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if. I ( .) ( )) ,.4 1 k (),., AGROMECK 1981 North Carolina State University ' s Yearbook What was done and who did it this year . 26 EVENTS What better way to start off than with a whirlwind tour of the colors and moods of State .. . OPENING 6 No yearbook would be complete without lots and lots of . . SPORTS 122 A " news " idea to put the year in perspective .. 110 NEWS 4 Opening A few more details about some new and old and the people who make them go . . FEATURES An integral part of college life, where you sleep and with whom .. . LIVING SPACES 224 ACADEMICS 274 The 1981 Agromeck is produced by Hunter Publishing Company in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Body copy is typeset by the Agromeck staff, using Compugraphic typesetting equipment, in 9 pt. 10 lead and 8 pt. 8.7 lead Souvenir type. All headlines are in Souvenir as well. Inquiries and are welcome. Mail correspondence to Agromeck, 3123 University Student Center, N.C. State University, Raleigh, North Carolina 27650. Phone 919-737-2409. As many smiling faces as you can imagine and the things that make them unique .. . At last, the whole thing revolves down to the . 386 CLOSING Opening 5 6 Opening North Carolina State Steve Gordon 8 Opening full of people life Ron Cerniglia Steve Gordon few conveniently located small and medium sized cars a: CALL TODAY! or more at some places, but the or less. If interested, cali. Ask for Charles. 10 Opening David Turner Opening 11 with the relaxed tension 12 Opening Opening 13 14 Opening 3 Ron Cerniglia of learning, of knowing... Opening 15 of doing. 16 Opening building.. 20 Opening Todd Anderson Opening 21 Pat Chapman 22 Opening Opening 23 24 Opening EVENTS 32 Events Events 33 Pep rally Events 35 Music 36 Events Events 37 Ron Cerniglia 38 Events Events 39 International Nights 40 Events china india nigeria Events 41 42 Events n.c. state fair Events 45 Stewart Theatre Events 49 50 Events Events 51 52 Events Events 53 THE ELEPHANT MAN 54 Events 56 Events Events 57 58 Events Events 59 homecoming 60 Events Ron Cerniglia Events 61 getting away 62 Events Events 63 66 Events lectures O Events 69 70 Events Events 71 symposium 72 Events Events 73 friends of the college Photo Courtesy of FOTC 74 Events The Philharmonia Orchestra of London The National Band of New Zealand and Maori Dancers The Houston Ballet and Orchestra Andre Watts Charles Treger The Westminster Choir Aman International Folk Festival The Czech Philharmonic Events 75 Photo courtesy of FOTC Photo courtesy of FOTC Events 77 Thompson Theatre 78 Events Events 79 80 Events Events 81 82 Events Events 83 Events 85 engineer ' s day 86 Events Events 87 central campus cra ze 88 Events Events 89 west campus jam 90 Events Events 91 All-Nighter 92 Events Events 93 Charlie Daniels Band Elton John Events 97 Harry Chapin 98 Events pan-african festival 100 Events The Zoo Day 102 Events Events 103 104 Events E vents 105 graduation 1981 106 Events Events 107 going home 108 Events DRIVE SAFELY SPEED LIMIT 55 ENFORCED Events 109 Summer 1980 JUNE • ' The Empire Strikes Back ' • ' The Shining ' • ' The Blues Brothers ' • Two inmates of Polk Youth Center crashed through the prison gates in a state-owned car; guards open fire • Retired NCSU professor Charles R. Bramer dies at 70 • Mount Saint Helens getting feisty in its old age • Julie Shea wins the Anthony J. McKelvin Award as ACC Athlete of the Year • Rioting flares in South Africa • Draft bill passed by House; sign-up to start in late July JULY • Xanadu • ' The Blue Lagoon ' • Caddyshack • Claude Lee Campbell killed on cycle •Rex Hospital moves into new facility • Hostage Richard Queen released because of illness • Olympics open in Moscow; U.S. team boycotts • Peter Sellers dies of heart attack at 54 • New Prime Minister—Abolhassan Bani Sadr— elected in Iran • The late Shah of Iran dies in exile • Anderson barred from N.C. ballot • Hurricane Allen hits Texas coast AUGUST • ' Playing for Time ' airs on CBS •Trial to start fo r Klan-Nazis in Greensboro after seven weeks of jury selection • Polish union leaders organize wide strikes • Billy Carter censured for Libyan deals • Rep. Michael Myers and three others found guilty in ABSCAM trial • NC Symphony moves out of Memorial Auditorium for Pops in the Park concert News News 111 September October SEPTEMBER • Shogun ' • RDU ' s planned runway endorsed • Abbie Hoffman comes out of hiding to face drug and bail-jumping charges • Duncan Renaldo, best known as the Cisco Kid, dies at 76 • PFC. Garwood faces sex charges after arrest • Hunt-Lake debates put governor on top • Anderson debates Reagan; Carter declines to come • Khomeini lists four terms for hostage release • 112 News OCTOBER • World Boxing Commission urges Ali to give up fighting • ' Ordinary People ' • ' Private Benjamin ' • Velma Barfield scheduled to die in gas chamber October 17 for poisoning fiance • House expels Myers for bribery • Holmes beats Ali • Census Bureau estimates that 227 million live in US • Captain Kangaroo celebrates 25th • Fire forces 500 to abandon Prinsendam in Gulf of Alaska • Ricardo Muti named new conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra • Helmut Schmidt re-elected Chancellor of West Germany • Iraq gains Jordanian aid, fires on Tehran • Jenrette found guilty of bribery and conspiracy in ABSCAM trial • New syndrome worries doctors; Toxic Shock Syndrome linked to tampon use • Rescuers help earthquake victims in Algeria; 5000 to 25,000 people believed dead, injured • Cuba plans to release US prisoners • Heat wave causes 1265 deaths • Mary O ' Hara Alsop, author of My Friend Flicka, dies • George Burns celebrates 85th birthday in Beverly Hills • US, Russians open SALT talks • Mount Saint Helens blows top three times in two days • Bishop E. M. Lawson killed outside church • Testimony wraps up in Klan-Nazi trial • Kosygin resigns as Russian Premier at age 76 • Aid sought for Hatteras lighthouse • Voyager locates two new moons for Saturn • Beverly Sills retires from the operatic stage • Reagan-Carter Presidential debate • News 113 November NOVEMBER • ' Elephant Man ' • ' Coal Miner ' s Daughter ' • Another body of black child found in Atlanta • Greensboro awaits verdict in Klan trial • Reagan defeats Carter • Hunt wins unprecedented second term • Russia annexes part of Afghanistan • Laser beam strikes NCSU student, Paul Richard Green, in eye • Voyager I passes through Saturn ' s rings • Court-martial of Garwood begins • Mao Tse-Tung ' s widow and three others for crimes in China • NCSU ' s women ' s cross country team takes its 2nd AIAW national championship • Major fires sweep California • Nazis and Klansmen found innocent • Dow Jones average hits highest mark in four years • George Brett named 1980 American League MVP • Las Vegas fire at MGM Grand Hotel kills 85, hurts 534 • Kristen shot J.R. • Mae West dies at age 87 • Algerians enroute to US with new terms for hostage release • George Raft dies at 85 • Italian earthquake death toll hits 3000 • Sugar Ray Leonard regains WBC welterweight title from Roberto Duran • 114 News News 115 December January DECEMBER • Supreme Court to rule on restricting draft to men • Banks push prime lending rate to 18.5% • Howard Baker elected majority leader of 97th Senate • Six NC firms charged in bid-rigging • Federal Court overturns Wilmington 10 • NC peanut crop worst in years • John Lennon slain by fan outside home in New York; Mark David Chapman accused • Colonel Harland Sanders dies at 90 • Woman, Jeane J. Kirkpatrick, named as US representative to UN • Hostages send film messages • Best Movie of 1980 Ordinary People •Top 10 Albums of 1980 The Wall Pink Floyd The Long Run The Eagles Off the Wall Michael Jackson Glass Houses Bill Joel Damn the Torpedoes Tom Petty Against the Wind Bob Seger In the Heat of the Night Pat Benatar Eat the the Beat Blondie In Through the Out Door Led Zeppelin Kenny Kenny Rogers •Top Song of 1980 Call Me Blondie 116 News Marshall McLuhan dies at 69 • Hunt names cabinet officials 18 freight cars derail near Raleigh @Two US labor activists killed in El Salvador • Louis Meyer named to NC Supreme Court •Domestic car sales down 20.3% from last year • Another child missing in Atlanta • Market analyst Granville ignites Wall Street •Wholesale prices increased 11.7% in 1980 • Census count: 226,504,82 Americans Jazz Singer ' • ' Nine to Five ' • ' Death of a Princess ' al •Actor Richard Boone dies at 63 • Begin ' s government shakes as cabinet minister expected to resign •Suspect confesses to 12 ' Yorkshire Ripper ' slayings in Leeds, England • Iran drops $24 million condition from terms •NCSU given $1 million for leaf research • 134th General Assembly convenes in Raleigh • Edgar P. Bowron named director of NC Museum of Art • Committee endorses Haig • Hostages released as Reagan takes office • Reagan abolishes controls on oil • News 117 February March FEBRUARY • Penthouse to print Falwell interview in March issue • ' Altered States ' • Jury convicts Garwood of collaboration • ' Tess ' • Former Connecticut governor Ella Grasso dies after battle with cancer at age 61 • Polish workers get Saturdays off • Senate approves higher debt limit • Meningitis blamed for death of NCCU ' s Darryl Lindsey • John Murphy,superintendant of Wake County schools, investigated for • US Ambassador to El Salvador, Robert suiting ties White, removed from post • Iran to deport Cynthia Dwyer for • General Motors failed to turn a profit ing ' for first time since 1921, losing $763 million Polish Premier Pinkowski thrown out; replaced by Gen. Wojclech Jaruzelski • Bill Haley, of ' Rock Around the Clock ' fame, died at 55 • CETA contract violations bring against Hobby • Garwood to be discharged, not jailed MARCH • Atlanta death toll reaches 17 • Murphy quits post as superintendant ' Raging Bull ' June 30 • Prince Charles, Lady Diana Spencer to Major General Michael ' Iron Mike ' Healy wed in July 29th ceremony retires • Jury finds Jean Harris guilty of killing • Nicaragua loses aid from US `Scarsdale Diet ' doctor Herman Tarnower • Suspect Cleveland Harris charged in • Christopher Cross cleans up at Grammys February 11th disappearance and death of Raleigh teacher Mary Schwertman • NC Legislature kills ERA try Abortion funding restricted by NC Supreme Court • 118 News • Walter Cronkite signs off after 19 years as anchorman for CBS Evening News • Linden man charged in deaths of two NCSU students; Eric Douglas Riggs and John Alexander Sarvary die in crash • US to send AWACS to Saudis • Dennis the Menace celebrates 30th • NCSU student Leslie Hall-Kennedy stabbed to death in home • IRS tightens rules on withholding • Wildcat strikes in seven states as miners close coal mines • Space Shuttle worker dies, 4 injured in freak launch pad accident • Poles set crisis talks with union • Solidarity backs call for strike • NCSU Chancellor Joab Thomas post at University of Alabama • Strikes cripple Poland • President Reagan, press secretary Brady and two others shot in attempt; John Hinkley Jr. held • UNC chokes in NCAA finals, loses to Indiana 63-50 • News 119 April May APRIL • ' Masada ' airs • ' Heaven ' s Gate ' • DeNiro wins Best Actor award for Bull ' • Hinkley flown to NC for psychiatric tests at Butner • Syrian troops, Christians fight after cease-fire • Brezhnev in Prague for talks on Poland • Abbie Hoffman sentenced to three years • 120 News • Omar Bradley, last 5-star general, dies at 88 • Atlanta death toll at 23 • Space Shuttle ready for takeoff •James W. Jackson accused of slaying NCSU student Leslie Hall-Kennedy in March • Computer malfunction delays shuttle launch • Reagan returns to White House •Joe Louis, the ' Brown Bomber ' , dies of a heart attack at age 66 • Columbia makes it into orbit, back down safely • Reporter Janet Cooke of the Washington Post fakes Pulitzer-prize story •Toshihiko Seko of Japan wins Boston Marathon in 2:09:26 • Beirut under fire in fighting between Syria and Lebanon •25th child found dead in Atlanta •Riots in Belfast enter 9th day • Reagan lifts 15-month ban on US grain shipments to USSR •Two NCSU students among 85 in Raleigh drug bust; Mike Quick and Ronnie Shavlik accused • Outland ' • Prince Charles visits US for four days • House opens debate on 1982 budget • Drought has local farmers worried • Pleasant Colony wins Kentucky Derby • Hunger striker Bobby Sands dies; Belfast erupts in violence • ' Lost Colony ' author, Paul Green, die at 87 • US gives Libya five days to close their Washington mission and leave the •Teamsters union president Frank dies at 73 of cancer • British send 600 troops into Ireland to calm rioting • House approves Reagan budget • Six arrested in El Salvador in the of three Catholic nuns and lay lead from US • Socialist Francois Mitterrand elected president of France for next seven years • Thomas Bradshaw to resign as Secretary of Dept. of Transportation July 1 •Pope John Paul II shot in St. Peter ' s Square by Turkish terrorist Mehmet Ali Agca • CP L asks for rate hike of 16.4% •NCSU graduates 3224 • Senate panel approves balanced budget amendment •Abortion funding tightened by Helms- backed bill • 4th IRA faster dies in Maze Prison • Miss Ohio, Kim Seelbrede, crowned Miss USA •Ward found guilty in PCB spill trial • George Jessell dies of a heart attack at age 83 • Atlanta list stretches to 30 • OPEC imposes oil price freeze •Jet crash on Carrier Nimitz kills 14 Bangladesh president Ziaur Rahman dies in coup News 121 SPORTS name is Monte Kiffin — a.k.a The Lone Ranger, Joe Frazier ' s sparring partner, pep paratrooper and State football coach. He has been called " exciting and and going into the 1980 season people were calling Wolfpack football in the 80 ' s " The New Era. " He is a firm believer in discipline, academics and sportsmanship. He believes in winners and hard workers. He had his priorities set: God first, his family second and football third, in that order and that order only. He had been successful, very successful, in his previous coaching experiences. The fact that he had never been a head coach before didn ' t matter, because he was a believer of his own talents and made believers of the 90 young men he coached. All of this adds up to a winner and in 1981 that is what Monte Kiffin was — a winner. When Kiffin arrived on the State campus on December 5, 1979 he inherited the defending ACC Champions and on that note he vowed to bring even more excellence to the Wolfpack program. Eight months later, the great football picked the defending champions to place sixth in the ACC — an obvious case of the doubts, what with a first-year coach and depleted offense. 