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This Page Intentionally Left Blank Features Student Life 36 Organizations 92 Sports 106 Portraits 172 Ads 278 Portfolios 294 Editor ' s Note 302 memorial Marcus Carl Smith , Textiles Computer Science November 23, 1974 - April 5, 1996 " I do not know what I may appear to the world; but to myself I seem to have been only a boy playing on the sea-shore, and diverting myself now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me. " -Sir Isaac Newton 4 Memorial Tacy Anna Smith Psychology Class of 1995 August 14, 1973-M 26 1996 " Live so that when you have gone it will have mattered. " Betty Feezer Memorial 5 Smith (4) 6 Opening Opening 7 Smith 8 Opening Smith Baird 1 Opening 9 features Features Beach Beach Kawanishi Features 13 , Beach 1 4 Features Smith W hiteman Features 15 Bennett Russel() Russel() (below and right) provied speedy transit from one side of the train tracks to the other. (bottom) Heated discussion are part of the daily fare in the brickyard 16 Features Smith Smith Beach (above left and below left) The upper floors of most dorms can get quite warn, often an open window is the only relief. (above right) Gary, the brickyard preacher, points an accusing finger at the leader of the Lesbian and Gay Student Union on National Comming Out Day. Features 17 Apple Cider Sale UNIVERSITY SCIENCE ■ Smith 18 Features Every year the Horticulture department sponsors a cider sale. Karen Maguylo (a freshman in General Horticulture), Edward Klutiz (a junior in Landscape Horticulture) and Evans Laird (a junior in Landscape Horticulture) participated in this year ' s sale on November 18. Features 19 The smokestack of State College looms in the distance of a reminder of where we have been and where what we have become. 20 Features A new perspective on Berry Hall gives light to creative ideas. The arches of East Campus provide a sanctuary to stressed engineer students. Smith (3) Features 21 The Fight for Student Aid (right) WRAL news cast spoke with students and financial aid counselors (below) Address of financial aid issue to crowd of students (right) Students filled out petitions against proposed cuts in aid funds. 22 Features (left) Students called in complaints about Student aid to North Carolina Representatives. (above) Speaker addresses NC State Students in the Brickyard Features 23 (right) Outside the Atrium, signs remind us about one of the major issues that affected students in the Fall of 1995. (below) D.H. Hill Library is frequented often by students as a quiet place to study and do research. 24 Features (above) D.H. Hill Library is one of the top University Libraries in the country. (left) Harrelson Hall has become an ideal for skateboarders. Features 25 (above right) Reynolds Coliseum, home to most all N.C. State Athletic Games. (above) Bridget Meehan, a Sophomore in Business, reads quietly on a bench by Tucker Beach. (right) The Free Expression Tunnel, a daily newspaper in itself, has recieved National Televised attention because of the walls on which people express issues. Smith (5) 26 Features (left) Christie Duckwarth, a Sophomore in Landscape Horticulture, and Heather Jordan, a Freshman in Communications, take advantage of the weather and a painting opportunity. (Below) Students enjoy lunch sitting on the South side of the Student Center in the sun. Features 27 (Above) The annual Cider Sale is one of the Horticulture fundraisers which the students in. (Right) A high school student tries out one of the campuses attractions: the reflecting dishes. 28 Features (Above) An Engineering Student takes a break outside of Berry Hall. (Left) Summer foliage. Features 29 (right) Parking tickets clutter this car, only reminding us of DOT ' s seemingly favorite activity. (below) Student and snake work as a team to capture everyone ' s interest. Smith Tucker 30 Features (left) Brian Jennings, A freshman in accounting, plays frisbee with friends at Bragaw Dormitory Smith Smith (left) Brian Wilson, a junior in buisness climbs the walls between Price Music Center and the Student Center. (above) View of the Brickyard from Bostian and Scott Halls. Smith Features 31 Russel (above) Matt Parker, a junior in Fish and Wildlife, works on his car in Front of the Witherspoon Student Center. (right) Kara Martin, a sophomore in Business, waits outside Caldwell Hall for her class to begin. 32 Features Egan Baird (Left) Donna Tiffiton, a Junior, relaxes on a warm autumn day. (Below) Students take a break between classes for lunch at the Student Center. (Lower Left) Freshmen enjoy The First Night Out, sponsered by the Union Activities Boardin the part of orientation. Smith Features 33 (above) The Grove, like other local venues a place for students to take in bands, such as Capsize 7. (right) Reggefest, which has become an annual campus event, offers a chance buy ethnic wares. Beach (4) 34 Features (left and below) The Take Back The Night march was held to raise awareness of campus safety issues. Features 35 (right) Move In workers help students move into their dorms. (far right)Leigh Garland, freshman in political science, sits on her belongings while waiting to move into her dorm. (below) Chalk drawings show the way to Carroll Hall. Smith Smith Baird 38 Student Life Move In and orientation L (left) Joni Chambers, sophmore in Wildlife, unpacks his truck. (below) Jeremy Crocker, sophomore in Engineering, takes a break in the shade while moving into his dorm. Smith Smith Student Life 39 Smith (right) A student proves they can fit their room in the truck and the kitchen sink, too. (below left) Nancy Clemens, a Freshman in the First Year College, takes a few shots of her dad helping her move into her dorm. (below right) Matthew Valliere, a freshman in Turf and Grass, gets help from his family while moving into his dorm. 40 Student Life (left) Jason Lewtchworth (RA), in Fish and Wildlife, checks John Jamison, a sophomore in Engineering, into Bragaw. (right) Students arrive back to campus after an all too short summer vacations. (below) Susan Berry, a freshman, takes a break with her mother after moving into her dorm. Student Life 41 The Student Center The University Student Center, along with Witherspoon Student Center, Price Music Center, and Thompson Theater, make up the Student Center Buildings. The Student Center itself houses Stewart Theatre, the Arts and Activities Department, Ticket Central, The Union Activites Board, and the Commons Dining area. Student Organizations use the meeting rooms frequently which the Student Center offers. It is also a hub for campus to find out what activities and events are going on daily. (top) Cary Osborne, a freshman in Technology Education shows off his pool skills in Jeremiah ' s Games Room in the basement of the Student Center. (bottom) The International Student Committee of the Union Activities Board posts a mask as a of their Masquerade Semi-Formal. 42 Student Center (left) Amanda Hudson, a sophomore in Undesignated, and Angie Basala, a senior in Communications, have a picnic on the North Plaza of the Student Center.(below) This student waits for his food at t he Commons. Student Center 43 Ultimate Allnight Bash For many years now, the Union Activities Board has sponsered the Ultimate Allnight Bash in the University Student Center. Along with the help of Alpha Phi Omega and many volunteers, the Allnighter is a smashing success with numerous games, food and to be enjoyed until the wee hours of the morning. (top) Lisa Stuart, President of the University Student Center and Union Activites Board, takes a break during the event. (right) " Life in General, " a band from Winston Salem, was one of the bands that played for the Student Life (top) Sumo wrestling was one of the many attractions at the Allnighter. (left) Funny balloon hats were a popular hit, but we some snowcones or cotton candy over balloon string. Tucker (4) Student Life 45 (right) There ' s always a stack of books near the hottest machine in the house. Smith Egan (above) The endless bookstacks can leave one a bit lost. Smith (above) The big tables are the perfect place to spread out all your homework. 46 Student Life Smith (above) A group homework session is always the best way to get things done. (left) Stamped with the approval of the library these books are here to stay. Smith Student Life 47 (right) Hangin ' out in the lounge between classes with your friends is a popular idea. (above) Sometimes you just have to take a break from studying. 