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 - Class of 1972

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T'r'....1,u.w.1.,,..... .... .YH 1 ,, N - 4 - ,,,, N Q I LJ,-.agiqu ,,..., J S-Jgq., J " .""'- '.' 'D fl. sh , nf P 'H 1 " A ,qwjg Mx , , .. '., 'Q' -w , ' , 5 . -'v . ni ,.,. I .l , Q. A I ,. M , Q HI 1 I .,' Ji' . ' H l 7 . I i i 1 ' L . ,, , , , . v 1 , ,. i . a . I z , 'v. .W 11,9 'nfl Ki JJ... 'e 141 '- w fig N 1 YT v.. I . - 4 K ' q qw.:- 1' AT' if 4f,,,,,l.vln. J - Q-.ld QI ' Vg, . 1 "f y--,H 5 "P - , 4.1 , -. A 9 lgl, V ',a 'iv -h 'lr ', V df- ' f ,. :v '.1 ' ,' 4.4. 1 ,,'l'. ' K- , ,Al , V A Y X !:, i ,.. , ' f' I I u y . . ., 'QV , . gl. 1' A " ff '- 07133-v - if , ',- ' A -1.1. I , 4' , ,A 4 x ' ' I . 7-A11 I f A QTCQ, v W 4 lm, ', ' g ' i . 11,1-:fda - V-f,-Q k . ,gp Q .Dip ' 4 I V, ' J " ' 1 A l 4 . s X - -'Mx P , ' .. -Q' A. 2 . .V L-I.. ,I . ... -., .gi . ' r1t"2i:g7 "f3T1:... .,... i. if,.,,, - Y M, -- L v ' --W . ,,,, , ,,,,,, ,fl-..-.... - , , H ,. V 1"""""L"""" ""' , 'Nl' ' t-zzztrfvzzrfzv 0'-W...-.,1-H , f .. "Q'9"'7: 1 113' PJ ... ,,,. ,W -Y - V' - A ' if 1 1i:.:':::L: ' :1:'1::.: '.: T'r'....1,u.w.1.,,..... .... .YH 1 ,, N - 4 - ,,,, N Q I LJ,-.agiqu ,,..., J S-Jgq., J " .""'- '.' 'D fl. sh , nf P 'H 1 " A ,qwjg Mx , , .. '., 'Q' -w , ' , 5 . -'v . ni ,.,. I .l , Q. A I ,. M , Q HI 1 I .,' Ji' . ' H l 7 . I i i 1 ' L . ,, , , , . v 1 , ,. i . a . I z , 'v. .W 11,9 'nfl Ki JJ... 'e 141 '- w fig N 1 YT v.. I . - 4 K ' q qw.:- 1' AT' if 4f,,,,,l.vln. J - Q-.ld QI ' Vg, . 1 "f y--,H 5 "P - , 4.1 , -. A 9 lgl, V ',a 'iv -h 'lr ', V df- ' f ,. :v '.1 ' ,' 4.4. 1 ,,'l'. ' K- , ,Al , V A Y X !:, i ,.. , ' f' I I u y . . ., 'QV , . gl. 1' A " ff '- 07133-v - if , ',- ' A -1.1. I , 4' , ,A 4 x ' ' I . 7-A11 I f A QTCQ, v W 4 lm, ', ' g ' i . 11,1-:fda - V-f,-Q k . ,gp Q .Dip ' 4 I V, ' J " ' 1 A l 4 . s X - -'Mx P , ' .. -Q' A. 2 . .V L-I.. ,I . ... -., .gi . ' r1t"2i:g7 "f3T1:... .,... i. if,.,,, - Y M, -- L v ' --W . ,,,, , ,,,,,, ,fl-..-.... - , , H ,. V 1"""""L"""" ""' , 'Nl' ' t-zzztrfvzzrfzv 0'-W...-.,1-H , f .. "Q'9"'7: 1 113' PJ ... ,,,. ,W -Y - V' - A ' if 1 1i:.:':::L: ' :1:'1::.: '.: 14. ?.f ,Q L . , ,UQ flatfg .,,5. 'E - A , ' 1 ai, ," 5.7! ' :fx Vu A . ' 4 ,, , " - r ' . . . . 'Q- u- " . X1 . . , JJ ...v '- Rf nc I , . Q H' Q, I r 51", ' 1 1 g ' P' , . . R! z ' '- Ir' ". . 1 Q -4 ff . f ' , P' ' .K , K Q f.-4 . +?:i,ff -er ' ., ' 1:93, Q hi 'f N tai-xi, Q ff - ' .-,. D H Q 6 V , 5. 1 W,-' ,p .ax ..' , f 1- . 1 Q- . Y 1 Y . X l 4-32 ' ' Q r Q4- r . 'deal'-g. sq... I A gr. il ui F , . Q, Q . .H K., .,. 'Q' 4 ul ', if .. A rv .F ijt ' , ' .if - s'f ,l . -LB 'stiff' ' ' I "XT , Q 'X -' , ' 11, rs, , It Life , ' 92 4 . Epi: 5 M tw-1 VC " ' ' S150 , Dire 'f ry , P 152 1- H" .-:'4,,. H , f 5' fi 4. Ads A' M156 ,T L. Af, 74. --. I J M 7 f ,Ex -"P , Edlt0r's note u up 1 1 1464 Sting N.: l- .-lfx lf' M- Aw f' pf ws- ,. V 3 I .f 1 ' I, O -' v .wi ...C 4- - . Q' I 'f-.5 an, ,NL ,- .Lx ,A 9 f .4 qw.. .iy'8f:"i1 fri. , ' -ff ,. .,f.7f'f'5:'::f1'i'fi1'F g':f'S'f'-N w?A,r3- rl :. 'Q ,Ig 64 1 f ' 1 ' 'flu . K. g . ' ' .... m'4".v' 2'."5a'!f ' 1-4"' ' 1 V . N, . , . vw-u.v1 ., . vn- 1.11 W I. , 5,w.J.1'.4.,'-l' :4 2 0 ' J ,f"" V. 1 . T1 'I . .-..,,-.-.... ..... ' I .Q , . It was a 'mistake that I came here, actually. 'Cause I went to another school and flunked out and I needed a school on short notice. Gene Bowers The main reason I came here was because I didn't have to take any math. Ed Rand I came here because it was the only place I got accepted. Tom Hardison I thinlg a lot of girls come here just to get husbands. George Frick I came here because society said that in order to get ahead in life, a person had to go to col- lege and because I was naive. Allen Winter I chose Wesleyan because I was looking for a very small school, and I thought that since Wes- Iyan is a Methodist-operated school, it would be a good place to study for the ministry. It's close to home. Two out of three is not bad. Marshall Old I came here to sing with the Chapel Choir because I had never sung with a selective tour- ing chorus. But Chapel Choir was abolished the year before I came here, and Wesleyan Screa- mers took its place. Danny Shepard I came to Wesleyan because it is a small school, and I dislike the idea of being computerized. l like to be on an intimate basis with education. Besides that I was going to be a minister. Will Thomson I came here primarily because it was convenient with the in- tention of staying a year to get my grades up and then transfer to some university. loe Vinson Ilglffl nz lla! U Issues ml Nm -u -nlnnqnznlv'-" -nu Q- .-.. -v-' u-un.-. 1... ,.....,,, I-vs-91.1-, 9' '1--..v--a- -.. s..-ng... .-4 -5...-,-1,-. -1 v" n4r1nu.nq:vv"":, 'gr-nf.. .4 ---sm., 0- ,Av ,,: n..--... ....-- -o-.. ..- "" ""' -ns.. -4 -nu-..., -A-1... nn 1-un vnu O.,-as -1 ---..-5.-. ' -.. N-5-. .vw 1-.. -... -fy... ., 1... rw. -..... s...-.- -n.,n-., --... I A 5- -"'f. ' U 4 Y eff if !'. . fl- c. , Q af Q ?r The faculty is very involved always glad to help. I enjoyed the Spanish curricu- lum, and I'm sorry to see it go. Gail Mabe I think when Brackett and Ran- ney leave, the psych department is going to go. lacci Platshon I think we have an inner fear that we are having the wool pulled over our eyes and that when we graduate from this place, we might not be as well-prepared as from some other college. Tom Hardison It's a shame that we must have this deterrent to sloppy scholar- shipp however, the necessity of the grading system is a reality. Marshall Old I am frankly concerned that aca- demic standards may decline in favor of public exposure, which is not the purpose of an in- stitution of higher education. Danny Shepard -X concerned faculty with an in- the-dark administration, much more progress for the school would come if it was left up to the faculty and the administra- tion cooled it. Ned Hill t urric ulum III is a very practical thing whereby one invests a lot ul money and time. Gary Christopher lhe need for elevation of aca- rlemit standards is imperative. lim Van laan I clicln'I like the idea of the D or l being dropped. Nancy Tonkens I sure wish we had the plus hack. Barbara Blanton lomorrow we will move ahead. Marion Slachta I' 4 X, 0. 'A I 4' 4? -is 'xif s mf X , -Fa .3 ,era 'M I A 1 Dorm rules, Archaic? I didn't come to achieve the reality of new academic changes or dorm rules. Sure, they came in this time, but more important are the people behind the thanges-their reactions and ac- tions, their beings. Helen Steiner Boys don't have any, and girls have too many. Nancy Tonkens lhey're okay by me. Barbara Blanton Personally I see no reason for any rules for open house. lim Van Laan Being a Methodist college, we have to resort to a double moral standard. loe Vinson I think that open house is a thildish appeasement that' tries to make us forget that we are living as human beings rather than as animals in cages. Gary Christopher l feel that dormitory rules, in re- gard to open house, should not he dictated by the President'-. personal whims. Robin Gulick liberalized open house is a good idea, and I realize that at the same time we must guard our public relations. lt should be a student-organized activity. Marshall Old I don't think we need open house unless we can have it all the time. lt's sickening to see these guys get hyped up about broads in the room for three hours, ll we are going to have it, it ought :tt be normal. Tom Hardison Archaic. If we are mature enough to choose our own cur- riculum, we should be mature enough to have a member of the opposite sex in our rooms. Ed Rand I don't think that they prepare a person to go out and live in a heterosexual world. lacci Platshon 3 Y 2? 53 W 3 ! Z I I F E 9 Qu .54 rv. 24 N wi-0 F adatfyl. 3. I' ,-- ' A Q21-A . E' ,, WW' lr as if " 'I I 1. .Q I , ,,vfQh. 1, ' .rl " !'.es-4 '- 'H-rf . Q-v . ..,. x . Q . 1-Q, -z fo-P-7' '13 if .I ,. Q11 5' . 161 4 1245111139: x D l I v i I "il,i'!"f ffeff f"'l!3"v5f"t , W, -,712 af 'v 1. 1 " ' 4 w 'll qv r ' , 1' 4 fvkif , . Q . in , fail o- 'fg' r"Q Z 513, 15 K R ?'?'ZF'? H1 if 1 g ,j - Q ' :ew .. ..p f : 72 P Bkmmui 'TZ -lf -W - .4 w,,,-,, ' - 1 , ,L 'Nw NJ,,.-' Ig' ' , ---.' N-..f-.J Y. 5 - pq' 8 :7ii1""X.' ' " ' 'nf 'lr ' iii- K I Q I V 2.4" 1 , 't 'N 1-l'U 'N' allhwsigl -H W' ' 'Q'-1 E T' 's 1 ,I , 9 . ' . . ,. . , 1 J 1 . ,N bi ' s , Mwri.,-Qu 4 " sq . ' 'f ju, -fit" 'I 4 "" '-f i- f Q5 f ,.., 5- o " . ."X ff' - ' . . . l 0 .Q 'Q-gs mi?- X ., 1 '- '00,-6..1i4"o N 2' 5 u its---4 AAIH. .3 si w 1' -M-- J K J' ' ' ,l I . Q . . ,- ' . , 3 . - J x -' . , . I . Q - I -'.- ,I .1 . , 1 -'ez v ' L v- A x ,, -A. .K V-- VJTI - -' -- ' VH ' I ' - , . .' . M . ...WLNLAWA 1 -1. F ' .-- - -- -T-. ... - . .-- " """' J'- vi. lii-1-i. 1 --6 ' . wk ' I . . ,1 '1 . ,, . . -s 'Y 1 'I i V, ., f Q Sb , W. rv "', , My 0 fy P. 'wr- 3 x. U' lf'-1 -. W ,. 'lf ,- 25 M-'ig Q-"' What about the future? Wesleyan's future is depend- ent upon a needed realization by students to try new things, to learn from their mistakes, and to not be discouraged by fa'l . . I mes Helen Steiner I think that Wesleyan has a great future if they use and apply what they have at the present. loe Norville lesus, l'm no prophet. , Nancy Tonkens Only change will dictate growth. Charlie Rogers One of the problems we have right now is between the trustees, faculty, and stu- dents. I think the students have a right to know the di- rection in which their college 'S gomg loe Vinson If we can get our shit to- gether, Wesleyan can make some real progress. Will Thomson It's gonna take a total awak- ening and total involvement of the entire academic com- munity and some new in- volvement with alumni to get the school back on its feet. A word of advice to the admin- istration-keep offering them non-transferable courses! Danny Shepard I think it had great potential, but now I don't know. lacci Platshon I don't think that just gradu- ating students is the way to save a college. Bess Boone I think it would be better off if it got absorbed by a large university. Gail Mabe We ought to go after the ac- tors rather than after the jocks. l'm optimistic. Gary Christopher V b. I P 1 " A II ACADEMICS The student and facult get along urpri ingl weII." 1- , . ,J . W 4 ,, ,Q 4 f' ' QI.. 21' , 4 'x vw I fp, 5. W. V. ,Q ,I bf N E l ""' 1 7 ff ,. fl, ' ' we -' , R. , 4 an Q- " "EZ-, "" J.. f' .4 ' - H -H' ,-my . '7,.5yf- ' ' Lv ,.. - 'V ' --f vi ' :- f u l E '-ff ' 1 . V - L. f ' V 'Age'- - ' - " I. . T: f .""- : -4' .L t-ffgqegp -',. ,, A if 'Ql',j ' " f ' x .-.579 .H -9- :4g.gff5jw,ii : Q f 34 V 1 W ",QJ.-fy: '-im .. , . '- ffjii 1'3"-Are 5 ', - , , -4 4 ,f f-l'.g ,,, - e- . 4 'fin i' ' 'TZ 1.214-L Q-'f 'gb '51, -: A' tg. sy- tale 1 , 1. 1 14 'f f 5.45-1, 251 ' , f Jgg., legen: 'o ' re V' f .,. -e .9 'ful " 'L' 53, 1 , -,441 zz,-,af ' ,. , , Atefu- , ,x --"4 5 - fu, ' ve 1 'P +. ' s4,,L-V f iv r., -'V' ft, A. I- ':5, 4j5Mf1 .ft 7 6 wrt . 5f.'7.u.,- ' l K e I . .. -':,, ' . , I 3 11,' , ,uv '. V. , ' ,-"eval if ef :- -,11 1 ., 4, 14- 4 ' ,re ' I.: :V 1. ' JU' ' .iw ,v., I . , .. A , 0 'f' v-.55 ' . ,zz A 4,...,'t 4, fly-'I-1: -t V 2 ' .. 54 Q4 w., 1' I . -1 W JJ! .NJ . lt V 1121- -':'wTf344f f ' -'A - lv-ll", .N- :'-'.,'o7 ' ' . .T -,'.-ff' I. . Fw 1s.,4 Tb- xiii l ' . SX L o N '5, 1',., Y '4,.. ,..v-' X N I Rs 4- , , 1'Q'l" A 5 A' Q - 'W. - 9 - 'x. FN lkf"""' F.. 315' ADMINISTRATION I think WesIeyan's future is quite good. Long term prospects are for modest growth and a strengthening of our private educational curriculum. I am certain that all small colleges are under re-examination, a shortage of financial support, shortage of students. I believe that we have designed an educational pro- gram exciting enough to attract students and financial support. We have received cornmendations through- out the South which confirm my convictions that its future prospects are bright. Dr. Thomas A. Collins, President ..- A' f W -Y-...Y-.fwfr ,,,,,. .4 ., T. ADMINISTRATION To educate our students is the reason thc- tolli-ge ex- ists. To do this well is our hope and challc-nga-. We work with the persons who bec omc- our students and are grateful for them. Dr. lack Moore, Academic Dc-an "Dr. lack W. Moore, first and only Academic Dean at North Carolina Wesleyan College since january of 1960, has tendered his resignation as Vice President and Academic Dean effective April 15, 1972" I always liked the idea of working with young people, and I always liked the concept of a small college as opposed to a large college. Personal relationships that are established here are one thing I enjoy and don't believe you can establish that at a big institution. Dr. Raymond Bauer, Acting Academic Dean and Di- rector of Athletics ,-...........:... U "Q ' "' """ 'H tl . H... . t.. Ii.1.1,l.,. L ll J l llllillllliiiiillv 'm ,.L--CSL.,-JL JBL!!! :fill ADMINISTRATICN I think at times our perspective gets distorted by our unpleasant experiences with a very small number of students here. When I feel that my perspective is get- ting so distorted, I just look over the names in our stu- dent directory and think about the large percentage of fine young men and women represented by those names. This tends to reassure me that we remain very fortunate in being able to gather such a large number of fine young people in our student body. Dr. Allen Cordts, Dean of Students We don't have the social problems that larger colleges have. l'm apprehensive about the popular slogan of "do your own thing" being practiced without restrictions. Sarah Alexander, Assistant Dean of Students 'i"l"""""' 'HH tw mww wwu - --"-'zrfwf-r'.... 1- i - ' ...i.Gi- -I ' A v - I'-3 'T . ,I 4 ww, P9 .,.. , 1' , Ai' .. or v I 1 5 1' X ,grff 7 . Uv-. 21 ADMINISTRATICDN Through poiitive and reiponsihlv unity within Ihr- Campus community, Weslevank tuturv can only tn' bright. William Carlow, Registrar and Director of Admiy sions It's going to be dynamic1Thefir1amial pirtureis murh improved over the past. Floyd Sawyer, Comptroller X 1.:m::.e::ag:.':.-2:::::::::.:::' ill"-G-J--w ::::z:u:::::i:m:L::::z:215.2 t Ill ADMINISTRATION Being old enough to span two generation gaps, I must admit that the garb, hair length, and mores of the stu- dents of this present free-swinging generation does disturb and upset me. But l also must and do freely admit that you Wesleyan students are much smarter than those of my generation or those of my grand- father's. You're really sharp. l've followed the careers of many of our alumni during the past decade and am constantly being pleasantly reassured by their accom- plishments. l believe and have the greatest faith in what's underneath that mop of hair. You have not only my good wishes, but my prayers, that you'll right many of the wrongs past generations have saddled upon the present so-called civilization. I. W. E. loyner, Director of Public Relations I think Wesleyan has a really great future and the po- tential of being a fine academic community provided that we can develop a sense of unity and a strong bond among faculty, students, and administration. Lynda Holmes, Assistant Director of Public Relations .ffffu:i:t'u:m:i . .. , ww f 'vwmtrvtv!r4Jf4tH'tfE'.EmUHUf.a1itiliiuuimsuuuuuu,niutqw .1 ,ez .14 u u t if ilulalli .us ' may I it I Jvyy: ,'g'g.g-fri.: ::.::::':2'g,'x I Q Qi-' "WIT 4095 v fun 3 Q ADMINISTRATION I believe in youth, their idealism, their aspirations, their disposition to learn and understand, their very rt-al de- sire to make a contribution to the work ot the world. Dr. lames Hailey, Chaplain I think Wesleyan has its work cut out for it in not just existing but in pushing ahead and developing a dear Cut image for itself. Dr. loseph T. MacPherson, Librarian A. .,..., 1. v-I--w ,.., V , . ,....... . . P E' F .,..,.y..