124 Sports Finally the season is here. Date: Saturday, September 6th, 7 p.m. Place: Carter-Finley Stadium, Raleigh, North Carolina. Opponent: William Mary. The capacity crowd was frenzied in for " The New Era " to begin. Then it became reality. With the howls of the wolves coming from the dark, distant woods out came Monte Kiffin and his team to the tune of the William Tell Overture. If that wasn ' t enough to send the 44,500 fans into football ectasy, the Wolfpack mauled William Mary 42-0. If the score wasn ' t enough to tell the story, then the stats were. The much-maligned defense yielded on three yards rushing but a predictable 262 yards passing. On the other side of the line, sophomore quarterback Tol Avery guided State to all six of its scores, passing for 90 yards and to the team ' s 301 yards rushing. For Kiffin and the Wolfpack " The New Era " was off to a bang. Now that the season was progressing and all the first-game jitters were left behind until the following year the Wolfpack set off for its opening ACC contest in Charlottesville, Va. against the Cavaliers. State, the obvious underdog, was flying sky high after squelching most of the talk of how weak it would be. And riding the crest of its emotions the Wolfpack seized Virginia 27-13 for its second win and a successful debut in its attempt to hold the crown as ACC champions. Once again the defensive secondary was the weak link as it allowed the 247 yards passing, while helping hold them to 82 yards rushing. To the tunes of Queen ' s " Another One Bites the Dust, " Avery received the kudos as ACC Player of the Week for his 120 yards passing on a 12 of 20 performance. Then as Kiffin said: " The bubble done burst. " And that it did when Wake Forest and its Golden Arm, Jay Venuto, invaded Carter- Finley. Expected to be a showdown between the ACC ' s new upstart, Avery, and the vet, Venuto, a lesson was to be learned. 3 The Deacs hit the airways for 255 yards, rushed for 122 and brought State crashing back to earth 27-7. Though Avery wasn ' t up to par his main target, Mike Quick, was. It was against Wake Forest that Quick, whose name speaks for his speed, started the full respect that was due him. After the bubble-bursting, State would now face its biggest challenge of the season against Heisman Trophy winner George Rogers and South Carolina. The game was as expected — the Wolfpack attempting futily to stop Rogers. Not that the task was impossible but, considering the likes of Michigan and Southern Cal had been unable to stop him, the odds were in Rogers ' favor. Indeed they were for Rogers, as he danced and pranced for over 200 yards and, except for a helmet-splitting collision with the Wolfpack ' s Robert Abraham, unerringly led the Gamecocks to a 30-10 victory. The defeat was interesting because it evened the Wolfpack ' s record and proved that the rushing defense was not so flexible for it against Rogers. The question mark was still the defensive backfield, which hadn ' t given up less than 150 yards passing in four outings. Kiffin ' s post-game jubilance was no longer endearing to the press. Sure, he was as fast- talking and witty as usual, but already the season was starting to take its pain-staking toll on him. In a must-win game early in the season the Wolfpack squeeked by Appalachian State in the late going, 17-14, despite amassing 488 total yards, its highest output since the season- opener. While Avery was looking for that early season touch that he had lost, the backfield in with great expectations. It was against the Mountaineers that State ' s backfield provided the depth that was so much needed with Wayne McLean, Eddie Jackson, Andre Marks and Chris Brown churning out the old " three yards and a cloud of dust when needed. " After two losses to South Carolina and Wake Forest the Wolfpack was back on an upbeat tempo heading into the annual showdown with North Carolina the following week in Chapel Hill. The date was October 17 the night before the sacred blood bath. No need for the hype, it ' s just simply State versus North Carolina. But that wasn ' t enough for Kiffin the master of psych. Instead Kiffin wanted all the support he could muster for the 23-mile trip to Blue Heaven. To do that he donned boxing shorts and gloves, stepped into the ring against the Joe Frazier and sparred with the heavyweight to a near capacity Reynolds Coliseum. An early knockdown by Frazier gave some indication of what was to come the following day. From the outset it was a typical push-and- shove game with neither team wanting to take the lead, until North Carolina instituted a short drive that would break State ' s morale. After the first Tar Heel score it was almost all " Murphy ' s law " — the anything that can go wrong will kind — for the Wolfpack — and the end result was a 28-8 loss. If there was something good that came from the loss it was the fact that the defensive backfield had finally jelled and the much- maligned secondary would come back to haunt the early season ' s doubting Thomases. Sports 127 But Kiffin took the doubts and turned them into optimism, just like the spoken magician he is: " When I heard we were predicted to finish sixth, I thought they meant sixth in the nation. Then someone told me that we were picked sixth in the ACC. " That didn ' t matter though, because they were only predictions and absurd ones at that. That is until the problems arose. Pre-season All-ACC candidates defensive backs Eric Williams and Donnie LeGrande came down with injuries that would sideline them for the entire season. That right there made a stalwart defense as weak as a leaking dam. The talk around was that opposing team ' s could pass all day on the Wolfpack secondary. And with an offense that had lost almost everything, mainly the offensive line which included Outland Trophy winner Jim Ritcher the predictions were becoming all too much a reality. On the verge of being eliminated from the ACC race the Wolfpack came back from its heart-breaking Carolina loss to hold off 24-20 and keep a slim hope for a repeat title. Overlooking the score, the game was a defensive gem for the Wolfpack as it held Clemson on a late drive in the fourth quarter, while the offense methodically turned out a paltry 212 total yards and eight first downs. All hopes died on November 1. In College Park, Md. the Terps overwhelmed the Wolfpack 24-0 and sent State back to Raleigh with two of its three goals left — a Possible bowl bid and a winning season. If that wasn ' t enough, the Terps ended the Wolfpack ' s streak of 112 games without being shutout — a record that ranked third in the country. One week later, another goal fell to the wayside — the bowl bid — with a 21-13 loss to nationally-ranked Penn State. After the game a very distraught Kiffin showed a side of himself that had not surfaced since taking over. For the first time in his head coaching career he was a loser. At 4-5 his desire to win overcame him and there would be nothing but his love for his players and his non-stop strive for perfection that could keep him from his last goal — the winning season. Homecoming was just what the doctor ordered as the Wolfpack " Nuked Duke " out of Carter-Finley Stadium. The secondary was once again the victim of a golde n arm — Ben Bennett — but it had the satisfaction of helping the defense hold the Blue Devils to minus 13 yards rushing. Offensively, State had arrived. Twenty-seven first downs, 287 yards rushing and 174 yards passing and what more could be said except that in Kiffin ' s debut year he led a team destined for sixth in the ACC to a third-place finish. The hoopla and fanfare couldn ' t begin yet on the season for East Carolina stood 60 minutes away fr om that very last goal that pushed each and every Wolfpack player. In front of a raucus crowd of 46,200 — a new stadium record — State faced instant defeat when Pirate Anthony Collins took the opening kickoff and dashed downfield for a the first score. If that didn ' t fire State up then nothing would as the Wolfpack man-handled East Carolina with a 36-14 win. Once again everything jelled into one team effort — the same exact element Kiffin strived so desperatel y for all season. Although a winner at 6-5, Kiffin was for more and during the spring he changed his offense to the I-formation leaving Wolfpack followers with the slogan for the future — " The I ' s have it. " Sports 129 130 Sports A Football State opp. 42 William and Mary 0 27 Virginia 13 7 Wake Forest 27 10 South Carolina 30 17 Appalachian State 14 8 UNC-Chapel Hill 28 24 Clemson 20 0 Maryland 24 13 Penn State 21 38 Duke 21 36 East Carolina 14 Sports 131 David Turner 134 Sports Soccer at State has made the turnaround from mediocre to magnificent. In his third year as State ' s first full-time coach, Larry Gross has almost found the perfect blend. Gross ' recipe for success has been to recruit both quality American and international players. This past season that combination produced State ' s best team ever. The Wolfpack compiled a 12-6-1 record against the toughest schedule in the school ' s history. Moreover, State in a tie for second place in the ACC, the nation ' s toughest league, with a 4-1-1 mark and it bounced in and out of the top twenty all year. State ' s squad was a very new, very diverse unit. Players ranged in age from 17 to 24, and soccer experience ran the gamut from high school to world class competition. Three members of Nigeria ' s national team joined the Wo lfpack program and fueled the controversy over foreign athletes participating in collegiate sports in the United States. Sports 135 It is hard to overstate the contributions of the three young men from Benin City, Nigeria. The presense of strikers Prince Afejuku and Chris Ogu and fullback Francis Maniedafe made the Wolfpack a potent national Strikers Afejuku and Ogu struck often. Afejuku, who was only 17, used his speed and uncanny scoring ability to become the first State player in a decade to be named the ACC ' s Player of the Year. Afejuku was the ACC ' s third leading scorer with 13 goals and six assists for 19 points. Ogu, who is quicker than gossip, led the ACC in scoring his very first year. The 5-foot-6 dynamo scored 12 goals and had 12 assists, the second-best figure in Wolfpack history. In fact, Afejuku and Ogu combined to form the most-potent, one-two combination in the history of ACC soccer, tallying 25 goals and 18 assists between them. Their efforts enabled the team to score a school-record 55 goals, which included a 4-0 pounding of arch-rival North Carolina. State outshot its opponents by more than a three-to-one margin, getting 489 shots to the oppositions ' 165. A good deal of that was to the Wolfpack ' s superior ball control, spearheaded by Ogu and Afejuku. Another reason for the shot differential was the outstanding defense played by Moniedafe from his back post. A fearless tackler, the 6-foot-160 pounder prevented breakaways with his speed and a tremendous field prance that enabled him to shut down most offensive plays before they began. The Wolfpack defense of 1980 was the best in the school ' s history. State recorded 10 shutouts during the season, including outscoring its