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the 1954 agromeck edited and published by the students of north carolina state college, raleigh, north carolina david b. sontag, editor " doc " cheek, business manager layout achieved by: tom condit.. sherman pardu .. frosty nakayama college organizations classes fraternities athletics features foreword Why a theme? We asked ourselves this question and answered that we thought a theme too disconnected with our college history and memories to be deserving of use as a basis of a story running through these pages. we have embodied the college, its phase of life, and various it offers into a composite art motif. If it be termed a theme, let it be a theme of the progress of this school. We sincerely hope our purpose to present something new and has been achieved. It shall have been if in passing years this volume brings you memories of friends . . . of trials and triumph ... of life at North Carolina State ... dedication to dean banks talley, a wise counselor, a true friend, and a man who stands ever ready to aid those who call upon him, we humbly dedicate this 1954 agromeck. his diligent labor and supreme interest in state college have won him a place in our hearts. berry, bagwell, quadrangle ricks hall old d. h. hill library as seen from becton college union snack bar the college berry, bagwell, becton quadrangle pullen hall ricks hall old d. h. library pullen hall new d. h. hill library williams hall college administration William B. Umstead Governor of North Carolina Gordon Gray President of the Consolidated University COUNCIL Carey H. Bostian Chancelor, Chairman D. W. Colvard Dean, School of Agriculture R. L. Lovvorn Director of Instruction H. L. Kamphoefner Dean, School of Design J. B. Kirkland Dean, School of Education J. H. Lampe Dean, School of Engineering W. E. Adams Director of Instruction R. J. Preston Dean, School of Forestry M. E. Campbell Dean, School of Textiles T. R. Hart Director of Instruction W. L. Mayer Director of Registration D. S. Weaver Director, Agriculture Extension Service J. W. Shirley Dean, School of General Studies J. G. Vann Assistant Controller R. N. Anderson Director of Student Personnel E. L. Cloyd Dean of Students D. B. Anderson Associate Dean, Graduate School William D. Carmichael, Jr. Controller of The Consolidated University Carey H. Bostian Chancellor of North Carolina State College college administration E. L. Cloyd Dean of Students Banks Talley Assistant Dean of Students W. L. Mayer Director of Registration J. G. Vann Assistant Controller Dr. R. N. Anderson Director of Student Personnel School of Design The School of Design is devoted to the development of organic architecture and the related arts to meet the needs and conditions of the southern region. Since it is the only Department of Architecture in the State and the only Department of Landscape Architecture in the region, the opportunities are unlimited for the school ' s to contribute to the solution of problems in building planning and general construction. School of Agriculture Agriculture is basic to North Carolina ' s whole economy. changes are taking place in the state ' s agriculture which will have a profound effect on the lives of all our people. The School of Agriculture is attuned to the training of men to meet these new changes in the various fields of agricultural sciences. Various curricula have been developed which will enable students to select the field of work in which they are most interested and best qualified to serve. School of Engineering The School of Engineering offers technical and engineering instruction to meet the needs of the people of North Carolina. In keeping with the rapid development in North Carolina, the School of Engineering is an effective contributor through its modern educational program and research activities. The school ' s curricula and outstanding research department provide educational facilities for students who seek an opportunity to be a part of the industrial and scientific growth of the state. School of Textiles Continuous development of new fibers, new fabrics, new and equipment has made the textile industry not only the second largest, but also one of the most colorful, most fascinating, and most dynamic in our economic life. With new and improved technology in the Textile Industry, there comes a demand for men with technical training to meet and solve its problems. It is the main objective of the School of Textiles to provide the training in Textiles which, coupled with practical experience following graduation, equips young men to assume positions of real responsibility in the industry. school of education The School of Education offers the training required to a teacher ' s certificate in Mathematics and Science, Agriculture, Industrial Arts, and Industrial Education. The curriculum in each of these departments is designed to aid prospective teachers in acquiring an understanding of high school students and in selecting and using acceptable teaching methods. The School also provides undergraduate training for recreation leaders in industrial and rural areas. school of general education We feel we are training leaders for great responsibilities. As the problems which they must solve will never be free of social and cultural implications, so must their education combine the humanities and social sciences with their technical studies. In cooperation with the various schools of the college, the School of General Studies has planned its program for all with the conviction that familiarity with the humanities and social sciences must coincide with thorough technical to provide the background for responsible citizenship and for intelligent leadership. school of forestry The growing demand for forest products, coupled with the progressive development of the forests, has brought a rapid increase in the demands for trained foresters. Forests are one of the most important and fundamental resources of the Wood products industries rank second to textiles as a source of employment in manufacturing. The School of Forestry offers undergraduate and graduate instruction in the fields of forest management, wood technology, pulp technology, and lumber products merchandising. graduate division The Graduate Division provides graduate training in the sciences and technologies of Agriculture, Engineering, Textiles, and Vocational Teacher Training. Graduate students have the advantages offered by the Agriculture Experiment Station, the Engineering Experiment Station, and the Research Laboratories of the Textile School, in addition to the regular laboratories used for instruction. Individually developed courses of study lead to the degrees of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy. graduate, professional and undergraduate classes MORRIS WILBURN ALEXANDER; Westminster, S. C.; Agronomy. NEAL PATTERSON ALEXANDER; ΣΧ Charlotte, N. C.; Mech. Engr.; Tau Beta Pi. JAY LAWRENCE APPLE; Raleigh, N. C.; Plant Pathology; Phi Kappa Phi; Intramural Athletics. ROBERT CHARLES BATES; Niagara Falls, N. Y.; Elec. Engr. THOMAS EDWARD BATES; Guelph, Ontario, Canada; Agronomy. PAUL TUNNEY BLIZZARD; Deep Run, N. C.; Ag. Education. ROBERT McCALL BRINKLEY; F.H.; Marion, N. C.; Agronomy; Alpha Zeta; Crops Soils, Editor (4); A.S.A. EMILY CATHERINE BROWN; ΔΔΔ; Wilmington, N. C.; Civil Engr.; A.S.C.E.; Engineers ' Council; Cheerleader. ROBERT HOWELL BRYAN; Watertown, Tenn.; Nuclear Engr.; Phi Kappa Phi. WILLIAM LAWRENCE BRYANT; Stedman, N. C.; Ag. Education. graduate students WILLIAM RANSON CAMPBELL, JR.; Carrboro, N. C.; Architecture; A.I.A.; Departmental Honor Council; Design Magazine Staff THOMAS FRANKLIN CANNON; Canton, N. C.; Horticulture; Horticulture Club. BORISAS CIMBLERIS; Sao Paulo, Brazil, South America; Nuclear Engr. ROBERT HEWETT CLARK; Linwood, N. C.; Nuclear Engr.; Sigma Pi Sigma; A.I.P.; I.R.E. CHARLES WILLIAM COGGINS, JR.; Crouse, N. C.; Agronomy. FORREST WINFIELD COILE, JR.; Hilton Village, Va.; Architecture; A.I.A., Vice-President; Design School Student Publications, Editor. LELA H. COLTRANE; Raleigh, N. C.; Mech. Engr. NICHOLAS C. COSTES; Athens, Greece; Civil Engr.; Phi Kappa Phi; Cosmopolitan Club; A.S.C.E. DONALD FRANKLIN CROSSAN; Raleigh, N. C.; Plant Pathology. WILLIAM LEWIS CROUSE; Raleigh, N. C.; Architecture; A.I A, Campus Government. KARL A. DABBAGH; Koy Sanjak, Iraq; Plant Pathology. JAMES CLAYTON DAVIS; Bryson City, N. C.; Agronomy. MELVIN ARTHUR DEWAR; Anacostes, Wash.; Nuclear Engr.; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. WARREN EMMETT DUNGAN; Raleigh, N. C.; Nuclear Engr.; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Pi Sigma, Treasurer; Companion of St. Patrick; Institute of Physics; American Ceramic Society; Intramural Athletics. CLIFFORD THURMAN FOSTER, JR.; ΦKT; Burlington, N. C.; Chem. Engr.; Tau Beta Pi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; American Institute of Chemical Engineers. JOHN BOYTE FRAZIER; ΛXA; Raleigh, N. C.; Landscape Architecture; Keramos; Landscape Architectural Club; Redcoat Band; Concert Band; State College Symphony Orchestra. JOHN FREDERICK FULKERSON; Raleigh, N. C.; Plant Pathology. COSWELL ELLIS GERRALD; Lumberton, N. C.; Architecture; A.I.A. HUBERT SALIM GHOSN; Alexandria, Egypt; Textile Chemistry; Delta Kappa Phi; Sigma Tau Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Zeta; A.A.T.C.C.; Cosmopolitan Club, President. JOHN HAYNES GREGORY; Franklin, N. C.; Animal Industry. graduate students GEORGE RICHARD GWYNN; Yanceyville, N. C.; Agronomy. FAWZI HABIB; Minia, Egypt; Ag. Econ.; Ag. Club. ALVIN H. HEIMBUCH; N. C.; Dairy Manufacturing; American Chemical Society. LARS STIG HELLDEN; Vejle, Denmark; Textiles. ALVIN WILKINS JENKINS, JR.; Raleigh, N. C.; Elec. Engr.; Phi Kappa Phi; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi. JEAN MacKENZIE JENKINS, Norfolk, Va.; Architecture. RALPH LEWIS KNOWLES; Cleveland, Ohio; Architecture. HAROLD AUGUSTUS LAMONDS ΦΔΘ; Greensboro, N. C.; Nuclear Engr.; Tau Bela Pi; Sigma Pi Sigma; Physics Club; American Institute of Physics. INGUAR AXEL LINDSTROM; Lulca, Sweden; Ag. Econ. MILTON ALAN MADISON; Flushing, N. Y.; Textiles; Delta Kappa Phi; Scabbard Blade; Sigma Tau Sigma. CHARLES RHEA MARTEL; Magnolia, Ark.; Nuclear Engr.; Sigma Pi Sigma; American Institute of Physics; Tau Beta Pi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Wesley Foundation, President (4). AUBRA CLINTON MATHERS; Bakersfield, Mo.; Agronomy; Pi Mu Epsilon; Gamma Sigma Delta. WHITTIE J. Kannapolis, N. C.; Nuclear Engr ; A.I.P.; Sigma Pi Sigma; A.C.S. WILLIAM ALFRED McDONALD; Candor, N. C.; Mech. Engr.; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; A.S.M.E. JOSEPH LEWIS MICHAL, JR.; Waynesville, N. C.; Mech Engr.; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; A.S.M.E.; I.V.C.E.; Club; Choir; Glee Club. MORRIS KIKUJI NAKAYAMA; Honolulu, T. H.; Architecture; A.I.A., Recording Secretary. MAUNG AUNG NYUN; Tavey, Burma; Agronomy; Cosmopolitan Club. GEORGE HORACE OGBURN, JR.; Meridian, Miss.; Nuclear Engr.; Tau Beta Pi GORDHANBHAI C. PATEL; Raleigh, N. C.; Ag. Econ. JAMES WILLIAM PATTERSON; Franklin, N. C.; Ag. Industry. graduate students CHARLES RAY PUGH; AΓP; Asheboro, N. C.; Ag. Econ.; Alpha Zeta; Phi Eta Sigma; Blue Key; Golden Chain; Alpha Kappa Delta; Ag. Club; Y.M.C.A., Vice-President (3), President (4). GASTON MEARES RANDOLPH; Asheville, N. C.; Textile Chemistry; Phi Psi; American of Textile Colorists. EARL ELMER RAY; Burnsville, N. C.; Animal Industry. JOHN LEE RAY; Raleigh, N. C.; Ag. Chemistry; Association for Official Agricultural Chemists; Agricultural Chemists Society; A.I.Ch.E. WILLIAM EWALD SANDINE; ΦΓΔ Des Moines, Iowa; Dairy WILLIAM TALLY SCARBOROUGH; Harrisville, Miss.; Nuclear Engr.; Sigma Pi Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Blue Key; Pi Kappa Pi; A.I.P.; I.R.E.; B.S.U. DEV RAJ SHARMA; Kashmir, India; Textile Chemistry; A.A.T.C.C.; B.S.C. HUGH HAROLD SHEPHERD; Salisbury, N. C.; Ag. Education. PAUL SUMIE SHIMAMOTO; Waipahu Oaho, Hawaii; Architecture; Phi Kappa Phi, Vice-President; Design School Student Publication, Business Manager; A.I.A. ROBERT CLINTON SMITH; Raleigh, N. C.; Nuclear Engr.; Sigma Pi Sigma. HARRY JOHN SPIES; Raleigh, N. C.; Architecture; A.I.A.; Agromeck. RALPH WILLIAM SWANSON; Excelsior, Minn.; Nuclear Engr.; Sigma Pi Sigma BOBBY LEE WATSON; Winston-Salem, N. C.; Ag. Education. ALBERT SIMPSON WILLIAMS; Raleigh, N. C.; Plant Pathology. GENE TUNNEY WILLIS; Morehead City, N. C.; Architecture; A.I.A. SANFORD EUGENE YOUNTS; Lexington, N. C.; Agronomy. RICHARD CHARLES YOW; ΣΦΕ Raleigh, N. C.; Civil Engr. CHUAN TAO YU; Raleigh, N. C.; Animal Husbandry. graduate students The Senior Class Officers William K. Collins President Claude E. Layman Vice-President Charles L. Overman Secretary John H. Coble Treasurer EINAR AASE; Oslo, Norway; Mech. Engr.; Sigma Pi Alpha; Cross Country (2); Outing Committee. KENNETH JOSEPH ADAMO; Vineland, N. J.; Math. Education. DEWEY ALLEN ADAMS; F.H.; Bunnlevel, N. C.; Alpha Zeta; Kappa Phi Kappa; Ag. Club; F.F.A., Secretary. WILLIAM ELTON ADAMS, JR.; Raleigh, N. C.; Mech. Engr.; Alpha Phi Omega; A.S.M.E. BURLEY BENTON ADCOCK; Oxford, N. C.; Ag. Education; ETA.; Ag. Club LOUIS SAMUEL AGNEW, JR.; Wilson, N. C.; Civil Engr.; Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E., Treasurer. DAVID ALFRED CAVEN AIRD; ΦΚΣ; Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Textiles; Phi Psi, Vice-President. KARIM JAFAR AL-DAKHILI; Bagdad, Iraq; Ag. Econ.; Ag. Econ. Club; Y.M.C.A.; Cosmopolitan Club. LOUIS GEORGE ALEXAKOS, J R.; Hamlet, N. C.; Aeronautical Engr.; Arnold Air Society; Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences. WILLIAM ELMO ALFORD; Zebulon, N. C.; Ag. Education; Ag. Club; F.F.A. class of 1954 WILLIAM ERNEST Wilmington, N. C.; Construction; Interfraternity Athletics (1, 2, 3, 4). JAMES BERNARD ALSPAUGH; N. C.; A.I.I.E. (3, 4); Dormitory Floor Representative (4). WILLIAM JACKSON ALSTON; Concord, N. C.; Construction; A.I.A.; A.S.C.E; Beaux Arts Honor Council; Engineers Council; Scabbard Blade; Interdormitory Council; Dormitory President (4) ; Military Ball Dance Wataugan, Business Manager (3), Exchange Editor (2) ; Publications Board; N.C.C.P.A.; Intramural Athletics. SIDNEY THOMAS Thomasville, N. C.; Furniture Manufacture Management; Furniture Club; Forest Products Research Society. DONALD LEE ANDERSON; Marion, N. C.; Ag. Education; F.F.A.; Kappa Sigma Kappa. HAROLD JAMES ANDERSEN; Durham, N. C.; Forest Management; Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club; Society of American Foresters; Pinetum, Editor; Board; Campus Government Representative (4). JOHN RAYMOND ANDERSON; Tryon, N. C.; Furniture Manufacture Management; Pershing Rifles (4) ; Cadet Officers Association (3), Treasurer (4) ; Intramural Athletics (1, 2, 3, 4); Wesley Foundation, Vice-President (2) ; Furniture Club; Forest Products Research Society; Pi Kappa Phi Warden. ROLAND FITZHUGH ANDERSON; Mount Airy, N. C.; Chem. Engr.; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Scabbard Blade; A.I.C.E., Secretary; Honor Committee; College Union Music Committee, Secretary. WALTER HERMAN ANDERSON; Marion, N. C.; Ag. Education; Kappa Phi Kappa; F.F.A.; Ag. Club. TILDEN MADISON ANGELL; Mocksville, N. C.; Agronomy; Agronomy Club; Ag. Club; Wrestling Team (2, 3, 4); State Fair Agronomy Exhibit Chairman (3, 4). PAUL FRANCIS ARATA, III; Lancaster, Pa.; Industrial Rural Recreation; Swimming Team 2, 3, 4); Recreation Club. CHARLIE CURT ARMSTRONG; Creswell, N. C.; Ag. Education; F.F.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Ag. Club (1, 2, 3, 4). THURSTON WADE ARNOLD; Beaufort, N. C.; Forest GLENN ROBINSON BAILEY; TKE; Statesville, N. C.; Ag. Engr.; Sigma Pi Alpha; Dormitory Secretary (4); American Society of Agricultural Engineers. WALTER DONALD BAKER; Four Oaks, N. C.; Wildlife Conservation and Management; Leopold Wildlife Club, President (4), Vice President (2) ; Rifle Team (2). JAMES EARL BALDWIN, JR.; Biscoe, N. C.; Civil Engr.; A.S.C.E. RICHARD LEE BALL; Lenoir, N. C.; Chem, Engr.; Tau Beta Pi; Scabbard Blade; A.I.Ch.E., Vice-President; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; College Union Music Committee; Departmental Honor Committee. WILLIAM ALTON BALLANCE; Freemont, N. C.; Ag. Education; Kappa Phi Kappa; F.F.A.; Ag. Club; Glee Club. JOSEPH NEWTON BANNER; Sugar Grove, N. C.; Ag. Education; F.F.A.; Vetville Mayor. STOKES KING BARKSDALE; Fayetteville, N. C. Construction. class of 1954 JAMES GRANT BARLOW; Lenoir, N. C.; Construction; Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E., President; College Union Committee (2, 3); Engineers ' Council. THOMAS BARNES, JR.; ΣΧ; Charlotte, N. C.; Construction; Chi Epsilon. WALTER HERBERT BARNES; Taylorsville, N. C.; Mech. Engr.; Scabbard Blade; Dormitory Secretary (3), Dormitory Vice-President (4); Engineering Honor Council (3). EDWARD HAROLD BARON; N. J.; Chem. Engr. JAMES PASSMORE BARRETT; Charlotte, N. C.; Forest Management; Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club; Society of American Foresters; College Union Committee; Intramural Athletics. JOSEPH PAUL BARTAK; Durham, N. C.; Ag. Education; W.V.W.P.; F.F.A. CEDRIC DUANE BEACHEM; Beaufort, N. C.; Chem. Engr.; Cross Country (1); Rifle Team (1, 4); A.I.Ch.E. JOSEPH LUTHER BELL; Hamptonville, N. C.; Ag. Education; Ag. Club; F.F.A. FLOYD RICHARD BENNETT; Valdese, N. C.; Ceramic Engr.; Keramos; Tau Beta Pi; American Ceramic Society; Engineers ' Council, President. GEORGE WILLIAM BENNING; Fayetteville, N. C.; Industrial Arts Education; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Epsilon Pi Tau. MARION LORENZA BENTON, JR.; Sanford, N. C.; Ceramic Engr.; American Ceramic Society (1, 2, 3, 4). GORDON ABBOTT BERKSTRESSER, Ill; ATΩ; Roanoke Rapids, N. C.; Textile Management; Phi Psi; Sigma Pi Alpha. RICHARD ENGELHARDT BETHUNE; Clinton, N. C.; Textiles; Club; Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Track (3, 4). BILLIE EUGENE BIGGERSTAFF; Shelby, N. C.; Civil Engr.; Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; American Society of Civil Engineers, Secretary; B.S.U.; Varsity Baseball (2); Intramural Athletics (2, 3, 4). WILLIAM EUGENE BILLINGSLEY; Hamlet, N. C.; Civil Engr.; A.S.C.E. BILLY ELIAS BINGHAM; Lawndale, N. C.; Nuclear Engr.; A.I.P. SAMUEL WAYNE BINGHAM; Lawndale, N. C.; Ag. Education; F.F.A. (3, 4). WILLIAM McILLWAINE BLANTON, JR.; Charlotte, N. C.; Lumber Products Manufacture Merchandising; Technician (2); Forest Research Society; Forestry Club. FRANKLIN DANIEL BLAYLOCK; Apex, N. C.; Ag. Education. WARREN EMERY BLIZARD; Raleigh, N. C.; Mech. Engr. class of 1954 WALTER FRANCIS BOERNER; N. C.; Ind. Engr.; Theta Tau, Treasurer; A.I.I.E.; A.I.E.E. CHURCHILL SHUPERT BOGER, JR.; Charlotte, N. C.; Aeronautical Engr.; Institute of Aeronautical Sciences (1, 2, 3, 4), Vice-Chairman (4). GERALD MARION BOLICK; Lenoir, N. C.; Animal Industry; A. I. Club; Ag. Club; Collegiate 4-H Club; Dormitory Officer. JOHN HENRY BOLLINGER; Salisbury, N. C.; Ag. Education. BOBBY PARRISH BOSEMAN; AΓP; Rocky Mount, N. C.; Agronomy; Alpha Gamma Rho, Treasurer; Agronomy Club, Corresponding Secretary; Crops Soils, Circulation Manager. LLOYD RUSSELL BOSTIAN; Raleigh, N. C.; Ag. Econ.; Ag. Club (4) ; Agriculturist (4). J. VAN BOYLES, JR.; Raleigh, N. C.; Textile Chemistry Dyeing; Phi Psi; A.A.T.C.C.; Track (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Intramural Athletics. DAZEL MAURICE BRACKETT; Raleigh, N. C.; Industrial Rural Golf (2, 3, 4). GEORGE WYATT BRANNAN; TKE; Dunn, N. C.; Mech. Engr.; Tau Beta Pi; A.S.M.E.; Interfraternity Council; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Vice-President (3), Pledge Master (4). ALBERT HURLEY BRASWELL, JR.; Goldsboro, N. C.; Civil Engr.; A.S.C.E. JOSEPH LINDSEY BRAY; Reidsville, N. C.; Construction; Y.M.C.A.; Freshman President (1); All-Campus Football; Dormitory President; Interdormitory Council. WILLIAM WAYNICK BRAY; Reidsville, N. C.; Civil Engr.; A.S.C.E. RICHARD HEIST BREHM, III; ΣAE; Greensboro, N. C.; Textile Chemistry; Phi Psi; Sigma Tau Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; A.A.T.C.C.; Secretary, Freshman Class; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President. JOSEPH CALVIN BRITT; Hamlet, N. C.; Civil Engr.; Chi Epsilon. MAX GORDON BRITTAIN; Mount Holly, N. C.; Construction; Theta Tau. FREDERICK LINWOOD BROADHURST; Statesville, N. C.; Industrial Education; Phi Kappa Phi; Epsilon Pi Tau; Industrial Arts Club; Education School Honor Committee Chairman; Campus Government Member. JACOB STRAWTER BROCKMAN; Raleigh, N. C.; Ind. Engr.; A.I,E.E. JAMES BROCKMAN; Burlington, N. C.; Textile Chemistry Dyeing; Phi Psi; A.A.T.C.C. ROBERT ALLEN BROOKER; New York, N. Y.; Textiles. CAREY EDWARD BROWN, JR.; Bethel, N. C.; Ag. Education; Ag. Club; F.F.A. class of 1954 DAVID BROWN; Long Beach, N. Y.; Construction. HARRY EDWIN BROWN, Gastonia, N. C.; Civil Engr.; A.S.C.E. JERRY CLIFTON BROWN; Rich Square, N. C.; Nuclear Engr.; Sigma Pi Alpha; Mu Beta Psi; A.I.P.; Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Symphony (1, 2, 3, 4). JULIAN TALLEY BROWN; Va.; Agronomy. WESLEY PETREE BROWN; King, N. C.; Mu Beta Psi; Blue Key; A.S.M.E. (3, 4); B.S.U. Executive Council (2, 3, 4); Engineers ' Council (3, 4); Glee Club; Intramural Athletics. WALTER EDWARD BRUCE, JR.; Overhills, N. C.; Mech. Engr.; Arnold Air Society; A.S.M.E.; Rifle Team (1); Intramurals (2, 3, 4). CLYDE MILTON BRYAN, JR.; EX; Dunn, N. C.; Textile Chemistry Dyeing; A.A.T.C.C.; Thompson Textile Society. HERBERT MATHARIS BRYANT; APP; Spring Hope, N. C.; Ag. Education; Alpha Zeta; Kappa Phi Kappa; Ag. Club; F.F.A. WILLARD SILVESTER BUFFKIN; F.H.; Clarendon, N. C.; Ag. Ag. Club; F.F.A. CHARLES EARL BULLOCK; Clarendon, N. C.; Ag. Education; Kappa Phi Kappa; F.F.A.; Ag. Club. DONNELL OREN BULLOCK, JR.; ΣΠ; Rocky Mount, N. C.; Ind. Engr. TALMADGE RUDD BURGESS; Henderson, N. C.; Ag. Engr.; A.S.A.E., (3); Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4). GLENN ELTON BYRD; APP; Burlington, N. C.; Ag. Education; Collegiate 4-H Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Ag. Club; F.F.A.; Pershing Rifles; Cadet Officer Association; Agriculturist (3, 4); Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4); Alpha Gamma Rho, Reporter (4). JOHN BAXTER CAMPBELL; Charlotte, N. C.; Elec. Engr. RICHARD SMITH CANNON; Wytheville, Va.; Furniture Manufacture ET Management; Furniture Club; F.P.R.S. JOHN WESLEY CANTRELL; Campobello, S. C.; Construction; Arnold Air Society; B.S.U. Executive Council (2, 3). CLAUDE CURTIS CARDWELL; Newport News, Va.; Nuclear Engr.; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Pi Sigma; A.I.P. HARVEY GENE CARPENTER; Albemarle, N. C.; Furniture Manufacture Management; Furniture Club; F.P.R.S.; S.A.M. ROBERT FREDERICK CARR; AΓP; Oxford, N. C.; Animal Industry. EDWARD ROBERTSON CARTER, Danville, Va.; Ind. Engr.; A.I.E.E.; Interfraternity Council, Secretary; College Union Dance Committee; Southern Engineer, Associate Editor. Class of 1954 ALEXANDER ANDREWS CARLYLE; Raleigh, N. C.; Mech. Engr.; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Engineers ' Council, Vice-President. JAMES EDWIN CASHWELL; Parkersburg, N. C.; Industrial Rural Recreation; W.V.W.P., Business Manager (4); Publications Board (4) ; Club; Outing Club; Pershing Rifles, Charter Member (3), Staff Officer (4) ; Distinguished Military Student (3) ; Dormitory Club (4) ; Intramurals (2, 3, 4); R.O.T.C. Rifle Team (1); Aquinas Club (1, 2, 4); Cadet Officers Association (2, 3); Dormitory Floor Manager (4), Social Director (4), Counselor (4). ADRIAN FERNANDO CASTRO; San Jose, Costa Rica; Animal Husbandry; Varsity Soccer. SANTIAGO CASTRODAD; Guayama, Puerto Rico; Civil Engr.; Aquinas Club; Cosmopolitan Club. R. EDMUNDO JOSE CHAMORRO; Diriamba, Nicaragua, Central America; Textile Management; Delta Kappa Phi; Society for Advancement of Management; Aquinas Club; Cosmopolitan Club; Varsity Soccer. JOHN FRANK CHAPMAN; Winston-Salem, N. C.; Wildlife Conservation Management. WILLIAM MATTHEWS CHERKAS, JR.; Oxford, N. C.; Construction. MELVIN GRANT CHRISTY; Kannapolis, N. C.; Chem. Engr. JOHN MARSHALL CLEMENT; APP; Raleigh, N. C.; Forestry Pershing Rifles; Forestry Club. JOHN HANNER COBLE; Laurinburg, N. C.; Textiles; Phi Psi; Class Treasurer (4). JAMES OLIN COLEMAN; Asheville, N. C.; Ag. Education; F.F.A.; Westminster Fellowship; State College Christian Fellowship. JOHN JEROME COLLETT, JR.; Thomasville, N. C.; Dairy Husbandry. WILLIAM KERR COLLINS; AΓP; Henderson, N. C.; Thirty Three; Alpha Zeta; Blue Key; Golden Chain; Ag. Club; Agronomy Club; Campus Government; College Union Board of Directors; Senior Class President. WILLIAM LESLIE COLLINS; Colonial Heights, Va.; Civil Engr.; Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E. PAUL BOBBY CONE; AΓP; Middlesex, N. C.; Agonomy; Thirty Three; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard Blade; Agriculturist (1, 2, 3); Technician (3); Track (1); Class Secretary (3) ; Ag. Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Agronomy Club (2, 3, 4); Dormitory Counselor (3) ; Campus Government (1, 2, 3); Consolidated University Student Council (3); Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (4) ; Cadet Officers Association, Vice President (4) ; 4-H Club, Vice-President (2). ROY ELSWORTH CONGLETON; Chadbourn, N. C.; Ag. Education; Blue Key; Golden Chain; Thirty Three; Scabbard Blade; Pershing Rifles; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (1, 2), Treasurer (3), President (4); Ag. Club; F.F.A.; Cadet Officers Association; B.S.U.; Interdormitory Council, Social Director. JOSEPH ELMORE CONNELLY; Raleigh, N. C.; Mech. Engr. JAMES BRADFORD COOK; Monroe, N. C.; Civil Engr.; Dormitory and Social Director. THOMAS FLOYD COOLEY, JR.; Elkin, N. C.; Textile Management; Thompson Textile Council (4) ; Scabbard Blade (3, 4); Cadet Officers Association (2, 3, 4); Distinguished Military Student; Society For The Advancement of Management; Delta Kappa Phi. GREEN FLAVIE COOPER, Ill; Charlotte, N. C.; Ind. Engr.; A.I.E.E., Secretary; Engineers ' Council (4); Dormitory Council Floor Representative (3, 4). Class of 1954 RUFUS EMMETT CORBETT, JR.; Wilmington, N. C.; Ind. Engr.; Engineers ' Council (3, 4); A.I.E.E. (2, 3, 4); Honor Committee (2); Intramurals (2). CLETUS LEON CORN, Raleigh, N. C.; Heating Air Conditioning; A.S.H.V.E.; Wrestling (1, 2); Intramural Athletics 0, 2, 3, 4); All-Campus Wrestling (1); All-Campus Boxing (1). WILLIS AUBREY COUNCIL; White Oak, N. C.; Ag. Engr.; Westminster Fellowship, President; A.S.A.E. (2, 4), (3). HORACE ROSCOE COX; Goldsboro, N. C.; Ag. Education. JOHN AUSTELL CRAWFORD; Earl, N. C.; Poultry; Poultry Club, Vice-President. RICHARD HALLAS CROCKFORD, JR.; Charlotte, N. C.; Mech. Engr.; Intramural Athletics; College Union, House Committee. JOHN STEPHEN Raleigh, N. C.; Civil Engr.; A.S.C.E.; Intramural Athletics (1, 2, 3, 4); W.S.S.F., President; Pi Kappa Alpha, President. DRUID LOHR CROTTS; Lexington, N. C.; Industrial Arts Education; Industrial Arts Club; Interdormitory Council; Scabbard Blade; Varsity Baseball (1); All-Campus Softball; Basketball, Most Outstanding Player (2); Dormitory President and Counselor; D.M.S., Athletic Director. MARVIN BOYD CROW; N. C.; Textiles; Golden Chain; B.S.U., Vice-President; Phi Psi, President; Tompkins Textile Council, Treasurer; Intramural Athletics; Dormitory Floor Manager and Counselor. ROBERT RICHARD CRUMMER; Aldan, Pa.; Textile Chemistry. WILLIAM JAMES CRUMMER; Aldan, Pa.; Textile Chemistry C Dyeing; A.A.T.C.C.; Phi Psi; Sigma Nu, Recorder. C. BOST CURTIS; Shelby, N. C.; Textile Chemistry Dyeing; LLOYD STANTON DALE; Springfield, Mass.; Science Education; House Committee; Publicity Committee. JACKIE SHAW DAUGHTRY; AΓP; Mount Olive, N. C.; Animal Husbandry; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard Blade; Agriculturist; Athletics (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Vice-President (I); Cadet Officers Association, President (4) ; Military Ball Chairman (3) ; Ag. Club; Livestock Judging Team (4); Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (2); Animal Industry Club. JOE HARVEY DAVIDSON; Raleigh, N. C.; Mech. Engr. RALPH ECKLEY DEITRICK; N. C.; Mech. Engr., Aero. Option; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; I.Ae.S.; Engineers ' Council. JORGE W. DE LOS DIOS; Lima, Peru, South America; Animal Industry; Cosmopolitan Club; Westminster Fellowship; Glee Club; D.V.M.; A.V.M.A.; P.V.M.A. CHANNIE ROE DENNIS, JR.; Burlington, N. C.; Horticulture; Horticulture Club. JOSEPH JOHN DERRO, JR.; AAA; Winchester, Mass.; Lumber Products Manufacturing Merchandising; Blue Key; Xi Sigma Pi; Society of American Foresters; Forest Products Research Society, President (4) ; Aquinas Club; Forestry Club, Rolleo Chairman (3), President (4) ; Interfraternity Council (4) ; Cadet Officers (3) ; Pinetum (4) ; Intramural Athletics (2, 3, 4); Dormitory Floor Representative (2) ; Lambda Chi Alpha, Rush Chairman (3), Secretary (4). FRANK ALLEN DEVINEY; Shelby, N. C.; Mech. Engr. Class of 1954 CHARLES ALLEN DICKENS; Mount Gilead, N. C.; Chem. Engr.; Tau Beta Pi; Scabbard C Blade; A.I.Ch.E.; Engineers ' Council. JERRY BLAND DICKEY; AΓP; Burlington, N. C.; Agronomy; Agriculturist (3, 4); Ag. Club; Agronomy Club, Treasurer (3). CLARENCE FRANKLIN DIXON, JR.; Statesville, N. C.; Mech. Engr.; A.S.M.E.; Intramural Athletics (2, 3, 4). JAMES PHILANDER DODGE; Raleigh, N. C.; Rural Sociology; L.L.B., Stetson University; Reconnaisance Francaise; Forum Committee (3, 4). FRED OWINGS DRUMMOND, JR.; Kannapolis, N. C.; Heating Air Theta Tau; A.S.H.V.E. WILLIAM HENRY DUHLING, JR.; Hickory, N. C.; Geol. Engr.; Mu Beta Psi; Rockhound Club. GEORGE CLEVELAND EDWARDS; Middlesex, N. C.; Animal Industry. JOHN ROBERT EDWARDS; Rockingham, N. C.; Textiles; I.V.C.F. ROBERT OLIVER EDWARDS; Morrisville, N. C.; Ag. Education; F.F.A.; Ag. Club. ROBERT CALVIN ELLER; Moravian Falls, N. C.; Civil Engr.; Chi Epsilon; A S.C.E.; C.O.A.; Scabbard Blade. MARC HERMAN EPSTEIN; New York, N. Y.; Textiles; Phi Psi Intramural Athletics (1, 2, 3, 4); All-Campus Table Tennis (2). JOHN VERON EVANS; Magnolia, N. C.; Ag. Education; F.F.A.; Ag. Club. EARLIE SHERMAN EVERHART, Lexington, N. C.; Mech. Engr.; Mu Beta Psi; A.S.M.E.; Red Coat Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Concert Band (1, 2, 3, 4); State College Little Symphony. NORMAN FALBAUM; Winston-Salem, N. C.; Heating Air Conditioning; Theta Tau; America Society of Heating Ventilating Engineers; Scabbard Blade; H.I.L.L.E.L. JAMES HARRIS FARROW; Wilmington, N. C.; Construction; S.A.M.E.; A.S.C.E. HAROLD EUGENE FENDER; Banner Elk, N. C.; Elec. Engr. WILLIAM RICHARD FEROE; Pleasant Valley, N. Y.; Textiles; Student Tompkins Textile Society; Phi Psi; Track (1, 2, 3, 4); Football. WILLIAM EARL FERRELL; Wilson, N. C.; Animal Husbandry. HENRY PRIDGEN FLEMING; Lucama, N. C.; Animal Husbandry; Animal Industry Club; Ag. Club. NORMAN GRAY FOSTER; Raleigh, N. C.; Mech. Engr. Class of 1954 JOHN WALLACE FOUSHEE, JR.; AΓP; Roxboro, N. C.; Ag. Education; Ag. Club, Secretary. CHRIS GEORGE FRAUENHOFER; Kenmore, N. Y.; Industrial Rural Recreation; Varsity Football (2, 3, 4); Intramural Athletics (1, 2, 3); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4). CHARLES ALLEN FULP; AΓP; Winston-Salem, N. C.; Agronomy; Golden Chain, President; Blue Key; Thirty Three; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Zeta; Scabbard Blade; Agronomy Club, President; Y.M.C.A., Secretary (3), Vice-President (4); Ag. Club, Treasurer; Distinguished Military Student; Alpha Gamma Rho, House Manager; Winner of National Fertilizer Association Award for Achievement in Agronomy. WILLIAM MARTIN GARMON; AΓP; Concord, N. C.; Ag. Alpha Zeta; Blue Key; Ag. Club; F.F.A.; Agriculturist, Circulation Manager; Livestock Day, Vice-Chairman (3). ALTON LEROY GARNER; Hope Mills, N. C.; Math. and Science Education. COYTE LEE GARNER; Raleigh, N. C.; Mech. Engr. RALPH CLIFFORD GENTRY, JR.; KA; Glade Valley, N. C.; Ind. Engr.; A.I.I.E ; Intramural Athletics. ARTHUR WELDON GILLIAM; Farmville, Va.; Wood Technology; F.P.R.S.; Forestry Club. JOSEPH CONRAD GLASS, JR.; Raleigh, N. C.; Experimental Statistics; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Zeta Scholarship Cup (2). STEVE ELLIS GODFREY; Charlotte, N. C.; Heating Air Conditioning; Intramural Athletics. JULIAN POWELL GOFF; Rocky Mount, N. C.; Ag. Engr.; Alpha Zeta, Treasurer (4) ; American Society of Agricultural Engineers. JAMES RUSSELL GOLDNER; ΠKΦ; Warren, Ohio; Lumber Products Man ufacturing Merchandising; Intramural Athletics; Forest Products Research Society; Forestry Club. ARNOLD FRANK GOODMAN; Raleigh, N. C.; Experimental Statistics; Phi Eta Sigma; Companion of St. Patrick; Scabbard Blade, By-Laws Committee Chairman, National Convention Delegate. MURRAY LANE GOODWIN; Tyner, N. C.; Agronomy; Agronomy Club; Ag. Club. MAXWELL BONER GOSLEN; ΘX; Kernersville, N. C.; Elec. Engr.; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E., Secretary (4). ROBERT WEST GRAHAM; Enfield, N. C.; Textiles; Delta Kappa Phi. CHARLES WILLIAM GRANDY, JR.; Laurinburg, N. C.; Civil Engr.; Chi Epsilon; Intramural Athletics; Monogram Club (1, 2, 3, 4); A.S.C.E. (3, 4). GORDON GEORGE GREAVES; Cleveland, Ohio; Textiles. LUTHER ANDREW GREEN; Whitakers, N. C.; Industrial Rural Recreation; Intramural Athletics (1, 2, 3, 4). ROBERT EDWARD GREENBERGER; N. J.; Furniture Manufacture Management; Furniture Club; Intramural Athletics. Class of 1954 JAMES KERN GREENLEE; Morganton, N. C.; Civil Engr.; Departmental Honor Committee; A.S.C.E.; Dormitory Building Manager. JAMES GRIFFIN; Dover, N. C.; Agronomy; Ag. Club; Agronomy Society of America. CHARLES DOUGLASS GRIMES, JR.; Winston-Salem, N. C.; Chem. Engr.; Tau Beta Pi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Thirty Three; Order of St. Patrick; Interfraternity Council; Student Government; A.I.Ch.E., Treasurer. WILLIAM SHEPARD GRISWOLD; Durham, N. C.; Construction; Honor Committee; Track (1, 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club, President (3). FRANK RUSSELL GROVES; Hayesville, N. C.; Furniture Management. MARY ELIZABETH GRIDLEY; Fayetteville, N. C.; Textiles. EGIDIO GUELPA; Sao Paulo, Brazil, South America; Textiles. TED F. HAGGAI; Raleigh, N. C.; Elec. Engr.; Tau Beta Pi, President; Eta Kappa Nu, Treasurer; Engineers ' Council, Secretary; A.I.E.E.