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1 fi ,7 ■ ' J Hh bus " i 1 k. . 1 1 tkVUii, r-rt ' ' f t ' - . -:i «t fV- Table of Contents 4 features 18 student life 20 orientation 22 Stewart theater 26 thompson theatre 28 music department 30 marching band 32 dn hammond 36 african-american student concerns 40 pan africa M native amerlcan da ' 46 delta sig lawn party 50 will you marry me? 52 graduation 56 memorial 58 bell tower watch 62 news 64 elections 70 world news 74 jim valvano 82 sports 84 kickoFF classic 86 Football 92 gator bowl 98 cheerleading 100 men ' s soccer 104 women ' s soccer 108 men ' s basketball 112 women ' s basketbal 116 volleyball 118 gymnastics 120 swimming 124 wrestling 126 tennis 128 cross country 130 baseball 134 organizations 136 Fraternities sororities 152 other organizations 164 portraits 166 underclassmen 178 seniors 222 dressups 228 advertising 238 edito s note 240 closing 4 Feature5 » 1 • 4 ? i « " ■ • HS fc? - TO 9 6 4 2 Y - ' - —r X JO 8 6 4 2 — k • . f| ■y 1 - ■ 1 . ' ■.■.. ..... mmm 10 a - - _-, 1 r r% 6 4 2 V 10 s Hundu Hondros 1 londros FEATUR.E5 5 Hondros 6 Feature5 Heath FEATUaE5 7 M.ih.iHL ' f 8 Feature5 Senra Featurej 9 II.MlJlV 10 Featuiie5 Hondros Featured 11 Hundreds 1 1.MHiros " v K P3 m r . --i Ab HLh B UB u ( ■bS b - Bt kj miftritf iW ' mJB iI HuJ B Vj I Hi B I S I IK P L. E BI v%9 Mi E Mm %u4-i |jUI SS ' ™» - " BlRw! i pM lf«n 12, Featured Hondros FEATUaE5 13 Smith Smilh l4 Featuiie5 Hondros (3) Featured 15 Smith 16 Featured Schaffer m n jtr ' ' " aiBrt — ' r ■! ' • 1 ' w J0 f ' It ii ' 1 ■1 P ? ' - - i k 2«. WP " ■Pl TS U l W lir " ! 1 fr k ii ■m . % iff..! ps ; Senra Featured 17 r A Let ' s Get Oriented! 2.0 Student Life f —•4- 1 1 n hB HI H m Student Life 2,1 FOTC Diiw ' on Ben net I 2-E Student Life Dawson Student Life 2,3 r WflTR %4 5tudent Life Smith Student Life 2 5 %6 Student Life Thompson Theater 5tudent Life 2.7 The NCSU Music Department 28 Student Life Bennett (5) |-.- . .V ' ?r f; ' 1 ' fV ' jt ' ■ .i ' ' ' r vy Student Life 2.9 Marching with the band 30 5tudent Life il TOGO la nCSTflTE FOREST f ? •••• •■•• 5 TIME OUTS LEFT :l ..... Bennett Shaffer 5tudent Life 31 Good-byes are never easy Photos and Text by Todd Bennett When I came to State five years ago, I was hesitant to join the marching band because I wasn ' t quite sure I wanted to devote the time and energy that this organization required. I ' m glad now that I did. Unlike my other classes, I really enjoyed this class. I dreaded the long practices three times a week and hated wearing red polyester on hot Saturday afternoons. But there were somethings that made this class bearable: The friends that I met and the man we knew affectionately as " Doc " ( aka Dr. Hammond). In my other classes, 1 was a number or an assigned seat. This was about the only way a teacher was able to learn to learn your name, especially in classes with 150 students. Much less were they concerned with who you were or what you were about. Afterall, to them and the university, you were just a number and you were only going to be in their class for just a semester. Your identity really didn ' t matter. But with Doc it was different. He knew who you were. How he knew always seemed to amaze me. Out of a massive blob of 200 people called a marching band, he knew your name. When he had the chance, he ' d even go out of his way to stop and chat with you. He always wanted to stay in touch with his students. This quality of caring is what makes Doc an important part of the marching band. And this is also why he means so much to so many people, especially his students. This is why it has been hard for the marching to let him go. You see, this year the music department decided to make a change. They wanted to expand the program, in hopes of one day adding a music minor. In order to bring on a new staff member, the music department needed to make an opening for that person. It was decided that that person would take over as marching band director and Doc would become the director of the British Brass Band year rounci, instead of just for the spring semester. On November 14, the marching band payed tribute to Doc with a day full of surprises. A slightly altered half time show, special guest appearances, and a time to even blow his own horn. For several weeks, the marching band held secret practices to orchestrate the Doc tribute show. They even had special Doc t-shirts made for this occasion. j This was all for a special man that they have come to know and love. A man who has dedicated 11 years of his life to the marching banci. Next year will bring a new marching band director, but there will always be only one Doc. 32 5tudent Life 5tudent Life 33 34 5tudent Life 5tudent Life 35 Making Their Voices Heard Black Face -ti 8-OOm White Fac e l ; M Fcrey We Scli.Uler AN ) i 36 Student Life Dixon 5tudent Life 37 « Dixon 38 5tudent Life Bennett North Carolina State University ' s First African-American Newspaper January 27, 1 993 A Salute to Black History Student Life 39 Pan Africa 40 PoRTKAITi Kv - ' W- m K ' ' tfcr ppl ' " " " B m W ■ H M T ' I B V iIAb V 5 « 1 »• V.° BHSMjWr ' iB HK wR EiM Cv -rm -7« ,: - Hondros(5, Po THAIT 4l 42. Student Life Student Life 43 Native AmericanCelebration 44 5tudent Life Hondros (4) Student Life 45 46 5tudent Life Delta Sigma Phi Lawn Party Smith (3) 5tudent Life 47 Sniill 48 Student Life HonJro ' Smith Student Life 49 Will you Bennetl Ui) 50 5tudent Life marry me? 5tudent Life 5I 52, 5tudent Life Graduation Smith Student Life 53 bulill 54 5tudent Life Heath 5tudent Life 55 Those we ' ll never forget James Allen Dorety 7 3 73-2 12 93 Theresa Michelle Fister 1 19 70-12 31 92 John Sidney Huggins 11 5 69-10 28 92 Toni Christine Masini 12 8 70-6 19 92 Eugene Lewis Jensen 11 64-11 8 92 Jarrod Thomas Styron 11 29 73-2 12 93 Anthony " Tony " Bryan Robinson 4 24 65-11 23 92 Chee " Alex " Kong Yoong 2 17 60-4 28 93 58 Student Life Bell Tower WatcK 1 1 1 ' t sir 4 ■ M fe . 1 Bunnutt Bennett Smith 5tudent Life 59 Beniu ' tt (3 60 Student Life Smith .Student Life 61 Clinton pl ays the sax Bill Clinton, sitting in with the band, turns out an impressive version of " Heartbreak Hotel " as Arsenio Hall gestures approvingly in the musical opening of the " Arsenio Hall Show " taping at Paramount Studios in June 1992. He said of the presidential hopeful ' s talent, " It ' s good to see a Democrat blowing something other than the election. " Hond: 64 New5 Campaign ' 92 Ni s 65 Hondros ( 66 Hv¥S Si. ■ ■ ! fe 1 :» a -..-. fe v E ll fl l U! m — 1 — — J H NE J 5 67 Hondr.i 68 Ne j j Nt s 69 Aid to Somalia ■ ■ , _ M L . l 1 M 9f « 1 I Bi Three months after the world woke up to one of the worst famines in history, food started to reach hundreds of thousands of SomaUs. Estimates of th e dead range from 100,000 to half a million, but no one knows just how many people have perished due to the famines and factional fighting between rival warlords. 70 New5 The war between the repubUcs AP (3) The territory of Yugoslavia for centuries was a battleground between the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires. In 1918, the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes was declared, and in 1929 it was renamed Yugoslavia. The new country was torn by demands for autonomy by Croations who opposed Serbian domination. Since its recent breakup, the republics of the former Yugoslavia are now involved in ethnic fighting between the Croats, Serbs and Muslims. Thousands of people have died and millions have fled their homeland. Others have remained and have been trapped due to the escalating war. Ne s 71 World Trade Center rocked by bomb blast Shortly after noon on February 16, 1993, an explosion rocked the World Trade Center in New York (NY), leaving several dead and hundreds injured. AP (2) 1% W s Waco, Texas standoff A banner reads " Send in CFA and Don Stuart " as it hangs from the watch tower of the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas. The cult has asked repeatedly for help from the press and others. Jazz Legend dies Dizzy Gillespie 10 21 17-1 6 93 Hurricane devastates Florida AP(3) Hurricane Andrew struck southern Florida on August 24, 1992, with wind gusting to 164 mph and a 12-foot tidal surge that flattened many homes, uprooted trees, flung boats into the streets and wrecked an entire Air Force base. In its wa ke, 55 people were dead as a result, whether directly or indirectly, of the hurricane. Ni: S 73 Jimmy V comes home " The ' 83 team taught me about dreams. If someone has a dream and another person beheves then anything is possible. Never give up. Persist. Never ever quit! Don ' t ever give up! -Jim Valvano to 12,400 fans Reynolds Coliseum Feb. 21, 1993. The words are their anthem, his anthem. 