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m . i 11 EDITOR CARLYLE FRANKLIN BUSINESS MANAGER ' ' VAN DOYE SHERRILL ff, ' PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF % NORTH CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA p i? j- , iSf«CJ kfi Dean and Mrs. Lampe DEDICATED TO J. HAROLD LAMPE RETIRING DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Dedicated to tlic field of engineering education, Dean J. Harold Lampe accepted the deanship of the School of Engineering in 1945. LIndcr his energetic and resourceful leadership, an engineering program has been developed that not only offers the best in technical training on the under- graduate and graduate levels but also includes courses in the humanities and social sciences. To challenge the best students. Dean Lampe initiated the Engineering Honors Program. He has fostered the growth of the college ' s engi- neering research program. An active participant in meeting the needs of North Carolina industry, he was a leader in the establishment of the Industrial Extension Service. Widely known and respected in the professional field, he has held numerous official posts in national engineering and educational societies, and has served on educational, research, and defense committees. We are proud to dedi- cate the 1962 Agromeck to Dean J. Harold Lampe. YOU CAME Orientation 30 Registration 32 YOU FOUND Administration -— 38 Schools 43 Organizations 95 YOU SOUGHT Reasons 142 Recrea tion 1 44 Refreshment 147 Girls 149 YOU GAINED Dormitories 152 Fraternities 1 60 Military 207 Sports 250 YOU ATTAINED Freshmen 282 Sophomores 304 Agricultural Institute 324 juniors 328 Seniors - 354 Graduates 41 5 TOU • I and moved in Better call a porter! ' . [5] You waited, and waited, . . . and waited ORIENTATION M ... to get the SHAFT!! V ■ ■V Well. I ' vi here . . . Now u-hat do I do? REGISTRATION Like I said before, I don ' t want a Saturday class! HI FOUN the Adminisfration n You found ... the professional field of) ! R.« Professor Lewis ]. Clarke of North Carolina State College ' s School of Design (center), named " Distinguished Classroom Teacher of the Year, " was presented an S800 cash award by the N. C. State Alumni Association. Richard L. Rice (right), Chairman of the associa- tion ' s board of directors, makes the presentation while Chancellor John T. Caldwell (left J looks on. a«i The eight schools of North CaroHna State College are represented by these professors who are " Distinguished Classroom Teachers of 1961 " as recognized by the Senior Class of 1961. Each man was selected bv a committee of seniors from his school. The senior ' s choices are an- nounced at graduation exercises in the spring. In recog- nition of his academic achie ' ement, the Senior Class named Professor Lewis J. Clarke " Distinguished Class- room Teacher of the Year. " Carey Hoyt Bostian Aiiriciihiire William Joseph Block General Studies [10] -Id off your choice Raymond LeRoy Murray Physical Scioices and Applied Matheiitatics Clarence Cavce Scarborough Education Lewis James Clarke Design WiLLLVM Dykstra Miller Forestry Joseph Wilson Reese Ens.ineerit2 " Robert Earl Wiggins Textiles [11] YOU FOUND . . . a multitude of nizations seeking a sliare ot your time A few night spots c sippet li the golden brew ' . Wash your clothes and wet yoitr whistle. YOU SOUGHT to recog nize a power greater ttian your own • fo resist conffornnity and in doing so conformed. YOU SOUGHT . Three Jieaik are better than one! ' cU. 1 cnuhl Imre done worse. The nikhi ' iiju oil tuiisi hum. [16] I -s v. All ca}i ' t he athletic Good form, hut will he make that strike? Campus qitarterhack in action. [17] Girls . . i feel a draft. And roil know what 1 told liiiii! t ;i8] I a social environnnent HaUoireeu ami the IDC Ball. A swinging party hy tlie pool. [19] Fri YOU GAIN A Niche in tiie Community in the dorm • • • Vv Many niij lits vc solved the ivorhVs prohh . teun . . . liuilH You gained • • • Confidence and Authority At By the left flank . . 411357, Sir!! [22] An Appreciation off Team Effffort. [23] ' i »■ — C- ' - . ' P. tcinlc Wm ■I I hope there II be ciinu2,h [jobs) to go nrouiid. GRADUATION Dauni thill " tickles! It luis heeii a loiiil walk. [261 ;iiT S;:V and you are ready to begin [27] YOU CAME rill fit I i ii i i i i iIt i 1 1 i I ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ I ■ill Ifiiiiiiiiii i i i i I i i i i i i ■ ■ ilii IILJLII I I II I I II ill I ' «r ' i1ii S2«. ' »ti ' ' " » MittkttM ' ' - »s fe- , - , - HARRELSON HALL With enthusiasm ;incl confusion, desks, hooks, students, and profes- sors moved into the " round-house. " A few times around and everyone became adjusted to the new en ' ironment. Unique in almost every re- spect, 1 larrclson lall is already a kuidmark on the campus. ORIENTATION The niixed emotions of a Freshman orientation rouj lie seems to know what he ' s talking about. Must he a letter from home already. [301 Did roil ever feel like roil were heim ' watcJied? 2. .2. ..3. .3. 3. .3. 3 The Hue itp—State College style. Take a deep breath and hold it. R E G I S T Some finished early With all these IBM machines and high-powered planning and scheduling, our administration as yet has been unable to come up with a registration procedure that resembles anything other than chaos. When it rains, hundreds stand in the rain— when it snows, luindrcds stand in the snow, wait- ing to get into the Coliseum. [32] 1 R A T I O N Others worked late. Once inside, one joins a milling mob of a thousand or so, all trying to register for Math or Chemistry 101 and one or two other courses it seems. Someday a reasonable system will be devised, one that will do justice to our big IBM machines. [33] FIRST DAY OF CLASSES [34] NIGHT AFTER FIRST DAY [35] YOU FOUND THE STUDENT SUPPLY STORE T Icre are the headquarters for the incomplete student. The man who needs exerything has onl - to ' isit the Student Supply Store to get all his professor desires him to ha e. And once back on the campus he will lack only one thing— MONEY. THE ADMINISTRATION i TERRY SANFORD GOVERNOR OF NORTH CAROLINA JOHN T. CALDWELL CHANCELLOR OF NORTH CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE WILLIAM C. FRIDAY PRESIDENT OF THE CONSOLIDATED UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA r " ' - 4fc John W. Shirley Deaw of the Faculty K. D. Raab Director of Admissions and Registration James J. Sihwaui Dean of Student Affairs iirs N. B. Watts Director of Student Ilous ' uig Banks C. Talley, Jr. Director of Student Activities i m ! ' . . Thomas L. Covington Assistant Director of Student Activities Lyle B. Rogers Director of Counseling ' -1 Mrs. M. Agnes Tew Representing the Business Office m ■ ■ JMipl— i i I - fc i nn SOMB AORICULWRAL OPPORWNm£C WITH NORTH CAROLINA PRODUCTS V — N- " TREES I THINK THAT I 8HAU NCVCR SEE A POCM LOVELY A8 A TREE. A TREE WHOSE HUNGRY MOUTH IS PREST AGAINST THE EARTH ' S SWEH aOVINO BREAST. A TREE THAT LOOKS AT GOO AU OAY ANO unS HER LEAFY ARMS TO PRAY. ' A TREE THAT MAY IN SUMMER WEAR A NEST OF ROBINS IN NCR HAIR UPON WHOSE BOSOM SNOW HAS LAIN; WHO INTIMATELY LIVES WITH AAM POEMS ARE MAOE BY FOOLS LIKE ME. BUT ONLY COO CAN MAKE A IREE JOYCE NtLMEft n lr. @! !| I2l!ll29 i •? 5?S3 fssBssa mmsmmmiaisg maj: 1 OUCJTION Un ■1 FT i m I S ACPV AC LFl LDUQM y ■— f - ' V ■ «oy ' » - -M _ — ri-i — " " I H SCHOOL O F The science of Agriculture is finding increased appli- cation on the farms, in manufacturing plants, in process- ing plants, and in the entire network of sales and distri- bution of agricultural products in North Carolina. Men trained in the biological and agricultural sciences are finding employment in a wide variety of professional, industrial and farming activities. The graduates of the School of Agriculture arc molding many of the changes which arc taking place so rapidly and which are building a greater North Carolina. The agricultural leaders of today ha ' e a mastery of chemistry, the biological sciences, agricultural business management, agricultural engineer- ing, public policy and the techniques of efficient plant and animal production, processing and marketing. The School of Agriculture is providing these leaders. Dean H. Brooks James School of Agriculture What are roii lookhis. ot?? . ffiWCULTURAL ECONOMIES S£tRET8RI£5 [44] AGRICULTURE Tltc role of oorcriniient ' ni aoriciilture is a vital issue to all concerned with aiiriciiUnrc. Let us not forget the subject of our endeavors. Gassed a nd ready to go . . . and in the lah, " Do xve have a field trip today? . . . Does a cat have . . .? AGRICULTURE INSTITUTE OFFICERS John Howard President Watson Bethea ' ice-President Hal Hussy Secretary Walter Shealv Treasurer Tom Lawrence Reporter John 1 Iovvard President Watson Bethea ' ice-President The newly formed Agricultural Institute Club is made up of men, called " Aggies, " in the new two year Ag Institute program at North Carolina State College. riiroiii ' Ii their motto, " Let Education Pull the Plov ' , ' the " Aggies " sponsor many activities that promote objectives of the club. Membership is open to all personnel con- nected with the iAyriculture Institute. [46] AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRONOMY OFFICERS Hoill lil N. Will 1 AKlli . . . . ' lC ' s l ' ll( Koi.iii IIanus " ice-Piesiileiit SiANLtv Gloni;h .Recnrditi Secretary Asa RociERsoN C ' i)rresiwniliiiii Sccrclary Ralph Morton Reporter Charles Hammond Treasurer Dr. S. E. YoLiNTs Advisor Dii. G. L. loNES Advisor Robert X. umaker Presideut Mrs. Roger E. Hanes Sponsor The aims ol the Aoroiidinx Club nrc to stimulate in- terest ill the field of Ayronomx , to aid in canvino on student acti ities, and impnne relationships betv ' cen faeull and students. Each year the club sponsors edueational exhibits at the North Carolina State Fair, and an Awards Banquet is held during the spring semester at which time the club presents an award to the outstanding instructor in the School of Vgriculture. [47] AGRICULTURAL COUNCIL The Agricultural Council is the governing body of the students of agriculture. The Agricultural Council is composed of elected representatives of the arious departmental clubs in the School of Agriculture and the department of Agriculture Ed- ucation. The primary function of the council is to coordinate the acti ' ities of the various clubs rep- resented. Each year the Council sponsors an entertainment program— students Ag Fair, Barnvvarming Dance, and Ag Day. This year the Council initiated a pub- lication, Ao Student. OFFICERS Cleo Robertson President David Stadler Vice-President David Mustian Secretary Reynolds Cowles Treasurer Ivan Rash Reporter [48] AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS CLUB Ot I K 1 KS Kill Udwdv President Dwin W ' oRSLEv Mce-Presideiit l iisstLL Barlow Secretary Cleo Robertson Treasurer Bill Martin Reporter Mr. I). M. H(K tR . .rciLtihy Adi ' isor 1 lie jiur| " os(. ' cil the Ai rii-uhural Economics Club is to stimulate in tcrcst in the profession and to pro ide means whereby the members can become familiar with the cur- rent cle elopment in the field. AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION CLUB OFHCERS Gene Powell . President JoHNNv Harper Vice-Preside it Douglas Willlams Secretary Benn - Hampton Treasurer C. H. Rogers Advisor The major purpose of the Agri- cultural Education Club is to pro vide an opportunity for develop- ing agricultural leadership and its components, character, personali- ty, social and professional skills, and cooperation needed for direct- ing the learning process. T he Agricultural Education C luh is one of the most active clubs in the School of Agriculture and the School of Education. Thus it provides an in aluable opportu- nitv for interested men. [491 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS Tom Whitaker President Stanley Leary Vice-President Jimmy Mabe Secretary Clemon Bass Treasurer Larry Stikeleather Reporter Allen McDonald F. E. . Dr. W. E. Splinter Faculty Advisor The ASAE Club consists of students in Agricultural Engineering who are seeking in- sight into the professional side of their chosen field. Programs have brought out the various opportunities that are open to Agricultural Engineers. Members have an opportunity to obtain leadership training and meet other stu- dents and faculty members. AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY CLUB OFFICERS Burton Barnes President Frank Bordeaux Vice-President Neil Carey Secretary RossiE Jones Treasurer The Agricultural Engineering Technology Club was established to foster an increased interest in the application of the curriculum of Ag Engineering, to provide the ATE stu- dent with a medium for professional growth and contacts, and to create a means for social gatherings of ATE students and faculty, these ends are attained through bi-weekly meetings, social gatherings, and programs and confer- ences throughout the year. [50] I l HORTICULTURE CLUB OFHCERS Jkrkv Rudd President Harold Jones ' ice-Presiiieiit Jerrv Stone Secretary John Shaw Treasurer The object of the Horticulture Club is to stimulate student inter est in the field of Horticulture, to foster and promote recreational and educational activities, and to en- courage student participation in all campus activities. ANIMAL INDUSTRY CLUB OFFICERS Bernard Lennon President Max Lennon Vice-President Rives Manning Secretary David Stadler Treasurer The Animal hidustry Club strives to strengthen the bonds be- tween the Animal Industr - stu- dent with the faculty and many livestock breeders through exhibits at the State Fair, barbecues, the Little International Livestock Day, an annual tour, and a banquet. 1 he annual publication is Meat and Milk. [51] LEOPOLD WILDLIFE SOCIETY OFFICERS James AIaunev President R. L. Wilbur Vice-President Robert Yurcho Secretary Alan Griggs Treasurer Reynolds Cowles Program Cluiinfuiit Robert F. Koontz Publicity Cliainintii Dr. F. E. F1 ester Advisor The Leopold Wildlife Club has as its nr.iin objective the prox ' ision oF inFonnation concern in o species oF wildliFe, and opportunities and techniques in the field of wildlife conserxation and manatjement. Ample opportunity for fellowship among students of similar interests is also pro ided. Membership is a ailable to stu- dents in the WildliFe and Zoology curricula and to students in any other Field showing a high degree oF interest in wildlife. POULTRY SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS Ivan Rush President John Blakely Vice-President Keith Baucom ..Secretary-Treasurer Bill Price Reporter C. W. Barber Advisor The Poultry Club strixes to pro mote leadership, to acquaint stu dents and staff, and to pro ide programs interesting to the mem- bers. The elub sponsors barbecues and other aetixities which make it possible tor club members to ' isit outstanding poultry enter- prises throughout the state. [52] T RURAL SOCIOLOGY CLUB OFFICERS Will V W ' hsT I ' icsnifiit Frank Taylor Vice-President Bob Si.atkr Secretary-Treasxirer I )oN Perkins Reporter . . VoiiNG Fnci( (,r Advi nr I lie L u C. Taylor Ruiiil So- ciology Club was organized in thc Fall of 1960. The purpose ol ' the cluh is to gi ' e the student insight into the Field of sociology, to pro- mote interest in Social Research, to promote fellowship and interest in Sociology, and to promote leadership. 4 - H CLUB OFFICHRS Dwii) E. White Presideul David Stadler Vice-Preiideiil Preston Cornelius . A ' icePresidenl Norman ' ilfong Secretary Robert Goodman Treasurer Charles Lamm Historian L. R. Harrill Advisor The Collegiate 4-1 1 Club first started on the State College cam |His in Ajiril, 1940 as the State College 4-1 1 Supper Club with the objecti es to foster fellowship among 4 11 members at State Col lege, to jiromote leadership and citizenship, and to acquaint club members with extension work and workers. Todav the club promotes leadership, fellowship, citizenshi]i. and religious de elopment through weekly meetings, deputations with woman ' s College 4 1 1 Club. dc o tionais, and projects such as the Homecoming float. [53] DiiAN IIenrv L. Kamphoefner SCHOOL OF DESIGN The School of Design is devoted and dedicated to the development of a native architecture and its accompany- ing art forms for the southern region. While the natural and organic aspects are stressed, the universal and international aspects of design are also respected and related to the human patterns of life. Seeking to integrate the architect as a social human being and the architect as a scientist-engineer, the school en- courages and nurtures the architect-engineer as the co- ordinator of structural dvnamics in the over-all pattern of life. While its first aim is to serve North Carolina and the southern region, the design school helie es that its stu- dents will be equipped, through the teaching of the school, to work in any region. Because character, a profound devotion, and an absolute professional commitment are prime ingredients of any creative activity where the social responsibilities are as vital as in architecture and design, the School of Design fosters and cultivates the integrity of the indi ' idual. Wake Woods? . . . That ' s a new twist. [54] Lookiitg. listening or draiviiig—it goes on night and day. Considtation and revision. And the work goes on and on . . . and on . . . [55] SCHOOL OF llnihiiii ' j Iwo lhnis,-n-)ua-jig,s. m DejVN J. BrYANI KlRKLAiND School of Education The current need For competent, uell-qualified teach- ers is greater now than at any other period in the history of our puhlic school system. This is especial l true in the Fields oF mathematics, science, industrial education, industrial arts, and ocational agriculture. 1 he School oF Education provides the proFessional pre employment training required For certiFying teachers oF ()cational agriculture, industrial arts, industrial educa tion, mathematics and science. The curriculum in each oF these departments includes courses designetl to aid pros]K ' cti e teachers in acquiring an understanding of high school pupils, and in selecting and using acceptable teachiiii; methods. 1 he School oF EducatiorT also provides undergraduate training lor recreation leaders in industrial and rural areas. [56] EDUCATION Who needs a ps ' ehoai!ahst. we luive n iiuicliiue. KAPPA PHI KAPPA W OFFICERS I ' m M. BiniNGSLV Presideiil Millard C. Howell ' ice-Presideul John M. Soles Recorder Graham Singleton Treasurer Frank McKay Corr. Secretary Dr. C C. Scarborough Advisor Kappa Phi Kappa is a National I l(iniiiar anti Professional Education Fraternit) which has as its purpose the promotion oF education as an instru- ment oF social betterment. The members oF Kappa Phi Kappa are selected on the basis oF their recog- nized abilit ' For outstanding scholastic and social achiexement and professional ideals. [57] INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB OFnCERS Yates Milton President Robert L. Vaughn Vice-President Frank McKay Secretary Frank Turner Treasurer Troy Hopkins Piihlic Relations Officer The Industrial Arts Club brings together the members of the department in order that they may become better acquainted. Out- standing men in related fields present to the club at its meetings the latest ideas and news of the professional world. The club strives to make its profession better known and to in- fluence young men to train for a future in Industrial Arts. EPSILON PI TAU ALPHA PI CHAPTER Epsilon Pi Tau is the International Honor Society in Industrial Arts and Industrial Vocational Education. The purposes are to recognize the place of skill, to promote social and professional proficiency, and to foster and re- ward research and publish its results. OFFICERS Roy Billingsly Thomas Oakley Johnny Crow . President Zachery Taylor Treasurei .Vice-President Dr. Ivan B. Hostetler Trmtee Secretary Mr. Robert T. Troxler Co-Trustee Maynard F. Adams Neill M. Beatty Kelly R. Crump Lloyd W. Elliot John R. Greene MEMBERS Garland K. Hilliard James R. Lawrence Elmer H. Mades Carl A. Moeller Gene H. Phillips W. R. Stalling? Robert T. Troxler Robert L. Vaughn Ben D. Webb Talmage B. Young [58] MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE EDUCATION OFFICERS Clabence Batts President Lew Grimes Vice-Preaideni DoDiE Clark Secretary Grace Elrod Treasurer Herbert Speece Advisor Henry A. Shannon Advisor I hi ' M.ith jnti Science Education Club is an organiza- tion of students who are interested in a career in teach- ing. It offers s(x:ial, leadership, and professional training throiiiih its meetings, programs, and activities. [59] SCHOOL OF Dean ]. Harold Lampe School of Eiiiiiueeriii The fnyincer, ig(ir(iiis and probing; in his apjiroacli to technological problems, represents a profession growing in size and importance. To meet the expanding demand tor its graduates, the School of Engineering, too, has grown until now it has the largest enrollment in the college. Representing major Helds of engineering and growing areas of specialization, lit teen curricula are offered by eight degree granting departments. Ciraduate as well as undergraduate programs extend to the student the opportunity to exploit to the tulkst iiis capacities for learning. Dr. John Harold Lampe, Dean of Engineering, directs a staff which includes some of the educational and scien- lii till iiiic of iiislnniiciilatioii titic leaders of the nation. ine buildings lilled with modern facilities are utilized for teaching and research by these faculty members. In its extensi ' e acti ities in service and research, the School seeks both to explore basic engineering principles and to in estigate problems encountered by the industries of North Carolina. I liiis, the School is dedicated to the dual mission ol ser ' ing the individual student and the citizens of the State. It also sets for itself the task of keeping abreast of current developments in technology and in the engineer ing profession. The resulting program of education is recognized as one of the foremost in the South and in the nation. 1 I [60] ENGINEERING our eyes are glued to the panels. And it sure is mod to relax now and then. U. «P=rT , ; iil|J [61] I ENGINEERS COUNCIL George Burke Ellis President James B. Myhre Vice-Preiident William t. Burton Secretary Ralph Ferguson Treasurer The Engineers ' Council is composed of elected repre- sentatives of the various engineering organizations on the campus. The primary function of the Council is to co- ordinate the activities of the various societies represented. Each year the Council sponsors the Engineers ' Expo- sition. It is also responsible for directing the publication of the Southern Engineer. The Engineers ' Council sponsors two dances during the school year. In the fall, the " Engineers ' Ball " is held. And, during the spring semester, the " St. Pat ' s Dance " takes place. In connection with the " St. Pat ' s Dance, " the Council recognizes outstanding engineering students by knight- ing them into the Order of St. Patrick. The outstanding senior engineering student is recognized and given a gift by the Council at this time. Scholarship is encouraged at the freshman level by electing the two outstanding freshmen from each depart- men as Companions of St. Patrick. [62] Engineers ' Ball Armistead Garcia Mills Stevenson Barwick Hackney Nicholson Temple Cochrane Heafner Randall Watley Daniels Hill Shanklin Wiggins Earnhardt Humphreys Sharpe Young Ferrell Klutz S MITH Fisher McLeou Steele [63] T A U BETA PI Engineering Honorary Fraternity Raymond S. VVinton Mohammed Smires Edward E. Denison Alan M. Chedester |()HN T. CllRLEE OFFICERS President Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recordini Secretary Ciitalo uer MEMBERS John C. Adams, Jr. Jerry M. Allen Robert B. Anderson Richard T. Baer Allen |. Barwick Ronald L. Roger Charles W. Bostian Paul W. Brant William A. Brantley William T. Blichanan William Carpenter Alan M. Chedester Myron K. Cox William M. Cox John T. Curlee William M. Deal Edward E. Denison Paul S. Dennis, Jr. George B. Ellis, Jr. Grady T. Ferrell, Jr. David E. Fetherston Charles H. Fisher George W. Fisher Benny ' J. Furr Robert W. Guy James A. Hackney III James C. Hart Blake E. Hildreth, Ir. William M. Jackson Fereydolin Jalali Olin )arrett, Ir. George W. Lester II John B. Link Michael A. Litilejohn Leland K. McDowell Leonard C. McRee David E. Miller Jesse R. Mills Charles E. Parks Herbert L. Pass, Ir. James E. Peterson, |r. Larry C. Queen John W. Roberts Ray |. Roten John P. Sandiford, |r. Harold Schwartz Tommy G. Sharpe William H. Slack, Ir. Benjamin J. Sloan, |r. Mohammed Smires Thomas M. Smith Robert C. Steljes Michael R. Stepp James F. Stevenson George B. Taylor Robert H. Transou, Ir. CiEORGE H. West William T. Windley Raymond S. Winton Richard C. Woodman Tau Beta Pi. the national iionorarv engineering trater- nity, was founded at Lehigh Llnixersity in 1885. Alpha Chapter of North Carohna was installed iicre in 1925. It is the pLirpose ol the Fraternity to mark in a Fitting; manner those engineers vvho ha e eonlerred honor iipoii their Alma Mater h distinguished seholarship, liberal eulture, and exemplary eharaeter. Eleetion into Tau Beta Pi is one of the highest honors that ean be conferred upon a student engineer. [64] f dl 1 tM Mdr d Al k ' J .1 n ASHLtV Barringhr Brauer Buchanan Clayton Collins Curtis Deal ' Ellis Gardner Harrington Hauser Holder Hunter Idol Ingram KOPPEL Lesslie McGee Moore Morris Neighbors Noah, H. B. Noah, V. B Patrick Sheppard Til r- Smith -r k T Taylor A. 1 1 Thompson Todd Yandle James A. Hackney T H E T A T A U Theta Tau, founded at the Llni crsit ' in Minnesota on October 15, 1904, established Rho Chapter at State College in 1927. It is a professional engineering fraternity whose object is to dexeiop and maintain a high degree of professional in- terest among its members and to unite them in a strong bond of fraternal brotherhood. In keeping with its aims, Theta Tati regularK participates in the Engineers ' f.iir as well as sjionsoring projects of its own in the interest of professional engineering and State College. Regent [65] fjr - f ETA KAPPA NU B ' n r ki OFFICERS ■Jh lijj m B Bayne Steele Thomas Smith Vice President -President ■j i li l P v Herbert Pass Recording Secretary H B II B R Lm George Stubbins Bridge Correspond ent i P kV Oscar Garcia Corresponding Secretary ri H M H Harold Henry- Treasurer Hn l K H m I B Norman Bell Advisor Allred Blackwell BOGER BOROOKHIM Bostian Bradley Bradshaw Brewer Browning Chedester CURLEE DeRiso Dunning Fetherston Georgiou Grady ' Halberstadt Hale Hamrick Harris Hart Hooks lOHNSON KOPPEL LiTTLEJOHN McDowell Miller, C. M. Miller, D. E. Morris Mozingo Partin Patrick Payne Smires Queen Stenbord Raum Taylor Roberts, J. li rn ivrox W. Roberts, W. B. Watts Schwartz WiLLOUGHBY Sharpe WiNDLEY Sloan Youngblood k ,s« ' - I i AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS Iames McCtAVisk Jesse R. Mills John F. Harris ( .. 1 . COGLIA PrcsldeiU Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Advisor The student section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is a part of a national professional society which has as its objecti e the ad anceinent of the field of Mechanical Engineering, through the free exchange of technical informa- tion and the cooperation of mechanical engineers all o er the world. The society hopes to achie e through its student sec- tions an introduction for its student members into the engi- neering world and to create an atmosphere in which the stu- dents may develop skills. Student members have an oppor- tunity to keep informed on new developments in industry. This is accomplished through speakers, films, conferences, and society publications. Moral leadership, growth through stress on individual ethics, and codes of professional conduct are basic objectives of the society. [67] PI TAU SIGMA Membership in Pi Tau Sigma is the highest honor that can be obtained by a mechanical engineering student in his field. He rnust maintain a er high scholastic a ' erage in order to be eligible for membership, but this is by no means the only requirement, for selection is also based on social adaptability, honesty, personal cleanliness, neatness, and soundness of prin- ciples and morals. If a man is deemed worthy, he is invited to join Pi Tau Sigma, an honor which all men v ' ould be proud to claim as theirs. Edward Denison President Adams Blake Brawler Collins Dellinger Ellis Fisher FuRR Guy Hart Hildreth Jackson JARRETT McRee Mills Molina Morton Peterson Randall Rouse Steljes Stephenson Todd Transon Tune West Yow [68] AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING INSTITUTE OF RADIO ENGINEERS Ol 1 ICI P S 1 iioMAs M. Smith ( ' hairn}aii P. T C;. SlEEIE ' icc-Chainiinii . 1 1 o n l uixER AIEE Secretary 1 H IN Cil ENN Kl inz IRE Secretary I() I n Sharpe local Secretary 1i. i 1 Iart Treasurer The purpnsc ol the Inint Stiitlcnl Braiicli is to disseminate tlie knowledge of the theoix anil ]iraetiee of all aspects of electrical engineering and allied fields, as well as to further the professional de elopment ol the student. Thomas M. Smith Chairman Bayne G. Steele V ice-Chairman [69] AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS OFnCERS William E. Burton President Nolan E. Wiggins . . . Vice-President Paul W. Brant Secretary Grady T. Ferrell Treasurer The aims of the society are to help the civil engineering students by closer acquaintances among the students, faculty, practicing engineers and the National So- ciety. The student chapter supple- ments regular class and laboratory work, and is the only medium that can relate the professional develop- ment of the students to the achievements of the American So- ciety of Civil Engineers. Programs consist of movies on engineering projects, lectures by professional engineers, and tech- nical papers prepared and read by students. Social activities are a part of chapter activities. Smokers, picnics, and dances are frequent. Membership is open to all civil engineering students. [70] OmCERS Paul Bu. nt Presideul Fred Stevenson Vice-Presideiu Edward Byrd Secretary Fred Johnson Treasurer Tom Buchanan Associate Editor Dii. M. K. LIvANiK Advisor Chi Fpsilon is a national protcs sional Ci il Linginccring honorary fraternity, based on the broad ob- jective of increasing the efficiency of the profession as an instrument of social betterment. Chi Epsilon has, from a small beginning, grown to a place ol prominence in the professional and honorary fraternity world. It has chapters in the majority of the best engineering schools in the country, striving to maintain a constant policy of establishing chapters at a school on the basis of the quality of its instruction and not necessarilv its size. CHI EPSILON 1711 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS Paul Humphries President Cheyney Nicholson Vice-President Bill Troutman Secretary George Harrison Treasurer The primal) purpose uf the student chapter of the American Institute of In- dustrial Engineers is to pro ' ide oppor- tunities for the professional de ' elop- ment of students in Industrial Engineer- ing. Coordination of departmental ac- tixitics, de elopment of leadership, and promotion of the interchange of ideas among students are other high objec- tives. Membership is ope n to all Indus- trial Engineering students and may be obtained at any official meeting. [72] AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS James Myhre Pres ' nlciil Jerky Weaver ' ice-President Paul Helminger Recording Secretary Bill Eckstein ... .Corresponding Secretary ILEY Bland Treasurer Ihc . . C State Student Chapter oF the AICHE is dedicated to promoting academic and professional interest in Chemical Engineering. Nationally noted speakers, plant trips, and social meetings with parent groups are the stimulati c means. The AICHE also aF fords opportunity for development of individual leadership, administraiion, and puhlic speaking. [73] AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY OFnCERS Maurice Benbow President Johnny Brown Vice-President George Mitchell Secretary-Treasurer James Hill Engr. Cmincil Rep. W. C. Hackler Faculty Advisw The North Carohna State College Student Branch of the American Ceramic Society was organized to familiarize students with various branches of the ceramic industry by discus- sions, seminars, and talks by industry leaders; and to foster a strong bond of fellowship be- tween the students and faculty. K E R A M O S Or OFHCERS George Mitchell President James Hill Vice-President G. E. Scott, Jr Secretary Ernest Hughes Treasurer Maurice Benbow Herald W. W. Kriegel Faculty Advisor Keramos, founded at Ohio State Univer- sity in 1902, is the National Professional Ceramic Engineering Fraternity. One of the oldest professional engineering fraternities, Keramos offers membership to students and staff within the Department of Ceramic Engi- neering and closely allied fields. The primary objectives of this fraternity are to promote scholarship, leadership and interest in ceramic art, and engineering. [74] INSTITUTE OF AEROSPACE SCIENCES OFHCERS George V. Fisher Chairniiiu William H. Daniels Vice-Chairnuin Fraistklin Coble Secrelcny Ronald G. Roughton Treasiitcr W ' li i.iAM Buchanan Voyrinii Clxiirnuiii The basic mission of the Institute ol Aero- space Sciences is to facilitate by all available means the interchange of technical ideas amont; aerospace engineers throughout the world. Student membership has been estab iished to provide the student engineer of science with broad opportunities to engage in activities associated with future areospace careers. The local branch encourages profes- sional consciousness and fellowship through programs of guest lectures, film showings, and social functions, along with participation in annual conferences. [75] STUDENT FURNITURE CLUB Thomas Watts Editor Under the sponsorship ot the Engineers ' Couneil, the Southern Engineer provides an opportunity to develop favorable studen t writing techniques and to provide inl ' orination oF ' alue to the engineering profession. Published four times eaeh school year during the months of October, December, March and May by the students in the School of Engineering, the Southern Engineer magazine has become one of the leading technical journals in the South. OFFICERS HoBERT L. Whitener President Norman A. Anderson Vice-President David L. Thorne Secretary William B. Knight Treasurer Kermit L. Young Engr. Council Represeutativi Ralph H. Mullis Vice-Pres. Ahinmi Rc nfio»s IN MEMORIAM Professor E. S. Johnson i SOUTHERN ENGINEER Paul Humphries Business Manager ■ _ [76] AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF MINING ENGINEERS OFFKi:i S Uk iiAiu) I luusTESs Presiiiciil I AMKS M. Lkathkhudod . . . . ' ic: ' Pn ' sidc)it Michael D. Agostini ! ecrct(iry C AKY M. Ross rrcasiirer l)ii. |. M. Parker Advisor 1 lie student Lhaptcr at State C ' dllci e is an affiliated chapter oF tlio , inciican Institute of Mining, Metallurijical, and Petroleum Hngineers. The purpose ol the society is to promote among its mem hers an increasing knowledge of geo logical engineering and to instill a pro fessional pride in the life work they ha e chosen. AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR METALS OFFICERS Robert E. Burgess Prciidciil Julius A. Shanklin ' ice-President George A. Sloan Secretary Ronald W. Fullington Treasurer TTie North Carolina State College Chapter of the American Society for Metals functions as an organization dedicated to the promotion of fellowshi]i among metallurgical students and helps them de elop and broaden their inter- ests in the field of metallurgy. [77] .. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS OFFICERS Richard L. Wilson President William Smythe Exec. Vice-PresidenI Alfred Stamm Adtii. ' ice-Preside)il Don Childers Secretary Dr. Raoul Freyre Advisor The student section of the American Institute of Physics is dedicated to the atlvanccment of knowledge of physics and its application. It attempts to in- troduce the student to certain aspects of physics not taken up in the classroom, tiius giving him a more complete under- standing of the subject. The section was loiindcd in 1950 and is under the School of Physical Sciences and Applied Matiiematics. [78] OFHCERS James T. Spence President Gary A. Massel Vice-President Hugh B. Noah Recording Secretary Van B. Noah Treasurer Albert K. Pearson .Corresponding Secretary Dr. Forest Lancaster Advisor Sigma Pi Sigma is the only national physics honor society. Its chapters are restricted to colleges and uni ersities of recognized standing which offer a strong ]5hysics major. The chapters receive into membership phvsics students and a few others in closely related fields when such students attain high standards of scholarship, promise of professional merit, and academic distinction. The objects of the society are to serve as a means of awarding distinction to students having high scholarship and promise of achie ements in physics, to promote student interest in research and ad anced study of the subject, to en- courage a professional spirit and friend- ship among those who have displayed marked abilities in physics, and to popu- larize interest in physics in the general collegiate public. SIGMA PI SIGMA (791 SCHOOL O F FORESTRY To keep pace with the rapid de ' elopment of forestry and the wood-using industries in the South, the School of Forestry has expanded its program and faciHties. Undergraduate programs train students for careers in Forest Management, Wood Technology, Pulp and Paper Technology, and Wood Products Merchandising. Grad- uate programs lead to the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. The classrooms and laboratories in Kilgore Hall, the three permanent camps, and the 80,000 acres of School Forests. The Wood Products Lab- oratory and the new Pulp and Paper Laboratory pro- vide exceptional facilities for education and research. Dean R. J- Pbeston School of Forestry Some forestry research is carried on in the oreeiihoiise. [80] itioii, I would prescribe (I new nis driver: P I N E T U M Editor Bitsiiiess Mniia(j,er Asst. Editor Lloyd Simmons Right-center Graham Moore Rioht Carlyle Fr» nklin Left-center Blake Ballard Asst. Eiisiitess hiiui ' j,er Left The Piiietiini is the annual publicatiiin ol the School of Forestry and is sponsored by the Forestry Club. It is distributed to all stu dents in the School of Forestry, active alumni, advertisers, and all accredited forestry schools in the country. I he Piiietiiju is a record of special events and student activities that take place in the School of Forestrx. In addition, it contains reports and articles of information concerning; school forests and research projects in forestry, as well as articles from around the world by practicing alumni. [81] Officers FORESTRY CLUB OFFICERS Fred Liverman President Chandler Eakes Vice-President John Smith Secretary Blake Ballard Treasurer Don Zobel Program Chairman Ed Coville Sergeant-at-Arms Jim Covington Conclave Chairnum The State College Forestry Club holds weekly meet- ings during the school year for the purpose of promoting better relationships between students and members of the faculty. Educational and recreational programs are presented at these meetings. An annual " Rolleo, " held at Hill Forest, is sponsored by the club. At the " Rolleo, " teams from each class com- pete in volleyball, log bucking, horseshoe pitching, to- bacco spitting, and various other types of competition. The outstanding social event of the year is the " Logger ' s Brawl. " Publication of the PineHini, the Forestry School an- nual, is sponsored by the club and distributed to forestry students and alumni. The club also publishes Slahs and Edghigs, a bi-monthly paper containing articles and news of particular interest to forestry students. [82] XI SIGMA PI OFFICtUS Al Roberts Forester Gary Bridcers Associate Forester Larry Chapman Ranger Fred Foster Secretary Fiscal Ageut Xi Sigma Pi is a natinnal lionor Irati-initx wliost ' [uu- posc is the recognition and promotion of leadership, scholarship, and interest in tiie profession ol lorestry. Each year, the organization honors the outstanding freshman and senior in the School of Forestry. The fraternity spon- sors annual public lectures by nationalK known indi id uals working in forestry or in allied professions. Officers Preientcitioii of licshman Axe Artman Baldwin Ballard Best Blanchard BOVETTE Bridcers Cauthorn Chapman Eakes Foster Franklin Kinloch Laughinghouse Leonhardt McElbov Manning Miller Odum Reid Roberts Robertson TiCKEL Toms Turner LIptegrove ' u T [83] THE SCHOOL OF PHYSICAL SCIENCES AND APPLIED MATHEMATICS The Scliool ol Physical Sciences and Apphed Mathe- matics has two missions at North CaroHna State College; the training ol cll-(.|iialitied scientists and mathema- ticians; the technical support of curricula in Agriculture, Education, Textiles, Forestry, Design, and Engineering. Undergraduate curricula leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Physics, Experimental Statistics, Chem- istry, and Applied Mathematics have been established. The Master of Science degree is offered by each depart- ment of the School, with the Doctor of Philosophy de- gree a ailable in the departments of Physics and Experi- mental Statistics. Dr. Arthur C. Mlmlis, |r. Dean of the School of Physical Sciences and Applied Mathematics It Idlics killcil hiiiht ' (iiid c ' liij fii! ' _n ' i- . [84] Prt ' cisiuii iiislninieiits mnt h ' r ' hly truiiicd lueii; both iirc c:ssciiliiil to our cco}iou!r. I , watcJicd JK ' iikcr never huils. The School of Physical Sciences .iiicl .AppHed Mathematics is fully equipped foi instruction and research. Special equip- ment and laboratories associated with the departments of the School include a com- plete radio-chemistry laboratory; a low ix)wer homogeneous reactor and a hetero- geneous reactor designed for 100 k ; a one- million olt Van de Graff accelerator; two analog computers, GEDA and Conner; and an IBM 650 digital computer supjile mented by access to the UNIVAC 1105 at the LIni ersity of North Carolina Com- putation Center at Chapel Hill. Other fa- cilities on the campus axailable for teach- ing and research are an RCA electron microscope, complete X-ray laboratories with diffraction and radiographic equi]v nicnt. and precision instrinncnt sliojis. [85] OFFICERS Philip N. Nanzetta President R. Edison Elkins ' ice-President Anne Fakler Secretary NvAL DwiGHT Camper Treasurer Advisors Dr. a. R. Nolstad Math Dr. G. C. Cobb Physics Dr. a. F. Coots Chemistry Dr. F. E. McVay Statistics SCIENCE COUNCIL The Science Council is the student governing body for the School of Physical Sciences and Applied Mathe- matics. The Council is one of the newer organizations on campus, being founded in March, 1961. Membership in the Science Council is open to any undergraduate enrolled in the curriculum of chemistry, mathematics, physics or statistics. Elections are held each spring to determine the Science Council representatives. MEMBERS Mathematics R. Edison Elkins Walter Cummings Philip N. Nanzetta Frank S. Smith Marvin Mabgolis Chemistry Robert Fort Carl Bean Nyal DwiGHi Camper Physics Van B. Noah Gerald Moore H. Thomas Bentley loHN G. Stevens Statistics Anne Fakler Charles Hendrix Richard Royall [86] I APPLIED MATH CLUB omcERS loHN Harrison President David Womble ' iccPresideiii Charles Winton . Secretary-Treasurer Dr. I. H. Wilson Advisor rill- Applied Math Club, com [■Kiscd for the most part of students in the Applied Mathematics cur- riculum, stri es to generate a pro- found interest in both the theory and applications of mathematics. Activities range from student par ticipation to guest lecturers. The subject matter of the meetings has a wide scope to be compatible with the aried interests of the mem- bers. Dean Malcolm E. Campbell School of Textiles SCHOOL O F TEXTILES Life is no longer simple in the weaver ' s trade. Man- made fibers with man-made properties, chemistry, elec- tronics, and even nuclear radiation ha ' e converted the ancient art of textile manufacturing to a complex science. Through its educational and research program, the School of Textiles is providing leadership for this new era in North Carolina ' s largest industry. It is first in research, first in education. This is " the mill " . . . home of whirring spindles and zooming looms . . . the orlon artery for human beings . . . the blue windows of slubbers and snubbers . . . the Shuttle Inn . . . of the Red Thunderbird . . . the beginning of careers in a fast mo ing industrv. Under current plans to broaden both programs, and with the backing of textile leaders, the School can help insure the future of one of North Carolina ' s fascinating, colorful and dvnamic industries. Testiiiii laboratory in Nelson Hnll [88] MH M 1 1 f tl ' ' ' - " M , ' ■ r HI -- m 1 L 1 i j ' ' tB BBJH BS N l ' MM H ; ' ¥ •- l4H ■ ■;_ •««. ' . 1 RT ' ■■ i sipe ' lto %, i HUs ' im:f ' mm ■ r V MM r B ■lk ' (1 :■ it i W F H m U S- lb F 1 W0 1 w = " " ' - " " SB w . — __ A y gos ;. ' Tliat ' s her lah jacket. SIGMA T A U SIGMA OFHCERS BiiL Adams . Ted McCall Prc ' nieni . yice ' l ' res, ' Hlcnt A local textile honor fraternity, Sigma Tau Sigma stri es to instill in textile students a desire for higher scholastic attainments. An incentive toward this goal is the Sigma Tau Sigma Scholarship Cup that is presented each year to the senior in textiles with the highest scholastic a erage. The Greek letters composing the name of the fraternity represent the words, Society of Textile Scholar- ship. [89] PHI P S I OFnCERS James Mo fROE President Charles Kale Vice-President Ted McCall Treasurer Wayne Bolick Sr. Warden Marvin Hicks ]r. Warden Phi Psi Fraternity is a professional textile fraternity, the objects and aims being: first, to promote good fellow- ship among men of textile schools and the textile in- dustry; second, to encourage a high standard of textile work; third, to assist by every honorable means the ad- vancement of its members. Eta Chapter at North Carolina State College is the largest chapter in the fraternity, in parallel with the largest textile school in the world. The fraternity serves the Textile School by offering a guide service for all ' isitors and guests of the school. It also sponsors a ban- quet in the spring at which a cup is awarded to the Man of the Year in the North Carolina Textile Industry. [90] DELTA KAPPA PHI OFnCF.RS Oami.1. instead I ' lcsidciit Scott DAvinsoN ' ice-l ' res ' uleiil l r, is liHADDV Sccrctitry CitoUGi: Kai IN Irciisiircr Bn 1 Avsc in; l ' ledi c Master Paul lucKtu Scribe Delta Kappa Phi is the oldest pro- fessional textile fraternity in Aincrica, having been founded in 1899 at the Philadelphia Textile Institute. Started around a nucleus of seventeen mem- bers, Kappa Chapter was instituted on May 14, 1948 at State College. The fraternity strives to create a fraternal relationship and greater social enjoy- ment among its members, as well as promote the interest of its members in acquiring a thorough education in tex- tiles. The chapter of State College also strives to promote activities of interest to the Textile School. [91] TEXTILE FORUM Bill Ayscue Co-Edilor David S. Winstead Co-Editor Jim PuiNAM Business Manager George Kalin Binineis Manager Tom Hester Circidalion Manager Marvin Braddy Managing Editor Ralph Reynolds Managing Editor Bob Shinn Assistant Editor Walter Jones ff Thomas Harrison Staff Ted McCall Staff The Textile Varum is the publication of the school of textiles and is sent to the leading textile firms through- out the country. The Textile Foniiii publishes articles of technical in- terest by members of the faculty, by men who are out- standing leaders in the textile industry, and by the stu- dents themselves. KAPPA TAU BETA OFFICERS Bill Ay ' scue Praidenl Tom Harrison Vice-President Tom Hester Secretary Wayne Bolick Treasurer Scott Davidson Plcdgeniaster Kappa Tau Beta is a local professional knitting fraternity founded in 1952. Its limited membership is composcti of Sophomores, |uniors, and Seniors. T he motto of this fraternity is " Knitting; Technique Binds. " TOMPKINS TEXTILE COUNCIL Ted McCall Jim Monroe IiiM Putnam Stuart Jenkins OFFICERS President Vice-Presidetit Secretary Treasurer I lie I omnkins Textile Council is tlic students ' gov- ernini; body ot the Textile Sehonl. It is composed oF rep- resentatives from the ' arious textile organizations and representatives from each class. The Conncil acts as the bridge between the students and the faculty. Also, the Tompkins Textile Coimcil sponsors many student functions each year, highlighted by the Open House and Annual Picnic. To be a member of the Council is one of the highest honors in the Textile School. ■J (931 a multitude of... — " » i -twjA ' ORGANIZATIONS " i) ■ «t fi» - m ' iwii mtmiMhmmmim i f- ' :S NORRIS ToLSON Pres ' uient JiiM Jones ' ice-President STUDENT GOVERNMENT This is the body charged with administering all student self-government on the campus. These student leaders coordinate all student acti ' ities and organizations, seek to improve the general student welfare, and represent the students in dealing with the facult ' and college administration. John Kanipe Secretary The student government is always among the first to take a stand on campus issues. Christmas holiday petitions, as well as Senior exam exemptions were prompt- ly handled, and though the outcome did not always favor the student, nevertheless the student leaders in the stu- dent government have done their part. WooDROw Taylor Treasurer ELECTIONS Iack )ordan, Chainiiaii Alton Cobb William Dowd Thomas Tayior Norman Nifong Frank Dorn Bill Hight Carleton Kingson RULES Reuben Cowles Robert Burgess Ervin Lineberger David Goddard (Absent) Ron Boger. Chahvmn BUDGET and FINANCE WOoDiiow Taylor, Cluiiniiiin |()1in Byniim INVESTIGATIONS Robert Whitaker, Cluiirnicin William Burgess Iesse Martin CiERALD Moore Rick Smith Fred Pugh ffl llMi ORIENTATION COMMISSION Harvey Banks Peggy McConnell Bill Lucas, Chairman Fred Partin Norman Nifong |oHN Yarborough Robert Whichard Ralph Reynolds c. u. s. c. Jack Jordan Lamar Thomas WooDROw Taylor Bill Guion Jim Jones Paul Humphreys John Curlee Hartley Clowes Maurice Benbow, Chainuan } 1 f 1 1 1 : ; J 1 i -, ■ ■ ' M M ■ ■ i I ■ ] ■ J . 1 1 i ■ ) i M ■ ■ w M i : ■ 1 : V i ■ 1 : ' ■ 1 i 1 J |!; 1 f Mb s 9 » »T« « A i , ■ ■At kl 1 I 1 « . . ■Ik t U 1 t ■ i r r M- IhI t B . Bl H f 1 i 1 [ 1 U HI 1 ■ : imi , 1 M s 1 M. I i " 1 i n 1 1 i i? u J ] TRAFFIC COMMITTEE Van Sherrill, Chairman George MaCkland |oHN Shore Tom Watts Charles Chapman Bill Mickey Ed Merritt Ronald Smith CAMPUS WELFARE |ames Cox, Chairuum Pec;c;y McConnell Peter McDonald Lee Farmer Willis Weeks CIene Eagles David Leonard Mike Kennedy PROMOTIONS |ohn Carr, Chainnan Marvin Beatty Bill Isler Cene Meyer Cliff Perry William Slack Harold Stroupe ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Alfred Lindsey, Cbairmcm 1 1 UGH Noah |oE Caveness |oE Thomas Edward Aycoth Zell Porter Leonard Thompson THE HONOR CODE BOARD FroH(: John Cameron, Richard Barefoot, Lamar Thomas, Roger Evans. Rear: John Curlee, Bill Harris, Jerry Crabtree, Bob Griffith. The Honor Code Board considers and takes necessary and just action concerning violations of the Honor Code. It is com- posed of ten persons elected by the students on a class basis. The Honor System exists on the promise that each individual values highlv his personal honesty and has pride in his in- tegrity. It is not a unique part of education, but a familiar precept of daily living. This system is a positive one in that it poses no bounds, but gives the individual complete freedom in shaping his own character. Merrill Leffler Chttinnan [100] THE CAMPUS CODE BOARD Front: Jeir - Snvder, |im Kistlev, Tom HiibiiiMin, [im Caldwell. Rem: Milos Pope, Tom Banks, Wiley Blaiul, Bill Mickey, Pete Leluer. The Campus Code is the second component of the Honor System. It is a pledge on the part oF each student to conduct himself in a manner befitting a gentleman under all circum stances. Since " gentlemanly conduct " cannot be precisely de- fined, the interpretation is left to the student, who must rely upon his own training and common sense. To this ideal of honorable conduct all men may be assumed to be dedicated, regardless of their status; hov e er, here at State College it is a responsibility assumed on entering. ]iM Rhodes Chairman [101] WOMEN ' S CAMPUS CODE BOARD The Campus Code is the second component of the Honor System. It is a pledge on the part of each student to conduct herself in a manner be- fitting a lady under all circumstances. Since " lady- like conduct " cannot be precisely defined, the in- terpretation is left to the student, who must rely upon her own training and common sense. To this ideal of honorable conduct all women may be assumed to be dedicated, regardless of their status; however, here at State College it is a re- sponsibility assumed on entering. i Frances Goodwin Chairman I Front: Helen Wigg, Mrs. Howard Miller, Kaye Ferryman, Martha McLaughlin. Pwar: Jill Robinson, Joyce Meares, Flora Lester. [102] £ p p Ballaru Baucoxi Bentley Blanchard Bone Cornelius Craig Drve Dunning Early Franexin Futrell Gay Goodman Hampton Hanes Jordan Martin Mauney Moore MoZINGO Mustian NUNALEE Shepherd Shivar Sales Stone Taylor ToLSON Whitaker White WORSLEY ALPHA Z E T A Alpha Zeta was established neither as an honorary nor as a social fraternity, but as a professional fraternity whose membership shall be combined of the qualities of high scholarship, fine fellowship, and sound character. These are the vital qualities of real leadership. The fraternity was established to activate potential leadership in the fields of agriculture, forestry and edu- cation. Ervin Lineberger Chancellor [103] Robert A. Barnes Director of Music ]. Perry Watson Donald B. Adcock Curtis R. Craver Assistnnt Director of Music Acting Director of Bands Instructor of Woodwinds M O U R S G 1 A c N A L Z A T 1 O N S F A N F A R E B A N D R T C B A N D Where the winrts or Dii- !e soft - ly blow N.C. STATE Men ' s Glee Club ' ■. :.M jmiB Mk ' . i i.c ' STATE BANDS : .s : m mj i : ' - iii jju mf " 1 ' 7 ?f T,i-ir- ■ ' ' BAND OFFICERS (l.