48 Student Life (left) Late night in the library, caught in the bookstacks. Egan (left) The media center is a great place to catch a free flick, or to catch up on some old lectures. Egan Student Life 49 Jane Duncan enjoys a beer and the mark of legal age. 50 Student Life Lawn Party (below) Some came more prepared for the rain than others. (left)The Freddy Jones Band, Edwin McCane and Cravin ' Melon were the bands that performed (left) Trash litters the grounds at Trinity Farms where the Lawn Party was held. (above) Alex Munday, a Jr. in English, Marco Fuscer, a Senior in Landscape Archetecture, and Vickie Moroz, a Jr. in Political science enjoy pizza. Smith (5) Student Life 51 52 Student Life Student Life 53 (top) Alyssa Giruzzi, a student at nearby Campbell University, enjoys a beer from an elevated perspective. (bottom) Lawn Party attendance was estimated at 14,000 54 Student Life Smith (5) (left) The rain caused mud to cover much of the Lawn Party (left) Some prefer a more direct approach to beer drinking. (above) The effects of overindulgence are sometimes sudden and ruthless Student Life 55 (right) As with mutch of campus, parking on Hillsborough Street can be a trying affair. (below) The " movie theater theme " McDonald ' s that was one of the bench marks of Hillsborough Street was closed during the ' 95- ' 96 acedemic year. Whiteman Smith 56 Student Life Hillsborough Street OPEN 24 HOURS Smith Russelo (left top) Hillsborough Street, with campus as the background, as seen from Mitch ' s Tavern. Mitch ' s Tavern is a favorite of student ' s and faculty alike. (right top) Kinko ' s is a late night saviour for many NC State students. (bottom) The Wolfline provides transortation for many students. Student Life 57 Smith Smith (above left) Biking, driving and a good bit of walking show how most students make their way around campus. (above right) Brugger ' s Bagel Bakery. (right) The Cantina, offers after hours solace with buckets of beer and comfortable surroundings. Smith 58 Student Life Whiteman (above) Coffee shops, like Kegan ' s Coffee Shop, abound near campus. (left) Pawn shops also find their way into the campus scene. Student Life 59 Thompson Theater Storys and Photos by Kara Russelo " Right Bed, Wrong Husband " is a farce centered around the young bachelor Ted Merriweather (Joshua Handest), who wrote his stingy Uncle Martin (David Frink) claiming to be married in order to receive a larger allowance from his trust fund. When his uncle stops in for a surprise visit, Ted shuffles to cover his lie with the help of his house guest Evelyn (Dana Marks), who masquerades as his wife despite the resistance of her husband Claude (John Burke). Confusion arises when they try to conceal their true identities from his uncle, as well as with the entrances of Ted ' s actual fiancée (Jenn Tate), his maid (Sarah Atwater), and a drunkard (Marcus McIntyre). Having been a for only 32 years, Thompson Theatre was previ- ously a gymnasium named for Frank Thompson, who was voted Best All- Around Athlete in 1909. Because of his virility, he was nicknamed " Guts " by our very own Agromeck. It is rumored that Thompson ' s ghost still haunts the sets, making unhooked phones ring. When Reynolds Coliseum was built in 1957, Thompson Gym was transformed into a theatre and had its first " Antigone, " in 1964. Evidence of the gym still remains behind the main stage, where the basketball goals from the first ACC game are left What was the pool beneath the old gym is now the Craft Center. In its beginning, Thompson Theatre combined perfor- mances by students and professionals, including Barry Corbin, who played Maurice, the NASA guy on " Northern Exposure. " But since 1969, Thompson Theatre has been run by student volunteers. They produce four major plays a year, a children ' s theatre production, a tour to London, and, in combination with the Price Music Center, the Madrigal Dinners every November. Other include sponsoring a Theatre Fest, a playwright award, and organizations such as the Black Repertory Theatre and an honorary service fraternity, Alpha Psi Omega. Students are able to get involved in all aspects of technical theatre, including scenic design, make-up, lighting, and stage craft. 60 Student Life Student Life 61 The North Carolina State Fair " Let the Good Times Grow! " was the theme of the 128th Annual North Carolina State Fair. There was tons of great food, fabulous exhibits, an midway, and spectacular nightly Some of the most popular entertainers that appeared at Dorton Arena were Aaron Tippin, The Four Tops, and The Charlie Daniels Band. It ' s all there and a lot of it ' s just the price of an admission. Fairgowers watched perform acts of skill, access the Information Superhighway, and the Geographical Information Systems. Then they took in 22,000 exhibits including livestock shows, fruits and forestry, crops and 4-H and Future Farmers of America club projects. Also were found by visitors grazing the midway were honeybees, beautiful flowers, fine arts and photography, craft exhibits, nightly fireworks, and much, much more. North Carolina State University has a vested interest in the State Fair due to the many student organizations that help in the production of it. Among these is the popular theme of agric ulture, North Carolina ' s Number One industry. The theme allows city folks a glimpse of country life, and lets farm families, and the students show their prize winnings. (above) Candy apples Beach are a must. 62 Student Life (left) The busiest seat in town. (below left) There ' s nothing like takin ' your favorite girl to the fair to win her a fish. (below) Colorful attractions line the midway. Beach Harvey Baird Student Life (right) The swings are always a must when it comes to rides. (below) Good ole Southern " Bar-B-Que " can be smelt from all corners of the grounds. SANDWICHES TRAYS ORDER 64 Student Life (above) The Giant Slide is a ride for all ages. Student Life 65 (right) The NC State Fair offers many including John Gates, who has been the color man for the pig races. (below) Quess your age? This young man has just been the victim of a good guesser. 66 Student Life (above) The petting zoo offers fun for many. (left) Rides are the primary attraction for many who go to the fair. Beach Student Life 67 68 Student Life Beach Tucker Tucker Student LIfe 69 Tucker Beach 70 Student Life Baird Baird Tucker 72 Student Life Baird Tucker Baird Student Life 73 Design School Halloween Bash Beach 76 Student Life Beach Student Life 77 Tucker 78 Student Life Beach Beach Student Life 79 greek week Tucker (5) 80 Student Life Student Life 81 Tucker (5) 82 Student Life Student Life 83 Tucker 84 Student Life Tucke Tucker Beach Student Life 85 Beach Tucker 86 Student Life Jordan Jordan Beach Student Life 87 Jordan 88 Student Life Jordan Tucker Beach Bea ch Student Life Tucker 90 Student Life Jordan Student Life 91 Technician Tucker Ellis Ellis Organizations 95 96 Organizations Organizations 97 nubian message 98 Organizations Organizations 99 Organizations WKNC 8 Smith (4) Organizations 101 1 02 Organizations Smith (3) Organizations 103 Baird Tucker Organizations Smith Organizations 105 sports Women ' s Soccer Elite Eight NCAA Championship Tucker 108 Sports New Basketball Coach Herb Sendek Tucker Egan Kay Yow ' s 500th Carreer Win Tucker NCSU vs. USA Olympic Team Robinson ' s Resignation Sports 109 Women ' s Rugby Sports Sports 1 1 1 volleyball Sports volleyball Egan Beach Beach Sports 113 Pack Women Fare Well by Michael Preston Going into the 1995 season, the N.C. State women ' s soccer team had every reason to be optimistic. Nearly a year before, its season came to an end after almost the dynasty that is North Carolina and the sidelines and its coach " in terror. " From that team, State returned an All-American in Thori Staples, one of the most potent forward tandems in Stephanie Sanders and Monica Hall and two of the most consistent all around players in Stacey Hampton and Megan Jeidy. Then the pre-season polls were released. No Wolfpack in the Top 20. And when the predicted final conference were announced, it just added salt to the wound. Sixth place. Throughout the season, the was " Respect " and the Wolfpack received none of it. Despite beating Virginia in Charlottesville, Duke, Clemson and Maryland, all of whom are constantly ranked in the top 10, State struggled to gain recognition. So what the Pack did was win ... often. And always at Method Road, where they posted a perfect record. That included a win in tornado conditions in the NCAA tournament first round against WIlliam Mary behind Laura Ferguson ' s first career goal. Tucker 114 Sports Egan Tucker Sports 115 Bennett 116 Sports Bennett Smith Smith Sports 117 Pack makes Devils Blue by Michael Preston It was soccer at its absolute best. In two hours and five minutes of play every emotion was, in one way or another, touched upon. The joy and the frustration. The thrill and the agony. But as the game clock wound down toward the ten minute mark in sudden death overtime, it momentarily slowed down. Then, in an instant, it was over. Megan Jeidy ' s header to the lower-left corner ended not only the game, but Duke ' s season. And when the N.C. State bench charged the field, arms raised in one of the most emotional games of the year was put in the book. The scoreboard told the story: N.C. State, two; Duke, one. " At the break we talked about chances and in sudden death you have to take every chance you can get, " Jeidy would say later. It took a little bit of everything from everybody to win in a place where wins have been few and far between for State. It had been almost five years since the Wolfpack last beat the Devils in Durham. " That this team showed a lot