North Carolina Wesleyan College - Dissenter Yearbook (Rocky Mount, NC)

 - Class of 1962

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North Carolina Wesleyan College - Dissenter Yearbook (Rocky Mount, NC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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Q4 ,V, ' ' ' "w v ' , ' e ,.' V. , f 1 f 1' 1' I ' hx I D 1 1 I -5 I I 1 V' 74 ini H 1, n,.. I K , fo r s ,f. ' '1 ,Y 75,1 x, r I. 4, .f n -4 --1 I u- . 1. I L 1.- D- ' u 5 1 1 I . ,. . , .',-4 Q4 ,V, ' ' ' "w v ' , ' e ,.' V. , f 1 f 1' 1' I ' hx I D 1 1 I -5 I I 1 V' 74 ini H 1, n,.. I K , fo r s ,f. ' '1 ,Y 75,1 x, r I. 4, .f n -4 --1 I u- . 1. I L 1.- D- ' u 5 1 1 I . ,. . , .',-4 OVER 378 . 756 W5123' 1962 Norflv Corolino Wesleyon College Rocky Mounf, Norflw Corolino N, C. Weeie' l.ll ew riff'-1' UDFEN, R054 Y X- ,1f"f'lll'lB fo fhe cify of Rocky Mount, North Corolino The students of North Carolina Wesleyan College dedicate this, the first annual to you -the citizens of Rocky Mount. In the words of Bishop Paul N. Garber, you have dreamed the dreams and seen the visions. Now, we trust, you are beginning to see the material substance of those dreams. As our campus develops into a living reality, we, the students, offer our gratitude for the confidence in us which youlhave shown. Your belief in democracy and tolerance extended to everyone has become a goal for us to uphold while we organize and function in our different capacities. The tradition of persevering in the face of seemingly unsur- mountable obstacles and always retaining faith in the future and honest effort has been a stimulus for the students and faculty of our college to exert themselves to their fullest to fulfill your dream and vision. Your aim for us to develop religious maturity has been adopted as our goal. We are continually striving to develop an atmosphere of hospitality on our campus following the example you have set for us. 2 , ' nl !:.l,:Q.f w 'fir . gms: . , ".-I . --gli S -ef' , ' T-if lf'.' Q4 . .V .. , R' ff' Ko' if if E1:g:.'1'Q - .1 ,,n's, ,1- '96 ,I . ,ai It 'di' xx, -I I.,- ?E', 'I 9' 1 fn Wifi' "lr, kin- T- 1 ADMINISTRATION STUDENT ACTIVITIES ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS CLASSES ADVERTISEMENTS . Hour UH mcn sf1.xHJrc.mrnJruA J your young mun SHAH suv visio qw: wg K . if' 1 5 ADMINISTRATION l an ' l + H QEEHH EQQ T I H E 5 I 1 El E UI E H ' a ,-'F':,L:ElW'lI:u, 1 A 1559 -4 y.. l 5 I 1 ' R 1 I i 1 1 4 . 1 Q C ., ,, 1 s -gi.. 45 .4 I L ,V 9. ,' 'L ?."JQ'5 ' - , X .Nik l U C1 f - ff:Q.g.Q"'l 1 4. , . ' -- 1 I -4 ff 4' ' v, ' ' K '. 9' n ' I DR 1A.LIx W Dpan ol lin Z3 .- -,Q..v',-1ff"" ' .airy if , A Hitt, 'lj w , Z 2, 13 3, -22 ' a, N RONALD H. SI-IERRON Director of Admissions WALTER GRAY Librarian , ,rf 1 aw f nl' Y ' ROBERT W. GAY, IR. Assistant to Comptroller j. W. E. JOYNER Field Representative 10 W Board Of Trusfees Ray Bandy, Curtis Fllis, Rev. W.M. Howard, Jr., Dr. LE. Grirlinqtou, ILC. Brooks, jr., ILE. Adkins, lar W Hill " ' 1' . . . T'c , F.F. Di ac rs. l..B. cnzins rs. Pierce ohnson uv. Kc ' . -X s. im, x po ins L idcut T15iOY ubiqg minimum gg gg, 1 117313 d.""'5 l .1 L. ,pri QCD-mira-L 'Y' :ISHS -B- Dilugaas- .1 an Q 4 -,, yr -IS-in assay. """' fi liiflilial " I N. ni gm 5. llii I 4811 '1 .4-snag., L ,A 6 -130 .lima-aiu .-.m u n :un 1g .4. -- nlli-1-asain an -N. ,N H., , ,,,, Z 'iv 0 ul 11- 1 :ei ,, N., n-1lQ-:Aida i '- 'bi 6 11 Lutl . , Lhalrmar, A I. 51 r 11- , M I L , M ,I , R 5 W Dr.. .l'.K'1, Sr.,Rc'.T.A. ' i1'g, Prrs' N 5 .' . i i i - s M- is - ,fn I . -" - 1' ii if", """'1i'i,gg "V - . 5 -ii. 11. A 2. A' 2 L. , ... , 1 -, ' ,, all A h, ---I -V ..l1n'::.!1 . .zlnu-' u-Swain. 13: Ban .5 ul' A mls... ",.,s',.f, 1.4.5. gg 4 V- 'X' 5...-f . . , , A V 4 , K , .1 -.. u. . -i. .. , , .,,. , ,, M Y- , T ' V-fl-A-.' ,. - - . ' V- "' ... - , ., ' 'x .- - 1 ' . ' ,nu M' ',.- ,z. ,, , f Lt .-.., " 1 11 .' , .Q AA ,, x A, - , A ii ' ' V y .N - -15 C . .. . ' fr -' VB... , , - - . b .n.a..' r' L , . -' ,M . i. .ri ., ,, . I - - 'I lv '-f :. A ., .., l ...M K- .,, V. . . fi bf Sh- vi 'rl ' 'fig Miss Krummel, Dr DR. C. EDWIN HARWOOD Associate Professor of English A.B. , Olivet College A.M., University of Michigan Ph. D., University of Colorado DR. JACK W. MOORE Professor of Religion and Philosophy A.B., Olivet College B.D., Duke Divinity School Ph. D., Duke University MARY ELEANOR KRUMMEL Assistant Professor of Romance Language A.B., A.M., Duke University B.S. , Music, julliard Institute of Music Graduate Study, University of North Carolina Summer Study, University of Poitiers, France and University of Madrid, Spain DR. WILLIAM G. SASSER Associate Professor of Music A.B., A.M., Ph. D., University of North Carolina Sasser, Dean Moore, and Dr. Harwood discuss plans for a concert trip w i 1 2 g 4 S4 Nik Dr Henk and Nir Hel lg reue a IEXI to be used He Hur' SIILIIEN D1x 1 1011 with .ttru lllyl urxut tu xtu t Lum art D D d 111Har We th: Lha11'119.n 11 the Humamtlm x vo 21 1 11x avouatw t onf 1n1nt1t1ot tw xumu ata mterebt and to Hrcxldg the -X eqret 101 mavrx and I'I1l1'1Ol'N m t IS d1x1,1on -X Qfntw N1 tont:1tQ in tn ou DFL ti Ln otraqe tudtm 1nterwt 111 t In Ime rt D-XPI. HELY IG I1 trtutot I E11111 h A W tim e erxe Umxpr 1t T-XSSIE R LAXDLEX 1 tttor OIPLQ1 11111 -Xtlantxt Lhf1fl1Zl'1 Ltlltqt eaphu C pt uw Lolumfua Umx r 11 DP I-XMFS R H.-XILEH mutant Proluxor ot PLl1q1o11 , On LO tau D11 L D1x1111t1 ICO D Du Q mxtr 1 13 ag D ' ' sm ?' .... -V" Dr. Gatewood, Mr. Hunter, and Dr. Bauer. l N The chairman of the Social Sciences Division, Dr. Willard B. Gatewood and his associates are endeavoring to present courses which coverpolitical,histori- cal, sociological, and related subjects. This division provides aB.A. degree for majors and minors who are pursuing a thorough knowledge in social sciences. DR. WILLARD B. GATEWOOD Associate Professor of History A.B., A.M.,Ph. D., Duke University Q DR. RAYMOND E. A BAUER Assistant Professor of Physical Education A,B., Wake Forest University of North Carolina. h STEVEN J. HUNTER ' . Assistant Professor of . ' 2 fi Economics 587 ,A A .B. , Drew University ' 14 one of the 'A D11 A.1m111bALD1v x11ARV14 wo 1111 IOlL'SSOI ol 10 0411 C Ohm Slim U111xL1s1l5 6 Un1u1N1t ol 1Lll1sA1l Thy SLICHLL DIXISIOD IS hd ly D1 Al'gll1lWElld W Sharm1xl1oI1Llpsthou Ntudpnw XX1Sll1UQ to adx qnLc thur l'xI1OXXlLklf'IL and 1111dLrsta11d1nq of the p'1rL SLIQTILL plays ID modtrn smuly throuqh thL Lour LS studpnts qam hawk t1a1111nq 111 thg gpneral sL1LnLLQ and a SI1ITlLllLlS lol reseamh ind ad XZllk,n!DLIlIS xn th1Q f1Lld The B A dpqrel. IS Lffugd to majorx Ill Math and Phy :lm and the B S dgqru N oiteud 111 k.l'n.I'D1SII'5 and B1OlOC1S ProfexsorQlx1lgorL, B1rLh11eld Hall and Sharer around 1 lab L xpLr1mL 'Z' SAMUEL L HALL Instruqor of Mathf.mat1L B S Lelugh Umxersny M A 'I' Dulw UDIXLTSIIE JOE DONALD BIRCHFIYELD Instructor of Phys1cs B S , Furman Umx erslty S Umverslty of North Carolma 15 MRS . TED WHITLEY Secretary to President MRS. W.C. BARNES Secretary to Faculty MRS. EARLE H. FISHER Secretary to Dean -F4 0 -:fx - . V 2 C. OMAR WILLIAMS Superintendent of Buildinqs and Grounds WILLARD B. FELTON Assistant Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds MISS WILLA HAILEY Dietician and Food Services Manager MRS. JOHN M. HARDY Assistant in Food Services MRS. I-LA. ARIE Assistant in Food Services QI 16 i 'S MRS ROBERTL MAININ Se ntaq and Assi5tanLBoo1xluepL1 ,fs -Yi S 'NLISX X gi 19 J HA L0 L IL ixflllxk MRS M L GRADE RuLpiio11isi Q! MRS JOELT iiiii 3' SL ixtary in Studpnt Liie 7 Es 17 NRS . G. E. VANDERSLICE Cashier MRS. 1.12. DEW Post Office and Boolmiorc MRS. I.C'. DAUGHTRIDGE Circulation and Rcfcrcncci Librarian STUDENT ACTIVITIES 'N E A N E mill' f N 5 H H E TU H IHIHEHIIEE 19 ekxr. x " E I "gum W E B 4.1 yd fr.. 2 y,k,f "j U 1 Q4 f" E I E E E E 2' Y'-Q?