-.--,X . ,..,.., W FACU LTY I am not a research person, and a small school offered the best compromise for teaching and pursuing your own interest. I came here in the beginning and had the opportunity to develop my department. Dr. Arch Sharer, Chairman of the Science Division Edward Brandt, Biology Dr. Bernard Kane, Biology 1 """"""" i4i--- T wmv. ...vm . ' M it I iz :vr1:.:i.awr,,,5m,,, ,rm- ........u..B..,u.uu i , .. T011-XX i F i"' " I Q 1 i I fa I I ' Yi Q . as tsl :fr - ' ,xiii ws: mm: 4 . l FACULTY Because we are the kind ot college we are, our stu- l dents don't necessarily feel compelled to pertorm at V their very best. I think we have a great deal ot lat lt ol i -, competition in our course worlt and everything else. I i am afraid that a lot of times in the classroom we are almost reinforcing this demand by simply not de- manding a maximum output. ' Dr. William Kilgore, Chemistry That's a good question! Dr. I. M. Purser, Chemistry and Physics r l L i le, -7 1 ' L' lflfiv- j j , mi-y 'xfiigrm J 25 L. f "f'- M--- Q l Y,, ,,.,.,.,..-W? . FACU LTY l found Wesleyan students like every other group of students at colleges I've been associated with, some excellent, some good, and some indifferent. Lionel L. Bishop, Mathematics I enjoy the students of Wesleyan. Edward Wiltrakis, Mathematics iv- - f V- Qing L' 'ig axg i III wr-i .N- my 'O FACU LW In terms of today we have more students than in the past, but they show less initiative than any students I have ever seen in any institution. H. R. Brackett, Psychology They are a nice group of young people and they have a pretty good idea what they are here for. They are re- sponsible in the main. Frances Harrison, Mathematics 27 .. ...Q .,.,,. ...3.-M.-7-45...A.. .I h ,... - - Y ., , ...., . , , , ,, ,,......,..,..-.-vw FACU LTY I have always had a warm spot in my heart for Wes- leyan students. They have always been responsive to me. I consider my relationships with Wesleyan stu- dents one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Dr. Sim O. Wilde, Education I'm interested in helping young people to become teachers, fine teachers. I want to be part of the proc- ess of producing excellence in teaching. Helen Matthews, Education -I-w-wr-iw Y,v, ,,,,,, K fi I-i:I:::1LI5I.!' '4- :2:::::'r:x. iY FACU LTY Dr. lane Ranney, Psychology FACU LTY I came here because l was convinced that this college had the promise of becoming an excellent small lib- eral arts college, and that I could make a contribution towards its becoming so. Dr. Allen lohnson, Chairman of the Social Science Division My attitude towards them is very positive. I think in the classroom they are too passive and differential for their own good, and I wish they would challenge people and ideas more vigorously. David lones, History pprwwwn- 9+-. - f- ,,,,,,,,,,5,,, ,N . . nm-we ' mmvw'-' 0-' S 30 .lr -L,E:1:1::ii:liLil:EEQ:::lE -ft , ..,,. Hn' mi 'HQ s-vm 'if 3--'gt . :::":'::7: ,:1'. .:z.:T:g::Q.,,- "3,:31"l11.!2i,lf'1 -H - 1fQ,11g:g,g1:::1:.l'z,L1,-':z'1t:l:1 : : :: ,: n:: g:u. ,H !'i.?T:':E:.Ei:::1: J : ITT?',g:g'jr'g'gqr1':1,:p51I ig-pg' :':'i T1i'li F1g:1'it ': .i:::::p im-,:g..i H - ..f-1- A Q 4 'F-55: G. v i.I TPF , -N "1. of FACU LTY I came here because Allen lohnson and I had taught together, and he wrote me and told me what a de- lightful place Wesleyan was, a place of congenial lac- ulty members and happy students, all hungry for polit- ical enlightenment. Corbitt Rushing, Political Science The students here are surprising. They, individually and collectively, show great compassion, courage and insight when least expected. Cheston Mottershead, History 31 l u 1 1 .-.??sV,. . . FACU LW Because Wesleyan lets me teach the way I want to, I find it a great pleasure to work with the students here. Dr. Sim O. Wilde, Chairman of Education Division The typical Wesleyan student is not prepared or will- ing to put out the amount of effort a typical under- graduate in a institution like William and Mary is. Gary Ewing, Economics Dr. William P. Field, Economics P li 25 E Q 5 at' r. Vu yN -1- 32 l " ' ' . H - , t t , .i t .rw ,' ,t , an 'v Y 'ml' ' . V .NTT t..T, - 1fi-if I' FACU LTY The future of Wesleyan is bright if we work to provide a progressive curriculum and a broader financial base, Dr. Ralph lames, Religion and Philosophy Dr. Rexford Tucker, Religion l 33 l . : ,'i?"vr1'1--'ff FACU LTY Because when I came here this college seemed to be headed in exactly the direction I wanted to go, I re- main because I think it still could achieve its potential. Dr. lack Teagarden, Chairman of the Humanities Di- vision 34 -'-1 g1:'::1:g:'.g:'::':r:z.: : :1:.'1: ' r zzyg,Q-1:":':":?T'T':11::'p. i,i ,. . . 1 .- - -ggi-1L1'L'L.':"iF.!'?f'1tff:7'rZSf:: r :rip ' -I ":'!',L:':"":' "' : zm a '1 : rx '- I - "l"l'l"TI'I7 "1:n-fm t im m ug gy Mmm FACU LTY What do you say about 650 people like these? That they're beautiful? and brilliant? That they loved Mo- zart and Bach and the Beatles . . .? Vance Mizelle, English Since l'm only a palm reader, the future of Wesleyan appears to be somewhat nebulous. Mack Sturgill, Spanish 35 .ii,i7:.V.7 W- - FACU LTY I don't invest in lost causes, feeble minds or bankrupt personalities. In my mind, I am investing quite heavily in the students at Wesleyan. Arthur Adams, German loseph Price, French 5 2 2 - FE Q . ci L nn Z 36 gf 15 1 ci, 'W-"'177:.:'!i. 11::::: .1 fi::.5gr1i11f1:wm-z.::-:i.p,:1.21 '11i --',l4I':.: iii'1':'1'::::11'1'2: '?i5'2WT71'ii 7'1 "il' V"iii" 'gun'':::,::.:::.:':::1'L,':::: :"f:".:gz5q-5 -'-' qwpznl.,,yif1"'iIn :'Ir'i'HIH in in iii I xl I w 3 7 FACU LTY I find the students on a whole extremely triendlx. Patience. Richard Kagey, Theatre loe Orton, Theatre - it . ll ,-4L. l I g . ,4-W 1 lI5ll ?32ff-ff l frin vffirlfalllliQblivs-Qiizrflfff Gel g 7f,v,QfQl .f,f'221ffQ 1-4 ,I112,31QQWQ,l.7QlzslQ5Q21.l, y1iQ ,f.,7Q agfff.l.Qe3.2,IQft 1 3 si .Q i 1 2 a.lLEg3Q1,Egl23afIi?f:3111,1i1gQ1Qig-z': l FACULTY Edgar Stryker, Music Because I enjoy the atmosphere of a small school when I can feel an individual among individuals. After teaching here for 12 years, I hope I have learned as much as I may have taught. One of the things I have learned is that the value of the close relationships available on a small campus is treasurable. Dr. William Sasser, Music I I I I L 38 1-3' ' ' A . -11 JZ!-53"7117?'1153?"ZFV'7'Lii?LiEiL:L4. L2.::::!r I I iL:i.x::5I:lLIIILIICL!IYI5i 11 :nzsxirxvzzili 10.1 .g, -.a- li!" -ninth: 4 llll l FACU LTY It's bright, there's no doubt. It hasn't the restrictions of a state school, and it has a flexible faculty and student body. Arthur McCoy, Music I like them, especially music students. Dr. lohn Davis, Music FACU LTY I think we have an excellent student body, polite, well- mannered, cooperative. I find much apathy and lack of concern for the future of the college among stu- dents. They lack the concern to carry out responsi- bility they have requested. loan Edge, Physical Education The athletic department may be extinct in five years, because of lack of strong leadership by the adminis- tration and lack of student support. The change of the academic curriculum is going to cheapen the Wes- leyan degree and the kind of students it'll attract will be those interested in a degree not education. Neal Chancey, Physical Education ...,..-,.-W.--, ,- .....Y.,...,,,.,,,....,.,.,-,,... . . Imam.. Um,,,, 5? .t,It'tIA I II' ff' l I FACU LTY I feel in my subject area fPhysical Educalionj I'm quite comfortable in my work, and in order to he comfort- able, I feel like I'm doing a iob which is needed and good for the welfare ofthe entire college community. Donald Scalf, Physical Education ' .QS-LNG 5 A- Q " a.,T.A-sv0'+ a.z,' I' 12.1 It vi- J fr- I J '1 .f iii my CONVOCATIONS I really don't know how to rt--do it but as it is now :tk a waste of time. I don't know why yu- haxe require-rl chapel. Geri lones lt's a farce. Iames Barnhill lt's really hard to pick a topic to interest every one, and it can be effective if done properly. Anne Simpson I think it's a violation of your Constitutional rights. lames Bailey The idea behind the program is very good. However, the program has not fulfilled its purpose, and probably never will. Tim Coggins. Forget them. Robin Boehm I think convocations is a necessary part ot Wesleyan life because it's the only thing left that a person has to do. Belinda Blake This year they were better than they were last year. The only purpose seems to be to get people together, and we're not all together then. Ann Alexander I like it. I think it's interesting and I think people should take advantage of it. Lynn Alston l'm glad it's over, and I don't have to go any more. I think some were interesting, but I didn't like some of them. Rebecca Rosier I think convocations could be better. They are not that bad now. lt's a nice place to read a book. Eleanor Falls It stinks. Hester Wyatt I could think of better things to do. George Blanchard, lr. Q1-f i. , 'L- P'-IJIL ""'v ' if I ffm. Y ' f-.:f..v, 1" '41-P f .Zba,,q5-ii., I, - .I sf.. - f-Axis. +- MAY TERM Minimester is what you make it. Students complain that it's too much free time, but it depends on how you use your time. I like minimester. Marvin Pittman I like it. Nanci Wilson Since it's my first year at Wesleyan I can't really make a good judgment yet, but I like it. lay Van Hoose It has a lot of potential but it can be misused. Brenda Baker Fantastic and fabulous freedom. Helen Steiner. It's a lot of fun. It gives you time to do what you want to do. Alma Webb I think it's really good especially the groups that travel. Gail Mabe It gives you lots of time to lay out in the sun. It's an easy way to get four hours credit, and it's not as press- ing as a regular semester. Anne Matthews They're very helpful. Robin Boehm l'm all for the mini mester, but there aren't enough courses offered. Edna Bunch It is a good idea basically, sometimes it turns out to be a "play term" instead of May Term. Geri lones I like them. I like the concentrated study in one sub- ject area. Mariorie Stevens It's a good opportunity to study something you have always wanted to study and at the same time study in a relaxed atmosphere. David Cole CLASSES IIN wanted to have the experience of living away from home, to meet new kinds if Mix x Sis of people." N0 -1 ,F ' x 5 'ik :EX . N. Q , ov: f1r" . V "ik g f . 1 7 '- M991 ' r2""1'3' 1 s v H 'I1 Wm Rl ,QQ 'Y' " .s, 3. Y . .vm I ' 1 .va--Af ' uf . p A 4 .15 , ' '1'1 ...--. q - . i - ..-1 ww, .. "PH, 1. .-,, . -'iffw r,W . A I ,g,',? .,H -wvggQ2 ,Wn, -, A 'af 3. we ,Ne , -,- - ...,-..-, -I x, . 1 N-.5 -vw' 4-- ,...J f- . ' A +,,s27 1-very -fx 1, '21, aff.-... . ,dy x ',xA "4d Q 7X,ph,Qv- -f - u,f,f +4-L .f ' 'ti '1"" -'i. . .5-5 lt- Ei. .,,, JE, . , n,r . ' "aw ' '.,. 1- ' ' M' ' n 'Q .1 ... 'pnnw ' A -k . KA.-K. A .1 125' 11-34. "G ..:.... .,.' 5 --.,-- -...---fr-.---.V 1- H N i im: ,:1':lL'l :g5jl1,j,1i1.',lZZ.IL 4401 Q9 7 flu 'I C , r nf nf 1 1 W , Ann Alexander J ' . i Q. Jerome Brown David Bogese f fu if ff 2 f." - f 4' gf' Vi. rf 1 J. I W I A Q. I 'I . w', 1 1 fi f K 'I 1114, 'ff ' ,, . ji, . 1 snr' 'ffl n , 6+ 1 r 0. ' ., L fc, x I "1 W 1 1 1 ul L V 1 :. 1 I . Barbara Brown Harriet Carson 48 '1LlJu..:' ''2f2'11l175P'3':Y"FfU1-MILL" 'Lp::'L":.'.:: ":L12 f'LL1.T.?1.k1.'L1.21QLmm.-141 .an "''vlxiixikzzixzxiaplilifmUfinkm zzznrzinifmxrri .. sq, . '19 -- ,Jf fl f gy" - ' , ' Z' - any' F' "-J N.-bw I 1 -' ffoffi - tw-,V . -, -L " , ,-4 4 half, Q X . - , Q' Q X. kg... , x A ., . 5 M 'ii' 'fi in-:wa A h -f-- X, Qr v"- Asst 1 F y ' - 5 'L-Q, Q' A -' .' :", "1 "' P V . -s ' . '. , M - -ffm: .D N UK. ..ff."1.-'-, . : ' ' -fa---X 'ff' h +'l"'G - N-'nw-,, A ' .gl fo gf I' r gs5dTr'.Q'::: .1-v , .1 V '. : ffo ffhz cw- X .-'gi' .. . ' Q' at Y! ' x 1 :Tk-f "-if-L my .'1'e,'.h-1-V' ' f' f N' ' ' Q- 1 W A , Gilbert Chichester qs Y x fbi! , ' Lg'-X. A. "L nf: '1 .-.. ,..L , V, :Tu .' . . A. A -Q r' - :qv Hugh Cross 49 I 1 3 an-1,7 T L A L1 I 4 I 'K " ' ::::::::n::z::::::::1,:,i gh!!Jl,.:.,.,..,,,igM,,5:g2v 1 1' , WH! ,ff -' .1 -' M rf: . Q , ,, , ,. ,, 4, '- :wb 4. H yi S' 9' .A .1lQfl46DK1 'War NJ Susan Dailey 32 Li Akb- qv-1 Earnestine Dancy 3 1 131. I - 11818 333 li H ini ll 1 I ihii -his Nf 5, was ,f. A 'ff in 'NGN-fa ,.. - I in 'Emir , : David Grissom Qing Wai? saggy .5 I Chau Lv! 50 ' ' '- ' ' ""' WV' " zm .'.'1i1L GLYELi'f'E..f'5.U.f.U'.H'nH .muhflliifiiiH2314DlllillblllliliNi5H1'i.iEiUfihhi.iELiliiiL1HHilkflllliiiiiliiliiiilllllfililiimliiY 4 :BI K x. R--liz, AL. Y -.4 -ann:-f '24 Brenda Greer 124191 Q55 1 Sue Grissom ,-, -T1 W LAX' Dennis Hayek 3 ins..- Barbara lohnson Iames Keeter ' 1,1 , i ,J 's, P l N1 N v" Q , l x..- Galen Heaps Beltv Lee 51 A1 L 1 xr '-'q-'-ft "" 1 V, ..,, .. H - . NYM, Y 'I "NN :::iir.'Qr.i 1.1-1-211 7-155-V fill. 4 g,,gQ:j,fx' 22:1 I -212' 1, 1'-NN '',1Q,,g,gff2gp1rpgg.1.'l.,, :,:V pl .,,, :QI Q15EEA,?,.,:..,:.1,.,L,Z.I,I,..lLI-17.1ll"-1'5"f'EJ'1 f":'7'HEE:ILiL'LE:?Q7 L 57' ' " "'-' """' "" I 4,14 --'- ---, .- - ---- Z l,l'!'i'1-L., -. .... 2 .M '--' 1 "'- - 34,4 :4ggggggj.1:gjg41g1 gf7,1::L:27L!Z"!LZ,....-. A.jw!QJm1gm:3,g5gg.f 9, 'Q - lf' I MA. Molly Levin ,X -...-. Gil I wh 'ill-on if "" E , , Gail Mabe Sue McConnell X .xl :O A f " Q .Q x X . .,, l, in A ' 52 ' J -.N k 1 Q vs, o f '"LZ..G:,.::N2::z::::t::L::: 'NL Donna Lewis 8 Anne Matthews 1L.LlLl3LIlili1KIQUHhiL1L1hQxuEik lkitklllilllllfllUCLlII.!Zl2fI1K7iHZ!2IF7 TIME. Q-y tl? 'Wfv .Wi 5 Martha Polley -., ii E nf- rr - in W'-4 - il rv XY xl' 1 pl! .ss 17" dig, '11 Charles Morrison 1--N , I YL Marshall Old ' v- W- In--Q., -W . ' "I . - - .X -,, 5: n .' ,bg . 7 V - '-8? ' , +'wxf g?ga.s'T:3i,5' 4 -ot "Wu 4- ...ff-2 W -a- - " -.J .. P Martha Pearce M, I I I ' I Ni, E if -f- 'L -, Q 'N . ' Q. gfiQan-nnudrv i .- ' xx. 9 w ,f ' ' - f 'Sf - A I A Nz A .x v-2 ' xi-l Marvin Pittman 53 1 -'a gs , ,.,,--,- - -f l v9""""' mfs. Y' --vu? Carolyn Rackley .--' Y 4'5" Vicky Sewell An I S 0 Danny Shepard QQ' George Robbins f 'YD Russell Shoop ,1L1iEIiL,3,A .' '1"T1Z2iL,1',-' ""1E1j,QL.jLiij:4:.4,:g.11:: 4 4. 4 :L1:::.g::::1:l:1Ls:l7GTE3nL11u "iiiQi3Ei'-5 .5 ii .ity viflu ?ll "iii -a"1f-2 E.' i- I-5 95:1 Fil- .- Imran. ml. Whig. L::1::::,z:'1i'u ff, QS -ISII: -- Q! i7 57 g Rick Slone :,.f Tom Snyder 55 Marion Slachla an 6 Helen Steiner Rave Suit! i 41 F-QL 'PQ- -., r 4 lv V J z. Q L 4 I :::'.:g::'9:z:l1' 411.1 '46 - 1 N Ala.: Nancy Tonkens 1 f . s 1 V 'r 1 ,x '-'naw Phyllis Sutton Isabelle Thompson 113 Aw- '-mu. 56 ...ZL..lll.Jli.,LL.'JLQ,,' r.-m1L::'."1'.-5 loe Vinson ll I 1 41 1 l LIL. ' :,. TRUTH? 1.1 , .- x X X .--gp-:-Io.--tg.i,i .iq p og--Q..--. . , 1 3 1- C.-...-... -,, , -- - llm0. 3, . - .A ..--n-an .,,,,.--ein 1 vsunx -- 1 li- --a...-.-.. 1a . ,- 1511.1 --. q -1:1 - o---1--v -f 2 . --n M111-4' . J - .7 ,,,. , .---U.-.1. 1l-..qn-a .-.,, , Y 'L'-i n.,..1A1u--Q- -1 --1--H-.. ..-.-,.. ,...,-.J -1u,-- . .... .-.-.Q ...- . H , c---Q - , ,""i'---eg- I A. , ,..-.,-0 - Q--. -41.4 ,'o..s in- I in ul.