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published by the students ot north Carolina raleigh, north ■ vi --,•.• 1 frank s. smith, editor narold c. enloe, business manager OUTSTANDING CLASSROOM TEACHERS AG School Professor Earns Top Alumni Award Dr. William D. Tolissaint (center), professor of agricultural economics, is presented a S500 check from the State College Alumni Association by Chancellor John T. Caldwell, left, and State Senator Ralph 11. Scott, alumni president. A I the 1962 commencement, senior class presi- - - dent James Futrell announced the selection of Dr. William I). Toussaint as the 1962 " Distinguished C lassroom leacher of the Year " as selected by the senior class. DR. KEY L. BARKLEY Professor of Psychology, School of Education DR. TOUSSAINT earned his Ph.D. in agricultural economics at Iowa State in 1953. He had had a teaching and research fellowship at Iowa State 1950- 52, coming to State College in 1954. He was desig- nated the outstanding instructor in the School of Agriculture 1957-58. An honorary member of Thirty and Three, he was Vice-President of Gamma Sigma Delta. Dr. Toussaint has also contributed several articles to agricultural publications. DR. BARKLEY gained his Ph.D. in psychology at the University of Illinois and taught at the University of North Carolina and Woman ' s College before com- ing to State in 1948. I le was a director of the Psycho- logical Corporation of New York from 1942-1948. A member of the American Psychological Association and the Southern Society lor Philosophy and Ps) chologv, he has also earned membership in Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, and Gamma Mu. Dr. Barkley has done research on psychology ot marketing, adver- tising, teaching, and attitudes, publishing various ar- ticles on these. DR. J. LEON HELGUERA School of General Studies DR. HELGUERA received MR. KARL P. HANSON School of Engineering IllS h.D. Lat in American 1 listorv and Government at the Univer- sity or North Carolina in 1958, having previously come to State to teach in 1957. In 1962 he was elected corresponding member of the Columbian Academy of History and has also been granted Waddell, Do- hertv, and OAS Fellowships. MR. HANSON gained his M.S. in Mechanical En- gineering at the University or Michigan in 1946. After teaching at Johns I lopkins and the University of Connecticut, he accepted the post of Head of State ' s M.E. Department. Belonging to several honor- ary and professional engineering groups, Mr. Hanson is Chairman of the Advisors Board of Tau Beta Pi. DR. FREYRE was granted his Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics at the LIniversidad de la Havana in MR. ROBERT E. WIGGINS School of Textiles DR. RAOUL M. FREYRE School of Physical Sciences 1955. After teaching physics and mathematics in Cuba, he came to the States in 1957. Sigma Pi Sigma and a listing in American Men of Science are a few of this honors program professor ' s achievements. MR. WIGGINS is the group ' s only State graduate, graduating here in 1952 and getting his M.S. in Tex- tiles in 1959. He has w orked in the textile industry, is co-editor of Fundamentals of Textiles 11, and is work- ing on Textiles Fundamentals I. Research he is doing centers on static potential of man-made fibers. DR. LAMMI, a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Xi, and Xi Sigma Pi, gained his Ph.D. in Forestry Economics at the University of California at Berkeley in 1954. He then worked for the United Nations before coming to State in 1961. He is current- ly doing research in international forestry policy. DR. JOE O. LAMMI School of Forestry llHilP s ' ■---. . UCJ Mil pQ V±4 JUTS A ?a I P =tf ■- ' r . • ■ __. f 1 : Dean Peterson aids students plan- ning graduate study at State College. A pretty girl hard at work is still a little unusual to the State student, but their growing numbers on campus make them a more common sight at State College. Conferring honorary degrees is the way the faculty and administration reward the work of the state ' s citizens. 4h . ; mk%m. :ioi ■■■■■■B k Opposition to LI NCR re- sulted in compromise. This student monument to the administration was one of the few constructive evidences of the March snow. However, warm days soon reduced it to only a memory. josh White gives the Pikas a short encore at their house after his regular concert presentation. The annual spring concert on the hill is the first sign of spring to fraternity men. A traditional fraternity custom is serenading a pin-mate short!) alter pinning takes place. 12] Watching the tube often supersedes studying, but the rewards are many for those who persevere in face of snags. [13] o tv r? thd rOCn JnliAkdM FO c nc c_b r Ic ( wipaigns For spring elections sometime take on an air of fantasy as stu- dents resort to almost any methods to gain the most coveted positions. Cleaning weapons is a time-consuming chore for beginning Army ROTC students. Blue I ii Homecoming Queen Jane Riggan is honored by the Marching Cadets ' presentation of the Queen Anne salute. [14] The presentation of the sword of command. The mystic candle lighting, Scout Oath, and pledge to service to State College mark the initiation of Alpha Phi Omega, symbolic of the campus ' s service organizations. [15] mm Intramural basketball, sc heduled in three categories, provides exercise as well as a needed break From studying. [16] Ed Spencer. State ' s All-American swim- mer, wins the coveted Sullivan Award. A privilege enjoyed by upperclassmen, honors, and graduate students is studying in the stacks. Many should share this opportum . A long awaited moment draws near as grad- uating seniors prepare to receive their diplomas. [17] CJ o IT? w O Y LJiLJiQ m . -««;Uyfc e« s [18] Contents ADMINISTRATION 22 SCI lOOLS 30 FRATERNITIES 44 DORMITORIES 84 MILITARY 98 ORGANIZATIONS 146 ATHLETICS 224 CLASSES 256 ADVERTISEMENTS 403 INDEX 422 [19] MMP administration schools Assistant Director of Student Affairs, Tom Covington, spends a busy da keeping track of all his duties. Henry Bowers, the Director of the Erdahl-Cloyd Union, is responsible for New Arts and Friends ol the College. C l Mis. pus coordinators, Mrs. LeSane, Mrs. Moody, Shirley, calmly control action on second I loll and day. The head of much cussed M and O, J. McRee Smith, inspects a work project behind the new CE. construction. nil HIM administration TERRY SANFORD Governor of Xorth Carolina [24] Friday Seeks Same Title For Three State Schools " DRIOR to becoming President oi the University, - Mr. Friday was Secretary ol the University— a position to which he was appointed on March I, 1955. Previously, lie was Assistant to the President of the University, serving with distinction in this position lor about tour years. A native ol Dallas, President Friday attended ake Forest College and graduated from North Carolina State College in 1941 with a B.S. degree in textiles. lie entered the Law School at Chapel Mill in 1946 and received his LL.B. in 1948. At State C ollege he was president ol his class and a member ot Golden Chain. At Carolina he gained membership in the Gulden Fleece. WILLIAM C. FRIDAY President of the Consolidated Umversit} of North Carolina JOHN T. CALDWELL ( Inmcellor of North Carolina State College Chancellor Marks End Of Premier Four Year Cycle pHANCELLOR Caldwell came to State College at the same time as most of this year ' s graduating class. With them, he has served State College with distinction, keeping abreast of student affairs, speak ing at student gatherings, and lending advice when asked. At the same time, he has maintained his other duties as Chancellor. The position of Chancellor befits Dr. Caldwell, as alter gaining his doctorate at Princeton, he taught political science before entering World W ar I wo. He returned to civilian life as President ol Alabama C ollege. From there he became President ot the University oi Arkansas, leaving that institution to be Chancellor ol North Carolina State University. [25] HARRY C. KM I 1 Dean of Facuh New Dean Leaves Science Foundation For Position T lll Dean of the Faculty has responsibility for - - all phases ol academic affairs, the Library, College I xtension, Summer Sessions, and the College I eh vision Station. Phases ul academic affairs include faculty appointments, promotions, improvement ol instruction, allocation of space, ch anges in courses and curricula, review ol tenure policies, and aca- demic standards of various kinds. Academic affairs and standards are constantly being studied and re viewed by the Dean, and recommendations concern- ing these areas are periodically presented to the C hancellor. I he primary objective ol this office is to continue to improve State College so as to develop high caliber men lor industry. Student Affairs Directs All Student Undertaking r I I II: Division ol Student Affairs is composed of - - the follow in» departments: Admissions and Reg istration, bearing the responsibility ol informing prospective students, admitting them, and keeping records, schedules, and reports; Counseling and Financial Aid, providing orientation, counseling, and financial aid and part-time jobs for those in need; Student I lealth Service; Student I lousing Depart- ment, operating dormitories and married student housing, advising Interdormitory Council, and pro moting dormitory athletics and social programs; Stu- dent Activities, working with all student organiza tions; and Military, including Army and Air Force R.O.T.C. (AMES J. STEWART Dean of Student Affairs [26] Business Manager Guards Vault To Lower Spending A PPROXIMATELY twenty-five to thirty million - - dollars is handled each year In the Business Man- ager and his department. Preparation oi budgets; man- agement of all utilities and service agencies, includ- ing telephone, power plant, heating plant, water plant, and laundry; management, supervision, and maintenance of all College owned buildings and property; and supervision ol hook stoics, business stall members and employees ol the institution, and new construction are only a lew of the responsibilities of this department. Recent results of the construction program are the Civil Engineering Building, the new cafeteria, and the General Laboratory Building. I. G. VANN Business Manager K. D. RABB Director of Admissions and Registration Increased Enrollment To Push Expansion Programs OMISSION to North Carolina State demands • - that the applicant be of good moral character and present evidence of acceptable preparation for work at the college level. State reaches qualified students through resident instruction, off-campus instruction in established courses through the College Extension Service, off-campus demonstration through the Agri- cultural Extension Service, special instruction in technical institutes, industrial and agricultural re- search— both basic and applied, and direct contact with the home through the median of radio and television. Presently the Admissions Office is at work preparing for the great expansion in enrollment in the next tew years. 127] • milt L. L. RA ' i Foundations and I ' ttl ' lic Relations Enlarged Fund Gathering Builds Research Program r I I II Office ol Foundations and Development at State C nl lege had its beginning w ith the employ- ment nl ,i Director of Foundations in 1945. For the past ten years the office has served in directing the fund-raising foundations and the development activi- ties, including public relations. The primar) purpose ol the foundations is to raise outside funds to supple- ment salaries supporting programs in teaching, research, ami extension. Main distinguished scientists and professors are at State todav because ol the support ol these organizations which this year are putting more than six hundred thousand dollars into these man) activities. The purpose of the Office is to extend and expand these fund-raising activities. Women ' s Accommodations Main Problem In Housing A I State College the dormitorj is considered - - something more than mereK a suitable place for living and studying. A well-organized dormitory pro- gram plays an important role in the student ' s all-around development. Under the program of the Housing Office, each dormitory is organized much like a club, with elected officers and student counselors. In each of seven dormitories, faculty couples act as hosts, assist the occupants with their problems, and help to provide a homelike atmosphere. For married stu- dents the College has three hundred permanent efficiency, one ami two bedroom apartments, hut at the present time there are no accommodations what soever for States women students. N. B. WATTS Director of Student Housing I [28] Counseling Center Helps Students Find Right Jobs ' TMH: Counseling Center has a stall oi full-time - - counselors to help students with problems ol voca- tional and curricular choice and personal adjustment. I he Center is prepared to administer arious aptitude and interest tests and maintains a rile or occupational information. Referral can be made for students desiring remedial work in speech, reading, and other special areas. Students may come to the Center on their own initiative or may he referred by teachers, advisors, or other members ol the college staff. There is no cost to the student lor conferences, but a small fee is charged for the administration of tests. 1 he Center does everything possible to help the way- ward student adjust to college life. Student Activities Runs Frat Court Preparations r I 1 IE Department of Student Activities is respon- - - sible lor student government and the student judicial system, the YM( A and all student religious programs, the Erdahl-Cloyd College Union and student social and cultural programs, the social fraternities, all student clubs and societies, music organizations and activities, and student publica- tions. Some of the recent objectives of The Depart- ment include shifting more student activity programs to the College Union, seeking staff expansion as frater- nity housing project demands a broader program and Student Government and I lonor System require more attention, and continuing efforts to obtain funds for programs held in the Coliseum. LVLE B. ROGERS Director of Counseling BANKS C. TALLEY, JR. Director of Student Activities [291 Understanding of the mysteries of moving electrons is the motivation behind students being in Electrical Engineering. A degree in Pulp and Paper Technolog) will give this student command of both this machine and job otters. Dr. John Etchells (left) and Dr. I. A. Bell examine a spore culture in work on enzymes in pickle processing research. [30] " " (O Q Ol O CAUTION as fife O D o bJCD CDO- SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE Research Helps North Carolina Farmer To Grow HI ■ 1 1 1 DEAN H. BROOKS JAMES School of Agriculture l) weighing this chicken, Professor C. 1 I. I lill studies feed efficiency and nutrition in poultry production research. THE agriculture of our modern world amounts to more than growing food and fiber. Agriculture includes all of the technical, professional, and busi ness occupations connected with the processing and distribution of farm products. The men who produce and supply the farmer with his complex needs, the farmer himself, those to whom he sells, the processor of these products, and the retailer are all part oi today ' s agriculture. All told, they add up to nearly 40 percent of the 65 million employed people in the United States, making agriculture the nations largest single industry. There are more than 500 distinct occupations in today ' s agriculture— jobs that each year need more than twice the number ol people trained to fill them. The new concept ol Dr. W. M. Roberts (right) and assistant examine a machine developed here to test the consistency of ice cream. Plant pathology Professor Dr. Apple works on a tobacco breeding project designed to develop new varieties. More Profitable Crops agriculture is defined to include three important groups in our economy. The First is the tanners themselves, the people who are engaged in the pro- duction of crops and livestock. I he second includes those industries which furnish supplies and services to tanners. The third includes those industries which process, store, handle, and merchandise farm products. A freshman enrolling in the School of Agriculture now chooses from three curricula: agricultural busi- ness, agricultural science, or agricultural technology. Although requirements vary in the curricula, students in all three get a solid background in social, physical, and biological sciences, as well as in English and modern languages in order to develop a well-rounded, educated agricultural citizen. A complex nutrition study to determine profitable diets for sheep and livestock occupies Dr. Harold Ramsey. AGRICULTURAL COUNCIL Edits Monthly Magazine On School ' s Activities Tl lb Agricultural Council is the sovernino bodv of the School of Agriculture and is composed of elected representatives of the various departmental clubs in the School of Agriculture and the department of Agricultural Education. The main concern of the Council is to coordinate the activities of these groups. A dance is held annually in the College Union Ballroom which is the high spot on the social calendar for Agricultural students. The Ag Fair is another im- portant project of the Agricultural Council. Each year all of the agricultural clubs exhibit the various projects thev have produced during the year. First Bow: Pres. Y. Talley. W-Pres. A. Graves, Sec. B. West. Treas. D. Baker, Advisor Dr. W. M. Lewis, Advisor Dr. R. E. Hester; Second Row: E. Garrison, R. Chandler, T. Shelton, R. Hardie, G. Warren; Third Row: R. Harris, B. Hedspeth, J. Hollowell, B. Martin, B. Ware, J. Arnold. ■ ' DEAN HENRY L. K.AMPHOEFNER School of Design Richard Moore, new head of the Landscape Architecture Department, discusses procedures with students. SCHOOL OF DESIGN Projects Receive Prizes As Well Conceived Works r I I II School ol Design is devoted to the develop- - - ment ol a native art form in the practical and use- tul arts to meet the needs and conditions of the South- ern region. It is intended to act as an educational center winch unities different design professions in the fundamental knowledge and methods which the) share; its further intention is the education of men who will he competent within the particular Held of design. Because character, a profound devotion, and an absolute professional commitment are prime ingredients of any creative activity where the social responsibilities are as vital as in architecture and design, the School seeks to foster and cultivate the integrity of the individual. The goal in the growth of a student is, through the stimulation and develop- ment of intellectual and emotional capacities together, the mastery of the architectural techniques of the profession. Professional instruction is offered the undergraduate in architecture, landscape architecture, and product design. A graduate program in all three departments is projected for the future. Drawing Boards, the symbol of the Design School, are usually manned far into the night. No rest in sight. I SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Seeks To Increase State Supply Of Class Teachers r T y IE current and anticipated increase in the popu- lation of secondary school age youth necessitates a greater number of competent teachers in the public schools of North Carolina, particularly in the areas of vocational agriculture, industrial arts, industrial edu- cation, mathematics and science. With this need in mind, the School of Education offers the degree of Bachelor of Science in the following areas of special- ization: agricultural education (the only one in the state), industrial arts, industrial education, mathe- matics education, science education, and recreation and park administration. The curriculum leading to each degree includes courses de signed to aid prospec- tive teachers in acquiring an understanding of high school pupils, and in selecting and using acceptable teaching methods. The Master of Agricultural Edu- cation, Industrial Arts Education, Industrial Educa- tion, and Occupational Information and Guidance is awarded to students in education who meet the general requirements of the Graduate School and the specific requirements of the respective depart- ments in which graduate work is taken. DEAN J. BRYANT KIRKLAND Sclwol of Education Labs are necessary even for education majors. The learning process is not complete until lessons are put to practical use I [35] SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Grows In New Laboratory And Class Buildings T? NGINEERING studies are of the utmost interest - - and importance to those young men and women who look to industry, engineering education, or re- search for a career. These ambit ions can well be fur- thered by the School of Engineering through its under- graduate or graduate programs, whereby students arc offered technical instruction and leadership guid- ance by an experienced staff of qualified engineers and educators. The School of Engineering is organized into eight engineering departments: Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical, Mineral Industries, Mechan- ics, and Research. A committee also administers a nuclear engineering program. Research actiyities in the School arc centered not only on training future research workers, but also on carrying out a program that assures both sound investigations of a funda- mental nature in engineering sciences and work denoted to greater uses of natural resources. They are based on a program correlated with graduate study in engineering. Undergraduate degree programs are offered in the first six named departments and in nuclear engineer- ing. All the teaching departments offer advanced studies leading to a professional degree or to the h Master ' s degree. The Doctor of Phil is chanical, and nuclear engineering ...losopny program is offered in ceramic, chemical, civil, electrical, me- Construetion of a new Civil Engineering building illustrates the expansion that is taking place in the Engineering School. Dr. James K. Ferrell, Chemical Engineering Professor, is shown with his steel flow loop in the background. In reactor room, Dr. H. A. Lamonds, N.E. Head, is setting the goniometer angle in readiness for an experiment. [36] A ceramic experiment carried out in the heat of RF pla crystal growing facility is seen bv Dr. Palmour. ENGINEERS - COUNCIL DEAN RALPH E. FADUM School of Engineering To Donate N. C. State Aerial Photos To Schools T HE Engineers ' Council is composed of represen- tatives from various engineering organizations on campus. This year the Council will again sponsor the Engineers ' Exposition. The Exposition consists of projects prepared for exhibition by students in en- gineering organizations. The Council sponsors two dances during the school year. In the fall the Engineers ' Ball is held. This year the Ball had a Hawaiian theme. During the spring semester the highlight is the knighting of the students into the Order of St. Patrick at the St. Patrick ' s Dance for Engineering students. k " DiaM Brewer ' I wEto?N V ' " R % ? $ T Sec ' u G ' T C1 ° ntz ' , T ««- k A » e " ' B - Smith, D. Lilly; Second Ron, A. Foland, C. Pugh. IDevL-TCr, R V ' t Vli nt% R okel ' . k L ? ch . J- Daniel, C. Runkle; Third Row: G. Ashlev, M. Agostini Bruton CaSid F P?ckard Y Mal ' on 7 - C ° lhnS ' ' ' Th °™ ' C J ° neS ' E ' Denb ° Sanford T. Sha G. L e " [37] SCHOOL OF FORESTRY Prepares Students For A Career In Wood Products T C REASING the- productivity and quality ol our - - forests is basic to the welfare of the Southeast. The importance of the forest resource to the economy ol North Carolina is brought out In the tact that 62 percent of the land area is in forest, with wood products industries ranking next to textiles as a source of industrial employment. As a result, the School of Forestry oilers a program that prepares students for service in the professional fields of forest management, pulp and paper technology, and wood technology . I he degree ol Master of Science is offered lor those desiring specialization in the field of scien- tilic research, and for students desiring a thorough professional background, the School offers the Master of Forestry or Wood Technology degrees. DEAN R. J. PRESTON School of Forestry Dr. . J). Miller judges which cigar has been smoked the most in the annual Forestry Club Rolleo contest. Carlyle Franklin demonstrates the use of the Swedish ladder important to foresters in climbing tall, limbless frees. Pulpwood throwing is a traditional lumberjack feat of skil used to show off both ability and strength at woodlore. i.j S t.i ' J % i SCHOOL OF GENERAL STUDIES Plans Assembly Approval For Liberal Arts Degree rpilH possibility or North Carolina State College -■- offering a liberal arts degree in the Future has di- rected much attention toward the School of General Studies. Placing emphasis on technical as well as lib- eral arts subjects, t he School is divided into main de- partments: economics, English, history, political sci- ence, social studies, anthropology, modem languages, and physical education. Its purposes are to increase the students understanding of our complex economic, social, political, and philosophical world; to teach him to think critically and scientifically; and to quicken his appreciation of the role of science and the arts in human affairs. 1 he General Studies graduate may go directly into business or pursue an advanced liberal arts or technical degree. DEAN FRED V. CAHILL, JR. School of General Studies Dr. Lodwick Hartley, Head of the English Department, teaches upper leyel English in addition to hiring professors. [39] SCHOOL OF PHYSICAL SCIENCES AND APPLIED MATHEMATICS Graduates Give Support In Scientific Fields DEAN ARTHUR C. MEMUS, JR. School of Physical Sciences THE SCIENCE COUNCIL IN this period of ever increasing technological research, development, and production, Physical Sciences and Applied Mathematics has come to be one of the most important schools at North Carolina State College. Not only has the program enlarged academically, hut also emphasis on research has grown. The School, divided into the departments ol Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Experimental Statistics, has as its objectives the training of scientists and mathematicians and the technical support ol curricula in agriculture, education, textiles, forestry, design, and engineering. Special equipment and laboratories associated with the departments ol the School are a complete radioehemistrv laboratory, a low power homogeneous reactor and a heterogeneous reactor designed tor 100 kw, a one million volt Van de Graaft accelerator, an IBM 650 digital computer, and two analog computers. Presently the Master ol Science degree is offered bv each department, with a doctorate available in Physics and Statistics. Initiates Many Socials For Science Students ' TMIE Science Council, founded in 1961 as the - - governing body for the students in the School of Physical Sciences and Applied Mathematics, sponsors a picnic in the Fall to help with orientation of in- coming Freshmen. This picnic allows the freshman to escape the bustle of orientation and gives the stu- dent a chance to meet his future professors. First Row: Pres. J. Stevens, ' .-Pres. R. Brady, Sec. E. Oliver, Treas. P. W Garrison, T. " Banks, T. Bentley, L. Spruill, R. Smith, W, Whitt, W, Shacktman. The Council has taken on various other projects important to the School, including the publication of a magazine and the acquisition of books lor a section in the reserve book room of the library. A new decal is now in the process of being approved. This Spring the Council is planning another picnic for students majoring in Physical Sciences. Helminyer, Advis or A. F. Coots- Second Row: A. Van Nostrand, Guion; Third Row: F. Ziglar, ]. Lawrence, S. Ward, A. Fakkr. D. SCHOOL OF TEXTILES Graduates To Staff State ' s Largest Industry Tl XTILES is one of the most important industrial fields of our state. As a result. North Carolina State College has developed the world ' s leading School of Textiles, both in instruction and facilities. For administration, the School is organized into tour departments: Textile 1 eehnologv . knitting Technol- ogy, textile Chemistry, and Textile Research; and it offers two basic four-year curricula: Textile Tech- nology and Textile Chemistry. After the Freshman year, these two programs differ. I lowever, there is sufficient similarity in the first year to permit the student to deter the final decision as to his major tield of stuck until the end ot the freshman year. Four important purposes of the School are to educate men and women for professional seryice in all phases of the textile industry, to develop leadership, to aid the economic development of the industry, and to cooperate with the industry— through scientific re- search - - in improving manufacturing efficiency and the quality and value of textile products. TOMPKINS TEXTILE COUNCIL DEAN MALCOLM E. CAMPBELL School of Textiles Joins Honor Code Board In Halting Cheating A NNUALLY the Tompkins Textile Council - - undertakes yarious activities for the betterment of the School of Textiles. Some of these activities are: a picnic held at Umstead State Park for incoming freshmen, a high school day for these students to visit the Textile School, a Christmas party for under- privileged children, and an annual dance for Textile Juniors and Seniors. Presently, the Textile Council is planning a new display depicting education in Textiles and is dis- tributing posters stressing the Honor Code. A request has been made to the Student Government to have diplomas changed from their present small size to one of a larger size and better quality. T. Hester, First Ron 1 .- V.-Pres. E. York, Pres. S. Jenkins, Treas. R. McCarter, Sec. L. Burleson; Second Ron ' .- J. Laughinghouse, J. Yount L. Matheson, T. Jordan; Third Roir: P. Tucker, R. Reynolds, H. DeLoach, G. Warner, R. Shinn, B. Howie. £■ J8 4 Nl r mmmmmm dormitories Do not disturb. The hour is now late and soon she will he gone. Bill Watson, president of the Interfraternity Council, joins his fraternity brothers in costume for the Pi Kappa Alphas ' rendition oi an ancient Roman orgy, Spring IFC brings out the ingenuity of the fraternity man as he searches for the novel means of conveyance for his brew. , t [44] fraternities • " ' Mi r u„, INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Helps Frat Leaders With New Leadership Seminars D President Bill Watson begins the Wednesday meeting of the IFC by giving his report on the business of the week. URING the past year the Interfraternity Council has heen active helping its member fraternities as well as the college and community. Academically, the all-fraternitv average continued to be above the all-men ' s average. The Junior II C, whose primary purpose is the betterment of pledge scholarship, has been continued. Long-awaited Fra- ternity Row is now under construction. In anticipa- tion of the Row, the IFC sponsored a leadership seminar to make fraternity leaders more aware of the problems the future will present. For our campus, fraternity men have continued to fill campus leadership positions. Over two-thirds of Golden Chain and Blue Key are Greeks. New Arts, Inc., sponsored by the IFC and the College Union, furnishes the best in folk music and jazz concerts to its season members. In behalf of a better community, the fraternities had Christmas parties for orphans and underpriv- ileged children, collected canned food for the Raleigh Welfare Department, assisted the American Cancer Society in their drive last spring, and supplied ushers for the Friends of the College concerts. RICHARD BAREFOOT Vice-President FRED MILLH1SER Secretary JACK WATSON Treasurer [46] Lloyd Bust Gerald Buchanan Bruce Church Douglas Cooper Simon Dixon Bo Duncan Leland Hairr Bill Halberstadt Ken Huggins Garland Huneycutt John Jordan Shannon Lambeth John Long Bill Lucas Joe McCall Pete McDonald ' end - Prescott Frank Smith Woodrovv Taylor Bob Till Ray Uptegrove Smedes York IFC representative John Long inspects the progress made on the new houses on Fraternity Row. He is to make a report. [47] Alpha Gamma Rho MRS. NURHAM WARWICK Sponsor The Nu Chapter of AGR began the I all semester with a high degree of success in intramural football. The social program was launched with a combined party with the Sigma Pi ' s. Other events during the year include a I [omecoming weekend for the alumni, Greek Week, an orphans Christmas party, and an annual Christmas part) in the Sir Walter Hotel. PLEDGL CLASS: Harold Coble, Douglas Water, Bolton [ones. - t ill I! ik NU CHAPTER I ounded at Ohio State University 1904 Founded at N. C. State 1919 Colors: Greeu and Gold Flower: Pink Rose WOODROW TAYLOR President Bingo! One little girl hits the jackpot with an IFC sponsored gift at the AGR ' s Christmas party for Raleigh orphans. Danny .Allen John Arnold Richard Bailej |ohn Bryant Joe Carpenter Harrv Davis Earl Deal Bob Taii-cloth Ted Hardison William Heath Danny Hill Mike Hupko John Jordan Mac Lattam Albert McGirt Henry Manning 1 Iorncr Munden Ronald Poplin Bill Powell Irvin Ross Horace Skipper Lawson Starnes Hoodrow Taylor Samuel Thompson Oops! This stuff is potent. Better be careful not to spill a drop, but then the ' pledges will have to clean it up. [49] Delta Sigma Phi MISS CAROLYN RATCLIFF Sponsor The fall semester was highlighted by a party with the Duke chapter and Homecoming weekend. In December local underprivileged children were visited at the house by " Santa " following a Christ- mas dinner. At the Sweetheart ' s Ball the new frater- nity sweetheart, Brenda Potter, was crowned. The high point of the year is the " Sailors ' Ball, " which is annuallv held in May. PLEDGE CLASS— Front Ron ' : Flolloman, Honeycutt, Lanier; Second Row: Hall, McDougle, Goodson, Apple; Third Row: Rogers, Sum- ner, Roberts, Mottern, Baggett. RHO CHAPTER Founded at the College of the City of New Yorlt 1899 Founded at N. C. State 1915 Colors: Nile Green and White Flower: White Carnation BILL LUCAS President Barry and Bill are completely engrossed as the combo gives forth with all manner of screaming and shouting. Tom Bare Jim Cox John Crutchrield John Earnhardt Allan Evving Ed Fincher Don Franklin John Gifford Ronald Huneycutt Elmo James Richard Johnston Vann Joines Roger Jones Everett Kendall Ray Kennedy Tom Lenderink Brian Little Jerry Long Bill Lucas Dave Lumpkin Gene Miller Ed Pope Hal Pope Tom Rogers Gilbert Sarvis Bill Spence Ronald Steek David Stuart Chad Stump Harry Thompson Henry Thompson Allen Tothill Russell Vance Willis Weeks Sam Weir Murray White [51] FarmHouse t ,i 4 V IBl sK H Ib4H I 1 jjm 5 K - ' JM MISS CHATTYE CORNELIUS Sponsoi Farm! louse, home ol the country boys, continued a policj of no drinking this year as we hail a " rocking good time " at Founders ' l)a and the Star and C res cent. The house reverberated with cheers when we recaptured the scholarship cup. During the snow we managed to get in eight snowball rights and sent the " hoes screaming down the street in lull flight. PLEOGL C I ASS I, nut How: Carac, Bresler, Bissette, Murray, Morrison, Martin; Second Row: Killough, Holder, Edmondson, Bollinger, Rutty, Beach, Meece; Third Wow. McLaughlin, Shye, Mansour, Blanton, Gaither, Winston, [ackson. Founded at the University ol Missouri 1 C H)S I ounded at N. C, State 1454 Colors: Green, Gold, and White Flower: Sunburst Rose Song: The White, Green, and Gold PRESTON CORNELIUS President No, Honey, we don ' t believe in mattresses, say these two Farm! louse Bohemes, at one of their Saturday parties. Ray Bogle David Brendle Steve Cobb Roger Collins Preston Cornelius Charles Dunning C harles Edwards Robert Goodman Wallace Gray Benny Hampton Joe Hollowell Ed Hon ell John Irby Leon Lucas Bill Marlm Bill Martin Steve Mund Bill Nesbitt Norman Nifong Jim Nobles Garland Pardue Jerry Snider Ray Warner Robert Williams Andrew Yasinac Joel Younts Tuck, Benny, Preston, and Joe quiz Dr. I. Beverly Lake on his views on segregation at an informal get-together. [53] Kappa Alpha MISS SHIRLEY TRUITT Sponsor Kappa Alpha had a social program highlighted by the Roman party and the beach weekend. Founders ' Day was observed by means of a banquet which was enjoyed by everyone. In sports KA copped the golt title and the Dixie Classic basketball championship to place high in the interrraternity standings. KA is also proud ot Miss Jane Riggan who was named Homecoming Queen for 1 962. PLEDGE CLASS-Front Row: Davis, Pyatte, Atkinson, Fulghum; Second Row: Myers, Stovve, Young, Smith; Third Row: Simmons, Melton, Monk, Atkins. Hodges. nuuu . ;■ iiiii ALPHA-OMEGA CHAPTER Founded at Washington Lee College 1865 Founded at N. C. State 1903 Colors: Crimson mid Old Gold Flowers: Red Rose mid Magnolia Blossom Song: It ' s a Grand Old Gang SMEDES YORK President Brian has a good hand. If he can finesse his way through, he might win. However, those girls look tough. James Bowers Douglas Brackett John Bridgers Robert Cato Bruce Church Caesar Cone John Cross Edward Daniel lohn Dixon George Dunlap Charles Griffin John Griffin Donald Hamilton Brian Howell Charles Layman Cameron Lee O. D. Lee William Marshall Howard Move Jonathan Powel. Bob Preslar John Purdie Robert Richie William Rose Robert Smith Jon Speaks Charles Wilkins Bennett Williams Smedes York Boy! This is wonderful, savs this KA date, as the rest of the KA ' s and their dates are entertained bv Blair Ellis. [55] Kappa Sigma I ■ ■ ■ 9, t ■ I ■ ■ ■ !■■!!■■■■ MRS. ROBERT MARTIN Sponsor The school year of 1962-1963 started rolling for the Kappa Sigs at the 3rd annual After-Rehearsal party one week before rush week. IFC weekend, the football weekends, and the Christmas party rounded nut the fall semester socially. The spring semester was highlighted by the Valentine ' s Day party, spring IFC weekend, and an annual beach trip. PLEDGE CLASS-Froiif Row. Warner, Weavil, Sochaki; Second Row. Sullivan, Hamilton, Seeburg, Shelton; Third Row: Coleman, lenkins, Allen, Irvin, Hartman, Rodgers. BETA-UPSILON CHAPTER Founded at the University oF Virginia 1S(. 1 ) Founded at N. C. State 1903 Colors: Scarlet, Green, and kite Flower: Lilj of tJie Vallej SIMON DIXON President Whatever is going on in the corner must be interesting to take Johnny ' s attention from the matter at hand. m kermit Austin Richard Barefoot I larry C arter Peter Chimos Alfred Cooke Simon Dixon William Donovan Frank Dove John Grove Herman Harper Reef Ivey Stephen Jefferson Edward Jenkins J. T. Jenkins Kerr Krider Robert Martin Joe McCall Reid McCarter Thomas Murray John Sims You can ' t really mean it, savs this infatuated date as she falls for the line handed her by this cool Kappa Sig. [571 Lambda Chi Alpha MISS LINDA WORCESTER Sponsor Fall ol 1962 was begun in fine style with a Las Vegas Night— fortunes were won and lost. Many exciting weekends followed and the lall was topped off with a float entry in the 1 lomecoming Parade that won second place. This year has seen increased interest in campus extracurricular activities and sports by all the brothers and pledges. PLEDGE CLASS-Frouf Row: Atkins, Murray, Strother, Vaughn. Second Ron-: Murray, Rosebro, Stampley, Williams, Beeson, [ones; Third Row: Booth, Gibson, Presslar, Lovvorn. Perry, Hayman, Hobbs. GAMMA-UPSILON CHAPTER Founded at Boston University 1909 Founded at N. C. State 1924 Colors: Purple, Green, and Gold Flower: White Rose FRED WIELAND President Apparently Wiley doesn ' t have the same attitude toward his date as Buddv. Wonder what his date has to say? John Barkley Grant Basham George Boyd Hugh Boyer Vester Brantley Charles Bullock Lander Gray Barry Griffin George Hall Richard Johnson Ronald Long David Marshall Wilco Martin Richard Paoletti Richard Snell Martin Wachtel Wester White Fred Wieland Henry Wyche The Lambda Chi crypt doesn ' t look so gl the sociableness pours freely out of those bottles on the bar top. [59] Phi Kappa Tau MISS PAT GALLIGER Sponsor CHI CHAPTER Founded at Miami University in Oxford, Founded at N. C. State 1927 Colors: Harvard Red and Old Gold Flower: Bed Carnation Song: hi Old I ' lii I an Ohio 1906 OKT CHI CHAPTER i Each year we commemorate Chi C hapter ' s founding at the Carnation Mall, which is one oi the highlights dl the social season. Phi kappa I au participates actively in all ol the Interfraternitv Council func- tions as well as the intramural schedule. In addition to these activities, many varied theme parties are held for the Brotherhood and their dates. LELAND HAIRR President PLEDGE CLASS-Front Row: Bob Cornell, Phil Stephens, Elliott Mayo, Harry Wetmore, Ra; Griffin, Walter Overcash, Walter Straus, Al Wnmble, Ron Gioia, Jim Currin. Clark; Second Row: Sam Senter, Duane Jtw- ' -P T . Gus Anastes William Ashelej David Benton Carlton Bost Lionel Brvson Lamar Bunn Edward Byrd Daniel Caldwell William Crossland Charles Favor Benjamin Gravely Leland Hairr Ladson Hart Ronald Hodges Richard Holland Miles Hughes Clarence Humphrey Paul Humphreys Franklin Joyner William Krickbaum David Kurtz Anthony Lindsay William McClenny Benedict McFarland Thomas McLawhom R. L. Mayton Ralph Mearill James Morrow James Palmer Ronald Pennsvle Terry Phillips Charles Reed Thad Russell Charles Rust Charles Sanderson Samuel Scott Richard Stroud Julian Taylor Stanley Whorley [61] Pi Kappa Alpha MISS SHARON GRIFFIN Sponsor This year the Pikas had parties of various themes which were enhanced by the presence of several well- known performers. A few of these were Josh White, the Weavers, Troy Donahue, and Ray de la Torre. In addition to their many other activities, the Pikas came out on top in intramurals by winning both the football and basketball championships. ALPHA-EPSILON CHAPTER Founded at the Universit) ol Virginia 1868 Founded at N. C. State 1904 Colors: Garnet and Gold Flower: Lily of the Valley KELLY BARNHILL President PLEDGE CLASS-Front Row: |. Goodman, D. McKown, R. Kelly, F. Smith, G. Simpson; Second Row: R. Collins, C. Oliver, |. Riddle, H. Hutchens; Back: D. Ellis. Josh White and his daughter visit the Pikas after singing a concert For New Aits Inc. in the college coliseum. Henry Barnes Robert Barnhill Jim Braddock fames Carper Charles Hall Leslie Ipock George Lester William McNinch Clyde Mickle Tom Miller Fred Millhiser White Morrison George Oakley Cliff Perry Jack Prescott Wendy Prescott Bill St. Clair Bill Watson Charles Watson Les Young Wendy seems very exuberant as he swings his date in the backyard. Could that funny little man be the reason for it? [63] Pi Kappa Phi MISS TRICLA ROBERTS Sponsor One l the many social Functions of Tau during the year is the Roman Orgy. Others are the Rose Ball and the orphans party at Christmas time. Besides these annual (unctions, we have many rush Functions and several beach parties. I lowever, partying is not all that is done, as our brothers participate in many extracurricular activities. PL] DGE CLASS-Froi?) Row: Mason, Yelverton, Meyers, Baker, Baxter; Second Row: Jones, Poe, Hunter, Hardage, Quinn; hird Row: Bricker, Groome, Lowe, Knight, Martin; Fourth How. Wil- liams, Lambert, Keen, Wall, Dennis; Fifth Row: Ivey, Tullock, Boyd, Surrett. TAU CHAPTER Founded at the College of Charleston 1904 Founded at N. C. State 1920 Colors: Gold mid hitc Flower; Red Rose Song: Rose of Pi Kappa Phi BILL HALBERSTADT President The Woi i utisi it tain of Pi Kappa Phi rides the float down I lillshoro Street in the annual Homecoming Parade. JSLM V ' ft John Bauerlein Warren Beck James Billings William Carter I [orace Corbetl l)a id Griffin William Halberstadt Kenneth HugginS Leon Joyner Harry Mashburn Jack Morris William Scarborough ilson Shirrill Robert Sills Edward Thomas Bridge takes up much of the PKP ' s time as seems to be the case in most of the fraternities on the State Campus. [651 Sigma Alpha Epsilon MISS LIBBA DAUGHTR1DGE Sponsor The SAE fall was a headlong, rushing, grand series oi weekends evenly separated bv tedious periods of academic endeavor. From rush to Carolina, IFC, Homecoming, and New Year ' s, the brothers and pledges kept a balance between socials and studies. The outstanding social success was the Plantation Inn cocktail party for our returning alumni. Our foot- hall and basketball teams competed for trophies. PLEDGE CLASS-FroiK Row. Norris, Gunz, Mears, Heitman; Second Row. Winter, Gort, Ruark, Wardell, White; Third Run-: Martin, Bennett, Scheider, Halldorson, Gilbert. Trogdon, Everett, Gordon, Sloop, Garner. N. C. ALPHA CHAPTER Founded at the University of Alabama 1856 Founded at N. C. State 1947 Colors: Purple and Cold Flower: Violet Song: " nilcts I FRANK SMITH President Brother Rex A. Smith pays a short visit to N. C. Alpha to check on their plans for moving to Fraternity Row. David Augspurgei Ralph Bowman Walt Brown Jerry Cebe Joe Coble Dan Derbv Joe Dixon Bob Dobbs Sonny Enloe Herb Goldston Vance Huneycutt Tommy King Joh n Long John McCuiston Bill McGinty Geoffrey McLean Jim Parker Jerry Patrick Bill Peabudv Chet Penninger Jack Poisson Jim Rhodes James Rutledge Mike Scofield Frank Smith Joe Stall Charles Tucker Bill White John Wofford Sim Wooten Sic; Alphs move outside with a jukebox and a couple of kegs in anticipation of an early spring heatwave. [67] Sigma Alpha Mu " i llP ' $ « " -v l: MISS KATHY NEWMAN Sponsor The " Sammy spirit " has carried us through another big year. Among our varied activities, we pride our- selves on our Parent ' s Weekend and our award- winning publication, the Sigma Omegram. We have been successful in party planning and athletic par- ticipation. With the completion of plans to move to Fraternity Row, we look forward to many more good years for SAM. PLEDGE CLASS-Froiit Row: Atilla, Pomeranz, Levy, Berman; Second Row. Halfon, Spiegel, Mayo, Eliasoff, Slaven, Wotiz, Cooper, Solomon. SIGMA-OMEGA CHAPTER Founded at the College or ' the City of New York 1909 Founded at N. C. State 1929 Colors: Purple and White Flower: Purple Aster Sony: Fast and Firm V y H h ' W W 1 " EM £ V ■ ■ «■■ BOB STEINBERG President Richard shows fine pitching form as he lets fly at a pledge in a snowball fight in front of the Sammy house. Ronald Bard David Berkelhammcr Henry Brandenberg Kenneth Charin Donald Dwore Peter Fogaiass; Donald Kann Robert Lebenson Peter Lehrer Edward Lurey Hal Pakula J. G. Pomeranz Jeffrey Prager Jay Sara Richard Shochlman Robert Silverman David Steinberg Robert Steinbury William Sucher David Underwood Donald echsler Michael Wise Robert Youngman David Zuckerman nnnn Now this is how it ' s done, just put one foot in front of the other and do the Turkey Trot. It ' s really very easy. [69] MISS TINA ORMOND Sponsor Sigma Chi kept active socially with a midsummer rush party, Followed bv the Carolina ' s Rush Party sponsored by the Greensboro-High Point Alumni Chapter. Then came Homecoming, the Orphan ' s Christmas party, and the Roman party. The cele- bration or the chapte r ' s twentieth anniversary and the swank Sweetheart Ball in Asheville proved the highlights of the Sigma Chi ' s social activities. PLEDGE CLASS— Front Row: Daniel, Cannon, Forney, Williams, Andrews, Ward; Second Row: Pipkin, Turpin, Portwood, Roberts, Paschall, Burhank. Williams. DELTA EPSILON CHAPTER Founded at Miami University 1855 Founded at N. C. State 1943 ' Colors: Blue and Old Gold Flower: White Rose Si nit;: Green Door pete Mcdonald President Barbara and Phil are really enjoying the Sigma Chi ' s Country and Western party. Only the cows are missing. F. C. Briner William Cameron John Can- Alton Cobb Christopher Cook Chester Cooke David Cribbin Gary Dana R. E. Dayvault George Ellinwood Robert Griffith Jerome Jackson Shannon Lambeth Edward Lennon Hovt Lowder Floyd McCall Wendell McDonald James Macomson Michael Macomson David Miller Frederick Pinkston James Scoggins Gordon Smith Owen Smith Franklin Snelson John Speight William Stancil David Steagall Mike Thompson Mike and Pete seem to be advertising for a road trip. They look like cowboys, but how fast can they draw and shoot? MISS MARY CARLISLE NORTHINGTON Sponsor At the beginning of the fall semester, the Sigma Nu ' s settled down to enjoy the ensuing football games and combo parties. Most important of the fall activi- ties were the Homecoming weekend, and an alumni weekend. With the advent of the I [oliday Season, the Nu ' s had a Christmas party for Raleigh orphans and then went caroling at Meredith, St. Mary ' s, Peace, and other Raleieh locations. BETA-TAU CHAPTER Founded at Virginia Military Institute 1868 Founded at N. C State 1895 ' Colors: Old Gold, Black, and White Flower: White Rose Song: White Star DOE WILLIAMS President PLEDGE CLASS-Fmiif Ron-: Brissom, Pratt, Hard), Roberson, Lassiter; Second Ron-. Feldman, Avant, Jenkins, Chesley, Lure. Green; Third Row: Riley, Moore, Hendrix, Hull, Umstead, Roberts, James. William Amick William Anderson David Archer Thomas Benton John Boughan Stewart Brock Phillip Buckingham Edward Edgar Norman Elmslie Edward Gucrard Henry Hair Stephen Hendersoi Richard Holley James Huntsman Kenneth Kearns William Lane Ramon Lee Claude Madison Stanley Mason William Mickev John Nordan Maurice Phillips Michael Pope Philip Ransone Jerry Rogers Douglas Sechrist John Smith James Swink Herman Temple Douglas White James Williams William Wilson Winfred Wilson [73] Sigma Phi Epsilon A MISS KATIE NIXON Sponsor With a well-balanced emphasis on scholarship and an active social life, Sig Ep has been regarded highly on our campus. Spring semester or ' 62 found us pull- ing the Intramural Championship out of the fire in a blazing finish. Once more during the tall we were doing well in campus sports, and were looking forward to another great Sig Ep year. N. C. BETA Founded at Richmond College 1901 Founded at N. C. State 1905 Colors: Violet and Red Flowers: American Beauty Rose and Violet Sons: Dear Old Fraternity I AC K WATSON President PLEDGE CLASS— From Rotr: Bernard, Putnam, Hart el, Brown; Second Row. McKinny, Blair, Lh _;lk ' . Mills, Efird, Smith. Jack shows his disyust at those who how to the demon bridge games, There ' s always cm ' going on in the house. iw John Arganbright John Booth William Bryan Mike Clark Robert Davis Don DeAngelis C. A. Denson Clarence Duncan William Duncan Stephen Fort Frank Furr Ivan Gilland Will. am Grant Dennis Gurley Thomas Hayes Gary Herman Joel Hicks Preston Hodges Michael Kokoska Velio Kuuskraa Thomas Lankford Franklin Miller James Miller George Moretz William Xau Thomas O ' Brien William Parish George Setzer Sidney Steifel John Tankard Will. ' am Thorn Carroll Walker Jack Watson Ray Wheeler Robert Williams Charles Wintzer [75] Sigma Pi ■■■■■ MISS KAY GOODWIN Sponsor Among many other big weekends, the highlight of the social calendar of the Rho Chapter of Sigma Pi was the annual Pounders Day banquet and the Orchid Ball, which is held on the weekend nearest to the anniversary of Sigma Pis founding date, February 26, 1897. Other important social I unctions include Pledge-Brother Week and the Greek Week sponsored bv the II C . PLEDGE GLASS-From ion: Miller Whisnant, Joe Seagle; Sec- ond Row: Bill Hidden, Steve Humbert, Bill Fairchild. RHO CHAPTER Founded .it Vincennes University 1897 Founded at N. C. State 1421 Colors: avender and White Flower: Lavender Orchid Song: Sweetheart Song RAY UPTEGROVE President Tending bar on Saturday night is one of the many duties attended by Pete Gernert. I le keeps things moving. Laurice Altman John Beck Gerald Christenbury William Cooper Bryan Dixon Peter Gernert James Hoel] Charles Hvatt James Marshburn Michael Owens Raymond Uptegrove Allen Winslow There ' s no danger of atomic attack here, but just in case the howling monster at the left acts up, beware. [771 Tau Kappa Epsilon =5 eL " i — i ■ nil ■ in 1 v M ■ MISS LYNN GIBBONS Sponsor The social 1 unctions of Tau Kappa Epsilon during the fall semester of 1962 covered a wide range of activities. These activities included the Red Carnation Ball, a Founders ' Day weekend, an annual trip to the Carolina coast, a traditional Christmas orphan ' s party sponsored by the Intertraternitv Council, and other assorted blowouts during the vear. PLEDGE I I ASS Front Row. Ron Herren, Chris Koszewski, Rick Ganbill; Second Row: I larr Stone, George Penney, Vann Parker, Garry Thomas. BETA-BETA CHAPTER Founded at Illinois Weslevan University 1889 Founded at N. C. State 1947 Colors: Cherry and Gray Flower: Red Carnation AL REIDELL President A typical TKE party finds the brothers, pledges, and their dates dancing to the music of the record player. Raymond Barry Jesse Brackett Robert Brandt Robert Burke Robert Chew George Disk Michale Earlin James Goodnight James Gross Ralph Gross John Hill William Johnston Richard Kent Gary Krueger Alfred Lindsey Charles Riedell Donald Schort Charles Stallings Thomas Swain Kent Thomas Charles Thompson Paul Troutman Robert Zangas Even the TKE ' s float in the Homecoming parade expresses the united student opinion on the name change issue. mm ■ [79] Theta Chi MISS DORCAS ANN COX Sponsor I all semester got off to an excellent start with a big combo party that lasted half a clay and all night. Manv more combos lol lowed with our annual I lome- J coming Blast, the biggest vet! The party that we gave for the orphans really added spirit to our Christ- mas season. With exams just around the corner we had one final fling for those of us who wouldn ' t be back to school in 1963. PLEDGE CLASS-Fronl Row: Monroe Johnson, Bob Pike, Buddy Weaver; Second Row. Bart Powell, Howard Price, Larry McNeill. DELTA-RHO CHAPTER Founded at Norwich University 1865 Founded at N. C. State 1952 Colors: Red and hitc Flower: Red Carnation Song: Dream Girl of Theta Chi BOB TILL President " Sini; along " with Bob. Guitar accompaniment adds a most unique touch to a casual afternoon lawn party. Leu Barker Gerald Buchanan James Caldwell Robert Carter Thomas Church Joe Dellostritto Andrew Denmark Johnny Dunlap John Flora James Grogan Charles Hamilton Bill Mac Ramey Kemp Jesse Lee Carvie Oldham Dan Rhodes Robert Sadler Barry Shaw- Jay Stuart Bob Till An early fall beach trip finds the brothers of Theta Chi and their dates singing by the firelight at Nags Head. [81] Sigma Kappa GAMMA PHI CHAPTER Founded at Colby College 1874 Founded at N. C. State 1960 Colors: Waroou and havenaet Flower: Violet [LONA FA ' AXS President I all semester found the Sigma Kappas busy with rush parties. For F [alloween we took treats to children at the Wake County Methodist Orphanage. During December the pledge dance was held, and we also gathered with Sigma Mpha Mu at their orphans ' party. In February the Sigma Kappas entertained rushees with a cowboy and Indian party, ending another successful year. PLEDGE CLASS, Front: P. Ham; Second Row. B. Paris. G. Fitchett; Third Row: A. Jones. S. Williams, T. Bundy, P. Saunders; Fourth Row. K. Schmidt, N. Barbour, L. Reavis. C. Bumgarner, J. Corter. SARA NORMAN, 2nd Vice-President; PEGGY McCONNELL, 1st Vice-President: ANNE FAKLER, Recording Secretary. mean lookinc; group of Sigma Kappa desperadoes gathers to show their talents at the sorority Wild West party. W CS m v- ,0 A Ilona Evans Anne Fakler Faye Fakler Alice 1 lerter Mary Key Peggy McConnell Martha McLaughlin Sara Norman Anne Parker Rebecca Shankle Sophronia Ward Helen Wigg ) Sigma Kappas lay the Cavalier to rest in anticipation of a Wolfpack victory over Virginia . . . this the Pack accompl pushed. [83] I gft that losing streak Alexander uhfour system ■£- Alexander dorm ' s float cruises down Hillsboro Street on its waj to winning First prize in the homecoming float contest. Construction has finally begun to remedy the lack of campus dormitory space. The spring waiting line for vacancies in Bragaw forms early the preceding evening to assure students a fall reservation. [84] AND THE OLD M ■ WM Interdormitory Council GERALD V. ROBERTSON President Top: V.-Pres. Pete Lesslie; Sec. Richard Cherry. Bottom: Committee Chairmen Barnhill, Olsen, [ones, Myers, Kingston. When Dormitory 62 is completed, it will be considered the most elite student housing structure in the southern states. [86] James Adams Raeford Baker Grant Blair Paul Blount Richard Cherry Jne Donald Charles Green Claude Greeson Bobby Heath Jerry Jenkins Pete Lesslie Sherwood Lucas Edward Matheson Robert Mills Willard Myers Ronald Phelps James Poteat Leon Poteet Robert Rice Gerald Robertson John Thomas Kyle Walker George Wallace Max Watts Robert Weatherlv Ronald Yokely o JM O - U [87] Dorm Life Brriinx; 1 Oh, that cursed alarm clock! Another day begins and the dorm comes alive with students climbing out of the rack. Arise A quick brushing will bring back that Ipana smile and make the professor think you ' re awake. Let ' s see now, math, English, chemistry. Looks as if I ' ll have at least a hundred pounds ol books to carry to class. wherinc; miles and miles between classes makes on( seriously consider the possibilities of returning to the rack. WM I [aving SLEPT to the last minute, this unluck student must depend on some machine made mud to yet him awake. £ £ » i i ■ SJ8 I in Once a week all freshmen and sophomores return to the dorm, put on a uniform, and go march with the military. Lunch in the mop-up is a fate that awaits those who do not schedule time for lunch. Just soup and sandwiches. Lunch Mail call is the most anticipated event of the day. Onh a letter from home can dispel the grief of an F. EMPTY desk calls to its owner to come to use it. I lie events to come demand proper use of all stud) time. [89] Disturbance comes through a curious neighbor who needs help on some math or just wants to talk. Activities Not all activity in the dormitories is studying and playing around. Much time is spent in work on constructive hobbies. Playing chess can be termed intellectual exercise il it is not done at the expense of more important things. Dorm league football is well organized and draws good participation from all dorms. Tucker was the champion. [90] mm m A strenuous afternoon ' s i ujor makes a brief rest helpful before entering the evening schedule of activity. Do-it-yourself laundry is both inexpensive and quick. However, most roommates prefer the college laundry. The cafeteria offers a good quick service to those who need to eat and run or those who have time to eat leisurely. Flaying a short hand of bridge or looking at a girl ' s picture are good excuses to put off studying a little more. [91] Dormitory hosts |nhn and Marie Fulton arc especially helpful to Fresh- men who are just getting oriented and need experienced help in adjustment. Much time is spent by State students tying up the Meredith and St. Mary ' s lines. Date Preparations For that important date include a shine and shower. Hope Roy ' s gets those shirts done in time. Sin s on HER way. I hough State has lew coeds, men have little trouble Finding dates at nearhv schools. [92] Meanwhile A burst OF energy results in a rebound in a closely con- tested interdormitory game. Turlington won the crown. The one snow of the year draws dorm occupants out to play. Mr. Watts heaved a sigh of relief when it melted. Watching the tube is the dorm man ' s favorite pastime. It is on continually from the morning to the late show. Building model airplanes is both a hobby and a means of gaining insight into an important phase of engineering. [931 Body building in the room may possibly please his girl but Ping-pong tables are provided in sex oral of the dorms, here what about those guys who live in the room below? in Becton, .is another way For students to spend spare time. Nothing typifies group living more than the never ending bull sessions. Here all the world ' s problems are solved. There will always be some people on every hall who never study, hut are forever aggravating other people. At last the day is over. There is some work left to be done, hut first some relaxation is in order before eoins to bed. A complete combo is set up in Gold dorm. After a short airing on VVKNC, they are almost ready to go professional. Back to bed. The State student doesn ' t spend as much time here as is popularly supposed, but it ' s not a result of his choice. [95] ■hh military organization H The memory of Pearl Harbor prompts these Marching Cadets to march guard duty on Pearl Harbor Day. --ifc t - i I I I Drills over at last! Now to get out of this uniform. Our rifles, those costly, well-cleaned weapons we spend an hour a week carrying around, just to clean again. [98] 1 ALSq ,a v % N m b UJ CD K lii O vu " 7 s f; o. o in LU o u Ui sQ a o a) Ui tjssfc--} military I . I indsay, R. Onott, B. Crumpler, T. Conm r AIR FORCE COLOR GUARD ARMY COLOR GUARD L. Warren, R. Johnson, S. Giles, R. Penland Holding banner: SIC ' Snyder, SFC Haynes; First Row: Maj. Bagully, Capt. Shatpe, Lt. Olsen, Lt. Dills, First Sgt. Edwards; Second Row: Smith (Guidon Bearer), M Sgt. Mackie (Drum Major I; Third Row: Snell, Rasmussen, Strape, Bridges, Kenyon, Barber, Stevens; Fourth Row: Bardcn, Persinger, Sorrell, Hedgeeock, Donaldson, Gambill, Blaine; Fifth Row: Kennedy, Jarvis, Meadows, Loy, Henderson, Lutz, Stough; Sixth Row: Cope, Bowers, Stokes, Kirkman, Fair. Millard, Brawley; Seventh Row: Evans, Hartsell, Lowery, Perry, Edwards, Bland, Watson; Eighth Row: Pugh, Pringle, Whitmore, Gunter, Harper, Johnson. C STATE COLLEGE C DRUM BUGLE CORPS RALEIGH. N. C. ARMY CADRE Lt. Col. lames Barrett Lt. Col. Wilford Willey Maj. Max Craig Mai. Joseph Jenkins Maj. James Lawson Maj. Robert Wickham Capt. Norman Eriksen Capt. Charles McLain Capt. Mavnard Shields l£ Mtfr r Colonel Lauren W. Merriam Professor of Military Science and Tactics M Sgt. Virgil Bennett M Sgt. Charles Webster SFC Charles Rose SFC Orville Hegwood SFC Kenneth Hunichen SFC Charles Jones S Sgt. George Oakley Sgt. James Buck SP5 Harold Hanson [101] BRIGADE STAFF Colonel Richard F. Hil Brigade Commander Mrs. Richard F. Hi for the Brigade Commander Lt. Colonel Jack P. Jordan Executive Officer The Marching Sergeants put on entertaining programs of close order drill, sometimes against great odds. Major William Brantlej S-2 Major Hugh H. Shelton Major Velio A. Kuuskraa P.I.O. s i Major Bane R. Mitch S-3 Major John C. Hil S-4 [102] COMMAND AND CONTROL A rwo hour class each week serves to fill in the back- ground knowledge necessary to produce officers. Lt. Colonel Ronald J. Goldstein Battalion Commander Capt. Maurice W. Partin S-I Capt. Louis A. Rader S-3 Capt. Edgar M. Geddie S-4 2nd Lt. R. H. Upchurch P.I.O. Major Alan M. Bagullv Commanding Officer Capt. Tommy G. Sharpe Executive Officer 1st Lt. James H. Olsen Platoon Leader [103] FIRST BATTALION . Colonel G. Smedes York Major James S. Bowers C apt. |ames V. Williams Commanding Officer Executive Officer S-l C apt. Marion M. Clark Capt. W. |ohn Cameron S-3 S-4 d Miss Patty Stone for the Battalion Commander Orders i hie day command every advanced cadet ' s atten- tion to keep up with the daily changes in plans. r 104] COMPANY A Capt. lames S. [ollison 1st Lt. lames M. Leatherwood 1st Sgt. Robert B..i-k Company Commander Executive Officer 1st Sergeant 2nd Lt. C. Taylor SFC E. Aycoth 2nd Lt. f. Hubbard SFC K. Ball 1st Platoon 1 Platoon 2nd Platoon 2nd Platoon 2nd Lt. F. Eason SFC R. Bowman 3rd Platoon 3rd Platoon SECOND PLATOON Front Row I L-R): Culbertson. Currin. Lester, Enscore, Hilton. Willi am. Childer, Knapp; Second Row (L-R): Campbell. McGraw, Brown, Chase, Lowder, Beaver, Carey, Carmichael; Third Row (L-R): Hardy, Hough, Brant, McKelvey, Bryan. Chappell, Carter, Doub, Eckard. FIRST PLATOON Members: Spires, Atkins, Coleman, Campbell, Beamon, Danner, Davenport, Dade, Cathey, Chesley, Cresimore. Benson, Sasser, Ingold, Satterwhite, Daughtridge, Outlaw, Crann. Tullock. Coulter, Mills. Miller, King, Goodnight. THIRD PLATOON Members: Pike, Collins, Cuerard, Collins, Duckett, Mur- ray, Slater, Brock, McKellar, Craver, Avery, McCauley, Crabtree, Curtis. Davis. Combs, Campbell, Davis, Yar- brough, Cox, Davis, Basham, Coleman, Cooper, Devine, Dumas, Childress, Creech, Journigan, Sanford, Hall. Phillips. :io5] COMPANY B C ipt. Robert A. Richie ( ompanj Commander 1st Sgt. Douglas Bracket lit Sergeant 1st Lt. Tames R. Moye xecutive Officer 2nd Lt. T. Barringer ht Platoon SFC T. Buchanan 2nd Lt. K. Walker 1st Platoon 2nd Platoon SFC 2nd Lt. SFC W. Carter L. Bumgardner W. Campbell 2rd Platoon 2nd Platoon 3rd Platoon FIRST PLATOON Front Rori ' (L-R): Payne, Braddock, Frederick. Hardison, Gwinn, Elliot. Gammons; Second Row (L-R): Roberson, Gilleland, Dunivant, Gaylord, Marshall, Eggleston; Third Row CL-R): Nordan, Ferrell, Gardner, Hopkins. Boyd, Lopar. Moore; moth Row (L-R): Gupton, Gargis, Clark. Fox, Hamrick, Byars, Croxton. SECOND PLATOON Front Roir (L-R): Ingram, Johnson, Sheelan, Mayo, Grubbs, Gaffney, Griffin; Second Row (L-R): Thomas, Norman, Dowd, Inman, Whaley, Lasley, Maltbic; Third Row (L-R): Tripp, Edwards, Booth, Clark. Deaver, Meador, Hartman; Fourtfc Row (L-R : Crowe. Fisher. White, Gregory, Elliot, Parker. THIRD PLATOON Fronl Row I R : Boykin, Farless, Stone, Parker, Hall, Brown, Williams, Yasinsac; Second Row (L-R): Lieut . Honeycutt, Faust, Allsbrook, Graves, Holland. McDonald, Atkins; Third Row (L-R): Morrison, Fourie, Hart, Wilson. C apalbo, I lardj . I yeans, ( i irn utt, 1 larrill. — — i :io6i COMPANY C J - t fo C apt. lames C. Bakes 1st Lt. James M. McCormick 1st Sgt. Hobart G. Davis Company Commander Executive Officer 1st Sergeant 2nd Lt. F. Bigger SFC W. Coble 2nd Lt. J. Owens SFC G. Cole 2nd Lt. R. Perkinson SFC D. Compton 1st Platoon 1st Platoon 2nd Platoon 2nd Platoon 3rd Platoon 3rd Platoon FIRST PLATOON Front Row (L-R): Stampley, Babcock, Freshwater, Morris, Smith, Fox, Anderson; Second Row (L-R): Hasek, Cooper, Shelton, Greening, Goodman, Cooke, Wise; Third Row (L-R): Askew, Guy, Gulledge, Latimer, Bledsoe, Greeson, Fowler; Fourth Row (L-R); Jackson, Mullin, Stone, Giles, Fisher, Atkins, Gurlev, SECOND PLATOON Front Row (L-R): Ariail, Griffin, Folsom, Francis, Miller. Harper, Batten; Second Row (L-R): Beck, Downing, Green, Giles, Pipkin, Harris, Miller; Third Row (L-R): Parham, Gibson, Haigler, Hayes, Mostfeller, Ellen, Forbes; Fourth Row (L-R): Harris, Connell, Sorrel], Griffin, Parker, Tepper. THIRD PLATOON Members: Dixon, McMasters, Fulton, Causey, Williams, Feldman, Hammack, Frank, Piaski, Deaton, Ward, Fort, Cutts, Morton, Riddick, Deaton, Warner, Fowler, Har- rison, Epley, Wright, Greenway, Gordon, Frazier, Allred, Fuller, Hall, Hansen. 