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INVI1 I 11 L. MCC-JUN 1 b I t UINIVtfl II OFFICE OF INFORMATION SERVICES 202 HOLLADAY HALL P. 0. BOX 5655 RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA 27607 THE STUDENTS OF NORTH CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE RALEIGH NORTH CAROLINA PRESENT THE 1960 tuanrcft A.. • • , • . • • • ti Op ut So etiorz ho 4 Seniors ins ? ss se r77 " Ivy et) S3 .; Aft, 1960 ti D 3110D 31V1S UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA Entrance Examination Prepared by the Board of very little Education The questions below ore considered to be general, and should be cosily answered in a matter of four years. If you run into any difficulty, forget it. MATH: 1. If Tom takes 12 gallons of gas from a 100 gallon tank the first day, 15 gallons away the second day and 21 gallons on the third day, how long will it be before they take Tom away? 2. If John can write a 5,000 word term paper by hand in 10 hours, how long would it take him if he used o pencil? 3. " A " con pick 2 bushels of apples in one day; " B " con pick 4 bushels of apples in a day and a half and " C " can pick 9 bushels in three days. How many bushels of apples could be picked if people were doing the picking? 4. A 96 pound projectile is fired upward of a 60 degree angle and with on initial velocity of 3200 feet per second. How deep will the projectile sink into the ground if the last rain come on Tuesday of last month? 5. Mr. Bratwurst is driving his 3800 pound car 60 miles per hour or 88 feet per second when he hits o 5600 pound truck parked on the street. If the two cou- pled vehicles move 5.75 feet and stop in 2.48 seconds, was Mr. Brotwurst drinking? Answer the ten questions intelligently by using the context of the abstract printed below. Use short answers only—save your lengthy discussion for the Social Studies Department. " When the tochypnoco sque-teague pozzuolona arrived, the whidah bird zizith zymurgy xerophthalmio chlamydote fluosilicote hydrargyriasis exothecium odontornithic. Due to the passifloraceous kriegspiel lycanthrope strophanthiu s xiphophyllous yoldring sympelmous, the harbinger physiognomy abrogate stil- licidium of the thrombosis devoured in hexachlorophene which emulsified all hali- tosis and coronaries that are corrigendum monophyletic dystrophic cysticercus syzygiol rynd pyxidium dysuria hyperostasis lythraceaus and GL-71 (that ' s nor- mal GL-70 with on extra GL thrown in to take care of cancer). (From a short poem by Nick Kenny) 1. Who is Irving making out with? 2. Is Mack, the Knife, back on the scene? 3. If the above is so, how many records of his popular song, " Cement Bogs " , did he sell? 4. What is the name of the new Kellogg ' s cereal that does not snap, crackle or pop but just lies there in one soggy mess? 5. What is a hydraulic? Hint: It might be a shovel with a handle on both ends. 6. Will the earth come to a dramatic end on April 21, 1953? 7. Was General Grant killed by a flask of lightning? 8. Have you tried Peter Pon ' s Pconut Butter? 9. Have you ever token or even seen such a ridiculous exam? 10. What the dickens is a whidah bird? 6 The following sentences or phrases should be completed with the most correct answer from the choices listed below. If you do not agree with the given choices, you are to be commended. HISTORY 1. George Washington chopped down the cherry tree because. . (a) he thought it wos the best woy to net it down. (b) he thought it would be a good way to get into politics. (c) it blocked his view of his 22 year old blond neighbor ' s sun porch. (d) he thought it was a bush. 2. Abraham Lincoln wore a beard because. . (a) by his not being a baseball player, he and the Gillette people did not see eye to eye. (b) he had a hole in his chin. (c) on particular social outings he needed some means to get a hold of him- self. (d) it was the only way that his mother could tell who he was. 3. The following occurred at the Boston Tea Party.... (a) everyone went and had o good time. (b) an organized yachting regatta resulted. (c) Jonathon Ferd found a silver bullet in his tea. (d) Frederick Fotchmore found the Lone Ranger in his tea. 4. Magellan was the first man to. . (a) fly to the moon on an Army Redstone six stage self-laminated rocket. (b) swim the Pacific. (c) make a classic of Chuck Berry ' s rock ' n roll hit, " Motor Cooled Down " . (d) beat Wyatt Earp to the draw. 5. Alton Bogle cleaned out the West by.... (a) using Lestoil, (b) leaving. (c) finding gold in the East. (d) stealing everything he could get his hands on. 6. Due to the depression of 1929. .. . (a) Babe Ruth hit only 52 home runs. (b) " Maverick " wos forced to quit playing poker. (c) everyone was depressed. (d) M. 0. had to sell its jeep. The following is a comprehensive tabulation of the results of the previous college entrance examination, prepared and given by the Board of little or no Education. From the results one can clearly see that any likeness or relationship to any college student is purely the truth. Caution: Before reading results; take a tranquilizer, open o win- dow, take a scot and get a firm grip on yourself. 23% 18% couldn ' t find the right room went to sleep during the quiz 36% didn ' t bring a pencil 14% have been sent back to high school 2% got their finger caught in the pencil sharpener 6% gave up 2% cut the examination 101% Some idiot took the examination twice—he liked it! 7 Again this year the small group orientotion pion proved to be successful. Wonder if there ' s a double feature today? More orientation.... How ridiculous con you got? Still more orientation.... 8 One more line and I ' ll destroy myself. . We don ' t hove many, but what we hove surely mokes a difference in the language we use.... There must be on easier way. . . Whoddya mcon, my master IBM is gone! One things for sure; it ' s not Saturday night. . . The end of a hard day? Looks like they changed editions again. . . . Wonder if I should get intellectual this year or wait until next year... . 12 let ' s sec now . . wonder where I con find something on the " Birds ond the Yell, scream, jump up and down ond throw things. . Wonder if I could get this thing in my room.. .. Something old.... Something wonder.... If its not one smoke• All right, fellows, there ' ll be no hitting stack, its another.... below the belt white I ' m the referee.... 13 Hey fellos, I con see good from up here.... When I get my first million.... Run for your lives, the Mortiens have landed.... Maybe tome of us will get to see this.. . . 14 The Alumni Building: recently teno•oted and truly on asset to our campus... . Brogow Dorm ogoinst the sunset. . . . Golden Chain topping ceremony- leodership unlimited.... Wm.! You con sea o!1 the wey to Meredith through this thing.... 70th anniversary of State College ' s founding. . . . North porch of College Union token of o northeast angle. Darkened view due to southern exposure.... 16 Good hill for roller skating The building thot never darkens—the home of tomorrows architects.... Never could quite Zap! Wonder what Ryland Burngordner would soy obout this. .. . figure out that wall. . 1 The home of some of the best basketball in the country-Reynold ' s Coliseum.. 13 Queen crowns quecn•whot o sight.. . . • - t • • a d • • ■ , t •-• • The house of knowledge. ... Hillsboro Street in action.. . . Avert DR--print. 1959... . Very little military about this bell. . . . They must be giving something away; otherwise net se many people would hove come.. Wonder how many guys are cutting graduation.... Who caret about the quantum theory anyway? 20 This looks like the place. . . 1 • is IS 1 " ! 1 1 Thank goodness that lob ' s over... . An inside view of a student ' s mind the four years before the occasion on the right takes place-then, suddenly, the dawning... . The last mile ... the big day hos finally arrived ... four, or maybe it was long year, . . . but it was worth it . you ' ll never forget the good and the bad limes.... - THE GOVERNOR OF NORTH CAROLINA Luther Hodges 24 William C. Friday President of the Consolidated University John T. Caldwell Chancellor of North Carolina State College I K. D. RABB Director of Admissions and Registration J. G. VANN LYLE B. ROGERS Business Manager Director of Counseling JOHN W. SHIRLEY Dean of the Faculty N. B. WATTS Director of Student Housing JAMES J. STEWART L. L. RAY Dean of Student Affoirs Foundations and Public Relations BANKS C. TALLEY HENRY BOWERS Director of Student Activities Assistant Director of Student Activities School of The science of agriculture is finding in- creasing application on the forms, in manu- facturing plants, in processing plants, and in the entire network of soles and distribution of agricultural products in North Carolina. No longer does agricultural science apply only to farms. Men trained in the biological sciences and agricultural sciences are finding employment in o wide variety of professional, industrial, and forming activities. The grad- uates of the School of Agriculture OM molding many of the changes which are taking place so rapidly and which are building a greater North Carolina. Likewise, they are finding their place in other parts of the nation as leaders in their respective fields. The mule and plow con no longer characterize agricul- ture. The agricultural leaders of today are those with mastery of chemistry, the biological sciences, agricultural business management, agricultural engineering, public policy and the techniques of efficient plant and animal production, processing and marketing. The young men and women of North Carolina hove the talent and the School of Agriculture provides the training. Throughout the state and notion there is o demand and a willing- ness to pay for those with both the talent and the training. Dean D. W. CoIvord Bob Pilch, President Miss Ridh Porter, Sponsor Agriculture Club Ag Club membership consists of students in the School of Agriculture and the Department of Agricultural Education. The Ag Club was organized in 1917 to provide recreational, educationa l, and entertainment programs for its members, and to promote school spirit. The club strives to accomplish these objectives through a variety of activities. At the week- ly meetings members enjoy informal talks, illustrated lectures, educational movies, and entertainment programs. It also sponsors the Students Ag Fair, the Bornworming, Ag Day, and has its own outstanding publication, " The N. C. State Agriculturist. " OFFICERS President Bob Pilch Vice President Lathon Smith Secretary Bill Summey Chairman, Ways and Means Committee Otho Wells Treasurer Jerry White Reporter Roy Holder Faculty Advisors Dr. H. C. Folks Dr. W. W. Hassler Dr. C. C. Robinson American Society of Agronomy The aims of the Agronomy Club are to stimulate interest in the field of Agronomy, to aid in carrying on student activities, and to improve relationships between faculty and students. Each year the club sponsors educational exhibits at the North Carolina State Fair, and an Awards Banquet is held during the spring semester of which time the club presents an award to the outstanding instructor in the School of Agri- culture. Mrs. John Hooks. Sponsor OFFICERS Jenothan W. Hooks Larry C. Roberson Thomas H. Peorman Ralph J. Crabtree Edger L. Boyd Billy R. Apple Mr. E. 0. Skoglay Dr. D. S. Chamblee President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Reporter Senior Adviser Junior Adviser Agriculturist The Agriculturist is the official publication of the School of Agriculture and the " Ag " Club. Published four times a yeor, its content includes a thorough coverage of Ag School activities for the benefit of the students here at college, his parents at home, potential students of agriculture, and any other persons who might be interested in what goes on in the life of a college agricultural student. The Agriculturist, by printing articles on soils, livestock, and other items that ore invaluable to agriculturists, pro- motes closer cooperation between students, faculty, and alumni. This magazine serves as an important mode of pub- licity both within the state and on a national scale. Erwin Lineberger, Editor Dolt Hedrick, Business Monoger Horticulture Club OFFICERS Otho Wells President Jimmie Crowe Vice-President James Garrett Secretary David Choate Treasurer Ames Christopher Reporter Mr. C. L. McCornbs Faculty Adviser The object of the Horticulture Club is to stimulate interest in the field of Horticulture; to foster and promote recreational and educational activities; and to encourage student participation in extracurricular activities. Agricultural Economics Club OFFICERS Robert Proctor President Whitson Benton Vice-President Bobby Bodgett Secretory Horace Hord Treasurer This club is composed of all gradu- ates and undergraduates in Agricul- tural Economics. It has as its purpose: (1) to stimulate interest in agricultural economics, (2) to provide a means of contact between students and Farm Economics Association members so they can become familiar with the current developments in the field of agricultural economics. Animal Industry Club OFFICERS Phil Plyler President Joe Williams Vice-President Wilbur Howard Secretory Bill Summey Treasurer Dr. Wilton Wise Senior Adviser Dr. L. C. Viborg Junior Adviser The aim of the Animal Industry Club is to improve the relationship be- tween students and faculty, to stimu- late interest in the field of Animal Industry, and to have the Animal In- dustry Club members become better acquainted with the livestock breeders of this state. Agricultural Education Club OFFICERS Roger Mosinpo President Hurhom Warwick Vice.President Bill Fouts Secretory Robert Knox Treasurer Chester Honeycutt Reporter FACULTY ADVISORS H. G. Beard Jo Clary American Society of Agricultural Engineers The ASAE Club consists of students in Agricultural Engineering and Mechanized Agriculture who ore seek- ing insight into the professional side of their chosen field. Programs have brought out the various opportunities that are open to Agricultural Engineers. Members have on opportunity to obtain leadership training and meet other students and faculty members. The club this year consisted of fifty members. Mechanized Agriculture Club OFFICERS Lorry Patterson President Neil Corey Vice-President Richard Flue ' s Secretory George Hawkins Treasurer Charles Letchworth Reporter Mr. Thomas Garner Faculty Adviser Leopold Wildlife Club OFFICERS Lee Trent President John Burns Vice-President John Collins Secretary Richard Huber Treasurer Dr. Santo Lucito Faculty Adviser Graduate Entomology Club OFFICERS Sam Turnipsced President S. H. Mohmood Vice-President Hal Clarke The purpose of the Entomology Club is the promotion of o fellowship, both social and academic, among the students in Entomology at North Caro- lina State College. Poultry Science Club Willie Payne Joy Wilt ong Hybert Williamson Ken Lewis Mr. T. T. Brown President Vice-President Publicity Chairman Secretory-Treasurer Faculty Adviser OFFICERS Tau Alpha Sigma OFFICERS Randal P. Cheek Commissioner James F. Parnell Magistrate Robert F. Soots Recorder William E. Neal Marshall James T. Brown Constable TAU ALPHA SIGMA originated at N. C. State Ccllegc in 1957 to recog- nize outstanding interest and achieve- ment in the field of Wildlife Conser- vation and Management. Students are selected on the basis of their scholar- ship os well os their participation in Departme ntal activities. DEAN H. L. KAMPHOEFNER School of Design It is the policy of The Student Publication of the School of Design to present material containing original contributions to the knowledge of the prob- lems of Design. To present informative discussions of Philosophical and Historical problems related to Architecture and Design, to publish a magazine of permanent value by stressing the basic rather than the current. The School of Design is devoted and dedicated to the development of a native architecture and its accompanying art farms for the southern region. While the natural and organic aspects of design ore stressed, the universal and international aspects of design are also respected and related to the human patterns of life. We seek to integrate the architect os a social human being and the architect os a scientist-engineer, and we encourage and nurture the architect-engineer as the coordinator of structural dynamics in the over-all pattern of life. While our first aim is to serve North Carolina and the southern regions, we believe that our students will be equipped, through the teaching of the school, to work in any region. Because character, o profound devotion, and an absolute professional commitment are prime ingredi- ents of any creative activity where the social responsi- bilities are as vital as in architecture and design, we foster and cultivate the integrity of the individual. 38 J. BRYANT KIRKLAND The current need for competent, well-qualified teachers is greater now than at any other period in the history of our public school system. This is especially true in the fields of mathematics, science, industrial education, industrial arts, and vocational agriculture. The School of Education provides the professional pre-employment training required for certificating teachers of vocational agriculture, industrial arts, industrial education, mathematics and science. The curriculum in each of these departments includes courses designed to aid prospective teachers in ac- quiring an understanding of high school pupils, and in selecting and using acceptable teaching methods. The School of Education also provides under-graduate training for recreation leaders in industrial and rural areas. School of Education 40 41 Alpha Zeta Blizzard Baxter Apple Baker Bone Bost Allen Bramlett Breemon Byrd Carlton OFFICERS Corrigan Cooke Phil Carlton Chancellor Colter Leon Allen Censor Eck Ronald Shearon Scribe Otho Wells Treasurer Huck Bill Corrigan Chronicler Curganus Howell Johnson Kilt roll Knox Alpha Zeta was founded at Langston Columbus, Ohio, on November 4, Low 1897. The North Carslino Chapter wos the eighth of forty five chapters Lineberger and was chartered in 1904. Its aims Little are perhaps best expressed in the words of the founders: " Alpha Zeta McMinn was established neither as on honor nor as a social fraternity, but as a Mosinee) professional fraternity whose mem- Neville bership shall be combined of the Pilch qualities of high scholarship, fine Russell fellowsh;p, and sound character. " These are the vital qualities of leadership in the fields of agricul- Scheid ture, education and forestry for Shcoron which the fraternity was established Ward to encourage and develop. Wells Williamson PHIL CARLTON Chancellor 42 Kappa Phi Kappa Koppo Phi Koppo is a Notional Honorary and Professional Education Fraternity which has its purpose the promotion of education os an instrument of social betterment. The members of Koppo Phi Kappa are selected on the basis of their recognized ability for outstanding scho- lastic and social achievement and professional ideals. a BEN KITTRELL, President OFFICERS Ben Kittrell President Davie Smith Vice-President Roger Moxingo Secretary John Jenkins Expansion Secretory Jim Gregson Treasurer Professor T. I. Hines Faculty Advisor 43 ALLEN EDWARDS, President Industrial Arts OFFICERS Allen Edwards President Ray Briggs Vicc•President Charles Cates Secretory Don Bassett Treasurer Dr. Talmage 8. Young Faculty Adviser The Industrial Arts Club brings together the members of the deportment in order that they may become better acquainted. Outstanding men in related fields present to the club at its meetings the latest ideas and news of the professional world. The club strives to make its profession better known and to influence young men to train for o future in Industrial Arts. 44 OFFICERS Phaorcs Nye President Kelly Crump Vice-President Norman Fisher Secretary A, D. Scott Treasurer Mr. Robert ' Nutlet Co-Trustee Dr. Ivan Hostetler Trustee Epsilon Pi Tau is the international honor society in Industrial Arts and Industrial—Vocational Education. The purposes are (1) to recognize the place of skill, (2) to promote sociol and pro- fessional proficiency, and (3) to foster and reward research and publish its results. Epsilon N Tau Mathematics And Science Education Club al•r- " tjgrJIP ' ' ' .:S2, " Thalrt.,ii.rThfr ' llhe_ .......Thalr: t7,7,..... . ' ' 1• - - 1 -••••• aa • ... " ' " %4•... C • ■•■ ■ " Ina • • ,...... .. .,•. ...... .,, • ...... .:.. .0.... .... ....... , 41711, NW ft..p.. . . . ar • .-aira ' ' 0 .. ...a a. ' ' a.m., ........ ' ' ' ' .• • •• . ' " Ada .-.11.• al• • af• mas ' s, . a aa.,=. ,,,,,,,...., ... ss.. s--.- - " a a• Ada ate alla .... r .... Sal, .,_..,..m.....- 7: _.:. -- . ...... ,--,.. .Z. - _...... P " ' a itr ..0 ■ • r S r .. V I r .., ._ ..,,.. rlit - if ii, ts, OFFICERS Murray Rudisill President Carl Henley Vice-President Fronkie Gurganus Secretary Dewey Tedder Treasurer Dr. Herbert E. Sp«ce Faculty Adviser School The engineer, vigorous and probing in his approach to technological problems, represents o profession growing in size and importance. To meet the expand- ing demand for its graduates, the School of Engineer- ing, too, has grown until now it has the largest enrollment in the College. Representing major fields of engineering and growing areas of specialization, fifteen curricula ore offered by eight degree-granting departments. Graduate as well as under-graduate programs extend to the student the opportunity to exploit to the fullest his capacities for learning. Dr. John Harold Lampe, Dcon of Engineering, directs a stoff which includes some of the education and scientific leaders of the nation. Nine buildings filled with modern facilities are utilized for teaching and research by these faculty members. In its exten- sive activities in service and research, the School seeks both to explore basic engineering principles and to investigate problems encountered by the industries of North Carolina. Thus, the School is dedicated to the dual mission of serving the individual student and the citizens of the State. It also sets for itself the task of keeping abreast of current developments in technology and in the engineering profession. The resulting program of edu- cation is recognized as one of the foremost in the South and in the nation. DEAN JOHN H. LAMPE buinauibug Jo Engineers ' Council WILLIAM R. FOSS PretIdent The Engineers ' Council is composed of elected repre- sentatives of the various engineering schools on the cam- pus. The primary function of the Council is to co-ordinate the activities of the various societies represented. Each year the Council sponsors the Engineer ' s Exposi- tion. It is also responsible for directing the publication of the " Southern Engineer. " The Engineers ' Council sponsors two dances during the school year. In the fall, the " Engineers ' Boll " is held. And, during the spring semester, the " St. Pot ' s Dance " takes place. In connection with the " St. Pat ' s Dance " , the Council recognizes outstanding engineering students by knighting them into the Order of St. Patrick. The outstanding senior engineering student is recognized and given a gift by the Council at this time. Scholarship is encouraged at the freshman level by electing the two out-standing freshmen from each deport- ment as Companions of St. Patrick. HARVEY G. LANIER Vice-President R. DOUGLAS McBRAYER Secretory FRANK S. MADREN Treasurer More Scenes of the Fair ROW 1 Benjamin, Bingham, Black, Bowman, Bruck, Bullock, Bundy, Caldwell, Chapman ROW 2 Clark, Collins, Culbreth, Currie, Davis, Duke, Fisher, Folsom, Foss ROW 3 Fox, George, Gidney, Grimmer, Harvey, Hedgecock, Hooker, Klutz, Lackey, Lanier ROW 4 Loftin, Long, Loppacker, McBrayer, Madren, Matthews, Meissen, Monteith, Poplin ROW 5 Pruitt, Richardson, Sanderson, Taylor, Tuttle, Tyson, Wait, Whiteside; R. DOUGLAS McBRAYER, Regent Theta Tau Theta Tou, founded at the University in Minnesota on October 15, 1904, established Rho Chapter at State College in 1927. It is a professional engineering fraternity whose object is to develop and maintain o high degree of profes- sional interest among its members and to unite them in a strong bond of fraternal brotherhood. In keeping with its aims, Theta Tau regularly participates in the Engineers Foir os well as sponsoring projects of its own in the interest of professional engineering and State College. OFFICERS R. Douglas Manner Regent -tomes L. Brown Vice-Regent Ben E. Lemons Scribe I. Blair McLeod Treasurer ROW 1 Abec, Averatte, Brown, Combs, Culp, Doughtridge ROW 2 Duncan, Ellis, Fansler, Hackney, Johnson, Lemons ROW 3 Leonard, McBrayer, McLeod, Martin, Olson, Rankin ROW 4 Rettinger, Reynolds, Robertson, Sigmon, Wotets American Society of Mechanical Engineers The N. C. Stote Student Section of ASME is dedicated to promoting academic and professional interest in mechanical engineering. Notionally noted speakers, inspection trips, joint meetings with parent groups, contests and sociols are the stimulative means. ASME also affords opportunity for de- velopment of individual leadership, administration, and pub- lic speaking. LARRY BULLOCK, President OFFICERS Lorry . . Bullock Chairman Robert C. Clark Vice-Chairman Cecil F. Harrington Secretary-Treasurer Winston T. Hooker Fair Chairman Dr. P. H. McDonald Faculty Chairman R. L. COWARDIN, President R L SPon”• Pi Tau Sigma Membership in Pi Tau Sigma is the highest honor that con be obtained by a mechanical engineering student in his field. He must maintain o very high scholastic average in order to be eligible for membership; but this is by no means the only requirement, for selection is also based on social adaptability, honesty, personal cleanliness, neatness, and soundness of principles and morals. If a man is deemed worthy, he is invited to join Pi Tau Sigma, an honor which all men would be proud to claim os theirs. OFFICERS Robert L. Cowardin President James U. Crowder Vice-President Furman Y. Sorrell Recording Secretory William N. Sharpe Corresponding Secretary Richard S. Buynitsky Treasurer Done! W. Stallings Historian Prof. J. S. Doolittle Advisor MISS FAY BATTS, Sponsor American Institute of Electrical Engineering Institute of Radio Engineers The joint student branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers is the electrical engineering student professional organization of State College. It is affiliated with two of the major electrical engineering national societies. The student branch has the dual function of carrying on student activities and bringing professional programs to the electrical engineering students. OFFICERS Darrell V. Menscer John A. Bowmen Larry K. Monteith Harvey G. Lanier Charles A. Richardson Fronk S. Madren Hamm W. Thompson. IRE; Edwin W. Winkler, AIEE 53 DARRELL MENSCER, President Chairman Vice-Chairman Treasurer Local Secretary IRE Secretary AIEE Secretary Counselors OFFICERS Eta Kappa Nu Lorry Monteith President Jerry Harris Vice-President Glenwood Mitchell Recording Secretary John Hauser Corresponding Secretary Speed Williams Treasurer Robert Beadles Bridge Correspondent Mr. H. W. Thompson, Jr. Foculty Adviser LARRY MONTEITH, President The purpose of HKN is to recognize and encourage out- standing achievements in the Electrical Engineering profes- sion, particularly among students. High scholarship, leader- ship ability, and integrity of character are requirements for membership. The organization undertakes projects for the general aid of Electrical Engineering students. 54 American Society of Civil Engineers The object of the American Society of Civil Engineers is to afford civil engineering students on opportunity for fellowship with fellow students, faculty members, and practicing engineers, and to provide a means whereby professional knowledge may be increased. The Student Chapter relates the professional development of the stu- dent to the achievements of the Notional Society. Meetings ore held every second and fourth Tuesday night at 7:00 P.M. in the C. E. Building Auditorium. Addresses by professional engineers, films on engineering projects, technical papers prepared and read by stu- dents, social affairs, and business meetings constitute the programs of the chapter. The chapter also publishes its own newspaper, ON THE LEVEL. Membership is open to all civil engineering students. OFFICERS 55 D. Bruch C. Craig J. Hutchins R. Hedgccock E. Owens E. Loppacker J. Poplin Mr. C. Mann Editor Secretary Editor Treosurer Publicity Director President Vice-President Faculty Adviser MERIC SOCIETY OF CIVIL COIGINEER: Ipro K POPLIN, POPLIN, President Chi Epsilon Chi Epsilon is a notional professional Civil Engineering honorary fraternity, based on the broad objective of increas- ing the efficiency of the profession os on instrument of social betterment. Chi Epsilon was organized to recognize those characteris- tics of the individual engineer deemed fundamental to the successful pursuit of an engineering career and to aid the development of these characteristics in the undergraduate engineer. Chi Epsilon hos, from a small beginning, grown to a place of prominence in the professional and honorary fraternity world. It has chapters in the majority of the best engineering schools in the country, striving to maintain a constant policy of establishing chapters at o school on the basis of the quality of its instruction and not necessarily its size. The chapter of State has maintained on active member- ship of approximately twenty men, and has participated actively in both departmental and school projects. OFFICERS Jock Poplin President John H. Johnson Vice-President Andrew J. M. Hutchins Secretory Harold 0. Seogroves Treasurer Dr. M, E. Yuonik Faculty Adviser Duane Bruck Associate Editor American Institute of Industrial Engineers The primary purpose of the student chapter of the Ameri- can Institute of Industrial Engineers is to provide opportun- ities for the professional development of students in Industrial Engineering. Coordination of departmental activities, de- velopment of leadership, and promotion of the interchange of ideas among students are other high objectives. Member- ship is open to all Industrial Engineering students and may be obtained at any official meeting. HARRY GRIMMER, President OFFICERS Harry Grimmer President George Benjomin Vice-President Dick Currie Secretory Bob Chapman Treasurer Howard Pruitt E. C. Representative I I Tau Beta Pi Tau Beta Pi, the notional honorary engineering fraternity, was founded of Lehigh University in 1885. The Alpha of North Carolina was installed here in 1925. It is the purpose of the fraternity to mark in a fitting manner those engineers who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by dis- tinguished scholarship, liberal culture, and exemplary character. To be elected into Tau Beta Pi is one of the highest honors that a student engineer can receive. Members D. W. Abee R. D. Adams C. L. Aderholt M. R. Alford H. Atwater F. E. Baker G. R. Barber C. R. Binghom R. 8. Blake D. H. Boone 1. A. Bowman J. V. Brawley C, J. Bridgmon C. D. Burgason R. S. Buynitsky F. C. Carter J. W. Coots R. V. Coggin. R. L. Cowardin R. H. Crockett J. Y. Crowder A. B. Crumple, S. F. Culberson W. K. Culbreth J. S. Doughtry M. R. Davis .1. F. Deal 1. W. Dunn H. L. Fisher R. C. Flack A. Fuller 1. D. Fulton H. M. Gibbs C. Gotuaco .1. D. Greene R. A. Gregg H. C. Grimmer P. E. Hamrick J. S. Harris J. R. Hauser R. H. Holladay J. S. Hill A. J. M. Hutchins C. D. Jamersan J. H. Johnson John Johnson T. L. Jones R. N. Key B. G. Kiger H. M. Kiger L. R. Kirchdorfer C. G. Kirkman T. W. Krimingcr W. 1. Lackey C. M. Lombright L. E. Lewitt R. 0. Livengood R. J. Loftin P. F. Long E. P. Loppacker E. L. Lowery R. D, McBrayer F. S. Modren G. A. Masse! W. M. Massey S. C. Matthews V. J. Moy J. A. Merrick. W. B. Michael J. A. Miller G. J. Mitchell L. K. Monteith J. 0. Mutton C. L. Neal E. S. Oberhofer R. G. Pearce D. Y. Perry G. J. Poole C. H. Rutherford C. L. Sanderson J. A. Sawyer W. N. Sharpe E. A. Shearin R. C. Sheorts W. F. Shepherd J. A. Shortleft H. W. Sigmon N. A, Sigmon R. E. Singleton L. B. Smith T. 8. Smith F. Y. Sorrell N. B. Stall D. W. Stallings G. M. Talbot L. J. Taylor A. G. Tillery E. R. Thompson J. B. Turner E. M. Underwood D, K. Wait J. E. Watson W. R. Watson R. L. Webster 1. T. Welch G. E. Whiteside. W. H. Wilkie S. C. Winchester C. B. Woodholl J. J. Wortmen P. E. Yoder .I. W. York OFFICERS John Miller President Jim Watson Vice-President Ed Underwood Corresponding Secretary Mork Massey Recording Secretary Dr. F. P. Pike Treasurer Dr. E. W. Winkler Chairman of Advisory Board 58 Counselor, F. Philips Pike; President, J. R. Harvey; Vice President, W. M. Massey, Jr.; Secretory, J. A. Shureleft; Corresponding Secretory, S. Franklin Culberson; Treasurer, W. F. Drinkord, Jr. The American Institute of Chemical Engineers The N. C. State Student Chapter of the AICHE is dedicated to promoting academic and professional interest in chemical engineering. Nationally noted speakers, plant trips, and social meetings with parent groups are the stimulative means. The AICHE also affords opportunity for development of individual leadership, administration, and public speaking. MRS. AGNES M. PIKE, Sponsor J. R. HARVEY, President Faculty OFFICERS R. Douglas McElroy°. President Thomas W. Krimminger Vice-President George L. Winchester Secretary Larry D. Barnes Treasurer T. C. Coleman Corresponding Secretary Dr. W. C. Mockler Adviser The North Carolina State College Student Branch of the American Ceramic Society was organized to famil- iarize students with the various aspects of the ceramic industry through talks, discussions, and motion pictures, and to promote a stronger bond of fellowship between students and faculty in the deportment. American Ceramic Society Keramos OFFICERS R. Douglas Marayer President Thomas W. Krimminger Vice-President W. Jack Lackey Secretary Larry D. Barnes Treasurer Bill K. Culbreth Herald Dr. W, W. Kriegel Adviser The principal object of Keramos is to promote and emphasize mental achievement and to promote interest in ceramic art, technology, and engi- neering. Membership is offered in the De- portment of Ceramics or Ceramic Engi- neering to those who hove a good scholastic record, a good character record and who give promise of mak- ing good in industry. Sigma Pi Sigma Sigma Pi Sigma is the only notional physics honor society. Its chapters ore restricted to colleges and universities of recog- nized standing which offer a strong physics major. The chap- ters receive into membership physics students and o few others in closely related fields when such students attain high standards of scholarship, promise of professional merit, and academic distinction. The objects of the society are to serve as a means of award- ing distinction to students having high scholarship and promise of achievements in physics, to promote student in- terested in research and advanced study of the subject, to encourage a professional spirit and friendship among those who have displayed marked abilities in physics, and to popu- larize interest in physics in the general collegiate public. OFFICERS P. W. Dickson President N. B. Stoll Vice-President J. D. Greene Corresponding Secretory H. L. Fisher Recording Secretary R. R. Liguori Treasurer Dr. F. W. Loncoster Advisor P. W. DICKSON, President • 1 BOBBY BUNDY, Chairman OFFICERS Institute of Aeronautical Sciences The basic mission of the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences is to facilit ate by all available means the interchange of technical ideas among aeronautical engineers throughout the world. Student membership has been established to provide the student engineer of science with broad opportunities to engage in activities associated with future aviation careers. The local branch encourages professional consciousness and fellowship through programs of guest lectures, film showings, and social functions, along with participation in annual con- ferences. Bobby Bundy Robert George Yates Sorrell Jot Byrd Ron Henson Phil Hughes Chairman Vice-Chairman Program Director Recording Secretory Corresponding Secretary Treasurer American Society of Heating, Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Engineers OFFICERS Clarence T. Tillery, Jr. President Robert B. Thomason Vice-President William R. Petty Secretory James R. Macon Tree surer James D. Murphy Engineers ' Council Representative Lanny R. Moore Reporter The ASHRAE is an organization to improve the student ' s training in the field of heating, refrigeration, ventila- tion, and air conditioning. Professional interest, current problems, co-ordina- tion of department activities, and de- velopment of choracter and leadership are other high o bjectives. Student Furniture Club OFFICERS Billy G. Beason Walter L. Bean, Jr. Marshall N. Swann Robert L. Whitner Harry G. Grier Vosser C. Matthews President Vice.President Secretory Treasurer Vice.President Alumni Relations Engineering Council Representative The Club is organized by the Stu- dents of the Furniture Curriculum, and advised by Professor E. Sigurd John- son and by Professor Rudolph Willard. Speakers from the Furniture Industry keep us informed by giving us first hand information of the latest develop- ments in the industry. American Institute of Physics The student section of the American Institute of Physics is an organization whose purpose is the advancement and diffusion of knowledge of the science of physics and its ap- plication to human welfare. The section was formed in 1950 and has been steadily growing in membership and activities. Today it is one of the most active of the technical societies on campus. JIM FOLSOM, President OFFICERS Jim Folsom President Jay Stuart Vic.President Robert Loftin Secretary William Wilkie Treasurer Ronald Taylor Corresponding Secretory Dr. Roots! Freyre Faculty Adviser American Society for Metals OFFICERS Royvine Hanford Chairman Ronald K. Bridgers Vice Chairman Robert A. Droughn Secretory Gory Sheffield Treasurer The North Carolina State College Chapter of the American Society for Metals functions as an organization dedicated to the promotion of fellow- ship among metallurgical students and help them develop and broaden their interests in the field of metallurgy. Rockhounds OFFICERS Clyde Simmons President Ted Konkle Vice-President Mike Hoot Secretory Henry Norman Treasurer Mr, F. L. Miller, Jr. Faculty Adviser The Rockhounds are on affiliated chapter of The American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers. The purpose of this society is to promote among its members an increasing knowledge of Geological Engineering and to instill a profes- sional pride in the life work they have chosen. rs DEAN R. J. PRESTON School of Forestry To keep pace with the rapid development of forestry and the wood-using industries in the South, the School of Forestry has expanded its progrom and facilities. Under-graduate programs train students for careers in Forest Management, Wood Technology, Pulp and Paper Technology and Wood Products Merchandising. Graduate pro- grams lead to the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. The classrooms and laboratories in Kilgore Hall, the three permanent camps, and 80,000 acres of School Forests, the Wood Products Laboratory, and the new Pulp and Paper Laboratory provided exceptional facilities for education and research. Forestry Club The State College Forestry Club holds weekly meetings during the school year for the purpose of promoting better relationships between students and members of the faculty. Educational and recreational programs are presented at these meetings. An annual " Rolleo, " held at Hill Forest, is sponsored by the club. At the " Bonet), " teams from each class compete in volleyball, log bucking, horseshoe pitching, tobacco spitting, and various other types of competition. The outstanding social event of the year is the " Logger ' s Brawl. " Publication of the Pinetum, the Forestry School annual, is sponsored by the club and distributed to forestry students and alumni. The club also publishes SLABS AND EDGINGS, bi-monthly paper containing articles and news of particular in terest to forestry students. BILL CARRIGAN, Bill Corrigan Dick Brake Joe Baker Joseph Vinton President ViceiPresident Secretary Treasurer The Pinetum Editor: SCOTT WALLINGER Business Manager: DONALD BLIZZARD Faculty Adviser: DR. RALPH C. BRYANT The Pinetum is the annual publica- tion of the School of Forestry and is sponsored by the Forestry Club. It is distributed to all students in the School of Forestry, active alumni, ad- vertisers, and all accredited forestry schools in the country. The Pinetum is a record of special events and student activities that take place in the School of Forestry. In addi- tion, it contains reports and articles of information concerning school forests and research projects in forestry, as well as articles from around the world by practicing alumni. Forest Products Research Society OFFICERS Jerry H. Fox President Vassar C. Matthews, Jr. Vice-President Richard W. Sherwood Secretory Robert W. Taunts Treasurer Professor Roy M. Carter Adviser The Forest Products Research So- ciety, an outgrowth of the national society, is the only active student chapter in the United States. The members are students whose primary interests are in wood utilization and its related industries. Membership is made up of students in the Furniture Manufacturing and Management Cur- riculum of the School of Engineering, and students in the Wood Technology Curriculum of the School of Forestry. Fourdrinier Society OFFICERS John Thompson President Edmund Puckhaber Vice-President Kindred Mogette Secretary Ted Robinson Treasurer The Fourdrinier Society was found- ed in 1957 to afford pulp and paper technology students on opportunity for fellowship with fellow students, faculty members and practicing tech- nologists, and to provide o means whereby professional knowledge may be increased. Programs for the month- ly meetings include guest speakers from industry, films on various phases ct the pulp and paper industry, and social affairs. Xi Sigma Pi OFFICERS John Thompson Forester James McMinn Associate Forester David Premiers Secretory-Fiscal Agent Ronald Bost Forest Ranger Xi Sigma Phi is a national honor fraternity whose purpose is the recog- nition and promotion of leadership, scholarship, and interest in the pro- fession of forestry. Each year, the organization honors the outstanding freshman and senior in the School of Forestry. The fraternity undertakes projects for the general aid of forestry students. DEAN MALCOLM E. CAMPBELL School of Textiles Life is no longer simple in the weaver ' s trade. Man-made fibers with man-made properties, chemistry, electronics, and even nuclear radia- tion have converted the ancient art of textile manufacturing to a complex science. Through its educational and research pro- gram, the School of Textiles is providing leader- ship for this new era in North Carolina ' s largest industry. It is first in research, first in education. This is " the mill " . . . home of whirring spin- dles and zooming looms ... the orlon artery for human beings ... the blue windows of slubbers and snubbers ... the Shuttle Inn ... of the Red Thunderbird . . . the beginning of careers in a fast moving industry. Under current plans to broaden both pro- grams, and with the backing of textile leaders, the School can help insure the future of one of North Carolina ' s fascinating, colorful and dy- namic industries. 