-r.): Ham I liir-, I ,ct (Vn. ,Svm. Band); Ronald Goldstein, Vice-Pres. (Fan. Band); Willard Bar- bee, Pub. Rel. Off.; Perry Youngblood, Sec.-Treas.; Robert Frazer, Bus. Mgr.; Benjamin Sloan, Pres. GLEE CLUB OFFICERS (l.-r.): James Turner, Pres.; Robert Vaughn, Pub. Manager; Peter Lesslie, Vice-Pres.; Wendell Mc- Gee, Sec; Joseph Gardner, Trens.-Biis. Mgr. 1961-62 PERSONNEL Abbott, Pevton B. Antel, Ronald C. Arnold, John Ashby, Carlton Barbee, Willard H. Beatty, Manin E. Bennett, Leonard Blackburn, Reuben G. Brady, Leslie R. Brantley, Vester R. Brantley, William A. Breeden, James B. Bryan, George H. Buchanan, John Bullock, Charles W. Burr, Clyde V. Coble , Franklin Cochran, Robert C. Coffey, Kay Y. Cook, Russell Cotton, Larry Cox, Hugh D., Jr. Craft, William J. Groom, Marion R. Crossland. William E. Crutch field, Robert Dabbs, Ronald L. Daniel, Ralph W. Davis, Brian Deal, Earl L. Dekle, Donne Dorn, Frank E. Dowdy, Jack D. Doyle, Grady M. Adair, Charles Bauerlein, John S. Beard, Daniel C. Bennett, Jerry L. Bennett, Rav R. Blount. Paul B. Bostian, Charles W. Brackett, Jesse C. Brake, Henry L. Brendle, David J. Brock, Stewart C. Brown, Eugene W. Brown, Ray J. Bryan, Junius T. Burke, Robert H. Caldwell. William Campbell, Yates W. Carper, James T. Cato, Joseph C. Chartier, Robert L. DuBois, Wayne D. Dudley, Harry H. Duke, Charles L. Durham, Hugh T. Eagle, Eugene O. Eason, Ronald R. Edwards, Walton D. Elmore, David R. Fairchild, William R. Fishel, Philip C. Fisher, George W. Fisher, Harry T. Fleming, Robert J. Flinchum, Earl T. Foster, Robert G. Frazer, Robert H. Freeman, Richard M. Freeman, Carvie T. Gilford, John W. Giles, James J. Goldstein, Ronald J. Good son, Jerry S. Green, Ernest Griffin. Barry S. Griswold, Guy D. Gupton, Wallace Irving Haddon, William W. Halverson, Oscar T. Hancammon, Joseph D. Harris. Richard E. Hartsell, Harry W. Heeden, George L. Henrv, David C. Hill, Gerald p. Clinard, K.av N. Daniel, Ralph W. Davis, Robert F. Dowdy, Jack D. Dryman, Larry W. Dunning, Kenneth A. Edwards. Jonas D. Ellis. John L. Elmslie, Norman A. Faison, Charles C. Frazier, Harold L. Fuller, Carl C. Fuller, David A. Gardner, Joseph D. Gardner, WiHiam E. Gentry, Steve E. Graves, Alfred A. Harris, Bobby G. Hayes, Michael N. Hensley, Daniel S. BAND Hill. Roger E. Hobbs, Hueston Hoffmann, Theodore C. Holladay, William T. Hollingsworth, Peggy E. Holoman, Stuart 6. Holt, Hugh M. Howard, Dean Hurst, Raebourne B. James, Robert L. Jarrett, Olin Johnson, George R. Johnson, Jackie B. Johnson, William Finley Jones, Mike L. Jones, Stuart H. Kearney, William C. Kelley, James F. Kiser, Jack L. Knott, March W. Lanier, Douglas T. Lanier, Dayton W. Lehew, Luther H. Lennon, Edward A. Lindstrom, John H. Lineberrv, Logan W. Lingle, William N. Long, Jerry E. Loyd, Frank R. Maners, Martin A. Marchman. James E. Maxwell, Jerry M. May, Daniel J. Meares, James G. Hill, DaWd B. Hill, Roger E. Jackson, George C. Jackson. Ira J. James, Beckton Jarrett, Olin Jenkins, Edward M. Johnson, Edward E. Jordan, H. Mendall Jones, Billie W. Jones, David J. Koehler, Robert M. Lesslie, Peter A. Little, Brian E. Little, Herbert R. Lucas, William A. Mabe, Jimmy W. Malpass, William D. Marcum, John M. Meares, James G. Metz, Dave A. Midgett, Johnny B. Mills, Kenneth E. Mills, Milton K. Monroe, John R. Moore, Keith Moose, Harvey C. McCracken, Jerry F. McCrary, C. Rav McGill, Ralph N. McKnight, Howard McLawhorn, Thomas H. McLeod, Michael S. Norman, William P. Ogburn, Harold L. Partin, Maurice W. Peacock, Vincent G. Porter, George Zell Powell, William E. Pritchard, Jerrv P. RidgiU, Joseph R. Riedell, Charles A. Rix, Kenneth P. Robcrson. William H. Rockett, Richard D. Rogers, Marcus F. Rowlev, Lee R. Roy, John R. Sanborn, Herb R. Seawright, David Sides, William H. Sink, Larry W. Skipper, Horace D. Sloan, Ben J. GLEE CLUB Michie, John F. Mitchell, William R. McCuiloch. John W. McConncll, Alfred E. McGee, Hubert W. O ' Hara, Dennis D. Partin. B. Fred Perry, Hilton B. Phillips, Theodore D. Porter, Raymond A. Poteet, ' ade M. Redmon, Ivey M. Rhodes, Glenn G. Richardson, Walter E. Ritterskamp, Jack H. Roberts, Wayne B. Sawyer, Ray B. Schultheiss, Barry N. Shillinglaw, John P. Smith, Frank S. Staton, Boyce R. Steppe, James Alan Stinner, Ronald E. Strawbridge, James E. Stubbins, George E. Suessmann, Kenneth W. Swain, Thomas T. Taylor, Henry C. Teague, David B. Teal, Kenneth P. Terrell, James D. Tetterton, Darrell G. Tetterton, Claudius D. Todd, Shelby L. Tune, Harry C. Wagoner, Michael N. Walker, Gary H. Ward, Richard J. Wayt, Merritt W., Jr. Weeks, Martin W., Jr. Wiggins, John R. Williams, Carlos R. Williams, George B. Williams. Richard Willingham, Obie R. Willis, Fred S. Winton, Charles N. Witter, David E. Yarbrough, John W. Yokely, Ronald E. Youngblood, William P. Ziglar, Frank C. Zobel, Donald B. Zwicky. Henry Smith. Oiven |r. Smith, John Smith, Ralph Smith, Zan P. Spotts, James W, Spruill, Mervin L. Stamey, Ronald G. Stepp, Michael R. Stone, Jerry L. Strange, George L. Thomas, Robert E. Turner, James H. Vance, John F. Vaughn, Robert L. Wallace, Richard B. Warner, Michael K. Williams, George B. Williamson, Preston Wilson. George H. I I [106] CIRCLE K CLUB WlIlVAM t RAWFOHIl Vrcwicill Eugene Evans Vice-President BuFoiu) Guy Secretary Sidney Davenport Treasurer Major Newsome Assistant Secretary Kelly B rnhill Director Thomas Barringer Director Benjamin Harris Director Charles Tomkins Director The North Carolina State College Chapter oF the Circle K International was founded November 15, 1961 and is spon- sored bv the Kiwanis Club of the Capital City and the Kiwanis Club of Raleigh for all students who wish to develop aggres- sive citizenship, leadership training, and the spirit of service with respect to the campus and the community; to promote good fellowship and high scholarship; to emphasize the ad- vantages of the American-Canadian way of life; to cooperate in creating and maintaining that sound public opinion and high idealism which makes possible the increase of righteous- ness, justice, patriotism, and good will. William H. Ckavvford President " l fci Miss Mary Judith Copeland Sponsor [ 07] George Wallace President COLLEGE UNION Bill Guion ' ice-Preiiiieitt The College Union is the student ' s home away from home. It is a Student Community in one building, con- taining a restaurant, hotel, and complete facilities for recreation and activities. The building, however, is merely the instrument through which an idea is accomplished; the heart of the organization is found in combined efforts of the Officers, Board of Chairmen, Committees and Advisors. The Board of Ad ' isors is composed of faculty and staff members who make themseKes a ' ailable to the commit- tee for advice and guidance. The scholastic courses on campus offer mastery of words, ideas, and principles— the usual concept of a col- lege education. The Union, however, offers practical ex- perience in understanding and working with people. Board of Directors W f [1081 UNION COMMITTEES Library Cc mmiitee Forum Committee Film Committee h il mnrtam The death of Gerald Erdahl on November 4 brought to a close a career of service and devoted attention to the students of North Carolina State College. Mr. Erdahl came to State College before the Col- lege Union was built. He helped design it, he planned the LInion organization, and he was re- sponsible for making it one of the best Unions in the country. He was a man of ideas as well as boundless en- ergy. To every cause to which he dedicated him- self, and there were many, he brought both bril- liance and enthusiasm. The unique organization, " The Friends of the College, " was his idea, and so were many more ex- citing innovations on the State College campus. In so many ways he helped to make this cam- pus a more pleasant place in which to live. Gerald Erdahl ' s untimely passing leaves a void that will be hard to fill— a void not only in the ranks of the social workers on campus, but also a void in the hearts of the students who knew him. Board of Chairmen [110] Publicity Committee Dance Committee Photography Committee Activities Committee UNION COMMITTEES Music Committee Outing Committee [111] , OFFICERS Pete Gernert President Charles Eason Vice-President of Service Dave Hill Vice-President of Pledges Mike Warner Recording Secretary Lew Grimes Corresponding Secretary Jim Ingram Treasurer Jim Spotts Campus Chest Coordinator Eddie Stubbins Sergeant-at-Arttis Ed Malski Photography Editor S. S. Ballenger Advisor A. C. Hanes Advisor The Alpha Phi Omega fraternity is a national honorary scouting fraternity dedicated to service. The Iota Lambda Chapter here at N. C. State College was chartered in 1949. The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is " to assemble college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, to develop friendship and to promote service to humanity. " Cabinet ALPHA PHI OMEGA Pledge Class [112] The hoys Local and National Pledges sign in ' Charles Scott Bentlev President David Mustian Vice-President Y. M. C. A. The purpose ot the N. C. State YMCA is to stimulate reUgious development and provide an opportunity for the student to relate his aca- demic experience to his faith. These principles are reflected in the " Y " program through dorm devotions, weekday and Sunday chapel ser ' ires in Danforth Chapel, re- ligious conferences, and other religious activities. In a less obvious but still profound way, these principles are applied to acti ities which are vital Jim McElroy Secretary to the needs of the student in the community and world in which he finds himself. These ac- tivities include international student programs, seminars on courtship and marriage. United Nations assemblies, political affairs, art and music lectures, and dramatic presentations. Weekend faculty and student retreats with pro- grams in ' olving everyday problems and the Apollo Club gi ' e an added depth to the " Y " program. Maurice Paktin Treasurer , isnforlh tfliapc Mr. Oscar W ' ooldridgl Cooi ' dinator of Religious Affairs Tom Johnston Associate Secretary Y. M. C. A. CABINET Seated: Jim McElroy. David Mustian, Scott Bentley, Maurice Partin. Standing: Don Zobel, Don Mackland, Carlyle Franklin, Tom Bentley, Perry Youngblood. OFFICERS Ronnie Goldstein President WiLLARD Barbee Vice-President Maurice Partin Vice-President Ralph Daniel Secretary Charles Bostian Treasurer Frank Smith Ptiblicity Director Mu Beta Psi is a national Honorary Music fraternity whose purpose is to promote music to its proper place as an educational subject and to provide fel- lowship among the members of musical organizations. M U BETA PSI YOUNG DEMOCRATS CLUB OFFICERS John Kanipe President Ed Merritt Vice-President Larry CoRN vALL Secretary Eddie Elkins Treasurer Dr. VV. J. Block Advisor The purpose of the Young Democrats Club is to stimulate in young people an active interest in gox ' ernmental af- fairs, to increase the efficiency in pop- ular government, to foster and perpet- uate the ideals and ]irinciples of the Democratic Party, to recruit new mem hers for the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates, to help acquaint ()ters with the issues and the candi- dates, and to provide for our people through administration the highest de gree of justice, social welfare, and hap piness. [116] ' i WESLEY FOUNDATION . s a follow slii|i of Metliotlist stiKJcnts in llic Held lit hiyhcr cduc itii)n, the W ' csk ' v 1 (Uinilaiidn cnik-.niirs tliidiiijh a piooram ol ()rshi]i, stud . iccre.ition and scixicc to aid stiick ' nls in scciirini; a deeper eommitment to .uul inulerstandini; of the Christian laith and its reiexance to the student world. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union was established to Foster and thereby deepen the spiritual, intelleetual, and soeial interests of Baptist stu dents in institutions of higher learning. The Baptist Student Union promotes a program of worship, Bible study, and siK ' ial aeti ity through ihe loeal ehurehes and the Baptist Suident Union C enter. [117] OFHCERS Larry C. Baucom President Kermit O. Humphrey . . . ht Vice-President Edgar H. Snider, ]r. . . .2nd Vice-President Raymond S. Winton Secretary Walter B. Cummings Treasurer Marvin S. Marcolis Sgt.-at-Arms The Student Toastmasters Club is an organization established for the pur- pose of self-impro ' eiTient of speech de- livery. It is coinposed of men who, on the average, are not good speakers, but who recognize the value of a good speak- ing ability and are interested in develop- ing this ability. Through interesting programs, consisting of extemporaneous speeches and prepared speeches given by the student members, the Student Toastmasters Club builds and develops the finesse and confidence of good speak- ing ability. STUDENT TOASTMASTERS CLUB AMATEUR RADIO CLUB OFnCERS Iames p. Lewis President D. Wayne Whitlow Vice-President Sharon W. Ellis Secretary-Treasurer Ramon Britt Technician H. Franklin Biggs Technician The Amateur Radio Club enables li- censed " hams " to continue enjoying their hobby while they arc students at State. Student goxernment funds have assisted greatly in the ]uirchase of equip- ment for continued operation of the club station, W4ATC. Club activities consist of participation in the annual Engineers ' Fair each spring with com- munications exhibits and operations dur- ing natural disasters when communica- tions are needed. [118] Speaking for the Clu-eiii uli is ol . C. State lor the 1%1 62 e.n. 1 would like to say th.ii wo . w dcc i ;r:iteliil to tlu- stu ilent ImhK. ll was lhe w lio htlpcil us ilewlop llie school spirit in looth.ill and haskethall. W ' e would also like to thank the Student Cioxenimenl and the Administration for stand iii ; Ix ' hind our idi ' .is. I his war w i ' instii aled a student eiieering seetion where dorms, fra- ternities, and eliihs eould sit together. Next year we ho|ie to ha e a card section at eaeli home hioihall s ame. We hope that your s]iirit will ineriMse throughout the ears. hut only the student hody can mak e this a reality. Charles Tompkins President CHEERLEADERS Kneeling: Rick Ray, Karen Smith, Billy Layman, Chan Prince. Standing: Preston Cornelius, Tom Thompson, Tony Padgett, Tom Tompkins, Tommy Taylor. [119] m. mm i COUNCIL Richard L. Tucker Mayor Arthur D. Mattox Mayor Pro Tern Mrs. R. W. Fullington Secretary Samuel F. Matthews Trensiirer STANDING ALDERMEN Lou Dickenson Charles Deadmon Dan House Larry Matheson Tom Dossenbach Tim Putnam Larry Wallace Absent James Dunn Dick Holbrook MARRIED STUDENT HOUSING VETERANS ' ASSOCIATION OFHCERS W. H. Land President Richard Rrautigam ' ice-Preiident Harold Schwartz Secretary J. Bruce Lawson Treasurer Elliot J. Terman Auditor The State College Veterans ' Association was organized in 1953. Since that date the Association has acti ' ely participated in stu- dent programs, ser ' ing as a medium through which State Veterans ' oice opinion. " For God and country we associate our- seh ' es together . . . to perpetuate in peace those ideals for which we fought in war. " [120] ' W licicrcy u ' t ' ubicle mid ivhatcver our fate, wc can nhvays take pride to have been a STATES MATE! " Mrs. N. C. State 1962 Mrs. John Watkins and Terry ' atkins Mrs. Shcrrill, Pres.; Mrs. Davis, Vice-Pres.; Mrs. Patrick, ' ice-Pres.; Mrs. Stuart, Corr. Sec; Mrs. Johnston, Rec. Sec, Mrs. Vaughn, Treas.; Mrs. Wohlbruch, Parliamentarian; Mrs. Newman, Auditor; Mrs. Hoover, Historian. t te§ COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Left to right: Mrs. Mick, Mrs. Tillman, Mrs. Warren, Mrs. Gunter, .Mrs. Shepard. Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Barker, Mrs. Vaughn, Mrs. Hoover. Absent: Mrs. Baxter. [121] THE BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS Rudolph Pate Pietiring Chairman luLiA Martin Lucas Secretary Student Publications have been a ' ital force in the life of North Carolina State College for many years. Since its beginning in 1931, the Board of Student Publications has served as a joint student faculty body designed to improve and coordinate the various student publications, now totaling seven members including the student radio station. The di ' ersity of publications and the varying styles pro vide an excellent training ground in the field of communications and opportunities to prove one ' s leadership and organization abilities. Jim Futrell President of Senior Class Floyd McCall President of junior Class NoRRisToLSON President of Student GoveruinenI Jim Jones Vice-President of Student Gorerinnent FACULTY STAFF Rudolph Pate, Chairman Tom Covington, Jr. W. L. Fleming Max Halperen Lindsey Whichard Julia M. Lucas, Secretary [122] Ayscue Clark C ' ninniN Franklin Howell Humphreys , ; Jackson Kalin BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS AGROMECK McCrary Moore Carlyle Franklin Editor Van Sherrill Business Manager TECHNICIAN Bill Jackson Editor David Cribbin Business Manager W ' KNC Nelson Putnam Ray McCrary Manager Lewis Nelson Business Manager SOUTHERN ENGINEER Tom Watts Editor Paul Humphreys Business Manager TEXTILE FORUM Sherrill Simmons Bill Ayscue Editor David Winstead Editor George Kalin Business Manager Iames Putnam Business Manager PINETUM Lloyd Simmons Editor Graham Moore Business Manager Watts Winstead VO-AG Hugh Clark Editor M. C. Howell Business Manager iTft i [123] Carlyle Franklin Ediior-iu-Chief AGROMECK 1962 Only we who have worked together to publish the 1962 Agromeck know the amount of hard work and long hours that have gone into it. And by the same token, only vvc can enjoy that sense of pride and accomplish- ment that goes along with being a member of the Agromeck staff. Our efforts were to record a year of the history of N. C. State College in pictures and words. We attempted to portray State College as you know it; some successes and some problems. If within these pages you can catch a glimpse of yourself and your friends, then we have achieved some degree of success. Van Sherbill Ruslness Manager Sammy Thomasson Head Photographer Frank Smith Organizations Editor Sonny Enloe Fraternity Editor David Augspurgep. Sports Editor Buddy Harris Class Editor STAFF ASSISTANTS Joe Coble, Mike Scofield, John Thomas, Bill White, and Walt Brown. I ' 1261 l-ather Rhodes oversees all. Blake Ballard Assislaiit Photographer John Gunter Assistant Business Manager G. B., Riff Raff, and the Editor have a bite. Mikey and the Body show amazement at Snow ' s wisdom. Humper works on calmly. Guppy ponders as Sonny prepares for emergency opera- tion to see what makes photographers like Sammy tick. Miss Mauv . n I loi iman for I he Eiiitor A G R O M E C K 19 6 2 Mrs. Van Shehiull for the Business Manager Miss Martha Osborne for Sonny Enloe Mrs. a. T. Harris for Buddy Harris Miss Mary Jane Sandelin for David Augspurger ' n Miss Ann Brannon for Frank Smith r Miss Patricia Lackey for S M I rilOMASSON Mrs. W. H. White for Bill White Miss Libra Daughtridge for Walt Brown Aliss Monica W hittier for " The Body " f Bill Jackson Editor Mike Lea Assistant Editor The Technician North Carolina State College ' s Student Newspaper John Curlee Managing Editor Allen Lennon News Editor Skip Kugler Photograplier From the first rolling of the presses in September, State ' s student news- paper sparkled with enthusiasm, imagination, and often a dry wit. Editor Mike Lea established a beat system of reporting to increase news coverage from the start. ' ith advice from faculty advisor Dr. Max Halperen, staff organization was carefully modified. An unexpected change occurred in Lea ' s withdrawal from school in No- vember due to illness, but E.xecutive Editor Bill Jackson was there to take over, and the presses did not miss a stroke. The spring brought a special journalism course for the staffers and the promise of a new office in the YMCA building. So despite archaic typewriters, poor lighting, declining averages and other problems, thrice-weekly deli ' eries were maintained and The Technicinn approached its goal of finding the news and advocating the best for the State College community. Tom Chipley Cartoonist Grant Features Hdiinr Cora, Copy Desk Stuff Staff L-R; Carlos Williams, Jack Watson, Bill Bryan, Roy Colquitt, Hugh Shelton, Phil Kropf, Steve Denny, Doug Lientz. Richie Williamson Sports Editor Davl Ckibbin Business Manager Wilbur Mozingo Circulation Manager Mike Thompson, Phil Bitter, Bob Griffith, Joe Eagles Advertising Staff Chris Cook, Mike Gurley Circidation Staff [134] ' .-:»Wf ♦ r- Miss LLMA McGeE for Bill Jackson Miss Dale Neese for Dave Cribbin Ray McCrary Station Manager tTtoRGE Pickering Technical Director Lewis Nelson Business Manager W K N C WKNC is the Voice of N. C. State College with facilities extended to serve Peace College here in Raleigh. In its 17th year of service, WKNC has expanded through the hard work of many people to become the high qualit y organization it is today. Offering valuable experience to the student in- terested in radio, WKNC is a student organization that strives to bring " the music most people like most " to its listeners in addition to offering the best in news and sports coverage and various other ser ' ices. [136] Tom Fatkin Sales Director Staff— Lejt to right: William Haywood, Bob Foxworth, Allen V ' illard, Ramon Britt RF Director. Left to right: Bill Powell, Wayne Haynes, AF Director and Personrjel Director, Gil Stamper. News Director. Jim Myhre, Publicity Director. [137] Larry Nixon I ' logram Director Almost all of the staff. :i38] Miss 1 ' A ri!K 1 I Iauvky jor Rav McChauv Miss Nancy Hunter for Lewis Nelson YOU SOUGHT • • . THE COLLEGE UNION Mniost e ' ery State College student at some time or other wanders into the " C.U. " He mav be coming to dance, listen to a concert, read, eat a hamburger, drink a cup of coffee, shoot pool, see a mo ie, look at a magazine, work in the darkroom, or just find something to gripe about. There ' s something here for everyone. ACADEMIC SUCCESS SOME MEANING FOR IT ALL. You Sought . . . liitniviural haskethaU A i ariety of activities Recreation Gond dive, Geors.e! is the spice of life. Relaxation BdJhiitl l(ihc a head nii an innocent squirrel Some turn to fishino to get away from it all. [145] Did he score or fiiiiihle? Who is that over there? Excitement Uiiinninii . . . Natural too! Entertainment Refreshment Care for a ojass of hecr? [147] inside a social environment and out [148] - - nd a gir Uu State YOU GAINED B R W The penthouse of the campus really sets the pace in student housing. It ii " tua!l eliminates " hell-raising " in the halls because the halls are outside. his is truly a boon to the man who has to study. If you don ' t belieye it, ask a man on second-floor Tucker. In the dor m Ernest Freeland President ]oHN Kanipe Vice-President INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL JlMMV luillLLi. Secretary L-R: liM.viv JoNiiS, Suciiil Dii ' cclui Pete Leslie, CU Representative John Brady, Athletic Director [152] " W ' c. the represcntati cs of the tlormi- torics at North Carolina State College, in order to promote the physical, social, .incl welFare of dormitory residents ,ind to stiimihue a fraternal spirit ol cooperation and progress among them, do ordain and cstahlish this constitution for the hitcr-Dormitory Council ol North Carolina State College. " I ' icciiiihic IDC LoiisliiiiiiDii Cmiiicil Members Miss Helen Hite for Ernest Freeland Miss Bettve Adams for John Kanipe Miss Jo Ann Hines for Jimmy Futrell Miss Susan Stevens for Pete Lesslie Miss Carol Hendrick for Jimmy Jones Mrs. Lynda Brady for John Brady [153] TUCKER Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Fulton BECTOX Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Cooke D O R M H O S T S BAGWELL Mr. and Mrs. Edward Buckner ALEXANDER Mb. and Mrs. J. W. Hooks ' ' SYME Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Coulter BRAGAVV Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Johnston Mr. and Mrs. ]. B. Edwards AND Miss Gail Edwards [154] Jl 9 " " » WATAUGA Stephen Dennv, Pres. John King, V.-Pres. y. E. Carter. Sec. GOLD Jon Laughler, Pri-s. Harry Wilde, V.-Pres. Bill Troutman, Sec. SYME D. TD McCo.MBS, Pre. ' i. Leonard McRee, V.-Pres. Larbv Wright, Sec. WELCH Bill Marlev. Pips. James Smith, T.-Pres. r,(.r.M;i nui. S-c. FOUHIH |ames Queen, Pres. Bohbv Stvron, V.-Pres. Max Watts, Sec. DORM OFFICERS [1551 vi- b ■.Sa 13AG LLL Sherman Criner, Pres. Richard Cherry, ' .-Pres. Robert Cochran, Sec. BECTON R-L: Ernest Freeland, Pres. Fred Alligood, V.-Pres. Gahi mi Si .hit, Sec. BERRY Carl Rusi , Pres. John White, V.-Pres. Michael Smith, Sec. DORM ALEXANDER Michael Barnhill, Pres. Bobby Heath, V.-Pres. James Buffaloe, Sec. TURLIXGTO David Reynolds, Pres. Francis Biggar, ' . Pres. Absent: James Barnhjll, Sec. OWEN William Uuke, Pres. Buddy Connor, V.-Pres. Allan Griggs, Sec. OFFICERS TUCKER Charles Buckner, Pres. James Weaver, V ' .-Pres. Jesse Myers, Sec. BRAGAW L-R: Jimmy Futrell, Pres. John Kantpe, V.-Pres. John Harbison, Sec. I A.M. . . . Taps!. lutwductio:! to a new-type iustmvieiit. DORM LIFE Got a hot one lined tip for tonislit! Dormitory version of a faJloiit shelter. THIS I S LIVING? Come on in, it ' s not foruial. Have you seen my fini:i,ernnil clippers? At the ' ' house ' ' .. . John Wilcox President Arthur Latimer Vice-President INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Bill Watson Treasurer Grady Ferrell, Jr. Secretary [160] RlCllARD llAHEFOOr, K- I ' oM Benton, 2N Jim Billings, nK I Ron Bocer, A i MuRR, v Borden, k:- Bob Brooale, S E Bob Burgess, ATP Ron Clover, FH Don Franklin, A2 Bob Garner, 5N Jim Groce, IIKA Charles Hamilton, 0X Wayne Hatley, ©X Mar tn Hicks, FH Paul Humphreys, 4 KT Bill Jones, TKE Allan Kimball, IIK Skip Kugler, SX Merrill Leffler, 5 VM Marshall McLeod, t En Joe Middleton, S E Fred Millhiser, IIKA Pe ' ton Neal, AXA Jim Oppenheim, TKE Bill Peabody, 2AE Mike Perry, 5AE Gary Rosenstrauch, En Dick Schactmann, SAM Bob Whitaker, AFP David White, FH Harry Winstead, AXA [161] ALPHA GAMMA RHO Ross and Sam are srill looking for a date . . . Mike is A.W.O.L. . . . Bob prefers apartments to Frat houses . . . Neil is keeping quiet concerning pins and " things " . . . Joe has decided to major in Rural Sociology . . . Harry divides his time between the Winn-Dixie and the CU . . . Lester and Bob have given their all to married life . . . Chester still can ' t get his call through to Meredith . . . Kendall is in search of the ever-loving dollar . . . Ike still has a few good second-hand items . . . Tom is general in the Ag-Ed. Commandos . . . Gene still wonders about women . . . Cleo still has someone to keep tabs on him . . . Benny likes tall girls . . . Gordon has a one track mind . . . Jeff is a two-car family . . . Pete is studying physics with his " Baby " . . . Taylor is a one-girl man now . . . Warwick still has domestic problems . . . Whitaker has gone home to " Baby " . . . Poplin is still trying to fix the TV . . . Junker just finished a successful snipe season . . . Byrd commutes from Burlington . . . The pledges haven ' t shaped up. Peek-a-hoo Nu Chapter Ahhhhh . Pledge Class NoRMAiN Ali.fn loiiN BonvK Hon BimcESS Labby B ' HD Java Cabey Joe Cabpenteb Harby Davis loF, Eaiu lion c;r. in Hiiii lliii Ciiisrrn HoNivcuri Stuve Junckeb Joe Lewis Thomas Xunalee Bob Whitakeb, President Cleo Robertson Ben Rogebson Gordon Sawyer David Stamey Lawson Starnes WooDRow Taylor NuRHAM Warwick Geobge White [163] DELTA SIGMA PHI Bang! . . . pretty boy leads rush ... 20 saw and joined . . . Gave Dick, Lee, and H. M. a free rural tour . . . House painted . . . Driveway built . . . Hell raised . . . Drema here For week-end . . . Make fish your dish . . . Road maps on Sunday . . . Raunchy Richards germ pad . . . Behind your ear, Pope . . . Mom washed out . . . The end room passes this year . . . Juliian ' s one man campaign . . . Shann oversleeps again . . . Void, Nothing E. drinks again . . . Ragan studies Eichman . . . Weeks takes lab . . . Flunks under McGee . . . Elam lost . . . Unbelievable! . . . Pie no. one Jock again . . . J. R. and Jerry play Jesus loves me . . . Bog leads year . . . TV moved . . . Bridge outlawed . . . What next? Milburg wins consistently . . . More in the lake . . . Mann again . . . Bohemes Rho Chapter Paul Bailey Bob BAHKSDALr Rod Cantey Mike Collins Vance Cordell Jim Cox John Crutchfield John Earnhardt Ed Fincher Don Franklin John Gifford Walter Gilberi Gil Gillespie Bill Harris c horge holton l icHARD Hudson Becton James Roger Jones Everett Kendall James King Brian Little Herbert Little Jerry ' Long Ira Love AZ I Ron Boger, President Bill Lucas Davis Lumpkin Jim Mann Tom Michaels Gene Miller Tom Nordan Bob Outlaw Don Page Albert Phelps Ed Pope Jack Ragan Jim Ragan Charles Shannon John Smith hiLL Spence Tom Thornburg Charles Torbence Joe Waters Willis Weeks N ' elson Young m [165] FARM HOUSE Farm House won scholarship cup again . . . you best get with the programs, lad . . . Cline named lineman of the week . . . Goodman, B.M.O.C. . . . Ben gets up early to study . . . Edna saves! . . . Watch the ceiling, Jimmy! . . . Wiley, Do you like it? . . . Deagle selects sermon topic for the week ... I move we buy the purity pins . . . Pres selects lucky girl for the weekend . . . G ' blasts off in the " White Cancer " . . . Shep selected safe driver of the year . . . What, Jello again? . . . Cash investigates co-op plan . . . " Petey " wanting to go back to Des Moines . . . Carpetbagger runs up $31 phone bill . . . Cline goes from King Midget to Healey heart breaker . . . Bone, I knew these slides would come in handy ... " I bet you must have a nickname, Charles " . . . Duh-I-uh-duh . . . Friday again— Joel heads for W.C. . . . " Gums " catching up on rest and sleep . . . Charles gets house in order . . . " Jay- bird " buys a stretch of N. C. highway . . . Let ' s go to Blount St! . . . P.P.C. Fascination Fnrm House [166] Horace Bone Donaid Cline Roger Collins Preston Cornelius Binjamin Coston Charles Dunninc William Fours loiiN I u Iwiis I ' m p Roheut Gikium w lioiii iir C.iiii tin I!i nn IIampton Makvin IIuk-- Id llnwrii. PTijyyy FH Daviii White. President Charles Lattimore Thomas McCall Norman Nifong Tuck Nobles Garland Pardue Lawrence Ponder Robert Shepherd Robert Wilbur Joel Younts [167} KAPPA ALPHA Back to school with old KA . . . paint does wonders for the house . . . Rushees were impressed; pledged 18 men . . . football great, every weekend with the viberators and pedros . . . intramural ' s No. 1 football team finally had a bad day . . . pledges raid house with crickets, brothers can ' t sleep; now pledges can ' t sleep or study . . . many flunk slips . . . what a party IFC weekend, four Days straight with " Olympics, " " Embers, " and " Jesters " . . . pledges will lose a keg, as usual . . . Flillbilly Party, white lightnin ' ... St. Mary ' s, annex of K.A. . . . deaf social chairman, floppy can ' t hear . . . " old south, " Forget, Hell! . . . Clement is serious, taking baths . . . Kriegel for- gets, Gowen remembers . . . Mahaney invents K.A. twist . . . Combo Parties, what culls . . . Review at the cross- roads ... Alpha Omega Chapter James Bowers Douglas Bracketi John I hiix:i -. William BiiHNErii William Cannon Robert Cath David Church losEPH Clement Ceasar Conk Alex Corbeti John Cross Edward Danul JiMMIE Deaton George Dunlap Martin Grant Charles Griffin James Grifein Donald Hamilton Walter IIoweli Charles Layman Cameron Lee O. D. Lee Arthur Mahaney William Marshall KA Grady Fereell. President James Martin Gordon Matheson Ed McMillan James Monk Jonathan Powell John Purdie William Purvis Robert Richie Dennis Rose William Rose Jim Satterfield Sanders Schoolar Robert Smith James Spence Bennett Williams George York James York [169] KAPPA SIGMA KS ' s together again; summer rush in Charlotte . . . more partying than rushing . . . Motel wants us back? . . . Too hot at high school part) ' ; brothers aren ' t formal . . . An- nual after rehearsal party for debs (?) . . . closed house rest of this weekend to clean up for school (sure!) . . . Perfect rush: fun, legal, very successful . . . Bus to UNC game proved con ' enient AND necessary . . . Spectacular IFC, what show? . . . More football; Brothers 7, pledges 6 . . . Why was Orphans party so anticipated? . . . KS house sleeps in heavenly peace over holidays . . . Remember group sing at Guitar Kimbro blast? . . . New semester, new officers, new deal (?) . . . Knickers and knonsense of Roaring 20 ' s party . . . Spring ' s Always GREAT! Combo :i70] Beta Upsiloii Chapter ( Dixou C ' Date Pledge Class Tgf Paui Anderson, ]h. Kermit Austin RlCIIAUI) n.MU l-0(VI Fun BAiiNuni:. In. C luiRciiii L BiunvN, Jr. Edgak Calloway Harry Carter Peter Chimos Steve Disher Simon Dixon William Donovan- Frank Dove JoHM Grove Watson Hale Herman Harper James Harrington Ronald Hulse Reef Ivev Stephen Jefferson Edward Jenkins Raphael Jones Kl Murray Borden, President Kerr Krider Robert Martin James Maynard Joe McCall Reid McCarteb William Mullins Thomas Murray Samuel Saunders Robert Shearin John Sims Younger Sneac James Team George Wirtz Durant Vick [171] flB LAMBDA CHI ALPHA " For its physique, physique, physique ... " ... Cess has another bad quiz . . . G. U. 456, J. S. 74 ... Is the moonliite briite in Briison City? . . . Blessed is the Meek, for he hath a yo-yo by Duncan . . . Dr. Samovar and Mr. Igor . . . " High School at NCS " by Clint and George . . . King Queen, Duke Duchess, Earl Princess . . . BS + USN = AN3 . . . " Narrow at the shoulder and wide at the hip— Big John " . . . Fuzzy church keys from Rocky . . . Chester Charges, Pledges Parry . . . Klibbe ' s clan twists and dves . . . Yank ' s new sports car matches his sport coat . . . BD just wants to make a point. This is Lecture No. 83. Homecoming Entry In The Drink! Pledge Class COKRAD AsiIBUIVN GcOnGE BoVl) BtUTRAM CoFFEIl Will 1AM DoWD LaiII- DuTTON WlLLIAM EcKSTElN BlLLY GaFFNEY l-REDERicK Gillespie Lander Gray George Hall liuuAiu) Idiinson Michael Lei Ronald Long |oseph Lushene [173] PHI EPSILON PI Alpha Phi chapter began its twelfth year by initiating ten swinging pledges and K. Jordan . . . some well- planned rush parties started the year oFf with a bang . . . thanks to Maggot D . . . M.W .M. takes organ lessons from P.S. . . . the Bank of America conquers the Un- conquerable . . . A ' lark sets his bed on fire at the wrong time . . . big Al M. replaces Roman but hasn ' t scored yet this year . . . here ' s hoping . . . pinned: Mac and Jean, a lasting love, Gary B. and Joanne (still signing auto- graphs), Homer and Ann (May 6, 1937) . . . Moe the Amazing gets a haircut from Merrick . . . G.J.R. goes out for football in a big way . ■ . Homecoming weekend turns up some interesting dates . . . the house is ransacked and a few pledges go out for the evening . . . Mr. Sandbag successfully gets out of every work detail . . . Simons and Singer certainly have some fascinating costumes . . . Sammy rents out his room and gets two dollars . . . Danny and Eddie spark the intramural squads by remaining calm at all times . . . thanks to Gary R., Rick, Mark, Danny, and Marshall for good running of the house ... to Pat E., our latest M.O.T., those guys around campus wearing the pledge pins, a wonderful Social Chairman (thank you), and everyone else for a swinging year. Lawn Party Where ' , Phillii e? Pledge Class [174] Frank Adams Gary Banfelder MiiiiiKK Barnes till I Bl ' LANCIN Antony Dimino Craig Horner Ki N Jordan 1 M-.Mi M I 1cLeod OEn CiAnv RosrNsrr. Aucn. President Dan Wiseman Harry Yauger [1751 - r K PHI KAPPA TAU Chi began its thirty-ninth year with Thorn at the helm . . . Gary and John take final plunge . . . still great in intramurals . . . volleyball champions . . . YW parking lot on side porch . . . Rome for a night, Nero absent . . . This year ' s pledgemaster is " Grace " . . . pledges quench thirst . . . Rally round the teepee, Boys . . . Who else has a frog holding the money? Everett Case recruits Phi Tau . . . Soup ' s on! What ' s in this tea, pledge? Skidmore still the " Big Jock " — cabin parties- twisting . . . P.J. ... " 1 could have barfed all night. " . . . Raise hell, to infinity . . . penmate chapter at Mere- dith . . . Here ' s to the future and Uncle Sam. The U. T. Chi Chapter Greek Orgy Pledge Class Bill Asiiliv Frki) BotLT Llovd Bost Lionel Buysdn El) Bvhd Harold Cook Bill Crawford Bob Dindf.ll Ray Ellington Antony Lindsay Augustus Crock ' an Cutiicry Leland Hairr Hon i n I loixas Hugh Holt Paul Humphreys Bill James Bill Krickbaum Bob Mayton Clifton McFarland Cary McKelvey- OKT Bon Thorn, President Tom McLawhorn LuBY ' Mooring James Morrow Charles Nifong Ronald Pennsyle Terry Phillips Perce Scearce Sam Scott James Skidmore Ben Sloan Frank Thompson LiNwooD Thompson James Thoroughgood Harry Tunl [177] PI KAPPA ALPHA Docal-Ogg-Gog . . . hardhearted school teacher . . . Marvin . . . Pika Rag Queen . . . Get MEA . . . Hearts . . . thump ball . . . red ' s four on the floor . . . Purple death . . . Cracker Jacks . . . Homecoming Decorations (?) four-wheeled incinerator . . . Honka ... pit stops . . . five goats . . . $.30 beer-safe Driving Award . . . Mr. and Mrs. Kluttz . . . Nutri-Bio . . . candy earle ... the new hugh . . . Rhetta I. footprints on the ceiling . . . Mr. Broiler-Finch . . . well noisey Moose . . . Hardrock . . . J.K Roses . . . Rumsey Dumsey Plum . . . five o ' clock fun with Stan Kenton ... A flashlight in every pocket . . . cotton fields . . . peanuts, popcorn, . . . Big. D., don ' t touch that thing junior, it will go off . . . Hoot . . . lock . . . make mine 4-F . . . Nineen-teen . . . Lim- bergcr cheese . . . Caught her in a weak hob Wendy? Mr. Nittro Bio Alpha Epsilon Chapter IiM BnAmxHK Ai.tx Carter John Connelly I ' l 1 1 i Dwis Rick Earle Gary Fleming Alfred Forbes Pun CinNTHWi l (iB C RAv Bill Gr AY Hill Kill Gidncr Irsirn RoDERirK lor.nvN Bui, McNinch OKA Jim Groce. President Fred Millhiser Don Montgomery ' Carl Newman Cliff Perry Ken Poston Wendy ' Prescott Jim Smitherman Bill St. Clair Jim Taylor Jim Thomas Thomas Vermillion Glenn Warren Bill Watson George White Les Young [1791 PI KAPPA PH Twister hits basement, moves westward toward moun- tains . . . Littlest pledge likes his firewater straight . . . Harry Lee loves his women— All sizes and shapes . . . Five brothers undergo moonlight baptism . . . Record: Loss of four pins in three years . . . Baldwin gets night club bid . . . To date: Brothers— 10; pledges— 2 . . . Eight A. M.: Corpse throws curse on world . . . Arthur likes those suburban naps— horns and all . . . Discovered: Square root of sixty-nine equals eight something . . . Neighborhood church meetings and refreshment con- tainers in yard don ' t mix . . . Take a weekend at mid- night Saturday? Who? . . . Sunday morning: Walk softly and don ' t slam doors . . . Parli [1801 Tail Chapter M t « V A f«« {JF a 1 , y% td% 1 A • ' i Orphans Christmas Parly Pledge Chss loiiN AtLnED Benjamin Artiiur Robert Baucom William Baucom John Bauerlein W ' liMAM C ' vuTir, I Ion Ml C ' diiiu I I Iiiiiiv C ' r.AiiiHii I ' ) vii) C ' liitiiiN Thomas Davis James Billings John Brouchton FiiK Fausi- KtNNKiH Greenwooij HKO Allen Kimball, President Roscoe Griffin George Grubrs William Halberstadt Alan Hale Iames Hollifield Bruce Kernodle Gordon Knowles Harry Mashbiirn Wyatt McGhee Frank McMillan David Norket Leston Parks James Sills John V ' aughan Iames Whitfield [181] SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON The Lion ' s Den was more restless than ever . . . Cobb returned from Astronaut duty . . . Pookie turned Jitter- bug . . . Body attended the State Fair . . . Shrew was last seen chasing rats . . . Splash dried his ears to hear callings from Meredith . . . Gezod got lost in the fog . . . Cadwell sipped his sours . . . Barbee left for Route 66 . . . and Rotundo got us Presto logs. Guppy was still getting it organized, while Peahead left on a pilgrimage to find Miss Most-Wonderful . . . Chronicler finally awoke to hear E. A. ' s call . . . Cebe, Harris, and Sonny were lost to the cause . . . Coble survived the Rathole . . . Doug was disputed champion of the links . . . Augie longed for the Hoosier state . . . Tucker arose from the boards . . . Riff ' s reign continued, maybe forever . . . The TR-3 was last seen headed for Maryland . . . Monkey found his shoes but without hope for his hair . . . J-Joe read his Playboys . . . The Acorn cried for peace . . . " such is my belief " answered Woo-Woo . . . And Daniel was there, but this time with red hair. Whatcha Lookin At Sphi ' .h ' ' ' 1821 Alpha Chapter Normal I iiesJay Afternoon David Aumhirceh John Bahbi;! " Bon BiM Jim Caldwell Jehhv Cebe John Cobb Joe Coble Dan Derby Joe Dixon Sonny Enloe RoGEH tvANS John Hancock Buddy Harris John iMcCuiston Bill McGinty EAE Mike Perry, President Frank Smith John Thomas Charles Tucker Bill VA ' iiite John Wilcox Sim Wooten 1183] SIGMA ALPHA MU Table stuff . . . Matoris ... I really, really do . . . Manitoba . . . Reggie . . . Bettle . . . Hairy Poove . . . Donkey Box . . . Donkey food . . . Chins and goobs . . . Fig Newdons . . . Leb Pushups . . . Ellen G. and Gail B. . . . Harold and Tebor . . . Arnold and peanut butter . . . Cow . . . Crickets . . . Ex-Lax . . . Brown Man . . . There they go! . . . 95 on the next two and 100 on the final . . . missing tuna fish . . . Jinx and Harry . . . Zap, blap! . . . Wise up, M. F. . boy . . . Palooka . . . Eta, teta . . . Panda . . . . . Alfa . . . X . . . Goat ' s milk . . . Red car Anderson . . . Bye, Zeke . . . Stagecoach . . . . Studs asks to use his car . . . trotting . . . . snake ... Ft. Bragg . . . Sprite . . . " Cool guy " . . . Big Mike . . . Kaywoodie . . . Shaving cream on forehead . . . Sure wish I li ' ed in the house . . . Cave . . . Boy Scout . . . Three accidents . . . Bird. . Pretty Tongue . . Chef . PWG . Canoe Harrr Golden At The House Sigma Omega Chapter Concert at Kidd Brewer ' s Pledge Class [184] RoNNME Rarp Ai an Berkelhammer Henby Brandenbebc Alan Charin David Drantkoff Don Dwonn Gerald Eckstein IroNAnn Ti im i; B r,nv C ' .oi r M an RoNNn C.cii iistiin 1?oii I rniNsoN I ' m Imiirn George Levim. Don Kann EAM Merrill Lefflhr, President Dick Kreiss Hal Pakula Jeffrey Prager Jay Sara Eric Schuander Dick Shaciitman Bob Silvertian David Steinberg Bob Steinberg Bill Sucheb David Underwood Don Wechsler Alan Weinberg Rh HARD Williamson Mike Wise Bob Youngman David Zuckerman J. C. PoMERANZE [185] SIGMA CHI Sights and sounds— Sig House Sixty-one . . . New batch of pledges; found everywhere except where wanted . . . New animals in the Zoo . . . " Armpit " gets it off the chin . . . Yogi Jackson, Lennon, Curlee, Thompson, Eagles, Curley, Cribbin, and Mozingo spooking out to The Technician . . . " Big Tom " Dellinger gives up football for females . . . Pentapatch arrives? . . . Morass, Bostrom, McDonald, and Stenhouse fight for Nutri-Bio . . . " Slammin ' Sammy " Hoey loses three balls in the same lake; heads first prize homecoming decorations . . . Champagne bubbles, nudes, bunnies, and all that jazz at the Playboy Party . . . " When in Rome? " . . . Splashing of cool lake water as another fem fatale hoodwinks a White Cross from an unsuspecting Brother . . . Sig " Jocks " trying for their twelfth Intramural Trophy in thirteen vears . . . " Cool " McCall snows another Carol Barneycastle named Sweetheart at the typically fabulous, swingin ' Sweetheart Ball . . . " And the moon- light beams on the girl of my dreams. She ' s the Sweet- heart of Sigma Chi. " " When in Rovte " . . . but ire ihuughl they were Greeks Deha Epsilon Chapter Andrew Adams King Bosthom William Camehon John Carr Alton Cobb. ]i . CiiRisTOPHEn Cook David Cribbin John Curlee Gary Dana Thomas Dellinger Joseph Eagles, Jr. George Ellinwood Carlos Escallon Robert Griffith Mike Gurley James Hart D. NiEL Huffman Ira Jackson, III Skip Kucler. PraiiiciU William Jackson William Jordan, Jr. Theodore Kratt Edward Lennon William Lewis, Jr. Michael Macomson Floyd McCall Peter McDonald Phil Miller V ' lLBUR MoZINGO, Jr. William O ' Brien, Jr. Albert Pearson, Jr. Owen Smith John Speight David Steagall .Michael Stenhouse Michael Thompson John Woodson .Michael Word [187] SIGMA NU Everyone returned after a long hot summer . . . annual house painting and revamping the bar with Benny and Bill at the helm . . . Big rush, thanks to Tharpe and the rest of the brothers . . . Carolina ball game, lost the game but won the party . . . three weeks and Sully ' s pinned again . . . Blanchard and his imported white elephant . . . Wood ' s decision; he ' ll let her run away . . . Pledge-Brother ball game, Moto scores for the pledges . . . Duke game . . . where ' s Linda, Ashley? . . . Sigma Nu wins the football championship! . . . Fall Greeks, Brock and his wine, Duke Ellington, Sunday at Gresham ' s . . . Homecoming, we won! Parents ' isit the house, almost pledged mama Wood . . . E. C. enjoys Ralph . . . How was the horror show McConnel and Mickey? Thanksgiving break . . . Rush . . . Spring Greeks . . . White Rose . . . Another great vear ends for Sigma Nu. El Tow, Aqui! (■4 Beta Tail Chapter i 1)11 1 Amu K D.wm Aiuiiir, RlClIAHO IStMlOW Thomas 1)i;mon IVw Bland John Bouciian FiiKi) Bkadford. Jr. SitwARi Brock Frhd Callahan, Jr. Bandal Copeland Howard Edg. r Ji;ff Fountain. Ill James CIitrkin Charles IIeilu; SiEPHE.N Henderson Charles Hennis Joseph Howard Kenneth Ke. rns William Lane. Jr. .Arthur Latimer. Ill Ramon Lee ZN Bob Garner. Presidetit Thomas McConnell William Mickey Maurice Phillips Monroe Phillips, Jr. David Plonk Michael Pope William Porter David Purcell William Ridge I iioMAs Robinson, Jr. William Seav William Sl. ck, Jr. John Smith HuFus Smith, Jr. Robert Sullivan Otto Tharpe, Jr. Douglas White ii-LiAM Wilson 189] SIGMA PHI EPSILON After the long summer Sig Ep started the new school year with a very effecti ' e rush program led by Chair- man " Dobie. " Coach " Paul— Bun " Pendergroft inspired Sig Ep to a second place in the fall football intramurals with " Hooker " and " I " setting the pace. Fall I. F. C, the Orphan ' s Christmas Party; the new color TV, occasional water fights with the boys next door; Keeter thrown in the pool. The beginning of a typically slow semester spring 1961 saw Sigma Phi Epsilon off to a typically fast start under President " Frogs " leadership. Beta Chapter Party Party Pledge Class i i ■190] J oel Haucom Bob ISuooMi Bill HnvAN MiKL Clauk Don l)i;ANt:tLis Clauencl Duncan Wilbur Furr |lM CilLLAM) Bill Grant Wade Guthrie Thomas Haynes Preston Hodges Dan Holcomb |i i Hooks Jerrv Huffman Bill Johnston- Tom Jones Jack Keeter Jeff Kreps Vello Kuuskraa Lawrence Laxton ZOE Tor MlDDLETON. Prt ' S Jci!f Herbert Malcolm Jim Miller George Moretz Doyle Myers Larry Nixon Tom O ' Brien 3lane Pendergraft Charles Pollccx George Setzer Sidney Steifel John Tankard David Thomas Bill Thorn Don Waldro Jack atson Ray Wheeler I an Wherry ISllli W IILIAMS [191] SIGMA PI Crashing into winter we go Icming fall with vivid memories of Rush Week and its aftermath of lively parties. Out of rush came Winslow and his " gremlins " to plague us both day and night. Kilpatric, Ross, Hustler, and Ravin Ray know how good the gremlins are at throwing brothers in the lake. Their day is coming though . . . We tumbled into football season with great spirit and a good team but did not find victory until our last game when quarterback Brown discovered that he should have had only two beers instead of three before each game. Even so. Coach Thompson thought that Goat and Mega Moose-Mouth were good enough to be All-Americans. With the arrival of Thanksgiving all yoomed and normal brothers alike went home to let the house re- cuperate from I. F. C. and Homecoming. But not for long, because the orphan ' s party is next . . . God help us if we get a group like we got last year! Pnrtv Rho Chapter All To The Huhhn I ihuL j. Pledae Clas loiiN Buck Wilson Huown Roy Carawan Gerald CimisTENBiiiw liin. Cooper I n WK DonN- |iM Fnikikin- Pnr CrnNiiiT Jonv GrmNciu Hii l Hix Dennis Collins Bryan Dixon Jim Hon 1 Cii nirs Hyatt TAU KAPPA EPSILON Beta Beta chapter of TKE is located on Easy Street. The Chapter was founded at State College in 1947-a bad year for champagne! Some of the social functions which tend to release the imprisoned emotions of the members are: The Red Carnation Ball, the Founder ' s Dav Dance, an annual beach trip; and other small, but pleasant, orgies from time to time. At Tau Kappa Epsilon our keystone is character, and wc certainly ha e quite a few of them— characters I mean! The fraternity also stands for men— and against women?? j otc 1— To the students on campus: All of this is true. Note 2-to the parents: DON ' T BELIEVE A WORD OF IT!!! Socializing 3e1a Beta Cluipter lial !, I lie bcciL ' t Pledge Chi. I . IvWMONn B.MIUV Richard Iihaoshaw RoiihliT BlIIlKt Larky Cdrnwull Georcu Disk Aktiiiir Frelunu James Gixidnight James Gross Ralph Gross JuERCEN Haiiher John Hill Erik li nsin Garetii Johnson William Johnston- Richard Kent John Key Dentsts Kroll Gary Krueger Gary Krueger Alfred Lindsey James Long I 9 9 i TKE Bill Jones, Presiclent Gene Meyer Joseph Moore James Oppenheim Charles Riedell Donald Ritchte Calixto Romero Anthony Scesny ' Donald Schort Kenneth Speagle Charles Stallings Floyd Stewart David Swain Thomas Swain Gerald Thomas Charles Thompson Perry Ward Edward Williams Alrert Womble Robert Zangas [195] THETA CHI Hatley and Sutton return with wives, leaving Hill as the Last of the Great Lovers. Till gets all-expense tour to Berlin . . . Chedester, taking over the kitchen, has booze liberated by Gillis thus beginning the decline and fall of Ptomaine Empire. Graham, ably assisted by Grogan and pledges, leads Saturday night recreation. Rhodes sells Bibles, fools everyone . . . Hamilton re- affirms faith in blondes . . . Sparrow arranges night classes at the University . . . Beatty arranges for permanent instruction. Eck sets mail record . . . Isler has troubles with ther- mostat . . . Sapp disappointed to find Phi 309 not a lab course— Kirkman finds S. C. interesting . . . Patterson arranges nighttime tour of Meredith . . . Suessmann learns Dixie dialect . . . Caveness has bedroom troubles, dis- locates shoulder. R. McLeod and Dunlap see Stork . . . M. McLeod contends that Renault is sports car . . . Jessie B. Lee recei ' es co ' eted Asbury Green award . . . Banner and Gloer lead attack on roaches . . . Penney learns to twist, sets example. Delta Rho Chapter Party Party Bill Bannir Marvin Bfatty a - Caveness loHNNY Hum r I ' o i Fi k Kin C.iiii ' i Allan Chedestfr I Mr i CltAIIAM Tom rminrii Ron Clofr James Davis IVMES C.IUH.AX tllAHLES IIamIIION IVmph 1 1 m | SIGMA KAPPA Roaring Twenties Party (Charleston and all!), Heaven- ly Party (you ' ve never seen such angels) and that special party . . . rush was over and we pledged 1 1 girls . . . Joycie Mae " hooked " her man . . . dinner at the pika ' s . . . Christmas party for the orphans at the Sammy ' s . . . Marty ' s always looking for a red car . . . routed out the pledges at 6:00 a.m. and off to breakfast at the Cok lege Inn . . . Alice, most outstanding pledge . . . Pledge Dance at Sir Walter . . . Betty got a " stone " for Christmas . . . Sigma Kappa dreamboy, T.C. . . . tea at the Gover- nor ' s Mansion . . . songs and presents for the elder people . . . new officers ... a new year. Formal Pledge Fornwl Tea At Cox-ernor ' i Mcunioii Pledge Class li iiuv Davis Mahiannh Evans ZK Anne Faklek Flora Lester ¥ " Betty Harris, VresiAenX Peggy McConnell Martha jNIcLaughlin Ida jMears Sara Norman SoPHRONiA Ward Helen Wigg I [199] FRATERNITY Suzanne Lewis Farm House " Jeannette Curtis Alpha Gainnia Wio I i 1 Jean Lippels Delta Siiiiiia Plii [200] SPONSORS Mrs. Makv Ann McMii i an KapjHi Alpliii juDV Butler I aiubda Chi Alpha »-« " Marjorie Bryan Kappa Sigma [201] FRATERNITY i » Sadie Jennette Pi Kappa Alpha Nancy Britton Phi Epsilou Pi w Frances Goodwin Phi Kappa Tan (2021 SPONSORS JeaNETTE Boi-TON Pi Kappa Phi Pecgv loNES Siguin Alpha Epsilou Jeanie LaForte Sigma Alpha XUi [203] FRATERNITY Gay Todd Sigma Phi Epsilori Carol Barneycastle Siiivia Chi Betty Polk Sia.ina Nil [204] ,1 SPONSORS SiuRLEY McInivre I .f Bettv Harris Tail Kappa Epiiloii Mrs. Ann Hatlev TheUi Chi [205] You gained . . . on the drill COLOR GUARD CRACK DRILL TEAMS ■ R.O.T.C. BAND DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS [207] l.T. Colonel E. NoRRib Tolson Maj. Preston L. Capt. Harvey T. Capt. Alan M. Battalion Commander Hasson Hogan, Jr. Chedester Executive Officer S-I S-2 Capt. Walter G. Capt. James P. Hicks Caldwell, Jr. S-3 P. I. O. COMMAND AND CONTROL DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS STAFF n.c " „ rv ' - ' -J-)l ARMY RIFLE TEAM DG B Commander Executive Officer t R ' plf- 2nd Lt. Marvin G. Sgt. James H. rcnv 1: P. L. Buckingham; R. H. Moore,- A. R. Anderson: J. W. Coins. Ill Hicks Olsen row 2: T. P. VVinn; T. S. Bumgarner; D. H. Creech; A. M. Chedester [208] . C. IShown I). W. Coon W. I. r.ASON C M, I lir ifiiiNs |. W lollDAN C. R. King. Jb. D. W. Mackland C;. X. MoonE I. A. Morgan F. T. Moss 11. II. Shelton R. L. Smith S. M. Stoudemire S. S. Trott, II P. E. Troutman J. R. Tutzavor H. F. Van Nostrand R. S. Ward R. A. Young W. L. Young, Jr. Capt. Dale H. Stravvn PR Commander PERSHING RIFLES Pershing Rifle Pledges. 