1983, you remember it. Jimmy Valvano ' s Cardiac Pack. The team that won nine straight and beat unbeatable Houston to win the National title. The players that wouldn ' t quit. The coach that wouldn ' t let them. Jim Valvano fulfilled his dream of winning a national title in 1983. In the process, he pushed a program to the pinnacle and a fan following to their emotional limits. He made everyone revel in euphoria and take pride in wearing Wolfpack red. A Reynolds-Coliseum full of red- clad faithful gave their thanks to Valvano and his magical team during a 45-minute ceremony Sunday before the Duke-State game. With the lights dimmed and a spotlight on the 1983 national championship banner, the fans relived the final 45 seconds of the Houston game, relived 74 Ne 5 Whittenburg ' s shot and Charles ' s dunk, relived the excitement. And then nearly all the members of the 83 ' team returned to their former home. Charles, Cozell McQueen and Sidney Lowe couldn ' t make it, but Whittenburg was there. So was Thurl Bailey and Terry Gannon and Alvin Battle. Even the managers made it there. They came to ruinite, to reminess, to relive. They came to look back and to catch up. They came to see ' V. ' They were far from alone. Valvano, as always, stole the show before it even started. His excruciating battle with cancer once again brought State fans to an introductory speech that he was " happy to once again be surrounded by Wolfpack pride. " He then introduced Valvano, who walked gingerly to the front of the State bench, accepting embraces from his former players, a thunderous roar from the crowd and a seranade of " New York " from the pep band. emotional peak, and they showered him in cheers, seemingly in an effort to wash away his disease. Valvano ' s broadcasting collegue Brent Musberger said in his " We are here today to honor the players and the staff and especially to honor the man in charge. " — Dick Sheridan Valvano had left State under the cloud of NCAA probation and media crticism in 1990. But the pain of the past was long forgotten Sunday afternoon. Fornier players Tommy Gugliotta, Chucky Brown and Charles Shackleford joined athetics director Todd Turner, current basketball coach Les Robinson and Wolfpack Club executive secretary Charlie Bryant in welcoming Valvano back to Reynolds. It was State football coach Dick Sheridan who translated the emotion into words. " We are here today to honor the players and the staff and especially to honor the man in charge, " Sheridan said, his voice cracking. " We are here to honor more than their magnificent accomplishment. We are here to honor the desire, effort, pride, optimism and composure that characterizes that Ni s 73 ' ' When you believe in something and love each other, you can accomplish miracles. That ' s what the ' 83 team taught me. " — Jim Valvano . ■ " " ■ flfa _ ' L. 1 E " " 7 ' ' I B L 1 rj TIM p H Lil v f UI w t J 76 H ws " They taught me how to love each other, something that ' s not talked about enough in sports, " Valvano said. " When you believe in something and love each other, you can accomplish miracles. That ' s what the ' 83 team taught me. " Valvano then vowed to produce another miracle, a victory in his battle against inoperable bone cancer. Saying he had faith in his God and his fellow man, Valvano said he would be around when Sheridan and Robinson post Naitonal Championsip banners of their own. " I ' m going to be here to see these things happen to my friends, " Valvano said. " And if God wants me, he ' s going to get the best damn former coach and broadcaster, he can get. " Walking slowly to his announcing position, Valvano eventually faded into his job broadcasting the game for ABC television. The crowd, in the meantime, remained electric, inspired by the words Valvano used to describe his own condition. " This cancer that I have limited me physically. I can ' t run and yell at [referee] John Moreau like I want to. I can ' t do back flips with our world- class cheerleaders. But this cancer can ' t touch my mind, my heart, my soul. I will never give up ' Story by Jeff Drew Photos by Todd Bennett Ni ' s 77 A fighter may go down, but he never gives up. By Kevin Brewer Don ' t give up. There were no words more appropriate to act as the rallying cry during Jim Valvano ' s 10-month battle with cancer. After all, he spent a lifetime living up to that anthem. 78 Ne j 5 He used that philosophy to spark N.C. State ' s miracle run through the 1983 NCAA Tournament. The same words couldn ' t have been far away when his contract was bought out by the university in 1990. when the school ' s basketball program was under NCAA investigation. And since Valvano was diagno.sed with cancer last June, those three inspiring words have appeared on bumper stickers throughout North Carolina. He reiterated the phrase Feb. 21 in Reynolds Coliseum during a celebration for his ' 83 team. And although Valvano ' s fight against the disease that covered his body in tumors ended April 28, Valvano ' s message of courage and perseverance reached fans everywhere during his 47 years on Earth. In a life filled with dreams, one filled with inspiring others to chase their dreams, Valvano had only one wish — to coach basketball. " The whistle and long pants, that ' s what I wanted, " he would later say. And after he wasn ' t selected in the 1967 NBA draft, he was on his way. Valvano, Rutgers ' s senior athlete of the year in ' 67 and an all-tournament selection when the Scarlet Knights finished third in the NIT. finally realized his dream three years later as the head coach at Johns Hopkins. And although his first coaching experience resulted in a mediocre 10-9 mark, the Jimmy V that later danced, screamed and even weaved magic at lona, Bucknell and State was unveiled. The Cardiac Pack For a coach who traveled to the wrong Greenville in 1980 as his first official act as coach — he went to the South Carolina version instead of the North Carolina one — things really turned around for Valvano three years later. Valvano would later joke that he " gave one heck of a talk, and raised $32,000 in an airport in Greenville, S.C., as 300 members of the Wolfpack Club in Greenville, N.C, wondered, ' What the heck we got here with this Italian? ' " In 1983, when Valvano inspired his veteran team to the national title against seemingly unsurmountable odds, everyone associated with Wolfpack basketball knew they had a winner in Jim Valvano. When Valvano returned to Reynolds Coliseum for a celebration commemorating the team, he said, " The ' 83 team taught me a lot about dreaming, and the importance of dreams, because nothing can happen if not first you dream. If you have someone with a dream, if you have a motivated person with a goal and a vision, if you have someone who never gives up, who has great hope, anything can happen. " That team taught me that persistence, the idea of never, ever quitting. " If you had the opportunity to watch Valvano during his run through the NCAA Tournament in 1983, then you know all about his emotion. You know how that team could mean so much to so many people. You were probably inspired by Valvano and his team ' s incredible feat. But the hard numbers are just as staggering as the hopes and dreams that team represented. After winning the ACC Tournament as the fourth seed with a one-point win over Wake Forest, an overtime victory over North Carolina and a three-point nail-biter over Virginia, the Cardiac Pack took its heart-stopping show to Carvalis, Ore., in