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V FRANK SOLING EDITOR LEE WENSIL BUSINESS MANAGER PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF NORT CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE, RALEIGH, N. C The staff ot the 1953 Agromeck proudly presents this leather-bound tribute to the thou- sands of individuals who eomprise the student body ol North Carolina State College. We have endeavored to show a pictorial analysis of a year ' s acti ' ity at State College. If we have succeeded in this purpose and given you a lasting memory of " State, " our efforts are well rewarded. ,t ' ;K (DsdiadimL True greatness can not be defined by words. It can only be personified by tbe living example of a truly great person. Such an example may be found in the unselfish contributions of Dr. John Harold Lampc, Dean of the School of Engineering. Through his in- terest and guiding support, the School of Engineering, North Carolina State College, and our educational system ha ' e progressed steadily towards a brighter and more promising future. To you, Dean Lampe, for your enthusiasm in our activities— for your untiring efforts to develop the potentialities of State— for your unfaltering friendship, we sincerely dedicate this, our annual of 1953. DR. JOHN HAROLD LAMPE i j r COLLEGE ADMINISTRATION FACULTY COUNCIL J. W. Harrelson Clunucllnr. CUttirwau J. H. Hilton Dean, School of Aitriculture G. H. BOSTIAN Director of Instrnctiou H. L. Kamphoefner Demi. School of Design J. B. KiRKLAND Di-.iii, School of Educiilioii ]. H. Lampe Dean. School of Enoineerin W. E. Adams Direclnr of Instruction R. J. Preston Dean. School of Porestrr M. E. Campbell Dciiii, School of Texliles W. L. Mayer t ' ireetnr n ' nis nilifin D. B. Anderson Associate Dean Graduate School D. S. Weaver Director, A ricttlture Extension Sen ' ice ]. W. Shirley Dt ' uii, School of General Sttldies J. G. Vann Assistant Controller . N. Anderson Directin- o Student Persinmel E. L. Cloyd Dean of Students W. Kerb Scott Governor of North Carolhni William D. Carmichael, Jr. Controller of the Consolidateii University Gordon Gray President of the Consolidated Universilv John W. Harrelson Chutteellor of North Curoliua Slitte College E. L. Cloyd Dean of Students Banks Talley Assistant Dean of Sfiiiiciifs VV. L. JVIayer Director of Registration J. G. Vann Assistant Controller Dr. R. X. Anderson Director of Student Personnel J. II. I liLTON. Dean SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE Agriculture is basic to North Carolina ' s whole economv. Today changes are taking place in the state ' s agriculture which will have a profound effect on the lives of all of our people. The School of Agriculture is attuned to the training of men to meet these new changes in the various fields of agricultural sciences. Various curricula have been developed which will enable students to select the field of work in which they are most interested and best qualified to serve. DEPARTMENT HEADS C. II. BosTiAN, Director of Instruction D. S. Weaver, Agriculture Extension Division R. W. Cum MINGS. AoriciiJturcil HcsearcJi H. B. James, AgriciiUurul Economics L. E. Cook, Af ricultnral Education G. VV. Giles, AgrivJiltural Enf inecrinii W. E. CoLWELL, A rojionir E. H. HosTETLER, Aiiiuiul llushoiiiiry D. V. CoLVARD, Animal luiiustry D. B. Anderson, Biolo ical Sciences R. S. Dearstvne, Pouflry Science M. E. Gardner, Hoj-iiculljire SCHOOL OF DESIGN DEPARTMENT HEADS E. F. Catalano, Architecture E. G. Thuelow, Landscape ArcJntecture L. A. Enersen, Landscape Architecliire The ScIkjoI of Design is devoted to the development ol organie arehiteeture and the related arts to meet the needs and conditions of the southern regions. As the only Department of Architecture in the State and the onlv Department of Landscape Architecture in the region, the opportunities are unlimited for the school ' s graduates to contribute to the solution ol problems in building design, planning and general construction. Heniiv L. KAi iPH(;EFNhK, Deini J. H. La.mve, Dean SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT HEADS V. E. Adams, Director of htstruction W. W. Kriegel, Ceramic E. M. ScHOENBOR?;, Clientical R. E. Fadum. Civil C. G. Brenxecke. EJectriciil G. V. Smith, Mechanics X. A ' . Conner. Research J. L. Stuckey, Geoloo D. E. Henderson, Industrial K. P. Hanson. Mechanical R. B. Rice, Enoines The School of Engineering offers technical and engineerin g instruction to meet the needs of the people and industries of North Carolina. In keeping with the rapid industrial development in North Carolina, the School of Engineering is an effective contributor through its modern educational program and research activities. The school ' s curricula and outstanding research department provide educational facilities for students who seek an opportunity to be a part of the industrial and scientific growth of the State. SCHOOL OF TEXTILES Continuous development of new fibers, new fabrics, new processes and equip- ment has made the textile industry not inlv the second largest, but also one of the most colorful, most fascinating, and most dynamic in our economic life. With new and improved technology in the Textile Industry, there comes a demand for men with technical training to meet and solve its problems. It is the main objective of the School of Textiles to provide the training in Textiles which, coupled with practical experience following graduation, equips young men to assume positions of real responsibility in the industry. DEPARTMENT HEADS C. M. AsBiLL, Research Enahieer H. F. ScHiEFER, Research E. B. Grover. Yarn Manufacturing T. R. Hart, Director of Instruction H. A. Rutherford, Chemistry £- Dyeino B. L. V ' hittier, Fabrics W. E. Shinn ' , Knitting G. H. DuNLAP, Techuica} Cmisiiltant . 1. E. Campbell, Dean I. BllVANT KiRKLAND, l ' )Cilll SCHOOL OF EDUCATION The School of Education offers the training required to attain a teacher ' s certificate in Mathematics and Science, Vocational Agriculture, Industrial Arts, and Industrial Education. The curriculum in each of these departments is de- signed tu aid prospective teachers in accjuiring an understanding of high school students and in selecting and using acceptable teaching methods. The school also provides undergraduate training for recreation leaders in industrial and rural areas. DEPARTMENT HEADS L. E. Cook, Agriciihunil Education Ivan Hostetler, hidnstrinl Arta L. B. Berks, Industrial Ediicalion T. I. HiNES, Industrial Rurtil Recreation R. N. Anderson, Occupational Guidance D. J. MoFFIE, P.src io ogv SCHOOL OF FORESTRY DEPARTMENT HEADS D. A. Steciieu, Wood Products Laboratory R. M. Carter, Wood Utilization T. E. Maki, Forest Management Programs are offered at the graduate lexcl for those who wish to attain further professional development in these fields. The growing demand for forest products, coupled with the progressive deple- tion of the forests, has brought a rapid increase in the demands for trained foresters. Forests are one of the most important and fundamental resources of the Southeast. Wood products industries rank second to textiles as a source of employment in manufacturing. The School of Forestry offers undergraduate and graduate instruction in the fields of forest management, wood technology, pulp technology, and lumber products merchandising. R. |. Preston, Dean J. W. SiiTHLEY, Dean BASIC DIVISION DEPARTMENT HEADS L. C. Hartley, EnaUsh P. W. Edsall, History Politiciil Science H. A. Fisher, Mathematics L. E. HiNKLE, Modern Lnnaua es W. N. Hicks, Philosophy and Reliaion P. H. Derr, Physical Education G. A. GuLLETTE, Social Studies Sanford Winston, Sociolooy R. O. MoEN, Economics A ' c feel we are training leaders for great responsibilities. As the problems whieh they must solve will never be free of ecfmomic, social and cultural impli- cations, so must their education combine the humanities and social sciences with their technical studies. In co-operation with the various schools of the college, the Division has planned its program for all students with the conviction that familiaritv with the humanities and social sciences must coincide with thorough technical training to provide the background for responsible citizenship and for intelligent leadership. GRADUATE DIVISION The Graduate Division provides graduate training in the sciences and tech- nologies of Agriculture Engineering, Textiles, and Vocational Teacher Training. Graduate students have the advantages offered by the Agriculture Experiment Station, the Engineering Experiment Station, and the Research Laboratories of the Textile School, in addition to the regular laboratories used for instruction. Individually developed courses of study lead to the degrees of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy. DEPARTMENT HEADS R. W. CuMMiNGS, Agrici( fi(re D. J. MoFFiE, Psycholoi y G. W. Smith, Engineerjug Mechanics W. E. Shinn, Tertiles E. M. Schoenborn, Chemical Enyineerina D. B. Anderson, Dear, GRADUATE, FIFTH YEAR AND UNDERGRADUATE GRADUATE STUDENTS Neal Patterson Alexander, -X Charlotte, N. C. Mechanical Enffr. • Arthur Alexander Armstrong, Jr. Gastonia, N. C. Chettiical Eiiar. Sioma Xi; Phi Kappii Phi; Gamma Sigma Epsilcin; Knights i( Si. Patrick: A.I.Ch.E. Ivan Charles Atkinson Raleisjh, N. C. Nuclear Ettgr. Major. LI. S. .- ir Force. • Than Tun Aung Rangoon, Burma • James Lesesne Bennett Hcndersonville, N. C. Fifth Year Arch. Student Chapter A. I. .A. • John Alexander Bjorkland Evanston, III. Nuclear Enar. Walter Emmette Blue, Jr. Southern Pines, N. C. Fifth Year Arch. Student Chapter .A. I. A.; .Alderman West Haven (1). • Conway Anderson Bolt Marshville, N. C. Engineering PliYsics RuFus Guy Coulter Maiden, N. C. Fifth Year Arch. • Charles Glenn Deese, TKE Kannapolis, N. C. Nuclear En r. Tan Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Scabbard and Blade. • Vincent Anthony DeGutis Hampt in, Va. Architecture Student C ' haptcr .A.L.A.; School of Design Magazine Stall; Regional Editor National Student .A. I., A. Magazine. • Jorge VV. De Los Rios Lima, Peru Animal Industry C ilee Club; Westminster Fellowship; Col- lege Union; Cosmopolitan Club. • Clyde Henry Dorsett, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Fif( i Year Arch. • Robert Giles Ellis Fresno, Cal. Nuclear Engx- Tau Beta Pi. President (5); Phi Kappa Pill; Ph sics Club. • iMax L. Erwin South Bend. Ind. Nuclear En r. [18] Jack Fleischer Chapel Hill, N. C. Hx)}. Stat. John Joseph Gajda Cheshire, Mass. Textile Mft. Russell Gminder Salisbury, N. C. Nuclear Eii r. Sigma Pi Alpha; A.I.P.; A.A.P.T.; A.P.S.; S.A.M.E.; N.C.A.S. JOSVE CiuilERREzA ' lLLEGAS Medellin, Colombia, S. A. Civil Enar. John Burgwin Hewett New London, N. C. A . Education F.F.A.: Ao. Club. Samuel Carter Hodges, Jr., TKE Durham, N. C. Fifth Year Arch. Sliuient Chapter A.I.. . Roderick Marion Horton Zebulon, N. C. Ag. Education Abbes Gholi Khajeh-Nouri Tehra, Iran Statistics Committee of Music. Maung Maunc Khin Rangoon, Burma Walter Joseph Klubowicz Fairhaven, Mass. Textile Mft. Phi Psi. Ave Kyaw Mandalav, Burma Fredy Albert Laesseh Olten, Switzerland Textile Trilok Behari Lal Rajasthan, India Plant Patholo Y • Clement Manly Llewellyn, Jr. Concord, N. C. Fifth Year Geoloaical Enar. a.i.m.e! • Abdul Waheed Malik Pakistan Horticulture GRADUATE STUDENTS [19] GRADUATE STUDENTS Hector Martinez Colombia, S. A. Textile Fencing C ' lub. Paul Davis Miller, Jr. Statesville, N. C. Clieniical Eusr. Tha Mya Mandalav, Burma Whittie J. McCooL Kannapolis, N. C. Nuclear Eti r. John William Niestlie, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Nuclear Eiiffr. Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; A.I.P. Maung Aung Nyun Tavov, Burma Agronomy GoRDHANBHAI ChATURBHAI PaTEL Bombay, India Aff ' onotny Gordon Madison Prine Valdosta, Ga. A roiioiiiy Eimahdy Eimahdy Said Cairo, Egypt Exp. Statistics Dev Raj Sharma Bombay. India Prem Prakash Singh Jullunder, India Textile Mft. Sigma Tau Sigma. • Frederick Otto Smetana Concord, N. C. Mech. Engr. QAero. Opt.} Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Pi Alplia; Plii Eta Sigma; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and HIadc; V ' AVP; Publications Board; E. ' .S. (T.M.); Armed Forces Com- munication Assn. Gerald Elliott Smith Barnc ' sville. Ga. Uorlicullure RoBERTus Hardjopertomo Soedibjo Slcman-Joojakarta, Indonesia Textile Mft. • George Eugene Spain Henderson, N. C Agronomy [20] Mohammed Sulyman Peshawar, Pakistan Plant Ecol. James Stokes Travis, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Industrial Arts Ed. President Epsilon Pi Tau; Phi Kap- pa Phi; Industrial Arts Club. Kuo-Chuan Woo Hong Kong, China Textile Mft. Sigma Tau Sigma. Fred Murphey Taylor Kinston, N. C. Fifth Year Arch. Phi Eta Sigma; School of Design Magazine, Bus. Mgr. (5); A.I.A. (2, 3. 4, 5), Sec. (4J; Honor Council (3, 4). James Harry Way Coatesville, Pa. Chemical Engr. Clyde Thomas Young Carrboro, N. C. Animal Industry QAnimal Nutr. Alpha Zeta. Otto Teszlar Flushing, N. Y. Textile Chemistry Sigma Pi Alpha; Delta Kappa Phi; A.A.T.C.C. Donald Bruce Winecoff, Lexington, N. C. Fifth Year Arch. Beaux Arts; A.I.A. Sanford Eugene Younts, FH Lexington, N. C. Agriculture GRADUATE STUDENTS [21] Archie Alan I Iorne President James D. Foster Vice-President Edward G. I Iill Secreiarv Maxwell R. Thurman Treasiirer OFFICERS OF THE SEniOR CLASS [22] Daniel Keith Abee Hickory, N. C. Math. Education Radio Club (3). 9 David Arthur Adams Bay Village. Ohio Wildlife Coiisv. Mgt. Alpha Zcta; Phi lit.i Siwrna; Scah- hard and Blade; Lt-opold Wildlife So- ciety, Sec. C- ); Intramural Boxing (1, 2). • PiHLip White Adams Merry Hill, N. C. Forest Mgt. Soccer Team (2, 3, 4); Rifle Team (O; Forestry Club (1, 2, 3, 4). • William Elton Adams, Jr. Raleigh. N. C. Mechanical Etigr. A.S.M.E.; A.F.R.O.T.C. Rifle Team (1, 2, 3). • Atif Mehmet Aksel Istanbul, Turkey Textile Delia Kappa Phi; Tennis Team (4 • RoLPH Albert, ' f ' En High Point. N. C. Mechanical Engr. A.S.M.E. • Chet Hobson Allen High Point. N. C. Furniture Mft. Mgt. Student Furniture Club (2. 3. 4). Sec.-Treas. (4); Forest Products Re search Society (2. 3. 4); Indus. Enor. Dept. Rep. to Honor Council (4); Jr.-Sr. Dance Decoration Comm. (3 ; Y.M.C.A. Fellowship Comm. (1, 2, • Ruth Elizabeth Allen Savannah, Ga. Exp. Statistics Ag. Club; .4 ric7iltnrisf; Colleoe Union Dance. Social and Activities Comm.; Co Ed Club. • Robert J. Allison, Jr. Swannanoa, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. • Bernard Rex Allman Parkersburg, W. Va. Textiles Monogram Club; Football (I, 2, 3, 4); Wrestling (1); Track (1). • Francis Oliver Alston Littleton, N. C. Ag. Education Kappa Phi Kappa. e Clifton Roosevelt Ammons Raleigh, N. C. Agr. Bio. Chemistry Society of Ag. and Biol. Chemists. [23] Ralei N. C. Animal Industry AinXBal lintwtTT Clnl .Ag. Onb. CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE James Waeejes Abmfield, 2. E Hi Point, N. C. Induitrial Eng . Ken ' eth M. Abmstironc Belmont, N. C. Electrical Engr. Intrajnural SprjrU CI, 2, 3, 4j, Coansek r. Guss H. Atkins Middleburg, N. C- Lumher Products Forestry Fore»tn- Clab; Hanoi Conimittee. School Chaeees Aelejc Aveea W ' initoD-Salem, X. C. Industrial Eng . Thomas Lejsoie Avery, 2AE Southern Pines, N. C. Cirfl Engr. Chi E|»ikiD rj, 4j; ASX.E. (2, J, 4y; Student Gov ' t, C4a Ceop.ce Selim Bakoss Ba ra, Ashar, Iraq Textile Mft. Delu Ka| pa Phi 3:,, Vke-Prei. (4); S.. .M.; CoHnopolitan Club. James Eare Baldwin, Jr. Biscoe, N. C. Civil Engr. Br ' UM B. Bastner, Jr., W ' i)ke boro, .v. C. Cmi r- - CTii I: 11 KA Joseph . . P.alei , N. C. Ag. Education James Millard Barker, Jr. Nf rton, Va. Forcrt Afgt. Alpha Phi Omega, Treat. C3); rofe«n- CluV, fiturlum fl, 2, 3, 4.); Slfl n cr l- ' 4ifiZ ' Fditor ' ' 2). James Gbajst Barlow Lenoir, N. C. Conslruclion Glee Club; A.S.C.E.; OJIege Un- ion . fu»ic Comm. Clifton Odell Barnes Lucama, N. C. Agronomy A.S.A.A. • Jack Walston Barnes Nashville, N. C. Ag. Education Kiipna Phi Knpna, Mcc-Pres. (• ); Pres. F.F.A. C4). • Neal Alexander Barnes Angier, N. C. Ag. Engr. A.S.A.E. • James Passmore Barrett Charlotte, N. C. Eorest Mgt. Intramural Basketball (1, 2); In- tramural Softball (2, 4); Y.M.C.A.; College Union Dance Comm.; For- estry Club; Charlotte Club. • Andrew J. Batchelor, I KT Sharpsburg, N. C. Electrical Engr. Eta Kappa Nu; A.I.E.E.: I.R.E.; Engineers Council; ' ' WP, Board of Directors; ' ice Pres. Colleoe Union Chess Club; Pres. N. C. State Chess Club; ' ice Pres. Amateur Radio Club; Civic Music, Honor Cnmm. (3, 4) Dormitor - Floor Representative Campus Chess Champion (4), ' 4.ATC; College Union Outing Club; .Astronom ' Club. • William Hill Batchelor HKA Rocky Mount, N. C. Civil Engr. • John Robin Baucom, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Animal Industry (D. H.) • H. ' AVNE Real, Jr., -f-KT Burlington, N. C. Construction Pres. Phi Kappa Tau; A.S.C.E.; Intramural Sports (3, 4). • John Aaron Beam, Jr. Vale, N. C. Industrial Engr. Sec. A.I.E.E.; College Band. • Stephen Douglas Bean Wodburn, Mass. Forest Mgt. Forestr ' Club. • Harry Geddie Beard Fayetteville, N. C. Ag. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; F.F..A. • Johnnie Kent Beck Lexington, N. C. Animal Industry Ag. Club; 4-H Club; Animal In- dustry- Club. r C ' V:f$i 0 [25] Tm CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Alfred Lamar Bell Wilmington, N. C. Mechanical Eiigr. QAero. Oj (.) Pi Tau Sigma, Cones. Sec. (4); I.Ae.S. (1, 2, 3, 4), Pres. (4); En- gineers Council (3, 4). Roger Quentin Bell Manteo, N. C. Wildlife Cons. Mgt. VN ' ildlife Society. Enrique Benitez C. Victoria Tamps, Mexico Textile Mft. Gerald C. Bennett Raleigh, N. C. Animal Husbandry W ' eslev Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4); Animal Industry Club; Ag. Club; V.M.C.A. (1). James Herbert Bennett Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Industrial Engr. Fiiniiture Mft. Mgf. Furniture Club (2); Forest Prod- ucts Research Society (2), Sec.-Treas. (1); .. .I.I.E. (1). JAMES R. Benson, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Meclianical Engr. ' lLLL M E. BeRNER Svvannanoa, N. C. Textile Mft. Sigma Tau Sigma; Sec. Phi Psi; Captain, Scabbard and Blade; Aqui- nas Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Phi Kappa Phi. Marc Joseph Besso, ' I ' KT Wcstmount, Canada Te. ti es C ' adet Officers -Asso. C3); Inter- national Club. Rene Orville Bideaux Meadville, Pa. Forest Mgt. Alpha Phi Omega (3, 4); Forestry Club (3, 4); Wesley Foundation (3, 4), Pres. (4). Doyle R. Bigcerstaff Shelby, N. C. Dairy Mft. iMu Beta Psi; Technician (2); Fenc- ing (1, 2, 4); Band; .-Vg. Club. Frank A. Billings Dudley, N. C. Construction A.S.C.E.; Intramurals. William Winston Black Franklinton, N. C. CoiiSfriictioK Thomas Edward Blai kui ldfm I KT Concord, i . C. Mechanicr.l Enor. Ralph Jones Blalock. Jii. Charlotte. X. C. Mechanical Eiigr. ( Aero. Opt.) I.Ae.S. • McDonald Bland, BX Greenville, N. C. Construction ' illiam M. Blanton, Jr. i:4 E Charlotte, N. C. Lumber Proditcts Mft. Mds . Tt ' ditiician (2); Forest Products Research Society (3, 4); Forestry Club (2). James Green Blevins Meadow View, Va. Alechanical Engr. A.S.M.E. • NoR-MAN Edward Bobbitt Durham, X. C. Textile Mft. Delta Kappa Phi. • Gerald Dean Boles Hamptonville, N. C. Ag. Education Kappa Phi Kappa. • John Koon Bolick Newton, X. C. Electrical Engr. A.I.E.E. • Percy Gr. y Bolick, Jr., ;:n Dobson, X. C. Construction .Arnold .Air Society (3, 4); A.F.- R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); A.G.C. (3); I.-Ac.S. (1); Intramural Sports (1, 2, 3). Robert Pelham Bolton, Jr. Rocky Mount, N. C. Constriictimt George Joseph Boltz, - £ Pottsville, Pa Textile Mgt. ■ Knitting Delta Kappa Phi (3); S.-A.M. (3). • Brantley Cleveland Booe, Jr. U ' inston-Salem, X. C. Mechanical Engr. Arnold .Air Society; A.S.M.E. [27]. CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Carson H. Boone, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Coustruction A.S.C.E.; A.G.C.; College Union Theater Comm.: Inlramurals C3 ' )- Marcus Russell Bostian Claremont, N. C. Agronomy Harold R. Boyette Hamlet, N. C. Mechanical Engr. Pi Tau Sigma, Rec. Sec. (3), Corres. Sec. (4)i A.S.M.E.; Phi Eta Sigma. Raymond Bradley ' Whitakers, N. C. Agronomy .■ o. club; Cadet Officers Association. John Blake Brady, - E Rural Hall, N. C. Furniture Mft. Mgt. Furniture Club; Forest Products Research Society; Interfraternitv Ath- letics (2, 3, 4); I.E. Honor Comm. Rep. (4); Sigma Plii Epsilon Social Chairman (4). Wilbur D. Bragdon Millinocket, Maine Electrical Engr. A.I.E.E.; Radio Club. James Lowell Brake, AXA Rocky Mount, N. C. Ind. Rural Rec. Basketball Mgr. (1, 2, 3, 4). Pressley B. Brawley Mooresville, N. C. Textiles Richard H. Brehm, III, 2AE Philadelphia, Pa. Textile Chem. Dyeing Phi Psi; Sigma Tau Sigma; A.A.T.C.C; S.. .M.; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Class Sec. (I); Tompkins Te. tile Council (3); Cadet Officers Asso. Earl H. Brevoort Wake Forest, N. C. Animal Industry Alpha Chi Rho. Robert M. Brinkley Marion, N. C. Agronomy Roland Grey Brinson Wilson, N. C. Ind. Rural Rec. B.iseball (1, 2, 3, 4), Capt. (3, 4). James Claud Britt Fayetteville, N. C. Textile (S)■HfJ e(ics) Monogram Clulj; Football (1, 2, 3, 4). • FuRNEv White Brittain Dover. N. C. Ag. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; F.I- ' .A ■ Ae. Club. • Robert Willis Brittain, ATI ' Brevard, N. C. Ag. Engineering Golden Chain; Blue Key, Cones. Sec; Alpha Zeta: Scabbard and Blade; Agriculturist (4); Pres. Westminster Fellowship; Sec, Beporter. A.S.A.E.; y.M.C.A. Cabinet. • Eldridge Whittford Brock Bunnlevel. N. C. Agronomy Ao. Club; Agronomy Club. • Jefferson Davis Brooks, III Raleigh, N. C. Construction Phi Eta Sigma; 30 3. • Benjamin Harold Brown Rockwell, N. C. Hortictiltiire ( Flori. Horticulture Club, Pres. (3); Floriculture Club. • Denots R. Brown, En Carteret, N. J. Textiles Delta Kappa Phi; Kappa Tau Beta. • Emily Catherine Brown Fayetteville, N. C. Civil Engr. Delta Delta Delta; .A.S.C.E.; Engi- neers Council; Cheerleader (2). • Lindbergh Long Brown Beulaville, N. C. Agronomy A.S.A.; As. Club • James Carlton Bryan Rich Square, N. C. Industrial Engr. Pres. Golden Chain; Theta Tau; A.I.I.E.; Arnold .Air Society; Greater University- Student Council; N. C. State Colleoe Student Council; Pub- lications Board: Pres. Junior Class; Dormitory Bldg. Mgr. Ray Arthur Bryan, K2 Guldsboro, N. C. Construction • Edgar Thomas Bryant Stedman, N. C. Ind. Rural Rec. Baseball (1. 