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 - Class of 1963

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North Carolina Wesleyan College - Dissenter Yearbook (Rocky Mount, NC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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f F I J". A . I. 11+ fic.. --5 . ,, FIN. A ' I7 f- 4 it l x rx RL' WP 1'- fg . Fm. ., - I Ei' 4 'Y r 1 afz. ,gg ' 'I Fl-. i .a-. . 'bo 'YOIII LARRY MATTHEWS .... . . . Editor-in-Chief BETTY ANDERSON ....... Managing Editor BILL CREEKMORE ....... Business Manager -,., vw-,.:: A ,,3,l,, ,, 4, .:.,,,I ,W 1.-, 1, A , ., f I --.--v. fulle--. IN ,ae X b is XR f- af m B E 1 -,,13.g ,,,.,, u mmm cnnnunn wfslfunn ' Through these doors they come From Timonium, Derry and Cape Poi-poise From Levittown, Towson and Black Creek. They come to grow in mind and Spirit. Intelligence and soul. . l. ' 3 z N w., ' t " ' V L,-9.1 pf .. .,:, U L.n - 411 Www rho -.....s..-,u,.. . .'....-s 1xv.5.'L' Hgif 3,10 ll2.""' . ".Wf+A:- l A. 1-...,- K" -.r its .vs- '.- .,.:u: P-2" ,'-ie-P5-1 ,' -4-'G - V1 vin-is " '-'-J' Aa --:rw .'.. - .w. '..' .,A -. 'en ' ' x"" if! I' 1 1 ' y 4 1 I '. JA- f'- yr - . .,.,: , ' .-,L N I' ' O - - - -1- ov- -, - , , 'dna ,- f215.'g . -, -- -4 , . fr-A f-.-.1,.'--0, .A Yi! p.g,- f "1'. ., 1 - - af -. - " 31,--11 -' ,,: ,'Q.1. Avf.1, P -. lf' -,-Ql'- ' 1 '- 5 4 Q l This is a young place, A place young and strong, A place that rs growing. A place of people People with youth and strength, People that are growing. E ! it Nw x S Xx my .X L Q IAN ' w A MN lip 'S Y-4: A 7' A place Wlth new ldeas New Frzends, new act1v1t1es So many thmgs new Yet the old ones too The questlons, the doubts The work and the pranks Yet st111 txme H165 Tempus Fuglt 6 -A ff ,,'f': 'QE If r -Q .??'.E,', gr ' I .'7.. ' . A -I ,. 7 g . , A H Bl-' 1. vb ,Q 1 1 Y , -A -yi r . - , V .I-,, n, '24 -'nf xg? - , xQ fgilw y I in ,. . ,, T LL.: ' ., v , 4 N li ..-, . f A- I'-.., ll I. -a This will be an old place Someday. A place old and strong. BUT A PLACE STILL GROWING. 9 -W":' 2,12 ' ,224 f 1.14 I-'H' . iff. K, xv: 6: .vffmiz 5511: ?3 E 1w.:,A-., hqn. , vjif -MQ af .M , -. f. . .5 I af' ,1 ,f f 1 43 rn! L + 1 1- 4 U P ' ' fr N J F1 f Wg , lf' BOARD OF TRU TEE First row E E Adl-uns, I Curtrs Ellis, L W Hill, Page J G Matheson Third row Rev Leon Russell, E. C K Gravely, Mrs Pierce johnson, Thomas A Coll1n.s, Brooks, Jr , Rev W M Howard, Jr , F L Blount, Re jasper Smith, Rev J E Garlmgton Second row D S KeyW Taylor Fourth row Ray Bandy, T J Pearsall Coltrane, E F Duke, jj Medford, A L Tyler, Dr Mrs L B Jenkins of Wesleyan's policies The Board consists of 24 members The officers of the Board are Luther W H111 Chairman, Reverend J E Garhngton, Vice Chairman, E E Adkins, Secretary, J Curtis Ell1s, Tre asurer In order to execute the affairs of the college the Board of Trustees divides mto com m 1tte es to investigate ce rtai n matters The committees of the Board of Trustees are as follows Executive, Buildings and Grounds, Fmance, Investments, Nominating, Personnel, Memorials, Public Relations, Insurance, and Attorneys At its semi annual meeting on Founders' Day this year the Board officially named the dormitories of the college The Board of Trustees, the highest authoritative body governing the College, decides all . ' , n ' . . I n - ' ' . . - ' 1 12 I 5 b I I I, ...yn 4, 'ff Pl ,xx , .8 -'- A ! l Y A. 'u xy,- , H., " 15, If H , , fwee? f--A N. W. JASPER SMITH Comptroller DR. JACK W. MOORE Dean of the College -X49 M?" -- - 1,-5,5 ,,: . The receiving line at President Col1in's h o m e o n Founder's Day. 1... -w-x 1'5- PJ' g--- L.. DR. JAMES R. HAILEY I , Dirvutor of Studcnt Lilu J. W. E. JOYNFR Field Rcprcscntativ f'-gy! f ' X Yr:-'I' ROBERT W. GAY, JR. .L Assistant to Comptroller fm WALTER CRAX L1brar1an 15 Humanities Division Q.. 5 lux I s DR. C. EDWIN HARWOOD Professor of English A. B. , Olivet College A. M. , University of Michigan Ph.D. , University of Colorado 4.- "Wx . The Division of the Humanities, concerned primarily with the study of the fine am, is led by Dr. C. Edwin Harwood, its chairman. The Humanities Division, the largest division at Wesleyan, offers students majors and minors in English, the Romance Languages, French and Spanish, R e 1 i g i o ng and Music. T o further encourage interest in this division, a series of concerts, field trips, lectures and exhibits were planned forthe entire year. In or d e r to accommodate the growth in courses offered in the division, eleven professors and part-time instructors were added this year. Those not pictured are: Dr. James Cox, Assistant Professor of P h ilo s o p h y, and Religion, james Tedder,Assistant Professor of French.5VAnn Johnson, Instructor of English, Faye Batts, Instructor of Piano, and Carl E. Stout, Part-time Instructor of Organ. . - sa-5 '- "ff -9 PETER JOHN LAUGHTON Assistant in Romance Language Marlborough College Grenable University DR. JACK TEAGARDEN Associate Professor of English A.B. , Rollins College A. M. , University of Tennessee Ph. D. , University of Florida WOODSON HARRISON Assistant Professor of Spanish B. S. , Hampden-Sydney College M. A. , Spanish Middlebury Language School 16 vf 5 'S-.N N ,I DR. JACK W. MOORE Professor of Religion and Philosophy A. B. , Olivet College B. D. , Dul-ce Divinity School Ph.D. , Duke University 'NA -Q, . Z fe..- DR. JAMES R. PLXILEY .Xssistant Prolcssor of Rvli-nun ,X. B. , H1011 Cullcilc B.D., D1Ll.c Diviniti School Pl1.D., Duhc University 'Q'?' WALLACE JOHNSON Instructor of Speech and Drama A. B. , Duke University Candidate for A. M. University of North Carolina DR. WILLLAM G. SASSER Associate Professor of Music A. B. , A. M. , Ph. D. University of North Carolina 17 r, fa TASSIE R. IANGLEY Director of Reading A. B. , Atlantic Christian College M,A,, Teacher's College Columbia University fi. ' . I is I , I il a p-'G ir-gi . Av wx' s 21' NP f 11-1 ' fl ,:. .5" - fir' j " M v J N 7 3 - - I -v 1' I X , 5' ,. .f Q--2 jf. . 4. 5, ,gnfs '51 'N . jr - vs 5 7 3 Ca , XI .gg 1 5 . Z' - , U A ex . X 7 .":f' y ufil 4 'Q 321' 5 5 i n . if Iygfggs Yi . ,-an X N 3 . wif , Tim ?i:,r As? - . . . .. , 1 f f 5. A g ' ww 45.5 X ' f w . - fn foil? 1 V X ' 4 ' I ' W -. N '- - 'V 'X f 7 ,ff 5 ' fi, 3 .r ,wwf f 1, K 1 ,,i r- i f X ,V ' f . .Jive f X ' M . ff- f 1 Ry ff xx s- MN A mfs DR. PETER E. GERSCHEFSKI Assistant Professor of Music A.B. , Yale University A. M. , University of Southern California, Ph.D. , Florida State University LAWRENCE o. GUPTON, JR. Part-time Instructor of Voice B. M. , M. M. ,Westminster Choir College 18 4"' ' 5721415-5? J .5 'f A .01 V-9 .':':' nga.-v 35-f 'fi' ,, Social Scicnccs Division Dr. Willard B. Catewood serves as chairman oi the Division of the Social Sciences at W esle ya n. Th i s division at present offers degrees inliinory, Psychology, Economics and Secondary Education. The re are plans to add So c i o 1 og y, Political S c i e n e e and Business .Administration in the near future. This year five additional members have been add cd to the division. Not pictured,but teaching inthis division are Dr. ll. E. Seidel, jr., Associate Professor of Psychology, and Alf Heggoy, Instructor of Europ e an history and Western Civilization. Z . 33' '57 v ,, N , 4 H' .. M " - 1 i nys...-37? Div ,Y '-19543 iq if all iw' . mf' Q . fs' -' 1919+ -T1 45 1' ' X 51:2 4 L '-,i ""'- 1Q!,i:. 2 ' 1- . ' 3231 " 4 ' ' 'lf ' Lfa, Q.,-5 gay? -V . A .ifgrv J Q.. A ya' 3 q,,,Q'.f ,.-. 7 I? ifi'f?1- Y I 5.12" " fi AQ 55 ' :?'."- DR. WILLARD B. CATFWOOD . Associate Professor of History ag 'Qs A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Duke University , gh , 1 i af' ' Y ' 3 ii 1 l . if' DR. RAYMOND E. BAUER ff 'U' Assistant Professor of Education A. B. , Wake Forest A. E. , Ph.D. , University of North Carolina 19 FRANK KALMBACH Associate Professor of Economics B.A. , Temple University M.A., University of Texas 117' I f KW Qf JW? DONALD L SCALF Instructor of Phys1cal Educauon B S , Wake Forest College M , Un1vers1ty of Nord-1 Carolma "-ZIW7' MRS R F EDGE Instructor of Phys1cal Educauon B S , East Carolma College M E , Umverslty of North Carolma :bi :VFW Ll 'fm "And t.l'11S 15 the same group?" 20 Science Division The Divisionoi the Suiuzices, led by Dr. .Xrth Slniri-r, offers Q i th Q r .in .X. B. or .1 E. S. degree in B i 0 l 0 -1 x, Chemistry, and Phi s 1 4 s and .in .X. B. inM.1Lhcni.1tics. Although lini it e d in sire lwgausc ol our small stutlcnl body, the division is groxxing, requiring the addition ol severalnewstaff members this year. Several lectiun-s hy outside speakers vu e re offered for those s tud e n ts who wished to furt h e r broaden their l.nox-:ledge .ind under- nanding of the part science oceupies in modern society. Dr. Dan johnson co in in ut e d from Chapel Hill durniq second s e rn e ste r to serve .is part-time P r o 1 e s s o r 0 I' Chemistry. 