70 IIIIIMM•an, 44 I I•Ila ' nil iti is antis% ; I ' van aw sill aa. Mal ■ • sweassomer ; " ' ••••••IMINIlm• • Tompkins Textile Council OFFICERS Dan Cash President Stan Mullis Vice-President Everett Drake Secretory Charles Daniels Treasurer G. H. Dunlop Faculty Adviser DAN CASH, President The Tompkins Textile Council is the student ' s governing body of the School of Textiles. It is composed of representatives from the various textile organizations and representatives from each class. The Council acts os the bridge between the students and the faculty. Also, the Tompkins Textile Council sponsors many student functions each year, highlighted by the Textile School Open House and the Annual Tex- tile Picnic. To be a member of the Tompkins Textile Council is one of the highest honors in the School of Textiles. OFFICERS Henry K. Bronnon Frank Nixon Jim Moser Rick Kimery Ray Morgan William Shinn President Vice-President Secretory Treasurer Sergeant at Arms Faculty Adviser MEMBERS Henry K. Bronnon Otto R. Brockmonn. Jr. Dan Cash Ken Crouch Everett Drake Avon Fuller Donald Gardner Rick Kimery Frank Nixon Dave McMahon Ray Morgan Jim Moser Spencer Shops Kappa Tau Beta Sigma Tau Sigma A local textile honor fraternity, Sigma Tau Sigma strives to instill in textile students a desire for higher scholastic attainments. An incentive toward this goal is the Sigma Tau Sigma Scholarship cup that is pre- sented each year to the senior in tex- tiles with the highest scholastic aver- age. The Greek letters composing the name of the fraternity represent the words, Society of Textile Scholarship. OFFICERS Phi Psi Cloy Smith Hugh Harrelson Gene Rickel! Donald Gardner Bob Ward Mr. James Klibbe President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Faculty Adviser W. C. SMITH, President Phi Psi Fraternity is a professional textile fraternity, the objects and aims being; first, to promote good fellowship among men of textile schools and the textile industry; second, to encourage a high standard of textile work; third, to assist by every honorable means the advancement of its members. Eta Chapter at State is the largest chapter in the fraternity, in parallel with the largest textile school in the world. The fraternity serves the Textile School by offering a guide service for all visitors and guests of the school. It also sponsors o banquet in the spring at which a cup is awarded to the Man of the Year in the North Carolina Textile Industry. DR. K. S. CAMPBELL American Association of Textile Chemists And Colorists The American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists seeks to goin experience and interests in the dyeing and finish- ing of textile goods through monthly meetings. Speakers ore invited from various sources throughout North Carolina and ether areas. OFFICERS E. Stanley Mullis President Charles E. Daniels Vice-President Charles Eugene Rickel! Secretary Robert Lcc Ward, Jr. Treasurer E. S. MULLIS, President Editors Business Manager Managing Editor Circulation Manager Avon Fuller, Everett Drake Henry K. Brannon, Jr. Fronk Nixon Otto R. Brockmonn, Jr. Textile Forum The TEXTILE FORUM is the publication of the School of Textiles and is sent to the leading textile mills throughout the country. The staff is composed entirely of textile students. The TEXTILE FORUM publishes articles of technical in- terest by members of the faculty, by men who ore outstand- ing leaders in the textile industry, and by the students them- selves. Herb Johnson, Roy Overton, Ken CuIbreth, Lloyd Edmonds Staff John Eddie Goforth, Ston Goldberg, Iverson Smith Stott -r•st MRS. 80891 FULLER, Sponsor AVON FULLER, Co-Editor Delta Kappa Phi OFFICERS Delta Kappa Phi is the oldest profe ssional textile fraternity in America, having been founded in 1899 at the Philadelphia Textile Institute. Started around a nucleus of seventeen mem- bers, Kappa Chapter was instituted on Moy 14, 1948 at State College. The fraternity strives to create a fraternal relation- ship and greater social enjoyment among its members, as well as promote the interest of its members in acquiring a thorough education in textiles. The chapter of State College also strives to promote activities of interest to the Textile School. Don Cash President Avon Fuller Vice-President Everett Drake Secretory Toby Brockmonn Treasurer Fronk Nixon Scribe Galen Chambers Pledge Master William Ayscue Sergeont-At-Arms Dick Newell Dekop Editor DAN CASH, President John Maness David McMahon John Medford Jim Moore Bob Nelson Dick Newell Frank Nixon Roy Overton Bobby A. Perry Earl Phillips Bill Poole Robert H. Pope, Jr. Charles R. Reeves Silas Rowland James Seaga Eddie Sport William F. Stanley John Stevens Don Stout Thomas N. Swanger James Swicegood Glenn Talbert Roy Walden David Winsted Owen Wright Chet Arnold Clayton Asbury Bill S. Ayscue John Borum Henry K. Brannon Otto R. Brockmonn, Jr Som Brummitt W. 0. Caldwell, Jr. Daniel Cash Galen Chambers Kent Crouch Ken Culbreth Everett Drake Lloyd Edmonds Avon Fuller Roy C. Gardner John E. Goforth Ken Hawn Jack Holt Max Huntley Gene Hutchens Donald Inge Gene Inman Rick Kimery Jim Lancaster S]INVNONOH ass THE GOLDEN CHAIN SENIOR HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. Alice Shirley 9 HONORARY Dr. Abraham Holtzman Dr. Arthur Kclmon Scooter Jordan Ben Kittrcll Eddie Knox Norman Owen Shnrc.: Dave Thomas Gilbert Alligood Larry Baxter Phil Carlton Bob Davis Bill Foss John Fulton Golden Chain, Senior Honorary Society, was organ ized in May 1926. The purpose of the society is Bill Sharpe Arch Regent promote leadership and better citizenship on John Fulton Regent campus. In Moy each year, twelve Juniors, COC.1..:: ' Gilbert Alligood Secretary the outstanding members of their class, Scooter Jordon Treasurer to the Chain by o tapping ceremony OFFICERS BLUE KEY Ninety-six Chapters Colors: Blue and Gold N. C. STATE COLLEGE CHAPTER Installed May 192,3 HONORARY Dr. C. H. Bostian Rudolph Pate Earle Edwards J. J. Stewart J. B. Edwards, Jr. Banks C. Tolley, Jr. Gerold Erdahl N. B. Watts Dr. Gerold B. James L. R. Whichord Abraham Holtzmonn Rev. Oscar B. Wooldridge, Jr. FACULTY ADVISER Dr. Arthur Kelman MEMBERS Gilbert Alligood John Fulton Nick Ardito Jim Hendrix Larry Baxter Reid Hinson Ronald Bost Scooter Jordon Waring Boys Ben Kittrell Sam Brummitt Eddie Knox Harris Caldwell Leonard Lovitt Phil Carlton Jim Moore Bob Davis Norman Owen Bill Foss Bill Sharpe Ben Sugg Blue Key Honor Fraternity was founded at the University of Florida in October, 1924, to perpetuate the belief in God, to preserve the principles of good citizenship, and to promote the best interest of the students. The fraternity recognizes outstanding qualities in character, scholarship and service, placing equal emphasis upon leadership in student activities. Membership is composed of graduate and undergraduate students of all deportments of American colleges and universities. Each year Blue Key co-sponsors the Homecoming celebration. Annually the fraternity presents the citizen- ship award to the Senior who has distinguished himself os the foremost citizen of his class. In addition, Blue Key cooperates with other campus organizations in various activities to perpetuate a more meaningful campus life. OFFICERS 30 and 3 SOPHOMORE LEADERSHIP SOCIETY John Cobb Bob Cooke Richard Currie Lad Daniels Tom Eck Edward Low Paul Leggett Roger Mozingo Joel Ray Bob Redmon HONORARY William D. Toussaint Charles Russell Charles Russell President Lod Daniels Vice-President Richard Currie Secretory Treasurer The Order of Thirty and Three is a local honorary organization consisting of a total of thirty-three members. The eleven active members are picked at the beginning of the spring semester from the Sophomore Class and remain active until the following Spring. The members selected are considered to be the outstanding members of the Sophomore Class. Selection is the highest honor a Sophomore con receive at State College. Qualifications for membership include: Good char- acter, a high sense of honor, ability for leadership, satisfactory scholastic standing, welfare of school at heart, and other qualities deemed necessary to accomplish the greatest good, os determined by the active membership. The objects of Thirty and Three ore: to promote the welfare of State College, raising of school standards, and cooperating with alumni and other friends of the College to work at all times for the interests of the students and the College at large. 82 PHI KAPPA PHI UNDERGRADUATES R. K. Mann G. Mitchell M. L. Moody F. H. E. Ocrtcl R. G. Pearce, Jr. J. H. Roberts N. A. Russell H. R. Saunders W. E. Shepherd J. A. Shurtleff L. B. Smith R. C. Steorts B. S. Taylor E. M. Underwood K. D. Wait C. F. Word G. W. Westmoreland C. Whitley, Jr. J. J. Wortmon M. R. Alford C. L. Aderfoldt N. E. Banks D. L. Bromlett Mrs. Sylvia Brooks C. D. Burgason H. P. Coulter M. R. Davis J. F. Deal J. W. Dulin H. L. Fisher, Jr. H. C. Grimmer H. C. Henley, Jr. J. S. Hill, II R. L. Hoffman A. J. M. Hutchins A. W. Jordan D. M. Joyce B. G. Kiger GRADUATES OFFICERS Dr. J. Bryant Kirkland President J. T. Rice L. R. Comes Dr. F. S. Borkalow President Elect A. F. Sficas R. A. C. Doulton Mr. H. M. Gibbs Student Vice-President A. P. Vonley D. E. Foord Mr. E. W. Winkler Secretory J. R. Walton A. F. McRoric Mr. D. M. Cotes Treasurer R. E. Wiggins D. Morris Dean Stewart Corresponding Secretory The honor society of Phi Kappa Phi was founded of the University of Maine in 1897 and the North Carolina State College Chapter was established on December 10, 1923. There were twenty-nine charter members and since that time more thon t welve hundred juniors, seniors, and graduate students, staff, alumni and honorary candidates have been elected to membership. Phi Kappa, the highest scholastic honorary society on campus, is the honorary society for technical fields of study. It was established to provide an honor society dedicated to the Unity and Democracy of Education and is open to honor students from all departments of American Universities and colleges. Its prime objective is to emphasize scholarship and character in the thoughts of college students, to foster the significant purposes for which institutions of higher learning have been founded and to stimulate mental achievement by recognition through election to membership. 83 PHI ETA SIGMA H MEMBERS A. W. Adams J. T. Lowder F. M. Alligood, Jr. M. S. Margolis P. B. Archie R. M. Mayer Yalman Salta D. E. McCombs R. H. Blackwell, Jr. R. A. McCorkle H. W. Bloke L. K. McDowell P. W. Brant P. N. Nonzetta J. C. Broughton D. W. Nelson W. J. Burk, Ill L. D. Nixon J. P. Caldwell, Jr. H. B. Noah E. R. Calloway, Ill V. B. Noah W. C. Carpenter A. K. Pearson A. M. Chedester L. Mc. Perry J. J. Cox, Jr. R. W. Philbeck W. B. Cummings G. J. Reuer J. T. Curlee S. D. Scott K. G. Davenport L. W. Sink T. C. Dellinger W. E. Smith C. L. Duke C. A. Sparrow J. A. Ellisor B. C. Steed, Jr. G. T. Ferrell, Jr. H. D. Stroupc G. W. Fisher G. B. Taylor B. F. Gaffney R. S. Taylor Ueler Goekcen E. S. Todd J. 0. Grocc J. A. Toms President R. 0. Hadlock C. E. Wilhalf, Vice-President J. C. Hart R. E. Williams, Jr. Secretary G. S. Hutchins R. H. Williamson Treasurer W. Mc. Jackson R. S. Winton Adviser B. N. Lancaster G. F. Wirkman OFFICERS Albert K. Pearson, Jr. Richard H. Williamson William M. Jackson Philip N. Nanxetta Dr. J. W. Morgan Phi Eta Sigma was founded at the University of Illinois, March 1923. The State College Chapter was in- stalled on Moy 16, 1930. Membership in Phi Eta Sigma is open to those Freshmen who make the equivalent of half A ' s and half B ' s and is considered the highest scholastic honor a Freshman can attain. Phi Eto Sigma ' s mem- bers are active for the latter half of their Freshman year and remain active during their Sophomore year. They strive to reward and promote an interest in high scholastic standards. 84 SNIOIIVZINIVSNO CHARLES RUSSELL Secretory BEN X ITT REL L Treasure. Student Government The Student Government is a self-administering body com- prised of State College students. The Student Government is an example of student leadership and student Democracy. The accomplishments of the Student Government are too many to enumerate. One such improvement fostered by the Student Government is the new attendance rules in effect at State College. Only by leadership, integrity, and devotion to duty can pro- gress in the Student Government be accomplished—and the State College Student Government possesses these qualities. EDDIE KNOX President BOB COOKE Vice President Budgetary and Finance Ben Barren, Chairman Lorry Baxter Ronald Sheorron Marshall McLeod Rules Ed Woods, Chairman William May William Porter James Morris J. C. Griffin John Moore Elections Murray Rudisill, Chairman Gerald White Ben Floyd Dillard DeHart Bill Bryan Academic Affairs John Fulton, Chairman Roy Champion Frank Smith Joyce Meares Phil Carlton Carol White Kenny Bales Jim Chatham Campus Welfare Wes McGee, Chairman leery Ccbc Bernard Ferguson Alan Feimstcr James Gregory Jerry Cook Investigations Jim Caldwell, Chairman Roger Bone Roger Mozingo Linda Wcy Donald Blizzard Robin Best John Medford John Horton Promotions Donald Duckworth, Chairman Jim Cox Jim Page Leslie Young Fronk Justice Brad Taylor Carl Clark Jim Gooce Orientation Commission Norris Tolson Moric Thomas Jim Futrelle Ted Hogan Jimmy Jones Johnny Konipe Ron Olive Jim Parrish Paul Rice Ken Whichord TRAFFIC COMMITTEE Don Blizzard, Chairman Joe Baker Rex Barker Bob Chapman Fred Foster John Horton Hermon Kiger Torn Moreno HONOR SYSTEM COMMISSION Melvin Poulton, Chairmen Gilbert Alligood Waring Boys Dick Currie Lod Daniels Bob George Fronk Modren Bill Marks CAMPUS STORES ADVISORY COMMITTEE Bob George, Chairman George Brown Carl Henley St JOEL RAY, Chairman The Honor Code Board considers and takes necessary and just action concerning violations of the Honor Code. It is composed of ten persons elected by the students on o class basis. The Honor System exists on the promise thot each individ- ual values highly his personal honesty and has pride in his integrity. It is not a unique port of education, but a familiar precept of doily living. This system is a positive one in that it poses no bounds, but gives the individual complete free- dom in shaping his own character. The Honor Code Board Haws Caldwell, Bill Jackson, Alvin Yorke, Scooter Jordon, John Cook, Paul Romano, Skipper West. Not pictured) Tom Hewitt, Jim Lewis. 92 The Campus Code is the second component of the Hon- or System. It is a pledge on the part of each student to conduct himself in a manner befitting a gentleman under all circumstances. Since " gentlemanly conduct " cannot be precisely defined, the interpretation is left to the student, who must rely upon his own training and common sense. To this ideal of honorable conduct all men may be as- sumed to be dedicated, regardless of their status; however, here of State College it is a responsibility assumed on entering. JOHN COBB, Chairman The Campus Code Board Front: Bill Marley, Mike Perry, Jim Floyd, Tommy Goodin Rear: Reid Hinson, Bob Chiles, Jock Potter, Bob Redman, Sandy Matthews 93 The Campus Code is the second component of the Honor System. It is a pledge on the part of each student to conduct herself in a manner befitting a lady under all circum- stances. Since " lady like conduct " cannot be precisely defined, the interpretation is left to the student, who must rely upon her own training and common sense. To this ideal of honorable conduct all women may be assumed to be dedicated, regardless of their status; however, here at State College it is o responsibility assumed on entering. BETTY BLACK, Cholrn, on The Woman ' s Campus Code Board Clyde Weeks, Peggy Hamilton, Frances Goodwin, Stella Joseph 94 Executive Board Absent: Mrs. Van Sistine Standing Committee Chairman and Sponsors Absent: Mrs. Thurmond Chaffin Mrs. Ronald Meddors States Mates OFFICERS Ann Foster President Fran Carver First Vice-President Janice Love Second Vice•President Faye Cole Recording Secretory Pat Walker Corresponding Secretory Betty Chapman Treasurer Lynn Sister° Auditor Nancy Kittrell Parliamentarian Marie DePae Historian State ' s Maters — housewives, career girls, mothers, and husband motivators—find time to grow socially, creatively, and intellectually along with other student wives. Variety Show Fashion Show Family Arts Show Homecoming Float • 6k 1 e M a :7, wan Board of Student Publications hove been o vital force in the life of North Carolina State College for many years. Since its beginning in 1931, The Board of Student Publications has served as o joint student- faculty body designed to improve and coordinate the various student publications, now totaling nine including the student radio station. The diversity of publications and the varying styles provide an ex- cellent training ground in the field of communica- tions for all students who are interested in this work. FACULTY-STAFF Rudolph Pate, Chairman Henry Bowers W. L. Fleming W. A. Newell Lindsay Whichard Julia M. Lucas, Secretory RUDOLPH PATE, Chai rman Brannon Currie Drokc Godfrey Blizzard Chapman Cutler Fuller Hendrix 96 Publications PUBLICATIONS BOARD MEMBERS Editor Bus. Mgr. Editor Bus. Mgr. M Bus. Mgr. AGROMECK TECHNICIAN WKNC Charles Jordan Jetty Godfrey Jim Moore Penn Cassels Kent Watson Larry Stevens Editor Bus. Mgr. Editor Bus. Mgr. PINETUM AGRICULTURIST VO-AG Scott Wolfinger Donald Blizzard Ervin Lineberger Dole Hedrick Editor Ernest Cutler Bus. Mgr. Ronald Shearon SOUTHERN ENGINEER SCHOOL OF DESIGN Editor Robert Chapman Bus. Mgr. Richard Currie Editor A. J. Hammill Bus. Mgr. Joe Morog TEXTILE FORUM Representatives President of Senior Class Phil Carlton Editor—CmEditor Avon Fuller and Everett Drake President of Junior Class Paul Leggett Bus. Mgr. Henry Brannon President of Student Government Eddie Knox Jordan Shearon JULIA MARTIN LUCAS, Secretory Moore Stevens Watson 97 The 1960 SCOOFER JORDAN JERRY GODFREY Editor-in-Chief Business Manage. 98 Agromeck The AGROMECK is the largest publicotion on campus. The eight section editors, the Editor, the Business Manager, the Photographer, and the four assistants work long, hard hours to put out a year- book that all the students will enjoy. Each year the Editor strives to put out a book that is comprehensive and different. His job is a tremendous one with multiple worries. At the end of the year when the AGROMECK goes to press, the Editor can sigh in relief and be sure that he has done a service that will live for many years on the State College Campus. CHARLES GUPTON, Head Photographer MISS EDWINA ARMSTRONG for CHARLES GUPTON 99 HOYT HACKNEY, Adrninistrotion Editor LAD DANIELS, Orgonixotions Editor IMP 70 is ESN HARRIS CALDWELL, Sports Editor BILL LYTCH, Clots Editor JOHN COOK, Assistant Clots Editor AL CHEDESTER, Sports Photogropher FRED WEILAND, Assistant Photographer KEN STEPPE, Fraternity Editor ALEC HALL, Military Editor 103 Miss Peggy Gales for Scooter Jordan Miss Vickie Armfield for Jerry Godfrey 104 Mist Diane Dickerson for Hoyt Hackney Mass Carol Turner for Lod Daniels Miss Jane Lowry for Harris Caldwell Mist Betsy Eagles for John Cook A1L, Ann Steil: my for 8,11 Miss Mary Chiles for Ken Steppe r.f,,t McPhcrson for Mr Holt C `` iinriffickkliTATM O 11101111111111111i mini um The editor oversees oil JIM MOORE, Editor PENN CASSELS, Business Manager The Technician Sports News Staff JAY BRAME. MIKE LEA GEORGE HAMMETT. Managing Editor SILL ADAMS, Copy Editor Although undermanned and under- moneyed, the staff of The Technician has again published a newspaper worthy of being called " State College ' s Student Newspaper " . All staff members have strived to present to the students here, as com- plet e as possible, o coverage of the campus. With the ever-present Moore and Cassels combining their talents with those of " Portia! " Hammett, " Noah " Adams, and " Speed " Brame, the paper has brought to the students a combination of news, sports, and humor. Columnists Staff Writers Jim Page, Nick Ardi!o, Buzz Nanette, Cliff Fuller, Harvey Horowitz, Bill Morley ROLFE REUSING, Circulation Manager Photographers Skip Kugler, Treloke Khoslo Advertising Circulation Jerry Austin, Chuck Miller, Doug Angel The Staff Radio Station WKNC KENT WATSON, Stotion Manager Corral Norwood, Bob Gobrmann, Soles Director, Bill Jones " WKNC, the Voice of N. C. State College and Peace College. " It ' s a new station break, keeping apace with the ever expanding facilities of the Student Broadcasting System. State College Radio celebrated its Crystal Anniversary in January of this year, signifying 15 years of service to the State College community. The story of this expansion has not always been rosy, but through the hard work of mony people WKNC now enjoys the status of the high quality organization that it is today. WKNC is a student organization that men take an interest in. In taking that interest, they strive to excel in bringing to State College (and Peace College) " the music most people like most, " in addition to drama, and complete sports and news coverage. LARRY STEVENS, Business Manager Jim Folsom, Roy McCrory, Mickey Averett, Jim Dorsett Raymond Britt, Jim Blonchord, Richard Down, Technical Director Lewis Nelson, John Myhrc, Jim Dorsett, Tom McNish, 111 Ann 6r on for Jim Moore The Technician Sponsors Beverly Fond for Penn Conch Miss Helen Stroud for Kent Watson WKNC Sponsors Miss Marie Rourk for Lorry Stevens Alpha Phi Omega OFFICERS William A. Smith James C. Greiner Homer P. Coulter John Price Peter Gernert Ted Hogan Gene Brown Lorry Stevens Thomas McCaskill President Service Vice President Pledge Master Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Historian Alumni Secretary Sergeont.ot-arms Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity composed of college and university men who are or have been previously affiliated with Scouting. This fraternity offers the college man excellent opportunities to develop leadership, to promote friendship, and to render service to his fellow man through working together in the spirit of froternolism in projects of service to the student body and faculty, to youth and community, to members of the fraternity, and to the nation as a participoting citizen. Iota Lombdo Chapter here at North Carolina State College stands in the elite by being a chapter in the only notional Greek letter fraternity which is devoted essentially to service, ALPHA PHI OMEGA. 114 Iota Lambda MISS EVALYN SIMPSON, Sponsor ADVISORS Prof. S. T. Bollinger, Chairman Prof. A. C. Hayes Homer Eggers William S. Roth 1. A. King DR. ARTHUR A. SCHUCK, Pledge Clan College Union The College Union is a building for the students. Containing the elements of o hotel, a restaurant, and a community center, it is open to all students sixteen hours a day. The hcort of the College Union, however, is not located in the steel and concrete of the building, but rather in the Union organization itself. The building is merely the instrument through which the Union idea is accomplished, and its success reflects the combined efforts of its Officers, Board of Chairmen, Committees and Board of Advisors. The College Union Board of Directors puts the stomp of approval on the social budget and on the rules concerning the use of the Union Building. It also sets the College Union policy. The Board of Chairmen consists of the student president, vice-president and secretary of the Union, and the Chairmen of the sixteen standing committees. The Beard meets weekly. It critically analyzes all the programs of each committee and coordinates events that are sponsored jointly. The Union Committee is o proving ground for initiative, dependability, loyalty, and tolerance. Since students graduating from college are often grade " A " technicians and grade " D " leaders, the Union ' s prime objective is to teach students to be- come effective leaders and citizens. Open to all students, the committee program is geared to teach them how to get along with other people and to organize events and ideas. The Board of Advisors is composed of faculty and staff members who make themselves available to the committee for advice and guidance. The scholastic courses on campus offer mastery of words, ideas, and principles—the usual concept of a college education. The Union, however, offers practical experience in understanding and working with people. STAN TIMBLIN, President OSCAR TAYLOR. Publicity D;rcctor 116 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Jim Moore Betty Block Alan Eckard A. C. Hayes Norman Anderson Eddie Knox Thomas Goodin Ted Owens Tom Davis Charles Smallwood Herb Vitale Robert Cooke James Floyd E. L. Cloyd K. L. Barkley William Baker Stan Timblin Jerry Erdal., Nick Ardito Harvey Sigmon Houston Gey Lorry Brody Allen Overman Clydo Weeks Stan Timblin Nick Ardito Harvey Sigmon OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Charlie Tanner HOUSE COMMITTEE PHOTOGRAPHY COMMITTEE FORUM COMMITTEE Union SOCIAL COMMITTEE OUTING COMMITTEE MUSIC COMMITTEE 18 HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE 119 FILM COMMITTEE GAMES COMMITTEE INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE Committees GALLERY CO " viTTEE HOBBY COMMITTEE Interdormitory RONALD KEEN, President JIMMY DEAL, Secretary ROB FARRELL, Publicity Dv( ovt BOBBY GENTRY, Social Dirrytot JIM RETTINGER, Sports Director set SAM BRUMMITT, Vice•President Council Kathryn Rice for Ronald Keen Margie House for Sam Brummitt Fronkic Wolfe for Jimmy Deaf Lee Doss for Bobby Gentry Margaret Carter for Robert Farrell Sylvia Smith for Ed Elam Billie Bell for Rex Hatch Frances Short for Richard Tucker 121 Alexander ' Well, I ' ll sterve this week-end. " " Yes, She has a roommate who dotes. ' I quit! " Officers " My subconscious is absorbing it all! " allsrlarala • • Bagwell Host. " Yes, Operator. Miss Sally Haggett. " • " We ' re Gonno Rip it up! " Bull Session•101 Dog Gone Military " Get •p! It ' s suppertime. " Berry Cramming Chomps They couldn ' t be going to class and smiling, too. " 1 2 5 Officers " This ought to fix him up! " Gold Stadium " It couldn ' t be from home. " " The whole bunch. " 126 Ilk • Officers Owen Dorm " Then the traveling sales mon said ' This dorm is noted for it ' s efficient janitorial service. " - .ttX Officers " An inspiration to oil. " Welch " Another day, another ... " Alias can help you. too: ow. 128 " Informal gathering in lounge. " Homecoming • “L-att It List COWBOY GETS TRICKED-WOLF GETS IRO Tucker Bridge addicts " Can you work that out on a slide rule? " 129 130 Of ficcrs Mood music for study " Stop reading his mail. " Notional goof off time Turlington Had Comrades! ' Wonder if my roommate left " Wiles: loaded in the bullseye? " " Evcryntqht re qanno do thk. " Dorm Watauga Dorm Sy me 131 Dorm 11 I rp r 71.7 Imat• ire as, L • NO • Bragaw Of hcLrs Privote Concert Mott 132 Wesley Foundation OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretory Treasurer Jock Turner Tom Hall Peggy Fulghum Bob Gidney Baptist Student Union OFFICERS Larry Mizell President James Frazier Vice-President (program) Harry Wood Vice-President (property Robert Allen Vice•President (enlistment Glen Mitchell Secretary John Houser Treasurer George Brown Publicity Harold Stroup: Devotional Alan Feimster Study Group Dove McMahon Listen Ch. Bob Pohlkotte Social Dennis Bowman Extension Sam Annas URAC Rep. LeRoy P. Richardson Director CHURCH REPRESENTATIVES Billy Funderburk First Bobby Ellis Bob Busic Pullen Harold Seagraves Jimmie Sinc ' air Tabernacle Richard Mc:orkle Tom Jones Forest Hills Jim Fisher 133 NORMAN OWEN President SANDY MATTHEWS Vice-President YMCA The purpose of the N. C. State Y.M.C.A. is to stimulate religious development and provide an opportunity for the student to relate his academic experience to his faith. These principles are reflected in the " Y " progrom through dorm devotions, week-day and Sunday chapel services in Danforth Chapel, religious conferences, and other religious activities. In a less obvious but still profound way, these principles are applied to activities which are vital to the needs of the student in the community and world in which he finds himself. These activities include: international stu- dent programs, seminars on courtship and marriage, United Nations assemblies, political affairs, art and music lectures and dramatic presentations. Weekend faculty and student retreats with programs involving everyday problems and the Apollo Club give an added depth to the " Y " program. STANLEY PICKETT Secretary ROBERT COOKE Treasurer An efficient Co-Ed Commission in the " Y " , which has sought to create an active progrom for the co-eds on campus, has formed a big-sister fellowship for the freshmen girls and focuses its attention upon the special concerns of the girls. Lost year the Y.M.C.A. building was dedicated os the " E. S. King Religious Center. " This was in honor of the Y.M.C.A . ' s first General Secretary, who did much to relate the student ' s work to his ultimate purposes in life here on the State College Campus. Now the King Religious Center provides offices for the " Y " and denominational chaplains. All work together on the campus to help students fulfill the will of God in their lives. MR. OSCAR WOOLDRIDGE Coordinator of Religious Affairs and General Secretory MR. DON MALPASS Associate Secretory Y.M.C.A. CABINET These men and women ore resp,nsiblz for carrying out the Y.M.C.A. program. Y.M.C.A. Freshman koreo ROBERT A. BARNES Director of Music J. PERRY WATSON AssisNont Director of Music The Musical Organizations under the direc- tion of Robert A. Barnes and 1. Perry Wat- son embrace the acsivities of the State College Bonds, The Percussion Ensemble, The Men ' s Glee Club, State College Quartet, and the Chapel Choir. Each of the groups presents concerts on and off campus and on TV and Radio. Since the early days of N. C. State College its musical organizations have played an important part in the life of the campus. These groups present concerts, furnish mus ' c for official college functions and perform at athletic events. The combined membership of these organ- izations constitutes the largest voluntary student organization on the campus. The student who spends a great deal of time studying finds music to be o very stimulat- ing activity. Participation in music helps the student to maintain a healthy attitude toward college and toward life in general. The Symphonic Band Men ' s Glee Club 1 Fonfare Bond Musical Organizations R.O.T.C. Band ti t !Is% tir3t t !f try t ' t ct • ay • • 4 • • • • • Moe. els awl D. a A rA 4. C. STATE Aen ' s Glee Club 1 S7 Band Officers; (left to right) David Peterson, Secre- tory (Symphonic Band); Franklin Coble, Secretary (Fanfare Bond); Mervin Beatty, Second Vice-Presi- dent; Charles Cates, First Vice-President; James Walker, Business Manager; Jesse Barbour, Publicity Manager; Arnold Joslin, President. Glee Club Officers; ,left to right Kenneth Culbreth, President; Cliff Fuller, Vice.President; Hoyt Beard, Secretary; Scott McBee, Assistant Publicity Manager; Mike Davis, Publicity Manager; Collins Pippin, Treasurer-Business Manager. 1959-1960 Personnel BAND Abbott, Peyton Bryont Abernethy, Alan R. Ammons, Troy W. Barbee, Willard Harold Barbour, Jesse 0., Jr. Beam, David Conrad Beatty, Marvin E., Ill Blythe, John L. Bouknight, Wendell J. Boys, Thomas R. Brodshow, James B. Breeden, James Brooks Brogden, William Brookhyser, George Brosius, Marriott B., II Bryon, George H. Cameron, W. John Carpenter, William C. Cashatt, Everett D. Coson, James L., Ill Cotes, Charles H. Chappell, John F. Clemmer, William F. Clemmons, Gene A. Coble, Douglas F. Cochran, Robert C. Cone, Norman P. Cook, Russell A., Jr. Coutousis. William E. Croft, William Jacob Croon, M. Robert Barrier. George Lewis Beard, Hoyt S. Bennett, Jerry Lee Blount, Paul Brittle Bostiaa, Charles Wm. Broke, Henry Louis, Jr. Brown, Eugene W. Burke, Robert Holmes Coto, Joseph Charles Chappell, John Clark, Edward Thorne Clayton, John Glenwood Clemmons, Gene Arthur Craft, Bill Dolby, John D. Dona, Gory L. Daniel, Ralph W. Davis, John C. Davis, Robert D. Deoton, Bobby B. Dale, Donne Robert Dorman, Robert K. Duke, Charles L. Ellington, Rayburn P. Ellis, Howard M., Jr. Everett, Marvin M. Foggart, Mike Fernald, John Taylor Fisher, George Fisher, Henry L., Jr. Fleming, Robert J., Jr. Fouts, Jerry W. Fraser, Robert H. Freeman, Richard McC. Gerringer, Hugh L., Jr. Gifford, John Winston Goldstein, Ronald J. Greene, Ernest L. Gregory, Walton C. Griswold, Guy D. Hackney, Gerald Hager, Herold D. Hager, Robert L. Halverson, Oscar T. Horton, Arthur W. Crow, Fronk Heath, Jr. Crowell, Reggie A. Culbreth, John Kenneth Curnow, John Wallace Daniel, Ralph Davis, Thomas Michael Eckard, Alan Lawrence Finger, Guy McKinley Freeland, Ernest Freeman, Joel Mack Fuller, Carl Clifford Fuller, Dave Gardner, Joseph Decatur Gardner, William Edgar Hceden, George Lee, Jr. Hill, Gerold F. Hill, Roger E. Hinson, Laurin K. Holt, Hugh M. Hughes, Eugene A. Hunnicutt, Emmett F. Hunt, Larry W. James, Elmo Bcckton Jarrett, Olin Johnson, Albert Johnson, Jackie B. Johnson, William T. Jones, Thomas L. Jordan, Leon T. Joslin, Arnold L. Kennon, Jerry M. King, Henry E. Kiser, Jack L. Langston, Edward H. Lonicr, Dayton W. Lineberry, Logan W., 111 McClendon, John F. McCorkle, Richard A. McCracken, Jerry F. McCrary, Clifford R., Jr. McLeod, Michael S. Martin, Roy Hoyt, Jr. Mots, Alvin S. Miller, Daniel W, Miller, Phil GLEE CLUB Garriss, Daniel Stephen Gentry, Steve E. Groves, Alfred Arthur Harvel, Roy Harrison Hensley, Daniel Steve Hughes, Miles Augustus, Jr. Jackson, George Claudius, Jr Jarrett, Olin, Jr. Johnson, Edward Earl Lesslie, Peter Ashby Little, Herbert Randolph Logue, Gaynell Paul Lucas, William Ashley Moreau, William Miller, Thomas Mills, Milton K. Moore, Thomas E. Moose, Harvey C. Nelson, David W. Newman. Carl L. Nix, Harrey Clyde Norville, James D. °trier, Neil F. Owens, Andrew W. Owens, Tcd A. Fortin, Maurice W., Jr. Peterson, Paul D. Quick, Lee T. Reich, Franklin W. Rettinger, Lawrence J. Revelle, William F. Riedel ' , Charles A. Rix, Kenneth P. Rowley, Lee R. Sanderson, Charles L. Sanford, Claude W. Seegers, George S. Shaw, Robert F. Shearon, Ronald W. Sher, Horace J. Shinn, Thomas S. Sholot, Merriman S. Shumate, Stewart T., Jr. Sink, Larry W. Sloan, Benjamin J. Marcum, John Mills McConnell, Alfred Earl McDonald, John Rex McGee, Hubert Wendell McIntosh, Robert Bryon McLeod, Marshall McRae, David Scott Overman, Bruce Howland, 1 Page, Gary O ' Neill Parks, Clifford Robert Pippin, Calvin Collins Privott, Wilbur Joseph, 1 r. Reo, Ralph Robinson, Gory Dee Somers, William Stooge ' ' , David J. Stevens, Thomas H. Stubbins, George E. Suessmann, Kenneth W. Summer, Garry L. Swain, David W. Taylor, Henry C., Ill Teague, David B. Teague, Robert M. Tetterton, Claudius D. Tetterton, Darrell G. Todd, William D., Jr. Tripp, Jasper L. Tune, Harry C. Turner, Conrad L. Vaughan, Dexter C. Walker, James F. Ward, Thomas C. Watts, Plato H., Jr. West, George H. Wey, Linda 1. White, Douglas E. Wiggins, John R. Williams, George B. Willoughby, James F. Winton, Raymond S. Wise, Joe M. Yokely, Ronald E. Youngblood, William P. Zwicky, Henry Sawyer, Roy Bryan Scgors, Robert Judson Shochtmon, Richord H. Smith, Donny Gold Smith, Frank Stacy Sports, James Willis Stoinbock, Bill Stepp, Michael Reid Taylor, Cloy Turner, James H. Wells, Charles Earl, Jr. Williams, Emmett Roger Willioms, George Wingler, Bill Accompanists: Christopher, William Ames S McCorkle, John Locke 138 Mu Beta Psi Mu Beta Psi was founded at State College, Alpha Chapter being located here, and has grown to become a notional honorary music fraternity. Its primary function is to promote music on the campus by sponsoring various concerts by guest artists, local organizations, and by campus organizations. Pre-Vets Club OFFICERS John Freeman President Talmadge Brown Vice-President Patricia Garner Secretory Bruce Stroup Treasurer John Booker Program Chairman The purpose of the Pre-Vets Club is to stim- ulate interest in the field of Veterinary Medi- cine, to promote high scholarship and fellow- ship among its members, and to acquaint the students with the Veterinary College at the University of Georgia and Oklahoma State University. 139 The purpose of the Young Democrats Club is to stimulate in young people an active interest in governmental affairs, to in- crease the efficiency of popular government, to foster and per- petuate the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party, to re- cruit new members for the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates, to help acquaint voters with the issues and the candi- dates, and to provide for our people through administration the highest degree of justice, social welfare, and happiness. OFFICERS Phil Carlton President Don Blizzard Vice President Charles Russel Recording Secretory Nancy Kittrell Corresponding Secretory Roger Mozingo Treasurer Dr. William Block Advisor PHIL CARLTON President YDC 140 The organizational meeting of the North Carolina State College Veterans Association was held on October 21, 1953. Since that date the Association has actively participated in student programs, functions, and activ ities. One important function of the Association is to serve as a medium through which the many veterans at North Carolina State may voice their various opinions. " For Ged and country we associate ourselves together. . . to perpetuate in peace those ideals for which we fought in war. . .. " OFFICERS Wayne Philbeck President Sam Blackwood Vice-President Jim Lawrence Secretary Ted Byers Treasurer Jerry Massey Assistant Secretary Gene Hartsell Program Director Darwin McCombs Sociol Director Macey Fo!knee Sergeant-at-Arms Faculty Adviser Mr. Clorenc: Bomar R. W. PHILBECK, President Veterans Association 41r cgs V etuille COUNCIL Roy Lambert Mayor Bill Secretary-Treasurer Joyce Hardison Publications Director Bob Knox, Thomas Worren Athletic Directors Jim Shook Fire Marshall ALDERMEN Bill Dilley Charles Doniels Allen Edwards John Carver Pout Ridge J. D. Green Stanley Owen 4-I-I Club OFFICERS Alan Feimster President Larry Dildo Vice-President D. E. White, Jr. Secretory Jerry White Treasurer Keith Baucorn Historian Mr. Fred Wagoner Faculty 142 Demolay OFFICERS Bill Marks Mostcr Counselor Edward Broadwill Senior Counselor Mike Dovis Junior Counselor Allen Holden Treasurer Dr. W. R. Murky Advisor Mr. Joseph Hardee Advisor Cheerleaders Eddie Stubbins, Head Cheerleader Lane Davis Francis Goodwin Peggy Hamilton Melissa Lindsey Peg McConnell Joyce Meares Marie Thomas Al Groves Jim Grimes Oscar Taylor 143 ' S I t SENIORS KEN CULBRETH, Secretory PHIL CARLTON, President H. C. ROSE, Treasurer LARRY BAXTER, Vice-President Class of 1960 146 SENIORS 147 DAVID WINFIELD ABEE RUTHERFORD COLLEGE, N. C Chemical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; TOu Beta Pi, Intramural I, 2, 3; Theta Tau, Outer Guard. 4; ROTC I, 2, 3, 4; AICHE. DONALD RAY ABERNATHY RALEIGH, N. Engineering Mathematics Irstitute of Ratko Engineers 2, 3. 4; Moth Club 4. Syme Pxnement Floor monocrer 3. TIMOTHY GLENN ABERNATHY GASTONIA, N. C. Pulp and Popes Technology Phi Eta Sigma; WVWP Roam; Fourdrimer Society; Veteran. Club. CLARENCE BYNUM ADAMS RALEIGH, N. C. Agricultural Economics MYRON GILBERT ADAMS, JR. SARASOTA, FLORIDA Dairy Manufacturing Animal Industry Club; Agricultural Club, Dairy Products Judging Team. Chairman of Theatre Committee; Board Chairman of College Union; Ap- Peered in two PIOys. " The Rainmaker " and " Franke 8 Albert " at College Union. ROBERT THOMPSON ADAMS WINSTON-SALEM, N. C Industrial Engineering and Electrical Engineering Anterican Institute of Industrial Engineers; Editor College Union News- letter, 1; Intramural Football 3, 4. Intramural Basketball I; Glee Club I. 2, 3; Chownion College Union Photography Committee 2; College Union 30001 Committee 3, 4, Chairman College Union Corning 3; Chairman Summer School College Union Committee I. Chrtstonding College Uni on COmmitteemon Award 3, Life Membership Award Collage Union. CHARLES LAMAR ADERHOLDT CHERRYVILLE, N. C. Electrical Honors Program. AIEE-IRE; veterans Association JOHN NICHOLAS AGNOS WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIMIRE; Soccer Teem 1, 2. 3, 4; Mon3grom Club. Veterans Club. DEREK ALBER PINAR DEL RIO, CUBA Mechanical Engineering AWE, Soccer I. 2. 3. KNUD DENNIS ALBER PINAR DEL RIO, CUBA Civil Engineering AXE; Soccer 4. JOHN ARTHUR ALDRIDGE WINSTON-SALEM, N. C Electrical Engineering AKE. BENJAMIN ALEGRANTI WHITE PLAINS, N. Y. Textiles end Chancel Engineering Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Kapoo Sigma You Sigma; Pi Lambda Phi; TOastrncnters. ALVAH WILBERT ALEXANDER, JR. CRESWELL, N. C. Agriculturol Education Agricultural Education Club 3. 4; Veterans Club 3. 4, Sgt. of Arms, 1. Dean 3. DAVID CALDWELL ALEXANDER MATTHEWS, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Deto Sigma Phi; Intro.-nun:as 3, 4, Forum Committee 3. 4; ASME. GEORGE LEWIS ALLEN, JR. REIDSVILLE, N. C. Electrical Engineering Phi Via S.grno; AIEE; YMCA Cabinet; YMC A Executive Coursed. LEONARD LEON ALLEN ROANOKE RAPIDS, N C. Agriculture Technology and Animal Husbandry Farmhouse. President, 4, Aphis Zeta, Censor, 4; Agriculturist. Assistant Business manager. 3; Animal Industry Club. 2. 3. 4; Agricultural Club. Treas. 3; Reporter. 2; Collegiate 441 Club, Treat. 2, Pres. 3, Marshall 3; Meat Judging Team, 3; IFC 4; livestock Judging Team 4; Student Government 3. GILBERT RAY ALLIGOOD WASHINGTON. N. Civil Engineering Golden Chain. Clue Key, Student Council Orientation Commits man; YOC; CUSC; Apollo Club; Arnold Air Society, CV House Committee, AFROTC; ASCE; NSA JOHN GILBERT ALPHIN MOUNT OLIVE, N. Agrkultural Engineering Track I. Cross Country 1.2. AFROTC; ASA( SENIORS JOHN DAVIS ALSTON LOUISBURG, N. C. Mechanical Engineering—Aeroneuticel Option CALVIN CURTIS ANDERSON TARBORO, N. C. Mechanical Engineering—Aeronautical Option Arnold Ate Society; Institvie of AelOnOuti401 Science. JAMES ARTHUR ANDERSON, JR. ASHEVILLE, N. C. Industrial Arts—Technical Option Lomboo Chi Alpha 3, 4; House Manager 4; Intramural. 3, 4; College Oman Board of Directors 4; College Union Outing Committee I, 2, 3; College Union Hobby Committee Chairman, 4; Industrial Arts Club 2, 3. CHARLES LUTHER ANDREWS GREENSBORO, N. C. Electrical Engineering IRE. GEORGE TAN ANG MANILA, PHILIPPINES Textile Engineering DOUGLAS HASTEN ANGEL KERNERSVILLE, N, C. Civil Engineering Sigma Chi; Technician Circulation Staff; ROTC; MAR. Dance Committee; ma 3, 4. ROBERT MICHAEL ANGELL MOCKSVILLE, N. C. Field Crops Intramural Bowling 2, 4. Americon Society of Agronomy; Agricultural Club; TOE; Photogrophy Committee. BILLY REID APPLE GIBSONVILLE, N. C. Agriculture Business—Field Crops Alpha Gamma Rho; Agronomy Club Officer, 4; Winslow Foundation Schcaorshes; IntrOM4401 AthletKs I, 2, 3, 4; AthtetiC Director, Becton No. I, 4; All•Cornpus Awards I, 2, 3, 4. VANCE ALTON APPLE GIBSONVILLE, N. C. Mechenical Engineering Theta Chi. VOLKER DIETRICH ARENDT ELBERO, N. .1. Textile Chemistry AATCC; International Club; TheClef Committee. CHESTER ALDEN ARNOLD ST. PETERSBURG BEACH, FLA, Textiles GEORGE CALVIN ATKINS APEX, N. C. Electrical Engineering Pershing Rifles I, 2, 3; AIEE; Institute of Radio Engineers; Intramural, I, 2; Army ROTC I, 2, 3, 4; Command 6 Control got. S.F. SHERRILL LEONARD AUMAN HIGH POINT, N. C. Furniture Manufacturing Management Furniture Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Veterans Club I. THOMAS EDWARD AVENT FAISON, N. C. Civil Engineering Interconewel Football I, 2, 3, 4, L. , Pres; IDC. CHARLES DAVID AVERETTE ELIZABETHTOWN, N. C. Civil Engineering Thera Too; Chi tpulon; Scabbard Mcde, FREDERICK CAREW AYERS GREENSBORO, N. C. Civil Engineering—Construction Option Pi Kapp° Aol,o, WILLIAM SPURGEON AYSCUE HENDERSON, N. Textiles Data Kappa Ph, BOBBY RAY BADGETT DOBSON, N. C. Agricultural Economics—Technology—Business Agriculture Economics Club, Secretory. 148 SENI ORS CHARLES NELSON BAKER HENDERSON, N. C. Mechanical Engineering AWE; Veterans Ann, DAVID JOSEPH BAKER Oxford, N. C. Industrial Arts—Technical Option ' AC FRED EUGENE BAKER CONOVER, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Tou Beta P.; Pi Tou Sam.; MME. MAYLON CLOICE BAKER ZEBULON, N. C. Industrial Arts—Technical Option WALLACE RIDDICK BAKER BELVIDERE. N. C. Agricultural Education Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Kapp, Phi Kapp.; Alpha Zero; Notanoi Science Foundation Undergraduate Research Scholarship winner; heal Education Cub I, 2. 3. 4; Agra!)Iture-Education Club Vice-Pres. 3; ArdriCulture Club; Alpha Zeta Book Exchange Chairman; Advance ROTC WILLIAM CLEVELAND BAKER KINSTON, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE 3, 4; Veterans Association 3, 4; Collage Union Board of Directors • WILLIAM STEPHEN BALL HENDERSON, N. C. Textiles ROGER WOOD BALLARD ASHEVILLE, N. C. Architecture BSU Choir 3; BSU Methods Committer ChO•rnan. PAUL LAWRENCE BALONICK DUBOIS, PA. Industrial Arts—Technical Option Karoo Phi Kappa; Monogram Club; Football Co-Captain 3. JOHNNIE RAY BANKETT SALISBURY, N. C. Industrial Arts—Technical Option CARL JACKSON BANNERMAN BURGAW, N. C. Civil Engineering intramural, 1, 2, 3, 4; ASCE 3, 4; Unworn Association I, 2, 3, 4; Athletic Director 2; MIASMA? Floor Manager 2 GEORGE RAYMOND BARBER WARWICK, VA. Nuclear Engineering Tour Guide AID. JESSE OTHO BARBOUR, JR. MORGANTON, N. C. Mechanical Engineering %Isotonic Bond I, 2, 3, 4; Langlighten. 4; Lamplighters Publicity Director 4; College union mune Committee I. THOMAS ODELL BAREFOOT DUNN, N. C. Industrial Recreation Eanetat 3; Intrornurols 3. 4. WILLIAM SIEBERT BARNES, JR. LINWOOD, N. C. Industrial Ads—Technical Option Inc At, HSI Arts Club. GARY STEVE BARRETT GASTONIA, N. C. Mechanical Engineering WILLIAM KENNETH BARTLETT, JR. ASHEVILLE, N. C. Civil Engineering Signso Chi; Intramural Basketball 2. 3, 4; Intramural Football 2; Intramural Volleyball 2, 3; Intramural Nona soft 2; Advanced AFROTC; Orientation Group Leader; Arnold Air Society; American Society of Civil Engineers. DONALD LEE BASINGER SALISBURY, N. Civil Engineering Chi Coulon. ASCE. Veterans Club. 149 SENIORS JOHN LEWIS BASS TARBORO, N. C. Forest meat Forestry Club, Veterons Club. WILLIAM HARTWELL BASS, JR. FALMOUTH, VIRGINIA Electrical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon Corresponding Secretary 2: Clots Voce Preident 1; Class President 2; Amateur Radio Club I, 3, AIEE 4; IRE 4. VIRGIL FELIX BATTEN WHITEVILLE, N C Forest Management Scabbard and Blade 3. Arnold Air Society 4; Pershing Rifles; AFROTC Drill Team I, 2; Commanding officer, 4: Forestry Club; Society American Foresters. JOHN DAVID BAXTER GREENSBORO, N. C. Electrical Engineering Cardinal Society; AIEE-IRE. LARRY BEN BAXTER CHERRYVILLE, N. C. Agricultural Education Alpha Gamma Rho: AIPhO Zeta; Kappa Phi Kappa; Golden Chain; Blue Key; Order of Thirty and Three; Agriculturist Staff: Senior Clots Vie President, 4; Student Government Treat 3; Student Government Senator I, 2, t; CUSO 3; CU Social Functions Comm 4; YMCA; Apollo Club; Agri- culture Club; Agricultural Education Club; Agricultural Fair Comm. Chairman 4. ROBERT LEON BEADLES HAYESVILLE, N. C. Electr ical Engineering Delta Sigma Phi President; Eto Kappa Nu Bridge Correspondent; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Orientation Group Leader; Sophomore Lob Instructor. DAVID CONRAD BEAM LAWNDALE, N. C. Chemical Engineering Delta Sigma Phi; Mu Beta Psi; Intramural Basketball 3. •; Scabbard Blade; MU; RICE; Symphonic Bond. WILLIAM FRED BEAMER MOUNT AIRY, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Alpha Phi Omega; American Institute of Physics. WALTER LOUIS BEAN, JR. LENOIR, N. C. Furniture Menuf ing and Management Sigma Nu, Pres 4, Officer 2..1, intiomuiok I, 2, 3, 4; All-Compo Intra- mural. 2. 3; Furniture Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Officer 3. 