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4 % 4 r -V " " i ,- V- V % C . y fi; i NORTH CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA ' ik. vv ' ' ' wX " ADMINISTRATION HONORARIES •6 w . ORGANIZATIONS 91 Tr«jTi 147 ATHLETICS MILITARY FRATERNITIES ■f . ; , u, " aoi 1961 J t: -J ' v J-? s - Jti r? .«i ,v ■- " " «» -■5 ' SmaW group ork ' iiUit ' ioii pruvides an iiifornnil nliuosplicrc jor a i iiitroductiuii to college. J Registralion—that specially designed maze created to confuse the masses. . . The proluiiged agony necessary to prove your eligibility for P. E. 101. . Thoiiiih vaoiieh faiiiiliar at first D. 11. liill Library soon bccovies an integral part of each stiident ' s life. .v .o- ' ;-. ' ., . S i , ' .w.: wr S i - ,.;■.-•. " .•«!» I, i . n ' ■n ' M m ■ . • 1 . P --2 m ' R4 ■ •• n ' mHBH - 1. ■ ' ,♦ i 1 ■J i L SllltHl « Uciwcjorlh. roil ahciU be kiiuivii m 749683. EC50l— " Hoiv To Win Jrieiuh and liifhteiicc TJic Opjwsite Sex. " " That tooth will have to go, sir. " No dites-No hid. J ' t ' i- m (i H: mi. ' -- ' f y ipl -. ' i r 1 filf Jr « m M ■ ..f 1 . 1 «»«« f 4i 11- m W » ip F- ' ,i v After The CaroJ ' um game — I he W uljpuck u ' lo uii i iii v o siieeei jHl ietaoii. Hoiuecoviii! " Queens in action. • ■Y Tlie Homecoming float with persoiiality. • HHrv vwr k ,- f tameoibammisii [9] unt Decisions, decisions, always decisions! Voting— a method of student expressioi: Monk Finch now h ads hr three and one half rotes. . ' ► " •i «ifr i ' l « U ' o uft ' i " ii ' ;i r ' ' ill III lliv viiddlc is thinldno? Greeks etijuriuQ, themselves on the hillside. . . . Some students hare well paying part time jobs. [11] Corner of Brooks Hall . Music to study hy. . . . All oiitstnudiiig exhibit of Thingaiuahvhs. Inlellcciiuil shot of a broken light meter. . Some people spend entirely too much time studvirig ivliiJe others. . . . 1IJW.J J t e v mairlcil sliidt ' iit liuiisiiiii, cciitei—n lieiueudous niipruveuiciit over the iinlujiiutcil ciiille project. [14] 1.4 Lust Diiiiutc cranniiing— West Room of the Library. justice conquers aU. Monsoon storm catches student hetiveen chisses. lk ly...fW g| I Tr X m " fk ' » « » x% V « » Another Jink is added to The Golden Chain. Discussions on basic issues help to hrondeii the student ' s outlook on life. ■ s: [17] ■9 msB mnfw UoUiuhr IhiU hlaiilietcd in nhltc. Wonder if it has any antifreeze in it? V I J PATROL Texthoolis for any type ciirricul Organizers for the e)!tire caiiipu Bush Week cotuplete with iinijie ta8,s and a girl. WmJ. ' lai Whose fault is that? Scotch and Soda. X h :?• r ■: V,;, 1. ■ ' . -r »H I. •4 Modem uixliitectiirtil nijluciicc is evidfiit hi the new gym Circular cJassrooiu hiiilding uill he completed next fall. . . . J " ' Efficiency iiiiliinitedState College Al O. Iiiniieiisc proportions to which State College has expanded in sixty years is evident when viewed from Western Boidevard. I. A» .: til rm ' • : ; mt . » Tlie monster leered at us from liis vantage point at the head of the class. . . . Some people actually buy books. . . . He was a cool viotorscootcr. huddeu. huddcu, buddci Tlie reason all students don ' t hity hooks. May 26, 19b 1. After four years . . . full of confidence . . . you are ready to take your place in the world of the sixties. % STAFF ONLY 30MIN. PARKING NORTH Carolina State Coatst BUSINESS OFFICE R Mi , NmNi VATofini ■ ra lW«f fc A«M»«TIC «. " ••1.IVM 1 ; JiOO 1 610 HELL ttARRE VAN 8UREN 1 NG T N N C 1 ojo RYAN S T 4 ■■. I 8 2;0 » J B e T T -il 1 1 ' vH c 4H :r_j fISBi ,.fl ■ 1 i irii ' r 1 Ml ■ M KSs hbwp 1 MMir iiirr aa J paatattttettiir .A 9 9 o P a o o • • tt . N T.CALDWELL iHM j-CvroMErr ! -1 lu 1 1 r i Tli 1 l»» ' i " ! V I m . A ' y J -j? ADMINISTRATION THE GOVERNOR OF NORTH CAROLINA Hon. Terry Sanforu [281 William C. Friday President of the Consolidated University John T. Caldwell Chancellor of North Carolina State College [29] John VV. Shirley Dcaji of the Faculty Lyle B. Rogers Director of Counseling James J. SxEwAnT Dean of Stvdeiit Affairs N. B. Watts Director of Student Hoiimig Banks C. Talley Director of Student Activities m L. L. Ray Foundations and Public Relations Menry Bowers Assistant Director of Student Activities w FSsx mwr A lt « ■IKBI ■ijiSBaaSfi! ' -¥ ' ?we:. ' ■aa if THE SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE The science of agriculture is finding increasing applica- tion on the farms, in manufacturing plants, in processing plants, and in the entire network of sales and distribution of agricultural products in North Carolina. No longer does agricultural science apply only to farms. Men trained in the biological sciences and agricultural sciences are finding employment in a wide variety of professional, industrial, and farming activities. The graduates of the School of Agriculture are molding many of the changes which are taking place so rapidly and which arc building a greater North Carolina. Likewise, they are finding their place in other parts of the nation as leaders in their re- spective fields. The mule and plow can no longer charac terize agriculture. The agricultural leaders of today are those with mastery of chemistry, the biological sciences, agricultural business management, agricultural engineer- ing, public f)olicy and the techniques of efficient plant and animal produc- tion, processing and marketing. The young men and women of North Carolina have the talent and the School of Agriculture provides the training. Throughout the state and nation there is a demand and a will- ingness to pay for those with l itb the talent and the training. Dhan 1 1. Brooks James FLuecmD % ' ■ ' 4 : , ANIMAL INDUSTRY CLUB OFFICERS Talmadce Brown President Charles Mann Vice-President Norwood Potter Secretary Roger Collins Treasurer The object of the Animal Industry Club is to foster a closer relationship between the students in Animal Industry, the faculty, and livestock breeders in the state; to encourage leadership; to acquaint the students with ac- ti ' ities in the field of Animal Industry; and to promote a greater interest in the profession. OFFICERS William Sumney President Fred Cone Vice-President Kenneth Lewis . Secretory WiLLL M H. Tharrington Treasurer Edward O. }Ik;ii Reporter Stuart Marks Parliamentarian Monroe E. Gardner Advisor Homer C. Folks Advisor AGRICULTURAL COUNCIL The Agricultural Council is composed of elected repre- sentatives of the arious Agriculture Departments in the School of Agriculture and the Department of Agriculture Education. The primary function of the Council is to co- ordinate the acti ities of the arious departments repre sen ted. Each year the Council sponsors entertainment programs, students ' Ag Fair, Barnwarming Dance, and Ag Day. The Council replaced the Agriculture Club in 1959 as a student function of the School of Agriculture. [36] AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRONOMY The aims of the Agronomy Club are to stimulate interest in the field of Agronomy, to aid in carrying on student ac- tivities, and improve relationships between faculty and stu- dents. Each year the club sponsors educational exhibits at the North Carolina State Fair, and an Awards Banquet is held during the spring semester at which time the club presents an award to the outstanding instructor in the School of Agriculture. OFFICERS Roger Bone President Robert PArrERSoN Vice-President Manly Wilder Secretary Robert U hittaker Treasurer OFFICERS Ed Law Presideul Shelton AocfXTK Vice-Preshieut Fred Ricks Treasurer Alan McDonald Secretary The ASAE Club consists of students in Agricultural Engineering who are seeking in sight into the professional side of their chosen fickl. Programs ha c brought out the arious opportunities that are open to Agricultural Engineers. Members ha e an opportunity to obtain leadership training and meet other stu dents and faculty members. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRICUTTURAL ENGINEERS MECHANIZED AGRICULTURAL CLUB OFFICERS Stanley Kinc. President I liu.ii Bowles ' ice-Presidetit lliiRioN Barnes Secretary Piov I loLDER Treasurer E. L. Howell liiri.sor [38] OFFICERS Stuart Marks President James Mauney Vice-President Dr. Eugene Hester Advisor MEMBERS R. F. Soots J. R. Paul G. A. Hurst R. R. Cowles B. Williams B. Ylircha R. F. KooNTz R. L. Wilbur J. Parnell J. P. Hardister A. Griggs G. B. Pardue LEOPOLD WILDLIFE CLUB AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS Charles Little President William Dowdy Vice-President Wayne Philips Secretary Lewis LIpchurch Treasurer This club is composed ol all graduates and undergraduates in Agricultural Economics. It has as its purpose: (1) to stimulate interest in agricultural economics, (2) to pro ' idc a means oF contact between students and Farm Economics Association members so they can become familiar with the current develop ments in the Field ol oricultural Economics. [39] OFFICERS Kenneth Lewis Sandv Edwards Tony Capps Ivan Rash Willie Pa -ne Dr. F. W. Cook President ' ice-President Secretary-Treasttrer Reporter Prniircnu Chairman Advisor The Poultry Club strives to promote lead- ership, to acquaint students and staff, and to provide programs interesting to the members. The club sponsors barbecues and other activi- ties which make it jxjssible for club members to visit outstanding poultry enterprises throughout the state. POU LTRY SCIENCE CLUB HORTICULTURE CLUB OFFICERS Ames Christopher Rex McDonald Jerry Redd Ed Derrick Pi ' dent Vice-President Secretary Treasurer The object of the I lorticulturc Club is to stimulate student interest in the field o( Horticulture, to foster and promote recreation- al and educational acti ities, and to encourage student participation in ail campus activities. [40] OFFICERS Talmadge Brown President Bob Matthews ' ice-President Barbar, AIcAbee Secretary Jerry Langdon Treasurer E. G. Batte Advisor Fhc purpose ot thf PrcA ' cts Club is to stimulate interest in the field of Veterinary Medieine, to promote high scholarship and tcllowship among its members, and to ac- t|uaint the students with the Veterinary Col- lege at thi ' llni ersity of Georgia and Okla- homa State LIniversitv. PRE- VETS CLUB AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION CLUB OFFICERS Chester Honeycutt loHN Kanipe Eddie Joe Pitts Carl Clark President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer The Ag Ed Club was organized in the Ag Ed Department to promote the de elo]iment of character, leadership, personality, social and professional skills, and cooperation needed for directing the learning process. I he members ha e opportunity and are en- couraged to participate in activities which lead to the de elopment of abilities to take part in and lead group discussion, to work effectively with a committee, to write and publicize ac- tivities, to plan and e aluate one ' s own edu- cational experiences, and many other social and educational values. 141] THE SCHOOL OF DESIGN The School of Design is devoted and dedicated to the de elopment of a native architecture and its accompanying art forms for the southern region. While the natural and organic aspects of design are stressed, the uni crsal and international aspects of design are also re- spected and related to the human patterns of life. Seeking to integrate the architect as a social human being and the archi- tect as a scientist-engineer, the school encourages and nurtures the architect-engineer as the coordinator of structural dynamics in the o er-all pattern of life. While its first aim is to ser e North Carolina and the southern regions, the design school believes that its students will be equipped, through the teaching of the school, to work in any region. Because character, a profound de otion, and an absolute pro- fessional commitment are prime ingredients of any creative activitv where the stxrial respcmsibilities are as vital as in archi- tecture and design, the School of Design fosters and cultivates the integritv of the individual. Dean [I. i . Kamphoefner THE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION The Luncnt need lor e()m|ietent, well qualified teachers is greater now than at an other period in the history of our public school svstem. Ihis is especialK true in the fields of mathe- matics, science, industrial education, industrial arts, and oca- tional agriculture. The School of Education pro ides the professional pre-eni ployment training required for certificating teachers of voca- tional agriculture, industrial arts, industrial education, mathe- matics and science. The curriculum in each of these depart- ments includes courses designed to aid prospecti e teachers in acquiring an understanding of high school pupils, and in se- lecting and using acceptable teaching methods. The School of Education also pro idcs undergraduate training for recreation leaders in industrial and rural areas. Dean |. Brv.ani Kirki.. ni) OFFICERS Robert ' auc;hn Oscar Overcash Curtis Pmi i ips Leroy Murphy Mr. Robert Iroxler Pre side }it ' ice-Preside)ii Treasurer Puhlicitr Chairnwii Advisor The Industrial Arts Club brings together the members of the cle)i;ntment in order that they mav beeome better aequainted. Outstanding men in re- lated fields present to the elub at its meetings the latest ideas and news of the professional world. I he elub strives to make its profession better known and to influence young men to train for a luture in In diisiii.ii Arts. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB 146] Dr. Ivan B. Hostetler Trustee Mr. Robert T. Troxler Co-Tnistee Epsilon Pi Tau is tlic IntcriKitiDiul I Icinor Society in hiclustiial Arts and Intliistiial Vocational Education. 1 he purjioses are to recognize the place o( skill, to promote social and proFcssional proliciencx . and to (oster and reward research and jiuhlish its results. OFFICERS Norman R. Fisher President Maynard F. Ai ams Roy M. Bii.lingsley Bobby J. Brown Lloyd W. Elliot Menry W. Germaine Garland K. Milliard MEMBERS Donald G. Bassett Secretary Treasurer Ray E. Iackson Robert Leith Thomas W. Merrill Thomas B. Oakley Francis D. Rackley Paul H. Rice, Jr. EPSILON PI TAU ALPHA PI CHAPTER MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE EDUCATION OFFICERS Marshall Duncan President Iulian Snipes Vice-President Frankie Gurganus Secretary Anne Bellis Treasurer The Math and Science Education Club is an organization of students who are interested in a career in teaching. It offers social, leader- ship, and professional training through its meetings, programs, and activities. [47] THE SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING The engineer, igoi ' ous and probing in his ajiprtxich It) tech nological problems, represents a profession growing in size and im]Kirtance. To meet the expanding demand tor its graduates, the School of Engineering, too, has grown until now it has the largest enrollment in the College. Representing major fields of engineering and growing areas of specialization, fifteen cur- ricula are offered by eight degree-granting departments. Grad- uate as well as undergraduate programs extend to the student the opportunity to exploit to the fullest his capacities for learn- ing. Dr. John Harold Lampe, Dean of Engineering, directs a staff which includes some of the education and scientific leaders of the nation. Nine buildings filled with modern fa- cilities are utilized for teaching and research by these faculty members. In its extensive activities in ser ice and research, the School seeks both to explore basic engineering principles and to in ' estigate problems encountered bv the industries of North Carolina. Thus, the School is dedicated to the dual mission of serving the indi idual student and the citizens of the State. It also sets for itself the task of keeping abreast of cur- rent de ' elopments in technology and in the engineering profession. The resulting pro- gram of education is recognized as one of the foremost in the South and in the nation. Dean Iohn 1 1. Lampe The Engineers ' Fair The Engineers ' Council is composed of elected represen- tatives of the ' arious engineering schools on the campus. The primary function of the Council is to co-ordinate the activities of the arious societies represented. Each year the Council sponsors the Engineers ' Exposition. It is also responsible for directing the publication of the " Southern Engineer. " Ihe Engineers ' Council sjxjnsors two dances during the school year. In the fall, the " Engineers ' Ball " is held. And, during the spring semester, the " St. Pat ' s Dance " takes place. In connection with the " St. Pat ' s Dance ' ' , the Council recognizes outstanding engineering students by knighting them into the Order of St. Patrick. The outstanding senior engineering student is recognized and given a gift by the Council at this time. Scholarship is encouraged at the freshman level by elect- ing the two outstanding freshmen from each department as Companions of St. Patrick. Frank Madren President Robert Gidney Vice-President William Kelley Secretary LJ Row 1— Bales, Barnhill, Batchelor, Bethune, Chalmers, Cummings, Currie, Davis Row 2— Doub, Harrington, Harris, Hasting, Howell, Huggins, Humphries, Keistler Row 3— Kjosnes, Kunde, Lafferty, Lanier, Law, Logan, Payne, Reynolds Row 4— Richardson, Rogers, Shanklin. Sherrill, Smart, Smithwick, Steed, Stevenson Row 5— Tosto, U ' hite, Williams, A ' illiams, U ' ilson, Winchester, Wolfe, York Sam Blackwood Treasurer ENGINEERS ' COUNCIL Ihe student section of the American Society ot Mechanical Engineers is a part o( a national professional society which has as its objectixe the achancement of the field of Mechanical En gineering, through the free exchange of technical information and the cooperation of mechanical engineers all over the world. The society hopes to achie e through its student sections an introduction for its student members into the engineering world, to create an atmosphere in which the students may de elop skills. Student members ha e an opportunity to keep in formed on new developments in industry. 1 his is accomplished through speakers, films, conferences, society publications. Moral leadership and growth through stress on indi ' idual ethics and codes of professional conduct is a basic objective of the society. OFFICERS Eric Smart Chairman George Tucker V ice-Chairman Lloyd Rogers Secretary-Treasurer AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS 1521 Beard Blake ClKANEK Denison DouB Fisher Garrison Harris, D. 1. Harris, R. G. Hacknev King Mann Massengili. McCuiSTON McCoMBS Payne Pebson Peterson POBTEB Reynolds Sessoms Stone PI TAU SIGMA Xed Sigmon President Membership in Pi Tau Sigma is the highest honor tiiat can be obtained by a mechanical engineering student in his field. He must maintain a ery high scholastic a ' erage in order to be eligible For membership, but this is by no means the only requirement, for selection is also based on social adaptability, honesty, personal cleanliness, neatness, and soundness of prin- ciples and morals. If a man is deemed worthy, he is invited to join Pi Tau Sigma, an honor which all men would be proud to claim as theirs. OFFICERS Xed SigjMox Truman King James R. Reynolds Maxwell Goode Alvin D. I looPER I. S. DOOLITTLE . . . President Vice-President Correspondino Secretary Recording, Secretory Treasurer Advisor AMERICAN EMSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGENEERING INSTITUTE OF RADIO ENGENEERS OFFICERS Le ' is a. Williams Chairman 1 Iarvey Lanier Vice-Cha ' imian X .. ti Glenn Klutz l.R.E. Secretary I 1 ■1 Frank Madren i.I.E.E. Secretary ' ' M IJj H Nile Kjosnes l ocal Secretary f P B £ -y Winkler . .E.E. Advisor C. H. Voss l.R.E. Advisor The primary function of the student branch of the Amer- ican Institute of Electrical Engineers is to promote profes- sional interest in this field and to de elop the abilities of its members. The Institute of Radio Engineers aims to promote fellow- ship among students interested in communications. Speakers from the radio industry are brought to the campus to further enlighten its members. [54] ETA KAPPA NU William T. VVindlev President Jones, T. L. Fuller, R. V. Booker, J. L. Tysinger, J. E. Walker, H. B. Stall, N. B. Jamerson, C. D. Gilliam, D. D. Carter, B. W. Garcla, Oscar Fetherston, D. E. Goodwin, D. A. Sandiford, J. P., Jr. McDowell, L. K. Taylor, G. B. Smith, T. M. Smires, M. B. SENIORS Radford, W. E. I Ienson, B. H. Baldwin, V. McL. Lytle, C. D. Brown, H. A. Pales, C. L., Jr. McNeil, T. D. Bridges, R. O. Phipps, J. Luce, S. W. JUNIORS Hart, J. C. F Iarris, I. C. BOGER, R. L. Schermerhor, D. ] Pass. H. L., Jr. Field, |. M., Jr. Roberts, J. W. Sloan, B. J. IVEY, R. M. Madren, F. S. Swanson, O. N., Jr. Broome, H. D. Hearn, C. p. Myers, E. C. correll, e. m. Abe, F. Bales, E. T. Smith, F. H. Allred, J. M. Willoughby, J. F., Steele, B. G. Stubbins, G. E. Bradshaw, J. A. Littlejohn, M. a. gurlee, j. t. Norman R. Bell Fflcr !fv Advisor Lewis Williams Vice-President Sam Blackwood Treasurer Oliver Credle Recorder James L. Hamilton Correspondent iiiiil 1 li 1 1 ui-fi 1 Vi «iH W. wK ' WUMm:-.W % OFFICERS AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS Alvin York Carroll White Bq t) Steed Steve Gentry Prof. Carroll Mann President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Advisor The aims of the society are to help the ci il engineering students by closer acquaintances among the students, faculty, practicing engineers, and the National Society. Th-j student chaiitcr su|iplemcnts regular class and lahoratory work, and is the (in! nii ' cliinn that can relate the professional develop- ment of the students to the achie emcnts of the American Soci ' Jt) ' of Ci il Engineers. 1 he society meets every second and fomth 1 uesdav nights in the C. E. Building auditorium. Ilu ' programs consist ol moN ' ies on engineering projects, lectures h ' pro- fessional engineers, and technical jiapers prepared and read hy students. Social activities are a part of chapter acti ities. Smokers, picnics, and dances are frequent. Mcmhershiji is open to all civil engineering students and ma he obtained at an ollicial meeting. OFFICERS Arthur Reynolds President Tom Hall V ' tce-Presidoit Carroll Whiie Secrelary Jerry Villl ms Treasurer M. E. Uyanik Advisin Chi Epsilon is a n.itidnal professional Ci il Engineering honorarv fraternitw based on the broad objecti c of increas- ing the efficiency of the profession as an instrument of social betterment. Chi Epsilon was organized to recognize those characteris tics of the indi idual engineer deemed fundamental to the successful pursuit of an engineering career and to aid the development of these characteristics in the undergraduate engineer. Chi Epsilon has, from a small beginning, grown to a place of prominence in the professional and honorary fraternity world. It has chapters in the majority of the best engineering schools in the country, stri -ing to maintain a constant policy of establishing chapters at a school on the basis of the quality of its instruction and not necessarily its size. The chapter of State has maintained an active member- ship of approximately twenty men, and has participated acti ' ely in both departmental and school projects. CHI EPSILON 157] AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS Dick Currie Paul Tosto Woody Farr Pete Kelly OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer The primaiy purpose oF the student chapter of the Amer- ican Institute of Industrial Engineers is to provide opportun- ities for the professional dexelopment of students in Indus- trial Engineering. Coordination of departmental activities, de elopment of leadership, and promotion of the interchange of ideas among students arc other high objecti es. Member- ship is open to all Industrial Engineering students and may he obtained at an oflicial meeting;. [58] AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS Sam Winchester President Charles Sanderson Vice-President Charles Davis Recorder David Cooper Correspondent AviLiNO Sequeira Treas irer K. O. Beatty Faculty Advisor The i . C. State Student Chapter oF the AICHE is dedicated to promoting academic and professional interest in Chemical Engineering. Nationally noted speakers, plant trips, and social meetings with parent groups are the stimu- lative means. The AICHE also affords opportunity for de- elopment of individual leadcrsliiii, administration, and public speaking. [59] OFFICERS William Mason President Elno Scott ' ice-President loHN LIpchurch Treasurer Maurice Benbow Secretary Wallace Qliate Correspondent |. W. P. Smithvvick Engineers Council Representative Dr. W. C. Hackler Advisor rhe North Carolina State College Studciit Branch of the American Ceramic Society was organized to familiarize students with the X ' arious aspects of the ceramic industry through talks, discussions, and motion pic- tures, and to promote a stronger bond of fel- lowship between students and facuhv in the department. AMERICAN CERAMICS SOCIETY KERAMOS OFFICERS |ack Lackey President Larry Barnes Vice-President W. 1 1. Mason Treasurer JAc-K Smhuwick Secretary DoNc; C ' lioi Herald l)n. Kmiegel Advisor Keranios, the national professional Ceramic Lpii ineering Fraternity, was founded in 1902 at Ohio State Lini ersit ' , and is the oldest pro tessional engineering fraternitY in the world. ' hile the organization is strictly professional in nature, the requirements for membership ■ire as high as most of the honorary societies .iiid it permits the wearing of the key b ' honor siudents. MemlxTshi]i is offered in the De- p.irtment of Ceramics or Ceramic Engineering 1(1 those who ha ' e a good scholastic record, a good character record and who give promise ol making good in industry. Tlie principal ob- ject of the fraternity is to promote and em- phasize mental achie emcnt anil to jiromote interest in ceramic art, tcchnologv, and en- v;inecring. [60] OFFICERS I AMES R. Reynolds Cluiiniuiii [osipit I). Dolus Vice-Cluiirxnin William 1 1. Daniels Program Chairman Samuel L. Porter Correspondent Alion j. Barnhill Treasurer David S. McRae Recorder Robert M. Pinkerton Advisor 1 he basic mission of the Institute ot Xeronauticiil Sciences is to Facilitate b ' all available means the interchange of technical ideas among aeronautical engineers throughout the world. Student membership has been established to prox ide the student engineer ot science with bniatl oppor- tunities to engage in activities associated with luttire a ia- tion careers. The local branch encourages professional con- sciousness and fellowship through programs of guest lec- tures, film showings, and social functions, along with par- ticipation in annual conferences. INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICAL SCIENCES [61] OFFICERS Austin Edmundson Bob Whitener Jerry Massey James Crew Jim Hastings President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Engineers Council Representative Mr. E. S. Johnson Advisor The Club is organized by the Students of the Furniture Curriculum, and ad iscd by ProFessor E. Sigurd Johnson and by Profes- sor Rudolph Willard. Speakers from the Fur niture Industry keep the membership in- formed by giving them first hand information of the latest de elopments in the industry. STUDENT FURNITURE CLUB SOUTHERN ENGINEER Under the sponsorship of the Engineers ' Council, the Southern Engineer provides an opportunity to develop favorable student writ- ing techniques and to provide information of value to the engineering profession. Published four times each school year dur- ing the months of October, December, March, and May by the students in the School of En- gineering, the Sojtthern Engineer magazine has, through its policy of keeping the en- gineering profession inlormed of the prog- ress made in its field lM th in the School of Engineering at State College and throughout North Carolina, become one of the leading technical journals in the South. ' a.N SHhRRILL Editor 1 ' aUL IIUMPHRIH ' , Business Manager OFFICERS Kinney Bales Virgil G. Kunde Claude Jones . Donald Childers President Vice-Presidoit Correspondent Recorder 1 he student section of the American Institute ot Physics is an organization whose purpose is the advancement and diffusion of knowledge of the science of physics and its ap- phcation to human welfare. The section was formed in 1950 and has been steadily growing in membership and activities. Today it is one of the most active of the technical societies on campus. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS 163] OFFICERS Don Sells Jerry Sawyer GUS CoilCIIELL Ed Oberhofer Pun I 1 AM men I ' rcsident ' icc-Prcsideiit Treasurer Reconliuii Secretary Correspoiidi)io Secretary Signiii Pi Sigma is the only national physics honor society. Its chapters are restricted to colleges and universities of rec- ognized standing which offer a strong physics major. The chap::ers receive into membership phvsics students and a few others in closely related fields when such students attain high standards of scholarship, promise of proles merit, and academic distinction. ITie objects of the society are to ser e as a means of awarding distinction to students having high scholarship and promise of achievements in physics, to promote student in- terest in research and advanced study of the subject, to en- courage a professional spirit and friendship among those who have displayed marked abilities in physics, and to iiopLihir- ize interest in physics in the general collegiate public. SIGMA PI SIGMA [641 OFFICERS H. C. Norman President D. C. Rabb Vice-President R. A. Heustess Secretary L. T. Sanford Treasurer Dr. Parker Advisor The Rockhounds are an affiliated chapter of The American Institute of Mining, Metal- lurgical, and Petroleum Engineers. The pur- ]X)se of this society is to promote among its members an increasing knov ' ledge of Geo- logical Engineering and to instill a profes- sional pride in the life work they have chosen. 1 i 1 wn ' IMii mlgk 1 V - ill m m V fs ml mmmmmm m - " V : ' ' ' - ' H _ b ROCKHOUNDS AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR METALS The North Carolina State College Chapter of the American Society for Metals functions as an organization dedicated to the promotion of fellowship among metallurgical students and helps them de elop and broaden their in- terests in the field of metallurgy. THE SCHOOL OF FORESTRY To keep pace witli tlie lapid df clopment of forestry and the wood-using industries in the South, the School of Forestry has expanded its program and facilities. Under-graduate pro- grams train students for careers in Forest Management, Wood Technology, Pulp and Paper Technology and Wood Products Merchandising. Graduate programs lead to the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. The classrooms and laboratories in Kilgorc I lall, tlie three permanent camps, and 80,000 acres of School Forests, the WihkI 1 ' rod acts Lalxjratory, and the new Pulp ami l ipi.T l.ihoratorx ' pn) ' ided exceptional facilities for education and research. , f ' " R. |. Preston Paul Sykes Prcsideiil Fred Liverman Vicc-Prcsideiii Howard Scheurenbrand Secretary Dan Grimsley Treasurer Dr. R. C. Bryant Advisor FORESTRY CLUB Tlic State College Forestry Club holds weekly meetings during the school year for the pui-pose of promoting better relationships between students and members of the faculty. Educational and recreational programs are presented at these meetings. An annual " Rolleo, " held at Hill Forest, is sponsored by the club. At the " Rolleo, " teams from each class compete in volleyball, log bucking, horseshoe pitching, tobacco spitting, and arious other types of competition. The outstanding social event of the year is the " Logger ' s Brawl. " Publication of the Plnctuui. the Forestry School annual. is sjxjnsored by the club and distributed to forestry students and alumni. The club also publishes Slabs and Edgings, a bi-monthly paper containing articles and news of particular interest to forestry students. 1 T » lg Pfi ' Y K T ' if BF j r w. _r H l J i B ■ p kTT v 4 H ksMi H5i. ' -V I T ' i al t Wy.. ' »WiB M ' J H S F s [68] Sam Mace .Mitchell CtUrganus Editor Bus. Mgr. The P ' nietum is the annual publication of the School of Forestry and is sponsored by the Forestry Club. It is distributed to all students in the School of Forestry, active alumni, ad- ' ertisers, and all accredited forestry schools in the country. The Piiietmu is a record of special events and student activities that take place in the School of Forestry. In addition, it contains re}X)rts and articles of information concerning school forests and research projects in forestry, as well as articles from around the world by practicing alumni. PINETUM FOREST PRODUCTS RESEARCH SOCIETY OFFICERS Jim Hastings President Morris Jones Vice-President Phil Hogan Treasurer The Forest Products Research Society, an outgrowth of the national society, is the only active student chapter in the United States. The members are students whose primary in- terests are in wood utilization and its related industries. Membership is made up of stu dents in the Furniture Manufacturing and Management Curriculum of the School of Engineering, and students in the Wood Tech- nolog) ' Curriculum of the School of Forestry. [69] THE SCHOOL OF PHYSICAL SCIENCES AND APPLIED MATHEMATICS Ihc School of Physical Sciences and Applied Mathematics has two missions at North Carolina State College: the training oF vvell-qualiFied scientists and mathematicians; the technical support oF curricula in Agriculture, Education, lextilcs. For- estry, Design, and Engineering. The School of Physical Sciences and Applied Mathematics is Fully equipped For instruction and research. Special equi] ment and laboratories associated with the departments of the School include a complete radio-chemistry laboratory; a low power homogeneous reactor and a heterogeneous reactor de- signed For 100 kw; a one million olt ' an de Graaff accelerator; two analog computors, GEDA and Donner; and an IBM 650 digital computer supplemented by access to the LINIVAC 1105 at the University of North Carolina Computation Center at Chapel Hill. Other Facilities on the cam]ius axailable For teach- ing and research are an RCA electron microscope, complete X-ray laboratories with diffraction and radiographic equipment, and precision in- strument shops. Undergraduate curricula leading to the Pjachclor of Science degree in Physics. Ex- perimental Statistics, Chemistry, and Ap- plied Mathematics ha e been established. 1 he Master of Science degree is offered by each department of the School, with the Doctor of Philosophy degree available in the departments of Phvsics and Fxperi- mental Statistics. l)l AN AlillllU ' , C. Ml Mils, |i; APPLIED MATH CLUB OFFICERS Charles Davis Pre iilcnl Marvin Margolis ] ' ice-PrcsidL ' iit Fred Radford . Secretary Betty Harris Treasurer Dr. T- B. Wilson Aihisor [71] THE SCHOOL OF TEXTILES Life is no longer simple in the weaver ' s trade. Man-made fibers with man-made properties, chemistrv, electronics, and e ' en nuclear radiation have converted the ancient art of textile manufacturing to a complex science. Through its educational and research program, the School of Textiles is providing leadership for this new era in North Carolina ' s largest industry. It is first in research, first in educa- tion. 1 his is " the mill " . . . home of whirring spindles and zoom- ing looms . . . the orlon artery for human beings . . . the blue wimlows o( shibbcrs and snubbers . . . the Shuttle Inn ... of the Red Thunderbird . . . the beginning of careers in a fast mo ing industry. Llnder current plans to broaden both programs, and with the backing of textile leaders, the School can help insure the future of one of North Carolina ' s fascinating, colorful and dvnamic industries. Dean Malcolm E. Campbell OFFICERS |a(k 1 loi r Charles I Ihpfsteiler CaRV I kiNSllCKER JOHN Nash I ' rcs ' niciil Vice-President Secretiiry Treasurer I ' lu- I oinpkins IVxtilc Cciuncil is the students ' oxcrning hdcK of the Textile Seliool. It is comiX)sed of representa- tives from the x ' urious textile organizations and rcjircscnta tives from each class. The Council acts as the bridge between the stutlents and the faculty. Also, the Tompkins Textile Council sponsors man ' student functions each year, highlighted by the Open House and Annual Picnic. lo be a member of the Council is one of the highest honors in the Textile School. TOMPKINS TEXTILE COUNCIL [74] OFFICERS Otto Brockman President Rick Kiimrev Vice-President Bob Nelson Treasurer Gene Inman Secretary Frank Nixon Scribe Lloyd Edmonds Pledge Master Bill Poole DeKap Editor Bob Wiggins Advisor DELTA KAPPA PHI Delta Kappa Phi is the oldest professional textile fraternity in America, having been founded in 1899 at the Philadelphia Textile Institute. Started around a nucleus of seventeen members. Kappa Chapter was instituted on May 14, 1948 at State College. The fraternity strives to create a fraternal re- lationship and greater social enjoyment among its members, as well as promote the interest of its members in acquiring a thorough education in textiles. The chapter of State Col- lege also stri es to promote acti ' ities of interest to the Textile School. MEMBERS Hill Adams Clayton Asburv Bil l Ayscue Marvin Beaddy H. K. Brannon Melton Bridgeman Jan Gates Scott Davidson Bill Dowd W ' ayne Edwards |oE Flynn Larry Gibson Ben Goff |. ke Goforth John Guthery Thomas Harrison Kin II awn |ack Holt Max Huntley ' Don Inge t marlie Ingold Ijutch Johnson Gerald Johnson Walter Jones Randall Brown George Kalin Don Livingston Dave McMahon Kenneth McNeill Bobby Perry Earl Phillips C ARLOS PlATSCHEK Jim Powell Fred Revelle Ralph Reynold Don Roberts Silas Rowland Botch Rozier [ames Seago Bill Stanley John Stevens Don Stout Glenn Talbert John Tolar Paul Tucker Stacy Walser V ' illis Weeks Dave Winstead Owen Wright Larry Costner [75] OFFICERS John Nash President Ron Medders Vice-President Ben Crotts Secretary Ted Hager Treasurer Phi Psi Fiiiternity is a proFessional textile fraternity, the objects and aims being: first, to promote good fellowship among men of textile schools and the textile industry; sec- ond, to encourage a high standard of textile work; third, to assist by every honorable means the advancement of its members. Eta Chapter at North Carolina State Col- lege is the largest chapter in the fraternity, in parallel with the largest textile school in the world. The fraternity serves the Textile School by offering a guide service for all visi- tors and guests of the school. It also sponsors a banquet in the spring at which a cup is award- ed to the Man of the Year in the North Caro- lina Textile Industrv. PHI PSI KAPPA TAU BETA OFFICERS Rick Kimrey President John Goforth Vice-President Iack Holt Secretary Ben Crotts Treasurer [76] OFFICERS Ron Medders President Charles Huffstetler Vice-President Jean Hamilton Secretary Steve James Treasurer The American Association of Textile Chem- ists and Colorists seeks to incite an interest in the science of dyeing and finishing of textile products. Monthly meetings are held and speakers are invited from North Carolina and the surrounding area. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF TEXTILE CHEMISTS COLORISTS TEXTILE FORUM OFFICERS Lloyd Edmonds Co-Editor loiiN GoFORTH Co-Editor Frank Nlxon Business Mgr. Toby Brockman Circulation Manager The Textile Forum is the publication of the school of textiles. It is published and man- aged entirely by a student staff. Copies of the publication are sent to leading textile firms throughout the countr) ' . The Textile Foruui publishes technical ar- ticles of interest to all. These are wTitten by the students, members of the faculty, and by outstanding leaders in the field of textile science and industry. [77] if T!r -:m f¥ ' r.r. ' : v . - ■ - HONORARIES 1 GOLDEN CHAIN SENIOR HONORARY iirJrJrJnirJnirJi I PliiaaflBiiMil lilflll MEMBERS Richard Curris Sandy Matthews Tom Eck K Lad Daniels Ronold Shearon Roger Moxingo Robert Cooke Kent Watson Charles Russell Joel Ray Frank Madren sF ' ' " ' Donald Blizzard HONORARY Henry Bowers Kingston Johns, Jr ■ Robert A. Barnes nps - ii ' B OFFICERS Sandy Matthews n . . . Arch Regent Ronald Shearon . w • Regent Joel Ray ....: Secretary Golden Chain, Senior Honor Society, was founded at N. C. State College in 1926 through the efforts of the college newspaper. Golden Chain seeks to promote better citizenship at N. C. State College by fostering existing traditions and creating an atmosphere conducive to high scholarship, cleoner athletics, clearer self expression, and a greater devotion to duty in all campus organizations. Each spring twelve rising Seniors are tapped into the society and thus increase the endless chain by twelve " links. " The name Golden Chain is symbolic in that it represents an endless chain which joins together outstanding State men who hove built a lasting tradition in our community. The Chain will extend to all ports of the world in time and bind, each individual link closer to his Alma Mater. BLUE KEY OFFICERS Bob Redmon President Lad Daniels Vice-President Ralph Edwards Corresponding Secretary Roger Moxingo Recording Secretary Paul Leggett Treasurer L. R. Whichard Adviser John Cobb Lad Daniels Joel Ray Bruce Hoadley Tom Eck Bill O ' Brien Alan Altman MEMBERS Don Blizzord Kent Watson Sandy Matthews Roger Mozingo Frank Madren Charles Russell Ronald Shearon Ron Olive Jay Brame Bob Cooke Dick Currie Ed Law Ralph Edwards Bob Redmon Paul Leggett FACULTY ADVISOR L. R. Whichard HONORARY Dr. C. H. Bostion Earle Edwards J. B. Edwards, Jr. Gerald Erdohl Dr. Gerald B. James Abraham Holtzmann Blue Key Honor Fraternity was founded at the Uni- versity of Florida in October, 1924, to perpetuate the belief in God, to preserve the principles of good citi- zenship, and to promote the best interest of the stu- dents. The fraternity recognizes outstanding qualities in character, scholarship and service, placing equal em- phasis upon leadership in student activities. Member- ship is composed of graduate and undergraduate stu- Rudolph Pate J. J. Stewart Bonks C. Tolley, Jr. N. B. Wotts L. R. Whichard Rev. Oscar B. Wooldridge, Jr. dents of all departments of American colleges and universities. Each year Blue Key co-sponsors the Homecoming celebration. Annually the fraternity presents the citi- zenship award to the Senior who has distinguished himself as the foremost citizen of his class. In addition. Blue Key cooperotes with other campus organizations in various activities to perpetuate a more meaningful campus life. [81] 30 AND 3 SOPHOMORE LEADERSHIP SOCIETY Jim Caldwell IlM FUTRELLE Jim Groce Bill Jackson Ervin Lineberger MEMBERS Wes McGee Mike Perry Charles Sparrow Lamar Thomas norris tolson John Wilcox Jim Groce John Wilcox Jim Caldwell OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer The Order of Thirty and Three is a local honorary or ganization which recognizes outstanding members of the Sophomore Class. Members are picked during the spring semester of the Sophomore year and remain active for the duration of one year. Selection for membership in Thirty and Three is the highest honor a Sophomore can attain. Qualifications in- clude: Good character, a high sense of honor, ability for leadership, satisfactory scholastic standing, welfare of school at heart, and other qualities deemed necessars ' to accomplish the greatest good, as determined by the active membership. [82] PHI KAPPA PHI MEMBERS Undergraduates R. Barnes D. B. Carter C. H. Cooke G. P. COUCHELL J. A. Edmondson G. W. Garrison P. M. Gibson D. L. Grimsley R. K. Gr ' der J. A. Hackney D. L. Hester A. B. Hoadley A. D. Hooper G. A. Hoots 1. R. I. H. P. S. C. D. I. H. L. C. T. L. W. P W. I. G. A. S. C. VV. B L. C. E. S. Howell isenholtr Jackson JAiMERSON Johnson Johnson Jones . Kolodney Lackey Massel Matthews . Michael Moore Oberhofer T. A. Owens D. R. Paul W. J. Privott N. A. SiGMON J. T. Spence J. E. Tysinger 1 I. I], Walker J. H. Walker J. W. York R. D. Lambert M. G. Willums V. D. Arendt C. A. Davis R. G. Edwards R. C. Fluck I. C. Gore J. D. Greene F. Grieger P. E. Hamrick F. R. Jetter C. H. Little R. D. McBrayer J. W. McRary V. J. May H. L. Powe J. R. Rainey C. L. Sanderson J. O. Williams S. C. Winchester S. Bush R. B. Gate R. W. Chang R. L. Dough L A. ]]. El-Shanshoury W. Y. Epling Graduates I L P. Hui T. Khosia C. V. Parathiras C. J. PlNILLA C. G. Poncelet M. S. Sholar G. T. Smith K. J. Tharp T. M. Ward M. A. Welt J. J. Young F. S. Barkalow, Jr. A. D. Hopper D. D. LAsoN OFFICERS President ' ice-Presideut Secretary D. M. Gates R. ]. Monroe W. ' O. Doggeti- Treasurer Correspondent President-Elect Phi Kappa Phi, scholastic honor society, was founded at the LIniversity oF Maine in 1897. Since the establish- ment of the North Carolina State Chapter on Decem- ber 10, 1923, there have been more than twelve hundred local students, alumni, and honorary candidates elected to membership. Phi Kappa Phi is the highest scholastic honor attainable for a student in technical fields of study. It is dedicated to the Unity and Democracy of Education and its ulti- mate objective is to emphasize scholarship and character, to foster the goals of institutions of higher learning, and to stimulate mental achievement through recognition. [83] PHI ETA SIGMA MEMBERS Dale M. Baber Harvey T. Banks Marvin C. Beasley Jerry L. Bennett Robert Bicgerstaff Roy N. Bishop Charles W. Bostlan Larry B. Carawan John W. Cobb Thomas G. Coffey William M. Cox David E. Cribbin William M. Deal Iames L. Devereaux Ronald L. Dixon Charles E. Dunning John W. Earnhardt Edward C. Franklin David E. Freas Benjamin T. Graveley Roger P. Gray William S. Guion Ralph H. Hackney Yoel Haitovsky Alan E. Hale Edwin W. Hauser Paul A. Helminger Miles A. Hughes Paul N. Humphreys William R. James Malcolm R. Judkins Bruce H. Kernodle George P. Kettrell A. Kappel Vello a. Kuuskrv a William J. Lassiter Jerry S. Lee Clyde Logan William A. Lucas Larry S. McBride Floyd E. McCall Hubert W. McGee William A. McClenny Martin A. Mainster Robert L. Martin Robert L. Mayton Gene S. Miller Richard M. Morgan Harmon L. Morton Jesse W. Myers Maurice W. Partin Terry N. Phillips Robert G. Pindell Garnet Qliesinberry Louis A. Rader Willis A. Reid Wayne B. Roberts Robert Gene Rouse Clay E. Sams Pedro A. Schick Richard Schachtman Tommy G. Sharpe Stephen W. Sherman Frank S. Smith Wllllam H. Smyth William M. Spence Virgil S. Spencer Charles Stallings Alfred J. Stamm David R. Steinberg Stavro Stephanakis Michael R. Stepp Richard S. Stroud David W. Swain Henry F. Tisdale Ierry ' L. Townsend Frank C. Tltcker Thomas C, Ward William R. Watson Alan S. Weinberg Barry B. White George S. York Wiliiam p. Youngblood OFFICERS Bill Lucas President Bill Lassiter Vice-Preskk ' nt Tommy Sharpe Secretary Vello Kuuskraa Treasurer Phi Eta Sigma was founded at the LIni crsity ot lUi nois, March 1923. The State College Chapter was in stalled on May 16, 1930. Membership in Phi Eta Sigma is open to those Freshmen who make the equivalent of half A ' s and half B ' s and is considered the highest scholas- tic honor a Freshman can attain. Phi Eta Sigma ' s mem- bers are acti e through their Sophomore year and strive to promote interest in high scholastic standards. [84] TAU BETA PI MEMBERS W. Bailey J. E. Ellen I. M. Johnson V. M. Baldwin H. E. Eskridge K. R. JOLLS H. S. Beard G. T. Ferrell, Jr. T. L. Jones B. M Berry R. V. Fuller W. M. Kahlbaum, Jr S. J. Blackwood O. N. Garcia M. R. KOWALCZYK R. L. Boger H. L. Gerringer V. G. KUNDE J. L. Booker P. M. Gibson W. 1. Lackey, Jr. L H. Bracy R. S. GlDNEY K. O. Laughon H. A. Brown D. A. Goodwin J. B. Link W. T. Blichanan J. D. Greene C. D. L -rLE W. Carpenter J. L. Hamilton F. S. Madren J. 0. Chatham P. E. Hamrick G. A. Massel A. M. Chedester R. G. I Iarris R. J. Massengill H. A. Cikanek A. I. Harriss S. NIatthews C. H. Cooke J. G. Hart P. T. McCuiston D. E. Cooper B. H. Henson H. D. McDonald O. P. Credle A. B. Hoadley T. D. McNeill I. T. CuRLEE A. D. Hooper W. B. Michael C. A. Davis J. A. Hoggins L. C. Moore, Jr. R. D. Davis W. M. Jackson S. Muneyyirci E. E. Denison C. D. Jamerson, Jr E. S. Oberhofer W. L. Dennis J. H. Johnson D. R. Paul L. H. Person, Jr. R. W. Philbeck W. J. Privott, Jr. W. E. Rj DFORD A. E. Reynolds D. E. Rink C. L. Sanderson J. P. Sandiford, Jr. N. A. SiGMON M. Smires T. M. Smith J. T. Spence, III D. B. Stafford R. B. Temple H. B. Walker J. H. Walker, Jr. J. O. Williams L. A. Williams M. G. Williams S. C. Winchester, R. S. Winton J. W. York, Jr. C. A. YORKE Jr. OFFICERS J. O. Chatham President S. C. Winchester . . Vice-President C. L. Sanderson P ecordino Secretary F. S. Madren Corresponding Secretary W. J. Lackey Cataloguer Tau Beta Pi, the national honorary engineering fra- ternity, was founded at Lehigh Uni ersity in 1885. The Alpha of North Carolina was installed here in 1925. It is the purpose of the fraternity to mark in a fitting manner those engineers who ha e conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by distinguished scholarship, liberal culture, and exemplary character. To be elected into Tau Beta Pi is one of the highest honors that a student engineer can recei e. [85] Row 1— Baker, Baucom, Blizzard, Brooks, Brown. Cone, Cooke Row 2— Chavengsaksongkram, Craig, Eck; Elkins, Futrelle, Law, Langston Row 3— Lewis, Little, Gurganus, Linebcrger, Marks, Mozingo, Nunnalec Row 4— Patterson, Neville, O ' Quinn, Russell, Stone. Sumney, Wells, O. Row 5-Wells, J., Wilder, ]., Wilder, M., Whitaker Ronald Shearon President ALPHA ZETA Alpha Zeta was established neither as an honorary nor as a social fraternity, but as a professional fraternity whose membership shall be combined of the qualities o( high scholarship, fine fellowship, ami sound cliMraciei. These are the vital qualities of real leadership. The fraternity was established to aeti ate ]iotential lead crship in the fields of aoriculturc, lorestry and edueatinn. [86] Row 1— Adams, Atkins. Biggerstaff, Clark Row 2— Fouts, Futrelle, Hartline, Lineberger Row 3— Middleton, Nunnalee, Re -nolds KAPPA PHI KAPPA Kappa Phi Kappa is a national honorary and profes- sional education fraternity, the purpose of which is to promote the cause of education by encouraging men of sound moral character and recognized ability to engage in the studv of its principles and problems. For the fur- therance of the above purpose the fraternity emphasizes among its members social intercourse, scholarly attain- ments, and professional ideals. [871 r»y L - Row 1— Brauer, Combs, Ellis, Fausler, Frazelle, Gardner, Hackne ' , Harrington Row 2— Hauzer, Hedden, Holder, Hoots, Hopper, Hunter, King, Lemons Row 3— Leonard, McCracken, Martin, Mauney, Moore, Noah, H., Noah, V., Overton Row 4— Reynolds, Sessoms, Sigmon, Stone, Taylor, Todd, White Robert Robertson Regent THETA TAU Theta Tau, founded at the Uni eisity oF Minnesota on October 15, 1904, established Rho Chapter at State Col- lege in 1927. It is a professional engineering fraternity whose object is to develop and maintain a high degree of interest among its members and to unite them in a strong bond of fraternal brotherhood. In keeping with its aims, Theta Tau annually participates in the Engi- neers ' Fair as well as sponsoring projects of its own in the interest of professional engineering and N. C. State College. [88] XI SIGMA PI Xi Sii ma I ' i is a national honor fra- ternity whose jiurpose is the recognition and promotion of leadership, scholar ship, and interest in the profession of forestry. Each ' ear, the organization honors the outstanding freshman and senior in the School of Forestry. The fraternity sponsors annual public lec- tures by nationally known individuals working in forestry or in allied profes- Kow 1— Artman, Avera, Bai er, Blizzard. Bridgers Row 2— Burke, Carter, Deaton, Eck, Eckstein Row 3— Grimsley, Gurganus, Jolly, Jones, Kendall Row 4— Lambert, Langston, Owens, Peele, Scheurenbrand Row 1— Altman, Elossman, Flynn, Hamilton, Harrelson Row 2— Hufstettler, McMahon, Medders, Muneyyirci, Nash Row 3— Nixon, Sherrill, Tillman, Wilson SIGMA TAU SIGMA A local textile honor fraternity, Sigma Tau Sigma strives to instill in textile stu- dents a desire for higher scholastic at- tainments. An incentive toward this goal is the Sigma lau Sigma Scholarship Cup that is presented each year to the senior in textiles with the highest scho- lastic average. The Greek letters com- posing the name of the fraternity repre- sent the words, Society of Textile Scho- larship. f r 1 . • .