2. 3. 4). [29] George S. BuMGAR fER Wilkesboro, N. C. Civil Eiigr. ASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Jack W. Burnette, 2N E ansville, Ind. Textile Cheni. Dyeing Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau Sigma C3, 4). Pres. (4); Tompkins Textile Council (3. 4), Pres. (4); A.A.T.C.C. C3, 4); R.O.T.C.; D.M.S.; Dormitory Counselor; Interfraternity Athletics (3, 4). William P. Burney Glendale. Cal. Electrical Engr. Pi; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Tau Beta ' WP. William Curtis Burns, " HvT Atkinson, N. C. Mechanical Engr. Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Intra- murals (1. 2. 4); A.S.JM.E. (2, 3); Interfratemitv Council (3); Oeparl- mental Honor Comni. (3, 4), Chair- man (4). William F. Caddell, Jr. Aberdeen, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E.; College Union (3); Cadet Officers Asso. Aubrey L. Calton, Jr. Lattimore, N. C. Electrical Engr. A.I.E.E. Robert F. Carlson, IIKA Greensboro, N. C Indtistrial Engr. Theta Tau; A.I.I.E.; S.A.M.; Tech- jiicitin; Swimming Team (1, 2); X ' ice-President Freshman Class; Treas. Campus Gov ' t. (4); Monogram Club; Sec. Engineers Council (4). Duncan D. Carmichael Kingsport, Tenn. Textile Chem. Dyeing Phi Psi; Pres. A.A.T.C.C. Guy Elmer C arrow, AX. Williamston, N. C. Geol. Engr. Vice-Pres. Lambda Chi .Alpha (3), Pres. C4); Interfraternity Council (4). F.F.A (2, 3). Roosevelt Cartret Clarendon, N. C. Ag. Education . ' g. Club; Intramurals James Earl Casey Wallace, N. C. Constructicni A.S.C.E. Ernest Wilson Gates Durham, N. C. Mechanical Engr. James Lewis Cauble, Jb. Cliffside, N. C. Heating Air Cmiditioiiing At.noMEcK; Pres. A.S.IIA ' .E.; In tramursl Alhk ' lics. Lester Clegg Caudle, Jr.. -X Albemarle. N. C. Tex tiles IMii Psi. Albert John Cavenaugh, Jr. KA Wallace, N. C. Construction Julius Joslin Chamberlain nKA Raleigh, N. C. Textiles Monogram Club; Phi Psi; Varsity Wrestling (I, 2); .All-Campus Wres- tling Championship (2); Intramural Wrestling Championship (1, 2); Textile Honor Council (1, 2, 3). Ronald Alan Chambers Draper, N. C. Dairy Mft. • Forrest Paul Charnock Ashcville. N. C. Mechanical Engr. ' lLLIAM M. ChERKAS. Jr. O.xford, N. C. Construction Charles Rex Childers, -iS Thomasville, N. C. Textiles Pres. Delta Sigma Phi; Intramural Sports. Melvin Grant Christy, - ! f; Kannapolis, N. C. Chemical Engr. • Kenneth William Clark Mountain Home, Ark. Civil Engr. Chi Epsilon; .A.S.C.E.; Reser e Of- ficers Asso. • Paul Gene Clark, - E Shelby, N. C. Furniture Mft. A g(. Raymond Leeroy Clark Svvannanoa, N. C. Mechanical Engr. Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Bus. Mgr. Tou ' er; Sec. A.S.M.E.; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (2, 3). [31] CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Robert Hewett Clark Linwood, N. C. Nuclear Engr. Andrew Lee Clement, -X Raleigh, N. C. Coiistnictioii A.S.C.E.; Track Mgr. (2). Max Leon Cobb Charlotte, N. C. Geol. Engr. John Thomas Coble Franklinville, N. C. Textile Mgt. Phi Psi; Intramunik (3, 4). Bobby Lee Cockerham, ATP State Road, N. C. Ag. Education Alpha Zela; Golden Chain: Kappa Phi Kappa; Prcs. Aj;. Club (4); F.F.A.; Student LIniun Council; Stu- dent Gov ' t.; Danlorth Senior Fellow- ship ' inner. Josef Cohen Tel-Aviv, Israel Ceramic Engr. Keramos; American Ceramic Society. Julius Cohen Hickory, N. C. Textile Chem. Dyeing A.A.T.C.C. James Baxter Cole, Jr. Durham, N. C. Heating Air Conditioning A.S.H.V.E. (3, 4); Cadet Oir.cers Asso. John LL Coleman Spartanburg, S. C. Industrial Engr. A.I.I.E. (3, 4), Treas. (4). John Lind Collar, -X Austell, Ga. Furniture Mft. Mgt. Student Furniture Club. Pres. (4); Forest Products Research Society; Varsit Tennis (3, 4). George B. Collins Sparta, N. C. Animal Industry (D. H.) Ao. Club; .Animal Industry Club; Chairman Livestock Day; Dairy Judg- ing Team. Ralph Lloyd Comer Tryon, N. C. Textiles Delta Kappa Phi: Kappa Tau Beta; Pres. Cadet Officers . sso.; Treas. W ' esley Foundation. Ralph Edwin Cool Asheville, N. C. Chemical Engr. Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Tower (3, 4); Y.M.C ' .A.; Weslcv Foundation; A.I.Ch.E.; Engineers CimnciJ (3, 4). • Gordon Harvey Cooper Rochester, N. Y. Mechanical Engr. Tau Beta Pi. • Roger Lee Coppage Brightwood, Va. Industrial Engr. Intramural Athletics. • Kenneth M. Coreett, Jr., -n Wilmington, N. C. Forest Mgt. Intramural Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Oistinuuished Militan- Student. • Rufus Emmett Corbett, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Industrial Engr. A.I.I.E. (2, 3); Honor Council (2); Engineering Council (2). • George Henry Cornelson, Jr. KA Clinton, S. C. Textiles Phi Psi; Pres. Kappa .Alpha. • Jack Calvin Coss Anaheim, Cal. Civil Engr. Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; .A.S.C.E.; Engineers Council. Bruce Preston Cotton, Charlotte, N. C. Industrial Engr. .E.: Engineers Council; thletics. 2X A.I, mural William 0. tes Covington, Jr. W ' adesboro, N. C. Electrical Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; A.I.E.E.: I.R.E. Chair man A.I.E.E. I.R.E. (4) • Horace Roscoe Cox Goldsboro, N. C. Ag. Education ice-President F.F.A. (3); Bus. , Igr. Vo ' Ao (4); F.F.A. (2, 3, 4); Au. Club (2, 3, 4). • K. Jack Cox Pilot Mountain, N. C. Ag. Education Agronomy Kappa Phi Kappa; F.F..A.; .Ag. Club; -Agronomy Club; Bus. Mgr. Vo-Ag. • William Howard Cox, KA Asheboro, N. C. Civil Engr. Chi Epsilon; Sec. Theta Tau C " ): Student Gov ' t. (1); A.S.C.E.; Engi- neers Council; R.O.T.C. [33] CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Elisha Wilson Craig, SIT Sumter, S. C. Industrial Engr. Theta Tau; Arnold Air Society: A. I. I.E.; I.A.S.; Engineers Council (4); Soiitherti En meer (3, 4), Edi- tor (4); Watauf an (3); Publications Board (4); Interfraternity Athletics (2. 3, 4); All-Campus Wrestling (3); Swimming Team (1); Dormitor ' Club Rep. (2); Vice-Chairman Jr.- Sr. Dance Comm. (3); Intramural Advisory Board (3). William L. Grouse Raleigh, N. C. Architecture A.I.A. Young R. Cranford Albemarle, N. C. Heating Air ConcL. Engineers Council C4); .A.S.H.V.E. Fleet Patterson Crowell Newell, N. C. Poultry Science Y.M.C.A. CI, 2); Pep Club (2, 3, 4), Treas. (4); Ag. Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Poultry Club (I, 2, 3. 4); Dept. Editor Agricuhurisft Editor Potiltry Neivs Letter; News Editor Techni- cian; Intramural Softball and Basket- ball; Poultry Judging Team (3, 4); Dormitorii ' Bldg. Mgr. (4); Ag Club Key and Certificate. Vernon V. Crews Cornelius, N. C. Heating Air Cond. A.S.H.V.E.; Cadet Officers Asso. Robert A. Croxson, -N Charlotte, N. C. Heating Air Cond. A.S.H.V.E.; Tennis (1. 2, 3. 4). Marcus B. Crotts Winston-Salem, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E. (2), Vice-chairman (3), Chairman (4); Engineers Council (3, 4); B.S.U. (2. 3, 4), Treasurer (3); College Llnion Games Comm. (3); Chairman Departmental Honor Comm. (3); Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (3, 4); State Pullen Club (2, 3, 4), Pres. (3); Sec.-Treas. Blue Key (4); Theta Tau (3. 4); Regent Golden Chain (4); .-Xrnold Air Society C3. 4). Douglas M. Crutchfield Madison, N. J. Forest Mgt. .Alpha Phi Omega; Alpha Zeta; Blue Kev: Xi Sigma Pi; Golden Chain; Sec. I.F.C. (3). John E. Cunningham, - E Jacksonville, Fla. Textile Chem. Dyeing Phi Psi; A.A.T.C.C; I.F.C. Inter- fraternity Athletics; Intramural Ad- visory Board; Pres. Sigma Phi Epsilon (4), Chaplain (3). JiMMIE C. DaugHETY Portsmouth, Va. Heating Air Cond. A.S.H.V.E. Alton Ray Davis Pikeville, N. C. Agr. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Freshman Coun- selor; Ag. Club; F.F.A. Burton N. Davis Brooklyn, N. Y. Textile ( Synthetics Phi Psi; Cadet Officers Asso.; tramural Athletics. Donald Earl Davis Davis, N. C. Electrical Engr. A.I.E.E. • Iack HicKSON Davis Forest City, i . C. Heating Air Cmid. • James Clayton Davis Lauada, N. C. Agr. Education Alpha Zeta; Kappa Phi Kappa: Farm House; AZ Chronicler; A . Club; F.F.A.; Honor Committee: In- ler ' arsitv Christian Fellowship; Asst. Editor VOAG. • William Jusepii Davis V ' inston-Salem, X. C. Civil Engr. Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E.; B.S.Ll.; Col- lege Union; Cadet Officers Asso.; Engineers Council. • Robert Bonniwell Deal, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Construction A.S.C.E. Baxter Guy Dean, ATP Louisburg, N. C. Agr. Education Ao. Club; 4H Club: F.F.A. • Robert Freeman Deanes Murfreesboro, N. C. Construction . .S.C.E.; Intramural Basketball (2. 3). • Joseph John Debro, Jr., AXA Winchester, Mass. Lumber Products Mfg. Mdse. Blue Key; Xi Sigma Pi; Forest Products Research Society; Society of -American Foresters; Forestry Club; .Aquinas Club; Dormitory Club Rep.; Cadet Officers -Asso. Melvin Ray Descaro Peachland, X. C. Industrial Arts Ed. Epsilon Pi Tau; Industrial .Arts Club. • Paul Edward Dew Bailey. N. C. Agr. Edtication Kappa Phi Kappa; Football (1, 2). • John Wesley Dickens, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engr. • -Mahlon Bolton Dickens Halifax. N. C. Aor. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; F.F..A.; Club; Honor Committee ( 1 ). Ag. [35] Clarence F. Dixon, Jr., OK StatesviUe, N. C. Mechanical Engr. A.S.M.E.; Intramurals (3, 4); Sec. and ChapLnin Pi Kappa Phi. CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Ernest VV. Dobson, riK Forest City, N. C. Chemical Engr. Tau Beta Pi; Gamma Sioma Epsi- Icm, Sec. (3); A.I.C.E., Pres. (4); Engineers Council (3, 4), Pres. C4); Dept. Honor Comm. (3); Order of St. Patrick: Souther}i Fu iueer (4). Albert J. Dornseif, Jr., 2AE Greensboro, N. C. Ceramic Engr. Keramos (2, 3, 4), Sec. (3), Treas. (4); A.S.C.E. (2, 3, 4); Cadet Offi- cers Asso.; Pep Club (2). William W. Downs Lenoir, N. C. Textile Mgt. Phi Psi; I.D.C.; Pres. Welch Dorm- itory; Dormitory Recreation Director; Colleoe Orchestra (1). XA ' iLLiAM J. Drake Enka, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. Claude J. Dunn, Jr., AFP Efland, N. C. Ag. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Ag. Club; F.F.A. John Robert Duffett, AXA Laurinburg, N. C. Textiles Phi Psi; Sigma Tau Sigma; Tennis (3, 4); Intramural Tennis (2); Intra- mural Basketball (2, 3, 4). Paul Edward Dunn Selma, N. C. Animal Husbandry Ag. Club; Animal Industry Club; I.S.U. Council (2, 3, 4). William H. Duhling, Jr. Hickory, N. C. Geol. Engr. Mu Beta Psi; A.I.M.E. Glenn A. Eason Selma, N. C. Civil Engr. Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Intra- murals C2, 3, 4), Boxing Champion (3); B.S.LI., Pres. (4). Devotional Vice Pres. (2), Discussion Leader (3); Engineers Council; A.S.C.E., .• sst. Sec. (3), Pres. (4); Student Union (3); Cadet Officers Asso. Warren E. Dungan Chester, W. Va. Nuclear Engr. Vice-Pres. Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Companion, Order of St. Patrick; A. I. P.; .A.C.S.; Intramural Athletics (2, 3, 4). Raul Echavarria Colombia, S. A. Industrial Engr. Dormitory Sec; Glee Club; Aqui- nas Club; A.I.E.E.; Soccer (I, 2, 4). Spurceon Eugene Eckard Hickory, N. C. Mecluiiiical Engr. Pi Tau Sigma: Tau Bt ' Ia Fi; Plii Kappa Phi; A.S.M.E. NoRRis Legrand Eekjl. ATI ' Lumberton, N. C. Ag. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Cadft OITicci Asso.; Ag. Club; F.F.A. Hubert Nathaniel Edwards Chicud, N. C. Ag. Education kappa Phi Kappa; F.F.A.; Aw. Club. • James ' ALLACE Edwards Wilson, N. C. Animal Industry QA. H.) Animal ImUisIr Club; Ay. Club. • William Henry Edwards Goldsboro, N. C. Coiistructioti A.S.C.E.; Arnold . ir Sucietv. • Clayton Reavis Eldredge San Angelo, Te.xas Nuclear Engr. Tau Beta Pi; .American Inst. Phys- ics; Physics Club. • LeRoy Ellis Clavton, N. C. Construction -V.S.C.E.; Honor Council ( " )■ • John Hubert Endres Raleigh, N. C. Mechanical Engr. .A.S.M.E.; Senior Honor Comm. • Warren William Epstein SAM Brooklyn, N. Y. Textiles VA ' iLLiAM Samuel Facey, -N Clarks Hill, S. C. Civil Engr. Tau Beta Pi; Theta Tau; A.S.C.E. • ZoLLiE Thomas Farmer, AFP Spring Hope, N. C. Animal Industry (D. H.) • Charles Jackson Farrar Pittsboro, N. C. Electrical Engr. A.I.E.E.; Arnold Air Society; Rifle Team. [37] - mm CLASS OF N INETEEN FIFT Y -THREE Benjamin A. Farthing Valle Crucis, N. C. furniture Mft. Mgt. Student Furniture C!ub; Forest Products Research Society. John D. Fitzgibbons Raleigh, N. C. Nuclear Etigr. • Jav Arch Flanagan Farmville, N. C. Mechanical Engr. A.S.M.E. • RoBEiiT Henry Fleming, 11 K A Rocky Mount, N. C. Ag. Biol. Chemistry l;iha Zeta; Football (1); Intra- mural Sports; B.S.U. Council; Society of Agricultural Chemists. • Ierome E. Floyd Fair Bluff, N. C. Electrical Engr. James Duke Foster, AFP Ruffin, N. C. Ag. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Dormitory Ath- letic Director (3. 4); Intramurals (1. 2, 3, 4); Vice-Pres. Senior Class; Interdormitory Council; Vice-Pres. Bagwell Dorm. Tommy F. Foster, Jr. Blanch, N. C. Animal Industry (D. H.) Scabbard and Blade. • • Curtis Freeze Troutman, N. C. Textiles Freshman Counselor. • • William Ernest Fulcher Lcaksville, N. C. • Richard S. Freeze Salisbury, N. C. hid. Rural Rec. John Frank Frye Salisbury, N. C. Ceramic Engr. Math. Science Ed. Toirer (2); Greater University Student Council; Wesley Foundation Council; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (3); V.M.C.A. Pres. James C. Fulk Pilot Mountain, N. C. Ag. Educaticm mwh 1 " ■. John F. Fulton Sanft)rd, N. C. Industrial Engr. • Iames Douglas Garman, AFI ' Reisterstown, Md. Wood Technology Alpha Phi Ome a: Forcstrv Club; Varsity Tennis (4); Intramural Foot- ball (3, 4); Basketball (3, 4). • Harold Davis Garren Andrews, N. C. Electrical Engr. A.I.E.E. • Clyde McA. Garrison, Jr. High Point, N. C. Textile Chem. Dyeing Phi Psi; A.A.T.C.C; 30 3; Vice- Pres. Monogram Club; Track (4); Cross Country ' (1, 2. 3), Captain C4), State Champion, Southern Con- ference Champion (2, 3); Indoor and Outdoor Two Alile Champion C2), Indoor One Alile Champion (3), Southern Conference; Dormitory- Floor Representative (4). • Fred Kesler Garvey, Jr., Ai: I Winston-Salem, N. C. Construction A.S.C.E. • Jaime Raul Garza H. Matamoros, Tamps, Mexico Textiles Delta Kappa Phi: Sioma Pi . lpha; Interdormitorv C-ouncil: Pres. Gold Dormitory: Aquinas Club; Cosmo- politan Club. • Rene Hector Garza Sahillo, Coah, Mexico Textiles Delta Kappa Phi; . (|uinas Club; Cosmopolitan Club. • CoswELL Ellis Gerrald Lumberton, N. C. Architecture A.I.A. • Clifton Girbs, Jr. Spruce Pine, N. C. Geol. Engr. Rockhound Society; A.I.M.E. • Robert Legrand Gibson, AFP Red Springs, N. C. Agronomy • Thomas Jeffries Gill, Jr. AX A Laurinburg, N. C. Mechnnicnl Engr. • John Millard Gilkey Marion, N. C. Construction A.S.C.E.; Engineers Council. [39] Henry C. Gilliam, Jr. Sanford, N. C. Animal Industry QA. H.) Phi K;ippa Phi; Ag. Club; Animal Industry Club; Intramural Softball (3); Dormitory Council (3, 4). CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Gus T. Godwin Durham, N. C. Agronomy .Ay. Club; Agronomy Club; Intra- mural Athletics. Neil Bernard Gold, SAM Brooklyn, N. Y. Textiles Cadet Officers Asso.; Agromeck; Intramural Athletics. Jimmy W ' illiam Goldston Raleigh, N. C. Intl. £ " Riira! Rec. Franklyn C. Goode, -N Kenosha, Wis. Textile CSynthetics ' ) Blue Key; Phi Psi; Mu Beta Psi; Tec iHic m (1, 2, 3); Textile Fonim, Cir. Mar. (4); N.C.C.P.A. (2, 3, 4); Swimming (1, 2); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); I.F.C. (3, 4); Band (1, 2, 3); Textile Honor Comm. (2, 3). Bobby G. Goss, 2N Raleigh, N. C. Ind. Rural Rec. Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4); Track CD. Charles W. Grandy, Jr. Laurinburg, N. C. Cii ' il Engr. Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4); Swimming CO; Monogram Club CI, 2, 3, 4). John M. Grantham, IIKA Fairmont, N. C. Textiles Phi Psi; lexlile Forum C3, 4); In- tramural .Athletics C3, 4); Red Coat Band C2). Franklin M. Green Brown Summit, N. C. Ag. Education Howard D. Green, Jr. Brooklyn, N. Y. Mechanical Engr. Aero. Opt. " ) I.Ae.S., Corres. Sec. C3), Vice- Chairman C4); Arnold Air Society. Gary Y. Greene Bostic, N. C. Ag. Engineering B.S.U. Council; A.S.A.E. William Henry Griffin, Jr. Spray, N. C. Mechanical Engr. Donald Jennings Haddock APP WinterviUe, N. C. Agrmtomy Ag. Engineering A riciilturisl (4); FEIACR Comm.; Intramural Basketball (I, .?, 4): Re piirter, ice Prcs., Prcs. A.S.A.E. Ted F. Haggai Hendersonville, N. C. Electrical Engr. • Zeb Eustice Hargett, - " tE Charlotte, N. C. Industrial Engr. A.I.I.E.; S.A.M. • Charles E. Harrell Raleish, N. C. Ben Davis Harrington, ATP Fuquav Springs, N. C. Animal Husbandry Interfratemitv Council (4); Ag. Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Animal Industry Club (1, 2. 3, 4). George Faulkner Harrington Polkton, N. C. Agronomy Chief Counselor (4); Act. Club; ' ice-Pres. Dormitory Club (4); Atjronomy Club; Inlerdormitory Council. • Henry Laton Harris. Jr., -H Gala.x, Va. Textiles Kappa Tau Beta, Treas. (4); Watatioaii (1, 2); Treas. Sigma Pi (3, 4). Henry Moss Harris Asheville, N. C. Forest Mgt. Soccer (3, 4); Forestry- Club. • Walter Henderson Harris Vaughan, N. C. Industrial Ei;gr. V ' illiam Coleman Harris. Jr. South Orange, N. J. Textiles Phi Psi; Chairman Pledge Dance Comm. • Mark Alan Harrison Paterson, N. J. Textiles Robert Stevenson Hartsell Concord, N. C. Animal Industry (D. H.) [41] C ' . ' Q c ;g3;liS?: mam CLASS OF NINETEEN Fl FTY-THREE Johnny B. Harwood Charles Booth Hasbrouck Byron K. Hawkins, FH Charles H. Hawley Norwood, N. C. IIK ' I Rockingham, N. C. Godwin, N. C. Ag. Education Bladcnboro, N. C. Pmiltrr Science Ag. Education • Mechanical Engr. Thcta Tau; Engineers Council; A.S.M.E.; Arnold Air Society; Cadet Officers Asso.: Pi Tau Sigma; Dept. Honor Comm.; Pub. Chairman Engi- neers Ball; Intramural Athletics (1, 2, 3, 4); RiHe Team (1, 2, 3, 4), Capt. (2); B.S.U.; College Union Games Comm.; Dormitory Floor Rep. . lpha Zcta; ric» Inrisf. • Kappa Phi Kappa; F.F.. .; .Ag Club. • William Oates Hawley Goldsboro, N. C. Indtistrial Engr. A.I.E.E. (3, 4), Pres. (4); Engi- ers Council (4). • Joseph M. Hayes Elkin, N. C. Forest Mgt. Robert D. Hayward, KT Kenneth Bruce Haywood Mt. Gilead, N. C. ' - ■ Animal Industry ' S ' Engineering Ai u Tji, - A A f i u A • B.S.U. Council (3, 4); A.S.A.E. Alpha Pht Omega; Ag. Club; Am- p j , officers Asso. mal Industry Club. • Forestry Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Honor Comm. (1, 4). • • Ira D. Hefner, Jr., HK Habry B. Heilig, H T Gilbert Lee Hembree Statesvillc. N. C. Salisbury, N. C. Roy H. Hellyer Waynesville, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. Electrical Engr. A.I.E.E.; Vice-Pres. Phi Kappa Tau. Montreal, Canada Textiles Poultry Science Poultry Science Club. Alton Clay Henderson W ' ilkesboro, N. C. Mccluiiiical Eiigr. Pi Tau Sigma. • Dewev Wakefield Hennessee FH Bostic, N. C. Animal hiditstry QD. H.) Alpha Zcta (1); Cadet Omccrs Asso. (2); Scabbard and Blade (3); Animal Industrv Club (41: Ag. Club (5); Dept. Editor Agricii liirisl; Edi- tor Mfut Milk: Vice Pres. Ag. Club (4), Program Chairman (3); Treas. A. I. Club (3); Student Develop- ment Council (4): Honor Comm. • David Coward Herring LaGrange. N. C. Agronomy Ag. Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Agronomy Club (1, 2, 3, 4). • John Clarence Herther Fayetteville, N. C. Mechanical Engr. Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma. • Francis Eugene Hester Wendell, N. C. Wildlife Consx Mgt. Leopold Wildlife Club. • Jerrv Looper Hester, — AE High Point, N. C. Mechanical Engr. Arnold Air Society (3, 4); A.S.M.E.; Class Sec. (3); Ring Comm. (3). • Kermit Hibbitts Clintwood. Va. Mechanical Engr. A.S.M.E. • Richard Patrick Hickey Fernandina Beach, Fla. Forest Mgt. • Alphonso Hicks, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Cotistruction A.S.C.E. • Edward Gray- Hill Le.xington, N. C. Ag. Education Dept. Honor Comm. (2, 3); Agri- cudnrjst (I, 2. 3, 4), Asst. Editor (3, 4); Editor VO-AG (3); Class Sec. (4); Reporter .Ag. Club (2); Vice- Pres. F.F ' .A. (3); Publicity Chairman Ag. Fair (4). • Robert Clarence Hill Youngsville, N. C. Ag. Education • James Henry Hillman Kane, Pa. Ind. Rural Rec. Treas. Monogram Club; Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Track (2, 3, 4). [43] CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Louis Worth 1 Iine Winston-Salem, N. C. Rural Sociology Dept. and School Honor Comm. (4); Agricidturht (1, 2); Rifle Team (4); Dance Comm. (3 J; Y.M.C.A. Sec. CD. Cabinet (2. 3); Ag. Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Campus Gov ' t. (4); University Council (4). Harry Hodges Washington, N. C. Agronomy . wrnnom ' Club, V ' ice-Pres. (4); Intramural Athletics (1, 2, 3, 4). Malcolm L. Holmes, AFP Oak Ridge, Tenn. forest Mgt. Pinetum; Swimming Team (I, 2, 3); Forestn ' Club. Leslie D. Hines, Jr., KA Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Furniture Mft. Mgt. Scabbard and Blade; Sec. I.F.C.; Tennis (1); Rep. Student Gov ' t. (2)i ' ice-Pres. Junior Class; Furniture Club (3). Horace C. Hodgin, FH Guilford College, N. C. Dairy Husbandry Alpha Zeta; Ag. Club, Livestock Day (1, 2, 3, 4), Vice-Chairman (3); Vice-Chairman Ag. Fair (4); Animal Industry Club CI, 2j 3, 4), Sec. C4). Edward Carl Horbelt Maplewood, N. J. Constnictioti Phi Eta Sigma: Baseball CL 2. 