- X 1 1 , ul f i 1 i A Moody Waters T y"1','n - yy. .ht . f Q. 4 -oz '. Q. H- ' r 50.35. kiwi: W . 4-.,. I. .. 4 . - Jr.. 4 uv X if-" Marylee Weiss - i 1? , f if .X gs Linda Winston Hester Wvdll F ,v 1.Q"' 1 ia. :ri I 1 'fi WN - , Ez! . . ffffl 'F' ' ..1 RS x 2 A .IL-rx., Ni F W V , D ll -'lv 4414, ' '-. - . f1g'M.' .Q,!Q,p!- N. 5 -x A .I ai l. ' , 3, J v Q- 5 -" V . ,m . ' ...N 'X' -GW ff N 1 1 ,f Q f, .N 'QL 'fi' X 'J 7' f ':" "1-I .fig 41" Qi '1 FW' W1 gli 'r ,, 3?ff'C:'3fpi.Q':ffg'g5 if In I ,V Kiev- Q X: , X U. , - Qtx1gN.i:.giq- 'J , ' ' Q.: JT :'- f V im?-lfd MW. 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"' n..gx.-Zia., -nf-- ,.-:. - .......4 57 Bruce Wright , v - ..V, W Q I ,, nm k - 243W ' ,.-H , Y 'R 1 ' .ln Wh -15 an edqcamcfon. if I o JCIIWV' Di d fifgq oss aw? Ulf 175 DLL '59 '19 ,IJ-lfffcdlglmgiif bdego ,.... u H Uma Uiaizsggza 40 QJrH0,,.e. To 'Cf 91' oafifiqch c Q I le 9 Q P Ciiliiifi. gi:,?,5..G'13i o . r Md 'l' 5"""'7eawoo4 SPLQL? 32+.M,a.'12w We Q3 I+ was aS'sum2J al' dc L1 qS Child '1 would COME J ,SQ -I3 Gavpegev 3432 I BeCaqSe I LJClhjl'ed7lo In J am' lea ,, 5 mm, +o H24 ez nb, elf.. Ilenged +6 2ff,4L'5tf 6. A Have Fm' Seemecj 'blue 'Fla 7'7" BQCQH72 Q I f'BeYJFdTW'h7lfX- O Qnli-Eaci4T5'l'0h'?e',"' PMF155 57501562 5Q"M ,J W 'MSO 'Y .nl f 3 0 '-Zigfgragth fhlfa 1' Ve S PQ, S?Cf3r?Jm,0'H,i gl J 77705 Gnd 'fha 04,1 IQJ . ... gllause. .L UMM ,225 alfa M Ja. H'f'L9YLfI" 01' Jim. Hu:-:M 3L::':.3I3m Ulxm gi-3g'gp::., 11,51,21.:..p.g,::w , .,::1y3:.:3,mlgpm.: H . ,. . H M -nn? N U 1 rw1:::r1fH1H2-'r ww:::1::mnf::::::vu1HH21--m:li:z:::fnfms::as:xsis'fssQ+4szwm2il:,'sal:::fuiiarusstssqssssaffwmluumnh:SM:f:2ds::d:inFJ5fvfcm ' W:l ': llf5 . : ffl '71 f i J' .l1Js.l,.1llllh!i 5 4 S. , Q--5 , . X- , I -, 4 3 ,ff . L- 1 Y- P ' I 1 , 4292-1 K. xl 1' - 1 is 7 , V l Barbara Blanton l05eph Cardwell Lisa Cox Eleanor Falls Thomas Gainor Class of '73 Class of '75 Class of '74 Class of '73 Class of 75 fs. " Y . Q. R L- 1 0' 2 x.. A 2722? XX X 's 5 ' I ,, . 1. V .XJ - I i Edna Bunch Timothy Chase loseph Crocket Robert Forrest Kathy Garrick Class of '74 Class of 74 Class of '74 Class of 73 Class of 73 -5-. ,,., 5. Q. 'fl' ir" 9" Allen Bin-rug David Cole Myra Dean Larry Foster Susan Gillis Class of '74 Class of '73 Class of '74 Class of 73 Class of '73 is if . "' so 'bf-' G-f as..-n Sue Butts loseph Cottle Carol Dilllasi George Frick lane Gravely Class of '73 Class of 75 Class of 73 Class of '73 Class of 75 60 'V "TT , . fl ' I' ' '.'.'.,-1..,rn.!1 wmv' rv -1':!e,,e.f... .z1 .,,..s: .az .mmm . .....- 1. -A5w1Il.4.'1ll!'l11' Jw .,,.. .pmt wh- '- 4 -Q . y-- IOhn Griffin flass ot "3 William Guliclc Class ot '74 it Doragene Gurganus Class ot T3 loan Harrell Class ot '75 'ii Q'- Q -Y 4 s Martha Hemingway llldss til 7-l 1 x i...., 5 'ff X Thomas Henderson Class ot '7-I cr! Edward Hill Class ut 'Tl Os F Susan Hinton Class ol '73 Nothing better to do and lu slat out tit the .irntv Boll ldUI'Jl110f1 There has nothing else I xxantecl to do. Manta-cl to learn about inysc-lt, lust xiantecl lo go to st hool. Alex Adams My mother wanted int- to go to college. Allen Dickens Beats xxorlcing. lim Barnhill I love English literature, I xxantecl to go. Nohoclx else in my tamily had ever graduated trorn college, I wanted to be a teacher. Kathy Lawson You can't do anything without a college dc-gree. Bill Gulick To get an education, I guess. That's uhy most people come. Sharon Watson Because I have been expected to grow and live, Phyllis Sutton All my friends were doing it, Every one expected it. Ned Hill To learn how to drink and to play. Brenda Greer To further my personal dexelopment, and to gain the knowledge needed to obtain the tulfillment ot nn dreams and goals, Randy Tinsley Because I wanted to improve my sex lite. Steve Williams Because I wanted to. Nothing else to do. Cindy Trimm Because this is the only nav I can do xx hat I want to do with my lite. Doragene Gurganus I have no idea. Dennis Custis 61 1- la-l v ., 4 A ll sky ll Y PM 53 :K iiillililf' 75:22l2:l:1:5:::EE5:E:3zE:f:: : '2 2? ' l37ll2f'EE:l.::Q ':j'11 Zl ' F'f1I"i3.IlllIl29.3-.:Il' ,,m :Lm: ..,. .'ggg:.l111lifl-ZLlllllll -I -- -H- " ' 1- '-Ks H " , '. -H.1Ulla-lf-lffiffmllfzs-zszzznz:m:d::::::::,:::r1rm--rwmff' M .zzzzuzxllzpfn.hc:::::lfi1Ei5EGQL2ig::rvliQS'gil1.ltzn:lnf:..ricn::l:1Ll2Ml JW! David Holt Carol King Class of '74 Class of '75 Q' 'vs Mark Lambert Class of '74 Margaret Ives Class of '74 -4-X "- as Ellen Lerette Class of '73 Bobby loyner Class of '74 A fi' Q--v gun... MBFY Keedwell lanice Lewark Class of '74 Class of '73 .'54i . gi X YT' . !.i'e .. .' 1' '- .'a I 9 Nl A 3 ,A , 1 ..' QQ, ,WX '4f.v."-. - 'Exit . 2-7 Q, 1 c N Harlan Lewis Class of '73 W ,J as - 1. 'nr 1 Weldon Lloyd Class of '74 -I-'S . , T55 gm vu- 1 -+5 x, v Charlene Lohn Class of '73 fi Q Rebecca Lucas Class '74 62 " x . A N if 5 . me ! Q- 1 I EQ ss.. ' fi? ' ' K . - T .ef I H AE . A I .-w."g:.-,l,:5 hz' fr l-. -V l' ffl A William Mann Elizabeth Martin Class of '73 CIa55 of '74 ik' -- 5- :1 .L f . C., G - -L' 1 ' 6 L 'F 1 Q V . . X E: ' C, . V l 47 ,Juv H 7? fl-. If . '55 . ff' Debbie Manning George Martindale Class of '73 Class of '74 Ev tv-v I William Manson Class of '74 Charles Martin Class of '73 Q... Debbie May Class of '73 Naomi McClendon Class of '73 " " " ' . . , .. F . ' 1 l'l'v" ' I url-.,!.l.,1 ..- Ht.. ,1 . Mt .. Lu ' , 1.1.1 1, .. :l...u.c,a,l-lggmq ,y ,q,,1'H , ll.. 4.14.1 -. , l ., ,Y ll " ' lr: vw ........ Q - va s- " D M 'ur - 1 I ff ' A, I ,I Roger McKay Carol Morris Class ot "3 Class oi "3 f X G"-uv Q :-V gl Q3 X NN I David Megill Linda Murray Class ot 7-1 Class ot '73 . 'fl J I' ,J 4 1 Eleanor Neale Charles Miller Class ot '73 Class ot '75 ,-- '05 6 A- f 1- N 1 'L l 1' Q J x Pam Moore Becky Newcomer Class of '75 Class of '74 Our society demands it. To get ahead, you haxe to have a sheepskin. S. Brown To see what it was like. To learn to be a teacher. Susan Dailey I grew up wanting to come. I don't think education ends at high school, Anne Simpson Nothing better to do. Charlene Lohn That's a good question. l'm basically a masochist. Gerri jones To learn and become more skilled in my field-English. Bobbie Wesco!! I came to get my ticket punched. Bob Griffin To meet C. H. Mercer Kathy Warfle Because the line of work I intend to pursue demands a college degree. Molly Levin To find Scott. Sue Thompson l wanted to do something that will help the world at least a little bit, and since I love children I could help them by teaching. Lynn Alston I always wanted to go. I never considered not going. Nina Clements To get a degree so I can be a genetics counselor. Robin Boehm I came to college to find my niche and the best way to get in it. lThe idea is to never grow up.I Helen Steiner To meet Helen and fall in love with her and I wanted to learn French well, so I could compare French nov- els to American. Tim Coggins 63 i 4 i l n ll tfl"" "-- -- ..... .. ., ,fm e.u:Q.!.,..!.... Ns- 31' '- ' " 'W' lfFCli'liQE3W,liji,:F1,s.:,..,..:: ini: ,ug 3,04 3 'M I . it i 131l74iljl,:,:3Wy,l lr ' ' l mrl:sJQ1.1.,i llsliil. 5 gi . K. Qrfv' Howard Parsons Class of '74 'Q s...- g Debbie Pearce Class of '74 'Q'- Brenda Pepper Class of '74 George Phillips Class of '75 -X N. 1. , Q.-S -' I, 11 'UQ fl l Steven Pierce Class of '73 .Ji f he l' 0 K SJR-av William Quinlan Sharon Roberts Q A David Schmick Class of 74 Class of 73 Class of '75 ' e 1-.4 rw C g.. ,,..,, JL -1' . 4-'nw ' fb ' 17,51 ,,.. is L twau. 4" --5-, ,-f Deborah Pifer Class of '73 Bruce Rap a ort p p Charles Rogers Class of '75 Class of '74 Christine Scott Class of '73 vs Molly Pollock Class of '75 J 5 l l I loyce Porch Class of '74 is Q.. Q ? Carol Roane Vernell Rodgers Randy Scott Class of '74 Class of '74 Class of '75 ,x , fs Q' :T l lx g 0- ' x , , r QT' 1 ff' . ,l . t X . ' X V 413: . ' 'x , David Roberts Patty Sayers Grey Seymour Class of '75 Class of '74 Class of 73 64 --A-4 ' " "" " . f' I 'W ' '-'.1A H ls. I A it H I g,:..l1,. ,, ,.,.. ... .1l. g-qw-gr ,-,,,,,,,,,.......t.,.ll.l.,...1.,. ,...,.4--A.,-. i: i.' , 4 .... 55" .iw v f 1 1 ya: is I C wp in L' 1 v- - t-I I f"""N., Iames Smith L idss til ma Gail Shearer Class of "2 I .- 1 'N D s- F .J .. , L I -vis -K x Alai fi -- ' I 'K Anne Simpson Wayne Souza CIBS5 of N4 Class iii "1 'A .- w- r 3 Q? s if -, , FH X 'iff 4 Becky Smith Chris Spellman Class of "3 Class ut '73 ck fait i 'iii II if David Smith Walter Spelsberg Class ul 'Ti Class ni "3 I came to college to get an c'dtii.ltiiin,tt1met-t people from different sections of the country, to haxt- tl good time, to gain new experit-nt es and bet .fuse mx father wanted me to. Anne Mathews It's none of your damn business. Carol DiBlasi To learn wisdom, to ki-ep from working, being drafted, knowledge and to meet people. David Litch To get a degree so I could get higher pay. Ed Rampersaud To better myself intellectually. David Cole Because my parents would beat the - out of me if I didn't. Herb Henney To advance myselt in the field of music. lim Kellar My father wanted me to and I wanted to, Secondly, to turther my education and thirdly I was getting drafted. Chip Sewell To have the ability to get a better job. To see what lite is like outside one's tamily sphere. Dennis Hayek Because I need a college education. Martha Pierce The hell if I know. Nancy Wilson First and foremost I found in the working world you need a degree to get ahead. Not only salary-wise but position. Marion Slachta Because it's a requirement ot my profession to be: a Methodist Minister. Vance Way I vvasn't going to come to college. I was so bored with high school my junior and senior years, In mx tamily it was an accepted tact that I would, and due to my mother's encouragement, I did. lulie Meador 65 ,..,:. : : 33,g:1:3:5::3L:::::'553, 33531-, gg,g:p,:.:.3:E.:.5::.:.g...:M 315 33333 3 ,17::7:f::3:.': u p 1.51: 5.3, .:.,.,:.:,,5,l,3,g,:,g,1y3 .., f.:.:: ,.:.. . .. ,..:.w:.,.J::..':lm.,I ,PH M, Zamara.. A,-1-':r:u:'.n--M M r::f':::s..wwn-samuel:mm::ummflzlsznalwfmeemnmbfan:1fu:wcwlalssfianfliligli-3luevnQlrwJl:wJMi1l? z., "Hi l l ll llllllililll- in l s 5 vs if ls-' 4S'vs. ,., :W 'JQZ7 .' Christopher Swann Mariorie Stevens Class of '73 Class of '75 IJ 'US :N "- 7' ,, M . 4 aff' 'Q' ,rf 9 if , -,we-f 1 my Sheryl Tillet Class of '73 '5- A. I I 1 Elbert Wampler Class of '75 'i x Suzanne Stevens Bobby Thompson Cindy Trimm Kathleen Warfle Class of '75 Class of '74 Class of '74 Class of '75 7 'iv V L. 4- H- ,C , I 1 1 - 's 4- K ' Q M " i i Martin Strickland Susan Thompson lay Van Hoose Stephen Watson Class of '75 Class of '75 Class of '73 Class of '73 auf-v ' 0 A lilik1 -llilalhil.1"'!lSlliiil, . wx l 32 n 43 ' 2: ? ' I fl' Alma Webb Class of '73 Sylvia Whitfield Class of '74 KW --1 1 ff .NK 3 Harry Whitley Class of '73 4:-4 Burke Suter Thompson Swartz Iudy Vilagos Sharon Watson Edward Whitton Class of '74 Class of '73 Class of '75 Class of '73 Class of '73 66 . -,., -v 'f r ... . . nw' . .,ff---. r ,,1zg1,111,,1 . I, , l..t ff-wg-1gqm1,:v.,,111,,l 1,1 .,,...l:.l.. ..,.,.vl l-11+x1"1i..:.:'.'.,w:..,.-t.w-u-wf- -1 ww- 1-v W ,Y in t' !'l....... I -....!... Kathy Wiesner Class ol "4 Cindy Williams Class ot '75 .V I . 1 ' N 'Q . W Diane Williams Class of '73 Donald Williams Class of '74 4053, Q. 927' Gayle Williams Cldss ol '75 -Qqs' just., :An wr A Gregory Williams Class ot '75 is T? Mary Sue Wilson Class ot '72 WR Q. v-- Nancy Wilson Class of '74 That's a good question. Thi-re was nothing clst- to clo. Chris Pollali Trying to better myself through c-dui ation so that I will have an open mind toward lite. Steve Earley Because I clicln't want to tace the cold world after graduation. Hester Wyatt I didn't want to be a garbage collector. Lee Feltner A college degree is a prerequisite for entrance into the majority of higher income positions available in the current job market, Uncle Sam paid for it. C. I. Hanson, lr. I didn't want to be a waitress the rest of my life. Mary Sue Wilson I clon't know why I came, Ted Midgett Social pressure from the old man and the old lady, and to avoid the draft, Matt Harris Daddy wanted me to. Hugh Cross To learn how to play spades, set-back, and soccer. Charlie Rogers To get a good education so I could get a job. Larry Foster I came to get an education, to play in sports, and you might say to gain a whole outlook of the outer world, Willie Mitchell To get a higher education, to get a good job, to get away from home, to be on my own for a while, and to find my husband. Becky Lucas Unfortunately, for what I want to do, I need a college education. Charles Read 67 SPCRTS "I feel that schools like ours represent the last stronghole of purely R fu , ,Q a 3 -.4 "w Q 5 ,Q air: an O P, amateur athletics." ' 4 .. . v v . . , I , 8575 . -3 ' . if -ff' U ' 64, . ' ' , " . "-1 I swan Q 5 ,'lq,"' 1'- N 'wr . 1 vs ,T i Q-P 2' 'f I 1 4 , , ' as U 'gf' ' o f' .' '53, .7 ' 9 I x f I.. - haf: s 0, 1 -1 lf' 5. 'N I . '15-vs x I! !. 1 Y X . 'Wifi ,. :BF 1 'U if sl I 1 , sf ' V ,310 T I X " in . .P I ,315 'sf' I E E 5 1 1 There isn't enough interest bv the stu- dents. That no interest led to no interest ot the plaxurs-thus vve didn't have a winning season. Steve Russell One ot the most exciting games tor the spectators. lt's a shame we didn't hav e enough spectators this near. Tom Snyder I vvas extreme-lx disappointed that we didn't do a lot better. I'm inclined to be- lieve we will have a strong team next vear and will vxin due to the addition ot transfer students and experienced plavers. Flip Filliettaz It didn't impress me in the least. Monty Carson The team has great potential icloseh knitted teamj-verv alert and quick. But the onli thing which caused victorv to pass bv was the inability of passing, which is the cornerstone of soccer. If Weslexan could get the introduction of the foreign players on campus, mavbe the present team will be able to learn from them and better themselves. Ed Rampersaud Like last year we lacked a consistent scoring punch. We had the good de- lfense and good team spirit. The guvs lplayed hard, but lacked the poise on the front line which is needed for consistent scoring. Coach AI Horne As a fan, I was disappointed because we never won. We have the material to win in the coming year. Matt Harris A lot of games they should have won. lt's gonna be different next year. They have togetherness and material. A Rich Alsberry I think thev played wav under their po- tential. They hustled alot but didn't have ,the experience. Its more like football out 'there with them-no finesse which they ineed more of. i Burke Suter 'It keeps getting worse each year. Walt Dowdy l1l5'1P'?l- -5 ':"":'i':'i'f:lrQ:f:f:?f" fzlzi.'ll1.'i:i2EiQ,l1L:.l'l'2i,'.lg,13llg2QNil::Q:,'i1:l:il5"i5l1::lfziilziliilz " x:.::':l.:.:LZ Z 1: " 24 ' 'L"' l:':s.!.:!.p::!:,!:,:!,:'Ll.f.!.! : . as -+'- ' "-" . .. , '-': 1 :f::E':':::I1'1.. .'ZZ.Z.!.ZL,,,.,..,. W. . .. .,-U ... , 5m!:m3:'5xg-' 'L .1'3:m:ggMQ:,gl,,1,f':: ,, ..t....L 119 Y? ig' E25 ., at' cz , -a 'A i' ga 1972 TEAM Hugh Allen Monty Anderson Gus Cobb Dillard Dixon Lee Feltner Mike Filliettaz Larry Foster jim Gasparis Bill Gulick Elliot Harrell Tom Henderson Tom Howell Winston King Frank Kunkle Harlan Lewis jim Lynham Charles Nelson Back Back Line Line Back Back Back Une Back Back Goahe Back Back Back Back Une Back .