- 1 r i 5 l ORGANIZATIONS STUDENT GOVERNMENT This is the body charged with ad- ministering all student self-go ' ernment on the campus. These student leaders coordinate all student activities and or- ganizations, S-ck to im]iro e the general student welfare, and represent the stu- dents in dealing with the faculty and the college administration. The accomplishments of student gov- ernment, during the last few years, are quite evident. Witness the many fine, pa ed student parking areas which sur- round the main campus, the tremendous steps taken towards the solution of the student housing problem, the improved operation of the college cafeteria, and the effective liaison between the stu- dents and the faculty and administra- tion. The dex ' otion to duty of these leaders, their patience, and their integrity have done much to foster the ideals of student self-government. Bob Cooke President NoRRIS ToLSON Acting ice-President Jim Floyd Trea ' :i{rer Alan Kimball Secretary c. u. s. c. Dick Currie JAv Brame Landis Kayes Wayne Philbeck Maurice Benbow Joe Eagles Tom Eck Allen Kimball Alan Eckard Don Rink Randall Brown Bill Sumney Clyda Weeks Bob Cooke HONOR CODE COMMISSION Bill Morrison Sandy Matihews AiLAN Feimster Alvin Yorke Betty Black Dee Clark Herb Little John Clirlee Wade Radford Bill Watson Leroy Walker TRAFFIC COMMITTEE Don Bllezard Talmadge Brown Van Sherrill Jim Page Rex Barker Jaisies Chagran Tom Stevens Maurice Philips CAMPUS WELFARE COMMITTEE James Cox Gary Dana David Reynolds Jerry Patrick Cliff Perry Peter Plind Leon Goldwater Glenn Cr. ter ACADEMIC AFFAIRS . iHAN Bales JAMES Hackney liicHARD Williamson John Stone Peter Davis Alfred Lindsey |()E Baker BUDGET FINANCE I AMES IlOVD IJillard Dehart Louis McGee PROMOTIONS |()E Eagles |iM Hart Peggy McConnel loiiN Toms loHN Tankard |onN Bynum John Richardson CiERALD Eckstein Ed Aycotii ELECTIONS Lewis Cabe Roger Bone Nicholas Paul Charles Flent Charles Sanderson Roger Evans John Carr INVESTIGATIONS W ' ooDROw Iaylor D. E. White Gary Hunsucker Herbert Little MoRRAis Benbow James Meyer Thomas Burgess RULES John Kanipe Ervin Lineberger John Soles Arthur Veveridge Joe Ridgill Joe Dixon 1 he Honor Code Board considers and takes necessary and just action concerning violations of the Honor Gjde. It is composed of ten persons elected by the students on a class basis. The Honor Sytem exists on the promise that each indi idual alues highly his personal honesty and has pride in his integrity. It is not a unique part of education, but a familiar precept of daily li ' ing. This system is a positive one in that it poses no bounds, but gives the indi idual complete freedom in .shaping his own character. wrvf THE HONOR CODE BOARD UN Cook Cliairiimii [96] 1 1k ' C ' ,iin|nis Cock ' is the sfcdiul u iinpniKiU )l tlif IIdikh S stfm. ll is ,1 pli ' tlyc iin iIk ' pan ol imlIi sliulfiit t i tDiukict liimsrii in .1 m.iniKT hrlittiiiL; a tjciillt ' inulrr .ill ciixiinistaiui. ' s. Since " uonllcmanK loniliRl (.annul he prciisrK ililiiu ' cl, iIk ' inlcr]irtt,ilii n is Icit to tlu ' stucknl, who nuisl rcK iiiKin his own li.nnnu_; .iiul common sense, lo ihis hIimI ol honor ahic contkict .ill men ni.i he .issiinied lo he cleclicited. reL;.n lless ol tlu ' ir st.itiis; h i e ei, heie .it St.ite Collci e it is .1 lesponsihilitx .issLmuii on entt ' i in ' j. THE CAMPUS CODE BOARD 1971 WOMAN ' S CAMPUS CODE BOARD The Campus Code is the second component ot the Honor System. It is a pledge on the part of each student to con- duct herself in a manner befitting a lady under all circum- stances. Since " lady-like conduct " cannot be precisely de- fined, the interpretation is left to the student, who must rely upon her own training and common sense. To this ideal cil honorable conduct all women may be assumed to be dedicated, regardless of their status; houexer, here at State College it is a responsibilitv assumed on entering. Betty Black Chairman Board Members— Seafed: Peggj ' Hamilton. Betty Black. CIvda U ' eeks Standing: Frances Goodwin, Helen Wi " " . [98] The Symphonic Band Men ' s Glee Club Fanfare Band R.O.T.C. Band M U C A O R G A N I Z A T I O N S 1 Robert A. Barnes ]. Perry Watson Asst. Dir. of Ahisic Donald B. Adcock Acting Dir. of Bands Curtis R. Craver Instructor of Woodwinds Since the early days oF N. C. State College, its Musical Organi- zations have played an important part in the life oF the campus. These groups present concerts, Furnish music For oFFicial college Functions and perFnrm at athletic events. — --M K 1— ' = d Where the winds of Dix - ie soft - ly blow, I. C. STATE ien ' s Glee Club STATE BANDS llglllllilUllllilM !§« ¥¥ ' ? M( «t -. ■ - .■! ' ■ ■ ■--u 1 .tt- « 4» Ail v f: i-4 . [c iy lil ' iStJMVfi fi t; I r i t Band Officers (left to right) Howard Bryan, Bus. Algr.; Charles Sanderson, Vice-Pres.; (bottom) Milton Holt, Pres.; (top) Ray McCrarx. Piih. M r.; Benjamin Sloan, Secty. (Symphonic Band); James W ' illoughby, Sect; ' - (Fanfare Band). Glee Club Officers (left to right) James Turner, Puh. Mgr.; Hoyt Beard, Vice-Pres.; Herb Little, Pres.; Pete Lesslie, Secty.; Ernest Freeland, Treasurer-Bus. Mgr. 1960-61 PERSONNEL BAND Abbott, P. B. Abernethy, a. R. Ammons, T. W. ASHBY, C. S. Barbee, W. H., Jr. Barbour, J. O., Jr. Basheer, B. W. Beatty, M. E. Becton, N. a. Bly ' the, J. L. BoUKNlGHT, J. Brady, L. R. Brantley, W. A. Breeden, J. B. Brogden. W. a. Brosius, M. B. Bry ' an, G. H. Buchanan, J. R. Clemmer, W. H. Coble, C. R. Coble, D. F. Cochran, R. C. Coffey. K. Y. Cook, R. A. Cotton, L. coutouzis, w. e. Craft, W. J. Dabbs, R. L. Daniel, R. W. Davis, J. C. Davis. R. D. Deaton, B. B. Dekle, D. R. Duke, C. Durham, H. T. Edwards, W. D. Ellington, Rayburn P. Everett, M. H. Fisher, P. C. Fisher, G. W. Fleming, R. J. Frazer, R. H. Freeman. R. M. Gregory, W. C. Gifford, J. W. (jOLDSTEIN, R. J. Greene, E. L. Griswold, G. O. Hackney, G. Harrison. W. L. Harton, a. W. Halverson, O. T. Harris, W. R. Heeden, G. L. Herrington, S. W. Hill, G. F. HoLi aday, W. T. Holt, H. iM. James, B. Jarrett, O. Johnson, F. Johnson, J. B. Jones, S. H, Jones, T. I. King, H. F. Riser, J. L. Knott, AI. W. Lancston, E. H. Lanier. D. W. Lanier, D. T. Lehew, L. H. Lennon, E. a. Lineberry, L. X. Lingle, W. N. Long, J. E. Loyless, W. J. Marchman, J. F. May, D. J. Meares, J. G. Metz, D. a. Miller, D. E. Mills, K. E. Mills, M. K. Moore, T. E. McCracken. J. F. McCrary. C.R. McLawhorn, T. H. McLeod, L s. Norman, W. P. Norville, J. D. Oerter, N. F. Partin, M. W. Prince, J. H. Pritchard, J. P. Reich, F. W. Rettinger. L. J. RiDGILL, J. R. RiEDELL, C. A. Rix, K. p. Roberson, W. H, Rockett, R. D. Rowley ' , L. Sanborn, H. R. Sanderson. C. L. Sanford, C, W. Seawright. D. S. S haw, R. F. Sher, H. J. Sink, L. W. Skipper, H. D. Sloan, B. J. Slocumb. H. W. Staton, B. R. Stevens, T. H. Strawbridge, J. E, Stubbins, G. E. Suessmann, K. W. Swain, D. W. Swain, T. T. Taylor, H. C. Teague, D. Teal, K, P. Tetterton, D. Tetterton, C. D. Tune, Harry C. Vaughan. D. C. Wagoner, M. N. Walker, G. H, Ward, T. C. Watts, P. H. Weeks, M. W. Wiggins, J. R. Williams, C. R. Williams, G. B, Williams, R. P. Williams, S. L Willoughey, J. F. Wise, J. M. YOUNGBLOOD, W. P. YOKELY, R. E. ZiGLAR, F. C, Jr. Zobel, D. B. ZwiCKY, H. A. GLEE CLUB Adair, C. N. Balierlein, J. S. Beard, H. S. Bennett, C. E. Ben ' nett, J. L. Blount, P. B. Bostian, C. W. Brake, H. L. Brown, R. J. Bryson, L. H. Burke, R. H. Caldwell. W. M. Campbell, Y. W. Cato, J. C. Clemmons, G. a. Clark, T. Clinard, K. N. Crow, F. H. Crowell, R. a. culbreth. t. e. Curnow, J. ' . Daniel, R. W. Davis, R. F. Ellis, J. L. Freeland, E. P. Gardner, J. D. Gardner, W. E. Gentry, S. E. Grant, F. J. Gr. ves, a. a. Hamrick, V. A. Harris, B. G. Hensley. D. S. Hill, S. H. FIiNsoN, H. D. Jackson, G. C. Jackson. Ira J. James, E. B. Jarrett, O. J. Johnson, E. E. Koehler, R. M. Lesslie, P. A. Little. B. E. Little, H. R. LOGUE, G. P. Lucas, R. P. Lucas, W. A. Malpass. W. D. Maugans, B. T. Meeks, F1. D. McCoNNELL, A. E. McDonald, J. R. McGee, H. W. McLeod, M. W. McRae, D. S. norris, i. g. O ' Hara. D. D. Overm an, B. H. Partin, B. F. Pippin, C. C. Porter. R. A. Roberts, ' . B. Runkle, C. J. Sawy ' er, R. B. Settlemyre. T. F. Shepherd, S. Smith, F. S. Smith, O. J. S UTH, R. D. Smith. R. L. Spotts, J. W. Spruill, M. L. Stepp, M. R. Stone, J. L. Strange, G, L, Taylor, H. C. Thomas, R. E. Turner, J. H. Vaughn, R. L. Wallace, R. B. Wheless, G. B. Williams, E. R. Williams, G. B. Wilson, G. H. Accompanists: Christopher, W ' illiam, A., Purcell, Garnie B. [101] C 1 vDA Weeks Pvesident Alan Eckari; ' ice-Presideu: The College Union Board of Chairmen [102] COLLEGE UNION The College Llnion is die Student ' s home away from home. It is a Student Community in one building, con- taining a restaurant, hotel, and complete Facilities for recre- ation and aetixities. The building, lnn e er, is mereK the instrument through which an idea is accomplished; the heart of the organization is found in combined efforts of the Officers, Board of Chair- men, Committees and Ad isors. - College Llnion polic and budget is handled bv the Board of Directors. _The Board of Chairmen consists of the student president, ice-president and secretary, and the chairmen of the si.x- teen standing committees. The Board meets weekly. It crit- ically analyzes all the programs of each committee and co- ordinates events that are sponsored jointly. The Llnion Committee is a pro ing ground lor initiative, dependabilitN, loyalty, and tolerance. Since students gradu- ating from college are often Grade " A " technicians and Grade " D " leaders, the Union ' s prime objccti ' e is to teach students to become effective leaders and citizens. The Board of Adviso rs is composed of facult ' and staff members who make themsehes axailable to the committee lor ad ice and guidance. The scholastic courses on campus offer mastery of words, ideas, and principles— the usual concept of a college edu- cation. The Llnion, however, offers practical experience in understanding and working with people. The College Union Board of Directors [103] UNION Travel Committee Photography Comahttee PiiELiciTY Committee ijiRARY Committee Social Cum mi i 1 1 l FOBUM CoMMlTTtb Dance Committee 1 lospiTALiTY Committee Theater Committee I [104] COMMITTEES International Committee Gallehv Committee HoisBY Committee Games Committee Film Coaim Outing Committee Music Committee House Committee Activities Committee [105] ALPHA PHI OMEGA The Mplia I ' hi Omctja Fratcrnit is a natiimal honorary scouting fraternity dedicated to service. I he Iota Lambda Chapter here at N. C. State Col- lege was chartered in 1949. 1 he pur|i()se oF Alpha Fhi Omega is " to assjmble college men in the fel- lowship of the Scout Oath and Law, to develop friendship and to promote service to humanity. " I C)M Fete Gernert Jim Turner Steve Gentry OFFICERS President " ice-Presider!t Treasurer Recordiiiii Seeretnry [106] . •■ff. jiiDV Avhin. Spriiisiir Class A. P. O. IN Action [107] l.AMAn 1 HU.MAS President YMCA I lie iniipiisc of tlu ' . C State YMCA is 111 siinuilatc religious de clopment and pro- vide an opportunity for the student to relate his academic experience to his faith. These principles are reflected in the " Y " program through dorm devotions, week-day and Sunday chapel scr ices in Danforth Chapel, religious conferences, and other re- ligious activities, hi a less ob ' ious but still profound way, these principles are applied to activities which are ital to the needs of the student in the comniiinitx and world in which he finds himself. These activities include in- ternational student programs, seminars on courtship and marriage. United Nations as- semhlies, political affairs, art and music lec- tures ami dramatic presentations. Weekend faeuily and student retreats with programs inx ' oKing everyday problems and the Apollo Club give an added depth to the " Y " pro- gram. G. W. Garrison icePresideiil Bill Isler Secretary Jim Futrell Treasurer Tom Johnston Associate Secretary Mr. Oscar VVooldridge Coordinator of Religions Affairs Y.M.C.A. Cabinet WESLEY FOUNDATION s a fellowship ol Methodist students in the field of higher ecliieation, the Wesley Foundation endeaxois ihiniigh a pnigram of vvorshi] ' ), stiidx ' , recreation and service to aid students in securing a tleeper comniitment to and understanding of the Christian laith and its relevance to the student world. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union was estahlished to foster and therehy deepen the spiritual, intellectual, and social interests of Baptist stu- dents in instituliiins of higher learning. I he Baptist Student Union promotes a jirogram of worship, Bihle study, and social activity through the local churches and the Baptist Student Liiiion Center. [110] I ln ' |Hiii .isc III llic oimt; DciiKicr.ils C Uil) is to stiimil.itc in (iuni; pc(i|ilc m active in tcrcst in noveinnicntal atlairs, to increase the efticieney in popular goxeinment, to Foster and perpetuate tlie ideals and ]-irinciples ol ilie Democratic Part , to recruit new members For the Democratic l arty and Democratic can- didates, to help acquaint ()ters with the issues and the candidates, antl to pro ide For our people through administration the highest de- gree oF justice, social wellare, anil happiness. YOUNG DEMOCRATS CLUB [1111 THE BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS Student PublicLitions ha e been a vital Force in the lile ol ' iX ' oitli Carolina State College for many years. Since its beginning in 1931, The Board oF Student Publications has served as a joint student-Faculty body designed to impro e and coordinate the various student publications, now totaling seven members including the student radio station. The di ersity oF publications and the arying styles pro ' ide an excellent liaining ground in the iield of communications and opjiortLinilies to pni e ones leatlership antl oigaiii alinn abilities. Jiu.iA Martin Lucas, Secrelaiy Rudolph Pate, Chairmait FACULTY STAFF Rudolph Paie, Chainiinii Henry Bowers W. L. Fleming W. A. Newell Lindsay XA ' hichard jiMiA M. Lucas, Secretary BocaiH MoziNGo Pres ' uleiil Senior Class linv ' iN LiNEisEHGER President Jimior Class l!()i! C ' ooKE President Sliulenl Coverumeiil C ' Russell Viee-Pres. Student C v ernineiit [112] Brame Damki s Goi OHTll 1 loMM II 1 r CULP Edmonds CIlirganus i luMPHREYS BOARD OF LVTCII Mace PUBLICATIONS VCROMECK Lad Daniels Editor Bill Lytch Jhtsiuess Manager TECHNICIAN Nelson BlUiME , Editoy Nixon Richard Culp Bushicss Mauaoer WKNC Kent Watson Manaoer Lewis Nelson Business Manau,er SOU 1 1 lERN ENCINEER IJOVLE ShERRILL . . Editor Nunalee Paul Humphreys Business Mannger Sherrill TEXTILE EORLIM Eddie Coforth Editor Llomj Edmonds Co-Editor Frank Nixon Busi)iess Manager PINEIUM Sam Mace Editor Watson Mitchell Curcanus Business Manager VOAC Thomas Nunalee . Editor Chester Honeycutt Business Manager i flr l I113I Lad Daniels Editor-in-Chief Bill Lytch Business Manager THE 1961 AGROMECK , s liill .iiicl I were carrying the last hit ol c(ip to Charlotte. 1 eould not hcl]i hut think of the many stran,i;e and ariecl liappenings that helped make editing the 1961 Agromeck one of the most memorable experiences of our li es. Would we e er forget Ike scheduling some eighty organizations and running into the problem of how to take three pictures at 7:30 on the same night, Cad well attempting to track down an elusive Air Force Rifle team picture, Cohh straining to identify people in the fra- ternity party pictures, Hoyt finding Frank Wedon most cooperative, Dave anil jjutldy ending up one page short in the class section. Alan si ' xending his Christmas vacation in the darkroom. Skip trying to vary each organization shot, Barre ha ing us wondering e.xactlv in whose annual h e was most interested — State ' s or Peace ' s, Sammy snapping pictures between design projects. Riff Raff, Gu|)|iv, Sonny, Augspurger help ing out late at night. Last hut lar Irom the least our benevo- lent administration in the form of our nodding advisor who never took a stand on anything and who more than any- one else was responsible for any delay that t ' incmred. All these things go into the inaking of .1 college annual. It has truh ' been a memorable year. IHe Editor UaVE i ' UETX Class Editor 1 i() I I I l KM ' Sports Editor John Cobb FmterniiY Editor % - Buddy Harris Asst. Class Editor l« ' -• Staff Assistants: Sonny Enloe, Frank Smith, Uave Augspurger, Sammy Thomasson, Barre Mitchell. Skip Kugler Photographer Al Chedester Head Photographer Jim Caldwell Military Editor Mlke Perby Organizaticnis Editor Our Natural Habitats. Miss Carol Turner For Lad Daniels Editor 1961 Agromeck Miss Ann Stallings For Bill Lytch Biisiness Manager I9hl Agromeck Mrs. Susan Puett for Dave Puett Miss Hhiiv C halklev for lluiiDV I Iarris ) Miss Ann Sherrii.i. for JFiM Caldwem. ntPi .f: »» »y I Miss Jean Huijgins (or John Cobb Miss Beverley Huff for Mike Perry Miss Ann Dillard for Skip Kucler r P •[: Jay Brame Editor VIA - a fin ' f ' i ir THE Richard Gulp Business Manager TECHNICIAN Staff Writers w2n;.nr,f.?a; gw ClLi UiiS 3 — A :- Mike Lea Managing Editor EabL IMlTCHELLE Sports Editor Rich Williamson, Asst. Sporti Editor Clyde Hoey. Photographer For the second year, the Technician has operated on a tri-weekly basis. Battling against gre at odds of economic force, Jay and Richard ha e success- fulK ' pubhshed a fine example of the Free Press. Managing Editor— Mike Lea, News Editor— Bill Jackson, Layout Editor— John Curlee, Sports Editor —Earl Mitchelle and the rest of the staff did an outstanding job as The Technician increased its scope of news coverage to include National and state news in addition to campus happenings. Adverti!.iiig Staff: Bob Griffith, Joe Eagles, Jack Whitman Bill Jackson Neil ' s Editor John CuRLtt Copy Editor Circulation Staff Peggy Weant for Jay Brame Velma McGee for Bill Jackson Kent Watson Station Manager Lewis Nelson Business Manager Paul Twiddv, Mike Hodges. Jim Morgan RADIO STATION WKNC VVKNC is the Voice of N. C. State College with facili- ties extended to serve Peace College here in Raleigh. In its 16th year of service, WKNC has expanded through the hard work of many people to become the high quality or ganizatiiin that it is today. WKNC is a student organization that strives to bring " the music most people like most " to its listeners in addition to offering the best in news and sports coverage and arious other ser ' ices. WKNC offers valuable experience to the student inter ested in radio. [126] Don Baldwin. Lihmrinii. Bob Gahrmann, Heath Reinhardt Ramon Bkitt, George Pickering. Dick Downs Ray iMcCrarv, Technical Director [127] Larry Nixon, Program Director Fred Cox, Traffic Director Dave McCurdy Sales Director Seated: Ed Clayton, Roy Bishop, Bob Foxvvorth Standing: Marion Hale, Heath Reiniiardt, George Coppage [128] I Ielen Stroud far Keni ' ais() LixuA Barbara [. Albright for Staff OFFICERS 1 ARRY DlLDA Prcshk ' nl D. H. VVHlTt, Jr. " icc-Pyt ' suli ' iil Fr( nklin McKay Secretary 1 ' reston Cornelius Treasiiier D.WID SlADDER I lutorinji Ir. Irei) Wagoner . . facility I he Collci;jatL 411 Club first stalled on State College campus in April, 1940 as the State College 4-H Supjier Club with the ob- jectives to foster fellowship among 4-H mem- bers at State College, to promote leadership .md citizenship, and to acquaint club mcm- licrs with extension work and workers. Today the chib promotes leadership, fellowship, citi- zenship, and religious development through weekly meetings, deputations with Woman ' s College 4-H Club, devotionals, and projects such as the I lomecomins float. 4-H CLUB AMATEUR RADIO CLUB OFFICERS Ramon P. iliu i r 1 1. Frank Ihcus Pill I 1 Iardinc; ji i P. Lewis Da ii) Morrison . President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Technician Technician 1 he Amateur Radio Chih is an organiza- lioii of student radio enthusiasts and operators. I hrough working together as a group these students their interests and skills, pro- mote pr igrams ol radio interest, and enjo ihe fellowship of others with similar axocation. a eS Elected Officers Fusty I rents " ' H ' t ' rf got plciit) of iiotliiiii. Mrs. Ronald Medders President Mrs. Max Goode first Vice-Pres. Mrs. Van Sherrill Second Vice-Pres. Mrs. Earl Walker Rec. Secty. Mrs. Ronald Younger Cor. Secty. Mrs. Ransom J. Massengill Treas. Mrs. Melvin Poulson Auditor Mrs. Dalton Rackley Parliaiueutariiiu Mrs. Robert Vaughan Historian " Wherever we nhide a id whatever our fate. xvc can always take pride to have been a STATES MATEr Mrs. Gene Habtsell Bidletin Comiii. Mrs. Virgil Kundle Decoration Conim. Mrs. Neil Wilson Finance Comni. Mrs. Phillip Davis Memhership Coniin. Mrs. Steve Koszewski Projects Coinni. Mrs. Iames ' illiaims Ptdylicitr Co}nni. Mrs. Lee Person Refreshniettt Coniin. Mrs. Bill Lande Ways and Means Connn. Mrs. David Patrick Yearbook and Telephone Conivtittee Mrs. J. W. FiTTS , , Co-Sponsor Mrs. G. E. Tucker Co-Sponsor { nnniul !cc C I. Uiii men 2nd place this year— 1st place iext? Sluulv Sadie ' s Pad " ]ust Molly and Me " Frosty Fashions and laind) Arts [131] COLl.NCIL Ierrv Massev Mayor C ' harles Moore M aror Protein Mrs. Ervin Lineberger Secretary RoHERT YoUNCER Treasurer ALDERME.X Richard 1 Ioi.i.ifiei-D Charles Houser Ronald Flillington l)iL NE Smith William Kirk |ames Murray James Cobie MARRIED STUDENT HOUSING VETERANS ' ASSOCIATION B Vw f l(il|Wj ' ti A4 jSi ' -O A AfS i Jk lHLi !% fl LaiitMl iflfl Q v- •Sf " T- " OFFICERS CiLL Land Presideiil Gene 1 Iartsell Vice-President Charles Mansfield Secretary I I arold Eskrhx.e Treasurer I lie ors ani ationiil meeting ol the Xoitli Carolina State College Veterans Assoeiation was Iield on October 21, 1953. Since that date the Association has actively participated in slLnlent pnigrams, (unctions, and aeti ities. One important Function of the Association is lo ser e as a medium through which the main eterans at .North Carolina State may iiiee their arious opinions. " For Ck)d and country we associate our- sjKcs together ... to perp.?tuate in peace those itleals For which we fought in war. . . . " Mu Beta Psi was louiulcd at State College, Alpha Chapter bcnit; Kicatccl licic, antl has orowii to become a national honorary music Fraternity. Its primary function is to promote music on the campus by sponsoring arious concerts by guest artists, local organizations, and by campus organizations. MU BETA PSI CHEERLEADERS I ]nm GiBSOM Don RiiFTON I I. i. Frazier John Smith Gill Gillespie Ierr-s Fincher Edward S. Elam. Preiideut RoBFRT W. Roach. Mcc President INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL Frank H. Smith, Secretary- Directors: RoGtR W. Walters, Publicity John Brady, . i i i ' ( cs-Iiiii ' .rTiT Blankenshtp, Socicd " We. the represent;iti cs ol the tloimi tories at North Carolina State College, in order to promote the physieal, social and moral welfare oF dormitory residents and to stimulate a fraternal spirit of co- operation and progress among them, do ordain and establish this constitution for the Inter-Dormitory Council of North Carolina State College. " Preamble IDC Constitution Council Members Sylvia Smith for Ed Elam Bettv Lou Kennedy for Robert Roach Gaille Rouse for Houston Smith Stephanie Jones for Bob Blankenship Jane Mattingly for Roger Walters Mrs. Lynda Brady for John Bradv [135] Tucker hECTON D O R M H O S T S Owen Bagwell Bragaw Alexander Welch Gold DORM OFFICERS Turlington Fourth Watauga Alexander Ov DORM OFFICERS Becton Bagwell Berry Syme Bragaw IDC BALL Everyhodr ' s doiii ' ill I be ihrcshohl nj DtiiiccUnid. Swiiiu, and sway nilh Pidh May. [140] Lots uf uiiisic and pretty oirls The pause that refreshes Time for II breather [1411 r- ATHLETICS W in or lose . . . pKiskctball or liorscshoes . . . Wio trophies, little ones, or none . . . I kistlinu or loating . . . All-C ini|iiis or bench warmer . illoocK nose or black c e . . . Underdog or favorite . . . Weak or strong . . . It ' s alw a s tun . . . v HOMECOMING ■ ' i Lots oF Bands . . . Prettv gills . . . C ' oloiiul lloats . . . Sunshine or rain . . . I lot chocolate and donuts Pennants and flags . . . Shouts and ells . . . Football . . . Dates . . . Drunks . . . Excitement in the air . . . It ' s a oala occasion . . . So what, J liave a quh lou . w Well .... DORMITORY LIFE Its a wondcrtiil lite . . . A a Iroin lionie . . . Makinu new liiends . . . Keeping a niess ' iDom . . . Disturbing the guvs next door . . . Talking with girls . . . All night hidhsessions . . . Learning new eard yanies . . And . . . I ' ll rnisc von two liiiiy ctiuiciiij ' Lilhc iiioiiiciils Stiklvin Milwaukee ' s finest Majoriii ' j, in ihe arts 5 I COLLEGE Placement ANNUAL TU K„.li. .»! li, (;„J.. ■•« " ' — alJLr Snrti CdnJiiM Stair ( ..11.- . .Wriovllarr ttmA r. tfiMr riiti; Ji. —■ ' , r,,i, , J SttrA, ( ir,Aim t fmrmi «iL-» ' I . ... ... .,..1 ' m. Steve Browning Wade Mills Tr Secretary Don Rink Vice-President Roger Mozingo President eniors Ir BII HHI IilHI I iijio Abe Speckels ' illf, Mnui, Hawaii |t riSi BW ' in H l Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Eta Sigma: IRE-AIEE I ALLAS Carroll Abee, Jr. Ilicknry, N. C. Architeclure f . 9l 1 Ralph Garland Abernathv Gastonia, N. C. h Enniiieerinji Mathematics H ' B H 1 1 Interdormitory Council; 4; Vice President Dnrm H B 1 k 1 Floor HHk U ' illiam Carl Abernethv I luntcrsvillc, N. C. k H l t Cix ' il Engineering I M BT I Scabbard Blade; Intramurals 2. S. 4; Secretary. Tucker Dorm 4; .ASCE ' ■t " - Roland Acra Port-au-Prince, I laiti l ' T-f Textiles and Textile Chemistry Mavnard Francis Adams Raleigh, N. C. Industrial Arts Kappa Phi Kappa Robert Leon Adams Pawtucket, Rhode Island I , — — i i Recreation and Pcrfes Administration k Ij H » 1 Delta Sigma Phi; Monogram Club. President 4. iMembership Secretary 3; 1 H M Swimming Team I, 2. 3, 4. Captain 4; Athletic Council 4 " ' Salathiel Liell Adams. Ill Rowland, N. G. ' " Mechanical Engineering . -. -A ASME S 1 Shelton Young Adcock Henderson, N. C. ' H IBm i h i mH HA il l I B m tKk THE CLASS OF 1961 Dwight Steele Adkins Hickory, N. G. Mechanical Engineering ' eterans Association 3. 4; ASME 4 Abdlil Wahid Mohammad Al-Hachim Samarra, Iraq Horticulture TiK-— JL. - Horticulture Club Y ' § iL C V ■L ' - ' v John Arthur Aldridge Winston-Salem. N. G. K SL M l fe . KmL H Charles Raymond Allen Cioldsboro. N. G. j Hj H Wf ' ' - ' ' " JS Wood Technology 1 f ASkV Forest Prr ducts Research Societv l l ' " WiW ' Ml Leon Preston llman Charlotte, N. C. Bi r ' ' IH ' W ' ' Civil Engineering ifc, ' 1!B V Johnny William Allred Elon College, N. G. j S fc ! . tK r . Mcchatiical Engineering W L K K Alan Hershel Altman Jersey City, N. J. Bl l JHvfl jjjij ll Textile Economics E ' Sigma Alpha Mu; Blue Key; ' ice President Interfraternit Council; Si tmt V Ifib? Tr7 " ' -•■. 0)Hegr i»i S aff; Intramurals; Sigma Alpha Mu President; Campus Chest HP VR N t» f ' tSt Douglas Hasten Angel Kcrncrs illc, N. C. %. " Civil Engineering jft- Sy iTSt-N Sigma Chi; Tec iiiiciuii Circulation Manager; ROTC I. 2, 3; Jr. Sr. Dance VVk .i» T v Committee; ASCE . - . V l Vance Alton Gibsonxille, N. G. A H % A Theta H HHHIIIHHA HlkHH L - I A B l fl49] Robert Powell Armstrong Rlacknbdio, N. C. Industrial Engineering Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA, Secretary 2 Jerry Frank Arnold Spruce Pine, N. C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Arnold Air Society-: AFROTC; lA Cluli [ames Harrison Arthur, Jr. Mt. 1 lnlK , N. C. Metallurgical Engineering American Society for Metals, Treasurer; Intramurals 2 Clayton Grant Asbury Wilmington, N. C. Textile Chemistry Delta Kappa Phi; AATCC; Textile Open House Harold Luther Atkins Kcrneis ille, N. C. Agricidture Education FarmHouse; Kappa Phi Kappa; Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4; Ar HcI Club Marion Wayne Atkinson Elizabethtovvn, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE Iames Kirkham Avent, Jr. Tarboro, N. C. Civil Engineering— Construction Opfioi; Phi Kappa Tau; ASCE; Veterans Association: Enpineers Fair 2 Thomas Howard Avent Faison, N. C. Civil Engineering Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4; Dorm President 3: Intcrdormitory Council 3 Roy Glen Avera I louston, Te.xas Pulp and Paper Technology Xi Sigma Pi; Fourdrinier Society, President; Wesley Foundation THE CLASS Mi StkdM Charles Bennett Aycock Lilesville, N. C. Electrical Engineering Intramural Basketball 3; AIEE IRE Iasper Leroy Bacgett Salemburg, N. C. Recreation and Parks Administration Kenneth Rogers Raggett Raeford, N. C. Civil Engineering— Construction Option ASCE; Intramurals I, 2 Worth Wrenn Haglev Kenly, N. C. Agricultural Economics . ' lpha Gamma Rho; Awr. Econ, Club 4, Agr. Club 3. 4; Choir 2 Thomas Bert Bailey Greensboro, N. C. Agriculture Edncation YIMCA 1, 2: Glee Club 3; Agriculture Club 3, 4 WiiiiAM Bailey Dan ille, X ' irginia Nucleai- Engineering ATP; ANS luNius Ora r) Kin, |}i. Iialeioli, N. C. Eoresl Management Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Zeta; Sigma Pi; Pershing Rifles; Forestry C lub Neil Duncan Baker Rtiwland, N. C. Forest Management I rederick Foster Raldwin Clarkton, N. C. Science Education Phi Kappa Phi; Intramurals 2, 3, 4 [150] JOHN Kei i.Y Baldwin Ahhottshurg, N. C. Agricnhuriil Editcatioii Von McLoyd Baldwin Durham, N. C. Electrical Engineering Lt.i Kappa Nu; AIEE; Stadium Dorm President, Assistant Manager III DiuiK ' .E Theodore Bales Winston Salem, N. C. Electrical Engineering Lanihda Chi Alpha, Ritualist 4; Phi Eta Sigma 1, 2: Eta Kappa Nu 3, 4, Correspfinding Secretary 4, Nominating Chairman 4; AIEE IRE 2, 3, 4; Talent Ccir Scr ' ice Scholarship Nathan Kinney Bales High Point, N. C. Engiyieering Physics Talent For Service Scholarship; Student Govt. Senator 3, 4; Chairman Aca dcmic Affairs Committee 4; YMCA Cabinet 2, 3; AIP 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Apollo Club 3. 4; SGCOO Group Leader 3, 4; American Rocket Socierv- 2; Toastniaster ' s Club 3, 4; Engineer ' s Council 4 Daxid CiRAHAM Ball, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Imhistrial Arts— Technical Option Alpha Phi Omega; Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4 William Roy Ball Burgaw, N. C. Fores! Management Society of American Foresters JOHNNIE Ray Bankett Salishury, N. C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Landscape Architect Club 1; AIA 1, 2. 3; Photography Committee 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2; Fourth Prize Winner of Brick Tile Design Competition 3; Industrial Arts Club 4; Intramurals 1 Carl Jackson Bannerman Burgaw, N. C. Civil Engineering Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic Director 2; Veterans Association 1, 2, 3, 4; ASCE; Assistant Floor Manager 2 JAMES Claudius Barbot Wilmington, N. C. Electrical Engineering IRE; A ' AT, Agromeck; Teclitiiciau; CLl Board of Directors OF 1961 [esse Otho Barbour, 1r Morganton, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Symphonic Band 1. 2, 3, 4; Publicity Director State College Bands 4 Bright Hilton B. refoot Charlotte, N. C. Furniture Manufacturing ami Management ' eterans Association 1, 2, 3, 4 Samuel Allison Barham Washington, D. C. Aeronautical Engineering ' arsity Rifle Team 2, 4; CU Photography Committee 2, 3. 4, Chairman 3 Bennie Lee Barker Warrcns ' ille, N. C. Electrical Engineering Lawrence Dlike Barnes Atlanta, Georgia Ceramic Engineering Sigma Nu; Keramos, Treasurer 3, ' ice President 4; American Ceramic So- ciety, Treasurer 3 Ray Barnes Civil Engineering Phi Kappa High Point, N. C. Alton James Barnhill, Jr, Bunnlexel, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASlME; IAS, Treasurer 4 Cleveland Lipe Barrier, Jr. Alt. Pleasant, N. C. Field Crops Technology Agronomy Club 3, 4; Collegiate 4 ' H Club I, 2, 3, 4 Larry Erwin Barringer Civil Engineering ■ASCE 1. 2, 3. 4 Hickory, N. C. [151] W ' li I lA.M Mam.on Batchelor, |r Tiirboro, i . C. huiuitrial Etigineering AIIE , 4; ' cterans Association 3, 4 C ' ov M EDI IN Datten Kinl . X. C . Mechanical Engineering Walter Keiih Baiicom Monnii.-. . C Agricultural Science— Poultry AInha Zi-ta; P iul:r Club, Sec. Treas. ,?; ColleKia:c 4 11 Cliil); Daiif.irth Fellowship I I() I S lURDivANT Beard Pittshoio. i . C. Mechanical Engineering Phi Eta SiRma; Pi lau Sigma; Glee Club 1, 2. 3, 4, Secretary 2. 3, ice President 4 . iiBREv Don Beaver M rilc liL-acli, S. C. Electrical Engineering |()MN Nev SOME Belk Giccnsliojo, N. C Ceramic Engineering American Ceramic Society Ronald .Alexander Bell Ralcit;li, N. C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Industrial Arts Club Ann Louise Bellis Bhick Mountain. N. C. Math Education Malh ami Science Educatiun Club BoBBV CiENE Bennett CTlcn . liiine, N. C. Applied Mathenuilics THE CLASS Robert Elwin Bennett Electrical Engineering AIEEIRE 1. 2. 3, 4 Kiny, N. C. Bobby Mac Berry Buiiinijton, i . C Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa u; AlEE IRE Richard Fulton Bethune Raleigh, N. C Civil Engineering— Construction Option Kappa Alpha; ASCE; Tennis 1, 2. 3; Lraternity Football Track I. 2, 3, 4; Engineers Council 4; C hni.. Dance C Onimittce of Engineers Council 4 Homer Lee Bigc.ers, Jr. Morganton, N. C. Civil Engineering— Construction Option Tim Biggerstaff Wood Technolog) Bostic, N. C. Shclbv, i . C. William I ho. l s Bit;e;EHSi aff Industrial and Rural Recreation Siunia Phi Epsilon; Kappa Phi Kappa, 1 reasurer; Track 1, 2, 3; Intra- nmrals 1, 2. 3, 4; MnnoKiaiii C ' luh A. 4 |ames Frank Bivtns Hikin, X. C Civil Eji ineeritig— Construction Option ASCE; Iniramurals 1, 2. i . 4 M. m- Elizabeth Black i liuh Point. . C. Eniiineering, Mathematics . poll(i Cluh 2. , 4; EnKincers Council . Consolidated University Student C ouncil: W ' omi ' n ' s Campus Code BoartI 2, Chairman i, 4; CU Board of Directors 2, A, 4; " I-riends of the College " Board of Directors i. Secretar 4; Ln ;ineerinK Math Cluh Secretar 2. ' ice Presitleni , ; VMCA Cahinet Mem her 2. Chairman Co L .1 Commission, ationaI Asscjc. of CH ' s Secretary-Treas urer ? Ernest Ra - lli ck l n 1 lalUhoro. N. C. i:,iicii}tjiic Izconuiitic . ARriculture Cluli; .V ricuhure Econimiics C lub [1521 Robert 1 Iampion Blackwood Chapel Hill, N. C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Samiiei Iovner Blackwood Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa u. Treasurer; AIEE IRE; Engineers Council, Treasurer; Veterans Association )ames Gordon Blake, III Wallace, N. C. Recreation and Parks Administration Intr.iniurals; Bagwell n iim Athletic Director; Asst. Floor Manager I lovLE Lee Blah)ck, |r. Boiling Springs, N. C. Applied Malliematics W ' illard Eugene Blalock Halifax, N. C. Agricttltural Economics Robert Brooks Blanchard Wallace, N. C. Chemical F nnineering Sigma Nu; Athletic Council 4; Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4; AICHE; YRC Robert Vann Blankenship Charlotte, N. C. Mechanical Engineering AAS; L S; IDC. Social Director; ASME Iulian Asburv Blankinship, Jr. Lynchburg. Virginia Industrial Engineering Theta Chi. Athletic Director i, 4 Donald Davis Blizzard Richlands, N. C. Forest Management Alpha Zeta; Xi Sigma Pi; Blue Key; Cittlden Chai n; Publications Board 2, 3; Pinetum. Asst. Business Manager 2. Business Manager 3; Student Govern- ment Senator 3; YDC, " ice President 3. President 4; Student Govt. Traffic Comm. 2. 3. 4. Chairman 3. 4; Student Legislative Assembly Delegation, Chairman 3; Freshman Orientation Group Leader 3, 4; Forestry Club I, 2, 3. 4; Society of American Foresters OF 1961 Jack William Boddie Goldsboro, N. C. Recreation and Parks Administration I AMES Fredrick Bodie Thomas iile. X. C. Mechanical Engineering Tennis I; Intramurals 3; Apollo Club 4; IAS; .- SME Billy Joe Boles King, N. C. Agricii tiim! Education Sigma Phi Epsilon; Kappa Phi Kappa. Reporter Neil Oren Bolick I lickory. N. C. Mechanical Engineeritig X ' eterans .Association 3. 4; ASME 3. 4 Roger Eugene Bolick Raleigh. X. C. Mechai ic:d Engineering Pi Tau Sigma; ASME 4; NSF 4 Gordon Randel Bond Bluefield, A ' est Virginia Nuclear Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon; .American Society for Metals; .MP; .American Nuclear Society Roger Wayne Bone Nash ille. X. C. Agriculture Business— Field Crops . lpha Zeta; -American Society .Agronomy. National President; .Agronomy Club. President; Dorm Floor Manager 3. 4; -Apollo Club; YDC; Student Govt. Senator 3. 4. Investigations Comm. Chair. 3; NCSSL 3 John McArtan Booker Clinton, X. C. Agricultural Economics Intramurals 2. 3. 4; Pre Y ' eterinarv Club 1, 2. 3; .Agriculture Economics 4; YDC 4 William Henry Booth, Jr Mortjantun, X. C. Mechanical Engineering Delta Lambda; Phi Theta Kappa; -ASME [153 J Larry Dawson Bordeaux Ingold, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE: YiICA; Advanced ROTC Clarence Leonard Bostian, ]r. S;ilisbur , N. C. Textile Management Sigma Chi Curtis 1 Iugh Bostian Moorcs ille, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE Max Elmo Bostian C ' liina Cro e, N. C. Metallurgical Engineering Alpha Gamma Rho; ASM Edward L. Bowling Broadway, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE Daniel Marcus Boyd, III Lincolnton. N. C. Agrictihiiral Engineering Varsity Track 2, Intramurals I, 2, 3; ASCE; American Society of Agricultural Engineers; Engineer ' s Fair David Lindsay Boyd Mooresville, N. C. Electrical Engineering Wterans Association I, 2; AIEE 3, 4 Allen Cecil Boyette Goldsboro, N. C. Forest Management Society of American Foresters; Forestry- Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshmen Counseling Coram. 3, 4 James Leo Boyland Alexandria, Virginia Nuclear Engineering Theta Chi; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; AIP; American Nuclear Society; Band 1, 2; Jr.-Sr. Dance Comm. THE CLASS a tfeia GuRNEY Ellerbe Bracey, Jr Red Springs, N. C. Math Education Intramurals 1, 2, 3; Alpha Phi Omega I ucius Hazeltine Bracey, Jr Soutii I lill, Virginia Industrial Engineering Kappa Alpha, Sec: Alpha Pi Mu, Treas.; AITE; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Dis- tinguished Military Student Burl H. Brady Salisbury, N. C. Civil Engineering— Construction Option Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma Larrv Escar Brady Statesvillc, N. C. Math Education Intramurals 1, 2. 3, 4; College Union, Board of Directors 4, Board of Chairmen 3, 4, Chairman Games Comm. 3, Chairman Social Comm. 4, Ciames Comm. 1. 2, 3. 4. Tlieatrc Comm. 3, 4 James Henry Brakebill, III Ft. Monroe, Virginia Math Educa ' ion James Arthur Brame Greensboro, N. C. lechanical Engineering Sigma . ' u; Athletic Di ' " cctor 3, 4: Blue Key; The Technwiuv, Ktlitor 4. Sports Editor 3, Asst. Sports Editor 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Fraternity ScrA-ice .Award 3, 4; .Athletic Council Representative 4; Judicial Board; .Ad- vanced ROTC; CU Student Council; Board of Publications; CU Board of Directors; ASME; YRC; .Monogram Club, Publicitv Director 4; YMCA; Apollo ( hil. William Eugene Brannock Rcids ille, N. C. Nuclear Engineering AIP 2, 3, 4 W ' ai MU liioMAs Bray Rockingham, N, C. Forest Management Intramurals 2, 3; Veterans Club; Forestry Club William I 1ov ' ard Brickhouse Raleigh, N. C. Nuclear Engineerittg -MP; .American Nuclear Society [1541 Sherman Melton Bridgeman, Jr. i Icndersonvillc, N. C. Textiles Gary Bryant Bridgers Conway, N. C. Pulp and Paper Technology Fourdrinier Society; Pulp Paper Foundation Scholarship Robert Owen Bridges Cary, N. C. Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu; AIEE IRE Richard Byron Brill LIrbanna, Virginia Forest Management Societ ' of American Foresters Wayne Michael Brittain Morganton, N. C. Nuclear Engineering ' alter Martin Britton Lasker, N. C. Agriculture Technology— Poultry Baseball I; Poultn- Club 2, ?. 4; Poultr ' Judging Team i Otto Raven Brockmann, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. Textiles Kappa Tau Beta; Delta Kappa Phi, Treas. 3, Pres. 4; Textile Fnnim, Circu- lation Manager 3, 4; Tompkins Textile Council Wayne Malirice Brooks Raleigh, N. C. Entomology Delta Sigma Phi; Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4; Disciples Student Fellowship, Pres.; National Science Foundation Undergraduate Proiect; Apollo Club; Entomology Club; Louis Ware Scholarship; Sears Roebuck Scholarship I, 2 Harold Dean Broome Mt. I lolly, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE: Veterans Association OF 1961 Robert Kaylor Brotherton Sherrill ' s Ford, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE; Wesley Foundation. Council 3, 4 loHN Brolighton, III Hertford, N. C. Applied Mathematics Charles Calvin Brown Richmond, Virginia Pulp and Paper Technology Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treas., Vice Pres.; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2; Fourdrinier Society; Apollo Club; YMC.- Charles R. Brown Winston-Salem, N. C. Electrical Engineering Colt 4; AIEEIRE Henry Alfred Brown Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu: AIEEIRE 1, 2, 3. 4; Laboratory Instructor 4; YMCA 1 Cabinet Member 2 pex, N. C. 4; YMCA 1, 2, Greensboro, N. C. Randall L. nier Brown Textile Chemistry Lambda Chi .Alpha; Delta Kappa Phi 3, 4; Sigma Tau Sigma 4; Arnold Air Societv 3. 4; Consolida.ed Universit - Student Council 3, 4; . .ATCC 3, 4; AFROTC 3, 4 Talmage Brown, Ir. Raleigh, N. C. Agriculture Technology FarmHouse; . lpha Zeta; Gamma Sigma Delta; .Animal Industry Club; Pre- Ve:erinar ' Club; Block Bridle Club; YDC; Student Govt. Traffic Comm. William Robert Brown Bat Cave, N. C. Civil Engineering— Construction Option ASCE 4; Veterans Association 4 Iames Stephen Browning Salisbury, N. C. Civil Engineering Pi Kappa Phi, Treas., Pres.. Outstandine Pleiige; Chi Epsilon; Class Treas. 4; Orientation Group Leader 3; ROTC; IFC Representative; Intramtrrals 1, 2, 3, 4; ASCE [155] |onN Marlin Dklimlev Newtoii, N. C. Industrial Engineering SiBma Nu; AIIE 3. 4 lliEROViMiis Clell Blieck Franklin, N. C. htdtistrial Arts—Techiiicitl OjXkhi |ames Connor Bullard Charlotte, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEEIRE C.ARV Harney Bullis Burlington, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Inlriimuiiils 1, 2, 3, 4, Most Outstanding Athk-tc in Dorms 3 Piiii LIP Marshall Bunting Circcnsboro, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Technician Staft " I; . (;romeck Staff 4; Baschiill I; IP 2. 4; American Xiiclear Society 4 Baxter Daniel Burke Silcr Cit , N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME |ames Franklin Burke Kings Mountain, N. C. Eurnitiire Manufacttiring and Management Furniture Club 3. 4 I ' aul (iE()rc;e Burton Wilmington, i . C. Civil Engineering— Construction Option Sigma Alpha Epsilon; ASCE Sherrill Pearson Burton Durham, N. C. Recreation and Parks Administration Lambda Chi Alpha; Intramurals I, 2, 3; YDC; American Recreation Society; N. C. Recreation Society THE CLASS Venable Babcock Blirwell Oxlorcl, N. C. A lechanical Engineering S 11; Intramurals 1. 2; Ar;ROMECK Chairman— Military B;ill Asst. Mil AM I loRACE BusH, III Charlotte, X. C. Industrial Engineering AIIK; WatauRa Dorm, Prcs. 4 RoBERi Franklin Busic Sparta. N. C. A lechanical Engineering ASME; BSU Council I El) Ronald Bvers Concord, N. C. Electrical Engineering ' eterans Association 2. 3. 4, Treasurer 3: AIEE IRE 3 ILLIAM Bryan Byrd Bunnk ' Ncl, i . C. Eorest Management Ainoki Air Society; American Society of Forestry i EX W ' iMER Cabe, |r. Fontana Dam, N. C. Textile Technology Phi Psi Fi IS Russell Cabe Franklin, i ' . C. i4;!n ' cii nir(i Business Economics lpha Gamma Rho, House Manager 4; Sc;d baril Blade; Intramurals . 4: School of Agriculture Senator 4; Y.MCA 3; YDC 3, 4; Elections Comm. 4; g Economics Club 3, 4; ROTC: JAMES Daniel Caldwell CUclc. N. C. Forest Managemi ' nl lntr;imurals I, 2. 