the NCAA Tournament. Valvano just escaped the sub-regional with a double-overtime win over Pepperdine and a one-point victory against UNLV. From then on, the ride to the national title was pure magic. Except for a 19-point trouncing of Utah, State won its five other tournament games by a total of 12 points. The championship run ended with a run of another sort: Valvano ' s mad dash to hug someone after sophomore Lorenzo Charles recorded one of the most memorable dunks in NCAA history to stun Houston ' s Phi Slamma Ni s 79 Jamma. Valvano ' s run around The Pit was more frantic than his team ' s run to the title but just as memorable. Personal Fouls The most memorable aspect of Valvano ' s fall from grace at State was its ferocity. Jim Valvano did not just run into some problems and lose his jobs. He suffered viscous personal attacks and relentless media scrutiny. Peter Golenbock launched the first major attack on Valvano with his book, " Personal Fouls. " A dust jacket released in January 1989 accused Valvano of numerous NCAA violations, including changing players ' grades, paying players and altering players ' drug tests. Publishing problems delayed the book ' s release, but it didn ' t stop the slide. State immediately invited the NCAA to investigate. And the UNC-System formed a special investigative committee. The News and Observer carried on the crusade against Valvano. placing its focus on the squad ' s academic problems. Professor Hugh Fuller fueled the paper ' s investigation by claiming that Valvano and other coaches put pressure on professors to keep players eligible. He also said that tutors sometimes did the players ' homework for them. Valvano and several NCSU faculty vigorously denied the charges, and the pressure began to ease. Then, in August, " Personal Fouls " hit the stands. A flawed manuscript with literally hundreds of spelling and factual errors, " Personal Fouls " portrayed Valvano as a relentless ego maniac who would do anything to win. This Jim Valvano didn ' t care about his players, often lying to them about their playing opportunities. And he didn ' t care about the rules. The NCAA depicted a different Valvano. This Valvano didn ' t commit any NCAA violations. He did manipulate the system at times, and his players sold complimentary tickets and shoes. But, there was no evidence Valvano was running a corrupt program. The program ' s failings and media pressure led to chancellor Bruce Poulton ' s resignation in August and Valvano ' s resignation as athletic director in October. And the NCAA banned State from the 1990 NCAA Tournament for " lack of institutional control. " But Valvano probably would have survived as coach if not for an ABC news report in February. A former player wearing a hat and sunglasses in shadows accused NCSU players of point shaving in several games during the 1987-88 season. The charge created an uproar. The News and Observer led a call for Valvano ' s firing and Technician demanded that the basketball program be shut down. New NCSU chancellor Larry Monteith could take it no more. He negotiated a buyout with Valvano, and the coach left with a bank account that was a whole lot richer and a reputation that was a whole lot poorer. It would take a fight against death for him to regain his former status. The Fight By the time Valvano was diagnosed with cancer last June, he had already realized his dream of being a college basketball coach. He had already learned about hope from his 1983 national championship team. Now, he had to put what he had learned about dreams and hope to practice. He encountered the toughest and most ominous opponent of his life. At first, Valvano seemed to forget all that he had showed everyone else. He, for the most part, was beginning to do what he had told others not to do — give up. Then, Valvano began to listen ... to himself. On Oct. 30, Valvano announced he would return to ESPN as a broadcaster for the 1992-93 basketball season. " Jim is very upbeat and anxious to get 80 Nem 5 back to work, " ESPN publicist Josh Krulewitz said. " It ' s good news . . . We ' re all very excited. " And Valvano was also excited to be back. He wasn ' t about to give up. In January, his fight against bone cancer was chronicled in Sports Illustrated. And in ESPN ' s studios and in college basketball arenas across the country, Valvano was back. His fight against cancer was characterized by two speeches. A speech was, after all, the perfect medium for Valvano. He was able to use all his tools, his charm, his charisma to hold an audience in his hands. The first speech was given at his return to Reynolds. Valvano inspired a capacity crowd of 12,400 in pep rally- type fashion. He also alluded to the fact that he may have been speaking to his fans for one of the last times. " If God wants me, he ' s going to get the best damn former coach and broadcaster he can get, " Valvano said. " This cancer that I have limited me physically. But this cancer can ' t touch my mind, my heart, my soul. " About two weeks later, Valvano received the first Arthur Ashe Award for Courage at the American Sports Awards. And for the last time, he held a crowd in his hand. After being introduced by good friend and fellow commentator Dick Vitale, he told of his first coaching experience at Rutgers with the junior varsity team. He made the crowd of sports figures and colleagues feel the joy he had brought them so many times before. He also left us with a little advice. " To me there are three things we should do every day. No. 1 is laugh. You should laugh every day. No. 2 is think. You should spend some time in thought. No. 3 is, you should have your emotions moved to tears; it could be happiness or joy- " But think about it, if you laugh, you think and you cry. that ' s a full day. That ' s a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you ' re going to have something special. " And by the time Valvano had stepped down from the stage that night, he had given the audience a head start on that week ' s work. V ' s Legacy In the month since his death, the remnants of Valvano ' s legacy have been evident. His friends and family have been giving back to the man who gave them so much. A day after his passing, Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski had to fill in for Valvano at a luncheon in Washington, lobbying for more money in the area of cancer research. A week before Krzyzewski ' s visit. Coach V told Coach K to " make it happen, " referring to the upcoming speech. In Washington, Krzyzewski said, " We ' re beating cancer. What we want to do is beat the hell out of cancer . . . Let ' s get off our butts and start doing some stuff that ' s needed right now. And somewhere, Valvano was smiling. So Valvano ' s legacy is truly immeasurable. And for now, at least, he is not forgotten. He is remembered on bumper stickers everywhere. He is remembered by fellow commentator John Saunders, who named his daughter, Jenna Tiana Vanessa Saunders, after Valvano (Saunders used Valvano ' s initials, JTV in naming his daughter). He is remembered by Charlie Bryant, executive director of the Wolfpack Club, who is trying to start a scholarship in honor of Valvano. " Jim was a dreamer, motivator and a fighter, " Krzyzewski said. " He did all of those things to the last day. " He never gave up. Ne s 81 Kickoff Classic 84 5port5 5port5 85 86 5port5 FOOTBALL Hondros 5poaT5 87 Hondm 88 5poaT5 Senra 5poaT5 89 90 5port5 5poiit5 91 Gator Bowl llondn 92. 5port5 4ondn vSpoiit5 93 94 5poaT5 Bennet K ' wl H m ■ 9 yp ■ f ' » 1 ■ " " i ■ Bk ' nfEHi . j K Bj V N iH i H .J Hjf V sB L- li B HHk I E. J Hg Hk.ri Smith (3) 5port5 9x5 Stil.lf 96 5po(it5 Smith poaT5 97 98 5poaT5 Cheerleading Bennett POaT5 99 Mori 100 5pO[IT5 Men ' s Soccer Hondros 5poiit5 101 til " ' Hondrd 102. 5poaT5 »?£.. % I t.. a%«- ■ •»; - , . - ,7 -:jff r--- --: » - Hondros Z yj y mm. L Jf ..-f I Hondros 5poaT5 103 Women s Soccer 104 POUT. ' Hondros 5poiit5 10 5 r.innett 106 5poaT5 He tndros Bennett POaT5 107 Men ' s Basketball Ben net I 108 5poaT5 Smith 5poiit5 109 Bennett 110 5poiit5 Smith 5poiit5 111 Benneti 112. 