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DEI 0 Glu 1 I 1 w w I ,Tl v 4 T I ? 'Qu . 'x 's F X i P a r if I Lf in Table ot Contents fe ' 54 . I L1 9 3 ACADEMICS 12 ln the Academic section you will find a complete cov- erage of the administration heads and the faculty members of North Carolina Wesleyan College. Where possible we have used informal portraits of faculty members taken in an academic setting. We have divided the faculty by division. department and subject matter. . -Q51-5 c I , i ,igtra lj J Q f'u o 1 W 3 -AI, STUDENT LIFE 38 ' The Student Life section is composed of three smaller sections. They are sports, organizations and features. ui f" -q, ra, ACFIU 3 m vm L,v . -yd: CLASSES 120 In the Class section you will find a record of the under- graduate students who have attended North Carolina Wesleyan College the fall and spring semesters 1967. This year Wesleyan registered some 7OO students. Of these, some 600 had their portraits taken for use in this section. Class officers and copy appear before each class. N C l N 1 W v v -755 1.'., ' ' 5 , 5 new- -V f wi ,Fx . A' ' I A -I .. . - f D 1- .. g '- . I :I . f. . 7- I , i A . . 4 1 ,I -ze . 1 4 , 3, 'fQf'f4f.f. ,,l ' ,,f' new , , f'Q:,f:'15-' "U wc- ', .f f X'f3.f' -"' U :gf A-J' -- vL'.'ff'3f'fQ :M .1 n .'.f.-iff. 1 V A .:.,.5-,- n ,V fi , '. -. -. . if . - I-: .. ,- V ., 2 a." I Q ,f -r.f.-1 , :af - V 5 -Q '- ' flf- ' r .:'.Ilr, .ff . K. w .- . ,. -yo' ... , '-' 'ww-0 irc:-g g 'ffiv ' 1 ?'f"Ai' " 7' 'T1'-fl' ff- 5. V if-Q-1, . f -, . 1 ,. ,L jf . 5 , -"1 I Q, .X ilfl f 5 , 'Wiz' 5 '21 - 19" "Tl ' ' A .Ts :' - I wi. If A. , , f M . , Q I: V ff'rF'.., 5 ,, -A :Q ,J ,' r, ' x ., , ,, . l Nf4.,'p,Q,-gc' ' Wd, ' 1 x , Wx' - ,gy 5 ' f - . gzw ' - .3 -e:I..,,,, ,, . . V H I .-'w...-,v.,W...... ,':21'i5f7?-iff.. ' ' . ,I .Tntjfi ' 1, 4-":'.'i'7 ' " .-., . . " :,'-13'7'F:ll I .. VA, . , . '. ' ".-!f+f'.- . ,J-wp.-,.. .',-.f'4"'f4 . "' ' m I , 1 .i-45 V . t , -b NV- .f -,Q -Q" wi' ' . ' -....,,,.. .. , - - f U i4.:L':',,L- ,v , V- , I ' "4 1 I lvl.. r 4.0 ffl. ' ' ' 1' 1 .if , ., 7 ' ' I 1 . -Q , f I 'N 1 Q.. LP , ,M At North Carolina Wesleyan College there is only one person . . . the individual. With an enrollment of just under 700 students, making Wesleyan one of the smallest private institutions in the nation, the development of the individual's capacity and the building of his character is the col- lege's primary concern. Education in Focus D With Religion as its The belief is held at N. C. Wesleyan College that the dignity of the individual finds its finest ex- pression in religion. Wesleyan College was founded on a religious basis by the Methodist Church with aid from the City of Rocky Nlount. Today Wesleyan continues to be a sectarian Col- lege open to any qualified student regardless of race, creed or national origin. At Wesleyan, all students are encouraged, in accordance with in- dividual consciences and beliefs, to take part in on and off campus religious life, thus taking a giant stride towards realizing their individual dig- nityandimportance.Wesleyanendeavorstodefend religious idealism as an integral part of education and to foster moral responsibility in individuals. Wesleyan is an institution moved by religious faith. Cornerstone 6 T J ,if J 1 At Wesleyan, education begins with the student and en The classroom is the starting point of an education. But an education doesn't come from books and classrooms alone. To the student, an open textbook can be complicated and frightening. Combine the open book with an instructor who can resolve questions, unravel mysteries, share his experience and knowledge and the solid basis of a col- lege education is laid. Education also comes in the form of lectures, homework, questions, answers, arguments, theses, sports, religious life, student stage plays, self government, movies, campus activities, social life and association with other students. At Wesleyan, education begins with the student and ends with an individual. Lhuhlli 1 Qmn an individual Y D Q., Pr 'S 4. fl 1 51,--H .-i1iv,wil. 7 ' . ' 7' M -'.- ,137-.. I I7 , I JJ ' f -we 'D Q f ,. s-fy. ' U n f Q, iw. ..,, ,f .agh P! " ? . I. 5 ' I E r I urns 4 The Iibrary-the heart of a college. al 'aa' ' " "' 1-1.- U21 xx Few tools are so necessary to build the individual as are books. Books, and the library that houses them, are as essential to a college as classrooms and instructors. Many educators automatically consider the library as the heart of a college, around which all else re- volves. With just this aim in mind, Wesleyan has sped completion of its new library which will be ready for student use by fall semester 1967. The new library will be located between Pearsall and Nash. 7- 2 4 4 a a , 5 ', Q ' ' 3 1 5 5 9 'l ra " Fa L alt- 'F MLP. Faculty doors are always open to the Wesleyan student ACADEMICS An effuclent admnnlstratuon and a derilllyltf-T1 far nltv helps make a college an effectuve educatuonal lnslututlorl, whlrh at Wesleyan means the College IS orgpmuzetl that lt can concentrate on the undmvudual and hrs growth and development. The governlng body at Wesleyan IS made up of a Board of Trustees wuth 38 members. These members are proml nent persons from a cross-sectuon of the professuons. The Board of Trustees at Wesleyan appounts the College Press' dent. Dr. Thomas A. Collins, WesIeyan's flrst presndent, was apponnted In 1956, To focus on the lndlvudual, Wesleyan mauntauns a faculty of 45 professors and unstructors, Thus gsves Wesleyan ap- proxnmately a 1 to 16 teacher to student ratuo. At Wesleyan, students are encouraged to seek out faculty members as personal advisors on all questions pertalnnng to academuc, soclal and personal life. Faculty doors are always open to the Wesleyan student. I f I4 Thomas A, Collins President Jack W. Moore Academnc Dean ...- Jasper Smith announces retirement ff ' 'asrtv Q W. Jasper Smith, Comptroller William Jay Garlow, Assistant Registrar Robert W. Gay, Jr., Assistant to Comptroller iq..- Robert A. Maxwell, Director of Admissions J. W. E. Joyner, Director of College Promotion from Wesleyan . V iQQ:3l"4 ' 'L I Walter Gray Llbrarxan !.- 3- . I Allen F. Cordts. Dlrector of Development xg Julla Brent Barrett, Admussuons Counselor gf XE Division of the Humanities will expand in the fall E, Louis Ebert, Instructor of English i i i 'Q 3 rw Dr. Elliott leaves Wesleyan for Furman 20 I 'XLS-h sf - G" i Hilti' 'AF l f'-J".-f' Ar .4l -AW ajor IH Spanish will be offered IH the fall """"--an -wnnsgrfvovw-gg Z 9 LVOYT SSOCI3 E' VO GSSOV O YGFVC ' vflfbal-'1'."'l" 'lx 'V L: A E bv uf'- French department will rebuild 'vm 7 Jil? 'WWW' - Music department moves to new offices in Gym fi -1 E . --fy x Wnllaam G Sasser, Assocfate Professor of Nlusrc 'iff' WvAQ.ila' I Ruth L. Rabby, Instructor of Musuc John T McLean Instructor of Musuc Instructor of Musoc Ronnie Arrington wins the John Paul ff lm Wesleyan requires all its students to have two years of physical education before they can graduate. Although no degree is offered in physical education, students are prepared to transfer their credits to another college by lVlrs. Jean B. Edge, lVlr. William O. Music and lVlr. Donald L. Scalf. Prospective majors may gain a basic background of physical education through such courses as: coaching, first aid, and athletic organizations. Next year the physical education department plans to broaden its program, possibly offering a minor in its curriculum. William O. Music, Jr., Instructor of Physical Education Donald L. Scalf, Assistant Professor of Physical Education Jean Brake Edge, Instructor of Physical Education Z-' +'a..