-Vififgfy f5Q1!imQ'g!!+e -5 LJ I' Q UI:-' V" 'A f'l I :Mui I 5 J: L NORTH CAROLINA WESLEYAN COLLEGE Www -Fv. 'NA-Q s -.Aim -I' gali- 'vs "fe -qx 2- t 6? 83- 4 K4 7'9'x :Qs " -N., A ku dubai 'K ir M' Oglobgr 1059 A. -ru 3 1 Y -s 5 L'-5 s .13 Almost re ady SJ'- H? I Fuushmq tom lux 21 Sw . 'A-' 1' 5 T-'51 .-7' .v-,,-fi., . ' 1 ,Q-J ?' ul 3 f I ---J.---:.. -. " - - :- FII-"'-Sv-' ' . ' - -2 nv"f'- I .. 'qc-v -- . . . . , .f ,., I , ' i -' 1 .-.-- . '---1 ,. ... ' V, ,. A , . ,...4 V, 3 -zqsr, , 0 1- . "" -11" ... M-sd. A -1gF,, - ' . ' ' ' -f - Iv,"',, 4 -, 2.-b '- ' 4' ' . z::f':.':.?:.if' ' l iif e ws, ,L5!:l I 'Q' ,.,1 'l .-" , 114 I ni ,,,, -as . ,. o- -1- - H ...oo- 1 ll' ai 'gg sr A sign. . . memories from the past. A ,, . -Q. l .n. , 1 Study time at Fenner Dorm . Buda Who is this lovely creature? Costumes, decorations, food, fun for all- these were the keynotes of the first large party sponsored by the Social Commission. Fmally paud roads 1'- 99 l,lll,l 315.5-i:'iE'5' EE."fE'EE'5?'.i.':i Fresh make up 101' the D6d1k.3t1OD 5 X5 ii' 'fax 'K r L- N-43 'Qisx al' y all Ms zN""' W3 Chrla' Thue S a lot to be dom X Z! f ills JP H VU N ,- :v S? 5 V .-. o :1 0 , , GJ n. VU Q. f' W .-+ ff! .-. :- 5 cr c fl cu. :1 ,Q We Lay TIIIS Lorncrbtonb The aud1ens.e re Sponded xxlth thu refrain aQ thy mntal box nas fllltd xxlth the Slte plqn, lhElL1lId1I1CI plans the roll ot the flrst staff, faLult1,, and xludems of North Larolma Webleyan Lollcqg V 9. 'V 115,55-51i5fI I I-A :WI , 1 : :'l'I".f-1' -V 11 .' , UI Q. ,,'!' ' i I vm"-"K, 'jh':l:' I 1.3 il,-'N 1- .-i-,- .1:Af 1' -I.. -1 .1.'.l-- Q I' - 1 'mfil , I-I' b-igf,!:i',..., 1 I-3 I-g.q.,,,.-4,14,,l"'V'i Ifaf.-M.. ' --.L 1-NJ, I- ,gn -, ' I,-Yl'l4I :lx I f'i'a'f'51' i 'f 'fiaffl' ' pg., , . 4 -A . ' fiv. A l Q , Q1 1 I Q A N ' I I ., .. ' i ' , V I A v I A51 K , A - ' , A , f ' , Nw... r 1 V ' ' -- 4 .I n . - ' X X I 'QL N L. C IU U-I ,, - K , h I : I .- 1 N, ,JI ,Thy lc... TI.: r, K . L I K I ' I I' "Z -ul 'H - V X C . 1 -. .. I,-xml. l ,' ,Q X X 1 ,e K -v4 A ' , f 2 1 X 1:.UxQy' ' '-.4 u I A 1 A. 1 ' ff 1 '., ."L"3 a'g,:2L::::, 5432, N ' Q' :jf 5, A ' a I1 V vu1 Xl1'4 --tw-w w -' ' V r W '. H W -.1 , xxrexv L, N.. , I I wl ' '. w 'H 4 x - ' ' "' . . ' ' ,. f . ,af . ' , 1 , . U, , . x I " ' f's- ' f . , ' rf' U 1- fl ' . 1 '4 .t qi A f fa in 1,--,A , Ji ' , X J V- .,l' A 1 , - ' ,' 4 x - 1. mi, Z , A 3 , N A 1 1,U"1,'rT.'- I 1 . , . l A , Q J A52 . Hifi'-' ' 1 'J ' ' , V Q, , R iff, ,Ig . . 4 , n A x W 4 U 'lt M.f"' ' , ,,, L ., . ,. wk, ,- ' A f . ! 'lx ' v.- f ' .' .ui . 1 , I., . . l K 1 I "ff 'f .L 4- ' k i ' f - ' ' 'Aw N '. -' 441 - F'1'fg'f"V.?- .fr , M , I ' 1-'-,-,,- ff: . 1 . Only the skelton-will the boys ever really live there? A new home for the girls. . . Now, all it needs is some boys and girls. Almost finished...As both dorms, the boys' and the gir1s', near completion, everyone be- gins to see a real college campus forming. - -If l ' 'B' m x is x ' .5 5 "L Y, F, I :A ' 'S N ' 1 ,I ! - V Q , 1 0 A ' I 1' I A I 1 - , ,is . I . ' 1 I. I In l g, J I I Y A 2 Q n , I, y - H : -. W ' . .1 .. 1- ' - , . -ff", 'F-if . Q, U1-2 -T' -' " 14 ' .: K 47 "" s ,, - - in ,Af up. xv-1.2 T" , .,id,,,,x T me finishing touches of qraw x e hopp Ar las: N C A .I The jack Harr Show re VE aled hidden talents And now modeling next year's sportswear. . . 1 9-ff. ' 2 4' x I - , 2 dl , . N, , . ,, ,tx Call on me... Swimming in September ! 26 -Q-I J,,,A , '17- Food at 1ast...I'm starved! 1 Settling down to work. . . Big Day Where am I going to put everything? D fffls Y 27 Iii., 4- l-'II 1 Hill ull: IIEFI '-' '5'7r1' - Whdlx 31111 QL , 1 a -Xl! "xt C lf .-A... . 3 -- Governor Terry Sanford-better late than never One head man to another-Congratulations! Thomas Asa Collins: "This is a FIRST! This is true.. .a first in- auguration of a first president, led in by a first pre sident of a first class, to the first academic building completed and dedicated on a new campus. " l fir di ww l I f Riff -- Yllli Yllll li F31 4 -- . ,. .J vw ,,,,'Q,,.f- . VL! A,- The proper beginning for a big day of firsts President lnaugurafecl Nou, do you understan d. -.Qi -Q1 Come on in. X -'P . ""', ---1 -1, The dedicated ones lllxl.1 I I an 'v 1' F '52 v , u s gp... 29 - --,u gr-9 . 4 .. .5 v 54' ': , f li . X V, Q dj A .I f, L - x' V K . I ' 'fx V y v i an I Mary jo, please amilc. "1 Too bad, she s tagged! l s 'wo' usie ive rn heck, Sophomores!" With spirits high, the battle between the Sophomores and Freshmen drew nearer. The festivities of building up team morale were heightened by a series of social events which were kicked off by a wood hunt and bonfire afterwards. When the last cheers had died away,everyone piled into the waiting trucks for a hayride which completed an exciting, but cold, evening. The day of decision finally arrived which would eventually prove to the two rival teams who would be the triumphant victors. There was wide -spread speculation over which boys' and girls' teams would win,but no one knew that fate had a hand in the proceedings, leading the Sophomore girls to a smashing victory over the Freshman girls. Retali- ating, the Freshman boys showed their athletic skill, winning a tense game over the hopeful Sophomore boys. With wilted spirits and weary bones, the battle-worn athletes finished the hectic week-end with a dance. There are still die -hard threats of a re -match. Anyone for a marshmallow? The gruesome twosome! Nerx om huh? ...., 8.4 U 'bill 4354 We non! Wg won. 'gil' The sure cure 31 in Who greased the ball? -. v . Inf' db- 16" -"' ,vwl-5 "il- But where will my roommate sleep? 4 , .-f""Z- Aids to studying You should see the other wall! Everybody run. Here they come Party 'fbi 0 r O Play ala t 33 Q Q Sleep As the band in their artificial clam shell played "The Sand and the Sea" students, faculty and guests danced under the blue, fish-studded ceiling at Wes1eyan's first Spring Formal. The Reigning Court of the night: Evelyn Harris, Ed Schultz, Jack Price Kingg Joan Lamberth Queeng Ervin Cullipher, Carolyn Moore. I x wif? E 3 4 4: M155 Ixhstletog Subxe B1 qpl de goratuxq for the Lhrrstrnn Sum Formal xx here she w1s Lrowned if + BNP , 1 L J, r J A' Sophs give the d'mCL but xt SCCITIS thu Flt.bllI'DpI'l dld Lngoy xt Even Dave IS domq It xx ,- joan Landre th Valentme Queen 1 a m r o c k leprechauns, and harps honored St Patrxck at the last sem: formal of the year 35 r - 'Fx I -I 1, ' 1 ' 1. iw ,if-' -7? - W g,?,f::5'ii .- "iii" 2 'ff 1f3"i 'J . --V1,g4,.,.frY fr: 1 ,l " ,52'f53'F?x M" J i'V :Qi I 1 'ii . ' 1 "" 2-2f'.f'5'vf 351.11 ic e Su-mira.. J 'L H N. l',, 1. Lily Q .- ax X X . 