'P E 'T... xl ..f- SAMUEL L. HALL Assistant Professor of Mathematics B. S., Lehigh University .J als I' " JOHN W. KILGORE Assistant Professor of Chemistry x A. B. , Hampden- X - Sydney College A. M. , Duke University Candidate for Ph. D. Duke University 9 'if M. A. T. , Duke University DR. ARCHIBALD W. SHARER Professor oi Biology A. B., Ohio State University A. M. , Ph. D. , University of Michigan HERTA WC LLSCF IHHIER Xssistant Professor oi Physics , V. .- W.. B. , University, ol um M. RIC., Dul u Unvvorsitj. I .indidate for Pm. D. , Ui1i'.'ei4-iff, ol' Crm 'fv' 'X' . 4 " , I, , 1 6 5 7 ...X 1.0 YQ ... . I 1' , , '- if fini. lg .WQ4 1 MRS. EARLE H. FISHER MRS. TED Wl-IITLEY MRS. G. E. VANDERSLICE Secretary to the Dean Secretary to the President Cashier and Secretary to Comptroller fi'l'v-5 S num C. OMAR WILLIAMS Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds ., '--.C ' 1' ian, , gvv' ,4 ,...'- WILLARD F ELTON Assistant Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds A gy.-ewf-- . .vf MRS. FRANCES S. MCFARLAND Resident Conmselor MRS. JAMES R. I-IAILEY College Nurse 22 .QF 43"'T MRS. W.C. BARNES Faculty Secretary MRS. JOE B. CARMICHAEL Secretary in Student Life fv- 4,,x fo P+ Q Z Q,.f. MRS. M.E. GRADY Receptionist X A Gy. nga MRS. BERTHA KENNEL Assistant Dietician fi' -an '27 , YQ L MRS. j.L. DEW Bookkeeper' MRS. j.C. DAUGHTRIDGE Circulation and Reference Librarian owi- f"'-' ,H Y '. 2 . 'a .- 1 -D ,K .t ,., 'xr if MRS. C.I'. W-NRRIZN 5x'Cl'CI2l1'y and Assistant Bool-Ll-.uupur , -., YT' ' avy Q.. .,- I MRS. WALTER GRAX Assistant Librarian 'L' ' tQ:,'7f YA P - f,,' 1 .4 ' "aj 7: I" ' 1 f .. 7 En, Q,-. f at f J Sgr ' , ,,- . . ,sc 4 nik 4,5 ik Lx -.- X 1-V-. i 5.1! 7' 2 '! ',fx1,..'L'f,1-,:x',, ,254 . ' -J 7" J- 'fn 'N . MRS. FRANK KALMBACH --' S- f Bookstore Manager MRS. H.A. ARIE Assistant in Food 23 Wi if My-3f'I4 49. 'W . v , Jr," ' - 4 gf' . N1 ,eg "- 'rv' ii: I-' ,-ff' .1554 3, ,. 5, ll ORGANIZATIONS The S e nate is the most important integral part of the Student Government Association at Wesleyan. It is a legislative body, a planning agency a nd 'functions as th e general manager of the Student Government. Only in this body are all the facets of community life repre- sented. Th is uni que aspect enables the S e nate to envision the entire community and conduct the business of the Student Government Association accordingly. The Senate t.his year has tried to seek the viewpoint ofthe student, understand it and enact policies with this in mind. Working inthis direction the Senate encourages constructive student opinion in all areas, because only in this way can the Student Government be truly a "student" government. ti U aw S S e ate d Guy Rouse, Gary Garlow, Dr james l-Ia1ley, Richard Moore, Frances McGee, Robert Stephens, Larry john Hines, Alice Kovarco Standing Vann Massey, Post, Wanda Exum, joe Boling. SGA Officers K1 President at work? ALICE KOVARCO, Secretaryg GARY CARLOW, Presidentg GUY ROUSE, Treasurcrg and JOHN HINES, Yicu-Prcsidenl 27 Kimi fs -N ,, Seated Bonita Pitzer, Dr. Willard Gatewood, Dr. C. Edwin Harwood, Betty Anderson. Sta ndin g: Albert Boone Mr I Bob Gay, Louis Womble. Community Council The Comm unit y Council is the conscience of the community to encourage and stimulate the community toward the enactment of the Bill of Rights, a positive state- ment of the rights of everyone. It puts the e mphasis on the belief that everyone is basically honest. Th e Commtu-iity Council cements and unifies the different groups or areas of th e community-faculty, staff and students. It is the bodyto which any member of the community may appeal to have a matter or issue investigated to restore harmony between areas of the c:ommunity.The Community Council can investigate or recommend in any area where it finds a need for the boostering of morale, morals and principles. This year the Council was responsible for organizing and planning the community-wide Christm as banquet. It also made recommendations to various groups in the college community p e rt a i n i ng among oth e r things to the upkeep of college property, the cafeteria situation and benches for the ping-pong room. 28 fir Y7 Seated joan Lamberth, Chairman, Kay Hobbs, President Edgecombe Dorm, Dr. james Hailey, Director of Student of Nash Dorm Standing: Richard Tripp, President of Life, Dan Jacobs, President of the Day Students' Council Student Life Association The Student Life Association, composed of a chairman elected by the student body, the Director of Student Life, and the presidents ofthe Day Students', Men's and Womei-w's Dormitc ry Councils, constitutes the judicial branch of the Student Gov e rn m e nt Association. The function of the SLA is "to maintain and enforce the rules and regula- tions ofthe Campus Code and to co-ordinate the various dis ciplinary councils it represenw. " Regulations concerning moral and ethical behavior are contained in the Campus Code. The SLA, working through the three Councils, co-operates in providing effective penalties involving any major d i s c i pl i n a r y problems and infra ct i ons of campus regulations. Any Council may refer a problem to the SLA for further study a nd for a decision as to the penalty or counseling to be awarded. Also included in the functions of the SLA is that function of giving official interpretations to rules appearing in the ha ndboolz when questions arise. The Student Life Association is a medium by which the principles essential to successful community living are upheld. 29 f at Seated: Day Studcn ts' Council The Day Students' Council works with other acting judicial councils in the college community to serve the day students in all matters concerning his life at Wesleyan. The main aims of the council, composed of nine representatives, are to deal with any infractions of the Wesleyan Code, to promote friendship and good will among oth e r members of the stud ent body, to help students with any problem which may a r i s e and finally to represent the d a y students in matters concerning the social life during his stay at Wesleyan. The members of the Day Students' Council are Dan Jacobs, Pr e s i d e ntg Brenda Pridgen, Secretaryg jimmy Wheelerg Willard Batrsg Herbert Campbellg David Bradyg Jeff Sheeg Albert Boone, and Andy Neville. 4,5 an 1 V Q ,N -fuk -.--' Dan Jacobs, Brenda Pridgen. Standing: jeff Shee, Willard Batts, Albert Boone, Herbert Campbell, jimmy Wheeler. EDGECOMBE DORM COUNCIL joe Norman, DickT1'ipp, Don Everett, jim Wyatt, Robert Stephens, Ronnie Brockenbrough, Bob Woodard. NASH IUORM COUNCII I'i1xl ww: M.11'y jo lf1111'.11'd5, CharlottuS111iLI1,PnLN.11'L111, 13011111 4' 511 1- Il L 1-, LQ11151' lx spicy. S 1' Q 0 Il d row: lx .1 y Hobbs, P11-sid 11 nt, I' .1 y 1' E.11iIlQlO11, Mary jo B111'L.l1'y, Mrs. If 1' 11 I1 1: Q 5 McF.1r1a11d, CQ111151-lor. O 1 l 1 1 l E., First row: Vicki Taylor, Frances McGee, Cha irm ang Melvin Dowdy, Richard Schulze, Billy Horner, Willard Libby Wallace, Mr. Scalf. Second row: Charles Hayes, Batts, Baxter Myers. Interfaith Commission The Interfaith Commission, composed of representa- tives of student groups on the Wesleyan campus, functions to promote Christian ideals and mature spiritual growth within the student body. Throughout the ye ar, the Commissionhas sponsored activities in which all students have been invited to participate. Students are encouraged to attend bi-weekly Sunday evening vesper services and take part in service projects such as visiting rest homes. Among the other projects sponsored by the Commission this year have been the pla cing of Grace cards on the cafeteria ta bl e s, providing help for a needy family at Thanksgiving, decorating the Student Union at Christmas and conducting a special Chapel Service at Christmas. The Commission also sponsored a candidate in the "Miss Mistletoe" contest, and set up a bure au for student placement in summer job s. These activities have been sponsored by the C o m m is s i o n to encourage Christian service and fellowship on the Wesleyan campus. 'i Constitution Committee Robert Slcphczu, joan L .4 m bL rth, john lixm-5, I'x..1rL-n Hansen, G.1ryC.1r1ou . ThQConsutut1on Commxttcu, .4 smndmg comnuttcc ol Lhc SGA, 15 charged xuxth thc ruspomlhxlxty Oi sucxng thatallconsututlonal.1h.xnqe5 an satxshcrorxly hgmdlvd. The Qommxttee thus year 15 Qonccrnfd wxth Q,-paudmq the consmtutnonro must Lhe uve:-u,wp.mchng needs ol thu college. Planf, are bcmg made to mcludu A club sucru- tariat, .1 xx IntirAFraLerrnt3 C 0 un L11, .1 p c r rn a n Q nt 0 r x c ut 3 t 1 0 n x:omn11ttc'.' a n d possxhly .1 Ihnhcllcuic Councxl. 3- Fi n Ll me 1 - w Lorn mission ,,1:1NX,n1MN.w,'AM,bM N1 -,n.,.m.,,wm tuwv. ,.,.',1,,x Mv,HwLw,l'X'xHN1:wu . 11. vm.-.1,.1v, ws fm. f.v..mM -,W . M, W .u.y.1m! md 'w,1.u,w-.. 11,4 mhiwl w ww! H1 U1 .mwuv-,-v,wL,w1ll . xvmh xl wwxwnnw uv 1 xml 11. Um nun Uv- Q1,,,-ww w:1l1lnl1l!lM- wx. 1!M.M,w lv.-.-i-,M-1.MM,.,n.w1w-'.1Uu. HU Pumwl AJWM 1 .1-M H1 Hull! UNH Xxkllx Hu lv1u1:w'.wx Ill 1 I' IYN wut! 