3, 4); Dorm Intramurals; Treas. Phi Eta Sigma. Robert W. Hines Spindale, N. C. Textiles Phi Psi. Donald G. Hoffman, t ' En Ridge wood, N. J. Textiles Phi Psi; Textile forum; Fraternity Intramurals; Campus Gov ' t. C4); Tompkins Textile Council C ) ' Robert Horn, TKE Adams, Mass. Landscape Arch. Chairman Dept. Honor Council; Technician, Asso. Editor C2), Feature Editor C3), News Editor C4), Editor- in-Chief C5); School of Design Mag- azine C4); Campus Gov ' t.; College Union Board: Greater University Student Council; Publications Board (5). Lewis H. Hinesley Sanford, N. C. Furniture Mft. Mgt. Furniture Club C3, 4). Zeno G. Hollowell, Jr. Goldsboro, N. C. CojjstrtictioM Rudolph E. Howell Pikeville, N. C. Entomology Ralph Franklin Howey, •I ' KT Charlotte, N. C. Dairy Mft. John Kenneth Hunter Pilot Mountain, N. C. • V ' iLLiAM Paul Hutchins Durham, N. C. Hetit ' nig Air Conditimting A.S.H.V.E. • Pentley Novarro Hux, 6X Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Electrical Engr. A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Tennis (1). • George Edgar Ingram Statesville, N. C. Auimal IndiistrY Agricidturist. Cir. Mgr. (2); I.D.C. (4); Ag. Club; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (2, 3, 4). • James Vernon Isenhour Sanford, N. C. Ceramic Engr. Keramos; American Ceramic So- ciety. • Salim Hanna Jabro Bagdad, Iraq Agronomy • Charles Theodore Jackson Asheville, N. C. Textile (Synthetics) Treas. Sigma Nu (4); Phi Psi, Treas. (4;); Technician (2, 3); Swimming Team (1, 2); Intramural Athletics (1, 2, 3, 4); Tompkins Tex- tile Council, Treas. (4). • Cornelius Lamb Jackson, Jr. Elizabeth City, N. C. Textile (Synthetics) Phi Psi. • Vernon Leroy Jackson, AFP Benson, N. C. Agronomy 30 3 (2, 3); Student Gov ' t. (3); College Union Board (3); Consoli- dated University Student Council (3); Wesley Foundation Board (3); Freshman Counselor (2, 3); Ag. Club (1, 2, 3), Vice-Pres. (2); Agronomy Club (2, 3); Pres. I.F.C. • Tom Landon Jacobs Greensboro, N. C. Mechanical Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; A.S.M.E.; L.S.A. • Robert Deal James Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engr. Engineers Council, ' ice-Pres. (4); Arnold .Air Societv; .X.S.C.E.; Vet- ville Council; Knights of St. Patrick. ]o " r [45] Douglas C. Jarnagin Raleigh, N. C. Furniture Furniture- Club: S.A.M.; A.S.I. E. CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Robert Lee Jeter Aulander. N. C. Mechanical Engr. Y.M.C.A. (2, 3, 4); Chairman. Christian Ed. and Heritage Comm. (3, 4); Treas. Y.M.C.A. (3); A.S.M.E. (3, 4), Treas. (4); Glee Club (I); Intramural Sports (2, 3, 4); Dept. Honor C ' omm. (4). Gene William Johnson Winston-Salem, N. C. Civil Engr. C ' hi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Phi Omega; Phi Kappa Phi ; Order of St. Patrick; A.S.C.E.; Editor, On Tlie Level; Engineers Council (3); Intramural ' olle ' ball and Bowling (2, 3, 4); Dept. Chairman Engineers Fair (3). Herman R. Johnson Spring Hope, N. C. Chemical Engr. Gamma Sigma Epsilon; .A.I.Ch.E.; Engineers Ctmncil. Joseph C. Johnson, IIKA Greensboro, N. C. Textiles CMgt.} Treas. Pi Kappa .Alpha (3), Pres. (4). Thomas R. Johnson, Jr., -H Greenville, S. C. Chemical Engr. Sec. Sigma Pi (3, 4); Gamma Sig- ma Epsilon (2, 3, 4); Scabbard and Blade (3, 4), Vice-Pres. (4); Intra murals (1, 2, 3, 4); A.I.Ch.E. (2, 3, 4). ' illiam J. Johnson Robersonville, N. C. Furniture Mft. Algt. Student Furniture Club; Forest Products Research Society. Elvin Ray Jones, -i- Greenville, N. C. Agr. Biol. Chemistry Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Society of .Agricultural Chemists. Frederick B. Jones Raleigh, N. C. Chemical Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; A.I.Ch.E. Johnie H. Jones Charlotte, N. C. Construction Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E., Treas. (4). Taron Spencer Jones Polkton, N. C. Animal Husbandry Y.M.C.A. (3, 4); Ag. Club (3, 4); .Animal Industry- Club (3, 4). Fred Thomas Joseph Greensboro, N. C. Electrical Engr. A.I.E.E. Douglas Thomas Julian. IIK-I ' Statesville, N. C. Mechanical Etigr. QAero. Op(.) I.Ae.S.; A.S.M.E. • Martin Kallman, -AM Long Beach, N. Y. Textile Chem. Dyeing Delta Kappj Phi; A.A.T.C.C.; Monoijram Club; Soccer Team (1, 2. 3, 4); Treas. Sigma Alpha AIu (■♦). • Leonard Rubin Kassvan New Yiirk, N. Y. Funiilurc Mft. Mgt. • Carlton C. Kennedy, nKA Carthage, N. C. Textile CSynthetics Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4). • Dean Lewis Kennedy PavilHon. Wyo. Nuclear Eitgr. Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma. • William Randle Kennedy, Jr. Fayetteville, N. C. Construction Monogram Club; Football (1, 2, 3. 4). • Richard He.ath Kennette, i-fl Plainfield. N. J. Textile Mgt. Phi Psi; Cadet Officers Asso.; Tompkins Textile Council; ice- Pres. Sigma Pi. • Byron Garrison King, -X Philadelphia, Pa. Lumber Products Mdsg. Cadet Officers Asso. (3, 4); Fores- tr - Products Research Societ ■; Pine- tum (1, 2); Art Editor Tecliiiiciun (4); Intramural Sports (1, 2, 3, 4); Treas. Sigma Nu (3); Forestry- Club. • Charles Sylvester King Statesville, N. C. Electrical Engr. A.I.E.E.; Westminster Fellowship, Treas.; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet. • Eugene Wilson Kirk Aberdeen, N. C. Mechanical Engr. A.S.M.E. (3, 4); Dormiton- Club, Floor Rep. (4). • Burton Marvin Klein Chicago, 111. Textiles Sigma Tau Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Textile Forum. Henry- Jacob Klein, .i2 I Elmhurst, L. L, N. Y. Architecture A.I.A. (3, 4, 5); Student Gov ' t. C3); Red Coat Band (1, 2, 3); Mu Beta Psi (3, 4, 5); I.F.C. (4); Campus Dance Band; Pres. Delta Sigma Phi (4). [47] CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Donald H. Kline Asheville, N. C. Cjvi7 Engr. Phi Eta Sioma; Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Tennis (1. 2, 3, 4); Band (1. 2, 3); Wesley Foundation. Treas. (3); Dorm Vice Pres. (4); I.D.C. (4); A.S.C.E. (2, 3, 4). Herbert E. Kline Claverack, N. Y. Mechanical Engr. Cosmopolitan Club. David Koch. I ErT New York, N. Y. Textiles Phi Psi; Textile Forum, Managino Editor (3), Editor (4); Textile Honoi " Council C3, 4); Tompkins Textile Council (3, 4); Pres. Phi Epsilon Pi (4). Charles A. Kohlbecker Riverton, 111. hid. Rural Rec. Vice-President, Ind. Rec. Club; Baseball (1, 2); Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4). Guy T. Koonce. Jr. Trenton. N. C. Ag. Education F.F.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Ag. Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Cross Country O). William J. Kukoy Gary, Ind. Ind. Rural Rec. Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club. Bernard F. Kornegay Mt. Olive. N. C. Animal Indiistry .Animal Industry Club; Aa. Club. William S. Lamm Lucama, N. C. Agronomy Agronomy Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Sec. (3, 4); Ag. Club (2, 3, 4); F.F.A. Ervin T. Kornegay, FH Albertson, N. C. Animal Husbandry Ag. Club; Animal Industry Club (1. 2, 3. 4); A rkuhiirist (3); In- tramural Volleyball (3); Dorm So- cial Director (4); Aleat Judging Team (3); Treas. A. I. Club (4). Harold A. Lamonds Greensboro. N. C. Nuclear Engr. Physics Club. Stephen J. Kosilla Tarrytown, N. Y. hid. Rural Rec. Monogram Club; Football (1, . 4); Track CO. Edward B. Lane, Jr. Morganton, N. C. Forest Mgt. Forestry Club (I, 2, 3, 4); H ' .ituii- gUH (2); Intramural Sports; Society of American Foresters (3, 4); R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Dorm Social and Rec. Director (3). Walter Raleigh Lancley, Jr. Pactolus, N. C. Forest Mgt. o Albert Barnes Lanier, Jr. Ari ' Rose Hill, N. C. Ag. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; C ' ampus Gov ' t. (4); F.F.. . (1, 2, .?, 4); Ai;. Cli.l. (2, i. 4). • Julian Everett Lanier Wilmington, N. C. Mechanical Engr. Scabbard and Blade; I ' ccUniciiiii: Southern Enoineer; Publicit - Dir. I.D.C.; . .S..M.E.; .Arnold . ir Society; Cadet OHicers .Asso. • Alfred Hugh Lattimore Rutherfordton, N. C. Ag. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Campus Gov ' t. (3); Durni Counselor (4), Social Dir. (4). • Robert Sidney Laurence Winston-Salem, N. C. Mechanical Engr. A.S.iVl.E.; d ' . Mgr. Tt ' chniciuii. • Jules Lavner, -All Brooklyn, N. Y. Textile QSynthetics Intramural .Athletics (1, 2, 3, 4); Bij; 4 Handball Captain; .All-Campus Handball; Fratemitv Steward. • Hugh Kenneth Leatherman Vale, N. C. Civil Engr. .A.S.C.E.; Southern Engineer; Dormitory Social and Rec. Dir. • Donald Joe Lee Wilmington, N. C. Heating Air Conditioning Theta Tau; A.S.H.V.E., Sec. (4); Arnold .Air Societv, Finance Officer (4); Intramurals (2. 3, 4); Dorm Club. • Jack Robert Lee Arapahoe, N. C. Agronomy • Charles Edward Lewis, Jr. Ar? V ' ilmington, N. C. Horticulture .Ag. Club (4); Horticulture Club. Vice President (3), Pres. (4); Drum Major (1, 2); Cheerleader (3); I.F.C. (3); Pep Club (3); Cadet Officers Asso. (4). • George Edsel Liddle Wagoner, N. C. Animal Indtistry (A. H.) Ai . Club; Animal Industrv Club. • James Alfred Lindley Siler City, N. C. Dairy Hushandry . . Club; Animal Industry Club. [49] William H. Liner, 2AE Junaluska, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E.; Intr.-imurals (2, 3, 4). CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE James H. Lockamy, Jr. Raleigh. N. C. Textile Cheni. Dyeing Delta Kappa Phi; A.A.T.C.C; Cadet Officers .■ sso. Edward S. Long Germanton. N. C. Electrical Engr. Pres. Eta Kappa Nu; Rec. Sec. Tau Beta Pi; Engineers Council. Jerry L. Lowder, -X Albemarle, N. C. Cii ' i! Engr. A.S.C.E. Harold E. Lowe Archdale, N. C. Furniture Mft. Mgt. Billy D. Lutz Shelby, N. C. hid. Hural Rec. Victor Hugh Lytton Lonoisland, N. C. Animal Industry Donald Wilson Mabe, AFP Kernersville, N. C. Poultry Science Puultr Science Club; .Ao, Club. Arland L. MacKinney Hendersonville, N. C. Nuclear Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; A. I. P.; Asst. Editor, Tlu- Methodist Stiuient; Band; Pres. Pro- testant Religious Council. Milton A. Madison, -AM Flushing, N. Y. Textiles Scabbard and Blade, 1st Sgt, (3); Delta Kappa Phi, Treas. (4); Textile Forum (2). Robert S. Mangum Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. Harvey Blount Mann, KS Lake Landing, N. C. Ag. Education F.F.A.; . g. C lub; Kappa Phi Kappa. KoNKLiN Junior Martin Halfigh. N. C. Electrical Engr. A.I.E.E.; Tech. Mui. P. • LVMAN HoVT MaHMiN Shelby, N. C. Ag. Educatioti Ar. Club; F.F.A. • Maucli. Ru iiAni) Mauiin Wilmington, N. C. Heiithig Air Conditioning . I.)n(.s;ram Club (2, 3, 4, 5); A uinns Club (1, 2, 3). Trcas. (2); Swimming (1, 2, 3. 4), Capt. (4), Alor. (5). • Frank Mason Princeton, N. C. Textiles Dflla Kappa Pbi. James Robert Massengill Four Oaks, N. C. Ag. Education Ag. Club (1, 2, 3, 4); F.F.A. (1. 2, 3, 4). • Charles Grey Massey Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engr. Harlin Walter Matkins Gibsonville, N. C. Civil Engr. .A.S.C.E.; Sottlhcni Etiohwer, • Clyde R. Matheson Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engr. I.R.E. • Carl Herman Mauney Kings Mountain, N. C. Electrical Engr. Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Kappa Phi; Engineers Council. Treas.; Lutheran Student .Asso., Vice-Pres. North Carolina, ace-Pres. Southeast- ern Region; A.I.E.E.; Chairman Depl. Honor Comm.; Intramural Football, Basketball (2). • Robert Glenn Mayo Rocky Mount, N. C. Geol. Engr. Cross Country ' (2); Track (3); Interdorm Bowling (3). • Demetrios S. Meletiou Greensboro, N. C. Mechanical Engr. Pi Tau Si ;ma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; ice-Pres. Pi Tau Sigma. • Robert Kenneth Melvin Tar Heel, N. C. Ag. Education ti MmM [51] Aubrey S. Messenger Powhatan, Va. Forest Mgt. Alpha Phi Omega; Forestry Cluh; Wesley Foundalion. F NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Harold F. Metzger Ridgcvvood, N. Y. Jmlustrial Engr. A.I.I.E. Joseph L. Michal Waynesville, N. C. Mechanical Engr. Sec. I.V.C.F. (3, 4); Pres. Canter bury Club (4); P.R.C. (3)- Billy S. Miller Boonville, N. C. Animal Industry (D. H.) At;. Club; Animal Industry Club; Cross Country (1, 2). Larry G. Miller Yadkinville, N. C. Animal Industry Track Team (1); Ag. Club (1, 2, .?, 4); .Animal Industry Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Richard T. Mitchell, - I ' E Raleigh, N. C. Architecture A.I.A.; Mu Beta Psi (1, 2, 3, 4); Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Campus Gov ' t. (4). William L. Miller, KA Statesville, N. C. Textile Chem. Dyeing Phi Psi (2, 3. 