4; Forest Products Re- search Society 2, 3, 4; Into fraternity Council 3, 4. WILLIAM CARROLL BEARD, JR. FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE. DONNIE FRANKLIN BEASLEY BENSON, N. C Industrial Arts—Technical Option JERRY NELSON BEASLEY SYLVA, N. C. Pulp end Paper Technology Fourdrinier Society: Dormitory Floor Manager. BILLY GIBSON BEASON RALEIGH, N. C. Furniture Manufacturing Manegentent Furniture Club Pres Forest Products Research Society. AUBREY D. BEAVER MYRTLE BEACH, S. C. Electrical Engineering JUNIUS LEROY BEAVER HIGH POINT, N. C. Forest M ment Veterans Club. VINCENT JEROME BELLIS WASHINGTON, D. C. Science Education American Rocket Society 3, Photo Editor Technician 1; College Union. GEORGE HARLEY BELT, JR. HYATTSVILLE, Md. Forest Management Pinetum; Forestry Club. GEORGE NORMAN BENJAMIN ELIZABETH CITY, N. C. Industrial Engineering All( 3, • Vice-Pros 4, Engineers Council 4; IE Dept. Engineers Fair ChOtr- mon 4; Associate Editor Southern Engineer 3, 4; YMCA 3. ISO SENIORS PHILIP BURTON BENNETT ROANOKE RAPIDS, N. C. Mathematics Education Pershing Rifles I, 2. WILLETT BOYD BENNETT, JR. HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Mathematics Education Siamo Ow Talent for Service Sch.:don UP; Basketball I, 2, 3; American Institute of PhWes; Math Science Club. WHITSON LOGRAND BENTON, JR. VARINA, N. C. Agricultural Economics Agricultural Economics Club Vice Pres 4. JOSEPH GILBERT BERRY, JR. VIENNA, VA. Civil Engineering Track I, 2; ASCE. DWARKA PRASAD BHARGAVA MATHURA, UP, INDIA Pulp Paper Technology Tennis; Badminton; Table Terris; Cricket; International Club; Indian Stu- dents Assn; Forestry Club. LEROY T. BIGHAM, JR. RALEIGH, N. C. Industrial Arts Wisp Order; IA Club. CARROL REID BINGHAM LAWNDALE, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Phi Eta Stem . Tau Belo P.; Sigma Pi Sigma; Phi Kopec. Phi; Intramural Basketball 1, 3; American Institute of Physics; Physics Dept. Fair Chairman; Engineers Council; Wesley Foundation. WILLIAM ARTHUR BISSETTE GOLDSBORO, N. C. Mechanical Engineering JOHN HENRY BITTING CHARLOTTE, N. C. Engineering Mathematics Pershing Rifles CHARLES LEWIS BITTINGER MOORESVILLE, N. C. Electrical Engineering Monogram Club 2, 3, 4; Varsity Swimming Team 2, 3; AIEE 4. LUTHER EDGAR BIVINS CHEVY CHASE, MD. Mechanical Engineering Intramural Swimming I, 2; Engineers Fair 3, 4; ASME 4. WILLIAM PITT BIZZELL FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Civil Engineering—Construction Intramural% 1, 2, THOMAS LESTER BLACKMON FOUR OAKS, N. C. Agriculture Technology Aeronomy Club. RALPH LEE BLACKWOOD, JR. CHAPEL HILL, N. C Industrial Arts—Technical Option Industrial Arts Club 2, 3, 4, Program Chem 3, 4, YDC 3, 4; DAVID EUGENE BLAKE WILMINGTON, N. C. Civil Engineering Asa ROY BAXTER BLAKE, JR. WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Eta KoODO Nu; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; I; Douglas Aircraft Scholarship. ROBERT LEROY BLANKENSHIP CHEROKEE, N. C. Industrial Arts—Technical Option Intramural Football 1. Intramural Haneb011 I; Advanced ROTC. GEORGE GORDON BLANKFARD, JR. RALEIGH, N. C. Chemical Engineering Sigma Nu; RICHE; Scabbard Bloc , Intramural, 2, 3, t, Student Govt. Orientation Committee 1 Sc , 4; AMCE;Scabbard loge. 151 SENIORS 152 JOE L. BLEVINS CRUMPLER, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE. DONALD DAVIS BLIZZARD RICHLANDS, N. C. Forest Management Alpha Zeta; Pusetum Bus. Mgr. 3, Asst. Bus. Moe. 2; Student Government Traffic Comm. 2, Chairman 3; Colteat Traffic Committee 2. 3; YDC I, 2, Vice.Pres. 3; Forestry Club I, 1, 3. JULIUS MULL BOGGS LAWNDALE, N. C. Agricultural Education BILLY JOE BOLES KING, N. C. Agricultural Education Sigma Phi Epsilon; Kappa Ph, Kappa; Intramural.; Agricultural Education Club. CARL HARRISON BOONE ELM CITY, N. C Agriculture—Field Crops Agronomy Club. DAN HATHAWAY BOONE ROCKY MOUNT, N C. Electrical Engineering Et Koopo Nu; You Bela Pi; Phi Eta Spina. RONALD MARSHALL BOST ' ANNAPOLIS, N. C. Forest Management Alarm Gamma Rho, Pres.; Alpha Zeta; XI Sigma Pi, Ranger: Blue Key; forestry Club Trees; YDC Marshall; ROTC Battle Group 5.2. MITCHELL LEE BOWERS THOMASVILLE, N. C. Mechanics! Engineering ASME; Technician; Southern Engineer; Agromeck; Veterans Assn: Intra- mural. I, 3, 4; Big Four Meet I; Mechanical Engineers Fair I, 2, 3, 4. JOHN ALFRED BOWMAN MAPLE VALLEY, WASHINGTON Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu; You Beta Po; AIEE-IRE lt. Student Branch 2, 3, 4, Vice- Chem 4; Engineen Council 4. DANIEL MARCUS BOYD, III LINCOLNTON, N. C. Agriculture! Engineering Trace 2; Intramural, I, 2; ASCE; ASAE; Engineers Fair. EDGAR LAURA BOYD PINETOWN, N. C. Agricultural Technology ASAE; Agronomy Club; Advanced ROTC: YDC; Agricultural Club. GEORGE WARING BOYS, JR. TUXEDO, N. C. Textiles Kappa Sigma; Blue Key; Thirty 8. Three; Student Legislature Senator I, 2, 3; Class Representative Tompkins Textile Council I, 2. 3; Phi Psi; Interfroternity Council. JACK ALFRED BRADY SALISBURY, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME: ASHVE, Intrornurals I, 2; YMCA I. EARL BRAFFORD GASTONIA, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE. ROBERT FELIX BRAKE HALIFAX, N. C. Forest Management Alpha Gommo Rho; Intramural Athletic Dent°, 2, 3, Intramural,. I, 2, 4; Becton Dorm t; Forestry Club I, 2, 3; 4; Fresh. mon Forestry Counselor 4; Budget Comm IDC 4. JAMES ARTHUR BRAME GREENSBORO, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Siam., Nu Athletic Director 4; AWE; Technician Aut. Sports Editor 3; Editor 4; Intramural, I, 2, 3, 4; Fraternity Service Moore 3: Summer School Judicial Board, Advanced ROTC. DAVID LEE BRAMLETT ASHEVILLE, N. C. Formt Management Farmhouse. Alpha Zeta, Phi Eta Sigma; X. Sperm Po. Agt ; Forestry HENRY KIMBROUGH BRANNON, JR. GREENSBORO, N. C. Textile Management Delta Kappa Phi 2, 3, 4; Karma You Beta 2, 3. 4; Board at Publications 3, 4, Bus. Manager Textile Forum 3, 4; Student Government 4; Tompkins Textile Council 4. SENIORS DOUGLAS PHILIP BRATTEN WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. Engineering Physics JOEL VINCENT BRAWLEY, JR. MOORESVILLE, N. C. Engineering Mathematics Phi Kappa Phi. Tou Beta Pi; Elotabol I; Engineering Moth Club. LEONARD GLASER BREEMAN KONA, N. C. Forest Management Alpha Gamma Rho; Alp ho Zeta; Scabbard d Blade; mititory Boll Assn; Advanced AFROTC; forestry Club. STEPHEN DAVID BREWER PITTSBORO, N. Wood Technology Alpha Gomm Rho; Intramural Football I, 2, 4; Intramural Volleyball 4. Fast Products Research SOCHI% YDC: Advanced ROTC. JAMES EUGENE BRIDGERS, JR. RALEIGH, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE. RONALD KEITH BRIDGERS WILSON, N. C. Metallurgical Engineering Intramural. I, 2, 3, 4; YMCA I, Cabinet 2; Amer. Inst. of Ma. E. Met. Engineers 3. Vice-Chem. 4; Engineers Fee 3, 4. WAYNE CROWELL BRIDGES RUTHERFORDTON, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE. RAYMOND EMERY BRIGGS DUBUQUE, IOWA Industrial Arte—Technical Option AIECIRE Sec. I. Voce.Chtni 2, 3: Veterans Club I, 2, 3. 4; Ham Radio Club I; Engineers Council I, 2; State Fait Comm. Chrm 3; Industrial Arts Club 4; Toastmasters •. CHARLES WILLIAM BRINKLEY SALISBURY, N. C. Forest Management College Union Outing Coma. Chrm 3, 4; Forestry Club. BORIS BRODSKY LIMA, PERU Textiles Soccer Vanity 2, 3, 4; International Committee. DELBERT RAY BROOKS FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME. HAROLD DEAN BROOME MT. HOLLY, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE; Veterans Club. JAMES LYNDON BROWN WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. Mmhankal Engineering Theta Tou Enorneering Fraternity 2, 3, Voce Regent 4; ASME 4. JOHN WASHINGTON BROWN HUNTERSVILLE, N. C. Chemical Engineering ar Vsity Troth 3, GEORGE DAVID BROYHILL MOORESVILLE, N. C. Electrical Engineering Wrestling I, 2, 3; Monogram Club 2, 3. DUANE HARPS BRUCH WENDELL, N. C. Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon: Editor The Transit; Co-Edttot On The Level; ASCE; Engineers Cowell 4; Veterans Club 2, 3, 4. SAMUEL WILBUR BRUMMITT HENDERSON, N. C. Textiles Blue Key; Delta Kappa Phi; Dom Athletic Director 2. 3; AlKampus Softball 7, 3; Intramunals I, 2, 3, 4; Advis3ry Board 3, 4; Athletic Director of Yew 2; Tucker Dorm, Vice-Pres 3; President 4; Manager 4; Asst. Floor Mgr. 2, 3; IDC Vice Pres 4. WILLIAM RONALD BRYAN TAR HEEL, N. C. Furniture Manufacturing and Management Glee Club 2: WVWP 2; Forest Products Research Society 3, 4; Furniture Club 3, 4; Veterans Assn. 3, 4. 153 SENIORS WILLIAM DARRELL BULLA, JR. HIGH POINT, N. C. Chemical England., Sigma Alpha Epsilon; AICHE; Agranwxk; Golf 2; Intramural Golf 1, 2. 3, 4, winner 2, 3; Interfroterntly Golf 1, 2, 3, 4; IntartratantIty Bowling, Badminton. Tennis, Paso-Peng I, 2, 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 1, 2; Engi- neers Fair I, 2, 3, 4; ROTC I, 2; PhOtOgraOhy Committee; HI-FI Club. CECIL FISHER BULLARD, JR. FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Agricultural Technology-Soils American Society of Agronomy 3, 4; YMCA CabInet 4; SSE 2, 3, 4. JERRY WAYNE BULLIN HIGH POINT, N. C. Industrial Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon. Varsity Track I; Intramural Football and Track I, 2, 3, LARRY JAMES BULLOCK WILLIAMSTON, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Amer. Society Mechanical Eng Chrmn; Engineers Council; Senior Class Church School Teacher, Fairmont Methodist Church. ROGER CULLEN BUNCH TYNER, N. C. Agricultural Education Kappa Phi Kopper; Agricultural Club; Agricultural Education Club Pres 3; 3; Student Council I, 2. 3, 4; TEC. BOBBY FRANKLIN BUNDY CONCORD, N. C. Mechanical Engineering-Ant Option Institute of Aeronautical Sciences 3, Chairman 4; Engineers Council 4; Veterans Club 3. CARROL DALE BURGASON STROMSBURG, NEBRASKA Industrial Engineering Alpha Pi Mu; Tau Bolo Pi, AllE; Veterans Club; Honors Program Student 4. DONALD EUGENE BURNETTE ASHEVILLE, N. C. Mechonical Engineering ASME. JOHN JAMES BURNS CHARLOTTE, N. C. Wildlife Conservation Management Toy Alpha Siomo; Track I; Cross Country Track 2; Newmon Club; Pte-vet Club; Leopold Wildlife Club Vice Pres. 4. PAUL G. BURTON WILMINGTON, N. C. Civil Engineering-Construction Option Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WILLIAM HORACE BUSH, III CHARLOTTE, N. C. Industrial Engineering RICHARD STEPHEN BUYNITZKY WASHINGTON, D. C. Mechanical Engineering Theta Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; PI Tou Sigma; AFROTC Rifle loom I, 2. JOE LEE BYRD g-A0r0. Option NOD, g Ont. of Avis. Sciences Of 4; Amateur Rod Club 3; Dorm Floor Mgr. SAMUEL ELLIS BYRD RAMSEUR, N. C. Agricultural Technology-Dairy Husbandry Farmhouse; Intromunols 2, 3, 4; Agricultural Club; Anirnol Industry Club, EISU. SHAKESPEARE HARRIS CALDWELL, JR. BERRYTON, GA, Engineering Mathematics Sigma Phi Epsilon Vice-Pres 4. Chaplain 3; Blue Key, Vice Pres 4; fresh- man Basketball; Intromurals 1, 2, 3, 4; American Institute of Physics 3; Engineering Moth Club Vice Pros 3. Pres 4; Judicial Boo d 2. 3. Clerk 3; Honor Code Board 3. 4. Clerk 4, Ph. Eto WILLIAM DONALDSON CAMPBELL CHARLOTTE, N. C. Civil Engineering Pi Kappa Phi, Pres 4, Pledge Pres. 2, MPM 2, 3, 4; Varsity Tennis I, 2, 3, 4; Intramural 8 Fraternity Basketball, Football, Softball, Taste Terris I, 2, 3, 4; Senior Clan Sec 4; ASCE. BILLY PEEDE CANADAY BUNNLEVEL, N. C. Agricultural Technology-Soils Agronomy Club 2, 4. CLARENCE HICKS CANNADY DUNN, N. C. 154 Mathematics Education SENIORS ■ aa AS A rp 155 JOE CARR CANSLER TROUTMAN, N. C Agricultural Husbandry Scabbard and Blade First Sot 4, Intro-numb I, 2, 3: Agricultural Club. Animal Industry Club. CECIL WYCHE CAPPS HENDERSON, N. C. Mechanical Engineering CLAUDE NOBLE CAPPS SMITHFIELD. N. C. Field Crops Agronomy Club; Intromurals I, 2, 3, 4, JOHN PHILLIPS CARLTON PINETOPS, N. C. Agricultural Economics Alpha Zeta Scribe 3: Chancellor 4: 30 8 3. Blue Key. Golden Chan: Board of es.Nicole:ins 4; Senior Coss President 4; Student Government Sec 3, Senator I, 2, 3, 4; YOC President 4. JAMES ROBERT CARPENTER SHELBY, N. C. Pulp and Pape Technology Theta Ch. Pres. 8 Vice POPS; Alpha Phi Omega; ASCE; Fourdtinier SOCOty. Vice Pres, Forestry Ch.rb: Football 1, 2, Track, Wrestling. Interfraterndy Council: World College United cu; Intramural,: YDC. WILLIAM CHESTER CARRIGAN CHINA GROVE, N. C. Forest Management Alpha Gamma Rho Vice Pres. 4, Sec. 3; Alpha Zeta Chronicler 4; Track I. Student Government 3; Traffic Committee Student Orientation Comm 2; Advanced ROTC; Forestry Club I, 2; Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4. ROONEY WILSON CARROLL NEWPORT NEWS, VA. Nuclear Engineering Stang. Phi Epsilon; of Physics. WUNC-TV Production Staff I, WESLEY LEE CARROLL YOUNGSVILLE, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE; Fretlymon Orientation Group Leader 4. CHARLES DAVID CARTER KINGSPORT, TENN. Pu lp and Paper Technology Feu dime Society; Forestry Chub; YMCA FRANCIS CAMERON CARTER WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. Mechanical F.aginmering Tau Seto P., Sigma P. Signs : Pi Tau Sigma; ASME: Track College I, 2 IBeto Theta Track I, 2). JOHN FRANKLIN CARVER SUFFOLK, VA. Mechanical Engineering ASME; Vetv.11e Alderman. DANIEL HYDRICK CASH, JR. RUTHERFORDTON, N. C. Textiles Delta Kappa Phi Pres. 4; Kappa Tau Beta; Tompkins Textile Council Pres Sr-owner School Traffic Comm. 4. EVERETT DALRYMPLE CASHATT SPRAY, N. C. Wildlife, Cons. Mgt. Mu Beta Psi. Band I, 2, 3, 4; Leopold Wildlife Club. RAYMOND LYNN CASLER TEANECK, N. 1. Mechanical Engineering—Aare. Option Kappa Sigma; Freshman Tennis; Vanity Tennis 2 3. 4; Intramural. I, 2, 3. 4; Inst. of Aeronautical Sciences 2, 4; Ph. Psi 2; Interfraternity Cain- col. 2. OVID PENDLETON CASSELS, JR. CHARLOTTE, N. C. Civil Engineering—Construction Option Sigma Chi; Technician Bus. Mgr. 4, Asst. Bus. Mgr. 3; Opollo Club; Publica- tions Board, Judicial Board. 3. CHARLES HUGH CATES, JR. HENDERSON, N. C. Industrial Arts--Te chnical Option Mu Beta Pu, Marching 8 Symplson4 Bond I, 2, 3 Vice Pres. 4; ASCE 1, 2: Industrial Arts Club 3. Sec. 4; College Union Hobby Committee 1, THOMAS ROBERT CATHEY HAVELOCK, N. C. Elechicd Engineering WALLACE GRAHAM CAWTHORNE HENDERSON, N. C. Forest Ma Eland I, 2; Forestry Club 3, 4; SENIORS THURMOND ODUS CHAFFIN MOCKSVILLE, N. C. Agricultural Science Wildlife Leopold Wildlife Club. ROY LUNSFORD CHAMPION, JR. RALEIGH, N. C. Engineering Physics Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Nu, Sago! Chairman 4; Apollo Club; Alp; veering Senator 3, 4. ROBERT EUGENE CHAPMAN, JR. RALEIGH, N. C. Industrial Engineering Pershing Rifles I, 2; Southern Engineer Layout Editor 3, Editor 4; All( 3, Treas. 4; OWlegit Onion ACtivilift COMM. Dance Comm. 1; YMCA 3; Student Government Traffic Comm 3, 4; Chairmen Summer Session 3; Engineers Council 4; Deans List 3; Engineers Fair 3, 4. ERNEST GEORGE CHARLES RALEIGH, N. C. Industrial Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; AIIE; Intramural. I, 2; Amer. Inst. Ind. resat; Engineers Fair 3; ROTC; YOC. CHRISTIAN DOMINIQUE CHARRON AUSTIN, TEXAS Electrical Engineering IRE; AIEE; EE For Chairman. ROBERT M. CHILES SANFORD, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Warden Pershing Rifles; Scabbard Blade; murals 1, 2, 3, 4; Campus Code Booed; Military Boll Assn, Tree; ASME; Apollo Club; Distinat thed Military Student 4. DAVID PAGE CHOATE WILKESBORO, N. C. Horticulture Horticulture Club Trees. 4. MAURICIO CHOCRON CARACAS, VENEZUELA Industrial Engineering Soccer I, 2, 3, 4; Baseball I, 2; International Club; Monogram Club. HARRY ARTHUR CIKANEK, JR. LENOIR, N. C. Mechanical Engineering JACK ADAMS CLARK SANFORD, N. C. Electrical Engineering JOHN CHARLES CLARK, JR. ST. PAULS, N. C. Mechanical Engineering,—Aero. Option Intramural,; IAS; Veterans Assn. ROBERT CARROLL CLARK ASHEVILLE, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Engineers Council 3, 4; ASME 2, 3, Viet...own. 4; Veto,Ile 3. WYNDHAM LEE CLARKE SOUTHERN PINES, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Veterans Assn. See. 3. WILLIAM WESLEY CLAYTON CHARLOTTE, N. C. Civil Engineering, Const. Opt. AXE. RICHARD NOEL CLEMENT LENOIR, N. C. Civil Engineering Sigma Nu; AXE; Intramural Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Basketball 2, 3. ROBERT LANE CLEMENT NEW BERN, N. C. Civil Engineering Kappa Alpha; Intramural Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Softball I, 2, 3. 4; Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, DAVID LEON CLOER HICKORY, N. C. Civil Engineering—Aero. Option AXE; Veterans Club; MA JOHN WILLIAM COATS CARY, N. C. Mechanical Engineering You Beta Pi; ASME. 136 SENIORS ARTHUR GWYNNE COCKMAN PITTSBORO, N. C. Mechanical Enineering ASME 3, 4. RU SSELL PRESTON COCKMAN PITTSBORO, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME 3, 4; Engineer, Fair 3, 4. EMMIT FRANKLIN COLE CLAYTON, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ViaIville Council 3; lAS 2; ASME 3, 4; Stole Fair 3; Enaincen Fair 3, 4; Intramural Basketball and Softball 3, 4. THOMAS COBLE COLEMAN RALEIGH, N. C. Ceramic Engineering Sigma Psi; Arnonicon Ceramic Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Treas. 1, Vsco•Pres. 2; Tectmicion Staff 3, 4; Intramural Volleyball I, 2; Dormitory Floor Mgr. 2. TALMADGE WHITLEY COLLIER WADE, N. C. Forest Management Forestry Club 3, I. JOHN MARION COLLINS ELKIN, N. C. Wildlife Cons. Mgt. Forestry Club I, 2; Leopold Wildlife Club 3, $44. 4. JOSEPH PATRICK COLLINS BROOKLYN, N. Y. Civil Engineering-Aero. Option AXE; Veterans Assn; Newman Club. KENNETH EVANS CONLEY SHELBY, N. C. Chemical Engineering AICE 2, 3, 4; Veterans Ann. 2, 3, 4; Softball T. WILLIAM RAY CONLEY MARION, N. C. Mech. Eng-Aero. Option Institute of Aeronautical Sciences; AFROTC Drill Team 1, 2. EDWIN TUCKER CONNER CLOVER, Animal Husbandry Freshman Baseball EDMUND BERNARD COOK CONCORD, N. C. Civil Farginesriurg-Construction Option SiomaCni:ASCE:Intromumbi3.4. JAMES FRANKLIN COOK WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. Mathematics Education Theta Chi; Intramural, 1, 2, 3, 4. WALLACE EDWARD COOK YANCEYVILLE, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME LAWRENCE JAMES COOKE, JR. ELIZABETHTOWN, N. C. Civil Engineering AXE; DORM Ant. Floor Mgt. 3. HOWARD WAYNE COPENHAVER, JR. MORGANTON, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Mu Beta Psi; Arnold Kr Society Commander 4; AIEE; Amateur Reda Club; ASME. JERRY GORRELL CORAM BOONVILLE, N. C. Civil Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon; Amer. Society Civil Engineering; Intramural, 1, 2, 3, •. TERRELL WAYNE CORKERN GEORGETOWN, S. C. Pulp Papa Technology Sigma Nu 2, 3raternity: , Pershing Rifles; Fourdrinier Society; Intramural Foot- ball and LARRY TOM COSTNER CASAR, N. C. Textiles Delta KODPO Phi. 157 SENIORS VERNIE RICHARD COSTON JACKSONVILLE, N Civil Enginering-Construction Option HOMER PRESTON COULTER, JR. GREENVILLE, S. C. Metimmetks Education Chi Beta Phi, Alpha Phi Omega Vice-Pres 4; Moth I. Science Club 4: Lutheran Student Assn. Furman 1, 2. LONNIE BERTIS COULTER, JR. SALISBURY, N. C. Industrie! Option Sono Hu; Intramural Basketball and Softball, 1, 2. 3. •; InItomutol Bowl. mg 1, 3, Intramural Volleyball I. 2; Eno.. Senator Student Government 1. MITTREY A. COURIE KINSTON, N. C. Meth. Engr.-Aare. Opt. D. KoPPO PA; JAS; Arnold Air Society. WILLIAM EMMANUEL COUTOUZIS FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Mu Beta Treco 3: Bond I, 2, 3, 4; ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4. GEORGE COUTURIER RALEIGH, C. Mechanical Engineering ASM JAMES LEWIS COVIL WILMINGTON, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE, YMCA. ROBERT LEWIS COWARDIN CHARLOTTE, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappa Phi; Toy Beta P.: P. Tou Sono, President; Phi Eta S.grno: AWE; ARS; Veterans Ann. JAMES FOSTER COX GOLDSBORO, N. C. Civil Engineering Baseball 2. 3, •; Intramural Basketball I, 2, 4 HENRY DAVID CRANFILL WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. aftatiall Engineering AlEE-IRE; Arnold Au Society 3. Deputy Operations Officer 4; Military Boll Auacettion 4. JAMES RODWELL CRAWLEY JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Electrkol Engineering Sigma Chi; AIEE-IRE; Intramuroh I. 2, 3, .1 RICHARD HORACE CROCKETT, JR. AMES, IOWA Chemical Engineering Tou Bola P.; Arnold A., Se- • WILLIAM MORRISON CROCKFORD CHARLOTTE, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Mu Beta Psi, Band 2, Collece en-an Film Corm " . I. BOBBY HAROLD CROOM ZEBULON, N Mechanical Eng..Aero Option Arnold A., Society, Inst. of Aro. Sciences, IMtOntteols I, 2, 3, Forthenoto Leader; Wing Staff RICHARD DALLAS CROOM RALEIGH, N. C. Civil Engineering Phi Kappa Tau. DANN SLAYDEN CROSS WAYNESVILLE, N. C. Chernicol Engineering P. Kappa Ph.; ACS; AICHE, Arnold An Society. VERNARD RAY CROUSE RALEIGH, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME. JAMES URIAH CROWDER, JR. ASHEVILLE, N. C. Mechonkel Engineering Phi Kappa Phi; To, Beta P.. P. To, Sono, Vice President ' Ph Eta ASME. 158 SENIORS . KELLY RAYGENE CRUMP LENOIR, N. C. Industrial Arts Education Kappa Ptsi Kappa. Epvbn P. Tau, •, IA Club I. 2, 3. 4. Veterans Club I, 2. •. ALTON BRAXTON CRUMPLER GOLDSBORO, N Geological Engineering AlmE: Dean, Let ) SAMUEL FRANKLIN CULBERSON SILER CITY, N. Chemical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma: Tou Beta P., AICHE. Cents. Sec 4 In?romurol DeeCtOf 2. 3; Inttarnurol Sports I, 2, 3, 4. KENNETH CULBRETH, JR. WOODRUFF, S. C. Textiles Phi. The Textile Forum. Innomuioh I. Club 1, 2, 3. Vice Pres 4, Apollo Clvb, THOMAS CULLINAN, JR. CHERAW, S. C. Industrial Engineer, Intramural% I, 2, RONALD KENDALL CULP BADIN. N. C. Mechanical Engineering Theta Tor RICHARD EVERETTE CURLEE RALEIGH, N. C. Industrial Ant-Tech. Option Glee Club 3. 4; Apollo Club 4, lia ' ogh Oratorio Socmtp Trent 3, 4 IA 0412 3, 4. AIIE I, 2. THOMAS DAVIS CURRIE RED SPRINGS, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE 3. 4; Veterans Assn CHARLES EDGAR DANIELS RALEIGH, N. C. Textile Chemistry Phi Pm, AATCC 3, Vice Pees.2. 3, VeteransTompkins Textile COUINC.1 Trims. Audermon VehnRe 4, Copy Dyestuff GEORGE EDWARD DAUGHTRIDGE ROCKY MOUNT. N C Mechanical Engineering ASME, Theta Toy JIMMIE SOLOMON DAUGHTRY SMITHFIELD, N. C Nuclear Engineering Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta P.; Phi Eta S.Orno. koltbro a BleJe ROBERT LAWRENCE DAUGHTRY CONWAY, N C Agricultural Education CHARLES NORMAN DAVENPORT CRESWELL, N. C Electrical Engineering AUBREY THOMAS DAVIS HERTFORD, N. C Chemical Engineering Phi Kappa Tau. Prot, Scabbard 4 Blade. Intetfreterney Council: IFC Dance Comm. IntrornungIs; Drum role Corps: Bond; Military Ball Ann.; AICHE. CLYDE WILSON DAVIS, JR. PANTEGO, N. C Mechanical Engineering CONRAD ALVIN DAVIS LEAKSVILLE, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME; Atte Dorm Mgr.: Darn, MO.. JOHN RANDALL DAVIS, JR. WILSON, N. C. Industrial Engineering JOHN RAY DAVIS VASS, N. C. Agricultural Engineering JOHN Mu Bra F,., Sec. 4; Delta Kappa 2. 3, 4; Secretory of Clots, 4 Gate Social Director al Darns. 3. JAMES AllE; Apollo Dub, Newman Club. AO:Minos Club Sec. 2. 159 MAX RAY DAVIS FOREST CITY, N. C. Chaska, lusgineerisg Tou lleto Pi; AICHE; YMCA Cabinet; Enpineery Council. ROBERT LEE DAVIS SALISBURY, N. C. Gmbake, Engineering Ph, Eta Sigma; Golden Chain; Blue Intramural , Onentotion Come...won; Interboternity Council Sec. hound Club; AIME. Pi Kappa Alpha DONALD MARTIN DA WKINS ROCKINGHAM, N. C. Mechanical EngintsatingrAero. Option AWE: IAS. JAMES MITCHELL DAWKINS GREENSBCT-C Civil Enginecring ASCE. JAMES FRANCIS DEAL, III LANDIS, N. C. Chemical Engineering Tou Beta P.; Phi Eta Sigma; ICC Sec. WILLIAM RIX DEAN, JR. LOUISBURG, N. C. Agriculture Tech-Field Crops Agronomy Club 3, 1. CHARLES LACEY DeBOARD GRASSY CREEK, N. C. Mechenical Engineering Scabbard Blade; AWE 3, 4. = 2, 3. 4. JAMES CARL DeBREW SHELBY, N. C. Agricultural Tech-Dairy Husbandry Al Club: AO_ Club. JOSEPH MARTIN DeBRUHL GOLDSBORO, N. C. Civil Engineering P. Kopec, Phi, MPM; Tennis I, 2; Intromurols I, 2, 3. 4; ASCE. RICHAR D LOUIS DeCOSTE BASKING RIDGE, N. J. Civil Engineering Tou Kappa Epsilon; ASCE. WILLIAM MARTIN DELLINGER CHARLOTTE, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Scabbard S Blade AWE. HAROLD POWELL DEW RAEFORD, N. C. Textiles Cu Dance Committee 2; Theatre Committee 2; Forum Committee 3; Acti- ...nes Committee 4 ' Internotonal Club; Cafe teria Advisory Committee 4. intrarnuroh I. 2, J. CLYDE PHILLIP DICKENS FUQUAY, N. C. Agricultural Economics Theta Chi; Wrestling 3; High Scheel Day Guide; AE Club 2, 3, I. JERRY BLAND DICKEY BURLINGTON, N. Geelethal Engineering Rockhound Club; AIME MARTIN HILSMAN DODENHOFF GREENVILLE, S. C Textiles FELIX HILL DOVER GASTONIA, N. Textiles Chemistry IS General Textiles Ph. Pt., AATCC. EVERETT COLEMAN DRAKE, JR. BALDWIN, N. Y. Testiles—Weeving 8 Design Option Delta Kappa Phi, Sec. 3, 4. Kappa Tou Beta; Apollo Club; [dace Twit Forum. 4, Intramural. I, 2, 3, 4; TornplOns Textile Council, Sec. 4. WILLIAM CARL DRAKE HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Chemical Engineering Phi Eta Sarno, AICHE; Glee Club l; Intramural, I, 1. 2, 3. 4; S.G. Proudest: Rodm 160 SENIORS ROBERT ANDREW DRAUGHN WILSON, N. C. Metallurgkal Engineering Soma Nu, Sec. 1: wrestling 1, 2; Sttsfent Govt 3; Consolidated Student Council 4; Amer. Sec. fee Metals 3, 011ices 4. Cicadaelion Moe- sholl, 3. WILLIAM FRANCIS DRINKARD, JR. RALEIGH, C. Chemical Engineering Sigma Lambda CO,; Amer Inst. of Chem Enos Trein • GERALD THOMAS DRUM GREENVILLE, N. C Civil Engineering-Const. Option ASCE, Int cmurols, 2, 3, 4 RICHARD TOLLIVER DUKE SANFORD, N. C Mechanical Engineering Nu. Intromols 1, 2, 3, 4; Ernineeis Council 4, Apollo Club 4, M13 ur ; College Union Hobby Committee I, Sec. I. JOHN WALTER DULIN ROCKINGHAM, N. Engineering Mathematics IOU Beta Pi: Westminster FellowOup CECIL L. DUNCAN CHAPEL HILL, N. C Mechanical Engineering Theta Tao. Veterans Assn DAVID WALTER DUNCAN HICKORY, N. Civil Engineering ASCE, SAME. DOUGLAS EUGENE EADES MT. HOLLY, N. Industrial Engineering Southern En.eneer, Ala, Vermont Club. THEO O ' NEAL EASON WILMINGTON, N. C. Industrial Rural Recreation Baseball 3, 4. GEORGE ALBEN EASON MACCLESFIELD, N. Civil Engineering WILLIAM HAROLD EDDINS WADESBORO, N. C Agricultural Engineering ASAE 3, 4; At Club 3; A.3. Club 3, 4. Vetefons Club 3, 4. (Wasgote Cpl. lope I, 2; Sigma Alpha Onvocon 2. Veteforts Club I, 2). JAMES BARKSDALE EDMONDSON ROANOKE RAPIDS. N. C. Electrical Engineering ALLEN EUGENE EDWARDS SPRING HOPE, N. Industrial Education IA Club President; Vetyille football, Basketball, Volley Boll, Solt Boll, 2, 3. 4. FRANKLIN THURMAN EDWARDS GODWIN. N. Agriculture-Wildlife HILTON ALLEN EDWARDS WASHINGTON, N. Mechanical Engineering•Aero. Option Inn. of Act, Sciences. CU HOsne Comm. Own. 3; CU Dining Comm. 1, 2; CV House Comm. I, 2, 3. A, Billiards Team 2. JAMES HARRISON EDWARDS GREENSBORO. N. C Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE JOHN PHILIP EDWARDS PINETOPS, N. C Agriculture-Wildlife JOHN THOMAS EDWARDS, JR. SPRING HOPE, N. C Engineering Mathematics SENIORS imirr THOMAS GERALD EDWARDS MIDDLESEX, N C Agricultural Education GEORGE KLEARCHOS ELIADES LUMBERTON, N. C Wood Prod. Mdsg. Alpha Gamma Rho, Soc.ol Comm. 4, Flower Steward, 4; Nu Club; Order of DieMaley; Society of American Foresters. Forest Products Research Sixaty; Arnenoan Forestry Ann, GOYA; Forestry Club; National Rolle Amn; Track Yearn I, 2, 4; Soccer Team 4, intromurais I. 2; Interfraternity Sports 3, 4; GOYA Invite:maned Basketball Tournaments 2 3, 4; YMCA Cabinet I, 2; Freshman Group Lender 2; (rum Boole Corps 2; SFC 2; ROTC Bugler of Guard 2; CU Dance Comm. I; UN Delegate 2. THOMAS M. ELLINGTON, JR. ASHEVILLE, N. C. Electrical S. Industrial Engineering Phi Kappa Tar,; AiFF; AM Gee Club 2, 3, 4; Honors I. 2. TROY DEAN ELLINGTON CARY, N. Electrical Engineering RICHARD EPPES, JR. HOPEWELL, VA. Mechanical Enginwring•Aere. Opt. ASME; American Rocket Society; Society of Military Engineers; In ' Mute of Aeronautical Sciences. CAMPBELL DAVIS ESKRIDGE SHELBY. N. C. Forest Management Veterans Club. JOHN WALTER ETCHISON MOCKSVILLE, N. C. Agriculture Tech•Dairy Husbandry Dairy Judging Teom 4; Industry Club 3, • WILLIAM EDWARD EVANS KINSTON, N. C. Civil Engineering Kopper JOHN DAVID EVERETTE ROCKY MOUNT, N. C Architecture LAYTON JOHN EVERITT DOVER, N. J. Mechanical Engineering Track 3, Manager, 4; TSME 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 3. 4; WHIM.% Club BERKWOOD MALCOLM FARMER RINGGOLD, VA. Agricultural Economics Lambda Chi Alpha, Scabbard S Blade 3, 4; Agricultural Economics Club 3, 4; YMCA. ROBERT SMITH FARRELL GRAHAM, N. C. Mechanical Engineering AWE: Tethn.cron, IDC Pubbc.ty [bread. AVERY DAVID FARY SHACKLEFORDS, VA. Pulp Paper Technology Ph. Eta S.gme. Pau donor TAPPI CHARLES VANNON FAULKENBERRY LOWELL, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE; Veterans Ann. BERNARD WOODY FERGUSON CLYDE, N. C. Agriculture-Anintal Husbandry Farmhouse; SChCat of Ag. Senator 4, Aunty:tonal AnAso ' Industry Club; 611 Club. DAVID JONAS FINKELSTAIN LIMA, PERU Civil Engineering ASCE; Soccer I, 2, 3, 4, Comm. Clues; Toastmasters Club; Monogram Club. HENRY LEE FISHER, JR. MT. PLEASANT, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Alpha Phi Omega, 2, 4, V.ce.Pees. 3; Sigma Pi Signs Sec. 4; Amer. inn. of Physics I. 7. 3. 4; Amer. Nuclear Society 3, 4; Amer. Racket Society 3, 4; Engineers COunell 3, 4; Mu Beta Psi Vice-Pres: 4; Lutheran Studer Assn. I, Trees. 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Band 2, 3, •. WILLIAM ALEXANDER FLOYD HICKORY, N. C. Heating and Air Conditioning Srgma Ph. Eppron, InuornurPt I. 7, 3, 1, ASHAC. 162 SENIORS RICHARD CONRAD PLUCK SALISBURY, N. C. Agricultural Engineering Aloha Zeta; Toy Beta P.; ASAE Mott, 1st. Vice-Pre; ASAE reporter, Sec Engineers Council; Wm. H. Danforth rime Fellowsfug. MAXWELL BROOKS FOGLEMAN, II CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. Industrial Engineering Soma Nu; AVE; tritrathurals I, 2, 3, 4; Engineer, Foie 4. AFROTC Drill Team 1. BILLY THOMAS FUNDERBURK MONROE, N. C. Electrkol Engineering Veterans Ann 2, 4 AIEE 3, •; BSI) Council 4; AIRE 4 RALPH LARRY FORBES RALEIGH, N. C. Rurol Sociology Alpha Comma Rho; Intramurals 3, 4: Ao WILLIAM ROY FOSS ADAIR, IOWA Industrial Engineering Blue Key; Golden Chain; Southern Engineer A r.sary Bd 2, 4, AliE I, 2, 4, Pin Engineers Council Representative 2, 3, 4; Engineers Council Vice Pres, 3, Peet .4; Seem! Function Comm 3; Engineers F air Co Cha.rnson 2 FRED DANIEL FOSTER HENDERSON. N. C. Agricultural Tech-Field Crops Agronomy Club Sec. 3, Chem Fair Booth 4, Agriculture Club, Student Government Traffic Comm. •. NICK DUNCAN FOSTER WILKESBORO, N. C. Mechankal Engineering-Aero. Opt. HERBERT CLYDE FOX, JR. IAS. ATLANTA, GA. Civil Engineering retshirig cilia I, 4; Entnerri Council 4; ASCE 3. •. JERRY HASSELL FOX ROXBORO, N. C. Wood Technology Forest Products Research Society 2, 3, Pre, A; Forestry Club 1, 2; Intro. murals 2, 3, 4; Pot Brown Lumber Co. ScIscilorshicy THOMAS LEROY FRANCIS WAYNESVILLE, N. C. Zoology Intrornurols 3, 4; Moth. Science Club 3, 4; Leopold Wildlife Out% cultural Club; Dance Club 3, 4; Fatc-stry Club; Glee Club; YDC; Deans LIM; Union Dance Comm. Social Comm. (Mors Hill Jr. College I, 2) JACK MARTIN FRANK PLYMOUTH, N. C. Pulp and Poper Technology LEON PARKS FRAZIER STATESVILLE, N. C. Civil Engineering Amer. Society of Civil Engineers. Intraroutals I. 2, 3, 4; Engineers Foa 3, 4; Student Government Commission on Orientation 2, 3. WILLIAM MAX FRAZIER STATESVILLE. N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE. JOSEPH MARK FREEMON, JR. HIGH POINT, N. C. Civil Engineering Alpha; ASCE: Engineers Fair 3. ALLEN JEFFERSON FULLER LIBERTY, N. C. Electrical Engineering Eta Kongo Nu IOU Beta P.; AIEE-IRE; Veterans Assn.; YDC. THOMAS AVON FULLER RALEIGH, N. C. Textiles Kappa Tau Beta: Sigma Tau Sigma; Delta Kappa Phi, Vice-Pre. 4; Textile Forurn Co-Editor Student Board of Publications •; Burlington Industries Scholarship 3, 4; Tompkins Textile Council •. JOHN DAVID FULTON NORTON, VA Engineering MettkOrnetiC1 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Vice Pres, Treos. Phi Eta Sigma; Tao Beta Pi; Blue Key; 30 3, Pet a; Golden Chan Vice-Pre; Intramural, I. 2 3, 4; Clots Sec. 2; Chem Honor Code Board ' Rep to Student Govt.; CV focal Rep; National Student Congress Rep. KENNETH RAY FUTREAL ROCKY POINT, N. C. Agricultural Education 163 SENIORS LEONARD MELVIN GALATI ELIZABETH, N. 1. Mechanical Engineering MARVIN MOORE GALLOWAY ASHEBORO, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME: Veterans Club. CHARLES RAY GARDNER GREENVILLE, N. C. Textile Control Option Dello Kappa Pill, Intramural. 3, AllGanpus Table Tenn,s 3; Bond I, 2. 3. DONALD JULIUS GARDNER DUNN, N. C. Textiles Phi Pu. Trees 3, 4; Kappa Toy Beta; Intromurals I, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM WRIGHT GARDNER RALEIGH, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon; e...eels Business Mgr. 4; Military Editor 3; Intro. murals 2, 3, 4; AFROTC c. JAMES THOMAS GARRETT LIBERTY, N. C. Agricultural Technology Veterans Ann., YDC Horticulture Club; Agriculture Club; Dorm President; 1DC WILLIAM RAY GARWOOD COOLEEMEE, N. C. Chemical Engineering Scabbard Blade: Football I, 2. 3: Student Genernment 3. 4; Athletic Council 4; Chong...noel ciao.), Student 4; inteerratemity Council 3; AICHE 4. ROGER BURNS GASKINS SANFORD, N. C. Electrical Engineering AtEE-IRE 4; Veterans Club 3, CHARLES HOUSTON GAY CHARLOTTE, N. C. Mechanical Engineering flock I; Student Government Orientation Comm. 2; Dance Comm 3; Chonnon Done Comm. 4; AWE. 4. CHARLES O ' BRIANT GENTRY CAVEL, N. C. Textiles AFROTC Marching Cadets I; Dorm Vice.Pres. 6 Manager 3: IDC Rm. 3: Social Director 4. RICHARD LEE GENTRY REIDSVILLE, N. C. Industrial Education AllE 3, 4; Veterans Assn. I, 2. ROBERT MICHAEL GEORGE RALEIGH, N. C. Mechanical Engineering-Aere. Option Sigma Chi Secretory; Technician 2; Inst. of Amy Sciences Vice Pres. Toastmasters Vico.Pres; Engineers Council; Stores Advisory Comm; Engineers Fair, Track I, 2. HYATT McDONALD GIBBS N. WILKESBORO, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE; Phi Kopec Phi Vice Pres; Too Beta Pi, Westminster Fellowship Vice Prep; Westinghouse (Mors Hill College. Phdornothoon Literary Society, Amt. Ed. of The Laurel, Sec: Trees. of French Honor Club.) GERALD WARREN GIBSON LAURINBURG, N. C. Electrical Engineering Phi Kappa Toe RALPH GIBSON STATESVILLE, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE.IRE; YMCA; Veterans Club HARRISON ALEXANDER GILES, JR. ROANOKE RAPIDS, N. C . Nuclear Engineering Amer. Inst. of Physics. WILLIAM EDWIN GILLIAM GRAHAM, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN GILLIKIN, JR. NEW BERN, N. C. Industrial Option Veterans Assn. I, 2, 3, 4; Amer Society of Mg IS Air Cord Engineers I, 2; Industrial Arts Club 3. 4. 164 SENIORS -• • I .Stanky;Spintol•Gilociti CARMEL, Mathematics Education. Waste Educative Ph. Eta Sigma; Track 2. 3, Captain 4. Dorm Aso Floor Manager 2; math Seminal. Club. • Spiro Nicholas S . . : ■ PLC- Aumweews GEORGE DOUGLAS -GLOVER ELLENBORO, N C WILLIAM Chaska! Begins eft HOMER Croak Editor Aloha Caul. " mar, Blade, Avon. Club, ' Editor 2, 3. Business mar, 4. Intetfrotermly Sports 2„ 4; Amnon Ceramic Society; Board of Pubtocottt fida 4. etshtEtION.. Furniture Mfg. Mgt. Urn° Alpha Epulon. Intramural, I. Mgr 2, 3. Ste ward 3 THOMAS HAYWOOD Gptunit jtik, STAYESVILLE, N. Phi Eta Sigma. Campus Code Booed Si; Fte:SIt ' CO ' Bob S13YDAIRE. Rep 4, YMCA Execulswe Council 3; Cabinet Member 3; Manch Rat " Mentope Comm Chem 3 JOHN MICHAEL GOODMAN Au Ph. Kappa Tau, Aiwa Se mgt. I; Intramural. F. ICU Dance Comm. 1. Arnfr. In•.• . 4. CHARLES BUDDY GOODWIN .i. 4.1 Dectrkal .Eastitworing Eta Kappa Nu; AMC •IRE I. t, 3. 4; DeMolay 1, 2; CU Eden Cpseins.t Ernhmon Orientation Group Leader 3. ,SiAt Ad; .IRA CARROLL) Son TABOR CITY; N. C. ,learskdasarlois Kappa Ph. Kappa ic Agrultural ida i t Con CHARLESGOTUACO 3 ' ..fiA °tanked amweNve Tou Kappa Epsilon; Ph. Eta Sigma; AATCC EroWnestypiCesenlobodesClubi International Club; Newman Club. . • rgnIi..Att? " 14GFRIM%RgIVI ems.....wcs veva.; 1.. 1 t • (111,1.121C344211 Ai; Plucker Engester, roe Beta P., Sigma P, Sigma Cant- L Set ROGER ' diaGG LENOIR, N. C. .14Malfsugfchtsengitieetleg !tfPfr. 41v JAMES DWIGHT0GREGSON M1 LIBERTY, N. C. :a viOTJWOHAIndisidelLIPMfs Kappa Phi Kappa Trees t; f pulon Pi Tot; TOG:, School. PS fchtc4 1° ' Marshall 3; Industrial Arts Club; Deans List 3; JAMES COLEMAA• GREINER RICHMOND, VA. Rho Phi Aloha Vice Aare; WKNC; Intramural% 2, 01600 3, it; Apollo Club R COMO. bury Club Voce Pres, OrientationGra Leaclerhaofleitryo0Seasenin HARRY GLENROY GRIER, JR. ,SUTZ ioP AtiGSITRRI41 ICC Farskunt Meaufectachhe Spraiment Eeriest Products Rewards gipt$R6 HARRY ' CLINTON ' GRIMMER WILLARD, N C ladralaa Itai7issi4 Tou Beta P.; Alpha Po Mu Recording Sec 4; ARE Prouckee 4; Intcomurals 3; Motion Tome Study Exhibit to Engineers Foie Hogh Scht Day Chournan. Veterans Club; Color Photopraphy ads SENIORS WILLIAM ROBERT GUFFEY GREENSBORO, N. C. Industrial Engineering Pershing Rifles 1, 2. 3 4, Common:1er 4; Scab en 3. 4; Intro- murols I. 2. Student Government Comm. Orientotion 3, 4, Social Comm. 4; Military Boll Ann Vice Pres. 4; Amer. lost of Ind. Engineers 3. 4. CARLOS DARIO GUTIERREZ MEXICO, D. F. Chemical Engineering Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4. AICHE Student Chapter; CU International Comm. RICHARD CLARKE GWALTNEY DURHAM, N. C. Mochankal Engineering Pi You Sigma; ASME; Engineers Council. HASDAY HABIB HABAWA, CUBA Textile II Chemical Engineering Scowl Alpha Mu; Sigma You Sigma; Phi Koppo Phi; Omegram; Inlet- fraternity Volley Boll I, 2, 4; Toastmasters; WC Housing Committee. ASA HAUL HADDOCK, JR. HOOKERTON, N. C. Electrical Engineering SIMON BROWN HAGER STANLEY, N. C. Civil Engineering DARLE GRAY HAGWOOD RALEIGH, N. Civil Engineering ASCE 3, 4. NAIM HAKIMBABA TEHERAN, IRAN Textile. WILLIAM ALEXANDER HALL, JR. HICKORY, N. C. Textiles GEORGE WAYNE HALLMAN, JR. CHARLOTTE, Mechanical Engineering ASME ALLAN HAMMER BROOKLYN, N. Y. Mechanical Engineering ASME: Intramural flondlboll I. PHILIP EDWARD HAMRICK BOILING SPRINGS, N. C. Nuclear Engineering CHARLES WILLARD HANNAH CLYDE, N. C. Industrial Arts-Tech. Opt. Blue Key AMOS DALTON HARDEE GRIMESLAND, N. C. Mech. Eng.-Aero. Option WILLIAM KNOWLTON HARDING, JR. CHARLOTTE, N. C. Industrial Engineering Amateur Radio Club Sec-Trees; W4ATC. 4. MIE. ALVIN McGOWAN HARDISON WILLIAMSTON, N. C. Mathematics Education Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. JOHN PAUL HARDISTER, JR. KANNAPOLIS, N. Wildlife Biology You Alpha Stoma; Leopold wildlife Club 2, 3, 4; Veterans Assn. TASSO HARITOS HACKENSACK, N. J. Civil Engineering NG SENIORS BOB VERNON HARRIS MORGANTON, N. Chemical Engineering RICHE. JERRY SANDERS HARRIS WASHINGTON, N. C. Elea-Oka! Engineering Phi Kopec Phi; Tau Beta P.; Eto Kappa Nu, Vice Pres. 4. Phi Etc Sigma. Scabbard 8 Made Alpha Phi Omega; RSV; AIEE•IRE, It. Student College Bond I; ROTC. VERNON LAFAYETTE HARRIS E. TUSCALOOSA, ALA. Nuclear Engineering BRUC E ARTHUR HARRISON QUITMAN, GA. Agricultural Science Wildlife Too Aloha Sigma, Gamma Sigma Delta, intmcollemote Bdlords 2, 3, 4, Leopold Wildlife Club. ROBERT CRAWFORD HARRISON ST. PETERSBURG. FLA. Civil Engineering Swimming I, 2, 3, Monogram Club; ASCE; Dorm Social Director. KEITH RAYMOND HARROD RALEIGH, N. Civil Engineering RALPH WILLIAM HART LANCING. N. Electrical Engineering GENE WESLEY HARTSELL CHARLOTTE, N. Mechanical Engineering AWE, Intrarnurols 3. ;Pfeiffer College) EVERETTE FILMORE HARTZOG FLEETWOOD, N. Agricultural Education GEORGE WILLIAM HARTZOGE HICKORY, N. Geological Engineering CU House Comm. I, 2, 3, • JAMES ROBERT HARVEY PACOLET, S. C. Chemical Engineering AICHE. Pros. Vice-Pros. of Southern Reg. Corr of AICHE. JAMES BLISS HARWARD WADESBORO, N. C Civil Engineering ASCF BOYCE WAYNE HARWELL NEWTON. N. C. Industrial Engineering Soma Nu; ATIE: Intramural% I, 2, 3, II; All-Campus Softball I, IFC Rep; Oreentabon FREDERICK SAYRE HASENOEHRL RALEIGH, N. C. Forest Management ALBERT MAYO HATTAWAY, JR. WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. Wood Prod. Mdse. Forest Products Research Society. JOHN REID HAUSER Electrical Engineering ADVANCE, N. C. Phi Eta Sigma; Tou Beta Pi, Phi Kapoo Ph.; Etc Kappa Nu, Corr. Sec, AIEE; Homo Progrom, Burlington Industries Scholarship; 8SU Treas. JAMES RALPH HAWKINS, JR. CHARLOTTE, N. C. Electrical Engineering i. Engineering Math. AIEE•IRE; Comm. Chrm , Veterans Club. WILLIAM RAINEY HAWKINS, JR. DURHAM, N. Industrial Arts-Tech. Option Delta Kappa Pnq Intromurals I, 2, 3, 4. 167 SENIORS ilk 168 JIMMY: VINCENT HAWLEY CHARLOTTE, N. Elactricall • Engineering AIEE•IRE. Veteran, C ref iMAS ROBERT ki y, JR. ANDREWS, N.- Cs • , EMstricAl,Bagjmdmg, gape Scree " .. Mc, 4, AIEE 3. 4; CU Menne Comm. 2, 3; Own • LOAFS HAYS HAMILTON, OHIO EdIVItAtimantritintsteth I V ' y Wm Soory. Glee Club I. HEAFNER CIARR-TviLLE N Eedirlemips Mathcmohcs • ' RICHARD ' LEE ' HEDGECOCK ASHEBORO, N. C. Civil Eaginaming—Construction Option Asp., Riplenten GotemerCiyil Era. En2ineers . . DALE BRYCE HEDRICK LEXINGTON, N. C. Wutoilst .Yst mittsLee:3ton 3; Track I; Intromisols 2. , 3, 4Glitt Club. I 2. Agesculture Club I, 2, 3. 4; Animal Industry Club 2, 3, A; itic A 3. 4; YMCA I; Nan Block L Bridle Club. Owl tn9ti !f KERNWF.HI RUH HENDERSON SPINDALE, N;,C..1 Fore2zy Club. JA.1 1 lfqdroN, Q Siam° vice Pres. Agtorneck Clot. Editor 3, Intramural, I, 2, 3, 4; All-Campus Swimming I; Judictol Board 2; Cu A P.144ati 10: 14S.S.ReR Meet I. 2, 3. Exec Sec C • Kenn 3; AIR I, 2; Apollo Club RALEIGH, N C. HERBERT CARLISLE HENLEY, JR. Ct-IKIOPH Mathematics Educathin 4; Trek 3; Toast. RONALD HOLLAND HENSON FOREST CITY, N. C. Engineering Mathematics Ihrw.s.R,• tcO ' swot carnet:WO r: ALE$7506sA1ERES COLON: MATANZAS, CUBA ' Mathematics Education Internotional Club; Newnan Club. +R4hz,c,c,bebliteik MERRING Civil nginNHng hthtV,60, " 170Witer " P IA Lfra I goartint • Scabbard Blade 3, 4; AIR 2. 3; Amer. Nuclear Society 4 f itittMit Tie AVi4Yrr saswrog_, Mechanizer Erittlneed •Aero,Option SOma Nu, tAS. En2sn•tes Fan; Honor Coda Board 3, 4. a: Blade. PIO 3, Coploin of Fodtbaft 3. ' 4; Intramural Foot boll I; Amer. Society of Mooting, Refrigeration A. Air Conditioning Engineers. 13§Cra A I R N CbUNL N Agricultural Education SENIORS DANIEL ' HILUARD RALEIGH, N. C. Electrical•Rispinmring IRE EDWARDS REID HINSON CHARLOTTE; ' N. ' 0 Pulp and Paper Technology Smola Alpha Epsilon. Ph, EtoOrr.% OrdPC Rt 40 3._;; Pt; EIM Key; Canes. Sec.; Scabbard Ma Woos; Apollo CAM ' adacaMM Society; Rifle Tenn 2, 3; Army Rifle Tagen Captain 4, Studer, ' Go.ernmen, I, 2; Campos Book Stare, 3; Campo Code Board 3; Clerk JACK DEMPSEY HINSON ' " r ' " FAIR ' BLUFF, ' N! ' C. Intrarnutots I, 2, 3, 4, Mncr. JOHN DANIEL HINTON ROBERT LEWIS ' HOFFmAN GLOUCESTER POINT, VA. Botany Phi Era Spend ALFRED GEORGE HoFAANA Phi EpMbn p,; Inttornurok I 2, Pulp Paper Technology JESSE TYLER HOLDEN PISGAH FOREST, N. C. Chemical Engineering HOWARD EUGENE HOLDER ANDREWS, N.- Engineering Mathematics ROBERT HUNTER•HOLLADAY ALFRED RAY ' Mt-LOWELL PLYMOUTH, N C Forestry Club; UNC I, 2—Gyntro‘tics 2; Ritk Teom ‘, Corps I, IRWIN RICHARD JR. T DURHAM, Electrical Engineering En " Koppo Ni,; Tennis I, 2. 3, it, In•omurals AlEE IRE ' EARL THO AS HOLT Mechanical Engineering EDWARD FRANKLIN HOLT t ' i r Ati.IECtrE.J$4.0131arbail Engineering CHESTER ARTHUR HONEYCUTT,•JR. ASHEVILLE, N C Yearabia Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Furniture Club; Forest Products Restor5h•bociety, Advanced ROTC; Intramural,; AB. Camps Football. Mechanical Engineering ASmE 3, 4. Engineers Council 4, Fair Oven SuMmat Scheel Judicial Board 3; Veterans Alan. 2. 3. , • WILLIAM OSCAR HOOKS e Industrial Arts--Tedt ' OPtielt Industrial Ads Club; VeterorlIVAWT JOHN DEMPSEY HOPSON • ' • Civil Engring 2, HORACE, Agricultural Agricultural Economics Club ' fleas 4, WLNC.TV Fart•factreetyNeserns! CV Hobby Carom. 169 SENIORS CALVIN JUNIOR HOUGHTON RALEIGH, N. C. Science Education SAMUEL GILES HOUSE LINCOLNTON, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE.IRE; Athletic Director fat Dorm 2; Vica•Pres. of Dean 2; IDC. WILBUR GREEN HOWARD KINSTON, N. C. Animal Husbandry mown; WOW; Al Club Sec. JULIAN WILLIE HOWELL HERTFORD, N. C. Forest Management Intramural. Official 3, 4; Dorm. Bowling 3. A; Forestry Club; Society at American Foresters. MARVIN EUGENE HOWELL OAK CITY, N. C. Dairy Manufocturing Phi Kappa Phi; Ph, to Sigma; Gamma Sigma Delta Sophomore Award; Agricultural Club; Al Club; Dairy Products Judging Team; Borden Award; Talent-For Serwce Schototship; Mershon; Advanced ROTC; Distinguished Military Student. RICHARD THOMAS HUBER RALEIGH, N. C. Agricultural Science—Wildlife Biology Toe Alpha Sigma; Forestry Club 2; Wildlife Club 2, 3, Treas. 4 HUGH DOUGLAS HUDGINS FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Civil Engineering Delta Sigma Phi HARRY H. HUDSON WAXHAW, N, C. Electrical Engineering AKE 2, 3, • moth); Student Brunch AIFE.IRE 3, 4; Dorm Basketball Volleyball 2. LOWELL THOMAS HUDSON WAYNESVILLE, N. C. Industrial Education Veterans Club I, 2; IA Club 3. • NED YADKIN HUDSON CONCORD, N. C. Agricultural Education Agricultural Education WILLIAM LAFAYETTE HUDSON ROANOKE RAPIDS, N. C. Industrial Arts—Tech. Opt. Industrial Arts Club. DONALD ROBERT HUFFMAN LILESVILLE, N. C. Agricultural Business—Horticulture Horticulture Club; Agriculture Club, Ag. Cc. Club. (UNC 1.2—Univ. Party I, 2). CHARLES EDWARD HUFFSTETLER MT. HOLLY, N C Textile Chemistry Sigma Tau Sigma; Phi Psi; AATCC. Apollo Club, Orientonon Group Leader 3; (Mars Hill I) GEORGE ROSCOE HUGHES ASH, N. C. Horticulture RICHARD MURRAY HULTZ CINCINNATI, OHIO Mathematics Education Soccer 2; Athletic Director 4; intromurols I. 2, 3, 4; Moth 8 Science Club: Newman Club. WILLIAM HICKS HUMMEL DURHAM, N. C. Textiles Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pry, 9$. 