'I 1.11.1 mln!! mu.. 1.K...,, 1nl.,l,,1'.xtwm,x-1 mf m. kuxwm' mm. l'tw. 11.-:all-A-uwtllvf 1111.111-1 Owm,w1 H .lm ,M:.w1lUv.w.:m.yaww, Cls.nxm.nw umm x-.w11...., 1-L-yr svm.xL1v1, Ammlln- lm--rr.u1Jw C1111-nw-.-vx-H W mm 1-,umm-,..11.1, w.,,.1n c.vm:.W,.Hn, mv, m:.W mm, dn ,Xchlvtnh Cuxnyxxw.-,1Hvx,IMll',AlnJr1wwv Irum Llp .1 nnual Quit, IL-,wynll llrowrv lrum Un Ix.nmlNm.,1 41,411 V.nm Maswy from Un' "1 H Lnf.-" Mr.,lx41mh,41,Iv, 1.1 r u 1:5 musun, Holy 5.15, 1-'pn:'..w.L.ztnw- In-m ilu Bu51m'ss Offuu. 4 0.1 lit, -- ff -. i K ,li r lb fl' . . ' .. .v-11 'J '45 1' V' .Q . " 7 f 4. , 554,-ug -er Fx if 1' if. 'f -3 FFA, . .- V, 1 '1 Elec tions Commi ttee j1mI'ran, Dan JM-,L-X, w.,1m xxmly, 'llw I-.ll-uxum Cf-mn. mlm W, nh, X ,wi Lmkizm wn1fmnL-C.gv1u.,,- an x, .Q I HW .1 ,lu lu. U- ,mr ', 411 ..,-- .v.1.u.M .ull ,1. f. Ny, W .. ... .. L. 1,, smootlulu J:1dVw:x 11'1 ll' . Ihf Cwv' 1: xl!!! iw ww!! mnc'.'.xuon: lm, 1, 1, Jr, -1, w v' ' 11 W 1.1 mv: JM1 w' w1.n.m.:mM .mwlm-1,.m.,, W .N ,x mf! M, ,NN1 ll1c"x', 1!.u1m- rm Y W' N '- 1 11. H1111 W .1x1dlu51r0'.'N' 1 1 vwnu- W U, -ww ,4 .,x1.w1.x1'. Social Commission yn p -. e 'Wang 1 The s o cial events on the North Carolina Wesleyan E campus are organized and supervised by the branch of the SGA known as the Social Commission. This organization 1 is responsible forthe operation and upkeep of the campus box. It is rented on a monthly basis and selections are set at a minimurn cost. It is the aim of the Social Commission to provide opportunities for students to have informal gatherings throughout the academic year. These range from a series of in fo r m al dances to talent shows and scavenger hunts. In addition to these informal "get- togethers" there are two major dances held at Wesleyan: the Christmas Semi-formal and the Spring Formal, high lighting the year's social events. The c o m m is s i o n is composed of Steve Cherry, representative of the Freshman Class, Gay Finley, representative of the Sophomore Class: Evelyn Harris, representative of the Junior Class, and Terry Singer and joe Norman, members appointed by the chairman, Wanda Exum. Social Commission's Christmas Dance Seated: Wanda Exun-1, Evelyn Harris, Gay Finley. Standing: Steve Cherry, Joe Norman. 34 Athletic Commission The main function Ol the .-Xthletrc Commission is to set up and eo-ordinate the athletic .1 Q t i v i t 1 L- s on Lhe eollege eampru. lnorderto keep interest and p.1rtiexp.1tion in athletics thriving, the .-Xthletie Commission spoiuored various social aetivities and tournamenm. One of the major tournamenu h e ld or: eamptu was the ping-pong tournament. The Commission awarded .1 trophy to the '.-.ainner of the five round match. The Commission also sponsored 3 dance in Nlareh x-fhieh was enjoyed by those 'echo attended, 1 :1 : l u din Q students from several high schools spending a ' .4.' eehend at Wesleyan. The Commission consists of a. laeulty advisor, Dr. Rafnuond Bauer. a chairman, Diehy Moore. a represen- tative from ea.1helass.Bill Carlow, junior Class, Ronnie Brochenhrougli, Sophomore Class. Mille Pratt, Freshman Class, a nd a representative from each major sport: Don Everette, baseball team, and joe Norman, tennis team. ..,. Y .., s.. - w x.- r K - P Open Nov., Soon To Be Closed! g.- 'rfif lf 1 -it Mike Pratt, Ronnie Broelezibrough, Dielny Moore, joe Nomian, Don Everett, Fill Carl.:-an 4-Q Larry Matthews, Susan Black, Royall. Brown, Larry Post. Publications Commission The Publications Commission has the responsibility of co-ordinating the separate publications-the news- paper, annual, and handbook-into one organized, func- tioning body. All three publications work through this commission to solve die problems which arise within the specific publication. The Commission was responsible for the successful operation of the dark room and picture file for the use of all publications. This spoke in the wheel of the SGA is continually seeking ways to meet the publication needs of the student body. ay Smith Rebecca Melton, Susan Burkle, Sidney Will:-Lu, Royall Brown, Sandra "Life at Wesleyan". . .the official handbook ofthe c ol l e g e is published annually to provide answers to many questions which are common to all students. The Bishop's L.A.W. outlines the functions, organizations, and rules of the Wesleyan Community. Advised byDr. Teagarden, the 1963 staff was co mpos e cl ofthe following: Royall Brown, Susan Burl-de, Ann Millar, Sandra Perry, Cindy Belcher, jay Sm ith, Mary jo Edwards, Ray O'Kel1y, Baxter Myers, Dennis Stockdale, Joyce Griffin, Becky Melton, and Sidney Wilbur. Lian.: I V XX ,, ,Lp . QE' . 4: CY ROYALL BROWN, Editor: SUSAN BURKLE, Assistant Editor Perry, Judy Garriss, Joyce Griffin rv il' I F ll l E V I he Wesleyan Ibecree P 55 MEMBER .c f-L is I EDITOR Susan Black ASSISTANT EDITOR john Gillis BUSINESS MANAGER Vann Massey ADVERTISING MANAGER Walter White REPORTERS Bill Hartley, Melvin Dowdy Susan Burkle, Sharon Nichols, Sherri Leslie, Ginny Eason SPORTS David james, David Reeves During the s u m m e r months, the e d i t o r, business m a n a g e r, advertising manager, and several assistants began organizing the staff and Working structure for the "Decree. " T h e n e W s p a p e r was printed bi-weekly in Nashville, N. C. , on regular newsprint paper for the first time. The "Decree" joined the Intercollegiate Press Association from which it received news releases of other colleges which broadened the s cope and outlook of the staff, the c 0 l 1 e g e paper, and the college community. However, many of the summer plans were not c o m pl e t e ly initiated since Mary C. Hodgin, Editor, resigned herposition. The Business Manager, Susie Black, was appointed as the new editor with a capable assistant e d i tor to help her re-organize the operations and staff. A general reshuffle of the st a ff was necessary requiring several old staff members to change positions, but new members were added to supplement die a bi l it i e s and potentialiti es of the staff. Dr. C. Edwin Harwood faculty adviser, helped initiate a program which offered constructive criticism to the reporters. In order to increase the quality ofthe writing, the staff printed guide sheets stating the step by step procedure for writing a good newspaper story. Amid the chaos of a changing administration and some alterations in policy and or g a ni z ati o n, the "Decree" w a s printed during the remainder of the year. 3 ' 1 I AA m ff First row: Virginia Eason, Mona Cozart, Sharon Nichols. David Reeves, Sharon Leslie, Susan Burkle. Second row: Melvin Dowdy, Bill Hartley, David James, SUSIE BL-XCR, Editor. JOHN GILLIS, .-Xssistimt Editor. 5 Susie a ,J Louise Kepley, Lillie Mae D e la m a r, Cherry G o rha m, Ch Smith, Carroll johnson. 39 nd Vami talll over mom-y matters. arlotte VANN MASSEY, Busiucsx fxliimquiy WAXLTER WHITE, Advcrtisiim lN'i.1zi,1g1cr. I963 UIESLEUHH Once again, lights burned late in the annual office in the Student Union while the annual staff, or anyway V a part of it,wor1-:ed to assemble the pictures, copy, ads, and layouts which went into this 1963 NORTH CAROLINA WESLEYAN Annual. As to be expected, picture-taking ran thirty minutes behind time, no one could be found to write copy, and those d e a dline s came about two weeks early. Thenthe unexpected happened-a backward picture ofthe basketball team, a broken typewriter, the goal for the ads was met, and then a flat tire on the trip to Winston-Salem. In spit e of these difficulties, time was spent attempting to open the doors through which the comm unity at Wesleyan endeavors to achieve a liberal arts e duc ation and it is the wish of the 1963 , annual staffthat every facet of college life at Wesleyan LARRY MA T THEWS, Editor-in-Chief, discusses be represented in this-the student body's azmual. whether or not there will be any art work with BETTY ANDERSON, Managing Editor. . 1:92 WF' A . sv, v f' Q. -1 S- L - emi- -.ot Seated: Bill Creekmore, Jimmy Burnette. Standing: Christine Braswell, Ted Cooper, Betty Spain, Charles Hayes, Steve Cherry. 40 HHHUHL l 'Q A. W. Parkera nd Louis Womble, pl Dil Little summit meeting with Tassic Langluy, Adviser, and Larry Matthews, Editor. motographers. 2' :V -if L L' , if Wi --1 jane Smith, Louis N :5"A ! X sf' -ig Vomble, Brenda Rose, Mona Cozart, Edna Langston, JL-fi Shu-. -11 1' mf , le vfb But I told you 2 more art work! !k- Bashful Betty. J, W'hat do you mean no money yet? Another mistake, Edna? Can't you do anything right? What did you say the problem was? Phi Sigma, a service frater- nity, organized on the Wesleyan campus December 15, 1962, elected its first officers in january of 1963. They are as follows: Royall Brown, President, Chet Murphy, Vice-President, Guy Turner, Secretary, Melvin Whit- more, Treasurer, Doug Zellner, U Historian,,At the present time V' -w Phi Sigma has restricted its serv- "-' l ice to ushering for college con- certs and plays, however pl ans -, 1 Q.. .