5poaT5 Women ' s Basketball Bennett Bennett 5port5 113 Bonnel 114 5poaT5 Bennett 5poaT5 115 Volleyball Mahaffe 116 5port5 Morilz 5poaT5 117 118 GyMNA5TIC5 Grace, Talent, Strength GyMNA5TIC5 119 Swimming " i r - 12 0 5port5 m ■ ■ ' -■{). 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V £w ' P ' pi © 148 OaGANIZATION5 w OaGANIZATION5 l49 150 0( GANIZATI0N5 OdGANIZATIONi 5 152. Organizations ROTC Organizations 153 Forestry Club 154 Organization5 Language Club ® P v A B V- ' l Organizations 155 156 Organization5 m x . " Sr ' x4e ' 5 C ' v ! - ' H Playing English Games Smith Schaller Organization5 157 Student Senate Watauga Hall 1 londr. 158 OaGANIZATION5 Tune into variety Senra (3) Okganizationj 59 Technician 160 Organization5 J I •a— i ,. Tfeof 3 l|J| Jfc jrfc - " « ■tftaHHHHP " i Mt iiw£ Jw-i ' - ' «H| u9 ll mJIklyi KA- ' l ' ' i S ' i J l KTP J " i r S ' l ' ' ' 2 ' flKS ' Jl 4i vJ pV n jftutf HT ' L ' f. - mt ' i - , - t m fiA ■ _ ■■ • .•. w T . i ' t- . ' Wi 4- .; mr d6 i Kvca aes v ♦ (T, %J - VVoJ " v • Klte ' ' f ' ■? w1 ,. m 1 =1 A «. ' r i liA Hondros (6) OaGANIZATION5 161 Agromeck 162. OaGANIZATION5 Todd Bennett Mark Tosczak and Holly Schmitt OrGANIZATION5 163 r 71 y IV. t A r :! O ( Underclassmen Christy Agner Maria Alge Monte Armes Chris Armstrong Jennifer Balkcum Christopher Barnes Federica Bartolotti Trudy Bass Thomas Baucom II Angela Belcher Tawanna Benson Rick Biever Markus Bishop Tanya Bledsoe Paul Boyles Ocatavious Brooks l66PoilTRAIT5 § . J m )i ' 1 r X ' 1 Nicole Brown John Brumgoule Tyler Buckner Linwood Bullock Dana Byrd Susan Cannady Milton Carawan Joni Cardin James Clagett Scott Clark Deirdra Clemens Pedro Cofino Petrina Collins Wendy Curtis Christine Davey Cynthia Davis Chris Dawson Mary Duhan Chevonya Ealey Thomasina Edwards PoRTaAIT5 167 Owen Good 168 Po[lTaAIT5 Alexander Evans Megan Fox Glenn French Michael Frink David Garrett Yolonda Garrett Adrienne Gaskins Suzanne Getz Kimberly Glennon Shavale Godwin Ian Gordon Tamara Granade Curtis Green Melissa Haithcox Thomas Brett Hall Vincent Hall Jeffrey Hand Kristi Hardin Craig Harris John Helsabeck Po[lTIlAIT5 169 Kmiicj |i)linson Mondro- Brian Henderson Denise Holmes Alexandra Holshouser Andrea Howington Margaret Hudson Noelle Hutchinson James Hysong Dewayne Joyner 170 PoilTaAIT5 John Julien Muhammad Kashif Gwendolyn Kazunas Lori Kendall Shelly KIdd Colin Lancaster Kimberly Lea l-Hsin Lee James Leonard Lawrence Locklear Chris Long Patrick Lyerly Anitra Lynch Gertrude Lyons Kelly Mance Leslie McArthur Poi T[lAIT5 171 Jim McCloud Darek McCullers Debra McDaniel William Medinas Natalie Menius Aaron Meredith Reba Milbourne Delores Miller Cristin Moore Matthew Nicholson Julia O ' Neil John C. O ' Quinn Richard Palmer Jan Patterson Wesley Petty Carrie Pitchford Suzannah Poteat Howard Powell Chris Ransom Mike Reese 172. PoRTaAIT5 Jason Rhodes Jason Riggs Catherine Rose Bernard Rouse Carlyn Rozema Bimo Sasongko Robert Satterfield Jason SattenA hite PoaTaAiT5 173 Karen Smith Hondi 174 PoaTaAiT5 Michelle Seifert Glenn Simmonds Christopher Simmons Joseph Simmons Shelley Sink Allison Smith Anna Smith Karen Smith Rebecca Smith Stacey Jane Smith David Steepe Donald Stiel Amy Stone Scott Stroud Amy Swearengin Angela Joy Switzer Margaret Tapp Alexa Tayor Jeavetta Terry Latonya Thomas PoRTRAIT5 175 Benjamin Thompson Kenisia Turrentine Allison Waniata Rodney Warren Aylicia Watson Stephanie Watson Nicole Wayne David Whitley Scott Wilkerson Wayne Williams Amanda Willis Dana Winslow Chris Yahnker Irr TT r V H ■ -r- m llkr Hl.l f jM ri J 1 , Rm »i ' 1 1 ■H n 1 « ' 176 PoaTRAIT5 Hondros Portraits 177 Ryan Addison History Raleigh, NC Dwayne Alston Accounting Nashville, NC Aparna Amin Computer Science Cary, NC Edwin Anderson Mathmatics Physics Winston-Salem, NC Renee Angus Zoology Asheville, NC Darrell Annas Computer Science Cary, NC David Annas IVIechanical Engineering Raleigh, NC Adrian Arbelaez Mechanical Engineering Raleigh, NC Andrew Armstrong Science Education Burlington, NC Claire Armstrong Business Management Charlotte, NC Stacie Arnold Psychology Raleigh, NC Sharon Atkins Business Management Raleigh, NC Seniors v 1 - ' « ' 4 178 PoaTRAIT5 If ' ttolft . ji - w Pt 93t B| Hp4v . ' jH f Q I lil f . m T If ■ A Mx . jm i H ii H Danny Atkinson Industurial Engineering Princeton, NC Erik Austin Accounting Raleigh, NC C and ice Autry Psychology Stedman, NC Susan Averette Psychology Fuquay-Varina, NC Deirdre Aylward Biochemistry New Port Richey, NC Christopher Bailey Agricultural Education Williamston, NC Nancy Ballard Psychology Raleigh, NC Ashish Balyan Electrical Engineering Cary, NC Manisha Balyan Computer Science Cary, NC Armando Baqueiro Business Management Economic Madrid, Spain Tammy Barbour Social Work Clayton, NC Charles Bartolomew Business Management Durham, NC Christopher Bates Business Management Raleigh, NC Brenda Baughman Accounting Raleigh, NC Tamara Beall Economics Raleigh, NC Portraits 179 Scott Beasley Sociology Raleigh, NC Shannon Beasley Political Science Ayer, MA Chad Berry FPM Raleigh, NC Tara Benson Communication Toms River, NJ Charles Benton Biological Sciences Greensboro, NC Dawn Betz Mechanical Engineering Fuquay-Varina, NC Ramit Bhandari Electrical Engineering Raleigh, NC Angela Bilvery Accounting Willow Springs, NC Kyle Blackman Business Management Albemarle, NC Stephen Blanchard Civil Engineering Raleigh, NC Charles Blue Economics Raleigh, NC Gary Boettcher Pulp and Paper Science and Technology Raleigh, NC Theresa Borho Pulp and PaperScience and Technology Chemical Engineering Raleigh, NC William Boswell Meteorology Kinston, NC Rick Bouen-Clark Accounting Chapel Hill, NC 180 PoilTllAIT5 n n Nypa ' er Hondros PoKTRAITi 181 Scott Bowen Business Management Winston-Salem, NC Christina Brady Hortrticultural Science Bennett, NC Terri Braxton Marketing Education Raleigh, NC Edward Breza, Jr Civil Engineering Cary, NC Daniel Bridges Civil Engineering Asheville, NC Julie Brill Zoology Gastonia, NC Michael Britt Chemical Engineering Durham, NC Edie Brooks Social Work Chesapeake, VA Lori Brown Psychology Raleigh, NC Christopher Buckhalter Accounting Jacksonville, NC Alan Buffaloe Business Fayetteville, NC E. Ruth Bulluck Zoology Raleigh, NC Venee Burks Communication Spanish Durham, NC Angela Butler Zoology Raleigh, NC Tracey Callahan Psychology Raleigh, NC m Ift ' :, -wl » mi t- ' -i tt- . 182- PoaTHAiTi Rafael Calvo Business Management Raleigh, NC Lynn Carberry Textile Management Raleigh, NC Donald Carnahan Business Management Raleigh, NC Jeannine Carroll Speech Communication Cary, NC Luis Rene Castedo Agriculture Economics Santa Cruz, Bolivia Katherine Gates Political Science Raleigh, NC kk Blanken PoRTaAIT5 183 Michael Caviness Electrical Engineering Kinston, NC Claudine Chalfant Communication Concord, NC Trad Chamberlain Economics Troy, Ml Davina Cheek English Graham, NC Nicole Che stnut Communications Fayetteville, NC Robert P. Clark, IV Mechanical Engineering Laurinburg, NC 184 PoilTRAIT5 loni Hall, lulieDemdria, and Larry Campbell Wendy Clore Architecture Greenville, NC Cynthia Coffey Meterology Rockville, MD Stephanie Cogdell Psychology Raleigh, NC Scott Colagross Animal Science Aloha, OR Charles Coleman Biological Science Gary, NC Jonathan Conrad Communication Winstom-Salem, NC Carlton A. Cook Animal Poultry Science Raleigh, NC Daren Cox Civil Engineering Liberty, NC Stanton Cox Animal Science Goldsboro. NC Kenion PoilTflAIT5 185 Stcphanif Li.irii i. ' n 186 PoRTRAIT5 tf Cammie Crisp Zoology Gastonia, NC Danielle Crockett Park, Rec, Tour Raleigh, NC Jyl Crockett Parks, Rec, Tour Raleigh, NC Amy Crossley Business Management Cincinnati, OH Christopher Crump Chemical Engineering Durham, NC Brian Curtis Civil Engineering Williamsburg, VA Shannon Daniel Accounting Raleigh, NC Tom Daniel Business Management Goldsboro, NC Wesley Davis Civil Engineering Asheville, NC Scott Deans Computer Engineering Clinton, NC Hans Debot Mechanical Engineering Raleigh, NC Christopher Dehart Computer Science Hickory, NC Brooks Dent Business Management Knightdale, NC Sherri Doughtridge Industural Engineering Raleigh, NC Thomas Douglas Geology Jamestown, NC