1071 COMPANY D Capt. Leland M. Hain ( ' ompanz ( ' ommander st Lt. Edward E. fohnson I xecutive Officer 1st Sgt. Van 1). Durrett ht Sergeant 2nd Lt. SFC T. Erikson 2nd Lt. W. Reid SFC J. Fountain 2nd Lt. C. Bostian SFC B. Gay W McClenn) 1st Platoon 2ml Platoon 2nd Platoon 3rd Platoon rd Platoon I •. Platoon FIRST PLATOON Front Rov I R ; Hair, Garner, Kuhnemann, Wright, Kenley, Johnson, Delaini; Second Row (L-Rj: Tyree, Jones, Jackson, Jolley, k lcs. Fowler, Auvil; Third Row (L-R): Midyette, Herren, O ' Quinn, Goodman, Haley, Lee, Young; Fourth Row ( L-R): Lanier, Martin, Key, Etheridge, Burch, Johnson. THIRD PLATOON Frowl Row (L-R i: Korte, Kalil, Lee, Lewis, Essick, Law- e, Goodman, Fulbright; Second Row I II Hunch. Sullivan, Lancaster, I ynn, Moore, Jenkins, Jackson; Third Row I II [Tiompson, Provo, Lancaster, Hunt, Becker due. I awing, ( urlee; Fourth Ron I -R : Vlaness, Daniel, Owens, Kaloski, Marlowe, Walton, Brown, Flora. SECOND PLATOON Front Row (L-R): Tinkler, Jarvis, Keever, Johnson, Disher, Ledgetter, Knight; Second Row (L-R): Edwards, Johnson, Wilkinson, Keen, Binson, Bradshaw; rfeird fioir (L-R): McNeill, Jervis, Morelock, Kennedy, Kennedy, Mitchell. Holder; Fourth Row (L-R): Heggie, Clark, Franklin. McGee, Ashley, Adams. [108] SECOND BATTALION Iajor Samuel R. Morrow Capt. Miles A. Hughes Executive Officer S-l Capt. Billy B. Best Capt. Thomas B. 0«burn S-3 S-4 Lt. Colonel C. Elton Bass Battalion Commander A helping hand from an advanced cadet makes the weekly cleaning of weapons a little more palatable. Miss Betty Bunch for the Battalion Commander 109] COMPANY A (. apt. Frank E. Lustig Company ( ' oillllliMli tT st Lt. Edwin V. Hauser Executive Officer 1st Sgt. I. k ' rrv fat kson J st Sergeant 2nd Lt. B. Frazelle SFC T. Gray 2nd Lt. R. Griffith SFC J. Hooper 2nd Lt. R. Bennett SFC S. Harrington Jsf Platoon 1st Platoon 3rd Platoon 3rd Platoon 2nd Platoon 2nd Platoon FIRST PLATOON Front How (L-R): Arnold, Rhodes, German, Miller, Mahler, Pope, Braver; Second Row (L-R): Chapman, Stimpson, Long, McMillian, Chiswell, Ipock, Early; Third Roil ' (L-R): Miller, Boyd, Newland, Boyd. Baker, Sink; Fourth Rcrw (L-R): McCaughlin. Moore, Bivins, Kinney, Monk, Howell, Anderson. SECOND PLATOON Front Row (L-R): Horton, Maddox, Atkinson, Boozer, Browne, Jackson, Meiggs; Second Row (L-R): Routh, Wilkerson, Havener, Atkins, Thompson, Lee, Owen; Third Row (L-R): Pritchard, Hendrickson, Sills, James, Mur- ray, Ashworth, Summerlin; Fourth Row (L-R): Cahoon, Monk, Matlock, Lyerly, Peedin. THIRD PLATOON Front !iu I Id: Hodges. Jones. Norris, McNeill. Over- fish, Keaton, Martin; Second Row (L-R): Suggs, Mercer, Lennon, Null. Moser, Parker, Moore; Third Row (L-R): Metzer, Wahah, Luther. Norwood, May, Lewis, Lord; Fourth Row (L-R): Edgerton, Powell, Plyler, Loeppert, Steele, McCraw. ■110] COMPANY B C apt. |oseph M. Carpenter 1st Lt. John D. Jordan 1st Sgt. Robert M. Kochler Company Commander 1 tecutive Officei 1st Sergeant 2nd Lt. R. Uptegri e Is Platoon 2nd Lt. M. Campbell 2nd Platoon SFC J. Lineberger 2nd Lt. A. Graves SFC M. Long SFC D. Lanier 2nd Platoon SrdPlatoon 3rd Platoon 1st Platoon SECOND PLATOON Members: Thomas, Lee, Setzer, Alorrison, Groome, May- hew, Jones. Powell, Lail, Jordan, Briggs, Hale, Gray, Bradshaw, Crawford, Mitchell, Osborne, Hyde, King, Shirley, Morgan, Bumgarner, Miller, Massengill, Marsh, Richardson. Evans, Ramsey. FIRS! PLATOON Members: Lupton, Grubbs, Phelps. Poplin, Parrish, Mal- lory, Rink. Newton, Moses, Reid, Duckworth, Stroup, Hodge, Pyatte, Thompson, Lovette, Godwin, Kropf, Murray, Adams, Graves, Miller, Peeples, Brink, Mizell, Ingram, Suackhammer, Palmer. THIRD PLATOON Me mbers: Altman, Marsh, Martin, Mauldin, Monroe, Newlin, Petrone, Pratt, Hudson, Moore, Allen. Matheson, Matrone, Miller, Smith, Oliver, Moore, Fahnstock, Mc- Cann, Garris, Fitch, Remeta, Mobley, Porterfield, Minday, Murphy, Patterson. Xeese. ■Ill] COMPANY C Capt. |esse W. Myers 1st Lt. Reynolds S. Davenport 1st Sgt. R. D. McLaughlin Compart} Commander Executive Officer 1st Sergeant 2nd Lt. W. Wilson SR A. Martin 2nd Lt. H. Temple SFC H. Mashburn 2nd Lt. SFC G. Matuza 1st Platoon IstPlatoon 2nd Platoon 2nd Platoon W. Johnston 3rd Platoon 3rd Platoon FIRST PLATOON Members: Martin, Serrell, Rodgers, Smyth, Strother, Propst, Rawls, Poteet, Smith. Stephens, Morris, Barrett, Sykes, Summers, Simpson, Self, Swindell, Straughn, Ran- dall, Broughton, Bricker, Schieder, Ramseur, Stockton, Sullivan, Slaven. THIRD PLATOON Fronl Row (1 I ' i: Honaman, Kanipe, McGee, [ohnson, Lisk, O ' Brien, Hamilton, Buchanan; Second Row (L-R): Lovette, N. 1 Imslie, Andreve, Swicegood, Fox, Penney, Smith, Rollins, Sutherland; Third Row (L-R): Brothers, Swanson, Stanley, Mc( ulloch, Steinbraker, Leopold, Ross, Ragan, Stokes. SECOND PLATOON Members: Marshburn, Anderson, Bloomer, Deluise, Swa ney, Carr, Vinson, William, Roberson, King. Suping, Smith, Scott, Martin, Spiegel, Irby. Kuehn, Mien, Stokes bury, Poyette, Newton, Andrews, Forrest, Davis, Bor- deaux, Rogers, Aberson, Duncan, Snyder, Rogers, Schell, Smith. ' 1121 COMPANY D Capt. Charles T. Cochrane Coinpain ( Dnnnauder 1st Lt. Henry L. Thompson Executive Officer 1st Sgt. Howard 1). Muw J sf Sergeant f i| || % 2nd Lt. A. Graves 1st Platoon SFCG. Meyer 1st Platoon Znd Lt. |. Snider 2nd Platoon SFC E. Alexander 2nd Platoon 2nd Lt. W. Halberstadt 3rd Platoon SFC H. Murray 3rd Platoon p g Ki nkC ' " " ' " - • b| ■-.» Afll F3mB Fulfil Wfr- Km " " A.. BH K H E ■ Ml ■ J ■ »■ B 1 1 tttt ... HI ' i ■ ■hMh» SECOND PLATOON Front Row (L-R): Ireland, Rogers, Walter, Upchurch, Perkinson, Hall, Todd; Second Row (L-R): Jeffries, Wet- more, Travis, Vinson, Tucker, Harrison, McEntire; Third Row (L-R): Rice, Whitaker, Womble, Shepherd, Audrey, Weaver, Tessner, Fourth Row (L-R): Lewis, Williams, Taylor, Danijl, Whither, Baucom, Ridoutt. FIRST PLATOON Front Ron ' (L-R): Hunter, Sampson, Todd, Young. Wil- son, Winston, Wilkinson, Taylor, Watts; Second Row (L-R): Clough, Willis, Thompson, Trogdon, Tant, Vaughn, Kount, Johnson, Wyrick; Third Row (L-R): Krider, Whitner, Wall, Trayham, Winslow, Weaver, Brooks, Barker, Craft. THIRD PLATOON Frouf Roir (L-R): Langston, Wise, Braswell, Chappell, Holman, Richardson, Culpepper; Second Row (L-R): Holler, Overcash, York, Soloman, Hunter, Line), Myers; Third Roir (L-R): Day, Cooper, Fritts, Preusell, Wright, Stagner, Bilbro; Fourth Row (L-R): Dranikoff, Triplett, Arnold, Shulnid, Cooper, Toney, Smith, Burnette. :ii3] THIRD BATTALION Lt. Colonel Simon C. Dixon Battalion Commander Major Richard L. Barefoot Capt. Lloyd C. Bost Executive Officer S-l Capt. Marcus V. Dennis Capt. Owen F. Smith S-3 S-4 Mis-, Barbara Martin for the Battalion Commander All done for this week! Now if I can only keep this rifle clean next drill. I can wipe it clean then. ' 1141 COMPANY A Capt. Larry R. Allen Company Commander 1st Lt. Michael R. Macomson Executive Officer 1st Sgt. M. Benny Phillips 1st Sergeant 2nd Lt. R. Lynch 1st Platoon SFC C. Oliver ht Platoon 2nd Lt. J. Lewis 2nd Platoon SFC R. Phillips 2nd Platoon 2nd Lt. F. Klatt 3rd Platoon SFC M. Pope 3rd Platoon — jr-r A - 1 5- 9 ' 9 5 3B 5» " ■ • - s - t?f -.- 1 1 fcu • »f. - •f 1 | c i tf ; . — « T f i i | • i 7) ■ SECOND PLATOON Front Row (L-R): Broome. Mayfield, Young, Byrd, Atkin, Niven, Brown, Wells: Second Row (L-R): Blair, Parker, Bailey, Riley, Brouillard, Brinkley, Robbins, Brown; Third Row (L-R): Mihailoff, Brodie, Sellers, Brown, Stroud. Xoggle, Gurley; Fourth Row (L-R): Everett, Aman, Holmes, Brookshite, Coor, Baucom, Gunz. FIRST PLATOON Front Row (L-R): Briner, Wyche, White, Hendtix, Underwood, Jenkins, Brown; Second Row (L-R): Parker, Worsley, Hodgdon, Maner, Hancock, Smallwood, Young; Third Row (L-R): Romesburg, Smith, Preslar, Spell, Buffaloe, Burch, Ransome; Fourth Row (L-R): Beck, Blair, Bolejack, Williams, Weston, Brahe, Clapp. THIRD PLATOON Front Row (L-R): Williams, Gealy. Watford, Brookbank, Beamon, Fulchen, Floyd; Second Rotv (L-R): Bell, Bren- ner, Beckom, Sams, Roberts, Essex, Schofield; Third Row (L-R): Sechrist, Bowers, Amos, Woody, Moffitt, Bounds, Whitten; Fourth Row (L-R): Bozeman, Bryan, Ballance, Ellis, Heath, Brown. [115] COMPANY B Capl William I.. St. Clair ( ' ompan i ommander 1st Lt. Tony G. Idol cei ii ii e ( llnri 1st Sgt. D. Steve Seawright 1st Sergeant t 9 t 8 2nd Lt. A. Abemathy 1st Platoon SFC J. Rutledge 2nd Lt. E. Whitt SFC J. Self J st Platoon 2nd Platoon 2ml Platoon 2nd Lt. |. Swank SFC W. Simmons 3rd Platoon 3rd Platoon FIRST PLATOON Fronl [me (L-R): Underbill, Wiltshire. Hill. kirkland. I lull, Tayloe, Houston; Second Row (L-R): Hinshaw, Guin, Underwood, Wilson, Moore, Horton, Hedge; Third Roil ' (L-R): Sale, Nicholson, George, Higgins, Williams, Scisly, Hudson; Fourth Row (L-R): Bresler, Boone, Braw ley, Bowman. THIRD PLATOON Fronf Row (I R : McKown, Winn, Stevens, Howey, I I uu Inns, Moore, Vance, Harris; Second Row (L-R): Vann, Fort, Wilkinson, Howard, Turlington, Moore, Hill, Shackelford; third Row (L-R ' , : Newton. Parson, Hum phreys, Triplett, Honeycutt, Myers, Honeycutt, Hooks; Fourth Ion [ r, : Wooten, Clocker, Swartz, Allen, Hudson, Bernhardt, Hunt, [ones. SECOND PLATOON Fronl Row (L-R : Twiggs, Brite, Haase, Goodrich. Bust. Pyatte, Favor; Second Row (L-R): Mallard, Cobb, Drake, Johnson, Fort. Bevels, Huffman; Third Row (L-R): Crutchfield, Barkley, Peacock, Freeman, Alkins, Hyder, Taylor, Hicks; Fourth Roiv (L-R): I louk. Hurst, Stowe, Wyland, Roberts, DeAngelis, Bell, Hurdle. ' 1161 COMPANY C ( apt. Rciy L. Wood 1st It. William M. Spence 1st Sgt. Edward G. Snipes Company Commander Executive Officer 1st Sergeant 2nd Lt. D. Smith SFC W. Slade 2nd Lt. L. Watkins SFC G. Smith 2nd Lt. R. Wheeler SFC H. Smith lit Platoon 1st Platoon 2nd Platoon 2nd Platoon 3rd Platoon 3rd Platoon SECOND PLATOON Front Row (L-R): Vernon, McPhersun, Warren, Schillier, Huntley, Weir, Pinnix; Second Row (L-R): Ziglar, Suttle, Altemus, Puindexter, Pinnix, Austin, Beaman; Third Row (L-R): Murray, Barham, Ball, Rodgers, Yarhorough, Boyce, Rubin; Fourth Row (L-R): Rouzer, Oates, Pritch- ard, Dozier, Wall, Whisnant. FIRST PLATOON Front Row (L-R): Williams, Ward, Avant, Barnes, Wood, Gill, Sneer, McDonald; Second Row (L-R): Scott, Blan- ton, Duffy, Parham, Lee, Moore, McGee, Pettis; Third Row (L-R): Mason, Lee, Maxwell, McMillian, Snipes, McCall, Putnam; Fourth Row (L-R): Baird, Van Anda, Miller, Walker, McDonald, Rhea. THIRD PLATOON Front Row (L-R): Johnson, Godfrey, Miller, Hughes, Daniels, Partington, Wallington; Second Row (L-R): Dean, Williams, Dickerson, Smith, Preslar, Dean, (■ Third Row (L-R): Pierce, McRea, Daniel, Davis, Sanford, Carper, Herman; Fourth Row (L-R): McLaughlin, Blythe, McLeod, Pomeranz, Phillips, Pearson, Hamilton. 1171 COMPANY fc AJ D C apt. Cliff B. Perry ( ' ompanj ( ' ommander 1st Lt. William R. Watson Executive Officer 1st Sot. Charles A. Tate Isl Sergeant 2nd Lt. T. Coffey Jsf Platoon 2nd Lt. M. Grant 2»J Platoon FIRST PLATOON Front Ron ' (L-R): Ward, Powell, Lotts, Tingley, Nielsen, Warr, Vandervoort, Hall; Second Row (L-R): Wood, Durham, Walton, Hertzler, Bransford, Bahnson, Byrd; Third Row (L-R): Murray, Collins, Haywood, Hedge- cock, Anderson, Douglas, Wilson; Fourth Row (L-R): Wilkinson, Ewald, Mills. Creech, Hicks, Williamson. THIRD PLATOON limit Row (L-R): Williams, Smith, Ward, Oghurn, Tay- lor, Merrill, Crews; Second Row (L-R): Barker, Austin, Hayner, Wynne, Meece, Grasso, Martin: Third Row ill 1 , : Ritchie, Smith, Alexander, Hicks, Zerback, Woodell, Vaughn. SFC J. Teeter 2nd Platoon 2nd Lt. L. Carawnn 3rd Platoon SFC R. Turner 3rd Platoon SFC J. Taylor 1st Platoon SECOND PLATOON Front Row (L-R): Moore, Link, Little, Dunn, Motiz, Efird, White, Mercer; Second Row (L-R): Gilbert, Wig gins, Edwards, Meyer, Hemphill. Hendricks, McCormick, Heggan; Third Row (L-R): May, Yeager, Shelton, Col- son, Gurley, Bogart, Jarrett, Hope. :n8] STAFF SERGEANTS SFC Sidney Andrews SFC Ernest Avery SFC John Bauerlein SFC William Burns SFC Junes Card SFC Frederick Cron SFC William Crow SFC Joseph Dixon SFC Donald Dwore SFC Michael Ford SFC Johnny Hoyle SIC illiam Johnson SFC Donald Kann SFC Andrew Kilpatrick SFC Harry Maheras SFC Thomas McLawhorn SFC Phillip McMillan SFC James Morrison SFC James Myers SFC Roy Raper SFC Kenneth Searcy SFC Arthur Springer SFC Steven Stredler SFC George Wallace SFC William Warrick SFC Francis Williams The vu-graph is one of the principal instruments used to give cadets a pictorial view of deployments. ■1191 C apt. Gerald Moore Commander 1st Lt. William Brown Executive Officer 2nd I t. Arthur Van Nostrand S-l 2nd Lt. Francis Moss S-2 2nd Lt. Scott Trott S-3 2nd Lt. Donald Coon S-4 2nd Lt. Robert LIpchurch PIO 2nd Lt. Michael Xorris Drill Officer Miss Kathy Canady for Compart] L-4 PERSHING RIFLES S Douglas Allison Charles Barrow Luther Bennett Jesse Bracken Earl Brinlder Robert Chartier Claude Crawford [oseph Clendenin Kenneth Griffin Reginald Harrelson Robert Henderson Richard Kelly Richard Kiser Joseph Leinster |on Lew is I loward McAllister Ronald Miller Edward Poncavage Jack Ritterskamp David Sansbury T homas Sawyer John Shillingl ' .u Clyde Sorrell Donnell Sorrell Andrew Taylor Richard Thomas Joseph Turner Paul Wctmore PLEDGES Froni Row: Brown. Norman. Overcash, Mayo, Hunt, Green, Wallace, Duncan, Rowe, Braam; Second Row. Bell, Story, Powell. Martin. Wilson, Jones, Sewell, Thomas. Winston, Fulton; TJiird Row: Koszewski. Highsmith, Kidder, Price. Murdock, Norris, Diet el. Blanton, McLaughlin, Price; Fourth Row: Moore. Biggs, Johnson, Lee, Ranney, Keller, Maynard, Robertson, Nonce, Parvin. MILITARY BALL ASSOCIATION Col. W. L. Willey, M Sgt. Harry Murray, 1st Lt. John Raab, 1st Lt. Robert Carries, Lt. Col. lack Jordan, Lt. Col. Omar Wiseman, Capt. Gerald Moore. Pres., Capt. Ronald Reynolds, 1st Lt. Chuck Brown, Lt. Col. George Williams, 2nd Lt. Mike Norris, M Sgt. Steve Millsaps. 1st Lt. Robert Bourne. Lt. Col. M. C. Cusworth. FLIGHT INSTRUCTION PROGRAM Front Row: S. G. Blackburn, R. X. Mills, T. H. McConnel, L. W. Aldridge, W. F. Furr. 1. M. I).» Thompson. G. W. Allen, 1). M. Archer. R. W. Gandy, E. P. Page. ]. L. Garner. G. B. Williams: Rack Ron.- L. W ;i2i] ASSOCIATION U. S. ARMY J I J A is C ' r.T ■ " ' ;? " » 1 M yr y HBI X • - 1 1 I 1 1 I I 1 I 1 k 1 1 1 ajmA ill ill r WM | I Kj»M J i 0 Fro»( Row: W. Wilson, W. Johnston; Secomi Row: B. Best. R. Davenport, J. Hill, W. Reid, J. Myers, R. Hill, I. Leatherwood; Third Row: Lt. Col. Coleman, J. Morrison, H. Murray, M. Norris, C. Bostian, J. Lewis, K. Kaltt; Fourth Row: K. Oppenheim, R. Harrison, R. Miller, |. Jeffries, C. Honaman, R. Upchurch, A. Ankurs. ARMY RIFLE TEAM RESULTS AFROTC 1351 Army 1348 New Hanover 1306 N.C. A. T. 1248 New Hanover 1349 Army 1362 AFROTC 1383 Army 1384 AFROTC 1406 Army 1374 Duke 1262 UNC 1 364 New Hanover 1321 Clemson 1410 Army 1376 AFROTC 1360 UNC 1380 Army 1354 AFROT( 1395 UNC Navy 1304 Al ROTC 1390 Army L356 AFROTC 1385 Army 1376 Wake Forest 1345 Front Row. C. Coffey, P. Buckingham, D. Creech, P. Phillips; Second Row: W. Davis, R. Moore, E. 1 ee. 122] Gerald N. Moore ( ' ompan] Commander I . V. Aldridge A. M. Bagully W. C. Brown W. J. Cameron L. B. Carawan S. C. Dixon E. G. Fincher R. G. Hill Velio A. Kuuskraa Executive Officer J. A. Hubbard E. E. Johnson VV. H. Johnston J. P. Jordan SCABBARD AND BLADE David W. Whitlow 2nd Lieutenant J. M. Leatherwood B. Mitchell S. R. Morrow J. H. Olson M. VV. Partin W. A. Reid T. G. Sharpe C. E. Tavlor Louis . atkins P.I.O. J. B. Tollison O. R. Wiseman G. S. York ' 1231 AIR FORCE CADRE Colonel James D. Hovvder Professor of Air Science The Air I orce looks to its Reserve Officers I rain- ing Corps program lor many of its future leaders. The basic course provides students with an under- standing of fundamental military discipline and or- ganization through a coordinated plan til drill and o o r classroom instruction. 1 his program provides a basic knowledge ol the air age and the influence ol air power on world affairs, a knowledge which is essential tor good citizenship, civilian or military, in today ' s world. The Advanced Course tor selected volunteer juniors and seniors provides more intensive academic ant! leadership training to qualif) graduates tor commissions and active duty. This is accomplished through more so phisticated classroom instruction and the delegation of responsibility in drill assignments. Throughout the AFROTC course a primary objec- tive is to develop in students qualities of leadership and the ability to communicate effectively. 1 hese are keys to success in both military and civilian careers. Major Gerald L. Waterman Major Robert ]. Sheldon Captain Charles W. Row an Captain William S. _ larke Lt. Col. Franklin O. Blanton Lt. Col. Earl R. Dickey Lt. Col. Maynard C. Cusworth M Sgt. II. ). Kill. m I Sgt. R. I . Ostrand 1 Sgt. Ruben A. Hall S Sgt. R. C . Rousselle S Sgt. D. I Helsabeck S Sgt. T. I Rexrode .124] AIR FORCE CADET STAFF Lt. Col, ferry Garner Personnel Officer Lt. Col. Sammy Blackburn Inspector General Colonel Frederick L. Beyei Wing Commander Lt. Col. Leonard Thompson Materiel Officer Lt. Col. Omar Wiseman Operations Officer Lt. Col. Thomas Smith Administrative Officer Major Leon Poteet Information Officer Major George Williams Comptroller 1st Lt. Robert Whichard Assistant Personnel Officer Miss Linda Rape For the Wing Commander A good shoe shine usually draws a word of praise from the flight leader and at least no demerits. 1st Lt. Rox Propst Assistant Operations Officer 1st Lt. Ronald Jackson .Ass . Administrative Officer Capt. Jan Price Assist tint Comptroller Capt. George Mann Assistant Information Officer 1» GROUP STAFF 5951 Lt. Colonel George W. Allen Group Commander Majoi David W. Whitlow Inspector General Maioi Allen W. McDonald Operations Officer Major Javy R. Gwaltney Personnel Officer Major Guy D. Griswold Band Commander Miss Elaine Dark for the Group Major George E. Allen Deputy Group Commander Major Donald L. Maiden Group Administrative Officer Hurry, hurry, it ' s a long tick from the Textile Building to the drill field, but you must be on time. SQUADRON 5951 1st Lt. 1st Lt. 1st Lt. 1st Lt. R. Bourne S. Carter 1. Rabb R. Carries A I light B Flight ( ' FZigJii DFlighi Major T. Grimes Squadron Commander Capt. A. Koppel Executive Officer 1st Lt. H. Davis Administrative Officer A FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Spainhour, Land, Lambert, Osbourne, Togge, Pilson; Second Row (L-R): Martin, Phelps, Gee, Cooper, Miller, Spencer; Third Row (L-R): Starin, Mullis, Eaton, Vaughn, Hayman. B FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Scott, Funderburk, Chandler, Jenkins, Colette, Dillon, Frolich, Lindsay; Second Row (L-R): Jeffries, McNeill, Harman, Brumberg, Gabriel, Miller, Grady, Hancock; Third Row (L-R): Porterfield, Gurkin, Hayes, Baragona, Hackney, Baker, Hall. C FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Rose, Jones, Kear, Broadhurst, Massfeller, Abrams, Baragona, Myers; Second Row (L-R): Youger, Braucher, Disney, Fetherbay, Mayer, Brumberg, Clark, Keller; Third Row (L-R): Summit, Nichols. Morris, Newman, Baker, Dillon, Clody, Grumpier. D FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Jenkins, Gray, Washburn, Vincent, Wilson, Weant; Second Row (L-R): Wooten, Smith, Price, Somers, Ruehr- wein, Stephens, Saunders; Third Row (L-R): Williamson, Pier- annunzi, Snow, Riley, Hancock, Hill, Onoff. 127] Major W. Taylor Squadron ( ' ommander C ' apt. S. Ellis tecutive Officer 1st Lt. L. Sides Administrative Officer SQUADRON 5952 1st Lt. 1st Lt. 1st Lt. C. Williams V. Davis 1. Rudisil .4 Flight B Flight C Flight 1st Lt. . Foushee D Flight A FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Christopher, Barger, Boyce, Blanton, Benton, Beach, Ammon, Adams; Second Row (L-R): Bryant, Boles, Baucom, Cameron, Bailey, Baxter, Bumgarner, Barnes; Third Row (L-R); Adams, Bryan, Baker, Barnwell, Black, Branch. Bell, Bankhead, Ballard. B FLIGHT Front Row (L-R); England, Francis, Fulp, Forney, Deal, Dayvault; Second Row (L-R): wards, Ferguson, Carawan, Chandler, Fishel, Faircloth, Ferguson, Early, Delong, Ed- Everett; Third Row (L-R): Fletcher, Dunn, Freeman, Dobbins, Hart, Dobbins, Faires. C FLIGHT From Row (L-R): Goddard. Hudson, Johnson, Gross, Johnson, Jenkins, Green, Hunter; Second Row (L-R): Humbert, Heinsohn, Hill, Huff, Gentry, Home. Hardin; TJtird Row (L-R): Gibson, Hoke, Hughes, Junes, Harmon. O FLIGHT From Row (L-R kclley, Moore, Meares, Moretz, Ormand, Mar- shall, Morris, Killough; Second Row (L-R): Land, Lumpkin, Kelly, Newell, Mullim.ix. McCachren, Martin; Third Row (L-R): Mit- chell, Mattocks, Koebherling, Kreiss, Killebrew, Oakes, Owens, Jordan. [128] SQUADRON 5953 IstLt. IstLt. 1st Lt. 1st Lt. v. C unncr W. Martin R. Brown I. Huntsman A Flight B Flight ( ' Flight D Flight Major M. Thompson Squadron Commander C apt. R. Reynolc Executive Officer 1st Lt. N. Warren Administrative Officer A FLIGHT Members: Patrick, Peele, Pemble, Perry, Perry, Perry, Phillips, Phillips, Poole, Potter, Pounders, Powell, Preslar. Redmon, Rhodes, Schiller, Shives, Shue, Simpson, Smith, Smith. B FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Wofford, Sumner, Weaver, White, Willis, Whorley; Second Row (L-R): Theys, Stuart, Stowe, Smith, Tim- berlake. Swing; Third Row (L-R): Williams, Warren, Thomson, Wray, Watson, Whisenhunt. C FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Burnet, Bonds, Brewer, Bowling, Brown, Black- ard, Brown; Second Ron- (L-R): Blackburn, Burns, Blalock, Briley, Boyer, Bridgers; Third Row (L-R): Brooks, Brown, Bradburn, Bink- ley, Bryson, Brandenberg, Brooks. D FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Wooten, Williams, Williams. Wyatt, Williams. Young, Winston. Wilson; Second Row (L-R): Yow, McMurray, Fulghum. Young. Wysong, Williams, Williams, Zett; Third Row (L-R): Yarborough, Yelton, Willard, Young, Yelverton, Wilson, West. W ' ishon; Fourth Row (L-R): Woodson, Wilder, Ward. 129] Miss Lynda Thompson For the Group Commander GROUP STAFF 5952 Lt. Col. James K. Morrow Group Commander Major William A. Burton Deputy Croup Commander Major Robert G. Rouse Group Administrative Officer Thursday afternoon at 12:30 finds the Air Force Wing at drill on the practice Field, if it ' s not raining. SQUADRON 5954 1st Lt. 1st Lt. 1st Lt. 2nd Lt. R. Davis C. Price E. Baker R. Grove A Flight B Flight C Right D FZigfct Major C. Cobb Squadron Commande Capt. J. Howel] Executive Officer 1st Lt. X. Aycoclt Administrative Officer A FLIGHT MemWs: Abernathy, Abernathy. Abrams, Adams, Adkins. Alford, Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen, Allison, Andrews, Appleyard, Atkinson, Aulbert, Austin, Babb, Baggett. Bailey, Baker. Baker, Bannan, Ben- son, Chavasse. B FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Blondeau, Bilger, Bennett, Beasley, Boykin, Barringer, Boltrek; Second Row (L-R): Bowman, Blakeley, Biddle, Bernard. Bleicken, Beck, Bradley; Third Row (L-R): Bissette, Bell, Black, Barwick, Bone, Bell, BJanchard, Baum. C FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Burbank, Brooks, Calhoun, Brame, Cannon, Caison, Brown. Calton; Second Rmv (L-R): Brown, Burda, Capps, Bridges, Butts, Brodie, Cain, Brett; Third Row (L-R): Butts, Can- non, Brogden, Brisson, Brown, Butler, Burke. D FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Cowhig. Cheatham, Coward. Colvin, Cherry. Carver, Cox, Carnes; Second Row (L-R): Causey, Cooper, Chest- nutt, Carriker, Cooper, Cox, Carson, Crigler; Third Row (L-R): Cowan, Carroll, Cox, Couch, Cox, Cornelison, Carraway, Cook, Clemmons. [131] Major E. Fincher Squadron Commander Capt. R. Hunter Executive Officer 1st Lt. B. Glosson Administrative Officer SQUADRON 5955 2nd Lt. C. Griffin A Flight 2nd Lt. T. Zumbrunner B Flight 2nd Lt. 1). Flannagan ( light 2nd Lt. P. McDonald D FKgJtl A FLIGHT Front Ron ' (L-R): High, Dickens, Drum, Daniel, Denton, Davis, Dudley, Deitz; Second Ron- (L-R J: DeArment, Currin, Cunning- ham, Davis, DeVotie, Culver, Dave, Cutchins; Third Row (L-R): Dodd, Currin, Currin. Dellinger, Dawson, Grouse, Davis. Davis. Cumbo. B FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Edwards, Duffy, Farrow, Evans, Dutton, Elledge, Farmer, Edwards; Second Rote (L-R): Dunston, Ferguson, Duncan, Fincher. Fisher, Eller, Evans, Edwards; Third Run- (L-R): Dyson, Eure. Eborn. Duffy, Faires, Edwards, Featherstone, Earp, Edmond- son, Elisor ' , Dugan. C FLIGHT In, ni urn (1 l 1 ■ ' rcc c, Gooden, Franks, Griffin, Fowler, Fitz- gerald, Garner, Gavaghan; Second Row I L-R): Freed, Foster, Griffie, Gilstad, Frazier, Gregory, Gaines, Garrison; Third Row (L-R): t h. 1 owler, Gioia, Gribble, Foreman, Claim ' s. Goodson, Forshaw. D FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Harding, Hodges, Hamilton, Hayes; Second Row (L-R) Haywood, Hemphill, Heitmann, Hobson Griggs, Gurganus, Harris, Hales, Hocutt, Holler; Fourth Ron [ R : Hawkins, Holder, Hartgrove, Hallman, Haire, Hodges. 1 [arper, 1 [abas, Guthrie, Gruehn, Groner, Hobbs, Third Row (L-R): Harris, ' 1321 SQUADRON 5956 (_ apt. W. Jones DFlieht Cant. W. Keel C Flight Major R. Gandj Squadron ( ' omtnander (. apt. W. C oopei xecuth e ( )fficer 1st Lt. I.Allen Administrative Officer A FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Hunter, Honeycutt, Honeycutt, James, Hudson, Johnson, Hudgins, Johnson; Second Row (L-R): Hunt, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jackson, Jones, Jenkins, Howard; Third Row (L-R): Hudson, hiscoe, Howard, Jones. Jenkins. Hoyle, Hollawan, Holton. B FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Lane, Kinken, Kirkpatrick, Jones, Koontz, Keys, Korman, Kelly; Second Row (L-R): LaBelle, Laird, Lanier, Kor- negay, Jones, Lancaster, Kenyon, Lackey; Third Row (L-R): Jones, Jones, Kimmer, Jones, Kemp, Kelly, Law, Kneeshaw. C FLIGHT Front Ron (L-R I: Leroy, Leggett, McArthur, Lindsay, Liles, Luther, Lawson, Logue; Second Row (L-R): McConnell, Lowman, LeBosse, Little, Lyerly, Lee, Lovill. McClain; Third Row (L-R): Leggett, McCallum, Lilly, McAdams, McBride. D FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): McKinney, McKenzie, Mason. Mcintosh. Meade. Mayo, Marshall, McCracken; Second Row (L-R):: McGuffev, h Nulty, McLean. McCotter, McGee, McCoy, .Mason. Merritt; Third Row (L-R): McPhail. Melton. McCoy, May, Miceli. Mains. Mears, Maunder. [133] GROUP STAFF 5953 Lt. Colonel Donald R. Cagle Group Commander Mrs. Donald R. Cagle For the Group Commander Major Wesley W. Gilmore Deputy Group Commander Major Jesse M. Allen Group Administrative Officer Inspection at drill covers first the shoe shine and black socks, then the button on the hip pocket. J V_ SQUADRON 5957 T TWT | Capt. Capt. Capt. Capt. ■ . Long R. Mills E. Page C. Riedell A Flight B Flight C Flight D Fligfet Major G. Jackson Squadron Commander Capt. D. Gardner Executive Officer 1st Lt. E. Edgar Administrative Officer A FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Repress, Morris, Morgan, Morton, Moore, Mit- chell, Nelson, Mincey; Second Row (L-R): Needham, Mitchell, Mitchell, Neville, Mitchell, Monday, Moore, Morton; Third Row (L-R): Nelson, Minett, Monago, Modlin, Miller, Myers, Miller, Morris, Xeener. B FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Pleasants, Partin, Pender, Pharr, Page, Overton, Newlin, Newman; Second Row (L-R): Paquin, Olson, Parton, Pike, Newlin, Paramore, Olshinski; Third Row (L-R): Overcash, Oates, Penny, Piatt, Oestreich, Phillips, Pitts, Perry. C FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Price, Presson, Pridgen, Quinn, Rhodes, Pratt, Roberson, Rea; Second Row (L-R): Riddle, Powell, Ramseur, Rhyne, Powell, Rice, Radford; Third Row (L-R): Prince, Purdy, Pointer, Poe, Riedel, Price, Pugh. D FLIGHT Front Ron ' (L-R): Roberts, Sargent, Schour, Sage, Edwin. Royal, Samuels, Roessler; Second Row (L-R): Salver, Sheppard. Schock, Safrit, Seaton, Sauls, Rogers, Sandlin; Third Row (L-R): Roper, Saintsing, Scott, Setzer, Roberts, Scarborough, Sanders. r 135] Major J. Puckett Squadron Commander Capt. H. loyner I mv ii live Officer 1st Lt. R. Lambert Administrative Officer SQUADRON 5958 2nd Lt. 2nd I I. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. I. Arev P. Bartlett G. Ellinwood M. Hopkins FJigfef R Flight ( ' Flight D Flight A FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Wicker, Sieburg, Smith, Snead, Smith, Sherrill. Shouse; Second Row (L-R): Sherrill, Springle, Smith, Smith, Smith, Southard, Smith; Third Row (L-R): Sizemore, Stanley, Smith. Sochacki, Smith, Spencer. Shoal. Smithson. B FLIGHT Front Roir (L-R): Taylor, Stec, Stephenson, Sykes, Steele, Szmu- riga, Stroud, Tasker; Second Row (L-R): Stone, Stikeleather, Tan- ner, Stewart, Sylivant, Taylor, Tally, Sullivan; Third Row (L-R): Tarkington, Straus, Taylor. Stephenson. Strickland, Tart. C FLIGHT From Row (L-R): Thomeburg, Turbiville, Turner, Thomas, Thomas, Turner, Thorsen; Second Row (L-R): Turlington, Teague, Trexler, Thomas, Thomas, Thompson; Third Row (L-R): Vermeu- lem, Vetter, Tedder, Tomlin, Vaughn. O FLIGHT Fronl Row i L-R Weavil, White, Wachtel, White Waters. War dell, Watson. Waldroop; Second Row (L-R): Waggoner, Waller. Wigley, Washington, Warner, Wilcox. Wilder; Third Row (L-R): Warren. Wicker. White. W ' esthrook. Watson. Walker. White. ' 1361 SQUADRON 5959 2nd Li. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. (). Syrian C. Jernigan B. Williams L. Wooda I light B Flight ( Fiig il D Flight Major M. Kogers Squadron Commander Capt. L. Wallace Executive Officer 2nd Lt. . Nitong Administrative Officer A FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Tothill, Sechrest. Sawyer, Small, Sloan, Senter, Sears. Slawter; Second Row (L-R): Smith. Shannon, Schuander. Sartin, Schultheiss, Senter, Simmons, Schott; Third Row (L-R : Smith, Rutherford. Sanders. Rupp. Shook. Saunders. Sanders. B FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Smith, Spoon, Strum, Tatum, Sprinkle, Steele, Snell, Stuart; Second Row (L-R): Swain. Stocks, Stoner, Smith. Smith, Stone, Tate, Stott; Third Rmr (L-R): Spencer, Sixers. Somers, Speagle, Smith, Sullivan. Surratt. C FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): White. Wheeler, Wadsworth, Vance, Weisiger, Walker. Tesh; Second Row (L-R): Tysinger, Turbyfill. White. Team, Walker, Warren, Taylor: Third Row (L-R): Walker, Vice- roy, Ware, Warren, Troutman. Ware, Van Baskerch, Tucker. D FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Webb, Williams, Wilson, Youngman, Wolfrey, Workman, Williams, Willard; Second Row (L-R): Wilson, Work- man, Snakenburg, Wise. McCall, White, Wirtz. Barnes: Third (L-R): Widenhouse, Yates. Wilson, Wood, Wisekal, Wilkins, Zim- merman, Wilson, Wooten, Yarbrough. [137] f GROUP STAFF 5954 Lt. Colonel Larry W. Aldridge Group Commander Mrs. Larry YV. Aldridge For the Group ( ' ommander Major Wilbur I . Fun Deputy Group Commander Major David M. Archer Group Administrative Officer Competing colleciately, the Air Force cadets find that learning to shunt is important training tor thci SQUADRON 5960 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. R. 1 homas 1 1, [ones f. Craddock M. Bost A Flight B Flight C Flight D Fligfcf Major G. Catherwood Squadron Commander C apt. ]. Thomas Executive Officer 2nd Lt. L. Turner Administrative Officer A FLIGHT Members: Adams, Allen, Allen, Allen. Allen, Anastes, Anderson, Angley, Arganbright, Badger, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Baker, Barbee, Bare, Barlow, Barnes, Baucom, Beaeham, Beal, Beaman, Belton, Bender. B FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Burnet, Bonds, Brewer, Bowling, Brown, Black- ard, Brown; Second Row (L-R): Blackburn, Burns, Blalock, Briley, Boyer, Bridgers; Third Row (L-R): Brooks, Broun, Bradburn, Bink- lcy, Bryson, Brandcnberg, Brooks. C FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Caudle, Church, Cockerham, Clark, Burrage, Cato, Cannon, Cain; Second Row (L-R): Cantrell, Butler, Coble, Carver, Caldwell, Byrd, Burwell; Third Row (L-R): Byrd, Chap- pell, Coggins, Clontz, Cattaneo, Charin, Campbell. D FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Dail, Comwright, (.ux, Davis, Davenport, Dobbs, Deaton; Second Row (L-R): Cooch, Corbett, Curtis. Darnell. Cozier, Cox, Dennis; Third Row (L-R): Colquitt, Dorritv . Davis, Cole, Dennis, Davis, Dean, Deadwyler. •139] Major D. Rose Squadron Commander Capt. |. Wiggins xei utive Officer 2nd Lt. |. Smith Administrative Officer SQUADRON 5961 2nd 1 ;. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. 1 . C hurch I. Fawsetl W. Hill P. Hubban A FHpIu b rhght ( ' Flight ) Flight A FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Eshleman, Ellington, Earlin, Driscoll, Ewing, Fix, Farrior; Second Row (L-R): Farlow, Foster, Fox, Fuller, Ear- u d. Fasanella, Faires; Third Rim (L-R): Frelund, Edwards, Dun- can, Faster, Felton, Ford. B FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Golden, Goldmont, Funderburke, Garrett, Fuller, Goins, Goodman; Second Row (L-R): Ginader, Greenfield, Griffin, Gurley, Gillis, Glenn, Goodson; Third Row (L-R): Griffin, Good son, Gaither, Gentle, Griffin, Hager. Guntcr. C FLIGHT D FLIGHT Front m (1 R): Holland, Hall. Second Row (L-R): Hall, Howell Third Row (L R I: Haith, Hilton, Hite, I 1. ure. Harper, Holden; Harris. 1 hulk. Hovey, 1 [aire; Holloway, Head, Hoskins. Fronl Row (L-R): Jefferson, James, Jordan, Jackson, Ley, Irvin, Joines, Jones; Second Row (L-R): Jackson, Jenkins, Johnson, John stun. Icnkins. Ingram, Huneycutt, Huneycutt; Third Row (L-R): fohnson, [ones, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Joyner. Johnson. ' 1401 SQUADRON 5962 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. 2ml Lt. 2nd Lt. E. Merritt H. Davis P. Warnock [.Wood) A Flight B Flight C Flight 1) Flight Major A. McDuffie Squadron Commander Capt. |. Ferguson Executive Officer 2nd Lt. |. Jeffreys Administrative Officer A FLIGHT Ron- (L-R): Killough, King, Lowdon; Second R ow Kyles. Lilly, Leonard, Long; Killian, Lunsford, Land. Lambeth, Lindlelt, Kirkman, Lane, (L-R): Kaveny, Lineberger, Julian, Third Row (L-R): Leimone, Loy, B FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Mason, McGinty, Lyon, MacArthur, Mitchell, Mayer, Malone, McLauren; Second Row (L-R): Moore, Martin, Meeks, Matheson, Massey, Macomson, Mansfield; Third Row (L-R): McDaniel, Moore, Moore, Mays, Madison, Mobley, Maddrey. C FLIGHT Front Row (L-Rj: Nobles, Oates, Parker, Nye, Peeler. Moser, Paoletti. Penninger; Second Row (L-R): Norris, Newsome, Oakley. Murray, Newsome, Morris, Moose; Third Rim L-R : Morris. Paul, Mundy, Nelson, Orr, Page, Paschal!. D FLIGHT Front Row (L-R): Reese. Phillips, Rur ' ty, Poultney, Petty, Reynolds, Rogers; Second Row (L-R): Portvvood, Reid, Pinkston, Phlegar, Puckett; Third Row (L-R): Rivenbark. Reed, Richardson, Ross, Rose, Perry, Ray. r 141] ASSISTANT FLIGHT COMMANDERS % r 2nd Lt. Daniel Beard 2nd Lt. John Brooks 2nd Lt. |ames Cross 2nd Lt. Donald Dandliker 2nd Lt. Harold Daniels 2nd Lt. lames Da is 2nd Lt. lames Etchells 2nd Lt. Thomas Gaddis 2nd Lt. Loran Gehres 2nd Lt. Clifford Hammond 2nd Lt. Wilson Hepler 2nd Lt. Henry Hobgood 2nd Lt. Davis Hushes 2nd Lt. Stanley Hughey 2nd Lt. Michael Hupko 2nd Lt. John Hyder 2nd Lt. Stephen Johnson 2nd Lt. Charles |ones 2nd Lt. James Keen 2nd Lt. Donald Kesler 2nd Lt. William King 2nd Lt. Samuel Knowles 2nd Lt. James Lane 2nd Lt. Oscar Lee 2nd Lt. Percy Leonard 2nd Lt. lerry Mangum 2nd Lt. Richard Manning 2nd Lt. Bruce Overman 2nd Lt. John Purdie 2nd Lt. Ramond Rudell 2nd Lt. Clifton Sapp 2nd Lt. Phillip Shoulars 2nd Lt. Hayden Simerson 2nd Lt. William Smith 2nd Lt. John Van Pelt 2nd Lt. Martin Weeks 2nd Lt. Victor Whitted 2nd Lt. John Woodson AIR FORCE RIFLE TEAM Front Ion. |. Hoyle, L. Brown, M. Mottern, W. Mann, T. Leonard, D. Kneeshavv; Back Row: D. Poe, G. Warner, L. Sledge, E. Chomyei, LI. Goodman, T. Eaves, J. Gwaltney, L. Heavner, T. Price. [142] MARCHING CADETS Marching down Hillsboro Street, the Marching Cadets demonstrate one of their dirVieult rifle routines. 1st Lt. Carnes 1st Lt. Carter 1st It. Rabb 1st Lt. Robert B. Bourne Commander Front Row: J. Spainhour, G. Hayes, W. Jenkins, |. Summitt, L. Dillon, R. Bourne: Second Row: B. Grumpier, S. Land 1). Hill. W, Stephenson, G. Brumberg, L. Lindsay; Back Row: J. Myers, J. Harman, B. Rose, H. Yauger, R. Onoff, J. McNeill. [143] AREA B-2 STAFF OFFICERS fH tihtibal Lt. Col. Thompson Lt. Col. Wiseman Lt. Col. Aldridge 1st Lt. R. B. Bourne Major Furr 2nd Lt. Clegg Major Williams Commanding Officer Executive Officer Operations Officer Administrative Officer Comptroller Information Officer Liaison Officer GEORGE V. HOLLOMAN SQUADRON ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY Major George Jackson Commander :.r r ktAfc Capt. Reynolds Maior Catherwood Executive Officer Operations Officer Capt. Joyner 1st Lt. Carnes Administrative Officer Comptroller Miss Ann Ford for the Commander £4 » 4rr 4 fc» Tv Larry Aldridge Robert Bourne Stanford Carter Phillip Clegg Richard Davis Frank Furr David Gardner Buster Glosson Guy Griswold Charles lones lames Keen Robert Lambert Percy Leonard 1 onald Maiden Edward Page |ohn Rabb Leonard Thompson Martin Weeks Omar Wiseman George Williams Thomas Zumbrunner ANGEL FLIGHT ? ' ' r fy 23RE Becky Stokes, Margaret Cusworth, Gail Fitchett, Connie Bumgarner; Absent: Helen Wigg, Jan Higginbothan, Barbara Proveaux. ROTC BAND Elmore, Deputy Commander; Griswold, Commander First Rank: Wade, Tower, Walters. Maxwell, Knott; Second Rank: Gupton, Hamlett, Barnett, Self, Pritchard, Fisher; Third Rank: Reaves, Morrison, Griffin, Frierson, Bowers, McEwan; Fourth Rank: Arnold, Smith, Denham, Haddon, Fairchild, Elmore; Fifth Rank: Jones, Doyle, Hobbs, Deal, Fishel, Kearney; Sixth Rank: Steppe, Crossland, Hartsell, Nanney, Jones, Norman; Sevetith Rank: McGill, Smith, Callahan, Clark, Howard, Brantley; Eighth Rank: Powell, Hager, Griffin, Tetterton, Freeman, Dunn; Ninth Rank: Willis, Davis, Craver, Davis, Cox, Matthews; Tenth Rank: Dement, Brunkhurst, Brown, Wolf, Woodard, McAuley; Eleventh Rank: Andrews, Costner, Harris, Hurst, Strick- land, Coble; Twelfth Rank: Dowdy, Eason, Henry, Burr, Ward, Giles; Last Rank: Terrell, Lindstrom, Leonard, Witter, Midgett, Johnson. [145] a HUUL flflfg F ° " ESTRr au Ci Curtiss Moore seems uncomfortable as he types out news copy in his Alpha Zeta clothes. Smokey the Bear makes a great hit with the youngsters at the Forestry Club booth during the N. C. State Fair. A ceramics class, sponsored by the College Union, gives the students ' wives the opportunity to learn a useful hobb [146] »»HOW? I DO YOU DO? cc Dr. Max FIalperen serves as the Chairman oF the Board of Publications and the Faculty advisor For the Technician. The " Outstanding Publication of the Year Award " is presented at the annual spring Publication Board banquet. THE BOARD OF Finances Work Area Move ' TMIE year 1962-63 saw the major student publi- - cations attempting an overhaul. The Technician acquired an increasingly professional look. W ' KNC announced new, varied programs. The Agromeck redesigned its staff and took a long, hard look at some of its contents. Through all this the Board of Student Publications acted as a clearing house for gripes, nominations, and pointed comments. The Board did what it could to smooth the way. set up new budget procedures, and remove the elec- tion of business managers from the hands of the campus electorate. The majority of work done at the publications office i accomplished by the secretary, Carol Hill Kenfield. EXECUTIVE BOARD-Left to right: McCurdy, Flemming, Covington, Halpeien, Lea, Enloe, Smith. Nelson, Kenfield MW, ? A 4 [148] PUBLICATIONS Of Three Of Its Members AGROMECK FRANK SMITH Editor HAROLD ENLOE Business Manager TECHNICIAN MICHAEL LEA .. Editor JOSEPH EAGLES ... Business Manager WKNC LEWIS NELSON Station Manager DAVID McCURDY Business Manager Nelson Reynolds F. Smith W. Smith York Ballard f — •.- mAJtk Enloe Franklin Hester Humphries „ Lea [ ] McCurdy T!? PINETUM CARLYLE FRANKLIN Editor BLAKE BALLARD Business Manager SCHOOL OF DESIGN JOHN REUER Co-Editor PHIL GEITZEN Co-Editor CHARLES McMURRAY Business Manager SOUTHERN ENGINEER WILLIAM SMITH Editor PAUL HUMPHRIES Business Manager TEXTILE FORUM THOMAS HESTER . Co-Editor RALPH REYNOLDS Co-Editor ERNEST YORK Business Manager [149] AGROMECK Considers Book Revision For Coming Publications WORK on this year ' s edition of the Agromeck was aided by the move to new quarters in the basement of King Religious Center. The new loca- tion ' s being close to VVKNC and the Technician made possible closer coordination among these arms of student communication, from which the Agromeck benefitted greatly. New darkroom facilities close to the working area proved very convenient. An attempt was made to enlarge the staff by having co-section editors. During the year several items were brought up for revision, and the results of committee work on them will be seen next year. The format has been changed somewhat, and we hope you will find vour picture in the book. HAROLD C. ENLOE Business Manager FRANK S. SMITH Editor IAMES T. RHODES Managing Editor [150] WILLIAM H. WHITE, JR. Organizations Editor STEPHEN W. MILLSAPS and HERBERT J. GOLDSTON Military Editors Blake Ballard inspects another blank film strip that has just been developed and says, " Derby strikes again. " [151] AGROMECK BLAKE BALLARD, SAMMY THOMASON CARLYLE FRANKLIN, and DAN DERBY Photographers C. JOSEPH COBLE Class Editor JOHN E. LONG and G. ROBERT DOBBS Fraternity Editors WALTER E. BROWN Sports Editor [152] JOE DIXOX. MIKE SCOFIELD, and JOHX WOFFORD Staff Assistants Sonny Enloe, John Long, and Walt Brown are seen trying to eliminate Bill White by pushing him over a wall. [153] TECHNICIAN Creates Ideas And Sways State Students ' Opinions IT ' S twelve midnight on a copy night. Mike is sweating over the typewriter trying to finish an editorial on which he has been working all night, hut which he has done in hits and pieces because ol frequent interruptions. Allen is checking on the work schedules. Grant is seeing that no news has been lett out of the night ' s paper and is making assignments. Cora is proofing and griping about errors. Doug is yelling at Mike and telling him to write a controversial editorial so that he will have enough letters to the editor to fill the second page. Curtiss is cursing because a picture tor the front page has not been developed. Carlos has not shown up yet. The staff writers are preparing to leave. A typical night— one which insures a forum for student opinion and gives the community a knowl- edge of campus happenings. EDWARD A. LENNOX Managing Editor MR 11AEL D. LEA Fdilor |. GRANT BLAIR News Editor [154] nramn CORA KEMP Features Editor Martin White and Grant Blair try to solve Technician problems. JERRY JACKSON Head Photographer STAFF ASSISTANTS: Sitting: Joe Clocker, Paul Kivette, Ernie McCrary, Jim Massfeller. Standing: Pete Warner, Dvvight Minkler, Rich Whitfield, Robbie Davis, Billie Darden [155] TECHNICIAN CARLOS WILLIAMS Sports Editor ' (2), HERB ALLRED Cartoonist » T J Grant Blair and Cora Kemp seem to agree that eggnog should always be included in Christmas celebrations. IOE EAGLES Business " WuiiiiLjc RODDY DAYVAULT Advertising Manager DOUG LIENTZ and CURTISS MOORE Assistant Editors [156] WKNC Transmits The Best In Musical Entertainment | N January of 1947, Harrison C. Wroton, a junior - - in Aeronautical Engineering, built State College ' s t irst radio station. It consisted of a one-tube, low power transmitter, a small public address amplifier, a record player, and a few records. Since then the station has expanded many times. WKNC is now housed in new air-conditioned studios in the Publica- tions Center. It boasts of having two control consoles, professional tape recorders and turntables, and a li- brary of over 12,000 records. Originally worth only $100, WKNC is now valued at more than $35,000. Offering valuable experience to students interested in radio, WKNC is a student organization that strives to bring to the students of North Carolina State Col- lege and Peace College " the best in contemporary col- legiate radio programming. " DAVID H. McCURDY Business Manager LEWIS H. NELSON Station Manager GEORGE H. PICKERING Chief Engineer [157] W K N C R. FOXWORTH, D. HERTZLER |. HANCAMMON, G. STRUPE GEORGE HEEDEN Program Director Froni Row. G. Strupe, |. Garner, R. Pearson, W. Haynes; Second Row. M. Cross, J. Sams, R. Foxworth, ]. Hancammon, A. Willard, J. Harmon, D. Hertzler, L. Fuller, ]. Dobkins. 1581 THOMAS G. FATKIN Sales Director V. HAYNES, J. HANCAMMON, W. POWELL, R. PEARSON. D. HERTZLER, L. FULLER, G. STRUPE, J. GARNER. RAMON BRITT RF Director George Heedon, station manager elect for next year, sets the dials in preparation for going on the air. [159] PINETUM Is Edited Annually By Forestry Club Members Silling: Carlyle Franklin, Editor; Standing: Blake Ballard, Bus. Mgr.; Tom Ferrari, Asst. Bu s. Mgr.; Charles Lee, Asst. Editor. r I M IE Piuetitm is the annual publication of the -■- School of Forestry at North Carolina State College and is sponsored by the Forestry Club. I Ins publication serves to maintain an effective line of communication between alumni, faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, and the forestry industry. The Pitietiuii is a record of special events and student activities that take place in the School of Forestry. This publication gives special recognition to new faculty members, scholarship winners, and other outstanding personalities in the School of For- estry. It contains significant achievements in research which are highlighted with special reference to the diversified nature of the field of forestry. In addition, reports and articles of information concerning school forests and research projects in forestry are included. as well as letters received from practicing alumni around the world. The Pinetum is a significant factor in the overall effectiveness of the School of Forestry. SOUTHERN ENGINEER Won A First Place Award For State Graduate Item r I 1 1 IE Southern Engineer is a bi-monthly magazine - - published by students in the School of Engi- neering and sponsored by the Engineers ' Council. I he Southern hmihieer is the main line of com- munication between engineering students, the fac- ulty, and engineering alumni in industry. It helps students in engineering curricula to broaden their interests in other areas by having a number of articles in each issue on diversified subjects. Each issue also includes an article written bv Dean Ralph E. Fadum and an article recognizing outstand- ing alumni in the engineering field. The Southern Engineer received a first place award for its articles on outstanding State College grad- es o o uates. This is just another example of the fact that the Southern I nsineer has become one of the leading technical journals of the South. BARRY SMITH, Editor; PAUL HUMPHRIES, Bus. Mgr [160] TEXTILE FORUM Is Pledged Full Support By Faculty And Students r T I II textile Forum is the publication of the School - - ol Textiles. It is published five times each year, and is managed jointly by the five professional textile fraternities in the Textile School, which include Delta Kappi Phi, Phi Psi, Kappa Tau Beta. A.A.T.C.C, and Sigma I au Sigma. Also assisting on this publi- cation arc five facult) advisors. These advisors rep- resent the different areas in the textile industry. B) having such a wide variety of backgrounds on the staff the Textile Forum is able to keep abreast with the fast changing industry. The magazine features articles written bv the out- standing leaders in chemical, synthetic fiber, and the textile manufacturing industry. Copies of the pub- lication are sent to leading textile firms throughout the United States and in many foreign countries, in this manner the publication serves to promote closer relations between the textile industry, the faculty members, and all textile students. Jack Laughinghouse, Cite. Mgr.; Ernie York, Bus. Mgr.; Tom Hester, Co-Editor; Ralph Reynolds, Co-Editor. THE STUDENT PUBLICATION OF THE SCHOOL OF DESIGN Sponsors The Annual Art Auction For Its Support ' TV Student Publication of the Sclwul of Design was originated bv design students and is now maintained as an independent student project. The publication is supported in part bv student fees, sub- scriptions, and donations of friends. However, a great part of the financial support of this magazine is realized from the proceeds of an annual art auction. 1 he editors and staff ol the design publication 1 irmly believe that a satisfactory solution to a prob- lem can only be brought about by an orderly and well-defined process and, in this light, they present the feelings and considerations of outstanding architects. The articles as published in this mag- azine are the writings of such people as Joseph Hudnut, Dean Emeritus of the Harvard School of Design, and Sir Herbert Read, a British scholar and critic, both experts in the Held of design. Chuck MclMurray, Bus. Mgr.; Jim Posey, Asst. Editor; John Reuer, Editor. [161] STUDENT GOVERNMENT Leads Campus In Efforts To Obstruct Name Change r I M IIS is the body charged with administering all - - student self-government on the campus. These student leaders coordinate all student activities and organizations, seek to promote and improve the gen- eral welfare, and represent the students in dealing with the faculty and college administration. The student government is always among the first to take a stand on campus issues. During the year, the major issue was the changing of the college ' s name. The student government took a very strong stand against the name change, and after many hot debates and long deliberations, the issue was lost to a compromise name change. Nevertheless, the leaders in student government did their best to fulfill the wishes of the student body. WOODY TAYLOR. Vice-PreMeni JOHN CARR. Secretary FLOYD McCALL. President JOHN BYNLIM, Tre ura [162] ACADEMIC AFFAIRS The Committee on Academic Affairs pro- motes academic reform through the recom- mendation ol changes in the curricula or the college and cooperates and works with other groups interested in improving scho- lastic standards. Members: Chairman, Rocky Thompson; |im Rhodes; I Icrli Goldston; Eugene Bryan; Jim Ban-; Howard Price; Magnus Halldorson. ELECTIONS The Committee on Elections plans and executes all elections, formulates and en- forces election rules, publishes these rules for the student body, and promotes student body interest and participation in all cam- pus elections. Members: Grant Warner; Billy Koonce; Bob Williams; Glenn Chappell; Norman Nifong; Ron Stinner. PROMOTIONS The Committee on Promotions strives to promote education and publicity in the interest of progressively better Student Government, promotes progressive reform in the structure and operation of the Legis- lature, and reports news items weekly to campus publications. Members: Brian Little; Lynn Spruill; Ronald Bowers; John Atkins; Douglas Crater; Joe Penny; Michael Ford; Henrv Pasour. INVESTIGATIONS The Committee on Investigations investi- gates all matters deemed necessary by the Legislature, executes an annual survey of campus opinion with regard to needed campus improvement, and submits a sum- mary of the findings to the Legislature. Members: Chairman, Ralph Bowman; James Gribble; John Farmer; |immy Gregory; P. K. Moore; John Jordan. CAMPUS WELFARE The Committee on Campus Welfare strives to improve existing conditions on campus such as student housing, student dining facilities, social programs, recreational pro- grams, and religious activities. Members: Chairman, [oe Carpenter; Rocky Barker; fames Ruclisill; Sidney Gambell; |im Miller. BUDGETARY AND FINANCE The Committee on Budget and Finance administers funds in accordance with the Constitution, interviews representatives of organizations requesting appropriations, makes recommendations concerning the allo- cation of these funds, and originates bills concerning financial matters. Members: Chairman, fobn Bynum; Horace Skip per. RULES The Committee on Rules investigates any proposed changes to the Constitution, makes recommendations on these changes to Student Government, and orientates new members of the Legislature at the beginning of their term of office. Members: Chairman, Simmons Isler; William Howie; Ellis Whitt; Robert Andrews; Stephen I anduoigh, Beckton James. TRAFFIC I he Student Government 1 raffic Committee is appointed bv the Student Government President. The members of this committee hear student traffic appeals and also act as members of the College Traffic Committee. Members: Chairman, Edward Merritt; George Morelock; William Smith; Fred Gambell; Norman Nifong; Ken Canter; Darrell Steagall; Robert Griffin. _ J . t _ ORIENTATION COMMISSION The Orientation Committion ' s program dur- ing Orientation Week helps freshmen make the transition From high school to college and helps all new students to become acquainted with the campus and the college ' s regulations. Members: Chairman, Lynn Spruill; |ohn Yar- brough; Martha McLaughlin; Mike [ones; Charles Biggs; Lewis Lawrenee; Robert Whichard; Brian little. CAFETERIA ADVISORY BOARD The Cafeteria Ad visory Board investigates student complaints directed at the quality and price of the food served in the campus cafeteria, and the Board evaluates the service and cleanliness in the campus cafeteria. Memhers: Chairman, John Roy; Robert Whichard. CONSOLIDATED UNIVERSITY STUDENT COUNCIL The Consolidated University Student Coun- cil coordinates affairs between the three branches of the Consolidated University. The Council deals with major problems which are mutual to the three branches and sponsors a Consolidated University Day at each of the three schools. Members: President, |im [ones; Chairman, Jack Jordan. HONOR STUDY COMMISSION The Honor Stuck Commission analyzes each of the three judicial boards and makes rec- ommendations for any changes needed. This year the Commission established the Judicial Candidate Approval Board. Members: Chairman, Jim Rhodes; Tom Banks; John Cameron; Tom Ward; BuFord Guv. HONOR CODE BOARD Joined By Textile Group In Eliminating Cheating TM IF Honor Code is not merely another approach - - to the problem of student honesty; it is basically an integral part of North Carolina State College ' s educational philosophy. The Honor Code Board has the responsibility of trying all alleged violations of the Honor Code and of recommending appropriate disciplinary measures if an alleged violator is found guilty. The Honor Code Board is composed of ten students elected by the student body on a class basis. The honor system exists on the premise that each individual values highly his personal honesty and has pride in his integrity. This system is a positive one in that it poses no bounds, but gives the individual com- plete freedom in shaping his own character and cre- ating a strong sense of honor. ■i I Bob Griffith discusses the findings of his investigations on a cheating case with Chairman John Cameron. Fronf Row: Chairman John Cameron, Bob Griffith, Tom Miller, Bill Thorn; Second Row: Mike Scofield, Parks Cobb, Bob She;: [166] Tom Banks, Chairman of the Campus Code Board, dis- cusses the case of an alleged violator with Bill Mickey. CAMPUS CODE BOARD Prevents Wrongful Entry To Coliseum Registering r I HE Campus Code is the second component of ■ ■ the honor system. It is a pledge on the part of each male student to conduct himself in a manner befitting a gentleman under all circumstances. Since " gentlemanly conduct " cannot be precisely defined, the interpretation is left to the student who must rely upon his own training and common sense. To this ideal of honorable conduct all men may be as- sumed to be dedicated, regardless of their status. However, at North Carolina State College it is a responsibility assumed upon entering. The ten member Campus Code Board has the re- sponsibility of trying all alleged violations of the Campus Code made by male students and of recom- mending appropriate disciplinary measures if the alleged violator is found guilty. Front Row. Chairman Tom Banks, Bill Mickey, Frank Smith, Pete Lahrer, Steve Henderson; Second. Row. James Rutledge, Tom McConnell, John Speight, Bill Anderson, John Long. 1 1 1 M J! ' t k H ■ i ■■ J[| H . f w J PQ — v l 3v ' A i [167] WOMEN ' S CAMPUS CODE BOARD Governs Conduct Of Coed On State College Campus HP I IF C ampus Code is the second component of - - the Honor System. It is a pledge on the part of each female student to conduct herselt in a manner befitting a lady under all circumstances and on all occasions. Since " ladylike conduct " cannot be pre- cisel) defined, the interpretation is left to the student who must rel upon her own training and common sense. To this ideal of honorable conduct all women maj he assumed to he dedicated, regardless of their status. I lowevcr, at North Carolina State College it is a responsibility assumed upon entering. The Women ' s Campus Code board has the respon- sibility ol trying all alleged violations of the Campus Code made by female students and of recommending appropriate disciplinary measures if the alleged vio- lator is found guilty. The Women ' s Campus Code Board is composed of six elected female students. Kave Perryman and Mrs. Alice Shirley discuss the aspctts of the Honor S stcm as applied to women ' s conduct. Front Row: Chairman Rave Perryman, Peggy McConnell, Peggy Hollingsworth; Second Row: Cora Kemp, Joan Corter, Cynthia Johnson, Helen Wigg. [168] YMCA members participating in group discussions stimu- late mixed emotions and try to solve the world ' s problems. YMCA Offers Weekend Retreats To Faculty And Students T 1 IE purpose nl the North Carolina State College ■ - YM( is to stimulate religious development and to provide an opportunity for the student to relate his academic experience to It is faith. These principles are reflected in the " Y program through dorm devotions, weekday and Sunday chapel services in Danforth Chapel, religious conferences, and other religious activities. In a less obvious but still profound way, these principles are applied to activities which are vital to the needs of the student in the community and the world in which he finds himself. These activities include international stu- dent programs, seminars on courtship and marriage. United Nations assemblies, political affairs, art and music lectures, and dramatic presentations. Weekend faculty and student retreats with programs involving everyday problems and the Apollo Club give an added depth to the " Y " program. Front Row: Ralph Keel, Jack Poisson, Keller Smith. Second Row : George Flosman, Frank Briner, Jerry Stone, Fred Lindsey; Third Row: Pres. Carlyle Franklin, W-Pres. Garland McAdoo, Sec. Tom Bently, Trens. Don Zoble. mwm [169] COLLEGE UNION Coordinates Programs Of Great Value To Students THE College Union is the Student ' s home a a from home. It is a Student Community in one building, containing a restaurant, hotel, and complete facilities for recreation and activities. The building, however, is merely the instrument through which an idea is accomplished; the heart ol the organization is found in combined efforts oi the Officers, Board of Chairmen, Committees, and I )irectors. College Union ' s policy and budget are handled by the Board of Directors. The Board of Chairmen consists of the student president, vice-president, secretary, and the chairmen of the sixteen standing committees. The Board meets weeldv. It critically analyzes all the programs of each committee and coordinates the events that are spon- sored jointly. The Union Committee is a proving ground for initiative, dependability, loyalty, and tolerance. Since students graduating from college are often Crade " A " technicians and Grade " D " leaders, the Union ' s prime objective is to teach students to become effective leaders and citizens. The Board of Directors is composed ol faculty and stall members who make themselves available to the committees for advice and guidance. The College Union offers practical experience in understanding and working with people. WILLARD BARBEE President TERRY LOWDER and BILL GUION Vice-President ami Secretary BOARD OI DIP,! (TORS: Front Row. M. Lea. B. Fields, D. Pope, J. Lynn. G. Messick, T. Lowder, W. Barbee; Second Ro,r: R. Reynolds A. Mattox, II. Bowers, D. Goddard, D. Stuart, I). Guts. A. Haves. [170] BOARD OF CHAIRMEN: Front Row: Pres. W. Barbee, Sec. B. Guiun, F. Fakler, F. Denise, J. Meares; Second Row: P. Kivette, E. Pahl, T. Cross, T. Lovvder, W. Adams, J. Spencer, D. Goddard, G. Messick. Chess Club meetings extend late into the night as op- ponents try to outwit each other on the chessboards. Professional sketching instrliction is available in the sketching classes which are held every week at the Union. [171] Student Union Committees LIBRARY COMMITTEE Front Row. Chairman R. Nemmers, C. Farmer, D. Goddard; Second Roir: M. Neese, G. Jodman, R. McKenzie. GAMES COMMITTEE Front Row: Chairman E. Pahl, R. Davis, |. Snakenburg; Second Row: R. Bowling, D. Moretz, J. Matthews. SPECIAL EVENTS COMMITTEE From Row: Chairman I . Cross, |. Johnson, N. Blum, D. Weisiger; Second Row: G. Disk, 0. Keever, A. Blanton, f, Hamilton, S. Gentry. GALLERY COMMITTEE Froni Row. Chairman R. Messick, C. [ohnson, |. Dugan; Second Row: J, Jackson, B. Barclay, D. Young. k fi kl III Ho via B? B ' l ' BUl ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE (run Row: Chairman . Adams, G. Johnson, [, [ohnson, W. ,i , Second Row: Pankajnanavaty, [. Clocker, I!. Wade, B. Keller, 1 Smith, G. Young, H. Loeppert. FORUM COMMITTEE Front Rou»: Chairman B. Maher, C . I ' m icons, l . Chao, E. Elkins; Second Rmv: P. Pai, G. Goodman, S. fohnston, R. Meinrath, D. Ramsey, A. Stamm, G. McAdoo. [172] DANCE COMMITTEE Front Row: Chairman M. Lattam, J. Juhnson, S. Allen, ]. Higgin- bothan; Second Ron ' .