- are being m a de to expand this program. A Projects Committee was appointed to explore the needs of the college and the community which can be filled by the fraternity. With its motto "Faithful Service," Phi Sigm a strives to render service to the student body and faculty, to youths and the community, to members of the fraternity, and to the nation as participating citizens. vt . , ,i. , wad. First row: Travis Thompson, Alfred Vogelsang, Eddie Hopkins, jay Smith, Royall Brown, Bill Taylor, Ed Hardy. Second row: Dennis Stockdale, Melvin Whitmore, Chet Murphy, Richard Zellner, Bruce Sharer, Ronnie Brockenbrough. Ph1 S1 gma Wesleyan's growth has been remarkably shown in the growth of the new clubs and organi- zations of various types on the campus. These new groups offer students new extra-curricular activities and place new demands on students' time and energy. Political organizations were the first organized after the service fraternity Phi Sigma. The Young Democrats Club at Wesleyan was given its charter on March 7 by Fred Ricci, President of the college Federation Young Democrats Clubs. Later it elected Judy Garriss as its first Presi- dent. Other officers are: Kirk Woods, First Vice-President, Dave Brady, Second Vice-President, Evelyn Harris, Secretary, Richard Murdoch, Treasurer, William Taylor, Parliamentarian, Edna Langston, Historian. Among other things the group's activities this year included sending a dele- gation to the convention in Winston-Salem. Not leaving the Democrats unrivaled, a Young Republicans Club was also formed on campus with the help of the group at East Carolina College. Vigorous efforts on the part of the members will provide an intensive summer membership drive for incoming students. The officers of the club are: Bill Morris, Chairman, Dennis Schulze, Vice-Chairman, Susan Burkle, Secretary, Al Rexroad, Treasurer. ' In addition to political organizations, plans for a Monogram Club were completed. Member- ship in this club is open to those men who have participated in one previous season of a varsity inter-collegiate sport. Membership entitles one to receive a college sports monogram. A Psychology Club was also formed under the direction of Dr. H. E. Siedel, Ir. This organization is open to all students majoring or minoring in Psychology. lt intends to bring in speakers who are specialists in various fields of Psychology to help students develop their interests. 43 A 1 1 A A ,JK First row: Cherry Gorham, Brenda Pridgen, Alice Kovarco, Kay Hobbs, Etta Spivey, jenny Brooks, Erve ne Boyd, Bonnie Spence, Susan Burkle, Cynthia Belcher, Melissa Huizing, Brenda Robinson, Mrs. Ollie Mae Perkinson, Dr. W i 1 l i a rn Sasser, Director. Second row: Charlotte Smith, Gail Joyner, Barbara W i ll i a m s, Jane Smith, Carolyn Parker, Lucy Balcombe, Judy Addison, Beverly Vincent, Martha Brickett , Charnell Rich, MaryDrew Roberson, Gloria Lochstampfor, Evelyn Albritton, Jo Lynn F a ulk n e r, Nelda Holder, Donna Melton. Third row: Grace Markha m, Ginger Nesbitt, Royall Brown, Ed Hardy, Bob Lowry, Jenny Lou McLeod, Margaret Whittaker, Edna Langston, Karen Hansen,Dorcas Moore, Betty jean Grissom. Fourth rowzjim Poteat, Al Rexroad, Frances Eason, Bill Garlow, Dicky Moore, Lyn Holden, Dennis Stockdale, Max Fitz-Gerald, David Thompson, Ja y Smith, Melvin Dowdy. Fifth row: Ted Turner, Bill Taylor, Jim Wyatt, Billy Horner, Dennis Schulze, Bob Woo da rd, joe Boling, Guy Rouse, Kent Dickens, Jim Garriss. Wesleyan Singers The Wesleyan Singers, organized in 1960, has grown in three years from a small group of twenty- two to a full-fledged musical organization of over sixty members. The group has annually presented a Christmas concert and a spring concert in May. The repertoire of the group has varied from such works as Charpentier's "Midnight Christmas Mass" to groups or selections from "Porgy and Bess" and "West Side Story. " The group has performed both in Rocky Moimt and in nearby cities and plans are underway foratouring group in the future. Rehearsals are held three times weekly in Garber Chapel. Plans for the future include possible opera and operetta productions, oratorio performances for graduation festivities, and joint concerts with the Wesleyan Concert Band. The organization continues to grow and keep pace with the changing face of Wesleyan. The Wesleyan Singers represent, in many ways, a cross-section of th e student body and, as the largest single student organization on campus, the group truly reflects the "spirit of Wesleyan". Chapel Choir in "-if-f ' 9 i 11 It H NP- The Chapel Choir is a select group of thirty voices chosen from the larger group of Wesleyan Singers. The Chapel Choir was organized in 1962 primarily to furnish music for weekly chapel services. Admission tothe group is by invitation only and membership is considered a high honor. The group hopes to broaden its activities in future years to include special concerts both on and oil' the campus. There are also plans to organize a cha mb e r group of madrigal singers. ln D e c e m b e r the group gave a special Christmas c on c e rt at the Englewood Methodist Church in Rock for the future. First row: Grace M a r 1-4 h a rn, Dorcas Moore, B re nd a Robinson, Melissa Huizing, jenn y Brooks, Etta Spivey. Second row: Charlotte Smith, Susan Burkle, Gloria Lochstampfor, Alice Kovarco, Kay Hobbs, Bonnie Spence, joan Larnberth, Dr. William S asse r. Third row: Karen y Mount, other activities oi this type are planned Ha ns e n, jo Lynn Faullaier, Ted Turner, Dicley Moore y Ma:-, Fitz-Gerald, joe Boling. Fourth row: Francis Eason, Al Rexroad, Bob Woodard, Kent Diel.ens,Cuy Rouse Bill Taylor, Royall Brown, Ed Hardy, David Thompson. First row: Baxter Myers, Lillie Mae D e la ma r, Marilyn Dowdy, Arnold Adams, Cherry Gorham, Dorcas Moore, Royall Brown. Second row: Guy Turner, Melvin Dowdy, Charles Hickerson, Ed Stewart, Ronnie Brockenbrough, Band p Perry Lowry, Richard Murdo ch, Ray O'Kelly, Dr Gerschefski, Melissa I-luizingNValter White, lloyd Nelson Dorothy Waters, Bruce Sharer. Anew organizationthis year, the Wesleyan Concert Band, under the d i r e c tio n of P e t e r Gerschefski, provided the opportlmity for students to perform significant musical works written or a rra ng e d for concert ba nd. The band devoted considerable tim e in the fall and spring semesters to prac- ticing fora projected spring outdoor concert. The band held elections for officers in January. The following members were elected to one -year terms: Baxter M yers, President, Lillie Ma e Delamar, Vice-President, Marilyn Dowdy, Secretary, Cheryl Gorham and Arnold Adams, Librarians. In addition to performing in the Concert Band, students with above-average musical ability could perform in any of the several small instrumental ensembles. During the fall there were frequent rehearsals of the Brass Ensemble. The group braved 15-degree temperature to perform carols on the steps of the Student Union Building prior to the Christmas banquet. In the spring, members of this e ns e mb l e joined with Dr. Sasser and his church choir in p res e ntin g Ralph Vaughn Williams' Q lp lug Hands. The Woodwind Ensemble offered the competent player an opportunity to perform in a small chamber group. This group c o n c e ntr at e d on music written especially for such small ensembles. 46 5 .,, ,... , + E, .WL ff 4 w' S 1 I f ' :J X f gi' x -1 52 i' l ll I F I 9' f W .5 . 1 D 1. 6 ,I - Y 1 ,, Qi -, 1 - 2 e-' - ' 4? V - 1 ix 'W Q X v - "bl-in . " , nd.-'Q , ' Y , . '- " , mu . . , I 1 1. f I fb-..-A p f N, .V -4. . y-, . . ' . -' .1 " ' ' - ' E, - f H 1. -' 1 L,-5. -' ' - 1' 4 --in , - . --Q . 5"ix",4 ' - U " . . Q ' --T ' "Bc- 1. ' 1 ' - Q! ii 1 , ,gc f ' , tm N352 - W' J F - -2 ..,4' 3, mv' . ., VM -Il 45 NIM ' Q -' Q I " f"'s ' 1 ' 2' "F , ' - 1 " :"' fn:-N-,vfivzff ki wad, , K 'tif 4, . .:'A ' if-E-..,:",, V .'L- J . 