of heart and a lot of courage to come from one goal down, away from home with a crowd that was definitely favoring Duke is tremendous, " coach Alvin Corneal said. With the game tied at 1-1 at the end of regulation, the Pack had it won in overtime. After a corner kick, the ball was sent back into the box by Monica Hall. It then found its way into the back of the net, but the line judge on the far side called State offside and the goal. Every play grew more important. Keeper Kat Mertz nearly knocked All-American Kelly Walbert unconscious going for a save. Every moment counted. An entire stadium held its breath when Mertz cradled a shot she had first tipped off the crossbar. Emotions ran Jeidy ' s game winner propelled the Wolfpack to the Elite Eight. " We say we want respect, but as far as that goes, all we want to do is go out on the field and win, " Hall said. But this was a that begged for a great line from someone who played. A line that told the story of the game, one that would sum it all up for those who weren ' t there to witness the madness. It was delivered. " You can tell everybody that we got screwed but we still won, " Stephanie Sanders said afterward. " We should ' ve won 3-1, not 2-1. " Soccer at its absolute best. 118 Sports Photos by Andrew Tucker Sports 119 I Smith 120 Sports Egan Egan Egan Sports 121 Defeat (and Victory) by Michael Preston All great things come to an end. Whether it was supposed to so soon is another question. The N.C. State women ' s soccer team lost to Southern Methodist 4-3 and marked the end of one of the most successful seasons in recent memory. " We ' ve had a very long season and we ' ve had a very tough season, " coach Alvin Corneal said. " And I think at the end of it, I ' m pretty pleased with my team. They ' ve shown the kind of spirit and character that certainly would enhance their personalities on the soccer field. " From the outset, State played straight up with the third seed in the tournament. Fourteen minute s into the game, junior Monica Hall silenced everyone in attendance. She took a pass from Stephanie Sanders and got the Pack on the board first. The score came after an apparent goal by the Wolfpack was disallowed after pushing was called during the shot. Less than two later, the Mustangs ' Danielle Garrett headed a shot past keeper Kat Mertz off a kick to tie the score at one. With under twenty minutes remaining until the Final Four, Texas native Sandy Miller sent a free kick to the near post and past SMU keeper Erin Poole. The trip down Interstate 40 to Chapel Hill was almost complete. But with their dreams just over the horizon what happened next defied explanation. The most discouraging three of the entire season came at exactly the wrong time. The Mustangs struck fast and often. Courtney Linex and Garrett, each 30-goal during the season, put shots by Mertz. Then Ryanne Bumps added one of her own to push SMU ' s lead to 4-2. Hall ' s rebound goal off a Miller penalty kick cut the lead to one with ten minutes left, but it wasn ' t enough. " I ' m pretty happy for our team, that all during the course of the although we were winning games we didn ' t get respect or the ranking we felt we deserved, " Corneal said. " E ven the best team in this area, we took them down to the wire and I ' m pretty pleased with that. " 122 Sports Despite the poor field conditions, the heat and away from home, the Wolfpack nearly cemented itself as one of the top four programs in the nation. Instead, the other accomplishments will take on more significance. A top- ten finish, second place in the ACC (6-1), undefeated at Method Road and its best record (19- 5-0) since 1991. All by a team that wasn ' t supposed to finish higher than sixth in the ACC. " This is the type of soccer game that although you lose, the lessons are very clear here, " Corneal said. Photos by Andrew Tucker Sports 123 124 Sports men soccer Egan mens soccer Smith Egan Sports 125 126 Sports Sports 127 ■ 128 Sports gymnastics gymnastics gymnast Sports 129 Football Sports Sports 131 Egan Tucker 132 Sports Sports Egan Egan 134 Sports Egan Egan Sports 135 136 Sports Egan Sports 137 Egan Egan womens Basketball Tucker Tucker Egan by Michael Preston January 15, 1996 will be a day forever etched in the minds of fans and the record books at N.C. State. For it was that evening ' s win over Georgia Tech that marked Kay Yow ' s 500th in her illustrious career. It was a win that gained her membership to an elite club of which only five other active coaches are members. This was the year that 500 meant just a little more than 16. Although the Pack couldn ' t duplicate its mir- acle run of last year ' s tournament, they gave all they had and advanced to the second round in this year ' s NCAA Tournament before falling to Alabama. Pre-season expectations were high going into the 1995-96 season. Despite the loss of leading Tammy Gibson, the media predicted the Pack would finish second in the conference, which made State a marked team. And big things were expected from center Chasity Melvin, a pre-season All-ACC selection. She didn ' t disappoint again this year by leading the team in scoring and field goal percentage. That earned her a second-team All-ACC selection. Joining her on the second team was point guard Jennifer Howard. Beyond 19 ' 9 " is where Howard, academic All-American, was born to shoot. She again finished in the top five in three-point field goal percentage and was among conference leaders in three-pointers made and attempted per game. Umeki Webb, Nicole Mitchell and Muriel Davis rounded out the starting line-up for the past season. They finished third in the conference and all but Davis return for next year. It will be a year where anything less than 16 won ' t be tolerated. Sports 139 140 Sports Bennett Smith Sports 141 (opposite page) Kay Yow talks to the team during the last few seconds of the Carolina game. Kay and company won the contest 76-72 at the end of the game. (left) Muriel Davis powers through two Carolina defenders to score two. (left) Tracy Reid calls a timeout that Carolina did not have, causing a crucial technical foul late in the game. (below) Leading scorer Chastity Melvin celebrates with her teammates in the center of the floor after the win over Carolina. Tucker (4) Sports 143 Bennett 144 Sports Bennett Smith Bennett Sports 145 146 Sports Sports 1 47 Mens Basketball by Michael Preston When Les Robinson stood in front of reporters before the season and told them that " at the end of the year, everybody will be happy, " his resignation wasn ' t what he had in mind. After weeks of speculation and conflicting reports from several news services, Robinson turned down a two-year contract extension and stepped down as head coach. It was the appropriate end to another season where the Wolfpack team failed to live up to its expectations., In a season when the ACC was at its weakest, the Pack finished 15-16 overall and through its fifth straight losing season. Its second 13 loss conference season in four years under Robinson. Robinson said one of the he accepted the associate director was because he felt his presence on the sidelines put too much to win on the team down the stretch, and it looked that way numerous times. After a 9-1 start, it lost 10 games by a total of 30 points. And the Pack lost every way a team could lose. In overtime. In double overtime. On the road. A three- pointer from 30 feet. A television replay. But one of the conference wins came at Reynolds against the rival North Carolina Tar Heels. Making it more sweet was UNC freshman Antawn Jamison telling the press afterward that the noise inside the old stadium affected the teams ' performance. And behind first-team All-ACC player and GTE 148 Sports Academic Player of the Year Todd Fuller, the Pack finally advanced past the ACC Tournament play- in game, a.k.a. " The Les Robinson Invitational, " only to get hammered by Georgia Tech in the first round. But next season will be sharp- shooter Danny Strong, the of Marco Harrison and a recruiting class that includes three players in the Top 100. Plus a new coach and guarded optimism. At the end of next year, everybody may be happy after all. Smith Sports 149 Egan Sports Smith Sports 151 Smith 152 Sports Smith Sports 153 Smith Sports Eakes Sports 155 marching band 156 Sports Egan (5) Sports 157 Egan (5) Sports Sports 159 Wrestling We came into this season with the highest of expectations. We had seven senior starters and the idea of being unbeatable. At times we were unbeatable, out Duke, and nearly doing the same to Virginia. However, two severe losses to archrival North Carolina darkened our dream of a tenth ACC title for coach Guzzo. We came into the ACC as the under dog to North Carolina. This was nothing new for us. We hadn ' t been favored to win the conference since 1990. But was different that day of the tournament, we all felt it. Every wrestler was ready and determined to fight for the title. Coach met with us in the football the morning of the tournament. He showed us one of his ACC rings and then played a video of Jim Valvano ' s ' never give up ' speech. We left that auditorium that it was going to take everything we had to pull off the upset. Just like Jim Valvano described it, through every preliminary round of competition, we did not give up. Each member scrapped and fought for every extra team point. We placed seven wrestlers into the finals and the other three wrestled for third place. This gave us the lead going into the Championship round. When the. dust settled, we had outdistanced North Carolina by ten points and won that tenth crown for coach Guzzo. It was our last day as N.C. State wrestlers. It was the last day in our career to make a dream come true. And we did. 160 Sports Beach (3) Sports 161 1 62 Sports Beach (3) Sports 163 tennis Sports B. Game (4) Sports 1 65 1 66 Sports 13, Game (4) Sports 167 Baseball Egan Sports Egan Egan Sports 169 1 70 Sports Egan Egan Egan Sports 1 71 Upperclassmen NASER ABU-HALIMEH CIVIL ENG. RALEIGH, NC MAHER ABUKAF CPE RALEIGH, NC CRISTY ADAMS COMM BENSON, NC CHAD ALBURY MECH. ENGR RALEIGH, NC SCOTT ANGELL CIVIL ENGR. EAST BEND, NC SHEILA APPLEWHITE MATH WALSTONBURG, NC CHRISTOPHER ARMSTRONG PRK REC BURLINGTON, NC HANNAH ASHFORD ENGLISH LIT. RALEIGH, NC DEBRA ASHLEY CHEM. ENG. LEXINGTON, NC KRISTEN ASHLEY BUS. MGMT RALEIGH,NC MELINDA AUMAN CHEM ENG SEAGROVE, NC LISA AUSTIN COMM FOUR OAKS, NC Portraits HUGH AUTRY PARKS MGMT COATS, NC TERESA M. BACHELER ZOOLOGY APEX, NC LAURA BACHOUROS ELEC ENGR RALEIGH, NC TRACIA BAILEY BIOCHEM CHARLOTTE, NC SHARON BAKER METEOR SANFORD, NC HEATHER BARBOUR TEX. DSGN HOPE MILLS, NC BERTRAM BARCO MECH. ENG. LUKE BARGER IND. ENGR PISCATAWAY, NJ HICKORY, NC STACY BARNES MECH.ENG WOODLAND, NC CHRISTIAN BARNES SALISBURY, NC MARVIN BARNETT NUC. ENG. WASHINGTON, NC JOHMAR BARRINGER MSM WINSTON-SALEM, NC RYAN BAUCOM COMP. ENG. RALEIGH, NC ANTONY BAUTISTA ME DURHAM, NC TOBI BAYNOR BUS. MGMT WASHINGTON, NC Portraits 175 CAROL BEAM BIO SCI. ELLENBORO, NC JONATHAN BEASLEY BUS ENGR CHAPEL HILL, NC MICHAEL BECKER COASTAL RES ST. PAULS, NC HOWARD BELL HISTORY MANTEO, NC DEDE BIVINS AG. BUS. MGMT DURHAM, NC DEHAVALYN BLACK CHEMICAL ENG RALEIGH, NC JAIMEE BLACKMAN PSYCHOLOGY RALEIGH, NC TIMOTHY BOOMHOWER ENE FUQUAY-VARINA, NC LARRY BOYD APP SOC W MONROE, NC MARTIN BRICIO ECONOMICS RALEIGH, NC MICHAEL BRIDEGUM LAND. SGN. FUQUAY, NC EDDIE BRIDGES ELE. ENGR SALISBURY, NC JACQUELYN BRIGHT CHEM ENG. . . . .WASHINGTON, NC KRISTEN BROADWAY BUS MGT. WAKE FOREST, NC TAMARA BROWN ZOO FAYETTEVILLE, NC 176 Portraits STARLETTE BROWN MECH. ENGR RALEIGH, NC JAMES BROWN III TECH ED DURHAM, NC TYLER BUCKNER ELE. ENGR MARSHALL, NC CHRISTOPHER BUFFALOE AGRONOMY WENDELL, NC DOUG BULLARD AG AUTRYVILLE, NC BARY BUSSEY RALEIGH, NC CYNTHIA BUSTER NAT. RES RALEIGH, NC ERIN CAINE BIOCHEM RALEIGH, NC GREG CAMPBELL TEX MAT. SCI RALEIGH, NC CHRISTOPHER CAPPS MATH EDU RALEIGH, ANGELA CARAWAY COMM RALEIGH, NC JONI CARDIN ENVIRON DALLAS, NC MICKAEL CARIVEAU SDM-ZOO MIDDLESEX, NC BROOKE CARVANA ZOO MT. PLEASANT, SC SHAWN CAUSEY COMM. JAMESTOWN, NC Portraits 177 GIDGET M. CHANDLER IND. ENG. RALEIGH, NC DAVID CHILDRESS TEX MGMT LUMBERTON, NC CHARLOTTE CHISWELL BIOLOGY CARY, NC DEEPAK CHUGH COMP ENG RALEIGH, NC MICHAEL CIFALDI CIVIL ENGR. RALEIGH, NC SHANON CIVILS BUS MGMT. ZEBULON, NC DANIEL CLARK ME CHAPEL HILL, NC DEIRDRA CLEMONS FRENCH ED. RALEIGH, NC JENNIFER COBB E. ENG. MURFREESBORO, NC TONYA COFFEY PHYSICS LENOIR, NC VICTORIA COOPER MATH EDU RALEIGH, NC DELENA COOR BIOCHEM GOLDSBORO, NC COLLEEN COYLE HISTORY DURHAM, NC ADRIENNE CROSIER ANIMAL SCI RALEIGH, NC REGINA CROWELL ZOO BIO SCI ALBEMARLE, NC 178 Portraits Portraits 1 79 JENNIFER CUMMINGS SOCIAL WORK RALEIGH, NC AIMEE CUNNINGHAM INDUSTRIAL ENGR APEX, NC WENDY CURTIS PSYCHOLOGY RALEIGH, NC ROBERT CUSSON FABRICE DAGUET CHEMISTRY BRIAN DANIEL COMM SARAH-ELLEN DAVIS ANIMAL SCI RALEIGH, NC CATHERINE DEGIRALAMO PHIL GREENSBORO, NC DANA DELLINGER CE MONROE, NC VERNETTA DEVANE SOC WINSTON-SALEM, NC CRAIG DEVAULT STATISTICS KINGSPORT, TN CHRISTY DILDA MATHEMATICS RALEIGH, NC CHRISTINE DOCKERY BUS MGMT. RALEIGH, NC JAMES DOCKERY STATISTICS RALEIGH, NC TIMOTHY DOLLYHITE ANIMAL SCI MT. AIRY, NC RALEIGH, NC OXFORD, NC 180 Portraits JAMES DUNN BUSINESS MGMT. CARY, NC COLLEEN EDDY ANIMAL SCI CARY, NC ANDREA EDWARDS BUS. MGMT. LOUISBURG, NC DEREK BRENT EFIRD MATH CHAPEL HILL, NC PHILIP EILERTSON MECH ENG. NEW BERN, NC KENNETH EMSER BUS MGMT. ROXBORO, NC ELEBEOBA ENI COMP ENG RALEIGH, NC DEIRDRE EVANS ZOO ROANOKE RAPIDS, NC JAY EVANS MATH RALEIGH, NC JEREMY EVERHART AERO ENG TRINITY, NC HOLLY EVERS ZOO GOLDSBORO, NC KIMBERLY FAIRCLOTH CHEM ENG ROSEBORO, NC ALISON FANNER COMM PR RALEIGH, NC CECILIA FEATHERSTONE BUS MGMT FLETCHER, NC JONATHAN FEATHERSTONE ANIMAL SCI GOLD HILL, NC Portraits 1 81 BRIGETTE FLYTHE ZOOLOGY RALEIGH, NC NATASHA FORD FOOD SCI HUNTERSVILLE, NC PAMELA FORDHAM CIVIL ENGR ANNAPOLIS, MD ROBIN FORE CRIM. JUST. . .FUQUAY VARINA, NC KRISTI FORGY CRIM. JUSTICE . .MORGANTON, NC MEREDITH FOSINA PSYCHOLOGY RALEIGH, NC SHERI FOSKEY COMPUTER SCI RALEIGH, NC MICHELLE FOSTER ZOOLOGY . . .WINSTON-SALEM, NC EBONY FOWLER PRE-MEDICINE COWPENS, SC SCOTT FREDERICK BAE REBEKA FUTRIS BUS MGMT. . .WINSTON JILL GAMBINO FISH WILD LONG SALEM, NC BEACH, NC RALEIGH, NC KENTON GARDINIER COMP SCI. RALEIGH, NC YOLONDA GARRETT GEN. COMM. . . .FAYETTEVILLE, NC MIR GARVY ZOOLOGY CARY, NC 182 Portraits KIMBERLY GATLING PHILADELPHIA, PA KIMBERLY GILLIAM ACCOUNTING . GRANTSBORO, NC KIMBERLY GLENON ZOOLOGY WILMINGTON, NC SHAVALE GODWIN ZOOLOGY LUMBERTON, NC GRAHAM GOODE COMMUNICATION . RALEIGH, NC KRISTA GUERRIERO RALEIGH, NC LOREN GULAK MECH ENG RICHMOND, VA MIA HALL BIO SCI SILVER SPRING, MD DIANNE HALL GRAPHIC DESIGN .LEICESTER, NC BRIAN A. HALL ENVIROMENTAL ENG. . . .EDEN, NC LATONYA HAMMONDS ELECTRICAL ENG. . . .RALEIGH, NC GARY HARDING MECH ENGR JAMESTOWN, NC TAMALA HARRIS ZOOLOGY CHARLOTTE, NC LYNDA HARRISON STATISTICS RALEIGH, NC CICELY HART ACC WINSTON-SALEM, NC Portraits 183 REBECCA HASKETT ZOOLOGY LOWELL, NC OMAR HASSAN ELEM. EDUCATION . .RALEIGH, NC MATTHEW HAWES BUSINESS MGMT. .CHARLOTTE, NC JENNY HELTON BIOCHEMISTRY MONROE, NC EDITH HENDERSON ANIMAL SCIENCE . . .RALEIGH, NC DONALD HILKE BUS MGMT CHESTERFIELD, NC LOUISE HOANG POLI SCI RALEIGH, NC KRISTEN HOLDER BIO SCI BROWNS SUMMIT, NC EMILY HOLLEMAN ARCHITECTURE .KANNAPOLIS, NC TARCHANNA HOLMES CHEM ZOO . . . .FAYETTEVILLE, NC SHERRY HOPKINS ACCOUNTING DURHAM, NC CHRIS HORTON TEXTILE DESIGN .CONCORD, NC MARK HOWE MATHEMATICS . . . .GASTONIA, NC RAYMOND HUCKS JR. HISTORY WILSON MILLS, KATHRYN HUNTER POLITICAL SCI. DOBSON, NC Portraits BRENDA HYLAND BUSINESS ADM RALEIGH, NC SCOTT INGOLD APPLIED MATH RALEIGH, NC ROBERT ISGETT CIVIL ENGR. DARLINGTON, SC CATINA JACKSON POL.SCI WOODLAND, NC CARMELA JACKSON SOC CRIM.JUST. RALEIGH, NC KIMBERLY JACOBS TEXTILE MGMT PEMBROKE, NC ASIF JAFFAR RALEIGH, NC MICHAEL JAMES MECH ENG LEXINGTON, ERIC JAMES GRAPHIC COMM .MAPLE HILL, NC TERESA JARMAN ACCOUNTING JACKSONVILLE, NC EMILY JARRETT SOCIOLOGY NEWTON, NC NANCY JOHNSON ACCOUNTING RALEIGH, NC TERESA JOHNSON BIO. SCI. WINSTON SALEM, NC JODIE JOHNSON COMMUNICATION ..RALEIGH, NC KENNETH JOHNSON MT. HOLLY, NC Portraits 185 AMY JOHNSON COMMUNICATION CARY, NC TANYA JONES POLI SCI VIRGINIA BEACH, VA MAN JOO APPLIED MATH RALEIGH, NC PRIYA KAMDAR FOOD SCIENCE RALEIGH, NC CARLA KELLY PRE-MED EAST SPENCER, NC DAVID KELLY E.E. GREENSBORO, NC ELLEN KING ZOOLOGY RALEIGH, NC DWIGHT kING PSYCH PHIL CONOVER, NC KRISTEN KOHLMEIER BIO SCI KING OF PRUSSIA, PA DONALD KOLESAR ACCOUNTING MADISON, CT NATASHA KOONCE POLITICAL SCI. RALEIGH, NC KENNETH KRAFT TEX APP MGMT . . . .NAZARETH, PA LAUREN KWEE BUSINESS MGMT. . . . .RALEIGH, NC LAURIE LANVERMEIER MID. SCH. ED. . .JACKSONVILLE, NC WALTER TEDDY LARGENT JR SOCIOLOGY RALEIGH, NC 186 Portraits PHILLIP LARKINS JR INDL. ENG. RALEIGH, NC MARVIN L. LASSITER III FLORICULT .ROANOKE RAPIDS, NC BARBARA LAWING ANIMAL SCIENCE . . .RALEIGH, NC MERRITT LAWN COMM. PAWLEYS ISLAND, SC PATRICK LAWRENCE ME RALEIGH, NC JONATHAN LEHMAN MECH ENG CARY, NC Baird Mt. Olive Portraits 187 JENIFER LIBBY SED BLS NEW BERN, NC DONNA LIBERMAN PSYC COMM. . . . .CHARLOTTE, NC EMILY LIETZ COMM. GREENSBORO, NC TAMMY LITTLE POLITICAL SCI .WILLIAMSTON, NC LAWRENCE LOCKLEAR HISTORY ED PEMBROKE, NC CHRISTOPHER LYLES MECH ENG. .WINSTON-SALEM, NC Portraits ROBERT MADDALENA IND ENG RALEIGH, NC DANIEL MADSON N A EASTON, PA CHRISTOPHER G. MANLEY INDL. ENG. WAKE FOREST, NC CHRISTOPHER D. MANLEY FISH WIL SCI CLINTON, NC MARK MAROCHAK PUBLIC REL. RALEIGH, NC BRETT MARTIN ENV. SCIENCE RALEIGH, NC LISA MASCO NATURAL RESOURCES . . .CASY, NC DONNA MATTINGLY TOURISM MGMT. CARY, NC CARLOTTA MATTISON MICHELLE N A RALEIGH, NC DAVID MAY GEOLOGY SMITHFIELD, NC LATASHA MAYBERRY MICROBIOLOGY TULSA, OK JENNIFER MAZZA ENGLISH RALEIGH, NC DARIEL MCDEBRA MARTINSVILLE, VA CASSIE MCEACHERN BIOLOGICAL SCI. GARNER, NC CHERYL MCKAY MECH ENG CHARLOTTE, NC Portraits TINA MCKNIGHT SOCIAL WORK . . . .LOUISBURG, NC DANA MELTON SOCIAL WORK ADVANCE, NC ANGELA MILES-MURPHY COMMUNICATION CARY, NC DELORES MILLER 2NDARY SCI. ED. . . .ROWLAND, NC AMY MILLS ACCOUNTING CARY, NC FRANK MISTERO BUSINESS MGMT. .LAWRENCE, NY KIMBERLY MITCHELL CHEMICAL ENG. . .MIDDLESEX, NC LEON MOHAN