-R.E., Vice-Chairman. ARTHUR ROBERT HAGSTROM; Winston-Salem, N. C.; Chem. Engr.; A.I.Ch.E. (3, 4); Phi Kappa Tau, Secretary (3). LOUIS STANTON HALES; ΘX; Stantonsburg, N. C.; Civil Engr. HENRY ERWIN HALL; Harrells, N. C.; Ag. Education; W.V.W.P.; E.F.A.; Ag. Club. AUBREY LEWIS HANCOCK; Randleman, N. C.; Ind. Rural Recreation; Recreation Club, Vice-President (4); Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (4). JOSE HANFLING; Bogota, Colombia, South America; Textiles; Soccer (1); Cosmopolitan Club. ROBERT EUGENE HARDY; ΠKΦ; LaGrange, N. C.; Textile Chemistry Dyeing; A.A.T.C.C., Treasurer; Dormitory Floor Manager (4). ZEB DAVID HARGETT; Charlotte, N. C.; Civil Engr.; A.S.C.E.; Intramural Athletics. FRANK ADDISON HARGROVE; Scotia, N. Y.; Elec. Engr.; Pi Beta Phi; Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Intramural Athletics. AUBREY EVANS HARRELL; Edenton, N. C.; Ag. Education; Campus Government; Interdormitory Council; Cadet Officers Association, Treasurer (4); F.F.A.; Industrial Arts Club, Treasurer (2); Intramural Athletics (1, 2, 3). RANSOM SOUTHERLAND HARRIS, JR.; Raleigh, N. C.; Ceramic Engr. ROBERT LAWRENCE HARTE; White Plains, N. Y.; Textile Chemistry; Phi Psi, Secretary; Tompkins Textile Council, Secretary; Textile Forum; Techni- cian; Red Coat Band; Interfraternity Council, GLENN BECKHAM HARVIN, JR.; Raleigh, N. C.; Elec. Engr.; Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Scabbard Blade. Class of 1954 LEIGH DeLEON HASSELL; Manteo, N. C.; Mech. Engr.; A.S.M.E.; Intramural Athletics. DAVID BRYANT HASWELL; ΣΠ; Florence, Mass.; Mech. Engr., Aero Option; A.S.M.; College Union; I.A.S.; Southern Engineer (2). EDWIN PAGE HAYNES; Raleigh, N. C.; Agronomy; Alpha Phi Omega. GENE HOLLAND HAYNES; Canton, N. C.; Construction; American Society of Civil Engineers; Cadet Officers Association. ROBERT LEE HEARN, JR.; Rocky Mount, N. C.; Mech. Engr.; A.S.M.E.; Vetville Council (2); Intramural Athletics (1, 2, 3, 4). ELBERT NELSON HEDGEPETH, JR.; Raleigh, N. C.; Heating Air Conditioning. BOBBY RAY HEDRICK; Statesville, N. C.; Ag. Engr.; A.S.A.E.; DEWEY ALPHONSO HEGGIE, JR.; Winston-Salem, N. C.; Ind. Engr.; A.I.I.E. FRANCIS EUGENE HESTER; Wendell, N. C.; Wildlife Conservation Management; Leopold Wildlife Club. LARRY COLLINS HESTER; AΓP; Hurdle Mills, N. C.; Ag. Econ.; Ag. Club; Ag. Econ. Club, Vice-President; Dormitory Floor Representative; Alpha Gamma Rho, Chaplain. MAURICE EUGENE HESTER; Hurdle Mills, N. C.; Wildlife Conservation Management. JAMES ROBERT HEYWARD; Laurinburg, N. C.; Phi Psi. FRANK B. HICKS, JR.; Newland, N. C.; Construction; A.S.C.E. EDWARD LEE HILL; New Bern, N. C.; Ind. Engr.; Track (1, 2); Intramural Athletics (1, 2, 3, 4). JAMES GARDNER HILTON; AΓP; Ames, Iowa; Ag. Econ.; Alpha Zeta; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard Blade; Ag. Econ. Club, President; Agriculturist, Assistant Editor; Agromeck (1, 2); Track (1); Class Vice-President (3) ; College Union (1); Ag. Club; Alpha Gamma Rho, Vice-President; Interfraternity Council. DANIEL BAXTER HINKLE; KΣ; Winston-Salem, N. C.; Civil Engr. GLENN JORDON HOBBS; TKE; Washington, D. C.; Industrial Rural JAMES FREDERICK HOCKADAY, JR.; Angier, N. C.; Ag. Education; F.F.A.; Intramural Athletics. GEORGE HUBERT HOLLAND, JR., Raleigh, N. C.; Ind. Arts Education. MALCOLM LAMB HOLMES; AΓP; Oak Ridge, Tenn.; Forest Management; Pinetum; Swimming Team (1, 2); Forestry Club. Class of 1954 PERCY BENTON HONEYCUTT, JR.; Raleigh, N. C.; Civil Engr. CRAWFORD LEE HOOKS; Goldsboro, N. C.; Ag. Education; F.F.A.; Ag. Club; Social Director (2), Floor Representative (1, 2). LINWOOD EARL HOWELL; Raleigh, N. C.; Mech. Engr.; A.S.M.E. WILLIAM HENRY HOWELL; Raleigh, N. C.; Ag. Education; F.F.A.; Pershing Rifles (3). DAVID ALLEN HUGGINS; Saluda, N. C.; Textile Synthetics Management; Phi Psi; Society for Advancement of Management. JAMES McKNIGHT HUNTER; AΓP; Charlotte, N. C.; Dairy Manufacturing; Ag. Club; A. I. Club. JOHN WILLIAM HURST; Raleigh, N. C.; Mech. Engr. BILLY RAY HUTCHINS; Trinity, N. C.; Ag. Education; F.F.A.; Ag. Club. NATHANIEL MACON JACKSON, JR.; Raleigh, N. C.; Civil Engr.; Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E.; C.O.A. ROGER LEE JACKSON; Winston-Salem, N. C.; Architecture. OADIS GARFIELD JENKINS, JR.; Lexington, N. C.; Nuclear Engr.; Theta Tau; A.I.Ch.E.; A.I.P.; Vetville Alderman (1, 2), Mayor (3). VAN SMITH JENKINS; Oxford, N. C.; Agronomy; Ag. Club; Agonomy Club. WILLIAM BOBBITT JENKINS; Franklinton, N. C.; Agronomy; Ag. Club; American Society of Agronomy. WALLACE ROBERT JENNETTE; Raleigh, N. C.; Civil Engr. GEORGE J. JERNIGAN, JR.; Dunn, N. C.; Architecture; A.I.A.; Sigma Pi Alpha. JAMES PETER JOCHUM; Winston-Salem, N. C.; Ind. Arts Education; Industrial Arts Club; Aquinas Club; Cadet Officers Association; Football (1, 2, 3); All-Campus Boxing Champion (2) ; Intramural Boxing Champion (2) ; Dormitory Vice-President (2) ; Interdormitory Council (2). RICHARD WADE JOHNSON; Germanton, N. C.; Mech. Engr.; B.S.U. Executive Council (1, 2, 3, 4); A.S.M.E.; Interdormitory Council; Intramural Athletics (2, 3, 4); JERRY JEROME JOHNSON; Four Oaks, N. C.; Ind. Rural Recreation; Intramural Athletics (1, 3, 4). WILLIAM HERMAN JOHNSON; Miami, Fla.; Ind. Engr.; A.I.I.E. WILLIAM HUGH JOHNSON; Fayetteville, N. C.; Ag. Engr.; A.S.A.E.; P.J.C. Class of 1954 HAROLD FOY JONES; Charlotte, N. C.; Textiles; Football (1, 2). SAMMY PAUL JONES; Shelby, N. C.; Mech. Engr.; Mu Beta Psi; A.S.M.E.; Engineers ' Council. JERRY ADISON JONES; Winston-Salem, N. C.; Ind. Arts Education; Industrial Arts Club; Technician, Business Manager. ROBERT BYRD JORDAN; Mount Gilead, N. C.; Lumber Products Merchandising Manufacturing; Xi Sigma Pi; Scabbard Blade; Golden Chain; Campus Government, Vice-President; Interfraternity Council, Vice-President; Athletics Seating Committee Chairman; C.U.S.C. THOMAS WINFIELD JOYCE; Raleigh, N. C.; Civil Engr.; Football (1, 2, 3); A.S.C.E.; Monogram Club. JAKE DANIEL JOYNER; Nashville, N. C.; Nuclear N. C Elec. Engr. DAVID WILLIAM KANE; Raleigh, N. C.; Ceramic Engr.; Tau Beta Pi; Keramos; American Ceramic Society Honor Council. STEWART KAPLAN; Newburgh, N. Y.; Textiles; Delta Kappa Phi; A.A.T.C.C.; Agromeck (2); Intramural Athletics (1, 2, 3); College Union, Vice-President (2), House Committee Chairman (4). WILLIAM LEONARD KAPLAN; Raleigh, N. C.; Architecture; A.I.A. ISAIAS MITCH KAPLUN; Santiago, Chile, South America; Textile Synthetics; Delta Kappa Phi; Cosmopolitan Club; Tompkins Textile Society; Soccer (1, 2, 4) BENJAMIN THOMAS KAPP, JR.; Paterson, N. J.; Ind. Arts Education; Football (1, 2, 3, 4). JERRY HOWARD KATZIN; Winston-Salem, N. C.; Nuclear Engr.; Phi Eta Sigma; Companion of St Patrick; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Pi Sigma; American Institute of Physics. RICHARD KARL KEITH; Va.; Mech, Engr.; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. DONEL TODD KELLEY; Raleigh, N. C.; Textile Management; Delta Kappa Phi, Scribe; B.S.U.; Intramural Athletics (3, 4). ROBERT WILLIAM KENDRICK; Roanoke Rapids, N. C.; Ceramic Engr.; Keramos, Secretary (3), (4); American Ceramic Society; School of Engineering Honor Council President (3). CLAUDE LEE KENNEDY, JR.; Wilkesboro, N. C.; Elec. Engr.; A.I.E.E.; Vetville Alderman. H. CONNOR KENNETT, JR.; AΓP; Durham, N. C.; Poultry Science; Intramural Athletics (1, 2, 3, 4); Ag. Club; Poultry Club, Secretary-Treasurer (2), Vice-President President (4); Poultry Judging Team ; Dormitory Floor-Representative (2); Honor Council. JESSE RUDOLPH KIRBY, JR.; TKE; N. C.; Ind. Engr.; American Institute of Industrial Engineers; Engineers ' Council; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Secretary (3), President (4). CHARLES NORMAN KIRK; East Bend, N. C.; Mech. Engr.; A.S.M.E.; B.S.U. JOE WYATT KIRKMAN; Greensboro, N. C.; Construction, Class of 1954 JOHN BRASKAL KNIGHT; EΠ; Albemarle, N. C.; Elec. Engr.; A.I.A.; A.I.E.E.; Cheerleader (3, 4); Intramural Athletics; Sigma Pi, House Manager. JAMES WILEY KNOX, JR.; Greenville, N. C.; Ag. Education; Campus Government (4); F.F.A.; Ag. Club PHILLIP GEORGE KOTELLY; Falconey, N. Y.; Ind. Arts Education; Epsilon Pi Tau, Treasurer; Intramural Athletics. RAEFORD HOPKINS LANIER; Chinquapin, N. C.; Ag. Education. LOUIE THOMAS LASSITTER; KA; Raleigh, N. C.; Textiles; Textile Honor Council; Intramural Athletics. THOMAS TILDEN LASSITTER; Jacksonville, N. C.; Ceramic Engr.; Intertrafernity Council (3); Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice-President (3), President (4). FRED H. LAUGHTER; Hendersonville, N. C.; Elec. Engr.; Eta Kappa Nu, Vice-President; A.I.E.E., Secretary; I R.E., Secretary. WILLIAM HARRY LAUGHTER; Hendersonville, N. C.; (Horticulture Pomology; Ag. Club; Horticulture Club. ERNEST RICHARD LAURSEN; Swannanoa, N. C.; Animal Industry; Animal Industry Club; Honor Committee (2) ; Intramural Athletics (3). DONALD JONES LATTA; Burlington, N. C.; Textile Dyeing; Tompkins Textile Society; A.A.T.C.C., President. JAMES EDWARD LAYDEN; Hertford, N. C.; Chem. Engr.; A.I.Ch.E. CLAUDE EMERSON LAYMAN; ΣX; Roanoke, Va.; Textiles; Golden Chain, Secretary; Blue Key; Thirty Three; Sigma Tau Sigma, President; Phi Kappa Phi; Athletic Council, Senior Representative; Class Vice-President (4); Tompkins Textile Council; Dormitory Manager (3, 4); Campus Government Traffic Committee (3), Chairman (4); Ring Committee Chairman (3). HENRY CHEUK-HUNG LEUNG; TKE; Hong Kong, China; Textiles; Sigma Tau Sigma. WILLIAM TED LEWIS; Wilson, N. C.; Furniture Management; Student Furniture Club; F.P.R.S. GENARO DANIEL LIGUORI; Raleigh, N. C.; Horticulture; Horticulture Club, Vice-President; Ag. Club; Honor Committee. GEORGE HENRY LOURIGAN; Kenosha, Wis.; Textile Chemistry Dyeing; Blue Key (3), Secretary-Treasurer (4); Thirty C Three; Phi Eta Sigma; Golden Chain, Vice-President; Phi Psi; Sigma Pi Alpha; A.A.T.C.C.; Sigma Tau Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Aquinas Club (1, 4), Vice-Pres ident (2, 3); Cadet Officers Association; Phi Kappa Phi; Interdormitory Council, Dance, Social, and Recreation Committees; Junior-Senior Dance Committee; Cooper ' s Scholarship (1, 2, 3, 4). GENE MARTIN LINNEY; F.H.; Hiddenite, N. C.; Ag. Education; Agriculturist (1, 2, 3, 4); Dormitory Social and Recreation Committees (2); Kappa Phi Kappa; Ag. Club, Reporter. HAROLD WESLEY LLOYD; Jacksonville, N. C.; Agronomy; A.S.A. CHARLES STUART LONG; Forest Hills, N. Y.; Wildlife Conservation Management; Leopold Wildlife Club, Treasurer (3), Vice-President (4). RAY DANIEL LOOPER; Charlotte, N. C.; Construction; Theta Tau; Departmental Honor Council; Interfraternity Council. Class of 1954 HENRY GRADY LOVIN; Robbinsville, N. C.; Ag. Education; PEA.; Ag. Club; Kappa Phi Kappa. JAMES ALBERT LOWE; High Point, N. C.; Theta Tau. HENRY FORD LOWRY; Rowland, N. C.; Civil Engr.; Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E. WILLIAM SCOTT LUCAS; Mooresboro, N. C.; Ag. Education; F.F.A.; Ag. Club. ROBERT MILLER LUMLEY; ΦKT ; Winston-Salem, N. C.; Elec. Engr.; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi. GRAHAM LABE LUTZ, JR.; Dallas, N. C.; Ag. Education. MARTEL BALL McCALLUM; ΛXA; Rowland, N. C.; Dairy Husbandry. ABRAM WELLS McCONNELL; Mount Holly, N. C.; Textile Chemistry; Phi Psi; Tompkins Textile Society; A.A.T.C.C.; Dormitory Floor Representative (2). JACK H. McDADE; Chapel Hill, N. C.; Geological Engr.; Dormitory President (4); Interdormitory Council, President (4), Athletic Director (3); Dormitory Building Manager (4) ; C.U.S.C.; Chancellor ' s Ball, Publicity Chairman; Intramural Advisory Board (3, 4); Intramural Athletics (1, 2, 3, 4); Big Four Day (1, 2, 3, 4); A.I.M.E.; Rockhound Club Engineers ' Council (3) ; Honor Committee (2) ; Investigation Board (4) ; All-Campus Softball (2, 3, 4); College Union Board of Directors (4). BILLY EDWARD McDOWELL; High Point, N. C.; Textile Management; Delta Kappa Phi; Society for of Management, Secretary; Intramural Athletics H, 2, 3, 4); Dormitory Floor Representative. WILLIAM CLYDE McGEE, JR.; Concord, N. C.; Architecture; Intramural Athletics (1, 2, 3, 4). THOMAS McNAMARA; ΦEΠ Lynbrook, N. Y.; Textile Chemistry; Phi Psi; Textile Forum, Editor; A.A.T.C.C.; Publications Board; Tompkins Textile Council. JOAO CLAUDINO DE OLIVEIRA MADEIRA DE FREITAS; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South America; Textiles; Delta Kappa Phi; Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4); Cosmopolitan Club, President (3). JAMES T. MADDREY, JR.; Raleigh, N. C.; Elec. Engr.; Mu Beta Psi; Technician; Agromeck; Wataugan; Red Coat Band (1, 4), Quartermaster (2), Vice-President (3); Orchestra (1, 2, 4), President (3); Yellow Dogs (1, 2, 3, 4); Big Bull (3). GEORGE PARROTT MAIER; Weldon, N. C.; Elec. Engr.; A.I.E.E. WILLIAM EUGENE MAINOUS; Canton, N. C.; Animal Industry; Ag. Club; Animal Industry Club. CHARLES BROWN MANESS; TKE; Ether, N. C.; Ag. Engr.; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Historian, House Manager. PAUL ROBERT MANN; Candler, N. C.; Textiles WILLIAM THOMAS MARCOM; Raleigh, N. C.; Aero. Engr.; Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences; Arnold Air Society. ROY JACKSON MARSHALL, JR.; Winston-Salem, N. C.; Civil Engr.; A.S.C.E., Assistant Treasurer; Dormitory Floor Representative, Vice-President; Interdormitory Council. Class of 1954 DEVERO MARTIN; Murphy, N. C.; Thirty Three; Agriculturist; Tower; Ag. Club; Pullen Club; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (2, 3, 4); F.F.A.; Animal Industry Club; 4-H Club; Cadet Officers Association; U.S.C.C. Delegate (3); American Shorthorn Breeders Association; Y.M.C.A.-Y.W.C.A. Southern Area Delegate (3); Livestock Day (1, 2, 3, 4). DONALD ABRAHAM MARTIN; High Point, N. C.; Textiles; Society for Advancement of Management; Intramural Athletics (1, 2, 3, 4). JESSE CLAY MARTIN; Franklinville, N. C.; Ag. Education; Ag. Club; F.F.A. RALPH JOSEPH MARTINI; Niagara Falls, N. Y.; Ind. Rural Recreation; Intramural Athletics (1, 2, 3, 4). BILLY RAY MATTHEWS; Angier, N. C.; Civil Engr. ROBERT WALTER MAXWELL; AΓP; Brown Summit, N. C.; Agronomy; Ag. Club, Treasurer; Agronomy Club, Secretary. ROBERT KENNETH Fair Bluff, N. C.; Ag. Education; F.F.A.; Ag. Club. WILLIAM ALLEN MERICKA; AΤΏ; Shaker Heights, Ohio; Animal Industry; Ag. Club; Animal Industry Club; Distinguished Military Student; Student Agricultural Fair, Vice-Chairman (3). ALTON BARTON MERRITT, JR.; Salisbury, N. C.; Civil Engr.; Dormitory Counselor; Assistant Floor Manager; A.S.C.E. ARCHIE RUDOLPH MILLER; Newport, N. C.; Elec. Engr.; Eta Kappa Nu; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. EDGAR COY MILLS; Polkton, N. C.; Elec.; Engr. A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. BENJAMIN LEE MILLSAPS; Mooresville, N. C.; Civil Engr.; Pershing Rifles; A.S.C.E. RONALD LEE MIMMS; ΣΠ; Durham, N. C.; Mech. Engr.; Mu Beta Psi; Red Coat Band, President (3). ROBERT G. MINSHULL; New Rochelle, N. Y.; Textiles; Phi Psi. HENRY DAVIS MITCHELL, JR.; Asheville, N. C.; Mech. Engr.; Pi Tau Sigma; A.S.M.E. Red Coat Band; Glee Club. JAMES MARSHALL MOORE; Charlotte, N. C.; Civil Engr.; A.S.C.E. WILLIAM M. MORRISON; Harrisburg, N. C.; Ag. Education; F.F.A.; Ag. Club; Agriculturist; Dormitory Counselor (3). EDGAR FRANK MORGAN; Greensboro, N. C.; Heating Air Conditioning; A.S.H.V.E.; Athletics (1, 2) ; Interfraternity Council, Secretary (4) ; Big Four Sports Day (2, 3); All-Campus Track (3) ; Sigma Chi, House Manager (4). PAUL THOMAS MORGAN; Henderson, N. C.; Ag. Education. HARRY WADE MOSER, JR.; ΣΦE; Raleigh, N. C.; Architecture; American Institute of Architects (1, 2, 3, 4); Design School Magazine, Circulation Manager (4, 5); Track (2, 3); Intramural Athletics; College Union, Gallery (5); Fuller Research Foundation Project Member (4). Class of 1954 GRAYDEN BENJAMIN MOULTHROP; Great Barrington, Mass.; Lumber Products Manufacturing Merchandising; Forest Products Research Society; Forestry Club. FAROUK FAHIM MOUSSA; Cairo, Egypt; Textile Chemistry; Delta Kappa Phi; Cosmopolitan Club RALPH MAS MUELLER; Paterson, N. J.; Textiles; Sigma Tau Sigma; Phi Psi; Intramural Athletics (1, 3). JOHN PATRICK MULVANEY; Asheville, N. C.; Textiles; Delta Kappa Phi; Aquinas Club. CHARLES HENRY MURPHY; Tomahawk, N. C.; Animal Industry. KADHIM MOHAMMAD MUSTAF; Khalis, Iraq; Agronomy. JOHN BARRY MURPHY; Rocky Mount, N. C.; Mech. Engr.; Freshman Basketball Manager (1); Junior Varsity Basketball Manager (2); Red Coat Band (1, 2, 3, 4). EUGENE JOHNSTON NEAL, JR.; Raleigh, N. C.; Elec. Engr.; Arnold Air Society, Commander (4) ; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Amateur Radio Club, President (1). WILLIAM BELTON NESBITT; AΓP; Edneyville, N. C.; Horticulture; Alpha Zeta, Chancellor; Golden Chain; Blue Key; Arnold Air Society; Agriculturist, Associate Editor (3); Ag. Club, Secretary (3); Horticulture Club, Vice-President (3); Campus Government (3); Danforth Scholarship Winner (4). JOHN EDWARD ANDERSON NICHOLSON; Franklinton, N. C.; Forest Management; Pinetum (3) ; Forestry Club. ALAN WOLFE NISHBALL; Bridgeport, Conn.; Textile Management; Delta Kappa Phi; Technician; Agromeck, Assistant Editor (3), Managing Editor (4); Varsity Tennis Manager (1, 2, 3, 4); Varsity Soccer Manager (1, 3, 4); Monogram Club; Sigma Alpha Mu, Interfraternity Council (4). DAVID EUGENE NIXON; Charlotte, N. C.; Ceramic Engr.; Phi Eta Sigma; Keramos, Secretary; American Ceramic Society; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Intramural Athletics; College Union; Athletic Council; Dormitory Floor Representative. JOSEPH WALL NORRIS; Hamlet, N. C.; Lumber Products Manufacturing Merchandising. GEORGE RAYMOND OBENSHAIN; Bristol, Tenn.; Ceramic Eng.; Keramos; American Ceramic Society, Vice-President; Technician, Editor-in-Chief (4); College Union Film Committee Chairman (3). CHARLES LEWIS O ' BRYANT, JR.; N. C.; Horticulture; Track; Football; Horticulture Club, Secretary (3); Monogram Club. PAUL EDWARD O ' HARA; Niagara Falls, N. Y.; Civil Engr.; Chi Epsilon, Vice-President; A.S.C.E.; Monogram Club, Membership Chairman; Football 2); Distinguished Military Student. BILLY BARNES OLIVER; Selma, N. C.; Elec. Engr.; Theta Tau, Regent; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Blue Key; Golden Chain; Campus Government, President; A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.; C.U.S.C.; Athletic Council. JAMES RITCH OLIVER; AΓP; Fairmont, N. C.; Animal Industry; Pershing Rifles; Football; Ag. Club; A. I. Club; Cadet Officers Association. WILLIAM CHRISTIAN OLSEN; Raleigh, N. C.; Civil Engr. CHARLES LEE OVERMAN; AΓP; Edenton, N. C.; Ag. Engr.; Intramural Athletics; Class Secretary (4) ; American Society of Ag. Engineers, President; Pershing Rifles; B S.U.; Ag. Club, Chorister (3), Vice-President (4). Class of 1954 LEROY HARRISON PAGE; Morrisville, N. C.; Ag. Education; F.F.A.; Ag. Club. ALBERT PRESTON PARKER; Charlotte, N. C.; Construction; Council. GEORGE ROBERT PARKER; Rocky Mount, N. C.; Agronomy; Agronomy Club; F F.A.; Ag. Club; Dormitory Secretary; Interdormitory Council; Intramural Athletics. JEWEL FLORENCE PARKER; Goldsboro, N. C.; Industrial Rural Recreation; Pep Club, Secretary (1), Vice-President (2) ; Recreation Club, Treasurer (3, 4); Co-ed Club, Vice-President (2); College Union Social Committee, Hospitality Committee. WILLIE NATHAN PARKS; Portsmouth, Va.; Ind. Engr.; Engineers ' Council; Interdormitory Council; American Society of Industrial Engineers; Dormitory President, Building Manager; Intramural Athletics (2, 3, 4). LUTHER GRAHAM PARTIN; Willow Springs, N. C.; Ag. Education; Kappa Phi Kappa; Editor; Intramural Athletics. ERNEST CALEB PASOUR, JR.; Bessemer City, N. C.; Ag. Education; Kappa Phi Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Ag. Club; F.F.A. GEORGE REED PATE; AΓP; Rowland, N. C.; Animal Husbandry. CARL EUGENE PATTERSON; AΓP; China Grove, N. C.; Agonomy; Agronomy Club; Ag Club; Interfraternity Council; Crops Soils, Editor. JOHNNIE LEON PEARSON; Raleigh, N. C.; Elec. Engr.; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu, Secretary (3), President (4); Council . RENFORD WENDELL PEED, JR.; Lucama, N. C.; Agronomy. WILLIAM MAJOR PETTITT, JR.; Hampton, Va.; Mech. Engr.; A.S.M.E.; Engineers ' Council; Theta Tau. LARRY KENNETH PETTY; KΣ; Gastonia, N. C.; Mech. Engr.; Interfraternity Council, President; C.U.S.C.; Student Union Board of Trustees. DAVID WEBSTER PHILLIPS; Mount Olive, N. C.; Ind. Arts Education; College Union, President; Industrial Arts Club, President; Arnold Air Society. GENE HAROLD PHILLIPS; Kannapolis, N. C.; Industrial Arts Education; College Union; Industrial Arts Club, Secretary, President; Dormitory Building Manager; Interdormitory Council. THORNE DEWEY PIERCE; Lenoir, N. C.; Nuclear Elec. Engr.; College Union Theatre Committee. GEORGE HARVEY PIERSON; Morristown, N. J.; Forest Management; Forestry Club, Treasurer. CLYDE BEVERLY PITTMAN; Raleigh, N. C.; Textiles. FRANK ELMER PITTMAN; N. C.; Const. Engr.; A.S.C.E., Vice-President; Engineers ' Council; Pep Club; Departmental Honor Committee; Music Committee. ROBERT ELIJAH PITTMAN; ΣX; Kinston, N. C.; Construction; American Society of Civil Engineers; Southern Engineer; Wataugan; Agromeck. Class of 1954 GUS EMANUEL PLEKEKIS, JR.; Lumberton, N. C.; Textiles; Alpa Phi Omega; B.S.U. JORDON CHARLES PLOCH; Normandy Beach, N. J.; Textiles; Dormitory Representative. WILLIAM LAWRENCE PLONK; AΓP; Kings Mountain, N. C.; Animal Industry. DALLAS HARRIS POPE; Lillington, N. C.; Const. Engr.; Air Force Rifle Team; American Society of Ceramic Engineers; American Society of Civil Engineers. BENJAMIN LOUIS PORTER; Kelly, N. C.; Civil Engr.; A.S.C.E.; Intramural Athletics Rifle Team. WILLIAM STRONG PORTER, JR.; ΣΠ; Mount Airy, N. C.; Heating Air Conditioning; American Society of Heating Ventilating Engineers; Society of American Military Engineers. WILLIAM FRANCIS PRESSLY; AΓP; Stony Point, N. C.; Animal Ind ; Ag. Club; A I. Club; 4-H Club; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet; Intramural Athletics. CHRISTOPHER STEVENS PRESTON; Hendersonville, N. C.; Mech. Engr. CLIFTON WINFIELD PURSER; New Bern, N. C.; Elec Engr.; Scabbard Blade; A.I.E.E. JAMES MAX RABY; Raleigh, N. C.; Construction. HENRY McKEOWN RAMSEUR; Morganton, N. C.; Animal Ind.; Dormitory Athletic Director; Ag. Club, President; Animal Industry Club, Interdormitory Council. CHARLES FRANKLIN RAPER; Vienna, Va.; Forest Management; Alpha Zeta; Xi Sigma Pi; Pinetum; Forestry Club, President ( 3); Hulda Johnson Cox Scholarship Award (3). FRANCIS EUGENE RAPER; Lucama, N. C.; Ag. Education; Ag. Club; F.F.A.; Athletics. NED RASH; West Jefferson, N. C.; Poultry Science; B.S.U.; Ag. Club; Poultry Science Club; Track. STANLEY ROBERTS Saltville, Va.; Chem. Engr.; A.I.Ch.E. CHARLES EVERETT REARDON; Benson, N. C.; Ag. Education; Ag. Club; F.F.A. Livestock Day; Dormitory Floor Social Director. CHARLES GEORGE REAVIS, JR.; Yadkinville, N. C.; Animal Ind. GEORGE PAUL REDMAN; Leslie, Mich.; Furniture Manufacture Management and Ind. Engr.; Theta Tau; A.I.E.E.; Forest Products Research Society; Furniture Club, Vice-President (3), President (4). JACOB ELI REEP; Lincolnton, N. C.; Ag. Engr.; A.S.A.E. GEORGE CARR RICHARDSON; Durham, N. C.; Agronomy. Class of 1954 CARL OSCAR ROBERTS; Concord, N. C.; Elec. Engr.; A I.E.E.; Arnold Air Society; I R.E. CHARLES PHILLIPS ROBINSON; Wadesboro, N. C.; Construction; A.S C.F.; Tennis, Manager; Monogram Club; Class Treasurer (1); Dance Committee. LUTHER ELLIOTT ROBINSON; Clinton, N. C.; Poultry Science; Poultry Science Club; Ag. Club. HERSHAL EVANS ROGERS; Wrightsville Beach, N. C.; Construction FELIPE ROLNIK; Bogota Colombia, South American; Architecture; Sigma Pi Alpha. DONALD RODERICK ROSE; Pungo, N. C.; Ag. Education; Ag. Club. KJELL ROSENLIND; Raleigh, N. C.; Textile Chemistry; Sigma Tau Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Delta Kappa Phi; Cosmopolitan Club; American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists. JOHN THOMAS ROVELL; Raleigh, N. C.; Textiles; Delta Kappa Phi. JAMES EUBANK RUSMISELL, JR.; Hopewell, Va.; Lumber Products. CARL RUDISILL; Lincolnton, N. C.; Mech. Engr. WALTER SCOTT RUSS; Fayetteville, N. C.; Math. Education; College Union Photography Committee, Secretary. WILLIAM ERNEST RUSSELL; Farmville, N. C.; Ceramic Engr.; Keramos; American Ceramic Society; Engineers ' Council; Intramural Athletics. RICHARD LINDSEY SATTERFIELD; Charlotte, N. C.; Mech. Engr.; A.S.M.E ; Dance Committee, Chairman; Intramural Athletics. CARSON FRANKLIN SAVILLE, JR.; Kinston, N. C.; Industrial Es Rural Recreation. CARL BENTLEY SAWYER; Northwest, Va.; Elec. Engr. CARROLL AUBREY SAWYER; Elizabeth City, N. C.; Chem. Engr.; B.S.U.; Engineers ' Council; A.I.Ch.E.; Honor Committee. WILLIAM JOSEPH SAWYER, JR.; Norfolk, Va.; Mech. Monogram Club; I.Ae.S.; Cross Country; Track 3, 4), Captain (4), GERALD GOTTLIEB SCHNABEL; Fall River, Mass.; Textiles; College Union Games Committ ee, Secretary. FORREST FRANKLIN SCHRUM, JR.; Newton, N. C.; Textile Chemistry; A.A.T.C.C.; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Sigma Tau Sigma; Phi Psi; Distinguished Military Student. JAMES FRANKLIN SCOTT, JR.; Elizabeth City, N. C.; Textile Management. Class of 1954 JOE CARMI SELLERS; Chadbourn, N. C.; Ag. Education, CARL STANLEY SEWELL; Lumberton, N, C.; Forest Management; Alpha Phi Omega; Forestry Club; Pinetum; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet; Wesley Foundation; Honor Council, FRANK DELANO SHEPARD; Julian, N. C.; Ag. Engr.; American Society of Agricultural Engineers. GORDON BERNARD SHERMAN; Gastonia, N. C.; Architecture; A.I.A., Student Chapter. JOHN ALVA Oxford, N. C.; Mech. Engr.; A.S M.E. HARTWELL KENDRICK SLEDGE; Charlotte, N. C.; Elec. Engr.; Eta Kappa Nu. PAUL SANFORD SMIGELL; Philadelphia, Pa.; Furniture Manufacture Management; Furniture Club. ANN PRICE SMITH; Raleigh, N. C.; Textiles. CLYDE DONALD SMITH; Concord, N. C.; Heating Air Conditioning; A.S.H.V.E.; A.S.M.E.; Intramural Athletics (1, 2, 3, 4); Tau Kappa Epsilon, Vice-President (4). HENRY FRANKLIN SMITH; Kernersville, N. C.; Construction; American Society of Civil Engineers; Redcoat Band. JOHN WILLIAM SMITH; Raleigh, N. C.; Textile Management; Delta Kappa Phi; Society for the Advancement of Management, President; Tompkins Textile Society; Intramural Athletics. RAYMOND WALTER SMITH; Black Mountain, N. C.; Ind. Arts Education; Epsilon Pi Tau; Industrial Arts Club, Secretary (2), Vice-President (3). THOMAS FRANKLIN SMITH; TKE; Morganton, N. C.; Construction; A.S.C.E.; S.A.M.E.; Intramural Athletics (2, 3, 4); Tau Kappa Epsilon, Chaplain (3), Treasurer (4). ROBERT LEE SMYRE; Hickory, N. C.; Mech. Engr., Aero. Option. ELLIS