+' X, Q- Jones History award I U lm X Allen S. Johnson Professor of l-lrstory Wllllarn E. Kung, Assistant Professor of Hrstory The Dlvlslon of Social Srni-rttjrils, under the leadershlp of Dr. Allen S, Johnson, I5 the nrt. ond largest UIVISIOH at Wesleyrln lt lnr lurlrts such subjects as: Economlcs, Hr-story, Erltlrfr tlon, Physlcal Educatlon, Polltlcal Science, and Psychology. Thlsyear Soclology has been added to the currlculurn, BA. degrees are offered ln the frelds of Hlstory, Economlcs. and Psychology, 'i .l The Hlstory department strlves to prepare Its rnagors to teach or to branch out unto other flelds whlch use hlstory as a background. Thus year lVlr. Wllllam E, Kung has been added to the hlstory staff, and Mr. Davld W, Southern wall leave Wesleyan to contlnue hrs educatuon at Emory University. Davld W Southern, Instructor of l-lrstory Wesleyan students score high on the l l l ll l T l I David R, Batcheller, Associate Professor of Theatre and Speech l l l . l l .l F Llewellyn Brown Rabby, Assistant Professor of Theatre and Speech 'ol The Theatre and Speech Department, under the direction of Mr. Llewellyn B. Rabby and Dr. David R. Batcheller, offers a Bachelor of Arts Degree. A prospective major in this field may gain an over-all understanding of the theatre through a wide variety of theatrical courses. As part of the Play Direction course, each student directs a play during his senior year. Students studying Speech learn everything from the proper techniques of speech making to the technicalities of broadcasting. This year Wesleyan will lose both lVlr. Rabby and Dr. Batcheller. Dr. Batcheller will teach in Greensboro at Woman's College of the University of North Carolina and lVlr. Rabby will teach at Wesleyan of Ohio. The fall play of the Wesleyan College Theatre was The Trojan Women by the Greek playwright Euripides. It was the first time a play of this type had been staged here. James Clark would advocate saying it with flowers. Z X K ,I ff' ' 1 I 6 5 4 fl A N V I, l V I? f ' ,1.. A ' Y , fp T, " . ff-f ,,f,f.1, 5 A . If ffij-,375-4 A . -V ' il... , l za l l 5 ,f lun' National Teachers Examinations. Raymond E. Bauer, Associate Professor of Education Sim O. Wilde, Jr., Assistant Professor of Education w4,.,.---" 6 .J 59 ,..umikn. 'si' .-- , ,, Although no degree is offered in this field, the education department prepares its students to teach in the secondary public schools of North Carolina. The student receives his degree in his chosen field and uses such courses as Education, Educational and Adolescent Psychology, Secondary Education,and Directed Teach- ing to round out his education courses. Prospective student teachers end the last six weeks of their final semester practice- teaching in high schools near the Rocky Mount area. Next year the department will be ex, panded with the addition of a new faculty member. Dr. Bauer has been head of the education department for the past several years. This department takes pride in the fact that its students have placed high on the National Teachers Exam. Collins says God is not dead. ,A ,...-usnnnv H -4- Ralph E, James, Jr, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religion "l've got to get my studying done for seminar," II? i i ,I- 1- ,. James R. Hailey, Associate Professor of Religion L - L 8 .L 4 a L rf X, ", ' M .. mv ' -- r .yr.... ,, ,N James and Bond revamp Chapel program ,ZS ffx ...x Jenness named head of the psychology H. Ray Brackett, Assistant Professor of Psychology Rextord F. Tucker, Instructor of Sociolo and R l' v Mr. H. Ray Brackett and Dr. Arthur F. Jenness constitute the Psychology staff, This is Dr. Jenness's first year at Wesleyan. The Psychology depart- ment consists of courses which will prepare its students to have an over- all knowledge of psychology in order to gain a major in it. This is the first year for the Sociology Department. Mr. Rexford F. Tucker, who joined the staff this year, is the only instructor in the subject area. gy e igion Arthur F. Jenness, Professor of Psychology C. department-Brackett returns to Virginia ,f kr' if e XX . The Political Science Tlepirtii-i-lil i-f. relatively new .at Wesleyan, .intl rliif, 3 6- year it welcomes Mr. Corbitt B Hum l ,S ing to its staff. The purpose of polifi cal Science is to instruct students in the different types of government. botn local and state, and international, inf cluding foreign policy political theories. The economics department is under ...ig the assistance of lVlrs. Geralding lVl. R Casse and a new professor Dr. A. E. ' Nielsen. Corbutt B Rushing. Assistant Professor of Political Science Geraldine McLain Casse. Instructor of Economics x e N X A Evald Nielsen. Professor of Econornics Sharer seeks snakes and assorted reptiles .L ' i A. W. Sharer, Professor of Biology I Kenneth A, Wagner, Associate Professor of Biology Margaret Bird, Assistant Professor of Biology l The division of Sciences, under the direction of Dr. A. W. Sharer, is the third division at Wesleyan. The depart- ment centers its curriculum around advancing a basic understanding of the Sciences. Degrees are offered in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. This year the students and faculty were fortunate enough to have a Radioactive Isotope Laboratory on campus for two weeks. This Laboratory was sponsored by the Oakridge Atomic Energy Laboratory. The Biology department under the guidance of Dr. Sharer, Miss Margaret Bird, and Dr. Kenneth Wagner, offers either a B.A. or a B.S. Degree. Students in this field learn to ap- preciate the functions of life and their natural surround- ings. Miss Bird is leaving Wesleyan this fall to continue her education at North Carolina State University. Dr. Shar- er spent part of this past summer in Panama studying reptiles. ii TQ -n-our during summer expedition nn Panama 5 M7 if The Chemnstry department under the supervnsvon of Dr, John Kxlgore. and Dr. John Baxter, who joined the staff thus year, also offers both a BA. and BS, degree. Students further their experience with chemlcals thru the study of Organlc and lnorganlc Chem1stry.Qualutatlve and Chemn- cal Analysls, and Analytncal and Physlcal Chemustry, Bishop named head of math department ""F ,...f xdl ""- QNSM, ilk. ie-as I l Larry Buel working hard as usual. Two students studying effects of electricity and magnetism during a session in physics laboratory. l Richard Paddock, Instructor of Physics l l l l l l l ! The Physics Department does not as yet I offer a degree, but this is one of the newer departments. Nlr. Richard Paddock, a new professor, is the only instructor at the pres- ' ent time. Students may take such courses as: mechanics, Optics, Electricity and Mag- netics, and Modern Physics. l X :ie The Nlathematlcs dlvuslon also offers a BA. and BS. degree. Under the able assustance of Col. Wlltrakls, Mr. Robert Chaffnn, and Nlr. Lionel Blshop, who us a new professor at Wesleyan, students enrolled an lvlathematncs courses study modern math, loglc and theo' ry, and fnnute mathematlcs. Dr. Blshop was named head of the Nlathe- matics department for the comlng year. Mr. J. R. Wadkrns has been on leave for Graduate study at the Unlversnty of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Lionel L. Blshop, Asssstant Professor of Mathematucs. '9 Robert F? Chaffm, Instructor of Mathematlcs Edward J Wultrakns, Assistant Professor of Mathematics '-,,,..