3, a, Cones. Sec; YDC. THOMAS MONTAGUE HUNT, JR. DURHAM, N. C. Civil Engineering—Comm. Opt. THOMAS GILES HUNTER GRAHAM, N. C. Forest Management CU Outing Comm. Chan. 3; 41; Forestry Club 2, 3, Program Chairman 4; 170 SENIORS GEORGE ANDREW HURST VERONA, N. J. Agricultural Science—Warllife Biology Athletic Director Dorm 3; Dorm Floor Manager 3; Forestry Club I ' Leopold Wildlife Club 7, 3, 4; Ncyarnon Club 2, 3, 4; Intransuroh I, 2, 3. CHARLES EUGENE HUTCHENS SANFORD, N. C. Textiles Theta Toy, Tram. ANDREW JOHN M. HUTCHINS, JR. CANTON, N. C. Civil Engineering Phi Do Sigma; Chi Cpuion, Soc. 4; Toy Beta Pi; Soccer I, 2, 3, Co.Coptom 4; Armoric Coon Conference honor Noll 2; Moony:ems I, 2, Monogram Club 2, 3, Secretary 4; Ma; Ccrichtor of " On The Level " ; Deans List. ROY AUSTIN HUTCHINS GASTONIA. N. C Chemical Engineering Councilor; AICHE; Wesley Foundotron; YMCA, I; Cl)Film Come BILLY EUGENE INMAN PILOT MOUNTAIN, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASMF JARAL INTARANGSI CH IANGMAI. THAILAND Industrial Engineering THOMAS MEADE IRVIN BROOKVILLE. PA. Wood Products Merchandising oast Products Research Society, Veterans Club. RAY EUGENE JACKSON MOUNT AIRY, N. C. Industrial Ares—Tech. Option Induttriol Arts Club •, Intramural, 3. MARSHALL EZRA JENNETTE NORFOLK, VA. Civil Engineering—Construction Option ASCE. JOHN STANLEY JENNINGS HICKORY, N. C. Forest Management vireomintste Felbash.p JAN STEWART JENSEN ASHEVILLE, N. C. Civil Engineering Sigma Pi, Pres. 4; Ou Emden, Treas, 4; Asa; Intranurats 2, 3, 4; Freshrnon Group Loode FREDERICK ROBERT JETTER HOLLIS. V. Civil Engineering—Const. Opt. Athletic Director of Dorm 4, Intaxnurals I, 2, 3, 4. BILLY GRAYSON JOHNSON RAJASEUR, N. C. Agriculture Tech.—Deity Husbandey YMCA 2, 3, MCA Coronet I. Agraulture Club I, 2, 3, •, Agriculture Fair Sec.2, Al Club I, 2, 3, 4, Collegiate 4 ' H Club I, 2. 3. CHARLES ARTHUR JOHNSON ASHEVILLE, N. Chemical Engineering Amer.Inst. of Chemical Engineers; Veterans Club; Dorm Social Director 3; Dorm Pica 11 Mgr. 4. DAN CARY JOHNSON ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. Mechanical Engineering AWE; Technoon Staff; AFROTC, BSU Council EDWARD JAMES JOHNSON WALLACE, N. C. Mechanised Agriculture mechonaed Agriculture Club 3, Reporter • HERBERT SPENCER JOHNSON, JR. GREENSBORO, N. C. Textiles Textile Forum; V eterans Assn. HERBEE MARTIN JOHNSON, JR. CROSSNORE, N. C. Forest Ma1.4 For mhow; Alpha Zeta; Forestry Club I, 2, 4. See. 3; 171 SENIORS DURWOOD JOHNSON FOUR OAKS, N C Agricultara•Field Crops • JOHN HICKS JOHNSON RALEIGH N. C 3 h. „4 Pr Kopots.Alpho, P Eta Sigma; Theta Tou, Tau Beta P., Chi Epsilon rocsin WILLIAM RANSOM JOHNSTON RALEXH, . . ; . .1,., mime ' Block Bridle Club; Intramural; 7° CLAUDE ERVIN JONES MORGANTON, N. C. !Mite 4M ,Phrois. Club CV Steam.. ScgoOl ' Eomm. Own. 3, Film Comm. 2, 3. AID .4 • • PATRICK JONES KINSTON, N. C. loduttriat Opt. triSicnieneoneerioa Club I, 2; Industrial Arts Club 3. • JAMES,. FREDERICK JONES SCOTLAND NECK, N. C. Mechanical Engineering MALCOLM DAVID JONES LAURINRORG; fkritct„,ttierah.Tc4:3.1! 3, 4; AIEE; Apollo Club; IRE. ALFRED WILAAER JORDAN WELDON, N. C. Mechanical Engineering—Aare. Option PhidEttY lAS — CHARLES LEE JORDAN, III LAURINSURG, N. C. hylnetriel,Eagineering swaccthrip Oeurrnionte, Ytte.Prer StcWorclen; Phi (to Siam(); 30 Et 3; Blue Key; •Glitlire Chom, Tram; Aoromeck I. 2, 3, 4; Sheen, honor Oaia 4; Grailuation Mottholl. LIMA, PERU tailin•Attia " Mott 4 Physics tnternattimol Comm. Sec. I, 2, 4, Hospitality Comm 4, Group Leade 1. 7-ARBOR 1 C. MiEleti?Iral CWWEnt ting AWE. a t4mADEN,404IN Art Editor, Inborn els I, 2. Bonds Peet -5; Meiderig•eond 1, 2, ), 4. S: Symphonic Symphon Bond 3, 4, .5; IISU ; ' 432?5tti3t DONALD ,MAX JOYCE HIGt+IPOINT•, N. ' Textiles Mr Drr SCpmer Tou Sigma; Tams. 4. ROBERT AktEti• HENDERSONVIL L E,, N. C. Meth 041d EmaiiinrIng Sigma Pal Coulon. Arnold Air Society; WILLIAM EARL KEEL. WASHINGTON, N: C. - Industrial Engineering PI•COotta Alo14e,•Alpho Pk Omega, ASIE; YOC; YMCA; Activities COMM: Internotionol Cana,. Forum Comm; Library Comm. WILLIAM KIN.ALDA.KEEtt, RICH SQUARE..N. C. MeRbew.tics idec•tia bloomy:els I. 2, 3. A; All-Comps 3; Donn Pres. 3, 4; interderrn. Council Pres. 4; IDC Boll Comm. 3. ROBERICatit KEEVtie RALEIGH, W C. • • • flidttrItal Engineering SYMtreleller rellethiP; IRE; Veterom Ann. .WILL1AM: WHITEHEAD! KELLY!: WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. .inAtiatintrWl ' el91.41 " ing 172 SENIORS 173 I THOMAS DICKSON KENDRICK CHARLOTTE, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME JACK CRAIG KENNEDY THOMASVILLE, N. C Electrical Engineering BRYCE McNEELY KEPLEY SALISBURY, N. C Electrical Engineering AIFE 2. 3, 4; WtATC Roder Club 2 JACK CURNIS KEY ROBBINS, N. Civil Engineering sr Cl.; Baseball I, 2; InItornufals 1, 2, 3, 4; AFROTC prdl Team I. 2; AFROTC Rifle Teem 1 2; YMCA I, 1; YDC 3. 4; Student Government 1; ASCE I, 7; Track I, 2. ROBERT NORMAN KEY MT. AIRY, N. C. Electrical Engineering Too Beta Pi. IRE. PAUL LANDIS KEYES ASHLAND, VA. Agricultural Science—Zoology Intramural. 4; Dorm Sec. 4; Alpha Ph. Omega 3, Program Chem •, Leopold Wildlife Club 3. ROBERT LEE KEYSER BURLINGTON, N. C. Ekctrical Engineering IRE, Newman Club Vice Pres. BOBBY GRAY KIGER WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Delta Sigma Phi; Phi Kappa Phi; You Beta Phi; Pi You Sigma; Pill Eta WM: Scabbard Blade; Advanced ROTC; Cirstinguistsed Military Student; ASME; Engineering Honors Program. HERMAN MONROE KIGER, JR. WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. Mechanical Engineering To, Beta Pi; Intramural, 3, 4, ASME; Alderman, Vet-rifle Council 3; Veterans Club 3, •; YMCA 3, 4; CU Film Comm. 3; Stud. Govt. Traffic Comm. t; Engineers Fair 3, 4. RIVES BRINN KIMREY, JR. CHARLOTTE, N. Textiles—Synthetics Option Delta Kappa Phi; Kopp, You Beta Trees; DeKop Ass°, Editor; School of Textiles Open House Guide 2, 3, 4, ALLEN CALHOUN KING SALISBURY, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME. STANLEY ROSS KING LITTLETON, N. C. Agricultural Tech.—Agricultural Engineering Intramural, 2, 3, 4; Veterans Club 2, 3, 4, Mechanized Agriculture Club 2, 3, Sec. 4; Dorm Floor Moe t. CAREY ALBERT KINNEY WILSON, N. C. Mechanical Paginating ASME. CHARLES GORDON KIRKMAN MOCKSVILLE, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Theta Chi; IFC Rep. THOMAS WILSON KIRKPATRICK CLYDE, N. C. Pulp Paper Technology Scabbard Blade; Fourdesnser Society; Wesley Foundation S S Pres . Military Science. LOUIS ARNOLD KISER, JR, RALEIGH, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Kappa Sigma; ASME 3, 4; Intramural, I, 2, 3, •. BENJAMIN UPCHURCH KITTRELL KITTRELL, N. Agricultural Education Formkruse, Alpha Zeta, Kappa Phi Kappa, Pres. 4; 30 3; Blue Key; Golden Chain; Staff; Ap. Club Vice Pra. 3; At,. Ed. Club Sec 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 3; Student Govt. 3, Treas. A; YOC. LARRY ELMO KLUTZ BOONE, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Sigma Upsilon Alpha, AIP, Amer. Racket Society; CU Hone Comm. SENIORS Al, ROBERT GAIL KNOWLES WILSON, N. C. Agriculture Biology Chemistry HADEN EDWARD KNOX DAVIDSON, N. C. Agriculture ' Education Alpha Zeta; Golden Chain; 30 3: Blue Key; Kopp Phi Kopp : Intro. morals I, 2, 3. 4; Class Pres. 2; Clan Vice-Pies. I; Student Govt. Pres 4. Vice Pres. 3, Senator: College Union Social Comm. Chan 3, Board of Directors; Agriculture Club; Agricultural Education Club; TDC; YMCA, Cabinet; Apollo Club; Athletic Council, Board of Publications. RICHARD DOUGLAS KNOX GREENSBORO, N. C. Zoology Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Mu Beta Psi; Editor Slobs Edgings 1; Bond I, 2: Orchestra I, 2; Drum Molar 2; AFROTC Captain; Leopold Wildlife Club. ROBERT ALEXANDER KNOX CHARLOTTE, N. C. Agricultural Education Intramural. I, 2, 3, 4; Appcultutal Education Club 1, 2, 4, Trees. 3; Agriculture Club 1. 2. NICHOLAS BENNETT KOEPP-BAKER HIGHLANDS, N. C. Nuclear Engineering THEODORE PHINEAS KONKLE HIGH POINT, N. C. Geological Engineering AIME; Rockhound Club vice Pros. 4; Scabbard A Blade AthaKo6 ROTC ROBERT WILLIAM KOST, JR. CHAPEL HILL, N. C. Forest Management Kopp Alpha; Swimming Team I, 2. MICHAEL RICHARD KOWALCZYK CLIFTON, N. .1. Nuclear Engineering Keromos; Air Force Imt. of Tech. Student. THOMAS WAYNE KRIMMINGER MT. PLEASANTS, N. C. Cerarek Engineering Delta Ira Phi, Keramos; Tou Beta Pi; Judicial Redd: Campus Co., Board, Clack. GANGARAM KOTUMAL KRIPALANI NEW DELHI. INDIA Agriculture WILLIAM JOHN KROPP FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS Furniture Manufacturing Management Samo Alpha Epsilon. FAYSAL SAID KUBLAWI MONT. STR., LEBANON Ekctrical Engineering International Club; MEL AIR. JAMES ROBERT LAMBERT, JR. RALEIGH, N. C. Recreation Parks Adm. DeMoloy; Notional Recreation Society; Freshman Baseball 1: Intramural, 2. 3, 4; Intramural Supervisor 4; Intramural Refer 3, 4; YDC 3. RAY ALLEN LAMBERT WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. Electrical Engineering Ver.,Re Council 3, 4; AIEE 3, 4. GEORGE BARRY LAMM WILSON, N. C. Architecture CU Photography Comm. I. JAMES WILSON LANCASTER RED SPRINGS, N. C. Textiles Baseball I, 2, 3, 4; Floor Mgr. 3; Athletk Director 2, 3. DORIS FLORENCE LANE CAMAGUEY. CUBA Industrial Engineering ADE 2 4. Sec. 3. Engineering Council 3; CU Theatre Comm. 2, tality Comm. 2, 3, 4; International Comm. 3, 4. JAMES HECTOR LANGDON, JR. BENSON, N. C. Agricultural Education Agricultural Education Club. 174 SENIORS LACY FLEMING LANDON ANGIER, N. C Mechanical Engineering Theta Chi; ASME; Skeet Shooting Chompson 2. 3; vDC. S✓Arnie Schoc! Comm. RAEFORD EARL LANGDON SMITHFIELD, N. Field Crops Alpha Phi ()mega, Agronomy Club, Intramural. I, 2, 3, 4 JAMES AVON LANIER BU NN LEVEL, N. C Electrical Engineering AIEE; Nati; AI EE-IRE 4; Veterans Club 3, 4 ROBERT LEE LANKFORD KANNAPOLIS, N. C Industrial Arm—Tech. Option Induvriol Att. DALE ERNEST LARSEN BUFORD, NORTH DAKOTA Nuclear Engineering veterans Club, ANS ROBERT HAYGOOD LASSETER MIAMI, FLA. Architecture LEONARD E. LAVITT FLUSHING, N. Y. Industrial Engineering Sigma Alpha mu, Pres., Annual MM.; Blue Key Tre01, Alpha Pr Mu Treas.; Phi Eta SKIMO; AIIE; WVWP; IFC Introrrhooh, Invectroternay Council Publicity Chunn. JOHN ANTHONY LAWRENCE HEIDELBERG, Po Industrial Arts—Tech. Option Football I, 1, 3, 4; Wrestling I, 1, 3; Dorm Sig. Pres. 3, Neuman Club, Monogram Chub A. 3, 4. LARRY KING LAWRENCE MARION, N. C. Forest Management Forestry Club, Society of Amer. Foresters. Amer. Forestry Ann; Intro- mural Football 3, 4; Fornasouse. ROY EUGENE LEACH JULIAN, N. C. Forestry Manessment Forestry Club; Apollo Club. FRANK DAVID LEATHERMAN LINCOLNTON, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE•IRE, Basketball I, 1, Football I, 4, Softball I, 2, 3. STUART RANDALL LeCROY ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. Engineering Mathematics CARL EUGENE LEDFORD GASTONIA. N. Industrial Arts—Tech. Option CLAUDE ESBEN LEE, JR. BURLINGTON, N. Mechanical Engineering—Amts. Option DONALD ROSS LEE CHARLOTTE, N. C. Architecture ROBERT BARLOW LEE LAURINBURG, N. C. Industrial Arts—Tech. Option WING-KAI LEE HONG KONG, CHINA Textile Chemistry—Chemical Engineering BENJAMIN ELIAS LEMONS WINSTON-SALEM. N. C Chemical Engineering Theta Tou; 175 SENIORS CLIFTON EUGENE LEMONS GREENSBORO, N. C. Mechankal Engineering ASME RICHARD KENNETH LEMONS DRAPER, N. C Mechanical Engineering ASME; 1AS RUFUS NELSON LEONARD WAKE FOREST, N. C. Agriculture CHARLES FRANKLIN LETCHWORTH KINSTON, N. C. Agricultural Engine ering ASAE; 4H Club. JAMES ALBERT LEWIS, JR. DUNN, N. C. Recreation IL Parks Adm. Kappa GO Alpha; loronourols 2. 3. 4; IOC Officer; OSCAR LIEM, JR. CONOVER, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE 3. 4 JAMES HARVEY LILLEY GATESVILLE, N. C. Agriculture Meat Milk Bus. Mgr. 4. intrarnerais I, 2, 3, 4; Livestock Judging Team •, Al Club I, 2, 3, 4; AgoCulture Club 1, 4. THOMAS FREDERICK LILLY BURLINGTON, N. C. Industrial Engineering Alpha Phi Ornega, Trees Alit JAMES REGINALD LINER HILLSBORO, N. C. Field Crops AgranOnly Club; Agricuural Club; Student Govt. Rao 2; YMCA Cabinet 7. Ag. Ed Club 1. Intramural Basketball •. ROBERT DICKY ROSS LITTLE, JR. WADESBORO, N. C. Mechanical Engineering CHARLES SIDNEY LIVENGOOD SALISBURY, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Sigma 1.11, Epsilon: AWE. Tennis Intramural. I, 2, 3 t; All-COMPUt Tennis 7, 3 ROMULUS ODELL LIVENGOOD SALISBURY, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME: leesiMcRoe Jr. College I, 7. WAYNE THOMAS LIVENGOOD CARTHAGE, N Agricultural Education HENRY PRESTON LOCKE WASHINGTON, D. C. Industrial Arts—Tech. Option Kappa Alpha. JOHN JOEL LOCKE ENFIELD, N. Agriculture Alum themes, Ritual Comm., Pledge Trainer. President; Intra- mural. I, 2, 3. ROBERT JONES LOFTIN THOMASVILLE, N. C. Engineering Physics Engineers Council, A1P, Rec. GEORGE EDMUND LOHR, JR. LINCOLNTON, N. Civil Engineering ASCE FOREST STEVENSON LONG STATE ROAD, N. C. Agriculture Science—Wildlife Biology LeOpOld W.10:40 Club, Inuomurob 2. 3. 4. 176 SENIORS PAUL FRONEBERGER LONG BESSEMER CITY, N. C. Engineering Mathematics Tou Beta P.; Intramural Tennis 3, 4. Veterans Ann. 2, 4: Moth Club 7. 3, Tress. it; YMCA 3, 4. RICHARD BRUCE LONG WINSTON-SALEM. N. C. Mathematics Education Intramural, I, 2, 3; Veterans Assn . YDC, YMCA ZEBULON VANCE LONG CHATTANOOGA, TENN. Mechanical Engineering intromotolt I, 2. 3; ASMI 3, 4: Rifles 1, 1 EVERETT PIERCE LOPPACKER, JR. NUTLEY, N. 1. Civil Engineering Dello Upsilon. ASCE Pres: Count. ' EDWIN LAWRENCE LOWERY, JR. WINGATE. N. Electrical Engineering-Engineering Math-Engineering Physics Alpha Ph, Omega Sec: Eta Kappa Nu, Tou Beta P.; Consoltdoved University 8d, Student Govt. .4; Intercollegiate Outing. Southern Regiono; Sec.; AIP, AIEE; CU Doling Comm.3, 4: Summer S chool Comm. 2, 3. Onentetan Group Leader 3, 4. :Wingate College; Chem. Club. Moth Club, Ph. Theta KoPP0), ROBERT WILLARD LUTHER, JR. ELIZABETH CITY, N. Field Crops HARVEY DICK LYERLY FAITH, N. Mechanical Engineering ASME ROBERT MacGILLIVARY DORCHESTER, MASS. Industrial Rural Recreation Basketball I, 2, 3, • NORMAN McARTHUR BROADWAY. N. C. Agricultural Education ROBERT DOUGLAS McBRAYER FOREST CITY, N. C. Ceramic Engineering Keromos Pres. 4, Sec. 3 ' Tou Belo P. 3. 4; Theta Too 2, 3, Regent 4, Notional Convention 3; engineers Council 3. Sec. 4; Amer. Ceramic SOOety Sec. 2, Vice Pres. 3, Pres 4. Apollo Club a; Talfnt for Serbme Scholar. ship I, 2. 3, 4. DONALD JACKSON McCALL DREXEL, N. C Furniture Manufacturing L Management Fueniture Club 2, 3, 4, AllE 2. 3, •, FPRS .4 THOMAS BLUE McCASKILL CARTHAGE, N. C. Engineering Mathematics Alpha Phi Omega 3, 4, Sat of Arms, Moth Club 3, 4, Freshman ()nen ratan Group Leader 4, IW noo.e College 1, 7) WILLIAM ROBERT MONACA, PA, IND, ARTS ' -Tech. Option Football I, 7, 3, 4; Intramural, 2, 3, 4, Nc-arnon Club I, 2, 3, 4 ROBERT ALEXANDER McCORMICK SPRING LAKE, N. C. Woad Products Merchandising Forest Products Research Society, Intromurals 1, 2, 3, 4. W. Campus Safety Officer. GENE CLEVELAND McCRACKEN RALEIGH, N. C. Furniture Manufacturing and Management Kappa Sicorno: Alpha Ph, Omega 1, 2; AFROTC Dull Team 1, 2, EteMolay 1, 3. Furniture Club 3, 4 WILLIAM GARDNER McCRARY RALEIGH, N. C. Industrial Arts Education Veterans Club; IAA, local national; YDC. SHIRLEY FRED McCRAY W. COLUMBIA, S. C. Heating Air Conditioning Engineering Bond I; ASHF ACE 3, 4 CHRISTOPHER RICHARD McDONALD W. END, N. C. Engineering Physics Sigma Phi Epsilon; Asst. Comptroller; Ph, Eta Sigma; Intramural. 2, 3. a. 177 SENIORS ARTHUR JOHNSON McEWEN CHARLOTTE, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE; Veterons Assn JOHN ALAN McGAHEY HIGH POINT, N. C. Chemical Engineering Sigma Phi tendon; AICHE. GEORGE CONRAD McGEE SNOW HILL N. C. Civil Engineering—Const. Option JOSEPH M. McGOUGH, JR. FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Amer. Nuclear Society; Amer. Inst. of Physics; Photography C1u5. KERRY CHADWICK McGUINN SPARTANBURG, S. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME; YMCA; Veteran. Assn. DANIEL RLEE McINTYRE OAKBORO. N. C. Electrical Engineering Amer. Inst. or EL WAYNE MILLER McLAUGHLIN MOORESVILLE, N. C. Animal !Mushy Agriculture Club, Animal Industry Club; Volley Boll Team, Dorm I; Meat Judging Team 3; D AS 4. WILLIAM MONROE McLAURINE, III BURLINGTON, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon Comptroller, 4, Asst. Comptroller 3; Phi Eta Sigma; Intromwols I, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Clots Sec. 3; ASME; Advanced ROTC. INGRAM BLAIR McLEOD, JR. WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. Engineering Mathematics Theta Tau; Track I; Intramural, I, 2, 3; Code! Malta ROTC; I BG Ex. Officer. JAMES WILBURN McMINN ASHEVILLE, N. C. Forest Management Alpha Zeta lreos. 3, Pleddensoster 4; Xi Sigma Pi, Also. Forester 4; Forestry Club, Sat. of Arms 2, Sec Rolle Town C t. 2, Asst. Prop. Chem. 3, Prop. Own. 8 Pret. 3; Appolo Club; Wesley Fou datian ROOM- tion Co-Chrnn. 2, Deputations Gunn. 3, Publicity Cheryl. 4; SAF. RALPH DONALD McNEELY DREXEL, N. C. Mech. Eng. --Aare. Opt. Veteran. Club I, 2, 3, 4; IAS 1, 4. JOHN HUGH McNEILL RED SPRINGS, N. C. Electrical Engineering Ph, Eta Sarno, Eta Kopper Nu; Arnold Air Society, Adjutant Westminster Fo:lowthip, Moderatorof SynOd of NC 4: AIM ROBERT CALHOUN McNEILL RALEIGH, N. G. Electrical Engineering THOMAS MICHAEL McPHERSON DURHAM, N. C. Mechanical Engineering—Acre. Opt. 1AS; Engineers Fair. VICTOR WYNNE McPHERSON HIGH POINT, N. C. Civil Engineering—Construction Option Delta Sigma Phi, Scabbard b Blade; YOC; AXE. MALCOLM DAVID MacCALLUM, JR. SOUTHERN PINES, N. C. Mechanical Engineering—Amt. Option GEORGE WATERS MANN, JR. BARTOW, FLA. Civil Engineering Vanity Rifle Town 3, 4. WILLIAM HOWARD MARLEY SOUTHERN PINES, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Sigma Ph, Epsilon; frn, Eta Sigma; Technician Fraternity Editor 3, 4; Intronurak 3, 4; Campus Code Board 3, 4. 178 SENIORS FRANK JOSEPH MAROCCO ALIQUIPPA, PA. Indushial Rural Recreation r,,,tbel I, 2, 3. 4; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4 THOMAS BRYAN MARSHALL JR. ENGELHARD, N. C. Agricultural Education EDWIN FORREST MARTIN, JR. KINSTON, N. Architecture YMCA; Gorery Comm.; Socal Comm. ROBERT EUGENE MARTIN HILDEBRAN, N. C. Engineering Mathematics OcIta $.9mo Ph ROY HOYT MARTIN, JR. HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. Industrial Theta Tau; Fsevnan Oratahon Group ionlorc Caner! WILLIAM CARL MASON CANTON, N. C. Industrial Arte—Tech. Option IA Club; Veterans Club. WILLIAM MARCUS MASSEY, JR. WILMINGTON, N. C. Chemical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Tou Beta R. Rec. Sec: Phi Kappa Ph., AICHE Voce VASSAR CAMERON MATTHEWS, JR. THOMASVILLE, N. C. Furniture Mftg. L Mgt. Delta Sigma Phl; AWE; Furniture Club 2. Treas. Rep. to Eng. Caren;3, 4; Forest Products Research Safety 2. 3, Voce Pres. 4. ERIC JULIUS MATZKE WILMINGTON, N. C. Civil bighweeing JAMES LYNN MAY LAGRANGE, N. C. Mech. Engineering—Awe. Option Delta Sigma Ph Souse Mgr. 3; Scabbard b Blade; Student Govt. Senator 3. Orientation Comm. 2. Campus Welfare Comm. 3; CU BO of Dors. 3. Activifies Comm Chernn. 2. Pres,dent Region IV Ann. of College Unions 3; Rode Station WVWP I. ROBERT EDWARD MAY KINSTON, N. C. Chemical Engineering VESTER JEFF MAY ANDREWS, N. C. Geological Engineering JOHN DAVID MEDFORD CLYDE, N. C. Textiles Kappa Phi; Intramural, 2, 3. •. RICHARD BRINSLEY MEEHAN, JR. ASHEVILLE, N. C. FREDRICK TIBETT MEEKS WADESEIORO, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIX; Veteran. Assn. OLIN JACKSON MEEKS LEAKSVILLE, N. C. Civil Engineering AXE 3, 4. DARRELL VANCE MENSCER STATESVILLE, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE4RE I, 2, Sac. 3, Pres. 4; Engineers Coaled 3, Fair Clvenn. •. JAMES ALLEN MERRICKS REIDSVILLE, N. C. Chemical Engineering Tou Kappa Epsilon. AICHE. 179 SENIORS NORMAN THOMAS METTERS STATESVILLE, N. C. Chemical Engineering AICHE. RICHARD ALTON MEW BOR N SNOW HILL, N. C. Mechanized Agriculture MA Club. CHARLES HERBERT MILLER RALEIGH, N. C. Engineering Mathematics Sigmo Cl,, Kitchen Mgr. 4; Phi (to Sigma, The Technician, Advertising 3, Circulation 4; Intromurols I, 2, 3, 4, Engineering Senator 3; Alpha Phi Omega, CU Film Comm. I. DeWITT MILLER BEULAVILLE, N. C. Agriculture Business—Agrkulture Roomy Ao. Econ. Club 3. 4. GARY DENNIS MILLER ALBEMARLE, N. C. Electrical Engineering Theta Cl, ' Athlete Director 3; Sec.; JOHN AUBREY MILLER STATESVILLE, N. C. Engineering Mathematics Phi Eta, Pres. You Beta Pi, Pres.; Apollo Club; BSU Newspaper; Student Radio Station ROBERT BENNETT MILLER LENOIR, N. C. Furniture Manufacturing Monogemeet P. Koppo Phi, Furniture Club. ROBERT WAYNE MILLER MILFORD, N. C. Freed Management Forestry Club; (Po. St. Univ. Koopo Delta Rho, Sacral Pledge; Rifle Teen; Forestry Club; Paul Smith ' s College) WILLIAM SPENCER MILLER CLEMMONS, N. C. Electrical Engineering IRE; Veteranss Club. GLENWOOD JEFFERSON MITCHELL, JR. NEWPORT NEWS, VA. Electrical Engineering Tou Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Letutise Council, AIFE-IRE ft. Student Branch; Undergroducdc Res, i`iyhopotion Protect. EDGAR LARRY MIZELL BOGALUSA, LA. Pulp Paper Technology Soma Nu. BSU. JAMES DONALD MOFFITT STALEY, N. C. , al Engineering LARRY KING MONTEITH LUBBOCK, TEXAS Engineering (to Kapp° Nu; Tou Belo P.. Pin. Koppo Pb FELIPE MONTEMAYOR CARACAS VENEZUELA Architecture JESSE FRANKLIN MONTGOMERY RALEIGH, N. C. Mechanical Engineering—Aero. Option IAS, Alpha ph, MELVIN LOUIS MOODY WEST POINT, VA. Pulp Popov Technology Ph. (to Sigen0; Rifle Team 2, 3, Captain 4, Participoloon Undeioradvote Research Project 4. NANCY ANN MOODY RALEIGH, N C Science Education Cheerleader 2. 3, CU Sec. 11, 2, Bd. of Directors I, 2, Bd. of Chrmn. I, 2, Hospitality Comm. I, 2, 3, 4, Nouse Comm. I. Sunvner Scheel Committee I, 2, 3; Consolidated Umversaty Queen Contestant 2; Home- coning Queen Contestant 2. ALEXANDER ROSS MOORE RALEIGH, N. C. Forest Management to Koppo Nu; Intromurols 2, 3, 4. 100 SENIORS BRYCE HOOD MOORE SPINDALE. N. C Chemical Engineering Track I, 3. CHARLES ELWOOD MOORE ELIZABETH CITY, N. C. Agriculture Education nohow:hoot Ed. Club, Apneaaufe CRAWFORD BOWMAN MOORE FRANKLIN, N. C Civil Engineering ASCE. DOUGLAS KNIGHT MOORE ROSEBORO, N. Mechanical Engineering ASME. Bard, ROTC JAMES GODWIN MOORE ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. Textiles Sama Chi, Blue Key, Delta KoppoTompkins Textile Council; The Technacion. Editor os. Exec Editor 3. Sports Editor 3. Bcord of Publoccohons 4; Aka. Editor of Fraternity 3; Jr. Rep to Athletic Council 3; Class Tree 3, CU Bd. of Directors. Apollo Club: Consolidated Univ. Student Council; Summer School Judicial LANNY RAVARN MOORE GREENSBORO, N. C Heating Air Conditioning ASHRAE 2, 3, Reporter • LINDSEY ADOLPH MOORE FALKLAND, N C Industrial Rural Recreation PAUL MERRITT MOORE SOUTHPORT, N. C Mechanical Engineering Pt Kappa Phi SIDNEY CLYBURN MOORE, JR. DURHAM, N. C Civil Engineering WILLIAM MURLE MORAS RALEIGH, N. C. Mothernatics E ducation Baseball Coach. City of Raleigh; Math 8. Science Club THOMAS ROBERT MORENA RUTHERFORD, N. Chemical Engineering Newman Club 1, 3, 4, Treas. 2; A10E 3, 4; Student Gant Troth Agate! Comm. 3. Traffic Comm. •, Dorm Floor Mac Social Director 4. RAYMOND WILLIAM MORGAN SALISBURY, N. C Textiles Phi Koppo Tou Bea JAMES WILLIAM MORROW, JR. GREENSBORO, N. Electrical Engineering Alpha Epoon JAMES NORMAN MOSER ROCKWELL, N. Textiles Kappa To, Beta, Sec.; Phi Pr. Jr. Warden; Sauna Tou Sooma; Intro. morel Football Softball I, 2; Tompkins Textile Curcio; Apollo Club, YMCA. JAMES ROBERT MOSER GREENSBORO, N. C. Mathematics Education Intramural.. I, 2, 3, 4, Moth 3. Science Club 3. 4 JOSEPH DIBRELL MOSHEIM, JR. RALEIGH, N. C. Industrial Ads—Tech. Option DONALD LUTHER MOSS HICKORY, N. Civil Engineering—Construction Option Sigma Phi Epulon Social Chairman, Alumni Chairman. ASCE RONALD DEAN MOSS CULLOWHEE, N. Agricultural Education Ecirrnhouse. Intramural Basketball 3. 4. Agriculture SENIORS HAROLD MOWERY, JR. SALISBURY, N. C. Civil Engineering—Construction Option Samo Nu, AXE; YMCA in•ronsurols I, 2, 3; All-Campus Basketball 2. HARLEY L MUDGE, JR. RALEIGH, N. C. Mechanical Engineering AWL ELBERT STANLEY MULLIS HAW RIVER, N. C. Textile Cheinishy Pin Psi; ASTCC, PIC% , Tcmpk.n. Tex tie Council, Vice Pres. JERRY THOMAS MURRAY BURGAW, N. C. Agrkulturel Economy Agricultural Econorr, MERRITT LESLIE MURRAY GREENSBORO, N. C. Industrial Arts—Tech. Option Track 2; Floor Proctor 3. JOSEPH SAMUEL MURROW ROBERSONVILLE, N. C Mathematics Education JAMES DAVID MURPHY RALEIGH, N. C. Heating Air Conditioning Delta Samo Ph.; ASNRACE, Intromuro:s I, 2. 3, 4; Engineers Candi, Engineers Boll Commoner:. WENDELL HOLMES MURPHY ROSE HILL, N. C. Agricultural Education Intramural, 1, 2. JAMES ORVAL MUTTON ASHEVILLE, N. C. Electrical Engineering Phi (to Sigma; Tou Beta P., (to Kappa Nu. Kappa Ph,. SAMUEL HOWARD NAPIER HAMLET, N. C. Civil Engineering AXE. BILLY FRANKLIN NARRON KENLY, N. C Civil Engineering AXE. M. RIDA NASSAR UAR, SYRIA Metallurgical Engineering MotMrnotics Eneinaering ASM; AMS; Cosmopolitan Club. Into notional Christian Club, Anne. Friends of the Middle Eon, Inc., Organization of the Arab Students in U. S. CECIL LEON NEAL, JR. CAROLEEN, N. C. Mechanical Engineering —Ann.. Option Ph, Eta Sarno, Nu Kappa Ph, To Bern P. P. Tn. Same. IAS; Club. JOSEPH DONWELL NEIGHBORS BENSON, N. C. 14114410 Engineering ARNOLD NELSON CHAVLEVOI, PA. Industrial Arts—Tech. Opt. Football I, 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club WILLIAM CARLTON NESTER GLADYS, VA. Pluckier Engineering AIP. ROBERT LEE NETHERY, JR. HENDERSON, N. C. Textiles Phi Psi; Intromurals I, 2. 3, 4; Campus Crew.Cuts I, 7, 3. JOHN RICHARD NEWELL, JR. RALEIGH, N. C. Textile Chemistry Kappa Sarno Nu; DeKao Editor 4; YMCA Cabinet 3; URAC 3; ASTCC 3, 4, Delta Kappa Phi 3. 4. 182 SENIORS JOHN HENRY NEWLIN, JR. DANVILLE, VA. Mechanical Engineering Sigma Chi, P... 4, nada Trainor 3. HistOften 2; Blue Key, Sec. •; Intramural. 2, 3, 4; Enameerina Senator 2, 3; Campus Welfare Comm.; Finance Comm.; Cafeteria Adte ' Comm. 4; Orientation Comm.; Penney Rifles I, 2; IFC; YMCA Cabinet; Wesley Foundation. HENRY LYNN NEWTON WILSON N C Electrical Engineering ARC, Paw AIEE; Ensineerina For Project. LINNY GLENN NICHOLS THOMASVILLE, N. C. Electrical (flint? LYLE ARCHIBALD NICHOLS WELLS8ORO, PA. Forest Management SAE. WILLIAM COLVIN NICHOLS BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Architecture STANFORD E. NIEMER Sigma Pe; Bond I, 2; Arne. Society of Mining Emanates. PHARES STEAVENS NYE SHANNON, N. C. Industrial Education CHARLOTTE, N. C. General Studies Veterans Club. HARVEY CLYDE NIX, JR. ASHEVILLE, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Band I, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, AIP, ANS. HENRY CARSON NORMAN ROBERSONVILLE, N. C. Geological Engineering Kappa Ph. KOpPo 3, A Epsilon In Tow 3. Pres 4, IA Club 3. 4, AIAA. NCIAA. JOHN BENNEVILLE NYGAARD FLEETWOOD, Mathematics Education GEORGE F. O ' BRIEN, JR. CHARLOTTE, N. C. Heating i Air Conditioning Kappa Sigma; ASHAC: Track I; Intrainuro ' s I, 2, 3, 4. JAMES LEE O ' CONNELL SANFORD, N. C. Industrial Arts YMCA Cabinet I. 2, 3, 4; YMCA Treas. Social Chairman 4. LARRY STEDMAN O ' CONNELL SANFORD, N. C. Textiles Spina Pt° JAMES ABBOTT ODOM, JR. RALEIGH, N. C. Product Design RICHARD CLYDE O ' DOWD CARY, N. C. Wood Technology FRITZ HERMAN ERNST OERTEL, JR. N Y., N. Y. Mechanical Engineering vette meta Henan Program; Intramural., Dorm Chomp 3. Open-Leogue Basketball 3. JAMES PETER OGGERIND RALEIGH, N. Nuclear Engineering Phi Epsilon Po, Pres. 3; All.Compurs Hon:toe 2 and Volleyball I 2; IFC Representative 3; Intramural Athletics Advisory Comm 3. LAWRENCE CHARLES OLIN RALEIGH, N. C. Civil Engineering—Construction Option 183 HAROLD AUGUST OLSEN WILMINGTON, N. C. Science Education Kappa Phi Kappa. Youth Adviser, United Chords. ROBERT LINWOOD OLSON CHARLOTTE, N. C. Nuclear Engineering ANS; ARS; AIP; Reactor Tour Guide. CHARLES NEIL O ' QUINN LUMBERTON, N, C. Forest Menne...tat XI Signs° P. Phi Eta Sigma; Intramural. I, 2, 3; Wesley Foundetien Chem. Conunnuon; FPRS, Pres.; Wesley House. Vice Pres. WILLIAM LEWIS O ' QUINN LUMBERTON, N. C. Mechanical Engineering 30 b 3, Treas-Sac.; Phi ! to Sigma; Gen. Motor. Scholar; Quality Control Southern Engineer Advisory Board; IntranuroIs; Student G.:nem- ment, Orientation Comm. Vice.Chrmni Campus Stores Advisory Centro; ASME, Publicity Chrism.; Engineers Council 2, 3; Wesley Foundatien, Program Chum; URAC; N. C. Model UN Assembly. LEONARD RANDOLPH ORDERS, JR, ASHEVILLE, N. C. Industrie! Arts—Tech. O Lambda Chi Alpha; 2; Hobby Comm. 3; Industrial Arts Club 3, Program Chrenn. 4. JAMES FRANKLIN ORMANO, JR. GASTONIA, N. C. Mathematics Education Deans List I, 2, 1. JAMES ALLEN OVERBY NORLINA, N. C. Industrial I Rural Recreation Bout II •. ARBON WAYNE OVERCASH SALISBURY, N. C. Agriculture Technology ASAE I, 2; Mechanized Acs. 3; SAE 4; Marshall 3. ROY LEE OVERTON LOUISBURG, N. C. Textiles Delta Kappa Phi; Tompkins Textile Council; Textile Faun; Arnold Air Society. Exec. Off. •; ROTC I, 2, 3. • ERNEST STANLEY OWEN FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Apiculture! Education Agriculture Education Club; Agriculture Club; Vehnile Council. GORDON NORMAN OWEN, JR. ARUBA, NETHERLANDS WEST INDIES Civil Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon, Choptoin 3; Phi Eta Sigma; Toy Bete P.; Cho Epsilon; Phi Kappa Mu; Blue Key; Golden Chain: Cross Country I; Intro tiara ' s I, 2, 3. •; Band I. 2: YMCA. Ch•nn of Freshman Comm. 3, Pres. 4; ASCE 3, 4. CARL CHRISTOPHER PACE TRYON, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME; Western Carotin College I. ANDREW CONSTANTINE PAPPAMIHIEL CHARLOTTE, N. C. Civil Eag.--Canst. Option ASCE 3. 4; Veterans Assn. 3. • .Cholloue Cooege I, 2, F AC DAVID LEE PARKER WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. Mechanical Engineernig WILLIS MELVIN PARKER FOUR OAKS, N. C. Nuclear Engineering FEREBEE LAND PATTERSON OXFORD, N. C. Industrial Arts—Tech. Option GLENN WAYNE PATTERSON CHINA GROVE, N. C. Agricultural Biological Chemistry Alpha Gamma Rig PETER WARLICK PATTON, III MORGANTON, N. C. Furniture Manufacturing Management 184 SENIORS WILLIE LEONARD PAYNE RALEIGH, N. Agriculture KENNETH TALMADGE PEARCE ZEBULON, N. Industrial Arts—Tech. Option ROBERT GASTON PEARCE HENDERSON, N. Mechanical Engineering Tau Beta P.; ASME 2, 3, e. TONY BROOKS PEARCE ZEBULON, N. Wildlife Biology Agriculture Club, Leopold Wildlife THOMAS HAROLD PEARMAN SUMMERFIELD, N . C. Agriculture—Field Crops Alpha Gamma Rho. Soc.ol Owen; Agronomy Club. Reporter 3, Sec 4; Agriculture Club; Intramural% 2, 3, • VICTOR EDSEL PENNY ANGIER, N. C. Agricultural Education BOBBY ALTON PERRY RALEIGH, N. Textiles Della Kappa Phi, Sec 3, Veterans LEE HOMER PEARSON RALEIGH, N. C. Mechanical Engineering PAUL DAVID PETERSON LEAKSVILLE, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Mu Beta Psi, BSU; Band I, 2, 3, 4: Alp WILLIAM RICHARD PETTY GRAHAM, N. Heating EL Air Conditioning ASME I, 2; ASTE 1, ASMRAE 3. Sec Intro.-murals I, 1, GEORGE THOMAS PHILLIPS SCOTLAND NECK, N. Civil Engineering Intramural. 3, 4; ASCE 2, 3. 4, Veterans Club 2, 3, 4. HARLEN DEVERICK PHILLIPS GASTONIA, N. C. Industrial Arts—Tech. Option ARCHIE LINCOLN PIERCE W. JEFFERSON, N. C. Science Education Forestry Club 2 forestry Roller,. 2: Moth 8 Sterne Club 3, 4; ;Freshman Advisory Council 1, Men, CI osophic Society I —Breyard College) ROBERT MARTINDALE PILCH BASKING RIDGE. N. J. Agricultural Tech—Dairy Husbandy Alpha Zeta; Phi Eta Sigma; Agriculture Club, Pres., Clvmn. Ag. Day; Anmol Industry Club. ACtiv.hes Crymn., slistorton, Dory Cattle fudging Team. C. COLLINS PIPPIN SMITHFIELD, N. Architecture Sigma Phi Epsilon. ARNOLD SHERWOOD PITTMAN SELMA, N. Civil Engineering—Construction Option ASCE; Intromurols 2, 3, 4. RODNEY LEE PITTMAN ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. Heating Air Conditioning Delta Spina Ph.; ASMRAE; Intramural. 1, 2, 3, 4, Orientation leader 4. CU Employee I; Engineers Pow JOHN OSCAR PIVIN BRISTOL, R. I Civil Engineering Intromurols 2, 3, 4: Engineering Senator 2; ASCE 3, 4; Dorm Pres.. Asst. 4: Newell Reserve; Ntwason Club 1, 2, 4; Engineers For Chrmn. 4; IDC Traffic Comm. 3; Pershing Rifles I, 2. Phi Eta Signs: 185 SENIORS TOMMY RAY PLEMMONS ASHEVILLE, N. C Civil Engineering ROBERT EUGENE PLESS RALEIGH, N. C. Civil Engineering Vett:sons Club; MCI PHILLIP HAINES PLYLER WINSTON.SALEM, N. Animal Husbandry Animal Industry Club. Pies., Treas.; Livestock Judging Teem; Ag. Club. RONALD PODWIKA CHARLEROI, PA. Industrial Arts—Tech. Option Football 1, 2. 3. 4; Monogram Club 2, 3. 4. RICHARD VAN POE SILER CITY, N. C. Husker Engineering Sigma Nu. Ph. fro Sitma. Inbarrurals I. 2. AIP, ANS. VERNON CLAYTON POINDEXTER E. BEND, N. C. Industrial Enghsereing AIEE LARRY EDWARD POND DAVIS, N. C. Engineering Physics Dorm. Voce Pres., Social Director, Asst. Mgr., Int, Dorm Conn.; AIP 3; Student Government Cafeteria Comm. 2. 3. RICHARD GREGORY PONS ST. JOHN ' S, NEWFOUNDLAND Nuclear Engineering Nieman Club, Pres 4, Vice President 3, ANS 3, 4 THOMAS JENKINS PONS VALDESE, N. C. Chemical Engineering Delta Sigma Ph.; AICHE; Intramural. I, 2, 3. 4. JOSEPH WILSON POOL, III ELIZABETH CITY, N. C Industrial Education Industrial Arts Club ROBERT HARRIS POPE, JR. CEDAR GROVE, N. C. Textiles Delta Kapoo Phi. JACK KENNETH POPLIN NORWOOD, N. C. Civil Engineering Cho Epsilon, Pres; Phi Kappa Phi; ma, Vice Pen.; Engineers Cooncit Sr. 404•011. CARROLL LEE POTTER NEW BERN, N. C. Forest Mesegensent NORWOOD POTTER CLINTON, N. Animal Industry HARRY LOTHROP POWE RALEIGH, N. C. Zoology JOSEPH ADRIAN POWELL SPRING HOPE, N. Agricultural Engineering VICTOR MARLIN POWLEY DILLSBURG, PA. Electrical Engineering AIEF-IRE HENRY WESLEY PRECYTHE FAISON, N. C. Forest Manegernent Forestry Club 2, 3, 4; Society of Amer. Foresters 3, 4; Panamal. I, 2. 186 SENIORS DAVID MARION PRESLEY ASHEVILLE, N. C. Bethke! DONALD HERMAN PRICE MONROE, N. C. Aviculture! Education JAMES PINCKNEY PRIDGEN SALISBURY, N. C. Forest Management Intramural% 2, 3; Interfraternity Basketball I; Forestry Club 3. 4; Society of Amer. Foresters 4, ASCE I. 2. JAMES WILLIAM PRIM, III RICHMOND, VA. Methinks! Enginering--Aero. Option IAS 3, 4, .AS 3. 4, Cheerleader I, 2, 3; Student Government I, 2; Dorm Floor Mgt 2, 3, 4; CU Soc al Comm. 2, 3; MBA Pres. •. BILLIE ADAMS PRINCE FAYETTEVILLE, N. C Electrical Engineering ROBERT PITTMAN PROCTOR WALSTONBURG, N. C. Agriculture Economy Alpha Gamma Rho, Sec. 4; Ag. Cc. Club, Pres. 4; Ag. Club; intranurals 2, 3, 4; College Debating Ter. PAUL LAURENCE PROPST RALEIGH, N. C. Civil Engineering Pershing Rifles; ASCE 4, 5; Inaptly°Is I, 2. 3. 5; CV Social C.ocren. I. 2; YMCA Cobol, ' JACK WARD PROVOST HUBERT, N. C. Civil Engineering HOWARD LEO PRUITT, JR. MT. AIRY, N. C. Inch shad Engineering Srgrna Nu, Southern gime. Mao. Editor 3, 4, I. 2. 3, Veterans Club. Allf. Social Clymn.; Engineers Council. JAMES WILLARD PRYOR WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Veteran. Club; ASME, Track I; Intromueols 2. MARK RANEY JACKSONVILLE, N. C. Industrie, Arts—Tech. Option Lambe Ow Alpha Pres. 4; Intrarntwols I, 2; Industrial Arts Club 2, 3, 4, Cu Outing Comm. Chemn. 3. WILLIAM NEVYN RANKIN, III WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. Metallurgical Engineering Alpha Sigma mu. Theta Tau Frot; ASM Scholarship. ASm, Cones CLARK DELANO READLING CORNELIUS, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE JAMES CLINTON REAVIS, JR. MORAVIAN FALLS, N. C. Electrical Engineering Intramural, I; CU Film Comm. I FORREST RICHARD REDDEN, JR. CLEMMONS, N. C Industrial Engineering AllE 3 4; Scabbard b Blade 4; Drum E. Bugle Corp Co mm 4, ROTC Flight drop. e. JAMES MICHAEL REDMOND RIDGEWOOD. N. J. Civil Engineering—Construction Option ASCE; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard b Blade: Swimmun Ter JOBIE GENE REDMOND WATERVILLE, N. C. Furniture Manufacturing Management Sigma Alpha Mu; Soccer I, 2, 3, 4: Tennis Intromurah I, 2, 3, 4; CV Dance Comm. I. 2, 3, 4, Photo Comm. 1, 2; Furniture Club 3, 4; CU Library Comm •. DAVID RUFFIN REDWINE LEXINGTON, N, C. Mechanical Engineering 187 SENIORS PHILIP OGDEN REDWINE BADIN, N. C. Industrial Arts—Tech. Option Sigma Chi. NEIL EUGENE REELING YORK, Mechanical Engineering Cron. Country I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 1. CHARLES ROBERT REEVES ALBEMARLE, N. C. Textiles Tau Kappa Emden; Delta Kappa Phi; Intramural. I, 2, 3; Interfrotemity Council Rearmentativa; Textile Open Haute; High School Day. WILLIAM ELWOOD REEVES HALLSBORO, N. C. Civil Engineering—Const. Option Intramural. 7, 3, 4. HEALTH FRANKLIN REINHARDT STANLEY, N. C. Industrial Arts VICTOR LUDWIG REITZ CHARLOTTE. N. C. Machenkal Engineering Stoma Phi Epsilon. JAMES ROBERT RETTINGER SCHUYLKILL HAVEN, PA. Industrial Engineering Theta Tau, AI 1E; Baseball 1, ICC Athletic Director, Inirgmgrols; YMCA. ROLFE REUSING ASHEVILLE, N. C. Chemical Engineering Sigma Chi, Pres ; Ala; The Technician, Circulation Mgr Introrrurols GLENN 0. REYNOLDS LINCOLNTON, N. Mechanical Engineering—Afro. Option REGINALD MAURICE RHUE SWANSBORO, N. C. Electrical Engineering PAUL WILLARD RICE ASHEVILLE, N. C. Electrical Engineering CARL VANN RICH CASTALIA, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME: Intromoroh I, 2, 3, FtelArnon Orientation Program; YCC CU Gallo. Comm. CARL BRYANT RICHARDSON, JR. LOUISBURG, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE. CHARLES A. RICHARDSON ROCKINGHAM, N. Electrical Engineering AIEE•IRE I, 2, Sec. JAMES JOSEPH RICHARDSON CASTLE HAYNE, N. C. Miechankal Enahmeeing Swimming Team I; Intromurals 7, 3; Outing Committee, Sec. I, 2; ASME 4, Activities Comm. 4. THOMAS MURRAY RICHMOND, JR. GREENSBORO, N. C. Heating Mr Conditioning Sterna Phi ASHRAE. CHARLES EUGENE RICKELL FREDERICK, MD. Textile Chemistry Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Psi; AATCC. PAUL BENJAMIN RIDGE HIGH POINT, N. C. Mathematics Education Moth b Science Club. Vetville Council Wamd Alderman. les SENIORS RONALD WILLIAM ROBARGE WINSTON-SALEM, N. C Mechanical Engineering Delta Snima Scabbard 8 Blade, Intramural Football 3, •, ROTC I. 7.3, 4 JAMES HALL ROBERDS GARDEN CITY, GA. Forest Management Xi Same P. 3, 4, Forestry Club LARRY CRAIG ROBERSON CARY. N. C. Field Crops Agronomy Club VKC Pres. 4 ROBERT ISLEY ROBESON HICKORY, N. Industrial Ant ELMER JAMES ROBINSON LIBERTY, N. Heating Air Conditioning Veterans Club; YOCA, EVERETT ALNEY ROBINSON, JR. MARS HILL, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE 3, 4. GEORGE ALBERT ROBINSON, JR. GREENSBORO, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Bond I, 2; BSU Council; TED LEE ROBINSON LINCOLNTON, N. C. Pulp i Paper Technology—Forestry Sarno Phi Ept.1011. FOvItlf ante HERBERT CHARLES ROSE, JR. RALEIGH, N. C. Mechanical Engineering—Aero. Option Sarno P. Outstandmg Pledge I Athletic Award; Ruth Chairman; Infra. murals I, 2. 3. 4; Judicial Board I, 2; Senior Class Treas. 4; Inter- fralemity Council. Activities Comm., Social Comm., Investigations Comm, Advanced AFROTC, Flight Commander Wing Commander 4, PATRICK COWAN ROSE COEBURN, VA. Forest Management Pincium Artist, Forest Club. Cupidity Chtmn. DAVID ARTHUR ROSEVEARE GREENVILLE, N. Mechanical Engineering ASA4( JOHN RILEY ROSS, JR. NEW BERN, N. Nuclear Engineering 8012•30 Aloha Intramural 2. 3, • WILLIAM EARL ROSS CHARLOTTE, N. C Mechanical Engineering—Aero. Option YOC; IAS; CU Summer School Comm. Outing Comm. DOUGLAS EARL ROUSE KINSTON, N. C. Mathematics Education Veterans Club 2. 3; Moth 46 Sesence Club • BILLY KERLEY ROWE LOUISBURG, N. C. Soils Intramural% I, 2, 3; Agronomy Club. DANIEL GUY ROWE, III HICKORY, N. C. Textiles FORD CLARENCE ROWELL ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. Industrial i Rural Recreation Dorm Athletic Daector 3; Intramural Official 2, 3, 4; CU Soesol Comm. Clumn., Garnet Comm. Chrmn, Outstanding Comm. Chrmn. 3. HARRY CHARLES RUDD, JR. PORTSMOUTH, VA. Electrical Engineering IRE; Orientation Geoup Leader 1$9 EDWIN MURRAY RUDISILL, JR. GASTONIA, N. C. Mathematics Education DeMolav; Kopp.] Pim Kappa; Student Government Elections Comm. Clvynn SonoTor 4, Golf Tern I, 2, 3, 4; Intramural. I, 2. 3; Apollo Club 4; Moth ScrorK• Club Pres. •: Orientotson Grail Leader 4. GEORGE ALBERT RUDISILL CHARLOTTE, N. C. Industrial Arts—Tech. Oplion Siena Pi. Football 2; Basket , I 3: Dance Comm.; IA Club. CLARENCE MICHAEL RUSS SHALLOTE, N. C. Agriculture Education NORMAN ARNOLD RUSSELL RALEIGH, N. C. Pulp Pont Technology Phi Eta Sigma. Xi Sigma Pi; WKNC: Newman Club; Veterans Men.; Group Leader Freshman Orientation, CHARLES HAROLD RUTHERFORD GRASSY CREEK, N. C. Nuclear Engineering EDGAR VERNON SAFRIT, JR. SALISBURY, N. C. Chemical Engineering Sigma Nu; AICE: Intramural, I, 2, 3, 4; Voterom Club; RePresenvotwe to Engineers Council ROBERT EARL SALISBURY BEAUFORT, S. C. Industrial Arts—Toch. Option Industool Arts Chub; Track I; lAtICIMufOIS I, 2, 3, 4; Donn Athletic Director 2. 3, 4. NEILL McKAY SALMON, JR. LILLINGTON, N. C. Civil Engineering JAMES DONALD SAMUELS HIGH POINT, N. C. Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon. ASCE. Arnold An SiX.CIY. GWYN KEITH SANDERLIN NORFOLK, VA, Civil Engineering—Construction Option JAMES SAULS, JR. WARSAW, N C. Agricultural Education Intramural. I, 2, YMCA I, 2, 3, 4, Agriculture Club I 2. 4. Agri- cultural Education Club 2. Officer 3, 4. HARVEY RALSTON SAUNDERS FRANKLINVILLE, N. C. UintaCeI Engineering JERRY A. SAWYER NEW BERN, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Delta Sigma Phi Scholarship Chairman 2, Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kopp., Phi; You Bata Pi; Sigma PI Sigma, Intramural. I, 2. 3, 4; CU Main Desk Page. SANDRA SCHAUB APEX, N. C. Mathematics Education Hood°lity Comm. I, 2. 3; In:emotional Comm 3, Moth Club 2. 3. HERBERT WILLIAM SCHELD, JR. STATESVILLE, N. C. Forest Manogament Undergraduate Research Participation Project, Forestry Club. THOMAS EDMOND SCHULTZ WINSTON-SALEM, N. Nuclear Engineering AUGUSTUS DONALD SCOTT CURRIE, N. C. Industrial Arts Kama Phi Kappa; Epsilon Pi You: YMCA I, 2; ROTC I, 2, 3, 4; IA Club I, 2, 3, 4 JESSE HOBSON SCOTT, JR. FRANKLIN, VA. Pulp Paper Technology You Kappa Epsilon Chaptioin. Pershing Rifles Pledgenunter; Scabbard blade, Apollo Club; taxi:Innate Society. YMCA; CU Outing Committee; Deans List. Pulp 8 Popov Foundation Scholarship, Brigade Executive Officer, ROTC, Cadet LI Col; Distinguished Military Student. Intromurols. 190 SENIORS JOHN McCLAYTON SCOTT CHARLOTTE, N. C. Forest Management Alpha Gamma Rho, Monogram Club, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4; Soccer 3, 4: Forestry Club; Dorm. Athlete; Director; Intramural, I. 2. 3, t. LEO RHEM SCOTT NEW BERN, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Amer. Nuclear Society. MURL E. SEAGLE, JR. CHERRYVILLE, N. C. Forest Management Dorm. Vice Pres; Forestry Club; Floor Mgr.. Veterans Club. HAROLD O ' NEIL SEAGRAVES CONCORD, N. C. Civil Engineering AXE: Chi Epsilon. Treas. DONALD BRUCE SEARCY MILL SPRING, N. C. Electrical Engineering MEE DONALD ADOLPHUS SEDERS COOLEEMEE, N. C. Industrial Arts—Tech. Option IA Club, `MC Veterans Club. MARK ALBERT SEIDENSTEIN NEWPORT NEWS, VA. Industrial Engineering Southern Engineer, Circulation Mar; AIIE, Membership flumes CHARLES WALLACE SELDEN, III RICHMOND, VA. Forest Management Phi Eta Sigma; Xi Same Pi; Posetum, CU Vice Pre,. 3, Clumn. Hobby Comm. 2. Region IV Arrangements Comm. Chain.; Forestry Club. I, 2. 3, 4; Social Funetam Comm. 3. GEORGE DEWEY SELF, JR. LEAKSVILLE, N. C. Mathematics Education MITCHELL WAYNE SELLERS ROCKINGHAM, N. C. Textiles JAMES MONTRAVILLE SEVIER ASHEVILLE, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Eta Sarno. ASME, Advanced AFROTC. JOHN LEON SEYMOUR SOUTHERN PINES, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Sam Alpha Epsilon Treasurer, AIP, Intramural Basketball I, 2, 4; Orientation 3, •. CHARLIE SHACKLEFORD, JR. AURORA, N. C. Industrial Engineering Alpha Pi Mu; Intramural,: Student Government; Athletic Council; Con. soldoted Univ. Student Council; ABE; Veterans Assn. SPENCER NELSON SNAPS BROOKLYN, N. Y. Textiles Sigma Alpha Mu; Kappa Toy Beta, Phi Pu, Sigma Omegram, Intramural, 1, 2, 3, 4; ROTC I. 2. 3, 4. BOYD IDAMUS SHARPE SHARPSBURG, N. C. Agricultural Education Intramural, 3. t; Agricultural Ed. Club; Agriculture Club WILLIAM NORMAN SHARPE, JR. CHAPEL HILL. N. C. Mechanical Engineering Theta IFC Rep. k, Pres. 3; Blue Key: P, Tou Same. Cares. Sec. 4; Tau Beta Pi; Golden Chain, Pres. 4; YMCA; Apollo Club; Judicial Bd. or Review 2; Honor Code Board 3; IFC Activities Chrma 3; EDWIN ARTHUR SHEARIN WINDSOR, CONN. Engineering Physics AIEE-IRE; ALTON JACKSON SHEEK ADVANCE, N. C. Dairy Manufacturing Intramural, I, 2, 3, 4; Al Club; Ag. Club; Dairy Products Judging Team. N. C. Dairy Products Assn. Scholarship; Dorm floor Mgr .; Advanced Military. 191 SENIORS GARY SINGLETON SHEFFIELD GREENSBOk0, N. C Metallurgical Engineering AS. WILLIAM FORD SHEPHERD LANSING, N. C. Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; MU Exec. Council 2. 3; Dorm. Official 3, 4. RICHARD WILSON SHERWOOD FAIRFIELD, CONN. Wood Prod. Mdsg. Society of Amer. Foresters; totes! Products Research Society, Sec.; Tram. fee from Paul Smiths College, Asso. of Applied Science in Forestry. ROBERT TRACY SHILLINGLAW ASHEVILLE, N. C. Engineering MatineeNes Moth Club 4. JOHN LINCOLN SHIPLEY WILLIAMSTON, N. C. Mechanical Engineering—Anse. Oftiott Ph Evo Sigma; IA.S. JAMES GILL SHOOK RALEIGH, N. C. Furniture Manufacturing Management JAMES ADAMS SHURTLEFF BINGHAMTON, N. Y. Chemical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Cotologuer. o Amor too. of Chem Eng., Sec. 4. CU PhetegrOPhy Comm. 3. GEORGE NICHOLAS JOHN SIDERIS GREENVILLE, N. C. Industrial Engineering API CHARLES EDWARD SIEWERT LOUISVILLE, KY. Nuclear Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon; Ph. Eta Sigma. HARVEY WILLIAM SIGMON BREVARD, N. C. Electrical Engineering Phi Eto Sigma (to Kappa Nu; TOIJ Beta Pc Scabbard I. Blade; Glee Club I; Wesley•cn na 2. Treat 3, W. 3; Fairmont Methodist Church -• ' ' .• o Comm. I 2, Chernn. 3. Secretory of CU • -1 Military Stuctent; AIEE-IRE. CLYDE EDWARD SIMMONS GASTONIA. N. C. Geological Engineering AIME, Pres. 4; Engin:en 3. 