3, 4; Society of .American Foresters DoNAi D Byron Campbell, |r New Bern, N. C. Electrical Engineering IRE; Y ' eterans Association 1 [156] Aniiionv Shehiul C ' ai ' ps Sniithtielcl, iN. C. Agriculture Technology— Pmiltry rarmiliiusc; Track 1. 2; Bag vell, X ' ice President; PreA ' et Club; Agriculture Club; l ' ciultr Science Club lAoiitm Cecil Carlyle Fayetteville, N. C. Indiistritil Engineering AIIE, Chairman Menibciship Comni. Lewis Franklin Carlenter, |r. Dallas, N. C. bidiatriat Arti— Technical Option Industrial Arts CUih; VDC )()HN Curtis Carr Coldsboro, N. C. Electrical Engineering ROTC Rifle learn 1; IRE 1, 2. i. 4 loiiN McClunc Carrincer Andrews, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Apiilld Club; ASME I iioMAs Watkins Carrincton, Jr. OxFord, N. C. Mathematics Education Math Science Club j. 4; YDC , 4; Band I; Drum BukIc Corps 1 I Ienrv Constantin Carroll Chajipaqua, N. Y. Civil Engineering Photograph) ' Conim.; Dance C ' omm. VVooDRow Wilson Carrlithers, jr. Greensboro, N. C. Recreation and Parks Administration Pi Kappa Alpha; Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4 Edward Carson Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE OF 1961 Billy Wayne Carter Middlesex, N. C. Electrical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha, Magazine Editor 2, 3; Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; Scabbard Blade; AIEE; Inrramurals 2, 3. 4; Advanced ROTC Cecil Neal Carter Sa annah, Tennessee Pidp and Paper Technology Pershing Rifles; XI Sigma Phi; Intramurals 1, 2, 5; Fourdrinier Society Carlton Baxter Carver Roxboro, N. C. Applied Mathematics |ames William Carver Fa ette ille, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE 2, 3. 4; Veteran ' s Clul 4 Ian Clevenger Cates Burlington, N. C. Textiles Phi Kappa Tau; Intramurals 1. 2, 3, 4; Delta Kappa Phi; Advanced Militar Berry Wendell Cauble Ciastonia, N. C. Textiles Phi Psi; Baseball 3, 4; Intramurals 3, 4 Harold Caudle Lenoir, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE Ernest George Charles Raleigh, N. C. hidiistrial Engineering Phi Eta Sigma 2, 3, 4; AIIE: Intramurals I. 2; Engineers Fair 3; ROTC; YDC Song Kram Ghusak Chavengsak Bangkok. Thailand Agriculture Technolog)— Field Craps Agronomy Club 11571 Wal ' ikr David CIhhek Iknlin ton, N. C ' . Mechanical Engiiieeriiifi ASME MiTCHEAi. Lee Childress Gibsonville, N. C. Industrial Engineering AIIE Richard C ' i.ark Childress Crcensbori), i . C. Electrical Engineering W ' tcrans Association; AIEE-IRE Silas Ted Christenbury Hairisburg, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Sisma Pi; Inlramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; AIP 4 Wn.LiAM Ames Chrisiopher Franklin, Virginia Horticulture Horticulture C ' lub: Glee Club Accompanist IIarrv VRiiiiiR CiKANEK, Jr. Lenoif, N. C . Mechanical Engineering ASME: Veterans Association Evelyn Dee Clark Bciilav illc, N. C. Applied Mathematics Si ma K;ippa, Pres.; Student Govt. Comm. 1: Cheerleader i; Student LTnion, Hospitality Comm. 2, 3, 4: .Apollo Club 4 |ack Adams Clark Sanfoid, N. C. Electrical Engineering Honorary Fraternity 1; .AIEE |amES iS ' oRFLEET ClARK VVcklon, N. C. Math Education 1 THE CLASS Robert Edward Clarke Moiganton, N. C. Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration ASHRACE, Sec. Treas. 4 William Herbert Clem MER I ligh Point, N. C. Mathematics Education Mu Beta Psi; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Mu Beta Psi, Treas. 4 Gene Arthlir Clemmons Clayton, N. C. Electrical Engineering Band 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; AIEE 4 Frank Thomas Clifton, Jr. Mt. Olive, N. C. Mechanical Engineering David Scott Coble Gar land, N. C. Igriczi dire Education Intramurals 1, 2; Tucker Dorm, Floor Manager 3, Social Director 3; .Ag. Council Representative 3, 4; Ag. Ed. Club 2, 3, 4 James Alfred Coble Liberty, N. C. gr ci( (iire Business— Pou fry YMC.A ]; Poultry Science Club 2, 3, 4; Poultry Judging Team 3, 4 .Arnold Hugh Cohen llrooklvn, W ' . Textile Management Sigma Alpha Mu. Publication Staff; Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 4, Handball .Ml Campus .■ vvard; Campus Chest Drive; Sub Chairman College Union Library Comm. PtOBERT Ervin Cole Raleigb, N. C. Design Worth Wingate Collier Wade, N. C. Agricii dire Design [158] l c)NAi u VVavne Colombo Pccirl River, N. Y. Nuclear Engineerhifi Pershing Rifles; Succer 1 , 2 Charles Edward Colson Norwood, N. C. Agriculture Business— Field Crops FarmHouse; Agriculture C ' lub; Agronomy Club; ROTC Clarence Leon Combs Draper, N. C. Electrical Engineering Thela Tau, Treas. 4; Apollo Club i. 4; AIEE i: IRE 4 Worth Frederick Cone Spring Hope, N. C. Agriculture Business— Agriculture Economics Alpha Zeta, Censor 4; Baseball 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Agricultural Council, Sec. 3, Vice Pres. 4; Men ' s Campus Board; Ag Economics Club; Marshal; YDC Wallace Reid Conway Creenville, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Charles Wesley Cook Calypso, N. C. Electrical Engineering Veterans Association: Freshmen Orientation; College llniun Photography Comm.: IRE Charlie Harrison Cooke Lavvndale, N. C. Applied Mathemutics Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Veterans Association; Mathematics Club Iames Robert Cooke Huntersville, N. C. Agricultural Engineering Golden Chain; Blue Key; Order of Thirty Three; Alpha Zeta; Student Govt. Legislature 1, 2. Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Orientation Commission I, 2; ASAE 1, 2, 3, National Vice Pres. Student Branch 4; YMCA 1, 2, Treas. 3, 4 Oren Boyd Cooke Maiden, N. C. Nuclear Engineering AIP; Summer Judicial Board 3; Orientation Group Leader OF 1961 Richard Owen Cope Gastonia, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME Roy Douglas Cope Lexington, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE 3. 4; Wesley Foundation Edward Max Correll Monroe, N. C. Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu; -AIEE IRE; Veterans .Association Larry Tom Costner Casar, N. C. Textiles Delta Kappa Phi; Intramurals I, 2, 3 James 1 Joward Cottle, Ir Rose Hill, N. C. Pre Vef. Agriculture Science Gus Perry Colichell Charlotte, N. C. Nuclear Science Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Pi Sigma; Honors Program William Emmanuel Coutouzis Fayetteville, N. C. Alechanical Engineering ■Mu Beta Psi 2, 3, 4. Treas. 3; Intramurals 3. 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Symphonic Band 1, 2. 3, 4: ROTC 1. 2, 3, 4. Band 1. 2, 3 William George Crawford, Jr. Goldsboro, N. C. Industrial Engineering Phi Kappa Tau; .AllE; Fraternity Sports 2, 3. 4 Oliver Palil Creole Washington, N. C. Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu. Recording Sec; Student Orientation Comm.; Veterans Club; Photography Comm. k i. i: mi ■j ' i [159] Jamhs CLAHENt:t Creu i loi ;amc)ii , N. C " . Furniture Manufacturinfi and Manaiiement T;iu Kappa Epsilon Sherman Louis C riner WinsUin Salcin. ' . C. Electrical Eniiineeriii Wu.LiAM Morrison Crockford C iKiilntu-, N. C. latheiHatics Ediictitiun Mu Beta Psi: Band 1. 2 Richard I ai i as C room Ral(. ' ii li. ' . C. Civil Engineering Phi Kappa Tau; . SCE Blanche Loiuse Cross Virginia Beach, V ' irojnia Industrial Engineering Huspi:alit C ' dinni. 1. i, 4; Cheerleader 1: Society nf FiiKiiu ' ers 2. ■!. 4; ami-, I, . . 4; VWCA 4 Lawrence Campbell Cross Mdncurc, N. C. Forestry— Management Carl Benson Crotts Trinity, N. C. Textile Technology Phi Psi; Tompkins Textile Council; Kappa Tau Beta [oiiNN Lee Crow Lincolnton, . C. Industrial Arts Education JOSEPH Spottsvvood Crowell Enka, N. C. Nuclear Engineering College Union I ' orum Comm. 1; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Math Cluh 4; American Nuclear Society 3, 4; AIP 1, 2, 3 THE CLASS Richard Broadhs Culler, |r. I ligli Point, N. C. Applied Mathematics Intramurals I. 2. 3. 4; Baseball 1; Math Club; VRC Finn Bowen Cullom Raleigh, ' . C. Electrical Engineering Delta Sigma Phi; Student Senate 3 I IeNRY CaRRINCTON CUNINCHAM, JR. Winston-Saleni, N. C. Forest Management Pershing Rifles 1; Forestry Club 3, 4 |ames Richard Clirrie I lickmx , N. C. Industrial Engineering Phi Lta SiKma; Thirty Ihrie; Blue Key; C.olden Chain: Alpha Pi Mu, Pres. 4; Soiil icrn Engineer, Business Manaijer 2, 3; AIIE Pres. 4: Engineers Council 2, 3, 4; Consolidated LIniversily Student Council 3, 4; Orientation Commission I, 2; Honor Code Commission Rov Da id Cinviis Raniscui, N. C. Mt ' chanictil hngi}teeri}ig Ernest 1 Iardinc; Clitler Blounts Creek, N. C, Agricultural Education lph;i Zeta; Kappa Phi Kappa; ' 0-.A(;, Editor 3. Circulation Editor 2; t hairman An- Ed. Student .Advisory Council; Ag. Ed. Club 1. 2. 3. 4 William Robert Dabnev South Amboy, N. J. Forest Management Intramurals 3. 4; Foresl[ Club 3. 4; Newman Club 3, 4; Forestn ' Freshmen C ' ounselinK Ser ' ice 4 Phh IP Bernard I ahlen Wildlife Biology Leopold Wildlife Club 3, 4; .Newman Club 3, 4 |oHN Covington Dalton Industrial Arts Education CJakland. . . ]. b 3, 4 Asheboro, N. C. in.ild Air Societ ; VVrestling I. 2; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4; .Ml Campus lir.r.iinurals 2, 3 [1601 l,()v in ' lton Daniels, |r. Driver, Virginia Industrial Engineerinji, Siym.i Alpha Epsilun; Thirty Thrte, Vice Pres.; Blue Key, Vice Pres.; Guklcii Chain; A(;iU)MEcK, Editor 4; Iiur:iinurals I, 2, 3, 4; Class Pres. 1, 2; SiimiiK-r Judicial Board C ' hainnaii; Honor Code Board; Consolidated University ( ' ollncil. Pres.; Orientation (iroup leader William 1 Ienrv Daniels Fort Bragg, N. C. Mechanical Engineering— Aero. Option W ' li I I M Floyd Daughety Lexington, N. C. Recreation and Parki Administration Sigma .Alpha Epsilon; Intraniurals Man;iKer; Track 1. 2 Charles Alfred Davis Brevard, N. C. Chemical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Mu Epsilon; . ICHE, Sec. 4; Math Club, Pres. 4; Engineering Honors Program Daniel Shaw Davis, Jr. Monroe, N. C. Industrial Engineering Sigma Nu. Recorder, Historian; Scabbard Blatle; lntr:imurals I, 2, 3, 4 C!EORt;E Kenneth Davis Bessemer City, N. C. Dairy Husbandry .AI C ' lub; Ag. Club; 4-H Club; Dairy Judging Team James L ' Rov Davis Raleigh, N. C. Mechanical Engineering— Aero. Option Theta Chi; .Alpha Phi Omega; Institute of Aero. Eng.; Band 1, 2 Joe Eric Davis Charlotte, N. C. Mathematics Education Tucker Doim, Pres. 4, Manager 4, .Athletic Director 3 John Charles Davis Greensboro, N. C. Mechanical Engineering— Aero. Option Monogram Club; Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, 4; Indoor Outdoor Track I, 2, 3, 4. Captain 4; Concert Band; Marching Band; IAS OF 1961 Robert Baker Davis Elizabeth City, N. C. Civil Engineering .ASCE; Veterans Association Robert Dabney Davis Winston-Salem, N. C. Applied Mathematics Tau Beta Pi; Track 1, 2; Apollo Club; Band 2, 3, 4 THO LAs Barry Davis Charlotte, N. C. Cixnl Engineering— Construction Option .ASCE; Dorm .Athletic Director Floor Manager Wayland Thomas Davis Albertson, N. C. Agricidture Education .Ag. Ed. Council Bobby Bernard Deaton Morganton, N. C. Pidp and Paper Technology Apollo Club; Fourdrinier Society, Treas.; Xi Sigma Pi; Glee Club 1 ; Swimming Team 2; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Symphonic Band 1. 2, 3, 4; ROTC Band 1, 2 David Richard Decker Winston-Salem, N. C. Fundamental Physics Phi Kappa Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; .American Rocket Society; Intramurals 2. 3. 4 Dewey Daniel Dee JXhiniia, Philippines Textiles Monogram Club: Soccer 2, 3 Cecil McClellan Dellinger, Jr. Stanley, N. C. Textiles Bobby Roy ' Denning Benson, N. C. Electrical Engineering Track 1; AIEE-IRE [161] Wn.LiAiM Lawrence Dennis RandlcnKin, N. C. Mechanical Engineering— Aero. Option Intraniuials 1, 2, 4 William Edwin Derrick Clunldiic. N. C. Aiiricnhure— Technical Option llurliculturi- Cl iih. Tiejsiiicr -t loE Kelly Donaldson Mt. Mdiirnc, N. C. Civil Engineering Wrestling 3, 4; Apollo Club i. 4; ASCK . 4 Chandrakant p. DosHi Ciiltutui, liuli.i MetaUiirgical Engineering Joseph Donald Douu Pfafftown, N. C. Mecluiniciil Kngi}ieering—Aero. Option Jerry Mack Douclas lialrii li, N. C. Electrical Engineering IIomek Franklin Drve Salishuiy, N. C. EJectrical Engineering Edward James Duinl s Shelby, N. C. P ;_ysics clfr;ins Associiition John Kenneth Duncan Kannapolis, N. C. Industrial Engineering Sieni;) Chi; lntr;inuir;ils 1. 2, 3, 4 THE CLASS Marshall Yaies Dunc:an C " la toii, N. C. Math Education Ahull ;ind Science Education Club, Pres. 4 Harry Patton Dlinn, 1r Dan illc, Virginia Electrical Engineering aieeire Kenneth .Alan Dunning Kinston, N. C Electrical Engineerinii SwiniminB I; llanii 1; C ' ll Photo Coniin. I, 2, , 4; All.lMRi: L 2, . 4 |oHN CIordon Early RalcJuli, N. C. Mechanical Engineering IAS; ASME Larry Cordon Earp Chailtitti ' , N. C. Civil Engineering asce C.Eone E Alben Eason LlL■clcsticl l, N. C. Civil Engineering S( L; DC Chri W ' eik Eherly Sheridan, i ' eiinsv Kania Recreation and Parki Administration Iiili;iinui;ils 1. 2, i, 4; HraRaw Oorni. Athletic Director 3. 4; Lootliall Team, StLuieiil Manager 4 I iiDMAs IIiRRHRT EcK Savaiiiiah. Ceciruia Pulp and Paper Technology Ihcta Clii; I ' hi I 1,1 SiKina; Xi Sigma Pi; Alpha Zeta; Ihiily Ihiee; liluc Key; Golden Ch.iiii; Inlraimirals 1, 2, . , 4; Forestry Club; i- " ourdrinier Society; IIC; W ' eslev loundalion; Marching Band; Fanfare Band; Student Govt.; VMCA; . pollu Club; Sludent ALirshal Lewis W, Eckstein, Jr. Pirvson City, N, C. F( rest Management Forestry Club; SAP [162] Slk M Wesi.hv Ikvin Edens Draper, N. C. Textile Tec mo og r LI,() •I) Verner Edmonds Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Textile Technology Dcllii K.ipp.i I ' lii; K.ijip;! 1 iiil Ik-til; Textile ' ornni, Editor; Tompkins Textile r.iiiiuil raiHus Eugene Edmonds lilkin, N. C. Civil Hiiiiiiieering—Constnidion Oplioii ASCI-: |()iiN iisTiN Edmondson Gaincs ' illc, Gcoroki Furniture Manufacturing and Management K.ippa Alph;i. Pres. 3; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; IPC ' .-?; Fiirnituu- ( luh, Pres. 4; ROTC |ai ies Carroll Edmlindson Pik ' xillc, N. C. Agricultural Education An Ed. Cliil) M Charles Wade Edwards Ramseur, N. C. Agriculttiral Education Alpha Gammo Rho; Intramurals 1, 2, 3; IPC Representative 2; Ag Cluh 1. 2. 3; Ag Ed Club 1, 2, 3; Pnultrj ' Chib 2; YDC 1, 2, 3; Veterans Asso- ciation I, 2, 3 Iames Harrison Edwards Greensboro, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE; Engineers Fair, Chairman for EE Dept.; CLI Photography Comni. JERRY Allen Edwards Mooresville, N. C. Chemical Engineering loiiN Eester Edwards, Jr Sarasota, Florida Agricultural Science— Dairy Manufacturing Plii Eta Sigma; Marshal 3; .Animal Industry Club; N. C. Dairy Assoc. Scholarships 2, 3. 4 OF 1961 John Thomas Edwards, Jr Spring I lope, N. C. Applied Mathematics Intramurals 1. 2, 3; YDC 3, 4, Publicity 4; College Union Outing Library Ctnnm.; State Student Legislature, Delegate 3 Joyce Hatch Edwards Mt. Olive, N. C. Mathematics Education Orientation Group Leader; International C ' nnim.; Hospitality Comm. Larry Clifton Edwards I lamlct, N. C. Forest Management Forestry Club Melvin Douglas Edwards Louisburg, N. C. Chemistry Ralph Goldson Edwards, ,Jr Salisbury, N. C. Industrial Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Pi Mu; Blue Key; IFC Walter Allan Edwards Marsh ille, N. C. Agricjiltural Education William Sandford Edwards Middlesex, N. C. Agricultitre— Poultry Poultry Science Club, Y ' ice Pres.; Poultr ' Judging Team Edward Stuart Elam Charlotte, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME; Blue Key; Intramurals; Interdormitory C ' uuncil 3, 4; IDC, Pres. 4, Ball Comm. 3; Dorm Manager 3, 4, Floor Manager 3, 4, Social Director 3, 4; Consolidated University Student Council 3; Veterans Club 2, 3, 4 Abdul Wahid El-IIaimus Baghdad, Iraq Agricultural Engineering Technology Soccer I; .Arab Organization, Sec. [163] Edwin Poe Elkins, Jr Clarkton, N. C. Agricuhitral Education David Bruce Elliott Forest City, N. C. Industrial Arti— Technical Option Sigma Chi, House Manager 4; Industrial .Arls Club 3. 4; Intrjmurals 1, 2, 3, 4; I-ratemitj- Football 2; School of Engineering. Sen;tiii 1 loHNNv Lee Elliott States ille, N. C. Civil Engineering Engineers Fair 3. 4 L. RRv Wayne Ellis DurhaiTi, N. C. Electrical Engineering Philip Randall Ellis Clarkton, N. C. Mechanical Engineering YMCA I; BSII 1 Robert Charles Ellis, Jr Shelby, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE Charles Wayne English Raleiuh, N. C. Civil Engineering— Construction Option ' eterans Association 1 , 2 Ronald Holland English Willard, N. C. Agricultural Education Alpha Gamma Rhn; Intramurals 2, _ , 4 William CJllin English W.itha, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEEIRE; Veterans Club THE CLASS 1 Iarold Eugene Eskriix;e Slu-lby, N. C. Physics Tau Beta Pi; eterons Association 2, i, 4, Treas. 4; AlP . . 4 Larry Dean Eudv Charlotte, N. C. Civil Engineering William Edward Evans Kinston, N. C Civil Engineering Kappa Sigma; Intramurals 1, 2, . 4; 1)C ' ; ASCE Marvin McHenrv Everett Rohersoiu ille, N. C. Applied Mathematics Ml ' 1. 2; Mathematics Club S. 4; Orientation C;roup l.c;uler 2. 3; Marthins Band 1.2. 3; Symphonic Band 1. 2. 3. 4 EioN ALacGregor Faelten Kinston, N. C. Physics Sigtna Phi Kpsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Tennis 2, 3. 4 |(iiiN Maci Ialkner, |r Oxlord, i ' . C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option etcrans Association 2, 3. 4; liulustrial Arts Club; A. SergiMnl .it i ms Richard Dan Falls Bessemer C-ity, i . C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Da H) W NE I ANSi.ER Wiiistoii Salepi, N. C. Cix ' il Engineering Chi Kpsilon; Theta Tau Edward Ci ark Farr Cliailotte, N. C. Industrial Engineering AIIE 3, 4, Treas. 4 [164] [( ■■ ■■■■■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■||[P ' ' H| B| ' ' ' Ierman I ' AiiRELL, 111 Raleigh, N. C. d t mik 0 1 iVi BI H Recreation and Parks Administration W Ci- i M " t ' |r sU •c f l-AHiiv Mic:iiAEi. Faust Winston Salem, N. C. J • ' ' I ' ll Meduniical Engineering J . KT Ai.AN Orant Feimster I ayl()rs ' ille, N. C. JACK ' ei,c:h Felmei ' a iu ' s ilk ' , N. CJ. _ I «fc Eix;ar Milton Fields, Jr. I icntord, N. C. Applied Mathematics , Pl i Eta Sigma I W . K t Parks Cadman Fields Pleasant Ciarden, N. C. . P P 1 Agricultxira] Education DoiKa AS Wade Files P.laneh, N. C. te rt Science Education I ■ 1 oad Fred Filsoof Tehran, Iran iPl Engineering Mathematics and Electrical Ettgineering • T k i» lL.«. - AIEE-IRE; International Club; Soccer 2, 3; Belmont Abbey, Monogram Club, " ' Science Club r K f RuFus Talmage Fish Wilson, N. C. I T 1 Mechanical Engineering t A 1 1 1 ASME; Arnold Air Society; Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Advisory Hoard; Kappa [ BBBm B fl H l Alpha, Athletic Director 2, 3; AFROTC, Group Commander OF 1961 James Cruwell Fisher, Jr. Mt. Pleasant, N. C. HP miliP Mechanical Engineering IP ' IF i Norman Ray Fisher Raleigh, N. C. W B AmP ' IS Jfci% «?• Industrial Arts Epsilon Pi Tau, Sec. 3, Pres. 4; Industrial Arts Club 2, 3, 4 . - « . William Arnold Fisher Durham, N. C. . B5k k R .. m9 Industrial Arts HM I l fffKF ' M R B Veterans .Association; Industrial HB Hii i iiK H M H MJl ii 1 fi ■IliHl Edward Plummer Fitts, |r. Littleton, N. C. HV ' jij HHpMli ' l HI Industrial E ngitjeering 1 . ' ' ' iS Ik SS . KKIK i Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Big Four Day Participant; . IEE 4 ff " Hf RPW " ' « ■ Jerry Burt Fitts . , Raleigh, N. C. ' " " " ™ " w «- ■ m -1 Agricii fiire Technology fc - » f kf " ' ' . £. -Agronomy Club 3, 4; ' estminster Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 2 . %!t ' V [oseph Flosman Ontario, Canada . K fe Joseph Franklin Flynn Chimne Rock, N. C. m B " ' B Delta Kappa Phi: Inlramuial ' . I. 2 ■ 1 9H HK K 1 K I David Siew-Pun Fock Singapore, Malaya 1 A Applied Mathematics " Pte- ' ' jl JL Mars Hill College, Science Honor Club, Vice Pres.; International Club: .M A L y; William Isaac |r lenderson, N. C. A H 1 M M [165] Donald Ray Fountain Wilmington, N. C. Industrial Engineering Sigma Alplia Epsilim; Thirty Three, Sec.-Treas., Intramurals 1, 2, i, 4; Class Sec. I; Student Govt. Senator 1, 2, Sec. 3; CUSC 3; Chairman RevisinR Constitution Comm. 2; Chairman Chaperon Comm. Fr. Soph Dance 1; AFROTC Drill Team I Charles Broadlis Fousiiee, Jr Sanford, N. C. Eitgiiteeriii Mathematics .MarchinK Cadets Commander William Elbert Fouts Franklin, N. C. lgric!(!(!ira Education FarmHouse; Kappa Phi Krppa; Inter-Fratemity Intramurals; Ak Hd Club; YDC Robert Lewis Fowler Br son City, N. C. Electrical Engineering Dennis Lee Fox Gastonia, N. C. Civil Engineering .ASCE; Veterans Association Wesley Booth Frame Staten Island, N. Y. Landscape Architecture Kenneth Vaden Franklin Cary, N. C. ChcviicnJ Engineering AKIIE Harold Leon Fr. zier Charlotte, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Delta Sigma Phi, Sec; BSU, Comm. James Richard Frazier Charlotte, N. C, Mathematics Education Intramurals 1, 2. 3, 4; BSU, Vice Prcs. 3; Apollo Club 3 THE CLASS Winston Earle Frazier Wake Forest, N. C. Agricultural Education Harold Boyd Freeman Raleigh, N. C. Eorest Management Track I [ames Homer Frye Hickory, N. C. Civil Engineering— Construction Optimi Sifima Phi Epsilon; Student Go -t. 1, 2 Raymond K. Fuhrer Charlotte, N. C. Chemical Engineering Sisma Pi; Billiard Team 3; Glee Club 1; Newman Club. Pres.; .AICHE 2, 3. 4; C.U. Theatre Comm. 3 William Fred Fulcher Rocky Mount, N. C. Mechanical Engineering— Aero. Option Arnold Air Societ ; IAS Richard Vernon Fuller Charlotte, N. C. Electrical Engineering Chess Club 3; ire 4 Robert Edward Gagnon Aycien, N. C. Electrical Engineering WKNC, Announcer; CU Outing Comm. Ernest Washington Gamble, Jr. Salishiiry, N. C. Industrial Engineering .AIIE; Wterans Association Carlos S. Garcia I lolgiiin, OIL. Cuba Chemical Engineering [166] OF 1961 WiNTHROP Henry Germaine Casselberry, Florida Industrial Arts— Technical Option Industrial Aits Club 1. 2 Hugh Leslie Gerringer, Jr. . Greensboro, N. C. Electrical Engineering Band 2, 3; Tau Beta Pi; Engineering Honors Program 3, 4; eterans Asso- ciation 3, 4; AIEE 4 Harry Jackson Gibson Laiirinburg, N. C. Agricultural Engineering ASAE 3. 4 Peter Murray Gibson Laurel llill, N. C. By Applied Ma:hemalics 5 Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Mathematics Club William Joel Gibson Gastonia, N. C. Recreation and Parks Adminislra:ion Baseball 3, 4 Robert Sarratt Gidney, Jr Shelby, N. C. Civil Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Chi Epsilon; ASCE; Engineers Council. ' ice Pres.; Social Functions Comm. Robert VanCleve Giersch Charlotte, N. C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Sigma Chi; Technician, Circulation Staff; Intranuirals 1. 2, 3. 4; All Campus Swimming Award I, 2; ROTC David Dolian Gilliam Burlington, N. C. Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu Stanley Spencer Givetz Carmcl, California ISlathenuitics Education Phi Eta Sigma; Track I, 2, 3, 4; Monogram C ' lub; M;ithematics Science Club [167] ()sc:ar NicxJiAs Garcia I labana, Cuba Electrical Engineering .MLLI RE; International Club IJen i;i()n Gardner, Jr. Aydcn, N. C. A lechanical Engineering Delia Sigma I ' bi; ASMU; Al ROTC; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard S Blade; lnli.iMUli.iK |()H Dan CiARDNER Dallas, N. C. Textile C lieniislr) AATCC; Phi Psi CiiAHLLs Philemon Garner Wilmington, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; ROTC Rifle Team 1; ASME 3, 4 CilLBEHl G. CiARNER NcVV]lort, N. C. Pulp and Paper Technology George Walker Garrison, Jr States il]c, N. C. Mechaiiical Engineering— Aero. Option I ' bi Lta Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma, Historian 4; Phi Kappa Phi; YMCA 1. 2. 3, 4, ' ice Pres. 4; Col. John V. Harrelson Award I; ASME lAiiBREY Leonard Gay ' Zebulon, N. C. Igricii diriT Education Alpli.i Gamma Rho, Social C ' hairman 4; intr.nmirals ■ . 4; Ag L-1 Club; YDC ' Michael Gelber Ashdod Yam, Israel Textile Technology College Llnion, International Comm. 3. 4. Chairman 4, Forum Comm.; Hillel Organization Steve Elaine Gentry ' Arden, N. C. Civil Engineering— Comstruction Option ASCE; Glee Club; Alpha Phi Omega, Sergeant-at-Arms, Recording Sec. George Douglas Glover Ellcnhmo, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE; Veterans Club; Charlotte College Benjamin Ransom Goff Raleigh, N. G. Textiles Delta kappa Phi: Veterans Association John Edgar Goforth Ruthcrforclton, N. C. Textile Technology Delta Kappa Phi; Kappa Tau Beta; Tompkins Textile C ' ouncil; Textile }-(trnni: Intramurals 1, 2 James Christopher Gold Shelby, N. G. Applied Mathematics Mathematics Club 3; Collegiate 4-H Club i Enrique Dimas Gonzalez Hab;ina, Guba Electrical Engineering AIEETRE; International Club; YMCA; Ne ' man Club Maxwell Walker Goode BoiHng Springs, N. G. Mechanical Engineering— Aero. Option Pi Tau Sigma; ASME; IAS; Veterans Association Hugh Thomas Gore Tabor Gity, N. G. forestry Management Intramurals; Forestry Club Garl R. Goswick, |r. Durham, N. G. Electrical Engineering William Ward Gradv Raleigh, N. G. Industrial Arts THE CLASS James Lee Graham Yadkinx illc, Malhemalics Education Baseball I; Intramurals 1, 2. 3, 4; YRC iN. G. Phillip Rov C.uaham Yaclkin illc, N. G. Textile Technology— Mnnagement Option Phi Psi; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Dean ' s List 3; YRC Eugene Bowers Grant, Jr Jackson, Civ 7 Engineering— Construction Option Kai:pa Alpli.i; SCE 4 N. C. Erving Harrison CiRA ' h.U ' ctrivut linginccring IRE Avon, N. G. Walter Edgar CiRAV Roanoke Rapids, N. G. AgricuUiiral Science— Wildlife Biology Wildlife Socie! ' ; Americ;ni Societj- of Manimalogists Thomas Sweet Green Biitncr Civil Engineering ASCE N. C. Canton, N. G. Charles Wii i i m Greene Nuclear Physics Order of St. Patrick; Phi l.t.i Sij ma: Rowling Team 2; Engineers 1 air aip |. )). C.REENE Rockingham, Nuclear Engineering I ' ll! Kappa Phi; I .ui liela Pi; Sigma Pi Sigma, Sec; All ' ; Illinois Pn Iakhe ' ip CioiiDON GuLcoin ' Reidsxille, Nuclear Engineering N. C. N. G. [1681 OF 1961 George Michel Haddad 1 lammana, Lebanon Mechanical Engineering— Aero. Option Internyliunal Club William Abraham Haddock Iacks(in illc, N. C. Mechanical Engineering IAS 1, 2, 3 Robert Luther Hacer Alexis, N. C. Mechanical Engineering i Ted Eugene Hager Mount I lolly, N. C. Textile Chemistry Phi Psi 2, i, 4; AATCC; Tumpkins Icxtilt- Guuncil William Johnny Haire Albemarle, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE; Wlerans Club Morad Hakimbaba 1 ebeian, Iran Civil Engineering— Conslniclion (_)ption Naim Hakimbaba Teheran, Iran Textiles International C ' iilb -! Augustus Steele Hall Raleigh, N. C. Industrial Engineering Phi Kappa Tau; AIIE: ROTC Charles Roy Hall Marion, N. C. Textiles Monogram Club; Track Field 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 4 [169] Daniel LAwnENc:E CiRiMsi.Lv Aemc, N. C forest Management I ' bi k.ippa Phi; Xi Siiima Pi; lorestrv Club. Trias, i DoNAi.i) I lii(;ii Groce Yaclkin ille, N. C. Engineering I ' ltysics l:ns Mill Jr. College. Philomathian Literary Soeietv I, 2. Science lluniir C lllb 1, Dorm Pres. 2, Student Council 2; All ' 4; Apullo Club 4; YMCA 4 James Vincent C ' .rlizdis, Ir. Thomas ' ille, N. C. Pii )i and Paper Technology Pi Kai iia Phi 111 II) Klni C.inDER Rock iiiiih. 1111, N. C. Applied Mallienmtics Phi Kappa Phi . 4; Phi L:a Sit;rna I, 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; C:U I-ililr C ' omm. i, 2, 3, 4, Chairman 3; ' esley Foundation. Council 2, 3, 4; Stitdent Toastmaslcrs 3, 4; Orientatiim Group Leader 2 Wayne Dewey Gunter, Jr. Bin son Gity, N. C. Electrical Engineering aiee C-iiARLEs Pernell Gupton C ' astalia, N. C. Geological Engineering Lamlxl.i Clu . lplra; PcrshinK Rifles; . ;H()Mt(K. Phiil..Ki.ipliy Editor 2. 3; Intramurals 1 , 2, 3, 4 Glyde Mitchell Gurganus Williamston, N. G. Eorest ManagenienI Alpha Zeta; Piitelttni, Business .ManaKer; Foresti C lub. Pres.; VDC Frankie Brown Gurganus Williamston, N. C. Mathematics Ediication Math and Science Education Club 2. 3. 4. Sec, 4; Wli. 1. 2, 3. 4; Hospitality Comm. 1 James cra Hackney, III Washington, N. G. hidustrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Theta Tau; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma, Vice Pres. I; Pi Tau Sigma; Alpha Pi Mu, Corr. Sec; WKNC; School of Engineering. Senator 4; YMCA; AIIE; ASME; Apollo Club 4; Junto 3; CU Committees; NSA Coordinator; Student Govt. 3 Thomas Daviu I Iall Piiu illc, N. C. Civil Engineering Chi Mpsilon, icL " Pres.: Wesley Foundation, Pres.; Arnold Air Society, Chaplain; AFROTC, Syuadron Commander; ASCE William I Ieadlev I Iall I li li Pdint, N. C. AJechauiccil Enginscritig IAS 4 James I ovd 1 Iamilton Slielby, N. C. E ' eclriciil Engineering Lta Kappa . u; AIEE IRE; LIRAC; X ' eterans Association |ean nioinette Hamilton Faycttcx ille, N. C. Textile Cheinislry C!hccrleader 2, 3; Hospitality Cimm.. Chairman 4; ASTCC, Sec. 4; Women ' s I lonor Code Board 2, ? |oiiN Aiviiiuii I Iamilton W.isliin.yton, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE i, 4; Velerans 1,2, 3, 4; CU Outing C;omm. 3, 4 Joseph Carr Mamme Oxford, N. C. Forest Management S ' imminK I, 2; Society of American Foresters George Howard I Iammett Concord, N. C. Industrial Engineering Sigma Chi, Newsletter: Ti ' dinician, Managing Editor 1, 2, 3; Football 1; AIIE Wayne H. Hammond Rylcigh, N. C. Cii ' i! Engineering Bruce Wendell Hamrick Shelby, N. C. Forestry Management Alpha Phi Omega; Track 3, 4; CU Outing Comm. THE CLASS Herman i Ioward IIamrick Shelby, N. C. Uidiistritil .Alls— Tec ! nicd Oiytion Vincent Arnold Hamrick V ' inston-Salem, N. C. Civil Engineering Glee Club; BSD Edgar Neil Harbinson Maiden, N. C. Metnlturgical Engineering lau Kappa Epsilon, Pies. 3; Cross Ci)Untr - Track 3: Intramurals 2. 3. 4; Lenoir Rhyne College 1; Orientation Clroup Leader 3; Interfraternity Council 3; .Amcricsn Societ ' for Melals 3. 4; YRC 4 loHN Harrelson Hardage Norlina, N. C, Agricidtural Technology— Dairy Husbandry Pi Kappa Phi, Pledgemaster; Interfraternity Council, Pres. 4; IFC Rcpresenta- tne 3; ROTC. Distinguished MilitaiA- Student; Fraternity Football 3, 4; 1 Club |onN ll m 1 Iardee Icchiinical Engineering William lio ' i Hardln Pul] ' and Paper Technology Loris, S. C. PIvmouth, N. C. William Knov i.i()n 1 Iarding, |r. Charlotte, N. C. linluslrial Engineering Ain.ileiir R-idin Chi It. Sec.-Treas. Iasso i I Aiirios I laekensack, N. J. Mcchaiiicid Engineering ASME I, 2, 3, 4 Ronald Cozart Harrell Rocky Mount, N. C. Electrical Engineering . ILL IRE; WKNC [170] I liK.ii CihNi; I Iarrhlson, |r. , . Textiles Phi Psi Lcxinyton, N. C. |oii I ' . I 1 auric ' .er Falls Creek, PeniisyKania Hecrcation and Parks Adiiihiislrntimi l " ocitlxill 1, 2, ■. liilr.imiir.ils 1 iioMAs Lawson Harrill Slulln. N. C. Forestry Maiia etiicitt Charles Hal Harrington Saint Pauls, N. C. Recreation and Parks Adniiiiistrulioii l|ih,i I ' hi Onu-Kii; Fodthull 1; Indoor Track 2; Outdoor Track 1 |()iiNNv Mack Harrington yilcn, N. C. Chemical Engineering Delta Sigma Phi; AICHE Pju LY Wade Harris Durham, N. C. Mathematics Education Dennis Irvin Harris, Ir Greenville, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASiME 3, 4 R. G. Harris Asheboro, N. C. Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Physics AIP; ASME; Veterans Association Rov Leonard Harris, Sr Robbins, N. C. Geological Engineering Masonic Order; Rockhound Club; AIME OF 1961 Ted Harris Fayettcville, N. C. Wood Technology Forest Products Research Society i, 4; Veterans Club 3. 4 Franklin Delano Harrison Raleigh, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Andrew Jennings Harriss, ]r. Wilmington, N. C. Industrial Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Pi Mu; Tau Beta Pi; AIIE; talent For Service Scholar Ralph William i Iart . . Lansing, N. C. Electrical Engineering Theta Chi; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; YRC Donald Lee Hartley Graham, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME; ' eterans Association Leon L soN Hartline States illc, N. C. Recreation and Parks Administration— Industrial Option Kappa Phi Kapp;i Gene Wesley Hartsell Charlotte, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME; Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4; Pfeiffcr College I, 2; Vetersns Associalion I, 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4; ' etville. Mayor 4; CU Social Comm. Hal Craig Hartsell, Jr. Concord, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME 2, 3. 4; ROTC 3, 4 George William Hartzoge Hickory, N. C. Geological E)tgineering [171] liMiNn Richardson Hastings Morganton, N. C. Furniture Manufacturing and Mana cnjciit SiKiiKi Pi. Ptl-s. 4; Inlrainurals 1. 2. B, 4; PershiriK Rifles I, 2; Purniturc C ' lilb . . 4; F-nfiineer ' s Council Representative 4; Forest Products Research S(icict ' , Pres. 4; Freshmen Orientatifni Leader t; Marshal - ; ROTC George Glenn Hatch Mount Olixc, N. C. Electrical Engineering Rex Th I.MAN I Iatch Mount ()li c, N. C. Agricultural Education Agricultural Cluh I. . . 4; ' eterans Association 1, 2. 1. 4: Oonn. ' ice Pres., S icial Director 2. Pres., ManaKer i; IDC Dance Coinm.; Intraniurals I, 2, .? . i i . N Conrad Hathcock . lb(.nwrlc, N, C. Agricidture Science— Wildlife Biology Arjiold Air Society, Commander 4; Leopold Wildlife Club; AFROTC; tdee Club 1 Kelly Irank 1 Iawkins Lafa)ctte, Louisiana Nuclear Engineering Phi Epsilon Pi; .MP Kenneth Lee Hawn C ' liaiiottc, N. C. Textile Technology SiKina Nu; Delta Kappa Phi; Intrainurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis I; I (iin[ikiiis ' Fextile Council Alton Winfred LIaynes Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engineering C hi Epsilon; Wterans .Association Edwin Zacheus Heafner Charlotte, N. C. Chemical Engineering Chase Patterson Hearn Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engineering Ela Kappa Nu; AlEE-IRE THE CLASS Bobby Odell Heath Wade, l . C. Mathematics Education Mathematics Science Club; ' eterans Club Ray Oliver I Iedden Biyson City, N. C. Mechanical Engineering— Aero. Optifrn Thcta Tau Phillip Arnold Heffner Mait en, N, C. Industrial Arts— Technical (iplion Raymond George Hege Winston-Salcm, N. C. hidttstrial Arts Industrial . rts Club; X ' eterans Cluli Barry Colbiirn i Ienderson Hickor -, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Si ma Phi Epsilon Stanley Euc;ene Hendrick High Point, N. C. Engineering Malhetnatics ASIE |]l. |, m], 1 I AHM N 1 Ienson Ralcigh, N. C. Electrical Engineering 1 ta K.ij ' pa Xu; .MEE-IRE; Veterans . ssociatioti Thomas W ' ooniiow I Ierring La Grange, N. C. Civil Engineering Donald L. Hester Stanley, N. C. Electrical Engineering I ' iii k.ipiM Plu; IIU;; Honors ProKram [172] C uivriss Barron I Iewlett Wilmington, N. C. Civil Engitteering Student Toastmasler ' s Club; ASCE Mom At. lit 1 losKiNS Hicks, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Textile Chemistry Phi K.ipp;i Tiiu, Rushing Chairman. Alumni Sec, The Fraternity Way, Staff; A.VTC; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; All Campus Foutball 1, 2; Interfratemity Cftuncii l epresentalive, .Activities Comm; Greek Week Chairman; Orientation (.iiilip leader li.M.MV 1 Ialin 1 liLBERT Duiham, N. C. Nuclear Physics 1 MEs Russell Himmelwright Matawan, New Jersey Nuclear Engineering VRC; Veterans .Association; AIEE-IRE; American Nuclear Society; AIP Ihom AS I h.NsoN Bessemer City, N. C. Pulp and Paper Technology Fourdrinier Society; YMC.A 1, 2, 3 ( ' .HEAR SniRLOCK HiTE Charlotte, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Cliarliitte College. Phi Theta Kappa; ASME 4; X ' eterans Association W ' li LiAM Fletcher Hix Asheboro, N. C. Fiiriii(!(re Manufacturing and Management Sigma Pi; Furniture Club; IDC; Dorm Pres., Manager 4, Athletic Director 3 Arihiir Bruce Ho.adley Raleigh, N. C. Applied Mathematics Sigma Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Blue Key; Basketball I, 2, 3, 4; Engineering Senator 1; Symphonic Band 1 Loins Curtis Hodges Dobson, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME; Veterans Association OF 1961 Clyde Roark I Ioev, 11 Shelby, N. C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Sigma Chi; YDC; Technician, Photographer; Honor Code Board. Investigator I; Track Field I, 2, 3, 4. All-Campus Track 3; Intramurals 1. 2, 3, 4; Class, ' ice Pres. 1, President 2; School of Engineering, Senator I, 2; Rules Comm. 1; Orientation Comm. 2; Apollo Club Roy Edward Hoffman, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE ire Philip Cene Hogan Norman, N. C. Wood Technology Forestry Club 2, 3, 4; Forest Products Research Society 2. 3, 4, Treas. 4 Roy C. Holder Liberty, N. C. Agriculture Technical Engineering FannHouse; Gamma Sigma Delta Dennis Franklin Holl.and McBee, S. C. Igricii tiirnI Science— W ihllife Leopold Wildlife Club; Veterans Club James Alvin Holland Marion, N. C. Engineering Physics AIP 4 Deryi Burdon Holliday Raleigh, N. C. Mathematics Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Alpha Phi Omega; Cross Country I; Tennis 1; Math and Science Club 3. 4; AIEE IRE; Dance Comm. 1. 3 Charles Thomas Holloman Seaboard, N. C. Pulp and Paper Technology Fourdrinier Society Earl Thomas Holt Salisbury, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME [173] Jack Morgan Holt Goldsboro, iV. C. Textile Tech uology Kappa Tau Beta, Treas.; Delta Kappa Phi; Apollo Club; Intramurals 2, . , 4; Tompkins Textile Council, Pres. 4 Robert Nisbet Holt, Jr Pantego, N. C. Chemical Eiigineering Intramurals 1, 2, ?. 4; Aliilij Phi ( Fm ' t;;i; ' L ' sle Foundation, Coimcil 4; l ROI ' C; AICHE George Montague Holton, Jr. W ' illiamsKin N. C. Electrical ErijJineeriiig Delta Sisma Phi; YMCA; Intramurals 1, 2, 3 Alvin Dillard Hooper Tuckasegec, N. C. Mechanical Entiineering Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Intramurals 2; Dorm, Sec. .■?, Pres. 4, Manager 4; Engineers Council Representative 4 Gene Allen Hoots Winston S.ilcm, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappa Phi; Theta Tau, Scribe 4 1 Iehhert Ronald I Ioover Concord, N, C. Mechanical Engineering Arnold Air Society ?, 4. Sec. 4; ASME 1, 2, 3, 4 William Whitfield 1 Iopper, Jr Leaksxillc, N. C. Civil Engineering— Construction Option Thela Tau ?. 4; Pershing Rifles 1. 2; ASCE; YMt A; ROTC Oscar Bobby 1 Iorion Roxboro, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE James Herbert Hoskins Spencer, N. C. Ciri7 Engineering— Construction Option THE CLASS Thomas Reeves Hoskins : S|u-nLcr, N. C. Civil Engineering— Construction Option William B. I Ioskins, Jr Fayctte illc, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE Charles Ra I Ioiiser Asliex ille, N, C. Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon Teresa Lynn Houser Raleiijli, N, C. Recreation und Parks Administration Randih Mhrrlyn I Iouston Ahmtco, N. C, Electrical Engineering Jon Russell I Iovvei i Leno ir, N, C. Applied Mathenmlics I ' bi Kapp.i I ' lii; Phi I t;i Signi.i; T.iu Hcta I ' i; Intramurals 2, .1, 4; esle Itiundation 1, 2, ,1, 4, Sec. 4; Miithematics Club , 4; Engineers Council 4 William Edward Howell Rodiieo, N. C. Mechanical Engineeritig-Aero. Option Da.n I liLLi. UD I loYLE I leiuleisoii, N. C. Applied Mathematics Intramurals; Engineering Mathematics Club; MCA FrKiiARi) C.Ain HuiiiiARD Hildchvan, N. C. Mechanical Engineering .ASME 2, 4; ■! M( I [174] Blake Palmer Hudson Shelby, N. C. Melalhirgtcal Engineeriiifi American Society for Metnls, Vice C ' li;iii tniin James 1 Iowahd Hudson Clrccin illc, N. C. (. ' ivil Engineering— Cons(riic io» Option liitrnnuirals 2; ASCII IE 2: ASCI, 4 IxoiiERT Lee Hudson lio.inokc ' l ijiids, N. C. Civil Eiijjiiieeriiig ASCE Wayne Thomas Hudson . Ciuiltord C ' ollcgc, N. C. Electrical Engineerini!, IRE loHN Wesle y Huffman Charlotte, N. C. Mechanicnl Eiigiiiceriitg Charles Howard Hliffstetler MoliiH Holly, N. C. Textile Chemistry Phi Psi; Sigma Tau Sigma, Vice Pres.; AATCC, Vice Pres.; Tompkins Textile Council 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4; Orientation Group Leader 3; Mars Hill Jr. College 1; . pollo Club 3 losEPH Allen Hliggins Wilmington, N. C. Physics Phi Kappa Tau: Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Heta Pi; AIP, 1 teas.; AICIIE; Men ' s Cilee Cluh; Engineers Council Eugene Richard Hughes Raleigh, N. C. Industrial Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Rand 1, 2, 3, 4; AIIE Rudolph Hughes, Jr Coldsboro, N. C. Electrical Engineering Veterans Association 3, 4; Intranuirais 1; VMC ' . 1, 2, 3; AIEE OF 1961 Carlton Perry Hlint Florence, S. C. Mechanical Engineering Robert Hughes Hunt Newton, N. C. Mechanical Etigineering Phi Eta Sigma Harold Dean Hlinter Weavcrville, N. C. Mechanical E.ngineering ASME Max Melrose Hltntley RuthcrFordton, N. C. Textile Technology Delta Kappa Phi. Seigeant-at-. rms 4; Vextile fnrtim, sst. Circulation Manager 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2 Charles Richmond Ingold Winston-Salem, N. C. Textile Technology Intramurals 1 John Henry Isenholir, Jr Salisbury, N. C. P !) ' sics Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Pi Sigma; Clolf 1, 2, 3, 4; Math Superior Student Program; Honors Programs 2, 3, 4; Orientation Ciroup Leader Randall Max Ivey Wilmington, N. C. Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu Gerald Franklin Jackson Morehead City, N. C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Intramurals 1, 2; Veterans Association; liuiustrial . rts Club; Acromeck Staff Philip Stephen Jackson Pittsboro, N. C. Physics Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Pi Sigma; Phi Ft;i Sigma; Intramurals 1, 2 [175] Raymond Edson Jackson W ' atha, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE; X ' etctans Association Charles Dewey Jamerson, Jr Cooleemcc, N. C. Electrical Engineering SiKnia Phi Epsiion, Sec. 3, Pecs. 4; Phi Eta Sigtna; Eta Kapiia iVu; T.iil lii-ta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Intramurals I, 2, S, 4; AIEE Ai.i.EN Newberry James Mt. Plc.isant, N. C. Textile Chemistry Sigma Chi; AATCC Sjeve Clifton James iMaxodan, N. C. Textile Chemistry ] hi Psi 4; AATCC " .3, 4, Treas. 4; ' eterans Association 1 Alyn |ames |anis Wilmington. Delaware Design Kenneth F. Jeffries New Hill, N. C. Forestry Management Society of American Foresters; Forestry Club; YDC Carol I I. Johnson Raleigh, N. C. Recreation and Parks Administration Edward James Johnson Wallace, N. C. Mechanized Agriculture Mechani t ' d Auriculturc Club. Reporter 3 Cerald Lee Johnson Albemarle, N. C. I ' extile Management gi k tk i M THE CLASS (ames II. Johnson Dm ham, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Kappa Phi; Inlramurals; Interfratemity Council Margaret Louise Craig Johnson Fiiquav Springs, N. C. Chemistry Phi Kappa Phi; C ' heerleader 1. 2 Joseph Tiiarpe Johnston . , , , I itlleton, N. C. Forestry Management Intr;muirals 2, 3, 4; Forestr - Club; Societ ' of . mcrican Foresters Kenneiii Robert Jolls Raleigh, N. C. Chemical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Band 1, 3 David Franklin Jolly Norris, Tennessee Forestry Management Forestry Club Rii I Y I lonns Jones I lertford, N. C. Agricidtiirc Science Field Crops Billy ()v kn |ones Raleigh, N. C. Chemical Engineering Tau Kappa Epsiion. Treas. 4; YDC 3; AICIIE Claude Ervtn |ones Morganlon, N. C. Engineering Physics Summer School Comm. 2. Chairman 3; CIL Ileail Projectionist 4; Film C-.)mm. 2, 3, 4; AIP 3, 4 I lowARD Wa nf Jones Kann.ipolis, N. C. Industrial Engineering Sigma Chi; AIIE 3, 4 [176] Morris Len Jones Burgaw, N. C. Wood Technology Torcstry Club 2, 3, 4; Forest Products Research Society 2, 3, 4, ' ice Fres. 4; X ' clerans .Association 4 I iioMAS Lane Jones Brevard, N. C. Electrical Engineering Phi Eta SlKma; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Hcla Pi; I ' hi Kappa Phi; l!an;l; BSLI. l- ecutive Comm. DciiK.i ASS Ross Joyce l aleigh, N. C. Applied Mathemiilics Matliematici Club I. 2, 3, 4; YMC A I; YRC 4 II LiAM McKinley Kahlbaum, |r. Raleigh, N. C. Engineering Physics Band I, 2; ATP 4; ' eterans Association 4 Marvin Earl Keech Pantego, N. C. Mathematics Education AFROTC 3, 4; Dorm. Vice Pres. James William Keistler, Jr Great Falls, S. C. Chemical Engineering AICHE; Engineers Council William Whitehead Kelly Winston-Salem, N. C. Industrial Engineering Engineers Council, Sec. 4; .AIIE, Sec. Worth Alexander Kendall Wa desboro, N. C. Forestry Management Scabbard Blade; Forestry Club; ROTC Robert Henry Kennedy Wilkesboro, N. C. Eiirnittire Manufacturing and Management Beta Phi Gamma; AIIE 3; Furniture Mfg. is Mgn. Club 3, 4; ' eterans Association 4 OF 1961 John Harold King, Jr. Smithfield, N. C. Geological Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering Lee Ellis King Charlotte, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE Stanley Ross King Littleton, N. C. Agricidtural Engineering Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 4; Dorm Athletic Trophy 2; Ag Engineering Club 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, Vice Pies. 3, Pres. 4; Dorm, Floor Manager 3, 4; Ag Council 3; ' eterans Association 2, 3. 4; Tucker, Sec. 3 Truman Lewis King, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma. Vice Pres.; Tlieta Tau John Marshall Kirklev Charlotte, N. C. Civil Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha; Intramurals Richard Carey Kistler Charlotte, N. C. Industrial Engineering Delta Sigma Phi Lawton Ward Kitchin, Jr Maxton, N. C. Civil Engineering— Construction Option Basketball 1; Intramurals I, 2. 3. 4. . thletic Director 3; .ASCE 4 Nils Kjosnes Brooklyn, New York Electrical Engineering -AIEETRE. Treas.; ' eterans .Association; Tectiuiciau, Photographer I, 2; Engineers Council 4 William P.atrick Kolodny North Wilkesboro, N. C. Applied Mathematics Phi Epsilon Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Swimming Team 2 [177] Stephen Stanley Koszewski, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Metallurgical Engineering Tau Kappa EpsUon, Pres.; Intiamurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club I: Apullci Club 3; ASM 3, 4; Sec. 4; Pershing Rifles 1, 2; Distinguished .Militarj ' Student 4; IFC 3 Michael Richard Kowalczyk Clifton, New Jersey Nuclear Engineering Keiamos; Toastniasters Club; AIP Theodore John Kratt Charlotte, N. C. Ci%nl Engineering Sigma Chi; ASCE; ApoUo Club; Glee Club; VMCA Virgil George Kunde Red Wing, Minnesota Engineering Physics Tau Beta Pi; Engineers Council; AIP 3. 4, Vice Pres. 4 Walter Jackson Lackey, Jr Fallston, N. C. Ceramic Engineering and Metalhirgical Engineering Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi, Cataloguer 4; Keramos, Pres.; American Ceramic Society; American Society for Metals; Phi Eta Sigma; YMCA 1; Engineers Council 3; Companion of St. Patrick 1 JOHN Elbert Lafferty Banner Elk, N. C. Electrical Engineering Phi Theta Kappa; Lees-McRae Jr. College 1; Veterans Association 2, 3, 4; UEE-IRE 3, 4; Engineers CouncU 4: YDC 4 Donald Gerald Lambert Stant ' ield, N. C. lechanical Engineering Intramurals Roger DeWiit Lambert Andrews, S. C. Pulp and Paper Technology Pbi Kappa Phi; . i Sigma Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Fourdrinier Society Thomas William Lane Butner, N. C. Recreation and Parks Administration APO; Cross Country 2; Campus Chest 3, 4; Glee Club I THE CLASS Edw.ard Heri%l n Langston Raeford, N. C. Forestry Management Alpha Zeta; Xi Sigma Pi. Sec. Fiscal Agent 4; Mu Beta Psi; Band 1. 2, 3, 4; Wesley Foundation, Program Chairman 3; Forestry Club I, 2; ROTC; Apollo Club 4 Eluood Glenn Lanier Chin(|iia|iin, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE Harvey Glenn Lanier Maple Hill, N. C. Electrical Engineering Engineers 1. 2. 3. 4, ' ice Pres. 3; .MEE-IRE, Treas. 2, Sec 3, Vice Pres. 4 William Stone Lassiter Spriiii; I lojie, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Lambda Chi .Alpha; Intramurals I. 2. 3. 4, . d isor - Comm. 2. 3. 