1st Lt. Barre R. Mitchell Executive Officer Miss Susan Hagwood Sponsor ARMY Colonel Lauben W. Merriam Profeisor of Military Science The Army R.O.T.C. has as its purpose, the training of students for position of leadership in the Army in time of national emergency. The successful completion of a four year Army R.O.T.C. course leads to a commission as a second lieu- tenant in the Army reserve. In the classroom, emphasis is placed on giving the prospec- tive officer a general background knowledge of military sub- jects and activities essential to all of the Army ' s fifteen arms and ser ' ices. Maximum effort is made to arouse the student ' s interest through the use of weapons, illustrations, training films, practical exercises, and models. Drill and Exercise of Command facilitate development of those essential characteristics of leadership such as self-confi- dence, initiative, loyalty, and the ability to think clearly, make wise decisions and inspire others to work for the success of anv endeavor. SFC Charles L. Jones S Sgt. George H. Oakley, Jr. SFC William L. Wingate SP5 Harold L. Hanson Sgt. Bill H. Sims [210] I 1. C " ()i . William M. Jackson iixcciitivc Ojl ' iccr Major C.korge W. Lester, II P.l.O. Major Walter B. Cummings S-1 Major B. Lamar Thomas, Jr. S-2 Major Rufus K. Smith, Jr. S-3 Major George B. Taylor S-4 " Cadet Colonel Jones and the hoys. " Colonel James B. Jones Brigade Commander BRIGADE STAFF Miss Carol Henbrlx For the Brigade Commander [211] Lt. Colonel Milton F. Spain Battle Croup Coninimnicr FIRST BATTLE GROUP Major James P. Capt. James O. Capt. Watson M Oppenheim Groce Garrison, ]r. Executix ' e Officer S-1 S-2, 3 Capt. Robert M. Freeland S-4 Miss Eliz- beth Massie For the Battle Group Commander State cadet f ' rcs S ii ni mortar. " What ' s your rifle niimher? " Miss Lou Barbee Sponsor COMPANY A 2nd Lt. ]. Allen Kimball. Jr. SFC Joseph B. X ' aughn, III 2nd Lt. Dudley E. Bryant. Ill SFC O. Frank Shutu. Jr. iM.vjoR James P. Sandifer Company Commander C APT. Frederick M. Alligoou, |b. ,M Sgt. V tlliam A. Brantly Executive Officer 1st Sergeant X IIHM liidk 2nd Lt. Richard H. Blaikwell. Jb. SFC Charles T. C ' ochranl N( t Pliotographed Major Carl F. Mills Coiupnny Conuiiander Capt. Jack L. Hawkins, Jr. E.veciifire Officer M Sgt. Jon G. Speaks !sf Serjeant Miss Yvonne Summey Spojtsor COMPANY B 2nd Lt. Ralph W. Emmrich SFC William W. Wilson ' ; m0 2nd Lt. James C. Harrelson SFC Herman L. Temple, Jr. 2nd Lt. Robert V. Geogiou SFC William R. Kurdys il Miss Margaret Ann Thomas Sponsor COMPANY C 2nd Lt. Henkv a. Matthews, III SFC Simon C. Dixon 2nd Lt. Marvin S. Margolis SFC Billy B. Best 2nd Lt. James C Lloyd SFC Daniel VV. Smith, Jr. Major Harold D. Stroupe Company Commander Capt. Michael C. Lee Execiitix ' e Officer M Sgt. Vello a. Kuuskraa 1st Sergeant COMPANY 2nd Lt. Thomas C. Robinson, Jr. SFC Richard T. Perkinson SFC Charles W. Bostian 2nd Lt. Raymond L. Smith, Jr. SFC Martin S. Grant SECOND BATTLE GROUP Major Paul 1 . Grimes. Ir. Executive Officer Capt. Frank D. McMillan S-1 Capt. Ko.nalu L. BOGER S-2, 3 Lt. Colonel Thomas E. McCall, Jr. Battle Grojip Commander " Chaiicellor CuldwcU reviews troops. " Capt. Thomas H. nunalee, iii S-4 Brigade invades N. C. State Fair. Mrs. Thomas E. McCall, Jr. For t je Battle Group CoDimauder i Major Gerald W. Kriegel Company Commander Capt. Java O. Carey Executive Officer M Sgt. George S. York J St Sergeant Miss Rebecca Oliver Sponsor COMPANY A 2nd Lt. Robert F. Jones SFC James V. Williams, Jr. 2nd Lt. Herbert M. Collins SFC Frank E. Lustig 2nd Lt. Philip G. Conner SFC U ' lLLiAM A. McClenny Mrs. Darl S. Hood Spansor COMPANY B 2nd Lt. James i . Hill SFC Reynold S. Davenport, Jr. 2nd Lt. Fred A. Hewitt SFC William L. St. Clair 2nd Lt. Darl S. Hood SFC Robert L. Martin, Jr. AL joK Wade IL McSwain, Jr. Company Commander Capt. LIenry D. Hinson Executive Officer M Sgt. William R. Watson I St Sergeant Major George W. Harrison. Ir. Capt. William L. McLeou, Jr. M Sgt. Robert W. Griffith. ]n. Com ' jnny Commander Executive Officer 1st Sergeant Miss Margaret Hamm Sponsor COMPANY C 2nd Lt. James A. Hackney, III SFC Jasper G. Owens 2nd Lt. John A. Parker, Jr. SFC Myron R. Williams 2nd Lr. David E. McCombs Sl ' C Sa.muel R. Morrow Major jAMhS H. Entbekin Company Commatider Capt. Robert A. Sullivan Exectitive Officer M ' Si.i. James J. Ki i i mj lit Serjeant Miss Iudv Kay Alspauch Sponsor COMPANY D 2ni Lt Labbv G. V ' right SFC A iLLiAM M. Spenc E 2nd Lt. Linwood F. Thompson SFC Edward E. Iohnson 2nd Lt. Willie L. Stanley. Jr. SFC Tony G. Idol Lt. Colonel Richard H. Williamson Battle Group Commander THIRD BATTLE GROUP Major Orson L. Capt. Andrew W. Capt. Paul W. McCoTTER Adams Brant Executive Officer S-1 S-2, 3 Summer Camp— The Cadre. Capt. Billy F. Gaffney S-4 Miss Mary Kinsland for the Battle Group Commander Summer Camp— The Cadets. Major Raymond S. VV ' inton Company Commander Capt. Gordon M. Earle, Jr. Executive Officer M Sgt. James C. Eakes, Jh. 1st Sergeant Miss Peggy Edwards Sponsor COMPANY A 2nd Lt. Reggie A. Crowell. II SFC Wiley E. Mitchelle. Jr. 2nd Lt. Horace G. Corbett i SFC Andris Ankurs 2nd Lt. Garrieth B. Pendergraft i SFC Jesse W. Myers, Jr. Major Leonard C. McRee Company Commander Capt. John P. Kennett Executive Officer AI Sgt. Ray B. V ' heeler ]s( Sergeant Miss Gloria Keen Sponsor COMPANY B 2nd Lt. John B. Harbison SFC Larry R. Allen 2nd Lt. Jerry D. Huffman SFC William L. Halberstadt, II 2nd Lt. Charles F. Jones SFC Louis VV, Watkins, Jr. J Major Robert N. Garner, ]u. Company Coniniandcr Capt. Preston E. Simmons M Sgt. Edward F. Eason, |ii. Executive Officer 1st Sergeant Miss Phyllis Hart Sponsor COMPANY C 2nd Lt. Charles ]. Moore, Jr. SFC James T. Lewis, Jr. 2ni Lt. Melvin L. Patterson SFC Thomas B. Ogburn 2nd Lt. Charles B. Pollock SFC James B. Tollison, Jr. Major Alan Jubenville Company Commander Capt. David P. Whitesides Executive Officer M Sgt. Marion M. Clark 1st Sergeant Miss jAlyl]|l .S Sill Kl-NN Sponsor COMPANY D 2nd Lt. Albert C. Phelps, Jr. SFC William M. Amick 2nd Lt. Richard A. Heustess SFC Willis A. Reid, Jr. 2nd Lt. Robert E. Nelson SFC Leland M. Haihr ' STAFF SERGEANTS 1 S Sgt. Alan I . AntnNnniY S ScT. John R. Ammuw S ScT. RouEKT L. Andhlws S ScT. Thomas L. Barhinger S Sgt. Clemon E. Bass. )u, S ScT. Roy R. Bennett, Jr. S Sgt. Lloyd C. Bost, Jr. S Sgt. James S. Bowers S Sgt. William P. Campbell S ScT. ' illiam J. Cameron S Sgt. Larrie B. Carawan S Sgt. Joseph Carpenter. Jr, S Sgt. Thomas G. Coffey S Sgt. Mark V. Dennis S Sgt. Barry N. Frazelle S Sgt. Edg. r M. Geddie, Jr. S Sgt. Alfred A. Graves, Jr. S Sgt. Edwin W. Hauser S Sgt. John C. Hill S Sgt. James A. Hubbard S Sgt. Miles A. Hughes, Jr. S Sgt. William Johnston, III S Sgt. John D. Jordan, III S Sgt. Fred W. Klatt S Sgt. James H. Knox S Sgt. Jesse H. Leary, Jr. S Sgt. Robert E. Lynch, Jr. S Sgt. M. R. Macomson, Jr. S Sgt. James M. McCormick S Sgt. Oscar L. Overcash 5 Sgt. Maurice W. Partin, Jr. S Sgt. Clifford B. Perry S Sgt. Louis A. Rader S Sgt. Robert A. Richie S Sgt. Tommy G. Sharpe S Sgt. J. Emm. nuel Snhder S Sgt. John D. Swank, II S Sgt. Henry L. Thompson S Sgt. Raymont) Uptegrove S Sgt. K. Robert Walker S Sgt. Ellis E. Whitt S Sgt. Ray L. Wood is ipl ■1 MK r pm|r r ri 1227J ASSOCIATION U. S. ARMY Row 1: W. A. Keid, Jr.; T. C. Robinson, Jr.; R. K. Smith, Jr.; J. P. Oppenlicim; B. R. Mitchell. How 2: J. T. Lewis. Jr.; R. E. Lynch, Jr.; C. W. Bostian; A. F. Van Nustrand; R. H. Blackvvell, Jr.; W. W. Wilson; V. A. Kuuskraa; J. H. Olsen. Row 3: W. H. Johnston, III; O. L. Overcash; C. E. Bass, Jr.; J. Hill: J. D. Swank IL G. W. Lester, H; F. W. Klatt; J. W. Myers, Jr.; A. Ankurs. FLIGHT INSTRUCTION PROGRAM ' : Row 1: S. L. Dilda, Jr.; J. M Thigpen; N. M. Carpenter; C O. Cox; J. L. Humphrey; J. C Howard. Row 2: D. H. Strawn A. W. Owens; J. K. Morton F. V. Turner; N. F. Blake; H. J Smart. Row 3: T. J. Goodwin C. R. Philbrick; D. A. Purcell Jr.; J. D. Cutter; L. E. Chopin 1 ii ' I [228] 1 p w w Ankurs M. Bagully H. Blackwell, L. BoGER . C. BnovvN JK. . I. Cameron B. Carawan S. Davenport, C " . Dixon W. Emmricu Jr. M W F. Gaffney . M. Garrison. ] L. Hawkins. |r. A. Heustess A. Hewitt G. Hicks A. Hubbard E. Johnson . H. Johnston. F. Jones HI i SCABBARD AND BLADE F IW ' 1. B. Jones 1. P. Jordan V. A. Kuuskraa M. C. Lee G. W. Lester T. E. McCael, Jr. D. E. McCoMBs L. C. McRee B. R. Mitchell G. M. Moore S. R. Morrow I. P. Oppenheim 1. .A. Parker, Jr. M. W. Partin, Jr. W. A. Reid, Jr. T. G. Sharpe J. G. Speaks H. D. Stroupe C. E. Taylor, Jr. I. B. ToLLisoN, Jr. E. X. ToLSON L. W. Watkins, Jr. R. S. VV ' inton G. S. York Major B. Lamar Thomas, Jr. Commander Major Preston L. Hasson Execitth ' e Officer Major J. Paul Sandifer s( Sergei!); Miss Kayi; Keistler Sponsor MILITARY BALL ASSOCIATION Row I: B. L. Thomas, Jr.; J. M. Thigpen; J. P. ]ordan; C. O. Cox; W. B. Cummin 4s; ]. C Hnw- ard; D. A. Purcell, Jr. Row 2: L. H. Bryson; G. H. Moore; W. C. Brown; J. H. Kno.v; B. R. Mitchell. AIR FORCE RIFLE TEAM Roil- 1: C. M. Rose, Jr.: J. R. Gwahney, Jr.; F. E. Adams, Jr.; D. A. Lake. Rmv 2: T. A. Eaves; M. M. Mottern; G. B. Warner; E. J. Chornyei. [230] Major Frank V. Turnlh Commander Capt. CiiARLts (). Cox Executive Officer 1st Lt. Neil F. Blake 1st Lt. William H, Cravveord, III Operations Officer Administrative Officer ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY AREA B-2 STAFF OFFICERS 1. M. Thigpen E. B. Barnes, ]t. R. G. Lindsay L. W. Thompson M. P. Farmer W " . F. Furr. Ir. D. H. Gardn. I. L. Humplircv G. C. Jackson C. C. Jones H. L. Jovner, Ir. P. D. Leonard, Ir ittfli D. L. Maiden IL L. Miller E. P. Page C. R. Philbrick R. ]. Reynolds C. Smith, Ir. ]. R. Wiggins G. B. Williams O. R. Wiseman AIR FORCE CADRE The Air Force looks to its R.O.T.C. program for many of its future leaders. The basic course pro ' ides students with an under- standing of fundamental military discipline and organi zation. In addition, it provides a basic knowledge of the air age and the influence of Air Power on World Affairs knowledge which is essential for good citizenship, civilian or military, in today ' s world. The Advanced Course for selected and volunteer juniors and seniors provides more intensive academic and leadership training to qualify graduates for com- missions and active duty- Throughout the entire A. F. R.O.T.C. course a primary objective is to develop in students qualities of leadership and the ability to communicate effectively. These are kevs to success in either militarv or civilian careers. Colonel James D. Howder Profeiwr of Air Science Lt. Col. Franklin D. Blanton Major Maynard c. cusworth Major Earl R. DiCKEV Capt. Gerald L. Waterman Capt. William S. Clarke, Jr. Major Tommy Cobb Capt. Charles W. Rowan M Sgt. Harold O. KiLLIAN T Sgt. James D. Whetstone T Sgt. Robert L. Ostrand S Sgt. Robert C. Rousselle T Sgt. Robert A. Hall S Sgt. Don J. Helsabeck [232] AIR FORCE CADET STAFF Colonel David A. Purcell, Jr. Wiug Camnuinder Mrs. David A. Purcell, Jr. For the Wing Commander % m Lt. Col. Joseph Lt. Col. John Lt. Col. Charles C. Howard M, Thigpen O. Cox Lt. Col. Harold Lt. Col. Nevette Lt. Col. David J. Smart M. Carpenter D. Currin Major Roger Major W. Edward 1st Lt. Leon A. Morrison Knox J. Potest " Conoratulationsl " % ■ ' ii [233] f: ve Marchini ' Ciulcls in action. Miss Judith Reno For f ie Marc iiwg Cadets MARCHING CADETS JS kMdKM i Major O. Royce Wiseman Commmider Capt. George M. Mann Execiith ' e Officer [234] Miss Judy Smith For the Group Commander Lt. Colonel Arthur L. Latimer, III Grotip Cotnmander Major Elliott B. Barnes. Jr. Deputy Group Commnnder .Major Murray L. Borden Group Admini itrative Officer GROUP STAFF 5951 Doing our duty— as O. D. [235] Major Andrew W. Owens Squadron Coininnuder Capt. George D. Pipkin Executive Officer 1st Lt. William A. Burton Administrative Officer Miss Carolyn Haynes Sponsor SQUADRON 5951 Capt. Thomas H. McConnbll (Japt. Larry W. Wallace Capt. James M. Ferguson, Jr. Miss Al)Al.lA W ' iGGS Sponsor Majih! William L. Porter Capt. Arthur D. Flowers Executive Officer 1st Lt. David II. Gardner Administrative Officer SQUADRON 5952 Capt. Larry W. .Aldridge Capt. ' illiam H. Crawford, III Capt. Dick D. Ingram Major James T. Smith Sqnadroij Commander Capt. Hurley S. Cauthorn, III Executive Officer 1st Lt. Ralph M. Keel, Jr. Administrative Officer SQUADRON 5953 Capt. David M. Archer Capt. Woodbow M. Taylor Capt. Robert G. Rouse Miss Ann Law Sponsor Major Joseph K. Morton Squadron Commander 1st Lt. L. Michael Word Administrative Officer Capt. David G. Johnston Execiitii ' e Officer SQUADRON 5954 Capt. D. R. Cogle Capt. W ' ilber F. Furr, Jk. Capt. James W. Carpenter Mrs. Frank V. Turner For the Group Commander Lt. Colonel Frank V. Turner Group Commander GROUP STAFF 5952 Let me show you how it ' s done. " Major James R. Griffin, Jr. Deputy Group Commander Major Larry E. Chopin Group Administrative Officer [240] Miss .Vnnih Laune Hedgepeth Spousor SQUADRON 5955 Capt. Bruce K. Basden Capt. Edward G. Fincher Capt. John W. Grainger, II M. J(I1! AHIUN J. KtDD. Jh. Sqiiadrou Commamier Capt. John A. Smith Executive Officer 1st Lt. Edward W. Ellis, Jr. Administrative Officer :: r ' Major James E. Arey Squadron Commander Capt. Gary L. Dana Executive Officer 1st Lt. Henry L. Miller Administrative Officer Miss Mary Carter Sponsor IF . •rrri-t%% SQUADRON 5956 Capt. Ants Koppel Capt. George A. Adams, Jr. Capt. Frederick L. Beyer, Jr. Miss Don? a Hennessee Sponsor SQUADRON 5957 Capt. George A. Catherwood Capt. James K. Morrow Capt. Guy D. Gbiswold Major Lionel II. Bryson Squadron Commander Capt. Ronald G. Lindsay Executive Officer 1st Lt. Wesley W. Gilmoki:, Jk, Administrative Officer Major James L. Humphbev Squadron Commander 1st Lt. James C. Halsey Administrative Officer Capt. T. |. Goodwin Executive Officer Mrs. James L. Humphrey Sponsor SQUADRON 5958 Capt. Allan E. McDuffie Capt. Ronald J. Reynolds Capt. George B. Williams Mrs. Carson Smith. Jr. Far the Crroity Comi}uuider Lt. Colonel Carson Smith, Jr. Group Commander Major ' ictor M. Floyd Deputy Group Commander Major Neil F. Blake Gro tp Administrative Officer GROUP STAFF 5953 " What ' s the hig hurry? o.- V ..■4k ' A i4 « ♦ ■ t [245] Major Robert P. Armstrong Squadron Commander Capt. Wyatt L. McGhee Executive Officer 1st Lt. Jesse M. Allen Administrative Officer Miss Jane Bryan Sponsor SQUADRON 5959 Capt. Jerry T. Puckett Capt. John R. Wiggins Capt. Max F. Thompson SQUADRON 5960 Capt. ]an B. Price Capt. William H. Keel, II Majoi! James D. Cutter Squadron Commander Capt. Millard J. CiAiNEY Executive Officer 1st Lt. [oiin E. Couch Administrative Officer Capt. Henby L. Joyner, Jr. Major Roger W. Walters Squadron Commander Capt. George M. Holton, ]r. 1st Lt. Rayburn P. Ellington, III Executive Officer Administrative Officer I Miss Glenda Gallimore Sponsor SQUADRON 5961 Capt. Robert W. Gandy Capt. Samuel D. Lovelace Capt. Edwin P. Page liss SuzY Cato Sponsor SQUADRON 5962 Capt. Charles A. Riedell Capt. Joseph F. W ' ilson Capt. Javy R. Gwaltney Major Stancil 1 ., |r. Squadron Coiiinminier Capt. William D. Ja( ksox 1st Lt. Iiohf i: i I .WriiiMit. |i Executive Officer Ad}nitii .trn1ive Officer YOUlGAINED ' ■. ' . ' -s .■:» ' , tm » ii. ♦ .- A . ' . " . ' - ■.■.• r . .t ♦ -V - tlirougti ATH LET I CS FOOTBALL The school year of U161 62 ,is the heginning ol a new .ithletie outlook at North Carolina State Colk ' ije. Ii was the beginning ol a program in- tended to de empliasizx intercollegiate athletics in the consolidated LInixersity. The number ol athletic scholarships awarded to out-of-state students was cut, the Dixie Classic was discontinued, and the season schedules in arious sports were deleted. Despite this de emphasis program, State produced hard-Fighting teams that were respected bv all op poncnts. The blunt win loss record oF State ' s Football team, 4 wins and 6 losses, can hardly tell the whole story. The Fine quarterbacking oF All-American Roman Gabriel and the great defensixe efFort oF Tom Dellinger, as well as the spirit and deter- mination of the team as a whole, can only be ap- preciated by those who saw the Wolfpack in action. Co.ACH E. RLE Edwards All-American Roman Gabriel As captain of the 1961 Wolfpack, Roman Gabriel led the State team through a tough ten game schedule. lie passed lor 937 yards and ran For 196 more. For the second year in a row he led the ACC passing department, completing 99 of 186 attempts For a 53.2 percentage. Because oF his outstanding per- Formance this season, he was .selected to play in se eral post- season All-Star games, as well as being picked For the Look All-American Team. At the end oF the season his Famous number 18 was permanently retired From the State College roster. [251] VARSITY First Row: Bill Harden, John Gill, Joe Bushofsky, Sam Raneri, Jim D ' Antonio, Roman Gabriel, Fran Palandrani, Nick Maravich, Kent Morton, Jake Shafer. Second Row. Walt Kudryan, Skip Matthews, Bert Wilder, Harry Puckett. John Golden, Tom Bellinger, Al Taylor, Graham Singleton, Dennis Kroll, Bob Wolfer, John Morris. Third Row. Don Montgomery, Lynwood Hodges, Roy Stephenson, Ron Krall, Chuck ' achtel, Fred Bernhard, Bill Kriger, Lloyd Cooke, Dave Houtz, Merrick Barnes. Fourth Roiv: Bob Royer, Oscar Overcash, Roger Moore, Mike Clark, Bob Renner, Jerry Krecicki, John Turco, Roy Wood, Bob Faircloth, Bob Buzzard, Rosario Amato. Fifth Row: Pete Starr, Pat Powell, Phil Sandit ' er, Bill Sullivan, Jim Rossi, Carson Bosher, Sam Sorce, Tony Suleski, Bob Landis, Dave Carter, Vance Cockerham. Sixth Roxv: Jim Darrup, Don Smith, Lou Krezanosky, Younger Snead, James Alartin, Golden Simpson, Dave Stout, Pete Falzarano, Les Young, Doug Brackett, Stacy Gillen. Seventh Row: Silas Snow, Gerald Topinka, Larry Verchek, Ron Skosnik, Phil Raiford, Dan Martin, Tony Koszarsky, Joe Scarpati, Jack Schafer, Bill Parrish. Eighth Rmv: Pat Peppier, Assistant Coach; H. B. McCullough, Assistant; Al Michaels, Assistant Coach; Bill Smaltz, Assistant Coach; Carey Brevvbaker, Assistant Coach; Earle Edwards, Head Coach. Wolfpack moves outo chilly gridiron. Water for a weary wolf. STATE . . . WYOMING The Wolfpack lost the season opener by one point 1 A after leading for the first three quarters. Wyoming scored a touchdown with less than seven minutes remaining in I O the game, regained possession of the ball on a pass in- terception, and then ran out the clock. Tension iiioiints as time roivs short. Scarpnti and Koszarsky explain it to Coach Michaels. STATE 22 UNC 27 State iiioM ' il to .111 carl) lead on a hiilliaiU kickoFf ii ' tuin b Mike Clark and a i ield yoal by |akc Schalcr. hilt as the yanie contiiuied ilic W ' olFpack iound itscU unable to do anxtliini; li bt while Carolina ' s larheels could do no wions- Tarheel runner finds going a little tough. Clark retunti tjiu ' iuinj, kick i iiin s jor a tuucluivu ii. btatc iioldi oil U L tliree nird line. Koszarsky goes for long yardage. I [255] State ' s strong defense holds again. STATE WAKE FOREST 7 The Wolfpack fans were treated to the experience of nioht football as the Pack played host to the Demon Deacons of Wake Forest College in Riddick Stadium. The Wolfpack turned in one of the best efforts of the Cjabriel tosses to Scarpati in flat. season in defeating the powerful Deacon team. State ' s strong defense was one of the chief reasons for this victory. Koszarsky upends Deacon ball carrier. Gabe throws a long mte for the score. STATE 6 DUKE 17 State lost its second conference game to a strong Duke team as the Blue Devils pulled away from weary Wolf- pack in second half after fine runs by speedy sophomore back. Jay ' ilkenson. A final rally by State was not enough to change the outcome. Scarpati nails Duke ballcarrier. 9 tt ---w. -. t. r. " J Taylor lugs Ditke tackier along to pick itp extra yardage. STATE 7 MISS. SOUTHERN ... 6 State startled Mississippi with a grinding ground game rather than an aerial attack. The Pack rushed for 246 yards, their highest in three years. State racks up more yardage. Clark moves through big hole for a nice gain. Homecoming festivities excite crowd. STATE 38 SOUTH CAROLINA . 14 The Wolfpack closed out their home stand by treating more than sixteen thousand Homecoming fans to the slaughtering of the Gamecocks. Gabriel completed 17 of 22 passes for 215 yards, and D ' Antonio picked up 114 yards on the ground. After trailing 14-6 in the early minutes, the State machine went into high gear as all players turned in fine performances. State tacklers move in for the kill. Scarpati makes sensational catch for TD. 1 I i STATE 21 VIRGINIA 14 State got its first taste of victory by beating the Cava- liers in a hard fought contest. Bert Wilder turned in an excellent performance in his last game as a college ball player. He was called to active duty in the Army. STATE 7 ALABAMA 26 Although State scared the Crimson Tide in the first half. Alabama came roaring back to victory. Dames clvhhcrs uutdd be i uii: iciurneT. ■ -- ■%2S pi»- •i Gabe hits D ' Antonio in flat. Scarpati drives for ten. The lineup. [259] STATE 7 MARYLAND 10 Although Maryland managed to squeeze by the Wolf- pack in an exciting ball game, State was not without its moments of glory. Gabriel ' s throwing arm was hot, and lohn Morris ' fingers were sticky. Morris snagged four passes to set a new pass catching record of 40. " • s ScariJiiti contacts for jarring tackle. Matthews, Bushofsky, and Suleski sii ' oop down on prey. STATE . . CLEMSON 20 State loses out after a hard battle. Here Gabriel connects with Kroll for good yardage. Another Gabriel completion. MONOGRAM CLUB Seated: Cutter, Bushofsky, Matthews Standing: Hoomani, Yeager OFFICERS Joe Bushofsky President Skip Matthews Vice-President Hank Hoomani Secretnry Moose Cutter Treasurer Paul Iaeger Sergeant at Arms The purposes of the Monogram Club are to recognize through a student organization those men who ha c earned a monogram, in accordance with the regulations of N. C. State College; to foster good fellowship among monogram winners; to pro- mote a high standard of intercollegiate athletics and the spirit in which they are conducted; and to encourage ideals ol good sportsmanship among athletes and spectators in the best interest of North Carolina State College. BASKETBALL 1 Auksel fires over Maryland defense. Speaks drives past defenders for the score. Coach Everett Case Wherry criis ics throiigli MouiiUiiiicci ilcjcii c. RohJoff piiHs down a rebound. Aiiksel lays the ball over hoop as Punger stands by. Speaks, Cossel, and Sinnock battle for tie-up. [263] 1 Kiuk iiiu .M 4r Liini;, Asst. Coach Pickttt, iii, i irr ' el, Gosscll, K " } , hittickl, Punytr, Sinnock, Nordan, Coach Case. Front row: Rohlott, Speaks, Wherry, Mayton, Lutz, York, Grein- er, Erb, Robinson. Atiksel and Speaks move in for the rebound. 1961-62 RECORD State 71 State 65 State 82 State 73 State 61 State 56 State 56 State 68 State 80 State 99 State 81 State 71 State 88 State 85 State 76 State 73 State 62 Tennessee 64 Wake Forest 77 Alumni 84 Maryland 68 Duke 60 South Carolina 62 North Carolina 66 Maryland 61 Clemson 64 Virginia 72 West Virginia 82 Duke 55 Virginia 68 North Carolina 57 South Carolina 75 Clemson 71 Wake Forest 69 [264] (,) :i( Pnii ' jcr tiKs loose from ihc s ' :il Marvel goes high for two more. Spenks diives in for an easy lay-up. ' i ' fvj ' lA f) Case anii the hoys. Punger and Marvel look on as AnkseJ goes up for a shot. P ' " Ser Masts off-Results, " A-OK. " Rohloff pops one jrom tlic iidc. With the de-emphasis prooram in full swing, many people had their douhts about the 1961-62 basketball team. Several letter- men from last year ' s team were returning, but no one player was expected to be a standout. This Wolfpack team worked well together and started the season off with an easy vic- tory over Tennessee to give Coach Case his 300th win. After dropping two in a row, the Pack bounced back to upset a highly ranked Duke team 61-60. As the season progressed, Ken Rohloff joined the steadily impro ing team. In the second meeting with Duke, the Wolfpack thrilled the home-court crowd with a 71-55 ictor o er the Blue De ils. Two games later the ' smashed the UNC team by an 85-57 score. The Pack took a five game winning streak against Wake Forest in the final game of the season; however, se eral bad breaks and a bot Wake team enabled the Deacons to carrv off the chair of ictorv. first row: Snipes, Kuuskraa, Nelson, Artinano, DelCarmen. Middle row: Stephnakis, Shick, Hager, Hill, Huntsman, Makeras. Back row: Rudell, Koppel, Ankurs, Hanington, and Coach Cooper. Benito Artinano breaks scoring record by kicking six goaU in a single game. SOCCER Fine save by goalie, Mike Hill. State 7 State 3 State State 2 State 1 State State 1 State State State SCORES use Pfeiffer 5 Maryland 10 Virginia (S Washington Lee UNC 5 Belmont Abbey 2 Duke 7 Davidson 3 Lynchburg 5 Buck row: laeger, Booth, Tucker, Simmons. Havas. Second row: Sawhill, Athearn, Watson, Buchanan. Front roxv: Barnes, Cook , VVhitt. Rciuiy for action. WRESTL NG SCORES State Maryland 28 State 11 Pfeiffer 18 State 9 Virginia .. 19 State . 5 North Carolina 28 State 19 Duke 11 State 14 Washington Lee 16 State 21 Pfeiffer 9 State. . 3 Citadel .. 28 State. 10 Davidson . 25 Back row. Griswuld, Fogarasy, McGinty, Derby, Spencer, Stephens, Asst. Coach Nauss. Second row: Coach Casey, Coach Charles, Dixon, Prager, Wilcox, Cutter, EDis. Front row: Asst. Coach Adams, Coble, Morrow, Singer. SWIMMING This year at North Carohna State College swimming became a major sport. Never before at this school has swimming attracted so much interest as it has this year. The beautiful new natatorium and State ' s great team have combined to bring this interest about. All American Ed Spencer. Frank Coble, diver. After a disappointinjj 54-40 loss to Maryland in the season ' s opener, the WoHixak swimmers, coaehed by Willis Casey, eame hack lo tnanicc Wile. Wake Forest, Virginia, Georgia, ' P1, and ' M1 het ' ore losing a liearl hreaker to Florida " i 1 to 44. riu- Pack then dclcated U C and Pittsburgh to take a 9-2 record into the con- ference meet, where a lack oF reserve strength cost them a share in the ACC crown. llin o cr, indi idLial cham- pionships were won by Smokc lillis in the 50 yd. free- style, Ed Spencer in the 100 and 200 yd. butterfly and the 440 yd. freestyle, Pete Fogarasy in the 100 and 200 yd. breaststroke and the 200 yd. individual medley, and Bill McGinty in the 100 yd. freestyle. Also performing well this year freestylers Jim Cutter, ]oe Dixon, and Jeff Prager; breaststrokers Dan Derby and Guy Grisvvold; backstroker Ed Stephens; and the divers Frank Coble and Jerry Morrow. Since most of the team are juniors and sophomores, the Wolfpack should enjoy another fine season again next year. Aix-Amejucan Pete Fogarasy State 40 State 68 State 67 State 82 State 55 State 67 SCORES Maryland 54 Duke 28 Wake Forest 28 Virginia 13 E. Carolina 40 Georgia 28 VPI 33 VMI 31 Florida 51 UNC 45 Pittsburgh 44 The Wolfpack was runner up in the ACC finals. Mate State . 64 State 44 State 50 State 50 The recording holding freestyle relay team— Spencer, Ellis. Wilcox, and McGiiify along with Coach Casey. BASEBALL Last Spring ' s North Carolina State baseball team fin ished a strong third in ACC competition with an 18-5 overall record. Coach Vic Sorrell, now entering his seven- teenth year as Wolfpack coach, is looking forward to another fine season this year. He says that the team ' s only real problem is that of finding replacements for pitchers Joel Gibson and Wilson Carruthers of last year ' s team. He ' s going to iuku a cut at it. State ' s first baseman stretches for put out against Virginia. Conner shows fine patching form. State runner crosses bag ahead of hall. .■ - ■ X.... .. ' ..-v •■ y ' r:.: ' j- r [272] Front row: Hodgen. (. iiiki, Alkii, I Uiworth, Easterling, Boyette, and Mcintosh. Back row. Rus- sell, Edwards, Strickland, Curdcll, Aluntgomery, Baughn, and Young. Hitters, Stricklaini and Edwards. i State 14 State 5 State 6 State 13 State 9 State 3 State 3 State 5 State 3 State 3 State 3 State 2 State 6 State 4 State 10 State , 2 State 4 State 14 1961 RESULTS Dartmouth 4 Colby 3 Maryland 3 Washington Lee 1 West Virginia .... 8 UNC 4 use 2 Duke 1 Wake Forest 4 Duke 1 use 2 Clemson 1 Clemson 1 1 Wake Forest 5 Virginia . 3 Ui C 4 Virginia 2 UNC 5 [2731 TRACK 1961 Tallv State . 25 UNC 106 State . 4? 1 2 Clemson 87 2 3 State... 15 1 2 LISC 85 Virginia . 61 1 2 State . 31 13 Duke State . 65 Butch BLinulnii ' Ll hyenk uirui jiuiii i tir iiiy blucL: 99 2 3 Wake Forest 65 I Mgr. Cherry, Hamrick, Helms, Peabody, Carter, Coach Shea, GiKxlwin, Riggins, Lenderink, Wilhelm, Johnson, Potts, Wrcnn, Edwards. ev r,:xuM a. | [274] frank Lustig ti Wilde, lu-uic. the s it, . Although last year ' s Track team did not fare too well record-wise, a bright picture may be forecast for the com- ing years. This year ' s team will be without the services of quarter-miler Lim Joyner and weight man George Voll- mar both of whom scored well for State last year. How- ever, Ronnie Helms, Peter Johnson, and Jimmy Ham- rick, all freshmen last year, turned in promising per- formances. Helms won the big four outdoor quarter mile, Hamrick won the big five indoor quarter mile, and John- son equaled the State 880-yard record wdth a time of 1 minute, 56.6 seconds. Jumper Steve Corn and sprinter Ohind Hankhead also turned in fine performances. Vnncp Wrenti sets hnr for h iiih jump. Pom Sinnock cJiarges pole vault box. I i j( l i " i:. (. ' aLli l-cir. I ' oLls. 1 iiilIh ' I , !_ Mii. | ! iili. il ' iii. Second row: Johnson, Edwards, Green. Hamrick. Blanchard, Smith. ! 1 I Fred Wilson, team captam CROSS COUNTRY RESULTS State 51 Duke . ... 16 State 34 Wake Forest . ... 23 State , . .40 LINC .... 17 State 27 use ,29 State , . , ,25 Clemson . . . . 32 State , 42 Maryland . ... 16 State , . 50 William Mary . , . . . 16 State 14 V ' iroinia . . 39 State Finished liltli in CC competition. Lcfi to right: Ciiopcr, Hart, Saigal, Ihatt, SkKiinurc, and C uacli KL-nticld. Absent were Spence and Brown. Saigal slwws hii smcisliing serve. TENNIS Stiitc ... 6 State 1 Stale 6 State 5 State 8 State 9 State 9 State 5 State 1 State 6 State 3 State 7 State 8 State 2 State 2 RESULTS Ohio State 1 Michioan State 7 M.I.T 2 Citadel 4 Toledo 1 use Clemson Cineinnati 4 Virginia .8 George Washington 2 Maryland 5 ECC 2 Wake Forest UNC 7 Duke . . 7 . ifc;: -J I 1} Left to right: McCnmb, Coffey, Alarcum, Hackney. Absent were Smith, Isenhour, and Stone. GOLF SCORES State . . . . 201 2 Dartmouth 141 2 State . . , 19V2 Princeton 71 2 State. 151 2 Virginia 111 2 State . . 11 Maryland 7 State . . . , . 71 2 Wake Forest 101 2 State 11 Duke 16 State. 211 2 Davidson 51 2 State . , 21 2 LINC 241 2 State. . . . 8 use 19 State . . . . , 11 Clemson 16 State 21 Davidson 6 [278] If Intramural CuimciL l ichie W ' iUianisoii presiding. INTRAMURALS Intramural Athletics at iNCS is considered the most important extracurricular acti ity on the campus. The responsibility of Intra- mural Athletics lies with the Office of Student Affairs and is admin- istered by the Department of Physical Education. All policies for the program are made b - the d isory Board and carried out by the Department of Intramural .Athletics. 0 er 40 ? of the student bod participates in some phase of this program. The units of competition are di ided into three di isions: Fraternity (18 teams), Dormitory (14 teams), and Open (Un- limited—with as many as 50 teams in Open League Basketba ll). Thirteen activities are offered in the Fraternity and Dormitory Leagues and unlimited special events are offered in the Open League. The Intramural outdoor facilities are some of the finest in the country. 20 tennis courts, 10 softball fields, 10 football fields, a track, and horseshoe pits are a ailable for intramural participation within icinity of the new gymnasium. The indoor facilities include a new pool, 7 basketball courts, 10 handball courts, 6 squash courts, a golf room, an exercise room, and a weight training room. Sttidenis participnliiiii in 1961 Big-Fotir Day. Art Hoch receiver an award |ioih John Brady for outstanding sert ' ice to the students. YOU ATTAINED CARMICHAEL GYMNASIUM The finest Facilities to be found are now a ailable to every State College man for his recreation and enjoyment. C ompleted early last summer, the new gym is a huh nt acti ity involving physical education instruction, intramurals, and general relaxation. i I ' homas Edwakd 1!ailev President J. Wade Fields Vice President CLASS OF 1965 Eugene O. Eagle Secretary Frank Eugene Dorn jr. Treasurer [282] PHI ETA SIGMA OFFICERS Michael H. Graham Presidoit Jack Watson Vice-President Ray Brady Secretary ' ayl. nd Plaster Treasurer Phi Eta Sigma was founded .it the Lhii crsity of Illinois, March 1923. The State College Chapter was installed on May 16, 1930. Membership in Phi Eta Sigma is open to those Freshmen who make the equi alent of half As and half B ' s and is considered the highest scholastic honor a Freshman can attain. Phi Eta Sigma ' s members are active through their Sophomore year and stri e to promote interest in high scholastic standards. MEMBERS .Allran, Robert R. Alphin. D. W. Arey, Jeffrey M. Booth, John R. Brady, Leslie R. Jr. Brittingham, James C. Buckley, Francis I. Jr. Burgess, W. J. Carr, John VV. Chandler, Lawrence R. Davis, Harry G. Edwards, Richard N. Davis, Walter Edward Ferguson, Leland C. Futrell, Thomas M. Gaskins, Karl S. Gates, James B. Jr. GosNEY, William M. Graham, Michael H. Gray, Wallace T. Jr. Greeson, Claude D. Griffin, William T. Grove, Robert B. Mamrick, James L. 1 Ieath, Joel C. Henderson, Stephen P. Herrington, Sidney W. Jones, Walter V. Kester, Walter A. King, William J. Klutz, John D. Lambert, Robert L. Leonard, Percy D. Lingle, William N. Linville, Wayne H. Loggins, Chester D. Lucas, Leon T. McLawhorn, Thomas H. Mack, Edward James Major, Eugene Hartwell Maxwell, Earle C. Phillips, Richard B. Plaster, Arthur W. RoHNER, Fellx W. Rood, Robert T. Rlitledge, James R. Schick, Pablo F. Self, Jerry Lee Sherrill, Wilson A. 11 Showalter, Ralph E. Shreve, David Carr Smith, Owen Ja.mes Tanner, William J. Trott, Sabert B. II Wallace, George F. Watson, Jack Owen Webb, Joseph T. Williams, Francis W. Williams, Richard P. Woods, Hugh W. ZoBEL, Donald Bruce [283] J i ' C C ' ® i [284] fe ' S • CLASS OF 1965 Aaron, James Gordon Gary Aberson, James Ashley GJiarlotte Abslier, Larry Ralph Scottville Adams, Jack Lynn Fcrt Lee, Va. Adams, Michael Edward Yadkinville Adams, Robert Stephen Leaksville Adams, V ' illiam Thomas Oxford Aldridge, Evelyn Louise Crossnore Allen, Carlton Richard Raleigh Allen, Daniel Alexander Jr Roxboro Allen. Danny Thomas Graham Allen, David Stuart Greensboro Allen, Garry Wayne Spruce Pine Allen, George Washington Jr New Bern Allen, John Dewey Jr Asheville Allen, John William Burlington Allen, Luther Stanton Jr Fayettevillc Allen, William Joseph Asheboro Allison, Allison Douglass II Raleigh Allsbrook, Robert Whitehead Jr Enfield Almond, Charles Barrette Jr Albemarle Altman, Lourice Gaillard |r.. .Georgetown, S. C. Amnion, Robert Vance Statesville Anastes, Gus Robert Charlotte Anderson, Harry P. G Farmville Anderson. James Franklin Goldsboro Anderson, Olin Speigner Jr Lilesville Anderson, Robert Lawson N. Wilkesboro Anderson, William Hinton Wilder Jr. Winston-Salem Andreve. George Jan Greensboro Andrews. John Ward Independence, Va. Andrews, Norman John Raleigh Andrews, Zalph Henry Durham Angley, William Maynard Jr Lenoir Ardrey, William M Matthews Arganbright, John Rav Columbus, Ohio Ariail, William Coke III Summit, N. J. Armstrong. Ira Lewis Ararat Arnold, John Howard Richmond, Va. Arnold, Joseph Carlton Creedmoor Arnold, Robert Allen Arlington, Va. Ashley, Jimmy Dail Edenton Atesmen, Kemal Mehmet Alanya, Turkey Atkins, John Leslie III Durham Atkinson. Harold Smith Jr Franklin. Va. Atkinson. Roger Stanley Elizabethtown Autry, Robert Evon Mt. Gilead Auvil, John Scott Wexford, Pa. Aycock, David Harrison Goldsboro Badger, Richard Allen Jefferson Bailey, James William Burlington Bailey, Michael Eugene. . Fernandina Beach, Fla. Bailey, Richard Haywood Woodsdale Baird, Bennett Ray Raleigh Baker, Austin James Wilmington Baker, Charles Howard Paul Pineville Baker, James Wyman Wilmington Baker, Malton Glenn Princeton Baker, Maurice Ronald Varina Baker, Robert Eugene Kannapolis Ball, Kenneth Edward Kinston Ballard, Dennis Harry Hendersonville Bankhead, Olin Lee Jr Hamlet Barbec, Horace Burke Maysville Barber, Joseph Howard Williamston Bard, Gwyn Stanley Jefferson Barden, Joel McArthur Jr Willard Bare, Thomas Lee Marietta BarefiKit, Bruce Dwight Newton Grove Barger, Jcrold Glen Hickory Barker, Leo Ivan Jr Gastonia Barker, Walter Christopher Kinston Barker, William Fredrick Mt. Holly Barkley, Charles Jerry Lincolnton Barlow. Ray Warriner Crewe, Va. Barnes, David Livingston. .. Princess Ann, Md. Barnes, Edgeworth Beddoes Raleigh FRESHMEN Barnes, |anii-s 1 letchcr V ilson Barnes, Ray Winston Rocky Mount Barnwell. Richard Herbert HiMulersonvillc Barrow. Pliill Ralciyli Basluuu. Hersv Grant III LyncliburK, ' a. Baskcr illc. Robert Henderson Batten. Willnir tirav Middlesex Bauconi. John Reynolds |r Wilminston Baucom, Tony lackson Polkton Bauconi, Tliomas Burwell Cary Baucom. Tyndall Lee Marshville Ba. ter. Michael Edward Guilford College Bazeniore. lulius Claude Ir Asheviile Beach. William Cherry Oak City Beacham, Terr D Kitt 1 lawk Beal. Robert Lester Ir Lincolnton Beaman. Harold Mitchell Mioskie Beanian. Rom William 111 Snow Hill Beaman. Paul Steven Concord Beaver, Benjamin 1 aylor Salisbury Beckerdite, Fred Willie Ir W ' inston-Saleni Beeson, Frederick ' aunhn Ir Monroe Belanga, Mary Bouquin Norfolk, Va. Belani;ia. William Ray New Bern Bell. Da id Wright East Flat Rock Bell. Robert Adolphus Goldsboro Bell. W ' ayland Kenneth Fais(m Belton, Ronney Gray W ' inston-Salem Bender, Richard Allee Fayetteville Bennett, Cecil Garland Jr Candler Bennett, Dan Edwin Louisburg Bennett, Luther Alcorn ]r Greensboro Benton. Jerry Wayne VA ' inston-Salem Benton, Larry K Kinston Best, Thomas Franklin Pinetops Biggs, William Niles Greensboro Bilbro. Charles Richard Greensboro Black, Thomas Steven Lexington Blackard, Robert Francis Mayodan Blackburn, Reuben Golding III Murrells Inlet, S. C. Blackburn. Robert Maylon Mt. Airy Blackwell, Richard Edward Ir High Point Blaine. Charles Turner Svvannanoa Blalock, Thomas Wilbur Winston-Salem Blanton, Marshall Sruart Shelby Bloomer. Lawrence James Pittsburgh, Pa. Blue, Thaddeus Lawrence Jr Carthage Bolejack, William Garland Reidsville Boles, Michael Alston Jonesville Bolick. Thomas Deane Lenoir Bollinger, William Anthonv Durham Bonardi, Paul Jerry Sanford Bonds, John Edward Burlington Boozer, Donald Eugene Greensboro Bordeaux, Steven Kelly Ingold Bowers, Ronald James Charlotte Bowling, Bernard Philip Durham Bovd, Richard Hartwell Jr Fort Mill, S. C. Boyd, Zelbert Earl . Rose Hill Boykin, William Washington Bailey Boys. Ernest .Xhjrley Jr Gastonia Braam, Robert William Greensboro Brackett, Jesse Cornelius Jr High Point Bradburn, Charles Clyde Brevard Bradford. Earl Edwin Lenoir Bradford, William Edward Mt. Airy Bradshaw, Harry f ay Wallace Branch, William Michael Mooresville Brandenberg, Henr David. . . . Lakewocd, N. ]. Bransford, Robert Anthony Jr Greensboro Brant, Richard Harlan Raleigh Brantley, Vester Robertson Jr Raleigh Braswell, Frank Donald Raleigh Braswell, Kenneth George Rocky Mount Brawley, Frank Wendell Charlotte Brewer, James Wilford Eagle Springs Brewer, John Howard Raleigh 1 " f... r j d r Jr •P ' - ' s « t [285] r J i CLASS OF 1965 Bricker, Albin Austin III Arlington, Va. Bridgers, Luther Ernest Rocky Mount Bridges, Jack Roger Raleigh Briggs, lerry Ralph Mars Hill Briley, Theron King Polkton Briner, Frank Charles Kinston Brink, Arthur Robert ]r Asheboro Brinkley, Earl Franklin Teachey Brite, Thomas Earl Elizabeth City Brock, Robert Glenn New Bern Brooks, William Barr Richmond, Va. Brooks, William Hubert Boone Brothers, Bryant Terry Elizabeth City Broughton, Ray Briley Durham Brown, Earl Mendenhall Greensboro Brown, James Dalton Robersonville Brown, James LaVelle Raleigh Brown, John Stephen Jr Raleigh Brown, Phillip Wayne Tarboro Brown, Richard Samuel Carthage Brown, Sammy Alex Stanford Browne, Douglas Jay Alexandria, Va. Bryan, Junius Turner Raleigh Bryant, Mac Steven Franklin Bryant, Peter Hilton Leachville, Ark. Bryant, Richard Dennis Murfreesboro Bryson, Frederick Edgar Bryson City Buchanan, Gerald Rae High Point Bullard, )ames Claybon Gary Bumgarner, Charles Ryan Wilkesboro Bunch, William Melvin Jr Elizabeth City Bunn, Currie Lamar Raleigh Bunting, Douglas Lewis Tarboro Burleson, Cecil Alan Albemarle Burnette, Williain Matthew. . .Roanoke Rapids Burns, James Fletcher Robbins Burns, William Samuel Gastonia Burr, Clyde Virgil Jr Morehead City Burrage, Robert Ernest Concord Burris, Ted Allen New London Burwell, George Allen Jr McLean, Va. Butler, John Parrish Jr Charlotte Butler, Ronald Sidney Forest City Byrd, Bobb - Gene Windsor Byrd, Francis Irving Ramseur Byrd, Harry Edsel Ahoskie Byrd, John Thomas Wilkesboro Byrd, Larry Darwin Norwood Gaboon, William Joseph Swan Quarter Caldwell, Daniel Lee Charlotte Cameron, Charles Douglas Cameron Cameron, Neil Clarence Cameron Campbell, Frederick Bailey Fayetteville Campbell, Ronald Marion Spindale Cannon, William Lewis Greensboro Cantrell, Albert Gwynne Asheville Carawan, Roy Eugene Greenville Carper, James Turman Raleigh Carroll, Barney Abram Jr Fayetteville Carsten, Christopher Gadsden Jr. ..Cades, S. C. Carter, Harry James Greensboro Carter, Marvin Ernest Jr Kannapolis Carter, Roger Lee Kinston Gar ' er, Lamar Gwyn Robbins ' ille Carver, Mitchell Kyle Leicester Cato, Robert Lee Charlotte Catoe, Boyce Eugene Jr Monroe Cattaneo, Leroy Thomas. . .Toms River, N. J. Caudle, Marshall Edward Charlotte Causey, Jerr ' Lassiter Grifton Cavenaugh, James Miltun Wallace Cawood, Stephen Carl Pineville, Ky. Cecil, Jerry McLain High Point Chandler, Belton Wayne Oakboro Chandler, William George Arlington, Va. Chapman, Charles Albert Raleigh Chappell, Theodo re Judson Jr Raleigh [286] FRESHMEN CliappfU, " crniin Glenn Kiili Siiii.uc Chappell. Wallace Ray l .ikii;li Charin, Alan Kenneth S. OranKc. N. j. Chartier, Robert Lester Slielln Chase, Philander Dean UiKh Roini Cheek, Jerry Leon Roariiin River Chillis, Ge irKe Cxistner Ir Wadeslioro Chiswell, AH ' reil Gre,t;soii Ir.. . .Southern Pines Chornyei, Ernest lohn Ir.. , Xew Canaan. Conn. Christie, James Ronald Raleigh Christopher, jack Lee Mehane Clapp, Allen Linville Siler C ' ity Clark, Ernest Calvin Ir Stanley Clark, John Rufus Bonlee Clark, Ralph Kenneth Siler Cit Clark. Ronnie Fredrick Zebulon Clarke, Fred Stuart Goldsboro Clarke. L man Stuart Ir.. . .Princess Anne, Va. Clayton. J lerbert Xeal Prospect I lill Clendenin, Joseph , hre vs Wilmington Clippard, Lee I lunt Charlotte Clonte, Norvin Aaron Glen Alpine Clontz, Robert lennings Canton Clontz, William Clyde Candler Clough, Arthur George Marion Cobb, Gene Ri ens Wingate Cobb. Stephen Russell Gibsonville Coble, Harold Dean Liberty Cochran, Kenneth ' ayne Forest City Coggins, Hal Quay Salisbury Coggins, James William Ir Charlotte Cole, Paul Blake III Durham Cole, Robert Edward Guilford Coleman, Donald Larry Hurdle Mills Coleman, James Allen ' ilmington Collins, Carroll Edward Windsor Collins. Charles Allen Holly Springs Collins. Dennis James Lindonhurst, N. Y. Collins. Henry Carl Jr Bryson City Colson, Thomas Lee Norwood Colquitt, William Roy Jr Shelby Connell, Philip Griffin Charlotte Conner, Joseph Franklin Clinton Cook, Carlton Hugh Hickory Cook, James Leslie High Point Cooke, Chester U ' ash Belmont Cooke, Kenneth Jackson Huntersville Cooper, Jerry Rayfield Haw River Cooper, John Clinton III Rose Hill Cope, Daniel Wyatte Jr Lexington Corbett, A. Ale. Gray Fountain Corbett, Elben Mayo lacksonville Corbett, John Hall Gamer Corn, Douglas Marvin Hendersonville Comatzer, Donald Wayne Advance Cox, Hugh Dalton Jr Raleigh Cox, James Thomas Asheboro Craft, David Wayne Cherryville Craver, Eric Gordon TTiomasville Crawford, Claude Cecil III Raleigh Crawford, William Gerdine |r Franklin Creech, Da id Ha - vood Kenly Creech, Donald Earle Selma Crews, David Marion Stoneville Cross, Harold Wayne Selma Crossland, William Earl Raleigh Grumpier, Brian Leslie Clinton Crutchfield, Robert Herring Kannapolis Culbertson, John Steele Silver Spring, Md. Culpepper, William Henry Jr. ... Rocky Niount Culver, Horace Mitchell Rockingham Gumbo, Frederick Earl New Bern Cummings, William Kenneth Raleigh Cunningham, Charles Jr Durham Cunningham, Charles Homon 111 Lansdowne, Pa. Curlee, George Michael Sali ;bury Cutchin, Richard Lee Norfolk, Va. ' ! C« ' [287] i!k 1 dl MTM M T S ET .-. ■ r •wv CLASS OF 1965 Cutler. Ronald Lee VVashingtun Cutts, James Warren Stovall Cutts, Thomas Tazwell Stovall Dail, George Richard V ' ilson Dailey, Jack Cliffon Raleigh Dalton, Douglas Ray Pine Hall Daniel, Richard Wayne Dunn Daniel, Robert Lee Jr Henderson Daniels. Royden Eugene Jr Elizabeth City Daughety, Gaylord Keith Kinston Davenport, Ronald Elton Trenton Davis, Arthur Brian Raleigh Davis, Cornelious Wayne Roanck; Rapids Davis, Da ' id Earl Goldsboro Davis, Henry Thurman Jr Hobgood Davis, James Martin Rowland Davis, Joseph Hassell Winston-Salem Davis, Louis James Morehead Davis, Timothy McLean Rowland Davis, Wendell Earl Jacksonville Davis, William Francis Jr Winston-Salem Day, Wayne Thomas Roxboro Davrault, Rodgers Edward Jr Lexington Deal, Earl Lackey Jr Norfolk. Va. Deal, Jesse Milton Kannapolis Dean, Rov Lee Oxford Dean, Willard Richardson Jr Wendell Deaton. James Richard Marion, Va. Deaton. Jimmie Neel Mooresville Debnam. John Buck Franklinton Decker. Terry Clintcn Winston-Salem Deese, Phillip Monroe Sanford Delong, Harr)- Payton Wilson Deluise, John Anthony Kinston Dennis, Lenwood Earl Durham Denny, Stephen Joel Rcanoke Rapids Dibble, John Fort Bragg Dickerson, Bobby Nelson Oxford Dickerson, Phillip Graham Zebulon Dillon, Lo d Calvin Jr Leaksville Dimino, Anthonv ' illiam Valley Stream, N. Y. Disher, Steve Anderson Winston-Salem Disk, George Grovner Arlington, Va. Dixon, Alwvn Rav Jr Whitakers Dobbins, Stephen ' Hill Cliffside Dorn. Frank Eugene Phoenix. Md. Dorrity, Christopher Terry Durham Douglas, William Malcolm Dunedin, Fla. Dowdy, Jack Daniels Hillsboro Downing. Robert Warren Winston-Salem Doyle, Gradx ' M Zebulon Dozier, Casper Edwards V ' hitakers Dozicr, Franklin Riley Jr South Mills Drake, 1 homas Francis Lexington, ' a. Dranikoff. David Jeffrey Syosset, N. Y. DriscoU. James Thomas Jr Lumberton Drum. Rickey Clifton Hickory Drye, Jerr ' Maxe Concord Dryman, Larry Warae Franklin DuBois, Wayne Daniel Wilson Duckworth. Charles Joseph Brevard Dudley, Harry Hamlet Charlotte Duffy, William Charles Jr Franklin, Va. Duke, Harold Beckwith Jr Raleigh Dunaway. Clcta Eileen Gary Duncan. William Hale Jr Burlington Duncan. William Morse Jr ' ilkesboro Dunn. Joseph Linwood Efland Dyson. Ronald Lynn Whiteville Eagle, Eugene Octavius Jr Greensboro Earle, John Dorset Manteo Earley, Howard Edwin Lenoir Earlin. Lawrence Michael Sparta, N. J. Early, Mehin Thomas Jr Colerain Earwood, lames Thomas Asheville Eason. leflrey Wayne ' illiamston Ea ' es, Thomas Allen Clinton [288] FRESHMEN Eckard. Carv Stuart 1 lickory Eckard, Phil Michael Charlotte Edge. Rixhiey Lie Fayette illc EdRertiin. Eric Ray Jr New York, N. Y. Edmondson, Marv Lvnn Pinetops Edward. Charles Dean Sparta Edwards. Edward Ray Nashville Edwards. James Wayne Stanley Edwards, Kirby Cuminings Raleish Edwards, Leonard Wayne Nashville Edwards, Melvin Thomas Winston-Salem Eldridse, Kenneth Lorrell Newton Gro e Eller, lt seph Coy Purlear Elkin. Kenneth James Asheville Ellington, William Woollcott Ir Charlotte Elmore, David Richard Mocksvillc England, James Gaston Jr Gastonia Enriquez, Jean Claude Mexico 10, D. P. Enscore. Ernest Emory Jr Hampton, ' a. Epley, Phillip Rossell iMorganton Eshleman, Da id Richard Charlotte Essick, Casper Reid Lexington Etheridge. James Connell Bethel Everett, John Robert Somerville, N. ]. Ewald, John Robert Roanoke, ' a. Ewing. Joseph Allan Charlotte Fahncstock, Thomas ' an Raleigh Fairchild, U ' illiam Royal Winston-Salem Faires, Charles Calvin Gastonia Faires, Richard Brent Hickory Farless, Lathan Howard Colerain Farrior, William Daugherty III Raleigh Fasanella, Edwin Lane Roarin " River Favor, Charles Henry Charlotte Felton, Gary Wilson V ' inton Fergus, I on Eldridge Wilmington Ferguson, Donald Blake Winston-Salem Ferguson, James Rufus Taylorsville Ferrell, Larry Joseph Clayton Fields. Jorman Wade Fayetteville Finger, Donald Edgar Hickory Fishel, James Da id Winston-Salem Fisher, David Monroe Thomasville Fisher, Harr Todd Candor Fitch, Lowell Haines Barrustou, R. L Fix, Thomas Evans Winston-Salem Fleming, Ronald Cecil Scotland Neck Fletcher. James Theodore Elizabeth City Flora, John V ' esley Portsmouth, Va. Florence, James Seawright Jr Raleigh Floyd, Robert Guy Jr Roanoke Rapids Folb, Franklin Miller Winston-Salem Forbes, James V ' ade Brown Summit Forney, Charles Daniel 111 Lawndale Forrest, James Sherwood Kings Mountain Forrest, Lewis Conrad Jr Newport Fort, Stephen Ross Clarkton Foster, Kent Bernard Concord Foster, Robert Gilmer Jr Kinston Foushee, Caviness Banks Jr Timberlake Foust, Michael Ronald Franklinville Fowler, Harold William Bryson City Fowler, Wayne Raleigh Fox, Charles Gates Carj ' Francis, William Jack Jr Charlotte Franklin, Robert Caldwell Charlotte Freeman. Carvie Thomas Charlotte Freeman. Duff Gordon Elkin Frelund, Arthur Rune Yonkers, N. Y. Fryar, George Woodrow Jr McLeansville Fulbright, Douglas Clinton. . .Connelly Springs Fulbright, Nelson Eugene Newton Fulcher, Doily Earl Stacy Fuller, Jerr - Wayne Durham Fulp, Stephen Michael KernersWlle Fusonie, Alichael Bruce Albemarle Gaither, Charles LawTence Jr Statesville -j f .i LJ. Ak«;. .| -f -•-- [289] r " rr sr f pr - - [290] CLASS OF 1965 Gamble, James Oliver Jr Greeleyville, S. C. Gardner, Alfred Turner Fuquay Springs Gardner, John Flay Jr Shelby Gardner, Leonard Seldon Jr Durham Garner, James Kent Marietta, Ga. Garner, Joseph Lee Newport Garner, Lonzo Scott Jr Roanoke Rapids Garrett, Joseph Edward Flat Rock Geaslen, Arthur Lee Jr Raleigh Gentle, Horace Stephen Kannapolis Gentry, Hughie Michael Gavel George, Edwin Dale Robbinsville George, Harvey William Greensboro German, John Thomas Boomer Giles, James Samuel Roanoke Rapids Gillis, John McNatt Jr Fayetteville Gilmore, Richard Raymond Winston-Salem Glass, David Randall Taylorsville Glenn, James Lewis Durham Glover, Frank Alexander Gastonia Goddard, David Martin Raleigh Godfrey, Joseph Earl Jr Durham Godfrey, Ronald Joe Laurinburg Godfrey, William Ray Lexington Godwin, Jerry Lanier Wilson Godwin, Richard Holder Raleigh Goldston, Herbert James Jr Sanford Goodman, Walter Gerald Charlotte Goodnight, James Howard Wilmington Goodson, Jerry Steven Boger City Goodwin, James Larry Havelock Gornts, Rodney Bert Ocean Drive, S. C. Goss, Michael Wayne Oxford Grady, Bobby Earl Goldsboro Graham, John Charles Dillon, S. C. Gray, Astor Holmes III Peachland Green, Don Wayne Raleigh Greene, James Henry Cameron Greenfield, Robert Julius Morganton Gregory, Jimmy Douglas Angier Cribble, Richard Conrad Kannapolis Griffin, Daniel Clayton Jr Fayetteville Griffin, Erwin Cason Jr Edenton Griffin, Horace Duane Rocky Mount Griffin, Joe Simon Williamston Griffin, Kenneth Brock Granite Falls Griffin, Melvin Clifton Spring Hope Griffin, Thomas Waters Williamston Griffin, William Wallace Jr Wilson Grob, Charles Earl Roselle, N. J. Groome, James Riley Greensboro Gross, Ralph Springer Winston-Salem Grosswald, Roger Ralph Charlotte Grove, John Roger Greensboro Grubbs, John Carlos Hickory Guerard, Edward Percy Jr. . . Georgetown, S. C. Guin, James MacColon Raeford Gupta, Om Narain Bombay, India Gupton, Wallace Irving Henderson Gurley, David Ezra Jr Goldsboro Curley, Dennis Eugene Hickory Gurley, James Charles Durham Gutierrez, Luis Edvardo Charlotte Guy ton, Bobby Ray Bladenboro Haase, Reuben Albert Greensboro Haddon, William Winfield Jr Rocky Mount Hair, Henry Ainslie Jr Mt. Airy Haire, Marvin Jonathan Jacksonville Haith, Donald Thomas Durham Hale, Gary Kent Jeffersonville, Ind. Hall, James Henry Jr Asheville Hall, Needham Crowell Watha Hall, Ronald Dean Albemarle Hamilton, Donald Everett Jr Charlotte Hamilton, Stephen Howard Wilmington Hancammon, Joseph David San Francisco, Calif. Hancock, Joseph Cameron Lexington FRESHMEN Hancock, 1 luimas DcLusta Jr Nebo Hancy. Charles Philip Jr N. Wilkesboro Hardic. Wilhani tiuihrio Clarcmlon larihn. Jimmy Oakley Luiiihcrtcm llariHsim. Charles Francis New Bern 1 larkey. Roi;er Dale Landis 1 larmer. Michael 1 losea Matthews 1 laniiun. Samuel Doui las 1 lickory I larper. 1 lernian Earl Jr Kinston Harper. Patrick Henry Kinstun I larrell, lames Preston Jr Saratoga Harrell, Robert Burton Rocky Mount Harrelson, Lewis CJardner Shelby Harrelson, Reginald Curtis Hendersonvilk Harrelson, Roy Donald Clarkton Harrill, Edwin Vates Shelby Harrington, James 01i er 111 . . . ' instu[i-Salem Harris, Glen Stuart W ' akelield. Va. Harris, Richard Edgar Morehead C ' ity Harris, Thomas Gardner Jr.. .. Roanoke l apids Harrison, Robert Clarke. .. .Williamsburg, Va. Harriss, Herbert Lynch Wilmington Hart, Ladson Frederick Bre ard Flart. Radford Hughes . Raleigh I iartenstein. Gregory George Tiffin, Ohio 1 lartself, Harr ' ' oodrow Concord Hartsell, Loyd Ernest Jr Rockingham Haskins, David Philip Goldsboro Hauber, Juergen N Raleigh Haulk, Charles Jakie Forest City Havener, David Lee Collegeville, Pa. Haw ks, Barry Dean Mt. Airy Hawks, Benjamin Donald O.xford Ffavman. Michael Dewey Nags Head Head, Mickey Philip . . . ' Matthews Heath, William Henry Hookerton Heavner, Loy Charles Connelly Springs Hege, Robert III Lexington Heinsohn, Henry George Jr Raleigh Heintz, Stephen Brady Statesville Helton, Thomas Fay Ellenboro Hemric. Carl Dewitt Jr Dobson Henderson, Louis Leonard Ma.xton Henderson, Robert Bronson Jr. Lexington Park, Md. Hendley, William Joseph Durham Henry, David Carl Raleigh Henry, Joseph Carl Jr V ' aynesville Hensiey, James Tracy Charlotte Herman, Gary Long Hickory Herter, Alice Edith Lincolnton Hicks, Dale Fidel .Chapel Hill Hicks. Joel Gibson Jr Winston-Salem Hight. William Christopher Henderson Hildebrand, Miles Wayne Smithfield Hill, Daniel Edward Kinston Hill, David Bennett Jr V ' adesboro Hill, David Glenn Marshville Hill, Edward O ' Hanlon Winston-Salem Hill, J. B. Ill Canton Hill. Michael Lee Raleigh Hill, Robert Paul Shelby Hilton, Charles Vernon Thomasville Hilton, Manly Jackson Cluilford Hinton, David Owen Gibsonville Hite, Milton Leroy Jr Charlotte Hobbs, LaFloyd Hueston [r Raleigh Hodge, Jonah Donald Wendell Hoffmann, Theodore Charles Raleigh Hoke, Wade Everette Statesville Holden, Alexander Stallings Lenoir Holden, William Frank. .Charleston AFB, S. C. Holland. Donald Benson Roanoke Rapids Holland, Edward Gary Raleigh Holley, Richard Howard Arlington, Va. Hollingsworth. Pegg - Earle Roseboro Holloway, Stephen Alan Lenoir Hollowell, Johnnie Daniel Jr Hertford — ni mmmm I W Q .u: ' T ' ' P [291] 1 %. r " -=- B tk r Mdt.k t kdrk Wml W P n r ' Sat ■SI I i . flJ CLASS OF 1965 Holman, Roland Green West lef ferson Holoman, Stuart Boyce Raleigh I lolt, Herbert Raymond ]r Troy I lonaman, Justin Craig Glen Ridge, N. ]. 