4 cc lion AIME. EUGENE MURRAY SIMMONS, JR. ENFIELD, N. C. Mechanised Agriculture ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; ASAE I, 2; Mechanized Ag. Club 3, 4. CHARLES DOUGLAS SIMPSON ALBEMARLE, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Sarno Ph. Epsilon; Alp, Arnold AY Society; Football Mgr. I; Gymnostks Club 2; Intro meals. Advanced AFROTC; Ong Teem; Glee Club. JAMES DUDLEY SIMPSON, III FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Geology Track I; College Bond I; Publicity Comm. I; I, 2, 4; YMCA I, 2, 3, 4; Intrornurol Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Young Republicans Club 2; ROTC I, 2, 3, 4; Rockhound Club I, 4; AIME 4. LESTER GOULD SIMPSON, JR. JACKSONVILLE, N. C. Industrial Arts—Tech. Option IA Club. VANN MATTHEWS SISTARE RALEIGH, N. C. Mechanical Engineering AWE. HARRY ARNOLD SITTON ASHEVILLE, N. C. . NEAROUS COLUMBUS SIZEMORE, JR. WINSTON.SALEM, N. C. Industrial Arts—Tech. Option CV Outing Club 2; Veterans Club 3. 2, 3, 4. 192 SENIORS WILSON ALLEN SLAUGHTER, JR. BLANCH, N. C. Agricultural Tech—Dairy Agriculture Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Anna! Industry Club 1, 2. 3. 4. CRAVEN MONROE SLOOP, JR. CHARLOTTE, N. C. Mechanical Engineering—Aero. Option Veterans Ann IAS. ROBERT LUTHER SMATHERS CANDLER, N. C. Pulp Paper Technology Forestry School Freshman Counselor 4, Pulp Roper Foundation Scholar- ship 1, 2; Fourdniner Society 2, 4. SAM TAYLOR SMATHERS CANTON. N. C. Wood Prod. Mdsg. Lambda Ch, Alpha; Pertlung Retles. Scabbard IS Blade, Forest Prod Research Scatty. Forestry ALFRED GREEN SMITH KINSTON, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME. DAVIE JOHN SMITH, JR. GOLDSBORO, N. C. Industrial Rur. Recreation Rho Ph, Alpha, Kappa Ptu Kappa, V.te Pres. 4. DREXEL KERMIT SMITH KINSTON. N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASSAF EARL TERRY SMITH HAMLET, N. C. Mechanical Eng.—Aero. Option IAS. GORDON LEWIS SMITH HIGH POINT, N. Mechanical Engineering•Aero. Option IA5, Arn•sr Rocket Sagan. JAMES HOLT SMITH LENOIR. N. C. Forest Management Forest Products Research Society, Forestry Club, Veterans Club. JERRY ALAN SMITH LENOIR, N Civil Engineering Serra Ph, EpsIon; PM Eto Samo, Inuonsurals. JOHN SHELTON SMITH RALEIGH, N. C. Mathematics Education JOHN WILLIAM SMITH FOUNTAIN, N. C. Agricultural Education Intramural ' 2, 3; Ag. Ed. Club 3. 4; Advanced ROTC. LARRY BAXTER SMITH MARSHVILLE, N. C. Civil Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; IOU Seto Po: Cho Epularl; Innornurak I, 2. Apollo Club, ASCE; Deans Lost I, 2, 3. LARRY EUGENE SMITH FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Amer. Nuclear LATHAN JUNIOR SMITH TROUTMAN, N. C. Agricultural Tech•Dairy Baseball I, 2, 3. 4; Ag. Club lige Pres; Animal Industry Club; Ag. Club. LESTER ANDREW SMITH KERNERSVILLE, N. C. Agriculture Science-Wildlife Leopold Violate Club. THOMAS EDWIN SMITH, JR. SANFORD, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME 3. 4; ARS 3. 11 3 SENIORS TILLMAN BYRD SMITH FUQUAY SPRINGS, N. C. Electrical Engineering fro Kappa Nu, Too Bora Pi, AIEE•IRE WILLIAM CLAY SMITH SPINDALE, N. C. Textile Chemistry Phi P.., Pres, Sigma Tau Sigma, Pres., Tompkins Textile Council; AATCC. WOODLEY KENDALL SMITH DEEP RUN, N. C. Civil Engineering ROTC 3, A. Donn Mgr. 4; ASCE JOHN WASHINGTON PEARCE SMITHWICK, II SMITHFIELD, N. C. Ceramic Engineering Alpha Phi Omega; ACS; YMCA; Veterans HOWARD FRANKLIN SNYDER SANFORD, N. Civil Engineering Intramural. 3. 4; ASCE, Veteran ROBERT JAMES SOLOMONIC Electrical Engineering Phi Kapp, Phi; Southern Eng•neer Mg. Editor. FURMAN YATES SORRELL, JR. WADESBORO, N. C. Mechanical Engineering-Aere. Option Phi Eto Sigma; Toy Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi; PI Tau Sigma. Rec. Sec. IAS I, 3, 4. Program CNron 4, Engin wing Manors Program; Engineers Fair. JACKIE LAMAR SPARKS CLEMMONS, N. C. Industrial Engineering Theta Chi Rousing Chrmn; Allf; Dorm Sec. EDWIN PARKER SPEIGHT SUNBURY, N. C. Civil Engineering—Conti. Option Veterans Club I. 2. 4; Wesley Foundation I, 2, 3, 4; Damn Vice Pres. 4; DC JAMES THOMAS SPENCE, III PINK HILL N. C. Agricultural Engineering Lambda Cho Alpha; ASAE 1. 2, 3. YOC 2, 3, 4; Onientallern Comm. 2, 3; Pershing Rifles 2: AF Drill Team I, 2; Ag. Club I, 2, 3, 4. ROGER ALLEN SPENCER SWAN QUARTER, N. C. Field Crops Alpha Gamma Rho; Kappa Phi Kappa; Agronomy Club; Intramural. 2, 3, A; Athletic Director 4; SG Senator 3. WILLIAM CONRAD SPENCER GOLDSBORO, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE. 3, 4. RONALD CHRIS SPIVEY CHADBOURN, N. C. Agricultural Education Sigma No; Baseball I: Soccer I 2, Intramural. 3, 4. THOMAS RICHARD STADLER ELON COLLEGE, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Phi Eta Segmo; ASME 2, 4. WILLIAM CAREY STAINBACK YOUNGSVILLE, N. C. MothensoHcs Education Peramng Rifle ' Military Society; Basketball I; Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4; Drill Team I, 2, 3. WILLIAM EUGENE STALCUP BYASSTOWN, N. C. Civil Engineering ASCE. NELSON BYRD STALL NEWPORT NEWS, VA. Nuclear Engineering Phi Kappa Ph,: Tou Belo P.; Sigma Pi Stoma, Vice Pres.; Alf6111E; ANS. DAVID WARREN STALLINGS THOMASVILLE, N. C. Mechankal Engineering-Moro. Option Phi Eta Sigma 1; Pi Tau Sigma 3. 4; Tau Beta Pi 3, 4; Alpha Phi 2; 1AS 3, 4; Dorm Floor Mgr. 3, 4. 194 SENIORS GARY LLOYD STANFORD SYLVA, N. C. Electrical Engineering Al " RONALD CARTER STEORTS WINSTON•SALEM, N. C Industrial Engineering Tou Belo P., Alpha P. Mu; ADE PAUL MADISON STEPHENS EAU GALLIE, Civil Engineering-Construction Option Sigma Chi, ASCE. Student Rya., Motion 7. Intrcenutols Varsity Soccer 2, ROTC bum b Bugle Cog,. I, 2 ROBERT REX STEPHENSON RALEIGH, N. C. Industrial Engineering Clan Treas. I; AFROTC bill Teon, I. 2; All( • ROBERT LAWRENCE STEVENS WINSTON-SALEM, N. C Nuclear Engineering Alpha Ph. Omega es 4. Sec. 2, Pr. 3, WKNC 1, 2, Soles Director 3, Business Mgt. 4; Ala I, 2, ANS 4. VERNON RAY STEVENS GOLDSBORO, N. Industrial Arts InAntriol Arts Club; 8SU WIILIAM EARL STEVENS RALEIGH, N. C. Civil Engineering Della Sigma PA, JAMES EUGENE STEWART CLEMMONS, N. C. Civil Engineering HAZEL VON STOKES CHARLOTTE, N. C. Mechanical Engineering (C9c0MIM College) S.omo Lembo, ch. JAMES ALLEN STORY LENOIR, N. C. Heating Air Conditioning Sigma Pi, Elomboll 2. 3, • RALPH BENNIE STOTESBERRY CHESTER, VA Mechanical Engineering ASA. E • CHARLES RAYMOND STOTT WENDELL, N. C. Electrical Engineering MEE IRE Naval Reserve DANIEL BRUCE STROUP WACO, N. C. Animal Form House; Pre-Yet Club, Treas. •, Animal Husbandry Club; Agriculture Club. MICHAEL ALBERT STROUPE BESSEMER CITY. N. Electrical Engineering BENJAMIN MONTAGUE SUGG, JR. KINSTON, N. C. Mathematics Education Demo Scene Phi. Blue Key; Intramural. 2. 4, Clan Vice Pre. 3; Student Government 3; YMCA Cabinet 2, 3, 4; Executwe Council. YMCA 3. 4, Penney Rifles I. 2; ASCE. EDWARD RODIN SUGG SMITHFIELD, N. Industrial Arts Cu Photography Comm. 3, • WKNC I, 7, Industrol Arts Club • JESS AUGUSTUS SULLINS ASHEVILLE, N. C. Civil Engineering AXE; Intronsueoh 2. 3, •, Program Chemn, 2, Music Chrmn 3. 8SU LYMAN EARL SUMMERLIN GREENSBORO, N. C. Mechanical Engineering AWE, Vetetons Assn. 1 95 SENIORS GARY EUGENE SAUNDERLAND JACKSONVILLE, N. C. Architecture ALBERT CLINTON SUTTON, JR. ASHEVILLE, N. C. Animal Husbandry Form Hone; Agriculturist Editorial Staff; Agriculture Club; Animal In- dustry Club; Collegiate 4.H Club. DALE ALLEN SUTTON BRYSON CITY, N. C. Forest Management Form Holm; Forestry Club; 3. SAC HUBBARD MORRIS SUTTON NEWTON GROVE, N. C. Agricultural Economy Agriculture Ec. Club; Ag. Club. MICHAEL DONOVAN SUTTON KINSTON, N. C. Electrical Engineering IRE 3, 4; CU House Comm. 2; Veterans Assn. I, 2, 3. Sec. 4. MARSHALL NEWTON SWANN ROCKINGHAM, N. C. Furniture Mfg. Mgt. Forest Products Rematch Society 3, 4; Ft...Ilium Club 1, 3. Sec. +. JERRY OLIVER SWEATT KANNAPOLIS, N. C. Mechanical Engineering JAMES TITUS SWICEGOOD LEXINGTON, N. C. Textile Chemistry Delta Kappa Phi; AATCC; The Technician; The [Wog, Asia. Ed. 4; Advanced ROTC. WINFIELD SCOTT SWINDELL RALEIGH, N. C. Industrial Rur. Rec. Intramural% 2, 3. • ROLAND KENNETH SWING LEXINGTON, N. C. Animal Industry Animal Industry Club; Block 8 Brodie, Churns. Awards Comm. • Veterans Awn; Ag. Club. PAUL WESLEY SYKES, JR. NORFOLK, VA. Forest Management Swimming Teom 4, Forestry Club, (Transfer from Va. Polytechnic STEPHEN DELYNN TALBERT RALEIGH, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Veterans Assn. I, 2, 3, 4; AWE 4. GRAHAM MERRIETT TALBOTT WALLACE, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Pr Tau Sigma; Tou Belo Pi: ASME; Apollo Club; YMCA. JAMES MONROE T ALLEY HOPEWELL, VA. Industrial Arts-Tech. Option CHARLES A. TANNER SEVERNA PARK, MD. Pulp Paper Technology Phi Epsilon Pe; Freshman Class New; Sasihi..ere Class Trees Faso- driller Satiety. YMCA; CU Bd. of Dir. LARRY HOLMES TAYLOR MARION, N. C. Textiles LARRY JOE TAYLOR DENTON, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha; Ph. Eta Signs°, Tau Beta Pr, ASME; Arnold At Society. LUCIUS RIVES TAYLOR, JR. JACKSON, N. C. Forest Management Alpha Gamma Rho; Baseball 1; Forestry Club. 196 SENIORS Fir 197 RONALD SHERRILL TAYLOR CHARLOTTE. N. C. Nuclear Engineering Engineering Mathematics Ali 2, 3, Corms Sec 4 Eng .n.`041. Council 4, veterans Assn 2. 3 R. BRUCE TAASLEY KNOXVILLE, TENN. Science Education Form House, Alpha Ph. Omega, Track 2, 3, 4, RSV 2. HERMAN REGINALD THARRINGTON, JR. BUNN, N. C. Electrical fagloonies AIEE 3, 4. OWEN KEITH THARRINGTON, JR. HENDERSON, N. C. Civil Engincering•Construction Option P. Kappa Alpha; GRADY EUGENE THOMAS LANDIS, N. C. Civil Engintering•Cointruttion Option ASCE. intrombral. t. 2, 3. 4. JACK MAXTON THOMAS SANFORD, N. Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE. JOHNIE DARRELL THOMAS SANFORD, N. C. Wildlife Biology Cu Donee Comm., Sac; Arnold Air Society. Insurance Officer, Leopold Wildlife Club, ACS. National W.wl.fe Society; Wildlife Monogr°Phs, As Force Mogozine, Advanced AFROTC. ROBERT BRADLEY THOMASON, JR. LEXINGTON, N. C. Heating Air Cemdkkonieg ASHAC, Vice Pen. WORTH BAGLEY THOMASSON, JR. LEXINGTON, N. C. Textiles EARL RYAN THOMPSON RALEIGH, N. C. Metallurgical Engineering Phi Eto Siam°, Tau Bow P.; MM; Intr.:mumIs I, 2. 3, 4, Class Vice Pm- 2; Intertratornity Council, Social Finale:ins EDSEL HUGHETT THOMPSON SMITHFIELD, N. C. Agricultural Economies Ph. KappaYu; Asa Ec. Club I, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 3, 4; Veterans Ann.; Spool of Ag. Marshal. 3. JOHN REID THOMPSON CANDLER, N. C. Pulp Pepin Technology XI Stgmo P.; Fourdeiner Society; Apollo Club; VoteeOns Assn, DONALD LEON THOMPSON LAURINBURG, N. C Industrial Arts-Tech. Option %Amnon. Assn.; Baseball CLARENCE ANDERSON TILLERY, JR. RALEIGH. N. C. Heating Air Conditioning ASHRAC, 1, 7, Pres. 3, 4; Veterans Ann STANLEY WALTER TIMBLIN DURHAM, N. C. Electrical Engineering Delta Soma Phi, AIEE: Cu Pres., Bd. of Bd, of Chninn; Bd. of Dir. of The Friends of the College. Inc. LAWRENCE JAMES TRABER ARDEN, N. C Architecture WALLACE LEE TRENT KERNERSVILLE, N C Wildlife Conservation Manattement AFROTC Marching Airmen 2; Leopold Wildlife Club, Trees. 3, Pres. 4. OSCAR EVERETTE TRIPLETT RALEIGH, N. C Electrical Engineering AIEE. SENIORS WILLIAM WALTER TRIVETT BOONE, N. C. Mathematics Education Moth Science DONALD LEE TROTTER RALEIGH, N. C. Electrical Engineering IRE. JOHN WILLIAM TROUTMAN STATESVILLE, N. C, Matallurgkal Engineering spin° Phi Ensign Team I, 2; Intromurols 1, 2, 3, e; ASM; YMCA; Lutheran Student Ann.; MOnOgreen Club. ALVIN HOWARD TUCKER HICKORY, N. C. Mechanical Engineering intromum.s I. 2, ASME 3. 4; YMCA 1, 2. BOBBY CARROLL TURNER CHERRYVILLE, N. C. Mechanical Engineering—Heating and Air Conditioning ASHRAC, Foo•bon 1, 2, Baseball 1. JACK BOYD TURNER OLD FORT, N. C. Engineering Mathematics Ph, Eta Sigma; Erna Beta Pc Foundation. Pres. 4. JAMES CHARLES TURNER ROANOKE RAPIDS. N. C. Agricultural Biology Chemistry JAMES FLOYD TURNER WADESBORO, N. C. Engineering Mathematics JERRELL MAURICE TURNER LAURINBURG, N. C. Nuclear Engineering PM (to Srgmo, • in.romurol Ba,ketboll 1, 1, 3. 4, AID 1, 2, 3, 4. ROGER BLAIR TURNER GASTONIA, N. C. Electrical Engineering BOBBY WARREN TUTTLE RALEIGH, N. C. Chemical Engineering BRADLEY YATES TYSON WADESBORO, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME, A, BSU Chou I, R, 3. MARTIN LUTHER TYSON, JR. RALEIGH, N. C. Metallurgical Engineering ASM 2, 3, 4; Engineers COOnCil 4 EDGAR MYRON UNDERWOOD, III SANFORD, N. C. Electrical Engineering Sigma Ph, Epsilon. Phi Eta Sogmo. Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pc Corms. S.C.: Intramural Football; NCS Band I; AIEE•IRE. JAKE DeLANO VINSON ROSEBORO, N. C. Agricultural Education Kappa Ph, Kowa; VO.AG a. Mgr. 3; Ag. Ed. Club, Social Director 3, 4; Ag. Club 3, 4; YDC 3, 4. JOSEPH BENNETT VINSON RALEIGH, N. C. Forest Management Foreury Club o, 2, Treat 3, 4, Sonny or Arnen.ron For HERBERT ANTON VITALE NEW HYDE PARK, N. Y. Science Education Stoma Alpha mu Yearbook; Aloha Ph. WrOSII.n, I. Soccer 1. 2. 3; Intertrolcendy Sports; CU Etd. of Dir.; IFC St. Representative; TV Dicta- tion. WILLIAM DEATON WAGNER CHARLOTTE, N. C. Electrical Engine sin, W4ATC 3, Pres. 4; Charlotte Colleen (Sigma Lambda Cho, Pre. Ph, Theta Kappa, Vice Pree 2.) 198 SENIORS THOMAS WARREN WAHAB RALEIGH, N C Mechanical Engineering-Aero. Option KEPPEL DUANE WAIT ASHEVILLE, N. C. Engineering Mathematics Phi Eta Samo. Toy Belo Pi; Eng. Moth. Club; Apollo Club. ROY ALBERT WALDEN GUATEMALA CITY, GUATEMALA Textiles Delta Kappa Ph,. CHARLES ROBERT WALKER FOREST CITY, N. C. Metallurgical Engineering FREDERICK GUY WALKER, JR. ALBEMARLE, N. C. Mathematics Education GLEN EDWARD WALKER MORGANTON, N. C. Mechanical Engineering JAMES FRANKLIN WALKER BURLINGTON, N .C. Engineering Mathematics Phi Kappa Tou, Phi Eta Sigma; Cross Country I; Track 1; Clots Treat 1. RAYMOND HARLEY WALKER, JR. SPARTA, N. C Mechanical Engineering.Aero. Option IAS ROBERT H. WALKER YANCEYVILLE, N. C Industrial Arts-Tech. Option JACOB LIGHTSEY WALLACE, JR. CHARLOTTE, N. Electrical Engineering You Kappa Eps.lon. 1st Prize Et Nita Sc ence tau. 3, Chournon for Sr Clan, Science Fair. 4. AIEE iftE 3 4 THOMAS EDWARD WALLACE, JR. CHARLOTTE, N. C. Industrial Education Kopper Phi Kappa; Veterans Club I, 2. 3, 4; Inchntriol Arts Club 1. 2, RALPH SCOTT WALLINGER ASHLAND, VA. Forest Management Lambda Chi Alpha, House Mgr. 2, 3; Vice Pres. 4. X. Sigma P, Pintlym Asst. Ed. 3, Ed. 4; Intim...eats 2. 3, 4: Forestry Club 2. 3, •, Confer. bury Club I, 2, Pres. 3, 4; Apollo Club 4. CHARLES FLOYD WARD WHITEVILLE, N. C. Mathematics Education Veterans Assn., Univ. of Go. 1. GRADY DALLAS WARD CULLOWHEE, N. C. Animal Industry Alpha Zeta 3. t; Jr. Ed. of Meals Milk 3 Sr. Ed. 4; Intramural% I, 2, 3, 4; Deans List 3; Ag. Club 3, 4; Al Club 3, 4; Livestock Judging Teens 4; Block Binge ótó 3, 4; (Western Carolina Collette I, 2). JAMES EDWARD WARD ROSE HILL, N. C Mechanical Engineering Track I, 2, 3. 4; Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, YMCA; ASME: To:ent for Service Scholarship. JAMES OSKER WARD WILMINGTON, N. Civil Engineering ASCE; Intramurals I, 2. 3. 4; Waitrons NOAH LINWOOD WARD NAKINA, N. C. Agricultural Education Form Hosne; Infromurols 2, 3. t; Ap. Club; Ag. Ed Club; Ap. Day Program Chrmn.; Born Warming Prop. Charm. ROBERT LEE WARD, JR. MOUNT HOLLY, N. C. Textile Chemistry Ph. Pv, Caere,. Sec.: Intramural. 1, 2, 3. 4. ASTCC. Treat 199 SENIORS CHARLES KENNETH WARLICK POLKVILLE, N. C. Chemical Engineering Alpha Belo Gamma; Intramural, 2, 3, 4. MAX LANE WARLICK LAWNDALE, N. C. Chemical Engineering AICE. ROBERT BENNETT WARLICK RALEIGH, N. C. Industrial Arts-Tech. Option LARRY DAVID WARRINGTON RALEIGH, N. C. Textiles Ph. Ps•. Veterans Club. ROBERT WARREN WATERS ROANOKE RAPIDS, N. C. Mechanical Enpineming Theta Tou, ASMt, Scabbard 6 HARRY LEE WATSON WHITEVILLE, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Heating IL Air Conditioning ASME; ASHRAE. JAMES ELWYN WATSON, JR. RED SPRINGS, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Phi Elo Se mo. Stoma P. Sigma; Ph, Kappa Pta. Tau Beta Po, Voce Pres. 4; YMCA I; Westminster Fellowship I. 2, V.ce Pres 3 Pros. 4. ANS Ditturyunned Military Student 4, ROTC Bottle Group Commander 4, Honors Program. JAMES FELTON WA TSON, JR. KENLY, N. C. Engineering Mathematics EM Club 2. 3. 4; Freshman Orientation Group Leader 3, 4 Most Carolina College. AFROTC Drill Team I) KENT EMANUEL WATSON RODANTHE, N. C. Landscape Architecture DeMalay I, 2; WVWP I, 2; WKNC 3 4 ' Star. Mgr, 4; Publications et CV Pun Committee I, Soc. 2; Said I, 2,3. WILLIAM RANDOLPH WATSON, JR. RALEIGH, N. C. Electrical Engineering Eta Koppo Nu, Tou Belo P.; Pb, Koppo Phi; HOWARD LEWIS WAYNICK STATESVILLE, N. C. Agricultural Education JACK CARROLL WEAVER GREENSBORO, N. C. Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE: Oriente , Group JAMES PAUL WEAVER PENSACOLA, FLA. Civil Engineering SAMUEL ALVIN WEAVER RALEIGH, N. C. Chemical Engineering Ph, Kopp° Tou Chaoloco 3. Scholarship Chrmn. 3, Sec 4,- Phi Eta Sigma; Intramural,. YMCA Cabinet 2; AICHE 4; CU Publicity Chmm. 1; Young Repub,cons Club I. 2; Freshmen ()demote Leader 2, 4. WALTER HOYLE WEBB SHELBY, N. C. Engineering Mathematics ROBERT CLINTON WEBBER BLOUNTVILLE, TENN. Mechanical Engineering Theta Chi, Tree, Pre, . ASME. EDGAR HARRY WEBER READING, PA. Mathematics Education HENRY WISE WEBSTER, III SHANNON, N. C. Animal Industry Form House; Intromurals 2, 3, 4; Ag. Club; Al Club. 200 SENIORS 201 C ROBERT LEE WEBSTER NEW ORLEANS, LA. Electrical Engineering A1EE, Veterans HAROLD ROBERT WEEKS MEXICO 6, D. Chemical Engineering Koppo Alpbo, AICHE, Conterbury Club; ( 44401 Van,. Clots Mgr. 2, Vice Pros. AICHE 3). JOHN TUNSTALL WELCH, JR. OXFORD, N. C. Engineering Mathematics Ph, Eto Sagmo; Too Beta O,, Ph, Koppo Ph,, Bond I, 2. Asst. Floor Mgr. 2: Moth Club, Sec. 4. STACY ALLEN WELLS WILMINGTON, N. C. Industrial Rural Rec. Boseboll 3, 4. ROBERT WAYNE WEST MARS HILL N. C Textile Chemistry AATCC; Inteniorsity Christian PIETER JAN WESTERBECK PINETOWN, N. C. Agricultural Economics intramural Football 2. 3, 4; 4H; Ag. Ec. Club: Ac. Club; CU F.1rn Comm. GROVER WASHINGTON WESTMORELAND TROUTMAN, N. C. Agriculture Ag. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Animal Industry Club 1, Z 3, • EDWARD KENDALL WHALEY RICHLANDS, N C. Civil Engineering RICHARD SIDNEY WHELESS WADESSORO, N. Mechanical Engineering CLAUD EDWIN WHITE SHELBY, N. C. Mathematics Education GERALD McLAIN WHITE CHARLOTTE, N. C. Metallurgical Engineering GERALD SPENCER WHITE YOUNGSVILLE, N, C. Agricultural Education Intromwoh I, 2; Ag. Ed. Club. DANIEL CLARY WHITENER HUNTERSVILLE, N. C. Horticulture HOrtsCalbare Club 3, 4; Ag. Club I, 2, 3, 4. GRIER ELLIOTT WHITESIDES LINCOLNTON, N. C. Nuclear Engineering au Pi; Sigma Pi Signuo: Alp Uwe Ores 3; Dorm Sec 4; Engneers and 4. CHARLES BROWN WHITLEY, JR. CHARLOTTE, N. C. Agricultural Economics JOHN BRUCE WHITLEY CHARLOTTE, N. C. Agricultural Engineering P•ochon•zed Ag. Club, V,cc s Chosernon. Foie Booth BOBBY LOUIS WICKER LILLINGTON, N. C. Agricultural Education Ap. Ed. Club 3, 4. EDGAR ALLEN WILDER NEWPORT, TENN. Forestry forestry Out, FPRS; YMCA; Weddle Foundation. SENIORS HUGH BRAXTON WILDER SELMA, N. C. Agricultural Chemistry MAE!. Newsletter 2; Fencing Teem I, 2. JOHN B. WILES KANNAPOLIS, N. C. Civil Engineering JAY FREEMAN WILFONG NEWTON, N. C. Agricultural-Poultry Pou try Club. Reporter 2, Program Chrmn. 3, Voce Pres. 4; Poultry Judging Team 3, 4. JACK EDWARD WILKIE VALDESE, N. C. Mathematics Education Sigma Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; IntramiseIs 2; Intrafhatenty Sports 3, 4; ROTC I. 2, 3, 4; AIEE I, 2, 3. WILLIAM HOWARD WILKIE, JR. SKYLAND, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Tog Beta Pi. Shona es 59mo; Phi Kappa PT.; Alpha Ph Omega; AIP; Varsity Rifle Team 3, 4; Engineers Council. ROBERT LEDBETTER WILKINS FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Mathematics Education Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Arnold Air Society; Fraternity Intromurals 2, Class Treos I; AFROTC, I, 3. Morchmg Airmen 2, Cadet Colonel, wing Com- mander 4; D.stinguished Monty Student 4; An, Student Govt. Rep. I. FREDERICK WHITMELL WILLIAMS WARRENTON, N. C. Field Crops In.ramuto s I, 2, 3, 4; Veterans Club 3, 4; Agronomy Club 3, 4. HOBERT EARL WILLIAMS EAGLE SPRINGS, N. C. Industrial Arts IA Club. HORACE EUGENE WILLIAMS HENDERSON, N C. Civil Engineering ASCE; Veterans Assn JAMES GREY WILLIAMS BUNN, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ASME. JAMES SPEED WILLIAMS Electrical Engineering Eta Kopp:, Nu, Treas., Phi Ho Stoma. Deans List; Dormitory Softball 11: Veteran. Club I, 2, 3; ' IOC See. 3; CU Sd. of Dir. 3; Judicial Bd. 2: Code Board 3; AIEE 3. 4. JOE MADISON WILLIAMS OLIN, N. C. Agricultural Technology-Dairy Ag. Club I, 2. 3, 4; Hi School Guide 3; Animal Industry Club I, 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4; Dory Judging Tern 4. )0SEPH LUTHER WILLIAMS ROSE HILL, N. Agricultural Education Alpha Gamma SNYDER FRANKLIN WILLIAMS ROSE HILL, N. C. Horticulture Alpha Gamma Rho; Horticulture Club; Intramural, I, 2. 3, 4; Advanced ROTC JOHN HYBERT WILLIAMSON CLARKTON, N. C. Agriculture Alpha Zeta; Poultry Club 2, 3, Pres 4; UDC 3, 4; Dorm Vice Pres. 3. Pres 4; Student Government Traffic Appeals Comm. 3; Traffic Comm. 3; Marshol 3. THOMAS LEE WILSON STATESVILLE, N. C. Civil Enginmring•tonstruction Option Sigma Nu; ASCE; YMCA I WILLIAM THEDORE WILSON WINDSOR, N. C. Civil Engineering WILLIAM CARL WILTON ONT., CANADA Textiles (Transfer from Hamilton Inst. of Tech.) 202 SENIORS GEORGE LUTHER WINCHESTER, JR. RALEIGH, N. C. Ceramic Engineering AFROTC Rdle Team I, 2, College Unon Theater Comm 2. ACS 3, Sec 4, Veterans Cub 4. WILLIAM TUCKER WINDER N. Y., N. Y. Civil Engineering Sigma Chi; ASCE; Veterans Assn. (GO. Tea 6 Gee. Wash. Law. BILLY McCOY WINKLER GRANITE FALLS, N. C. Electrical Engineering SGOOC 3, 4; Veterans Assn. 1, 2. 3; A1EE. CHRISTIAN HEINRICH WITZKE, III WILSON, N. C Electrical Engineering Sigma Pi. Alum, Corr. Sec. 2, Stntonan 3. Sec 4; AIEE; Intramural, I, 2, 3, t; Captain ROTC; Peniong Rifles; Scabbard 8 Blade, Flight Trommg, ROTC. BILL REUBEN WOBBLETON WILLIAMSTON, N. C Wildlife Cons. Mgt. Leopold Wildlife Club. STACEY ALLEN WOOD WILMINGTON, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Veterans Club; ASME. COLMAN BARNES WOODHALL DURHAM, N. C. Nuclear Engineering Sterna Pe Sigma I UNC JAMES ADAMS WOODWARD SUFFOLK. Engineering Mathematics JIMMIE WORTMAN MORGANTON, N. C. Nuclear Enginerwino Tau Beta Pi; Sigma P. Sigma; Phi Rocco Phi; AIP, Veterans Assn: ANS. OWEN DAVIS WRIGHT HENDERSON, N. C. Textiles Delta Kappa Phi; Monogram Club, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; intramural% I. 2. FRANK EARLE WYNE WILLIMASTON, N. C. Industrial Arts-Tech. Option Track I. JOHN NICHOLAS YANTSIOS SALISBURY. N. C. Mechanical Engineering MM E. PHILIP PERSHING YARBOROUGH LEXINGTON, N. C. Mechanical Engineering-Hero. Option Plo Eta Sgroa, IAS, Arro S Fond 2, Musa Comm I AFROTC 1, 3, 4. PAUL EUGENE YODER WINSTON-SALEM, N. C Industrial Engineering Alpha P. Mu 3, Cones Sec. 4; All( 3, Program Chm. 4; Veterans Club I, 2. IVAN YOPP RALEIGH, N. C. Mechanical Engineering-Aero. Option DONALD GAYLE YOUNG ASHEVILLE, N. C. Forest Management SAE. Forestry Club. ROBERT WADE YOUNTS SPRAY, N. C. Furniture M!g. Veterans Club 2, 3; Furniture Club 1, 3, t; FPRS 4. JAMES RUSSELL ZOOK LENOIR, N. C. Civil Engineering 203 Professional School HERMAN HOWARD BABB, JR. MURFREESBORO, N. C. DONALD REED CHANDLER DURHAM. N. C. MAX EVANS RALEIGH, N. C. DAVID JOHN HALL NEW YORK, N. Y. WILBOURNE EASLEY HAMNER NEWPORT NEWS, VA. GEORGE BONSON HOBSON, JR. CHARLOTTE, N. C. ROBERT CHEEK INGRAM KENANSVILLE, N, C. JAMES FEUX KLUTTZ CONCORD, N. C. JIMMY H. KLUTTZ SALISBURY, N. C. HAROLD W. LANDRUM WILSON, N. C. WILLIAM CLYDE McGEE, JR. CONCORD. N. C. ROY HARRISON MINSHEW, JR. SPRINGFIELD, VA. EUGENE THOMAS REYNOLDS FRANKLINVILLE, N. C. BOB CARLTON ROGERS TABOR CITY, N. C. JAMES McMILLIN STEVENSON HENDERSON, N. C. WILLIAM EDISON VALENTINE W- ITEVIL LE, N C. LLOYD GUY WALTERS, JR. CHARLOTTE, N. C. RICHARD LOCKMANN WILKINSON WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. 204 Graduate School JAWAD THANOON AGHA IRAQ Horticulture SHAUKAT AHMED KARACHI, PAKISTAN CHARLES WALTER ALLISTON FLOWOOD, MISSISSIPPI Animal Industry WILLIAM H. ANDERSON DURHAM, N. Occupations! Information and Guidance PETER ROMAN ANTONIEWICZ SALISBURY, N. C Engineering Physics NICOLAS ARDITO PANAMA Agricultural Economics LAW LAMAR ARMSTRONG RALEIGH, N. Engineering Physics HENRY FOUST ATWATER BURLINGTON, N. Applied Mathematics CHARLES WILSON AVERRE, III SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA Plant Pathology PRESTON GWYN BAKER, JR. DREXEL, N. C Textile Chemistry LEHMAN WILDER BARNES, JR. SMITHFIELD, N Industrial Psychology ROLIN FARRAR BARRETT RALEIGH, N. C Mechanical Engineering JAMES ELWOOD BENGEL RALEIGH, Occupational Information and Guidance JAMES DONALD BLACKBURN MT. AIRY, N Civil Engineering EDWARD EUGENE BOHE FAYETTEVILLE, N. Electrical Engineering 205 Graduate School H. ALTON BOYD, JR. RALEIGH, N. Industrial Psychology JOE GLEAVES BRADSHAW LEBANON. Dairy Manufacturing DONALD NORRIS BRIDGES SHELBY. N. C. Civil Engineering CECIL CHARLIE BROOKS SPARTA, N Animal Industry JOSEPH F. BROOKS RALEIGH, N. C. Agriculutre GEORGE WASHINGTON BROWN RALEIGH, N. C. Agriculture JAMES THELBERT BROWN SMITHFIELD, N. C. Wildlife Conservation Management JAMES WALKER BROWN, JR. HAMPSHIRE, TENN. Dairy Manufacturing PHILIP CRAVEN BROWN, JR. ZEBULON, N. C. Occupational Information end Guidance JAMES WILLIAM BYRD MT. OLIVE, N. C. Nuclear Engineering WILLIAM FLOYD CAMPBELL RALEIGH, N. C. Applied Mathematics SHIRLEY HARRISON CARTER RALEIGH, N. C. Agricultural Economics GOUARDO CASAS MEXICO Field Crops BARRY AUSTIN CENTINI LANCASTER, PA. Mineral Industry Geology MRINAL KANTI CHAKRABORTY CALCUTTA, INDIA Agricultural and Biological Chemistry 206 Graduate School ROBERT WU-LIN CHANG TAIPEI, TAIWAN Electrical Engineering JOE SENTON CHAPPELL VARINA, N. Agricultural Economics JAMES OWEN CHATHAM WINSTON.SALEM, N. Electrical Engineering CHING-CHAO CHO RALEIGH, N. C Electrical Engineering THOMAS HAL CLARKE, III CHRISTIANSBURG, Entomology JOHN GARLAND CLAPP, JR. GREENSBORO, N. C. Field Crops RAYMOND LEE COLLINS GREENSBORO, N. Industrial Engineering M. THOMPSON CONKLE CANTON, OHIO Genetics THOMAS EUGENE COOK TAMPA, FLORIDA Occupational Information and Guidance NABIL TEWFIK COSTANDY EGYPT Textiles ROBERT IRVIN COTTRANE RALEIGH, N. C Agricultural Economics JEAN ANNE COULSON ANAHEIM. CALIF Genetics CHARLES EDWIN CRESS SALISBURY, N. C Field Crops JULIAN WRIGHT CREWS BRUNSWICK, Field Crops JO ANN CROOM RALEIGH, N. Bacteriology 207 Graduate School ROBERT EDGAR DALTON FACES CHURCH, VA. Applied Mathematics DAVID MARTIN DAUGHERTY WARREN, OHIO Entomology ROBERT A. C. DAULTON S. RHODESIA Plant Pathology JORGE GELBOLINGO DIVIDE PHILIPPINES Sails ADAM CLARKE DAVIS RALEIGH, N. C. Rural Sociology CLARENCE BOYLAN DAVIS WILMINGTON, N. C. Civil Engineering JOHN FREDERICK DAWSON WILMINGTON, N. C. Industrial Engineering BASILIO NARVAES do los REYES PHILIPPINES Agricultural Economics ROHITKUMAR MOSILAL DESAI INDIA Textile Manufacturing JOSEPH FREEMAN DICKEY HILLSBORO, N. C. Animal Industry PAUL W. J. DICKSON RALEIGH, N. C. Engineering Physics GEORGE WILLIAM DILLEY FORT GEO. MEADE, MARYLAND Animal Industry SURESHKUMAR BAPALAL DOSHI INDIA Chemical Engineering WALTER DONALD DUCKWORTH ATHENS, TENN. Entomology PHILIP DUSKIN DUKES REESVILLE, S. C. Plant Pathology 208 Graduate School rtiti ISMAIL ABDEL EL-SHANSHOURY EGYPT Mathematics Education JAMES A. EVANS WILSON, N. C Field Crops VANN JACKSON FAULK RALEIGH, C Applied Mathematics KENNETH DEANE FISHER RALEIGH, N. Plant Pathology DAVID LLOYD FLANAGAN RALEIGH, N. C Applied Mathematics JOHN EDWARD FLETCHER MARION, N Applied Mathematics JACK ALLEN GARDNER PASADENA, Engineering Physics JAMES FLOYD GOGGANS RALEIGH, N Forestry DORSEY M. GOSSETT HOLLADAY, Field Crops JAMES W. P. GREGORY, JR. ASHEVILLE, C Electrical Engineering SOETRISNO HADI INDIA Plant Pathology WILLIAM LEROY HAFLEY RALEIGH, N. C Experimental Statistics FAWZY HUSSEIN HAMMAD ALEXANDRIA, VA Metallurgical Engineering MOSTAFA KAMEL HATHOUT EGYPT Animal Industry PHILIP MONROE HENDRICKS, JR. LEXINGTON, N. Applied Mathematics 209 Groduate School ZACHARY ADOLPHUS HENRY RALEIGH, N. Agricultural Engineering FABIO HERNANDEZ BOGOTA, COLUMBIA Rural Sociology AUDLEY EUGENE HILEMAN FORD CITY, Agricultural Economics RICHARD RAY HILL, JR. YOUNGSVILLE, N. C Field Crops HORACE GILL HILTON DELTA, UTAH Soils BOU-LOONG HO CHINA Electrical Engineering CLARENCE ELAM HOOD, JR. NEWTON, N C Agricultural Engineering HARVEY ALAN HOROWITZ OXFORD, N. C. Applied Mathematics JOHN MANLEY HORTON RALEIGH, N. Occupational Information and Guidance GEORGE ALFRED HOTELLING CHAPEL HILL, N. Mechanical Engineering ERVIN GRIGG HUMPHRIES SHELBY, N. Agricultural Engineering JAMES BAXTER HUNT, JR. LUCAMA, N. Agricultural Economics CHARLES ROBERT HUTCHINS RALEIGH, N. Nuclear Engineering MAHMOUD AHMED IBRAHIM EGYPT Textiles THOMAS GEORGE JAMES BURLINGTON, N. C. Nuclear Engineering 210 Graduate School FELIX MIGUEL JAUREGUI LIMA, PERU Poultry SAMUEL FOREST JENKINS, JR. OXFORD, N C Plant Pathology KENNETH GENE JESTER NEWARK, DEL. Entomology CHIA REN JIM KOWLOON, HONGKONG Textiles LEROY KENNETH JOHNSON RALEIGH, N. Civil Engineering PRESTON BENTON JOHNSON BENSON, N. C. Electrical Engineering WARREN EUGENE JOHNSTON WINTERS, CALIF Agricultural Economics ALFRED JONES RICHMOND, VA. Agriculture BENJAMIN LEWIS JONES ASHEVILLE, N. C Geological Engineering) HARVEY RAY JOYNER ELM CITY, N. C Civil Engineering HERMAN B. JULIO SANTIAGO, CHILE Dairy CHARLIE KAW RANGOON, BURMA Textiles RICHARD LEROY KEITHLEY COLORA, MARYLAND Wood Technology TRILOKE KHOSLA BOMBAY, INDIA Agriculture DONG WHA KIM SEOUL, KOREA Textile Manufacturing 211 Graduate School ERVIN THADDEUS KORNEGAY ALBERTSON, N. Animal Industry ARNOLD VICTOR KROLL CALGARY, ALTA, CANADA Agricultural Economics CARL LEATON LANE RALEIGH, N. C. Forest Management RAY ROBERTS LASSITER AHOSKIE, N. C. Animal Ecology GUY R. LEDBETTER BLACK MOUNTAIN, N. C Field Crops JOHN FOY LEDBETTER ASHEVILLE, N. C. Civil Engineering WILLIAM F. LEHMANN EPHRATA, WASH Forestry WESLEY E. LOOS BUFFALO, N. Y Weed Technology RUSSELL OSBORNE LYDAY, JR. GREENSBORO, N. Nuclear Engineering SIDNEY JOHN LYFORD, JR. BRENTWOOD. N. H. Animal Industry JAMES FRITZ McCALL FLATROCK, N. Horticulture WILLIAM FRED McCLURE CHESNEE, S. Agricultural Engineering NORMAN EDWARD McGLOHON LAURENS, S. C. Plant Pathology JAMES MARCUS McGUIRE GASSVILLE, ARK. Plant Pathology ROBERT LEE McGUIRE BREVARD, N. C. Animal Industry 212 Graduate School $7 . ita ■ BAXTER G. McINTYRE ELLERBE, N Occupational Information and Guidance ADEN COMBS MAGEE COLLEGE STATION. TEXAS Animal Washy SYED HAMID MAHMOOD KARACHI, PAKISTAN Entomology ELLSWORTH CHAPMAN MAINE CRANSTON, R. I Plant Pathology CHRESTON FURMAN MARTIN LANDRUM, S. C Nuclear Engineering GENE A. MATHIA ANDERSON, MISSOURI Agriculture JOSEPH CARSON MATTHEWS, JR. RALEIGH, N. C Agricultural Economics JUNIUS KENNETH MAXWELL PINK HILL, N. C. Agriculture FRANK W. MEAD COLUMBUS, OHIO Entomology BILL R. MILLER CROSS ROADS, ALABAMA Agrkethpre HORACE LESLIE MILLER GREEN CREEK, N. Animal Industry ROBERT HOOVER MILLER Mt. ULLA, N C Animal Industry LAWRENCE ALBRIGHT MINK RALEIGH, N. Nuclear Engineering EVERETT ROYAL MITCHELL ITASEA, TEXAS Entomology HERMILO MONIES MEXICO Field Crops 213 Graduate School SEUNG GYU MOON IRI CITY, KOREA Agriculture CLAIR EDWARD MORRIS, JR. COLUMBIA, N. C. Agricultural Economics ALFRED LEROY MOWERY, JR. AUGUSTA, GA. Engineering Physics WILLIAM B. NESBITT EDNEYVILLE, N. C. Horticulture SAMIR W. NESSIM CAIRO, EGYPT Civil Engineering AUGUST JOHN NIELSEN EDNEYVILLE, N. C. Plant Pathology JOHN WAYNE NIXON PILOT MOUNTAIN, N. Agricultural Economics WILLIE CABANAS OCASIO PUERTO RICO Nuclear Engineering HERBERT WOOD OCKERMAN BURLINGTON, KY. Animal Industry AULSEY THOMAS OLIVE MT. GILEAD, N. C. Entomology HASSAN A. N. OTEIFA EGYPT Electrical Engineering WALLACE O ' NEIL PARKER HUBERT, N. C. Agricultural Economies CLARENCE OWEN PARLIN WINTHROP, MAINE Occupational Information and Guidance JAMES FRANKLIN PARNELL TIMMONSVILLE, S. C. Animal Ecology RAMJIBHAI MADHAVBHAI PATEL BOMBAY, INDIA Experimental Statistics 214 Graduate School GEORGE LOUIS PAYET RALEIGH, N. C Textiles JOEL VON PERRY RALEIGH, N. C. Electrical Engineering CHARLES WILLIAM PETTUS ALACHUA, FLORIDA Agriculture ROBERT BRIDGER PHELPS WINDSOR, N. C. Wood Technology CARLOS JULIO PINILLA COLUMBIA, S. A. Field Crops CLAUDE GRISLAIN PONCELET RALEIGH, N. C. Nuclear Engineering MARION RONALD POOLE RALEIGH, N. C Civil Engineering HUGH ARTHUR POSTON CANTON, N. C. Animal Industry AMRESH MAN PRADHANANG KATHMANDU, NEPAL Agriculture ABDUR RASHID PAKISTAN Electrical Engineering JULIAN ROBERT RAWLS, JR. PLYMOUTH, N. Industrial Art BLOSSOM M. REUTLINGER LONG ISLAND, N. Y Occupational Information and Guidance SHLOMO REUTLINGER BROOKLYN, N. Y Agricultural Economics RICHARD HARVEY RICHARDSON MEXIA, TEXAS Field Crops JERRY ALLAN ROBERTS LANDIS, N. C Applied Mathematics 215 Graduate School WILEREDO SERGIO SALHVANA LIMA, PERU Genetics LEROY CHARLES SAYLOR CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA Genetics PAUL EUGENE SCARBOROUGH, JR. STATESVILLE, N. C. Electrical Engineering JOHN ROBERT SCHABINGER ADELPHI, MARYLAND Animal Industry HENRY ELKIN SCHAFFER YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, N. Y. Genetics LEE SCOTT SELF ATLANTA, GA. Entomology JAMES MILTON SELL WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. Chemical Engineering JOHN IKE SEWELL COVE SPRING, GA. Agricultural Engineering ACHILLES GEORGE SFICAS ATHENS, GREECE Field Crops MAQBOOL ILAHI SHAIKH PAKISTAN Textiles MERRIMAN STATON SHOLAR CHARLOTTE, N. Electrical Engineeri ng ROBERT HENRY SHULTZ ELLERSON, VIRGINIA Nuclear Engineering ROBERT WILLIAM ROSEVEARE GREENVILLE, N. C. Civil Engineering JOHN LEONARD RUEHLE HOMESTEAD, FLORIDA Plant Pathology ALFREDO SALDARRIAGA MEDELLIN, COLUMBIA Entomology 216 Graduate School CARLOS SILVA MIAMI, FLORIDA Electrical Engineering JUNE SINGLETARY, JR. BLADENBORO, N. C Electrical Engineering HOWARD GORDON SMALL, JR. FAIR BLUFF, N Soils JAMES WAYLAND SMITH OAK GROVE. LA Animal Industry CARROLL JUNIOR SOUTHARDS RALEIGH, N. C Horticulture RAPHAEL JOHN STEINHOFF LoCROSSE, Fortin, FRANK RICHARD SWORTZEL KALISPELL, MONTANA Machankal Engineering THOMAS AARON TAYLOR LANDIS, N C Animal Industry DAVID BOYCE TEAGUE GRANITE FALLS. N. C. Applied Mathematics CARL JOEL TENNER BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Industrial Psychology MITCHELL HOWARD THOMAS, SR. MULLINS, S. C. Plant Pathology ROBERT WILLIAM TOLER DeWITT, ARKANSAS Plant Pathology WILL LEE TUCKER SHELBYVILLE, KY Animal Industry SAMUEL GUY TURNIPSEED MORAVIAN FALLS, N. C Entomology OSWALDO FLAVIO VARGAS LIMA. PERU Entomology 217 Graduate Students 218 DEMETRIOS ANTONIOS VASILIADIS SALONICA, GREECE Plant Pathology COLUMBUS EDWIN VICK, JR. WILMINGTON, N, C. Civil Engineering RAFAER FRANCISCO VILLANUEVA LIMA, PERU Field Crops CLAS VonRAMM GERMANY Plant Pathology RICHARD A. WIESE DODGE, NEBRASKA Agriculture WAYNE T. WILLIAMSON CHARLESTON, S. C. Dairy Manufacturing WESLEY WITCHER RALEIGH, N. C. Plant Pathology ALVIN EDWIN WOODS MURFREESBORO, TENN. Dairy Manufacturing ROBERT McFARLAND WOODSIDE STAUNTON, VIRGINIA Applied Mathematics CHARLES OWEN WOODY, JR. SOMERVILLE, Animal Industry ARCH DOUGLAS WORSHAM CULLODEN, GA. Field Crops JERRY WESLEY YOUNG MULBERRY, Animal Industry JING-JUE YOUNG RALEIGH, N. C. Electrical Engineering Special Students MYONG-JAI CHO SEOUL, KOREA FRANK WILSON FUTRELL, JR. STATESVILLE, N. C. DORIS K. GRUENSTEIN PHILADELPHIA, PA. NED FINLEY HARBIN, JR. CHAPEL HILL, N. C. CLARENCE LEE HOLLAND, JR. WILMINGTON, N. C DANDY CHUN-WING HWANG FORMOSA, CHINA MARTHA EMERY IRVINE RALEIGH, N. C. SHEPPARD NEAL MOORE NEW BERN, N. C. CARLOS GUSTAVO PLATSCHEK COLON IA. URUGUAY JAMES CARROLL RICHARDSON ELIZABETHTON, VIRGINIA VON SALES RUIZ CUERNAVACA, MEXICO NOEL MILTON SMITH RALEIGH, N. C WILLIAM DARLINGTON TODD, JR. GASTONIA, N. C. MICHAEL JACKSON WALL GRIFTON, N. C. JERRY MORRIS WILSON WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. 219 I THE COACHES EARLE EDWARDS, Football BILL LEONHARDT, Soccer EVERETT CASE, Basketball AL CRAWFORD, Wrestling WILLIS CASEY, Swimming VIC SORRELL, Baseball PAUL DERR, Cross Country Track 222 Monogram Club The purposes of the Monogram Club are to recognize through a student organization those men who hove corned a monogram, in accordance with the regulations of N. C. State College; to foster good fellowship among monogram winners; to promote a high standard of intercollegiate ath- letics and the spirit in which they are conducted; and to en- courage ideals of good sportsmanship among athletes and spectators in the best interest of North Carolina State Col- lege. OFFICERS Dick Reynolds President Torn Michaels Vice-President Bob Adorns Membership Secretary John Lawrence Sergeant-At-Arms Fronk Morocco Treasurer Doug Matthews Reporter John Hutchins Secretory ADVISERS Dr. George B. Lucas Dr. John W. Morgan Motor Edwin M. Reid Eighth row: Brewbaker, SmaItx, Michaels, Poole, Bunch, Clements, Peppier. Edwards Seventh row: Kudryen, larger, Stephenson, Mitchell, Hodges, Knoll, Kroll Sixth row: Renner, Pagano, Ewing, Amos, Roycrolt, Dellinger, Duricko, Stewort, Wojcicki Fifth row: Kinek, Leech, VolImo., Bernhard, Puckett. Matthews, Goedeker, Anthony, Bodriok Fourth row: Taylor, Golden, Morton, Wilder, Morris, Ifoumparakis, Marovich, Fitzgerald, Gabriel, Shaffer Third row: Shea, Roneri, McKeithon, Stanton, Harden, Gill, Howell, Wolfer. Drexler Second row: Mancini, McClain, Hill, Gibson, Reynolds, Gilleskie, Tapp. Anne, Singleton, Moore First row: Lawrence, Latusick, Nye, Co. Copt. Minyord, Co. Copt. Ealonick, Podwika, Nelson. Morocco, Scese, Oushotsky THE 1959 224 WOLFPACK SCORES State 15 Virginia 13 State 0 Wyoming 26 State 12 North Carolina 20 State 14 M Southern 19 State 0 Clemson 23 State 12 UCLA 21 State 14 Woke Forest 17 State 7 South Carolina 12 State 15 Duke 17 State 28 Maryland 33 225 It ' s hard to write up a summary of a losing team ' s season. The facts are well known that the Wolfpack won only one game and lost nine. If the loyal Wolfpack fans think this is hard to swallow, what about the team itself? Doy after day last fall the boys knocked them- selves out in long, unglamorous practice sessions to come out before loyal fans each Saturday to try again. Never giving up, the Wolfpack played good clean foot- ball every game but luck just was not with them. Gabriel exhibits the term which enabled him to tie the ACC passing record by completing 19 posses in the UCLA game. 226 Podwiko hits pay dirt the hard way against Carolina. Such a shame he could not have hit it more often. The leaders on the field, Co-Captains Balonick and Minyard, and the leader off the field, Head Coach Earle Edwards. Lotusick evades one tackler and another in that fateful day at Chapel 227 Wojcicki has excellent blocking A swarm of Wyoming tacklers move in for the kill. Gibson moves in for a bone-crushing tackle. The Carolina man ' s expression is indicative of what he ex- pects. One State player loses his jersey but State still scores against Duke. No one can forget ten losses in the coin tossing before each game or the rain at several of the games. These facts, however, ore only indicative of the bad luck the team had all season. At the first of the season the team had fumblelitis and the team was also hurt when several of its important players were put on the injury list. In the Mississippi Southern game the Wolfpock went ahead with o little over o minute left to ploy. However, with only 54 seconds remoining, Mississippi Southern scored on a 37-yard touchdown pass to win the game. In the Duke game State was in another cliff hanger when it was trying for a field goal on the final ploy. It failed and the loss was by a 17-15 score, Morocco eyes a would•be blacker as Podwicka murders this Duke Player. a Geld goal ogoinst Womrrto Merrell brines himself before slopping this Duke run. Podwiko pulls in another of Gobriel ' s posses. This combination was a threat to every opponent. The Wolfpock played a fine brand of ball oll season with the exception of two gorses. The Wolfpock could have been on the winning side of any game. The poor showing in the Wyoming game could possibly be attributed to the Woke Forest and Duke heartbreakers the two weeks previous. The Wolfpack hod 148 first downs while holding its opponents to 122. State didn ' t receive any penalties in two games to show the clean brand of boll State played. State gained 1288 yards on passes and five touchdowns while its opponents netted 980 yards and ten touch- downs. In rushing the WoDpack lost, gaining only 1116 yards to the opponents 1582. Losing only seven players, Baloniek, Minyord, Latusitk, Pod, wiko, Nelson, Morocco, and Nye, through gradua- tion means that the Wolfpock will be back nest year lighting, even though the loss of these players will be great. 230 SOCCER State 3 Fort Bragg 5 State 2 Fort Bragg 6 State 3 Lynchburg 1 State 1 Virginia 2 State 1 Duke 4 Stoic 7 Virginia Tech 0 Stott 0 Maryland S State 2 North Carolina 5 Stoic 2 Davidson 0 Right wing Jobie Redmond is about to center the ball during the Davidson game. First row: S. Tarim, .1. Carmen, D. Dee, J. Rivadeneyra, D. Fink !stain Second row: B. Brodsky. T. Zenel, Co-Copt. K. Alber, Co-Capt. J. Hutchins, Y. Balto, J. Redmond, E. Uslcup Third row: G. Hampton (Mgr.) J. Scott, J. Eaton, G. Hafer, J. Broughton, J. Creed, T. Lind, Coach Bill Leonhordt 1959 BASKE1 KEN CLARK, Forward BOB McCANN, Guard JON SIMBECK, Guard CAPTAIN DAN ENGLEHAROT, Guard JOHN KEY, Center STAN NIEWIEROWSKI, Forward DAN WHERRY, Forward 3ALL TEAM RUSS MARVEL, Forward DENNY LUTZ, Guard ANTON MUEHLBAUER, Guard BOB DiSTEFANO, Center BRUCE HOADLEY, Forward DON GALLAGHER, Forward GEORGE FINNEGAN, Guard Englehardt drives in with o lay-up against Wake Forest. State 65 Penn State 53 State 59 ' Woke Forest 73 State 70 ' South Carolina 71 State 66 Kansas State 59 State 58 Kansas 80 State 56 ViDemons 68 State 53 Georgia Tech E0 DIXIE CLASSIC State 32 Dayton 36 State 61 Holy Cross 63 State 57 Minnesota 48 State 48 ' Virginia 53 State 34 ' Duke 47 State 51 ' North Carolina 62 State 51 ' Wake Forest 45 State 53 ' Maryland 63 State 58 Eastern Kentucky 50 State 90 ' Clemson 69 State 87 ' Virginia 53 State 63 ' Duke 53 State 48 ' Maryland 46 ' Denotes Conference game Remaining games: ' North Carolina Raleigh ' South Carolina Charlotte ' Clemson Charlotte LaSalle Raleigh ACC Tournament Raleigh Muehlbauer gets a lettic for two more against Woke. Much[bout. and tlicwicroswski give Schaffer a rough time on this rebound. A new style of ploy, a new-found spirit, and a mis- take hove turned State ' s basketball team into the honest thing since the Chicago fire. It ' s a shame that this annual has to go to press before the scoson is over, for the Wolf pack has won five games in o row and seven in o row in the Coliseum to boost its con- ference record to 5-6 and overall standing to 9-11. Three members of the team were suspended for ten days, but when they returned, State ' s running game returned with them. Beating Wake Forest seem- ed to restore the team ' s confidence. They suddenly realized that they weren ' t os bad as they had looked during the first half of the season. Wherry throws up a hook with the grace of o southpaw. Niewierowski gets a bunny at Chapel Hill. McCann climaxes a fast break by Pouting in two- Muchlbauer ' s left handed shots just con not be stopped. State ' s success, as always has been the case, can be attri- buted to team effort; each man on the team playing o vital role in each victory. Substitutes hove played important roles whenever the regulars cooled off. Recently Nicwicrowski has become a terror off the boards, Gallagher has been scoring like crazy, DiStefano and Muehlbater rebounding and scor- ing like never before, and Englehardt directing the plays on the floor. State fans can rest assured that as long as the Gray Fox is coaching the Wolfpack, every opponent will have his hands full, no matter how strong the team is. Hoodley stems to be having difficulty in obtaining possession of the boll. ler 4r. Ji Fans onxiously await the opening tip-off. State controls the top and Captain Engle- horde motions ' Set up " . Stole scores and the fans love it 237 Marvel and Much!bouts screen out a Kansas player os the boll goes out of bounds. The freshmen can put thou Icft-handed shot, Ft, too Niewierowski goes up alone against Kansas State. DiStefono hits two against Penn State. Englchordt is dwarfed by the giants around him Moose shoots and everybody watcher Eng ' chard! slip, under the basket for two. Marvel and Clark hove their troubles trying to get the boll. 240 WRESTLING Stole 2 Maryland 33 State 18 Virginia 15 State 26 Davidson 10 State 16 North Carolina 18 Remaining matches: Citadel Charleston Duke Durham Appalachian State Boone ACC Tournament Charlottesville Maryland Tournament College Rork 241 SWIMMING State State State 52 54 SO Duke Woke Forest Clemson 43 39 39 State 54 Pittsburgh 41 State 59 Virginia 36 State 33 Maryland 62 Stole 58 South Carolina 33 Remaining meets: V.P.1. Raleigh Corolino Raleigh ACC meet Maryland Already bettering last year ' s record, the swimming team has managed to compile o 6-1 record so far. The exact results of the season are only speculative: If Maryland is beaten, the team could end up in a three- way tic for first in the conference. One of the serious drawbacks of the team this year has been its lack of depth, but since all of the members except Adams are sophomores and this year ' s freshman team is one of the best in the history of the school, this problem will be eliminated next year. Some of the team members ore: JOHN WILCOX—butterfly ROBIN 8EST—distance free style JIM D ' ANNA—sprint free style JIM CUTTER—backstroke BOB ADAMS—middle distance free style FRANK COBLE—diving First row: J. Allen, J. Proger, J. Singer, Capt. 8. Adams, 1. Wilcox, J. D ' Anna, F. Coble Second row: 8. Willett, D. Smith, S. Ellis, E. Spencer, J. Cutter, G. Griswold, P. Forgorosy, T. Klipfel, R. Best John Wilcox, Smokes. Ellis, and Jim D ' Anna pause for a moment before o vigorous work-out. John Wilcox woos anxiously for the start of the butterfly. 