-1-Q.,T Mike Pelling Ed Rand Bruce Rappaport Charles Read Robert Rivers Charles Rogers Chip Sewell Phil Shoemaker David Smith Kent Swann Carlyle Taylor Steve Wachter Trainer: Ben Gregory OPP NCWC Campbell 6 1 Pfeiffer 3 1 Davidson 8 0 Guilford 0 0' ECU 3 21 St. Andrews 5 0 Methodist 2 1 Virginia Wesleyan 3 2 Hampton Sydney 3 2 Lynchburg 4 0 Pembroke 4 2 UNC Wilmington 4 1 DIAC Tournament Methodist 1 'lx Goahe Line Line Line Line Back Back Line Back Back Back Back Larkin Smith Lynham King Kunkle Lynham Dixon Read King Lynham Rivers Methodist won on corner kicks 1' Overtime H All-Conference 72 l BiEiiillliIiE " l7".fl..,.-.. .. 1252 - si 9,5 QA f 5 lf: if-' .F -1 ,,,. wpfrsx EMI ' gf" .-ii! V 9- " Ti ,r AQ fy? X' - Q is , 1-EL Y A. 5 f-2' l TL... . .. ......,7.,-h X, 1- ,, .... . - ..,-- in ui.. in ,,.. ,f.,..l ,,,.. I'ifllllllllllllllllll1-ilinllqil-ln:l'I"ll"':lllE'l .:.: I' ' ' .........- ....n.L-1-.W.ii-v-p-limp'-mjjlg I .N- We're definitely gonna be a better team next year. We should have won a lot more games and had a lot better season. l'm personally looking forward to play- ing under the new coach. Look for some new faces, a new program, and a win- ning ball-club-guaranteed. Burke Suter It could have been better. It wasn't so much the team though. They needed better supervision. Margaret Ives The talent seems to be getting better and better. Maybe a new coach will bring a fresh look of basketball to NCWC. Walt Dowdy Did a heck of a job with what they had. I don't think that Coach Chancey was given a fair shake though. It's just as X, much the players fault as his. They play l Flip Fillettaz 3 the game-not him. Bai We had a tremendous volume of latent talent just hanging around in thin air. The reason for this was the underlying dis- sention. With the coming of a new coach the dormancy of basketball talent has suddenly 'erupted, and the volcano of action will come rumbling down the sidelines. Ed Rampersaud They were pretty good. l liked the star player number 44. Debbie May I think we have a real good team-they just need more experience. Will Alston 74 Fl fl 'ft , ,435 -a 7 5 3? . 'ffi ZE'Zw Ik Eylfiw' ffjif"f- f'fM ,-svn l think the team had the potential to go a long way in this conference. I hope a change of coaches will cause a realiza- tion of the potential there is around here. Tom Snyder l l l i fi i l ""' ""' IIIliiG'u'LTIUFE5ilTlil1E1M: lililll. , Q ! W!-ME, f,L. ., dan. -if nf 4 . M' qqaii Q P47 '51 .5 1 . , l A 1 . ua .b x . - . 54 "2 iff-f 4, ff5 'law . 'J- ., T- 4 5-cr - ,, A .9 -1 ' -' " , mf, H:::z:,,x:.:,:.:.::z.:,:. U . .. 51, . , p -4 -'1-w1.,.....-.-.-.W nm... 1 . .. .- .L-...,,.., .,. . ... ,Ai in mg , ,Nur .. 'iEiLXiHT1BE5EIiiEah!1H . . ... .1 .-V. .,......,4.,.1-. - mm.. lt was a poor season tor the talent ue had, Do axxax tx ith dissention and aclcl more student participation and xou'Il produce a winner. Nick Lauranzon KN e're cletinitelx gonna intproxe next tear. Due to hating a neu toat h .incl neu and returning ball plate-rs, the tc-ani will irnproxe, llopetullx some sthool spirit will return also. Bill Manson Experivnt if .incl putt-nttal xx t-rv then' but leaclc-rshtp .incl Lguiclan And thats the truth. tt- xxvrt- lat lttntg Charlie Rogers . LQJI1 fi ,,.,Y '72 TEAM Burke Suter' forward 2nd 3 r Bill Manson forward 2nd yr. Willie Mitchell center 2nd 3 r. lohn McGirt center 1st xr. Nick Lauranzon guard 3rd x r. lim Smith guard tst i, r, Larry Krestelude guard Ist yr. Elbert Wampler guard lst yr. loe Cardwell guard Ist yr. Mike Long forward lst i r. lohn Grissom forward Ist yr. 'All-Conference and MVP ,J., .fo K XWMM OPPONENT NCWC GAME HONORS 1 66 Francis Marion 74 99 Atlantic Christian 79 86 Pembroke State 67 87 Christopher Newport 64 56 Virginia Wesleyan 81 71 UNC-Greensboro 74 60 Greensboro College 76 97 Virginia State 66 83 Lynchburg 78 68 Eastern Mennonite 56 74 St. Andrews 94 80 Virginia Wesleyan 93 94 Methodist 76 87 Greensboro College 76 80 UNC-VVilrnington 69 73 Francis Marion 77 79 UNC-Greensboro 83 90 Lynchburg 77 69 Methodist 68 70 St. Andrews 80 65 Christopher Newport 62 DIAC Basketball Tournament 77 Greensboro College 'S 77 Most Points-Z9-Suter against Atlantic Christian Most Field Goals-I2 of 9fSuter Against Atlantic Christian Most Free Throws-10 of I1-Suter against Virginia State l0 of ll-Lauranzon against Francis Marion Most Rebounds-19-Mitchell against Christopher New port i l ' " ' J- I . W 33l5'3?i?555E1Wl fill i -5 22 Faif iz f Y Y l' i Q - -2 i - Fi- 1 i llfi 1: Y Y T Ai 5 lL 1 1 1. L- '- 1 it Q 1 " Z 5 v ii-,- fg 2 - R F Q .?+ - V , , 1 ' Q AL f 3 "f .1 , E, WU 1 "W lIllll!IHlIIIIMl jd IIIIlilIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII PmmWl unmmlmnmnmunmnnmqn 4' , . 1 sraulliiflif f I Y zI?'r?'L lll!hl'Hl , M' 5: , 31, N lll1l4Illl0l1V4PlI IHHNI1HWIIHWNNHINUHJWIWHH WH l 78 3 KsR imhuv 1 - u2LzzZ:.:xQaan mmmiamanx 1 1 zs.aman.un.mmmamnmnmmmwmrmmnmmnmmnuxummmmnmmnm1mm Il.-.5171---1 .2 BOWLI On The Wa AP vi I think that the team needs to be mori- publitiled so more people uill ltnoxx txt' hax e a bowling team. ll the interest was higher, the team xxotilcl do better, And xxe're going to the nationals next tear. Steve Russell lt's a shame so manx people clon't ext-n know xxe hate a bowling team, but then it's not the greatest sport tor spettators, Next year we'lI be trax eling like the other teams, and perhaps ixe'll receixe a bit more attention. George Frick They improved oxer last year. They had two consistent and fixe inconsistent bowlers, but they're on the way up. They won more games this year than in all the past years combined. Barbara Blanton lll lllii Iml Illll l mtl Illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllll The bt-st tt-am mer, XK'ht-n xoti go trom last to third plat t- in one year it isn't too bad. WWII xxin it next xt-ar, Coat h Brat kett Thex had a lot ol tough breaks-like xx hen Charlie got hurt. Rich Alsherry 72 TEAM Hugh Allen Dennis Custis George Frickt Bob Lauranzon Nick Lauranzon Steve Russell Charlie Stewart 'All-Conference and MVP iiuiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiii +- W it i , i 1 l i i l 4 l l ti V liiiiiilii ' ' :'.::1Li.::: : ': " :" "I! "' 5'- " ' l'!l 5: m "5l'Vl3' I -t-IHi'--HLmxirfvz12:51nlltill:xl:llli1llw!liHHgI:lfElH31Liifil.r4 Ural lllllll ' I enjoyed the games even though ther weren't many spectators. Debbie Ma We definitely had the potential to wil The team played better all-around base ball than last year. All it's gonna take more experience and more hitting an we'll have a winner. Burke Sute They showed a lot of desire to win. The shouldn't have made a lot of foolish el rors that they did. Willie Mitche The team reminded me a lot of my hig school team. In my senior year we wer 0-18. Ralph Ros They looked pretty good. Better pitchin than when I was here as a student. Th only problem is there were about a many students watching as now. I can believe the apathy of students towarc sports. Garry Ewin Although our overall record did nc show improvement on the "won" sid of the ledger, I felt that we did play bel ter ball. I feel that if we will continue t improve, we will most certainly betta our season's record next year. Coach Baue The team played better ball than in pas years. I think they will definitely improvt with the experience gained from thi year. Mr. Harpe They've got a lot of good potential ant more experience for next year which wil hopefully make a difference. Randolph Hollanc They seemed to have a bit more hitting this year than in the past which make: for a more exciting team. George Fricl Next year is going to be our year. Rich Alsberry They had a lot of close games which is indicative of future success. john McGir ,I I l v 1 . m'mr1'r'rl. I vrrrnzrnsrr. .nmnxzu I W , V N V V I , N 1 I . 11 Q g Y' 81 Q I w I 1 mx -'Q xg W 'V' x, ,xx 7 , xx n, f Hfxxx 'I ff ,xxx 13 150 I I I1 J, A'i 'm ' ' N Q if 1 Vi, dw! 5 '11 3 Zigi? ,,,, i Y iliiil xx "' ,Q xxx! NI 'fZV" '1ZUgf x xxxgxxxsgxxxx x' 1 " V x yy! hx XR " wx!! 'xxx MSU? ,,,, f M 4 xx Wifi' WZ WW' J WH! 'X f X Wx fq WW Z 111111111111 WW X , X xx x x,W",w fx, 1111, K X X .. ff x x :x,!f I I X Wxxx xxx xxx B xl x xx x xx -... .H vw xy-nr-ry X W lffllr x xxxxxxxx x x x x ? x , xx xx xx,x ' xxxl 7 N x xx x X n 7 i 55 xx B2 1972 TEAM Rich Alsbe-rrt Will Alston Doug Ashton Mac Buhrman Allen Burrus loe Cardwell Dennis Custis Ron Drumheller Bruce Franks lim Lynham Bob Martin' Hilton Martin Brad Meredith Ioe Neal Dean Rourke Mike Shannon jimmy Smith Burke Suter lack Taylor Donnie Wyatt 'MVP OPPONENT .fI'1Cl lhlst' .Incl Base Ciuttic-lcl Outtic-ld Any xx here Any ix here Pitcher Pitcher Any where Outtield Catcher-Leftfield lst Base Pitcher 3rd Base lntield Outfield Short Stop Pitcher-Outfield Pitcher Anywhere NCWC Atlantic Christian ............. 9 - 4 St. Andrews ........ 6 - 3 0 rain Methodist ........ 1 1 - 0 4 - 5 Virginia State ........., .,...... 2 - 1 2 - O Lynchburg ..,.... .,...... 3 - 0 9 - 5 St. Andrews ........ ,..,.... 3 - 4 7 - 13 Lynchburg ....... ......,. 3 - 0 4 - 3 Methodist ........ ........ 3 - I 6 - 1 tg 1 izf' -fs- mN.', 4' ' ,,,,. . rig' .. ,,' , . , A,,:l-' 'f :rq.'-.s!,:'P9f,:t.'4- , f-,, 4, . ., .,.-. , Q--. , in - ?.-,,,g,'f.- -: .. . il i i ll i i l 4 l l l I i 1 il l ll 1 -t-yy ' , ' 1 g.'.'1: 51,1 " W " fyg . :t.':: 4 - .,,::::' 1. . 25.2, M,5,,,g,g,,,g:,g,, 3g"'1 .Ati .'2.L.t.L,i.L... " 'flI' " "' 5l1'f--2-1?-f"'i:1': '"lf'f!f:if11:ElE3Eiigzicnzxzz,'::.::1,:4g::ggfq,3gj3?N :g .':':'2'1'2'f'N17-fi7H7'7 V fiilfl' ,t:1L,f.:::-: :,:::r5'f111i'V5fill5E::f3lEI::1:::'':::t.,:':::::': :':::':"',2'.r:::5355555,g3g'g5gj2f2EEggg:z"::' :Z I22ZZZl,j"1Z yjiligjfltglll-!' " 1 GULF esponse To Challenge We worked hard, but still had a lot of fun. We reached our peak at the confer- ence tournament, but it was too early as we didn't fare too well in the district. David Pierce We had a fair season, but we peaked at the conference tournament. The season wasn't as good as we expected, but we're still pleased. Bootie Pilcher It's too bad that the team with the best record in sports at Wesleyan gets so little support and publicity. Charlie Rogers They deserve a lot of credit 'cause no other team around here can touch their record. Good team, program, and coach. Chappy Wake and lay Wealand I was very gratified with the response to the challenge that these boys had facing them at the tournament. They played under a lot of pressure in trying to con- tinue as conference champions, and they proved that they truly are champs in capturing it. Coach Scalf TEAM MEMBERS Bootie Pilcher' Terry Brittw Ken Watkins' David Pierce Bob Woodard Elbert Wampler Burkley Skinner lim Thornes 'All Conference "All NAIA-District 29 and MVP B4 vzzn.n....i. HY" 'Ii -1- -i , '." ,,1:L'1f' B5 lull , l " "'I.., U 1 .J fm3Ijs,mmm, sl '-. gy::.I::.1:.. , '.,L'.:,Z1:::.I:::,.......,.,, Ni, M ..,.,.,:,3w3,m3,:m.3:: , , . . ,':::I:V:I,1ll.M:,,4..3w7,,,,, ,llm..,,.,L'::5'wc'--353'3:1g,3,g::gg5ggg. .......,.....,.,-.... ,. . ' zu, , .. , .. u"-wx -e'1:"w:1z :g:1f::v::11N u::p:::::1::,,: jljjjjjjj:1,fff.f1'f::'::1' 1U211?1I271135:Ev:::::::::::::::E::::1::::':::i::1:::'::.1f"i1f7?3fY1-.:L:1' ':::::::':'i:L.,5::r::7,',,153IP35351'EEE?E?i'E5?2E':':'wif55525312IT!11'Xf::,f..'27:IV?T111HZ373'-5533475215113?fV7V5'77mifff5'.Il Watt' im".m'I' '5klfI ! l B6 ,mm-': v-14.1.1 ::4g::r.x.p.. ., -.ww-rr--r---v--'f-v-nw-ff:J .... ..'.,.v--my .JM4uQ..,,. .mf-vnu-.r-...-nf-W-I-,-I 11 1 ,.....,. ...N-....nnf-n.v'mm-mmu.-nnmfmnu.m.m.v 1 1 1...-nm n.-nw-nm-mn-n-mr:-nuvrzsmamnuu ,if -.... .K The track team had potential but not enough personnel. lohn McGirt They did a good job and came a long way with the materials and supplies they have. For the first year they did really well. Phil Frazier The team had a lot of talent, l liked to see the team organized and would like a lot more to be formed-like wrestling. Chip Sewell The track team this year had a great deal of potential and used everything they Could in order to win a meet. The spirit of the guys on the team was tremendous. Ralph Rose lt was a lot of funp a riot. I hope they keep the program. There is a lot of po- tential around here. lay Wealand As long as Ben Gregory is around, Coach Home is number two, and he's just gonna have to learn to live with it. Chappy Wake For a first year sport, it came a long wayg a 3 and 2 record isn't bad. Ben Gregory It seems as though the enthusiasm of the team was quite high. I was glad to see the program started and hope it contin- ues next year. George Frick TEAM MEMBERS Ed Rampersaud Tom Clay Winston King Ted Midgett Ed Rand" Tom Henderson lay Wealandt' Larry Foster' lohn McGirt Steve Russell Ben Gregory 'MVP X! All-Conference nn-vnmn-mu-nn f x.i.mun-0 . , . . ,. .. I I I ,will 'I Il .ill I I 5, I, , yu l'll ''ll'llllllllllllllllll'llllll'l"l"''I lIlII'llllllllllllllllllllllII'll'IIlfllllllIlIIIIlllIllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 1 l'Ig'i'flt'T-PW. I ' A I,,,, ,,.Ml- llll, I ,, ll".Ifl, A, , I ., . Ill-It lllllllllw'llllll.lllWllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ml I M, II ,I I QM "gII,,Wn,,,t,,,I, ',elllllll'llllilwllp IIIMIIIII, I-lII.,I',m IWIIIIIIIMI MMIII: II I I I , I I W,IIIIIIIIf,, Ujffilfmggf,J'r:"v,,,-Wall, ,lfff :II7'lIIiIj.:f,fI1f5ty::I"?, ,,1 'JAA' 1 1l'jIfIIg,jm'jI'rIl'fl AWIIIIIIQIII I, I lIIlM,,,,lIIII,I,II ,III II I I I, I, , I.....LT21i:,I ' IIIsllll.,IIII.ILILfIfIIIIIII,1.LIIIIIA W 'I I l l I I Im Illlaal lilllllliflll I' I I I Il I I I I I I "Ii, 2Yw'IIeI'I?l'3L " ' llfll -Il ..+ Il' li ,.,, IE II I ll In I l II I It I I I ,, 'll Igg,l,5jIsf,e,gl III, I I I lv II. II I I, I ,L IH Inlll w ill y 13,1 5, ,V MI lmkix, WIIIIII ,AIIIIIIIIIIIII I 'IIIII.IIIIIIllllll ,Ill IllllllIllfIlllllllllIfIfIIIIII 'I'IIr ' YI I, I l l,..,l., I1IIIIll my IlIIllIllllllllllfI II I,lylllllllinllgsillnlnlIlllllllilllilli .lllllliallllltillImlllullinlil.lIIIIlIl'IlI'll'lIIIIll .Mi .II IIII-Illmllnlil' I-I-1 l N' I' lln'I ' ' w WWIMIJI l, I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIII II,,,,II1,I,I,,,Il 11'- I , tl . ,ty ,,,, 111352 I , , VII I,I,,II,,,,,,,,, , tI,,I , + I+ WI Ill l ll f I , yyy, ,gllfffli J, My jl lII'IIII , ffttyl?IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I ITttTtt J tt T I ,I Il ,III I I +1'-114 I I , , I I II Wllllllll IIIlII.II.ll I fmltII'InllIlIII ll W u "lm II ll l llllllllllll ,IlIllftIIWIIIIIT,IIIIIIIIIIII-IIIIIIII, III, I Ill y ll I A " " 'I IM H, I I II ,Ill,!IIlI1,f,'fy 'I lllllllllllll I will ttttl I IITIII 5 'l ,Ill IllIllI-lllllll-fllll 'IIlllllIII' If-Itlllllllll 'll' MII, "' "'l"lIIII "" 'W Iinlllllllllllvlnulllglllllyl l l W ll 'll I ll lIllI'VllIlI'IlIll Illl IIXIIIIIMHW WMIW' Mill' lm lllllllllllllllllll H M WW W NM XIIIIX I : , IIlIIg,7I,,II ,III,'1JQfff.ll ,I IT, " ' ' , , I I ll I I ,ll IllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII III ll N I Mllllllllll, Illlnu vlnwv I I ,II l I II It-IIll,.l.IIIIIII.tIIIIIIIIIllllllllllIII l l ,,Il1t'I I trI,,ll ,,,,,,,,, ,,, III. -will l ll ,MII I ll' "N W, IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIII I ll I 3, IW IIIIIIIIIIII I IllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllII ++ + III, , , ,III,IIIIIII,l III III ,, I I I I I , IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII TEN N IS i,?5!k'l'1Sa'tZ,V.?!la"2!.'L,flTey "ada'0ugh 2T,LeZL50g'3'O?i',1ll"eYhada'm"fde' Ph I F ier I lohn McGirt A Ithought th y g t Th team tried When you speak about desire, particu- very hard. Iarly when it comes to winning and the . Ch is Spe lman again make comparisons between th different teams at Wes e an, ou've o E HOU I Y Y S 1 veryone thought I was so sorry, but I t gh 1 b y h d H can drink a cas k d smoke two ' packs a day d tll up with a record th t 1 h bl und this in t't t' 'o on our an . wever,I think our record sneak f it lf. DgKI ki My roommate is the only undefeated Chappy Wake player on th t m. of I lay Wealand This was the most successful season for any sport in the history of the college. Wewea dff tkind of team? no Classy X Thus, I am obviously quite h ppl' th players, b t inners. We scrap fort the team and their overall p rf nce. what We an We 0 i e Next ear ma e e FOT1 3 C TTlOl'9 an g r d g t 1. Th I I Y .Yb b tt If wh l t s around Coach pick up one good pl y ll b t P f h h b h th l I I g th Y I t ht C h P m MLMnMnn. .1-mm.. Fl p F Iliettaz -......