4); A.A.T.C.C. (3, 4); Tompkins Textile Council C3); Student Gov ' t. (3); I.F.C. (4); Intramural Sports; Glee Club Cl 2); Dorm Club (2). Billy L. Montague Raleigh, N. C. Ind. £• Rural Re.c. Stuart M. iMintzer, -.VM Brooklyn, N. Y. Textiles Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Treas. Sigma Tau Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Delta Kappa Phi; Treas. and Pres. Sigma Alpha Mu. David P. Moore Wallace, N. C. Agronomy .Alpha Zeta; Golden Chain; Ag. Club; Agronomy Club; Agriculturist CI, 3), Editor (4); Bus. Mgr. Cror s £f Soifs (3); Publications Board (4); Vice-Chair. Ag. Fair (3); Chairman Agronomy Booth— Ag. Fair (4). Jack R. Misenheimer Salisbury, N. C. Chemical Engr. A.I.Ch.E.; Cadet Officers Asso. George T. Moore Tryon, N. C. Industrial Arts Ed. Chairman Fair Comm. Booth, N, C. State Fair (4). Jon Tandy Mooiit, Jn., 1 X Belmont, N. C. Construction Lawrence Carroll Moore Raleigh, N. C. Chemical Engr. A.l.Ch.i;.: Arnokl Air Society. • Robert L. Moore Statesville, N. C. Furniture Thomas Henry Moore Matthews, v. C. hid. Rural Rcc. Intramural Sports (1, 2, 3, 4); Dormilorv Athletic Director (3); All Campus Intramural (3); Big-Four Sports Dav (2, 3). Tom Murphy Moore Charlotte, N. C. Textiles Phi Psi; Textile Forum; Sec, Treas. Astronomical Society. L. THAN Thomas Moose Statesville, N. C. Ag. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Phi Kappa Piii; . g. Club; F.F.A.; Dorm Floor Rep.; Livestock III. Edgar Frank Morgan, Jr. -X Greensboro, N. C. Heating Air Conditioning Soccer (2); Tennis (1); Intra- mural Sports; All-Campus Track (3); Big-Four Ping Pong and Softball C2, 3). • Harry John Morton Salisbury. N. C. Chemical Engr. Treas. A.I.Ch.E. (4); I.D.C. (3); Dorm Pres. (3). WiNSLOW Bradford Morton Washington, X. C. Textiles Delta Kappa Phi; Intramural - th- letics; Episcopal Canterburs Club. Benito Muguira Havana, Cuba Mechanical Enar. Jack Thomas Murray Durham, N. C. Electrical Engr. Vice Pres. H.K.X. (4). Cr O Clifton Jennings Myers, -X Danville, Va. Construction [53] — z T ' -C : Roland E. Myers Lexington, N. C. Textile Mgt. William A. McDonald Candor, N. C. Mechanical Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; Vice-Prcs. Tau Beta Pi. James D. McGougan, AFP Lumber Bridge, N. C. Animal Industry (D. H.) Ao. Club. CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Joseph W. McCall Marion, N. C. Animal Industry Wrestling (3, 4); Monogram Club C4): Wesley Foundation (3, 4), Council (4). Edwin H. McGee Punlear, N. C. Forest Mgt. Forestry Club (1, 2, 3, 4); 4H Club (1, 2, 3); B.S.U. C3). Lemuel V. McMahan Kings Mountain, N. C. Dairy Husbandry Jack McDade Chapel Hill, N. C. Geol. Engr. Engineers Council (4); A.I.M.E.; I.D.C.; Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4); Big-Four Day (2, 3, 4); Dorm Ath- letic Director; Dorm Prcs.; I.D.C. Athletic Dir.; Rockhound Club. Lawrence B. McGee, :S I.E Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Chemical Engr. Gamma Sigma Epsilon; A.I.Ch.E. Samuel McManus, -II Albemarle, N. C. Industrial Engr. Treas. Sigma Pi (3); ' Fheta Tau; A.I.I.E.; Intramural Athletics (1, 2, 3, 4); Cheerleader (3); Dept. Honor Comra. Walter G. McDonald Mt. Pleasant, N. C. Mechanical Engr. A.S.M.l:.; Arnold Air Society Richard James McGillis Bayonne, N. J. hid. Rural Rec. Monogram Club (3, 4), Sec. (4); arsity Baseball (3, 4). BiRClI L. McMuRRAV Rutherfordton, N. C. Agronomy .Vlpha Zeta; Blue Key; 30 3; Colden Chain; Agriculturist Bus. Staff (2). Bus. Mgr. (3), Asst. Bus. Mgr. (4); Publications Board (3); Dormitory- Club (3, 4); .Agronomy Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Distinguished Military Student; Freshman and Sophomore Sears, Roebuck Scholar- ship; Freshman Danforth Fellowship. Bnucii McNeai, Marion, N. C . hid. Rural Rec. Ri ' crtMlinn C ' luh. • Sydney Narvey V ' innipeg. Manitoba, Canada Heatiiio Is Air Conditioning Theta l nr, A.S.H.V.E. (I, 2, 3, 4); Southern Un ineer (4); Vice- Pres. (2), Prcs. (3), A.S.H.V.E.; Theta Tau, Inner Guard (3). Ed Cranmer Newton, Jr. Snuthport, N. C Geol. Eiigr. A.I.M.E.; Rockhound Club. • Charles Frederick Noble Bclhaven, N. C. Wildlife Consv. Mgt. Leopold W ' ildlife Society. • Milton Noble Noble, Ky. Forest Mgt. Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club. James Martin Norman, III Leaksville, N. C. Chemical Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; .A.I.Ch.E.; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. William Baxter Nowell, Jr. Wilson, N. C. Tc. tiles Radiii Husain Obaidi Hindyai, Iraq Agronomy Harry J. O ' Connor, Jr., -II Greensboro, N . C. Horticulture .Arnold .Air Society; Floriculture Club; Ag. Club. • Neil Frederick Oerter Winston-Salem, N. C. Exp. Statistics Robert Sterrett Oglesby Richmond, Va. Industrial Engr. A.I. I.E. • Jaime Olarte Medellin, Colombia, S. A. Textile Mgt. Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi (3); Sec. Sigma Tau Sigma C4); Pres. Aquinas Club (3); Vice Pres. Cosmopolitan Club (4); Delta Kappa Phi. l fm [55] Dick R. Onn, OX Fort Wavnc, Ind. Architecture A. I. A.; Cadet Officers Asso. Daniel K. Owens Greenville, N. C. Ag. Biol. Chemistry Society of Au. Chemists, Pres. (2); Honor Comm. (- ); Orchestra (1, 2); College Union Music Comm. (3, 4). CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Charles M. Osborne, AFP Brevard, N. C. Auimal Industry CD. H.) A«. Club; Animal Industry- Club; Dairy Judging Team. Adolfo Palazuelos Mexico Mechanical Engr. Cosmopolitan Club; Aquinas Club; Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4). Roger Sherman Otstot Raleigh, N. C. Chemical Engr. VicePres. A.I.Ch.E.; Grand Al- ciiemist. Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Dept. Honor Comm.; Hnginecrs C ' ouncil. Robert |. Parker, KA Ervvin, N. C. Mechanical Engr. Vincent C. Outland Rich Square, N. C. Industrial Engr. Theta Tau; A. I. I.E.; .Arnold Air Society; College Union Director; 30 3; Ciolden Chain; Athletic Council; Publications Board (4); Intramural Athletics; Soph. Class Pres.; Ring Dance Comm. (3); Sec. (3), Pres. (4), Campus Gov ' t.; S.C. of C.U.N.C, Treas. C3)- Harry C. Parkin Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engr. I.R.E.; Amateur Radio. Willie N. Parks Portsmouth, Va. Industrial Engr. lntr;imural Softball (2, 3). Benjamin Wade Parsons Roseboro, N. C. Agronomy Luther G. Partin, Jr. Willow Springs, N. C. Ag. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; VO AG: .Vgfi- cithiirist; Intramural . thlctics (1, 4). William B. Patterson, -AK Abbeville, S. C. Industrial Engr. .Adyisory Board Southern Engineer (3); Aquinas Club (3, 4), Sec. (4); Engineers Council (3); S.A.E., C ' orrcs. Sec. (3), Rec. Sec. (3). k2i Raymond Lewis Penland Franklin, N. C. Ag. Education Alphu Zeta: Isl S t. Scabbard and Blade; rarmhuusc, Treas.; Cir. Mi:r. Affrictilturist; F.F.A.; Ag. Club; Li e- stock Day (2. 4); Distinijuishcd .Mili- tarv Student; Livestoek Judyina Team (4). • HuDOLPH Perez Tampa, Fla. Textiles Intiamurals; Wtville (1, 2). • John Etfovell Ramsey Perry Gatesvillc, N. C. Animal Industry QA. H.) Scabbard and Blade; Ag. Club; Animal Industry ' Club; Sec. Alex. " Dorm Club. • Theodore James Peters Hy attsvillc, Md. Architecture Glee Club (2); Outing Club, His torian (2); A.I.A. (2, 3, 4, 5). • Frank Elmer Pittman Chapel Hill. N. C. Construction . .S.C.E.; Pep Club; Music Comm. • Charles Ray Pitts, ArP Charlotte, N. C. Wildlife Consv. Mgt. Tennis (1, 2. 3. 4); Soccer (2, 3, 4); Leopold Wildlife Society. • Richard Eugene Pitts, 2AE Burlington, N. C. Itidustrial Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; 30 3; Tau Beta Pi; Blue Key; Golden Chain; Treas. Campus Goy ' t. C3V, Pres. College Union C4); .A.I.I. E.; Tennis (1, 2, 3, 4); Pres. Freshman Class; Social Functions Comm. (2, 3, 4); Greater Uniyersity Student Council (3, 4). • Hunter Alton Poole Raleigh, N. C. Furniture Mft. Mgt. S..- .M.; Furniture CluJi; Forest Products Research Sciciet ' ; Jr. I.E. Honor Council Rep.; Cadet Officers .Asso. • Earl Secrest Poplin, FH Indian Trail, N. C. Animal Hushandry Track (1); Cross Country (1); Sec. Ag. Club; -Animal Industry Club; Chairman .Ag. Fair; Dept. Honor Comm.; Rep. Campus Goy ' t. • John W ' illard Porter, 6X Jefferson, X. C. Industrial Engr. I.F.C.; A.I.I.E. • Paul Harold Porter Kelly, N. C. Electrical Engr. Arnold -Air Society; .A.I.E.E.; Rifle Team fl, 2, 3, 4); Student Union Dance Comm. • Edward Osborne Potts, Jr. i:AK Riverdale, x Id. Construction Football (1, 2, 3, 4); A.S.C.E.; Monogram Club. [57] CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Don E. Powell, - K Winston-Salem, N. C. Industrial Engr. Athletic Council (3, 4); Dept. Honor Comm. (2); S.A.M.; .• .I.I.E.: Intramurals (J, 2, 3, 4); .Arnold Air Society. Douglas L. Powell, 211 Spencer, N. C. Electrical Engr. Engineers Council; A. I. I.E.; South- ern En gineer (I, 2, .3), Editor (4); Publications Board; Directorate Col- lege Union C3); College Union Board (3). Robert E. Powell W. Asheville, N. C. Mechanical Engr. .■ .S.M.E.; Intnniiural Basketball (3). Carl D. Price Selma, N. C. Agronomy Donald E. Price Monroe, N. C. Aiiitiial Industry Rex Beam Price Forest City, N. C. Ag. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Ag. F.F.A.; Boxing (2). Club; Robert Lee Privette Zebulon, N. C. Industrial Arts Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Mgr. Freshman Baseball (2); Intramural Football (3); Ind. Arts Club; Cadet Officers .■ sso. Richard L. Quickel, Jr., - ' tE Charlotte, N. C. Electrical Engr. ' lau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Scab- bard and Blade; A.I.E.E.; Phi Eta Sigma; Frat. Wrestling (3). A.S.C.E. (1, 3). Bobby B. Ramsey Shelby, N. C. CoHs(nic(ioH West Haven C ' ouncil Albert L. Reaves Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Chemical Engr. John Thomas Reeves Pilot Mountain, N. C. Ag. Edtication Kappa Phi Kanpa; Ag. Club; F.F.A.; Cadet OflScers Asso., Co. C ' cmmander D B. Don D. Regan Lexington, N. C. Animal Industry Alpha Zeta (1); Ag. Club (2); I.D.C. (3); Chairman Bamwarming Dance (4). Calvin Joseph Reis Allentown. Pa. Pulp Technology Alpha Zeta; Xi Sipmii Pi. Sec- Trcas. (4); Freshman Schol. .Award; i ' iiifllim (I, 4); Slabs £- Ecl in s, Editor (2); Dept. Honi r Ccimm. (1), Sec. (2); Forestry Club: Forestrv ' Club . ' g. Fair Chairman (2); Student Union; Cadet Officers Asso. • Citahles Lewis Ribelin. nK I Salisbury, N. C. Clieiiiicul Eiigr. Gamma Sioma Epsilon; . .I.Ch.E.; . ' quinas Club. • TnEoPHiLus Edward Ricks Rocky Mount, N. C. Anivial litdiistrY Club; .Animal Industr ' New Club; Cam- Editor TcclnuL-iaii; Si pus Gov ' t.; Consolidated University Student Council; Student De ' clop- ment Council; I.F.C. • U ' ade Hampton Ritchie, Jr. Concord, N, C. Aninml Industry (Dn rv) . v. Club; . nimal Industry Club. • Charles P. Robinson, Jr., -AE W ' adesboro, N. C. Construction A.S.C.E.; Cadet Officers Asso.; Tennis Mgr. (1, 2, 3. 