4 co n ,J 9 R ' ,X X x I X L. X . s v 'H 'Ii-5 ' ' . I . I XS I S I ' s, Christmas at Fenner Dorm.. .everyone got in the act. . .happy memories of fun and friendship. ' "' When did you say that deadline is? , ft 7611 if 10" A Favorite pastime is. Didn't anybody understand it? 36 5 U- '-Q Q. gr.. Packaged yzmdxaiches cvcry day. .. V- ,J ya No answer, Bill? This is dams ing?! Battle ir sul, Louis a nd M r. Hchnig! ings have really cllzmgudf K U 1 . l X E u N, xg, . Qw- A WW, r .4 37 ip ?' xr" 1 1 3' 'Y . 4. 1- A quiet moment at the busy switchboard NW F' '. FF ,917 . W You finally remembered my box number! 38 qc 01, . .- .fi V, .1 ,.:A:,s,,,. if-5 r- :- 1-,- : V 2: -r Lv -V1 Dr. Shapely. . . favorite speaker of everyone.. .witty, le arned, interesting . ,ov- Q Hardtr to qu 111 than stay 111 but I don I nam my Plntllft. taken O Troubles rates ag am O0 'U A 39 Whym do I qo mxl .-.-Ll--ssl r "'1-Q-V yt . --1 rn ' 1' A1 -- ' 11 'l ,L . ' . u ' I .S .vfrr fi' ,A r If ' 1 l 1 I k -, , , A .V is Y ., , xx ," x., X .Y F K. 8 NL . i . Av . '- Up to their old tricks! li Lillie Mae, please don't knock over the tree. Artistic, aren t we? Time out for a break 40 Slippery, isn't it, Brenda? x' 7!f' "Wm , , ...And we still have classes! Why is everyone picking on me? Take this! ORGANIZA TICDNS ix EE I H P1 1 -LE 4 E II 'F Community Council Gary Garlow, Dr. C. Edwin Harwood, Susie Black, Dr. Willard B. Gatewood, Chairmang Betty Anderson, Robert Gay Louis Womble . The Community Council is the conscience of the com- munity to encourage and stimulate the community toward the enactment of the Bill of Rights, a positive statement of the rights of everyone. It puts the emphasis on the belief that everyone is basically honest. The Community Council cements and unifies the different groups or areas of the community -faculty, staff, and students. lt is the body to which any member of the community may appeal to have a matter or issue investigated to restore harmony between areas of the community. The power of the Community Council is to recommend to a group about any subject or in any area where there seems to be a problem on matters of principle not set by laws or codes. The Community Council can investigate or recommend in any area where it finds a need for the boostering of morale, morals, and principles. This year a seminar meeting was sponsored by the Community Council so that different matters concerning school morale and students' grievances could be brought to the attention of the community. an i -11 -5. 1. ,- YI 'un mf tv? 1' .4 oan Lambbrth Seyretary Vann Massey, Prwldcnt ohn Alden VILL Prmldent C1ro1ynMoore Tr-,axurpr SGA if -Z Cffrcers Work, work, even in the 5L1l1NNL'l'! 45 ,,.v Evelyn Harris, Dicky Moore, Jim Johnston, Bill Hoyle, Marie Fisher, Dr. James I-Iailey, Vann Massey, Presiding Officer, Joan Lamberth, Bruce Sharer, Dan Jacobs, Alice Kovarco, Carolyn Moore. S G A CABINET The cabinet of the Student Government Association is a necessary tool in college administrative affairs which acts specifically as a keystone, holding in its power the right of policy making in the executive branch. The agency's main intent is to conduct the business of the student commissions. It possesses adept abilities which enable it to handle the normal flow of business transactions when the students are not meeting. So vital and important is this government office that it has been properly termed the "manager" of the SGA. ' FINANCE COMMISSION The budget must be supervised by someone and the Finance Com- mission finds that this is its duty. With the as- sistance of the Com- mission heads,this com- mission regulates and 97 verifies all spending. Distribution of funds is approved by the com- mission whenit is within the budget, and is the controlling factor in the Z" financial operations of the commissions. Seated: Carolyn Moore, Chairman, Evelyn Harris, Jim Johnston, Marie Fisher, Bill Hoyle, Robert Gay, Steven J. Hunter. 46 ,Q Franeu McGee, Blll Horner Marie Fisher Chairman Guy Rouse E lxrummel Vvinm guna., Brenda Post lnferfoffh Commission The purposes of the Interfaith Commission are to ereate an atmosphere and to promote aetuities Ulllull uill nurture spiritual qrouth on the Q. am pus Exvoq effort is made to establish tht L.,llI'lSt1Z1H faith as a eentral reality in the llfe of the indixidual student Intelltttual and moral support for their faith are offe red to those students striwlng to be mature Christians During the past year the Lommission has spon sored the Sunday Lxemnq xesptr serxiees, a program or scouring information about summer job openmqs for eollege students help tor a needy family at Thanksqrvmq, the deeoratlon of the Student Umon for Chrlstmas, and other aetixities that eonstitutt uork and reertation perforrntd 1n a Christian atmosphe re. It also sponsored activities in old people homes and East Carolina Training School. 47 ifkwlhu ..,s 5"""u- S.. J- , Patsy lends a hand to the Interfaith project Wanda Exum, j. Birchfield, Chet Murphey, Evelyn Harris, Chairmang Bill Garlow, Kay Hobbs. 3, Evidence ofthe energetic Social Commission. " ' Q 48 So ciol Commission The Social Commission is the branch of the Student GovernmentAssociation charged with the organization of all socialevents on the North Carolina Wesleyan campus. During the course of the year the Social Commission sponsors two major dances, at Christmas and in the late Spring, as well as numerous informal dances throughout the year. The Social Commission provided a monthly movie series and instigated the purchase of a juke box for the student activities room. Afhlehc Commission Tlx rnpoxmmblllty ol xl ltmq up 111 atlxllup pro-1mm or the Lo Lgl IS thy mam fungtmn ot ilu Alhlgup uommxsxxon lls.OI1Sf3I1flX xxoxlw to lxup IHLLILNI 'md partlllpatmu ln alhlptlw thrumq Tln Halloxxlln damn max Lxmoy Ld by all bllaum Llu NtLldLDtS were not only supportmq ilu Athlttu. LOXTIIDINQIOII butalxo Llu ultra +.urr1Lulax altultus of our wlxool Wlth ilu proggpdi from tlus dans.L,Lqu1pmLuI Lould be Pl1l'x.l1H9cL'l along xxxth Qbhool sxxeat xlurtb Thy LOITITIIISNIOII alxo orqamud 1 53 sum for LllpLlx1IlQ out gamh equxpment and sal up mu gamls to Lnpouraqe mterebt III tlu mtramural mints you Douq Qmashw om balk jerry Miller, Tandy Film, jimmy jolmston, Clxairmzzm Don Everetlc. W 6 4 Betty Anderson, Bill Hoyle, Chairmang Wanda Exum, Lillie Mae Delamar, jim Vassil, Barbara Hall. Publications Commission The Publications Commission has the responsibility of co-ordinating the separate publications-the newspaper, annual, and handbook-into an organized, functioning body. All three publications work through this commission to iron out the problems which arise in the individual staffs. Recently the task of choosing a suitable name for the newspaper was undertaken by the commission. From a list of namessubmitted by students, "Wesleyan Decree" was chosen as the most appropriate . Also through its work the dark room and picture file for use by all publications were made a reality. This spoke in the wheel of the SGA is continually seeking ways to meet the publication needs of the student body. 's-. Vn,, Mx. 