DARRELL SNIDER; Linwood, N. C.; Ag. Education; Ag. Club; 4-H Club; F.F.A.; Counselor (1). WILLIAM CARMON SNIPES; Fayetteville, N. C.; Elec. Engr.; Wataugan; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet; Canterbury Club; P.R.C., Secretary (2); Redcoat Band; College Union Theatre Committee; American Institute of Electrical Engineers; I.R.E.; Society for the Advancement of Management, Treasurer (3, 4). RANDOLPH FRANKLIN SNAKENBERG; Raleigh, N. C.; Chem. Engr.; A.I.Ch.E. LEONARD H. SOBEL; Brooklyn, N. Y.; Textile Synthetics; Delta Kappa Phi. TOMAS JULIO SOTOLONGO; Amarillas, Mat., Cuba; Mech. Engr.; A.S.M.E.; Cosmopolitan Club; Intramural Athletics. CARROLL JUNIOR SOUTHARDS; Almond, N. C.; Ag. Education; F.F.A.; Ag. Club. Class of 1954 EARLIE HOBART SPAINHOUR; Rural Hall, N. C.; Ind. Engr.; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Order of St. Patrick. EDGAR HERBERT SPARKS; Raleigh, N. C.; Ind. Education; Industrial Arts Club. ARCHIE TINSLEY SPIERS; ΣΦE; Newport News, Va.; Heating Air Conditioning. NATHAN CALTON SPIVEY; Hertford, N. C.; Civil Engr.; A.S.C.E. ROLF PETER SPOERRY; Raleigh, N. C.; Textiles; Sigma Tau Sigma; Delta Kappa Phi; Cosmopolitan Club. HOWARD J. SPRY, JR.; Hickory, N. C.; Textiles. DAVID LEE SQUIRES; Kelly, N. C.; Construction. ALBERT CALVIN STAFFORD; Lexington, N. C.; Textile Synthetics; Phi Psi; Cadet Officers Association. FLETCHER LEWIS STANLEY; TKE; Raleigh, N. C.; Ind. Engr.; American Institute of Engineers; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Chaplain (4). JOHN JACOB STAUFFER, JR.; ΠKA; Greenville, N. C.; Construction. JAMES EDWIN STEELMAN; F.H.; Hamptonville, N. C.; Ag. Education; Alpha Zeta; Kappa Phi Kappa; Blue Key; Golden Chain; Publications Board; Agriculturist, Advertising Manager, Business Man ager, Editorial Assistant; Ag. Club, Reporter; F.F.A., Sentinel; Livestock Day; Counselor (1). JACK ELWIN STEGALL; Charlotte, N. C.; Civil Engr.; Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E. JOHN EDWARD STEWART; Winston-Salem, N. C.; Nuclear Engr.; Sigma Pi Sigma; Blue Key; Phi Kappa Phi Honors (1); Southern Engineer, Advisory Board; R.O.T.C. Band; Y M.C.A. Cabinet; B.S U.; American Institute of Physics, Vice-President (3), President (4); P.R.C., Counselor; Pullen Club. BILLY JUNIOR STINES; Dallas, N. C.; Agronomy. CHARLTON BELL STRANGE, JR.; Danville, Va.; Agronomy; American Society of Agronomy; Ag. Club; Agronomy Club; Cheerleader (4) ; Dormitory Representative, Counselor; Sigma Pi, Secretary RICHARD ELVYN STRAUSS; Lauretton, N. Y.; Textiles; Textile Forum; Swimming Team; All-Campus Swimming (1 ). ROBERT EDMOND STROTHER; Franklinton, N. C.; Ag. Education; Kappa Phi Kappa, Vice-President (4); Ag. Club; F.F.A. HUGH EDWARD SUTPHIN; Mount Airy, N. C.; Textile Chemistry Dyeing; Phi Psi; American Association of Textile Chemists Colorists, Secretary (4). JAMES RAYMOND SWEET; N. C.; Animal Husbandry; Animal Industry Club; Intramural Athletics; Meats Judging Team. ALONZO PEELE SYKES, JR.; Goldsboro, N. C.; Mech. Engr.; A.S.M.E.; Engineers ' Council; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma, Treasurer (4). Class of 1954 ROBERT LAVERNE TALLEY; Greensboro, N. C.; Nuclear Engr. ROBERT WILLIAM TAYLOE; ΣΠ; Powellsville, N. C.; Ag. Engr.; Cadet Officers Association; Ag. Club; All-Campus Intramural Wrestling; Sigma Pi, President (4) ; A S A.E ; S.A.M. FRANK DONNELL TAYLOR; F.H.; Faison, N. C.; Animal Industry; Alpha Zeta; Monogram Club; Wrestling Team, Manager; Ag. Club; Meat Judging Team. WILLIAM HENRY TAYLOR; Arapahoe, N. C.; Construction. WILLIAM PATRICK TAYLOR; Goldsboro, N. C.; Civil Engr.; Chi Epsilon, Editor (3), President (4); Tau Beta Pi; A.S.C.E.; Engineers ' Council, Treasurer (4); Departmental Honor Council; Outstanding C.E. Sophomore. DAVID LAWSON TEAGUE; Waynesville, N. C.; Ag. Education. THOMAS DOUGLAS TEMPLE, Ill; Scotland Neck, N. C.; Ag. Engr.; Alpha Phi Omega. JOHN CHAMBLEE TERRY; Zebulon, N. C.; Civil Engr.; S.A.M.E.; A.S.C.E. TURNER BARTLETT THACKSTON, Ill; KΣ; Spartanburg, S. C.; Heating Air Conditioning; A.S.H.V.E.; A.B.C.; Intramural Athletics (I, 2, 3, 4). ROANY BENNETTE THOMAS; Newport News, Va.; Textile Chemistry Dyeing; Thirty Three; Blue Key; Phi Psi; Tompkins Textile Society; A.A.T.C.C.; Interdormitory Council; Class Vice-President (2). ROY C. THOMAS; Statesville, N. C.; Aero. Engr.; Arnold Air Society; I.A.E.; Intramural Athletics. JOHN LAWRENCE THOMPSON; Kenmore, N. J.; Ind. Rural Recreation; Football, (4); Monogram Club. ARVIN VINT THORNBURG; Durham, N. C.; Construction; A.I.C.E. WAYNE ALFRED TIMBY; Kenmore, N. Y.; Heating Air Conditioning. JAMES TALBOT TIPPETT; Oxford, N. C.; Elec. Engr.; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. JAMIE TORO-VILLA; Medellin, Colombia, South America; Architecture; Cosmopolitan Club; Aquinas Club; A.I.A., Student Chapter. CHARLES EDWARD TREVATHAN; Dobson, N. C.; Elec. Engr.; Scabbard and Blade; Intramural Athletics; A.I.E.E ; Interdormitory Council; Dormitory Vice-President. WILLIAM JOSEPH TROGDON; Asheboro, N. C.; Construction. THOMAS ARTHUR TRULOVE, JR.; Greensboro, N. C.; Civil Engr.; A.S.C.E.; Intramural Athletics. CHARLES BURTON TUCKER; Albemarle, N. C.; Textiles; Delta Kappa Phi, President (4); Tompkins Textile Council; S.A.M. Class of 1954 JOSEPH PAYTON TUNSTALL; Edward, N. C.; Lumber Products Merchandising Manuf acturing; Intramural Athletics; Forest Products Research Society. FLOYD DAVIS TURNAGE, JR.; Fountain, N. C.; Mech. Engr.; College Union, ROBERT JAMES TURNER; ΣAE; Greenville, S. C.; Textiles; Phi Psi; Class Treasurer (3); D.M.S. JONES EVANS TYSINGER; Lexington, N. C.; Civil Engr. CALVIN HAROLD USSERY; Rockingham, N. C.; Textiles; B.S.U.; Intramural Athletics. JOHN DAVID VANCE; TKE; Williamsport, Pa.; Civil Engr.; A.S.C.E.; W.V.W.P., Production Manager (2) Intramural Athletics (1, 2); Tau Kappa Treasurer (3), Sergeant-at-Arms (4). ELSBE HERNINE VAN DAM; Enschede, Holland; Textile Chemistry; Sigma Pi Alpha; A.A.T.C.C. KENNETH ELWOOD VAUGHN; Henderson, N. C.; Ind. Engr.; B.S U.; A I.E.E.; Tennis (1); Dormitory Athletic Director, Councelor; Intramural Athletics. JAMES BAIRD WALKER; Raleigh, N. C.; Mech. Engr.; Phi Eta Sigma; Blue Key; Pi Tau Sigma, President (4); Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Class Secretary (1); B.S.U.; A.S.M E. DONALD EDWARD WALLER; Detroit, Mich.; Ind. Engr.; College Union, House Committee; A.I.E.E. GUY ALFONSO WALTERS, JR; Maxton, N. C.; Furniture Manufacturing Merchandising; Furniture Club, Vice-President; F.P.R.S.; Intramural Athletics (1, 2, 3, 4); Lambda Chi Alpha, President (4). HUEY PEARCE WEAVER; F.H.; Four Oaks, N. C.; Ag. Education; Kappa Phi Kappa; Ag. Club; F.F.A. BENJAMIN DAVIS WEBB; Roanoke Rapids, N. C.; Textile Synthetics; Phi Psi; Sigma Tau Sigma. WILLIAM CLAYTON WEBB, JR.; N. C.; Ag. Education; ; Ag. Club; Intramural Athletics (3, 4). EDWARD INNES WEISIGER; Salisbury, N. C.; Mech. Engr.; A.S.M.E.; Intramural Athletics; Pi Kappa Alpha, Executive Committee (3), Vice-President (4). JOE JACK WELLS; Waynesville, N. C.; Forest Management; Cross Country (3) ; Forestry Club. THOMAS HOKE WEST, Richmond, Va.; Mech. Engr.; Arnold Air Society; Rifle Team; Honor Committee. WALLACE WAYNE WEST; Fayetteville, N. C.; Textiles; Delta Kappa Phi; Society for the Advancement of Management. ALTON TALMADGE WHEELER; Raleigh, N. C.; Mech Engr.; A.S.M.E., Treasurer; Intramural Athletics; Honor Committee. BENNETT BRIGGS WHITE; ΔΣΦ; Plymouth, N. C.; Forest Management; Xi Sigma Pi; Blue Key; Forestry Club; Campus Government Representative (2, 3). Class of 1954 DONALD EDWARD WHITE; Bladenboro, N. C.; Ind. Rural Recreation; Recreation Club, Vice-President. JAMES WEBB WHITE; Shelby, N. C.; Construction. ROBERT CHARLES WILKINS; ΣΦE; York, Pa.; Textile Chemistry Dyeing; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Sigma Pi Alpha; Phi Psi; Intramural Athletics; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pledge Master (4). KENNETH HARDIE WILKINSON; AΔΦ; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Textiles; Phi Psi. ADRIAN LARNELL WILLETTS; Winnabow, N. C.; Ag. Education. WALDO BONSAL WILLIAMS; Greensboro, N. C.; Mech. Engr.; Pi Tau Sigma; A.S.M.E.; Tau Beta Pi. JOHN SCOTT WILLS; Cleveland, Ohio; Animal Industry. VANN EDWARD WINFREE, JR.; Fayetteville, N. C.; Textiles; Delta Kappa Phi, Treasurer; Intramural Athletics; Dormitory DARRELL G. WINSLOW; High Point, N. C.; Ind. Rural Recreation; Monogram Club; Track; Cross Country; Recreation Club, President, BOBBY L. WISHON; Kannapolis, N. C.; Textiles; Delta Kappa Phi; Society for the Advancement of Management. WILLIAM ROWLAND WISSEMAN; Greensboro, N. C.; Nuclear Engr.; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Theta Tau; Sigma Pi Sigma; American Institute of Physics; Sigma Chi, Treasurer Secretary (4). BYNUM McKEE WOOD; Sandy Ridge, N. C.; Ag. Education; Honor F.E.A.; Intramural Athletics JAMES MILLIKAN WOOLLEN; High Point, N. C.; Textiles; Delta Kappa Phi; Sigma Pi Alpha; Society for the of Management. RAY EDWARD WORLEY; Robbinsville, N. C.; Ag. Education; Kappa Phi Kappa; F F.A.; Ag. Club. ROBERT LEE WRAY; Raleigh, N. C.; Elec. Engr.; A.I.E.E; Departmental Honor Committee Chairman. ERNEST BRISTOL WRIGHT, JR.; Raleigh, N. C.; Forest Management. CARL JOHN WYLES; Buffalo, N. Y.; Ind. Engr.; A.I.E.E.; Monogram Club; Intramural Athletics (1, 2, 3, 4). JOSEPH CLEM YARBROUGH; Reidsville, N. C.; Construction; A.S.C.E. RALPH W. YOKELEY; Winston-Salem, N. C.; Elec. Engr.; A.1.E.E LAURANCE HALVARD YOST; Louisville, Ky.; Lumber Products Manufacturing Merchandising; F.P.R.S.; Forestry Club; Pinetum; Swimming Team. Class of 1954 FREDERICK CALDWELL YOUNG; Charlotte, N. C.; Mech. Engr.; Aero Option. JOHN WILLIAM BENOIT; Fairview, Mont.; Nuclear Engr. ROBERT ALLEN BROOKS; New York, N. Y.; Textiles. WILLIAM CAMPBELL; Carrboro, N. C.; Architecture. EDWIN AYERS CLARK; Stuart, Va.; Textiles. BARBARA JEAN COSTA; Pikeville, N. C.; Textiles; S.A.M., Vice-President. JOHN H. CROOM; ΦKT; Fayetteville, N. C.; Heating Air Conditioning. HERBERT CARLYLE DIXON; Marano de Napoli, Italy; Textiles. DAVID A. FINLEY; Marion, N. C.; Elec. Engr.; Phi Kappa Tau, Scabbard C Blade; Arnold Air Society; Treasurer; Interfraternity Council. JAMES HAMPTON GRIFFIN; Dover, N. C.; Agronomy. GEORGE RICHARD GWYNN; Yanceyville, N. C.; Agronomy PAUL T. MORGAN; Henderson, N. C.; Ag. Education. WILLIAM EVERETT PERRY; Raleigh, N. C.; Chem. Engr. DAVID CARROLL ROSSER; Prospect, Va.; Elec. Engr. SAMUEL K. SAID; Cana, N. C.; Dairy Manufacture. GENE TUNNEY WILLIS; Morehead City, N. C.; Architecture. the golden chain SENIOR HONORARY Golden Chain, Senior Honorary Society, was organized in May, 1926. The purpose of the society is to promote better citizenship and leadership on the campus. In May each year, twelve Juniors, considered the members of their class, are added to the Chain by a tapping ceremony at the Tower. 1953-54 LINKS John K. Atwell William K. Collins Roy E. Congleton, Treasurer Marvin B. Crow Charles A. Fulp, Arch Regent Robert B. Jordon, Ill Claude E. Layman, Scribe George H. Lourigan, Regent William B. Nesbitt George R. Obenshain Billy B. Oliver James E. Steelman HONORARY Banks C. Talley, Jr. E. T. York, Jr. Vernon L. Jackson The Junior Class Officers Gene L. Warren President Richard H. Reed Vice-President John W. Parker Secretary David E. Bagwell Treasurer Class of 1955 David Delmas Adams Burlington, N. C. Wilton Lee Adcock, Jr. Henderson, N. C. Hoyle Reece Allen Oakboro, N. C. Larry Coleman Allen Greensboro, N. C. William Oscar Allen, Jr. Hamlet, N. C. Mitchel Cletus Andrew Greensboro, N. C. Alex Eddie Anthony, ΠKΦ Laurinburg, N. C. James Bernice Arthur,ΣX Kinston, N. C. Charles Wilson Avery San Jose, Costa Rica David Eugene Bagwell Raleigh, N. C. Carol R. Baker Nichols, S. C. James Read Barbee, Jr. Norfolk, Va. Jesse Lee Barber, Jr. Danville, Va. Harold Gray Barker Statesville, N. C. William Morgan Barnett, Raleigh, N. C. Craig Lentz Barnhardt, Jr. New Bern, N. C. David Howell Barrett Atlanta, Ga. Joseph Allen Barringer Jacksonville, N. C. Roger Thompson Bass Rocky Mount, N. C. Dan Edison Baucom Watha, N. C. Orel W. Beasley Benson, N. C. Liston Calvin Beck, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. Wyatt Gallant Bell Charlotte, N. C. Loraine Page Benton, Jr. Chadbourn, N. C. Richard Asbury Bisanar Gastonia, N. C. John Ashcraft Bivens, Jr. Wingate, N. C. William Saunders Blalock, ΣAE Greensboro, N. C. Clarence Douglas Blanchard Burlington, N. Samuel Masters Blount, Jr., ΦΓΔ Washington, N. C. Charles Wesley Bogle Pleasant Garden, N. C. Roy Dredmon Boles Walnut Cove, N. C. George Curtis Bowers Hays, N. C. Keith Brown Bowman Greensboro, N. C. James Rahn Boyer Mayodan, N. C. Frank Belton Boyette Newton Grove, N. C. William Paul Braswell Goldsboro, N. C. Charles Kenneth Brendell Candler, N. C. Billy Flynn Bridges Rutherfordton, N. C. Robert Mohler Brigham Raleigh, N. C. Halbert Felton Brinson New Bern, N. C. Eugene Paschal Brantly Raleigh, N. C. Charles Robert Browning Asheville, N. C. Louis Julius Brunetti, Jr., ΔEΦ Greenvale, N. Y. Doyle McGregor Brunson Conover, N. C. Perry Cotton Bryant, Jr. Woodland, N. C. Joe Millard Bunn Pikeville, N. C. Charles Stewart Burgess Havelock, N. C. Douglas Pollard Burgess Woodleaf, N. C. William Bobadilla Bynum Maysville, N. C. William Duyler Calton Bostic, N. C. Class of 1955 Billy Edward Caldwell Newton, N. C. Wilbur G. Carawan Swan Quarter, N. C. John Burke Carpenter Lincolnton, N. C. William Wesley Carroll Raleigh, N. C. Hubert Wesley Cartner, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Wilson Baden Caspari, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Lloyd McForest Cheek, ΣX Gibsonville, N. C. Sherwood Wentz Chesson Roper, N. C. Edwin Ayers Clark Stuart, Va. Worley Hasque Clark, ΣΦE Big Stone Gap, Va. Joseph Ray Clary Shelby, N. C. Frank Welch Clinard, Jr., Winston-Salem, N. C. Victor Cole Sanford, N. Gilbert Allen Conrad ... N. C. Steve Allen Cooper, ΣAM East Rockaway, N. Y. Kenneth Raymond Coulter Maiden, N. C. Don Richard Council .. Winston-Salem, N. C. Forrest Williamson Cox Raleigh, N. C. Donald Cekada Craft Walstonburg, N. C. Clefford Eugene Cramer . Blanchester, Ohio Edie Arnold Criner Winston-Salem, N. C. Howard Judson Critcher Oxford, N. C. Thomas Owen Crockett . . Morganton, N. C. Henry Chovine Croom Wilson, N. C. George Ford Crossland McCain, N. C. Edgar Laird Dallery East Orange, N. J. Monde Lee Daniels, Manteo, N. C. Moses Barnes Daniels, Jr. Wilson, N. C. Charles Edwin Davis Goldsboro, N. C. John Williamson Davis, Jr. Harrisburg, N. C. James Carlton Deal Newton, N. C. Ernest Sanford Dean, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. William Douglas Dean Louisburg, N. C. James Edward DeFoor Chattanooga, Tenn. Willis Andrew Derden Durham, N. C. George Leon Dickens Castalia, N. C. Colbert Lee Dilday Colerain, N. C. Hubert Carlyle Dixon Marano di Napoli, Italy Thomas Austin Dixon Leasburg, N. C. William House Dove Rocky Mount, N. C. Maurice Thomas Drye Oakboro, N. C. David Walter Duncan Hickory, N. C. Bernard Louis DuPlessis, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Charles Jackson Dutton Pageland, S. C. Marion Don nie Dutton Pageland, S. C. Douglas Wilson Eason Macclesfield, N. C. John Dixon Edwards Raleigh, N. C. Mack Stephenson Edwards Raleigh, N. C. William Rogers Edwards Mars Hill, N. C Alran Donald Ehrman Hamburg, N. Y. Class of 1955 Robert Lee Eidson Elkin, N. C. Don Frank Elliott Denton, N. C. Donald Coleman Elliott Shelby, N. C. William Samuel Enloe, AΓP Hendersonville, N. C. James Guy Farthing Mocksville, N. C. Joseph Bryan Ferebee Mocksville, N. C. Richard Spofford Fowler Indiana, Pa. Charlie Alexander Fox Morganton, N. C. Thomas Edward Fuller Durham, N. C. John Wade Fuquay, AΓP Snow Camp, N. C. Robin Pierce Gardner Zebulon, N. C. John Edgar Garrett, Burlington, N. C. Seth Bridgman Gaskill, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Cortez Dillon Gaskins Black Mountain, N. C James Irving Gillean, N. Wilkesboro, N. C Robert H. Goslee Portsmouth, Va. Wayne Floyd Grainger Fair Bluff, N. C. Earl Eugene Gray Deep Run, N. C. Lucius Ardrey Gray Clinton, N. C. Howard Greenberg, ΦEΠ Brooklyn, N. Y. Thomas Jackson Greenwood Mount Airy, N. C. Dale Pennington Gregg Lenoir, N. C. Jerry Speight Grimes Battleboro, N. C. Mitchell A. Guabelly Asheville, N. C. George Quincy Hall, KA Belmont, N. C. Harvey Edward Hardy, Jr. . . LaGrange, N. C. Percy Lee Hardy, Jr. Mineral, Va. Richard Paul Harris, Jr. New London, N. C. William Harris Winterville, N. C. Thomas S. Harrison Knoxville, Tenn. Wiley Gordon Hartzog, Jr. Boone, N. C. Parran Waldo Hawkins Sandy Ridge, N. C. Robert Thomas Hayes Havelock, N. C. Joseph Herman Haynes High Point, N. C. William Cansler Haynes Canton, N. C. Robert Jackson Hazelgrove,ΣΦE, Durham, N. C. Richard Sherman Hendricks Charlotte, N. C. James Wright Herring Snow Hill, N. C. Eugene Alfred Hester High Point, N. C. Joseph Pearson High Point, N. C. Elbert Leland Hiatt Mount Airy, N. C. William Stewart Hoffman,ΦKT Burlington, N. C. Thomas Vann Hollowell Hobbsville, N. C. Bobby Lee Holmes Fayetteville, N. C. James Bryan Holton, Jr. New Bern, N. C. Walter Ray Hook Elon College, N. C. Andrew Allen Hooker Engelhard, N. C. Claude Revere Horn, Jr. Mocksville, N. C. Billy Howard Richlands, N. C. Lewis Stillman Howe, Jr. Greenville, N. C. Class of 1955 Robert Wayne Hunter Pilot Mountain, N. C. Gerald Barry Hurst Jacksonville, N. C. George Gary Hutchins Leicester, N. C. James Benjamin Ingram, Jr. Parkton, N. C. Grady Cooke Inscoe Louisburg, N. C. John Lafayette Irvin Greensboro, N. C. Earl Hunter Jackson Shelby, N. C. William Thomas Johnsen Durham, N. C. Edward Page Johnson Rocky Mount, N. C. Roy Ewart Johnson, Jr. Hendersonville, N. C. Thomas Edward Johnson Raleigh, N. C. Frederick Darrel Jones Selma, N. C. H. Creighton Jones Raleigh, N. C. John Paul Jones Henderson, N. C. Edward Carroll Joyner Mount Olive, N. C. M. Elliot Kabbash Clifton, N. J. Johnny Ervin Keever Alexis, N. C. Leonard Andrew Kilian Norlina, N. C. William Burns Kincaid Gastonia, N. C. Ralph Columbus King Freeland, N. C. Robert Travis King Fair Bluff, N. C. William Preston King Fair Bluff, N. C. John Allen Knight Statesville, N. C. Freddie Nelson Knott Oxford, N. C. Max Smith Knox Huntersville, N. C. Kenneth James Krantz Wallace, Mich. Robert Hilding Krook, Jr., ΣAE, Philadelphia, Pa. Royce Barnes Lankford Franklin, Va. Thomas Robert Lathan Monroe, N. C. Doan Bernhard Laursen . Swannanoa, N. C. James Alfred Lawrence, ΦΚΤ Atkinson, N. C. Robert Wilson Lazenby Statesville, N. C. Marvin Lee Leatherman Newton, N. C. James Donald Lee Raleigh, N. C. Palmer Wilson Lee Marshville, N. C. Robert Winston Lee Skyland, N. C. Banks Lee Leonard, FH Lexington, N. C. Tommy Dale Leonard Lexington, N. C. James Barton Lewis Humboldt, Tenn. Jason Rufus Lineberger Gastonia, N. C. Harold Eugene Lloyd Winston-Salem, N. C. Charles Abram Lockwood Charlotte, N. C. Malcolm Monroe Lowder Albemarle, N. C. Andrew Lowery Laurinburg, N. C. Ancell Dwight Lynch Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Charles Henry Lyndon Thomasville, N. C. Clayton Craig Lynes Lancaster, Pa. Paul Harrison McArthur, Fayetteville, N. C. James Fritz McCall Flat Rock, N. C. Robert Epps McClure Walnut, N. C Class of 1955 Joseph Doke Mabry Henderson, N. C. Charlie Ray Marshall Landis, N. C. Ivey Eugene Martin, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. Frank Egan Matthews, Jr. ΣAE Greensboro, N. C. Edwin Joseph Mazgaj Lackawanna, N. Y. Royce Gene McCombs Kannapolis, N. C. Hugh Thomas McDaniel, Charlotte, N. C. Johnny Dick McDonald Greensboro, N. C. Robert Benton McDonald Murphy, N. C. Wade Miller McGee Mount Airy, N. C. James Gerald McGowan Farson, N. C. James Lloyd McGraw Carthage, N. C. William Reece McInnis Candor, N. C. Frederick Eugene McJunkin Statesville, N. C. Archie Henry McLean Wallace, N. C. William Harvey McLean Wallace, N. C. George Jarvis McMillan Fayetteville, N. C. Belmont McSwain Norwood, N. C. Thomas McNeill Memory Wagram, N. C. Bayne Elmo Miller Mocksville, N. C. John Richard Joseph Miller, TKE, Hickory, N. C. Richard Arlen Mitchell Winston-Salem, N. C. Donald R. Mohorn Enfield, N. C. Frederick Meyer Moore, ΣΦE Kinston, N. C. Sheppard Neal Moore New Bern, N. C. Henry Gerald Myott Carthage, N. C. Robert Lloyd Nance Charlotte, N. C. Mario Naranjo Colombia, South America Robert John Nelson Kernersville, N. C. Truman Leo Newberry, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Donald Wood Norman Summerfield, N. C. William Ernest Ogburn, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. James W. Oliver Carthage, N. C. Gerald Clark Page Gastonia, N. C. James Linton Palmer Waynesville, N. C. John William Parker Goldsboro, N. C. Sammy Brown Parker Candler, N. C. Thomas Clyde Parker, Jr. Saluda, N. C. Frank David Parrott, ΣΦE Kinston, N. C. William Earl Patterson, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. John Denning Pearman Goldsboro, N. C. Ronald Gaines Perkins Roxboro, N. C. John Uzzell Perry Louisburg, N. C. Hal Clifton Perry Zebulon, N. C. William Everett Perry, ΔΣΦ Raleigh, N. C. Clay Randolph Phillips Warsaw, N. C. Walter Lee Pippin Farmville, N. C. Emory William Pitts Asheville, N. C. Johnny Raymond Puckett, ΣX Mt. Olive, N. C. Donald Everett Purdee Lexington, N. C. Class of 1955 Thornal Durant O ' Quinn, ΘX Lillington, N. C. George Herman Porter Goldsboro, N. C. John Bailey Pridgen, Jr. Salisbury, N. C. Albert Leslie Pruden, Jr. Rolesville, N. C. Robert Leroy Putre, ΦKT Danville, Va. James Clifford Pyron Charlotte, N. C. Arthur Harry Quint Mount Vernon, N. Y. James Harris Randall Raleigh, N. C. Eugene Robert Raney, Raleigh, N. C. Henry Ford Rash West Jefferson, N. C. Richard Willis Reed, ,ΣAE, Schuylkill Haven, Pa. Robert Plato Reese Mars Hill, N. C. Oridio Restrepo-Tobon Colombia, S. Edward Francis Rigouard South Norwalk, Conn. Franklin Dan Rivenbark Watha, N. C. Joseph Franklin Robertson Burlington, N. C. Thomas Martin Robertson White Plains, N. C. Alfred Allison Robinson Newton, N. C. George Albert Robinson, Jr. Greensboro, N. Horace Mayfield Robinson, Jr. Henderson, N. C. Sloan Shelton Robinson Gastonia, N. C. Enos William Rogister, Jr. Tarboro, N. C. Edward Junior Sanderson Fairmont, N. C. Theron Vester Sanders, Bailey, N. C. David Sledge Sartin, AΓP Providence, N. C. Rigsby Caldwell Satterfield, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Huah Abbott Savage Council, N. C. Robert Garner Savage Willard, N. C. Robert Arville Scaggs Albemarle, N. C. Alwin Ferdinand Schmid, Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Roaer William Schneider Kenosha, Wis. Nicholas Edwin Scronce Newton, N. C. Emil Herman Seaman Norlina, N. C. Guy Vernell Shaver Charlotte, N. C. Lynn Reuben Shepard Raleigh, N. C. Robert Leonard Sheppard Coats, N. C. Charles Franklin Sherrill Troutman, N. C. Thomas Howard Sherron Sanford, N. C. Kenneth Dwight Shields Shelby, N. C. Charles Alan Sides Winston-Salem, N. C. Coy Henry Simmons Pilot Mountain, N. C. Thomas Leith Shuping Morganton, N. C. Andrew Giles Smith, Mount Airy, N. C. Bealus Alonzo Smith, Jr. Stanfield, N. C. J. C. Smith Hudson, N. C. John Bertram Smith Kinston, N. C. John Eldridge Smith Burlington, N. C. John Wayne Smith, Jr., TKE Albemarle, N. C. David Burt Sontag, ΣAM New York, N. Y. William Henry Sparrow Gastonia, N. C. Class of 1955 George Allen Speight Mount Airy, N. C. James Garfield Spencer Raleigh, N. C. John Springthorpe, Jr., ΣΠ Mount Airy, N. C. Donald Jackson Stadler Reidsville, N. C. Donell Franklin Stancil Kenly, N. C. Mark Linwood Stancil Macclesfield, N. C. Joshua Joyner Stanton, Jr. Stantonsburg, N. C. Howard Fulton Stearns Kannapolis, N. C. Abraham Bernard Stenberg San Jose, Costa Rica Thomas Linden Stephens Littlerock, Calif. Bobby Joe Stephenson, Angier, N. C. Joseph Raymond Stephenson Saluda, N. C. Vernon Ray Stevens Goldsboro, N. C. Joe Donald Stowe, ΣX Cramerton, N. C. James DeWitt Tapp, Jr. Raeford, N. C. Howard Livingston Taylor Spindale, N. C. Charles Billy Teague Prentiss, N. C. William Walter Teer Hillsboro, N. C. John Robert Terrell Clyde, N. C. John Wallace Tester Lenoir, N. C. James Thomas Thacker, ΣΠ Winston-Salem, N. C. John Charles Thomas Franklin, N. C. James Edward Thorne Farmville, N. C. Bruce Nichols Tilley Durham, N. C. Laurence Alan Tippett Raleigh, N. C. James Benhard Tommerdahl Raleigh, N. C. Choju Tomoyose Naha, Okinawa James Trogdon Asheboro, N. C. Jim Roe Tucker Laurel Springs, N. C. Anne Warrington Tunstall Oxford, N. C. Huldah Ruth Turner Raleigh, N. C. Lloyd Chester Turner Elizabeth City, N. C. Kenneth J. Urgovitch Garfield, N. J. Alonzo Jackson Vanderburg Concord, N. C. John Francis Verreault, Jr. Valdese, N. C. Hasan Khan Vilayat Rampur, India Donald Jay Wagner Albemarle, N. C. Clark Wessley Walker, FH Old Ford, N. C. James Alonza Walker, FH Reidsville, N. C. Emmett Ranson Waller, Jr. Kinston, N. C. James Earl Walters Fuquay Springs, N. C. Aaron Ralph Ward Denton, N. C. Edgar Barron Warren, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Gene Lowe Warren Dunn, N. C. Robert Allen Watson Pinehurst, N. Charles Howard Waynick Guilford College, N. C. Clarence Bill Weatherly Durham, N. C. Charles Thaddeus Weatherly, FH Greensboro, N. C. David Bert Weeks Clinton, N. C. Phillip Rogerson Wellons Raleigh, N. C. Claude Linwood Whitfield Snow Hill, N. C. Joseph Myrick Whitley Albemarle, N. C. James Bradford Wiggins Wilmington, N. C. Carroll Belk Wiggs Rocky Mount, N. C. Alva Edison Williams, Jr. Durham, N. C. Richard Thoman Williams .... Statesville, N. C. William Turner Williams Selma, N. C. Snodie Bond Wilson Winterville, N. C. Richard Stedman Wimbish, ΣΦE Hookerton, N. C. Warren Kuo-Liang Woo Hong Kong, China Harold William Wood Hamptonville, N. C. Horace Joe Wood, Jr., ΦKT Burlington, N. C. James William Wrape, ΣN Charlotte, N. C. Sonoko Grace Yamamoto Tokyo, Japan Harold Dean Yarber Guilford College, N. C. Carol Michael Yarborough Sanford, N. C. Harry Hight Yarbrough, Jr., ΣAE, Wilson, N. C. Charles Robert Zeugner Skyland, N. C. blue key Eighty-six Chapters Colors: Blue and Gold N. C. STATE COLLEGE CHAPTER Installed May, 1928 HONORARY Dr. C. H. Bostian Col. J. W. Harrelson Dr. F. H. Jeter T. C. Brown Dr. W. N. Hicks Maj. C. D. Kutschinski Dr. L. C. Hartley E. S. King FACULTY ADVISER Dr. E. T. York ACTIVE ALUMNI William Scarborough MEMBERS James Anderson Dave Barrett Floyd Bennett Wesley Brown Marvin Crow William Collins Roy Congleton Charles Fulp John Fuquay William Garmon William Hagler Robert Krook Claude Layman Richard Ledford George Lourigan Thomas Memory William Nesbitt William Oliver Charles Raper Robert Sample James Steelman Bobby Joe Stephenson John Stewart Roany Thomas James Walker Bennett White Willard Wynn Blue Key Honor Fraternity was founded at the University of Florida in October, 1924, to perpetuate belief in God, to preserve the principles of good citizenship, and to promote the best interest of the students. The fraternity recognizes outstanding qualities in character, scholarship, and service, placing equal emphasis upon leadership in student activities. Membership is composed of graduate and undergraduate students of all departments of American colleges and universities. Each year Blue Key co-sponsors the Homecoming Celebration and a dance following the Homecoming game. Annually, the fraternity presents the citizenship award to the senior who has distinguished himself as the foremost citizen of his class. In addition, Blue Key cooperates with other campus organizations in various activities to a more meaningful campus life. The Sophomore Class Officers C. Frank Elliott President Frank Connor Vice-President John H. Patterson Secretary William Brehm Treasurer Class of 1956 William Clyde Abernethy, Winston-Salem, N. C. James L. Adams Brevard, N. C. Carlos Jose Maria Aguirreurreta, San Salvador, El Salvador Alvin Ray Almond Albemarle, N. C. Robert Keene Andrews Charlotte, N. C. Tommy Edward Andrews Graham, N. C. Rex Frank Ashburn King, N. C. Wallace Terrell Atkins High Point, N. C. Preston Monroe Avery Dunn, N. C. Augustus Walker Bachman Henderson, N. C. James Fred Bailey Biscoe, N. C. Patrick Edward Baker Raleigh, N. C. William Donald Barber Goldston, N. C. Kenneth Reece Barker Roaring River, N. C. Bevan Kyle Barringer, Jr., ΣΦE Salisbury, N. C. R. J. Basinger Rockwell, N. C. Robert Bruce Batchelor Sharpsburg, N. C. Durward Franklin Bateman Tyner, N. C. Everette Eugene Beam Shelby, N. C. John Mark Beam Vale, N. C. LeRoy Beasley Wilmington, N. C. Luther Ray Beaver Troutman, N. C. Samuel Thomas Beddingfield Clayton, N. C. Robert William Becker Newark, N. J. Robert Edwin Bedford Goldsboro, N. C. Owen Holt Bellamy, Jr. Enfield, N. C. James Elwood Bengel New Bern, N. C. William T. Benison Mount Airy, N. C. Dwight Mewborne Benson Durham, N. C. Charles Mercer Best Chapel Hill, N. C. James Edward Betts, Greensboro, N. C. William Isaac Bigger Belmont, N. C. Gettys David Bingham, Jr. Lawndale, N. C. David Glenn Bissette Spring Hope, N. C. Roy Lee Blackwell, Jr. Tryon, N. C. C. G. Blackwood, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Henry Maddrey Booke, TKE Winston-Salem, N. C. Gilbert Warren Boone Raleigh, N. C. Benjamin Clark Boren, Jr. Siler City, N. C. Jack Camp Boswell Whiteville, N. C. Frank Downs Bozarth Durham, N. C. Gurney Ellerbe Bracey, Jr. Pembroke, N. C. Stephen Earl Brannan Selma, N. C. E. Clifford Brantley, Jr. Zebulon, N. C. Dewey H. Brett Raleigh, N. C. Norman Wesley Brickhouse Elizabeth City, N. C. Sidney Elihue Briley, Jr., ΣAE Greenville, N. C. Monroe Carlyle Brinson, Jr. Rocky Mount, N. C. Bobby Lee Broadwell Selma, N. C. Thurman Elwood Brock Wade, N. C. Garnett Tabor Brooks Red Springs, N. C. Marion Thomas Brooks Portsmouth, Va. William Dannelly Brooks, Jr. Evergreen, N. C. Samuel Neal Broome, Charlotte, N. C. James Thilbert Brown Smithfield, N. C. Ray Stanford Bryan Rich Square, N. C. Sherrill Miller Bryant Boonville, N. C. William Leon Bryant Greensboro, N. C. Bobby Dale Buffaloe Raleigh, N. C. Amos Gentry Bullard, Jr. Cary, N. C. George Edmund Bullard, Jr. Wade, N. C. George Edward Burdick Manson, N. C. Tommie Gene Burke Siler City, N. C. James Cooper Burns Metuchen, N. J. John Steele Henderson Burns Napa, Cal. John William Burns Wilmington, N. C. Dale Byerly High Point, N. C. Charles S. Byron Black Mountain, N. C. Harry Townsend Caldwell Maryville, Tenn. Pedro Augusto Camacho Raleigh, N. C. Class of 1956 Robert Lee Campbell Durham, N. C. John Boyce Cargill Cliffside, N. C. Jennings Carland, Jr. Arden, N. C. John Alton Carpenter Cherryville, N. C. Joshua Vann Carroll Farmville, N. C. Paul Carson, Jr. Gastonia, N. C. Glenn Fredrick Carver, Jr. Ashe ville, N. C. Ernest Cashwell Fayetteville, N. C. Jimmy Reid Causby Bessemer City, N. C. Earl Kai Chann Kew Gardens, N. Y. Christian D. Charron Chapel Hill, N. C. George Malcolm Chockley Mebane, N. C. Vito A. Cilibeeti, Jr. Olivebridge, N. Y. Zack Carrol Clark Lenoir, N. C. Kenneth Glenn Cloninger Paw Creek, N. C. Joe Kenneth Cochrane Union Mills, N. C. G. Wesley Cole, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. John William Coleman, Jr. TKE Greensboro, N. C. John Richard Combs Leaksville, N. C. Ray McFayden Comer Ellerbe, N. C. James Michael Conry Rockwell, N. C. Sidney Buchanan Cooke Kannapolis, N. C. Harry Eugene Coor Goldsboro, N. C. William Latham Copeland Pike Road, N. C. William Car lton Coppersmith Warwick, Va. Joe Alfred Corriher China Grove, N. C. Herman Harrison Crabtree Durham, N. C. Ernest Wilson Crawford Chapel Hill, N. C. Frank Alderman Crawford Chadbourn, N. C. Ray Emerson Crawford Gastonia, N. C. Charles Edwin Cress Salisbury, N. C. Eugene Cross, Ill, KΣ Marion, N. C. Raymond Charles Crouse, ΔΣN Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Odie Benjamin Crumpler, Jr. . Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Joseph Hampton Crutchfield Siler City, N. C. Burwell James Cullipher Knotts Island, N. C. Robert Dominick D ' Angelo Crabtree, Pa. Elburn Hugh Daughtry, Jr. Mount Olive, N. C. Kenneth Elwood Davenport Deep Run, N. C. James Relmond Davis Vass, N. C. Jesse Shumate Davis, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. John Gordon Dawson, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Donald Ray Deal Salisbury, N. C. Wilbur Eugene Dees Hope Mills, N. C. James William Dempsey Winterville, N. C. Richard Alexander DeSavigny Greenville, N. C. Joseph Freeman Dickey Hillsboro, N. C. Margaret Lynwood Diehl Rocky Mount, N. C. Troy Alvin Doby Kannapolis, N. C. Khalid Abdul-Ridha Dijaili Al-Khalis, Iraq William Biemann Dozier Raleigh, N. C. Lester Campbell Draughon, Jr. Dunn, N. C. Homer Franklin Drye Salisbury, N. C. William Louis Dudley Roxboro, N. C. Rufus Sheldon Dunham, Jr. Cary, N. C. James Curtis Dupree Smithfield, N. C. Joyce Lee Dutton Rockingham, N. C. Fred Lyles Eargle Tryon, N. C. Jimmie Ronald Eckard Charlotte, N. C. Richard Allison Edmiston Mooresville, N. C. Julian Hall Edwards Rich Square, N. C. Ira Joel Ellis Stantonsburg, N. C. Melvin Douglas Edwards Louisburg, N. C. Claude Franklin Elliott, ΠKA Henderson, N. C. Floyd Wilkins Elliott Charlotte, N. C. James Philbert Epperson White Plains, N. C. Ronald Bradford Estridge High Point, N. C. James Albert Evans Wilson, N. C. Gary Eugene Everhardt Lenoir, N. C. Archie Brown Faires Wallace, N. C. Class of 1956 Chauncey Graham Farmer Wilmington, N. C. Odais Monroe Farrington Kernersville, N. C. Joseph Martin Ferguson Raleigh, N. C. Charles Stanley Ferrell Kinston, N. C. Earl Brineman Fennell Reidsville, N. C. Robert Daniel Flowers Winston-Salem, N. C. William Hempstead Ford Raleigh, N. C. Robert Eugene Fore Canton, N. C. Henry Bland Franklin, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. William Wayne Franklin Henderson, N. C. Richard Javalanta Freeman Star, N. C. Joe Presson Freeze China Grove, N. C. Darald Clinton Frink Shallotte, N. C. Thomas Winfred Frye Mount Airy, N. C. James Lee Fulk, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. John Robert Fulk Pilot Mountain, N. C. Ted Wayne Funderburk Matthews, N. C. William Franklin Funderburk Kannapolis, N. C. Clyde H. Gaddy Arlington, Va. William George Gaither, Jr. Statesville, N. C. John Barnum Garland Matthews, N. C. William Peter Garrabrant Wilmington, N. C. Roscoe Loucis Garrison, Jr. Morganton, N. C. Harvey Devereaux Ginn Snow Hill, N . C. Robert Mark Girard Maggie, N. C. Jimmy Lee Glenn Graham, N. C. Tommy Dalton Glover Bailey, N. C. James Wilson Goforth Hickory, N. C. Stephen Council Gooding Kenansville, N. C. Fred Houston Goodnight Concord, N. C. Charles Edward Gordon Charlotte, N. C. James William Gore Tabor City, N. C. Lonnie Avery Grant Selma, N. C. James Winton Gray Elizabeth City, N. C. Gilmer Glenn Green Durham, N. C. John Randolph Green Tarboro, N. C. Ollis Eddie Green Reidsville, N. C. Claude Edgar Greene Hazelwood, N. C. George Donald Greene Shelby, N. C . Frederick Harrison Gregory Halifax, N. C. Robert Brian Grigsby Warwick, Va. Max Bryan Grimes Hope Mills, N. C. Robert Meredith Gunn, KΣ Charlotte, N. C. Worth Wicker Gurkin Clarkston, N. C. David Van Gurley Rocky Mount, N. C. Hayne Caldwell Hair Spencer, N. C. John Lee Hamme Warrenton, N. C. Byron Alcy Hamrick Gastonia, N. C. Samuel Jasper Hand, Jr. Lowell, N. C. Charles Willard Hannah Clyde, N. C. Edward Josephus Hanson Southport, N. C. Charles Richard Hardy Franklin, Va. Thomas Marion Hargrove Graham, N. C. King Tyson Harrell Watha, N. C. Norfleet Gladstone Harrell, Jr. Ahoskie, N. C. Samuel Riddick Harrell Portsmouth, Va. Thomas Grier Harris Harrisburg, N. C. Henry George Hartis Matthews, N. C. David Burnnet Hatcher Mount Airy, N. C. Joseph McPhail Hatcher Fayetteville, N. C. William Harold Hawkins Marion, N. C. Harold G. Hayes Raleigh, N. C. Charles Henry Haynes Avondale, N. C. William Bryce Haynes Lexington, N. C. Charles Lester Helms Wingate, N. C. Guy Alexander Helms, Jr. Concord, N. C. Douglas Blanford Henderson Wilkesboro, N. C. Hugh Pressley Henderson Charlotte, N. C. Philip Monroe Hendricks, Jr. Lexington, N. C. Lebron Harvey Herring Seven Springs, N. C. Class of 1956 William Henry Herring Gastonia, N. C. John Franklin Hickman Raleigh, N. C. Harold Clarke Hicks Oxford, N. C. Hugh Gray Hicks Mooresville, N. C. Juan Eduardo Hisada Catavi, Bolivia, S. A. Samuel Winbourne Holland Franklin, Va. George McBrayer Holmes Morganton, N. C. Elijah Talmage Holt Gretna, Va. Marion Howard Holt Apex, N. C. William Carl Holtzmann Norlina, N. C. Spiro Charles Hondros Kure Beach, N. C. William Edward Honeycutt Hope Mills, N. C. David Reid Hopkins Brown Summit, N. C. Donald Wilson Horton Whiteville, N. C. David Roy Hostetler, ΦKT Raleigh, N. C. Jack Delane Houston Hickory, N. C. Thomas Clay Houston Spear, N. C. Johnnie Deries Howell Suffolk, Va. William Robert Huff Roxboro, N. C. Ralph M. Huls, Jr. Balboa, Canal Zone Bruce Adelbert Humphries, Jr. Goldsboro, N. C. George Eugene Hunsucker, Jr. Belmont, N. C. Allen Reese Hunter Pilot Mountain, N. C. James Dorsett Hunter Siler City, N. C. Bobby Pink Huskey Kings Mountain, N. C. Roger Person Hyatt Canton, N. C. Robert Dale Inman Tabor City, N. C. Carlton Franklin Ipock Cove City, N. C. Roy Kinsey Jack Tryon, N. C. Charles Nixon Jackson Salemburg, N. C. Richard Kimsey Jackson Brevard, N. C. John Mitchell Jenkins, III, ΠKΦ Castle Hayne, N. C. James Earl Jennings Wallace, N. C. William Reid Jessup Denton, N. C. Randall Everett Jobe Greensboro, N. C. Roland Harrell Jobe Greensboro, N. C. Austin Rae Johnson Bayboro, N. C. John Allen Johnson Rocky Mount, N. C. Ned Jarrett Johnson Shelby, N. C. Richard Palmer Johnson Siler City, N. C. Victor Allison Johnston, Jr. Mooresville, N. C. Bobby Eugene Jones Mooresboro, N. C. John Alfred Jones, Jr. Ayden, N. C. Michael Hilton Jones High Point, N. C. Teddy Robert Jones Lake Junaluska, N. C. Marvin Lawrence Jordan Weldon, N. C. Charles Livingston Justus Hendersonville, N. C. Joseph William Kapherr Creedmoor, N. C. Herbert Charles Kaplan Carteret, N. J. Ode Farouck Kattan Cali, Colombia, S. A. Marvin B. Katz Newburgh, N. Y. Johnnie Ken Kemp Middlesex, N. C. Farrell Landrum Kenimer Charlotte, N, C. Thomas Dickson Kendrick Charlotte, N. C. Joe Mason Kenyon, Jr. Hillsboro, N. C. James Donald Kerr Waxhaw, N. C. Jack Key Robbins, N. C. Donald Lee Keyt Gainesville, Ga. Hubert Spence Kight Shawboro, N. C. Ralph Arnold Killough Matthews. N. C. Theodore Joseph Kilyk, Jr. Phoenixville, Pa. Richard Maurice King, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. John Maitland Kingry Chattanooga, Tenn. Cecil Dillard Kirby, Jr. Dunn, N. C. Mose Kiser, Jr., ΠKA Greensboro, N. C. Benjamin Franklin Kissam Evergreen, N. C. Charles Thomas Kluttz Salisbury, N. C. Jackson DeWalt Koone Union Mills, N. C. Kenneth Ray Kornegay Albertson, N. C. Walter H. Kuhrt, Jr. Margarita, Canal Zone Class of 1956 lhsan Seydo Kurdi Raleigh, N. C. Floyd Howard Lambert Concord, N. C. Roy Adams Lambert Brevard, N. C. Samuel Joseph Lambert, Jr. Brodnax, Va. William Royce Lambert Benson, N. C. James Neal Lancaster Raleigh, N. C. John Kenneth Lancaster Fayetteville, N. C. Joseph Robert Lancaster ...... Mebane, N. C. Charles F. Landis Charlotte, N. C. Ralph Harrison Lane Franklinton, N. C. William Guy Lane Ramseur, N. C. William L. Langston, Jr. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Edward Bert Lassiter Four Oaks, N. C. James Keith Laws Hickory, N. C. Louis Richard Ledbetter Greensboro, N. C. Harvey Glenn Lee Sanford, N. C. Wilson Durward Leggett, III Tarboro, N. C. Charles Gene Lewis Red Springs, N. C. James Harold Little Oakboro, N. C. Lorenza Wilson Locke Enfield, N. C. William Thomas Long, Jr., Cornelius, N. C. Wilson Lovett Tabor City, N. C. Dallas Hugh Lowdermilk Norman, N. C. Joseph Richard Lucas, Jr. Hamlet, N. C. Harold Edward Luck Cedar Falls, N. C. Charles Edward Lundy Rocky Mount, N. C. Daniel Everette McBane Snow Camp, N. C. Clifford Mitchell McCachren Concord, N. C. LeRoy Walter McCall Maxton, N. C. Charles Ray McCarn Mooresville, N. C. James Thomas McCorkle Charlotte, N. C. James Malcolm McCormick Saint Pauls, N. C. Herbert Hall Mc Coy Elizabeth City, N. C. Albert Johnson McCracken Waynesville, N. C. Thomas Milton McElhannon Asheboro, N. C. Billy Ray McGalliard Marion, N. C. Paul Henkle McGinnis, Jr, . Kings Mountain, N. C. Cary Lee McLeod, Jr. Carthage, N. C. Gerald Carr McNeill Broadway, N. C. William Manning McNeill, Jr. . Mount Gilead, N. C. Joseph McPherson Elizabeth City, N. C. Cecil Gray Madden, ΔΣΦ Hamlet, N. C. Roger Ira Markay Tenafly, N. J. Mordock Henry Markham, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Allen Lee Martin Winston-Salem, N. C. Harold Luther Martin, ΣΦE High Point, N. C. Henry Scott Martin Boonville, N. C. Francis Ennett Mason Newport, N. C. Keith Stewart Mason Newport, N. C. Jerry Pearson Massey Statesville, N. C. Ralph Kenneth Matthes, Jr. Conway, S. C. John Ralph Mattox Charlotte, N. C. Thomas Wade Mattox Charlotte, N. C. Carl Meeker Maurer, ΣAE Allentown, Pa. Oscar Benton Maxwell, Jr. Raeford, N. C. Halley Adams Merrell, Jr. Norfolk, Va. Joseph Henry Miller, Jr. Forest City, N. C. Robert Hoover Miller Mount Ulla, N. C. Robert J. Miller Wilmington, N. C. Dale Johnson Mills Raleigh, N. C. Samuel Edward Mintz Detroit, Mich. Jack Winfred Moon Greensboro, N. C. Augustus Beamon Moore, Jr. Matthews, N. C. Ervin Manly Moore Raleigh, N. C. James Robert Moore Fountain, N. C. Samuel Ray Moore Charlotte, N. C. Lucius Bruce Morgan Candler, N. C. Ora Billy Morgan, Jr. Kershaw, S. C. Donald Scott Morris Fremont, N. C. James Ivey Morris, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. Class of 1956 Dorothy Jean Morton Raleigh, N. C. James Franklin Morton Rockwell, N. C. Marion Hamilton Morton, Jr. Albemarle, N. C. Bryce A. Moss Waco, N. C. Richard Sage Murphy Rye, N. Y. Paul Fletcher Murray Greenville, N. C. Archie Ray Nash Monroe, N. C. James Donald Neighbors Pittsboro, N. C. Richard Berrier Neil Lexington, N. C. Hubert Edward Nelson, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. Roy Rockwood Newton Raleigh, N. C. James Ray Nichols Wilson, N. C. Joseph Glenn Nicks Elon College, N. C. Jack Edwin Nivens Charlotte, N. C. William Dallas Noah, Jr. Landis, N. C. Marvin Thomas Noblin Wendell, N. C. Phares Steavens Nye Shannon, N. C. Ralph Leon O ' Briant Morrisville, N. C. Lawrence Wilson Oliver Carthage, N. C. William Herndon Overton Rocky Mount, N. C. William Garland Parham, Jr. Oxford, N. C. Arthur Grier Park, ΣAE Oxford, N. C. Luther Stephen Parker Bostic, N. C. Wade Thomas Parker, Jr. Fayetteville, N. C. John Carter Parsons Lenoir, N. C. Josephus Garland Pass, Jr., ΣΠ Roxboro, N. C. George Guilford Patrick Dunn, N. C. Joseph Eugene Patterson Siler City, N. C. James Donald Paul Thomasville, N. C. Billy Dean Payne Kernersville, N. C. William Frank Peabody Weldon, N. C. Joseph Tatem Pearson, Jr. New Bern, N. C. Paul Richard Pearson Hickory, N. C. William Bryan Peed Lucama, N. C. Hilton Burl Peel Williamston, N. C. John Benjamin Perry, Ill Roanoke, Va. Dwight Linwood Peterson Clinton, N. C. Robert Harris Petty Moncure, N. C. David Sutton Phelps, Jr. Gatesville, N. C. Henry Ward Pickett, ΣΠ Durham, N. C. Eugene Burns Pickler New London, N. C. Donald Braxton Pittman Kenly, N. C. Roland Lewis Pitts Charlotte, N. C. Athanasios Michael Platanis Athens, Greece Henry Carlton Player, Jr. Fayetteville, N. C. Ernest Wayne Poe Durham, N. C. Thomas Walter Poindexter ..Winston-Salem, N. C. Graham Aubrey Pope Wallace, N. C. Theo Robert Potter, ΠKΦ Raleigh, N. C. Jesse Evans Powell, Jr. Charleston, S. C. William Lewis Preddy Youngsville, N. C. Hal Laney Price Pineville, N. C. Jerry Page Price Monroe, N. C. Dalton Ray Proctor Walston, N. C. Henry Stevens Proctor Parkton, N. C. Kenneth William Prodo, ΔΣΦ Rockaway, N. Y. Alfredo Cadona Quate Winston-Salem, N. C. William Fitzhugh Rawls Rocky Mount, N. C. Eugene Alonzo Reardon Rocky Mount, N. C. Cecil Ray Register Wallace, N. C. Harry Sloan Reichard Charlotte, N. C. Ned Earnest Reinhardt Newton, N. C. Clyde Edward Richardson, Jr. Thomasville, N. C. Robert Calton Riddle Sanford, N. C. Delmar Lee Roberts Raleigh, N. C. Harold Bernard Robinson Bessemer City, N. C. Stephen Payne Robinson McLeansville, N. C. Wyatt Manley Rogers Charlotte, N. C. David Carroll Rosser, Jr. Prospect, Va. Douglas Earl Rouse Kinston, N. C. Class of 1956 Marion Roger Rouse Kinston, N. C. Mack Thomas Ruffin, Ill Tarboro, N. C. Kermit Ives Sadler Bayboro, N. C. Andrew John Salamone Newton, N. J. Hatem Ali Samarie Baghdad, Iraq Jack Savage Council, N. C. Herbert Chris Schafer Kenosha, Wis. Walter Glenn Scott, Jr. Greenville, N. C. Alvin Linton Seawell Carthage, N. C. Donald Adolphus Seders Cooleemee, N. C. Charlie Clarence Sessoms, Jr. Ahoskie, N. C. Joseph Thomas Sevier, ΣAE Asheville, N. C. Arthur Hope Shackelford Hookerton, N. C. Lemuel Darr Shealy Thomasville, N. C. John Edward Shelby Hickory, N. C. Ernest Kohn Sherrill Hudson, N. C. Jack Fleming Shore Yadkinville, N. C. Mary Ellen Short Brevard, N. C. William Max Sigmon, Jr. Hickory, N. C. Howard Harry Simon, ΣAM Chicago, Ill. Dorothy Elizabeth Simpson Raleigh, N. C. Joseph Avin Simpson Beulaville, N. C. James Ernest Sipes Troutman, N. C. Howard Evans Skipper, Jr. Red Springs, N. C. Robert William Sloan, ΠKΦ Statesville, N. C. Allie Maitland Smith Tabor City, N. C. William Richard Smith, ΠKA Greensboro, N. C. Lowell Thomas Snead Leaksville, N. C. James Jackonias Snead Roxboro, N. C. Jackie Kennard Snow State Road, N. C. Ferman Dewey Solomon, Jr. Cameron, N. C. Robert William Southerland Charlotte, N. C. Darwin Hobgood Sowers Raleigh, N. C. John Gaylord Swift Watertown, Conn. George William Springle Raleigh, N. C. Rex Bailey Springston Summersville, W. Va. Wyatt Richard Stallings Pinetops, N. C. Henry Vann Stanfield Brown Summit, N. C. Alvin Mercer Stanford Beulaville, N. C. Raymond Hudson Stevens Raleigh, N. C. James Mustain Stewart, Jr. Norlina, N. C. Bobby Roosevelt Stoker High Point, N. C. Wilton Wayne Strickland Nashville, N. C. David Lewis Strider Flat Rock, N. C. Reginald Lee Stroud Kinston, N. C. John Calhoun Stuart Greensboro, N. C. Robert Bruce Stuart Great Neck, N. Y. John Boyce Styron Stacy, N. C. William Morris Sue Leland, N. C. Clement John Swan, Ill Pittsburgh, Pa. Hiram Anthony Swindell, Ill Washington, N. C. Bernard Harold Taylor, ΛXA Rocky Mount, N. C. Benjamin Boswood Taylor Maple, N. C. Harold Taylor Mount Airy, N. C. Robert Edward Taylor Charlotte, N. C. William James Bryant Tennant Hamlet, N. C. Dimitrios Basil Theodoridis Athens, Greece Joseph Earl Thomas Pittsboro, N. C. Lonnie Meredith Thomas Sanford, N. C. Robert Bradley Thomason Lexington, N. C. Willie Lee Thompson Laurinburg, N. C. Henry Norman Thorp, Jr. Oxford, N. C. Warner Lloyd Thrower Rocky Mount, N. C. William Thomas Tinsley Brevard, N. C. Benjamin Riley Tripp Ayden, N. C. William Beard Troutman Statesville, N. C. Olin Carlyle Trull Monroe, N. C. James Calvin Tucker Monroe, N. C. Paul Kinley Tuggle Kannapolis, N. C. George Philmore Upton, Jr. Randleman, N. C. Class of 1956 Carlos Vincente Uribe Bogota, Colombia, S. A. John Thomas Vaden Francisco, N. C. John Dalas Vance Pineola, N. C. John James Vargo, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Andrew Charles Vastano Winston-Salem, N. C. Columbus Edwin Vick, Jr. North Augusta, S. C. Marion Wade Vuncannon Ether, N. C. John Thomas Wall Burlington, N. C. Charles Albert Walker Kinston, N. C. Thurman Haywood Walls, Jr. Forest City, N. C. John Edward Ward Edenton, N. C. Joseph Ralph Warlick, Jr. Concord, N. C. Wesley Monteith Warr Smithfield, N. C. Wallace Charles Watkins, Kannapolis, N. C. James Ernest Webb, Jr. Swannanoa, N. C. Thomas Paul Webb, Ill, Shelby, N. C. Charles Allen Wethington Ayden, N. C. Fred Smith Whisenhunt, Jr. Newton, N. C. Jimmy Alfred Whisnant Hickory, N. C. Cohen O ' Neal White Windsor, N. C. James Modlin White Colerain, N. C. Selwyn White Hamptonville, N. C. Paul Julian Wicker Cameron, N. C. Sidney Alfred Wike Lenoir, N. C. William Augustus Wilder, Jr. Knightdale, N. C. John Francis Wiles Asheboro, N. C. Warren Lanier Willard Greensboro, N. C. Byron Lee Williams Raleigh, N. C. Frederick Whitnell Williams Inez, N. C. Harold Kenneth Williams Clarendon, N. C. James Franklin Williams Autryville, N. C. Robert Shaffer Williams Franklinville, N. C. Ronald Howard Williams Fountain, N. C. Ralph Edward Willis, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Charles Joseph Wilson Manning, S. C. James Laban Wilson Belmont, N. C. William David Wilson Durham, N. C. Donald Carr Winchester Augusta, Ga. Hugh Winn, Jr. Buena Vista, Va. Max William Wolfe Bessemer City, N. C. Bobby Kelly Wood Durham, N. C. Robert McFarland Woodside Staunton, Va. Dan Edward Woody Oxford, N. C. Edgar Smith Woolard, Jr. Washington, N. C. Robert Clinton Workman Goldsboro, N. C. Charles Frederick Wulf, Jr. Hertford, N. C. Jethro Robert Young, Jr. Fayetteville, N. C. James Korziuk Zaleski Raleigh, N. C. Norman Lee Zimmerman High Point, N. C. Wade Eugene Zimmerman Lexington, N. C. sophomore leadership fraternity Lloyd " Doc " Cheek President James Harrelson Whitner Recording Sec. Treasurer Robert Winston Lee Vice-President George Herman Porter Corresponding Secretary Dave Barrett Jesse Capel Lloyd Cheek Bill Collins Bobby Cone Roy Congleton Charlie Fulp Bill Hagler Bob Jordan Claude Layman Bob Lee George Lourigan Tom McDaniel Bob Parker Herman Porter Joe Saltz Bobby Joe Stephenson Roany Thomas Paul Wagoner Jim Whitner The Freshman Class Officers Hugh Sample President William Farrell Vice-President Rodney Bell Secretary Robert Wilkins Treasurer Class of 1957 Peter Link Abernethy Hickory, N. C. Jerry Mack Absher North Wilkesboro, N. C. Stanford Morgan Adams Four Oaks, N. C. John Richard Ahart Waukegan, I llino ' s Francis Marion Alcorn Raleigh, N. C. Khalaf Alsoofi Al-Del aimy Ramadi, Iraq Alidul Aziz Turkey Al-Doory Samarrah, Iraq Allen Dowdee Aldridge Durham, N. C. Kenneth Baird Alexander Wilmington, N. C. Kamal Mustofa Al-Habib Hilla, Iraq A. R. Obead Al-Hadiths Haditha, Iraq Jafar Ahmad Ali Raleigh, N. C. Joe Lee Allison Old Fort, N. C. Larry Douglas Almond Albemarle, N. C. Ismail Mathi Al-Rawi Rawa, Iraq Michael Slaiman Al-Simaani Raleigh, N. C. Justus Murray Ammons Mars Hill, N. C. Thomas Oliver Anderson Durham, N. C. Wilbur Elmo Anderson Tarboro, N. C. Frederick Rom Ange Wilson, N. C. James Edward Arrington Waynesville, N. C. George Cyras Atkinson, Jr. Orrum, N. C. William Landis Averitte Fayetteville, N. C. Marvin Kenneth Aycock, Jr. Elberon, N. C. Bobby Joel Bailey Rutherfordton, N. C. David Ernest Bailey Southern Pines, N. C. Robert Reece Bailey Statesville, N. C. Daniel Glenn Baker Concord, N. C. Marion Hayes Ballard Shallotte, N. C. William Rhodes Ballard, Jr. Asheville, N. C. Jonnie Ray Bankett Salisbury, N. C. Henry Thomas Banks Arapahoe, N. C. Billy Joe Bare Jefferson, N. C. Walter Warren Bare Jefferson, N. C. Donald Wallace Barkley Gastonia, N. C. Richard Joshel Barney Geneva, Ill. Charles Franklin Barnhardt Charlotte, N. C. Stephen Worth Barnhardt Delco, N. C. Morris Eric Barwick Deep Run, N. C. Joe Jackson Bass Faison, N. C. George Heard Batchelor, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. James Speight Batts Sharpsburg, N. C. Richard Moore Beam Shelby, N. C. Donald Moore Beaman Dudley, N. C. Lee Roy Beck Archdale, N. C. Edwin Lee Becton North Harlowe, N. C. Ronald I. Belcher Havelock, N. C. Gerald Henry Bell Greensboro, N. C. James Hall Bell Fountain, N. C. Rodney McNabb Bell Zebulon, N. C. Gray Bennett Winston-Salem, N. C. Joel Bennett, Jr. Hamlet, N. C. Robert Merrill Bennett Weaverville, N. C. Richard Paul Benton Goldsboro, N. C. Robert Edward Bertalan Winston-Salem, N. C. Cecil Cornelius Beumer Enka, N. C. James Hoyle Biggers, Jr. Monroe, N. C. William Everett Billingsley Hamlet, N. C. Robert James Birney Philadelphia, Pa. Thomas Lyon Blalock Oxford, N. C. Eloise Lenore Bleau Pinebluff, N. C. Peter Wilson Blum, Ill Winston-Salem, N. C. Billy Eugene Bonds Concord, N. C. Charles Spencer Boone Rocky Mount, N. C. Donald Thomas Boone Nashville, N. C. Charlie Julian Bossong Asheboro, N. C. Larry Charles Bostian Conover, N. C. Maurice Bouchard St. Albans, Vt. Larry Delane Bowers Albemarle, N. C. Oscar Eugene Bowles Winston-Salem, N. C. James Elmer Boyd New Bern, N. C. Mitchell Detroy Brackett Casar, N. C. Paul Caraway Brady Pamlico, N. C. Paul Gyles Braxton Siler City, N. C. Max Delano Briggs Rural Hall, N. C. David Harold Briles . Asheboro, N. C. Richard Hunt Broadway Lexington, N. C. lohn Albert Brockwell Wilmington, N. C. Bobby Brooks Kannapolis, N. C. Billy H. Brown Selma, N. C. Class of 1957 Elbert Gordon Brown Charlotte, N. C. George Trescot Brown Charlotte, N. C. Reece Edward Brown, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. William Edward Brown Wilmington, N. C. Talton Curtis Buckner Pittsboro, N. C. William Eddie Bryan, Jr. Bladenboro, N. C. Donald Ray Buff Iron Station, N. C. Larry Scott Buff Newton, N. C. William Bennett Bullock Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Bobby Edward Bunker Toast, N. C. Billy Lou Bunting Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Jackie Burgess Huntersville, N. C. Guy Walton Burke Taylorsville, N. C. Joseph Wayne Burris Lincolnton, N. C. James Leo Burton, Jr. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Edward Winslow Butchart Greensboro, N. C. Dillon Clarence Butler, Jr. Bladenboro, N. C. Russell Buxton, Ill Roanoke Rapids, N. C. William Herbert Caldwell Maiden, N. C. Donald Pruet Calhoun Waynesville, N. C. Billy Peede Canaday Bunnlevel, N. C. Julian McElree Capps Henderson, N. C. Robert Rex Carpenter Peachland, N. C. Lyle Berton Carringer Brasstown, N. C. Harvey Clarke Carroll, Jr. .... Hamlet, N. Garland Patterson Cartner ....Winston-Salem, N. C. Gary Jackson Casey Dudley, N. C. William Guilford Cashwell Mt. Olive, N. C. Charles Edward Caudill Glendale N. C. George Everett Caudel Richfield, N. C. Wallace Graham Cawthorne Henderson, N. C. Charles Frank Chambers Kannapolis, N. C. Thurman Chamblee, Jr. Middlesex, N. C. Ned Oliver Morganton, N. C. William Frank Chapman Salem, Va. Nereus William Chappell, Jr. Belvidere, N. C. Balus Stevenson Chastain Kannapolis, N. C. James Hamlin Cheatham, Jr. Smithfield, N. C. Frank Lee Cherry, Jr. Sherrills Ford, N. C. David Thompson Church Stuart, Va. Robert Woolard Clark Everetts. N. C. George Bennett Cline, Jr. Chapel Hill, N. C. Otis Earl Cobb Reidsville, N. C. Eldredge Allen Coggins, Jr. Swannanoa, N. C. Emil Cohn, Ill Philadelphia, Pa. Marilyn Evelyn Collins Raleigh, N. C. Preston Andrew Collins Maysville, N. C. Arthur Gray Collier, Jr. Bladenboro, N. C. James Isaac Comer Winston-Salem, N. C. Hamilton Corey, Jr. Atlanta. Ga. Robert Cornwell, Jr. Southern Pines, N. C. Gay Sharrock Corpening Tryon, N. C. Frank Minges Cothran Salisbury, N. C. Leonard Wayne Cotten Pittsboro, N. C. Robert Cleveland Cousins Goldsboro, N. C. John Wesley Cowand Windsor, N. C. Haywood Bryant Cox Richlands, N. C. John Edward Cox Brevard, N. C. Vaughn Watson Crabb State Road, N. C. Branch Merrimon Crawford Greensboro, N. C. Lewis Walker Cress Concord, N. C. Herman Green Croom Ayden, N. C. Edwin Stuart Crow Goldsboro, N. C. Ronald Warren Crow Lexington, N. C. Thomas Calvin Crump East Bend, N. C. John Harris Crumpler Oxford, N. C. Marshall Woodard Crumpler Hope Mills, N. C. Willis Isom Crumpler Watha, N. C. Richard Clarke Current Taylorsville, N. C. Morris Curry Greensboro, N. C. Kenneth Myron Daber Mount Airy, N. C. Joseph Darrell Dail Walstonburg, N. C. James Fredrick Dalby Norfolk, Va. Carlyle Dwight Davis Forest City, N. C. Charles Edward Davis, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Charles Spencer Davis Charlotte, N. C. Donald Lee Davis High Point, N. C. John Wesley Davis Pikeville, N. C. Phillip Armfield Davis Graham, N. C. Thomas Safrit Davis Cliffside, N. C. Class of 1957 William Wesley Davis Winston-Salem, N. C. Young Steele Davis, Jr. Statesville, N. C. Jerry Godfrey Daye Concord, N. C. David Lyvon Deal Morganton, N. C. Perry Lee Deal Landis, N. C. Robert Loranza Deaver Clyde, N. C. Emerson Benard Deese, Jr, Monroe, N. C. Clark Edward Denise Goldsboro, N. C. James Lee Denny Wilson, N. C. Donald Reed Devaney Greensboro, N. C. Charles Thomas Dieffenbach Tenafly, N. J. Thomas Linwood Dixon New Bern, N. C. John Middly Doakes Raleigh, N. C. Hanna Nouri Dooud Mosul, Iraq Erastus Beverly Jones Doughton Charlotte, N. C. Victor Gerald Dowless Council, N. C. Melvin Joseph Doyle Wendell, N. C. John Taylor Drake Rocky Mount, N. C. Arley Johnny Dugger Fayetteville, N. C. William Harn Dunn Wilkesboro, N. C. Edward Stuart Elam Charlotte, N. C. Joe Brandon Emory Asheville, N. C. Bobby Ronald Epps Woodleaf, N. C. James Ray Ernst Bluefield, W. Va. Chica Joaquin Escobar Medellin, Colombia, S. A. Curtis Raeford Eure Gates, N. C. Floyd Hewell Fanjoy Winston-Salem, N. C. Josef Privette Fanney Scotland Neck, N. C. Henry Lewis Faulkner, Jr. Rocky Mount, N. C. Ernest McDonald Faust, Jr. Goldsboro, N. C. Edward Earl Ferguson Havelock, N. C. James Clyde Ferrell Durham, N. C. Reece Homer Ferrell, Jr. Wilson, N. C. Samuel Gwyn Finley Alamance, N. C. Bobby Joe Fisher Nashville, N. C. Gilbert Benjamin Fisher Rocky Mount, N. C. Harold Moffitt Flanagan Farmville, N. C. David Scott Fleming Cleveland, N. C. Charles Edmund Flinner High Point, N. C. Kenneth Frank Floyd Fairmont, N. C. Earl Caldwell Faggert Rockwell, N. C. Charles Phillip Forrest Durham, N. C. Gregorio Frajhof Bogota, Colombia, S. A. Earl Alexander Freeman Landis, N. C. John Lee Freeman Hendersonville, N. C. Edward William Friddie Raleigh, N. C. Gene Snyder Fritts Linwood, N. C. Robert Howard Futrelle Mt. Olive, N. C. James William Gahan Union, N. J. Vassilios Elias Galanoudts Athens, Greece Gerry Miguel Garner Newport, N. C. James Edward Gatlin Burlington, N. C. Roy Lee Gilbert Andrews, N. C. Grady Carroll Gilleland Long Island, N. C. Ray Bernard Goforth Fayetteville, N. C. Wayne Earl Gough Winston-Salem, N. C. Donald Neal Graham Concord, N. C. William Carter Graham Proctorville, N. C. William George Graham Enfield, N. C. Eric Dixon Grant Sneads Ferry, N. C. Howard Stafford Gray Kernersville, N. C. William Richard Greene Greensboro, N. C. Wilbur Kent Greer Old Fort, N. C. Don E. Gregg Swannanoa, N. C. Donald DeArmon Grey Charlotte, N. C. James Robert Grogan, III Reidsville, N. C. William Howard Groves Union Mills, N. C. Albert John Grunfeld Scranton, Pa. Edward Dewitt Gurley Bostic, N. C. Lawrence Ray Gurley Goldsboro, N. C. Khosrow Hakim Shirz, Iran Paul Nelson Hall Raleigh, N. C. Ghazi Ismail Hamad Rocky Mount, N. C. John Jasper Hamm, Jr. Durham, N. C. Joe Webb Hamrick Chimney Rock, N. C. Frank McRay Hancock Scotland Neck, N. C. Douglas Lee Hankins Spray, N. C. Jerry Warren Hardesty Elizabeth City, N. C. Fayette Franklin Harned, Jr. Rochester, N. Y. Ronald Cozart Harrell Rocky Mount, N. C. Class of 1957 Albert Stuart Hart High Point, N. C. Berry Thomas Hart Goldsboro, N. C. Kenneth Charles Hart, Jr. Norfolk, Va. Rodney Cochran Hart Townsend, Del. Ed Ronald Harwood Winston-Salem, N. C. Joe Frank Harris Oriental, N. C. Robert Paul Hastings Lawndale, N. C. George Glenn Hatch Mt. Olive, N. C. Robert Reid Hatley Greensboro, N. C. John Frederick Hattler Raleigh, N. C. Marion Arnold Hawkins Sandy Ridge, N. C. Jimmy Vincent Hawley Charlotte, N. C. William Lafayette Hazelwood, Jr. . . Weldon, N. C. David Arthur Heinzmann Greensboro, N. C. Joseph Anderson Helm, Jr. Sinks Grove, W. Va. Richard Martin Henderson Winston-Salem, N. C. Fred Edward Henne New Braunfels, Tenn. Benjamin Harvey Henson Raleigh, N. C. Norman Lawrence Hester Reidsville, N. C. Oscar Hallett Hilburn Council, N. C. Roger Post Hill Pink Hill, N. C. Mehdi Ibrahim Hilmy Bagdad, Iraq Donald Elliott Hitchcock Raleigh, N. C. Wayne Weaver Hitt Morganton, N. C. Byron Rankin Hodgin Guilford College, N. C. John Henry Hodgson Mocksville, N. C. Emanuel Kenneth Hoffman Gold Hill, N. C. David Phillip Holcomb Norwood, N. C. John William Holmes Hertford, N. C. Robert Douglass Holmes Henderson, N. C. Frank Lee Holt Greensboro, N. C. Paul Wm. Honeycutt Mooresville, N. C. Leonard Clyde Hoots Hendersonville, N. C. Joe Clement Horner Southern Pines, N. C. Melvin Edgar Howell Tyner, N. C. Robert Joseph Hucks High Point, N. C. David Dwight Hudson Turkey, N. C. Donald Elmer Hudson Zirconia, N. C. Larry Bruce Hudson Maiden, N. C. Donald Lee Huggins Rocky Point, N. C. Rudolph Hughes, Jr. Goldsboro, N. C. James Ray Hunnings New Bern, N. C. Mustafar Asim Inci Ankara, Turkey William Jesse Ipock, Jr. Beaufort, N. C. Charles Armon Jackson Benson, N. C. Donnie Carol Jackson Faison, N. C. William Carroll Jackson Gastonia, N. C. Adul Ibrahim Jaffari Bagdad, Iraq Carlton A. James Robersonville, N. C. John Neal James Concord, N. C. John Thomas James Elizabeth City, N. C. Thomas George James Graham, N. C. Hubert Clinton Jarvis, Jr. Mooresville, N. C. Rafi Javid Teheran, Iran Jasper Carl Jessup, Jr. Elizabethtown, N. C. Richard Frederick Jessup Winston-Salem, N. C. Robert Elmer Jobe Elm City, N. C. William Kenny Jochum Winston-Salem, N. C. Dwight Renfrow Johnson Cincinnati, Ohio Fred Kenneth