-- J, v eg : . 3:'fA .4 W . -,wa , tffsli 'jf A .J Y- 4 1 3, - :bf . Lthr: 'A Q 4. . t. f 1' f E . X .540 1 ' 'mvy a,v lj . Q . R n rf, V , Qi. GI. 5 . Q r " ' 1 1. 1, f I TS. 4 A , Y, 1 ,zw V, - - ' ' F: z,- , 5',k.L,"'-... , 'I ', f- qx f- .4114-' ,' V - , l'l'f rf! -L 243-55 ' I ' H I1 : ,gf 1.2. - . . 4' 1 ,' . . S f - , 4- " V. -Q, i . 1 Education causes contemplation and acts as a stimulant to the individual ,- ,. ,H .1 wr- sf.,-, . L JA ,lf l- .wx ,A , i-- . ff,-S f A 1 - 4- - -...v f- . fu 'I' .,,n 'P .3 Q gf 0 .Q A Qyljf ' . I 4 rg-gk .,,,....-.- ' .,!,,,,W,,,, 4 9',.M s 'v 5' e.,1 . -.-I 'T ' .Zz ,wqqpve-" f' f' y it belongs to meg Therefore I can Call is f Y J X' myself an individual. '11 My personality is my own, it-I.-.. .., .. 9? UT 'I f 4:11 .,, ,114 .1 3:14531 fa o . A in Quinta-,Q f L- 3-8 if-'97 Q if f ' J sun.-A o ..-..,,- 1--W 5 ,mx SE. ,- With each day comes a time that belongs only to the individual 4 fa"vV? .itgffiff 5-iff. if , -V i in ,.. Q rw-is j-4' 'HY' -xr' I 1' 5 'R 1-in ' il. v 4 gif in rr X Food, the necessity of life sg: I Y s xg-ef' "' pw' mf .,':wfz,, ,, WM ' + rs 5 ,W 1,3 , 1 Bukvlln fs P S sf rf, fa-3' v Q, ' "', .F - - z.. -j,..34. ., ,J -235:21 in., .-. '- :Law ' f 4 , 1 :qu .. -0 .. ,1 , Q sr-nh ' AN Iuwm . V, I 5 . 9. viii.: N XXX ny' iz 'Q Y. 'JJ of F li YQ A P 4-' 31 -Je. acyl. ' if ':.. - - it 'vu' fl jf . if .215 I 'Pm ur youth is everlasting, not in years, but in memories. .1 i + u I Y 1 v 4 w W 4 I F Ill ll! III Ill if L TT' Ly ,-he I' if , ' ' .gf I - W ' ' - - , .Minn f--fr ' ' . f M 1 --ff" M 'N-, ""7'f- 1 L' vs. ' " ' 'rfm' '- fa' ' " ':1- Pc. 'Vp' gg, 75 ,':'g.M,f'. Y. QE 5 vi if A 3 3 41 5-lb-4. if 4 ,fa f ,-A . .1 pw-5--up -... f-M"""""" 'fi' Y- 'W-Q I V M xx H it 1 A1 N W 1 i As happens every year, Soccer had a turn over of players and being a sport requiring quite a bit of skill, knowl- edge and experience this year's team did not do very well for the better part of the season. However, after our players had become somewhat weathered and much more experienced they picked up the pace and finished off the season with bright hopes and aspirations for next year. In the tournament Wesleyan ranked second under Lynchburg. Ralph Thomas was awarded the lVIost Valuable Player Award in the Conference. ff., .Jn ,-, ""'ff.':,- if Qi " N1 xmvf' . 4f""' if 11 ' 1- 1 . auf.. " at -a .-4..g fx V , -1 1 -, ' f 7 W4 ' l '-"for """4--f '.. fun- ' .l - -,N , .- - 'A - jst., -nil...-A ' "4-5" .qv ' ,9' . "' Q av- ca' - Ralph Thomas demonstrates why he was voted Most Valuable Player. ,',,..,',. ,g,-.1P's" 1,40 if 'S- go F rg-v 31.4- back: I lm Mmm uw l Kwrf1uV.1M M Nam N R.1+1r'y I LLHTM F" Snj-lm, H Vw-,wf J Lrvmw-r H in.-M If Srv'ug!'ms If "M1N.1vm-a- 5 uHlwrt 9-' TP.f,m::e fQU1wfxMU1n,fY0f1t. T Farmer F Snmtrw If Patrncb-, 1 11 w .1p!,1w. Nw! pnrQtumL1Jn3 J mf..-r Q Whltrf, G GPH ' H Daugmmigz,-, W Toth J Llllxard va C'd M- 1' -L. ' ., I L, li r-whiff Q ' ' -' igfni lv,7,i!,, 'L A . . ., -V 4 x -90:3 Y .Q v-- .-. 1' 5. ggi, - iff'-L-zzz 1- V fl:-1--. 5 ' -v ,A ' ,. ,A ,Y V A' -.... ., --. V ' - - 4 ' - A4 . 1. .-- ' ' - 'RK1"51'1'i' ' ' 394' , -' f" 'fs - 'V ' 7 - " ' ' , - 4 ,' " 'W-' .,- il 5 -r. ,ff L 1 A',. ..4,, AA-' ,. .,, ,.. .44 -X - ,,,,- ' Sf "V ' 3. Q " - Q ', .. H ' .f --TL W ' ' fvff' idk.--xx Y ' I - ,A X - -, ' ,.- ' - ' V -- ' ' N. . . ' '4 -N .. ' J-' - .X ., ,Q-4 " - -L - , lf. . -,w- - A-k,,,. .M ,V - 1 2,111 . -wr, dw 5. A I VJ .I. Al, R Y 5- ,., . . 3 r :,i'VL 1 V , ,., V ,YA M,,,, , V1 4.- N 1 j ...ffl 1 1 V vt . . v' -Q ' 15-1 - ,-'.fN ' x ' f f-- - I 6, V ,i J, I- W J fx t 1 ,. -'U , , ' W' -7' 'I 1L. 4' ' J ' . Q ' N ' Y- 'S A ' .J M ' .M 2 ., . .. f w twwm--1 V I , -" - ' -1, .' I '--a ' vu. - '5 -- u ' ' , 1 . . "1 . 14 N 9' ' r 5 ' 1 1 - 1 1 JH 1 .1 i Q 'g T' Nt ...auf QI E sl.. , L1 , A 1 :iq-: .u.,! 'M ff-v'f.. bib' ' Q YL .-.afb-v , t " ' "" ' 'Ma TH " .. .xx a I: :VK Y. X . 5, 'Q N Q. wx f Q -mbx Sf "Y, ff'-Y kg -al' fi rf 2'?-tri! y FA Q Jvpfh 4-1 U' ', ,QR V . J Mvlfi gp .D x X x 'X 1.1m s , , A ' N ' - "s.xX-H'!" ww' Q, IQ If ,gn -, . ,- 1 ! 7 f xxx Coach Scalf felt the season was "pretty successful" Well not every year can match up to last year and we dldn'tth1s year. but we dad make a flne showing considering the losses incurred due to the graduatuon of one of our finest players and also due to the Injury of another of our fine players. Coach Scalf. however, felt that the season was "pretty successful" consuderung all ln all, and as every coach, he has great hopes forthe buddung players of thus year to improve and overcome all next year. As a fine achlevement for one of our players to attaln, Chrls Felts was awarded membershlp on the Regular Sea- son All Conference Team. Lloyd Nelson, a flne player, rn past years was recog- nuzed again thus year by belng elected to the All Tournament Team. ff' r" 'J the '66 Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan C. games A close look at -'67 basketball season R. P. l. Greensboro St. Andrews Lynchburg Charleston U.N.C.C. Wash. 81 Lee Greensboro Charleston St. Andrews Methodist Lynchburg Wash. 81 Lee Methodist R.P.l. U.N.C.C. 93 824' 774' 644' 744' 834' 64 872 572' 633 611' 894' 67 634' 76 704' If K. R if ..f 5 ,, 'XXX 5.9 .155 I' ,J Best season yet for NC Wesleyan mat-men The wrestling team was one which Wesleyan can be proud of. The added freshmen support and experience gained from last year's wrestlers brought Wesleyan its first win with an almost upset over St. Andrews in the tournament. To add to the honors already bestowed upon the school, the wrestlers brought in three all conference champions Tom Dickinson, Nat Railey, and Whit Blackstone. The hopes for next year's team are high with eyes all set on a cham- pionship team. ii . l- 15 '33 N as! 9? ws, 1'-k'W1 1 back: Coach Music, Tom Dickinson, Nat Railey, Leon Anderson, Skip Smith Dan Davis. Not pictured are: Gilbert, Harry Rossman, Whit Blackstoneg front: Ray Martin, Steve Griffin, Tim Miller. 60 Tony DeMuth, Bill Roberts, Dave 1 ,lr u-, 41 H745 .2-N: as , z,f fx. wa' w- vw .W ,up hx- . t w " " ., - ' M'1,f"'.x .. ' ' gl ,,ymfe.+- ff' f jx n.,,,,,,, . .FTLWFFQL v .. ...A-J. .., --1 zxifr' ,.s-Che nl- " ms .-in--H ' """m"'M -W gg-g -':1g:"w.-fir ,, :gun-r-lv' V.. . . 