-,....t--B... ....------ X J 33 E it llllllllllllll'll 'll " lll l ll , M i 1 my ' 'i V mm "ll'l'flllllll llllllllmll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.'l'llKi:rlliiJMull E It i gi" I flnlnl' Hill N X, i i i ll it i ll, W ' XIX' ii UN Ni' V ' X ' IJ x i- Ni Nl 1miilniillgillliill , X ', n ll ' Ji i lx ' ' i , 1j 'Mill il E nw ll ll m In in ,,i .m lm H "'wvf' "11"f'1 "xiii N N W llnllllllllllllll' 'llw l nl i lil xl LW m 'il nw I W! V i :ll M M 1 it ie... ,N ':l'.'lI rl" , ll' ' ' i,,,,,iI:Jlli I: i l Wi U lf if H Nfl' 'Ill' M lil: if :A ' N , lil I will lli i "EW i' i X M L K lum W , :limi 1 K 1 U i it ii i 3 C . i il 1 'X C ll llllllllilililliliiluli ill l M C "5 lil' r ll lil' 'lx ',:. ,N lllilll 'Wx I lvlllvm iilli N '-," W " 'L i it ll 'llilll i i it ' ll will ll l llxl i , iii i ii X X 1, V llpmllm I i lifiiwlfilmlfilflil Clli A I ll"llllWW 'lllllllllllll'fllsW itii lf i ll Wli 1, M! vw ,MV N,!!ll!1m1lH,' 'N g 1 ,I N ' N llwllm' All ,Sw X lx l i 'lllllll ' + l ,lllllli f nw ' llllillll' ' li' ' ' l l in il lilMlk llllll M , ,i - liiiilii lil iwlllllwlvim l XXX A iw! X Nw' X ' X , 'X ' iilll ' Wi 'i l' 'l ' it lim, i, , , will 1- 1 ww X X M 'illlll:li!'J,N"' iiU"'ii,M' X i i ' i ' M " ir' , in i it l. i i. ' 'ik iw ll l l ii 'i l llllllllllllllilllllllllll WM lls'llli1jl1ii!!N!!'"lllj5!"i M X ' WM ll' Y: ixqlmviiwllxlx!m,it'!h il i "lllllWiiiil"ill ,VV i s i lm--W 1972 TEAM ' la ll ,.. 2 ll it i" 'aivllllll it ' ' llllllll yl iiiiniif ali' N' H .,, 1' ill fl MMI C E Nl X lli,,'lll1,N7lllli i l 'l IW lllimlwlx ' i i lllllllllllll lllli ll lllllll l liNllillxllmlllmh ' llliii'li1l"l:fl iii E l i -i lil i ll il- l i 'wa I i in ,ii i im! W" Ellmllv ml! 'N i llM,.lllllli lliiilllilillltllllxlllll i i l li li- lllll'lll'!l'll 'l A "N ll i M f'Mn .Hi im i l , in ll lllllli A il lllllilllll! M llllll 'll lm ml It llllml l ll li l My M M X W , is it M E lll- "lll-illlllli E will i it it ll 1 mlm i l lil! W 'W iwilllliinrj W l ll Mlliilll i l'lliii.ll'Nl'l1 Ml''llnml'i1llli'ilii'l"l ni i till I W X ' all :lil t will i lllpl lillll ' ll' ' i ' i 'll il I X li l ' X ill iw X m ls mli lwliwmll xmiillllilm llll ll l ll ll X ,i"l lllli il: ill ,I , i ,I il' , i , W' ,li 'l ,I lx li W vi' iv Ilulllll qmlxl' lx tl' :HI NI ll X Wlillll i sf.. lk ll wh my ilk mu l i I' " w " 1. illll M 'l Al' 'lm i l " , ii , 2 W llll ' '1 M M .N 'V 'l 'il,' Nlllmll 'Al iymlllrl , 1 l - A , XX , il lllyl lil Xi it ll il palm M W ,i.Illill3'H: 'll lg? i W -l nllii ,W llgli IL, ,I Fly I i ihlllll 'lliI:l1l m:H T vilxu Iii! - ltl m ll X X llllli lllll- H ll.l ll:.lll l Y ' all ' V' i"l,, l , ill illlll 'H' ' li l.:-ll: f l l W i l l 1. "i ll 'l it tl i ,M 'iii ll 'li W ll' ' ii l lllllllll ' i l it l l"llllllill il l llli illilll il i lll lliiiliilllll l liiiillllllli lil llll lllll ll lmlll iiiiii-im lllllllllilllll l lll "l l l '+ W xlllxi X ll Tru! :Il 2. llxwlvwlilww 1 i il Will l iwmll lwltilil ll -.' ,, 'l lnmllwauililllm ll' u llliliiil.lNilliiiNi lllmiillnlwxl ll Hlllgw X l ll il' ii wi ll ll' 'llllll N'fjwilellllixf I Wnptll V' :M N lla 1 ",lul I' 'll Iy:4l'II'l I , W wx X H hw!!! Ihtlivqlll ,M ill ' XX iii 3 i f i fl1n'1'r: i l lx ll' i tml l ' yi Il li, il! v Y . ll W willlllxl ll i ll ' mm ' l i t i A ll" ill! . ,11,1 i i 1,., 1,11 l lllwlilili llllxwlulllll ll -i A lww! 'l lllllllilllilllmm ll l Im lllllllflrl ii X X X X X Hwrlllw Nlli W N M . i XX Mill lv mil X xii illll ,i in ii iliuiiuii it 1 X wY,iiiN,.1 it it llyi lliilflillii lllllll ' ',l,,lliill1i-A ' 11111 lv lll ll1lllhllllli1 ii ,i i i xi i l 1. il it i llwi i-uw' l M i lllyfllliiill i i ii 1 lull li l l i 11,1,1 gy' it it 11,11 ,, ,i lil 'll X 111111 El lx, Y ll i l C lll li 1X1X i i ll -l M W xl l i it i Wlqu ll M X g ill W i iwtll 1111 11X1 1111 ll' ltlllllll llll M l l il M X1111 C X 3 I N: Ill Wfllx' ju! '!,H,!,N1"i,,! llxixf, lwlini C' E' xi!! H H lyxxllxxy ' ' I "'! "l li: lljii U Nxlliilll, xlli V, i. ' i IWW! l X X , i Yiwlix., .,,. ,..,..iii.iimmyimmiiiiuiiiiiiiii 1 lil ll l"'l il ll ll ll M ll',ll,ii' wil ill l il If ,, - Y 4 , 'i+E': rivalIiivlllI'llllllllllllllllllllllvW VWWVMW gl 'll l i ill lv l ll itEifiivlll+lllQllllll2lllllllllllll ll llilllll9illlllllll'illlllllllll ' i mllxw HM i i i, iw. lllllllj ll ll ,U lllnlllilll iilllllllll , Ml l' I li lvl V ,N l!'ii.,,, W i 'i 'i-, il, 'ii i i lnwm 1'iil":llWii'ili-ililll NN"' 'u 1 iiiilllllllll lli i V it llllll ++f+2 it i www lll J, lm i lui lllllwfllw X l ,ni "l Hi i'l g lllllllllllllwl + Q ll lil i 'ugflai 3' 1 5 l ??? Q C Q 52 fi? I O?g Mike Long 25-Y-L 'ii E v ' S4 I Doug Kozlowski O 5: we , 5 iii Martin Saunders' Q52 "-fig f gg i fi Chappy Wake""' 1 F ' jg! f Makerniaeuaz Z in iff Q o r g Tom Cainor ri - O lack Casey 2 -Z 'All Conference "MVP and Outstanding Athlete of the Year E CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS C O, WV, Z, n-ff, -l F ,KA YY 4 -gait, Y g O 2 e gig Chappy Wake 1:3 Singles ' if 7,2 f? i ,eff Mike Long 416 Singles C? , ,?f"'Qfii5T E E O2 CAE C Vi C gi 'W JZ! A ,O Martin Saunders Z g 5 an 5 ,i I Z Mike Filliettaz 21 Doubles 5 5, Y 'C , Y 5 - 'EJ' 8 , , ::::g::::.g ,. ., ... . , .. . .M :' .g :MWH,,,. 0 H --fy., I ... " ' 1' "' , ,Z .'..',.I :!..!.'.1. USU 53:-1.1. My - -Mg! I ,. -1-W, ,.. ...,..... .......,,......w U n 3 1, ug, JZILL' A 5 E 1 Q 1 mn I 1-1 .uvv-x1::mnr 14.1.1111-u . .nm ldidn't like the sponsor. He didn't knoxx anything about it and xx as xerx uninte- rested. The squad was organized pretty good. We could haxe been to more games, and ite could hate had more cheers. Eleanor Neale There was a little support from the stu- dent body as a whole, but we got a lot of support from Sigma Omega and some from Nu Gamma Phi. We had good leadership-excellent captain in Donna Noell. We cheered for teams with a lot of spirit, but they got no support. Lisa Cox I think the cheering squad could haxe been a good squad it there had been more practices and more school spirit behind it. Sue Thompson There xxasn't enough school spirit, I think the squad will continue to improx e nith the introduction of bots in the routines. Sue McConnell We had a lot more to try out and a lot of new cheers. There seemed to be more school spirit than before. Becky Newcomer lhe weakness in the theering squad is not in the squad itselt but in the student body. You can hate the lbesl theering squad in the world and with the apathy of this school it xxon't make ani difference. Donna Noell We had a pretty good squad. We prac' ticed and worked hard, but there was a lack of support from the student body which made it difficult to feel like you were doing anything for anybody, The only people who seemed to appreciate what we did was the team itself. Peggy Verkler and Cindy Rotty F! j T l 'i34i 1 ,,1. l ,li ll l f P n -1: if I 1- it if l n' if ecll 3 1 ,-.j 91 f if i is 2 1 Ll Ill, l1.,l1'..., .N .4.,m-...H STUDENT LIFE "There's nothing to do. for is there?J ll 2.2-mf wx -1 W e,g -4 . ,J 51 J- .., -1 :iq o'a' n'n' nn -. '.- ,F- K 9' ' f.. 4753 2 iq I . in -,'., , . at .- r., 4 .16 A 1 tr? :.1t2 .vi a 1 Q ft " ,gr . .a 1 I . The SGA had great possi- bilities this year but was hin- dered somewhat by the lack of help from the student body. People often complain about its lack of effectiveness, yet the absence of a basic unit of student identification would have left little basis for that complaint. Helen Steiner I really haven t seen too many results this year, but there is so much apathy on campus that it's lack of effectiveness cannot be blamed entirely on the officers. Sue McConnell I haven't heard too much from the SCA today. Dianne Williams In the four years that I have been here, the SGA has done s. G. A. we at . Vt. , it 19 . 3 , , . 2 it it 5 tt ,E ,L ttf T ' til f 'fi' 2 94 less and less. It has become weaker and weaker. Cindy Rotty The SGA has done extremely well, considering what little support they receive from the student body. Susan Hinton Our school is too small for the SGA system that we have. Barbara Blanton As a member of the Senate, l have strong feelings. lt was a farce! I think Tom Hardison will do a fine job after his se- mester rest. Kathy Strangmann It did not fulfill it's purpose and was a big let-down to the student body. Ralph Rose , v '. -fl. 'A X 1 ',A r -if 'Hx-'Q' XJ" 1 1'. 1' :I '. vm .. ' . -' ' 1,igXFLA?':g.'Q:.IA,..vru .ix ' 4 ,'!' NIL -1. .li-..'A..Ig'. .lil , .'-,U .I . C , . Agp... .' , 5. '. . .: ' A--'rd A '.k4Jsf4.4ii', i' .1 ' , . K M ' .. H -. ' I wg ' " '. 'nu R is ,l . U - I 1 Q . L' " ir' , . ' A , - '35 .. ' ,flgfvy " L'-, x 'sw . 1 5 wi 4l"f:'I3 55, ' , , , ,5 W .!, ,J-4 is ' 4F+'ftf1-v'.-'-ff: " ' ' 1' 3 5 'iff-:vu Z' 'ir' ' eo '- ' ,-10.43" ' J ' fwfr . at .. .l Q" i' I gr L. ,X .' ff: 0 ,girls 6 if 29: as-. .,,,,C4,. .YP 'T' 4. -num '1- 'fT,.x ..'-,Q 5-gvlnvbiv ' "QQ-vafsvfsu it - -vfffsil ggv-gran i 4 ' . gn 'A'.Q . T lv . A-' , ,Q . . C I '. 5: f 1 j. , I: -' 5'- af . s. 1,-, ,, . Jfn' CH Fr . .- pl '-f' . :. X .1 '. NM ,Fig Nw - 'xl I C Q - v' ' 7 l.:l:lE2EYf:.'.','.5lr ilil ' -Hwiili Vi if 7: ',3pZ?:1'l' 1lLTI. Z :.:a..:.r..p::::..'.:: 11 - - -- - - -.H gyz ' 1: ::.'..,:.i:::::::..:,:. ' '- 3f31E2g3iEE1I,, -1'f1L1fEE5.uf1- vr:'::::'.':"w:':::z:r:r.2:f111 'rrl'-2'2fif1'5 if111'C1 ,l,?IiiEEEL3EEiiEE151EEEEEE1:::::::":::':': 11.:'n:.13:p:':,g:3g'g:511739l: .gr 14,42 The 1971-1972 year closed with the student body still involved in a quest for achieving a sense of effective student govern- ment. One student gave criticism that the student government was "disorganized and displaced" this past year. There were many achievements in the social life at Wesleyan and a good deal of failure. Ahh September! The Freshmen came with excitement, the upperclassmen came with thoughts of the crazy hour they had left in May. And happy hours prospered and bloomed at zee old Retreat. Newcomers received the Retreat with skepticism, old timers viewed their haven with delight. That was Orientation and Wesleyan's welcome-sipping a brew with a buddy instilled the hours of September with a happy and anxious student body. Anxious? Yes, for the Social Commission paraded the walkways with Liberation in October, the ldes of March in january, and Fred, Cotton, Fable, and Kallabash in April. Now those months were staggering ones. Staggering minds with a great deal of excitement actually staggering the manner of our walk and only shyly regretting that events ended and memories remained. Goals were high this year. Involvement in early elections, and discussion of open- house demonstrated the cohesive nature of Wesleyan's community. The sun rose high for opportunities for stu- dents in holding a more responsible position in the fu- ture of Wesleyan than in any of the years of yesterday. The faculty representative acquired a vote on the floor of the faculty coliseum. Four students were selected to help initiate the new Three Track Curriculum. The Senate adopted a Student Loan through the Student Matching Fund. Yet as a year might have it, there were damaging problems for the Student judiciary. Also the president, his commission heads and the Senate deluded to a very harsh lack of communication with the X! ,,,,, student body. IAW 96 f--:Us -..t Ymmm-mv,--1-1-W----mf-m-w-rnxt..t.... 1- ----v-rv-1-1 1: fu-:T 1 ar .1. .t-J ,f xx I x X ,iii ' 4 pi? --' '. gz'ff:. f fr- W 4 if -sf' ' 1 - r Q- 4 . ef xxx , X, , gig X :ki r C x 'Q Orientation l was drunk the whole time. If it wasn- t for Helen Steiner, then there prob- ably wouIdn't have been an event termed "Orientation". Allen Winter For a transfer student, there was noth- ing-not knowing the right sources, people, or being acquainted with transportation. tl wasn't drunk the whole time.j lay Van Hoose I think that if it was organized like it should be it would be successful. Alma Webb l think it's a good attempt to get the new students acquainted with Wes- leyan without the pressures of classes on them. l think it was good that the hazing was done away with as it didn't really do anything for the new students. George Frick I think its the biggest farce l've ever seen! Anonymous It's a lot of work for the committee. There should be more respect built into the freshmen for the school and upperclassmen which gives them more class unity. The head this year blew. ' Hugh R. Cross The committee didn't 'know what was going on any more than the freshmen did. It's strange to compare how much crap the freshmen had todo when I came in and in years before that to how little they have to do now. Sure, trends change, but I want revenge. Barbara Blanton 34- -4 'x X Q.. fel, 'gui zqz. u J Q Q: ,Y 2.- ,Qg ' 09 .4 . "1 -.if :-'2""'igf - h , .1 N V I f n Wx' ti . y. 'o , . X529 6 A V x K 1 U! .N Q ,w X 'th tl gags 'swf- X .. . a:':::::...4 :-. 11:1 L: :x,r-1-A. -- .ff , K 111-F2 veal! ...Aw f 1.1 , -3 - I J .1 as nli-1x"" ' S-W DI I!! Bl It 1 II 1 ll I ll 1 ll 1 ll - .- I N 4 N 1 i 1 3 v 3 """"TTE757TFHEE55?""'"""""""""""W'!I! Parents' Vveekend I think it's funny how everyone got duded up! Helen Steiner It is one of the better things we do. Being parents, they like to know what they are getting. The receptions are nice. I am very critical of the lack of faculty participation. Dean Alexander I thought that the speakers at the ban- quet said what they wanted to hear, but it was a lie. Allen Winter I thought it was alright. It's a good op- portunity for parents to get to see the school and students. lt's a worthwhile event. Yes, my parents enjoyed it. George Frick lt's a pain to organize but I think the parents really enjoyed it. l know mine did. I do think that whoever plans it should change the format a little each year for the benefit of the parents who come three or four years in a row. I mean they might get a little tired of sitting through fashion shows every year. Barbara Blanton I think they liked it, and they'll be back next year. Mike Long My parents haven't been here since my freshman year. They saw all they had to then. Once you see it-you've seen it all. Dianne Williams They weren't here. Molly Levin The fountain was on. Linda Lewis A success!?l Willie Mitchell I 5- f f -1-1 Lies, z z' S . "' .' Q . Q0 471 . F. I A Q . v 1 " 32 ,wry - if --in ' - "f, ' " .I l Cl : 0 I - 1' Q 5 l X W W 1 ', 1 ., ' e rl, 1, V. .. fy uf:- 1 1,-V, ,.1 ,W N149 ..,f ' l ' " - 1"" " ', " Z ' J ,Z',Z,'l.l'T'lf.IL'1ff,.u. 1 ., ,,..v W ,,,,,..., ,,..,. .I.,l,, lxvr, 4,,,, , 4, lik .rI"1. ps- ik-:lf 'C"'.4-V 5 K -A-1' QQ'- 'il'-3 ffl if i LQ -,vi I -we-, LJ 9 5. C EN' R593 TS' .tk 4'--' .xl fp' .IJ err., Wh- V Q-JL, sxj-X "7" G.