- D. Weisiger, L. Hoover. MUSIC COMMITTEE Front Row: Chairman J. Spencer, G. Andreve, D. Hoskins; Second Row: S. Allen, A. Smoot, ]. Higginbothan. THEATER COMxMITTEE Front Rcnr: Chairman T. Lowder, B. Wade, M. Mauney, |. John- stun; Second Row: C. Rogers, R. Haase, B. Self. FILM COMMITTEE From Row: V. -Chairman G. Haddon, T. Martin, D. Newland, A. Heggie. The Ceramics Class meets twice weekly in the College Union to stimulate interest and skill in ceramic arts. .173] ALPHA PHI OMEGA Pictures Bell Tower For Front Of Christmas Card rp I II: Campus C hest Drive is Alpha Phi Omega ' s ■ - biggest event of the year. The Drive is spon- sored by Student Government and is coordinated bv Alpha Phi Omega. The first social event of the year is the pledge smoker, followed by monthly socials, and climaxed In a beach trip. This year APO printed Christmas cards with a snow scene of the Bell Tower. Distribution of the student directories, which were printed by the Stu- dent Activities office, sponsorship of the Proper-Dress Show, and building a homecoming float were other APO activities. The club also participated in civic events by helping in the annual food drive, and by helping to move the Olivia Raney Library ' Alpha Phi Omega brothers and dates are on their way to find suitable campsites for the weekend campout. eft: APO members assist with registration each semester. Right: APO members and dates enjoy themselves at Camp Durant. Pledge Class: Front Row. M. Wayt, R. 1 laase, ]. Garrison, F. Dennis, F. Barklev, B. Vaughn; Second Row. L. Forrest, J. Monroe, B. Waite, D. Sherrard, H. George, J. Persinger, L. Miller; Third Row. C. Rudd, I. Griffin, J. Grady, B. Self, B. Myers, G. Eagle, T. Lester, I . Slims; Fourth Row. R. Bovvers, W. Smith, C. Morton, M. Blackburn, G. Goodman. M LJ iflP t ' ' XT i I ! Si ;V , T[ Tf v » J t err • i - fjtfG O rW% tyi ' l ' T F Coble Adams Scouting Chairman [immie Adams Campus Chest Chairman John Anderson Ritual Committee Chairman Ricli Babcoclt Program Committee Chairman Ed Bailey Michael Bowles Dallas Brickhouse ' ice-President i Service I Bill Bromby Peace Corps Chairman Gene Brown lack Carey Corresponding Secretary Nolon Coggins Tom Crates Frank Crinshaw isitation Chairman Jim Etchells Pete Gernert Alumni Secretary Lew Grimes President Jim Hamilton C. W. Haynes Craig Honaman Ed Horgan Historian Bichard Huntley John Kelly Publicity Chairman Mike King Lin Lindsay Dave McCurdy George Mann La von Martin Historian Don Mitchell Recording Secretary Larry Nichols Brock Nicholson Sam Raper Dave Raynor Float Chairman Ed Robins Jim Sanders Tom Stewart Ron Stinner Harold Tate Tom Taylor ' ice-President | Pledge) Bob Ward |ohn Weaver I ,M ;±4L±i ' 1751 MUSICAL ORGANIZATIONS Perform Annually In All Areas Of North Carolina C INC K their founding in 1900, the Musical Organ- izations have occupied an important place in the life of the campus and the state. I hey present concerts ol cultural and entertaining alue to the stu- dent body, faculty, and the college community. Membership in these organizations is open to any student, selection being based on meeting or attain- ing musical standards. The Musical Organizations afford an opportunity of maintaining and developing an interest in music as an avocation through par- ticipation in a serious and distinctive medium of music expression. Each year the 170 piece Marching Band, the Symphonic Band, and the Men ' s Glee Club make appearances avva horn Raleigh representing North Carolina State at various functions throughout the South. It is particularly significant that so many students involved in technological study avail themselves of this musical opportunity. |. PERRY WATSON Director of Music DONALD B. ADCOCK Director of Bands EARL T. JUSTICE Director of Brass CURTIS R. CRAVER Director of Wood Winds SYMPHONIC BAND: Andrews, Bailey. Barclay, Bennett, Black, Brady, Brantley, Brantley, Buchanan, Caudill, Costner, Crait, Daniel, Deal, Eagle, Edwards, Forrest, Foster, Fowlkes, Freeman, Greene, Gupton, Hager, Hamlett, Heeden, Hoffman, Holoman, Hoskins, Howard. Johnson. Jones, Kearney, Knott, Leonard, Lineberry, Long, May, Metz, Mills, Mills, Monroe, Morrison, McCracken, McKee, McKnight, Nanney, Ogburn, Partin, Pharr, Pope, Rix, Roy, Seawright, Self, Shaffner. Sides, Sloan, Smith, Smith. Steppe, Stinner, Strickland. Swain, Taylor, Teal, Terrell, Tower, Wagoner, Wayt, White, Wiggins, Williams, Williams, Willis, WilK. Winton, Witter, Yokely, Youngblood. [176] MEN ' S GLEE CLUB: Bahnson, Barick, Bauerlein, Beard, Bel], Bennett, Bennett, Biggs, Blanton, Bostian, Brackett, Brake, Brumberg, Bryan, Caldwell, Campbell, Cato, Clemmons, Clinard, Culbreth, Davis, Dowdy, Eide, Eller, Ellis, Elmslie, Evans, Evans, Faison, Franke, Freeland, Gabriel, Gardner, Gardner, Gentry, Graves, Greene, Heggie, Ivey, Jackson, James, Jenkins, Jones, Jordan, Klatt, Lee, Lesslie, Lewis, Little, Lowery, Loy, Lynn, Malpass, May, Meares, Mello, Midgett, Miller, Mitchell, McConnell, McCracken, McCulloch, McGee, McLean, Nielsen, Owens, Partin, Partin, Perry, Pierannunzi, Poteet, Price, Pritchard, Redmon, Rhodes, Richardson, Ritterskamp, Roberts, Schultheiss, Shepherd, Smith, Smith, Snelson, Spruill, Stamey, Stepp, Stone, Stone, Strange, Summers, Thomas, Turner, Underwood, Vance, Vaughn, Walker, Walsh, Warner, Witmore, Williamson. WOMAN ' S CHORUS: Barbour. Becton, Brasfield, Bumgarner, Canaday, Carpenter, Davis, Ellis, Elrod, Evans, Fakler, Falder, Hawks, Herter, Jones, LeNeave, McConnell, McLaughlin. Norman, Paris, Parker, Perryman, Schmidt, Shankle, Shankle. Sink, Smith, Tremain, Warner, Weber, Wigg, Williams. ■ WffWfiM [177] MUSICAL ORGANIZATIONS BAND OFFICERS: Sec. Johnson, Symphonic Band; Public Relations Officer Edwards; V.-Pres. Mills, Symphonic Band; Pres. Free- man; Sec. Crossland, Fanfare Band; V.-Pres. McLeod, Fanfare Band; Bus. Mgr. Williams. WOMAN ' S CHORUS OFFICERS: V.-Pres. LeNeave, Pres. Tremain, Sec. Warner. MENS GLEE CLUB OFFICERS Mgr. (ackson, Sec. Gardner, Pres. Bus. Mgr. Little, V.-Pres. McGee. : Phi Lesslie, ACCOMPANISTS: William Loy, James Meares. N. C. STATE Men ' s Glee Club iM.c. rcja STATE BANDS GLEE CLUB QUARTET: Richardson, Mc- Connell, Ritterskamp, Partin, Rhodes, Smith, Partin, Spruill. The North Carolina State College Marching Band forms the floating STATE block at all pre-game performances. ' f ■£t " " J. A iu rtV-WjJU V 4 M«»« i»« g ' ? - J± [178] CIRCLE K CLUB Helps With Registration Of Students In Coliseum " IRC LE K Club lias spent much of the year de- veloping a better and more efficient club from within by enlarging its membership, seeking wider campus publicity, developing club by-laws, promot- ing club socials, and developing leaders. Circle K activities for the year are: assisting with fall and spring registration, participation in the Campus Fund Drive, assisting the Capital City Kiwanis Club with the Boys ' Club project, holding the annual club banquet, sponsoring a Christmas part ' for State Blind School children, sponsoring a Homecoming Queen entry, helping to move Olivia Raney Public Library to a new building, and four social events for Circle K members. The Circle K Club ' s Planning Committee meets with President Hughes to discuss the annual spring banquet. J. Barber M. Canady G. Carawan T. Cromartie D. Elks E. Evans R. Fitzula J. Giles F. Goodnight W. Graham B. Guy B. Harris E. Hodges S. Jones J- King R. McArthur D. Milliner M. Newsom F. Pickard S. Richardson D. Rufty R. Smith H. Thompson itttaj rjiJfiftf i [179] A-2 BOOK Exchange VOW OPEN mi i i ' iia i Book Exchance students are given the chance to bin or sell used books at a fair price. ALPHA ZETA Donates Scholarships To Outstanding AG Students T llE most important convenience provided In - - Alpha Zeta is the hook exchange. Alpha Zeta members conduct the exchange at the beginning ol each semester in the cloakroom of the College Union. Another important service provided by Alpha Zeta is the donation ol two SI SO scholarships to outstand- ing students in Ag, Forestry, or Ag Education. I he money tor the scholarships comes from the mone that is earned at the book exchange. Each semester the pledges and brothers of AZ have a picnic. I he pledges retaliate against the brothers in the " touch ' ' tootball game. Other activities of AZ include the spring banquet, special speakers at the meetings, and services at the request of ciyie " roups. rkixMMM MrMdiMAlrtk fit D. Baker G. Ballard H. Blanchard D. Brendle H. Brown li. Clark P. Cornelius 1!. Cowles C. Dunning I ' ,. Drye J. Eakes C. Franklin R. Goodman B. Hampton J. Hamrick J. Jorda 1 1 . 1 inds :j I . I in . . 1 irlin W. M rtin R. Mozingo 1 1. Manning C. Rapsr V. Revels (. Pardue I I . Skipper L. Stikeleather J. Stone V. Taylor D. Zobel :i8oj Front Ron ' : Mayor A. Mattox, Mayor Pro-Tern T. Dossenbach, Mrs. J. McLeod, Head Alderman L. Matheson; Second Row. D. House, B. Mitchener, T. Sinnock, B. Lee, B. Howie, F. Oertel. McKIMMON VILLAGE Playground Is Completed For Children ' s Pleasure T HIS year the McKimmon Village Council com- - • pleted a playground for its younger inhabitants and a library for Village use. The Council and the College Union jointly sponsored programs on mar- ried life and home economics. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AG ENGINEERS Presents Programs By AG Engineers From Industry rPHE ASAE consists of students in Agricultural -1 Engineering who are seeking insight into the professional side of their chosen field. To accomplish this goal, ASAE presents programs by men working as agricultural engineers. Front Ron-: Advisor Dr. W. Splinter, Sec. L. Williams, Pres. R. Moore, V.-Pres. W. Mabe, Reporter R. Meece, G. Brinkley; Second Row: S. Learv, S. Walker, G. Moore, R. Young, R. Lee, L. Stikeleather, E. Wiggins, C. Bowers; Third Row. A. Dagenhart, J. Boedicker, A. McDonald, T. Young, D. Aman, L. Svkes, J. Buffaloe, J. Stafford. [181] The Agronomy Club Tour is the annual event in which members tour the state to study soil conditions. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRONOMY Members Of Judging Team Attend National Contest r I ' ' HE Agronomy Club began its tall activities by ■ ■ preparing seven educational exhibits, which illustrated modern practices in the production and management of the chid crops in North Carolina, for the North Carolina State Fair. [embers of the soil judging team, having advanced through the regional contest, participated in the national contest at Texas Tech. Other activities of the club include the senior tea, tour of the state, and spring banquet. This banquet is the final opportunity for members of the Agronomy Club to gather to discuss and review the accomplish- ments and needs of the society which were encount- ered. Front Row: Pres. T. Brown, V.-Pres. C. Bogle, J. Cox; Second Row: E. Merritt, J. Hollowell, F. Eason, J. Bran, J. Brendle, D. Spangler, W. Cox; Third Row: F. Thompson, D. Rapier, T. Pritchett, B. Conner, B. Marlin, C. Batten, J. Fletcher. [182] AEEE Sponsors Picnic For New Students And Professors r I HTE objective of the American Electrical and - - Electronic Engineers is to aid in the professional development of the student in Electrical Engineer- ing. I ii accomplish this objective the society presents speakers from many fields of engineering and man- agement. I he lall picnic welcomes incoming freshmen and _;ives them a chance to meet upperclassmen as well as faculty members in a relaxed atmosphere. The banquet in the middle of the year offers the members a chance to hear a special speaker from industry. The spring picnic is held in honor of the graduating seniors. The most important item of business is the prepa- ration of a project for the Engineers ' Fair. Several EE students work in preparing a project for the Engineers ' Fair. A project is prepared annually. Front Row: Chairman J. Brewer, V. -Chairman K. Dial, Treas. S. White, AIEE Sec. G. Simon, IRE Sec. J. Deriso, Local Sec. N. Pavne. Counselor E. Winkler; Second Row: C. Pugh, B. Gosney, J. Coltrane, D. Patrick, R. Whitehouse, D. Lilly, W. Roberts, C. Vinroot ' , T. Pegram; Third Row: J. Davis, D. Parks, E. Garner, ]. Hancommon, R. Showalter, A. Blaker, B. Timmons, O. Peterson, H. Hoover; Fourth Row: R. Stamey, B. Evans, G. Hartenstein, J. Hall, J. Wright, A. Wiltshire, S. Rollins, S. Stitt, J. Roberts; Fifth Row: R. Allen. J. Thomas. X. DeYotie, R. Bowling, B. Austin, C. Christian, R. Peterson, S. Getz, C. Bvrd. [183] AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS Enters Homecoming Queen Contestant In Fall Gala THE most important activity of the ASCE is its participation in the Engineers ' Fair. The talents oi most of the ASCE members arc brought into effect in preparing for the Fair. In the fall the Society sponsored a picnic to ac- quaint the freshmen with ASCE. A spring picnic- was held in honor of the graduating seniors. The Society has also tried to mingle into other college activities bv sponsoring a girl in the annual Blue Key Homecoming Queen Contest. ASCE members obserye a detailed map of the Raleigh area as they discuss plans for Raleigh ' s new by-pass. Front Row. E. Thomas, Pies. C. (ones, V.-Pres. W. Stokes, Sec. J. Lynch, Treas. L. Clontz; Second Row. H. Shore, T. Idol, B. Parker, J. Pope, L. Williams, F. Crenshaw; Third Row. J. Caddell, H. Burns, T. Westbrook, J. Steele, D. Johnston, L. Ferguson, E. Benbow; Fourth Row. J. Callicutt, L. Steen, L. Biggers, J. Perkins, B. Bowers, J. Andrew, C. Sigmon; Fifth Row. R. Melton, J. Willis, S. Ellington, D. Warrick, L. Woodall, G. Wallace, T. Dellinger. C. Cochrane; Sixth Row. G. Griswold, R. Moore, D. Haigh, J. Lushene, I. Murphy, J. Morrison, C. Clark, R. Williams, R. Fitzoula. [184] AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY Assists During Freshman Orientation With Picnic Pi URING the monthly meetings of the American ■ - ' Ceramic Society, programs arc presented to familiarize members with various branches ol the ceramic industry. The programs consist of group discussions, films, and speakers. The joint dinner of mineral industries departments gives students in ceramic, metallurgical, and geolog- ical engineering an opportunity to meet leaders in their particular field. Each year the Society sponsors a picnic to help freshmen become acquainted with the upperclassmen, faculty, and other individuals associated with ceramic engineering and research. The freshmen also hear a leader from the ceramic industry speak on the challenges and opportunities that await them. Front Row: Advisor Dr. W. Hackler, Pres. J. Brown, V .-Pres. B. Gay; Second Row. P. Brown, J. Foushee, B. Dixon, D. Choi; Third Row. J. Lackey, B. Phillips, G. Lester, R. Davis, ]. Smith wick. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF MINING ENGINEERS Promotes Interest In Geological Engineering r I HIE American Institute of Mining Engineers and faculty. This year the Institute was proud to - - promotes an increasing knowledge of geological present several outstanding speakers from outside engineering by presenting programs by both students North Carolina State College. Front Row. Dr. Brown, Pres. D. Agostini, T. Durham, M. Leatherwood, B. Melton, Dr. Leith; Second Row. J. Smith, R. Wilson, A. Haig, R. Cornelius, Dr. Parker, R. Miller. [185] CHI EPSILON High Scholastic Average Standard For Admittance CHI Epsilon is a national Civil Engineering honorary fraternity based on the broad objective or increasing the efficiency of the profession as an instrument ol social betterment. Chi Epsilon lias, from a small beginning, grown to a place of prominence in the professional and honorary fraternity world. It has chapters in the majority of the best engineering schools in the country. The traternin strives to maintain a con- stant policy o f establishing chapters at schools on the basis of the quality of the school s instruction and not necessarily on the basis of size. Throughout the year, the chapter at State presents various speakers to its members. These speakers are usually prominent men from the civil engineering industry who discuss both the problems and the recent innovations in the civil engineering field. President Bill Cox checks the CE bulletin board for campus programs which would be of value to his group. First Ron ' .- Advisor M. Uyanik, Pres. W. Cox, V.-Pres. J. Steele, Asst. Editor J. Andrew; Second Row. Trens. D. Taylor. G. Smith, D. Hinson, G. Futrell, J. Lynch, C. Sigmon; Third Row. W. Linville, J. Arey, L. Biggers, H. Shore, D. C ' raddock, C. Jones. •1861 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS Presents Outstanding Student Award At Dance Front Row. W. Land, W. Deal, A. Mattox, J. Cartlidge; Second Row. K. Adams, C. Vicherman, L. Lamberson, R. Jaycox, D. Wechsler; Third Row. R. Levy, B. Raynor, F. Cook, M. Barnhill, P. Humphreys, A. Harvey; Fourth Row. D. Sanford, N. Little, R. Shuping, W. Crow, M. Rogers, J. Combs; Fifth Row. J. Dills, S. Hill, K. Ball, R. Goldstein, C. Reams. T HE American Institute of Industrial Engineers - - aims its activities at building professionalism in the student industrial engineer. To accomplish this purpose the year ' s activity of programs is centered around speakers who are specialists in various fields that lend themselves to the methodology of the industrial engineer. This vear AIIE was proud to present many such outstanding speakers. Participation in the Engineers Fair is another activity of the AIIE. The entire membership of the club works together to prepare a project for the Fair. In conjunction with the Engineers ' Council, AIIE helps furnish books for the student lounge, partici- pates in freshman orientation, and participates in the two yearly functions— " The Engineers ' Ball ' ' and " Tbe St. Patrick ' s Dance. " Membership in AIIE is open to all Industrial Engineering students and may be obtained by ap- plication at any official meeting. President Land and two AIIE members diseuss the model factory which the group studies in preparing exhibits. [187] NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Speakers Present Recent Innovations In Teaching Front Ron-: Treas. F. Mayton, Pres. V. Revels, V.-Pres. G. Elrod; Second Row. Advisor Dean Kirkland, Reporter G. Brewer. rp I IE NEA chapter at State is part of the na- - - tional organization which includes professional teachers, superintendents, and prospective teachers. The purpose ol the group is to promote a general understanding ol education at both the higher and secondary levels. To accomplish its aim, the student chapter at State presents appropriate programs at its meetings The programs are usually speakers horn the teaching profession. These speakers discuss such problems as curriculum changes, consolidation, and new methods of teaching. One of the outstanding speakers this year was Dr. Beal of the Botany Department, who spoke on the advantages of obtaining a master ' s degree. During the year, the chapter also holds a joint meeting with the Meredith chapter, holds a spring picnic, and conducts a membership drive. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS Promotes Achievement By Preparation Of Projects MEMBERS: Front loir: Pres. A. Foland, V. -Pres. B. Curtis, Corr. Sec. D. Freas, Treas. J. Yonce, Rec. Sec. C. Bullock. W. McGee, ]. Voss; Second Row: R. Pennsyle, J. Stanley, J. Turpin, E. Lewis, R. Fisher, C. McEivar, J. Sanford, D. Hurts; Third Row. B. Von- Cannon, D. Allen, D. Smith, R. Johnson, L. Carawan, R. Dix, J. Frank, R. Manning, J. Mills, B. Smith, W. McBride, B. Hastings, E. Smith, T. Griffin; Fourth Row. T. Brown, |. Knight, J. Walker. W. Smith. M. Overcash, I. Burton, R. Fleming, B. Furr; Fifth Row: P. Malone, A. Weinberg, R. Tucker, B. Thomeburg, D. Baber, T. Ward, M. Judkins, P. Blount, G. Dana, V. Best; Sixth Row. T. Ferguson, I . Lustig, G. Robertson, L. McBride. B. M.illc r . ]. Earnhardt. G. Gillespie. C. Funk, B. Williams, R. Hudson. KERAMOS Selects Outstanding Man In The Ceramic Industry 17 " ERAMOS, the national professional ceramic AV engineering fraternity, is the oldest professional engineering fraternity in the world. I he object ol the chapter at State is to promote and emphasize mental achievement and to promote interest in ceramic art, technology, and engineering, lo achieve its goal, the group provides a wide variet) ol pro- grams at its meetings. The programs include panel discussions, speakers from industry, reports bv mem- bers, and speakers from the faculty. Each year the student chapter at State recognizes a man who has made an outstanding contribution to the ceramic industry bv making him an honorary member. The selection is widely publicized, especiall) in the trade journals, and is considered a high honor. Ibis year the chapter at State is sponsoring an Explorer Scout troop. Keramos provides the leaders of the troops, arranges meetings, helps to finance a trip to one of the Scout camps in the area, and sponsors a Scout to Philmont National Scout Camp. Front Row. Pres. D. Choi, V.-Pres. G. Scott, Treas. B. Gay, Advisor W. Kariegel; Second Row: G. Harrell, W. Lackey, W. Hacklcr, R. Redwine, J. Smithwick. AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR METALS Prepares Report On Iron And Aluminum Advantages HP HE North Carolina State College Chapter of - - the American Society for Metals functions as an organization dedicated to the promotion of fel- lowship among metallurgical students and helps them develop and broaden their interests in the Held oi metallurgy. The Society starts the year by sponsoring a party. Potential members are offered a chance to meet the members and learn about the group. During the semi-monthly meetings, lectures are given on metals and the metallurgical industry. These o o lectures are presented by faculty members, industrial men, and members of the Society. The most important activity of the group is the preparation of a project for the Engineers ' Fair. 1 his year the project is a comparison of iron and alumi- num. The project also illustrates that these metals can be used in many different ways because of recent metallurgical innovations. The Society closes the year with its annual spring barbecue, at which graduating seniors are honored. Front Row: Pres. G. Sloan, G. Ashley, G. Disk; Second Row: R. Richards, C. Rudd, B. Burgess, T. Sills, H. Wong; Third Row. E. Gregory, G. Hudson, L. Shives, H. Collins, R. Haase. :i89j Windtunnel apparatus of the AIAA is examined by two AIAA members in preparing for an Engineers ' Fair entry. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ASTRONAUTICS AND AERONAUTICS Members Prepare Reports For Regional Conference HP I IIi student branch of AIAA, formerly the In- - - stitute of Aero-Space Sciences, arranges to have technical speakers at its semi-monthly meetings. These speakers keep the members posted on recent innovations in the industry. Several members are preparing technical papers for the regional conference in Atlanta. Each year the AIAA members take several Held trips. This year the group toured the facilities of the National Aeronautical Space Administration. On this tour several NASA scientists presented programs explaining their work in aeronautics. From Row: Pres. D. Maiden, R. Yokely, Treas. V. Britt, C. Gentry, R. Fishbein; Second Row. J. Ellis. W. Batts, C. Curtis, S. Rice, C. Parrish; Third Row. J. Rudisill, T. Thayer, J. Gregson, W. Lingle. [190] AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS A World ' s First Is High Point Of Goldsboro Trip ASM I opened the year In holding a membership drive in the C LI. Dr. Robert W. Truitt spoke on ASME and the advantages gained through mem- bership. Throughout the year, ASME presented many out- standing speakers. Among these speakers was Roy C. Robertson of Oak Ridyre. The Society took several field trips. The highlight trip was the tour of the new Goldsboro Steam Elec- tric Generating Station. At this plant, the member s saw the newly installed 200KW unit, the world ' s first computer-controlled coal-fired boiler. ASME provides magazines for the Mechanical Engineers ' Lounge, where the organization displays its shingle. Front Row. Sec.-Treas. F. Scott, Pres. A. Collins; Second Row: L. Morrow, J. Smith, R. Stephens, P. Morrison, L. Allen, G. Foster, E. Taylor, F. Klatt, J. Daniels, R. Dixon; Third Row: G. Noell, D. Putnam, J. Salvaggio, L. Lee, G. Ward, S. Bright, D. Millinor, M. Davis, J. Lytle; Fourth Row: T. Carr, H. Elrod, H. Fishel, F. Denkins, J. David, W. Alexander, R. Yow, E. Evans. [191] President Al Stamm and AIP members show their plasma jet, the first prize winner in the Engineers ' Fair. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS Erects Nuclear Exhibits For The Engineers ' Fair AT the beginning of the school year, the American Institute of Physics sponsored a picnic to intro- duce the physics freshmen to their faculty. In sub- sequent meetings the various programs have featured speakers who discuss topics including ionized hyper- sonic streams, hollow cathode discharge, satellite instrumentation, chemical physics, LI. S. -Japan scientific cooperation, solid state radiation detectors, and radiation protection at North Carolina State College. Some ot these meetings have been joint efforts of the AIP, SPS, and ANS. Two of the more outstanding speakers have been Dr. I larr C. Kelly, Dean of the Faculty, and James L. Blanken- ship from Oak Ridge. Front How: Sec. R. Freeman, Admin. V.-Pres. P. Helminger, Pies. A. Stamm, Treas. H. Bentley, Exec. V.-Pres. W. Smyth; Second Row: R. Mata, J. Pratt, G. Duncan, J. Newlin, L. Nguyen, R. Morgan; Third Row: C. Crawford, J. Brauer, J, Stevens, D. Witter, C. Stalling ; Fourth Row: D. Goddard, T. Horton, K. Page, R. Faulkner, G. Cooper. [192] Front Row. Sec. R. Smith, Pres. I. Hester, Y.-Pres E. York, Treas. J. Bynum; Second Row. A. Womble, C. Kale, L. Matheson, L. Smith, C. Fox: Third Roiv: B. Shinn, R. McCarter, B. Harris, S. Hines, D. Shaver. KAPPA TAU BETA Visits Knitting Company In Western Part Of N. C. T APPA Tau Beta is a professional knitting fra- - - ternity organized at the X. C. State School of Textiles in 1952 by a group of senior knitting students and faculty. The goal of the fraternity is to promote interest in the knitting industry. To achieve its goal, KTB presents various speakers from the textile industry. The speakers provide the membership with practical information and recent innovations in the field of knitting. Each year the fraternity presents its " Man-of-the- Year award to a man who has made an outstanding contribution to the knitting in dustry. This year the fraternity is sponsoring a trip to a leading knitting company in North Carolina. The trip will include a tour of the mill, presentation of a speaker, and an evening banquet. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF TEXTILE CHEMISTS AND COLORISTS Holds Seminars On Synthetic Fiber Processes ' T 1 HE student chapter of AATCC at State is affil- A iated with the national American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists. The activities of the organization are aimed at increasing the knowl- edge of the application of dyes and chemicals in the textile industry, encouraging practical research, and establishing channels bv which the interchanoe of professional knowledge mav increase. To achieve their aims. AATCC sponsors seminars at regular intervals. These seminars are technical in nature and are led by outstanding men in the in- dustry who speak on such topics as synthetic fiber production, properties of new fibers and processes, dyeing and finishing of textile goods, and textile chemical specialties. The organization also is working to facilitate the move of its national headquarters in Lowell, Mass., to the Research Triangle near Raleioh. AATCC has two social functions a vear. In the fall a smoker is held to give prospective members a chance to learn about the organization. A picnic is held in the spring to honor the graduating seniors. The faculty members who have acted in an advisory capacity for this textile association are also recognized at this function. Front Row: Y.-Pres. R. Reynolds: B. Harris, D. Cole, A. Audef. Second Row: E. Roberts, R. Tremain, C. Eichenwald. A. Moffitt; Third Row. B. Lynn, D. Shaver, C. Collingwood, L. Lavvton. [193] Phi Psi members discuss the program for the National Phi Psi Convention to be held in Raleigh this spring. PHI PSI Hosts National Conclave For Textile Dignitaries T TA Chapter of Phi Psi has been honored this - year to be host to the Phi Psi National Con- vention. Delegates from all 10 student chapters and 13 alumni chapters will attend the convention. This year Phi Psi is presenting special speakers to its members from fields indirectly related to tex- tiles. One of the distinguished speakers this year is Mr. Frank Crane, Commissioner of Labor for North Carolina. Phi Psi sponsors a banquet in the spring at which a cup is awarded to the Man-of-the-Year in the North Carolina Textile Industry. The main criteria for the award are exceptional leadership and concern for employees. Other activities of the fraternity are the annual fashion show, a Christmas party for underprivileged children, a tour of the Textile School for high school seniors, and active membership and participation in the Tompkins Textile Council. Front Row: Advisor J. Pardue, Pres. L. Matheson, Treas. W. Hester, V ' .-Pres. C. Kale, Sec. C. Fox, Editor M. Goldfarb, Corresponding Sec. R. Harvel, Senior Warden S. Duerk, Junior Warden, J. Poteat; Second Row. P. Kruckshank, C. Denson, H. Mims, E. Tevman, C. Moretz. J. McCall, R. Long, B. Hill, S. Trott, J. Stoker, B. Berry; Third Row: J. McDuley. T. Mills. J. Deal, K. Weaver, M. Ross, T. Hacket, H. Steelman, R. McLaurin. T. Compton; Fourth Row. H. Carter, T. Wohlbruck, J. Sara, S. Singer, E. Chormyei, A. Koella; Fifth Row: J. McCuiston, A. Alabaster, M. Long, D. Cole, J. Hutchens, J. Snider, T. Frazer; Sixth Row. C. Turner, R. McCarter, R. Wiggins, P. Padgett, H. DeLoach, J. Younts. D. Shaver, R. Shinn. [194] Front Row: Pres. S. Jenkins, V.-Pres. H. Shelton, Treas. E. York, Sec. S. Hines, R. Smith, L. Burleson, P. Tucker, Pledgemaster J. Bynum; Second Row: D. Burnet, F. Rohner, B. Howie, L. Artasarchez, C. Thompson, W. Brown, A. Chang, R. Whicker, L. Gibson, P. Leslie, E. Eichenwald, G. Collingwood; Third Row. T. Norris, A. Moffitt, S. Dobbins, F. Stewart, D. Finger, B. McGinty, M. Scofield, P. Norden, D. Franklin, T. Jordan, J. Groome, J. Manning, D. Gagnon, K. Teal, D. Walser; Fourth Row: D. Steagall, S. Balcazar, J. Sorington, J. Walker, A. Laughinghouse, M. Gentry, D. Finger, T. Hancock, J. Baucom, R. Lassiter, B. Harris, A. Womble, D. Ellis, C. Oliver, J. Jones, B. Kilby, W. Smith, B. Johnson, B. Caldwell, L. Smith, F. O ' Neal, W. Weeks, D. Anglin; Fifth Row: J. Warner, W. Marshall, B. Bryant, S. Dean, B. Lynn, J. Wilson, M. Grimes. R. Reynolds, D. Daniels, B. White. DELTA KAPPA PHI Donates Award To Senior Deemed Most Outstanding P ELTA Kappa Phi is the oldest professional tex- - L tile fraternity in the United States. Kappa Chapter at N. C. State College is the largest chapter in the fraternity. This year, as in the past, the outstanding senior award is being presented by the De Kaps. The out- standing senior is chosen by his classmates. De Kaps conduct the election and present the plaque. Speakers from the textile industry present many interesting talks at De Kap meetings. This year is the first that speakers haye been presented at the meetings. De Kaps are again holding their annual banquet. The banquet is the last major actiyity for seniors. Other actiyities of the fraternity include sending representatives to the national convention, held this year at Washington, D. C, rush, and guiding guests through the Textile School. Ernie York explains the functions of a spinning frame while indoctrinating a group of high school students. :i95] The Ag Econ Club provides means whereby its members become familiar with new developments in their field. The AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS CLUB stimulates interest in the profession of Agricultural Economics. The club also acts as a means of contact between students and American Farm Economics Association members. During the year, the club ' s major activity is the presentation of guest speakers at the regularly scheduled meetings. The AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION CLUB acts as an integral part of the training and develop- ment of future vocational agricultural teachers. The club ' s major activities include monthly meetings, various socials, the construction of an educational booth at the North Carolina State Fair, and an annual hog-callino contest. The Ag Ed Club strives to develop high qualities of char- acter, leadership, and personality in its members at a picnic. Cold weather doesn ' t distract from the enjoyment that the Ag Ed Club members displav at their wiener roast. ii ' TO [196] For the past three years, the AE I C s booth on tobacco harvesting has won second place at the N. C. State Fair. The AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING TECH- NOLOGY CLUB promotes leadership and interest in agricultural engineering. The club ' s activities in- clude construction of a booth at the State Fair, the student-faculty social, and the Awards Banquet. The AGRICULTURAL INSTITUTE CLUB ' S objectives are: to promote leadership in agriculture; to provide recreation and education; and to promote school spirit. During the year, the club prepared a float for the Homecoming Parade, held a Father-Son Banquet, and held a booth at the State Fair. Charles Lattimore, a member of the AETC, demonstrates the intricacies of controlling a new wheat combine. Among other activities, the Ac Institute Club furnished student guides for the annual agricultural open house. Students in the Wildlife and the Zoology curricula compose t ic mem bership of the Leopold Wildlife Club. The LEOPOLD WILDLIFE CLUB ' s main objec- tive is to provide information concerning species of wildlife and opportunities and techniques in the field of wildlife to students interested in the fields of wildlife conservation and development. The club ' s major activities include related field trips and various social functions. The ANIMAL SCIENCE CLUB has many activi- ties which include: supplying members for the Dairy Judging Team; constructing a booth at the State Fair; sponsoring a 3-day tour of North Carolina ' s leading livestock farms and related industries; and holding the annual Animal Science Day for compe- tition between club members. Members of the Anim al Science Club participate in a " barbecue chop " in preparation for a livestock conference. The PRE-VETERINARY CLUB stimulates interest in the veterinary profession, produces leadership qual- ities in its members, provides social activities, and serves as a functional unit to inform pre-veterinary students about the many fields oi veterinary medicine. The club sponsors many activities during the year which include: displaying an educational booth at the North Carolina State Fair; having social func- tions such as a spring dance and an annual picnic; and presenting awards such as medical dictionaries and other reference books to pre-veterinary students who have attained hi " h scholastic averages. The HORTICULTURAL CLUB stimulates in- terest in the field of horticulture, and promotes rec- reational and educational activities. The club ' s activities include: sending flower judging team members to the National Flower Judging Contest; sending several representatives to participate in the American Society for Horticultural Science Conven- tion; holding a spring banquet; and making and selling apple cider. The cider making process is a very important Horticultural Club project in that the revenue received from the sale of the cider en- ables the club to perform its other activities. Members of the Horticultural Club prepare the apple crusher which will be used for producing apple cider. yjj gj P-S w M p 9 sA v r ) i • i J I % TBBF " if] i i M II , A member of the Pre-Vet Club dissects a cat, as the ad- visor and other club members observe the operation. Making cider is an all night job, but Horticultural Club members manage to find the time to take a break. With well-qualified professional guidance the Poultry Science Club promotes advancement in the poultry science field. The POULTRY SCIENCE CLUB participates in many activities during the year which include: hold- ins several chicken barbecues; takinp weekend field trips to leading poultry establishments; and sending a poultry judging team to the national poultry judging contest in Chicago. The MATH AND SCIENCE EDUCATION CLUB provides an opportunity for students to meet and talk to leaders in the field of education in North Carolina. The club also makes student memberships available in such organizations as the National Edu- cation Association on the State College campus. «• .»? s • s » ». Members of the Mathematics and Science Education Club take a break at the coffee urn after a long meeting. A representative of the National Science Teachers Association presents a lecture to the Math and Science Ed. Club. CHECKING : , SERVICE The 4-H Club ' s " checking service " will check anything from hats to family pets at the N. C. State Fairgrounds. ' Z ' . k ' : J - r- : -i ' ' - . ' .-. ' .-ii-yf- Two 4-H Club members proceed cautiously, but Bossie the cow is too busy eating to pay attention to these intruders. The COLLEGIATE 4-H CLUB was organized at North Carolina State College in April, 1940. The purposes of the club are to foster fellowship among 4-H members, to promote leadership and citizenship, to acquaint the club members with agricultural ex- tension work at State College, and to promote religious development through weekly devotionals. The Collegiate 4-H Club participates in activities such as operating a " checking service " at the Fair. The RURAL SOCIOLOGY CLUB was organized at North Carolina State College in 1960. The pur- poses of the club are to give its members an insight into the field of sociology, to promote interest in social research, to develop leadership, and to promote fellowship and interest in sociology. The Rural Sociology Club ' s activities include seminars presented on the concepts of social trends, welfare work for those in need, and several social functions. Rural Sociology Club Officers: Pres. E. Garrison, V.-Pres. D. Perkins: Members: R. Smith, H. Chiang, F. Barkley. [201] The INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB promotes the IATO curriculum to industry and State College. The club also strives to provide good communications be- tween industry, faculty, and the industrial arts stu- dents. The cluh ' s activities include: holding a book exchange for students in the curriculum; sponsoring several educational field trips to such outstanding in- dustries as Dow Corning Glass Works; and establish- ins a formal line of communication with the faculty. The FURNITURE CLUB is composed of students in the Furniture Curriculum. The purpose of the club is to foster close relations between the furniture industry, faculty, and members of the club. Activities include: presenting a furniture display at the Engi- neers Fair; holding a social during I lomecoming Weekend in honor ot the alumni in the furniture in- dustry; and sponsoring seminars at the meetings given bv leaders in the furniture industry. The Industrial Arts Club makes fraternity paddles from which revenues arc used to sustain the club ' s various projects. Ralph Bowman explains the construction of a furniture model to Mime other members of the Furniture Club. Members of the Industrial Arts Club study layouts and other information prior to beginning their projects. 1 uhniture Ct lie. members anxiousl) await the arrival ol their seminar speaker from the furniture industry. [202] Members oF the States Mates entertain their husbands at tin. Sweetheart ' s Banquet held year!) on Valentines Day. States Mates awarded Mrs. Faye Barker with a trophy for winning the " Mrs. N. C. State College Contest. " Members of States Mates enjoy the memories of this year ' s activities as they look through their scrapbook. ink ti ... Members of the Baptist Student Union frequently hold group discussions which often stimulate mixed emotions. The STATES MATES is composed oi the wives of State College students. At the beginning of the O DO school vear, the STATES MATES hold a " get acquainted tea " so that the members could make new friends. Other activities include: the sewing and cooking contest; the Mrs. North Carolina State Col- lege Contest; the Sweetheart Banquet; an old-time square dance for which everyone dresses as a " Hill- William " ; the Variety Talent Show; and the gradu- ating wives ceremony. The BAPTIST STUDENT UNION, in an effort to approach the student on a spiritual, intellectual, and social basis, endeavors to provide a climate whereby the student can deepen his understanding and commitment in the Christian faith, and ac- knowledge concern and sensitivity to the needs of the world. This ministry is implemented by a program of worship, Bible study, and social activity throughout the local churches and the State College Baptist Student Union Center. [203] I he papermaking machine is often the scene of Fourdrinier Society members who are working on paper projects. Members of the Wesley Foundation share rewarding ex- periences on camping trips and helping those in need. The FOURDRINIER SOCIETY was organized to promote educational and social activities within the Pulp and Paper Technology curriculum. The society strives to cooperate with alumni in promoting programs that would he or interest. The WESLEY FOUNDATION is composed of nearly two hundred Methodist students from State College, Meredith College, and Peace College. Lo- ci ' o T o cated at Fairmont Methodist Church, Wesley is the center of hoth religious and recreational activities. Other activities include service projects, beach trips. and camping trips. Sunday morning worship services are attended regularly by Methodist college students in the Raleigh community. Dining a logging operation at Schenck Memorial Forest, members of the Forestry Club find the time to relax. Two attractive young ladies add much to the appearance of the Forestry Club ' s booth at the State Fairgrounds Arena. The FORESTRY CLUB strives to promote better relations between students and faculty members through educational and recreational programs. The major activity of the club is the presentation of the " Rolleo, " an annual field day in which each class competes in events such as log bucking, horseshoe pitching, and other logging events. The APPLIED MATHEMATICS CLUB is com- posed of students interested in both applied and pure mathematics. The purpose of the club is to stimulate interest in mathematics through programs which are presented bv the members and guest lecturers. Forestry Club members prepare a planning board as they survey the area around the Schenck Memorial Forest. The Applied Mathematics Club offers the opportunity for advancement in mathematics at the undergraduate level. Funds collected from dues payments sustain the Young Democrats Club in its drive to acquaint the voters with Democratic platforms and candidates. The Young Republican Club publishes " The Southerner, " a monthly newsletter. The YOUNG DEMOCRATS CLUB stimulates in students an active interest in governmental affairs, fosters and perpetuates the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party, and recruits new members and candidates for the Democratic Party. The YOUNG REPUBLICAN CLUB aids in the election of Republican candidates and strives to keep State College students informed on issues of the day with emphasis on the Party ' s position. The STUDENT TOASTMASTERS CLUB meets weekly for a dinner meeting and a program which is given in the interest of developing better speaking abilities for the members. The program is designed to provide experience in delivering prepared speeches and extemporaneous talks, evaluating speeches, and introducing speakers. Last year, the Student Toast- masters Club was the proud recipient of the College Union ' s " Club of the Year " award. Officers of the Young R] pubi ican Club enjoy such slo gans as " Kennedy for King, Goldvvater for President. " The Toastmasters Club appears to be enjoying another line year, under the leadership of President Snider. [206] The Veterans Association fosters scholarly and intelligent consideration of national problems at their monthly gatherings. The VETERANS ASSOCIATION strives to per- petrate in peace those ideals fought for in war. The association ' s activities include various social functions and work projects at a children ' s orphanage. The AMATEUR RADIO CLUB enables licensed " hams " to continue their hobby while being students at State College. The club ' s activities include par- ticipation in the Engineers ' Fair and communication exercises with various radio equipment. Members of the Amateur Radio Club make adjustments on their equipment prior to calling another ham station. The Amateur Radio Club participates in communciation operations when needed for important national emergencies. [207] PHI KAPPA PHI Officers DR. JOHN CELL WILLIAM DEAL MRS. FRANCES THOMAS DR. KINGSTON JOHNS President ice President Secretin] Treasurer Phi Kappa Phi, national scholastic honor society, was founded at the University of Maine in 1897. Since the establishment of the North Carolina State Chapter on December 10, 1923, there have been more than twelve hundred local students, alumni, And honorary candidates elected to the society. Membership in Phi Kappa Phi is the highest scho- lastic honor attainable for a student in the technical fields of studv. Phi Kappa Phi is dedicated to the unity and democracy of education. The society ' s ul- timate objectives are to emphasize scholarship and character, to foster the ooals of institutions of higher learning, and to stimulate mental achievement through recognition. DAVID N. ANDERSON RICHARD T. BAER H. THOMAS BANKS CHARLES W. BOSTIAN WILLIAM A. BRANTLEY THURMAN E. BURNETTE EDGAR R. CALLOWAY WILLIAM M. COX II I 1AM M. DEAL CHARLES E. DUNNING E. CARLYLE FRANKLIN DAVID E. FREAS JAMES BLAKE GRANT .DRETH MALCOLM R. JUDKINS BOH UN B. KINLOCH JERRY S. LEE CHARLES LITTLE WILLIAM A. McCLENNY EDWARD J. MACK DAVID MILLER THOMAS MILLER HARMON L. MORTON LOUIS A. RADER ROBERT G. ROUSE CLAY E. SAMS TOMMY G. SHARP REESE SKULL WILLIAM II. SMYTH WILLIAM D. SOLUM ALFRED J. STAMM ROBERT STELVES DAVID W. SWAIN PAUL A. TUCKER THOMAS WARD G. SMEDES YORK [208] THE GOLDEN CHAIN SENIOR HONORARY RICHARD LOWELL BAREFOOT JOHN WILBERT EARNHARDT EDWARD CARLYLE FRANKLIN PAUL NOLLY HUMPHREYS JACK PRITCHETT JORDAN JAMES BENTON JONES NrinniMPrJ WILLIAM ASHLEY LUCAS FLOYD ENLOW McCALL JAMES THOMAS RHODES FRANK STACY SMITH WOODROW MANNING TAYLOR WILLIAM ROBERT WATSON KSPJTOTM ' ffiiS DR. LODWICK C. HARTLEY HONORARY MEMBERS COLONEL LAUREN W. MERRIAM DR. FRED G. WARREN OFFICERS JAMES RHODES . President WILLIAM LUCAS Vice-President RICHARD BAREFOOT Secretary WOODROW TAYLOR Treasurer Golden Chain, Senior Honor Society at North Carolina State College, seeks to promote better citizen- ship by fostering existing traditions and bv creating an atmosphere conducive to high scholarship, clearer self expression, and a greater devotion to duty in all campus organizations. Each spring, twelve rising seniors are tapped into the society and thus increase the endless chain by twelve links. The name Golden Chain is symbolic in that it represents an endless chain which joins to- gether outstanding State students who have a lasting tradition in our community. [209] BLUE KEY OFFICERS FRANK SMITH President JOHN EARNHARDT Vice-President WILLIAM WATSON Secretary I NILS RHODES Treasurer JAMES LESTER COX JOHN WILBERT EARNHARDT ROSCOE EDISON ELKINS, JR. EDWARD CARLYLE FRANKLIN JAMES BENTON JONES JACK PRITCHETT JORDAN DR. CAREY H. BOSTIAN EARLE EDWARDS J. B. EDWARDS, JR. C. O T. ERDAIII JAMES A. FULGHUM ARTHUR M. I IOCI I ABRAHAM HOLTZMAN DR. GERALD P. JAM I S DR. KINGSTON JOHNS WILLIAM ASHLEY LLICAS FLOYD ENLOW McC ALL JAMES THOMAS RHODES FRANK STACY SMITH WOODROW MANN INC, 1 AYLOR WILLIAM ROBERT WATSON DR. ARTHUR KELMAN A. SIDNEY KNOWLES RUDOLPH PATE DR. JOHN W. SHIRLEY JAMES J. STEWART, JR. BANKS C. TALLEY, JR. N. B. WAITS LINDSAY R. Wl IK HARD REV. O. B. WOOI DRIDGE, [R. I lie Blue Key I [onor Fraternity was founded at the University of Florida in October. 1 L )24, to per- petuate the bclicl in God, to preserve the principles ol good citizenship, and to promote the best interest of the students. I he fraternity recognizes outstanding qualities in character, scholarship .mil service, placing equal em phasis upon leadership in student activities. Mem bership is composed ol graduate and undergraduate students in all departments of American universities. Each year Blue Key co-sponsors the I lomecoming celebration. AnnualK the fraternity presents the citizenship award to the Senior who has distinguished himself as the foremost citizen ol his class. In addition, Blue l e cooperates with other campus organizations to promote a more meaningful campus life. [210] THIRTY AND THREE OFFICERS JOHN CARR President JACK WATSON Vice-President FRED MILLHISER . . Secretary JOHN BYNLIM JOHN ALEX BYNLIM JOHN W. CARR HAROLD C. ENLOE WALLACE T. GRAY, JR. THOMAS A. LENDERINK EDWARD ALLEN LENNON ALFRED W. LINDSAY FREDERICK R. MILLHISER HORACE DEAN SKIPPER JACK OWEN WATSON The Order or Thirty and Three is a local honorary organization which recognizes outstanding members or the Sophomore Class. Members are picked during the spring semester of their sophomore year and remain active lor the duration or one year. Selection lor membership in Thirty and Three is the highest honor that a sophomore can attain. Qualifications include: good character, satisfactory scholastic standing, ability for leadership, welfare of the school at heart, and other qualities deemed necessary to accomplish the greatest good, as deter- mined by the active membership. [2111 PHI ETA SIGMA OFFICERS CHARLES WINTON ALLEN TOTHILL GREGG ROBERTS HERB GOLDSTON ' re side n I ice President Secretary I reasurer Phi Eta Sigma was founded at the University ol Illinois. The State College Chapter was installed on May 16, 1930. Membership in Phi Eta Sigma is open to those Freshmen who make the equivalent oi ha A ' s and half B ' s and is considered the highest scho- lastic honor a Freshman can attain. Phi Eta Sigma s members are active through their Sophomore year 11 and strive to promote high scholastic standards. NORMAN J. ANDREWS WILLIAM M. ANGLEY. JR. FRANCIS I. BYRD NORVIN A. CLONTZ DONALD L. COLEMAN ROBERT H. CRUTCHFIELD JOHN S. CULBERTSON WILLIAM K. CUMMINGS ARTHUR B. DAVIS ROBERT W. DOWNING EDWIN L. FASANELLA JAMES S. FLORENCE, JR. JAMES S. FORREST NELSON E. FULBRIGHT DAVID M. GODDARD HERBERT J. GOLDSTON, JR. JIMMY 1). GREGORY REUBEN A. HAASE CECIL A. HARRISON GREGORY G. HARTENSTEIN MICHAEL N. HAYES LOWELL HIBBARD DALE F. HICKS DAVID G. HILL LA FLOYD H. HOBBS, JR. THOMAS R. HORTON ROBERT G. HOWELL STEPHEN A. JOHNSTON BILLY W. JONES ERNEST V. JONES JOHN A. KELLY, JR. ROBERI C. KIRKMAN SAMUEL B. LAND, JR. JAMES T. LOWDER RALPH N. McGILL MARTIN T. McKINNON, JR. ANDREW J. MEDLIN, JR. JOHN R. MONROE CURTISS A. MOORE CHARLES E. MORRIS MICHAEL M. MOTTERN DON B. MURRAY HENRY C. NEWTON. JR. ROBERT S. PARKER, JR. RICHARD C. PASCHALL, JR. JAMES E. PAUL, JR. OLIVER C. PERRY WADE M. POTEAT ROBERT A. PRESLAR WILLARD G. PREUSSEI . JR. GREGORY D. ROBERTS JAMES R. SIMON JOSEPH V. SMI III ZAN P. SMITH ROBERT K. STAMP1 I A JAMES A. STEPPE JAMES D. TERRELL M I EN K. TOTHILL MICHAEL T. VAN! C IK CHARLES G. WARREN DUDLEY S. WEAVER, II CHARLES T. WILSON CHARLES N. WINTON ARTHUR L. WOOTEN, JR. JOHN W. YARBROUGH PAUL Z1GLAR JAMES L. ZIMMERMAN, JR. [212] THETA TAU Top Row. L. Allen, T. Barringer, J. Buchanan, R. Cassanova, V. Clayton, A. Collins, B. Curtis. Second Row: W. Deal, B. Frazelle, W. Gardner, E. Hauser, C. Holder, T. Idol, A. Koppel. Third Row. P. Lesslie, F. Lustig, J. McCracken, H. McGee, ]. Mason, G. Moore, K. Mozingo. Fourth Row. D. Patrick, XV. Sharp, W. Smith, E. Taylor, M. Thompson, E. Todd. Theta Tau is a professional engineering fraternity whose purpose is to unite in a fraternal bond those students who have shown outstanding potentialities in the field of engineering. Through this bond the members enjov a strong feeling of fellowship and are given the opportunity to develop leadership abil- ities while working with others. Rho Chapter of Theta Tau was founded at North Carolina State College in 1927. Since then, the fraternity has shown active participation in many projects around the campus. Rho Chapters activities this year include: annual participation in the Founder ' s Day Banquet, partici- pation in a Christmas party given for children at the North Carolina School for the Blind, operation ot the information booth at the Engineer ' s Fair, and the annual spring picnic. Theta I au ' s information booth at the upcoming Engi- neers Fair poses many problems for President Ed I lauser. [2131 TAU BETA PI Engineering Honorary Fraternity CHARLES W. BOSTI W WILLIAM M. 1)1 l WILLIAM A. BRANTLEY MALCOLM R. JUDKINS MICHAEL R. STEPP OFFICERS President Vice-President ( ' .orres ' ponding Secretary Recording Secretary Cataloguer MEMBERS JOHN ANDREW ' S RICHARD BAER BOBBY BARRIER [AMES BEASLEY, JR. MARVIN BEASLEY C. LEONARD BENNETT EDWARD BOHE CHARLES BOSTIAN WILLIAM BRANTLEY MYRON COX WILLIAM COX JACOB DAVIS WILLIAM DEAL RONALD DIXON JOHN EARNHARDT WILLIAM EVERHART RONALD GOLDSTEIN JAMES GRANT, JR. ROGER GRAY ROBERT GROVE EDWIN HAUSER PAUL HUMPHREYS FEREYDOUN JALALI ROBERT JAYCOX CHARLES JONES MALCOLM JUDKINS WALTER KESTER LEONARD LAMBERTSON LARRY LEE GEORGE LESTER, III DOUGLAS LILLY WAYNE LINVILLE CLIFTON McFARLAND. JR. JOHN MASON ROBERT MAYTON GERALD MEIER EDWIN MORRIS PHILLIP MORRISON H. LINDSAY MORTON KENNETH MOZINGO RONALD PENNSYLE TERRY PHILLIPS DAVID PUTNAM LOUIS RADER GEORGE REED. Ill WAYNE ROBERTS ROBERT ROUSE CHARLES RUNKLE CLAY SAMS WILLIAM SHARP TOMMY SHARPE PEDRO SCHICK CHARLES SIGMON OWEN SMITH JOHN STEELE STAVROS STEPHANIKIS MICHAEL STEPP LARRY STIKELEATHER RICHARD STROUD R. DOUGLAS TAYLOR JAMES VOGT THOMAS WARD ALAN WEINBERG DAVID WHITLOW ROY WILLIAMS WILLIAM YOUNGBLOOD JOHN YOW GEORGE YORK Tau Beta Pi is the oldest national honorary engi- neering fraternity. The Alpha Chapter of this fra- ternity was established at North Carolina State College in 1925. The fraternity ' s membership is eomposed of Juniors and Seniors in engineering who have exemplified outstanding scholarship and char- acter. These members striye to provide a liberal cul- ture in our highly technical school by sponsoring an essay contest which all new pledges are required to enter. The pledges ' essays are written on non-tech- nical subjects and are entered in a national contest with other Tau Beta Pi chapters. Prizes arc awarded locally and nationally lor the best essays. I he activities of Tau Beta Pi include: holding two membership elections a year; presenting the Out- standing Sophomore Award to the Sophomore with the highest scholastic average in the School of Enoi- o c o neering; and constructing a bulletin hoard in Riddick Engineering Laboratories. 1214] ETA KAPPA NU Eta Kappa Nu is an electrical engineering honor society. The society ' s annual activities include: spon- soring weekly tutoring sessions tor electrical engi- neering sophomores; maintaining a current pictorial directory of the electrical engineering faculty and staff; sponsoring a critique ol electrical engineering courses presented bv Eta Kappa Nu members to faculty members in a joint meeting; providing man- power and organization for special departmental functions; and holding fall and spring banquets for members, initiates, and faculty members. Other special activities of Eta Kappa Nu include: providing guides for a group of electrical engineer- ing students from South America who were touring universities in the United States; and participating in a special Electrical Engineering Department func- tion to acquaint freshmen with the Department. President Tommy Sharpe and members discuss the critique to be held on the electrical engineering courses. Top Row: R. Baer, J. Beasley, C. Bennet, i l. Borookhim, C. Bostian, J. Brewer, Y. Campbell, J. Davis. Second Row: J. Deriso, M. Edwards, R. Gray, R. Grove, W. Halberstadt, J. Heath, W. Kester, A. Koppel. Third Row: W. Lennon, D. Lilly, C. Loggins, P. Marinos, C. Miller, K. Mozingo, M. Partin, D. Patrick. Four ? Row: R. Peterson, H. Powell, W. Roberts, T. Sharpe, D. Smith, D. Steinberg, S. Stephanakis, R. Stroud. Fifth Row: D. Tetterton, J. Tollison, M. Watts, R. Whitehouse, D. Whitlow, F. Williams, R. Williams, W. Youngblood. 3r j ,|T3 millMB " " " HMBH [215] PI TAU SIGMA B. Berricr R. Cope D. Putnarr J. Mason VV. Everhart L. Lee C. Runkle P. Schick P. Morrison Pi Tau Sigma members find much use for the oscilloscope. Membership in Pi Tau Sigma is the highest honor that can he obtained bv a mechanical engineer- ing student. The requirements for membership include a high scho- lastic average, honesty, and sound- ness of principles and morals. ►- 1 - - f J. Shepherd J- Vogt Pi Tau Sigma ' s activities for the .-o C. McFarland year include: the initiation ot nine S. Dixon J. Yow H. Morton R. Rouse new members; furnishing maga- zines for the mechanical engineer- ing lounge; presenting a Mark ' s Engineering Handbook to the top mechanical engineering student in the sophomore class; mailing ques- tionnaires to former members of the society, who arc now working in industry, lor the purpose of having an accurate employment file avail- able; and assembling a mechanical engineering display for the annual Engineers Fair. [216] SIGMA PI SIGMA Front Row: Pres. D. Swain, V.-Pres. D. Anderson, Recording Sec. A. Stamm, Corresponding Sec. W. Smyth, Treas. D. Childers, S. Joseph, C. Stallings; Second Row. S. Beard, R. Wakefield, V. Bouquet, M. Kovel, C. Cooper, E. Jones, R. Pindell, L. Hairr; Third Row: N. Banks, R. Faulkner, L. Nguyen, A. Jenkins, F. Sefidvash, G. Moore, J. Cox. Sigma Pi Sigma is the only national physics honor society. Its chapters, of which there are 80, are restricted to colleges and universities of recognized standing which offer a strong physics major. The chapters receive into membership those physics students who have attained high standards of scholar- ship, shown promise of professional merit, and gained academic distinction. The objects of Sigma Pi Sigma are: to serve as a means of awarding distinction to students having high scholarship and promise of achievements in physics; to promote student interest in research and advanced study of the subject; and to encourage a professional spirit and friendship among those who have displayed marked abilities in physics. During the past year, Sigma Pi Sigma has spon- sored programs with prominent speakers from the field of physics. Among these speakers were Dr. Eddv of the Physics Department at Duke University and Dr. Blankenship of the Oak Ridge Research Lab oratories. Oth er activities o f Sig ma Pi s lgma include: having a spring banquet, and participating in the Engineers Fair. The Sigma Pi Sigma project for the Engineers Fair is tested b President Swain and two fellow physicists. [217] XI SIGMA PI f fli. A. Aitkcn D. Atheam G. Ballard F. Biggar H. Blanchard W. Boyette E. Coville V. Dowless C. Dunning J. Eakes B. Floyd E. Franklin |. Hamrick 1). Hollej L. Jacksun C. Leonhardt A. Lindsey J. McElroy E. Major 1 1. Manning (.. Robertson R. Seull E. Setlill F Srago W. Ticke] R. Uptegrove |. Webb D. Zobcl Xi Sigma Pi, forestr) honor frater- nity, was founded at the University o Washington on November 20, 1908. Mu Chapter of Xi Sigma Pi was established at North Carolina State College in 1940. The objectives of Xi Sigma Pi are to secure and maintain a high stand- ard ol scholarship in forestry educa- tion, to work for the upbuilding of forestry, and to promote fraternal re- lations among earnest workers engaged in forestry activities. Each year the fraternity honors the outstanding freshman and senior in the School of Forestry. The fraternity sponsors public lectures given by leaders in the field of forestry. During the spring of 1963, the fraternity re- vitalized the publication Slabs and Edgings, a monthly publication on the happenings in the School of Forestry. At the end ol the spring semester out- standing seniors not in Xi Sigma Pi are recognized by the fraternitv at the annual picnic. smii [ATI membership award is presented to |. E. [ackson h Brad Biggar. [218] SIGMA TAU SIGMA Front Row. Pres. P. Tucker, V.