opponents at home by an incredible 30-2 margin. Until the Pack ' s final home no team had scored a goal against State at Lee Field this year. 136 Sports David Turner The individual accolades poured in for State. In addition to Afejuku ' s selection as the ACC ' s Most Valuable Player, the Wolfpack also placed six members on the first two all- conference teams. Afejuku and Moneiedafe were named to the first team while Ogu, senior fullback Danny Allen, junior midfielder Jim Burman and midfielder Gerry McKeon were named to the second team. But there were many others that were instrumental in the continued improvement of State ' s soccer team. Joey Elsmore, Butch Barczik and goalies Tim Perry and Chris Hutson, to name a handful, contributed greatly to a team that came very close to receiving its first NCAA playoff bid. 138 Sports Soccer State opp. 5 UNC-Greensboro 0 6 Campbell 0 2 Connecticut 3 3 High Point 0 1 Boston (OT) 3 1 Duke 6 1 James Madison 2 3 East Carolina 0 6 Pfeiffer 0 3 UNC-Wilmington 1 3 Virginia 1 1 Clemson 3 6 Wake Forest 0 1 Navy 0 4 UNC-Chapel Hill 0 2 Loyola 1 0 Duke 0 6 Maryland 0 1 Appalachian State men ' s cross country Sports 141 Women ' s Cross country 1980, State ' s women ' s cross country team faced one of those " What ' s for an encore " years. The final act of 1979 saw the Wolfpack, behind Julie Shea, capture both the AIAW team and individual titles. If that wasn ' t enough, Shea was named ACC Athlete of the Year, becoming the first woman in the history of the award to be honored. Defending its crown seemed an easy task with Shea returning, along with fellow All- American Betty Springs and Mary Shea. That was until the setbacks occurred. All three runners were plagued with some sort of injury throughtout the season, but as is the mark of a national power State streaked through the season and on to the national championship. The end of the 1980 season was practically a carbon-copy of the previous year: State captured the team championship Julie Shea won her second straight title Both Springs and Mary Shea earned All- American honors And for Julie Shea, a second ACC Athlete of the Year award. Now how ' s that for an encore? 142 Sports Sports 143 144 Sports was the same sweet song but once again it ended on a sour note. Another almost-but- not-quite season. State ' s volleyball team won its third straight state championship, but once again it failed to do well enough in the regional tournament to reach the elusive nationals. This year the women spikers ' season came to a quick close when Memphis State defeated the Pack preventing for the first time move- ment out of pool play and advancement to the finals of the AIAW Region II tournament. State did manage to defeat North Carolina for the fourth time this season to push its final season record to 39-11. The volleyball team had won its third straight NCAIAW Volleyball title a week earlier when it came back from an earlier loss to Carolina in the double elimination tournament and won two matches over the Heels. This marked the third straight year the Wolfpack had gone into this tournament seeded second and wound up beating the top-seeded Heels for the State title. Once again, the spikers were led by Susan Schafer, the premiere setter in the state. Schafer, hitter Joan Russo and middle blocker Stacey Schaeffer were all named to the All- NCAIAW volleyball team. Even though coach Pat Hielsher ' s squad failed to achieve its goal of a trip to the nationals, it was a successful season. The spikers, who have accumulated an impressive 106-34 record in Hielscher ' s three seasons as head coach, overcame a rash of early-season injuries en route to the state championship. Sports 145 out cries of " Tab, Tab, Tab, " echo coldly, yet encouragingly from the second deck of Reynolds Coliseum. Down on the mat, State ' s 400-pound living mountain toys with the opposition like a cat toys with a ball of yarn. His moves are slow, deliberate and quite by the book, but before a blink of an eye Tab Thacker has thrown his opponent around like a slab of meat and has him on his back. .one, two, three. The heaviest player to receive an athletic scholarship from State is the concluding bout of a match that has been wrapped up three or four matches prior, and is the only excitement to an otherwise lop-sided Wolfpack victory. In essence that was State ' s wrestling season in 1980-81 as it rolled through the year like a derailed locomotive, finding its crashing point at the NCAA Tournament. Having lost three All-ACC performers from the year before, the Wolfpack, under seventh- year coach Bob Guzzo, painted a near flawless 15-1 picture by simply overpowering its foes with a blend of youth-like enthusiasm and salty veterans. The leadership was provided by junior transfers Jerry Rodriguez and Chris Wentz, along with Frank Castrignano, while sophomores Matt Reiss, Rickey Negrete, Tom Newcome, Steve Koob and freshman Thacker wrestled with wreckless abandon. An indication of State ' s awesome power was seen early in the year when it beat up on wrestling power Notre Dame, 51-0. In all only four of the Wolfpack ' s opponents registered 10 or more points, while State was held to less than 20 points on only one a 26-17 loss to Northern Iowa. Running in high gear at season ' s end, the Wolfpack, which was ranked eighth nationally all year, peaked at the ACC Tournament. Once the dust settled on the three-day the Wolfpack had come away with the ACC title by a huge 36-point margin over Maryland. More impressive was the fact that State had five ACC champions, two third-place finishers and one second-place finisher. And while the wrestlers were being honored for feats during the year, Guzzo was named coach of the east squad in the East-West All- Star Wrestling Match, which pits the best from Sports 147 State Wrestling opp. the east and west against each other. 26 East Carolina 6 All and all seven of State ' s wrestlers were in- 21 Northwestern 18 vited to compete in the NCAA Tournament in 51 Notre Dame 0 Princeton, N.J. 36 Old Dominion 3 That ' s when the party ended. 20 Navy 15 Hoping to better its previous eighth-place 31 Bucknell 9 finish a year earlier, the Wolfpack could do no better than 20th. Three wrestlers were eliminated in the first round, including Thacker, one in the second round and one in the quarterfinals. 17 29 33 36 Northern Iowa UNC-Chapel Hill Maryland Virginia Tech 26 9 9 6 That left Wentz and defending national 36 Duke 9 champion Reiss to fend for themselves. 37 Virginia 6 They too didn ' t last much longer. 31 UNC-Chapel Hill 10 Wentz went on to be the Wolfpack ' s highest 33 East Carolina 6 finisher with a sixth-place finish, while Reiss 36 Old Dominion 8 placed eighth earning them both All-America honors. 34 Clemson 8 Todd Anderson wrestling Fencing what ' s the first thing that pops into your head when you say fencing? Errol Flynn swashbuckling across the deck of a ship? Those old Wilkinson bonded blades commercials? Did you ever really think it was an actual sport? Probably not, but State actually does field a men and women ' s fencing team. Under first year coach Trish Mullins the teams put together 10-8 and 10-4 records, respectively. And while the season had high and low points for the Wolfpack, it was out for blood literally — against arch-rival North Carolina. Sorry, there were no Flynn dramatics just simple cut-and-dry duals. In an epee match between State ' s Eric Newdale and North Carolina ' s Larry Turner, Newdale attacked and snapped his blade. The force behind the attack carried the blade. through Turner ' s uniform, slicing open his chest. During a foil bout of that same match, the Tar Heels ' Emil Rosabe and the Wolfpack ' s James Pak had a little confrontation. Rosabe, bringing his non-weapon hand was caught by Pak ' s attack ripping open Rosabe ' s hand above the thumb and first finger. In the end though it was North Carolina that prevailed with the match. Oh well, that ' s fencing. Touche. 148 Sports swimming 150 Sports Chris Seward sually when State ' s men ' s swimming team wins, so goes it with the women ' s swimming team and vice versa. Either way both are synonimous with winning at State. As was the case for most of the Wolfpack ' s mets this past season, there was usually no contest in either the men ' s or women ' s events. At season ' s end, Don Easterling ' s squads had captured both ACC titles, a feat that has become common place. The only setback in the men ' s season was when North Carolina defeated the Wolfpack on the last heat of the last match. Sports 153 men ' s basketball 154 Sports is the man who upon his arrival in March of 1980, danced the usual illusions of grandeur in front of State followers ' eyes. He is the man, who with his rich Italian brogue and witty one-liners spoke his mind with the media during post-game interviews. He is the man who transfused life back into a basketball program that under Stormin ' was turning as stale as a six-week old loaf of bread. He is the man who said he didn ' t mind his players drinking beer and having a good time as long as they didn ' t disgrace the name N.C. State and who professed that basketball was just a game. He is the man that took the bridles off the horses and let them run. He is the man that at the end of his first ACC season said: " I think the quote where the philosopher said Expectations are greater than realization ' never coached in the ACC. " He is James T. Valv ano — alias coach Valvano or quite simply Coach V — and he wasWolfpack basketball in 1980-81. From the start, there was a new ' atmosphere about Wolfpack basketball when the national anthem prior to an exhibition game with the Polish National Team was played by the organist and not sung by Mrs. Sloan. Goodbye Mrs. Sloan. State galloped out of the gate — as was — with two wins over college basketball non-entities — UNC-Wilmington and Then came the final Big Four Tournament — and ironically Valvano ' s first. It was the Yankee ' s first taste of ACC hospitality with Wake Forest being the perfect entertainer. Wake Forest 87, State 57. Welcome to the ACC, coach. The following night, the Wolfpack gave Valvano his first win against an ACC opponent by defeating Duke and then took two more wins to raise its record to 5-1, before the start of the ACC season. State headed north to Maryland and was on the verge of defeating the Terps at Cole Field House, holding a 10-point lead with a little more than nine minutes remaining. Then as if entering " The Twilight Zone, " the Wolfpack embarked on a journey that for the rest of the world read like a " A Tale of Two Halves. " State took only two shots in the final nine minutes, letting Maryland struggle back into the game — tying it with less than a minute left — and eventually winning it in overtime. Maryland 82, State 75. The loss to Maryland at the time had no major ramifications other than State was 0-1 in the ACC, but as the season went on the Wolfpack would look back to this as the start of an oh-so-close season. After Maryland, it was off to the Big Apple for the holidays and the ECAC Holiday Festival. For the flashy and flamboya nt man from Queens, it was a homecoming of sorts. The first round at Madison Square Garden pitted State and Valvano against lona — the school Valvano turned into a winner before coming south. Sports 157 HOSE THE HEELS Valvano turned on the home-grown charm and received the usual Balentine boozies from the partisan Iona crowd — much to Valvano ' s delight. In the end — as is the usual case — it was Valvano who would have the last laugh as the Wolfpack defeated both Iona and St. John ' s for the title. And while Valvano was making Sports basketball section, the Wolfpack was finding a court general by the name of Sidney Lowe. The sophomore guard, who is built like a minature tank and possesses the savvy of a sage, dazzled the New York audience by dishing out 23 assists and hitting clutch free throws in garnering the tournament ' s MVP. For State the party was over as it went face to face with an ACC schedule that witnessed the Pack playing four of its next five conference games on the road. The Clemson Tigers christened State ' s jaunt with a victory in Death Valley leaving the Wolfpack to face the No. 1 team in the at the time — Virginia. The Wolfpack showed no fear of big Ralph and the boys as State stayed close most of the game before bowing in the final minutes again. Men ' s Basketball State opp. 77 East Carolina 52 83 UNC-Wilmington 59 70 Georgia Tech 55 89 Davidson 72 54 North Carolina 57 57 Wake Forest 87 76 Clemson 82 74 Duke 60 77 Furman 60 82 Campbell 56 47 St. Joseph ' s 42 71 Appalachian State 47 46 Virginia 51 75 Maryland 82 55 Notre Dame 71 61 lona 58 52 Duke 51 64 St. John ' s 55 72 Maryland 76 68 Clemson 76 66 Wake Forest 65 55 Virginia 63 93 Georgia Tech 68 ACC Tournament 70 North Carolina 73 52 Wake Forest 60 54 North Carolina 69 47 Duke 56 It