Johnson Benson, N. C. J. W. Cantey Johnson Madison, N. C. Mack McGuire Johnson Four Oaks, N. C. Tommie Joe Johnson Goldsboro, N. C. Gerald Cooper Jones Warsaw, N. C. Thomas Guthrie Jones Graham, N. C. Walter Vernon Jones, Jr. Liberty, N. C. William Giles Jones Pine Hall, N. C. Taft M. Joseph New Bern, N. C. William Michael Joyce Winston-Salem, N. C. Jimmy Yates Joyner Wendell, N. C. Malcolm Eugene Joyner Louisburg, N. C. William McKinley Kahlbaum, Jr. Elizabeth City, N. C. William Elliott Keel Whitakers, N. C. Jack Stewart Kelly Logan, N. C. Bobby Eugene Kelly Durham, N. C. David Everette Kelly Charlotte, N. C. James Edward Key Mt. Airy, N. C. Willie Leonard Kilian, Jr. Ridgeway, N. C. Ronald David Kincaid Kings Mountain, N. C. Cecil D. Kirby, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Class of 1957 James Claude King Statesville, N. C. Franklin Lewis Kiser Lincolnton, N. C. Daniel Vernon Knight Pantego, N. C. George Daniel Knight, Jr. Norlina, N. C. Nick Deens Kornegay Albertson, N. C. John Marshall Lake Charlotte, N. C. James Ray Lamm Lucama, N. C. Bobby Lee Lancaster Sharpsburg, N. C. Jane Asbill Land York, S. C. Ray Howard Lancaster Concord, N. C. John Haywood Lane, Jr. Smithfield, N. C. Harold Irving Langdon Smithfield, N. C. Kilby Chester Lanier Chinquapi n, N. C. Otha Gene Langley Rocky Mount, N. C. Leonard Clyde Lathan Monroe, N. C. George Terrell Lathrop Asheville, N. C. James Gordon Lattimore Ellenboro, N. C. Charles James Law, Jr Pelham, N. C. William Dennis Lawing, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. David Eldon Lawson Hickory, N. C. Edwar d Joseph Lawson, Jr. Dublin, Ga. Curgus C. Ledbetter Thomasville, N. C. William Howard Ledbetter Rutherfordton, N. C. Ashley Gray Leggett, Jr. Washington, N. C. Gerald Thorp Leonard Louisburg, N. C. Charles Henry Lester Pine Hall, N. C. James Thomas Lewis Jonesville, N. C. William Richard Lewis Wilmington, N. C. Hugh Randolph Lindsley Williamston, N. C. John Ronald Lindsey Greensboro, N. C. Harry Winburn Lineback Winston-Salem, N. C. Larry Keith Linker Concord , N. C. Roy Earl Lookadoo Hickory, N. C. Jason Rives Long Lincolnton, N. C. Phillip Kenneth Lowe Waynesville, N. C. Robert Clinton Lowery Richfield, N. C. Roy Leon Luckenbach Winston-Salem, N. C. James Nevis McAlister Kannapolis, N. C. Franklin Brown McArver, Jr. Gastonia, N. C. Frank Larry McCorkle Waxhaw, N. C. Shirley Fred McCray Monroe, N. C. James Boyce McDonald, Jr. St. Pauls, N. C. Peter Edward McEllicott Vestal, N. Y. George Conrad McGee Snow Hill, N. C. Samuel Fritz McGeiver Asheboro, N. C. Earl Closs Mcllwean, Jr. New Bern, N. C. Jerry Allen McIntosh New Bern, N. C. James Hampton McKenzie Gastonia, N. C. Gene Lomax McLaughlin Cleveland, N. C. Floyd Allen McLaurin Fayetteville, N. C. Harold Woodrow McLaurin Dunn, N. C. Grover Cleon McPherson Clarendon, N. C. Jamie Owen McLean Hamlet, N. C. lames Arthur McRae Red Springs, N. C. Harry Franklin McRee Newton, N. C. George Dewey Mabes Spray, N. C. Charles Edward Mainous Canton, N. C. Jack Donald Maready Jacksonville, N. C. Harold Gene Marlowe Whiteville, N. C. James Vernon Marshall Louisburg, N. C. Jaquelin Ambler Marshall Manteo, N. C. Charles Moore Martin Danbury, N. C. Clyde Roark Martin Murphy, N. C. Michael Anderson Mason, Jr. Beaufort, N. C. Morgan Turlington Massey Charlotte, N. C. Cecil Dwight Matthews Wade, N. C. Bobby Ray Mauldin China Grove, N. C. Willie Alonzo Mayo Fayetteville, N. C. Bobby Reed Mease Canton, N. C. Gerald Cowan Medford Clyde, N. C. William Thomas Meeks Wadesboro, N. C. John Robert Mercer Gastonia, N. C. Ernest Theron Miller, Jr. Hickory, N. C. Thomas Dalton Miller, III Mooresville, N. C. Benny Wayne Mills Henderson, N. C. James Talmadge Mills Apex, N. C. Frank Elbridge Minter, Jr. Durham, N. C. James Edwin Mitchell Louisburg, N. C. James Lee Mitchell Tampa, Fla. John Lyle Mitchell Haleyville, Ala. Class of 1957 Claude Early Monsees Ridgeland, S. C. Malcolm High Montgomery Senora , N. C. Willard Moody Deep Run, N. C. Bobby Lee Moore Graham, N. C. Bryce Hood Moore Spindale, N. C. Charles Franklin Moore, II Brevard, N. C. Donald Moore Burlington, N. C. Glenn Cansler Moore Catawba, N. C. William Oliver Moore Cleveland, N. C. Darryl Bryant Morris Durham, N. C. John Matthew Morris Delco, N. C. Roderick Harvey Morris Maxton, N. C. Thomas Dixie Morris Charlotte, N. C. James Henry Morton Proctorville, N. C. Graham Hartwell Mosely Benson, N. C. Richard Earl Moser Asheville, N. C. Walter Lee Moss Rutherfordton, N. C. William Dell Moxley, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Jafar Hadi Muhja Diwaniyah, Iraq Bobby Cleve Mullinax .East Flat Rock, N. C. Charles Kenneth Murray Spring Hope, N. C. David Earl Murray Louisburg, N. C. Allen Frazier Myers Badin, N. C. Rufus Bradshaw Myers West Jefferson, N. C. Allen Darwyn Nethercutt Chinquapin, N. C. Charles Franklin Nimmo Greensboro, N. C. Howard Wade Nixon Manteo, N. C. Edward Johnston Noble Greensboro, N. C. Ronald George Norwood Raleigh, N. C. Charles Rexford Norris Wallace, N. C. Vincent Thomas Nouak Kenosha, Wis. William Stephen Nunn Virgilina, Va. James Abbott Odom, Jr. Durham, N. C. Charles Brame Ogburn Kenbridge, Va. Donald Wayne Oliver Sanford, N. C. William Rodney Oliver Hamptonville, N. C. Johnnie Earl Olund North Harlowe, N. C. James Ludford Ownley Elizabeth City, N. C. Carl Elwyn Owens Fletcher, N. C. Dennis Verge Page Raleigh, N. C. Joel Ray Parker Charlotte, N. C. John Buxton Parker Elizabeth City, N. C. Robert Dail Parker, Jr. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Willis Melvin Parker Four Oaks, N. C. Troy Franklin Parsons Clinton, N. C. Vernon Edwin Parsons Asheboro, N. C. William Carvas Parton Gilkey, N. C. William Augustus Parvin, Jr. Washington, N. C. Daniel Alexander Patterson West End, N. C. Ira Whitener Pearce Hickory, N. C. Perry Lee Pearlman South Rye, N. Y. Parker Caswell Peedin Selma, N. C. Robert Garland Pegram Jamestown, N. C. Rayvon N. Perdue Kannapolis, N. C. John Linwood Perkinson Norlina, N. C. June Gill Perry Zebulon, N. C. Milton Amos Perry Henderson, N. C. Walter Vann Perryman Winston-Salem, N. C. John Marsilje Peterson Raleigh, N. C. Rex Askew Phillips Grifton, N. C. Joe Phipps Crumpler, N. C. Edmond Joseph Pierczynski Charlotte, N. C. Lynn Wells Plyler Waxhaw, N. C. Arthur Keith Pooser, Jr. Marion, N. C. Kenneth Kirby Pope Clarkton, N. C. Neal Delano Porter Tarboro, N. C. William Donnie Porter Fayetteville, N. C. Jackie Hadley Potter Kinston, N. C. James Thomas Price Snow Hill, N. C. David Owen Proctor Walstonburg, N. C. Philip Roland Pruna Burlington, N. C. Robert George Query Sanford, N. C. Stacy Ray Quinn Pink Hill, N. C. Richard Lee Ramey Danville, Va. Thomas Heywood Ramsey Shelby, N. C. Richard N. Reagan Canton, N. C. James Clinton Reavis, Jr. Moravian Falls, N. C. William Joseph Reavis Angier, N. C. John Nolan Redding King, N. C. Dana Burt Reds Warrenton, Va. Class of 1957 Joe Wilson Reece Boonville, N. C. Paul Harold Reeve Cresskill, N. J. Charles Franklin Reid Winston-Salem, N. C. Richard Alexander Reynolds Wadesboro, N. C. James Franklin Rhodes Galax, Va. Clyde Russell Rich Clinton, N. C. Donald Eric Riggsbee Carrboro, N. C. Henry Lee Ritchie Concord, N. C. Hubert Hoke Ritchie Thomasville, N. C. Harvey Leland Roach New Bern, N. C. George William Roberson Forest City, N. C. William Young Roberson Smithfield, N. C. Gratz Linwood Roberts, Jr. Fairfield, N. C. Robert Vance Robertson Troy, N. C. Charles Courtney Rogers Tarboro, N. C. Elysabeth Sue Rogers Lexington, N. C. William Elmore Rogers Rocky Point, N. C. James Dillon Roland Winston-Salem, N. C. John Michael Romweber Batesville, Ind. Erastus Edwin Rose Newton Grove, N. C. James Turner Rose Louisburg, N. C. Norman David Rosenstein Paterson, N. J. Kenneth Reid Royal Fayetteville, N. C. Howard Glenn Russ Cresent Beach, S. C. Lewis Rich Ryan, Jr. Clarks Hill, S. C. Daniel Alphus Safreit, Jr. China Grove, N. C. Hugh Milton Sanderson Wilmington, N. C. George Basil Sarafidis Athens, Greece Lynwood Green Satterfield Durham, N. C. Arthur Alexander Scott Greensboro, N. C. William Lewis Sealey Fairmont, N. C. Woodrow Harmon Sears, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Robert Hugh Seay Bryson City, N. C. Maynard Lowell Self Casar, N. C. Joe E. Settle Ronda, N. C. Terry Robert Settlemyre Hickory, N. C. Ferman Tim Setzer Rural Hall, N. C. Charles Shackleford, Jr. Aurora, N. C. Robert Adam Sharpe Burlington, N. C. Coy Edgar Shields Winston-Salem, N. C. Lamont Allen Shinn Raleigh, N. C. William David Shipman, Jr. Bladenboro, N. C. Gerald Lee Shore Lewisville, N. C. Ralph deSchweinitz Siewers, Ill Winston-Salem, N. C. Behnam Bashir Simaan Zakho, Iraq Charles Douglas Simpson Albemarle, N. C. June Singletary, Jr. Bladenboro, N. C. Charles Lemuel Skinner Dunn, N. C. James Burton Smathers Oak Hill, Fla. Edwin Blean Smith Black Mountain, N. C. James Roy Smith North Belmont, N. C. Jerry Edward Smith Kernersville, N. C. Joe Michael Smith Peachland, N. C. Robert Leslie Smith Benson, N. C. Walter Guyton Smith, Jr. Dunn, N. C. William Roy Smith, III Marion, N. C. Jimmie Ray Smyre Hickory, N. C. Everett Burner Solomon North Wilkesboro, N. C. Earl Asa Spangler Winston-Salem, N. C. H. Tatum Sparger, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. Lloyd Griffin Sparks Hickory, N. C. Charles Wesley Spears, Jr. Concord, N. C. Darrell Spencer Lexington, N. C. Kenneth Lee Spencer Kings Mountain, N. C. Neal Lamar Stamey Canton, N. C. Linwood Waddell Stancil, Jr. Warwick, Va. Billy Wright Stephenson Benson, N. C. Wilbur Ralph Stevens Sanford, N. C. William Henry Stocks Leaksville, N. C. Kenneth Franklin Stout Asheboro, N. C. Don Clayton Strickland Cerro Gordo, N. C. Jerry Wilburn Stroupe Cherryville, N. C. Nickolas Carl Stubbs Pembroke, N. C. John Devereau Sugg Snow Hill, N. C. Charles Wesley Summers Greensboro, N. C. Henry Clayton Surratt Denton, N. C. Roland Kenneth Swing Lexington, N. C. Grady Huston Sykes Charlotte, N. C. Paul Marshall Sykes Portsmouth, Va. John Edwin Syman Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Class of 1957 Glennwood Watkins Talbott Clarksville, Va. William Golden Tart, Jr. Benson, N. C. Frank Warren Taylor Statesville, N. C. James Caswell Taylor, Jr. Gastonia, N. C. Robert Edward Taylor Charlotte, N. C. Fred Thomas Teal, Jr. Wadesboro, N. C. Hershey Terry Burlington, N. C. Zain-Abidin Hassan Terz Raleigh, N. C. Robert Donald Testerman Burlington, N. C. Walter Carr Thomas, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Bill Lewis Thompson Rutherfordton, N. C. Donald Harper Thompson Deep Run, N. C. Jerry William Thompson Mountain Park, N. C. Robert Walter Thompson Greensboro, N. C. David Arnold Thorpe Greensboro, N. C. Royce Zeb Thrower High Point, N. C. William Martin Tidwell Greensboro, N. C. Richard Rollins Tighe Baltimore, Md. Theodore Dowd Timmerman Charlotte, N. C. Homer W. Tindall Albemarle, N. C. Ivan Gerald Todd Wendell, N. C. Frank Covington Townsend Durham, N. C. Martin Herman Traumuller Teaneck, N. J. Gerald Barton Traywick Albemarle, N. C. Charles Bruce Treadway High Point, N. C. Elton Harman Trent, Jr. Reidsville, N. C. Howard Henry Troutman Pinebluff, N. C. Don Boyden Tucker Laurel Springs, N. C. Curtis Rhem Turner Weldon, N. C. James Edward Turner Gatesville, N. C. James Harold Turner, Jr. Polkton, N. C. Joseph Early Turner, Jr. Trenton, N. C. Peter Dowd Tuttle Tobaccoville, N. C. Walter Doub Underwood, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. William Edwards Uzzell, Jr. Stantonsburg, N. C. Kenneth Richard Van Sciver Charlotte, N. C. Bobby Francis Vaughan Nelson, Va. James Elbert Vaughn Hickory, N. C. James Raymond Vinson Burlington, N. C. Reginald Rudolph Vinson Raleigh, N. C. Lee Mallard Virgil Raleigh, N. C. Bobby Bruce Wade Oxford, N. C. Jack Dempsey Walker Halifax, N. C. Thomas Jerry Walker Durham, N. C. Kenneth Wilson Wall Winston-Salem, N. C. James Edward Wallace Sanford, N. C. John Wilse Wallace Newell, N. C. Carl Hugh Ward Nakina, N. C. Robert Walter Ward Greensboro, N. C. Maynard Leroy Waters, Jr. Washington, N. C. Ted Lewis Waters Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Thomas David Watson Moncure, N. C. Charles Donald Webb Clearwater, Fla. Fred Griffith Welfare Clemmons, N. C. Jimmy Garland Westbrook Kinston, N. C. Rudolph Marion Whaley Richlands, N. C. James Kenneth Wheat Ilion, N. Y. Billy Hunt White Whiteville, N. C. Glenn Hampton White Concord, N. C. Miles Jordon White Windsor, N. C. Richard Clay White Danville, Va. Thomas Walter Whitehead Philadelphia, Pa. Charles McLawhorn Whitehurst Ayden, N. C. Bobbie Catherine Whitley Raleigh, N. C. Talmadge Jay Wiggins Bryson City, N. C. Davison Heriot Wilkins Linden, N. C. Jesse Bradsher Wilkins, Jr. Woodsdale, N. C. Robert Ledbetter Wilkins Fayetteville, N. C. Benjamin Franklin Williams, Jr. Rowland, N. C. Charles Seaton Williams Chapel Hill, N. C. David Michael Williams Kinston, N. C. Herman Adam Williams Wadesboro, N. C. Leon Braxton Williamson . Lucama, N. C. Mark Lewis Willis Canton, N. C. Stanley H. Wilson Greensboro, N. C. Kermit Marshall Winstead Sanford, N. C. David Andrew Womble Elm City, N. C. Fred Douglas Wood, Jr. Wadesboro, N. C. Havard Ashburn Wood Enfield, N. C. James Bethel Wright Holly Springs, N. C. Gayle Madison Wylie Shelby, N. C. Guy Ward Yaeger Warsaw, N. C. Joseph Wylie Yandle, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Donald Gayle Young Asheville, N. C. Joe H. Young, Jr. Asheville, N. C. John Patrick Young Raleigh, N. C. Oran Wade Young Clarkton, N. C. Robert Wade Younts Spray, N. C. Woodford William Zachary . . . . Winston -Salem, N. C. Mozhfareddin Zolfaghari Teheran, Iran The administration of the college military training program is conducted by the Division of Military and Air Science. This Division, headed by the Coordinator of Military Training and the ROTC, is an administrative division of the college under the office of the Chancellor. The Army ROTC and the Air Force ROTC each operates under academic and training of instruction set forth by their respective Departments. These programs provided the very best of technical instruction and leadership for the ROTC student. The Army ROTC offers a general military science program which this year superseded specialized branch training in the Army ROTC. The Air Force ROTC presents a Generalized Course of Study to all Air Force ROTC students. These curricula are college level in content, scope, intensity, and presentation. The ROTC programs of Army and Air Force are conducted under the supervision of highly trained and competent staffs of Army and Air Force officers and non-commissioned officers. These programs are designed to stress the development of leadership qualities in the student and to give the student the fundamental training essential for a commission as Second Lieutenant in Army or Air Force, as well as to prepare him for future citizenship. military studies Colonel Samuel A. Gibson, Retired Coordinator ARMY Colonel Richard R. Middlebrooks P. M. S. T. STAFF Lt. Col. James E. Brady Major Ralph W. Brake Major Isadore A. Gargaro Major Basil I. Mishtowt Major John E. O ' Toole Major Russell D. Whitmore Capt. George A. Dewey Capt. Joseph A. Dyer Capt. Alexander E. Halls Capt. William H. Monroe Capt. Harry T. Stewart CWO Richard E. Schilling ENLISTED MEN M Sgt. Wilbert H. Allen M Sgt. Sidney L. McHargue M Sgt. Hermon E. Schaaf M Sgt. Otis Spillman SFC Marshall L. Byrd, Jr. SFC George S. Dawkins SFC James O. Harvell SFC Harold C. Shipley SFC Edward S. Kovach SEC Robert H. Mouton SFC Lester H. Usry Sgt. Daniel F. Kuck Sgt. John E. Watson Cpl. Richard R. Blackmon, Jr. REGIMENTAL STAFF Cadet Col. Francis L. Pless Regimental CO Cadet Major James E. Cashwell Reg. S-1 Cadet Major Charles E. Fulp Reg. PIO Cadet Lt. Col. Marvin B. Crow Reg. Exec. Cadet Major Robert W. Tayloe Reg. S-3 Cadet 1st Lt. E. A. Weisberger Reg. Cadet M Sgt. James E. Thorne Reg. Photographer FIRST BATTALION STAFF James C. Pyron Bn. CO Cadet Lt Col Robert B. Jordan, Ill Bn. Exec. Cadet Major Glen B. Harvin, Jr. S-1 S-3 Cadet Capt. William E. Lane PIO Cadet Capt. SECOND BATTALION STAFF Robert F. Carr Bn. CO Cadet Lt. Col. Forrest F. Schrum, Jr. Bn. Exec. Cadet Major James M. Woollen S-1 S-3 Cadet Capt William K. Collins PIO Cadet Capt. THIRD BATTALION STAFF John S. Crosby Bn. CO Cadet Lt. Col. Robert J. Turner Bn. Exec. Cadet Major Aubrey E. Harrell S-1 S-3 Cadet Capt. Paul B. Cone PIO Cadet Capt. ARMY A COMPANY Captain Thomas P. McNamara Company Commander Captain Herbert D. Applebaum Executive Officer 1ST PLATOON 2ND PLATOON 3RD PLATOON Captain William A. Mericka Executive Officer 1ST PLATOON 2ND PLATOON 3RD PLATOON ARMY B COMPANY Captain Dazel M. Brackett Company Commander ARMY C COMPANY Captain Van E. Winfree, Jr. Company Commander Captain William E. Billingsley Executive Officer 1ST PLATOON 2ND PLATOON 3RD PLATOON ARMY D COMPANY Captain Robin P. Gardner Company Commander Captain Allen H. Harris, Jr. Executive Officer 1ST PLATOON 2ND PLATOON 3RD PLATOON ARMY E COMPANY Captain Charles E. Trevathan Company Commander Captain John L. Thompson Executive Officer 1ST PLATOON 2ND PLATOON 3RD PLATOON ARMY F COMPANY Captain Jackie S. Daughtry Company Commander Captain John M. Clement Executive Officer 1ST PLATOON 2ND PLATOON 3RD PLATOON ARMY G COMPANY Captain Paul H. Pittman, Jr. Company Commander Captain Lloyd M. Cheek Executive Officer 1ST PLATOON PLATOON 3RD PLATOON ARMY H COMPANY Captain Robert C. Wilkanowski Company Commander Captain George H. Lourigan Executive Officer 1ST PLATOON 2ND PLATOON 3RD PLATOON ARMY I COMPANY Captain Frank D. Taylor Company Commander Captain Maurice E. Thigpen Executive Officer 1ST PLATOON 2ND PLATOON 3RD PLATOON ARMY K COMPANY Captain Robert C. Eller Company Commander Captain Calvin H. Ussery Executive Officer ARMY L COMPANY Captain Jack D. Childress Company Commander Captain Alton B. Merritt, Jr. Executive Officer 1ST PLATOON 2ND PLATOON 3RD PLATOON ARMY M COMPANY Captain Norman Falbaum Company Commander Captain William J. Trogdon Executive Officer 1ST PLATOON 2ND PLATOON 3RD PLATOON R.O.T.C. BAND Maj. Jones, Capt. Sample, M Sgt. Pippin, M Sgt. Sherrill, SFC Crabtree, SFC Dunham, SFC Justus, SFC Katz, SFC Tuggle, Anderson, Aycock, Bailey, Blum, Chappell, Dalby, Garrison, Gibson, Groves, Gunnell, Gurley, Henderson, Herring, Kahlbaum, McElligott, McGray, McIntash, Minter, Morley, Myers, Patterson, Roberts, Santowosso, Sessoms, Strauss, Ward, Whitlock, Wood, Yarbough. DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS Capt. Finger, 1st. Lt. Marshall, M Sgt. Fentriss, M Sgt. Bogle, SFC Belverio, SFC Garla nd, SFC Crutchfield, SFC Franklin, SFC Honeycutt, SFC Murray, SFC Rogers, SFC Stother, Adams, Allison, Avent, Ballard, Barney, Biddy, Boren, Butchard, Cargill, Carr, Corey, Corpening, Cox, Davis, Graham, Green, Hollman, Hooks, Johnston, Kelly, Lane, Lovinder, Matherson, McArver, Meares, Moore, Morrow, Morton, Parker, Porrish, Proescher, Sage, Scott, Strother, Thorpe, Tidwell, Turner. PERSHING RIFLES Capt. Congleton, 1st Lt. Oliver, 1st Lt. Overman, M Sgt. Ginn, M Sgt. Paul, M Sgt. Perry, M Sgt. Warlick, SFC Brinson, SFC Calhoun, SFC Dudley, SFC Hanson, SFC Holland, SFC Jones, SFC Kaplan, SFC McGinnis, SFC Sherrill, SFC Stewart, Sgt. Bedford, Sgt. Drye, Sgt. Elliott, Sgt. Fogan, Sgt. Harris, Sgt. Sipes, Abernethy, Barton, Flinner, Grogan, Hart, Hendricks, James, Jones, Matthes, McConnell, Morton, Pass, Pitts, Ronweber, Sigal, Thompson, White, White. ARMY COLOR GUARD From left to right: Eugene R. Cooke, George Q. Hall, Robert W. Lee, Robert L. Eidson. AIR FORCE Colonel William J. Jowdy P. A. S. T. OFFICERS Maj. Samuel G. Cutler Maj. John W. Farr Maj. Mack White Capt. Nimrod McNair, Jr. Capt. Harry H. Roddenberry, 1st Lt. William R. Cook 1st Lt. Oliver P. Hedgepath 1st Lt. Henry B. Rollins AIRMEN M Sgt. John E. Neal T Sgt. Raymond F. Hagerty T Sgt. Clifton R. Morgan T Sgt. Jasper L. Russell, Jr. S Sgt. McLeland Jones S Sgt. Kenneth Russell WING STAFF Cadet Col. Eugene J. Neal, Jr. Wing Commander Cadet Lt. Col. Lee F. Roberson Wing I G. Cadet Major Floyd D. Turnage Wing PIO Cadet Major James B. Walker Adjutant Cadet Major Charles N. Kirk Dir. of Mat. Cadet Maj. Hartwell K. Sledge, Ill Dir. of Opr. Trg. FIRST GROUP STAFF Craighead L. Barnhardt, Jr. Group CO, Cadet Lt. Col. Arthur W. Gilliam Dep. CO, Cadet Major William H. Taylor Opr. Trg., Cadet Major Cletus L. Corn Adj., Cadet Captain SECOND GROUP STAFF William B. Nesbitt Group CO, Cadet Lt. Col. David A. Finley Dep. CO, Cadet Major Frank A. Hargrove Opr. Trg., Cadet Major Billy R. Matthews Adj , Cadet Captain THIRD GROUP STAFF John S. Miller Group CO, Cadet Lt. Col. William N. Blackard Dep. CO, Cadet Major Robert A. Jones Opr. Trg., Cadet Major Larr y K. Petty Adj., Cadet Captain AIR FORCE A SQUADRON Major Joe W. Kirkman Squadron Commander 1ST FLIGHT 2ND FLIGHT 3RD FLIGHT AIR FORCE B SQUADRON Major Churchill S. Boger, Jr. Squadron Commander 1ST FLIGHT 2ND FLIGHT 3RD FLIGHT AIR FORCE C SQUADRON Major Carl J. Wyles Squadron Commander 1ST FLIGHT 2ND FLIGHT 3RD FLIGHT AIR FORCE D SQUADRON Major Roger L. Jackson Squadron Commander 1ST FLIGHT 2ND FLIGHT 3RD FLIGHT AIR FORCE E SQUADRON Major Edgar C. Mills Squadron Commander 1ST FLIGHT 2ND FLIGHT 3RD FLIGHT AIR FORCE SQUADRON Major James B. Alspaugh Squadron Commander 1ST FLIGHT 2ND FLIGHT 3RD FLIGHT AIR FORCE G SQUADRON Major Arnold F. Goodman Squadron Commander 1ST FLIGHT 2ND FLIGHT 3RD FLIGHT AIR FORCE H SQUADRON Major Robert L. Biggs Squadron Commander 1ST FLIGHT 2ND FLIGHT 3RD FLIGHT AIR FORCE I SQUADRON Major Guy A. Walters, Jr. Squadron Commander 1ST FLIGHT 2ND FLIGHT 3RD FLIGHT AIR FORCE K SQUADRON Major Paul F. Arata Squadron Commander 1ST FLIGHT 2ND FLIGHT 3RD FLIGHT AIR FORCE L SQUADRON Major Howard J. Spry, Jr. Squadron Commander 1ST FLIGHT 2ND FLIGHT 3RD FLIGHT AIR FORCE M SQUADRON Major Charles A. Dickens Squadron Commander 1ST FLIGHT 2ND FLIGHT 3RD FLIGHT ARMY RIFLE TEAM John M. Archer, Edward Proescher, David A. Thorpe, Ronald C. Pitts, Charles D. Webb, Charles W. Summers, SFC Robert H. Mouton. AIR FORCE RIFLE TEAM From left to right: M Sgt. John E. Neal, Phillip R. Wellons, John M. Lake, William B. Dozier, Phillip K. Lowe, Charles B. Treadaway. AIR FORCE COLOR GUARD From right to left: Cluttz, Price, Talbot, McKoy. AIR FORCE DRILL TEAM Andrew, Blomgren, Boggs, Brown, Burdick, Byron, Calhoun, Daniels, Davis, Dean, Forrest, Fuller, Hawkins, Helms, Henson, Hitchcock, Huskey, Johnson, Key, Lake, Lookadoo, Morris, Mosely, Nixon, Page, Purden, Rogers, Shepard, Skinner, Sloan, Smathers, Smith, Strickland, Talley, Taylor, Weichbrodt, White, Wicker, Winkleman. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY Eugene J. Neal, Jr., Commander; Craighead L. Barnhardt, Ex. Officer; Richard W. Johnson, Adj.; William B. Finance Officer; Roy C. Thomas, Operations Officer; Alexakos, Allen, Anthony, Biggs, Bruce, Burnetti, Bullock, Cantrell, Daniels, Deal, Dean, Ferebee, Fuquay, Gillean, Greene, Grimes, Hester, Jacobsen, Kirk, Marcom, Matthews, Mills, Moore, J. W. Parker, T. C. Parker, Parrott, Pearman, Respess, Roberts, Sartin, Satterwhite, Savage, Smigell, Speight, Spry, Stephenson, Stowe, Weatherly, Williams, Wimbish. The Arnold Air Society is a national organization which honors first and second year advanced Air Force R.O.T.C. students who have shown high character and a sincere interest in the organization and Air Force R.O.T.C. The purpose of the Arnold Air Society is to develop leadership, maintain Esprit de Corps of the unit, and to advance the military preparedness of our country by increasing the knowledge of the scope and mission of the Air Force. Eugene J. Neal, Jr. Commander Mrs. Eugene J. Neal, Jr. Sponsor SCABBARD AND BLADE G. B. Harvin Jr., Captain; W. H. Barns, 1st Lt.; A. F. Goodman, 2nd Lt.; C. W. Purser, 1st Sgt.; Anderson, Ball, Baucom, Blalock, Brannon, Carr, Cashwell, Cone, Congleton, Cooley, Cooper, Crotts, Daughtry, Dickens, Eller, Falbaum, Finley, Fulp, Dale Gregg, John Gregg, Hilton, Jones, Jordan, Kahn, Memory, Pless, Tapp, Trevathan. Scabbard and Blade is a national military honor society for both the Air Force and Army Reserve Officers Training Corps at North Carolina State College. Membership is composed of first and second year advanced military students, who are pursuing their course of study at this institution. The purpose of this organization is to encourage and promote a better understanding between the military and the public and to create a greater interest in the advanced ROTC students in their college, community and country. Scabbard and Blade also co-sponsors the Annual Military Ball, one of the high lights of the social calendar in military. Glen B. Harvin, Jr. Captain phi phi OFFICERS W. J. Peterson President F. A. Hargrove Vice-President F. S. Barkalow, Jr. Secretary R. C. Bullock Treasurer Frances Thompson Journal Correspondent FACULTY MEMBERS D. B. Anderson C. M. Asbill, Jr. W. S. Barham F. S. Barkalow, Jr. C. H. Bostian C. G. Brennecke E. J. Brown T. T. Brown A. G. Bullard R. C. Bullock Elva Burgess J. D. Clark J. M. Clarkson M. H. Clayton E. L. Cloyd D. W. Collard W. E. Colwell F. W. Cook H. C. Cooke Gertrude Cox J. Davis R. S. Dearstyne J. H. Dietz S. E. Eckard R. E. Fadum H. A. Fisher A. M. Fountain G. A. Gullette J. W. Harrelson M. E. Harward A. C. Hayes F. L. Haynes W. N. Hicks W. P. Ingram, Jr. F. H. Jeter I. D. Jones R. Kaufman J. W. Kelly J. B. Kirkland D. H. Kline H. F. Krackenberger W. W. Kriegel P. E. Lewis L. W. Long Linda C. Maddry G. A. Martin R. P. Marshall R. E. McCollum Z. P. Metcalf T. B. Mitchell D. J. Moffie P. E. Moose C. G. Mumford W. L. Nelson J. M. Parker, III A. L. Perper W. J. Peterson W. H. Pierce R. J. Preston T. L. Quay R. L. Rabb W. A. Reid W. M. Roberts G. H. Satterfield E. M. Schoenborn, Jr. H. T. Scofield L. W. Seegers W. E. Shinn C. B. Shulenberger G. K. Slocum D. H. Stancil J. L. Stuckey W. A. Tesch Frances Thompson E. H. Tompkins, Jr. L. L. Vaughan D. S. Weaver B. W. Wells J. W. Weybrew J. C. White L. F. Williams E. W. Winkler G. H. Wise E. T. York, Jr. STUDENT MEMBERS I. C. Atkinson J. K. Atwell G. W. Benning R. V. Billingsley F. W. Brittain F. L. Broadhurst R. H. Bryan J. S. Capel C. C. Cardwell C. W. Coggins, Jr. N. C. Costes A. J. Coutu E. G. Cummings M. B. Danford R. E. Deitrick J. R. Duffett W. E. Dungan R. L. Edwards J. C. Glass, Jr. A. F. Goodman M. L. Goodwin T. F. Haggai W. L. Hall F. A. Hargrove E. N. Hedgepeth, Jr. R. H. Hellyer R. E. Hiller, Jr. A. W. Jenkins, Jr. R. B. Jordan, III W. L. Kaplan C. E. Layman R. I. Levin G. E. Liddle H. R. Lominac G. H. Lourigan H. G. Lovin, Jr. R. M. Lumley J. S. Mayo S. McKeever F. O. Mixon, Jr. J. W. Morton H. Mott J. W. Niestlie, Jr. D. E. Nixon C. W. Nystrom B. B. Oliver F. G. Oravec W. G. Palmer E. C. Pasour, Jr. J. L. Pearson A. Perry F. L. Pless W. M. Pritchard R. L. Quickel, Jr. H. Ramsey G. H. Satterfield, Jr. W. T. Scarborough F. F. Schrum S. G. Scott P. S. Shimamoto J. N. Smith H. E. Smyre G. E. Spain E. H. Spainhour R. P. Spoerry A. P. Stemberger E. Stern F. D. Taylor W. P. Taylor J. B. Walker F. H. Van Landingham R. J. Volk B. L. Watson J. B. Weaver, Jr. S. B. Weed R. C. Wilkins D. M. Williams M. B. Wise W. R. Wisseman B. M. Wood C. S. Yelverton ALUMNI MEMBERS T. B. Elliott E. Y. Floyd F. I. Mintz saturday morning chemistry class college union building nears completion activities have a snow ball! sigma pi winning float state student (r.o.t.c.) installation of chancellor bostian 2 state vs. la salle we should have won organizations AGROMECK TECHNICIAN PINETUM TEXTILE FORUM W.V.W.P. DESIGN MAGAZINE G. Obenshain D. Sontag S. Harrell T. McNamara T. Memory W. Collins J. Jones L.Cheek J.Cashwell R. Sample G.Wills G.Warren publications board North Carolina State College has more student publications than any other North Carolina college or university. To integrate these numerous publications the Publications Board was organized in 1931 to handle all matters pertaining to these publications. SOUTHERN ENGINEER AGRICULTURIST TOWER G. Hurst H. Andersen W. Hagler (no photo) J. Steelman Lindsay R. Whichard Executive Secretary Rudolph Pate Chairman David Sontag Editor This, the Fifty-second Edition of the AGROMECK, represents a year ' s activity in studies, athletics, extra-curricular activities, and social living of the students at North Carolina State College. To the staff, the AGROMECK represents a year of hard work and persistence. Nevertheless, it is only through the combined efforts and cooperation of both the staff and the students that we are able to present this annual. We sincerely hope that you enjoy it now and in the future, as you the student made it possible. Lloyd Cheek Business Manager Don Joyce John Gregg Jack Coleman Fred Kleiman Tom Cooley T. K. Moore, H. Simon, D. Rudikoff, B. Pittman D. Stowe, B. Haims, A. Nishball, J. J. Thorne, A. Pope, Q. Cook, A Ehrman. AGROMECK Staff Works to meet Wednesday Deadline. the technician George Obenshain Editor-in-Chief Jerry Jones Business Manager John Puckett Assistant Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF Jimmy Gahan Managing Editor John Parker Feature Editor Leonard Binder Sports Editor John Parker Cartoonist Aubrey Pope, James Thorne Photographers News Staff: Dick Rudikoff, Ernest Sternberg, George Snow. Sports Staff: Jerry Armstrong, Mike Jacobus. George Obenshain Editor-in-chief Jerry Jones Business Manager A consistent award winner for excel lence among North Carolina collegiate publications, THE TECHNICIAN has for thirty-four years been published weekly by the students of the college. As the only financially selfsustained publication with a minimum contribution from student fees, it offers unlimited opp ortunities in training and experience for creative writing, reporting and Salaried positions are available to those who qualify for them, the editor and business manager having been elected during Spring term in campus-wide elections. Gerald Hurst Business Manager southern engineer The SOUTHERN ENGINEER, sponsored by the Engineer ' s Council, is published by the students of the School of Engineering and six times a year. The magazine has the dual purpose of disseminating information and affording students an opportunity to develop writing techniques. It also helps inform the engineering public of the South of the opportunities, and progress of the School of Engineering. STAFF W. Hagler, L. McCall, R. Pittman, J. Lackey, J. Lanford, J. Wiles, C. Lundy, H. Pickett James Steelman Business Manager agriculturist The Agriculturist is the official organ of the School of Agriculture