POLITICAL SCI. RALEIGH, NC JONATHAN MONROE PSYCHOLOGY RALEIGH, NC CYNTHIA MOORE ENGLISH FRANKLINTON, NC MICHAEL SCOTT MOORE ELECTRICAL ENG. . . RALEIGH, NC CHRISTOPHER MOORE BUSINESS MGMT RALEIGH, NC AARON MORRISON ENGLISH DONNA MOSES ACCOUNTING WILL MOSLEY METEOROLOGY TROUTMAN, NC RALEIGH, NC WILSON, NC Portraits TANYA MOUCHAHOIR ZOOLOGY VIENNA, VA MONTY MURDOCK ELEC ENGR . . . .MT. PLEASANT, NC MANUEL MURO JR. ELEC ENGR NEW BERN, NC CHARLES NALL III CIVIL ENGR. SANFORD, NC KARIN NELSON BIOLOGY CARY, NC EMILY NELSON BIO CHEMISTRY RALEIGH, NC HYOUNG NOH ELEC ENGR. RALEIGH, NC JOHN C. O ' QUINN CHEM ENG. . .FUQUAY-VARINA, NC RAYMOND ODELL CIVIL ENG. KNIGHTDALE, NC ROBERT OLIVER E.E. CPE CARY, NC MONICA OLLIS BUSINESS MGMT ZEBULON, NC SCOTT OLSEN CHEM ENG RALEIGH, NC LLOYD ORR SOIL SCI RALEIGH, NC LEIGH OSTERLUND SOCIAL WORK VIENNA, VA CAROLINE OWENS ZOOLOGY COLUMBIA, NC Portraits 191 JENNA PARSONS ENGLISH LWE RALEIGH, NC AUGUSTINE PAXTON MECHANICAL ENG. .DURHAM, NC JAMES PEARCE ACCOUNTING ZEBULON, NC HEATHER OWENS SCI ED. BIOLOGY . . . RALEIGH, NC SHIRLEY OWINO BIOLOGY RALEIGH, NC SCOTT PARRILLO POL. SCI SPRING LAKE HTS, NJ Baird 192 Portraits LAURIE A. PELLETIER BUS HUMAN RES. . . .RALEIGH, NC DAVID PETERSON TECH. EDUC. . . .WILMINGTON, NC MARY-ELISE PHILLIPS PSYCHOLOGY . .CHEVY CHASE, MD ANNA PHILLIPS CHE CLIFFORD PHIPPS ME LYCIA PHIPPS BA POLITICAL SCI . . GARNER, NC RALEIGH, NC ..RALEIGH, NC TRINA PIERCE HORTICULTURE . . . .PIKEVILLE, NC MCCLELLAN PLIHCIK POLITICAL SCI. . .GREENSBORO, NC ANGELA POLAND FOOD SCIENCE RALEIGH, NC WILLIAM POLK POLITICAL SCI. ..HARRISBURG, NC SUZANNAH POTEAT TEXTILE SALISBURY, NC MONTE W. POWELL PPT CLARENDON, NC DANNY PRIDE N A RALEIGH, NC SUSAN REBELLO BUSINESS MGMT. . . ..RALEIGH, NC LOLETTA REDMON BREWTON, AL Portraits 193 KRISTIE REID TEX TECH DES . . .HIGH POINT, NC DAVID REVOIR CIVIL ENGR CLARKSBURG MD ELIZABETH REYES COM SPNSH PR RALEIGH, NC BILLY REYNOLDS CONSERVATION JIMMIE RICH MECH ENG. . . . .KENANSVILLE, NC ALNESHIA RICHARDSON SOCIAL WORK ENFIELD, NC MELISSA RICKS PULP PPR SCI .WILMINGTON, NC KRISTINA RINGLER HUMAN RES RALEIGH, NC AMANDA RITTER POLYMERS ROBBINS, NC AARON ROBBINS BIO. SCI EAST BEND, NC DWIGHT ROBERSON MECH. ENG. CARY, NC LISA ROBERTSON ZOOLOGY RALEIGH, NC MOSES ROGERS PSYCHOLOGY . . . .GOLDSBORO, NC CATHERINE ROSE ME MAA SPNISH REIDSVILLE, NC MICHELLE ELIZA ROTHENGAST POLITICAL SCI. RALEIGH, NC Portraits KATHERINE ROUSE BIOCHEMISTRY VIENNA, VA SUSAN RUSSELL IND ENG TAYLORSVILLE, NC JULIE SCHLUMP SOCIAL WORK RALEIGH, NC CHRISTINE SCHNEIDER CHEMICAL ENGR. . . .RALEIGH, NC DOUGLAS SCHNEIDER METEOROLOGY SANFORD, NC DAYNA SCHROEDER FOOD SCIENCE GASTONIA, NC ENAYET SHABON CSC CARY, NC DOUGLAS SHAMLIN MATHMATICS RALEIGH,NC TRISH SHAUGNESSY PSYCHOLOGY RALEIGH, NC SHANE SHOOK ELECTRICAL ENGR . . .CANTON, NC STEPHON SMITH CHEMISTRY LOUISBURG, NC MICHAEL SMITH COMMUNICATION KING, NC ANDA SMITH PSYCHOLOGY DURHAM, NC JENNIFER SMITH CHEMISTRY RALEIGH, NC COLEY SNOWDEN PULP PAPER. HANAHAN, SC Portraits 195 AARON SOTO PSYCHOLOGY . . . .LEVITTOWN, NY CASSANDRA SOUTHERN BIO CHEM ROWLAND, NC BRIAN SPEAR PULP PAPER SCI . . .CRESWELL, NC RACHEL SPELL CIVIL ENGR CHAPEL HILL, NC STEPHEN STILLMAN TECH. EDUCATION . . .WILSON, NC TAKISHIA SUTTON POLITICAL SCI. CAMERON, NC NATHAN SUTTON NUCLEAR ENG. ..CHARLOTTE, NC AARON SWART BS MANGMT . . .MOORESVILLE, NC MARTHA TAYLOR BUSINESS MGMT. . . . .RALEIGH, NC MICHELLE TAYLOR MID.SCHOOL MATH .RALEIGH, NC SUSAN TAYLOR COMM CHARLOTTE, NC ANNA TEDDER COMMUNICATION KING, NC SAYMAI THAMMAVONG COMP SCI RALEIGH, NC MICKEY THOMAS GRAPHIC DESIGN . . . ROSMAN, NC SHERRIE THOMAS FOOD SCIENCE RALEIGH, NC 196 Portraits Smith Sundress Portraits 197 1 98 Portraits PAMELA I. THOMAS COMP ELEC ENG . . .HAMLET, NC JASON THOMASON ZOOLOGY RALEIGH, NC REBECCA THOMPSON BIOLOGICAL SCI. MARION, NC WENDY THOMPSON TEX. APP. MGMT RALEIGH, NC STEVE THOMPSON MECH ENG WILMINGTON, NC AARON THORNTON BUSINESS MGMT. . . . .RALEIGH, NC LISA THORPE SPANISH RALEIGH, NC JAMES THURMAN METEOROLOGY KINSTON, NC TRAVIS TICKLE TECH. EDU FLETCHER, NC JASON TSCHUPP ELECTRICAL ENG. CARY, NC SUSAN TSUI BIOCHEM CHAPEL HILL, NC THERESA TURNER POL SCI GREENSBORO, NC KENISIA TURRENTINE MATH EDU MONCURE, NC DUANE TYLER IND ENG RALEIGH, NC KATHLEEN DRMER VAN EDUCATION . . .SUMMERFIELD, NC Portraits 199 MICHELLE J. VARNELL MICROBIO MED. TECH. . .STEM, NC KIM VICTOR FARMINGVILLE, NC MALATHI VISWANATHAN BIOCHEMISTRY RALEIGH, NC NANDITHA VIVEKANANTHAN BIOCHEMISTRY RALEIGH, NC LONG VO COMPUTER SCI RALEIGH, NC MARTY WALKER IND. ENG. . . . .ROARING RIVER, NC SHAWN WARD TEXTILE TECH. HICKORY, NC SABRINA WEBB PSYCHOLOGY RALEIGH, NC JAMIE WELCH LANDSCAPE. LEXINGTON, NC JAMES WEST FORESTRY JOHN WHITE HISTORY SPANISH DEMARC WHITE BUS. MGMT MICHELLE WILKERSON BIOCHEMISTRY RALEIGH, NC JIM WILLARD COMMUNICATION DURHAM, NC WAYNE WILLIAMS MATH SCI ED. . .HENDERSON, NC KINSTON, NC ..RALEIGH, NC RALEIGH, NC 200 Portraits Smith DJ Portraits 201 HOBERT WILLIAMS CHEM E. PINEHURST, NC HOLLY WILLIAMS TXM MAGGIE VALLEY, NC SHEILA WILLIAMSON ED. GEN. STUDIES . . _RALEIGH, NC HOLLY WILSON WRITING EDITING . .RALEIGH, NC APRIL WILTSHIRE POL. SCI WERNERSVILLE, NC TAMARA WINSTEAD COMM PR RALEIGH, NC SHELLY WOOTTEN ANIMAL SCI RALEIGH, NC CATHERINE YORKDALE ANIMAL SCIENCE . . .RALEIGH, NC VIVIAN E. ZAMBRANA SOCIOLOGY RALEIGH, NC 202 Portraits Smith Trashcan Portraits 203 Underclassmen LAURA ABERNATHY JOHN ACREE MACY ADAM AUSTIN ADAMS BRIAN ADAMS ROBERT ADAMS ZILPHIA ADCOCK YORIT ADELSTEIN AVANI ADHUARYO BRACK ADKINS KEVIN ADOPH KAREN AHI JONATHAN ALBAUGH SCOTT ALDRICH DANIEL ALFORD CAROLYN ALLEN DAVID ALLEN KATHERINE ALLEN SUSAN ALLEN CHRIS ALLEY JEFFREY ALLOGOOD JAY AMBROSINI STACY AMEDURI TINA AMICK MATTHEW ANDERSON 204 Portraits MIRANDY ANDERSON AIMEE ANDREWS JENNIFER ANILE LORA ANKROM PAOLA ANTUNEZ PAUL ARFMANN GABRIELLE ARMOGIDA HERRY ARMSTRONG AMANDA ARNOLD MEGAN ASBORNE JONATHAN ATWATER RASHEEDA AUSTIN BEJAMIN AVERETTE JULIE AYERS BEN BACHE EMILY BAILEY JAMES BAILEY TAUNYA BAILEY AUDREY BAKER BRANDI BAKER CARMEN BAKER DONTA BAKER JUSTINA BAKER RYAN BALCOM BLAKE BALLARD EMILLY BALLARD BRYNN BALLENGER KELLY BANNA AMY BARBEE GRETCHEN BARBEE Portraits 205 TIFFANY BARBER RYAN BARBOUR MISTY BAREFOOT ANTHONY BARKLEY BRANDON BARKLEY IAN BARKLEY MELISSA BARNES WILLIAN BARNES STACY BARNESS ANGEL BARNHILL JAMIE BARNHILL ALLEN BARRETT JAINE BARTON DERRICK BASS LORI BASS NIBO BASUNU DANIEL BATCHELOR HOLLY BATEMAN JAMES BAUCOM LISA BAUCOM SARA BAYKIN SARA BAYSINGER TROY BEADNELL JOSH BEAM PATRICK BEAMON MARY ALLISON BEAUCHAMP JONATHAN BEAUREGARD JENNIFER BEAVER JAMES BECK JENNIFER BECK 206 Portraits TINA BECK ZACK BEHRINGER JOHN BEICHNER JACQUELINE BELK CHRIS BELL DAVID BELL MELISSA BELL HEATHER BENBOW TANYA BENGE BRIAN BENNETT DAVID BENTON JENNIFER BENTON LEE BENTON MAZDA BERENJIAN MICHAEL BERGER JULIE BERKSTRESSER SUSAN BERRY MARK BEUTER EMILY BICKRAIN AMY BIEDENBACH CHRIS BIGENITO NATHAN BILES NANISHA BIRLA BRIAN BISHOP CARL BISHOP HEATHER BISHOP CASEY BLACKBURN DANA BLACKMAN LA-TOYA BLACKMON ANDREW BLAIR Portraits 207 JENNIFER BLAKE JULIE BLICKENSDERFER JOHN BLOEMEKE ANA BLOMEIER CHARLES BLUNT LESLIE BOBO MELANIE BOCK CLINT BOGGS LISA BOGGS ASHLYNN BOISSEAU SARAH BOISVERT NATASHA BOLICK MARY BOND BARBIE BOOK ANNA BOOKER ALAN BOOTH CORY BORBER ALAN BOSTIAN MATTHEW BOSWELL ALLISON BOWDEN CORNELIA BOWEN WILLIAM BOWEN JENNIFER BOWERS JEREMY BOWERS ERIN BOWMAN MARCUS BOWMAN JONATHAN BOWYER KAREN BOYD LANA BOYD STEPHEN BOYD 208 Portraits SCOTT BOYER JENNIFER BOYETTE WILLIAM BOYKIN TANYA BRADBURN AMANDA BRADFORD RENEE BRADLEY JIM BRADY KYLE BRADY DAVID BRANN SHANNON BRASWELL HEATHER ANN BRAVER DUSTIN BRICE ANDREW BRICKER JAYME BRIDGES JEREMY BRIGHT JASON BRINKE JASON BRINKLOY JOSEPH BRITT MEREDITH BRITT JOSEPH BROCK AARON BROOKS CHARLES BROOKS JONATHAN BROTHERS KEV IN BROW CHRISTINE BROWN JEANETTE BROWN KRISTEN BROWN LATIA BROWN MERIDETH BROWN SHAMEKA BROWN Portraits 209 TOSHA BROWN TOSHERIA BROWN NICK BRUSWELL AMY BRYANT TAMARA BRYANT LAURA BRYSON CHARLIE BRYTON BETH BUBACZ JAINE BUCHANAN TRACI BUCKLER JONATHAN BUCKNER JEREMY BUFF SARAH BULLARD JEVEMIAH BULLINS DESHAUNTA BULLOCK SHON BULLOCK KJERSTEN BUNKER CORI BUNN FRANKIE BUNN JOSEPH BUNN JENNIFER BURKER ANDREW BURLESON KAREN BURLONE BRIAN BURNS JACLYN BURNS BRADFORD BURRIS JEMEKA BURROUGHS TERRY BURROUGHS CHARLES BURT ALLISON BURTON 210 Portraits JONATHAN BUSICK JIMMY BUSLEMI HELEN BUSTLE ROBERT BUTCHER ARKELL BUTLER JOSEPH BUTLER MATTHEW BUTTERS SCOTT BUTTS MICHAEL BYERS COURTNEY BYNUM ASHELLY BYRAM DANIA BYRD JASON CADDELL MAGGIE CAHOON JENIFER CAIVANA LEIGH CALTON CHRISTOPHER CAMPBELL KERIN CAMPBELL WENDY CAMPBELL CLAUDETTE CAMPOS JOHN CANNADY WILLIAM CAPONE MATTHEW CAPORAL RACHEL CAPPS NATALIE CARD CHARLES CARDEN CARI CARDONI NICOLE CARINCI JAMES CARPENTER GREGORY CARR Portraits 211 JOSHUA CARR BEN CARROLL ZACH CARROLL BRADLEY CARTER CHRIS CARTER SCOTT CARTER CATHERINE CARTWRIGHT MARK CARVER APRIL CASSANO ALICIA CASTOR JENNIFER CATANZARO CARLA CATHEY CAREY CAUSWAY MARTIN CERCH MELISSA CHALMERS KEVIN CHAMNESS CURTIS CHAPMAN DAVID CHAPMAN JENNIFER CHAPMAN STEPHANIE CHAPMAN RALPH CHAPPELL SHAWN CHASE TIFFANY CHAU AMY CHEEK AMANDA CHERRY ANITA