3 f-, ...f - - -V.. 5 -1- W 'Wa' "SH rr .E -V f li:-M , 1 -A Ulu- -..f . q f - E T: G !! ATHLETICS ws? 6 'yviv Field Day X The fall semester of college life always intro- d uces a new group of students, wide-eyed with aspirations of making the most of their forthcoming ears ' ll y in co ege. Fre sh m e 11, as they are properly named, are called upon many times to displa the' y ir intelligence and initiative. Wesleyan tradition states that a series of athletic events, Field Day be la ed 1 P Y to determine the standing of the new students. These e f' ' vents ind the confident upperclassmen on guard to uphold their position of authority and esteem. Thus it is a battl ' ' e , pitting a hopeful Freshman Class with victory intheir eyes, against a firm standin u er- 9 PP class. In the fall of '62 the events played consisted of volleyball, basketball, football, and a tug-o'-war involving both male and female teams from each class. Onthe volleyball court victory found its team to b th . - , . . , e e quick moving, high-Jumping Frosh girls who easilywonthe first two matches The Freshmen irls - 9 went on to a greater glory by overwhelmingly winning the basketball game over their die -hard opponents. The au' was filled with upperclassmen's excuses and promises of winning the boys' forthcoming contests. But if the Frosh girls could win, why cou.ldn't the b 7 oys. In a heated b a s k e tb all game, the Freshmen boys proved their ability to dampen hopes of the confident upperclassmen bywinning the game with a strong 60 to 39 lead. If this wasn't enough proof of their men th 9 1 the football g a m e placed the laurel wreath trium- hantl p y on the h e a ds of the elated Frosh boys with another victory. All that remained of the Field D 2V was a tug-o'-war which was to be conducted over a water filled ditch. Upperclass girls found out what really constituted defeat by gloriously ending up in th . . . e pit. The only enjoyment experienced bythe losing upperclass girls was the fa t th ue"'! ff c at 5 Frosh men were pulled into muddy depths. Wearied from events well played upperclassme , n gracefully conceded theirposition of esteem by per- mitting happy freshmen to remove their blue bean- ies-all in the nam-e of competitive sport. rw 1 I .l, 1 0 M Y. F , fl s 4 r I 5 Freshmen Roll Over Upper Class oe 'A . ,, r , lid JD rv-' 1 i 1 - 1 Ly fo k ' Q 5 QB S3 'Qishnps The Battling Bishops of Wesleyan, in th e ir second year of intercollegiate baseball, played their six home games on the new baseball diamond located on the college grounds. The season's games, while producing a 2-9 record, were invaluable forthe young team in providing experience for the time when Wesleyan reaches full college Status. Returning lettermen included pitchers, Ed Schultz and Bill Carlow, catcher, Gary Garlowg infielders, Jerry Miller, Wayne Cooper, and Larry Matthews, and outfielders, A. T. Ne ville and Dicky Moore. The team was strengthened by newcomers Don Sessoms, Don Everett, Lew Ransom, D ave Brady, P ete House, Billy Horne r, Max Fitz-Gerald, and Ronnie Brocl-cenbrough. The team was expertly tutored in the intricacies of baseball by Coach Raymond "Moe" Bauer. Dr. Bauer, Director of Physical Education and Assistant Professor of Education, is a graduate of Wake Forest College, a winner of the I-Iarriss Sportsmanship Award and the most outstanding baseball player ofthe Big Four in 1950. DR. RAYMOND E. BAUER Head Baseball Coach First row: Larry Matthews, Dicky Moore. Second row: Horner. Fourth row: Coach Bauer, Kirk Woods, Wayne Ronnie Brockenbrou h M F' -G g , ax itz erald, Lew Ransom. Cooper, Dave Brady. Third row: Ed Schultz, Bill Carlow, Gary Carlow, Billy 54 4 Training progresses with pitching. . . - A ' " 4 -".'.' A ' ' " 'if ",gL,.l ' A: ' rf: 'sg-"I "'iT2-.. X 1' K - P 4 Jimi' - .e ' A.T. Neville slushes out a hit against St. A ndre ws . 1 -es. 55 and battmg practice . 'if x .I ir -w'52'?4 "A?"'-V---..-,.., km r Y I KX March 21 March 22 April 4 April 6 April 7 April 10 April 17 April 28 May 3 May 4 May 1 4 May 15 You told WHO to keep score? BASEBALL SCHEDULE 1962 Wesley College Wesley College Campbell College Ferrum junior College Chowan College Louisburg College St. Andrews College Frederick College Louisburg College St. Andrews College Chowan College Campbell College 'fm' ,' , awp I' Af lu if qs. Q 1 8' 4 - Lefty Bill Garlow catches the outside corner with a curve ball. 56 , xB P x Sq Y 1 5 - L--. Make him play loose on lirst, Coopur. ,.a'd 5 " ' 2" .QZLLMA As essential as the pitcher and catcher is the support of the Student body. Q-4 , 4, 5 X if - ...- I W a y ll Q C O o p Q r singles sl1arply..1g.11n5t Fcrmm junior College. o I .L Tennis Tennis broke into Wesleyan's sports activities in the 1962 season as the second intercollegiate sport. The first team was made up of players joe Norman, johnny Willia ms, Bruce Rampe, Louis Womble, Don Tippett e, John Hines, Brad Dixon and jerry C hesson. The double teams were usually paired off with Norman and Hines, Williams and Rampe and Womble and Tippette. Much of the success of the tearn's first season goes to Col. Sam Hall,Assistant Professor of Mathematics a nd tennis enthusiast, who organized and coached the first team. The squad, while posting no victories, showed marked improve- ment as the season progressed and should be on a more even basis with competing colleges in the 1963 season. O , A I - . f - ' 2' .ffy -17?' . 1 FQ' ,' 4 4 . 'I 14 '. T-'T4,f'f' my , . 1,2 Z.. ,,,.,, . . Kneeling: Brad Dixon Bruce Ram e johnn W'1l' , p , y 1 rams. Jerry Chesson Not Pictured Don Tippette Standing: Louis Womble, joe Norman, John Hines, 58 Apl 'Xl p 0 M M 3 14 M 3 5 , 1 THAT'S PORN!! S Basketball Wesleyan College was well-represented in the 1962- 1963 basketball season when its first team, participated in the Rocky Mount Men's City League. The team, coached byDon Scalf and sponsored by Joyner's Athletic House, maintained second place in a league made up of many former colle g e players. Coach Scalf, a former basketballer and graduate of Wake Forest College, was instrumental in bringing a successful season to the team. The starting te a m was made up of forwards Tom Dew and Bill Robe rs on, center Lloyd Nelson, guards john Edg erton and David George. This team will be the nucleus for the 1963-1964 season's Bishops who will compete in an inter-collegiate schedule in Wes1eyan's new gymnasium. , 5 H 5 -- :vs .fb 1 Sg- 5. , , I ,I ,hw " Ju, x +5 42 13'-:fni , ' 1 iii 3-"5"',E1.Q, :tif X3 .L A. ',:'v:f321 ' 4 ' f 1.-i i 5 gf f Wi, , . .1-5.3 .V " i W .11 ar" R nl -I J' I -og C,. sf X"-gf - DONALD SCALF Basketball Coach f Q l i I I ,ll 1 i Lloyd Nelson, Tom Dew, Bill Roberson, Larry Alford, john Edgerton Al Rexroad Mike Pratt C ch S lf 60 , , , oa ca , kneeling UK xawva I ,p- Ja. 6 Lloyd Nelson pours in two against C1ac.k's Grocery. Bill Bobbitl: and C oa ch Scalf watch as the plot develops. Tip-off with all the characters at ce nter stage. Intramurals The intramural sports program provides the opportunity for participation in pla nne d team recreation in tennis, football, basketball, volleyball and oth e r outdoor field activities. Four te a ms rivaled each other in a series of volle yb a ll and football games. The result led to joe Norman's tea m, the Sleepers, emerging champions in volleyball. The Knight's of Nash, managed by Ed Schultz, toppedthe otherteams in all but one game, placing them as winners in the tag football competition. In the spring, arrangements were made to incorporate a series of ping- pong tou.rnamenl3 demonstrating a th 1 e t i c ability in an indoor sport. But where is the pass receiver? I if ' '9 .izfvimgwffawim Y' X, ,QA W ff x ' "' :aj lug? g Q, . , A? W . ,ii -H353 ',Q'Ji3.. , . .,f, 43", ' . ,J - -'f :V -M Agp.-z',f.,f "N" ' mann A A !! FEATURES AL 1 9 I .A K "wi O . lib .Q I ' ll-. eg ,?z. '31, ' Q S. - 2-if Qs . IT, :3.7' 1 ,n M -4 f wp: 1' 1 . l lf I:7:::5rr-- ' ' ' if .11 1. 1- ' ,As wx, 4 A ig ' c f -'s Gs A n -., . Hilti!" T- ' xgillff ',- ' 3 As. Placement Tests, 0 Books, Blue Beanies And Ears . . .550 X- X 51 ' 'I s Ny gQ ksf B rf kgs :5' Then Came Registration Q W? A 5.1 qw .M 2 -gsm- any , Y, ' --Kei ' 1 E ie-.5 '-:' " Drama mntuffe T7 11,4 iii' if 'SW' .fm '1 .qu -i x rw ff 4 ., X 29 l, , , ! s M i I , I 'f-4 .- I-- ,,. F , - 1 I X i P, WV. XFN, ,JM Private Collection V V l . -P! 'l.-.' -1 174 , E Privatc Sl'lOVViI'1Q ,- ' -'x 'fm ,,' W, . 5 1 V Nl -v . .4 . V., , .- f f ff x H 46 .v k ll HK' ly I5 if Q 'uf nv' x . ' " WSW yu V 1114. -ww li' " Q? KAY HOBBS FRANCIS MCGEE I Egfr JUDY ADDISON MARY JO BA RKLEY 4.l1 MISS MISTLE TOE CANDIDATES 5 f?'e.L5i3 1 Miss Mistletoe 75 Mny jo BA rk 1 Q y, Susie Black.-two "Miss Mistletocsu D i m n c s cannot conceal thc glow of the neu queen N ,, A as f '4 .- 44 ..,f:ow---"" " 7 . , vx . A f..' SPRING COURT 1962: Mary jo Barkle Marie Fish L b y, er, joan a m erth, Lillie Mae Delamar, Evelyn Harris and 3 Charlotte Smith. A 53"-X f' Spring Coronation Royalty reigned as Evelyn Harris posed for a regal portrait. 76 pring Formal x3 Our 11-4 lOlb host s. s Smiles, Flows rs, and Queens. if ma 'A' ' 1 ,Yr 3,4 3 'ru-if' Qi.: .-ex .gi we-gi. 6 2, . b K 5, 4 , Q3 :S UL. I ffl' T ca . ' ',', Mkli' PO' 1 5 Ala .1 Y NA I, li . ... nw , V' 4 . , , :-ff 's ' -'L l Q- ' -15",-di -' .--. .- 4.2, . 41 , iw ,Q v' -, - .41 -. ' '57 31:35 '-1. ' 4' ' ' Q' ' .51 rr 1' -V :Y - ll! .. 5 ,M .fag 1 -' 1. .f.s.,A3' 'ee , , , , K rs, ' , 5 ,wa Y, 3' 1 , Y ' ,iivffgs 5 7. "5.:.,f.' gf ' .'5-ig' FII?" " ,il -J V f .fl 1. - Ks, my 1 V, . ,fe-:gf f T, . ,. .iq I 4,.4QyQt, - vf ' 21, W f , V. .f - Y1,w'f:f1.',v.lw.f gL.y:q.f f,f.f1.g J -Qgavgglz s f .,-.---v F- ' , - ,.-, ,', I . rf' " t", -r. .Q ?3ff'iQ. IIS mf- ' f If 'Y '-"ofa, .V ' . 13- -.-f-5?.2Z"'.-ur E y f ff A vg- .fp .K Q, :Q--4 ., . . .H ff . ll - ml 3 4 2' 19. ' 1 E ' ' ' N ' A I- . f, ,M Q: - m gp, . f,,, 5,32-gig . ffm 1. '3, ' .,. .., ,gl 'vg.,.I, ... 