1 loneycutt, Thomas Lynn High Point 1 looe, Daniel Stockton Raleigh Hiwks, George Leon III Rocky Mount Hooks, Wiley Edward Greenville 1 loover, Charles Eddie Salisbury Hope, Chris Lloyd Gastonia 1 lopkins, Robert Patton Raleigh 1 lorne, Elmer Lee Jr Wilson Home, Thomas Da id Polkton Horner, Craig Douglas Armonk, N. Y. Horton, Thomas Richard Charlotte I lorton, William Sidney ]r Charlotte I loskins, Johnny Lawson Spencer I lough, Frank Mackey Jr Charlotte Hovey, George Dunmore Jr Hickory Howell, James Alexander Albemarle Howell, Kenneth Edwin Ervvin I lowell, Louis Wayne Hertford I lowell, Robert Gene Boone 1 lowell, Walter Brian Wilmington Howie. William King Burlington 1 ludson, Gerald Tanner Shelby I fudson, Joseph Madison Jr Pantego Huff. Stephen Henry Hamlet Huff, William Lewell Roxboro I luffman, Ronald Eugene Hickory Hughes, James Fleming Henderson Hughes, Walter Harold Tabor City Hughes, William Russell Elon College Humbert, Steven Butler Greenville Huncycutt, Ronald Garland lacksonville Huncycutt, Sherman James Norwood 1 lunt, Thomas Norton Frankhn Hunter, John Wayne Winston-Salem Hunter, V ' illiam Francis Clarksville, Va. 1 luntley, James Richard Jr Monroe I lurst, Raebourne Brown ]r Winston-Salem I lutchins, Buford Gray Winston-Salem Hyde. William Milton Franklin H der. Spurgeon Vanburen Rutherfordton lies, David Edgar Jr Littleton Ingold, David Edward Gary Ingram, James Raeford Goldsboro Ingram, Milton Glenn Princeton Ingram, Nelson Percy Pleasant Garden Irby, John Ferman Jr Bon Air, Va. Ireland, Lock U ' ynn Fayetteville Irvin, John Christopher III Crewe, Va. I cs, Linda Earle Kinston I e ' , David Jackson Alexandria, Va. h ' ey. Reef Challance III Lumberton lackson, Allen Cooper Roseboro lackson. Andrew Roy Jr Lillington Jackson, Richard Larry Biscoe Jackson, William Gary Arden James, Irvin E Robersonville James, Robert Lionel Wallace James, Stephen Thomas Wadesbor.) K ' ffcrson, Stephen James Kinston Jeffries, James Alfred Raleigh Jeffries, Jonathan Haddonfield, N. I. lenkins. Berry George Jr V ' ilmin ' 5Lon leiikins, Charles Robert Charlotte lenkins, Edward Mark Fletcher Jenkins, Joel Bernard Jr RobL-rsonville Jenkins, Joseph lackson Jr Matthews lenkins, William Arthur III Charlotte Johnson, Alan Merle New Bern Johnson, Albert Gordon .Conover liihnson. Alfred Wayne Chadbourn lohnson. Dock Edgar Randlcnian lnhnson, Edward i larion Greensboro lohnson. Gareth Lynwood Siler City [292] FRESHMEN lohnsim. Gcorsc Hoherl W ' iliiiinsjton liihnson. lerrv MacArihur Kannapolis I ilinson. lolm Francis Windsor liihnson. losc ' iih Talton Graham lohnson, Michai ' l Ray Sanford Johnson. Thomas Harold Media. Pa. lohnson. Thomas Lenoir I Icndersonxillc lohnson. William IVarcc Durham lohnston. Michael Lowell Mcxiresville lohnston. Stephen .Andrew Favettevillc loines. ' ann SxKanos Ir Reidsville lones. Billie Wall Kings Mountain lones, Bruce Lancaster High Point lones. David Douslas Salisbury lones. David loh Spring; Lake lones. David Ray Liberty lones, Ernest ' ictor Ir W ' illiamston lones. Larrv Odell Asheboro lones. Michael Lee Fayetteville lones. Orville Crowder Ir Panteoo Jones. Richard McK A.sheville lones. Tomm .Mfred W ' hittier lordan. Bobby Thomas Lumberton lordan, Ernest Samuel Asheboro Jordan, Timothy Alexander Charlotte Joyner. Francis I_eonidas Wilmington Joyner. John W illiam Jr ' anceborn Julian. James Ray Jr Jacksonville, Fla. Kale. Patricia Anne Morehead Citv Kaveny. John James Montclair. N. J. Keen. Russell Lewis Four Oaks Kelley. James Floyd Wallace Kellv. Everette Surratt Mocksville Kellv, John Austin Jr Elkin Kelly. Richard MacRae Spray Kemp. Cora Alice Louisburg Kennedy, Arthur Louis Kinston Kennedy, Michael Ray Kinston Kennedv, Ronald Pavne Enfie ' d Kennerly. Charles Thomas Statesville Key, Paul Loring. . . .South Charleston, V. Va. Key, William Seward Horse Shoe Killebrew. William Henrv Rockv Mount Killian. Charlie McCoy Ir Mt. Hollv Killoueh. Ji»enh .Al ' en Indian Trail Killough. Richard Eugene Matthews King. Horace Thompson Wilmington King. lack Claude Providence Forge. Va. King. Thomas Letson Anchorage, Alaska Kin " . William Florence, S. C. Kirkland. Charles Fredrick Henderson Kirkman. Robert CIvdc Elon CoHeQe Kiser. Richard Mike ' Ir Vale Kivett. Paul Warner GreensJxjro Koebberling. Ernest Marshall Lenoir Koontz. Joe Thomas Salisbury Korte, Herbert William Jr.. .East Orange. X. T. Kreiss, Richard Da ' id Woodmere, N. Y. Kropf, Philin Joseph Jamestown Kuhn, Frank Henri- Raleigh Kunkel. Richard Hunter Asheboro Kyles, Alan Linds» " v Troutman Lail. Rupert Carroll Ir Hickory ' .ancaster, Frank Lawrence Jr Rockv Mount T nd, Frances Ann Charlof ' e I.and, Harry Kenneth Leaksville Land. Samuel Buchanan ' r South Hill, Va. I.and. TTiomas Jefferson Jr...Fcrt Walton, Fh I.ane, Albert Monroe Ir Rowland Lane, Claude Murray Grandy Lane, Robert Earl Dover Laneston, Andrew IacDonald. . Newton Grove Lankford. TTiomas Barrett Elkin Lasley. Jansen B Lancaster. S. C. T avsTence. Gloria lean Asheville LawTence, Martin Edward Sanford Leatherman, Philip Arnold Vale tftf« SP HBPi TTc " " L iiJ A . .hl hil Jl alt. iiS M th£i dAd!t f ' f f f T|r ,l t7 C .4.- [293] kd ' M •1 •=« «. ' CLASS OF 1965 Lee, Cameron Waddell Jr Wake Forest Lee, Jerry David Coats Lee, Robert Edward Raleioh Lee, Robert Harrison Lilesville Lee. Stephen Worth Benson Leidy, Stephen George )r Goldsboro Leimone. Louis Andrew Burgaw Leinster, Joseph Armfield Jr Raleigh Lemons, Clarence Amos Oxford Leonard, David Kenneth Lexington Lester, Gerald Thomas Jr Kinston Levine, George Joel High Point Lewis, Clifton Roger Greensboro Lewis, Jim Stephens Fairmont Lewis, John Franklin Hamlet Lewis, Jon Reid Fairmont Lewis, Stephen Andrew Fairfax, S. C. Ligon, Peyton Fletcher III Ralei ih Lilly, John Paul Norwood Lincoln, Glen Olen Mexico, Mo. Lind, Edward Steven Sanford Lindley, John William Siler Citv Lindsay, Lennox Hubbard 111 . . Hendersonville Lindstrom, John Hall Princeton, N. J. Lineberger. Paul Neal Dallas Lineberger, Ronald Charles Dallas Lisk, Baxter Eugene Swansboro Lisk, James Reid Albemarle Lloyd, Charles Robert Sinford Lomax, Michael McCurry Asheboro London, Joe Forrest Jr Mt. UUa Long, Ronald Joe Gastonia Lovette, Blake Duane Millers Creek Lovette, Jerry Leon Burlington Lowder, James Terry Burlington Lowe, Elvin Patterson Liberty Loy, Reginald Freeman Burlington Loyd. Frank Roval Jr Favctteville Lozada. Pedro Beniamin Pbo-Libre Lunsfurd. Robert Wilkie Jr Winston-Salem Luther, Joe Edward Jr Asheboro Lutterlol. Eddie Nelson Siler City Lutz, Frederick King Southern Pines Lyon. David Edward Winston-Salem Lvon. Wiley Logan Jr North Side McAllister, Howard Weslev Jr Aurora, 111. McCachren, Yates Miller Jr Harrisburg McCall, Joe Dean Fayetteville McCann, Jimmy Dolan Elon College McCann, Roy Carl Elkin McCartha, Douglas Adair Lexington, S. C. McCaulev. Stephen Edward Old Fort McConnell, Ronald Wayne Mt. Holly McCurry, James Bruce Candler McDonald. Arthur Richard Jr China Grove McGee, Hal S Swan Quarter McGill, Ralph Norman Charlotte McGraw, James Robert Winston-Salem McGuire, Harry Michael Hillsboro McKeithan. Robert Kenneth Jr Bolivia McKcllar, Scott McMurray Rowland McKelvey, Kenneth Norwood Raleigh McKnight, Howard Franklin Jr. . . Williamston McKown. Paul Darrell Jr Bayside, Va. McLamb. Larry Mack Roseboro McLaughlin, John Richard Red Oak McLean, Geoffrey D Rocky Mount McMastcrs, James Weslev Stalev McMillan, Richard Evander Raeford McNeill, Jerry Roger Asheboro McNeill, Robert Glenn Spruce Pine McNeill, Walker Wilson Warsaw Mackie, William Ray Catawba MacKinnon, Martin Thomas Jr Wa,gram MacKintosh, David iMcNab III Charlotte Macomson, James B Shelby Madison, Claude Douglas Jr Statesville [294] FRESHMEN Madison. David Clav Greensboro Madre. Donald Gene 1 lertlord Mahler. William W ' .ide Grifton Mallard, lirnest I " ranklin Wilson .Maltbie. .Mian Armstrong RaleiKli Mancr. Donald Tisher New London Maness, Walter WinFord Fayettevillc Marley. Larry Ray Eagle Springs Marr. Wade Eugene Favette ilk- Marsh. Bradley Allen Raleigh Marshall, David Bacon Gladwyne. Pi - Marshall. Wavne Hugh Colfax Marshall. William Hrnest Jr Ralcish .Martin. .Andrew Ste]ihcn Raleigh Martin. lames Hoyle Franklinville Martin. Levon Kannapolis Mas. Henri Mexico D.F.. Mexico Masencuri. Henrv Michael Winston-Salem .Mason. Phillip Wayne Wake Forest Mason, Stanley Wixidrow Jr. Garden Citv, N. Y. Matheson , Gordon Graham Jr Sunburn-, Pa. Matheson. Joseph Robert Conover Matthews. Harry Leigh Stoneville Matthews, John Edward Sanford Matthews. Robert Mitchell .... Scranton, S. C. Mattocks. Averitte N ' ash Reidsville Mattocks. Thomas Parker Kinston May, Robert Wooten Farmville Mayfield, Frank Boyd Norlina Maxwell, George Henry ... Elizabethton, Tenn. Maxwell, Jerry M Ton Raleigh Meares, James Daniel Gloucester Medlin. Andrew Jackson Jr Thomasvillc Meece, Roy Erwin Jr Asheville Meeks, Leonard Dwa Tie Spray Mercer, Gene Beauregard Pink Hill Merrill. Ralph Benjamin Jr Winston-Salem Midgett, Johnny Baldwin Hillsboro Midyette, Donald Taylor Jr New Bern Miller, Bruce Charles Burlington Miller, Clovd Franldin Hickory Miller, David King Mobile, Ala. Miller, David Sanders Concord Miller, Henr - Ferree III Asheboro Miller, Rob ert Wordell ... .Great Neck, N. Y. Miller, Theodore Clifford III .. .Winston-Salem Miller, William Murden Charlotte Mills, Edward Ingram China Grove Milton, John TTiomas Lillington Mitchell, Angelo Michael Salisbury Mitchell, Fabius Avery Charlotte Mitchell, William Royal Wake Forest Mitchum. Patricia Gail Lenoir Mobley, Roland Keith Statesville Monk, James Yancey III Farmville Monroe, John Raymond Greensboro Montgomery, Henry Eugene Durham Morelock, George Leslie III Fort Bragg Morgan, Johnny Hilbreand Lexington Mooneyhan, Charles Green Jr.. . .Sumter, S. C. .Moore, Charles David Havesville Moore, Curtiss Alexander Raleigh Moore, DaWd Carroll Hudson Moore, David Flight Asheville Moore, David .Michael Memphis, Tenn. Moore, Ernest William Jr Wilmington Moore, Jerry Lynn Gastonia M x)re, Joseph Bruce Chapel Hill Moore, Keith Rogers Kannapolis Moore, Mitchell Cordova Moore, Robert John Haw River Moore, Robert Shaw Clayton Moore, William Robert Wilson Moose, Thomas Larry Gary Moretz, James Douglas Raleigh Morris, Ashley Wayne High Point Morris, Charles Edward Raleigh J i«3» k Jf k i dik f vWl [295] [296] CLASS OF 1965 Morris, Donald Shonk Jr Winston-Salem Morris, James Logan III Cherokee Morris, Nelson Jerry Kings Mountain Morris, Wade Douglas Wils m Morrison, White Hall III Nashville, Tenn. Morrow, Kenneth Edward Belmont Morrow, Roderick Prescott N. Wilkeshoro Morton, Craven Coolidge Albemarle Mottern, Michael McDowell Scott AFB, 111. Move, Moses Williams Farmville Mullinax, Barrv Steve Hendersonville Mullins, William Francis Short Hills, N. J. Murchison, William Jerome Raleigh iMurden, Louis Durren Shallotte Murray, Don Belk Monroe Murray, Finnic Ardrey Jr Burgaw Murray, Grover Geralt Candler Myers, James Dee II Durham Nance, James Franklin III Durham Needham, Robert Anthony Winston-Salem Neely, James Martin Raleigh Nesbitt, Breece Caldw ell Jr Elizabethtown Newell, James Robert Rockv Mount Newell, Tyra Lee III Elizabeth Citv Newsom, Major Charles III ... . Roanoke Rapids Newton, Henry Calvin Jr Wagram Nichols, Larrv O ' Neil Cramerton Nicholson, Brock McFall Raleigh Nicholson, John Lee East Bend Niederhof, Richard Camman. . .Bonneau, S. C. Niven, Edwin III Monroe Ni.xon, Edward Lee Hertford Nordan, John McLean Concord Norman, Harold Dean Charlotte Norris, Michael Reid Wilmington Norris, Ted Gorden Ayden Oakes, Arthur Phillip Winston-Salem Oakes, Carroll Everett Grifton Oakley, Charlie Lee Roxboro Oates, David Jethro III Rocky Mount Oates, Ronald Wayne Hendersonville Obregon, Robert Chihuahua Chih. Mexico O ' Brien, John Franklin Rockintiham O ' Connor, Michael Cooper High Point Ogburn. Harold Lee Smithfield Ogburn, Wade Lewis Roanoke Rapids O ' Keef. David Corbett Jr Charlotte Okey, Joseph Alan Jr Graham Oliver, Braxton Smith II New Bern Oliver, Ethel Marie Gary Oliver, Eugene Lee III Eau Gallic, Fla. Oner, Ali H Erzurum. Turkey O ' Quinn, Byron John Lillington Ormand, Ragan Henry Bessemer City Orr, Thomas Earl Candler Osborne, Joe Thomas Laurel Springs Owens, James Robert Rocky Mount Owens, Michael H Sylva Pace, Ronald Allen Pisgah Forest Paoletti, Richard Lee Moorestown, N. I. Parham, Russell Aver Raleigh Parham, William Clyde Latta, S. C. Parish, ' illiam Joseph M ' inston-Salem Parker, Anne Marie Raleigh Parker, Beryl Lee Murfreesboro Parker, Donald Carroll Bre ard Parker. Earl Franklin Jr Pittsboro Parker, Richard Haror Jr Pollocksville Parker, Robert Samuel Jr Bedford, Va. Parker, Samuel Franklin Clinton Parsons, Ralph Dale Lenoir Paschall, Richard Carlton Jr Jacksonville Pate, Herman Jarvis Goldsboro Patrick, Henry Wilson Mt. Holly Patterstn, James J Mocks ' ille Patterson, James Rozell Jr Mamers Patterson, Ronald Halford Broadway I .l FRESHMEN Patton. Louis Benjamin Moruanton Paul. lames l:r in Ir Now Hern Payne. Norman Taylor Ir Charlotte Payne. Thomas Sea.uer Ir Lexington Peacock. ' incent Gerard Wilson PeaciK.k. William .A. |. Ill Sanlord Pearce. Floyd May Durham Pearee. Frank Clements Jr W ' .ike Forest Pearson. lohn William Apex Pecht. Donna Mae Raleieh Peedin. lames Franklin Rockingham Peclc. Donald C.ene Stoke Peeler. Gilk-rt Wayne Charlotte Peer. Gerard Walter Grcenshuro Pemble. George Gifford W ' alden, N. Y. Penland. Robert Tideman Davidson Penninijer. Chester Bernard |r Charlotte Penny. Oliver C Raleioh Perkinson. Frank Dixon Jr V ' ise Perry, Bo d Dan Snow Caji Perry. Da id Ladd Burlinstcm Perry, Donald Davis 111 Hamlet Perrv, Llovd Thomas Ir Merrv Hill Perry, Ray Robert Ir Shclbv Perry, Sonny Maxwell Ir Zobulon Persingcr, lames Ronald Avden Peterson. David .Arnold Raleigh Petree, William Samuel High Point Phillips. Amos ' arren Jr New Bern Phillips. Bobbv Gene China Grove Phillips, Charles Donnie Benson Phillips, Douglas Ray West Jefferson Phillips. Frederick Gene Norfolk, Va. Phillips. Gradv Wade Beaufort Phillips, Michael Wilburn Elon College Phillips, Stanley Orval Zebulon Phillips. William Clifford Burlington Pike, Joe Bill Mt. Airy Finer. Augustine Thomas Jr. . . . Morehead Citv Pipkin. Robert Allen Raleigh Poisson, John Paul Wilmington Poncavage, Edward Scranton, Pa. Poole, Larry Clifton Durham Pope, H. E)ennis Havelock Porter. George Zell Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Porterfield. Calvin Durham Poteet, Wade Martin. . . .S. Charleston. W. Va. Potter. Lynwood Savon II New Bern Pounders, Joseph Curtis Jr Shelby Powell. William Eugene Greensboro Pratt, lames Michael Ayden Pratt. Michael Terry Merr - Hill Preslar. Donald Ray Landis Preslar. Robert Allen Norfolk. Va. Preussel, Willard George Jr.. . .Winston-Salem Prevatte, Donald Parrott Lumberton Price, Bill II Burlington Prince, Albert Earl Durham Pringle. lames Brinson Charlotte Pritchard. John Stanley West Point, Va. Pritchard, William Earl Ir Unpcwell, Va. Pritchard, William Frederick Roanoke, Va. Proveaux, Barbara lean Hamlet Pro ), lames Weslev Raleigh Puckett. Ralph Keith Mt. Olive Pugh. Charles Douglas Burlington Pugh, Fred Thomas Ir Hieh Point Pugh. Robert Lynnwood West lefferson Purser, Edward Dalton Charlotte Pyatte. Edward Milton Lenoir Rackley, Charles Ray Wilmington Rackley, Claude Lerov Clinton Ram«ey. lohn Randolph Spencer Ransome. Philip Owen Hampton. Va. Ratlif f . Blake Arnold Ir Wadesboro Rawl, Har ey Clayton Lexington, S. C. Ray, FredericJt Harding Glen Rock, N. J. ' " w .zr " ' ii ' P [297] w - ■ -S ' ' ' " " ' PfllPiSi Hjjj l fRHj H I : ' C k CLASS OF 1965 Redmon, Ivey Martin Jr Kernersville Reed, Russell Moreland Arlington, Va. Reese, Walter Lee Hickory Reid, Jack Douglas Norwood Reilly, Robert James Easton, Pa. Revels, Richard Wayne Charlotte Reynolds, William Alvin Rockingham Rhine, Donald Allan Baltimore, Md. Rhodes, Frederick Barvvick Kinston Rhodes, Glenn Garrison Jr Matthews Rhodes, Thomas Martin Leaksville Rhodes, VA ' illiam Gale Leaksville Rice, John Sidney Jr Fort Bragg Rich, Marion Edward Castalia Richards, Ira Bertram III Arlington, Va. Richardson, lames Michael Raleigh Richardson, Kenneth Earl Charlotte Richardson, Ralph James Monroe Richardson, Stewart Averett Elizabethtown Richardson, Walter Earl Raleigh Ridoutt, Charles Monroe Garner Riley. Larry Haden Hollins, Va. Ringwalt, Arthur Rumney Jr Chapel Hill Ritchie, Glenn Elmo Jr Richfield Ritterskamp, Jack Harding Jr Charlotte Rivenbark, Robert Kidd Wallace Robbins, Calvin Rocky Mount Robbins, Edward Hamby New Bern Roberson, Hoke Smith Jr Williamston Roberson, Hollis Ray Candler Roberts, Charles Larry Rutherfordton Roberts, Gregory Denny Aiken, S. C. Roberts, John Hughes Jr Chase Cit ' , Va. Roberts, Larry Jobe Greenville Roberts, Meh ' in Lee Creedmoor Robertson, Joseph Roderick Jr Raleigh Robertson, Meriman Gary Tarboro Robinson, Jacob Ellis Gastonia Rodgers, Warner Rickard Jr Kannapolis Rogers, Allison Swinson Charlotte Rogers, Charles Edward Gary Rogers, John Morris Williamston Rogers, Thomas Franklin II Charlotte Rollins, James Henderson Grover Romero, Calixto Antonio Santurce, P.R. Rose, Billy McCov Pantego Rose, Charles Millard Jr Raleigh Rose, Norman Harold Princeton Roseveare, Ronald Newman Greenville Ross, Irvin Whitley Williamston Rosson, Charles Stapleton Trevilians, Va. Routh, Thomas Stockard Greensboro Roy, John Curtis Jr Marietta, Ga. Royster, James Daniel Benson Rudasill, Elbert Gerood Shelby Rufty, Donald Ross Taylorsville Rust, Charles Gayle Charlotte Sale, A ' il!iam Crockett Ronda Sampson, Alfred Kenneth Jr Guilford Sams, James David Jr Enka Sanders, James Campbell Badin Sanford, James Clare Raleigh Sansbury, David Lee Elizabeth Cit ' Sarvis, Gilbert Grissette Jr Reidsville Satterfield, Jim R Roxboro Satterwhite, Carl Moore Jr Salisburj ' Saunders, Eugene Monroe Troy Saunders, Samuel Gilmore. . .Waynesboro, Va. Saunders, Tim Kinney Franklinville Sawyer, Jay Keitt Vanceboro Sawyer, Mack Virgil Winston-Salem Sawyer, Thomas V ' ayne ' illiamston Scarborough, V ' illiam G Asheville Schaub, Mary Hunter Apex Schiller, David Hargrave Goldsboro Schmidt, Kaaren Ann Decatur, Ala. Schuander, Eric Lee Orange, N. J. [298] FRESHMEN Schweers. Andrew Philip Winstnn-Sali ' iii Scofield, Mich.iol Smith Ashi-villf Scott, Claudf liilward III Winston Salem Scott, lames Richard Charlotte Scott. Joseph Franklin Kenly Searcy, Alfred Perry Mill Spring Sears, William Winston Morrisville Sechrest. Walter Steven Lexington Sechrist. Douglas Harriett Statesville Segui, loe Ciordon St. Augustine, Fla. Seism. Ihihert Ilaskel Kinys Mountain Senn, C harles l)a id Newberrv, S. C. Serrell, Morton .Mhert Charlotte Sessoms. Richard Andrew Apex Sessoms, Ronald Avery Lumberton Setzer. George John Jr Somerset, N. 1. Se.xton, Buddy Bright Denton Shankle. Rebecca lane Raleigh Shannon, Douglas Lient III .. .Richmond. Va. Shelton. lohnny Dale Albemarle Shelton. Robert Willard Madison Shepherd. Da id ' ayne Salisbur Sherman. Lemuel Gordon Raleigh Sherrard, Da id Gibson Ir... Falls Church, Va. Shillinglaw, lohn Preston Ir. . . Rock Hill, S. C. Shipman. lohn Thomas III Raleigh Shirley. George Richard Jr Greensboro Shives. Byron Larry Salisbury Shoaf. James TTierrell High Point Shue. lames Eugene Salisbury Shuford. Gordon Eric Jr Hickory Sigmon. Loy Eugene Jr Cleveland Sills. Ernest Karl Hickory Silver. Nellie Jane Kenly Simmons. Johnny Melvin Burlington Simon. James Richard Rosemont, W. Va. Simpson, Harold Gray Jr Beaufort Sims, Freddie Ray Andrews, S. C. Sims, John Baxter Kannaoolis Slater, Joseph E y Jr New Bern Slawter, Dimald Ray Greensboro Slcan, Francis Gibbons Chester, Va. Sloan. Larry Charlotte SlooD, Edgar ' ayne Mooresville Small. George Milton III Raleigh Smathers, Kenneth Fredrick Brevard Smith, Alan McGill Charlotte Smith, Daniel McLeod Greenville Smith, Edward Noel Jr Louisburg Smith, George Rufus Raleigh Smith, Gordon Clark V ' estfield, N. J. Smith. Herbert Stansill Rockingham Smith. Hovis lulian Wingate Smith. James David Benson Smith, James Ernest Shelby Smith, James Kennon Parham Raleigh Smith, lames Stanly Arlington, Va. Smith. Jan Bryan Marshville Smith, lohn lordan Bethel Smith, Joseph ' aden Mt. Airy Smith, Kenneth Darrell Trenton Smith. Lynwfxxl Earl LaGrange Smith, Lynda Louise Mt. Holly Smith, Richard Marshall Arlington, Va. Smith, Robert Wright Ayden Smith, William Hill Spartanburg, S. C. Smith. Woodie Clinton Raleigh Smith. Zan Prevost Chapel Hill Smitherman. William Ray East Bend Smoak, Charles Roland Orangeburg, S. C. Snyder, Paul Junior Chapel Hill Snakenberg, Robert Lucian Ir Canton Snell, Richard Fargo Lumberton Snipes, James Vance Haw River Somers. Henry Walter Jr Burlington Sorrell, Clyde Ralph Durham Sorrell, Donnell Vilson Jr Morrisville [299] ipii Md(k£ ? r if; z — ' iT 2rjii4 iktf k CLASS OF 1965 Siirrell, Willie Thomas III Benson Spainhour, John Michael Lenuir Speagle, Kenneth Rhodes Shelbx- Spear, James Carey Hertford Speckman, Peter Joseph Jr Charlotte Spell, Theadie Carlton Jr Roseboro Spencer, Dennis Odell Hickory Spencer, Joseph Milton Charlotte Spoon, Joe Frank Liberty Sprinkle, Gerald Lee Hiddenite Spry, Darrejl Leon China Grove Stack, Victor Gene Julian Stagncr, Tommy Gene Beaumont. Texas Stainback, Ronald Ervin Middleburg Stalls, Oswald Douglas Jr Williamston Stamper, Gil Weaver Charlotte Stampley. Robert Knighton. ... Portsmouth, Va. Stancil, James Victor Jr Lillington Steagall, Darrell Conrad Leaksville Steed, Jennings Dwight Jr Denton Steele, James Gaston Jr Belmont Steele, Ronald Wayne Burlington Stephens, Nelson Clark Connellv Springs Stephens, Phihp Craig Rocky Mount Steppe, James Alan Valdese Stewart, Jackson Gray Jr Winston-Salem Stewart, Larry Wayne Elkin Stinner, Ronald Edwin Bellmore, N. Y. Stocks, William Matlock HiKjkerton Stolt, Robert Dean Cadillac, Mich. Stone, David Ray Stony Point Stone, Tommy Lynn Rowland Stoner, Robert Glenn Jr Richfield Storaska, John Frederic Bloomsburg, Pa. Storey, James Romulus Durham Stott, Douglas Leroy Greenville Stough, Stanley Douglas Woodleaf Stowe, David Henry Belmont Stowe, Gerry Francis Kannapolis Strohmeyer, Freddy Martin Asheboro Stroud, Eric Stephen Ellenboro Stroud, Jerry Ma.x Pink Hill Stroup, Thomas Frank Brevard Strum, Jack Conner Rocky Mount Stuart, David Heath Winston-Salem Stuart, David Lawrence Matewan, W. Va. Stump, Chad McClanahan. ... Lynchburg, Va. Stutts, Floyd Thomas Jr Greensboro Stutts, Johnny Elliott Mooresville Styers, Clarence Neil Gastonia Suggs, Ralph Lawrence Gastonia Sullivan, Albert Gray Hickory Sumner, Charles Thomas Charlotte Summerlin, Fred William Jr Monroe Summitt, Jimmy Ben Cherryville Surratt, Robert Earl Greensboro Swaim, James Gray Elkin Swain, James Aaron Southport Swain, James Warren Columbia Swain, Robert Lee Bibb Columbia Swanson, Robert Winfield Hickory Swett, Frank Marion Jr Wake Forest Swing, Foil David Le.vington Tatum. Alfred Norwood III Pittsboro Taylor, Charles Jerr - Mt. Airy Taylor, Howard Kelly Jr Como Taylor, John Leroy Conwav Taylor, Julian Raleigh Raleigh Taylor, Paul Earle Cayce, S. C. Taylor, Warren Ernest Jr Portsmouth, Va. Team, James Lawrence Greensboro Teer, Phillip Edward High Point Tepper, William DeSombre . . . Flagtown, N. J. Terrell, Stanley Paul Lula, Ga. Tesh, James Randall Welcome Theys, John Cornelius Jr Raleigh Thomas, Charles Hubert Jr Lenoir I FRESHMEN 1 lumias, tdward Ru si.ll Fjrm illc rhomas, I Icnry Duuglass Charlotte Thoiiiat-, laiiR ' s L W ' instim Salem rhomas, Kiihard Murry Jr Winston Salem rhom| son, lorry W ' ayni " Clraham Ihompsoii, Lalaycttc Ir Liicam.i 1 hompsiin, Leonard Hockett Wilmington Thompson, William Keith Raleigh Thomson. Marvin William Winston-Salem Ihorneloe. Keith Cartledge Forest C ' itv lice, William Eddie Durham Tilley. Jack I larold Marion rimberlake, CSuy Jackson Ir Timberlake I ' odd, Shelby Lee Ahoskie lothill, Allen Kyle Winston-Salem Frantham. lames Hamilton Lexington Fripp. Robert Edward III Raleigh Troutman, Fredrick Marion )r Shelby Troutman. Gordon Sinclair jr Statesville Tucker, Russell Hall Mt. Airy Fulluck, William Ernest jr.. .Orangeburg, S. C Turner, Charles Cline Jr Newton Turner, Jerry Franklin Rose Hill Turner, |ohn David Albany, Calil. Turner, Joseph Edward Asheborci Fwiggs, illiam Jerry Greensboro Fyndall, Terry Davis Lumberton Fysinger, Gary L Sanford Underbill, Ralph Wayne Raleigh LInderwood, Daniel Alarion Burlington Utermohle, Charles Edward ill. .Baltimore, Aid. ' an Anda. James Byron High Point an Boskerck, James Abram Finebluli Vance, John Francis Jr Kernersville Vance, Russell Grady Burlington ' an Derveer. Richard Alan North Branch, N. ]. ' anDyke, Douglas Jacob. ... Ridgewood, N. j. Vanecek, Michael Thomas Raleigh ' ann, Eric ayne Charlotte Vaughn, Robert Herman Jr Reidsville Vernon, Clay Hester III Milton ' estal, Thomas Johnson Vadkinville Vinson, Allen Walter Svvansboro Wadsworth, John Chauncey Teache V ' alker, Anthony Leroy Candler Walker, Ernest Daniel Jr Hickory V ' allace, John Davis Franklinvilk Wallace, Ralph Thomas Cameron Walston, Joe Reginald Pinetops Ward, David Francis VA ' ilmington Ward, Perry Lee Canton Ward. Richard Johnson Rose Hill Ward, Robert Keith High Pcjini are, James Hunter Mt. HolK Ware, . Ielvin Luther Kings Mountain U aring, Roger Hatcher Greensboro Warner, Brady Holton Jr Lexington Warner, Gary Britain Thomasville Warner, Grant Herbert ' ilmington, Del. Warren, Charles Glenn Robersonville Warren, George Emerson Newton Grove Warren, Joe Britt Jr Newton Grove Warren, Larry Dean Newton Grove Warren, Ralph Mayo Chapel Hill Warren, William Clayton Robersonville Warren, William Stanley Chocowinity V ' atford, Gary Carl Thomasville Watlington, Alvin Clay Reidsville Watson, Fred Roger Lenoir Watson, John Eugene Tryon Watson, VV ' illard Raymond Pembroke Watson, William Ivey Ir Raleigh Way, Warren Wade Jr Charlotte V ' ayt, Merritt Winslow Jr Greensboro Weatherspoon, Bruce Carlyle. . .Southern Pines Weaver, Dudley Saunders. ... Memphis Tenn. Weaver, Glenn Odell Fuquay p p LT P (TTf h [301] " pi J- t r? " I= = ' ' f=» " ' [302] CLASS OF 1965 Webb, Ernest Eugene Jr Charlotte Weeks, Gary Lee Columbus Weir, Lawrence Samuel Jr. ..Great Falls, S. C. Weisiger, David Alan Fanwood, N. ]. V ' ells, James Lee Rocky Mount ' est, Edward Howell Townsville Wetmore, Paul Harrington Jr Raleigh Wetzell, William Louis III Gastonia Whaley, Ronald Larry Garner Wheeler, Donald Wayne Benson V ' hisenhunt, James Daniel Waynesville V ' hitaker, Ray Turner Garner V ' hite, Bobby Taylor Pittsboro White, George Ormand II Lillington White, Kenneth Glenn South Mills V ' hite, Larry Ronald Randleman White, Murrav Reed Charlotte White, Phillip Allen Yadkinville Whitley, Talmadge Alvin Middlesex Whitten, Stephen Land Thomasville Whorley, Stanley Griffin Raleigh Wiatt, Fayette Conquest Gloucester, Va. U ' idenhouse, William Carroll Morganton Wiles, Lanny Fletcher N. Wilkesboro Wilkerson, Carey Lee Salisbury Wilkerson, Joseph McCullam Roxboro Wilkes, John Wesley III Raleigh Wilkins, Charles Andrew Greensboro Wilkinson, Ricky Jeyrl Claremont V ' illard, Hugh Carlyle Washington V ' illard, Peary Allen Greensboro V ' illiams, Barn. ' V ' aye Lexington Williams, Bennett Wayne Ahoskie Williams, Donald Lee Beaufort Williams, Glenn Neil Randleman Williams, Jack Ronald Fallston V ' illiams, Jerry Dean Oakboro Williams, Joel Lee Lexington Williams, John Ralph Tryon Williams, Marvin Douglas Kannapolis Williams, Roy Colon Jr Eagle Springs Williams, William Alton Norlina Williamson, Preston McCalipin . .Winston-Salem Willis, Bert Capehart Edenton Willis, Fred Swindell Morehead City Willis, Robert Lee jr Lawndale Wilson, Bobby Roscoe Apex Wilson, Charles Leonard lacksonville Wilson, Charles Thomas Jr Durham Wilson, David Whitfield McCoU, S. C. Wilson, George Paul Whiteville Wilson, Henry Fletcher Jr Siler City Wilson, Jack Wilco.x Jr Gastonia Wilson, James Martin Keyport, N. J. Wilson, V ' alter Roger Gala.x, Va. Wiltshire, Robert Arlington II Chevy Chase, Md. Windham, Elton David Charlotte Winslow, Jimmie Lon Elizabeth City Winton, Charles Newton Raleigh V ' irtz, George Woodrow Carthage Wise, Michael S Greensboro Wisekal, Charles Anthony Baldwin, N. Y. Witter, David Emmett Bradford, Pa. Wofford, John Charles. . . .Johnson City, Tenn. Wolff, Maury Fredericksburg, Va. Wolfrey, Stuart Douglas .... Silver Spring, Md. Wood. Donald Ellis Elizabeth City Wrxid, John Dallie Clayton Wood, William Ray Sanford Woodard, Walter Javes Jr Clayton WcKxlcock, Melvin Earl Richmond, Va. Wooten, Arthur Leroy Jr Wilson Wooten, Glenwood Woody Fountain Worsley. Larry Hines Oak City Wray, David Linton Shelby Wright, Frank Hadley Jr Ramseur V ' right, Peter Lee New York, N. Y. FRESHMEN W ychc. Hcnrv Bl.inch.ird I l.ill biiru Wynne, lolinny Calvin W illi.Mustun Vaker. Israel Arequip.i IVrii YarborouKli, lames Luuell S1k1I Yarbrouyh, Clarence Lee |r Ranilleinan ' t arbrouyli. Fred Addison Lexington Varbrimyli. lobn Warner W ' insi.m Salem Yates, Rayniiiiid Wesley Ir L li,kll) iiin YauKtr, liarry ImiIxti Baltimore. Md. Yea er, lohn William 1 ' 1 Iickor Younj;, Daniel leRoy Louisville, Kans. Youns. Douglas l.eii;h New Bern Youns, Robert Wriybt Durham Younj;. Samuel Renuiiel Roanoke Rapiils Youn.ii, Thomas I loward Norlina Younsman, Robert Sterling Bronx, N. Y. i aras, Artie Roekinsham Ziglar. Paul Raleigh Zimmerman, James Lee Ir Le in,i;t(m f ' C ' r P UT trr - M Freshman Elections " ... I wonder if I ' ll ever know who these ,yn} ' s arc Could this he State College? [303] MoiiRis Benfield Phillips President Edward D. Aycoth Vice President CLASS OF 1964 Jill Elaine Robinson Secretary Roger Burse Evans Treastirer [304] 3 AND 3 SOPHOMOR1-: LEADl r.SlllP SOCIHIY OFFICERS William A. Lucas President Joe Eagles Vice-President Richard Gulp Secretary-Treasurer WooDROw M. Taylor Corresponding Secretary The Order of Thirty and Three is a local honorary organization which recognizes outstanding members of the Sophomore Class. Members are picked during the spring semester of the Sophomore year and remain active for the duration of one year. Selection for membership in Thirty and Three is the highest honor a sophomore can attain. Qualifications include: good character, a high sense of honor, ability for leadership, satisfactory scholastic standing, welfare of school at heart, and other qualities deemed necessary to accomplish the greatest good, as determined b - the acti -e membership. Clarence P. Cornelius James L. Cox, Jr. Richard E. Culp Joseph E. Eagles, Jr. MEMBERS John VV. Earnhardt, Jr. E. Carlyle Franklin William A. Lucas Frank S. Smith WooDROvv M. Taylor William R. Watson Kermit L. Young, Jr. [305] CLASS OF 1964 " kJiMdth Abernethy, William Ramsay Hickory Adams, James Hubbard Jr Rowland Agee, William Mickey Hickory Allen, Danny Ray Mebane Allen, Donald Houston Kannapolis Allran, Robert Randolph Cherryville Allred, Fred Mark Jr Burlington Almond, Larry Joe Albemarle Andres, Robert Raymond Jr. .. .Winston-Salem Angell, David Edward Winston-Salem Anglin, Richard Edward Jr Hope Mills Archer, Benjamin David Charlotte Arey, Jeffrey Marvin Statesville Armistead, Eugene Walker Jr Asheville Armstrong, Bernard Franklin Charlotte Arthur, Karl Anderson Salisbury Artinano, Benito San Jose, Costa Rica Ashburn, Conrad Clinton Jr. .. .Winston-Salem Ashby, Carlton Stephen Havelock Ashe, Richard Barry Raleigh Ashley, Herbert Stewart Norfolk, Va. Askew, Laurin Barker Jr Wilmington Athearn, Donald Chesley .. Newport News, Va. Augspurger, David E Hamilton, Ohio Auman, William Thomas Asheboro Austin, Cloyd Michael High Point Austin, James Lee Mineral Springs Austin, Kermit Elmo Jr Clinton Auten, Jerry Preston Charlotte Avent, Raymond Richard Jr. Newport News, Va. Aycock, Nelson Gordon Goldsboro Aycock, Wayne Morris High Point Ayers, Grant Robert Jr Boone Baars, Frederick Joseph Warsaw Bailey, Samuel Todd Wendell Baker, Everett Alan Wadesboro Baker, Francis Raeford Louisburg Baker, John Birce Rocky Mount Baker, Larry Franklin Reidsville Baker, Vernon Bradford Rocky Mount Balcazar, H. Serafin Jr Peubla Pue. Mexico Baldwin, Wayne Johnston Wilmington Ball, Carl Marion Jr Morehead City Ball, Kirby Lee Thomasville Banfelder, Gary John. .New Hyde Park, N. Y. Barnes, Henry Edward Jr Bassett, Va. Barnes, John Stephen Glen Allen, Va. Bartelt, Richard Thomas. .. .Charlottesville, Va. Bartlctt, Paul Thomas Boone Batts, William Edwin III Wilson Baucom, Clifton Pittard Raleigh Bauer, John Herman Asheville Bauerleir, John Sutter Talladega, Ala. Beach, Neil Douglas Lenoir Beard, Daniel Clay Jr Pittsboro Beaver. Leonard Ray Kannapolis Beck, Douglas Franklin Lexington Beck, John George Sellersville, Pa. Beck, Warren Lane Spencer Becton, Nancy Amelia Asheville SOPHOMORES RcU. Cocil nol.iiid Jr Pilut Mountain r cnficid. Max Earl 1 lickory Bentley. Harry Thomas III Charlotte Benton, David Ross Warsaw Benton, Thomas Edwin Jr Laurinburs Berkolhammer, Alan David Greensboro Bess, William Crowdor Jr Cherryvillc Bivens, Ned Ryan Kannapolis Blair, Joseph Grant Jamestown Blakeley, Douglas Burnette Winston-Salem Boedicker, James Joseph I ligh Point Boehme, John ' . A Charlotte Bogle, Clyde Ra - Salisbury Bogyo, Ilona Maria Judith Raleigh Boisky, Robert Luther Fort Bragg Boone, Charles Lindsey Rocky Mount Boone, Jack Norman Asheville Booth. John Robert Richmond, Va. Bost, Michael Brown Sanford Bostrom, King Oscar Raleigh Bourne, Robert Branch Raleigh Bovender, Richard Roy Winston-Salem Bowers, Fred Watson Jr Littleton Bowman. Ralph Furman Hickory ' Boyd, George Venable III Henderson Brackett, Douglas Arthur Charlotte Braddock, James ' ayne Morganton Bradley, Roderick ' ilson Marion Brady, Donald Earl Selma Brantley, John Calvin III Raleigh Braswell, Paul Albert Jr Winston-Salem Braswell, Roger ' ance Marshville Breeden, Willie Roy Elizabeth City Brendle, David Jeffrey Drexel Brewer, Gene Ragland Newland Brickhouse, George Dallas Jr Elizabeth City Bridges, John William III. . . .Ninety Six, S. C. Bright, Henry Grady Mebane Britson, Robert Duea Siler City Brittingham, James Calvin Hamlet Brock. Stewart Common V ' adsworth, Ohio Bromby, ' illiam Robert III. . Roselle Park, N. J. Brooks, Guy Moody Kannapolis Brooks, John Dale Sparta Broughton, Royall Melvin Wake Forest Brown, Franklin Douglas Fayetteville Brown, James Orva Asheboro Brown, Larry Whitmar Jamesville Brown, Robert Halvcrson Swannanoa Bro«-n, Robert Lauder V ' hiteville Brummitt, Robert Garland Henderson Bryant, Jakie Medford Raleigh Bryant, John Everett Frankhn, Va. Buchanan, John Ralph Boone Buckingham, Phillip Lowr y Charlotte Buckley, Francis James Jr Hendersonville Buckner, illiam Lee Siler City Bullock, Charles William Fairmont Bumgardner, Larry Tyson Stanley Bumgamer, Thomas Stanley Taylors ille [307] CLASS OF 1964 r .r O Cd ' -3 t ;- T ' fn P Cw •Is ,5.f ftp -= Burgess, Thomas Rudolph Ramseur Burks, Tommy Richard Covington, Va. Burns, Harry Addison Jr Raleigh Burns, William Tellis Drexel Burroughs, William Ha ' wood Princess Anne, Va. Burvvell, Danny Edward Winston-Salem Butler, Thomas Alva Macon, Ga. Byrd, Johnny Reece Angier Byrd, Larry Eugene Burlington Byrd, Richard Edward ]r Bunnlevel Byrum. John Alex Jr Wadesboro Caines, Billy Joe Wilmington Caison, Maurice Thompson Supply Caldwell, Ernest LaRue Jr Baltimore, Md. Caldwell, Jerry Dean Clyde Caldwell, William McKamie Cha rlotte Cale, David Ben Burlington Calloway, James Lyle Highlands Calloway, Warren Lester Jr Hamlet Camphell, Stephen Eldridge Gastonia Canady, Maurice Franklin Raleigh Canter, Richard Kenneth N. Wilkesboro Cantey, Roderick Hill Kingston, Tenn. Capps, Thomas Egerton Rocky Mount Carawan, Charles Windley Pantego Card, Jones Cromwell Raleigh Carey, John Francis Charlotte Carnes, Robert Mann Laurinburg Carr, John Wainwright Asheville Carroll, William B Charlotte Carson, John Pressly Statesville Carter, Stanford Lee Greensboro Carter, William Abner Jr Asheboro Cartlidge, John David Jr Charlotte Carver, Luther Warren Hudson Cassanova, Robert Anthony Charlotte Gates, James Walter Hurdle Mills Cathey, Raymond Howard Charlotte Cato, Joseph Charles Charlotte Cauley, William Bryant Kinston Caveness, Joseph Whitehurst Mt. Olive Chandler, Lawrence Rufty Jr.. . .Winston-Salem Chandler, Ronald Vestel Mt. Gilead Chang, Albert Ho-Yin Raleigh Chapman, George Wilkes Jr Charlotte Cherry, Joseph Eugene Rocky Mount Chicarelli, " Cheater " A Summit, N. J. ChicarelH, " Duke " B Summit, N. J. Chicarelli. Shouels P Summit, N. J. Chimos, Peter John Raleigh Christenbury, Gerald Oavis Harrisburg Church, David Bruce Lenoir Church, Thomas Clayton Jr Gastonia Clark, Robert Hugh Jr Waynesville Clayton, Victor Edward Jr Roxboro Cleary, Clarence Vernon Kannapolis Clinard, Kay Nelson High Point Clodfelter, Darrell Joe Lexington Cloer, Ronnie Michael Gastonia Coats, Douglas Ernest Hiddenite [308] SOPHOMORES Cobb, Altnn Pares Jr Battlcboro Coble. Ch.irlcs Roscoc Jr Burlinston Coble. Wesley Coble Smithlield Cochran. James David Canton Cocke, William Thomas Charlotte Coffey. Barrv Weldon Lenoir CoKsins. Riibert Glover Thomasville Cole. Donald Wayne Grecnsbom Collins. Glenn Brantley Elizabeth City Collins. James Frank Newport CoIlinRwood, George Howard Durham Colvin. Eugene Reidsville Compton. Dani el Wa ne Durham Compton, Larry Thomas Hillsborii Cook, Christopher Dixrn. . . . Manhasset, N. Y. Coon. Donald Wayne Cherry Point Copeland. Randal Lee Burlington Corder. Thomas Gilmer Elkin Cornelius. Ronald Joe Asheville Cotton. Lawrence McXeill Roanoke, Va. Covington, Jimmy Ray Gastonia Cowles, Reuben Reynolds Jr States ille Cox. Jerry Dixon Jr Belhaven Cox, Walter Thompson Jr Raleigh Coxe. Fred Jackson III Raleigh Craddock, Dabney Scott III Hamlet Craig, Lou Lyon Jr Windsor Crater, Glenn Douglas Harmony Craven. Resal Alfred Jr Seagrove Creech. Joseph Odell Garner Creech, Leonard Ralph Jr Oxford Crenshaw. Franic Olvin Charlotte Cress, Tracy Samuel Concord Cron, Frederick Holmes. . . .Washington. D. C. Cross, Kenneth Elmer Ruff in Crow, William Roland Goldsboro Crummie, Glen Mikel Clinton Craven. Ronnie Carroll Concord Dabbs. Ronald Lee Wadesboro Dagenhart, Allen Vaughn Raleigh Dagenhart. Garland Myers Taylorsville Daggerhart, James Alvin Shelby Dalrymple. James Robert III Laurinburg Dandliker. Donald Xeal Greensboro Daniel. Edward Curtis Spring Hope Daniels. Harold Wayne Salisbury Daniels. Lester Jackson Jr ' inston-Salem Daughtridge. Ben Everett Scotland Neck Davis. Bobby Gene Wilmington Davis. Emmett J. Jr Rutherfordton Davis. Harry Gentry Jr Goldsboro Davis, Hobart George West Jefferson Davis, Hubert Hartman Jr Jamestown Davis, James ' all Winston-Salem Davis. Paul Lawson Jr Waynesville Davis, Peter Rutledge Wilmington Davis, Robert Foster Liberty Davis, Roy McRee Asheville Dawes, William Everette Elm City Deal, Jimmy Vance Aurora hr ' T •• L« f J ' f p IP ( . . p f-. e K, kJik ft P P [309] CLASS OF 1964 r JrMdTi ft MJtMd P p P [310] Dean, Dennis Roy Harrison, N. Y. DeBruyne, Anton Locker Jr Durham Dellinger, Theodore Ceph Huntcrsville Dennis, WilHam Floyd Durham DePriest, VA ' iUiam Michael Winston-Salem Derby, Dan Russell Greensboro Deverell, Persse Keck III Richmond, Va. Devine, Joseph David Jr Raleigh Dillard, David George Gary Dillingham, Clarence David Asheville Dills, James Theo Gary Dixon, Bryan Stallings Durham Dixon, Joe Tampa, Fla. Donald, Joe Kennan Harriman, Tenn. Donovan, William Carpenter .. .Winston-Salem Dorsett, Thomas Howard Jr Yadkinville Dotson, Gerald Leroy .... Colonial Heights, Va. Drinkard, Shatter Edward Raleigh Duncan, George Comer Jr Ro.xboro Duncan, Joe Billy Connelly Springs Dunn, Ralph Anthony Winston-Salem Dupree, James Rogers Raleigh Durrett, Van Dawson Jr Tampa, Fla. Dutton, Earl Langston Whiteviile Dwore, Donald Jay Schenectady, N. Y. Ec kstein, Gerald Leonard Fayetteville Edgar, Edward Penrose Greenville, S. C. Edwards, John Marshall Charlotte Edwards, Jonas Da ' id Pinetops Edwards, Levie Marshall Jr Spring Hope Edwards, Marion Lee Falls Church, Va. Edwards, Walton Dale Wilmington Elam, Johnny Baskerville Cherryville Elks, Dennis Hall Roanoke Rapids Ellington, Stewart Macon Henderson Ellinwood, George H Greensboro Elliott, Shirley Green Jr Oxford Ellis, John Loman Montgomery, Ala. Ellis, Sharon Wentworth Advance Elrod, Ella Grace Raleigh Erickson, John Eugene Asheville Erikson, Thomas Fredrick Hickory Etchells, James Louis Raleigh Evans, Dorsey Eaton III Henderson Evans, Robert Charles Jr Hazelwood Evans, Roger Burse Greensboro Fakler, Anne Louise Raleigh Fanis, Gale Lamont Jr Glade Spring, Va. Farmer, Fred Smith Newland Faulk, Richard Harvey Sanford Feiner, Leonard Charles Greensboro Felton, Henry Norfleet III Greenville Ferguson, James Sanders Jr Sanford Ferguson, Leland Gr eer Winston-Salem Fields, Thomas Edward Wallace Fink, Coy Dean Faith Fishel, Philip Cornelius Jr Winston-Salem Fisher, James Henry Jr Charlotte Fitzgerald, Bcrnice Hubert Jr Charlotte Floyd, Daniel Bern Lumberton SOPHOMORES Fosle, Jcrrv Wo.xlrow Dillas fc ' " " " TZTT " Fountiiin, Ii ' lTorson Lodrick III Ixakiuli ] Fouslu-o, John Calvin Sanforii T f •» « ' |Hl|j|k»» ! Fo.wvorth. Riilx-rt Lawrence Summit. N. J. i- - A -? ' lHlHi _ Frazer, The xlore Brownson Mt. Holly - dVj fc jL W C_ Elbert Kll T Vt 1 . £ K -Jr Freeze. Charlie I liral Troutman " X ' ' ' " " Sj " . • ' ' 0B J|| || Frekko, Eusene Anthony Sanford A | | j A 11 ll ■ French. Georsjc Rcade Wilminston W Z. f -f - Vl " " 1 = - A ' W Frick. Harrv Chester Statesville 1 jw L • . _- 1 . f Fuller. Cari Clifford ]r Raleigh ' C JW W. W " ' -J InL L K% k B » V tjH I Fulp. James Francis Jr Stoneville B H I HHjPB I - ' J SJ ' ' X Futrell. Robert Glenn Jr Murfreesboro P llPB r PI { S f ] i f ] Futrell, Thomas Merrill Raleigh F f ' fe- W l 1 , .!,.- ,f 1 ; - Gaddis. Thomas Michael Asheboro V " ' ' JL " ' ' V- A. • " £ Gaither. Marvin Fredric Jr Statesville W W rf WW J f ' %wi- ' ' W ' " ' ' J 1 f I flnJH t LTT A t 1 Garriss. John Paul Jr Conway ,, Jllt 0lft M | , Jf i JpfilV ' 1 % " i , S Gates James Bruce Jr Rice. Va. ' £ T .-.ISII t ) § y C I f .1 Gay, Billy MacArthur Southern Pines W VW .V ' ' " fe ftT " " l " ' ' W. V ' n Gay. Ivan Buxton Jr Raleigh ' f V " ' ' V i jL - V " IL " ' Geisinger, Maurice Ira Brooklyn, N. Y. Jh fc . V» W | W k. Jmi 1 Hr l I H H fe f k H f H Gibbs. Frank Monroe Old Fort IF " B " fel ' " Jll 9 JtBtk ' MKf Gilbert. John Jay Jr Ahoskie fc»_ - 1 I f f ? Gill. Hal Alan Laurinburg NtV T ? " .] ' ■»■ ' - ' j ' ' Gilman. John Douglas Glen Allen, Va. i - , 4 - - ; :- " Glosson. Buster Cleveland Greensboro f J T !W k " ] " W . , W ' ' ' k B fe k 1 PX I H f l H ' 1 Gooch. James Clifford Jr New Bern Mf ||||| -u , " BSBBiP JfJP " " Gooden, Dewitt Talmadge Elizabethtovvn lERsv l9 L ( ■_ ViiJiW Plg ' T J Goodman, Dennis Murray Salisbury |PW _ f ' ■ ' T ' ' " " ' IJ|: " ' n " Goodman. Robert Goodman Norwood " ' ' - ' »..l X ' ' ' Goodnight, ' illiam Harold Jr China Grove JW ' ' W %|F jIKt W . S t ' . Gordon. Charles Paisley Greensboro gj f " V| tf k ? fe hTv T Bl l Gorsky, Frederick Jacob Burgaw jPH|k 1 J ' ' vH " ■» " % jUr jli Gosney, William Milton Spencer tZj C I if- L_ 1 L-aJi { " I Grady, John David III Goldsboro €- T- ' ' A ' jk % ' Grady. Zeb De ' itt Dudley W " - -: W ' " I " ' - A Graham, John Fletcher Raleigh . f .J t W - j L " h mf M fe jt m t k Ok B kl l Grant, William Perry Winston-Salem |P J ' " " ' Jp|||| Z " ' ' " B Graves, George Calvin IV Hickory ' 1 1_ , W T ' i jL 1 1 ■ =» ? Gray, Robert Frederick Asheville ff p 5 - ' 1 ' ' - " f ' ' " , ' " l - Gray, Ronnie Lupton Elizabeth City Vt V ' Jk — yk ' ' Ik " " V 1 Gray, Wallace Thomas Jr Ahoskie JL- W B fc ■ fc V % W Greene. Joseph Carl Jr Granite Ba I I I f ' l f k If I H f " 1 Greeson, Claude Dugan Burlington tI " Bfcs. , - ' m k mr Gregson, James Henr ' Libertv JE . J K l i JB -eJ - ' — f Griffin, Charles Bennett Woodville r y; - V-««- - - VS. Griffin. Roscoe David Durham . 0 V V " " " i S ' EIX Griffin, Stephen Brvant Aiken, S. C. W JW ' N . fc William Thomas iW B B tfF | T H 1 ■f ' iH Grimes. John Michael Smithfield -- P SmB •• ' 3B Grove. Robert Barry. Rock Hill. S. C. i ' f , 1 .1 71 £_ |1 Grover. John Maitland Southern Pmes H " , V » 1 ' Gunter. Thomas James Lumbertoii T .. ▼ " ' v V - W " - v Gurley, Mike Kendall Greensboro V ' ! , J T jj W BX . % r Kfl B ttY I B f W m mtLwrn f B flk I B CLASS OF 1964 i imdiMrh ! c% ■w» ■T ' ' Hackett, Thomas Joseph Asheboro Hall, Bert Mattocks Richlands Hall, George Howard III Henderson Hall, Jesse Willard Jr Stedman Hallett, Thomas Edward III . . Nassawaclox, Va. Hammersla, George Donald Jr Hickory Hammond, Clifford Marvin Rowland Hamrick, James Lewis III Richmond, Va. Hamrick, Victor Benjamin Stanley Hanford, Ransom Billy Henderson Hardie, Robert Lamar Clarendon Hardison, Leon Thomas Plymouth Hardison, Ted Julius Edenton Harper, Joseph John Jr Tarboro Harrell, Sam Pierce Jr Wadesboro Harris, Benjamin Albert Kingsport, Tenn. Harris, Bobby Gene Albemarle Harris, George Edwin Forest City Harris, Jack Ronald Mocksville Harris, William Howard Windsor Hamilton, James Gordon Charlotte Haskell, George Rhame Laurel Hill Hawkins, Clarence Pemberton Pine Level Hayes, Oliver Thomas III Winston-Salem Haywood, Dewey McManus Waxhaw Heath, Joel Christopher New Bern Hedspeth, Samuel Dillon III Conway Helms, Ronald Eugene Monroe Henderson, Lawrence Ray Hendersonville Henderson, Stephen Paul. . .Charlottesville, Va. Hennis, Charles Harvey Mt. Airy Henricksen, Gerhard Chester Durham Henriksen, Harold Eugene Jr Wilmington Hepler, Wilson Hill Thomasville Herrington, Sidney Walter Williamston Higdon, Earl Dills Jr Hendersonrille Hilburn, William Joseph Havelock Hill, Glenn Rockwell White Sulphur Springs, N. Y. Hill, Owen Robert Kannapolis Hill, Stephen Hugh Albemarle Hine, Colon Eli Jr Winston-Salem Hobgood, Henry Mack Stem Hodges, Preston Elwood Jr. Virginia Beach, Va. Htxlges, Ronald Wade Winston-Salem Holcomb, Daniel Charles Elkin Holland, Richard Turner Jr Turkey Holt, Billy Thomas Burlington Honeycutt, Fred Lindley Jr Lexington Hooper, John William III Reidsville Hooper, William Frederick Beaufort Hopkins, Milton Dargan Charlotte Houtz, Howard Kennedy Jr Elizabeth City Howard, Edward Samuel Jr Deep Run Howell, John Howard Jr New Bern Hoyle, Johnny Carl Lawndale Huffman, Jerry Dal Maiden Huggins, Kenneth Lenon Clinton, S. C. Hughes, David Sinclair Asheville Hughey, Stanley Hutchison Elizabeth City Humphries, Thomas Philip. .. Kings Mountain I ' [312] SOPHOMORES Huneyciitt, Jcx-l Andrew Locust Hunovcutt. Mitchcl W.iyne Oakboro Huneycutt. ' ance Efird Allxnurlc- Hunt. Michael Andrew .... Mt. Pleasant. S. C " . Huntsman. James M Pope AFB Hurko. MiJhael Belton Pincblult Husein. Fayeq .- bdel Jawad Haleii-ii Hutchins. Calvin .Monroe W ' instim-Saleni Hutchins. Charles Lcroy Winston-Salem Hutchins. Phillip Michael Winston-Salem Hyatt. Charles Edmund Raleigh Hydcr. John Herbert Jr Lincolnton Ingram. Joel Wayne Albemarle Ivey, Robert Joe Raleiyh Jackson. Billy Joe Rocky Mount Jackson, Ira Jerome III Middleburi4 Jackson. Michael Conoly Dobson Jackson. Ronald ' asco Dunn Jackson. W ' aylon Mitchell Sanford Jamison. Jon Edward Do er, Del. Jenkins. Carlton Maynard Deep Run Jernigan. Connie Hughes Dunn Jessup. Don Blackwell Fay Johnson. Cynthia Graham Clinton Johnson, Dale Reid Burlington Johnson, Homer Ray Dunn Johnson. Hugh Arthur Newton Johnson. Michael Joseph Havelock Johnston. Peter Lent Morristown, N. J. Jones. Bolton W ' illiam Jr Smithfield Jones. Charles Clarence Goldsboro Jones, Charles Richard Greensboro Jones. Harry Leroy Jr Pelham Jones. Robert Mullen Portsmouth, Va. Jones. Roger Alan Reidsville Jones. Rossie Bailey Jr Zebulon Jones, Stuart Hassell Maple Hill Jones, Walter Vann A ' ilson Jordan. Horace Mendall Kannapolis Jordan. Kenneth Lee Mt. Holly Joyner. Frank Carl Clinton Juncker, Stephen Nelson Leonia, N. J. Justice, Clarence Edward Nebo Justice, John Alan Icard Kaiser, Stanley X ' ictor Greensboro Kann. Donald Robert Baltimore. Md. Kearns. Kenneth Dermot High Point Keen, James Edward Goldsboro Keener, Darrell Guy Lincolnton Keller, James Joseph Somers Point, N. J. Kelly, Donn Key Carthage Kelly, James Jerrold Charlotte Kemp, Ramey Mocksville Kenan. James Allen Greensboro Kendrick. William Samuel Charlotte Kenyon, Larry Wayne Sted man Kesler, Donald Claude Salisbury- Kester, Walter Allan High Point Key, Man.