'fy'- .rssv N f ,I .M Y , . ' .naw .4-. ,,.. ' .,-i, .3 .wav - .. .,,..,, -f ISI , L The cheerleading squad had its fourth and most suc- cessful year this year. Headed by Barbara Nelson, the girls travelled on more road trips than ever before and promoted good spirit among the fans while backing up the soccer and basketball teams better than ever. Thanks to the Athletic Commission the squad was able to flourish blue and gold pomvpoms as they went through their routines during time-outs and halves. The girls themselves were not confined to one particular age as they ranged from freshman to senior and there was even one who participated on the original squad. As with every group, bigger and better things are planned for the future and the cheerleaders bear no exception with hopes grow- ing for next year centering around those who will be staying here and keeping alive the words . . . "Give'm HELL Wesleyan!" Z'-5' l The comment squad made its usual appearance at all the basketball games this year. They jeered, observed, yelled, blew horns and generally commented on any- thing and everything that happened on the court., They added a bit of spice to the spirit of the crowd and some- times over peppered it to the point of furor on the side of the opponents. But all in all they, in their second year, succeeded in putting an end to the calm and col- lected basketball fans and boosting the cheers to the nth degree. , I I k !!! !s F'P-ra.. 1... R, Lipscomb, L, Adams, B. Nelson, A. F Sl- : ,.. rl am i188 S. Hams. J. Ward, J, Tortosky. B. Crawford. L. Larnbdln A Al- Ill El Jlm Sllllth, lVllke Kells, Bull Duke, lVlr. Dull, Don Waystalf. Norm Wilder, Harry Rossman formed a pep band whlch promoted these comments from sports staff wrlter Dune Nlallllleu. Truly the band deserves great recognltlon for nts unswervlng lalthfulness to the cause of maklng goals and IHf9flT1ISSlOI'1S a tume for joy, lew fans can recall a tlme when the band was not at a game helplng to spark the game onward, and few others can remember walklng away from a game when the band was not still playing and promoting good spnnt among all fans. both Wesleyan and vusutor, ,e-qi it inf Q l ended year with 7 4 record I Cross-country team Bowling Team ended season on bottom u C Bm-13.5. Q' ' -L91 C AMAAM g,,-'ggM,-2 Q' W haf.. av V i .A 1 Au I1 -1- .9-ll Q -4 .ails . In L4-I QQ- -l4Qi', Dihhafiwi-'QF' b3fid"""' ulG1 N A ' ga-24' '- n.a-eil he lark .ij Tia 313.1 fi' 'v--"Fin -- 5 D ' ' -3- - 'si Nl '. l ' l Q 1 1,-,'-A .x Charles Hollus, Ronnie Crouch, Tom Farmer, Charles Saunders, Bull Taylor V . 65 X Tennis team has 2-6 record for '66-'67 St. Andrews St. Andrews Charleston Lynchburg Lynchbu rg Charlotte Charlotte Methodist Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Wesleyan Harold Sutton, Jeff Wilson, Jeff Shelton, Harry Rossman, Mike Schaden Tom Farmer Coach Music i I Wesleyan golfers were second in conference with a 10-3 overall record and a 9-1 conference record Ralph James, Tony Demuth, Tom Knapp, Lee Ball, Benny Goodnch, Mike Hux, Rodney Moore, Don Scalf 67 I x X1 X. 5 'A' --3, 'I U ' 1' K I v- .. s., fm v,-,s5 f,.fm.:. .L . M 1' ' QS -I x 0.-V1 S A 4'-N g . v. 'Q ' 'N at s-Y 11, 5' I - l-rf, . 'QQ' . 'V-' ' . ' A - iii' AN iw, P 5 l I N Frosh had their first moment of really being Wesleyan Bishops at the Beany Dance The Tams provided N '..' ir , x 'W 1 , I 1 Y f 1 1W"'u-. ," 4 4 I ' ml? , z A ,L 4' 5? A-if 4 3? 5 gf f 6. Ox' I 153 'Q 9 ,Y --A, , 2 if sf I -5 'if . S' ff f' at H 4 .n-. X 'T' n L, -4-. , W .x 1' .....:. .S v in ,B W entertainment for Sadie Hawkins Dance kg L xl WesIeyan's first Homecoming and the Ember's dance highlight i the second half of Fall semester 5,0 Q4 z i S L i, V i 72 if iii ii if 'T' 4 l 9? x ., ,.n 'P .ww 'I . ... ' I, mf - H, A Fl 4. i mfg, ', V 5 7 n ,.. , G vlrnartn R y Nlartnn and J I oes prepared a elody of old f ontes 7 1 Circle K sponsored Talent Show Spring Semester J i x all I V E Q ,LJ . ,MA I 1, 15,1 I - E 5 . -' 4 .. 1 -V A , ., . -' .. - , . . 1 1 9.11 . ' 9 . - ' ' iz 1 .M ,',, .. i W ' . I -4. . '- V f Qshdwvwcs-sm ff' Y--- ' if - V I ,ev ,A A 'Cul .. Va Sv ,, .RN - .4 . ,Q yi! I 1 I H Lv U 11 xl U i i if . .qv 3 16 JAM " 7F:' up i..g W9- ? 'Y it-N ,h.:. .s ,- Q " 4. r - .f Spring Carnival gave Student a chance to release pre exam tension I ig? S C.i..f. 435.- ar-ff, U2lx.J4 XXV. . -i 1 " I ,, . "-'I-tkttx: me-' v- -fjaf Qty 4 :N fi ,xjfh . Il,-. Q 'NJ- u I xi N Q F ez' 5 4 , X E A ":',dx . f Q 'N l xix sv T? ,GI xx t'Home or Hell on the l9th" was battle cry for Student Government Association g , ,Q-A , 141 y Martin discusses budget with President Mel Gay ,X .ml V P esldent George E pl g nda for Senate meeting Marilyn Schoon X.. 4 ' ?' 4 types the minutes for Senate mee .l F Dana Drckens, Tom Fleming. Bob Bartelt, Tommy Cheshlre, Dennis Patrlck, Scott Brlgnon, Al Horne, Mrs. 'Nhute, Melvnn Gay, and Tom Moore were South Hall dorm counselors. C x 'ff 5 ' , - Y 41' I - I , l S - , l ' Y. .'r,? m'? Ns of John Lestlno, Ralph Thomas, Bob Clark, Harry Pnce, Ron Crenshaw, Tom Beach, Mrs. Martlny, Larw Gullmartun. Danny Lea, and Bull Gruver were dorm counselors tor Edgecombe, so uf Q. Mrs. Duke, Betsy Leggett, Peyton Parrish, Sue Ketcham, Debbie Pazun, Craig Hedgepeth, Lunda Woodard,CatherlneSlmpson, Sharon Nushlmoto, Carolyn Rouse, Cindy Leggett and Jamre Wllluams were the dorm coun selors for Nash Hall Blaine Adams selected staff Staff members were: Ann Gill-Features, Diane Mallalieu and Tom Knapp-Sports, Danene Dabel and Nancy Gresh -Organizations, Mary Ann Walden and Ashley Wood- Faculty, and Alice Powell and Richard Monk-Classes. Dave McNamce was business manager and Paul Robinett was staff photographer. 'X-s. 1 Alice Powell Mary Ann Walden Richard Monk and Ashley Wood try to find a picture for class sec- s f H- C' Ellen Parsley, Dave McNamce, and Donna Skydanek check ad receupts, Editor Blame Adams glves hunts for lay out. ami- ..s " J I ' ffgi .rf - 14 " Q -1 Q 81 1 'fx' 1 , V- -, f 1 'r - A ,L . "Ui ' if ,- -.M L E Y . . 5 ,4 3'4" As f . 7 -I v'-5 V-eu' 1. ,A 1 N 1 ' nk! gl ,IQ I I C as xii Y XX XB x ' x :QA xv X N u sa 1 Ia 1 Coeditors Lorre Allegood gl Jeneil I E 6 .lqxiv 1 "1 tf, ? X 84 Parker published two issues of Aspects W . f 'dx ' -1 . 'W . 7 ' ., -f' '- v Ax zx-Q - - Q? ' .X , B:ih.52f:', lik?- -lg-ii 54 E , x 9 l 5 Chapel Choir goes on tour ,1- ' V ,Vp .- U -,. .. 'Q w-Minas -- 4-Lilian-------MH Y -A-bunny--A L- A44 Back: Larry Jones, Bill Fray, Bob Clark, Chick Ball, Rick Houck, Harry Thompson, Peggy Rogers, Joanne Rogers, Barbara Brown, Joyce Jehle, Price, Marvin Newsome, Tom Dyer: second row: Larry Guilmartin, George Eileen O'Grady, Barbara Koehleing fourth row: Reggie McKinney, Yvette Speake, Keith Feelmeyer, Ted Turner, Mike Kelis, Ed Smith, Tom Fred- Carpenter, Anne Townsend, Peggy Brock, Dale Pixley, Marilyn Schoon, ricks, Larry Guptong third row: Luana Goodwin, Peggy Barbee, Jean Edith Nurse, Donna Bradham, Barbara Eppes 86 1' 5 1-I 'N U' T n.. -4-., 4f"1w..,,4 Y ,n, v present three concerts this year Back row: Eileen O'Grady, Beth Schaefer, Susan Hankleyr Sue Ketcham, Dara Shell. Jennie Dickinson, Mary Wornble, ltzel Gaudianor fourth row Edith, second row: Linda Lane, Trudy Carawan. Cathy Howard, Barbara Darnell Gates, Glenda Smith Koehnlein. Barbara Epps: third row: Carol Arie, Connie Murray, Bar' Back row: Ed Smith, Rick Houck. Jarnes Hogan, Clenn Cockrell, Harry Fredricks, third row: Jimmy Perry, Bill Gruver, Pete Hathaway, Billy Price, Chick Bally Bill French, Billy Norton, second row: Scott Brignon, Duke, Torn Dyer, Ron Cyre, Larry Guilrnartin Danny Lee. Larry Jones, John Kordulak, Mike Kelis, Ted Turner, Tom H9 a A Q -- iff' -x 4 Wesleyan Concert Band backed up Wesleyan singers in their concerts. H "Jn E I ' me i 15 . e e aal? ' 'I f a mg!! U sadly! if Q 4 Q1 !'