1, LJ' 1 1 np,-gg ,:l, 7,2 gsemg' , EX gif: '5 .4 1315 A .!,.. ,Q -mf: ,H -lg: .. .311 -- E? - I I .. . V f T' ,L uf - mm., - 1'-. " '-'fs . :ng 412:33 ii'-I L . , W 1 '.' 'Q' n- 'M .ff ' Isl? gf? .4 SL.-4 21 -'A-H274 5. 2"-1 H- Zi rv " 3 ii? 5' V Jaif' 4 ' .-1' I Hi ' r ',-ljf-T425 :Q Q '-, Riff , ,, 45,54 , :fff f H-' ..i.,,,,. X ,, ff :1fif i +a2 f Qs?-2 , I TW 'A f' '1 , LL. - ff 4. ,,m J, 1 , --V -:W ,F . ..,A , , - 3 in ,Ag .,? "' , 2 A ' ',"" - . A H 'K ' . " ' -. -V -.. ..-,.....-..- . . . - - ,. , - -.,, , -, .h,,,,,,, - --- A f 1 .. 1 .. . , ' -34:-'H -M. ' . . A"f"""Q ' L , if 1 j.,..ugq.5-qty.:-..::i, V 1 'diff I ,I . -if if V .zu.fw..,'.-.f'j.U. . Y 3 1 - ,v I .N T ' .ff-.V 2,1-f iq. ... . , .V , ,,..- -1 ..,,- ,, '. ,. ,' '2 . '-'1""h'rg' Q1 .' dig, -5-5 1.1, 1, ., ,. Jr., -.Nl .. .,4f3,f.y!1fayf.13.3yjm'm.c5a -..Q '6fxmw,-.:' 'nw-g,.,. sq . ,g .f. 5- 5- af. ,,,., "-Q, - nf . ,. vi 5.1--. 311 Q' '1?'f--,--r- J ,, ., - - ,..,91. A Q f,.,g,fL-7. --Ffa,-45.-r" .-, 7 'f' ,gzflffl 1 gfzvg 1,,:,-.:,.,: Alf'-:bf r -, -t K' 'MVN '- " .ik 'W A " " ..,.J4,,,ls , .54 , I, A.. ic: lf. I . ,gf7?,,"-91 ' - .' ' --M. . .5 . A v 'M e' A-'nftkillf F " , , Q31 'viz -QM. ' , . Hn, lf" . ' L' -. ' 1 . , I J .n 'Nm' ' - ' J , . ' , K is 0 - .i,- ,n' x v 10" V - Y -JE 1" . . r 4 , 1' jf if 4' - .r x -. ' " 1 f 1 sid? 5 9 . X-- ,P . iv G CLA ...ds"" 1. Q9 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Seated: JOHN EDGERTON, Vice- Presidentg JIM POTEAT, Treasurer. Standing: JOE BOLING, Presidentg BETTY ANN STEVENS, Secretary. The Freshmen, in keeping with the tradition of past classes at Wesleyan, sponsored a Freshman Weekend consistin . 9 ofabonfire and hayride on Friday night and two football games and a dance on Saturday. Again this year the Freshman men and, women challenged the upperclass men and women in football, giving them an opportunity to reverse the out- come of Field Day. The Freshman Class also chose a "Freshman ofthe Month" for his service and devotion to the class. An article announcing and interviewing this Freshman appeared in the college newspaper. W? 'L' ARNOLD KENT ADAMS JUDITH ADDISON MARY LOUISE ALDERMAN LAWRENCE CALBERT ALFORD E' LESLIE DWIGHT ALLSHOUSE LUCILLE ANN BALCOMBE JAMES FLOYD HNRDEN, III LIND.-X ELLEN BARNES PHYLLIS H-XRNHILL CYNTHIA BELCHER ANN BOATNER WILLIAM E. BOBBITT 41 Y .- ,. fv- 5-4- 7 TRN, F?Lff'T5 Q'-fi lf .gm zq, U: - . iv .4 I- -' L ,LE 'P Lf . H, A X A fv- ri 4 , f""'W -1.6K ,Q 1- .- .- -X fs 1 -. I 132' I, E. JOSEPH EOLLNC 1: , AN 3' ERVENE EVELSN Bom 'ou If V36 '-.T JAMES CONRAD BOYETTE 'fy A . . T . xv MARTHA BRICKETT , S- ' 2. H A VH - v - x ' , v ' gi. - P. I ' ' ' GENEVTEVE KATHERINE A lj, -'22 A BROOKS 'o S v ' .1 L , F5 ROBERT GARNETT BRUCE -. f Q I I Nl- , " SUSANJANE BURJQLE -- f' b H" ' AMOS STEPHEN CHERRY 9 , I -- I' ' P HELEN ROSE CHESTNUT -1 HAMPTON DAVENPORT fr Q 'I ' 3, A L... COOPER 7 LR -3 h L NANCY LAURA H - ' , ' -S CRUTCHFIELD K - I'-f U FRANCES CUTCHIN I Q' I x Y xy , 'H ELIZABETH DAVLAN " RALPH THOMAS DEW Y I K STEPHEN KENT DICKENS .4 Q I fl C' 5 I MARILYN RUTH DOWDY v XD 'OE IC,-I MELVIN DOWDY WILLIAM LEWIS DYSON JARVIS JOHN EDGERTON MARY JO EDWARDS JOHN MICHAEL EVANS BRENDA JOYCE EZZELLE GEORGIA CAROL FOX GRAHAM S. FULGHUM JAMES PRESTON cARR1ss iq, " ELIZABETH ANNE OAYLORD DAVID SPENCER GEORGE BETTY DAWSON GRAY s. 'R FS ax llg 1' ix I L v. -L f 4 T' ' , :f-vs' F , LJ- xx-ff ,E A jg A "A, I? 'af , C9 'wx 'r- PATRICIA RUTH GRIGG BETTY JEAN GRISSOM JOHN EDWARD HARDY, III OLIVER WAYNE HARDY HEYWOOD ROBERT HARTLEY TIMOTHY WILLIAM HENDERSON CHARLES E. HICKERSON, III MRS. JUNE C. I-IINTON LYNDON L. HOLDEN ERNEST EUGENE HUNT DIANE JONES MARGARET IRENE JONES I!--I "?' 1--. . 1- y .- x- f N f: ,W . 'ff 1 ,,,, .. K D, n i x ,, A W N., Vx s--1 -Q. MLLN BAXTERJ. MYERS,IR. , PM, q,-. A PAUL M. NANCE, IR. ' Q LLOYD EDWARD NELSON ' VIRGINIA DALE NESBITT M V' X10 cf 'P ht- N r v V, l'I IOMAS WEIR IQEYIY RUSSELL LEE LANCASTER, jR jOl IN ALBERT' LANE SHARON ANN LESLIE CLORLA I. LOCHS'I'AMI'FOR ROBERT LOWRY DWAINE E. MATTOX JERRY D. McCONNELL DONNA MELTON REBECCA ELLEN MELTON CAROLYN ANN MILLAR RICHARD W. MURDOCH NN 3 N f S .. :K M ffl MRS. ESTHER NEVILLE --. --X SHELTON NICKENS ' JACQUELINE FAYE NUNAN .- 1. RAYMOND M. O'KELLY .Y ' , CAROLYN SUE PARKER A 5 -A GWENDOLYN PARKS 4 filth PHYLLIS HILL PERRY ' SANDRA ANN PERRY h " sf - Q 'M' J ,I ,,. as "5 mf, ir pgs: QQ i tk'-v 1 md' fp.. .-v -4' Q 1 r -.fx .. ls I Q., 'fan F-' ' rqmg, I I .V 1 rm v. 4-,R ff Q . . , GWENDOLYN JOYCE PITTENGER , - If JAMES POTEAT .D I iw ,, I , 'J W ,. ng, U DIANE EVANS POWELL ' MICHAEL JOSEPH PRATT , " I i W r , 1 - A W 'Z 1:-fewiff' -:':.-Q 2 " A ' Q Sl ' 'ff 9 ,U CHARLES ROBERT PRICE "" ff? 4 As: "7-1 'Ai ' PAULETTE PRIDGEN .4-E, . ' -. JANET B. PRITCHARD I I CE- R ,S MARTHA EOSCUE PRUITT ...L I '? f , JIT! ' v 1 1? 5 ff: .Y gl 4- RONALD B. RAGSDALE 4, f 2 DAVID CHARLES REEVES .WA I ' QA' : Q, 1 ,,,. CHARLES A. REXROAD EXW, f 1 4. J LINDA CHARNELL RICH ,I 1 1221, LL252 1 ' f "' -- mr '. -A ' '1F"'51Ef 15" f 5435 MARY DREW ROBERSON 1 f ig., 1 , ' ,U ' WILLIAM JOSEPH -S ,L I ':: A , I... '- J ' ROBERSON f 'T H '-I - ,- E. JANICE ROEBUCK If ,J A A '- f JAMES HAROLD ROUSE X' 'M' , ...M I - w ,J 1 A 1 r GLORlA T. SANDERS JOYCE Y. SATTERWHITE J' CATHERINE ELOISE SHAW C2 Z? 7. 1? MARY MARRIOTT I , . . SHEEFIELD 'J f T' T 'T' X QB' , E, SANDRA JEAN SHIPLEY 'ff ' AMANDA SRINNER I JAY C. SMITH in A N ' MICHAEL STANLEY SMITH .. ,, 1 ff J- , we 4- I, 5 J N-.X ME P.-X TRICIA ANN SMITH REV. HAROLD DALLAS STANLEY ELIZABETH ANNE Q TEVIENQ. COLLEEN ELLIOTT STEVENSON GORDON D. STONE OTTO MQLEXN STROUD JANET LOUISE SURRATT WILLIAM V. TAYLOR DAVID THOMPSON TRAVIS THOMPSON, JR. ,IUDITH ARLINE THO RNLOXY GUY F. TURNER, JR. ' v. E X 'I-R ,- x- I -,. , 'iv I 1'- 5' ' .. 3 -:- -- ll L "2 1 ., , 17 K-. .. f' lv. 'D ' 'Us V I v .. mil , Y., .- -1' AV- Y J' . 4 ---x T' O- ' . ff' X! I .bw L, '75 Y ', Us 21 THEODORE M. TURNER BEVERLY HARRIS VINCENT JOHNNY BAUM WALSTON LINDA ANN WARREN THOMAS R. WHITE MELVIN L. WHITMORE INLARGARET GAIL WHITTAKER ELIZABETH ANN WILLIAMS ROBERT EARL WOODARD JAMES Ii. WYATT CILMOUR ADAMS WYLIE HARRY B. ZANE, III SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS ETTA BROWN SPIVEY, Secretaryg JO LYNN FAULKNER, Treasurerg KEN TARLETON, Vice-Presidentg ROBERT STEPHENS, President. Under the le a d e rsh ip of its able officers, the Sophomore Class had a busy year. The first major proj e ct of the class was a Sadie Hawkins Dance in November which brought many students to the city of Dogpatch, U. S. A. , to e nj oy an evening of hill-billy fun and pleasure. As the new year ope ne d, plans for a s e c ond project began to formulate. Cupid shot his mystical arrowg music broke forth from th e Countdown Combog and down came a queen from the Land of Hearts to reign for an evening in t.he midst of her fellow classmates. Thus brought to a close the major projects of the Sophomore Class, but never will there draw to a close the hopes and aspirations of this Class of '65, 86 BOBBY JOE AYERS MARY JO BARIQLEY WILLIAM RAY B.-XTCIIFLOR WILLARD E. BATTS, jR. STEPHEN CLAY BENNETT BETTY IE.-IN BRADSHAW DAVID ALAN BRADY LUCY CHRISTINE BRASWELL DONNA FELICLA BRENT SOPHOMORE V I ,Q ,Gb I L , , ' I -E I 5 L ,495 A . :Has S fm!-x ' sr P I Y I fda Q- ' " " 1 I I A Q V Q 5 v S...- -x LA- Al U 6 l ' U15 'Tx X '. vs., 1-5 xv I , pk I' as - -X .9 Q 4: . - L 6 A. Y RONNIE KENT BROCKENBRO UGH MOLLY RAY BROWNING JIMMY D. BURNETTE DAVID JOHN CAISON HERBERT W. CAMPBELL HERIMAN LEE COLEY GEORGE HUNTER COLLINS IOHN P. COOPER, III THEODORE R. COOPER 9 4,-X -5 B. PETER DOERFLER MRS. GERALD DUKE DOWDY JOHN A. EILERS JONNIE PAYE ELLINGTON DONALD TAYLOR EVERETT MARGARET GAY FINLEY MAXWELL FITZ-GERALD JOHN COBB FLEMING JUDITH ANNE GARRISS is ' ' 1 NU L Y ,,. ,, , .N 'La 'iw 1' 5 ' 7 N 4' .-Q. G o ,-.. 'Y' 4 ,'v-- 4--1 - 'ww fm. Q3 Q'-"Tv Z MARY CHERYL GORHAM PATSY GORHAM JOYCE JUANITA GRIFFIN BARBARA LEIGH HALL ALI AHNIAD HAMAD KAREN HANSEN WILLLAM RALPH HARTLEY CHARLES EDWARD HAYES WILLIAM E. HERBERT fs f 'Z C rv . . -v '71 I N X " 5 D -N " X95 on '.l K I - '- v f I 1'--r A X D 1 , .4.- . U ' ' ' fa M. 711 153: ' E . fa: A - - ' '1 .W 'K " -'N , '1 . If I r.. 'W 1241- " ' , 1 Y ' N v , A ORE ELLEN LOUISE KEPLEY OLIVE ANN KORNEGAY ALICE CAROLINE KOVARCO cr fn- ,X ,, N A. ,I EDWARD RUSSELL 1J1M1w1, IR. '73 T ' EDNA EARL LANGSTDN RITA P11105 LINDLEY PERRY LOWRY MAXINE ROBIN LUNN GRACE ELIZABETH MARKHAM C2 'Q - RAN 3l,O.'1N IIOIIIXS. C XINN IlI,JW.XRI5 HOl'lxIT'-JN, jR. XYILI IAM I'I IOMAQ IIORNI' R 1111511 wwf 11ow.xRD 1115115511 1c1L1gN IIUIZINC DAN yxcoss DAVID W. JAMES ELIZABETH CARROLL JOHNSON MARGARET GAIL ,IOYNER - I .N :AUX . ,,- ,V , ' 1. 'A ,n -fv 3 , - -,Q -' W-ws, Wi .- 1 Q 1 -.- w I . 1' , .- '1 fr X , vs' fn 'fgl fr. ' fm A. , I I o,,' f , ul- ,I f - V... , . f 4 4a .iff V 'firm' 5 . . . V , 2 D . 