CHERRY JEFF CHESSON APRIL CHESTER JANET CHON OEHMANN CHRISTINE 212 Portraits HEE CHUNG RYAN CICCONE ADAM CITRIN BENJAMIN CLARK DELOWA CLARK MARGARET CLARK MELANIE CLARK THOMAS CLARK TZADDI CLARKE STEPHEN CLAWSON CATHEY CLAY NANCY CLEMENS CATHERINE CLEMENT CRAIG CLEMMER KERI CLIFTON Smith Ads Man Portraits 213 CHRIS CLINE MELVIN CLINE NATHANIEL CLINE SABRINA CLINE JULIE CLINGERMAN STEVEN CLODFELTER BRADFORD COATS JOHN COBB LAUREN COBB SASCHA COBLE 214 Portraits CHARITY COFFEY LAMBERT COLBY JAMES COLEMAN LARRY COLEMAN JENNIFER COLEY CHRISTIE CONDELLI KELLY CONNER FREDDIE CONNOR JO COOK WENDI COOK BRIAN COOKE FRANKLIN COOKE WILLIAM COOKE DAVID CORBETT AMY CORCORAN MICHELE COSGROVE CHARLES COTTRILL JEFFREY COURLISS SEAN COURY MICHAEL COUTOUZIS ABRAHAM COX HEATHER COX LAURA COX KATHLEEN COYLE Kelly Crabtree Lee Craft Portraits 215 KAREN CRAIG AKESHIA CRAVEN JANES CRAVEN CARRIE CRAWEN BEN CRAWFORD DAVID CRAWFORD LAURA CRISCITIELLO BRANDON CRISP ROBERT CRISP FRANCES CROCKER LESLEY CRONIN JUDSON CROOM MANDI CROTTS BRADLEY CROUSE KEVIN CROW SHANNA CRUDUP WILL CULPEPPER MATT CUMMINS KRYSTYN CUNNINGHAM KRISTIE CURRAN JOSEPH CURRIE AMANDA CURRIN ADAM CURRY DESMOND CUTLER ROBERT CUTTS KIM DANIEL RICH DANIEL AMY DARCHUK GINNY DARNELL JEFFREY DARRAN 216 Portraits NORA DARRELL WENDY DAUGHTRY ASHLEY DAULS JOEL DAURITY RODNEY DAVES LAURA DAVID MALINAUSKAS DAVID GREG DAVIDSON SUZANNE DAVIDSON KIMBERLY DAVIS ZEGORY DAVIS TONI DAWES AMANDA DEBERRY JEREMIAH DEDSON TOMMIE DEESE MIKKI DEITZ TODD DELK MATTHEW DELLASEGA STACY DEMAEGD AMANDA DEMPSEY SAM DENGLER KELLY DENNY JILL DERBY ANNA DESAIX BRIAN DESSENT LALITYA DEUKOTA AMY DEWEESE BRIAN DEXTER NANCY DHUE DAMON DI CIORGIO Portraits 217 BRADLEY DILLARD BRANDON DILLARD HEATHER DILLS TIMOTHY DISCLAFANI MEREDITH DIXON TRACY DIXON DAVID DIXSON CHERYL DOBBINS LAUREN DODGEN KEVIN DOLLBAUM ANTHONY DOMBROSKI KEITH DONALDSON WALTER DONALDSON ELLEN DONLAN KRISTINE DORMAGEN MARA DORSCH BENJAMIN DORSEY ' ELIZABETH DOVER ROBERT DOWNY PAUL DOZIER WILLIAM DRAPER LORI DRENNAN AMANDA DRUMOND MARY DSADA RYAN DUBOSE BLONDY DUKE JONATHON DUKES ROBERT DUNBAR EDWARD DUNCAN GEORGE DUNN 218 Portraits Smith Chris Portraits 219 KATHRYN DUNNINGTON JOHN DUPREE JARID DURHAM NICHOLAUS DUTKA VIJAY DWARAPUDI STEVEN DYCUS MELVIN EALEY ANITA EARP BRIAN EDDINGER DANIEL EDGE ZACHARY EDMISTER ANN MARIE EDMONDS JASON EDNEY ERICK EDWARDS JOSHUA EDWARDS KELSEY EDWARDS MARC EDWARDS SABRINA EDWARDS BRIAN EFLAND REBECCA EHRHARDT JOSH ELDER JOYCE ELEDAH MARSHALL ELETCHER BRETT ELLEDGE CHRISTOPHER ELLINGTON AMY ELLIXSON LINDSAY ELROD AMANDA ENGLAND KRISTIN ENNIS JEREMY ERICKSON 220 Portraits TIMOTHY ERIKSON BILLY ESR A JESSE ESSEX MARY ESSIC BRIAN EVANS JEREMY EVANS RICHARD EVERETT STACY EVERETT JOHN EVERHART WAYNE FAAS ANDREW FABRIZIO BRIAN FAHEY PATRICK FAIRCLOTH MEREDITH FAIRCLOTH EMILY SUE FARMER BRANDY FAUCETTE GRETA FAULKENBERRY JENNIFER FAULKNER MICHAEL FELTS ANGEL FENNER LAURA FERGUSON RYAN FERGUSON JENNIFER FERNANDEZ TIM FERRACCI ANDREW FERRARA KEVIN FERREE DANA FERRELL BRETT FEULNER ROBYN FINK LLOYD FINLEY Portraits 221 DANIEL FISHEL GERALD FISHER MICHELLE FISHER MICHELLE FISHER PERRY FISHER 222 Portraits STEPHANIE FLANAGAN BRAD FLEMING ANJEL FLOYD ERIN FLOYD TRIPP FLYTHE Portraits 223 JENNIFER FOGEL JONATHAN FOLEY JAMES FOLK REBECCA FOOR SUSAN FORSHAW NATHAN FORSHEY JENNIFER FOSTER SHAN FOSTER KYLE FOUSHEE DANIEL FOWLER ROBERT FOX JOHN FRALICK THEDUA FRANCE DERO FRANGAKY AMANDA FRAZIER ELIZABETH FRAZIER JAMES FREAZE LATRICIA FREDERICK SUE FREEMAN NICOLE FRENEH MATTHEW FRENIERE ANDREW FULCHER JEREMY FUNDERBURK JENNIFER GALIOTO BENJAMIN GALLAP JAMES GALLINA CHRISTA GALLOP MARISA GAME BIJAL GAMI TRAVIS GANNON 224 Portraits GRAEM GARDNER SUSAN GARDNER ROBERT GARLAND YEIST GARLAND EDDIE GARMON MELISSA GAROFOLO RODNEY GARRETT CHAD GARRISON KEVIN GATES SHANNON GAY GREG GAYNE STEPHANIE GENG MARK GIBSON NATHAN GIBSON GARRETT GIDDENS BENJAMIN GILBERT CHARLES GILBERT MICHELLE GILDEA TIM GILLANE DANIEL GILLESPIE MEGAN GILLIG STEPHANIE GILLIS ADAM GINKER KIMBERLY GIRDWOOD KERI GLOVER SHELLY GLOVER TORREY GOAD MELISSA GODWIN KRISTIN GOFF JULIE GOLDMAN Portraits 225 CHRISTIAN GONZALEZ FRANKLYN GONZALEZ CASSANDRA GOODYEAR SEAN GORDON ZOE GORDON JASON GOULDRE NICOLE GOVAN BRAD GRADY ANDREA GRAHAM MERRITT GRAHAM VOSS GRAHAM RAVEN GRANT JAMES GRASS ROBERT GRAU ANDREW GRAY GEORGIA GRAY ROBERT GRAY TIMOTHY GRAY BENJAMIN GREEN CHELSEA GREEN JASON GREENE REAGAN GREENE ROBERT GREENE ANDREW GREENWOOD HAYA GREENWOOD KEVIN GREERE MICHAEL GREGORY WENDY GREGORY JENNIFER GRIFFIN TAMERA GRIFFIN 226 Portraits TIMOTHY GRIFFIN SARAH GRIZZARD JONATHON GRANT DANIEL GRUM KIM GRUMAN DAVID GUFFEY DAVID GURGANUS JOSEPH GURLEY ALISON GUSLER CARLOS GUZMAN OLGUITA GUZMAN JARKKO HAARLA PETER HAARSGAARD BENJAMIN HABETS JULIE HACH MICHAEL HACKMAN NEKESHA HADDOCK LISA HADDON BENJAMIN HAFER KIMBERLY HAGEMAN BRIDGET HAGER ELIZABETH HAGLE AMANDA HAIRE HEATHER HAIRR MATTHEW HALBURNT JACOB HALL REBECCA HALL SAMUEL HALL STEVEN HALL VALERIE HALLMAN Portraits 227 ASHLEY HALVORSON DANIEL HALVERSON SUSAN HAMILTON BRIAN HAMM JEREMY HAMMOND 228 Portraits Baird NATHANIEL HAMMOND PATRICIA HAMMOND CATRELLE HAMPTON RYAN HAMRICK KRISTEN HANCOCK Portraits 229 JERRY HANES TRADD HANKINS CARA HANSON JONATHON HARADON SARAH HARDEE JOSEPH HARDER JASON HARDI LANCE HARDIN NIKKI HARDY GREGORY HARE TODD HARGETT MANDY HARMON WENDY HARPSTER LISA HARRELL AMY HARRIS DANIEL HARRIS JONATHAN HARRIS MARY HARRIS ROBERT HARRIS THOMAS HARRIS VIRGINIA HARRIS APRIL HARRISON BENJAMIN HARRISON JOSEPH HART ERICA HARTNAGLE KEVIN HARTZOG ERIC HASKIN MICHAEL HASS WILLIAM HASSKAMP ANDY HASTINGS 230 Portraits SCOTT HASTY BRENDA HAVES MARY HAWES NANCY HAWKIAS DANIEL HAWKINS REBECCA HAWKINS JOSHUA HAYES KENNETH HAYES KRISTEN HAYES MARK HAYES CASEY HAYNES DAMIEN HAZEL KHE HEAN CASEY HEARN SCOTT HEDRAK CAROLYN HEIBEL CHARLES HEILIG BOBBY HELMS CHRISTOPHER HEMPHILL ROBIN HENDRICKS CARLA HENDRIX JACQUELINE HENRY IVCY HENSLEY BETH HERRINGTON KELLY HERSHBERGER CLAY HERSLEY BRIAN HEYWARD ANTONIO HICKS LATISHA HIGTOWER CAREY HILL Portraits 231 CHRISTOPHER HILL DAVID HILL JASON HILL JEREMY HILL KRISTIN HILL RODNEY HILL RYAN HILL WILLIE HILL BRANDY HINDES ALAN HINDMAN ANTHONY HINKLE CHRISTOPHER HINKLE TIMOTHY HINKLE CHERYL HINNANT CHRISTOPHER HINSON KATHERINE HIRSCHMANN STACY HISLE SEKHRI HITLATA JEANETTA HOBSON GEOFF HODDER KEVIN HOFF ALICIA HOFFMAN ALLISON HOFFMAN LISA HOGGE JENNIFER HOLDER WILLIAM HOLLAND EDWARD HOLLAR ERIN HOLLEMAN CHRISTINA HOLLIFIELD JON HOLT 232 Portraits Portraits 233 EMILY HOLTEN JAKUB HOLY HAYDEN HONEYCUTT ROGER HONEYCUTT LAUREN HOOD DANIEL HOPE DANIEL HOPKINS BRIAN HOPPMANN TANYA HOQUE DARRICK HORNBERGER MICHEL HORRIS JOE HORTON MIKE HORVATH KELLY HOTTZMULLER MARCHEL HOUGH MICHAEL HOUGHTON AMY HOUSE BRAD HOWARD ERIC HOWELL GEORGE HOWELL JASON HOYLE TIM HRANC ER TE HUANG JOHN HUBBARD NICHOLAS HUEMMER DAWN HUEY JOSEF HUFF AUSTIN HUGHES GEORGE HULBERT ROBERT HUMBY 234 Portraits CLIFTON HUMPHREY JAMIE HUNEYCUTT MATTHEW HUNGATE KELLY HUNSUCKER KAREN HUNT WES HUNT ROBERT HUNTER TIM HUNTER NICOLE HUQUELET JENNY HURDLE YA RONG HUSTER CHARLES HUTCHINS SHANA HUTCHINS CHRIS HUWE TAMMY HYLTON JAMIE HYNAN JOHNATHAN IDOL ANDREA IMBARATTO JAMES INGRAM TRACY IRBACHER KATIE ISGRO GREG IVES JASON IVESTER CHRISTIAN JACKSON GREGORY JACKSON JAMES JACKSON DEMAR JACOBS TRISHA JACOBS TONI JACQUART LISA JAENICKE Portraits 235 LAURA JAEOVEC DEEPA JAGANNATHAN BERT JAMES NAKITA JANSTORY JEFF JARLETT STYRON JARRIS JESSICA JAYNES MARCUS JEFFERSON ALBERT JEFFORDS TODD JENKINS SHARON JENNETTE DEANNA JENNINGS JEREMY JENNINGS MEREDITH JENSEN SUSAN JETHRO JONATHAM JOEKSON SUMMER JOHNS BEN JOHNSON BETH JOHNSON BRIAN JOHNSON CLINTON JOHNSON DANIEL JOHNSON DARRELL JOHNSON ERIKA JOHNSON JENNIFER JOHNSON JENNIFER JOHNSON JUSTIN JOHNSON KELLY JOHNSON KIMBERLY JOHNSON KIMBERLY JOHNSON 236 Portraits MARIO JOHNSON MELANIE JOHNSON NATHAN JOHNSON RENEE JOHNSON SOFIA JOHNSON TARIK JOHNSON TENEKQUA JOHNSON TIFFANY JOHNSON WILL JOHNSON LEWIS JONATHAN BRADLEY JONES BRANDON JONES BRIAN JONES BRIAN JONES CHRISTINE JONES DAMON JONES JENNIFER JONES KARLA JONES KENNETH JONES LOUISA JONES MICHAEL JONES RYAN JONES SHANNON JONES SHELLY JONES WELEY JONES JACOB JOPLIN BRIAN JORDAN CHAD JORDAN DEREK JORDAN HEATHER JORDAN Portraits 237 WILLIAM JOSEY SHIVANI JOSHI JIMMY JOURNIGAN PAT JOYCE SARA JOYCE JEFF JOYNER MELINDA JOYNER MEREDITH JOYNER PHEBIA JOYNER ROBERT JOYNER JULIE JUNKER LEE JUPITER RACHEL JUSTICE CARROLL JUSTIN AURELIA KAASA CHRISTOPHER KACEY MATTHEW KALEMBA KAVITA KAPUR JENNIFER KARPPINEN DANIELLE KASPAR NEA KEANE ANDREW KEARNEY KIMBERLY KEARNEY JENNIFER KEEL PELMER KEEN TONI KELLER JASON KELLINS JAIME KELLY RANDALL KELLY MATT KENDALL 238 Portraits Portraits 239 MEJAN KENEIK JENNIFER KENNEDY JOHN KENNEDY WILLIAN KENNINGTON CARL KESCHMAR JASON KIDD SHAUN KILGARIFF GRACE KIM SI HOON KIM DEBRA KIMMEL ALLISON KING BROOKE KING RACHEL KING DIANA KINNEY MARK KINS CAMMIE KIRBY GREGORY KIRBY AARON KIRK JASON KISER JOSEPH KISER KATIE KISER JULIE KIVETT JOE KLINE AMY KNOX APREL KODAK WILLIAM KOEHLER FOTEE KONTOS PAUL KOONTZ CHRISTINA KOREY JASON KOTZKER 240 Portraits JOSHUA KOVARIK HARRY KRAMER JOHN KRIESEL NOWAKOWSKI KRISTA