and the " Ag " Club. It is published six times a year. This Magazine, by printing articles on soil, livestock, and other items that are valuable to agriculturalists, promotes closer between students, faculty, and alumni. The Agriculturist serves as an important mode of publicity both within this state and others. STAFF G. Byrd, W. Collins, J. Dickey, W. Enloe, J. Hilton, C. Ipock, B. Leonard, G Linney, W. Nesbitt, C. Overman, E. Pickler, G. Porter, W. Wynn, Editor. Harold Andersen pinetum The Pinetum is the annual publication of The Forestry Club. For the past 22 years it has been the major outlet for the activities of the students in the Forestry School. The book is an attractive reminder of good times together, as it contains pictures of graduating seniors, camp events and trips. The alumni maintain a knowledge of the whereabouts of each other through the alumni section of the book. STAFF J. Archer, R. Barney, G. Corpening, E. Dallery, Derro, W. Dozier, B. Farley, G. Helms, H. Horton, W. Huxster, J. Parker, P. Pickenheim, C. D. Smith, H. Tindall, J. Wells. Miss Agronomy Miss Frances Brinson The goals of the Agronomy Club are to the relationships between faculty and students, to stimulate interests in work, to aid in carrying on student activities, and to better prepare students for post-college work. Members: James L. Adams, William M. Adams, Tilden M. Angell, Bobby P. Boseman, Jennings Carland Jr., William K. Collins, Paul B. Cone, Jerry B. Dickey, Charles A. Fulp, L. Goodwin, James H. Griffin, Jerry S. Grimes, William A. Hayes, David Hopkins, Van S. Jenkins, William B. Jenkins, Harold W. Lloyd, D. M. McIntyre, Cary L. McLeod, Jr., L. Mann, Robert W. Maxwell, Sheppard N. Moore, George R. Parker, Carl E. Patterson, George C. Richardson, Hope Shackelford, Carlton E. Smith, Alvin M. Stanford, James Stewart, Jr., Garland E. Still, Billy J. Stines, Reginald L. Stroud, Lonnie M. Thomas, Arthur N. Woodward, Gene L. Warren, Willard Wynn. Adviser: W. G. Woltz. agronomy club Agronomy Fair Green House Work Spring Tour Agronomy Club Room Initiation Dave Phillips Davis Turnage Margaret Diehl Vice-President Secretary Top picture, left to right: Mrs. C. Kenfield, Secretary; Miss Carolyn Jessup, Social Miss Penny McCrary, Assistant Social Director. Bottom Picture, left to right: Jack Uhler, Assistant Director; Gerald Erdahl, Director. c ollege union W. Eberwein S. Tolces J. Browning D. Brown The purposes of the College Union of North Carolina State College are to enrich the student ' s life through teaching him social and recreational skills, to expose the student to good standards of art and behavior, to him to have pride in his dormitory, fraternity and school, and to bring the student and faculty into a closer relationship outside the The Union also tries to give the student an opportunity to try to satisfy the need for recognition, acceptance, new experience, and self expression. This group endeavors to teach the student the elements of organizing community events, which lead to the making of good citizens. Finally, the whole Union program attempts to develop and encourage interesting programs to make the student feel " at home away from home. " BOARD OF DIRECTORS David Phillips, President; Davis Turnage, Vice-President; Margaret Diehl, Secretary; John Tester, Wayne Mashburn, Jackis Snow, Dave Brown, Charles Avarre, George Obenshain, ex-officio; Dr. Carey H. Bostian, ex-officio; Mr. Gerald O. T. Erdahl, ex-officio; Rev. Robert Lasater, Dr. Fred Warren, Mr. James Fulghum, Dean E. L. Cloyd, Dean John W. Shirley, Mr. J. G. Vann, Donald Joyce, Bill Collins, Al Parker, Larry Petty, Billy B. Oliver. COMMITTEE ADVISERS Dr. Paul Bredenberg, Carolyn Jessup, Mr. Lindsay Whichard, Dr. Keith Mr. Marshall Schmitt, Penny McCrary, Mr. David Lowenthal, Dr. John Lambert, Mr. Edwin Winkler, Dr. Robert Waugh, Rev. Robert Lasater, Dr. Arthur I. Ladu, Mr. Gerald O. T. Erdahl. S. Kaplan W. Mashburn B. Murphy G. Krider C. Martin T. Whitehead D. Morton J. Thorne J. Snow H. Moser C. Avarre D. Turnage engineers ' council The Engineers ' Council is composed of elected representatives of the various engineering societies on the campus. The primary function of this group is to coordinate the activities of the engineering societies represented. Each year the Engineers ' Council sponsors the Engineers ' Exposition. It is also responsible for directing the publication of the Southern Engineer. Another outstanding event sponsored by the Council is the knighting of outstanding engineering students into the Order of St. Patrick. The outstanding senior engineering student is recognized and given a gift by the Council. Scholarship is encouraged at the freshman level by selecting the two outstanding freshmen from each department as Companions of St. Patrick. Floyd R. Bennett A. A. Carlyle T. F. Haggai W. P. Taylor President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer J. Allen, J. Alspaugh, W. Alston, R. Ball, J. Barlow, R. Batchelor, S. Blount, W. Brown, W. Caddell, G. Cooper, R. Corbett, H. Davenport, R. Deitrick, F. Drummond, W. Duhling, J. Ferguson, L. Grey, E. Hester, S. Jones, R. Knight, T. Memory, E. Neal, W. Parks, J. Pearson, W. Pettit, F. Pittman, W. Russell, C. Sawyer, J. Stewart, A. Sykes, H. Youmans, J. Zaleski. Roy Congleton President Charles Fulp Vice-President Billy Howard Secretary John Fuquay Treasurer Student Cabinet Members B. Capps J. Carpenter J. Coleman, Jr. P. Cone C. Denise F. Elliot, Jr. E. Gray C. Horn, Jr. F. Lambert R. Lambert J. Ledbetter D. Martin H. Miller R. Parker F. Pressly N. Saltz C. Sowell C. Snipes B. Stephenson J. Stewart W. Tinsley E. Vick, Jr. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Faculty Members M. Gardner, Chairman E. Cloyd, Secretary C. Asbill, Jr. R. Marshall T. Brown W. Miller J. Clarkson J. Parks, Jr. R. Cumming s C. Scarborough W. Hicks F. Wheeler K. Hudson, Jr. D. Worth H. Kamphoefner Student Members R. Congleton B. Howard C. Fulp J. Fuquay E. S. King General Secretary young men ' s christian association Freshman YMCA Officers Weekly YMCA Cabinet Meeting YMCA Lobby Christian Faith Series West Campus YMCA Choir West Campus YMCA Junior Choir FRESHMAN YMCA OFFICERS William Ledbetter, President Wilson Lee, Vice-President Thurman Chamblee, Jr., Secretary Ernest Faust, Treasurer YMCA STAFF E. King, General Secretary N. Warrs, Associate Secretary H. Hamilton, Assistant Secretary Mrs. L. Bishop, Office Secretary Miss E. Moose, Office Secretary Dewey Adams President Robert Strother Vice-President Maurice Thigpen Recording Secretary Ray Worley Corresponding Secretary Charles Bullock Treasurer L. Armstrong Faculty Adviser Dewey Adams President Kappa Phi Kappa, national education fraternity, endeavors to promote the cause of education by encouraging men of sound moral character and recognized ability to engage in its principles and practices. Its membership is drawn from the students in the education curriculum. kappa phi kappa Hugh Henderson President Hugh Henderson President Rufus Dunham Vice-President John Stuart, Jr. Secretary Paul Murray Treasurer Amos Bullard Historian The purpose of Phi Eta Sigma as conceived in the mind of Thomas A. Clark of the University of Illinois, its founder, was to encourage high scholarship at the beginning of a student ' s college career. His belief in the value of such an organization has been fully justified in the y ears since its founding. Throughout the colleges of the United States Membership in Phi Eta Sigma is the highest honor in scholarship that a freshman may obtain. phi eta sigma Willie Parks President Willie Parks President E. A. Hester Vice-President G. F. Cooper Secretary J. B. Alspaugh Treasurer The objectives of the American Institute of Industrial Engineering are to unite the students within the Industrial Engineering Department into a closer social fellowship, to bring them into closer association with the profession, and to aquaint them with a fair knowledge of related subjects. Bi-monthly programs are designed to bring the members in contact with some of the current problems of the field. These programs and their solutions are discussed jointly by the members and the invited representatives of the business world. J. Andrews A. Bachman H. Booke J. Brockman D. Broughton R. Bryan C. Bulluck D. Butler E. Carter R. Corbet A. Cornell W. Corson K. Vaughan B. Cullipher W. Eberwein C. Gaskins R. Gentry Members: F. Harned D. Heggie J. Johnson W. Johnson C. Justus D. Keyt J. Kirby J. Lancaster D. Waller W. Lawing C. Lyndon J. Miller T. Pettigrew E. Pitts J. Puckett G. Redman W. Shipman T. Shuping E. Spainhour F. Stanley W. Thomas C. Wyles J. Wyles R. Worley american institute of industrial engineers Claude E. Layman President Robert Wilkins Vice-President Rolf Spoerry Secretary Mortimer Kahn Treasurer Claude E. Layman A local textile honor fraternity, Sigma Tau Sigma strives to instill in textile students a desire for higher scholastic attainments. An incentive toward this goal is the Sigma Tau Sigma Scholarship Cup that is presented each year to the senior in textiles with the highest scholastic average. The Greek letters composing the name of the fraternity represent the words, Society of Textile Scholarship. sigma tau sigma Elton Thigpen President Herman Haynes Vice-President Don Stancil Secretary Bill Ballance Reporter James Walker Treasurer Theron Sanders Sentinel Bobby Watson Student Adviser Ralph Ward Program Chairman John Ballinger Parliamentarian Elton Thigpen President The Collegiate F.F.A. is an organization of Agricultural education. They are seeking through participation in the F.F.A. to develop into more proficient agricultural teachers. collegiate future farmers of america James Barlowe President Frank Pittman Vice-President Billie Biggerstaff Secretary Louis Agnew Treasurer Thomas Memory Publicity William Caddell Editor Roy Marshall Ass ' t Treasurer James Barlowe The student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers seeks to increase interest in engineering, to foster a true professional knowledge and spirit among students, and to co-operate with the professional and academic Civil Engineering world. Meetings are held once a month and include addresses by professional engineers, films on engineering projects and construction, student papers presented before the chapter, social affairs, and business meetings. The chapter publishes its own monthly paper, " On The Level. " Enrollment in the Civil Engineering Department is a requirement for membership. american society for civil engineers Al Parker President Edie Criner Social Dir. David Weeks Athletic Dir. Jerry Armstrong Publicity Dir. The Interdormitory Council is composed of the President and of each dormitory club on the campus. The purpose of the council is to promote a co-operative and progressive attitude in the minds of the students, to consider and work for the benefit of the dormitory occupant, and to better his life socially, physically, and morally. During its existence the council and the dormitory clubs have done much to better our school spirit, our intramural program, and to give the students in the dormitories a schedule of social activities never known before on this campus. The future success of this organization depends primarily upon the continued work and co-operation of all the students in the dormitories. interdormitory council Charles Tucker President Wayne West Vice-President Van Winfree Treasurer Rolf Spoerry Secretary John Smith Sergeant-at-Arms Donel Kelly Cor. Secretary Delta Kappa Phi is the oldest professional textile fraternity in America, ha ving been founded in 1899 at the Philadelphia Textile Institute. Started by a nucleus of seventeen members, Kappa Chapter was instituted on May 14, 1948, at State College. The fraternity holds an annual convention each year. The chapter here at State College strives to promote activities of interest to the Textile School. delta kappa phi John Smith President Mrs. Barara Costa Vice-President Bill McDowell Recording Sec. David Huggins Corresponding Sec. William Snipes Treasurer John Smith President The Society for the Advancement of Management is both an honorary and professional society. Membership is open to all students interested in management and registered in one of the major fields of Administration, Agriculture, Distribution, Finance, Human Relations, Production, or Textiles. The Society is the recognized national professional organization of management in industry, commerce, government, and education. The aim of the organization is to propagate the benefits of scientific management through aid to executives on all phases of management problems by the application of engineering methods. the society for the advancement of management Francis Pressley President James Hunter Vice-President Larry Hester Secretary Bob Maxwell Treasurer Dr. James Faculty Adviser Francis Pressley The " Ag Club " is an organization whose membership includes all in the School of Agriculture and the Department of Agricultural Education in the School of Education. The Club sponsors educational and recreative events such as the Student ' s Ag Fair (held in conjunction with the N. C. State Fair), the Barnwarming, the Student ' s Livestock Day, the " Ag " Club picnic, hayrides and smokers. At the weekly meetings members enjoy informative talks, illustrated lectures, educational movies, and stunt programs. The " Ag " Club publishes it own technical publication, The N. C. State Agriculturist, one of the finest student publications anywhere. Since its organization around 1917, the club has been student governed with faculty members acting only in an advisory capacity. The student members plan and execute all of its activities. agricultural club Frank Taylor President Richard Harris Vice-President James Sweet Secretary William Sparrow Treasurer Archie Faires Reporter David Sartin Historian Hubert Cartner Custodian Frank Taylor President The object of this club is to foster a closer relationship between students in Animal Industry at North Carolina State College; to encourage leadership; to acquaint the students with activities in the field of Animal Industry; and to promote a greater interest in this profession. animal industry club William Taylor President Paul O ' Hara Vice-President William Raybon Secretary Charles Grandy Treasurer William Taylor President Chi Epsilon is a national honorary Civil Engineering fraternity based on the broad objective of increasing the efficacy of the profession as an instrument of social betterment. Chi Epsilon was organized to recognize those characteristics of the individual engineer deemed fundamental to the successful pursuit of his career and to develop these, thereby working towards a higher standard of service offered to humanity by the profession. chi epsilon James Walker President OFFICERS James Walker President Ralph Deitrick Vice-President Alonzo Sykes Treasurer Henry Mitchell Corr. Secretary Waldo Williams Sec. Historian J. Doolittle Faculty Adviser Pi Tau Sigma is a national honorary Mechanical Engineering honor fraternity whose object is to foster the high ideals of the engineering profession, to coordinate departmental activities and to develop the attributes necessary for effective leadership. Members are chosen on the basis of high scholastic standings, ability, and personality. pi tau sigma Theodore F. Haggai President George W. Brannan Vice-President Earlie H. Spainhour Corresponding Secretary James B. Walker Recording Secretary Dr. F. P. Pike Treasurer Claude C. Cardwell Cataloger Tau Beta Pi is a national Engineering honor fraternity which recognizes engineering students for their integrity and breadth of interests above the fundamental requirement of scholastic achievements. Membership in Tau Beta Pi is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon a student engineer. Members: E. Aase, J. Alspaugh, R. Anderson, R. Ball, F. Bennett, B. Biggerstaff, G. Brannan, E. Brantley, W. Browne, C. Cardwell, M. Daniels, C. Dickens, R. Deitrick, W. Edwards, P. Gans, C. Grimes, T. Haggai, F. G. Harvin, D. Kane, J. Katzin, R. Knight, H. Lowery, R. Lumley, C. Martin, A. Merritt, A. Miller, H. Mitchell, D. Nixon, B. Oliver, J. Pearson, W. Pritchard, W. Raybon, L. Snowman, E. Spainhour, J. Stegall, E. Stern, A. Sykes, W. Taylor, J. Walker, W. Williams, W. Wisseman. tau beta pi Harold Andersen Forester John Robinson Assoc. Forester C harles Raper Secretary-Fiscal Agent John Tester Ranger Harold Andersen Forester Xi Sigma Pi is a national forestry honor fraternity whose purpose is the recognition and promotion of leadership, scholarship and interest in the forestry profession. Each year the organization honors the outstanding freshman and senior in the School of Forestry. The fraternity sponsors annual public lectures by nationally known individuals working in forestry or allied professions. xi sigma pi William B. Nesbitt Chancellor Richard A. Ledford Censor Frank D. Taylor Chronicler Julian P. Goff Treasurer William Nesbitt Chancellor This year marks the 50th anniversary of the North Carolina chapter of the Fraternity of Alpha Zeta. Its aims are perhaps best expressed in the words of its founders: " Alpha Zeta was established neither as an honorary nor as a social fraternity, but as a professional fraternity whose shall be combined of the qualities of high scholarship, fine and sound character. " These are the principles which Alpha Zeta tries to live up to on the campus. alpha zeta OFFICERS William H. Laughter President William S. Enloe Vice-President Henry P. Locke Secretary Joe D. Laughter Treasurer Warren S. Barham Adviser The State College Horticulture Club fosters closer relations between the faculty and students, promotes advancement of scientific and practical horticulture, and provides incentive for the annual horticulture exhibit at the Agriculture Fair. The club also provides qualified speakers, slides and movies at frequent meetings. horticulture club Members: C. Dennis, C. HoIst, D. Lindsey, M. Little, C. Maurer, C. McSwain, C. O ' Bryant, Jr., C. Schau, B. Endo, F. Mason, W. Nesbitt, K. Mason, J. Parker, Jr., G. Liquori, D. Hudson, C. Dalton, E. Hansan, Jr., T. Cannon. american ceramic society William E. Russell President George R. Obenshain Vice-President David E. Nixon Treasurer The North Carolina State College Student Branch of the American Ceramic Society was organized to familiarize students with the various aspects of the ceramic industry through talks, and motion pictures, and to promote a stronger bond of fellowship between students in the department. Calvin H. Ussery President Marvin B. Crow Vice-President George A. Robinson, Jr. Secretary Ancell D. Lynch Treasurer The Baptist Student Union promotes a program of worship, Bible study, social activity and Christian growth through the local churches and the Baptist Student Center for all the Baptist students in State College. The BSU Executive Council plans and carries out the features of the program. state college baptist student union sigma pi sigma Ralph W. Swanson President Warren E. Dungan Treasurer William T. Scarborough Vice-President Eugene J. Swick Secretary John E. Stewart President William T. Scarborough Secretary Robert Hewett Clark Vice-President Harry D. Youmans, Jr. Treasurer american institute of physics poultry club H. Connor Kennett, Jr. President John Austell Crawford Vice-President Malcolm Monroe Lowder Secretary-Treasurer The purposes of the club are to bring together those students and staff members of the who are interested in poultry, to have programs of mutual interest, and to take part in the activities of the Poultry Department and the School of Agriculture. Robert W. Kendrick President Johnny R. Hart Vice-President David E. Nixon Secretary David W. Kane Treasurer Keramos was established to provide a professional fraternity open to outstanding students in the schools, departments, and divisions of Ceramics and Ceramic Engineering in Universities and Colleges in the United States and Canada. The principal object of the fraternity is to promote and emphasize mental achievement and to promote interest in ceramic art, technology, and engineering. keramos The Student Government is valuable to the students in that it develops a sense of in the student and trains him along the lines which are conducive to good citizenship. CAMPUS It is the purpose of the Student Government to handle all matters of student conduct, honor, and general student interest; and to promote in campus life self-control, personal responsibility, and loyalty to the college and to the student body. Every duly registered student of North Carolina State College automatically becomes a member of the Student Government and is subject to the jurisdiction of its legislative branches. Billy Oliver Robert Jordan, III Harry Yarborough, Jr. H. Robert Krook President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer government FACULTY MEMBERS Perry E. Moose Keith McKean Ruddell Reed Dr. J. E. Legates STUDENT MEMBERS Allen H. Harris Clark W. Walker Archie B. Faires Arthur H. Shackleford Harold J. Andersen Tilden J. Lester William B. Dozier James Webb James W. Knox Bobby Joe Stephenson Erastus C. Brantley Carlton F. Ipock W. Joseph Trogden Thomas M. Memory Franklin J. Conner Robert C. Sample William H. Brehm John R. McLaughlin, Jr. William L. Crouse W. T. Bradshaw David H. Barrett John H. Frazier Bynum M. Wood John N. Gregg W. Aubrey Council Fields W. Cobb James Whitner OFFICERS Billy Barnes Oliver President Robert B. Jordan, III Vice-President Harry H. Yarbrough, Jr. Secretary H. Robert Krook, Jr. Treasurer Marvin Crow President David Aird Vice-President Robert Harte Secretary M. I. Kahn, Jr. Treasurer Marvin Crow President Phi Psi is a national professional textile fraternity. The local chapter is Eta Chapter. The aims of our group are: to promote good fellowship among men of textile schools and the textile industry, to encourage a high standard of textile work, and to assist by every honorable means the advancement of its members. phi psi Robert M. Lumley President OFFICERS Robert M. Lumley President Fred Laughter Vice-President Archie Miller Secretary Theodore F. Haggai Treasurer Eta Kappa Nu is an Electrical Engineering organization that encourages outstanding achievement in the field of electrical Engineering through its recognition of students. Scholarship, leadership, and integrity of character are requirements for membership into the organization. eta kappa nu Members: J. Pearson, F. Hargrove, G. Harvin, B. Oliver, H. Sledge, G. Ulrich, E. Neal, Jr., E. Mills, C. Purser, C. Horne, Jr., W. Kahn, Knight, L. Shepard, L. Snowman, T. Stephens, J. Tommerdahl, D. Wagner. Johnnie L. Pearson Chairman Ted Haggai Vice-Chairman Fred H. Laughter AIEE Secretary Max Goslyn IRE Secretary Gene Neal Local Secretary David Finley Treasurer The primary function of the student branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers is to promote professional interest in this field and to develop latent abilities of its members. The student branch of the Institute of Radio Engineers aims to promote fellowship among students interested in communications. Interesting speakers from the radio industry are brought to the campus by the organization. aiee-ire Alonzo Sykes, Jr. Chairman Samuel Blount Vice-Chairman Mary Short Secretary Alton Wheeler Treasurer Alonzo P. Sykes, Jr. The student branch of A.S.M.E. offers members in Mechanical Engineering an opportunity to develop finesse in leadership, and public speaking. A.S.M.E. brings many interesting speakers to the campus to stimulate interest among its members. Its programs include inspection trips, social outings, joint meetings with neighboring colleges, sponsoring speakers of national prominence, and local competition for prizes. american society of mechanical engineers kappa tau beta Jim Lewis President Herb Applebaum Vice-President Charles Tucker Secretary-Treasurer Kappa Tau Beta, a new professional knitting fraternity, was established in the School of Textiles in May, 1952. The purpose of the fraternity is to promote international interest in the knitting arts. George Redman President Guy Walters Vice-President Richard Cannon Secretary Harvey Carpenter Treasurer The students in the Furniture Manufacturing and Management course felt the need for advice to keep them up to date on current happenings in the industry, so in October, 1948, the Student Club was organized. The purpose of this club is to sponsor meetings for discussion of subjects of general interest to furniture students. student furniture club Jo Barnwell President Jean Jenkins Vice-President Morris Nakayama Recording Secretary Robert Wilkanowski Corresponding Secretary Raymond Stainback Treasurer The American Institute of Architects is an organization aimed at preserving a fraternal spirit among students in the School of Design. The society sponsors speakers from the field of architecture and allied fields as an integral part of each student ' s education. american institute of architects _ fraternities Larry Petty I.F.C. President The N. C. State College Interfraternity Council is an organization made up of two representatives from each fraternity to further the ideals of the fraternity system as well as to further the goals of the entire school. This year the I.F.C. has been as active, if not more active, in campus affairs than ev er before. As a result of its decisions and recommendations on various matters throughout the year, the I.F.C. has gained much more confidence from the Faculty Council as well as the Campus Government itself. Besides the usual I.F.C. sponsored events each year, the I.F.C. this year has worked in close harmony with other campus organizations to bring about a better school for everyone. It is hoped that the progress made thus far can be continued in the future in order to ma ke N. C. State College one of the finest engineering schools in the country. interfraternity council Left to right, first row: Larry Petty, I.F.C. President, KΣ; Richard Ledford, F.H.; Richard Harris, F.H.; Joe Trogdon, Harry Yarbrough, Jesse Capel, EX; Louis Brunetti, ΔΣΦ; Dick Rudikoff, I.F.C. Publicity Director, ΣAM; Alan Nishball, Second row: Bob Jordan, I.F.C. Vice-President, John Fennie, AAA; Rudy Kirby, T KE; Don Mills, TISE; Frank Morgan, I.F.C. Secretary, EX; Bill Barnett, Bruce row: Bill Rhyne, EN; John Crosby, Worley Clark, Douglas Powell, EH; Robert Tayloe, Clyde Bryan, ΣX; William Crutchfield, Dave Finley, Kenneth Sledge, Don Chance, Eugene Matkins, Fourth row: Carl Patterson, ATP; Guy Baldecchi, Samuel Peirson, KΣ; Don Corl, Bob Harte, ΦEπ Edward Weisiger, Howard Greenberg, Greek-Week Chairman, Steve Cooper, ΣAM;Jim Hilton, ATP; Bill Fisher, John Gibala, sigma nu William Q. Rhyne Mrs. J. S. Rhyne Commander Sponsor Sigma Nu was founded from the Legion of Honor, a secret society organized in 1868 at the Virginia Military Institute. The founders were moved by idealistic hopes, and they founded a society which would inculcate honor and mutually benefit its members. Since its founding the fraternity has prospered, and at the present time there are 119 active chapters throughout the country. It is the oldest fraternity at State College, Beta Tau Chapter having been installed here in 1895. The purpose of its founders was " to establish through the warm friendship of a group of congenial college men, on the foundation stone of honor, ideals of intellectual achievement, character, and social all to the end of becoming better men and better citizens. " beta tau chapter Left to right, first row: William Q. Rhyne, Robert A. Loy, Oliver H. Green, Joe R. Wilson, Ray Daniel Looper, Jimmy W. Wrape, William G. Allen, Donald V. Davis, Rodney T. Hamby, J. Crummer, Thomas H. West. Second to right: Douglas L. Gunnell, William R. Raas, Fayette F. Harned, Bobby Futrell, Robert J. Waters, John A. Knight, Walter O. Barnhill, George C. McGee, Ronald R. Davis. Third row, left to right: James L. Lewis, Alston Ramsey, John Waddington, Gordon Hawkins, Charles H. Honeycutt, Hamilton Corey, Harold Mowery, Louis S. Agnew, Edgar V. Safrit. Fourth row, left to right: Jack R. Hall, James M. Allen, Thomas B. Buckman, David P. Bruce, Dewey W. Boseman, Henry F. Smith. kappa sigma Robert Minshull Miss Libba Hinkle President Sponsor Kappa Sigma had its original founding at the University of Bologna in 1400 and soon spread to many of the larger universities of Europe. Since its founding in America on December 10, 1869 at the University of Virginia by the " Five Friends and Brothers, " Kappa Sigma has expanded until now it has at least one chapter in every state. There are 100,000 living alumni of the 126 chapters. Beta Upsilon chapter was founded on the State College campus in 1902 and since then has initiated over 400 men. beta upsilon chapter Top picture, reading left to right, first row: Al Willson, Elton Trent, John Thomas, Bill Nutt, Jim Frazier, Bill Teer, Don Tomlin, Charlie Boggs, Bill Smith. On steps: Larry Petty, Jack Turney, Gene Cross. Bottom picture, reading left to right, first row: Henry Jenkins, Tommy Trumbull, Sam Pierson, Bob Minshull, R. C. Osborne, Bob Gunn, Roy Beaty, Dan Hinkle, Henry Longley. On steps: Keith Pooser, Barry Thackston. Not shown in picture: Pete Loftis. Kappa alpha W. P. Smith Miss Rachel Newell Brooks President Sponsor Kappa Alpha was founded at Washington and Lee University in 1865 to perpetuate the Southern ideal of gentlemanly character typified by Robert E. Lee, it spiritual founder. The fraternity is patterned on an order of knighthood, and the members are expected to conform to the discipline of the order and cultivate th e graces of Southern gentlemen. Kappa Alpha restricts its field to colleges and universities south of the Mason-Dixon Line. At present there are 76 chapters within the order. Alpha Omega chapter was chartered at North Carolina State College in 1903, and is the second oldest fraternity on the campus. The ROSE AND MAGNOLIA has been published periodically since 1941. alpha omega chapter Top picture, reading left to right, first row: Edgar F. York, John C. Correll, H. Hayne Baucom. Second row: Woodrow H. Sears, Edwin F. Harris, James F. Kluttz, Louie T. Lassiter, Robert P. Burns, Otho G. G. Duke. Third row: Joseph S. Ratcliffe, Hames B. Lawrence, H. Preston Locke, Paul R. Barton, J. Homer Barton, Peter S. Gough, W. Percy Smith. Bottom picture, reading left to right, first row: Wayne Burris, John R. McLaughlin, Robert A. Costner. Second