--" Ha-HS-5 15 "1-Q.. X -sm-NYJ I "'w... ""'e5,iJ2'jf 'Tk'- ,Af il FJ as "I got good vibes." They were a versatile group. They gave a good show. Bobbi Wescott It was a good show, but it was too short. Bill Manson I thought it was great. I enjoyed it. I think we ought to have more concerts and activities like that. ' Alma Webb It was fairly good. They were of the calibre of the type of bands that we need to get on this campus. George Frick They were fantastic, One of the better programs. Nick Lauranzon They're not really my type of group. The music was okay but I sorta lost interest halfway through. Gerri lones I never really cared for them, but the idea of having groups is good. I think we should have more concerts like this. Chip Sewell Really good. I loved it!!! Donna Noell l enjoyed it. I liked it very much. I just love fun week- ends. It gives you something to look forward to. Mrs. Hagins One of the best events that has ever been at Wesleyan. Carol DiBIasi Very good. We should have a lot more band concerts like that. I wish they had stuff like this all the time. Charlotte Painter They were good but not as good as the Classics IV. The concert was too short. They were good entertain- ment though. Anne Matthews It was great. We should have more stuff like that. Kathy Carrick We even beat the blackout down!!! Helen Steiner 1" 0 r 1.32 cafhde l Al 'eix ' as l. -rf' - E41- Q L dvi. ' ZZILSV'-'- vi :J 5 - -v - -IL, 1 V' I , , ,:.1I.l:ml-s H , w. :' : : u,, M: ... 5 - ' Y . 2 L WJ l I n 3.5 . ,rm V, 1 .TN i-A1 iif,,Hy.H .jxjzwlmj .3 3.31-!,EN LL. wi EE ' ""7:'5?'5f5f:::::5235f55:'f:'f3fWl155- 1 2355351:fini!R5fU5:"5If3!f'59:ff'WL'ff!.!.:p:E::!,!.!..215P!m!!f-M?'Him.!:izzmI'ff,!:.gf1'.I:E5r5':f2r5,,!2,frm 'IJg!1' !f!.' .l l.M M 3 WH ima' 1 .1 Qu .H WW Very special 50lTlE+hl'N UAS ddde 1-Q +772 Udclfeud b i-he Iavely Y lm Homeramfn . Spfrff' My ' 4 rg 5NOUJ'fall. 1+ PU1' everyaqe nv -Q-5' L 5927 in ' ' WJ f "' A ul:-'i fx Y - tp I i f! EE N V .A Q 4:73 lg ' I uv H . I -1, w I A 52' 74' -,. 1'4i..:: ' "- - 1 I f I really did Q-4 W HN-ja H' I .I 'Hioughzf' 'Hue Qfefg,-,1 r b U25 LLIEII deco'-afed ' Considering Min+ 9 ZX ' IHH Me 5 :Ll , , ' ' Commissfaun 17' M105 4- ' nl, had Mark 'fypitai X I' U' ' X A ldealeyarl ' X Hameromlig X 4 , bf W I D r-"' D ' ' ' u12gdRIZCg , Q 1 l M AM' if 0 ' Hoff! 1718 Ya- ,W mind . I I Q, Th d +' N5 X wer: beizxqf-'uf The Q X N sk S , CQ'FG'flfl'0- dIdN"l' pu-f' YQ I I , ?' 4 "0"'Pff on -fhiugs. NV ' S 4? , P E Af S f 7:10 J ' . W Y K I 9 I X 4. Se fi, 1+ was M. X af,'g"' Hfffvf of M' bfffer 'For c N 2:16 Sfafeekmds 'wwe ' 'Hme "- Udeuts , ,,12:N'z:1'z,,:m:,+ X f -Funcfiaus, 501- 1-his ,H 6 . Pllffiripafiau was X ' 41" GN all -time I HI GH! wif? L Ifefzk- , - -1.7- l 7 1 i , HA!-sxfvg, I+ uJa5 8- V - 10,19 fime qomizg buf 1 a d lan effm ra ii 42 buflf' once? Z- wigs herg, , N Blau? ' L, I+ was really, really 0 wmv HERE I ' MSC' The +ypfw' ,Flin K Hamecam1N 7' T I, afmas here B15 I lyonkleg by f-1 J' e a er QW X ruuzfiu pfar' ' X quad? ff 2' ff , s I 1 2- - 1 f .,., . .V f ci H4 fr!!-E fn' ,., I I ' 'ff ' 1 if if' ig lblhfi ,'f1. - -A , mf I yf'?fJ:a , 1-if r. D351 ' flfffililff "L-'-A ff-2"-2'--9""' X '-T3 'A' 'gn Qu Q ' 'I - 1. fN, ' fav r+Jf2frn+s. U like 0111313 F42 ' , ' ff! 0 Sultjwfo fn: 5+.UaEU::+s " A him ireld ZVNC in Jo ox ox' 0? ,W :QQ PK, W! cafe-ferja.. If' .N ll JR' fax of ,YA made :ff Seem 9,5 Q90 QW' mggg like a. x:"'Qm,,oo" YM f "fi" SCWO' Ovauxdx Q G E hanizomrwj 6' xr allege! . "g,X Jsiiy Gf F if Y, , I 1 - 1 J 1-new The . gh gg-ffvd-re? were W " plaunlecl uf N0 N ,yall MMA, L v OHC Caine. The NM' W Sfudeufs were, f ,vw-'VV t'aN5'+aNfl7' complain V bmw abwf Nofhmy +0 do, 'Avviz' Nd Mid, i bu-f' when fn ,U -J 45:3 ia 1 L SM YN D-,,-,, fmade Hn ' f7 f 0PF0ffU"f"Y, My weekend! A simply Sa? around- , 7 ff T Seemed r f . f 31 A A her : 'IYPIMJ F r I G M77 ldesleygfvf had a. N sg ily 1+ X I 1 '1 H as XZ! ,-N. vvvery- f J fi yy 1-Qs :. Shame. 1 we all hnve Q, Wg I ' Foafball 'fcarn f iff 1 f comes af a. bad ima because, baaA'e+bq,0 541,215 +07 hieafafld 'fhergefis Q a. 0-r move an. Chrfsfmq. The gm-in " QM Commission d7gs71'1' ,-,AJR ll acco "' , fm es. --"',,', - Li 1' df' K 1 9555119 5 A M .VAX 5 65244 f 4 r- ! . K , JA.. -.1 ., an .472 2 if 11 ' I . - k.. ,S? rc - - . " ' -1. xr'-Q. ,.. 4 an f :V if fx ,:.- v fv- - - ,' . " . 'fr' . fi "9-ff'!G.f'5f'A'Z 5 LX, ,2 ' ifiw-M sf 1 fy - -f fv- Q ' T' v zu . . Lf . -, r.-...., -' ,,, 1' 'ZIV4 'z BUTTU FRED Sat P.M. "v-2, Arun 106 I f- N my-W-H .-.. . .... I a.Af-J 1 X HLLHBASH FHBLB K a-- V f t-51 -sl .if f I 55, 5 ' I I I -,TL h ir, I . I 157-arf' .,: ya- '+L 1 I is-15' v rf.. -fp I 4,-f, ffwr ' A, if I lr Q Q. 1 'r I L 'Q I Y Q Spring Fling: I W A 1, It I was JW fun! The groups were really fantas- tic-especially Fred. The dance Friday night was really great. Liz Reece Spring Fling was a good idea. I only wish that the Social Com- mission could plan more total weekends. Tom Snyder Spring Fling made me really feel the many moments ot a well spent year Helen Steiner Helen did a fine job I really had a good time David Cole It was really good The bands were great Nanci Wilson had a blast I danced all over the place Mrs Haglns It was a lot of fun. There were more things to do this spring than last year. Charlotte Painter I was really pleased with the whole idea of the weekend, I would like to see it happen again. Winston King The concert was really good ex- cept there we-ren't enough people there. We should have more concerts. The band was great. The dance was really good. Both bands played a vari- ety ol music. I enjoyed the old songs they played. Anne Matthews The baseball game hurt the attendance Donna Noell as wt s crowded Thty ne t dt d 1 I urge r ct I1 xx something all yu 1 let nd Kmthy Clrrnk vas good It xx is 1 I1 mu baseblll gum ind 4 re wt dult d s mint time Rohln Ryder ICI pg y s or N it NN IS goml x than Ixlllllnsh Becky lut is I VM si tliingt Ce orgl Frlt It X hm! Whitt . ...... ,... . . ..,, .... . ,,.., The dance was fun. Friday night Cotton was really greatg in Iatl they were better than the other two bands. The Social t ommis, sion is to be LOl'lTI1TQ'fKlt'Cl on the work they did to make tht- weekend so unforgelable, Belinda Blake . I I Wal' g 'we to Q , see more weekenc like this Chip Sewe ids ul ablt sun 3, Annt Simpson gh! I I Ifl 1 l N l Dt hlm We had some bad luck, particularly with the weather and the powf r failure Dean C ordt . . I . ' ' J x , , . I I . I didn'l parlit ularlx lilo! Ilii- . - - - , bar , IJ I had .1 xr-rx I-nloxf - - - ' ini. II W alfllfil - ll WJ WTI I thou' 'I was XX -or-I-tl ' ' - ' " ' ' 1 " mc ' ut- -lx -nd lik ' Ilml . . Ia 2. I like the Idea ol 1 in 1 . '. . Max 3 I ' 1 I.. 1 A I . I ' I ll J ,.. f I JO ,iii Q, gzl. , Ity I . '. . s , 'tlml . I ' ' the ' . It ' . ont wrt ya . , y We' ' stl - ' al IIM' t ' . 5 I ' . E .I , - I ' - I , ' I - -AJ ' If I h. a fantastic llI1lt'. I was -I.ucI II il x a .lt thi- llkk I lit-. TI - rl Ps . ' n lor I '. ' IIN-Imncls xi-rt' 'I O . ', good, loo. I Illwd lable IJt'llt'r II L '. L I . I' . II ' I I I II IQ , I ilu aught il was gootl Quilt- 1-ii loyalmlt-, qult- .i tl1.ini,ga- oI'p.iu- 1 I lor I 'Xrlll .I mum Ii lit-vclvtl 1 I ,. I I 0 W ,. ,. . I . Q . II x as It-rrilit a lign - ' ' ' I g a 11. ' V f 1 43 ? L, 1 .1 7-'fafiiw ' .iff I. I' 1 ' Spring Fling was very nice. I liked the bands. There was a lot to do. It was arranged nicely. The dance Saturday night was yyell organized. I loved it! Missy Bowers I liked it all. It was a weekend that I really enjoyed because it was a change. For once there was something going on the yyhole yy eekend on campus. Alma Webh I thought it was twice as good as last year. Having two bands kept you from haying such a lag in in- terest. Having a whole weekend is better than one dance. Debbie Manning I thought it was very good. It was the best function l've been to since I've been here. Very yyell organized and well planned. lay Wealand , If , I I went to everything. Cindy Rotty Xthile only attending the dances, I Iound that they yyere inost enjoy able. Saturday nighI's iestiyities were only enhanced by lI'lt'I1CllX people and their liq- uid retrc-shments. Marion Slachta I think it yyould be nice to end it clitterenlly. Like with a bonfire or something, Mrs. Leonard If my date had acted like himself instead of what he did act like, it wouldn't have been as much fun. Cindy Trimm It seemed to have been well-planned, but the punch needed a lift. Molly Levin This year's dances were terrific improvements over the past spring dances. It was really good to spread the activities over more than one night Tim Coggins The spirit of the crowd was very poor. Bobbie Wescott Qi . I -. wish I ' , Z ll it ,e ,cli J' had been another weekend other than just before exams. ing The ' X idea was " good, but the timing was poor. Charlie Rogers I was surprised more people didn't go, when it was free. lt was-It was! David Smith Personally, I liked the band for Friday night better than either of the two bands on Saturday. I en- joyed the weekend, but it was rather strange just before exams. Cynthia Bergstrah One of the best social events that we have had. Richard Sinclair I didn't go. Hester Wyatt The students were dressed extremely wel Dean Alex- an- Granny der Aspects The magazine has a lot of potential and could possibly be one of the best things about Wesleyan. However, there are a few people who work on the staff and there are even fewer people who con- tribute material. Therefore, more overall interest is needed if the magazine is to be successful. Tim Coggins The purpose of the general Aspects staff this year was to provide the editors with an opinion poll of supposed good taste in the arts. The staff needs reorganiza- tion to acquire more contributions and to have a more enjoyable and effective, i.e., Aspects needs to be taken more se- riously by the student body and espe- cially it's staff. Then it could have hopes of being a great magazine of budding artists' best works. S. M. Hildebrand Aspects, Wesleyan's literary magazine, encourages literary and artistic sub- missions from Wesleyan students and faculty. Two issues were published dur- ing the Fall 1971 -Winter 1972 academic semesters. The first issue, edited by Gary Christopher, initiated the first Aspects' Writing Competition, which awards prize money to winners in categories of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. This competition is made possible by a grant from the North Carolina Arts Council and was continued in the second issue, edited by Chuck Waters and lim Van Laan. Copies of both issues are available to interested students in the Aspects of- fice free of charge. Chuck Waters Working with Aspects is experiencing prose, poetry, and photography fresh from the muse, waiting for exposure. Making sure exposure is available to Wesleyan's artistic minority is the chal- lenge which awaits Aspects for next year. Better organization and a more concerned student body are essential for a successful magazine. As editor for the first issue '72-'73 session, it is my aim to make Aspects successful through organi- zation, concern, and hope. Bart Schaefer l no Ai Y' C .pun-N... -V ni gh W - , .I L--Z......... - . . . Ji i. n. .1 i 1. i i 1 ty. , i up I as it yi..-in H. 'til liiliiml in it vLvLggp,f,tg, ,L l,, 1. ui ' , gl , it ' """"'l"l""i "0 ....l..,flll. itll--fifgzrtuL::l:'::ll:il,' ml"l"'.,,!",' l,l"4" !l"' ll"'f"Vil!" Vi5'W'2'-i'll'7ll'l!"!l!l .l.l'l..t! ltl.l.l!l!!,'! Ll' dvi 1 f S 'Q 1-' rf.---77--H ff fy-f . f I 1 , s tm .1 - --VV A ...... .... .. ......... nmumn...-...-nn.-a-.1. mmuuuumuanmniumnnn-A X ' f . ,,,..u- 1 ed.. uvhm, - irv' " ..', I x H r"L x 4 V. ,.nn.uq,.rl-In , .-Y -- - 4, . -t . ...,: ....':':-'::.::::::::: 'zzzzcprzrwrf-tl' 'H--r M" "'lI"llll""""" 't . .::.,:" cu' L.: V L is I- 'rf' - v ' ' " 'av' 4' I "-'11 - 'I ,,,,,,,. ' 1 111 'r '2:.'.1f-are uf- :m!:hE:::e::::m:f::: ' jazz:Lzzallgz,Qllgggrgllggggggggligfirrcllllllliki:erm:ii-me:::lQ::mz!.f!,:4l!,lL ff,, ,!,,! 5 !,g1 , I"' Q! Decree I love it. I plan to be on the staff every year that I'm here. For the number of events that go on at Wesleyan during one week, we were lucky to get out a four-page paper once a week. Liz Reece I think the Decree is the strongest, most influential force on campus. It represents the students and administration in a straight-forward manner. Charlie Rogers A lot of people complained about the work done by the Decree staff, but never once did they offer to help. In put- ting out a paper, an almost positive ob- jective manner is quite a goal, and I feel that the editors did a very good job in trying to accomplish their goal. Ralph Rose For a newspaper to function on a small campus such as Wesleyan is a difficult task. People constantly criticize its lack originality and lack of exciting news, however, it must be taken into consid- eration that the staff had a difficult task to perform. Hester Wyatt I love the Decree. l've seen it under Peabody, Iulie, and Bruce. No one else may like it or read it and maybe we do get into things that aren't our business, but we've got to do what we think is right. Marshall worked hard as Assistant editor and did most of the editor's work. We have had a lot of ideas and encour- agement from the faculty members. I don't know what else to say except that the Nashville Graphic has been real nice to us even when we didn't meet our deadlines. Gail Mabe As a small local newspaper, The Decree has done an excellent job of informing the Wesleyan students. Dean Alexander 5 1 . Z i lvffpfd' zhbfi' l?A2'5:E . v 'TH' . VY- ' lf' ' - 1-fx'-. s file- " 'ia' Sci.-1,..... X ,-sf., , , 7 'L Q I , - 7 A, 1 - -. N E535 gifs: t, tab' ' I ' -, II2 lin... 'N -. 0-5 , Xp:-nllvv' 'Q Q ' v fm.. ...Q ,M 3Q1,aA.m........ Nafm.-.-m.. - ..... ..--....,..g..-..a:::s-3. mm. .W-W.. ..-ummm-1--M-:mga Qgwfff' :Nu -,-ln-q -Quan 0:g""'-Yr T P Ji, X i ix Q '-,.?gii!'sq. . I nm- H. H w l ffl 'All Ili M gligllliwcglnlllglz If WI fffHw'f"f' Ju Dissenter Working on the Dissenter has required a great deal of time and effort. This year's copy should be different from any other copy. Nancy Bradsher I think this year's Dissenter will be much different from any of the others. George Frick I really feel sorry for the Dissenter next year. Hugh Cross The Dissenter has great potential, but its success is determined by its staff. Brenda Pepper To produce a good yearbook an ef- ficient and hard-working staff is neces- sary. This year I feel we have such a staff. Amy Rhyne We have tried this year to make the Dis- senter more relevant to the students. We want to show Wesleyan as it really is, not as a picture postcard. Isabelle Thompson One would never believe all the work and careful planning that goes into the composition of a yearbook until he has actually worked on one. lt requires many people willing to work long and hard to produce a good yearbook. Hester Wyatt I think this year's copy will be the best one since I have been here. We might even get them before February this time. Barbara Blanton Working on the Dissenter has been both enjoyable and a lot of hard work, but most of all it's been fun. Marion Slachta It couldn't be any worse than last year's. Eleanor Falls l2"1 Q I 2' fi ' N f' I -1 Y L Y 'D S I 5- SC Z?