.fWl'11 A ' e e I,A"1n 3 1 90 Wesleyan Players present The Affairs of Anatol . V4 .wa 4-NL I A N B D D dBIIF hp t fmTheAff mu l 01 I i fr' NORTH HALL Methodist student iliv ,NVW Irggfofi' movement attended TH State Student Conference in February :ui KS, B k row: Danny Lea, Nancy Stuart, James Hogan, Ted Turner, Jim Perry, lsao Hosni: front row: L d Sterlock, Kathy Upton, Sandy Norman, Karla Gilbert, Patricia Gardner, Nancy Stallings. 92 JS vi' 6 Ted Turner, John Hunnat, Larry Jones, James O'Dell Front row-Ralengh Mow QC X -s v bray, Rodney M T M"'9"4 Alpha Phi Omega sponsored "UgIiest Man on Campus" Contest Bruc H hows why h was vot d gh t man on camp Q v S r F ,f , 1 '32, . 'Q .r . fl 2 f: '59-L, I V" Q, l Jr .A 'Ji' I 9 Q A-,w,,...,:""' -vf ' ,- r b s " ' g, .. uvhvl- ' ' ,..',. 1 . ,.,. N , ,. U, .. . ... 1 QQ "'f"1. r " , gh, -ul4v'f,- .- pi gf, Liliikilf- ' 1.. 1 - 1 5, Q' . QQ 1 " Q4 "fig 4-If ' 0- . an -"Aw 'us - . as- H.,-J.-1 ix - Q- ,ELn.v2 i!:g2.4, ,-. .. . ' .:. 1 ' ',--1,1 ' ' . 4-0' A M5 r . ? ' 1 ua-Ley. 5 . A, ,Y4-.f',,,,' ,D ' is - fi' !f2rffffff ' 'f 1"b'5if4 wfsL1s f 4,7 xt.-9, 6 -rf-' ' 'lnglgg F . ' -A1298 .1o.--ar1- ',.f1 Rm. j 1. 1 ff-1 nr ni 1 Q- " -- v- . ,. ..-'Sf 4 21 ,. J- 1P9!:'z7rff,13,., ." L f V , Economics Club sponsored Powder Puff Football Game Tommy Adkins, Betty Ronse 81 James Troutmen check eapt f g 9 Circle K added to WesIeyan's social activities with Talent Show Monogram Club sponsored First annual Horse 'EBV E ,.... fm W IW!! 'XJ '- X 2 Shoe 97 Dr. Baxter formed Rugby team Bac k A arf J. 1. X row: Garry Ewing, Joe Carter, Bruce Sharer, Gus Gee, Skip Gil- Wines, John Matol, George Speake, John Eilers, Nick Scandale, Dr. bert, Bill Fray, Jim Crueger, Rick Hauckp front row: Tom Moore, Doug Baxter Bill Litchfield set up lntermurals for 1966-1967 'f 'N r il' fs' hh l fx ' ' 1 X' A ' I rv Y 4' "f Back row: Larry Vaughan, Alf Horne, George Watson, Bill Litchfield, sec- Feltsp first row: Larry Jones, Charles Saunders, Ray Freeman, Arthur ond row: Bob Keyes, Bull Waters, Tom Davis, Charles Hollis, Chris Ferguson, Mr. Harpers 98 if D 'I'-'TE'.,1. 7'! S'-I X 'Y I .LZ 1 u I Womens Recreation Association held banquet in May CLASSES Education doesn't come from books alone I I 1 I Y ' 5 'in-an-' 4 'nf' - .. ' .',: ',...,, I 1 y .. u '-.,wf- fi, 'T "Frosh are lowest form of life at Wesleyan" Glen Cockrell, Dan Oliver, and Ricky Kraft check the class budget. Sall Rushing discovers Y the right book is on top. E 1 f it Lynn Adams Beverly Alford Glen Archambault Carol Arie 102 The first month of school was a period of trial and error for freshmen: the time had come to be oriented to life at Wesleyan. Weary of orientation procedure, frosh showed signs of rebellion on Garb Day, September 30. Especially defiant were frosh women, who wore excessive jewelry and makeup to break the plain-Jane rules. This revolt showed that orientation was uniting the Freshman Class, while raising the ire of upperclasswomen. October 1, pre- ceding a 5:30 a.m. flag-raising ceremony, upperclass- women conducted a special ceremony to remind the frosh girls of their lowly position, On Field Day, October 8, frosh, predictably defeated at team sports by upperclassmen, were then allowed to drown their sorrows in the Tug-of- War. The Beanny-Removal Dance that same evening brought the official frosh orientation season to a close. Also significant this year were the elections of class offi- cers. October 21, freshmen elected fall semester officers: President Harry Price, Vice-president Peter Welch, Secre- tary Connie Murray, and Treasurer Dee Nuckols. These officers scheduled a car wash, October 29, which netted the treasury 5536. During spring semester, new officers were elected: President Clen Cockrell, Vice-president Dan Oliver, Secretary Sharon Nishimoto, and Treasurer Richard Kraft. The new officers arranged for the Diamonds to play for a class-sponsored dance, April 8. The slave sale, May 3, 1967, rounded out the first year's activities for the Class of '7O. u ,D kb' x--. f '17 l 1 4 mi DQR . 3 L ' z lb, 1 Q. I , 'fs' il: gb-r V A T. '-5' , 'I fr ' V L 5 4 2 Billy Alford Lynn Alligood Peggy Barbee Yvette Carpenter mv. r. ,A ' " ll'W5'i!f, A I Qs 'IR '- ' " f A -X Vi ff- as-" J- , ' TQ- I 1x'4 gr in- l David Cheek Glen Cockrell Phyllis Croll if Nff, Peggy Chnnn Darlene Condrey Carolyn Dabney vs B QS Cynthia Cockrell Charles Crang Claude Daughtrudge '-In . -l-,- ' -4-, , pq Bull Fray shows the typucal reaction to some of Chrns Fells' attempts to score from mud-court, Q, 'Q' 'af ' gi, ff? Daniel Davis Jeannie Dickinson Tom Dickinson Tom Dyer Barbara Epps Hank Farish Mert Felts James Frnch Wllllam Fray Tom Fredencks 1 03 Frosh face their first exams with fear 1, 1' ve. E ls, , apr'-" QT? g L- 51 xx! ,,..r 'La Cathy Fruit Evelyn Gardner James Gill Sidney Gordon Debbie Hahn Susan Hankley John Hinnant Donn Holt Burleigh Kay Mary Kemp S ii' 1, 0' V r HQ 1701, 'Xff F O - - 7:17-Y .ht X' ' 'Si ' I 5. 'G' L, 4 'S x Karla Gilbert Mary Sue Green Craig Hedgepeth Louise Horne Robert Kendall 104 , f 3 A.- ve., " I V' S4 f 'SV an ., 5 X7 n ,bl I A Skip Gilbert Larry Guilmartin Shirley Hildebrand Susan Jones Sue Ketcham 92? iv-flfs. a U 'f N A- ' nt .0 ,f. if Phyllis Lancaster adds her signature to the petition which requested two extra holidays. fortitude, and gained foresight I? 'L fi f' r- Q"- 2. 'sf A, X - I V4 " J t 'D "- - 'rv' 'L' 'vs Q X 'I f 1 . is , 1 U ': . a- .0 'I U E 4? 6.1 Marcia King Ricky Kraft Sandra Lee James Lullard Sharon Nishim meeting. 3 Thomas Knapp Mary Lamberth Cynthia Leggett Beth Lilley Barbara Koehlein Phyllis Lancaster Tommy Leggett George Littleton oto trys to write the minutes for the previous frosh meeting in time f 1 2- 4' Q . 5 ,- 'Y L f s- Irv 1 John Kordulak Linda Lane Miriam Leyda Jessae Littleton for the class . M5 , ,t--I. - .sv - M.-.:.xc,g fi .Wg A N w 4" ' "s fi ' 5' ' A. 6- if x v "L," Q Q Barbara Mason Richard Morris Jill McCook . f Av. ' 5, " X so J I i Timothy Miller Charles Morrison Robert McCurdy A Cav 1' qzf ff. , X we 1 -. C"" 6 is o 'ii Polly Moore Tom Mowbray Karen Naylor :D- Elizabeth Morgan Connie Murray Sharon Nishimoto Jeannie Dickinson and Teddi Wall represented Frosh at Homecoming "-,. X A 41 I Q ' . 1' '1 'X - J 1. Dee Nuckols James O'Dell Jane Odom Eileen O'Grady Graduate school bulletins, cartoons, sophomore proficiency lists, "Notice to frosh: Class meeting tonight" 106 u ,I 1, 5' 3 fa ,I " '- 'I , N X' . - of Y l l ' 0- ' V X 1 Y . gg A , X Q y ,, X V, I r x 'i an Os. as 'Y " 'f' Q ,IL A Y s x n, - 'T R., X 1 6 Q x if Dan Ollver Donna Overman Jean Parker Nancy Parker Peyton Parrish Ellen Parsley Mrrlam Parson Sandy Pederson Ellzabeth Pennnngton Davld Plttman Barbara Pope Jean Poythress Harrell Pratt Harry PYICG Bllly Racek Carolyn Rouse funds the lubrary conduclve to study, 3 H. I ,, : -1 . is il Q "Aa INV' QV P, ,H I ix-f' 3, 'A '-5' 1 l Lea Ranes Lee Rawls Carol Reid Judson Revell Susan Rlchbourg Barbara Rucks 107 I l l l l Traditional "Frosh Slave Sale" gained m0n9Y for treasury and slave labor for buyers i ff-Q M. i Tv- Ek 3- fa J it Rufus Riddick Sally Rushing ! l -1- N -1 8 ui .l +1 X- .A V ,J IH' r Y ' " 'is-. ,-. , .M n rf 1, -4 ,gr-,5 5 'WX K, i ,i va a IF? -J, - 5. -af f" ,,1 , Q54 147 gg Jo Ann Rogers Peggy Rogers Carolyn Rouse Robert Rush John Saunders Beth Schaefer Barbara Shell Paul Sickler 52,1 I ,- 1' ie it e li ---' 92 ,. ' ff. I if Wx, ' ' ' , Lv --- -it . U "Mx r , I Mark Sinclair James Smith Freshmen focu Donna Skydanek Janet Smith s their attention on Beth Schaefe 108 Baxter Smith Edward Smith Donna Spraque Sarah Stephenson r who nominates a candidate for Frosh president. L , ' .,. f K, 'kr A " M .