STEVEN KURTZ KEVIN KUSY JEFF LAING WALLY LAM JENNIFER LANCASTER STEVEN LANCE CHARLES LANDON AMBER LANE STUART LANEY TERRY LANEY CLAYTON LANGDON TARA LANGDON TATE LANGDON CARRIE LANGLEY JONATHAN LANGLEY JENNIFER LANIER SASHA LANNING JOSHUA LANRY PHILIP LAPAR IAN LARREA JANET LARSON WILLIAM LASSITER KATHRYN LATONA EMILE LATOUR JORDAN LAUFER BRIAN LAUGHLIN Portraits 241 JOSE LAUREANO AARON LAW JULIE LAWRENCE LINDA LAWSON LUZANGELA LAWSON JEREMY LAWTEN TIMOTHY LE NICOLE LEADBETTER SARAH LEAVELL BRADLEY LEDBETTER CHRISTOPHER LEDER DEBORAH LEDERER MOTTHEN LEDFORD WESLEY LEDFORD RUSSELL LEDUE ALLYN LEE AUSTIN LEE CHIOE LEE CRAIG LEE GREG LEE IRENE LEE MICHAEL LEE MARY BETH LEFAIVRE SETH LEGER JILLIAN LEIBFREID ANGELA LEISTER STEPHEN LEITCH SYLVIA LELLI SUZANNE LENAGHAN ANNA LEONARD 242 Portraits HEATHER LEONARD ADAN LEVY MELISSA LEWIS NANCY LEWIS ROBERT LEWIS JAMAL LICORISH SHELLEY LIGUORI KESHA LILES WILLIAM LILLY JOSEPH LIMBO MEGAN LINCOLN JONATHAN LIND JOANNA LINEBACK REGINA LINGLE RYAN LINK KELLY LINTON VICKIE LINVILLE ELISKA LIPPAND CASSANDRA LIPSEY JESSICA LIPSKY MATHEW LISI RUSS LITTLE SANDRA LIU DANIELLE LIVINGSTON MELISSA LLEWELLYN ADRENNA LOCKLEAR BIANEA LOCKLEAR VANESSA LOCKLEAR BRAD LODFORD MANY LOHMELER Portraits 243 LANCE LOMAN MELISSA LONDER MARQUETTE LONDON BRADEN LONG LAFAYETTE LONG MICHAEL LONG JEFFREY LOOK KRISTA LORUSSO DANG LOU JOHN LOWDERMILK LEWIS LUKE TIFFANY LUNN HMOMG LY GEORGE LYNN YOLANDA LYTLE KRISTEN LYTVINENKO JEREMY MABE MELISSA MACEROGLOU DISELY MACKENZIE ROBINSON MACKENZIE BRIAN MACLAGA LAURIE MACMILLAN MERVIN MADARANG AMY MADDOX AMY MADDREY ANDREW MADE PATRICK MADSEN LESLIE MAGEE KAREN MAGUYLO NICHOLAS MAHLER 244 Portraits Statue EMRE MAHONEY JONATHAN MAILEY WHITTNEY MAITHLAND ANDREW MALLARD HEATHER MALLARD JOHN MANDULAK SARA MARINO STEPHEN MARKEY JASON MARKS TISHA MARRIETT JEREMY MARSHALL ANDREW MARTIN JAMELA MARTIN JAROD MARTIN MICHAEL MARTIN Portraits 245 RICK MARTIN SHOSHANNA MARTIN LANCE MARVIN SUZANNE MASAN CHANDA MASON CRYSTAL MASON JEFF MASON LARA MASSEY STEPHEN MASTERS CHETAN MATHUR RYUTARO MATSUMOTO NICOLE MATTHIACK MICHAEL MATTSCHECK ANDY MATUSCH DAVID MAW CRAIG MAY JOSEPH MAY JUSTIN MAY JASON MAYBERRY JENNIFER MAYFIELD ROB MAYS BRIAN MAZZOCHI LAUREN MAZZURCO NADREW MCALLISTER KELLY MCAVOY BRYSON MCBUAYER ANDREW MCCALL CHRISTAL MCCALL ARTEMUS MCCALLUM MICHELE MCCANN 246 Portraits JULIE MCCASKILL CHARLES MCCLENNY BARBARA MCCLURE BRIAN MCCLURE STRAT MCCLURE ANDREW MCCONNELL HANNAH MCCONNELL JOHN MCCONNELL EMIKO MCCOY DAVID MCCRARY SHANE MCDADE CHARLES MCDOUGALL JOHN MCDOWELL RACHAEL MCFILLIN BROCK MCGEE JONATHAN MCGEE JASON MCGLAUFLIN TREVOR MCGREGOR HARLEY MCGREW JONATHON MCGURN MELISSA MCHEAN JONI MCILVAINE AARON MCILWAIN BRIDGET MCINTYRE JENNIFER MCKAY MICHAEL MCKEE JEFFREY MCLAMB ZACHARY MCLAMB JASON MCLAWHORN VERNON MCLENDON Portraits 247 TIFFANY MCLEOD JEFFREY MCMANUS HEATHER MCNALLY BRYN MCNAMARA ROBERT MCPHERSON MARC MCREE TRICIA MCTAGAE JILL MCVEY DAXHAN MEACHAM LAURA MEACHAM WESLEY MEACOMBS ANDREW MEADOR JEFF MEADOR JOHN MEARNS LAUREN MEDLEY LINDSAY MEDLIN JERI MEEKER RYAN MEGREDY LACEY MEHRAN NAYNESH MEHTA ALEXIS MEI SARAH MELTON JENNIFER MELVILLE RYAN MENSCH JEFF MERCER REBEKAN MERCER MAXIMILIAN MERRILL CHAD MESSER CYNTHIA MEUNIER BRIAN MEYER 248 Portraits DESSERRE MICHELLE RUSSELL MICK MEADE MIDDLETON JOHN MILAM TIA MILES DOUGLAS MILLER MARGARETTE MILLER MARSHALL MILLER MICHAEL MILLER TRACEY MILLER CHELSEA MILLS COURTNEY MILTON ERIC MINEHOURT LESLIE MISE HEATHER MISENHEIMER KEVIN MITCHELL QUENTIN MITCHELL WILLIAM MITCHELL MARSHA MIZE DIANE MOBLEY MARIA MOCORMICK RYAN MOLLY JONATHAN MONEY AARON MOODY CHARLES MOODY CHARLES MOON JENNIFER MOONE ROBERT MOONEY BRIAN MOORE COLLICE MOORE Portraits 249 JASON MOORE JEREMY MOORE JEREMY MOORE JESSICA MOORE LOUIS MOORE MICHAEL MOORE SUZANNE MOORE WILLIAM MOORE AMANDA MOOSE HEATHER MORAN AMY MOREHEAD JOSEPH MOREHEAD HEATHER MORELL MARY MORGAN CINDY MORRIS DEREK MORRIS STEWART MORRISEY JEREMY MORTIN DAPHNE MOSES RICHARD MOSHENEK JASON MOSS JONATHAN MOSS ELSHAFI MOTAZ JARRAN MOTT YANGUAE MULBAH JAMES MULLEN NICOLE MULLEN ASHLEY MUNDY JOSH MURCHISON WENDY MURDOCK 250 Portraits BRIAN MURPHY ELIZABETH MURPHY SHANNON MURPHY DOUGLAS MURR BOBBY MURRAY GREG MURRAY JENNIFER MURRAY SUNITA MURTY CHRIS MYERS ETHAN MYERS VANCE NALL KRISTY NASH PATRICK NEAL PHILLIP NEAL RYAN NEAL ALBERT NEE LORA NEEL JAMES NEELE Y SAMPSON NEUMAN TANNER NEVILL ANDY NEWMAN DAVID NEWSOME CHRISTY NEWSONVE JENNIFER NEWTON TOM NGUTEN THIENKIN NGUYEN YEN NGUYEN WILLIAM NICHOLS KATHRYN NIELSEN DAVID NIGHTINGALE Portraits 251 SHAH NIHAR CHRISTOPHER NISKALA MICHELE NOBLE CHRISTOPHER NOBLES NGA NONG BETHANY NORRIS KELLY NORRIS ROBERT NORRIS TONUA NORRIS DAVID NOTTE SHELLEY NOWELL ELIZABETH NUNNALLY MATHEW O ' BRIANT DANIEL O ' BRIEN DAVID O ' BRIEN 252 Portraits JOSEPH O ' BUCH BRIAN O ' DAY MICHAEL O ' DONNELL ALANNAH O ' NEAL EMILY O ' QUINN BRENDAN O ' SULLIVAN PATRICK O ' TOOLE STEVEN OAKLEY OLUROTIMI ODULANA ERIN OGBURN AMANDA OLIVE STEVEN OLIVER GARY OLLIS J.A. OQUINN ROB ORDON JUSTIN ORMISTON SANDRA ORSA BETH OVERMAN TERESA OWENS CLAIRE OXENDINE ROBERT OXFORD JAMES PACE KIMBERLY PAGE R EGINA PAGE AMANDA PAINTER DAREN PAIT SETH PALMER AVANI PANDYA MELIA PANTHER ANDREA PAPPAS Portraits 253 ANDREA PAPPAS THERESA PARK DELOND PARKER ERNEST PARKER JENNIFER PARKER LAKESHA PARKER MARJORIE PARKER JAMES PARKS EARNEST PARSH BRANDY PARSLEY APRIL PARSON JENNIE PARTER JASON PARTIN SHENNON PATE JASMINA PATEL NILAY PATEL PAULA PATEL SHILPA PATEL JONATHAN PATRICK AMANDA PATTERSON JONATHAN PATTERSON MONICA PATTERSON JENNIFER PEARSON STEPHEN PEED JONATHAN PEELER HEATHER PERTSCH LORETTA PESTEANU BRYAN PETERS MARY PETERSON TIM PETERSON 254 Portraits VICTORIA PETTINAK JENNIFER PHELPS MICHAEL PHELPS ANDREA PHILLIPS EUGENE PHILLIPS EUGENE PHILLIPS MELISSA PHILLIPS STEPHEN PHILLIPS ANURINH PHIMMASORN ZENON PIATEK JULIE PICCUS WILLIAM PICHET AMIE PIDDINGTON CLIFTON PIHS THOMAS PILCHER CHRISTOPHER PILO TORY PINDER ROBERT PIPPER STEPHANIE PISCITELLI LAURIE PITTMAN MARK PITTMAN PAUL PLANK ALISON PLANTE ALLISON PLEAN CHARLIE PLESS JESSICA PLOWMAN GINGER POINDEXTER SARAH POLSTON DAVID POOLE MICAH POOLE Portraits 255 HOPE PORTER PATRICK PORTER ROBERT PORTER AARON POSTELL SHANNON POTEAT LAURINDA POTER PAUL POTTSCHMIDT RICHORD POWELL MAGADA PRADO KIMBERLY PRAPUOLENIS BEVERLY PRESLEY AYESHEA PRICE DAYNA PRICE JASON PRICE JASON PRICE VINCENT PRICE DAVID PRIEST MATT PRIEST ANDREW PROCTOR AUSTIN PROCTOR ELLEN PROFFIH GREGORY PRUDHOMME FAITH PRUETTE WILLIAM PRUUDEN BRAD PUFFPAFF SHAWN PULLEN COURTNEY PURCELL RONNETTE PURDIE CHRIS PYLANT JONELLE QUENGA 256 Portraits KAMAL RACHAPUDI SHELIA RAINES MARION RAINS MICHAEL RALEY WILL RAMBOLD JOHN RAMSEUR KATIE RAMSEY AARON RANDALL CAROLYN RANDALL VIRGINIA RANDOLPH KRISTY RANKIN RUFUS RANKIN KELLY RATCLIFF TAKARA RATCLIFF CORTNEY RATZ Baird Gary Portraits 257 WILLIAM RAY JULIA RAYNE JEFFREY REASER MICAH REDDICK MAGGIE REDMOND KYLE REECE SHAUN REECE ROBERT REED SHANNON REED CHARLES REEVES JEANNE REGAN JOHN REGANS PAUL REIDINGER ZACKARY REILLY BENJAMIN REMKE WADE RENACA ALISON RENNER DAVID REYNOLDS ROBYN REYNOLDS SHANNON RHODA BRADLEY RHODES CHARLIE RICE RUTH RICHARDS EVAN RICHARDSON JAMES RICHARDSON KIMBERLY RICHARDSON ANGELA RICHI TYRONDA RICKS JENNIFER RIDER BENJAMIN RIDGE 258 Portraits KRISTI RIDGE ROBERT RIDINGS CASEY RIGGS ERIC RIGGS DARIEL RIGGSBEE BRIAN RILEY DAWN RILEY SHAWN RILEY JEREMY RIVERBARK MATTHEW ROBBINS CHRISTOPHER ROBERSON ALEX ROBERTS BETSEY ROBERTS BRIAN ROBERTS DAVID ROBERTS JENNIFER ROBERTS MICHELLE ROBERTS KELLY ROBERTSON GEMMA ROBINSON ERIN ROE PAUL ROEPNACK BRENDAN ROGERS CAREY ROGERS CHRIS ROGERS DAVID ROGERS ELISEBETH ROGERS JOSHUA ROLLAND JAIME ROSA TIMOTHY ROSS CARRIE ROTH Portraits 259 ERIC ROTHMAN STEPHEN ROTHROCK JEREMY ROUSE MATTHEW ROWELL MICHELLE ROWLAND DANIELLE ROY JEREMY ROYAL BRAD RUDIGER REUBEN RUDISILL RYAN RUEBESAM JASON RUNYON TOMMY RUTLEDGE ROBYN RYAN CARL RYDBECK MALALY SADAT ROBYN SADLER JOANNA SAITO CASEY SALEM JOHN SAMOS CAROLINE SANDERS KRISTEN SASS KATHERINE SAULS DWAYNE SAUNDERS ISAAC SAVAGE THOMAS SAVAGE ELENA SAVARESE BRANTLEY SAWYER CHRISTOPHER SCARBOROUGH JACOB SCHABEL ERIK SCHAESER 260 Portraits DANIEL SCHERR PETER SCHMEHL KEVIN SCHMONSEES ANDREW SCHRADER GEOFFREY SCHREIBER ROBERT SCHULTZ JILL SCHULZE GREGORY SCHUMACHER SUSAN SCHUR CHRISTINE SCHWARTZ ERICA SCHWEITZEK BARBEE SCOTT BRANDON SCOTT JOHN SCORZELLO KARYN SCRUGGS DANNY SEALS LYNDSYE SELLARS ASHLEY SESESAN JOSEPH SEWELL SONAL SHAH STARCK SHANNOM ZOE SHARPE JASON SHARTLE SHAVON SHAW CHRISTINE SHEA JASON SHELTON KRISTOPHER SHEPHARD MATTHEW SHEPHERD MICHELLE SHEPPARD JASON SHERMAN Portraits 261 HEATHER SHERROD JOSHUA SHESMAN JAY SHEVER MIMMOYANI SHIELDS WOO JAE SHIM CHRIS SHIRLEY MEGHA SHOH BRETT SHOLDERS BLAKE SHOTWELL JANET SHRIEVES ELIZABETH SHROFF SHANE SHULER KIMBERLY SHUMATE KYLE SHUPING MIRIAM SHUPING JOHN SIACLAIR ANDREA SIATKOWSKI SAMEENA SIDDIQUI BRIAN SIENKIEWICZ MELANIE SIGRIST KEVIN SIMBACK CURTIS SIMMONS JEREMY SIMO MICHAEL SIMPSON MICHAEL SINGER AARON SINGH ROBERT SISSON JENNIFER SJAARDEMA RICHARD SKAFF AMY SKALCHUNES 262 Portraits ' AMY SKEEN TRACY SKRABUT WILLIAM SLAWTER DAMION SLEDGE CW SLOAN JENNIFER