row: Charles Bossong, Edward DeM. Nicholson, Albert J. Cavanaugh, Allen D. Aldridge, Alex S. Morrison, W. F. Lane, William A. Pierce, John M. Harney, James A. Sutherland. Third row: James H. Whitner, W. F. Roberts, Curtis Q. Turner, Andrew G. Hinton. pi kappa alpha John Crosby President Miss Flo Anne Kendrick Sponsor During the early spring of 1868 the friendship of six students at the University of Virginia grew into Pi Kappa Alpha. From this beginning eighty-six years ago, the fraternity has branched out to form over 100 fraternal chapters. Alpha Epsilon was given its charter in October of 1904 and annually presents the Pi K. A. Ball at North Carolina State College. This year will be the forty-sixth presentation of the Easter Monday Dance. alpha epsilon chapter Reading left to right, first row: William R. Greene, Samuel N. Broome, James C. Scull, James E. Betts, Edward I. Weisiger, William D. Staton, Edward F. Donnelly, John W. Copeland, John S. Crosby, Donald B. Perkins, Branch M. Crawford, Jones V. Howell, Thomas T. Lassiter. Second row: P. Wilson James, Harold W. Buchanan, Leo A. Santowasso, Philip T. Griffin, Robert Stallings, John K. Patterson. Third row: Zeb D. Hargett, John B. Hardy, George H. Batchelor, James R. McAllister, H. M. Robinson, Jr., Wilson D. Mose Kiser, Jr., John R. Schenck. Fourth row: C. Franklin Elliot, Arthur A. Scott, Tilden J. Lester, G. T. Brooks. Fifth row: Delbert M. Broughton, Charles C. Bassett, Robert A. Jones, Edgar S. Woolard, William C. Seford, Carroll W. Smith, Dow V. Perry, John V. Andrews, Allen M. Hull, Guy A. Baldecchi, Ronald W. Blomgren. sigma phi epsilon Donald Carl President Miss Orchard Hord Sponsor Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity was founded at Richmond College, Richmond, Virginia, on November 1, 1901. There were twelve friends who joined together for the sole purpose of friendship and with their farsightedness founded a fraternity that has now taken its place among the great ones of the fraternity world. It is an organization based on high ideals and unselfish endeavor, destined to serve its members and to enhance and enrich their lives. Today Sigma Phi Epsilon has over 125 chapters in 41 states and the District of Columbia, and there are nearly 45,000 members wearing the golden heart of Sig. Ep. The local chapter, established in 1905 as the thirteenth chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon, resides at 2512 Clark Avenue in their own home which was purchased in 1949 by the alumni corporation. beta chapter Reading left to right: Glenn Yoder, Dan Smiley, Harold Martin, Charlie Ogburn, Charles Helms, Dwight Paine, Ray McGalliard, Bevan Barringer, Pete Abernathy, Dave Lawson, Jerry Bell, Earl Pope, Charles Kearns, Bernie DuPlessis, John Wills, Charlie Moss, Carlton Davenport, Richard Wimbish, Dave Miller, Jim Dalby, Bennie Millsaps, George Brown, Joe King, Mal Doyle Meyers, Bill Cashin, Freddie Moore, Rob Lawrence, Charlie Justus, Dave Parrott, Tom Richmond, John Lake, Don Brinkley, Collins Jim Gillian, Joe Brown, Lloyd Walter. Not shown in picture: Bill Gragg, Bob Goslee, Bill Kennedy, Ed Fuller, Bob McDonald, Harry Moser, Robert Hazelgrove, C. L. Corn, Robert Wilkins, Hugh Thompson, Bud Gabriel. alpha gamma rho Carl Patterson Miss Sarah Dale Noble Ruler Sponsor Alpha Gamma Rho is a national social fraternity, and was founded in 1908 at Ohio State for the purpose of developing the best social, mental, moral, and physical qualities in each brother, and to promote a wider acquaintance and a broader outlook on the part of agricultural men through fellowship in a national organization. There are now 34 active chapters of Alpha Gamma Rho. Nu Chapter, before becoming national in 1919, was the local fraternity Theta Beta. One of the highest aims of Nu Chapter is outstanding scholarship, and all members are expected to develop a high standing. Nu chapter has won six times a plaque awarded by the national organization for the highest scholastic average, and has won the I.F.C. Scholarship Cup eight times in the fourteen years that it has been awarded. Left to right, first row: Carl Patterson, Bob Maxwell, Richard Mann, Jackie Daughtry, Dave Sartin, John Fuquay, Bob Carr, Francis Pressley. Second row: Glenn Byrd, Bill Collins, Bill Jerry Dickey. Third row: Ralph Warren, Dave Hopkins, Jim Oliver. Fourth row: Bob Will Plonk, John Richardson. Fifth row: Charlie Fulp, Lee Calhoun, Hope Shackelford. Sixth row: Bobby Boseman, Willard Wynn, Larry Hester, James Hunter, George Pate, Charlie Overman, Jim Hilton, Bill Enloe, Bobby Cone, S. J. Lambert, Reece Allen. Not shown in picture: Ed Hanson, J. T. James, Herbert Bryant, Roy Congleton, Edgar Dallery, Johnny Foushee, Bill Hechter, H. Connor Kennett, Charles Pitts, Holmes. pi kappa phi Hartwell Kendrick Sledge Archon Miss Notie Vay White Sponsor Pi Kappa Phi was founded at the College of Charleston in South Carolina on December 10, 1904. It was a result of the friendship of seven men who had enjoyed one another ' s companionship all through their school careers in this historic old city of the South. It became a national fraternity in 1907 as its influence spread from coast to coast. The purpose of the fraternity is " to promote fellowship and mutual trust among its members, to uphold the ideals and traditions of the college where its chapters are active, to encourage excellence in scholarship, and to inculcate in its members the highest ideals of Christian manhood and fellowship. " The Annual Interfraternity Sing here at N. C. State is sponsored by Pi Kappa Phi to promote cultural interest among the fraternities on campus. Left to right, bottom row: Ronald Douglas MacLain, Clarence Franklin Dixon, Jr., Robert William Sloan, Theo Robert Potter, David Eugene Bagwell, Richard Asbury Bisanar, John Mitchell Jenkins, Ill, Alex Eddie Anthony, Jr., Harold Oliver Long, Jr., John Raymond Anderson, John William Kern. Second row: Robert Randall Robert Ray Avent, William Morgan Jr., Edward White Avent, Ill, Thomas Anthony Karam, David Edward Schreffler, Jr., Vaughn Terrey Hathorne, William Franklin Bell, III, Earlie Sherman Everhart, Jr., John William Parker, Fredrick Louis Thurstone, Hartwell Sledge, III. Not shown in picture: Troy Alvin Doby, James Russell Goldner, Hugh Thomas McDaniel, Jr., William Roy Newsome, Jr., David Charles Brown, Robert Clyde Cline, Donald Elliott Hitchcock. sigma pi Robert W. Tayloe Miss Julia Theresa Raynor Sponsor Sigma Pi, National social fraternity, was founded at Vincennes University, Vincennes, Indiana, Feb. 26, 1897. The purpose of its founders was " to organize the most worthy activities, social, athletic, and scholarly, and to set a high standard of manliness and college loyalty. " The fraternity now has 49 active chapters located throughout the nation. Rho Chapter, formerly the local Sigma Chi Gamma, was installed at State College in 1921. The chapter owns its own chapter house located at 2513 Clark Avenue, two blocks from the college campus. The event of the year for the fraternity is the Annual Founder ' s Day Banquet. The formal even t celebrates the founding of the fraternity, is supplemented with the presentation of the award for the outstanding pledge of the year, and climaxed with the crowning of the Orchid Sweetheart of Sigma Pi for the Year. rho chapter Top picture, reading left to right, first row: Bill Springle, John Mercer, Robert Henry Pickett, Garland Pass. Second row: Bill Ipock, Richard Kennette, Bob Davis, Charlton Strange, Ronald Mimms, D. O. Bulluck, Hart Gates, Bob Spears, James Rhodes, John Springthorpe, Jr., John Knight. Bottom row, reading left to right, first row: Gerald Hurst, Jimmy Thacker, Allie Smith, McVicker, Leroy McCall, Jimmy Caddell, Hugh Baker, Grady Sykes, Don Council, Wayland Currie, Earl Jackson, Paul Sykes. phi kappa tau David A. Finley President Mrs. John Finley Sponsor Phi Kappa Tau was founded in 1906 by four outstanding students of Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, to break up a monopoly on student elections which were held by the fraternity unions. The membership of Phi Kappa Tau consists of 65 active chapters, and the fraternity is proud of its active alumni chapters. " The Laurel, " the fraternity magazine of P.K.T. is published quarterly. Chi Chapter at North Carolina State College was chartered in 1923. Since its organization, Chi chapter has been outstanding in scholarship and athletics. Chi chapter has won the Interfraternity Council Scholarship Cup for four years and now ranks as the top chapter of all PKT. chi chapter Top picture, reading left to right, first row: Clifford T. Worthen, David R. Hostetler, Walker Rast, Robert L. Holmes, Louis R. Smith, Harry B. Heilig, Harold C. Lawrence, David A. Finley, Norman S. Lynch, Robert L. Putze, William S. Hoffman, Channie R. Dennis, Jr. Bottom picture, reading left to right: H. Wayne Beal, Jr., Larry G. Foster, George K. Snow, Mack T. James A. Lawrence, Robert A. Sharpe, James A. Bass, Jr., John E. Garrett, Bobby Joe Stephenson, D. Monroe McIntyre, William G. Crutchfield. lambda chi alpha Guy Walters President Miss Fancette Gore Sponsor Founded at Boston University in 1909, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity has expanded until it is now the largest national fraternity with 146 chapters located at prominent colleges in the United States and Canada. Gamma Upsilon was founded on the State College campus in 1924, and has initiated 359 men since that time. " THE CROSS AND CRESCENT, " the fraternity magazine, is published seven times annually. Other Lambda Chi Alpha chapters in the state are located at Duke, Wake Forest, Carolina, and High Point. The local chapter sponsors the annual Fraternity Bridge Tournament and a Christmas Party for underprivileged children. gamma upsilon chapter Reading left to right, first row: W. Donald Barber, Quentin A. Malmquist, Dominic M. Macrini, B ernard H. Taylor, Jr., Sidney L. Grayden B. Moulthrop, R. F. Langford, Gino L. Rota, Martel B. McCallum, John R. Hilton B. Peel, Richard T. Callaway, D. Hohns, Guy A. Walters, William R. Theron V. Sanders, H. Evans Skipper, E. Hester, Joseph J. Derro, Jr., McDuffie Clark. Not shown in picture: John A. Fennie, Charles F. Sherrill, Thomas O. Anderson, S. Murp hy. tau kappa epsilon Rudolph Kirby Prytanis Miss Peggy Jo Dalrymple Sponsor Tau Kappa Epsilon, which was founded at Illinois Wesleyan University in 1889, has 105 active chapters. After World War II when the National Chapter of Alpha Lambda Tau failed to reactivate, the members of Zeta Chapter at North Carolina State College voted to join a strong national fraternity. Tau Kappa Epsilon was petitioned and Beta Beta Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon was installed at North Carolina State on January 17, 1947. Aided by a strong alumni, Beta Beta Chapter has continued to grow. In recent years the chapter house has been enlarged and redecorated, many new members have been initiated, and a chapter newspaper has been distributed regularly among alumni and friends. Members of the fraternity have a great deal of interest in campus affairs and the fraternity has good support in intramural sports. beta beta chapter Reading left to right, first row: Fletcher Stanley, Marshall Burgess, Tommy Smith, Jack Syman, Buddy Smith, Wayne Crabtree, Jack Coleman, Clyde McGee, Jack Ahart, Bill Second row: Shanks Bradsher, Don Smith, Charles Maness, Alan Gambill, Penny Booke, Jim Ernst, George Brannon, Henry Leung, Dick John Smith, Rudy Kirby, Don Mills, Dave Vance. sigma alpha mu Steve A. Cooper Prior Nancy Hanak Sponsor Sigma Alpha Mu was founded at the College of the City of New York on Thanksgiving Eve, Nov. 26, 1909. The founders, eight men who pledged themselves to a lasting bond of friendship, had no idea of the vast organization that would flower from the seeds that they planted. The object of the fraternity, as expressed in its constitution, is " to foster and maintain among its sons a spirit of mutual moral aid and support, to instill and maintain in the hearts of its sons love for and loyalty to Alma Mater and its ideals, to inculcate among its sans such ideals as will result in actions worthy of the highest precepts of true manhood, democracy, and humanity. " Sigma Omega Chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu is the outgrowth of a local fraternity, Theta Phi, which had its beginning in 1929. From its inauguration, the fraternity has always maintained high standards of scholarship and conduct. sigma omega chapter Reading left to right, first row: Jerry Gaier, Albert Cassuto, Mark S. Pernick, Martin H. Steiger, Bernard S. Fishman, Robert I. Giddens, Peter H. Engel, Fred G. Kleiman. Second row: Stanley L. Hilton, Steve A. Cooper, Leonard A. Binder, Burton Haims, Martin D. Bier, Herman H. Weiss, Arthur S. Maclaire, Edmund A. Barry E. Sigal, Larry Olin, Stephen B. Tolces. Third row: Harvey R. Rudikoff, Arnold C. Steinberg, Alan H. Oremland, Perry L. Perlman, Howard H. Simon, Sheldon H. Ritter, Alan Not shown in picture: David B. Sontag. sigma chi Clyde M. Bryan President Miss Peggy G. Smith Sponsor Sigma Chi was born in the early summer of 1885 at old Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. The White Cross, emblem of the fraternity, has spread from o ' er the hearts of the seven founders until today, nearly a century later, Sigma Chi has grown to 123 active college chapters and 115 alumni chapters. The Delta Epsilson Chapter was established at North Carolina State on May 15, 1943. Delta Epsilon annually presents a Christmas Party for young orphans. The year ' s social functions are highlighted by the annual Sweetheart Ball and Banquet. delta epsilon chapter Top picture, reading left to right, first row: James Marshall Moore, Albert Mason Smith, Glenn Blackwood, Jr., Neil Patterson John Bailey Pridgen, Jr., Robert Elija Pittman, John Wilson Jones, Jr., Robert George Medley, George Terrell Lathrop, Bobby Ray Myers, Jack C. Key, Claude Emmerson Layman, William E. Second row: Lloyd McForrest Cheek, John Haywood Lane, Eugene Robert Raney, Clyde Milton Bryan, Lorenza Wilson Locke, Henry Arthur Saye, George Augustus Mears, Jr., Carl Owens, Thomas Coble Coleman, Thorne Dewey Pierce. Bottom picture, reading left to right, first row: Arthur Evan Van Horne, Ray Hodgen Fentriss, Clarence Leonard Bostian, Eugene Rankin Cocke, William Martin Shaw, Edward Robertson Carter, Henry Thomas Lilly, Jerald Thomas Barnes, Edgar Frank Morgan, Johnny R. Pucket, Richard Earl Moser, George Maxwell Robertson, Roy Otho Fagan, Byron Lee Williams. Second row: Robert Epps McClure, Charles Franklin Barnhart, William Roland Wisseman, Harvey Glenn Lee, Robert Walden Dillard, Blair Jenkins, Thomas Kerr Moore, Jr., Joseph Donald Stowe. sigma alpha epsilon Robert B. Jordan, III Archon Miss Dorothy Ann Swisher Sponsor Sigma Alpha Epsilon was the first of the great line of Southern fraternities. Founded at the University of Alabama in 1856, Sigma Alpha Epsilon has always been a leader in the Greek world. The membership of Sigma Alpha Epsilon consists of 136 active collegiate chapters and 120 active alumni chapters with chapters in 46 states, and more than 85,000 initiates. SAE leads the Greek world in the number of chapter houses owned, the number of initiates and the number of living members. North Carolina State Alpha is one of the youngest chapters of the fraternity, and has been on the North Carolina State campus since October 24, 1947. alpha chapter Top picture, reading left to right, first row: Harry Yarbrough, Leo Roberson, Don Joyce, John Coble. Second row: Carl Maurer, Joe Keith, Mack Howey, Saunders Blalock, Sid Friley, Frank Shep Griswold, Dick Feroe, Bob Sample, Phil Robinson, Frank Conner. Bottom picture, reading left to right, first row: Hap Welch, Bob Krook, Joe Sevier, Dick Reed. Second row: Jim Ingram, Bill Brehm, Dick Brehm, Joe Trogdon, Richard Rogers, Graham Farmer, George Wallace, Grier Park, Buck Harris, Tom Memory, Bob Turner, Bob Jordan. Not shown in picture: Tim Barrows, Bob Cameron, George Bill Foushee, Joe Hester, Charles Murphey, Jim Quinn, Andy Riggs, Ernest Straughn, Jay Walton, John Gregg, Justin Smith. phi epsilon pi Robert Harte President Mrs. Esther Harte Sponsor In June of 1949, a local fraternity, Phi Epsilon Tau, was chartered into the national fraternity Phi Epsilon Pi. Founded in 1947, Phi Epsilon Tau was formed under the principles of fraternity, liberalism, and non-sectarianism. These ideals furnished the spark to weld a strong brotherhood. In February 1953 the group moved into a house on Hawthorne Road. The fraternity has always ranked in the upper quarter of fraternities scholastically. Socially the season is climaxed by the annual Phi Ep Weekend at which new members and new officers are formally installed. alpha phi chapter Reading left to right, first row: Donald S. Richard E. Strauss, Albert D. Nalven, Handelsman, Bruce A. Arkin. Second row: Lionel S. Feibus, Richard J. Kalish, Mortimer I. Kahn, Jr., Richard C. Jordan, Lawrence Dorgin, Leon Rundbaker, Nathan E. Isaacson, Thomas P. McNamara, Richard Goldenberg, Donald J. Frank J. Strauss, Marc H. Epstein, J. Deitch, Norman Rosenstein, Robert L. Harte, Herbert A. Berkowitz, Henry W. Saffer, Albert Grunfeld, James B. Dorey, John B. Howard Greenberg, Lawrence I. Belkin, Ronald J. Rough, J ulius Cantor. Not shown in picture: Emil Cohn, III, Marvin Katz, Paul S. Smigell. theta chi Donald Chance President Miss Sue Fryer Sponsor Theta Chi Fraternity was organized at Norwich University, Norwich, Vermont, on April 10, 1865. The second chapter was established at Massachusetts Institute of Technology on December 13, 1902. Since that time the fraternity has expanded until it is now one of the fastest growing fraternities in the nation, totalling III chapters at leading colleges and universities, including the " Big Four " of North Carolina. A colony at North Carolina State College was organized on May 26, 1950. Two years later found the colony with all the requirements of an active chapter, and on May 17, 1952, it was installed as Delta Rho Chapter. The fraternity was founded for the purpose of building character, promoting knowledge, and advancing culture. One of its chief aims is to place Alma Mater ahead of all else. delta rho chapter Reading left to right, on floor: Cape Carnes, Sonny Schmid, Ronnie Sharpe. Seated: Floyd Hendrix, Lewis Howe, T. D. O ' Quinn, Don Chance, Louis Hales, Tommy Cox, Buddy Don Seders. Behind Couches: Jim Severs, Max Goslin, Carol Yarborough, Tom Patton, John Porter. farm house Richard Ledford President Miss Martha Worley Spons or Farm House is a national, non-Greek letter, social fraternity. It had its beginning at the University of Missouri in 1905. The organization has grown slowly but continually, mainly because one of the aims of Farm House is to prevent sporadic growth. The objectives of Farm House are to effect bonds of brotherhood among its members, to establish a home for worthy agricultural students while in college, and to promote the moral, social, and intellectual welfare of its members. With these objectives in mind, the motto " Builders of men " was adopted. Membership is open to anyone pursuing a curriculum in which a bachelor ' s degree is awarded in the field of agriculture or any closely related science. A Farm House club was organized here during the spring term of 1952. Since that time it has gained prestige through demonstrated ability in scholarship, leadership, intramurals, and joint fraternity functions. Reading left to right: Robert Brinkley, Eugene Pickler, Richard Gwynn, Don Taylor, Richard Harris, Herman Porter, Clard Walker, Conrad Glass, James Walker, Charlie Weatherly, Ledford, Banks Leonard, Eugene Gray, Billy Caldwell, Johnny Keever, Jim Tucker, Alva Williams, Gene Warren, Gene Linney. Not shown in picture: Huey Weaver, Willard Buffkin, Elton Thigpen, Dewey Adams, Ray Worley, Carroll Southards, Eugene Younts, James Steelman. delta sigma phi Louis Brunetti, Jr. President Miss Connie Perry Sponsor The Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity is of international scope and activity. It was founded on the 10th day of December, 1899, at the college of the city of New York. Rho Chapter at North Carolina State College is an outgrowth of a local fraternity Gamma Alpha Nu Gamma, Known as the " Gang. " Rho was installed on May 20, 1915. Delta Sigma Phi, like all social college fraternities, purposes to give its college members that intimate, beneficial fellowship with good men so necessary for full development, and to supplement their cultural and professional education with training in those qualifications for citizenship and leadership which are not definitely a part of the university function. rho chapter Left to right: William E. Perry, Carson F. Saville, Jr. John M. Meares, Jr., Cecil G. Madden, Richard T. Boykin, Louis J. Brunetti, Jr., Craig C. Lynes, Kenneth W. Prodo, John K. Gibala. athletics Roy B. Clogston came to State College after a twenty- year tenure as Athletic Director at St. Lawrence in Canton, New York. His formal education a degree from New York University. His first official post was at Middlebury College in Massachusetts as assistant director of athletics, after which he returned to Springfield and completed work on a B.S. degree. The following year he attended New York University and received a master ' s degree. At the present time he has nearly completed work for a doctor ' s degree . Clogston lends a very personal and conscientious to the school ' s athletic program. He is constantly endeavoring to improve the facilities in all of the sports and has been instrumental in expanding the program in general. The State College Athletic Director is rapidly one of the top men in the Southern Conference, thus expanding the reputation he has enjoyed for many years. Roy B. Clogston is truly one of the outstanding college athletic directors of the nation. Other members of the athletic administration are Willis Casey who serves in the capacity of Assistant Athletic Director as well as Swimming Coach. Ed Storey is Athletic Publicity Director and is one of the better known men in this field in the South because of his work in bringing the sports picture at State College before the eye of the national public as well as the local fans. Paul Derr is the man responsible for the vastly improved Department of Physical Education, as Head of that Department. Roy B. Clogston Director of Athletics Harry Stewart Field Secretary of the Wolfpack Club athletic administration Ed Storey Paul Derr PIGSKIN SUMMARY State 9 Carolina 29 State 7 George Washington 20 State 27 Davidson 7 State 7 Wake Forest 20 State 0 Duke 31 State 6 William Mary 7 State 7 Army 27 State 0 Pitt 41 State 0 West Virginia 61 State 13 Florida State 23 Horace Hendrickson Coach First row: P. Smith, C. O ' Bryant, J. Thompson, C. Frauenhofer, R. Martini, R. Mueller, B. Kapp. Second row: J. Bagonis, C. Wyles, H. Brown, T. Kilyk, M. Seehorn, W. Teer, J. W. Frankos. Third row: D. Langston, C. M. Price, R. Bethune, J. Barringer, B. Becker, T. Leone, J. Frazier. Fourth row: A. Kenzie, P. Riden, D. Viviano, C. Davis, B. Dunnigan, H. Lodge, H. Spivey. Fifth row: D. Tonn, F. Reed, J. Meadlock, P. Smith, D. Stallings, K. Urgovitch, E. Mazgaj. Sixth row: P. O ' Hara, Manager; E. West, A. D ' Angelo, J. Zubaty, C. Micklem, M. Nardene. football- 1953 A TARHEEL STOPPED AFTER A SHORT GAIN Carolina 29—State 7 On the opening day of the football season, the journeyed to Kenan Stadium in Chapel Hill to play our arch rival, U. N. C. The game proved to be the affair that it always is. State got off to a fine start, driving deep into Carolina territory before losing the ball on downs. The Tarheels proceeded to march seventy-five yards for a score. They scored once more after recovering a State fumble in the shadows of the goal posts, and they picked up a safety to make the score 16-0 at the half. The pack finally crossed the goal line in the third period, and their hopes of catching the foe were high that moment; but with two scores by the Hill men in the last quarter, the hopes ended along with the final gun ... a 29-7 defeat. George Washington 20-State 7 In Alexandria, Virginia,. the Pack played a fine game but had the misfortune of not getting the breaks needed to win the contest. Statistically speaking, State held a wide edge in this battle. The first half was as close as it could be, ending with neither team scoring. The Colonials drew first blood when they scored on an intercepted pass thrown deep in State territory. Just two minutes later they scored again with a 50 yard pass play. Since it was getting to be a habit, G. W. got their third tally on a 38 yard pass. This gave them a comfortable margin of twenty points in the fourth period. State finally hit paydirt, and they also used the to set up the score. But the damage had already been done, and the game closed with the ' Pack on the short end of a 20-7 score. H. Lodge J. Thompson C. M. Price K. Urgovitch A. D ' Angelo State 27—Davidson 7 Before the home crowd for the first time this year, the boys mede everyone happy by winning their first game of the season. The ' Pack definitely had a fine night and whipped the Davidson Wildcats, 27-7. The fans got a scare as Davidson scored on a 46 yard drive after six minutes of playing time had elapsed. The boys from State then started to play ball, and they scored twice on marches of 72 and 54 yards to lead at the half, 14-7. The game was settled in the second half as the Red and White scored twice. The first marker of this half came when State marched 72 yards as five of six passes were completed in the sustained drive. The final tally came on an intercepted pass, and the game ended with a victory for the Walfpack. Wake Forest 20—State 7 The visiting " Demon Deacons " of Wake Forest took full advantage of State ' s on this night at Riddick Stadium to gain a victory. Penalties also upset the offense just when it seemed to develop scoring opportunities. The victory gave the Deacons their third Wake County in three years. A poor punt set up the visitors ' first score after four minutes had gone by in the period. Wake Forest scored again early in the second quarter when they recovered a fumble and drove 26 yards for the score---a 23 yard pass giving them the tally. State drove 64 yards for a score, using only one pass during the sustained march. Right after this score, the Deacons marched back to make the final score 20-7. E. Mazgaj E. West T. Kilyk C. Frauenhofer D. Langston State vs. Davidson Ripping off yardage against W. F. Cris and Don talking it over Duke 31—State 0 This was just not the day for State as Duke rolled up a 31-0 score. The Blue Devils scored in every quarter, but their claim to fame on this day was a tremendous defense. The Wolfpack only got a net of 11 yards rushing in the first half, and eight passes were incomplete with one being intercepted. There isn ' t much a team can do against a foe with such a formidable line of protection employing three potential all-Americans in Meadows, and Pitt. From the start, fans at the outdoor stadium saw that the visiting ' Pack was no match for the hosts. Duke led at the intermission 18-0, and they carried right on after their short rest using three to run the show. The game was a rough and tumble affair, and the injuries to many State players didn ' t lighten the burden by any means. Action in the Duke game William Mary 7—State 6 Before a Homecoming crowd in Riddick Stadium, State battled William and Mary in an exciting contest . The margin of victory came on an extra point boot by Hines of the visiting Indians. the ' Pack was outgained, the boys made repeated stabs at the goal line and didn ' t play like 14 point underdogs. After a scoreless first half, the visitors marched 70 yards at the start of the third period for their lone tally. They started another drive but fumbled deep in State territory. From this point the went 93 yards for their score with the game tying point after touchdown attempt being A 53 yard pass play highlighted the drive. The evenly fought battle ended with the Indians by a 7-6 count. Short gain against W. M H. Spivey D. Tonn J.W. Frankes B. Dunnigan B. Kapp The ' Pack Rolls Army 27—State 7 People at West Point saw a courageous State team play highly favored Army. For three periods the boys from Raleigh held their own, but they were finally overthrown by the superior manpower of their opponents--the Black Knights of the Hudson. The Cadets were stopped four times by terrific goal line stands inside the 10 yard line, but some key State players leaving the game due to injuries helped Army get started on their way. The score at the half was 13-7. The Wolfpack scored on a spectacular punt return of 68 yards by West, playing one of his finest games. The run had tied the score after the Cadets scored earlier on a 60 yard pass. The two teams battled back and forth until Army scored twice in the f ourth quarter. A strong bench was a definite factor in this victory. Even though the final score was 27-7, State played one of its finer games. Pitt 40—State 6 On this day the ' Pack journeyed to " Steel Town " to play the Pitt Panthers. The season ' s end was nearing and injuries were taking their toll on the State ball club. The hosts piled up a 21-0 lead at the half on a blocked kick, fumble, and a 59 yard drive. The depth of the Panthers was just too much to overcome, and they seemed to move the ball at will. When eleven new men were put on the field, they immediately took charge of the game and drove for the scores. Pitt ' s fifth touchdown was the highlight of the contest, set up by an 87 yard return of a punt that traveled 45 yards. State finally hit pay-dirt when the boys marched 64 yards against the strong Pitt substitutes. It was just too much for the Wolfpack to handle, and they dropped a 40-6 decision. Big red sweeping around end R. Mueller D. Gebhardt P. Smith C. Micklem W. Teer West Virginia 61—State 0 The gridiron warriors from State College were definitely victims of circumstance in this contest. The visitors, West Virginia ' s Mountaineers, felt that they deserved a bowl bid even though they were upset and toppled from the unbeaten ranks the week before. The boys from the hills were to look impressive and atone for last week. They poured it on the ' Pack unmercifully. State was completely outweighed and outplayed all over the field. Incidentally, West Virginia got