243 C R 0 S S C 0 N T R STATE 59 DUKE 21 WAKE FOREST 6t STATE 23 VIRGINIA 34 STATE 22 NORTH CAROLINA 35 STATE 34 CLEMSON 45 SOUTH CAROLINA 66 STATE 45 MARYLAND 16 J. Joyner, D. Reber, J. Hacker, J. Davis, D. Wilson, M. Beatty, A. Reed, C. Ratios, Mgr. L. Everitt 244 TRACK State 34 North Carolina 96 State 47 Clemson 83 State 72 Lost Carolina 59 State 32 South Carolina 67 2 3 Virginia 56 1 3 Stole 28 Duke 99 State 74 Woke Forest 56 • Claude Gibson edges ahead in the 120 high hurdles during the AAU meet. First row: Coach Derr, C. Gibson, R. Hall, S. Giver, J. Davis, D. Roper Second row: 8. Michael, M. Rape. N. Reeling, M. Wilkinson, D. Matthews, 1. Walters Third row: .). Brown, B. Wolfer, B. 8iggerstoff, D. Drexler, N. Overton, J. Bodsiok 245 Baseball prospects for this spring look good. Nearly every- one from lost year ' s team will be back. This plus the fact that there will be several good junior college graduates and outstanding players from the freshman team give the team real depth. Hitters such as Lancaster (last year ' s leading hitter), Gabriel, Schaffer, Wells, Perry, Edwards, and Cauble give the team good offense and the exceptionally good pitch- ing staff gives the team good defense. The one factor that may keep this team from going all the way will be that it is short on speed. Some of the team members will be: SCHEDULE MARCH MARCH MARCH APRIL APRIL 26 29 31 1 7 HAMPDEN-SIDNEY MICHIGAN STATE YALE PRINCETON MARYLAND RALEIGH RALEIGH RALEIGH RALEIGH RALEIGH APRIL 9 DUKE DURHAM APRIL 1S SOUTH CAROLINA RALEIGH APRIL 16 CLEMSON RALEIGH APRIL 18 WAKE FOREST RALEIGH APRIL 23 VIRGINIA RALEIGH APRIL 30 NORTH CAROLINA RALEIGH MAY 2 VIRGINIA CHARLOTTESVILLE MAY 3 MARYLAND COLLEGE PARK MAY 7 DUKE RALEIGH MAY 9 SOUTH CAROLINA COLUMBIA MAY 10 CLEMSON CLEMSON MAY 12 NORTH CAROLINA CHAPEL HILL MAY 14 WAKE FOREST WINSTON-SALEM Returning: Wilson Carruthers, pitcher Stacey Wells, first base Jim Cox, shortstop Easom O ' Neal, third base Jim Loncoster, outfielder Jim Story. outfielder Junior College graduates: Joel Gibson, pitcher Adko Perry, catcher Jerry Ca uble, outfielder Bernie Latusick, outfielder Nathan Smith, catcher Jim Overby. catcher Owen Wright, pitcher Weldon Schaller, catcher Freshmen: Wayne Edwards, shortstop Roman Gabriel, first base Vernon Strickland, outfielder EARLY SPRING WORKOUTS 246 R I F T A M The varsity rifle teem is comprised of outstanding members of Air Force and Army ROTC. The team is a relatively new group since it has only been in existence for three years. This youngness, however, has not been prevalent this year, for the team has a 23-0-1 record thus for with 43 matches left. First row: B. Waller, B. Buchonon, Copt. R. Hinson, R. Rinds!! B. Herr Second row: F. Wieland, B. Batiste, L. Banks, D. McRae, W. Rey- nolds a ARMY The Army ROTC has as its purpose, the training of students for position of leadership in the Army in time of national emergency. The successful completion of a four year Army ROTC course leads to a commission as a second lieutenant in the Army reserve. In the classroom, emphasis is placed on giving the prospective officer a general background knowledge of military subjects and activities essential to all of the Army ' s fifteen arms and services. Maximum effort is mode to arouse the student ' s interest through the use of weapons, illustrations, training films, practical exer- cise and models. Drill and Exercise of Command facilitate development of those essential characteristics of leadership such as self-confidence, initiative, loyalty, and the ability to think clearly, make wise decisions and inspire others to work for the success of any endeavor. COLONEL LAUREN W. MERRIAM Professor of Military Science Lt. Cot. Henry J. Pierce Lt. Col. John K. Roberts, Jr. Maj. Vernon B. Drum Maj. Joseph W. Jenkins Moj. Donald J. McGurk Maj. Edwin M. Reid Moj. Oliver M. Smith Copt. Ruth M. Isham Copt. John W. McDaniel, Jr. Copt. Purdy B. McLeod. Jr. M Sgt. Thomas J. Denton M Sgt. Rollins H. Nash SFC Robert W. 011enberger SEC Newman E Sons SEC Kenneth R. Hunichen SEC William L. Wingate Sgt. Edward D. Bill Sgt. Wolter B. McDade Sgt. William W. Mclean, Jr. Sgt. Bill H. Sims 250 Lt. Colonel Jesse H. Scott Major Jerry S. Harris Major Hugh C. Bennett Major Kenneth E. Steppe Major George G. Blonkfard Major Gory C. Schultz COLONEL SAM T. SMATHERS Brigade Commander Brigade Staff Miss Carole Brown For the Brigade Commander 251 First Battle Group Lt. Col. James E. Watson, Jr. Bottle Group Commander Copt. Charles D. Averettc Copt. Marion E. Howell Capt. Theodore P. Konkle S.1 5.3 Copt. Augustus A. Scott Copt. George B. Hobson 5.2 5.4 Miss Flisobeth Tucker For the Bottle Group Commander 252 Major Bobby G. Kiger Company Commander Capt. Aubrey T. Davis Executive Officer M Sgt. Harvey T. Hogan lit Sergeant Miss Eleanor Edwards Sponsor A Company Ind Lt. W c. Henry W. Webster Sgt. Jerry 0. Williams rein .7 lnd Lt. Woodley K. Smith a ' = Sgt. Robert V. Gursch perr 2nd Lt. William C. Steinbach Gerald B. White M Sgt. Jimmy R. Hastings 1st Sergeant Copt. Thomas W. Kirkpatrick Executi ve Officer Major James J. Richardson Company Commander 13 Company F. Leffler Sgt. Dennis rr 2nd Lt. James D. Hewett 2nd Lt. Synder F. Williams Sgt. Fred A. Barnett 2nd Lt. Martin Dodenhoff Sgt. Warren R. Tyler Miss Joanne Joyce Sponsor Capt. Edgar L. Boyd Executive Officer Major Alton J. SIseck Company Commander 2nd Li Donald Dawkins 59t. James T. hence 2nd Lt. Ronald W. Robargo Sgt. David W. Fainter 2nd Lt. GeorgeF.O ' Brian Sgt. Lorry M. Foust %v. M Sgt. Raul F. Churnley ht Sergeant Miss Brenda Zimmerman Sponsor C Company Miss June Well Sponsor Major David R. Redwine Company Commander Copt. Thomas L. Wilson Executive Officer M Sgt. Heath F. Reinhardt 1st Sergeant D Company 2nd Lt. Robert L. Blankenship Sgt. James W. York 2nd Lt. James D. Simpson Sgt. Robert D. Lee Copt. Charles A. Gantt Sgt. Harold A. Stegall LT. COL. JOHN D. SMITH Bottle Group Commander Second Battle Group Copt. Norman E. Bonks S-1 Capt. Jimmy S Doughtry S-3 Capt. Victor W. McPherson Capt Charles L. DeBoard S.2 Copt. William M. McLoughlin 5.4 Miss Jo Smith For the Bottle Group Commander 257 Miss Elizabeth Ingram Sponsor Major Robert L. Davis Company Commander M Sgt. Allen N. Jones 1st Sergeent Copt. 0. Redwine Executive Office A Company 2nd Lt. Mitchell W. Sellers 2nd Lt. Simon B. Hager Sgt. Robert E Rosentheel 2nd Lt. Spencer N. Shops Sgt. John R. Sherrill, Jr. M Sgt. Charles J. Russell 1st Sergeant Sgt. Albert R. Kiser Moss Rebecca Hines Sponsor 13 Company Lt. Cho.les D. Carter E. ..m.. 2nd Lt. lames L. O ' Connell Major William R. Johnston Capt. David C. Beam Company Commander Executi•e Officer Sgt. Glenn B. Talbert 2nd Lt. Jam, s T good Sgt. Lew k R. Cabe Miss Patricia Huneycutt Sponsor Major Hugh D. Hudgins Compony Commander M Sgt. Paul A. Romeo hr Servant Copts in William M. Dellinger Company Executive Officer C Company Sgt Michael W. Wilkinson 2nd Lt. Charles W. Gurkin Pri r 2nd Lt. J. W. Smith Sgt. Charles D. McMahon 2nd Lt. Alvin H. Tucker Sgt. James R. Reynolds Major Delbert R. Brooks Company Commander D Company M Sgt. Stanley S. Givens 1st Sergeant Mrs. Delbert R ay Brooks Sponsor Copt. David W. Abee Executive Officer 2nd Lt. James M. Stevenson Sgt. Worth A. Kendall 2nd Lt. ' A. Hall, Jr. Sgt. Charles E. Colson 2nd Lt. James F. Word Sgt. Dudley E. Bryant Third Battle Group LT. COL. HARVEY W. SIGMON Bottle Group Commander Copt. Robert G. Pearce Capt. M. Simmons Copt. Berkwood M. Former S-1 5.3 Capt. Ronald M. Bost Capt. Wayne M. MeLaurine 5.2 5.4 Mks Marguerite Schulze For the Bottle Group Commander 262 Miss Betty Weeks Sponsor A Company 1st Lt. Chester A. Honeycutt Sgt. Marvin R. Richardson 2nd Lt. Thomas M. Hunt W. W. Hopper, Jr. 2nd Robert P. Proctor Sgt. John C. Overton, Jr. Major Christian H. Wash° Company Commander Capt. Joe C. Cantle. F•ecutive Officer M Sgt. Lucius H. Bracey 1st Sergeant M Sgt. Ronald L. Olive 1st Sergeant Captain Stanley S. Lucoyki Executive Officer Major William C. Corrigan Company Commander 2nd Lt. George C. Taylor Sgt. Robert W. Roach Sgt. Billy W. Corte. 2nd Lt James F. Walker Sgt. Richard G. Hubbard 13 Company 2nd Lt. William P. Bina Miss Elizabeth Fletcher Sponsor M Sgt. William 0. Morrison lit Sergeant Major James L. May Company Commander Copt. Dewey T. O ' Kelley Executive Officer C Company rIrt tat ,t. . . 1 •?-r I -ti. • 2nd Lt. Samuel M. Baggers Sgt. Harry E. Mullis Sgt. Joseph R. White 2nd Lt. Stephen D. Brewer Miss Ann Summers Sponsor 2nd Lt. Crawford B. Moore Sgt. Augustus S. Hall M Sgt. George A. Lester 1st Sergeant Capt. Robert W. Waters Executive Officer Major Robert F. Hibbard Company Commander 2nd Lt. William E. Hamner Sgt. John Broghton Sgt. John A. Edmondson 2nd Lt. Thomas H. Doorman Sgt. Phillip N. Jacobs D Company 2nd Lt. Donald Collage. Kr " 11011 Mn. Donald M. Callow Sponsor Army Lt. Colonel W. R. Baker. Jr. Lt. Colonel W. R. Garwood Lt. Colonel I. B. McLeod SEC R. F. Bethune SEC J. F. Bodic SEC L. D. Bordeaux SEC J. S. Browning SEC V. B. Burwell SEC .1. 0. Carey SEC J. C. Cates SEC W. M. Crockford SEC J. R. Currie SEC J. A. Edwards SEC L. C. Edwards SEC W. E. Evans SEC J. B. Fitts $FC R. E. Gagnon SEC J. H. Hatdage SEC K. F. Hawkins SEC A. D. Hoopzr SEC J. A. Huggins SEC T. L. Jones SEC J. W. Keistler SFC T. J. Kran SEC E. H. Langston SFC B. G. Lee SEC .1. C. Leonard SEC S. C. Matthews SFC J. G. Miller SEC W. D. Miller SFC W. T. Mills SEC J. S. Moffitt SEC J. L. Poyland SEC W. J. Osborne SEC J. A. Oxford SFC W. W. Page SEC E. .1. Phillips SEC S. L. Porter SEC R. M. Pendergast SEC J. H. Nine: SEC W. M. Pritchard SEC J. W. Ray SEC A. E. Reynolds SEC J. G. Scott SEC M. S. Starnes SEC W. J. Sumrney SEC C. R. Vaughn SFC D. L. Whiteside 1 Air Force Captain C. B. Foushee 1st Lt. R. P. Armstrong 1st Lt. L. T. Sanford Sgt. H. M. Hill 267 268 Major R. F. Hibbard Commander Major H. D. Hudgins Executive Officer Captain 1. C. Cornier 1st Sergeant Scabbard and Blade Top Row: Averette, Books, Batten, Bcom, Bennett, BineII, Blonktord, Cobc, Carter, Chiles, Doughtery, Davis, DeBoard, Dellinger, Former, Gardner, Godfrey, Garwood, Guffey, Hamner, Harris, Hewett, Hinson, Holt. Kendall, Kiger, Kirkpatrick, Lester, May, McPherson, Scott, Sigmon, Smothers, Waters, Valentine Major H. W. Cog:online. Commander Lt. Colonel R. L. Overton Deputy Commander Mojo. L. R. KircIsdoefer Operations Officer Arnold Air Society Mr CIA Top Row: Bartlett, Batten, Crockett, Croon., Cranfill, McNeill, Prim, Roy, Samuels, Taylor, Thomas, Arnold, Blankenship, Brown, Byrd, Dalton, Foushee, Fulcher, Noll, Hotheock, Hoover, Howell, Gardner, Kugler, Meade, Nelson, Perry, Sanford. Sessoms, Witchard, Barlow°, Philbrick, Rush, Thigpen, Zumbrunnen MA 1 269 Command And Control LT. COLONEL WILLIAM R. GUFFEY Battalion Commander Pershing Rifles Commander Captain Homer J. Godfrey Captain Ed ward R. Hinson Captain George C. Atkins Captain Herbert C. Fox S-1 S-2 S.3 S.4 Major Robert M. Chiles Captain Fritz H. Oertel Executive Office P.1.0. 270 Drum And Bugle Corps 1st Lt. 2nd U. 2nd Lt. James A. Pierson William E. Valentine Edward F. Holt Sgt. Robert J. Smith Sgt. Lionel H. Bryson Sgt. William S. Lassiter MAJOR FORREST R. REDDEN ROTC Band Miss Linda Cope Sponsor Moor Charles L. Sanderson Sgt. William 0. Mocks Bond Commander 1st Sgt. Military Awards—Spring 1959 4444,111_ ' Al nni 9 kffillt lilt • _ 11ingfa fig • ••• • • , Mn. Vorqd F. Batten For the Squadron Commander Lt. Coloncl Virgil F. Batten Squadron Commander Marching Airmen 274 AIR FORCE The Air Force looks to its ROTC program for many of its future leaders. Our basic course provides students with on un- derstanding of fundamental military discipline and organization. In addition, it provides a basic knowledge of the air age and the influence of Air Power on World Affairs—knowledge which is essential for good citi- zenship, civilian or military, in today ' s world. The Advanced Course for selected and volunteer juniors and seniors provides more intensive aca- demic and leadership training to quality graduates for commissions and active duty. Throughout the entire AFROTC course a primary objective is to develop in students qualities of leadership and the ability to communicate effec- tively. These are keys to success in either military or civilian careers. COLONEL ROBERT C. PAUL Professor of Air Science Moj. Maj. Moj. Emmett H. Milk, Tommy Cobb Maynard C. Cusworth Capt. Copt. Copt. Michael E. Alvarado Richard L. Carroll Claude R. Rowell Capt. Capt. Capt. John B. Fink Charles R. Rowan Kendall G. Lerch M Sgt. Robert L. Murphy, T Sgt. Robert I.. Ostrand, T Sgt. Cabin C. Montocrnery, T Sgt. Joseph S. Douglas, S Sgt. Freddy Townsend. S Sgt. James D. Whetstone, A 1C Don J. Helsobeck " al 275 COLONEL HERBERT C. ROSE Wing Commander Wing Staff Miss Merle Mitchell For the Wing Commander 276 Lt. Colonel William R. Conley Lt. Colonel James W. Prim Lt. Colonel Bobby H. Croom Lt. Colonel Mittory A. Cowie Major Harold J. Roy Lt. Colonel Jerry A. Sawyer Lt. Colonel Phillip L. Hughes Lt. Colonel Louis R. Kirchdorler 1st. Lt. Rudolph G. Kugler 5951 Group Staff LT. COLONEL DAN JOHNSON 5951 Group Commander Major James M. Sevier Deputy Group Commander Captain Harold 0. Seagraves Group Administroti•c Officer Miss Eleanor Bromic, ' For the Group Commander 277 Squadron 5951 Mrs. Gilbert Alligood Sponsor Major Gilbert R. Alligood Squadron Commander Captain Earl Smith Squadron Admin. Of lice 2nd Lt. Jerry F. Arnold 2nd Lt. Thomas D. Hall 2nd Lt. Robert B. Blanchard M Sgt. William 8. Byrd Squadron 1st Sgt. Squadron 5952 Mn. J. C. Edmondson Sponsor Major James C. Edmondson Squadron Commander Captain Larry Taylor Squadron Admin. Officer 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. M Sgt. Herbert R. Hoover 1st Sergeant Bobby L. Meadows Gerald L. Rhyne Squadron 5953 Miss Nancy Higgins Sponsor Major Howard W. Cope...hover Squadron Commander M Sgt. David S. McRea Is ' Sat. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. Herbert G. Rosenthal Gorham B. Stephenson James S. Sutton Squadron 5954 Miss borate Jones Sponsor 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. Charles H. Meade William F. Niche John C. Dalton Major Johnic D. Thomas Squodron Commander Captain Thomas L. Hewitt Squadron Admin. Officer M Sgt. William E. Perry lit Sgt. 5952 Group Staff LT. COLONEL ROY L. OVERTON Group Commander Major Henry D. Cronfield Deputy Group Commander Captain Clyde W. Davis, Jr. Group Administrative Officer Mrs. Roy L. Overton For the Group Commander 282 Squadron 5955 Miss Suzy Willoughby Sponsor Major Richard H. Crockett Squadron Commander Captain Robert H. Myers Squadron Admin. Officer M Sgt. David R. Nelson Sgt. 2nd Lt. Wilbur E. Mozingo 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. Glenn G. Perry John W. Gibson • Squadron 5956 Miss Jo Ann McLeod Sponsor Major tomes D. Samuels Squadron Commander Captain Thomas J. Pons Squadron Admin. Officer dia M Sgt. Ross M. Olive 1st Sgt. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. Gordon E. Sawyer William R. Sessoms William C. Tucker Squadron 5957 Major Leonard G. Breeman Squadron Commander M Sgt. William E. Howell 1st Sgt. 2nd Lt. Willis K. Whichord George It Bennett Robert V. Blankenship 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. Miss Vonnie Sadd Sponsor Captain Amitl J. McColl Squadron Admin. Officer Squadron 5958 miss Linda Walker Spontor Major Jock E. Wilkie Squadron Commander Captain Phillip Yarborough Squadron Admin. Officer M Sgt Zachory Toylor 1st Sgt. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. Rondoll L. Brown James L. Davis Richard S. Downs 5953 Group Staff LT. COLONEL JESSE F. MONTGOMERY Group Commander Captain Jerry L. Austin Captoin Jerry A. Smith Dcputs Group Commander Group Administrative Officer Miss Elizabeth Barker For the Group Commander 287 2nd Lt. John K. Duncan 2nd Lt. Edward W. Ellis 2nd Lt. Rufus T. fish, Jr. ••■ Squadron 5959 Miss Marilyn Voss Sponsor Major Edward K. Wholey Squadron Commander Captain Richard D. Knox Squadron Admin. Officer M Sgt. Donald C. McNeill 1st Sgt. Squadron 5960 Miss Chris Olsen Sponsor 2nd Lt. Ben A., Gardner, Jr. 2nd Lt. Eugene B. Grant, Jr. 2nd Lt. James R. Griffin, Jr. Major Paul W. Paley Squadron Commander Captain Joseph Weeks Squadron Admin. Officer M Sgt. William H. Hubert its Sat. Squadron 5961 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. Miss Peggy Ratley Sponsor Major John H. McNeil Squadron Commander Captain Billy J. Boles Squadron Admin. Officer M Sgt. Marvin W. Hughey 1st Sgt. Hal C. Hartsell, Jr. Otto D. Thorpe, Jr. Allen C. Hothcock 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. Marvin E. Krtech Thomas J. Goodwin Mrs. William K. Bartlett For the Squadron Commander Major William K. Bartlett Squadron Commander Captain Edgar V. Sofrid, Jr. Squadron Admin. Officer M Sept. David B. Whitley 1st Sgt 2nd Lt. Louis H. Stone, Jr. Squadron 5962 44.P1 • •if• GARY SCHULTZ Voce President BOB DAVIS President BOBBY MEADOWS Secretary Interfraternity Council The Interfraternity Council was organized in the spring of 1931 through the efforts of the Council Administration and the fraternity leaders. The purpose of the Council is " to advance the interests of North Carolina State College, to promote the general interests and welfare of the associated fraternities as a body, and to insure co- operation between them in their relations with the faculty, student body, and the public in general. " The Council is composed of two representatives from each chapter, elected by the chapter. As the social feature of the college year, the Council sponsors two dances—the Pledge Dance in the fall semester and Spring Greeks. PETE MOFFITT Treasurer LEONARD ALLEN FII JERRY AUSTIN ZN FRED BARNETTE NI ROBERT BEADLES aIt WALTER BEAN ZN RONALD BOST An WARING BOYS RI WILLIAM CAMPBELL Ilko JOHNNY COBB NAE AUBRY DAVIS KT TOM ECK ON AUSTIN EDMONDSON K.% RALPH EDWARDS TRH GRADY FERRELL KA EDGAR HARBINSON TM: JAN JENSEN NH SCOOFER JORDAN NAB YALCIN KERMEN 0E11 WILLIAM LASSITER ANA LENNIE LAVITT NAM CHARLES McMAHON FRED PUCKHABER ZN ROBERT REDMON OX ROLFE REUSING ZX H. C. ROSE NII JOHN STONE .LIT DAVE THOMAS ZCE LEONARD TILLMAN ,EII HERBERT VITALE Z.%NI ROBERT WEBBER 295 ALPHA GAMMA RHO Billy Apple Leonard Breernan Bill Corrigan Ralph Forbes Robert Nethercutt Nicholas Paul Clco Robertson Lorry Boater Stephen Brewer George Eliodes Freddie Hopkins Donald O ' Quinn Thomas Peormart Gordon Sawyer Robert Brake Java Cory Ronald English Aubrey Goy Glenn Patterson Robert Proctor John Scott NU CHAPTER PLEDGE CLASS 296 A I P Roger Spenser Robert Whitaker John Stone Snyder Williams Lucius Taylor, Jr. di• 14 Ronald Bost Alpha Gamma Rho was founded in 1904 at Ohio State. Its purpose is to develop the best social, mental, moral and physical qualities in each brother and to promote a wider ac- quaintance and a broader outlook on the part of agricultural men through fellowship in a notional organization. There are now 33 active chapters with over 18,000 members. Nu Chapter was initiated on March 15, 1919. One of the high aims of NU Chapter is outstanding scholar- ships and activities which all members are expected to develop. The social activities include: pledge parties, Christmas Formal, Founders ' Day Banquet, Pink Rose Boll, and beach parties. Elizabeth Fletcher SOCIALIZING DELTA SIGMA PHI Robert Adorns David Beam Neil Clark Benjamin Gardner Hugh Hudgins Albert Kiser Victor McPherson Albert Phelps David Alexand:r Ronald Boger Michael Collins Johnny Harrington Phil Keaton Thomas Krirnminger Robert Martin James Pierson Robert Barksdale Victor Britt Robert Dorman Thomas Hoy Bob Kiger Herbert Little James Murphy Rodney Pittman Robert Beadles Woync Brooks Harold Frazier Robert Hibbard James King Wesley McGee Tcd Ovens Ronald Roborgc RHO CHAPTER PLEDGE CLASS 298 1 4 ivy Sawyer Cult, Shannon Cities Smith %tam Stevens flemarnin Saga Stanley Timblin Michael Tribble Nelson Young Robert Beadles Inspired by the noble ideas of its founders and built by its theme of Engineered Leadership, Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity has steadily grown until today its chapters are established on 91 college cam- puses throughout the United States. Founded on December 10, 1899, at the College of the City of New York, Delta Sigma Phi proudly sur- veys over a half century of solid progress and leadership in the Greek World. Rho Chapter became, in 1915, the sixth notional fraternity to be established at North Carolina State. Since then, it has maintained a tradition for responsible participation in all campus activities. The present Delta Sigma Phi house, purchased in 1957, is located on Tryon Rood in front of the Raleigh Golf Association Clubhouse. Ann Lee a COMBO PARTY 299 FARMHOUSE Leonard Allen Talmage Brown John Freeman M01•111 Hicks Larry Lawrence Ronald Moss Harold Atkins Samuel Byrd William Fouts Roy Holder Thomas McCall Robert Shepherd David Brarnlett Bernard Ferguson Jack Hawkins Herbie Johnson Charles McMohan Daniel Strop FARMHOUSE PLEDGE CLASS 300 EH Albert Sutton Dale Sutton Bruce Teasley Henry Webster Gerald White James Wright Leonard Allen Farm House is a national, Greek letter, sociol fraternity. The first chapter was established in 1905 at the University of Missouri. Seven men conceived the idea of Form House at Missouri, having in mind the development of a social fraternity which would maintain high morals, develop outstanding leadership qualities, strive for high scholastic achievements and vide a home for worthy agriculture students while in college. With these definite objectives to reach, the motto, " Builder of Men " , was adopted for the fraternity. The notional scope of Farm House now includes 18 active chapters. Each year almost every Form House ranks first in scholarship among the other fraternities on their respective campuses. The North Carolina chapter received its charter on May 15, 1954 to become the thirteenth chapter. The chapter has token an active port in campus politics, leadership, intramurals, and joint fraternity functions. Although the majority of the Brothers are in Agricul- ture, the chapter also has men in Forestry, Education, and Textiles; and fraternity membership is now open to men in all schools. Ann Irby RUSH PARTY 301 KAPPA ALPHA Richard Bethune Robert Clement Austin Edmondson Rufus Fish James Griffin William Johnston Bobby Meadows Freddie Roberts Lucius Broccy James Crutchfield Gene Edwards Gene Grant Cecil HorniIton Gerold Kriegel Thomas Miller Dennis Rose John Brown, Jr. George Dunlop, Jr. Grady Ferrell Jr, Oscar Grant James Harrison Arthur Mahoney John Nixon John Ross ALPHA OMEGA PLEDGE CLASS 302 KA ory Schultz James Spence ' bony Sherrill Boyd Steed ' beet Smith James York Kappa Alpho was founded at Washington and Lee University in 1865 to perpetuate the Southern ideal of gentlemanly character typi- fied by Robert E. Lee, its spiritual founder. The fraternity is patterned on an order of knighthood, and the members arc expected to conform to the discipline of the order and cultivate the traces of Southern gentlemen. Kappa Alpha restricts its field to colleges and universities south of the Mason- Dixon Line. At present there are 76 chapters within the order. Alpha Omega Chapter was chartered at North C arolina State College in 1903, and is the second old- est fraternity on the campus. The year ' s biggest social function is the annual Old South Boll. Austin Edmondson 10 At Sally Bruce DOESN ' T LOOK TOO COLD 303 KAPPA SIGMA Paul Anderson James Barnes Murray Borden Dudley Bryant Arthur Corpening Paul Davis William Duke Croons Faircloth Ronald Hulse Joe Archie Fred Barnette Thomas Boys Ed Calloway Boddie Crosby Simon Dixon Blair Ellis James Harris Kenneth Lough Pete Archie Thomas Betts, Jr. Sumpter Browley Stanley Clarke Philip Daniels Frank Dove Billy Evons Zcb Harry Robert Martin BETA-UPSILON PLEDGE CLASS 304 bri Matthews Billy Morgan John Reineche ;es McCracken Bob Neely George Snyder :op Moore Bony O ' Brien Durant Vick K Kappa Sigma originated of the University of Bologna in 1400 and soon spread to many of the larger universities of Europe. On Decem- ber 10, 1869, the " Five Friends and Brothers " formed the first Ameri- can Chapter of Kappa Sigma at the University of Virginia. Kappa Sigma has grown until it now has at least one chapter in every state. There are 100,000 living alumni and 129 active chapters. Beta Upsilon Chapter was founded on the campus of State College on February 23, 1903. Since that time it has initiated over 400 men. Warless Boys Nancy House PAUL AND A LIFE OF EASE 305 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Jorres Anderson El Indite Fah Bills Cartcr Harold Colsten IL skssond Form, r Bills Got f n s Chorls Gupton Wilhorn Linsitor macrini Peyton Nrol John Parker Lonny Royheld Jock litchord Sons Smothers James Spence Larry Taylor David Thames Ralph Wollinger GAMMA UPSILON PLEDGE CLASS 306 A X A David Whiteside% Fred Wieland Founded at Boston University in 1909, the Lambda Chi Alpha Fra- ternity hos grown to be the largest national fraternity, with over 150 chapters located at prominent col- leges in the United States and Can. ado. The " Cross and Crescent, " the fraternity magazine, is published seven times annually. Other Lamb- do Chi Alpha chapters in the state are located at Duke, Carolina, Woke Forest, and High Point. Gamma Upsilon Chapter was founded on the State College in 1924 and has initiated over 400 men since that time. The local chapter sponsors the annual inter- fraternity bridge tournament, a Christmas party and on Easter Egg hunt for underprivileged children. A high- light of the social year is the Crescent Boll held in the Spring in conjunction with other Lambda Chi chapters in North Carolina. Peggy Breedlove DRINK UP! 307 Arthur Hatton Alfred Hofmonn Fredrick Fort Michael Goldfarb Daniel Dooley Donald Dooley Salvatore Addotta Murray Cowan PHI EP HOUSE I.F.C. CONCERT 308 Yolcin Kermen Thomas Knight Robert M Marshall McLeod Gory Rosenstrauch EPSILON PI Thomas Lewis (I) E In June of 1949, a local fratern- ity, Phi Epsilon Tau, was chartered into the notional fraternity, Phi Epsilon Pi. Phi Epsilon Tau hod been founded in 1947 under the principles of fraternity, liberalism, and nonsectorionism. These ideals furnished the spark to weld to- gether a strong brotherhood under the charter. Today the fraternity is rightful- ly proud of its high scholastic ranking and its reputa- tion on campus as a leader in extracurricular activities. Sue Aboulafia Leonard Tillman BEATNIKS 309 PHI KAPPA TAU James Avent Fredrick Bock Rolin Barrett Jan Cates Hubert Barringer William Crawford Richard Croom David Decker Augustus Hall Hugh Holt Joseph Huggins Gerald Gibson Vol Guthery Charles Lombright Dennis Leffler Anthony Lindsay Lawrence Moore Edward Mooring Ralph Nelson Charles Rhodes Charles Sanderson Percy Scearco Clarence Shipp James Skidmore PLEDGE CLASS 310 Thorn George Williams owl Welker ' mud Wows MKT The Phi Kappa Tau fraternity was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, in order to break up a political monoplay on campus. Since its founding on March 17, 1906, Phi Kappa Tau has grown to a notional organization of sixty- five chapters. The three cardinal principles stressed by Phi Kappa Tau are lowship, knowledge, and truth. The fraternity maintains high standards of scholarship and honor, in addition to taking port in all campus activities. Chi Chapter at State College received its charter on December 7, 1923. There arc, at present, fifty-three brothers and pledges. We of Phi Kappa Tou have found a home away from home and, above all, a cornerstone of lasting friendship. 311 SLOW DANCE Aubrey Davis Sylvia Long PI KAPPA ALPHA Robin Best Bob Dods Jim Groce Johnny Johnson Eugene LangleY Wade McSwain, Jr, Burl Brody P. A. Grantham Charlie Hall John Kirkley Thomas Morro. Wesley Miles Alen Cantor Robert Gray Robert Harrington Jerry Longdon Wayland McGlohon Pete Mo ALPHA EPSILON PLEDGE CLASS 312 K A Carl Newman Tommy Powell Butch Simmons Lotus Stone Jim Taylor Jack Taylor Pi Kappa Alpha, since 1904, has been o leading fraternity on N. C. State campus. Again this year, Pika served its purpose—that of build- ing men of high character. This group of men found that by living and working together they could improve themselves and others about them. Of course, these men also de- veloped their social life. There are numerous parties throughout the year, with Pika Ball highlighting them. Ralph Edwards Billie Lassiter ONE OF THE " NUMEROUS " PIKA PARTIES PI KAPPA PI-11 PLEDGE CLASS James Browning Alfred Daniels Frank Draffin Bill Halberstadt Bruce Kernoole Eric Miller Jam es Neal Horace Corbett Thomas Davis James Durham John Hardage Allen Kimball, Jr. Robert Miller Choi les Owings Jerry Crabtree Joseph DeStahl, Jr. George Grubbs James Hollifield Gordon Knowles Wade Mills Choi let RotleY David Currin Edward Dennis James Grusdis James Johnson Frank McMillan John Moore Fran k lin Ribelia Ben Arthur Baldwin Ed Brooch John Broughton 314 K (I) Plaid Rink John Vaughn N•orcl Roberson Jefferson Walker Rnarel Taylor %ham Taylor William Campbell Pi Kappa was founded at the Col- lege of Charleston in South Caro- lina, December 10, 1904. It was concrete and permanent result of a friendship that had flourished since the elementary school days in the environs of one of the South ' s oldest towns. With the definite purpose of ex- tending the influence of the organ- ization, the incorporation as a na- tional fraternity took place in 1907. From the inception, the growth of the fraternity has been steady and con- sistent. The purpose of the fraternity is ' ' To promote fellowship and mutual trust among its members, to up- hold the traditions and ideals of the college where its chapters are located, to encourage excellence in scholar- ship, and to inculcate in its members the highest ideals of Christian manhood and good fellowship ' A T 9 ROCK ' N ' ROLL Barbara Campbell 313 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON :11 Bobbie Bell Terry Brooks Jim Caldwell Jerry Ccbc Robert Chiles Johnny Cobb Phil Connor Lad Daniels Bill Doughty Richard Fowler Jerry Godfrey Bob Goff Charlie Gurkin Hoyt Hackney John Hancock Buddy Harris Art Honcycuit Bill Hummel Scooter Jordon Dick Knox Bill Kropp Bill Lytch Lorry O ' Conntl Not Martin Mike Perry Johnny McRory Jack Potter • iI PLEDGE CLASS 316 hue Puctt John Seymour Johnny Wilcox Inc Rickel! Kenneth Steppe Pert ' only Sevier Charles Tote Pot Sigma Alpha Epsilon was born on the campus of the University of Al- bamo in 1856. From the day of its birth, SAE was committed to hold fast to all things which are good and true in college and fraternity life and to turn away from every motive and action which might lessen esteem for character and re- sult in the weakening or breaking of the tics of friendship. First of the great line of Southern fraternities, SAE now has 143 chapters in 46 states with 90,000 living. Coordination of the second largest national fraternity stems frcm the notional offices housed in the beautiful Levcre Memorial Temple at Evanston, Illinois. Alpha Chapter was established on the State College campus in 1947, and during this twelve-year span since its conception, has risen to take its rightful place on campus. Guided by high ideals and noble ambitions, it hopes to prove the worthiness and value of fraternal living. Marilyn Voss Scooter Jordon LOOK MA! NO CAVITIES 317 SIGMA ALPHA MU Ben Alegronti Alan Berke ' hammer Stanley Goldberg Bruce Hessler Gory Masse! Barry Pinner Richard Shochtman David Stainber Alan Altman Mike Berke ' hammer Ronald Goldstein Muriel Leffler Jeffrey Prager Jobie Redmond Spencer Shops Donald Studley Ronald Said Arnold Cohen Habib Eddie Lurey Peter Lehrer Fred Schafer Michael Shulimson Fred Steamer. if PLEDGE CLASS 318 Taylor Richard Williamson A M itbett Vitale Ronald Wurtzburger An Weinberg Richard Zinn Sigma Alpha Mu was founded on Thanksgiving Eve, November 26, 1909, at the College of the City of New York. The eight founders pledged themselves to lasting friendship. The object of the fraternity, as expressed in its constitution, is " to foster and maintain among its sons a spirit of mutual, moral aid and support; to inculcate among its sans su ch ideals as will result in actions worthy of the highest precepts of true manhood, democracy, and humanity. " Sigma Omega Chapter is the outgrowth of a local fraternity, Theta Phi, which had its beginning in 1929. From its inauguration, the fraternity has always main- tained high standards of scholarship and conduct. Sigma Omega Chapter is the owner of its house at 304 East Pork Drive. A TOAST 319 320 DELTA EPSILON PLEDGE CLASS SIGMA CHI Willett Bennett James Crowley Robert George Bruce Headley Allen bents Robert Linder Chuck Miller Pen Cassel% John Curlee Robert Gicrsch Daniel Huffman Rudy Kugler Joel Locke lint Moore Edmund Cook David Elliott George Hammett Bill Jackson John Lawrence Leighton McGinn Bill Morrison Wilbur Moth John Heidi Everett N 1 ft Orion Joel Ray lock Wolk4e d Pearson John Speight James Wood Powell Ed Summers Mike Ward tgo IX Sigma Chi Fraternity was estab- lished at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, on June 28, 1855. Since that time it has grown to a strength of 128 active chapters throughout the United States and Canada with over 68,000 living initiates. After two years of existence as a local fraternity, known as Chi Sig- ma, Delta Epsilon Chapter was established at North Carolina State College on Moy 15, 1943. With its own chapter house at 2514 Clarke Avenue, Sigma Chi takes an active part in all campus activities. Among the accomplishments of the fraternity are winning the fraternity intramural championship trophy nine of the last ten years and having a sing group that takes port in mony of the musical activities on campus. icon Locke Rolfe Reusing COOL MAN! 321 BETA TAU CHAPTER PLEDGE CLASS 322 Roger Gregg Arthur Latimer Roger Morrison Ed Puckhaber Thomas Robin ' Boyce Harwell Barnes Lawrence George O ' Hara David Purcell Edgar Safrit Kenneth Hawn James Lewis Louie Pollock Dudley Rabb Rufus Smith Thomas Hewitt William May William Porter Carl Reichenbach John Stevens SIGMA Nil Richard Benbow John Brumley Roy Champion Bob Droughn Robert Blonchord Eugene Bryant Ter rell Corker., Jerry Elliott George Blonklard Fred Callahan Lonnie Coulter Charles Flynt James Brame Richard Clement Richard Duke Maxwell Fogleman N Risco Sullivan Oh Thorpe Ea Thompson ' arks Vaughn Thomas Wilson Wolter Wilson • Walter Bean Barbaro Adorns bOWERY PARTY Sigma Nu had its beginning in the State of Virginia. Founded at the Virginia Military Institute by three Confederate veterans, in 1869, Sigma Nu was early known as the Legion of Honor, from which some of its outward manifestations, such os the badge, were taken. Honor was the cordinol motive, vir- tue the essential teaching, and friendship the token of Sigma Nu. Beta Tau Chapter was founded of State College in April 1895, thus making it the oldest fraternity on the campus. Beta Tau Chapter has initiated over 600 college men during its sixty-four years of existence. " To be- lieve in the Life of love, to walk in the Way of Honor, to serve in the Light of Truth, this is the life, the way, and the light of Sigma Nu—this is the Creed of our Fraternity. " 323 SIGMA PHI EPSILON Robert Broome Jerry Carom Larry Faust James Hooks Thomas Jones David Lose Bill McLourine C harks Pollod Jerry Bullin Fronk Davis James Frye Jerry Huffman Woodrow Jones Bill Morley Joseph Middleton T d Robinson Harris Caldwell Clarence Duncan Bill Garwood Charles Jamerson Lawrence Lontan Richard McDonald Donald Moss C loud Sanford Rodney Carroll Eion FoeIten Thomas Hill Bill Johnston Charles Livengood John McGohey John Nosh cry Smith Ernest Arthur Joel Boucom Bill Biggerstoff ' J ' Billy Boles SIG EP HOUSE 324 eve Thomas Daniel Wherry El Thornton Michael Wilkinson Sin Troutman Milton Williams 111 Westbrook Fred Wilson (I) E Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded on November 1, 1901, on the cam- pus of Richmond College in Rich- mond, Virginia. In the 56 years since its founding Sigma Phi Epsilon has grown from a small group of twelve to a membership of over 49,000 brothers all over the world. Today there are Sig Ep chapters at almost every important college and university in the United States. The chapter is active in all campus activities. Scho- lastically the Sig Eps are one of the highest on the campus. One of the gala weekends is the Carolina Sig Ep Ball which is held in conjunction with several other chapters of the Carolinas. Beta Chapter at State College was given its charter in 1905, making it the fifteenth National chapter. The present house, purchased in 1948 by the alumni, is lo- cated at 2512 Clark Avenue. o. SWINGING SWEETHEART Dove Thomas Gigi Padgett 32S SIGMA PI Woync Bolick Bill Cu!broth James Entrain Richard Freeman James Knox Gerald Silos Christcnbury Leek. Doty Robert Fitts George Gaines Robert Lasseter William Miller Bill Cooper John Eaton Lorry Fleming Jimmy Hastings Didier LeSion Henry Norman Sam Rose Charles Thompso George Rudisill Alton Tilley John Stevens Vaden Uncltruac William Page Walter Roberts Herbert Rose PLEDGE CLASS RHO CHAPTER 326 nd UptegroveCondler Willis Ward Christian Witzke a .J Williams Sigma Pi was founded on Feb- ruary 26, 1897 at Vincennes Uni- versity, Vincennes, Indiana. The purposes of its four founders was to establish brotherhood and " to or- ganize the most worthy activities, social, athletic, and scholarly, and set o high standard of manliness and college loyalty. " On May 28, 1921, a State Col- lege Fraternity, Sigma Chi Gamma, became Rho Chapter of Sigma Pi. At the time the Sigma Pi Notional Organization consisted of seventeen chap- ters; since that time Sigma Pi has expanded to include seventy chapters at leading colleges and universities throughout the notion. The highlight of the Rho Chapter social calendar is the annual Founders ' Day Banquet and Orchid Ball, which is held on the weekend nearest to the anniversary of the founding date. Each year Rho Chapter presents a Pledge Scholarship Trophy to the fraternity on cam- pus, whose pledge class has the highest scholastic average. Barbara Faulkner Jan Jensen BUT, IT TICKLES 327 TAU KAPPA EPSILON Jacob Bollard Robert Bowen Robert Burke John Corosi David Hall Richard Hill Richard Kent James Long James Oppenheim Bill Elissette Richard Bradshaw Michael Carrier Roger Fleming Bobby Halley Billy Jones Stephen Koszewski John McGuinn Gordon Owen Gordon Bond Charles Brown Morris Carroll James Gross John Hill George Jones Gerold Laney Byron Mead Jomes Fr 328 SCREAMING TKE Mn Paul Jesse Scott Jacob Wallace ken Price Tahatter° Simpson Carl Widen Onald Ritchie Charles Stallings Robert Zangas Tau Kappa Epsilon was founded on January 10, 1899, at Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, Illinois. The founders established a fraternity of men chosen " not for wealth, rank nor honor, but for their personal worth and ter. " The basic principles are ity, esteem, and love. A merger of a local fraternity, Alpha Lambda Tau, and the nationally established Tau Kappa Epsilon brought TKE to the south in the form of the Beta Beta Chapter at State College in 1947. The chapter has always prided itself on the interest members have shown in sports, student government, publications, and particularly scholarship. Highlights of the Teke social calendar include the Founders ' Doy Banquet, the Carnation Boll, and the French Quarter party. TKE emphasized the importance of careful balancing of social activities, scholastic work, and participation in the extracurricular program of the college. Mary Horbinson Edgar Harbpnson OPEN WIDE si it Alk% it sail,. THETA CHI Vance Apple John Chappell James Davis Johnny Dunlop Charles Hamilton Lacy londgon Gory Miller Reid Patterson Robert Re dmon James Boylond Mon Chedestes Morris Dillingham Thomas Eck Wayne Holley Ito Leggett James Moss Cori Penney William S karat Richord Buynittky Emory Chrisown Anthony Drum Kenneth Gillis Charles Kirkman Randolph McLeod Murdoc Murchison Dean Reber She A PLEDGE CLASS ' N- I I Imo. Smith Boyne Steele Raymond Winton k ic Sparks Jay Stuart Jared Wolfe C3tles Sparrow Robert Webber Bruce Wright Theta Chi Fraternity was founded April 10, 1856 at Norwich Univer- sity, Norwich, Vermont. From this beginning 102 ycors ago the fra- ternity has continually expanded until it now has 120 chapters on leading college and university cam- puses. Delta Rho Chapter was installed at State College on May 17, 1952. Our chapte r ' s intentions ore to make the fraternity a campus substitute for each mem- ber ' s home; to make the chapter house o home where members may live, study, work, and play with reason- able comfort and happiness; to assist in socializing the new pledges into the finished product of the graduating senior; to teach them principles of self government; to aid them in attainment of high scholarship; to encour- age them to gain the self-confidence and the building of personality that comes from participation in campus activities— in short, in every wov to aid them to become better fitted for distinguished service to their commun- ity and the world at large. 