was at this point that the importance of Lowe, who came out of the game with a left foot, was brought to its truest From there State gave Valvano his official endoctrination to winning in the ACC, when it knocked off lowly Georgia Tech. After its first conference win, the Wolfpack travelled the 23-mile trek to Chapel Hill to face Dean ' s boys in blue for the first time. Like the record that skips over-and-over, State crumbled in the waning minutes to lose by three. A rematch against Wake Forest brought another loss — this one by eight instead of 30 — followed by a loss at the hands of Duke by nine. What do you think of the ACC now coach? With three straight losses State was virtually out of the running for the ACC title, a feat basketball prognosticators predicted from the outset. The Wolfpack took a breather from the grind to man-handle East Carolina and in the process emerged two players that would be keys to State ' s future success — Max Perry and Scott Parzych. Perry, replacing the injured Lowe at point guard, asserted himself at the role and set a school record of 15 assists in one game. who under Sloan ' s military regiment had severe stomach ulcers, proved himself worthy of a starting role and in the stretch would come to be known as " Mr. Clutch. " Another win over Georgia Tech and the Wolfpack, along with The Red Light Brigade, were prepared for the Tar Heels once again. Sports 159 The Red Light Brigade? Yeah, you know, the group of about seven guys that paraded into Reynolds Coliseum with the army fatigues and the funny looking sunglasses. What ' s so unusual about that? Well, the clencher is that all of them wore red fire chief hats with shining red lights and white S ' s painted on the sides. Now that sounds like spirit. With a packed house on hand for the North Carolina game, spirit was something that was at a peak. State and North Carolina see-sawed back and forth with the Wolfpack holding a five- point lead heading into the final five minutes. Oh no, not again. Yes, I think so. Under one minute to play the Tar Heels took a three-point lead, before Mr. Clutch drove the baseline with his awkward gait and, while underneath the basket, put up a scoop shot. . .whistle, basket good. Parzych missed the foul shot and North Carolina took the ball upcourt, before it was fouled. Parzych controlled the rebound on the missed foul shot, flipped it out to Lowe, who in turn tossed to Kenny Matthews. The man with the patented jumper took two steps and fired an off-balance shot that bounced off the side of the rim. North Carolina 57, State 54. Matthews made up for the misfire against Clemson as he hit 14 straight points at the start of the second half, but State floundered again. At the North-South Doubleheader, the Wolfpack continued its " Emotional Roller- coaster " season — as Valvano put it — by winning two and the illusions of granduer danced back into everyone ' s eyes, for three more wins would assure State an NIT bid. On a roll now, State played head-to-head with still No. 1 and undefeated Virginia and don ' t tell me — controled a three-point margin with just over three minutes left. State ' s Dereck Whittenburg stood near halfcourt, both hands on the ball underneath his legs, waiting for Cav defender Jeff Jones to make his move. Jones started at Whittenburg, who turned his back, forcing Jones to come over the back for the foul. . .whistle and referee Charles Watkins signaled jumpball. Jumpball!? That ' s the ACC. Virginia 51, State 46. The loss to Virginia took its toll on State as it looked as flat as a deflated tire in a 16-point loss to Notre Dame. Valvano regrouped his players for the start of " The three seasons. " The first season of a much-needed win over Duke, which State got on perfect foul-shooting from bookend guards Lowe and Whittenburg. State 52, Duke 51. The second season called for wins over Maryland and Wake Forest, which the Wolfpack only got one of — a win over No. 11 Wake Forest in which State held as much as a 22-point lead before winning by one. The third season was the biggie — a win at the ACC Tournament against rival North Carolina. The game was no contest as the Tar Heels began their quest for the elusive national title. North Carolina 69, State 54. Chuck Nevitt — referred to as " The Human Tongue Depressor, " by Valvano entered the Wolfpack lineup in the first half of the game against North Carolina. Against freshman Sam Perkins, Nevitt was downright awesome forcing Perkins to alter a shot that had only been intimidated by Virginia ' s Ralph Sampson. On the offensive end Nevitt scored a career- high 10 points, with four stuffs and a five-foot jumper — and one technical. A sign for the future. Let ' s hope so, coach. Sports 161 Women Basketball a matter in college athletics that usually happens once every five years — it ' s called the rebuilding year. The rebuilding year. It ' s suppose to be a year in which a team brings in a whole new crop of freshmen in hopes of keeping the program at the top of the heap for year ' s to come. The dividends, however, aren ' t suppose to be paid in the first year. Now take State ' s women ' s basketball team for instance. Here is a team that in 1980 won the ACC Championship and was led mostly by the one man — or should I say woman team of Genia Beasley. Beasley in her four-year stint had practically broken or tied every individual record in the book. But now Beasley was gone from State and there was need to fill the huge gap in a superlative team that went 28-8 the year before and finished nationally 10th-ranked in the final polls. Head coach Kay Yow and assistants hit the beaten path for the ingredients needed to replace Beasley and the four other graduating seniors — which had become one of the Wolfpack ' s finest classes. Well, as would be the case with Yow ' s hard- driving determination, she found five new freshman — one of which turned out to be the tallest woman ever to play for State at 6-7 that would keep the Wolfpack in the pro- gressive line of women ' s basketball for some year ' s to come. And yes the dividends came much sooner than had been expected. The Wolfpack ' s season started in mid-season form with senior Trudi Lacey picking up where Genia Beasley had left off and the five freshmen — Claudia Kreicker, Tammy Laster, Mary Jane Wild, Karen Thompson and 6-7 Ronda Falkena — meshing into the overall Wolfpack scheme. 162 Sports Ron Cerniglia By January 3, State ' s women were 8-0 a win over North Carolina and the Detroit Classic title under their belts. The only thing that had gone wrong up to this point was the back injury suffered by Ginger Rouse against Georgia Tech. It was feared by doctors that she might not be able to play basketball ever again — and for State it was quite a blow. On the court though, it was as if the Wolfpack was purposely defying Murphy ' s law — something that couldn ' t go on forever. But good ole ' Murphy ambushed the Wolfpack both in South Carolina and when State returned to Raleigh to face Illinois State. Then the tide shifted back in favor of State. Diminutive sparkplug Angie Armstrong converted both ends of a one-amd-one with 16 seconds left in overtime to give the Wolfpack a 91-89 victory over then 8th-ranked Texas in the Dogwood Classic. When the Wolfpack knocked off the Tar Heels within a five-day span in January it ran State ' s consecutive winning streak to 64 games. The streak dated back to 1976 and the possibility of it being broken seemed a little far fetched. As it was, someone told East Carolina ' s Lady Pirates and State had to swashbuckle its way through regulation play and into overtime before bowing 78-77 before a record 4,000 fans in East Carolina ' s Minges Coliseum. The all-too-true cliche was spoken by Yow after the defeat: " Records were made to be broken. " That they were, but they were also intended to be started again which is exactly what State did. Sports 163 164 Sports David Turner Making her return debut against East Carolina, Ginger Rouse proved she hadn ' t lost her touch as she sank a 15-footer with one left against Mercer to push State into the finals of the Optimist Classic. A loss to Rutgers in the finals the following night left the Wolfpack with a sour taste in its mouth as it prepped for defending its title in the ACC Tournament in Clemson. In the first two rounds the Wolfpack turned the lights out for host Clemson and North Carolina — its fourth consecutive win over the Tar Heels — setting up the fourth straight finals confrontation between State and Maryland. An unsuccessful attempt to retain the crown fell in a 64-63 loss to the Terps — which in the four years since the tournament ' s was its third title. If ever State wanted revenge on a team more it was East Carolina and the Pack got its chance when the Pirates invaded Reynolds Coliseum. And if one thought the first game was exciting they hadn ' t seen anything yet, because the second showdown went into two overtimes before East Carolina prevailed with a 97-89 victory. It was positive that East Carolina had the Wolfpack ' s number and would be ringing it for quite some time. Sports 165 166 Sports Sports 167 Chris Steele While State ' s women were on a roller coaster season like the men there were several bright spots such as the consistent leadership of the backcourt — Angie Armstrong, Beth Fielden and Ginger Rouse — and the strong frontline of Karen Brabson, Connie Rogers and of course Trudi Lacey. There practically wasn ' t anything Lacey couldn ' t do and for her hard work she was a finalist for the Wade Trophy at year ' s end which is given to the outstanding female basketball player in the country. Her 20.1 scoring average broke the old record of 19.9 by Genia Beasley and while Lacey didn ' t have the brawn and muscle of a Beasley, she was agile and swift. Definitely a contrast of beauty on the court. 168 Sports 3 Women ' s Basketball State opp. 94 Virginia Tech 68 85 Wake Forest 49 104 Appalachian State 61 96 Duke 78 65 UNC-Chapel Hill 61 68 Polish Nationals 77 73 Cheyney State 65 74 Detroit 63 74 Georgia Tech 55 57 South Carolina s 78 68 Illinois State 73 91 Texas (2 OT) 89 70 Clemson 73 97 Miami 50 83 Tennessee Tech 72 67 UNC-Chapel Hill 62 60 Maryland 80 77 East Carolina (OT) 78 98 Virginia 64 63 Rutgers 73 90 Mercer 89 77 UNC-Chapel Hill 64 83 Clemson 68 63 Maryland 64 89 East Carolina (3 OT) 97 63 Tennessee 72 76 Virginia 71 118 Appalachian State 54 70 UNC-Chapel Hill 50 74 Kentucky 75 85 Georgia State 66 72 Cheyney State 88 Entering the NCAIAW Tournament 15-11, State had definite high hopes of going places this season. Across the board it was a Wolfpack sweep in the state tournament with a win over Appalachian State and its fifth win over North Carolina. State enhanced its position nationally when it knocked off Kentucky in the Region II First Round. Advancing in the first round State knocked off Georgia State 85-66 in Raleigh Broughton High ' s Gym. It was not played in State ' s Reynolds Coliseum for the simple fact that in was in use that same night for another event. The curtain call for the Wolfpack ' s season came in Cheyney, Pa. when State fell victim to Cheyney State 88-72 in the second round. Overall it was a season with definite bright spots and many shadowy dissappointments. And when the season came to end gone were Lacey and Fielden. Yow and her assistants hit the beaten path . . Sports 169 Gymnastics 170 Sports Sports 171 Todd Anderson 172 Sports Sports 173 Track and field For State ' s track and field team the 1981 campaign was filled with great tragedy and triumph. The great loss came at the close of the Wolfpack ' s indoor track season. On a cold February afternoon, shot-putter Dean Leavitt was headed home when he was tragically killed in a head-on collision. The sad news shocked State ' s track program, as well as the University. Leavitt was one of the ACC ' s top holding many indoor and outdoor shot-put records. He will be greatly missed. The triumph came nearly two months later at the ACC Track and Field Championships. Going in with a strong contingent, the Wolfpack was to be as much a factor as the defending champion, and Maryland, the perennial ACC power. There was no clear favorite, but on the final afternoon State and Maryland were literally neck to neck. The Terps swept the field events, its strongest suit, and defeated the Wolfpack by less than 20 points. For State it was its finest finish ever and a vow that it would be a contender for years to come. 174 Sports Sports 175 cheerleaders 176 Sports Lacrosse name the Wolfpack ' s biggest lacrosse rival. If the answer is North Carolina, you ' re right. Then it should come as no surprise that when the end of the 1981 lacrosse season came to an end that State and North Carolina were vying for the ACC crown. With the Wolfpack coming to the close of its finest season in years - and without the ser- vices of All-World Stan Cockerton - it was to go against the top-ranked and unbeaten North Carolina Tar Heels in Chapel Hill. If that wasn ' t enough, a Pack win would have given State its first Carmichael Cup in the school ' s history. On that late April Saturday, it was nip and tuck down until the final seven minutes when State took its biggest margin. But, as had been the case with North Carolina all year, the Tar Heels staged a dramatic comeback and pulled out the victory. The loss was the end of a near perfect year for State and proved that the Pack would be on the prowl for its old nemesis North Carolina, which incidentally went on to win the national championship. What if State had won that game? 178 Sports the departure of top players Susan Sadri, who transferred to Georgia, and Suzanne Nirschl, who left the team for personal reasons, State ' s women ' s tennis team was headed for another dismal year in 1981. There were few bright spots in the Wolfpack camp, but the leadership of second seeded Sarah Harmer and the enthusiasm of several freshmen gave State ' s program a base to build on. Harmer, who had been a stalwart for several years, proved her worth as she led the Wolfpack with the best overall record. As a team, though, State won only three matches throughout the season. 