4; Lambda Chi Alpha 2, 3 4. Athletic Director; VMCA 1, 2, 3; Drum Bugle Corps 1, 2, 3, 4; Interfralernity Council 2, 3 ( 1 ivKR I AiR.HON, Jr JefTerson, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Sidney Edward Law Pilliaiii, N. C. Sr cii liiro Engineering .AS.AE, Pres.; Engineers Council; I ' hi Eta Sigma; Thirty Three; Blue Key; Alpha Zeta; YMCA, Cabinet, L. eculivc Council; Apollo Club Benjamin Glen Lee 1 lollister, N. C. i;r Vii (iira Technology I Club; Cnlkgialc 4 11 Club; MciK Judging Team; Livestock Judging Team jiMMV FjAinl Lee liinihc ' rton, N. C. I lorticulture MiLTON W.vYNE Lee Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE IRF. [178] jr ' l oBERT Davis Lee Norwood, N. C. Agricultural Business-Economics FarmHoitse; Afi. Econ. Club Ulnnis Frank Leffler Charlotte, N. C. .Mechanical Engineering PIi- Kappa Tau; Intranuirals IliA Paul Leggett, Jr Washington, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Theta C ' hi, Historian, Marshal; Thirty Three; Blue Key, Treas. 4; Pub- lications Board i: Track 1; Intramurals 2, i, 4; Class Pres. i; Ring Comm. 3; Dance Comm. 3; Band 1, 2; Alpha Phi OmcKa 1, 2, Historian 2; Toast- masters Club 2; YMCA, Cabinet 2, 3, Comm. Chairman 3; .Apollo Club 2. 3, 4; Marshal 3; CUSC 3- AIP 4 Benjamin Elias Lemons Winston Salem, N, C. Chemical Engineering Theta Tau; AICHE Hernard Broughton Lennon Evergreen, N. C. Animal Husbandry Animal Industr - Club; Block Bridle Club James Cleveland Leonard, III Winston-Salem, N, C, Applied Mathenmtics Theta Tau, Corresponding Sec. 3, " ice Regent 4; ASME 3 George Edward Levings, III Hillsboro, N. C. Applied Mathematics Delta Psi; ' eterans -Association; Mathematics Club Kenneth McMillan Lewis Fayetteville, N. C. Agriculture Techuolog} — Poultry . lpha Zeta; Poultry Science Club, Sec.-Treas, 3, Pres. 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; ■ Vgricuhure Council Representative 3, Sec. 4 Marcus Faison Lewis Roseboro, N. C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Intramurals 1. 2, 3, 4; Industrial Arts Club OF 1961 Richard Terrv Liles Zebulon, N. C. Agricultural Education Agriculture Club; Ag, Ed. Club Robert Uwavne Linder Salisbury, N. C, Industrial Engineering Sigma Chi, Executive Conira., Social Chairman; Teciinicin}!, Sports Editor. .Associate Editor; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; AIIE, Executive Council, Publicity Chairman; Toastmasters Club; Apollo Club Donald Sherald Lindsaa ' Mount 01i e, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE 4; Bragaw Dorm, Floor Manager 3, 4 Ronald Gerald Linds.ay Mount 01i e, N. C, Mechanical Engineering ASME; Intramurals I; Dorm Official Earl L.awrence Lineberger, jr. Bessemer City, N, C. Civil Engineering— Construction Option ASCE James ' oRTH Lineberger, Jr New Bern, N. C. Mathematics Education Pi Kappa Phi; CLT House Comm. 3. 4 Charles Harvey Little Kenly, N. C. Agriculture Science and Agriculture Economics -Alpha Gamma Rho. -Alumni Sec. 4; Phi Kappa Phi; Gamma Sigma Delta; .Alpha Zeta, Chronicler 4; -Ag. Economics Club, Pres. 4; Freshman Group Leader; -Apollo Club; Y-MC- ; Wesley Foundation; YDC Charles Singleton Little, Jr. Oakboro, N. C. Recreation and Parks Administration Herbert Randolph Little St. Petersburg, Florida Mechanical Engineering— Aero. Option Delta Sigma Phi; Cross Country 1; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Engineering Senator 4; Glee Club. Business Manager I, Publicity Manager 2, Pres, 4 [179] Jerry Labon Little Monroe, N. C. Textile Technology Winpate College, Sigma Alpha Omicrun Donald Cameron Livingston lirvson City, N. C. Textile Technuloiiy Intramurals ?, 4 Archie Kay Lloyd T nuitmnn, N. C. Hortictilttire I lorticullurc Club Proctor Locklear, |h. Sh.inmin, N. C. Aiilicltttltiill lidlfCiltifill James Nance LocKwooD Kiiowillc, lennessec Forestry MmuiiicniL ' iil Charles Eugene Long Concord, N. C. Arcliileclure William Barry Long Castonia, N. C. Heating and Air Coiidilioniiii ASllRAE. Pres. [iMMY Oscar Love Concord, N. C. Mechanical Eiii ineerifiii S 1L Edward Rankin Lov ry, |r. Crcensboro, N. C. liulu-.lrial Arts— Technical Oplian I ' ershinK Rifles; Track 1 —--- - nr - THE CLASS ASHLEIGH ALXRTIN LucAs Ralci li, N. C. Electrical Engineering ISaseball 1; ' ettrans Club 1. 2, 3, 4; AIEE IRE 3. 4 RoBERi I)oik;las Lumsden Falls ChurLJi, X ' irginia Agriculture Science— Botany and Horticidture R.niilnlpb Macon CollcRC 1. 2; Horticulture Club Ted Williams Luther Candler, N. C. Animal Husbandry Mcca L Milk Mti iizinc, Business ALinager 4; Animal Industry C ' lub; Block S liricUe Cluli TiioM s I li-NRY Lyon . . Durliani, N. C. Engineering Malhcina!ics liilr.nniii.ils I, 2. i, 4; Rowling Team 1, 2: Raiiil 1, 2, - ■: Cll Music Ci mm. 1 Carroll T ean Lytle Oltl i on, , C. Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa . u; All 1 1111 Porier [,ee Mc Ateer Castonia, N, C, Industrial Engineering Lamlxla tbi Alpli.i; AMI ; Inlr.iinur.ils 1 , 2, . 4 Chaiu Ls DuANE McCamey 1 iiulhu, Ohio Electrical Engineering Til I M A nESAV YER McCarson, Jr,, Hciidcrsonx illc. N, C. .A lechanical l-.nginecring AS II . Innanuii.iU . 4; Mars Hill Jr. College, Science Honor Club, Pres, Cov Edwin McClintock Pleasant Canlcn, iN, C. Mathematics Education M.ilb and Scii ' ncc Club [180] OF 1961 Arthur [ohnson McEwen, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE: ' e:erans Associalion John Alan McGahey 1 liL;h Point, N. C. Chemical Engineerifig Sicma Phi Epsiliin Carl Louis McGee Lenoir, N. C. Science Edjicatinn FarmHouse; Imramurak 5, 4; Mathematics and Science Club 1. 2, 3, 4; FarmHouse, Sec. 4 Nathan Henrv McLamb Clinton, N. C. Meclianical EngineerinjJ Lambda Chi Alpha; Intramurals 1, 2, 4; ASME Carl Morris McLaurin, Ir. Rockingham, N. C. Agricultural Education Naticmal Ciuard Charles David McMahon Swannanoa, N. C. Textile!, FarmHouse; Delta Kappa Phi; Sigma Tau Sigma; Kappa Tau Be:a; Scabbard Blade; Intramurals 1. 2. 3, 4; BSU 1. 2, i. 4 Jerry Allen McMahon Morganton, N. C. Chemical Engineering Donald Charles McNeill Red Springs, N. C. Industrial Arts—Techniad Option Intramurals 2; Industrial Arts Club 3, 4; American Indus. .Arts Assoc; NCIAA; AFROTC; YDC; YMCA James Ralph McNeill Lansing, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE I, 2, 3, 4 Ceorge Raleigh McColl Ihomasx illc, N. C. Dairy Husbandry Ak EngineerinK 1, 2; Dairy Husbandry 3, 4; .ASAE 1, 2; Al Club 3. 4; Westminster Fellowship Charles Gray McCollum Reidsvillc, N. C. Mechanical Engineering l). uuiN II. McCoMBS Kannapolis, N. C. Mechanical E,ngiueering X ' eterans -Association; .ASME |]oB McCracken CIvdc, N. C. Forestry Management Western Carolina College !; rorestr ' C ' lub; Scjciety of American Foresters; ItitramuraJs 1, 2, 3, 4; All Campus Softball 1, 3; Big Four Sports Day 3 Phil Thomas McCuiston, Jr Kernersville, N. C. Mechanical Engineering— Aero. Option Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma; I. S William Raphael McDaniel Raleigh, N. C. Forestry Management Honor Roll; Forestry Club I Iik;h Dallas McDonald Bunnle el, N. C. Civil Engineering Theta Tau; Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; ASCE, On Die Lcie!, Co Editor; Engineering Honors Program (oHN Rex McDonald Cameron, N. C. Agriculture Mu Beta Psi; Y.MC.A. Cabinet 2. 3; Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4; Horticulture Club 3. 4 Charles Harvey McElroy Ashe ille, N. C. Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon; On The Leveh Co-Editor; Intramurals I. 2, 3. 4; YMC.A: ASCE; Apollo Club [181] Thomas David McNeill Chapel Hill, N C. Electrical Engineering AILF, IRE; Veterans Association John Patterson McPherson Raleigh, N. C. Forestry Management Eorcstry Club; YDC; Wterans Club David Scott McRae . Ellerbc, N. C. Mechauical Eiigiiiceriiig Phi Kappa Tau; AFROTC Rifle Team 1,2, 3. 4; Varsity Rifle Team 1, 3, 4; Men ' s Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; IAS 1, 3; ASME 4 Harold Raymond Mabe Morganton, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Western Carolina ColleEe 1,2; Radio Club 1; Science Club 2 Joseph John Macca Faiiport, N. Y. Industrial Arts Kappa Phi Kappa; luotball 1; Veterans Association I, 2, 3; Industrial Arts Club 1; YDC 1 Samuel Viers Mace Street, MaiNland Forestry Management Ciiii ' lnm, Lilitiir; CU Outing Comm.; Forestry Club Edward Lee Madre I lei ttoid, N. C. Industrial Arts Alpha Gamma Rho; Industrial Arts Club Frank Simpson Madren Elon College, N. C. Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Blue Key; Tau Beta Pi, Sec. 4; Eta Kappa iS ' u; Golden Chain; Band I, 2; Bragaw Dorm, Manager 3. Vice Pres. 3, Floor Manager 2; AIEE 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, 4; IDC 3; S. S. Traffic Comm. 3; Group Leader 2; Engineers Council I, 2. Treas. 3, Pres. 4 Arthur Randolph Mahaney, Jr Kenbridge, Virginia Forest Management— Wood Technology Kappa Alpha; Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4; Forestry Club 4 THE CLASS William Don Malpass Norfolk, Virginia Civil Engineering Con!,truction Option Mu Beta Psi; YMCA, Cabinet; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Gerald Daniel Mancini McKees Rocks, Pcnnsyhania Recreation and Parks y dminislration Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Charles Fredrick Mann Canton, N. C. Animal Husbandry ' s List 3; AI Club 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4; Meats Team 3; Livestock Team 4; Western Carolina College 1 , 2 FIarold Reid Mann Mchanc, N. C. Textile Chemistry Phi Psi 3, 4; A.VrCC: 3. 4; Velcr;uis Association 3. 4 Truxton King M vnn, Jr. New Bern, N. C. Mechanical Engineering LAS 3; ASME 4; Wesley Foundation I, 2, 3, 4 Charles Edward AL nsfield C.recnshoru, N. C. Electrical Engineering W ' lerans Association; IRE loiiN Gus Markos Burlington, N. C. Electrical Engineering A IKE SniART A. Marks RichmoiKJ, N ' irginia Agriculture Scicncc ildlife Tau Alpha Sigma 3, Marshal 4; Leopold Wildlife Club 2, 3. Pres. 4; Agriculture Council 3. Piirli;iineiit;irian 4; I-reshman Orientation Group Leader; YMCA, Cabinet; . pollo Cluh; Westminster Fellowship 2, 3 W ' liitAM Oi EN Marks Raleigh, N. C. Applied Miillienuitics Scabbard Blade; Mathematics Cluh; ROTC Drum RukIc Corps [182] liov I loYT Martin, Jr Hendcrsonvillc, N. C. Industrial Engineerhtg 1 liL ' ta Tiiu 2. . , 4; AIIE 3, 4; l-reshm;m Orientation (Jruiip Leader 3; liiRJneers I- ' air 2. 3, 4; Band 1, 2, , 4 Franklin CIleech Mason Wilson, N. C. hidustrial Arts— Technical Option Industrial Arts Club W ' lLiiAM Menry Mason, Jr. Kensington, Marxland Ceramic Engineering Kcranios; American Ceramic Society, Pres. 4; Keramos, Treas. 4 CiARv Alan Massel Greensboro, N. C. Physics Si tna Alplia iMu, Alumni Recorder 2, Mistorian 2; Phi Kappa Plii; Si ma I ' i Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 Kansom Jackson Messengill, Jr Durliam, N. C. Mechaiiiccil Engineering ASME; Veterans Club Ben 1-inch Massey Raleigh, N. C. Agricidture Business— Potdtry Science Pimltrj- Club; Pre ' et. Club |errv Pearson Massey Statesville, N. C. Furniture Mamtfactiiring and Management ' ctcrans Club 2, 3, 4; Furniture Oub 3, 4, Sec. 4; ' er -ille Council 4 Murray Franklyn Massey Greensboro, N. C. Industrial Arts Education Sigma Alpha Epsilan Douglas Harold Matthews Wilson, N. C. Recreation and Parks Administration Wrestling 1. 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Reporter 3, ' ice Pres. 4 OF 1961 Samuel Calvin Matthews Raleigh, N. C. Applied Mathematics Phi Eta Sigma; Blue Kev; Golden Chain, Arch-Regent; Scabbard Blade; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Intramurals 1. 2. 3, 4; YMCA 1. 2, 3, 4, X ' ice Pres. 3; Mathematics Club; ROTC. Brigade Executive Officer 4; Judicial Board 3. 4; Code Board, Recorder; Student GoAt. Commission on Orientation 1, 2, 3, 4 James William Maliney Lincolnton, N. C. Applied Mathematics Intrimurals I, 2, 3; YMC.- ; Mathematics Club Ronald Matthew Mauney Shelby, N. C. Civil Engineering -VSCE; Theta Tau; CLI House Comm. 1 Charles Houston Meade Durham, N. C. Industrial Arts Education .Arnold . ir Society; .MP; . FROTC; . AS, . ' rea Commander Bobby Lawrence Meadows Durham, N. C. Industrial Engineering Kappa Alpha, Sec. 3, Vice Pres. 4; IPC 1, 2, 3, Sec. 3; AFROTC, Wing Commander 4, DMS 4 Laster Byron Me.-vds Elizabeth City, N. C. Meclinnical Engineering Ronald Russell Medders Mount 1 lolK ' , N. C. Textile Chemistry Phi Psi, ' ice Pres.; -A.ATCC. Pres.; Sigma Tau Sigma, Sec; Tompkins Textile Council Orlando Alberto Mendez Bogota, Colombia, South Ainerica Nuclear Engineering Thomas William Merrill Penrose, N. C, Industrial Arts Epsilon Pi Tau; Intramurals; .ALVA; NCIAA; Industrial Arts Club; Brevard College; BSU [183] Kenneth Earl IMerritt Clinton, N. C. Mathematics Education Mathirmalics and Science Education Club; Orientation Gniup Leader Max Burrage Merritt . Richfield, N. C. Textile Technology Intramurals L 2, 3 William Meitrey, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Enghieeriiia Mathematics and Industrial Engineering ASCE 1. 2; AllE 4; Intramurals 1, 2. 3, 4; CU Games Comm. 3, OulinK Comm. 1; Enfiineer ' s Fair 1, 2; Dean ' s List William Baxter Michael Rostic, N. C. Nuclear Physics Phi Kappa Tau: Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Si nui Pi SiKmai Phi Eta Sigma; Track I, 2, 3, 4; AIP I; ANS 4 Thoimas I)a ii) Michaels Raleigh, N. C. Industrial Engineering Delta Siema Phi; Swimmins 1, 2; Monogram Club, X ' ice Pres. 3. Treas. 4 William R. Middleton, Jr Garner, N. C. Indiistrial Arts Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Industrial Club, Sec. 4 DeWitt Miller Beauhnille, N. C. Agriculture Business— Agriculture Economics Agriculture Economics Club Henry Eugene Miller, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Civil Engineering— Construction Option Sigma Alpha EpsUon; -ASCE I Ienry Van Miller Ptaleigh. N. C. Nuclear Engineering Phi Epsilon Pi THE CLASS JAMES Graham Miller Raleigh, N. C. Applied Science and Physics Rorc Thomas W ayne Miller Tabor City, X. C. Agriculture Economics Kappa Alpha; Intramurals I. 2, 3, 4, .Athletic Director 3; Glee Club I. 2; Dorm, ' icc Pres. 2; . g. Econ. Club 3, 4 ' illiam David Miller Greensboro, N. C. Chemical Engineering Sigiua Pi; AICIIE; YDC; ROTC Wade Thomas Mills Farm ille, N. C. Zoology Pi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Class Sec. 4; National Science Foundation P;trticipaIion Project; Distinguished Military Student U ' illiam Monroe Minish Raleigh, N. C. Chemical Engineering K lit:; Intr;:murals 2; CU Hobby Comm. 3. 4 Morris Daniel Mintz Wilmington, N. C. Electrical Engineering AILL IRE 2. 4; Wlerans Club 4 George Fr.vncis Mock Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engineering-Construction Opdoii . SCE A ' iLLis Mock. |n. Greensboro, N. C. Nuclear Engineering All " ; lnlr;.nuirals I; l!;i?cball I. 2; Mt I wiEs Shelton MoFFiTT High Point, N. C. Funiilure Manufacturing and Management Pi Kappa . lph;i; llliniturc t luh: Student Go t. 2; IFC 2, 3, Treas. 3 [184] AUHXANDER l ioSS MoORE Forcil Maiiiiiicniciil AuiaisTiis B. Moore, Jr Landscape Architecture Plii K;ipp;i Ti ' ii Raleigh, N. C. Matthews, N. C. Jack Douglas Moore, Jr. Wa ncs illc, N. C. Aiiricuhtire Business— Dnin Manufacturing I-;irmlIi U!.i-; Meat Milk MaEazinc, Ci Editor 3, E-lilor 4; Block Bridle Club; Agricultural Club; Animal Industry Club; CLI Games Comm.; Dairy Products Jud jinE Team Lawrence Carlton Moore, |r. Atlanta, Cieorgia Applied Mathctnatic Phi Kappa Tau; Phi Eta SiEma; Tan Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi Robert Burton Moore Greensboro, N. C. Dairy Husbandry PersiiiiiE Rifles; Metff C- Milk Mtt uziiic, Co-Circulation ManaEcr; AEriculture Clilli; Animal Intiustry Club; Ae. Day, Sec.-Treas. Thomas Mitchell Moore Kannajiolis, N. C. Nuclear Engineeriiifi AIP; Intramurals 2; YMCA Apex, N. C. Burlington, N. C. Wayne Bryant Morris Civil Engineering ASCE; Intramurals 1. 2, 4 William Ogburn Morrison, )r. Textiles Sisma Chi; Class Sec. i; Intramurals; Judicial Board, C hairnian Summer School; Military Ball Assoc, Treas. )ames Robert Moss High Point, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Theta Chi, Sec. 4; AIP; ANS; Toastmasters Club OF 1961 Roger Lee Mozingo Snow Hill, N. C. Agriciili ire Education Pi Kappa Phi; Thirty Three; .Alpha Zeta: Blue Key; Golden Chain; .Apollo Club; Intramurals; Big Four Day 1, 2. 3, 4; Class Pres. 4; Student Govt. Senator 3; YDC. Treas. 3; Agriculture Educ. Club, Sec. 2, Pres. 3 Wilbur Earl Mozingo, Jr. Kinston, N. C. Recreation and Parks Administration Sigma Chi; Teclinicitni. Circulation Staff 3, 4; Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4; Tennis I, 2 William Herman Mull Ashc ille, N. C. Civil Engineering Harry Eligene Mullis Reidsville, N. C. Nuclear Engineering AIP; Apollo Club; ALISA Sliphi Munevyirci Istanbul, Turkey Chemical Engineeriiig and Textile Chemistry Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Ttu Sigma; .AICHE; YMCA; Cosmopolitan Club; Inter national Club; .Assyrian American Star, Reporter Donald Louis Myers DuBois, Pennsyhania Nuclear Engineering Edwin Clarence Myers, Jr. Ale.xandria, Virginia Electrical Engineering .MEETRE; ' eterans Association James Barr Myhre Wilson, N. C. Chemical Engineering John Lee Nash Salisbury, N. C. Textile Technology Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Psi, Pres. 4; Tompkins Textile Council, Treas. 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; .AJl-Campus Tennis 2, 3; LI. S. Rubber Co. Scholar- ship; Amer. Viscose Scholarship U k [185] Iames Lewis Neal Providence, N. C. Civil Engineering Pi Kappa Phi; ASCE Robert Lvnn Nethercutt Snow 1 lill, N. C. Agrictdlitral Education lrli.i C..inim.i Rlio; Kappa Phi Kappa; Intramurals 1, 2. 3. 4; Ag Ed Cluh; VDt; DuRWoou 1 Ierbhrt Neuse New Biaunk-ls, Icxiis Agrictdliire IRE; R;:leiKli LnKiiK-i-rs Club CloRDON Neville Chapel I lill, N. C. Agricultural Business— Dairy Manufacturing Alpha Zcta; Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4; BasU-lball 1; AI Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Historian 3, 4; AKClub 1, 2, 3 Augustus Neville, 111 Spring Hope, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha; Intramurals 3, 4 JAMES Livingston Newman Leaksville, N. C. hidustrial Engineering Society (jf Industrial Engineers: Intramurals; CU. Dance Comiri. C bairman Elbert Clay Newton Kensington, NLirylainl Industrial Arts— Technical Option Lambda Chi Alpha: Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Veterans Association 2, 3, 4; Industrial Arts Ciub 3, 4; Apollo Club 4 Thomas L. Nichols Spruce Pine, N. C. Nuclear Engineering A IP |oHN Iranklin Nixon Cramerton, N. C. Textile Technology Kappa Alpha; Delta Kappa Phi; Kappa Tau Beta; ft ' XtilL ' Fornin, Business Manager 3, 4, Managing Editor 2; Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4; Tompkins Textile Council 3, 4: Orientation Ciroup Leader 2, 3 MtMdfM THE CLASS Chappell Nesbitt Noble Fairview, N. C. Civil Enginsering— Construction Option Theta Chi; Intramurals ], 2, 3, 4; ASCE; YDC; Theta Chi. National Con- ention. Social C ' omm. I Ienrv Carson Norman Rohersonxille, N. C. Geological Engineering Sigm:! Pi; AIMU; Band I, 2; Rockhound Society. Pies. 4 Jerry Lee Norton W ' ilmingtun, N. C. Electrical Engineering aieeire Luward Samuel Oberiiofer Winston Salem. N. C. Physics Phi k;ipp:i Phi: Sigma Pi Sigma; fan Beta Pi; IP Edwin Lee O ' Briant W ' hitakers, N. C. Agricullural Technology Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4; YDC 1. 2, 3. 4; Ag. Club 3, 4; W Club 4; Livestock Judging Team William Lee O ' Brien, |r. C.reenslioro, N. C. Architecture Sigma C hi; Blue Kev; Sdliml u Design Student Public. itioii; Student Legis- l.iloie I |a,mes .Abboii Ouom, |r Raleigh, N. C. I ' if)( iic( Design Lric Spencer Oertel New Wnk. New York Mechanical Engineering W ' liiiwi IIawlev O ' Hanlon , l ' a ette ' ille, N. C. Civil Engineering Kai-i a iMu Alpha; .ASCE: Intra murals [186] FiONAij) I AM Olive LumlxTUin, N. C. Engineeriti Malhciiiatics Pi K;ipp;i Alplui; I ' lii U Si !m;i; Bluf Ki ' v; Stilili ' iU C;nvl.. ()rionl;:liiiii; ll-C losHPii Martin O ' Neill Slioals, S. C. Nuclear Enfiiiieering I ' hi Kiipp i Thcta; AIP; Ne vm;in C:luh, Prcs. 4 C ' .eoik;e Donald O ' Oiiinn Mcimors, N. C. AiJiicuUiirc hdiiLiilioii Alpha C;amiil.i Hlio; K.ippa Plii k.ippa; Alplla ila; VIK!; Ay ( lill)-, u Ed. Clul Ted RiciiAHi) Ormsby Lainiiiluii , N. C. Electrical E iifiinceriiiii Sigma Alpha Epsilun; Phi Ela Sitjma; InlraimnaK I, 1. i, 4; OricntaUiiii Gidiip Leader 4 Wiley [ackson Osborne Laiin ' l Springs, N. C Civil Engineering Inliamurals 1. 2, 3, 4; ASCE; ROTC |oiiN Crayton Overton, Jr. Rocky Mount, N. C. Civil Engineering Iheta Tau; Seabbard Blade; Intramurals 2. . 4; A],,. II,. C liib; lli,ii..f C „ik Board; ASCE Ted Alfred Owens Hanima n, 1 cnnessee Pulp and Paper Technology Helta Sigma Phi. Pres.. Treas.; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Xi Simii ' Pi; i Iu Beta Psi; Fourdrinier Socier ; CU Board of Directors; Friends ot the College Board of Directors; Symphonic Band; Marching Band Drum Major; Apollo Club; Orientation Group Leader John Allen Oxford Hudson, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME 3. 4; BSU 1, 2, 3, 4 William Winship Page Henderson, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Sigma Pi, Sec, Social Chairman; Aloha Beta Gamma; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Govt. Representative 1; Engineers Ball Comm. 3; ASME 3, 4; BSU 1; Drum Bugle Corps 1, 2; Advanced Military Student 3, 4 OF 1961 James Edwin Parham Hildebran, N. C. Electrical Engineering aieeire William Garland Parham, Jr. Oxford, N. C. Agricultural Education Ag Economics Club; . g Ed. Club Ben Thatch Parker, Jr. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE Bill Clyde Parker C ' andlcr, N. C, Civil Engineering— Construction Option ASCE; Veterans Club David Lee Parker Winston-Salem, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME 3, 4, Publicity Comm. 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Mars Hill College 1; ydc John Hilton P.yrker I lollister, N. C. Animal Hushandry Livestock Judging Team 4; AI Career Day 2, 3. 4; Meat Judging Team 3; Collegiate 4-H Club 1, 2; Block Bridle Club 3. 4; Al Club 3. 4; Ag Club I, 2 Willis Melvin Parker Four Oaks, N. C. Nuclear Engineering AIP; Engineers Fair George Wilson Parks, Jr RaeFord, N. C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Industrial .- rts Club 3, 4 Richard Donald Parks Archdale, N. C. Textile Technology Kappa Tau Beta [187] James Raeford Farrish Spring 1 lopc, N. C. Nuclear E ngineering L; iiibdj C ' lii Alpha; Student Govt. Orienta ' .ion C ' (ininiissii»-i Robert Preston Patterson Hickoix , N. C. Agricultural Technology As Club Aiinu;il Publication. Editor ri. 4; Westminster Fellowship I. 2, 3; Ar Club I, 2, 3. 4; VMCA I. 2; Apollo Club 2 Donald Ross Paul Ratli, N. C. Chemical Engimeririg Phi Eta SiKma; Tau Heta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; ARIII; IuiIiukI. i. I) ,nn. Pres., Manager Nicholas Larlis Paul Pantcgo, N. C. Agricultural Education .Alpha Ci:ninia Rho; Student Govt. Senator 4; Orientation CJroup Leatlei 3. 4; Ag E:1. Club; Ag. Club; YMCA 2, 3, 4 Pjii 1 N FnANKLiN Pavne WlllllUt, N. C. Mathematics Education Malheni;ilics and Science Chib: Vterans Club; Judiciiil I5 j;ittl I)a ' ii) Iackson Payne Cirecn ' illc, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma; Engineers Council; , Si lE; X ' eteraiis , s ociation William IIarrv Peele, Jr. PKmoutli, N. C. Pulp and Paper Technology I ' ourdrinier Sociciv; XA ' illiam Br dges Memorial Scbolarshin: lntri ' mur;ls 2, 1, 4; East Caroliiia College I; . FROTC; Dean ' s List 2. 3; VMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; PLXLA 3, 4; BSU I. 4; VDC 4; LISNR 1, 2, 3, 4: Drum liuglc Corps 1; Freshman Counselor 4 William Raymond Peele, Jr. Cliiyton, N. C. Agricultural Editcation Adger Ray Perry Charlotte, N. C Textiles Phi Psi; Baseball 3. 4 THE CLASS Glenn Grey Perh , Jr. llit;! ' Point, N. C. Aiatheittatics Education Arnold Air Socictv: Militar ' Ball -Assoc, Sec; Intramurals 1, 2. 3, 4; Coif Team I; Tliealer Comm. 1. 2. 3 Lee 1 Iomer Person, |r Ralciyh, i . C. Mechanical Engineering .ASME; N ' elerans C lub Billy Shelton Peterson Dclco, N. C. Mechanical Engineering I Iowell LivEoiis Peterson Gaiiand, N. C. Mechanical Engineering PiouLr,! I I ARRIS Petty MimciiiL-, N. C. Mechanical Engineerijig iiniiiit GiiAiiAM PiiiFER Raleigh, N. C. hiilustrial Arts Education I ' lRlMHI) W , H Puil.BECK IlickoVX ' , N. C. Applied Mathematics I .lu Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigmii; iccliniciini Columnist; Consolidated Llni ' ersity Student C ' ouncil 4; N; tion;d Student Congress Delegate 4; N ' eterans .Xsso ciation 1.2, 3, 4, Pres. 3; Superior Student Program; Summer School Traffic Comm. 3 Nr.ciiE Curtis Piiii i ips Gary, N. G. hnhisirial Am rls C III!., Ireas. Earl |enninc,s Piiii.lips St. Pauls, N. G. Fexlile ' Technology Delia Kapp.i Phi; ROTC [188] OF 1961 Tommy Rav Plemmons Vsheville, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE Paul Wilson Poley Charlotte, N. C. Industrial Arts—Tecluiiccil Option Sigjiia Chi, House Mnnaeer; Slewilrd; IntUlstiiiil Club; Imraimiials; AFROTC Lawrence Morgan Ponder Marshall, N. C. Dairy Hiidnindry FarmHmisc William Knight Poole Charlotte, N. C. Textiles Sigma Lambda Chi; Delta Kappa Phi; Kappa I.iii Beta; 7V.vli e Foriiipi, Managing Editor; DEK, P, Elitiir; Textile Sehi«il Open Hiiuse; High Sehciol Day Samuel Lewis Porter, 1r Sparta, N. C. Mechanical Engineering— Aero. Option IAS, Sec. 4; Intramurals; ROTC Benjamin Graham Potter Now Bern, N. C. Agriculture Education Sigma Phi Epsiluii Norwood Potter Clinton, N. C. ,4i!;ii;n Husbandry Animal Industrj ' Club, Sec. 4. .Meml)er I, 2. ?, 4: Veterans Club 1, 2, 4; Agriculture Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Melvin Bryan Poulson Engelhard, N. C. Civil Engineering YDC; ASCE JAMES Wheeler Powell Croenshoro, N. C. Textile Technology Sigma Chi. Tribune . 4 James Anrniiit I ' iullips Spruce Pine, N. C. Animal 1 iK lnnnlry I ' iMi II ' i ioi I eman Phillips 1 lerti ' orcl, N. C. Electrical Engineering VA ' ayne West Phillips Snow 1 lill, N. C. Agrictdtural Economics liasebali i. 4; Ag. Ectm. Club. Sec. 4; Ag. C lub loE Piiii ' ps Criim|)ler, N. C. Electrical Engineering IRE; X ' eterans .Associsiticjn CiERAi I) .Addison Pierce Hi h Point, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Plii Eta Signiii I liKJi Brotherton Pierce, Ir. Plymouth, N. C. Wood rechn ?logy Purest Prnducls Rese;iich Stieiets; Veterans . ssnciiition; M(»n()gr;im C ' luh; Football I, 2. 3 James .Ashley Pierson Laurinhiirj , N. C. Textiles— Management Option Delta Sigma Phi; Phi Psi; Kappa Tau Beta; Tt)mpkins Textile Council; Intramurals 1, 2. .3. 4; Student Gu t. Senator I, 2, .3; Campus W elfare C ' omm.; Representati e to National Students . ssoc. Congress C. Collins Pippin Smithlield, N. C. Product Design Sigma Phi Epsilon Carlos Gustavo Platschek Montevideo, Llruguay Textiles Soccer Team 4; International C ' omm. [189] Aldert I uTHiiR Price Moravia, New York Wood Technology Tail Kappa Kpsilitn. Intramurals 3, 4; Forest Products Research Society; Forestry Club; YRC Franklin Roosevelt Price Tarhoro, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE; EngineeripR Coiituil W ' li RiiR losEPii Privott, Jr Tyncr, N. C. Chemical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; AK 111: I. 2, i. 4; Glee C lllh I, 2, 3, 4; Dorm Sec. 3 Paul Dewey Proctor, Jr Rocky Mount, N. C. Science Edjication Science Education Cluh; ' MC ' A Edmund Clarence Puckhaber Cliarlcsttm, S. C. Pulp and Paper Technology Sigma Nu; Fourdrinier SocieI ' ; Tc ' chniciaii, Fraternity Editor; IPC loiiN David Piiett Moryanton, N. C. Physics {Nile. Sci.) Sigma Alpha Fpsilon; Agromeck 4; Pershing Rifles I; f.impus Code llo;irtl 4; Freshman Soplnmiore Dance Comm. 2 Claud Ervin Puc.h Asheboro, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME 3, 4; Intcrdonnitorv- Council 3; Turlington ' ice Pres.. Floor Manager 3; YMCA Cabinet 2, 3 George Donald Phlliam Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engineering Intramurals 3; Freshman Orientation C .roup Leader 4 Jerry Clark Piii.lium Andrews, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE - ' THE CLASS Larry Council Queen Dillsboro, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE; Dean ' s List; Dorm Floor Manager Dlidlev Carroll Rabb Lenoir, N. C. Geological Engineering Sigma Nu; Rockhound Society; Engineers Council 3, 4; Intramurals 3. 4; Rockhounils, ice Pres.; Mars Hill College 1. 1 Francis Daltc:)n Rackley Naslnille, N. C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Alpha Phi Omega 2, 3, 4. Pres. 3; Industrial Arts Cluh 3, 4; t LI llohln Club I rederick Clarence Ivvdford Kenly, N. C. Applied Mathematics Freshman Week Croup leader 2, 3; Mathematics Club 2, 3. 4, Officer 4 V. DE Edward Radford Spindale, N. C. Edeclrical Engineering I Ienry Ci A if)N Ramsey ' 1 lubert, N. C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Inlianniials; Industrial .Arts CMub iLLL . i D.wiD l . .M)Ai.L Salisbury, N. C. Fextile Technology Inlranuirals I, 2. .4 Samliel niiion Iaanfiu, ill ( iieensbiirt;, Penns I ania Pccrenlion and Park Adin ' niislralion Football lloiUHi I ill I. MAN Raw ].iNc;s North Pro idcnce, Rhode Island Mccluinical Engineering s ll [190] I Iauui_d JosHi ' ii , Ikirnsville, N. C. Mechanical Enfiineering Arnold Air Society. Trcas.; CLI Dance- t ' omm. I, OutioK Cunim. 2, S; ASMI-. Theta Tail Joel Weir Rav s1ic iUe, N. C. Textile Tecluwlo y SiRma Chi, Pledse Trainer. Vice Pres.; Order of Thirly Three; Blue Kev; (iolden Chain, Sec: Technician Literary Supplement, Editor; Intramurals 1. 2, i, 4; Class Trcas. 2; Honor Code Board. Chairman 2, i; Librao ' Comm. lire. Sec; In ' .erim Council Student Legislative Assembly; Pres. of Senale, N.C.S.L.A. 3 Lanny Reese Rayfield Chcir illL-, . C, Textiles Lambda Chi Alpha, Pres.; PershinK Rifles; Tompkins Textile Council liiNiiis Benjamin Reavis baycttc illc ' , N. C. Forest Management Forestry Club ■ . 4 1J)lan 1 low ELL Reber Yoik, Fcnnsylxania Chemical Engineering Theta Chi; Cross Country 4 FiOBERT Bruce Redmon, Jr Ashc Hlc, N. C. Applied Mathematics Theta Chi, Regional Sec. 2, Rush Chairman 3, Vice Pres. 4, Sec. 2; Blue Key, Pres. 4; Order of Thirrv and Three; Phi Eta Sigma; Intramurals 1, 2, , 4; Class Vice Pres. 3; Ring Comm. 3; Student Govt. Senator 2; Campus Code Board 3; CLISC 3; IFC 2, 3; Symphonic Band; ROTC; Marching Band 1, 2; YlMC.V; Wesley Foundation; .MEE; .Apollo Club 3, 4; Campus Social Comm. Marshal Roy William Reece, Jr Boonville, N. C. Agricultural Technology— Dairy Husbandry AI Club 2, 3, 4 Donald Gray Reich Burlington, N. C. Mechanical Engineering asme I Ieath Franklin Reinhardt Stanley, N. C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Scabbard Blade; Pershing Rifles; WKNC OF 1961 William Fred Revelle Warsaw, N. C. Textiles Delta Kappa Theta; Band 1, 2, 3 Arthur Eugene Reynolds, III Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon, Pres.; Tau Beta Pi; .ASCE; ROTC; Superior Student Program: Engineering Honors Program James Robert Reynolds Boone, N. C. Mechanical Engineering— Aero. Option Theta Tau; Pi Tau Sigma; LAS: Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4: Engineers Council; Wesley Foundation Richard Fredrick Reynolds College Park, Maryland Recreation and Parks Administration Kappa Phi Kappa; Monogram Club, Pres.; Football 1. 2, 3, 4; Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4 Albert Jones Rhodes, Jr Bre aid, N. C. Pi( p and Paper Technology F(mrdrinier Society; Pulp Paper Foundation Scholarship 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Supervisor 3, 4; .AU Campus Basketball 3 Gerald Lawson Rhyne Fincolnton, N. C. Agricii fiire Science— Wildlife . FROTC; -ASCF 2; Bragiw Dorm, ice Pres. Paul FIugh Rice. Jr. Sunbury, N. C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Charles .Allen Richardson Rockingh am, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE: Engineers Council 2. . 4; IRK. Sec. 3. 4 Hood Lance Richardson Monroe, N. C. Geological Engiiieering Rockhound Club 2, 3, 4 [191] Marvin Roderick Richardson Raleigh, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Scabbard Blade; Pi-rshing Rifles; YDC; Military Ball Assoc. Robert Glenn Richardson, Jr. Durham, N. C. Agriculture Science— Economics Intraiinirals I, 4; .Ag. Ec. Club Bert Iiarj Ric:kard Winston-Salem, N. C. Mechanical Engineering lambda Chi Alpha Fred Gary Ricks, Jr. Conway, N. C. Agricutlural Engineering ASAE, Representative to . k. Council, Treas.: Consolidated University Student Council; Intramurals Clarence Benjamin Riuoin Raleigh, N. C. Agricultural Science Dean ' s List; Wildlife Club 2. i. 4 Donald Eugene Rink Salishur , N. C. Applied Malhcinalics and Science Pi Kappa Phi. Warden 2. Social Chairman .?, Sec. 4; Tau Beta Pi; Inter fraternit - and Interd()rmitor Intramurals 1, 2. 3, 4; Class Vice Pres. 4; (cinsoliilaled University Student CouiKil; Student Govt. Social Cotnm.; M.itlieiniitics C ' lub i oNNiE RiiETT Rii ' pv Draper, N. C. Electrical Engineering joRC E Farrera Rivadeneyra Mexico City, Me. ia) Textile Chemistry Robert Wayne Roach Burlington, N. C. Mathematics and Electrical Engineering Sigma .Vlpha Epsilon; .AIEE I. 2, .3; Mathematics and Science Education Club; ROTC. Distinguished .Military Student; Golf 1, 2. 3. 4; Basketball 1. 2; Intramurals i, 2, 3, 4; Interdormitory Council, ' ice Pres., Executive Council; CU, Social Functions Comm.; Biigwell Dorm. Pres.. Manager. Athletic Di- rector; Freshman Orientation THE CLASS James A. Robbins Sujiply, N. C. Forestry Management Wilmington College, Pres. Student Bod ' , Engineers Club. Pres. of Board of Directors, Circle K Bernard Gordon Roberson Parniele, N. C. Agricidture Science— Wildlife Leopold Wildlife Club; Intramurals 3, 4 XA ' iLLiAM ' ouNc, Roberson Sniithticltl, N. C. Mechanical Engineering— Aero. Optian AFROTC Robert .Anthony Robertson Winston Salem, N. C. t ' c iniiicn Engineering Theta Tau 2. 3. 4, Regent 4; ASME 3, 4; X ' eterans .Association: Iinr;iinurals 4; Freshman Orient;ition Group Leader 3 Neil Edw wrd Rochelle, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE Fiwxool) jiisiAii riiH ' .ERS, Jr., N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE Lloyd Lee Rogers Rakii h, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Engineers Council 3, 4; Wterans C lub 3, 4; . S. IL 2. 3. 4 Paul Albert Romeo Sumnu r ille, S. C. Textiles Delta Sigma Phi: Intramurals; Honor Code Board; RO IC Robert Eu(;fnf Rosensteel Jackson ilk ' , Moriiki Chemical Engineering H 111 [192] I iHHBiiRi ClusiAv RosENiiiAL Ralcigh, N. C. Textile Technology Liinilxhi Chi Alpli i; lnlr;imur;ils .. 4; Al 1U)TC 1 RANKLiN Arthur Rouse Kinston, N. C. Cixnl Engineering ASCE 2. i. 4; YRC. I ' res. 4 Silas McDonald Rowland 1 lalifax, N. C. Textiles Delia Kappa Phi: IK ' 1 1 Ienry Earl Roye Benson, N. C. Forest Management ' eterans Association; Forestry Club Carlton Rudolph Rozier Faxetteville, N. C. Textile Maiitigcinciil Charles Edwin Russell Jamesvillc, N. C. Agriciihitre Education Alpha Ciammo Rho, Chaplain; Alpha Zeta; Blue Key: Thirty Three, Pres.; Student Goyt.. Second Vice Pres.; Golden Chain; Kappa Phi Kappa; Vo-Ag, Editor; Asricii tiirist, Writer; Intratnurals 1, 2, 3, 4; YDC; Ag Ed. Club, Pres., CUSC; Student Goyt. Senator CwYN Keith Sanderlin Norfolk, Virginia Civil Engineering— Construction Option .ASCE 2, 3. 4 Robert Edmundson Sanders Willow Springs, N. C. Agricultural Economics YDC; Ag Econ. Club Charles LeRoy Sanderson Erwin, Tennessee Chemical Engineering Phi Kappa Tau; Tau Beta Pi, Sec. 4; Mu Beta Psi; Phi Kappa Phi; Cross Country 1; Senator 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4; Glee Club 1; AICHE I. 2. 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4; Engineers Council 3 OF 1961 Claude William S. nford, |r Laurinburg, N. C. Civil Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon: ASCE 3, 4; Intratnurals 2, 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 1, 2; Band 1. 2. 3. 4; AFROTC LoNNiE Thoalas Sanford, III Charlotte, N. C. Geological Engineering .Military Ball Assn.. Decorations Chairman; Arnold . ir Society. . rea .Adjutant Recorder; Y ' DC; Rockhound Club, Treas. Carl Horace Saunders Cibson ille, N. C. Civil Engineering Delta Sigma Phi Ray Bryan S.awyer Washington, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Howard John Scheurenbrand, Jr. Lake Ronkonkoma, N. Y. Forest Management Piuetinn 4; Southern Forestry Schools, Delegate; Counseling Service for Freshman Forestry Students Garland Elmo Scott, Jr. Pineville, N. C. Ceramic Engineering American Ceramic Society, Vice Pres. John G. Scott Graham, N. C. Industrial Engineering AHE; ROTC Allawishus Kumquat Segafoose Clodville, Calif. Underwater Basket Weaving AICHE AviLiNO Sequeira, Jr Biltmore, N. C. Chemical Engineering AICHE 1, 2, 3. 4, Treas. 4; Veterans Association 1, 4 [193] William Rhea Sessoms, Jr Colernin, N. C. Mechuuical Engineering Arnold Air Society; Theta Tau; ASME Kenneth Eugene Shanks Kcrners ille, N. C. Electrical Engineering Rav Caudle Shaw Ellerbe, N. C. Mathematics Education Veterans Association 1. 2, 3; Mathematics and Science 4; YDC 4 Ronald Wilson Shearon Wake Forest, N. C. Agricultural Education Alpha Gamma Rho; Alpha Zeta. Sciil)e . Chancellor 4; Golden Chain. Regent 4; Blue Key; Kappa Phi Kappa; ' o-. g; Agriculturist; Intramurals 2, i. 4; Ag Ed Club, Vice Pres.; Ag Club; Band I, 2, 3; VVKNC Staff 2; Student Govt. Senator 2, 3; Cheerleader Selection Comm. Chairman 4; Apollo Club: YDC Arthur James Shepard Wayncsville, N. C. Product Dciign Robert Reynold Sheppard Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEHIRE Horace Joel Sher Durham, N. C. Applied Mathematics Phi Eta Sigma; Band 1, 2, 3. 4; Mathematics Club 3, 4 John Russell Sherrill, Jr Kinosport, Tennessee Textiles Kappa . lpha, Pres., ' ice Pres.; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Interfraternity C ' ouncil; Student Govt.; Consolidated University Student Council Robert Taylor Sherrill Mooresville, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME 3, 4 THE CLASS Philip . uc.iisi iis Shive Scotts, N. C. Architecture loE Melvin Shockley. Jr. Laurens, S. C. Recreation and Parks Administration Cross Countiry 1, 2, 3, 4; Tritck 1, 2 SiiRESH CiiANDHA D. Shreni lii;arh. India Pulp and Paper Technulogy Chess Club; Forestry Magazine; Union Magazine; Swimming; ]iiiiin.iiinn,il Folk Festival; Intern itiona! Fashion Show; Talent Show Edgar Ralph Crilton, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE Stewari Thomas Shilmaie, Jr. Chcrr ille, N. C. Architecture Hand 1, 2, 3 Ned lan Sicmon llickory. N. C. Meclianical Engineering I ' l r.ui Sigma; Phi Kapjia Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kla Sigma; ASMl-; I ' heta I .111 Lawrence Allen Silver . . I lnlliswnotl. New YmL Textiles Sigma -Alphii iMu, Ireas., . thletic Director; Tin- Oim-giiiiii. IJiisincss M;in;iger; Intramurals 1, 2. 3, 4; Big Four Sports Day RoHHRi I 1 Aiiiiis Simons Ralciuli, N. C. i latliej}!atics Education L Mi;s 1 IiNFON Sinclair ImiwLiikL N. C. Engineering Physics liSlI Council 3. 4. Pres. 4; All ' 2, 3, 4 [194] %K ' MdSk. loiiN Stephen Singer New York, New York Textiles MnnoKram Club; Swimming 2, ?, 4 Ihel) Norman Slosman Aslie ' ille, N. C. Textile Technology SiKiiia AlplKi iMu; Fraternity Inirammals 1, 2, , 4; Cll Dance C ' omm. 2; IXMolay Eric Erroi. Smart Forest City, N. C. Mechanical Engineering SiKnia Chi; Scabbard Blade: ASME, Chairman; Intranuirals 1, 2, 3, 4; Judicial Board 2, 3; Drum Bugle Corps, Commander Edward Russell Smith Kinston, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE IRE Frank I Iouston Smith, Jr Riileigh, N. C. Electrical Engineering IMii Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; BaK ' ell Dorm, Social Director, ' ice Pres.; IDC. Sec.; AIEE IRE Glendon Carlyle Smith , , Kannapolis, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE; Cll Hobby Comm. 1 , 2 I lowARD Wade Smith High Point, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1. 2, 3; Veterans .Association 1, 2, 3, 4 IvERsoN Richard Smith Newton, N. C. Textile Technology Phi Psi; Tc. (i(c Fnrnni James Holt Smith Lenoir, N. C. Forest Management Veterans Association; Forestry Club; Forest Products Research Society-; Society of American Foresters OF 1961 Robert Alford Smith, Jr Elizabethtown, N. C. Cii ' il Engineering Robert Jones Smith Asheville, N. C. Applied Mathematics Kappa Alpha; Golf Team 1. 2, 3, 4; School of Engineering Senator 3 Robert Lee Smith Fairport, Virginia Forest Alanagenient William Alfred Smith Asheville, N. C. Civil Engineering Alpha Phi Omega, Pres.; -ASCE; Weslev Foundation, ' ice Pres. 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 Zigrida Rita Smith Raleigh, N. C. Arc t fecfiire Sigma Pi Alpha; YDC 3, 4 John Washington Pearce Smitfiwick, II Smithfield, N. C. Ceramic Engineering Keramos; .American Ceramic Society; -Alpha Phi Omega; A ' MC.A; Engineers Council Lloyd Butner Snider Liberty, N. C. Forest Management A ' eterans Association; Forestry Club; Society of American Foresters Julian Brooks Snipes, Jr Pittsboro, N. C. Mathematics Education Kappa Phi Kapra; -Alathemalics and Science Club, ' ice Pres. Barbara Loliise Snyder Charlotte, N. C. Chemical Engineering Engineering Honors Program 3, 4; Hospitality Comm. I, 2, 3; International Comm. 2; AICHE 2, 3, 4 [195] Roy Lee Spainhour Ralciuh, . . C. Civil Engineering ASCE Ray W. rlick Spangler Shelby, N. C. Civil Engineering— Coiistniclimi Option Berel R y Sparks Ciiisii)nia, N. C. Electriciil Engineering Darrell Sparks Bakers ille, N. C. Horlicultiire Gamma Sigma Delta; HortiL-iiIture Ckil) Edwin Parker Speighi Sun bury, N. C. Civil Engimemig-Cinistniction Option James Thornwell Spence, 111 Greensboro, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Kappa Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Pi Sigma; Tennis 2. 3, 4, Co-Captain 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Engineering Honors Program; Oistinguishec! Military Stiulent |ames Willis Spotts Atlanta, C.eort;ia Forest Management Alpha Phi Omega 3. 4; Cilee Cluh 3, 4; Canterhury Cliih 3. 4 Donald Bennetp Stafford Kerners ille, N. C. Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon; ASCE William Eugene Stalcup Brasstown, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCF. 2, 3, 4; Veterans Associati(pn 2. 3. 4 h THE CLASS Nelson Byrd Stall Newport News, Virginia Nuclear Engineering and Electrical Engineering I ' lii K.ippa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Pi Sigma, ' ice Pres.; Eta Kappa u Arthlir Wallace Stamey, 1r. IIi«b Point, N. C. Electrical Engineering IRE 2 4; TI ' C TV. Production Staff 1. 2 Charles Herbert Stanford, |r. Libertx, N. C. Indtistrial Arts— Technical Option YMCA I. 2. 3. 4. Cabinet 2, 3; Veterans Association 1, 2, 3, 4; YDC 4; Industrial Arts Club 4; LIniled Student Fellousbip I. 2. Pres. 2; Orientation ( roup Leader 4; . mateur Radio Club I, 4 Ci AR Lloyd Stanford Syha, N. C. FJectrical Engineering aieeirk Will lAM 1 RANKLIN STANLEY, Jr. KinStOIl, N. C. Textiles Delta kappa Phi; DEKAP, Circulation Manager; Cros,s Countr I; Textile School Open House; High Scht)()l Day MiiTON S. Starnes I liulson, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASM I Cecil Emii.e Andre Stearns Raleigh, N. C. Mechanical Etigineering Apollo Club; ASME 15() 1) CiiRiis Steed, Jr Columbia, S. C. Civil Engineering K.ipp.i Alpha, ' Ireas. 3; Phi 1 t.i Sigma; . SCT- " . Sec. 4; Engineers Comuil 4 I Iaroi I) .Alton Stegall W.irrenton, . C. Agricidture Education Baseball 1 [196] IS? OF 1961 James Kenneth Stone, |r C ' harlotte, N. C. Furniture Mainifacturi)iii and Management X ' ererans Association 1: Furniture .■?, 4, ' ice Pres. 4 Thomas Francis Stradley, )r. Pittsburgh, Pcnns l ania Mechanical Engineering ASME; Cross Countr 1: Indoor and Outdoor Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 2. 3. 4 Silas Ezra Strickland, Jr. Rocky Mount, N. C. Industrial Arts Education X ' cterans Association Thomas Milton Suggs Clastonia, N. C. Engineering Gene Autrv Slillivan Selma, N. C. Experimental Statistics Intramurals 1. 2, 3. Athletic Director 3; Ak. C ' luh I William |enkins Summey Dallas, N. C. Agricidtural Technology— Dairy Husbandry lpha Zeta, Treas. 4; Ag. Council, Pres. 4; Collegiate 4-H Club, Treas. 2; Animal Industry Club ice Pres. 3; ROTC | i William Rea Sumner High Point, N. C. r Pulp and Paper Technology F j Western Carolina College 1. 2; Fourdrinier Society 4 PI James Alton Sutton, Jr. Thomasx illc, . C. Animal Husbandry Business .• FROTC: Wesley Foundation; AI Club Eric Werner Svvansqn Raleigli, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME [197] Iamhs Albert Stephens Raleigh, N. C, Electrical Engineering AIEE IRE; DcMolay James Caldonian Stephenson Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engineering John Eranki in Stevens Erwin, N. C. Textile Technology Signi.] u; Dili, I K.ipi a PI ' ' ; Intri nuirals 1, 2, 3. 4; Tontpkins Textile Council I AMES Eugene Stewart Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE Klhmh Harold Stewart Eillingtoii, N. C. Industrial Arts William Thomas Stewart Raleigh, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Lloyd Kit Stimson Milford, Xew I lampshirc Electrical Engineering ' eterans -Association I, 2. 4 Eindell Gene Stoker Albemarle, N. C. Textile Technology Phi Psi; Kappa Tau Beta; Intramurals 3, 4 Charles Arnold Stone, III Kernersx ille, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Ihcta Tau; Pi Tau Sigma; Golf Team 1, 2, 3, 4; CU Film Comm.: ASME C ' PI Oliver Nathaniel Swanson, III Pilot Mountain, N. C. Electrical Engineering and Engineering Physics Eta Kappa Nu; Apollo Club; AIP; YDC; AILE IRE Robert Roy Swanson Ciastonia, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME 3; Veterans Association 3, 4 Robert Lewis Taborn Greensboro, N. C. Civil Engineering— Construction Option Delta Sigma Phi; Swimming Team 2; Honor Program 1 , 2 Glenn Benard Talbert Albemarle, N. C. Textile Technology Delta Kappa Phi William Golden Tart, Jr Benson, N. C. Electrical Engineering Glenn Arrington Taylor Whitakers, N. C. Agriculture Ag. Club; Meats Judging Team; Y ' DC t James Anthony Taylor Tarboro, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Walter C lenn Taylor Lenoir, N. C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option CU, Photo Comm. 4, Dance Conim. 2; Wterans Association 1. 4; lA C:ltil) 4 Constantinos Bill Tcholiros Wilminoton, N. C. Chemical Engineeritig THE CLASS Mariano Tan Te Manila, P. I. Textile Technology International Club; C LL International C ' jnnn.. Siili C 1 Iampton Long Teague C ' liapcl 1 lill. N. C. lechanical Engineering ASME; ' eterans Club; Intranuuals 1 2, 3, 4; Judicial Board 4; Engineers Fair; YDC Bert.-s ' n Temple Electrical Engineering AIEE Newport, N. C. I Ir.MENDRA Kai.idas Til krar . ., India Clicinical E)igineering liuiian Students Association, Sec. I; AICTIE 2; International Comm. 3 Oi ro David Tmari ' e, jn. Statt ' s ille, N. C. Pulp nui I ' lipcr IcchiioUigy Sigma Nu; Tracli 1. 2; Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4 W ' ll I I AMS I IaRPER TuARRINCiTON Rockv MoLlDt, N. C. Agriculture Science— Field Crops yruMnni C ' lub, Co-C ' hairman Hanquet Comm.; Ag. Council. Treas.; .Ychieve- nicril Award Comm. National Chairman; Senior Tea Chairman Cai A ' lN Jackson 1 iiomas Staies illc, N. C. Electrical Engineering Western Carolina College 1; ' etcrans .Association 3, 4; .AIEETRE; Glee Club 2 William Edgar Thornton Ahoskie, N. C. Industrial Engineering Sigma Phi Hpsilon; .AIIE Donald Reed Tickle Mclxmc, N. C. Texlile Chemistry aatcc [198] Leonard Rommel Tillman North Wooclmorc, New York Textile Management I ' hi Epsilcm Pi, Sec, Pres.; Phi Psi; Intcrfratirnitv Athlclics I, 2, 3, 4; ROTC Drum Bugle Corps; IFC 3. 4 Curtis Carlyle Tillotson, Jr. Oxford, N. C. Civil Engineerinfi liili.iiTuii.ils 1,2. 1; (II n.iiui- li.mii I; PhotoKfapIn ( lul I; Haml I, 2, 3, 4 I AMES Franklin Torrence Salisbury, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Edi;ar Paul Tosto Sea Level, N. C. Industrial Engineering Mil ' 3. 