'U' ' -2 f l LNQXHL ' X. '14 Comp- on gulf, lc1'5qelitrigl1t. Wesleyan Singers The Wlslcyan Singers, u ndur the drrfction of Dr. William Sasuer, sponsor Uno annual concerts ith llmc musig lleparlnlunl and the concert Series of the college. For ilu-1r 1961 ipring Concert they performed Sclcctlonw from "MyFz1ir Lady, " along muh olhcr arrangements. The annualCl1r1uma5 Qorxcerlglvroall- cast over a local radio xtalion, contained the tradllronal CI1ristma5 carols and the round "Crack-nulS."Tl1e group alxo serves E15 the choir for the ucclzly cl1.1pcl Norvxgci held on campus. V ii fi i al'J I Q, I Sfudenf Life Associofion i 5 Wir E ill Q 'wr Dr. James R. Hailey, Bill Hoyle, jane Smith, jack Price, Vann Massey. The Student Life Association, working through the Dormitory Councils and the Day Student Council, co- ordinates disciplinary problems and provides effective penalties for major infractions of campus regulations. Requests from any of the student councils are reviewed 52 by the organization. Constituting the judiciary branch of the Student Govemment Association, this group is a working medium between the rules and their suitability to the situation. 3 .,... H Flrst ron Barbara Hall Boruta P1t2er,jaL.k Prrye Prebxdernt Tommy Adkms Se-pond rom Banda Rrb1nQon, A11LL lxoxarco, Larry Matthexw Ed Vann JIYDITAB Wheeler Day Sfudenfs Council The Day Studpnta Loungrl tunptlorxs Szmrlarly to the dormltoq L,OUHx.l19 except xt enforces the Campus Lode as II appllei to day Qtudenm This Lounpll 18 the group uluch IS speprfmalh orgamzed to repremnt th du mtudents ofthe pollgqe The purposuof the Day Studgnts COUHC11 arg to help mamtam qood urll rn thy colleqg Lommuruty, tp ald thy day btudgrns x rth Spepll problemb, to reprutm the day sludgmx m thy ll.1dlyl3I'5 branph of thg itudgnt Gournmrnt ASSOLISIIOH, and lg handl., mmor IXUFHLIIOIIN ol thy dn sludbnle qqamxt thr Lampux Lodp 1,'v 7 .. -4 ..,-f-41 V ' v"! Rv v ' 1 . . . , -5 M . - Q. ,V 4 K B H J .Sk 4. . ' 1 - - 1 1 r 3' " -' 1 53 The Womeri's Dormitory Council keeps order in the dorm and enforces the Campus Code, a statement of the regulations which students must follow. The council, in consultation with the Resident Counselor, ad- ministers penalties for violations of these rules. The penalties are defined by the Student Life Association and may be altered according to the situation. First row: Wanda Exum, Brenda Rose, jane Smith, Presidentg Lillie Mae Delamar, Evelyn Harris. Second row: Grace Markham, jo Lynn Faulkner Patsy Powell. Not pictured: Molly Browning. Dorm Councils First row: Jim Johnston, Jerry Chesson, Dicky Moore, Jerry Miller, Bill Horner. Second row: Guy Rouse, David Caison, Larry Post, Bill Hoyle, President. 54 The Men's Dormitory Council is composed of nine resident students organized to keep order and enforce the Campus Code in the men's dorm. The major rule enforced by this council is that quiet be observed in the dormitory at all tirnes. The president of the dorm serves on the Student Life Association. 3' 1.1 ., -- L - ,J ,h .v. .,,QJ,,1' ig! H 4p,Xx par1HL1xx1q Min oBarl-lq IIUVISNII Q-. X, LltOl Pwr k 0 Lynn nu I 1 lm D Handbook Th.. I'I3!1uN300l'x1b Ong oi tln thru Offlglal pub1u.at1onN ol tin Lolhqg Pllbllbllvnd 1nnu1 15 by thy xtudpntb It s.Olll?l11'lS tln rulu and uqulauons of Un Lollpqy, 1nd Annual Nlau nuntb gon4,Lrn1nq thy utlutlw of thu golhq Albut Boong wrud 'as tht Inq Lduor 1111 V xwll xmw appolnud Ldllor lor Lln lib Sludpnt Handbook 'll'I1k. o5LL Grlffln Trqnnn Fason P1 IIB , Mya loxxn XVIYIIUQIIIIL Llur bw , I3 umm FHL Illrnqlon 55 Wesleyan Decree f X --.Q 1 "' " -:uv Q. If 'S QL A is Q - I r' gg i JV' i- I Evelyn Harris, Society Editorg Cherry Gorham, Circulationg Tony lnscore, Photographerg Mary C. Hodgin, Sports Editorg Wanda Exum, Editorg Grace Markham, News Editor. The year 1961 yielded many firsts for Wesleyan, and one of importance was the first printed newspaper with an official name-"The Wesleyan Decree." Under the edi- torship of Wanda Exurn, it covered the news of the college to keep the faculty and students informed. Published fifteen times during the year, it served as a mouthpiece for the students and faculty. To further improve the newspaper, an exchange program was set up by the circulation staff with other colleges. 56 ff i mhrrq Gorham L1Ipl11"lllOIl xax owbw, Publxrlt N1 L1 r Bu 111Lx5Ix1a111qu 4- J First roxx Frances Tankard Pat Martm Marg, Io Barkley, HLIL11 jar!-son B tty Spam Srrond ron M U11 Lozart Max Fitz Gerald Chrrry Gorham Lury Braxxxell Ronme Broukrnbrollglx 57 I G '5 'A' 7 L, f 'Q' Hi? ' Y3 -'X' Dil "J 'Q ia Nu, Y' ,H X- X, f w l ., .K ...Q 2 b 3 -n -K+-,Egg wg r S If ' ': , ',' ' .' 11 'x,c'. 1-,.'., 5 - I 1 V I A 5 V J . w 3 ' 1 . -.G Lillie Mae Delamar and Betty Anderson, Co-Editors. Lights burned late in the annual office in the Student Union while the first annual of North Carolina Wesleyan College was being planned. Actual work began with the taking of the class pictures in the fall. From then until the last copy was sent to the pub 1 i she r, the editorial staff, headed by co-editors Betty Anderson and Lillie Mae Delamar, planned lay-outs, wrote and proof-read copy, and selected pictures. The business staff had been busy, as its members canvassed the Rocky Mount area for ads. Under the direction of Parmie Moore, business manager, the ads were laid out, and subscriptions to the annual sold. The combined efforts of these two staffs have pro- duced the 1962 NORTH CAROLINA WESLEYAN Annual. Mona Cozart, jerry Miller, Dr. C. Edwin Harwood, Advisor, Susie Black. Annual Co-Editors Betty Anderson, Lillie Mae Delamar. Seated: Gary Carlow, Parmie Moore, Bill Creekmore, jimmy Burnette, Bonita Pitzer, Susie Black, Rosemary Donald. Standing: Louis Womble, Mona Cozart, Larry Matthews, jerry Miller. 58 Rosemary Donald, typistg and iusic Black, Copy Editor. Xl X 1 . sf . ss Louis Womble, A.W. Parker, Tony lnscore, Photographers for the publicatioris, at work in the dark room. Larry Matthexxs, Art Editorg Louise Womlwlo, Picturc Editorg and 'Susie Black, Copy Editor. Seated: Parmie Moore, Busi- ness Managerg jc rry Chesson Cary Garloxx, jimmy Burnerte, Bonita Pitzer, Bill Creekmore. ATHLETICS f f vs , a il u "4 1-ws' w " X " I ..lzl.ln.. 'ihlll' .. .. :.E.umunlunlmrul 1' J id 61 . T A Q35 QQ f 1 ' 1 fl ,. Ng. 'Ty "ul H-i9fa5'f5 Q I tr' H 3 ,Ein lfHl'i:.-nihey. f"" . ' 1 I IKE ,M .. IH. ' I I , 1 In " lnfromurols Something to do! Intramurals offer the students, faculty, and staff an opportunity to let go and have fun playing various sports. One of the best unifying and morale building factors at Wesleyan is the intramural program which is planned to have athletic activities during all seasons. In the fall the boys form highly competitive football teams. Last year the team named the Senior High Boys won, while this past season Linwood Joyner's team captured the coveted honor. Basketball and volleyball are quickly becoming popular with both boys a.nd girls during warm weather. For the person with a good pitching arm, warm weather means horseshoe pitching time. When the cold weather gives would-be athletes cl1ills,ping -pong ranks as the number one sport. Doubles and singles tournaments are staged with competition between students, faculty and staff reaching a high mark. The coming of spring arouses the tennis players to action. The tennis courts become the most popular area of the campus for all as the doubles and singles tournaments bid for everyone's interest. Grab it, Bandy! Let me into the act, too! Forget it! I don't have it! 62 x ,,.....1 'uv we 1 H I1 Nut uv. K M -.9-1: . '-5-:, 1, x gym:-. . ,iv . '.' .hK'f,'. 