331 Robert Webber Carol Ann Bowden Sigma Kappa was founded in the state of Maine in 1874. Since its origin at Colby College, Sigma Kappa has grown from five original members to over 35,000 in 97 college chapters throughout the United States. Gamma Phi Chapter had its beginning at North Carolina State College in Oct. of 1959, making it the first sorority on campus. It is composed of 16 members who take an active part in the life of the college and strive to make the Gamma Phi Chapter the best of Sigma Kappa. The pledge of Sigma Kappa is " ... to strive for the development of fine character, intellectual and social culture, and to serve my sorority and college loyally and well.... " Linda SIGMA KAPPA Gt It 332 Visitors from Notional Fran Birch-2nd Treasurer Patricia Blue Evelyn Clark-1st V. President Sally Clark—Corresponding Secretary Merry Davis Patricia Garner Betty Harris—Recording Secretory Melissa Lindsey Peggy McConnell Ida Mears Nancy Eva Sandlin-2nd Vice President Shirley Scott Georgia Thomas —Itt Treasurer Linda Wry—President Helen Win— Librarian 333 [RCN Gal Stealing N]INSSV1DN]Cl N 11 JOHN EATON, Treasurer PAUL LEGGETT, President MIKE WILKERSON. Secretary BOB REDMON, Vi Class of 1961 336 337 Warrensville Bunnlevel Mt. Pleasant Hickory Falls, Quebec Tarboro Pittsboro Arapahoe Raleigh Glen Alpine Barker, Bennie Lee Barnhill, Alton James, Jr. Barrier, Cleveland Lipc, Jr. Barringer, Larry Erwin Bassett, D. G. Shawiningan Batchelor, William Maylon, Jr. Bcord, Hoyt Sturdivant Belongia, Elmo McCotter, Jr. Bell, Thurman Ronald Bennett, Bobby Gene JUNIORS Abe, Fujio Albemarle Abernothy, Ralph Garland Gastonia Abernethy, William Carl Huntersvillc Acra, R oland Port-au-Prince, Haiti Adorns, Robert Leon Pawtucket, R. I. Adams, Salothiel Licit, Ill Adcock, Shelton Young Allen, Charles Raymond Allen, Norman Samuel Allen, Robert Lee Allman, Lcon Preston Allred, Johnny William Andrews, John Edward Anna:, Samuel Lcon Arnold, Jerry Frank Arthur, James Harrison, Jr. Arthurs, David Franklin Atkinson, Marion Wayne Austin, Conrad Nelson Avent, James Kirkman, Jr. Avera, Roy Glen Baggett, Jasper Leroy Baker, Junius Ora, Jr. Baker, Neil Duncan Baldwin, Frederick Foster Baldwin, John Kelly Baldwin, Von McLoyd Bales, Eldridge Theodore Ball, David Graham, Jr. Bannerman, W. Haywood Barbot, James C. Barbour, William Alonzo Barefoot, Bright Hilton Barefoot, Donald Roy Barefoot, Ovalee E. A a tk !DI Nikk Q " rcs , hick a4,4as Rowland Henderson Goldsboro Graham Hampton, Vo. Charlotte Elon College Raleigh Hudson Spruce Pine Mt. Holly Mooresville Elizabethtown Charlotte Tarboro Houston, Texas Salemburg Raleigh Rowland Clarkton Abbottsburg Durham Winston-Salem Raleigh Carolina Beach Wilmington Benson Matthews Newton Grove Newton Grove JUNIOR Bennett, George Ratliff Bennett, Robert Elwin Berry, Bobby Mac Biggers, Homer Lee, Jr. Biggerstoff, William Thomas Black, Mary Elizabeth Blackman, Ernest Roy Blackwood, Robert Hampton Blackwood, Sam J. Blake, James Gordon, Ill Blalock, Hoyle Lee, Jr. Blalock, Willard Eugene Blankinship, Julian A., Jr. Boddie, Jack William Bodie, James Fredrick Bolick, Neil Oren Bolick, Roger Eugene Bolinger, Johnny William Bond, Gordon Ronde, Bone, Roger Wayne Booker, John McArtan Bordeaux, Larry Dawson Bostion, Curtis Hugh Bowen, Robert Calvin, Jr. Bowling, Edward L. Boyer, Allen Norman, Jr. Boycttc, Allen C. Boyland, James Leo Brocey, Lucius Hazeltine, Jr. Brackett, Mitchell D. Branch, Robert Bailey Bronnock, William Eugene Braswell, Harold Thomas Brautigam, Richard Henry Bridgcmon, Sherman M., Jr. Bridgers, Gary Bryant Brill, Richard Byron Brittain, Wayne Michael Britton, Walter Martin Brockmonn, Otto Raven, Jr. Brooks, Wayne Maurice Brotherton, Robert Kaylor Broughton, John, Ill Brown, Charles Calvin Brown, Henry Alfred Raleigh King Burlington Morganton Shelby High Point Hallsboro Cary Raleigh Wallace Boiling Springs Halifax Lynchburg, Va. Goldsboro Thomasville Clinton Ingold Mooresville Charlotte Broadway Martinez, Go. Goldsboro Alexandria, Va. South Hill, Vo. Cosor Rich Square Reidsville Goldsboro Winston-Salem Hendersonville Conway Urbanna, Va. Morganton Losker Greensboro Raleigh Sherrill ' s Ford Hertford Richmond, Vo. Apex Hickory Hickory Vole Bluefield, W. Va. Nashville 338 CLASS Brown, Randall Lamer Greensboro Brown, Talmage Thurman, Jr. Raleigh Browning, James Stephen Salisbury Bryon, Benjamin Edward Jacksonville Bucck, Hieronymus Clell Franklin Bullard, James Connor Charlotte Bunting, Phillip Marshall Greensboro Burke, Baxter Daniel Serer City Burke, James Franklin Kings Mt. Burn, John Lodley Shelby Busic, Robert Franklin Sparta Butler, Roy McMillian, II Clarkton Byers, Ted Ronald Concord Cabe, Alex Wimcr, Jr. Fontana Dam Cabe, Lewis Russell Franklin Caldwell, James Daniel Clyde Calhoun, Louder Eugene Laurinburg Collicutt, Joseph Hugh Asheboro Campbell, Donald Byron, Jr. New Bern Corey, Java O ' Neil Burlington Carlyle, Robert Cecil Fayetteville Carpenter, Jimmy Gray Monroe Carpenter, Lewis Franklin, Jr. Dallas Corr, John Curtis Goldsboro Carrington, Thomas Watkins, Jr. Oxford Carson, Edward Raleigh Carter, Billy Woync Middlesex Carter, Cecil Neal Savannah, Tenn. Carver, James William Fayetteville Cato, James Thomas Charlotte Cauble, Berry Wendell Gastonia Check, Walter David Burlington Cherry, Solomon Thad Fayetteville Childress, Richard Clark Greensboro Chrisown, Emory Dean Celo Christenbury, Silas Ted Harrisburg Christopher, William Ames Franklin, Vo. ChumIcy, Poul Franklin Fayetteville Clark, Donald Eugene Gastonia Clark, Evelyn Dee Beulaville Clark, James NorfIcet, Jr. Weldon Grommet, William Herbert High Point Clemmons, Gene Arthur Clayton Clifton, Frank Thomas, Jr. Mt. Olive Cline, Stomic Sherrill, Jr. Raleigh 339 JUNIOR Coble, David Scott Garland Coble, James Alfred Liberty Coble, Richard Nelson Fayetteville Cole, Robert Ervin Charlotte Colombo, Ronald Wayne Pearl River, N. Y. Colson, Charles Edward Norwood Combs, Clarence Leon Dorper Cook, Charles Wesley Calypso Cook, Johnny Hugh Marion Cooke, Charlie Harrison Lowndole Cooke, James Robert Huntersvillc Cooke, Oren Boyd Maiden Cooper, Barry Bennett Fayetteville Cooper, David Elder Cary Cope, Richard Owen Gastonia Cope, Roy Douglas Lexington Correll, Edward Max Monroe Couchell, Gus Perry Charlotte Crate, Oliver Paul Washington Crew, James C. Morganton Crook, John Marvin Enka Cross, Blanche Louise Va. Beach, Va. Cross, Lawrence Campbell Olivia Crotts, Carl Benson Trinity Crowell, Joseph Spottswood Enka Culler, Richard Broodus High Point Cuningham, Henry C., Jr. Winston-Salem Cunningham, Charles Emory Charlotte Curlee, Ronald Keith Albemarle Currie, James Richard Lordmont, N. Y. Cutler, Ernest Harding Blounts Creek, Dabney, William Robert S. Amboy, N. J. Dahlen, Philip Bernard Oakland, N. J. Dolton, John Covington Asheboro Daniels, Lowry A., Jr. Driver, Va. Daniels, William Henry Fort Bragg Davis, James L ' Roy Raleigh Davis, Joe Eric Charlotte Davis, John Charles Greensboro Davis, Phillip Armficld Graham Davis, Robert Baker Elizabeth City Davis, Robert Dabney Winston-Salem Davis, Thomas Barry Charlotte Dcaton, Bobby Bernard Morganton Decker, David Richard Winston-Salem 340 CLASS Del-Carmen, Juan Jose ' Dellinger, Cecil McClellan Dennis, William Lawrence Derrick, William Edwin Dickens, Robert Maynard Dinnes, William Donald Dobyns, George Edward Doggett, William Tate Donaldson, Joe Kelly Daub, Joseph Donald Drye, Homer Franklin Dumas, Edward James Duncan, John Kenneth Duncan, Marshall Yates Dunn, Harry Patton, Jr. Dunning, Kenneth Alon Dyer, Edward Grant Early, John Gordon Earp, Larry Gordon Eaton, John Edwin Eberly, Curt Weik Eck, Thomas H. Eckstein, Louis W., Jr. Edens, Wesley Irvin Edmonds, Lloyd Verner Edmonds, Rufus Eugene Edmundson, James Carroll Edwards, Jerry Allen Edwards, John Lester, Jr. Edwards, Larry Clifton Edwards, Ralph G., Jr. Edwards, Roger P. Edwards, Verlin Augustus Edwards, Walter Allan Elam, Edward Stuart Elkins, Edwin Ellen, Julius Edward Elliott, David Bruce Elliott, Johnny Lee Ellis, Edward William, Jr. Ellis, George Burkhardt, Jr. Ellis, Lorry Wayne Emerson, Thomas Jackson English, William 01lin Eppes, William Ryon Elkin Pikeville Mooresville Waynesville Hamlet Raleigh Cerro Gordo Waynesville Marshville Charlotte Clarkton Rocky Mount Forest City Statesville Henderson Winston-Salem Durham Siler City Wotho Charlotte AA:with • thA • , ti • Guatemala, C. A. Stanley Randleman Charlotte Black Mt. Franklin Rural Retreat, Vo. High Point Mt. Mourne Not ft own Salisbury Raleigh Kannopolis Clayton Danville, Va. Kinston N. Wilkesboro Raleigh Charlotte Asheville Sheridan, Pa. Savannah, Ga. Bryson City Draper Roanoke Rapids eirrscl Asia 341 JUNIOR Eskridge, Harold Eugene Eudy, Larry D. Everett, Marvin McHenry Faires, Ned Tracy Falls, Richard Don Fenster, David Wayne Forlowc, Horace Laverne Farr, Edward Clark Farrell, Claude Herman, Ill Farris, Arthur Campbell Shelby Charlotte Robe rsonville Mount Holly Bessemer City Winston-Salem Greensboro Charlotte Raleigh Charlotte Taylorsville Waynesville d Rapids, Mich. Horrells Hertford Feimster, Alan Grant Felmet, Jack Welch Fetherston, David E. Gran Ficquett, Frederick Arthur, Jr Fields, Edgar Milton, Jr. Files, Douglas Wade Filsoof, Food Fred Finger, David Alton, Jr. Fish, George W. Fish, Rufus Talmage Fisher, James Crowell, Jr. Fisher, Norman Ray Fisher, William Arnold Fitts, Edward Plummer, Jr. Fitts, Jerry Burt Raleigh Tehran, Iran Kannapolis Roanoke Rapids Wilson Mt. Pleasant Raleigh Durham Littleton Raleigh Flake, Wildon Curtis New London Fleming, Larry Milton Morganton Flynn, Joe Franklin Chimney Rock Fock, David Siew-Pun Singapore, China Fogle, Fred Aull Shelby Fcil, William Kenneth Kannapolis Fo!son, James Warren Newport News, Vo. Ford, Wayne, Emrick Richmond, Va. Fore, James Roy Waynesville Foushce, Charles Broadus, Jr. Raleigh Fouts, William Elbert Fowler, Robert Lewis Frady, James Howard Frame, Wesley Booth Staten Francis, Joseph Marshall Franklin Bryson City Canton Island, N. Y. Conway Franklin, Kenneth Vaden, Jr. Frazier, Harold Leon Frazier, Winston Earle Fuhrer, Raymond K. Fulcher, William Freddy Cary Charlotte Wake Forest Charlotte Rocky Mount CLASS Charlotte Jr. Salisbury Hobona, Cuba Aydcn Dallas Raleigh Cliffside Wilmington Newport Raleigh Statesville Zebulon Arden Fern Park, Fla. Greensboro Engelhard Laurinburg Fairmont Laurel Hill Gastonia Shelby Burlington Clinton Roseboro Shelby Fuller, Richard Vernon Gamble, Ernest Washington, Garcia, Oscar Nicolas Gardner, Ben Alton Gardner, Joe Dan Gardner, Robert Lee Gardner, Thomas Alfred Garner, Charles Philemon Garner, Gilbert Giles Garner, Patricia Louise Garrison, George Walker, Jr. Goy, Aubrey Leonard Gentry, Steve Elaine Germaine, Winthrop Henry Gerringer, Hugh Leslie, Jr. Gibbs, Russel Wayne Gibson, Harry Jackson Gibson, John Wayne Gibson, Peter Murray Gibson, William Joel Gidncy, Robert Sorratt , Jr. Gilliam, David Dolian Godwin, Thomas Howard Goff, Benjamin Ransom Gold, James Christopher Gonzalez, Manuel Goode, Maxwell Walker Goodwin, David Artemas Goodwin, Thomas Jerry Gore, Cecil Kode Monterrey, Mexico Boiling Springs Oswego, N. Y. Durham Raleigh Goswick, Carl Raymond, Jr. Grady, William Ward Graham, James Lee Graham, Phillip Ray Green, Thomas Sweet Greene, Charles William Gregory, Jarrett Gordon Griffin, James Randolph, Jr. Grimsley, Daniel Lawrence Grocc, Donald Hugh Gross, Chris Gryder, Rcid Kent Gunn, Johnnie Oliver, Jr. Gunter, Thomas Holland Gunter, Wayne Dewey, Jr. Durham Raleigh Yadkinville Yadkinville Butner Canton Danville, Va. Rocky Mt. Acme Yadkinville Wilmington Rockingham Yanceyville Raleigh Bryson City Errinn tk 343 JUNIOR Gupton, Charles Pernell Castalia Gurganus, Clyde Mitchell Williamston Gurganus, Fronkic Brown Williamston Hackney, James Acra, Ill Washington Haddad, George M. Hammond, Lebanon Haddock, William A. Hater, Gunter Bolonski Hager, Robert Luther Hager, Ted Eugene Haggard, Kenneth L. Hakimbaba, Morod Hall, Thomas David Hall, William Headley Halsey, Hugh Warden Hamby, Leslie Milton Jacksonville Laurinburg Alexis Mt. Holly San Antonio, Texas Teheran, Iran Pineville High Point Rapid City, S. D. Black Mt. Hamilton, James Loyd Hamilton, Jean Antoinette Hamilton, John Arthur Hamrick, Bruce Wendell Hamrick, Vincent A. Harbinson, Edgar Neil Hardagc, John Harrelson Hardin, Paul Douglas Hardison, Gerald Dean Harper, James Alexander Harrelson, Hugh Gene Harrill, Joy Black, Jr. Harrill, Thomas Lawson Harris, Billy Wade Harris, Dennis Irvin, Jr. Harris, Harold Brookshire Harris, Roy Leonard Harris, Andrew Jennings, Jr. Hartley, Donald Lee Hartline, Leon Mason Hartsell, Hal Craig, Jr. Hatch, Joyce Hatch, Rex Tillman Hothcock, Allan Conrad Hatley, Bobby Gene HatIcy, Wayne Douglas Hawkins, Kelly Fronk Haynes, Alton Winfred Heafner, Edwin Zachcus Heath, Bobby Odell Shelby Fayetteville Washington Shelby Winston-Salem Maiden Norlina Canton Wallace Olin Lexington Shelby Shelby Durham Greenville Mt. Gilead Robbins Wilmington Graham Statesville Concord Mt. Olive Mt. Olive Albemarle Albemarle Charlotte Lafayette, La. Aiken, S. C. Charlotte Raleigh CLASS Haddon, Ray Oliver Bryson City Helms, Brion Belk Greensboro Hendrick, Stanley Eugene High Point Henson, Benjamin Harvey Raleigh Hester, Donald Larry Gostonio Heurn, Chose Patterson Raleigh Hewlett, Curtiss Barron Wilmington Hiatt, James Lawrence, Jr. Wilmington Hicks, Hamilton Edward, Jr. Wilmington Hicks, Montague Hoskins, Jr. Raleigh Hill, Robert Kendall Kinston Himmelwright, James R. Matawan, N. J. Hinson, Thomas Bessemer City Hite, Greor Shirlock Charlotte Hodges, Louis Curtis Dobson Hocy, Clyde Roark, II Shelby Hoffeckcr, Fronk LeRoy Charlotte Hoffman, Roy Edward, Jr. Charlotte Hogan, Harvey Theodore, Jr. Graham Hogan, Philip Gene Norman Holland, James Alvin Marion Holliday, Dory! Burdon Raleigh Holloman, Charles Thomas Seaboard Holloway, James Franklin, Jr. Monroe Holt, Hugh Milton Burlington Holt, Jack Morgan Hartsville, S. C. Holt, Robert Nisbet, Jr. Pantego Holton, George Montague, Jr. Williamston Hooper, Alvin Dillard Tuckasegee Hoots, Gene Allen Winston-Salem Hoover, Herbert Ronald Concord Hopkins, Freddie Eugene Draper Hopper, William Whitfield, Jr. Leaksville Hoskins, William B., Jr. Fayetteville Houser, Charles Ray Asheville Houston, Randic Merrlyn Manteo Howell, Jon Russell Lenoir Howell, William Edward Roduco Hoyle, Dan Williord Henderson Hudson, James Howard Greenville Hudson, Robert Lee Roanoke Rapids Hudson, Wayne Thomas Guilford College Huffman, David Glenn Burlington Huffman, John Wesley Charlotte Huggins, Edward Wayne Council 345 JUNIOR Huggins, George Edwin Norwood Huggins, Joseph Allen Wilmington Hughes, Rudolph, Jr. Raleigh Hughey, Marvin William Roanoke Rapids Hunsucker, Gary Theodore McAdenville Hunter, Harold Dean Weaverville Huntley, Max Melrose Rutherfordton In, Nhel Kg- Chom, Cambodia Inman, Gene Erwin Fairmont Isley, John M. Brooklyn, N. Y. Ivey, Ronde!! Mox Wilmington Jackson, Carl Ralph, Jr. Tay lorsville Jackson, Gerald Franklin Lincolnton Jackson, Philip Stephen Pittsboro Jackson, Raymond Edson Wotha James, Steve Clifton Moyodon Janis, Alyn James Wilmington, Dela. Jeffries, Kenneth Franklin New Hill Johnson, Eli Vance Robersonville Johnson, Gerold Lee Albemarle Johnson, James Harris Durham Johnson, Louise Craig Fuquay Springs Johnston, Joseph Thorpe Littleton Jolls, Kenneth Robert Raleigh Jones, Billy Hobbs Hertford Jones, Howard Wayne Kannopolis Jones, James Benton Charlotte Jones, Morris Lenn Burgaw Jones, Ray Edward Statesville Jones, Thomas Lane Brevord Kohlboum, William M., Jr. Elizabeth City Keaton, Phil Newman Winston-Salem Keistler, James W., Jr. Great Falls, S. C. Kendall, Worth Alexander Wadesboro Kennedy, Robert Henry Wilkesboro Kidd, Claude Sumner, Jr. How River King, Henry Fronk, Ill Salisbury King, Lee Ellis Charlotte Kirby, Jock McPhail Charlotte Kirkpatrick, Robert M. Charlotte Kiser, Albert Rufus Winston-Salem Kistler, Richard Corey Charlotte Kitchin, Lawton Ward, Jr. Maxton Kivett, William Doffron Ramseur Kjosnes, Nils Ivor Winston-Salem 346 CLASS Klutz, Marvin Glenn Raleigh Kolodny, William Patrick N. Wilkesboro Koon, Herbert Edgar Rutherfordton Koonce, Lacy Herman Raeford Knox, William Edward Wins ton•Solem Kraft, Theodore John Matthews Kunde, Virgil George Red Wing, Minn. Kurdian, William Gregory Winston-Salem Lackey, Walter Jackson, Jr Fallston Lafferty, John Elbert Banner Elk Lambert, Donald Gerald Stanfield Lambert, Roger DeWitt Andrews, S. C. Lane, Thomas William Butner Lang, William Francis Thornwood, N. Y. Langston, Edw ard Herman, Jr. Raeford Lanier, Elwood Glenn Chinquapin Lanier, Harvey Glenn Maple Hill Lassiter, William Stone Spring Hope Loughon, Kermit 0., Jr. Jefferson Low, Sidney Edward Pelham Lee, Benjamin Glen Hollister Lec, Jimmy Boine Lumberton Leffler, Dennis Fronk Charlotte Leggett, Ira Paul Washington Lennon, Bernard Broughton Evergreen Lennon, Daniel Edward Wilmington Leonard, James C., III Winston-Salem Lester, George W. Martinsville, Va. Lewis, Kenneth McMillan Fayetteville Lewis, Marcus Faison Roseboro Liles, Richard Terry Zebulon Lim, Moriono Tan Manila, Philippines Lindsay, Donald ShoreId Mt. Olive Lindsay, Ronald Gerald Mt. Olive Lineberger, Earl Lawrence, Jr Bessemer City Link, John Barry Salisbury Little, Cecil Stanley Greensboro Little, Charles Harvey Kenly Little, Herbert Randolph Ayden Little, Jerry Labon Monroe Littleton, David Marvin Goldsboro Livingston, Donald Cameron Bryson City LockIcor, Proctor, Jr, Shannon Lockwood, James Nance Knoxville, Tenn. Long, Charles Eugene Concord 347 JUNIOR Long, William Barry Love, Jimmy Oscar Love, Ray Nesbit Lowe, James Edward Lowry, Edward Rankin, Jr. Lucas, Ashleigh Martin Luce, Stuart Warren Lumsdcn, Robert Douglas Luther, Ted Williams Lyon, Thomas Henry Lytch, William Dupree, Jr. McAteek, Porter Lee McCarney, Charles Duane McCarson, Tillman D., Jr. McClintock, Coy Edwin McColl, George Raleigh, Jr. McCollum, Charles Gray McCombs, Darwin Hilary McCracken, Bob McCree, James Justice McDaniel, William Raphael McDonald, Hugh Dallas McDonald, John Rex McElroy, Charles Harvey McGavisk, James Ross McGee, Carl Louis McGinn, Leighton Edward, Jr. McIntosh, Ervin Winfield McIntyre, Johnny Albert McMahon, Charles David McMahon, Jerry Allen McNeill, Donald Charles McNeill, James Ralph McNeill, Thomas David McRae, David Scott McRary, John Walter, Ill McVicker, Gerold Peaden Main, Harold Raymond Mace, Samuel Vein Madre, Edward Lee Madren, Fronk Simpson Mahoney, Arthur R., Jr. Malpass, William Don Mann, Charles Fredrick Mann, Harold Reid Gastonia Concord Concord Greensboro Greensboro Raleigh Wyncote, Pa. Falls Church, Va. Candler Durham Lenoir Charlotte New Bern Robbins Swonnonoa Morganton Red Springs Lansing Chapel Hill Ellerbe Asheville Marton Morganton Street, Md. Hertford Elan College Kenbridge, Va. Norfolk, Va. Canton Mebane Lou rinburg Gastonia Findlay, Ohio Hendersonville Pleasant Garden Thomasville Reidsville Konnapolis Clyde Holly Ridge Raleigh Bunnlevel Cameron Asheville Draper 348 CLASS New Bern Wilson Greensboro Burlingto n Wilmington Raleigh Troutman Raleigh Wilson Raleigh Jr. Durham Statesville Greensboro Raleigh Shelby Spindale Durham Durham Elizabeth City Mt. Holly Penrose Clinton Richfield Bostic Garner Marion Wilmington Raleigh Charlotte Tabor City Greensboro Farmville Wolkertown Rolcigh Raleigh Greensboro Atlanta, Go. Charlotte Kannapolis Raleigh Durham Southern Pines Rowland Butner Enfield , fk th !Agit. 1111, Mann, Truxton King, Jr. Manning, Ernest Simons Mansfield, Charles Edward Morkos, John Gus Marks, Stuart Alexander Marks, William Olen Martin, Joel Franklin Mask, Harold Lloyd Mason, Franklin Gleech Mason, Romlus Haywood, Jr. Massengill, Ransom Jackson, Massey, Jerry Pearson Massey, Murray Franklyn Matthews, Samuel C. Mauney, Ronald Matthew Mayse, Bobby Franklin Meade, Charles Houston Meadows, Bobby Lawrence Mcods, Laster Byron Medders, Ronald Russell Merrill, Thomas William Merritt, Kenneth Earl Merritt, Mox Burrage Michael, William Baxter Middleton, William R., Jr. Miller, Bobby Russell Miller, Henry Eugene, Jr. Miller, James Graham Miller, Robert Eugene Miller, Thomas Wayne Miller, William David Mills, Wade Thomas Minish, William Monroe Mintz, Morris Daniel Mock, George Francis Mock, Willis, Jr. Moore, Lawrence C., Jr. Moore, Maurice Charles Moore, Thomas Mitchell Moose, Harvey Carroll Morris, Wolter Wiley, Ill Morrison, James O ' Dell Morrison, Malcolm Brown Mosley, Julian Devon Moss, Clifton Dean, Jr. 349 JUNIOR Moss, James Robert High Point Motley, John Melvin Burlington Mcaingo, Rcger Lee Snow Hill Mull, William Hermon Asheville Mullis, Harry Eugene Reidsville Muncyyirci, Suphi Istanbul, Turkey Myers, Edwin Clarence, Jr. Alexa ndria, Va. Myhre, James Barr Wilson Myhre, John Hudson Wilson Nathan, Henry McLomb Clinton Nelson, David Robert Raleigh Nethercutt, Robert Lynn Sn ow Hill Neuse, Durwood H. New Braunfels, Texas Neville, Atlas Gordon Chapel Hill Neville, Augustus, Ill Spring Hope Newberry, Donald Mack Washington, D. C. Newton, Elbert Cloy Kingsington, Md. Newton, Ernest Elvin Watho Nichols, Thomas Loring Spruce Pine Northington, James Atwood Brodnox, Va. Norton, Jerry Lee Wilmington Nye, Joseph Daniel Homer, Alaska Obcrhofer, Edward Samuel Winston-Salem O ' Briant, Edwin Lee Whitakers O ' Brien, William Lee, Jr. Raleigh Oertel, Eric Spencer O ' Honlon, William Hawley Fayetteville Olive, Ross McNeill Fuquoy Springs Oliver, Johnny Dean Havelock O ' Neill, Joseph Martin Ware Shoals, S. C. O ' Quinn, George Donald Memo ' s Ormsby, Ted Richard Lourinburg Osborne, Wiley Jackson Laurel Springs Overton, John Crayton, Jr. Rocky Mount Owen, Clarence Manly Hickory Owens, Jerry Woync Charlotte Owens, Ted Alfred Harriman, Tenn. Oxford, John Allen Hudson Page, William Winship Henderson Parham, James Edwin Hildcbron Parham, William Garland, Jr. Oxford Parker, John Hilton Hollister Parks, George Wilson, Jr. Red Springs Parrish, James Irvin Charlotte Parrish, James Raeford Spring Hope 350 CLASS h it Sias ass:A Prirrr dra art th Patterson, Robert Preston Paul, Donald Ross Paul, Nicholas Larus Payne, Billy Franklin Poync, David Jackson Pecora, Louis Alfred Peek, William Harry, Jr. Peeler, Leidy Yeorick, Jr. Perry, Adger Roy Perry, Glenn Grey, Jr. Perry, William Earl Peterson, Frank Alexander Peterson, Howell Livcous Phifer, Billy Jack, Jr. Philbeck, Richard Wayne Philip, Phillips Holleman Phillips, Archie Curtis Phillips, Earl Jennings Phipps, Joe Pickett, Alfred Thomas Pickett, Ralph Stanley Pierce, Gerald Addison Pierce, Hugh Brotherton, Jr. Poole, William Knight Porter, Samuel Lewis, Jr. Potcet, Jock Riley Poulson, Melvin Bryan Powell, James Wheeler Prescott, Josiah Thomas, Jr. Presnell, Bynum Tillett, Jr. Price, Albert Luther Price, Cullen Blackmond, Prince, Jimmy Harold Privott, Wilbur Joseph, Jr. Proctor, Poul Dewey, Jr. Moravia, N. Y. r. Mt. Olive Fuquay Springs Tyner Rocky Mt. Puett, John David Pugh, Cloud Ervin Pulliam, George D. Pullium, Jerry Clark Putnam, Arthur Lee Queen, Larry Council RackIcy, Francis Dalton Radford, Frederick Clarence Radford, Wodc Edward Rainey, George Lee Hickory Bath Pantego Walnut Greenville Fayetteville Plymouth Charlotte Charlotte High Point Siler City Raleigh Garland Goldsboro Hickory Hertford Cory St. Pouls Crumpler Mebane Beuloville High Point Plymouth Charlotte Sparta Morganton Engelhard Greensboro Kernersville Wilmington Morganton Asheboro Newport News, Vo. Andrews Gastonia Dillsboro Nashville Kenly Spinda le Raleigh 351 JUNIOR Ramsey, Henry Clayton Randall, William David Ransom, Dennett E ugene Rope, Melvin W. Raum, John Frederick Hubert Salisbury Frisco Kannapolis Winston-Salem Rawlings, Robert H. Ray, Joel Weir Raymond, Gerrard E. Reavis, Junius Benjamin Reber, Dean Howell N. Providence, R. I. Asheville New Orleans, La. Fayetteville York, Pa. Redman, Robert Bruce, Jr. Reece, Roy William, Jr. Reich, Donald Gray Revelle, William Fredrick Reynolds, Arthur Eugene, Ill Reynolds, James Robert Rhyne, Gerold Lawson Rice, Paul H., Jr. Richardson, Hood Lance Richardson, Robert Glenn, Jr. Asheville Boonville Burlington Warsaw Raleigh Boone Lincolnton Sunbury Monroe Durham Rickard, Bert E. Ricks, Fred G., Jr. Riddle, Caswell Alderson Ridout, Clarence Benjamin Rink, Donald Eugene Winston-Salem Conway Raleigh Raleigh Salisbury Rivadeneyra, Jorge F. Mexico City, Mexico Roberson, Bernard Gordon Parmele Roberts, Donald Clark Rockingham Robertson, Robert Anthony Raleigh Rochelle, Neil Edward Durham Rogers, Linwood J., Jr. Meban e Romeo, Paul Albert Summerville, S. C. Rose, Charles Richard Newton Grove Rosensteel, Robert Eugene Wilmington Rosenthal, Herbert Gustav Littleton Rowland, Silas McDonald Royal, Mack Carter Russell, Charles Edwin Sanderson, Charles LeRoy Sandlin, Eve Cashwell Sanford, Claude William, Jr. Sanford, Lonnie Thomas, Ill Saunders, Carl Horace, Jr. Sawyer, Gordon Edward Sawyer, Roy Bryan Halifax Godwin Jomesville Erwin, Tenn. Raleigh Laurinburg Charlotte Gibsonville Elizabeth City Washington 353 Charlotte Pineville Graham Huddy, Ky. Colcrain Kernersville Albemarle Ellerbe Wake Forest Waynesville Kingsport, Tenn. Mooresville Stantonsburg Schwartz, Harold Scott, Garland Elmo, Jr. Scott, John Guerard Sequeria, Avilino, Jr. Sessoms, William Rhea, Jr. Shanks, Kenneth Eugene Shaver, Thomas Warren Shaw, Roy Caudle Shearon, Ronald Wilson Shepard, Arthur James, Jr. Sherrill, John Russell, Jr. Sherrill, Robert Taylor Shingleton, Austin Brooks Henderson Swansboro Cherryville Hickory Rowland Short, William Thomas Shuller, Edgar Ralph Shumate, Stewart Thomas, Jr. Sigmon, Ned Alan Sinclair, James Hinton Mazton Albertson Raleigh Elizabethtown Asheville Rocky Mount Asheville Raleigh Troy Jr. Pittsboro Charlotte Raleigh Morganton Bokersville Singer, John Stephen Smith, Duncan Stewart Smith, Faison Delano Smith, Fronk Houston, Jr. Smith, Robert Alford, Jr. Smith, Robert Jones Smith, Ronald Ellis Smith, William Alfred Smith, Zigrida Rita Smitherman, James Samuel, Snipes, Julian Brooks, Jr. Snyder, Barbara Louise Snyder, Daniel Holland Somers, William F. Sparks, Darrell Kinston Hudson Hendersonville Raleigh Warrenton Stanley, William Franklin Starnes, Milton S. Starnes, Richard Lyda Stearns, Cecil Emile Andre Stegall, Harold Alton CLASS Scheurenbrond, H.J. Lake Ronkonkona, N.Y. School, Charles Edwin Varina Spence, James Thornwell Greensboro Spotts, James Willis Atlanta, Go. Sprague, George Edward Connonsville, N. Y. Stafford, Donald Bennett Kernersville Stanford, Charles Herbert, Jr. Liberty - 1 JUNIOR Stephens, Gerald Clyde Liberty Stephens, James Albert Raleigh Stephenson, Gorham B. Bloomington, Ind. Stevens, John Franklin Erwin Stimson, Lloyd Kit Milford, N. H. Stoker, Lindell Gene Albemarle Stone, Charles Arnold Kernersville Stone, James Kenneth Charlotte Stott, Parker Liles Bailey Suddreth, Charles Norman Lenoir Summers, James Edwin, Jr. Gibsonvillc Summery, William Jenkins Dallas Sumner, William Rea High Point Sutton, James Alton Thomasville Swanson, Oliver Nathaniel, Ill Pilot Mt. Swanson, Robert Roy Belmont Taborn, Robert Lewis Greensboro Talbert, Glenn Benord Albemarle Taylor, Glenn Arrington W hita ke rs Taylor, Timothy N. Rockingham Toylor, Walter Glenn Lenoir Tchouros, Constantinos Bill Wilmington Teague, Hampton L. Chapel Hill Teague, Robert M. Greensboro Teigen, Finn Roor Steinkjer, Norway Temple, Ralph Bcrlyn Newport Thakrar, Hemendro K. Porbondar, India Thorrington, Williams Harper Rocky Mt. Thomas, Calvin Jackson Statesville Tickle, Donald Reed Mebane Tillman, Leonard K. Valley Strcom, N. Y. Trogdon, Joe Vaughn Cary Tucker, George More Concord Tucker, Richard Lyon Greensboro Tucker, William Corr Townsville Turner, Robert Cecil Greensboro Twiford, Louis Broson Elizabeth City Tyler, Warren Randolph Raleigh Tysinger, James Edwin Franklin Tyson, George Sprunt Fayetteville Tyson, Robert Lee McColl, S. C. Upchurch, Lewis Marvin, Jr Raeford Vail, James Thomas Spencer Vann, Clifton Benjamin Wilmington Vann, Thomas Phillips Southern Pines 354 I CLASS Von Nostrand, H. N., Ill. Bristol, Tenn. Vaughan, Dexter Coleman Hartsville, S. C. Vaughn, Charles Richard Mt. Airy Veosey, Percy Linwood Durham Wagstaff, Robert Lee, Jr. Kannapolis Walker, Herbert B. Black Mountain Walker, Jefferson H., Jr. Newport News, Vo. Wall, Donald Graham Raleigh Wall, Kenneth Wilson Raleigh Walters, Jack, Jr. Whiteville Walton, Douglas Eugene Rockingham Woltz, William Reid Charlotte Warmbrod, Grover Karl Raleigh Warren, Howard Daniel Asheville Warren, Thomas Andrew Asheville Waters, John Stilwell, Okla. Waters, John Charles Charlotte Watkins, James Floyd Raleigh Watson, Charles William Highlands Watson, Harrison Bradford Charlotte Weaver, James Bruce Raleigh Welch, Lawrence Edward Charlotte Wells, Otho Sylvester Wotha Wells, Robert Edgar, Jr. Asheville Whichard, Willis Kenneth, Jr. Greenville Whitaker, Wilson Willis South Hill, Vo. White, Gerald Bell Statesville White, Joseph Rudolph, r. Cole rain White, Ormond Carol Windsor White, William Herbert, Jr. Reidsville Whiteside, Don L. Huntsville, Texas Whitley, David Baker Washington Wicker, William Robert Asheville Wilde, Harold Garry Marshall Wilder, David Reid Chadbourn Wilder, J ames Franklin Spring Hope Wilder, John Welles, Jr. Greensboro Wilkins, Samuel Lee Jacksonville Williams, Ellis Stuart Ahoskie Williams, James Franklin Lexington Williams, Jerry Otway Alec°, Tenn. Williams, Lewis Arnold Raleigh Williams, Milton Guy, Jr. Kinston Williams, Royce Lee Granite Quarry Williams, Thomas Harold, Jr. Raleigh acsanitir 355 JUNIORS Williams, Walter Bruce Willson, Horace Smythe Wilson, Harold D. Wilson, James Laban Wilson, Jimmie Rupert Wilson, Neil Carver Wilson, Richard Leo Wilson, Robert Eugene Winchester, Samuel Clyde, Windlcy, William Thomas Wingfield, Julian C., Jr. Winstead, Horold Roger Winstead, Harry Wharton, Wolfe, Jane Ann Wolfe, Lawrence A., Jr. Womock, Hester Crowder Wood, William Harry Worthington, Thomas H., Wray, Stough Alexander, J Wright, Edgar Evans, Jr. Wright, Percy William Yopp, William Harriss, Jr. Yorke, Charles Alvin Young, Nelson Worsham Younger, Ronald Lee Zeis, Steve Elias Zenel, Tank Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Belmont Hendersonville Raleigh Morganton Lawndole Jr. Greenville Washington Raleigh Nashville Jr. Woodsdole Raleigh Bessemer City Durham Hendersonville Jr. Wilmington r. Shelby Bessemer City Marion Hendersonville Concord Reidsville Lynchburg, Va. Istanbul, Turkey Istanbul, Turkey p 356 JIM CALDWELL Tr WESLEY McGEE, President Class of 1962 LINDA WEY, Secretory JOHNNY WILCOX, V. President 357 SOPHOMORES II Raleigh Lincolnton Rurnsvil lc New Bern Gibson Stonevi le Abbott, Peyton Bryant. III Abernethy, Ralph Lane Adair, Charles Normon Adorns, James Kelly Adorns, John Cecil, Jr. Adkins, James Franklin Albinson, Roy Ralph Alexander, Joseph Richard Alford, Michael Boyd Allen, Charles Oren Allen, Deaver Lone Allen, Richard Darwin Ile in by le Oakland, N. Ashevi Hartsville, S. Kings Mount Shel Mocksvi Alligood, Frederick Marvin, Jr. Allred, John M. Anderson, Hugh Howard Anderson, Norman Austin, Jr. Anderson, Robert Bruce Arcy, James Edward Washings Greensbr Aberde Mt. OL Rolei Salistst Ashley, William Wade Austin, Edward John Averette, Larry MIchoel Ayd:ctt, Blake DcLon Ayscue, William Henry, Jr. Bagully, Alan Michael ry Whiteville Belleville, N. Greenville Durham Wilmington, De Charlotte Barley, Paul Leland, Jr. Bailey, William Gerald Baker, Bernard Allen Baker, Henry Ray Balsa, Tolman Bonkhead, Jerry Lloyd Barber, Mallory Scott Barker, Glenn Rex Barksdale, Robert Giles Borlowe, Russell Graham Barnes, Elli ott Burton, Jr. Barr, Anthony James Lynchburg, Shorpsbi rg Marcus Hook, Wilson Ankara. Hamlet Scotland NI Roaring RhRaleiaf O. Cora pea Summit, N. ck cr gh rd ke Barwick, Allen Joseph Bass, Joseph Bickett Batchelor, Billy Joe Batson, Vernon McGregor Borten, Joseph Harold, Jr. Batts, Clarence Ray on rm Ile on fa an Grill Winston-Sal Wilmingi Golds ' s. Will Batts, James Ralph Baucom, Robert Marion Baucom, Walter Keith Bean, Carl Newton Beatty, Marvin Eddlemon, III Beck, David Walter rd Ile oe Ile te Heal. Marsh, Mon ' Ashen Charlo Winston-Sol Bell, William Maurice, Ill Belli ' , Ann Louise Benbow, Richard Maurice Bennett, Laurice White, Jr. Benson, Franklin Ward Bentley, Charles Scott te in 10 Cherie Black Mount, Asheb, Fuguay Spi WiL Richmond. ' 9s OM Best, Cuyler Deems, Jr. Biggerstal I, Tim Biggs, H. Franklin, Jr. Billingsley, Roy Mitchell Birch, Fran Marie Blackmon, Lewis Michael Goldsb Role Lumber Han. Role Mt. A 10 gh on let gh iry 358 on ro CM VC 9h SOPHOMORES Blockwell, Richard Hobson, Jr Blake, Henry Wayland Bloke, Neil Freeman Blakely, John Reynolds Blond, Wiley Roy Bloodworth, James Morris Blount. Poul Brittle Blue, Patricia Ann Blythe, Jimmy Gray Boger. Ronald Lee Bolick. Woync Dale Bone, Horace Thomas Bordeaux, Arthur Franklin, Jr. Boryk, John Michael Bowles, Hugh Conrad Bowman, Dennis Wade Boyce, Oren Douglas, Jr. Boyettc, James Edward, Jr. Bracken, Robert John Braddy, Marvin Burnell Bradley, Wallace C. Branch, Carl Mitchell Brent. Paul Weber Brauer, Julius Paul Bridgers, Whit Stephenson Briggs, Paul Thurman Briggs, Roger Allen Britt, Donald Alexander Britt, Roman Paul Broach, Edward Stanley, Jr. Broad.°II, Freeman Edwards, Jr Brookhyscr, George Edwa rd Brooks, Tommy George, Jr. Broome, Robert Wayne Brown, Charles Franklin, Jr. Brown, Devitt Hubert Brown, Henry Thomas, Jr. Brown, John Henry, Jr. Brown, Johnny Milton Brown, Robert Lowell Bryant, Billy Raymond Bryant. Charles Stephen Bryson, Lionel Herbert Buchanan. Wi ' liom Tom Buckner, Charles Windle Bullock, Donald Edward Bullock, Richard Wayne Burgart, Carlton Jack Burgess, Robert Eugene Burk, William Joseph, Ill Burton. Charles Alfred Burton, William Edward, Jr. Byrd, David Lincoln Byrd, Edward Morton Byrd. James Theron, Jr. Cain. Ronald Curtis Co!dwell, James Philo, Jr. Caldwell, Jimmie Mildred Calloway, Edgar Roger Cameron, James Marvin Charlotte Winston-Salem Wallace Ellerbe Edward Raleigh Fronkbaton Fayetteville Seaboard Winston.Solem Hickory Raleigh IngoId Burg Hiddenite Westfield Gastonia Kenly Sanford Scotland Neck Gerton Lumberton Raleigh Norline Jackson Lexington Lexington New London Lumberton Norfolk, Vo. Raleigh Parsons, W, Va. Wallace Hickory Hope Mills Raleigh Ahoskie Rocky Mount Lexington Winston-Salem Dunn Greensboro Sylva Raleigh Burnsville Fuquay Springs Zebulon Leoksville Dumont. N. J. Charleston, S. C. New Bern Hickory Chodbourn Orrum Raleigh Elizabethtown Charlotte Thomasville Kingsport, Tenn. Cameron 359 SOPHOMORES lat C Atli IA I col p if taeatIbtikii Campbell, Malcolm James Campbell, Randolph Neil Campbell, William Thomas Cannon, Benny Lee Cannon, Nelson Earl Carpenter, Elmer Lee Carpenter, Nevette Michael Carr, William Dontez Case. Wayne Greer Cashion. Lay Greene Coson, James Landreth, Ill Catlett, Roy Boater Couthorn, Hurley Starke Cebe. Jerry Manley Cerosi, John Chandler, James Lawson Chappell, Clifford Stephen Chavagsak, Songrom Chusak Chedester, Alan Marsh Cherry, Richard Harris Cherry, Sidney James Childers, Donald Duane Chipman, Joseph Albert Choplin, Larry Eugene Christenbury, Earl Thomas, Jr. Church, William Charles Clark, Allen Dole Clark, Carl Edgar Claimer. Loy Martin Cline, Donald Lentz Cline, James Henry, Jr. Coble, Douglas Franklin Coggins, Carlos Coleman, Bobby Elliott Collins, Bobby Carlton Collins, H. Michael Collins, Roger Eugene Comer, Thomas Carl Campos. John Alex Cone, Harold Cone, Norman Preston Cope, William Monroe Corbett, Horace Glenn Cordell, Charles Edward Cordell. Vance Hilton Cotton, Benjamin Moynord Carrick, John William, Jr. Covington, James Roy Covington. John Harry Co., Charles Oscar Coxort, Stuart Lee, Jr. Crabtree, Jerry Edwin Craig, William Stanley Creech, Benny Groy Creech, William Kenneth Creed, Jack Walters Creel, Remus, Jr. Crisp, James Oliver Croom, Marion Robert Crowe, James Larry Lourinburg Salisbury Rockingham Fayetteville Ayden Newland Elkin Raleigh Mayodon High Point Alliance Thomasville Richmond, Va Durham Camden, N. J. Ruff in Raleigh Bangkok, Thailand Alexandria, Va. Williamston Wilmington Kannapolis Beaufort Winston.Salem Fayetteville Purlear High Point Elizabethtown Gastonia Gold Hill Bryson City Fayetteville Eldorado Wilmington Whiteville Winston•Satem Sparta Cameron Wilmington Winston•Solem Wilmington Wilmington Fountain Biltmore Winston-Solern Hubert Badin Lumberton Cordova Greenville Morganton Greensboro Asheville Snow Hill Southern Pines Boone Albertson Raleigh Raleigh Forest City 360 SOPHOMORES New Bern Albemarle Concord Clinton Pittsboro New Delhi, India prt— " ire, LIS A -e 1._ Sul 36 A cti :Cc ilk 161 4111 411JA Crowe. Needham Clifford, Jr. Crowell, Reggie Alexander Crowder, Julius Phillip Crummie, Glen Mike! Crutchfield, James Talton Cummings, Walter B. Cutlet John Theodore Currin, David Douglas Cutter, James Dickinson Dolby. John Dallas D ' Aleo, Leo James Dalton. James Edgar, Jr. Winston-Solern Oxford Springfield. Moss. London Bridge. Va. Jamison, Pa. Pine Hall Daniel, Ralph Winfield Daniels, Paul Henry D ' Anna, James Andrew Darr, Henry Herbert Davidson, William Scott Davis, George Earl D avis, Hugh Samson Davis, John Grady, Jr. Davis, John Wesley, Ill Davis. Merry Lane D avis, Mitchell Webb Davis. Raleigh Craig Davis, Thomas Linville Davis. Wayland Thomas Dees, Silly Eugene Deese, Carl Jackson Dekle, Donne Robert Delionback, Christian Foy Dellinger, Jimmie M. Dellinger, Thomas Clay Denkins, Fronk Earl, Jr. Dickens, Alvin Johnston, Jr. Dickens. Vernon Phil, Jr. Diggs. James Robert Diggs, James W, DiIda, Stencil Lawrence, Jr. Dillingham, Morris Wilson Dixon, John Daniel, Jr. Doby, Neal Smith Dobson, Guy McPherson, Jr. Dobson. Jerry Elmo Donnelly, Ned Preston Dorman, Robert Keith Doshi, Chandrokont Prabhudas Dowd, William Joseph Dowdy, William Norman Drum, Anthony Lee Drye, Larry M. Duke. Charles Lewis Duke, William Bryant Duncan, Clarence Russell, Jr. Duncan, Henry Lee Dunlap, Johnny Lawrence Durham, James Thomas Early, Joseph Lester Easterling, Neal Echoed, Alan Lawrence Eckstein, William Buchanan Greensboro New Bern Clearwater. Flo. Trinity Dillwyn, Va. Hickory Statesville Rocky Mount Fayetteville Mt. Ulla Charlotte Thomasville G Id sbor o Albertson Hope Mills Marshville Matthews Durham Hickory Thomasville Raleigh Morganton Rocky Mount Rockingham Hamlet Fountain Asheville Farmville High Point Raleigh Statesville Hickory Asheville Calcutta, India St. Poufs South Mills Charlotte Bodin Canton Nosline Lincolnton Hickory Burlington Raleigh Oak City Wise Va. Hickory Bryson City 361 SOPHOMORES p Edwords, Virgil James Edwards, Wayne Wright ElHennowy, Mohamed M. Elkins, Edison Julius, Jr. Elkins, Roscoe Edisen, Jr. Elliot, John Douglas Elliott, Lloyd Wilson Elliott, William Stokely Ellis, Howard McDonald, Jr. Ellisor. Joe Allen Elmore, Alfred London Emmrich, Rotel. William Ennis, Charles Phillip Fade ' , Salem Kelly Pincher, Edward Gerald Fine, Lowell Vance Fishburne, Frank Beatty Fisher, George Wilfong Fisher, James Ernest Scott Fleming, Gory Gramon Fleming. Ralph Glenn Flowers, Arthur David Floyd, James Monroe, Jr. Floyd, John Roquemore, Jr. Floyd, Victor Mattison Flynt, Charles Hamer, Jr. Ford, Dennis Keith Ford, Thomas Sloan Forces, Bruce M. Fort, lames Dwight, Jr. Foster, Ronald Fred Fraser, Robert Henry Frasier, Lorry Wendell Freeland. Robert Moss Freeman, William Morgan Frekko, Emery Francis Frculer, William Dawson Fulcher, Charles Raymond Fur., Benny Joel Fun, Glynn Roy, Jr. Furr, Ronald Van Futrell, James Gory Gohrmonn, Robert William Gainey, Millard Jackson Goiney, Paul Venson, Jr. Garner, Robert Newell, Jr. Garrison, Watson McIver, Jr. Garriss, Daniel Stephen Geitner, Charles Henry, Ill Gentry, Gorl Locy Georgian, Robert Victor Gilbert, Walter Lee Giles, Gory Durfee Gillis, Kenneth Glen Glover, Stanley Warren Gokcen, Ole. Goode, Garland Angel Goodwin, Frances Lee Grady, Perry Linwood New Bern Red Springs Tonto, Egypt Clarkton Clorkton Fair Bluff Old Fort Edenton Raleigh Greensboro Dunn Franklin Greensboro Fayetteville Charlotte Denton Asheville Mt. Pleasant Asheville Enka Henderson Salisbury New Bern Lexington Charlotte Fair Bluff Liberty Len ior Florence, S. C. Sanford Clorkton Ferguson Charlotte Burlington Matthews Asheville Sanford Halita• New Bern Albemarle High Point Albemarle Potecosi Charlotte Dunn Raleigh Winston.Salem Burlington Lillington Hickory Mt. Airy Statesville Forest City Raleigh Raleigh Spring Hope Istanbul, Turkey Greensboro Apex Mt. Olive 362 SOPHOMORES LLE;.Sa Grady, Robert Shelton Albertson Grohom. Bobby Eagle Salisbury Graham, Don Stroupe Salisbury Graham, James Lee Elkin Groy, Albert Dial, Ill Whiteville Gray, Robert Frederick Asheville Gray, William Howard, Jr, Fayetteville Green, E. Leo Whiteville Green, John Bunyan Midland Gregg, Don Elmo Swannonoa Gregory, Wayne Edwin Franklin Griffith, William Sloan Salisbury Grigg, Goals.. Glenn, Jr. Kings Mountain Grimberg, Jack Alberto Bogota, Columbia Grist, Wolter Willis Wilmington Grogan. James Rodney Mayodan Graubb, Fred Delano High Point Gurkin, Charles Worrell Richmond. Va. Guthrie, Thomas Zock Hickory Guthrie. Vernon C.. Jr. Morehead City Guy, Robert Wayne Fayetteville Hager. Harold Dean Alexis Hailer, Basil Brent Monroe Hail, Richard Haywood High Point Hall, Willard Ray Edenton Hamilton, Charles Lee Lexington Hamrick, Harold Paul Shelby Hancock, John Alan Wilmington Hand, lames Richardson Lowell Hones, Roger Eugene Yadkinville Hardee, M,kael Allan Southport Harkey, James Franklin Charlotte Harrelson. James Charles Asheboro Harrington, Cecil Frank Winston.Solem Harris. Alton Terrell Laurinburg Betty Gail High Point Harris, John Franklin, Ill Shelby Harris, Robert Joseph, Jr. Raleigh Harris, William Thomas, Jr. Durham Harrison, Dale Elliott Spruce Pine Harrison, Franklin Delano Raleigh Harrison, George Wright, Jr. Henderson Harrison, John Branson Denton Hart, James Clifton Winston.Solem Hartsell, William Newell, Jr. Albemarle Hasson, Preston Lee Son Francisco, Calif. Hatch, Donald Ellsworth Petersburg, Va. Hathcock, John Nathan Marshy.Ile Katie " , Clyde Doyle, Jr. Oakboro Hawkins. Jack London Jacksonville Hawks, Franklin Lewis Mount Airy Hayes, Coke Alexander Ahoskie Healy, Jeremiah Vincent, Jr. Southern Pines Hedgepeth, Robert Gray Littleton Hedspeth• Joseph Clarence, Jr. Conway. S. C. Hege, Raymond George Winston-Salem Helderman, Nathan Uric! Charlotte Helms, Gary Bennett Monroe Helms, Neal Gardner Matthews Hemby, Jere Collins Jacksonville 363 SOPHOMORES Hempel, Bruce Arnold Henshow, Lynn Ernest Herr, William Lewis tininess, Richard Alexander Hewitt, Freddy Alonzo Hicks, Marvin George High, Edward Omer High, Richard Grohom Hill, Alfred Lee Hill, Gerald Franklin Hill, Hugh Michael Hill, James Norman Hill, John Courtney H ill, Reginald Faulkner Hill, Richard Fronk Hill, Roger Evans Hilliard, Garland Kermitt Hilton, Kerry Grayson Wilmington Waynesville Sanford Wilmington Claremont Charlotte Durham Wilson Elizabeth City Raleigh High Point Asheboro Raleigh Youngsville Arden High Point Raleigh Lexington Hinson, Henry Dollord Hinson. Laurin Kenneth Hobbs, Thomas Deane, Holden, Charles Allen Holder, Charles Hollifield, James Gilbert Honeycutt, Chester Bryant Hood, Darl Stevens Hooks, James Michael Hoornoni, Hossein G. Holi Houston, John Glenn, Jr. Howard, Joseph Coleman Rocky Mount Monroe Rocky Mount Asheville Winston•Solem Marion Angier Lake Waccomaw Charlotte Teberon, Iron Chino Grove Ahoskie Huffman, Jerry David Huffman, Loyd Allen Humphrey, James Lee Hunt, Larry Wayne Hunter, Richard Franklin Hunter, William Francis Hickory Wilkesboro Maple Spencer Raleigh Hutcheson, J. Stanford Hutchins, George Stephen lcenhour, Correll Junior Ingram, James Edward Iskyon, Howard Stephen Isle., Simmons Harrison Jackson, Richard David Jackson, William Dewey Jackson, William McIver James, Ralph Ellis, Jr. Jameson, Perry Herbert, Jr. Jarrett, Olin, Jr. Winston-Salem Sanford Toylorsville Ketnersville Durham Charlotte Buffalo, N. Y. St. Fouls Huntersville Asheville Jackson Morsholl Jimenez, Gonzalez Rafael Johnson, Bobby Lee Johnson, Charles Duncan Johnson, Donald Terry Johnson, Jackie Burns Johnson, Joseph Herbert Caracas, Venezuela Trenton St. Pours Dallas Draper Raleigh Johnson, Jules Door Johnson, William Thomas Johnston, David Gout Jones, Charles Franklin Jones, Donald Braxton Jones, George Thomas Shelby Madison Raleigh Charlotte Lucamo Greensboro 364 SOPHOMORES ac • ic 2, a eiStraguthAtii -314 I elt ksA Jones. Harold, Jr. Jones. Lathe Curtis, Jr. Jones. Richard Foster Jones, Robert Franklin Jones, Robert William Jones. Thomas Cairo. Jordan. John Durell, Ill Joslin, Arnold Lurnsden Joyner, Alfred Troy Joyner. David Wayne Joyner, James H. III Jubenville, Alan Kahn, George Steven Konipe, John Thomas, Jr. Kennedy, Donald C. Kennett, John Phillip Key, Hugh Dennis Key, John Chase Kimball, John Allen, Jr. Kiser, Jack Leonard Kitchen, William Henry, II Kneeburg, Charles Edwin, Knight, William Bailey Knowles, S. Gordon Knox, James Howard Krickboum, William Joseph Langdon, J erry Pleasant Langley, William Howard Lanier, Dayton Wayne Latimer, Arthur Lee, Ill Laughinghouse, Gerald Franklin Lavinder, James Carroll Lawrence, James Robert, Jr. Leo, Michael David Leary. Leslie Corral Leary, Stanley Mitchell Leath, Robert William Leotherwood, James Michael Lee, Michael Clifton Lemons. Richard Craig Leonard, Robert L., Jr. Lester. Flora Corptning Liles, Billy Royce Liles, Henry David Lindsay, Anthony Gene Lindsey, Melissa Lineberger, Miles Ervin Littlejohn, Michael Anthony Livermon, Fred Lee Lloyd, James Carlyle Long, James Eugene Long, William Earl Lopp, Daniel Franklin Louder, Kenneth C. Lan. Edward Lyerly, Thomas Craige Lynch, John Zebulon McCall, Harold Guy, Jr. McCall, Thomas Edwin, Jr. McCant, William New Bern Fayetteville Raleigh Elizabeth City Alexander Beaufort Clark ton Raleigh Rich Square Murfreesboro Jacksonville Beach, Flo. Suffolk Upper Montclair, N. J. Fair Bluff New Bern Durham Raleigh Charleston, W. Vo. Manson Sherrill ' s Ford Raleigh Jr. Salisbury Hickory Hickory Carolina Beach Franklin Smithfield Asheville Wilmington Suffolk Vanceboro Henderson Stoneville High Point High Point Camden Sanford Clyde Gastonia Murphy Lexington Pine Hall Knightdole Lilesville Clinton Raleigh Dallas Burlington Aulonder Durham Burlington Roxboro Lexington New York, N. Y. Asheville New Bern Elan College Stoneville Black Mountain Charlotte 365 SOPHOMORES McClendon, John Edward McColl, William David McCombs, David Elder McCotter, Orson Lone McCrory, Clifford Roy. Jr. McCulley, Michael David McDermott, John Joseph McDougal. Lawrence Glenn McDowell, Leland Kitchin McDuffie, Allan Edwin McGee, Wesley 0. McGhee, Wyatt Lemuel McGrady, Roger Stephen McKay, John Woods, Jr. McKeithan, Phyllis Neal McKelvey, Gary Molcom McLornb, Edwin Donald McLean, touch Hugh, Jr. McLeod, Randolph Christian McLeod, William Lawrence, Jr. McLurd, James William, Jr. McManus, George Cleveland, Ill McMillian, Edward Leigh McMillian, Fronk D. McMunoy.ChodelLeigh Mclicc, Leonard Clarence Mc5wain, Wade Hampton, Jr. Mabe, Robert Arnold Mackintosh, Donald Fraser, II Malmborg, William Carl Malposs, Charles Lucian Malposs, Wendell Allen Manning, John Austin, Jr. Manning, John Roves, Jr. Morcopoulos, Vossilios Margolis, Marvin Samuel Marks, David Darden Marks, James Riddick Morley, William Grady, Jr. Marshall, Bobby Ehlers Marti, Jose Antonio Martin, Gene Harold Martin, Jesse Frederick Massey, James Wade Matheson, Lorry John Matthews, Hate! Benton, Jr. Matthews, Henry Alton Mooney. James Lloyd Mouncy, James Marshall Moyer, Ronald Michael Mead, Byron LeRoy Meares, Ida Joyce Melvin. Edict Carlton, Jr. Mercer, Franklin Robinson Middleton, Joseph Bradley Miller, Wayne Marshall Miller, William Eugene Mills, Carl Fred Mills. Jesse Reid Mills, Milton Kent Bogalusa, La. Thomasville Salisbury Mt. Holly Lexington Quantico, Va. Durham Spindale Tarboro Durham Lourinburg Franklinlon West Jefferson Charlotte Raleigh Raleigh Rockingham Lou rinburg Bethesda, Md. Durham Crouse Albemarle Brewton, Ala. Red Springs Spruce Pine Newton Albemarle Walnut Cove Winston-Salem Elkader, Iowa Clinton Kinston Raleigh Roanoke Rapids Soloniki, Greece St. Pouts Morehead City Raleigh Lumber Bridge Garland Mexico Robersonvil le Jonesville Pleasant Hill Asheville Hertford Lakeview Oakboro Burgow Asheville Matthews Raleigh Elizabethtown Bolivia Alexandria, Va. Reidsville West Jefferson Chinquapin Burlington Mooresville 366 SOPHOMORES Mimidis, Chris John Mitchell, Bone Ryon Mitchell, George Cleveland, Ill Mitchem, Terry Kermit Mock, John Delmer, Jr. Molina, Mariano Monroe, James Everette Moore. Charles Jack, Jr. Moore, Clarence Richard Moore, James Preston Moore, Joseph Ira, Jr. Moore, Julius Graham Moore, Reuben Russell Morgan, Arthur Ladd Cecil, Ill Morgan, Teresa Lynn Morris, James Stewart Morris, John Thomas Morris, Zoble Rice Morrison, Roger Alan Morton, James Henry Morton, Joseph Kent Murphy, James Otho Murphy, Leroy Pearce Mustion, Robert DoYid Myers, Donald Louis Myrick, Alvin Grant Nance, Richard Earle Nelson, Charles Phillip Nelson, David Webb Nelson, Robert Edwin Hemmers, Robert Stanley Newman, Carl Lewis Newton, Joel Armond Nixon. Larry David Noah, Hugh Bryan Noah, Von Batchelor Nunalec, Thomas Horvey, Ill Orr, Thomas Jerome Overman, Jock Preston Padgett, Bobby Jackson P ais, Garcia Agustin Palmer, James Edward Palmer, Walter Allan Parker, Billy Clyde Parker, John Allen, Jr. Parks, Charles Evans P asour, Charles Earl Pass, Herbert Lee, Jr. Patrick, Jerry Hamilton Patterson, Melvin Luther Payne, Robert Bennett Pearce, Benny Morris Peed, John C. Pendergraft, Comet!. Blanc Pendergraft, Odis Charles, Jr. Penney, Albert Carl Perkinson, William David Perry, Lynn McIver Phelps, Ronald Alan Philbrick, Charles Russell Swennono. Wilm.ngton Dunn Lincolnton Boonville Camaguey, Cuba Laurel Hill Hamlet Wilson Winston-Salem Raleigh Raeford Timberlake Westport, Conn. Swonnanoo Motion Gala,. Va. Ahoskic Charlotte Prot torville Kingsport. Tenn. Youngsville Spring Hope Kittrell DuBois, Pa. Littleton Cary New Bern Morehead City Baltimore, Md. Raleigh Montclair. N. J. Charlotte Elkin Raleigh Raleigh Currie Charlotte Edenton Maple Hill Cuba Franklin Winston-Salem Candler Gastonia Halifax Dallas Raleigh Raleigh Thomasville Winston•Solern St. Pouts Creams ' ' , Rock Hill, S. C. Chapel Hill Kenonsville Hotline Sanford Louisburg Cary 367 SOPHOMORES Phillips, Don Hugh Charlotte Pipkin, George Dennis Murfreesboro Pittman, Leon Alton, Jr. Kinston