4); Treas. Freshman Class; Dance Comm. (3). • Sidney Hope Roddey. Jr., M T Charlotte, N. C. Horticulture (F or.) Treas. Horticulture Club (4); Pres, Floriculture Society (3); Tennis (1); Vice-Pres. Phi Kappa Tau (2); I.F.C; Sec. Charlotte Club (3); Dept. Honor Council (2). • Davie Lee Rodgers, - ' I ' E Thnmasville, N. C. Industrial Rec. Plcdgemaster Sigma Phi Epsilon (4); Kappa Phi Kappa; .American Rec. Society; N. C. Rec. Society; Rec- reation Club; Intramural Sports, Manager (2); Dorm Vice Pres. (3, 4); Freshman Counselor (3, 4); In- terdormitory Council. • Hershal Evans Rogers Wrightsville Beach, N. C. CoHsfriicttou • Philip Rolnik Bogota, Colombia. S. A. Arc ;!(ec(i(re Sigma Pi Alpha; Hillel Founda tion; .A.I..A. • Donald Jordan Rose, OX Greenville, N. C. Textiles Scribe, Delta Kappa Phi; Sec. Tompkins Te. tile Council; Corres. Sec. S.A.M.; Sigma Tau Sigma; Di- rector, Textile Movie. • Robert Stanley Rosenfeld Forest Hills, N. Y. Textile Synthetics ' ) Soccer CI, 2, 3). • William Oettinger Ross, -X Elizabeth City, N. C. Heating Air Conditioning .Arnold .Air Society; .A.S.H.V.E.; Intramural Wrestling (2. 3). All- Ompus (2); Red Coat Band (1, 2); Yellow Dogs; Dorm Floor Rep. (2). -A;, ' L.l [59] CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE GiNo L. Rota Lima, Peru Textiles George Sam Rowe, Jr. Newton, N. C. Civil Engr. ■A.S.C.E.; Dorm Basketball (2, 3, 4). Shelley Z. Rowen, -AM Bronx, N. Y. Textile Client. Dyeing Delta Kappa Phi; Ciamma Sigma Hpsilon; Scabbard and Blade; A.A.T.C.C. Leonard Rubin Springfield, Mass. Heating Air Coiiditioiiiug Res;enl, Theta Tau; A.S.I l.V.E. Albert Rudolph Brooklyn, N. Y. Textiles Delta Kappa Phi; S.A.M.. Sec; Sec. D„rniit,.rv; Y.M.C.A.; Hillel; Cosmopolitan Club. John L. Rudser, -AE Fort Braoo, N. C. Nuclear Engr. A. I. P. (3, 4); Dept. Honor Comm. (3); Cadet Officers Asso. (3, 4); Engineers Council (4). Graden ]. Russell, - ' tE Fletcher, N. C. Ceramic Engr. Keramos (3, 4), Herald (4); .American Ceramic Society, Pres. C4); Intramurals; Engineers Council; Sec. Sigma Phi Epsilon (4). Neil Conway Russell Candler, N. C. Industrial Arts Ind. Arts Club, Vice-Pres. Courtney L Sadler Littleton, N. C. Electrical Engr. .A.I.E.E.; Soutiterti Engitieer. Samuel K. Sain Cana, N. C. Ajiimal Indiislry (D. H.) .At?. C ' lub: .Animal Industr ' Club. Thomas H. Satterwhite Cleveland, N. C. Ag. Engineering Arnold . ir Society; Cadet Officers .Asso.; .A.S..A.E.; Buildino Alar. Walter Myers Sawyer Belcross, N. C. Agronomy Ag. Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Agronomy Club (1. 2. 3, 4). William Tally Scabborough Harris ' ille, Miss. Nuclear Engr. I.R.E.; A.I. P.; Tau Beta Pi; Dorm Basketball (2). Swimming (2); B.S.U. (. . 4). Sidney Scott Bronx, N. Y. Textile {Synthetics ' ) James Frederick Scull, riK.V Paterson, N. J. Textile Chem. Dyeing Phi Psi; A.A.T.C.C: Football (1); I.F.C. Stephen David Seymore, Jr. Sanford, N. C. Mechanical Engr. OssiE Taylor Shackelford Ar? Hookerton, N. C. Agronomy A.S.A.; Ao. Club; .Agronomy Club, Pres. (4); Campus Gov ' t. (2); Dept. Honor Council (3). Hardy Richard Sharpe, Jr. Robbinsville, N. C. Electrical Etigr. A.I.E.E. • Thomas Boyd Sharpe, OX Burlington, N. C. Construction J .S.C.E.; Honor Comm.; I.F.C; ' ic -Pres. Theta Chi; Intramurals. Aubrey M. Shaw Ivanhoe, N. C. Wildlife Consv. ■ Mgt. 1 ice-Pres. Leopold Wildlife So- cle! (4). • James Ralph Shaw Lillington, N. C. Mechanical Engr. QAero. Opt.) Henry Leland Shek New York, N. Y. Mechanical Engr. • Charles Dayvault Shinn China Grove, N. C. Textile Mft. Tompkins Te-xtile Council. John Edison Shuford Lincolnton, N. C. Industrial Engr. [61] SpYRIDON N. SiDEBIS, 6X Greenville, N. C. Construction A.S.C.E.; Mdnojiram Club (2, 3, 4); Football (1. 2); Wrestling (1, 2, 3, 4). CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Joseph W. Silver Marion, N. C. Industrial Arts Ed. Industrial Arts Club; Y.M.C.A. John T. Sinclair Raeford, N. C. Agronomy Edgar D. Skinner, Jr. Rocky Mount, N. C. Chemical Engr. Tau Beta Pi; A.I.Ch.H.; Rncinu ream (3, 4). Carlton E. Smith Robcrsonville, N. C. Agrononty Agronomy Club (3, 4); Ag, Club (3, 4). James F. Smith Miami, Fla. hid. Rural Rec. 4); iMonogram Football (2, 3 Club, Treas. (4). John Frederick Smith Kinston, N. C. Industrial Engr. Glee Club (1); Athletic Director ' etville (2). Robert Dean Smith Kernersville, N. C. Construction Engr. Arnold Air Society (3, 4), Adj., Recorder (4). James P. Smyly, -+E Charlotte, N. C. Ceramic Engr. American Ceramic Society (1, 2, 3, 4), Treas. (3); Watauuan (I, 2); Southern Engineer (3, 4); Intra- mural Boxing and Football (1, 2); Collective Buying, I.F.C. (3, 4), Chairman. Harold E. Smyre Hickory, N. C. Architecture A.I.A. Royce L. Snipes Princeton, N. C. Ag. Education F.F.A.; Ag. Club. Caleb Jack Snow Mt. Airy, N. C. Animal Industry Alpha Zeta; Asriculturist; Bus. Mgr. Meat Milk; Meats Judging Team (3); Dorm Social and Rec. Director (3); Bldg. Mgr. (4); Dorm Sec. (4); Ag. Club (2. 3, 4); Ani- mal Industry- Club (2, 3. 4); 4-H Club (2, 3, 4); Livestock Day (2, 4); I.D.C. (4); Y.M.C.A. (3, 4). Franklin M. Soling, -AJI Bronx, N. Y. Textile ( Synthetics) Delta Kappa Phi (3, 4); Pres. C4), Tompkins Textile Council, Vice- Pres. (■♦); S.A.M. (3, 4); I.F.C. (3); Publications Board (4); Agko- MECK (1. 2, 3, 4) Military Editor (2). Assoc. Editor (3), Editor-in- Chief (4): I.F.C. Dance Comm. (3); Student l)e elopnient Council (4); Baseball Ms;r. U); Intcrfrat Athletics (1. 2, 3, 4); All-Campus Handball (3); Intramural Official (2, 3); Rec. Sigma Alpha iMu (4); R.O.T.C. Award (2). • David L. Southerland Charlotte, N. C. Ind. Rural Rec. • Herman Foote Spain Raleioh, N. C. Electrical Engr. A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. • Marvin Randolph Sparks Lynch Station, Va. Fxirtiitiire Mft. Mgt. Furniture Club; Forest Products Research Society. • Robert Wilton Speight, -N Evanston, 111. Ind. Riiral Rec. Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4); Track (1). • Jerry Lamont Splawn, 2X Burlington, N. C. Textiles Track (1,2. 3, 4). • Charles Edward Sprain, 2N Kenosha, Wis. Textiles • Richard Andrew Spritz Clairton, Pa. hid. Rural Rec. Football (1, 2, 3, 4); i Ionooram Club; Aquinas Club. • Lindsay Ellis Spry, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Mechanical Engr. Cir. Mor. (2, 3), . sst. Bus Mur. (4), Bus. Mor. (5), Tec iniciaii; Vice-Pres. N. C. Colleoiate Press Asso. (4. 5); Print Shop Exec. Board; Publications Board (5); Intra mural Boxing and Football (3, 4); Dept. Honor Comro. (5); A.S.M.E. (4, 5); Cadet Officers Asso. (4). • Peyton Hubert Squires, Jr. Clayton, N. C. Industrial Arts Ed. A.S.H.V.E. (2); Ind. Arts Club (3, 4), Sec. (4). • Ram Nath Srivastava Delhi, India Textiles • Garland Everette Still Kings Mountain, N. C. Agronomy Ag. Club; .Agronomy Club. [63] CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Walter T. Stinson Boonville, N. C. Animal Industry Chjncfllor ;ind Scrihe, Alpha eta: Golden C ' hain: Au. Club; Animal Industry ' Club; Blue Key; lntr;nnural Sports (2, 3); Dorm Bldg. Mgr. (3, 4); Campus Gov ' t. (3). John W. Stokes Henderson, N. C. Forest Mgt. Society of American Foresters; Cadet Officers Asso.; Forestry Club. Jerome Strassler Brooklyn, N. Y. Mechanical Engr. Inlr.unuiaK ( 1 , 2, 3, 4). Edwin E. Strickiand, TKR Goldsboro, N. C. Furniture Mft. Mgt. Furniture C ' lub; Techtticittu, Make- lip (1). News Editor (2), Managing Fditor (3). Columnist (4); Pres. T;iu Kappa Epsilon. George H. Stroud Suffolk, Va. hnhislrial Engr. A. I. I.E.; S.A.M. Robert N. Styres Raleigh, N. C. FiiDii iire Mft. Aigf. Furniture Club. William I. Sunderland, sn Ru. ton, Md. Textile QDesigti ' ) Phi Psi. Floyd B. Sweet, Jr. Laurinburg, N. C. Textiles Arnold Air Society (4); Ex Offi- cio Campus Gov ' t.; College Union Board of Directors (4); Pres. LD.C. (4); Dorm Pres. (2, 3); Delegate, Consolidated University Student Council (4); Student Development Council (4). Enrique Talamas Saltillo, Me.xico Textile (Yarn Mft.) Aquinas Club; Cosmopolitan Club. James T. Tanner Elk Park, N. C. Ceramic Engr. Pres. Keramos; Sec. American Ceramic Society. Jay Seth Taylor Gary, N. C. Ag. Education Thomas Arron Taylor Landis, N. C. Animal Industry Oris W. Tfhhhll Mebanc. N. C. Industrial Etigr. A.I.I.E., Publicilv Chair., Athletic Chjirman (2); Intramural Spurts (2, i. 4). OsMYN O. Tesii. Jk. VVinston-Salem, N. C. Chemical Engr. A.I.Ch.r.; ArncUl ir Society. • Eduie Franklin Thomas, Jr. Rocky Mount, N. C. Electrical Engr. .A.I.E.E. (4): Southern Eiiphieer (3, 4); Campus Table Tennis Cnamp. Team Capt. (2. 3); Chairman Col- leije Union Publicity Comm. (3); Chairman College Union Games C ' omm. (4); Collej e Union Board of Directors (4); Capt. R.O.T.C. (3); Campus Checker Champ (3). • Evans George Thomas Raleigh, N. C. Architecture Roy " C " Thomas Statesville, N. C. Aero. • Donald Rogers Thompson Greensboro, N. C. Geol. Engr. Hannis W. Thompson, Jr. Salisbury, N. C. Electrical Engr. I.R.E. • James Robert Thompson, 6X Gulfport, JMiss. Electrical Engr. A.I.E.E.; I.F.C. • William Franklin Thore Boonville, N. C. Textiles Phi Psi; I.D.C.; Intramural Sports Dorm Pres., Athletic Director and Counselor. • Thomas Lee Thbash, ATP Asheville, N. C. Forestry Forestry Cluh. • Maxwell R. Thurman, -AE High Point, N. C. Chemical Engr. Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Treas. Senior Class; Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4); Senior Rep. Athletic Council; I.F.C; Pres. Aquinas Club. • Bryson Hugh Tilson, Jr. Mars Hill, N. C. Ag. Education F.F.. .; Au. Club; Chairman . g. Fair Booth Committee for F.F.. ' . [65] James T. Tippett Oxford, N. C. Electrical Eiigr. Arnold Air Society, Adj., Recorder; A.I.E.E.i Y.M.C.A.; Junior-Senior Dance Comm.; Soph. Dance Comm. CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Edward A. Travis, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Heating Air Conditimiing Theta Tau; Inrramurals (1, 2, 3, 4); A.S.H.V.E., Sec. (3); Arnold Air Society, Vice-Commander (4); Dorm Pres.; I.D.C. James R. Trawick Wilmington, N. C. Geol. Engr. Engineers Council (4); A.I.M.M.E. C2, 3, 4), Pres. (4). Joseph W. Trollinger, 2X Burlington, N. C. Construction Engr. C ' adet Officers Asso.; Tennis (1, 2); Fraternity Tennis (3, 4); An- notator, Sigma Chi (4); Agromeck (1). Frank P. Turvey, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Electrical Engr. WVWP. Ronald S. Tuttle Greensboro, N. C. Industrial Engr. A.I.I.E.; A.I.E.E. Francis D. Tyler, Jr. Jamestown, N. Y. Civil Engr. GusTAv M. Ulrich Concord, N. H. Electrical Engr. Eta Kappa Nu; V ' WP. Luis G. Uribe Medellin, Colombia, S. A. Textiles Sigma Pi .Alpha; S.A.M.; Aquinas Club; Cosmopolitan Club; Swimming (1, 2); Soccer [I); Intramurals; Treas. Aquinas Club (4); Student Union Comm. William T. Uzzle, Raleigh, N. C. hid. Rural Rec. Jr. Baseball (1, 2); College Union Theater Comm. (3, 4), Chairman (4), Film Comm. (3, 4). John D. Vance, TKE Williamsport, Pa. Civil Engr. WVWP (1, 2, 3, 4), Prod. Mgr. (2); Intramurals (1, 2, 3). GiLBERTo Villa Medellin, Colombia, S. A. Textiles Aquinas Club; Soccer (I, 2, 