180 Sports era is over. It all started when State ' s tennis coach, J.W. Isenhour, began turning the Wolfpack ' s tennis program in an upward motion. It took awhile, before Isenhour got the players and schedules he wanted. Every thing came together when Isenhour turned out All-American John Sadri from his program, followed by Matt McDonald and John Joyce. In 1981, his finest senior ever might have graced State ' s Lee Courts. His name was Andy Andrews. All Andrews did in his swan soug was to win the Acc doubles title with partner Mark Dillon. The duo went on th capture All-American honors in doubles at the NCAA Championships, by Andrews accomplishing the feat in singles. At the end of the season, one in which the Wolfpack finished a dissappointing fourth in the ACC Championships, Isenhour retired from the post he had held for more than 10 years. Sports 183 Men ' s Golf a bridesmaid, never a bride. That cliche all but summed up State ' s golf team ' s season in 1981. The Wolfpack started the spring circuit with three consecutive second-place finishes and a bucketful of Spearheaded by Roy Hunter, Nolan Mills and Thad Daber, the Wolfpack was off to its best start in years until a mid-season slump dampened State ' s NCAA championship hopes. It seemed that State ' s season hit the bottom after a poor first round showing in the ACC Tournament, but rebounded with fine play that was reminiscent of the Pack ' s early season play. Over the final two r ounds, State made up some ground on the leaders, but had to settle for a respectable third place. 184 Sports Sports 185 Baseball baseball coach Sam Esposito must have felt as if he were back in the major leagues when he watched the brothers Plesac, Dan and Joe, pitch in 1981. During Esposito ' s playing days there were two pitchers by the name of Warren Spahn and Johnny Sain, who were such a one-two punch that the saying " Spahn and Sain, and pray for rain, " was concocted. In short, the two were unbeatable. That was the case with the freshman- sophomore combo that the Wolfpack sent out to the nmound every third and fourth day. At season ' s end, Dan made first team All-ACC, while Joe made second team. But when a team wins a school high 33 games there must also be other contributors. And most of the offensive thrust came from junior Chuckie Canady, who literally rewrote the Wolfpack ' s record book. He capped his first three years at State by signing with the Texas Rangers of the American League in the summer. Despite the 33 wins and a share of the ACC title, State was denied an invitation to the NCAA Baseball Tournament. And though Spahn and Sain only produced one brilliant year for the Milwaukee Braves, the Plesacs have two more to 186 Sports Sports 187 188 Sports 190 Sports softball When State ' s softball team took the field for the first time in 1981, it was already assured a spot in the AIAW National Softball at the end of the year. The reason: it had been asked to host the national Now for most teams this would be a great opportunity to take it easy for awhile and then get serious come tournament time. Not the Wolfpack, though. State came out roaring and breezed through the season, and had it not been the host it still would have qualified for the national tournament. The Wolfpack had its problems come time to play for the big marbles, though, as it dropped out from competition early in the tournament, ending a year that has most of the team ' s players returning next season. Softball State opp. 5 St. Augustine ' s 1 11 St. Augustine ' s 0 6 Campbell 5 5 Campbell 4 13 UNC-Greensboro 1 3 Western Carolina 1 10 Appalachian State 0 1 UNC-Chapel Hill 0 0 UNC-Chapel Hill 7 ° 10 UNC-Wilmington 0 12 Catawba 0 5 East Carolina 8 10 UNC-Chapel Hill 3 13 East Carolina 14 13 Western Carolina 6 4 East Carolina 7 4 UNC-Wilmington 0 5 UNC-Wilmington 3 0 East Carolina 4 2 East Carolina 8 3 UNC-Chapel Hill 8 6 UNC-Chapel Hill 0 5 Campbell 3 7 Campbell 1 24 St. Augustine ' s 5 26 St. Augustine ' s 9 2 Appalachian State 1 2 Florida State 3 8 UNC-Chapel Hill 4 2 Florida 0 2 East Carolina 6 14 N.C. A and T 3 14 UNC-Greensboro 4 5 Appalachian 4 8 Appalachian 3 U 3 East Carolina 4 0 East Carolina 1 4 UNC-Charlotte 5 6 UNC-Wilmington 1 12 Catawba 0 14 Elon 4 13 Pfeiffer 0 0 UNC-Chapel Hill 5 2 Morehead State 0 3 Lakeland College 2 3 Florida State 4 8 South Florida 1 4 UNC-Chapel Hill 14 Forefeit Sports 191 Rifle Team Sports 193 club and intramural sports rugby Sports 195 196 Sports Sports 197 200 Features the information publications at State have been around for a long time — the yearbook, since 1902; the Windhover, for over a decade; the radio station, WKNC-FM, well, no one knows quite how long it ' s been here; and the Technician, printed since 1920. But what are these mysterious publications all about? Who makes them work? Let us show you .. Features 201 Apple cider Press October. What do you think of? Football games, mid-terms, multi-colored leaves. How about apple cider? The State Horticulture Club ' s apple cider — homemade and sold behind Kilgore Hall during the early weeks of October every year. The group starts with mountains of apples and through a series of smashings, grindings and squeezings comes up with the best apple cider to be found in these parts. And if you ask real nicely, you may get one of the club members to tell you how to turn it into hard cider with the " family recipe. " Finest kind. Features 205 206 Features new boys showed up at State this year. One is real big on football, the other likes basketball. And they spent their time trying to prove themselves, like most new kids have to do. Not without positive results. Monte Kiffin, the football kid (and Lone Ranger in his spare time), coached his first State team on to, if not a superlative season, at least a winning season. That other kid, Jim Valvano, took his basketball team in hand and built, built, built. The season ended will with more than good hopes for 1981-1982. Welcome to town, Features 207 David Turner 208 Features Features 209 0 o Bricklaying 101 you look, there seems to be another building going up. An athletic dorm, a dining hall, a whole new school. The list could go on, and on, and . . . To keep up with the ever-growing student population, there must be constant expansion of facilities. If State isn ' t getting better, at least it ' s getting bigger. - BROWN NORTH CAROUNA STATE UNIVERSITY GENERAL CONTRACTOR TROUT RIGGS CONST. PLUMBING CONTRACTOR STAHL- RIDER. HVAC CONTRACTOR SOUTHERN PIPING CO. BITTING ELECTRIC I NC. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR HAYES. HOWELL ARCHITECTS. ENGINEERS Features 211 Todd Anderson women woldpack Despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, I have not yet been able to answer the great question that has never been answered: What does a woman want? —Sigmund Freud 212 Features I don ' t mind living in a man world as long as I can be a woman in it —Marilyn Monroe Whether women are better than men I cannot but I can say they are cert ainly no worse. -Golda Meir 214 Features A science career for women is now almost as acceptable as being cheerleader -Myra Barker Features 215 216 Features Features 217 218 Features Features 219 220 Features .50 NY CHEESE CAKE Features 221 Bits Pieces 222 Features Features 223 living spaces alexander 226 Living Spaces bagwell Living Spaces 227 228 Living Spaces becton berry Living Spaces 229 230 Living Spaces bragaw Living Spaces 231 232 Living Spaces carroll Living Spaces 233 lee 234 Living Spaces gold Living Spaces 235 236 Living Spaces U) Nags Head, owen Living Spaces 237 238 Living Spaces sullivan -o Syme Living Spaces 239 Tucker 240 Living Spaces turlington Living Spaces 241 242 Living Spaces Living Spaces 243 Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Kappa Alpha 244 Living Spaces Alpha Phi Delta Sigma Theta Living Spaces 245 Sigma Kappa Gamma Rho 246 Living Spaces Alpha Phi Alpha Alpha Sigma Phi Living Spaces 247 Delta Sigma Phi Delta Upsilon 248 Living Spaces Farmhouse Kappa Alpha Living Spaces 249 Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha 250 Living Spaces Phi Kappa Tau Pi Kappa Alpha Living Spaces 251 pi Kappa Phi Sigma Alpha Epsilon 252 Living Spaces Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Chi Living Spaces 253 sigma nu sigma phi epsilon 254 Living Spaces Sigma Pi Tau Kappa Epsilon Living Spaces 255 Theta Chi 256 Living Spaces Living Spaces 257 258 Living Spaces Living Spaces 259 260 Living Spaces Living Spaces 261 262 Living Spaces Living Spaces 263 Off Campus 264 Living Spaces Living Spaces 265 266 Living Spaces Living Spaces 267 268 Living Spaces Living Spaces 269 270 Living Spaces Living Spaces 271 272 Living Spaces Living Spaces 273 ACADEMICS Chancellor Joab L. Thomas Joab Thomas -P Academics 277 278 Academics agriculture and life sciences dean Academics 279 Godwin A. Ananaba Naomi Mildred Anderson Steven Brantl y Andreaus Susan Armstrong Tim Barbee Laurie Bareis Rhonda Barham Janet Bass Thelton Ray Best Bonita Blake John Mark Blue Linda Louise Bradford Lisa Breeden Brian Brodersen Jeffrey G. Brookshire John Brown Ralph Bryant Ashley Bullock Lynn Burgess Lea Burns John Byalebeka Gil CanSeiver Carole Carpenter Tammy Ann Carpenter Pamela C. Casey Lysbeth Chamblee Lawrence Alan Chandler Jane Ann Chapman Kim Childs Jeff Cramer Linda Daniel Lillian Daughtry Martha Davis Timothy Davis William K. Davis 280 Academics Donald Deal Patience Dibrell Darrell Donahue Jaye Dow Michael Edmonds Bernie Edwards Denise Edwards Mark Epstein Angela Eubanks Brian Fadden Marguerite Fields Fredrick Fishel Craig Fisher John Jodie Flack Elizabeth Flory Mitchell Joseph Foster L. Jane Freeman Sue Freyler Robert Frisbie Joel Lee Fritts William S. Furr Charles H. 