4 . JL, ,460 D1 1 X that lady 1114 qxr N 3 63 riu'-li x. F' . uslqnpe lt's no wonder that Wesleyan's first intercollegiate sport was baseball, not when one reviews the qualifications of Dr. Raymond Bauer, head coach. He attended Wake Forest College on a baseball scholarship, was awarded membership on the All Southern Conference Baseball Team, and was selected the most outstanding baseball player in the Big Four in 1950. After college graduation he played with Des Moines for two years, then reentered college to receive his Ph. D. in 1961. Wesleyan Bishops l 1 V Q . 6 M4245 kneeling: Francis Eason, A.T. Neville, jerry Miller, Tommy Adkins, Ken Smith, Gary Garlow, Ed Schultz Linwood Joyner, Wayne Parrish, Doug Hedgpeth, Omar John Alden, Wayne Cooper, Ervin Cullipher, Larry I-lamad,Louis Womble,john Eilers. Standing: Bill Carlow, Matthews, Dicky Moore, Coach Raymond Bauer 64 lnfrcldcrs: jerry Miller Wayne Cooper Larry Mattlrcxu Wayne Parrish SCHEDULE 1962 Ferrum junior College Chowan Louisburg St. Andrexxs Louisburg St. Andrews Chowan fs an xiff Qs April April April April April May May 0' 'P' ' "'-'7sT:.3fgA . .1,.." r-vfejiy, 34- V- . Q Y . , -. f fr ""'V I ':f... .5 -.,- 'Q 7 ' i 5, ai: 15'-"A-,,, 13,1 , .vii , . ' 'A .h ., if r:faM-16, K.- aa: A-, f ,, 3 :iv - brag? 1 .1 , .. df.. -, . .ls-a. - ,hot-,X I V Q., ac-'V' - x 5. V , , ,- '- azz.. Q' 4,gg,-5345"-f -.4-" 'A' ' 4" f' 5 -Hx. 7K ,- V Ag- I 'l:..-gi-4.9. W if J. . .. ri Come on Tommy, slug it! 3 Outfieldersa Dicky Moore Q-v Tommy Adkins Francis Eason t 1 lr ov' ,et Come on babe, you're better than he are. A1 Starting battery,john Alden and Ed Schultz AIX , 5 44. n. 1' .-we ...-., 3...-.'... -:- , A :i:,:.,x ,... -L.:z..,x P,-.A L 'L ,,,.' , ' gn. " . .K -1 5 V '1 --J ' .. H - - "" - 'Wm - A - --' '- ' . , , .f g 4. ,,: m,. -".--""'1:' ,-.1-: ' 1 . J .,"' T-'nw-.'w.--f V' -11' 1 " - . ' -- fan ii"-14 ' , 5 , ,jabs , 7 ', 1' ,A --'v,.. Ugg-.-xg,,., ,,,,,, R 'Y , --,J ,WQQA . - - Q ..',V ,. A nf-V . --9.4 N-LW: .v---- fkgg. ul, Ma'-, 1, .- -,J .:Lx,7..,. igfguxh .ight ff A A - -L..--mm.-...-Q. .. , 1: " ,'. lv 1 , -.'.H-"1vmws,:..., --,1n"'.f1 ,. ,lAg':cv- wif?-I' .-1 QXV "1 3 :WF "fj'f3' !l " N vb' 'J , 1- ' 1. ' - A - -,M " 24.-wa' 1-"..' I- f. .ww-fx. - - . ' .' X-.ff .N - -. -V N 7-f,-.1-.. ..:'-'A'-' a.--v' 1 ..x- - ' 1,-"1-:f inf" ,,,HR'gi42f"?:"'f!',-5fiiGf?gRxj'J,j.'g,,-51'g:.xffv,f.- .. vEfZ.:I'2'2if55f- ' J' . . ' "'"11'fEJF..:Gf4-55-Nfru:rf-eww-1'- -ggi! xi! 1f"z?-'s2vJ- ' Q " " ' Hz-f as aa--f-tvs.: ..z'x--f- 1- + :-was A 'f A 3 .,,,. ., , - 1 . . L., Q. , -l.. 4 ' Lx " ' -,,5?-1.-,,.-mx? Q--,'-W 4,4 . -4 - --4: fry - 5l'5,5f1Qvg,, ,Pu w"".,,---. 4 714: , 'x 12" ' " -QR . ,,:. -V--.VF 'L-fy : f.2wy.:,4- ,', ...wg-M im -.1.'11f9',-'ww'-f'f' .--Jw .-4. 11,17 f-Z' ?:...f'-x.'f-- 5, . ' " .',:..r. - .2 mf.: . . -'A""'-'WHY-","'yI.-Kffl?-Q , ". ,. 'M " . .. ::- ,Ig ' ,yr ,L M - Q-' - -NM.-. ," - ,M L42-.w A-ff' A , ' 0- ,, -11 -,.-J...1,p 1 +- - ' -'5,f.4,L,,'.4' ,5-1.1, Q, Pau wg' 4. First home game and we .Aff won ! 'N'-. 7 .4 1- .1-913'-Q ---" "' 4 lflvv.. -. ' or--f - S -.A 4' . At least one run. 67 in I ' . 'QW-4. ...Fa 4 6 ,. I I 2 - ,A- ....--w I Get tough, Marie! I On your toes, girls. I Bruce: Let's see you retum this one Louie. Doug -Sampson-places one in the comer. 68 !r If wi sew- 4-x-fu' -5 -' 4'-ifv-:54:,. NSW -:,,.:...?.lixn.f ' --R-1-Q . 'fL35fl-.- 'dl-wb'-uc..-rf . - I. f X. -Q y, . , . T111 la t rx 313111 .,- N-Inv? V-" Vw 1- sq?-.K n 5 v, tex" 1 - s .if?'51'2I" -.Z1Zi1f5i':Ti.5E . K 'x"X:WF'N-Mix 1 -N 'K R2 as 'N gl.,-..'e,, 1 4 'xwy xv' Q ' if xg -X f N ,...a- SL.: M-aLS?Q'g, '5 kruil- - i 69 Inq Soplis kick off - I 4 I I I 9 ' Day F - yah- 'h A -' '1 auf. .- ,.5,,gjp 1 . 'A . . f , . . I ,,,,:..,t TL M.,.lit .. '13 ,7TfQtf.f2"g' .rnnfinfwmmmhwywiw Larry passes again! N , rx.. . The Freshmen's chance comes when they secure the lt - I' ball for the first time. Unfortunately, the Sophs P f"".,9ia9-3 regain it and all too soon the F1-eshmen's glory is gone. 70 ,,. W4 1.- Egi- 4 A Dicl-my in action ANN- Makc room! Soph5 on the move! So p hs Wm 1 I. :.1 - I 1 1 Q lf:i,la--9.-M' f Robert takes aim x.lY Sid and Ronnie moaaurc for a close ony .,4', -sn I I I xn' ,l Where 's the ball? Bruce making a grand slam Z'..:,,-.,,-tnnhgqm ,Q QQ4 ' - - A V- ,44-,ke-w-!s,,, , ' A V, .4521-,- .. .. Q I F ..,. . . .......x..- Tennis or ballet, Gera-Lu? Q. "Y Fight it Faye! 'x It went where? -,Q ,., 2' ve., M' 1 fa g, K. -.inf f going, going, gon- ,ss x s ik X X STR 1 Catch it, jo Lynn, before it gets away. 4 'Q -and still hasn't come down? Let'5 twist again! 73 .k ,ii . -1 .lwgl CLASSES , T E E E 7 5 BRUCE Sl-IARER .......... . .. .Vice-President DAN JACOBS ..... ...... P resident The Project Committee of t.he Freshman Class sponsored Freshman Weekend early in the year to raise money and getthe Freshmen and Sophomores together for a weekend of fun. On Friday night a pep rally with a bonfire and hayride was held for the football game on Saturday. This game wasa gay affair pitting the Sophomores against the Gr ff' 4-'N ...Q 4 WALTER WHITE .......................... Treasurer BILL I-IORNER ..... .... S ecretary Freshmen in the girls' and boys' football games. The grand finale came Saturday night with a dance staged by the Freshman Social Committee. The money raised by the affair was donated for a cut of the School Caricature for all the publication staffs and a masterhead of the school paper. I J. MERLE BAKER Whitakers, N.C. f Q Q MARY Jo BARKLEY 4, 40 Arlington, Va. -:- .' w. RAY BATCHELOR Nashville, N.C. WILLARD E. BATTS, JR. Rocky Mount, N.C. STEPIIILY C . BENNl2'l"l' llocky Mount, N.C. G,-XY L12 B LST Mt-tumc, IN .C. THOMAS A, BETTS, ,IR, N,C. LUCY C. BRASWEIL Rogky Mount, N.C. R' in HERBFPT W CAMPBELL F m Ctty 'X C. JERRY 9 CHESSON B ul IOHIN P COOPER To ul INN ,I CARL CULLIFER Bulls. ,-Q ,, f- 1 ,,, , , fn -f-, . THOMAQ B. BOCILIIESS Alciiamirin, Va. RONNIE Ii. BROCKIZNBROUCH Waynusbom, Va. MOLI Y R. BROWNINC Louisburg , N . C . JIMMY BURNETTE Roc ky Mount, N . C . V5 ERVIN CULLIPHER Noriollfa, Va. E. RICK? DANIEL, jR. 9p1'i1151lIopt', N.C. LAWRENCE M. DENTON Toxxstou, Md. BRADFORD INT. DIXON HOCL5' TXLQUHI, N.C. PETER B. DOERFLER Southington, Conn. ROSEMARY DONALD Richmond, Va. JOHN A. EILERS Rocky Mou.r1t,N.C. FAYE ELLIINGTON Wilmington, Del. E 4, 1 Y DONALD T. EVERETT Elm City, N. C . JO LYNN FAULKNER Nashville , N. C . M. GAY FINLEY Virginia Beach, Va: K. MARIE FISHER Tarboro, N.C . J I MAXWELL FITZGERALD Richmond, Va. JOHN C. FLEMLNG Rocky Mount, N.C. JUDITI-I A. GARRISS Troy, N.C. M. CHERYL GORI-LAM Arlington, Va . "I E5 I "0 .."x vl. 4- PATRICIA GORI-IAM Rocky Momat, N.C. JOYCE GRIFFIN Roanoke Rapids, N.C. CHARLES H. GURLEY Goldsboro, N. C . BARBARA L. HALL Rocky Mount, N .C . WIILI.-XM V. IIIXRBIIRT Rocky Mount, N.C. li.-XY 9 . IIOISBS Co1'.1pu.1I.q, N . C MARY C. IIODGIN Wilmington, N.C. C EDWARD HOPKINS, JR AIl,1IN.lI1LlXX , N , C . YE' MELISSA E. I-IUIZING CIovcrsx'iIIe, N.Y. TONY H. INSCORE Elm CLI5, N.C. HELEN M. JACKSON Princess Anne, Va. DANIEL M. JACOBS Rocky Mount, N.C. Q. N fir 5 2 L. 'KT' 1 u li I ,' 1lvs 'Q -vs as ...fx 4 4'n EJ. l Ls, , K WILLIAM T. IIORNIQR Richmomi, Vu. BI-QNNIL D. IIOUQE Wlxital-aura, N.C. IRIQII M. IIOWARD Roanoke Rapids, N.C WILLIAM S. I-IOYLE Durham, N .C . I 79 JAMES M. JOHNSTON Ildunlonl N.C. CAIL JOYNIQR ROQI-13' Mount, Tw .C . ' Ii. IOIIIQI. RIHVLITY IIJr1LIl.x'llIu, N.L , II IOM.