-Pres. Treas. S. Hines, Sec. D. Gagnon, Advisor R. Shinn, B. Harris, D. Gillespie; Second Rotr: A.Chang, E. Lawton, A. Wumble, K. Penyman, R. Tremain, E. York, C. Kale, S. Trott, L. Smith; Third Row. F. Rohner, C. Parker, C. Adderly, R. Shinn, T. Koella, R. McCarter, H. DeLoach, B. Burgess. Sigma Tau Sigma, a local textile honor fraternity, strives to instill in textile students a desire for higher scholastic attainments. An incentive toward this goal is the Sigma Tau Sigma Scholarship Cup which is presented annually to the senior having the highest scholastic average. The Greek letters composing the fraternity ' s name represent the words, Society of Textile Scholarship. EPSILON PI TAU Epsilon Pi Tau is an international professional honorary fraternity tor students in the fields of industrial arts education and industrial vocational education. The purposes of this fraternity are three- fold: to promote social and professional proficiency; to recognize the place of skill; and to foster and reward research, at the same time publishing and utilizing the results of this research. OFFICERS CHARLES STANLEY DAVID LARIMORE DAN HOUSE CLIFTON BAUCOM R. T. TROXLER DR. IVAN HOSTETLER President ice-President Secretary Treasurer Co-Treasurer Trustee CLIFTON P. BAUCOM MILTON C. DIXON RAYMOND G. HEGE CARL AND K. MILLIARD OWEN D. HOUSE MEMBERS R. T. TROXLER DAVID L. LARIMORE JOHN E. McLEOD THOMAS A. NYE, JR. I AMES C SAUNDERS CHARLES P. STANLEY [2191 PI MU EPSILON HONORARY MATHEMATICAL FRATERNITY OFFICERS I IARVEY T. BANKS WILLIAM S. GUION RICHARD H. SHACHTMAN Director ice-Director Secretary- 1 reasurer JH EE sis ROBERT ALLRAN DAVID ANDERSON TOM BANKS ANTHONY J. BARK JOEL BRAWLEY CHARLES COOKE GUS COUCHELL WILLIAM M. COX KENNETH E. CROSS ROBERT DALTON JAMES DAUGHTRY CHARLES A. DAVIS ROBERT D. DAVIS ROSCOE ELKINS ANNE FAKLER JOHN D. FULTON WILLARD GARRISON PETER GIBSON CLAUDE GREESON WILLIAM GUION THOMAS HARRIS JOHN HEINBOCKEL PAUL A. HELMINGER JON R. HOWELL CYNTHIA G. JOHNSON WALTER V. JONES MALCOLM R. JUDKINS WALTER A. KESTER JAMES KLINGERMAN VELLO A. KUUSKRW PAUL F. LONG THOMAS H. McLAWHORN GARY MASSEL HARMON L. MORTON EDWARD OBERHOFFER BOBBY E. PHILLIPS THOMAS PROCTOR JOHN R. RA1NEY GARY D. RICHARDSON WILLIAM ROBERSON JERRY A. ROBERTS ROBERT ROOD SAMUEL SCOTT RICHARD SHACHTMAN STEPHEN W. SHERMAN RALPH SHOWALTER DAVID SHREVE II I LAM II SMYTH JASON SOX JAMES T. SPENCE WILLIAM M. SPENCE ARTHUR C. SPRINGER ALFRED J. SLAMM CLIFTON B. SU1TT DAVID W. SWAIN II I.IAM J. TANNER TIMOTHY N. TAYLOR GROVER WARMBROD JACK O. WATSON J AMI s M. WHISNAN I ROBERT E. II 1 I Wis JAMES W. YORK Pi Mu Epsilon, the national honorary mathematics fraternity, was founded at Syracuse University in 1914. North Carolina Gamma was established in 1960. The purpose of the fraternity is the promotion ol scholarship and interest in mathematics. Election to membership is based on outstanding scholarship and good character and is the highest honor that can he conferred upon a student ol mathematics. [220] KAPPA PHI KAPPA ii i M. Bright J. Martin H. Clark H. Miller G. Dagenhart J. Owens J. Edwards J. Soles C. Enzor W. Spooner T. Grimes C. Stanley M. Howell G. Topinka J. McCormick V. Revels Kappa Phi Kappa is a national honorary and pro- fessional education fraternity. The purpose or this Fraternity is to promote education as an instrument of social betterment. To achieve this goal KPK presents various programs to its members. These programs MU BETA PSI Front Row. Pres. T. Halverson, Treas. J. Ellis, Sec. B. Caldwell; Second Row: R. Goldstein. P. Youngblood. M. Mills. G. Walker, F. Ziglar. consist of speakers from different fields of education and group discussions by various members of the fraternity. Other activities include a spring picnic which is held in honor of the wraduatino seniors. Mu Beta Psi, a national honorary musical fraternity, is composed of stu- dents who have actively participated in the band or glee club. During the fall semester, Alpha Chap- ter participated in a convention with the chapter from Clemson College. At this convention the members discussed proj- ects and activities to be undertaken. Mu Beta Psi ' s biggest project is spon- soring the All Campus Sing. This event is broken down into the fraternity divi- sion, the dormitory division, and the open division. A trophy is awarded to the best singing group in each division. Other activities of Mu Beta Psi in- clude: constructing a booth at the Engi- neer ' s Fair, and publishing " The Clef, " an annual Mu Beta Psi news bulletin. [221] athletics classes Frank Weedon, sports publicist, Annual pledge-brother football games provide the opportunity for the pledges to notes progress of the swim team. return in good athletic spirit the bumps that they receive at the fraternity house. The Wolfpack scored an upset on the toe of Glenn Sasser, who kicked his first varsity field goal and an extra point [224] LEFT BALCONY $2.50 JNGH! H - .;• ■ i.. athletics Front Row. Pres. Skip Matthews, V.-Pres. Guy Grisvvold; Second Ron-: Sec. Guy Golden, Treas. Ed Spencer; Third Row. Pub. Dir. Smokev Ellis. MONOGRAM CLUB Fosters Good Fellowship Sponsors Red- White Game T IIL Monogram Club is composed of those men -■- who have participated and lettered in an inter- collegiate sport at State College. The purposes ol the Monogram Club are to foster good fellowship among monogram winners, to promote a high stand- ard of intercollegiate athletics and the spirit in which they are conducted, and to encourage ideals of good sportsmanship among athletes and spectators in the very best interest of North Carolina State College. The Monogram Club performs initiation twice a year. This formal initiation occurs at a formal dinner in which awards are given to the outstanding player in e ach sport as voted by his teammates. The Monogram Club sponsors the f Iomecoming Dance, the " Red-White " spring football game, and the alumni luncheon. The club helps sponsor and boosts the athletic program for the North Carolina School for the Blind, especially the wrestling team. Also, a picnic is given to celebrate the end of spring football practice. Front Row: Frank Weedon, Ed Spencer, Smokey Ellis, Skip Matthews, Guy Griswold, John Golden, Dr. Morgan; Back Row. Harvey- Harris, Jimmie Hamrick, Richard Edwards, Oscar Overcash, James McGraw, Harold Rlanchard. Bennett Williams, Bill Hall, Steve Singer, Robert Stampley. W •■K W . ■■ [226] State ' s cheerleaders support the Wolf pack during the rainy homecoming game against Virginia. We won the game. CHEERLEADERS Organize Freshman Squad To Attempt Card Section n 1 IIS lias been a year to remember for the cheer- - leaders. They have accomplished many goals with the aid of the student body and administration. The annual march on the capitol before the State-Carolina opening football game was a big success. The cheerleaders bought a new wolf outfit, a fog born, and new megaphones. Trips were made to Georgia, Nebraska, South Carolina, and Duke with the football and basketball teams. An organized cheering section has helped to bring out enthusiasm at the games. During the halftime of the State- Carolina game our cheerleaders edged Carolina ' s cheerleaders 2-0. The cheerleaders have organized a junior varsity cheering squad that supports the freshman games. This squad substitutes for varsity members when needed. Eventually, the members of the J.V. squad will move up to the varsity. In the spring, the cheer- leaders have a banquet and invite some of the coaches and assistant coaches. Front Row. Rick Ray, Kaaren Schmidt, Tony Padgett, Martha McLaughlin, Eddie Broadhurst; Back Row: Chan Prince, Chalk Tyree, George Hayes, Tom Clark, Preston Cornelius, Don Rufty. [227] FOOTBALL TEAM Lacking Experience Wins Over Carolina Anyway COACH Earle Edwards called this 1962 team the youngest in nine years at State College. But it may be that rebuilding with young blood, a touch of eagerness, and a sprinkling of talent could be enough to improve on last season ' s dis- appointing 4-6 record. Neither Jim Rossi or Bill Kriger, the top quarter- back candidates, are lettermen. However, lettermen Bill Sullivan, Harry Puckett, and Captain Skip Matthews will anchor the guard slots. Tackle will be wealthy if sophs Glenn Sasser and Steve Parker can amply back first stringers Bert Wilder and Chuck Wachtel. Fullback and center are three deep with Walt Kudryan, Oscar Overcash, and Denny Rover snapping the ball and Roger Moore, Dave Houtz. and Pete Falzarano running. Tony Koszarsky, Joe Scarpati, and Mike Clark are the halfbacks. Coach Earle Edwards gives his players the pla as he d rccts their progress in spring training For next year. Captain Skip Matthews takes a short breather as he in- tent!} watches his teammates hold the Tarheel charge. The Wolfpack breaks the seal on the 1962 season, coming onto the gridiron at Kenan Stadium to play the Tarheels. [228] Front Row: Bert Wilder, Fred Bernhard, Harry Puckett, Walt Kudryan, Skip Matthews, Bill Kriger, Roger Moore, John Golden. Second Roir: Don Montgomery, Pat Powell, Bill Sullivan, Silas Snow, Dave Houtz, Merrick Barnes, Bob Faircloth, Ron Krall, Jim Rossi. Third Ron-: Lloyd Cooke, Tony Koszarsky, Mike Clark, Whitey Martin, Oscar Overcash, Rosie Amato, Bob Rover, Dave Carter, Bob Bussard, John Irvin. Fourth Row. Dave Stout, Joe Scarpati, Chuck Wachtel, Roy Wood, Les Young, Vance Cockerham, Sam Saunders, Jerry Krecicki, Sam Sorce, Mike Malone, Will Mann. Fifth Row: Pete Falzarano, Stacey Gillen, Ron Skosnik, Jack Schafer, Lou Krezanosky, Lou DeAngelis, Don Smith, Golden Simpson, Jimmy Deaton, Horace Moore, Larry Brown. Bennett Williams. Sixth Row: Doug Brackett, Shelby Mansfield, Jerry Fuller, Jerry Topinka, Tony Golmont, John Turco, Abby Mauro, Joe McCall, Deal Watkins, Pete Starr, Don Hamilton. Seventh Row: Tom Clausi, Manager, Page Ashby, Bill Hall, Gibbons Sloan, Ray Barlow, Ronnie Clark, Charles Bradburn, Bruzz Perrou, Glenn Sasser, Biff Mullins, Dan Golden, Steve Parker. Last Row: Assistant coaches Al Michaels, Ernie Driscoll, Carey Brevvbaker, Johnny Clements, Bill Smaltz and Head Coach Earle Edwards. Touchdown! Fullback Pete Falzarano leads Joe Scarpati to the score in the opening win over the Carolina Tarheels. [229] STATE 7-CAROLINA 6. Such was the case in a bruising, hard-fought battle witnessed by a capacity crowd of 40,000 at Kenan Stadium. State ' s kicking game was the big factor in the win. Roger Moore ' s success and the Tarheels failure in the crucial extra point try made the difference in the score. This would have been impossible, however, had it not been for the booming punts by Fred Houtz that time and again set the Tarheels back on their haunches. Not to be overlooked was the dominant defensive plav of the State line that charged through the Heels to make bone-crushing tackles. Also, the State run- ning attack proved effective when called upon to move the ball. STATE 0-CLEMSON 7. With a display of ball exchanges, State dropped what seemed to be a tic ball game. In the last five minutes of the game a 53 yard pass play to the State five vard line proved fatal. Three plavs later Clemson scored. As time was running out, State made a valiant effort to score, but could not penetrate the Clemson 13 vard line. State ' s defense, here stopping Carolina ' s Edge for no gain, was the prime factor in the Wolfpack ' s opening victory. Rugged defense by the Wolfpack stopped Clemson repeat- edly, hut the State offense could not set up momentum. 1- Wolfpack pursuit, with Harry Puckett leading the charge, hounds the Clemson quarterback on the option play. -%-: «• . Krk;er sneaks for touch- down against the Terps. State found the going rough against the tough Maryland defense, managing to gain only 165 yards total offense, while Maryland ' s Shiner moved the Terps at will. one-half minutes of play. Nebraska scored its second touchdown with six minutes left, though the Wolf- pack retained the lead as Nebraska failed in its try for a two point conversion. Nebraska scored again three minutes later to wrap up the contest. The Wolfpack again showed their defensive strength when they held the Cornhuskers four downs on the one yard line. State scores came on Rossi ' s three yard run and Scarpati ' s 91 yard punt return. STATE 0-SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI 30. Hav- ing the sickness called away-from-home jitters, the Wolfpack could not muster the strength to stop Southern Mississippi. With the score 7-0, the Pack made three costly mistakes in the final period that resulted in three touchdowns for the Southerners. With eight tumbles and a frustrated defense, the Pack experienced their worst whipping of the long and frustrating season. Good blocking by Matthews and Koszarsky led Scarpati on a 91 yard kickoff return to give State a 12-6 lead. A strong goal line stand by the Pack held highly rated Nebraska and took over possession on the one foot line. STATE 6-MARYLAND 14. Dick Shiner, the Terps ' ace quarterback, was too much for the Wolf- pack. Again the " home run ' ' plague struck. This time it was a 78 vard punt return that caught State napping at the beginning of the contest. Frustrated, the Wolfpack found the going rough in the first half. The second half was better, but the Terps ' 14 point lead was too much tor the Wolfpack to overcome. STATE 14-NEBRASKA 19. State, enjoying a 14 to 7 lead, was bushwhacked in the last six and State ' s defense held Mississippi Southern in check, hut offensive errors led to three last quarter touchdowns. STATE 14- DUKE 21. By far, State made its best performance of the year. Though showing strength in its offense and defense, the Blue Devils were not as successful as in previous games. The Wolf- pack was the first to draw blood on the spectacular pass plaj ol the day. On fourth down, nine yards to go, Kriger hit Guin in the end zone for the score. Later in the second quarter, Duke drove 64 yards for the equalizer. Duke ' s second score resulted from a quick drive at the beginning of the second half. With the score 14-7, State took the hall on the ensuing kickoff and marched 68 yards to pay dirt. The battle raged evenly until the last 80 seconds, when the Blue Devils scored and added the extra point to win the game. Duke ' s fleet backs Found the middle of the State line hard to crack, as the Blue Devils passed lor two touchdowns. Guin hauls in a fourth down, nine yard pass from Kri«er to capitalize on a previous Duke fumble on the 19 yard line. Mike Clark finds the going easier over rather than through the Georgia line, as he breaks into the more open secondary. It may look as if the cheerleaders are praying for rain but they ' re only beseeching the team to score again against Virginia STATE 10-GEORGIA 10. State dominated the first half, and Georgia the second, as the Pack man- aged a mild upset. Winless in five straight games, the Wollpack scored ten first half points, only to have the Bulldogs bounce hack to tie them with a second half scoring spree. STATE 6-SOUTH CAROLINA 17. State, play- ing a strong defensive game, lost again in the second half. The Gamecocks ' option plays more than offset State ' s lone touchdown which came on an 80 yard drive, ending with a six yard pass from Rossi to Scarpati in the end zone. I ms Georgia man is using his head, but not to stop State ' s offense. I he Wolfpacl? did all of their scoring in the first half, [2331 STATE 24-VIRGINA 12. In a soft drizzle the homecoming crowd enjoyed watching State beat its biggest enemy . . . itself! State earned its first vic- tory since the opening victory over Carolina. Even though the win was decided, the fourth quarter jinx popped up again. All of Virginia ' s points came in the last quarter on penalties and a bad pass from center. State has been outscored 84-12 in the fourth quarter, foe Scarparti led the scoring with six- pointers on a three yard plunge and a fourteen yard pass from Jim Rossi. Fullback Pete Falzarano scored from the two yard line. The thriller of the day was a 70 yard pass play from Rossi to Mike Clark which led to a score. Don Montgomery, Bert Wilder, Bob Faircloth, Chuck Wachtel, Bill Sullivan, and Walt Kudryan stood out, as the Wolfpack held their own in the offensive and defensive lines. King on the mountain is Jim Rossi, sliding got yardage in the muddv homecoming victory over Virginia ' s Cavaliers. Sophomore Pete Falzarano hulls over the Virginia line for a touchdown in the Pack ' s homecoming 24-12 victory. Jim Rossi carries on a keeper against Virginia, as Tony Koszarsky moves into the flat for a possible pitchout. Kudryan and Snow put the rush on the Demon Deacons passer. The defense held the Deacs to three points. Help is on the way, but Jimmy Guin has the situation wel in hand, dumping the Wake runner for no gain. STATE 27- WAKE FOREST 3. Using a strong running and passing attack. North Carolina State concluded its football season with a Thanksgiving Day victory over Wake Forest. The only score the Demon Deacons could muster was a 37 yard field goal in the third quarter. State put together scoring drives of 57 yards, 50 yards, and 65 yards for touch- downs. The longest play was a 50 vard touchdown pass from quarterback Bill Kriger to end Rav Barlow, who carried the ball in for the score. THE OUTLOOK for 1963 is promising. Coach Edwards will welcome 23 lettermen to spring train- ing, losing only Captain Skip Matthews and Harry Puckett to graduation. Help is expected from rising sophomore halfbacks Mike Malone and Shelby Mansfield and quarterback Charlie Noggle. State will have one of the stronger first teams in the nation next year. If the team can find more depth and speed and profit from the mistakes made this year, next year should be much more enjoyable to State fans. The Wolfpack made a Thanksgiving feast of the Demon Deacons, making the season ' s finale a 27-3 victory. " " " Coach Everett Case is rarely seen behind a desk, but after the season is over much paper work is necessary for him. BASKETBALL TEAM Plays Duke To Narrowest Conference Victory Edge rpiir Wolfpack entered the 1962-63 season with - - an air of optimism. This was the year everyone had been waiting for when State ' s strong freshman team of three years ago would reach lull maturit) and again make State a power in the AC C . 1 he backcourt duo combined Jon Speaks ' deadeye shoot- ing with Kenny Rohloff ' s plavmaking to give the Pack one of the best guard combinations in the South. Pete Auksel was counted on to carry the re- bounding load as well as bolster the frontline scoring attack. The loss of John Punger was countered with the addition of Larry Lakins, a highly touted sopho- more who has finally gained eligibility. The center position was manned by John Key, a six-ten Durham product, and Ron Gossell. A strong bench was ex- pected with Pom Sinnoek and " Wheaties " Whit- field to spell the forwards and Les Robinson and Don Greiner to back the guards. Then too, the added coaching experience of new assistant coach Press Maravich would certainly prove valuable to head coach Everett Case. road trip to Clemson opened the Wolfpack season, and then made it good, winning a cliff hanger 56-55 on Speaks ' 20 point effort. Returning to Raleigh for the home opener, the Pack gave Wake Forest all it could handle, leading by five at the half only to fall in the last minutes. State then took the Maryland Terrapins in another close finish, this time in overtime. Speaks again led the potent State attack in a one-sided victory over George Washington 87-48. Nationally ranked Georgia Tech jolted the Pack in Atlanta despite Auksel ' s 27 points. John l e led the squad over Cornell in a warmup for the all- important game with Duke. Duke, however, was in no playful mood and demolished the Pack 78-52. The Pack lost again, this time to Virginia, before taking South Carolina behind the powerful scoring ol Speaks and Auksel. Carolina was next on the schedule. The Pack gave it everything they hail before bowino 67-65 in overtime. Auksel led the Pack scorers in the heartbreaker. Mankind came to the Coliseum only to run into a devastating Woltpaek scoring attack and lose 79-59. Speaks hit 22 points in the final win before examination break. UOBTK Jn U mt CABOLIKA Co-captains Jon Speaks and Ken Rohloff take a break during a practice session before the ACC tournament. [236] From Row: Manager Faulk, Speaks, Hale, Mattocks, Erb, Rohloff; Second Row: Assistant Coach Maravich, Sinnock, Arganbright, May- ton, Robinson, Greiner, Head Coach Case; Back Row. Worsley, Whitfield, Auksel, Gossell, Key, Lakins, York. L962-63 Basketball Results Won 10, Lost 11 N. C . State 56 Clemson 55 58 Wake Forest 66 76 Maryland 74 87 George Washington 48 71 Georgia Tech 84 69 Cornell 63 52 Duke 78 69 Virginia 78 71 South Carolina 63 65 North Carolina 67 79 Maryland 59 82 The ' Citadel 65 70 Wake Forest 79 75 Virginia 84 55 Duke 56 63 North Carolina 68 66 Clemson 50 68 South Carolina 70 88 VMI 72 79 Clemson 78 65 Duke 82 ACC Tournament. Wheaties Whitfield shows the rebounding Form that made him the favorite of all State College Wolfpack fans. [237] Returning to action after exam break, the Pack showed no signs of rustiness, as they ran over The Citadel 82-65. The second Wake Forest game was a carbon copy of the first, with State leading at the halt, only to lose in the second half. A second loss to Virginia was the result of looking forward too far to the upcoming Duke game. In the Coliseum, the Pack gave the Blue Devils a real scare, as John Kej s last second shot was tapped twice, but refused to tall. Carolina followed Duke into the Coliseum, and again the Pack played well. However, Billv Cunningham was too much, and the Tarheels won again. Ken Rohlorl found his shooting eve in the next tew games, leading the Pack in wins over Clemson and VMI and in the double overtime loss to South Carolina. In the ACC tournament, the Pack gained revenge for last vear ' s loss to Clemson, but the tournament-bound Blue Devils ended anv Wolfpack title hopes. John Kev uses his height to tap in an errant Pack shot as fellow teammate Pete Auksel stands by to help if needed. Ron Gossell is trying to give Rohloff room to operate as the latter runs into heavy traffic against Duke ' s Blue De ils. Wheaties takes a breather, and Dave Weideman takes a ride, as the referee tries to unscramble the players. All-American Art Heyman fires from the outside while the Wolfpack boxes out the Blue Devils for the rebound. The season mav have Keen a disappointing one for State fans, but the Pack still managed its share oi wins and never could be counted out of contention. Rebounding was the key to most of State ' s successes, as Auksel, Key, Lakins, Whitfield, and Sinnock were able to control the boards in most of the games. The scoring attack was well-rounded, but not too effective. Speaks led with a 12.5 average per game, followed bv Auksel ' s 12.4, Rohloff ' s 12.2, and Key ' s 10.5 averages. Lakins, Whitfie ld, and Sinnock pro- vided the remainder of the scoring punch and bench strength. Ron Gossell, Les Robinson, and Don Greiner showed flashes of brilliance throughout the season in helping the Wolfpack cause. Ken Rohloff drives through the air for a layup in the Wolfpack ' s narrow loss to the Tarheels from Chapel Hill. Whitfield, Gossell, and Lakins are onlv searching for an elusive contact lense. Someone lost one every game. The shot that failed. Behind by one point, the Pack elected to wait for one shot in an attempt to beat Duke. Rohloff and Key listen intently as coaches Maravich and Case give directions on setting up an easy basket. Whitfield steals a rebound from the Tarheels ' sophomore sensation, Billy Cunningham. The Tarheels won both games. Co-captain Jon Speaks shows flawless form as he e xecutes another of his deadly jump shots against the Deacons. [240] The big men, Auksel and key, watch Speaks do some rebound- ing of his own as he battles Cunningham and Poteet. The wicker chair is now the symbol of victory in the State-Wake Forest games. State has vet to get it. Speaks catches the middle of the Deacon defense nap- ping and drives through for an easy shot and score. [241] Coach Willis Casey tells his swimmers their times after a hard series of 50 yard sprints in a typieal practice. SWIMMING TEAM Not Defeated In Regular Season Conference Meets r I I IIS year at State swimming was a major concern - ■ and was strongly supported by the student body. Led by tour All-Americans, Ed Spencer, Pete Fogarasy, Bil l McGinty, and Smokey Ellis, the tankers swam to an 1 1-0 season. I [owever, due to a lack ot depth, the Wolfpack came in third in the AC C swim meet, which brought a three-way tie tor the championship ot the ACC. Sophomores Dick Faoletti and I larold Senter looked impressive throughout the season, as did foddy Peer, Dan Derby, Guy Griswold, and diver Jerry Morrow. Two highly touted freshmen arc expected to help next year. All-Americans Smokey Ellis, Pete Fogarasy, Ed Spencer, and Bill McGinty take a break after a tiring workout. Spencer yells encouragement to Fogarasy as the latter moves on to victory in his specialty, the breaststroke. National butterfly champion Ed Spencer shows hi - form in the ACC meet. Illness kept him from his best time. 1962-63 Swimming Results Won 11, Lost N. C State 73 Clemson 22 69 Wake Foicst 23 60 Virginia 27 58 East Carolina 37 59 South Carolina 26 S2 Hast Carolina 43 60 VMI 35 59 VPI 35 53 North Carolina 42 62 Duke 33 49 Maryland 46 sr Ace freestylek Bill McGinty prepares for the start in the 100 yard free style against the Tarheels ' leading freestyle entry, Harrison Merrill. Front How: Harold Senter, Gene Eagles, Bill McGinty, Gerald (Joddy) Peer, Dick Paoletti. Back Row: Asst. Coach Mike Charles, ]erry Morrow, Guy Griswold, Francis Ellis, Ed Spencer, Peter Fogarasy, Coach Willis Casey. SOCCER TEAM Gets Experience Through Newly Formed Frosh Team State ' s defense converges on the ball as they try to keep Carolina from booting another goal in the lose. Under the leadership of Coach Cooper, the soccer team showed growth this year. This was the result of the foundation built by freshman soccer, which has not previously existed. This year ' s record was not outstanding, but next year should bring needed experience to produce more victories. Front Row: James McGraw, Rocky Barker, Warren Way, Velio Kuuskraa, Pedro Lozada, Edward Snipes. Second Row. Jim Huntsman, Donald Athearn, Jim Provo, Mike Rudell, Charles Blaine, Raymond Warner. Third Row: Bob Miller. Elgin Uskup, John Woftord, Henri Mas. Ants Koppel, Carlos Eseallon. 1962 Soccer Results Won 1, Lost 9 N. c. St. He 5 Belmont Abbe) 1 1 Davidson 3 2 Virginia 6 1 Mar) land 11 1 North Carolina 9 2 Pfeiffer 6 1 Duke 5 Washington Lee 6 2 L nehburg 5 2 Guilford 4 [244] WRESTLING TEAM Has Superlative Season ' s Record In Winning Seven 1962- ■63 Wrestling Results Won 7, Lost 3 . c. State 19 Pfeiffer n 13 Maryland 23 20 Duke 8 35 St. Andrews 2 18 1 he Citadel 12 16 North Carolina 11 34 St. Andrews 16 Davidson 13 9 Washington Lee 19 5 Virginia 20 Paul Tucker and Bill Sullivan demonstrate a prepara tory position before commencing a short practice session. STATE ' S wrestling team experienced its best season in years with a 7-3 record. Though losing in the AC C tournament held at Charlottesville, Vir- ginia, Coach Al Crawford ' s wrestlers are looking forward to a strong and successful season next year. Front Rout Angelo, Jones, Barnes, Cook, Athern, Brawley; Back Row: Ccach Crawford, Leonard, Hamilton, Savvhill, Harris, Highsmith, Fountain. [245] Pi rcHER fohn Baughan tat;s a Duke runner as he slides home in preserve his win in the 5-2 Wolfpack victory. BASEBALL TEAM Counts On Young Players To Handle Key Positions COPHOMORES From last year ' s freshman Big lour championship team are counted on to move into prominent positions this season. The Wolfpack lost four outstanding players in all -AC C: Wayne Edwards and Boh Conner, Georee 1 lavworth and Vernon Strickland. George Allen and Johnny Baughan are seniors counted on to do the pitching. Relief will come from Boh Johnson, Ray Barlowe, and Frank Perkinson. In the infield Don Montgomery and Pete Parham will handle first and second respectively. Tom Hines, a second baseman in 1962, is expected to battle Les Young and Gary Hale for third base, with one moving to shortstop. In the outfield Warren Line- berger, Ron Erb. and fimmy Kirkman hold forth. 1962 Baseball Results Won 11, Lost 10 N. C. S ate 2 Dartmouth 4 5 Dartmouth i Kent Stau 3 3 1 1 Kent Stale 2 6 Yale S 3 Duke 9 5 Duke -y (1 North Carolina 1 10 8 Virginia Maryland 9 y 3 Florida State 12 5 South Carolina 4 2 Clemson 9 2 Wake Forest 6 14 Virginia 6 3 land 4 10 1 8 South Carolina C lemson North Carolina 12 U 13 Wake lorest 1 1 4 North Carolina 5 Baughan, Rona] d Lrb, and Warren I.ineberger seem to be contented with the progress ol the game on the Held. i ; V - Lineberger and Erb wait to congratu late Jim Kirkman lol lowing his game-winning round tripper against Duke. [246] Second baseman Tommy Hines takes the throw from catcher George I layworth to foil an attempted theFt of second base. Relief pitcher George Allen takes his warmup tosses before putting down a budding enemy rally. Front Row. Hayworth, Harrell, McGirt, Lineberger, Baughan, Allen. Second Row: Erb, Crodell, Connor, Edwards, Strickland, Manager Parker. Third Row: Coach Sorrell, Young, Kirkman, Hines, Harris, Montgomery, Curlee. • W- W % ts ' 11 ' |CIH. a 9 TRACK TEAM Has Discouraging Season Caused By Ineligibility COAC1 I Paul Derr, coaching his eighth year at State College, experienced a disappointing 1-5 record. The Wolfpack is going to have to struggle again this year. I [urting from scholastic ineligibilities, the Pack will be short of the sprints. The field events, shot put, and discus will also be weak. A bright newcomer is hard-working Stewart Corn. Formerly pole-vaulting ten feet, he has now topped fourteen feet and is still improving. In the high jump. Corn has already tied the school record with a six foot four inch jump. Next year ' s (1963) captain. Butch Blanchard, will help in the sprints. Jim Joyner and Butch Blanchard pass the baton in a meet. |im and Butch are captains for ' 62 and ' 63 respectively. A freshman watches varsity high jumper Vance Wrenn clear the bar in practice. Maybe he ' ll do as well next year. 1962 Track Results Won 1, Lost 5; ACC 0-4 N. C. State 201 3 North Carolina 115% 42 Clemson 93 28 South Carolina 72% Virginia 66 ' } 110 East Carolina 26 49 ' 2 Wake Forest 89 hast Carolina 30 ' 2 -411- vpi 86% April 1 1 meet with Duke cancelled. Blanchard and Cox (positions one and three) get set for the starting gun in dual meet with East Carolina at State College ' s home track. [248] Front Row: Coach Derr, Joyner, Green, Goldon, Edwards; Second Row. Bartlett, Caldwell, Rader, Riggins, Wilhelm, Overcash, Grimes; Third Roir: Hamrick, Potts. Blanchard, Lustig. Moneyhan, Peabody, Durrett, Leary. Durek. Stewart Corn, highly rated in the high and pole vault, demonstrates his much needed versatility through helping the team by running in the hurdle events. Sophomore Bill Peabody has great- ly aided the team with his vaulting. [2491 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Achieves Premier Victory j In Final Autumn Contest O I A IF found the season very rough last year, managing only a 1-7 record. Coach Paul Derr, because ol a lack ol scholarship aid. had trouble get- ting runners to try out lor the team. I Ic hopes For better results this year. Runners Edwards, Potts, and Stampley leave competitors behind as they near the Finish line of a gruelling race. 1962 Cross Country Results Won 1, Lost 7 N. C. State 15 Duke 51 15 Wake Forest 52 15 VP] 46 15 North Carolina 48 18 South Carolina 39 22 Clemson 33 15 Maryland 53 29 Virginia 26 State finished fifth in the State Meet. Front Row: Maso, Haskins, Stampley, Bartelt, Fincher; Back Row: Coach Derr. Green, Edward, Spainhour, Hamrick. Potts. [250] TENNIS TEAM Has Slow Start But Ends Season With Fair Record r I H K season started poorly for hist year ' s team, - - as they lost six straight matches. 1 lowever, they bounced hack to take four 1 the next six. Prospects lor this year were hurt h the ineligibility of the number one man. 1962 Tennis Results Won 5, Lost 10 N. C. State n George Washington 9 n Dartmouth 9 Michigan State 9 3 MIT 5 3 East Carolina n 2 William, 9 Smith Carolina Clemson 9 1 Maryland 8 5 East Carolina 4 6 Virginia 3 7 Davidson 2 6 Wake Forest 3 1 North Carolina 8 1 Duke 8 Coach Kenfield demonstrates fundamental strokes to stu dents who are trying out for tennis team positions. Front Row: Walt Brown, Bill Marshall, Doug Cooper, Tilly Smith; Back Row: Paul Logue, Chuck Hvatt. Coach Kenfield, Jimmy Emmons Lloyd Bost. 9gy| [251] GOLF TEAM Hopes To Improve Season And Have Better Showing Pipkin, Marcum, Hodges, and Coffey watch Jerry Man gum tee off in a practice to determine playing positions. c OACHED by Al Michaels, State ' s golf team started the season right by downing Penn State in a practice match 9-0. I bus the season looks good tor this year. Experienced linksters from last year ' s team are expected to do well. An expected large turn- out of prospective team members will help fill out the team considerably. Robert Pipkin, Jerry Mangum, John Marcum, Tom Coffey, Hackney Hodges, Coach Al Michaels 1962 Golf Results Won 2, Lost 8 . C. State 12 ' : Clemson 14 ' 2 12 Princeton 15 10 North Carolina 26 6 Wake J : orest 21 24 Davidson 3 2 1 2 Duke TJVi 2 ' . Davidson 1 Maryland 24 -I 1 : Virginia 131 2 6 ' 2 South Carolina 201 2 -; - --. »■ v . [252] INTRAMURALS Cause Greater Interest In Participating Sports [NTRAMURAL athletics at North Carolina State - - had a successful year with dormitory and frater- nity participation showing a slight increase and the Open League a great increase. Facilities were used to their utmost capacity as ninety percent of all fra- ternity men and thirty percent of the dormitory in- hahitants participated in at least one sport. On the whole about forty percent of the student body takes part in intramural athletics. The formation of open and wild card divisions has resulted in increased interest and added eligibility for off campus students. Athletic directors Mike Barnhill and Velio Kuuskraa proudly show off the Big Four trophy, won by State. ATHLETIC DIRECTORS-SiMmg: Wise, Curtis, Barnhill, Kuuskraa, Ware, Purdy; Standing: Smith, Owens, Willingham, Humbert, Stagner, Devotie, Holley, Owens, Green, Latimore, Zangas, Sykes, Allen, Gentry, Buffaloe. ATHLETIC ADVISORS: Poteat, Jenkins, Barnhill, Hoch, Smith, Kuuskraa, Sneaks. [253] In the fraternity division, the PKA ' s beat the SPE ' s in the finals ol football. KA ' s opened the season in basketball by winning the Dixie Classic. In the basketball championship game PKA added another championship b whipping KS. In the finals ol football in the dormitory league. Tucker nosed out Alexander. Turlington downed Watauga in the championship game for the basket- ball crown. In other divisions Wesle) Foundation took the open league basketball championship by beating the Spasties. The Gunners gunned down the Grads to win the Wildcard basketball championship. HCi.-ir. I in SPE ' s go td the air to beat their opponent. Big turnouts of rooters typify the interest in intramural activities. The newly completed Carmichael Gym has nine basket ball courts available for both intramurals and recreation. Rough pi ay like this results in football, especially when only a point maj make the difference in winning the game. [2541 Ping-pong is not a major sport, but it nevertheless offers another opportunity for athletic endeavor for everyone. Eleven courts in Carmichael Gym are filled each day and night by enthused students who have taken up handball. Intramural swimming usually draws Coach Willis Casey ' s attention as he times performances of possible tryouts. Bowling, one of the favorite participating sports in the in- tramural program, never fails to draw a great man) entries. Volleyball provides a good indoor warmup ol skills and muscles to be used later when the basketball season begins. [2551 The briefcase is the identify ing mark of the grad student. Election time is denoted by the camouflaging of all academic buildings with posters exhorting students to support various candidates for important offices. After a trying day, a peaceful moment spent in the local pub lakes students from the grind and brings short relaxation. [256] COLLEGE ANTHROPOLOGY ONTOGENY RECAPITULATES PHVLOqeNV AMD PREDIC »B3 S6X SCIENCE PU I Lowppy AND RtUlqioN. TB CLASS OF 1963 • OFFICERS Til f JOHN EARNHARDT President JON SPEAKS Vice President lf t " JAMES RHODES Secretary JOSEPH CARPENTER Treasurer [258] SENIOR CLASS PEYTON BRYANT ABBOTT, III Architecture Intramurals 2, 3; Band 1, 2. 3, 4. RICHARD WARREN ABBOTT Electrical Engineering AIEE; Veteran ' s Association. Raleigh, N. C. Kerncrsville, N. C. ALAN RAY ABERNETIIY Physics Statesville, N. C. Marching Barul 1. 2; Fanfare Band 1. 2; Y K Chape] Board 1; AIP 4. MAURICE RAMON ACRA Industrial Engineering Port-au-Prince, Haiti Latin Club; AHE; College Union Activities Committee. CHARLES COBLE ADAMS Forest Management Alpha Phi Omega; West minster Fellowship. Rowland, N. C. ROBERT THOMPSON ADAMS Electrical Engineering Winston-Salem, N. C. AIEE. PREM MOHAN AGARWALA Pulp and Paper Technology Lauriya, India MICHAEL DAVID AGOSTINI Geological Engineering Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, W.I. Intramural 2; AI.ME 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, Pres. 4; Engineers Coun cil 4. ALAN J. AITKEN Forest Management Bovina Center, New York Intramurals 3, 4; Big Four Dav 3, 4; Forestry Club. Campus wide elections each Spring determine student representatives for the Following year. In addition to Student Gov- ernment members, officers of major campus organizations— YMCA, Publications, College Union, and Classes— are also elected. [259] SENIOR CLASS ALBERT ALLEN ALABASTER Textiles Dunn, N. C Phi Psi; Textile Forum. WILLIAM MOCK ALEXANDER Mechanical Engineering Raleigh. N. C. ASME. JAMES LEWIS ALFORD Electrical Engineering Whitakers, N. C . Intramurals 1, 2. 3, 4; Bis Four Day 3. MICHAEL BOYD ALFORD Pulp and Paper Technology Hartsville, South Carolina Fourdrinier Society; Forestry Club 1 . BRUCE B. ALLEN, JR. Mechanical Engineering ASME. JESSE MONROE ALLEN Furniture Manufacturing and Management Furniture Club; Photography Club. Charlotte, N. C. Smithfield, N. C. LARRY ROSS ALLEN Mechanical Engineering Plymouth, N. C. Engineers Council 3, Treas.; ASME 3, 4; Theta Tau. ROBERT LEE ALLEN Electrical Engineering Newport News, Virginia Glee Club; AIEEIRE; BSU, Enlistment Vice Pres. WILLIAM MICHAEL AMICK Pulp and Paper Technology Pine Bluff, Arkansas Phi Kappa Phi Merit Certificate 1 ; Fourdrinier Societj . PAUL ALDERMAN ANDERSON, JR. Mechanical Engineering Charlotte, N. C. Kappa Sigma; ASME; Football 1; Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. RALPH FRANKLIN ANDERSON Electrical Engineering M.irs Hill, N. C. AIEE. WOODROW ANTON1A ANDERSON Agricultural Business Goldsboro, N. C. JOHN RODMAN ANDREW Civil Engineering Construction Washington! N. C. Chi Epsilon; ASCE; Asst. Editor " Transit " ; Intramurals I, 2, 3; All- Campus Swimming; Army ROTC 1, 2, 3. ROBERT LOUIS ANDREWS Electrical Engineering AIEE; Intramurals I. 2. ROBERT JAMES ANTHONY Botany Intramurals 3, 4; Newman Cluh; VDC. Sparta, N. C. Steubenville, Ohio [260] SENIOR CLASS DAVID McCALL ARCHER Forest Management Sigma Nu. KEITH MORGAN ARROWOOD Science Education PERLIE GENE ASHLEY Metallurgical Engineering Theta Tau; ASM; Engineers Council; AIIE. WILLIAM WADE ASHLEY Electrical Engineering Phi Kappa Tau; AIEE. ALAIN AUDET Textile Chemistry DALE MYLUM BABER Chemical Engineering Hopewell, Virginia Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; AICHE; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Jacksonville, Florida Charlotte, N. C. Edenton, N. C. Whiteville, N. C. Montreal, Canada Toms River, New Jersey RICHARD TOBIAS BAER Electrical Engineering AIEE; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Capt. USAF, Air Force Institute of Technology. ALAN MICHAEL BAGULLY Mechanical Engineering- Charlotte, N. C. Aeronautical Option Scabbard Blade 3, 4; Assoc, of the United States Army 3, 4, 1st Lt. 3, Capt. 4; Drum Bugle Corps 1, 2, 3, 4, Commander 4; IAS 4. DONALD WILLIAMS BAKER Agricultural Economics- Belvidere. N. C. Agricultural Business Alpha Zeta, Treas. 4; Agricultural Economics Club; Agriculture Council. Treas. 4: YDC; Clerical Club; Agricultural Economist Research Trainee with USDA. FRANCIS RAEFORD BAKER Agricultural Economics Louisburg, N. C. Alpha Phi Omega; Intramurals 3, 4; Owen Dorm Floor Counselor, Vice Pres. 4; IDC 4; Agricultural Economics Club 3, 4. Vice Pres. 4; Under- graduate Delegate to AFEA Convention 3; Apollo Club 4; YDC 4; YMCA 1. GERALD BLAKE BALLARD Forest Management Asheville, N. C. Alpha Zeta; Xi Sigma Pi; Agromeck Photographer 3, 4; Pinetum Photographer Asst. Business Manager 3, Business Manager 4; YMCA 4; Scott-Russ Forestry Scholarship; Biltmore Forestry Work Scholarship; Forestry Club, Treas. 3; American Science Foundation Undergraduate Research Program 2. Hamlet, N. C. JERRY LLOYD BANKHEAD Industrial Arts-Technical Option HARVEY THOMAS BANKS Applied Mathematics Newton, N. C. Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Blue Key; Pi Mu Epsilon 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4; Arnold Air Society 2; Campus Code Board 3, 4, Chairman 4; Orientation Group Leader 2, 3; Orientation Commission 3, 4; Science Council 4; Honors Program 3, 4. WILLARD HAROLD BARBEE, JR. Physics Raleigh, N. C. Mu Beta Psi; College Union Committee Member 2; College Union Committee Chairman 3; College Union Pres. 4; College Union Board of Chairmen 3, 4; College Union Board of Directors 3, 4; Friends of the College Board of Directors 3, 4; New Arts, Inc. Board of Directors 4. RONALD STEPHEN BARD Textiles Asheville, N. C. [261] SENIOR CLASS RICHARD LOWELL BAREFOOT Charlotte, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Kappa Sigma; Golden Chain, Sec; Blue Key; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; IIC Representative 1, 2, 3; IFC Rush Chairman 3; Chairman IPC Constitutional Reforms 3; IFC Vice Pres.; National Science Foundation Research 3. 4; Honor Code Board 3; New Arts. Inc., Pres., Board of Directors; Orientation Group Leader; School Ring Committee; Intramural Athletics Advisory- Committee; Superior Student Program 1, 3; Cn ( bail man Engineers Fair Project ME Dept.; Advanced ROTC; Battle Group Exec. Officer; Recorder and Custodian ROTC Cadet Fund; Recorder Cadet Board of Appeals. JETER O. BARKER, JR. Electrical Engineering Greensboro, N. C. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania A. MERRICK BARNES Recreation and Park Administration Phi Epsilon Pi; Kappa Phi Kappa; Varsity Football 2, 3, 4; Freshman Football 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. MICHAEL VON BARNHILL Industrial Engineering Battleboro, N. C. Baseball I; Football 1; Athletic Director Alexander Dorm 1. 3; IDC Athletic Director 4; Best Intramural Athlete (Dormitories) 2: Intramural Advisory Board 3, 4: AIIE 4; Engineers Council 3; Asst. Floor Manage! Alexander Dorm 2; Floor Manager Alexander Dorm 3; Alexander Dorm Pres. 3; IDC Vice Pres. 3; College Union Theater Committee 1. ROBERT KELLY BARNHILL Civil Engineering Greenville, N. C. BENNIE GENE BARRETT Wildlife Biology- Shelby, N. C. Agricultural Science Intramurals 1. 2. 3, 4; Leopold Wildlife Club, Pres. 4, Vice Pres. 3, Reporter 2. FRED SMITH BARRETT, JR. Agricultural Economics Oak City, N. C. Intramurals 1, 2, 3; Ag Economics Club. GEORGE HULL BARRETT Mechanical Engineering Washington, D. C. THOMAS LAWSON BARRINGER Industrial Engineering Kannapolis, N. C. Theta Tau, Treas.; Circle K Club, Hoard of Directors; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; AIIE- Advanced ROTC. RAYMOND EDWARD BARRY, JR. Mechanical Engineering Shelby, N. C. Tau Kappa Epsilon. CLEMON ELTON BASS, JR. Agricultural Encineeiu c. Edenttm, N. C. Intramurals; Advanced ROTC; Association of 11. S. Army; ASM JAMES CAVELLE BATCHELOR Electrical Engineering Rocky Mount. X. C n l JAMES RALPH BATTS Experimental Statistics Hertford, N. C. Concord, N. C. LARRY CLAYTON BAUCOM Electrical Engineering BSUj Apollo Club; State Student Toastmastcrs Club: Mil. YM V Intramurals 4. SAM GLENN BEARD, JR. Physics Pittsboro, N. C. American Nuclear Society, Sec. 4; Academic Commendation 3. [262] SENIOR CLASS JAMES DALE BEASLEY Electrical Engineering Intramurals 3: Al I I . High Point, N. C. MARVIN COLEMAN BEASLEY Civil Engineering Gastonia, N. C. Phi Eta Sigma; Chi Epsilon; I ntramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; ASCE. JOHN EDWARD BEESON Mechanical Engineering s ll . Winston-Salem, N. C. JERRY LEE BENNETT Physical Science and Applied Mathematics BOBBY LEE BERRIER Mechanical Engineering- Aeronautical Option Intramurals 1. 2, 3. 4: YDC: Institute f Aerospace Sciences; CU Dance C ' ommi tec 1 . Kemersville, N. C. China Grove, . C BILLY BURKE BEST Civil Engineering ASCE; Tr;ick 1; Intramurals 2. Portsmouth, Virginia , 4; Association uf LI. S. Army. LUCIUS CUMMINCS BIGELOW Civil Engineering KSCE. FRANCIS BRADLEY BIGGAR Pulp and Paper Technology i Siema Pi. Forester; Turlington Durm. Vice Pres. 4, Athletic Director 3; IDC - 4. Durham, N. C. Monroe, Louisiana EDWARD EUGENE BLACK, JR. Applied Mathematics Asheville. N. C. Musical organizations entertain the entire campus. Left, Mr. Watson conducts a joint rehearsal of the Band and Glee Club before the Christmas Concert. Right, one trombone player takes a break, as members of the Band entertain cafeteria diners. [263] pp SENIOR CLASS HAROLD CHRIS BLANCHARD Forest Management Wfaiteville, V C ( ..imm.i Sigma Helta; Alpha Zeta; i Sigma Pi; I reshman Track 1 ; ,irsit 1 i,k k 2, 3, (apt. 4; Varsity Cross Counrrj 5, 4; Varsity Indoor Iraclc 2. 4. 4; Forestry Club; Monogram Club. I AMES BIRVEN BLANCHARD Electrical Enginering [ntramurals 1. 2; WKNC Radio 1. RONALD LEE BLEVI S Pulp and Paper Technology Fourdrinier Society. I urke N. C. Bristol, Tennessee Franklinton, N. C. PAUL BRITTLE BLOUNT Chemical Engineering Intramurals 1, 3, 4; Men ' s Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Apollo Club 4, 5; AKIII I, 4, 5. Southeastern Regional Sec.; Dorm Floor Counselor 5; IDC 5. MANOUCHEHR MANNY BOROOKHIM Electrical Engineering and Tehran, Iran Nuclear Engineering Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Kappa Phi Freshman Honors; Engineerine. Honors Program; AIEE IRE. LLOYD CARLTON BOST. JR. Civil Engineering- Charlotte. X. C . Construction Option Phi Kappa Tau: Tennis 1. 3, 4; Advanced ROTC; IPC; ASCE; Engineers Council. CHARLES WILLIAM BOSTIAN Electrical Engineering Raleigh, N. C. Phi Eta Sigma; lu Beta Psi, Treas. 3; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi. Sec. 4; Phi Kappa Phi; Southern Engineer 1; Advance.! ROTC; A USA: AIEE IRE; Engineers Fair 2, 3, 4; YMCA; Apollo Club 3, 4; Glee Club 1 , 2, 3, 4; YRC 2, 3, 4; Engineering Honors Program 3, 4; EE Lab Instructor 4; Dean ' s List I. 2. 3. 4; Superior English Program I; Freshman Sophomore Superior Student Proeram in Math Physics I, 2. JOHN ROBERT BOUGH AN Pulp and Paper Technology West Point. Virginia Sigma Nu; Fourdrinier Society; Baseball I. 2. , 4. CONSTANTINOS SPYRIDON BOUKOUVALAS Agricultural Education Agricultural Education Club. Kryfovo, loannina, Greece JAMES SCOTT BOWERS Civil Engineering Raleigh, N. C. Kappa Alpha. RICHARD HAUSER BOWLING Electrical Engineering Greensboro, N. C. Big I cur Dav 2. 3, 4; Table Tennis Club. Sec.; CU Photograph} Corn mittee; All I IRE. WARREN GILES BOYETTE Forest Management C lax ton, N. C. V Sigma Pi; Baseball 1. 2. M VRCUS SPENCER BRADLEY Civil Engineering I OYD BRADSHAW, JR. Forest Management Intramurals 1 . 2. 3, 4. HENRY LOUIS BRAKE, III Agricultural Economics Agricui i tut al Business Intramurals I. 2. 3, 4, Athletic Director 3; Collegiate 4-11 Club I, 2. s, 4; Owen Dorm Asst. Floor Manager 3; Ar Economies Club; Men ' s Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4; Smith-Douglas Scholarship; AFROTC I. 2; 1 K 1, 2; YIK 2; 1 ashman Retreat I. Hobgood, N. C. I rankhn. Virginia Rockv Mount, N. C. [264] SENIOR CLASS II I I . 1 MVIIIL1R BRANTLEY Metallurgical Engineering Raleigh, " . C. Phi Eta Sigma; Tail Beta Pi, Corr. Sec. 4; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Sigma lu. Vice Pres. 4; Marching Rand; Symphonic Hand; Advanced Military; DMS; American Society for Metals, Vice Chairman 4; Knight of St. Patrick; National Merit Scholarship Owens-Coming Fiberglass Corp. Scholarship; Capital City Concert Band. HAROLD THOMAS BRASWELL Electrical Engineering ll 1 IIU i, 4. JAMES ELWOOD BREWER Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa u ?. 4. Treas. 4: All L IRE 2, Chairman 4; Radio Club 2, 4. Goldsboro, N. C. Biscoe, N. C. , 4. Pub. Committee MELVIN CLEON BRIGHT Agricultural Education Chocowinity, N. C. Kappa Phi Kappa. Pribram Chairman; Ac Education Club. Vice Pres.; N ' EA. HARRY SHORE BRITT. JR. Mechanical Engineering Clinton, N. C. ASME- Intnimurals. VICTOR HERMAN BRITT, III Aeronautical Engineering Raleigh, . ( Delta Sigma Phi; Institute of Aerospace Sciences. Treas. ROBERT EARL BRITTA1N Civil Engineering Bonne. N. C . Wrestling I, 2. REUBEN GRANT BROADWELL Crop Science Raleigh. N. C. Agrici ' lttire Honors Program. BOBBY GENE BROCK Agricultural Education Wade, N. C WILLIAM ALVIS BROGDEN Architecture Sanford, N. C. DONALD WAYNE BROWN Mechanical Engineering Ruhhins. N. t . ASME. EUGENE WILSON BROWN Architecture Durham, N. C. Sigma Nu; Alpha Phi Omega 1 . 2, 3, 4, Hist. 3; Student Publication of the School of Design 3, 4, Editor 4; ROTC Drum Bugle Corps 1, 2; Men ' s Glee Club 2, 3; Drama Workshop 4; WKNC Radio I, 2; rt Auction Chairman 3, 4: First Annual Reynolds Aluminum Prize in Architecture 3; School Blazer Emblem Design Winner. HENRY THOMAS BROWN. JR. Agricultural Tec hnology- Crop Science Agronomy Club, Pres. 4, Treas. 3; Delegate to National Agronomj Con rention. MICHAEL FERRELL BROWN Mechanic al Engineering Candler. N. C. Aerospace Option Institute of Aerospace Sciences. THOMAS WAYNE BROWN Pulp and Paper Technology Statesville, N C . lpha Zeta; AICHE; Eourdrinier Society, Pres. 4, Vice Pres 3. Ahoskie, N. C . [265] SENIOR CLASS WALTER EARL BROWN Textile Technology Wilson, . t . Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta kappa Phi: Vgbomeck, Asst. Class Editor - ' . Sports 1 ditoi 4; tennis I, 2, 3, 4: [ntramuials 1, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM CHARLES BROWN Applied Mathematics Fayetteville, N. C. Pershing Rifles, I xec. Officer; Scabbard H ' ade; Military Ball Association, Treas.; Distinguished Military Student. JAMES ISAAC BRLITON Chemical Engineering Fremont, X. C. KIII I, 2, 3, 4; Engineers Council 3, 4; YMCA I. WILLIAM ROSS BRYAN Chemical Engineering Houston, Texas Si mia Phi Epsilon; Technician 3; Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4; Class Rin Committee 3; Student Government Senator 1. JAKIE MEDFORD BRYANT Mechanical Engini him. Raleigh. X. C. Aeronautical Option s ii LIONEL HERBERT BRYSON Electrical Engineering Sylva, N. C. Phi Kappa Tau; Arnold Air Society; Men ' s Glee Club. PHILIP ROBINSON BRYSON. JR. Applied Mathematics Asheville, N. C. Sigma Chi; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. JAMES JACKSON BUFFALOE Agricultural Science Willow Springs, . C. Engineering Intramurals 1 . 2. 3, 4; Alexander Dorm Sec. 3, Floor C ounselor . 4. thletic Dir. 4. DOUGLAS MERLE BULLARD Electrical Engineering Wake Forest, N. C. CU Committee 3; Veterans Assoc. 4; All! .1; IRE 4. JAMES ROSCOE BURDEN Forest Management Forestry Club. Aulander, N. C. 1 ARRY JOE BURLESON Textile Technology Albemarle, N. C. rompkins Textile Council, Sec. 3, 4: Intramurals 1 , 2, 3, 4. ROBERT HOLMES BURKE Forestry Montclair, New Jersey Tau Kappa Epsilon, TIIURMAN EVERETT BURNETTE Agricultural Education Oxford, N. C. Phi Kappa Phi; An Education Club. J MES TILDEN BURNS Mechanical Engineering Atkinson, N. C. Upha ( minima Rhu. WILLIAM ALONZO BURTON Nuclear Engineering Winston-Salem, N. C. American Nuclear Society; Football 1. [266] SENIOR CLASS JIMMY STEPHEN CADDELL Civil Engineering Sigma Pi. Raleigh, N. C. JAMES DANIEL CALDWELL Forest Management C lyde, N. C. Societj nl American Foresters; [ntra murals 1 , 2. t, -4; I orestry ( lub. DONALD PRUETT CALHOUN Forest Management Waynesville, N. C. Society of American Foiesteis; tntiamurals I. 2: Forestry Club; Veterans Club. FRED LONNIE CALLAHAN, JR. Civil Engineering- Construction Option Sigma Nu. JERRY CAGLE CALLICUTT Civil Engineering ASCE 2, 3. 4. WALLACE V. CALVERT, JR. Architecture Forest Citv, N. C. Asheboro, N. C. Mt. Vernon. Indian] STEVE LEWIS CAM BY Mechanical Engineering Spindale, N. C. ASME; Inrramurals 4; Radio Club; Science Math Club; Marine Corps PLC Program. WILLIAM JOHN CAMERON Civil Engineering- Raleigh, N. C. Construction Option Sigma Chi; Blue Kev; Scabbard Blade; Intramurals; Honor Code Board, Chairman; Sigma Chi Pledge Trainer; Honor S udv Commission; ASCE; Battalion S-4, Army ROTC. MALCOLM JAMES CAMPBELL Industrial Engineering Laurinburg, N. C. Football hijinks enliven the scene. Left, miniature footballs, autographed by players, make fine souvenirs for State fans. Bight, the Clemson Tiger is held at hav bv the State wolves, but unfortunately was able to turn the tables in the game. [267] SENIOR CLASS YATES WALTER CAMPBELL Electrical Engineering Gastonia, N. C. Eta Kappa Nuj Men ' s Glee Club 2, 3, 4; AIEE 4. KENNETH SINK CANADY Nuclear Engineering AIP 4; YMCA 1; Intramurals 2. High Point, N. C. LARRY BRYSON CARAWAN Chemical Engineering Wilmington, N. C. Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard Blade; Honors Program 3. JOSEPH MORGAN CARPENTER Agricultural Technology- Wagram, N. C. Plant Protection Alpha Gamma Rho; Senior Class Treas.; Student Government Senator; Agronomy Club; Advanced ROTC; Intramurals. THOMAS McLEON CARR, JR. Mechanical Engineering Clinton, N. C. S I1 . 4; Intramurals. RICHARD WILSON CARRIKER Mechanical Engineering C harlotte, N. C. s IE 3. EDGAR MORRIS CARROLL, JR. Nuclear Physics Norfolk, Virginia Tau Kappa Epsilon; Beta-Squared; Intramurals 1 , 2, 3, 4; IFC 2. WILLIAM BAYARD CARVER Mathematics Education Roxboro, N. C. AICHE 1. 2, 3; Southern Engineer 2; Math Science Education Club. WAYNE CREER CASE Chemical Engineering DON WEALON CASPER Agricultural Economics- Agricultural Business Ag Economics Club 2, 3, 4. Mayodan, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. GEORGE ARTHUR CATHERWOOD Mechanical Engineering Burlington, N. C. Aerospace Option Alpha Phi Omega; Arnold Air Society, Officer 4; Institute of Aerospace Sciences; Vdvanced AFROTC; ASME. JOHN ALLEN CAUDLE Zoology Pi Kappa Phi; Phi I it. Sigma. Hudson, N. C. CHARLES FRANK CHAMBERS Civil Engineering Kannapolis, . C . ALBERT HO YIN CHANG Textile Chemistry and Hong Kong Textile Technology Delta Kappa Phi; American Assoc. Textile Chemists Colorists. JOHN CORDON CHEATHAM, JR. Mechanical Engineering Oxford, N. C. [2681 SENIOR CLASS RICHARD HARRIS CHERRY Electrical Engineering Williamston, N. C. Bagwell Dorm Pres. 4, Vice Pres. 3; IDC .•!. 4. Sec. 4. GARLAND FORBES CHICK Civil Engineering- Raleigh, N. C. Construction Option CHESTER FRANKLIN CLARK Mechanical Engineering Asheville, N. C. McLean, Virginia DONALD LAWRENCE CLARK Mechanical Engineering- Aeronautical Option BSU. DORA ANN CLARK Science Education Garner, N. C. CU Forum Committee Chairman 3; CU Board of Chairmen 3, 4: Math Science Education Club, Sec. 4; Collegiate Council for the United Nations, Sec. General 4. GROVER CECIL CLARK Civil Engineering HUGH A. CLARK Agricultural Education Marshall, N. C. Elizabethtoun, N. C. Alpha Zeta; KaDna Phi Kappa; Vo-Ag Asst. Editor 2. Editoi 3; AED Club; YMC A; YDC. MARION MICHAEL CLARK Forest Management OSCAR McFAYDEN CLARK Civil Engineering ASCE-. YDC. Canton, N. C. Fayetteville, N. C. JAMES HENRY CLINE, JR. Agricultural Technology- Horticulture Horticulture Club, Vice Pres., Reporter. JAMES WILLIAM CLONTZ Furniture Manufacturing and Management LEW GARY CLONTZ Civil Engineering Phi Kappa Phi; Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; ASCE, Treas.; Engineers Council, Sec, Bryson City, N. C. Lenoir, X. C. Hudson, N. C. THOMAS HARTLEY CLOWES Mechanical Engineering Winston-Salem, . C. VSME; Consolidated University Student Council. CLYDE CAPEHART COBB Nuclear Physics Edcnton, N. C. CHARLES JOSEPH COBLE Industrial Arts-Technical Option La urinburg, N. C. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Agromeck 3. 4. Class Editor 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4. [269] SENIOR CLASS ROBERT CHARLES COCHRAN Agricultural Economics Robersonville, V C . C. State College Bands 1. 2, 3; Dorm Officer 3; Dorm Counselor 4. CHARLES THOMAS COCHRANE Civil Engineering High Point, . C . W | 2, 3, 4; Engineers Council 4; Intramurals 1. 2, 3, 4. NOLAN SHERR1LL COGGINS Physics Thomasville, N. C. Alpha Phi Omega; N. C. Methodist Student Movement, S ate Pres. VVELLON ROGER COLE Electrical Engineering High Point, N. C. AIEE 4; Engineers Fair 1: Intramurals 1, 3. CHARLES BURNETT COLEMAN Animal Husbandry-Technology Tabor City, N. C. Animal Industry Club 1 . 3, 4. JACK KIMSEY COLEMAN Forest Management Murphy, . C. Society of American Foresters; Forestry Club 3, 4. ANTHONY EARL COLLINS Mechanical Engineerinc Winston-Salem, N. C. Theta Tau; ASME, Pres.; Alpha Phi Omega; Wrestling I. !; FROTC Rifle Team 1; Monogram Club; Engineers Council. FRANCIS WILEY COLLINS Mechanical Engineering Waxhaw, N. C. ROGER EUGENE COLLINS Dairy Science Sparta, N. C. larmllouse; College Dairy Judging Team; Animal Science Club; Ag Council. Greensboro, N. C. CEASAR cone Mechanical Engineering Kappa Alpha. BOBBY JOE CONNER Forest Management and Wilmington, N. C. Soil Science Society of American Foresters; Baseball 1, 2. S. 4; Co-Capt. -I. All AC C Team 1962; Monogram Club; Agronomy Club; Forestry Club. FRED ROSCOE COOK Industrial Engineering Boone, N. C. Phi Epsilon Pi; Wrestling 1. 2. 5, 4; Monogram Club 3, 4. Mil J, t HAROLD CRAIG COOK Industrial Arts- I i c hnical Option ROBERT WILLIAM COOPER Mechanical Engineering Coif I. WILLIAM DOUGLAS COOPER Industrial Engineering Marion, N. C. Sigma Pi; Varsity Tennis 2. s. 4; Freshman Tennis 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 5, 4; Monogram Club 3; 111 1. 4; Advanced AFROTC. Mount Olive. N. C. North. South Carolina [270] SENIOR CLASS ROBERT LEE COPE, JR. Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma; ASME. WILLIAM MONROE COPt Electrical Engineering HORACE GLENN CORBET] Chemistry Pi Kappa Phi; Freshman Track I; Technician. I oncord, N. C. C ooleemee, N. C. Fountain, N. C: KENNETH FRANKLIN CORBETT Electrical Engineering Battleboro, N. C. AIEE 4; Hertz Scholarship 3, 4. VANCE HILTON CORDELL, JR. Industrial Management Charlotte, N. C. Delta Sigma Phi; Freshman Track 1. Varsity Track 2, 3; Intramurals i. 4; YRC i. 4. CLARENCE PRESTON CORNELIUS Agricultural Economics and Troutman, X. C. Food Science FarmHouse; Alpha Zeta; Thirty Three; Agriculturist, Asst. Bus. Mgr. Agromeck, Asst. Military Editor; Intramurals 1. 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader VDC; Collegiate 4-H Club; Ag Economics Club; AI Club; Apollo Club Freshman Diners Club; Orientation Group Leader. EDWARD MORE COVILLE Forest Management Atkinson, N. C. Society of American Foresters; Forestry Club, Sgt.-at-Arms 3. JAMES ROY COVINGTON Forest Management Lumberton, N. C. Society of American Foresters; Baseball 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Forestry Club 1 , 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres., Pres.; Vice Pres. Southern Assoc. of Forestry ' Clubs. CHARLES LaROYCE COX Electrical Engineering AIEE. Concord, N. C. Singing, both professional and amateur, is a favorite pastime. Left, the Weavers open the newly formed New Arts Inc. concert series with a selection of folk songs. Right, PR cowboys show ebullient spirits before expected Homecoming win over Virginia. [271] SENIOR CLASS I VMLS LESTER COX, JR. Physics Reidsville, N. C. Delta Sigma Phi; Thirty [ hree; Blue Key; President Freshman Class; Student Government Senator 1, 2, 3, Committee Chairman 2, 3; Apollo Club; Freshman Diners Club; Aubrey Lee Brooks Scholarship; Dean ' s List 1, 2, 3, 4; Physics Honors Program; VMCA Commission Chairman; I reshman Group Leader 2, 3, 4. WAYNE McCASKELL COX Soil Science Agronomy Club. WILLIAM FREDERIC COX Mechanical Engineekinc WILLIAM MONC1ER COX Civil Engineering Tabor City, N. C. Grifton, N. C. New Bern. N. C. Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Chi Eosilon, Pres. 4; Phi Eta Sigma; Intramurals 1; Amateur Radio Cluh, Sec.-Treas. STUART LEE COZORT, JR. Mathematics Morganton, N. C. AIEE IRE 2, 3; Veterans Club 1, 2; Math Science Club 4. WILLIAM JACOB CRAFT Physics and Applied Mathematics Band. Rutherfordton, N. C. C liarlotte. N. C. Greensboro, X. C. JAMES LEWIS CRENSHAW Electrical Engineering DAVID EDMUND CRIBBIN Applied Mathematics Sigma Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Technician. Layout Mgr. 2. Bus. Mgl. i. Advertising 4; Anollo Club. THOMAS LAFAYETTE CROMARTIE, JR. Industrial Engineering Wilmington, N. C. M1E; Circle K. MARION ROBERT CROOM Industrial Arts-Technical Option Raleigh, N. C. Symphonic Band 1. 2. 3, 4; Marching Band 1. 2. 3: CU Film Com mittee 1. 2. THOMAS HALL CROOM Civil Engineering Fayetteville, N. C. NEEDHAM CLIFFORD CROWE, JR. Civil Engineering New Hern, N. C. ASCE. JAMES PATRICK CRU1KSHANK Textile Technology Asheville, N. C. Coif 1; Intramurals 3, 4; Drum Bugle Corps 1. 2; Talent for Service Scholarship 1. JOHN SCOGGIN CRUTCHFIELD Physics Reidsville. N. C. Delta Sigma Phi; .MP 3, 4; Intramurals 2, 3. BlIRNELL PARKER CURTIS, JR. Chemical Engineering Wilmington, N. C. Iheta Tau; AICHE, Vice Pres. 4; Intramurals 2. 3, 4. [272] SENIOR CLASS GUY ABNER CUTLER Animal Husbandry- Agricultural Business Collegiate FFA, Sec. 2, Vice Pies. 3; Animal Husbandry Club, Cu Washington, N. C. todian 4. GARY LINDSAY DANA Chemical Engineering Hickory, N. C. 2, i. 4; Sigma Chi; AICHE 1. 2, 3, 4; VMCA 1, 2. 3, 4; AFROTC I Engineering Senator 3; Orientation Group Leader 4. JOE FARMER DANIEL, JR. Mechanical Engineering Wilson, N. C, ASME 2, 3, 4; Engineers Council Fair Chairman 4. DENNIS ALLEN DANIELS Textile Technology Wilmington, N. C. Delta Kappa Phi; Tennis 1 , 3, 4; In tram urn Is I, 2, 3, 4; Tompkins Textile Council 3. REYNOLD SLADE DAVENPORT, JR. Civil Engineering Jacksonville, N. C. ASCE; AUSA; Advanced ROTC; Scabbard Blade. JOSEPH PARKER DAVID, JR. Mechanical Engineering Middlesex, N. C. VSME: AFROTC Drill Team. JACK WINSLOW DAVIS Electrical Engineering Winston-Salem, N. C. AIEE 2, 3, 4; CU Photography Committee. JERRY MALLORY DAVIS Applied Mathematics Cincinnati, Ohio Alpha Tau Omega; AIEE; YMCA; Arnold Air Society; Air Force Assoc. KENNETH HOLMES DAVIS, JR. Chemistry Burlington, N. C. ACS. ROBERT BURWELL DAVIS Chemical Engineering Charlotte, N. C. Sigma Phi Epsilon; AICHE 2, S, 4; Intramural 2. 