- Y I , V Yfv ., '- 1 ' 8 fe J." A ,,,,,,- -, . 119' 'Q-Q 'N 6-5 V pf ,ff"'n , . ,f 5 5 . 4 Y I Bonnle Stnckland Jean Thompson Donald Wagstaff Matsy Washburn Alyce Wulllarnson ,atvqh I vu ' in 'N EA Harold Sutton Anne Townsend Lnndsay Wagstaff Peter Welch Ginger Wullns K fn, .xv , ' v ,Q Marsha Sutton Ginny VanLaan Teddl Wall Barbara Wertz Betty Wnlloughby "All those an favor of adlournmng the meeting, vote by raustng your rnght hand " I09 i l Class of '69 had a profitable Sophomore year Fall semester planning for the Sophomore Class was initiated by President John Porter, Vice-president Nann Brown, Secretary Ruth Nowell, and Treasurer Mary Ronan. The class Social Commission and Publications Committee began their functioning under Nann Brown and Scott Skinner, respectively. During study break, the Class of '69 sponsored a dance featuring the Embers. This last dance of the semester had the theme, "Bon Voyage" Both the timing Cexam timej and the entertainment were right, profits totaling S990 gave the proof. Still another piece of evidence proving the success of the dance was the cancellation of spring semester class dues. Spring semester activities began for the Sophomore Class, on March 18, when they combined with the Junior Class to sponsor a dance featuring the Showmen. The Sopho- more Class' contribution to the S.G.A. Carnival was a Turtle and Frog Race. A voting system was set up which allowed interested bystanders to invest money in the turtle or frog of their choice. To encourage this mone- tary participation, the sophomore class declared that those who vote for the winner would receive double their in- vestment. The winner of the turtle race was "Yellow Belly" sponsored by the Delta Club. Ivan Ricks' 'tElmer" won the frog race. An election, May 7, 1967, provided the Class of '69 with the following slate: President John Porter, Vice-president Nann Brown, Secretary Cheri Hicks, and Treasurer Mary Ronan. Plans for 1968 were left in the hands and minds of these new officers. 1 Sophomore Class Vicerpresident Nann Brown helps paint the scenery i for the Social Commissions Sadie Hawkins Dance. 4 , -'Q' , Q ' g ng we K.-qi 1 1 1 'YT ' 4 ' - - - - r' 'Af f , sb K ' 'Qgt,4. .Z L. . i 1 ' -1 'A' .V E l " 'I 'J In af F . A. N ,.l , ,, - ,C 4 ' G " , 'as Q ss- Rf, . 11-4 ' -- -ff ji Q, 1 f t ff' ' ' 'oc N: V l X' l W Lynn Arnent CFWBYISS Anderson Leon Anderson Sally Andrews Horace Ayers f Sherry Bageant Mark Baver Thomas Beach Keith Bennett Whit Blackstone yi l 1 V+-, ,v ., - I L rg "' 1: 4: - an U ,N 5. .I . , ,. I nr da 2 'ra ,iw L, I f -fr Q . S1 qc- rn" fgxr My X Jack Blott Wllllam Bonner Candy Campbell Trudy Carawan James Crueger Bonnie Cullom I can't study In thus place!" Mary Ronan Q I r 5' H- ' F" wr W l -5' ,.-fa aldg 'N 'V' I B" v 5' , ., 4, . C ,W V .N W EF' Phrlllp Boone Gwen Carson Ann Curtus v LN. ,ff x I Vnvuan Daniel Sally Edwards Ill Peggy Brock Bob Clark Walter Cyrus .Q ,J Q, ,, is tk Dana Dickens Carolyn Estes K Barbara Brown Faye Cooley Dane-ne Dabel - my -pl K 1 -1- Wrlllarn Dixon Linda Farmer 'Q ta- rv Gw- --1 in-f 1 I? , sd Margarette Farmer Frances Farrall Brian Flynn Everett France Arlene Fry Laura Funk A favorite amusement for Wesleyan students is looking at greeting cards as Ruth Ann Nowell, secretary of the Sophomore Class, demonstrates. Arlene Fry and Allen Ragsdale were class's 'X " 1 , e 17 'P 'B' "' F" K ' A Y A . V I, . - .ff ., - I . 'Qty 4 Y, f' f- . , nr vs A A A J A' " Q- Q 5 ev Q9 K, - - ' 1 I Q f , , 1 Patty Furr Patricia Gardner Roberta Gaskins Katherine Gebb Gus Gee Ann Thomas Gill Sharon Goff Luana Goodwin Linda Gray William Gregory 112 A Q? v. I. Q C: :Th t V X ., 1 ca" - . ' ' , s 1" t t4 F, W X is - X E g W Q 1- L- .. l . L- x ' ' ki 5 s S Nancy Gresn David Grlffm Duane Gnffln John Hamull Carl Hanson Ph'l"D Harrell Crass Harns Susan Harrls Herbert Hart Nancy Hartman Presldent John Porter goes over the agenda for the class 1 attendants for homecoming 5-ch, K5 . ev- . ,F 1 BJ 5 ' ' Lx. 1:11 V N Butch Harvey Natalue Harvey June Herrung Cher: Jo Hucks E i il George Herring Jam Hogan U, rg. -L 1, 3. I ,ji . N5 Q0 616 ff '- i fe The Embers who furnished the entertainment for the sophomore dance seem to be enjoying the dance as much as the sophomores. 43? , .,,f ,. in v ,on L.. if '-. D4 .4., A' E' Joyce Homan Richard Houck James Humphrey nu gn, -- , , V l Kenneth Horrocks Anne Hubbard Joyce Ivey 4 9 KLJ , ,-. .4 N V if I I C I John Jenks Peggy Johnson Larry Jones Phillip Keel Michael Kells Charles Kemp Mutt Kessel Richard Kohl James Kimball Eric Krohne 11-1- cf 1' 'fm' as 4 . . 9 " 'ui' f l ' I 1,1 1. .2 -gf' , fini-J: '4.. xi- I .i nu. 4'-' - ,r 67 2. 0 N .W !v' -L' . ya I r A Q. A fr fe. N 'f C- 4C - - fx vb. . f- ' - " . 4- .-s - is I' 1 1 x Q - '1- nw Q. - 1 ' 11 T- x A' 4 2 '52 . 1,-D, T Pau! Lawhead Rick Laws Martha Lazcano Tim Lee Betsy Leggett Linda Leonard Phillip Maness Ray Martin John Matol "Bon The timing was right, the theme was appropriate and the profits demonstrated the was a mammoth success, Danny Lea Elizabeth Long Fred Meacham Voyage" highlighted Sophom Isabel Lee Diane Mallalieu Mary Ann Meyer ore activities turtle and frog races contributed to carnival . L:-:.e.1,,ffff.1 0 my 1441 Larry Jones gives Pat Olin some practical advice and skilled craftsmanship in putting together her 1967 Plymouth Baracuda. '--7 X .1-271 x--. I X, Linda Mitchell Marvin Newsom Pat Olin if - , -- If 7 Q: 2 "' ":-.3-,',.i'. ,. ""' , sf L., , Q' 1-"'f'l arf 1 - tm IV' 156' 'Qhr 149 ev' 1 ...f - .yr Q7 Richard Monk Reglyn McKinney Buster NICLGIIBH Barbara Nelson Katherine Nicholson Ruth Nowell Chris Nuckols Yvonne Nunnery James Overby Deborah Pazin Edward Pearce Douglas Piner 116 S ,f lo 1- 1 ll 1' James Polley Alice Powell Mary Proctor Allen Ragsdale fx 5. ' V eff -1 7 lj fi l Ruth Robeson Paul Robnnett Harry Rossman Charles Saunders Manlyn Schoon Jeff Shelton .qfz 2 'v 1,-4 W 7 cr" Angela Powell John Porter Nancy Wellons lakes Ivan Rrcks Nancy Roach pnde In her lab work 4 lf -ag- fx D 0 . 1 , is . Mary Ronan Michael Schaden Dlanne Sller 117 Cindy Dansxe funds the solutron to the N C Wesleyan food, RE -H I ,R of ' j' I ,t WL' .44 'X X Catherine Simpson Nancy Stallings ,l 6. T 0 ,flu Cindy Swindell Gene Thompson Sophomores got their first, but not last -1 .. , fa. 2 41 . if ", , Qi, .4 A Jafkagqrff 5 X 1 .55 "' 4-1- ' W V 4 QQ S Carol Smith Linda Sterlock I' D- ea 1' 1 'SI .IL ' 2,1 kf af' li. Dianne Sykes Phyllis Thompson X Harriet Soden Ray Stevens George Speake Earnie Strickland Susie Spencer Nancy Stuart fx Q 1- ., Q LS- 5 1, A F X L N Judith Tarfasky Linda Taylor Ralph Thomas William Thompson Lucy Torfason Janet Town Biology ll students focus their attention on culturing and observing bacteria. Particularly a l chance at Proflciencies .Q 0 ' . X f it :ON 'V K . 