PoilT[lAIT5 187 Larry Dudley Mechanical Engineering Winston-Salem, NC Mary Beth Duffy Business Management Wantagh, NY Meredith Dunning statistics Gary, NC WilUam Dutton Meclianical Engineering Ash, NC James Eaves Civil Engineering Midland, NC John Edwards Accounting Raleigh, NC Stacey Edwards Communication Raleigh, NC Stephen Edwards Agronomy Bladenboro, NC Ann Marie Ellenburg Biochemistry Bervard, NC Amy Elhott Animal Science Nashville, NC Shelly Embler Pre-Veterinary Option Zoology Trinity, NC Heidi Emerson Mechanical Engineering Matthews, NC Omar Essader Mechanical Engineering Susan Everett Communication Raleigh, NC William Everett Civil Engineering Robersonville, NC 188 P0RTaAIT5 Jay Familant Biology Virginia Beach, VA Mac Farrior Environmental Design Raleigh, NC Amy Faulkner Landspace Horticulture Raleigh, NC rina Miller PoilT[lAIT5 189 Melissa Fitts History Wake Forest, NC Scott Flanagan Zoology Raleigh, NC Roberto Fontanillas BSIE Raleigh, NC Dean Forbes Business Management Shawboro, NC William Fox Pre-Medical Winston-Salem, NC Erik Frederick Electrical Engineering Raleigh, NC Marching Cadets 190 PoRTRAIT5 Brian Frewerd Chemical Engineering Raleigh, NC Kevin Fryar Meteorology Goldsboro, NC Tim Fultz History Randleman, NC Bennett Funderburk Mechanical Engineering Raleigh, NC John P. Gallego Mechanical Engineering Raleigh, NC Jana Garner Mathematics Education Raleigh, NC Jeffrey Garrett Business Management Medford, NC Julie Garrison Biochemistry Chandler, NC Mark Geil Mechanical Engineering Raleigh, NC Jolleen George Sociology Social Work Raleigh, NC Hushang Ghodrat Biochemistry Raleigh, NC Elizabeth J. Gibson Computer Science Raleigh, NC Amy Gidley English Raleigh, NC Daniel Gill Mechanical Engineering Matthews, NC Jonathan Gillis Science Education High Point, NC PoaTllAIT5 191 Barbara Cleaves Health Occupation Teacher Education Raleigh, NC Cobb Mac Colson, III Chemical Engineering Pulp and Paper Science Mobile, AL Angela Conier Communications Cary, NC Lynn Conzalez Political Science Charlotte, NC Wil liam Matthew Core Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management Tabor City, NC Crover Corf II Business Management Cheryl Craves Electrical Engineering West Palm Beach, FL Jessica Creen Multidisciplinary Washington, NC Tammie Creen Zoology Raleigh, NC Laura Creene Mathmatics Education Shelby NC Sidney Criffin Accounting Nashville, NC Philip Crigg Mathmatical Science High Point, NC Julie Cunn Chemistry Raleigh, NC Bryan Curganus Computer Engineering Raleigh, NC Zachary Cuthrie Environmental Design in Industrial Design Raleigh, NC ■■ s ■ 1 ' , »• ' 1 ||pr. V . -V f 192. 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Harper Design Raleigh, NC Angela Harris Education Spring Hope, NC Benjamin Harris Electrical Engineehng Rocky Mount, NC Jennifer Harris Accounting Cary, NC Sehoya Harris Biological Sciences Raleigh, NC Linda Harrity Social Work Morristown, NJ Clayton Harry Electrical Engineering Roanoke Rapids, NC Amy Hartzler Accounting Raleigh, NC Marjorie Hearn Social Work Yadkinville, NC 194 PoaTaAiT5 Jerry Hedden Horticulture Andrews, NC Jeffrey Henderson Communication Raleigh, NC Andrea Hewlett Electrical Engineering Durham, NC Po[lTRAIT5 195 Julie Hinshaw Industrial Engineering Gary, NC Jason Hinton Agronomy Zebulon, NC Raymond Hite Electrical Engineering Concord, NC 196 PoaTRAIT5 Wai-Kwong Ho Biochemistry Raleigh, NC Eugene Hodges, IV Computer Engineering Charlotte, NC Samir Hodroj Textile Chemistry Raleigh, NC Joseph Holder Textile Science Lillington, NC Karen Holloway Conservation Kannapolis, NC Christopher Hondros English Fayetteville, NC Pam Houghton Chemistry Cary, NC Kerry Hubers Agricultural Business Management Pantego, NC Gregory Huffman Political Science Hickory, NC Aaron Hughes Political Science Rutherfordton, NC Anna Humphrey Math Education Burgaw, NC Carrie Hunt Textile Eagleville, TN Joseph Hunter Zoology Pre-Med Statesville, NC Ismat Husain Civil Engineering Raleigh, NC Kari Hutchinson Education Milwaukee, Wl PoaTAIT5 197 George and Caria Barrett Kanae Ikemiya Business Management Raleigh, NC Burke Ivey Furniture Manufacturing and Management Asheboro, NC April Jackson Business Management Dobson, NC Janice Johnson Zoology Mebane, NC Lee Johnson Zoology Hope Mills, NC Lisa Johnson industurial Engineering Charlotte, NC 198 PoRTRAIT5 Ronica Johnson Spanish Raleigh, NC Elizabeth Jones Agricultural Education Maysville, NC Jennifer Jones Psychology Smithfield, NC Amy Jordan Mathmatics Education Raleigh, NC MeHssa Jordan Communication Raleigh, NC Terry Jordan Sports Management Cary, NC Lisa Justice Accounting Kernersville, NC Agnetta Kamugisha Computer Engineering Durham, NC Ashley King Textile Management King, NC Scott Kitchings Textile Management Goldston, NC David Kraft Electrical Engineering Raleigh, NC Mary V. Lancaster Chemistry Biochemistry Pinehurst, NC Marc Latta Biological Science Hillsborough, NC Elliotte Lawing Communication Fayeteville, NC Milton Leathers Business Management Raleigh, NC PoKTRAITi 199 bivis i ugan Hondn 2.00 PoKTaAITJ _ H Ei Ll3fl [ 1 T :r w. i Pi i ' L 1 rJi 1 V»H ' If 7 Caroline Leinbach Communication Disorder Winston-Salem, NC Michael Lewis Criminal Justice Wilson, NC Glenda Lindsey Political Science Raleigh, NC Philip Lisk Zoology New London, NC Suzanne Little Sociology Raleigh, NC Greta Lockman Communication Disorders Lincolnton, NC Kimberly Long Accounting Durham, NC Victor Lowery Civil Engineering Monroe, NC Mark C. Lyerly Chemistry Salisbury, NC William R. Makepeave, IV Business Management Sanford, NC Sheryl Manthey Psychology Raleigh, NC Nicholas Marcopulos Chemistry Raleigh, NC Lori Marlow Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management Alexis, NC Michael Massey Chemical Engineering Monroe, NC Roger Mathena History Political Science Clayton, NC PoRTRAIT5 2.01 Michael Matlack Political Science Raleigh, NC Keith Mauck Business Management Raleigh, NC Leslie Mayton Social Work Fulton, MD James Marc McClure Induaturial Engineering Charlotte David McGinnis History Raleigh, NC Anne McGoogan Industurial Engineering Burlington, NC Amanda McKissiock Mechanical Engineering Chatham, VA Coleen McLean Sociology North Potomac, MD Sean McLean Civil Engineering Raleigh, NC Marianne McMasters Mathematics Raleigh, NC Mark Medlock Mechanical Engineering Raleigh, NC Saeed Mehrabani Computer Electrical Engineering Tehran, Iran Ashley Merritt Biological Science Wilmington, NC Janet Rene Metcalf Biochemistry Raleigh, NC Kevin Midkiff English Raleigh, NC i f A P • .- xV ft i H m 2.02, PoilTRAIT5 Bennett Scott Miles Civil Engineering Raleigin, NC Tara Minter Political Science Fayetteville, NC Adam Mis Turf Grass Highlands, NC PoaTaAiT5 2.03 jean Braj assa Iraj Mohebbi Electrical Engineering Raleigh, NC Brian Moize Political Science Criminal Justice Burlington, NC Carol Molnar Landspace Horticulture Fairfield, CT 2.04 PoiiTaAiT5 William Moncure Raleigh, NC Amy Moon English Huntersville, NC Stephanie Moore Psychology Raleigh, NC Andrew Moorhead Biochemistry Concord, NC Anupama Mooteri Business Management Falls, PA Michelle Morrow Animal Science Waynesville, NC Christy Morton Sociology Greensboro, NC Jennifer Moyer Math Education Trumbauersville, PA Lesley Moyseenko Psychology Raleigh, NC Shanon Mulvihill Arden, NC Robert Nance Aerospace Salisbury, NC Maria Napier Psychology Lisa Newsome Business Management Cofield, NC Dao Nguyen Electrical Engineering Raleigh, NC Trung Nguyen Chemical Engineering Raleigh, NC Po[iTaAiT5 2,05 k,ii n k.irvazy and Jacob Stephenson Smith 2,06 PoaT[lAIT5 f V 1 f ▼ ' ijfci Frankie Nichols English Raleigh, NC Veronica Nocetti Economics Raleigh, NC Niels Norman Business Management New Bern, NC Angela Norris Business Management Sandford, NC Christy Norris Chemistry Raleigh, NC Felicien Ntawukuliryayo Forestry Raleigh, NC Kjell Nygren Economics Garner, NC Henry Ogburn Applied Mathematics Shelby, NC Angela Packer Criminal Justice Political Science Garner, NC Donna Panko Humanities Raleigh, NC William Parker Civil Engineering Wilmington, NC Vance Parrish, II Psychology Raleigh, NC Derek Parsons Fisheries Wildlife Wilkesboro, NC