3, 4. WILLIAM CLAUDE DAVIS Furniture Manufacture and Management Furniture Club 3, 4. Asheville, N. C. CHARLES MAXWELL DEADMON Mathematics Education Mocksville, N. C. CHARLES STEVEN DEAL Civil Engineering Landis, N. C. ASCE. WILLIAM MARCUS DEAL Industrial Engineering Lenoir, N. C. Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Pi Mu; Phi Kappa Phi; Theta Tau; AIIE. DON ANTHONY DeANGELIS Textiles Saylesville, Rhode Island Sigma Phi Epsilon; fextile I mum; VATCC; Intramurals. [273] SENIOR CLASS MARRY OSCAR DeLOACI I Textile Chemistry Asheville, N. C. AATCC, Pres.; Tompkins textile Council. FRANKLIN DELANO DENISE Industrial Engineemng Raleigh, X. C. MIL 2. 3, 4. Vice Pres. 4; Engineers Council 4; Intramurals 2. 3. 4; C II Music Committee 3, Forum Committee 4, Committee 4, Chairman 4; CU Board of Chairmen 4; Academic Achievement Vwatcl uotc 2. FRANK EARL DENK1NS, JR. Mechanical Engineering S 1E. ANDREW POLK DENMARK Industrial Arts-Technical Option I beta Chi. EDWARD SNUGGS DENNIS. JR. Agricultural Education MARK VAUGHAN DENNIS Pulp and Paper Technology Fourdrinier Society: Advanced ROTC. Raleigh, N. C. Raleieh, N. C. Clarkton, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. JOHN CHRISTOPHER DERISO Electrical Engineering Rockville, Maryland Eta Kappa Nu. Recording Sec.; IRE, Sec; Engineers Council. JOEL ARTHUR DERMID, JR. Civil Engineering Hendersonville, N. C. sc I 4; YDC 1, 2. 3, 4. Treas. I; Pershing Rifles 1, 2; Intramuials I. 2. JOSEPH OMER DesROCHERS Electrical Engineering and Branford, Connecticut Experimental Statistics AIEE. Kl WETH CORDON DIAL China Grove, N. C. Electrical Engineering IRE 3, 4; Apollo Club 2. s, 4; Engineers Council 4; AIEE-IRE Joint Student Branch, Vice-Chairman 4. I UREN DEEMS DICKINSON Agricultural Economics Washington, N. C. Ag Economics Club: Agromuk; [rack 1. 4; Intra murals 1, 2, 3. ROBERT CLIFFORD DICKSON Textile Manufacturing Ontario, Canada STANCIL LAWRENCE D1LDA, JR. Agricultural Engineering- Fountain, N. C. Agricultural Technology Ag. Engineering Tech. Club 2, 3, 4; AFROTC I. 2. 3, 4. Squadron Commander 4. Flight Instruction Program 4; Collegiate 4 11 Club, Vice 2. l ' i 3; L. R. II. or. II Vward 4. JERRY ACEY DINKINS Mechanical Engineering JOHN DANIEL DIXON, JR. Civil Engineering- Construction Option Kappa Alpha; Intramurals. Yadkinville, N. C. Farmville, N. C. [274] SENIOR CLASS Raleigh, N. C. Silcr City, X. C. MILTON COLEMAN ' DIXON Industrial Arts-Technical Option RONALD LYNN DIXON Mechanical Engineering Phi Ela Sigma; ASME. SIMON CLAYTON DIXON Mechanical Engineering Raleigh, N. C. kappa Sigma, Prcs. 4; Freshman-Sophomore Honors Program. MARVIN KAY DORMAN, JR. Applied Mathematics Pembroke, N. C. Applied Mathematics Cluh; Math Science Club. Jacksonville, N. C. ROBERT LEE DOWDY Electrical Engineering AIEE; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Orientation Group Leader; YDC; Pershing Rifles. VICTOR GERALD DOWLESS Pulp and Paper Technology Acme, N. C. Xi Sigma Pi; Fourdrinier Society; Pulp Paper Foundation Scholarship. BILLY CLARK DOWNING Electrical Engineering Favetteville, X. C. AIEE IRE; IRE Prof. Group on Aerospace Navigational Electronics; Veterans Assoc. harold Mcdonald draughon Electrical Engineering Zebulon, N. C. AIEE 2, 4. ROBERT JACKSON DRYE, JR. Food Science Charlotte, N. C. Alpha Zeta, Pro : ects Committee Chairman; Animal Science Club, Editor " Meat Milk. " Homecoming floats give varying ideas on how to beat Virginia ' s Cavaliers. Left, the SAE ' s wolf can ' t look as he prepares for another swat. Right, the dreams came true, though there were no bras in sight, and the Wolfpack beat the Cavaliers. [275] SENIOR CLASS JOE HAROLD DUFF Rural Sociology- Agricultural Science " i K ; Veterans Vssoc.; Vgricultural Council; Rural Sociolog) Club. Charlottesville, Virginia JOHNNY LAWRENCE DUNLAP Industrial Engineering Raleigh, N. C. I beta Chi, Steward, Historian; Drum Bunk Corps; AlROll; IK Investigation Board; AITE; Freshman Orientation Leader. CHARLES EVERETT DUNNING Pulp and Paper Technology Rich Square, . C FannHouse; Alpha Zeta; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Pershing Rifles. JASON KAYNES DUNSHEE Forest Management Pantego, N. C. Society of American Eoresters; Forestry Club; Intra murals 1 . 2, 3, 4. Ralei K l,. N. C. JAMES THOMAS DURH 1 Geological Engineering I ' l Kappa Phi; AIME, Vice Pres. JAMES CHANDLER EAKES, JR. Forest Management Sanrord, N. C. Society of American Foresters; i Sigma Pi; Alpha Zeta; luotball I, C toss Country 2; Forestry C lub, Sgt.-at-Arms 2. Vice Pres. 3, Pres 3 " Assuc. Southern Forestry Clubs, Vice Pres. JOHN W ' ll BERT EARNHARDT, JR. Chemical Engineering Winston-Salem, N. C. Delta Sigma Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Thirty Three; Blue Ke ; Golden Chain; Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4; Pres. Sophomore Class; Vice Pres. Junior C lass; Pres. Senior Class; Freshman-Sophomore Honors ProRram; Junior- Senior Honors Program; AIC HE 1. 2. 3, 4; EnRineers Council 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4; Freshman Diners Club; Apollo Club 2, 3, 4; Orientation Croup Leader 2, 3; Drum Bugle Corps 1, 2. EDWARD FRANKLIN EASON, JR. Crop Science- Agricultural Technology JOHN EDWARD EASON Mechanical Engineering Elm City, N. C. Rockingh; N. C. DAVID RAY EASTWOOD Civil Engineering ( i ixstruction Option JERRY ALAN EDCERTON Electrical Engineering Pi kappa Alpha. Greenville, N. C. Goldsboro, V C. ARTHUR JAY PARKER EDWARDS Architecture George, N. C. CARLOS EDUARDO E1CHENWALD Textile Chemistry Valle, Colombia CONRAD DAVID ELLER Textile Technology Delta Kappa Phi. Moravian Falls, N. C. S I I WART MACON ELLINGTON Civil Engini i ring M I Henderson, N. C. [276] SENIOR CLASS Henderson, N. C. Spencer, i . C . EDWARD WILLIAM LLLIS, JR. Civil Engineering l ROTC ; V K : ASCE. HENRY JAMES ELROD, JR. Mechanical Engineering ASME; Intramurals 2. 3. VANCE BEST ELWOOD Pulp and Paper Technology Turkey, N. C. Xi Sigma Pi; Fourdrinier Society 2, 4, Sec. 4; Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation Scholarship 1, 2, 3, 4. HAROLD COLEMAN ENLOE Textile Management Asheville, N. C. Si in.i Alpha Epsilon, Pledge Trainer, Rush Chairman; Thirty Three; F)elta Kappa Phi; Agromeck, Asst. Frat. Editor 2, Frat. Editor 3, Bus. Mgr. 4; Intramurals 1, 2, i, 4; Student Government Orientation Program 2, 4; Publications Board 4. CRAWFORD MONROE ENZOR. JR. Agricultural Education Fair Bluff, X. C. Kappa Phi Kappa; Ag. Education Club; Ag. Education Student Advisory Committee; Pre-Yererinary Club 1 , 2; YMCA 1 , 2. CARLOS ESCALLON Industrial Engineering Bogota, Columbia SiRma Chi; A1IE; Soccer 4; Honor Code Board. JOHNNY RAY ESTRIDGE Electrical Engineering Ansonville, N. C. AIEE. ILONA MARIANNE EVANS Nuclear Engineering Raleigh, N. C. Sigma Kappa. ROBERT BENNETT EVERETTE Mechanical Engineering Wilmington, N. C. ASME. Shelby, X. C. WILLIAM DUKE EVERHART Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma; ASME. FAYE FRANCES FAKLER Recreation and Park Administration Raleigh, N. C. Sigma Kappa 3. 4, Pub. Chairman 4; Rho Phi Alpha, Sec. 4; C II Hospitality Committee 3, 4, Chairman 4. JOHN BEAMAN FARMER. JR. Architecture Elm City, N. C. Circle K I, 2; Wesley Foundation 1; YDC 2. 3, 4; Student Government Senator 4. ROGER ATWOOD FAULKNER, JR. Physics Asheville, N. C. Sigma Pi Sigma; Technician ]. 2. JAMES MARSHALL FERGUSON, JR. Applied Mathematics Raleigh. N. C. Phi Kappa Tau; Advanced AFROTC. LENARD NEAL FERGUSON Civil Engineering Charlotte. X. C. [277] SENIOR CLASS EDWARD GERALD FINCH ER Physics Charlotte, N. C. Delta Sigma Phi; Indoor Track 1, 2, J, 4; Outdoor Track 1. 2. J, 4. Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4. DORSEY HERBERT FISH, III Agricultural Economics- Willow Springs, N. C. Agricultural Business HERBERT ANDREW FISHEL Mechanical Engineering Winston-Salem, N. C. ASME. AMES ERNEST FISHER Mechanical Engineering Asheville, N. C. JOI IN LAWRENCE FISHER, JR. Forest Management Selma, Alabama Forestry Club; Football 1; Intramurals 3. ROBERT JAMES FLEMING, JR. Mathematics Education Fuquay Springs, N. C. Hand 1, 2, 3; Freshman Orientation 2. GEORGE FLOSMAN Mechanical Engineering Ontario, Canada ASME 3, 4; YMCA 3, 4, Oasis Society Chairman 4. BURTON RUBUSH FLOYD, JR. Forest Management Society of American Foresters; American Forestry Assoc; Forestry Club 2, 3, 4. PETER IVAN FOGARASSY Recreation and Park Administration Sigma Alpha Mu; Monogram Club; Swimming 1, 2. 3, 4; All American Swimming Team 2, 3, 4; Athletic Council; International Club. Buena Vista, Virginia New I I.iven, Connecticut ARTHUR HOLMES FOLAND Chemical Engineering Bluefield. West Virginia MCHE 2 3 4 Pres. 4; Engineers Council 4; Wesley Foundation 2, 3, 4; YMCA 2, 3, 4; YDC 2. 3. GEORGE PHILIP FOSTER Mechanical Engineering VSME; Veterans Assoc; YMCA. GEORGE RANDOLPH FOSTER Chemical Engineehim; AICIIE; Wrestling 1, 2. Winston-Salem, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. JOHN FRANK FOY Zoology and Pre-Veti -tun ary Bradenton, Florida FarmFIouse; VarsitJ Rille Team I, 2. 4; Army Rifle Team 1. 2; Animal Industry Club 1; Prc-Yetcrmai Club I. 2. 3, 4; Agriculture Club I; YDC 1, 2, 4; Oasis Club 3. 4; Zoology Hub 4. JOSEPH HERBERT FRANCIS Applied Mathematics West Jefferson. N. C. DONALD ERVIN FRANKLIN Textile Chemistry Delta Sigma Phi; IFC; Delta Kappa Phi; A A 1C ( Valdese, N. C [278] SENIOR CLASS EDWARD CARLYLE FRANKLIN Forest Management Richmond, Virginia Phi Ela Sigma; Blue Key; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Zeta; Thirtv Three Golden Chain; Xi Sigma Pi; Vgromeck, Editor i; Pinetum. Editor 4 l ' MCA, Pres. 4; Southern Area Student YMCA, Pres. 4; Forestry Cluh National Science Foundation Undergraduate Research. RAYMOND BLAISE FRAUENHOLZ Mechanical Engineering- Havelock, N. C. Aerospace Option ASME 3, 4; Photography Club 2. J, 4. DAVID EDWARD FREAS Chemical Engineering Walnut Cove, N. C. Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; AICHE, Corr. Sec. 4; Dorm Floor Manager, Athletic Director 3. ERNEST PINKNEY FREELAND, II Industrial Management Charlotte, N. C. Varsity Ride Team 3, 4. Capt. 4; Men ' s Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4, Bus Mar. Treas. 2; IDC Rep. 2. Pres. 3; Junior Ring Committee 3; Becton Dorm. Manager Pres. 2. 3; Apollo C lull. I ARRY DELAIN FREEM Civil Engineering Stanford, N. C. Delta Sigma Phi; Track 2; Science Honor Club 1. RICHARD McCONNELL FREEMAN Phy sics Charlotte, N. C. AIP 3. 4. Pres. 4; Amateur Radio Club 4; Band 1. 2. 3. 4, Pres. 4- Westminster Fellowship. LESTER LEE FRICK Mechanical Engineering- Aerospace Option CHARLES SILAS FUNK Chemical Engineering CU Activities Committee. ROBERT EUGENE FURR Chemical Engineering AICIIE: VRC. Raleigh, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Stanfield, N. C. Football thrills were many this year, but none was greater than finally seeing the VVolfpack a winner, especially in the fashion in which they won their final two games against Virginia and Wake Forest, scoring 24 12 and 27-3 wins respectively. [2791 r) f O ffc ita ' •5 - f titlii i a i SENIOR CLASS GLENN ELLIOTT FlITREI L Civil, Engineering Goldsboro, N. C. S( I . DAVID CHARLES GAGNON Textile Technology Ayden, N. C. Sigma Tan Sigma; Delta Kappa Pin. ROBERT WILLIAM GANDY Mechanical Engineering- Concord. . C. Ai rospace Option 1 S 3, 4; YMCA 1. CARLOS S. GARCIA Electrical Engini i ring Ote , Cuba DAVID HAMPTON GARDNER Civil Engineering Roseboro, V c Vmold Air Society; AFROTC 1, 2. i. 4. JOSEPH DECATUR GARDNER Forest Management Holland, Virginia Societj of American Foresters 3, 4; Forestry Club 4; Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4; Men ' s Glee Club 1.2. 3, 4, Bus. Mcr. Treas. 3. Sec. 4. WILLIAM EDGAR GARDNER Mechanical Engineering Theta Tau; ASME; Men ' s Glee Club. JERRY LEON GARNER Mechanical Engineering- Aerospace Option RAY WAYNE GARRETT Physics All ' 4; Intramurals 3, 4. ROY LANE GARRETT Electrical Engini i ring A1EE. Raleigh, N. C. Aberdeen, N. C. Moyock, N. C. Moyoclc, N. C. EDWARD LAWRENCE GARRISO N Rural Sociolik Morgan ton, V C. Rural Sociology Club, Pres. WILLARD LEE GARRISON Applied Mathematics Pfafftown, N. C. Pi lu Epsilon; Science Council 4; Math Club. Raleigh, N. C. Mount Airy, V C. EDGAR McPHAU GEDDIE, JR. Nuclear Engini i rini Advanced ROTC ; Intramurals 1. GARL I ACY GENTRY, JR. Mi i hanical Engineering Aerospace Option Institute ill WmspiKv Siu ' iurs, Program Chairman; Watauga Dorm Athletic Director. STEVE ELAINE GENTRY Civil Engineering- Arden, N. C. Construction Option Men ' s Glee Club; Upha Phi Omega, Sgt. at Vrms I, Recording Sec. 2, Mist. 5; VSCE, freas. 2. [280] SENIOR CLASS PETER ROBERT GERNERT Mechanical Engineering Andrews, V C . Sigma Pi; Alpha Phi Omega; [ntiamuralsj CU House Committee. I RPA si l FORD GIBSON Textile Technology Delta Kappa Phi; Intramurals 3, 4. Swepsonville, N. C. JOHN WINSTON GIFFORD Industrial Engineering Vero Beach, Florida Delta Sigma Phi; S mphonic Band; Marching Band. JAMES IVAN G1LLAND Textiles STACY BERNARD GILLEN Recreation and Park Administration Football 1. 2, 3, 4; Newman Club; YDC. KENNETH GLEN GILLIS Civil Engineering Theta Chi; ASCE. Charlotte, N. C. Steubenville, Ohi Raleigh, X. C. WESLEY WILSON GILMORE, JR. Electrical Engineering Raleigh, N. C. A1EE. RANDOLPI I RAY GODWIN Nuclear Engineering American Nuclear Society. Wilson, N. C. MICHAEL BARRY GOLDFARB Textile Technology Forest Hills, New York RONALD JEROME GOLDSTEIN Nuclear Engineering Mooresville, N. C. Iu Beta Psi 3, 4, Pres. 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1,2, 5, 4, Vice Pres. 3; ROTC Band Commander 3; YDC 3. ROBERT LEE GOODMAN Agricultural Education Gold Hill, X. C. FarmHouse; Alpha Zela; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Farm Mouse Bus. Mgr.; Collegiate 4-H Club; Ag Education Club. GLENN GORDON, JR. Electrical Engineering THOMAS LMMETT COS WICK Applied Mathematics JAMES LEE GRAHAM Civil Engineering Theta Chi; ASCE; Tennis 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. JAMES WILLIAM GRANT, JR. Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappa Phi; AS.ME; Apollo Club. Asheville, N. C. Durham, N. C. Elkin, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. MiliM [281] mMk - » " W •a- f. l i«M SENIOR CLASS fcrttiMii I Wilmington, N. C. MARTIN SMITH GRANT Industrial Engineering Kappa Alpha; Intramurals i, 2, . 4; Junior Class Ring Committee 3; Traffic Committee 3; Summer Job Committee 4; Bridge Club, Dir. 4; Campus Bridge Champion 3, 4. BENJAMIN TYSON GRAVELY Physics Charlotte, N. C. Phi Kappa Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; Wesley Foundation, Treas. 3, Pres. 4, Editor, The Methodist Student, 2. ALBERT DIAL GRAY, III Agricultural Economics- acricultural business Kappa Upha. Whiteville, N. C. J. LANDER GRAY, III Textile Technology Gastonia, N. C. Lambda Chi Alpha; Gulf 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Psi 3, 4; AIIE 1, 2. ROGER PERKINS GRAY, JR. Electrical Engineering Winston-Salem, N. C. E:a Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi. JOSEPH SHERIDAN GRAYBEAL Applied Mathematics Crcston, N. C. Math t lub; Toastmasters Club. Brevard, N. C. CI IARLES ROBERT GREEN Mechanical Engineering IAS 3; ASME 1, 4; Civitan Club 2; CU Committees 1; Dorm Pres. 4; Dorm Athletic Director 3; IDC 4. RALPH FRANK GREENE Ceramic Engineering Wexford, Pennsylvania 1 ambda Chi Alpha; ACS; CU Publicity Committee: YRC. ROBERT LARRY GREENE Forest Management Forestry Club; Men ' s Glee Club; YRC. Marion, N. C. BARRY RANDALL GREGORY Applied Mathematics Mocksville, N. C. WALTON CARLYLE GREGORY Experimental Statistics Raleigh, N. C. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Symphonic Band 1, 2. CHARLES WILSON GRIFFIN Mechanical Engineering New London, N. C. JAMES LANIER GRIFFIN, 111 Textile Management Greenville, South Carolina Kappa Alpha. ROBERT WALLACE GRIFFITH, JR. Civil Engineering- Lexington, N. C. C CONSTRUCTION OPTION Sigma Chi; r SCE: Technician; Intramurals, !l Campus Tennis 1, 2, 3, Badminton 2; I Ion or Code Bonrd 3, 4; Summer School Judicial Board Clerk; Vpollo Club; Freshman Diners Club; Student traffic Committee 4. IIIOMAS LLEWELLYN GRIMES Science Education m Cary, N. C. Bi 1 1 any Agricultural Science Alpha Phi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4, See. 3, Pres. 4; kappa Phi Kappa 3, 4; Math-Science Edueation Club 2, J, 4. Vice Pres. 3; Advanced AFROTC . Sqd, Exec, C apt. 3, Sqd. Comm., Majoi 4; Marching Cadets 1, 2, 4, I n . Officer 4. [282] SENIOR CLASS GUY DOW GRISWOLD Downingtown, Pennsylvania Civil Engineering- Construction Option ASCE 4; Arnold Air Socicly 3, 4: Swimming Team 1, 2, 3. 4; Intra mural- ?. 4; Drum Mainr Marching Band 1. 2, 3. 4; Fanfare Band 1, 2, J, 4: Monogram Club 2. 3. 4. Vice Pres. 4. JAMES RODNEY GROG AX Mechanical Engineering Tfaeta Chi; Intramurals 2, 3. FRED DELAND GRLIBB Electrical Engineering IRE 3. 4. Mavodan, N. C. High Point, N. C. WILLIAM SCOTT GUION Applied Mathematics Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon, Vice Pies. 4; CU Activities Committee, Chairman 2, Vice Pres. Pres. 3, Sec. 4, Board of Directors 2, 3, 4; N. C. State Symposium Committee Chairman 4; Science Council 4; Con- solidated Univ. Student Council 3; Social Functions Committee 3. THOMAS HOLLAND GlINTER Agricultural Economics- Agricultural Business Ag Economics Club. JAMES HERBERT GURKIN Forest Management Sigma Nil; Intrnmurals 1.2, 3, 4. Charlotte, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Williamston, N. C. PAUL LAXDRETII GURLEY Wood Technology Goldsboro, N. C. Forest Products Research Society. BUFORD MASOX GUY, JR. Science Education Salisbury, N. C. Circle K; Oasis Society; Honor Study Commission. DONALD DIETRICH HAIGH Civil Engineering- Statesville, N. C. Construction Option ASCE. I y hours of concentrated individual effort go into making part of a team. Left: a different idea helps this young architect in his drawing. Right: learning to read the scale on a burette carefully is necessary in order to be a successful Chemical Engineer. [283] SENIOR CLASS LELAND MOORE HAIRR Nuclear Physics Goldsboro, N. C. Phi Kappa Tau, Vice Pros. 3, I ' res. 4; Phi lit a. Sigma; Sigma Pi Sigma; Tennis 1; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; AIPj YDC; dvanced ROTC; MIS V Distinguished Military Student. WILLIAM LEVEL HALBERSTADT, III Electrical Engineering Charlotte, N. C. l ' i Kappa Phi, House Manager 3, Pres. 3, 4; Eta Kappa Nu; Jefferson Standard Scholar I. 2. 3, 4: Advanced ROTC; IFC 3, 4; Freshman Diners Huh; pnllo ( luh 4; AIEE ?. 4; Mil IRI 1, 2. !. 4. C II RLES ERANKLIN II Al I Textile Technology l ' i Kappa Mpha, Social Chairman. Lumberton, N. C. Siler City, N. C. Lexington, N. C. OSCAR TED HALVERSON Nuclear Engineering Mu Beta Psi, Pres. 4; AIP; Band 1, 2. 5, 4. CHARLES LEE HAMILTON Civil Engineering Theta Chi, Jr. Rep. 2. Sr. Rep. 3, Pledge Class Pres.; IFC Exec. Council 2. 3, Activities Chairman, Pub. Director; Technician. JERRY ALLEN HAMM Textile Technology Henderson. N. C. Delta K.ipp.i Phi; Intramurals 1. 2; AFROTC Drill Team 1. 2. BENNY BRYANT HAMPTON Agricultural Education Elkin, N. C. FarmHouse, Treas. 3; Alpha Zeta. Chancellor 4. Treas. 3; Kappa Phi Kappa; Intramurals 1. 2. 3, 4; Alexander Dorm Sec. 2; BSU Church Rep. 2; Dairy Cattle Judging Team 3; Ag. Educ. Club 1, 2. . Treas. 4; Sears Roebuck Scholarship 1. DONALD GRAY HANES Textile Technology TED JULIUS HARDISON Horticultural Science- Agricultural Business Alpha Gammo Rho. JOHN BLOIS HARPER Mechanical Engineering Salisbury, N. C. Edenton, N. C. HARVEY DOUGLAS HARRIS Education Rho Plii Alpha; Baseball 2. 3. 4; Monogram Club; i IK ROY HARRISON MARVEL Textile Technology Phi Psi. Corr. Sec. 4; Intramurals 1. 2, 3, 4. Burlington, N. C . Kittrell, N. C. Biscoe, N. C. AMOS CALVIN HARVEY Industrial Engineering Mil . GEORGE RHAME HASKELL Textile Technology Delta Kappa Phi; Textile Forum. Wilmington, Illinois Laurel Hill. N. C. DONALD ELLSWORTH HATCH Forest Management Petersburg, Virginia I orestry Club; Wildlife Club; CU Games Committee. [284] SENIOR CLASS I ew is ille, N. C. 2. i, 4; EDWIN WILBUR MAUSER Civil Engineering IMii Eta Sigma; Chi Epsilon; Southern Engineer; Entramurals Theta Tau 2. 3, 4, Fres. 4; Engineering Honors Program J, 4 Advanced ROTC. BOBBY SUTTON HEATH Crop Science- Agricultural Technology Agronomy Club 3, 4; YDC 2, 3; Alexander Dorm Athletic Dir Manager 2. 3. 4, Vice Pres. 3. 4; IDC 3, 4. JOHN EMERY HEATH Architecture I renton, N. C. i . 1 1 Black Mountain, N. C. NATHAN URIEL HELDERMAN Mechanical Engineering- Aeronautical Option IAS: Pershing Rifles; Marching Cadets. PAUL ANDREW HELMINGER Physics Charlotte, N. C. Morganton, N. C. Phi Eta Sigma; Iau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; AICHE 1, 2. 3. Rec. Sec. 3; Engineers Council 3; CU Music Committee 3; A1P 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4; Science Council 4. Treas. 4. BOYCE LEE HESTER Industrial Engineering Veterans Assoc. WILLIAM THOMAS HESTER Gastonia, N. C. Textile Technology Raleigh, N. C. Sigma Tau Sigma; Phi Psi, Treas.; Kappa Tau Beta, Pres.; textile Forum, Co-Editor; Yarsit Basketball Mgr. 1, 2; Tompkins Textile Council. JOHN COURTNEY HILL Industrial Arts- Raleigh, N. C. Technical Option Tau Kappa Epsilon; Pershing Rifles; Brigade Staff 4; Assoc. LI. S. Army; Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4. RICHARD FRANK HILL. Ill Mechanical Engineering Arden, N. C. I au Kappa Epsilon; Scabbard Blade; Pershing RiHes; ssoc. LI. S. Army. JOHN STEPHEN HINES Textile Technology Spindale, N. C. Delta Kappa Phi, Sec. 3; Kappa Tau Beta; Sigma Tau Sigma. Vice Pres. 4. DONALD RAY HINSON Civil Engineering ELBERT RAYBURN HODGES Nuclear Engineering l S; C ircle K. Pres. 4. Goldsboro, N. C Belhaven, N. C . JERRY LEE HODGES Furniture Manufacturing and Management furniture Club; Forest Products Research Society. JAMES MONROE HOELL Physics Sigma Pi; Sigma Pi Sigma. CHARLES ROBERT HOLDER Electrical Encineerinc I heta Tau Lex ington, . C Rocky Mount, N. C. Winston-Salem, N. C. ■ 1 f [285] SENIOR CLASS TRACY LEE I IOLDER Poultry Science- Elkin, N. C. Agricultural Technology Ag Student, Photo. 3; Poultry Club 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4; Poultry Judging Team 2. DANIEL LESTER I IOLLEY, JR. Forest Management Darlington, South Carolina RICHARD C. IIOLL1FIELD Mechanical Encineepjnc Intramurals I. 2, 3, 4. MSI I Alderman 2. Raleigh, N. C. JOSEPH BERTRUM HOLLOVVELL, JR. Plant Protection Edenton, N. C. FarmHouse; IPC; Ac. Council; Agronomy Club. KENNETH PAUL HOLT Civil Engineering Asheville, N. C. ASCE 4; Saddle Club 2. 3; Wesley Foundation 2, 3, 4. LARRY ALLAN HOOVER Electrical Engineering A1EE 4; CU Dance Committee 3, 4. Charlotte, N. C. JAMES FLOYD I IORTON Mechanical Engineering Wilson, N. C. ASME; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Superior Student Program; CI! Dance Com mittee; Engineers Fair. OWEN DANIEL HOUSE Industrial Arts Nashville, N. C. DEWEY EDWARD HOWELL Wildlife Biology Goldsboro, N. C. FarmHouse; IFC 3; Leopold Wildlife Club; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. JERRY I ONCE HOWELL, JR. Forest Management Price, Kentucky Sigma Phi Epsilon; Omicron Alpha Kappa; Forestry Club; Coin Club: I eopold Wildlife Club. MILLARD CLEVELAND HOWELL, JR. Agricultural Education Wadesboro, N. C. Kappa Phi Kappa, Vice Pres. 3; Vo-Ag, Assoc. Bus. Mgr. 2. l!us. Mgr. 3; Ag Student, lius. Mgr. 3, Editoi 4; Student Gov. 3, 4; Campus Well. m Committee Chairman 4; Apollo Club 4; Symposium Committee 3, 4; State Student Legislature 4. DONALD CIENE HUBBARD Electrical Engineering AIEE. Dallas. N. C. JAMES ALLISON HUBBARD Applied Mathematics Hope Mills, N. C. Scabbard Blade; Math Club; Advanced P.OTC. DAVID REX HUDSON Forest Management Society of American Foresters. Graham, N. C. l RION DIXON HUGGINS, JR. Applied Mathematics Durham, N. C. Intramurals 1 . 2, 3, 4. [286] SENIOR CLASS Raleigh, N. C. Edenton, N. C. EUGENE RICHARD 1 RICHES Indiisi hi i I ngini i king Phi Eta Sigma; AIIE; Band. MILES AUGUSTUS HUGHES, JR. Physics Phi Kappa Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; AIP. PAUL NOLLY HUMPHREYS Industrial Engineering Raleigh, N. C. Phi Kappa Tan; Golden Chain; Blue Kej ; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Pi Mn 3, 4, Rec. Sec. 4; Southern Engineer, Asst. Bus. Mgr. 1. Bus. Mgr. 2, 3, 4; Board of Student Publications 2. i, 4; AIIE. Pres. 3; IFC, Activities Chairman 3; Ring Committee; Consolidated LIniv. Student Council 3; Engineers Council 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4; Tau Beta Pi. I I ROLD RICHARD HUNNICUTT, JR. Textile Technology Kinys Mountain, N. C. RICHARD FRANKLIN HUNTER Civil Engineering Raleigh, N. C. Pershing Rifles; Marching Cadets; ASCE; VDC. WILLIAM K. HUNTLEY Product Design Smithfield, N. C. JERRY LEE HUTCHENS Textile Chemistry Yadkinville, N. C. Phi Psi; Amer. Society Textile Chemists; ASIE; Collegiate Council for United Nations 1, 2, 3, 4; CU Unbbv Committee 3, 4; Glee Club 1; Coin Club; YMCA 2, 3; CU Library Committee. GEORGE STEPHEN HUTCHINS Experimental Statistics Sanford, N. C. Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Pershing Rifles. CHARLES EDWARD HYATT Mechanical Engineering Elkin, N. C. Track 4. The College Union provides many ways in which to spend leisure time. Left: the billiard tables are always occupied, often by professional exhibitions. Ri»ht: up to date magazines and frequent displays are provided by the C. U. Gallery Committee. 12871 SENIOR CLASS AdMiM TONY GENE IDOL Civil Engineering Colfax, N. C Construction Op i ion Theta Tau; ASCE. GEORGE CLAUDIUS JACKSON, JR. Mechanical Engineering- Greenville, N. C. Aerospace Option IAS 2, i. 4; Arnold Air Society, Insur. Officer 3, Sqd. Comm. 4: Southern Engineer, Man. Editoi; [ntramurals 1; Men ' s Glee Club 1, 2, 5; MHOIC I, 2, s. 4; til Outing Committee I, 2, Chairman 2. LYNN KEITH JACKSON Forest Management i Sigma Pi. FEREYDOLIN JALALI Electrical Engineering I ju Beta l ' i. ELMO BECKTON J AMI S Nuclear Engineering Sardis. Oliin Tehran, Iran Everetts, . C. Delta Sigma Phi; ANS 4; Intr.nnur.ils 1. 2, 3, 4; Engineering Senator 4; UCCF Pres 4; Apollo Club 4; Band 1, 2; Men ' s Glee Club 2. i, 4. I WVSON CHANDLER JAMES, JR. Soil Science Ruitin, X. C. Forestrj Club; Agronom) Club; Society of Amer. Huresters; Pershing Rifles; [ntramurals 2. WILLIAM THOMAS JEFFERSON Electrical Engineering Chapel Hill, N. C. Hand. LARRY STUART JENKINS Textile Technology Raleigh, N. C. Delta Kappa Phi, Pres.; Textile Forum; Track 1. 2; Tompkins Textile t ouncil. ERIK ANDERS JENSEN Mechanical Engineering I au Kappa Epsilon. Greensboro, N. C. JAGMOHAN GORDHANDAS JHAVERI Textile Chemistry Bombay, India IC t ; [ntramurals. CHARLES DUNCAN JOHNSON Mechanical Engineering St. Pauls, N. C. ASME. JOHN Al I EN JOHNSON Civil Engineering Rocky Mount. N. C. RICHARD MORRIS JOHNSON Mechanical Engineering Graham, N. C. Lambda Chi Upha; lplia Phi Omega; S 1L: IK. DAVID GANT JOHNSTON Civil Engini i him; Raleigh, N. C . si I ; Vdvanced l lt I . JOSEPH rHARPE JOHNSTON Forest Managi ii:nt Littleton, N. C. Societj of nni. Foresters; [ntramurals I, 2, 2 . [288] SENIOR CLASS WILLIAN HENRY JOHNSTON, 111 Mathematics Education Raleigh, N. C. Tuu Kappa Epsilon; Scabbard Blade; Beta-Squared; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Assoc. LI. S. Army. C. ED JONES Civil Engineering Lenoir, N. C. Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; ASCE, Pres. 4; Engineers Council 4. DONALD BRAXTON JONES Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE 4. Wilson, N. C. JAMES BENTON JONES Civil Engineering Charlotte, N. C. Blue Key; Golden Chain; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Government Vice Pres. 4; Board of Student Publications; ASCE; Pershing Rifles 1, 2, 3, 4, Comm. 4; ROTC Brigade Comm.; CU Board of Directors; YDC 1. 2. 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4; Scabbard Blade; Orientation Commission 2, 3; Military Ball Assoc. I, 2, 3, Pres. 3; Consolidated Univ. Student Council Pres.; IDC Soc. Dir. 4, 5; Dorm Floor Manager 2, 3, 4, 5. JERRY LEE JONES Textile Technology Delta Kappa Phi. WALTER BASCOMB JONES, JR. Electrical Engineering North Wilkesboro, N. C. JACK PR1TCHETT JORDAN Wood Technology Raleigh, N. C. Mount Gilead, N. C. Blue Key; Golden Chain, Alpha Zeta; Scabbard Blade; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Government Senator 3, Sec. 3; State Student Legis- lature 3, 4; Consolidated LIniv. Student Council 3, 4; YDC 1, 3, 4; Pershing Rifles 1, 2, 3; Assoc. U. S. Army; Advanced ROTC; Forest Products Research Soc; Campus Stores Advisory Committee 4. JOHN DURELL JORDAN, III Agricultural Engineering- Clarkton, N. C. Agricultural Technology Alpha Gamma Rho; Arnold Air Society; Drum Bugle Corps 1, 2; Ag Engineering Club 2, 3. 4; Student Government 4; ClI Film Committee 1, 2, 3. 4. WILLIAM SANFORD JORDAN, JR. Recreation and Park Administration Raleigh, N. C. Signa Chi; Technician 2. 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; IFC Entertainment Committee 2, 3. DAVID BARRETT JORGENSEN Mechanical Engineering Durham, N. C. MALCOLM ROBERT JUDKINS Chemical Engineering North Augusta, South Carolina Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; AICHE. HERBERT ADIN JUSTICE Civil Engineering- Spindale, N. C. Construction Option ASCE 3, 4; AIA 1; CU Activities Committee 1, Dance Committee 1; Library Committee Chairman 2; Summer School Pres. 2. CHARLES LESTER KALE Textile Technology Mount Holly, N. C. Phi Psi; Kappa Tau Beta; Tompkins Textile Council. RALPH MAYO KEEL, JR. Forest Management Groton, Connecticut BSU, Sec; YMCA, Chairman International Involvement Commission. WILLIAM EARL KEEL Agricultural Economics Washington, N. C. Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega; Circle K; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; CU Forum, Activities, Library, Social, International Committees; YMCA Orientation Committee. liMli i BS [289] j j j kJiMtM SENIOR CLASS WILLIAM HARRINGTON KEEL, II Electrical Engineering Raleigh, N. C. EVERETT AUGUSTUS KENDALL Mechanical Engineering Black Mountain, N. C. Delta Sigma Phi; Intramurals 3, 4; Orientation Group Leader; CU Theater ( lommittee; ASME. DONALD C. KENNEDY Civil Engineering ASCE i. 4. New Bern, N. C. RICHARD EDWARD KENT Landscape Architecture I .hi kappa Epsilon, Chaplain; Intramurals; Orientation Group Leader; Apollo C lub; Y K V Lynbrook, New York HUGH DENNIS KEY Textile Technology Winston-Salem, N. C. JOHN CHASE KEY Mathematics Education So. Charleston, West Virginia Tau Kappa Epsilon; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1. 2, 3. BOBBY CECIL KILBY Textile Technology HENRY FRANK KING, 111 Civil Engineering ASCE 2, 3; Intramurals 1, 2; Banc] I, 2, 1 JACK LEONARD KISER Mechanical Engineering- Aeronautical Option Band 1, 2, 3. FRED WALTER KLATT Mechanical Engineering UISA J, 4; s ll 4, Wen ' s Glee c Lub 4. North Wilkesboro, N. C. Salisbury, N. C. Sherrill ' s Ford, N. C. C ' arv, N. C. JAMES LEWIS KLINGERMAN, JR. Applied Mathematics Jeddo, Pennsylvania l ' i Mu I psilun; Veterans Assoc. 2, 4. S. GORDON KNOWLES Mm hanical Engineering Hickory, N. C. I L IC .1 L CARLYLE KOONCE, JR. Electrical Engineering New Bern, N. C. ANTS KOPPEL Electrical Engineering Greensboro, N. C. Phi Ita Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; Theta lau; Soccer 5, 4; WKNC Radio Station 1. C. S. KOUMPARAKRIS Civil Engineering Raleigh, N. C. [290] SENIOR CLASS l unu.n , Pennsj Ivania RONALD JEROME KRAI I Recreation and Park Administration VELLO ALEXANDER KUUSKRAA Applied Mathematics Cherryville, N. C. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Blue Key; Phi Eta Sigma, Treas.; AUSA, Sec; Scabbard Blade, Vice Pies.; Apollo Club; YMCA; Freshman Diners Club; Soccer 3, 4, Co-Capt. 4; Intramural 1, 2, 3, 4; IFC, Exec. Council, Athletic Dii.; Junior Class Ring Committee; Traffic Committee 3; Technician; YIK, Vice Pies.; Applied Mathematics Honors Program. PHILLIP MAN FUNG LAI Applied Mathematics Hung Kong RICHARD MARDIS LAMB Mechanical Engineering Phi Theta Kappa; ASM) WILLIAM HENRY LAND, III Industrial Engineering AIIE 3, 4, Pres. 4; Veterans Assoc. I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 2, 3; Engineers Council Parliamentarian 4; Student Advisory Committee Campus Stores, Chair man 2. BRIAN COLBLIRN LANGLEY Civil Engineering- Construction Option Asheville, N. C. Wilmington, N. C. Smithfield, N. C. Swainsboro, Georgia ROBERT FRANCIS LARKIN Furniture Manufacturing and Management Purest Products Research Soc.; Chi Omicron; Newman Club; Furniture C lub; AIIE; VRC. GEORGE LASKI Mechanical Engineering ASME; Veterans Assoc. ALVIS URIAH LAUGHINGHOUSE Textile Technology Delta Kappa Phi; Textile Varum, Circ. Mgr.; Wrestling 1, 2; Tompkins 1 exlile Council. Raleigh, N. C. Kinston, N. C. Registration again meant standing in line and tilling out endless forms. Left: additional coeds make standing in line more interesting. Right: filling out a card for every course and activity may be the greatest mental exercise this man will get. [291] I .ill MM,M SENIOR CLASS JAMES BRUCE LAWSON Electrical Engineering Mil; Veterans Assoc. JAMES WILLIS LAWSON Agricultural Education Baseball 1. CLYDE ALLISON LAWTON, III Forest Management Phi Sigma Kappa. Mayodan, N. C. Orruni, N. C. Lvndon, Kentucky Camden, N. C. STANLEY MITCHELL LEARY Agricultural Engineering ASAE 2, 3, Vice Pres. Pres. 3. JAMES MICHAEL LEATHERWOOD Geological Engineering Clyde, N. C. AIME 1, 2, 3, 4; Scabbard Blade; Intramurals 3. 4; BSU 2, 3. JERRY STEVENSON LEE Mechanical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi. New Bern, N. C. JESSE BAXTER LEE Nuclear Engineering Laurinburg, N. C. Theta Chi; Engineering Council; ANS, Sec; YDC. JIMMY BLAINE LEE Agricultural Technology Horticulture Club; Intramurals 2, 3. Lumberton, N. C. LARRY MARION LEE Mechanical Engineering Raleigh, N. C. Pi Tau Sigma 3, 4, Pres. 4; ASME 4; Intramurals 3. 4. MICHAEL CLIFTON LEE Gastonia, N. C. Chemical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha; Scabbard Blade; AICHE; Orientation Group Leadei; Intramurals 3, 4; Advanced ROTC. WILLIAM ALEXANDER LEE Mechanical Engineering Newport News, Virginia ASME; Orientation Group Leader; MSH Alderman. PETER M. LEIIRER Civil Engineering- Construction Option Sigma Alpha Mu; ASCE; Campus Code Board 2 Long Beach, New York APPARAO TATYARAO LENGADE Chemical Engineering Mysore, India rntramurals. FREDERIC ROLAND LEON Mechanical Engineering Raleigh, N. C ASME 4; Apollo Club 3. 4. CARSON ODES LEONHARDT Forestry Management Morganton, N. C Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club 4; Society of American Foresters 4. [292] SENIOR CLASS Mount Holly, N. C. PETER ASHBY LESSLIE Applied Mathematics Blue Key; Theta Tau 2, 3. 4; Mu Beta Psi 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Men ' s Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 2, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4; IDC 2. 3, 4. Vice Pres. 4; ClI Board of Directors 2, 3, Social Committee 3, 4; Dorm Manager 4, Floor Manager 2, 3, Vice Pres. 4; Orientation Group Leader 3, 4; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, Pres. 4. GEORGE WASHINGTON LESTER, II Industrial Engineering Martinsville, Virginia Pi Kappa Alpha; Scabbard Blade, Capt.; Alnha Pi Mu, Rec. Sec; Phi Fta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Student Government Senator; Orientation Group Leader; ROTC Brigade Staff PIO; AIIE Pres.; Assoc. U. S. Army; Engi neers Council. JAMES THOMAS LEWIS, JR. Zoology-Agricultural Science Apollo Club; Assoc. LI. S. Army; Toastmasters Club. Cary, N. C. JOSEPH ISAAC LEWIS Forest Management Alpha Lambda Pi; Forestry Club. ROBERT O ' NEAL LEWIS Industrial Arts DOUGLAS SEATON LILLY Electrical Engineering AIEE IRE; Academic Commendation 3; L.A. Mauhler Scholarship. Middlesex, N. C. Havelock, N. C. Abingdon, Virginia ANTHONY GENE LINDSAY Textile Technology Phi Kappa Tau. LOGAN WEAVER LINEBERRY, III Clinton, N. C. Industrial Engineering AIEE 3; AIIE 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4. GAYNELL PAUL LOGUE Mathematics Education Math Club 4; Men ' s Glee Club 1, 2; Manager, Vs Tennis 3, 4. Randleman, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. sity Tennis 2; Varsity ROBERT EDWARD LONG Textile Technology Phi Psi. RONALD HERMAN LONG Textile Technology SHERWOOD PAUL LUCAS Civil Engineering Construction Option Apollo Club; IDC 4; Dnrm Pres. 4, Counselor 4. Elizabeth City, N. C. Gastonia, X. C. Dunn. X. C. Favetteville, X. C. WILLIAM ASHLEY LUCAS Physics Delta Sigma Phi. Pres; Golden Chain. Vice Pres.; Blue Key Phi Eta Sigma. Pres.: Thirty Three. Pres.; Orientation Commission. Chairman; Men " s Glee Club. FRANK EUGENE LUSTIG Chemical Engineering Clemmons, X. C. Theta Tau 3. 4; AICHE 1, 2, 3. 4; Varsitv Track 2. 3. 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; Intramurals 3. 4; Advanced ROTC; DMS 4. JOSEPH MICHAEL LLISHENE Civil Engineering Satellite Beach, Florida Lambda Chi Alpha, Ritualist 1. 2; Peishing Rifles 1, 2; ASCE 2, 4; Oasis Society 2, 3, 4, Central Prison Chairman 3. 4; Society Amer. Military Engineers 1, 2. 3, 4. [293] SENIOR CLASS JAMES MAURICE LYNCH Civil Engineering Sanford, N. C. ( In I psilon; sc I , Pub. ( h airman 3, Sec. 4; Engineers Council; VDC ROBERT EDWARD LYNCH, JR. Industrial Engineering AIIE 3, 4; UIS 3. JAMES CHARLES LYTLE Mechanical Engineering GARLAND HENRY McADOO, JR. LaGrange, N. C. Marion. N. C. Nuclear Engineering Greensboro, N. C. All ' 3, 4; I i. nk I; YMCA 1. 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4; Student Govetnmenl Human Relations Committee 3, 4; Cll Forum Committee 4. DANIEL LAWRENCE McARTHUR, IR. Product Design GEORGE CLYDE McBANE, JR. Electrical Engineering IRE. Red Springs, N. C. Hillsboro, N. C. Salisbury, N. C. Penrose, N. C. LARRY SLATE McBRlDE Chemical Engineering Phi It. i Si ma; Honors Program .1. FLOYD EN LOW McCALL Industrial Engineering Si ma Chi; Golden Chain; Blue Key; I ' hi Eta Sij ma; Board of Student Pub lications 3, 4; WKNC Radio Station I; Athletic Council 4; Vice Pres. Freshman Class; Pres. Sophomore Class; Pres. Junior Class; Student Body President 4; Cll Board of Directors 4; Friends of the College Board l Directors 4; YMCA World Affairs Commission 2. REID ALEXANDER McCARTER Textile Technology Gaston ia, , . C . Kappa SiRma; Phi Psi; Kappa Tau Beta; Si ma Tau Siyma; Textile Fortttttj Tompkins Textile Council. RONALD SYLVESTER McCLAMROCK Textile Technology Concord, C. Intramurals; Watauga Dorm Counselor. WILLIAM ARTHUR McCLENNY Physics Lucama, N. C. I ' hi Kappa Tau; I ' hi kappa I ' hi; Phi Eta Sigma; Track 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 1. 4. PEGGY HARPER McCONNELL Civil Encineeium. Allenhurst, New Jersey Sigma Kappa; Sec. Freshman Class; Sec. Sophomore Class; Sec. Junior Class; Apollo Club 2, V 4; Freshman Diners Club; Orient! n ( ommission 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Camnus Code Board 4; Student Government Senatoi 2, 1; Cheerleader I; Cll I [ospitalitj Committee 1. 2. 3, 4. JAMES MACK McCORMICK Agricui ruRAL I dui si ion Sanford, N. C . Kappa Phi Kappa; Intramurals 1, 2; Kg Education Club; YM( V Advanced ROT( . JERRY FRANKLIN McCRACKEN Civil Engineering Boone, N. C. Theta Tau 2, .?. 4; ASCI; Band 1. 2, 3, 4. Vice Pres. 4. JAMES EDWARD McCRARY Forest Management Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Society of American Foresters; Basebail 1. [294] SENIOR CLASS JOHNNY CRAWFORD McCUISTON Textiles Burlington, N. C. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice Pics. s; Honor Code Board. GARLAND DAN McCULLER Soil Science- Faison, N. C. Agricultural Business Agronomy Club. MICHAEL DAVID McCULLEY Industrial Arts- Cherry Point, N. C. Technical Option DAVID KENNETH McCURDY, JR. Forest Management Flourtown, Pennsylvania A lpha Phi Omega 2, 3, 4; Society of American Foresters 3, 4; Forestry Club 1. 1. 3, 4; Radio Station WKNC 1. 2, 3, 4, Sales Dir. 1, 2, Bus. MRr. 4; Westminster Fellowship. Pies. 2; YRC 1. 2. LAWRENCE GLENN McDOUGAL Civil Engineering ASCE 1; Pershing Rifles 1, 2. ALLAN EDWIN McDUFFIE Civil Engineering Adl anced AFROTC. Spindale, N. C. Durham, N. C. FAMES EDWARD McELROY Forest Management Morehead City, N. C. Xi Sigma Pi: YMCA, Sec, Board of Directors; Danforth Chapel Board: Forestry Club. CLIFTON BENEDICT McFARLAND, JR. Mechanical Engineering- New York, New York Aerospace Option Phi Kappa Tau; Pi Tau Sigma, Historian: IAS, Sec; Golf 1. 2. HUBERT WENDELL McGEE Chemical Engineering Kernersville, N. C. Phi Eta Sigma; Theta Tau; AICHE; YMCA; Men ' s Glee Club. On the job academically and extracurricularly students gain experience. Left: at summer camp forestry students learn the intricacies of a chain saw. Right: State ' s delegation of student legislators show mixed reactions to the business on the floor. [295] SENIOR CLASS mtoM JAMES PHILIP McGWIER Industrial Arts- Technical Option JOHN EDGAR McLEOD Industrial Arts [A Club 3, 4, Sec. 4. DONALD ALEX McMILLAN Mathematics Education WILLIAM GRACE McNINCH Zoology Pi Kappa Alpha. BILLY GLENN McWHORTER Electrical Engineering JIMMY WAYNE MABE Agricultural Engineering Greensboro, N. C. Lexington, N. C. Pembroke. N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Kannapolis, N. C. Kernersville, N. C. EDWARD JAMES MACK Electrical Engineering Wilmington, N. C. Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Athletic Council 2; Lambda Tau Delta 3, 4; AIEE 1, 2; Engineering Honors 3, 4. MICHAEL RHETT MACOMSON Industrial Engineering Shelby, N. C. Sigma Chi; Apollo Club; AIEE. DONALD GENE MADRE Agriculture Hertford, N. C. WILLIAM FRANCIS MAHER, JR. Physics Manchester, Connecticut Sigma Pi Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Track 2; CU Board of Dir., Forum Committee, Chairman; Friends of the College, Board of Directors; N. C. State Symposium Committee; Collegiate Council for UN, Campus Dir.; MP. Greensboro, N. C. DONALD LAWRENCE MAIDEN Mechanical Engineering- Aerospace Option 1 S 4, 4. Chairman 4; Intramurals 1. 2; Marching Cadets 1, 2; Arnold Air Society 3, 4, Chaplain 3. MARTIN ARON MAINSTER Physics Miami Beach, Florida Phi Eta Sigma; AIP; Sigma Pi Sigma; Intramurals 1, 2, $, 4; Big Four l a 2, , 4; CU Forum Committee, Library Committee. PHILIP MORRIS MALONE Chemical Engineering U HE. WILLIAM DON MALPASS Civil Engineerinc- construction option Mu Beta Psi; Lenten Booklet 1, 2; Men ' s Glee Club 1, 2. 3, 4. S, Vice Pres. I; YMCA 1, 2, 1; Coin Club I; ASCE I. 2. 3, 4. S. Statesville, N. C. Norfolk, Virginia GEORGE MADISON MANN, JR. Mathematics Education lpha Phi Omega; Marching Cadets. Wilmington, N. C. [296] SENIOR CLASS RONALD BARRY MANN Mechanical Engineering HENRY LEE MANNING, JR. Forest Management Alpha Gamma Rho; Alpha Zeta; Xi Sigma Pi; Intramurals 3; YDC ' •, 4; Forestry Club 2. .?. 4. Treas. 4. High Point, N. C. Middlesex, N. C. JOHN AUSTIN MANNING, JR. Textile Technology Delta Kappa Phi. Raleigh, N. C. TOM REGISTER MANNING, JR. Textile Technology VVcldon, N. C. PETER LOUIS MARCHETTI, JR. Mathematics Education Raleigh, N. C. MURDOCK HENRY MARKHAM, JR. Civil Engineering Raleigh, N. C. ASCE. JAMES RIDDICK MARKS Industrial Arts Raleigh, N. C. Pershing Rifles; CU Social Committee; Industrial Arts Club. WAYNE WILSON MARSHALL Industrial Arts- Technical Option Raleigh, N. C. JAMES PHILIP MARSHBL1RN Mechanical Engineering- Rocky Mount, N. C. Aerospace Option Sigma Pi, Pledge Master; Marching Cadets; IAS. JOSE ANTONIO MARTI Textile Technology Mexico City, Mexico Soccer 1. 2. 3; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; International Committee 1, 2. 3; Latin Club 4. JOHN STEPHEN MARTIN Mathematics Education Kappa Phi Kappa. Lenoir, N. C. JOSEPH ASBLIRY MARTIN, JR. Science Education Red Oak, N. C. WILLIAM RAY MARTIN Agricultural Economics- Lenoir, N. C. Agricultural Business FarmHouse, Treas. 4; Alpha Zeta; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Agricultural Econ. Club, Reporter; James C. McClure Scholarship; Agricultural Council. BILLY BROWN MASKE Food Science and Processing Veterans Assoc; Food Science Club. JOHN RUFUS MASON Mechanical Engineering- Aerospace Option Pi Tau Sigma; Theta Tau; IAS; Engineers Council; Southern Engineer, Mgr. Editor. Mount Gilead. X. C . Newport, . C. ill) J [297] SENIOR CLASS Al I RED P ALII l. l 111 NY Mechanical Engineering ASME. Purest City, N. C. LARRY JOHN MATHESON Textile Technology Ashevillc, X. C. Phi l ' si. I ' rcs. 4; National Convention Co-Chairman 4; Kappa Tau Beta 5, 4; Married Student Housing Executive Committee 4; Tompkins Textile t I 4. HAZEL BENTON MATTHEWS, JR. Zoology and Plant Protection 1 Iertford, N. C. Football 1. 2, 3, 4, Capt. 4; Monogram Club 3, 4, Vice Pres. 3, Pies. 4; Pres. Fellowship Christian Athletes 4; Athletic Council 4. ROBERT GLENN MATTHEWS, JR. Poultry Science- Agricultural Science Veterinarian Wilmington, N. C. Track I; Inti.mun.ils I; Pre-Veterinarian Club 1. 2. s, 4. Pub. Chairman 2, Vice Pres. i, Pres. 4: Veterans Assoc. 3, 4; Poultry Science Club 4; Poultry Judging Team 3; Outstanding Pre-Veterinarian Student 3; e.n cultural Council 4. SAMUEL GERALD MALIK Forest Management Moiehead, Kentucky Society of American Foresters; Forestry Club; IDC. ROBERT LESLIE MAYTON, JR. Nuclear Engineering Raleigh, N. C. Phi Kappa Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Basketball 1. s, 4; Intra murals 1, 2, 3, 4; Engineering Senator 4. ALLAN STODDART MEADE Civil Engineering- Construction Option SANFORD PRICE MEDL1N Metallurgical Engineering S 1; AICHE. ROBERT BARRY MELTON Civil Engineering ASCE; Intramurals 3, 4. Chapel Hill, N. C Monroe, N. C. Lenoir. N. C. II I I AM STEWART MERRIHEW Forest Management Brooklyn, New York Leopold Wildlife Club; Forestrj Club. CLYDE BLIRRESS MICKLE Mathematics Education Salisbury, N. C. Pi Kappa Alpha. CALVIN MAX MILLER Electrical Engineering Salisbury, N. C . I t.i Kappa Nu. GENE SPENCER Mil I ER Metallurgical Engineering Delta Sigma Phi; I ' hi 1 c.i Sigma. HENRY LLOYD MILLER Agricultural Education THOMAS BENBOW MILLER Ceramic Engineering Salisbury, N. C. Pi Kappa Alpha, Soc. Chairman 2. Scholarship Chairman 2. Pledge Mastei 4. C ' S. C ' orr. Sec; pollo Club; Intramurals 1. 2, J. 4; Honor Code Board; Engineers Fair; Senior Marshal Alternate. Salisbury, X. C . Salisbury, X. C. [298] SENIOR CLASS DAVID EARL MILLINOR, Mechanic u 1 ngini i ring s H i ( irde K C 1 ill-.. JOSEPH IRVIN Mil IS, JR. Nucleab Engineering MILTON KENT MILLS Electrical Engineering Mu Beta l ' si. Wilmington, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Mooresville, N. C. Aurora, N. C. J, ice Pies. 5, Mgr. Wilmington, N. C. ROBERT NORRIS MILLS Mechanical Engineering ASME; Intramurals; IDC Council 3, 4; Dorm Se 3, Pres. 4, Counselor 4. BARRE RYAN MITCHELL Pulp and Paper Te hnology Alpha Tau Omega; Scabbard ISI.uK-; Wbimiik; 1 ■■clinician; Lotus; Swimming 1; Track I; Freshman Senator; esk Inundation; YMCA; Fourdrinier Society; Pershing Rifles, Exec. Officer; Assoc. U. S. Army; Military Ball Assoc; Photographv Club; Music Club; Brigade Operations Officer. DON NEWTON MITCHELL Experimental Statistics Alpha Phi Omega, Sec. 4; Campus Chest 4. Durham. N. C. TERRY KERMIT MITCIIEM Mechanical Engineering- Lincolnton, X. C. Aerospace Option IAS 1, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, s. 4; Veterans Assoc. 4. THOMAS JOHN MOHAN Ornamental Horticulture Raleigh, N. C. Intramurals 1, 2, 3; Veterans Assoc. 1, 2, 3; Horticulture Club; Inter- national Shade Tree Conference. CHARLES FRANKLIN MOORE Civil Engineering Marshville, N. C. ASCE; Intramurals 3, 4. Beer and Bermudas compliment the sunny skies on Kidd Brewer ' s hill as the Interfraternity Council presents its annual pro gram of rock and roll music for Spring IFC. The informality of this concert nicely changes pace with the Formality of Fall. [2991 SENIOR CLASS 114 J GERALD NATHAN MOORE Nuclear Physics Favetteville, N. C. Sigma Pi Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; AIP; Theta Tau; Scabbard Blade. Commander 4; Pershing Rifles, Commander 4; ANS; Tennis 1, 2; Student Gov. Senator 3j Orientation (.roup Leader 2. 3; Pres. Military Ball Assoc. 4; YMCA; LSAj Cll Forum Committee 1. 2, Calendar Committee 3, Investigation Committee 3; VRC; Dorm Floor Mgx. 2; Science Council 2. 3; Honors Program 3, 4; Military Ball Dance Chairman 3; Superior Cadet Award 1, 3; Outstanding MS II Cadet 2; Distinguished Military Student. JOHN LAUCI IRIDGE MOORE Pulp and Paper Technology Pi Kappa Phi; Orientation Group Leader 3. RICHARD ARNOLD MOORE Agricultural Engineering- Agricultural Science s 1 , Trcas. 3, Pres. 4. RICHARD MILLER MORGAN Physics Phi Eta Sigma; Swimming 1; AIP. EDWIN EARL MORRIS Electrical Engineering ROBERT HARVEY MORRIS Electrical Engineering AIEE; Veterans Assoc. Waynesville. N. C. Aulander, N. C. Asheville, N. C. Windsor. N. C. Charlotte, N. C. JAMES O ' DELL MORRISON Civil Engineering Southern Pines. N. C. PHILLIP HUNTER MORRISON Mechanical Engineering I enoir, N. C. Pi Tau Sigma; S 1I ; MCA; Engineers Council. JAMES KIRVEN MORROW Nuclear Engineering Washington, N. C. Phi Kappa Tau; AIP; Football 1; Swimming 2. 3, 4; intramurals 1.2. 3, 4. SAMUEL RAY MORROW Electrical Engineering Scabbard Blade; Intramurals. DONALD RIVES MORTON Civil Engineering ASCE; Intramurals 1, 2. Statesville, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. HARMON LINDSAY MORTON Mechanical Engineering Charlotte, N. C. Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Ret.i Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; S II Apollo Club; Honors Program. KENNETH DAVID MOZINCO Electrical Engineering Burgaw, N. C. ROY WALTON MOZINCO Crop Sen m i Kenley, N. C. Agricultural Science Upha Zeta, Chairman Book Exchange 4; Agronomy Club. Reporter 3; National Chairman Achievement Report 2. EENTRESS HORNER ML1NDEN Crop Science Elizabeth City, N. C. Agricultural Technology Alpha Gamma Rho 3, 4; Agronomy Club 1.2. 3, 4. [300 ] SENIOR CLASS JAMES OTHA MURPHY Civil Engineering ASCE J, 4. DOYLE CLINARD MYERS Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon. LEWIS HENRY NELSON, III Youngsville, N. C. Thomasville, N. C. Rome, New York Applied Mathematics Blue Key; AIEE; WKNC Radio Slation 1, 2, 3, 4, Bus. Mgr. 3, Manager ■4; Board of Student Publications 2, 3, 4; Apollo Club 3. RAYMOND FRANCIS NEMMERS Industrial Engineering Raleigh, N. C. AIIE; Engineers Council. ROBERT STANLEY NEMMERS Mathematics Education Raleigh, N. C. C 11 Music Committee 2, 3, Sec. 3; Library Committee, Chairman 4; CU Board of Chairmen; Cll Board of Directors; UN Model General Assembly Exec. Committee; Delegation Chairman. Weaverville, N. C. WILLIAM HAROLD NESBITT Wildlife Biology- Agricultural Science FarmHouse; Intramurals 3, 4; Collegiate 4-H Club 3. 4; Leopold Wild- lite Club 3, 4, Sec. 4; YDC 4. LONG VO NGUYEN Nuclear Physics AIP 3, 4. GODWIN LEROY NOELL Mechanical Engineering ASME 3, 4. PAUL ML NOELL Rural Sociology- Agricultural Science Saigon, Viet Nam Oxford, N. C. Durham, N. C. THOMAS GORDON NORWOOD Metallurgical Engineering Hayesville, N. C. ASM. Orrum, N. C. THOMAS AVERY NYE, JR. Industrial Arts- Technical Option JAMES HARRY OLSEN Electrical Engineering Winston-Salem, N. C. Scabbard Blade, Sgt. 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; IDC, Pub. Dir. 4; Dorm Athletic Dir. 2; AUSA 3, 4; Drum Bugle Corps 1.2, 3, 4. WILLIAM THOMPSON OVERTON Chemistry Oxford, N. C. ACS; YMCA; Aubrey Lee Brooks Scholarship. Morganton, N. C. JASPER GLENN OWENS Recreation and Park Administration Rho Phi Alpha; Kappa Phi Kappa; Intramurals 1, 3, 4; Advanced ROTt ; Dorm Athletic Dir. 3, 4, Sec. 4. CHARLES WELLS OWINGS, JR. Electrical Engineering Greensboro, N. C. [301] SENIOR CLASS glorgl noiiini pai.yili, Electrical Encineerinc Ml I ; l ROTC Drill Team. GARCIA AGUSTIN PAIS Mechanical Encineerinc HALLET MATIIEW PAKULA Zoology-Agricultural Science SiiiiiKi Alpha Mu. JAMES EDWARD PALMER Textile Technology Phi Kappa Tail; Phi Psi. GARLAND BLIRWIS PARDLIE Wildlife Biology- Agricultural Science FarmHouse; Alpha Zeta: Intramural ' . 2, 3, 4; Leopold Wildlife Club. Prog. Chairman 4; Agricultural Council 3. Plymouth, N. C. C uba Raleigh, N. C. Franklin. N. C. Elkin, N. C. B ILLY CLYDE PARKER Civil Engineering- Construction Option si I : Veterans Assoc. SAMUEL MAX PARKER Agricultural Education Baseball Team Manager 3, 4. ROBERT EDWIN PARKI lLII ' .s I Chemi cal Engineering IC 111 I, 2. 3, 4. LESTON CURTIS PARKS. JR. Industrial Engineering Pi Kappa Phi, Sec; AIM. Asheville, N. C. Mount Ulla, N. C. Newton, N. C. Salisbury, N. C. JOHN EELIX PARLIER, JR. Forest Management Lenoir, N. C. Societ) (.1 merican Foresters; Forestry Club; Forest Farmers Assoc. MAURICE WILSON PARTIN, JR. Electrical Engineering Kinston, N. C. Phi Eta Sigma 1, 2; Eta Kappa Nu s. 4; Mu Beta Psi s. 4. Vice Pies. 3; Scabbard Blade s, 4; All I 4; Engineering Honors Program 3, 4; Orientation Group Leader 3, 4; l( I. 2, 3, 4, 1 leas. 3, Board ..I Directors s, Cabinet 3, Regional Conference 3, Danforth Chanel Board 2. 3; W4ATC Amateur Radio Club I: Adv. meed Army ROTC 3, 4; ss,,e. II. S. iiih 4; Band I. 2, 3, 4; Symphonic Band 2. 3, 4; Henry L. Doherty Scholarship 1. 2; latent for Service Scholarship I, 2. DAVID MALCOLM PATRICK Electrical Engineering I t.i Kappa u; Ihei., I.:..; Vpollo (. lub; Ml I ll ' .l JERRY HAMILTON PATRICK Industrial An is Technical Option Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Greensboro, N. C. Raleigh, . C. JOSEPH THOMAS PI ( OC ' k. JR. Civil, Engineering Fremont, N. C. ASCI; Intramuials I, 2. 3, 4; Basketball I; ( loss Countrj I; VDC. BENNY MORRIS PEARCE Mathematics Education Vechnician, Sports Editor. Saint Pauls, N. C. [302] SENIOR CLASS KENNETH COVINGTON PEARSON Furniture Manufacturing Goldsboro, N. C. and Management furniture Club 2, 3, 4; Forest Products Research Society, Pies. 4. DAVID LAWRENCE PEELE Wood Technology Plymouth, N. C. Forest Products Research Society; [ntramurals 1, 2, 5. DONALD HOOVER PEELER Product Design Lincolnton, N. C. EDDIE ROSS PENNINGTON Industrial Arts- Rocky Mount, N. C. Technical Option RONALD OWEN PENNSYLE Chemical Engineering Phi Kappa Tau; Phi Eta Sigma. Raleigh, N. C. JOSEPH FENNER PEOPLES, JR. Mechanical Engineering Warrenton, N. C. JERRY CECIL PERKINS Civil Engineering ASCE 4; Intramurals 1, 2. Sanford, N. C. RICHARD THOMAS PERK1NSON Applied Mathematics Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Advanced ROTC. JOHN FRANKLIN PERMAR Civil Engineering v in Greensboro, N. C. State ' s quarterbacks call the play and execute it. Left: co-captain Ken Rohloff calls play number one against the Blue Devils. Right: quarterback Rossi eludes futile grab by Nebraska defender to score the Wolfpack ' s first touchdown in State ' s near upset. [303] SENIOR CLASS CLIFFORD BRASWELL PERRY Mechanical Engineering Chapel Hill, N. C. Pi Kappa Alpha; ASME; Intramurals; Student Government Senator, Board of Review, Promotions Committee, Campus Welfare Committee. WILLIAM HOWARD PERRY Electrical Engineering ll I 4; Newman Club; Oasis Society. KAYE FRANCES PERRYMAN Textile Chemistry Sigma Kappa; Women ' s Campus Code Board 3, 4; CU Hospitality Com mittee 1, 2, 3, 4; CU Special Events Committee, Chairman 2. Fayetteville, N. C. Lexington, N. C. REID WILLIS PETERSON Electrical Engineering AIEE. RONALD ALAN PHELPS Industrial Engineering Mil; IDC. LARRY STEVE PHILLIPS Mechanical Engineering ASME 3, 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4. Burnsville, N. C. Lnuisburg, N. C. Hickorv, N. C. RAYMOND DOUGLAS PHILLIPS Wildlife Biology- Pine Level, N. C. Agricultural Science Pershing Rifles I, 2; Leopold Wildlife Club 3, 4, Treas. 4. Winston-Salem, N. C. TERRY NELSON PHILLIPS Nuclear Engineering Phi Kappa Tau, Sec. 4; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Drum Bugle Corps 1, 2; Superior Student Program 1, 2; Engi- neering Honors Program 3, 4. ENRIQUE PIDAL Mechanical Engineering Havana, Cuba ASME; Latin Club; Summer School Committee; International Committee; Collegiate Council of UN. JOHN HENRY PIERCE Agricultural Engineering : S U. Treas. 4. ROBERT GEORGE PINDELL Physics Phi Kappa Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Pi Sigma; Rifle Team 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1. 2, 3. 4; AIP. West Jefferson, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. GEORGE DENNIS PIPKIN Applied Mathematics JOHN LUTHER PITT Mathematics Education ASCE; Math Science Education Club; YDC. D W1D TORRENCE PLONK Industrial Engineering Sigma u; AIIE; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. GLENN CORDELL PLOTT Architecture CU Eurum Committee 1, 2. Murfreesboro, N. C. Red Oak, N. C. Kings Mountain, N. C. Concord, N. C. [304] SENIOR CLASS JIMMIE RAY POPE Civil Engineering Garner, N. C. Engineers Council $. LEON JAY POTEET Electrical Engineering Morganton, N. C. AIEE 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Advanced AFROTC 3, 4; Dorm Sec. }; Dorm Asst. Counselor 4; YMCA 1; IDC 4. JAMES THOMSON POTTER Textile Technology Veterans Assoc, Vice Pres. Raleigh, N. C. CHARLES BAIRD POWELL, JR. Aerospace Engineering Jacksonville, N. C. IAS. SAMUEL KNIGHT POWELL Applied Mathematics WILLIAM GENE POWELL Agricultural Education Alpha Gamma Rho; Agricultural Education Club, Pres. 3: Agricultural Council 2, 3, 4; ITC 4. Charlotte, N. C. Robersonville, N. C. J EFFREY MARTIN PRAGER Textiles Cedarhurst, New York Sigma Alpha Mu; Swimming 2, 3, 4. WENDELL ELLSWORTH PRESCOTT. JR. Industrial Engineering Lake Waccamaw, N. C. Pi kappa Alpha; AIIE; Basketball 1; Student Government Engineering Senator; IFC Investigations Board, Chairman; Freshman Orientation Group Leader; Student Mind TV Series; Student Government Investigations Committee. JAN BALL PRICE Mathematics Education Advanced AFROTC. Dudley, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Vale, N. C. RONALD FREDERICK PRICE Industrial Arts- Technical Option Industrial Arts Club, Pres. JAMES ALLEN PROCTOR Applied Mathematics Junior Honors Program; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Arnold Air Society 2; Dorm Floor Manager 4. DONALD LEE PROVO Mathematics Education Wilson N. C. ROBERT HAROLD POHLKOTTE Civil Engineering Raleigh, N. C. Intramurals I, 2; BSU 1, 2; Bragaw Dorm Floor Manager 2. JAMES CAMPBELL POSEY Architecture Asheville, N. C. Student Publication of the School of Design 3, 4, Circulation Mgr. 4. ARTHUR LEE PUTNAM Civil Engineering Cary, N. C. Veterans Assoc. [305] SENIOR CLASS UiM+A DAVID TILDEN PUTNAM Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma; ASME; Intramurals 3, 4. LOUIS ALBERT RADER Metallurgical Engineering Shelby, N. C. Darien, Connecticut Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Sigma Mu; Phi Kappa Phi; Outd Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club; American Society for Metals. CHARLES DAVID RAPER, JR. Soil Science- Agricultural Technology Whiteville, N. C. Alpha Zeta; Crops Soils. Editor 3, Bus. Mgr. 4; Agronomy Club, CorT. Sec. 4. RICHARD MORRIS RAPER Mechanical Engineering- Aerospace Option LAS 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1; Alpha Phi Omega 1, Chest Coordinator 2, 3. 4; VMC A 1. 2. BOBBY CHARLES RAYNOR Industrial Engineering AIIE 3. 4. JAKE ROWE REDMOND Agricultural Education Agricultural Education Club 3. 4; Intramurals I, 2. 3. 4. Thomasville, N. C. . 3. 4. 1 list. 2; v ampus Leland, N. C. Waynesville, N. C. CEORGE LINDM1LLER REED Civil Engineering Durham. N. C. Chi Epsilon; ASCE; ASCE Publication, Co-Editor. WILLIS ALTON REID, JR. Zoology-Agricultural Science Raleigh, N. C. Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard Blade; Agricultural Honors Program; A.USA, DAVID RALPH REYNOLDS Textile Chemistry Delta Kappa Phi; Amer. Assoc, of Textile Chemists Colorists. ice Pres. 4; Textile Forum, Co-Managing Editor 3, Co Editor 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Senior Class Rep.; CU Board of Directors; Student Government; Apollo Club; Tompkins Textile Council; Orientation Group Leader. Patrick Spring, Virginia Coldsburu. N. C. Asheville, N. C. RONALD JACK REYNOLDS Mechanical Engineering- Aerospace Option IAS 4; Arnold Air Society 2, 3, 4. Infer. Officer 3, Exec. Officer 4; AFROTC 1. 2. 3. 4. JAMES THOMAS RHODES Nuclear Physics Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Corr. Sec. 3, 4, Warden 2; Golden Chain. Pres.; Blue Key, Sec.-Treas.; Ag OMECK 2. 3, 4, Man. Editor 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Senior Class Sec; Campus Code Board 3, 4, Chairman 4; Honor Study Commission, Chairman 4; Student Government PSAM Sen- ator 4; Orientation Group Leader 2, 3, 4. ROBERT DANIEL RHODES Civtl Engineering- Construction Option Theta Chi; Basketball I; Intramurals ]. 2. 3, 4. Lexington, N. C. GARY DOUGLAS RICHARDSON Applied Mathematics Siler City, N. C. P, Mu Epsilon; AIP. ROBERT ALFRED RICHIE Textiles Marion, N. C. Kappa Alpha; Intramurals. JOE LANIER RIDDICK. JR. Civi l Engineering Scotland Neck, N. C. ASCE 3. 4. [306] SENIOR CLASS DUNCAN DAVID RIDDLE, JR. Textile Technology Inlr.muii.ils 2, - ; Dorm Sec. 2, Soc. DliectOI J. CHARLES ALEXANDER RIEDELL Sanford, . C. Industrial Arts- Technical Option Clifton, New Jersej Iau Kappa Epsilon, Pres. 4, Pledge Trainer 3, Chaplain 2; Beta Squared; Intramurals 1. 2, J, 4; YDC 3; Band I, 2, 3 4: Cuneert Band 1, 2, I, 4; Apollo C lul. 4; AFROTC 1, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM HUGH ROBERSON, JR. Applied Mathematics Raleigh, N. C. Pi Mu Epsilon; Band 1. 2. 3; C LI Theater Committee 1. WAYNE BINFORD ROBERTS Electrical Engineering Ilillsboro, N. C. Phi Eta Sigma; Mu Beta Psi; Eta Kappa Nuj Tau Beta Pi; Amateur Radio Club; Men ' s Club; Freshman Sonhomore Superior Student ProgTam; Engineering Honors Program; AIEE IRE; CU Photography Committee; Engineers Fair Junior Class Chairman; Lab. Assistant. GERALD WAYNE ROBERTSON Chemical Engineering- Williamston, N. C. Pulp and Paper Technology Phi Eta Sigma; Xi Sigma Pi; AICHE; Fourdrinier Society; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Apollo Club; IDC, Pres.; Dorm Counselor. CLAYTON HARRISON ROBINSON Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappa Phi; ASME; Intramurals 2. Clinton, N. C. GLENN ALBERT ROBINSON, JR. Mechanical Engineering- Charlotte, N. C. Aerospace Option Delta Sigma Phi; IAS; Intramurals I. 2. MARVIN MICHAEL ROGERS Industrial Engineering Clyde, N. C. AIIE; Cross Country 1; Outdoor Track I; Intramurals 1, 2. 3 4- March ing Cadets 1; Adyanced AFROTC. DENNIS AUSTIN ROSE, JR. Electrical Engineering Kappa Alpha. Littleton, N. C. The collection of data is important to the Engineering graduate. Many hours are spent by both graduates and undergrad- uates watching dials on machines and recording information to be rewritten into long reports that supplement class lectures. [307] SENIOR CLASS GORDON ANDREW ROSS Agricultural Engineering Clinton, N. C. Agricultural Technology ATE Club 3, 4. ROBERT GENE ROUSE Mechanical Engineering Magnolia, N. C. Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma, Rec. Sec; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kanpa Phi; Sue. Amer. Military Engineers; Honors Program; YMCA. Chapel Board 4; VDC; ASME. ROBERT ELWOOD ROYGROFT Forest Management Football 1, 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Wilmington, N. C. Lumberton, N. C. Burlington, N. C. Winterville, N. C. CHARLES RAY ROZIER Forest Management JOHN DANIEL RUDDER Zoology CHARLES JAMES RUNKLE Mechanical Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma, Corr. Sec. 4; ASME 1, 2, 3, 4, Engineers Fair Chairman 4; Engineers Council 4; Parliamentary Board 4; Talent for Service Award 1; Men ' s Glee Club 1, 2. CARL WILLIAM RUST Forest Management Charlotte, N. C. Forestry Club 1, 2. 3, 4; Apollo Club 3, 4; Dorm Pres. 3, 4; Dorm Manager 3, 4; IDC 3, 4. ROBERT PARKS SADLER, JR. Civil Engineering Theta Chi; ASCE; Intramurals 3, 4. JOHNNY MACK SALVAGGIO Mechanical Engineering ASME. CLAY EDWARD SAMS Civil Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; ASCE. THOMAS WALTER SANDERLIN Charlotte, N. C. Valdese, N. C. Dillard, Georgia Mechanical Engineering JAMES PAUL SANDIFER Nuclear Physics Kitty Hawk, N. C. Jayess, Mississippi AIP 2, 3, 4, 5; ANS 4, 5; Scabbard Blade 3, 4; Assoc. U. S. Army 3; CU Photography Committee 1, 2, 3, 4; CU International Committee 2, 3; BSU. HAROLD LANDIS SATTERWHITE, JR. Civil Engineering McCain, N. C. ASCE. ADMIRAL DEWEY SAULS Animal Science- Agricultural Technology Animal Industry Club 3, 4. JAMES CALVIN SAUNDERS Industrial Arts- Technical Option Garner, N. C. Rockingham, N. C. [308] SENIOR CLASS CARL THOMAS SAWYER Nuclear Engineering New Bern, N. C. JOHN LOUIS SCHELD Wood Technology Statesville, N. C. Forest Products Research Society 3, 4; National Science Foundation Under- graduate Research Project 4. PEDRO ALEJANDRO SCHICK Mechanical Engineering Caracas, Venezuela Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma; Soccer I; Swimming 1; Honors Program. JOHN FREDERICK SCHULTHEIS Experimental Statistics Clearwater, Florida Summer School Honor Roard 2; CU Theater Committee 1. FARRELL WAYNE SCOTT Mechanical Engineering Winston-Salem, N. C. ASME, Sec. 3. REESE SHERROD SCULL Forest Management Valdese, N. C. Phi Kappa Phi; Xi Sigma Pi; Alpha Zeta; Forestry Club. JOE BEN SEAGLE Pulp and Paper Technology Sigma Pi; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Athletic Dir. 4. JAMES MATTHEW SEARS Electrical Engineering aiee 3, 4. EDSON CARMACK SETLIFF Forest Management Society of American Foresters; Forestry Club. GEORGE EDWARD SETZER Morganton, N. C. Goldsboro, N. C. Carv, N. C. Civil Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon; ASCE; Golf 1 Day 2, 3, 4; Intramural Council 2. High Point, N. C. 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Rig Four JAMES HARVEY SEXTON Electrical Engineering AIEE; Veterans Assoc. Hendersonville, N. C. RICHARD HYMAN SHACHTMAN Applied Mathematics V inter Park, Florida Sigma Alpha Mil; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon, Sec.-Treas. 3, 4; Phi Kappa Phi; Intramurals 1, 2, 3; IFC Investigations Committee Chair- man 3. WILLIAM ROBERT SHARP, JR. Nuclear Engineering Theta Tau; AIP; ANS; Rragaw Dorm Floor Manager 3; Syme Dorm Counselor 4. Fayetteville, N. C. TOMMY GOODE SHARPE Electrical Engineering Raleigh, N. C. Eta Kappa Nil; Tau Reta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Scahbard Rlade; Phi Eta Sigma; AIEE; Engineers Council; Junior-Senior Flonors Program; Engineers Fair EE Chairman 3. JOHN QUINCY SHAW, JR. Horticulture Science- Agricultural Technology Horticulture Club 2. 3, 4, Pres. 2, Treas. 3. Durham, N. C. [309] Mtilifc SENIOR CLASS HENRY HUGH SHELTON Textile Technology Speed, N. C. Delta Kappa Phi, Vice Pres.; Kappa Tan Beta; Tecliiiiciiin; Intranuirals 1, 2, 3, 4; Pershing Rifles 1, 2, 3; VDC. JAMES EDWARD SHEPHERD Mechanical Engineering Whitsett, N. C. Pi Tau Sigma. ROBERT FRANK SHIELDS Mechanical Engineering Mebane, N C ROBERT WEATHERSBEE SHINN Textile Technology Raleigh, N. C. Phi Psi; Kappa Tau Beta; Sigma Tau Sigma; Textile forum, sst. Editor; Tompkins Textile Council. PHILIP AUGUSTUS SIIIVE Architecture HENRY BASCOM SHORE Civil Engineering Southern Engineer; VS l Scons, N. C. 1 asl Bend, N. C. WILLIAM THOMAS SHORT Textile Technology DAVID CARR SHREVE Applied Mathematics Phi Et.i Sigma; I ' i Mu Epsilon; Science Honors Program; Chess Club, Pres. 2; Math Club, Pres. 4. Henderson, . ( ' . Raleigh, X. C. RUSSELL LEE SIILIPING Industrial Engineering ARVILLE JENKINS SIGMON Agricultural Engineering Agricultural Engineering I ditor. CHARLES NELSON SIGMON Civil Engineering Construction Option Chi Epsilon; ASCE. TITUS ODLI I SILLS, JR. Metallurgical Enginei ring Yaldese. N. C. Conover, N. C. Mnoresville, N. C. Raleigh. N, C. JOHN STEPHEN SINGER Textile Technologi New York, New York Phi Epsilon Pi. Soc. Chairman, Mosl Valuable Vthlete, Vthle ii Chairman; Phi Psi; Phi Epsilon Quarterly; Swimming 1. 2, 4, 4; Intramurals 1. 2. 3, 4; Monogram C lub. Thomasville, N. C. JAMES ANDREW SINK, JR. ll l II IMI M 1 M.IN1 I RING POMEROY SINNOCK, III Applied Mathematics Raleigh, N. C Basketball 1. 3, 4; Track 2. 4; Honor Code Board 4; McKimmon Village ( I ' Uncil. [310] SENIOR CLASS ALFORD LEE SMITH Pulp and Paper Technology Bowden, N. C. Fourdriniex Society 2, 3, 4; YDC 3. DANIEL WHITE SMITH, JR. Agricultural Engineering- Wagram, N. C. Agricultural Science DAVID MICHAEL SMITI I Electrical Engineering Concord, N. C. DUANE RICHARD SMITH Civil Engineering Elmira, New Yo rk ASCE; Married Student Housing Alderman; CU Board of Directors. FRANK STACY SMITH Applied Mathematics Asheville, N. C. Si tii.i lpli.i Kpsil.m, Pres. 4, I re. is. J, S; Golden Chain; Blue Key, Pres.; Thirtv Three; Phi Eta Sigma; Mu Beta Psi; Agromeck, Editor 4; Publications Board; Intranasals 1, 2, 3, 4; Men ' s Glee Club 1, 2, 3. GEORGE EDWARD SMITH Forest Management Clayton, N. C. Harbinger, N. C. JENNINGS BRYAN SMITH, JR. Agricultural Education Agricultural Education Club. JERRY WAYNE SMITH Mechanical Engineering Brown Summit, N. C. ASME; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Collegiate Civitan. LEONARD ALVIN SMITH, JR. Textile Technology Kings Mountain, N. C. Delta Kappa Phi; Kappa Tau Beta. ' I finally made it ' is the pervading feeling as graduating Seniors prepare for their Commencement procession into the coli- seum. Even the passing of a pretty girl can not hreak the excitement at hand, as the awaited sheepskin takes top priority. [311] SENIOR CLASS NORMAN WADE SMITH Chemistry OWEN FRANKLIN SMITH, JR. Industrial Engineering Sigma Chi; Intramurals 1, 2, 4. 4; All Campus I rat k 2; polIn C hilt. 1C ; UTE; Campus Code Board 2. 4; Advanced ROTC; Orientation 4. THOMAS RAY SMITH Textile Technology Rocky Mount, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Kappa Tau Beta, Sec. 4; AFROTC. Delta Kappa Phi Dunn, N. C. Sgt. t rnis 4; dvanccd WILLIAM BARRY SMITH Mechanical Engineering Kings Mountain, N. C. Theta Tau 3, 4; ASME 3, 4; IAS 4; Southern Engineer, Xcws Editor 3, Editor 4; Traffic Committee 3. 4. WILLIAM HENRY SMYTH Physics Denton, N. C. Sigma Pi Sigma, Corr. Sec. 4; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; MP :. 3, 4, Exec. Vice Pres. ? , 4; Science Honors Program 1, 4; Superior Student Program 1, 2. JERRY EMANUEL SNIDER Textile Chemistry Lexington, N. C. FaxmHoUSe; Phi Psi; Amer. Assoc. Textile Chemists Colorists; Campus Code Board; Advanced ROTC. JOHN MARVIN SOLES Agricultural Education WTiiteville, N. C. Alpha Zeta; Kappa Phi Kappa; V ' o-.4g, Circ. Manager; Agricultural Edu cation Cluh; Student Government Senator 2. CHARLES EDWARD SONES Civil Engineering- Lenoir, N. C. Construction Option Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; ASCE 3, 4, Pres.; Intramurals 2, 3. MALCOLM EDWIN SORRELLS Civil Engineering- Asheville. N. C Construction Option Pi Kappa Alpha. WILLIAM DAVID SOUTH Pulp and Paper Technology Saluda, Virginia Phi Kappa Phi; Gamma Si ma Delta; Fourdrinier Society. BEREL RAY SPARKS Recreation and Park Administration Intramurals 1 . 2. 3, 4. JON CARWOOD SPEAKS Applied Mathematics Kappa Alpha; Scahhard Blade 3; Basketball 1. 2. 3, 4; Senior Class Vice Pros.; fellowship of Christian Athletes 4. Gastonia. N. C. Lexington, Kentucky JOHN FRANKLIN SPEICHT Rural Sociology Winston-Salem, N. C. Sigma Chi, Asm. Pledge Trainer •, Steward 4; Intramurals 1 , 2, . , 4; NEA 3; Apollo Cluh 4; CU Dance Committee; Campus Code Roard 4; Mathematics Education C ' luh 4. WILLIAM McKAY SPENCE Applied Mathematics EDWIN VALENCOLIRT SPENCER, JR. Industrial Management Wallingford, Pennsylvania Swimming 1. 2. 3, 4, All Vim-man; Monogram Cluh 2, 3, 4, Trcas, 4. Concord, N. C. [312] SENIOR CLASS WILLIAM EDWARD SPOONER Science Education Wilmington, Nf. C Kappa Phi Kappa; Intramurals, Big Four Day 2; AFROTC Drill ream I, 2; Math Science Club 3, 4; Orientation Croup Leader 3. MICHAEL DAVID SRAGO Forest Management Newburgh, New York JACOB ALPIIENS STAFFORD Agricultural Engineering Elizabeth City, N. C. ASAE. WINSTON CHURCHILL STALCUP Mechanical Engineering Murphy, N. C. ASME. CHARLES HENRY STALLINCS Physics Bluefield, West Virginia Tau Kappa Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; AIP. RONALD GENE STAMEY Electrical Engineering AIEE; Mens Glee Club. High Point, N. C. ALFRED JOHN STAMM Physics Raleigh, X. C. Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Pi Sigma, Rec. Sec; Phi Eta Sigma; AIP, Admin. Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Engineers Fair, Chairman for Nuclear Engineering Physics 3; CU Photography Committee 1, 2, 3, 4; Superior Students Program 1, 2; Science Honors Program 3, 4; Scabbard Blade Award Outstanding Sophomore Cadet. JAMES LEE STAMP Civil Engineering- Construction Option CHARLES PAUL STANLEY Industrial Arts Epsilon Pi Tau, Pres.; Kappa Phi Kappa, Corr. Sec; Industrial Arts Cluh; NBA. Jacksonville, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. BENJAMIN CARROL STANSEL Forestry Lumnerton, N. C. Society of American Foresters; Forestry Cluh. francis Mcdonald starke Textile Technology McLeansville, N. C. Delta Kappa Phi. LAWSON WRIGHT STARNES Forest Management VYorthins ' ton, Ohio Alpha (.am ma Rho; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Forest ry Cluh; Student Government. PETER PAUL STARR Shenandoah, Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Administration Football 2. 3. 4; Intramurals 1, 2. 3. 4, Rig I our l).i 2. 3. 4. WILLIAM LAURISTON ST. CLAIR Civil Engineering Barrington, Illinois Construction Option JOHN HAMILTON STEELE Civil Engineering- Lenoir, N. C. Construction Option Chi Epsilon. Vice Pres. 4; ASCH; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Sophomore Honors Program; Tau Beta Pi. [313] SENIOR CLASS STAVROS JOHN STEPHANAKIS Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; Soccer 2, 3. RALPH ELLIS STEPHENS Mechanical Engineering s ii . Athens, Greece Morganton, N. C, MICHAEL REID STEPP Nuclear Engineering Canton, N. C. Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Men ' s Glee Club 1, 2. - , 4; Toastmasters Club 1. 2. FLOYD GRANT STEWART Textile Technology Charlotte, . C. l ' .ui Kappa Epsilon; Track 3; Football 2, 3; Intramurals. GEORGE COLON STEWART Agricultural Education Maners. N. C. KERMIT HAROLD STEWART Industrial Arts- Technical Option LUlington, N. C. DALE HIRAM STRAWN Mathematics Education Charlotte, N. C. Pershing Rifles, Supply Officer 3, Comm. Officer 4. ROGER WILLIAM STROBEL Landscape Architecture LEWIS MOORE STRONG Mechanical Engineering RICHARD SIDNEY STROUD Electrical Engineering Phi Kappa Tan; Phi 1 l.i Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu. PAUL ELIGENE SUMMERS, JR. Electrical Engineering WILLIAM JENKINS SUMMEY Agricultural Economics- Agricultural TECHNOLOGY Raleigh. N. C. Raleigh, N. C, Avden. N. C. Washington, D. C. Dallas, N. C. lpha Zeta; Agricultural Council, Pr 2; Collegiate 4 I! Club. 2; Animal Industry Club, Pies, HOWARD DONALD SUMNER Mathematics Education Asheville, X. C. AIEE 1, 2; Math Education Club !, 4; V1X 1, 2. 5, 4; YMCA I, 2. ?. 4. DAVID WOOD SWAIN Physics Raleigh, N. C. I an Kanpa EpsiJon; Phi Eta Sigma; Companion of St. Patrick; Sigma Pi Sigma; 1 ' bi Kappa Phi; Radio Station WKNC; Band 1, 2; Amateur Radio Club I, 2. JAMES CARL SWINK Mechanical Engini i ring Sigma Nu. Wadesboro, N. C. [314] SENIOR CLASS JOHN RODGERS TANKARD, II! Architecture Arlington, Virginia WILLIAM JACOB TANNER Applied Mathematics Palmer Springs, Virginia Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Phi Kappa Phi; Freshman Diners ( Ink Apollo Club; Math Club; Malh Honors Program; Honors 1. 2, 3. 4. CHARLES LACY TATE, JR. Forest Management Society of American Foresters; Forestry Club. Chadbourn, N. C. CARL EDWIN TAYLOR. JR. Mechanical Engineering Wilmington, X. C. Theta Tau; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard Blade; ASME. DONALD WAYNE TAYLOR Electrical Engineering HENRY CLAY TAYLOR, III Architecture Band 1, 2. 3, 4; Men ' s Glee Club 1, 2. Varina, N. C. Louisburg, X. C. Lenoir, N. C. Snow Hill, X. C. RICHARD DOUGLAS TAYLOR Civil Engineering- Construction Option Chi Epsilon; ASCE WOODROW MANNING TAYLOR Agricultural Economics- Agricultural Business Alpha Gamma Rho; Golden Chain; Blue Key; Thirty Three; Alph ) Ze ta; Apollo Club; Smith-Douglas Scholarship; Collegiate 4-H Club 1 2; Collegiate FFA 1, 2; State FFA Officer 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3 4- ' Student Government Senator 1, 2, Treas. 3, Vice Pres. 4, Investigations Committee, Chairman 2; YMCA; Freshman Council, Search Party Chair- man; Freshman Diners Club; IFC 3, 4; State Student Legislature 1 • h V h, USC ? ' ,■ • ' N 2. tional Student Assoc. 3; Agricultural Economics Club; Advanced AFROTC. JAMES CLIFTON TEACHEY Agricultural Education Agricultural Education Club 3. 4; Intramurals 3, 4. Rose Hill. X. C. Part time work plays an important part in aiding students to Finance their college educations. Left: the College Union coffee line keeps this boy busy. Right: Leazar Cafeteria hires many sudents to help clear tables and keep the food moving. [315] SENIOR CLASS DONALD EUGENE TEAGUE Chemistry Thomasville, N. C. HERMAN LEE TEMPLE, JR. Civil Engineering- Bayside, Virginia Construction Option Siftma Nu; ASCE 2; Engineering Council 3; Intiamurals 1. 2. DARRELL GRIMES TETTERTON Electrical Engineering South Boston. Virginia Eta Kappa Nu; Band 1, 2, 3, 4. JOHN MARVIN THIGPEN Mathematics Education Raleigh, N. C. Arnold Air Society 2, 3, 4, Area B-2 Comm. 3; Military Ball ssoc., Vice Pres. 3; Social Functions Committee 3. CHARLES BROUGHTON THOMAS Mechanical Engineering- Weldon, N. C. Aerospace Option IAS. JOHN ALLEN THOMAS Electrical Engineering MIL; Engineers Fair. Leaksville, N. C. JOHN CHARLES THOMAS Applied Mathematics Thomasville, N. C. Dorm Pres.; IDC. JOSEPH EUGENE THOMAS Forest Management Ernul, N. C. Forestry Club 1, 2, 3, 4; YDC 2, 3, 4; Student Government 3. PHIL RAY THOMAS Animal Husbandry Bakersville, N. C. Intramurals I, 2, 3. 4; Dorm Officer 4; Animal Industry Club 1, 2, 3, 4. SAMUEL JOSEPH THOMASSON, III Landscape Architecture Fayetteville, N. C. Agromeck 1, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES BENJAMIN THOMPSON, JR. Electrical Engineering New Bern, N. C. Sigma Pi; AIEE IRE; Intramurals 1, 2. 3, 4. All Campus Softball 2. CHARLES MONROE THOMPSON Metallurgical Engineering Black Mountain, N. C. Tau Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Sigma Mu; AICHE; Amer. Society for Metals; (U Travel Committee. ILNRY I ANKFORD I I IOMPSON Physics Delta Sigma Phi; All ' . MAX FOREST THOMPSON uclear Engineering Iheta Tau; Basketball I; AFROTC. I vnnhaven, Virginia Aurora, N. C. ROY CLARK THOMPSON Textile Technology Saluda, N. C. Alpha l ' hi Omega; Delta Kappa Phi; Tompkins Textile Council. [316] SENIOR CLASS KENNETH RICHARD TIIOMS Nuclear Engineering Pearl River, New York AIP; Intramurals 2. 3, 4. WILLIAM ALEXANDER THORN, III Furniture Manufacturing and Management Morristown, Tenn. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Chaplain 2, Vice Pres. 4; Forest Products Research Society 3, 4; Furniture Club 2. 3, 4; Intramurals 1. 2, 3, 4. ROBERT GLENN TICE, JR. Industrial Arts- Technical Option Industrial Arts Club. Wadesboro, N. C. WILLIAM HOWARD TICKEL, JR. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Pulp and Paper Technology Xi Sigma Pi, Sec. 4; Fourdrinier Society. ROBERT BUIST TILL Mechanical Engineering- Asheville, N. C. Aerospace Option MICHAEL THOMAS TILLMAN Mathematics Education Roxboro, N. C. Math Science Education Club; XCEA. JAMES BRONER TOLLISON, JR. Electrical Engineering Asheboro, N. C. Scabbard Blade; Eta Kappa Nu; IRE. CHARLES RICHARD TOMKINS, III Industrial Arts- Technical Option Gallatin, Tennessee Pi Kappa Alpha; Circle K Club 2, 3, 4, Treas. 2, Buard of Directors 3; Forestry Club 1; Furniture Club 2; Intramurals 1, 2. 3, 4; Industrial Arts Club 3; Cheerleader 3, Pres. 3; YMCA 1, 2; Wesley Foundation 1. 2; YDC 3; CU Theater Committee 1. MICKEY DAVID TOMLIN Qvtl Engineering High Point, N. C. ASCE; Intramurals 1. 2, 3, 4; CU Games Committee 2. ROBERTA MARIE TREMAIN Textile Chemistry Ontario, Canada Amer. Assoc. Textile Chemists Colorists; SDC. JASPER LEROY TRIPP, JR. Civil Engineering Raleigh, N. C. Band 1, 2, 3. FRANK CHARLES TUCKER, JR. Architecture Charlotte, N. C. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi. PAUL ARTHUR TUCKER, JR. Textile Technology Locust, N. C. Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Tau Sigma, Pledge Master, Pres.; Delta Kappa Phi, Scribe; Tompkins Textile Council; Textile Forum; Wrestling 3, 4; Intramurals 3. EDWARD HILL TUTTLE, III Electrical Engineering and Economics Intramurals 2, 3. Lenoir, N. C. JAMES F. TUTTLE, JR. Mechanical Engineerinc- Aerospace Option Elizabeth City, N. C. [317] SENIOR CLASS I IAROLD DEAN TYSON Civil Encineering- CoNSTRUCTION OpTIdn Sl 1 . Waxhaw, N. C. DWID FRANKLIN UNDERWOOD Wood Technology Waynesville, N. C. Sr tii.i lph.l Mil. RAYMOND RUSSELL UPTEGROVE Pulp and Paper Technology Georgetown, South Carolina Sigma Pi; Xi Sigma Pi; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; AUSA; Fourdriniei Sot i . ' t ERGIN L1SKUP Industrial Engineering Istanbul, Turkey Soccex 4. WILMA McFAYDEN USSERY Rural Sociolocy Concord, N. C. JOHN WESLEY UTLEY Industrial Arts Raleigh, N. C. Pershing Rifles 1, 2. LAWRENCE RICHARD VALCOVIC Chemistry Prospectville, Pennsylvania ACS. LOUIS ALAN VANCE Agricultural Engineering asae. Plumtree, N. C. ARTHUR FARON VanNOSTRAND Experimental Statistics Bristol, Tennessee AIP; Pershing Rifles; CU Stamp Club; CCUN. JOHN LOUIS VAUGHAN Industrial Engineering Pi Kappa Phi; IPC 3; Intramurals I. 2. -?, 4. Durham, N. C. RODRIGO VELARDE, JR. Landscape Architecture Monterey, Mexico Internationa] Club; Landscape Club; Latin American Club. WILLIAM FRANKLIN VESTAL Mechanical Engineering Franklinville, N. C. ASME. JAMES WALLACE VOCT Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma. Salt Point, New York IAMES WILSON WAGONER, II Nuclear Engineering Reidsville, N. C. I I lOMAS LEFTRAGE WAGONER Mechanical Engineering Sparta, N. C. [318] SENIOR CLASS ROBERT HENRY WAKEFIELD, JR. Physics Salisbury, N. C. AIP; Veterans Assoc. KYLE ROBERT WALKER Textile Technology Stuart, Virginia BSU 1, 2. 3, 4, Vice Pres. 3; VMCA 1; Toastmasters Club 3, 4, Treas. 4; Apollo Club 4; Gold Dorm Pres. 4, Vice Pres. 3, Counselor 4; IDC 3, 4, Ball Committee 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Advanced Army ROTC. WILLIAM CLYDE WALKER, JR. Mechanical Engineering asme. EDWARD CALVIN WALL Crop Science- Agricultural Technology Durham, N. C. Rural Hall, N. C. N. CAROLE WALL Mathematics Education LARRY WAYNE WALLACE Mechanical Engineering Advanced AFROTC. Durham, N. C. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. GUS GRAHAM WARD, III Mechanical Engineering ASME. LEON JACKSON WARD Civil Engineering ASCE 4; Wrestling 3, 4; Monogram Club 3, 4. THOMAS CARL WARD Chemical Engineering Raleigh, N. C. Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; AICHE; Intramurals 1. 2. 3, 4; Symphonic Band 1. 2; ROTC Band 1, 2, Officer 2; Engineering Honors Program 3, 4; Superior Students Program 1. Durham, N. C. Goldsboro, N. C. E ' J " ? £ ' $■ Long awaited fraternity row has at last become a reality. These views of building construction show the progress that now has fraternities on the campus eagerly searching for housemothers to run the houses and rich alumni to help furnish them. [319] SENIOR CLASS RAYMOND DOUGLAS WARNER Forest Management Farm House; Society ol American Foresters. ROBERT VANCE WARNER Textile Technology JAMES MARSHALL WARREN Wildlife Biology Leopold Wildlife Club; Alpha Zeta. Medlord, Massachusetts High Point, N. C. Battleboro, N. C. JOHN GRAY WARREN Soil Science- Agricultural Business American Society of Agronomy; Crops Soils of N. C. State College, (. ' ire. Mgr.; Agricultural Council, Vice Pres. 3; Collegiate 11 A, lair Booth Chairman 3. JAMES RAY WASHBURN Applied Physics UP; HSU. WILBURT JACKSON WATERS Wood Technology Pinetown, N. C. Forestn Club 1; [ Products Research Societ) 2, 3, 4; ROTC 1, 2. Chocowinity, N. C. Spruce Pine, N. C. GERALD JON WATKINS Industrial Arts- Greensboro, N. C. Technical Option Technician ' , Dorm Flour Mgr.; CU Activities Committee; Men ' s Glee Club; YDC. LARRY IRVING WATSON Electrical Engineering Plymouth, N. C. WILLIAM ROBERT WATSON Industrial Engineering Red Springs, N. C. Pi Kappa Alpha; Golden Chain; Blue Key, Sec; Thirty Three; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Pi Mu. Treas.; IFC, Treas. 3, Pres. 4, Delegate to IC 3, Rush Chairman 3, Orientation Commission 1; Honor Code Com MAX DONALD WATTS Electrical Engineering F.a Kappa Nu; AI£E; Intramurals 3, 4; Morganton, N. C. Dorm Sec. 2, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4, " Asst. Mgr. 3, ' Counselor 4; IDC 3, 4; YMCA 1. {OBERT NEILSON WEATHERLY lamlet, N. C. unselor Recreation and Park Administration Becton Dorm Social Dir. 3, Athletic Dir. 3; Stadium Dorm C 4; Big Four Dj 3. DONALD BYRON WECUSLER Industrial, Engineering Miami Beach, Florida Sigma Upha Mu; Mil 3, 4; Intramurals 2, 3. HOWARD RAYMOND WEEKS, JR. Mechanical Engineering Durham, N. C. Si ma Nu. WILLIS BRYANT WEEKS Textile Technology Mount Olive, N. C. Delta Sigma Phi; Delta Kappa Phi; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Gov eminent Textile Senator 3; Tompkins Textile Council 3; Apollo Club. ALAN STUART WEINBERG Chemical Engineering Greensboro, N. C. Sigma Upha Mo; Phi Eta Sigma; Honors Program 3; Superior Student Program 1. 2; Intramurals 1. 2, 3, 4; AICHE. [320] SENIOR CLASS GEORGE S. VVELLONS Horticultural Science- Agricultural Technology Horticulture Club. Trcas. 3. Pres. 4. GEORGE HARPER WEST Zoology Phi Kappa Phi. THOMAS BRADFORD WEST Mechanical Engineering ASME. WILLIS ASHLEY WEST Rural Sociology Wilson, N. C. Kinston, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Aberdeen, N. C. Forestry Club I; Rural Sociology Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3; Agricultural Council 3, 4, Sec. 4; CH House Committee 1, 3, Sec. 3. BRUCE MARTIN WHEALTON Nuclear Engineering Burlington, N. C. RAY BAIN WHEELER Pulp and Paper Technology Canton, N. C. Sigma Phi Hpsilon; Fourdriniex Society; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Advanced ROTC. JAMES MILLER WHISNANT Applied Mathematics Lenoir, N. C. Sigma Pi; Wrestling 1, 2; Intramurals; AICHE; Honors Program; Fresh- man Diners Club. DOUGLAS EDWARD WHITE Civil Engineering Ahoskie, N. C. Sigma Nu; ASCE; Technician 2; Band 2, 4; Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. JOHN KENNETH WHITE Mechanical Engineering Greensboro, N. C. ASME; Apollo Club 3; YMCA 1, 2. 3, 4; IDC 3. THOMAS MICHAEL WHITE Applied Mathematics Mooresville, N. C. Intr. n als 3, 4. RICHARD ALLEN WHITEHOUSE Electrical Engineering Broad Brook, Connecticut AIEE 1. 4; YDC 1, 2; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4. DAVID WAYNE WHITLOW Electrical Engineering High Point, N. C. Eta Kappa Nu 3, 4; Scabbard Blade 3, 4, 2nd Lt. 4; AIEE IRE 2, Statk W4ATC 3, 4; Marching Cadets 1, 2, 3, 4; Amateur Radii 2 3, 4, Vice Pres. 3, 4; Intramurals 2, 3. ELLIS ELDWARD WHITT Applied Mathematics High Point, N. C. Student Government Senator 4, Orientation Commission 4; Bragaw Dorm Sec. 4; Wrestling 2, 3, 4 FRED GEORGE WIELAND Furniture Manufacturing and Management Statesville, N. C. Lambda Chi Alpha; AghOMECK 2; Apollo Club 4; AFROTC Rifle Team 1, 2; Furniture Club 4; Forestry Products Research Society; Newman Club 1, 3; YMCA 1, 2. 3, 4. HELEN JACKSON WIGG Chemical Engineering Wilmington, N. C. Sigma Kappa, Vice Pres. 1, Social Chairman 3, Historian-Librarian 2; Women ' s Campus Code Board 2, 3, 4; Angel Flight, Exec. Officer 3, 4; Radio Station WKNC; CU Hospitality Committee 1, 2, 3, 4. [321] SENIOR CLASS JOHN ROBERT WIGGINS Textile Chemistry Gary, N. C. Phi Psi; Amer. Assoc. Textile Chemists Coloiists; Arnold Air Sck it -t JOHN LEWIS WILKINS Agricultural Education BRYAN LEE WILLIAMS Applied Mathematics Mathematics Club. Stem, N. C. Rocky Mount, X. C. GEORGE BENTON WILLIAMS Industrial Arts- Charlotte, N. C. Technical Option Arnold Air Society; Military Ball Assoc; Band 1, 2, 3; Men ' s Glee Club 1, 2, i. GEORGE W. WILLIAMS, III Electrical Engineering AIEE. HAROLD JACKSON WILLIAMS Mathematics Education JAMES VARNADO WILLIAMS, JR. Pulp and Paper Technology Sigma Nu; Intiamurals 1, 2, 3, 4; AUSA. LUTHER ERWIN WILLIAMS Furniture Manufacturing and Management Sigma Nu. ROY DOUGLAS WILLIAMS Civil Engineering Phi Kappa Phi; ASCE; YDC; Tau Beta Pi. Lexington, N. C. Apex, N. C. Mobile, Alabama Valdese, N. C. West End, N. C. RAYMOND WOODROW WILLIAMS Electrical Engineering Kannapolis, N. C. Intiamurals I, 2. 1, 4; YIX ; AIEE. THOMAS HAROLD WILLIAMS, JR. Experimental Statistics Raleigh, N. C. WILLIAM DORSEY WILLIAMS, JR. Forest Management Lilesville, N. C. Forestry Club 3, 4; Society i American Foresters 4. JOSEPH WILLIAM WILLIS Civil Engineering st I 3, 4; [ntramurals 3. OPHARD HAROLD WILLIS Electrical Engineering AIEE. JAMES GRANT WILSON, JR. Mathematics Education Pi Kappa Phi. Lavvndale, N. C. Mars Hill, N. C. Newport News, Virginia [322] SENIOR CLASS I . 1ES HYDE WILSON Industrial Arts- Technical Option STANLEY HAMPTON WILSON Applied Mathematics AIEE-IRE; Mathematics Club. WILLIAM WALKER WILSON Civil Engineering- Construction Option Sigma N ' u; AUSA, 2ml Lt. Germanton, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Statesville, N. C. Burlington, N. C. WINFRED GRAHAM WILSON Industrial Engineering Sigma J Ui Scholarship Chairman, Asst. Social Chairman, Pledge Class Pres. 3; AIIE; Southern Engineer, Asst. Bus. Mgr.; Intramurals 3, 4; Class Ring Committee 3; IFC 3. WILLIAM CLYDE WINDLEY, JR. Nuclear Engineering Williamston, N. C. Amor. Nuclear Society; AIP; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. JOHN LOUIS WINKLER Zoology Raleigh, N. C. Trail Cluh; Leopold Wildlife Club; Intercollegiate Outing Cluh Assoc. ALLEN POWERS WINSLOW Mechanical Engineering Guilford College, N. C. Sigma Pi. CHARLES DAVIS WINTZER Pulp and Paper Technology Morganton, N. C. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Intramurals I. 2, 3, 4; Fouidrinier Society. JOE MICHAEL WISE Textiles Shelby, N. C. OMAR ROYCE WISEMAN Electrical Engineering Marion, N. C. Arnold Air Society 2. 3, 4; Arnold Air Area Staff 3, 4; Scabbard Blade 3, 4; AIEH 2, 3; Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4. Pres. 3; Marching Cauets; Military Ball Assoc. 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4; YMCA I. 2; Social Functions Committee 4. CHARLES MACK WITHERINGTON Electrical Engineering Vanceboro, N. C. Orientation Group Leader 2, 3; Intramurals 1, 2. 3; Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4, Morning Prog. Chairman 4. THEODORE C. WOHLBRUCK Textile Technology Raleigh, N. C. Fayetteville, N. C. ROY LYNN WOOD Wood Technology Forest Products Research Society 3, 4, Treas. 4; Forestry Club 4; Football 2. 3. 4; Class Pres. 1. JAMES LAMAR WOODLEY, JR. Mechanical Engineering Asheboro, N. C. Theta Chi. CHEUNC-KEE WONG Metallurgical Engineering ASM; Hour Kong Student Society, Sec. Hung Kong [323] SENIOR CLASS MILTON DELANO WRIGHT Nuclear Engineering Shelby, N. C. Aiikt. ulIc.u Sucift ; I nyiiu ' fi mik hlunors Program 3, 4. JERRY OLIVER WR1CHTENBERRY Mechanical Engineering Burlington, N. C. Phi Kappa Tau; IFC 2; s ll . RONALD EUGENE YOKELY Mechanical Engineering- High Point, N. C. Aerospace Option Omega Psi Phi; IAS; Engineers Council; IDC; [ntramurals I, _, i. -t; Track 1; Band 1, 2, $, 4; Watauga Dunn Vice Pus. 4. JOHN WESLEY YONCE Chemical Engineering ANGELA YOFP Science Education Phi Kappa Phi; Math Science Education t lub; CU Hospitality Com- mittee; Student NEA. CAREY FRANKLIN YORK Civil Engineering Delta Sigma Phi. GEORGE SMEDES YORK Civil Engineering Kappa Alpha, Pres.; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Scab- bard Blade; Chi Epsilon; Companion of St. Patrick; Basketball 1, 2, ■!. 4; Inttamurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Athletic Council 4; ROTC. Battalion Comm. KERM1T LESLIE YOUNG, JR. Furniture Manufacturing Norwood, N. C. and Management Pi K.ippa Alpha; Thirty Three; Basketball 1; Baseball 1, 2. 3, 4; Football 2. s, 4; Student Government Eng. Senator 1; Engineers Council 3; Furniture Club; Monogram Club. WILLIAM PERRY YOUNGBLOOD Richmond, Virginia Snead ' s Ferry, N. C. Pinetops, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engineering Huntersville, N. C. Eta Kappa Xu; Phi Eta Sigma; Mu Beta Psi; Engineering Honors Pro- gram; Westminster Fellowship; Band, Sec; K . Cabinet; AIEE IRE. FLETCHER SNEAD YOUNGER, JR. Recreation and Park Administration Kappa Sigma. AVERY LOUIS YOUNT Civil Engineering ASCE; Intnmtirals 1, 2, 3, 4; Rifle leant 1. JAMES LEROY YOUNT Civil Engineering- Construction Option si E. Raeford, N. C. Newton, N. C. Newton, N. C. Conover, N. C. s. 4; ROY WAYNE YOUNT Textile Technology licit. i K.ippa Phi 2, 3, 4; Arnold An Society 2; Intramural rompkins Textile Council 4; Student Government Senator 4. JOEL LINDSAY YOUNTS Textile Chemistry Lexington, N. C. FarmHouse; Pledge Master J, Athletic Dir. 4; Phi Psi; Amer, Assoc, of l.Aiilr Chemists -n Colorists; Inttamurals I. 2, 3, 4; rompkins textile C ouncil . . JOHN ROLAND YOW Mechanical Engineering Seagrove, N. C. s ll; I, hi Beta Pi; Pi I.m Sigma; Engineering Honors Program; Under graduate Research Program. [324] SENIOR CLASS ROBERT JOHN ZANGAS Zoology Garden City, New York Tju kappa Epsilon, Sgt.-at-Arms i; Beta-Squared; Intramurals 1, 2, 5, 4; Athletic Director 4; Pre-Vcterinarv Club, Treas., Vice Pres.; YRC ?, 4. WILLIAM JAMES ZEHNER Electrical Engineering Track 1; Baseball 1. Paranaque, Philippine A moment ' s meditation before tomorrow reminds us of what we have so Far accomplished and what lies ahead in this world. [325] Ki .M.i GRADUATES WNE THOMAS ADAMS. JR. Rural Sociology Robbinsv ille, N. C. TARIQ ALI AL-AN1 Agriculture RUBIN] ATMAWIDJAJA Forestry Baghdad, Iraq Indonesia MARVIN KENNETH AYCOCK, JR. Crop Science Warrenton, N. C. I AMES JACOB BACIK Applied Mathematics Stratford, Conn. ARTHUR HAMILTON BAIDEN. Ill Civil Engineering Raleigh, N. C. BAR1ZI Experimental Statistics Indonesia WILLIAM McKALLIP BATESON Agricultural Economics Salem, Oregon C. LEONARD BENNETT. JR. Electrical Engineering E. Pepperell, Mass. TIM BIGGERSTAFF Wood Technology Bostic, N. C HENRY WAYLAND BLAKE Engineering Mechanics Winston-Salem. N. C ARTHUR FRANKLIN BORDEAUX. JR. Agricultural Economics [ngold, N. C. WALLACE KENNETH BOUTWELL Agricultural Economics Newton, Miss. AY] BOZKURT Unclassified Turkey ERGUN BOZKURT Unclassified Turkey MELVIN OLE BRAATEN Experimental Statistics C Jreenbush, Mi on. MARTHA HELEN BRASFEILD Chemistry Theodore, Ala. GEORGE WILLIAM BROOKS Applied Physics Owensboro, Ky. [3261 GRADUATES DAYNE HUBERT BROWN Physics Raleigh, X. c. WILLIAM TOM BUCHANAN Civil Engineering Raleigh, N. C. RICHARD WAYNE BULLOCK Psychology Zebu Inn, X. c. ROBERT EUGENE BURGESS Metallurgical Engineering Raleigh, X. c. EDWARD MORTON BYRD Civil Engineering Orrum, N. C. LUIS HUMBERTO COMACHO Genetics Colombia RICHARD EMBLEY CAPEL Agricultural Economics E ngland RAUL CARDENAS Civil Engineering Quito, Equador ARTHUR WALLACE CARLISLE Mechanical Engineering Birmingham, Ala. OM PERK ASH CHADHA Industrial Engineering India BETTY Y-HUA CHAO Psychology Dominican R epublic MICHAEL PAUL CHARLES Xuclear Physics Raleigh, X. C. Y. S. MARTHA CHIANG Agricultural Economics Taiwan China ASHVIN JAXANTILAL CHUDGAR Textile Technology India FRANCIS IREDELL CLARKE Civil Engineering Wadesboro, X. C. CHARLIE HARRISON COOKE Applied Mathematics Lawndale, V c JAMES ROBERT COOKE Agricultural Engineering Raleigh. X. c. NANCY BROWNING COOKE Occupational Information Raleigh, x. c. and Guidance [3271 GRADUATES CHARLES HORNE COOPER Nuclear Engineering Apollo Beach, Fla WILLIAM TROY COOPER Nuclear Engineering Tampa, Fla MAURICE LEROY COPELAND Electrical Engineering Graham, N, C HOMER PRESTON COULTER, JR. Applied Mathematics Raleigh, N. C. JOHN HAROLD CREWS. JR. Engineering Mechanics PEGGY ELIZABETH DALE Psychology ROBERT EDGAR DALTON Applied Mathematics Newport News, Va. Raleigh, N. C. Falls Church. Va. LEON ELLSWORTH DANIELSON Agricultural Economics Luck. Wisconsin MOIIAMED ABDEL DARWIS1 Textile Technology B1MAN DAS Mechanical Engineering BAXTER W. DAUGHER1 Y Electrical Engineering Egypt Calcutta, India Englewood, Tenn. NELSON SILVEIRA DE GODOY Civil Engineering Sao Paulo, Brazil PRAV1NCHANDRA SHANT1LAL DESA1 Mechanical Engineering Bombay, Inch RAYMOND SHIELDS DICKSON Mechanical Engineering Clover, S. C. BUDDY LEROY Dll 1 MAN Agricultural Economics Garfield, Ark. THOMAS HUGH DOBKINS Physics LaMesa, Cal. HUNG TRUNG DUONG Wood Technology Saigon, Vietnam GEORGE MARVIN EARGLE Applied Mathematics Greensboro, N. C. [328] GRADUATES RICHARD LYLE EIDE Agricultural Engineering TAGE LENNART ELERS Wood Technology SAFEL ABBASS EL KHARADLY Textile Technology AHMED EL-SAYED EL-SERSY Textiles TAHA AHMED ELSHARKAWY Plant Pathology JOSE ANDRES ESTRADA Soil Science Rushmore, Minn. Stockholm, Sweden F : -_; pt Alexandria, Eg) pi Egypt Peru MARVIN McHENRY EVERETT Experimental Statistics Robersonville, N. C. BERKWOOD MALCOLM FARMER Agricultural Economics Ringgold, Va. RICHARD LEE FELTNER Agricultural Economics GEORGE WILFONG FISHER Mechanical Engineering G. ALFRED FORSYTH Psychology ALLAN CORBETT FULTON Industrial Engineering GERALD LEE GARDNER, JR. Occupational Information and Guidance PETER MURRAY GIBSON Applied Mathematics Raleigh, N. C. Mt. Pleasant, N. C. Avon, N. J. Towson, Md. C harlotte, N. C. Laurel Hill, N. C. HENRY CORNELIUS GILLIAM, JR. Agricultural Economics Sanford, N. C. LLOYD RAY GILLIAM Applied Mathematics ULER GOKCEN Textile Chemistry Gibsonville, X. C. Istanbul, Turkey JOHN CHURCHILL GORIIAM Psychology Rocky Mount, N. C. [329] GRADUATES EARL TI [OMAS GR11 TON Crop Science North Libert; ' , Iowa DILBAG MOM AN GUPTA Textile Technology In dia C II RLES PERNELL GUPTON Geological Engineering Castalia, N. C. WILLIAM ANDERSON HAMBRIGHT, JR. Electrical Engineering Graham. N. C. ROGER NOEL HARRIS Agricultural Economics Raleigh, N. C. JOHN NATHAN HATHCOCK Poultry Science Marshville, N. c. THOMAS OTIS HENDERSON Bacteriology ' I [ickory, . c. DOROTHY ANN HILL Psychology Raleigh, N. c. ALVIN DILLARD HOOPER Mechanical Engineering Raleigh, N. c. JON RUSSELL HOWELL Applied Mathematics Raleigh, N. c. JOSEPH ALLEN HUGGINS Applied Mathematics Wilmington, N. c. JOSEPH MARVIN HUNT Electrical Engineering Burlington, N. c. CHARLES LEROY I ILI ' I CHINS Electrical Engineering instcm S.iliin, N. c. EDMUND FREDERICK JANSEN, JR. Agricultural Economics Quincy, III. ALVIN LEIGH JENKINS Nuclear Engineering Knoxville, Tenn. ERNEST OLIN JONES U( [ 1 U! I .(.l ' l 1 .RING I )eerwood, l inn. MICHAEI HILTON JONES Mechanical Engineering High Point, N. C. STELLA JOSEPH Applh i) Physics Raleigh, N. C. [330] GRADUATES ARNOLD FREDERIC KANARICK Psychology Woodside, N. Y. JOHN THOMAS KANIPE, JR. Education Fair Bluff, N. C. KHAL1D ZA1DAN KHALIFA Poultry Science Baghdad, Iraq JAMES RALPH KNIGHT, JR. Occupational Information Raleigh, N. C. and Guidance THADDEUS JOHN KOBYLARZ Electrical Engineering Garfield, N. J. MAXIM ICAAK KOVEL Nuclear Engineering Brooklyn, N. Y. PEDRO NUNEZ LAUDENCIA Unclassified Philippines FRANKLIN FONG MING LEE Metallurgical Engineering Taiwan, China GEORGE FONGJEN LEE Mechanical Engineering Taiwan, China PAUL DAVIS LEGG Genetics Clintonville, W. Va. JERROLD MICHAEL LEVINE Psyxhology Toms River, N. J. JIM YUNG-HUAN LIN Forestry Taiwan, China NATHAN LINDE Electrical Engineering Graham, N. C. ROBERT THAYER LINER, JR. Nuclear Engineering Fort Myers, Fla. WESLEY EMIL LOOS Wood Technology - Raleigh, N. C. JAIME LOTERO Soil Science Colombia john rex Mcdonald Horticulture Cameron, N. C. MOHAMED HANAFI SAYED MAHMOUD Genetics Cairo, Egypt [331] GRADUATES PETE NICK MARINOS Electrical Engineering Greenville, S. C. DOUGLAS HAROLD MATTHEWS Industrial Psychology Wilson, N. C. ORLANDO ALBERTO MENDEZ Nuclear Engineering Bogota, Colombia ARCHIE RUDOLPH MILLER Electrical Engineering Graham, N. C. JESSE REID MILLS Mechanical Engineering Raleigh, N. C. ROBERT ROURKE MILLS, JR. Nuclear Engineering Manitowoc, Wis, LAWRENCE ALBRIGHT MINK Applied Physics Winston-Salem, N. C. ANTHONY JOHN MIONE Nuclear Engineering Raleigh, N. C. EVERETT ROYAL MITCHELL Entomology Itasca, Texas II. AM RON MOCHAMMAD Applied Physics Indonesia JESUS MONCADA Soil Science Saltillo, Mexico CESAR AUGUSTIN MORAN Field Crops Lima, Peru ROBERT DAVID MUSTIAN Rural Sociology Kittrell, N. C. PANKAJ WIBALAL NANAVATY Mechanical Engineering India ANDI HAKIM NASOETION 1 peri mental Statistics Indonesia CHITTARANJAN NARANDAS N1RMEL Mechanical Engineering Kenya FRITZ HERMAN ERNST OERTEL, JR. Mechanical Engineering Raleigh, N. C. TOMOKO OHTA Genetics Japan [332] GRADUATES PANEMANGA SUBRAYA PAI Textile Chemistry DINUBHA1 PATEL Industrial Engineering ROBERT BENNETT PAYNE Electrical Engineering Mysore, India Rangoon, Burma Winston-Salem, N. C. CHARLES VAN BL1REN PEELE Applied Mathematics Goldsboro, N. C. DANIEL SHELLEY PETERS Animal Nutrition Shawnee Mission, Kan. WALTER HENRY PITTS Agricultural Engineering CLAUD ERV1N PUGH Engineering Mechanics Newberry, S. C. Asheboro, N. C. JOHN COURTRIGHT RANDALL Chemical Engineering Ormond Beach, Fla. RAGHAVENDRA RAO Forestry JAMES HALL ROBERDS Forestry JAMES ROBESON Nuclear Engineering CHARLES LEROY SANDERSON Chemical Engineering Hvderabad, India Garden City, Ga. Rockville, Md. Louisville, Ky. JAMES PLENN SASSER Chemistry JON SUDIONO SASTROAMIDIOLO Experimental Statistics SETH HARVEY SCHICK Agricultural Economics THOMAS JOHN SCHOFIELD Experimental Statistics Tampa, Fla. Indonesia Kaysville, Utah Lima. Peru SAM LI EL DEVON SCOTT, III Applied Mathematics Fair Bluff, N. C. SAAD ABDO SHAMMOOT Soil Science Amman, Jordan ' P [333] GRADUATES MAIIAH1R PERSHAD SHARMA Animal Science Punjab, India AGAM PRAKASH SHUKLA Applied Physics Agra, India MARVIN LEROY SIMNER Psychology Syracuse, N. V. RAM BADAN SINGH Genetics Ghazipur, India ROBERT JONES SMITI I Applied Mathematics Asheville. . C. THOMAS MANLY SMITH Electrical Engineering New Bern, N. C. JOHN W. P. SMITHWICK, 11 Ceramic Engineering Smithfield, N. C, GOESWONO SOEPARDI Soil Science Honor, Indonesia PAUL SAMUEL STONE Agricultural Economics LouisburH, N. C. MOON AVON SU11 Textile Technology Seoul, Korea JOHANNES SUPRANTO Experimental Statistics Semarans. Indonesia RAJESH KUMAR TANDON Industrial Engineering Lucknow, India SUKRU rOMRIS TARIM 1 i i hi. Chemistry Ankara, Turkey DAVID BOYCE TEAGUE Applied Mm hi i tics Granite Falls, N. C. THOMAS ROBERT TERRILL Crop Science E. Stroudsburg, Penn. JACK DUANE TESTERMAN Statistics Marietta, Ohio WILLIAM RAYMOND TIIURSBY. JR. Applied Physics Baltimore, Md. EDWARD SHERMER TODD Engineering Mich m s East Bend, V ( [334] GRADUATES CHARLES ENRIQUE TOW) Experimental Statistics Puerto Rico JOHN NELSON TUNSTALL Applied Mathematics Raleigh, N. C. ELOYD DAVIS TLIRNAGE, JR. Mechanical Engineering Fountain, N. C. JOHN HENRY TURNER, JR. Electrical Engineering Burlington, N. C. WILLIAM DOYLE TURNER Applied Mathematics Pickens, S. C. RODOLFO VACCARO Animal Science Tacna, Peru ARTHUR ALVIN VANDERVEEN Engineering Mechanics Burlington, N. C. ERNEST RONALD VENERUS Nuclear Engineering Woodbridge, N. J. PATHE SESHAIER VIVEKANANTHAN Psychology Madurai, India KAILASH MAL VMATHUR Animal Science Rajasthan, India SCOTT STEVENSON WHITAKER Civil Engineering Raleigh, N. C. DAVID EAGLE WHITE, JR. Animal Science JAMES RAY WHITE Experimental Statistics Statesville, N. C. Knoxville, Tenn. THEODORE KISTLER WINGARD Mechanical Engineering Lexington, S. C. ALLAN RUSSELL WYLIE Applied Mathematics GEORGE WILLIAM WYNNE Mechanical Engineering MYRON HWAI HSI YANG Nuclear Engineering MOHAMED GAMAL ZAALOUK Nuclear Engineering Danvers, Mass. Morganton, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Giza, Egypt [335] PROFESSIONALS ROGER ALLEN BRIGGS EDGAR ROGER CALLOWAY ALBERT HEATH CARRIER, 111 JERRY MANLEY CEBE LEO JAMES DALEO Lexington, N. C. Kingsport, I enn. Charlotte, N. C. Durham, N. C. [amison, Penn. CLARENCE RUSSELL DUNCAN, JR. Lincolnton, N. C. WILLIAM THOMAS HARRIS, JR. Durham, N. C. WILLIAM NEWELL HARTSELL, JR. SIMMONS HARRISON ISLER, IV Albemarle, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. WOODROW WILSON JONES, JR. Rutheriordton, N. C. CHARLES LEIGH McMURRAY GERALD PEADEN McVICKER GERRARD EDMOND RAYMOND Houston, Texas Maxton, N. C. New Orleans, La. Oil NTH LR 1. P. REL1ER, V ROBERT CALTON RIDDLE Berlin-Oahlem, Germany Sanford, N. C. Is I , l III Ml I DIUIM SANGS1 1 R Denville, N. J. API IILIP IAIMLS S1ILPARD, JR. Wavnesville, N. C. LOUIE WILLARD W ATKINS, JR. Wilmington, N. C. AMES BELMONT WILLIS, ]R. Morehead City, N. C. [336] CLASS OF 1964 • OFFICERS BENNY PHILLIPS President EDWARD AYCOTH Vice President LYNN SPRUILI Secretary RHONNIE SMITH Treasurer [337] AT C!nl C L ti Afe 4ii r rHn o p p ft . JUNIORS ABBOTT, SHERWOOD SHANNON Wilmington, N. C. VDAMS, JAMES HUBBARD, JR. Rowland, N. ( AGEE, WILLIAM MIC kl i Charlotte, N. C I DR1DGE. LARRY WAYN1 Washington, N. C. ALEXANDER, EDWIN FREDERIC k Kinston, N. C. ALLEN, DANNY R Mebane, N. C. ALLEN, Dl VVER LANE Shelby, N. C. ALLEN, DONALD HOUSTON kannapolis, N. C. ALLRAN, ROBERT RANDOLPH Chenyville, N. C. ALLRED, FRED MARK, JR. Burlington, N. C. ALLRED, JOHN HERBERT, JR. Nashville, Tenn. VI MOND, LARRY JOE Albemarle, N. C. ANDERSON. JAMES HENRY Arden, N. C. ANDERSON. ROBERT CHAPMAN Raleigh, N. C. ANDREWS, SIDNEY BONITZ, JR. Wilmington, N. C. ANGELL. DAVID EDWARD Winston Salem, N. C. ANGLIN, RICHARD EDWARD, JR. Hope Mills, N. C. ANKURS, ANDRIS Charlotte, N. C. AREY, JEFFREY MARVIN Statesville, N. C. ARMENTROUT, BILLY WARREN Thomasville, N. C. ARMSTRONG, BERNARD FRANKLIN Charlotte, N. C. ARTASANCHEZ, LUIS M. Pueblo, Mexico S11BY. CARLTON STEPHEN Havelock, N. C. AUGSPURGER, DAVID 1. Hamilton. Ohio UIS11N. CLOYD MICHAEL High Paint. N. C. AUSTIN. KERMIT ELMO, JR. Clinton, N. C. AYCOCK, NELSON GORDON Goldsboro, N. C. VYCCH II. EDWARD DOY Charlotte, N. C. AVERS, GRANT ROBERT. JR. Boone, N. C. BAARS, FRED JOSEPH Warsaw, V C. BADGETT, ROY HARRIS Thomasville, N. C. l! kER, EVERETT ALAN Wadesboio, N. C. BAKER. JOHN BIRCE Rocky Mount. N. C. BAKER, VERNON BRADFORD Rockj Mount. N. C. BALCAZAR, SERAFIN HUMBERTO, JR. Pueblo. Mexico BALDWIN, WAYNE JOHNSTON ilmington, N. C. I1AI I . C ARE MARION, 111. Morehead C ' it . N. C. I! U I . KIRBY LEE I homasville, N. C. B U 1 ANCE, JOHN B. lour Oaks, N. C. BARKLEY, FRED JOE Lincolnton, N. C. [338] JUNIORS BARNARD, J WIES NOEL. JR. Lynchbutgi Va. BARMS. HENRY EDWARD. JR. Bassett, Va. BARNES, J VMES ELMORE Raleigh, N. C. BAR I ELI, RICHARD THOMAS Charlottesville, Ve. ISA I IS. WILLIAM EDWIN, III Wilson, . C. BAUERLEIN, JOHN SUITER Talladega. Ala. IS! RD. DANIEL CLAY, JR. Pittsboro, N. C. BEARD. MICHAEL EUGENE Envin. N. C. BEAVER, LEONARD RAY Kannapolis, N. C. BECK. DOLICLAS FRANKLIN Lexington. N. C. BECK, JOHN GEORGE Sellersville, Pa. BECK, WARREN LANE Spencer. N. C. BELL. CECIL ROLAND. JR. Pilot Mountain. C. BENFIELD. MAX EARL Hickory, N. C. BENNETT. HUGH JEROME Lillington. N. C. BENNETT, ROY RAY, JR. Raleigh. N. C. BENSON. RONALD RAY Raleigh, N. C. BENTLEY. HARRY THOMAS, III Charlotte, N. C. BENTON. DAVID ROSS Warsaw, N. C. BENTON. THOMAS EDWIN. JR. Laurinburg, N. C. BERKELHAMMER, ALAN DAVID Greensboro, N. C . BIGGERS, RALPH LEE Cordova, N. C. BILLINGS, JAMES GUNTER Durham. N. C. BISHOP. ROY NORTON Aberdeen, N. C. BIYENS. NED RYAN Kannapolis, N. C. BOGLE. CLYDE RAY Salisbury " , N. C. BOISKY, ROBERT LUTHER Fort Bragg. N. C. BOLLINGER. CLAY BERLIN Granite Falls, N. C. BOONE, JACK NORMAN Vsheville, N. C. BOOTH, JOHN ROBERT Richmond, Va. BOST. MICHAEL BROWN Sanford, N. C. BOURNE, ROBERT BRANCH Raleigh, N. C. BOVENDER, RICHARD ROY Winston-Salem, N. C. BOWMAN, RALPH FURMAN Hickory, N. C. BB U RETT. DOLIGLAS ARTHUR Charlotte, N. C. BRADDOCK, JAMES WAYNE Morganton, N. C. BRADLEY. RE.Y KENNETH, JR. Fuquay Springs. N. C. BRADLEY. RICHARD HARRISON Whitakers, N. C. BRADY, LESLIE RAY, JR. Newton, N. C. BRANDT, ROBERT OTTO, JR. Acme, N. C. ££££ fr p n v« -Jfc, l v fc [339] JUNIORS BRANTLEY, JOHN ' CALVIN, III Raleigh, N. C. BRAY, WILLIAM RANDALL Goldsboro, N. C. BREEDEN, WILLIE ROY Elizabeth City, N. C. BRENDLE. DAVID JEFFREY Diexel, N. C. BREWER, GENE RAGLAND New-land, N. C. bridges, jofin Williams, hi Ninety Six, S. C. BRITTINGHAM, JAMES CAI IN Hamlet, N. C. BROCK. LARRY DELAND Bunnlevel, . C . BROCK, STEWART COMMON Wadsworth, Ohio BROMBY. WILLIAM ROBERT RoseUe Park, N. J. BROOKS, JOHN DALE Caiy, N. C. BROOMS, LAWRENCE JACKSON Robbinsville, N. C. BROTHERS, WALTER LEE Winston Salem, N. C. BROUGHTON, ROYALL MELVIN. JR. Wake Forest, N. C. BROWN. CLON CHANDLER. JR. High Point. N. C. BROWN, JAMES ORVA Asheboro. N. C. BROWN. MARSHALL FRANKLIN. JR. Carolina Beach, N. C. BROWN, ROBERT HALVERSON Swannanoa. N. I BROWN. WALTER THOMAS Henderson. N. C. BROWNING, VERNON DENTON Waynesville, N. C. BRUMMITT, ROBERT GARLAND Henderson, N. C. Bin VNT, BILLY RAYMOND So. Norfolk. a. Bin NT, JOHN EVERETT Franklin, Va. BUCHANAN, JOHN RALPH Boone, N. C. BUCKINGHAM, PHILLIP LOW BY Charlotte. N. C BUCKNER, WILLIAM LEE Siler City, N. C. BUDDINGTON, DONALD LEE Kingston, N. . BULLOCK. CHARLES WILLIAM Fairmont. N. C . BUMGARDNER, LARRY TYSON Stanley. N. C. BUMGARNER, THOMAS STANLEY raylorsville, N. C. BURGESS, WILLIAM JAM] S Staley, N. C. BURKS, I MM RICHARD t n Lngton, .1 BURNS. BARRY LUC.ENE Pittsboio, N. C. BURNS, HARRY ADDISON. JR. Winston Salem, N. C. BURNS. WILLIAM 1 11 LIS. JR. Drexel, N. C. BUTLER, THOMAS Al A Macon, Ga, BYNUM, JOHN ALEX. JR. Wadesboio, N. c . BYRD, KENNETH REX Sims, N. C. BYRD. RICHARD EDWARD Bunnlevel, N. C. CALDWELL. JAMES HORD. JR. High Point, N. C. JUNIORS C U.DWFLL. WILLIAM McKAMIE Charlotte, N. C. CALE. DAVID BEN Burlington, N. C. CALLOWAY, GARY HUNTER Franklin, . C. CALLOWAY, .1 VMLS I 1 I I Highlands, N. C. CAMPBELL. STEPHEN ELDRIDGE Gastonia, N. C " . CANTER, RICHARD KENNETH Nurth Wilkesboio, N. C. CAREY, JOHN FRANCIS Charlotte, N. C. CARNES, ROBERT MANN Laurinburg, N. C. c ARR. JOHN AINWRIGHT Asheville. N. C. CARROLL. WILLIAM B. Charlotte. N. C. CARSON. JOHN PRESSLY Statesville, N. C. CARTER, BERKLEY ROGER Reidsville, N. C. CARTER, ROBERT AUSTIN High Point. N. C. CARTER. STANFORD LEE Greensboro, N. C. C RTER, TONY TYRONE Wilmington, N. C. C RTER. WILLIAM BNER. JR. Asheboro, N. C. CARTLIDGE, J. DAVID Charlotte, N. C. CASSANOVA, ROBERT ANTHONY Charlotte, N. C. CUTS, I WILS WALTER Hurdle Mills, N. C. CATO, JOSEPH CHARLES Charlotte. N. C. CAUDLE. WILLIAM ASHLEY Peachland. N. C. CAULEY, WILLIAM BRYANT Kinston, N. C. CAVENESS, JOSEPH WHITEHURST Mt. Olive. N. C. CHANDLER, LAWRENCE RUFTY. JR. Winston Salem. N. C. CHANDLER, RONALD VESTAL Mt. Gilead. N. C. chapman, george WILKES. JR. Charlotte, N. C . CHEW, ROBERT LEE. Ill Wins ' .on-Salem, N. C. CHIMOS. PETER JOHN Raleigh, N. C. CHINC;. ARTHUR SING HU Djakarta, Indonesia CHRISTENBURY, GERALD DAVIS Harrisburg, N. C. C HURCH, DAVID BRUCE Lenoir, N. C. CHURCH, THOMAS CLAYTON. JR. Gastonia, N. C . CLARK. ROBERT HUGH. JR. Wa nes ille. N. C . CLAYTON. VICTOR EDWARD. JR. Roxboro, N. C. CLEGG, PHILIP GEORGE Durham. N. C. CLINARD, KAY NELSON High Point. N. C. CLOER. RONNIE MICHAEL Gastonia, N. C. COATS. DOUGLAS ERISEST Hiddenite, N. C. COBB. ALTON PARKS. JR. Battleboro. N. C. COBB, STEPHEN RUSSELL Gibsonville, N. C. mm to [341] £ M JUNIORS COBLE, CHARLES ROSCOE. JR. Burlington, V ( COBLE, WESLEY MILTON Smithfield, N. C. COFFER, BERTRAM I IS San ford, N. C. COGGIN. THOMAS EDWARD Sanford, . C. COGGINS, ROBERT GLOVER ThomasviUe, N. C. COLE. DONALD WAYNE Greensboro, N. C. COLLINGWOOD, GEORGE HOW Mil) Durham. N. C. COMPTON, DANIEL WAYNE Durham] N. C. COMPTON, LARRY THOMAS Hillsborn, N. C. COOK, CHRISTOPHER DIXON Manhasset, Y. COOK, JERRY A l I I Winston-Salem, N. C. COOLF.Y, AUSTIN CRAIG Black Mountain, N. C. CORTER. JOAN LORRAINE Raleigh, N. C. COTTON. LAWRENCE McNEILL Roanoke, Y ' a. COUCH. JOHN EDWIN Durham, N. C. COWLES, REUBEN REYNOLDS, JR. Statesville, N. C. COX, JERRY DIXON, JR. Belhaven, IN I COX, WALTER THOMPSON, JR. Jacksonvdle, N. C. CRADDOCK, DABNEY SCOTT, III Hamlet. N. C. CRADDOCK. JESSE WARREN Norfolk. Va. I RATER, GLENN DOUGLAS Harmony, N. C. CRATES, THOMAS BOND Charlotte, N. C. CRAVEN, RONNIE CARROLL Concord, N. C . CRENSHAW, FRANK OLVIN Charlotte, N. C. CRON, FREDERICK HOLMES Washington. D. C. CROSS, KENNETH ELMER Ruffin, N. C. CROW, WILLIAM ROLAND. Ill Goldsboro, N. C. CRUMMIE, GLEN MIKEL Fayetteville, N. C. CRUSE, LARRY ORLIN Charlotte, N. C. I 111! IIS, CECIL LAWRENCE Rocky Mount, N. C. DABBS. RONALD LEE Wadeshoro, N. C. DAGENHART, GARLAND MYERS Taylorsville, N. C. DAGGERHART, JAMES ARVIN Shelby. N. C. DALAL, SUBHASH P. Bombay, India DANDLIKER, DONAI D 1 1 Greensboro, N. C. DANIELS, HAROLD W U l Salisbury. N. C. DANN1 li. Dl Wis M II Hickory, N. C. DAUGHTRIDGE, WILLIAM F., JR. Rocky Mount. N. C. DAVENPORT, SIDNEY LAWR1 M I Pactolus, N. C. DAVIS, HARRY GENTRY, JR. Goldsboro, N. C. [342] JUNIORS l) is, HOBAR1 george West Jefferson, N. C. DAVIS, HUBERT HARTMAN, JR. Jamestown, N. C. I IS. JACOB ASTER Raleigh, N. C. DAVIS, RANDALL CLYDE Clarkton, N. C. DAVIS, RICHARD SHERMER, JR. Lumberton, N. C. DAVIS. ROBERT FOSTER Liberty, N. C. DAVIS, ROY McREE Asheville, N. C. DAVIS, WALTER EDWARD Raleigh, N. C. DAWES, WILLIAM EVERETTE Rocky Mount, N. C. DEAL. JIMMY VANCE Aurora, X. C. DEAN, DENNIS ROY Harrison, N. Y ' . DEKER. FRANZ JACOB Huntingdon Valley, Pa. DELLINGER. THEODORE CEPH Hunters ille, N. C. DENNIS. WILLIAM FLOYD Durham, N. C. DENSON. CHARLES ALEXANDER, JR. Rutherfordton, N. C. DePRIEST, WILLIAM MICHAEL Winston Salem, N. C. DERBY. DAN RLISSELL Greensboro, N. C. DEVINE. JOSEPH DAVID. JR. Raleigh. N. C. DILLARD, DAVID GEORGE Gary, N. C. DILLINGHAM. CLARENCE DAVID Asheville, N. C. DILLS. JAMES THEODORE Cary. N. C. DIXON. JOSEPH. Ill Tampa, Fla. DONALD, JOE KENNAN Harriman, Tenn. DONOVAN, WILLIAM CARPENTER Winston-Salem, N. C. DOTSON. GERALD LEROY Colonial Heights, Va. DOUGHTON, CLALIDE THOMAS, JR. Sparta, N. C. DRYE. JERRY WENDELL Albemarle. N. C. DuBOSE, BARRON McNEELY Arden. N. ( . DUERK, STEPHEN BARRETT Baldwin, N. Y. DUNCAN, GEORGE COMER. JR. Roxboro, N. C. DURRETT. VAN DAWSON, JR. Tampa, Fla. DLITTON, EARL L. Wlnteville, N. C. DWORE, DONALD JAY Schenectady. N. Y. ECKARD, ALAN LAWRENCE Hickory, N. C. ECKSTEIN. GERALD LEONARD Fayetteville. N. C. EDGAR, EDWARD PENROSE Greenville, S. C. EDWARDS. JOHN MARSHALL Charlotte. N. C. EDWARDS. JONAS DAVID Pinetops. N. C. EDWARDS, MARION LEE Falls Church. Va. ELKS, DENNIS HALL Roanoke Rapids, N. C. ilk , M£im [343] } n h ft ' f f JUNIORS ELLINWOOD, GLORC.L II .VI IONIAN ( Ireensb - V ( ELLIOTT, SHIRLEY GREEN, JR. Oxford, V ( . I 1 I lol I , rERMAN I W Raleigh, N. c I I I IS. JOHN LOM Montgomerj . Via. I I I is. si I VRON WENTWOR1 II Advance, v ( . ELROD, ELLA GR U I Raleigh, N. ( . I VII RSON, ROBERT BRTJC I . Ill Arlington, Va. I RIKSON, I llo l VS I HI 1)1 RK K Hickory, V c . ETCHELLS, JAMES LOUIS Raleigh, N. C. ETTEFAGH, AKBAR Tehran, [ran I S, EUGENE ODELL, JR. Leland, N. C . EVANS, ROBERT CHARLES, JR. Hazelwood, N. ( . EZZELL. BOBBY R.VE Goldsb V C . FAIRCLOTH, BOB EUGENE Fayetteville, N. C. FAKLER, ANNE LOUISE Raleigh, . ( . I l KNER. HORACE EUGENE Henderson, V I FERGUSON. JAMES SANDERS, JR. Sanford, . , FERC;ilS() . LELAND CAREER Winston-Salem, V I . FINGER, DONALD EDGAR Hickory, N. C. FINK, COY DEAN I aith, N. C. MSI ILL. PHILIP CORNELIUS, JR. Winston-Salem, N. C. FITZGERALD, BERNICE HUBERT. JR. ( harlotte, N. C. FITZULA, RONALD ANDREW Greensboro, V C. IORD, MICHAEL JAM is Roanoke Rapids. N. C. FOSTER, SAMMY BRAY Faylorsville, N. ( . I OUSH1 I . JOHN C VLVIN Sanford. N. FOX, ill VRJ IS EUGENE Morganton, V C. FRAZER, THEODORE BROWNSON, II Mount Holly, N. C. FREEZE, CHARLIE I II N l Troutman, V t . I 111 KKU, I UGENI VN I HONY Sanford, N. C. I I ' .K k. II I ' .R C ULSTER Statesville, V I I RIDAY, LEONARD II RON Gastonia, N. C. I l!ll M). III I l I l) VRD Goldsboro, V C. I ROHMAN, l) ID BRAD) I V Leaksville, VI. I III BRIGH1 . .1 MI s c I MID Hickory, N. C. I URR, 1 I RRV II I I URR, W. 1 ' R VNK Concord, N. C. ( oncord, N. ( . I LI I RELL, ROBER1 (.1 1 N, JR. lurt ceesboro, V C, I HI HELL, THOMAS MERRILL Raleigh, N. C. (. l 1 III R, l R IN I REDERIC, JR. ( ary, N. t . [344] JUNIORS GARNER, DARRELL EVERETT Ashehoro, N. ( . (. VRRELL, JOE C. Tiibur (it , V ( GARRISS, JOHN Conway, N. C. GAY, BILLY MacARTHUR Southern Pines, V c GEHRES. LORAN LEROY Raleigh, V ( . GENTRY. LEON JENNINGS Madison, V GENTZSCH, ENRIQUE PEDRO Valparaiso, Chile GIBBS, FRANK MONROE Old Fori, N. C. GILBERT, JOHN JAY, JR. Ahoskie, N. C. GILLHAM. FREDERICK E. Southern Rhodesia GLOSSON. BUSTER CLEVELAND Greensboro, N. C. GODWIN. RICHARD HOLDER Raleigh, N. C. COINS. 1 WIES DONALD Burlington, N. C. GOODEN, DeWITT TALMADGE Elizabethtown, N. C, GOODMAN. DENNIS MURRAY Salisbury, V ( . GOODMAN, ROBERT Norwood, N. C. GOODSON, MARK THOMAS Asheville, N. C. GORDON, CHARLES PAISLEY Greensboro, . C. GOSNEY, WILLIAM MILTON. JR. Spencer, N. C. GRADY, JOHN DAVID, III Goldsboro, N. C. GRADY, ZEB DeWITT Dudley. N. C. GRANT, WILLIAM PERRY Winston-Salem, N. C. GRAY, ROBERT FREDERICK, JR. Wadesboro, N. C. (.RAY. RONNIE LUPTON Elizabeth City, . . (.RAY. WALLACE THOMAS. JR. Ahoskie. N. C. GREENE, JOSEPH CARL, JR. Granite Falls. N. C. GREENE. WILLIAM WENDELL Charlotte, N. C. GREESON. CLAUDE DLIGAN Burlington, N. C. GREGSON. JAMES HENRY Liberty. N. C. (.RICE. JAMES PRESSLEY, JR. Shelby, N. C. GRIFFIN. CHARLES BENNETT, III Woodville, N. C. GRIFFIN, JOE SIMON Williamsron. N. ( . GRIFFIN, ROBERT PAUL, JR. Winston-Salem, N. ( . GRIFFIN, ROSCOE DAVID Durham, N. C. GRIFFIN, WILLIAM THOMAS Kannapolis, N. C. GRIMES, JOHN MK IIAEL Smithficld, N. ( . (,ROET. JOHN MILLARD Griffon, N. ( . (.ROVER. JOHN MAITLAND Southern Pines. N. C. GUPTA, OM NARAIN Bomhav, India GUTHRIE. LYNDON WADE Burlington, N. ( . [345] £Vi fTj ,|ul ik w rfYA i A v i ft t c e p JUNIORS 1 1 U KETT, THOMAS JOSEPH Asheboro, . C. II l I . IU Ml MATTO Ks Richlands. N. ( II l 1 . GEORG1 HOWARD Hendeisoiij V ( II U I . JOHN DWIGHT Reidsville. N. C. HALL, WILLIAM RICHARD Sylva, N. ( . II U.LETT. THOMAS EDWARD, III Nassawadox, a. HAMILTON, JAMES GORDON Charlotte, N. C. HAMMERSLA, (.LORGE DONALD. JR. Hickory, N. C. 11 VMRICK, JAMES LEWIS, III Richmond. Va. IIWIRICK, VICTOR BENJAMIN Stanley, N. C . II VNFORD, l! so l HILLY I [enderson, N. ( . HARDISON, LEON IIIOM S Plymouth, . t . HARKEY, FRANK ERVDSF, JR. Gastonia, N. C. HARRELL, SAM PIERCE, JR. vVadesboro, N. C . HARRIS, BENJAMIN ALBERT Kingsport, Icon. II VRRIS, (;EORGE EDWIN Forest City, N. C, II VRRIS, JOHN I R WKLIN. Ill Shelby, N. C. HARRIS, ROBERT WILLARD Old Fort, N. C. HARRIS, VAN T. Williamston, N. C. HARWARD, CHARLES NED Raleigh, N. C. HAYES, HI I 111 1HOM S. Ill Winston Salem. N. C. II VYWOOD, 1)1 Wl 1 McM WHS Waxhaw, N. C. III Mil. JOEL CHRISTOPHER New Bern. N. C . HEDSPETH, SAMUEL DILLON. Ill Conway, N. C - III I)I RSON, I M Rl N I RAI I [endersonville, . ( . 1 1 1 DERSON, STEPHEN PAU1 Charlottesville, Va. HENDERSON, THOMAS HENRY, JR. Greenville, V III WIS. t II l!l 1 S II H EV Mount Airy, N. C. HENRIKSEN, HAROLD EUGENE, JR. Wilmington, N. C. Ill PI I li. II SON HILL Thomasville, N. C. HERRINCTON, Sll) l WALLl !! Williamston, N. C, III WEI 1, ROBERT DOUG1 VS Wilmington, N. C. HIGDON, EARL 1)11 IS, JR. I lendcrsom ille. V ( RI I II. GEORGE l sl o Wadesboro, N. ( , Mil L, C.I I RO K ELL White Sulphur Springs, V Y. Mill. HUGH MIC II l I I Ii li Point. N. C. HILL. OW1 N ROBERT Kannapolis, N. C. Mill, ROB] Rl I DWARD Arden, N. C. Mill, SI 1 Pill HUGH Ubemarle, N. C. Mill. Ai III! ELLS Murfreesboro, N. C. 1346] JUNIORS f IIINL. COLON III, JR. Winston Salem, V HOBGOOD, HENRI M VCK Stem, V ( . HODGES, PRESTON ELWOOD, JR. Raleigh, N. C. HODGES. RONALD W D1 Winston Salem, N. C . HOI I WD. RICL1ARD TURNER, JR. I urkey, N. ( . HOLLOW AY. ORIS EDWIN New Bern, N. ( HON! YCUTT, FRED I INDLEY. JR. Lexington, N. ( . HOOPER, JOHN WILLIAM, III Reidsville, N. C HORGAN, EDMUND CHRISTOPHER St. Petersburg, I I :. IIORTON. WILLIAM MIC II Ml Hamlet, N. ( . Ilow 1 LL. COLBERT PAGE Murfreesboro, N . t . I IOW ILL. JOHN HOWARD. JR. New Bern, N. C. HOYLE, JOHN CARL Lawndalc, N. C. HUCKABEE, MARVIN LEVERN Raleigh, N. C. HUDSON, FORREST MeQUEEN. Ill Washington, N. c . HUDSON, GERALD TANNER Shelby. N. C. HUDSON, WILLIAM ZACHARY Erwin, N. C. HU1 FM N. JERRY DAL Mniden, N. C. I UK. GINS, KENNETH LENON Clinton, N. C. HUGHES, DAVID SINCLAIR Asheville, N. C. HUGHEY, STANLEY HUTCHISON Elizabeth City, N. ( HUMPHRIES, THOMAS PHILIP Kings Mountain. N. C. HUNEYCUTT, JOEL ANDREW Locust. N. C. HUNEYCUTT, VANCE EHRD Wrightsville Beach. N. C . HUNT, WALTER SKELL1I. Ill Raleigh, N. C. HUNTSMAN, JAMES M.. Ill Pope Air Force Base. V IILIPKO. MICHAEL BELTON Pinebluff. N. C. IIUTCHINS. CALVIN MONROE Winston Salem. N. C. HUT( HINS, PHILLIP MICHAEJ Winston Salem, N. C. Ill Ml, CHARLES EDMLIND Raleigh, N. C. FIYDE, WILLIAM MELTON I i anklin, N. v . IIM)ER, JOHN HERBERT. JR. Lincoln ' on. N. C . I H KSO . IRA JEROME, III Middleburg, N. C. I ( kSON, JAMES PATRIC K Charlotte, N. C . I U KSON. JASPER DEMPSEY, JR. Dunn. ( JACKSON, MICHAEL CONOLY Dobson, N. C . JACKSON, WAYLOW MITCHELL Sanford, N. C. JAMES, l l LEE Kannapolis, N. C. JAMES, GARLAND MADDREY, JR. Raleigh, N. C . JENKINS, JERRY LIONEL Rockingham. N. C . £LL [347] LfJI£, if.feJifcJL JUNIORS II RNIGAN, CONNIE HUGHES Dunn, N. I . JOHNSON, t ■! N I III GK VHAM Clinton, N. C. JOHNSON, HOMEK R Y Dunn, N. C:. JOHNSON. HUGH ARTHUR Newton, N. C. JOHNSON. MADISON ESTRIDGE Kinston, N. ( . JOHNSON. Willi M FINLEY Oxford, N. C . JOHNSTON. RICHARD MALCOLM, JR. ancej ille, N- ( . loNls. BOLTON WILLIAM. JR. Smithfield, V JONES, CHARLES BERNARD Wilson, N. C . JONES, CHARLES RICHARD Greensboro, N. C. JONES, HARRY LEROY Pelham, N. ' . ION I S, J WIES LLOYD Kenly, N. C. JONES, ROBERT MULLEN Portsmouth, Va. J i l s. ROGER ALAN Reidsville, N. C. JONES. ROSSIE BAILEY. JR. Zebulon, V C. JONES. STUART HASSELL Maple 1 1 ill. N. C. JONES. WALTER VANN Wilson, N. C . JORDAN. HORACE MENDAI 1 Kannapolis, N. C. JORDAN, ROBERT MIC HAE1 Dunn, N. C. JOYNER, FRANKLIN CARLYLE, JR. Clinton, N. C. JUSTICE. JOHN A] N [card, N. C . Ills I us, V I I HI GERALD East Flal Rock, N. t . k NN. DONALD ROBERT Baltimore, Ml. KEARNS, KENNETH DERMOI High Point, N. ( . Isl I . J SMI S EDWARD Goldsb N. ( . KEENER. DARRELL GUY Lincolnton, N. ( . kl I LER, HOWARD NELSON Charlotte, V ( kl MP, R VM1 S Mocksville, N. C , kl NAN, JAMES ALLEN Greensboro, N. C. kl NI l 1, EUGENE WELBORN Hillsb N. I . KESLER, DONALD CLAUDE Salisbury, N. ( , kl SI I R. WALTER ALLAN High Point, N. C . kll . M K ELIZABI I II Horse Shoe. N. C. KI1 P I RIC k, NDHI W II RRIS Greenville, V ( , kll PA I RK k, 11 RRY 1!I AN I ON Chapel Hill, V ( . KING, J Will II.. JR. Valley Cottage, N. Y. KING, RON l I) l VIS Seagrove, N. ( . KING, WILLIAM JORDAN Wilmington, N. C. Klsl R, CI1 1)1 1 OYD, JR. Vsheboro, N. C . kl I 1 Rl I I , (I ORGI PARK! R. JR. Corapeake, N. ( . [348] JUNIORS KLUTTZ, JOHN DAVID Granite Quarry, N. C. KNIGHT, Will 1 M FELTON Kenly, N. C. KOEHLER, ROBERT MARSHALL Stanley, N. C. KOKOSKA, MR HALL NEVTTT Charlotte, N. C. KRICKBAUM, WILLIAM JOSEPH. JR. Franklin, N. C. KRIDLR, KERR J. Raleigh, N. C. KRUEGER, GARY LOH1S I harlotte, N. C. KU, CHIU HO Elkhart, Ind. KUDRYAN. WALTER JOHN iMcKees Rocks, Pa. KHNK , ROBERT JOHN Jacksonville, N. C. KURTZ, DAVID LEE Raleigh. N. C. LAMBERT, ROBERT LUTHER, JR. Cullovvhee, N. C. LAMBETH, SHANNON TOMLINSON Greenshoro, N. C. LAMM. CHARLES HOWARD Elm City, N. C. LANE, JAMES DOLIGLAS Dover, N. C. LANE, WILLIAM JENNINGS. JR. Asheboro, N. C. LARSSON, GEORGE MAGNUS Silver Spring, M,l. LASSITER, PHILLIP BYRD Four Oaks, N. C. LATTAM, MAC ARTHUR Raleigh, N. C. LAYMAN, CHARLES WILLIAM Greenville, S. C. LEATHERMAN. .MARVIN RAY Catawba, N. C. LEBENSON, ROBERT JAY Flushing, N. Y. LEDFORD, DONALD CRAWFORD Franklin, N. C. LEE, JOHN CHARLES Raeford, N. C. LEE, RAMON GEORGE Arlington, Va. LEFLER, EDGAR WILLIAM Albemarle, N. C. LeMOINE, LARRY KEITH Rocky Mount, N. C. LENNOX. EDWARD ALLEN Morganton, N. C. LEONARD, PERCY DENNIS, JR. Greensboro, N. C. LENDERINK, THOMAS AREND Grand Rapids, Mich. LEONARD, PERCY DENNIS, JR. Greensboro, N. C. LEWIS, WILLIAM ERNEST Greenville, N. C. LICHTBLAU, LARRY RUDOLF York, Pa. LINDSEY, ALFRED WALTER Haddon Heights, N. J. LINEBERGER, JAMES WARREN Gastonia, N. C. LINER, HARRY LEE. Ill Waynesville, N. C. LIM.Lfc. WILLIAM NELSON Faith, N. C. LINVILLE, WAYNE HELM Wtnston-Salem, N. C. LITTLE, BRIAN EDWARD St. Petersburg, Fla. LITTLE, NED BOWER Jefferson, N. C. m , 4 iM i At M [349] JOsnJih i M JUNIORS LOGONS, CHESTER I). AMI I. JR. Winstoo Salem, N. C . LONDON. JOE FORREST Mount Ull.i. N. C. LONG, JERRY EUGEN1 I huh Point, N. C. 1 ONG, JOHN 1U HIE, III Han EUver, . ( . LONG. MATTHEW BROWN, JR. Raleigh, N. C. LONG, MIKL II Mil 1 I MooreCT ille, V C. LONG, W Ml III LSI 1 1 Mount Holly, N. C. LONG, WILLIAM 1HOMAS. JR. Cornelius, V C . I () l) . t Mil Hill Marion, N. C. LOWDER. HOY! (.1 I N Stanfield, N. C. LUCAS, LEON IIIOM s Halifax, N. C. LUDLUM. BOBBY RAVE Wilmington, N. C. LUMPKIN. DAVIS BASLEY Pittsburgh, Pa. LUPTON. JOHNNY RICHARD Lowland, N. C. LUREY, EDW Mil) BRYAN Asheville, N. C. LYNN. WILLIAM CRA 1 Raleigh. N. C. McADOO, HALSTEAD W. Greensboro. N. C. McAULEY, JOHN FRANKLIN Charlotte, N. C. McDATD, JOHN RAYMOND. Ill Raleigh, N. C. Mcdonald, peter wendell I bomasville, N. C. McDOUGALD, MJiLR I C.ILLETTE, JR. Clarkton, N. C. McENTIRE, KENNIIII MARVIN I orest City, N. C. McGAHEY, THAI) MORRIS Washington, X. C. McGIN IV WILLIAM I M ' .Ml R C harlotte, N. ( McINTYRl . II 1 I M II.. JR. Rocky Mount, N. C. McLAUGHI IN. MARTHA I1IX Moravian Falls, N. C. McLAUGHI l . ROB! I! I DANI1 I Mooresville, N. C; McLAURIN, III K III li t . Fayetteville, N. C. McLAWHORN, I IIOM s HAYWOOD Winterville, N. C. VIcLEOD, MICH ML SI NI E High Point, N. C. Ml Mil I . PHI] II ' C. M I Wesi Jefferson, V C. McMURRAY, I ' ERRI Goldsboro, N. V McSWAIN, ODHS I AY, JR. Shelby, N. C. MABRY, LARRY M)l)l I 1 Norwood, N. C. VIACE, RON M I) 1 W Rl CE Winston-Salem, N. C. M (.l I . DM I S (.1! N ILLE Yale. ... M Mil R s, II Miltl (.US Gastonia, N. C, M MIHOHS. MOI1 Wll I) ll Ml Eg pi MAJOR, I IK.l 1 HARTWEL1 (. h.ules City, Ya. MANGUM, JERRY LAW Rl l 1 Raleigh, N. C. [350] JUNIORS M WI C, Rl( II VRD OLIVER Dunn, N. C. MARCHMAN, JAMES FRANKLIN, 111 Forest t ity, N. C. MARLIN, WILLIAM ROCKWELL States! ilk ' . N. (. . MARROW. JOHN WESLEY Plymouth, . G. MARSH. DONALD HEATH Hickory, N. C. MARSHBURN, WILLIAM l MO Rocky Mount. N. C. MARTIN " . LONNTF DAL1 Jonesville. N . C. MARTIN. LOUIS HOWARD Murphy, N. C. MARTIN, WALTER DEVAUGHN, JR. Ronda. N. C. MARLIN, W 1LCO ALLEN Belmont, N. C. MAS. HENRI Mexico MASHBURN, HARRY LEE Winston Salem, N. C. MAXWELL, EARLE CAMPBELL Charlotte, X. C. MEARES, JAMES GOODMAN Fairmont, N. C. MELTON. BRAXTON BRAGG Morganton, N. C. MERCER, CHARLES DEVON Greenville, N T . C. MERRITT. EDWARD EARL Kinston, N. C. MEYER, GENE JAMES Queens Village, N. . MICKEY, WILLIAM LAWRENCE High Point, N. C. MILLER. JAMES WILLIAM Cooleemee. N. C. MILLHISER, FREDERICK R. Waynesboro, Va. MILLS, LEONARD EARL Raleigh, N. C. MILLSAPS, STEPHEN WATTS Stony Point, N. C. MIMS, HAZEL ELBERT. JR. Rockingham. N. C. MISENHEIMER, LESTER EUGENE Faith, N. C. MITCHELL, PAL1L RLACKBL1RN. JR. Johnson City, Tenn. MITCHINER, ROBERT KENNETH, JR. Gamer, N. C. MOFFITT, ARTHUR BOYD Staley, N. C. MOORE, ALLEN BURNELL Lexington, Ky. MOORE, CLARENCE RICHARD Wilson, N. C. MOORE. JOSEPH LEWIS. JR. Raleigh, N. C. MOORE, RICHARD HORTON Spring Lake, N. C. MORETZ, GEORGE ALFRED Hickory, N. C. MORGAN, DAVID FRANKLIN. JR. Monroe, N. C. MORGAN, DONALD ELIGENF Durham, N. C. MORGAN. JAMES ALBER1 Bay Village, Ohio MORRIS. JACK CRAWFORD Wadesboro. N. ( . MORRIS, ROBERT TYRA Marion. N. C. MORTON. LEUEN ER IN Asheboro, N. C. MOTA.MEN, MAHMOOD Tehran, Iran JL [351] i JfJi 1 9 SlSLL lA.fe C Cj o JUNIORS mom. iioward Dewrrr, jr. Farmville, N. C. MULCHI, CHARLES LEE Xnrlina. X. C. MULLIN, BRUCE ELLIOTT Asheville, N. C. MULLIS. DONNIE t LI I ld Charlotte, N. C. MUNROE, ALLEN PREMNY Morristown, Tenn. MURRAY, HARRY L. Charlotte, N. C. MYERS, JAMES BROOKS Lexington, V C MYERS, WILLIAM MARTIN Charlotte, N. C . NAU, WILLIAM HENRY Hickory, N. C. NELSON. LARRY WILLIAM Lenoir, N. C. NELSON, MELVIN. JR. Sanford, N. C. NEWLAND, RUSSELL LLROY. JR. Valley Grove, W. a. NICHOLS, KENNETH WAY M Marion, N. C. NIFONG, NORMAN LLE Winston Salem, N. C. NIJHUIS, ROLF HENK Jamestown, N. C. NOBLES. JIM TUCKER Dover, N. C. NORMAN, SARA ELIZABETH Greensboro, N, C. OAKLEY, GEORGE DAVID Bristol, Tenn. OATES. LARRY ALAN Hendersonville, N. C O ' BRIEN, THOMAS FRANKLIN. JR. Charlotte, N. C. O ' CONNOR. RICHARD ALLEN New Bern, N. C. OGBURN. THOMAS BENJAMIN Roanoke Rapids, N. C. OLDHAM. CARVIE S„ JR. Durham, N. C. OLIVER, CALVIN CECIL Yarina I iK|U.i Springs, N. C. OLIY ' ER, COUNCIL WOOTEN, III Mount Olive, N. C . 