Pohlkotte, Robert Harold Fayetteville Pollock, Charles Bruce Clinton Poole, Dole Alton Sparta Pope, Jerry Man Dunn Pope, Jimmie Roy Garner Porte., William Lorry Vaughan Powell, William Gene Robersonvillc Prescott, Wendell Ellsworth, Jr. Lake Woccamow Price, Billy Linwood Clarendon Price, John Thomas Asheville Price, Ronald Frederick Greensboro Pritchett, Darrell Gray Thomasville Purcell, David Alexander, Jr. Fieldale, Vo. Queen, James Morris Morganton Rader, Kenneth Roger Newton Radford, Maurice Gene Kenly Randall, Charles Clifford Falcon Roth, Kenneth Ivan Peach Bottom, Po. Flatlet Chorles Durham Rcd Springs Ratliff°, Joke. Timothy Lenoir Rawls. Dewey Welton Woodland Rco, Ralph Ware Matthews Redd, Warren Jerome. Jr. Charlotte Rhodes, Robert Daniel Lexington Rhuc, Marion Odell Swonsboro Richardson, Marvin Roderick Raleigh Riddick, Jock Howerin Belhaven Riedell, Charles Alexander Clifton, N. J. Roberts, John William Mocksvillc Robertson. Cleo Delano Reidsville Robinson, Gory Dec Watertown. Moss. Robinson. Thomas C., Jr. Georgetown, S. C. Rogers, William Henry, Jr. Fuquoy Springs Rogerson, Aso Benjamin Willoamston Rogerson, Godwin Cotton Ahoskie Romanet, Andrew Louis, Jr. Roxboro Rose, Preston Edward Lucerne Ras edohl, James Fred Dobson Rosenstrawch, Gory Jay Hewlett, N. Y. Ross, Cary Mills Rhodhiss Ross, Forrest Ronald Marion Ross, Kenneth William Morganton Roundtree. James Oliver Ahoskic Rowley, Lee Raymond Crofon-on Hudson, N. Y. Roycrolt. Robert Elwood Wilmington Rote. Henry Earl Son Angelo, Tex. Rush, Charles B lair Lexington Rusher, Glenn Buren Salisbury Russell, Charles Edmond Lexington Rya ' s. Henry Wesley Dunn Sadler, Emory Welch Kenansvillc Sanders, Robert Edmundson Willow Sprin gs Sandifer, James Paul Cherry Point Sandiford, John Pierpont, Jr. Pensacola, Fla. Sasser, Jack Have Goldsboro Satterwhite. Elizabeth Ann Henderson Satterwhite, Harold Landis, Jr . McCain 368 SOPHOMORES Henderson Garner Morganton Camaguey, Cube Hoffman Danville, Vo. Schenectady, N. Y. Winston.SoIem Fair Bluff Charlotte West Easton, Pa. Newton Sparta Raleigh Waycross, Go. Fayetteville High Point Madison Deep Gap Washington Winston-Salem Benson Mebane Seven Springs East Bend Suffolk, Vo. Kannapolis Charlotte Plymouth, Pa. Gronite Folls Charlotte Lexington Burlington Waynesville Laurel Hill Greensboro Rocky Mount Raleigh Goldsboro Kings Mountain Bowden Greenville Fairport, Vo. Charlotte New Bern Wilmington Havelock Cary Waverly, Va. Morganton Shelby Charlotte Madison Speed Johnson City, Tenn. Elon College Wilmington Lexington Union, N. J. Kingsport, Tenn. Z1: Satterwhite, James Brant, II Souls, Admiral Dewey Saunders, Harvey Dean Savoriego, Samuel Firsts Scarborough, Todd Robert Secant., Percy Jennings, Jr. Schermerhorn, Donald F. Scott, Farrell Wayne Scott, Samuel DeVon, Ill Seoy, Faset Joaquin Stip, Thomas Alfred Seitz, Henry William, Jr. Sexton, Phillip Lawrence Shanklin, Julius Augustus, Jr. Shea, Charles Thomas, Jr. Sheehy, Adrian Reese Shelton, James David Shelton, Thomas Roscoe Shepherd, Robert Edwin Sheppard, Robert Reynolds Sheppard, Ronald Eric Sherrill, Van Dove Shields, Robert Fronk Shiver, Curtis Topp Shore, John Benjamin Shotton, Douglas Rondo!! Sills, Titus Odell, Jr. Simmons, Charles Robert Simmons, Lloyd Charles Simmons, W illiam Stephen Simpson, Tohotter° S. Sink, Lorry Wayne Sisk, Charles James Sloan. Benjamin Johnston Smith, Carson, Jr. Smith. Charles Holman Smith, Charles Waverly Smith, Danny Gold Smith, James Hilliard. Jr. Smith. James Thomas Smith, John Alton Smith, Raymond Lester, Jr. Smith, Robert Lee Smith, Rufus Koder, Jr. Smith, Thomas Manly Smith, William Edmond Smith, William Lucius, Jr. Snider, Lloyd Butner Spain, Milton Franklin Spoke, Totes Ellis, Jr. Spangler, Larry Eugene Sparrow, Charles Abernathy Spear, Forrest Allen Speed, Eugene Travis, Jr. Spencer, Tolbert Draper Stainback, Kenneth Max Stanley, Hubert Currie, Jr. Stanley, Willie Loyd Stanton, Richard Ito Staples, John Merritt 369 SOPHOMORES A t t SitiLLSSAL Starnes, John Edgar Steele, Boyne Gray Stein. Gerold Anderson Stephens, Chester Lee, Jr. Stephens, John Lee Stephenson, Thomas Williams Stevenson, James Frederick Stewart, Floyd Grant Stewart, George Colon Stewart, John Gilliam Stinord, Rutherford Jules Stokes, William Frederick Stone. John Greenville Stone, Lorry Mitchell Strewn, Dole Hiram Strewn, Harry Boger Strickland, Vernon Lee Stroupe, Harold David Stuart, Archie David, Jr. Stuart, Berry Witten Stuart, Joy Clyde Stubbins, George Edward Sturges ' , John Hannibal Suessmann, Kenneth Walter Sullivan, Robert Anderson Summer, Garry Lester Swart, Robert Stevens Talton, James Evans Topp, James M. Tarim, Sukru Tem. ' s Tarront, William Thomas Tart, Jimmy Clifton Taylor, Francis Beasley Taylor. George Blount Taylor, John Thoma s Taylor, Leonard Pendleton, Jr. Taylor, Luther Hill Taylor, Zachary Tedder, Donald Richard Teele, Phillip Michael Tetterton, Claudius David Thigpen, John Marvin Thomas, Baxter Lamar, Jr. Thomas, Jimmie Boyden Thomas, Mos Graydon Thompson, Albert Glenn, Jr. Thompson, Clarence Merlin Thompson, Linwood Forrest Thompson, Roy Clark Thompson, William Ulysses Thorn, Robert Harold Thorne, James Richard Tice, Robert Glenn, Jr. Titmus, Edward Buford Todd, Edward Shermer Tomlin, Mickey David Toms. John Amos Transou, Robert Horton, Jr. Tucker, Dennis Warren Tune, Harry Clifton, Jr. Granite Falls Burlington Rocky Mount Stearns, Ky. Ldlington Benson Providence Sanford Charlotte Monroe Oxford Gastonia Raleigh Greenville Elkin Greensboro Rocky Mount Baldwin, N. Y. Arlington, Va. Cherryville Wilmington Raleigh Roxboro Ankara, Turkey Raleigh Benson Kinston Rocky Mount Nashville Vanceboro Wilmington Knightdale Red Springs Shelby South Boston, Vo. Mt. Olive Char lotte Salisbury Sanford Forest City Princeton Raleigh Saluda Winston-Solem Raleigh Selma Wadesbora Petersburg, Vo. East Bend High Point Forest City Wilkesboro North Wilkesboro Morganton Polmyra Charlotte Moners Gastonia N Tarrytown, N. Y. Greenville 370 SOPHOMORES Turner, Charles McNeill, Jr. Turner, Conrad Leon Turner, James H , Jr. Turner, James Weaver Tyson, George Sown? Uskup, Frain Van Voor His. Bruce Vaughan, James R., Jr. Vou9hn, Robert Lee Vickers, James Lee Wagoner, Frank Wayne Wagoner, Thomas Leftroge Waldrop, Don Baker Wallace, Lorry Simmons Wallace, Lorry Wayne Waller. James Walser, Stacy Thurman, Jr. Wolters, Roger William Ward, Hermon Nathan Warner, Michael Warwick, Nurhom Osbie Washburn, James Roy Waters, Joe Wilbur Watkins, Gerald Jon Watkins, Louie Willard, Jr. Watson, Cleveland Babcock Watson, Larry Irving Watts, Jesse G. Weaver, Delmar Dole Weaver, Jerry Stokes Weaver, William Norris Weeks. Clydo Marguerite Wells, John Harold, Jr. Wells, Rclond Dean West, George Harper Wcy, Linda Jean Whatley, Louis Stephen Wkealton, Bruce Martin Wherry, Daniel George Whilden, Carleton Nettles. Jr. Whitaker, Robert Norton White, David Eoglc, Jr. White, Douglas Edward White, George Ross Whitener, Robert Labcn, Jr. Whiteside , David Patrick Wicker, Robert Brooks, Ill Wieland. Fred Georg e Wiggins, Noland Elvin, Jr. Wilcox, John Lee Wilholf, Charles Edward. III Williams, George W., Ill Williams, John Wesley, Ill Williams, Robert Edward, Jr. Williamson, Philip Lyle Williamson, Richard Hall Willis, Candler Arthur Willis, Carlton Hayes Wilson, Mork Gilliam Winstead, David Solomon Reidsville Waynesville Dunn Loring, Vo. Asheville Fayetteville Istanbul, Turkey Broadway Laskcr Cory Salisbury Elan College Sparta Valdese Newport Roanoke Rapids Maple Hill Salisbury Matthews Roanoke Rapids New Bern Clinton Spruce Pine Forest City Greensboro Wilmington Silver Creek, N. Y. Plymouth Raleigh Goldsboro Salisbury Winston-Salem Raleigh Morganton Asheville Kinston Boone Asheboro Burlington Columbus, Ohio Charlotte Enfield Statesville Ahoskie Solemburg Martinsville. Vo. Gastonia Sanford Statesville Durham Tampa, Flo. Rocky Mount Lexington Weldon Clinton New Bern Canton Candler Stacy Wilson ' s Mill Bunn 371 SOPHOMORES ' fiLscLa ' ts i• A II Slag Winton, Raymond Sheridan Wise, Joe Michael Witherington, Charles Mack Womble, David Andrew Wood, Richard Forbes, Jr. Workman. Gory Franklin Worslcy, David Francis Wonky, Samuel Mayo Wright, Bruce Wayne Wright, Lorry Gene Wylie, Robert Lowry, Ill Yip, Jimmy Der Young. John Marion Yount, James Leroy Zum, Brennen, Thomas P., III Raleigh Shelby Vonceboro Elm City Portsmouth, Vo. High Point Ook City Oak City Plymouth Dayton, Ohio Charlotte High Point Asheville Newton Salisbury BUCK CHAMPION, Treasurer PEGGY McCONNELL, Secretary JIMMY COX, President Class of 1963 FLOYD McCALL, Vice-President I 373 FRESHMEN Abernethy, Alan Ray Acra, Maurice Ramon Adorns, George Aston, Jr. Addotta, Salvatore M. Adkins, Edward Emery, Jr. Agostini, Michael David Alabaster, Albert Allen Albertson, Jock Collins Albertson, Joel Ralph Allen, George Edward, Jr. Allen, George Willis Allen, Jesse Monroe Allen, Lorry Ross Allen, Paul Haywood Allen, William Alexander, Ill Amick, William Michael Ammons, Troy Jr. Anderson, Berry Lane, Jr. Anderson, Woodrow Antonia Andrew, John Rodman Andrews, Robert Louis Ankurs, Andtis Archer, David McColl Arscott, James Lloyd Ashley, Perlie Gene Atwood, Richard Nolan Avant, Allred Louis Aycock, Vernon Stephen Aylott, Michael Victor Babe., Dole Mylum Badgett, Ray Harris Bagley, Worth Wrenn Bain, David Edwin Baldwin, Cullen Keith Baldwin, Donald F. Bollance, John Bartle Bollard, Gerald Blake Banks. Harvey Thomas Banks, Herman Lee Barbee, John Logan Barbee, Willard Harold, Jr. Ba rber. Tollie Chester Bard, Ronald Stephen Barefoot, Richard Lowell Barefoot, Willie Ronald Barnes, Alonzo Merrick Barnes, Robert Lee 13o7nhill, Michael Von Barrier, Georce Lewis Barringer, Thomas Lawson Barry, Raymond Edward Bosden, Bruce Kellum Boson, Jerry Thomas Boss, Vernon Elton, Jr. Batchelder. Charles Franklin Batton, George Oates Battcom, Lorry Clayton Beaman, John Robert, Jr. Beasley, James Dale Beasley, Marvin Coleman, Jr. Becton, Francis Gordon Beeson. John Edward Bell, Joseph Bendel Bennett, Jerry Lee Bennett, Roy Ray Berrie., Bobby Lee Best. Billy Burke Best, Elwood Vance Betts, Thomas Alexander, Jr. Beyer, Frederick Louis, Jr. Biesecker, James Leonard Eliggerstoff, Robert Thurman Bunn, Robert Norman Bishop, Roy Norton Bitter. Stephen Doughly Black, Edward Eugene, Jr. Blackburn, Sammy Gayle Statesville Rue de Magasin de FErar Shelby Cambria Heights, N. Y. Rocky Mount Trinidad, T.W.I. Dunn Durham Durham Fayetteville Tor Heel Smithfield Plymouth Charlotte Farmv,lle Pine Bluff, Ark. Burlington Tarboro Goldsboro Washington Sparta Charlotte Jacksonville, Flo. Troy Edenton Winston•Solem Red Springs Stontonsburg Loutinburg Hopewell, Va. Thomasville Kenly Fayetteville Durham Asheville Four Oaks Asheville Newton Jacksonville Southport Raleigh Mount Airy Asheville Charlotte Newton Grove Philadelphia, Pa. Nothalie, Va. Bottleboro Konnopolis Konnopolis Shelby Dudley Graham Edenton Raleigh Roanoke Rapids Concord Asheville High Point Gastonia Newport Winston-Salem Durham Kernersville Raleigh China Grove Stumpy Point Turkey Whitakers Durham Lexington Vole Sifer City Aberdeen Asheville Asheville Charlotte 374 FRESHMEN e c . Tip, - ' ir , ._,. __ 7: ALA it.. • .,, v 1 Pt " z- r k I --gill Blair, James Randle Blanchard, Harold Chris Blanchard, James Borten Blanchard, Stanley Wayne Bledsoe, William Byron Blcvins, Ronald Lcc Bolick, Calvin Reid Bolt, Michael Witham Booker, Edward Nelson, Jr. Boozer, Francis Johnston; Botookhim, Manouchehr Bost. Lloyd Carlton, Jr. Bastion, Charles William Roughen, John Robert Bouknight, Wendell Jock Bowden. Harold Tyson Bowers, James Scott Boyette, Warren Giles Boys, Thomas Robert Bradley, Bobby Dean Bradshaw, Loyd, Jr. Bradshaw, Richard Allen, Jr. Brake, henry Louis Brantley, William Arthur Breeden, James Brooks, Jr. Brickbat ' s°, Stuart Lea °riles, Barry Mitchell Britt, Harry Shore, Jr. Brittain, Robert Earl Brogden, William Alvis Brooks, James Ivey Brosins, Marriott Bosom, II Browder, William Henry, Jr. Brown, Benjamin Lawrence Brown, George William, Jr. Brown, Howard Patrick Brown, Roy Jackson Brown, Thomas Wayne Brown, Walter Earl Brown, William Charles Brown, William Pitt Brummitt, Robert Garland Cagle, Don Roy Caldwell. Ernest Larva Calvert, Wallace Vonember, Jr. Cameron, William John Cana Kenneth Sink Candler, Ronnie Lee Cannon, James Harley Carawan, Larry Bryan Carmichael, Donald Taylor Carpenter, James Wesley Carpenter, Joseph Morgan, Jr Corr, Thomas Melton. Jr. Carrier, Michael Molt Carter, David Huber Thomasville Whiteville Turkey Edenton Sparta Britton, Tenn. Bear Poplar Lauren, S. C. Selma Greensboro Stray Amir, Iran Charlotte Baltimore, Md. West Point. Va. Charleston. Virginia Beach, Va. Raleigh Clayton Gostonio Dallas Franklin, Va. Salisbury Rocky Mount Raleigh Fayetteville Columbia Greensboro Clinton Boone Sanford Norlona Statendle Wallace Rhodhiss Wilmington Washington Calera in Statesville Wilson Fr. Bragg Rocky Mount Henderson Fremont Raleigh Asheville Stokes Willow Springs Fair Bluff Pittsboro Newland Winston•Solem New London Rockingham Elizabethtown Fayetteville Sims Kannapolis Towson, Md. Monroe Raleigh High Point Marshall Fayetteville Greenville Raleigh Durham Wog ram Clinton Charlotte Fort Bragg Bruton. James Isaac Bryon. William Ross Boson, Phil Robinson, Jr. Buck, Coy Glen, Jr. Buffalo°, James Jackson Bullard, Paul Levon Buffington, Terry Douglas Bumgardncr, David Richard Bunn, George Albert Buonoto, Eugene George Burke, Robert Holmes Burkes, Marc Ray Burnett°, Thurman Everett Burris, Malcolm Lee Burton, Charles David Burton. William Alonzo Bush, John Powell Butler, Edward Berton Butler, Michael Herbert Byrd, Hazel Lawrence Byrd, Kenneth Rex West Jefferson Goldsboro Williamsport, Po. Upper Montclair, N. J. Calhoun Falls, S. C. Os lord Henderson 375 FRESHMEN Carver, William Bayard Catheswood, George Arthur Coto, Joseph Charles Causer, Hortley Dodge Covenaugh, Roy Stephen, Jr. Cotton, Darrell Browning Champion, Jon Horace Roxboro Burlington Charlotte Greensboro Wallace Aurora Raleigh Cheatham, John Gordon Chilton, David Lenton Chipley. Thomas Julian Clark, Donald Lawrence Clark, Edward Thorne Clark, M. Michael Clark, Oscar McFayden Oxford High Point Charlotte McLean, Va. Mt. Airy Con ton Fa yetteville Clerk. Sally Ann Clarke, Bernard Stanley Clayton, Edwin Lynn Clayton, John Glenwood Clemmons, Norman Hobson Clifton. Rodney Franklin Cline, Steven Ross Sanford Petersburg, Va. Greensboro Roxboro Wilmington Mt. Airy Winston-Salem Cloves, Thomas Hartley Cobb, Aubrey Whitehead Cobb, Clyde Capekart, Jr. Cobb, John Wilson Cochran, James David Cochrane, Charles Thomas Coffer, Bentrom Watts Winston-Salem Elm City Edenton Durharn Canton High Point Sanford Coffey, Thomas Gatewood Coggins, Nolan Sherrill Cole, Kenneth Lee Cole, Welton Roger Coleman, Charles Burnett Collie, George Claiborne Collins, Anthony Earl Roleigh Thomasville Clyde High Point Tabor City Goldsboro Winston•Solem Combs, Johnny Wayne Conner, Robert Wayne Connolly, Billy Dean Cook, Fred Roscoe Cook, Harold Craig Cook, Jerry Awake Cooke, Lloyd Alfred High Point Clover, Va. Bakersville Boone Mt. Olive Winston-Salem Salisbury Coppedge, George Alvah Nicholson, II Cooper, Robert William Cooper, Norbert Lee Cordell, Jerry Wayne CoriIle, Edward More Cornelius, CI...nee P n Costner, Hiram Archie, Ill High Point Mooresville Greensboro Raleigh Atkinson Troutman Charlotte Couch, John Edwin Council, Charles Royce, Jr. Cowen, Robert Stanford Cox, James Lester, Jr. Cox, Robert Emmett Cox, Wayne McCoskell Craft, William Jacob Durham Cary Durham Reidsville Winston.Solem Tabor City Rutherfordron Craig, Lou Lyon, Jr. C , Thomas Bond Crawley, Benjamin Dean Cribbin, David Edmund Cross, James Michael Crass, John McDonold Crow, Frank Heath, Jr. Crowley, Jack Norman Cruikshonk, James Patrick Crutchfield, Clark Albright Cullipher, James Milton Culp, Richard Earl Curnow, John Wallace Curtin, Shirley Thomas Curtis, Burnell Parker, Jr. Curtis, Cecil Lawrence Cutler, Guy Abner Dobbs, Theron Randolph Daniel, Joe Former, Jr. Daniel, Robert Earl Daniels, Alfred John, Jr. Windsor Charlotte Morganton Greensboro Asheboro Marion N. Wilkesboro Bloomington, Ill. Asheville Chorlotte Merry Hill Asheville Charlotte Oxford Wilmington Rocky Mount Washington Elizabeth City Wilson Raleigh Raleigh 376 Daniels, Dennis Allen Daniels, Lester Jackson, Jr. Darnell, James Earl Davenport, Reynold Slade, Jr. Doris, Charles A.. Jr. Davis, hank Holbrooke Davis, Jack Winslow Wilmington Winston-Salem Winston-Salem Jacksonville Draper Charlotte Winston-Salem Davis, Joseph Dallas Davis. Thomas Michael Davis, William Alexander Davis, William Phillip Deal, James Jeffery Deal, William Marcus Dean, James Robert Raleigh Raleigh Rowland Kitty Hawk Hickory Lenoir Greensboro Deflect, Dillard Lovell, Jr. Denison, Edward Elmer Dennis, Edward S., Jr. Dennis, Mork Vaughan Denny, Phillip Dole Denson, Charles Alexander Dermid, Joe Arthur, Jr. Asheville Asheville Clarkton Raleigh Pilot Mountain Rutherfordton Hendersonville Charlotte Roanoke Rapids West Hillsboro Gastonia East Bend Slier City Raleigh Devereus, James Lawrence Dickens, Henry Lassiter Dickey, Joe Morley Dickson, Robert Gallons Dixon, Michael Poindexter Dixon, Ronald Lynn Dixon, Simon Clayton Donohue, Daniel William Dorman, Mor•in Kay, Jr. Dorsett, Edward Lewd Dorsett, James Wesley, Jr. Doty, Leese Raymond Doty, Ronald Eugene Dove, Frank Bernard, Jr. Matthews Pembroke Rockingham Winston-Salem Jersey City, N. J. Winston-Salem Charlotte Drench John Michael Drye, Jerry Wendell (Naos°, Barron McNeely Duff, Joe H. Dumont, Arthur Edwin, Jr. Dunning, Charles Everett Durham, Jerry Dennis Eagles, Joseph Elliott, Jr. Fakes, James Chandler, Jr. Earnhardt, John Wilbert, Jr. Earp, David Franklin Eaton, Edward Franklin, Jr. Easterling, George Dixon Eaton, Frank Adair Durham Albemarle Arden Raleigh Charlotte Rich Square Four Oaks Raleigh Sanford Winston-Salem Selma Elm City Hamlet Norfolk, Vo. Ebersole, William Carter Edgerton, Jerry Alen Edwards, Ben Luther Edwards, Carl Elmo Edwards. Michael Robert Edwards, Peter Howard Eller, Conrad David Wilmington Goldsboro Kings Mountain Raleigh Thomasville Thomasville Moravian Falls Ellington, Rayburn Paschal, Ill Ellis, Donald Reid Ellis, Duke Franklin Ellis, Francis Charles Ellis, Walter Duke, Jr. Enloe, Harold Coleman Ensor, Crawford Monroe, Jr. Burlington Graham Statesville Raleigh Greensboro Asheville Farr Bluff Estridge, Sammy Earl, Jr. Everest, Glenn Edward Foggart, Michael Wayne Faircloth, Bob Eugene Fanney. Josef Privette Farmer, George Leonidas Farthing, Hal Buckner, Jr. Bodin Mocksville Concord Fayetteville Scotland Neck Raleigh Durham Fotkin, Thomas George Faust, Eric Milton Felts, William Edward Fenton, John Franklin Ferguson, James Marshall. Jr. Fernald, John Taylor Fields, Thomas Edward Albemarle Salisbury Rocky Mount Washington, D. C. Raleigh Wilson Wallace 377 FRESHMEN Fine, David Lee Finger, Guy McKinley Fish, Herbert Dorsey, Ill Fishel, Herbert Andrew Fisher, Thomas Russell Fleming, Robert James, Jr. Floyd, Benjamin Morris Floyd, Daniel Bern Floyd, Edmond David Fogarassy, Peter Ivan Foltz, Donald Ro bert Forbes, Benjamin Jasper, Jr. Ford, Robert Newland Fors, John Frederick New London Winston-Salem Willow Springs Winston-Solem Charlotte Fuguay Springs Henderson Lumberton Albemarle New Hoven, Conn. Winston-Salem Wilson Kure Beach Mercer, Po. Foster, George Rondo1ph Fouts, Jerry Webster Fowler, Edwin Burke, Ill Fowler, George Foetid Fowler, Richard Leon Fox, Charles Eugene Fox, Lorry Olen Charlotte Thomasville Cherryville Salisbury Mt. Holly Morganton Conover Fax, William Nelson Foy, John Frank Franklin, Donald Ervin Franklin, Edward Carlyle Franklin, William Acree Frauenhols, Raymond Blaise Fussell , Barry Newbold Atlantic Beach Brodenton, Fla. Valdese Richmond, Va. Greenville Hovelock Raleigh Frees, David Edward Frock, Lorry Gene Freeland, Ernest Pinkney, Jr. Freeman, Everett Hunt Freeman, Joel Mock Freemen, Richard McConnell French, George Rcade Walnut Cove Acme Matthews Spin dole Cullowhee Charlotte Wilmington Frick, Lester Lee Frickcy, Robert Elliott, Jr. Friday, Leonard LeRoy Frink, Richard Barry Fry, Harald Lawrence Fulbright, James Cloud Fuller, Carl Clifford, Jr. Albemarle Siler City Gostonio Tabor City Newton Hickory Raleigh Fuller, David Allan Funderburk, Jerry Neol Furr, Robert Eugene Furr, Wilbur Fronklin, Jr. Gagnon, David Charles Gaither, John Owen Galloway, Benny M. Gamble, John Morley, Jr. Gandy, Robert William Gardner, David Hampton Gardner, Joseph Decatur Gardner, Larry Jay Gardner, William Edgar Gardner, William Marshall Garner, Jerry Leon Garrett, Ray Wayne Garrett, Roy Lane Garrison, Edward Lawrence Garrison, Willard Lee Garriss, Howard Reed, Jr. Gately, Richard Charles Geddie, Edgar McPhail, Jr. Gelber, Michael Gentry, Kendall Francis, Jr. Gibson, Edward Leven Gibson, Johnny Wayne Gotten, Phil Gordon Gil ford, John Winston Gilbert, Foul L estrade Gilmore, Wesley Wilton, Jr. Godwin, Randolph Roy Gains, James Donald Golderer, Harry Charles, Jr. Goldfarb, Michael Goldstein, Ronald Jerome Louisburg Konnopolis Stanfield Concord Ayden Charlotte Brevord Charlotte Concord Roscbaro Holland, Virginia Asheville Kernenville Asheville Aberdeen Moyock Moyock Morganton Pfofftown Raleigh Rockaway Beach, N. Y. Raleigh Rornat•Hashernon, Israel Roxboro Charlotte Kannopolis Charlotte Vero Beach, Florida Statesville Raleigh Wilson Burlington Brevord Forest Hills, N. Y. Mooresville 378 Asheville Gold Hill Morehead City Raleigh Lumberton Durham Rocky Mount Clarendon Wilmington Charlotte Waynesville Hope Mills Wilson Gastonia Brevard Candler Raleigh Somerville, N. J. Burlington Mocksville Raleigh Raleigh Oxford Shelby Charlotte Jonesville Winston-Salem Lexington Cary Raleigh Downingtown, Pennsylvania Nashville, Tennessee Kannapolis Charlotte Goldsboro Goldstein, Ronald Phillip Goodman, Robert Lee Goodwin, Bruce Davis Goodwin, Lester McGee, Jr. Goodwin, Roy Anderson, Jr. Goswiek, Thomas Emmett Grady, Michael Erlie, Jr. Groinger, John William, Jr. Grant. Martin Smith Gravely, Benjamin Tyson Graves, Alfred Arthur Gray, James Alexander, Jr. Gray, John Bowie, IV Gray, J. Lander, Ill Green, Charles Robert Green, Nancy Rebecca Greene. Ernest Leland. Jr. Greenwood, Kenneth Towne Greeson, Roy Mock Gregory, Barry Randall Gregory, Walton Carlyle Gresham, John Randolph Gresham, Robert Elvis, Jr. Grice, James Pressley, Jr. Grier, Preston Douglas, Jr. Griffin, Joseph Carl, Jr. Griffin, Robert Paul Griffith, Robert Wollace, Jr. Grimes, Thomas Llewellyn Griset, Kurt Benton Griswold, Guy Doan Grace, Augustus Ben. Jr. Grossnson, William Gary Guion, William Scott Gurley, Paul Landreth Guy, Buford, Jr. Gwoltney, Jauy Rudolph, Jr. Hackney, Gerold George Herman Hackney, Ralph Hodges Hain, Leland Moore Ha itovsk y, tool Halberstadt, William Level, II Salisbury Dudley Conover Washington Goldsboro Haifa, Israel Charlotte Hole, Alan Everett Wilmington Hales, Jesman Arnold Fremont Hall, Jerry Dade Burlington Halverson, Oscar Ted Siler City Hampton. Benny Bryant Elkin Hand, Thomas Fortune Belmont Hanna, Anthony Reed Charlotte Harbin, Walter Randolph Hardison, Ted Julius Hare, Wilford Ray Harmon, Charles Lynn Harmon, Frank Cornelius Harper, James Ronald Harpham, Raymond Mercer Harrell, Henry, Ill Herrington, Archie Walton Harris, Jack Ronald Harris. James Cormon, Jr. Harris, William Brothers Harris, William Howard Harrison, Dalton Roy Harrison, Thomas Edison Marvel, Roy Harrison Harvey. Lloyd Stewart Hasbrouck, Jonathan Love Haskell, George !Thome Hassell, James Clyde Hauser, Edwin Wilbur Hawes, Douglas Hayes Hawkins, Clarence Pemberton Hawks, James Oscar Hayes. Richard McLaughlin, Jr. Hayworth, George William Haxelton, George Livingston Heath, Bobby Sutton Asheville Edenton Pikeville Kingsport, Tennessee Greensboro Franklin Cha rlotte Wilmington Fairmont Mocksville Lexington Oriental Windsor Raleigh Wake Forest Biscay Thomesville Bladenboro Laurel Hill Ma nteo Lewisville Bolivia Pine Level High Point High Point High Point Greenville Trenton FRESHMEN Heath, John Emery Heath, Johnny Ray Heath, Silas Ervin Hedspeth, Luther William, Jr. Heeden, George Lee, Jr. Helminger, Poul Andrew Hendon, George Ward Henry, James Vance Hensley, Daniel Steve Hernandez, Manuel Ramon Hessler, Bruce Alden Hester, Ralph Duane Hester, William Thomas Heyward, George Cuthbert Hicks, Alfred Francis Hicks, Joseph Nathan Hill, David Lyman Hill, Jervis Roland Hill, Joseph Curtis Hill, Ted Wilson Hill, William Earl Hines, John Stephen Hints, Berne Jurgen Hodgin, William Con oly Noel!, James Monroe, Jr. Holder, Edward Lee Hollady, David Franklin Holland, Charles Sidney, Jr. Horne, Charles Wright Horton, James Floyd Houtz, David Franklin Howard, Abe Noil, Jr. Howell, Colbert Page Howell, Dewey Edward Howell, John Howard, Jr James, William Russell, Ill Jaramillo, Eduardo Villa Jarrett, James Paul, Jr. Jef fords, Colvin Bunyan Jenkins, Larry Stuart, Jr Jernigan, Norman D Johnson, Dale Reid Ft. Emits, Virginia Kinston Pink Hill Conway Wilson Morganton Asheville Asheville Black Mountain Santa Cruz Del Sur, Cuba Huntington, N. Y. Charlottesville. Virginia Raleigh Laurinburg Wilson Roxboro Edneyville Pfaff town Charlotte ChocowinitS Kinston Spindale Fayetteville Red Springs Rocky Mount Winston.Salem Guilford College Henderson Fayetteville Raleigh Edenton Jamestown New Bern Lexington Greenville Richlands Wilson Rutledge, Pennsylvania Mocksville Murfreesboro Goldsboro New Bern Wadesboro Henderson Dallas Stedman Grahorn Valdese Hickory Durham Edenton Kinston Burgow Raleigh Charlotte Raleigh Raleigh Smithfield Yodkinville Candler Colfax Burlington Mt. Gilead Swansboro Raleigh ' Daum Henderson Greenville Everetts Rocky Point Winston.Salem Medellin, Colombia High Point Darlington Raleigh Dunn Burlington Howell, Millard Cleveland, Jr. Hoyle, Jeffrey Hoyle Hubbard, Donald Gene Hubbard, James Allison Hudson, David Rex Hudson, Richard Henry Huffman. Tod Edward Huggins, Marion Dixon Hughes, Miles Augustus, Jr. Humphrey, Clarence Kermit, Jr. Humphrey, Milton Jennings, Jr. Humphreys, Paul N., Jr. Humphries, Eugene Elmore, Jr. Hunnicutt, Emmitt Freeman, Jr. Hunnicutt, William Artemus, Ill Huntley, William K. Hutchens, Jerry Lee Hyatt, Charles Wayne Idol, Tony Gene Ingle, Edwin Coy Ingram, Dick DeBusk Ingram, Donald Russell Ives, Charles Luther, Ill Ivey, James Corker. Jackson, Claude Thelbert Jackson, George Claudius, Jr. James, Elmo Beckton James, Julian Tracey Holland. William Connor Holler, Don Forney Hollowell, Joseph Electrum, Jr. Holt, Kenneth Paul Holton, Alonzo Wallace, Jr. Honeycutt, Fred Lindley Honeycutt, Thomas Rhett 380 Johnson, Edward Earl Johnson. Jack Roy Johnson, Richard Morris Johnston, William Henry Jones, Charles Edward Jones, George Clarke Jones, James Lloyd Jones, Jerry Lee James, Stephen Paul Jones. Walter Bascomb, Jr Jones, Walter Hunter, Jr. Jordan. lack Pritchett Jordan, Kenneth Lee Jordan, Steven Boyd Jorgensen, David Barrett Joyner, Henry Lee, Jr. Judkins, Malcolm Robert Justice, Frank Kimsey Kale, Charles Lester Kaleel, George Allen, Jr. Kanoy, Gary Allen Keel. Ralph Moyo, Jr. Keel, William Harrington, II Keith, Thomas Joseph Kelly, Arthur King Kelly, James Jerrold Kennedy, Eugene Welborn Kent, Richard Edward Kerridge, David T. Kesler, Donny Murphy Kilby, Bobby Cecil King, Carlisle Richard, Jr. Kirby, Darrell David Kirkman, Raymon Lee. Jr. Kirkpatrick, Larry Eugene Kiser, Clyde Loyd. Jr. KAtr oll, George Parker, Jr. Klatt, Fred Walter Klipfel, Thomas Raymond Kluttz, William Glenn Knight, Thomas David Knott, Gerald Hubert Dunn Turkey Graham Raleigh Lenoir Charlotte Kenly North Wilkesboro High Point Raleigh Zebulon Mt. Gileod Mt. Holly Charlotte Durham Hobbsvi lle North Augusto. S. C. Asheville Mt. Holly Clinton Thomasville Grotoro, Connecticut Raleigh Lumberton Kinston Charlotte Hillsboro Lynbrook Rieeelsville, Pennsylvania Salisbury Miller Creek Knightdale Lenoir Winston-Salem Mebane Asheboro Corapeake Cory Asheboro Salisbury Stokesdale Raleigh Knowlton, James Augustus Freeman, III Raleigh Kohut, David John Carnegie, Pennsylvania Koonce. Eugene Carlyle, Jr. New Bern Koonts, Webster Bayne Lexington Koontz, Robert Franklin, Jr. Lexington Koppel, Ants Greensboro Krecichi, Gerald Joseph Trenton Kreps, Jeffry Allen Kunkle, James Marshall Kurdys, William Reads Kuuskroo, Valk Alexander Lod, Thomas Hared Lambeth, Henry Albert Lamm, Charles Howard Lancaster, Joseph Michael Lone. James Douglas Lane. Stephen Langley, Brian Colburn tonic,, Edward Rayburn Lassiter, William James, Jr Lattimore, Charles Douglas Laughinghouse, Alvis Uriah Leary, Jesse Herbert Lee, Jesse Baster Leggett, James Perry, Jr. Lehrer, Peter Moe Leigh, Hinton Lemons, Linda Carolyn Leon, Frederic Roland Leonard, Robert Dale Leonard. Robert Wayne Leslie, Phillip Bennett Lesslie. Peter Ashby Lewis. James Thomas Lewis, Joseph Isaac Charleston, W. Virginia Charlotte Charlotte Cherryville Connelly Springs Marion Elm City Raleigh Dover Mt. Gilead Smithfield Warsaw Fayetteville Rutherfordton Kinston Hollywood. Florida Lourinburg Fairmont Long Beach, N. Y. Hamlet Bodin Rocky Mount Lexington Winston-Salem Dunn Mt. Holly Cary Middlesex Lewis, Luther Vance Lewis, Thomas Strand Linebock, Giles Stokes Logan Weaver, Ill Little, John Chester Little, Ned Bower Lloyd, Clarence Robert Logue, Goynell Paul Lohr, David Lindsey Long, Robert Edward Lang, Ronald Hermon Long, William Joe Lothian, George Gene Love, Edgar Robert, Jr. Love, Ira Wayne Lovelace, Samuel Darden Lowdermilk, Clarence Verne]] Lucas, William Ashley Lustig, Frank Eugene Lynch, James Maurice Lynch, Mark George Lynch, Robert Edward, Jr. McAbee, Barbara Ann McAdoo, Garland Henry McAdoo, Halstead Wheeler McArthur, Daniel Lawrence, Jr. McBride, Larry Slate McCall, Floyd Enlow McCarter, Reid Alexander McClenny, William Arthur McCommons, Richard Eugene McConnell, Alfred Earl McConnell, Peggy Harper McConnell, Thomas Horn, McCorkle, John Locke McCormick, James Mock McCoy, Scottie Woodrow McCracken, Jerry Franklin McCrary, James Edward McColston, Johnny Crawford McCurdy, David Kenneth McCurry, James Rodney McDonald, Allen Woodford McElroy, James Edward Clifton Benedict, Jr. McGee, Hubert Wendell McGee, John Eustace McGee, Mervin Marion, Jr. McGuinn, John Anthony McIntosh, John David McIntosh, Robert Bryon McIver, Chandler Hill McKay, Wilbur Franklin McKinney, James Donald McLeod, Marshall Watson McLeod, Michael Stanley McNish, Thomas Mitchell McPherson, Robert Ronald Mabe, Jimmy Wayne Maher, William Francis Maheros, Harry Gus Maiden, Donald Lawrence Mainster, Martin Aron Malone, Philip Morris Mo!ski, Edmund Horgan Mangum, Conley Newton Mann, James Lindsay Mann, Ronald Barry Manning, Henry Lee, Jr. Marcum, John Mills Markham, Murdock H. Marsh, Elisho Stroud Marshall, Wayne Wilson Marshburn, James Phillip Martin, Guy Roosevelt, Jr. Martin, Johnny Stephen Martin, Robert Lee, Jr. Union Mills Fairmont Garner Randleman Winterville Jefferson Durham Charlotte Lincolnton Elizabeth City Gastonia Ash Raleigh Greensboro Kennon lis Wilson Greensboro Fayetteville Clemmons Sanford Raleigh La Grange Wilmington Greensboro Greensboro Red Springs Salisbury Penrose Gastonia Lucent° Raleigh Raleigh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania High Point Charlotte Sanford Cove City Boone Roanoke Rapids Burlington Flourtown, Pennsylvania Candler Concord Morehead City Cherry Point Kernersville Woithaw Claremont Tryon Wilson Southern Pines Raleigh Marston Jonesville Mt. Pleasant High Point Franklin Durham Kernersville Goldsboro Gastonia Greensboro Miami Beach, Florida Stotesville St. Petersburg, Florida Rougemont Sanford High Point Middlesex Southern Pines Raleigh Wadesboro Raleigh Rocky Mount Hildebran Lenoir Raleigh 382 Martin, William Roy Mason, John Rufus Massey, Harry Clinton, Jr. Matlock, Ronald Jefferson Moyer. Michael Doinis Maynard, Atlas Alan, III Mayton, Robert Leslie, Jr. Meakin, Charles Frederick Mchlich, Leonhard Adolf Milton, Robert Barry Mercer, Wolter Kenith Messick. Robert Eugene Michie, William Franklin, Jr. Mickle, Clyde Burton, Jr. Middleton, John Wayne Miller, Colvin May Miller, Gene Spencer Miller, Henry Lloyd Miller, Philip Raiford Miller, Thomas Benbow Milligan, George Erwin Mills, Robert Norris Mitchell, Don Newton Mitchelle, Earl, Jr. Mitchem, John Vernon Mixon, Benjamin Harrell Moore. Eugene Arnold Moore, George Felix Moore, Gerald Nathan Moore, Johnny Emmett Moore, Richard Kinney Moore, Robert Hayes, Jr. Moore, Roger Crawford, Jr. Motets, Ralph Dole, Jr. M organ, Bill Joseph Morgan, Earl Misenheimer, Ill Morgan, Koren Ile Morgan, Richard Miller Morgan, Robert George Morrison, James Davidson Morrison, Phillip Hunter Morrow, Riffles Kirven Morrow, Samuel Ray Morton , Donald Rives Morton, Hermon Lindsay Moser, William Ray, Jr. Mosley, Jerry Wayne Moss. Alfred Wesley Moyle, LoMont Edward Mosingo, Kenneth David Mosingo, Roy Walton Munden, Fentress Horner Murchison, William Harold, Jr. Murphy, Dred Morris Murphy, Roger Wayne Murray, Judson Todd Myers. Jesse Willard Myers, Kenneth Randall Nonce, Daniel Allan Neel, Richard Owen Neighbors, Dolma Keith Nelson, Lewis Henry, Ill Nelson, Melvin, Jr. Nemmers, Raymond Francis Newcomb, Kenneth Edward Nicholson, Cheyney Anglin Nicholson, William Oscar Nielsen, Clare Westley Niles, Lawson Ray Nobles, Larry Noel!, Godwin Leroy Nordmon, Theodore Poul Norville, James Douglas, Jr. Norwood, Grover Carroll Null, Thomas Allen NuttoII. Robert Alexander Oakley, Thomas Blair Lenoir Newport Raleigh Louisville, Kentucky Charlotte Harrell, Raleigh Virginia Beach. Virginia Raleigh Lenoir Kinston Shelby Raleigh Salisbury Winston•Solern Solisbun Salisbury Salisbury Concord Salisbury Charlotte Aurora Durham Danville, Virginia Bessemer City Henderson Barber Lourinburg Fay ettev ill, Clinton New York Durham Littleton Deep Gap Jacksonville Bodin Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Asheville Roxboro Asheville Lenoir Washington Statesville Greensboro Charlotte Greensboro Rocky Mount Charlotte StewartsviIle, N. J. Elurgow Kenly Elizabeth City Goldston Stontonsburg Summerfield Tenafly, N. J. McLewisville Baltimore, Maryland Greensboro Mooresville Benson Son Francisco, California Sanford Raleigh Charlotte Raleigh Sliva Humboldt Smithfield C had bourn Oxford Charlotte Rocky Moun• Black Mountain Salisbury Cordova Knightdale FRESHMEN Ogburn, Thomas Benjamin Olsen. James Harry Owens, J. Glenn Owings, Charles Wells, Jr. Overcash. Oscar Lee Overby. Waymoth Mebane Overman, Bruce Howland. Jr. Overton, William Thompson Olga., Necati Pace, James Thaddeus Page, Donald Reed Page. Edwin Perry Page, Gory O ' Neill Padgett, Hugh Anthony Pokulo, Hallo Mathew Porkers., Thomas Irvin Park, Donald Michael Parker, James Ellis Parker, John Wesley Parker, Raymond Wilson, Jr. Parker, Samuel Max Parkhurst, Robert Edwin Parks, Lefton Curtis, Jr. Pother, John Felix, Jr, Parrish, Billy Thomas Partin, Maurice Wilson, Jr. Pate, Charles Lynn Pate, Thomas Rankin Paterson, Wallace Hall Patrick, David Malcolm Patten, Donald William Paul, John David Peacock, John Forrest Peacock, Joseph Thomas, Jr. Pearson, Kenneth Covington Peed, Wallace Lunsford Peek. Robert Lawrence Peeler, Donald Hoover Derain, James Darrell Perkins, Jerry Cecil Perkins, Lewis Henry, Jr. Perkinson, Richard Thomas Perry, Clifford Braswell Perry, William Howard Perryman, Koye Frances Peterson, Reid Willis Phaup, John Jordan Phelps, John Yancey Phelps, Kenneth Joyner Phelps, Lewis Marshall, Jr. Phillips, Larry Steve Phillips, Raymond Douglas Phillips, Terry Nelson Phillips. William Henry, Ill Pickard, Faison Wellington Pickett, Roy Terry Pierce, Harold Roy Pindell, Robert George Pique, RedoIto Enrique Pittman, Charles Grady Pitts. George Schley Pleasant., John Lee Plonk. David Torrence Pones, Rodrigo Antonio, II Posey, Elbert H., Jr. Poteet, Leon Joy Powell. Richard Monroe Powell, Samuel Knight Prager. Jeffrey Martin Price, Jan Ball Price, William John, Jr. Proctor, James Allen Pruett, Jeffrey Lynn Puckett, Alvin Ronald Puckett, Jerry Thomas Pulley, Robert Edmond Purser, Jerry Franklin Roanoke Rapids Winston-Salem Morganton Greensboro China Grove Raleigh Greensboro Oxford NaziIli, Turkey Hendersonville Chattanooga, Tennessee Morrisville Winston-Salem Forest City Raleigh High Point Elizabeth City Wilmington Pink Hill Rocky Mount Mt. Ullo Conover Salisbury Lenoir Clayton Jacksonville Goldsboro Raleigh Matthews Greensboro Greenwich, N. Y. Belhaven Weoverville Fremont Goldsboro Creedmoor Raleigh Lincolnton Burlington Sanford Goren. ' lc Roanoke Rapids Chapel Hill Fayetteville Lexington Burnsville Asheville Raleigh Rocky Mount Wilson Hickory Pine Level Winston-Salem Palatka, Fla. Charlotte Durham Charlotte Charlotte Mananao, Cuba Rocky Mount Newton Cary Kings Mountain Panama, Panama New York, N. Y. Morganton Laurinburg Charlotte Cedarhurst, N. Y. Dudley Greensboro Vole Cheltenoom, Pa. Huntersville Oxford Zebulon Andrews Putnam, James Russell Quesinberry, Garnett Despord. Jr. Quick, Gerald Thomas Quincy, Robert Horton Robb, William Moore, Jr. Roder, Louis Albert Ragan, Jack Jr. Rogan, James Edward Raines, George Mo•ie Raper, Charles David, Jr. Raper, Richard Morris Rt.:idling, Charles Warren Reed, Charles William Reich, Banner Jon Reid, Willis Alton, Jr. Renner, Robert John Rettinger, Lawrence John, Jr Reynolds, David Ralph Reynolds, Ronald Jack Rhodes, James Thomas Rhodes, Som Buck, Ill Ribelin, Franklin Roosevelt Richardson, Gory Douglas Richardson, William Clayton Richie, Robert Allred Rix, Kenneth Paul Roberson, Howard Bennett Roberts, James Crockett Roberts, Stencil Beaman Roberts, Wayne Binford Robertson, Gerald Wayne Robinson, Clayton Harrison Robinson, Glenn Albert, Jr. Rogers, Marvin Michael Rondeau, Robert Often« Ross, Billy Linwood, Jr. Ross, Charles, II Rouse, Robert Gene Rorie., Charles Ray Reece, George Albert Rudder, John Daniel Rumley, Henry Blount, Jr Runkle, Charles James Russell, Harold Roy Russell, Kirby Roy Russell, Nicholas Edwin Rust, Carl William Sagmuller, Joseph Richard Solwaggio, Johnny Mack Sams, Cloy Edward Sanders, Fletcher Kenute Sapp, Ernest Lee Saunders, James Lou,,, Jr. Sawyer, Carl Thomas Sawyer, Thomas Cecil Scesny, Anthony Joseph Schafer, Frederic Herman Schick, Pedro Alejandro Schneider, Donald Allen Scott, George Richard, Jr. Waft, Shirley Dean Stogie, Joe Ben Sears, Billy Leonard Segues, Robert Judson Self, Robert Houser Shachtmon, Richard Hyman Sharpe, Tommy Goode Shaver, Darryl Lane Shaw, Barry Allen Shaw, John Quincy, Jr. Show, Martin Cooper Shelton, Henry Hugh Shelton, Paul Wilson, Jr. Shepherd, Donald Lea Shepherd, James Edward Sherman, Stephen W t Shinn, Robert Weothersbee Cobleskill, N. Y. Floyd, Va. Sanford Rocky Mount Lenoir Waynesboro, Vo. New Bern Oriental Wilson Whiteville Thomasville Fayetteville Winston-Salem Wurstan•Seriern Raleigh Easton, Pa. Patrick Condor Asheville Leaksville Salisbury Slier City Franklin Marion Asheville Reidsville Wilson Creedmoor Hillsboro Williamston Clinton Charlotte Clyde Warren, R. I. Durham Greenville Magnolia Lumberton Cramerton Burlington Washington Winterville Ca-veil Kennon°In Columbus Charlotte Raleigh Valdese Dillard, Ga. Middlesex Winston.Solara Halifax New Bern Belcross Moon, N. T. Mt. Airy Caracas, Venezuela Elizabeth City Charlotte New Bern Morganton Apex Raleigh Durham Fairborn, Ohio Statesville Charlotte Burlington Durham Roanoke Rapids Hobgood Pilot Mountain Mebane Whitten Jacksonville Raleigh Shore, Henry Bascom Short, Robert Carlton Sides, David Larry Sigrnon, Darrell Wilburn Simpson, William Preston, Jr. Sirwril, Robert Thomas Sink. James Andrew Simock, Pomeroy, Ill Skinner, Egan Greer Slack, William Herbert, Jr. Small, Charles Heber, Jr. Smallwood, William Boyce Smite., Mohamed Ben Mohamed Smith, Alford Lee Smith, Alton Glenn. Jr. Smith, Boyd Adam Smith, David Michael Smith, Daniel White, Jr. Smith, Duane Richard Smith, Fronk Stacy Smith, Gerald Lumis Smith, George Edward Smith, James Edward Smith, Jerry Wayne Smith, John Andrew Smith, Joseph Ronald Smith, Lloyd Noel Smith, Lytle Lionel Smith, Owen Franklin Smith, Polly Ann Smith, Robert Howard, Jr. Smith, Thomas Roy Smith, William Barry Smith, William Sidney Smyth, William Henry Snider, Edgar Howard, Jr. Snider, Jerry Emanuel Soles, John Marvin Soo, John Hsin Tseng Sparks, Betel Roy Spears. Danny Edwin Speight, Wolter Kinsey Spence, William McKay Spencer, Edwin V•lencourt Spencer, Virgil Stewart Spivey, Douglas Wayne Sprinkle, James Camp Stadler, David Eugene Stainback, Joseph Wilton Staley, Charles Michael Stallings, Charles Henry Stamm, Alfred John Stencil, William Alfred Stanley, Charles Paul, Jr. Stanley. John William Stanley, Thomas Earl Stonsel, Benjamin Carrel Starnes, Lawson Wright Staton, Raymond Clifford, Jr. St. Cloir, William Lewiston Steagoll, David Julian Steele, Basil Edward Steele, James Findlay Steele, John Homilton Steelman, Harold Melvin, Jr. Steelman, Harvey Leroy Steinberg, David Ronald Stephenson, Michael Judson Stepp, Michael Raid Steven, John Gehret Stevens, Thomas Hamilton Stewart, Brenda Maurice Stillwell, Larry Morgan StirewaIt, John Robert Story, Paul Jackson Stratton. George Frederick, Jr. Strickland, Daniel Zachary, Jr. East Bend Hotline Kannopolis Lakeland, Fla. Raleigh Derito Thomasville New Castle, Ind. 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David Wood Swann, James Thomas Swing, William Denny Tankard, John Rodgers, Ill Taylor, Carl Edwin, Jr. Taylor, Henry Clay, Ill Taylor, James Braxton Taylor, John Preston Taylor, Richard Douglas Taylor, William Clayton Taylor, William Elton Taylor, Woodrow Manning Teachey, James Clifton Teal, Norwood Donald Temple, Herman Lee Tetterton. Darrell Grimes Yew, Milton Raye Thomas, Graham Julius Thomas, John Charles Thomas, Joseph Eugene Thomas, Phil Roy Thomason, Thomas Watson, Jr. Thomasson, Samuel Joseph, Ill Thompson. Charles Benjamin. Jr. Thompson. Charles Monroe Thompson, Leonard Weston Thompson, Max Forest, Jr. Thompson, Robert Buie Thorns, Kenneth Richard More. David Lester Thorn, William Alexander, III Thornburg, Tom Grier, Jr. Thorne, Thomas Stanley ' Fiske!, William Howard Till, Robert Suitt Tiller, Thomas Alton Todd, John Curtis Todd, Marvin Caulis, Jr. ToIbsen, James Brener, Jr. Temkin.. Charles Richard Toms, Frederic Earl Torrence, Charles Barry Torrence, Daniel Alexander Townsend, Jerry Lynn Trexler, Charles Dechant Tucker, Ellis Roney Tucker. Frank Charles T , Paul Arthur, Jr. Tucker, Ralph Dwight Tulloss, John William. Jr. Tuttle, Edward Hill Twos:14y, Paul Washburn Tyndoll, Willie Michael Tyson, James Edward, Jr. Underwood, Maurice Edward, Jr. Underwood, Vaden Brook. Upchurch. James Larry Upchurch, Joseph Burris Upchurch, Robert Howard Uptegrove, Raymond Russell VonNostrand, Arthur Faron Vaughn, Joseph Bonaparte, II Vaughn, Michael Wilson Velordo, Stephen Joseph Vestal, William Franklin Viverette, Cecil Extn, Jr. Wade, William Henry. Jr. Wagner, Thomas Howard James Wilson, Ill Walker, Barbaro Dale Walker, Kyle Robert Walker, RoYmon Lowe, Jr- Selma Aydcn Hertford Raleigh Charlotte Raleigh Morehead City KonnaPolis Arlington, Va. Wilmington Louisburg Wadesboro Fayetteville Lenoir Tarboro Charlotte Deep Run Rose Hill Wadesboro Norfolk, Va. South Boston, Vo. Tarboro Winston-Salem Thomasville Ernul Bakersville Salisbury Fayetteville New Bern Black Mountain Goldsboro Aurora Raleigh Pearl River, N. Y. Martinsville, Va. Tenn. Concord Selma Roanoke Rapids Asheville Luling, Tn. Wendell Ahoskie Asheboro Gallatin, Tenn. Forest City Salisbury Greensboro Elisabethtown Highland Pork, Ill. Magnolia Shelby Locust Hickory Rocky Mount Lenoir Edenton Erwin Raleigh Wilmington Randleman Raleigh Greenville Raleigh Georgetown, S. C. BrItOrl, Tenn. Winston-Salem Winston. -So leas Danbury, Moss. Franklinville Lenoir Winston-Salem Black Mountain Reidsville Atkinson Stuart, Va. High Point FRESHMEN Walker, Ronald Lee Walker, William Clyde, Jr. Wall, Edward Calvin Waller. Boyd Malcolm Word, Allen Edens, Jr. Word, Gus Graham, Ill Word, James Earl Ward, Leon Jackson Word, Thomas Carl Word, William Charles. Jr. Warner, Raymond Douglas Warner, Robert Vance Warren, Elwood Gordon, Jr. Warren, James Mershon Burlington Durham Rural Hall Seaford, Dela. Rowland Durham Greenville Goldsboro Raleigh Charlotte Medford, Mass. High Point Hillsboro Battleboro Warren, James Thomas Warren, John Gory Watson, William Robert Wotts, Max Donald Watts, Plato Hilton, Jr. Watts, Thomas Powell, Jr. Weaver, Charles Henry Weaver, Larry Truman Weevil, Billy Ray Webb, William Leon, Jr. Weeks, Willis Bryant Weisner. Johnny Bowman Webster, Kenneth Irvin Weiss, David Soul Wellman, John Wilson WeBons, George Sidney Wells, Charles Earl, Jr. West, Willis Ashley Wheeler, Ray Bain White, Barry Bailer White, John Kenneth White, Kenneth Sidney White, William Hale, Jr. Whitehead, Herman Deal, Jr. Whitehouse, Richard Allen Whitfield, George Carroll Whitlow, D. Wayne Whitman, Emil John, Jr, Whitt, Ellis Eldward Wicker. Richard Kelly, Jr. Widen, Carl Eric Wigg, Helen Jackson Wiggins, John Robert Wilkerson, Joe Emerson Wilkinson, David Herbert Willett, Michael Otto Williams, Emmett Roger Williams, Fronk M. 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Wilmington Cary Roxboro Asheville Greensboro Clinton Matthews Charlotte Apex Jacksonville Mobile, Ala. Dunbar, W. Va. Kennopolis Bethesda, Md. Raleigh Asheboro Raeford Stotesville Burlington Jacksonvillt. Williornston Wilber Greenville Morganton Salisbury Statesville Marion Wake Willow Springs S toneville Brown Burlington 388 FRESHMEN le c Akinl;sia LLIA Wright, Zeno Mack Wurtaburger, Ronald Joy Yokely, Ronald Eugene York, George Smedes York, Stephen Bynum Young, Harrison Cecil Young. Kermit Leslie, Jr Young, Owen Delano Young, Whitney Livingston, Jr. Youngblood, William Perry Yount, Avery Louis Yount. Roy Wayne Younts, Joel Lindsay Zongos, Robert John Zeiber, Dallas Roger, Jr. Zinn, Richard Morton Zwicky, Henry Arnold Grimesland New York, N. Y. High Point Raleigh Bodin Asheville Norwood Stokesdale Fort Bragg Hunters. ' Ile Newton Conover Lexington Garden City, N. Y. Reeding, Pa. Great Neck, N. Y. 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