-X9 W , KITYIQS Oranuu, V.1. 7 ALICE KOVARCO Rocky Mount, N.C. RITA PA IGE LINDLEY Pittsboro, N.C. STEPHEN D. LORD W. Hartford, Conn. M. ROBIN LUNN Scotia, N.Y. f' Z... ' Y' M .EUGENE MARSHALL, JR . Engelhard, N.C. PATRICIA A. MARTIN Falls Church, Va. RICHARD L. MARTIN Lyrmhaven, Va. LEE RICKS MAY Rocky Mount, N.C. R. FREDERICK LUNN Scotia, N.Y. GARY L. MADDOX Lynchburg, Va. I. WAYNE MANGUM Hillsboro, N.C. GRACE E. MARKI-IAM Elizabeth City, N.C. ,ss- F 1 I A A. GERALD MILLER, IR. Franklin, Va. PARMIE L. MOORE Fountain, N.C. JAMES MORGAN Rocky Mount, N.C. CI-LESTER A. MURPHEY, III Lynnhaven, Va. .-X .T. NLVILI L Enllchi, X ,L . SHARON M. XICHOI Q Noxmlk, K J. E. WAYNE V.-XRRIQH Roqkx Mount, X.C. N.-XXCY G. PITPI Li Elon Collcuu, N.C. BRENDA R. PRIDC-EX Rocky Mount, N.C . R. STEVEN PROCTOR Rocky Mount, N.C. BRUCE H. RAMPE Pittsburgh, Pa. LEWIS A. RANSOM TO'-VSOY1, Md. sg. an-Q AA I 1 GN Qw- 4 K Y.. 'ww Y? 63 ze" Q-'SJ 'Q--N T"'j7 5'-R BCNIT.-X 'T . PITYER Rod., Mounl, N .p. L.-XURENCE C . POST, IP VTTTITIOIIILIIH, Md. PATSY POWELL XVi1SOn, N.C. D. JOE PRICE Red Oak, N.C. N Y""v 12:7 3 ALBERT V, REED Efland, N . C . LARRY A. REYNOI DS Prmccai Ann, Va. GUY D. ROUQE, IR, Kington, N.C. D. QTANLEY RUSSELL Clinton, N.C . l rw v. EDWARD SCHULTZ, IR Rocky Mount, N.C. GRACE I. SCHWARTZ Williamsville , N .Y . BRUCE SHARER Rocky Mount, N .C . JEFFREY W. SHEE Sharpsburg, N.C. ,H , l .gc-Q. ., , I. v-..,,, rf: U 5 2 wflfrfi an 355UmO"l3,O zwiiigclfg mcg' 355,-, JU-p,EPC'Err1 W 2,30 ml' wg Q 35312-PZE?f11 'EEF' .EOE gp- 294' P1 1' 2 '-l 6 Vi, 1. L., 1 ... ,f TERESA L. SINGER Falls Church, Va. CHARLOTTE S . SMITH Manassas, Va. KATHRYN SMITH Rocky Mount, N.C . BETTY C. SPAIN Rocky Mount, N.C. nn WINONA R. STINE Richmond, Va. WAYNE STRICKLAND Rocky Mount, N.C . FRANCES H. TANKARD Washington, N.C. KENNETH F . TARLETON Rocky Mount, N .C . VICTORIA E. TAYLOR llavcloclw, X.C DON F. TIPPETII Reilly Mount, N.C. RICHARD W. lllllll' lXlAZ".HlLlm, li.l. I.-XMEQ A. VAQ-ill .-Xxllzlgltczx, VG. ' A ELIZABETH .-X. WILLL-XMS El1t1Ciry, Y,C , BILLY D. WINSTE,-XD Elm Cltj., N.C. DEXNY C. WISE Reel-:jy Mount, N.C. CHRIS WOODARD ROCLQ' Mount, N .C . l gi- Q- Q... ?' f. .?'N fb-'I FAYE S. VESTER Nashville , N . C . WILLIAM O. WHITE Engelhard, N . C . WALTER E. WHITE Rocl-Q' Mount, N .C . SIDNEY WILBUR, IR. jacksonville, N.C . 'Y- gn- sf to B3 2x , E. I-ll RK O D5 Durham, f..C. JAMES M. '-'v'CEi'.DiX'.'Cli'l'H lloghi, Maazut, TLC. J,-NMFS li. I-'v"'1'.-XTT, jl-1, Cy3lQ'.IllE', N.C. IL-XRIVY B. .LAKE .M agen, SLI. .-N. T "" NX 1 E' T' T" PSS 'CL - 3:2 - XX :yn --.Fifa ...Ti , l ' ff Ze' I ,.A, -- . ' 2 :ii '4 z . zi p. . I IJIJJ '-J: gk . Q?" " . Q -331 PATSY MATTHEWS .... ................ S ecretary ALBERT BOONE .... . . .. . President The Sophomore Class is composed chiefly of members of Wes1eyan's first class and a few transfer students. This class has had the task of organizing student organizations which would be effective as the school grows. The major problem has been setting up a workable Student Govern- ment Association which would stabilize happy relations among students, faculty, and staff. With the advent of a Freshman Class, the Sophomores have been able to BARBARA WILLIAMS ......... ..... ........ T r easurer JOE EZZELL ......... . . . Vice -President relinquish some of the duties of organizing the student body and to think of themselves as a class. The Sweet- heart of the college was crowned in February at a dance sponsored by the Sophomore Class. Under the leadership of class President Albert Boone, the class has planned money raising campaigns-the money to be used for various future needs. AS L E 1 X I N I SIDNEY L. BEFITIETT xvvflillikdfi, X . C. SUS.-XX F. BLACK L4-xxnglsn, X.C. ALBERT E. BOONE 17' , ,U RO ,A-.3 fx1....1t, TMO CAROL W . B R ITS I-QL EY Suifcll-., Ya. H. ROYALL BROWTI Hazvxlgt, ILC. DAVID J. OAISCIZ vvrlliui luv, .x. . NOX.-X L . OO7.-XRT Kzulgfxufalk, fl.C. ROBERT CRFEIQMOFF 'J,.v.w,- X'- u..r.. -Dull ,. O ff" x Ar . 'T' ,- 7'- rin LILLIE MAE DELAMAR Rocky Mount, N.C. I. FRANCIS EASON South MilIs, N. C . WANDA L. EXUM Smithfield, N.C. if IOSEPI-I L. EZZELL, JR. Rocky Mount, N.C. MRS. GAYLE C. FELTON Rocky Mount, N.C. x X QT? R' 86 TANDY W. FITTS, III Rocky Mount, N. C . GARY M . GARLOW Rocky Mount, N. C. WILLIAM I. GA RLOW Rocky Mount, N. C . BOBBY R. GREENE Rocky Mount, N. C. EVELYN C . HARRIS Atlantic, N . C. BOBBY R. HAYES Rocky Mount, N.C. CI-LARLES HAYES Rocky Mount, N. C . S. JOAN LAMBERTH Longhurst, N . C . F. x N MRS. VIVIAN MITCHELL mm cm, xc. AAN' . PARKER, jR. Lutletsu, N .C. PATRICIA PATTERSON Rod-Q: Mount, N. C. JACK W.PRICE,jR, Red Oak, N . C. MARSHALL L. PRIDGEN ROQI-iff Mount, N.C . BRENDA ROBINSON R051-xy Moum, N. C . BRENDA G. ROSE Grizten, N.C. PAYE SIMPSON Rocl-Q: Mount, N . C . f 'vu CA ROLYN NIOORI Bay, I uh, AIIITIIIIIH RICIL-XRD I,. NIOORI, Rocky Mount, N . L .xvvx Tl 5 Y V., . lx. XA.--. NIA xxIY, II' .'XI1,'.I.n my , . L II XIX! MAI IIII S X . uw- Is, 'X' xml L VIII IAM I . MAI IIII N X IXIXIIS, NI um u ,-, . '53 1 'Z 87 .gum JANE L. SMITH Wilson, N.C . KENNETH W. SMITH Rocky Mount, N.C. BILLY UPCHURCH Rocky Mount, N.C. EDWARD W. VANN Rocky Mount, N.C. -'GT AWN 88 :is N: M. VICKI WALKER Battleboro, N.C . MARGARET WALTERS Zebulon, N.C. JAMES L. WHEELER Rocky Mount, N. C . BETTY J. WHITE Rocky Mount, N. C. BARBARA WILLIAMS Nashville , N . C . MARY LEE WINSTEAD Elm City, N .C . LOUIS R. WOMBLE, JR. Rocky Mount, N.C. RICHARD ZELLNER Century, Florida 'z 4. x fx fr ir' 5 I . I . -'Y ' -5 SYLVIA H. BARRETT Rocky Mount, N.C. THEODORE R. COOPER Nashvllle, N.C. MRS. JAMES HAILEY Rocky Mount, IMC. ALI HAM.-XD Roghy Mount, N.C. O. ANN IQORNFCAY Roqhy Mount, N.C. FRANCES 9. MQGEE Roglq Mount, N.C. Q f., TX N V v- xv sf' j,, 'sz "N MRS. LST HTH NLVII I I llulicld, N.C. Wll LI.-XM I' . TH-1 RY KIHNIOII, N . C . R.C. XVINQTILAXD Iiogky Mounl, N. C. K fx W' 4, 5 Y x U ' , -VX 1 X..-v 7- ADVERTISEMENTS ! 91 I ZHIZKEK ' BUSH -. Compliments of Chicken in the Rough" Rocky Mount s Frienclliest - Restouront 7 THE IVY Room el ,g 'I I S as za: ROCKY IVIOUNI' MACHINE WORKS Serving 3 EXCeIIe"I I1Ome'mCfde PIQS meals daily Ccirry out service 6 A'M. to Phone 9 RM. 7 Corner of Church days Weekly ond Western Avenues Q!