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Thompson Deana Treece Anne Tucker Sheryl Tulis Gloria Tupas Paul Clay Utley Henry Wade Scott Walton Scott Whinsant Patrick White Charles Richard Williams Greg Williams Todd Williams Kerry Allen Willis Jay Wilson Bonnie Wolff Kathryn R. Wyatt Thomas Yarboro Fred Yelverton Academics 285 Katherine Abe Debra Ann Adams Sam Adams W. Dale Aiken James Albright Ben Alexander Clara Allen Wendy Alphin Gilberto Alverez Antonio Vittorio Alves Cynthia Anderson David Anderson Angela Antonelli Steven Arnold Timothy Avants Elizabeth Ballard Elaine Barnes Tim Bayles Sidney Beeson Chris Belton Winnie Benthall Lester Robbin Best Mark Blakley David Bland James E. Boasley Stacy Boucher Marianne Bradley Gordon Braley John William Branham IV Louise Braswell Janice Braxton Kim Broughton Steven Michael Brown Cheryl Bruce Cresada Buchanan 286 Academics Laura Buchanan Shelby Bullock Tracey Bunting Cenie Larrilyn Cain Julie R. Capps Michael Carpenter Mary Carroll William Carroll Jr. Connie Carson Karen Carter Betsy Kathryn Caruthers Angie Cheaves Kelly Clement David Cobb Carolyn Elaine Coble David Coggins Catherine Coleman Ellen Collins Allen Comer Donna Jean Cooke Rosemary Corcoran Joe E. Covington Jeff Cox Joseph Cunningham Jr. Kimberly Davis Sharon Day Academics 287 Rebecca Deans Gail DeBerry Jeanne Dedmon Arthur DeLoach Sandra Dickerson Brenda Dixon Conrad Draughn Everette C. Dudley John Dumproff Lisa Duncan Andrew Dunlap Joseph Dunn James Durges Dennis Caswell Earp Margaret Edmondson Bernie Edwards Randy Wray Edwards Robert Ellington David Ellis Donald Ennis Grady Fain Chris Farnung Jane Faulkenberry Monique Faust Cathy Finer Pam Fisher Forrest Fleming Ron Fleming Linda Forehand Danny Fox Deborah Fox Ann Fulp Franklin Galloway Wendy Gallup Collette Garner 288 Academics Philip Michael Garrison Danetta Genung David Gillis Jonathan Gladden Kim Grant Peter Gravely Staley Green Sheri Greene Kimberly Griffin Mike Griffis Jackie Griggs Angela Marie Grimes Melinda Lou Gupton Carl Gurley III G. Mike Gurlick Michael Haddad Jenny Hagler Garette Haire Deborah Hamrick Susan Harmon Natalie Harn Diane Harrell B. Todd Harrington J. Frank Harris Robert W. Harris Brad Hauser Academics 289 Richard Hawley Mitch Hayes Peter Hecht Randy Hegwer Patricia Hight Lee Ann Hines Judy Hinshaw Patricia Hinson Karen Hoffman Alston Hopkins Susan Hopkins Phil Horton William Wayne Huddleston Milton Humphrey III Janes Humphries Dan Hunsucker Mary Paige Hunt Sandra Hyder Mark J. Ingram Max James Jane Jarvis Laura Anne Jessup Vicky Lynn Johnson Cynthia Jones Desmond Jones Freeman R. Jones Jr. 290 Academics Patrick Jones Thomas L. Jones Charlie Jonson Elizabeth Jordan Melinda Kaylor Joy Keener John Keever Cathy D. Killian Un Ju Kim Robert B. Kornegary Craig Land James Scott Lentz Charles D. Lewis Edward Lewis Jery Lewis Pam Lewis Jim Lilley Lorrie Ann Link Carl Brooks Little Rick Livingston Richard Mabe Rose Manning Karen Manuel June B. Mascho Susan Mathey J. Ken Maxwell II Laura Mayes David McAllister Valerie McCoy Jacquelyn McCracken Scott McGee Lindsay McGill Thomas McKemie Gary McKoy Anna McLellan Academics 291 Rebecca Martha Meredith Jamie Mills Betsy Moeslein Cynthia Ann Moore Velerie Moore Jeff Morrison Tonya Morrow George Nance Kay Nash Hugh Nobles Allen Oakley Margaret Osborne Todd Overcash Bulent Ozekici Karla Pace Bonnie Palmer John W. Parker June Parker Patricia Joy Parker Sylvia Peedin Carol Pegram Patrick T. Penuel Ken Perry Milday Perry Kim Phillips Teresa Marie Phillips 292 Academics Valerie Phillips Audrey Pickler Craig Pierce Laura Pierce William Piper George Pless Jr. Patricia Plummer Donna Pope Susan Privette Rodney Vance Pugh Gwendolyn J. Purdie Ralph Ramsey Kelly Ray Jim Read Jay Reins Janet Riddick Eddie Riddle Donna Rimmer Donald Risser Richard D. Ritz Gregory Allen Roberson Kimberly Roberts Ron Roberts Denise Robertson Alyson Rockett Lenny Rogers Jacqueline D. Rollins Catherine Ross Cara Roten Susan Royal Sherry Ruther Elizabeth Rutherford Lee H. Sadler Mike Sandin Dale Schram Academics 293 Arty Schronce Tim Seaboch Shannon Seversen Melanie Shaffer Michael Ward Shaw Ted Sherrod David Shriver Stan Simmerson Blake Skenes Eric Smith Kim Smith Pamela Smith Steven H. Smith William Smith Ronnie Southern Mike Spears S.E. Spruill April Stevens Gil Straider Scott Strickland Jacki Summerlin A. Ben Suttle III Daniel Taylor Graydon Taylor Patricia Teller Lee Terrell Betsy Christine Thomas Bessie Thompson Stuart Thompson Stephen Michael Tracey Henry Turlington Jennifer Vaden Judy Vanlehn Alexsandra Voso Robert Allen Waddell Jr. 294 Academics Michael Wade Ty Wadsworth Stan Watson Tamera Weant Eric Weatherly W. Scott Weathington Donna Weaver Kenneth Webb Kenneth Allen Welker John Wells Paul Wharton Doby Wren Whited Kim Whitehead Kim Whiteman David Whitley Franklin Owen Williams Junious Williams Sharon Williams Ted Williams Meri Wilson Danny Wayne Wood Donna Worthington Billy Wynn Paul A. Young Terry Zeigler Academics 295 V 296 Academics Claude dean design Academics 297 Brenda Dowlen Baker John S. Baker Harold John Bradley Ill Peggy Calloway Anita Clark Catherine Douglas Peter Eichenberger Ernie Ensley Margarete Hermanson Nancy Hughes Angela Mohr Mary Delores Quellette Donna Ray Donnie L. Robbins Julie Ann Shea Timmy E. Simmons Janet Snell Nancy Oliver Stallworth Ginger Lynn Thomas Marcus Alexander Vess John Waddell Tim Winstead Mark Phillip Ashness Marty Beal Jeanne Lize Belisle Benjamin David Benson John D. Blackmon Emily Marie Blanchard Keith Bonh Chris Brasier Alan Bolzan Elizabeth Ann Broome 298 Academics Richard Bynum Jr. Robert Byrd Georgia Anne Canon Larry Keith Carter Steve Cofer Scott Cornelius James Dean Mel Dilday Christopher Downey David Eplee Raymond Gibbs Kathy Glans Nancy Minton Green John W. Hallenbeck Julie Hedrick Ann Henderson Anne Carole Hertel Eddie Hodges Steven Kent Holliday Henry B. Howard III Ruth Huisingh Alex Isley Jack Jones Mel Knight Jennie Knowles Richard E. LaRose Academics 299 Michael Marx Jamie McKay Kevin Milstead Jeff Morgan Karen Oglesby Mark Patterson Kent Powell Julia A. Price Luanne Price Greg Robinson Terry Ernest Sowers Manley Gallee Spinks Kiki Tingas Virginia K. Whitaker David Wilbourne Walter Wilgus Scott Wolf Jeffrey Yelton Jesse Young 300 Academics education Carl Dolce, dean Academics 301 302 Academics John C. Auten Cheryl Boswell Sylvia Brady Sara Kathryn Brooks Julie Dunning Marion Francis Gale Cindy Ann Hux Edward Lewis Jackson Randall Jackson Tucker Johnson Renee Antionette Jones Gordon Keehn Laura Moore Rietta Morgan Neal Musser Sarah K. Silliman Jenny Griffin Taylor Paul M. Tunstall Jr. Tim Warren James E. White Jerry Wilkins Cookie Williams Jean Williams Pamela Wolters Academics 303 Lynette Absher James R. Ansley Kevin Bartlett Randall George Benton Melissa Best Betsy Burgess Jude Chandler Wylene Coward Elizabeth Cross Randy Cruse Pam Cullipher Anne Dosher Carole L. Edgerton Marshall Edwards Jana Fields Ramyra Francis Michele Grady Samuel Groce Mike Grose Diana Hinson Bobbie Hudler Tammy Hudson Cindy Gay Lanier Deborah Lanier Taralea Leonard Jan Thomas Luquire 304 Academics Jimmy L. Martin Kevin McGowan Gayle Murray Thomas Newcome Jeffrey Olson Patricia Pearsall James Person John Pope Karen Porter Sandy Ramsey Wanda Richards Jeanene Rose Jeff Rudd Steve Sessions Kelly Shirley Phil Sloan Shannon Elizabeth Smith Sarah Ruth Stoll Craig Stone Penny Taylor Vicki Taylor Lisa Thompson Betsy Watson Albert Whitley Kim Whitt Elizabeth Ann Yow Academics 305 engineering Larry Monteith dean 306 Academics Pat Chapman Chris Steele Academics 307 Robert Van Adams Michael Edward Adcock Debbie Allen James Allen Jr. Lisa Anderson Johnny Arndt Cindy Aull Stephen Austin Sima Azargoon Terry Ray Baker Kent Ballance Tim Barbee Randall Bartlett Prakash Basavappa John E. Bassett III Tom Batchelor Gary W. Bates Robert Bedingfield John J. Behnam Hadj Lakjdar Benzerrouki Bill Black Kenon Ray Blackwood Jr. Stephen Blake R. Stuart Bondurant Douglas Boone Susan Bounds David L. Bowen Jack Bray Timothy Lee Bridges Ron Bright Charles Burton III Thomas M. Byrd Jr. Raymond Byrum Wade Byrum Keith W. Cabe 308 Academics Michael P. Camp Michael Carpenter John Carson Cato Michael Clayton Mark Cline James F. Collier III Joseph W. Cook III William Grant Copeland William Thomas Corbett Michael E. Corrin Ottis Cowper David Crawford Ronald Eugene Crawford Fernando Cuenca Cynthia Cunningham Donald John Curtis Chris Dagenhart Wesley W. Davis Chris Dawkins Fred M. Dean Therese Deese Carrie Dickerson John Disosway Sandusit Ditbanjong Michael Draughn Michael Durham Academics 309 Charles W. Durant David W. Dyson Karen Ann Eichelberger Mohamed Elkordy John Ernest Hadi Ershadi Shawn Maurice Ervin Harvey P. Eure Gregory Morgan Evans William Pearson Evans David B. Ferebee Beth Ann Fielden John Fisher Paul F. Fisher Andrew Flow Ralph Flow Samuel Fowle Jeff Francis Joseph Andrew Furst Jr. Thomas Alan Garrett Warren Garrison Brian Glover Jesus Cano Gonzalez Tony Goodson Floyd Byron Goodwin Mark Graham 310 Academics Ruth Graham Bradley Green Leland Greenler Barry Nelson Gupton David Michael Gurkin Bernard Hall Orlando Hankins Wayne Hansley Mark Hardesty Jeffrey Douglas Harman David Jay Harris Jr. Steven Hauser Jim John Hearn Jr. Pricha Hemstapat Hugh Henkel Omer Heracklis Jerry Edwin Hewett Don Hicks Sharon Kay Hill Gayle Hinshaw Billy G. Hinton Jr. Timothy Hodges Mark Houston Brenda Hubbard E. Lamar Huneycutt Michael Hunnemann Mary Jane Hunt Timothy G. Ingold Christopher T. Irwin Tim Jablonski Barbara James Mike James C. Doug las Jewell Royce Johnson Timothy Johnson Academics 311 Ben F. Jones Jr. Craig Jones Lisa A. Jones Pam Jordan Jacob Joyner Jr. Mark Lee Joyner Parks P. Juns Lewis James Karesh James Evans Keenan Faizar Khan William Kincaid Ricky Lynn King Michael Koob Peter Kozak Bill Krieg Maher Kunbargi Michael Lai Alan Lail Frank Lassiter Nancy Laube Paul Glenn Lavicka Joseph W. Lee Linda Gail Lee Noah Lenhart Art Lewis Hal R. Lindsay Kevin Lindsay David Horace Little Jr. Tim Lowder Ted Lupton Nicholas Macropoulos Fariba Mandavi Trey Malpass James Maness David Martin 312 Academics Murray Marvin Carl Edward Mason Stefan Matthes Greg Mattocks Gerald Mays Bradley Deran McCall William James McCarter Dixie McCollum Robin McCombs David Scott McCullough Archer Scott McDaniel Tracy J. McNeely David Meacham Glenn Medford James Shelton Medford Arby Melendez Dempsey Miller Frederick Cole Miller Ralph Mills Mary E. Misenheimer Robert A. Mitchell Michael Mobley Majid Monajemi Andy Gray Moore Daniel J. Moore Douglas T. Mosher Academics 313 Hesam Nekodasl Timothy Newman Beverly Odell Charles Osborne Neal Page Chongwoo Pak Christos Papadopoulos Stephen Pearce Philip E. Perry Guy Paris Peters Steve Phelps Timothy P. Pickeral Samuel M. Pierce Terry Plumblee Jimmy Plyler Paul V. Powers Jr. Styron Powers John Privette Stewart Rapp Robert Eugene Ray Jr. Randy Rhymer Gerald Adams Rich Greg Riffe Ronald O. Riggan John Alexander Ritchie Dexter Roberts John D. Robinson Timothy Rohm Richard Rohrbaugh Bob Rooks Terry Roseman Lisa Routh Lawrence D. Roy Teddy K. Royal Freager R. Sanders Ill 314 Academics Julie Schmitzer Phillip Schrum William Shadwell Walter Sherin Erin Shropshire Francis Sichona Kanjana Singhapanish Earl Smith Loftee Smith Steve Spaugh Douglas Spell John Spencer Glenn Spengle Roger Spittle Joseph T.U. Steel Timothy Stewart Willy Stewart Danny Stoneking Barbara Strayer Kenneth Swan Nancy Swanda David Taylor Delcenia Thomas Richard D. Thomas Victor John Thompson Dav id Townsend III Academics 315 J. Neal Tucker Oscar Vasquez Richard Velgos John Kirk Viola Richard Waddle Robert Wade Ronald W. Warwick Michael Waters Edward Watkins Ron Whidby Lexine White William J. White David Wilkes David Wilson Debbie Wilson Ellick Wilson Gary L. Wilson Robert Wilson Vivian Kay Wolf Sandra Wooten Wayne Worthington Brian Paul Wray James C. Wrenn Jr. Dennis Wright William Yetman Jason D. Young Marco Zarate Kathleen Zorowski 316 Academics Jeff Abbott Pamela Abney Michael Addertion Steve Addertion Denise Agner Maen Al-Ansari Cora Allen Mike Allen Randall Franklin Allison John M. Amein Ajay K. Anand Louella Anderson Todd Anderson Basel Arafat Kyle Archer Jeff Arndt David James Arthur Jeffrey Atkinson James Bales Roger Banner Tracy Barefoot P. Diane Barger Kevin Glenn Barker Tony Barringer Jeffrey Bartlett David Bass Academics 317 Matt Bathe Andrew Bayard Harry Baylor Thomas Beam Roger Bean Paul Allen Beatty Jr. Sharon Beck Jeffrey O. Benfield James Bennett Ben Biggers David Bishop Flay Blalock Bryan Blanton Leigh Blevins Mark Shelton Blinson Robin Boger E. Wayne Bouldin Jr. Jim Bower David Bowlin Chris Anthony Bowman Penny Bowman Roger Bowman Len Bowyer Michael Boyles Scott Boyles W. Britt Brady 318 Academics Joseph Brannon Suzanne Branson Todd Brewer Ted Brewington Jr. Stan Briggs James Brigman Tina Brittain Chattie Broadnax Frederick Brock Jr. Larry L. Brock Whitley Brockmann Roger Dean Brooks Gary Brown James Edward Brown Jay Brown Lemuel Brown Robert Browne Susan Browne Walter E. Bruce III Patricia Anne Bryant Thomas James Buff John Burger Deborah Burgess David G. Burnett John Burns Thomas Butler Michael Bynum Greg Byrd Phil Byrd Jeff Cameron James D. Camp III Richard Canipe Pam Capps Derek Carawan Matthew Taylor Carey Academics 319 James Bruce Carlson Pamela Carney Eugene Phillip Carroll Tony Cayton Reuben D. Chandler Alan Chappell Anita Ann Chappell Clifton Chen Shing Chen Rosa Chrismon Eric Clark Heidi Clayton Scott Cleary Craig Collier Frederick Combs James Ralph Compton David Connell Richard Connell Ann Conner A. Gray Conrad Jr. Stephen Cook Steven Carroll Cook Sharon Corriher Jerry Anthony Coston Roger C. Cottrell William Jeffrey Cox 320 Academics Susan Douglass Carl Dowdy Benjamin Dowell Christopher L. Droessler Kim Dula Doug Deming Cynthia Derwicle Stephen Deskevich George Dexter Daniel Dickey Jesse Ray Dillard Jr. Mitch Dimmick James Dobbins Gary Doby Carl W. Douglas Ritchie Deans Pat Degiulio David Dehart Boris Delaine Dewey Dellinger Robert Culpepper Wayne Cummings Jeffrey Curka Gary Daniels Ben Davis Eric Davis Lisa Davis Maria Davis Paul Davis Gregory Arlan Dean Thomas Coyle Karen Crawford S. Lawrence Crawley Ill Richard Cree Michael Crotty Academics 321 Ken Dull Catherine Dunkley Colette Dunn Dave Eberspeaker Karen Lynette Eckelmann Teri Ann Eckland Michael Edwards Kenneth Mark Elam Ellen Eldreth James Ellington David Ellyson Kevin Elvin Billy Epperson Kenny Epperson Derek Eubanks Roger Evans David Evans Gregory Everhart Stuart M. Fain Steven Fawcett Robert Fellingham Paty Ferrari Eric Ferrell Ernie Finch Jeffrey Fitzgibbons Johnny Fleming Jay Flynn Donald Bruce Ford George Ford Jr. John Forlidas Donald Foster Christopher Fouts Dean Fox John Mark Freeze David Alan Frey 322 Academics Ronald Frink Rodney Lynn Fritz Keith Fulp David Furr