2, ., 'if- ,- Xu- X W N D JOSEPH H. NORMAN, IV ALTON W. PARKER, IR. BONITA LOUISE PITZER LAURENCE C. POST JAMES M. PRATT BRENDA RAE PRIDGEN R. STEVEN PROCTOR LEWIS A. RANSOM MRS. ROSE MARY REGISTER JC". -rf-nf vi .ox ,-Q tb f 441: x S E I 64 ' ,.,: Q. RICHARD L. MARTIN PATRICIA ANNE MARTIN LEE RICKS MAY WILLIAM REID MCAULEY, IR. SARA FRANCES MCGEE IENNY LOU MCLEOD CHESTER A. MURPHY, III ANDREW THOMAS NEVILLE SHARON M. NICHOLS 'f:'f'1 1- I. 1 4.,- . -- ! 3 ...M ' hx Vg? ' OPH ' "- ::'?q' 1q:,gg:, ' 4, 1. I.: ' 1 -vt1- pvl. f , , 4-.1 5,1 4, '-.1 . I 'Vim gh . V ,I 4 5 ,f W' 'Q ' -' ' ' . -pf V9 4 l l fm .vss -v 'CD' L rw fw. l x -T ORES fv-vs BRENDA GAYE ROSE GUY DAWSON ROUSE MRS. WINIERED S.-XVFYER ED SCHULTZ ROBERT BRUCE SII.-XRER JEFFREY WAYNE SHEE TERESA LEE SINGER CHARLOTTE SMITH JANE L. SMITH ,N 'rf '- x 4- 14. 4' ,-Q 9- I on -x I E' V I 'EQ 4 V 'v' .- , V 5 x ' A: Q .- -E -W ' ' we pf "I Q A if' ,. , ' Y--7 25. -sr il - 95 I I 'W sk , . I ,Qs BETTY CAROL SPAIN BONNER SPENCE ETTA BROWN SPIVEY ROBERT STEPHENS EDWARD D. STEWART FRANCES H. TANK.-XRD KENNETH TARLETON FRANK PAGE TAYLOR VICTORLX E. TAYLOR lx! .4542 5 AV 4, , 'iii R. Q 'fm tj, DONOVAN P. TIPPETTE Lx - -E I A ' RICHARD W. TRLPP ' A REV. CARSON s. TYSON I TA 1 , -L " I I, g ' , 'gg ' ij ' l , E, ,ff if "JIS :RE ' A . Of ff ' '47 EDWARD WINSLOW VANN ' I If nl 6 A I i Y ' , S- M STARLETTE PAYE VESTER Ia' I ' E. ALFRED O. VOGELSANG - Rwffh' E .. , 9 1 . !. 1 7 . OPHOMORE U Q A .. "' . "N v DOROTHY M. WATERS "" "' EDGAR LANE WEBB A jjj L if A X -I- JAMES L. WHEELER 'VT-7' L, ' 'XV XS-, I I WALTER E. WHITE SIDNEY WILBUR, IR. JOHN E. WILLIAMS BILLY DONALD WINSTEAD DENNY C. WISE E. KIRK WOODS 1 ,,.,- ,-K. vu rf' "" 'ii-1' Q... nigh 1. QM ,,f 'N . , I JUNIOR CLVXSS OFFICERS VXNNM.-XSSEY, Prcsidentg PATSY MATTHEWS, SCCYQIJYQ'LXlON:X COZ-KRT, Treasurer. Not picture d: ALXRSH.-XLL PRIDCEN, Vice- President. rf- lli -rrrr ,s lg . AsWes1eyan's first class moves into its third year, the juniors continue to contribute mueh l d l r ea ers iip in the Student Government Association and college community. This pio ne e rin g class has felt a stxong s e ns e of responsibility to continue to blaze the trail for succeeding classes, and its acceptance of this responsibility has been extremely rewarding to its members. The Juniors, a small and unified class, began preparing for graduation by undertaking several projects to make mone y. Committees were established for the purpose of selecting a gift to the college and considering other Senior class projects. As the jimior Class look' f ' A - ' ' ' .5 onward to graduation next year, it pledges continue d leadership and service to Wesleyan. 93 lb 'DB 1 4 Kg -gma- ovv '-.1 'Ctr' 7 ri EV ELYN IRENE ALBRITTON ELIZABETH ANN ANDERSON JOHN THOMAS BANDY SUSAN BLACK ALBERT E. BOONE MRS. CAROL W. BRINKLEY w-ST. 4" Y HAROLD ROYALL I' wwf' ' ' , f BROWN A bi. Xsj:-'L G. WAYNE COOPER MONA LEE COZART -0'9" BILL CREEKMORE -3 ,W LILLIE MAE DELAMAR ,Q " VIRGINIA w. EASON Q ,J L X w Nrj- g-7 I ,Z Y? R COROTHY LOVE FERGUSON GARY MOORE CLXRLOW WILLIAM j,-XY CARLOW JOHN WYLIE GILLIS, IR. JOHN FRANKLIN GRIFFIN, III CHARLES E. HARRIS S ,..-Q f? 'ix ,. Q r .-, 'V 'lx ,- W h x 1 - - -7.-X - YV K lygl. 7,1 Y '- K- 1.44253 ,KT H' a. - ' -1, . 'lm 'L , ,JI 'fb '. 31 F gi 'I , 'A - if ig-. vf' 3. E55 ' I1 '51 ' ' 4 .'. 4-As h " ILL 'I ' 1: '14 5 W y H -r - Q In ' Q. , Z3 'xfih - V '- 4'hA CZ? '46 'gfy 3 V ,f tg iq fr 1:- X ha xr Q- ' T . ,. L. IT Q- Y if EVELYN CLYDE HARRIS BOBBY RAY HAYES JOHN WESLEY HINES LINWOOD JOYNER MNDOLPH C. KING SYLVLA JOAN LAMBERTH R. VANN MASSEY WILLIAM LAWRENCE MATTHEWS ' CLYDE ELAINE M.ATTHEWS MRS. MARIE A. MCBRIDE MRS. VIVLAN P. MITCHELL RICHARD LEE MOORE I IW' it ft ff? qw-.? 6 N . 1 I, 1 f lb. ' 'Lf Y'-wp 7 fi 795 kgs s,.,.., JX 'Wfvi 'lb4 1-7 T' pfxx ,X -S' TH? .3 Q -q fl., g.A fs. , ,AP i c PATRICIA ANN PATTERSON REV. MARSHALL PRIDGEN MRS. SUE K. REAVIS BREANDA GAYLE ROBINSON RICHARD DENNIS SCHULZE MRS. CAROL SMITH SEXTON 6 .,,fs I 14' g, I . . . I ,D -FL. '-.f 's- 1? I I x 0 '2 is x -5 'Wx R ,z BETTY JEAN WHITE BARB,-XR-X WILLIAMS MARY LEE WINSTEAD LO UIS RA YMOND WOMBLE, IR. REV. SAMUEL L. WOOD RICHARD D. ZELLNER 05 5 ld NBII III! '.'.. SMI VH uII,Ll XM LXRI, XVI-WL! Ii WINNI VI INI, BILLY 'IIIIOIXIAS UPCHURCII M. VICIQIE WALKER ELIZABETH j. WALIJ-.CE ry,-'N ' - - "fi V. , 1. M , , . -vt ,. 1f5"j'Q.- S ' - x . K ug W -. .- af- H ,'-., A 4 H :Qwf . ' sg I 1 I xg. l -Lp K v7 . ,rf ' w,.. Yi v -r .w .N fka- -fy I! V ' 1? 3 Q v 1 ,F U' , 1 X X . I I - - V, li .,- Q . . - I 1 T' . -Q R f 5 L Y 5' 7, 15" ,411-V , 755' 1 , , FW ' ff 1 . ,.!5:yg'v:i:z', , L .--I ?j',1l'X ,. -,Ax-fffffs ., , jglfy, ,ft-x 'x Y , Nfigiipz.-.-+ -f -- .3vfsy'4:f7f:".. llxlin we-v:L "QQ" . . V .....,,, 'Q tw I 9 5? xl i wig WM li llll ll sag ,,,lj fm il 'Cl Seca We have known college students in eastern North Carolina since theclassof 1900. Through the years each succeeding class has become more dependent upon good telephone service. To those attending Wesleyan College we extend best wishes. 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GAY-YOST FUNERAL HOME Television X, I XV, AI Kilpatrick Ambulance Service Appliances ' .f E .Iay Tomlinson Oxygen Equipment Tires Goonfyfnn Complete Air Conditioning Batteries ' 'IRES V 227 S.E.Main Rocky Mount, NC Phone 442-4244 Dial GI 6-6634 805 Fairview Road Rocky Mount, North Carolina 110 F 'F 5' ' ' I -,- , , , 1 i?iE,' BRYANT-LANGLEY CONTRACTGRS Paving Contractors Sunset Avenue Extension Rocky Mount, North Carolina Compliments ot G.A. WILKINSON, INC. I38 Howard Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina Compliments of lVlADELYN'S FLOWER SHOP Nashville, North Carolina Telephone GL9-5181 GL2-5010 Compliments of NASH GARIVIENT COMPANY Manufacturer of Children's Dresses Nashville, North Carolina THE ALYCE SHO P Exclusive Store For Women Nashville, North Carolina Telephone GL 9-364i I "i I Ir II I TOLLOSS TRACTOR COMPANY, INC. 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Falls Roads Rocky Mount, North Carolina Compliments of J.A, Tl-IARRINGTON AND SONS Manufacturers Rocky Mount, North Carolina Best Wishes . . Faculty and Students y T Bella-Q "Rocky Mount's Largest Department Store" Compliments of VVIMBERLEY 5 at GREGORY Telephone 446-6195 ll6 S. Franklin St. Insurance - Real Estate - Property Management - Appraisals 117 Th' T W -F M Wh C I24 SunsetAvenue Dial GI6-7128 mgs O em or en O are STANDARD PHARMACY BULLUCK CLOTHING COMPANY For All Drug Needs 8. Prescriptions l Men's Clothing and Furnishings Soda Fountain Dial 6-68I4 Near Center Theater 131 S Main Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina Rocky Mounfl North Carolina Daughtr'dge Paint 81 Wallpaper Company Contractors 2309 Sunset Avenue Rocky Mount, North Carolina Telephone 2-I246 - DIRECT AUTO FINANCE COMPANY, INC. P.o. 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SI. li in H I l 1 TUDE T DIRECTORY Adams, Arnold Rocky Mount 80,46 Addison, Judith Durham, 44,74, 80 Albritton, Evelyn Hookerton 44, 94 Alderman, Mary Louise Clinton 80 Alford, Lawrence Arlington, Va. 60,80 Allshouse, Leslie Derry, Penna. 81 Anderson, Betty Richmond, Va. 28,40,42,94 Ayers, Bobby joe Rocky Mount 87 Balcombe, Lucy Rocky Point 44,81 Bandy, john Thomas Rocky Mount 94 Barden, james Garysburg 81 Barkley, Mary jo Arlington, Va. 31,74,75,76,87 Barnes, Linda Kinston 81 Barnhill, Phyllis Stokes 81 Batchelor, William Ray Rocky Mount 87 Batts, Willard Rocky Mount 3O,32,87 Belcher, Cynthia Norfolk, Va. 44,81 Bennett. Stephen Rocky Mount 87 Black, Susan Lexington 36,38,39, 75,94 Boatner, Ann Rocky Mount 81 Bobbitt, William Norfol.k, Va. 62,81 Boling, joseph Norfolk, Va. 26,44,45,80,81 Boone, Albert Rocky Mount 28,3O, 94 Boyd, Ervene Raleigh 44,81 Boyette, james Black Creek 81 Bradshaw, Betty jean Carthage 87 Brady, David Columbus, Ohio 54,87 Braswell, Christine Rocky Mount 40,87 Brent, Donna New Bern 87 Brickett, Martha Timonium, Md. 44,81 Brinkley, Mrs. Carol Rocky Mount 94 Brockenbrough, Ronnie Waynesboro, Va. 31,35,4 47, 54,87 Brooks, Genevieve Norfolk, Va. 44, 45,81 Brown, Royall Hamlet 33,36,37,43,44,45,46,94 Browning, Molly Louisburg 87 Bruce, Robert l-Iyattsville, Md. 81 Burkle, Susan Hudson, Mass. 37, 38,44,45,81 Burnette, jimmy Rocky Motu-it 40,87 Caison, David Grand junction, Colorado 87 Campbell, Herbert Elm City 30,87 Cherry, Steve Rocky Mount 34,4O,81 Chestnut, Helen Rose Conway, S.C. 81 Coley, Herman Rocky Mount 87 Collins, George Nashville 87 Cooper, Hampton Nashville 81 Cooper, John Towson, Md. 87 Cooper, Wayne Rocky Mount 54,57,94 Cooper, Theodore Nashville 40,87 3, 46, 120 Cozart, Mona Knightdale 38,41,93,94 Creekmore, Bill Rocky Mount 40,42,94 Crutchfield, Nancy Fairmont 81 Cutchin, Frances Whitakers 81 Davian, Elizabeth Annandale, Va. 81 Delamar, Lillie Mae Rocky Mount 39, 46,47,76,94 Dew, Thomas Richmond, Va. 60,81 Dickens, Kent Enfield 44, 45,81 Doerfler, Peter Southington, Conn. 88 Dowdy, Marilyn Richmond, Va. 46,81 Dowdy, Melvin Richmond, Va. 32, 38,44, 47, 46,82 Dowdy, Mrs. Gerald Duke Rocky