'x f Y , ,f I Ada Tunstall Many Ann Walden Kathryn Upton Jea nne Ward Valerie VanWun Nancy Wellons fv-,A kle skies at- Yr' . .1 . 1 f-U-1 U' -71, Wx .yi DL oo -+7 F.: o QE' U5 EG LD If '55 Km V- SO -. Om :VF -. QCD 3 QQ. mn. 3 o nm 0 3? UQ 3: com 53 E5 ro T 3 o S 'XJ Z 2 3 D E I N 5 V5 N Q, , .L ,- M 2? " 4. ,f 4? " Q V' , 5 1 w jg f 'Q' J ' My F "-C L N 1' X, 'F "" Q, It I - Nl .,. . ' f .Q t N - I ff. 'V , ,I 'A ' ' Dianne Wiggins Jamie Sue Williams Goerge Wnlllamson Ashley Wood Dlanne Woodard R059 Woodard Fred Wlmer John Woollen colonies of bactena origunated from tobacco, dust and the Student Unlon. Linda Farmer and Isoa Hoshl are not unterested In the lecture, ,ll- Election of Jack Winstead as president started the class of '68's junior year Dave McNamee enjoys an after-supper discussion with Lou Horne. Q15 eg eff QR S' .sf Lorre Alligood Claire Anderson Ellen Attkisson Carolyn Buchanan Barry Buck James W. Clark l20 In May, 1966, the Junior Class elected the following officers: President Richard O'Neal, Vice-president Jack Winstead, Secretary Claire Anderson, and Treasurer Doug Windes. When the Class returned in Sep- tember, they were without a president: Richard O'Neal had transferred. Jack Win- stead then became president as Jerey Merritt was elected to fill the vice-presi- dency. Jerry Nlerritt also served as the Class representative to the Social Com- mission. Charles Hollis served as head of the Publications Committee. ln an attempt to add to the social life at Wesleyan, the Junior Class sponsored two dances. October 8, they provided a fitting conclusion to Freshmen Orientation by sponsoring the Beany-Removal Dance. En- tertainment to complement the Beany- Removal ceremony was provided by The Daydreams. March 18, the class of '68 sponsored a dance featuring the Showmen backed by The Shifters. , ' 757' 1 f -.i il" ' ' ie a C I' Q X Sally Batey Lawrence Boothe Barbara Crawford Roy Crenshaw sc-ff' JT' I 4 r ,- of Y Q 5' ww.xf'- w.. . r y 1 vu ov A. ? f vo Q .fl lea ff ' , x , -sf 1: 9 ... W .l - " - Qs.. 1' , 'V , 1 l x ,D A D. 1 iii Donald Dare Marc Delaney Allen Dew Mary Pat Elam Garry Ewing Thomas Farmer Kelth Feelemeyer Bonnle Flemlng Thomas Flemlng MSTTDEW C13fff"9Y Thomas Garlow John Graham Caryn Gray Rudolph Grlffln Vlrgmma Hall Vrce-president Jerry Nlerrut funds the exam schedule very unpleasant news, ff , ., 1' 4.9 " ' , A YN rv- . A 1 X A Dall Harrls Clarence Hathaway Gayle Hull Charles Hollis Gall Hopkins Catherlne Howard 121 Z , 'J' 'h-...., -....,, 9 3'2" b George Howe Joyce Jehle 44, ' Q.. ,Q 'Par a i l f pi? , cg? ig Sara Jones Norman Knecht President Jack Winstead listens to various suggestions Kay Lipscomb about the Beany-Removal Dance in October. 122 4 LZ" 'xg , is Anita Humphreys Carol Johnson ea iq.. Wir V.. ja 752 VL- v. -5 if Michael Joyner Charles Kraft Laura Liskey '53 534 'fe- fa we '17, 'M Q f VK William Jackson Catherine Johnson .fn V -4'-4 ,,. HS? ' x Lloyd Judy Sally Kullas William Litchfield v-1 1:7 'N -1 X' l I Hal Lloyd Beverly Lovlng Jerry Merritt Rodney Moore Thomas Moore John Morgan Edward Morrrson James McKenzie David McNar'nee Allison Nlchols H I Juniors sponsored the Beany-Removal dance Denny Patnck, doing the things most Wesleyan students do, eating on cafeteria, studying an the S. U., and attendung a basketball game, l ll I li. N N . J' 4 Secretary Claire Anderson knows not to record the remark Jack Winstead just made. .-I V "' 417 Q 'TZ- Q, 5 5 iv X 0 ' 7, as , 44..- v,., wr-s Q- 1' yy. James Perry Wrenn Phillips Dale Pixley Charles Rattan Josephine Ricks Corbit Rushing Alyce SCOttOn Richard Shaft Randy Singhas 124 155-i ep! . X 2 ,, i .0 'ag' .Nr Z7 3 N 4- K--A . iw gd - Hg ix Alyce Nixon Gloria Parker Neff F- F 2 A i i Kay Radford Martin Sarra Glenda Smith Q. "7 -6' J I Sandra Norman Jeneil Parker Nat Railey Pete Schuyler William Spence N 1: C' ,4 0 . ,J fm , 'C' .. . Q , . L- Q f T -'- K 1 James Spruill Vicky Stoddard Elizabeth Warrby George Watson Claire Anderson the Junior class ,". ev Us f , I l - C. . 1 rl :u ,- " Q. f n 71 .1 Chris Taylor William Taylor Anne VanWagoner Joe Weatherly Quinton White Milton Wiggins and Dale Pixley represented on the Homecoming Court gg "FQ ' L 1-T tr i Charles Williams Jeff Wilson Roger Winn Mary Womble Treasurer Doug Windes looks up to ask, "Mer- ritt are you sure you want to pay your class dues?" Jerry Winberry Douglas Windes Jack Winstead l l i Class of '67 held informal dinner-meetings i l l l if i W l i l i Under the leadership of President Bill Gruver, Vice- president Jo Ann Blow, Secretary Carol Davenport, and Treasurer Terri Conway, the seniors were engaged in several money-raising projects. During basketball season, they furnished programs for the Dixie Confernece Basket- ball Tournament. Corsages were sold for Wesleyan's first homecoming. However, their biggest money-raising project was a continuance from their junior Class Ac- tivities. At the beginning of the fall semester, letters were mailed to Wesleyan students' parents. For a small fee, the Seniors made it possible for a birthday cake to be delivered to the student on "his" day. Being the smallest class at Wesleyan did have its ad- vantages, but at the same time served to make the class a more unified and closely knit body. Early last fall the seniors started having monthly class meetings in the informal atmosphere of the private dinning area of the cafeteria. Bill Gruver explained these meetings as an attempt to draw the class closer together. On June 2 the seniors held a class party and decided to leave the school. On June 4th they attended a bac- calaureate sermon delivered by Dr. H. L. Finger, Jr., and an outdoor Band Concert. After listening to a commence- ment address by Representative L. H. Fountain, the se- niors received their diploma and changed their status l Darnell Gates, Scott Brignon, Mary Catherine Flythe and Downey Maynard are having a lively discussion about an article in Life. l l l 'lg X r j Arnold K. Adams W Bachelor of Arts 1 Music ' Robert E. Bartelt l Bachelor of Science f Mathematics l l at Wesleyan. Now they are alumni. J. Blaine Adams Bachelor of Arts Psychology Joyce W. Bass Bachelor of Arts English Edward E. Adkins, Jr. Bachelor of Arts Economics Sylvia L. Bell Bachelor of Arts Psychology 'ds A -1 .,...-I I a it j s. Ronnie W. Arrington Bachelor of Arts History Jo Ann Blow Bachelor of Arts Psychology Vx xx-7 1' " fo 'X v. tx. Susan J. Burkle Irene D. Budon Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts Psychology Hlstory Mary Lee Cato Thomas E. Cheshire Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts Musnc Psychology Y.: , .. f X ' X Secretary Carol Davenport lnstens to a dvscussnon about money raising projects. Sensor Class Presudent Bull Gruver receuves a notrce starnped "Dean of Students Offnce " lt's only an announcement ofthe class meetrng x I l tv l y A I 1 rf' nv-f Theresa L- COHWHY Ronnie G. Crouch Robert P. H. Curtis R. Kay Daughtry Bachelor Of Arts Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts ECOf1Of'f'IiCS English Psychology and English Religion CBYOI A- DBVEHPOFY William H. Duke, Jr. Katrina K. Eatman George W. Ennis Bachelor Of AVTS Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts 'Vlafh6f"18T'CS History French Psychology Linda Preston and Jo Blow were Senior royalty Charles B. Saunders receives some mail besides his weekly magazine, but he can't get James Warren to share his joy over a postcard. 