0 l.RC S11, OSCAR LEE China Grove, N. C . OVERMAN, BRUCE MOWLAM), JR. Greensboro, N. C . OWENBY, FURMAN DOUGLAS Black Mountain. N. C . OWENS. JOHN GRAHAM Graham, N . C . OWENS, NAPOLEON JEROME. JR. Charlotte, N. C . PAGE, EDWIN PERRY Morrisville, N. C. PAINTER, ROBY STEPHEN Banner Elk, N. C . PUT. JAMES EDWIN, JR. I [untersville, N. C . PALMER, RUSSELL NEAL, JR. Reidsville. N. C PARKER, DOUGLAS CREECH Kinston. N. C. PARKER, RAYMOND WILSON. JR. Rock) Mount, N. C . PARKER. ROISER1 CORBETT Bunnlevel, N. C . P RRISH. ROY THOMAS Sanford. N. C. PAYNE, RICHARD STEELE. JR. Essex. Mil. PEABODY ' , WILLIAM ROSSITER Raleigh, N. C. [352] JUNIORS l ' l-.C.R . I. TROY LOUIS Raleigh, N. C. PEIFFER, PETER WELLS Rochester, N. V. HALEY, JOE HARRISON, III Salisbury, N. C. PERKINS. DONALD FRANKLIN Raleigh, N. C. PERRY, GEOFFREY REID Hickory, N. C. PERRY, JESSE BELMONT Raleigh, N. C. PHILLIPS, HOWARD LEE, JR. Henrietta, N. C. PHILLIPS, MAURICE BENFIELD N. Wilkesboro. N. C. PHILLIPS, MONROE HOLLAND, JR. Burlington, N. C. PHILLIPS. RICHARD BUSBEE Raleigh, N. C. PICKARD, FAISON WELLINGTON Salisbury, N. C. PINKSTON, FREDERICK WILLIAM, JR. Salisbury. N. C. PLASTER, ARTHUR WAYLAND Morganton, N. C. POINDEXTER. RICHARD CLINTON East Bend, N. C. POMERANZ. JACQUES GLASGOW Freeport, N. Y ' . POPE, DWIGHT EDWARD Burlington, N. C. POPE. LLOYD MELVIN Norwood, N. C. POPE, MICHAEL LLOYD Charlotte, N. C. POPLIN, RONALD LLOYD China Grove, N. C. PORTEOUS. CATHERINE PLAISANCE Memphis, Tenn. POTEAT, JAMES LEE N. Wilkesboro, N. C. POTTS. GRIMES RICHARD Lexington, N. C. POWELL, HARVEY BARTLETT, JR. Charlotte, N. C. POWELL, JONATHAN STOKES. JR. Windsor, N. C. POWELL, STEVEN FOSTER Shelby, N. C. PRESCOTT, JACK BRINKLEY Lake Waccamavv, N. C. PRICE, CHARLES RUSSELL Selma, N. C. PRICE, WILLIAM JOHN Greensboro, N. C. PRINCE, CHARLES CHANDLER, JR. Statesville, N. C. PRITCHETT, THOMAS WILLS Elon College, N. C. PROPST, ROY HERMAN Spencer, N. C. PRUETT, JEFFREY LYNN Cheltenham, Pa. PUCKETT, JERRY THOMAS Oxford, N. C. PUND, PETER NORRIS Darien, Conn. PURSER, JERRY FRANKLIN Andrews, N. C. RABB, JOHN FRANKLIN Marion, N. C. RACKLEY, RONALD HERMAN Rocky Mount, N. C. RAPER, ROY DONALD Wilson, N. C. RASMUSSEN, BIRGER KRISTIAN Raleigh, N. C. RAYNOR, DAVID BARCLAY Greensboro, N. C. [353] rJOtiUL M ,M .i JUNIORS REAMES, CARTER Raleigh, X. C. REDMON, ALAN THOMAS Liberty, N. C. REED, CHARLES WILLIAM Winston Salem, N. C. REEVES. WILLIAM HOWARD, JR. Mocksville, N. C. RENFRO, HAROLD Bald Creek, N. C. REVELS, BILLY S. Williamston, N. C. RL ELS, VINCENT Lumberton, N. C. r.R E. ROBERT TAYLOR Aurora. N. C. RICHARDSON, SHERMAN WILLIAM Seagrove, N. C. RIDGE, WILLIAM EUGENE Denton, N. C. RIGGINS, CHARLES ROBERT Charlotte, N. C. RILEY, ERMER KYLE. JR. Harrisbuig, N. C. RITCHIE, JOE LEE Albemarle, N. C. ROARK, LARRY ALDEN Zionville, N. C. ROBERSON, EUGENE BENJAMIN, JR. Robersonville, N. C. ROBERTS, DAVID ARTHUR Landis, N. C. ROBERTS, JAMES CROCKETT Wilson, N. C. ROBERTS, STANCIL BEAMAN Creedmoor, N. C. ROBINSON, HAROLD BERNARD Bessemer City, N. C. RODGERS. WILLIAM GORDON, JR. Canton, N. C. ROGERS, CLARENCE DEAN Fair Bluff, N. C. ROGERS, JERRY WAYNE Kannapolis, N. C. ROGERS, TOMMIE LEE Saratoga, N. C. ROSENDAHL, JAMES FREDERICK Canton, N. C. ROSS, MICHAEL LEE Albemarle, N. C. ROWE, GEORGE MANNING, JR. Aulander, N. C. RUDD, CLYDE WESLEY, JR. Greensboro, N. C. RUDELL, RAYMOND FRANK, JR. Lockbourne A.F.B., Ohio RUDISILL, JAMES KOHN Greensboro, N. C. RUSSELL, MILLARD EUGENE Albemarle, N. C. RUSSELL, THAD T. Granite Falls. N. C. RUTLEDGE, HOW ' ARD BOOTH rden, N. C. RUTLEDGE, JAMES RAY Statesville, N. C. SABISTON, LARRY THOMAS Raleigh. N. C. SANDERS, GUS CLINT, JR. Shelby, N. C. s VPP, CLIFTON FLETCHER Winston Salem, N. C. SUM ' , ERNEST LEE Winston Salem, N. C. SARA, JAY RICHARD Belle Harbor. N. Y. SAUT1ILI. JAMES MUMIORD. JR. Ruxton, Md. SAWYER, HENRY CLAUDE Durham, N. C. [354] JUNIORS SCWRBORO, CONRAD LEE Norwood, N. C. SCESNY, ANTHONY JOSEPH Bellpnrt, L. I., N. Y. SCHICK, PABLO FRANCISCO Caracas, Venezuela SCHORT, DONALD REECE Hickory, N. C. SCOGGINS, JAMES NESTER Raleigh, N. C. SCOTT. GEORGE RICHARD, JP,. Charlotte, N. C. SEARCY, KENNETH RAY Draper, N. C. SEARS, BILLY LEONARD Apex, N. C. SEAY. WILLIAM MICHAEL Asheville, N. C. SELF, JERRY LEE Casar, N. C. SHAFFNER, THOMAS JACKSON Winston-Salem, N. C. SH ANKLE, SALLY JEANNETTE Raleigh, N. C. SHAW, BARRY ALLEN Burlington, N. C. SHEARIN, ROBERT BRUCE Raleigh, N. C. SHELTON, PAUL WILSON, JR. Pilot Mountain, N. C. SHELTON, THOMAS R. Madison, N. C. SHERRILL. BOBBY LEWIS Hickory, N. C. SHERRILL, WILSON ALEXANDER, II Terrell, N. C. SHINN, P. STEWART Annandale, Va. SHOOK, DAVID HAROLD Statesville, N. C. SHOTWELL, JAMES F.. JR. Roxboro, N. C. SHOULARS, PHILIP EDISON Kinston, N. C. SHOUSE, JERRY HOWARD Winston Salem, N. C. SHOWALTER, RALPH EDWIN Arden, N. C. SHULLER. ROBERT NORTH Fayetteville, N. C. SIDES, LARRY WALTER New Bern. N. C. SIDES, WILLIAM CLIRTIS, JR. Winston-Salem, N. C. SIDES, WILLIAM HUTTON, JR. Greensboro, N. C. SILLS, J. ROBERT Shelby, N. C. SILVERMAN, ROBERT Union, N. J. SIMMONS. WILLIAM G. Albertson, N. C. SIMON, GEORGE SAAD Gastonia, N. C. SIMS, JOHN DAVIS, JR. Troutman, N. C. SINGLETARY, HOWARD MONROE, JR. Raleigh, N. C. SKIPPER. HORACE DEAN Abbottsburg, N. C. SKOSNIK, RONALD JOSEPH McKees Rocks, Pa. SLADE, WILLIAM DEWEY Bath, N. C. SLOAN, DAVID CLARENCE Conover, N. C. SLOOP, JOHN ERWIN Statesville, N. C. SMALL, MINTON CARROLL Edenton, N. C. [355] -Tsrt |— — P ?l £ ! fr 1 JUNIORS SMITH. ADRON TAYLOR, JR. Charlotte. N. C. SMITH, ALLEN ' WAYNE Cordova, N. C. SMITH. ARTHUR DIXON Naugatuck, Conn. SMITH, ARTHUR REGINALD Charlotte, X ( SMITH, ERNEST SHERRILL Shelby. N. C. SMI III. GLENN ROOSEVELT. JR. Arlington, Va. SMI III. HENRY I.EROY Whitcville, N. C. SMITH. JOHN RAYMOND Boone, N. C. SMITH. JOHN W. Princeton, N. C . SMI I II. MAX GALE Winston-Salem, N. C. SMITH, MICHAEL WAYNE Charlotte, N. C. SMITH, RHONNIE LEE Elon College, N. C. SMITH, STANLEY GILBERT Hickory. N. C. SMITHERMAN, THOMAS DAVID East Bend, N. C . SNIDER, EDGAR HOWARD. JR. High Point. N. C. SNOW, ROBERT ERIC Winston Salem, N. C. SONDEY, ANDREW EDWARD, JR. Castle Hayne, N. C. SORRELS, CLYDE BENJAMIN Gilkey, N. C. SOSSAMON, JAMES LEE Bryson City, N. C. SOYARS, RAYMOND GARRY Reidsyille, N. C. SPAHI, ADNAN A. Alexandria, Egypt SPENCER, RANDALL WHELESS Madison. X. C. SPICER, JAMES EDGAR Elkin, N. C. SPRINGER, ARTHUR CONRAD Greensboro, N. C . STALL, JOSEPH SIRRINE Greenville, S. C. SI I 1 I M , IIAIU EY LEROY Kannapolis, N. C. STEEN, LYNN PAIG1 Hamlet, X. C. STEEPY. THOMAS LOUIS Pennington, N. J. STEIFEL, SIDNEY GRAY, JR. Winston Salem, N. C. STEINBERG, ROBERT MICHAEL Woodmere, N. Y. STEPHENS, JOSEPH EDWIN Wilmington, N. C. STEPHENSON, JAMES DONN1E Willow Springs. X. C SUA ENS, JOHN GEHRET Mount Holly, X. I. STEVENS, KEITH BROOKI 1 Loris, S. C. STEVENSON, CHARLES GWEN Palmyra. N, C. STEWARD, HERMAN DETRO, JR. Walkertown, N. C. Sllklll I11ER, LARRY FRANKLIN Stony Point, N. C. STIMPSON, ROBERT THOMAS Winston-Salem, N. C. STOKER, JOEL WILLIAM Albemarle, N. C. STOKES. JACK WILSON, JR. Kinston, N. C, [356] JUNIORS STONE, JERRY LEON R1) Raleigh, N. ( . STONER, JAMES EVERETTE, JR. Concord, N. C. STOUDEMIRE. STEWART McBRYDE Lincolnton, N. C. STREDLER, STEVEN ALLEN Norfolk, Va. STRESALI, FREDERICK E. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. STRICKLAND, RODERICK PAUL Zebulon, N. C. STRICKLAND. ROGER PRIVETTE, JR. Railey, N. C. STUART. JAY CLYDE Elkin, N. C. STURIALF. LOUIS A. Raleigh, N. C. SUCIIER, WILLIAM PAUL Woodmere, N. Y. SUITT, CLIFTON BRUCE Charlotte, N. C. SULLIVAN, WILLIAM ANDREW Raleigh, N. C. SURRATT, DAVID GREGG Burlington. N. C. SWAIN, THOMAS TYSON Burlington, N. C. SYKES, EDWIN THOMAS Y ' anceyville, N. C. SYNAN. OWEN WILLIAM Durham, N. C. TATE, JIMMY DEAN Belmont. N. C. TAYLOR, BOYD FREDERIC Greensboro, N. C. TAYLOR, EARL L. Raleigh. N. C. TAYLOR. JOHN THOMAS Washington, N. C. TAYLOR, MICHAEL ERVIN Charlotte, N. C. TAYLOR, THOMAS SPENCER Wadesboro, . C. TAYLOR, WILLIAM ELTON Charlotte, N. C. TEAGUE. JAMES EDWARD Hickory, N. C. TEAL, KENNETH PRENTICE Rockingham, N. C. TEETER, JOHN ERIC Mooresville. N. C. THAYER, THOMAS ANTHONY Atlanta, Georgia THOMAS, EDWARD SCOTT Burlington, N. C. THOMAS. GERALD KENT Charlotte, N. C. THOMAS. ROBERT EUGENE Moncure, N. C. THOMASON, THOMAS WATSON, JR. Salisbury, N. C. THOMPSON, HARRY NEIL, JR. Chester, S. C THOMPSON, JAMES PINCKNEY. Ill Fairmont, N. C. THOMPSON, MICHAEL MORRIS Greensboro, N. C. THOMPSON, SAMUEL MARMON Spruce Pine, N. C. TILLMAN, DONALD NELSON Sanford, N. C. TODD, MAURICE CORNELIUS East Bend, N. C. TOLSON, FRED LEWIS Tarboro, N. C. TOPINKA, GERALD JOSEPH Herminie, Pa. TROTT, SABERT SCOTT, II Kannapolis, N. C. - V £ .M. A [357] JUNIORS TROUTMAN, PAUL EDISON, JR. Charlotte, N. C. TUCKER, IRVTN BUnc HARD Raleigh, N. C. TUNNELL, DOUGLAS LINWOOD New Holland, N. C. UIRNER, BENJAMIN SCOTT Pink HU1, N. C. TURNER, LARRY WARD Spencer, N. C. TURPIN, JOHN PRESLEY Newport, N. C. TYNDALL, GERALD Aberdeen, N. C. UPCIIURCH, ROBERT HOWARD Raleigh, N. C. UPTON, JOHN WILLOUGHBY, JR. Raleigh, N. C. V ADEN. BERNIE OSCAR Westfield, N. C. VANPELT, JOHN RAY Kannapolis, N. C. VERBAL, CLAUDE ARTHUR Durham, N. C. YINROOT, CHARLES ARTHUR Charlotte, N. C. VINSON, JAMES RANDOLPH Statesville, N. C. VONCANNON, ROBERT WESLEY High Point, N. C. WACHTEL, MARTIN LUTHER. Ill Spring Hope, N. C. WADE, WILLIAM HENRY, JR. Winston-Salem, N. C. WAGONER, MICHAEL NEIL Greensboro, N. C. WALKER, BARBARA DALE Atkinson, N. C. WALKER, CARROLL LANKFORD Norfolk, Va. WALKER. DAVID SYLVESTER Hillsboro, N. C. WALKER. GARY HAMILTON Lenoir, N. C. WALKER, GRADY STEVEN Clyde, N. C. WALKER, JAMES HOWARD Boonville, N. C. WALKER, JOEL EDWIN Shelby. N. C. WALKER, LEROY, JR. Durham, N. C. WALKER, LINDSEY FRANKLIN, JR. Wilmington, N. C. WALKER, OSCAR THOMAS Whiteville, N. C. WALKER, RAYMON L„ JR. High Point, N. C. WALL, KERMIT ARTHUR. JR. Walkertown, N. C. WALL, LUTHER WESLEY, JR. Julian, N. C. WALLACE, GEORGE ROBERTS Mnrehead City. N. C. W ALSER, DOUGLAS MacARTHUR Salisbury! N. C. W I.SII, PHILLIP JOE Elk Park, N. C. W I TERS. JAMES FRANKLIN Laurinburg, N. C. WALTERS, WILLIAM PLACE Greensboro, N. C. WARD. RICH RI) SAMUEL Bristol, Tenn. WARE, BENJAMIN GRIFFIN Newland, N. C. WARNOCK, PAUL FRANKLIN Gastonia, N. C. RIil V NORM 111 Durham, N. C. [358] JUNIORS WATSON, CAROLYN OLIVI High Point, N. C. WATSON. CI AVION L. Lenoir. N. C. WATSON, JACK OWEN Greensboro, N. C. WATSON, MILLARD WAYNE Lucama, N. C. WEANT, MARVIN EUGENE Rockwell. N. C. WEAVER, JOHN THOMAS. JR. Pinetops. N. C. WEAVER, KENNETH SHERIDAN Mebane, N. C. WEBB, JOSEPH THOM S Macclesfield, N. C. WEST. GRAHAM ALSTON Goldsboro. N. C. WESTBROOK, THOMAS H. Mount Olive, N. C. WHICHARD, ORMAN ERNIE Greenville, N. C. WHICHARD, ROBERT STAUNTON Greenville, N. C WHICKER, REX ALLEN Stoneville, N. C. WHIDBEE, HOYT WEBSTER, JR. Engelhard, N. C. WHITE, STOKES, JR. Concord, N. C. WHITE, WESTERN WITEY Greensboro, N. C. WHITE, WILLIAM HALE, JR. Greensboro, N. C. WHITFIELD, DALE WOOLWINE Raleigh, N. C. WHITLEY, BETSY MASON Raleigh, N. C. WHITTED, VICTOR WAYNE Graham, N. C. WIEGAND, RUDOLF PAUL, JR. Charlotte, N. C. WIGGINS, JAMES ROBERTS Louisburg, N. C WILHELM, STEVEN GILBERT Chillicothe. Ohi.i WILLARD, CALVIN KENNETH Draper, N. C. WILLIAMS, BROOKS MONROE Wilson, N. C. WILLIAMS, CARLOS ROBERT, JR. Fayetteville, N. C. WILLIAMS, CLAUDE WILLIS Hertford, N. C. WILLIAMS, FRANCIS WALTER Winston Salem, N. C. WILLIAMS. JOSEPH SPEED, III Greensboro, N. C. WILLIAMS, LARRY TURNER Gastonia, N. C. WILLIAMS, RICHARD PLANCK Fayetteville, N. C. WILLIAMS. ROBERT DOUGLAS Staley, N. C. WILLIAMS, STEPHEN LEON Kannapolis, N. C. WILSON, REX ORLANDO, JR. Spruce Pine, N. C. WINN, ROBERT DWIGHT, JR. Mooresboro, N. C. WOMBLE, ALBERT BENTON Sanford, N. C. WOODALL, LEIGH CEDRICK, JR. Wilson, N. C. WOODARD, JESSE FRANKLIN Kenly, N. C. WOODY, JOHN WILLIAM Leaksville, N. C. WOODS, ROBERT H. Hillsboro, N. C. r o c f c ft h m [359] JUNIORS WOODSON, JOHN U i Chase City, Va. WOOLARD, MICHAEL (.1 ENN Robersonville, N. C. WORT MAW BILLY LEONARD Morganton, N. ( . RIGHT, JEFFERV EI 1 IS Burlington, N. C. WRIGHT, JOSEPH FEW, JR. Brevard, V IWl.ll I, I EDDY JEROME Rutherford ton, N. C . XA, THIEll-LAM Hong Kcimk YARBROUGH, ALONZO I B IS Winston Salem, N. ( , ORk. BONNER M II Waynesville, N. C. YORK, ERNEST WAYN) Ramseur, N. C. YOUNG, RK II Mil) ANTHONY Princeton, N. - . YOUNG, WHITNEY L.. JR. I ,i ettei ill , N, ( . ZIGLAR, FRANK CONDER Raleigh. N. C. ZOBEL, DONALD BRIK 1 Raleigh, N. ( . ZUCKERMAN, DAVID SOL Union, . J. ZOMBRUNNEN, THOMAS P., HI Raleigh. . ( . sI ' -ma BVJ .1 ■ ■ i r.. ' m v ■» :■ ' 7 . m -mm s 1 ' if » S ' " - 35 ' " ■£ ' ; mtvr a ' " —ff - mgr gj -gj- - The name change hassle, whether relevant or not, at least brou »lu a imie h needed unity to the State student body. [360] AGRICULTURAL INSTITUTE The Agricultural Institute was organized on the North Carolina State College Campus in I9S C ). In the Fall semester of 1960, students were first able to register for this educational program. The various programs of the Agricultural Institute- were initiated to provide a large segment of our so- ciety with a unique educational opportunity, making it possible to obtain a technical education through a period of two years. 7 his period is spent in building a foundation for a lifetime ol study, learning, and pro ductivitx . The courses, the faculty, and the participating stu- dents are all oriented toward the common belief that an individuals productivity can be increased by im- proving his technical knowledge. »iS iu £ ALLEN. JAMES EDWIX RMSTRONG. IRA LEWIS BAILEY, EDWIN RICHARD BAREFOOT. RRUCE DWIGHT Pantego, N. C. Ararat, N. C. Oxford, Pa. Newton Grove. N. C. BARNHILL. MARVIN TAYLOR BARROW. TAYLOR EVERETTE BEALE, WILLIAM JOSEPH, III BEAM. EDWIN COLUMBUS BEESON, WILLIS EDWIN BENTON. LARRY KENT BERRY. BILLY CARTER BEST, JAMES ELMER BEST, THOMAS FRANKLIN BLUE, THADDEUS LAWRENCE BRAWLEY, FRANK WENDELL BRIDGERS. BENJAMIN LEE Stokes, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Jackson, N. C. Shelby. N. C Sophia, N. C Kinston, N. C Northwest, Va. Mt. Olive. N. C. Pinetops, N. C. Carthage, X. C. Charlotte. N. C. Pinetops. N. C. BRIGHT. DOUGLAS ELLIOTT BROCK. ROBERT EARL BROWN, WILLIE THOMAS BRYANT, RICHARD DENNIS Elizabeth City, N. C Charlotte, N. C Bear Creek, N. C. Murfrees boro, N. C. The Ac Institute does many things to publicize the work they do, including this State Fair booth at the Fair Grounds. [361] AGRICULTURAL BUCHANAN, LEROY FRED BURLESON, CECIL AI BUTLER, JAMES LLEWELLYN BYRD, FRANCIS IRVINC Roxboro, N. C . Albemarle, . C . Clarkton. N. C. Ramseur, N. C. BYRD, HEBRON FRANKLIN, JR. Smithfield, N. C. C M1 RON, Mil- CI ARENCE Cameron, N. C. CARSTEN, CHISTOPHER GADSDEN Cades, S. C. I ! ' , I R, JOE DALLAS Roxboro, N. C. CHRISTIAN, LARRY GRANT CLARKE. LYMAN STUART, JR. CI YTON, CHARLES RANDAL! COLLINS, CHARLES ALLEN- COOKE, KENNETH JACKSON CORNS, GURNEY DELL COX, CHARLES EUGENE COX, JERRY LESTER Westfield, N. C. Princess Anne, Va. Ca-Vel, N. C. Holly Springs, N. C. Iluntersville, N. C. Lawsonville, N. C. Goldsboro, N. C. Four Oaks, N. C. CUMMINGS, PAUL JUNIOR DANIEL, EDWIN SPEIGHT, JB. DAUGHTRY, D ALLIE PRESTON DENNING, ROBERT SHERRILL EDWARDS, DENNIS R Y ELLIS, MARK LESLIE ENTREKIN. ARCHIE FRFD, JR. FAULK, JONATHAN THOMAS Vass, N. C. F.lm City, N. C. Faison, N. C. Benson, N. C. Macclesfield, N. C. Wilson, N. C. Huntersville, N. C. Sanford, N. C. FEBEBEE. JAMES HARRISON, JR FLEMING, RONALD CECIL FLOWERS, LARRY EDWARD FORBES, JAMES WADE Shawboro, N. C. Scotland Neck. N. C. Foul Oaks, N. C. Brown Summit, N. C. FORREST, THOMAS Ayden, N. C. FOUSIIEE, CAYINESS BANKS, JR. Timberlake, N. C. GAMBLE, JAMES OLDER. JR. Greeleyville, S. C. GARDNER, ALFRED TURNER Fuquay Springs, N. C. [362] INSTITUTE GOODWIN, LEONARD COITLN GB ll Wl. JOHN CHARLES GREEN, JOSEPH ALLEN GRIFFIN, JOHNNY GRAN Stem, N. C. Dillun, S. C. Zebulon, N. C., N. C. HANCOCK, JOSEPH CAMERON HANNAH, HAROLD EUGENE HARLOW, JAMES EDWIN IIARRELL, JAMES PRESTON Lexington, N. C. Troy, N. C. Littleton, N. C. Stantonsburg, N. C. HARRELSON, LEWIS GARDNER HAWKINS. JERRY KAY HEATH, WILLIAM HENRY HERLOCKER, GARY WAYN1 HILL, DANIEL EDWARD HOLT, CHARLES CARLYLE HONEYCUTT, JERRY LEE HOWELL, LOUIS WAYNE HOWELL, MARION FRANKLIN HUNT, RICHARD IVAN HUNTER, WEST PORTER, JR. HUSSEY, GEORGE ANTHONY Shelby. N. C. Chesnee, S. C Hookerton, N. C. Albemarle, N. C. Kinston, N. C. Goldston, N. C. Dunn, N. C. Hertford, N. C. Wilson, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Denton, N. C. JACKSON, GRAYDON PAUL, JR. Winterville, N. C. JERNIGAN, NOBLE TALMADGE, JR. Dunn. N. C. JOHNSON, JAMES DOUGLAS AllgiLT. N. C. JOHNSON, ROGER RAY Cameron, N. C. JOHNSON, RONALD BRUCE JONES, DAVID RAY JONES, MORELL, JR. Scotland Neck, N. C. LANCASTER, GUS ZANDERS, III Pinetops, N. C. Lillington, N. C. Liberty, N. C. LANE, ALBERT MONROE, JR. LEE, ROGER HAROLD LEMMOND, REECE BRYANT, JR. LEWIS, STEPHEN ANDREW Ron-land. N. C. Deep Run, N. C. Sanford, N. C. Fairfax, S. C. [363] AGRICULTURAL LONG, PARRIS CLAYTON McBANE, HAROLD JOSI I ' ll Mc HIII . DOUG! VS ADAIR McDADE, FRANK PUCKETT, JR Hurdle Mills. N. C. Whitsett, . C . Lexington, S. C. Cedar Grove, S. C. k(,l 1 . I URTIS DILLARD, JR. McGLAMERY, NEAL VANNOY. JR. Ml I iWHORN, WESLEY CARROLL McNEILL. LEWIS EDWARD Reidsville, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Ayden, N. C. Broadway, X. C. McRAE. JAMES MURVELL Maxton, N. C. MATTHEWS. ROBERT MITCHELL Scranton. S. C. MELLETTE. FRANCIS MARION, III Deep Run, N. C. MII1S. GRAHAM MACKERELL Greenville, N. C. MOORE. JERRY LEE MORGAN, WADE ELLIOTT MOSES, GARY MORRIS NEWBERN, JOHN MELVIN NEWLIN, WILBUR ANDREWS NIXON, EDWARD LEE OEHLER, GEORGE PHARR O ' NEAL. DAVID MORGAN Hurdle Mills, N. C. Hertford, N. C. Pittsboro, N. C. Powells Point, N. C. Mebane. N. C. Hertford. N. C. kannapolis, N. C. Swan Quarter, N. C. OUTLAW, WILLIAM FREDERICK PATE, GEORGE ANGUS PAYNE, THOMAS SEAGER. JR. PEARCE, ROBERT LEONARD Mt. Olive. N. C. Rowland, N. C. Lexington , . ( . YA ' ake Forest. N. C. PENNINGER, GLENN FRANKLIN POKIER. ELBERT NELSON POTEAT, RICHARD WILSON PR Ml. MICH EL TERRY Lexington, N. C. Newton Grove, N. C. Blanch. N. C. Merry Hill, N. C. RAW I. HARVEY CLAYTON RENKEL, CHARLES LEONARD RICH. MARION EDWARD RICHARDS, DANN1 WENTWORTH Lexington. S. C. Fayetteville, N. C. Castalia, N. C. Salem, Va. [364] INSTITUTE ROBERSON, DAVID CLIFTON ROSS, IRVIN WHITLEY SANDERS, RLIFHS WILLIAM SCOTT, JOSEPH FRANKLIN Williamston, N. C. Williamston, N. C. Four Oaks, N. C. Kenly, N. C. SCRUGGS. RUSSELL UROUGHTON SEGLII, JOE GORDON SENN, CHARLES DAVID SHERRILL, MARTIN LLOYD Shelby, N. C. St. Augustine, Fla. Newberry, S. C. Garner, N. C. SHORE, JERRY KEITH SLADE, JOSEPH JULIAN SMITH, BRADFORD BROWN SMITH, EPHRAIGM HOUSE SMITH, JOSEPH NOLAN SPEAR, JAMES CAREY Haw River, N. C. Blanch, N. C. Gates, N. C. Greenville, N. C. Lexington, N. C. Hertford, N. C. SPRINKLE, CHARLES ELWOOD, JR. Pfafftown, N. C. STANLEY, SIDNEY RONALD Carthage, N. C. STEPHEN, WORTH LEE Benson, N. C. STEPHENSON, THOMAS CRAYTON Holly Springs, N. C. STROUD, JERRY MAX Pink Hill, N. C. TAYLOR, PAUL EARLE Cayce, S. C. TEETER, PERRY LEE WADE, JAMES ARNOLD WALLACE, JOHN DAVIS WEST, T. D., JR. WEST, WILLIAM HENRY. JR. WHITLEY, JAMES LUCIUS. JR. WILLIAMS, JACK RONALD WILSON, JERRY DAVID MooresvUle, N. C. Oxford, N. C. Franklinville, N. C. Roseboro, N. C. Moyock, N. C. Enfield, N. C. Fallston, N. C. Bear Creek, N. C. WILSON, WALTER ROGER WINSLOW, JIMMIE LON WINSLOW, JOHN VERNON WOODARD, WALTER JAVES, JR. Galax, Va. Elizabeth City, N. C. Hertford, N. C. Clayton, N. C. [365] CLASS OF 1965 • OFFICERS ED BAILEY President EUGENE EAGLE Vice President RON BOWERS Secretary ZAN SMITH Treasurer [366] SOPHOMORES ABERSON, JAMES A., JR. VDAMS, JACK L. ADAMS, JOHN E.. JR. DAMS, MICHAE1 1 ADAMS. ROBERT S. ADAMS, WILLIAM T. ALDRIDGE. EVELYN L. ALLEN, DANIEL A.. JR. ALLEN, DANNY T. ALLEN, DAVID S. ALLEN, JOHN D.. JR. ALLEN, JOHN Y. Charlotte, N. C. Fort Lee. Va. sheboro, N. C. Yadkinville, V C Leaksvffie, . t Oxford, N. C. Crossnore, N. C. Roxboro, N. C. Graham, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Asheville. N. C. Burlington, N. C. ALLEN. WILLIAM J, Asheboro, N. C. ALLISON, ALLISON D.. II Raleigh, N. C. VIXSBROOK, ROBERT .. JR. Enfield, N. C. AL TMAN, LAURICE G. Georgelown, S. C. AMMON, ROBERT V. Statesville, N. C. STES. GUS R. Charlotte, N. C. ANDERSON, ALAN R. ANDERSON, JAMES F. ANDERSON, JOHN K. ANDERSON, OLIN S.. JR. ANDERSON. ROBERT L. Wateitown, N. Y. Goldsboro, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Lilesville, N. C. . ilkesboro, N. C. ANDERSON, WILLIAM Winston Salem, N. C. ANDREWS, NORMAN J. Raleigh, N. C. ANGLEY, WILLIAM M., JR. Lenoir, N. C. ARGANBRIGHT, JOHN R. Columbus, Ohio ARMFIELD, JERRY W. Greensboro, N. C. ARMISTEAD, EUGENE W.. JR. Asheville. N. C. ASHBY, PAGE B. Exmore, Va. ATKINS, CARL D. Mebane, N. C. ATKINS, JOHN L., Ill Durham, N. C. ATKINS, LEE Saluda. N. C. ATKINSON, HAROLD S.. JR. Franklin, Va. ATKINSON, HARRY W., JR. Richmond, Va. ATKINSON, HERBERT E„ JR. Raleigh, N. C. AULTMAN, LARRY W. Hickory, N. C. AUSTIN , WILLIAM W.. Ill Raleigh, N. C. BABCOCK. RICHARD I. Raleigh, N. C. BADGER. RICHARD A. Raleigh, N. C BAILEY, JAMES W. Burlington, N. C. BAILEY, MICHAEL E. Fernandina Beach, Fla. BAILEY, RICHARD H. BAILEY, ROGER A. BAIRD, BENNETT R. BAKER. JAMES W. BAKER. ROBERT E. BALLEW. THOMAS H. BANKHEAD. OLIN L., JR. BARBEE, HORACE B. BARBON, JOSEPH H. BARD. GWYN S. BARE, THOMAS L. BARICK, BRUCE H. Woodsdale, N. C. Paterson, N. J. Raleigh, N. C. Wilmington, N. C. Kannapolis, N. C. Blue Ridge, Ga. Hamlet, N. C. M.iysville, N. C. Williamston, N. C. Jefferson, N. C. Marietta, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. BARKER, LEO I., JR. Gastonia, N. C. BARKLEY, JOHN G. Whiteville, N. C. BARNES. DAVID L. Princess Anne, Md. BARNES, JAMES F. Wilson, N. C. BARNWELL, RICHARD H. Hendersonville, N. C. BARRINGER, LUTHER B. Richfield, N. C. 1 1 4, fa LiLSJL [367] SOPHOMORES £££££J - ii ' : • liut P ' P P P P P BARROW, CHARLES P. BASHAM, HERSY G.. Ill BASILE, DONALD E. BATTON, C;EORCE O. BAUCOM. JOHN R. BAUCOM, THOMAS I; BAUCOM, TONY J. BAUCOM, TYNDALL L. BEACH, WILLIAM C. BEACHAM, TERRY D. BEAL, ROBERT L„ JR. BEAMON, PAUL S. BEAVER, BENJAMIN I BECKERDITE, FRED. JR. BEESON, FREDERICK V. BELL, DAVTD W . BELL, ROBERT A, BELL, WAYLAND K. Raleigh, N. C. Lynchburg, a. Larchmont, N. Y. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Wilmington, N. C. Cary, N. C . Polkton, V Marshville, N. Raleigh, N. Kilty Hawk, N. Lincolnton, N. Concord, N. Salisbury, N. Winston-Salem, N. JR. Monroe, N. East Flat Rock, N. Goldsboro, N. Faison, N. BENNETT, LUTHER A., JR BENNETT, RICHARD W. BENTON, JERRY W. BILBRO, CHARLES R. ISIYINS, JOSEPH P. BLACKARD, ROBERT F. Greensboro, N. C Ellerbe, N. C Winston-Salem, Greensboro Elkin Mayodan N. C. V N. C. V C. BLACKBURN, REUBEN, III Murrells Inlet, S. C. BLACKBURN, ROBERT M. BLAINE, CHARLES T. BLANTON, JAMES O.. Ill BLANTON, MARSHALL S. BOLEJACK, WILLIAM C. BOLLS, MICHAEL A. BONARDI, PAUL J. BONDS, JOHN E. BOOTH, JACK M. BOOZER, DONALD E. BORDEAUX, STEVEN K. BOWERS, RONALD J. BOYD, DAVID T. BOYD, GEORGE V. BOYD, RICHARD II. JR, BOYD, ZELBERT E. BOYER, HUGH J. Mount Airy, N. C. Swannanoa, N. C. Winston-Salem, N. C. Shelby, N. C. Reidsville, N. C. Jonesville, N. C. Sanford, N. C. Burlington, N. C. Shawboro, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Ingold. N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Washington, N. C. Henderson, N. C. Fort Mill, S. C. Rose Hill, N. ( Elizabeth City . V t BOYETTE. JOHN R, BOYKIN, WILLIAM BRAAM. ROBERT W. BRACKETT, JESSE C, JR. BRADFORD, EARL E. BRADFORD, WILLIAM E. Trenton. N. C. Bailey, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. High Point, N. C. Lenoir, N. C Mount Airy, N. C. BRAD1.1A, RODERICK W. BRADNIIAW, HARRY R. BRANDENBERG, HENRY D. BRANSFORD, ROBERT A.. JR. BRANT, RICHARD H. BRANTLEY, VESTER R.. JR. Marion, N. ( . Wallace, V C. Lakewood, N. J. Greensboro, V ( Raleigh, N. C. Raleigh, N. ( BRASWELL, KENNETH C;. BRICKER, ALBIN A., Ill BRICKHOUSE, Ci. I).. JR. BRIDGERS, LUTHER E. BRIGGS, JERRY R. BRILEY, THERON K. Rocky Mount, N. C. Arlington, Va. Elizabeth City, N. C. Rock) Mount, N. C. Mars Hill, N. C. Polkton, N. C, [368] SOPHOMORES " ' i rf i BRINER, FRANK C. Kinston, N. C. BRINKLEY, EARL F. Teachey, N. C. BRITT, MILTON R. Goldsboro, N. c. BROCK. ROBERT G. New Bern, N. C. BROOKS, GUY M. Kannapolis, N. C. BROOKS. J Wll S B. Bath, N. c. BROOKS. SANDY 1). Pembroke, N. c. BROOKS, WILLIAM B. Richmund, Va. BROTHERS. BRYANT T. Elizabeth City. N. c. BROUGHTON, RAY B. Durham. N. c. BROWN, JAMES D. Robersonville, N. c. BROWN, JAMES L. Raleigh, N. c. BROUN. JOHN S.. JR. Raleigh, N. c. BROWN, RICHARD S. Carthage, N. c. BROWN, SAMMY A. Sanford, N. c. BROWNE, DOUGLAS J. Alexandria, Va. BRYANT, MAC S. Franklin, N. c. BRYSON, FREDERICK E. Bryson City, N. c. BUCHANAN, GERALD R. High Point, N. C. BUMGARNER. CHARLES R. Wilkesboro, N. C. BUNCH, WILLIAM M. Elizabeth City, N. C. BUNN, C. LAMAR Raleigh, N. C. BURCH, STEPHEN T. Stovall, N. C. BURGIN. FRED L., JR. Forest City, N. C. BURNETTE. JAMES O. BURNETTE, WILLIAM M. BURR, CLYDE V., JR. BURRAGE, ROBERT E. BURWELL, GEORGE A, BUTLER, RONALD S. Oxford, N. C. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Morehead City, N. C. Concord, N. C. JR. McLean, Va. Forest City, N. C. BYRD, LARRY D. CALDWELL. DANIEL L. CAMERON, CHARLES D. CAMPBELL, FREDERICK B. CAMPBELL, RONNIE M. CANNON. WILLIAM L. Norwood, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Cameron, N. C. Fayetteville, N. C. Spindale, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. CANTRELL, ALBERT G. CAPPS, THOMAS E. CARAWAN, GEORGE E. GARAWAN, ROY E. CARPER. JAMES T. CARTER, MARVIN E.. JR. Asheville, N. C. Rocky Mount, N. C. Belhaven, N. C. Greenville, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Kannapolis, N. C. CATO. ROBERT L. Charlotte, N. C. CATTANEO, LEROY T. Toms River, N. J. CAUDLE, MARSHALL E. Charlotte, N. C. CAUSEY, JERRY L. Grifton, N. C. CECIL, JERRY M. High Point, N. C. CERYENY, PHILIP B. Cleveland Heights, Ohio CHVXDLER. WILLIAM G. Arlington, Va. CHANEY, EDWARD S. Harwood. Md. CHAPMAN, CHARLES A. Raleigh, N. C. CHAPMAN, DAVID D. Arlington, Va. CHAPPELL, THEODORE J., JR. Raleigh, N. C. CHAPPELL, VERNON G. Rich Square, N. C. CHARIN, ALAN K. CHARTIER, ROBERT L. CHISWELL, A. G„ JR. CHORNYEI, ERNEST J. CHRISTIE, JAMES R. CHRISTOPHER. JACK L. South Orange, N. J. Shelby, N. C. Southern Pines, N. C. Westerly, R. I. Fayetteville, N. C. Mebane, N. C. tJ W J [369] SOPHOMORES 1 Q m ±JkmJf J M Mifc 4:. ' f» r ft S £. ( HURCH, FRED C. CLAPP, ALLEN L. CLARK, ERNEST C, JR. I II GG, PHILLIP G. ( I I l)l M . JOSEPH A. CLONTZ, ol ' , l . I LOUGH, ARTHUR G. COBB, GENE B. COCKL. II I l M T., Ill COGGINS, HAL Q. COLE. PAUL B. COLE, ROBERT E. COL] MAX. DONALD L. CONNELL, PHILIP (. CONNER, JOSEPH I. COOKE, CHESTER W. COPE, DANIEL W. CORBETT, ELBERT M. CORN, STUART A. COURTER, JOSEPH . COX. HUGH D. COX, JAMES T. CRAFT, DAVID V. CRAWFORD, CLAUDE C. CREECH, DAVID II. CRESS, TRACY S. CREWS, DAVID M. CROSSLAND, WILLIAM I I RUMPLER, BRIAN L. StatesviUe, X. ( Siler City, N. C. Stanley, N. C. Durham, N. C. ilmington, . t . Alpine, N. C. Marion, N. C. Willi;. [te, . C . Charlotte, V i . Salisbury, N. C. Durham. N. C. Greensboro, X. C. Hurdle Mills, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Clinton, N. C. Belmont, N. C. I t ington, N. C. Jacksonville, N. C. Oakland, N. J, Essex Fells, N. J Raleigh, N. C Asheboro, N. C Cherryville, N. C Raleigh, N. C Kenly, N. C. Concord, N. C. Stoneville, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Clinton, N. C. CRUTCHFIELD, ROBERT II. Kannapolis, N. C. CULPEPPER, W. H., JR. CULVER, HORACE M. CUNNINGHAM, C. II.. Ill CURLEE, GEORGE M. CURRIN. CECIL B. CURTIS, THOMAS A. CUTTS, JAMES W. ( III IS. THOMAS T. DAGENHART, ALLEN V, DAILEY, JACK ( DALTON, DOUGLAS R. I) WILL, ALBERT T, Rocky Mount, N. C. Rockingham, N. C. Richmond, Va. Salisbury, N. C. Nelson, Va. Bridgeton, N. C. Stovall, N. C. Stovall. N. C. Stony Point. N. C. Raleigh. N. C. Pine Hall, N. C. Wilson, N. C. DANIEL, RICHARD W. DANIEL, ROBERT L., JR DANIELS, HENRY J. DANIELS, R. E.. JR. DAVES, CHARLES S. I) IS. MILES W., JR. Dunn, N. C. Henderson, V C. Cary, N. C. Elizabeth City, N. C, Boiling Springs, N. C Kitty Hawk, N. C. I) IS. 1 XDLLL E. I) IS. W1I I.IWl F„ JR. DAY, WAYNE T. Ja ksonville, X. C. Winston Salem. N. C. Roxboro, N. C. I) 1 MILT, RODGERS 1 ., JR. I exington, N. C. 1)1 M . 1 MIL L.. JR. 1)1 M , II SSI M DIM . JIMMY V. 1)1 X, WILLARD I!., JR. 1)1 H)X. J1MM1E N. I »] 1 SE, PHILLIP M. DELLOSTRITTO, JOSEPH M. DELONG, HARRY P. Norfolk. Va. Kannapolis, N. C. Aurora, N. C. Wendell. N. C. ln,,iesville, N. C. Carthage, N. C. Pittsburgh, Pa. Wilson. N. C. [370] SOPHOMORES DELUISE. JOHN A. DEW, WILLIAM C. DEWHURST, LAWRENCE H DICKINSON, CARL K. DILLON, LOVD C, JR. DISK. GEORGE G. DIXON. BRYAN S. DIXON. THOMAS L. DOBBINS, DAVID P. DOBBINS. STEPHEN II. DOBBS. GEORGE R. DOUGLAS, WILLIAM M. DOW DY, JACK. D. DOWNING, ROBERT VV. DOYLE, GRADY M. DOZIER, CASPER E. Kinston, N. C. Raeford, N. C. Charlotte. N. C. Spring Hope, N. C. Leaksville, N. C. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Durham, N. C. New Bern, N. C. Shelby, N. C. Cliffside, N. C. shevdle, N. C. Dunedin, Fla. Flillsboro, N. C. Winston Salem, N. C. Zebulon, N. C. Whitakers, N. C. DOZIER, FRANKLIN R., JR. South Mills, N. C. DRAKE, THOMAS F. Lexington, Va. DRINKARD, SHAFTER E. DRISCOLL, JAMES T., JR. DRUM. RICKEY C. DUCKWORTH, CHARLES J. DUFFY, WILLIAM C, JR. DUNAWAY. CLETA E. Raleigh, N. C. Lumberton, N. C. Hickory, N. C. Brevard, N. C. Franklin, Va. Gary, N. C. DUNCAN, WILLIAM H„ JR DUNCAN, WILLIAM M. DUNN, JOSEPH L. EAGLE, EUGENE O, JR. EAKJNS, ROSCOE V., Ill EARLEY, HOWARD E. Burling:on, N. C. Wilkesboro, N. C. Efland, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Carolina Beach, N. C. Lenoir, N. C. EARLIN. LAWRENCE M. EARLY, MELVFN T.. JR. EASON, CHARLES S. EASON, RONALD R. EAVES, THOMAS A. ECKARD. PHIL M. EDGERTON, ERIC R., JR. EDWARDS. CHARLES D. EDWARDS, JAMES W. EDWARDS, LEONARD W. ELLER, JOSEPH C. Sparta, N. J. Colerain. N. C. Gatesville, N. C. Mount Olive, N. C. Clinton, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Kenly, N. C. Sparta, N. C. Stanley, N. C. Nashville, N. C. Purlear. N. C. ELLINGTON, WILLIAM W., JR. Charlotte, N. C. ELLIOTT, HOWARD C, JR. ELMORE. DAVID R. ELMSLIE, NORMAN A., JR. ENGLAND, JAMES G., JR. ENSCORE, ERNEST E., JR. EPLEY, PHILLIP R. Shelby, N. C. Mocksville, N. C. Miami Beach, Fla. Gastonia, N. C. Hampton, Va. Morganton, N. C. ETHERIDGE, JAMES C. Bethel, N. C. EWALD, JOHN R. Roanoke. Va. EWTNG, JOSEPH A. Charlotte, N. C. FAIRCHILD, WILLIAM R. Winston-Salem, N. C. FAIRCLOTH, WELDON W. Autryville, N. C. FAIRES, CHARLES C. Gastonia, N. C. FALBAUM. JACOB V. FARLOW. WILBUR G. IAS NELLA, EDWIN L. FAULK, RICHARD H. FAVOR, CHARLES H. FELTON, GARY W. Winston-Salem, N. C. Sanford, N. C. Roaring River, N. C. Sanford, N. C. Charlo tte, N. C. Winton, N. C. ££ £££ Jr: tffcJlfc t P 9 I M i i fe £££££ « [371] SOPHOMORES ££sT£ . P P 9 FELTON. HENRI N , Ill I ERGUSON, .1 YMES R. I III l)S. JORM W. I ism I!. DA II) M. I ISIII R, MARRY T. I IK II. LOWELL II. Greenville, V C raylorsvUle, N. t . Fayetreville, N. C. Thomasville, N. C. ( mdor, ( . Shertiom, Mass. Ill H 111 II. JAMES 1. 1 lizabeth City, . ( . FLINCHUM, EARL T., JR. Walnut Cove, N. c FLOE . JOHN V. Portsmouth, Va. FLOYD, ROBERT c;.. JR. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. FORNES, ROY W. Greenville, N. C. FORNEY. CHARLES D.. Ill Lawndale, V C. FORREST. JAMES S. Kings Mountain, X. C FORREST, LEWIS C, JR. Newport, V (. I OR I . si EPHEN R. ( larkton, . . I OSIER, ROBERT (.., II!. Kinston, N. C. FOUNTAIN, JEFFERSON E.. Ill Raleigh, V c . FOUST, MR HAIL R. Franklinville, N. C. I I! NC IS. WTLI I AM J.. JR. I R VNKS, LOUIS D. I I ' .l I l N. (. Mil TON. JR. FREEMAN, CARVTE T. FREEMAN. DUFF G. FRELUND. ARTHUR R. FULBRIGHT, NELSON E. FULCHER, DOILi I FULP. CARL D. FUNDERBURK, JOEL M. (. r,l)NI R, JOHN F. GARNER, JOSEPH L. Charlotte, X. Goldsboro, N. C. Tuxedo, V t Charlotte, N. C. Jonesville, N. C. i onkers, N. i . Newton. N. C. Stacy, N. C . Walkertown, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Shelby, N. ( . Newport, N. C. GARNER. LONZO S.. JR. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. GARRETT, JOSEPH E. GARRICK, JOSEPH C. JR. i, I MM] I 1 . ANDREW 11. (.1 FRY, HUGHIE M. GEORGE, HARNEY W. GERMAN, JOHN T. GIBSON, ALBERT F. GIBSON. EDWARD L. GILBERT, GEORGE II., JR. Gil I S. JAMES E. GILES, JAMES S. Ri (.11 1 , J WIFS E. GILLIS, JOHN M.. JR. GIN DI R, (.1 I! 1 I) K. (.1 I AN. J WII S L. (.1 OVER. FRANK . GODDARD, DAVID I. I [at Rock, N. C. Spindale, N. i Wilmington. N. C. Roxboro, N. C. ( ireensboro, N. ( . Boomer, N. C. ilmington, N. C. t harlotte, N. C. Moyock, N. ( . Godwin, N. ( , inoke Rapids, N. C. I [enderson, N . C. Fayettet ille, . ( Miami. I l.i Durham. N. t . Gastonia, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. (.(II 1)1 N, I WII L J. GOLDSTON, HERB1 R I I GOODM N, W VLTER G. GOODNK.II 1.(1(11 I GOODNIGHT, JAMES 11. Saint Julio ' s, Pa. Sanford, . ( Charlotte, N. ( . China Grove, - ( . ilmington, N. ( COODHK II, I 1 11 I I II. II!. Henderson, N. C. GOODSON, TIIEODOR1 . .111. GR ) . VSTOR IE. Ill GRJ I NFIELD, ROBER 1 I GREGORY. JIMMY I) (.1111 FIN, BARRY S. GRIFFIN, DAVID IE, JR. Raleigh, N. C, Peachland, . ( . Mom. int, hi. N. C. Ingier, N. C. [ndianapolis, Ind. Nashville, N. C. [372] SOPHOMORES GRIl 1 IN. HORACE D. Rock; Mount, N. c GRD 1 IN. JOHN II. Rock) Mount, N i GRIl 1 IN. kl NN1 III B. Granite Falls, V c . GRIFFIN, LARRY 1). Kannapolis, V c . GRD 1 IN. MI IAIN ' C. Spring 1 1 " p ' . N. i . GRIFUN. WILLIAM V. JR. Wilson, N. C. GROOM] . I VMES R. 1 ' reensl , N . ( . gross. RALPH S. Winston-Salem, N i GROVE, JOHN R. Greensboro, N. c . GRUBBS, JOHN C. Hickory, N. ( . GUERARD, EDWARD P. JR. Georgetown, S. C. guix, J VMES M Raeford, N . C. GUNTER, JOHN ' R. Raleigh, N. C. GUPTON, THELBERT D .JR. Henderson, V . GUPTON, WALLACE I. I lenderson, N. C. GURLEY, DAVID E.. JR. Goldsboro, N. C. GURLEY, DENNIS E. Hickory, N. C. GUTHRIE, JAMES R. Snow Camp, N. C. II AS1 . REUBEN A. Greensboro, N. C. HABAS. LEONARD H. Jacksonville. X. C . HADDOX, RALPH G. Charlotte. X. C HADDOX, WILLIAM W. Rocky Mount, X. C. II U, XS. GEORGE W. Castle Hayne, X. t . II VIR, HENRY A., JR. Mount Airy, N. C. HAIRE. MARVIN J. Jacksonville. X. C. IIAITH, DON.ALD T. Durham, N. C. HALE, GARY K. Jeffersonville, Ind. HALL, NEEDHAM C. Watha, N. C. HALL, RONALD D. Albemarle, N. C. HALL, WILLIAM C. JR. Plymouth, X. C. HAMILTON, DONALD E. . JR. Charlotte, X. 1 . HAMMOND, CLIFFORD M. Rowland, X i . II VN( MMON. JOSEPH D. Jacksonville, Fla. HANCOCK, THOMAS D., JR. Nebn. X. C. HARDAGE, THOMAS B. Norlina. X. C. HARDY . JACK L., JR. Charlotte, X. t . HARMON. SAMUEL D. Hickory ' , X. ( . HARPER, HERMAN E.. JR. Kinston, N. C. HARPER, PATRICK II. Kinston. X. C. HARRIS, GLEN S. Wakefield, Va. II VRRIS, THOMAS G.. JR. Roanoke Rapids, X. C. HARRISON, ROBERT C. Fort Eustis. Va. HART, LADSON F. Brevard, N. C. HASKINS. DAVID P. Charlotte, X. C . HASKINS, PAUL D. Kernersville, N. C. HAULK. CHARLES J. Forest City, X. C. II A M N, MICHAEL D. Nags Head, X. C. II VYNES, COLON W., JR High Point, N. C. HEATH, SILAS E. Pink Hill. V HEATH, WILLIAM H. Hookerton. X. ( HEGE, ROBERT, III Lexington, X. ( . HELTON, THOMAS F. Raleigh, X. c HEMRIC, CARL D., JR. Dobs. hi. V ( . HENRY, DAVID C. Raleigh. X. t . HERMAN, GARY L. Hickory. X. ( . HI RTER, ALICE E. Lincolnton, X. ( . HICKS, JOEL G„ JR. Winston-Salem, X. c . HILL, DAVID B. W ' adesboro, N. C. HILL. DAVID C. Marshville, X. C. HILL, LEBER I W. New Bern, N. C. [373] £££££ v SOPHOMORES MILL, MIKE L. HILTON, CHARLES V. HILTON . MANLY J. HITE. MILTON L., JR. IIOBBS, CLARENC I W IIORliS, LaELOYD II.. JR. HODGE, JONAH D. HODGES. WALTER R. HOFFMANN, THEODORE C. HOKE. WADE E. HOLDEN, ALEXANDER S. HOLDEN, WILLIAM I. Raleigh, N. C. Thomasviile, N. C. Greensboro, N, C. Charlotte, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Wendell, N. C. Farmville, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Statesville, N. C. Lenoir. N. C. Glenville, N. C. HOLDER, DAVID A. Raleigh, N. C. HOLJES, MELDON A., JR. Greensboro, N. C. HOLLAND, CHARLES L. Shelby. N. C. HOLLAND, DONALD B. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. HOLLAND, EDWARD G. Raleigh, N . . HOLLAWAY, JERRELL P. State Road, N. C. HOLLEY, RICHARD H. Arlington, Va. HOLLINGSWORTH, PEGGY E. Roseboro, N. C. HOLOMAN, STLIART B. Raleigh, N. C. HONAMAN, J. CRAIG Glen Ridge, N. J. HOOKS. GEORGE L., Ill Rocky Mount, N. C. HOOKS, WILEY E. Greenville, N. C. HOPKINS, ROBERT P. HORNE, ELMER L.. JR. IIORNE, THOMAS D. HORNER. BARRY E. HORTON. FREDERICK T., JR. HORTON, THOMAS R. Raleigh, N. C. Wilson. N. C. Polkton, N. C. Salisbury, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. HORTON. WILLIAM S., JR. HOSKINS, JOHNNY L. HOUTZ, HOWARD K.. JR. HOWARD, DEAN HOWARD, DONALD W. HOWELL, JAMES A. Charlotte, N. C. Spencer, N. C. Elizabeth City, N. C. Shelby, N. C. Durham, N. C. Albemarle, N. C. HOWELL. KENNETH E. HOWELL, ROBERT G. HOWELL, WALTER R. HOW I.E. WILLIAM K. HUDSON. JOSEPH M.. JR. I III IT, WILLIAM L. HUFFMAN, RONALD E HUGHES, DAVID S. HUGHES, WALTER H. HULA. MARVIN R. HUMBERT, STEVEN B. Erwin, N. C. Boone, N. C. Wilmington, N. C. Burlington, N. C. Pantego, N. C. Roxboro, N. C. Hickory, N. C. AsheviUe, N. C. Tabor City, N. C. Charles City, Vy. Greenville, N. C. I IUNEYCUTT, RONALD G. Jacksonville. V (. HUNSUCKER, JOHN K. HUNT, TOMMY N. HUNTER. WILLIAM F. HURST, RAEBOURNE B., IH1SLIN, FAYEZ A. F. HYDER. SPURGEON V. Raleigh. N. ( . Franklin, N. C. Clarksville, Va. JR. Winston-Salem, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Rutherfordton, N. C. INGRAM, I Wll S R. INI. I! 1, MILTON G. INGRAM, NELSON P. rNMAN, THOMAS II. IPOCK, LESLIE N.. JR. IP. BY. JOHN F., JR. Goldshoro, N. C. Princeton, N. C. Pleasant Garden, N. C. Morganton, N. C. Mount Olive, N. C. Bon Air, Va. [374] SOPHOMORES inn n, lock w. IVES, LINDA E. IVEY, DAVID J. IVEY, HEEF C. II J U kso . A) I EN C. .1 U KSON. ANDREW R.. JR. Fayetteville, N. C. Kinston, N. C. Alexandria, Va. Lumberton, . ( Roseboro, N. C, Lillington, V ( JACKSON, LOUIS D. Wake Forest, N. C. JAMES, ROBERT L. Wallace, N. C. JEFFERSON, STEPHEN J. Kinston, N. C. JEFFERSON, SUMMERVILLE Richmond, Va. JENKINS, CHARLES R. Charlotte, N. C. JENKINS, JOEL B„ JR. Robersonville, N. C. JENKINS, WILLIAM A., Ill JOHNSON, ALAN M. JOHNSON, DOCK 1 . JOHNSON, GEORGE R. JOHNSON, MICHAEL R. JOHNSON, ROBERT E. Charlotte, N . . New Bern, N. C. Randleman, N. C. Wilmington, N. C. Sanford, N. C. Plymouth, N. C. JOHNSON, THOMAS H. JOHNSTON, MICHAEL T. JOHNSTON, STEPHEN . JOINES. VANN S. (ON WHAN, JEFFRIES JONES, BILLIE W. Media, Pa. Mooresville, N. C. Concord, N. C. Reidsville, N. C. Peoria, 111. Kings Mountain, N. C. JONES, JONES, JONES, JONES, JONES, JONES, BRUCE L. DAVID D. ERNEST V., GILBERT R. HOWELL D., TONY R. JR. JR. JORDAN, BOBBY T. JORDAN, BRUCE C, JR. JORDAN, ERNEST S. JORDAN. TIMOTHY A. JOINER, F. LEON- KALE, PATRICIA A. High Point, N. C. Salisbury, N. C. Williamston, N. C. Sanford, N. C. Franklin, Va. Laurinburg, N. C. Lumberton, N. C. Henderson, N. C. Asheboro, N . C. Charlotte, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Morehead City, N. C. k 1 NY. JOHN J. KEARNEY, WILLIAM C. KELLY, JOHN A., JR. KENNEDY, ARTHUR L. KENNEDY. MICHAEL R. KEPLEY. JACKIE G. Upper Montclair, N. J. Flenderson, N. C. Elkin, N. C. Kinston, N. C. Kinston, N. C. Lexington, N. C. KILLIAN. CHARLIE M., JR. KILLOUGH. JOSEPH A. KILLOUGH. RICHARD E. KING, HORACE T. KING, JACK C. KING, MICHAEL J. KING. THOMAS L.. Ill KING. WILLIAM KIRKLAND, CHARLES F. KISER, RICHARD M., JR. KIYETT, PAUL W. KNOTT, GRADY D. Mount Holly, N. C. Indian Trail, N. C. Matthews, N. C. Wilmington, N. C. Providence Forge, Va. Durham, N. C. Anchorage, Alaska Florence, S. C. Henderson, V ( , Vale, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Clayton, N. C. KOEBBERLING. ERNEST M. KOONTZ, JOE T. KORTE, HERBERT W. KREISS, RICHARD D. KRIDER, DANIEL W. KUYKENDALL, JOEL F. Lenoir. N. «. . Salisbury, N. C. East Orange, N. J. Woodmere, N. Y. Statesville, N. C. Canton, N. C. Ailrtfctfii i± ££££££ fp fy M [375] «iiian nk iMJ;±d;±diM SOPHOMORES © I? £2 a A .i V i V s LAIL. RUPERT C, JR. I l . HARRY K. LAND, SAMUEL B., JR. LAND, THOMAS J., JR. LANE, CLAUDE M. LANE, RICHARD E. 1 WE, ROBERT E. LANGSTON, ANDREW M. LANIER, HAROLD M. LANKFORD, THOMAS B. Hickory, N. C. Leaksville, N. C. South Hill. Va. Fori Walton, Fla. Grandy, N. C Macon, Ga. Dover. N. C. New ton Grove, V C, Bunnlevel, . C. Elkin, N. C. LAO, MAN BEN L. LAO, YEK HI N I Quezon City, Philippines Quezon C itv. Philippines I SI.EY, JANSEN B. LAU, WAI-YUEN W. LAWRENCE, GLORIA J. LEE, CAMERON W. LEE, JAMES R. LEE, JERRY D. Lancaster, S. C, Hong Kong Vsheville, N. C. Wake Forest. . C. ashington, N. C. Coats. . C LEIDY, STEPHEN G., JR. LEIMONE, LOUIS A. LEINSTER, JOSEPH A. LEONARD, HERBERT G. LEONARD, VIRGIL C. JR. LESTER, GERALD T., JR. LEWIS, JOHN I LEWIS. JON R. LILLY, JOHN P. LIM, VICENTE T. LIND, EDWARD S. LINDLEY, JOHN W. Goldsboro, N. C. Burgaw, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Louisburg, N . C . Lexington, N. C. Kins on, N. C. Hamlet, N. C. Fairmont, N. ( . Troy, N. C. Manila, Philippines Sanford, N. C. Siler City, N. C. He I INDSAY, LENNOX II., Ill L1NDSTROM. JOHN II. LINEBERGER, PAUL N. LINEBERGER, RONALD C. LISK, JAMES R. I I I I IE, DANIEL C. LOLLIS, GUY H. LONG, JOHN E. LO 1 TTE, JERRY L. LOW DER, JAMES T. LOWMAN, HARVEY LOY, REGINALD F. ndeisom ille. N. t . Princeton, N. J. Dallas, N. C. Dallas. V t Albemarle. VI. Pittstown, N. J. Chocowinity, N. C Asheville, N. C Burlington, N. ( Burlington, N. C Oteen, N. C Burlington, N. C LOZADA. PEDRO B., JR. Lima. Peru LUTZ, FREDERICK K. Southern Pines, N. C. McAllister, howard w., jr. Vurora, in. McBRIDE, KEITH G. Grove City. Pa. McCALL, JOE D. Fayetteville, . C. McCANN, ROY C. Elkin, . C ht Mil EY, ST1 Pill N I . McCULLOCH. JOHN W. McDANIEL, ROGER W. McENTIRE, JACKII I McGHX, RALPH N. McGIRT, ALBERT F„ JR. VIcGR UV. J VMES R. Mcknight, howard i. McKOWN, PAUL D., JR. McLean, geoffrey d. McNeill, jerry r. MacARTHUR, ROBERT I). Old I. hi. V Greensboro, N. Kinston, . Wilkesb N. Charlotte, N. Rowland, . Winston-Sale m, N. C. Williamston, N. C. Bayside, Va. Rock) Mount, N. C. Asheb N. I . Shell, v. N, I . [376] SOPHOMORES 1 u o lso . I ll s B. Shelby, . ( . MADISON, CLAUDE 1).. JR. Statesville, . ( VI Mil I R, W II II l W. Grifton, N. i VIANER, DONALD F. New London, N. (. 1WISS. M 111! W. Fayetteville, N. C. 1 . STERLING M. Newport, N. C. l VRR, MM I . MARSH, BRADLEY . l MiSII LI . DAVID B. M VRSHALL, WAYNE IE MARSHALL, WILLIAM E. l i; I l . [AMES IE I ayettei tile, N. C. Raleigh, N I ( ,l.h1u ne, Pa. Colfax . i Raleigh, V ( . Franklinville, N. C. M VRTIN, I M1 S L. MARTIN, LEVON 1 SI C LIE. HENRY M. MASO, C 1SAR A. l S()N. CLARISSA Roxh N. C . Kannapolis, N. C. Winston-Salem, N. ( . Sin Juan, Puerto Rico Washington, N. C. MASON, STANLEY W., JR. Garden City, N. V MATHESON ' . GORDON C. JR. Sunbuty, Pa. MATTOCKS, THOMAS P. Kinston, N. c. M VUNEY, FLEMING kings Mountain, N. C. l WWTXL. JERRY M. Raleigh, N. C. MAY. ROBERT W. I armville, N. C. MAYFIELD, FRANK 11. Norlina, N. C. l 1S, LAWRENCE R. Ml MIES, JAMES D. MEDLIN, ANDREW I. Ml I I I . ROY I ., JR. MEEKS, LEONARD D. MERCER, GENE B. Sand) Ridge, N. C. Gloucester, N. C. Thomasville, N. C. Asheville, N. C. Spr.iN. N ( . Pink Hill. N. C. MERRILL, RALPH B.. JR. Winston-Salem, V C . METZ, DAVID A. Huntington Station. N. Y. MIDGETT, JOHNNA B. Hillsboro, N. C. MIDYETTE. JACK B. iu N. C. MILLER, CLOYD F. Hickory, N. C. MINER, DAVID K. Mobile, Ala. MILLER, DA ID S. MILLER, GARRY E. MILLER. LEWIS R. MILLER, ROBERT W . MILLER, RONALD L. Concord, N. C. Winston-Salem, N. C. Carthage, N. C. Great Neck, N. Y. West Islip, N. Y. MILLER. THEODORE, III Win, ton Salem. N. C. MM 1 s, EDW VRD I. MILLS. JAMES T. MIIC III LI , (.l I () M. MITCHELL, WILLIAM R. MITCHUM, PATRIC1 V G. MONTGOMERY, HENRY MOORE, DW ID C. MOORE, DAVID II. MOORE, DW II) M. MOORE, JERRY L. MOORE. Kl I III R. MOORE, MIIC HELL China Grove. N. C. Shelby, N. C. Salisbury, N. C. Wake Forest, N. C. Lenoir. N. C. E. Durham. N. C . Hudson, N. C Vsheville, V ( Memphis, Tenn. Gastonia, N. C. kannapolis. V C , Cordon a, N. C . MOORE. ROBERT IE. JR. MOORE, WILLIAM R. MOOSE. THOMAS L. MORELOCK, GEORC.I I MORGAN, JOHNNY IE MORRIS, ASHLEY W. Durham. N. C . Wilson, N. C . Cary, N. C. Fort Bragg, N. C. Lexington. N. C . High Point, N. C. £££££ » v . i lUMiiiL l [37Z] k fl ra Afli m M. ■ Mfl L f I J £ P F € t JS . ' ' s fink 9Js£. 1K9 Mp P P P p ft p r jp SOPHOMORES MORRIS, CHARLES E. Raleigh, N. C. MORRIS, DON MI) S., .IR. Winst.inS.ilen,, N. C. MORRIS, WADE D. Wilson. N. C. MORRISON. WHITE II., Ill Nashville, Tenn. MORTON, CRAVEN C. Ubemarle, N. C. I()1I1R . MICHAEL M. Scott A.F.B.. 111. MULLINAX, BARRY S. Henderson ville, N. C. Mill 1 INS, WILLIAM 1. Short Hills , N, J. MUNDY, STEVEN D. Conover, N. C. MURRAY, FINNIE A., Ill Burgaw, N. c. MURK Y. 1 I ' .l 1). JR. Wilmington, N. c. MLISS, FRANCIS T. I .i ctteville. N. c. Mi 1 l!S, J Wll S D. Durham, N. c. NELSON, RALPH A., JR. Winston-Salem, N. c. NEWELL. TYRA L. Elizabeth City, N. c. l WSOM, MAJOR C. Roanoke Rapids, N. c. NEWSOM! . JAMES R. Lnston-Salem, N. c. NEW ION. HENRY C, JR. Wagram, N. c. K HOLS, LERRY O. ( lastonia, N. c. NICHOLSON, BROCK M. Raleigh, N. c. NORDAN, JOHN M. Concord , X. c. NORMAN, HAROLD I). Charlotte, N. c. NORMAN, WILLIAM P. Charlotte, N. c. NORRIS, MIC II FL R. Wilmington, N. c. NORRIS. TED C;. den, N. c. OATES, DAVID I.. Ill Rocky Mount, N. c. OATES, RONALD W. Ilendersonville, N. c. OGBURN, HAROLD L. Smithfield, N. c. OGBURN, W VDE L. Roanoke Rapids, N. c. OKI 1 1 . DAVID C, JR. Charlotte, N. c. OLIVER, BRAXTON S.. II Washington, N. c. OLIVER, ETHEL M. C an. N. c. OLLIS, JOHNNY R. Morgan ton, N. c. ONER. ALI II. Eruruin. Turkey OQUINN, BYRON J. Lillington, N. c. ORMAND, RAGAN 11. Bessemer City, N. c. ORR, THOM s I . Candler. N. c. OWENS, JAMES R. Rocky Mount, N. c. OWENS, MIC 11 ML H. Sylva, N. c. PAOLETTI, RI( HARD 1 . Toledc i, Ohio 1 ' VRISH, WILLIAM J. nisi, m Salem, N. c. PARKER, ANNE M. Raleigh, N. c. PARKER, DON VLD C. Brevard, N. c. PARKER. J WHS S. ( lieensboro, N. c. PARSONS, SUSW N Black Mountain. N. c. PATE, THOMAS R. Raleigh, N. c. I ' M II RSON, | VMES P., JR. Mamers, N. c. PAUL. I Wll s 1 „ JR. New Bern, N. c. I ' W l , NORM T„ JR Ch ailotte, N. c. PI M OCK, l i I NT G. Uson, N. c. PI ( oi K, W II 1 1 AM . J .. Ill Sanfoid, N. c. PI MtSON, JOHN W, Apex, N. c. PI VRSON, 1 IIOMAS 1). llki ' shiKM. N. c. I ' l 1 DIN. 1 Wll S F. Selm.i. N. c. I ' l 1 1 1 . DON l D (.. Stokes, N. c. I ' l 1 1 1 R, C.1L11ERI Charlotte. N. c. I ' l Mill 1 . GEORGE G. W.ilden, N. Y. I ' l I C.I It. CHESTER B. , JR. Chailotte, N. c. I ' l NNY, Mil Raleigh, N. c. PERKINSON, 1 RANK D., JR. U ise, N, c. [378] SOPHOMORES PERRY, DAVID L. PERRY. DONALD D., Ill PERRY, HILTON B. PERRY, LLOYD T. P] USING] R, JAMES R. PETREE, WILLIAM S.. JR. PHILLIPS. BOBBY G. PIKE. JOE B. POISSON, JOHN P. PONCAVAGE, EDWARD POPE, HAL D. POPE. WILLIAM T. Burlington, N. C. Hamlet, . C. Greensboro, N. C. Merrj Hill, N. ( , iydc ii. . C, High Point, N. C. China Grove, . ( . Mount Airy, . C . ilmington, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Havelock, N. C. Durham, N. C. POPLIN. WILLIAM A.. Ill Rockingham, N. C. PORTER, GEORGE Z. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. PORTWOOD, WARREN T. Raleigh, N. C. POUNDERS, JOSEPH C.. JR. Shell); . V ( POWELL, EDGAR E., Ill Clemmons, N. C. POWELL, WILLIAM E. Greensboro, . C. PRJESLAR, ROBERT A. Norfolk, Va. PREUSSEL, WILLARD. JR. Winston-Salem, N. C. PRITCHARD, JOHN S. West Point, Va. PRITCHARD. WILLIAM E., JR. Hopewell, Va. PL1CKETT. RALPH K. Mount Olive, N. C. PUGH, FRED T„ JR. High Point. N. C. PURCELL, GARNIE B. Harlan, Ky. PURVIS, WILLIAM T. Rocky Mount N C. PYATTE, EDWARD M. Lenoir N c RACKLEY, CLALIDE L. Clinton N c RANSONE, PHILIP O. 1 tampt in, Va. RATLIFF, BLAKE A. Wadesboro N C. R Y, FREDERICK H. Glen Rock . N ■ J. REDMON, IVEY M., JR. Kernersville, N. C. REED. RUSSELL M. Arlington, Va. REESE, WALTER L. Hickory, N c. It 1,11), JACK D. Norwood, N. c. REVELS, RICHARD W. Raleigh, N. c. REYNOLDS. WILLIAMS A. Rockingham, N. c. RHODES. THOMAS M. Leaksville, N. c. RICE, JOHN S.. JR. Fort Bragg, N. c. RIDDICK, WILLIAM, JR. Elizabeth City, N. c. RILEY, LARRY H. Hollins, Va. RITCHIE, GLENN E„ JR. Richfield, N. c. RIVENBARK, ROBERT K. Wallace, N. c. ROBBINS, EDWARD H. New Bern, N. c. ROBERSON, HOKE S. Williamston, N. c. ROBERSON, HOLLIS R. Candler, N. c. ROGERS, ALLISON S. Charlotte, N. c. ROGERS, JOHN D. Elizabeth City, N. c. ROGERS, JOHN M. Williamston, N. c. ROGERS, THOMAS F. Charlotte, N. c. ROSE, BILLY M. Pantego, N. c. ROSE, NORMAN H. Princeton, N. c. ROSEYEARE, RONALD N. Greenville, N. c. ROSS, DONALD W. Sanford, N. c. ROUTH, TFIOMAS S. Greensboro, N. c. RUDASILL, ELBERT G. Shelby, N. c. RUFTY. DONALD L. Salisbury, N. c. RUFTY, DONALD R. Taylorsville, N. c. RUI ' I ' L. JERRY L. Cliffside, N. c. RUSSELL, ROGER A. Alexandria, Va. . f, ' " p £■- ' e [379] SOPHOMORES jmi ' - — — i : ,»i, A, Crt, a «S F r £ p r . _; M toJxJk RUST, CHARLES G. SALE, WILLIAM C. SAMPSON, ALFRED K., s WIS, I Wll S D., JR. SANDERS, JAMES C. SANFORD, I MES C. S R 1 IN, 1 RL M., JR. SARVIS, (.11 .HER I G. JR. c hailotte, N. ( Ronda, N. C. Greensboro, N. t . Enk.i. N. C. Badin, N. C . Raleigh, V ( . Burlington, N. C. Reidsville, N. C. SATTLRWIUTE, CARL M.. JR. Salisbury, N. C. SAUNDERS, PATRICIA E. sui ni us, n i k. SCHMIDT, KAARI Raleigli, N. C. Franklinville, N. C. Decatur, Al.i. S( I II) I I, III M!V J., JR. SCHWEERS. ANDREW P. SCOFIELD. MICHAEL S. SEARS, CHARLES L., JR. SECUREST, WALTER S. SECHRIST, DOUGLAS B. lyden, N. C Winston-Salem, N. C. Asheville, N. C. Rockwell, . i . Lexington, N. C Statesville, N. C. SLITZ, HENRY W., JR. SESSOMS, RICHARD A. si I I R, GEORGE J. SHACKELFORD, NEAL H.. SHANKLE. REBECCA J. Newton, N. C. Apex, N. C. Somerset, N. I. JR. Uamance, N. C. Raleigh, X. C. SM ON, LIONEL J., JR. Kitty Hawk, N. C. SHELTON, JOHNNY D. SHELTON, ROBERT W. SHEPHERD, DAVID . SIIILLINGLAW, JOHN P., JR. SHIRLEY, GEORGE R„ JR. SIIIVI s, BYRON L. SHUEORD, GORDON E., JR. SILLS, ERNEST K. SILVER, NELLIE J. SIMERSON, HAYDEN C. SIMMONS. JOHN M. SIMPSON, HAROLD G., JR. Vlbemarle, N. C. Madison, N. C. Salisbury, N. C. Rock Hill, S. C. Greensboro, N. C. Salisbury, N. C. Hickory. N. C. Hickory, N. C. Kenly, N. C. Salisbury, N. C. Burlington, N. C. Beaufort, N. C. SLAWTER, DONALD R. SMITH. HERBERT S. SMITH, HO IS J. SMI I II, JAMES D. SMITH, JAMES E. SMITH, JAMES S. SMITH, J B. SMI I II. JOSI I ' ll . SMITH, LYNDA L. s n 1 II. ROB1 111 ' W. SMI I II. WOODIE C. SMITH, P. SNEED, ROBERT H. S l I I . RI( II RD F. s l I SON, I RAN KLIN F. SNIPES. J Wll s V., JR. SOM1 RS, HENRY W., JR. SOR( I , SAM J, SORRELL, CLYDE R. SORRE1 I . DONNELL W., JR. SPAINHOUR, JOHN M. SPEAG1 1 . kl l 111 R. sl l II, I III l)ll, C., JR. SPENC III, CARROLL W. Greensboro, N. C. Rockingham, N. C. Wingate, N. C. Benson, N. C. Shelby, N. C. Arlington, Va. Marshville, N. C. Mount Airy, N. C. Mount Holly, N. C . Vyden, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. C hapel Hill, N. C. I [enderson, N. C. Lumberton, N. C. Richmond, Va. Haw Rn.i, N. C. Burlington, N. . Passaic, N. J. Durham, . ( . Mmrisvillc, N. C. Lenoir, N. C. Shi Iby, N. ( . Roseboro, N. C. I aison, N. C. [380] SOPHOMORES SPl l I R, DENNIS O. spi c I 11. JOS] I ' ll VI. spoon, JOE F. SPRINKLE, GERM I) I SPRY, DARRELL L. STACK. VICTOR G. STALLJNGS, LESTER 1!. si MP1 -R. GILBERT W si AMP! 1 Y, ROBERT K. STEAGALL, DARRELL C. Sill II , J WHS C... .11!. sll 1 I I , RONAJ I) W. Hickory, N. C. Charlotte, . C. 1 iberty, N. C. I til I. Unite. . C. China Grove, N. C. Julian, N. C. Winston Salem, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Portsmouth, Va. Lcaksville, N. C. Belmont, N. , Burlington, V t ££££££ STEPHENS, PHILIP (.. STEWART, LARRY V. STEWART, THOMAS H. STIKELEATHER, WADE E. STINNER, RONALD E. Slot KS, WILLIAM M. STOLT, ROBERT D. STONE, TOMMY L. STONER, ROBERT G., JR. STORASKA, JOHN F, STOREY, JAMES R. STOTT, DOUGLAS L. STOUGH, STANLEY D. STOWE, DAVID H. STOWE, GERRY F. STRAWBRIDGE, JAMES E. STROUD, ERIC S. STROUP, THOMAS F. Rockj Mount, N. C. Elkin, N. C. Henderson, N. C. Stony Point, N. C. N. Bellmore, N. Y. Hookerton, N. C. Cadillac, Mich. Rowland, N. C. Richfield, N. C. Bluomsbure,. P.i. Durham, N. C. Greenville, N. C. Woodleaf, N. C. Belmont, N. C. Kannapolis, N. C. Durham, N. C. Ellenboro, N. C. Brevard, N. C. STRUM, JACK C. STLIART, DAVID H. STUART, DAVID L. STUMP, CHAD M. STUTTS, FLOYD T., JR. SIUTTS, JOHNNY E. SUGGS, RALPH L. SULLIVAN, ALBERT G. SULLIVAN, THOMAS SUMMERUN. BILLY SUMMITT, JIMMY 1!. SUMNER, CHARLES T. SWAIN, JAMES G. SWAIN, JAMES W. s DNTG, FOIL D„ JR. TATE, HAROLD .. JR. TATUM, ALFRED N. TAYLOR, ANDREW J.. JR. TAYLOR, HOWARD K., JR. TAYLOR, JOFLN L. TAYLOR, JULIAN R. TAYLOR, WARREN I. TAYLOR, WILLIAM N. TEAM, JAMES L. Rocky Mount, N. C. Winston-Salem, N. C. Matewan, W. Va. Lynchburg, Va. Greensboro, N. C. Mooresville, N. C. Gastonia, N. C. Hickory, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Monroe. N. C. Cherryville, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Elkin, N. C. Columbia, N. C. Lexington, N. C. Farmville, Va. Pittsboro, N. C. Washington, N. C. Como, N. C. Conway. N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Portsmouth, Va. Pikeville, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. TEDDER, JAMES J. TEPPER, WILLIAM D. THEYS, JOHN C, JR. THOMAS. CHARLES IL, THOMAS, EDWARD R. THOMAS. JAMES L. Greensboro, N. C. Flagtown, N. J. Raleigh, N. C. JR. Marion. N. C. Farmville, N. C. Winston Salem, N. C. e- [381] SOPHOMORES J m Ik-c-t C 1 ? » I HOMPSON, JERRY W. THOMPSON. LEONARD R. THOMPSON, WILLIAM K. THOMSON, MARVIN W. I K I . W II II VM E. flMBERLAKE, GUV J.. JR Graham, N Wilmington, N Raleigh, N Winston-Salem, N. Durham, N Timberlake, N C. C. c. c. c. c. TODD, SHELBY L. Ahoskie, N. C. TOTHILL, ALII N K. Winston Salem, . C. TRADER, ALLEN T., JR. Havelock, N. C. I III I LICK. WILLIAM E.. JR. Orangeburg. S. C. TURNER, I II Mills C, JR. Newton, N. C. TURNER, JAMES K. I incolnton, N. C. TURNER. JOSEPH E. TWIGGS, W II .1.1 VM J. I YSINGER, GARY L. UNDERWOOD, DANIEL M. VNDA, J WIES B. VNCE, J()ll I.. JR. Wl I . lUlssl LL G. DERVEER, RICHARD Will K, MICHAEL T. V W . ERIC W. UIGHN, ROBERT II. VERNON. CLAY H., Ill VINSON, ALLEN W. YOLLMER. NORBERT J. W ' ADSWORTH, JOHN C. WALKER, ANTHONY L. WALKER, ERNEST D„ JR. W l.l . Mil HALL W. WA1 LACE, RALPH T. WALSH, LEONARD WARD, PERRY L. WARD, RICHARD J. W RD, ROBERT K. sheboro, Greensboro, Sanford, Burlington, Raleigh, Kernersville, N. C. Burlington, N. C. North Branch, N. J. Pasadena, Texas Charlotte. N. C. Reidsville, N. C. Milton. N. C. Swansboro, N. C. Louisburg, N. C. Magnolia, N, I . Candler, N. C. Hickory, N. C. Henrietta, N. C. Cameron, N. C. Roxboro, N- I . Canton, N. C. Rose Hill, N. C. High Point, N. C. WARE. MEL I 1 . l! l R, BR M)i II.. WARNER, GARY B. R I.R, 1. 11 WT H. WARREN, CHARLES C. WARREN. JOE B., JR. VRREN, LARRY D. Kings Mountain. N. C. Lexington, N. C. rhomasville, N. C. Wilmington, Del. Robersonville, V C. New ton Grove, V I . Newton Grove, . C, l IORD. GARY C. WATKINS, JTMM1 . W I KINS, WILLIAM D. W I SON, FRED R. W ls ) . W II LIAM L, JR. I. MERRITT W., JR. 1 homasville, N. C. i ance) ville, N. C. Wadesboro, N. C. Lenoir, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. ( Ireensboro, N. C. 1 I 11. 1. 1 1 N O. WEEKS. MARTIN W .. JR. WEIR. LAW 111 l 1 s . 111. I IMl.ER. DAVID A. WETMORE. PAUL II., JR. WTIALEY. RONALD L. WHEELER, DONALD W. III I I . GEORGE O. III I I . KENNETH (,. WHITE, LARRY R. III I 1 . lllllll Y R. W III II I Y. 1 AI M 1M.1 . Raleigh. N. C. Mount Olive, V i . Great Falls. S. C. I anwood, N. J. Raleigh, N. C. Gamer, V C. Benson, N, C. I.illington, N. C. South Mills. N. C. Randleman, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Middlesex. N. C. [382] SOPHOMORES V HURLEY, STANLEY G. I Ml. I AYETTE C. W 11)1 NHOUSE, WILLI Wl C. w ii ki s. i ii i;lls a. w II KINSON, ROBERT H. WTLLARD. PEARY A. Raleigh, V Raleigh, V Morganton, N. Greensb V l :esville, N. Gieensboio, . t . WILLIAMS. BENNETT V WILLIAMS. c;lln N. WILLIAMS, JERRY D. W 111 I WIS, 1 R IN I). WILLIAMS, ROY C, JR. WILLIAMSON, l ' RESTON M., JR Winston Salem, Ahoskie, V t . Randleman, N. C. Oakboro, N. C. Kannapolis, N. . . Eagle Springs, N, C. WILLIS, ROBERT L., JR. WILSON, CHARLES T., JR. II SON, HENRY F., JR. WILTSHIRE, ROBERT A., II WINTON, CHARLES iN. WIRTZ, GEORGE W. Lawndale, V C. Durham, N. C. Siler C ' it . N. C. Chev) Chase, Md. R.ilci K h, N. C. Carthage, N. C. WISE, MICHAEL S. WISEKAL, CHARLES A. WOFFORD. JOHN C. WOLFF. MAURY WONG, JUAN M. WONG. MANUEL Greensboro, N. C. Baldwin, N. Y. Johnson City, Tenn. Fredericksburg, Va. West Union, Ohio West Union, Ohio WOODCOCK. MELYIN E. WOOTEX. ARTHUR L., JR. WOOTEN, GLENWOOD W . WOOTEN, SIMEON A.. JR. WORKMAN, DAVID W. WRAY, DAVID L. Richmond, Va. Wilson, N. C. Fountain, N. C. Wilson, N. C. Thomasville, N. C. Shelby, N. C. WRIGHT, PETER L. W t HE, HENRY B. WYNNE, JOHNNY C. YANCEY, FIOWARD B., JR. YARBOROUGH. JAMES L. YARBOROUGFI, MARY W. New York, N. Y. Hallsboro, N. C. Williamston, N. C. Gastonia, N. C. Shelby, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. YARBROUGH, JOHN W. Winston Salem, . C. YASIN ' SAC, ANDREW YATES, HAROLD T. YEAGER, JOHN W., IV YOUNG, DOUGLAS L. YOUNG. FRANCIS N. Sparta. N. C. Durham, V ( . Hickory. N. C. New Bern. N. C. Raleigh, N. C. YOUNG, ROBERT W. Durham, N. C. YOUNG, SAMUEL R. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. YOUNG, THOMAS H. Norlina, N. C. YOUNGMAN, ROBERT S. New York, N. Y. YU, GEORGE C. N. Sao Paulo, Brazil ZARAS, ARTIE Rockingham, N. C. ZIMMERMAN. JAMES L., JR. Lexington, N. C. tiMd d. M MiTfe O. fi P P P f riMf, i £ifc til [383] CLASS OF 1966 • OFFICERS JOHN SULLIVAN President CHIP ANDREWS ice President 111 DA BUNDY Secretary IOIIX MITCHELL Treasurer [384] FRESHMEN ARERNATIIY, GEORGE W., JR. Morganton, N. C. i:i RNETHY, MAX D. Vale, N. c. ABRAMS, CHARLIE I.. JR. Macclesfield. N. c. ADAMS, JERRY F. Benson, N. c. ADKINS, JOHN G. 1 lallsburo. N. c. ALENCASTRO, JORGE E. Raleigh, N. c. ALEXANDER, PAUL S. 1 lays, N. c. ALEORD, JOHN L. Charlotte, N. c. l KIS, IIALIS Ankara, lurk v ALLEN, BENJAMIN H. Belhaven, N. c. ALLEN, JAMES W. Leasburg, N. c. ALLEN, JEFFREY B. Greensboro, N. c. ALLEN, JOHN L.. JR. Troy, N. c. ALLEN, SONDRA J. Shelby, N. c. ALLEN, TOMMY H. Stem, N. C. ALLISON, JOHN W. Greensboro, N. C. ALLSBROOK, ERNEST R„ JR. Cary, N. C. ALMOND, DONALD J. Shelby, N. C. ALTEMUS, ROBERT W. Miami, Fl.i. AMAN. DAVID M. Jacksonville, N. C. AMOS. JOSEPH T., JR. Morganton, N. C ANDERSON, EDWARD J. Raleigh, N. C. ANDERSON, HARRY E. Louisa, Va. ANDREWS, RORERT F., Ill Brevard, N. C. ANDREWS, ROY W. Mt. Holly, N. C. APPLE, HOWARD D. Burlington, N. C. APPLEYARD, JOHN J. Winston Salem, N. C. ARRINGTON, RURGIE L., JR. Mt. Airy, N. C. ASHTON, MAX R. ASH WORTH, DONALD J. ATAMAN, SLECUK ATKINS, PHILIP W. ATKINSON. KIRRY G. AL1LRERT, HAROLD V. AUSTIN, JOHN B. AUSTIN. THOMAS F.. JR. AUSTIN, THOMAS G. AVANT, HUGH R. BARR. EVERETTE H. RADGETT, FLOYD J. BAGGETT, HENRY C. Atascadero, Calif. Rrevard, N. C. Maras, Turkey Colfax, N. C. Clarkton. N. C. High Point, N. C. High Point, N. C. Silver Spring, ,Md. Willow Springs, N. C. Forest City, N. C. Holly Springs, N. C. Mt. Airy, N. C. Reidsville, N. C. RAHNSON, CHARLES F., JR. Cooleemee, N. C. BAILEY, HENRY D. RAILEY, JAMES R. BAKER, JAMES P. BAKER, WILLIAM C. BAKER, WILLIAM C. BALL, MARCUS J. BANNAN, WILLIAM C. RARAGONA, PAUL J. BARBOUR, NANCY S. BARCLAY, WILLIAM J., JR. RARHAM. RICHARD D. RARKALOW, JOANNA RARKER. JOHN C. RARKER, WILLIAM F. RARNETT, GEORGE W. RARRINGER, JAMES R. RARWJCK, ARNOLD G. BAUCOM, CHARLES D. BAUM. HARRY W. BEASLEY, JOSEPH L. BEAVER, HARRISON A., BECK, JEBRY L. BECK, LONNIE C. BECKOM. JIMMIE L. BELL, ARLAND L. BELL, JAMES H. BELL, LYNWOOD J. BENNETT, CHARLES R. Raleigh, N. C. Marion, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Durham, N. C. Rocky Mount, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Newburgh, N. Y. Winston-Salem, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Franklin, Va. Raleigh, N. C. Salisbury, N. C. Mt. Holly, N. C. Boone, N. C. Richfield, N. C. Goldsboro, N. C. Apex, N. C. Cana, Va. Benson, N. C. Landis, N. C. Lexington, N. C. Wadesboro, N. C. Burlington, N. C. Havelock, N. C. Lillington, N. C. Smithfield, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. JR. BENNETT, LAYTON Raleigh, N. C. BENSON, CHARLES K„ JR. Burlington, N. C. BENSON, WILLIAM A. Charlotte, N. C. RERNARD. MICHAEL H. Greens Farms, Conn. RERNHARDT, CHARLES E. Lexington, N. C. RIDDLE, RONALD E., JR. Asheboro, N. C. BIGGERS, SHERRILL B„ JR. Spindale, N. C. jP P p 9 £ Q © M .