-if-Ls ' ' lv ' 2 1 , 4 -'?f?f'4i?6sff X ,4-- l .-. 1. ffm V., X xl , 'L 'W - "'P 'UF '24 . , f . ,Z ,f- '-.." .' ,fit 'is-.. 'F' - an-L . ' A D ' .4 Q U " ,, . 1 4 ,, U' any ' 1 , 4 A il' if 4 . I X-4- 1. i O 5 n . , Y. If ri If I 1 .. ,xi '- x I l x .f 1'- .. k,'x 'Q.- 1 'Y' .Q-. .:. ,gg wil .xigv ' IL - 431 L 1 W s A ,Z , K 2 A Q, I 5 'W J Wx . Is. 'AW A 0 M 4' LQ ' .4 Q Q 5. . ,...,. di L. v.. .' -'-. ,Ji 'fn' Circle K Circle K is an organization of great po- tential in this college community. In the months to come it will move out of its present stagnation and surpass all of its goals. Howard Parsons Circle K is good, and it's going to get better. Stan Gray This year was one of maturing for Circle K, and next year will be a year oi total achievement on new horizons, Keith Marsden Circle K this year was forced into admin- istrative change which restricted us through the past year, but I so feel that these changes will act as a catalyst to the club's service and social projects in the future. Richard Sinclair Circle K proved to be a rewarding ex- perience to me although there were rough times. Throughout the year, l felt that the leaders did their very best to overcome the difficulties presented them. I feel that our club will be the best around next year, and I intend to work in order to make it possible. Ralph E. Rose Through the contacts that we have made with the Rocky Mount Kiwanis Club, we have the greatest potential for service of any collegiate organization. Ned Hill This year Circle K was a little slow get- ting off the ground, but with the success- ful senfice projects, it proved to be a worthwhile organization. As we plan for next year, we are destined to become a bigger and better club, of which it will be an honor to belong. ' Randy Scott 1 - 'X vw 'I " " A. ,, 4 sLF,, - V t . 4'rA .jwl ' G . .. ' H g :We . A '- . . A . 1 3 Nu K fnahj-ji R 'X '. 2.1 ' -1, X X II9 .. 0 154 la '. . . il gnu. qabeq ooh'- canoe no U00 goo' sous an ll Sp...- J-4? ' fp! 1 5' 4 'J Inna. S.- N. ., 'vnu r-'-: ' 919.5 L f .QI ,.V 7 V1 5 i., M4 4 .4 , L' ,A fi 1 ,J ff 'PW .v T4 u x . x y 1 f" , ' 'Q -'-' -A f' in 'i A ."""' . L4 , -y , 5 A K , w WJ cj fr- Y' f ,. A 5 K 'Y 5 'U , f,,M9' ' - - Y 'Lf frfm, ,A ' , A Y 3 'h ' 1 . . Ig up ' f 1-if if ' R , Q 5 , -13-' nz 1' I f.,'i3 :Ar a V :I wfffx , ' is .J 'I . I fl 2 V-.x W I - il-1 lg Vx .srl What is an lpha Delta Chi? Any' damn thing he wants to be Doug Kozlowski A person who can reel close to another person. Charles Read A Chi is a guy who can come in the Snack Bar, order a Coke, and get a standing ovation. Rick Davenport A sexy bastard! I. Allen Winter Available. Larry Foster Men in green who are out to live lite to it's fullest. Doug Ashton A group of men that seem apathetic till the sit- uation arises whether socially, academically, or athleticallyf when each as an individual or working as a brotherhood will succeed. Ed Rand A person with unique characteristics. A friend to all especially' to a brother, Phil Frazer A Chi is someone with a "never-give-up" atti- tude both academically and athletically. Matt Harris A mixture of everything and anything. Dickie Campbell A Chi is a person you'd like to call your friend, but you can't. Martin Saunders A Chi is like a good piece ot meat, once you start, you can't quit. Birdman Himself. Richard Sinclair .N I ff' X. fn 5 ' - A - , he ff rf G4 .414 ' ' ' I-. . N V " L x b Nr, V . I b it A, J 'A 1 4 "Q ' an 5, J- L4 . Nrw. X 'S-J 9 , 'L ,AY5 Aw! . Y 1 N u. sign - fi -iam 'I f NF1 in ' T 1 , A M I V . ' ,, 2 -5' Nrq' b , Aw it is 4 5 1 I y ,J 4 ,IT R 'K-CJ -X X -- ff. v f 3 W i- A is Gif in 4 125 .ann ' - . 'W , , 'ass ' 4? 9372: 1 . v ' A 1 I. 'Sf ,S -Q .- N.3..t.. 'f? ' '3 , 54' What is a Nu Gamma Phi? A Phi is a man who has aligned himselt with an organization attempting to better the hum- drum lite at Wesleyan. Tom Snyder One helluva mixture of guys out for fun. Nick Lauranzon The top choice group of the school. Walt Dowdy A typical college student who has leadership abilities and likes to party. Hugh Cross A Phi is a young man who has joined in a brotherhood of true brothers who are willing to give as much for the brothers as for them- selves. ln other words, we're not selfish. George Frick A Phi is a person who enioys working with, socializing with, and helping other people, es- pecially members of the brotherhood. Bill Manson Me. A tremendous personality. Guys with a tremendous blending of personalities-Cu- bans, Pollacks, Drunks, Afro-Americans, Whops, lews .... Rich Alsberry A Phi is a well-rounded individual, interested in everything. leff Hoaglund A well-rounded group of scholars and athletes. Steve Russell A Phi is a young man striving to become a ma- ture individual in order that he may sub- sequently function properly within the greater society. A Phi does this by tirst following a sound academic program, secondly, engaging in mature social activities and lastly, and most importantly, being a brother of Nu Gamma Phi. Wayne Souza .117 P ...-ar X x 1 v X ' 8 l x , . X'x 1 kt' .N If K , e I , Av- ,I ' . f ' V , f ' .. --Q-f""" at - ,nf -o,'. A' 'w.f,4Lt gvlaiii 1 x -1 " "z::::.,,.1.3,....:, ,..5m5-'.m,L nd im:zAq:.:z:::,. ...,..,,,.,,, A--5 'ww'-,,.,..,..-f-vvv""" 1 ,,,.--f-'W""""""-"NV Q n ...Qi-.1 Vx 44 X if Z 'ASH Lil, 'Y gf K f 'Af "g3h.-M 126 .,..,..4,.,., 1 ,mmf -,V--M .Ji--..,....-..... ,f I 1 - ......,.v v..,....wl'1'1"r'1n-. :'.r"m V 1..Lnmm imnrrrm!'f'7'f:',x.a:..n.u. . . numuug .TIE , , 5 ,,,. L.. ,, 1 is 1 ff' ' Uv--..,...,.. E,?-'..,::.." ,...4-- -., - ,..........................,..-.........i.. 1 ,.,.., What is a Pi Epsilon? Those ot us in Pi Epsilon are willing to worlt hard. Our sorority is a service organization, tor we are constantly involved in a service project of some type. To remain active in Pi Epsilon one must obtain and maintain a specitit gradi- point average. Our organization is not all work and no play. We do enjoy doing various social activities together, Rebecca Rozier Pi Epsilon considers itselt to be a group of girls with similar interests. We do not consider the sorority to be a clique. We are all triends but do not alienate ourselves from others. Our main objective is aimed toward service. Marjorie Stevens We primarily consider ourselves to be a serv- ice organization, Our main project on campus is the day-care center. lt serves several func- tions: to provide a babysitting service and to give the sisters experience with children which is helpful for those of us who plan to become teachers. This year our main project has been to raise money for a kidney machine for a boy in Roanoke Rapids. Diane Williams We are a group of girls who enjoy having a good time and doing things together. Lynn Alston Pi Epsilon provides extra-curricular activities on campus. The sorority provides a chance for a group of girls to get together who share mu- tual interests. Cheryl Tillett A sister with whom you can plan service pro- jects and be a help to the community as well as giving you something to do socially on campus. Debbie Manning She wants to serve Wesleyan in any way pos- sible ancl hopes to turther her sorority as best she can. She is interested in people and tries to help everyone. Martha Hemingway n ...I - , x I . . u H.. H, Nz, 3 Hmmmu:::1.:::E:.::..::.,,LZf,w Q.. 7 A K . . I , wx 5 ? 31.3 A Ja. ,mif7fiillillF""'M - .-w. , JM? - - A 4' if-cf' ' 1 5-7-- .,,'bN 0 -qw Xl! "At I , I ,.'. '-' f. A r 'V if -4: 'fe .. 'IZB . v a fFlv111ff1'l':'r':'rm:l'l1.mzn:um:rwl'ml1I ir X N it .1 3 ,XX 129 ....,........................,. . .,,. ..., , . ...Y-...................1.i....t.i.4.. hat is a Sigma Omega? Someone you can have fun with during fun times and someone you can depend on when the work gets serious. Marty Martindale Any of the brothers can be the life of a party or function, and no one is ever left out. Mark Lambert One of the purposes of a Sig O brother is brotherhood to his brothers and service to the community at large. Our purpose is to strive for truth and knowledge through education. Ken Young A person who displays acts of fellowship, honesty, trust, leadership and service. A per- son who you can confide in who feels that he can confide in you. Bob Rivers A brother of Sigma Omega offers to help an- other brother when he needs it. David Cole A Sigma Omega brother strives for academic excellence, service to the school and commu- nity and to work to respect and be respected by his fellow man. Ralph E. Rose A Sigma Omega brother is someone who is involved in student activities, administration, and every other facet of campus life. A Sigma Omega brother is someone who is concerned about college and community and tries to promote harmony between the two. lay Van Hoose As a Sigma Omega brother, I am proud to be- long to such a brotherhood of people who are interested in many different areas and all have a common interest in brotherhood and help- ing each other. I feel that next year the frater- nity will grow and become the best on campus and prove to be one which is inter- ested in helping draw the school closer to- gether and working with people. Randy Scott -1 , v . """'l"'l. ,..T., 4.. mm- L " ' 'g1,,, ,Wg .i.. .,..L.' -3 . .,,.A.... L ...- I.. - , X-1, Q9 1801 . ' u ""' '55, "2i.9 . 4 ,1,'wg,,. -nn ,gf-A f,':v. 24: "-sl.: I, fu: ' .-- ,'::f. q,'1fT373', ' Lfw' Q..." . r L ,diff-50 3 .J 3 .' ,..-. ' w. .-, L I ' 0' 61- 'u., 5 7 , ,. x'. Q--' t ,Ii ,1- ' .1 A 2 ' 220- : f ' Reef f 'li'-1: -' .. .A -5- 1 - 5- A ' - I 1-T .4451 ' ' , .., M 1' : -,-S - -Ali? ."v, ,' , ' I., 'pl' s J' lc, uf-- . 1 . ' , , 4 A --1 .1 ff-AJ .' 1, fa ' . f - Q" 34 . V 1 '. H "' ' 1 b n 5 Q .J ,34p,3, , I ' ' ,,4,: - A.. , ,. ..-R 4 1 A - -an 4. A ' -4 . - 4 - gg? Q . '4. 130 .... A ... . . , 1 . , - rrfvi , f . T.., .4 w.- -rm J , ...m""'if.,.,.-um ff n1W1W'1""""". .'W"r'.. ,.K.CI.i4K...I...Tnmwiwnmii 4, ..... -, 1+,.:.,,.. -N... - A W if 1 o" Q7 4 I 4' I I .p -I " A .I vi-Q N. xll' t , . ,mm f-fiwf' y iz- 1 s, .ll " -f.'in,- 3,14 1.1 , o., IJ! -,,......l.,...................... .. L' -, . 14.4, , What is a Sigma Phi Delta? We're a sisterhood but not a clique XX e don't hang around together constantly. Vyere close as a sisterhood, but vxe're individuals. Charlotte Painter A Sigma Phi Delta girl is an individual vxho re- tains her ovyn interests, her on n friends, She isn't forced to conform to the group. She tries to be a triend and sister to every girl in the so- rority' and to girls outside of the sorority. A Sigma Phi Delta girl is one vvho doesn't mind going out and having a good time at the drop of a hat and finds enioy ment in many different activities. Kathy Carrick A Sigma Phi Delta is a girl that can get along with other girls and tries to better the sorority. One who is ready for a party, booze, etc. We need more girls like this Debbie May A Sigma Phi Delta sister knoyts the true mean- ing of a social sorority. Carol DiBlasi She can be most easily found at the Retreat, a party, or on the tennis courts. She expresses her ideas not only through the sorority, but also through student government, service clubs, cheerleading, and most anything which will help bring about a happier college lite, Vicki Sewell, Carol DiBIasi A Sigma Phi Delta is an experimenter. This is our first yfear and vxe are still finding our places, but we know vve're a sorority. Barbara Blanton A girl who likes to have fun, yyho likes to party, but can be serious vt hen the time arises. Peggy' Verkler A member of the sisterhood it ho has learned hovx to enioy the better things of life Debbie Pearce 3... , ' t Performing Arts For this campus, they were all a very good choice. Personally, I liked Mark Twain the best because I had seen Hal Holbrook do it be- fore andthe whole thing was really neat. We really don't have enough of these kinds of performances. Liz Reece I think that the series was a great success, and being a musician, I felt that the Preservation Hall lazz Band was the best, In reference to Mark Twain, I think that lohn Chappell did a terrific job and was a credit to the work started by Hal Holbrook Wray Wheelus I think the Performing Arts Series gives the students an opportunity to see programs that they may not normally attend. I only attended the jazz Band performance, but I thought it was good and a big success. Amy Rhyne The Performing Arts Series is de- signed to enrich the cultural ex- perience of the college commu- nity. The Calendar Committee, which is composed of an equal number of student and faculty rep- resentatives, strives to present a va- riety of cultural programs not only for entertainment but for educa- tional value as well. Dean Alexander I think we should have more con- temporary artists. We need to take up the slack which is created by the budget with which the Social Commission has to work. I feel that the series should try to promote a more social type of atmosphere. Danny Shepard Wi. ,f Pi-limbo T33 -T T T D ra "l'iwapul1 's ' -1 'il Flea Might have been a little too risque for the Rocky Mount audience. v The set was unusual. On a whole it was great Doug Ashton Good example of French farce. Funny. l en- joyed working on it. Bill Neale It was different!! Marvin Pittman It was my first opportunity to be an assistant stage manager. It was one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. Gail Shearer The audience reaction proved that the show worked. It was funny. It was alright. The audio effects were pretty poor. Matt Harris It must have been pretty bad. I don't remem- ber much about it. Cindy Trimm lt was funny. Dottie Brader lt was very humorous David Megill 's3.. i Him: ' :PHIL "'j 4. ar I4 1 32 1 . Q 136 vwuT:WTf""' 3Hi'27iZii-MU"'YH Tmii Medieval Christmas Pagent It was difterent from anything else we've ever done. The Medieval Christmas pagent added a ne twist in the year tor the theatre. Doug Asht lt Id pp I y d dience, but n t p ople d d I th t. Liz Martin I wish more people had seen the Christmas Pagent because the audiences we had enjoyed the pagentry immensely e we - nown rist stor' se o music. e Th ll It Ch y t t Th atmosphere, however, took one back to King th h t th g I Arth fou d th p f y stim I g I b Il Th p Gne Acts I like the One Acts because it gives kids who don't have real good acting ability a chance to display their talents on stage. I enjoyed working in the Devil and D I Webster and What. I enjoyed w k g What more because it d ff t f y thing el I have do It y f t h tod tht fth b dlth kth ed thetl t ft th ShIyHIdb d. ' Bill N ale It gives students a chance to direct. A great learning experience for all involved. I liked the informal atrnosphe d for th first time this year. Liz Martin 139 'u""L21i13ai 2if11 57332323 I 4 40 N V Ll :dh . .3111-l'r'! JU'1"'1'L'-'TI '. If2T.fv..' .L 7.111 "lii'lD1n 3 Penny Opera The most ambitious production that our department has ever attempted. Highly successtul. The combination ot the crew and the cast enabled me to work with a spectacular set and show. Bill Neale We learned a lot about our acting and techni- cal capabilities. The show was successful. Liz Martin It was cute. I got sick of the bleachers. The music was too slow. lay Wealand was a stitch. Missy Bowers I loved it. Dottie Brader It was good, but it lacked class. Doragene Gurganus I thought it was slow. It bored me, Don Wil- liams kept the show alive. Bill Manson Pretty good. They did a real good job. The set was decent. Phil Frazer H -1 .V " 1..