Richard L. Gaffney Jr. Stan Gallagher Chris Gardner Scott L. Gardner Trey Garner Michael Gates Douglas Bryan Gay Randall Gay Lucy Gebhart Jim Gerber Julie Gibson Beth Giljames Amy Gitelman George T. Gleason III John R. Godshalk David Goodman Jimmy Goodnight Robin Goodrich Jay H. Goodwin G. Thomas Goudey Stuart Grace David Gramley Academics 323 Phillip Grammer William B. Graves Skeet Gray Clayton B. Green C. David Greene Jr. Richard E. Greene Jr. Thomas J. Greenwood Brian Keith Greer Frederick Gregory Simon Griffiths Frederick Martin Grimm Joseph Grimm J. Tyler Grose D. Todd Gunnell Ed Gurganus Mark Hager Eric Haith Larry Hanjos Mike Hanjos Gerald Hall Thomas A. Hall III Selby Ham Jr. David Kish Hambright Curtis Hamilton Lori Hamilton Suzanne Hampton 324 Academics Brian Hanson Graeme Harder Kyle Harrell Bryan Harris Cheryl Harris Lula Marie Harris Peter S. Hastings Douglas Hauck Brent Hayes Karla Hayes Sharron Haynes Brad Hazzard Gregory Hedrick Deborah Heffner Charles H. Hefner III Yvonne Heinrich Mark E. Helms William Henderson Donna Hendrix Wanda Hensdale Ziad Heusein Ronald L. Hewett Christine Hinkley Audrey Hixon Tuan Anh Hoang David Hoff Scott Holdsclaw Benton Holland David Holland B. Elaine Hollerung William Hollowell Stephen H. Holt Jane Hombordy Jeff Hood Anthony Hoomani Academics 325 Paul Horne Robert Hougland Larry Hovis Ronald Howard William C. Howard Jr. Douglas Howell Jay Howell Edward Huang Bessie Hubbard Christopher Lewis Huff Chad Huggins Kevin Humphrey Buck Hunt Robert Ray Hutchens Jr. Bruce Ingk Jo Inman Srinivas Iyengar Walter W. Jackson Greg Jarrett Jacqueline Jeffries Cynthia Johnson Doug Johnson Kelly Johnson Lary Johnson Mary Johnson Richard L. Johnson Jr. Anita Jones George M. Jones James F. Jones Jr. Larry Jones Mark Jones Randall Jones Stuart Jones Paul Jordan Michael Joseman 326 Academics Rhonda Joyner Brenda Kelly Kay Kelly Pamela Dawn Kemp John Bradley Kight Jack Kilpatrick Brent Kiser Marvin Klutz Jr. Debra Knight Thomas Koop Mike Kot Jeff Kronenwetter Monty Laird James Lamb V Warren Lamb James Roy Lamp Bob Lamphier Mark Landy Paul Lane Edmund Lansche Neil Lassiter Patricia Laughter Douglas Lee Lawing Jim Lawler Mark Lawlor Anne Shaw Lawrence Academics 327 William Lay Robert Jeff Lay Lawson Jeffrey Lecky Timothy C. Lecornu Sharon Ledbetter Mark Ledford David Lee Deborah Lee Alison Faye Lewis Ed Lewis Stephen Lewis Tracy Litaker Teri Lloyd Gene Lockhart Richard Tommy Long A. Loftis Tina Lorenzo William Lowder Eddie Luck Ellice Luh Clifton Arnold Lynch Mitzi Majors James Mallard Floyd Jeffrey Mangum Todd H. Manning 328 Academics Rebecca Marsh Jon Cochran Martin Robert John Martin Anthony L. Martinez Deborah Massengill Jeff Mateer Mike McBeth Jerry Wayne McCandies John McClancy Harold McClellan Buzzy McClung Robert Shawn McComas Roslyn McCraw Brian McCray Sheila McCree Joel K. McCurry Christopher R. McDaniel Hal McGee Gerard McQueeney Stephen Meachum Rick Mechanic Marcia Meekins Barton Meeks Diane Cheryl Mees Ken Melley Lenora Melton Pamela Melvin Chris Miller Patricia Millsap Eric Mintz Loretta Moeslein Tim Monroe Kenneth Moody Stuart A. Moody Timothy Moore Academics 329 William Moore Duane Morris David M. Morton Doug Morton Jeff Moser Andrew O ' Neal Moses Jeffrey Moss John Mark Mullen Mike Myers Cathy Nance Misty Nance James Neal Jr. Mark Newnam Kevin Newton Vickie Niedens Ken Nixon Ramin Nobakht Jearl Noblett Jr. Rusty Norris S. Mehre Norris Janine Nunnally Michael O ' Brien Robert Edward Oehman Christopher Oju William David Orbeck Ronnie Osborne David Hill Overton Kevin E. Padgett Gina Pantazis Ronnie Parker Roscoe Franklin Parker John Rouss Parks Jr. Raymond Parks Jr Kenneth Parrish James Fredrick Pass 330 Academics Lydia Patrick Kevin Payne Christina Peed Ranford Wendell Peed III J.C. Penney Roger Lee Perose III Jeff Perryman Gregg Petcoff Monica Petersohn David Phelps Jeffrey Phipps Michael Phipps Hans Piechottka Brad Pierce Kenneth Pierce Veronica Pierce Johnny Scott Pigg Jerry Pipes Michael E. Pitts Janet Polonus Kenneth R. Prillaman Tracy Proctor Lutuf Qaddoumi Ann M. Quillian Stephen Quirk Warner Cooper Rackley Academics 331 Waltrina Ragland Bob Rainone Todd Ramsey Matt Ratcliff George Ratledge R.A. Raynor Jr. Lisa Marie Reaves R. Owen Reece Jr. Cathy Reeves Jerry Richardson Kyle Richter Michael Gary Robertson Perry Robertson James Robinson Pam Robinson Robert Robinson Kenneth Rodgers Pamella B. Roebuck Cathy Rohrbaugh William Royall Sabrina Rufty Winston Sadler Jamie M. Satterwhite Shavaughn Scales John Schofield Patrick Seamon 332 Academics Donald Smith Donna Smith Harvey Smith Jr. Hayes Smith John Robert Smith Jr. Kendrick G. Smith L.B. Smith Peter M. Smith Stephen Smith Stephen Ray Smith Tonica Smith Wayne Smith William S. Smith David Sneed Daniel Snyder Robert T. Seay Jr. Robert Sellers Jeff Setser Susan Lynn Sexton Maged Shehata Pickett J. Shelby Virda Sheppard Boyce Jackson Sherrill Jim Shinkoff J. Scott Shoaf David Shore Gary Hall Sikes Ernie Robert Silva Joe Slater Gregory Slominski Daniel J. Somarriba Jon Michael Souders Lori Ellen Spencer Richard Milton Spencer Keith Spring Academics 333 Cincy Stachowski Linda Stacy Richard Stafford Lloyd M. Stalls Jr. Mike Stanford Mervin Staton Jill Stenstrom Donald Ray Stephens J. Terry Stephens Sharon Steppling Felicia Stevenson Judy Aileen Stines Bryan Stoker Neal R. Stoker David Stott Wilson Stroud Bob Sturgill Michael Summerlin R.J. Surgi Steven G. Sutton Marshall Sykes Anthony Tabron Steven Tapp C. Thomas Taylor Michael Taylor Robin Julie Taylor Thomas Joseph Theriot Heath Thomas James W. Thomas Roger Thomas Jr. Steve Thomas Gary A. Thrower Sue Tillett Jon Tipton Watson Tomlinson 334 Academics Randall Toney Anne Traynor Tahmineh Turkzadeh Tony Tyler John Roland Tyner Donna Tysinger Sherri A. Vaden Ana Lourdes Vasquez Jeffrey Scott Vaughn Michael A. Vaughn Robin Veado Charles Veit Susan Vernon Tab Vestal Kathryn Vohs Tony Voo Emad A. Wahab Melanie Walden Cindy Walker Will Walker Michael D. Walters Richard Ward Greg Warmuth Johnny Waters Calvin Webb Julie Weigele Academics 335 Ricky Weiger Karen Welker Bryan A. Wentz David Wesson Laura West Susan White West Todd West Jay S. Westbrook Terry Wheeler Bruce White Edwin Webb White Lee White Lori Ann White Theresa White Buell Whitehead David Whiteman William Wilcox Julie Renee Wilkins Billy Williams Elizabeth Williams Grant Williams James F. Williams Jean Williams Joel D. Williams Scott Williams Lori Anne Wingate 336 Academics Ray Wojkovich Judy Wolfe Jeffrey Thomas Wolinski Ed Woodby Lisa Renee Wooten Norwood Earl Worley Jr. Lisa Jalea Worrell Ada Worsham Sharon Worsley Jay Worth Michael A. Wright R. Burk Wyatt James Yokum Mark S. Young Maha Zaghloul Thomas P. Ziegler Academics 337 forest resources Eric dean 338 Academics Academics 339 Mark Jeffrey Alexander Deborah Altomare Thomas Barnes Sabrina Bass Timothy Bernhardt Greg Boytos Steve Branson Angela Calos Joseph Carter Becky Chan Allyson Aileen Craig Terry Dalton Philip Davis Kaye Dean Jack Dickens Laraine Donisi Robert Earp Charles Echerd Philip Todd Ellis Roland Etsand Jan Faulkner Laura G. Fitzpatrick Timothy Ray Fulbright Timothy P. Griffin Julie Harrison Ruth Heidel 340 Academics C. Bruce Hodgin Brad Howard Leslie Parks Hunter Robert Jackson Susan Johnson Patrick Kilgannon Matthew John Kinane Douglas King Alec Laing Stephen Charles Lipe John Maitland Andy Martin Robert A. Miller James E. Moore Jr. Nancy Lee Morton Kelly Myatt Diane Nichols David Pendebury Daniel Post Sammie Neil Powell Kyle Edwin Rambo Mark Reeves John Robertson M. Allyson Robertson Patrick Ross II Anthony C. Smith Rhett Smith Kevin Speight Russell Strader Timothy Tatum Tony Upchurch Dorothy Jane Wilkes Diane Wilson Academics 341 David Barlow E. Hunter Birckhead Gregory Birk Tim Bodger Roy L. Brinson Jr. David Todd Brown Julie Ann Cobb Alexandria Collins Dawn Collins Wendy Corey Richard Cowan Anthony Cross Rachel Edwards Richard Evans Susan Farland S. Edwina Floyd Michael Gomez Steven J. Gordon James Eric Greene C.W. Hatley Kimberly C. Hawkins Karen Hinson Bobby Hoffman Donald Franklin Holloman Judy Hood Joe Hosch Michael B. Jackson Steven E. Jacobson Jr. Mary James George Jenkins Karl Jensen Denise Johnson Derwin Johnson Hugh B. Kennedy Mike Kirchner 342 Academics Joyce Lackey Phil Lamachio John Lardy Jeri Lemons Gregory Ed Little Cedric Locklear Thomas Logan Jr. Olen Frank Martin Kristin McClaren Greg McGee Gary McKinney Dean Charles McLamb Jennifer Merrill John Clifton Park Tony Price Connie Rogers Laura A. Seely John Ignatius Shea Melanie Sims Thomas Single John Slaydon Gary Stanley Sally Sutton Pamela Tate Matthew Thomas William David Wall Teresa Wehunt Linda Welsh David West Joey White Gary Whiteside Sharon S. Willis Academics 343 humanities and social sciences Robert Tilman dean 344 Academics Academics 345 Richard P. Abernathy Bryant Allen Dottie Amos Agu Ananaba Joseph Anderson Mark Patton Arnold Debbie Ashburn Carol Ashley Mark D. Austin Rebecca Barnette Stonewall Blocker Beverly Blow David Bottoms Winifred Bowe Robin Bray Betty C. Brewer Joy Britt Margaret Britt Jonnie Brooks Mark Brown Greg Browne Susan Elizabeth Bulla Theresa Bunce Melody Lynn Burgess Jim Burke Carl Burrus 346 Academics Lisa Byrd Terry Chris Caines Berkley Canupp Christopher W. Carson Kimberly Carson Robin Carter Brenda Gayle Chambers Ronald Delno Cherry Robbie Rae Clark Scott Cline William Close Coral B. Coble Frank Conner III Sarah Cowen Donna Lynne Craddock John M. Daniels Jeri Darr Rickie Davenport Pamela Davis Ginger Lynn Dewar Cris Dieterich Mitzi Lee Dixon Dennis WIlliam Donner Todd Juan Dorsey Debra Dowdy Mason M. Dunlap Jr. Michelle Edwards Johnny Wright Elmore Jill Farmer Charles Flynn Ray Flynn John Alexander Ford Mary Fornes Donna Fox Jan Futrell Academics 347 Ralph Roy Gaebe Napoleon C. Gaither Glenn Robert Gawarty Noelle Gay Rebecca Gaylor John B. Geddes Timothy Dwayne Gentry Pamela Graham Jim Gray Paul Grillo Jr. Susan Elizabeth Hankins Sue Hardison Sharon Hargett James D. Helms III Douglas Henderson II Brian Lee Herndon June Hoggard Jackson Mark Holmes Ronald T. Holmes Jimmie Edward Hooks Thelma L. Horton Tom Houston Robert Kenneth Hoy Christopher Hudson Daniel Huffstetler Roberto Ibarra Robin Jeffries Brenda Johnson Al Jones David F. Jones Brenda Fay Kale Harriett Kalevas Robert Kandell David Mark Keeter Todd Kelly 348 Academics Katherine Kennedy Brian Kielty S. Lynn Kimel Vickie Faye King Sandy Klein Barbara Knox Stephen Lane Dianna Lanham Lawrence Laque Saundra Lassiter Mark Lauria Mary Lennon Jerry Lewis Robert Lingquist Randall Lisk Jill Lovett Sarah Frances Lykins Paul Vincent Maggitti Lisa Linn Manley Donna J. Marion Robert E. Martin Jr. Julia Mathes Karen McCawley Chuck McConkey Frank L. McCorkle Jr. Katie McDaniel Academics 349 Donald L. McInturf William Chris Moore Beverly Ann Narron Robert Neal Gayle New James Newsome A. Thomas Newton Mark Niemeyer Suzanne Nirschl James O ' Neal Jr. Patricia O ' Neal Cathy Oris Tom Outlaw Cynthia Owens James F. Parker Jr. Charles Parris Julie Campbell Pearce David William Pendered Michael Wayne Perry David Phelps Betsy Phillips Todd Pinion Mark H. Porter Alan Powell Denise Powell Margaret Powell 350 Academics Lucy A. Procter Bobby Lee Puryear Betty Randall Ron Reddicks Traci Lynn Reese Tom Reimers Elaine Reynolds James Thomas Robbins Audrey Robinson William Wayne Rogers Rachelle Rolfe Michael Edward Rudd Gina L. Sawyer William Scott Jeffrey Sharp Robert Michael Smith Nancy Jane Southerland Dave Spencer Mark Spencer Marsha Spivey James Stahl Timothy R. Starnes Becky Steelman Tracie Dawn Steiner Pam Stirrat Amy Stuart Nell Ann Stuart Howard Lee Stultz Vince Sturm Sinan Sumer Dale Thigpen Deborah Thomas Martin Thomas Judi Ruth Troxler Katherine Trudeau Academics 351 John Truitt David Turner Kenneth F. Tyndall II Vernon Wall Jeffrey Lawrence Ward Martha Welsh Wayne Whaley Jr. Eleanor Williams Sandra Williams Ivey Gregory Wood David Wooten Peggy Jean Worrell Gina Wulf Hurley Young Lillien Christine Zug Andrea Abbott Renay Adams Lynn Alford James William Allen Janice Allen Kelly Allen Regina Alston Sonia Alston Thomas Alter Jonathan Amos Gayle Andrews David Ange Rhonda Angel Melinda Appas Angela Armstrong Philip Armstrong Vernall Arrington Keith Askew Helen Badey Beth Bailey 352 Academics Billy Baker David Scott Baker Kay Butler Barefoot David Barkhau Tamra Barksdale Richard Barnes Jeff Barnhardt Anne Stewart Barrisk Debbie Bass Steve Bass Kathryn Batchelor Melody Beavers Louis Belo Robert Bennett John Benton Steve Jay Binder Terry A. Black Russell Manly Blackmon Jan Blake Perry Boseman Beth Bostic Dawn Bracken Deidra Bradford Glenda Bradley Dennis Bragg Sheri Bramel Academics 353 Stephen Braun Diane Britt Lee Anne Britt Lola Britt Beth Brockschmidt David Lewis Brown William Brown Jr. Kelly Buff Joe Louis Burton Jr. Scott Butler Randy Byrd Susan Ann Byrd Tracy Byrd John M. Calloway Elaine Carmichael Cynthia Carpenter Gary Carr Sharon