4. ' ice Pres. 4; Engineers Council 4; IE Dept. Engineers Fair ( h.iirm.m 4; VDC 2, 3, 4; ' eterans .Association 1, 2, 3, 4 Oscar Everette Triplett Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engineering Freshman Honor Society; AIEE IRE: Intramurals 2, 3; Orientation Comm. CIroup Leader Joe Vaughn Trogdon Asheboro, N. C. Industrial Arts Veterans .Association: S. Cluh |oHN Lee Trotman Norfolk, Virginia Civil Engineering ASCE 3, 4 George Azore Tlicker Concord, N. C. Mechanical Engineering X ' eterans Club 1, 2, 3, 4; ASME 3, 4, Vice Chairman 4; Intramurals 2, 4 William Carr Tucker Townsville, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Dorm, Athletic Director 2, Floor Manager 3, 4; . FROTC OF 1961 Jerrell Maurice Turner Laurinburg, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; .MP 1, 2, 3, 4; .American Nuclear Society 3, 4 Robert Cecil Turner Greensboro, N. C. Electrical Engineering Lambda Chi .Alpha Ronald Edward Tuttle Industrial E)igineering AIIE Warren Randolph Tyler Chemical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma Pfafftown, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Franklin, N. C. James Edwin Tysinger Electrical Engineering Phi Kappa Phi; Eta Kappa i u; Phi Eta Sigma; .AIEE George Sprunt Tyson Fayette ille, N. C. Forest Management Veterans Club 3, 4; VDC 3, 4; Forestry Club 3, 4 Robert Lee Tyson, II Forest Management Track 2; Forestry Club McColl, S. C. Raeford, N. C. Lewis Marvin LIpchurch, Jr. Agriculture .AGR; Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4; Ag. Econ. Club 3, 4, Treas. 4; AGR Steward 4 Thltrman Howell LIpchurch Raleigh, N. C. Metallurgical Engineering American Society for Metals, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4 P [199] Stacy Newman U ' Ren Gastonia, N. C. Mechatiical Engineering— Aero. Option Dexter Coleman Vaughan Hartsville, S. C. Civil Engitieering Maiching Band, Fanfare Band; ASCE; YMCA Charles Richard Vaughn Mount Airy, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Percy Linwood Veasey Durham, N. C. Ci ' ii! Engineering Intramurals 1, 2. 3 Fountain Gwyn Voss, Jr. Laurinburg, N. C. Agriculture— Tech nical Engineering Baseball 1; Intramurals 1. 2. 3, 4; Dorm Manager 4 Robert Lee Wagstaff, Jr. Kannapolis, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Glen Edward Walker Morganton, N. C. Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering Herbert Bry ' ant Walker Black Mountain, N. C. Electrical Engineering Phi Kappa Phi; Eta Kappa Nu; IRE JEFFERSON HiDEN Walker, Jr. Newport News, Virginia Electrical Engineering THE CLASS William Earl Walker Rock Mouni, . C. Industrial Engineering AIIE, Program Chairman 4; ' eterans Association; VDC; CLl Siimnit-r School Social Chairman Donald Graham Wall Raleigh, N. C. Mechanical Engineering |ack Walters, Jr. W hitcx illc, . . C " . Forest Management Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross CountO ' 4; Forestrv Cluh I, 2, 3, 4; .Monogram Club 3, 4; YiMCA 1 William Reid Waltz Physics All ' ; VR( Charlotte, N. C. CJrover Karl Warmbrop R.ileigh, N. C. Applied Mathematics I lowARD Daniel ' . rren Ashe ille, . C. Mechanical Engineering— Aero. Option Dance Comm. I, 2; LAS I. 2. 3. 4; Intramurals I, 2 Thomas .Andrew Warren Asluxille, . C. Industrii l Arts— Technical Option " et illc, -Athletic Director 3; Intramurals W (K)DiE Warrick, |r. Raleigh, . C. Civil Engineering ASCE John Ch.arles Waters Charlotte, X. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE; Veterans .Association [200] John Edward Waters StilKvcll, Okki. Forest Management VIX ' ; Uolko Chairman; Intramurals 4; I ' orcilrv CIiil) IaMUS IlDVD VV ATKINS R;llci,i ' ll, i ' . C. Agriculture Education Charles William Watson 1 liulil.iiuls, N. C ' . Forest ManagetnenI YDC; Foresto Cluh [a.mes Bruce Weaver Riilcigh, N. C. Civil Engineering— Construction Ofttion ASCE Robert Penn Webster Stoncxillc, N. C. Agricultural Economics Ag Economics Club Lawrence Edward Welch Chiulottc, N. C. Mechanical Engineering |oHN I Iarold Wells, ]r Moiganton, N. C. Agricultural Education As Ed Club 2, 3; As Ed Council 2. 3; Lees-iMcRae ColleKe 1. 2; President o£ Student Body 2; Veterans Club 1, 2, i, 4; Christian Council 1, 2; Men ' s Leadership 1, 2 Otho Sylvester Wells Watha, N. C. Horticulture Alpha Zeta; Gamma Sigma Delta; Ag Club; Horticulture Cluli Edward Kendall Whaley Richlands, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE OF 1961 Willis Kenneth Whichard, Jr. Ciieen illc, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Arnold Air Societ ; Apollo Club; AlP; Student Government C ' ommission on Orientation; Militar Ball Association; ' ice President Orientation Group Leader. Gaines Lorraine Whicker Kannapolis, N. C. Engineering Physics James Edward Whisnant Morganton, N. C. Mechanical and Industrial Engineering ASiME Thomas Burton Whitaker Raleigh, N. C. Agricultural Engineering ASAE; Intramurals 2. George Ross White Salcmburg, N. C. Recreation Gerald Bell White States ille, N. C. Dairy Husbandry FarmHouse Fraternity; Ag. Club; .Animal Indus. ry Club; Intramurals 1, 2. 3, 4; Student Government Senator 3. Joseph Rudolph White, Jr. Colerain, N. C. Civil Engineering Thcta Tau; ASCE OriMOnd Carol White Windsor, N. C. Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon, Secretarv 4; Student Govt. Senator, School of Engr. 3; Engineers Council 4; ASCE 2. 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4; Apollo Club 3; Bagwell Dormitory Secretary 3; Social Director 2: Floor Manager 3, 4 Daniel Lee Whiteside Huntsville, Texas Mechanical Engineering Scabbard Blade; IAS; Varsity Rifle Team [201] David IjAkkr Whiii.ey ' asliin ;U)n, N. C. Electrical Engineering tUEE: li;iiul 1; icL- Pres. Berry Dorm. 3: Floor Msr. 3. 4; AFROTC; YMCA Harold Carry W ' iide Miirsliall. i . C Civil Engineering ASCE David Weu) W ' ii der Chadhoiirii, i . C. hnliistrial Arts Education James Iranklin Wilder Spiinu I lupc, N. C. Agricultural Education Ak. Ed. Club 2, 3, 4; Ag. Club 2, 3, 4; Meats Team 3; Choiv iii Jr. CiiIIcku 1; Bus. Mgr. Chowaniatt; Fr. Basketball 1. Manly Smith Wilder Middlesex, N. C. Field Crops . lplia Zeta: C ' irc. iMgr. for Crops and Soils; Agrononn C ' liih 2, 3, 4, Sceretary 4; 4 11 Cliil) 1. 2. Samuel Lee Wilkins jacksomille, N. C. Civil Engineering MiciiAEL Weston Wilkinson Statcsxillc, N. C. Pulp and Paper Technology SiKiira I ' hi F psilon; Fourdrinier Society; Freshman Track 1; Varsity 2; Intra- mtirats I, 2, 3, 4; All Campus Intramural Track 3; Secly. C lass 3; Student Govt. 2, 3; Athletic Council 3; Honor Code Board 4; Marshal Graduation 3 Robert Bvnum Willett Greensboro, N. C. Applied Mathematics SwininiinK 2, 3; Intramural Football 3, 4; Natl. Merit Scholar 1. 2, 3, 4; Student Supply Store Advisory Comm. 4; Orientation Counselor 4 James Franklin Williams Lexington, N. C. Electrical Engineering , if:l; ire THE CLASS Ierry Otway Williams Alcoa, Icnn. Civil Imgineering Pi Kappa Phi; Phi Ela Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Fpsilon; Phi Kipp.i I ' liu Engineering Senator 2; WKNC ' 1, 2; YMCA Cabinet I. 2 Lewis Arnold Williams Ralcioh, N. C. Electrical Engineering Lta Kappa Nu, ' ice Pres.; Engineer ' s Council; AIEE; IRI:. C bairman; F.ngi- neer ' s Fair Chrm. 4. Milton Clin- Williams, Jr. Kinstoii, N. C Chemical Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon, Chaplain 3, Historian 4; Phi It.i Sigm.i; I an Bet.i Pi; Phi Kappa Pht; AICHE 3, 4; Engineer ' s Council 4 , Shdhy, N. C. I li-h Point, N. C. Donald Paul Wilson Civil Engineering ASCE 1. 2, 3, 4 Fred Eugene Wilson, Jr. Textile Chemistry Sigma Pbi Epsilon, ' ice Pres. 4; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau Sigma. Pres. 4, Secty. 3; Tompliins Textile Council; Pbi Psi; .American .Assn. of lextile Colorists Chemists; Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 4 |ames Laban Wilson Belmont, N. C. A lechanical F.ngineering Neil Carver Wilson Mallicnnilics Flic HARD Lea Wilson Nuclear Engineering Robert Eugene Wilson Physics . IP; , IC. ; Engineer ' s C (puncil Shelby, N. C. Mor anton, N. C. Lawndale, N. C. [202] Walter IIikui Wilson, III Winston Salem, N. C Entomolofiy Sinma C:hi-, li-dniichiii Staff 2; Intramural luiithall I, 2. -i, 4; Jr. Sr. Damx- toMllll. WiLi L ,M Oliver Wilson Lcaksville, N. C. i ' uniiture Manufacturing and Management Furniture Club; ll ' KS W ' li I lAM Theodore Wilson Rolu ' isomillc, N. C. Civil Enfiinecring ASCE Samuel Clyde Winchester, Jr. Grccn illc, N. C. Chemical Engirieering and Engineering Math. Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi, Vice Pres. 4; Intramural rncjtball i. 4; AlCHE 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4; Math Club 4; Veterans .Vssn. 2, 3, 4; Engineer ' s Council 4; National Science Foundation Cirant for UnderBradu;ite Research 3. I III IAN C. Wingfield, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Science Education M.ilh and Science Club 3, 4; Veterans Assn. 3, 4; Mars Hill College 1, 2 I Iauold Roger Winstead Nashville, N. C. Agricultural Economics— Business I Iarrv Wharton Winstead, Jr. Woodsdalc, N, C. Engineering Physics Lambda Chi Alpha; AlP Jane Ann Wolfe Jamesville, N. C. Chemistry Applied Sciences Hobby C ' umm. 3, 4; Summer School Comm. 3; Student Research Cirant 4 Jared Dunn Wolfe Springfield, Pa. Forest Management Theta Chi; Forestry Club OF 1961 Lawrence Abernathy Wolfe, Jr. Bessemer City, N. C. Dairy Manufacturing Wesley Foundation 3; Animal Industry Club 3, 4; Marshal 3; ' eteran Stephen Paxton Wolfe Jamt-sxille, N. C. Engineering Physics -MP 1, 2, 3, 4; Engineer ' s Council 4; Outing Comm. 1; Summer School CU Comm. 3; Hobby 3. 4; Republican Club 4. Hester Crowder Womack Durham, N. C. Wildlife (ames McConnell Wood St. Petersburg, Fla. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Sigma Chi. President 4; Athletic Director 3; rechniciati Staff; Track ' arsity 2, 3, 4; Inlramurals I, 2, 3, 4; Outstanding . thletic Director 3; IFC Thomas John Wood Raeford, N. C. Industrial Engineering AIIE 3, 4; Intramural . rchery 3; N.C.S.C. Archers; Apollo Club 2, 3, 4; ' eterans Assn. 2, 3. 4; Forestry Club I William Harry Wood i lenderson ille, N. C. Electrical Engineering Thomas Hliuh Worthington, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Electrical Engineering Stough Alexander Wray, Jr. Shelby, N. C. Industrial Arts— Technical Option Industrial .Arts Club Roscoe Lee Wrenn Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME; Veterans Club [203] Clvdk L. W ' vuick, In. Luinberliin, N. C. Fexliles WooDRow Li.oMj YoNTS, Jr. . 1 hom.isx illc, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE Cii.vRi Hs . lvin Yorke Concofd, N. C. Civil Engineering I ' hi Llj SiKina; (hi Lpsilo.i . 4; .ASCE i. 4. Prcs. 4; YlMCA C:ahinet 2, i; 11, S. Fi ' iluw liiii I. 2. , ; Ildiior Code Board . ; Ensineer ' s Council 4; United C;?mpiis Clirisliun I-cllo vship 4 Nelson Wousham Young Rcidsxillc, N. C. Industrial Engineering Delta Sigma Phi; AIIE 2, 3, 4 Ronald Lee Younger Lyiuhlnirt , Va I ' tilp and Paper Technology I nmtlrinifi ' Si)ciet ' ; Pulp Pajicr Inundation Scholarship I. 2, .• , 4 Steve Elias Zeis Textiles AIEE; ire shcvillc, N. C. Tarik Zenel Istanbul, Turkey iMechanical Engineering Phi Epsilon Pi; Varsity Soccer I, 2, 3 THE CLASS OF 1961 [204] - ■ii ■ ' n.V. m PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL Roger W ' ood Ballard Jorge Bazo Ann Iranklin Hr s )n AslKAillc, N. C. Lima, Per II Ashc ' ville, N. C. Iames Stewart Cherry Chimanlai. Harilal Dosm Iv i Ku L R Raleigh. N. C. Bha nagar, India Etavvah, India John Sumter MacRae, III Creensboro, N. C. Marion I Iamilton Morton, Jr. Albemarle, N. C. William Colvin Nichols Birmingham. Ala. Thomas Avery Nye, Jr. Orrum, N. C. KoKiLA Kanubhai Patel Bombay, India Robert Lincoln Phillips lligh Point, N. C. Eugene Thomas Reynolds DwiD Rallya Scott CtEorge Richard Scott, |ii. Franklin iUe, N. C. Oil City. Pa. Ch.nlotte, N. C. Charles Iames Sisk Zane Crev Tomlinson . Kent Emanuel Watson PjLnliiiwtdn, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Manteo, N. C. [206] GRADUATE SCHOOL l i |oii ' i:i (11 Adams Atlanta, Ga. l-.lectrical Engineering |a ai) I iiANOON .Ac;iiA Mosul. Iraq Horlicidtiire SiiAiiKAi AiiMEi) Karachi, Pakistan I ' hiii! ' ii sio oyy Can Akkoc Istanbul, Turkey Civil Engineering Peter Roman Antoniewicz Salisbury, N. C. Engineering Physics Dattatrava Pandurang Apte India Agricuhiire Nicolas Ardito Panama Agricultunil Economics Ozer Ali Arnas Istanbul, Turkey Alechatiical Engineering ' iTAv Govindji Ashar Bombay, India Experit}ie}itiil Stntion Albert Kamel Hanna Athnasios Alexandria, Egypt Chemistry 1 Ienry Foust Vtvvater Burlington, N. C. Applied Mnthemcitics I Iector Ayala Caracas, Venezuela Soils Marvin Kenneth Aycock, Tr. W ' arrenton, i . C. Field Crops Preston Gwyn Baker, |r. Drexel, N. C. Textile Che nistry RoLiN Farrar Barrett Raleigh, N. C. .) lechaniciil Engineering Mambouh Ahmed Bayoumi Giza, Egypt .A tetalliirgical Engineering Philip Leo Beaman Walstonburg, N. C. Agricultural Education Vincent Ierome Bellis Raleigh, N. C. Plant Physiology [207] GRADUATE SCHOOL Iernando . Bernardo Lagunc, Pliilijipincs Genetics C ' arrol I kii) Bingham . L;i nclalc, N. C. Physical Science unci Mtilhenuitics C. Lansinc; Blackshaw lA ilciyli, M. C. Enginserins, Physics Dwii) Lee Brami.ett Aslic illc. N. C. Phint Pirholosy JoEi Vincent Brawiev, Jr. iMciiiasx illc, N. C. Applied Miithenialics James T. Broun Sniithficld, N. C. Aiiriciiltiire IIaroid Gene Bush New LoncJDn, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Brvan Lawrence Button StaFfordshirc, England Nuclear Engineering Luis lluMRERTO Camacho Palmiia, Culnmbia Genetics Truong O. Canii Vietnam Statistics HuGOLiNO Cardenas Caracas, VenczueLi Agriculture Hduardo Casas Mexico Field Crops Everett Dai.rymple Cashatt S]iray, N. C. Entomology Roy LuNsioRD CaiAMPioN Ralcii h, N. C. ngineering Physics Fiiiij.iPE J. C HARDiN France Nticlear Engineering James Owen Chatham Winston-Salem, N. C. FJectrical Engineering Cheng-Yuan Chin laiwan, China EJectrical Engineering Soo Young Choi SeouL Korea Chemical E.ngineering fc- b. r ■ k [208] GRADUATE SCHOOL l oBERT Lawrence Christensen Lakcvievv, Mich. Agricultural Economics John Garland Clapp Raleigh, N. C Field Crops Caudell Wayne Clark Mebanc, N. C. Textile Chemistry Gilbert LeRoy Comstock Eddyville, Iowa Wood Technology Laurence Neuman Connor, Ir Barnwell, S. C. Mechanical Engineering James Lewis Covil Wilmington, N. C. Civil Engineering Robert Lewis Cowardin Lancaster, S. C. Mechanical Engineering Julian Wright Crews Brunswick, Ga. Field Crops Jo Ann Thomas Groom Raleigh, N. C. Botany |ames LIriah Crowder Asheville, N. C. Mechanical Eiigineering JAMES McKenney Cutchin, IV Whitakers, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Robert Edgar Dalton Falls Church, Va. Applied Mathematics BiMAN Das Calcutta, India Industrial Engineering Abraham Sion David Jaffo, Israel Agricultural Economics Clarence Boylan Davis Wilmington, N. C. Civil Engineering Clilver Jackson DeLoach, Jr. Pleasant Garden, N. C. Entomology Basilio Narvaes de LOS Reyes Philippines Agricultural Economics Sarin De Uriarte Bilboa, Spain Electrical Engineering [209] GRADUATE SCHOOL Jerry Bland Dickey Burlington, N. C. Geological Engineering Joseph Freeman Dickey llillbburo, N. C. Animal Industry Robert Andrew Draughn Raleigh, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Walter Donald Duckworth Athens, Tenn. Entomology Carlton Walker Duke, Jr. Norlina, N. C. Applied Mathematics Philip Duskin Dukes Reesville, S. C. Plant Pathology John Walter Dulin Mt. Pleasant, N. C. Physical Science and Applied Mathematics Magdi Mourad Elaref Sohag, Egypt Textiles Ira Joel Ellis, Jr. Saratoga, N. C. Animal Husbandry Kawther Ahmed Mohamed El-Zoghby. . . Cairo, Egypt Textiles John McLaughlin Eubanks McCain, N. C. Electrical Engineering Berkwood Malcolm Farmer Ringgold, Va. Agricultural Economics Charles Luf-sun Earn China Mechanical Engineering Fred Eugene Faulkner Asheville, N. C. Chemical Engineering Henry Lee Fisher, Jr Mt. Pleasant, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Robert Bond Fitts Asheville, N. C. Metallurgical Engineering John Edward Fletcher Zionville, N. C. Applied Mathematics Joseph A. Fox Pulaski, Miss. Plant Pathology mkM 2 iil [210] GRADUATE SCHOOL Wesley Groome Fulton, Jr High Point, N. C. Industrial Psychology Jack Allen Gardner Raleigh, N. C. Engineering Physics Horace Gatewood Winston-Salcm, N. C. Applied Mathematics I IiRENDRA Chandra Ghosh India Occupational Information and Guidance Frederick Everard Malcolm Gillham Southern Rhodesia Genetics Major Mereland Goodman Des Moines, Iowa Genetics John Graham Flushing, L. I., N. Y. Agriculture Pan Elias Gregoriou Egypt Textiles I Ierbert Warren Grubb Max Meadows, Va. Agricultural Economics Philip Edward Hamrick Boiling Springs, N. C. Engineering Physics John Paul Hardister, Jr Kannapolis, N. C. Animal Ecology Roger Noel Scarlett Harris Lusaka, Rhodesia Agricultural Economics Bruce Arthur Harrison Quitman, Ga. Entomology George Wilbur Hawkins, Jr Durham, N. C. Agricultural Ecottomics Benny Wallace Helton Hendersonville, N. C. Civil Engineering Philip Monroe Hendricks, Jr Lexington, N. C. Applied Mathematics James William Hendrix Greenville, N. C. Plant Pathology Zachary Adolphus Henry Stockbridge, Ga. Agricultural Engineering [211] GRADUATE SCHOOL Ford City, Pa. Abbeville, S. C. AuDLEY Eugene Hileman Agriciduiral Economics James Riley Hill, Jr. Animal Industry Richard Ray Hill, Jr. Youngsville, N. C. Phmt Breeding Horace Gill Hilton Delta, Utab Soils Howard Warren Hjort Medicine Lake, Montana Agricultural Economics Gerhard Ambros Hofer KlagenFurt, Austria Ceramic Engineering Robert Douglass Holmes Henderson, N. C. Engineering Mechanics Jonathan Winfield Hooks Field Crops Hanson Huang Mechanical Engineering Arthur C. Hunter Forestrv George Andrew Hurst Animal Ecology Thomas George James Nuclear Engineering Kenly, N. C. Hongkong, China Shreveport, La. Verona, N. J. Burlington, N. C. Edmund Frederick Jansen, Jr Quincy, Illinois Agricultiiral Economics Samuel Forest Jenkins, Jr. Oxford, N. C. Plant Pathology Paul Harry Jennings Garner, Mass. Horticulture Frederick Robert Jetter Hollis, N. Y. Civil Engineering Warren E. Johnston Winters, Calif. Agricultural Economics Joye Allen Jones Lenoir City, Tenn. Electrical Engineering [212] GRADUATE SCHOOL Stella Joseph Lima, Peru Applied Mathematics Nalin Vithalrao Junnarkar Bombay, India Ceramic Engineering Charlie Kaw Rangoon, Burma Textiles Faysal Said Keblawi Beirut, Lebanon Electrical Engineering Paul Landis Keyes Farm Hanover, Va. Animal Ecology Qamar V. Khan Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engineering Triloke Khosla Bombay, India Expeiimental Statistics Bob Gray Kiger Winston-Salem, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Robert Karl Kile Cleveland, Tenn. Electrical Engineering Dong Wha Kim Seoul, Korea Textiles I lo Keun Kim Seoul, Korea Nuclear Engineering Arnold Victor Kroll Canada Economics Jack Lashinsky Brooklyn, N. Y. Textiles Ray Roberts Lassiter Ahoskie, N. C. Animal Ecology Stuart Randall LeCroy Rocky Mount, N. C. Applied Mathematics I loNG SuK Lee Choona Nam, Korea Field Crops Wilson Durward Leggett, III Raleigh, N. C. Nuclear Engineering James Chia-Hung Lin Taiwan, China Genetics [213] GRADUATE SCHOOL Douglas Eugene Lingle Faith, N. C. Applied Mathematics David Jiang Liu Taiwan, China Electrical Engineering Hector Joaquin Lizarraga Bohvia Soils Paul Froneberger Long Bessemer City, N. C. Applied Mathetnatics Everett Pierce Loppacker, Jr Nutley, N. J. Civil Engineering Joseph Richard Lucas, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engineering Hector Manuel Lugo Puerto Rico Soils Sidney John Lyford, Jr. Exeter, N. H. Animal Industry William Francis McBride Danielson, Conn. Industrial Arts Benjamin Thomas McDaniel Pickens, S. C. Animal Industry Ralph Donald McNeely Drexel, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Syed Hamid Mahmood Pakistan Entomology Jean-more R. Manoha Paris, France Physics Jean-Bernard Antoine Martignoni Marseille, France Nuclear Engineering Gene Arthur Mathia Anderson, Mo. Agricidtural Economics Joseph Carson Matthews, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Agricultural Economics Tadashi Miki Tokyo, Japan Chemistry Norman Staley Mills Apex, N. C. Occupational Information and Guidance [214] GRADUATE SCHOOL Lawrence Albright Mink Raleigh, N. C. Engineering Everett Royal Mitchell Itasca, Texas Entomology Seung Gyu Moon Iri City, Korea Rural Sociology Sheppard Neal Moore New Bern, N. C. Agricultural Economics David Humphreys Moreau Natchez, Miss. Civil Engineering Clair Edward Morris, Jr. Columbia, N. C. Agricultziral Economics Arwooth Nalampang Lampang, Thailand Agriculture Kenneth Edward Nichols Charleston, S. C. Chemical Engineering John Wayne Nixon Raleigh, N. C. Agricultural Economics Fritz Hermann Ernst Oertel, Jr. New York, N. Y. Mechanical Engineering Pedro Raul Onoro-cerra Barranquilla, Colombia Experimental Statistics Marcelo Macabiog Orense Manila, Philippines Experimental Statistics Donald Eugene Otterby Sioux Falls, S. Dak. Animal Industry Gordan Norman Owen, Jr Netherlands, West Indies Civil Engineering Lolita Rivera Pamatmat, Mrs Philippines Agricultural Economics |ames Franklin Parnell Timmonsville, S. C. Agricultural Economics Naranbhai Madhavbhai Patel India Textiles Ramjibhat Madhavbhat Patel India Experimental Station [215] GRADUATE SCHOOL John Robert Paul Lansing, Michigan Zoology Lalji Jayantilal Pavagiadhi Bombav, India Mechanical Engineering, Joseph Tatem Pearson Raleigh. N. C. Mechanical Engineering Paul David Peterson Leaksville, N. C. Applied Mathematics Marion Ronald Poole Thomasville, N. C. Civil Engineering Frank M. Porter College Park, Maryland Plant Pathology I! UGH Arthur Poston Canton, N. C. Animal Industry Harry Lothrop Povve Raleigh, N. C. Animal Ecology I Iardie Lee Richards Veka, Texas Animal Indiistry Richard Harvey Richardson Mexia, Texas Field Crops James Hall Roberds Garden City, Ga. Forestry Management Montri Rumako.m Thailand Entomology Surinder Kumar Sabhikhi Delhi, India Textiles Abdus Samad East Pakistan Experimental Slatistia James Donald Samuels High Point, N. C. Civil Engineering Frank D. Sargent Concord, N. H. Animal Industry Jerry Albert Sawyer New Bern, N. C. Applied Mathematics Leroy Charles Saylor Cedar Rapids, Iowa Genetics J t [216] GRADUATE SCHOOL Paul Eugene Scarborough, Jr. Statesvillc, N. C. Engineering I Ienry Elkin Schaffer Yorktovvn Heights, N. Y. Genetics Basri Sezer Surmeme, Turkey ( eramic Engineering Achilles George Sficas Arta, Greece Field Crops Maqbool Ilahi Shaikh ' Pakistan Textiles William N. Shabpe Fuquav. N. C. Mechanical Engineering John B. Shuler Civil Engineering Raymond Hing-Yan Shum Nuclear Engineering Atanacio Alibuyog Simon Agriculture Columbia, S. C. Hong Kong Philippines Richard Frederick Smale, III Pottstovvn, Pa. Nuclear Engineering D0NA1.D Erskine Smith Florence, Ala. Forest Management Noel Milton Smith Houston, Texas Textiles Roger Horace Smith Yakima. Washington Genetics Robert Franklin Soots, Jr Midland, N. C. Recreation Carroll Junior Southards Raleigh, l . C. Horticulture David Warren Stallings Thomasvilic, N. C. Mechanical Engineering William Daniel Stanley Bladenboro, N. C. Electrical Engineering Raphael John Steinhoff LaCrosse, Wis. Forestry [217] GRADUATE SCHOOL Robert Lawrence Stevens Winston-Salem, N. C. Applied Mathematics Samuel Scott Stevens Swannanoa, N. C. Electrical Engineering John Frederick Swanson Raleigh, N. C. Applied Mathematics Floyd Blue Sweet Laurinburg, N. C. Textiles KiNGSLEY Arter Taft, Jr. Columbus, Ohio Forestry Management Abdelfattah Mahmoud Taher Egypt Textiles David Boyce Teague Granite Falls, N. C. Applied Mathematics Mitchell Howard Thomas, Jr. Mullins, S. C. Plant Pathology Loren Jay ' Tibbitts Sacramento, Calif. Industi ' ial Engineering Michael Glen Timko Harrington, Delaware Forestry Management Robert William Toler DeWitt, Ark. Plant Pnlhnlogy Fred Toney, Jr. Mooresboro, N. C. Applied Mathematics Wallace Lee Trent Kernersville, N. C. Agriculture Samuel Guy Turnipseed Moravian Falls, N. C. Entomology Oktay ' Ural Turkey Civil Engineering Demetrios Antonios Vasiliadis Salonika, Greece Plant Pathology Clas M. Von-Ramm CJerman)- Plant Pathology Manohar Raghunath Wanjaei Nagpur, India Genetics [218] GRADUATE SCHOOL hi gk. James Elwyn Watson, Jr. Red Sprinos, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Charles Donald Webb Clearw;itcr, I ' lorida Foreit Management John Tunstall Welch Oxford, N. C. Applied M(ilhe)natii " Sambas Wirakusumah Bandung, Indonesia Wood Technology James Oliver Wise Marion, N. C. Agricultural Economics Betty Hutchinson Wiser Raleigh, N. C. Rural Sociology Robert McFarland Woodside Staunton, Virginia Applied Mathematics Charles Owen Woody, Jr. Somer ille, Tennessee Animal Industry Shung Jun Yang Taiwan. China Field Crops David Dhun Tao Yao Hong Kong Textiles Stevie Mike Yionoulis Raleigh, N. C. Applied Mathematics Mohamed Abdel Halim Zaki Egypt Agricidtural Economics Mohamed Gamal Zaslouk ERvpt Nuclear Engineering 1219] V ! } ATHLETICS MONOGRAM CLUB OFFICERS Bob Adams President Tom Michaels Vice-President Joyce Meares Secretary Marie Thomas Treasurer The purposes of the Monogram Club are to recognize through a student organization those men who have earned a monogram, in accordance with the regulations oF N. C. State College; to foster good fellowship among monogram winners; to pro- mote a high standard of intercollegiate athletics and the spirit in which they are conducted; and to encourage ideals of good sportsmanship among athletes and spectators in the best interest of North Carolina State College. [222] ALL-AMERICAN ROMAN GABRIEL Coach Earle Edwards % . L FOOTBALL State Quarterback Roman Gabriel was selected to the FWAA, FCAA, and Look Magazine ' s All-American Teams this past season. A look into his record explains why he was such a popular choice. He was one of five players in major college football this year to compile more than 50% of his team ' s total of- fense. Gabriel personally accounted for 1356 yards of N. C. State ' s 2539 yards gained total offense, which per- sonally made him responsible for 53.5% of the Wolfpack ' s attack. Gabriel passed or ran for 15 of State ' s last 17 touch- downs. Passing nine and scoring six. he was responsible for 92 of State ' s 148 points. He completed 105 of 186 passing attempts for 56.5% this year. Roman was also the most accurate passer in the NCAA ' s 1959 listing of the top 25 passers with a 60.4 completion percentage. His amazing feats on the playing field in addition to his con- duct on the campus make Roman Gabriel a true All- -American. i M John (Iolden Skip Matthews rTni Swi Raniri RooKn MooHi BlLl. McC LAIN Itarrell hiicks the center cj M ' Vs line. State 29 VPI 14 The Wolfpack, playing errorless football, launched its I960 season with a victory o ' er Virginia Tech. Gabriel ' s passing performance ( 13 lor 20) lor 122 yards and junior Al Taylor ' s running led the way to an impressi e State win. However, a decision was not reached until the final period when a 63 ard dri e clima.ved by Taylor going o ' er from the fi ' e, and Jim D ' Antonio ' s return ol a pass interception for the fourth TD provided State its winning margin. Taylor giiins yiirdage iii ainil Gnhhlers. GahrieJ sends Hctrrell foy Carolina end. State 3 Carolina The underdog State College team, with determination and intestinal fortitude, top pled the high-ranked Tarheels. Carolina ball handlers had difficulty hanging onto the pigskin due to State ' s solid defense and bone jarring tackles. Alert Wolfpackers re- covered UNC fumbles and picked off their poor passes at ease to keep the Tarheels out of the end zone. State ' s three points came early in the third period on a field goal by Jake Shaffer from the Carolina 21. State ' s GahrieJ starts around Tarheel defense on a play which placed State mthin field goal range. Walt Kudryan Jim D ' Antonio Bill Harden Ir. LrJ Al Taylor John Gill X ._rJ Bert Wildeb rr. Tom Dellinger Jh| Bill Hill Co-Captain Nick Maravick CoLLicE Moore Hanell breaks loose for big yardage aginst the Cni ' n iers. State 26 Virginia 7 The scoring of State ' s quarterback Roman Gabriel and bis superior passing earned the Wolfpack tour touchdowns and handed tlic isitint; Ca ahers their 20th consecu- tive loss on Homecoming Day at State College. Gabriel stored twice horn the one yard line and passed to George Vollmar and Claude Gibson to account for State ' s other scores. George Vollmar hauls iu the pigskin for the fourth Slate TD. Gihson got it!!! State 13 Maryland 10 The Terrapins tasted defeat at the hands of the Gabriel-led attack of the Wolfpack in a bitterly fought contest. In the final result the strong offense and defense of the ' Pack was too much for the tiring Terps. In the scoring column, Gabe tossed to Morris for a TD after a Marj land field goal in the second period. In the final period, a blocked kick was recovered in the State end zone for a Terrapin touchdown. State demon- strated its power by coming back and marching 68 yards in 8 plays for the winning score. John Stajitoii rolls around Maryland ' s end to pick up important yardage for State. T Harry Puckett M ' -ir Tom Avent Alex Gillespie Co-Captain Gr. ham Singleton Mike Clark Jim Fitzgerald Collice Moore leLi h way on off-tackle play. Bob Wolfer State 13 Duke 17 John Stanton John Morius Ron Wojcicki State received its First defeat of the season at the hands of Duke LIni •ersitv in a game which was so close tliai it could ha e t;onc cithei way. 1 he Blue De ' i]s gained their ictory late in the final period when State nuilled its final scoring opportunity. A consistent and well-balanced attack hv Duke was the deciding factor. State, although defeated, was not outplayed in the contest. .As in ]xisi Duke-State games the statistics and records were meaningless. Ready . Aim Gabe shows AU-American riiwiing form. State 20 Miss. Southern 17 State knocked Mississippi Southern From the undeFeated ranks behind the strong arm oF Roman Ciahriel. Gabe passed For two TD ' s and ran For a tbird in the First halF. In the second halF, Gabriel ' s passing was hampered as Miss. Southern ' s deFense tightened, but the damage was already done. State ' s First score came on a 27 yard pass From Gabriel to Vollmar in the end zone. An 18 yard pass to Gibson and a 20 yard pass to John Morris preceded a one yard plunge by Gabriel for the second score. The third State score came after Five straight pass completions, the last oF which went to tackle CoUice Moore for the score. Linebncker ]ivi Fitzsernlil mm ' es in tn Imit Maryland hack. George Vollmar M _ rj Dennis Kroll iki. . Gerry Mancini Ron Krall Walt Kudrvan u - ., Kent Morton t ' ut Dick Reynolds Jim Tapp Ed France Jake Shaffer k tiiiJiuy naned lunis lu vecene lojig ueriai. State UCLA 7 All-American Roman Gabriel and company played a strong offcnsi c and defensi e game but UCLA ' s star-studded team, led by All American Bill Kilmar, proved too much for the visiting ' Pack. State 14 Wake Forest 12 State dominated the first half . . . rolling up a 14 point margin and gaining tre- mendous yardage both on the ground and in the air. Wake Forest ' s Norman Snead gave State a scare in the second half by leading his team to two touchdowns. Wake ' s inability to capitalize on their conversions gave the ' Pack its sixth win. Gibson delivers jarring blow to pass receiver. Ed France ont-spiinti lieipeiate defender. State - - - - 22 Arizona State 25 N. C. State College fumbles and a fired up Arizona State team handed the Wolf- pack its third defeat of the season. A field goal by the Sun Devils ' Norman Jones UTth less than two minutes to play pro ided the winning margin. State 8 use 8 The injury to Gabriel during the early minutes of the game weakened the offen sive punch of the Wolfpack. An otherwise powerful State team was unable to give fourteen Seniors plaving the final game anvthing greater than a tie. Taylor hauls in piiut ciiul prepares for return. i Randy Harrell Roman Gabriel Claude Gibson Jack Schaffer BASKETBALL RESULTS State 88 Sou. Illinois 69 State 88 Geo. Washington 68 State . , 70 Clemson 67 State 88 The Citadel 71 State 67 Wake Forest 68 State 82 Georgia Tech 76 State . 71 LaSalle Dixie Classic 68 State 63 Villanova 72 State 72 Maryland 67 State 99 Wake Forest 91 State 91 Virginia 71 State 67 Duke 81 State 66 Wake Forest 76 State . 66 North Carolina 97 State . ..57 Maryland .. 75 State 106 South Carolina 79 State 91 Virginia 58 State 78 West Virginia 86 State 61 Duke 59 State . 83 Maryland 66 State . 56 North Carolina 62 State 97 Clemson 84 State . 63 South Carolina 52 State 78 Villanova 65 State The ACC TOUKNAMENT 78 South Carolina The home of some of the best haskethall in the country— Reynold ' s CoJi ' euvi, . . . 80 M Coach Lvlhlii Lasl Captain Stan Niewierowski Forward Russ Marvel Forward Jim XA ' hitfield Forward Anton Muehlbauer Guard [233] Dutch fakes and drives around opponent. HPi 8 Nieifieroii ' sfei ii(s for two ngciiiist Caroliua. Ken Rohloff leads the fast break rluch has proved to be State ' s most vahiahic weapon. [234] Russ Marvel rehoittnis iiitriui the Ottke game. Denny Lutz Guard Bob McCann Guard Bruce Hoadley fnrwavtl [235] J H K l I H ' fl 1 K Amjk 1 ' ' h ' I t fl ]on Speaks tahe a jiitup liol a dli sf The Citndel. ! Imuiley fakes nut l NC ' s Dong loc and jumps high to score. State started this year ' s basketball season knowing that they had a potentially powerful ball club. I he only ques tion to be answered was whether Coach E ' erett Case could mold his pla ■ers into a precision, machine-like or- ganization. The ' Pack soon answered this tjiiestion as they handily conquered their first four opponents. After a slight mid-season slump, they rallied forcefully to upset a very strong Duke team and a powerful Maryland five. Although we could not boast of an undefeated season, we can proudly say that our ' olfpack was a team that com- manded the respect of all its op[X)nents. [236] Ken Rohloff shows the ball handling ability which made him one of the outstanding sophomores in the ACC. Terry Litchfield Fonvard Bob DiStefano Center Dan Wherry Forward [237] r4£ le ■.Moose " DiStefaiw c iimi.xes Muehlbauer n;d Whitfield fight for a rebound against UNC. Jon Speaks Ciuird l a fast break uith a lay iip. Stan goes high to score over Wake Forest ' s hen Chapell. John Punger Forward Mn ' y—y --, ' - -j— 1-pj Row One; Soyal, delCarmen, Artinano, Nelson, Gibson, Rivadene ' ra f ll f H IX ° ' " " - Kelly, Uskup, Balta, Tarim, Porras, Platschelc, Hamedani - ' Row Three: Gokcen (Mgr.), Carey, Hintz, Maheras, Broughton, Hafer (Capt.), Ankurs, Barnes, Leonhardt CCoach) RESULTS State 1 Fort Bragg 4 State Fort Bragg 4 State 1 Maryland 7 State 1 Lynchburg 4 State 4 Pfeiffer 5 State 2 Norfolk Naxal 3 State 2 Washington and Lee 6 State 2 Duke 2 State 1 Virginia . . 2 State 1 UNC 5 State Da idion 2 Row One: Watscin. ISucluinaii. Siiiinmns. Ha as, Junckcr, Oliver, Barnes Row Two: Rcynolils. Whitt, C.ibsmi. laci er. Mitclioll, Saint Clair, Cook, Ward WRESTLING RESULTS State 5 The Citadel 29 State Maryland 36 State 5 Virginia 20 State 15 Pfeiffer 11 State 13 UNC 19 Results una ailable at printing Washington and Lee i:)uke !Ja ' idson Pfeiffer ACC Tourney Carolina AAU SWIMMING Cutter, Fogarasy, D ' Anna, Utlcox Spencer, Ellis State 56 State 58 State 63 State 54 State 40 State 55 State 48 State 35 RESULTS Maryland 39 Duke 36 Wake Forest 31 Pitt 41 Sou. Illinois 55 Virginia 29 Florida 47 UNC 60 The two top teams in Atlantic Coast Conference swimming a year ago, Maryland and State, opened their 1960-61 seasons at State, Deceinber 3, in what was one of the standout dual swimming meets of the year. The Terps outswam the Wolfpack last year, 62-33, to hand State its only loss of the season. Maryland finished 7-0 in the ACC and 11-1 overall, while State ended 6-1 and 7-1. This time the tables were turned and State emerged the victor 56-39. Coach Willis Casey calls this his strongest Wolf- pack team in five years, headed by A AU record- breaker Peter Fogarasy, who set a new American record of 2:38.8 in the 200-meter breaststroke last year as a freshman, and Jim D ' Anna, the ACC champion in the 100-yard butterfly. Sophomores Ed Spencer and Smokey Ellis have been big jxiint- getters in the butterfK and free style events respec- ti ' ely. State ended the season as Tri-Champions of the ACC, v ' ith a 6-2 record. -tittr ' tttTA [242] Row One: Casey (Coach), Morrow, Coble, l Anna, Wilcox, Jones Row Two: Duke, Cutter, Spencer, Fogarasy, Ellis, Taylor, Nauss COBLB [243] BASEBALL State 2 State 5 State 7 State 1 State 2 State 5 State 3 State 1 State 16 State 6 State 5 State 1 5 State 2 State 13 State 10 State 4 State 8 State 8 State. . . State 8 1960 RESULTS Dartmouth 3 Dartmouth ( ' HampdcnSydney 10 Miehigan State - Yale 1 Princeton 1 Maryland 11 Duke 4 Wake Forest . 4 South Carolina 5 Clemson ... Virginia 4 North Carolina 7 Virginia 6 Maryland , . 4 Duke 5 South Carolina 2 Clemson .7 North Carolina 1 Wake Forest 2 i ei ' ; t ' .scores ;or Siale Row One; Green, Ne ' ille, Carruthers, Gibsdii Row Two: Strickland, Edwards, Deese. Caublc, Perry [244] ciuuu Strickhtinl spiiuli lu heal out a iiicniuder. Htule s jirsi bii ciihiii prcpi:ic!, lu lag o-ut Thike rutitier. Gibson shows outstanding form which luaile him one of State ' s great pitchers. North Carolina State, who went down to the wire for the Atlantic Coach Conference baseball championship in 1960, will play a 20-ganie baseball schedule this sjiiint;. Coach Vic Sorrell ' s Wolfpack will play six non conference op- ponents by April 3, before playing 13 straight conference games in a bid to capture the VVolfpack ' s first Atlantic Coast Conference baseball title. Sorrell will be starting his 16th season as Wolfpack coach with his two top pitchers of last year returning in loci Gibson and Wilson Carruthers. These two right-handers won 10 of the 12 Wolfpack ' ictories in 1960. Other lettermen back are catcher and outfielder Adgar Ray Perry, shortstop Wayne Edwards, second baseman Vernon Strickland, and centerfielder Barry Cauble. Some standouts from the fresh- man team, which won the Big Four Freshman title last year, and se ' eral players from the football team, should strengthen the 1961 Wolfpack. [245] 3 ..,:M -m m : ... : ,y h - - Row One; Cope, Yokley, Bovvers, Derr (Coach), Hoomani. BloiidHdrth. Stradley Row Two: Blanchard, Smith, Joyner, Martin, Golden, Vollmar Row Three: Little (Asst. Coach). Wilson, Jenkins, Burton, Davis, Finchcr, W ' acters, Shea (Asst. Coach) State ' s Polevmihcr goes over the mark during a prnctice session. TRACK Stale State State State Statt State State 55 99 29 29 1960 RESULTS Clcmson East Carolina Virginia South Carolina 44 1 4 Duke 50 1 2 Xorth Carolina 79 Wake Forest 76 32 60 2 3 73 1 3 83 3, ' 4 80 1 2 52 [246] 1 i %m " jlJ •. k | fl jp " ( 8TATI% 1 IH II l l lfc ] m Tyson and Butch Blancharcl vork out arouiul Sttite ' s Coliseiir State ' s trackman strains for extra distance in hroad jump event. ]ohn Davis sprints for the finish line. Deficient funds caused Hank Hoomani, outstanding ACC Sprinter, to miss Olympics. CROSS COUNTRY RESULTS State 58 Duke 21 ' ake Forest 65 State 15 ' iiyinia 45 State 47 UNC 15 State 36 USC 29 Clcmson State 55 Man land 55 State Meet: UNC 27, Duke 57, Da icls n 81, Catawba 85, State 105, AtLintic Christian 199, IVmhmke 203. ACC Meet: Ui C 25, Maivland 38, Duke 61, State 120, Viii inia 144. .i - RIFLE TEAM 1 he N ' arsitv RiTli ' I cam is comprised of outstamlinv; mem- bers oF the Air loree and Army RO ' I C. I he team is a rela- ti el new grt)up since it has onl heen in existence for four ears. This youngncss, however, has not hampered the team which has produced excellent records. Top right: Cnach George Oaklfv and Captain Tom Buchanan Bottom right: Sharpshooters ' i iam Reynolds and Kirby Russell, James Simpson Row One: James Simpson, Clifton Cook, Scott McRae, Tom Buchanan, Manvel Hernandez Row Two: John Foy, Bill Thorn, Bill Re nolds, Kirb ' Russell, Robert Pindell, V ' ayne Mabe (absent from picture Bill Herr and Charles Batcheldcr) [249] Row One: Skidmore, Spence, Facltcn Row Two: Hart, Jacobs. Saigal, Kenfield (coach) lENNIS I960 RESULTS State 1 C.enrt;e Washington 7 State S Ohio Wesleyan 4 State T MIT State 8 South Carolina i State 9 East Carolina State 6 Da ' idson 3 State 4 Indiana 5 State 1 Indiana 7 State 3 Pcnnsyhania 6 State 3 Mar land 6 State 1 LI.NC 8 State . . 6 Clemson 3 State . 6 Virginia 3 State Duke 9 State 9 Fort Eusris }im Spence volleys for State GOLF 1960 RESULTS State 19 Daxidson 8 State 8.5 UNO 18.5 State , , 26.5 MIT .5 State 11.5 Marvland 15.5 State . . 18.5 Virt;inia 8.5 State 1.5 Uuke 28.5 State 11.5 Clemson 15.5 State 11 use 16 State (i Wake Forest 21 State 11 l3a ' idson 16 Charles Stune. Bob Smith, David McCombs, Jimmy York, George Dunlap, John Kenhour [251] samm MAP ORICKTATION ■. v,-r- mmir ' •, -MT |B B WL J nJ 3 |S ■I ' v ■ flB ■ B H M j Mf ' fV ' • ' w ( 4 » ♦A 1 ' " ; ' r MILITARY Lt. Col. John K. Roberts, Jr. Lt. Col. V ' ilford L. Willey Major Joseph W. Jenkins Lt. Col. Donald J. McGurk Major Edwin M. Reid Major Oliver M. Smith Capt. Max A. Craig Capt. Ruth M. Isham ARMY Colonel Lauren W. Merhiam Professor of Military Science The Army ROTC has as its purpose, the training of stu- dents for position of leadership in the Army in time of na- tional emergency. ITie successful completion of a four-year .Army ROTC course leads to a commission as a second lieu- tenant in the Army reserve. In the classroom, emphasis is placed on gi ing the pros- pectixe officer a general backgrtiund knowledge of mili tary subjects and acti ities essential to all the branches of the Army. Ma.ximum effort is made to arouse the student ' s in- terest through the use of weapons, training films, practical exercises, and models. Drill and chain of command facilitate de ' clopment of those characteristics of leadership such as self-confidence, initiative, loyalty, and the ability to think clearly, make wise decisions and inspire others to work for the success of any endeavor. M ScT. Thomas J. Denton M Sgt. Rollins H. Nash SFC Orville L. Hegwood SFC Kenneth R. Hunichen SFC Charles L. Jones S Sgt. George H. Oakley, Jr. SFC Robert W. Ollenberger SFC William L. Wingate SP5 Robert J. Lamee Sgt. Hill H. Sims [254] Lt. Col. Samuel C. Matthews Executive Officer Major Venable B. Burwell P.I.O. Major Charles R. Vaughn S-1 Major (ohn C. Overton, Jr. S-2 Major Alvin D. Hooper S-3 Major Edward H. Langston, Jr. Colonel Daniel L. Whiteside Brigade Commander BRIGADE STAFF Miss Alice Stewart For the Brigade Con]i}iaiider The Brigade Staff in the inaugural parade. [255] ' ' ' » 1 1 1 r ' B B «. 