their bowl bid. The Mountaineers marched 81 yards after the kickoff for their only score of the period. After the change of goals, however, they scored 27 points and led at halftime 34-0. In the second half, they scored 14 and 13 in the third and fourth periods to give them a 61-0 win. Florida State 23—State 13 The ' Pack traveled to the land of sunshine for the last game of a dismal season. The game was a rough battle with many fumbles contributing to the Florida State victory. All of the Seminoles ' touchdowns and one safety came after fumbles. The Red and White also scored due to a fumble and a pass interception. The hosts got off to a 16 point lead early in the second period and stayed out in front all the way. State started to close the gap when an enemy pass was intercepted to set up a score. The count at the half was 16-7. In the third period, FSU got touchdown No. 3, and with seconds left in the period, State got marker. The final tally came on a short pass that made the final score, 23-13. State defenders break up a pass State battling Wake Forest T. Leone J. Frazier M. Seehorn C. Davis D. Bethune Selvy drives in for two State wins the opener basketball On the first day of December, the 1953-54 of State ' s cage team took on the highly respected Furman crew. Leading the opponents was everybody ' s All-American, Frank Selvy. Even though Selvy scored 31 points, the game wasn ' t much of a contest because of the superior bench strength of the Wolfpack. On the State side of things, the two prize from last year ' s freshman team proved to be varsity ball players. Shavlik scored 23 points and Molodet hit for 13 points. Davey however, was high scorer for the ' Pack with 24 markers. The final score was 100-74. The third game of the season found State going to Wake Forest for an important conference engagement. The Deacon jinx still prevailed, and the home team ' s tiny gym led to a defeat. The ' Pack went down by a score of 81-69. Not discouraged by their first conference loss, the Big Red came right back and whipped the Phillips Oilers in a double overtime 67-65. It was the Oilers ' first defeat at the hands of a college team in four years. High scorer of the game was Vic Molodet who hit 15 points. This game was his outstanding of the season, and the young sophomore drew quite a few praising remarks from the opponent ' s coach. The win was a big one for Wolfpack prestige since the Oilers are constantly fighting for the A.A.U. championship with several former on their roster. The next game, with Captain Mel Thompson leading the scoring with 18 points, the Statemen handed the visitors from Eastern Kentucky an 60 setback. The boys from the " Blue Grass " state couldn ' t cope with State ' s tight zone defense. Vic Molodet Phil DiNardo Captain Mel Thompson Herb Applebaum Ronnie Sheffel Ronnie Shavlik Applebaum on a steal E. Kentucky scores, but State romps The highly rated and much publicized " Bevo " Francis came to Raleigh with his Rio Grande team for a try at a " big time " team, but State was too much for them. Mel Thompson and Vic Molodet led the ' Pack with 28 and 19 points respectively. " Bevo " hit for 34 points, and his shooting percentage was a fine 42.3% in a losing cause. State won 92-77. Another topflight A.A.U. team was defeated by the Casemen, the Peoria Caterpillars - Olympic representatives in 1952. This game proved once again that the ' Pack could handle the toughest assignments. High scorers in the game were Molodet for State and Bontemps for the Caterpillars with 18 points each. The Wolfpack fought from behind in the last half to get the 63-60 win. flash, Vic Molodet led the ' Pack to a 71-60 win over Pennsylvania. He had a tremendous night in which he made 10 out of 14 shots for the field and 8 out of 9 attempts from the free throw line--a total of 28 points. Helping him under the boards was another soph, Ron Shavlik, who grabbed 20 rebounds. State opened its defense of the Dixie Classic title against the 1953 N.I.T. champs, Seton In a close and hard fought battle, the State team emerged victorious by a 72-70 score. Molodet and Brooks of Seton Hall were the high scorers with 19 points each. On the following day Navy pulled the upset of the tournament in handing the Wolfpack an 85-75 defeat their first defeat in the history of the Christmas tourney. Mel Thompson tried in vain to keep the ' Pack ' s hopes alive with a 23 point effort, but the high scoring duo of Clune and Lange proved to be too much on this night. They scored 27 and 22 points respectively for the victorious Navel Academy. Wake Forest still had the jinx on State when they handed the Big Red an 86-79 loss in the third-place game, despite the 24 and 20 point performances of Thompson and Shavlik. Dave Gotkin Whitey Bell Dick Tyler Almost blocked by Thompson Scheffel steals against Duke The Statemen started the year off right by Villanova at Philadelphia 69-65. Virginia Tech was the next victim of the onslaught as the Big Red handed them a 91- 62 beating. The ' Pack was never headed, and Coach Case used twelve men in registering the victory. The ' Pack journeyed to Durham for an important conference battle with the Duke " Blue Devils " , new Dixie Classic champs. In a story-book finish, Duke overcame a huge State lead to win in the game ' s closing moments by an 87-85 score. In another conference skirmish, the ' Pack took care of South Carolina in a surprisingly close But the final score counts, and State came out ahead 68-62. Much to the delight of the Wolfpack followers was the next win over Wake Forest. State finally broke the jinx that had been extended to three games. Captain Mel Thompson led the parade with 29 points, and he held the visitors star, Dickie Hemric, to 13 points. Sweet revenge was echoed in the final score of 91-76. The ' Pack ' s next win was at the expense of arch- rival U.N.C. The game proved to be a rough and tumble affair with the visiting Statemen coming out on the long end of an 84-77 score. La Salle College of Philadelphia was the next foe. This intersectional clash brought two of the top teams along the East Coast at Raleigh. The game was close all the way with the leader never holding a comfortable margin. Finally the ' pack lost this heartbreaker to the visitors, the subsequent N.C.A.A. champions, by an 83-78 score. All-American Tom Gala lived up to all his press notices, and his all around ability and 24 point performance was the difference in the game. Vic Molodet played brilliantly in a losing cause and wound up as the game ' s high scorer with 26 points to his credit. In another intersectional battle, State played host to the ever-powerful St. Johns of Brooklyn. The ' Pack used the powerful pressing attack, and easily handed the " Redmen " an 84-61 setback. Vic Molodet and Mel Thompson led the ' Pack scoring with 21 and 19 points respectively. Throughout the game the Statemen continually capitalized on the mistakes of the visitors. Captain Thompson on defense Last second loss to Duke Bobby Adams Doug Kincaid Jim Stevenson The next important game was a return match with Villanova in Raleigh. Away from their home floor, the visitors were no match for the Wolfpack. The final score was 82-70. Once again the ' Pack was led by Molodet and Thompson. They scored a combined total of 43 with Mel getting 23 of them. Bino blocks? A shot? Lou Dickman Dave Kelley Cliff Dwyer He flies through the air again- Duke came to Raleigh for a game that was of the utmost importance to both participants. In a thrill-packed battle, the visitors won out again in a story-book fashion - a last second basket by a The final score was 90-89. It was a tough one to lose, but revenge was to come later. The ' Pack bounced right back to beat William and Mary 65-48. Ronnie Shavlik led the victors with a 16 point performance. Hot Potato Lou was fouled Herbie uses elbow Charleston, Charleston! Tyler in 3D The last two games before the Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament were vital ones. The ' Pack was pitted against Carolina and George The ' Pack finally won out over a stubborn team by a 57-48 score. The Big Red held onto the ball throughout the majority of the fourth The game ' s high scorer was State ' s Herb with 17 points. George Washington came to Raleigh rated as one of the top ten teams in the country, but this fact didn ' t seem to bother the hosts. The Wolfpack walked away with an 81-63 win due to the pressing attack. Shavlik and Thompson played forty minutes of terrific basketball and led the scoring with 22 and 21 points. This was the last game before the tournament to decide the conference champion, and the ' Pack offense was in high gear. State ' s first game in the Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament was against The Tarheels, as usual, gave the a tremendous battle before going down to defeat. Ronnie Shavlik played brilliantly; he scored 21 points and grabbed 17 rebounds. The final score was 52-51. Th e semi-finals found State facing Duke once more. The outcome was the win that counted the most. Once again Ronnie Shavlik played an outstanding game scoring 22 points and grabbing 18 rebounds. The game was sweet revenge for two previous losses to the Blue Devils durin g the regular season. In the championship game State faced their third " Big-Four " team in three days, Wake Forest. The Deacons came from behind with an amazing finish to tie the game at the end of the regular playing time, thus forcing on overtime period - their third in three games. The Wolfpack were a team, and won in the overtime 82-80. We thus became the first Atlantic Coast Conference Basketball Champions. The Wolfpack ventured to Duke indoor Stadium that Tuesday and defeated George Washington, the Southern Conference Champions, in the N.C.A.A. play-off game to decide the Southern representative to the Eastern N.C.A.A. Regionals playoffs in Philadelphia. The ' Pack lost a heartbreaker to La Salle, who went on to become the Champions. The next night we whipped Cornell to give us third place in the Eastern District of the N.C.A.A. Take one giant step State 81—G.W. 63 Poor Wake Forest Dixie Classic Tyler hits Shavlik off the boards DiNardo guards Shavlik? Get ' em Mel Size 11, Dick? Thompson pressed by Arnell STATISTICS Player Games Points Per game Thompson 33 597 18.1 Shavlik 33 512 15.5 Molodet 33 449 13.6 Tyler 33 280 8.4 Gotkin 33 196 6.0 Appelbaum 33 184 5.6 Bell 32 172 5.1 DiNardo 27 80 3.0 Dwyer 20 82 4.1 Scheffel 25 63 2.5 Dickman 19 23 1.3 Adams 8 13 1.6 Kincaid 5 7 1.4 Stevenson 5 4 0.8 Kelley 5 2 0.4 State Totals 33 2,661 80.6 Opponents ' Totals33 2,241 67.8 HONORS TEAM RECORD Mel Thompson Won 27, Lost 6 All-Conference—first team State 100 Furman University 74 N.C.A.A. Regional—first team State 99 Davidson College 41 All-Conference Tournament—first team State 69 Wake Forest College 81 Ronnie Shavlik State 67 Phillips Oilers 65 All-Conference—second team State 83 Eastern Kentucky 60 N.C.A.A. Regional—honorable mention State 89 Penn State College 74 State 92 Rio Grande College 77 All-Conference Tournament—first team State 63 Peoria Caterpillars 60 Vic Molodet State 71 Pennsylvania 60 All-Conference—second team State 72 Seton Hall 70 N.C.A.A. Regional—first team State 79 Wake Forest College 86 State 75 Navy 85 State 69 Villanova 65 State 91 Virginia Tech 62 State 85 Duke University 87 TEAM HONORS State 68 South Carolina 62 State 91 Wake Forest College 76 Atlantic Coast Conference Basketball Champions State 84 North Carolina 77 N.C.A.A. Regional—third place. State 78 LaSalle College 83 State 84 St. John ' s University 61 Season High ( Individual Players) State 80 William Mary 70 Total Points Scored—Ronnie Shavlik 31 against Duke State 82 Villanova 70 —Feb. 10, 1954 State 89 Duke University 90 State 65 William Mary 48 Field Goals Scored—Ronnie Shavlik 12 against Duke State 96 Virginia Tech 54 —Feb. 10, 1954 State 113 Clemson College 59 State 101 Davidson College 54 Free Throws Scored—Mel Thompson 16 against UNC State 57 North Carolina 48 —Jan. 19, 1954 State 81 George Washington 63 Free Throws Attempted—Mel Thompson 23 against UNC State 52 North Carolina 51 State 79 Duke University 75 —Jan. 19, 1954 State 82 Wake Forest 80 Total Rebounds 1 Game—Ronnie Shavlik 19 against 75 George Washington 73 —Feb. 27, 1954 2,661 Totals 2,241 baseball 1953 Coach Vic Sorrell Coach Sorrell Brinson Keystone Kids Season Record State 24 Pennsylvania 7 State 7 Michigan State 8 State 7 Lehigh 1 State 6 Ohio 9 State 3 Clemson 8 State 10 Carolina 4 State 7 Ithaca 0 State 4 Duke 12 State 6 South Carolina 5 State 4 Citadel 3 State 9 Wake Forest 4 State 6 Davidson 5 State 3 Duke 22 State 2 Carolina 12 State 4 Wake Forest 1 State 5 Duke 0 State 13 Davidson 7 State 2 Wake Forest 9 State 1 Wake Forest 4 State 6 Carolina 7 John Yvars All-Southern Eddie Morris Jack Turney baseball With the close of the 1953 season, the Wolfpack ' s record wasn ' t too impressive. Much more was expected of a team that finished out of the top four positions in the conference. The reason was a disappointing one to ' Pack supporters. Of course there were many contributing factors to the dismal reason. Much of the team ' s success depended on the three returning veterans who didn ' t come through. As it turned out, they all had a bad year when to the previous season. Eddie Morris, the big first baseman, couldn ' t get his long ball going until the tail end of the season. His big bat was sorely missed. Big things were expected of John Fuscoe, All-Southern the year before, but the center fielder had a bad year. The same goes for pitcher Ed Horbelt, whose arm was needed badly. On the squad, a few freshmen saw regular service. The boys were rusty and their inexperience showed in the clutch over the long grind. The season also had a few bright spots. Freshman Jack Yvars pitched a one-hitter against Duke, the conference champion and N.C.A.A. In the ball game he also hit a home run to help the 5-0 win 1953 BASEBALL SQUAD John Fuscoe Dick McGillis Ed Horbelt along. His brother, Johnny, was an All-Southern choice at shortstop, and Johnny led the Big Four batsmen with thumping .468 average. Also starring for the ' Pack was Carl Wyles, who alternated between the outfield and catcher. Working hard all season, he finished up with a well deserved .360 batting average. our Big Four opponents, Duke, Carolina and Wake Forest, we had four victories and six defeats. As usual the competition was at its best, and the pressure was just too great for the inexperienced players on the squad. On the closing day of the season, we lost a 7-6 to the Carolina Tarheels. The ball game lasted eleven innings, and showed all that the Wolfpack was always fighting for a victory. Everything being considered and with a few breaks on our side, the ball club might have gone to the top. The Statemen were in contention until the latter part of the season when a depressing slump took its toll. The outlook for the 1954 baseball season is fairly bright. On last year ' s squad many freshmen were called upon for regular service during the rough campaign. With a year of experience under their belts, the boys should turn in some fine performances i n the clutch. With the exception of first base, the whole infield will be returning for the coming season. After playing for a whole year, these men should help the team considerably. Whitley back on third, John Yvars at and Turney back at second completes the returning infield trio. At the present time Coach Sorrell is trying to fill the first base position. Jim Stevenson is the candidate for the job. In the outfield, Sonney Santoli will be back at his left field post, and Carl Wyles, the right fielder, returns for another year. Wyles alternated between the outfield and catcher last year, but this year he will be used in the latter position. In trying for some of the vacant positions, newcomers Norris and Speed have looked good in practice. This could be a big year if the sophomore pitchers came through. Big things are exected of Hargrove, .Hardison, and Jack Yvars. Since pitching is such an factor to a team ' s success, the fate of the ball club might very well be in the hands of these three men. cross country State College can be proud of its fine cross country team. This group has the distinction of being the first team champion of the newly formed Atlantic Coast Conference. Among the Wolfpack Harriers, winners of every meet, are such stars as Buzz Sawyer and Joe Shockley. Both of these boys were undefeated in regular season competition. Sawyer, the greatest distance runner in the history of the school, ended up seventh in the nation at the NCAA meet. Buzz also holds the school record for the four mile run, being clocked at 20:16 minutes. This record will stand for many years to come. Speaking of honors, Shockley is the Carolinas ' AAU champ. swimming RESULTS Ruppenthal, winner of 440 and 1,500 yard titles in the A.C.C. State 53 Duke 31 State 52 South Carolina 31 State 46 Pitt. 38 State 62 Carolina 32 State 50 Virginia 34 State 54 Davidson 28 State 50 Clemson 33 State 53 Carolina 31 The Wolfpack mermen captured the Championship of the newly formed Atlantic Coast Conference to climax an undefeated season. Coach Casey ' s boys took eleven of twelve individual titles in the meet to win this going away. This win ended the domination of this sport in the area by the Carolina Tarheels. During the regular season there were many special things that State College rooters won ' t forget for quite a time. The swimmers from North Carolina U. tasted their first defeat in 45 consecutive dual meets at the hands of the ' Pack. To prove it was no fluke, State thrashed them once again in Frank Thompson Gym. Down in Atlanta, Georgia, the Statemen tied for first place in the Southern Invitational Meet with the University of Florida. We took home the trophy on the flip of a coin. James Ruppenthal Sonia [228] Dunlap Arata Lynes Mattson The team was led by many individual stars. Bobby Mattson, the sensational All-American, broke the National Intercollegiate record for the 150 yard individual medley. Besides capturing the latter title in the conference, he also holds the 220 yard freestyle crown. Fred Ruppenthal, brilliant sophomore, was one of the top long distance free style men in the South. Helping to keep the team ' s record intact throughout the season were: Tommy Dunlap, conference backstroke Champ and ranked 9th in the country; Paul Arata, breaststroke king; Wilson James, medley relay; Don Sonia and Craig Lynes. State College has every right to be proud of its Championship team .... tennis As this year ' s Agromeck goes to press, the 1954 tennis team seems to be getting off to a slow start as it has already gone down to defeat at the hands of Michigan State, Dartmouth, and The success for the remainder of the season depends largely upon how quickly four or five sophomores become seasoned to match play. Last year ' s team, which finished with a 9-8 record and won its last seven in a row, had five lettermen graduating including the number 1, 2, and 3, positions on the team. Veterans Howie Greenberg and Peter Gough head the 1954 squad which Coach Kenfield feels is potentially as good as last year ' s team and may again finish strongly if good, but inexperienced players such as Bill Cashion, Gene Cross, Carl Coppersmith, Harry Reichard, Ted Funderburk, Henry McCoy, Tom Franz, and Don Brinkley can find themselves under the pressure of match play. Last year ' s opening matches against strong teams were equally disastrous but the team gained confidence and momentum as the season progressed. Coach Kenfield is hoping for a little repetition. wrestling The Wolfpack grapplers were a pleasant surprise to loyal fans this year. The boys that never make the front page as far as news is concerned really proved that and hard work pays off. They won the state championship as well as the Big Four crown. Although the team ' s record from a won-and-lost wasn ' t too impressive, the boys won the matches that counted the most. We beat Carolina, Duke, and Virginia Tech. The losses came at the hands of such worthy opponents as Virginia Military, Maryland, Virginia, and The Citadel. The team was led by Captain Don Taylor, and Don Tomlin, Captain of next year ' s squad. Taylor, an A minus student, was undefeated and won the conference in the 157 pound class. Coach Crawford calls him the best he has ever coached; he just started to wrestle in college, and he pinned boys who had been in competition for eight years. Tomlin was the 147 pound champ of the conference, and Joe Nicks was second in his class, being defeated only once. Next year ' s team should again be a threat when boys like Cherry, Henry, and Towensend will move up to the varsity from the Freshman Team. Don Tomlin Nardone on the Mat soccer The colorful mixture of players from several continents turned a mediocre season into one with many thrills for the talented Wolfpack booters. Coach Eric DeGroat proved once again that the calibre of soccer here at State College is nothing to be ashamed of. Looking at the final record of the team, one observes that the 3-6-1 mark doesn ' t look too impressive. The ' Pack gave a fine showing in every game, and many of these losses came against highly rated service teams. The season can be called a success since the boys and tied Carolina in two meetings. Individual players receiving honors were: Castro, and Aquerreurreta—all named to the conference honor roll. Bernie Fishman, the yearling goalie who kept Carolin a scoreless in his first varsity assignment, won honorable mention. golf The outlook for the Wolfpack golfers seems fairly bright. Coach Clogston gets his team together every year and does remarkably well considering the boys can only practice on week-ends. This year ' s squad might very well better their fourth place standing in the conference last year; the important factor is experience, since several of the boys played on last year ' s team. Number one player for the linksters is Peanut Jones. In the estimation of his coach, he could play at any school. Tommy Crockett is the Captain, and a fine golfer in his own right. Mel Deitch, a sophomore, is the best prospect for the future years. He hits a tremendous ball and should improve with every match. Bill Smith, Bud Edmondson, and Bill Edwards round out the rest of the fine squad. In the opening match this year, the ' Pack whipped Boston College 20 1 2-6 1 2. This win gives a warning to the foes of the future. The boys love to play, and they never give up intramurals intramurals 1952-53 Leaders FRATERNITIES Sigma Chi 1212 Sigma Nu 1055 P.K A 986 S.A.M. 894 S.A.E. 773 S.P.E. 762 Kappa Alpha 661 Lambda Chi 605 DORMITORIES Berry-Watauga 1284 Becton No. 1 1262 Vetville 891 Owen No. 1 770 Becton No. 2 636 Bagwell No. 1 613 Turlington No. 2 595 Owen No. 2 569 features Miss Barbara Flaster for David Sontag Editor, 1954 Agromeck Miss Kay Ryals for Lloyd Cheek Business Manager, 1954 Agromeck agromec staff sponsors Mrs jean joyce for Don Joyce Assistant Bus. Mgr. Miss Carolyn Singer for Fred Kleiman Fraternity Editor Miss Sharon Turlington for Tom Cooley Military Editor Miss Phyliss Aycock for T. K. Moore Fresh. Soph. Editor Mrs. Benjamin Rudikoff for Dick Rudikoff Organizations Editor Mrs. J.William Coleman for Jack Coleman Class Co-Ordinator Miss Sally Warren for John Gregg Advertising Mgr. Miss Joyce Slou for Howard Simon Sports Editor for James Steelman Business Manager, Agriculturist Mrs. James Steelman for Willard Wynn Editor, Agriculturist Mrs. W.K. Wynn Floyd R. Bennett President, Engineers Council Mrs. Floyd Bennett for Billy Oliver President, Campus Government Mrs. Billy Oliver for Gerald Hurst Business Manager, Southern Engineer Miss Glenna Sunderland Miss Jean Spivey for William Hagler Editor, Southern Engineer President, Consolidated University Student Council for Claude Layman President, Sigma Tau Sigma Mrs. William Layman for Larry Petty President, Interfraternity Council Mrs M. Petty for Gene L. Warren President, Junior Class Miss Vera Burris for Bill Nesbitt Chancellor, Alpha Zeta Mrs. N. J. Nesbitt for Lloyd Cheek President, Thirty and Three Mrs. M. Cheek for Jerry A. Jones Business Manager, Technician Mrs. Jerry A. Jones NORTH CAROLINA, U.S.A. A DASH OF RED ON YOUR MARKS, GET SET.... SHE SAID YES CAN YOU NAME THIS BUILDING? DEAR MOTHER AND NO SATURDAY CLASSES AND.... STUDENT LANDSCAPING DIG THAT CRAZY GRASS TENNIS, ANYONE? MY MOTHER LOVED ME, BUT SHE DIED WHERE THE WOLFPACK HOWLS! ...AIRY DORMITORY ROOMS AND... Compliments of F.D. CLINE PAVING COMPANY RALEIGH, N. C. Compliments of WHITE TRANSPORTATION COMPANY RALEIGH, N.C. Congratulations to the SENIORS of 1954 Norman ' s Leo Robinson Houn ' Dog Adams Goose Goss D.Jones Hot Willie Blanton Archie Spiers Norman DeLancy On leave of Absence Latest Clothes for the College Man KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BIG 8 STUDENT SERVICE CENTERS " All Over The Campus " OF NORTH CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE MAIN STORE AND OFFICE NORTHWEST WING YMCA BUILDING THE TECHNICAL PRESS Quick Service in Multilith Offset Printing Textbooks — Lab. Manuals — Special Forms SYME COFFEE SHOP NORTHWEST CORNER SYME HALL TUCKER SNACK BAR TUCKER DORMITORY WATAUGA BOOK SHOP WEST SIDE WATAUGA DORMITORY QUAD CANTEEN UPPER QUADRANGLE COUNTRY HOUSE ALEXANDER TURLINGTON COURT SHUTTLE INN SNACK TEXTILE BUILDING STUDENTS SUPPLY STORES These stores are owned operated by North Carolina State College Scholarship Fund Under Direction of L. L. IVEY, General Manager 1919-1954 Compliments of TIRE SALES AND SERVICE CO. Hillsboro Street RALEIGH, N. C. NORTH CAROLINA EQUIPMENT COMPANY Construction, Industrial and Logging Equipment International Industrial Power RALEIGH - GREENVILLE - WILMINGTON GREENSBORO - CHARLOTTE - ASHEVILLE Covers by Kingskraft QUALITY CONCRETE N. C. PRODUCTS Pershing Road RALEIGH Phone 4-2557 Olive Street KINSTON Phone 2514 NORTH CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE PRINT SHOP ruling printing designing binding LOCATED ON THE CAMPUS OF North Carolina State College Cor. of Dunn Ave. - Dan Allen Dr. HERRING SASH DOOR CO., INC. LUMBER BUILDING MATERIALS Stock Millwork and Complete Woodworking RALEIGH, N. C. Chatham Blankets America with good blankets from their mills at Elkin, Charlotte and spray in North Carolina In Raleigh It ' s the SIR WALTER Arthur E. Buddenhagen, Mgr. In Durham It ' s the WASHINGTON DUKE Wm. E. Stubbs, Mgr. Two of North Carolina ' s finest hotels MEYER HOTELS ERIE CITY BOILERS LANE SAW MILLS BUDA POWER UNITS McDONOUGH BAND RESAWS TOWER EDGERS TRIMMERS DELTA WOODWORKING MACHINERY Dillon Supply Company Raleigh Durham Rocky Mount Goldsboro Compliments of Reynold ' s Coliseum Compliments Of Reynold ' s Coliseum SAY ROYAL BAKING COMPANY RALEIGH, N.C. Bamby Bread FINE CLASS RINGS ANNOUNCEMENTS YEARBOOKS AWARDS JOSTENS Since 1897 Representative L. C. CHILES 611 Colonial Drive HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA Nello L. Teer Comppany Contractors Engineers Airports, Highways, Dams Asphalt Paving and All types of Earthmoving DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA Congratulations to the Graduating Class! and Wishing you every success in your career AMERICAN EFIRD MILLS, INC. Spinners and Processors of Natural and Synthetic Fiber MOUNT HOLLY, NORTH CAROLINA Anywhere... Anytime You Trust its Quality BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA COLA COMPANY BY THE CA PITAL COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY RALEIGH, N.C. Compliments of A.B. CARTER, INCORPORATED OPERATING MILL DEVICES COMPANY GASTONIA, NORTH CAROLINA CARTER TRAVELER COMPANY GASTONIA, NORTH CAROLINA BENTLEY SIMON, Inc. 7 West 36th Street NEW YORK 18, N. Y. Manufacturers of CHOIR GOWNS PULPIT ROBES CAPS, GOWNS, HOODS FOR ALL DEGREES Outfitters to over 3000 Schools, Colleges, and Churches Congratulations to the State College Seniors from HUDSON-BELK COMPANY RALEIGH, N. C. EYE - LURING ... MOJUD NYLON STOCKINGS So sheer ... So sleek ... So smooth fitting Ask for them at better stores everywhere MOJUD CO., INC. GREENSBORO, N. C. With the best wishes of CIBA 627 Greenwich Street New York 14, N. Y. BOSTON - CHICAGO - CHARLOTTE PROVIDENCE - SAN FRANCISCO PHILADELPHIA Job P. Wyatt Sons Co. FARM EQUIPMENT HARDWARE SEEDS PAINTS INSECTICIDES RALEIGH, N. C. FOLLOW THE WOLFPACK ON WNAO 850 Kc. VIEW TOP PROGRAMS ON WNAO-TV CHANNEL 28 Serving RALEIGH—DURHAM WHERE ARE YOU GOING? In only a few years now you will be establishing your own home—somewhere. Will you settle somewhere else or come back home? Before you decide, be sure to look around carefully at the advantages of the Carolinas—the opportunities for a full and profitable life—the chance to live and work in a growing and progressive area and to help build an even Finer Carolina in the years ahead! CAROLINA POWER LIGHT COMPANY Congratulations to the graduating class from MANMUR BOWLING CENTER COLEY ' S ESSO SERVICE CENTER NOWELL ' S SONOCO Precision Paper Products SONOCO—the world ' s largest manufacturer of cones, tubes and thousands of other paper textiles carriers! Ever since 1899, when Sonoco started in a rented ware- house with three employees, progress has been its byword. Now with plants South Carolina, Connecticut, California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Indiana, Canada and Mexico, it is still progressive—progressive in research and product development which has met every demand of the ever-changing textile industry. For more than 50 years, Sonoco " know how " has produced products which have become standard of the world, wherever textiles are made. SONOCO PRODUCTS COMPANY MAIN OFFICE—HARTSVILLE. S. C. MYSTIC, CONN. LOS ANGELES, CAL. BRANTFORD, ONT. LOWELL, MASS. PHILADELPHIA, PA. AKRON. IND. GARWOOD. GRANBY, QUEBEC MEXICO: Sonoco de Mexico, S. A., Apartado 10239, Mexico, D. F. DEPENDABLE SOURCE OF SUPPLY WALLER SMITH PHOTOGRAPHERS Designers and engravers of the South ' s finest school publications LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA WORKING TOGETHE R Working together is the theme of the OBSERVER PRINTING HOUSE publications department. We cannot do our best work without your assistance—you cannot expect to get the best results from your efforts without willing assistance and cooperation from your printer. ARTISTS AND CRAFTSMEN WORK TOGETHER IN CREATING IMPRESSIVE AND LASTING RECORDS OF YOUR YEARS IN

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