- Elizabeth Horse Shoe Kilpatrick, Andrew Harris Greenville TT Y P P u ' - . v -: ,p pPll r f pi t ( f f ' y [313] CLASS OF 1964 W jwsr ■-■ - ■mi, ii . Jr i itftil t- a p ♦ ,p M Q g c Wf rfe. " •- g 7 King, Robert Sherrill Wilmington King, Ronald Alvis Seagrovc Kirk, John Clay Salisbury Kirkman, James Ralph Jr Charlotte Kirkman, Raymon Lee Winston-Salem Kirkpatrick, Ann Raleigh Kluttz, John David Granite Quarry Knight. William Felton Kenly Knott, Charles Franklin Durham Knovvles, Larry Allen Bolivia Koehler, Robert Marshall Stanley Koontz, Robert Franklin Jr Lexington Krider, Kerr Julian Salisbury Krueger, Gary Louis Charlotte Krueger, Gary Lee Charlotte Kulash. Walter Michael Raleigh Kunka, Robert John Jacksonville Laine, Robert B. Ill Charlotte Lake, David Allen Watertown, N. Y. Lambert, Robert Luther Jr Goldsboro Lambeth, Shannon Tomlinson Greensboro Lane, William Jennings Jr Asheboro Langford, John Robert Durham Langston, Bryant Cameron Jr Grifton Lanier, Richard Craig Asheboro Lattam, Mac Arthur Raleigh Lattimore, Charles Douglas Rutherfordton Layman, Charles William Greenville, S. C. Leatherman, Marvin Ray Catawba Lebenson, Robert Jay Flushing, N. Y. Lee, James Richard Washington Lee, O. D Rocky Mount Lee, Ramon George Arlington, Va. Lee, Robert Eugene Pikeville Lefler, Edgar William III Albemarle Lehcw, Luther Hill Smithfield LeMoine, Larry Keith Rocky Mount Lenderink, Thomas Arend Grand Rapids, Mich. Lennon, Edward Allen Morganton Leonard, Percy Dennis Jr Gree nsboro Leonard, V. C. Jr Le. ington Lewis, Charles Luther Lumberton Lewis, ' illiam Ernest Greenville Lewis, V ' illiam Henry Jr Durham Lindsay, Carroll Mt. Olive Lindsey, Alfred Walter. .Haddon Heights, N. J. Lineberger, James Warren Gastonia Liner, Gaines Howard Hillsboro Lingle, William Nelson Faith Linville, Wayne Helm Winston-Salem Little, Brian Edward St. Petersburg, Fla. Little, Daniel Rader West Jefferson Livesay. Holt Mathews Franklin, Va. Loftin. Gu - Stanley Thomasville Loggins, Chester DcWitt Jr Winston-Salem Long, James Se.xton Charlotte Long, Jerry Eugene High Point Long, Matthew Brown Jr Raleigh Long, Mike Harlee Mooresville Long, Walter Eslev Mt. Holly [314] SOPHOMORES Long. William ] Ash Lonon, Carl lUian Marion Lovelace, William Ronald Winston-Salem Low, Parks Martin ]r Alexandria, Va. Lewder, Hoyt Glenn Stanf ield Lucas, Lixm Thomas I lalifax Lumpkin, Davis B Raleigh McAdix), Halstcad Wheeler Greensboro McArthur. Ronald Cameron Greenville McAuley, John Franklin Charlotte McOaniel, Roger Wyatt Jr Kinston McDonald, Peter Wendell Thomasville McDulfie, Willie Webster Chapel Hill McEntire. Kenneth Mar nn Forest City McGahey, Thad Morris Washington McGinnis, Jake Allen Jr Stanley McGinty. William Farmer Charlotte McGirt, Albert Franklin Jr Rowland McGrady, Johnny N. U ' ilkesboro Mclnnis, Angus Campbell ' agram McKinney, Danny Spruce Pine McKnight. Thomas Graham. .. .Winston-Salem McLaughlin, .Martha Hix N. U ' ilkesboro McLaughlin, Robert Daniel Mooresville McLaurin, Fletcher C Fayetteville McLawhorn, Luke Bernard Jr Grifton McLawhorn. Thomas Ha -wood . . . . Winterville McLean. John Paxon Red Springs McMillan. Philip Gale West Jefferson McMurry, Terri Goldsboro McPherson, Robert Ronald Durham Mabry, Larry Waddell Norwtwd Mace, Ronald Lawrence Winston-Salem Mack, Edward James A ' ilmington Mackland, Donald William Fayetteville Macon, Randolph Bennett Ramseur Maddrey. James Garland Jr Raleigh Magee, Dallas Granville Yale, Va. Mahoney, William Angus Jr Whiteville Mangum, Jerry Lawrence Raleigh Marks, Shuford Blankenship Jr. ..Rocky Mount Marlin, William Rock-well Statesville Marrow, John Wesley Plymouth Marshburn, William Mattox Rocky Mount Martin, James Boyce Florence, S. C. Martin, Walter Devaughn Jr Ronda Martin, Wilco Allen Belmont Mash burn, Harry Lee Winston-Salem Massad, Elbert George Benson Mathis, Richard Erwin Canton Matuza, George Anthony. . . .Hempstead, N. Y. .Ma vell, Earle Campbell Jr Charlotte Medlin, Dennis Brantly Benson Mehlich, Karl Reinhart Raleigh Melton, Braxton Bragg Morganton Mercer, Charles Devon Greenville Merritt, Edward Earl Kinston Merritt, Frank Stephen Ayden Mettrey, Michael Thomas Raleigh Metz, David Alan .. Huntington Station, N. Y. ' r; ? p r- " P i?T ( 1 p O O [315] CLASS OF 1964 J? Meyer, Gene James Queens Village, N. Y. Mickey, William Lawrence High Point Miller, James William Cooleemee Miller, John Wesley Kinston Millhiser, Frederick Robert. . . .Waynesboro, Va. Mills, Kenneth Evans Greensboro Mills, Leonard Earl Raleigh Millsaps, Stephen Watts Stony Point Misenheimer, Lester Eugene Faith Misirli, Ismail Sulg ' man Istanbul, Turkey Mitchiner, Robert Kenneth Jr Garner Mof f in, Arthur Boyd Staley Montgomery, Don Barry Albemarle Moore, Glenn Alden Statesville Moore, Joseph Lewis Jr Raleigh Moore, Richard Horton Spring Lake Moretz, George Alfred Hickory Morgan, David Franklin Monroe Morgan, Donald Eugene Durham Morgan, James Albert Parma, Ohio Morris, Jack Crawford Wadesboro Morton, Leven Ervin Asheboro Moser, William Ray Jr Greensboro Mulchi, Charles Lee Norlina Mullin, Bruce E Asheville Murchison, Eddie Glenn Li berty Murray, Harry L Charlotte Murray, James Edward Raleigh Murray, Thomas Connor Raleigh Myers, James Brooks Lexington Myers, William Martin Charlotte Nash, Nelda Louise High Point Nau, William Henry Hickory Nelson, Larry William Lenoir Newlfnd, Russell Leroy Jr. Valley Grove, W. Va. Newton, Fred Allen Dunn Newton, Jesse Earl Vandemere Nguyen, Long Vo Saigon, Vietnam Nichols, Kenneth Wayne Marion Nifong, Norman Lee Winston-Salem Nobles, Jim Tucker Dover Noles, William Lee Jr Salisbury Norman, William Phillip Charlotte Oakley. James Harold Hillsboro Oates, Larry Alan Hendersonville Odom. Clyde Lemuel Conway Oldham, Carvie S. Jr Durham 01i er, Calvin Cecil Jr Varina Oliver, Ronda Boyce Lenoir O ' Neal, Frederick Braxton Raleigh Osborne, William Jeffrey Summerfield Overcash, Herman Alexander Jr Charlotte Overcash. Oscar Lee China Grove Owenby, Furman Douglas Black Mountain Owens. John Graham Graham Page, Robert Sidney Rocky Mount Palmer, Russell Neal Jr Reidsville Pamplin, Charles Ashby III Reidsville Parliam, Thomas Irvin High Point Park. John Neely Rockingham [316] Parker. Robert C ' orbctt Bunnlevel Parrish, Charles Kirwin Nashville. Tenn. Parsons, Susan Ann Black Mountain Partin. Burke Fred Jr Raleigh Peabody, VX ' illiam Rossiter Raleish Penley. Ji:e Harrison III Salisbury Perkins. Donald Franklyn Jacksonville Perry. G. Reid Hickory Perry. Wesley Earl Zebulon Phillips. James Davis Winston-Salem Phillips. .Maurice Benfield N. Wilkesboro Phillips, M.inroe Holland Jr Burlington Phillips. Richard Busbec Raleigh Phlegar. Barry Bartley Raleigh Pickard. Faison Wellington Salisbury Pickering, George H Mentor, Ohio Pittard, James Donald Roanoke Rapids Plaster, .Arthur Wayland Morganton Plemmons, Robert Laxton C harlottc Poindexter, David C U ' inston-Salem Poindexter. Richard Clinton East Bend Pomeranz, Jacques Glasgow .... Freeport, N. Y. Poole, Robert David Mebane Pope, Dwight Edward Burlington Pope, Kenneth Wayne Franklinton Pope, Lloyd Melvin Norwood Pope, Michael Lloyd Charlotte Pope, William Patrick Halifax Poplin, Ronald Lloyd China Grove Porteous, Catherine Plaisance. . Memphis. Tenn. Porter. Leonard Dewey Burlington Porter, Richard McLean Elizabethtown Poston, Kenneth Alexander Charlotte Potter, James TTiomson Jr Raleigh Potts, Grimes Richard Lexington Powell, Douglas S Raleigh Powell, Harvey Bartlett Jr Charlotte Powell, Jonathan Stokes Jr Windsor Powell, Steven Foster Shelb ' Pritchard, Jerry Paul Cordova Pritchett. Morris Grady Jr Columbia Pritchett. Thomas Wills Elon College Purdie. John Wesley Dunn Purvis, William Thomas Rocky Mount Quincy, Robert Horton Rocky Mount Rabb, John Franklin Marion Rackley, Ronald Herman Rocky Mount Raiford, Phillip H Charlotte Randle, Jay William Indianhead, Md. Raper. Roy Donald Wilson Rasmussen, Birger K Wilson Raynor, David Barclay Greensboro Reagan, William Clyde Jr Reidsville Reames, Carter Raleigh Reaves, Thomas Lawrence Jacksonville Redmon, Alan Thomas Liberty Reeve, Margot Evelyn Raleigh Redmon, Don Shaw Liberty Revels, Billy S Williamston Revels, Vincent Lumberton SOPHOMORES Tj |- , CT (Vj frti p .pi C [317] CLASS OF 1964 -p p p irk b i [318] Rice, Robert Taylor Aurora Richardson, John Gilbert Nakina Richardson, Sherman William II Seagrove Ridge, William Eugene Denton Ridgill, Joseph Russell Jr Raleigh Riggins, Charles Robert Charlotte Riley, Ermer Kyle Jr Harrisburg Ritchie, Joe Lee Albemarle Roberson, Eugene Benjamin Jr. . . . Robersonville Roberts, David Arthur Landis Robinson, Jill Elaine Raleigh Rockett, Richard Daniel Gastonia Rodgers, William Gordon Jr Canton Rogers, Charles Nicholas Jr Raleigh Rogers, Donald Steven Salisbury Rogers, Jerry Wayne Kannapolis Rogers, Tommie Lee Saratoga Rohner, Felix Walter Basel, Switzerland Rosendahl, James Frederick Canton Ross, Donald William Sanford Ross, Michael Lee Albemarle Routh, James Hoyd Greensboro Rudd, Clyde Wesley Jr Greensboro Rudell, Raymond Frank Jr. Lockbourne AFB, Ohio Rudisill, James Kohn Greensboro Rudisill, Jerry Lawrence Mt. Holly Russell, Millard Eugene Albemarle Russell, Roger Alan Alexandria, Va. Russell, Thad Terrell Jr Granite Falls Rutledge, Howard Booth Arden Rutledge, James Ray Statesville Rutledge, Manly Sheridan Ayden Sandahl, David Alan Morganton Sanders, Gus Clint Jr Shelby Sanderson, James Marshall Elizabethtown Sapp, Clifton Fletcher Jr Winston-Salem Sara, Jay Richard Belle Harbor, N. Y. Sawhill, James MumFord Jr Ruxton, Md. Savv ' er, Henry Claude Durham Scarboro, Conrad Lee Norwood Schaefer, Walter Charles Baltimore, Md. Schoolar, Sanders Thornley III . . Midlothian, Va. Schort, Donald Reece Jr Hickory Searcy, Kenneth Ray Draper Seay, William Michael Asheville Segal, Barbara Diane Rock Hill, S. C. SelF, Jerry Lee Casar Shaffner, Thomas Jackson Winston-Salem Shanker, Mark Hanna Woodmere, N. Y. Sharp, William Fredrick Jr Guilford Sharp, William Robert Fayetteville Shaw, Martin Cooper Roanoke Rapids Shearin, Robert Bruce Raleigh Shelton, Thomas Roscoe Madison Sherrill. Wilson Alexander II Terrell Shook, David Harold Statesville Shook, David Lynn Hickory Shoulars, Philip Edison Kinston Shouse, Jerry Howard Winston-Salem Showalter, Ralph Edwin Arden » [ SOPHOMORES Shreve. David Carr Ralei«h W .. j SMWI S ' ' S Shuller. Robert North Fayctteville W f tW!l ■ V ' l f l f I ld Shumate. Lewis Hampton. . lolinson City. Tiiui. Lj. J t J T ■ " ' 9 - Awij ( Sides. Larry Walter Wallace r " C • V JTL N •- X- " ' " Sides. William Curtis Ir Winston-Salem F t! p . SU W W Sides. William Mutton Jr Grccnshoro ' ' W ' M S ll . Sw K T Sills, lames Robert Shelby , || .jBT ' X ' i3» " n ' " ' " ■liiiln: " ' ta» ' Sills. Titus Odell Jr Raleigh | f 1 Li f CI I 1 1 Silverman. Robert Union. N. J. |«k f ( • " if ' ll ' ' ! ' f ' ' Simmons. William Gaston Albcrtson - " - V JL ' t ' " " i V ' ' ' Simon. George Saad Gastonia -VL . S f L JW - k V ' v " ° " - " " " BM tl Mk m JrM M Singletary. Howard Monroe Jr Raleigh J H »tES a L Bi B K. 1 Skipper, Horace Dean Abbottsburg f " ) f J f l E ■ ' i Slade, William Dewey Bath 1 ' f ? f " ) W ' ft !--. ' W ' ' Sloop, John Erwin Statesville ' . " - Ji. 4 - ' — ' Small, Minton Carroll Edenton J| . - ' . V. " y V J » ' ■ tfl l fj tf 1 «V ■i ft Smith, Arthur Dixon Naugatuck, Conn. f iSSS 0 Bkk . ' ' . V ' ' ' u[ B Smith, Arthur Reginald Charlotte | 4 p p f | p ' , ■ ' J 3 Smith, George Rayvon Raleigh »» -» ' f « ' J . i) 1 • ' S Smith. Glenn Roosevelt Arlington, Va. — " " s i . " " I. " T Smith. Hampton Lee Jacksonville. Fla. J ' _ gp W- . Jt- W. J W 1 ■ Albemarle » T H B H k Smith, James Harold Selma HyiHIH 0 « —» ■. L ' jfli H Smith. John Raymond Boone jf J ' | 1 1 L 1 I Smith, John ' ilbur Princeton P»c ' _ _ ■ ' ' • W | " 7 " I " " Smith. Rhonnie Lee Elon College Xt ' " j v " -- ' - k ' ' V %C - - - ' - v J Smith. Stanley Gilbert Hickory Jw N ' fc . i W JW W A jj , Newport News, Bt 1 1 t K € Sf H Smith. Warren William Winston-Salem jSf I EI I i P lNkL ' " ' ' V s ' HI 3 Smith, William Anthony Winston-Salem W ' y t l B WL I I T 1 ' Smitherman, Thomas David East Bend WV w 6 " " ' I T ' ' " ' - " i ' = " ' Snider, Edgar Howard Jr High Point V . -- £; ' V . " V " - - Sorce, Sam Joseph Passaic, N. J. %h ' . m ! Ji . W Nt k. O W fe B T I B H B l H B 1 k H Sossamon, James Lee Bryson City ' ,!7 PVtL Jf HOk Soyars, Raymond Garry Reidsville | P I r V fc , W " | •f S teil Spahl, Adnan A Alexandria, Egypt J- ' " f = " 1. ' !-»««•- ' ■ Sparks. Berel Ray Gastonia L " ' V J ' " A " ? Speight, Robert Edward Suffolk, Va. J fe W i r JT Spencer. James Harris Ramseur Bi L I t L B l I A ' 1 Y Spencer, Randy Wheless Madison " 0 ' " VBHBHI i Spicer, James Edgar Elkin [ I ' W I Spratt. John Edward Jr Charlotte , " ' t " " ' l " ■ ' ■. ■ - ' Springer, Arthur Conrad Greensboro -:r- A " V %. " ' K " W — k Spruill, Mervin Lynn Newport News, Va. Jb i . jT W w A fc W I Lf i K t Hl Stanback, Charles Rudolph Jr Durham i Z SSfk t " I Stanley. Jack Walter Jr Greensboro .JE J - f 1 ' i ) " W 1. f 1 Staton. Boyce Ronnie Wilmington i " w — l " ' f , ' " Steagall, Da ' id J Charlotte Jit fo ' — J ' - ' fci " ' " ' ' w Steen, Lynn Paige Hamlet WlS . T ' ..J . Jr Winston-Salem k l Hi H t t k Br HJl Steinberg. Robert Michael Woodmere, N. Y. ti lHHf " 0 ■ l ' Stenhouse, Michael Hunter Charlotte W l f F ' (— J Stephens, Harold Dean Connelly Springs i . ' ?■ •-■ ' I P ' k=t ' ' i ' Stephens, Joseph Edw in Wilmington, Del. A - j J_ Vt " TW v ' ' v Stephenson, James Donnie Willow Springs A W H fe . . . Grady Harold Gastonia k 1 A B ' i HiiB f Jl iH Bl [319] CLASS OF 1964 MAt dti d n f -i p o ■ ■c ft.p p p p it [320] Stevenson, Charles Gwen Palmyra Steward, Herman Detro Jr Walkertown Stikeleather, Larry Franklin Stony Point Stikeleather, Wade Eugene Stony Point Stimpson, Robert Thomas Winston-Salem Stoker, Joel William Albemarle Stone, Jerry Leonard Raleigh Stoner, James Everette Jr Concord Stoudemire, Stewart McBryde Lincolnton Stout, Donnie Odell Sanford Strawbridge, James Edward Durham Stredler, Steven Allen Norfolk, Va. Stresau, Fred Edwin Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Strickland, Roger Privette Jr Bailey Sturiale, Louis A Raleigh Suitt, Clifton Bruce Charlotte Sullivan, William Andrew Lenoir Surratt, David Gregg Burlington Swain, Thomas Tyson Burlington Swann, Thomas Fredrick Jr Elizabethtown Sykes, Edwin Thomas Yancey ville Synan, Owen William Durham Tanner, Charlie Amos Jr Wallace Tanner, Wilham Jacob Norlina Tate, Jimmy Dean Belmont Taylor, Boyd Fredric Greensboro Taylor, Earl Leroy Raleigh Taylor, John Thomas Washington Taylor, Michael Ervin Charlotte Taylor, Thomas Spencer Wadesboro Taylor, Tillett Kirk Raleigh Teague, James Edward Hickory Teal, Kenneth Prentice Rockingham Teeter, John Eric Mooresville Terman, Elliott Jay Richmond Hill, N. Y. Terry, Marshall Ray Albemarle Terry, Thomas Abram Jr Savannah, Tenn. Thomas, Edward Scott Burlington Thomas, Gerald Kent Charlotte Thomas, John Mitchell Asheville Thomas, Robert Eugene Moncure Thomason, Thomas Watson Jr Salisbury Thompson, James Pinckney III Fairmont Thompson, Michael Morris Greensboro Thompson, Samuel Marmon Spruce Pine Thoroughgood, James Albert Raleigh Tillman, Donald Nelson Sanford Todd, Maurice Cornelius East Bend Tolson, Fred Lewis Raleigh Traister, Francis Lloyd Jr Wilmington Trott, Sabert Scott II Kannapolis Trotter, Norm Leroy Brevard Troutman, Paul Edison Jr Charlotte Tucker, Irvin Burchard Raleigh Turner, Larry Ward Spencer Turner, Rufus Carroll Concord Turpin, John Presley Newport Tyndall, Gerald Aberdeen LImstead, Thomas Clinton Durham LIpton, John Willoughby Jr Raleigh SOPHOMORES Vadon. Hi-rnio Oscar W ' cstfield X ' anpclt. Jiiiin Ray Kamiapolis Vaushan. C. L. Ill Shelby Ver al, Claude Arthur Durham VinriHit, Charles Arthur Charlotte W ' aRiiner. Michael Xeil Greensbciro Walker. Ua id Sylvester Hillshiiri) Walker, Gary I lamilton Lenoir Walker, James 1 Inward Boon ilU- Walker, Leroy Jr Durham Wall, Kermit Arthur Jr Walkjrtown Wall, I uther Weslex Jr Julian W ' allace, George Frederick Foxboro, Mass. Wallace, Georse Roberts Morehcad City Waller, Linn Raymond Salisbur Walser, Douglas MacArthur Salisbury Walters, James Franklin Laurinbur.n Walters. William Place Greensboro Ware, Benjamin Grif tin Newland Warfford, Reuben Camak Siler City Warner, Peter Colvin Chagnu Falls, Ohio Warren, Glenn Thomas Clearwater, Fla. Watkins. Bobby J Zebulon Watkins. Deal Prince Jr Raleigh Watkins, William Deering Wadesboro Watson, Carolyn Olivia High Point Watscn, Clayton L Lenoir Watscn, Jack Owen Greensboro Waugh, David Mack Jefferson Weaver, James Bryson Jr Valdese Weaver, John Thomas Jr Pinetops Weaver, Kenneth Sheridan Mebane Weaver, William Bernice III Asheboro Webb, Joseph Thomas Rocky Mount Webb, William Leon Jr High Point Weber, Susan M Raleigh Webster, John Ray Stoneville Weeks, Martin Wade Jr Mt. Olive Wells, Charles Earl Jr Juliustown, N. J. West, Graham Alston Goldsboro Westbrook, Thomas Holmes Alt. Olive Whichard. Orman Ernie Greenville Whichard. Robert Staunton Greenville Whicker, Rex Allen Stoneville Whidbee, Hoyt Webster Jr Engelhard Whisnant, James Miller Lenoir White, Donald Milton Greensboro U ' hite, George Lay Greenville White, Stokes Jr Concord White, Wester Wiley Greensboro Whitfield, Dale Woolw ine Raleigh V ' hitley, James Lucius Jr Enfield V ' hitted, Victor V ' ayne Raleigh Wicker, Richard Kelly Jr Asheboro Wiegand, Rudolf Paul Jr Charlotte Wikle, Richard Wayne Kernersville Wilbur, Robert Linn Haverford, Pa. Wilder, Samuel Worthy Jr Raleigh Willard, Calvin Kenneth Draper U ' illiams, Brooks Monroe Wilson d i dk JThSM p T- - f r ' [321] CLASS OF 1964 L,j 1 , ' ii J | O | =) , Williams, Carlos Robert Jr Fayetteville Williams, Claude Willis Jr Hertford Williams, Edward Harold Jr Raleigh Williams, Harriette Louise Valdese Williams, James David Charlotte Williams, James Donald Salisbury Williams, Joseph Speed III Greensboro V ' illiams. Larry Turner Gastonia Williams, Richard Planck Fayetteville U ' illiams, Robert Douglas Staley Williams, Roger Ganou Valdese Williams, Stephen Leon Kannapolis Williamson, Gerald Lynn Kinston Willis, Thomas Herman Charlotte Wilson, Daniel Maurice Marion Wilson, Lanis Russell Durham Winn, Robert Dwight Jr Mooresboro Winn. Thomas Patrick Wellesley, Mass. Winslow, Thomas Preston Raleigh Winstead, James Fleming Greenville Winstead, Thomas Jackson Charlotte Wiseman, Daniel Martin Statesville Wolf, Robert Eldred Alexandria, Va. Wolfe, Mark Gregory Asheboro Woodall, Leigh C. Jr Wilson Woodard, Barney Paul Princeton Woodard, Jesse Franklin Kenly Woods, Robert H Hillsboro Woodson, John Wayne Chase City, Va. Woody, John William Leaksville Woolard, Michael Glenn Robersonville Wooten, Simeon Augustus Jr Wilson Workman, Marion George Jr Mebane Wortman, Billy Leonard Morganton Wrenn, Alison Ann Raleigh Wrenn, Vance Wilson Jr Gary Wright, Joseph Few Jr Brevard Wright, Robert Hamlet Halifax- Wright, Teddy Jerome Rutherfordton Yancey, Howard Buren Jr Gastonia Yarbrough, Alonzo Francis Winston-Salem Yopp, Angela Sneads Ferry York, Ernest Wayne Ramseur Young, Richard Anthony Princeton Zehner, William James Dayton, Ohio Ziglar, Frank Conder Raleigh Zobel, Donald Bruce Raleigh Zumbrunnen, Thomas P. Ill Salisbury Zuckerman, David Sol Union, N. J. i ii 13221 Make yourself at home. [323] AGRICULTURAL INSTITUTE The Agricultural Institute was organized on the North Carolina State College Campus in 1959. Students reg- istered for this type of educational program for the first time in the fall semester of 1960. The various programs of the Agricultural Institute were initiated to provide a large segment of our society a unique educational opportunity. It is possible to obtain a technical education through the Agricultural Institute in a period of two years. This period of time is spent in building a founda- tion for a lifetime of study, learning and producti ity. The courses of the Agricultural Institute, the faculty who teach, and the students who participate, are all oriented toward the common belief that an individual ' s producti ' ity can be increased by improving his technical knowledge. Dr. Homer C. Folks Director, AgxicuUural Imtitule Russell Goldvvyn Atkinson Marion, S. C. Oran Martin Benson Alpha Phi Omega. Pantego, N. C. Watson Douglas Bethea Vice President ' 62. Hamer, S. C. Carroll Nye Bowman Lenoir, N. C. .Ariiiiir Lawrence Bradley Tarboro, N. C. James P. Brock Charlotte, N. C. f [324] JDHN 1 UU(,1 ' BllCKNEn Milton Thomas Coleman Tommy Gerald Craet loilN C ' H« DlXON CllARLHS LaNDIS EaSTON Ellis C Vrroll Edwards ToMMiE Darryl Edwards Gale Lamont Paris, Jr. . Raleigh Ice Fish AGRICULTURAL INSTITUTE M.ns Hill, ' . C. 1 ail.i. S. C. I ' inctops, N. C. Grccnx ilk ' , N. C. Oxford, N. C. Rich Square, N. C. Rich Square, N. C. . Glade Springs, Va. Candler, N. C. I P P tMgitk k Charles Edgar Glover, Jr. Carl Roberts Gurley Clifton Joseph Harding Joseph N. Hicks Rion. S. C. Princeton, N. C. Hollywood, Fla. Roxboro, N. C. John Corrin Howard |r. Deep Run, . . C. Agricultural In titutc Club, Treasurer 1, President 2. V. Hal Hussey Robbins, N. C. Agricultural Institute. Secretary 2. R(;beri I.eegrand Isley McLeans ilIe, N. C. David Albert Iohnson Smithfield, N. C. Richard ALalcolm Johnston Yancey ille, N. C. [325] AGRICULTURAL INSTITUTE Terry Brown Ketner China Grove, N. C. William Thomas Lawrence Seagrove, N. C. Reporter for Agricultural Institute Club ' 62. Harold Joseph McBane Whitsett, N. C. Ronald Lee McFarland Durham, N. C. John William McInnis Candor, N. C. Henry Dale McKenzie Kmgstree, S. C. William Mark Jr Chicago, 111. John Thomas Mizell Palmyra, N. C. Donald Lee Oehler Charlotte, N. C. Floor Manager 2; Athletic Director. I Benjamin Parran St. Leonard, Md. Robert McCoy Phthisic Tyner, N. C. Fred Wayne Pittillo Hendersonville, N. C. Soccer 1; Intramural Basketball, T. Birds, Softball, Tucker 2. James Kirby Pope Benson, N. C. Raymond Alvin Porter Goldsboro, N. C. Glee Club 1 . DuRwooD McKiNLEY Price Seven Springs, N- C. Henry Travis Pulley Selma, N. C. Samuel Floyd Ray Hillsboro, N. C. Jimmy Douglas Raynor Chinquapin, N. C. [326] AGRICULTURAL INSTITUTE noNAin SiiAw Rkdmono Leonard R nisE |r. oRMENT D.w lu Sauls. |i . iJk-rty. N, C. Cloldshoro. N. C. Ci;irncr, . C CiiARUES Walter Siiealy Batesburg, S. C. Treasurer. .-Xgricultural Institute Club. S. RicMARD Simpson Prospect, Vii. Samuel Everette Snead Laurinbuig, N. C. " Fhomas Crayton Stephenson IIoIK Springs, N. C. Poultry Club 2. Luis Fernando Velasquez Mcdcilin, Colombia Kenneth A. ' . tson Rocky Mount, N. C. itftlJtii hdfh M Thaddeus Legrand VVeatherly Minturn, S. C. Charles Henry Weaver Four Oaks, N. C. James Laurence Weaver Four Oaks, N. C. Wilbur Kenneth Webb Wilson, N. C. Agricultural Council Representative. James Neil West Kinston, N. C. Aggies. DuRWARD Lester White, Jr. Dover, N. C. William James Whitehead Jr. Scotland Neck, N. C. James Howard Winslow Elizabeth City, N. C. [327] Floyd Enlow McCall President John VV. Earnhardt Vice President CLASS OF 1963 Peggy Harper McConnell Secretary Phillip R. Miller Jr. Treasurer [328] 4 BLUE KEY OlllCERS M. FlUlN I IXEBERCER lollN 1. KwiPE Rav Win ton John Curlee Richard ' h.liams ' )n L. R. Whichard President Vice-President Secretary Corresp udi)iii Secretary Treasurer Adviser Blue Key Honor Fraternity was tounded at the Llni versity of Florida in October, 1924, to perpetuate the belief in God, to prcscr e the principles of good citizen- ship, and to promote the best interest of the students. The fraternity recognizes outstanding qualities in character, scholarship and ser ice, placing equal em- phasis upon leadership in student activities. Member- ship is composed of graduate and undergraduate students of all departments of American colleges and universities. Each year Blue Kc ' co-sponsors the Homecoming celebration. AnnualK the lraternit ' presents the citizen- ship award to the Senior who has distinguished himself as the foremost citizen of his class. In addition. Blue Key cooperates with other campus organizations in arious activities to perpetuate a more meaningful campus life. Ervin Lineberger John Kanipe John Curlee Richard Williamson Ray Winton norris tolson James Futrell MEMBERS Lamar Thomas Kent Watson James Myhre Michael Lea Charles Sparrow William Jackson James Groce John Wilcox Mike Perry Alan Kimball James Caldwell Art Latimer James Hart John Cobb Grady Ferrell Dr. Carey H. Bostian G. O. T. Erdahl Rudolph Pate i . B. Watts A. Sidney Knowles Arthur M. Hoch HONORARY MEMBERS J. H. Lampe Earle Edwards Dr. Gerald B. James James J. Stewart, Jr. Lindsay R. Whichard James A. Fulghum Dr. Arthur Kelman J. 1». Edwards, Jr. Abraham Holtzman Banks C. Talley, Jr. Rev. O. B. Wooldridge, Jr. Dr. Kingston Johns Dr. John W. Shirley [329] CLASS Abbott, George Albert Jr. Oxford, N. C. Abbott, Richard Warren Kernersville, N. C. Abernathy, Robert Smith Fuquay Springs, N. C. Abernethy, Alan Ray Statesville, N. C. Acra, Maurice Ramon Port-Au-Prince, Haiti Adams, Charles Coble Rowland, N. C. Adams, George Aston Jr. Shelby, N. C. Addison, Cody Brannon Gastonia, N. C. Agostini, Michael David Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad Aitken. Alan ]. Bovin e Center, N. Y. Alabaster, Albert Allen Dunn, N. C. Alexander. John Edwin Monroe, N. C. Alford, Michael Bovd HartsviUe, S. C. Allen. Bruce B. Ir. Charlotte, N. C. Allen, Charles Oren Kinas Mountain, N. C. Allen, George Willis Tar Heel, N. C. Allen, jcsse Monroe Smithfield, N. C. Allen. Larrv Ross Plymouth, N. C. Amick, William Michael Pine Bluff. Ark. Anderson. Bruce Arnold Salisbury. N. C. Anderson, Paul Alderman |r. Charlotte, N. C. Anderson, Ralph Franklin Mars Hill, N. C. Anderson. Woodrow Antonia Goldsboro. N. C. Andrew. John Rodman ' ashington. N. C. Andrews, Robert Louis Sparta, N. C. Ankurs, Andris Charlotte, N. C. Archer, David McCall Jacksonville, Fla. Armentrout. Billy Warren Thomasville. N. C. Arrowood, Keith Morgan Charlotte, N. C. Ashley, Perlie Gene Edenton, N. C. Ashlev. William Wade Whiteville, N. C. Atwood. Richard Nolan Winston-Salem, N. C. Avant, Alfred Louis Red Springs. N. C. Baber, Dale Mylum Hopewell, Va. Badgett, Roy Harris Thomasville, N. C. Baker, Donald Williams Belvidere. N. C. Baker. Peggv Nash Raleigh, N. C. Baker. Rav E. Sanford, N. C. Ballard. Gerald Blake Asheville, N. C. Banks. Harvey Thomas Newton, N. C. si li [330] J u N O R Banner, William Powell Ir. Greensborii, N. C. Barhee. Uillard Harold Ralci-h. . C. Bard. Ronald Stophon As1k ilk-. . t . Bareloot, Richard Lowell Charlotte. . C. Barksdale. Robert Giles Raleish. N. C. Barnes. .A. Merrick Philadelphia. Pa. Barnhill. Michael Ion Battleboro, . C. Barrett. Georse 1 lull ashington, D. C. Barrinycr. Thomas Lawson Kannai ilis . . C. Barr -. Ra mond Edward Shelby. N. C. Basden. Bruce Kellum Dudley. X. C. Bass, demon Elton Ir. Edenton. . C. Batchelor. James Cavelle RiKky Mount, X. C. Batten. Donald Wavne Lilesville. X. C. Batts, lames Ralph Hertford. X. C. Baucom. Larry Cla ton Concord, X. C. Beaman. lohn Robert Jr. Ashe -ille, X. C. Beard. Sam Glenn Ir. Pittsboro, X. C. Beaslev, lames Dale High Point, X. C. Beaslev. Marvin Coleman Gastonia, X. C. Becton, Francis Gordon Newport, X. C. Beeson. lohn Edward Winston-Salem, X. C. Bennett, Rov Rav Ir. Raleish. X. C. Berrier. Bobb ' Lee China Grove. X. C. Best, Billy Burke Stumpy Point, X. C. Best, Elwood Vance Turkev, X. C. Bishop. Roy Xorton Aberdeen. X. C. Bizzelle. Bobbv Gene Raleigh, X. ' C. Blackmon. Lewis Michael Mt. Airy. X. C. Blanchard, Harold Chris Whiteville, X. C. Blanchard. lames Birven Turkey. X. C. Blanchard, Stanley ' ayne Edenton, X. C. Bland. Cecil U ' ard Ir. Burlington, X. C. Blevins, Ronald Lee Bristol, Tenn. Booth, Robert Gordon Monroe, X. C. Borookhim, Manouchehr Manny Teheran, Iran Best, Lloyd Carlton Ir. Charlotte, X. C. Bostian. Charles William Raleigh, X, C. Boughan. John Robert West Point. Va. Boukouvalas, Constantinos Spyridon Kiyfovd loannina, Greece ' fgs [331] CLASS OF 19 6 3 k f ' f -Site Bowers, Billv Dean Jefferson, N. C. Bowers, James Scott Raleigh, N. C. Bowling, Richard Hausber Greensboro, N. C. Bovce, William Clifton Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Bovette, Warren Giles Clayton, N. C. Bradley, Marcus Spencer Hobgood, N. C. Bradshaw, Lovd Jr. Franklin, Va. Bradshaw. Richard Allen Jr. Salisbury, N. C. Brake. Henrv Louis Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Brane, John Ira Jr. Rocky Mount, N. C. Brantlev. William Arthur Raleigh. N. C. Brautigam. Richard Henry Raleigh. N. C. Breeden, James Brooks Jr. Fayetteville. N. C. Brewer, James El wood Biscoe, N. C. Bridgers, Whit Stephenson Jackson, N. C. Britt. Harry Shore Jr. Clinton, N. C. Brittain, Robert Earl Boone, N. C. Broadwell, Reuben Grant Raleigh, N. C. Brock, Bobby Gene Wade, N. C. Brovyn, Clon Chandler High Point, N. C. Brown, Donald Wavne Bobbins, N. C. Brown, Michael Ferrell Candler. N. C. Brown, Ray Jackson Colerain, N. C. Brown, Robert Charles Charlotte, N. C. Brown, Thomas Wavne Statesville, N. C. Brown, Walter Earl Wilson, N. C. Brown, William Charles Fayetteville, N. C. Bruton, James Isaac Fremont. N. C. Brvan, William Ross Houston, Texas Buck, Coy Glen Jr. Stokes, N. C. Buffaloe, James Jackson Willow Springs. N. C. Bullard, Douglas Merle Wake Forest. N. C. Bumt ' ardner, David Richard West Jefferson, N. C. Burke, Robert Holmes Montclair, N. J. Burleson, Larrv Joe Albemarle, N. C. Burnette. Thurman Everett Oxford, N. C. Burns, James Tilden Atkinson, N. C. Burton, Charles David Bolivia, N. C. Burton, William Alonzo V ' inston-Salem. N. C. Bush, John Powell New London, N. C. [332] Butler. Edward Berton lV)ckinKham, N. C. Byrd, Kenneth Rex Sims. . C. Calhoun, lohn Chiles Mciures ille. N. C. Calvert. Wallace X ' anamber Mt. W ' rnon. Ind. Camby, Steve Lewis Spindale, N. C. Cameron. William John Kaleiuh, jS. C. Campbell. Yates Walter Gastonia, IS ' . C. Canad . Kenneth Sink H-h Point. N. C. Cal el. William Mayo Rockinfiham. N. C. Cjrawan, Larrv Brvan Greenville, N. C. Carpenter, James Vesle - E)urham, N. C. Carpenter, Joseph Morgan Wagram. N. C. Carpenter, Ronald Hubert N. Wilkesboro, N. C. Carr, Thomas McLeon Jr. Clinton, X. C. Carriker, Richard Wilson Charlotte. N. C. CaiA ' er, William Bayard Ro.xboro, N. C. Case. Wayne Greer Mayodan, N. C. Casper. Don Wealon Raleieh, N. C. Catherwood. George Arthur Burlington. X. C. Caudle. John Allen Hudson, N. C. Chamberlin. Imogene C. Mobile, Ala. Cheatham, John Gordon Oxford. N. C. Cherry. I-lichard Harris Williamston, N. C. Clark Chester Franklin Gary, N. C. Clark, Donald Lawrence McLean. V ' a. Clark, Grover Cecil Marshall. N. C. Clark, Marion Michael Canton, N. C. Clark. Oscar McFayden Fayetteville, . C. Clontz, Lew Gary Granite Falls, X. C. Clowes, Thomas Hartley Winston-Sale m. N. C. Coble, Charles Joseph Laurinburg. N. C. Cochran. Robert Charles Robersonville, N. C. Cochrane. Charles Thomas High Point, N. C. Coffer, Bertram Walls Sanford, N. C. Coffev. Thomas Gatewofid Raleigh. N. C. Coggin, Thomas Edward Sanford, N. C. Coggins, Nolan Sherrill Thomasville, N. C. Cole. WcUon Roger High Point, N. C. Coleman. Charles Burnett Tabor City, N. C. Coleman, Jack Kimsev Murphy, N. C. JUNIORS J««« -S rjf k -- ' P ,rr P- [333] OF 19 6 3 Collins, Anthony Earl ' ' inston-Salem, N. C. Collins, Roger Eugene Sparta, N. C. Compos, John Alex Wilmington, N. C. Cone, Caesar Greensboro, N. C. Conner, Robert Wayne Clover, Va. Cook, Fred Roscoe Boone, N. C. Cook, Harold Craig Mount Olive, N. C. Cook, Philip Douglas Mt. Airy, N. C. Cooper, Robert William North, S. C. Cooper, William Douglas Marion, N. C. Cope, Robert Lee Ir. Concord, N. C. Cope, William Monroe Cooleemee, N. C. Corbett, Kenneth Franklin Raleigh, N. C. Cordell, Vance Hilton Winston-Salem, N. C. Corn, Donnis Wayne Hendersonville, N. C. Cornelius, Clarence Preston Troutman, N. C. Cornwell, Larrv Rav Shelby, N. C. Couch, lohn Edwin Durham, N. C. Couick, John William Ir. Badin, N. C. Co ' ille. Edward More Atkinson, N. C. Cox, Charles LaRoyce Concord, N. C. Cox, Wavne McCaskell Tabor City, N. C. Cox, William Frederic Grifton. N. C. Cox, William Moncier New Bern, N. C. Crates, Thomas Bond Charlotte, N. C. Crawford. William Henry Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Crenshaw, James Lewis Charlotte. N. C. Cromartie, Thomas L. Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Cross, lames Michael Asheboro, N. C. Cross, John McDonald Marion, N. C. Crowell, William Spencer Charlotte, N. C. Cruikshank, James Patrick Asheville, N. C. Crumpler, Leonard Banks Raleigh, N. C. Crutchfield, John Scoggin Reidsville, N. C. C ' ullipher, James Milton Raleigh, N. C. Culp, Richard Earl Asheville, N. C. Curlee, James Phillip High Point, N. C. Currin, Shirley Thomas Oxford, N. C. Curtis. Burnell Parker Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Curtis. Cecil Lawrence Rockv Mount, N. C. [334] J u N O R CutliT. Guy Abnor asliin tiin, . C " . Danii-l. |(io Farmer Ir. Wilson, . C. Daniels. Dennis Allen W ' ilniinmnn. N. C " . Davenport. 1U ' nold Sladc Ir. lacksonxille, . C. David, losepli Parker Ir. Middlesex. . C. Davis. laek Winslow W ' instiin-Salem. N. C. Davis, Jacob Aster Rocky .Mount. . C. Davis. lerry Mallorv C incinnati. Oliio Da is. Kenneth Unhnes Burlington. . C. Davis, Kandall Clvde Clarkton, N. C. Davis. Robert Burwell Charlotte. N. C. Davis. William Alexander Rimland, X. C. Davis. William C. Asheville. W C. Deal. William Marcus Lenoir, N. C. DeAnyelis. Don Anthonv SaylesviUe, R. I. DeHart. Dillard Lovell |r. Asheville. N. C. Denise. Frank Delano Raleigh, N. C. Dennis. Edward Snuggs Ir. Clarkton, N. C. Denson. Charles Alexander Ir. Rutherfordton, N. C. Deriso, lohn Christopher Camp Lejeune, N. C. Dermid, Joel Arthur Jr. Hendersonville. N. C. Dinkins. Jerry Acey Yadkinville, X. C. Dixon. Michael Poindexter East Bend. X. C. Dixon. Ronald Lynn Siler City. X. C. Dixon, Simon Clavton Raleigh. X. C. Dorman, Marvin Kay jr. Pembroke. X. C. Dove, Frank Bernard Charlotte, X. C. Downing, Billv Clark Raleigh, X. C. Draughon. Harold .McDonald Zebulon. X. C. Driver, William Llovd Raleigh, X. C. Drye, Jerry Wendell Albemarle, X. C. Drye. Rol ert lackson Jr. Charlotte, X. C. Duff, Joe Harold Raleigh, X. C. Dunlap. Johnny L. Raleigh, X. C. Dunning, Charles Everett Rich Square, X. C. Dunshee, Jason Haynes Pantego, X. C. Eagles, Joseph Elliott Jr. Macclesfield, X. C. Eakes, James Chandler Sanford, X. C. Earnhardt, John Wilbert Jr. Winston-Salem, X. C. Eason, John Edward Rockingham, X. C. H i ' p f- p n S J MSh. C) Pi - " MMS gtM 1335] CLASS OF 1963 To sri i Tilii « 1 Easterling, George Dixon Hamlet, N. C. Eastwood, David Ray Greenville, N. C. Edwards, Arthur Jay George, N. C. Edwards, Verlin Augustus Waynesville, N. C. Eller, Conrad David Moravian Falls, N. C. Ellington Rayburn Paschal III Burlington, N. C. Ellis, Francis C. Zanesville. Ohio Elrod, Henry [ames jr. Spencer, N. C. Enloe, Harold Coleman Asheville, N. C. Enzor, Crawford Monroe [r. Fair Bluff, N. C. Escallon, Carlos Bogota, Colombia Evans, Eu°ene Odell Jr. Leland, N. C. Evans, lonathan ]r. Fayetteville, N. C. Everhart, William Duke Shelby, N. C. Fa ' gart, Michael Wayne Concord, N. C. Fa ' rcloth, Eob Eugene Fayetteville, N. C. Fakler, Fave Frances Raleigh, ' N. C. Falkner, Horace Eugene III Henderson, N. C. Fannev, Josef Privette Scotland Neck, N. C. Farmer, John Beaman Ir. Elm City, N. C. Farmer. Michael Paul Goldsboro, N. C. Faust, Eric Milton Salisbury, N. C. Fenton, )ohn Fr. nklin Montclair, N. J. Ferguson, lames Marshall |r. Raleigh, N. C. Ferguson, Lenard Neal Charlotte, N. C. Fishel, Herbert Andrew Winston-Salem, N. C. Fisher, )ames Ernest Asheville, N. C. Fisher, lohn Lawrence Jr. Princeton, Ind. Fleming, Robert James Jr. Fuquay Springs, N. C. Flosman, George Hamilton. Ontario, Canada Fogarasy, Peter Ivan New Haven, Conn Foster, George Philip Winston-Salem, N- C. Foster, George Randolph Charlotte, N. C. Fo,x, Charles Eugene Morganton, N. C. Foy, John Frank Bradenton, Fla. Francis, Joseph Herbert West Jefferson, N. C. Franklin, Charles Eric Henderson, N. C. Franklin, Donald Ervin Valdese. N. C. Franklin, Edward Carlyle Richmond, Va. Fraucnholz, Raymond Blaise Havelock, N. C. i [336] J u N O R Frazier, Donald Philip Barium Springs. N. C Freas. Da iil Edward Walnut Cine, N. C. Frecland. Ernest Pinkney Ir. Charlotte, . C. Freeman, L;irrv Delain Stanlield. X. C. Freeman, Richard McConncll Charlotte, N. C, Fry, 1 larold Lawrence Newton, N. C. Fulbriyht, lames Claud llick, ry, x , C, 1 unk, Charles Silas Charlotte, . C. Furr, Wilbur Franklin Ir. Concord, X. C. Futrell, Glenn Elliott Goldsboro, N. C, Gagnon, Da id Charles Ayden, N. C. Gandy. Robert William Concord, X, C. Gardner, David Hampton Roselxiro, N. C. Gardner, Joseph Decatur Holland, Va. Gardner, William Edgar Kernersvillc, X. C. Gardner, William Marshall AsheviUe, X. C. Garrett, Ray Wayne Moyock, X. C. Garrett, Rov Lane Moy(K;k, ' X. C. Garrison, Edward Lawrence Morganton, X. C. Garrison, Willard Lee Pfafftown, X. C. Geddie, Edgar McPhail Ir. Raleisjh, X. C. Gegner, William R. Secaucus, X. ]. Gentry, Garl Lacy Mount Airy, X. C. Gibson, Johnny Wayne Kannapolis, N. C. Gietzen, Phillip Gordon Charlotte, X. C. Gilland, James Ivan Charlotte, N. C. Gillespie, Gilbert McClun |r. Robbinsville, X. C. Gillis, Kenneth Glen Raleigh, X. C. Gilmore, U ' eslev Wilson Jr. Raleigh, X. C. Godwin, Randolph Ray Wilson, X. C. Goldfarb, Michael Barrv Forest Hills, X. Y. Goldstein, Ronald Phillip Asheville, X. C. Goodman, Robert Lee Gold Hill, X. C. Goodwin, Roy Anderson Jr, Lumberton, X. C. Goswick, Thomas Emmett Durham, N. C. Grainger, John William Clarendon, N. C. Grant, James William Jr. Charlotte, X. C. Grant, Martin Raleigh, X. C. Graves, Alfred Arthur Ir. Canton, X. C. Grav, Albert Dial III U ' hiteville, X. C. ■■■ ■■B ■■■■■■■ P ' ' ' 1 k k T OF 19 6 3 t f - ■ ! ' ' ty- |(? - I- ' 338] Gray, J. Lander III Gastonia, N. C. Grav, John Bowie Jr. Wilson, N. C. Green, Charles Robert Brevard, N. C. Greene, Robert Larrv Marion, N. C. Greeson, Roy Mack Burlington, N. C. Gregory, Barry Randall Moc ' ksville, N. C. Griffin, Charles Wilson New London, N. C. Griffin, James Lanier III Greenville, S. C. Griffin, Marion Carroll RobersonWUe, N. C. Griffin, Robert Paul Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Griffith, Robert Wallace Jr. Le.xington, N. C. Gifford, John Winston Vero Beach, Fla. Grimes, Thomas Llewellyn Gary, N. C. Griswold, Guy Doan Downingtown, Pa. Groce, Augustus Ben Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Grogan, James Rodney Mayodan, N. C. Grooms, James Franklin Morven, N. C. Gross, James Koehler Winston-Salem, N. C. Grubb, Fred Delano Raleigh, N. C. Guion, William Scott Charlotte, N. C. Gumm, William Eugene Graham, N. C. Gurkin, James Herbert Williamston, N. C. Guv, Buford Mason Jr. Salisbury, N. C. Hacknev, Ralph Hodges Washington, N. C. Haigh, Donald Dietrich Statesville, N. C. Hairr, Leland Moore Goldsboro, N. C. Halberstadt, William Level II Charlotte, N. C. Hale, Alan Everett Wilmington, N. C. Halverson, Oscar T. Siler City, N. C. Hampton, Bennv Brvant Elkin, N. C. Hanes, Donald Gray Salisbury, N. C. Hardee, Mikael Allan Southport, N. C. Harkey, Frank Ervin Jr. Gastonia, N. C. Harrington, Archie Welton Fairmont, N. C. Harris, Van Taylor Williamston, N. C. Harris, William Brothers Oriental, N. C. Hartis, Robert Lane Charlotte, N. C. Harvel, Rov Harrison Biscoe, N. C. Hasbrouck, Jonathan Love Bladenboro, N. C. Hassell, James Clyde Manteo, N. C. Hauser. Edwin V ' ilbur Lcwis illo, N. C. 1 lavworth. GcorRC William Hii;h Point. . C. Healy. lorry X ' incent Ir. Soutliirn Pines, N. C. Heath, liobby Sutton Trenton. X. C. Hedspeth, Lutlier William Ir, Conway, N. C. Heldernian. Xatlian Lliiel Charlotte, N. C. Helmingcr. Paul Andrew Morganton, N. C. Hensley. Daniel Steve Black Mountain, . C. Hernandez. Manuel Ramon HI Charleston, W. ' a. 1 lester. Ralph Duane CharlottesWlle, Va. Hill. Hugh Michael High Point. N. C. Hill. loel David Carolina Beach. N. C. Hill. Roger Evans High Point, N. C. Hines. lohn Stephen Spindale. N. C. Hinson. Donald Ray Goldsboro. N. C. Hodges, Elbert Ravburn Belhaven, N. C. Hoell, lames Monroe Ir. Rocky Mount, N. C. Holden, Charles Allen Asheville, N. C. Holland, Charles Sidney Ir. Hen derson, N. C. Hollowell. Joseph Bertrum Ir. Edenton, N. C. Holt. Kenneth Paul Asheville, N. C. Hoo er, Larry Allan Charlotte. N. C. Home. illiam Kuhl ilmington. X. C. Home. William Oscar Polkton, N. C. Horton, James Floyd Wilson, N. C. Hosse, James Bonner Charlotte, N. C. House, Owen Daniel Nashville, X. C. House. Philip Eugene Robersonville, X. C. Howell, Dewey Edward Goldsboro, N. C. Howell, Jerry Fonce Jr. Price, Ky. Howell, Millard Cleveland Jr. Wadesboro, X. C. Hubbard, James Allison Stedman, X. C. Huckab -, Fred Ben Cramerton. X. C. Hudson. Richard Henr ' Valdese, X. C. Huggins. Marion DLxon Durham, N. C. Hughes, Miles Augustus Jr. Edenton, N. C. Humphrey, Clarence Kcrmit Jr. Kinston, N. C. Humphrevs, Paul X. Raleigh, X. C. Huntlev, William Kuvkendall Smithfield, X. C. Hutchens, lerry Lee Yadkinville, N. C. JUNIORS CLASS OF 1963 •f ■ f IBS W ■h ' ©» . r [ k lf( V tuiH m Idol, Tony Gene Colfax, N. C. Isserman, Stephen Peter Waynesville, N, C. Ives, Charles Luther III Raleigh, N. C. Ivcv, James Carlton Orrum, N. C. Jackson, George Claudius Jr. Greenville, N. C. Jackson, James Howard Mooresboro, N. C. Jackson, Richard David Buftalo, N. Y. James, Elmo Beckton Everetts, N. C. James, William Russell Winston-Salem, N. C. leffrevs, Nicholas Battle Raleigh, N. C. Jenkins, Larrv Stuart Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Jernigan, Robert Timothy Concord, N. C. Jhaveri, Jagmohan Nahim, India Johnson, Edward Earl Dunn, N. C. Johnson, Richard Morris Graham, N. C. Johnston, David Grant Raleigh, N. C. |i hnston, William Henrv III Raleigh, N. C. Jones, Charles Edward Lenoir, N. C. Jones, James Lloyd Kenly, N. C. Jones, Jerry Lee North Wilkesboro, N. C. |iines, Walter Bascomb ]r. Raleigh, N. C. Jordan, Jack Pritchett Mt. Gilead, N. C. Jordan, [ohn Durell III Clarkton, N. C. Iiirdan, V ' illiam Sanford Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Jorgensen, David Barrett Durham, N. C. Jovner, Henrv Lee Jr. Hobbsville, N. C. ludkins, Malcolm Robert North Augusta, S. C. Justice, Herbert Adin Spindale, N. C. Kale, Charles Lester Mt. Holly, N. C. Kanoy, Gary Allen Thomasville, N. C. Keel, Ralph Mayo Jr. Groton, Conn. Keel, VA ' illiam H. II Raleigh, N. C. Keller, Howard Nelson Charlotte, N. C. Kendall, Everett Augustus Black Mountain, N. C. Kent, Richard Edward Lynbrook, N. Y. Kernodle, Bruce Harden Graham, N. C. Keshtvarzi, Abbas Shiraz, Iran Kesler, Dannv Salisbury, N. C. Key. John Chase South Charleston, W. Va. Kilbv, Bobby Cecil Millers Creek, N. C. [340] Kini;. Carlisle Richard Jr. Kniyhtdalc. . C. KirUp.itrick. Larrv EuKOiic Miliane. N. C. Kiscr, Civile Lovd Ir. Asliehoro. X. C . Klatt, Fred Walter Carv, . C. Kliplel, Tlmmas Ha muiul Asheborci. N. C . Klutt . William Glenn Salisbury. N. C Kncitt. CJerald 1 lubert Raleiyh. N. C. Kcnmce. Eugene Carlvie Jr. New Bern. N. C. Kiippel. Ants Greensboro, N. C. Kreps. Jeffry Allen South Charleston. W. ' a. Krickbaum. William Joseph Ir Franklin, N. C. Kriaer. William Paul Moon Run. Pa. Kurdvs. William Reavis Charlotte. N. C. Kuuskraa. ' ello Alexander Cherrvville. N. C. Lai. Phillip Man-Funs Kcnvloon. Hony Kons Lamb. Richard Mardis Asheville. N. C. Land. William Henrv III Wilmington, N. C. Lane. lames Douglas Dover, N. C. Langlev. Brian Colburn Smithfield. N. C. Larkin. Robert Francis Swainsboro, Ga. Lawson, James W. Orrum, N. C. Lavvton, Clvde Allison III Lyndon. Ky. Laughinghouse. Alvis Llriah Ir. Kinston, N. C. Learv. Jesse Herbert Kinston, N. C. LedFord. Donald Crawford Franklin, . C. Lee, Jesse Baxter Laurinburg, N. C. Lee. Larry Marion Graham, N. C. Lee. William Alexander Newport News, Va. Lehrer. Peter Moe Lone Beach, N. Y. Leon. Frederic Roland Raleigh, N. C. Leonard, Robert Wavne W inston-Salem, N. C. Leonhardt, Carson Odes Morganton, N. C. Leslie. Phillip Bennett Dunn. N. C. Lesslie. Peter Ashbv Mount Hollv. N. C. Lewis, James Thomas Gary, N. C. Lewis. Joseph Isaac Middlesex, N. C. Lewis, Luther Vance Union Mills, N. C. Lillv. Douglas Seaton Abingdon, Va. Lineberrv. Logan Weaver III Randleman. N. C. Linsius. Ronnie Nelson ' ilmington, N. C. ■ J M ,kd dfM ' JK ffi: [341] CLASS OF 1963 Little. John Chester Winterville, N. C. Long, James Eugene Burhneton. N. C. Long, Robert Edward Elizabeth Citv, N. C. Long, Ronald Herman Gastonia, N. C. Love, Ira Wayne Kannapolis, N. C. Lucas. William Ashley Fayetteville, N. C. Lushene. Joseph Michael Eau Gallic, Fla. Lustig, Frank Eugene Clemmons, N. C. Lvnch, James Maurice Sanford, N. C. Lvnch, Mark G. ' Raleigh, N. C. Lynch, Robert Edward Jr. LaGrange, N. C. McArthur, Daniel Lawrence Jr. Red Springs. N. C. McBride, Larrv Slate Salisburv, N. C. McCall. Flovd Enlow Penrose, N. C. McCarter. Reid Alexander Gastonia, N. C. McClamrock. Ronald Sylvester Concord, N. C. McClenny. William Arthur Lucama, N. C. McCommons. Richard Eugene Paleish- N. C. McConnell. Pessv Harper Anbury Park. N. J. MrCoTineU. Thomas Harper Hioh Point, N. C. McCormick. James Mack Sanford. N. C. MrCu ' ston. Johnnv Crawford Burlington. N. C McCurdv. David Kenneth Jr. Flourtown, Pa. McCurrv, James Rodnev Candler. N. C. McDonald. Allen Woodford Concord. N. C. McDuffie. Allan Edwin Durham. N. C. McElrov, James Edward Morehe-id Cit •, N. C. McFarland, Clifton Benedict New York, N. Y. McGee. Hubert Wendell Kernersville. N. C. McGee. John Eustace V ' a.xhaw, N. C. McGuinn. John Anthonv Tryon, N. C. McKeK ' ev, Garv Malcom Raleigh. N, C. McLeod. Marshall Watson Mt. Pleasant. N. C. McLeod. Michael Stanlev Hiah Point. N. C. McMillan. Donald Alexander Pembroke, N. C. McNinch, William G. Charlotte. N. C. Mabe, Jimmy Wayne Kernersville, N. C. Macomson, Michael Rhett Jr. Shelbv, N. C. Maher, William Francis Jr. Manchester, Conn. Maiden, Donald Lawrence Greensboro, N. C. 1 Mainstcr. Martin Aron Miami Beach, Fla. Mahino, Philip Morris Slatcsville, N. C. Malski. Eclmund HcirKan St. Petcrshurn. Fla. Manmiin, C Onlcy Newton Roum ' inont, N. C. Manuum. Garv Lionell W ' axhaw. N. C. Mann. Ronnie Barrv Hish Point. X. C. Mannint;. 1 lenrv Lcc Ir. Middlesex. . C. Marcum. John Mills Southern Pines, N. C. Markhani. Murdock Henrv Jr. RaleiL ' h. X. C. Marks, lames Riddiek Raleigh, X. C. Marshall, W ' avne Wilson Raleigh, X. C. Marshburn. lames Phillip Rocky Mount, X. C. Martin, lohnnv Stephen Lenoir. X. C. Martin, Robert Lee Jr. Raleiah. X, C. Martin, W ' illiani Ray Lenoir, X. C. Maske, Billv Brown Mt. Gilead, X. C. Maske. Bobbv Charles Mt. Gilead, N. C. Mason. lohn Rufus Newport. X. C. Matheny, Alfred Paul Forest Citv. X. C. Matheson. Edward Branson Brevard, X. C. Matheson. Larrv lohn Ashenlle, X. C. Marrolas, Leon John Wilmington. X. C. Mavton, Robert Leslie Jr. Raleigh. X. C. Melton, Robert Barry Lenoir, X. C. Merrihew, ' illiam Stewart Brooklyn, X. Y. Mickle. Clyde B. Ir. Salisburv. N. C. Miller. Calvin Max Salisburv, X. C. Miller. Donald Smathers Hickorv. X. C. Miller. Gene Spencer Salisburv, N. C. Miller, Henrv Lloyd Salisbury, N. C. Miller. Phil R. Concord, X. C. Miller, Thomas Benbow Salisburv, X. C. Millinor, David Earl ' ilmington, X. C. Mills, Robert Xorris Aurora. X. C. Milton. David Fleming Lillington, X " . C. Mims, Hazel Elbert ]r. Rockingham. X. C. Mitchell. Don Xewton Durham. X. C. Mitchcm, Terrv Kermit Lincolnton, X. C. Moore, Charles Franklin Marshville. X. C. Moore, Gerald Xathan Fayetteville, X. C. I o 1 ' fe ' " " JUNIORS [343] Moore, Richard Arnold Aulander, N. C. Moore, Thomas Edwin Raleigh, N. C. Morris, Edwin Earl Windsor, N. C. Morrison, James O ' Dell Southe " --! Pines, N. C. Morrison, Phillip Hunter Lenoir, N. C. Morrow, James Kirven Washington, N. C. Morrow, Samuel Rav Statesville, N. C. Morton, Donald Rives Greensboro, N. C. Morton, Harmon Lindsay Charlotte, N. C. Moss, Alfred Weslev Charlotte, N. C. Mozingo, Kenneth David Burgaw, N. C. Mozingo, Rov Walton Kenly, N. C. Mumford, Ray Hulette Southern Pines, N. C. Mundcn, Fentress Horner Elizabeth Citv N. C. Murchison, William Harold Goldston, N. C. Murphy, James Otha Youngsville, N. C. Myers, Jesse Willard McLeansville, N. C. Neighbors, Dalma Keith Benson, N. C. Nelson, Lewis Henry Rome, N. Y. Nelson, Melvin Jr. SanFord, N. C. Nelson, Stephen Fair Leaksville, N. C. Nemmers, Raymond Francis Raleigh. N. C. Nesbitt, William Harold Weaverville, N. C. Newberrx ' , Donald Mack Washington, D. C. Nicholson, Cheney Anglin Raleigh, N. C. Nio, Oey Kiauw Djakarta, Indonesia Nobles, Larrv Chadbourn, N. C. Noell, Godwin Lerov Oxford, N. C. Noell, Paul M. Durham, N. C. Nordan, Phillip Thomas Benson, N. C. Nordman, Theodore Paul Charlotte, N. C. Null, Th(.mas Allen Salisbury, N. C. O ' Brien, Thomas Franklin Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Ogburn, Thomas Benjamin Roanoke Rapids, N. C. O ' Hara, Dennis Duke Elkin. N. C. Olsen, James Harry Winston-Salem, N. C. Outlaw, Robert Russell Raleigh, N. C. Overbv, Rufus Donald Raleigh, N. C. Overton, William Thompson O.xford, N. C. Owings, Charles Walls jr. Greensboro, N. C. [344] I ' Pasc. Donald Rood Chattanooga. Tonn. Pasc Edwin Pcrrv Morrisvillo, N. C. Paae, lanu ' s Fcstus Black Mountain, . C. Pahl. IxKvard Howard Autryvillc, . C. Painter, Geor«c Robert Plymouth, l . C. Pakula. Hal M. Raleish. N. C. Parduc, Garland Rurnis Elkin. N. C. Park. Donald Michael Ashl.ind. Ohio Parker. Ra inond Wilson Ir. Rockv Mount, N. C. Parker. Samuel Max Mt. Ulla, N. C. Parkhurst, Robert Edwin Conovcr, N. C. Parks, Leston Curtis ]t. Salisbury, N. C. Parlier. John Felix Jr. Lenoir, ' . C. Parrish, Rov Thomas Sanford. N. C. Partin, Maurice ' ilson Ir. Kinston, N. C. Paterson. Wallace Hall Matthews. N. C. Patrick, David Malcolm Greensboro, . C. Patrick. lerrv Hamilton Raleigh. N. C. Pa ne. Dorce Howard Jr. Bessemer Citv, N. C. Peacock, John Forrest Weaverville, N. C. Peacock. Josenh Thomas Fremont, N. C. Pearson. Kenneth Covington Goldsboro. . C. Pennington. Eddie Ross Rockv Mount, N. C. Pennsvle, Ronald Owen Raleigh, N. C. Peonies. Joseph F. Jr. ' arrenton, N. C. Perkins, Jerrv Cecil Sanford, N. C. Perkinson, Richard Thomas Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Perrv, Clifford Braswell Chapel Hill, N. C. Perry, William Howard Fayetteville, X. C. Peterson, Reid Willis Burnsville, X. C. Pezzella, Peter Joseph Jr. Harrison, N. Y. Phifcr. James Larry Whiteville, N. C. Phillips, Larry Steve Hickory, X. C. Phillips, Raymond Douglas Pinelevel, X. C. Phillips, Ra ' mond W. Jr. Charlotte, X. C. Phillips, Terry Xelson ' inston-Salem, X. C. Pidal, Enrique Raleigh, X. C. Pierce. Harold Ray Charlotte, X. C. Pierce. ' an Armelin Hallsboro. X. C. Pindell. Robert George Charlotte, X. C. JUNIORS W - mmi ,!«• «5rV h k i [345] CLASS OF 1963 At mk la- tk nMP ti f jij HI i i Pitt, John Luther Red Oak, N. C. Plonk, David Torrence Kings Mountain, N. C. Plott, Glenn Cordell Concord, N. C. Porras, Rodrigo Antonio II Panama City, Panama Posey. James Campbell Asheville, N. C. Poteat, Donald Ray Ford Salisbury, N. C. Poteet, Leon Jay Morganton, N. C. Powell, Charles Baird Ir. Raleigh, N. C. Powell. Patrick Jennings Clyde, N. C. Powell, Samuel Knight Charlotte, N. C. Powell, William Gene Robersonville, N. C. Prager, Jeffrev Martin Cedarhurst, ' N. Y. Price. Ian Ball Dudley, N. C. Price, William Hewitson Leaksville, N. C. Prince, Charles Chandler [r. Statesville, N. C. Proctor, Tames Allen Vale, N. C. Pruett, letfrcy Lynn Cheltenham, Pa. Puckett, lerrv Thomas Oxford. N. C. Putnam, David Tilden Shelbv. N. C. Quick. Gerild Thomas Sanford, N. C. Rader. Louis Albert Darien, Conn. Raqan, lack Merritt Jr. New Bern, N. C. Raean, lames Edward III Oriental, N. C. Raner. Charles David Jr. Whiteville, N. C. Raner. Richard Morris Thomasville, N. C. Ravnor, Bobby Charles Leland, N. C. Reed, George Lindmiller Durham. N. C. Reeves. William Howard Jr. Mocksville, N. C. Reid, V ' illis Alton Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Revnolds, David Ralph Patrick Springs, Va. Revnolds, Ronald Jack Goldsboro, N. C. Rhodes, lames Thomas Asheville. N. C. Rhodes, Robert Daniel Lexington, N. C. Richardson. Garv Douglas Siler City. N. C. Richardson. William Clavton Franklin. N. C. Richie, Robert Alford Marion, N. C. Riddick, Joe Lanier Jr. Scotland Neck, N. C. Rix. Kenneth Paul Asheville, N. C. Roberts, Stancil Beaman Creedmoor, N. C. Roberts. Wavne Binford Hillsboro, N. C. [346] I I Robertson. Gorald W ' avne W ' illiamston, . C. Robinson, Clavton Harrison Clinton, N. C. Rix ' , Walter Lcc Ir. Charlotte, X. C Roaors, Marvin Mieliael Clyde, X. C. Rogers, Samuel Thurston Ir. Tabor City, X. C . Rose, Dennis Austin Littleton, N. C. Rosendahl, James Fred Dobson. X. C. Ross, Gordon Andrew Clinton, X. C. Rouse. Robert Gene Magnolia. X. C. Runkle, Charles James Winterville, X. C. Rust, Carl William Charlotte, X. C. Sadler, Robert Parks Jr. Charlotte. X. C. Salvast io, Johnny Mack ' aldese, X. C ' . Sams. Clav Edward Dillard, Ga. Sandcrlin, Thomas ' alte Kitty Hawk, X. C. Sanp. Ernest Lee inston-Salem, X. C. Scesn ' , Anthony Joseph Bellport, Lono Island, X. Schick, Pedro Alejandro Caracas, ' enezuela Schultheis. John F. Guilford. X. C. Schutt. Carl Bernard Jr. Wilminoton, X. C. Scott. Farrell ' ayne ' inston-Salem, N. C. Scull. Reese Sherrod Valdese. X. C. Seagle, Joe Ben Moroanton. N. C. Sears, Billv Leonard Ape.x. XT. C. Sears. James Matthew Xewport, X. C. Self. Robert Houser Durham. X. C. Sellers. John Richard Kannanolis. X. C. Setzer. George Edward High Point. X. C. Sexton. James Harvey Hendersonville. X. C. Shachtman. Richard H. Pope Air Force Base. X. ( Sharre, Tommv Goode Statesville. X. C. Shaver. Darrvl Lane Charlotte, X. C. Shaw. Barrv Allen Raleigh. X. C. Shaw. John Quincv Jr. Durham. X. C. Shelton. Henry Hugh Hobg(x)d, X. C. Shelt(m. James David High Point. X. C. Shelton, Paul Wilson Ir. Pilot Mountain. X. C. Shenherd. James Edward U ' hitsett. X. C. Sherman. Stephen Warner Jacksonville, X. C. Shields, Robert Frank Mebane, X. C. u r JUNIORS p TT o C " ft MM Jf. t I347J i r •I Shore, Henrv Bascom East Bend, N. C. Shuping, Russell Lee Valdese, N. C. Sigmon, Charles Nelson Mooresville, N. C. Simpson, William Preston Jr. Raleigh. N. C. Singletarv, Herbert E. Jr. Sparta, N. C. Sink, James Andrew Jr. Thomasville, N. C. Sinnocli. Pomeroy III New Castle, Ind. Sloan, George Alton Raleigh, N. C. Smith, Alford Lee Bowden, N. C. Smith, Angela Ann Garland, N. C. Smith, Bovd Adam Asheville, N. C. Smith, Daniel White Jr. Wagram, N. C. Smith, David Michael Concord, N. C. Sm ' th, Duane Richard Elmira, N. Y. Smith. Ernest Sherrill Shelby, N. C. Smith, Frank Stacv Asheville, N. C. Smith, George Edward Clayton, N. C. Smith, James Andrew LeaksviUe, N. C. Smith, James Edward Asheville, N. C. Smith, Jerry Wayne Brown Summit, N. C. Smith, Owen Franklin Raleigh, N. C. Smith, Robert Howard Jr. Kinston, N. C. Smith, Thomas Rav Dunn, N. C. Smith, William Barrv Kings Mountain, N. C. Smith. William Sidney Rocky Mount, N. C. Smvth William Henry Denton, N. C. Snider, Jerry Emanuel Lexington. N. C. Soles. John Marvin Whiteville, N. C. South, William David Saluda, Va. Spence, William McKay Concord, N. C. Spencer, Edwin Valencourt Wallingford. Pa. Spooner. ' illiam Edward Wilmington, N. C. Sprinkle. James Camp High Point, N. C. Srago, Michael David Newburgh, N. Y. Stadler, David Eugene Burlington, N. C. Stafford, Jacob Alnheus Elizabeth Citv, N. C. Stallings. Charles Henry Blucfield, W. Va. Stamev, Ronald Gene High Point. N. C. Stamm, Alfred John Raleigh, N. C. Stamp, James Lee Charlotte, N. C. ll [348] J u N O R Stanlcv, Charles Paul RaloiKh, ? . C. Stansel, Benjamin Carroll Lumbcrton. N. C Starke. Francis McDonald McLeansville. N. C. Starnes. Lawson riylu XWirtiiinijton. Clliio Starr. Peter Paul Shenandoah. Pa. Staton, Raymond Clifford Ir. Henderson ille. ' . C. St. Clair. William Lauriston Barrington. 111. Steele. James Findlav Ir. Alexandria, V ' a. Steele. lohn Hamilton Lenoir, N. C. Steinberg, David Ronald Atlanta. Ga. Stephenson, Levonda Angier, N. C. Stepp, Michael Reid Canton. N. C. Stevens. lohn G. Mt. Holly, N. |. Stewart. Flovd Grant Charlotte. ' N. C. Stokes, lack Wilson Ir. Kinston. X. C. Stone, Charles lackson Raleigh, X. C. Strange, George Lovell Greensboro, N. C. Stratton, George Frederick Ir. Charlotte, N. C. Strobel. Roger William Raleigh. N. C. Stroud, Richard Sidney Ayden, N. C. Suggs, Thomas Milton Gastonia, X. C. Sumner, Howard Donald Asheville, X. C. Summers, Paul Eugene Jr. Washington. D. C. Sutton. Marvin Burdette Charlotte, X. C. Swank, John Daley II Pittsburgh, Pa. Svvink, James Carl Wadesboro, X. C. Tallev, ' indell Lee Stanfield, X. C. Tankard. John Rodgers III Arlington, V ' a. Tarlton. Douglas Phifer Marshville. X. C. Tate. Flarold X ' ernon Jr. Farmville, ' a. 1 aylor. Carl Edwin Ir. Wilmington, X. C. Taylor. Donald Wayne V ' arina, X. C. Taylor, Henry Clay III Louisburg, X. C. Taylor. James Braxton adesboro, X. C. Taylor. Richard Douglas Lenoir, X. C. Taylor, William Elton Charlotte, X. C. Taylor, Woodrovv Manning Deep Run, X. C. Teachev, James Clifton R jse Hill, X. C. Teague, Donald Eugene Thomasville, X. C. 1 emple. Herman Lee Xorfolk, Va. ' 9 ' T ' M c. )Tr tA tfrktft d k rb k AY [349] CLASS OF 19 6 3 fjf _ - k i A V fel Terry, Beniamin Stuart Hickory, N. C. Tetterton, Darrel! Grimes South Boston, Va. Thigpen, John Mar ' in Mount OHve. N. C. Thomas, Jere Manlev Jr. Smithfield. N. C. Thomas, John Charles Thomasville, N. C. Thomas, Joseph Eugene Ernul, N. C. Thompson, Charles B. Jr. New Bern, N. C. Thompson, Charles Monroe Black Mountain, N. C. Thompson, Harry Neil Jr. Chester, S. C. Thompson, Leonard Weston Goldsboro, N. C. Thompson, Max Forest Aurora, N. C. Thoms, Kenneth Richard Pearl River, N. Y. Thorn, Robert Harold Raleigh, N. C. Thorn, William Alexander II Morristown, Tenn. Thornbury, Tom Crier Concord, N. C. Tickel, William Howard Jr. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Till, Robert Buist Asheville, N. C. ToUison, James Broner Jr. Asheboro, N. C. Tomlin, Mickev David High Point, N. C. Torrence, Charles Barry Salisbury, N. C. Torrence, Daniel Alexander III Greensboro, N. C. Trumbo, Lewis Andrew Raleigh, N. C. Tucker, Frank Charles Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Tucker, Paul Arthur jr. Locust, N. C. Tuttle, Edward Hill Lenoir, N. C. Tuttle, James F. Jr. Elizabeth City, N. C. Tvson, Harold Dean ' Wa.xhaw, N. C. Tvson, James Edward Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Tvson, William Robinson ' Waxhaw, N. C. Underwood, David Franklin Waynesville, N. C. Upchurch, Robert Howard Raleigh, N. C. Uptegrove, Raymond Russell Georgetown, S. C. Uskup, Ergin Istanbul, Turkey Van Nostrand, Arthur Faron Bristol, Tenn. Vaughn, Michael Wilson Winston-Salem, N. C. Velarde, Rodrigo Jr. Monterrey, Mexico Vestal, William Franklin Franklinville, N. C. Wachtel, Martin Luther III Spring Hope, N. C. Wagoner, Thomas Leftrage Sparta, N. C. Walker, Charles Mount Olive, N. C. [350] J u N O R Walker. Kyle Robert Stuart. ' a. WalUr. William Clvdc Jr. Durham. . C Wall. Georvje David Trvon. N. C. Wall, ancy Carole Diirh;! ' " . N. C. Wallace. Larry Wayne Roanoke Hapids. . C " . Ward. Gus Graliaiii 111 Durham. N. C. Ward. Leon lackson Goldsboro. N. C. Ward. Thomas Carl Raleish. N. C. Warner, Michael Kendall St. Louis. .Mo. Warner. Ravmond l)uui;las Medlord. Mass. Warner. Robert Vance Hish Point. N. C. Warren. James Marshall Battleboro. N. C. Warren, [ohn Gary Chocowinity. N. C. U atkins. Patricia Ann Raleish. N. C. Watson. Larrv Irving Plymouth, N. C. Watson, William Robert Red Springs, N. C. Watts. .Ma. Donald Morganton, N. C. Weatherlv. Robert Neilson Hamlet. i . C. Webster. Henry Morgan Sanford, N. C. Wechsler. Donald Byron .Miami Beach, Fla. Weeks. Willis Brvant .Mt. Olive, N. C. einberg. Alan S. Greensboro, N. C. Weiss, David Saul Charlotte, N. C. V ' est, Thomas Bradford Charlotte. N. C. West. Willis Ashley Aberdeen, N. C. Weston, Robert Franklin Williamston, N. C. Wheeler. Ray Bain Canton, N. C. White, John Kenneth Greensboro. N. C. W hire. Thomas Michael MtKjresville. N. C. White. Wdliam Hale |r. Greensboro, N. C. Whitehead, James M. Winston Salem, N. C. Whitlow, DaWd Wavne High Point, N. C. Whiit, Ellis Eldward Trinity, X. C. Wieland. Fred George Statesville, N. C. Wigg. Helen Jackson Wilmington, N. C. Wiggins, John Robert Gary, N. C. Wilkerson. Glen W. Raleigh. . C. Wilkins, John Lewis Stem, N. C. Williams, Frank McCrady Matthews, N. C. W illiams, George Benton Charlotte, N. C. 1 [351] CLASS OF 1963 1 jc ■ - mlUtt .iM x diM Williams, James Varnado Jr. Mobile, Ala. Williams, Joel Lawson Pink Hill, N. C. Williams, John Weslev III Weldon, N. C. Williams, Luther Ervvin Valdese, N. C. Williams, Raymond Woodrow Kannapolis, N. C. Williams, Robert Edward Wadesboro, N. C. Williams, Rov Douslas West End, ' N. C. Williams, Warren A. Raleigh, N. C. Williams, William Dorsey Jr. Lilesville, N. C. Willis, Ophard Harold Mars Hill, N. C. (Vilson, James Grant Jr. Newport News, Va. Wilson, James Hyde Germanton, N. G. Wilson, Joseph Fred Charlotte, N. C. Wilson, William Walker Statesville, N. C. VA ' ilson, Winfred Graham Burlington, N. C. Windley William Clyde Jr. Williamston, N. C. Winkler, John Louis Raleigh, N. C. Wintzer, Charles Davis Morganton, N. C. Wise, Joe Michael Shelby, N. G. Wiseman, Omar Royce Marion, N. C. Wiseman, Steven Scott Spruce Pine, N. G. Wiser, Allen Carl Gary, N. C. Wong, Cheung-Kee (Hugo) Hong Kong Wood, Roy Lynn Fayetteville, N. C. Woodley, James Lamar Jr. Asheboro, N. C. Wright, Jeffery Ellis Burlington, N. G. Wright, Milton Delano Shelby, N. G. Wrightenberry, Jerry Oliver Burlington, N. G. Yandle, John Morrison Paw Greek, N. G. Voder, James Kennev Raleigh, N. G. Yokelv, Ronald Eugene High Point, N. G. York, Carey Franklin Pinetops, N. G. York, George Smedes Raleigh, N. G. Young. Leslie Norwood, N. G. Young, Sam Franklin Jr. Pine Hall, N. C. Young, Whitney Livingston Jr. Fayetteville, N. C. Youngblood, William Perry Hunters ' ille, N. G. Yount, Avery Louis Hickory, N. C. Yount, Roy Wayne Conover, N. G. Younts, Joel Lindsay Lexington, N. C. I If [352] J u N O R Y(i v, |i)lin Rolanil Seagrove, N. C. Zangas, Robert Inhn Garden City. . . UNCLASSIFIED William Gordon Bacon Lexington, Ky. ()ii ER Arthur Bauman Raleigh, N. C. AsHViN Iavantilal Chudgar India Thomas George Fatkin Albemarle, N. C. Kathryn Scollard Fox High Point, N. C. DiLBAG Mohan Glipta India Tadashi Uiromoto Japan John Glenn Houston Jr. China Gro e, N. C. Helen B. Kline Raleigh, N. C. Thomas Avery Xye Jr. Orruni, N. C. Walter Ed.mundo Strasser Colonia, Llraguay ToxiE Hall Tlillos Columbia, Miss. Roy Albert Walden Guatemala Lu Dee Wang Taiwan, China Shin-Tuax Wang Faiwan, China [353] James Gary Futrell President Ronald Lee Boger Vice President CLASS OF 1962 James P. Caldwell Jr. Secretary Arthur Lee Latimer III Treasurer [354] SENIOR HONORARY Golden Chain, Senior Honor Society, was toLinded at N. C. State College in 1926. Each spring twehe rising Seniors are tapped into the society and thus increase the endless chain by twelve links. The name Golden Chain is symbolic in that it represents an endless chain which joins together outstanding State men who ha e built a lasting tradition in our com- munit . OFFICERS Bill Jackson iM Caldwell i m h ackney Lamar Thomas ;4rc T Regent . . Regent - Secretary . Treasurer HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. John T. Caldwell Paul H. Derr MEMBERS Bill Jackson Jim Hackney John Cobb rvin Lineberger OHN Kanipe Mike Lea IiM Caldwell Lamar Thomas Jim Flitrell Norris Tolson Mike Perry John Wilcox [355] CLASS OF 1962 ' 4M ™-™ • l fe Vk Collin McKinnon Abbitt Jr Oak Ridge, N. C. Agricultural Education Agricultural Education Club. Charles Norman Adair Burns ille, N. C. Agricultural Science Agricultural Honors Seminar; Canterbur Club, Secretary i, 4; Glee Club. Asst. Accompanist 3. 4. Andrew Albert Adams Charlotte, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Andrew Wilson Adams Concord, N. C. Textile Management Sigma Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau Sigma; Delta Kappa Phi. Textile Professional. John Cecil Adams Jr Gibson, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma i, 4, Historian 4; Intramural Tennis I. 2; Intramural Golf i, 4; ASME 1, 2. 3, 4. Salathiel Liell Adams III Rowland, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME 3, 4. Wayne Thomas Adams Jr Robbinsville, N. C. Agricii tiirn Science Mars Hill Jr. College 1, 2; Philomathian Literary Society; International Relations Club; Debate Team; Campus Choir; BTU; Intramurals 3; Rural Sociology Club; YMC. ' ; CU Summer School Committee, Outmg Com- mittee 3; Forum Committee 4; BSU 3; 4; AICHE 3; Cheerleader 3. John Arthur Aldridge Winston-Salem, N. C. Industrial Engineering AIIE; . EE. William Mock Alexander Raleigh, N. C. Mechanical Engineering James Lewis Alford Whitakcrs, N. C. Electrical Engineering Jerry Michael Allen Forest City, N. C. Mechanical Engineering— Aeronautical Option Tau Beta Pi. Norman Samuel Allen Graham, N. C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Alpha Gamma Rho; Intramurals 3, 4; lAC 3, 4. Fredrick Marvin Alligood Jr. Washington, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega; Inter-Dormitory Council 3, 4. John Marshall Allred Greensboro, N. C. Electrical Engineering Pi Kappa Phi; Eta Kappa Nu; AlEE; IRE 3, 4. David Nels Anderson Raleigh, N. C. Physics Phi Sigma Kappa; .Apollo Club; International Club. Norman Austin Anderson Jr. Mt. 01i e, N. C. Furniture Manufacturing and Management Dormitory- President 2; Social Director, Gold Dormitory 2; Inter-Dormi tory Council 2, 3; Furniture Club 3, 4; Vice President, Furniture Cluli 4; Veterans Association 4. Robert Bruce Anderson Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon; . SCE. John Edward Andrews Raleit;li, N. C. Mathematics Education [356] SENIORS Samlill Llo.n An.nas lliiilMin, i . C Mcclmtiical En inceriug YMC ' A Cahinci 2: B;irtist Stmlcnt Union 1, 2. i. 4; liiptiM StinUiU Union Socri-l;iry 2: Baptist Studcnl Union Stan- Officer ; ASMi: ,i, ■». RoBuin Iamus Amhonv Stmlxin illi . Ohio Educalion I ' ur.luo llniviTsily rootliall 1; Nnrlh Carolina State lootliall 2. Iames 1:d aud Auev SalisbuiA, N. C. Wildlife Bio ogi Intramural lootliall and Softball I. 2. i. ■(; AIUOK Rifk- Icani. RoBERi PtiwELi Armstrong l)lacknl- (iro, i . C. ijiiiis rifl! EiJfiiiieerins; MCA I. 2. : MC A Secretary i: AIIE .?. 4; AIM: Cliaii in.i]i 4. Benjamin Creech Arthur La Cir.m c, N. C. Textiles Pi Kappa Phi. Joel Dwid Artman Noriis, Tennessee Forest Mr.nagemeitt i Sigma Pi; Society of American Foresters; Forestry Club: Freshman Council. University of Tennessee; Business Board. University of Tennessee; Phi Kappa Phi. Vernon Stephen Aycock Stantonsburg, N. C. Applied Mathematics James Johnson .Ayres Baltimore, Maryland Applied Mathematics II 1 lAM Henry Ayscue Jr. Wilmington, Delaware Textiles Kappa Tau Beta President; Delta Kappa Phi Pledge Master; TcMilc Forum Co-Editor; Soccer 1, 2; Tompkins Textile Council Secretary. 1 [357] Paul Leland Bailey Jr. Lynchburg, Virginia Chemistry Delta Sigma Phi; .American Institute of Chemical Engineers; American Chemical Society; YMCA; .Advanced ROTC. Bernard Allen B Vker Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE. George William Baldwin Vass, N. C. Forest Management - i Sigma Pi; North Carolina State Forestr ' Club. Yalman I. Balta Ankara, Turkey Textile Chemistry Kapna Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; .AATCC; Soccer 1, 2, 3; ' ice President of . ATCC. Richard Thomas Banks New Bern, N. C. Electrical Engineering Member IRE. W ' lLLIA.M 1 IaYWOOD BanNERMAN Carolina Beach, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE ire Student Branch. Mallory Scott Barber Scotland Neck, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME 3, 4. Fred A. Barnette Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Industrial Engineering Kappa Sigma; Intramurals 1, 2. 3. 4; IFC Representative 2. 3, 4; Fra- ternity President 4. C.LENN Re, Barker Roaring River, N. C. Agricultural Education Intramurals 2. 3, 4; Student CJovernment Traffic Committee 2, 3, 4; Agriculture Education C lub 2, 3, 4; .Agriculture Council 2. CLASS OF 1962 iliK dik tth |oEL Dale Baucom Tobaccoville, N. C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Sigma Phi Epsilon; Vice President Sigma Phi Epsilon 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Big Four 2, 4. Robert Marion Baucom Marsh ' ille, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Pi Kappa Phi; Intramurals 2, 3, 4. Walter Keith Baucom Monroe, N. C. Agricultural Science FarmHouse Fratemitv; Alpha Zeta; Poultrv Science Cub. Secrelar Treasurer 3, 4; Collegiate 4-H Club; NSF Undergraduate Research; Dan forth Fellowship. William Byrd Baucom Ralcioh, N. C. Agricultural Economics Pi Kappa Phi; Apollo Club; Agricultural Ecimomics Club. Carl Newton Bean Jr Ashevillc, N. C. Chemistry Film Committee 2, 3, 4; Science Council 3, 4; American Chemical Society 3, 4. Marvin Eddleman Beatty III Charlotte, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Theta Chi; Mu Beta Psi; .American Nuclear Society; .MP; ' ice President Mu Beta Psi 3; Tieasurer .American Nuc ' ear Society 4; Cross Country I, 2, 3, 4; Engineering Senator 4; Band: President Fanfare 2; Theta Chi House Manager 3; Theta Chi Marshal 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4, Davendra Nath Behara Cuttack, India Metallurgical Engineering American Society for Metals; .American Institute of Mining and Metal lurgical Engineers; Forum Committee. Elmo McCotter Belangia Arapahoe, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME. John Samuel Bell Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engineering aiee. Russell Graham Barlowe Oxford, N. C. Agricultural Economics .Arnold Air Society- AFROTC I, 2; Agricultural Economics Club, Sec retary 4. Elliott Burton Barnes Jr Corapeake, N. C. Agricultural Engineering Technology Arnold .Air Society 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Electrical Engineering Club 1; .Agricultural Engineering Technology Club 2, 3, 4; Secretary .Agricultural lingineering Club 2; Vice President .Agricultural Engineering Technology Club 3, President 4; AFROTC 1. 2, 3, 4. Squadron Commander 3; Professor of .Air Science Honor Squadron .Award 3; Secretary Pledge Class 3; .Arnold Air Society Area CI Executive Officer 4. Anthony James Barr Summit, New Jersey Physics Russell Wilson Barr Jr. West JeFferson, N. C. Engineering Furniture Manufacturitjg and Management Furniture Club; FPRS. Allen Joseph Barwick Grifton, N. C. Agriculttiral Science Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Honors Program School of Agriculture; ASAE. JOSEPH Bickett Bass Winston-Salem, N. C. Architecture Billy Joe Batchelor Morrisville, N. C. Civil Engineering Member of ASCE 3, 4. Vernon McGregor Batson Wilmington, N. C. Electrical Engineering Dormitory Secretary 3; .AIEE 4; Talent for Service Scholarship. Clarence Ray Batts Wilson, N. C. Science Education Mathematics and Science Education Club 2, 3, 4, President 4; Student National Education Association 3, 4; Young Democrats Club 4; Veterans Club 4. [358] ( E N I O R S RouLiii I ' liiun ISlm . Cii.iiiottc, N. C. hiiitistrial Eiig.iuecr ' ni Simn.i Alphj Fpsilon: Inlramilr;ils I. 2. , 4. William M miiuce Bell Cli.iii.ntc. N. C. Electrical Eiifiineeriuii AIEE IRE; PhnlcKrjrlur. Richard Maukice Benbow Aslu-boio, N. C. Ceramic Eiigiiieeritig Sisma Nu; KiTamns Professional Fraternity; American Ceramic Siiciely. Secrctarx- i. President 4; Orientation CJroup Leader; Consolidated Llni vcrsity Student Council Chairman; Student Government Senator. Charles Robert Benson ' (Hulkdl. N. C Mathenuttics Education ASME; Math Cluh. Franklin Ward Benson Wilsoii, . C. Applied Mathematics .Arnold . ir Society; Freshman Orientation C;roup Leader 3. Charles Scott Bentley Richmond, X ' irginia Pulp and Paper Techuologr .Alpha Zeta; Intramurals 2; Fourdrinier Societv; Toastmasters Club; State Colleae VMC.A President 4; Ves:minster Fellowship; Oasis Society. CiivLER Best Jr C.oldsboro, N. C. Agricultural Education Floor Manager i; Intramurals 2. . ; Chowan College 1; . Kricultural Ed u- cation Club 2, 3, 4. Herman Franklin Biggs Jr Liimbeiton, N. C. Electrical Engineering W4. ' TC .Amateur Radio Club, ice President ? , Technician 4; IRE. Roy Mitchell Billingsley I lamlet, N. C. Industrial Arts Education Epsilon Pi Tau; Kappa Phi Kappa. a: h Edwin Parks Blackv elder Raleigh, N. C. Industrial Engineering aiie. Richard Hobson Blackwell Jr. Charlotte, N. C, Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard and Blade 3, 4; AUSA 3. 4; AIEE 4. Henry Wayland Blake Winston-Salem, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma; Cross Country 1; Indoor Trcck 1; Outdoor Track 1. Neil Freeman Blake Wallace, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Arnold Air Society 3. 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 4: AFROTC 1. 2. 3. 4; Operations Officer .A.AS 4. loHN Reynolds Blakely Elh ' rbe, N. C. Agrictdtural Business Poidtry Intramural Softball 1 , 2; Intramural Basketball I. 2; Poultry Club I. 2, 3. ' ice President 4; Poultry Judging Team 2, 3; Collegiate 4-11 Club 1. 2. 3, 4. Wiley Rav Bland Edwards, N. C. Chemical Engineering Sigma Nu; Baseball I; Dormitory Secretary 2; Dormitory President 3; Inter-Dormitory Council 3; Treasurer of American Institute of Chemical Engineers 4; Engineering Honors Program 3, 4; Campus Code Board 4. Iames Morris Bloodworth Raleigh, N. C. Industrial Arts—Techniccd Option Pershing Rifles Military Socie.y Drill Team; Track 1, 3, 4; Intramurals 1; All Campus Track; Young Democrats Club; Lutheran Student Asso- ciation. Paul Brittle Blount Franklinton, N. C. Chemical Engineering Intramurals 1, 2; North Carolina State Men ' s Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4; VMCA I. 2. 3; Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; AICHE 1, 3, 4. JA.MEs Davis Bodziak Pittsburgh, Pcnnsyhania Industrial Arts— Technical Option arsily Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2; Intramural Sports 3, 4; Newman Club 2, 3. 4. [359] CLASS OF 1962 f Frederick Wills Boelt Williamsburg, Virginia Rural Sociology Phi Kappa Tau. Ronald Lee Boger Winston-Salem, N. C. Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Scabbard and Blade; Intramurals: Football 1, 2. 3, 4; Volleyball 2; Handball 2; Basketball 2; Softball 3, 4; Vice President Senior Class; College Union Activities Committee 1; House Committee 1. 2. 3, Chairman 3; Board of Directors 3, 4, Chairman 3 Graduation Marshal 3; Engineering Senator 4; Chairman Rules Com mittee 4; Orientation Group Leader 3, 4; Social Functions Committee YMCA. Wayne Dale Bolick Hickory, N. C. Textile Technology Sigma Pi; Phi Psi; Senior Warden 4; Kappa Tau Beta Treasurer 4. 1 1 OR ACE Thomas Bone Raleigh, N. C. Agricultural Technology Phi Kappa Phi; FarmHouse; Cross Counto ' ; Wrestling; Track 1; Baptist Student Union; Apollo Club; Undergraduate Research Program 3, 4. Arthur Franklin Bordeaux ]r Ingold, N. C. Agriculture Engineering Technology Agriculture Engineering Technology Club 3, 4; Y ' MCA 1, 2, 3, 4; YDC 1, 2, 3. 4. Mlirray Lyman Borden Goldsboro, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Kappa Sigma President. JoFiN Michael Boryk Burgaw, N. C. Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho; Intramurals I, 2, 3. 4; Representative of Agriculture Council 3, 4; Horticulture Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Ralph Charles Bowden Wading River, New York Electrical Engineering Hugh Conrad Bowles Hiddenite, N. C. Agricultural Engineering Technology Agriculture Council 3, 4; Agriculture Engineering Technology Club Vice President 3. Dennis Wade Bowman Westficld, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME 3, 4. Darrell Boyette Rockingham, N. C. Textiles Delta Kappa Phi; Glee Club 1, 2. James Edward Boyette Jr. Kenly, N. C. Agricultural Education Kappa Phi Kappa; .Ygricultural Education Club 1, 2, 3. 4. Marvin Burnell Braddy Tarboro, N. C. Textiles Delta Kappa Phi Secretary; Textile Forum Managing Editor; Intramural Athletics; Dormitory President 3, Manager 3; Social Director. Wallace Carlyle Bradley Gerton, N. C. Electrical Engineering aiee. Edward Neal Bradshaw Raleigh, N. C. Industrial Arts—Technical Option John Alton Bradshaw Salisbury, N. C. Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu. John Robert Brady Raleigh, N. C. Recreation and Park Administration Intcr-Dormitory Council Athletic Director 3, 4; Student Director Intra- mural Athletics 1. 2, 3, 4; Intramural Advisory Board 3, 4; Inter- Dormitor ' Council 3, 4. Carl Mitchell Branch Lumberton, N. C. Agricultural Education [360] luiiiLiu Baillv Bha.nch Square, N. C. Electrical Engiiieeriiig AIEE. 1 ' aui Weber Brant R.ilciyli. . C. Civil Euiiinceriiig lau Bill I ' i; Phi k.ipp.i Phil Chi I-psiliin; Phi Kl.i SiKin.i; LiiKiiuiriiiK Honors ProKtani; ASC ' Ii. Julius Paul Brauer Noilin.i, ' . C. iMcc iiiiiic(i Eiiiiiueeriug Pi T.m Sinniii . , 4, CorrcspondinR Secretary 4; Men ' s Cilec C ' lub 1: Superior Sduiems ProKram 2; EnRinecrinK Honors PrnRram 3. 4: ASME 2. 3. 4; Iheta Tau 2, 3, 4, Corrcspuiuling Secretary 3, Scribe 4. CiAin T). l ' )P iiH ' .ERS Conw.iy, N. C. Pulp ami Paper Tcchnoloii) i Si nia Pi: Associate Forester of Xi SiKiii.i I ' i; Memher iiT I imidi inicr Society. Ja.mes Eugene Bridgers Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Evgineeriug National IRE; National . 1EE; Joint AIEE IRE Student Branch; Freshman Tennis Team: Representati ■e in Bib Four Day 3; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Dance Committee I; Participant in Raleich Little Theater: Engineers Fair 3. 4. Paui TiiLiR-MAN Briggs Lcxiogton, N. C. Design Ramon Paul Britt Lumberton, N. C. Electrical Eitgineeriiig WKNC 1, 2. 3. 4. R.F. Director 4; W4ATC ' ice President 2, President 3. Technician 4; IRE 4: Engineers Fair 1. 2, 3, 4; .AIEE IRE Joint Student Branch. Robert Wayne Broome Hickory, N. C. Textiles Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Psi Textile Fraternit ' ; InlramuraLs I. 2, 3, 4; IFC. loiiN Craven Broughton Garner, N. C. Applied Mathematics Pi Kappa Phi; ' arsity Soccer Team; Intramurals 1. 2. 3, 4. E N I O R S 1 n. Charles Franklin Brown Jr. . Hope Mills, N. C. Electrical Engitteeriitg Churchill Perkins Brown Jr Littleton, N. C. Textiles Kappa Sigma; Phi Psi; Kappa Tau Beta; Intramurals I. 2. 3. 4; Athletic Director 3. Dayne Hubert Brown Raleigh, N. C. Physics College Union I ' orum Committee; American Institute of Physics; Honors Program. John Henry Brown Jr Rock Mount, N. C. Applied Mathcniatics Kenneth Warren Brown Burlington, N. C. Math Education Veterans Club: ACM. Jes se David Browning Wilmington, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEETRE; Intramurals 1, Track 2. Charles Stephen Bryant Greensboro, N. C. Electrical Engineering .American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Freshman Baseball: Intramural Athletics. William IOm Buchanan Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engineering Phi Kappa I ' bi; lau Beta Pi: Chi Epsilon; Chapter Editor of the Traiisil 4; Army ROTC Rifle Team I, 2; Varsity Rifle Team I. 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, 4; Engineering Ilrnors Program 1, 2; ASCE 3, 4; BSU 3, 4; YMCA 2; Apollo Club 4. William Watkins Buchanan Roxboro, N. C. Aeronautical Engineering Institute of .Aeronautical Sciences. [361] CLASS OF 1962 i Ji nfe Charles Windle Buckner Burnsville, N. C. Agriculhire Floor Manager 3. 4; Dormitory Manager 4; Dormitory President 4; Young Democrats Club I. 4. Paul Bullard Evergreen, N. C. Forest Management Richard Wayne Bullock Zebulon, N. C. Science Education Soccer, University of North Carolina 1; First in Class Academically 2; Mathematics and Science Club; Chairman Library Committee; Chairman Summer Sessions Committee; Apollo Club. Robert Eugene Burgess Dumont, New Jersey Metallurgical Engineering Chairman College Union Music Committee 2; College Union Library Committee 2; Summer School Chairman 2; Wesley Foundation Evangelism Committee Chairman 2. Program Chairman 3, Publicity Chairman 4; Pershing Rifles 1, 2; American Society for Metals 1, 2, 3. Chairman 4. Robert Marshall Burgess Burlington, N. C. Forest Management Alpha (iamma Rho; IFC Representative; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; School of Forestr - Senator 4; F orestry Club 2, 3, 4. John William Burns Wilmington, N. C. Furniture Manufactiiring and Management Furniture Club 2, 3, 4. Roy p. Burris Jr Raleigh, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ' eterans Association; ASME. William Edward Burton Jr. Hickory, N. C. Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon 3, 4; American Society of Civil Engineers 1, 2. 3, 4, President 4; Engineers Council 4, Secretary 4; Student Government 4; Clroup Leader 4; Campus Stores Advisory Committee 4. Roy McMillian Butler II Raleigh, N. C. Forest Management : Arch Darden By ' num Stantonsburg, N. C. Agr cii!(iiral Economics Actixities Director Economics CUib 4. David Lincoln Byrd Chadbourn. N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE. Edward Morton Byrd Orrum, N. C. Civil Engineering Phi Kappa Tau. Chi Chapter; Chi Epsilon; American Society of Civil Engineering; AFROTC Marching Cadets Drill Team; National Society of Pershing Rifles; Student Government Commission on Orientation; Freshman Orientation Group Leader. James Theron Byrd Jr Raleigh, N. C. Forest Mmiagement Society of American Foresters; North Carolina State College Foiestry Club. James Philo Caldwell Jr. . Charlotte, N. C. Applied Mathematic!. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Thirty and Three; Phi Eta Sigma; Blue Key; Golden Chain; Pi Mu Epsilon; Military Editor, Ac.homeck; Class Treas- urer I, 2, Secretary 4; Student Government I. 2; Campus Code Board 3, 4; Consolidated University Student Council 1. 2. jiMMiE lIiLDRED Caldwell Thomasx ' illc, N. C. Applied Mathematics Intramurals I, 2; Member YMt ' A. Ronnie Ellsworth Calhoun Cistonia, N. C. Mathematics Education American Institute of Physics 1; Mathematics and Science Club 1. Fred Lonnie Callahan Jr Forest City, N. C. Civil Engineering Sigma Nu. Jerry Cagle Callicutt Asheboro, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE 4. [362] E N I I Josi;rii I liK n C.vLiicinT U.imM.ui, N. C. IiiWiisfrin Arti Ediicaliou McmbiT iif N.itiun il Education Association . Trcasnrci 4. tix-.AR RoGHR Calldwav Kiliyspi Hi, UrUK-SSCC Architecture Kap| a SiKma; Phi Eta Sisma. l iniAHi) Cheac;ii Mackubin Cmaeri hi Newsport News, ' irnini.i Civil tiigiKt ' fiiiii; American Society of Civil EnRinccrs. Samuei Robert Calvin 1 Ii)llida sburt;, l nns K .iiiia Forest MohTiicniciit ollf ball 1: Golf 2; Eorcstry Clul); 1 he WcsUv Idund.ition. RwiHUPii eil Campbell S.ilishury, N. C. Ch?inical Eitgiuecriiiii AICIIE. LDS Club Officer. XvAL DwK.HT Camper Forest, X ' irginia Chemistry Science Council . Treasurer 4: American Chemical Socipt ' . . 4. Iava 0 " Neil Carey Buliin t(ln, N. C. Agricultural Engineering Alpha Gamma Rho; Soccer 1. 2, 3; ASAE Vice President and Secretary; Agricultural Council 3: Orientation Group Leader. Xevhtte Mich,vel Carpenter Elkin, N. C. Recreation and Park Administration Arnold Air St)ciety; Swimming Team 1; Intramurals 1. 2, 3, 4: All Campus Football 2. 3; Big Four Da - 1. W ' lLLLKM Calvin Carpenter llickoiy, N. C. Civil Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Pi; Tau Beta Phi; Chi Epsilon; Engineers Fair 3, 4; Band 1. 2. Stanley Gaston Carr Miami, Morida Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon; ASCE, Co-Editor Oir llie Lsivl. Albert Heath Carrier III Charlotte. N. C. Landscape Architecture William R. Carriker Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE IRE. I Ienrv Constantine Carroll Chappaqua, New York Civil Engineering Newman V u y, Dance Committee; Photography Committee. Alexander Lev is Carter Kingsport, Tennessee Architecture Pi Kappa .Alpha. Aubrey Maynard Carv Charlotte, N. C. Icchanical Engineering ASME. Hernando Casas Bogota, Republic of Colombia Inditstrial Engineering . merican Institute of Industrial Engineers; Furnilure Club; International Committee College Union; International Club. James Cashetta Cary, N. C. Engineering Physics Phi Epsilon Pi; American Institute of Electrical Engineering; .American Institute of Physics. Roy Baxter Catlett Thomas ille, N. C. Chemical Engineering AICHE 1. 2, 3, 4. [363] CLASS OF 1962 i Harold Caudle Lenoir, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE; Veterans Club. Hurley Starke Cauthorn Richmond, Virginia Pulp and Paper Technology M ' estminster Fellowship Council Member. Jerry Manley Cebe Durham, N. C. Product Design Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Senator Student Government 1, 2. John Cerasi Camden, New Jersey Electrical Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon; Band: IRE. James Lawson Chandler Jr. Ruffin, N. C. Forest Management Pershing Rifles; Society of -American Foresters; Forestry Club; InlranuULiI Swimming 2; Assistant Floor Manager of Dormitory. PiNG Ching Chao Taiwan, China Textile Technology Larry Pinkney Chapman Charlotte, N. C. Pulp and Paper Technology Xi Sigma Pi. Clifford Stephen Chappell Raleigh, N. C. Architecture Alan Marsh Chedester Alexandria, Virginia Electrical Engineering Thcla Chi; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Agromeck 1, 2, 3, 4; Rifle Team 2; Intramurals 1, 2. ♦ Solomon Thad Cherry Fayetteville, N. C. Zoology Leopold Wildlife Club. Garland Forbes Chick Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engineering Donald Duane Childers Kannapolis, N. C. Physics Secretary cf .American Institute of Physics 3, 4; Engineers Council 3; Science Council 3. Larry Eligene Chaplin Winston Salem, N. C. Mechanical Engineering AFROTC; Wesley Foundation. JOHN Stanley Chrisenberry Garner, N. C. Science Education Captain LInited States Army; Temporary Duty at North Carolina State College for the Completion of BS Degree. Carl Edgar Clark Elizabethtown, N. C. Agricultural Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Circulation Staff The A riclllturist; Vice President Junior Class; YMCA 1,2, 3; Dormitory Floor Manager and Social Director 2; Apollo Club 2; Agriculture Education Club Social Director 2, Vice President 3; Sludent Government Senator 2. I kiGH A. Clark Elizabethtown, N. C. Agricultural Education Vocational .Agriculture; Editor Vo-Ag; .Agriculture Club; Dean ' s List. Joseph Mason Clement New Bern, N. C. Civil Engineering Kappa .Alpha; Intramurals 1. 2, 3. 4. Donald Lentz Cline Cold 1 iill, N. C. Agriculture Farmllouse; Gamma Sigma Delta; Freshman and Sophomore Sears Roe- buck Scholarships; National Science Foundation Undergraduate Research Fellowship. [364] James William Clontz Lonoir, N. C. s Fiiniidirf Manufacturiiiii mul .MniinyfiiifiK C.EORGE Herman Coats Cl.uton, N. C. Industrial Arts Intrjiiuirals 1,2: ' cterans Association. E N I O R John Charles Cobb . slK illc, N. C. Applied Mitlheiiuilics SiKma Alpha Epsilon; Blue Kc ; I ' hirty and llirfc; CioKfcn Chain; Apollo C ' liih: Fraternity Eilitor AriiuiMtcK; Intramurals I, 2. 3, 4; Ck ns()lidated Uni tTsit Sliulent Council 3: Graduation Marshal i; President Sigma Alpha Fpsilon. Douglas Franklin Coble F;iycttc illc, N. C. Mechanical Engineering L- S Secretary 4; SuinjniinK ' leani I. 2, i, 4; Intramurals I, 2; Band I. 2. 3, 4; ROTC Band Commander i; Secretary Fanfare Band 2; Sym- phonic Band 4. LoiTis Coleman jn Wilmington, N. C. Civil Engineerinii 1 1. Michael Collins Raleigh, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Delta Sigma Phi; Pershing Rifles; ASME. Thomas Carl Comer Cameron, N. C. Recrejtion and Park Administration Mars Hill Junior College. Bobby Joe Conner ' ilmington, N. C. Forest Mcnagenicul Baseball 3. 4; Baseball at ' ilmington Junior College I, 2; Forestry Club. Piiii IP C.LiSAN Conner Charlotte, N. C. Civd Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon: ASCE. -PV . t £ h k Buddy Wiley Connor Kings Mountain, N. C. Forest Management .Apollo Club; Forestry Club; Baseball I: Intramurals I, 2. 3, 4; Dormitory Officer 4, ' ice President. Glen Eliot Cooper Ahoskie, N. C. Physics Ior.ace Glenn Corbett Fountain, N. C. Chemistry Pi Kappa Phi. Charles Edward Cordell Ashc ille, N. C. Forest Management Society of .American Foresters: Forestr C ' lub: ' eterans .Associatiim. Jaimie Elizabeth Cornwell Asheviile, N. C. Zoology Recorder Phi Theta Kappa; Secretary-Treasurer North Carolina State Saddle Club 3; Classical Co-ed 1, 2; Hospitality Committee 3, 4. Arthur Glenn Corpening High Point, N. C. lechanical Engineering Kappa Sigma: Vice President Kappa Sigma. Benjamin Maynard Coston Hubert, N. C. Agrictdtural Engineering .AS.AE; Farmllouse; Mechanized -Agriculture Club; Intramurals I, 2. 3. 4. Frank Minges Cothran Salishurx ' , N. C. Mechanical Engineering Wrestling 1; Dormitory .Athletic Director 2, 3; A ' etcrans .Association 4; Society of Mechanical Engineers 4. James Roy Covington Lumberton, N. C. Forest Management Intramurals: Forestry Club, Vice President 2, .Asst. Program Chairman 3, Program Chairman 4; Forestry Club I, 2, 3, 4. [365] CLASS OF 1962 df h lih JKh m Jerry Edwin Crabtree Greensboro, N. C. Applied Mathematics Pi Kappa Phi; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Go ' t. Honor Code 3, 4. William Stanley Craig Ashevillc, N. C. Forest Management Alpha Zeta; Program Chairman and President of the Forestr ' Club. WiLLiAiNi George Crawford Jr. Goldsboro, N. C. Industrial Engineering AIIE; Intramurals 2, 3, 4. Remus Creel Jr Albertson, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME. Sherman Louis Criner . Winston-Salem, N. C. hidwitrial Engineering AIEE 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Dormitor - President 4; Inter Dormitory C:,,uncil 4; YMCA 1, 2. Marion Robert Croom Raleigh, N. C. Industrial Arts S niphonic Band I, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1. 2. 3. 4; College Union Film Ct)mmittee !, 2. Reggie Alexander Crowell Albemarle, N. C. Textiles Phi Psi; Intramurals I; Men ' s Glee Club; Advanced iMilitar) ' . Thomas Edward Crowell Charltitle, N. C. Agrictdture Science Leopold Wildlife Club. Glenn Daniel Culp Gold Hill, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME. I Walter B. Cummings New Delhi, India Applied Mathematics Pi Mu Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Engineers Council 3; Science Council 4; Militao Ball Association 4. John Theodore Curlee Winston-Salem, N. C. Electrical Engineering Sigma Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Blue Kev: Phi Kappa Phi; Tt ' cltuician I, 2, 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Men ' s Honor Code Board 3, 4; Chairman of Student Government Human Relations Commission 4; Consolidated University Student Council 4; Student Gov- ernment H(mor System Commission 3, 4; Engineering Honors Program 3, 4; Apollo Club 2, 3, 4; American Institute of Electrical Engineers 3, 4. David Douglas Currin OxFord, N. C. Civil Engineering Pi Kappa Phi. James Dickinson Gutter Springfield, Massachusetts Industrial Management Arn(jld ir Society; Monogram Club, Treasurer; Swimming Team I. 2. 3, 4; Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. Jaivies Call Dail III Kinston, N. C. Chemical Engineering Freshman lennis; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Big Four l_)a I, 2, 3. James Edgar Dalton Jr. Pine Hall, N. C. Animal Husbandry Technology Animal Industrv Club: Livestock Judging Team: E:litor )f Menl iiiiit Milk 4. Gary Lindsay Dana iliekory, N. C. Chemistry Sigma Chi; AICHE; Band 1, 2; AFROTC 1. 2. 3. 4: Engineering Senator 3; Orientation Leader 4. Harry Gray Daniel Richmond, Virginia Chemistry American Chemical Societ . Paul 1 Ienrv Daniels New Bern, N. C. Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers. If ' iiS i A ib [366] I SENIORS Wiiiiwi iliNin Damiis I-ort Bragg, N. C. , , 1 . •l; » C ' J • l-nRimtrs Onimil: IAS; A; Oulicin C ' onimitli ' L-. CulU-Kf Uiiinii. . T ' 11 N.itional lkUicaM»n Assn.; X. C. L i m H fl R . H MnBsr MoHAMED Abd Dauwish Alcxiiulria, Lgypt f J Textile Tec iijo ogr ■ f Kenneth Gordon Davenport Newland, N. C. _ ' vy V J Physical Science aficl Applied Math.; Nuclear Physics i , ■ 1 ' k JS? Phi Eta SiKiiia 1; AIP 1: Intramurals 2. William Scott Davidson DillwAii, iiginia t b Textile Technology M, | JT | Delta Kappa Phi. ' ice. Pres. 4; Kappa Tau Beta, PIcdKrinaster 4; YMCA BB • HHH iKl I 1; Intramurals BH H H Bobby |of D.avis State Road, N. C. Mr- Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon; . SCE; Intramurals 3, 4. ■■■ 9es, r v Charles Algernon Davis Jr. Diaper, N. C. — " Textiles ' t 1 lucH Saimson Davis Statesville, N. C. HT M m ' — - ■-•-- — MW — --- ■ ' " ' » ™ James Leroy Davis Raleigh, N. C. j|0Hh Kf B A ec iii((icn! Engineering— Aeronautical Option g f m l- ! ; " PO; Theta Chi, Chaplain; Marching Band. ■J ' fZ ' $i f-«,,| joH, Grady Davis jr Rocky Mount, N. C. . Mechanical Engineering . Kpr X x ter . k. Phillip Armfield Davis Graham, N. C. _ HB JV . E ' l ctrical E)igineering " iH| HHH H Thomas Linville Davis Goldsboro, N. C. ht| SRtii I l Mechanical Engineering— Aeronautical Option y -n ■r P l P ' Kappa Phi; Intramurals I. 2. 3. 4; Pershing Riflt-s Drill Team I; I g k B B ? Marching .Airman Drill leani 2. IVS • " S . 1 " Charles Maxwell Deadmon Mocksville, N. C. J " - § ___ Mathenuitics Education " J lf Billy Eugene Dees Hope Mills, N. C. Carl Jackson Deese Marslu ilie, N. C. Civd Engineering ASCE 4; Basehall 1. 2; Intramurals 1. 2, 3, 4. Donne Robert Dekle Matthews, N. C. ' " »v L t Mechanical E ngineering— Aeronautical Option — r - - A " " ' and I, 2. 3, 4. Lj Juan Jose Del-Carmen Guatemala [367] CLASS OF 1962 William Joseph Dowd St. Pauls, N. C. Textile Technology Lambda Chi Alcha, Pledge Trainer i. 4; Delta Kappa Phi; DEK.IP C:oEditur; Sr. Student Govt. Rep. 4; Elections Committee; Pershing Rifles I, 2; Tompkins Textile Council 4. WiLLiAisi Norman Dowdy South Mills, N. C. Agricultural Economics Agriculture Economics Club 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 3, President 4. Charles Lewis Dlike Canton, N. C. Physics Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Varsity Tennis 2, 3, 4; Symphonic Band; BSU Council. William Bryant Duke Norlina, N. C. Plant Protection Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4; Football 2. 3, 4; Owen Dorm Pres. 4, Vice Pres. 3; IDC 3, 4. Clarence Russell Duncan Lincolnton, N. C. Product Design Sigma Phi Epsilon; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Frank Patrick Duncan Burlington, N. C. Textile Technology Phi Psi; Intramurals 1, 2. Romas Hicks Duncan Raleigh, N. C. Applied Mathematics— Physical Sciences George Heyward Dunlap |r Raleigh, N. C. Industrial Education Kappa .Alpha; Golf Team 1, 2, 3. James Ashton Dunn Efland, N. C. Textile Technology Christian Foy Delionback Raleigh, N. C. Industrial Engineering Veterans Association; AIIE. Thomas Clay Dellinger Thomasville, N. C. Mechanical Engineering— Aeronautical Option Sigma Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma; Football 1; Baseball 1; Varsity Football 2. 3. 4; IAS. Edward Exner Denison Ashe ' ille, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Pi Kappa .Alpha; Pi Tau Sigma, Pres. 4; Tau Beta Pi, Corres. Secretary 4; Phi Kappa Phi, Vice Pres. 4; ASME 3, 4. Palil Samliel Dennis Jr Asheville, N. C. Electrical Engineering IRE. Stephen Bryant Denny Greensboro, N. C. Applied Mathematics Intramurals, Football, Bowling, Softball 2. 3, 4, Vollcyliall 4; Inter Dorm Council 3, 4; Dorm. Pres. Mgr. 4. Alvin Johnston Dickens Jr Morganton, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME. James David Dixon Greer, S. C. Industrial Arts Pres., N. C. Education Assn.; N. C. Industrial Arts Assn. 2; Junior C ' hamber of Commerce; National Grange; Industrial Arts Club 1, 3, 4. Jerry Elmo Dodson States ille, N. C. Industrial Engineering College Union Music Committee 1; Drum Bugle Corps 1, 2; . IIE 4. Halit Zafer Dokuzoguz Ankara, Turkey Chemical Engineering I 11 IWmi ii " lyjip! F S - K ' i{ , INp ifeirtk.dri i ( [368] E N I O R S Kenneih Ai a. Dunninc; Kinslim, N. C. Electrical (iiigiiift ' riiij; AlIT; nV. Chih: l.iUfKi- Union PIdiii C ' umniitti-i-; 1. Makcel Louis Dlitlai P I, C oiomni:! Electrical Engineering I liiNC I lUiNc. Duong Saigon. Sduih Xictii.ini Wood Technology Newman Club; The Asian Siudcnt MaRa int-: 1 lu- Bill nl uln.iiii MaRa ine: Forest ' Club. JtJSEPH Lester L.vrlv Oik Ciiy, N. C. Agricidliiral Education Alpha Gamma Rbn: Alpha Zfta: AKricullural i:iknalicni ( lub .1. 4. Richard . L iuuce Earnhardt C ' hnliiitc, i . C. Electrical Engineering AIEE. James Wiley E. rp Jr Selma, N. C. Animal Husbandry Technology Farmllouse. Tho. ias LIerbert Eck Sawmnah, Cicoroj i Pulp and Paper Technology Phi Ela SiRma: i SiRma Pi; Alpha Zeta; 30 3; Blue Key; Gulden Chain; Theta Chi; Forestry Club; Fourdrinier Society; IFC; Wesley Foundation; Marching Band. Fanfare Band; S:udent (;overnmcnt; College Union Student Committee; . pollo Club; Student Marshal; Intramurals 1. 2, i. 4. William Buchanan Eckstein Bryson City, N. C. Chemical Engineering AlCE, Officer; Intramurals 2. 3. 4. James Pete Economou Da ton, Oliio Wood Technology Pres. Forest Products Research Society 1, 4; eterans Club I, 2, 3, 4; Furniture Mfg. Club. WWCTTy i r " - h T k h Th zk t Otho Eugene Edwards Cary, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME; Wterans -Association; Engineers Fair 4. Roger Pittman Edwards Cerro Gordo, N. C. Indus ' rial Engineering ' irgil James Edwards New Bern, N. C. Math and Science Education Veterans Association; Math Science Club; Student National Education Assn. Wayne Wright Edwards Red Springs, N. C. Textile Technology Delta Kappa Phi; Monogram Club; Basketball 1; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Henry Frederick Elias Peekskill, New York Architecture Safei El Kharadlv Ale.xandria, Egypt Textiles RoscoE Edison Elkins Jr Clarkton, N. C. Applied Mathematics Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Apollo Club; YMCA; US Delegate to the 1961 .Annual ISM for the United Nations Conference; Himors Pro- gram; Delegate to Duke UN Model General .Assembly 3; ' ice Chairman, Eastern Colleges Science Conference; College Union Board of Directors; Vice Pres. Science Council 3. 4; Middle South Regional Director; Col- legiate Council for ihe tli ; Chairman, Forum Committee 4; Secty. Student Toasttnasters 3; Treasurer YDC 4. Lloyd Wilson Elliott Old Fort, N. C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Epsilon Pi Tau, ' ice Pres. 3; lAC I; ' eterans .Associatiim I. 4. Edward William Ellis Jr Henderson, N. C. Civil Engineering afrotc. [369] CLASS OF 1962 dih K Kz — Robert Bennett Everette Raleigh, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Bernice Ray Farmer Raleioh, N. C. Textile Technology Delta Kappa Phi; Marching Band I; Concert Band 1. Clifford Herbert Feather Dublin, Georgia Math Education Vice President of Student Chapter of National Education Association. Jack Welch Felmet Wayncs ille, N. C. Agricultural Education Agricultural Education Club. Grady Thermon Ferrell Jr Raleigh, N. G. Civil Engineering David Eugene Fetherston Oilandu, Florida Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi. Clarence Stewart Finch Henderson, N. C. Forest Management Golf Team 1. 2; Forestry Club, Senior Counselor. Lowell Vance Fine Denton, N. G. Animal Hushandry, Agricidture Technology Rifle Team I; Animal Industry Club 2, i, 4; Caee Club I. George William Fish Roanoke Rapids, N. G. Industrial Engineering YDC; Newman Club; ASIE; Veterans Association; liUrajnurjIs 1, 2. George Burkhardt Ellis Jr.. . Winston-Salem, N. G. Mechanical Engineering Theta Tau, Vice Pres. 4; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Tau Sisma ' ice Pres. 4; Engineers Council 3, 4, President 4; ASME. Howard McDonald Ellis Jr Raleigh, N. G. Zoology Joe Allen Ellisor Greensboro, N. G. Civil Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Chi Epsilon; Honors Program; .ASCE. Alfred Landon Elmore Dunn, N. G. Agricultural Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Gamma Sigma Delta; Ag Ed Club, Social Chairman i; Big Brother Comm. 4; SNEA. Ralph William Emmrich Franklin, N. G. Applied Mathematics Scabbard Blade; Advanced ROTC; Orientation Group Leader; Mathe- matics Club. James Howell Entrekin Charlotte, N. G. Industrial Arts Sigma Pi, Treas. i, 4; Industrial Arts Club 3, 4; ROTC; Freshman Orientation Leader; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; .Athletic Director 1. Ilona Marianne Evans Winston-Salem, N. C. Applied Physics Sigma Kappa. ' ice President. Thomas Wayne Evans Gary, N. G. Industrial Erjgineering |ack Nash Everette Acme, N. G. Industrial Arts— Technical Option IAC; College 4-H Club; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. r ' m ,M kmk tfTili fe I i [370] SENIORS C;eoiu;k W ' iliom; 1 isiim Ml- I ' Icasant. N. C. AJec i(iiiicijI Hn hieerhiii—Aerontnitictil Option Phi kappa Phi: Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau SiRiiia: Phi Ita Siyma; InM. „l Acnispaiv Sciences: Lutheran Student Assn.: Haml: Mii Beta Psi: 1 nwi neeriuK llomirs ProKrani: Unnineers Ci)unciK W ' lLDON CiiBTis Flake New 1 (nulon, N. C. Textiles CIarv C ' .baman- Fleming ntiukison. N. C. Jij iislri i Arts Pi kappa Aliih;v. Baskelhall 1. 2. ■ -4; CM 2. . 4; Ould.ior { anipiuK; I lorticuhure Club. IvM pii C ' .LENN Fleming Salishury, N. C. Chemical Engiueeriufi AKHE. Abmuir David Flowers Nfw Bern. N. C. Mechanical Engineering .Advanced AFROTC; AIEE; ASME. Fames Monroe Floyd Jr Lexington, N. C. Agriculture Technology Student tiovt. Treasurer 3; Apollo Club: .-Vnitnal Industry Club; Chairman of Student Govt. Budget Finance Committee; Campus Code Board; College Union Board of Directors. ' icT()R NF iTisoN Floyd Fair BluFF N. C. bidusirial Arts Inlramurals 1, 2. 3, 4; Industrial .Arts Club; VounK Democrats Club; Orientation Group Leader: Advanced .AFROTC. Charles Homer Flynt Jr Liberty, N. C. Textile Technology Sigma Nu: Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Govt. Senator; Tompkins Textile Council 3; Orientation Group Leader 3. Arthlir Holmes Foland Bluefield, West Virginia Chemical Engineering Bluefield College; AICHE 3. 4; Wesley Foundation 3. 4; ViMC. 3, 4; VDC 3, 4. 1 »r- hmM k ' ik ik ' hi Jack Bernard Fort Ruskin, Florida Electrical Engineering Veterans Club 1. 2, 3; AIEE 4. James Dwight Fort Jr. Clarkton, N. C. Mechanical Engineering John Robert Fort Charlotte, N. C. Chemistry American C ' bemical Society; Representative to Science Council. Ronald Fred Foster Ferguson, N. C. Forest Management Xi Sigma Pi; Secretary, Fiscal Agent Society of .American Foresters; Forestry Club 3, 4. William Elbert Folits Franklin, N. C. Agriculture kappa Phi Kappa; Dorm Intramurals 1, 2; Intramurals 3. 4: .AH Campus Horseshoe Pitcher 3; Big Four Field Day 4; .Agricultural Education Club, President 4; VDC Club 2, 3; NEA 4. David Michael Fowler Greensboro, N. C. Nuclear Engineering James Howard FRAD • Canton, N. C. Pulp and Paper Technology Fourdrinier Society. Robert Henry Frazer Charlotte, N. C. Electrical Engineering Band. Marching and Symphonic 1, 2, 3, 4; .AlFE 4. 1 Iaroi D Leon Frazier Charlotte, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Delta Sigma Phi; Phi Eta Sigma: Freshman Honor Society: Intramurals 1. 2. 3, 4; Cheerleader 4; Glee Club 3, 4; Secretary of Delta Sigma Phi 4; Baptist College Union; Publication Director 4; Social Leader 2. [371] CLASS OF 1962 Millard Jackson Gainey Dunn, N. C. Textile Technology Delta Kappa Phi; Orientation Leader; YMCA 1, 2; AJvanceii ROTC. Carlos S. Garcia Macon, Georgia Electrical Engineering Robert Newell Garner Jr. . Winston-Salem, N. C. Civil Engineering Sigma Nu; Intraniurals 2, 3, 4; Orientation Group Leader; President Sigma Nu; Campus Code Board. Watson McIver Garrison Jr. Burlington, N. C. Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon 3, 4; Scabbard Blade 3, 4; American Society o£ Civil Engineers 2, 3, 4; ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4. Daniel Stephen Garriss Lillington, N. C. Electrical Engineerifig Thomas Howland Gattis Dmliani, N. C. Electrical Engineering ARE. James Russell Gay Jr Walstonburg, N. C. Agriculture Agricultural Economics Club I. 2, 3, 4; Orientation Program 3, 4. Charles Henry Geitner III Hickory, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Steve E. Gentry Ardcn, N. C. Civil Engineering Men ' s Glee Club 3, 4; ASCE Treasurer 3; Alplia Phi Omega; Sergeant al-Arms tk Recording Sec. 3, Historian 4. Robert Moss Freeland Charlotte, N. C. Nuclear Engineering AIP 4. Kenneth Earl Freeman Concord, N. C. Electrical Engineering William Dawson Freuler HaliFax, N. C. Pxilp and Paper Technology Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4; Fourdrinier Society, Vice President 3; Program Chairman 4. Ronald Wayne Fullington Greensboro, N. C. Metallurgical Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon; ASM; Intramurals 1, 2; Band 1. 2. Benny Joel Furr Albemarle, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma; ASME. Glynn Ray Furr Jr High Point, N. C. Electrical Engineering aieeire. Ronald Van Flirr Albemarle, N. C. Textile Technology James Gary Futrell Potecasi, N. C. Agricultural Edjication CJolden Chain; Blue Key; Thirty and Three; Alpha Zeta; Kappa Phi Kappa; Gamma Sigma Delta; Publications Board 4; .Ag. Ed. Club 1, 2. 3, 4; YDC Club 1, 2, 3, 4; FFA Club 3; Senior Class President; Dance Committee Chairman 3; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3; Clerical Club 3, 4; Apollo C ' lub 3, 4; Freshmen Retreat 1. 2; Student GoA ' ernment; Orientation Group Leader 2; Orientation Commission 2, 3, 4; Consolidated Uni ' ersity Stu. Cio ' t.: Dorm President 3, 4, Secretary 2; , sst. Dorm Mgr. 3, 4; Secretary IDC Council 3; Sears Foundation I; N. C. Prospective Teacher ' s Loan; College LInion .Award (3 Years). Billy Franklin Gaffney Cramerton, N. C. Mechanical Engineering pppu ..I " -. -«R ' 1 d thMM [372] E N I O R S RllHERT X ' rTOR GeOIK.IDU St.ltl ' SX il It ' , N. C. Elcclrkiil LfisiiH ' tTiiis Newman Club I ' ri ' sidcilt. RiissEi I WwneGibbs Enolcli.inl. ' . C. Mcchiiiiicdl liiiiiiiiccr ' tiiii Cauy Joe C.ihson Vslicx illc, i . C. Mcclutitical Eugiiteering ASME. loiiN W ' wN ' E Gibson rnirniunt, N. C. Textile Technology Phi Psi. I Aiiin Stafeoru Gibson Griih;im, N. G. Textile Technology Dtll.1 Kappa Phi; Alpha Phi Omegn; Intramuials i. Walter Lee Gilbert Forest Gity, N. G. Mechanical Eugiueering Ocha SiKma Phi; Track 1. 2; LAS I, 2. 3, 4; Inlraimu.ils 1, 2, i. 4; Orientation Cunintittee 4. Oi IN Sylvester Giles Jr. Ralci;:-!!, N. G. Electrical Eugiueering AIEE. Frederick Jennings Gillespie Greensboro, N. G. Mineral Industries Delta Xi Alpha. George Lance Gillespie Sylva, N. G. Mechanical Engineering k YM Gastonia, N. G. 4ik Douglas Rhyne Glover Textiles Stanley Warren Glover Spring Hope, N. C. Agriculture Technology .Agronomy Club 3, 4; Asronomy Club Secretary 4. Wiley Norwood Godwin Dunn, N. G. Agricultural Economics AKricullural Economics Club. LIler Gokcen Istanbul, Turkey Textile Chemistry, Textile Technology Phi Eta Sigma; Varsity Soccer 2, 3; American Assn. of Textile Chemists Colorists. Lawrence Goldstein Moores ille, N. G. Civil Engineering Veterans Club I, 2; ASCE 1, 4; YDC 3, 4. Frances Lee Goodwin Apex, i . G. Science Education Phi Kappa Phi; Cheerleader I, 2, 3; Monogram Club 2; Class Sect. 2. 3; Talent for Service Scholarship I. 2, 3, 4; CU Sect. 3; Chairman of Hospitality Committee 2; NE.A Sect. 3; Consolidated University Sponsor 1, 2; Homecoming Sponsor 3; . IP Sect. 1; W ' oman ' s Campus Code Board 1, 2, 3, 4. Thomas Jerry Goodwin Durham, N. G. Industrial Engineering Wiley Larrie Gouc;e Jr Raleigh, N. G. Textile Technology Delta Kappa -Alpha; Football; President Intramural . d isory Board. Perry Linwood Grady Mt. 01i e, N. G. Electrical Engineering .AIEE ire. [373] CLASS OF 1962 % iMg Ml Robert Shelton Grady Albertson, N. C. Agriciiltmal Education Alpha Gamma Rho; Agricultural Education Club. James Lee Graham Elkin, N. C. Civil Engineering Theta Chi; Tennis Team 1; Intramuials 1, 2, 3, 4. Theron Eugene Graham Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engineering Paul Alexander Grantham Reidville, N. C. Zoology Pi Kappa Alpha. William Howard Gray Jr Fayetteville, N. C. Civil Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha. JOSEPH Sheridan Graybeal Creston, N. C. Applied Mathematics Eldon Leo Green Whiteville, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE. Franklin Roark Green Durham, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Cross Countr ' 1, 2, 3; Indoor Track 1, 2, 3; Outdoor Track 1, 2, 3. loHN BuNYAN Green Midland, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Malcolm Alston Green Durham, N. C. :- ' " " Electrical Engineering Iames Randolph Griffin Jr. Rocky Mount, Mechanical Engineering Intramurals 1, 2; .AFROTC 1, 2. 3. 4. N. C. -■.-■■■ ■ a ' iw ■ .,;3k, « Joe Eril Griffin Jr. Fairmont, N. C. Agricultural Education Ag. Ed. Club; Baptist Student Union. William Sloan Griffith Salisbury, N. C. Textile Chemistry Delta Kappa Phi; American Assoc. o£ Textile Chemists Colorists. Gaither Glenn Grigg Jr Kings Mountain, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE; Dean ' s List. Allan Dupree Griggs II Wadesboro, N. C. Agricultural Science Treasurer Leopold Wildlife Club 4; Asst. Floor iMgr. Dormitory ' 4. Jack Alberto Grimberg Bogota, Colombia Civil Engineering Intramurals 1, 2, 3; Varsity Soccer I, 2, 3; International Comm. 1. 2. 3. 4; ASCE 1, 2, 3, 4. Paul Thomas Grimes Jr Raleigh, N. C. Agriculture Business .Alpha Phi Omega I, 2; Music Committee 2, 3. James Overall Groce Ashcville, N. C. Math Education Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; Thirty Three; Blue Key; Enghieering Senator; Pres. Pi Kappa Alpha; Talent for Service Scholarship 1; Inter- fraternity Council. lirM k i I [374] SENIORS C .EORliE LOCAN C.RIIBBS C ll.ll IdttC, . C. Applied A latUcnialici Pi Kappa Phi; rrau-rnilv Intranuirals 1. 2. ' . ■•; AIAS I; VMCA 1; PraUTiiilv Historian i. Sccrelan 4; Math t hit) . 4. Martin Joseph Crunder Hillside, Ww Jersey Civil EKsiiieeri ' iis I ' lioMAS I loLLAND C.iiNTER l alei,t;h, N. C. Agricti tiire Business Economics DIIN CiinnHRV ClKirlotte, N. C. Textiles Phi Kappa Tau; Delta Kappa Phi; Kapna Tau Beta; InlranuitaK 1, J. , 4; Orientalii.n Leader 4; 1 cmipkins Textile C ' liuncil ' ■. 4. 1 IIO.MAS ZaCK (UITHRIE 1 lickoiV, N. C. Textile Technology Phi Psi; Kappa Tau Beta. X ' ernon C. (jLiTHRiE Raleioh, N. C. Ciril Engineering— Construction Option ASCE. Robert W ' avne Guy Fa ette ille, N. C. Mechanical Engineeri)ig Pi Tau SiRma; Tau Beta Pi; ASME. Ia.mes Acra Hackney III Washington, N. C. Industrial Engineering Thela Tau 2. 3. 4. Regent 4; Phi Eta SiKma I. ' ice Pres.; Phi Kappa Phi 3, 4; Tau Beta Pi 4; Pi Tau Sigma 4; Alpha Pi Mu 3. 4. President 4; Golden Chain 4. Scribe; Companion of St. Patrick 1; ' K C Radio Staff 2; Intramural Handball 4; N ' SA, Coordinator S; CJraduation Marshal J; Engineers Council 4: Senator, School of Engineering 4; .ASME; .AIIE; YMC.A; .Apollo Club; N ' CS Junto; Delegate to SIRC National Student Congress Nat. .Alpha Pi Mu Convention, David Chadvvick Hall Rural Hall, N. C. Applied Physics iMJ kS Charles Lee HA HLTON Lexington, N. C. Civil Engineering Theta Chi; ASCE 4; Intramural Football 2, 3. 4; Basketball 2. 3. 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Theta Chi, Sr. IPC Rep. 1, 2; Pledge Class Pres. I; IPC .Activity Chairman 3, Publicity Director 4, Executive Council 3, 4. John Arthur I Iamilton Raleigh, N. C, Electrical Engineering AIEE 3, 4; IRE 4; ' eterans Assn. I, 2, 3, 4; CU Ouling Comm. 3. 4. Charles Emory Hammond Linden, N, C. 4gn ' cii (!ire Technology, Field Crops .Agronomy Club, Secretar.- 3, Treasurer 4. Harold Paul Hamrick Shelby, N. C. Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu; .AIEE. John Alan Hancock Wilmington, N, C, Nuclear Physics SAE. James Richardson Hand Lowell, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME 3, 4. Roger Eugene Hanes Yadkinville, N, C, Agricultural Technology Soils Soil Judging Team 3, 4; .Agronomy Club, Treasurer 3, ice Pres. 4. W ' iliia.m n Harden Jr Plymouth, N. C. Pulp and Paper Technology Fourdrinier Society: Monogram Club; Intercollegiate Football I, 2, 3, 4; Track I. Paul Doliclas Hardin Canton, N. C, Pulp and Paper Technology Fourdrinier Society. [375] CLASS OF 1962 gii kdik James Charles Harrelson Asheboro, N. C. Applied Mathematics Intramural Sports; YMCA Cabinet. Jav Black I Iarrill Jr Shelby, N. C. Mechanicnl Engineering Cecil Frank Harrington Winston-Salem, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Iheta Tau: Varsity Track Team 2, 4; Intramural Athletic Supervisor i, 4; ASME 1. 2, 3, 4, Sec. Treas. 2; Engineers Council ,?. Alton Terrell Harris Laurinburg, N. C. Industrial Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Vice Pres.; Canteen Manager; Aroomeck, Asst. Class Section Editor 3, Class Section Editor 4; Intramural Football I, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2. 