-ROLIN4 Residence: - Q 326 Clifton Rd. 470709 09 Phone 6-7849 C I' F ivi. T. ivvum VVHITLEY mp 'ms O P.O. Box II35 District Soles Monoger Corolino Motor Club Phone 2-2224 372 N. Church Street Rocky Mount, North Corolino CAROLINA OFFICE 81 EQUIPMENT CO. Compliments of W. C. REID AND CO. 92 Compliments of Compliments ot PUBLIC OFFICE SERVICE J.A. THARRINGTON AND SONS IIC? S. Moin Street n A P.o. 86X 324 oa6n or 6-6623 MU'wlGCfU'e'S Rocky Mount, North Corolino U Rocky Mount, North Corolino STALLIIXCS OIL St COAL CO., INC. Tl' I Fuel Oil Rhilheot I St 2 Dial Glbson 6-6184 ,N .f',., .Qt 1- I v"fi" 816 Ricks Street Rocky Mount, North Corolino Compliments of Rocky Mount Opticians I . Yl5RENT'a'CAH Box 1475 Compliments ot Southern Cotton Oil Division Hunt Foods ond Industries Monutocturers Cottonseecl Products High Quality Fertilizers Rocky Mount, North Corolino 93 Q Peoples Oil Company We LTA y.Q'i'L Amsmcm DISTRIBUTORS AMERlCANj ii, sl? "Our Fuel Oil Makes Warm Friends" Rocky Mount, North Carolina Pinetops, North Carolina Phone GI 2-6131 Phone TA 7-4166 Compliments of oo POLICY HOLDH S AGENCY,INC 3 115 North Main Street Willard E. Butts, Pres. Mrs. Guelda Pittman, Ex. Sec. Phone 446-7312 We meet or lower all advertised drug prices ' in Rocky Mount! INSURANCESERVICE Rocky Mount, North Carolina Compliments from Fields Tobacco Company 94 Rocky W. B. LEA TOBACCO CQ., INC. Leaf Tobacco Dealers M ounf , North Carolina Complimenls from A F ricn d JOYNER OIL COMPANY INCORPORATED Disfribufors ofSI1eII Oil Produc Fuel Oil Dial GI 6-9IOI Albemarle Avenue Rocky Mount, Norllw Carolina Compliments of HAL ORR'S MOTEL AND RESTAURANT ROCKY IVIOU NT SEAT COVER CENTER Phone GI 6-9IOl T442 S. Church St. Rocky Mount, North Carolina Complete Upholstering Service APPLIANCE 8: TIR-E CENTER, INC Television AI Kilpatrick Appliances Jay TomLinson Tires 227 S.E. Main Street Batteries Rocky Mount, N.C. f.0on,"'vnlz "RES Phone 442-4244 Compliments of The Carleton House Mrs. Mamie Jones Mrs. K. Daughtridge lVIlLADY'S HAT SHOP Millinery of Distinction 2lI S.E. Main St. Dial GI 6-4335 Rocky Mount, North Carolina Compliments of "Where Quality and Prices Meet" Easy Terms! iff PW' Good Furniture Mohawk Carpets Seigler Heaters nr, 4,9 3 Hotpoint Appliance Main at Hill Rocky Mount, N.C. Dial GI2-6115 - GI 2-6II6 Compliments of IVIAY and GORHAIVI DRUG CO. G.S. TUCKER FURNITURE CONIPANY IO7-III N. Washington Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina COMPLETE FURNITURE LINE Compliments ot KILLEBREW STUDIO RQCKY MGUNT NEW CAR DEALERS ASSQCIATION A. C. Motors, Inc. Roy Bundy Motors Bel Air Cltevrolet Co. Rose Buick Co. Coclclell Motors Davenport Motor Co. J. C. Frclir Motors, Inc. Allen Mims, Inc. Tlwomos-Farris Motors, Inc. Jolwn Vonn Motors, Inc. 97 Office 446-9542 Box 600, Old Mill Rcl. Nursery 442-5083 - T828 Sunset Ave. Rocky Mount, North Carolina A. B. Rose, Inc. Landscaping " Designers anal Contractors 'Grading and Clearing +Ornamental Shrulobery "Swimming Pools A.B. Rose Tom L. Price C.R. iBlLLl LINGLEY Concrete Contractors Dial 6-6488 Rocky Mount, North Carolina DRUlVllVlOND'S FLORI ST Dial Gl2-6102 ll? North Main Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina "We Must Equip Toclay's Young People With The Intellectual Tools To Meet All Challenges." J. Spencer Love Sidney Blumenthal as o0.1,., ROCKY MOUNT, NORTH CAROLINA A Division of Burlington Industries Burlington The Famous RIO RESTAURANT "Where people Go By Choice.. .Not By Chance" For Reservations Rhone GI 2-T927 f Hwy. 3Ol A 'P Box 444 N. Church Street Ext. East Carolina's Finest Rocky Mount, N. C. Unexcelled Foods Hospitality And Luncheon 8. Dinner Music Daily Friendly Service You Won't Forget Orchestra Sat. Night At Popular Prices "Open6A.M. - ll RM." JOHN W. DICKENS, Owner- Host AND "RIO SEAFOOD RESTAURANT" North Carolina's Most Modern 8 Complete Seafood Restaurant Featuring: Oyster Bar in Season Live Maine Lobster Ocean Fresh Seafood Daily From All Over the Globe Open 2:30 F'.M. - ll F'.M. VVCEC 81 VVFIVIA 8lOK.C. lOO.7M.C. , Eastern Carolina's Compliments of "TWIN VOICE OF PROGRESS" CBS News Top Music A I Official Weather Local Music ACC 8 Local Sports Ray Reeve Sports MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL Fine Music - IO:OO PM WFMA For All Your Tire Needs If-S Compliments ot FIRST FEDERAL PRIDGEN TIRE CO. INC. . . . ' Savings and Loan Association .. . II6 S. Franklin Street Th M Wh K T " e en O now lies Beg' Rocky Mount, North Carolina 900 N. Church sf. Phone 446-8006 'muted SQWQS MO"l9C'9e LOW QQ H. H. WEEKS SEED gf FEED STORE NIODLIN PRINTING COMPANY ZIQ Tcrboro Sfreel Printers and Photo-Offset Lithographers 220 Bryant Street Phone GI 6-5989 GI 6-9I34 Rocky Mount, North Carolina Garden Tools Supplies SHELL TARBORO ST. STATION BUNTING, HARDY gl NHNGES "Service Is Our Business" M 1 CI th- d F - h- Road Service - Battery Charging 1.EXirrLliVeO- and Elirggisljgi WOSIWIUQ ' WOXIHQ - LUIJYICQIIOH NW II4 s. Main sf. Phone GI 6-6924 Phone 442 -5964 I Rocky Mount, North Carolina Tarboro 81 Lexington Sts. " IVY LEAGUE HEADQUARTERS" RADIO STATION Compliments of 5000 Watts TOOO Watts All Directions DA Night Daytime T390 KC f 5 Member CARANET Associated Press News VV An ABC Affiliate PERRY T. BRYANT paving Confmcfors "Good Luck in The Future" Rhone GI 2-2693 344 Clifton Road Rocky Mount, North Carolina . - Drive Ways Parking Areas ZI7 l:G'rV'eW Rd' Service Stations Private Roads 1OO THECAROLEDRESS ANDBRIDFSROOM D Sportsweoi I J ly Lingerie D11 ugh trldqc F I Cocktails I L S Wedding Affife P11111 t X W 21 I I p 21 pc 1' Com pu II y Contrcictors 2309 Sunset Avenue Compliments of Rocky Mount, Nortiw Corolino BISHOPLAUNDRY Congrotulotions 81 Best Wishes to the FIRST COLLEGE ANNUAL Presented by N. C. WESLEYAN CQLLEGE STUDENTS CITIZENS SAVINGS 84 LCIAN ASSOCIATION 101 COLLEGE PARK MOTEL Day - Week - Month Completely Furnished Mobile Homes 8 Travel Trailers - Sale or Rent ,gsuciArfof4,,,,? EMBERigg , "l s TO ooK EL " ., rms IS rn: Pnnmrv ur mr I' f i mammamrrxnumulnnmrn E ,l Ann num mum rm vrwumm l tiff: .f f:9.l'orAMT:RTC,T- SUNSET BARBER SHOP T36 Sunset St. ln Center Theater Building Dept. of SERVICE SALES, INC. orvic - JEEPs Parts as service Hwy. 30T A. North Rocky Mount, North Carolina may on 2-2360 Nate on 2-5635 DIXON'S Blind 84 Awning Service Manufacturers of Storm Window, D and Venetian Blinds Aluminum and Canvas Awnings Ornamental Iron D oors, Aluminum Screens rapery Hardware T800 Sunset Ave. Rocky Mount, North Carolina Of Rocky Mount Serving Eastern Carolina With Four Floors of Fashions. And Looking With Much Pride At All Great Happenings At CAROLINA WESLEYAN CONGRATULATIONS on Your First Annual N and Our Sincere Best Wishes for Your Continued Success and Growth Mon tgomcry Ward 84 Co. and Employees T40 N. Main St. Rocky Mount, N . C. y Compliments ot PEIVIBERTON, INC. Air Conditioning 277 N .E. Main St. Heating p.O. BOXILII8 Electrical Contracting Plumbing Telephone 442-3112 Rocky Mount, North Carolina DANIEL'S IO8 S. Main Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina In Progressive Rocky Mount It's MATTHEWS DRUG STORE For Your Prescriptions and Drug Needs Meet your friends at our fountain 334 S. Main St. Phone GI 6-6I2I ??lI?ItL?Im, YORK HEATING 8tAIR CONDITIONING Equipment Residential and Commercial ,xr s-,-, . f Free Estimates Cheerfully Given Telephone: Day: GI 2-4126 Night: GI 6-5276 Rocky Mount, North Carolina BEST WISHES. .. Faculty 8. Students From ,I Bells G "Rocky Mount's Largest Department Store" I.W. ROSE DRUG COMPANY II2 N. Main Street DuBarry Cosmetics - Eastman Kodak Products - Complete Prescription Service Dial GI 6-7III - Free Delivery Small Enough To Need You- Large Enough To Serve You DANIELS' BARBER SHOP Experienced Barbers Highgrade A Sanitary Rating 750 Temperature Year Round IIO Tarboro Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina 103 Compliments of VVINIBERLEY REGORY 84 G W CARQ . FYCJCZFCY' NACDLJPJ Telephone 446-6l95 ll6 S. Franklin St. Insurance - Real Estate - Property Management - Appraisals Congratulations To N.C. Wesleyan College from Scars Roebuck and CO. l28 - l42 N. Church St. Eastern Carolina's Only Complete Department Store Shop Sears and Save S t'sFaction Guaranteed or a I Your Money Back .f-f"'L'f' 'Wa- ,131- , .l .