4 Jo Ann Blow is anxiously waiting for Bill Gruver to come to the dinner meeting. "lf he doesn't hurry I'lI have to conduct the meeting." ff Arthur B. Fergusson Bachelor of Arts Economlcs Joseph R. Freeman Bachelor of Sclence Blology 'S 3-4 .-X OQF5 'I - 'S .Ai Melvin L. Gay Jr. Bachelor of Arts Psychology Wanda G. Grimes Bachelor of Arts English 'fs '-iv 4 Y x Mary C. Flythe Bachelor of Scvence Nlathematlcs N. Darnell Gates Bachelor of Arts Psychology 5-I Michael C. Glass Bachelor of Arts ,--- Hlstory Most sensors found sprung semester hectlc especlally Joyce Bass P. Douglas Groseclose who dad her practice teachmg and worked as a muslc llbrarlan Bachelor of Arts l-llstory 129 0 1- W ' r' 1791 i A . gf 3 v fs ol, "Ld -r-" 4,1 William K. Gruver William E. Herbert Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Arts Chemistry Religion lsao Hoshi Frederick M. Hurst, .l Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts History History Q77 A k t A f 'M ' Y 1 l I if 7,5 ,. ' Q JY M 6 my :ggi nw, Q 54 ' u", Q ' v 1 I 1 f if E 'E ga 4 1 gf I 4 f If i 1 .5 6 l 1. 4 , " I 6 ft? " 17 l Y A W-J W if - t cv 1 '-"Pr f x , , , YA' I I Q , , .4 sa, , 1, i l as SV, f 'n.4 Q rv V7 I Prior to the Economics Club powderpuff football game, Arthur Fergus- son and Ray Freeman give Lynn Ament some pointers on tactics. H. Timothy Isaacs Bachelor of Arts English Norvell W. Jones Bachelor of Arts English Ronald W. Johnson Bachelor of Arts History Janet M. Keyes Bachelor of Arts History Spring meant writing a thesis and teaching L l .. ha "Home or Hell on the 19th" students chant while Melvin Gay reads a petition signed by the entire student body requesting two extra holidays. ,vu r ,Q 9 'vs' I .Ill 'el 45-st, .- . L- . Sf . YT,-4 4' qnx V! Lois E. Lambdin Bachelor of Science Chemistry J. Edward Maddox Bachelor of Arts Religion and History +4 John C. Livesay Bachelor of Arts Psychology Sara Nell McBride Bachelor of Arts Music 13l I Q b vt M ' if N ,ff vzf 44 , M. Robin Lunn Brenda F. Maddox Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts Psychology English Laura McCormick Lloyd E. Nelson Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts English H'Sf0VY -in f ,, -ye I, 4 V 'ik I 'sa , l lk gb f 1 - Q x fe:"'f Judith E. Norell Bachelor of Arts Religion Linda L. Preston Bachelor of Arts Psychology ,- 'li' Wilburn Norton Bachelor of Arts Economics David C. Reeves Bachelor of Arts Histow L. 15-v Edith M. Nurse Sara Oliver Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts English History Joyce R. Reynolds Bettie Rouse Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts Religion Economics June 4th Seniors became alumni of Wesleyan Carol A. Sallawasser Bacehlor of Arts English Linda Preston demonstrates that having your picture taken is one of the hazards a home- coming queen must face. of lr YV' , Z' Charles 8. Saunders Bachelor of Arts Mathematics Charles A. Spratt Bachelor of Arts History l J. Morrison Smith, Jr, Bachelor ot Arts English Albert L. Stallings, Jr. Bachelor of Science Mathematics James Troutman Bachelor of Arts Econorrucs Linda L. Weddell Bachelor of Science Mathematics 1 , Q Theodore M Turner Bachelor of Arts Music Norm B. Weiler Bachelor of Arts Economucs v F Q' B K W . W Terr: Conway's sense of humor brightened the bizarre treasury report. 1 rn 6,4 Cas 'wi .-f ,- ,- ,f fs. f . ,4- Larry G. Vaughan Bachelor of Arts French James C. West Bachelor of Arts Psychology James E. Warren, Jr. Bachelor ot Arts English William R. Whitehurst, Jr. Bachelor ot Science Biology ,. F ' I -M. Q Q: ' 1 ,L-,V 1 Q. : ,J f . , f f f fe x 5. f ,1 L ffl 'f - rr ' Q lx ,E 1 Q wr E fd ' E 1 E421 , ax ! L' E" 7 iz . ,ln l I D J .' 1 L :WMA ' A 9 i , , uf If N- IVA, 3 V I 1 I ADVERTISEMENTS But before we conclude The Dissenter-196 7 here are some things we'd like to remember Q I ,- , - 'ee 1 ILL! A "PEOPLE MAKE THE DIFFERENCEU oUR NEW SYMEoL OF SERVICE QIT WAS DESIGNED Fon YoU1p Working for and with you has always been our sole concem. That's why we were named the Peoples Bank and Trust Company in 1931, and it's why people were made the most important part of our new service bank. Branches to make it handy for you to ba.nk with us, electronic devices to speed up service, and large resources to back up what we set out to do in each community we serve . . . yes, we have them all. But best of all, we have people who like working with people. They put your interest first all ways. Put yourself in the Peoples picture. You'll bank, borrow, and save better when you do! f PEQPLES BANK a. must com PANY . . . IN YOUR COMMUNITY THE F OLKS AT PEOPLES ARE PROUD OF N.C. WESLEYAN COLLEGE 136 D. J. ROSE 8: SONS, INC. GENERAL CONTRACTORS READYAIVIIX CONCRETE SKILL RESPONSIBILITY INTEGRITY LEE STREET ROCKY IVIOUNT NORTH CAROLINA I I I . Hsu? . - Q Ivvz I IIPIII II ,R I cF,: I- IEZI CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1967 Your headquarters Shop our Town and for campus Country Shop casuals and fashions and Kasual Korner BELK-TYLER'S ROCKY NIOUNT'S COMPLETE DOWNTOWN SHOPPING CENTER 137 I Y l WE LIKE N.C. WESLEYAN The PLIACE to BANK E, ...and SAVE I3 I PLANTERS NATIUNAL BANK I Rocky Mount-Ahoskie-Ayden-Buxton-Colerain- I Gaston-Greenville-Manteo-Nags Head-NashvilIe- I Oxford-Plymouth-Red Oak-Roanoke Rapids-Silver City North Carolina l 1 , 1 I l I 1 l Oman BUNTING l HARDY s. IvIINGEs, INC. II MENS WEAR IvIEN's CLOTHING alla, AND FURNISHINGS T "EXCLUSIVE II BUT NOT EXPENSIVE' I, 114 S. Main st. ii Telephone 446-6924 1' Rocky Mount, N,C. 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Price Complete "Y0Uf Prescription Kodak Servlce DeaIer" DuBarry Cosmetics ROSE DRUG CO. 112 N. Mann St. GI 6-7111 "Watch for the car wlth Mortar and Pestle" The End. Editor's Note Blaine Adams in the "Editor's Note" for The Dissenter-1966 said "With the end of every year there is a sadness which engulfs the campus of every small American college . . This quote is especially true for The Dissenter-1967, because we were not able to capture in photographs and copy all the memories you, as the student body, have. For this inadequacy, we apologize. E f u -I 'I' A X 4 I 'W if 1. -sa-H Inq 3 A wwf' P Mr A4491 uli 4 9 V '1 ..i 1-'lu' . H' 11' 1 ml .-1'-F,"-?5," xW I ,Q 1.A'1g -5 1 Qifggi, ll FEI' i,fQve+1fj'1. ..- il-LL + 1 rf 'S A 1.- G' 9 .I an 1 Ill' JI Ag' ,flu A ,q 'L :af W . i . --4. -u' I 'I E f u -I 'I' A X 4 I 'W if 1. -sa-H Inq 3 A wwf' P Mr A4491 uli 4 9 V '1 ..i 1-'lu' . H' 11' 1 ml .-1'-F,"-?5," xW I ,Q 1.A'1g -5 1 Qifggi, ll FEI' i,fQve+1fj'1. ..- il-LL + 1 rf 'S A 1.- G' 9 .I an 1 Ill' JI Ag' ,flu A ,q 'L :af W . i . --4. -u' I 'I

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