John Paschold Winston-Salem, NC Bianca A. Patrick Zoology Raleigh, NC Portraits 2.07 Christopher Paul Mechanical Engineering IVIt. Airy, NC Charles Pearce Textile Management Higin Point, NC Steven Peden Business Managennent Raleigh, NC Thomas Pellinger Middle Grades Education Apex, NC Paula Pena-Hasbun History Santa Cruz, Bolivia Stephanie Perry Industrial Design Raleigh, NC 1 loiidros and Smit 2.08 Poi TRAIT5 Christine Peterson Textile Chemistry Raleigh, NC Leon Pfeiffer Industrial Engineering Havelock, NC Tara Pinnix Sociology Criminal Justice Elon, NC Dale Pithers Accounting Raleigh, NC Kevin Pittman Conservation Garner, NC Anita Pitts Biology Winston-Salem, NC Carlyle Poindexter History Raleigh, NC Audrey Porter Mathmatics Education Burlington, NC Katherine Poueymirou Communication Greensboro, NC Julieta Pridgen statistics Goldston, NC Joseph Procopio Industrial Engineering Raleigh, NC Deborah Quick Chemical Engineering Charlotte, NC Robert Racz Chemical Engineering Greensboro, NC Gary Raines Economics Raleigh, NC Jorge Ramirez Economics Raleigh, NC Poi TllAIT5 2,09 Celeste Ramsey Textile Hope Mill, NC Patrick Reagan Meterology Raleigh, NC Rolf Rehquate Raleigh, NC Kirsten Renninger Biochemistry Glassboro, NC Charles Rice Chemical Engineering Cary, NC Michelle Richardson Criminal Justic Political Science Sociology Knightdale, NC William Richardson Mechanical Engineering Fayetteville, NC Chauncey Riley Economics Raleigh, NC Douglas T. Robinson Pulp and Paper Sciences and Technology Canton, NC Stephen Robinson Civil Engineering Canton, NC Joseph Rocha Business Management Lynnfield, MA James Ross Pre-Dental Chapel Hill, NC Carrie Rushing Textile Chemistry Locust, NC Mahjab Sadighian Biochemistry Chemistry Chapel Hill, NC Todd Sanders Electrical Engineering Burke, VA f H ' ■ 2.10 PoaTaAiT5 Cevin Palmer PoilTaAIT5 2.11 Zoe Sanoff Sociology Raleigh, NC Jennifer Schadegg Electrical Engineering Leonardtown, MD Mark Schaffer Engineering Raleigh, NC Leigh Scott Business Taylorsville, NC Jennifer Seaboch Sociology Salisbury, NC McClain Selden Communication Raleigh, NC % % ?OKTKA TS j 2 jj r ' " ] Bl? ' ' 9H H [ tfiJtft Pedro Servet Business Management Madrid, Spain Shannon Sharkey Communication Raleigh, NC Percival Shaw Animal Science Raleigh, NC EHzabeth Sheppard Accounting Durham, NC Bonnie Sherman Sociology Raleigh, NC Caroline Shircliff Communications Lynchburg, VA EHzabeth Shotwell Business Management Economics Murfreeesboro, NC Jason Shumaker Psychology Raleigh, NC Diana Siemienik Zoology Raleigh, NC Karen Skotek Middle Grades Education Raleigh, NC Archie Smith Physics Star, NC C. Brent Smith Chemistry Raleigh, NC PoilTflAIT5 2.13 Edna Smith English Raleigh, NC Keith Smith Mechanical Engineering Garner, NC Lee Smith Electrical Engineering Jacksonville, NC Ronald Smith Science Education New London, NC Nicole E. Soland Communication Fayetteville, NC Julia P. Solomon English Raleigh, NC Derwood K. Spell, Jr. Animal Science Clinton, NC Christopher Spencer Architecture Raleigh, NC Jan Spencer Civil Engineering Icard, NC Robert Stanley Mechanical Engineering Cary, NC William Starling Agronomy Autryville, NC Eric Starr Computer Science Winston-Salem, NC Jacob Stephenson English Southern Pines, NC Carl Stevens Industrial Engineering West Chester, NC Lynette Stevens Zoology Fayetteville, NC 2.14 PoilTRAIT5 Hondros PORTRAITJ 2,15 Rebecca Stewart Chemistry Science Education Catawba, NC Michael Stone Agricultural Business Management Rowland, NC David Story Industrial Arts Durham, NC 2,16 PoaTllAIT5 1 l r ' ' il v ft J r wT ' T A - . M G. E. Stubbins Chemical Engineering Pulp and Paper Science and Technology Mooresville, NC Robert J. Stubblefield English Appomattox, VA Lynda Stutzman Meteorology Concord, NC Brena Stuven Communication Raleigh, NC Shelly Styons Zoology Raleigh, NC Hemant Sura Electrical Engineering Raleigh, NC Alan Sutton Business Management Greensboro, NC Dwala Sutton English Raleigh, NC Jennifer Sutton Business Management Burlington, NC Roger Sutton Communication Raleigh, NC Stephen Sutton Business Management Economics Raleigh, NC Ellis Taylor Agricultural Business Management Gumberry, NC Susan Taylor Business Economics Raleigh, NC Jason Teeter Electrical Engineering Raleigh, NC John Terry, II Textile Management Forest City, NC PoaTllAIT5 2-17 Karen Tharrington Communications Durham, NC Elizabeth Thomas Animal Science New Bern, NC Terri Thomas Business iVIanagement Economics Fatetteville, NC Leslie Thompson Political Science New Bern, NC Suzanne Thompson English Education Whiteville, NC Joseph Thomson Business Management Charlotte, NC Sara Thornburg Textile Design Brian Thorsvold Civil Engineering Charlotte, NC Kimberly Tisdale Zoology Raleigh, NC Angela C. Todd English Raleigh, NC Chak Tong Computer Science Yaumatei, Hong Kong Mark Tosczak English Raleigh, NC William R. Turk Mechanical Engineering Charlotte, NC Stefani Unverferth Winterville, NC Angela Wade Biology Fernandina Beach, FL 2.18 PoaTRAIT5 Michael Walden Electrical Engineering Virgil Wall Jr. Computer Science Henrietta, NC Matthew Wallace Civil Engineering Raleigh, NC Jonathan Ward Agricultural Educatiuon Raleigh, NC Maria Ward Furniture Manufacturing Southport, NC Laura Warner Biochemistry Raleigh, NC Valerie VVhitmire and Steve Crisp I ' indros PoRTRAITi 2.19 Elizabeth Waters Poultry Science Albertson, NC Howard Watson Business Management Charlotte, NC Karen Watts Zoology Walnut Cove, NC David Webb History Suffolk, VA Cherie Webber Animal Science Edenton, NC Charles Westall Poultry Science Zirconia, NC Todd Bennett and Tom Daniel 2.2-0 PoaTRAIT5 Hondros Jon White Computer Science Raleigh, NC Lamonica White Electrical Engineering Washington, DC Wayne White Electrical Engineering Raleigh, NC Mehssa Whitfield Computer Science Raleigh, NC Kenneth Scott Whitlow Animal Science Collinsville, VA James Dewitt Wilde, V Business Raleigh, NC Craig Williams Computer Science Clayton, NC Christy Wilson Food Science Clinton, NC Marcia Wilson Mass Communication Apex, NC Marideth Wilson English Raleigh, NC Stacey Wood Meteorology Benson, NC Frederick L. Woods Architecture Ayden, NC Burlington, NC Raleigh, NC Po[ TRAIT5 2.2.1 Agromeck Brent Smith Hondros Susan Wagner Sniitli I H J9 ► M.- 1 ' " 1 i J » IT i :?7 W r lonathiin Allen bmith 2.2,2- PoaTRAIT5 H ' i si B ' - g!gS 5„r:r 9 ■ ■ ■ H H ' HflS ' . ' . ' _|— g_l __ 1 H ' ' H0 ' ' jSH H l k H H H Wk H H ■ H 1 HJH H 1 ■ HP ; , mfSf K ■ H ' ' ' ' ' 1 mfL VV Iap P tfe ■ H r w Ib I W ' fl KHH w W - K.. M dl K L ' ' ir - ' iih ki . «Hi Kf ' . 1 L - ' 1 B 1 1 " i H b-S mT 3 J - M 1 v g fc 1 1 W ' m K H H R J 1 « ■ H 0F- ' i -7 ■ p Jouglas Parker I 1 r 1 W,. ■ A 1 f ' ijf l n m t 1 ■ P 1 . 1 ■ h. I H Hondros Matthew Frve Hondros PoilTllAIT5 223 Ilondro! 2.2.4 PoaTaAiT5 Smith J.inicf Polk ■ Hp H H 1 m 1 s 1 1 ii 3 B IS 1 V ' . ' Wr. ' 1 h ' cfl| j 1 Ihi 1 Ml I ■hs K ttjtt i lfl Hondros Hondros Po[iTaAiT5 2.2,5 Kirk Smith 2.2.6 PoaTRAIT5 Chris Hondros Smith PORTKAIT 22.7 For Sale A r K A Learn The Three R ' s. Natural Gas is the Reasonable, Reliable and Responsible energy choice. It ' s reasonably priced, always reliable and environmentally responsible. Whether you ' re heating a home, supplying hot water or providing energy to a business, natural gas is the smart energy source. Learning the three R ' s will pay off for you now and in the future. For more information, call your local Public Service Company of North Carolina, Inc. office. Public Service Company Of North Carolina, Inc. Raleigh, 1720 Hillsborough St.; Durham, 400 Cleveland St.; Chapel Hill, 200 Elliott Rd. Cary, 223 E. Chatham St.; Fuquay-Varina, 1308 N. Main St. Support for this publication has been provided by the world ' s largest producer and marketer of lithium chemicals. FMC Corporation Lithium Division 449 North Cox Road Box 3925 Gastonia North Carolina 28053 704 868 5300 Fax 704 868 5370 •FMC Haver Changes to Miles Inc. You will be seeing the Miles name and a fresh, new packaging look on the animal health products you have known as Haver. While new in animal health, the Miles name is well recognized worldwide in human health and