- M 1 , 4 -nl ' 4, ypmNBMG IIINC' Men's Clothing Women's Sportswear Campus Shop for Young Men Compliments ot ROSCOE GRlFFlN'S Quality Footwear Since l9l8 Z. B. BULLOCK, INC. Planters Street Extension WHOLESALE MEATS Englewood Brand GI 6-8l2l E t blished l904 s a Rocky Mount, North Carolina Dial 4 OUlNN'S, INCORPORATED Furniture ot Quality J. C. WHEAT 81 COMPANY Telephone G1 2'2T7T Members ot New York Stock Exchange T68-T78 North Main Street Rocky Mount, TNTOFTT1 Carolina Bighgpl Brgngh Mgnqger Complete Home Furnishers We Credit You T26 N. Main Street Lcdcr Brothers "Serving The Carolina's Qver One-Quarter Century" FASHIONS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 212 South Main Street Rhone GT4-4421 Rocky Mount, North Carolina .ul .t--it 1 .1 T,l yl -Jim. .' if . ,v"" . .T ' Penney's Stand For Quality . i'tx 'e-,' . :V 1 i, - S i "Y t' - it gh TKQW ge, Q 4-my Dy? jf Y if - FPL -Ki T -fc' x. S runs: Ouzuivv- if ,QV " F. '-A ' as X T A T L' 'ri f- Y X , 5 5 Wesleyan Stands For -' , Quality Education HAVE A e P4AxR'IWY! Pit-mc - late snuck - after the ehuw - gem Jet service ut Hardeekl Get enough for a whole party, with no waiting. no phoning in advance! Compliments ot u,K,,,--. I h Q5 GS EJEYS HOWARD .lOHNSON'S RESTAURANT T .fffrisskvlcrf ADRIVE-lNi 7 Hwy. 3OT North "'m'mn'Mm T im' Rocky Mount, North Carolina 329 N. Church St Rocky Mount North Carolina 105 I Aw for quick hellos - ..... and long goodbyes For fun, for laughs, for pure pleasure's sake - for sharing, for giving, and forgiving, too. For plans and promises . . . for small talk, tall talk and mighty important sweet talk. For everything that goes on between quick hellos and long goodbyes: your telephone. Nice to know it's handy, isn't it? - , C.W. Heck, Gen'I. Mgr. P,O. Box 33 CAROLINA BUILDING SU PPLY COMPANY ot Rocky Mount, Inc. Since I9I5 Rocky Mount, North Carolina Manufacturers - Jobbers - Distributors Mill Work 1 Buiiding Material Lumber - Paint G a y - Yo s t F uneral Ho me Ambulance Service oxygen Equapmeni compiefe Air condifioning Dial GI 6-6634 805 Fairview Road Rocky Mount, North Carolina Coin Operated Phonograph Cigarette Machines - Vending Machines THORPE MUSIC CO., INC. Rhone GI 2-2854 I7I Albemarle Ave. Rocky Mount, North Carolina I L 4 W v V W , 107 Adkins, Tommy 53, 64, 65, 85 Alden, John 45, 64, 66, 85 Anderson, Betty 44, 50, 58, 85 Baker, Merle 76 Bandy, John 85 Barkley, Mary Jo 51, 55, 57, 76 Barrett, Sylvia 51, 89 Batchelor, Ray Z6 Batts, Willard 76 Bennett, Sidney 85 Bennett, Stephen 77 Best, Gayle 77 Betts, Tom 77 Black, Susan 44, 58, 59, 85 Boguess, Tom 51, 77 Boone, Albert 84, 85 Braswell, Lucy 51, 57, 77 Brinkley, Carol fMrs.J 85 Brockenbrough, Ronnie 51, 57, 77 Brown, Royall 51, 55, 85 Browning, Molly 77 Bumette, Jimmy 58, 59, 77 Caison, David 54, 51, 57, 85 Campbell, Herbert 77 Chesson, Jerry 54, 59, 77 Cooper, John 77 Cooper, Ted 89 Cozart, Mona 57, 58, 85 Creekmore, Bill 58, 59, 85 Cullifer, Carl 77 Cullipher, Ervin 64, 77 Daniel, Ricks, 51, 55, 77 Delamar, Lillie Mae 50, 51, 54, 5 Denton, Larry 77 Dixon, Bradford 77 Doerfler, Pete 78 Donald, Rosemary 58, 59, 78 Eason, Francis 51, 55, 64, 65, 86 Eilers, John 64, 78 Ellington, Faye 55, 78 Everett, Don 49, 78 Exum, Wanda 48, 50, 54, 56, 86 Ezzell, Joe 84, 86 Sfudenf Index 8, se Faulkner, Jo Lynn 51, 54, 55, 78 Felton, Gayle fMrs.J 86 Finley, Gay 78 Fisher, Marie 46, 47, 51, 78 Fitts, Tandy 49, 86 Fitz-Gerald, Max 51, 57, 78 Fleming, John 78 Carlow, Bill 48, 51, 64, 86 Garlow, Gary 44, 58, 59, 64, 86 Garriss, Judy 78 Gorham, Cherry 51, 55, 56, 57, Gorham, Patsy 78 Greene, Bobby 86 Griffin, Joyce 55, 78 Gurley, Charles 78 Hailey, Mrs. James 89 Hall, Barbara 53, 51, 50, 78 l-lamad, Ali 89 Harris, Evelyn 46, 48, 51, 54, 56 Hayes, Bobby 86 Hayes, Charles 86 I-ledgpeth, Doug 64 Herbert, William 79 Hobbs, Kay 48, 51, 57, 79 Hodgin, Mary C. 51, 56, 79 Hopkins, Eddie 79 Horner, Billy 47, 51, 54, 76, 79 House, Pete 51, 79 Howard, Irish 79 Hoyle, Bill 46, 50, 52, 54, 79 l-luizing, Melissa 51, 79 Inscore, Tony 56, 59, 79 Jackson, Helen 57, 79 Jacobs, Dan 46, 76, 79 Johnston, Jim 46, 49, 54, 79 Joyner, Gail 51, 79 Joyner, Linwood 64 Kepley, Louise 79 Keyes, Tom 51, 79 Komegay, Oliva 89 Kovarco, Alice 46, 53, 80 78 ,ss 1 1 4 i 1 I ,E 1 l J Iiiinlieiili, juan 45, 40, gil, So linrilet, llim NU Lurli, Simi NU lnnn, Lreti NU Liinn, lioliiii 31, SU fN1gGee, 47, Sl Milhlux, Grin su fxiiiiigiiini, 'Naiiie NU, Grim' 51, 54, 56, my M,irsh.1ll, Gene NU Mariin, Pin Sf, NU Martin, Riclriiei SO Xlassq, Xhinn 45, 46, 51, 52, 5 ix1,iirEie'.--, Piiicy 31, 54, 5? 1Xl.ulliei',s, Liirrx 33, 55, SH, tj-1, Mai , lee R. su Miller, jerry 49, 51, 54, 55, 64 Mitchell, Vix'i:inQMrs.j 57 Moore, Carolyn 45, 46, S7 Moor-J, Pnrmie 55, 551, BO Moore, Dill-ay 46, 51, 54, 64, 6 Morgan, joe SO Mtirphey, Chet 45, NU Neville, A.T. 64, S1 Neville, Est1ierQMrs.j SE' Nichols, Sharon S1 Parker, A.'i'r. nb, JSP, 5, Parrish, Wayne 64, 65, 51 Patterson, Patsy ST Peeples, Nancy S1 Pitzer, Bonita 53, SS, 59, sl Post, Larry 54,7 S1 Po '.-. e11,Paiq' 51, 54, 51 Priee, Joe 51 Priee, jack 52, 53, S7 Priligen, Brenda 51 Pridgen, Marshall ST Proctor, Steve 51 Rampe, Bruce S1 Ransom, Levis S1 Reed, Bert S1 Re',no1ds, Lfirr, 51 Robinson, Brenda 31, 33, 57 Rose, Brenda 47, 51, 34, ST Rouse, Guy 47, 31, 54, S1 Fin-sell, Stanley S1 Os, BT , 65, so 3, 5, Sihnli., 1.11 U4, mi, n- glifllul, Fin -'l' 44s, fm, N2 SIiel',,I.i1'1 s2 iiiiwpson, l.iye N7 iinrlei, 'leiiy H2 Smith, Charlotte 31, H2 Smith, Line 32, 54, wx Smith, liiilliiyii S2 iniilli, Kin 64, NN Spain, Betty HT, S2 Spence, Bonnie 51, 52 Spivey, FHA 31, S2 Qlepliens, Bob N2 Sieiwgrt, lfli si Mine, Winni 47, 55, S2 Strielzlancl, Waine 31, S2 Tanl-Laid, Frrniccr 57, S2 Tarlelon, Ken 52 Taylor, Vicki S2 Terry, Bill 59 Tippette, Don 53 Tripp, Dick S3 Upchiireh, Billy BS Vann, Ed 53, S5 Vafsi1,jim SO, 51, 55, S Vester, Fay e S3 Walker, Vicki Sb Walters, Margaret 51, S5 Wheeler, jinimy 33, SN White, Betty 51, Ss VVhitc, Billy 83 While, Walter 76, S3 Wilbur, Sidney S3 Williams, Barbara 534, SS Williams, Elilabeth 53 VV1I'lSlC3Li, Billy S3 Winstead, Mary Lee 85 Winstead, R.C. SE' Wine, Dr nny S3 Womble, Louis 44, 55, 55 Woods, Kirk S3 Woodard, Chris S3 Wordsxuorth, Janie-A 53 Xifyall, Jini 51, H3 Zane, Harry 53 Zellner, Piieliarrl 55 LILLIE MAE DELAMA R: BETTY ANDERSON ..... LARRY MATTHEWS.. . . SUSAN BLACK ........ GARY GARLOW . . . PA RMIE MOO RE ..... Staff 1962 ...Co-Editors . . . Art Editor . . . . . .Copy Editor Treasurer .. . . . . .. Business Manager JERRY CI-IESSON ....... LOUIS WOMBLE .... . . 11 O MONA COZART, JERRY MILLER, KATI-IRYN SMITH, WINNI STINE ...... ROSEMARY DONALD, BRUCE RAMPE .... BILL CREEKMORE, BETTY WHITE, BRUCE SHARER, BONITA PITZER, FRED LUNN, JIMMY BURNETTE ..... ............Circu1ation . . . . . . .. Photographer . . . .Staff . . . Typists Business Staff ca Troduct of Aufogrophs J ....+e, QQMW 112 xli 1 We . In , . I w .N 4. A lx, v f-V' .nf ,MI 'ip ,, . ,- .Z z.- , A 'if Nl Z- W., 4, 'xg .sw ',LQvL?1",q. "1 Q' 'F ..-4 3' H -' Y i N V V EJ if qw w if l i w U w Y 3 i xli 1 We . In , . I w .N 4. A lx, v f-V' .nf ,MI 'ip ,, . ,- .Z z.- , A 'if Nl Z- W., 4, 'xg .sw ',LQvL?1",q. "1 Q' 'F ..-4 3' H -'

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North Carolina Wesleyan College - Dissenter Yearbook (Rocky Mount, NC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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