9a: Lt. Col. Stephen S. Koszewski. Jr. Battle Group Commander Capt. W. David MrLLER Group S-4 Mrs. Stephen S. Koszewski For the Battle Grmip Commander FIRST BATTLE GROUP Capt. Joseph A. Capt. Lewis R. Capt. William C HUGGINS Cabe Abernethy Group S-1 Group S-2 Group S-3 Armor " • upportiuii tiw niurchhiii fiOFC ' cadcls The ininutil iMiJiturv Bull Mrs. J. L. Boyland For the Company A COMPANY 2nd Lt. Fred A. Barnette, Jr. M Sgt. Frank D. McMillan 2nd Lt. James L. Boyland M Sgt. Thomas E. McCall, Jr. 2nd Lt. Homer L. Biggers, Jr. M Sgt. Roger E. Collins Maj. Joseph R, White, Jh. Company Commander C ' apt. Richard F. Bethune Executive Officer John D. Mock, Jr. J St Sergeant aHi_i| i jf|S| ' " Zi fiiLt ' " :;j«i Maj. Glenn B. Talbert Company Commander Capt. Albert R. Kiser Executive Officer Ronald L. Boger J St Sergeant Jm ' Miss Rona Jane Mauldin Sponsor B COMPANY 2nd Lt. James H. Brakebill. Ill M Sgt. David P. Whitesides 2nd Lt. James S. Browning M Sgt. John A. Kimball, Jr. 2nd Lt. Jerry B. Fitts M Sgt. Robert N. Garner c COMPANY Maj. Jimmy R. Hastings Company Commander Capt. Jan C. Gates Executive Officer George W. Harrison, Jr. 1st Sergeant 2nd Lt. Daniel S. Davis, Jr. M Sgt. Freddy A. Hewitt 2nd Lt. William E. Coutouzis M Sgt. William L. McLeod, Jr. 2nd Lt. Charles E. Colson M Sgt. Richard Williamson «llillirfwinw«i I ' Ml ' ppiri Maj. David W. Fanslhk Company Commander D COMPANY Capt. Larry M. Faust Executive Officer Horace G. Corbett 1st Sergeant 2nd Lt. Jerry A. Edwards M ScT. Orson L. McC ' otter 2nd Lt. Howard L Ellis, Jr. l Sgi. John 15. I Iarrison 2nd Lt. 1U)bert E. Gagnon M Sgt. Edward N. Tolson Lt. Col. John A. Edmondson Battle Group Commander SECOND BATTLE GROUP Major Lucius H. Capt. Billy W. Capt. William E I5racey, Jr. Carter Evans Exccu five Officer Group S-1 Group S-2 Capt. Robert J. C:. pt. Wade T, Smith Mills Group S-3 Group S-4 I nspcctjnn iji Reynolds Golisevtn Mrs. John A. Edmondson For the Battle Grmip Govimander Conipaur A nuirching on Faycttcvitle Street Maj. John R. Sherrill Company Commander Capt. Robert V. C. Giersch Executive Officer Gerald ' . Kriegel J St Sergeant Miss Sally Bruce Sponsor A COMPANY 2nd Lt. Stanley S. Givetz M Sgt. Walter G. Hicks 2nd Lt. Thomas S. Green I S(;i. Michael C. Lee 2nd Lt. Augustus S. Hall M ScT. James P. Oppenheim B COMPANY Maj. James T. Spence Company Commander Capt. William W. Hopper Executive Officer Preston E. Simmons 1st Sergeant M ScT. James E. Peterson 2nd Lt. Richard G. Hubbard M Sgt. Robert V. Georgiou 2nd Lt. Kelly F. Hawkins M Sgt. Milton F. Spain Maj. Larry D. Bordeaux Company Coviuiaiider C APT. James W. Keistler, Jr. Executive Officer Mrs. Larry D. Bordeaux Sponsor c COMPANY 2nd Lt. Robert H. Lasseter NL ' Sc.T. Carl F. Mills 2nd Lt. Allen N. James l Sc.t. James O. Groce 2nd Lt. Philip N. Jacobs 1 Sot. Leonard C. McRee iMlSS nNH MoUCAN 1 li.AI II Sponsor D COMPANY 2nd Lt. James C Leonard, III M Sgt. James P. Caldwell. Jr. 2nd Lt. Dennis F. Lefflek M Sgt. James C. Lloyd 2xD Lt. James G. Miller M Sgt. Henry D. Hinson .Maj. John H. Hardage Company Comwander Capt. Benjamin G. Lee E. ' ?ciif)re Ojficer Charles F. Jones 1st Sergeant OHM n THIRD BATTLE GROUP Lt. Col. Paul A. Romeo Battle Grmip Commander Maj. Robert V ' . Roach Capt. James R. Curhie Capt. Robert D. Lee Executix ' e Officer Group S-1 Group S-3 Capt. Michael W. Wilkinson Group S-4 The dniins of the Dritiii and Bii lc Corps spell out " State. ' Miss Bett ' Lou Kennedy For the Battle Group Commander The precision marching of the " PR ' s. " m iMiss Judy Brinkley Sponsor A COMPANY 2nd Lt. Wiley J. Osborne M Sgt. Jerky D. Huffman 2nd Lt. Harry E. Mullis M Sgt. Paul L. Bailey, Jr. 2nd Lt. John A. Oxford M Sgt. Lawrence G. McDougal M- j. Charles D. McAIahon Company Commander C ' apt. W. O. Morrison, Jr. Executive Officer .Marvin G. Hu ks 1st Sergeant ' . " ' jA ' .Va-- ► " ' ' ' fe " -M J. J .MES R. RtVNOI.DS Conipauy Comtumuicr Capt. Heath F. Reinharut Executive Officer ' aul W. Brant 1st Sergeant Miss Marian Cheek Sponsor B COMPANY 2nd Lt. ' illiam W. Page " M Sgt. John P. Kennett 2Nn It. Michael H. Prendergast M ScT. Paul T. Grimes 2nd Lt. Samull L. I ' ori ik. Jr. . I Sgt. Robert F. Gray c COMPANY iMaj, Earl J. Phillips Company Commander Capt. Milton S. Starnes Executive Officer Richard A. Heustess 2 St Sergeant 2nd Lt. Robert E. Rosensteel M Sgt. James N. Hill 2nd Lt. Charles J. Russell M Sgt. V ' atson iM. Garrison, Jr. 2nu Lt. John G. Scott L ' SGT. Thomas C. Robinson, Jr. l. j. John Buoughton. II (ompciny Coiinnaiiiler Capt. James A. Brame Executive Officer f ' : SSS£i k; . Hubert M. Collins 1st Sergeant Miss Sarah Ward Sponsor D COMPANY 2nd Lt. Gerald B. White M Sgt. Jack L. Hawkins 2nd Lt. William J. Summey M ScT. George B. Taylor 2nd Lt. |i luiv (). Williams A1 Sgt. James H. Entrekin ARMY SFC A. W. Adams SFC F. M. Alligood M ScT. A.M. Bac.ullv F. D. BiGGAR F. W. BoELT SFC M. J. Campbell SFC W. C. Carpenter SFCA. M.Chedester SFC P. G. Conner SFC R. A. Crowell SgT. iM. JOR W. B. CUMMINGS SFC G. M. Earle SFC R. W. Emmrich SFC R. M. Freeland M Sgt. D. A. Fuller SFC B. F. G.A.FFNEV SFC T. C. Harrelson SFC S. H. ISLER SFC W. M. Jackson SFC R. F. Jones SFC A. JUBENVILLE SFC J. M. Leatherwood SFC D. E. McCoMBs W . D. McGlohon SFC V. H. iMcSwAiN SFC M. S. Margolis SFC H. A. Matthews SFC C. J. Moore, Jr. SFC R. E. Nelson SFC T. N. Nunalee M Sgt. J. a. Parker, Jr. M Sgt. G. B. Pendergraft SFC C. B. Pollock SFC J. P. Sandifer SFC R. E. Shepherd SFC R. K. Smith, Jr. N. A. Stegall H. D. Stroupe SFC R. A. Sullivan B. L. Thomas SFC L. F. Thompson SFC L. S. Whatley SFC R. S. V ' iNTON SFC L. G. Wright [271] Capt. C. U. McMaiion Commander SCABBARD AND BLADE 2ni) Lt. V ' . O. Maiiks ht Sgl. Lt. Col. S. C Matthews Executive Officer Bagully BOGER BRAKEBII-r. Cabe Carter Emmricii Gaffney Gardner Garrison Hasson Hawkins Heustess Hewiti Hill Jones Kendall Leatherwood Lee McCali. McCoMiis McRee Mitchell Oppenheim Overton Parker HiiiNiiAnnr Richardson Roach Sandifer Smart itfp Stroupe Thomas WiNTON PERSHING RIFLES compantv- l Fourth Regiment Organized in 1953 Capt. James B. Jones, Coiiiwaude P 1st Lt. Marvin R. Richardson Executive Officer Larry C. Baucom Sgt. William C. Brown George A. Coppedge Joel A. Dermid Sgt. Arthur E. Dumont. Jr. Charles E. Dunning DoLSEY H. Fish SFC John O. Gaither Ben T. Gravely John B. Gray, Jr. 2nd Lt. Preston L. Hasson 2nd Lt. Richard F. Hill M Sgt. Jack P. Jordan Carlisle R. King, Jr. Bruce L. Lockemer James E. Long Robert L. Martin, Jr. 2nd Lt. Barre L. Mitchell Sgt. Charles J. Moore, Jr. Ralph D. Mor etz, Jr. Raymond D. Phillips 1st Sgt. Henry H. Shelton Raymond C. Staton, Jr. John G. Stevens Carl E. Taylor, Jr. Robert H. Upchurch Arthur F. Vann Nostrand Elwood G. Warren, Jr. Miss Carol Hendrix Sponsor [273] Lt. Col. Junius O. Baker, Jr. Battalimi Comnuinder jMaj. Charles L. Sanderson Executive Officer Capt. ' orth a. Kendall S-1 Capt. James F. Bodie Capt. Arthur E. S-3 Re ' nolds, III S-4 Capt. William L. Herr S-2 Capt. Thomas L. Jones P.I.O. COMMAND AND CONTROL DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS [2741 DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS STAFF ARMY RIFLE TEAM Major Emc E. Smart— Capt. ' illiam S. Lassiter 2nd Lt. William O. Marks— 1st Sgt. Winston T. Shearon, Jr. COLOR GUARDS Sgt. Conley N. Mangum S Sgt. Kermit J. Stancil Sgt. Van T. Harris Sgt. David E. Stadler T Sgt. Carl E. Edwards, Jr. T Sgt. James A. Brady, Jr. T Sgt. Barry- L. Anderson, Jr. M Sgt. Roy S. Cavanaugh, Jr. [275] liie iiOTC Hand IS coiitpubeU uj cudel fium the Ann) und An luvce inul piuiidcy, ininclinig tnusic for parades and Brigade and Wing inspections. ROTC BAND MILITARY BALL ASSOCIATION Row One: Capt. W . O. Morrison, Jr., Capt. ]. B. Jones, Major W. K. Whichard, Jr., Capt. C. D. McMahon Row Two: 2ncl Lt. P. L. Hasson.Capt. V. B. Burvvell. Lt. Ci.l. L. T.Thomas. Ill, Capt. M. R. Richardson, M Sgt. G. N. Moore, M Sgt. J. P. Jordan [276] Major Allan C. Hathcock Commander Capt. ' illiAim F. Fulcher Executive Officer 1st Lt. John AI. Thigpen Operations Officer 1st Lt. Herbert R. Hoove] Adjutant Recorder ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY Row One: Arnold, Banks, Barbot, Barnes, Blake, Brown, Bryson, Byrd, J. W. Carpenter Row Two: N. M. Carpenter, Catherwood, Cox, Crawford, Dalton, Davis, Duncan, Foushee, Franklin Row Three: Gardner, Hall, Home, Howell, Humphrey, Joyner, Lucas, Meade, Perry- Row Four: Philbrick. Procter. Sanford, Sessoms, Smith, Turner, V Tiichard, Wiseman, Youni [277] AIR FORCE CADRE The Air Force looks to its ROTC program for many oF its future leaders. The basic course pro ides students with an under- standing of fundamental military discipline and organi- zation. In addition, it provides a basic knowledge of the air age and the influence of Air Power on World Affairs— knowl- edge which is essential for good citizenship, civilian or military, in today ' s world. The Advanced Course for selected and volunteer jun- iors and seniors provides more intensive academic and leadership training to quality graduates for commissions and acti ' e duty. Throughout the entire AFROTC course a primary ob- jective is to develop in students qualities of leadership and the ability to communicate effectively. These are keys to success in either military or civilian careers. CoLONiL Robert C. Paul Professor of Air Science Lt. Col. Emmett H. Miller, Jr. Maj. Maynard C. cusworth Capt. Charles W. Rowan Maj. Earl R. Dickey Capt. Gerald L. Waterman Capt. Kendall G. LOBCH Maj. Tommy Cobb Capt. Claude R. Rowell Capt. William S. Clarke T Sgt. Robert T Sgt. Joseph T Sgt. Robert L. Ostrand S. Douglas, Jr. Hall S Sgt. James A. A 1CDonJ. Whetstone Helsabeck [278] AIR FORCE CADET STAFF Colonel Bobbv L. Meadows Wing Commander Lt. Col. William f. fulcher Lt. Col. Glenn G. Perry, Jr. Maj. Willis K. Whichard, Jr. Lt. Col. Charles H. Lt. Col. Wilbur E. Meade Lt. Col. Lonnie T. Sanford, III Capt. Allan C. Hathcock MoziNGO, Jr. Maj. James C. Barbot 1st Lt. William E. Knox Mrs. Bobby L. Meadows For the Wing Comviaiider Air Force Cadets uwrching for the new Governor [279] Miss Jan Southwick For the Marching Cadets Commander Present Arms! MARCHING CADETS Major Edward M. Byhd Com mander Capt. Charles B. Foushee Executive Officer [280] Miss Julia Horton For the Group Commander 5951 GROUP STAFF Lt. Colonel Jerrv F. Arnold Group Commander Major John C. Dalton Deputy Group Commander Major Randall L. Brown Group Administrative Officer Air Force drill at noon on a topical Tliunday [281] Maj. John K. Duncan Squadron Commander 1st Lt. V ' illiam B. Byrd Administrative Officer M Sgt. Arthur D. Flowers st Sergeant Miss Brenda Oliver Sponsor SQUADRON 5951 Capt. William E. Howell Capt. James W. Maunev Capt. Charles R. Piiilbrick SQUADRON 5952 Maj. Herbert G. Rosenthal Squadron Comnuinder 1st Lt. James L. Davis Administrath ' e Officer Capt. Harold J. Smart Capt. L. Michael Word Capt. Victor M. Flo ' d fir M iMaj. James R. Griffin, Jn. Squadron Commander 1st Lt. Eugene B. Grant, Jr. Administrative Officer M Sgt. James E. Arey 1st Sergeant iim " " • ' i " " ' Miss Sylvia Fulcher Sponsor SQUADRON 5953 Capt. Charles O. Cox CapT. Gary L. Dana 1 -. Miss Ann Modlin Sponsor SQUADRON 5954 Capt. David D. Currin Maj. Marvin E. Keech Sqiiaiiron Commander fr »» ' ' 1st Lt. William H. Hulbert Administrative Officer . Lt. Colonel O. David Tharpe, Jr. Group Commander Miss Barbara Gilliam For the Group Commander 5952 GROUP STAFF Major Robert V. Blankenship Deputy Group Commander Pledges of the Pershing, Rifles, though not a part of the Air Force ROTC, are an integral part of the overall ROTC program. ■W. , ' ' V . [286] Miss Frances Capps Sponsor SQUADRON 5955 Capt. Roger W. Walters Maj. William C. Tucker Squadron Commander ' ■■ " " " r " irmpfii t Maj. William R. Sessoms, Jr. Squndrmi Commander M Sgt. Warren J. Redd, Jr. 1st Sergeant uaii-iiJiMilc A_ Miss Jo Ann McLeod Spcnisor SQUADRON 5956 Capt. U ' illiam N. Easterling Capt. William L. Porter I Miss Jane Bryan Sponsor SQUADRON 5957 Capt. David A. Purcell Maj. Robert P. Armstrong Squadron Commander 1st Lt. Gerald L. Rhyne Administrative Officer Capt. JAjmes T. Smith Maj. Elliott B. Barnes, Jb. Squadron Commander 1st Lt. David B. Whitley Admiiiistratii ' e Officer M Sgt. Stancil L. Dilda, Jb. 1st Sergeant ngqpi iflipiiii ' UiiMtii i I Miss Babbaba Hanson S gonior SQUADRON 5958 Capt. Fbank V. TllBNER Capt. Edward G. Fincheb Capt. Dennis A. Rose Miss Julia Forbes For the Group Commander 5953 GROUP STAFF Lt. Colonel Rufus T. Fish, Jr. Group Commander Maj. Ben A. Gardner Deputy Group Commander Maj. Hal C. Hartsell Group Administratii-e Officer Air Forces Cadets in review [291] rV 1»» Maj. Carson Smith, Jr. Squadron Coinmcmder M Sgt. V ' illiam F. Stokes 1st Sergeant " ' !v Ik h feji.,?feiflLm 4jm Mrs. Carson Smith, Jr. Sponsor SQUADRON 5959 Capt. Roger A. Morrison Capt. Robert L. W ' iiiteneh, Jr. Capt. George R. Bennett SQUADRON 5960 Maj. Zachary Taylor 1st Lt. John W. Gibson HiUMllUllL Capt. Nevette M. Carpenter Capt. Neil F. Blake Capt. Jofin M. Thigpen Maj. Herbhrt R. Hoover Squadron Commander M Sgt. John A. Smith 1st Sergeant SQUADRON 5961 J- Mti Bm wt n HTimpiii w Capt. Richard F. Hunter Capt. John W. Davis, III 1st Lt. L. H. Bryson H. S. Cauthorn L. E. Choplin Major D. F. Coble O. HORNE J. C. Howard J. L. Humphrey 1st Lt. a. L. Latimer Sgt. Major W. L. McGhee D. C. McNeill Capt. D. S. McRae Sgt. Major J. P. Overman 1st Lt. a. W. Owens Sgt. Major G. D. Pipkin D. H. Strawn " GOTTA POLISH THESE DAMN SHOES AGAIN, BIG INSPECTION TOMORROW. " [295] " iu B ■ " •o f,l, {•• t 19 • " » 9 ...|,„. »!•» I!) ' I M VM f , tZ . ' •.,..n» ••• ' 1 IWL, ««IM(|M« •• ' • l. ' lffli« ' f " " «»•« « ' « ft " " llH, »t«t» ' ♦ • • «i 1 ' HZ FRATERNITIES INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The Interfraternitv Council was organized in the spring ol 1931 through the efforts of the College Administration and the fratcrnitv leaders. The purpose of the Council is " to ad ' ance the interests of North Carolina State College, to pro- mote the general interests and welfare of the associated fra- ternities as a hody, and to insure cooperation between them in their relations with the facultv, student body, and the public in general. " The Council is composed of two repre- scntati ' es from each chapter, elected bv the chapter. As the social feature of the college vear, the Council spon- sors two dances— the Pledge Dance in the fall semester and Spring Greeks. John Hardage President Fred Barnette, KS Bob Broome, 2 E James Browning, UK Hubert Collins, A5 John Eaton, SIT Tom Eck, BX Charles I Iamilton, mx Jimmy Hastings, n Dan I loLLER, KA Hugh Holt, " tRT Arthur Latimer, 5N Dennis Leffler, KT David McMahon. FI I RoNAi D Olive, IIK A [298] .NJ ' Alan Altman Vice-Presidetit John Wilcox Secretary Grady Farrell Treasurer Ted Owens, A2 Albert Pearson, 2X Lanny Rayfield, AXA Al Shaw, 0X Bob Shepherd, FH John Shereill, KA John Stone, ATP DuRANT Vick, K2 Bill Watson, IIKA Robert Whitaker, AFP David White sides, AXA Richard Williamson, SAM Jim Wood, SX John Cobb, SAE [299] 1 ATP Alpha Gamma Rho was founded in 1904 at Ohio State. Its purpose is to de elop the best social, mental, moral and ph sical qualities in each brother and to promote a wider acquaintance and a broader outlook on the part of agricul- tural men through fellowship in a national organization. There are now 33 active chapters with over 18,000 members. Nu Chapter was initiated on March IS, 1919. One of the high aims of Nu Chapter is outstanding scholarships and activities which all members are expected to develop. The social activities include: pledge parties, Christmas Formal, Founders ' Day Banquet, Pink Rose Ball, and beach parties. Go ahead, it ' ll help ihc drink! Pledge Ciass Nu Chapter A party in the har— John Stone, President Row One: Worth Bagley, Robert Burgess. Lewis Cabe, Java Carey, J. H. Early, Charles Edwards. Row Two; R. N. English, Aubrey Gay, Charles Little, Lee Madre, Thomas Nun- alee. III, Cleo Robertson. Row Three: Gordon Sawyer, Lawson Starnes, John Stone, V ' oodrow Taylor, Lewis Upchurch, Robert Whitaker. ALPHA GAMMA RHO [301] AZ$ Inspired by the noble ideas of its founders and built by its theme of Engineered Leadership, Delta Sigma Phi Fra- ternity has steadily grown until today its chapters are estab- lished on 91 college campuses throughout the United States. Founded on December 10, 1899, at the College of the City of New York, Delta Sigma Phi proudly surveys over a half century of solid progress and leadership in the Creek World. l h() Chapter became, in 1915, the sixth national ha- ternity to be established at North Carolina State. Since then, it has maintained a tradition for responsible participation in all camjius aetixities. The present Delta Sigma Phi house, purchased in 1957, is located on Tryon Road in front of the Raleigh Golf Asso- ciation Clubhouse. Riio Ch. pter Tlie Hut-Outside Pledge Class The Hut— Inside! Row One: Robert Barksdale, Ronald Boger, Hubert Collins, James Cox, Richard Elam, Don Franklin, Hal Frazier, B. A. Gardner. Ted Owens, President Row Two: Edward Gibson, John Gifford, Gilbert Gillespie, William Lucas, James King, Albert Kiser, Jimmie Mann, Wesley McGee. l 9 H Row Three: Thomas Michaels, Gene Miller, Harmon Morton, Ted Owens, Albert Phelps, Ashley Pierson, Glenn Robinson, Carl Saunders, Jr. LLflBI ' H Row Four: C. Richard Shannon, Charles Smith, John Smith, William Spence, Nelson Young. 1 B B M. 1 DELIA B wcr-:. H SIGMA H f l PHI [303] FH Farm House is a national, iion Greek letter, social fra ternity. The first chapter was established in 1905 at the University of Missouri. Seven men concei ed the idea of Farm House at Missouri, having in mind the development of a social fraternity which would maintain high morals, de velop outstanding leadership qualities, stri e for high scholas- tic achievements and provide a home for worthy agriculture students while in college. With these definite objectixes to reach, the motto, " Builder of Men, " was adopted for the fraternity. The national scope of Farm House now includes 18 active chapters. Each year almost every Farm House ranks first in scholarship among the other fraternities on their respective campuses. The North Carolina chapter received its charter on May 15, 1954 to become the thirteenth chapter. The chapter has taken an active part in campus politics, leadership, intra- murals, and joint fraternity functions. Although the majority of the Brothers are in Agriculture, the chapter also has men in Forestry, Education, and Tex- tiles; and fraternity membership is now open to men in all schools. Fahm HoiKi Jmi. L ' itf Tm 2 ' ■ R -t fl ■4. ?iiB • r ■ ■ t 1 •f : E l r-J A niiJ in the flours Pledge Class J.oofc (lul ill the corner— Dave McMahon, President Row One: Talmage Brown, Jr., Charles Colson, Preston Cornelius, Ben Coston, Wiley Earp, Jr., Bill Fonts, John Foy. Row Two: Bob Griffin, Jr., Ben Hampton, Jack Hawkins, Marvin Hicks, Roy Holder, Ed Howell, Robert Lee. Row Three: Ted McCall, Louis McGee, David McMahon, Lawrence Ponder, Bob Shepherd, Jerry White. FARMHOUSE [305] KA Kappa Alpha was founded at Washington and Lee Uni- versity in 1865 to perpetuate the Southern ideal of gentle- manly character typified by Robert E. Lee, its spiritual founder. The fraternity is patterned on an order of knight- hood, and the members are expected to conform to the disci- pline of the order and cultivate the graces of Southern gentlemen. Kappa Alpha restricts its field to colleges and universities south of the Mason-Dixon Line. At present there are 76 chapters within the order. Alpha Omega Chapter was chartered at North Carolina State College in 1903, and is the second oldest fraternity on the campus. he vear ' s big aest social function is tlic annual Old South FliII. f • H 1 fl I P vl M m G B v l B l n ■ ' ■ - ' Xfit,,, - i l Alec lectures in hacliyard Pledge Class ■ ff Iff ' , f ' f ' -M Ai PnA Omhca Chapter Mary ]o—Lost among the Soiitliern Gentlemen Johnny Sherhill, President Row One: Jim Adams, Alec Allen, Dick Bethune, Lucius Bracey, Jr., Caesar Cone, John Cross, John Dixon, Jr. Row Two: George Dunlap, Jr., John Edmondson, Grady Ferrell. Jr., Rufus Fish, Jr., Gene Grant, Martin Grant, Jim Griffin. Row Three: Dan Holler, Bill Kriegel, Dave Larimore, Arthur Mahaney, Jr., Bob Meadows, Wayne Miller, Bob Richie. Row Four: Dennis Rose, John Sherrill, Jr., Bob Smith, Jim Spence, III, Curtis Steed, Jr., George York, Jim York, Jr. KAPPA ALPHA [307] M KI : K_ Kappa Sigma originated at the LIiii ersity of Bologna in 1400 and soon spread to many oF the larger universities of Europe. On December 10, 1869, the " Five Friends and Brothers ' ' formed the first American Chapter of Kappa Sig- ma at the Llni ersity of Virginia. Kappa Sigma has grown Lintii it now has at least one chapter in e ' cry state, [here are 100,000 lising alumni and 129 active chapters. Beta Upsilon Chapter was founded on the campus ol State College on February 23, 1903. Since that time it has initiated over 400 men. Beta Upsijlon Chapter Bug Eyed? Try R.C. and Budl Pledge Ciass Gad that ' s smooth! Fred Baknette, President Row One: Paul Anderson, Jr., Richard Barefoot, Jim Barnes, Fred Barnette, Jr., Murray Borden, Churchill Brown, Ed Brubaker, Ed Bryant, III. Row Two: Ed Calloway, III, Preston Campbell, Jr., John Chimos, Lloyd Cooke, Rodney Crosby, Clayton Dixon, Bill Dono an, Frank Dove. Row Three: Bill Evans, Zeb Harry, Nathan Hale. Ron Hulse, Jr., Dave Seawright, Ed Jenkins, Jr., Julian Krider, Jr., Bob Martin, Jr. Row Four: Reid McCarter, Arthur McLean, Jr., Fred Page, III, John Reinecke, Bob Shearin, John Sheehan, John Sims, Jr., Durant Vick. «i ( KAPPA SIGMA [309] AXA Founded ;it Boston Lhiixcrsity in 1909, the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity- has grown to he the largest national fra- ternity, with over 150 chapters located at prominent colleges in the United States and Canada. The " Cross and Crescent, " the fraternity magazine, is published seven times annually. Other Lambda Chi Alpha chapters in the state are located at Duke, Carolina. Wake Forest, and High Point. Gamma LJpsilon Chapter was founded on the State Col- lege campus in 1924 and has initiated o er 400 men since that time. The local chapter sponsors the annual interfra ternity bridge tournament, a Christmas part ' and an Easter Egg hunt for underprivileged children, A highlight of the social year is the Crescent Ball held in the Spring in con- junction with (iiher Lambda Chi chapters in North Carolina. Gamma Upsilon Chapter nir - ' ■ ■1 m i l m P hI K-flflH H k iJtr i 1 t ' B H I K 9 " ' ' 1 f " l ■ H 1 A Svnnging Sociall Pledge Class New Car Inspection Lanny Rayfield, Piesident ■ ' mf ' ' Row One: Dale Baber, Eldridge Bales, Randall Brown, Billy Carter, Berthan Coffer, Raymond Cronin, Billy Gaffney. Row Two: Charles Gupton, Wayne Hartsell, William Lassiter, Michael Lee, Ron- ald Long, Porter McAteer, Nathan McLamb. Row Three: Peyton Neal, Gus Neville, Elbert Newton, John Parker, Lanny Ra field, William Swing, Larrj ' Taylor. liow Four: Edward Triebe, Jr., Robert Turner, David Whitesides, Fred Wieland, Harold Wilson, Harry Winstead. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 1311] ■ If. ■ $En 111 I Line of 1949, a local fraternity, Phi Epsilon Tau, was chartered into the national fraternity. Phi Epsilon Pi. Phi Epsilon Tau had been founded in 1947 under the principles of fraternity, liberalism, and nonsectarianism. These ideals furnished the spark to weld together a strong brotherhood under the charter. Today the fraternity is rightfully proud of its high scho lastic ranking and its reputation on campus as a leader in extracunicular acti ities. PEP House Hamming it tip Pledge Ci ss % il p 9 V . Mtm r ' f V • H I HM Ban takes the iron}- out of being close! Lenny Tillman, President Row One: Salvatoie Addotta, Gary Banfeloer, A. Merrick Barnes, Salem Fadel, Evan Fie, Peter Fogarsy. Row Two: Gary Rosenstrauch, Maurice Geisinger, Henry Miller, Clifford Preiss, Charles Rogers, Jr., Lee Rowley. Row Three: Mark Shanker, Robert Shaw, Robert Simons, Leonard Tillman, Charles Wells. PHI EPSILON PI [3131 m OKT I ' lu ' Phi Kaiipa Tail rrateniity was luuiulcd at Miami LIni cisit , Oxtnri;]. Ohid, in order to break ii[i a political monoixjly on campus. Since its founding on March 17, 1906, Phi Kappa Tau has grown to a national organization of sixty- li e chapters. The three cardinal principles stressed h Phi Kappa Tan are fellowship, knowledge, and truth. The fraternity main- tains high standards of scholarship and honor, in addition to taking part in all campus acti ' ities. Chi Chapter at State College received its charter on De- cemher 7, 1923. There are, at present, fifty-three brothers and pledges. We of Phi Kappa Tau ha e found a home away from home, and abo ' c all, a cornerstone of lasting friendship. Chi Chapter It hurts! Pledge Class Rimriu " Tireittic Milton Holt, President Row One: Jim Avent, Fred Boelt, Lloyd Bost, Ed Byrd, Jan Gates, Dave Decker, Ray Ellington, Ben Gravely. Row Two: Ben Grace, John Guthery, Gus Hall, Mont Hicks, Milton Holt, Allen Huggins, Jr., Paul Humphreys. Row Three: Frank Leffler, Gene Lindsay, Bob Mayton, Gary McKelvey, Dave McRae, Bill Michael, Lawrence Moore, Jr., Ed Mooring. Row Four: John Ormond, Jr., Terry Phillips, Bob Pindell, Bill Reed, Charles Sand- erson, Percy Scearce, Jr., Sam Scott, III. Clarence Shipp, Jr. Row Five: James Skidmore, Ben Sloan, Jr., Dan Strickland, Frank Thompson, Lin Thompson, Bob Thorn, Harry Tune, Jr., George Williams. PHI KAPPA TAU 1315) i " nKA A Wediiesdav iiiglit hrawl Fi Kappa lpha, since 1904, has been a leading fraternity on N. C. State campus. Again this year, Pika served its pur jx)se— that oF building men of high character. This group of men found that by lixing and working together they could improve themsehes and others about them. Of course, these men also de ' eloped their social life. There are numerous parties throughout the year, with the Pika Ball highlighting them. Pledge Class Alpha Epsilox Cilapter Burl must he happy! Ronald Olive, President Row One: Robin Best, Jr., Burl Brady, Alex Carter, Rick Earle, Ralph Edwards, Gary Fleming, Alfred Forbes, Paul Grantham. Row Two: Bob Gray, Jimmie Gregory, Jim Groce, Charles Hall, Roderick Jordan, Bill Keel, John Kirkley, Jerry Langdon. Row Three: Duke McGlohon, Jr., Bill McNinch, Clyde Mickle, Jr., Wade Mc- Swain, Jr., Tom Miller, Pete Moffitt. Carl Newman, Ronald Olive. Row Four: Hugh Padgett, Wendell Prescott, Jr., Bill St. Clair, Louis Stone, Jr., Jim Taylor, Bill ' atson, Kermit Young, Jr. PI KAPPA ALPHA [317] M, UK ' P I ' i K.ipiia P!ii was lounclcd at ilic College of Charleston in Soiitli Carolina, December 10, 1904. It was a concrete and permanent result of a friendship that had flourished since the elementary school days in the cn irons nf one of the Soiith ' s oldest towns. With the definite purjxisc of extending the influence of the organization, the incorporation as a national fraternity took place in 1907. From the inception, the growth of the fraternity has been steady and consistent. The purpose of the fraternity is " To promote fellowship and mutual trust among its members, to uphokl the traditions and ideals of the col lege where its chapters are located, to encourage excellence in scholarship, anti to inculcate in its memhers the hiylicsl ideals of Chiislian manhood and s ood Icllowship. ' Tau Chapter " My eyes are tlini. 1 cannot see . Pledge Class Let ' s get dniiih ninl ypf naked! Row One: John Broughton, James Browning, Horace Corbett, Jerry Crabtree, Thomas Davis, Eric Faust, George Grubbs. Louis Vaughn, President Row Two: David Currin, Alan Hale, John Hardage, James Hollifield, J. Allen ■■ H Kimball, Jr., S. Gordon Knowles, Richard Leigh. K ' ■ ,V i . V ' i ' ' ' -, " ■ ' ' ■ ' ■. ' , ■ ■. Row Three: David Lohr, Frank McMillan, Wade Mills, James Neal, Donald Pink, Richard Taylor, John Vaughan. PI H|: NJ t " VV B KAPPA lk PHI [319] lAE Alpha Eiisilim was b«rii on the campus (il the Llni crsity ot Alabama in 1856. From the clay of its hiith, SAE was committed to hold last to all things wliiih .ire ,t;ood and Hue in college and rrateinity lite and to turn away from every motive and action which might lessen esteem for character and result in the weakining or breaking of the ties of friendship. First of the great line of Southern fraternities, SAE now has 14. chapters in 46 states with 90,000 living alumni. Co- ordination of the second largest national fraternity stems from the national offices housed in the beautilul Fe ere Memorial Temple at Evanstun, Illinois. Alpha Chapter was established on the State College cam pus in 1947, and during this fourteen-year span since its con- cejition, has risen to take its rightful place on campus. (iuided by high ideals and noble ambitions, it hopes to prove the worthiness and value of fraternal living. N. C. Alpha Chapter M The editor and —1 Pledge Ciass The hearse iiiul the arisen Paddy Murphy. ScooFER Jordan, President ■T ■■ B ' t ' - ' t ■mM|B i l B ' jrAv ' ■4 ■jm HR F ' H ■ iT ' - J " " - p. H E i H HS L.« H T Lr M B - ' ' ft fM ■■ P| 1 Row One: John Barbee, Bobby Bell, Walt Brown, Jim Caldwell, Jr., Jerry Cabe, Bob Chiles, John Cobb, Philip Conner. Row Two: Lad Daniels, Bill Daughety, Sonny Enloe, Richard Fowler, Jerry God- frey, Charlie Gurlcin, Hoyt Hackney, John Hancock. Row Three: Buddy Harris, Charles Jordan, Robert Leonard, Bill Lytch, Nat Martin, Johnny McCuiston, Don McKinney, John McRary. Row Four: Ole Henry Miller, Larry O ' Connell, Ted Ormsby, Jerry Patrick, Mike Perry, Jack Poteet, John Puett, James Rhodes. Row Five: Gene Rickell, Douglas Shotton, Frank Smith, Charles Tate, Charles Tucker, Bill White, John Wilcox. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON [3211 lAU Sigma Alpha Mu was ioundctl on rhanks_t;i ing Eve, November 26, 1909, at tiic C )llege ot the City of New York. The eight foinKlcrs pledged themsehes to lasting friendship. The object of the fraternity, as e.xpressetl in its constitu- tion, is " to foster and maintain among its sons a spirit of mutual, moral aid and supiwrt; to inculcate among its sons such ideals as will result in actions worthy of the highest [treeepts of true manhood, democracy, and humanity. " Sigma Omega C ' ha]iter is the outgrowth ol a local ira- ternity, Theta Phi, which had its beginning in 1929. From its inauguration, the fraternit ' has always maintained high standards of scholarship and conduct. Sigma Omega cha])ter is the owner of its house at ?04 East Park Dri ' e. Sigma Omega Chapter mr. ) tr i hi Cfci(g-n- iis Pledge Class A Sammy mid a 2K Alan Altman, President Row One: Alan Altman, Ronald Bard, Michael Berkelhammer, Arnold Cohen, Donald Dwore, Leonard Eckstein, Charles Feiner, Stan Goldberg. Row Two: Barry Goldman, Ronald Goldstein, Bob Kann, Bob Lebenson, Merrill Leffler, Peter Lehrer, Eddie Lurey. Row Three: Jacques Pomeranz, Martin Prager, Jake Redmond, David Richmond, Jay Sara, Nick Shachtman, Spencer Shaps, Michael Shulimson, .Allen Silver. Row Four: Bob Silverman, Fred Slosman. David Steinberg, Bob Steinberg, Donald Studley, Paul Sucher, Jay Terman. Donald ' echsler. Row Five: Stuart Weinberg, Richard ' illiamson, David Underwood, Richard Zin, David Zuckerman. SIGMA ALPHA MU [323] ZX Sigma Clii Fr.itcrniu was established at Miami Uni or sity, Oxford, Oliio, on June 28, 1855. Since that time it has grown to a strength of 128 acti e chapters throughout the United States and Canada with o cr 68,000 living initiates. .After two years of existence as a local fraternity, known as C " hi Sigma. Delta Epsilon Chapter was cstahlished at North Carolina State College on May 15, 1943. With its own chapter house at 2514 Clarke ; enue, Sigma Chi takes an actixe part in all campus activities. Among the accomplishments of the fraternity are winning the fra- ternity intramural championship trophy nine ol the last ten years and ha ing a sing group that takes part in many ol the musical acli ities on campus. Hoxr cosmopolilait can you get? Pledge Class Delta Epsilon Chapter Playboy ' s Playmates o{ the year Jim Wood, President Row One: Bill Adams, Doug Angel, William Cameron, Donald Carmichael, David Cribbin, John Curlee, Gary Dana, John Duncan, Joseph Eagles. Row Two: Bruce Elliott, Robert Giersch, Robert Griffith, George Hammett, James Hart, Bruce Hoadley, Clyde Hoey, William Jackson, Allen James. Row Three: Howard Jones, William Jordan, Theodore Kratt, Skip Kugler, Mark Lynch, Michael Malcomson, Phil Miller, Bill Morrison, ' ilbu Mozingo. Row Four: Bill O ' Brien, Albert Pearson, Seymour Phillips, Paul Poley, James Powell, Joel Ray, Frank Smith, John Speight, James Summers. Row Five: Alan Teague, Charles West, Jr., Emil Whitman, Jr., David Wilkinson, ' alter Wilson, James Wood, L. Michael Word. SIGMA CHI [325] ZN Sigma i u liad its beginning in the State ot Virginia. Founded at the Virginia Military Institute by three Con- iederate veterans, in 1869, Sigma Nu vas early known as the Legion of Honor, from w Iiich some of its outward mani- festations, sueh as the badge, were taken. I ionor was the eardinal motive, irtue the essential teaching, and friendship the token of Sigma Nu. Beta Tau Ch apter was founded at State College in April 1895, thus making it the oldest fraternity on the eampus. Beta Tau Chapter has initiated o er 600 college men during its sixty-five years of existence. " . . . . To beliexe in the Life of Love, to walk in the Wax of I Ionor, to ser ' e in the Light of Tnith, this is the life, the waw and the light of Sigma Nu— this is the Creed of our Fraternitv. " Beta Tau Chapter 1 - A 1 I Christmas Party Pledge Class In the lower Jevch on the 2N hoiisel Richard Vaughan, President Row One: David Archer, Richard Benhow, Bob Blanchard, Ray Bland, Jay Brame, John Brumley, Fred Callahan, Jr. Row Two: Martin Dodenhoff, Charles Flynt, Jr., Kenneth Hawn, Arthur Latimer, III, Tom McConncll, Roger Morrison. Richard O ' Hara. Row Theee: Jim Pait, Da ' id Plunk, Earl Pollock, Jr., Bill Porter, Ed Puckhaber, David Purcell, Carroll Rabb. Row Four: Thomas Robinson, Jr., Rutus Smith, Jr., John Stc ' ens, Bob Sullivan, Otto Tharpc, Jr., Richard ' aughan. Bill Wilson. SIGMA NU [327] Mi Ux Q 1 PE Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded on November 1, 1901, on the campus of Richmond College in Richmond, V ' ir ginia. In the 60 years since its f ounding Sigma Phi Epsilon has grown from a small group of twelve to a membership of o er 49,000 brothers all o er the world. Today there are Sig Ep chapters at almost every important college and uni ersity in the United States. I he chapter is active in all campus acti ' itics. Scholas- tically the Sig Eps are one of the highest on the campus. One of the gala weekends is the Carolina Sig Ep Ball which is held in conjunction with sexcral other chapters of the Carolines. Beta Chapter at State College was given its chartci ' in 1 90S, making it the fifteenth National chapter. The jires- cnt house, purchased in 1948 bv the alumni, is located at 2S12 Clark Avenue. Beta Chapteh Pickiii ' auii Drinkin ' The Original Fuzzy Bear Charles Jameson, President Row One: Bill Biggerstaff, Bob Broome, Bill Biyan, Jim Buie, Jan Champion, Don De Angelis, Clarence Duncan, Jr., Bill Ebersole, Eion Faelten. Row Two: Larry Faust, ' ilbur Purr, Jr., Jim Hooks, David Huffman, Charles Jameson, Jr., Bill Johnston, Thomas Jowes, Lawrence Laxton, Jr., David Lose. Row Thbee: Jack Keeter, Jr., Allen Kreps, Velio Kuuskraa, John McGahey, Jim Mclntyre, Ed Newcomb, Larry Ni.xon, Bruce Pollock, Bill Sanford, Jr. Row Foltr; John Tankard, Bill Thornton, Don Waldrop, Michael Wilkinson, Gene Wilson, Jr., Guy Williams, Jr. SIGMA PHI EPSILON [329] in Si.uma Pi founded on Fcbiiuny 26, 1897 at Vincen- ncs University, Vincennes, Indiana. 1 lie purpose ol its four founders was to establish brotherliooil and " to organize the most worthy acti ities, social, atliletie, and scholarly, and set a high standard of manliness and college loyalty. " On May 28, 1921, a State College Fraternity, Sigma C ' hi Gamma, became Rho Chapter of Sigma Pi. At the time the Sigma Pi National Organization consisted of se ' enteen chap- ters; since that time Sigma Pi has expanded to include .scwnty chapters at leading colleges and universities through- out the nation. I he highlight of the Rho Chapter social calendar is the bounders ' Day Banquet and Orcbitl PkiII, which is Ik kl on the weekend nearest to the anniversary of the found- ing dale. Each year Rho Chapter presents a Pledge Scholar- ship Trophy to the fraternity on campus, whose pledge class has the highest scholastic average. Rho Chapter mm %m w V ; • •% • Smiiething got the best of him— Pledge Cl. ss Let me pass out on your shotilder. liM Hastings, President Row One: Ted Christenbury, Raymond Doty, John Eaton, Jim Entrekin, Howard Franklin, John Gettinger. Jim Hastings. Row Two: Bill Hix, Jim Hoell, Jr., George Jackson, Jr., Bob Lasseter, Ed McKis- •sick, Jim Alarshburn, Bill Miller. Row Three: John Mitchell, Jr., Ray Niles, Henry Norman, Bill Page, Henry Rai- ford. Bill Ross, Ronald Ross. Row Four: Reginald Smith, Ben Thompson, Jr., Raymond Uptegro e, Allen Ward, Peter Warner, Albert Williams, Jr. SIGMA PI 1331] TKE Fuu Kappa Epsilon was loLiiulcd on January 10, 1899, at Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, Illinois. The founders established a fraternity of men chosen " not for wealth, rank nor honor, but for their personal wealth and character. " The basic principles are charity, esteem, and love. A merger of a local fraternity, .Alpha Lambda Tau, and the natioiiallv established lau Kajipa Epsilon brought TKE to the South in the lonii nl llie Beta Beta Chapter at State College in 1947. 1 he chapter has always jirided itself on the interest mem- bers have show n in sports, student go ernmcnt, publications, and particularly scholarship. I iighlights of the Teke social calendar include the Founders ' Day Banquet, the Carnation !5all, and the French Quarter party. IKE emphasizes the importance of carelul balancing o( social activities, scholastic work, and participation in the extracurricular program of the college. Beta Bet.v Chapter Santa visits TKE Honsc Pledge Class preiich Oiuvter Party Gordon Bond, President Row One: Michael Adams, Ed Barry, Charles Bennett, III, Gordon Bond, Richard Bradshaw, Jr., Charles Brown, James Brown, Jr., Fred Brunk. Row Two: Robert Burke, Bob Chew, Oscar Connell, Jr., Arthur Connelly, Jim Gross, Jim Hamilton, John Hill, Frank Hill. Row Three: Anders Jensen, Bill Johnston, III, Billy Jones, Ed Kent, John Key, Bob Kroll, Alfred Lindsey, Jim Long. Row Four: LeRoy Mead, Joe Moore, Jr., Jim Oppenheim, Luther Price, Charles Riedell, Dick Rockett, Joe Scesny, Donald Schort. Row Five: Henry Stallings, Kent Thomas, Charles Thompson, Paul Troutman, Jr., Carl Widen, Ed Williams, Jr., John Zangas. TAU KAPPA EPSILON [333] ex riii ' i.i Chi I ' ratcrnity was toundcd April 10, 1856 ai NoiwIlIi Unixcrsity, Norwich, Vermont, i ' rom this begin nincr 105 years ago the fraternity has coniiinially expanded until ii now lias 120 chapters on leading college and univer- sity campuses. Delta Hho Chapter was instal led at State College on May 17, 1952. Our chapter ' s intentions are to make the fraternity a campus substitute for each member ' s home; to make the chapter house a home where members may live, study, work, and ])lay with reasonable comfort and happiness; to assist in socializing the new pledges into the finished product of the graduating senior; to teach them principles of self goxern- menl; to aid them in attainment of high scholarshiji; to en courage them to gain the self-confidence and the Iniikling of personalitv that comes from participation in caniptis ac- tivities—in short, in every way to aid them to became better fitted for distinguished ser ice to their community and the world at large. Delta Rho Chapter Do it-to It Pledge Class i ' o( iii J like tin Ipiuut smile iiud hailed beer breath. I IC v H n r i y ■ wM 1 1 i W i . H B m M b. ■j H B J n m j H Tom Eck, President Row One: Vance Apple, Bill Banner, Jr., Marvin Beatty, III, Julian Blankenship, Lee Boyland, Alan Chedester, Jim Davis. Row Two; John Dunlap, Tom Eck. Jim Graham, Jim Grogan, Charles Hamilton, Wayne Hatley, Bill Isler, IV. Row Three: Baxter Lee, Randolph McLeod, Chappell Noble, Reid Patterson, Carl Penney, Bill Poovey, Dean Reber. Row Four: Bob Redmon, Barry Shaw, Charles Sparrow, Marvin Sutton, Jr., Bob Till, Raymond Winton. Jared Wolfe. THETA CHI [335] ZK Sigma Kappa was founded in the state of Maine in IS 4. Since its origin at Colby College, Sigma Kap|ia has grown liom li c original members to over 35,000 in 97 college chapters throughout the United States. Gamma Phi Chapter had its beginning at North Carolina State College in Oct. of 1959, making it the first sorority on campus. It is composed of 12 members who take an active part in the life of the college and strive to make the Gamma Piii Cha])ter the best of Sigma Kappa. The ]ilcdgc of Sigma Kappa is " . . . to strive (or the de- elopniein of fine character, intellectual and social culture, and to ser e my sorority and college loyally and well. . . . " Witches ' Brew Pledge Class -K Formal 4 3 Dee Clark, President Row One: Fran Birch, Evelyn Dee Clark, Mary Davis, Flora Evans. Row Two: Betty Harris, Melissa Lindsey, Flora Lester, Peggy McConnell. Row Three: Joj ' ce Meares, Helen Wigg. SIGMA KAPPA [337] Miss Nadine Edwards Alpha Gamma Kho Miss Donna McCann Delta Sisma Phi SPONSORS Miss Judy Brinkley Farmhotise Miss Linda Steed Kappa Alpha SPONSORS Miss Peggy McLean Kappa Sigma Miss Sonya Robertson Lambda Chi Alplia [339] Miss Sue .Aboulafia Phi Epsilon Pi Miss Donna Matthews Phi Kappa Tan SPONSORS Miss Peggy Coleman Pi Knppn Alpha Miss May Eason Pi Kappa Phi SPONSORS Miss Martha Ellen Miller Sigma Alpha Epsilon Miss Phyllis Bloom Sigma Alpha Mit ' ■ 7 [341] Miss Jenny Temple Sigma Chi SPONSORS .ipgan . ' cir-aiaTO ' r ' tapiw Miss Betty Anne Graham SiPma Nil Miss Gloria Miller Sigma Phi Epsilon [342] Miss Connie Carlberg Sigma Pi SPONSORS Miss Gail Rafford Tmt Kappa Epsilou Miss Dorothy Ridgdill Theta Chi [343] lESCAfl UNDERCLASSMEN CLASS OF 1962 Carl Clark Vice-President Frances Goodwin Secretary Arthur Latimer Treastirer Ervin Lineberger Presiiient [346] n diM Row One: Abbitt, Collin McKinnon. Jr., Roxboro; Abernethy, Ralph Lane, Jr., Lincolnton; Adair, Charles Norman, Burnsville; Adams, Andrew Albert, Charlotte; Adams, John Cecil, Jr., Gibson; Adams, Wayne Thomas, Jr., Robbinsville; Ale.xander, ' illiam Joel, Charlotte; Ale.xander, William M.. Huntersville; Alford, Michael Boyd, Hartsville. Row Two: Allen, Charles Oren, Kings Mountain; Allen, Jerry Michael, Forest City; Allen, Norman Samuel, Graham; Allen, Robert Lee, Hampton, Va.; Alligood, Frederick Marvin, Jr., ' ashington; AUred, John Marshall, Greensboro; Anderson, Norman Austin, Jr., Mount Olive; Andrews, John Edward, Richmond, Va.; Annas, Samuel Leon, Hudson. JUNIORS Row Three: Arey, James Edward, Salisbury; Artman, Joel David, Norris, Tenn.; Ashley, W ' iUiam Wade, Whiteville; Aycock, Vernon Stephen, Stantonsburg; Bailey, Paul Leland, Jr., Lynchburg, Va.; Baker, Berward Allen, Marcus Hook, Pa.; Bannerman, V ' illiam Haywood, Carolina BeacJi; Barber, Mallory Scott, Scotland Neck; Barker, Glenn Re. , Roaring Ri er. Row Four: Barksdale, Robert Giles, Raleigh; Barlowe, Russell Graham, Oxford; Barnes, David C, Jr., Lenoir; Barnes, Elliott Burton, Jr., Corapeake; Barr, Russell Wilson, West Jefferson; Barrett, Gene, Shelby; Barwick, Allen Joseph, Grifton; Bass, Joseph Bickett, Winston-Salem; Batchelor, Billy Joe, Morrisville. Row Five: Batson, Vernon McGregor, Wilmington; Batten, Joseph Harold, Jr., Goldsboro; Batts, Clarence Ray, Wilson; Baucom, Robert Marion, Marshville; Baucom, U ' illiam Byrd, Raleigh; Baxter, Edward Joseph, Jr., Greensboro; Bean, Carl Newton, Jr., Asheville; Beatty, Marvin Eddleman, IIL Charlotte; Behara, Devendra Nath, Orissa, India. [347] IT PS Row One; Bell, John Samuel, Jr., Raleigh; Bell, William Maurice, III, Charlotte; Benbow, Richard Maurice, Asheboro; Benson, Charles Robert, Woodleaf; Benson, Franklin Ward, Wilson; Bentley, Charles Scott, Richmond, Va.; Berkclhammer. Michael Alan, Greensboro; Berry, Dewey William, Jr., Hickory; Biggs, Herman Franklin, Jr., Lumberton. Row Two: Billingsley, Roy M., Cary; Birch, Fran Marie, Raleigh; Blackmon, Lewis Michael, Mount Airy; Blackwelder, Edwin Parks, Raleigh; Blake, Henry Wayland, Winston-Salem; Blake, Neil Freeman, Wallace; Blakely, John Reynolds, EUerbe; Bland, U ' iley Ray, Edwards; Bloodvvorth, James Morris, Raleigh. JUNIORS Row Three: Blount, Paul Brittle, Franklinton; Bobbitt, Wayne Richard, Jr., Zebulon; Boelt, Frederick Wills, A ' illiamsburg, Va.; Boese, Ronald Richard, Winston-Salem; Boger, Ronald Lee, Winston-Salem; Bolick, Wayne Dale, Hickory; Bone, Horace Thomas, Raleigh; Bordeaux, Arthur Franklin, Jr., Ingold; Borden, Murray Lyman, Goldsboro. Row Four: Boryk, John Michael, Burgaw; Bost, Dewey Tate, Newton; Bowles, Hugh Conrad, Hiddenite; Bowman, Dennis Wade, Westfield; Boyce, Oren Douglas, Jr., Gastonia; Boyette, James Edward, Jr., Kenly; Boyette, Leslie Darrell, Rockingham; Bracken, Robert John, Sanford; Braddy, Marvin Burnell, Scotland Neck. Row Five: Bradley, Marcus Spencer, Hobgood; Bradshaw, John Alton, Salisbury; Brady, John Robert. Raleigh; Branch, Carl Mitchell, Lumberton; Brauer, Julius Paul, Norlina; Briggs, Paul Thurman, Lexington; Briggs, Ro ' ier Allen. Lexington; Britt. Donald Alexander, New London; Britt, RaiTion Paul. T umbcrton. [348] Row One: Brogden, Roy Osborne, Garner; Broughton, John Craven, Garner; Brown, Charles Franklin, Jr., Hope Mills; Brown, Eugene Wilson, Durham; Brown, John Kenry, Jr., Rocky Mount; Bryant, Charles Stephen, Raleigh; Bryson, Lionel Herbert, Sylva; Buchanan, William, Raleigh; Buchanan, William Watkins, Roxboro. Row Two: Buckner, Charles Windle, Burnsville; Buie, James Cunningham, Winston-Salem; Burgess, Robert Eugene, Dumont, N. J.; Burk, William Joseph, III, Charleston, S. C; Burton, Charles Alfred, New Bern; Burton, ' illiam Edward. Jr., Hickory. Butler, Eugene Frederick, Jr., Clayton; Byrd, David Lincoln, Chadbourn; Byrd, Edward Morton, Orrum. JUNIORS Row Three: Byrd, James Therun, Raleigh; Cain, Ronald Curtis, Elizabethtuwn; Caldwell, Jimmie Hildred, Thomasville; Calhoun, John Chiles, Mooresville; Calhoun, Ronnie Ellsworth, Gastonia; Callahan, Fred Lonnie, Jr.. Forest City; Callicutt, Jerry Cagle, Asheboro; Callicutt, Joseph Hugh, Asheboro; Calvin, Samuel Robert, Hollidaysburg, Pa. Row Four: Malcolm James, Laurinburg; Campbell, Randolph Neil, Raleigh; Campbell, Yates Walter, Gastonia; Camper, Nyal Dwight, Forest, Va.; Carey, Java O ' Neil, Burlington; Carr, Stanley Gaston, Miami, Fla.; Carrier. Albert Heath, III, Charlotte; Carriker, William R., Charlotte; Catlett, Roy Baxter, Thomasville. Row Five: Cauthorn, Hurley Starke, Richmond, Va.; Cebe, Jeny Manle -, Durham; Cerasi, John, Camden, N. J.; Chandler. James Lavvson, Jr., Ruffin; Chapman, Larry Pinkney, Charlotte; Chappell, Clifford Stephen, Raleigh; Chedester, Alan Marsh, Alexandria. Va.; Chick. Garland Forbes, Raleigh; Childers, Donald Ehiane. Kannapolis. [349] . ' . ii Row One: Choplin, Larry Eugene, V ' inston-Salem; Clark, Allen Dale, High Point; Clark, Carl Edgar, Elizabeth town; Clark, Donald Eugene, Gastonia; Cline, Donald Lentz, Gold Hill; Cobb, Aubrey Whitehead, Elm City; Coble, Douglas Franklin, Raleigh; Coleman, Louis, Jr., Wil- mington; Collins, Roger Eugene, Sparta. Row Two: Comer, Thomas Carl, Cameron; Cone, Harold, Winston-Salem; Connell, Oscar Watson, Jr., Charlotte; Conner, Bobby Joe, Wil- mington; Connor, Buddy Wiley, Shelby; Cook, Philip Douglas, Mt. Airy; Cordell, Charles Edward, Asheville; Cordell, Vance H., Jr., Winston- Salem; Cornwell, Jaimie Elizabeth, Asheville. JUNIORS Row Three: Coston, Benjamin Maynard, Hubert; Cothran, Frank Minges, Salisbury; Covington, James Roy, Lumberton; Cox, Charles Oscar, Greenville; Cozart, Bennie Ervin, Morganton; Cozart, Stuart Lee, Jr., Morganton; Craig, William Stanley, Asheville; Creel, Remus, Jr., Albertson; Crook, John Marvin, Enka. Row Four: Croom, Thomas Hall, Fayetteville; Crowell, Reggie Alexander, Albemarle; Crowell, Thomas Edward, Charlotte; Culp, Glenn Daniel, Gold Hill; Cummings, Walter B., Raleigh; Currin, David Douglas, Oxford; Cutter, James Dickinson, New York, N. Y.; Dail, James Call, III, Kinston; Dana, Gary Lindsay, Hickory. Row Five: Daniel, Ralph Winfit-ld, Grensboro; Daniels, Paul Henry, New Bern; D ' Anna, James Andrew, Clearwater, Florida; Darr, Henry Herbert, Trinity; David, Joseph Parker, Jr., Middlesex; Davidson, William Scott, Dillwyn. Va.; Davis, Bobby Joe. State Road; Davis, Hugh Sam- son, Statesville; Davis, John Grady, Ir.. Rocky Mount. l i,iri, .. -..ill. [350] lo; Row One: Davis, John Wesley, III, Fayetteville; Davis, Kenneth Larry. Asheville; Davis, Merry Lane, Mt. Ulla; Davis, Phillip Armfield, Graham; Davis, Wade Vernon, Mars Hill; Deadmon, Charles Maxwell, Mocksville; Dees, Billy Eugene, Hope Mills; Deese, Carl Jackson, Marsh- ville; Dekle, Donne Robert, Matthews. Row Two: Del Carmen, Juan Jose, Guatemala; Delionback, Christian Foy, Durham; Dellinger, Thomas Clay, Thomasville; Denison, Edward Exner, Raleigh; Dennis, Paul Samuel, Jr., Asheville; Denny, Phillip Dale, Pilot Mountain; Denny, Stephen Bryant, Greensboro; Dial, Kenneth Gordon, China Grove; Diano, Dianne Massey, Tarboro. JUNIORS Row Three: DOda, Stancil Lawrence, Jr., Fountain; DLxon, James David, Greer; Dixon, Milton Coleman, Raleigh; Dodson, Jerry Elmo, States- vUle; Dodson, John A., Raleigh; Dotson, Larry Allen, Henderson vdle; Dowd, William Joseph, St. Pauls; Dowdy, Robert Lee, Jacksonville; Dowdy, ' illiam Norman, South Mills. Row Four: Drum, Anthony Lee, Charlotte; Duke, Charles Levids, Canton; Duke, William Bryant, Norlina; Duncan, James Darius, Jr., Raleigh; Duncan, Romas Hicks, Jr., Raleigh; EKinlap, George Hey vard, Jr., Raleigh; Duong, Hung Trung, Saigon, ' ietnam; Duval, Andre R., Waxhaw; Earnhardt, Richard Maurice, Charlotte. Row Five: Earp, James Wiley, Jr., Selma; Easterling, William Neal, Wise, Va.; Eckard, Alan Lawrence, Hickory; Eckstein, William Buchanan, Bryson City; Economou, James Pete, Dayton, Ohio; Edwards, Otho Eugene, Charlotte; Edwards , Virgil James, New Bern; Edwards, Wayne ' right. Red Springs; Elias, Henry Frederick, Peekskill, N. Y. k [351] mh. Row One: Elkins, Roscoe Edison, Jr., Clarkton; Elliott, Lloyd Wilson, Old Fort; Ellis, George Burkhardt, Jr., V ' inston-Salem; Ellisor, Joe Allen, Greensboro; Elmore, Alfred Landon, Dunn: Eminrich. Ralph V ' illiaTn, Franklin; Evans, Ilona Marianne, Raleigh; Evans, Thomas Wayne, Gary; Everette, Jack N., Raleigh. Row Two: Everette, Robert Bennett, Acme; Fairley, Jesse Arthur, Jr., Point Harbor; Farmer, Bemice Ray, Raleigh; Featherstone, Ernest Harold, Gastonia; Fetherston, David Eugene, Grand Rapids, Mich.; Fields, Bobby Harrell, Goldsboro; Finch, Clarence Stewart, Henderson; Fincher, Edward Gerald, Charlotte; Fine, Lowell Vance, Denton. JUNIORS Row Three: Fisher, George Wilfong, Mt. Pleasant; Fisher, James Ernest, Asheville; Flake, Wildon Curtis, New London; Fleming, Ralph Glenn, Salisbury; Fleming. Roger Alden, Bronx, N. Y.; Floyd. James Monroe. Jr.. Lexington; Floyd, Victor Mattison, Fair Bluff; Flowers, Arthur David, New Bern; Flynt, Charles Homer, Jr., Liberty. Row Four: Foland, Arthur Holmes, Bluefield, W. Va.; Folsom, James Warren, Newport News, Va.; Forbes, Alfred Archibald. Greenville; Fornes, Bruce M., Gary; Fort, Jack B., Ruskin, Fla.; Fort, John Robert, Charlotte; Foster, Ronald Fred, Ferguson; Fowler, David Michael, Greensboro; Frazer, Robert Henry, Charlotte. Row Five: Freeland, Ernest Pinkney, H, Charlotte; Freeland, Robert Moss, Charlotte; Freeman. Kenneth Earl, Concord; Freuler, William Daw- son, Halifax; Fulcher, Charles Raymond, New Bern; Fullington, Ronald Wayne, Greensboro; Furr. Benny Joel, Albemarle; Furr, Ronald Van, .Mbemarle; Futrcll. James Gary. Potecasi. [352] Row One: Gaffney, Billy Franklin, Cramerton; Gainey, Paul Vincent, Jr., Raleigh; Gainey, Millard Jackson, Dunn; Gallimore, Lloyd Boyles, )r., Guilford; Garner, Robert Newell; Winston-Salem; Garrett, Jack Allen, Charlotte; Garrison, Watson Mclver, Jr., Burlington; Garriss, Daniel Stephen, LOlington; Gattis, Thomas Howland, Durham. Row Two; Gay, James Russell, Jr., Walstonburg; Geitner, Charles Henry, III, Hickory; Georgiou, Robert Victor, Statesville; Gibbs, Russell V ' ayne, Engelhard; Gibson, Claude Andrew, Asheville; Gibson, Gary Joe, Asheville; Gibson, John Wayne, Fairmont; Gibson, Larry Stafford, Graham; Giles, Olin Sylvester, Jr., Charlotte. JUNIORS Row Three: Gillespie, George Lance, Sylva; Glover, Stanley Warren, Spring Hope; Gokcen, Uler, Istanbul, Turkey; Goldstein, Lawrence, Mooresville; Goldston, James Hobson, Jr., Charlotte; Goodwin, David Arteman, Raleigh; Goodwin, Frances Lee, Ape.x; Grady, Perry Linwood, Mt. 01i e; Grady, Robert Shelton, Albertson. Row Four: Graham, Don Stroupe, Salisbury; Graham, James Lee, Elkin; Gray, William Howard, Fayetteville; Graybeal, Joseph Sheridan, Creston; Green, Eldon Leo, Whiteville; Green, John B., Midland; Green, Malcolm Alston, Durham; Griffin, James Randolph, Jr., Rocky Mount; Grigg, Gaither Glenn, Jr., Kings Mountain. Row Five; Grimberg, Jack Alberto, Bogota, Colombia; Guthrie, Thomas Zack, Hickory; Guthrie, Vernon C, Jr., Morehead City; Guy, Robert ' ayne, Fayetteville; Hager, Harold Dean, Alexis; Haitovsky, Yoel, Haifa, Israel; Hall, David Chadwick. Rural Hall; Hall, James Newton, Micaville; Hall, Willard Ray, Greenville. [353] Row One: Hamilton, Charles Lee, Lexington; Hammond, Charles Emory, Linden; Hamrick, Harold Paul, Raleigh; Hancock, John George, Zerbe, Pa.; Hand, James Richardson, Lowell; Hanes, Roger Eugene, Yadkinville: Harrelson, James Charles, Asheboro; Harrington. Cecil Frank, Winston-Salem; Harris, Betty Gail, High Point. Row Two: Harris, John Cornell, Rutherfordtun; Harris, jcjhn Franklin, HI, Shelby; Harris, William Thomas, Jr., Durham; Harrison, Dale Elliott, Spruce Pine; Harrison, George W., Jr., Henderson; Harris(jn, John Branson. Denton; Harron, Jackie X ' aughn. ' eavervillc; Harron. James Gaston, Jr., Weaverville; Hartsell, William Newell, Jr., Albemarle. JUNIORS Row Three: Hasson, Preston Lee, Fayetteville; Hatch, Donald Ellsworth, Petersburg, Va.; Llathcock, John Nathan, iMarshville; Hatley, Clyde Doyle, Jr., Oakboro; Hatley, Wayne Douglas, Charlotte; Hawkins, William Hubert, VA ' eaverville; Hayes, Coke Alexander, Jr., Ahoskie; Helms, Brian Belk, Greensboro; Helms, Robert Fulton, Marshville. Row Four: Hemby, Jere Collins, Jacksonville; Henshaw, Lynn Earnest, Raleigh; Herr, William Lewis, Sanford; Heustess. Richard Alexander, V ' ilmington; Hewitt, Freddy Alonzo, Claremont; Hicks, Marvin George, Charlotte; Hicks, Walter George, Charlotte; High, Edward Omer, Durhain; High, Richard Graham, Wilson. Row Five: Hildreth, Blake Eason, Jr., Wadesboro; Hill, Alfred Lee, Elizabeth City; Hill, Gerald Franklin, Raleigh; Hill, Hugh Mike, High Point; Hill, James Norman, Asheboro; Hill, Reginald Faulkner, Youngsville; Hill, Richard Frank, Arden; Hilliard, Garland Kcrinitt. Raleigli; Hihon, Kerry Grayson, Lexington. [354] . 