| Xk [385] ' ££££ ££ FRESHMEN J I J1 ±mMM mi t « " • - p. r Jklh J Jk Ih jEL [386] BIGGS, CHARLES L. BILGER, WILLIAM D. BIRD. PAUL E., JR. BISSETTE, GEORGE II. BLACK, BEN B.. JR. BLACK, GERALD M. BLACKWOOD, ROY E. Fayetteville, N. C. Durham, N. C. theville, Va. Denver, N. C. Stanfield. N. C. High Point, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. BLAIR, WILLIAM M. Charlotte, N. C. BLAKELY, MICHAEL R. Sanford, N. C. BLALOCK, LLOYD V. Winston Salem, N. C. BLANCHARD, WARREN M. Ahoskie, N. C. BLAND, DANIEL A. Raleigh, N. C. Bl VNTON, ALBERT B., JR. Shelby, N. C. BLANTON, DWIGHT H. Laurel Hill, N. C. BLEDSOE, JIM A. 1 .i wtteville. N. C. BLEICKEN, CARL W. Hingham , M ass. BLONDEAU, HAROLD E. Glen Bumie, Md. BLUM. NANCY M. Ft. Bragg, N. C. BLYTHE, DOUGLAS C. Frankl in, Va. BOCHEWEK, PETER F. McLean, Va. BOGART, BARRY C. Hampton , N • J- BOLTREK, PETER B. Wautagh, N. Y. BONE, TALBOT W. Raleigh, N. C. BOOKER. HAROLD Varina, N. C. BOONE, GEORGE L., JR. Rocky Mount, N. C. BORDER, CHARLES R. Waynesville, N. c. BOUNDS, MICHAEL F. Chapel Hill, N. C. BOWERS, CROWELL G. Norwood, N. c. BOWERS, FLOYD E., JR. Siler City, N. c. BOWERS, KEITH A. Thomasville, N. C. BOWMAN, MICHAEL L. Julian, N. c. BOYKIN, JAMES O. Wilson, N. c. BRADLEY, RAYMOND F. Elon College, N. c. BRADSHAW, JOSEPH E. Rose Hill, N. c. BRADY, WILLIAM T. Carthage, N. c. BRAKE, JAMES E. Rocky Mount, N. c. BRANT, MARGARET R. Raleigh, N. c. BRANUM, HORACE R. Muskogee, Okla. BRAUCHER, DAiNIEL D. Leesport, Pa. BRAUER, JOHN W. Norlina, N. C. BRAWLEY, CLYDE R. Mooresville, N. c. BRAWLEY, PAUL 1. Mooresville, N. c. BRENNER, DAVID C. Asheville, N. c. BRESLER, ROBERT W. Weaverville, N. c. BRETT, JOHN M. Ahoskie, N. c. BRIDGES, ROBERT A. Lawndale, N. c. BRINKLEY, GARY S. Mocksville, N. c. BRINKLEY, JACK W. Milton, N. c. BR1SSIN, ISAAC H. Salisbury - , N. c. BRITT, WILLIAM M. Raleigh, N. c. BROADHURST, EDWIN B. , JR. Bucks, England BRODIE, BENJAMIN T., JR. Scotland Neck, N. c. BROGDEN, DOUGLAS E. Marshall, N. c. BROOKBANK, JOHN B., II Winston-Salem, N. c. BROOKS, ROBERT A. Shelby, N. c. BROOKS, SAMUEL I ., JR. Richmond, Va. BROOKSHIRE, CURTIS B., JR. Randleman, N. C. BROOME, TIMOTHY G. Monroe, N. C. BROUILLARD, LESLIE L., JR. Rich Square, N. C. BROWER, LENNIS R. High Point, N. C. BROWN, DALE L.. JR. Goldsboro, N. C. BROWN, DAVID E. Clarkton, N. C. BROWN. DAVID G. Statesville, N. C. BROWN, DAVID S. BROWN, EDWARD E., JR. BROWN, GEORGE B., JR. BROWN, JACK E. BROWN. JOSEPH T. BROWN, OTIS B. BROWN. ROBERT G, JR. Rocky Mount, N. C. Jamesville, N. C. Scotland Neck, N. C. Andrews, N. C. Elkin, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Asheville, N. C. BROWN. WARREN W. Boonville, N. C. BROWNE, WILLIAM H., IV Raleigh, N. C. BROWNING, HUBERT I.. JR. Durham, N. C. BROWNING. KERRY B. Twin Falls, Idaho BRUMBERG, CHARLES S. Fayetteville, N. C. BRUNKHURST, WAYNE C. Suffem, N. Y. BRYAN, BYRON E. Mr. Olive, N. C. FRESHMEN BUCKNER. CLYDE D. Chapel Hill, N. C. BUFFALOE. WILLIAM D. Willow Springs. N. C. BUMGARNER, CONNIE E. Morganton, N. C. BU.MGARNER, STEVE Stanley, N. ( . BLINDY, THEDA T. Salisbury. N. C. BllRBANK. WALTER S. Concord, N. C. 1H1RCH, DAVID C. Faison, N. C. BURKE, THOMAS A. BUTLER, DUANE T. BUTLER, JOHN D. BU II ER, WILLIAM K. BUTLER, WILLIAM M. BUTTS, JAMES T., JR. BUTTS, JOHN E. Charlotte, N. C. Winston-Salem, N. C. Southern Pines. N. C. Fayetteville, N. C. Roseboro, N. C. Elm City, N. C. Laurinburg, N. C. Chapel Hill, N. C. Bunnlevel, N. C. Clarkton, N. C. Dunn. N. C. BYARD, LARRY F. BYRD, DONALD J. BIRD. EVERETT W., JR. BYRD, GRANVILLE C, JR. CABRERA. OCTAVIO, JR. Colombia, South America CAGLE, VIRGINIA A. Concord, N. C. CAIN, ARTHUR E. Greensboro, N. C. CAISON, ROBERT E. CALHOUN, JOHN P. CALLAHAN, WILLIAM S. CAMERON, WALTER A. CAMPBELL, WILLIAM H. t WADAY, KATHLEEN C WNON, NYAL L. Kenansville, N. C. Laurinburg, N. C. Lynchburg, Va. Cameron, N. C. Rocky Mount, N: C. Raleigh. N. C. Valdese, N. C. CAPALBO, TONY B. Cicero, 111. CAPPS, JESSE L. Newport News, Va. CAPSTAFF, ARTHUR E., JR. Newport News, Va. CARMICHAEL, FLOYD W.. JR. Oxford, N. C. CAROON. WILLIAM T. Poplar Branch, N. C. CARR. WILLIAM L. Clinton, N. C. CARRAWAY, CHARLES E. Havelock, N. C. CARRIKER, WILLIAM ., JR. Harrisburg, N. C. CARROLL. JERRY L. CARROLL. ROYCE E. CARROUTH, STEVE W. CARSON, NORMAN E., JR. CARTER, JOHN W. CARTER, THOMAS K. CARVER, RONALD V. CATES, RANDY L. CATHEY, JOSEPH T. CAUSEY, THOMAS A. CAVENESS, EDWIN G. CHAMBERS, JOHNNIE W. CHANDLER, ROBERT L. Benson, N. C. Fayetteville, N. C. Henrietta, N. C. Bethel, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Asheboro, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Burlington, N. C. Waynesville, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Ramseur, N. C. Roxboro, N. C. Salisbury, N. C. CHEATHAM, JAMES S. Oxford, N. C. CHERRY, JAMES E. Williamston, N. C. CHESLEY. EVERETT P. Asheville. N. C. CHESTNUTT, ROBERT S. Mathews, .,. CHILDRESS, RUSSELL G. Winston-Salem, N. C. CHURCH, WILLIAM D.. II Stuart, Va. CLARK, ADELAIDE T. Raleigh, N. C. CLARK, THOMAS M. CLEMMER, THOMAS A. CLEMMONS, CHARLES M. CLOCKER. EVERETT J. CLODFELTER. AUSTIN L. COBB, HERBERT H., JR. COBURA ' , ROSINA T. COFER, BENNY C. COFFEY, WILLIAM C. COLEMAN, JAMES D., JR. COLLETTE, THOMAS F. COLLINS, HENRY C. JR. COLLINS. MARVIN E. COLLINS, ROGER D. COLTRANE. GLENN G. COLVIN. JAMES R. COMBS, JOHN P. COOK. CARLTON H. COOK. CHARLES R. COOPER, CHARLES N. COOPER, GARY R. Burlington, N. C. Gastonia, N. C. Clayton, N. C. Alexandria, Va. Thomasville, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. LaFollette, Tenn. Burlington, N. C. Virgin Islands Bryson City, N. C. Mebane, N. C. Boonville, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Reidsville, N. C. Vdas, N. C. Hickory, N. C. Mt. Airy, N. C. Shelby, N. C. Morganton, N. C. «M.i i,| ( 4 4ki v . ,-r. £££ , - ,. i w, »Y [387] diM iM tM HiJjj 1 rrp " Wis p p 4 1 ilC. to a 1 , to J rfi »4i t -»- l " £££££££ FRESHMEN ( OOP] R, ROBER1 I). I ayetteville, N. C . COOPER, STUART . Winston-Salem, N. C. COOR Ilisl Ul ().. Ill Smithfield, V C. CORNELISON, WILLIAM J. Salisbury, N. (. ( OR I. JOHN I . Isheville, N. ( I ( is I 1 R, II M ' .IU II. I nK ilnti n, N. ( COUCH, Dl WIS I ' ., JR. Morrisville, N. ' . ( (W UV, DONALD G. Cleveland, N. C. (. OW Mil). Jill HIS I). Asheville, N. C. ( OW 1 IK.. W II II l M. ( Greensboro, N. C. 1 OX, DAVID R. Snow Camp, C. ( OX, 1 WHS G. Lexington, . C. 1 OX, JOHN I. Whiteville, V c . COX, R 1 I ' ll W . Y inston Salem, N. c. 1 OX, W 11 .1.1 1 A. U Lnston Salem, N. ( R XI ' . 1 111 1 . JOl M.. JR. ( Graham, V 1 CRANFORD, JERRI C Morristown, Tenn. CRAUN, RAYMOND M.. JR Camden , S. I . CRAV1 1!. DANH 1 1 . inston-Salem, N. c. C 1! 1 R, W All LR P. Lexington, V c. 1 R FORD, WILI 1 l G. , .11!. 1 r.mklm. N. c. CREECH, GEORGE C, JR. 1 [allsboro, N 1 R] SIMORE, JOE II. New ton, V c. CROCKER, SUE M. Raleigh, V c . 1 ROUSE, CHARLES R. State Road, c. C R( W E, ROGER D. Shelby, V c. CROXTON. RANDOLPH R. Burlington, NT. c. CUMBO, FREDERK k 1 New Bern, V c. C UNNINGH Wl. I HOM VS (.. Monroe, . ( CLIRRIN. JAMES T. Norfi Ik, Va. CURRIN, JERRY L. Benson, N. c. CURRIN, WALLAC1 1 Rowland, N. C. CURTIS, DOUGL s ilmington , N. c. CUSWORTH, MARGARET Raleigh, V c. l) l)l . HENRY C. Glen Head, V 1 XII, LUTHER II. den. N. I DANIEL, ROBERT L. Forest City, N. (. . DARNELL, LEONARD J.. JR. Winston Salem, N. G DAUGHTRIDGE, JOHN 11. Rocky Mount, V (. DAVE, STEVEN J. Asheville, V I DAVENPORT, VANCE S. lt. ..n, V C. I) Wis. BARBARA L. I Lit Rock, . t- DA is. BRUCE S. 1 harlotte, N. c. DAMS. HAROLD K. lt. Holly, N. c DA is, kl Wl 111 (,. Bladenboro, V c. DAVIS, LARRY E. Randleman, V c. 1) W IS, El WIS E. Pikeville, . c. i) w is. McDonald, hi Roseb N. C. l) IS. ROB1 111 IE est Jefferson, V c. DA IS. WARREN .1. (,l,ISS| l Tt, Pa. 1) IS. WILLI Wl 1. ( harlotte, N. C. DAW so . ERIC L. Rock) Mount, N. 1 . DAY, RION G., JR. Washington, . C. D W. RONALD N. Timberlake, N. ( 1)111 . DANN1 R. Sylva, N. C. 1)1 1 MM. JOHN M. Spi ms Point, Mm. DELLING1 R, 1 HOM VS . Hickory, N. c. DEMENT. EDWARD 1 . Durham, 1 . DENHAM, CHARLES V. Havelock, . C. DENTON, TIIOM s ( . 1 reepi ' it. N. V 1)1 INE, .11 llliY L. Shelby, V c 1)11 1 1 1 . JOl M., 111. Lumberton, V c. DILLON, 1 VRR1 A. ( Greensboro, N. c DISNEY, CHRISTOPHER M, Fayetteville, N. C. DODI), J C k (.. Raleigh, N. I DODD. JOHN 1 ' ., JR. Salisbury, V DON M DSO.V ci I Mil ES E.. JR. Statesville, N. C. DOUR, EUGEN1 W.. JR. Winston-Salem, N. C. Dow I). ROB] R I W . St. Pauls. V c DOW LESS, CHE M II 11 J., JR. Aberdeen, N. C. DRUM, RON M D M. DU( M.I I. GORDON I . DUD1 EY, now MID J. DUD] IV 1 1 L I 111 111 J., JR. DUFFY, DANIEL R. DUFFY, Dl is DUG W. JAMES I . Ml Maiden. N. C. Asheville, V i Sw ansboro, V t . Goldsb , N. c . Salem, Va. t In rrj Hill, N I ( ,. ili Kin ii ii, . ( . [388] FRESHMEN l)ll l VS, ORRIS I ., ii; DUNC . DONNIE G. DUNC VN, JOHN L. I)UM I, JOHN R. DUNN, ALBER1 W. DUNN, 111 i 1 .. Ill DUNS! . Mil ' , I W. DURH i. i;ii i j. Dll I TON, HUBERT L. DWIGGINS, DON l I) II-. DYSON, WILLIAM L. EARP, II I I VM 11. 1 K) . BUDDY I BRON, (.1 M 1. I CKJ IV I l) Mil) I .. II I 1)1)1 I 1 . I l) l 15. I DGERTON, GREGORY E. I DGDVGTON, ROBERT B. I DM ARDS, GEORGE P. I DWARDS, JOHNNIE B. I DW VRDS, ROBERT I). Goldsbi V c . raboi ( ity, . I Durham, . ( . Leaksville, . i . Rock) Mount, V ( . illiamston, N. C. Maywood, Nf, I Pantego, . Willi, Mil.. ( JB. c ary, . ( . Goldsboro, . Durham, . c . Vlocksville, . ( . Morehead City, . C. Rocky Mount, N. C. Kannapolis, N. C. Vu porl News, Va. Ontario, Canada Eagle Springs, N. C Roaring River, N. C. Washington, N. C. EDW USDS, STEVE O. I DWARDS. TOMMY C. EDWARDS, WALTER R. I DWARDS, WILLIAM II.. JR. 1 (.(.I I SKIN. TIIOM S W . ELIASOF, MICHAEL G. Ahoskie, N. C. Gastonia, N. C. Plymouth, V i Burlington, N. C. Star. V ( . Bronx, V Y. ELLEN, WILLIAM C. Rocky Mount, N. C. ELLER. WAYNE C. Salisbury, V (. ELLIOTT, DONALD R. High Point, N. C. ELLIOTT, LARRY T. Virgilina, a. ELLIOTT, WILLIAM J.. JR. Rutherfordton, N. ( . ELLIS, DAVID J. Vrlington, Va. ELLIS. RANDOLPH W. Fayetteville, X. C. ELMORE, AMAZIAH W. Goldsboro, . C. EMORY, LYMAN W. ENSLEY, MICHAEL R. ESSEX. JACOB K., JR. I 1 1 HANKS, ROY A. EURE, GORDY R. I. VNS, GERALD W. EVANS, JOSEPH B„ JR. I VNS, MORRIS EVANS, ROBERT H„ JR. EVERETT, JAMES L. FAIRES. RICHARD B. FAIRES. WADE E., JR. FARMER, CHARLES I . I RR. ISWt C, JR. Waynesville, N. C. Belmont, N. C. Clemmons, N. C. Trenton, N. C. Morehead City, N. ( . Kinston, . ( . Cerro Gordo. N. C. Johnstov, n. i . Ft. Riley, k.inss Laurinburg, N. C. Hickory. N. C. Gastonia, . I Goldsboro, N. C. Spring Hope, N. C. I ARROW. PHILIP M. Charlotte. N. C. I AW, I RY L. Warrensville, N. C. FEATHERSTONE, DENNIS K. Charlotte, N. C. FELDMAN, WILLIAM M. Burnt Hills, N. Y. FERGUSON, JOHN T. Painesville, Ohio FERRELL, EXCELL O. Durham, N. C. FERRELL, JANET M. Raleigh, N. C. FETHERBAY, WA1NE D. IIDLFR, DON K. FINCHER, ROBERT C. FINNEY. JERRY W. FISHER, JAMES E. FISHER, JAMES M. FISHER, ROBERT K. I IK III I I. (.ML C. FITZGERALD, JAMES H., FLEMING. ROBERT F. 1 I o I l ' ,S, (,I R LD E. FOLSOM. CLIFTON A. FORI.M . WILL] M W . FORSHAW, THOMAS, III FORT. HENRY M.. JR. FOSTER. JOSEPH W. FOSTER. JUDITH V. FOURIE, JOSEPH S. FOWLER, DOUGLAS L. FOWLER, MICHAEL F. Morganton, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. High Point, N. C. Jonesy ille. V . Asheville, N. C. Roanoke Rapids, . ( k x.inilri.i. a, Pittsboro, . ( . JR. Winston-Salem, N. C. Flenderson. N. C. Taylor, Mich. Bailey, V ( Elizabeth C its . V C . Charlotte, N. C. Charlotte, . ( . Plymouth, N. C. Sanford, V . ( ary, N. C. Durham, V ( . Cliffside, N. C. FOWLER, THOMAS H. Winston Salem, N. C. : r nfc p h c. . 40 k . to . 0%- !•= " } % i V t W « t 4r£ tiii to M.k4 i J toft tolSfe, i [389] - WB J2I FRESHMEN p r p Jp p c r F p p A, If V , V 9 ¥ (? FOX, EDWIN II. FRANCIS. JOHN E. FRANK, JOHN F. FRANKE, KENNETH R. FRAZIER, RALPH P. FRAZIER, VIRGIL I. FREDERICK, FRANK L. FREEMAN, JOHN F.. JR. FREEMAN, RICHARD B. FREEZE, DON W. FRESHWATER, MONTY C. FRIERSON, JOHN L. FROHLICH, PETER E. FULGHUM, JAMES S. Siler City, N. C. Harmon, N. C. Charleston, W. Va. Norlina, N. C. Statesville, N. C. Durham, N. C. Burlington, N. C. Bladenboro, N. C. Wadesboro, N. C. China Grove, N. C. Mebane, N. C. Darlington, S. C. Landrum, S. C. Raleigh, N. C. FULGHUM, ROBERT C. Wilson, N. C. FULLER, JOHN P. Elizabethton, Tenn. FULTON, JAMES W., JR. Winston Salem, N. C. FUNDERBURK, JAMES O.. JR. Charlotte, N. C. FURR, KENNETH M. Jamestown, N. C. GABRIEL, RICHARD G. Asheville, N. C. GADDY, WILLIAM M., JR. GAFFNEY, DAVID L. GAINES, ROBERT G. GAMBILL, SIDNEY C. GAMMONS, EDGAR B. GARGES, CARL V. GARGIS, JAMES O. GARRISON, JOHN H. JR. GASTON, JOSEPH P. GAVAGHAN, JOSEPH P. GAW, ENG TSAN GAYLORD, ONWARD J. GEALY, SAMUEL R. GEE, JAMES B. GERON, GEORGE II. GIBSON, GEORGE C. GILBERT, PAUL P. GILES, KENNETH D. GILES, THOMAS L. GILLELAND, ELMER E. GILSTAD, CLAIRE J. GIOIA, RONALD A. GOEPPER, EDWIN S. GOLD, WILLIAM A. GOOCH, EUGENE D. GOODEN, DAVID K. GOODEN, JOHN A. GOODMAN, GALE H. GOODMAN, JESSE L„ JR. Brevard, N. C. Cramerton, N. C. Bear Creek, N. C. Bridgeville, Pa. Tarboro, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Albemarle, N. C. Greenville, N. C. Huntingdon Valley, Pa. Manila, Philippines Bath, N. C. New Castle, Pa. Burlington, N. C. West Point, Va. Raleigh, N. C. Statesville, N. C. Newton, N. C. Monroe, N. C. Ill Charlotte, N. C. Kings Mountain, N. C. Bethpage, N. Y. Fayetteville, N. C. Wijiterville, N. C. Stem, N. C. Elizabeth town, N. C. Elizabethtown, N. C. West Jefferson, N. C. Kinston, N. C. GOODMAN, VICTOR J., JR. Rockingham, N. C. Kannapolis, N. C. Four Oaks, N. C. Mt. Olive, N. C. Fayetteville, N. C. Mebane, N. C. Smithfield, N. C. GOODNIGHT, FRED R. GORDON, ROSS L. GRADY, DONALD L. GRAHAM, WILLIAM E. GRAVES, ROBERT L. GRAY, JOHN W.. Ill GRAY. MICHAEL F. GREEN, BILLY G., JR. GREEN, MARTIN K., JR GREEN, RAYMOND V Wilmington, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Brevard, N. C. GREENWAY, ROBERT M. Winston Salem, N. C. GREGORY, JOSEPH A. Angier, N. C. GREGSON, RAYMOND T. Raleigh, N. C. GRIBBLE. JAMES D. CRIBBLE, JAMES E. GRIFFIE, MICHAEL T. GRIFFIN, DWIGHT M., GRIFFIN, HENRY N. GRIFFIN, JOHN W. GRIFFIN, SIDNEY R. JR. Kannapolis, N. C. Dallas, N. C. Gastonia, N. C. Pittsboro, N. C. Toms River, N. J. Merry Hill, N. C. Nashville, N. C. GRIGGS, GEORGE M. Kannapolis, N. C. GRONER, RICHARD S. Stanley, N. C. GRUBBS, THOMAS O., JR. Winston-Salem, N. C. GRUEHN, CHARLES E. Greensboro, N. C. GUPTON, HARRIS B. Louisburg, N. C. GURGAMUS, THOMAS B. Plymouth, N. C. GURKTN, CHARLES T. Plymouth, N. C. [390] FRESHMEN GURLEY, EDWARD, III GUTHRIE. RAY B. GUY, MICHAEL D. GWINN, GEORGE R., JR. HACKNEY, GEORGE F. II CHR, DAVID S. HAHN. ROBERT C. High Point, N. C. Sanford, N. C. Maiden, N. C. Arlington, Va. Durham, N. C. Mount Holly, N. C. Long Island City, N. Y. IIAIGLER, KENNETH W. II IHI . JOHN D. II l E, PATRICIA R. HALES, JAMES W. HALEY, ROGER L. HALFON, JOSEPH HALL. ALTON P., JR. HALL, DAVID J. HALL, JOHN V. HALL, JULIAN B. II 1 I . MURRELL D. HALL. WILLIAM L.. JR. HALLDORSON, MAGNUS A. HALLMAN, ROBERT W. HAM, PHYLLIS M. IIAMIDI, ALI A. HAMILTON, EDWARD S., JR. Charlotte, N. C. Monroe, N. C. Elizabethtown, N. C. Aiken, S. C. Selma, N. C. Mebane, N. C. Guatemala Washington, D. C. Wilmington, N. C. Aulander, N. C. Mt. Holly, N. C. Pink Hill, N. C. Autryville, N. C. Asheville, N. C. Hickory, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Shiraz, Iran HAMILTON, RALPH H. HAMLETT, ROSWELL W., JR. HAMLIN, WILLIAM F., JR. Clinton, N. C. Durham. N. C. Raleigh, N. C. HAMMACK, JOSEPH L., JR. Burlington, N. C. HAMRICK, DAVID L. HAMRICK, MAX J. HANCOCK. EARL W. HARDING, RICHARD B. HARDISON, THOMAS E. HARDY, RICHARD B. HARMAN, JOHN H. HARPER, JAMES S., JR. HARPER, RONALD M. HARRILL, THOMAS D. HARRIS, GARLAND L., JR. HARRIS, RONALD B. HARRIS, ROY W. HARRIS. VERNON O.. JR. Elizabeth City, N. C. Shelby, N. C. Reidsville, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Jamesville, N. C. LaGrange, N. C. Washington, D. C. Rocky Mount, N. C. Clemmons, N. C. Cramerton, N. C. Jacksonville, N. C. Rocky Mount, N. C. Hollister, N. C. Washington, N. C. HARRISON, JAMES L. Charlotte, N. C. HART. PHILIP L., Ill Winston-Salem, N. C. HARTGROVE, ROBERT H. Winston-Salem, N. C. HARTMAN, CHARLES F. Raleigh, N. C. HARTZELL, CLEON L. Absecon, N. J. HAUSER, DAVID T. Winston-Salem, N. C. HAWKINS, GEORGE M. Cliffside, N. C. HAYES, CHARLES E. HAYES, EDWARD D. HAYES, GEORGE M.. JR. HAYES, WILBUR R. HAYNES, GARY D. HAYWOOD, RICHARD B. HAYWOOD, ROBERT A. Jamesville, N. C. Boonville, N. C. Durham, N. C. Nakina, N. C. Jamestown, N. C Waxhaw, N. C. Durham, N. C. HEATH, RAYMOND A. Black Mountain, N. C. HEDGECOCK, JAMES S. High Point, N. C. HEGGAN, DONALD E. Blue Anchor, N. J. HEGGIE, ALEXANDER P., JR. Greensboro, N. C. HEITMAN, JOHN A., JR. Savannah, Ga. HEMPHILL. JAMES C. Charlotte, N. C. HEMPHILL, WILLIAM M. Marion, N. C. HENDERSON, JOE A. HENDRIKS, ROBERT V. HENDRICKSON, EDWIN F., HENDRICKSON, ROBERT G HERREN, RONALD E. HERRING, GEORGE E. HERTZLER, RICHARD A. HICKS, BOBBY E. HICKS, GRAHAM D. HIGGINS, MALACHI E. HIGH. SIDNEY R., II HILL, BUSTER I., JR. HILL, PHILLIP D. HIGGINS, OBED P., Ill Kingsport, Tenn. Georgetown, S. C. JR. Glen Head, N. Y. Raleigh, N. C. Hyattsville, Md. Goldsboro, N. C. Arlington, Va. Raleigh, N. C. Roxboro, N. C. Saddle River, N. J. Fayetteville, N. C. High Point, N. C. Y ' oungsville, N. C. Waverly, Va. fr fr- fc £- p r p T T ft w fy mrn t Jm If ' y " ' jg ea t " ' i U1 LfcE [391] )2 1§l£SJL FRESHMEN p P p p r p PPPpp fe 5 ' f a p ' C f 6 p " HIGHSMITH, JAMES A., Ill HINSHAW, LARRY L. HODGDON, RAYMOND F. Yuma HOF1 ME1 II!, .1 MI s . HOLDER, STEVEN I. HOLLIDAY, JAMES F. HOLTON, ROGER A. Charlotte, N. C . Ilurlm;! n, . C. Test Station, Ariz. Deshler, Nebi. Liberty, N. C. Leesville, s. ( . Roanoke Rapi Is, N. C . HONEYCUTT, JAC h. I HONEYCHTT, JAMES R. HONEYCUTT. ROBERT E HOPKINS, JOHN H. HOSKINS, DICK E. HOHK, THOMAS W. HOUSTON, LEE H., JR. HOWARD, BRUCE G. HOWARD, JAMES S. HOWARD, PHIL T. HOWEY, DEWEY E. HOYLE, JAMES F. HOYLE. MACY L. HUDGINS, HARVEY M. HUDSON, CHARLES L. HUDSON, COY L. HUDSON, ROBERT P.. JR. HULL. GEORGE R. HUMPHREYS, DOUGLAS E. HUNEYCUTT, ROBERT D. HLINT, CARLTON H. JR. Charlotte, V ( . ( inia, N. C. Lexington, N. C. ( harlotte, N. C. Southern Pines. N. C. Johnson City, Tenn. Troy, N. C. Burlington, N. Princeton, N. Huntersville, N. Charlotte, V Hildebran, N. Raleigh, N. Asheville, N. Oteen, N. C. Concord, N. C. Raleigh. N. C. Asheville, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Albemarle, N. C. Macon, N. C. HUNT. JAMES H. Raleigh, N. C. HUNT, WILLIAM T. Raleigh, N. C. HUNTER, BRANSON A.. Ill Rockj Mount, N. C. HURST, RICHARD A. Raleigh, N. C. I KITCHENS, RODNEY L. High Point, N. C. INSCOE, WILLARD D. Nashville, N. C. ISAACS, SCOTTIE C. Mt. Airy, N. C. JACKSON, EUGENE . JACKSON. HAROLD E. Dunn. N. C. Gastonia, N. C. JACKSON. WILBUR A., JR. Colonial Heights, Va. JAMES, TRAVIS G. JARVIS. ARTHUR R. W. JARVIS, STEVE C. JENKINS, BEN P. II NKINS, JAMES A. JENKINS, LARRY VV. JENKINS, RICHARD A. JENNINGS, JAMES T. 1 HUMAN, DONALD S., JR. JOHNSON. ARTHUR G. JOHNSON, CHARLES H. Rocky Mount. N. C. Babylon, L. I., N. Y. Aurora, N. C. Asheboro, N. C. Statesvillc, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Wilson. N. C. Falls Church, Va. Raleigh. N. C. Bristol, Pa. Burlington, N. C. JOHNSON, EMMITT H. Rocky Mount, N. C. JOHNSON. GARETH L. Siler City, N. C. JOHNSON. JOY M. Raleigh, N. C. JOHNSON, LAWRENCE A., JR. Wilson ' s Mills. ( . JOHNSON, LEWIS M. Charlotte, N. C. JOHNSON, RALPH M. Dunn. N. ' , JOHNSON, ROGER E. Burlington, N. C. JOHNSON, RONALD E. JOHNSON, SPRINGER JOHNSTON, DAVID W. JOLLEY, JOHN A. JONES, CHARLES E. JONES, CHARLES S., JR. JONES, DAVID F. Durham, N. C ' . Aurora. N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Ellenboro, N. C. Bahama, N. C. Quebec, Canada Raleigh. N. C. JONES, EDWARD G.. JR. West Jefferson, . ( . JONES, GERALD P. JONES, JAMES H. JONES, JOHN A. JONES, JOHN T. JONES, LARRY G. JONES, LARRY M, JONES, M Mill YN A. JONES, ROBERT K. JONES, VAN M. JONES, WALTER B„ II JONES, WILLARD D. JOURNIGAN, RICHARD S. JUSTICE, LARRY W. Charlotte, N. ( . Mt. Olive, N. C. ( ..isloni.i, . t . Bath. N. C. I lemlersom illc, V t . Kannapolis, N, C. Wilkesboro, V i . Snow Hill, N. Raleigh, . Farmville. N. Raleigh, N. Whitakers, N. Turkey, N. [392] FRESHMEN K VLOSKI, ANDREW KEANE, WILLIAM L KEAR, JAMES F. KEATON. RALPH M. Kl IN. CHARLES A. KEEVER, HAROLD O. KELLER, BRUCE T. KELLER, JOHN W., JR. KELLOGG, ROBERT B. KELLY, JOSEPH M. KELLY, REX P. KEMP, WILLIAM L., JR. Kl N VN, GRAHAM II. KENYON, BILLY G. KERLEY, DENNIS L. KEYS. WILLIAM C. KIDDER, JAMES L. KIGER, ROGER D. KIMMER, HURLEY E. KING, GEORGE B. KING, ROBERT D. KING, ROGER C. KINKEN, PHILIP G„ JR. KINNEY, HENRY C.. Ill KINNEY, NEAL B. Salisbury , N. c Winston Salem, N. C. Fernandina Beach, I ' a. Elizabeth City, . ( . I ayetteville, N. ( ' . Vsheville, N. C. Forest C in, N. C Yardley, Pa. Charlotte, N. C. Raleigh, N. C Garner, N. C. Nashville, N. ( . Wilmington, N. C . Stedman, N. C, Falls Church, Va. AsheviDe, N. C. Ft. Bragg, N. C. Rural Hall, N. C. Salisbury, N. C. Concord, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Mt. Airy, N. C. Canton, N. C. Brookley AFIS. Via. Wilson, N. C. KIRKPATRICK, THOMAS R., JR. Raleigh, N. C. KLING. CHARLES L. KNEESHAW, DAVID W. KNIGHT, JAMES W. KOONCE. WILLIAM T. KOONTZ, DICKIE K. KORNEGAY, JUNNIE R. KOSZEWSKJ, CHRISTOPHER KUHNEMANN, ALFRED T. KYLES, EDWIN K. LaBELLE, DANNY W. LACKEY, JAMES M„ JR. LAIRD, CHARLES S., JR. LAMBERT, CECIL V„ JR. LAMM, JOHN A. LANCASTER, DAVID B. LANCASTER. WILLIAM D. Kinston, N. C. LaGrange, N. C. Salisbury, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Jamestown, N. C. Goldsboro, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Statesville, N. C. Barium Springs, N. C. Fayetteville, N. C. Hickory, N. C. Newport News, Va. Kannapolis, N. C. Nashville, N. C. Raeford, N. C. Pinetops, N. C. LAN ' DVOIGT, THOMAS S. Washington. D. C. LANE, RICHARD H. LANIER, BENJAMIN VV. LAW, RICHARD VAN Z. LAWING, MICHAEL E. LAWRENCE, LEWIS L., JR. 1 VWSON, JAMES G. LAZARECK, JACK A. LEATHERLAND, JOHN A. LEE, CHARLES H.. JR. LEE, DALE N. LEE, HECTOR B„ JR. LEE, FIIRA.M II. LEE, JASPER VV., JR. LEE. JESSE G. LEGGETT, WILSON T, JR. LeNEAVE, CLAUDIA K. LENNON, CHARLES L. LEONARD, JOSEPH G. LEONARD, TICE N., JR. LEONARD, WENDELL H., JR. LEROY. DWIGHT S. LEVY, RUBEN LEWIS, ALEXANDER J. LEWIS. JAMES W„ JR. LEWIS, ROBERT A. LEWIS, ROGER W., JR. LILES, DAVID R. Cary, N. C. Wallace. N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Kensington, Md. Hampton. Va. Mooresville, N. C. Manitoba, Canada Ontario, Canada Wilson, N. C. Lawndale, N. C. Tabor City, N. C. Pink Hill. N. C. Wilson, N. C. Four Oaks, N. C. Washington, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Bladenboro, N. C. Lexington, N. C. Charlotte. N. C. Danville, Va. Balfour, N. C. Lima. Peru Bethel. N. (. . Wilmington, N . (. , Oxford, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Siler City, N. C. LILES, DONALD C. LILLY, JAMES R. LINDFELT, HALDON LINDSAY, DAVID R. LINK, JOFIN P. LISKEY, ROBERT S. LITTLE, BLANTON P., JR. Charlotte, N. ( . Troy, N. C. Springfield. Va. Lumber Bridge, N. C. Warrenton, N. C. Severna Park, Md. Raleigh, N. C. IMUZ »» ££ £££££. w: . ' ppc ., [393] A K fe . w , f felt li £ P 7T " P P FRESHMEN LITTLE. JIMMIE R. Midland. N. C. LITTLE, [HOMAS W. West Jefferson, N. C. UTILE, WILLIAM II.. JR. Charlotte, N. C. LOEPPERT. RICHARD II.. JR. Raleigh, N. C. LOGUE, JOHN R. Wantagh, N. Y. 11)1.111, JON C. Charlotte, N. C. LONG, CLYDE W. . Vsheville, N. C. 1 ONON, WILLIAM D., JR. Marion , N . C, LORD, DAVID ( ., II Downingtown, Pa. LORENZ, CHARLES R. I Bncaster, Pa. LOTTS, WILLIAM 1. Buena tsta. Va. LOVILL, ROBERT J.. Ill Mt. Airy , N . C. LOVVERN, LARRi 11. Raleigh . N . C. LOW ' ERY, VICTOR L. Marsh ville . N . C. LOWMAN, JOHNNY T. Valdese , N . C. LUTHER, HARRY R. slu lllc , N . C. LUTHER, JERRY D. China Grove , N , C. LYERLY. GLENN R.. JR. Salisbury . N , C. LYERLY, JAMES M. Wadeshoro , N . C. LYNN, IOWA II., Ill Raleigh , N . C. McADAMS. ( II RI Is K., JR Fayettevillc , N. c. McARTHUR, RICHARD G. Fayetteville , N, c. McAULEY, WANZIE A. Durham N, c. McBRIDE, ANTHONY W. Mt. Airy, N, c. McCAC IIREN, JOHN G. Charlotte, N. c. Met ALL, WAYNE D. Durham, N. c. KC Ml UM. DAVID B. Elloree , s. c. McCOLLAM, RONALD E. Madison, N. c. McCONNELL, WILLIAM R. Mt. Holly, N. c. McCORMICK, WARREN E. St. Pauls, N. c. McCOTTER, WILLIAM. E. Washington, N. c. McCOY, LAWRENCE W. Charlotte, N. c. McCOY, THOMAS A. East Marion, N. c. Mc( RACKEN, JOHN C. a ncs illc. N. c. McCRARY, ERNEST S. Lenoir, N. c. McCRAW, DANIEL L. Spencer, N. c. Met HEN, DAVID L. Swannanoa, N. c. McDANIEL, KENNETH G. Lexington, N. c. Mcdonald, daniel e. Reidsville, N. c. Mcdonald, douglas b. Riveredge , N . J. Mcdonald, willard m. Raleigh, N. c. McEWAN, CHARLES M. W inston Salem, N. c. McGEE, JAMES A. Durham, N. c. McGEE, SAMUEL B. Mt, Airy, N. c. McGEE, WILLIAM L. Asheville, N. c. McGHEE, ROBERT F. Morgan ton. N. c. McGINNTS, DONALD R. Gastonia, N. c. McGUFFEY, JON P. Kinston, N. c. McINTOSH, PRESTON D., JR Rowland, N. c. McKEE, JAMES A. Alexandria, Va. McKENZIE, ROBERT S. Goldsboro, N. c. McKINNEY, FREDERICK L. Durham, N. c. K 1 AUGHLIN, JOHN J. Darien, Conn. Mclaughlin, michai i Charlotte, N. c. McLAWHORN. RICHARD H. , III Wintcrvillc, N. c. McLEAN, DUNCAN F. Raleigh, N. c. McLEOD, WILLIAM R, Carthage, N. c. McMD 1 N. I) II) W. W est Jefferson, N. c. McMILLAN, RONALD B. B ockj Mount, V c. McNeill, larry d. Rockingham. N. c. VlcNUl IT, OWEN. II! 1 ,i etteville, N. c. McPHAIL. RICHARD V., JR. Gastonia, N. c. McPHERSON, HUGH O. Durham, N. c. McR W , JOEL K, slu-hon,. N. c. McREE, DAVID H. Maiden, N. c. MacPH] RSON, GEORGE W. t hapeJ Hill, N. c. I VGUIR1 . JOS) I ' ll P., JR. Kinston, N. c. l NN. WILLIAM Ci. Concord, N. c. MARSH, WILLIAM P. Monroe, N. c. MARSH 1 1 . ( R1 ION D. Wilmington, N. c. MARTIN, JAMES A. Lenoir, N. c. MARTIN, MARVIN R, Salisbury - , N. c. l I!1IN, PHILIP C. Raleigh, N. c. I VRTIN, RAYMOND 1 .. JR. Durham, N. c. l Mil IN. RON I 1) C. Laurinburg, N. c. MARTIN, THOMAS G. Greensboro, N. c. l VSON, JAMES A. Kannapolis. N. c. [394] FRESHMEN MASON, JAMES W. MASON, ROBERT D. MASSENGII.L. JIMMY N. MASSFELLER, JAMES E. MATA, RICHARD J. MATLOCK, DAVID J. MATTHEWS, JOHN I). MUILDIN. TERRY M. MAULTSBY, WILLIAM M. MAUNDER, WILLIAM C. MALINEY, GARY L. St. John, Kansas Raleigh, N. C. Benson, N. C. Newark, Del. Almoin, Mich. Winston Salem, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Albemarle, N. C. Wilmington, N. C. Winston Salem. N. C. Shelby. N. C. MAXWELL, ROBERT G„ JR. MAXWELL. WILLIAM 11. MAY, EDWIN J. Asheville, N. C. Mt. Holly, N. C. Durham, N. C. MAY, GEORGE S. MAY, JOHN B. MAYES, JERRY M. MAYHEW, ROBERT D. MAYNARD, ROBERT L. MAY ' O, DAN, JR. MAYO, ELLIOTT A. MAYO, NISSIM MAYO, THOMAS M. MAYTON, FRANCES W. MEADE, SHELTON G. MEADOR, JAMES S. Rocky Mount, N. C. Durham, N. C. Statesville, N. C. Troutman, N. C. Winston-Salem, N. C. Washington, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Lima, Peru Jacksonville, Fla. Raleigh, N. C. Landover, Md. Reidsville, N. C. MEADOWS. JULIAN C, III Charlotte, N. C. MEARS, LUTHER D. MELLO, ROBERT W. MELTON, ROBERT D. MERCER, DONALD G. MERRITT, WILLIAM C. MEYER, ARNOT II., JR. MILAM, KENNETH E. MILLER, CHARLES I., JR. MILLER, CHARLES R. MILLER, GLENN E. MILLER, JAMES P. MILLER, LEO G, JR. MILLER, STEPHEN R. MILLER, THOMAS M. MILLER, VANOY B. MILLER, WALTER W., JR. MILLS, JAMES H., JR. MILLS, RICHARD C. MILLS, ROBERT S. MINCEY, CHARLES D. MONDAY, RICHARD M. Rocky Mount, N. C. Bladenburg, Md. Charlotte, N. C. Beulaville, N. C. Burlington. N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Burlington, N. C. Mocksville, N. C. Manhasset, N. Y. Phillipsburg, N. J. Charlotte, N. C. Boonville, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Salisbury, N. C. Morganton, N. C. Goldsboro, N. C. Cary, N. C. Taylorsville, N. C. Watha, N. C. Hillsboro, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. MINGES. RICHARD B., JR. Fayetteville, N. C. MINKLER, JACKSON D. Shelby, N. C. MITCHELL, CALVIN A. Charlotte. N. C. MITCHELL, GERALD S., JR. Morehead City, N. C. MITCHELL, JERRY S. Walnut Cove, N. C. MITCHELL, JOHN A., Ill Guilford College, N. C. MITCHELL, JOHN D. Winston-Salem, N. C. MIZELL, RONALD S. Washington, N. C. MOBLEY, MALCOLM K. MOBLEY, ROGER W. MODLIN, DAVID G., JR. MOFFITT, WILLIAM C. MOHAMED, ELNAGU S. MONK, BENJAMIN T. MONK, HARRY E. MONROE, ALLISON D. MOORE, DONALD L., JR. MOORE, EUGENE II. MOORE, JOE G, JR. Valdese, N. C. Williamston, N. C. Williamston, N. C. Moline, 111. Egypt, U.A.R. Farmville, N. C. Hickory, N. C. Robbins, N. C. Brevard, N. C. Lenoir, N. C. Fairfax, Va. MOORE. KINCHEN C, III Fuquay Springs, N. C. MOORE, RAY D. Washington, N. C. MOORE, REGINALD G„ JR. Chapel Hill, N. C. MOORE, THOMAS W. MORGAN, ROBERT R. MORRIS, JAMES E. MORRIS, ROBERT D., JR. MORRISON. JOHN A. .MORRISON, WILLIAM E., JR. Statesville, N. C. MORTON, JAMES H. Troy, N. C. Mooresville, N. C. Zirconia, N. C. Aiken, S. C. Bryson City, N. C. Monroe, N. C. PP " " f % w [395] p £ p p f f FRESHMEN f p w p a p MORTON, ROB] HI W. Raleigh, N C. VIOS1 R, ROB] RT P. Conover, ( . Mi IS] S, DOUG! s (.. Bedford, Va. losl I 1 1 1.1), D ID 1 . Vale, N C. MULLER, J1W V. Goldsboro, N, c. MULLIS, MARCUS M. Vlbemarle, V ( . MURDO( k, JOHN C .. Ill 1 H ill 111 111, V 1 MURPH1 . 1 HURM . JR Wendell, V 1 MURRAY, 111)1 Monroe, N. ( I1 1 F,s, VLB! HI G. Gastonia, N. ( . Mi 1 lis. I) II) B. 1 1 1 1 : i 1 1 N c . ( 1 , HUBERT L. .11? Bedfoi d, i. NANCE, RICHARD . J inesville, c. NANNEY, DON l 1) M. Ik-n ersonville, V C. l 1 1)11 l. H VI.PII C. Rock) Mount, N. C. M 1 si , MIC HAEL V. Greensboro, V 1 . l 1 so , DOUG) s M. Pinetov, n, c . NELSON, THOM s s. K. inn ipolis, V ( . NEVILLE, WHIT N.. JR. I hi el m, V C. NEWLAND, DW II) II. Greensboro, N. c. NEW] IV JOHN VV., Ill Burlingti n, V 1 . NEWLIN, KIMREY 1). Liberty, N. c. NEWLIN. M VR IN li. Mebane, N. c. NEWMAN, II.VRRV 1. Raleigh, N. c. NEWMAN, SIDNI1 ().. JR. Raleigh, N. ( . l» TON, DONALD A. Vale, N. c. NEW rON, II ROLD Y. Hurdle Mills. N. c. NEWTON, IRA B. Knightdale, N. c. NIC HO] s, l Rk L. Newport News. Va. NICHOLS, MARVIN L. High Point, N. c. NIELSEN, CHRIS E. Vienna, Va NORMAN, GERRV J. Salisbury, N. c. NORMS, JOHNNY W. 1 lit knl . N. c. NORRIS. ROBERT W. Raleigh, N. c. NORWOOD, GARY VV . Mt. Holly, N. c. NOVELLAS, GUILLERMO. JR. Columbia, S. C NULL. PHILIP L. Maiden, N. C. OAKLEY, CHARLIE L. Roxboro, N. C. OATES, JOSEPH L. Hendersonville, V I OATES, MARION R., JR. Faison, N ( OESTREICH, JAMES W. Raeford, N. . OGBURN. DAVTJD L. Willow Springs, V C. OGLESBY, CARROLL 1)., JR. Farmville, N. c. OLIVER. RUDOLPH E. Pine Level, N, c . OLSHINSKI, JOHN 1 homasville, N. C. OLSON, JOHN C. 1 orest City, N. c . ONORO, ALA ARO A. Barranquilla, Colombia OSBORNE. CHAR] 1 s vv Greensboro, N. ( . OVERCASH, CLYDE S. China Grove, N. C. OVERCASH, MIC 11 l 1 R Med ia. Pa. OA 1 RC SII. W VLTER L. Charlotte, N. 1 . OVERCASH W I.TER S. Salisbury . N. C. OVERTON, ARTHUR W. Lure, N. c . OW1 S, ROBERT L. ( rreensboro, N. c. PAG) , Kl N l III 1. Lumberton, N. ( . PALMER, 1 HOM VS W. C MIL i, Ohio PAQUIN, JOHN R. Vlexandi a. Va. P VRIS. 1,1 WIL L. ( .1. ill, Mil, N. C. P HM R, 1) VV II) l. kill Devil Hill, N. C. 1 " Rkl H. II RR II.. .11! iii on, N. ( . PARKER, HOMER ' .. Ill Gates tile, N. c . PARKER, RONALD 1, ( ..itLS, N. C. P VRKS, 1) VV ID J. Union Grove, . ( . PARRISH, C II Mil 1 s . Stem, N. c . P VRRIS] 1, JAMES L. Bladenboro, N. c . PARTEM, JOHN s. 1 afield, N. c. PARTEM, RllDi L Raleigh, N. ( . P H ION, UK, VR L. Gilkey, V c . p vi;v l . I MI S R. Aliiiskie, N. C. PASOUR III NR1 Dallas, N. ( . I ' l VRSON, HON LD E. Goldsboro, V c . I ' l 1 I ' l 1 s. cl VR] N( 1 1 kernersi illc. N. ( . PELT, JHLUIS G. Goldsboro, N. C. I ' l NDI R, HOI II. Raleigh, V C. I ' l NNEY, C.I ORG] V. Potomac, Mil PERRY, JIMMV W. Zebulon, N C. PERRY, WILLIAM M.. JR, Kannapolis, N. c. [396] FRESHMEN PETERSEN. HENRY J. I ' l I 1 is ill RI 1 S I). I ' M I I I. II II Wl S., Ill I ' l M IN, ROB] HI C. I ' ll VRR, I I! VN 1 - I I ' ll VRR, ROREB I S. I ' ll VRR, sum V. Ill PHI 1 PS. DAVID R. PHILLIPS. RICHARD E. PHII LIPS. WILLI Wl T., Ill PI skl. I DMUND J. I ' K Mil. J VMES T. PIERANNUNZI, VTTO P I ' ll IKE, JOSEPH S., JR. I ' ll IK 1 . RON VLD I . PIERSON, ROY P. PIKE, ROBERT I . Elon College, v I ( hapel Hill, N. C. Raleigh, N. Burlington, N. ( . t oncord, . I Charlotte, N ( Plymouth, . ( . Draper, N. I M esville, N. t hapel Hill, N. C. Kinston. N. C. Durham. N. C. Charlotte, N. C. N. Wilkesboro, N. I . Raleigh, N I Winston-Salem, . t ■ Winston-Salem, N. ( . PINKSTON, CHARLES S., JR. Fayetteville, N. ( PINNIX, CLEVE1 VND I pinniv i wns c .. jr. PITTS. RORERT M. I ' l 1 s is. EDW IN B. PLYLER. LARR1 M. POE. DONALD P. POE. HENRY E. POINTER, WILLI W I W. POMERANZ, FRANKLIN POOLE. WILLIAM G. POPE. GHi L.. JR. POPLIN, DOUGLAS L. PORTER. DAVID PORTER. RAYMOND . POWELL. EUGENE J. POWELL. IHRIE II. POWELL. LYNN L. POWELL, ROGER D. PRATER. TOM E. PRATT. JOHN I . PRI.SLAR, NORM N II. PRESSON. EDDIE L. PRICE. ARTHUR L. PRICE. RRUCE M. PRICE. DAVID I., JR. PRICE. HOWARD I. PRIDC.IN. kl NNY G. PRINCE, GLEON R. PRINGLE. JA.MES R. PROPST. ALEX A., JR. PURDY. DENNIS G. Vsheville, N. C . ( rreensboro, N ( . Glen Alpine, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Wadesboro, N. C . Durham, N. C . rhomasville, N. ( . JR. Semora, N. ( . G. Freepurt, N. i . Taylorsville, N. C. Franklin, Va. Ronda, N. C. Newton Grove, N. C . Goldsboro, N. ( . Charlotte, N. C. Pittsboro, N. C. States [He, V t . Shelby. N. C. College Station, ■ Goldsboro, N. C. Monroe, N. C. Monroe, N. C. Greensburo, N. C. Fayetteville, N. C. Selma, N. C. S tatesville. N. C. Wendell. N. C. Cerro Gordo, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Salisbury, N. C. Leaksville, N. C. PUTNAM. DOUGLAS C... Ill Havre de Grace. Mil. QUEEN. GERALD D. QUINN, RORERT E.. II RADFORD, RUSSELL D. RAGAN, N NC Y M. P. U, N. W ' OODROW M RAMSEUR, JOHN D. High Shoals. N. C. Wilson. N. C . Forest City, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. JR. Apex. N. C. Lincolnton, N. C. RAMSEUR. WILLI Wl I ... JR. RAMSEY, DAVID C. RANNEY, J. W. RAWLS, ROBERT M. REA. JAMES C. II REAVES, ODIS M. REA IS, l M ' .Y L. REGISTER. MAR IN B., REID. FOREST M. REMETA, JOHN D. RESPESS, JACKIE C. RHINE, DONALD A. RHODES. JAMES R. Kings Mountain, N. C. Raleigh. N. C. Havertown, Pa. Statesville. N. C . Cartersville, a. Clayton. N. C . Mooresboro. N. C . JR. Wilmington, N. C Statesville. N C Rockwell. N. C. Pantego, N. C . Baltimore, Md. Charlotte, N. C. RU NL. MARSHALL II., JR. Belmont. N. C. RICE, RONALD E. Winston-Salem. N. ( RICHARD. LEDBETTER II. Asheville, N. C . RICHARDSON. CLARENCE D. alnut Cove, N. C. RIDDLE. JA.MES II. RII I i. 1 RL W. RINK. JAMES E.. JR. RI 1 ILRSk WIP. JACK II Salisbury, N. ( . Fort Bragg. N. C. Greensboro, N. C. JR. Charlotte. N. C. C ! «,. £-1 lTt J p P ft r p fa, P» - ' £to£t ■ fLf IKIKI Mjy i £ ££ ££ FRESHMEN ROBERSON, CLARENCE E., JR. Ahoskie, N. C. ROBERTS, CHARLES L. ROBERTS. LARRY R. ROBERTS. MELVIN L. ROBINSON. ANN E. ROESSLER, WILLIAM V. ROGERS, THOMAS F. Rutherfordton, N. C. Hillsboro, N. C. Creedmoor, N. C. Raleigh, N . C . YVinston-Salem. N. C. Charlotte, N. C. ROGERS, WALTON W. ROGERS, WILLIAM L. ROMESBL1RG, DENNIS J. ROPER, ERROL D. ROSE, JOHN I ROSE, WILLIAM O. ROSEBRO. CORTLANDT R. ROSEMAN. BILLY 1 ROSS, CHARLES G. ROSS, ROBERT T. BOUZER, CHARLES R. ROYVE, SAMUEL L. ROYAL, JERRY B. RUARK, HERBERT T. RUBIN, RONALD J. RUDD, WILLIAM S. RUDY, DANIEL W.. JR. RUEHRWEIN, WILLIAM R SABAITIS, EUGENE J. SAFRIT, DAVID M. SAGE, BENJAMIN R. I harlotte, N. C. Mebane, N. C. Arlington, Va. Pittsboro, N. C. Car ' , N. C. Norlina, N. C. Gastonia, N. C. Thomasville, N. C. Kannapolis, N. C. Littleton, N. C. Salisbury, N. C. Marion. N. C. Benson, N. C. Dunn. N. C. Henderson, V t . Cary, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. JR. Goldsboro, N. C. New Philadelphia, Pa. Salisbury, N. C. Alexandria, Va. SAINTSING, HUBERT D. Thomasville, N. C. SALTER, JOHN T. SAMUELS, WALTER E. SANDERS, MARVIN E. SANDLIN, MILTON W. SWIORD, BERT J. SWTORD, ROBERT W. SAUNDERS, SPENCER W. SCARBOROUGH, JACK S. St II EIDER, WILLIAM B. SCHILLER, BRUCE R. SCHOUT, JAMES V ' .. JR. SCHWARTZ, WILLIAM C. SCOTT, HUBERT D. SCOTT, ROGER D. SEABOCK, CARLTON W. SEALS, ROBERT K. SEARCY, CHARLES R. SEATON, JOHN E., JR. SELF, JOHN C. SELF, ROBERT L., Ill SELLERS, JAMES R. SETZER, STEVE L. SEWELL, WALTER A. SNAIL, MICHAEL J. SHARP, DAVID R. SIIEARIN, RUDOLPH T. SHELL, EDWARD C. Ill Ardmore, Pa. Pfafftown. N. C. Smithfield, N. C. Beaulaville, N. C. Rutherfordton, N. C. Bahama, N. C. JR. Salisbury, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Savannah, Ga. Winston Salem, N. C. Charlotte. N. C. Castle Hayne, N. C. Kenly, N. C. Ml. Aiiy, N. C. Franklin. N. C. Columbia, S. C. Gerton, N. C. Elizabeth City, N. C. Mebane. N. C. Burlington, N. C. Lilesville, N. C. High Point, N. C. Durham, N. C. Bethel, Conn. Greensboro, N. C. Whitakers, N. C. Burlington, N. C. SUM ION, BOBER ' I V " . Goldsboro, N. C. SHEPHERD. MARSHAL G. Raleigh, N. C. SHEPPARD, RONALD k. High Point, N. C. SHEPPARD, WILLIAM L. Winston Salem, N. C. SHERMAN, LEMUEL G. Raleigh, N. C. SHERR1LL, KARL K. Davidson, N. C. SHERRILL, WILSON .. JR. Morganton, N. C. SHOAF, JAMES T. High Point, N. C. SHOUSE, GABY G. Winston-Salem, N. C. SHUI ' ORD, EDGAR R. Canton, N. C. SIILII ' ING, GENE D. Salisbury, N. c. SIEBURG, ROBERT II. Charlotte, N. c. SILVER. MARY I. Kenly, N. c. SINK, FIARRELL I... II Lexington, N. c. SINK. MARY A. Lexington, N. c. SI Wot K, CHARLOTTE R. Raleigh, N. c. SKINNER, CHARLES D. Ayden, N. c. SLAVEN, STEVEN M. Ponce, Puerto Rico SLEDGE, LARRY C. Charlotte, N. c. SMITH, BARRY E. Aberdeen, Md. SMITH. CARL B. Raleigh, N. c. [398] FRESHMEN SMITH, EDWARD L. SMITH. FRED C, JR. SMI 111, GEOFFREY C. SMITH. JARVIS W. SMI III. JIMMY B. SMI III. JOSEPH E. SMITH, KELLY E. s lll II. MALCOLM L. SMITH, .MICHAEL W. SMITH , RICHARD II. SMITH, RITCHIE I . SMITH, ROBERT L., JR. SMITH, RONALD S. SMI 111. W M.I AC 1 I . SMITH, WILLIAM G. SMITH, WOODROW A. SMI 1 IISOV CHARLES G SMYTH, ROBERT A. SNELL. LINWOOI) II.. SNOW. JERRY P. SOCHACKI, ROBERT J. Winston-Salem, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. M.mtcl.iir. N. J. I ayetteville, N. C. I airmont, N. C. Newport, N. C. li.i Ista, V.i. Hampton, a. Fayetteville, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Fuquay Springs, N. C . Troutman, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Garland, N. C. Winston Salem, N. C. Denton, N. C. II! SOIKES. RAUL S. SOLOMON. MARTIN SOMERS, CLAUDE S., JR. SOUTHARD, DONALD D. SOUTHWELL, WYNDHAM M. Raleigh, N. C. Toast, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Lima, Peiu Brooklyn, N. C. Reidsville, N. C. Shelby, N. C. Wilkeshoro, N. C. Marion, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Raleigh. N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Beaverdam. Va. Shelby, N. C. Clyde, N. C. Columbia, S. C. STEENBURGH, CHARLES J. Amsterdam, N. Y. SPEER. LARRY S SPENCER. JOSEPH II., JR. SPRINGLE, JAMES R. STAERKER. KLAUS O. STANLEY, AUBREY M. SI NLEY, KENNETH A. SI NLEY, MAURICE F. STARIN. JON C. STEPHENSON, EMERLE F. STEPHENSON, LARRY C. STEPHENSON, LARRY S. STEPHENSON. MARGARET L. STEPHENSON. WILLIAM A. STEVENS, BRYAN S. STEVENS, CLYDE B. Como, N. C. Benson, N. C. Angier, N. C. Como, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Loris, S. C. Lincolnton, N. C. STEVENS, TERRELL E. Raleigh, N. C. STEWART, JAMES A. Liberty, N. C. STIKELEATHER, WALTER J. Statesville, N. C. STOCKTON, GEORGE A. Winston Salem. N. C. STOKES, ESTON S., JR. Limvood, N. C. STOKES, STEPHEN J. Winston Salem, N. C. STONE, HARRY W.. Ill Sparta, N. C. STONE, JOSEPH B., JR. Durham, N. C. STOTESBURY, JERRY W. Plymouth, N t STRAUS, WALTER P. Brevard, N. C. STRICKLAND, JOHN G. Bailey, N. C. STRICKLAND. THOMAS L.. JR. High Point, N. C. STROTHER, LOUIS E. Raleigh, N. C. STROUD, LINWOOD E. Kinston, N. t . STROUP, FRED A. SUGGS. JULIUS D. SULLIVAN, JOHN L.. JR. SULLIVAN, JOHN L. JR. SULLIVAN, RICHARD R. SUMMERS, MICHAEL K. SUTTLE, ATTICUS E. SWAIM, JAMES M. SWAIN, BARRY S. SWANEY, CARLTON L. SWARTZ. MARTIN M. SWICEGOOD. HENRY A. SWINDELL. ROBERT M. SYKES, EDWARD R. SYKES. LARRY M. SYKES, ROBERT F„ JR. SYLIVANT, JAMES W. SZMURIGA, ARTHUR F. TACTICOS. GEORGE TAGGE, LAVERN W. TALLY, HUBERT L. Morganton, N. C. Elizabethtown, N. C. Wilson, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Hampstead, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Shelby, N. C. Sanford. N. C. Walkertown, N. C. Claremont, N. C. Raleigh. N. C. Salisbury, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Wendell. N. C. Castalia, N. C. Rocky Mount, N. ( Stedman, N. C. New Brunswick. N. J. Mytilene. Greece Hamlet. N. C. Bear Creek, N. C. tt m mr « III A II Wp p p W: MUil iinWYb.rfi£ r e r £££ £££. r 1 FRESHMEN «,h feJV TANNER, JOHN A Silei City, N. C. 1 SKER, PAUL D. Jacksonville, Fla. TAYLOE, CHARLES L. Ahoskie, N. C. TAYLOR. DAVID G. Charlotte, N. C. TAYLOR. DOUGLAS W W ' hitakers, N. C. TAYLOR. EDWARD B. 1 bj etteville, V C. TAYLOR. HARRY A. Goldsboio, N. C. 1 M OR, ) WHS B. Lenoir, N. C. TAYLOR, PHILIP E. Uniontown i, Ohio TAYLOR, RAY S. Raleigh, . C. 1 tt 1 OR, 1 NOMAS E. Deep Run, . c. TAYLOR, WILLIAM T. Wilmington. N. c. 1 1 VGU1 . C IIARLES B.. JR. I orest City, N. C. TEDDER, HENRY M., JR. Waxhaw, N. c. TEFFT. JOHN E.. Ill Alexandria, Va. I 1 SSI ER. FAY E„ JR. Grover, V C. TETTERTON, DEAN South Boston, Va. TITARP, DENNIS T. It. lining. N. C. I HING, MICHAEL J. Sparta, N. C. THOMAS, DANIEL W. Red Springs, N. C. 1 HOMAS, GARRETT L. Sparta N • J- THOMAS, JERRY L. Bessemer City, N. c. THOMAS, ROBERT A. Rome, Ga. rHOMAS, ROBER1 M. Sanford, N. C. THOMAS, TERRY L. Burlington, N. C. mOMPSON, I I U ION II. North N. C. 1HOMPSON, FRANKLIN N. Selma, N. C. THORS1 V ) WIES D. Niagara Falls, N. Y. THREATT, HAROLD C, JR. Charlotte, N. C. THRONEBURG, ROBERT A. Charlotte, N. C. TIMMERMAN, JOHN P. Rlack Mountain. N. C TODD, HARRELL G. TODD, MICHAEL A. rOMLIN, THOMAS A. TONEY, HAROLD It. Yadldnville, N. C. Braddock Heights, Md. Georgetown, S. C. Mooresboro, N. C. TOWER, JOHN D. TRAVIS, NELSON L. 1 1! WIS. ROGER D. TRAYNHAM, ALBERT R. I REXLER, WALTER L., JR. TRIPLETT, HERMAN P. TRIPLETT, WILLIAM E. Raleigh, N. C. Springfield, Va, Reidsville, N. C. Burlington. N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Charlotte. N. C. Rutherfordton, N. C. TUCKER, ROBERT L. TURBIVUXE, HARRY P.. JR TURLINGTON, GARY M. TURLINGTON, HENRY A. TURLINGTON, LARRY T. TURNER, LE1GHTON II.. JR. TURNER, PHILLIP E.. JR. Charlotte, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Lillington, N. C. Salemburg, N. C. Dunn, N. C. Pink Hill, N. C. Spring Hope, N. C. UMST1 l , DWID L. Blackstone, Va, UNDERWOOD, ALFRED L. Salisbury, N. C. UNDERWOOD. JAMES T.. JR. Norwood. N. C. UPCHURCH, EDWARD B. Raleigh, N. C. URB] N. JOHN R. Raleigh, N. C. WDERSLICE, FREDERICK C. New port News, Va. N DYKE. ISE ' IIA I. Henderson, N. C. VNN, jol I W. UK. UN, ROBERT D. VAUGHN, THOMAS L. I VB1 I . 1 WHS A. I i: ii HI I . JOHN A. I ITER, PAUL L. INC INI. CHARLES K. INSON. PHILIP S. VINSON, WILLIAM E. Miss, JOSEPH II.. JR. W M l . Willi Wl J., JR. W U.C.ONFR, TERRY C. W All R, 1 HOMAS A. W l I E, ROBERT C. W l DROOP, C HAPJ 1 s R. WALK1 R, (. UtLAND L. W l K I I!. 1 WHS L. W Ml, IMNII L G. WALL, I DWIN G. W M I I I!. JAMES A.. JR. W Mil 11. I HI DERICK J. Wilmington, N. C. Burlington, N. C. Hickory, N. C. Newport News, Va. Bemardsville, N. J. Greensboro, N. C. Jet. Okl.i. Ahoskie. N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Colfax, N. C. Henderson, N. C. Bear Poplar, N. C. Warsaw. N. C. Buffalo, N. Y. Franklin. N. C. W hiteville, N. C. Burlington. N. C. Clayton, N. C. Lexington, N. C. Salisbury, N. C. Bemardsville, N. J. [400] FRESHMEN VLTERS, GEORG1 W l K) . I VMES R. W l Ui . w 1LLIE B, WARD. CARTER S. WARD. CI I Rl.l s I ' ,., WARD. JAMES E. Y. Matthews, N. C. Upper Montclair, N. J. Shelby, V ( . Whiteville. . C. JR. Hamlet, N. ( . Snow Hill. N. C. WARDELL, ROBERT F. W VRNER, JAMES R., JR. WARNER. JOYCE R. W I! ER. PETER A. W UiREN, LARRY E. W VSHBURN, WA1 LAC 1 I . WASHINGTON, STEVEN L. WAT! RS, DOUG1 VS I WATSON. LOUIS S. W ISDN. RONALD G. WATTS, PHILLIP M. 1 LR. BARON L. WEAVER, CH VR1 I S N. WEAVER, JACK N. W I VVER, ROYAL W.. JR. I IL. BRUCE S. WEBB, JESSE A., JR. HI BSTER, HUGH B. WEST, STANFORD C, JR. WESTBROOK, JOHN L. WESTON. RALPH B.. JR. HI I MORE, THOMAS H.. JR. Charlotte, N. C . New Bern, N. C. Charlotte, N. C, Bethesda, Mil. Clinton. N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Gillette, N. I. Aiken. S. C. Garner, N. C. Andrews, N. I . Germanton, N. C. Johnson City, Tenn. Hickory, N. C. Lincolnton, N . C . Four Oaks, N. C. High Point, N. C. Greensboro, N, C. i ance) ille. N. t . Raleigh, N. C. Burgaw, N. C. Ft. Lee. Va. Raleigh, N. C. WEIEELER. MOLTON H.. JR. Falls Church, Va. WHITE. CHARLIE R.. WHITE, NICHOLS F„ WHITE. RAYFOR L. WHITE, THOMAS H. Till 1 . I HOMAS W. WHITE, WILLIAM . JR. Ahoskie. N. C. Ill Charlotte. N. C. Lenoir, N. C. Franklin, Tenn. Silcr City, N. C. Winston Salem, N. C. WHITENER, HUGH D.. JR. Gastonia, N. C. WHITLEY. LESTER S. Stantonsburg, N. C. WHITLEY, RICHARD G. Albemarle, N. C. WHITTINGTON, HARTWELL C. Coats, N. C. WICKER. CHARLES R. Erwin. N. C. WICKER. WALTER V. Sarasota, Fla. WIDENHOUSE, RICHARD L. Charlotte, N. C. WIGGINS, ELMER F. Ayden, N. C. WIGLEY, ROBERT B. Morven, N. C. WILDER, LAWRENCE T. Coco Solo, Canal Zone WILKINSON, DOUGLAS H. New Bern, N. C. WILKINSON. RICHARD M. Oxford, N. C. W II LARD, HUGH G. Salisbury, N. C. WILLIAMS. CHARLES L. Richmond, Va. WILLIAMS, CRAWFORD E. WILLIAMS. DONALD R. WILLIAMS. EDDIE A. WILLIAMS, FRANCIS N. WILLIAMS, FRED D. WILLIAMS. JAMES II. WILLIAMS, JOSEPH D. Durham, N. C. Salisbury, N. Morganton, N. Gastonia, N. Winston-Salem, N. Partis Island, S. Ahoskie, N. WILLIAMS. MELYYN D. WILLIAMS, RICHARD S. WILLIAMS. ROBERT F. WILLIAMS, SYLVIA J. WILLIAMS, THOMAS R. WILLIAMSON, CALVIN I. WILLIAMSON, JAMES deL. WTLLIS, DONOVAN J., JR. WILLS. MARSHALL W. W II SON, CHARLES R. WILSON, CRAIG S. WILSON. EUGENE F. WILSON. RONALD C. Spruce Pine, N. C. Myrtle Beach, S. C. Myrtle Beach. S. C. Raleigh. N. C. Rocky Mount, N. C. Clarksville, Va. Raleigh. N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Winston-Salem, N. Durham, N. Greensboro, N. Charlotte, N. Shelby, N. WILSON, WOODROW F„ JR. Columbia, S. C. W IN SLOW, JOHN C. WINSLOW. OSCAR W. WINSTON, 1 RANOS C, JR. H INS I ON. GREGORY H. W INSION. WALTER L. HIMOX. l VRIWYNN1 I WISE. AUGUSTIN1 W. Hurdle Mills, N. C, Be ' .videre, N. I . Youngsville, N. C. Bumpass, Va. Durham, N. C. Rochester. Mich. New port News, a. 5 " e " c W [401] FRESHMEN W ISHON, ROB] RT L., JR. W I I MORI . RON VLD k. WOLF, ROB] I! I s. WO] FORD, .NORM II. WOMB] I . l!l Wi V. wool), C II i;i I s 1 . wool) u;i , ioii „ IB ton Salem, V I . W ingate, VI. inston Salem, N. . C rosby, Minn. Raleigh, V i t ll.Hl.ltlC. V C, Raleigh, V ( Wool I , GEORGE I!., JR won . I i; K L. W I ' .K.II I. I R IS I . WYATT, ROB] R I S. WYNN, (.1 RALD M. W YSONG, ( II U ' .I.LS J. VRBROUGH, ROB] RT L., JR Raleigh, V ( Charleston, W a High Paint, N. C. Stoneville, . ( . Henderson, V C. Hickory, N. C, rhomasville, . . 5 I VGER, Wil li l I . Morehead C itv . . C. YELTON, l) ) l I) P. Ml lo . RON 1 D D. 1ELVERTON, G] ORG] I .. JR. YELVERTON, WILL] 1 N. YORK, ELVTN L„ JR. YOUNG, ( VR] ION (., YOUNG, DAVID V YOUNG, JOHN W ., YOUNG, ROI I . ou i, i r, i i . YOW, R VNDALL L. ZEFT. MIRES J. I RB U II. I U ' ,l I). Ill Marion, N. C Marion, V t I ureka, N. ( I te it, N. C sheb V I Raleigh, N. C Baltimore, Md. Vhoskie, N. C. Norlina, Or. ill. Mil. High Point, High Point, I toy, State! State! State! Referee Charlie Eckman seems to enjoy the cheerleaders ' antics in a brief respite during a State time out. UNCLASSIFIED VLBRITTON, SIDNEY M. Hookerton, N. C. BEVERIDGE, R 1 Summit , N. J. DUPR1 1 . .1 Wll s R. Raleigh, N. ( . 1 DMONDSON, l VR1 1 . Pinetops, N. ( 1 1 W N, [BR VI ll l I. P mi Said, 1 gypl IIHN 1. I ' .l 1 Hi J. Raleigh, N 1 1 VUST, 1 RIC M. Salisbui j , N. C. I-.I 1 IN, il NS Ki i HIM Wesl Gi ■Mil. Ml ' . MINI HELEN B Raleigh, V ( . VIOR] . P VBLO Montevideo, 11 I UgUAJ PATEL, PR IN D. Gujarat . India TURNER, DENNY 1. Raleigh, N, ( . [402] f« =i--=r_ -»i«(. F IRST- CITIZENS BANK6TEIISr COM LOCATIONS IN RALEIGH FOR YOU Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (x)ahJwi u JhidlauAcuiL 301 West Martin Street RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA One Block From Carolina Hotel CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 63 SLATER Food Service Management Fred R. Coleman, Dr. of Food Service, TE 3-4825 [404] T STUDENTS SUPPLY STORES NORTH CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE vg O SERVING STUDENTS, FACULTY AND STAFF AND FRIENDS OF THE COLLEGE ON THE CAMPUS FOR OVER FORTY-SIX YEARS 19 16 g O 19 6 3 [405] Will you leave these freedoms to your children? Men have died to leave you these 4 symbols of freedom: A Holy Bible — symbol of your right to worship as you wish. (First Amendment, U. S. Constitution) A door key — your right to lock your door against illegal gov- ernment force and prying. (Fourth Amendment. U. S. Constitution) A pencil — freedom to speak or write what you think, whether you agree with the government or not. (First Amendment, U. S. Constitution) And a free ballot — your right to choose the people who repre- sent you in government — your protection against government tyranny. (Article I, U. S. Constitution) In half the world today, these symbols and the things they stand for have been destroyed. And Khrushchev says it can happen here. He boasts that our children will live under socialism. Unthinkable? Yes -but only so long as America guards its freedoms well. Against threats that come from inside our country, as well as from the outside. In these critical times you would think that all of America ' s energies and financial resources should be concentrated on strengthening our country ' s defense. But there are some people who would weaken this effort through needless government spending. For ex- ample, they want to use billions of your tax dollars to put government deeper into the electric power business. Such spending is unnecessary because the investor- owned electric light and power companies can supply all the additional power a growing America will need. Each time the government moves further into busi- ness—any business — it is another step on the road to socialism. And socialism is one thing Americans do not mean to leave to their children— or grandchildren— despite what Khrushchev says. CAROLINA POWER LIGHT COMPANY An investor-owned, tax-paying, pubtic utility company FERGUSON ' S HARDWARE Garden Seed Flower Seed Fertilizers Lawn Mowers General Hardware Household Supplies Floor Waxes Sales and Service City Wide Delivery 2900 Hillsboro St. Store 832-7524 Shop 832-3743 North Carolina Equipment Company INTERNATIONAL Construction Equipment • RALEIGH • GREENVILLE • WILMINGTON • GREENSBORO [406] NORTH CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE PRINT SHOP Congratulations To The Class of ' 63 1407] ft— (ongrutulatioro BE REALLY REFRESHED! BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COIA COMPANY BY THE CAPITOL COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO., INC. Hudson -Belk Eastern Carolina ' s Largest Department Store RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA d (UfiM Iml o[ dairy foods MILK AND ICE CREAM k At your nearby store MILK AND DAIRY FOODS •k By convenient home delivery PINE STATE RALEIGH ' OXFORD HENDERSON DUNN ' GOLDSBORO SANFORD • ROANOKE RAPIDS North Carolina ' s Choice Since 1919 [408] Finer Portraits from The Photographers of the 1963 Agromeck vS O WALLER STUDIO BILLY WALLER Phone TE 4-7 331 126 ' 2 Foyetteville Street Raleigh [409] INDUSTRIAL AIR CONDITIONING ENGINEERS AND MANUFACTURERS FOR ALMOST HALF A CENTURY. SUPPLYING AIR CONDITIONING COMPONENTS OR COMPLETE CUSTOM DESIGNED SYSTEMS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL. ENGINEERS AN D NK lS y MANUFACTURERS Winston -Salem, N. C. Corrtf ilimenrs of VILLAGE PHARMACY RED WDLF RESTAURANT Cameron Village Compliments of (The tagg ftop 2428 Hillsboro NATURAL SHOULDER CLOTHING CENTER [410] First the clock . . . then the plant — When a customer bought 100 cigars from the wholesale grocery firm of H. Cone Sons in 1870, he received a handsome clock. Some of these clocks are still ticking away. In addition to selling cigars and groceries for their father, Moses and Ceasar Cone sold cotton plaids. Seeing a great future in fabrics, they started the Cone textile enterprises as a selling and commission house in 1891. They built the original manufacturing plant in 1896. What of Cone Mills Today? From these small beginnings has come one of the world ' s largest and most progressive textile firms. With 18 plants employing almost 13,000 men and women, Cone Mills today is the world ' s largest producer of corduroys, denims and flannels. Its modern printing and finishing operations are turning out a host of other fashion-right fabrics . Cone through its research and development activities is con- stantly seeking better ways to make better materials. Examples of Cone firsts in this country are the new, popular stretch denims and corduroys. To maintain its high standards, our company needs young people with initiative and intelligence. Cone Mills of- fers opportunities in four areas . . . production, administra- tion, sales and research. Would you be interested in joining such a progressive organization? Write Industrial Relations Department, Cone Mills Corporation, Greensboro, N. C. CONE MILLS CORPORATION " ■Where fabrics of tomorrow are woven today. " EXECUTIVE OFFICES Greensboro, N. C. FINISHING PLANTS Carlisle Greenville, S. C. Greensboro Haw River, N. C. MANUFACTURING PLANTS— Avondale, Cliffside, Greensboro, Forest City, Salisbury, Pineville, Reidsville, Gibsonville, Haw River and Hillsboro in North Carolina. Greenville in South Carolina. [411] BEST WISHES CLASS OF 63 KERR REXALL DRUGS Prescription Specialists CAMERON VILLAGE RIDCEWOOD SHOPPING CENTER RALEIGH, N. C. Herb Carpenter Marshall G. Clayton exclusively FOR COLLEGE MEN HICKORY CHAIR COMPANY Makers of CHAIRS AND UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE Established 1911 HICKORY, NORTH CAROLINA [412] Engravings by CHARLOTTE ENGRAVING COMPANY CHARLOTTE, N. C. [413] The only thing that is important is, where are you going? I have always said that I am deeply interested in the future because that is where I expect to spend all the rest of my life. —CHARLES F. KETTERING SONOCO PRODUCTS COMPANY General Offices and Main Plant — Hartsville, S. C. Congratulations To The CLASS OF ' 63 From WLsi mm-.. BsgriHiliii MORTGAGE BANKERS— REALTORS— INSURERS CAMERON-BROWN COMPANY Raleigh — Greensboro — Charlotte Asheville — Fayetteville — Winston-Salem Headquarters for Meredith, St. Mary ' s State College Student Rates till 6:00 P.M. Cactus Room Restaurant 24 Lanes — WESTERN LANES (Opposite State) [414] Congratulations To The Class of 1963 RIEGEL TEXTILE CORPORATION 250 MADISON AVENUE . N.Y. 16, N.Y. [415] Stephenson ' s Music Company Serving State College ' s Music Needs for 50 Years Cameron Village RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Woolen and Worsted textile machinery and SUPPLIES and ACCESSORIES CARDS — SPINNING FRAMES — FINISHING MACHINERY PREPARATORY MACHINERY — WARP DRESSING MACHINERY — MACHINERY MODERNIZATION CARD CLOTHING — GARNETT WIRE NAPPER CLOTHING CONDENSER TAPS — RUBB APRONS D F " COORDINATED PRODUCTION " The skillful integration of Davis Furber Machinery, Supplies and Accessories with our expert Technical Service and Counsel and your mill production requirements and specifications — results in a " COORDINATED PRODUCTION " program. Davis Furber " Coordinated Production " — jointly planned with the mill — means increased prof ts for you. Ask how the D cr F " in-your-mill " Technical Survey can solve your specific problems. Write for your copy of the D F News, to help you with your long-range planning. Davis Furber MACHINE COMPANY Textile Machinery Designers And Manufacturers NORTH ANDOVER, MASS CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA tehedcoami outhern UsaU °Ih gauges ob- Equip " les are ' olld ' S on the products eedSl " ffof dBn ' Consult our t Staft fotfna . on on ■ si JJJ- . I H 1C1 ( t STEEL HEDDLE MFG. CO. 2100 W. ALLEGHENY AVENUE • PHILADELPHIA 32, PA. Other Offices and Plants • Greenville, S.C. • Atlonta, Go. • Greentboro, N.C. • Providence, R. I. SOUTHERN SHUTTLES Porn Plant . . . Greenville, S.C. • A Division of STEEL HEDDLE MFG. CO. STEEL HEDDLE COMPANY OF CANADA, LIMITED ' 310 St. Hubert Street, Gronby, Quebec, Canada [416] WE ARE PROUD TO HAVE BEEN CHOSEN BY THE CLASS OF 1963 TO REDESIGN The North Carolina State College Ring JOSTE Don R. Bills, Representative [417] A. B. Carter, Incorporated Operating Mill Devices Company Gastonia, North Carolina Carter Traveler Company Gastonia, North Carolina BEST WISHES FROM PFISTER CHEMICAL WORKS RIDCEFIELD, NEW JERSEY " Pfister — Foremost in Nwphthals " Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company RALEIGH, N. C. [418] DYEING AND DRYING MACHINES Efficient — Rugged — Dependable In addition to a complete line of the most efficient dyeing machinery, Gaston County designs and builds complete ex- tracting and drying systems of the most modern type. Dyeing machines and dryers are built to mill specifications. Write for illustrated folder. U " . -» Two ' Single Kier ' 500 pound Dyeing Machines with ' criss-cross ' Tandem System ' Twin-Kier ' 1500 lb. Package Dyeing Machine GASTON COUNTY DYEING MACHINE COMPANY WORLD ' S LARGEST PRODUCERS OF PRESSURE DYEING DRYING EQUIPMENT STANLEY, N. C. G. Lindner Terminal Bldg., 68 Hudson St Hoboken, N. J. A. R. Breen 80 E. Jackson Boulevard Chicago, III. REPRESENTATIVES Albert Bagain 316 Spencer St. Philadelphia 20, Pa. J. R. Angel 1104 Mortgage Guar. Bldg. Atlanta 3, Ga. The Rudel Machinery Co., Ltd. 278 Lakeside Blvd., Toronto 980 St. Antoine St., Montreal Table Model Dyeing Machine HIGH-TEMPERATURE «w BEAKER MACHINE . W Dyes 12 different colors simultane- ously at any tem- perature up to 250° F. Laboratory Dyeing Machine Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Branch banking trust company NORTH CAROLINA ' S OLDEST BANK • OFFICES IN 23 CAROLINA COMMUNITIES [419] QolkqsL Qwl MOTOR LODGE AND RESTAURANT U. S. ROUTE 64 — WESTERN BLVD P. 0. BOX 5717 RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA CORBIN SLACKS— FLORSHEIM SHOES Compliments of VARSITY MEN ' S WEAR Raleigh and Chapel Hill ' Traditional Clothiers " H. Freeman Clothes — Sero Shirts Compliments of 416 S. Dawson Street TE 2-1736 [420] OBSERVER PRINTING HOUSE CHARLOTTE, N. C. Printers off The 1963 Agromeck [421] INDEX Agricultural Council 33 Agricultural Economics Club 196 Agricultural Education Club .. 196 Agricultural Engineering Technology Club 197 Agricultural Institute Club .. 197 Agricultural Institute 361 Agromeck 150 Air Force Cadre Assistant Flight Leaders . 142 Cadet Staff .. 125 Group Staff— 5951 126 Group Staff— 5952 130 Group Staff— 5953 .. 134 Group Staff— 5954 138 Air Force Color Guard 100 Air Force Rifle Team 142 Alpha Gamma Rho 48 Alpha Phi Omega _ 174 Alpha Zeta . 180 Amateur Radio Club .. .207 American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists .. 193 American Ceramic Society .. 185 American Electrical and Electronic Engineers 183 American Institute of Astronautics and Aeronautics 190 American Institute of Chemical Engineers .. 188 American Institute of Industrial Engineers 187 American Institute of Mining .. 185 American Institute of Physics .. 192 American Society of Agricultural Engineers 181 American Society of Agronomy 182 American Society of Civil Engineers 184 American Society of Mechanical Engineers . 191 American Society of Metals 189 Angel Flight . 145 Animal Science Club 198 Applied Mathematics Club 205 Army Cadre 101 Army Brigade Staff 102 Army Color Guard 100 Army Command and Control 103 First Battalion .. 104 Second Battalion 109 Third Battalion 114 Staff Sergeants 119 Army Rifle Team 122 Arnold Air Society 144 Association of U. S. Army .. 122 Baptist Student Union . 203 Baseball 246 Basketball 236 Blue Key 210 Campus Code Board 167 Cheerleaders . 227 Chi Epsilon 186 Circle K _ 179 College Union 170 Cross Country _ 250 Delta Kappa Phi 195 Delta Sigma Phi .. 50 Design Publication 161 Drum and Bugle Corps - 100 Engineers ' Council .. 37 Epsilon Pi Tau .. 219 Eta Kappa Nu 215 FarmHouse 52 Flight Instruction Program 121 Football . 228 Forestry Club 205 Fourdrinier Society 204 4-H Club 201 Freshman Class - 384 Furniture Club 202 Golden Chain 209 Golf 252 Graduate Students __ ...326 Honor Code Board 166 Horticulture Club 199 Industrial Arts Club .. 202 Interdormitory Council .. 86 Interfraternity Council 46 Intramurals .. 253 Junior Class ._ - 337 Kappa Alpha 54 Kappa Phi Kappa 221 Kappa Sigma 56 Kappa Tau Beta 193 Keramos 189 Lambda Chi Alpha _ 58 Leopold Wildlife Society .. 198 McKimmon Village -181 Marching Cadets 143 [422] INDEX continued Mathematics and Science Education Club .. 200 Military Ball Association 121 Monogram Club 226 Mu Beta Psi 221 Musical Organizations 176 National Education Association 188 Outstanding Classroom Teachers 2 Pershing Rifles 120 Phi Eta Sigma .. _ 212 Phi Kappa Phi 208 Phi Kappa Tau 60 Phi Psi 194 Pi Kappa Alpha 62 Pi Kappa Phi 64 Pi Mu Epsilon . 220 Pinetum IgO Pi Tau Sigma 216 Poultry Science Club 200 Pre-Vets Club 199 Professional Students 336 Publications Board 148 ROTC Band 145 Rural Sociology Club 201 Scabbard and Blade ...123 School of Agriculture 32 School of Design 34 School of Education .___ 35 School of Engineering _ 36 School of Forestry 38 School of General Studies . 39 School of Physical Sciences and Applied Mathematics 40 School of Textiles 41 Science Council 40 Senior Class _. 258 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 66 Sigma Alpha Mu 68 Sigma Chi 79 Sigma Kappa g2 Sigma Nu 72 Sigma Phi Epsilon 74 Sigma Pi 76 Sigma Pi Sigma 217 Sigma Tau Sigma 219 Soccer 244 Sophomore Class .. 366 Southern Engineer .. 160 States Mates 203 Student Government 162 Swimming 242 Tau Beta Pi 214 Tau Kappa Epsilon 78 Technician 154 Tennis 2 51 Textile Forum iei Theta Chi 80 Theta Tau 213 Thirty and Three 211 Tcastmasters Club 206 Tompkins Textile Council 41 Track 2 48 Unclassified Students .. 402 Veterans Association 207 Wesley Foundation 204 WKNC . 157 Woman ' s Campus Code Board .. 168 Wrestling 245 Xi Sigma Pi 218 Young Democrats Club 206 YMCA__ 169 Young Republicans Club 206 [423]

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