Mount 88 Dyson, William Lewis Monocacy Station, Pa. 82 Eason, John Francis South Mills 44,45 Eason, Virginia Tarboro 38,94 Edgerton, jolu-1 Kenly 6O,80, 82 Edwards, Mary jo Raleigh 31,82 Eilers, john Rocky Mount 88 Ellington, Faye Wilmington, Delaware 31,88 Evans, john Michael Nashville 82 Everett, Donald Elm City 31,35,88 Exum, Wanda Smithfield 26,33,34 Irkzelle, Brenda Rocky Mount 82 Faulkner, jo Lynn Red Oak 44, 45,86 Ferguson, Corothy Jefferson 95 Finley, Gay Virginia Beach, Va. 34,88 Fitz-Gerald, Maxwell Richmond, Va. 44, 45,54,88 Fleming, john Cobb Rocky Mount 88 Fox, Georgia Norfolk, Va. 82 Fulghum, Graham Raleigh 82 Garlow, Gary Rocky Mount 26,27,33,54, 95 Garlow, William Rocky Motu-it 35,44,54, 56, 95 Garriss, James Conway 82,44 Garriss, Judy Troy 37,88 Gaylord, Elizabeth Anne jamesville 82 George, David Brooklyn, N.Y. 82 Gillis, John China Grove 38,39, 95 Gorham, Cheryl Arlington, Va. 39, 44, 46,47, 88 Gorham, Patsy Rocky Mount 88 Gray, Betty LaGrange 82 Griffin, Joyce Roanoke Rapids 37,88 Griffin, John Franklin Nashville 95 Grigg, Patricia Mount Olive 82 Grissom, Betty jean Garner 44,82 Hall. Barbara Rocky Mount 88 Hamad, Ali Rocky Mount 88 Hansen, Karen Alexandria, Va. 33,-l-l,-l5,SS Hardy, Edward Oriental -H,-l5,S2 Hardy, Oliver Wayne Rocky Moiuit S2 Harris, Charles Rocl-.y Mount 95 Harris, Evelyn Atlantic 3-l,76,95 Hartley, Robert Richmond, Va. S2 Hartley, William Levittown, N.j. 38,55 Hayes, Bobby Ray Rocky Mount 95 Hayes, Charles Rocky Mount 32,-1-0,88 Henderson, Timothy Bedford, Penna. S2 Herbert, William Tarboro SS I-lickerson, Charles New Bern 46,47,S2 l-lines, john Wesley Rocky Mount 26,27,33,5S,95 Hinton, Mrs. jiuie Rocky Motuit S2 Hobbs, liay Corapeake 29,31,-1-1,-15,7-l,S9 Holden, Lyndon Supply 44,82 Holder, Nelda Garner -1-l Hopkins, Edward Altamahaw S9 Horner, William Richmond, Va. 32,4-l,54,K7 Howard, Irish Maye Roanoke Rapids S9 Huizing, Melissa Gloversville, N.Y. 44,-15,-16,89 Hunt, Gene Rocky Mount S2 Jacobs, Dan Rocky Moiuit 29,30,33,S9 James, David Arlington, Va. 3S,S9 johnson, Carroll Arlington, Va. 39,89 jones, Diane liinston S2 jones, Margaret Maysville S2 Joyner, Linwood Garysburg 95 Joyner, Margaret Gail Rocky Mount 4-4.89 Kepley, Louise Harrellsville 31,39,S9 Keyes, Thomas Orange, Va. S3 King, Randy Wilmington, Del. 95 Kornegay, Olive Rocky Mount 89 Kovarco, Alice Rocky Mount 26,27,4-1,-15,89 Lamberth, ,Ioan Longhurst 29,33,45,76,95 Lamm, Russell Rocky Mount S9 Lane, john Arlington, Va. 83 Lancaster, Russell Lee Rocky Mount 83 Langston, Edna Earl Roanoke Rapids 41,-42,44,S9 Leslie, Sharon Ann Baltimore, Md. 38,33 Lindley, Rita Pittsboro S9 Lochstampfor. Gloria W. Hyattsville, Md. Lowry, Perry Rowland 46,47,S9 Lowry, Robert Arlington, Va. 44,83 Lunn, Maxine Robin Scotia, N.Y. S9 4-1,45, Markham, Grace Elizabeth City 4-l,45,S9 Martin, Patricia Falls Chu.rch, Va. 31,90 Martin, Richard Lynnhavcn, Va. 90 83 Massey, R.Vann 2U,33,35,3il,93,El Matthews, Clyde Elaine Nashville 93,96 Matthews, Larry Sharpsburg 36,-14,1,kl1,-12,5-l Mattok, Dwaine London Bridge, Va. S3 May, Lee Rocky Motuzl 90 McAuley, William Reid Rocky Mount 90 McBride, Mrs. Marie Murfreesboro 96 McConnell, jerry D. London Bridge, Va. S3 McGee, I-'rances Rocky Motuit 26, 32, 7-1,90 McLeod, jenny Lou Sanford 44,90 Melton, Donna Havelock -14,83 Melton, Rebecca Battleboro 37,83 Millar, Ann Rocky Mount S3 Mitchell, Mrs. Vivian Elm City 96 Moore, Dorcas Rocky Mount 44,-l5,46 Moore, Dicky 26,33,35,44,45,5-1,96 Murdoch, Richard Donora, Pcnna. 46,47,83 Murphy, Chester Lynnhaven, Va. 90 Myers, Baxter Raleigh 32,46,-17,83 Nance, Paul Washington, N.C. S3 Nelson, Lloyd Seat Pleasant, Md. 47,46,60, Nesbitt, Virginia Durham 44,83 Neville, Andrew Enfield 55,90 Neville, Mrs. Esther Enfield S3 Nichols, Sharon Lynnhaven, Va. 38,90 Nickens, Shelton Elizabeth City 83 Norman, joseph Enfield 31,34,35,5S,63,90 Nunan, Jacqueline Cape Porpoise, Maine S3 O'lielly, Raymond Richmond, Va. 46,83 Parker, Alton w. Littleton 41,90 Parker, Carolyn Hubert 44,83 Parks, Gwendolyn Goldsboro S3 Patterson, Patricia Rocky Motuit 96 Perkinson, Ollie Mae Roanoke Rapids 44 Perry, Phyllis Nashville 83 Perry, Sandra Rocky Mount 37,83 Pittinger, Gwen Norfolk, Va. S4 Pitzer, Bonita Rocky Mount 28,90 Post, Laurence Timonium, Md. 26,36,90 Poteat, james Albany, N. Y. 44,80,S4 Powell, Diane Norfolk, Va. 84 Pratt, Mike Suffolk, Va. 3S,60,61,S-1 Pratt, james Ayden 33,90 Price, Charles Rocky Motmt S4 Pridgen, Brenda Rocky Mount 30,44, 90 Pridgen, Marshall Rocky Mount 96 Pridgen, Paulette Rocky Mount S4 Pritchard, janet Moyock S4 121 O lAl6 61,62,83 Proctor, Steve Rocky Moimt 90 Pruitt, Martha Maysville 84 Ragsdale, Ronald Springfield, Va. 84 Ransom, Lewis Towson, Md. 54,90 Reavis, Mrs. Sue Murfreesboro 96 Reeves, David McLena, Va. 38,84 Register, Mrs. Rose Mary Wliitakers 90 Rexroad, Charles Albert Frederick, Md. Rich, Charnell Durham 44,84 Roberson, Mary Drew Robersonville 44, Roberson, William Norfolk, Va. 60,84 44, 45, 60,84 84 Robinson, Brenda Rocky Mount 44, 45,96 Roebuck, Janice Rocky Mount 84 Rose, Brenda Grifton 41,91 Rouse, Guy Kinston 26,27,33,44,45,91 Rouse, James Hubert 84 Sanders, Gloria Hubert 84 Satterwhite, Joyce Henderson 84 Sawyer, Mrs. Winifred Rocky Mount 91 Schultz, Ed Rocky Mount 54, 91 Schu.lze, Dennis Cockeysville, Md. 32,44, 96 Sexton, Mrs. Carol Murfreesboro 96 Sharer, Robert Bruce Rocky Mount 46,47, 91 Shaw, Catherine Lutherville, Md. 84 Shee, Jeff Rocky Mount 30,41,91 Sheffield, Mary Wilson 84 Shipley, Sandra Reisterstown, Md. 84 Singer, Teresa Falls Church, Va. 91 Skinner, Amanda Kinston 84 Smith, Charlotte, Manassas, Va. 31, 39, 44, 45, 76, 91 Smith, Jay Rome, N. Y. 37,44,84 Smith, Jane L. Wilson 41,44,91 Smith, Kenneth Rocky Mount 97 Smith, Michael Rocky Mount 84 Smith, Patricia Rocky Mount 85 Spain, Betty Rocky Mount 40,91 Spence, Bonnie Aurora 31,44,45,91 Spencer, William Salisbury, Md. 97 Spivey, Etta Hobbsville 44,45,86,91 Stanley, Harold Enfield 85 Stephens, Robert Roxboro 26,31,33,86, Stevens, Betty Anne New Bern 80,85 Stevenson, Elliott Raleigh 85 Stewart, Edward Munhall, Penna. 46,47 Stine, Winni Richmond, Va. 97 Stockdale, Dennis Roanoke Rapids 44 Stone, Gordon Syracuse, N.Y. 85 91 ,91 Stroud, Otto McLean Lynnhaven, Va. 85 Surratt, Janet Burlington 85 Tankard, Frances Washington 91 Tarleton, Kenneth Rocky Mount 86,91 Taylor, Frank Raleigh 91 Taylor, Victoria Havelock 32,91 Taylor, William Stonewall 44, 45,85 Thompson, David Andover, Mass. 44, 45,85 Thompson, Travis Stantonsburg 43,85 Thornlow, Judy Greensboro 85 Tippette, Don Rocky Mount 58,92 Tripp, Richard Warwick, R. I. 29,31,92 Turner, Guy Wilmington, 46,47,85 Turner, Theodore Oceanside, N. Y. 44-,45,85 Tyson, Carson Hobgood 92 Upchurch, Billy Rocky Mount 97 Vann, Edward Rocky Mount 92 Vester, Faye Nashville 92 Vincent, Beverly Roanoke Rapids 44,85 Vogelsang, Alfred Arlington, Va. 92 Walker, Vicki Battleboro 97 Wallace, Libby Sanford 32,33,97 Walston, Johnny Ahoskie 85 Warren, Linda Robersonville 85 Waters, Dorothy Atlantic City 46,47, 92 Webb, Edgar Pinetops 92 Wheeler, James Rocky Mount 30,92 White, Betty Jean Rocky Mount 97 White, Thomas Elm City 85 White, Walter Rocky Mount 33, 38,39, 46,47,9 Whitmore, Melvin Youngstown, N. Y. 85 Whittaker, Margaret Winter Park, Fla. 44,85 Wilbur, Sidney Jacksonville 37,92 Williams, Barbara Nashville 44,97 Williams, Libby Elm City 85 Williams, John Rocky Mount 58,92 Winstead, Billy Elm City 92 Winstead, Mary Lee Elm City 97 Wise, Denny Rocky Mount 92 Womble, Louis Rocky Mount 28,41,58,59, 97 Wood, Samuel Smithfield 97 Woodard, Robert Richmond, Va. 31,4-4,85 Woods, E. Kirk Durham 54,92 Wyatt, James K. Gatesville 31,44, 85 Wylie, Gil Durham 85 Zane, I-larry Absecon, N.J. 85 Zellner, Richard Panama City, Fla. 97 Hut not the cud? Eu H".- v-my QW!" 123 Autographs Autograph Autographs I V Autographs 127 Autographs unfer X! 111 VNQMM Av:-mx WMYUNQMM N 1 128 41 .Si 'H 4. x Q P -. Q' - .-rr' ...Fav .sniff ' ' HWS. ,x,. wg .gh f ai' 4,-- DN 14 5, ,fv- ,,,..,zm' --2. ff, 153 ' 1'--1 'Q f .1-'-Hr . ff"-1 -.f - ., 'J' . ',17,.s, ,f A . , . 1 ,. -1. ' ' 49? A 'W' 5- ff- '- Q , 3.3 , i 5 ,gli 'nr -I i ' ,V . n ,X h ., A T4y5Qf:'r . 1 -in f ' 'r ' 444' Y" ' ' --5' "' Q hu, - ' ,-AQQ' bn " - Q -I v, .V ' 1 ' ' ,21. , 1 li, - ' -, - - - .7 4, 1, ez W , .,, ,. ' f W- ,f'.l,,t " 'ig' ' 5- -, . -."' I ,Q , I I . .J .-1,4-xl. L J. .:, l-- M 1. 'Q' R V "1" - i fb "sr .V in nf -5 .53 .- ' -'Gb gs. I' P , v - ' - ,T Ii. -, 1 If kg? .-. . ':-. a,a' . , . ' 115: 3' 1 - b l 'V 651.5 -we ' T 7 X 137'-:-UQ 'X 'A - -'- f--.44-'--si-xe:'ff ,-259'!l!"g' "Nw Dr, ' '- 1 .Ig- . qgvl -N ff -flgw. if . bf., ' , 'nl'- 'es' Q' "af fa, 1' ,. ga , ", -, an -1192-:":"in?' 121, V MT,-k nf if 5 4.3, K AT la' 4 . K' Q ' A V ggi -fe!-U " 'NL w, . Q' g ,A -f f F I J". A . I. 11+ fic.. --5 . ,, FIN. A ' I7 f- 4 it l x rx RL' WP 1'- fg . Fm. ., - I Ei' 4 'Y r 1 afz. ,gg ' 'I Fl-. i .a-. . 'bo 'YOIII

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