9 9 Row One: Hodges, Rotert Wilson, Jr., Raleigh; Hogan, Thomas Lee, Chapel Hill; I lol ' fecker, Frank LeRoy, Charlotte; Holder, Charles Robert, ' inston-Salem; Holder, Tracy Lee, Elkin; Honeycutt, Chester Bryant, Angier; Hood, Darl Stevens, Lake Waccamaw; Hooks, James Michael, Charlotte; Hoomani, Hossein Gholi, Teheran, Iran. Row Two: Hcx)ver, Clinton Wilson, Raleigh; Houston, John Glenn, Jr., China Gmve; Howell, Lanny Mont, Fayetteville; Hudson, William Roger, Bladenboro; Humphrey, James Lee, Maple; Hunter, William Francis, V ' inston-Saleni; Hutchins, George Stephen, Sanford; Ingram, James Edward, Kernersville; Iskyan, Howard Stephen, Durham. JUNIORS Row Three: Isler, Simmons Harrison, Charlotte; Jackson, William Dewey, St. Pauls; Jackson, U ' illiam Mclver; Raleigh; Jameson, Perry Herb- ert, Jr., Jackson; Jarrett, Olin, Jr., Marshall; Jeffords. Calvin B., Darlington, S. C, Jenkins, Fred Arnold, Charlotte; Jenkins, Henry Scott, Ruther- fordton; Jenkins, Lemuel Howard, Raleigh. Row Four: Johnson, Bobby Lee, Trenton; Johnson, Charles Duncan, St. Pauls; Johnson, Fred Burr, Raleigh; Johnson, Joseph Herbert, Raleigh; Johnson, Jules D., Shelby; Johnson, Roger ' ayne, Millbrook; Jones, Charles Franklin. Charlotte; Jones, Donald Braxton, Lucama; Jones, George Thomas, Greenboro; Row Five: Jones, Harold Hol yoake, Jr., New Bern; Jones, James Benton, Charlotte; Jones, Robert Franklin, Elizabeth City; Jones, Robert William, Alexander; Jones, Thomas Carrow, Beaufort; Jones, Walter, Liberty; Joslin, Arnold Lumsden, Raleigh; Joyner, David Wayne, Mur- freesboro; Joyner, James H., IIL Jacksonville Beach, Fla. itfk k [355] Row One: Jubenville, Alan, Suffolk, Va.; Kalin, George Steven, Montclair, N. J.; Kanipe, John Thomas, Jr., Fair Bluff; Keeter, Jack E., Jr., Rutherfordton; Keller, Howard Nelson, Charlotte; Kelly, Lex Allen, Sanford; Kennedy, Donald C, New Bern; Kennett, John Phillip, Durham; Key, Hugh Dennis, Winston-Salem. Row Two; Kimball, John Allen, Jr., Manson; King, Henry Frank, III, Salisbury; Kinloch, Bohun B., Jr., Charleston, S. C; Kirby, Jack McPhail, Clyde; Kirk, William Franklin, East Bend; Kiser, Jack Leonard, Sherrill ' s Ford; Kitchen, William Henry, II, Raleigh; Klut -, Marvin Glenn, Hickory; Kneeburg, Charles Edwin, Jr., Raleigh. JUNIORS Row Three; Knight, William Bailey, Jr., Hickory; Knowles, Samuel Gordon, Hickory; Kno.x, James Howard, Carolina Beach; Knox, William Edward, Winston-Salem; Krall, Ronald Jerome, Conway, Pa.; Kurdian, William Gregory, Winston-Salem; Lamb, Russell Dale, W. Asheville; Lambeth, Clay Thomas, Jr., Raleigh; Lane, John Donald, Asheville. Row Four; Langdon, Jerry Pleasant, Smithfield; Langley, Thelbert Eugene, Clayton; Langley, William Howard, Asheville; Lanier, Dayton Wayne, Wilmington; Lauder, Kenneth Craig, Raleigh; Laughinhouse, Gerald Franklin, Vanceboro; Lawrence, James Robert, Jr., Stoneville; Law- son, J. Bruce, Mayodan; Lea, Michael David, High Point. Row Five; Leary, Leslie Carrol, High Point; Lear) ' , Stanley Mitchell, Camden; Leatherwood, James Michael, Clyde; Lee, Michael Clifton, Gas- tonia; Lemons, Richard Craig, Murphy; Lennon, Archie Max, Evergreen; Lennon, Daniel Edward, Wilmington; Leonhardt, Carson Odes, Mor- ganton; Lester, Flora Corpening, Pine Hall. [356] Row One: Liles, Billy Royce, Knightdale; Liles, Henry David, Lilesville; Lindsay, Anthony Gene, Clinton; Lindsay, Melissa, Raleigh; Line- berger. Miles Ervin, Dallas: Link. John Barry, Salisbury: Little, Edgar LeRoy, Durham; Littlejohn, Mike Anthony, Burlington: Liverman, Ered Lee, Ahoskie. Row Two: Lloyd, James Carlyle, Durham; Long, James Eugene, Burlington; Lopp, Daniel Franklin, Lexington; Love, Ray Nesbit, Cary; Lowder, James Thomas, Fayetteville: Lynch, Fulton Lee, Jr., Charlotte; McCall, Thomas Edwin, Jr., Black Mountain; McCant, William, Charlotte; McColl, William David, Thomasville. JUNIORS Row Three: McCombs, David Elder, Salisbury: McCorkle, Richard Anthony, Chernville; McCotter, Orson Lane, Mt. Holly; McCrary, Clifford Ray, Jr., Lexington; McCulley, Michael David. Quantico, Va.; McDermott, John Joseph. Durham; McDowell, Leland Kitchin, Tarboro; McGee, Wesley Olen, Laurinburg; McGhee, Wyatt Lemuel, Eranklinton. Row Four: McGinnis, Jerrj- Ronald, Asheville: McGlohon, Wayland Duke, Jr., Ayden; Mcintosh, Forrest K., Stanley; Mcintosh, Maurice Daniel, Charlotte; McKay. John ' oods, Jr., Charlotte; McKay, Wilbur Franklin, Marston; McLeod, Leo Conrad, Winston-Salem; McLeod, Randolph Christian, Bethesda, Maryland; McLeod, William Lawrence, Jr., Durham. Row FrvE: McMillan, Edward Leigh, Brewton, Ala.; McMillan, Frank Doub, Red Springs; McMurray, Charles Leigh, Spruce Pine; McNeill, Kenneth Michael, East Rockingham; McRee, Leonard Clarence, Newton; McSwain, Wade Hampton, Jr., Albemarle; McWhorter, Billy Glenn, Kannapolis; Macintosh, Donald Eraser, II, Staten Island, N. Y.; Mallory, Ray Ricardo, Fort Bragg. E ;.! [357] Row One: Malinbori;. VX ' illiam Carl, Elkader, Iowa; Malpass, Wendell Allen, Kinston; Mann, Jimmie William. Waynesville; Manning, John Rives, Roanoke Rapids; Marcopoulos, Vassilios, Saloniki, Greece; Margolis, Marvin Samuel, St. Pauls; Marks, David Darden, Morehead City; Marley, William Grady, Jr., Lumber Bridge; Marti, Jose Antonio, Mexico. Row Two: Martin. Gene Harold. Robersonville; Martin. Jesse Frederick, Jamesville; Marwitz. Charles Anthony, Charlotte; Matthews, Hazel Benton, Jr., Hertford; Matthews, Henn.- Alton, Lakeview; Matthews, Samuel Forbis, Monroe; Mauney, James Lloyd, Oakboro; Mayer, Ronald Michael, Asheville; Mead, Byron LcRoy, Norwood, N. J. JUNIORS i Row Three: Meadows, Gene Thomas. Hiddenite; Medlin. Sanford Price, Monroe; Melvin, Edice Carlton, Jr.. Eli abcthtown; Mercer, Walter Kenith. Kinston; Mettrey. John Michael, Raleigh; Middleton, Joseph Bradley, Alexandria. ' a.; Miller, Da id Edward, Greensboro; Mills, Carl Fred, Chinquapin; Mills, Jesse Reid, Burlington. Row Four: Mills, Milton Kent, Mooresville; Mitchell, Barre Ryan, XA ' ilmington; Mitchincr, Hugh Lacy. Garner; Mock. John Delmer, Jr., Boonville; Monroe, James Everettc, Laurel Hill; Mont.gomery, Carl Eugene, Semora; Moore, Charles Jack. Jr.. Hamlet; Moore. John Laughridge, Waynesville; Moore, Julius Graham, Raeford. Row Five: Moore, William Ernest, Acme; Morris, Frances Joseph. Ralei :;h; Morris, Harold Lewis, Brevard; iMorris, James Avery, Columbia; Morris, John Thomas, Galax, Va.; Morris. Robert Harvey, Charlotte; Morris, Walter Wiley, III. Durham; Morris, Zoble Rice, Ahoskie; Morrison, Roger Alan, Charlotte. W f? P fe " ( ' ■•p [358] Row One: Morton, Joscpli Kent, Kinysport, Tenn.; Movie, LaMont Edward, Stewartsville, i . J.; Mullis, Ralph Hartman, Olin; Murphy, Leroy Pearce, Spring Hope; Mustian, Robert David, Kittrell; Myrick, Alvin Grant:, Littleton; Nance, Richard Earle, Gary; Nanzetta, Philip Newcomb, ' inston-Salern; Nelson, Daxid V ' ebb, Morehead Gity. Row Two: Nelson, Robert Edwin, Gatonsville, Md.; Nifong, Charles Michael, Winston-Salem; Noah, Hugh Br an, Raleigh; Noah, Van Batche- lor, Raleigh; Norwood, Elmer Harris, Kings Mountain; Nunalee. Thomas Henrys III, Gurrie; Oakley, Thomas Blair, Butner; O ' Bryant, Thomas Wiley, Reidsville; Olive, Ross McNeill, Fuquay Springs. JUNIORS Row Three: Orr. Thomas Jerome, Gharlotte; Overman, Jack Preston, Edenton; Owens, Andrew Walton. Waynesxille; Palmer, James Edward, Franklin; Palmer, Walter Allan, Winston-Salem; Parker, John Allen, Jr., Gastonia; Pass, Herbert Lee, Jr., Raleigh; Patten, Donald William, Greenwich, N. Y.; Patterson, Melvin Luther, Thomasville. Row Four: Patterson, Reid Barnes, Salisbury; Payne, Richard Eugene, Lexington; Payne, Robert Bennett, Winston-Salem; Pearce, Benny Morris, St. Pauls; Peed, John Gullom, Greedmoor; Pegram, James Darrell, Burlington; Pendergraft, Garrieth Blane, Albemarle; Pendergraft, Odis Gharles, Jr., Ghapel Hill; Penney, Albert Garl, Kenansville. Row Five: Perkins, George Robert, Jr., Roxboro; Perkinson, William David, Norlina; Permar, John Franklin. Greensboro; Peters, Garl Henry, Jr., Rocky Mount; Peterson, Frank Alexander, Raleigh; Peterson, James Edward, Jr., Charlotte, Phelps; Ronald Alan, Louisburg; Philbrick, Gharles Russell, Gary; Pike, Garl Leon, Jr., Raleigh. ■hmt [359] Row One: Pipkin, George Dennis, Murfreesboro; Pollock, Charles Bruce, Clinton; Pope, Jerry Alan, Dunn; Porter, William Larry, Vaughan; Poston, Richard McCoy, Rockingham; Powell, Carl F., Jr., Wilmington; Powell, Charles Edmond, Charlotte; Prescott, A ' endell Ellsworth, Jr., Lake Waccamaw; Prcsnell, Bynum Tillet, Jr.. ' ilmington. Row Two: Price, Cullen Blackmond, Jr., Raleigh; Price, Billy Linwood, Clarendon; Price, John Thomas, Asheville; Price, Lois Faye, Rolesville; Pritchett, Darrell Clray, Thomasville; Privette, Herbert C, Zebulon; Puskas, John Paul, Castle Hayne; Quale, M ' allace Webster, Madison; Queen, James Morris, Morganton. JUNIORS Row I ' liREE: Radford, Maurice Gene, Kenly; Ramseur, David Hardy, La Grange; Randall, Charles Clifford, Falcon; Rankin. John Bradshaw, Gastonia; Rash, Kenneth Ivan, Raleigh; Ray, Thomas Allen, Weaverville; Raymond, Gerrard Edmond, New Orleans, La.; Redd, Warren Jerome, Jr., Charlotte; Redmond, Jake Rowe, Waynesville. Row Four: Recp, Charles Dean, Lincolnton; Rhue, Marion Odell, Swansboro; Riddle, Duncan David, Jr., Sanford; Riedell, Charles Alexander, Clifton, N. J.; Roberts, Alvin Yates; Cherryville; Roberts, John William, Mocksville; Robertson, Cleo Delano, Reidsville; Robinson, Ronald Leary, Lincolnton; Rogers, Charles William, Dallas. Row Five: Rogerson, Asa Benjamin, Williamston; Rose, Preston Edward, Lacama; Ross, Gary Mills, Rhodhiss; Ross, Forrest Ronald, Marion; Roughton, Rcmakl Gill, Norfolk, Va.; Rowley, Lee Raymond, Croton-on-Hudson, N. Y.; Ryals, Henry Wesley, Dunn; Sadler, Emory Welch, Ken- ansville; Saigal, Mushtaq, Kanachi, Pakistan. SkL [360] t L t Row One: Sandifer, James Paul, Cherry Point; Sangster, Kenneth Meldrum, Denville, N. J.; Santowasso, Leo Anthony, Rahway, N. J.; Sasser, Jack Hare, Goldsboro; Satterfield, Preston, III, Roxboro; Satterwhite, Harold Landis, Jr., McCain; Satterwhite, James Brant, Henderson; Sauls, Admiral (Dewey), Garner; Saunders, Harvey Dean, Morganton. Row Two; Saw er, Gordon Edward, Elizabeth City; Sawyer, Rodney Bernard, Jacksonville; Scearce, Percy Vennings, Jr., Danville, Va. Schermer- horn, Donald Francis, Raleigh; Schwartz, Harold, Charlotte; Scott, Samuel DeVon, III, Fair Bluff; Sellers, John Richard, Kannapolis; Shanklin, Julius Augustus, Jr., Raleigh; Shaw, Robert Frank, Fayetteville. JUNIORS Row Three: Shea, Charles Thomas, W ' aycross, Ga.; Shearin, Herbert Nicholas, Raleigh; Shepherd, Robert Edwin, Deep Gap; Sherrill, Van Doye, Benson; Shields, Robert Frank, iMebane; Shivar, Curtis Tapp, Seven Springs; Shore, Gerald Lee, Lewisville; Shore, John Benjamin, East Bend; Sides, Dolan Lee, Albemarle. Row Four: Simmons, Ernest Griggs, Fayette ' ille; Simmons, William Stephen, Granite Falls; Simpson, Charles Douglas, Charlotte; Simpson, Rob- ert ' illiam, Raeford; Singleton, John Graham, Washington; Sink, Larry U ' ayne, Lexington; Sipe, Marion A., Shelby; Slack, William Herbert, Wilmington: Sloan, Benjamin Johnston, Waynesville. Row Five: Smart, Harold Joseph, Draper; Smires, Mohammed, Casablanca, Morocco; Smith, Aubrey Thomas, Washington, D. C; Smith, Bobby Earl, Raleigh: Smith, Charles Holman. Greensboro: Smith, James Thomas, Kings Mountain; Smith, Raymond Lester, Jr., Greenville; Smith, Thomas Manly, New Bern; Smith, A ' illiam Edmond, Jacksonville 10, Fla. [361] tkd Row One: Smith, William Lucius, Jr.. Bayboro; Smitherman, James Samuel, Jr., Troy; Snyder, Glenn Hinson, Charlotte; Spain, Milton Franklin, V ' a erly, Va.; Spake, Yates Ellis, Jr., Morganton; Spangler, Larry Eugene, Shelby; Sparrow, Charles Abernathy, Charlotte; Spell, William Earl, Autryville; Stainback, Kenneth Max, Elon College. Row Two; Stallings, Robert Lee, Gibsonville; Stame -, David Milton, Polkville; Stancill, Kermit Jackson, Kenl -; Stanley, Willie Loyd, Jr., Lex- ington; Starnes, John Edgar, Granite Falls; Steele, Bayne Gray, Burlington; Stein, Gerald Anderson. Rocky Mount; Stephen, Duricko Daniel. Scranton, Pa.; Stephenson, Thomas Williams, Benson. JUNIORS Row Three: Stevenson, James Frederick, Palmyra; Stewart, George Colon, Mamers; Stewart, John Gilliam, Gastonia; Stokes, William Frederick, Greenville; Stone, John GreenWlle, Greensboro; Strawn, Dale Hiram, Charlotte; Strawn, Harry Boger, Monroe; Strickland, Vernon Lee, Oxford; SiToupe, Harold Davdd, Gastonia. Row Four: Stuart, Barr - Witten, Raleigh; Stuart. Jay Clyde, Elkin; Stubbins. George Edward, Greensboro; Sturgess, John Hannibal, Rocky Mount; Suessman. Kenneth Walter, BaldvWn, N. Y.; Suggs, Edna Glenn, Rocky Mount; Summer. Garry Lester. Cherr vil!e; Summers, James David, Jr., Greensboro; Swaim, Tommy Clayton, Cycle. Row Five: Swart, Robert Stevens, Wilmington; Tapp, Jim. Roxboro; Tart, Jimmy Clifton, Benson; Taylor, Francis Beasley, Kinston; Taylor, George Blount. Rocky Mount; Taylor, John Thomas, Nashville; Taylor, Leonard Pendleton, Jr., Vanceboro; Taylor, Zachary, Knightdale; Tetter- ton, Claudius David, South Boston, ' a. A h k [362] Row One: Tharrington, Jeannette Dixon, Mrs., Rocky Mount; Thomas, Baxter Lamar, Jr., Charlotte; Thomas, Georgia Marie, Varina; Thomas, John A., Leaksville; Thompson, Clarence Merlin, Princeton; Thompson, Frank Hooks, Stantonsburg; Thompson, Linwocxl Forrest, Raleigh; Thompson, Roy Clark, Saluda; Thore, David Lester, Martins ' ille. Row Two; Thorn, Robert Harold, Raleigh; Timson, Frank W. C, Jr., Charlotte; Titmus, Edward Buford, Petersburg, Va.; Todd, Edward Sher- mer, East Bend; Tolar, John V ' ()ods, Cedar Grove; Tolson, Norris, Tarboro; Toms, John Amos, Forest City; Tourtellot, Robert Chester, Char- lotte; Transon, Robert Horton, Jr., Wilkesboro. JUNIORS Row Three: Tripp, Jasper Leroy, Raleigh; Troutman, Howard Henry, Jr., Pine Bluff; Troutnian, William H., Concord; Tucker, Dennis Warren, North Wilkesboro; Turner, Conrad Leon, Waynesville; Turner, Frank Vance, Raleigh; Turner, James H., Jr., Dunn Loring, Va.; Turner, James Weaver, Ashex-ille; Turner, Wilbur Harrell, Elizabeth City. Row Four: Turpin, Robert Garner, Newport; Twiford, Louis Brason, Elizabeth City; Underwood, David Franklin, Waynesville; Vaughn, Rob- ert Lee, Gary; Vickers, James Lee, Salisbury; Vu. Hoang, Cho Lon, Vietnam; Wagoner, Frank Wayne, Elon College; Wallace, Larry Simmons, Newport; Wallace, Richard Bruce, Ceno Gordo. Row Fivie: V ' aller, James, Maple Hill; Walser, Stacy Thurman, Jr., Salisbury; Walters, Roger William, Charlotte; ' arner, James G., Mt. Gil- ead; Warwick, Nurham O., Clinton; Washburn, James Ray, Spruce Pine; Waters, Joe Wilbur, Forest City; Watkins, Johnny Wilbert, Southern Pines; Watkins, Louie ' illard, Jr.. ' ilminHt " n. [363] Row One: V ' ca cr, Delmar Dale, Goldsboro; Weaver, Jerry Stokes, Salisbury; Weaver, William Norris, Winston-Salem; Weeks, Clyda Margue- rite, Raleigh; West, George Harper, Kinston; Whatley, Louis Stephen, Asheboro; WTiilden, Carleton Nettles, Jr., Charlotte; Whitaker, Robert Norton, Enfield; White, David Eagle, Jr., Statesville. Row Two: Miite, Finley Tomlinson, Jr., Durham; White, Rufus Jennings, Conway; Whitener, Robert Laben, Jr., Martinsville, Va.; White- sides, David Patrick, Gastonia; Whitfield, James Perry, Jr., Durham; Wicker, Robert Brooks, III, Sanford; Wieland, Fred George, Statesville; Wiggins, Nciland Elvin, Jr., Durham; Wilco.v, John Lee, Tampa, Florida. JUNIORS Row Three: Wilhalf, Charles Edward, III, Rocky Mount; Wilkerson, Charles Vernon, Roxboro; Williams, George W., Ill, Lexington; Williams, Hartsell F., Morganton; Williams, John Wesley, III, Weldon; Williams, Winfred Lee, Jr., Marshville; Williamson, Richard Hall, Canton; Willis, James Belmont, Jr., Raleigh; Willis, Joseph William, Lawndale. Row Four: Wilson, James Grant, Jr., Newport News, Va.; Wilson, Jerr ' Morris, Winston-Salem; Wilson, Mark Gilliam, Wilson ' s Mills; Win- stead, David Solomon, Bunn; Winton, Raymond Sheridan, Raleigh; Wise, Joe Michael, Shelby; Wiseman, Mose Brown, Salisbury-; Wiseman, Steven S., Spruce Pine; Witherington, Charles Mack, Vanceboro. Row Five: Womblc, David Andrew, Elm City; Wright, Bruce Wayne, Plymouth; Wright, Larry Gene, Dayton, Ohio; Yandle. John Morrison, Paw Creek; Yip, Jimmy Der, High Point; Yonce, John Wesley, Richmond, Va.; Young, John Marion, Asheville; Yount, James Leroy, Newton; Yow, John Rowland, Seagrove. ' 9 T§! MVk h [364] CLASS OF 1963 Buck Champion Treasurer Joe Earnhardt ' ice-Preside)!t Peggy McConnell Secretarv Floyd McCall President [365] SOPHOMORES 0 p p Q ' P Abbott, Richard Warren Kernersville Abernethy, Alan Ray Statcsvillc Acra, Mavrice Ramon Port-au-Prince, Haiti Adams, George Aston, Jr Shelby Agee, William Mickey Hickory Agostini, Michael David Trinidad, T. W. I. Alabaster, Albert Allen Dunn Allen, George Edward, Jr Columbus, Ga. Allen, George Willis Tar I leel Allen, Jesse Monroe Smithlield Allen, Larry Ross Plymouth Amick, Wiiliam Michael Pine Bluff. Ark. Amnions, Troy William, Jr Burlington Anderson, Berry Lane Tarburo Anderson, ' oodrow Antonia Goldsboro Andrew, John Rodman Washington Andrews, Robert Louis Sparta Ankurs, Andris Charlotte Archer, David McCail Jacksonville. Fla. Ashley, Perlie Gene Edenton Atwcwd, Richard Nolan ' inston-Salem Austin, James Franklin Hickory Avant, Alfred Louis Red Springs Aycock, Wayne Morris High Point Babcr, Dale Mylum Hopewell, ' a. Badgett, Roy Harris Thomasvillc Baldwin, Donald Frederick Ashevillo Ballard, Gerald Blake Ashevillc Banks, Harvey Thomas Newton Banks, Herman Lee, Jr Jacksonville Banner, ' illiam Powell, Jr Greensboro Barbee, John Logan Yaupow Village Barbee, ' illard Harold, Jr Raleigh Barnes, Alonzo Merrick Philadelphia, Pa. Barnes, Douglas Randolph Angier Barnhill, Michael Von Battleboro Barringer, Luther Bradford Richfield Barringer, Thomas Lawson Kannapolis Barry, Raymond Edward Shelby Basden, Bruce Kellum Dudley Bason, Jerry Thomas Graham Bass, Clemon Elton, Jr Edenton Batton, George Oates Roanoke Rapids Baucom, Larry Clayton Concord Beasley, James Dale High Point Beasley, Mari ' in Coleman Gastonia Beeson, John Edward Winston-Salem Bennett. Jerry Lee Kernersville Bennett. Roy Ray, Jr Raleigh Berrier. Bobby Lee China Grove Best, Cuyler Deems, Jr Goldsboro Best, Elvvood Vance Turke ' Biggerstaff, Robert Thurman Vale Hinns, Robert Norman Siler City Bishop, Roy Norton Aberdeen Black, Edward Eugene, Jr Ashex iUe Blackburn, Sammy Gayle Charlotte Blanchard, Harold Chris V ' hiteville Blanchard, James Birven Turkey Blanchard, Stanley Wayne Edenton [366] Bledsoe, V ' illiam Byron Sparta Blevins, Ronald Lee Bristol, Tenn. Blythe. John Luther Oxford Borookhiin, Manouchelr Manny . . . .Teheran, Iran Bostian, Charles William Raleigh Boughan, John Robert West Point, Va. Boyce, William Clifton, Jr Windsor Boyette, Warren Ciles Clayton Bradshavv, Loyd, Jr Franklin, ' a. Bradshaw, Richard Allen, Jr Salisbury Brake, Henry Louis, Jr Rocky Mount Brake. John Ira Rocky Mount Brantley, William Arthur Raleigh Breeden, James Brooks Fa ette ille Breeden, Wilhe Roy EHzabeth City Brewer, James E Biscoe Britson, Robert Duea Siler City Britt, Harry Shore, Jr Clinton Brittain, Robert Earl Boone Brock, Bobby Gene ' ade Brogden, William Alvis Sanford Brosias, Marriott Basom, II Statesville Brown, Benjamin Lawrence Rhodhiss Brown. Howard Patrick Washington Brown, Johnny Milton Lexington Brown, Ray Jackson Colerain Brown, Thomas Wayne States ille Brown, Walter Earl V ' ilson Bruton, James Isal Fremont Bryan, William Ross Quebec, Canada Bryant, Jakie M Vanceboro Bryson, Phil Robinson, Jr Asheville Buck, Coy Glen, Jr Stokes Bullington, Terry Douglas Pittsboro Bumgardner, David Richard W est Jefferson Bunn. George Albert Goldsboro Buonato, Eugene George Williamsport, Pa. Burke, Robert Holmes Montclair, N. J. Burkes, Marc Ray Calhoun Falls, S. C. Burleson, Larry Joe Albemarle Burnette, Thurman Everett Oxford Burton, Charles David Bolivia Bush. John Powell New London Butler, Edward Berton Rockingham Butzbach, Joseph J V ' inston-Salem Byrd. Kenneth Rex Sims Cagle, Donald Ray Kannapolis Caldwell, Ernest LaRue, Jr Towson, Md. Calvert. A ' alIace Vanamber . . .Mount W ' rnun. Ind. Cameron, William John Raleigh Canady, Kenneth Sink High Point Carawan, Larry Bryan Greenville Carpenter, Elmer Lee Newland Carpenter, James Wesley Durham Carpenter, Joseph Morgan Wagram Carr, Thomas McLeon, Jr Clinton Carr, William Dontez Raleigh Carter, Da id Huber Fort Bragg Carver, William Bayard Roxboro Casper, Don Wealon Louisburg [367] SOPHOMORES ■ft A ' PIR SOPHOMORES kfikfiWlfe Catherwood, George Arthur Burlington Cato, Joseph Charles Charlotte Causey, Hartley Dodge, Jr Greensboro Cavenaugh, Roy Stephen, Jr Wallace Chavis, Craf ton Rowland Cheatham, John Gordon Oxford Cherry, Richard Harris ' illiamston Chipley, Thomas Julian Charlotte Christiansen, John William, Jr Whiteville Clark, Donald Lawrence McLean, Va. Clark, Dora Ann Garner Clark, Edward Thorne Mount Airy Clark, M. Michael Canton Clark, Oscar McFayden Fayetteville Clarke, Barnard Stanley Petersburg, Va. C limtz, James ' illiam Lenoir Clowes, Thomas Hartley Winston-Salem Cobb, Clyde Capehart Edenton Coble, Charles Joseph Laurinburg Cochran, James David Canton Cochran, Robert Charles Robersonville Cochrane, Charles Thomas High Point Coffer, Bertram Watts Sanford Coffey, Kay Young Aiken, S. C. Coffey, Thomas Gatewood Raleigh Coggin, Thomas Edward Sanford Coggins, Nolan S Thomasville Cole, Wellon Roger High Point Coleman, Charles Burnett Tabor City Coleman, Jack Kimsey Murphy Collette, Dan Wilson Gastonia Collins, Anthony Earl V ' inston-Salem Cone, Caesar Greensboro Conner, Robert Wayne Clover, Va. Connolly, Billy Dean Bakersville Cook, Ered Roscoe Boone Cook, Harold Craig Mount Olive Cook, Jerr ' A Winston-Salem Coppedge, George A. N., II High Point Cornelius, Clarence Preston Troutman Cornwell, Larry Ray Shelby Couch, John Edwin Durham Coville, Edward More Atkinson Co.x, James Lester, Jr Reidsville Cox, Robert Emmett Thomasville Cox, Wayne McCaskell Tabor City Cox, William Frederic Grifton Cox, A ' illiam Moncier New Bern Coxe, Fred Jackson, III Raleigh Craft, William Jacob Rutherfordton Crates, Thomas Bond Charlotte Crawford, William Henry W., Ill .Roanoke Rapids Cross, James Michael Asheboro Cross, Thomas Emmons Basking Ridge, N. J. Crow, Frank Heath. Jr X. Wilkesboro Crowell, Kenneth Bernard Oakboro Cruikshank, James Patrick Asheville Crutchfield, John S Reidsville Culliphcr, James Milton Merry Hill Curnow, I ' llm Wallace Charlotte [368] Currin, Shirley Thomas Oxford Curtis, Burnell Parker Wilmington Curtis, Cecil Lawrence Rocky Mount Cutler, Cuy Abner Washington Dalton, James Edgar, ]r Pine Hall Daniel, Joe Farmer, Jr Wilson Daniels, Dennis Allen Wilmington Daniels, Lester Jackson Winston-Salem Davenport, Reynold Slade, Jr Jacksonville Davis, Charles Algernon, Jr Draper Davis, Ellis Hubert. Jr Thomasvillc Davis, Jerry Mallory Cincinnati, Ohio Davis, Robert Buruell Charlotte Davis, William Phillip Kitty Hawk Day, John Creed, Jr Durham Deal, William Marcus Lenoir DeHart, Dillard Lovell, Jr Asheville Denise, Frank DeLano Raleigh Denkins, Frank Earl, Jr Raleigh Dennis, Marcus Vaughan Raleigh Deriso, John Christopher Jacksonville Dixon, Michael Poinde.xter East Bend Dixon, Ronald LjTin Siler City Donnelly. Ned Preston Hickory Dorman, Marvin Kay, Jr Pembroke Doty, Leete Raymond Summit, N. J. Draughon, Harold McDonald Zebulon Dressel, John Michael Durham Drossin, Paul Robert Charlotte Drye. Jerry Wendell Albemarle Dumont, Arthur Erwin Charlotte Dunning, Charles Everett Rich Square Dunshee, Jason Haynes Pantego Eagles, Joseph Elliott Macclesfield Eakes, James Chandler Sanford Earnhardt, John Wilbert Winston-Salem Harp, David Franklin Selma Easterling, George Dixon Hamlet Edgerton, Jerry Alan Goldsboro Efird, Henry Brown Troy Efird. Wilbur Maurice Norwood Elder, James ' indle Greensboro Eller, Conrad David Moravian Falls Ellington, Rayburn Paschal, III Burlington Ellis, Francis Charles Columbus, Ohio Elrod. Henry James, Jr Spencer Enloe, Harold Coleman Asheville Enzor, Crawford Monroe, Jr Fair Bluff Estridge, Sammy Earl, Jr Bad in Fade!, Salem Kelly Fayetteville Faircloth, Bob Eugene Fayetteville Fanney, Josef Privette Scotland Neck Farmer, John Beaman. Jr Elm City Farmer, Michael Paul Goldsboro Fatkin, Thomas George Albemarle Faust, Eric Milton Salisbury Ferguson. James Marshall Raleigh Fine, Da id Lee New London Fishel, Herbert Andrew Winston-Salem Fisher. John Lawrence, Jr Gastonia [369] SOPHOMORES ■• r O p r J km mk SOPHOMORES " • ' ' © 1 Reming, Robert James, Jr Fuquay Springs Floyd, Benjamin Morris Henderson Fogarasy, Peter Ivan New Haven, Conn. Fogle, Jerry Woodrow Dallas Forbes, Wilson Alexander, Jr Gastonia Foster, Curtiss Bradley Selma Foster, George Randolph Charlotte Fowler, George Foard Salisbury Fowler, Richard Leon Mt. Holly Foy, John Frank Bradenton, Fla. Franklin, Don Ervin ' aldese Franklin, Edward Carlyle Richmond, Va. Fraucnholz, Ramond Blaise Havelock Frazelle, Barry Newbold Raleigh Frazier, Larry Wendell Burlington Freas, David Edward Walnut Cove Freck, Larry Gene Acme Freeman, Richard McConnell Charlotte Frick, Lester Lee Albemarle Frickey, Robert Elliott Siler City Friday, Leonard LeRo ' Gastonia Fry, Harold Lawrence Newton Fulbright, James Claud Hickory Funderburk, Jerry Neal Kannapolis Futrell, Glenn Elliott Goldsboro Futrell, Robert Glen, Jr Murfreesboro Gagnon, David Charles Ayden Gahrmann, Robert William Charlotte Gaither, John Owen Charlotte Gandy, Robert William Concord Gardner, David Llampton Roseboro Gardner, Joseph Decatur Holland, Va. Gardner, William Edgar Kernersville Gardner, William Marshall Asheville Garner, Jerry Leon Aberdeen Garrett, Ray Wayne Moyock Garrett, Roy Lane Moyock Garrison, Edward Lawrence Morganton Geddie, Edgar McPhail Raleigh Gentry, Carl Lacy Mount Airy Gibson, Edward Leven Charlotte Gibson, Johnny Wayne Kannapolis C;ietzen, Phillip Gordon Charlotte Gifford, John Winston Vero Beach, Fla. Gillen, Stacy B Steubenville, Ohio Gilmnrc. Wesley Wilson Raleigh CJoduin, Randolph Ray Wilson Godwin. Wiley Norwood Dunn Coins, James Donald Burlington Goldfarb, Michael Barry Forest Hills. N. Y. Goldman, L Barry Miami, Fla. (Joodman, Robert Lee Gold Hill Goswick, Thomas Emmett Durham Grady, Michael Eriic Rocky Mount Grainger, John William, Jr Clarendon Grant, Eric Bryson Burlington Grant, James William, Jr Charlotte Gravely, Benjamin Tyson Charlotte Gra es, Alfred Arthur Canton Gray, James Alexander, Jr Hope Mills [370] h Gray, John Bowie Wilson Gray, J. Lander, III Gastonia Green, Charles Robert Brevard Green, Frankhn Roerk Durham Greene, Ernest Leland, Jr Raleigh Greenwood, Kenneth Towne . . . . So merville, N. J. Grecson, Roy Mack Burlington Gregory, Barry Randall Mocksville Gregory, Walton Carlyle Raleigh Gresham, John Randolph Raleigh Gresham, Robert Elvis, Jr Oxford Grice, James Pressley Shelby Griffin, Charles Wilson New London Griffin, Joe Ecil Fairmont Griffin, Joseph Carl, Jr Jamesville Griffin, Marion Carroll Robersonville Griffin, Robert Paul, Jr Winston-Salem Griffith, Robert Wallace, Jr Lexington Griggs, Allan Dupree Wadesboro Grimes, Thomas Llewellyn Cary Griswold, Guy Doun Downingtown, Pa. Grace, Augustus Benjamin, Jr Raleigh Grubb, Fred DeLano Raleigh Guion, V ' illiam Scott Charlotte Gumm, William Eugene Graham Guy, Buford Mason, Jr Salisbury Hackney, Ralph Hodges Washington Hairr, Leland Moore Goldsboro Hale, Alan Everett Wilmington Halverson, Oscar Ted Siler City Hamilton, James Gordon Charlotte Hamm, Jerry Allen Henderson Hampton, Benny Bryant Elkin Hanes, Donald Gray Salisbury Hardee, Mikael Allen Southport Hardison, Ted Julius Edenton Harper, James Ronald Highlands Harrington, Archie Walton, Jr Fairmont Harris, James Carmon, Jr Lexington Harris, Van T Williamston Harris, William Brothers Oriental Harris, William Howard Windsor Harrison, Thomas Edison Wake Forest Hartsell, Wayne Lee Midland Harvel, Roy Harrison Biscoe Hasbrouck, Jonathan Lo ' e Bladenboro Hauser, Edwin Wilbur Lewisville Hawes, Douglas Hayes Bolivia Hawkins, Clarence Pemberton Pine Level Hayes, Richard McLaughlin High Point Heath, Bobby Sutton Trenton Heath, John Emery Black Mountain Heckstall, William Cadmus Windsor Hedspeth, Luther William, Jr Conway Heeden, George Lee, Jr Wilson Helminger, Paul Andrew Raleigh Helms, Harvey Milton, Jr Albemarle Henry, James Vance Asheville Hensley, Daniel Steve Black Mountain Hernandez, Manuel Ramon Santa Cruz Del Sur, Cuba 13711 SOPHOMORES ■ . Mi jlMlOKSi. . j EtB! — 1 SOPHOMORES kJ? k£:k Hester, Ralph Duanc Charlottesville, Va. Heyward, George Cuthbert Laurinburg Hill, Joel David Carolina Beach Hines, John Stephen Spindale Hinson, Donald Ray Goldsboro Hoell. James Monroe Rocky Mount Holder, Edward Lee VVinston-Salem Holland, Charles Sidney, Jr Henderson Hollifield, Richard G High Point Hnllowcll. Joseph Bertrum Edenton Holt, Kenneth Paul Jamestown Honeycutt, Thomas Rhett Greenville Ihxjks, James Calvin ' adesboro Home, William Oscar Polkton Horton, James Floyd Wilson House, Owen Daniel Nashville House, Philip Eugene Robersonville Howell, Dewey Edward Goldsboro Howell, John Howard, Jr New Bern Howell, Millard Cleveland, Jr U ' adesboro Hubbard, James Allison Stedman Hudson, David Rex Graham Huffman, Loyd Allen Wilkesboro Huffman. Tod Edward Hickory Huggins, Marion Dixon Durham Hughes, Miles Augustus, Jr Edenton Hughes, Robert Vann Swannanoa Humble, Jerry Lewis Jamestown fiumphrey, Clarence Kermit, Jr Kinston Humphreys, Paul N Raleigh Hutchens, Jerry Lee Yadkinville Idol, Tony Gene Colfax Ingram, Dick Debusk Mt. Gilead Ingram. Donald Russell Swansboro Ives, Charles Luther, III Raleigh Ivey. James Carlton Orrum Jackson, George Claudius Greenville Jackson, James Howard Mooresboro Jackson, John Warren Henderson James. Elmo Beckton Everetts James, William Russell Winston-Salem Jarrett. James Paul High Point Jenkins, Larry Stuart Raleigh Jensen, Erik Anders Greensboro Johnson, Edward Earl Dunn Johnson. Richard Morris Graham Johnson. Sigvard B Greenwich. Conn. Johnson, Tapley Orman Wake Forest Johnston, William Henry, III Raleigh Jones, C. Ed Lenoir Jones, Dan Holden, Jr Farmville Jones, James Lloyd Kenly Jones, Jerry Lee Wilkesboro Jones, Walter Bascomb, Jr Raleigh Jones, Walter I lunter, Jr Raleigh Jordan, Jack Pritchett Mt. Gilead Jordan, Steven Boyd Charlotte Jorgensen, David Barrett Durham Joyner, I lenry Lee, Jr Hobbsville Judkins. Malcolm Robert. . . .North Augusta, S. C. [372] Justice, Frank Kimsey Asheville Kale, Charles Lester Mt. Holly Kanoy, Gary A Thomasville Keel, Ralph Mayo, Jr Groton, Conn. Keel. U ' illiam H., Ill Raleigh Keith, Thomas Joseph Lumberton Kelly, Arthur King Kinston Kennedy, Eugene W ' elborn Hillsboro Kent, Richard Edward Lynbrook, N. Y. Keshtvarzi, Abbas Shiraz, Iran Kesler, Danny Murphy Salisbury Kirby, Bobby Cecil Millers Creek King, Carlisle Richard, Jr Knightdale Kirknian, Raymon Lee, Jr Winston-Salem Kiser, Clyde Loyd Asheboro Kittreil, George Parker, Jr Corapeake Klatt, Fred Walter Cary Klipfel, Thomas Raymond Asheboro Knight, Thomas David Stokesdale Knott, Gerald Hubert Raleigh Knott, Larry Wayne VA ' inston-Salem Kohut, David John Carnegie, Pa. Koonce, Eugene Carlyle, Jr New Bern Koontz, Robert Franklin, Jr Lexington Koppel, Ants Greensboro Krecicki, Gerald Joseph Trenton, N. J. Kreps, Jeffry Allen Charleston, W. Va. Kriger, William Paul Moon Row, Pa. Kunkle. James Marshall Charlotte Kurdys, ' illiam Reavis Charlotte Kuuskraa, Velio Alexander Cherry ville Lamm, Charles Howard Elm City Lane, James Douglas Dover Lane, Stephen Mt. Gilead Langlcy, Brian Colburn Smithfield Larkin, Robert Francis Swansboro, Ga. Laski, George Evanston, 111. Leary, Jesse Hubert Suffolk, Va. Lee, Jerry Stevenson New Bern Lee, Jesse Ba.xter Laurinburg Lee, ' illiam Alexander Newport News, Va. Leonard, Robert Wayne Winston-Salem Leslie, Phillip Bennett Dunn Lesslie, Peter Ashby Mt. Holly Lewis, James Thomas Car ' Lewis, Joseph Isaac Middlesex Lewis, Luther Vance Union Mills Lineberry. Logan Weaver, III Randleman Little, Ned Bower Jefferson Lockemer, Bruce LeRoy Chagrin Falls. Ohio Long, Bobby Melvin Shallotte Long, Robert Edward Elizabeth City Long, Ronald Herman Gastonia Love, Ira Wayne Kannapolis Lucas, Sherwood Paul Dunn Lucas, William A shley Raleigh Lushene, Joseph M Eau Gallic, Fla. Lustig, Frank Eugene Clemmons Lynch. James Maurice Sanford Lynch. Robert Edward, Jr La Grange [373] N liM SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES fi ' A Lynn, M ' illiam Craven Raleigh McAbee, Barbara Ann Wilmington McAdoo, Garland Henry Greensboro McArthur, Daniel Lawrence, Jr Red Springs McCall, Floyd Enlow Penrose McCarter, Reid Alexander Gastonia McClenny, William Arthur Lucama McCommons, Richard Eugene Raleigh McConnell, Alfred Earl Raleigh McConnell, Peggy Harper Pittsburgh, Pa. McConnell, TTiomas Harper High Point McCormick, James Mack Sanford McCracken, Jerry Franklin Boone McCrary. James Edward Roanoke Rapids McCurdy, David Kenneth, Jr Flourtown, Pa. McCurry, James Rodney Candler McDonald, Allen Woodford Concord McElroy, James Edward Morchead City McFarland. Cliftcm Benedict, Jr Raleigh McGee, Hubert Wendell Kernersville McGee, John Eustace Wa.xhaw McGee, Mervin Marion Newton McGuinn, John Anthony Tryon Mclver, Chandler Hill Raleigh McKinney, James Donald lonesville. S. C. McLaw horn, Luke Bcrnhard. Jr Grifton McLeod, Marshall Watson Mt. Pleasant McLeod, Michael Stanley High Point McMillan, Donald Ale. Pembroke McPherson, Robert Ronald Durham Mabe, Jimmy ' ayne Kernersville Macomson, Michael Rhett Shelby Maher, William Francis. Jr Manchester, Conn. Maheras, Harry Gus Gastonia Maiden, Donald Lawrence Greensboro Mainster, Martin Aron Miami Beach, Fla. Makepeace, William Russell, III Sanford Malone, Philip Morris Statesville Malski, Edmund Horgan Durham Mangum. Conley Newton Rougemont Mangum, William Wallace, Jr Durham Mann, George Madison ' ilmington Mann, Ronald Barry High Point Manning, Henry Lee, Jr Middlesex Manning, John Austin, Jr Raleigh Mantooth, George Lester Gastonia Marcum, John Mills Southern Pines Markhani. Murd(Kk Henry, Jr Raleigh Marsh, Elisha Stroud Wadesboro Marshall, Wayne Wilson Raleigh Marshburn, James Phillip Rocky Mount Martin, Johnny Stephen Lenoir Martin, W illiam Ray Lenoir Mashburn, Harry Lee Phil.ickliiiiia. Pa. Mason, John Rufus Newport Massey, Harry Clinton, Jr Raleigh Melton, Robert Barry Lenoir Mende , Jose Francisco . . .Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico Miller. Calvin Max Salisbury Miller, Henrv Llovd Salisburv [374] Miller, Thomas Benbow Salisbury Milligan, George Envin Charlotte Mills, Robert Norris Aurora Milton, David Fleming Lillington Mitchell, Don Newton Durham Mitchell, Paul Blackburn Kinston Mitchelle, W. Earl Danville, Va. Mitchem. Terry Kermit Lincolnton Moore, Eugene Arnold Cleveland Moore, Gerald Nathan Fayettcville Moore, John Emmett Clinton Moore, Richard Arnold Aulander Moore, Thomas Edwin Raleigh Moretz, Ralph Dale, Jr Deep Gap Morgan, Billy Joe Jacksonville Morgan, Karen Ila Pittsburgh, Pa. Morrison, James Davidson Asheville Morrison, Phillip Hunter Lenoir Morrow, James Kirven Washington Morrow, Samuel Ray Statesville Morton, Donald Rives Greensboro Moser, William Ray, Jr Greensboro Mosley, Jerry Wayne Rocky Mount Moss, Alfred Wesley Charlotte Mozingo, Kenneth David Burgaw Mozingo, Roy V ' alton Kenly Mumford, Ray Hulette Southern Pines Munden, Fentress Horner Elizabeth City Munroe, Allen P Morristown, Tenn. Murchison, William Harold, Jr Goldston Murphy, Roger Wayne Summerfield Myers, Jesse Willard, Jr McLeansville Nance, Daniel Allan Greensboro Neel, Richard Owen Moores ' ille Neighbors, Dalma Keith Benson Nelson. Lewis Henry Rome, N. Y. Nelson, Melvin, Jr Sanford Nemmers, Raymond Francis Raleigh Nichols, Charlie Aubrey Mt. Airy Nicholson, Cheyney Anglin Raleigh Nobles, Larry Chadbourn Noell, Godwin Leroy Oxford Nordan, Phillip Thomas Benson Nordman, TTieodore Paul Charlotte Norville, James Douglas, Jr Rocky Mount Null, Thomas Allen Salisbury Odum, James Sherwin Hubert Ogburn, Thomas Benjamin Roanoke Rapids O ' Hara, Dennis Duke Linden Outlaw, Robert Russell Raleigh Overcash, Oscar Lee China Grove Overman. Bruce Howland, Jr Greensboro Overton, V ' illiam Thompson Oxford Owens. Jasper Glenn Morganton Owings, Charles Wells, Jr Greensboro Padgett, Hugh Anthony Forest City Page, Donald Reed Chattanooga, Tenn. Page, Edwin Pcrr ' Morrisville Pahl, Edward Howard Autryville Pakula, Hallet Mathew Raleigh [375] SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES OP Pardue, Garland Burnis Elkin Parham, Thomas Irvin High Point Park, Donald Michael Ashland, Ohio Parker, Raymond Wilson, Jr Rocky Mount Parker, Samuel Max Mt. Ulla Parkhurst, Robert Edwin Conovcr Parks, Leston Curtis, Jr Salisbury Parlier, John Felix, Jr Lenoir Parrish, Roy Thomas Sanford Partin, Maurice V ' ilson Kinslon Paterson, Wallace Hall Matthews Patrick, David Malcolm Greensboro Patrick, Jerry Hamilton Raleigh Patterson, Donald U ' altcr Concord Peacock, John Forrest Weavcrvillc Peacock, Joseph Thomas Fremont Pearson, Kenneth Covington Goldsboro Peed, Wallace Lunsford Creedmoor Perkins. Jerry Cecil Sanford Perkins, Lewis I lenry, Jr Gatesville Perkinson, Richard Thomas Roanoke Rapids Perry, Clifford Braswell Chapel Hill Perry, William Howard FayetteWUe Pcrryman, Kaye Frances Lexington Peterson, Rcid Willis Burnsville Phelps, Lewis Marshall, Jr Wilson Phillips, Larry Steve Hickory Phillips, Raymond Douglas Pine Level Phillips, Raymond Woodrow Charlotte Phillips, Terry Nelson U ' inston-Salcm Pidal, Enric|ue Havana, Cuba Pierce, Harold Ray Charlotte Pierce, Van Armelin Hallsboro Pique, Rodolfo Enrique Havana, Cuba Plonk, Da id Torrence Kings Mountain Pliitt. Glenn Cordell Concord Porras, Rodrigo Antonia Panama, Panama Poteet, Leon Jay Morganton Price, Jan Ball Dudley Price, Ronald Frederick Greensboro Price, William Hcwitson, Jr Leaksville Price, William John Greensboro I ' rilchett, Morris Grady, Jr Columbia Proctor, James Allen Vale Pruett, Jeffrey Lynn Cheltenham, Pa. Puckett, Jerry Thomas Oxford Purser, Jerry Franklin Andrews Putiiani, James Russell Coblcskill, N. Y. Quick, Gerald Thomas Sanford Quincy, Robert Horton Rocky Mount Rader, Louis Albert Darien, Conn. Ragan, Jack Merritt. Jr New Bern Raper, Charles David, Jr Whiteville R.iper. Piich.iril Morris Thomasville Redding, S. Wayne Winston-Salem I ' eed. Charles William Winston-Salem lU-c cs. William Howard, Jr Mocksville Reid, Willis Alton, Jr Raleigh Renner, Robert John Easton, Pa. Rettinger, Lawrence lohn, Jr Winston-Salem [376] Reynolds, David l alph Patrick Springs, Va. Reynolds, Ronald Jack Goldsboro Rhodes, lames Thomas Ashcvillc Rhcxlcs, Sam Buck, III Lcaksvillc Richardson, Gary Douglas Silcr City Richardson, William Clayton Franklin Rix, Kenneth Paul Asheville Roberson, William Iluyli, Jr Robersonville Roberts, Stancil Beanian Crcedmoor Roberts, Wayne Binford Hillsboro Robertsim, Gerald V ' aync Williamston Robinson, Clayton H Clinton Robinson, Glenn Albert, Jr Charlotte Rogers, Hartwell Benjamin I lenderson Rogers, Michael Clyde Rosendahl, James Fred Dobson Ross, Billy Linwood Durham Rothrock, Patrick Andrew Raleiyh Rouse, Robert Gene Magnolia Royall, James Dvvight Thurmond Rozier, Charles Ray Lumberton Runkle, Charles James Winterville Russell, Kirby Ray Kannapolis Rust, Carl William Charlotte Sams, Clay Edward Dillard, Ga. Scarborough, Todd Robert, Jr Hoffman Scesny, Anthony Joseph Bellport, N. Y. Schick, Pedro Alejandro Caracas, Venezuela Schneider, Donald Allen Roanoke Rapids Schronce, Jerry Milton Sanford Schultheis, John Fredrick Guilford Scott, Farrell Wayne Winston-Salem Seagle, Joe Ben Morganton Sears, Billy Leonard Apex Self, Robert Houser Durham Sharpe, Tommy Goode Statesville Shaver, Darryl Lane Charlotte Shaw, Barry Allen Burlington Shaw, John Quincy, Jr Durham Shaw, Martin Cooper Roanoke Rapids Shelton, Henry Hugh Hobgood Shelton, Paul ' ilson, Jr Pilot Mountain Shepherd, Donald Lea Mebane Shepherd, James Edward Whitsett Shepherd, Stephen Cowles Ferguson Sherman, Stephen Warner Jacksonville Shirkey, Thomas James Grover Shore, Henry Bascom East Bend Sides, David Larry Kannapolis Sigmon, Charles Nelson Mooresville Sigmon, Darrell A ' ilburn Hickory Sink, James Andrew, Jr Thomasville Sinnock, Pomeroy, III Xew Castle, Indiana Skinner, Egan Greer Winston-Salem Sloan, George Alton Gary Smith, Alford Lee Bowden Smith, Alton Glenn, Jr Goldsboro Smith, Angela Ann Garland Smith, Boyd Adam Asheville Smith, Daniel White. Ir Wagram [377] SOPHOMORES ' % Per ' SOPHOMORES ■■ft F ■ ' ■ t r r f ' W Smith, David Michael Concord Smith, Duane Richard Elmira, N. Y. Smith, Frank Stacy Asheville Smith, George Edward Clayton Smith, Hcnvitt Spurling Fallston Smith, James Charles Raleigh Smith, James Edward Asheville Smith, James Wallace, Jr VVestfield Smith. Jerry Wayne Brown Summit Smith, Polly Ann Midway Park Smith, Robert Edward Fayetteville Smith, Thomas Pritchard Svvansboro Smith, Thomas Ray Dunn Smith, VMlliam Barry Kings Mountain Smith, ' ilIiam Sidney Rocky Mount Smyth, ' illiam Henry Denton Snider, Edgar Howard, Jr High Point Snider, Jerry Emanuel Lexington Snow, Mickey Dale Spray Soles, John Marvin Whiteville Spcas, Danny Edwin Tobaccoville Spence, William McKay Concord Spencer, Edwin Valencourt, Jr. . . . Wallingford, Pa. Spencer, Virgil Stewart Charlotte Spivey. Edward Lowell, Jr Raleigh Stadler, David Eugene Burlington Stafford, Jacob Alpheus Elizabeth City Stalcup, VA ' inston C Murphy Stallings, Charles Henry Walterboro, S. C. Stamm, Alfred John Raleigh Stanley, John William Winston-Salem Stansel, Benjamin Carrol Lumbcrton Starling, Donald Dean Mt. Airy Starnes, Lawson Wright Worthington. Ohio Starr, Peter Paul Shenandoah, Pa. Staton. Raymond Clifford. Jr Hendersonville Steele. James Findlay, Jr Alexandria, Va. Steele, John Hamilton Lenoir Steelman, Harvey Leroy Kannapolis Steinbach, Roger Kent Franklin, Va. Stephenson, Michael Judson Fligh Point Stejip, Michael Rcid Canton Stevens, John Gehret Mount Holly, N. J. Stevens, Thomas Hamilton Lenoir Stratton, George Frederick, Jr Charlotte Strickland, Daniel Z., Jr Erwin Stroud, Richard Sidney Ayden Sunmer, Howard Donald Asheville Sutton, James William Raleigh Sutton, Mar ' in Burdette, Jr Charlotte Swann, James Thomas Morehead City Swing, William Denny Kannapolis Taliey, Windell Lee Stanfield Taylor, Carl Edwin, Jr Wilmington Taylor, Henry Clay, III Louisburg Taylor, James Braxton Wadesboro Taylor, Richard Douglas Lenoir Taylor, William Elton Charlotte Taylor, Woodrow Manning Deep Run Teachev, lames Clifton Rose I lill [378] Teague, Donald Eugene Thomasville Temple, Herman Lee Norfolk, Va. Thigpen, John Marvin Mt. Olive Thomas, Charles Roy Concord Thomas, Graham Julius VV ' inston-Salcni Thomas, John Charles Thomasvilk ' Thomas, Joseph Eugene Ernul Thomas, Phil Ray Bakersvillc Thomason, Thomas Watson Salisbury Thomasson, Samuel Joseph, III Fayetteville Thompson, Charles Benjamin, Jr New Bern Thompson, Charles Monroe Black Mountain Thompson, Leonard Weston Goldsboro Thompson, Max Forest Aurora Thompson, Robert Buie Raleigh Thoms, Kenneth Richard Pearl River, N. Y. Thornburg, Tom Grier, Jr Concord Tickel, William Howard Roanoke Rapids Tcxld, Marvin Caulis. Jr Ahoskie Tollison, James Broner, Jr Asheboro Tomkins, Charles Richard, III ... .Gallatin, Tenn. Torrence, Charles Barry Salisbury Torrence, Daniel Alexander Greensboro Tucker, Frank Charles, Jr Shelby Tucker, Paul Arthur, Jr Locust Tulloss, John A ' illiam, Jr Rocky Mount Turner, Douglas Harry Rose Hill Turtle, James Francis, Jr Elizabeth City Twiddy, Paul Washburn Edenton Tyner, Frederick Carlson Red Springs Tyson, Harold Dean Waxhaw Tyson, James Edward, Jr Raleigh Umstead, T. Clinton Durham Upchurch, Joseph Burtis Greenville Upchurch, Robert Howard Raleigh Uptegrove, Raymond Russell . . .Geor ' .;etown, S. C. Vanaman, Robert Frederick Fayetteville Van Nostrand, Arthur Faron Bristol, Tenn. Vass, Marian James Raleigh Yaugban, William Jason, III Roanoke Rapids Vaughn, Joseph Bonaparte, III ... . Winst m-Salem Vaughn, Michael Wilson Winston-Salem Vennel, Virginia Birkett Alexandria, Va. Vestal, William Franklin Franklinville V ' achtel, Martin Luther, III Spring Hope Wade. William Henry, Jr Winston-Salem Wagoner, James Wilson, II Reidsville Walker, Barbara Dale Atkinson Walker, Kyle Robert Stuart, Va. Walker, Raymon Lowe, Jr High Point Walker, Ronald Lee Burlington U ' alkcr, William Clyde. Jr ■ Durham ' ard, Gus Graham, III Durham Ward, Leon Jackson Goldsboro Ward, Thomas Carl Raleigh Ward, William Charles, Jr Charlotte Warner, Raymond Douglas Medford, Mass. Warren, James Marshall Batdeboro Warren, John Garry Chocowinity Watson, Larrv Irving Plvmouth [379] SOPHOMORES mi ■i f je SOPHOMORES Watson, William Robert Red Springs Watts, Max Donald Morganton Watts, Plato Hilton, ]r Florence, S. C. Watts, Thomas Powell, Jr Winston-Salem Weathcrly. Robert Neilson Hamlet Webb, William Leon, ]r High Point Webster, Henry Morgan Sanford Wechslcr. Donald Byron Miami Beach, Fla. Weeks, Willis Bryant Mt. Olive Weiss, David Saul Charlotte Wellman, John Wilson Wilkerson, W. Va. Wellons, George Sidney Wilson Wells, Charles Earl, Jr Juliustown, N, J. West, Thomas Bradford Charlotte West, Willis Ashley Aberdeen Westbrook, Richard Holton Ports, Va. Weston, Robert Franklin Scbring, Fla. Wheeler, Ray Bain Canton White, John Kenneth Greensboro White, Norman Berry Pittsboro White, Thomas Michael Mrxiresville Whitehouse, Richard Allen .... Broad Brook, Conn. Whitfield, George Carroll Snow Hill Whitlow, David ' ayne High Point Whitman, Emil John, Jr Babson Park, Fla. Whitt. Ellis Edward Trinity Widen, Carl Eric McKeesport, Pa. Wigg, Helen Jackson Wilmington Wiggins, John Robert Cary Wilkerson, Joe Emerson Roxboro Williams, Emmett Roger Clinton Williams, Howard Eugene Dallas, Texas Williams, Frank McCrady Matthews Williams, George Benton Charlotte Williams, Harold Jackson Apex Williams, Joel Lawson Pink Hill Williams, Rodger Derby Bethesda, Md. Williams, Roy Douglas V ' est End Williams, Raymond W Kannapolis Williams, Warren