Cartner Danny W. Cartner Terrie E. Cavanaugh Ronald M. Cerniglia Angela Champion Shirley Chandler Mark Weldon Chapman Eleni Christakos James Claiborne 354 Academics Michelle Clark Tammy Clark James A. Cole Michael Collins Debbie Corcoran Charles Stuart Cox William Cox Renee Craige Willie Crawford Melody Critcher Donna Jo Dampier Laura Davis Marie Davis Diane Demolli Bonita Dennis Lee Denny Mary Ann Dickerson Patricia Diemel Ingrid Dotson Stephen Dotson Scott Douglas Marshall Downey Mark Franklin Dozier Paul Driscoll Susan Dudley Shelby Duffy Carolyn Duggins Charles Dunn Paul H. Dunne Greg Eanes Neil Edwards Donna Efland Shirley Ann Epps Jill Kerry Faddis Subetha Falls Academics 355 Susan Fanning Kyle Farrell Joan Ferraro John Jeffrey Ferrell Thomas Allen Fetner Lisa Fiero David Fillippeli Gail Finch Donald George Fish Jr. Katherine Fisler Gail Fitch Maureen E. Fitzgerald Sheila Ann Fitzgerald Gayle Flanagan Charlie Flocco Marie Flow Kay Floyd Sam Forbes T. Howard Ford Katherine Frankos Amy J. Frazier Elizabeth Fugmann Melanie Fulghum Arlene Fuller Nitsa Gallins Julie Galloway Nancy Gardner G. Greg Garner Jonny N. Gary Sharon Renee Gholson Kathy Gibson Leigh Gibson Regina Girdharry Jeanne E. Goodyear Felicia Gotschelk 356 Academics Myra Tedder Graham Gilbert Gray Jeffry Green Ginger Gregory Sharon Sue Gregory Victoria Grieco Jeff Griffin Susan Gross Nancy Grouch James Gunn Earle Ross Haire Jr. Cheryl Ann Hall Jonathan Halperen James Ham Jody Hardin Ken Hardison Joan Hardy Rusty Harmon Karen Dale Harrell Harriet Harris Judy Sharon Harris Kim Harris Marsha Harris Calvin Hart Bruce Hatcher Melody Hathcock Academics 357 Andrea Hatley Bernetta Hayes Gail Hayes Paul Hayes Daniel Haygood Donna Henderson Karen Hendrix Mary Henican Dana Marie Henning Robert Tate Hepler Barry Hester Shirley Hewitt Alice Erin Hickey Lynn Higgison Carol Hill Elizabeth Anne Hill Gary Hilliard Peter R. Hirschman Edith Carol Hobbs Theresa Hobbs Joe Holleman L. Rose Hollister Marjorie Holmes Phyllis Holmes Robbie Hood Phillip Horne 358 Academics Celia Ann Houston Sharon Howard Sarah Howe Bryan Torres Howell Milton Howell Marcia Charlene Hubbard John Wayne Hudson Butch Humphrey Karen Humphrey Kimberly Humphrey Gregory Hunt Walter Hunt Sonya Hurley Thomas Huss Jacqueline Jackson Joette Jackson Kathy Jasaitis Harolyn M. Jeffreys Kathleen Jeffries Jean Johnson Kim Johnson Susan Johnson Annette Jones Bryan Eugene Jones Lorna Jones Meatrice Jones Roscoe Jones Wendy Jones Elizabeth Keever Eddie Keith Linda Kelder Athena Kellogg Kimberly Kelly W. Keith Kennerly Van Donald Kepley Jr. Academics 359 Claudette M. Kimsey Brent A. Kincaid David Kingman Teresa Kirkland Linda J. Klinefelter Stephanie Marie Knowlin John Lafratta Lucy Lamb Robert Langdon Bo Lane Teresa Lane Tony Langley Sandra Latta William T. Laundon Larmount Lawson Wendy Lee Donnie LeGrande Mary Diane Leonard Wendi Levine Kevin Link Jon Christopher Linville Benny Lisk Kelly Lloyd Pamela Lloyd Michell Long Sandi Long 360 Academics Mark A. Lupton Robert Lyerly Stephen Lytle Pamela Marlowe Phyllis Marshall Nancy L. Martin Randy Martin Bill Maxwell Sandra May Elizabeth McCart Melody McClanahan Dashia McClure Patricia McDaniel Neil McDowell Melody McFatridge Robert M. McGalliard Patricia McGrail L. Randall McGuire Danny McLean Amos Leslie McLemore III James L. McPhaul Toni Mebane Aromy Mellen David Mendenhall Steve Merlo Jose Mezey Bob Mitchell Bonnie Mitchell Robin Mitchell Yvette Lynn Modica Francis Moniedafe G. Scott Mooneyham Emily Myra Moore Joseph Moore Jr. Richard Moore Academics 361 Shannon Moore Jane Moorhead Anitra Morgan Leigh Morgan Evelyn Morris Martha Morrison Angela Gail Murphy Maureen Murphy Michael F. Murphy Kimberly Neill Kim Newcomb Sue Ellen Nicholson Robin Nooney Thad Warren O ' Briant Elizabeth Jane Owen Bill Page Debra Palmer Melinda L. Pappas Peter A. Pappas Belva Parker Angela Parks Richard W. Paschal Lisa Patterson Tammie Patterson Donna Paul Jennifer Peele John Peeler Russell Peeler Margaret Peeples Kimberlee Pepoon Michael T. Perlick Barry B. Perry Dorothy Frances Perry Larry Perry Kim Peters 362 Academics Debbie Phillips Norma Phillips Richard Pierce Vickie Pilkington Mignon Pitcock Janet Plummer D. Poole Charles Potts Cynthia Powell Tracy Doreen Presson Timothy Puckett Thomas Quinn Tammy Rader Steve Ragland Valerie Rand Stephanie Rauch Calix Reneau Catherine Rheaume Bill Rhue Orinthia Richardson Susan Rinehardt Deborah Ritter Wade Ritter Jeff Rizoti Eric Robbins Carol Anne Robins Academics 363 Mollie Robinson Rebecca Rogers Laurie Rose Randy E. Rose Tommie Rose Charles Ross J. Brian Roth Jr. Jackie Rouse Angela Lorraine Rowe Elizabeth Rumfelt Joseph Rusher Christina Salerno John Salmon Sharon Salmon Andrea Sanders James E. Schacht Stacey Schaeffer Kimberly Ann Sharpe John Ingatius Shea Mary Shea Pam Shelton Allen Sherrill Lisa Sherrill John Sherron Claire Shirley Rob Shoaf 364 Academics Gregory Davis Short William A. Sibley Sandra Simmons Dana Simonson Carol Simpson Heather Simpson Michael Singletary Honora Sink Mark E. Skinner Gwen Sloop Debra Smiljanich Frances Smith Leigh Smith Monica L. Smith Susannah C. Smith Gwen Spencer Ron Spivey Sinthea Glynn Stafford Ralph Staley Edward C. Stallings Steve Stanley Devin Steele Karen Marie Steele Beverly Stephenson Martha Stewart Michael Stezer Alisa Strickland Sherry Grace Strowd Charles Stuber Lori Summy Ailene Surles Amy Sutton Laurie Swain Janice Swicegood Beth A. Szeker Academics 365 Kenneth Tate Michael Tatum Delia Taylor James William Taylor William Jeffrey Taylor Mark Teder Tina Tedford Sheri Teeter Karen Thompson Terri G. Thornton Lisa Tice Carolyn Torain Kim Triplett Lisa C. Troutman Karen Tucker Wanda Tucker Francis Tully Jr. Taraneh Turkzadoh Craig William Turner Ecolia Tuten Tammy Renee Tutherow Phyllis Underwood Colette J. Van Gerve Lorna Vaughn Melanie Vick Brooke Viverette Cathy Voyce Kenneth Joe Walchinsky James Stephen Walker Kelly Wall Tim Ware Elizabeth Warlick Francis Warren Susan Warren Teresa Watkins 366 Academics Carla Watson Mary Lou Wattman Bobby Watts Wendi Weaver Cynthia Weiss Sandra Lee Weiss Diane Wells Terry Wells Carla Wheeler Sharon Whichard Beth Whisnant Brent White Dan White Stephen White Lisa Whiteman Jayne Wilcox Lou Wilkens Susan Willard Williams D. Craig Williams Michael Dana Williams Randy Willis Meri Wilson Christina Windley Patricia Winter Keith M. Wood Michael Worley Li Ran Wu John W. Wyatt III Garrett Yelton Academics 367 368 Academics physical mathematical sciences Arthur C Menius Jr., dean Janet M. Bagwell Kirk Bentson Thomas M. Best James F. Brame Kenneth Burleson Lyndal Butler David Cherveny Barry Coble Grace Cookey Sue Anne Copley Mary Jane Cox Tracy Alan Davenport Robert Dunbar Randy Earl Michaline Gahar Lawrence D. Gould Jr. Penny Marie Handlin Donald A. Hart Jr. Elizabeth Heath Alvin Hyatt Deborah Kapp Roy J. Kim Hoover LaGreer Terri Lambert Laurie Ann Larson William B. Liles Kathleen Loesch Laura Ann McFayden Michael Joseph Megginson Linda Miller Michael Cliff Mitchell Delois Lane Moore Jennifer Musgrave Carol Nicholson Debra Oney 370 Academics Charles R. Paule Rory Pruette Deborah Rackley William Reid Debra Robinson David Rouse Tracy Rudisill Carolyn L. Sanders Derrick Sauls Janet Lee Secrest David Sen C. Edward Sharp Jr Shinita Shipp Todd Skinner Gregory Stone Kirk Stopenhagen Lisa A. Talley Tad Taylor Julia Vernon Chriss Walker W. Waddell Watters Aubrey Whitley Tim Wilson John David Winkler Afsaneh Zand Academics 371 Nancy Acitelli Timothy Aland Annette Aldous Lisa Almond Mark R. Arrowood Joseph Ward Askew Dennis Atkinson Sharon Austin Jane Aycock Jean Rae Ayscue Christopher L. Bailey Mark Baldwin Donna Barnwell Randall Baxley Dwayne Beard Suzanne Benedict Mitzi Bennett Michey Charles Bishop Richard Blakley Lisa Bobbitt Jay Bolick Jonathan Bonesteel Ray Bowen Robin Denise Boyles Carla Breland Michael W. Brewer 372 Academics Thellena Brown Andrew Bryan Edmund Burnette Sarah Burton Gary Butler Kelly Butler Ronnie Bynem Christopher Byrd Elizabeth Cameron Sharon Campbell Edward D. Carr Robert Cawthorn Philip Christopher Lisa Clapp Ray W. Cline Ken Cobb Ruthi Cohen Sarah Cooley Richard Cramer Carolynn Czysz Randy Davis Thomas Alan Dean Nydia Lee Doggett Valerie Doggett Parthene Dove Amy Lynn Eckard Theresa Fanney Rick Fender Gary Ferrell Barbara Fisher Terri Fleming Robin Fletcher Marnivia Fleton Edna Gray Foster Karen Fox Academics 373 Todd Gatts David George Kathy George Anne Glenn Ronda Golden Steve Gray Marianne Greenfield Allison S. Gregory Laura Griest Kendra Hall Beth Hann Linda Hargis Lydia L. Heard Jon Alan Herlocker Grady Wayne Hill Pauline Hine Mary Kathryn Hodges Edward Hogan Vicki Horner Keith Hudson Edward Lee Jackson Bernadette Johnson Daphne Johnson Jeff Johnson Paul Johnson Robert Johnson Teresa Lynn Johnson Karen Jones Thomas Karches Carl Gray Kearney Mary Keever Lewis King Karen M. Krueger Susan Leake Bruce Lefler 374 Academics Paul Lewis Lisa L. Liles Todd N. Lloyd Michael Lutz Jeff Lyne David Marks Nancy Louise Martin Stan Martin Lisa Maxwell Larry Melton David Melvin Kateri Lyn Meredith James Bryan Merrell Tim Midkiff Danny Miller Greg Morns Lois Morton M. Anna Murrelle Mark A. Nelson Ronnie Nicholson Steve Noga Barry Oliver Veronica Osborne Jangriti Pandya Teresa Penny Jeanelle Marie Plemmons Academics 375 Carolyn R. Powell Connell Price Stewart Price Daniel Primeau Becky Procter Virginia Randolph Wendy Reed Andrew Sailor William Sanborn Tom Scheviak Teresa Schurter Jesse Scott David W. Shearin Curt Sherron Aimee M. Sigworth Kevin Sloop El aine Smith Nancy Smith John Macon Smyre Edna Snyder Bryan Kelly Sparks Gregory F. Spence Mary Stevens Teresa Stroupe Margaret C. Tennert Robin Tolbert 376 Academics Thomas Vess Ross Wagner Charles Wallis Susan E. Warren Donna Webb Natalie Webb Allan Weeks Edward Weiner Donna Westmoreland Wanda White Randy Scott Willard Lou Anne Wilson Nancy Graham Wilson Toni Wirth Carol E. Wyke Kathy Wyke Michael Yee Randy York John Carl Zeigler Acadernics 377 Textiles David Chaney, dean Juan Francisco Abogabir Ronald Andrews John F. Ashworth Michael Beasley Laura Blalock Mary Elisa Boyd Bill Buchanan Michael Carter Sally Bea Clayton Linda A. Connor David Cox Robert Culp Peter Austin Deboer Joesph Doolan Marion Anita Dupree Flint Faushee Alan J. Fenno Susan Furr Mark Alan Graham Harold Kenneth Greeson William Gurney Harvey Hall Jeffrey Hammond David C. Harris Cynthia Hodges Mark Hovis Lafonya Hughes Catherine Johnson Janetta Kay Kiopekly Ben Mayo Rebecca Williams Miller Samuel R. Mitchener Fredric Edward Moore Susan E. Nagle Eric Johnson Nicholson 380 Academics Penny Patton Pamela Pryor Maria Rios Kevin Schaffer Susan C. Smith Marie A. Strobel Thomas Stutts Joseph B. Terrell Gary V. Turner Penny Bruce Keith Janes Carnes James E. Clanton Jr. Donna Cooper Lee Ann Craven Mary Anne Bedwell A. John Beucus Susan Bischer Mark Brandon Cecelia Breeden Mary Ahmill Mark Allison Monti Allison Gary Autry Cheryl Ballew Academics 381 Lee Ann Efird William Farrington Suzanne Fitzgerald Jay Fralish Caron Geier Ruth Gold John Gregg Patricia Griffin Eric Todd Haley Franklin Hare Shari Hendrick Jeff Hilderbran Kevin Hinson Anna Jerome Teresa Johnson Vince Jolly L. Edward Jones T. Caroline Knight Dean Leavitt Nicholas Dean Lee Sandra Ann Liggins John Mascho Susan Master Patricia McDuffie Susan McKinney Angela Millirons Gina Mills Frank Monk David E. Moore Tim Moose Sharon Morris Mark C. Mullins Karen Nagle Roger G. Page Jay Papuga 382 Academics Sharon Parker Jeff Roberts William Derek Robinson James Greene Saunders Kit Setzer Peter Reid Sigmon Sherry Leigh Sipe Elizabeth Smith Michelle Smith Michael Spears Rodney Stamper Cindy Sweezy Scott Wagner Kim Wall Charles Walser Gwendolyn Washington Rachel Watson Ricky Whitt Cynthia Wilder Ernie Wilson Annette M. Woodom Diane Woodyard John Wray William Yelverton Academics 383 384 Closing veterinary medicine T.M. Curtin, dean H Closing 385 386 Closing Closing 387 Todd Anderson 388 Closing Closing 389 390 Closing 392 Closing Closing 393 394 Closing Todd Anderson 396 Closing Closing 397 AGROMECK Photography Todd Anderson Len Bowyer Linda Brafford Phil Byrd Ron Cerniglia Pat Chapman Dave Eberspeaker Steve Gordon Simon Griffiths Chris Seward Chris Steele David Turner Steve Wilson Layout Rosemary Corcoran Karen Hoffman Greg Lytle Michael Perlick Pam Phillips Becky Procter Lucy Procter Bill White Copy David Carroll Stu Hall Lucy Procter 398 Closing Business Staff Ron Cerniglia Steve Gordon Typesetters Duncan Brown Stu Hall Lucy Procter Special Thanks Thanks to Rosemary and Pam for their diligent efforts with the class section. And thanks to Dave Wooten for the marvelous graphics and the last-minute requests. Special thanks to Becky and Bill for the much-needed help and especially for the moral support. The book would never have gotten done without you. —Lucy Closing 399 400 Closing

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