many other industries. The name change to Miles involves no changes in corporate ownership. It is organizational in nature to better focus corporate resources and purpose on today ' s new challenges. In both products and service, the change to Miles will benefit you, the practitioner. We are the same trusted partner who has served you for more than 40 years with information, education, new technology products, and a dedicated 8-year " Partners " program in support of your profession. Under the Miles name, our commitment to you continues. MILES Miles Inc . Animal Health Products, Shawnee Mission. Kansas 66201 Agriculture Division Whaf s in a •7 us as " the tree growing proud of that image. es and make high quality nd wood products but, y, our good name is moving in new directions. ere making innovative new paper and wood products and offering services like real estate, onstruction, land developing ortation. We we do it with pride. . . . the name than ever. Weyerhaeuser KOBELCO ! Like a Diamond Kobe Steel is a multifaceted and integrated corporation. Just as the many facets of a diamond each project an individual brilliance, the many directions of Kobe Steel ' s corporate endeavor create a glittering, coordinated display of innovation and quality. For coordinated development in a multitude of fields, look to Kobe Steel. $ KOBE STEEL, LTD. Tekko BIdg., 8-2, Marunouchi 1 -chome, Chiyoda-ku, TOKYO. 100 JAPAN Tel (03) 3218 71 1 1 Fax: (03) 3218-6330 KOBE STEEL USA INC. New York Office: 535 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022 Tel; (212) 751-9400 Fax; (212) 355-5564 Research Triangle Park Office: 79 TW Alexander Dnve, 4401 BIdg , Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 Tel, (919) 549-0544 Fax; (919) 549-9106 O.CaroliiAc Mills Inc Manufacturer of Quality Textiles Hickory Newton Lincolnton Statesville Maiden V . Ranlo Conover ) Valdese ' Employer of over izuo ifivusatid and five famdred " QreatTeopCe " CONGRATULATIONS ! 76 ALEXANDER DRIVE, P.O. BOX 13667 RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK NORTH CAROLINA 27709 PHONE: (919)541-8400 FAX: (919)541-8476 LITEaPEC Uc ■ AT TOUMTTOMO ELECTUC JOINT VSnTntE University You ' reThe ito ey iNDUSTRY Ciba supports North Corolina State University for its academic oct ievements and graduates wliicli continue to nourish the textile industry with young talent. Cibo-Geigv Cotporation • Greensboro. NC Complete Spinning Systems For -Short staple fibers: Opening through Spinning -Chemical fibers: Extrusion through Take-up Rf£T£R Corporation P.O Box 4383, Spartanburg, SC 29305, Tel: 803 582-5466, Fax: 803 585-1643 With an outstandrng reputation and tradition for academic and technical excellence. North Carolina Slate University is one of the preferred schools for recruiting by Cooper Industries and CooperTools We seek lop graduates for entry-level opportunities m Engineering and Sales, as well as for our Corporate Manufacturing Training Program for challenging positions nationwide Seniors are invited to interview for careers with Cooper Industries during our Spring semester recruiting visits [iiirin •l»j BREWER TITCHENER CAMPBELL COVERT CRESCENT LUFKIN MERRILL NICHOLSON PLUMB MK PORTER TURNER WELLER WlRE-WHAP WISS XCELlTE Tyson Holly Farms ' America ' s 1 Brand Marriott People know how to bring you their best. The bcsi rooms, the bcsi food, the best rccrcaiion and the bcsi mcciinp (acilincs a ailablt These art all superlatives And lhc arc all true In r rr area, in e rr W3 ()u ill not find a heiicr lodfiinp experience than Marriott Because Marriott pec)pli kncm how From the first imprcsSMin to the lasting memories o( an unfor petuhle su there is no question that the experience tasicandtr m- inpofe er Marnoii person is a ke reason pei)plr like vuu return to Marriott again and again Xi ha c earned our rrpuuiion through performance Performance around ihe world And here ai home- It I simph a mailer of know- ing how RALEIGH arriott CRABTKtf VALin II Ort C. RjIf.Kh Nolh ClfOlirw JTfcW Itlti TD ) TQOO THE BEST GAME IN TOWN. XEROX We Document The World A Complele Line of Copiers Iypewrilers Laseis DesUop Publishing Compare: • Features and Options • Ease of Operation • ReiicbilitY • Piice • Financing • Service Call for a Free Dennonstratlon XEROX CORPORATION 4601 Six Forks Rood, Suite 300 Raleigh, North Carolina 27609 (919) 782-4820 or 800-662-711 7 M ission alley s 28 Great Stores . . . Including Restaurants And 5-Plex Cinema All Within Walking Distance ' Just Gotta Have More! hopping Western Boulevard at Avent Ferry Rfl r enter york WHEN SOME PEOPLE LOOK AT THE FARM MARKET, THEY SEE PROBLEMS. AT RHONE-POULENC, WE SEE SOLUTIONS. Today, it ' s easy to have doubts about the future of American agriculture. But at Rhone-Poulenc Ag Company, we remain committed to keeping Amer- ican agriculture the most productive in the world. Over the past few years, we ' ve in- creased our commitment to servicing America ' s agribusiness community. By offering such cost-effective prod- ucts as BUCTRIL® and TACKLE® brand herbicides, LARVIN®and SEVIN® brand insecticides, ROVRAL® and ALIETTE® brand fungicides, ETHREL® CERONE® and PREP™ brand plant growth regulators, and TEMIK® brand pesticide. By building the most professional service organi- zation in the country. By devoting our finest research efforts to discovering environmentally sound, economical and effective chemicals that protect and improve the crops and livestock produced by America ' s farmers. And, by being an industry leader with a Stewardship Program on the proper use of our products. As we see it, the sun is not setting on American agriculture. It ' s just the dawn of a new era. One that belongs tocompanies that can find new solutions. r7i|ftfvr ;iV a ;fyf iVi Rhone-Poulenc Ag Company 2 T.W. Alexander Drive Research Triangle Park, NO 27709 ALIETTE. BUCTRIL, CERONE, ETHREL. LARVIN, ROVRAL, SEVIN. TACKLE and TEMIK are registered Irademarks ol Rhone-Poulenc. PREP is Ihe trademark ot Rhone-Poulenc for elhephon cotton boll opener B 19B8 Rhone-Poulenc Ag Company If you re UunlanR ibciui for v( u aher college Ham ' Ion tone inm K Fonunc J(X) ciimpa iN uiih wirldwidc saJev dI murr ihar II billion Hlm fyirixiraunn i focuswi nn [our mum hu mc i tttvii ce(l deamnic siems cummunicauuni. semicunduoon and office ttjiupmcm M (i if you hi t ih ' - npht qualificauons ol ciuld b«uiiie pan o( line nf ihc ftipnetnnR iea n responsible for such pniduas IS imeErait-d arojiL ' . using f.MOS djeleancLyilaoim dMs, mielbBrni p i i i and radiauon hardening icchnolitpt- .supfr rmnit ' impuirr radiu ird T hroadCLSi [ran missiim s stem.s r ut-i a odiiis lilt hnri a;id lunp rajige mmmumcaiiiin ' . uper UMin tiininil and daU atnuiMUon « Mem diKumenr rcinivji managemeni s siemv and icnirjj djCUUnn s •.I(■m and niMum clcarnnit nsieniv lenii-n-d ' •• inl " fnuu in priiC(- MnK communiaoors and CI v.tiich pla a vi[aJ role in naoonaJ defense Larwt opponunities are njrrenU available m LMiiomu, Flnnda ILliwis and Ne« Vrt for gradiuies wih a Bachelor or ad Tinced decree m E£ M£ IE. Ch£ or Computer Science, EnjoneeruiR Til learn mure aNiui Hams enoneennK opponunjues coniaci uur ptacemeni ofricr or »nie ui Oirporaie College Relations Hams Corprirauon, MSI lOZ " ; ft S M RKd Melbourne Fl JQIQ ftp are an equaJ opp imjnif employer M, ' F ' H HARRIS Creative employees are think- ers and doers. They don ' t Just accept things because they ' ve " always been done that way. " The resourceful worker knows that the competition is continu- ally looking for a way to do the Job better and that we need at all times to be at least one step ahead of the other guys. J. Carter Fbx , President CEO Chesapeake Corporation is a Fortune 400 integrated paper and forest products company based in Richmond. Virginia and operating m over 30 locations nationwide. Chesapeake employs over 4.500 people and produces paper, tissue products and packaging Chesapeake is actively looking for qualified people in a wide variety of job descriptions. 