- iuuztuu 1:2 :5',,, K -gf: ,4- Q QQ.. 43 41- ':u:.4..:........ 14 gL44x..-.....,.fn.-.,...- U I 1nnL1.fLEf.Ij.L.g.1..I..-M... '-ilimumznzj .51i::':':::c"".....zxr'.!'I'r'1'2. . . mu-pu 1 un 1 ,:. .:g:tT'. ...i..... ....m:z1znnwan.wmuu li - ' l ' '.2-'lZ-.izfgizxll!i::.:gQxl.i-1.g ' ' Honors Convocation I was glad to see Mrs. Smith, and glad that Helen Steiner got her just due! Isabelle Thompson For most of the seniors it was the first re- alization that graduation had finally arrived. Marion Slachta It was very gratifying! What's there to say-? Dr. Allen lohnson It was a typical Wesleyan function in that everybody got what they deserved. Marti Brookstein I think the rewards should have been just given out and the religious part dis- pensed with. Harry Whitley I think this was a unique program and I enjoyed seeing so many well deserving people winning awards. loe Norville I think it is nice for students to be recog- nized. This is a way in which the student body can recognize those deserving students. F. D. Snead Honors Convocation is just the reward of a very small number of deserving stu- dents getting the recognition they deserve. Dr. Sim O. Wilde -4 ?,-. , IL I yr fl WYE' ,,-'I' J. x fi5.??4?fii'h?' ya, "4 ',:,'1-1V"f.- ' f.'q5,.f" - - V , -Mfr .1 in-'Q'T.'f . ' ' May "I 1972 3 00 P M Sam Ragan xv, UU' J 1 bl Seniors J -v X1 f , . ' , - , ml ? ., Jw inthe gym f' H H Y 1 ru , 5 Y eng in T J 4 f 59553 -, if x4'u,' ' A HRW nr' Y .4 5- Y' if: .R .wif s - it . .T Tfrxii - gm., si-f 1.1-rg I - 3 QA.. 52+ Ig ,ax ' u Y 14 A: 'r Q , Elf .. UQ. If .A gf: 9 r' QR 4 wg, -.,,'. ' ll . 7 Y - - 1... . .fm 1 'P' -A", , l A-. . .,,r' 5 C4 . Li I .jf- p -4 1" V 'Q , . ,I -. .- rv ,.5s . .L I' uf' 1 4. 5 1 r' ' 1 ' I A .I ji A Erll' -1! x 9 'I J if .- 'Q af ll '.dl Aly '1 W K. 41 .-' ,- Q Big O :sf xi- v-,T -:T aka I- 12-I 3, f Zi ,- . f fi! Eff 4-5 . fgz.-f 514 ,.. ,.,- ,-4, ,1- 'QTL1 ..'1'L.'2- .gf,,A- X ' 'S a 'r'A ' L J' fs, ff -Mx lffg KI 3 Jn 1, l 'Q X - -, f, 15. ,f,!!. 1-' - , ,N ,,. . . J 1 ii ,,1. , I4 -x X W, ..,., , A .wr - .,. . -' F2 2. ri- I TF- 41, gl.: , an . Q ! X -1 X 'Q ' 1 Q? 1 A.. ' .4 na, , -l -1 .1190- v" ' -a igifiai: 'Zia : : 'ff- X4 ' 3 Y W 1 , 'I Bai:- ' A Q av U jr.. .A- r L . gg-' f , fi' f. h. ' f Q-li Jvrfa, Svc' 4 4. . X . U L -5 , x A '. . - 'lf .-V.. ' , t 4 . yu ,,,,,,, E 53, N:4v'l-Lf: '-,N Q gfli :FIA EAA' ' .U oljkfli -'S 1..w. .5 fra! yun- ,gu- Y' ' rs ,x . ,, C HQ-'.fs'Xx .1 ' - I 5 1' , ', ,,.!,,:, , 5 V 4 f f n,-fi' 32'61'1'x, . Z ga f.',.z.,. ,, , 9- 'gg.-ifqr, -f,,,,cf:'5, 9 , x 'Z .Q I TA' I 'K ..- i- .1- ,. 1 Q , , , up-if Y- 1 iv! as I "But we are an enormous conglomeration of those human beings right around us." "At Wesleyan we have been given four years to chase, capture, grasp, and adiust to the newness of diiferent people and ideals. We have been so lree to be 'us.' Now it is our task to continue the walk, each giving of ourselves and receiving some of others." Eli, ow it's m turn On the preceding pages you have read your own words and those of your classmates. Now it becomes my impossible task to pro- duce a meaningful statement encompassing all of the sentiments expressed here. Ob- viously, we are not all alike, we do not share a universal political opinion, religion, or skin color, and at times we hate each other. Yet, under the contrasting faces, we all have one common characteristic, that is we are all Wesleyan students. We have all been colored by experiences shared here. Had we chosen Columbia, Harvard, or Duke to be our alma maters, we would have been exposed to situ- ations which do not exist in this institution. Conversely, Wesleyan poses problems un- thought of at other schools. The pictures that I selected for the epilog are several years old. They show the Class of '72 in its infancy, as it was being touched by the Wesleyan ex- perience. Notice especially the shon hair, the tidy clothes, and the trim physiques. Compare that with the people as you know them now- a bit hairier, a little blurry-eyed, and beer-gut- ted. Certainly, life at Wesleyan exists in an ivory tower as it does on all college campuses, but does that mean that college does not pro- mote maturity? lsn't one better able to cope with reality when he leaves Wesleyan than he was when he came? Don't we all share the Wesleyan experience? What more can l say? Alpha Delta Chi fFirst Semesterl President: l. Allen Winter Vice President: Doug Kozlowski Secretary: Charlie Read Treasurer: Lewis Graves l.F.C.: Ron Drumheller Chaplain: Doug Ashton Historian: Bobby Thompson iSecond Semesterl President: lack Morrison Vice President: Larry Foster Secretary: Matt Harris Treasurer: Richard Campbell l.F.C.: Ron Drumheller Chaplain: Doug Ashton Historian: Bobby Thompson Aspects lFirst Semesterj Editor: Gary Christopher Assistant: lim Van Laan fSecond Semesterj Editor: Chuck Waters Assistant: lim Van Laan Bishops LA.W. Editor: Helen Steiner Bruits President: lim Van Laan Chi Beta Phi President: Brenda Baker Vice President: Gerri jones Secretary: Carolyn Rackley Treasurer: David Cole Circle K President: Rick Slone Vice President: Richard Sinclair Secretary: leff Hoaglund Treasurer: Hugh Cross Compass Club President: Sue Butts Vice President: Raye Suitt Secretary: Kathy Garrick Treasurer: Majorie Stevens Historian: Vicki Sewell The Decree Editor: Bruce Wright Co-Editor: Marshall Old Ad. Manager: Chuck Martin Managing Editor: Gail Mabe Artist: Will Thomson Photographer: lay Van Hoose Sports: Charlie Rogers Columnists: Tom Hardison Will Thomson Charlie Rogers Reporters: lane Gravely Liz Reece Ralph Rose Betty Lee The Dissenter Editor: Isabelle Thompson Staff: Barbara Blanton Gail Mabe Marion Slachta Hester Wyatt Patty Sayers Brenda Pepper Eleanor Falls Nancy Bradsher Amy Rhyne George Frick Bob Griffin Hugh Cross Ralph Rose Charlie Rogers -if .M H -g ....Q.... -- . .... .....-.:..ris-1 ffiwgsuzgiuzanzizgfft: .11 .:.rL.:..'zLzl"1Il""l'I.-. .i. . 'J iVELiLiuu1.uxu:t'.:l1:1:2gL:L11.i. 'Ml J Nu Gamma Phi lFirst Semesterl President: Tom Sm der Secretary' Ceorge Frick Treasurer: Monty Carson Corresponding Sec: Chris Pollak Chaplain: Harlan Lexus Warden: Dennis Custis Historian. Steye Pierce l.F.C.: Hugh Cross tSecond Semesterl President Wayne Souza Secretary' George Fnck Treasurer: Monty Carson Corresponding Sec: Herb Henney Chaplain: Chris Pollak Warden: Dennis Custis Historian: Nick Lauranzon l.F.C.: Hugh Cross Omicron Delta Kappa President: Marshall Old Vice President: Dennis Hayek Secretary-Treasurer: Bruce .Wright Pi Epsilon President: Debbie Charles-Cran Vice President: Marylee Weiss Secretary: Martha Polley Treasurer: Celia Burch Corresponding Sec: Martha Hemingway' Parlimentarian: Becky' Smith Historian: Becky Smith l.F.C.: Rebecca Rozier Pledge Mistress: Lisa Cox Chaplain: Majorie Stevens Sigma Omega lFirst Semesterl President: Bruce Wright Vice President: lim lseeter Secretary: Dennis Hayek Treasurer: loe Vinson Chaplain: Daye Grissom l.F.C,: Marshall Old Social Chairman: Steye Williams tSecond Semesterl President: Dave Cole Vice President: Steve Williams Secretary: Bob O'lxeet Treasurer: George Martindale I.F.C.: Dave Holt Social Chairman: George Blanchard Sigma Phi Delta President: Carol DiBlasi Vice President: Vicki Sewell 1 Q ,V u Secretary' Vicki Se-well Treasurer' Anne Matthews Historian' Barbara Blanton Social Chairman. Sandy Snyder Pledge Mistress' Sandy Snyder IF CM kathy Carrick S.G.A. President: Allen Winter Vice President, loe Vinson Secretary: lim keeter lfirst semesterj lane Gravely lsecond semesterl Treasurer: David Walker Attorney General: Richard Larkin Detense Counselor: lay Barr Men's Athletic Commission: Hugh Cross Women's Athletic Commission: Barbara Blanton Finance Commission: David Walker Social Commission. Tom Hardison Helen Steiner Cheerleaders. Donna Noell lco-captainl Becky Newcomer tco-captainl Lisa Cox Mary lxeedwell Debbie May' Sue McConnell Eleanor Neal Cindy Rotty' Sue Thompson Peggy Verkler Education Committee' Isabelle Thompson Marvin Pittman Brenda Baker Academic Counsel Marshall Old Doug lsozlowski Danny Shepherd Cary Christopher Student Lite and Seryices Committee: Earnestine Dancy' George Frick Ralph Rose Calendar Committee: Tim Coggins Tom Hardison Helen Steiner loe Vinson Diane Williams Beth Speake- lntertaith Committee Linda Leyxis i I '1 l "'ml'lll5'li ' l 3lWl f sem i 1.4 'lbw i Orientation: Dennis Hayek fco-chairmanj Russ Shoop fco-chairmanj Faculty Representative: Doug Kozlowski Senate: joe Vinson Dennis Hayek Kathy Strangmann Lynda Land Tim Coggins Chris Pollak lo Armistead Wyatt Sasser Curtis Manley Bob Rivers Gene Bowers Lisa Cox Greg Williams Randy Tinsley George Robbins Naomi McClendon Bill Manson Terry Everett Supreme Court: Chief justice: Molly Levin Members: Dave Holt Ron Drumheller Bill Blair Galen Heaps I. C. Kermon Linda Williams Edgecombe Dorm Council President: Robin Gullick Members: Mike Filliettaz Lee Feltner Greg Williams Frank Kunkle Will Thomson Buddy Miller A.R.C.: Dennis Hayek David Smith Russ Shoop ffirst semesterj Buddy Miller lsecond semesterj -.....--.,,,.,f.,..,.,,,,. .-...Y-. V ---- ---evvfmmw.-lmm,.--.--...ww---......-...--1wimrmnnymxlnymmuwu in--ulm.w4.....l. 1 ..,,.1-if-,mi in -vi, . ,i ., .. ...i . . , , . .4 ,, 1 I X l L Nash Dorm Council l'rt-stclcfnl lu-n Xkilltms XlA'IltlJl'lN l'.xt Xttt Rolnn lit It-lun txul.itlt-1114-nts ttrtdy lrunm Bvlnncla Blake t nnclx Hz-rgstrahl 'K Rl XltxllX lt,'XlIT l'atIx Naxvrs t tnclx lit-rgstraltl Hlax T North Dorm Council Pri-slcli-nt Nant x l4tI'1l'xt,'lTNlllYNl Ufllll sc-mestt ri Hn-stvr XX x att tw: und st-mc s Mt-mluers Bt-th -Xllorcl Bt-t lu lNt'XXtltl'l1t'T Nlarx hut' XX llsnn lldll Nlabe Delnlm' Wurt luln- Meaclor A Rt Earnestine Dann Ann Stmpson Diane Williams South Dorm Council Presldent Dennis Custns Members lerurne Broun Mark Lambert lack Tax lor Harry Whltlet A R C, Bob Thompson Hugh Cross Headmasters: Marxin Pnttman loe Vinson Senior Class Presndent Helen Steiner Vice President Tum Cggins Secretary: Carl Mabe Treasurer Rate Sunt lunior Class Presudent: George Frlck Vice Presudc-nt: Daud Smith Secretary lxathx Carrick Treasureri Diane Williams Sophomore Class President: Charlie Rogers Vlce Presidenti Bull Manson Secretary' Cindy Trimrn Teeasurer: Martha Hemmingw Freshman Class President: Eddie Scarborough Vice President: Greg Wllliams Secretary: Carol lean Moms Treasurer: Carl Spelsburg ax Student Music Educators National Conference President: Steve Willlams Vice President. Debbie Piter Treasurer: Phyllis Sutton Wesleyan Players rtirst semesterj President' lim lxeeter Vlce President Stexe Wnllnam-. Secretary-Treasurer Bob Thtm ipson Histortan' Liz Martin tiecond Sernesh-ry President Carl Harms Vice President, Stem- Williams Secretary Luz Martin Treasurer Bob Thompson Wesleyan Singers President: Debbne Pnter Secretary Treasurer Phxllls Sutton Mar-.hall Old II ."',i.t - , , , G, I- K ' me ' .- ,f ' ,Q f . , v 01, . f , .' "Y, 4- r' , I'-'-,U y-Q x. ' A ' . .-,7 ' 'S Ar ' r .5-uf-lg," ' A -Alf' " 1 4 V V! U t '1a:'l,. 1 ' 4 f' 5 ,V au, rv, ' , 1 , .A o .ER 'I' .of ,J ov, nf! . , .-K, , , 0 ' V 1' . , a"'v o ,4 D .T 's I . 'av-.', E-LQ ox," In-. .. af .4 4 ' I , 1 fl" F f - E 'An 1 f A ' Q7 ever read the ads." . , -+..., .9 .-,- NV, if ' 'ara " ',,"'.:9'k4 Q 'ab ' Q s ' " Q Pt' 1 0 A air' 4 Q 'ff 1-Q. QA--Jaunffab -it 1.-, rr .,,,, ,uv -4 ! F 0.4 -fi " 5 4 1,915 -sis.: "sd, .pri -- .' 'sv'- -if nw '- f B .. og W ji 'li g-A 'fu-Q. J I av", " -1 1 F, - av. Jv"r apr" " ff kdm' 'K' T, urfj'-ri: 'z v-: 3' nv' .ku I 5.55. Y 1- M filfp. . 14" .,m,.l 1 V ., f 'Y " ,Q 1, -'M r 1 s I ' I ' 1-OL '14 1 F' 5 if bm . ". ab' .-'Sin 2' 'Noi "' x Hurry on do n to Hardee's... ll l ll here the burgers are Ghardb bl'0ll tl Hardeest, HAHBIIRGER RESTAURANT ' ............. ...... : : :,: :,:,:,:5:5:::::5:g. 4221:1515:5:35:35:g:5:3:5:5:5:5:5:g:5:'5535535553 55555 VE5595:5555Ef35535fE5555::51 EQE5f515EQEQE2E5E2E3E,.,E2?2?2E5E5Q5Q5Q55'55555555555525552555S5E5S5E5E5E3E5E5E5E5:, ....... I Rocky Mount Has 5 Conv Locations To Serve You 31 - North Church Street 112 - 1901 Sunset Avenue 1423 - U.S. 301 By-Pass 414 - North Raleigh Street 1t5 - Raleigh Road enient Hardee's .P ROCKY MOUNT LANES Open 24 Hours A Day V. ...tL.-I.-- joyner's Athletic House Sporting Goods Hunting Supplie Licensed Pistol Dealer Rocky Mount North Carolina SEZXURUQAHD Coffee Service. In an 4 ,nun-1' " ' Hwru ..,,,,vm.h U !mw,,,n rosenbloom levy downtown shopping showcase for Wesleyan students Mrs. George's CAROLINA CAPE 906 North Church Street Rocky Mount Best Homecooked Food In Town Reasonable Prices is ,ity i s i f W1 t a t g A' 'fig - 'M ,X Citizens Savings And Loan Association Rocky Mount nd Nashville, N. C. .....,.. 1... ..,, ... ,,.,,.. ,,,,...., . .,.,, ..,. ,.,...., . ilu:g1':,'::::t:.: f1ZZC.'.ZZZ I, - I wmplxments of the W .ew ffl? N .iv 3902 El jj Compliments of 91 Z Sears 130 Country Club Drive Rocky Mount' N' C Rocky Mount Phone: 443-3027 Odelle Searcy - Lee Boseman vw--W 1--- ' - ff- 1 1 - -u.- -my LL4g.......4.....1 ...' ...v..... . . . . .-. wnuuznzazzr ...-......... .wnnmumnn v -r fmrnx ., ..,,,,. .,., ,. 45" -. -Q -.-11 .-1... .. ......A............ FARRIS MOTORS leep Sales and Service Fiat and American Motors 501 S. Church Street 442-4166 Let's make tomorrow together First Union National Bank MEBANE SHOE CO. 132 South Main Street Rocky Mount, N. 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As editor ot' thc- l972 Dissenter, however, I wish to produce laughtcr or at least sarcas- tic smirks whilc you are too young to over-romanticize your collcgc ycars rather than tcars whcn you arc too old to remcmbcr thcm. Thcrefore instead of printing who what 5 and when s,' I chosc to print your own words, your opinions your rcactions to Wcs- leyan. If a yearbook is to accuratcly' rcprescnt a school it must contain thc actual words of thc studc nts 1t- tending that institution rathcr than filtering thosc opinions through thc cdltor Your words do not Ilyyays rcprescnt my opinions or thosc ot my statt Rathcr than tayoring onc group wc havc attcmptccl to in vcrvlcw a largc cross scctlon ot thc studcnt body For this rcason it is dlttlcult to statc thc thcmc ot thc N72 ycarbook Consequcntly I t us say that is is thc purposc ot thc Disscnter to shovy thc many taccs ot thc Wcslcyan studcnt body I hope that you cnjoy rcwding this oft beat altcmpl it lournalism My thanks are cxtcndcd t wonderful statt which norkcd un dauntcd by my bitching throng mayterm and my dccpcst ipprc ciatlon is givcn to lohn lic ll r xx ho drcvy thc Homccomlng lflhtlflx Q to Vxtll Tiomson xx to slgncd thc coxcr lor thc bc nc tit ot thosc ot you yy ho nity yc I bc umm tormcd Iohn Vlfcslc y yy is thc omg dissentcr and it is ic t portrayed on thc coxcr Happy rcading, and may you find as much happincss it Wcs Ieyan as I have 4240111 4 W' nf' I 12- ?1i1ilii1:5Q71'iJ,+':11v:,3f.:M,: IRM ,V .,..., 1 1 - 1 mi1t113a1kzw.1i:a1z:.1'2ff 'Wil I - M3 -v. 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North Carolina Wesleyan College - Dissenter Yearbook (Rocky Mount, NC) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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