3, 4; AIIE, Orientation Leader. Betty Gail Harris High Point, N. C. Applied Mathematics Sigma Kappa; Pi Mu Epsilon; Math Club; Engineers Council 3; Apollo Club. John Cornell Harris RutheiFordton, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE. John Franklin Harris Shelby, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME, Secretary and Treasurer. Robert Joseph 1 Iarris Jr. Raleigh, N. C Agricultural Economics, Agricidtural Business CU, Activity Comm.; Ag. Economics Club; Intramural Sports 2. William Thomas Harris Jr. Durham, N. C. Architecture f George W. Harrison Jr. Henderson, N. C. Industrial Efigineering AIIE 2, 3, 4; ROTC 1, 2. 3, 4. John Branson Harrison Denton, N. C. Applied Mathematics Athletic Director Floor Manager Bragaw 3, Floor Manager 4; .Advanced ROTC 3. 4. Thomas Edison Harrison Wake Forest, N. C. Textile Technology Delta Kappa Phi; Kappa Tau Beta; Textile Forum; Tompkins Textile Council. Jackie Vaughn Harron Weaverville, N. C. Electrical Engineering Jaimes CtAston Harron Jr Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engineering Zee Marion Harry Jr. Salisbury, N. C. Industrial Engineering Kappa Sigma; ASIE. Frank Taylor Hart II Arlington, Virginia Mechanical Engineering James Clifton Hart Winston-Salem, N. C. Electrical Engineering Sigma Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Blue Key; Technician Staff; Varsity Tennis Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4; Apollo Club; ACC Honor Roll; Student Govt. Senator; AlEE-IRE joint Student Branch Treasurer; Engineering Honors Program; Talent for Ser ' ice Scholarship. Ralph William Hart Lansing, N. C. Industrial Engineering Theta Chi. [376] SENIORS u I 1A. [ . l iii I1 i;i im k. AllKin.nlc, N. C. Ai ' ciiitcctnic Preston Lee 1 Iasson U.ili.ii;li, ' . C. E.Yiii ' riiiieiilii Sliilislics PcrshinK Rifll■ ; Sc;ilili.iril and lilailc. |( iiN N.Miiw IImikock Marslnille, N. C. A rictthurul Science— Poultry Track ami 1 iiUl 1; Poultry Clul.. Ci YDE Doyle Hatley |r O.ikl-xno, N. C. Mechanical Ettgineering lpha Phi OmcKa i, 4: Intraiiiurals 1, 2. Wayne Douglas I Iatley Cliailottc, N. C. Industrial Arli—Tecliiiical Option Lhcta Chi. Steward 2. Pledpe Trainer .■ , President 4; Inlramurals 1. 2, . . 4; YMCA I: Industrial Arts Cluh 3. 4. Jack London Hawkins Jacksonx ille, N. C. Pulp and Paper Technology . Scabbard and Blade; Inlramurals 2, 3. 4; Ad aneed ROTC. W ' li 1 1AM Hubert LLvwkins ' ca cr ille, N. C. Cix ' il Engineering Coke Alexander LLvyes Jr. Ahoskie, N. C. Forestry Management Furcstry Club 2, 3. 4. Edwin Zacheus I Ieafner Charlotte, N. C. Chemical Engineering Engineers Council 4. f ' »5» r « rtJ T l Charles Sidney Heilig Jr. Salisbury, N. C. Furniture Manufacturing and Management Sigma Nu; Freshman Wrestling 1; Varsitv Wrestling 2; Intramural Foot- ball, ' olIeybalI, Badminton 1, 2, 3, 4; Furniture Clul 3, 4. Lynn Ernest Henshaw Waynes iile, N. C. Mechanical Engineering— Aeronautical Option Institute of Aerospace Sciences; Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4; Becton Dormitory Secretary 3, Athletic Director 3. Social Director 3. Richard Alexander Helistess Wilmington, N. C. Geological Engineering American Institute of Mining Engineers, Secretary 3, President 4; Scabbard and Blade; Intramural Football, Basketball, Tennis 1, 3; Advanced ROTC; Distinguished Military Student; Engineers Council 3, 4. Ereddy Alonzo Hewitt Claremont, N. C. Physical Sciences and Applied Mathematics Scabbard and Blade; Intramurals I, 2, 3: Young Democrats Club; American Institute of Physics. Marvin George Hicks Charlotte, N. C. Textile Technology FarmHouse; Phi Psi Textile Fraternity; Swimming 1; Interfraternit ' Council Act. Comm. 3, 4, Soc. Comm. 4; Phi Psi; Junior Warden 4; . chanced Army ROTC; Drum and Bugle Corps 1, 2, 4. Montague Hoskins Hicks Ir Raleigh, N. C. Textile Chemistry Phi Kiippa Tau .Alumni Secretao ' 2. Rush Chairman 3, Domain Con- ference Chairman 4; American .Association of Textile Chemists and C ' ftiorists. Publicitv- Chairman 4: Fraternity Intramurals. Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Track 1. 2, ' 3, 4, Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4, Swimming 3. 4. Bowling. All-Campus Football 2; IFC, .Activities Comm. 2, 3; Soc. Comm. 4; Creek Week Chairman 3. Walter George Hicks Charlotte, N. C. Textile Technology FarmHouse; Pershing Rifles: Phi Psi; Scabbard and Blade; ROTC; Color Ciuard 1, 2. Commander 2; Intramurals 1, 2. 3. 4. .Athletic Director 4; Advanced ROTC 3. 4. Richard Graham LIigh Wilson, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASMF 1. 2, 3. 4. Bl KL L Aso.N HiLDRETH Jr. Wadcsboro, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma; AS.ME. [377] CLASS OF 1962 £: k Gerald Franklin Hill Gary, N. G. Nuclear Engineering Freshman Track; ' arsity Track 2; American Institute of Physics: Am erican Nuclear Society; Drum and Bugle Corps 1; N. C. State Marching Band 2, 3, 4; N. C. State Symphonic Band 2, 3, 4. James Norman Hill Asheboro, N. G. Ceramic Engineering Keramos; The American Ceramic Society; ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Engineers Council 4. John Courtney Hill Raleigh, N. G. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Tau Kappa Epsilon; Fraternit - Intramurals I. 2, 3, 4; Pershing Rifles, Drill Team; Association of the LL S. Army. Reginald Faulkner Hill Youngsville, N. G. Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Business Agricultural Economics Club. Robert Kendall Hill Kinston, N. G. Horticulture, Agricultural Business Alpha Gamma Rho; Band 1, 2. William Fletcher Hix Asheboro, N. G. furniture Manufacturing and Management Robert Wilson Hodges Jr Raleigh, N. G. Industrial Engineering AIIE 3, 4; YMCA Comm. 3, 4. Harvey Theodore Hogan Jr. Graham, N. G. Industrial Engineering Alpha Phi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 2; Alumni Sec. 4; American Institute of Industrial Engineering 2, 4; Commission on Orientation 2, 3, 4; Traffic Comm. 2. 4; Summer School Chairman 2, Group Leader 2; DeMolay 1; ROTC I, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1; YMCA 1, 2; YDC 4; Campus Chest 2, 3, 4, Coordinator 3. Thomas Lee Hogan Ghapel Hill, N. G. Agricultural Education Freshman Football; Intramural Football and Track; .All-Campus Football; .Ag. Ed. Club 3. 4; Coin Club 3, 4. I II Gharles Robert Holder Winston-Salem, N. G. Electrical Engineering Theta Tau. James Gilbert Hollifield Marion, N. G. Civil Engineering— Construction Option Pi Kappa Phi. James Franklin Holloway Jr. Monroe, N. G. Ceramic Engineering American Ceramic Society. Walter Van B. Holmes Durham, N. C. Electrical Engineering Soccer 2; Concert Band 1, 2; AIEE; IRE. Hugh Milton Holt Burlington, N. G. Electrical Engineering Phi Kappa Tau, Steward 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 4; Professional Society .MEE. IRE; Symphonic Band 1. 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Pres. Bands 4. George Montague Holton Jr. Raleigh, N. G. Nuclear Engineering Delta Sigma Phi. Ghester Bryant Honeycutt Angier, N. G. Agricultural Engineering Alpha Gamma Rho; Kappa Phi Kappa, Pres. 3; Vo-Afi, Business Manager; firiciilttirist; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Big Four Field Day Volleyball 2: AED Club, Pres. 3; Collegiate FFA. Darl Stevens Hood Raleigh, N. G. Nuclear Engineering Andrew Allen Hooker Englehard, N. G. Industrial Engineering AIIE 4; Vet. Association 4. mS " V Mm Ik ttt m, h tM [378] I Iamus Calvin I Iodks .nk ' shcuo, . C. Electrical Eiighwcrhis, Applied Mathematics EnRinifrinB lliinots ProRram J; YMCA 2. i: AIEE 2. 3. James Michael Hooks Cliarlottc, N. C. Industrial Engineering Sigm;! Fhi Epsilon: Intramurals 1. 2, 3, 4; All Campus Suftliall 2, i; Football i: Track 2; AIIE. HOSSEIN CillOl 1 HoOMANl TcIkiMII, Il.lll Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma; MonoRram Club 2, 3, Sec. 4. Clinton Wilson Hoover Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE; Wnerans Assu. losEPii Coleman 1 Ioward Aliciskic, N. C. Mechanical Engineering SiRma Nu; Mililarv Ball Asso.; AS.ME; Freshman Orientatiun Commission 4; AFROTC. William Edward Howell Roduco, N. C. Mechanical Engineering— Aeronautical Option Arnold Air Soc. 2, 3, 4; Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. Ernest Franklin Hubb.vrd Stedman, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Daniel Russell Huffman Catawba, N. C. Applied Mathematics Sigma Chi: Swimming 1, 2; AICHE I, 2. Ierrv David Hliffman Hickory, N. C. Textile Technology Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Psi; Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball I, 2, 3, 4. l Jt Jt i M J M£ ■ mgnma " i - ' ■• ' LovD Allen Huffman Wilkesboro, N. C. Agricidtiiral Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Ag. Ed. Club. Thomas Marshall Huffman Salisbury, N. C. Forest Management YDC I; eterans Club 1, 2, 3; Forestrj ' Club. Ernest Wilson Hughes New Bern, N. C. Ceramic Engineering Keramos; ACS. William Henry Hulbert Sanford, N. C. Nuclear Engineering AIP 1. 2. 4. Ronald Stephen Hulse Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Chemical Engineering Kappa Sigma, Treas. 2, 3; Intramurals 1. 2. 3; IFC 2. James Lee Humphrey Maple, N. C. Recreation and Park Administration Alpha Pill Omega; Arnold .Air Soc.; Advanced .AFROTC. Richard Franklin Hunter Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engineering William 1-rancis Hunter U ' inston-Salcm, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Thcta Tau: .American Soc. of Mechanical Engineers. Paul Frederick Iaeger Reading, Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Administration Y ' arsity Football I. 2, 3, 4; Varsity Wrestling 2, 3, 4; Freshman Baseball. [379] CLASS OF 1962 Mohammed Hossameldin Ibrahim Alexandria, Egypt Textiles James Edward Ingram Kernersville, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Theta Tau 3, 4; Alpha Phi Omega 3, Treas. 4; American Society of iMechanical Engineers 3. 4; Men ' s Glee Club 1; Student Gov. Traffic Comm. 3; Orientation CJioup Leader 3; Engineers Council 4; Engineers Fair Comm. Chairman 4; Dormitory Vice Pres. 3; Asst. Dormitory Mgr. 3; IDC 3. Howard Stephen Iskyan Durham, N. C. Physics and Nuclear Engineering Forum Comm. 1, 2, 3; American Institute of Physics 2. 3. 4; Toast- masters Club 3, Vice Pres. 4. Simmons Harrison Isler IV Charlotte, N. C. Architecture— Design Theta Chi, House Manager 4; YMCA Cabinet 2, 3, Secretary 3; Bagwell Dormitory Social Director 2; Men ' s Glee Club 1; C. U. Theater Comm. 1; Stu. Gov. Senator 4. Larry Randolph Isley Martinsville, Virgini a Furniture Manufacturing and Manageinent Pi Kappa Alpha, Executive Comm.; Furniture Club; Intramurals, Golf 3, 4. William Dewey Jackson St. Pauls, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma; ASME; Basketball 3. 4; Softball 3. 4; Coin Club. William McIver Jackson Winston-Salem, N. C. Electrical Engineering Sigma Chi, Sec., Pres.; Golden Chain, Pres.; Blue Key; Thirty and Three; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma, Sec; ilte Tccluiician, Editor, ExecutiA ' e Editor; Board of Publications; Honor CtKle Board, Clerk; Advanced ROTC, Brigade Executive Officer; DMS; Cadet Board of Appeals. Pres.; Intramural Football and Softball 1,2, 3, 4; Liaison Comm.; AIEE IRE Branch, Sec; Honors Program; Engineers Council; Orientation Group Leader; Apollo Club; IFC; College Union Library Comm.; YMCA Board of Directors; C. LI. Board of Directors. Perry Herbert Jameson Jr Jackson, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME 3, 4. Olin Jarrett Jr. Marshall, N. C. Mechanical Engineering— Aeronautical Option Mu Beta Psi 4, Pres. 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 2nd Vice Pres, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Men ' s Quartet 3, 4; B, S. LI. Exec. Council 4; IAS 3, 4, I Clinton Leroy Jefferies Jr. Raleigh, N, C. Applied Mathematics Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Epsilon. Norris Boddie Jeffrey Badin, N. C. Agricultural Science— W ildlife Leopold Wildlife Club. Samuel Edwin Jeffries Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE; IRE. Fred Arnold Jenkins Charlotte, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME. Henry Scott Jenkins Rutherlordton, N. C. Forestry, Pidp and Paper Technology Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Four- drinier Society. Van Simith Jenkins Oxford, N. C. Science Education Veterans .Uso.; Science and Mathematics Club; Nat. Edu. .■Ksso. Bobby Lee Johnson Trenton, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME. Charles Du ncan Johnson St. Pauls, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME. Jackie Burris Iohnson Draper, N. C. Mechanical Engineering— Aeronatil ical Option Band 1, 2, 3, 4. le [380] JoiiN Allen Johnson Rocky Mmmt, N. C. Cii ' i! Etigincerhiii JosEiMi I lEnnERT Johnson H.ilciuh, N. C. EU ' clrical Eiisim ' friiit; AllL: U Y: C. IL Hubby :ind lilm Cmiim.i VMCA. Jules Doau Johnson Shclln, N. C. Textile Tfc iiio o.ijv IVIla K.ipp.i Phi; PLTshinR Ril ' li-s; K;ii l ' ' i I - " i " i ' : ' - ' u.LL M Donald Iohnson C ' liaiiinic, N. C. . I( c ii7iiicn Eiis,iiieerin Sij;m:i Phi Lpsilon: Phi Eui SiRma; ASMF,. Will lA.M Leon Johnston Greensboro, N. C. hidustrinl Engiueeriiig Si nui Phi EpsiUin; Anieric.m Institute (if Industrial LnKinccrs; Orienta- tion (iroup Leader. 1)11 1 V ( wEN Jones Raleigh, N. C. Chemical EngiiieeTing Tau Kappa Epsilon. Treas. 3, Pres. 4; American Institute uf Chemical EnKineers 2, i. 4: IPC 4. C harles Franklin Jones Charlotte, N. C. Industrial Arts Education George Thomas Jones Greensboro, N. C. Recre:itioii and Park Administration Swimmine Team 3, Letter; Intramurals I. 2, 3, 4; Brasaw Dcirmitory Athletic Director 4; Monogram Club 4; Water Skiing C ' iub 3, 4, Chair- man; Berr ' Dormitorj ' Vice Pres. 3; IDC 3. Harold I Iolvoake Jones Jr. New Bern, N. C. Horticidtiire Holticulture Club. SENIORS O f iM k [ames Benton Jones Charlotte, N. C. Civi! Engineering Pershing Rifles Commander 3, 4; Scabbard and Blade; Intramurals, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball 1. 2, 3, 4; Student Gov. ' ice Pres. 4; Military Ball Asso., Pres. 3; Apollo Club 4; Orientation Commission 2, 3, 4; Publications Board 4; Dormitory Floor Mgr. 2, 3. 4; Athletic Director 2; .Army ROTC Brigade Commander 4; American Soc. of Civil Engineers; Young Democrats Club 2, 3, 4; Social Dir. of IDC 4; CU Board of Directors 4. Richard Foster Jones Raleigh, N. C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Intramurals 1; Industrial Arts Club 3; C. U. Games Com. 1; Band 1; Young Democrats Club 4; Drum and Bugle Corps; Y ' MCA 1, 2. Robert Franklin Jones Elizabeth City, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Scabbard and Blade; ASME. Robert William Jones Alexander, N. C. Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Technology WKNC 1, 2; 4-1 1 I, 2; Mech. Ag. Club 2, 3. 4. Thomas Carrow Jones Beaufort, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon; ASME; Intramurals 1, 2. 3, 4. Walter Vernon Jones Jr Liberty, N. C. General Textile Technology Delta Kappa Phi 3, 4; Tompkins Textile Council 3, 4; Textile Forum 3, 4. Bruce McDonald Fornes Cary, N. C. Electrical Engineering Veterans Asso. 1, 2, 3, 4; AIEE 3, 4. Roderick Grouse Jordan Charlotte, N. C. Dairy Husbandry Pi Kappa Alpha; Dairy Cattle Judging Team; . I Club. V. Varkey Joseph Kerala, India Forest Management Society of .American Foresters. [381] CLASS OF 1962 Mt fe r iMfe David Wayne Joyner Murfreesboro, N. C. Mathematics Education James H. Joyner III Raleigh, N. C. Physical Sciences and Applied Mathematics Cniss Country 1. 2, i, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4. Alan Jubenville Suffolk, Virginia Forest Management Leopold Wildlife Club; Apollo Club; YMCA; Oasis Society; Collegiate Academy of Science. George Steven Kalin Upper Montclair, New Jersey Textile Technology Textile Forum, Bus. Mgr. 4; Delta Kappa Phi. Treas. 4; T impkins Textile Council, Treas. 4. John Thomas Kanipe Jr Fair Bluff, N. C. Agricultural Education Golden Chain; liliii- Key, ' ice Pres. 3; Student Gov. Legislature 3; Rules Comm. 3; Acting Pres., Summer School; Student Gov. Sec. 4; Orientation Commission 2, 3. 4; Agricultural Edu. Club I, 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 3; YMCA 2, 3, 4; Apollo Cnub 3, 4; Young Democrats Club 2, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4; IDC 3, Vice Pres. 4; Bragaw Dormitory Mgr. 3, 4, Vice F ' res. 3, 4; State Student Legislative Assembly 2, 3; Climate of Learning Conference 3. William Earl Keel Washington, N. C. Industrial Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha; .Alpha Phi Omega; Freshman Blotter; Intramural Foot- ball, Basketball, Softball. ' olleyball 1. 2. 3, 4; Library Comm.; Activities Comm.; International Comm.; Forum Comm.; Soc. Comm.; Games Comm.; American Soc. of Ind. Fng.; ASCE; Young Democrats Club; Veterans Club. Jack Elmer Keeter Jr. Rutherfordton, N. C. Textiles Lee Allen Kelly Sanford, N. C. Civil Engineering John Phillip Kennett Durham, N. C. Inditstrial Engineering AIIE; ROTC. l J. Allen Kimball Jr. 1anson, N. C. Field Crops Pi Kappa Phi 1, House Mgr. 2, Steward 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 4; Blue Key 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Gov. 2, Sec. 3; Delegate to National Student Congress 3; State Student Legislature, Sec. 4; IFC 3, 4. James Stewart King Charlotte, N. C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Delta Sigma Phi; Track and Cross Country, Lettered 1 ; Cross Country, Lettered 2; Intramurals; Industrial Arts Club. John IIarold King Jr Smithfield, N. C. Geological Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering AIME; ASM; IDC. Jack McPhail Kirby Canton, N. C. Electrical Engineering Institute of Radio Engineers, Inc.; American Institute of Electrical Engineers. .o William Franklin Kirk East Bend, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME 4; M.S.H., Alderman 3. Jack Leonafsd Kiser Sherrills Ford, N. C. Mechanical Engineering— Aeronautical Option Band 1. 2, 3, 4; ROTC 1, 2, 3. 4; ROTC Band 4. Richard Carey Kistler Charlotte, N. C. Industrial Engineering Delta Sigiua Phi; C ' ampus Code Board, Orientation Leader; Student Legislature, Chairman; Cheerleader Selection Comm. William Daffron Kivett Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engineering IRE 3. 4. Marvin Glenn Klutz Iliekory, N. C. Mathematics Education AIEEIRE Joint Student Branch I, 2, Sec. 3, 4; Engineers Council I, 2, 3, 4; NUA 4; FTA 4. T SJ T — , — ' ik k £i ..SJ f,: ■; M V [382] SENIORS Cii Aiu IS 1j) IN Knkiiuihi; |n. S.ilislniry, N. C. Electrical Engineering _- 1 P ' " ' il W 11 HAM liAiLtv Knight Jk llickory, N. C. Vurniliire Mtmufaclwiiig tiiid Minuiiienieiil m V • ' rurniturc Cluli 2. i, ■». - W ■ " " " Samufi Gordon I lickorv, N. C. I ( K . II I lAM l.Dw ARU Knox W ' insum S.ilcni. N. C. mfgfmu K MWr mS Civil Engineering ■fc l . ir k l Adv.incid AFROTC, Color Cuard 2. Drill I earn 1; W ' iiiK Staff-ISO 4; %. fi , Intranuiral Foolhall Hiawaw Dorm I, ■ ■ E f » I A( V 1 Ifkman Koonce Jr Racford, N. C. J ' rs % f -5»» -r ' fj ' : — f Civil Engineering ' ' . ASCE: Football 1; Intraiiiuials 1. 2, .?, 4. " , ' . - Dennis Robert Kroll Suteis illc, IVnnsvKaiiia k 1 1 ' . Erlinc Uve Kruse Ilurclal. Norway HUP I , a k .... i Electrical Engineeri ig SS B P ' m H |W B RiiDV Georce Kugler Jr. Charlotte, N. C. I ' »Jf « «? ' fn 4k, Industrial Engineering V " j ™ f Sigma Chi; Phi Eta Sigina; AlIE: Arnold Air Society; Agromeck V k- .a|«| _ Photographer; Techniciait Photographer; Interfraternity Council; Tennis » m 1: Intramurals 1, 2, 5, 4. V A W lv | Kumar Etawah, India . MS i L. 1 flUJ H ft ft . ' .joibbI I r _ ■ " ■ ■■ ■ ■■ ■ ■■ " ' ' " ' ' ■ " " " Gerald Francis Lackey Winston-Salem, N. C. K HrI HB HMm jHljHtek Electrical Engineering ' ' H ire. i _ . ' J ' - ' " - - Russell Dale Lamb Ashe ille, N. C. ' ' -• ' - Mechanical Engineering , . - asme. V _. J ■ ■- ' m- " k Donald Gerald Lambert StanFicld, N. C. h H ' «V H 4| Mechanical Engineering ™ l B H ■■ ■li ™ John Hall Lambert Brevard, N.C. tB B W B Hm iii »s(r n Arts Eiiiicn(!0)i HHI RRllh Industrial .Arts Cluh: .American Society of Agricultural Engineering; Intra- m mf " mural Bowling I, 2; olle ball 1, 2; Football I, 2; Basketball 1, 2. J¥ -»• «■ 1 -— -« ' John Donald Lane Asheville, N. C. ■■■ . ' i " Mechanical Engineering m. ' ' Thelbert Eugene Langley Angier, N. C. B Sw V Mathematics Education f J l m f - 1 William Howard Langley Asheville, N. C. r9 HH| Pulp and Paper Technology i Pulp and Paper Foundation Scholarship I, 2. 3. 4; Fourdrinicr Society. I " Robert Haygood Lasseter Miami, Florida - Physics Sigma Pi, Pledge Master, President 4; Swimming I, 2. IJL I Arthur Lee Latimer III Suffolk, Virginia A itjm, ' Pulp and Paper Technology l| Sigma Nu; Blue Key Fraternity; IFC .Activities Committee 2; Social ' Committee 3. Chairman 4; Sigma Nu Representative 1, 2; IFC Vice- m 1 President 4; Intramurals 1, 2, i, 4; Class Treasurer 3, 4; Ring Committee ■ H 3; Social Functions Committee 4; .AFROTC I, 2, 3, 4; Orientation Group 1 H Leader [383] . CLASS OF 1962 Kent Edward Lee Greenville, N. C. Civil Engineering— Construction Option Michael Clifton Lee Gastonia, N. C. Chemical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; AICHE. Merrill T. Leffler High Point, N. C. Physics Sigma Alpha Mu, Pres.; Blue Kev; Sigma Omegram; Intramural Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3. 4; Handball 2, 3, 4; Softball 2, 3, 4; Honor Code Board, Chairman; IFC. Richard Craig Lemons Murphy, N. C. Textiles Phi Psi; Young Democrats Club; Veterans Asso.; Orientation Group Leader. Archie Max Lennon Evergreen, N. C. Animal Hiishandry Technology Animal Industr CUib, Vice Pres. 4; Livestock Judging Team 4. Bernard Broughton Lennon Evergreen, N. C. Animal Husbandry AI Club; Block and Bridle Club; Meats Judging Team; Livestock Judging Team. Robert Leo Leonard Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engineering— Construction Option Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Intramural Football 1, 2. 3. 4; ASCE. Flora Corpening Lester Pine 1 lall, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Sigma Kappa, ' ice Pres. 3, Sec. 4; CU Sec. 3; Hospitality Comm. 2, 3, 4; Forum Comm. 3, 4; ASME 4. George W. Lester Martins ille, Virginia Industrial Engineering Gerald Franklin Laughinghouse Vanceboro, N. C. Wood Technology Forest Product Research Soc; Undergraduate Research Project. |oN FIarvev Lalighter Henderson ' ille, N. C. Civi! Engineering .American Soc. of Civil Engineers; Inter-Dormitor ' Council; Dormitory, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4; . thletic Director;- 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Iames Robert Lawrence Jr. Stoneville, N. C. Industrial Arts Education Lawrence Wilson Laxton Jr Elkin, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi E.isilon; ASME; Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 4. Michael David Lea High Point, N. C. Applied Mathematics Golden Chain; Blue Key; Tlie Technician. News Staff 1, News Editor 2, Managing Editor 3, Editor 4; Board of Publications; Swimming Team I; C. LI. Board of Directors; Consolidated University Student Council; ■Athletic Council. Jainies Michael Leatherwood Clyde, N. C. Geological Engineering Peter David Leavitt Corinth, Mississippi Forest Management Society of American Foresters. Benjamin Glen Lee Hollister, N. C. 4gricii (iira Technology, Animal Husbandry Livestock Judging Team; Meats Judging Team; .Al Club. John Wayland Lee Burlington, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME. I " fikil) [384] E N I O R Hii 1 V Kovci; LiLES KniKhtd.ilc. N. C. Agricultural Education k. FJ. club; RiiiK Comniiltcc. Henry David Liles I ilcs illc, N. C. liur.muiruls J. 4; VMCA 1, 1: ASME ?, 4. Anthony Gene Lindsay Clinion . N. C. Textile Tt ' c ' iiio ojjv Phi Kappa Tau. l l)NAl D C ERAID LiNDSAY Mt. ()li C. N. C. Mechanical Eni!,ineerinf American Soc. i.f Mechanical Engineers; Arnold Air Soc; Circle K Club: Iniramurals 1; AIROTC; Advisory Comni.; Campus Chest Drive. Miles Eruin Lineberger Dallas, N. C. Agricultural Fducation Alpha Zela. Chancellor 4; Kappa Phi Kappa, ice Pres. 3; Thirty and Ihree; Blue Kev, Pres. 4; G.ilden Chain; .Agriciilliirist 1, Editor 2; Student Publications Board 2. . ; Intramural Football 1. olleyball 1, 2. Basket- ball I, 2, , 4, Captain . Z Team 3; Class Pres. i: SC. Senator i, 4; Homecoming Parade Chair. J; LS- , Pres. }; Ag. Council i. 4; Ag. Ed. Club I, 2, 5. 4; Graduation Marshal i. Richard Bernard Lingman New Bern, N. C. Forest Management YMCA; Forestry Club. John Barry Link Salisbury, N. C. Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi. Edgar L. Little Durham, N. C. Fores t Management Forestry ' Club. Herbert Randolph Little St. Petersburg, Florida Mechanical Engineering— Aeronautical Option Delia Sigma Phi; Cross Country I; Glee Club. Treas. I. Publicity Mgr. 2, Pres. 4; .-Xpollo Club; Stu. Gov.; Engr. Senator 4; Honor Code Com- mission 4; Orientation Group Leader 2, 3, 4; ASME; L- S. ' 0 ll - n cM ' MJfh i Jerry Labon Little Monroe, N. C. Textile Technology Intramurals. Softball 1, 3. 4; Table Tennis 1, 3; Bowling 1, i, 4. Michael Anthony Littlejohn Burlington, N. C. Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu; AIEE IRE. Fred Lee Liverman Ahoskie, N. C. Forest Management Soc. of .American Foresters; Intramurals 4; YDC 3, 4; Counseling Service for Freshmen Forestry Students; Forestry Club, Sec. 2, Vice Pres. 3, 4; Southern Conclave 3, 4; YMC. . BoYLEs Gallimore Lloyd |r. GuilFord, N. C. Civil Engineering— Construclion Option JAMEs Carlyle Lloyd Durham. N. C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Group Leader 4; ROTC. William W aite Loftin III Mt. Olive, N. C. Applied Mcilhentatics Lames David Lore Gastonia, N. C. Applied Mathematics AICHE 1. 2; Varsity Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Wesley Foundation. Ray Nesbit Love Concord, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE. Iames Thcjmas Louder Fayetteville, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; .Alpha Phi Omega. [385] CLASS OF 1962 Clyda Weeks Lutz Raleigh, N. C. Recreation College Union Board of Directors 2, 3; Chairman of Activities Committee 2; President of CU 3; Friends of the College Board of Directors 3; Woman ' s Campus Code Board 2, 3; Consolidated University Student Council 3. Thomas Craige Lverly New Bern, N. C. Electrical Engineering Institute of Radio Engineers. Fulton Lee Lynch Jr Raleigh. N. C. Electrical Engineering Thomas Edwin McCall jr. Black Mountain, N. C. Textile Technology FarmHouse; Sigma Tau Sigma; President of Tompkins Textile Council; Phi Psi Treasurer; Talent for Service Scholarship; John M. Reeves Award. William David McColl Thomasville, N. C. Aninutl Husbandry—Agricitlture Business : l Club 1, 2. 3, 4. Vice President 3; Agriculture Council 4; Baseball 1. Charles Gray McCollum Reidsville, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME. David Elder McCombs Salisbury, N. C. Chemical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; President of Syme Dorm 4; IDC; .Advanced ROTC; Atlantic Coast Conference Athletic Honor Roll 3; .Apollo Club 3; Freshman Golf Team; Varsity Golf Team 2, 3, 4. Richard Anthony McCorkle . Cherryville, N. C. Nuclear Physics Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Intramural Basketball 3; Band 1, 2; BSU Council 2, 3, 4; Church Representati e 2; Propert - Chairman 3; Forum Chairman 4; NSF Research Program 3, 4. Orson Lane McCotter Mount Holly, N. C. Textile Technology Phi Psi Fraternity, Secretary; Orientation Group Leader. 4 Clifford Ray McCrary Lexington, N. C. Science Education Alpha Phi Omega; Phi Rho; IRE 1; WVWP Special Produclions Manager 1: WKNC News Director 2, Technical Director 3, Station Manager 4; W4ATC 1,2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4. James Justice McCree Holly Ridge, N. C. Chemical Engineering Intramurals 1, 2, 3; Dormitory- Secretary 2, Assistant Manager 3, ' ice- Prcsident 3. Social Director 3; AICHE 2, 3, 4. John J. McDermott Durham, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME. Leland Kitchin McDowell Tarboro, N. C. Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; H. K. N.; Tau Beta Pi; Orientation Group Leader. Wesley Olen McGee Laurinburg, N. C. Textile Chemistry Delta Sigma Phi; Thirty and Three; Delta Sigma Phi National Convention; Social, Alumni, Public Relations Chairman; Football Intramural 1, 2; Basketball Intramural 1, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball Intramural 3, 4; President of the Sophomore Class; A2TC2 President 4; Tompkins Textile Council 1, 2, 4; Textile Sen. 1, 2; Legislature (Chairman of Campus Welfare); Apollo Club; CXI Board of Directors; Friends of CloUege, Inc. Wyatt Lemuel McGhee Franklinton, N. C. Civil Engineering Pi Kappa Phi. Robert Anthony Jones McGrady North Wilkcsboro, N. C. Civil Engineering— Construction Option Tau Kappa Epsilon; .ASCE 4; Intramurals 1. 2, 3, 4. Forrest K. McIntosh Stanley, N. C. Textile Technology Phi Psi. Maurice Daniel McIntosh Charlotte, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME. ▲ik [386] E N I O R JiiiiN Ai-iiLui MflMVUK Ivihhins, N. C. Civil Engineeriiig—Cotistniction Ojuinw ASCE. John Woiins McKay Jr. C ' h.iilotto. N. C. MatheniiUics Ediicaliou M.ilhim.itics ami Siii-ncc Ed. Club: Student N.1I. Ed. . ssu. W ' li HUH ruANKiiN McK.w Miuston, N. C. Iinluitriiil Arts K.ipp-i I ' l " K.ipp.i; rls t lub; CiilleKi.itt- 4 11 Cluli. RaNDOI Pll rilRlSTIAN McLeOD Bt ' tlu-stl.!. M.HaI.IIuI Boliiiiv Thft;i Chi. Soc. Chairman. .Assl. Ticas.. Second du.ud; C.U. Sue. Ciinnn. W ' u IIAM 1 AWHENCE iMcLeOD Jr. Dinll.ini, N. C. Mechanical Eugiiieeriiig Engineers Council Rep. 4; . SME 3. 4; ROTC 1. 2. 3, 4. Ierrv . llen McMahon Morganton, N. C. Chemical Engineering .AICHE; Engineering Research. Edward Leich McMillan Brewton, Alabdma Eorest Management Kappa .Alpha; Football 1; Forestry Club; Soc. of .American Foresters. Frank Doub McMillan Red Springs, N. C. Applied Mathematics Pi Kappa Phi, .Asst. Treas. .3, Treas. 4; Intramurals 1, 2, i. 4; Mathe- matics Club, 2. 3, 4. Ch. rles Leigh McMltrray Spruce Pine, N. C. Architecture T.AE 2, 3, Cir. .Mgr. 4; Raleigh Canterbury, Pres.; Sen. Warden of the Episcopal Church on Campus; Council of Religious Affairs; YMC.A. kjt James Ralph McNeill Lansing, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE 2, 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 2, 3, 4. Council 4. Kenneth Michael McNeill Rockingham, N. C. Textile Technology Delta Kappa Phi; Sigma -Alpha Omicron; Intramurals, Football, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3. 4. Leonard Clarence McRee Newton, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma; . SiME; Scabbard and Blade. Wade Hampton McSvvain Jr. Albcmaile, N. C. Textiles Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Psi; Tompkins Textile Council; Intramurals, Football 4, Softball 1. Track 1; Orientation Group Leader 2. Gerald Peaden McVicker Maxton, N. C. Architecttire Sigma Pi; Publication of the School of Design. Billy Glenn McVVhorter Kannapolis, N. C. Electrical Engineering Harold Raymond Mabe Morganton, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME 4. Malcolm Da iu M, cCallum Jr. Southern Pines, N. C. Mechanical Engineering— Aeronautical Option Phi Eta Sigma; Mu Beta Psi; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Band 2; C. U. Film Comm. 1. 2. 3. 4; IAS 1, 2. 3. 4, 5. Herbert Rooney Malcom Jr. Rocky Mount, N. C. Civil Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon; .ASCE. [387] CLASS OF 1962 JIJ BB Hjj HHI WiLLiAiM Carl Malmborc Elkadcr. Iowa I 1 I 1 W 1 1 William Don Malpass NorFolk, Virginia tvH. ' ' ■ MMt t ' t Y " - ' ' Ch ' il Engineering— Canstruction Option Mu Beta Psi; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; YMCA 1, 2, 3. . d ....y M . " .y W Basile James iMandakis Winston-Salem, N. C. I LW B Mf . L Electrical Engineering ■ M Ml. fe B k SKNC Radio Club, SYATC — " " " IHH HIiii li HHHIi lHli H liMMiE William Mann Waynesville, N. C. ' fl H I IE I H Ii l Metallurgical Engineering ' Saii T WWBfcl lHB| ' H Delta Sigma Pbi, House Mgr. 3; ASM. :am. «f» -f -111 »-• John Rives Manning Jr. , . Roanoke Rapids, N. C. ' " ' 1 . Animal Husbandry-rechnology K) 4 _ % Animal Iiidusliv Club 1, 2, 3, Sec. 4; Livestock JutlginR Team 4. Jlfes—- k . m ' . -C Marvin Samuel Margolis St. Pauls, N. C. W tf » HP AfplieA Mathema-ics ' — William Grady Marley Jr. . Lumber Bridge, N. C. Civil Engineering American Soc. of Civil Engineers; ' elch Dormitor ' , Pies.; I.D.C.; -Apollo Club. K 4c W p« f l H J° Antonio Marti Mexico, D. F. ' ■ ' i " 1 Textile Technology ,. B Soccer 1, 2, 3; International Comm.; NeAvin;m Club. f :- S ' t " Jfe - ...... Iesse Frederick Martin Jamesxille, N. C. J , f K Agricultural Education mmJUk L f Stu. Gov., Senator 4; Colle giate F.F.A., Treas.; YDC. F ENRY Alton Matthews Lakevievv, N. C. . 9I ISp m ik Mechanical Engineering Z ff " ?!J |BBB P ' ' BH ® ASME; ROTC I, 2. 3, 4. r g iBH f 11 Samuel Forbis Matthews Monroe, N. C. W i f ' • " " ' V Cii ' i! Engjiieerjjig—Coiisdiiclioii Option M,, fc ' . •- ASCE; Married Student Housing Council. Treas. ST Jk |% ■ ' James Marshall Mauney Burgaw, N. C. B H L 1 James Lloyd Mauney Henderson ' iile, N. C. " " " " " " " ■ " " ■.■ -. M — .ow,« B tilMiaM 9 Fish Biology Tau Alpha Sigma; Leopold Wildlife Club, Pies.; AG Council, Rep. " " " " fe f I FiiiGH Gordon Maxwell III Goldsboro, N. C. WKV ' ] » li i v- Poidtry Science— Agricultural Business Ib Poultry Club; Poultry Judging Team. Hb Ronald Michael Mayer . Aslie illc, N. C. t ' H« ¥ H Chi Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Intramural Bouiing 3. 4. ;r " BE _1 ' I B P IMM Bobby Franklin Mayse Spind.ile, N. C. J ' ' MBltii " ' " Textile Chemistry K ■ I Phi Psi; .American .Asso. of Textile Chemists and Colorists. _ V g 1 .JivSk " " jF Gene Thomas Meadows Hiddcnite, N. C. A ■ r-- ,. . V ' ' Food Science and Processing . J W -illl l Elizabeth City, N. C. if V % Hl A I 1 [388] g I I I SENIORS Ailni ' ton. X ' il ' ginia ■pOTI HBHBH H HIB ' IPP liccrciilioti and Park Adiiihiiitralion IVm. jfHttK) jt ■pS ' S SiKin;! Ka| pa: C ' lucrlciuli ' r 1. 2; MnniiRrnm C ' liili 2. Sic. i: Lilinuy V ' tMk- ■ • " k .. C ' oilim.. C ' hairmun 2; CU BoartI of Directors J. 4; WHman ' s Canipu k ' SS 111 iBn l Coilc Board 4: r.;l. Scmiior. Siu. Gov. 2; YDC 1, 2, . . V zib ! I L W- Edice CAniiDN ' Mli i Ji;. Lli .ilxtlilDwn. . C. __ _ H •• • Chil Eiiyiiiferiiij; - T - vfe — V ASrU; clir:ins Club. . V I L . i.viN SuiroN .Metts lanicin. . C. ffftT l pc slP ili A ) ) ei . (i( iemii(ics S ROTC 1. 2; Baml 1, 2; I ' anfare Band 1.2. 1 j It f -«. ' JU «. ■ « TiHiM AS l ' ) ii) AIic-iAELS Raleigh, N. C. » A " liidiiitriaJ EugiHeeniig . ' ' X " ! — — J Dclt.i SiKiii.i Phi; S imnuns 1. 2: .Monogram Club. Publicity. k . . - fi losEPH Bradley Middleton Alexandria, ' irginia « k L w SiKnia Phi Epsilun: Football I; Itr.ranuirals .- , 4; Xcwnian Club. ■ TT ' r ' " ' " ' ' fWS M g m m m LinvARi) Miller Circcnslimo, N. C. l BBJJI I r l Electrical Liigiiieeriug ■ l jl P ' l 1 IIe.nrv Van Miller Winston-Salem. N. C. i ' - Phi Epsilon Pi; .Xmerican Institute of Physics 1. 4. 1 " " v Jl __ ' tf William Elicexe Miller XA ' est JeFFerson. N. C. B H | f HH H|H H HH| H H| H Fred H I P I H H ,1 C5 " Zy jC-S 1 JAMES M. RCUs Mills Jr Wallace, N. C. .|k 1 Agricultural Education L ' j % » .. J - ' Ag. Ed. Club: Ag. Club. Jf _ — Jesse Reid Mills Burlington, N. C. H B B ]X 1 Mechanical Engineering H A. H j B M 1 1 Pi Tau Sigma, Recori ing Engineers. H V " H A H L L Rep. 1 H l jHHP B Milton Kent Mills Mooresville, N. C. r f t ' Sf T. ' ' l Electrical Engineering 1 " ' -J - u " Ervin Randolph Millwood Durham, N. C. J • Civil Engineering J .. m! . L ' ' ' ' ' ' TES Milton Raleigh, N. C. BiK Industrial Arts— Technical Option H |V. VU ' ' HBH Carre PiYAn Mitchell Wilmington, N. C. B , ta l Pii. ' p and Paper Technology B ' ' ' » ' W K Pershing Rifles; Fourdrinier Soc.; Scabbard and Blade; . ' GRU, rEC:K; TJie m - vv " . ' r « Ti ' cltniciun; Swimming 1; Intramural Sports I. 2; Photography Club; C£ ■ I m Militarj Ball Asso.; Wesley Foundati m; Y.MCA. € J " Georce Cleveland Mikhell 111 Dunn, N. C. ., , m Ceramic Engineering A. m. ' V Keramos. Pres. 4; .American Ceramic Soc. 3, Sec.-Treas. 4; Intramural ■ B r H 1 Camaguey, Cuba [389] CLASS OF 1962 JAMES EvERETTE MoNROE Laurel Hill, N. C. Textile Technology Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Psi, President 4; National Textile; Intramurals; YMCA; Tompkins Textile Council. Carl Eugene Montgomery Semora, N. C. Agriculture Technology Ag Club 1. 2, 3, 4, Officer 2; AI Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 2. Charles Jack Moore Jr Hamlet, N. C. Mechanical Engineering American Society of Heating. Refrigerating, Air Conditioning Engineers; ASME; Mayor Pro-tem Married Students Housing. CoLLicE Clyde Moore Littleton, N. C. Recreation and Park Administration Varsity Football 2, 3, 4; Freshman Football I; Baseball I; Intramural Official. Harry David Moore Jr Concord, N. C. Metallurgical Engineering Julius Graham Moore Raeford, N. C. Forest Management .Alpha Zeta; Tlie Pifietittn. William Ernest Moore Raleigh, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME. Harvey Carroll Moose Raleigh, N. C. Zoology— Agriculture Science Band I, 2. 3. 4; CO Film Comm. 2. 3. Francis Joseph Morris Windsor, N. C. Electrical Engineering Institute of Radio Engineers. I I II James Avery Morris Columbia, N. C. Agriculture Robert Harvey Morris Charlotte, N. C. Electrical Engineering Walter Wiley Morris III Durham, N. C. Electrical Engineering Theta Tau; AIEE; Track 1, 2, 3. ZoBLE Rice Morris Ahoskic, N. C. Recreation and Park Administration .Athletic Director 4; Intramural Official 3; Intramural Advisory Board 4; Big Four Rod Gun Day 3, 4. Roger Alan Morrison Charlotte, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Sigma Nu. Joseph Kent Morton Kingsport, Tennessee Textile Technology Phi Psi; Football 2. 3, 4; Advanced AFROTC; Club 3, 4. |ohn Melvin Motley Burlington, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME. LaMont Edward Moyle . Stewartsville, New Jersey Science Education Wilbur Earl Mozingo Ir. Kinston, N. C. Recreation and Park Administration Sigma Chi; Technician 2, 3, Circulation Mgr. 4; Tennis 1. 2; Intra murals I, 2, 3, 4. drkJfk I [390] SENIORS lUiPii llxKiMw Mm I IS Olin, i ' . C. Fiiriiidirf .Miiuufaclitrinii and Miiiiaiicniciit I iirnilurt ' C ' luh; rnrcst Prinlucts RtstMrcli S Kii ' ty; VMC A. Siii ' iii MuNEVYinci Istanlnil. I iirkoy Chemical Eiisiiifcriiii; iii Tcxiile Chcnihtrv Phi Kappa I ' lii; Tail Beta Pi; SiKiiia Tan Sicnia; ICllIi VMCA; Cos- mopolilun lluh: Intirnalional C ' luh; Apollo Club; SiucK nt I (.astmasters: Assyrian American Slar; Reporter. AAIC ' C Leroy Pearce Murphy K.ilciuli, N. C Indtislrial Arts Public Relations Clfficer: 1 A Club, Secretary V. Sluilenl MA 4. Robert David Mustian Kitticll, N. C. Rural Sociology Alpha Zcta; School of ARritulture Honors ProRram; Intramurals I. 2. . 4; Alpha Phi OmeKa 2. 3. 4; VMCA I. 2. 3. 4. Xice Prcs. 4, Cabnut 4. Board of Directors 4; Ar. Council I, i. 4. Secty. 4; Clerical Club; Apollo Club; Rural Sociology Club; Wesley Foundation; Talent for Servic ' e Scholarship 1. 2. 3. 4. DovLE Clinard Myers IlicnnasN illc, N. C. Mechauical Eiigiiievr ' ni Sifima Phi Epsilon. Iames Barr Myhre Ovcilaml Park, Kansas Chemical Eitgineeritig Blue Kcv; WKNC, Publicity Director, Social Functions Comm.; Vice Pres. EnRineers Council: AICE, President. Ai viN Grant Myrick Littleton, N. C, Alatheniatics .Mpha SiRma Clamma; Vets . ssn.; Vetville Council Alderman; NBA; Math Science Cluh. Richard Earle Nance Caiy, N. C. Industrial Engineering AUE; YDC; Intramurals 1. Philip Newcomb Nanzetta Winston Salem, N. C. Applied Mathematics Phi Eta Sigma, Treasurer; Pi Mu Epsilon, Treasurer; Tccliiiicini; 2; Science Council Treasurer i, Pres. 4; Eastern Colleges Science Confer- ence; Executive Chairman 4; Orientation Group Leader 4; Honors Program; Superior Student Program Consolidated University Student Council 2. i k£i d.h Peyton Ring Neal Greensboro, N. C. Rural Sociology Lambda Chi .Mpba. . sst. Treas. 2. Vice Pres. 3, President 4; Consolidated Llniversity Special Committee on Higher Education; Interfraternity Coun- cil 2; Fraternity Row Chairman 3, 4, Rush Committee 3, 4; Freshman Orientation 3, 4; Honor Code Commission 4. Joseph Donwell Neighbors Benson, N. C. Nuclear Engineering .American Institute of Physics. Robert Edwin Nelson Catons ille, Maryland Applied Mathematics ' arsitv Soccer 3, 4; Intramural Basketball 3, Softball 1; .Advanced RC5TC. Robert Stanley Nemmers Raleigh, N. C. Mathematics Education Math Science Club; Secretary- Music Committee; Chairman Housing Committee United Nations Model General .Assembly. Augustus Neville Spring Hope, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Lambda Chi . lpha; Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4; Outstanding Fraternity -Athletic Director 3. Carl Lewis Newman LIpper Montclair, New Jersey Fnrnilitre Manufacturing and Management Pi Kappa .Alpha; Band I, 2; Student Govt. Orientation Comm. 3, 4. James Livingston Newman Leaksville, N. C. Industrial Engineering Intramurals, Basketball, Football, Softball, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4; CU Dance Clhairman 2; .AIIE; ' ets .Assn. Charles Michael Nifong Winston-Salem, N. C. Textile Chemistry Phi Kappa Tau; Intramurals 3, 4; AATCC, Secretary, I Iugh Bryan Noah Raleigh, N. C. Nuclear Physics Theta Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Pi Sigma, Secty. 4; Pi .Mu Epsilon; Intramurals 3, 4; CU Library Comm.; Summer Judicial Board; .Anollo Club; .ANS; Senator, School of Physical Sciences Applied Math; VDC; Superior Students Program; Engineering Honors Program 3, 4; .AC Affairs Comm. [391] CLASS OF 1962 irkJr Andrew Walton Owens Waynes ' ille, N. C. Mechanical Engineering— Aeronanlical Option Band 1, 2; ROTC 3, 4. Necati Ozgur Nazilli, Turkey Textile Technology and Textile Chemistry John Allen Parker Jr Gastonia, N. C. Mechanical Engineering LEmbda Chi Alpha; ASME; Scabbard Blade; Oricntatiim Group Leader 2, 3, 4; Military Science 1, 2, 3, 4. John Hilton Parker 1 lollister, i . C. Animal Hmhandry Herbert Lee Pass Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu; AIEE; Vterans Association. Donald William Patten Greenwich, New York Industrial Arts ' eterans Association; lAC; National Education Assn.; .American Indus- trial Assn. Melvin Luther Patterson Thomas ille, N. C. Industrial Arts Reid Barnes Patterson Salisbury, N. C. Applied Mathematics Theta Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; .Mathematics Club. Richard Eltgene Payne Lexington, N. C. Food Science and Processing .AKricultural EnKJncers Club 1, 2: Horticulture Club 3, 4, Reporter 4. Van Batchelor Noah Raleigh, N. C. Nuclear Physics Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Pi Sigma, Treas. 4; Phi Eta Sigma; Theta Tau. Treas. 4; Pi i lu Epsilon; Intramurals 4; Science Council 3, 4, Pres. 3; Summer Judicial Board 4; .Apollo Club 4; American Nuclear Society 4; VDC 1; Honor System Study Commission 4; Superior Students Program 2; Engineering Honors Program 3, 4. EuRiE Lonnie Norwood II Mt. Holly, N. C. Civil Engineering— Construction Option ASCE; ' ets .Assn.; YMC.A. Thomas Hervey Nunalee III Currie, N. C. Agricultural Education .Alpha Gamma Rho, Chaplain; Kappa Phi Kappa; .Alpha Zeta, Chairman Book Exchange: Editor, V ' o-Ag 3; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; .Ag. EJ. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Advanced ROTC; Sears Roebuck Scholarship. Thomas Blair Oakley Garner, N. C. Industrial Arts Epsilon Pi Tau 3, 4. Vice Pres. 4; Kappa Phi Kappa 3, 4; I.AC 2, 3, 4; Veterans Assn. 3; Student NEA 3, 4. James Sherwin Odlim Hubert, N. C. Forest Management Forestry Club 3, 4; YMCA; Oasis Society. Ross McNeill Olive Fuquay Springs, N. C. Mechanical Engineering .ASiMH; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. .Athletic Director; Dormitory Vice Pres. James Peter Oppenheim Charlotte, N. C. Geological Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon; Scabbard Blade; Intramurals 1, 2. 3. 4, Track I, 2; Assn. of U. S. Army; AIME; IPC 3, 4. Thomas Jerome Orr Charlotte, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE. Iack Preston Overman Edenton, N. C. Metallurgical Engineering American Society for Metals. Mmk I I [392] SENIORS Robert Bennett Payne W instoii S.iUni. . C. Electrical E»i,giiifcriii,i; AlEE; IRE. H.ilcuji, N. C. Albert Konrad Pearson |r. C iysi ' cs SiRm.i Chi. Vice Prcs. 4; Phi Eta SiRm.i. Prisideiu 2; Phi K.ipiM Pl i. SiRm.i Pi SiKma, Sccly. 4: Intramural Fnothall 2, i. 4; Ercshman Eiuitball 1: Intctftatcrnity Council Rep. 3. Scholarship Chairman 4. Loins . lERED PECtJRA I l CUL illc, . C. Applied latheniatics Newman C lub: YDC. JOHN Cui I OM Peed Crfcciindor, . C. Electrical Engiiweriitg IRE. Garrieih Bi ane Pendergraft . Albemarle, N. C. Textile Tech nology SiRma Phi Epsilon; Dormitory Intramurals 2; Fratcrnit Inlr.niiiuals 2. Odis Charles Pendergraft Jr. Chapel Hill, N. C. Mechanical Engiiteeriitg—Aeruiuiuticdl Option L S; BowlinR 3, 4. Albert Carl Penney Kenansville, N. C. Industrial Engineering Theta Chi; Tcc iiiiciuii Staff 4; Toastmaslcrs Club 2. 4; AIIE 4. William David Perkinson Norlina, N. C. Math and Science Education Math Science Education Club; Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 4; Natl. Education .Assn. Lynn McIver Perry Jr Sanford, N. C. Applied Mathematics Sigma .Alpha Epsilon; Golden Chain; Blue Key; 30 3; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi. I ' - H m fe c. " ▲ Frank Alexander Peterson Raleigh, N. C. Indusuiiil Arts— Technical Option AIEE; IRE 1, 2. 3. 4; AIP 1. 2; Industrial Arts Club 4. |ames Edward Peterson Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Albert Carroll Phelps Jr. Sanford, Fla. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Delta Sifima Phi; Pershing Rifles 1. Ronald Alan Phelps Louisburg, N. C. Industrial Engineering AIIE. Charles Russell Philbrick Gary, N. C. Physical Scie}ice and Applied Mathematics .Arnold .Air Society; Pershing Rifles; .American Rocket Society; . IP. Don Hugh Phillips Charlotte, N. C. Textile Technology Ia.mes .Arihur Phillips Sjirucc Pine, N. C. Animal Husbandry AI Club. Philip 1 Phillips Hertford, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE. [uDGE .Andea Pierce West Jefferson, N. C. Agricultttral Education [393] CLASS OF 1962 ii ik Ts: MtM Jack Riley Poteet Greenville, S. C. Mechanical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Campus Code 3. Carl Flay Powell Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option lA Club; Vets Association. Charles Edmond Powell Charlotte, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE; Chi Epsilon; EnRineeis Council. Wendell Ellsworth Prescott Jr. Lake Waccamaw, N. C. Indnslrial Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha; AIIE; Basketball 1; Intramurals 1. 2, i. 4; Orientation Clroup Leader. Gary Prichard Preston Raleigh, N. C. Applied Mathematics Billy Linwood Price Clarendon, N. C. Agriculture Technology— Potdtry Poultry Club Reporter 4; Sears Foundation Schtilarship; Fair Booth Committee; Poultry Judging Team 4. John Thomas Price Asheville, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Lois Faye Price Rolesville, N. C. Recreatioti and Park Adntiiiiilration Darrell Gray Pritchett Thomasvillc, N. C. Electrical Engineering Veterans Assn. 1, 2, 3, 4; AIEE 2; IRE 4; Apollo C:lub 2; VRC 3. Carl Leon Pike Jr Raleigh, N. C. Applied Mathematics Drum Bugle Corps 1, 2. Calvin Collins Pippin Smithfield, N. C. Product Design Sigma Phi Epsilon; Ac.romeck StafF; Glee Club 1, 2. 3, 4. Leon Alton Pittman Jr Kinston, N. C. Textile Technology Robert Harold Pohlkotte Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE 4; Baptist Student Union I, 2. Charles Bruce Pollock Clinton, N. C. Metallurgical Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon; American Society of Metals; Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. Lawrence Morgan Ponder Marshall, N. C. Dairy Hushandry FarmHouse. Jerry Alan Pope Dunn, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE IRE. William Larry Porter Vaughan, N. C. Eorest Management Sigma Nu; Student Govt. 1, 2, Ring Comm. 3; Intramurals 1, 2. 3. 4. William Thomas Poteat Spindale, N. C. Electrical Engineering Institute of Radio Engineers; AIEE; Intramurals I, 2; Library Comm.; Acti -ities Comm. mfssammassBtsmsm ' JTii m I I » ♦ I [394] I iLiuiiHiC.i INN Piuviiii; R.ileigh, N. C. huiuslrial Arli-Tcchiiical Ofrioii l .wii) Ai KXANiiER PiiRCELL Jr. Ralcigli, N. C. Applied Physics Sigma Nu. -l Trms. 2. Treas. i: MP; Intr.imutal Sports 1. 2. 3, 4: Pirshini: Riflis I; MarchinK Cadfls Z: AFRO! C. " WinR Commamlct 4. W ALLACL EBSTtR QuATE MadisOIl, N. C. Ceramic Eiigiuceriiif!, American (.tramic SociiMv 2, 3. 4. CnrrcspoinlinR Secty. ■. ASM 4: Dorm. Scctv. 3; Intramurals. Football 1. 2, 3. 4. liaski-thall 1, 2, i. 4. Baseball 3. Iames MouRis Queen Morganton, N. C. Electrical Eiigineeriiijs. n..inul..t Prcs. , lKr. 4; IRE-AIEE 1, 3, 4: Apollo Cluli 4; V R I. 4. 1 AHRv Council Queen Dillsbiiro, N. C. Electrical Etigineeriitg tia Kappa Nu: AlEE; IRE; Asst. Floor iMgr. Dorm. 3, ManaRcr 4. Maurice Gene Radford Kcnly, N. C. Chemistry .American Chemical Society; Intramurals 1. 2; Talent for Service Scholar ship. Charles Clifford Randall Falcon, N. C. Mechanical Etigiiieeriiig .VS.ME 3. 4; Engineers Council 4; Freshman Group Leader; EnRineers Fair Co-Chairman. Dennett Eugene Ranson Frisco, N. C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Vets Club 1,2. 3. 4. Melvin Walter Rape Kannapolis, N. C. Civil Engineering Freshman Football 1, Track 1. ' a sity Track 2; CE Chairman, Engineers Fair I960. SENIORS i xhSk kd Kenneth Ivan Rash Raleigh, N. C. Poultry Science Poultry Club Pres. 4, Reporter 3; Ag. Council 3, Reporter 4; Poultry- Judging Team, Spring 1961. ]oHN Fredericii Raun Winston-Salem, N. C. Electrical Engineering Thomas Allen Ray Weaverville, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME; Basketball 1. 2. Gerrard Edmond Raymond New Orleans, Louisiana Architecture Warren Jerome Redd [r Charlotte, N. C. Agricidture Technology— Horticidttire Horticulture Club, Treas. 2, Secty. 3, Pres. 4. Iake Rowe Redmond Waynes ' ille, N. C. Agricultural Education Sigma Alpha .Mu; Intramural Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Ag. Ed. Club 3. 4. Iames Ervin Reid Mt. Sidney, Virginia Forest Management Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club; Society of American Foresters: .American Forestry Association. Heath Franklin Reinhardt Stanley, N. C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Pershing Rifles; Scabbard Blade; WKNC. William N. Reynolds Winston-Salem, N. C. Applied Mathematics Rifle Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Secty. Treas. 2; Photography Club I, 2. [395] CLASS OF 1962 Marion Odell Rhue Swansboro, N. C. Electrical Engineering New Student Orientation Leader 3, 4; Veterans Assn. i, 4; IRE 3, 4. l.-afc. -Si. -»• Mmm . «R== Gerald Lawson Rhyne Lincolnton, N. C. Wildlife Biologv V- IBg A %r Marvin Roderick Richardson Raleigh, N. C. M Km B h Mechanical Engineering mr l l 1 I H PershinK Rifles; Scabbard Blade; ASME; YDC; Military Ball Association. Charles Ale.xander Riedell Clifton, New Jersey Industrial Arts— Technical Option ™aj ' ' " Tau Kappa Epsilon; Marching Band; YRC. . I " L 1 - » ' St. T Donald Franklin Ritchie H ' gh Point, N. C. Fitrniiure Manufacturing and Management Tau Kappa Epsilun; Band 1, 2; Furniture Club 1. 2, 3, 4. §f , fc L " K |r JAiMES . Robbins Supply, N. C. H 1 K I H A 1 Wilmington College, Pres. Body; Pres. Engineers Club; . 0 mt ■ " Pl f _ _ . . tfi iiafc.. Simon Erskine Robbins Rocky Mount, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE; Deans List 1. Alvin Yates Roberts Cheiryville, N. C. Forest Management - Vl .Ml " J i Sigma Pi; Society of American Foresters. jw " J H JEraHMj B I John William Roberts Mocksvilie, N. C. Cleo Delano Robertson Reidsville, N. C. P " Agricultural Economics Business l p " " Alpha C;amma Rho 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3. Vice Ptes. 4; Ag. Council 2, B ' •• % 3. 4, Pres. 4; Ag. Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 2, Treas. 4; HT Intramurals 2. 3, 4. ■ 1 Thomas C. Robinson Jr. Georgetown, S. C. ' %, " t ■ - Physical Science and Applied Mathematics It _ " " ' Sigma Nu, House Manager, Pledge Master; Junior Ring Ctnnm; Assn. Pi| ' of U. S. Army, Treas.; Campus Code Board. A (H ■BP W g Charles William Rogers Dallas, N. C. B " ilK Bl William James Rogers Whittier, N. C. - H Civil Engineering HJHBS- . Jr i Asa Benjamin Rogerson Williamston, N. C. 1 ' ■ ' y l ' r Plant Protection w . Alpha Cianima Rho; Intramurals I, 3, 4; Agronomy Cluh; .Agriculture i .- .;. t r V » . . Club; YDC; YMCA; Orientation Group Leader 3, 4; Cafeteria Advisory W L. ■ ■ Ik v — J Committee. W™™ jfc H ■BM " W a.. :jr Paul Ernest Romano Bristol, H H B 4 H Gary Jay Rosenstrauch Hewlett, New York B jdB tllfc Textile Management A Phi Epsilon Pi, Treas. 3, Pres. 4; .Apollo Club; Vice Pres. Toastmaslers r " I S Club; Interfraternity Council; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. ■ Y , » Gary Mills Ross Rliodhiss, N. C. f ' " ' O _ Geological Engineering , •_ - , 7 ' " . ' V- ■ , American Institute of Mining Engineers, Treasurer. " Jff j Forrest Ronald Ross Raleigh, N. C. S 1 A H . T H Math i B A H l fl H IH D " HB [396] I ti I ' E N I O R S Kenneth Wumam Kdss Moi .inion. . C. SiKiiw Pi. ill- I ' ris.: 1 I ' RS, ico Pres: Pi-rshini; Riflis: riiiiiitUK- C kili. Ivw JAMis RoTEN Fleetwood, N. C. Applied Molhemalics 1 .111 Hi-I.i Pi; rli ' i.ins Assn.. C ' nricspoiiilini; SfciL ' t;ii . RoNAi n Ciiii l oiKMiTox iXoiloIk. N ' iis iiiin Mccluniiciil I ' liiiiiiccriiiii ASME; 1 rtns. IAS. I EE lv u)Ml 11l lE ■ I Uidson. W ' w ork Jitclustrial Art Phi EpsiK.n Pi; Mu IVl.i Psi; B;nHl I, 2. i. 4; C ' .lce Clilh 1; OulinR C.min. 1; SMRDA i. I luiMAs Mcl ' iiERSON RoYAL ThiiimoncI, N. C. Electrical EiigiiieenDg Rifii. ' .RD Miles 1 c)vall Tucson, ArizoiKi Experimental Statistics Phi KalJpa Phi; Science Council Representative i. 4, Steering Conini. i: Apollo Club. I Ienrv Wesley Ryals Dunn, N. C. ? iiclear Eiiiiiiieeriii Arnold Air Society I; AlP I. 3. 