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BOX 20244 GREENSBORO, NC 27420 919 373-0681 HAZENAND S ISVYER Environmental Engineers Scientists Wastewater and Industrial Waste Treatment • Water Supply and Treatment • Stormwater Management • Solid Waste Management • Environmental Studies 401 1 WestChase Blvd. Suite 500 Raleigh, NC 27607 Phone: (919)833-7152 Fax: (919)833-1828 Other Offices: Charlotte, NC Richmond, VA New York, NY Hollywood, FL Yearbook Press OF AMERICA ITD. Sponsorship and advertising support for the Agromeck Yearbook was professionally solicited by YEARBOOK PRESS OF AMERICA LTD. All inquiries by faculty advisors, editors and publisher ' s representatives are welcomed. Please call (800) 388-4600. 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Gregory, CPA Vice President Raleigh Office (919)787-8226 Fax: (919)782-9625 3700 National Dnve. Suite 1 1 1 Raleigh. NC 27612 Durham: (919)682-3944 Congratulations and Best Wishes Class of 1993 ASKEW-TAYLOR PAINTS INC. 110 GLENWOOD AVENUE RALEIGH, NC 27603 Dependable Service Deliuering Fresh Fruits Vegetables Daily LAYTONS PRODUCE COMPANY Raleigh Farmers Market 24 Hr Order Phone 833-6966 JERRY LAYTON FAITH LAYTON H.W. (Red) Dixon Sales Manager just a note... If you ' ve reached this far, you have probably noticed tlie lack of color and the smaller size of the 1993 Agromeck. That wasn ' t because we like taking fewer pictures and taking them all in black and white. You see, the Agromeck has been financially struggling for the past few years. At the beginning of this year, the Student Media Authority decided to try to solve the problem. But their solution led to more problems. Agromeck has not been living up to its sales projections and the SMA has been kicking in the difference to cover Agromeck ' s budget. This year the SMA decided not to cover the difference so they cut the budget by about $10,000. Compared to previous yearbooks this year ' s Agromeck was in a financial straight jacket. 2.38 Cl05ING To absorb the budget cuts we had to drop color photographs and trim pages. Those cuts reduced the printing cost so we could save the money that was no longer in our budget. But this year ' s problems weren ' t just monetary. The 1993 staff was left with finishing the 1992 Agromeck as well. At the beginning of the year we inherited the partially completed book and had to finish it along with our book. This put more strain on our budget and on our staff, and took valuable time away from work on the 1993 book. We managed to finish the 1992 Agromeck but didn ' t get started on the 1993 book until early April. It should have been started in September. So when we actually started on the ' 93 book we were nine months behind schedule. When classes let out in May we were still far behind. Summer rolled around and there was only a handful of staff members left to work on the book. Fortunately for me, it was people I could depend on to help me finish the book. And we did. For those of you not familiar with Agromeck, for the past few years we have managed to come out late every year. The book is meant to be delivered in the fall and lately we ' ve been coming out in the following spring. This book has broken that cycle. 1 owe a lot of thanks to people for making this happen. This thanks goes to the small group of people who don ' t want to see Agromeck disappear. People who are willing to sacrifice long hours and a few hairs from the top of their heads to make sure this publication survives one more year. People like Tara Minter who has been like a mom to me, in making sure that I clean my office, and has always been the one to take a cool head into a meeting opposite my hot one. Holly Schmitt who has decided to take over at the helm of this publication during its most fragile years and has been the source of a few humorous moments to help our minds away from the monotonies and stresses of life at Agromeck. Chris Hondros and Brent " that Smith guy " Smith who have been valuable in helping me get the pictures I need to fill these pages and also helping me relieve the stress of Agronieck over a few cold ones. Of course I can ' t forget those who weren ' t on staff but were there to give me much needed advice and support. This goes to Tanya " Simone " Stephens-Henderson, Marc Kawanishi and Swayne Hall. And not to be left out, there are the Technician people: Mark Tosczak and Joe " I owe Todd two kegs because the book is out on time " Johnson. But 1 can ' t forge t the other people that have left their mark on Agromeck in a different way and helped add some premature gray hairs to my head. At the top of the list must come SMA. For being a student watchdog group that oversees student publications, you didn ' t have a clue. I ' ve never thought highly of these people and 1 may seem biased, but 1 feel Agromeck has been let down by these people. 1 think it should be mandatory for these people to become involved in the student media and not just make blind decisions about organizations they don ' t understand. You need know the ins and outs of a publication before you can make competent decisions. Next year is a new year and a new board. It appears that this one is more interested involving itself with the publications. 1 hope it spreads and to all media groups and there is a better cooperative effort between the board and student media. Hats off to one person who admitted to me that Agromeck wasn ' t given the support it needed this past year. I ' m just glad it will be there next year. Thanks Bob. By the way Mike, this is not a " Fluff Book. " This is Agromeck and should be treated with respect. There has been a lot of people who have put a considerable chunk of their college careers into this publication. We ' ve survived for 91 years and hopefully we ' ll last 91 more. But I know yearbooks are a dying breed and may not last much longer. It ' s a sad thought, but college memories may soon be on video cassettes, in magazines or nowhere. It ' s hard to say what Agromeck will be in ten years. Unfortunately, not many people realize how important we are until they ' ve already graduated. And to make matters worse this is the " TV Generation. " Hopefully this is just a name and not a way of life for us all. Otherwise, in the words of Chris Hondros, " We are doomed. " Todd H. Bennett 1993 Agromeck Editor colophon Copyright 1993 by Todd H. Bennett and the Student Media Authority of North CaroHna State University. Portions of this pubHcations may be reproduced with the written consent of the copyright holders. The 1993 edition of Agromeck was printed by the Josten ' s Publishing Company at their Winston-Salem printing facility. The first run was 500 copies, consisting of 240 pages. The trim size is nine by 1 2 inches. All layouts and copy were down on Macintosh Ilex ' s and SE. using a template designed by Josten ' s on Quark Xpress. Font usage includes Palatino, Albatross, Times, Avant Garde, Garamond, Symbol, Upper Westside and Theater. Photographs were taken with Nikon F-4 ' s, F-3 ' s, FM 2 ' s, N90 ' s, 8008 ' s, 8008s ' s, with lenses ranging from 16mm f 2.8 to 400mm f 3.5. Films include Tmax 100, 400, and P3200 along with ilford HP-5 plus. Portraits were taken under contract by Thornton Studios of New York, New York and Advertising was supplied under contract by Yearbook Press of America of Marietta, Georgia. Closing 239 Epitaph Here lies the AGROMECK. Treat her with tenderness, for she is a proud, old lady. She was the first printed voice of the State student, or cadet as he was known in those days. She has served her school well. Through war, peace, good times and bad she has given the State man a little something to take home and show the Folks. She has had many editors, some good, some bad. But she treated them all like her sons. We lay her to rest here, with a solemn commitment that her days of toil for A M and N.C. State will be Ions remembered. ' fr For the AGROMECK has a place in the heart of every man who has walked under the arches of Holladay Hall or heard the Bell Tower chime. Say a prayer for her, for she has served us well. Originally printed in the 1969 Agromeck Hopefully to be printed again and again ... 2.40 Closing

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