Ailing Raleigh Williams, William Dorsey, Jr Lilesville Wilson, George Harold Raeford Wilson, William Walker Statesville Wilson, Winfred Graham Burlington Windley, William Clyde ' illiamston WinkleT, John Louis Raleigh Winstead, Joseph Thomas Green ille Wint er, Charles Davis Morganton Wiseman, Daniel Martin Statesville Wiseman, Omar Royce Marion Wiser, Allen Carl Cary Wohlbruck, Theodore C, Jr Raleigh Wood, Roy Lynn Fayetteville Woodley, James Lamar, Jr Asheboro M ' right, Milton Delano Shelby Yokely, Ronald Eugene High Point York, Carey Franklin Pinetops Young, Harrison Cecil Asheville Young, Kermit Leslie, Jr Norwood Young, V ' hitney Livingston, Jr Fort Bragg Y ' oungbkxid, William Perry Huntersville Younger, Robert Lee Gibsonville Yount, Avery Louis Newton Yount, Roy Wayne Conover Younts, Joel Lindsay Lexington Zangas, Robert John Garden City, N. Y. Zeibcr. Dallas Roger, Jr Reading, Pa. Zinn, Richard Morton Great Neck, N. Y. Zwickv, I Icnrv Arnold Greensboro CLASS OF 1964 Joe Dixon Treasurer Steve Duerck Vice-Presidetit Belle Cline IiM Braddock Secretary Presideut FRESHMEN Abernethy, Robert Franklin, Jr Vale Abernethy, ' illiam Ramsay Hickory Adams, Michael Sterling Bernardsville, N. J. Alexander, Edwin Frederick Kinston Allen, Daniel William, Jr Belhaven Allen, Danny Ray Mebane Allen, Donald Houston Kannapolis Allen, Jerry Newman Canton Allran, Robert Randolph Cherryville Allred, Frank Crowell Tarboro Allred, Fred jMark, Jr Burlington Allred, John Herbert, Jr Chattanooga, Tenn. Allsbrook, Ernest R., Jr Cary Almond, Larry Joe Albemarle Alphin, Douglas Wayne Wendell Amato, Rosario Salvatore Easton, Pa. Ambs, Albert George, II .... New Shrewsbury, N. J. Anderson, Robert Wayne Fayetteville Andrews, John Richard Graham Andrews, Sidney Bonitz, Jr Wilmington Angell, David Edward Winston-Salem Apple, Warren Douglas Gibsonville Archer, Benjamin David Charlotte Arey, Jeffrey Mar ' in Statesville Armistead, Eugene Walker, Jr Asheville Armstrong, Bernard Franklin Charlotte Artasanchez, Luis M Puebla, Mexico Artinano, Benito San Jose, Costa Rica Ashburn, Conrad Clinton, Jr Winston-Salem Ashby, Carlton Stephen, Jr Havelock Askew, Laurin Barker, Jr Wilmington Athearn, Donald Chesley Newport News, Va. Atkinson, Russell Goldwyn Marion, S. C. Augspurger, David Emerson Hamilton, Ohio Aultman, Larry Wilson Hickory Auman, William Thomas Asheboro Austin, Cloyd Michael High Point Austin, Kermit Elmo, Jr Clinton Auten, Jerry Preston Charlotte Avent, Raymond Richard, Jr Newport News, Va. Averett, Philip Marston Salemburg Aycock, Nelson Gordon Goldsboro Aycoth, Edward Doy Charlotte Ayers, Grant Robert Boone Baars, Frederick Joseph, Jr Warsaw Bailey, Elbert Baker Williamston Baker, Carson Roanoke Rapids Baker, Donald Williams Belvidere Baker, Everett Alan Wadesboro Baker, Larry Franklin Reidsville Baker, Vernon Bradford Rocky Mount Balcazar, Serafin H Puebla, Mexico Baldwin, Wayne Johnston Wilmington Ball, Carl Marion, Jr Morehead City Ball, Kirby Lee Thomasville Ballew, James Thurman RaleigJi Banfelder, Gary John New Hyde Park, N. Y. Barbec, Kay Patricia Winston-Salem Barber, Simon Wayne Jamesville Barham, William Ronald Zebulon Barkle) ' . Fred Joe Lincolnton Barnes, John Stephen Glen Allen, Va. Barnhardt, Paul Raymond, Jr China Grove Barnhill, Guilford Smithwick Fayetteville Barnhill, James Turner, Jr Durham Barrett, Fred Smith, Jr Oak City- Barrier, Luther Edward Raleigh Barrierc, Diane Florence Hendersonvillc Bartelt, Richard Thomas Charlottesville, Va. Bartholomew, Rudolph Tucker, Jr Raleigh Bartlett, Paul Thomas Bramc Basheer, Bahcci William Richmond, Va. Bassinger, Rolland Ray Salisbury Batts, Maurice Randolph Mooresville Batts, William Edwin, III Wilscm Baucom, Clifton Piltard Raleigli Bauerlein, John Sutter Talladura, Ala. t k Vw 1 [382] FRESHMEN IP ' . ilLAf_ _ iU kJ - Beach, Neil Douglas Lenoir Beard, Daniel Clay, Jr Pittsboro Beason, Roy Rush, Jr Charlotte Beck, Franklin Murry Cordova Beck, Warren Lane Spencer Beckham, James Leroy Baltimore, l Id. Becton, Nancy Amelia AsheviUe Bedwell, Ira Thomas Jamesville Bell, Cecil Roland, Jr Pilot Mountain Bell, Charles Maurice Charlotte Benticld, Max Earl Mickory Bennett, Charles Elias, ill Burlington Bennett, Frank Joseph, Jr Asheville Bennett, Hugh Jerome Lillington Benson. Laurence Wilson, Jr Grit ' ton Benson, Oran Martin Pantego Bentley, Harry Thomas Charlotte Benton, David Ross Warsaw Benton, Thomas Edwin, Jr Laurinburg Bergman, Lee Roy Durham Bethea, Watson Douglas Hamer, S. C. Beueridge, Arthur Gordon Place Summit, N. J. Bice, Charles Boyd Raleigh Biggers, Ralph Lee Rockingham Biggs, William Niles Greensboro Billingsley, Paula Sue Raleigh Blackley, Wilbur Earl Raleigh Blair, Joseph Grant Jamestown Blakeley, Douglas Burnette Winston-Salem Blanchard, James William Rose Hill Blankenship, Herbert Michael Horse Shoe Boedicker, James Joseph High Point Boehme, John V. A Charlotte Boes, Michael White Southern Pines Bogle, Clyde Ray Salisbury Bogle, John Lambuth, Jr Raleigh Boisky, Robert Luther Fort Bragg Bolick, Herman Davis Hudson Bond, Clem Gibson Clinton Boone, Charles Lindsey Rocky Mount Boone, Clyde Randall Fayetteville Boone, Jack Norman Asheville Booth, John Robert Richmond, Va. Bordeaux, Franklin Delano Durham Bost, Michael Brown Sanford Bostrom, King Oscar Raleigh Bourne, Robert Branch Raleigh Bovender, Richard Roy Winston-Salem Bowers, Fred Watson, Jr Littleton Bowman, Carroll Nye Lenoir Boyd, George Venable, III Henderson Boyd, Robert Herring Raleigh Boyter. Norman Cale Asheville Brackett, Douglas Arthur Charlotte Braddock, James Wayne Morganton Bradford, Fred Hunter, Jr Mount Airy Bradley, Arthur Lawrence Tarboro Bradley, Richard Harrison Whitakers Bradley, Roderick Wilson Marion Brady, Donald Earl Selma Brady, James Alvin. Jr Wallace Bradv, Leslie Rav. Jr Newton Branch, Charles Paul Mount Airy Brandt, Robert O Acme Brantley, John Calvin, III Raleigh Braswell, Paul Albert, Jr Winston-Salem Brendle, David Jeffrey Drexel Brewer, Gene Ragland Newland Brewer, Harold Wayne High Point Brickhouse, George Dallas, Jr Elizabeth City Brittingham, James Calvin Hamlet Brock, Jerry Ronald Canton Brock, Larrv Deland Bunnlevel Bromby, William Robert. Ill Roselle Park, N. J. Brooks, Guy Moody Kannapolis Brooks, John Dale Sparta Brooms, Lawrence Jackson Robbinsville [383] FRESHMEN Brothers, Walter Lee Winston-Salem Broughton, Royail Melvin V ' ake Forest Brown, Barbara Ann Raleigh Brown. Carroll Freeman Williamston Brown, Franklin Douglas Fayetteville Brown, James Arthur, Jr Cleveland Brown, James Orva Asheboro Brown, Larry Whitmar Jamesville Brown, Neil Edward Asheville Brown, Robert Halverson Swannanoa Brown, Robert Lauder Whiteville Brown, Roy Jennings Smithfield Brown, Walter Riley Fayetteville Brummitt, James Harold Henderson Brummitt, Robert Garland Henderson Bryant, John Everett Franklin Bubnis, John Joseph Shenandoah, Pa. Buchanan, John Ralph Boone Buck, James R Lewisville Buckingham, Phillij) Lowry Charlotte Buckley, Francis James, Jr Hendersonville Buckner, John Bruce Mars Hill Bullock, Charles William Fairmont Bullock, Robert Lee Stem Bumgardncr, Larry Tyson Stanley Bumgarner, Thomas Stanle ' Taylorsville Bunch, Thomas Edwin Laurel Hill Burgess, Laron Clifton, Jr Raleigh Burgess, Larry Cyrus Asheville Burks, Tommy Richard Co ' ington, Va. Burns. Barry Eugene Pittsboro Burns. William Telbis Drexel Burris, Timothy Arthur Albemarle Burton. Hugh Abbott Jacksonville Burwell, Danny Edward, Jr Winston-Salem Bussard, Robert Gerald Everett, Pa. Byars, Jack Barney Durhain Bynum, John Ale. -, Jr Wadesboro B Td, John Thomas Wilkesboro Byrd, Larry Eugene Burlington Byrd, Richard Edward, Jr Bunnlevel Cain, Marshall Benton V ' allace Caines, Billy Joe Wilmingtim Caison, Maurice Thompson Supply Caldwell, Daniel Eugene Mount Lllla Caldwell, James Hord, Jr High Point Caldwell, Jerry Dean Clyde Caldwell, Joe Marshall Newton Caldwell, V ' illiam McKamse Charlotte Cale, David Ben Burlington Calhoun, Leon Conway, Jr Rocky Mount Calloway, James Lyle Highlands Calloway, Warren Lester, Jr Raleigh Campbell. Mehin Douglas Sanford Campbell, Stephen Eldridge Gastonia Canter, Richard Kenneth North Wilkesboro Cantcy, Roderick Hill Kingston, Tenn. Capps, Thomas Egerton Rocky Mount Carawan, Charles Windley Pantego Carey, John Francis Charlotte Carnes, Robert Mann Laurinburg Carr, John Wainwright Asheville Carroll, VN ' illiam Briscoe Charlotte Carson, John Pressly Statesville Carter, David Edward Lynchburg. Va. Carter, George Rosser, ]r !Dan ille, Va. Carter, Robert Austin High Point Carter, Stanford Lee Charlotte Carter, William Abner, Jr Asheboro Cartwright, William Robert Elizabeth Cit - Carver, Luther Warren Hudson Cash, Thomas Dalton. Jr Winston-Salem Cassano ' a, Robert Anthon ' Charlotte Cates, James Walter ' . Hurdle f ills Cathey, Raymond Howard Charlotte Catlett. Arthur Durham Burlington Cato, Russel Littleton, Jr Emporia, Va. p P p P f: liiTik mn : Jm [384] Ir i tii i£i :£ ktfli rii ssms sj. FRESHMEN Cauley, V ' illiam Br ant Kinston Caveness, Joseph W ' hitfhurst Mount Olive Chandler, Belton Wayne Oakboro Chandler, Lawrence Rutty, Jr Winston-Salem Chandler, Ronald Vestal Mount Gilead Chapman, Billy Joe Kannapolis t ' hapman. Ceorse Wilkes, Jr Charlotte Chappell, William Henry Elkin Cherry, Joseph Eugene Rocky Mount Chew, Robert Lee, HI Winston-Salem Childers, Carlyle Dale Canton L hristenbury, Ljerald Da is Harrisburg Christopher, John Oman, Jr Greensboro Church, David Bruce Lenoir Church, Thomas Clayton, Jr Gastonia Clark, Robert Hugh Waynesville Clark, William Crawford Greensboro Claud, John Thomas, Jr Drewryville, Va. Clausi, Thomas Michael Kingston, N. Y. Clayton, Victor Edward, Jr Roxboro Clements, David Randall Raleigh Clinard, Kay Nelson High Point Cline, Belle Kilgore Raleigh Cloer, Ronnie iMichael Gastonia Clontz, Lew Gary Raleigh Coats, Douglas Ernest Roxboro Cobb, Alton Parks, Jr Battleboro Coble, Charles Roscoe, Jr Burlington Coble, Wesley Milton Smithfield Cocke, William Thomas, III Charlotte Cockerham, Zebulon Vance Charlotte Coftey. Barry W ' eldon Lenoir Cole, George ' inslope Jamison, Pa. Coleman, Milton Thomas, Jr Latta, S. C. Collingwood, George Howard Durham Collins, Glenn Brantley Elizabeth City Collins, James Frank Durham Colvin, Allan Eugene Reidsville Compton, Daniel ' ayne Durham Compton, Larry Thomas Hillsboro Connelly, Raymond Arthur Valley Stream, N. Y. Cook, Christopher Dixon Manmasset, N. Y. Cook, Clifton Calvin Charlotte Cook, Lawrence Dew Lumberton Cooke, John Malcolm Ahoskie Coon, Donald U ' ayne Havelock Cooper, James Zebulon East Laurinburg Copeland, Randal Lee Burlington Corder, Thomas Gilmer Elkin Cornelius, Ronald Joe Asheville Cosgrove, Robert Dallas N. Charleroi, Pa. Cotton, Lawrence McNeill Roanoke, Va. Coulter, Harvey Monroe Maiden Council, Donald Octaveious Durham Council, George Sloan, Jr White Oak Covington, Jimmy Ray Gastonia Cowles, Reuben Raynolds, Jr States ' ille Cox, Donald Earnest Lancaster, Ohio Cox, Edwin Gro er Asheboro Cox, Jerry Dixon, Jr Belhaven Cox, Josenh Chde W ' alstonburg Cox, Walter Thompson, Jr Gastonia Craddock, Charles Robert, Jr Gary Craddock, Dabney Scott Hamlet Craddock, Jesse ' arren Norfolk, Va. Craft, Tomm - Gerald Pinetops Crater, Glenn Douglas Harmony Craven, Bonnie Carroll Concord Craven, Resal Alfred, Jr Seagrove Creech, Leonard Ralph, Jr Oxford Crenshaw, Frank Olvin Charlotte Cress, Tracy Samuel Concord Cron. Frederick Holmes Washington, D. C. Cross. Kenneth Elmer Ruffin Crow, ' illiam Roland, III Goldsboro Cruz, Josefino Espiritu Fort Bragg Culbreth, Thomas Eastwood Southern Pines [385] FRESHMEN Currie, Neil Calvin, ]r Whiteville Dabbs, Ronald Lee Wadesboro Dagenhart, Allen Vaughn Stony Point Dagenhart, Garland Myers, Jr Taylorsviile Daggerhart, James Alvin Shelby Dalrymple, James Robert, ill Laurinburg Dandliker, Donald Neal Greensboro Daniel, Edward Curtis Spring Hope Daniels, Harold A ' ayne Salisbury Daughtridge, Ben Everett Scotland Neck Daughtry, John Malcolm, jr Roanoke Rapids Davis, Bobby Gene Wilmington Davis, Emmett J., Jr Rutherfordton Davis, Harry Gentry, Jr Goldsboro Davis, Hobart George West Jefferson Davis, Hubert Hartman, jr Jamestown Davis, James Wall Winston-Salem Davis, Larry Lav Tence West Jefferson Davis, Paul Lawson, Jr Waynesville Davis, Peter Rutledge Wilmington Davis, Richard Shermer Lumberton Davis, Robert Foster Liberty Davis, Roy McRee Asheville Davis, Samuel Dudley Pollocksville Davis, Walter Edward Raleigh Davis, William Rayford Black Mountain Dawes, William Everett Durham Deal, Jimmy Vance Aurora Deal, TTiomas Connolly Wilkesboro Deane, Edward Rex Annandale, Va. DeBruyne, Anton Locker Durham Decker, Terry Clinton Winston-Salem Dellinger, Theodore C Huntersville DelloStritto, Joseph Michael Pittsburgh, Pa. Dennis, William Floyd E)urham Derby, Dan Russell, Jr Greensboro DesRochers, Joseph CJmer Branford, Conn. Deverell, Persee Keck, III Richmond, Va. Dickens, William Frederick Enfield Dickerson, Ernest Ray, jr Oxford Dillingham, Clarence Dav!d Asheville Dills, James Theodore Gary Dixon, Bryan Stallings Durham Dixon, Joe Tampa, Fla. Dixon, John Carr Greenville Dolceamore, Tony Newtown Square, Pa. Donald, Joe Kennan Harriman, Tenn. Donner, Dennis Neil Hickory Dorsett, Thomas Howard, Jr Yadkinville Dossenbach, Thomas Frederick Sanford Dotson, Gerald Leroy Colonial Heights, Va. Downing, Billy Clark Fayetteville Drinkard, Shatter Edward Raleigh Duerk, Stephen B Baldwin, N. Y. Dunbar, Charles William, III Allendale, S. C. Duncan, George Comer, Jr Raleigh Dunn, Ralph Anthony Winston-Salem Dunn, William Phillip Winston-Salem Dunstan, David Fuller Elizabeth City Dupree, James Rogers Raleigh Durham, Hugh Thomas, Jr Hendersonville Durrett, Van Dawson, Jr Tampa, Fla. Dutton, Robert U ' illiam Taftsville, Vt. Dwore, Donald Jay Schenectady, N. Y. Earnhardt, Charles Kenneth Fuquay Springs Eason, William jarmon. III Smithfield Easton, Charles Landis Oxford Eckstein, Gerald Leonard Fayetteville Edgar, Edward Penrose Greenville, S. C. Edwards, Ellis Carroll Rich Square Edwards, John Marshall Charlotte Edwards, Lcvie Marshall, Jr Spring Hope Edwards, Lloyd LK ' le, Jr Kingsport, Tenn. Edwards, Marion Lee Falls Church, Va. Edwards, Michael Robert Thomasville Edwards, Norman Vester Hampton, Va. Edwards, Tommie Darr ' l Rich Square 1 MT £rt k «h k - o O 75 f- W " ■Us ' " " ll Wl l [386] FRESHMEN Edwards. Walton Dale Wilmington Edwards, William Eugene Winston-Salem Elam, Johnny Baskerville Cherr ' ville Elks, Dennis Hall Roanoke Rapids EUinwreid, George Holloman Greensboro Elliott, Shirley Green, Jr Oxford Ellis, John Loman Montgomery, Ala. Ellis, Sharon Wentworth Advance Elmore, Eugene Lawrence Dallas Elmore, George Gary Troutman Elrod, Ella Grace Raleigh Elwan, Ibrahim Port-Said, Egypt Engart, Robert Thompson Hickory English, Lyndall Gerald Mars Hill Entwistle, Mary Edith Moorestown, N. J. Epp, Frederick Chapman Wallinsford, Pa. Erb, Samuel Ronald Lansdale, Pa. Erikson, Thomas Frederick Hickory Etchells, James Louis Raleigh Evans, Hugh Kendall Selma Evans, Robert Charles, Jr Hazelwood Fakler, Anne Louise Raleigh Falzarano, Peter Anthony Stirling, N. J. Paris, Gale Lamont, Jr Glade Spring, Va. Farmer, Fred Smith Newland Farmer, Lee Benton Norwood Faulk, Richard Harvey Sanford Fawsett, Jeffrey Curtis Orlando, Fla. Felton, Henry Norfleet, III Greenville Ferguson. James Sanders, Jr Sanford Ferguson, Leland Greer Winston-Salem Finch, James Willis, Jr Bailey Finger, Donald Edgar Hickory Fink, Coy Dean Faith Fish, Raleigh Joe Candler Fishbume, Willard Brooks Asheville Fishel, Philip Cornelius, Jr Winston-Salem Fisher, Charles Gary Kings Mountain Fisher, Gary Hundey Charlotte Fisher, James Henry, Jr Charlotte Fitzula, Ronald Andrew Greensboro Forbes, William Alfred, III Winterville Ford, Michael James Roanoke Rapids Fountain, Jefferson Lodrick, III Raleigh Foushee, John Calvin Sanford Fo.xworth, Robert Lawrence Summit, N. J. Frazer, Theodore Brownson Mount Holly Freeman, Larry Elbert Fayetteville Freeze, Charlie Hival Troutman Frekko, Eugene A Sanford Frick, Harry Chester Statesville Friend. William Edwards Goldsboro Frohman. David Bradley Leaksville Fulford. Donald Winston Farmville Fulp, James Francis, Jr Stoneville Furber, Warren Otis, Jr Gastonia Futrell, Allen Harrell Ahoskie Futrell, Thomas Merrill Raleigh Caddis, Thomas Michael Asheboro Gaither, Marvin Fredric, Jr Statesville Gardner, Clifton Augustus. Jr Nashville Gardner. Durward Braswell, Jr Castalia Garner, Richard Stilly, Jr Newport Garriss, John Paul, Jr Conway Gaskins, David Earl Winston-Salem Gaskins, Karl Sloan Charlotte Gates, James Bruce, Jr Rice, Va. Gay, Billy MacArthur Southern Pines Gay. Ivan Buxton, Jr Raleigh Gegenheimer, Robert William Greensboro Gehres, Loran Leroy Asheville Geisinger, Maurice Ira Brooklyn, N. Y. Gentry, Coney O ' Neal State Road Gettinger. John Frederick Raleigh Gibbs. Frank Monroe Old Fort Gilbert. John Jav, Jr Ahoskie Gill, Hal Alan, III Laurinburg [387] FRESHMEN Gilman, John Douglas Glen Allen, V ' a. Glosson, Buster Cleveland Greensboro Glover, Charles Edgar, Jr Rion, S. C. Goddard, Charles Gordon Chattanooga, Tenn. Coins, Frederick Lester Mount Airy Goins, John William Sanlord Coins, Philip Carson Roseboro Goldstein, Arthur Swan Lake, N. Y. Goldwater, Leon Chicago, 111. Gooch, James Clifford, Jr New Bern Gooden, DeWitt Talmadge Elizabethtown Gooden, George Lawrence Bladenboro Gocxlman, Dennis Murray Salisbury Gtwdman, Robert Glade Norwood Goodnight, William Harold, Jr China Grove Goodwin, Jerry Curtis Greensboro Goodwin, Vernon Leon, Jr New Bern Gorsky, Frederick Jacob Burgaw Gosney, William Milton, Jr Spencer Gowen, Howerton, Jr Roanoke Hapids Grady, James E., Jr Mount Olive Gradv, John David, III Goldsboro Grady, Zeb DeWitt Dudley Graham, John Fletcher Raleigh Graham, Michael Hugh Fayetteville Grainger, Edsel V ' ayne Tabor City Grant, Fred Jerry Asheville Grantham, Raymond Alston, Jr Goldsboro Gray, Ronnie Lupton Elizabeth City Gray, Wallace Thomas, Jr Ahoskie Greene, Joseph Carl, Jr Granite Falls Greene, William Henry L ' vel Charlotte Greeson, Claude Dugan Burlington Gregson, James Henry Liberty Gregson, Welbourn Louis Laurinburg Gribble, Richard Conrad Kannapolis Griffie, Michael Talmadge Gastonia Griffin, Charles Bennett Woodville Griffin, Joe Simon Williamston Griffin, Larry Duane Kannapolis Griffin, Roscoe David Durham Griffin, Stephen Bryant Aiken, S. C. Griffin, Thomas Edmond, Jr Wadesboro Griffin, William Thomas Kan napolis Grimes, John Michael Smithficld Grissom, V ' illiam Thornton, Jr Durham Groet, John Millard Grifton Grove, Robert Barry Rock Hill, S. C. Grover, John Maitland Southern Pines Guf fey, Harvey Leon Greensboro Gunter, Thomas James Lumberton Gurley, C arl Roberts, Jr Princeton Gurley, Michael Kendall Greensboro Guthrie, James Robert Snow Camp Guthrie, Lyndon Wade Burlington Hackett, Thomas Joseph Asheboro Haddon, Ralph Grier, Jr Charlotte Hager, Arnold Quinn Charlotte Haigh, Donald Dietrich Statesville Hales, Johnnie Daniel Middlesex Hall, Bert Mattocks Richlands Hall, George Howard, III Henderson Hall, Jesse Willard, Jr Stedman Hallett, Thomas Edward, III Nessawadox, Va. Hamlin, David Vinson, Jr Durham Hammond, Clifford Marvin Rowland Hamrick, James Lewis Richmond, Va. Hamrick, Victor Benjamin Stanley Hanna, David Bartlett Winston-Salem Harben, James Allen Charlotte Harbison, Earl Sidney, II Pittsbtiro Hardie, Robert Lamar C larendim Hardin, Billy Harold Canton Harding, Clifton Joseph Hollywood. Fla. Hardison, Leon Thomas Plymouth Harper, losejjh John, Jr Tarboro Harper, Ralph Buchanan, Jr V ' hitexille mM. [388] ktftfeii 0. f FRESHMEN Harrell, Zackie Webster Edenton I larris, Bobby Gene Albemarle 1 larris, George Edwin Forest City I larris, Jack Ronald Mocksville 1 larris, Robert Willard Old Fort I larris, William Raymond, III Raleigh I lastings, Barry Clarksville Hatley, Troy James, Jr Hudson Havas, John Edward Martinsville, N. J. Hawfield, Samuel Glenn, III Concord Hawks, Elizabeth Anne Raleigh Hayes, Oliver Thomas, III Winston-Salem Headen, Frank Lee Charlotte Hearne, Ronald Wilson Charlotte Heath, Joel Christopher New Bern Heath, Leland Monroe Deep Run Hedspeth, Samuel Dillon, III Conway Helms, Ronald Eugene Monroe Henderson, Claude Bryan Maysville Henderson, Lawrence Ray Hendersonville Henderson, Stephen Paul Charlottesville, Va. Henderson, Thomas Henry, Jr Greenville Hennis, Charles Harvey Mount Air ' Hepler, Wilson Hill Thomasville Herring, Wallace Reid Clinton Herrington, Sidney Walter Williamston Heustess, James Ellis Clarkton Hicks, Joseph Nathan Roxboro Higdon, Earl Dills, Jr Hendersonville Hilburn, William Joseph, Jr Havelock Hill, Glenn Rockwell .White Sulphur Springs, W. Va. Hill, Owen Robert Kannapolis Hill, Robert Franklin Grifton Hill, Stephen Hugh Albemarle Hilliard, Jerry Winfred Pleasant Garden Hine, Colon Eli, Jr Winston-Salem Hobgood, Henry Mack Stem Hodge, William Frank, II Wake Forest Hodges, Michael Starling Dunn Hodges, Ronald Wade Winston-Salem Holbrook, Cara David Kannapolis Holcomb, Daniel Charles Elkin Holland, Richard Turner, Jr Turkey Holloman, Jerry Lawrence Seaboard Holshouser, Howard Eugene, Jr Salisbury Holt, Bobby Knox Apex Hcxmer, John William, III Reidsville Hopkins, Milton Dargen Charlotte Hopper, Joseph Rankin Leaksville Home, Harry William Beulaville Howard, Edward Samuel, Jr Deep Run Howard, John Currin, Jr Deep Run Howard, Winf ield Dewey, Jr Aulander Howell, Douglas MacArthur Oak City Howell, Phillip Lewis Lenoir Hoyle, Johnny Carl Lawndale Hudson, Donald Raye Oteen Hudson, Forrest McQueen Washington Hudson, Robert Prince, Jr Emporia, Va. Huffman, Jerry Dal Maiden Huggins, Kenneth Lenon Clinton, S. C. Hughes, David Sinclair Asheville Humphrey, Willie White Richlands Humphries, Thomas Philip Kings Mountain Huneycutt, Joel Andrew Locust Hunt, Gary Edward Spindale Hunt, Michael Andrew Henderson Huntsman, James Murvin Pope AFB Hupko, Michael Belton Pinebluff Husein, Fayeq Abdel Jawad Bereh, Jordan Husse ' , V. Hal Bobbins Hutchins, Calvin Monroe Winston-Salem Hutchins, Phillip Michael Winston-Salem Hyder, John Herbert, Jr Lincolnton Iman, Larry David Kannapolis Ingle, Joel Gordon Shelby Ingram, James Allen, Jr Raleigh [389] FRESHMEN Ingram, Joel ' a ne Albemarle Isenhour, Joseph Mlliam Concord Isley, Robert L McLeansviile Jackson, Billy Joe Rocky Mount Jackson, Ira Jerome. Ill Middleburs Jackson, Michael Conoly Roxboru Jackson, Ronald Vasco Dunn Tacobs, Elbrus Randolph Badin Tames, Bartlett Leondious Elizabeth Citv Jamison, Ton Edward Dover, Del. Tenkins, Carlton Mavnard Deep Run Tenkins, Jerry Lionel Rockinsham Ternigan. Connie Hughes Dunn Jessup, Don Blackwell Fayette ille Tohnson. Albert Franklin. Jr Winston-Salem lohnson, Barry Lee Winston-Salem lohnson, Cynthia Graham Clinton Tohnson. David Albert Smithfield Tohns(m. Homer Ray Dunn Tohnson. Hugh Arthur Newton Johnson, Sigurd A Raleigh lohnson, TTiomas Moses Raleigh Tohnson, W ' illiam Finley Oxford Tohnston. Peter Lent Denville, N. 1. Toines, Charles Banson Sparta Tones, Bolton ' illiam Smithfield Tones. Charles Bernard, Jr Wilson Jones, Charles Clarence Raleigh Tones, Charles Richard Greensbom Tones, Harry Leroy. Jr Pelham Tones, Tohnnv ATack Snow Hill Tones, Ton Edward Durham Tones. Robert Mullen Portsmouth. Va. Tones. Roger Alan Reidsville Jones, Rossie Bailey, Jr Zebulon Tones, Stuart Hassell Maple Hill Tones, Walter Vann Wilson Tordan, Horace Mendall Kannanolis lordan, Robert Michael Dunn Toyner, Frank Carl Clinton Tustice, Clarence Edward Nebo Justice, John Alan Icard Kaiser, Stanlev Victor Greensboro Kann, Donald Robert Baltimore. Md. Keen. James Edward Goldsboro Keener, Darrell Guv Lincolnton Keller, Tames Toseph Somers Point, N. J. Kelly, Donn Key Carthaoe Kemp, Ramey Mocksville Kenan, James Allen Greensboro Kendrick. Tohn Alfred Dallas Kendrick, William Samuel Charlotte Kenyon, Larrv Wayne Stedman Kerley. Lyndcll Monroe Hiddenite Kerr, Edmond Chancie Charlotte Kesler, Donald Claude Salisbury Kestcr, Dan Burlington Kester, Walter Allan High Point Ketner, Terrv Brown China Gro ' e Key, Mary Elizabeth Horse Shoe Kilpatrick, Andrew Harris Greenville Kilpatrick. Jerry Blanton Chanel Tlill King, Jackie Norman Graham King, Ronald Alvis Seagro ' e King, William Jordan Wilmington Kirkman, George Victor Lumberton Kirkman, James Ralnh, Jr Charlotte Kirkpatrick, Anita Eileen Garner Kiser, George Leon, Jr Kannanolis Kitchin, James Richardson Scotland Neck Kivett, Dohn Rigdon Greensboro Klingerman, James Lewis leddo. Pa. Kluttz. John Da ' id Granite Quarry Knight, William Felton Kenly Knippenberg, Charles Sidney Charlotte Knott. Charles Franklin Durham Knott, Marsh Wendell, Jr Wendell (■ - [390] Sph « Mm T5i-p ipri FRESHMEN Koehler, Robert Marshall Stanley Kokoska, Michael Nevitt Charlotte Krayn, Gabriel Haifa, Israel Krueger, Gary Louis Charlotte Krueger, Gary Lee Charlotte Kulash, Walter Michael Raleigh Laine, Robert Brewster, II Charlotte Lake, David Allen Watertown, N. Y. Lambeth, Charles Stanley Albemarle Lambeth, Shannon Tomlinson Greensboro Lambeth, Timothy Alexander Brown Summit Lampiey, Gerald Laverne Winston-Salem Landis, Robert Leroy Harrisburg, Pa. Lane, William Jennings, Jr Asheboro Langston, Bryant C, Jr Grifton Lanier, Douglas Toney Wilmington Lanier, Richard Craig Asheboro Larimore, David Lee Winston-Salem Latimer, James Leroy Durham Lattam, Mac Arthur Raleigh Lawrence, Donald Gray Raleigh Lawrence, James Raymond Blackstone, Va. Lawrence, William Thomas Seagrove Lawson, James Gray Greensboro Lebenson, Robert Jay Flushing, N. Y. Lee, Albert Gray Kenly Lee, James Richard Washington Lee, Oscar Davis, III Rocky Mount Lee, Ramon George Arlington, Va. Lefler, Edgar William, III Albemarle Lehew, Luther Hill Smithfield Lehnhard, Donald Bruce San Marino, Calif. LeMoine. Larry Keith Rockv Mount Lcnderink, Tom Arend Grand Rapids, Mich. Lennon, Edward Allen Morganton Leonard, Herbert Gene Louisburg Leonard, Percy Dennis, Jr Greensboro Leonard, Virgil Conrad, Jr Lexington Lewis, Charles Luther Lumberton Lewis. Hubert Griffith Kingsport, Tenn. Lewis. James Arnold Burnsnlle Lewis, Reginald Franklin, Jr Newport Lewis, William Ernest Greenville Lindsay, Carroll Mount Olive Lindsey, Alfred Walter Haddon Heights. N. J. Lineberger, James Warren Gastonia Liner, Gaines Howard Hillsboro Lingle, William Nelson Faith Linville, Wayne Helm ' inston-Salem Little, Brian Edward St. Petersburg, Fla. Little, Daniel Rader West Jefferson Little, James Larken Clayton Livesay, Holt Mathews Franklin, Va. Loftin, Guy Stanley TTiomasville Loggins, Chester DeV ' itt, Jr Winston-Salem Long, James Se.xton Charlotte Long, Michael Harlee Mooresville Long, Richard Dudley Williamsville, N. Y. Long, Walter E sley Mount Holly Lonon, Carl Brian Marion Love, Lexie Lewis Willow Springs Lovelace, William Ronald Winston-Salem Loveless, James Donald Lincoln Park, Mich. Low, Parks Martin, Jr Alexandria. Va. Lowder, Hoyt Glenn Stanfield Lowe, Elvin Patterson Liberty Lucas, John V ' esley Raleigh Lucas, Leon Thomas Halifax Lumpkin, Davis B Pittsburgh, Pa. Lupton, Johnny Richard Lowland MacArthur, Robert Douglas Shelby McArthur, Ronald Cameron Greenville McBane, Harold Jeseph Whitsett McBride, Larry Slate Salisbury McCarthy. James Mathew Raleigh McClure, Robert Lee Gastonia McCurry, James Reid Greensboro [391] FRESHMEN McDonald, Peter Wendell Thomasville McDultie, Bobbv Leon Aslieboro McDuffie, Willie Webster Chapel Hill AIcEntire. Kenneth Marvin Raleigh McFarland, Ronald Lee Durham McGahey, ' Lhad Morris Washington McGinnis, lake Allen, ]r Stanley McGinty, Bill Farmer Charlotte McGirt, Albert Franklin Rowland McGlamcry. Xcal Vannoy, Jr Raleigh McGrady, Johnny North Wilkesboro Mclnnis, John William Candor Mclntyre, William H., Jr Raleigh McKenzie, Henry Dale Kingstree, S. C. McKenzie, Wayland Nash, Jr Albemarle McKinney, Danny Spruce Pine McKnight, Thomas Graham Winston-Salem McKnight, Thomas Jean Neu- Bern McLaren. Ronald Edward Beaufort McLaughlin, Albert Warren, Jr Effingham. S. C. McLaughlin, Martha Hix North Wilkesboro McLaughlin. Robert Daniel Mooresville McLaurin. Earl Clinton McLawhorn. Thomas Haywood Winterville McLean, lohn Paxton Red Springs McMillan! Philip Gale West Jefferson McMullcn, lohn Daniel Port Wentworth. Ga. McMurry, Terrlana Virginia Raleigh Mabry, Larry Gene Mount Gilead Mabry, Larrv Waddell Norwood Mace, Ronald Lawxence Winston-Salem Mack. Edward James Wilmington Mackland, Donald William New York. N. Y. Macon, Randolph Bennett Ramscur Magee, Dallas Granville Yale, Va. Mahonev, William Anaus. Jr Whiteville Maior, Eugene Hartwell, Jr Charles City. Va. Mangum, Terry Lawrence Raleigh Manning, Richard Oliver Dunn Mar ' hman. James Franklin, III Forest Ci ' Mark. William. Tr Chicago. 111. Marks, Shuford Blankenship, Jr Rocky Mount Marlin, William Rockwell Statesville Marlowe, Robert Bcniamin Hendersonvil ' e Marrow. John ' eslev Plvmouth Marshall. Henrv V ' ade, Jr Hieh Point Marshall. John Thomas High Point Martin. lames Bovce Florence. S. C. Martin, James Willis, Jr Lenoir Martin, Larry Grant Lasker Martin, Walter De Vaughn, Jr Ronda Martin, Wilco Allen Belmont Martin, William Penn Greensboro Massad, Elbert George Benson Massev, lames Thurston Clayton Mathis, Richard Erwin Canton Matthews. Douglas MacArthur Raleigh Mattox, Arthur Douglas Charlotte Maugans, Burton Thomas Greensboro Maxwell. Earle Camnhell Charlotte Mav. Daniel Jenkins Hendersonvil ' e Meeks, Harvey Dde Favetteville Melton, Braxton Bragg Morganton Mercer, Charles Devon Gre»nville Merritt, Edward Earl Kins ' on Merritt, Frank Stenhen ' den Mettrev. Michael Thomas Ralei " h Metz, David Alan Huntington Station, N. Y. Mever, Gene Tames Queens Villaoe. N. Y. Mickey, William Lawrence Fligh Point Miller, Garry Eugene Winston-Salem Miller, Harold Taylor Belcross Miller, John Richard Greensboro Miller, Lawrence Pa son, Jr Winston-Salem Miller, Ronald Johnson Tabor CitN- Miller, Ronald Lawrence Islip, N. Y. Miller, Titus Alfred, III Auburn, Pa. MJtMmh [392] FRESHMEN Miller, Truman W Lakeland, Fla. lillhiser, Frederick Robert Waynesboro, Va. Mills, Kenneth Evans Greensboro MiiKaps, Steven Stony Point Alisenlieimer, Lester Eugene Faith Misirli. Ismail Sulevman Istanbul, Turkev Mitchell, John Bullard, Jr Fletcher Mitchell, Ralph Eldridge Germanton Mitchell, William Bryan Gharlotte Mi ell, John Thomas Palmyra Miitt ' itt, Arthur Boyd Staley Miinda ' , Da ' id Erb Bostic Moneyhan, Edgar Johnny Fayetteville Moore, Glenn Alden Statesville Moore, Joseph Lewis, Jr Raleic;h Moore, Michael Kent Sylva Moore, Richard Horton Spring Lake Morehead, Julian Lee Shelby Morgan, Da id Franklin Monroe Morgan, James Albert Pittsburgh, Pa. Morris, Jack Crawford Wadesboro Morrison, James Pharr Concord Morrison, James Thomas. Jr Asheville Alorton, Leven Ervin Asheboro Mosher, Joe! Marion, S. C. Moss, Francis Tomlinson Favetteville Move, Howard DeWitt, Jr Farmville Mulchi, Charles Lee Norlina Munns, Michael Henry Raleigh Murchison, Eddie Glenn Liberty Murray, Freddy V ' ilmington Murray, Harry L Charlotte Mvers, Tames Brooks Lexington Myers, William Martin Lexington Nash, Xelda Louise High Point Xau, William Henry Hickory Xelson, Lorry William Lenoir iVewland, Russell Leroy, Jr Valley Grove. W. Va. Newman, John Gurney Leasburg Xewtnn, Jesse Earl Vandemere Nichols, Kenneth V ' ayne Marion Nifong, Norman Lee Winsttm-Salem NoWes, Tim Tucker Dover Nofll, V ' illiam Edward Raleigh Noles, William Lee, Jr Salisbury Norman, Sara Elizabeth Hish Point Norman. William Phillip Charlotte Norris. Jerrv Glen Spring Lake Nowell, Talmage Edward, Jr Raleigh O ' Neal. Frederick Braxton Raleigh O ' Neill, Larry Vaughan High Point Oakley, George David Bristol, Tenn. Oates, Larrv Alan Hendersonville Odnm. Clvde Lemuel Conway Oehler, Donald Le " Charlotte Oliver, Calvin Cecil, Jr Varina 01i er, Council WfKiten, III Mount Olive Oliver, Ronda Boyce Lenoir Osborne, W. Jeff Summerfield Overcash. Herman Alexander, Jr Charlotte Overman, Elliott Goodwin Elizabeth City Owenby. Furm n Douglas Black Mountain Owens, John Graham Graham Page, Jimmie Allen Wilson Palmer, Russell Neal, Tr Re dsville Parker, Douglas Creech Kinston Parker, Tames Stafford Greensboro Pirker, Larry EKvotxl Pine I evel ' ' arker, Robert Corbett Bunnle ' el Parsons, Tony Allen Purlear Parlin. B. Fred Ralei jh Pasour. Harold Alan Dallas Pavne, Richard Stee ' e Baltimore. Md. Peedin, Gerald Franklin Selma Peiffer, Peter Wells Rochester. N. Y. Penley. Joe Harrison. TIT Salisburv Perkins, Donald Frankbn Concord [393] FRESHMEN Perry, Geoffre - Reid Hickory Perry, Jesse Belmont Hertford Perry, Wesley Earl Zebulon Peters, Jesse Sutton Clinton Phillips, Howard Lcc. Jr Henrietta Phillips, Maurice Benlicld North W ' ilkesborii Phillips, Monroe Holland, Jr Burlington Phillips, Richard Busbee Raleigh Phthisis, Robert McCoy Tyner Pickler, William Lee New London Pinkston. Frederick William, Jr Salisburv Pittillo. Fred Wayne Henderson illc Pitts, Eddie loe Bailey Plasky, John Charles Whiteville Plaster. Arthur Wa hind Morganton Plonk, V ' ray Augustus, Ir Kings Mountain Poindexter, David Cornelius Winston-Salem Poindexter, Richard Clinton East Bend Pomeran .. Jacques Glasgow Freeport, N. Y. Poole, Robert David Mebane Pfxjle, Terry Wayne Thomasville Poovey, Robert Lee, III Concord Pope, Dwight Edward BurHngton Pope, James Kirby Benson Pope, Llovd Melvin Norwood Pope. Michael Lknd Charlotte Pope, William Patrick Halifax Poplin, Ronald Lloyd China Grove Porteous, Catherine Plaisance Memphis. Tenn. Porter, Raymond Alvin Goldsboro Porter, Richard McLean Elizabethtown Poteat, lames Lee North M ' ilkesboro Poteat, Peter Daniel High Point Potter, Victor Carroll Kinston Potts, Grimes Richard Lexington Poultney, Arthur Norman Asheville Powell, Harvey Bartlett, Jr Greensboro Powell, Steven Foster Shelby Preiss, Clifford Henry Milford. Conn. Prescott, Douglas Merrill Raleigh Prescott. Jack Brinkley Lake Waccamaw Price, Charles Russell Selrm Pridgen. Paul Edward Wilson Pridgen, Samuel Ivery. Ill Wendell Prince, Archie Camjibell Asheville Prince, John Hevward Inman, S. C. Pritchard, lerry Paul Fayetteville Pritchett. Thomas Wills Elon College Proctor, Charles Wesley Greensboro Propst, Jerry Michael Hickory Propst, Roy Herman Spencer Pruden, John Henry, Jr Newport News, Va. Pulley. Henry Travis Selma Purccll. Garrie Bascomb Harlan. Ky. Purvis, William Thomas Rocky Mount Rabb, John Franklin Marion Randle, Jay William Indian Head. Md. Raper. Roy Donald Wilson Rasmussen, Birger Kristian Wergeland Wilson Ray, John Howell Goldsboro Raynor, David Barclay Greensboro Raynor, limmy Douglas Chinquanin Reagan, William Clyde, Jr Reidsvillc Reaves, Thomas Lawrence Jacksonville Redmon, Donald S Liberty Reeve, Margot Evelyn Raleigh Richardson, John Gilbert Nakma Richardson. Sherman William. Jr Seagrovc Ridge. William Eugene Asheboro Ridgill. Joseph Russell. Jr Winston-Salem Riggins, Charles Robert Charlotte Riggins, John Forrest Charlotte Riley, Ermer Kyle, Jr Harrisburg Ritchie, Joe Lee Albemarle Roach, Charles Alan Jainestown Roberson, Eugene Benianiin. Jr Robersonville Roberts, David Arthur Landis r blip V . 1394] FRESHMEN r f If ' Ir - " ' ' ' vAkdiM Roberts, Jack Franklin Lenoir Robertson, Meriman Gar - Tarboro Robeson, Roger L Tarb r() Robinson, Jill Elaine Raleigh Rock, Michael Charles Burnsville Rodgers, Harold Ray Mount Air - Rodgers, William Gordon, Jr Canton Rogers, Terry U ' avne Kannapolis Rogers, Tommie Lee Saratoga Rogers, William Lundv Raleigh Rogerson. Edward Slade Rockingham Rohner, Felix ' alter Basel, Switzerland Rose, William Johnston Littleton Rosendahl, James Frederick Canton Ross, Donald Williams Sanford Ross, Tosenh C ' ark Matthews Ross, Michael I pf Albemarle Ross, Ronald V ' illiam Charlotte Rouse, Graham Manly, Jr Havelock Routh, Tames Hovd Greensljoro Rudd, Clyde Wesley, Jr Greensboro Rudell. Raymond Frank, Jr. . . .Lockbourne AFB. Ohio Rudisill, Tames Kahn Burlington Rudisill. Terrv Lawrence Mount Hollv Rue, Walter Tohnson, Tr Middlesex. N. J. Rufty, Donald Lee Salisbury Runpe, Jerry L ee Cliffside Russell, Dennis Boyd Hope Mills Russell, TJennis Edward W. Asheville Russell, Roger Alan Alexandria, Va. Russell. Thad Terrell Granite Falls Ruth, Peter John Ardsley-on-Hudson, N. Y. Ruriedge, Howard Booth Arden Rudedge, James Ray Statesville Rudedge, Manly Sheridan Ayden Sanborn, Herbert Ralph Richmond, Va. Sandahl, Dave Alan Morganton Sanders, Gus Clint, Jr Shelby Sanderson, James Marshall Elizabethtown Sapp, Clifton Fletcher, Jr Winston-Salem Sara, Tav Richard Belle Harbor. N. Y. Satterfield, William Clem Raleigh Sauls, James Leonard Knightdale Sauls, Norment David, Jr Garner Sawver, Henry Claude Durham Scarboro, Conrad Lee Norwood SchaeFer, Walter Charles Baltimore, Md. Schick, Pablo Francisco Caracas, Venezuela Schlegel, Anthony Adam Castle Hayne Schort, Donald Reece, Jr Hickorv Scott, Delmar Lester, Jr Mount Olive Scott, Donald Carver Carlisle. Pa. Scott, Ronald Worth Graham Searcy, Kenneth Ray Draper Seawright, David Stephen Charlotte Seay, William Michael Asheville Segal, Barbara Diane Rock Hill, S, C. Seiferheld, Alan David New London, Conn. Self, Jerry Lee Casar Shaffner, Thomas Jackson Winston-Salem Shanker, Mark Hanna Hewlett, N. Y. Sharp. Jack Lawrence Greensboro Sharp, William Fredrick, Jr Guilford Sharp, William Robert, Jr Fayetteville Shealy, Charles Walter Batesburg, S. C. Shearin, Robert Bruce Raleigh Shelton, William Bennett Asheboro Shelton, William Douglas Raleigh Sherratt, William Edward New Bern Sherrill, Bobby Lewis Hickory Sherrill, Wilson Alexander, II Terrell Shields, John Andrew Tryon Shields, Odell Melvin Winston-Salem Shinn, Pearson Stewart Annandale, Va. Shipman, Robert Ray Hendersonville Shook, David Harold Statesville Shotwell, James Fleetwood, Jr Ro.xboro FRESHMEN Shoulars, Philip Edison, Jr Kinston Shouse, Jerry Howard ' inston-Saleni Showalter, Ralph Edwin Arden Shreve, David Carr Raleigh Shumate. Lewis Hampton Johnson City, Tenn. Sides. Larry Walter Wallace Sides, William Curtis, Jr Winston-Salem Sills, James Robert, Jr Shelby Silverman, Robert Union. N. J. Simerson, Hayden Curtis Salisbury Simmons, Owen Powell Newtown Square, Pa. Simmons. V ' illiani Gaston Albertson Simon, George Saad Gastonia Simpson, Phillip Bryant Winston-Salem Simpson, Shirley Richard Prospect, Va. Simpson. U ' illiam Golden Plymouth Sims. John Davis, Ir Troutman Sinsjlctarv, Howard Monroe, Jr Raleiah Sink, Thomas Lee Thomasville Sink, Thomas Richard Winston-Salem Siroros, Chayasara Thailand Skipper, Horace Dean Abbottsburg Skosnik. Ronald Joseph McKees Rocks. Pa. Slade, William Dewey Bath Slayton. Thomas Hoqe Richmond. Va. Slocumb, William Henry, Jr Dunn Sloon, lohn Erwin Wi ' kesboro Small, Minton Carroll Edenton Smith, Allen M ' ayne Cordova Smith. Arthur Dixon Miami, Fla. Smith. Arthur Reginald Charlotte Smith. Dave Richard Raleigh Smith, Don Barry Roanoke, Va. Smith. Cilenn Roosevelt, Jr Arlington. Va. Smith. Hampton Lee Jacksonville. Fla. Smith. Harold Dwight, Jr Albemar ' e Smith, Jrtnies Harold Selma Smith, lohn Raymond Boone Smith. Julian Flovd. Jr Nashville Smith, Michael Wayne Charlotte Smith, Owen lames Newport News. Va. Smith, Paul Wayne Graham Smith, Radford Dennis Charlotte Smith, Ralph L Raleigh Smith. Rhonnie Lee Elon College Smith, Stanley Gilbert Hickory Smith. V ' alter Tilford Newport News. Va. Smith, Warren William Winston-Salem Smith, William Anthony Winston-Salem Smith, William Dcmald Asheboro Smitherman. Thomas David East Bend Snow, Robert E Winston-Salem Snyder, Charles George Munich, Germany Sorrels. CIvde Beniamin Gilkey Sossamon, James Lee Brvson Ci ' v Soyars, Raymond Garry Reidsvilk- Spahi. Mohsmed Adnan Egvot Snalding. Basil Dennis. Ill Lilian. Va. Speight. Robert Edward Suffolk. Va. Sneir, Rawley Galloway Morganton Soencer. George Earl Raleigh Snencer, Randv Wheless Madicon Spicer, James Edgar Elkin Spratt, John Edw ard, Jr Charlotte Springer, Arthur Conrad Greensboro Springer. Carroll Von Charlotte Spruill. Mcrvin Lvnn Newport News. Va. Stainback, Ronald Ervin Middleburg Stall ings, Larry Nelson Selma Stallings, Lester Robert Winston-Saleni Stanback, Charles Rudolph. Jr Durham Stanley, Albert Jackson Salisbury Stanley, Jack Walter Greensboro Starke, Francis McDonald McLeansville Staton, Boyce Ronnie Wilmington Steen. Lynn Paige Hamlet Steinberg, Robert Michael Woodmere, N. Y. i M. M . [396] I!T ' FRESHMEN Stenhouse, Michael Hunter Charlotte Stephens, Haruld Dean Connelly Springs Stephens, James Kenneth, Jr High Point Stephens, Joseph Edwin Wilmington, Del. Stephenson, James Donnie Willow Springs Stephenson, Halph Andrews, Jr Greensboro Stephenson, T honias Crayton Holly Sprmgs Stevens, Grady Harold Gastonia Stevens, Keith Brooklyn Loris, S. C. ; tevenson, Charles Gwen Palmyra Stewart, Herman Detro, Jr Walkertown J tik. ' leather, Larry Franklin Stony Point Stikeleather, Wade Eugene Stony Point btimpson, Robert Thomas Winston-Salem Stipp, Charles Cotton Manhasset, N. Y. Stoker, Joel William Albemarle stone, Jerry Leonard Raleigh Stoner, James Everette, Jr Concord Stoudemire, Stewart McBryde Lincolnton Siout, Garland Herbert Greensboro Strawbridge, James Edward Durham Stredler, Steven Allen Norfolk, Va. Strickland, Rod Paul Zebulon Strickland, Roger Privette, Jr Bailey Sturiale, Louis A Brooklyn, N. Y. Sucher, William Paul Woodmere, N. Y. Suitt, Clitton Bruce Charlotte Suleski, Anthony Jacob McKees Rocks, Pa. Sullivan, Henry Jackson Raleigh Sullivan, William Andrew Blowing Rock Surbeck, David Albert Wynnewood, Pa. Swain, Thomas Tyson Burlington Swann, Thomas Fredrick, Jr Elizabethtown Swindell, Charles Adams Raleigh Sykes, Edwin Thomas Yanceyville Synan, Owen William Durham Tanner, Charlie Amos, Jr Wallace Tanner, William Jacob Norlina Tale, Eugene McCulloch Wilmington Taylor, Boyd Frederic Greensboro Taylor, Floyd, Jr Raleigh Taylor, James Merritt Reidsville Taylor, John Thomas Washington Taylor. Thomas Spencer Wadesboro Taylor, Tillet Kirk Raleigh Teague, James Edward Hickory Teal, Kenneth Prentice Rockingham Teeter, John Eric Mooresville Terman, Elliott Jay Richmond Hill, N. Y. Terry, Ray Albemarle Terry, Thomas Abram, Jr Savannah, Tenn. Tesh, George Washington, Jr Lexington Testement, Thomas Leiand Harriman. Tenn. Thomas, Edward Scott Burlington Thomas, Gerald Kent Charlotte Thomas, John M Asheville Thomas, Robert Eugene Moncure Thompson, Dale Ermine Winston-Salem Thompson, Harold Edgar Spray Thompson, James Pinckney, III Fairmont Thompson, Michael Morris Greensboro Thompson, Samuel Marmon Spruce Pine Thoroughgood, James Albert Raleigh Tillman, Donald Nelson Sanford Tilson, Carey Yates, Jr Chapel Hill Todd, Maurice Cornelius East Bend Tolson, Fred Lewis Pinetops Towns, Leiand Farrell Asheville Trogdon, Stephen Leroy Ramseur Trott, Sabert Scott Kannapolis Trotter, Norman Leroy Brevard Troutman, Paul Edison, Jr Charlotte Tucker. Irvin Burchard, III Raleigh Tucker, Patricia Lee Raleigh Turbyfili, Pressley L Maiden Turner, Larry W Spencer Turner, Rufus Carroll Concord [397] FRESHMEN Turner, Thomas Ro ' Rocky Mount Turpin, John Presley Newport Tutzauer, Jack Roy Greensboro Tyndall, Gerald Aberdeen Upchurch. Allen Pearson Raleigh Vaden, Bernie Oscar WestField Vanpelt, John Ray Kannapolis Vaughan, G. L., Ill Shelby Velasquez, Luis Fernando Golombia Verbal, Glaude Arthur Durham Verchek. Joseph Lawrence Strabane, Pa. Vick, lames Harold Nashville Vila, William Hull Sanford Vinroot, Charles Arthur Charlotte Viverette, Cecil Exum, Jr Lenoir Walker, David SyKester Hillsboro Walker, Gary Hamilton Lenoir Walker, James Howard Boonville Walker, Leroy, Ir Durham Walker, Thomas Le m Asheville Wall, Kermit Arthur, Jr Walkertown Wall, Luther Wesley, Jr Julian Wallace, George Frederick Foxboro, Mass. Wallace, George Roberts, Jr Morehead City Waller, Linn Raymond, II Salisbury Walser, Douglas MacArthur Salisbury Walters, James Franklin Laurinburg Walters, William Place Greensboro Ward, Gilbert Taylor Springfield, Va. Ward, Richard Samuel Bristol, Tenn. Ware, Benjamin Griffin Newland Warfford, Reuben Camak Siler Cit ' Warner, Peter Colvin Chagrin Falls, Ohio Warnock, Paul Franklin Rockingham Warren, John Frederick Princeton, N. J. Warren, Norman Lee Durham Warrick, William Daniel Selma Watkins, Bobby James Zebulon Watkins, Deal Prince Raleigh Watkins, William Deering Wadesboro Watson, Carolyn Olivia High Point Watson, Clayton Lenoir Watson, Kenneth Albert Rocky Mount Waugh, David Mack Jefferson Weaver, Charles Henry Four Oaks Weaver, James Bryson, Jr Valdese Weaver, James Lawrence Four Oaks Weaver, John Thomas, Jr Pinetops Weaver, William Bernice, III Asheboro Webb, Joseph Thomas Rocky Mount Webb, Robert Harold, Jr ' . Mebane Webb, Wilbur Kenneth Wilson Webster, John Ray Stoneville Webster, Noel Bennett Kings Mountain Weeks, Martin Wade, Jr Mt. Olive Weinberg. Rodney Lawrence Asheville Wells, Paul Anthony, Jr Rocky Mount West, James Neil Kinston Westbrook, Thomas Holmes Mt. Olive Wester, Carl Harris Raleigh Wheless, Gilbert Barnes, Jr Durham Whicker, Rex Allen Stoneville Whidbee, Hoyt Webster, Jr Engelhard White, Jack Terry Elizabeth City Whisnant, James Miller Lenoir White, Duward Lester, Jr Dover White, Edward Small Greensboro White, George Lay Green ille White, Stokes, Jr Concord White, Wester Wiley Greensboro t • MAJkd ' A [398] i iiwTiiWr Jiii FRESHMEN White, William Hale, ]r Greensboro Whitehead, WilHam James, Jr Scotland Neck Whitfield, James Howard Hurdle Mills Whitley, Charles Ellis Stantonsburg Whitley, James Lucius. Jr EnField Whitted, Victor Wayne Graham Whittcn, Samuel Randall, III Henderson Whittle, Larye Laurinburg Wiegand, Rudolf Paul, Jr Charlotte Wikle, Richard V ' avne Kernersville Wilbur, Robert L Haverford, Pa. Wilfoni;, John Winfield Claremont V ' ilkins, William Chester, Jr Pine Level W ' illard, Calvin Kenneth Draper Williams, Albert Jerome, Jr Charlotte Williams, Brooks Monroe Wilson Williams, Carlos Robert, Jr Fayetteville Williams, Edward Harold, Jr Raleigh Williams, Francis Walter Winston-Salem Williams, James Donald Spencer Williams, John Theodore Lumberton Williams, Joseph Speed, III Greensboro ' illiams, Larry Turner Gastonia A ' illiams, Richard Planck Fayetteville Williams, Robert Douglas Staley Williams, Sophronia Izola Raleigh Williams, Stephen Leon Kannapolis Williams, Sue Ellen Charlotte Williamson, Gerald Lynn Kinston Willingham, Obie Richard, Jr Pisgah Forest Wilson, Charles Diman Charlotte Wilson, Daniel Maurice Marion Wilson, James Pheniz, II Kenansville Wilson, Stephen Michael Newton Wilson, William Larry Rutherfordton Winn, Robert Dwight, Jr Mooresboro Winn, Thomas Patrick Wellesley, Mass. Winn, Walter Garnett, Jr Wilmington Winslow, James Howard Elizabeth City ' inslow, Thomas Preston Winfall Winstead, James Fleming Greenville Winters, John Dwight Hayes, Va. V ' olfe, Mark Gregory Asheboro Wollett, William Lynn Hollister Womble, Albert Benton Sanford Woodall, Leigh Cedrick, Jr Wilson ' oodard, Barney Paul Princeton A ' o xiard, Jesse Franklin Kenly U ' oods, Hugh Wilroy Raleigh V ' oods, Robert Hanner Hillsboro Woodson, John Wayne Chase City, Va. Woody, John William Leaksville Woolard, Michael Glenn Robersonville Wooten, Simeon Augustus Wilson ' o kman, Marion George, Jr Mebane ' ortman, Billy Leonard Morgantnn Wrenn, Alison Ann Raleigh Wrenn, Vance Wilson, Jr New Bern Wright, Joseph F., Jr Brevard Wright, Raleigh Thomas, Jr Dallas Wright, Teddy Jerome Spindale Yancey, Howard Buren, Jr Gastonia Yarbrough, Alonzo Francis Winston-Salem Yopp, Angela Snead ' s Ferry York, Ernest Wayne Ramseur Young, Richard Anthony Princeton Yurcho, Robert John Princeton, N. J. 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[416] LjrauL waauatln •j s. emorS YESTERDAY and during your school years at North Carolina State College, you acquired new ideas which stimulated fresh concepts of better ways to think and work. we congratulate you on your achievements and on the beginning of your adventures in further research and leadership in resolving current issues. TOMORROW will mirror the character of your growth and your efforts in making this a better world in which to live. Cordially and sincerely, L. L. IVEY and STAFF STUDENTS SUPPLY STORES and Auxiliary Units I m

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