4, Treas. 4. Emory Welch Sadler Kenans ille, N. C. Product Design Joseph Richard Sagmuller Raleigh, N. C. Metallurgical Engnieeriiig American Society for Metals. A i J ' fh Hk J ) MoHD Mlishtaq Saigal Pakistan Textile Technology Varsity Tennis Team. [. Paul Sandifer Cherry Point, N. C. Physics Scabbard Blade. Treas. 4; Association of the IT. S. .Army; AIP 2. 3. 4; American Nuclear Society 4; CLI Photopraphv Comm. I. 2. 3, 4. Rec. 2. CTI International Comm. 2. 3. 4; BSLI. JACK Hare Sasser Goldsboro, N. C. Electrical Engineering Admiral Dewey Salils Garner, N. C. Animal Husbandry Animal Industr - Club 3, 4. i Iarvey Dean Saunders Ah)rganton, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Samliel Fintz Savariego 1 hi ana, Cuba Mechanical Engineering Cordon Edwards Sawyer . Elizabeth City, N. C. Animal Ilushandry Alpha Gi ' mma Rho; Baseball I; Al; . g. Club. Rav Bryan Sawyer Washington, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Glee Club 2. 3; ASME 4. Robert Kenneth Scarborchigh Greensboro, N. C. hidiislrial Arts— Technical Option Cross Ctmntry I . [397] CLASS OF 1962 Percy Jennings Scearce Jr Danville, Virginia Electrical Engineering Phi Kappa Tau; Intercollegiate Baseball 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; AIEE, Charles Edwin School Varina, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE. Harold Schwartz Charlotte, N. C. Electrical Engineering Tau Epsilon Phi; Wrestling 1, 2; Veterans Assn. 3, 4, Recording Secly. 4; IRE 4; Intramurals 3; Dean ' s List 3. Samuel DeVon Scott III Fair Bluff, N. C. Applied Mathematics Phi Kappa Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; Athletic Director 4; Intramural Football 3. 4. Softball 2, 3, 4. Arnold Willard Seawell |r Aberdeen, N. C. Textile Technology Kappa Tau Beta: Delta Kappa Phi; Tompkins Textile Society; X eterans Assn.; NCS Coin Ciub. Julius Aligustus Shanklin Jr Raleigh, N. C. Metallurgical Engineering ASME 3, 4, ' ice President 4; Engineers Council 3, 4. Charles Richard Shannon Jr Tucson, Arizona Metallurgical Engineering Delta Sigma Phi. Herbert Nicholas Shearin Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE; Veterans Club; IRE. Adrian Reese Sheely Fayetteville, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE; ' eterans Club. f Robert Edwin Shepherd Deep Gap, N. C. Agricultural Economics FarmHouse, Chaplain; IFC Rep.; Alpha Zeta; Agricii turisl, Asst. Editor 2, 3, Editor 4; Apollo Club 2, 3, 4; IFC 2, 3; As. Econ. Club 3, 4; AI Club 1. 2; CU Forum Comm. 1; Advanced ROTC. Ronald Eric Sheppard Winston-Salem, N. C. Applied Mathematics Tlieta Tau; -VIEE. Van Doye Sherrill Benson, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Srmtlieni Engineer, Managing Editor 2, Editor 3; .Aghomeck, Business Manager 4; Student Govt. Traffic Comm. 2, 3, Chairman 4; Consolidated Univ. Stu. Council 4; ASME 3, Secty.-Treas. 4. Curtis Tapp Shivar Seven Springs, N. C. Agrictdtiiral Education AE Club 3, 4, Social Comm. 3; Mount Olive Junior College I, 2. Philip A. Skive Scotts, N. C. Architect ire Gerald Lee Shore Lc vis ' ille, N. C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Industrial . " Xrts Club 3, 4. John BenjaiMin Shore Esat Bend, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME; Smtthern Engineer, Managing Editor. Douglas Randall Shotton Suffolk, Virginia Civil Engineering— Construction Option Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Suresh Chandra D. Shreni Aligarh, India Pulp and Paper Technology OSIS; U. S. Kraft Pulp Statistics; Publicity Mgr. Theater Comm.; Chess Champion. : n hdrh£( JTi [398] Abdel 1 l. ui SiD Aii.MLD Alc ' x.iiuli i;i, ligypt Textiles Ernest Griggs Simmons 1 .i ctic illc, N. C. FAectrical Eiijjiiit ' t ' Wiiij All-r mr ?. a-. Xonrans Club . 4. Li.DYD CiiARi Hs Simmons BLikcskc, l nn l jiiia Forest Miiiiiiiieiiieiit Vhtftum EJilur 4: Forestry Cluh: Societv uf Xnicrican Pureslers, Robert I {arris Simons Winston Salem, N. C. Mathematics Education Phi Hpsilon Pi; ;itl. luiucation Assn.; Math ami Science Cliili. Charles Douglas Simpson Charlotte, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Phi Theta Kappa. Treas. I. 2; Ph sical Science Club 1: VMCA , 4. John Stephen Singer New York, New York Textiles Phi Kpsiliin Pi; Monogram Club. Swinuiiing 1.2. i, 4. loHN Graham Singleton Washington, N. C. Recreation and Park Administration kappa Phi Kappa; Football I, 2. i, 4; Monogram Club 1, 2, 3. Larry Wayne Sink Lexington, N. C. MetaUurgicaJ Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Sigma Mu; Band 1. 2. i. 4; Engineers Council Rep. 4; VMCA 1. 2. ?,. 4; Apollo Club i. 4; IAS 1, 2; ASM 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 1. 2. L MES David Skidmore Burhngton, N. C. Civil E igineering— Construction Option Phi Kappa Tau; Tennis I, 4; Intramurals 1, 4. J: t [399] CLASS OF 1962 AttoiLiifeiA Barbara Louise Snyder Charlotte, N. C. Chemical Engineering General Motors Scholar 1, 2, 3, 4; Engineering Honors Program 3; AICHE 2, 3, 4; Hospitality Comm. 1, 2, 3, 4; International Conim. 1, 2. Glenn Hinson Snyder Charlotte, N. C. Mechanical Engineering— Aeronautical Option William F. Somers Morganton, N. C. Industrial Engineering Inli;iinural Sports 1. 2, 3. 4; Tennis 1; Band 1, 2, 3; AIIE; VRC. Milton Franklin Spain , Wa crly, Virginia Pulp and Paper Technology Fourdrinier Society. Yates Ellis Spake Jr. , Morganton, N. C. Civil Engineering— Construction Option ASCE. Larry Eugene Spangler Shelby, N. C. Applied Mathematics Pershing Rifles; Orientation Group Leader; Group Leader YMCA Fresh- man Camp; Secly. College Coin Club. Ray Warlick Spangler Shelby, N. C. Civil Engineering— Construction Option ASCE 3, 4; Intramurals 1.2, 3. 4. Charles Abernathy Sparrow Charlotte, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Fheta Chi, Treas. 3, Chaplain 4; Phi Eta Sigma; 30 3; Blue Kev; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 2; ANS 3, 4; Toastmastets Cluli 2. 3, Vice Pres., Secty. JOHN Franklin Speight Winslon-Salem, N. C. Mathematics Educaiion Sigma Chi; Dorm, Intramurals 1, 2; Fraternit Intraiiiur.ils 1. 2. 3, 4; Librar ' Comm. Secty.; Student NEA. John Alton Smith Bovvden, N. C. Forest Management Forestry Club; Advanced AFROTC. John Barto Smith Eustis, Florida Heating and Air Conditioning Delta Sigma Phi; ASHRAE; Football 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 3, 4. Joseph Ronald Smith Greensboro, N. C, Mechanical Engineering ASME. Raymond Lester Smith Jr Greenville, N. C. Alechanical Engineering ASME 3, 4; Alpha Phi Omega 1. Robert Alford Smith Jr Elizabethtown, N. C, Civil Engineering ASCE. RiiFus Kader Smith Jr Charlotte, N, C. Applied Mathematics Sigm Nu, Chaplain 2, Reporter 3, Secty. 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Ring Comm. 3; ALISA 3, 4, Pres. 4; Dorm. Treas., Secty. I; Army ROTC 1, 2, 3. 4, Brigadier 3, 4. Thomas Manly Smith New Bern, N. C. Electrical Engineering Theta Chi, 1, 2; Eta Kappa Nu, Vice Pres; Tau Beta Pi; AIEE IRE. Chairman, ' ice Chairman; Bragaw Dorm. Floor Manager 3: Owen Dorm Assistant Floor Mgr.; Naval Reser ' e; Engineers Council Orientation Group Leader; Men ' s Glee Club 1. William Edmond Smith Jackson ' ille, Florida Pulp and Paper Technology Phi Eta Sigma; Technical Assn. of Pulp and Paper Injustr -. James Samuel Smitherman Jr Troy, N. C. Textile Technology Pi Kappa Alpha; Delta Kappa Phi; Intramurals Golf 3; Dickson Founda- tion Scholarship. tkmhJfk I [400] SENIORS W ' lliiwi L. Ri. SrELL Aiili ilk ' , . ' . C. Agricuhunil Ki iiCdIioii k. 1 il. Club. C hainiiin, His Hr.illui C.unin.; SM . James W ii i is Spdtts Atl.ini.i. Ciiorgia forestry Mautigeiiwiit Alpha riii Oim-Ka ?. 4. Vice Prcs. 3; Mill ' s C ' .Uv C liil) S. 4; Canti ' ihiiry Club i. 4. Jr. .irilon 4: Campus Chest Drive. Chairni.m 4. Ken.neiii M a Siainb. ck Elon Ciilli ' i;o. i . C. (iiiiii ' -rrid Engineeriiiii WW: l.OS Club. Oricntatitin Grnup Lcailer; Dean ' s List . Robert Lee Stallings C " .il ' )son illc, N. C. Textile Technology Chi Oinicron Pi; Sisnia -Mpha Omicrun; l.mlh.ill 1. . . 4. Basketball 1. 2. 3, 4, Softball 3, 4. Dwin Milton Stamey Polksx illc, N. C. Wildlife Biology .Mpli.i Ci.iiiima Rho; Leopold Wildlife Club 1. Kermit Jackson Stancil Kcnly, N. C. Agriciilttire Busiuess, Agricultiire Economics Color Guard; Economies Club; ROTC. II 1 IE LoYD Stanley Jr Lexington, N. C. Mechanical Eitgiueeriiig ASME 3. 4. Bayne Gray Steele Burlinoton, N. C. Electrical Eitgiueeriiig Theta Chi; Eta Kappa Xu, Pres.; Intramural .Athletics 1, 2, 3; AIEE-IRE, ' iec Chairman; Dorm. Floor Manager; Engineer ' s Council; ' eterans .Association. Gerald Anderson Stein Rock l K)unt, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Lambda Chi .Alpha; . SME; Baseball I; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Dorm. icc Prcs. Mgr. 3; IDC Rep. 3; Ring Comm. 3. M i I I v; ' : n Robert Carlton Steljes Wilininoton, N. C. Mechanical Engineering La.mes Albert Stephens Raleigh, N. C. Mathematics Ediicalion Math Science Club; NEA. Thomas Williams Stephenson Benson, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME 3, 4. Social C ' omm. Chairman 4; Southern Engiiv- ' cr, Layout Editor 3; Stu. Govt. ■rr;iflic Comm. 3. Iames Frederick Stevenson Palmyra, N. C. Civil Engineering Chi Epsilim. Nice Pres,; .ASCE; On Tlie I.crel: Engineers Council. George Colon Stewart NLimeis, N. C. Agricidtiiral Education William Thomas Stewart Buena Vista, Virginia Mechanical Engineering ASME. Llovd Kit Stimson Milford, New Hamiisliire Mathematics Education E 4; Math Science Ed. Club 3. 4; cterans Assn. 1, 3, 4. Eugene I Ioward Stines Biltmore, N. C. Agricidtttral Education An. Ed. Club. William Frederick Stokes Green iile, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE. [401] CLASS OF 1962 £ihmkdi Kenneth Walter Suessmann Baldwin, New York Textile Technology Theta Chi; Delta Kappa Phi; Intramural Football 1, 2. 3. 4. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 1, 2, 3. 4; Symphonic, March ing ROTC Bands 1. 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; CU Music Comm. 3. Edna Glenn Suggs Rocky Mount, N. C. Science Education Sigma Kappa; Hospitality Comm. 1, 4; YMCA 1; Math Science Club 4. Robert Anderson Sullivan Arlington, Virginia Civil Engineering— Cmistriiction Option Sigma Nu; AUSA; DMS. Garry Lester Summer Cherryville, N. C. Civil Engineering Band I, 2. James David Summers Jr. Greensboro, N. C. Civil Engineering—Construct ioft Option Saddle Club. Edward Mackey Swain Elizabeth City, N. C. Industrial Engineering Dorm Mgr. Watauga 3; AIIE 2. 3, 4. Robert Stevens Swart Wilmington, N. C. Civil Engineering William Andrew Tadlock 111 Windsor, N. C. Animal Husbandry James Monroe Tapp Roxboro, N. C. Recreation and Park Administration Freshman Football I; Varsity Football 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4. John Greenville Stone III Greensboro, N. C. Animal Husbandry Technology Alpha Gamma Rho, Pres. 3, Reporter 4, IPC Rep. 2; Alpha Zeta 2, 3. 4; Intramurals I, 2, 3; CU Gallery Comm., Chairman 3, Secty.; Animal Industry Club I, 4; Veterans Assn. 2, 3, 4; Ag. Club 1; Apollo Club 3; Meats Team 4; Agricultural Council 4; YDC 3; Block Bndle Club; Wesley Foundation. Parker Liles Stott Bailey, N. C. Agricidtiiral Engineering Technology Ag. Engineering Tech. Club; Veterans Club. Dale Hiram Strawn Gharlotte, N. C. Mathe natics Education Pershing Rifles, Supply Officer 3, Commander 4. Harry Roger Strawn Monroe, N. C. Agricultural Economics ASCE 1; Poultry Club 2; Ag Economics 3, 4. Harold David Stroupe Gastonia, N. C. Chemical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha, Treas.; Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard Blade; Inter- fraternity Sports 3, 4; Engineering Senator 4; AICHE 2, 3, 4; BSU Councd 2, 3. Vice Pres. 4; IFC Rep. 3; YDC I; YMCA 1, 2; Advanced ROTC 3, 4. Barry Witten Stuart Raleigh, N. G. Textile Technology Tompkins Textile Society; AIP 3; YMCA I, 2. George Edward Stlibbins Greensboro, N. C. Electrical Engineering .Alpha Phi Omega 2, 3, 4, Sergeant at Arms 4; Eta Kappa Nu, Office Bridge Correspondent 4; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, Head Cheerleader 2, 3; Monogram Club 2, 3; Symphonic Band I, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 4; AIEE IRE 4. John Hannibal Sturgess Rocky Mount, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME. JiMMiE Anthony Stutts Robbins, N. C. Mathematics Education Intramurals 3; YMCA. I i V [402] SENIORS SiiKiui loMRis Tarim Ankara, Turkey Textile Chemistry and Textile TechuoJogy Soccer 1. 2. 3; AATC. JiMMv Ci iFTON Tart Rcnson, N. C. Agricultural Education NCSE 3, 4; Ag. Ell. Club 4. CiiARi Ls 1 AC ' Y Tate Jr Chadbourn, N. C. Forest Management I ' ra.ncis Beaslev Taylor Kinston, N. C. Metallurgical Engineering American Society for Metals, Corresponding Secretary-. George Bi (hint Taylor Rocky Mount, N. C. Electrical Eiigitieering Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Xui Tau Beta Pi; ROTC, Brigade Staff 4; Dean ' s List. Glenn Arrington Taylor Whitakers, N. C. Animal Husbandry Meats Judging Team 3; Livestock Judging Team 4; AI Club Secty. 4; YDC 2. loHN Thomas Taylor Nashville, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Theta Tau; ASME. Zacmary Taylor Knightdale, N. C. Industrial Arts EpsUun Pi Tau, Treasurer; lA; Intramural Tennis; .AFROTC 3; CLI Photographic Comra. 2, 3, 4. Brown David Thames Jr Raleigh, N. C. Industrial Engineering Otto David Tharpe Jr Statesville, N. C. Pulp and Paper Technology Sigma Nu; Track I, 2. Baxter Lamar Thomas Jr Charlotte, N. C. Mechanical Engineering 30 3; Blue Key; Golden Chain, Treas; Scabbard Blade 3, 4, Pres. 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4, Sect ' . 2, Pres. 3; Military Ball Assn. 3, 4, Pres. 4; ALIS.A 3. 4; ASME 3, 4; Honor Code Board 4; Cafeteria .Advisory- Board 3; Apollo Club 3, 4. David Walter Thomas Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon; 30 3; Blue Key; Golden Chain; Pres. Junior Class 3; Student Govt. ], 2, 3: Chairman Freshman— Sophomore Dance Comm. 1, 2; Sigma Phi Epsilon Secty. 2. Pres. 3; IFC 3; Chairman Ring Comm; ASME. Albert Glenn Thompson Jr. Forest City, N. C. Mathematics Education Clarence Merlin Thompson Princeton, N. C. Electrical Engineering ire. Frank Hooks Thompson Stantonsburg, N. C. Mathemcitics Education Phi Kappa Tau. John Robert Thompson Raleigh, N. C. Recreation and Park Adniinis:ration LiNWOOD Forrest Thompson Raleigh, N. C. Mechanical Engineering— Aeronautical Option Phi Kappa Tau; IAS; AUSA; Intramural Sports; ROTC; Wesley Foun- dation. David Lester Thore Martinsville, Virginia Furniture Manufacturing and Matiagement YDC I, 2; Veterans Assn. 1, 2. 3; Furniture Club I, 2, 3, 4, Secty. 4; Forest Products Research Society 4. [403] CLASS OF 1962 Frank Weller Cassard TiMSON Jr. ..Charlotte, N. C. Mathematics Education Math Science Ed. Club. Edward Buford Titmus Sutherland, Virginia Agricidtural Economics Edward Shermer Todd East Bend, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Theta Tau; Engineers Honors Program; BSU, Executive Council Secretary. |oHN Woods Tolar Cedar Gro c, N. C. Textile Technology Delta Kappa Phi; Intramural Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4. Edward Norris Tolson Tarboro, N. C. Field Crops— Agriculture Business Alpha Zeta; 30 .3; Golden Chain; Blue Key; Student Govt. Vice Pres., Pres.; Chairman Orientation Comm.; Natl. Pres. of Student Subdivision of American Society of Agronomy; Agronomy Club; Apollo Club. JOHN Amos Toms Forest City, N. C. Pulp and Paper Technology Phi Eta Sigma; Xi Sigma Pi; Student Govt. Senator 3; Puln Paper Foundation Scholarship; Crown-Zellerbach Scholar Award; Gamma Delta Sigma; Fourdrinier. Robert Horton Transou Jr Wilkcsboro, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma; Intramurals 1,2, 3, 4; ASME; YDC. Roberta Marie Tremain Hespeler, Canada Textile Chemistry .A.ATCC; Society of Dyers Colorists; Judo 1, 2, Bowling 1, 3, X ' olleyball 3; Student Council. Secty. 2, 3. Jasper Lerov Tripp Jr Raleigh, N. C. Cix ' il Engineering ASCE 4; Band 1, 2. I I : Joe Vaughn Trogdon Asheboro, N. C. bidustrial Arts IA; Veterans Assn.; NCEA; American Industrial . rts Assn.; AVA. Howard Henry Troutman Jr. Pine BluFf, N. C. Agricultural Engineering Technology Intramurals I, 2, 4; Ag. Engineering Technology Club, Treas. 3. William Harvey Troutman Concord, N. C. Industrial Engineering Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Basketball 1; Varsity Manager Basket- bail 2; Dorm. Officer; Secty. AIIE 3. 4; Veterans .Association. Dennis Warren Tucker North Wilkesboro, N. C. Applied Mathematics Richard Lyon Tucker Greensboro, N. C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Intramural Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Softball 1. 2, 3; Athletic Director Tucker Dorm. 2, 3, Vice Pres.; Inter-Dormitory Councd 3; Ball Comm.; Mayor Married Student Housing Council 4. I Iarrv Clifton Tune Jr Morganton, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappa Tau; Orientation Group Leader; Band 1, 2. 3, 4. Vice Pres. 4; CU Dance Comm. 1, 2; BSU; ASME. Frank Vance Tltrner Raleigh, N. C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option -Arnold Air Society, Squadron Ccmimander; I. C, Treas. Iames 1 Ienningham Turner Jr. Dunn Loring, Virginia Forest Management Alpha Phi Omega, Treas. 3; Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4. Publicity Mgr. 3, Pres. 4. James Weaver Turner Ashex ' ille, N. C. Civil Engineering— Construction Option ASCE. iktu [404] |()M I I M 1 Turner Iviki h, . . C. Forest Maiia cmcitl Ii.rcstry Club 1, 2. 3. 4. HonERT Cecil Turner Crccnshdni, N. C. hleclrlca} Engineering Lambda Cbi Alrba: AILL IRL. W ' n RiiR I Iarrell Turner Elizalxth C1t . i . C. Mechanical Engineering ASME. Robert Garner Turpin Newpoii, . C. Civil Engineering— Construction Option ASCE. Louis Brason 1 Wiford Elizabeth Cit -, N. C. Agricultural Education As. Ed. Club. ALTER Franklin Tvsinger SanFord, N. C. Industrial Engineering loiiN Ldc.. r LIpchlirch Raleigh, N. C. Applied yiatheniatics . CS, Treas. Ia.mes Russell Vaughan Jr Laskcr, N. C. Agricidtural Education Ar. Ed. Club; ' eterans .Association. loiiN Louis ' aughan Raleigh, N. C. Industrial Engineering Pi Kappa Phi, MPM. ,tU Robert Lee Vaughn Cary, N. C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Epsilnn Pi Tau; Glee Club 2, 3, Publicity Mgr. 4; LAC 2, Pres. 3, A ' ice Pres. 4. Wallace Edwin Venrick . . .Winter LIa ' en, Florida Civil Engineering DiiRANT Gallup Vick Fayettc ille, N. C. Chemical Engineering Kappa Sisma; .Apollo Club; Interfraternity Rep., Council; InvcstiRalion and Rush Comm.; CLl Board of Directors; Orientation Group Leader; AICHE. James Lee Vickers Salisbury, N. C. Applied Mathematics .Advanced .Math Class 1. 2, Ennlish 1, Physics 2; iMath Club. lIoANG ' u Chalon, Vietnam Forest Management International Club. Frank Wayne Wagoner Elon College, N. C. Cii ' il Engineering ASCE. Don Baker Waldrop Valdese, N. C. Furniture Manufacturing and Management SiRHia Phi Epsilon. Larry Simmons Wallace Newport, N. C. Applied Mathetnatics Intramurals 1, 2; Fourth Dorm. Secty. 2; Alderman Married Student HousinR 4. Richard Bruce Wallace Cerro Gordo, i . C. Agricidtural Education Glee Club 3. 4; .Ag. Ed. Club 3, 4. [405] CLASS OF 1962 (if-» James Waller Maple Hill, N. C. Civil Engineering Stacy Thurman Walser Ir. Salisbury, N. C. Textile Technology Delta Kappa Phi. Roger William Walters Charlotte, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME; Publicity Director Inter-Dormitorv Council; Intramurals 1, 2, 3; YMCA; CU Dance Committee. James Gareth Warner Mt. Gilead, N. C. Mathematics Education Veterans Assn. 3, 4; Math Club 4. Thomas Andrew Warren Raleigh, N. C. Industrial Arts Education Athletic Director Vetville 2, Council 2. NuRHAM OsBiE Warwick Clinton, N. C. Agricultural Education Alpha Gamma Rho. Joe WiLBLiR Waters Forest City, N. C. Textiles Delta Sigma Phi: Delta Kappa Phi. loHN WiLBERT Watkins Jr. Southern Pines, N. C. Applied Mathematics Louie Willard Watkins Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Product Design i I ii Jerry Stokes Weaver Salisbury, N. C. Chemical Engineering American Institute of Chemical Engineers. William Norris Weaver Winston-Salem, N. C. Chemical Engineering George Harper West Kinston, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME; Band 1, 2; Apollo Club; Freshmen Orientation Group Leader; Wesley Foundation; Engi- neering Honors Program. Louis Stephen Whatley Asheboro, N. C. Nuclear Engineering AIP 1, 2, 3, 4; ANS 4. Bruce Martin Whealton Burlington, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Daniel George Wherry Columbus, Ohio Civil Engineering— Constructioyt Option Sigma Phi Epsilon; ASCE; Freshman Basketball I; Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4. Robert Norton Whitaker EnField, N. C. Eield Crops Alpha Gamma Rho; Alpha Zcta; Student Govt., Senator 4. David Eagle White Jr Statesville, N. C. Agricidtural Business— Dairy Husbandry FarmHouse, President 4; Alpha Zeta; Intramurals 3, 4; Collegiate 4-H Cluti, Secty. 2, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Animal Industry Club; Wesley Foundation; College Dairy Judging Team 4; Marsha! 3. George Ross White Salemburg, N. C. Recreation and Park Administration Alpha Gamma Rho; Intramurals 3, 4. I [406] I SENIORS lUii us Jennings ihih Cuii i . N. C. Applied Miithciihilics Robert Laben W ' hitener |h. M.ininsvillc, N ' irsinia Furniture Maiiujaeturiii mid Mdiiiiiieiiieiil 1 umilun- Club 2, 3. 4. Trcas. 2, ii.o Pros. 3. Pros. 4; I orisl PidiIucIs RostMrch S.Kiety 2. 4: AFROTC. Dwin 1 ' aihic K W ' iiitesides CJ.istdni.i. ' . C. Mechanical Eiigiireeriiij; l.ilinbda Chi Alpha; ASME; Oricntalicm Ciroup Loiulir 1. 2. ■. Inter fraternity Couneil; AllSA: ROTC 1. 2, . 4. Iames Perry Whitfield Jr., N. C. Civil Eiisjiiiefnui! Pi Kappa Phi; Basketball 1. 2, 3. Robert Iiuooks Wicker 111 Sanhnd, N. C Mecluinical Eugitieering Intramural Football I, 2, Basketball 1, 2; ASME 2, .?. 4; Clloe (bili 1, 2; Dorm. Vice President 2. NoLAND Elvin Wiggins Jr. DuiIkuti, N. C. Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon; . SCE 3, 4, ' ice Pres. 4; Engineers Council 4. John- Lee Wilcox Tampa, Florida Industrial Engineering Sigma -Mpha EpsUon: 30 3. ' ice Pres.; Blue Key: Ciolden Chain; Freshman Su-imming Team I; Varsity Swimming Team 2. 3, 4, Co- Captain 3; ' iee Pres. Freshman Class 1; ' ice Pres. Sophomore Class 2: Interfraternity Council Pres. 4. Secty. 3, Senior Rep. 2. Junior Rep. 1; -Me n ' s Campus Code Board 2, 3; National Interfraternit ' Conference 3. I Iarold G.arrv U ' ilde Marshall. N. C. Civil Engineering .■ SCE: IDC; Cold Dorm. Vice Pres. 4, Director Assistant Man- ager 4. loHN Welles Wilder Jr. Greensboro, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME. 1 1 - r " W G: t c. Mlfk h h t .f 5»» ' 1 i i ik Charles Edward Wiliialf III Rocky Mount, N. C. Chemical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; AICHE. Charles Vernon Wilkerson Roxboro, N. C. Agricidtural Engineering Technology Agricultural Engineering Technology Club. Jesse James Wilkinson Raleigh, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME; ' eterans Association. Norman Hill Willey Garner, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE; Veterans .Association. Bryan Lee Williams Rocky Mount, N. C. Applied Mathematics George Washington Williams III Lexington, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE. Hartsell Franklin Williams Morganton, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Intramurals 1, 2; Floor Manager Owen Dorm 2; .ASME 4. James Franklin Williams Lexington, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE. Pun I IP Russell Willl ms Fayetteville, N. C. lgric!i (i(re Science, Engineering [407] CLASS OF 1962 Robert Edward Williams |r Clinton, N. C. Applied Malheviatics Phi Eta Sisma; Phi Kappa Phi: Iiitraniurals 1, 2, S, 4; Math Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Veterans Assn. 1. 2, 3, 4; CU Photography Comm. 1. WiNFRED Lee Williams Jr Marshville, N. C. Agricuhural Engineering Lewis Marshall Williamson Chadbourn, N. C. Agricultural Engineering Technology AIE Club 3. 4; ' eterans Assn. 4. Richard H. Williamson Canton, N. C. Physics Sigma .Alpha iMu, Treas: Vice Pres. Phi Eta Sigma; Blue Key, Treas.; Phi Kappa Phi; Technician, .Associate Sports Editor; Editor, The Fra- ternitY Vay; Tennis 1, 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Big Four Sports Day Captain 2, ' 3, 4; .Advisory Board; IFC Athletic Director Publicity Chairman; Senator Student Govt.; Wesley Foundation Council; Apollo Club; Ring Committee; Athletic Council. Candler Arthur Willis Jr. Candler, N. C. Physical Science and Applied Mathematics Sigma Pi; Engineering Honors; American Institute of Physics. Carlton Hayes Willis Stacy, N. C. Mathematics Education Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Iames Belmont Willis Jr Raleigh, N. C. Architecture Glee Club, .Accompanist 1; BSLI I, 2; Student Go ernment 1, 2. Joseph William Willis Lawndale, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE. James Frederick Willolighby Rocky Mount, N. C. Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu; First Place in N. C. State .A.AII Weightlifting Contest; 196061 N. C. State Ballet Company; AIEE; Band I, 2, 3; Secretary Fanfare Band 3. i ll Carl Durwood Wills Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engineering— Construction Option Horace Smythe Willson Raleigh, N. C. Industrial Engineering AllE 2. 3, 4; Intramurals 2, 3; YDC 1. 2; Engineers Fair 3. Harold Dickinson Wilson Raleigh, N. C. Textiles Lambda Chi Alpha. Ierrv Morris Wilson Winston-Salem, N. C. Industrial Engineering AIIE. Mark Gilliam Wilson Wilson ' s Mills, N. C. Industrial Engineering AIIE 3, 4; YMCA I. Richard Len Wilson Morganton, N. C. Nuclear Engineering American Institute of Phvsics 3, 4, Pres. 4; Institute of Aeronautical Sciences 3; Cross Country 3, 4; Track 3; Orientation Group Leader 4. William Thomas Windley Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma, Secretary 2; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu, President 3; Glee Club 1; Music Committee 1; AIEE IRE I. 2. 3. 4; Apollo Club 3. Allen Powers Winslow , , GuilFoid College, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Sigma P i. David Solomon Winstead Bunn, N. C. Textiles Delta Kappa Phi: Kappa Tau Beta; Textile Idium; icc President Tompkins Textile Council. te fe Jf II [408] I E N I O R I l.VlUn W II AlUON INMl All jli. W 1 11 ulstLlIt, ' , N. C Engineering Physics LamlxLi Chi Alpha. RaVMOM) SllEniDAN W ' iNTON ' l .llcii;ll, N. C. Physics Tliol.l Clii; Tail IVla Pi. rri-sidi-nt: Alpha Phi Onii-Ka, ii.i- Pa-siikiU; Sicma Pi SiRiiia; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta SiKiiv: Blue Key; Tiiastmastcrs Club, Pri-siilcnt. Sccrctar : CU liiruni Coniniitlie; BSll; YMCA; Sym- phonic Baml I. 1. MosE Bkoun Wiseman |n. Salisbury, N. C. Aniiihtt Jluihaudry Charles l ck W ' itherincton . . , Vancclioro, N. C. Electrical Engineerinii Iiilramurals, All-C " ampus Bowling 3; Orientation C;rmip Lvailcr . . 4; ' fslc Foundation !. 2. ?, 4. U.wiu Andrew W ' dmble Elm City, N. C. Applied Mnlhenutlics Ldwari) Lafayette Woods Charlotte, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE. Leon vrd Michael Word Greensboro, N. C. Industrial Engineering Sigma Chi; AIIE; Technician Staff 2; Treas. Sigma Chi i. 4; AFROTC. DwAiN DoRYL Workman Chillicothe, Ohio Eorest Management Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball I, 2, 3, Football 1, 2; Forestry Club 4. Gary Franklin Workman High Point, N. C. Civil Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Intramurals 1. 2, 3, Big Four Golf 3, 4, Horseshoes 3; CU Games Comm. 2. h J l ' MiM i ii V i fed 1 mMMM David Francis Worsley Oak City, N. C. Agricidtural Business Economics Agricultural Economics Club 3, 4, ' ice President 4; Student Ciovernment 4; Agriculture Senator 4; C hairman of Elections Committee 4; Orientation Commissitm 4; YDC 1; Intramurals I. Brlice Wayne Wright Plymouth, N. C. Mathematics Education atid Applied Mathematics Larry Gene Wright Landis, N. C. FJectrical Engineering Tcchuician Staff 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Dormitory Secretary 4, Manager 4; AIEE 3, 4; VMCA 1, 2. David Chun Tao Yao Hong Kong Textile Technology Delta Kappa Phi; Intramurals Basketball 2, Volleyball 2. Handball 2, Table Tennis 2, Softball 2. QuiNTiN LiM Yao Manila, Philippines Mechanical Engineering ASME; Textile Engineering Association of Mapua, President; B. S. Textile Engineering. liMMV Der Yip High Point, N. C. Electrical Engineering ]ouN Wesley Yonce Richmond, Virginia Chemical Engineering AICHE. James Wesley York Jr Raleigh, N. C. Physics Kappa Alpha. Secretary 4; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Pi Sigma; Freshman CJolf; Varsity Golf 2, 3. 4; Intramurals Football 2, 3. 4, Clolf 2, .All Campus; Engineering Flonors Program; Companion of St. Patrick .Award. Iohn Marion Young Asheville, N. C. Forest Management [409] CLASS OF 1962 William Vincent Young Jr Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engineering— Construction Option ASCE. James Leroy Yount Newton, N. C. Civil Engineering— Constrtiction Option ASCE. PROFESSIONALS Robert Ervin Cole Atlanta, Georgia John David Everette Rocky Mount, N. C. Arnold Lumdsen Joslin Raleigh, N. C Lee Ellis King Charlotte, N. C. William Floyd Marchant Summit, N.J. Augustus B. Moore Jr Matthews, N. C. William Lee O ' Brien Jr Raleigh, N. C. James Abbott Odom Jr Raleigh, N. C. Edgar Ralph Shuller Fayetteville, N. C. Stewart Thomas Shumate Jr Cherryville, N. C. ZiGRiDA Rita Smith Raleigh, N. C. Lawrence James Traber Marathon Key, Florida Kent Emanuel Watson McKinley Park, Alaska M tii 14101 nud ioiiie iict suowcd out. [411] PHI KAPPA PHI OFFICERS W. O. DOGGETT E. E. Denison D. D. Mason R. F. Stoops Frances Thompson John W. Cell President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Journal Carres. . . President-elect Phi Kappa Phi, scholastic honor society, was founded at the University of Maine in 1897. Since the estab- lishment of the North Carolina State Chapter on December 10, 1923, there have been more than twelve hundred local students, alumni, and honorary candidates elected to membership. Phi Kappa Phi is the highest scholastic honor attainable for a student in technical fields of study. It is dedicated to the Unity and Democracy of Education and its ulti- mate objective is to emphasize scholarship and character, to foster the goals of institutions of higher learning, and to stimulate mental achie cment through recognition. MEMBERS Undergraduates H. T. Bone P. W. Brant W. T. Buchanan W. C. Carpenter A. M. Chedester W. B. CuM NGS |. T. CURLEE E. E. Denison C. L. Duke J. L. Edwards R. E. Elkins G. T. Ferrell G. W. Fisher Y. Haitovsky G. S. Hutchins W. M. Iackson C. L. Jeffries A. T. M. Rung J. B. Link R. A. McCorkle M. S. Margolis H. B. Noah V. B. Noah I. W. BiSHIR C. Y. Chin G. L. Comstock B. E. Epting G. S. Fly J. R. Maus C. A. Rohde V. J. Staikidis A. K. Pearson R. M. Royall W. H. Slack E. S. Todd G. M. West R. FI. Williamson R. S. Winton G. A. Britton W. F. Cone H. A. ClKANEK M. W. GOODE T. L. Houser S. E. Law R. T. Files S. A. Marks C. E. Parks L. H. Person C. Platschek Z. R. Smith D. B. Stafford J. F. Wilder C. N. Adair S. A. Eberhart S. G. Turnipseed J. W. Reece A. C. Davis G. E. Epperson D. E. LiNGLE R. O. Kltehl A. I. Barwick D. L. Cline B. N. Lancaster R. D. Mustian J. Fl. Caldwell C. B. Carver W. L. Darracott J. F. Daughtry P. N. Nanzetta D. Schermerhorn S. D. Scott H. F. Tisdale R. E. Williams M. G. Radford D. H. Brown D. D. Childers G. E. Raymond R. W. Bullock D. ]. Caldwell 1. S. Chrisenberry F. L. Goodwin J. C. Adams Graduates R. |. C. Feng M. K. Moss D. E. Sells N. K. Gangully M. A. Sumrell C. E. SlEWERT W. D. Stanley J. M. Allen R. H. Blackwell H. W. Blake W. R. Bland R. L. BOGER W. C. Bradley ]. P. Braver D. E. Fetherston B. J. Furr R. W. Guy H. P. Hamrick J. C. Hart L. K. McDowell J. R. Mills J. E. Peterson M. B. Smires L. W. Sink T. M. Smith G. B. Taylor R. C. Woodman J. D. Artman J. A. Toms Y. Balta J. V. D. W. Jooste H. Huang E. R. Thompson C. H. DosHi F. S. Keblawi J. G. Alphin M. A. Glizman [412] GRADUATION AND COLISEUM for four years it ' s been hurry up and wait. Mother. I made it! A JOB TO BEGIN OR h: tlie Jahoratory. M - )) the field. At the office. [414] GRADUATE SCHOOL ()usiir AuDET Macid Abdoll Eyvjit I ' ield Crops JiiiiN Wiifii Adams Atl.mia. C ' .coiijia lAcclricid Ijiiiiiu ' criiijJ |()ii W ' li 1 lAM .Adams Macdn, Cecillia Electrical Engineering I oiiis CtoRC.E Ai EXAKOS Jr. Ilainlc ' t. N. C . lecluniical Engineering IIaiush KocuiiRA.M Amesur Boiiiba) , India Chemistry Robert Lduis Anderson Oak Park, Illinois Agricultural Economics I Iector Ay ALA Caracas, Venezuela Agricultural Economics Marvin Kenneth Aycock Jr Warrenton, N. C. Agricultural Economics Sham Sunder Bajaj Bombay, India Mechanical Engineering RoDOLio Jose Bastida Caracas, Venezuela Entomology William M. Bateson Salem, Oregon Agricultural Economics Don Theodore Batson Taylors, S. C. Electrical Eng ineering Ann Louise Bellis Raleigh, N. C. Applied Mathematics Vincent Jerome Bellis Raleigh, N. C. Agriculture FiLMORE Edmund Bender Bakersfield, California Agriculture C. Leonard Bennett Jr E. Peppercll, Mass. Electrical Engineering Nicholas Miklo ' s Bereny ' i I lungary Agriculture Fernando Apelo Bernardo Philippines Genetics J ' £i ;£ih M [415] GRADUATE SCHOOL Henry Derrick Blocker Raleigh, N. C. Agricidtwe Thomas Peter Bogyo South Africa Experimental Statistics Wayne Elwood Boyet Ringgold, Louisiana Agricidtural Economics Eugene H. Boyles Gainesville, Florida Agriculture Joel Vincent Brawley Ir Mooresville, N. C. Applied Mathematics Henry Alfred Brown Apex, N. C. Electrical Engineering Harold Gene Bush New London, N. C. Engineering Mechanics Julio Ernesto Cabrera Ecuador Agriculture Alfredo Carballo Costa Rica Field Crops Agriculture Everett Dalrymple Cash ATT Spray, N. C. Entomology Mrinal Kanti Chakraborty Calcutta, Lidia Agriculture Se Hoon Chang Seoul, Korea Electrical Engineering Wei -AHN Chang China Forestry Michael Paul Charles Atlanta, Georgia Nuclear Physics Cheng-Yuan Chin Taiwan, China Electrical Engineering Benjamin Cintra Brazil Statistics Ronald Wayne Colombo Pearl River, New ork Nuclear Engineering Robert Irvin Coltrane Raleigh, N. C. Agricultural Economics I I [416] GRADUATE SCHOOL Charlie Harrison Cooke Lawiuliilc. . C. Applied Malhenialic ' i Maukice Leroy Copeland Cr.ihaiii, . C . Electrical Engineering John Quackenboss Cost I lii lilaiul I ' .iik, . j. Imiiis riii PMc io og.v IliiMEN Preston Coulter |k. Ciix-cn ille, S. C. Applieti MiithcviiHtcs [oiiN Harold Crews jr. Buiiinyton. X. C. Engineering Mechnnia |oHN Lawson Crothers Jr Laurel, Maryland Agricultural Economics Joseph Spottswood Crowell Enka, N. C. Applied Mathematics Ia.mes McKenney Cutchin Raleigh, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Rachllnatii Singh Dahiya India Dairy Manufacturing SuARN Kanta Dahiya India Education Peggy Elizabeth Dale Raleigh, N. C. Psychology Robert Edgar Dalton Chapel Hill. W C. Physical Sciences BiMAx Das Calcutta, India Industrial Engineering James William Daughtry Raleigh, N. C. Applied Mathematics Abraham Sign David Israel Agrictdtiiral Economics Da id Leslie Davies Brazil Agrictdture Robert Dabney Davis Winston-Salem, X. C. Applied Mathematics Frank Milton DeFriese Kno.wille, Tennessee Agricidtural Economics [417] GRADUATE SCHOOL 1 U ' Herman H. Deloach Burlington, N. C. Electrical Engineering Buddy Leroy Dillman Garfield, Ark. Agricultural Econcnnics Sadikin Djajapertjunda Bogor, Indonesia Forestry Chandrakant Prabhudas Dosmi Calcutta, India Metallurgical Engineering Chimanlal Harilal Doshi India Textiles Walter Donald Duckworth ... Athens, Tennessee Entomology Philip Duskin Dukes Raleigh, N. C. Plant Pathology William Edgar Earley Mill Springs, N. C. Agriculture BoBOY Ross Eddleman Goodnight, Texas Agricultural Economics Iames Carroll Edmundson Jr. Pikeville, N. C. Agrioiltural Education Abd-elfattah Abd-elghafar El sharkawi Egypt Applied Mathematics Taha Ahmed El-Sharkawy Egypt Plant Pathology Harold Eugene Eskridge Shelby, N. C. Applied Physics Oscar G. Espinosa Lima, Peru Chemical Engineering |oHN McLaughlin Eubanks Jackson Springs, N. C. Electrical Engineering Carson DeHay Evans Barnwell, South Carolina Agriculture Marvin McHenry Everett Jr. Robersonville, N. C. Applied Math and Physical Science Berkwood Malcolm Farmer Ringgold, Va. Agricultural Economics [418] GRADUATE SCHOOL Fred Eugene Taulkner Ashcvillc, N. C. Chemical Engineering Richard Lee Feltner New Ross, liuiiana Agricultural Economics Robert Jan-chiu Feng Taiwan, Chin i Civil Engineering IIiNHv Lee Fisher Jr. Mt. Pleasant, N. C. Applied Mathematics Joseph Flosman Ontario, Canada Textiles G. Alfred Forsyth Avon by-the-Sea, N. J. Psychology Douglas Marshall Franklin Graham, N. C. Electrical Engineering James Richard Frazier Charlotte, N. C. Psychology Oscar Nicolas Garcia Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engineering George Walker Garrison Jr. States ille, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Peter Murray Gibson Laurel Hill, N. C. Applied Mathematics Harrison Alexander Giles Jr. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Applied Mathematics Frederick Everard Malcolm Gillham Southern Rhodesia Genetics David Dolian Gilliam Burlington, N. C. Electrical Engineering Henry Cornelius Gilliam Jr Sanford, N. C. Agriculture Jose Bernardo Goldenberg Buenos Aires, Argentina Agricidture Earl Thomas Gritton West Branch, Iowa Agricidture Herbert Warren Grubb iXLix Meadows, Virginia Agricidtural Economics [419] GRADUATE SCHOOL Creighton Lee Cupton Castalia, N. C. Agriculture William Anderson Hambright Jr. Graham, N. C. Elecirkal Engineering Iean Antoinette Hamilton Fayetteville, N. C. Textiles John P. Hardister Jr Kannapolis, N. C. Agriculture Roger Noel Scarlett Harris Bedford, England Agricultural Economics George William Hartzcge Hickory, N. C. Geological Engineering Thomas Otis Henderson Hickory, N. C. Agriculture James Hart 1 Iigman Cortez, Colo. Nuclear Engineering Horace Gill Hilton Delta, LItah Soils James T. Holt Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engineering Manard Earl Holt Birmingham, Alabama Agricultural Economics Clarence Elum Hood Jr Newton, N. C. Agricultural Engineering Ai.viN Dillard Hooper Tuckasegee, N. C. Mechanical Engineering |on Russell Howell Lenoir, N. C. Applied Mathematics Iasper Van Der Westhuizen Jooste Bellville, South Africa Agriculture Stella Joseph Lima, Peru Science Joseph Thomas Judd Nashville, Tenn. Agriculture Nai IN X ' ithai.rao Junnarkar Bombay, India Chemical Engineering I [420] GRADUATE SCHOOL . i;n()1 I) 1 151 DKUii- Kanarick New ll k, ' . . Psychology L ' liAULLs Liiii.E Keels Monruc, . C. Agricuhiiriil lidiicdlioii Oamai! LIddin Ahmau Kuan KaiMclu, P.ikist.m Eleclrical } iii ' niccriirj, 1m)1! ti. Kic;F.n iiisum S.ik ' in, N. C. Mechanical liiig ' niccring Robert Karl Ki LE Electrical Eiiginec ing a, Tcnn. 1 lu Kliin Klm Scuiil, Kurca i ' »c7car Eni ineciiug Young Jim Kim Agriculture Pii (i, Korea W ' li 1 lAM James Knight Agriculture England LI Ko Ko Agriculture Burma Maxim Icaak Kovel Uiooklvn, . . Nuclear Engineering Edward Bruce Kliehnel Burlington, N. C. Electrical Engineering Leonard Ruv Lamberson iMoric , Mich. Industrial Engineering Ierry Rov Lambert Agriculture William Joseph Lanham Agricultural Economics Kian-Ben Lim Lao Agriculture Sidney Edward Law Agricidlure 1 RANKLIN FoNgMiNG LeE Li c ' Oak, I lorida Raleigh, N. C. Philippines Pelham, N. C. I iauan, China Mechanical Engineering Sung Won Lee Seoid, Knrea Experimental Statistics [421] GRADUATE SCHOOL Wilson Durward Leggett III Raleigh, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Alan Palmer Leonard Kingsport, Tenn. Chemical Engineering Charles Mack Leshe Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engineering Robert Thayer Liner Jr. Fort Myers, Florida Nuclear Engineering David Jiang Liu Taiwan, China Electrical Engineering Hector Joaquin Lizarraga Lapaz, Bolivia Soils Agriculttire Palil Froneberger Long Raleigh, N. C. Applied Mathematics Max Ira Loyd Statesville, N. C. Agriculture Joseph Richard Lucas Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engineering Sidney John Lyford Jr. Exetec, N. H. Agriculture Hiram IE Theodore McAdams Raleigh, N. C. Statistics Benjamin Thomas McDaniel Pickens, S. C. Agriculture Tru.xton King Mann Jr. New Bern, N. C. Engineering Mechanics Macabiog Orense Marcelo Manila, Philippines Experimental Statistics Iose Gildardo Marin Colombia, S. A. Agriculture Chreston Furman Martin Landruni, S. C. Applied Mathematics Gene Arthur Mathia Anderson, Mo. Agriculture Eugene Huffman Matkins Elon College, N. C. Mechanical Engineering II [422] GRADUATE SCHOOL Joseph Carson Matthews Raloigli, N. C. .■Aqricii dirc Parviz Mhhuizadeh Ichian Forestry Gerai n I ' . Meier Flint, Midi. hidtistrial Eughieerhig Orlando i berto Mendez Colombia, S. A. iViic cdr Eiigiiieeritig Dwin Lee Mick Sully, Iowa Agrictthure Archie Rudolph Miller Graham, N. C. Electrical Engineering James Anderson Miller Burnside, Ky. Geological Engineering Lawrence Albright Mink Raleigh, N. C. Physics Everett Royal Mitchell Itasca, Texas Entomology Seung Gyu Moon Korea Rural Sociology Clay R. Moore Little Rock, Ark. Agriculttiral Economics Clair Edward Morris Ir. Columbia, N. C. Agricultural Economics Andi Hakim Nasoetion Indonesia Applied Mathematics Joseph F. Nemet Wien, Austria Nuclear Engineering John Wayne Nixon Pilot Mountain, N. C. Agricultural Economics Philip L. Xorthcott Raleigh, N. C. Forestry Kenneth Wilson Nye Hopewell, Va. Psychology Edward Samuel Oberhofer Winston-Salem, N. C. Physical Sciences and Applied Mathematics A T [423] GRADUATE SCHOOL m thJiM h M Donald Dean Osburn Skidmorc, Missouri Agricultural Ecmiomics Donald Eugene Otterby Sioux Falls, S. Dak. Agriculture Gordon Norman Owen Jr. Netlieilands, Antilles Civil Engineering Panemangalore Subraya Pai India Textiles R. J. Parekh Bombay, India Mechanical Engineering Charles Evans Parks Durham, N. C. Applied Mathematics JAMES Franklin Parnell Timmonsville, S. C. Animal Ecology George A. Passes Greece Education Naranbhai Madhavbhai Patel India Textiles Lalji Iayantilal Pavagadhi India Mechanical Engineering James Leslie Pearson Lexington, Ky. Agricultural Economics Charles Van Buren Peele Goldsboro, N. C. Applied Malhemalics Ralph James Peeler Raleigh, N. C. Agricultural Economics Charles Eugene Perry Rebecca, Georgia Agricultural Economics Ralph Eugene Petersen Danexang, Texas Agriculture Bobby Emerson Phillips Bakersville, N. C. Applied Mathematics Richard Burke Plunkett Jr. Richmond, Virginia Electrical Engineering Carl Edwin Polan Blandville, W. Virginia Agricii lwre li [424] GRADUATE SCHOOL Robert Wilson Priester Gio cr. . C I ' lcclricat liiiiiiiccriiiii W 11 lUlU JoM I ' ll I ' unoi 1 Ju. l ncr, N. C. Chemical Eiigiueering Claud Ek in Pitg:! AshcliDii). i ' . C. Eiiiiinecritiii A Icchimia loiiN CoiiKi Randall R.ilci-h, N. C. Chemical Engineering Ragiiavendra Rao India Forestry Shlomo Relitlinger Bio( klyn. New York Agriciihnial Economics James Robert Reynolds Boone-, i . C. Mechanical Engineering Nemesio Artluu) Rojo Argentina Agriculture Atmanidjaja RVBINI Indonesia Forestry MoMUl RUMAKOM Thailand Agriculture SURINDER KllM AP, SaBHIKHI Dellii. India Textiles Charles LeRov Sanderson Erwin, lean. Chemical Engineering Preston Eugene Susser Kinston. N. C. Agriculture THO. L s John Schofield Lima, Pern Textiles Ronald Ainiiiiu Schrlmper Erie, Pa. Agricultural Economics Harold OXeil Seagraves Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engineering Saad Abdo Shammoot Amman, Jordan Agriculture Mahabir Pershad Sharua India Anivial Industry [425] GRADUATE SCHOOL Robert Melvin Shaw Evergreen, N. C. Animal luditstry Garrett Victor Sidler Arcadia, California Nuclear Engineering Carlos Silva Colombia, S. A. Electrical Engineering Leonard Leroy Slyter Paola, Kansas Animal Industry Joseph Smartt London, England Agriculture Larry Baxter Sahth Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engineering Robert Jones Sauth Asheville, N. C. Applied Mathematics John Washington P. Snhthwick Raleigh, N. C. Ceramic Engineering Absalom West Snell Raleigh, N. C. Agricultural Economics James Thornvvell Spence III Greensboro, N. C. Applied Physics Donald Bennett Stafford Kernersville, N. C. Civil Engineering Samuel Scott Stevens Greensboro, N. C. Electrical Engineering John Junious Stewart Raleigh, N. C. Industrial Arts Roland Jay Stripes Garrison, Pcnn. Plant Pathology Paul Samuel Stone Louisburg, N. C. Agricidtural Economics Hans Martin SucKOW Bielefeld, Germany Civil Engineering TiNG-Kuo Sun Taiwan, China Agricidtiire Johannes Supranto Indonesia Experimental Statistics I! I I I [426] GRADUATE SCHOOL John Frederick Swanson Baltimore, Maixl.uul Applied Malhewalics KiNGSLEV Arter Taft Jr. Columlnis. Ohio Forestry Abdelfattah Mahmond Tamer Egxpi Textiles LoNNiE Eugene Talbert R;ilcit;h. N. C. Agricidtural Economics Abder Rahim Abdul Hajnud Talli Jordan Forestry David Boyce Teague Cnanite Falls, N. C. Applied Matheiiuitics PiNPiN Tee Manila, Philippines Chemical Engineering LI. Tun Thein Ran. oon, Burma Agrici( (»re Eugene Joseph Theriot Greensboro, N. C. Electrical Engineering LoREN Iav Tibbitts Sacramento, California Industrial Engineering Michael Glex Timko Harrington, Delaware Forestry ALiRTiN ToRRico ToRRico Madrid, Spain Forestry Harold Joel Tragash Bronx. New York Psychology Floyd Davis Turnage Jr. Burlington, N. C. Mechanical Engineering John 1 1. Turner Jr. Marion, S. C. Electrical Engineering Darrell Robert VanCampen Satant , Kansas Animal ' Nutrition Marcos Revilleza Vega Philippines Agricidture P. S. VivEKANANTHAN Madurai Psychology M. [427] GRADUATE SCHOOL l ffi fli HI , 1 ' " Z- MgiM dfM Frilochan S. Wadiiwa Indi;i Elcclrical Engineering Keppel Duane Wait Ashc ' illc, N. C. Applied Mathenmtics James Elwvn Watson [r. Red Springs, N. C. Applied Mathematics Jack Preston Waugh Burlington, N. C. Electrical Engineering Philip Daniel Wiianger Clinton ' illc, W. Virginia Animal Nutrition |ames Ray White Kno.willc, l ' nn. E pcriniental Statistics Theodore Kistler Wingard Burlington, N. C. Mechanical E ngineering Sambas Wirakusumah Indonesia Wood Technology Gene Edward Wolfe Wendell, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Francis Wii roN Wo jdside Burlington, N. C. Electrical Engineering Yi CiiiEN Wli . Taiwan, Cliiiia Meeluniical Engineering Shung-Jhn Yang Taiwan, China Agricultural Economics Joe Yao Icu-Leh Yek Forestrv I ' ormosa Taiwan, China Philippines Electrical Engineering Amador D ' Bayan Ynigliez Experimental Statistics Charles Alvin Yorke , Coneord, N. C. Civil Engineering JERRV Wesley Young Mulberry, Fenn. Animal Industry Nelson Warsham Young Reidsxille, N. C. Industrial Engineering NoHAMED CA L L Zaulouk Egypt Nuclear Engineering AiMLL Aahn Zaki Baghdad, Iraq Education [428] r: 00.00 [429] QolkqsL QmL MOTOR LODGE AND RESTAURANT U. S. ROUTE 64 — WESTERN BLVD. P. 0. BOX 5717 RALEIGH. NORTH CAROLINA DAIRY FOODS jinejtate MILK AND ICE CREAM •k At your nearby store MILK AND DAIRY FOODS " k By convenient home delivery PINE STATE RALEIGH • OXFORD • HENDERSON DUNN • GOLDSBORO North Carolina ' s Choice Since 1919 Stephenson ' s Music Company Serving State College ' s Music Needs for 50 Years Cameron Village RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA [430] Ingravings by CHARLOnE ENGRAVING COMPANY CHARLOTTE. N. C. [431] North Carolina Equipment Company INTERNATIONAL Construction Equipment Raleigh — Greenville — Wilmington Greensboro — Charlotte — Asheville Hudson -Belk- Efird ' s- Eastern Carolina ' s Largest Department Store RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA [4321 Headquarters for Meredith, St. Mary ' s State College Student Rates till 6:00 P.M. Cactus Room Restaurant 24 Lanes WESTERN LANES (Opposite State) Woolen and Worsted textile machinery and SUPPLIES and ACCESSORIES CARDS — SPINNING FRAMES — FINISHING MACHINERY PREPARATORY MACHINERY — WARP DRESSING MACHINERY — MACHINERY MODERNIZATION CARD CLOTHING — GARNETT WIRE NAPPER CLOTHING CONDENSER TAPS — RUBB APRONS D F " COORDINATED PRODUCTION " The skillful integration of Davis Furber Machinery, Supplies and Accessories with our expert Technical Service and Counsel and your mill production requirements and specifications — results in a " COORDINATED PRODUCTION " program. Davis Furber " Coordinated Production " — jointly planned with the mill — means increased profits for you. Ask how the D F " in-your-mill " Technical Survey can solve your specific problems. Write for your copy of the D F News, to help you with your long-range planning. Davis Furber MACHINE COMPANY Textile Machinery Designers And Manufacturers NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA lehedcoaod outhern FINEST CAN ' Te ' vantages ob- f C° Q ' ' nd southern C be Equlprne " ;- es ate ■orlds " ' 7 , he products ,bat " ' - ' ' ' ' ' ConsuU ol l, , .on on ftifveets tor outtt iU problems STEEL HEDDLE MFG. CO. 2100 W. ALLEGHENY AVENUE • PHILADELPHIA 32, PA. Other Offices and Plants • Greenville, S.C. • Allonio, Go. • Greensboro, N.C. • Providence, R. I. SOUTHERN SHUTTLES Porii Plont . . . Greenville, S.C. • A Division of STEEL HEDDLE MfG. CO. STEEL HEDDLE COMPANY OF CANADA, LIMITED ' 310 St. Hubert Street. Granby, Quebec, Conodo [433] Compliments of HERB CARPENTER COLLEGE MASTER REPRESENTATIVE yiQ.s . L i i T " The Life Insurance Plan offered exclusively to and preferred by the college man. " 336 Cameron Brown Building Box 10303 Phone VA 8-4817 RALEIGH D ( nigratulQtiom BE REALLY REFRESHED! BOHLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COIA COMPANY BY THE CAPITOL COCA-COLA BOHLING CO., INC. A. B. Carter, Incorporated Operating Mill Devices Company Gastonia, North Carolina Carter Traveler Company Gastonia, North Carolina [434] O R A N ' S CLOTHING FOR DISCERNING MEN AND APPRECIATIVE WOMEN 2404 Hillsboro Street Phone TE 4-5085 Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company RALEIGH, N. C. [435] Compliments of ¥ WiJM] y 416 S. Dawson Street TE 2-1736 [436] Finer Portraits f rom The Photographers of the 1962 Agromeck ? 0 WALLER STUDIO BILLY WALLER Phone TE 4-7331 I26V2 Fayetteville Street Raleigh [437] COVERS BY KINGSKRAFT J w »i 1 KINGSPORT PRESS 1 9 High Temperature Fabric Dyeing Machine Avesta Static Pressure RapicJ Dryer Gaston County Dyeing and Drying Machines Quality Dependabilit-y ic Performance Durabilit-y 6 Kier Beam Dyeing Machine Single Kier Pressure Dyeing Machine Gaston County Dyeing Macliine Co. WORLD ' S LARGEST PRODUCERS OF PRESSURE DYEING 6 DRYING MACHINERY STANLEY, N. C. U.S.A. REPRESENTATIVES ' . Lindner il BIdg . 68 Hudion Sin Hoboken, N. I Albert P. March J. R. Angel Flourlown. Pa. 1104 Mortgage GuaranI - 1 3-2901 Allan- ■ " - ' A. R. Breen The Rudel Mochinery Co., Ltd. 80 E. Jackion Blvd 614 Si. Jame. Sireel, W., Monlreal Chkago, III. 260 Fleel Sf. E , Toronto [438] t BEST WISHES FROM mm {.mm mm RIDCEFIELD, NEW JERSEY Compliments of VILLAGE PHARMAEY RED WDLF RESTAURANT Cameron Villoge Congratulations To The CLASS OF ' 62 From 4i ' L . Jl» h " Zip MORTGAGE BANKERS— REALTORS— INSURERS CAMEROIM-BROXA N COMPAIMY Raleigh — Greensboro — Charlotte Asheville — Fayetteville — Winston-Salem BEST WISHES FROM ' juwX. AND ALL THE STAFF [439] STUDENTS SUPPLY STORES NORTH CAROLINA STAT E COLLEGE = =0 1887 SERVING STUDENTS, FACULTY AND STAFF AND FRIENDS OF THE COLLEGE ON THE CAMPUS FOR OVER FORTY-FIVE YEARS DIAMOND JUBILEE CELEBRATION NORTH CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE 1962 I [440] IRST- CmZENS lUNKSTRm ■ COMB LOCATIONS IN RALEIGH FOR YOU Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation BEST WISHES CLASS OF ' 62 KERR REXALL DRUGS Prescription Specialists Cameron Village RIDCEWOOD SHOPPING CENTER RALEIGH, N. C. FERGUSON ' S HARDWARE Garden Seed Flower Seed Fertilizers General Hardware Household Supplies Floor Waxes Lawn Mowers — Sales and Service City Wide Delivery 2900 Hillsboro St. TE 2-4877 FINCH ' S RESTAURANTS FIN CH DRIVE, INC 401 W. Peace Street Open 11:00 A.M.— 12:00 P.M. AND THE BROILER 217 Hillsboro Street Open 24 Hours Per Day [441] The illusion that times that were are better than those that are, has probably pervaded all ages —HORACE GREELEY SONOCO PRODUCTS COMPANY General Offices and Main Plant — Hartsville, S. C. Compliments of PLAYERS RETREAT WARREN ' S RESTAURANT 301 West Martin Street RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA vQ O BANQUETS-MEETINGS AIR CONDITIONED Phone TE 2-7466 [442] Enter into a Total Electric MEDALLION - HOME — where Elertricity does everylhuiixl • FLAMELESS ELECTRIC HEAT • FULL HOUSEPOWER WIRING • TOTAL- ELECTRIC KITCHEN • DRAMATIC LIGHT FOR LIVING CAROLINA POWER A LIGHT COMPANY An investor-owned, laipaying. public utilily company INDUSTRIAL AIR CONDITIONING ENGINEERS AND MANUFACTURERS FOR ALMOST HALF A CENTURY. SUPPLYING AIR CONDITIONING COMPONENTS OR COMPLETE CUSTOM DESIGNED SYSTEMS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL ENGINEERS AND VcSS- MANU FACTU RERS 17 — Winston -Salem, N. C. [443] NORTH CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE PRINT SHOP Growing With State College [4441 OBSERVER PRINTING HOUSE CHARLOTTE, N. C. Printers Of Ttie 1962 Agromeck [445] II

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