SMALL NATALIE SMALL AIMEE SMART FELECIA SMILEY KELLY SMILEY AMY SMITH CASEY SMITH CATHERINA SMITH DAVID SMITH FELICIA SMITH GEOFFREY SMITH HOLLY SMITH JAMILA SMITH JASON SMITH JASON SMITH JEREMY SMITH JOHANNA SMITH KARL SMITH KATIE SMITH MARIA SMITH MICHAEL SMITH PAIGE SMITH ROBERT SMITH RYAN SMITH RYAN SMITH Portraits 263 TIMOTHY SMITH JAMES SMITHWICK KEITH SMOLAND JUSTIN SNOW MAGDA SOBANSKI KENNETH SOLTIS JASON SOREL CHRISTINA SORENSEN ROBERT SOSSOMAN DONALD SOVEY BETH SPADE JOSH SPANGLER JOSHUA SPANN SAMUEL SPAUFD LITESHA SPEARMAN JEFFREY SPEARS APRYL SPENCE JULIE SPENCE DAN SPIVEY KATHERINE SPRAQUE JASON SPRUILL DANIEL SQUIRE WELL SUSAN SROUR JULIE STABLES JAMIE STAMP CHRISTIE STANCIL WILLIAM STANDISH PAUL STANIFER CHRIS STANLEY JASON STAPLES 264 Portraits MATTHEW STAPLES JASON STARNES JOSEPH STATON JONATHON STEPHENSON WILLIAM STEPHENSON LAURA STEVENS RYAN STEWARD JOE STILLEY CRYSTALL STOCKS BRIAM STOKES JASON STONE ELIZABETH STOVER RONALD STOVER ANGEL STOY AMY STRADER CHRIS STRADER JESSICA STRECKEWALD SARAH STRICKLAND CHRISTY STROLE LEIGH STRUBE BRYAN STYPMANN JEANNE SULLIVAN PHILIP SULLIVAN JOSEPH SURRATT MICHELE SURRICCHIO JENNIFER SUTHER JAMES SUTTON BRIAN SYKES ADAM SZCZEPANSKS MICHELLE TAHIR Portraits 265 KENNETH TAITINGFONG EMILY TALTON CLINTON TARNER GREGORY TART BETSY TAYLOR DANIEL TAYLOR DAVID TAYLOR ERIC TAYLOR JAMILE TAYLOR RUSS TAYLOR THOMAS TAYLOR W. TEER BRAD TEETER JEREMY TEMBLADOR KIMBERLY TERRY BLAKE TESKE ADAM TESSNEER PERRY THARMAN LISA THATCHER MICHAEL THATCHER NGHI THEIA LAVERN THEIS GREGORY THERRIN ALLEN THIENPONT JASAN THIGPEN ALAN THOMAS BEN THOMAS BRENT THOMAS ROSS THOMAS SHELBY THOMAS 266 Portraits SUSAN THOMAS TARA THOMAS WILLIAM THOMAS SHELLY THOMASON BRIAN THOMPSON CARLOS THOMPSON JASON THOMPSON JONATHAN THOMPSON MICHELLE THOMPSON TARA THOMPSON THOMAS THOMPSON ERIN THORP RATASHA TILLERY AMANDA TIMMONS EELCO TINGA ERIN TOLAN KRISTY TOLAR PATRICK TOMFORD MARCAY TOOMER HAROLD TRAMMEL HAI TRAN PHUC TRAN THIEN AN TRAN JACOB TRAVERSE JONATHAN TRAVIS CEZANNE TRENT DAVID TREXLER BRIAN TRIPLETT PRYAR TROGDON LEA TRUMAN Portraits 267 BENJAMIN TRZASKOMA RYAN TUBBS WESLEY TUBEL ANGELA TUCKER SARAIT TUCKER JAMISON TULL MEREDITH TURNAGE CHRISTOPHER TURNER GREG TURNER KINTA TURNER STEVEN TURNER KIMBERLY TWIFORD DANA TYLER KARSTEN TYSON ANTONIO UBIERA DORAWALA UDAY JULIE VADEN JONATHAN VANCE LESTER VANCE AARON VANNOY JANESS VARTANIAN BRENT VAUGHAN JOSEPH VAUGHAN JOSHUA VAUGHN CASEY VENTRE MATTKEW VEQUICK MANISHA VERMA JASON VESTAL LESLIE VLASERVICH LAURA VOHS 268 Portraits AMANDA WADDELL KRISTIN WADDELL SUSAN WADE BRIAN WAGNER LORI WAGONER MATTHEW WAGONER STEPHANIE WAINSCOTT CHAD WALKER JAMES WALKER JOSH WALKER SHANNON WALKER TRACY WALKER GABRIEL WALL KRISTY WALL VICTORIA WALL KEVIN WALLACE PHILLIP WALLACE WESTON WALLACE GREG WALMSLEY CATHERINE WALSH ANGELA WALSTON MIKE WALTON ERIC WAMPLER CANDICE WARD WALTER WARD BRANDI WARDELL ARIEL WARE ANTHONY WARREN JENIFER WARREN DUNLAN WARWICK Portraits 269 DAVID WASSERMAN TIMOTHY WATERS THOMAS WATFORD MELISSA WATKINS PEARLIE WATKINS CHRISTOPHER WATSON KELLI WATSON NAKISHA WATSON STEPHEN WATSON TRISHA WATTS ALYSHA WAUGH AMANDA WEAVER JOSHUA WEAVER REBECCAH WEAVER BRYAN WEBB DAVID WEBB HAETHER WEBB AIRA WEBSTER JOHN WEBSTER RYAN WEDDERIEN JENNIFER WEINMAN JASON WELCH MATT WELCH STOVER WELLINGTON LEIGH WELLONS HAROLD WELLS SUSANNE WELLS BETHANY WENGER GRAHAM WEST RICHARD WEST 270 Portraits WILLIAM WEST CHRIS WESTERMAN JEFFREY WESTMORELAND DAVID WEXLER DAVID WHEELER JASON WHISNANT JOSHUA WHITAKER ANDREW WHITE FORREST WHITESIDES DERRICK WHITFIELD EMILIE WHITMORE JEREMY WICKERSHAM BILL WIGHTMAN JENNIFER WILBORN ALBERT WILDER BAN WILDER WILLIAM WILDER ESTHEE WILDEY CATHY WILFONG SHAWN WILFONG ROBERT WILKIE TROY WILKIE CHAD WILKINS JOHN WILKINS CHRISTINA WILKINSON DUSTIN WILKS KIMBERLE WILKS SETH WILLEY BREWER WILLIAM ADRIAN WILLIAMS Portraits 271 BRIAN WILLIAMS CHUCK WILLIAMS FELICIA WILLIAMS JASON WILLIAMS JASON WILLIAMS JASON WILLIAMS JONATHAN WILLIAMS KARA WILLIAMS LENA WILLIAMS MATT WILLIAMS MELISSA WILLIAMS MICHELLE WILLIAMS PAUL WILLIAMS RACHEL WILLIAMS TIMOTHY WILLIAMS TRAVIS WILLIAMS VERGIA WILLIAMS WESLEY WILLIAMS KENDRA WILLIAMSON SUMMER WILLIAMSON JAMES WILLIS BRIAN WILSON GEORGE WILSON GERALD WILSON HEATHER WILSON JONAH WILSON MARRHEW WILSON NATHAN WILSON THOMAS WILSON WILLIAM WILSON 272 Portraits WILLIE WILSON BRIAN WILTSHIVE ELIZABETH WINCHESTER AARON WINDSOR KATE WINGARD ROBERT WINGO CHARLES WINSTEAD JOHN WINSTON JUSTIN WINTERS ROB WISE JASON WISTEHUFF BEN WOLFE LOURI WOLFE STEPHANIE WOLFORD BETY WOLOSKI JENNIFER WOOD JULIANNE WOOD RYAN WOOD TODD WOOD HOLLY WOODARD LAURA WOODARD ALTAMARIE WOODS JADE WOODSON MILLICENT WOODWARD DEAN WOODY KEITH WRIGGLESWORTH JONATHAN WRIGHL DUSTIN WRIGHT JOE WRONSKE PING WU Portraits 273 jay 274 Portraits TONG YING WU RICHARD WYATT EMLIY WYCHE MYRON WYNN DANIEL YACCARINO EMILY YAEGER JEREMY YAGER JIN YANG THAY YANG JEREMY YATES JOSEPH YATES SABRINA YEP WILLIAM YOUNCE AMANDA YOUNG DANYELLE YOUNG JAMES YOUNG JENNIFER YOUNG SHERI YOUNG WILLIAN YOUNG ERIC YUN PETE ZAMBITO LINDSAY ZANE ELIZABETH ZARLINO SHARON ZEHENDER AARON ZICKEFOOSE BLAKE ZIMMET Portraits 275 The Staff C. Brent Smith Charles Baird 294 Staff Pages Big Game Andrew Davis Tucker Bethany V. Norris Steve Egan Staff Pages 295 Charles Baird Charles Baird has been on the Agromeck staff for 1 year, and is Managing Editor. He is pursuing a Bachelors degree. 296 Staff Portfolio erin beach Erin Beach has been on the Agromeck staff for 2 years, and is currently serving as Editor of Photography. She is pursuing a Bachelors of Arts in English. Staff Portfolio 297 C. Brent Smith Brent Smith has been on the Agromeck staff for seven years. He has served in all possible positions, including Editor In Chief of the 1995 Agromeck.. He is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Textile Chemistry. 298 Staff Portfolio Andrew Davis Tucker Andrew Davis Tucker has been on the Agromeck staff for three years, this year serving as the Editor In Chief. He is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies Photojournalism. Staff Portfolio 299 Steve Egan Steve Egan has been an Agromeck staff photographer for one year. He is pursuing a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science while pursuing a career in photojournalism. 300 Staff Portfolio Smith It is hard to believe every year a handful of students gather together in a small office and produce a book that chronicles the year for the university. We have done it again. For me this has been quite a year, of which I could have never gotten through this book without a few folks. Erin Beach, Charlie Baird, and Steve Egan all fit the roles of managers that took on more than their share of work. Also, Lisa Stuart and Bethany Norris were key on the Layout Staff all year long. I would also like to thank all of the other contributing designers and writers. There are two individuals that I would especially like to thank. Marc Kawanishi, thanks so much. You have been such a friend and mentor to me. You taught me about working hard and following my passions. I am forever grateful. C. Brent Smith you have been my ace in the hole ever since I came on board at Ag. You are truly the embodiment of all that Agrome ck represents. You have taught me so much about Agromeck the way of life on the third floor, past and present, and how to preserve it. I have one concern for the coming year. Agromeck as I know it and those who came before me knew it may be no more. For the first time since I can remember that next year ' s 302 Editor ' s Note editor in chief is not going to be elected from the current staff. This spring SMA brought many allegations against Agromeck, claiming financial impropriety and mismanagement. Through detailed investigations our name was cleared, only it was alleged that Agromeck had been mismanaged. Agromeck has been the longest running student publication, and for years it has been exclusively run by students. Agromeck is a learning experience, we make mistakes as members of a student publication and we learn from them. That is what a student publication is all about. In the past, Agromeck has been run by strong individuals who have stood up for what they believe, and Agromeck has stood with them. In student organizations there is a constant struggle between what the student thinks is best to do and what the advisor thinks is best . This year has been a battle, an immortal between students and advisors, an immature ploy for control over the students publications by The resistance was too much for some bureaucracy this year, as a result Agromeck was found of In effect the next year ' s editor will come from the current pool of talent at Agromeck. My best wishes to future managers. It is going to be tough, but I hope that they will rise to the occasion. There is always a lot of pressure on Agromeck to prove itself as an effective medium and a marketable product to the student body. We have been for 94 volumes, we have never given up. " Don ' t give up, Don ' t ever give up. " Andrew Davis Tucker Editor ' s Note 303

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