4); Cosmopolitan Club. Raymond Bennett Walker AFP Pelham, N. C. Ag. Engineeriiig Arnold Air Society; A.S.A.E.; In tramuruls (1, 2, 3, 4). • Samuel Jett Walker ReidsvUle, N. C. Agronomy A.S.A. • FoNzo Ray Wallace Princeton, N. C Ag. Education Ag. Club; F.F.A. • Bernard Campbell Wampler KA Galax, Va. Industrial Engr. Furniture Club; Cadet Officers Asso. • Benjamin Thomas Ward, ITKA Greensboro, N. C. Textile ( Synthetics} Pres. Pi Kappa Alpha; Vice-Pres. Campus Gov ' t.; Chairman " Opera- tion Spirit " ; Freshman Rep. Campus Gov ' t.; 30 3; Phi Psi; Greater Uni- versity Student Council; College Un- ion Directorate; I.F.C.; Intramural Advisory Board; Chairman Athletic Seating Coram.; College Social Func- tions Comm. (2, 3, 4); Cir. iMgr. Textile Forum; Fraternity Editor .Agromeck; Outstanding Fraternity Intramural Athletic Trophy (2, 3); All-Campus Football, Basketball, Softball, ' olleyball. Boxing, Track. • Boyd Maxton Ward, AXA High Point, N. C. A.I.I. E.; Cadet Officers Asso.; Dis- tinguished Military Student. • RuFus Hawkins Warren Roseboro, N. C. Ag. Education 30 3; Kappa Phi Kappa; ' ■ " ■ ■ ■ • F.RA. Sears, Ag. Roebuck Scholarship; Club; Campus Gov ' t. • Joe Dan Washburn Shelby, N. C. Animal Industry (D. H.) Ag. Club; Animal Industry Club Dairy Judging Team (2). • Joseph Clyde Watkins, Jr. Black Mountain, N. C. Chemical Engr. A.I.Ch.E.; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. • Bobby Lee Watson Rural Hall, N. C. Ag. Education • Billy Stanford Weaver Lillington, N. C. Civil Engr. • Carl E. Webb Raleigh, N. C. Forest Mgt. Xi Sigma Pi. [67] CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Joseph L. Webb Raleigh, N. C. Rural Sociology Lee R. Wensil, Jr. Concord, N. C. Heating Air Conditioning Theta Tau; A.S.H.V.E., Reporter, Pres.; A.S.M.E.; S.A.M.; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; Son( i- ern Engineer; Bus. Mgr. .- gromeck; Intramurals; Dept. Honor Comm.; Engineers Council: Engineers Exposi- tion Chairman. Robert T. Webb Townsend, Tenn. Wildlife Alpha Zeta; Pres., Leopold Wild- life Society. John C. Wessell, AFP Hallsboro, N. C. Lumber Products Mft. Mdsg. Pinetum, Asst. Editor (3), Editor (4); Intramural Athletic Director (4); Forestry Club; Forest Products Research Society; Publications Board. Edgar Eabl Welch Franklin, N. C. Civil Engr. Robert N. Westbrook, 2 I E Goldsboro, N. C. Civil Engr. Howard Alonzo Wells Winston-Salem, N. C. Nuclear Engr. Pres. Blue Key; Mu Beta Psi; Ciolden Chain; Editor and Bus. Mgr. ToH ' cr; Publications Board; Vice- Pres. Sophomore Class; Cbainnan Dance Comm. (2); ' ice-President Y.M.C.A. (5, 4); Momecoming Chairman; Greater Uniyersity Stu- dent Council (3, 4); Glee Club; Red Coat Band (1, 2, i, 4); R.O.T.C. Band (1. 2, 3); Military Aide to Indiijiesian .Ambassador. James H. Wheless, ArP Louisburg, N. C. Forest Mgt. Bus. Mgr. Pinetiiiii (4); CJlee Club (I, 2): ' icePres. Forestry Club (3): Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4). Joe a. Whisenhunt, -X Newton, N. C. Electrical Engr. A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; WVWP. Jack C. White High Point, N. C. Civil Engr. Phi Kappa Phi; .A.S.C.E.; Chairman Dept. Honor C ' omm, Vice- (4). James A. White Charlotte, N. C. Construction Richard Thomas White Newburgh, N. Y. Wood Technology Forcstn- Club (3. 4). Sec.-Treas. C3). Van Dale Wiliahd, -N Winston-Sak-m. N. C. Aii ' niinl 1 lusbinidry Ay. Club: dec C ' lub; Animiil In (lustry Club; Collc ' siiili " 4H C ' lub; .A rifu tiirisf; Fr.iti " init IntramuriiU (1.2, - . ■ ■ . • Aubrey Bruce Williams Cleveland, N. C. 4g. Ediicalioii Scc.Treas. Aw. Economics C ' lub. • Herman Coy Williams Wake Forest, N. C. Electrical Engr. .A.I.E.E.; Public;itions Comm. (2); Ciames Comm, (4); Dorm Pres. (4). • John Robert Williams Monroe, N. C. Animal hidustry , Club; 4-H Supper Club; Animal Industr - Club; Ai rictiUiirist (1, 4); West Ha en Council (I), Mayor (?); X ' ice-Chainnan Livestock Day (3); Dept. Honor Comm. (1, 2, 3), Chairman (4). • V ' illiam M. Williams, IlK ' l ' Charlotte, N. C. Mechanical Engr. 30 3; A.S.M.E.; Vataug,an CI. 2); Totrcr (I); Treasurer Soph. Class: Vice-Pres. Y.M,C.A. (1); Vice-Pres. I.F.C. (4), • Wiley Thomas VV ' illiamson Sims, N, C, Animal Industry • Roger Curtis Williford Fayetteville, N. C. Poultry Science Aa. Club (1, ' 2. 3, 4): Poultry Science Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Pres. ( ' 3): ' ice Chairman Dept. Honor Comm. of Ag. School (4), • Giles Whitehurst Willis, Jr. Gloucester, N. C. Nuclear Engr. Tower (3, 4); College Union D.Tnce Comm. (3), Chairman (4); Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (3, 4); Greater LIniversitv Student Council (3); State Student Lcoislature (3, 4); Publicity Director Greater University WSSF Comm. • Benjamin F. Wilson, Jr. Mebane, N. C. Animal Industry (D. H.) Intraniurals CI. 2, 3. 4); An. C ' lub; .Animal Industry Club. • Frank Laton Winecoff, -X Albemarle, N. C. Heating Air Conditioning Arnold .Air Society; .A.S.H.V.E.; I.F.C: Intramural .Advisory Board; Intramural .Athletics (2, 3, 4); .All Campus Swimming C3); Cheerleader r3); Pres. Sigma Chi: Pledge Dance Comm. • George Thomas Winecoff 2X Albemarle, N. C. Heating Air Conditioning .A.S.H.V.E.; Arnold Air Society; I.F.C. (3, 4); Soccer C3); Intramural Athletics C2, 3. 4); All-Campus Wrestling C3), Softball (3), Foot- ball C3): Cheerleader (3); I.F.C. Dance Comm. C3, 4). • Ellis Gbey Winstead Belhaven, N. C. CoHstriicfion [69] Bobby L. Wishon Kannapolis, N. C. Textiles CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-THREE Clifton C. Withers, 211 Kannapolis, N. C. Mechanical Engr. ( Aero. Op(.) Hus. Myr. Soutltertt l ' ji i«cer. Donald Joseph Wolf Frederick, Md. Lumber Products Mft. Mdsg. Xi Sigma Pi; Forest Products Re- search Society; Forestry Club. Bruce H. Woodard Spring Hope, N. C. Animal Husbandry Ay. C ' !ub; . nini;il Industry C luh. William E. Wooten Winston-Salem, N. C. Mechanical Engr. A.S.M.E. (2, 3, 4); Technician Cir. Mgr. (3, 4). William R. Wyatt Winston-Salem, N. C. Mechanical Ettgr. WVWP; RiHe Team (1, 2, 3). Ali S. Yaltir Ceyhan, Turkey Textile ( Synthetics ' ) Delta Kappa Phi; International Club; Cosmopolitan Club; Soccer (1). NiKo K. Yankoglu Istanbul, Turkey Te.v(i(e Mgt- Delta Kappa Phi. Gaither G. Young Mars Hill, N. C. Animal Industry (A. H.) Ag. Club; Animal Industry Club; Intramurals. Samuel J. Young Kittrell, N. C. Agranotny .Ag. Club; Agronomy Club. Richard C. Yow, - " tl ' : Asheville, N. C. Civil Engr. Arnold Air Society; A.S.C.E. Bernard R. Ylirin Gary, Ind. Textiles Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4). K-A MOEZEDIN ZoLFAGAHBI Teheran, Iran Textiles Soccer (2, i. 4); All-Campus Box- ing Champ (1, 2), Ping Pono Champ (3); Monogram Club (3, 4). Reporter (4); Cosmopolitan Club; International Club; Y.M.C.A.; Col lege Union Dance Comm. (3). James R. Buchanan Sylva, N. C. Chemical Engr. Archie A. Horne BeulaviUe, N. C. Agronomy William G. Lloyd Asheboro, N. C. Heating Air Conditioniiis k [71] Senior lluiiorary Cldlden Chain, Senior Honorary Society, was organized in May, 1926. The purpose of the society is to promote better citizen- ship and leadership on the campus. In May each year, twelve Juniors, considered the outstanding members of their class, are added to the Chain b ' a tapping ceremony at the Memorial Tower. 19S2 53 LINKS Robert W. Brittain Iames C. Bryan, ArcJi Hcucnl RoBBY L. Cockerham, Treasurer Marcus B. Crotts, Eeaent Douglas M. Crutchfield David P. Moore Tames P. Milam Birch L. McMiirray, Secrctarv Vincent C. Olitland Richard E. Pitts Walter T. Stinson I lowARD A. Wells Idiioniry ERRY ErDAHL Jesse Capel President James G. Hilton Vice-President Paul B. Cone Secretary Robert J. Turner Treasurer OFFICERS OF THE JUniOR CLASS THE JUNIORS Einar Aase Oslo, Nurvvay Kenneth Joseph Adamo Vineland, N. J. Dewey Allen Adams Bunnlevel, N. C. Robert Lee Adams Lexington, Ky. Karim Jafar Al-Uahili Bagdad, Iraq Louis George Alc.xakos, Jr Hamlet, N. C. William Elmo Alford Zebulon, N. C. William Ernest Alford, HKA ...Wilmington, N. C. James Bernard Alspaugh V ' ilst()n-Salem, N. C. William Jackson Alston Concord, N. C. Sidney Thomas Amandolia Thomasville, N. C. Donald Lee Anderson Marion, N. C. John Raymond Anderson, ITI ' I Tryon, N. C. Roland Fitzhugh Anderson Mt. Airy, N. C. Walter Herman Anderson Marion, N. C. Tilden Madison Angell Mocksville, N. C. Paul Francis Arata, III Lancaster, Pa. Charlie Curt Armstrong Creswell, N. C. John Kermit Atwell China Grove, N. C. R. L. Bailey Burnsville, N. C. Walter Donald Baker Four Oaks, N. C. Richard Lee Ball Lenoir, N. C. William Alton Ballance Fremont, N. C. Ralph Arthur Bansbach Rochester, N. Y. Gerald Thomas Barnes, Jr.. -X Charlotte, N. C. U ' alter Herbert Barnes Taylorsville, N. C. Craig L. Barnhardt, Jr New Bern, N. C. Timothy Hollis Barrows, -AH ..Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Joseph Paul Bartak, Jr Durham, N. C. Cedric Duane Beachem Beaufort, N. C. Roland Hedgepath Beam, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Joseph Luther Bell Hamptonville, N. C. Floyd Richard Bennett Valdese, N. C. George William Benning Favetteville, N. C. Carl Mack Berryhill Charlotte, N. C. William Vernon Best Greensboro, N. C. Billie Eugene Biggcrstatf Shelby, N. C. Billy Elias Bingham Lawndale, N. C. Samuel Wayne Bingham Lawndale, N. C. Franklin Daniel Blaylock Apex, N. C. Samuel Masters Blount. Jr Washington, N. C. Walter Francis Boerner Winston-Salem, N. C. Churchill Shupert Boger, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Gerald Marion Bolick Lenoir, N. C. John Henry Bollinger Salisbury, N. C. Bobbv Parrish Boseman Rocky Mount, N. C. Shanks Merritt Bradshcr, Jr Durham, N. C. George Wyatt Brannan, TKK Dunn, N. C. Claude Franklin Brinkley Mt. Airy, N. C. Joseph Calvin Britt Hamlet, N. C. NORTH CAROLINA ' mdMd: CLASS OF ' 54 Frederick Linwood Bmadhurst. . Morcliead City, N. C. Robert Allen Bnxiker Bronx, N. Y. Delbert Milton Broughton Mount Holly, N. C Carry Edward Brown, Jr Bethel, N. C. Harry Edwin Brown Gastonia, N. C. Jerry Clifton Brown Rich Square, N. C. Wesley Petree Brown King, N . C. William Johnstone Brown Chapel Hill, N. C. Walter Edward Bruce, Jr Overhills. N. C. Herbert Matharis Bryant Spring Hope, N, C. Willard Sylvester Buffkin Clarendon, N. C. Charles Earl Bullock Clarendon, N. C. Talmadgc Rudd Burgess Henderson, N. C. Jimmy Tilden Burns Atkinson, N. C. Glenn Elton Byrd Burlington, N. C. Richard Smith Cannon Wytheville, Va. John Wesley Cantrell Campobello, S. C. Claude Curtis Cardwcll Newport News, Va. Alexander Andrews Carlyle Raleigh, N. C. Harvey Gene Carpenter Albemarle, N. C. Stedman Hall Carr, -AK Angier, N. C. Kyle Eugene Carter Democrat, N. C. James Edwin Cashwell Parkersburg, N. C. Adrian Fernando Castro San Jose. Costa Rica Donald Richard Chance Hillsboro, N. C. Lloyd Cheek, i:x Gibsonville, N. C. Jack Donald Childress Mt. Airy, N. C. MacDuffie Clark Candor, N. C. George Roger Clarke, Jr Enfield, N. C. John Marshall Clement, ArP Raleigh, N. C. John H. Coble Laurinburg. N. C. Lerov Coggins Thomasville, N. C. John Jerome Collett, Jr Thomasville, N. C. Paul Bobby Cone Middlesex, N. C. Roy Elsworth Congleton Chadboum, N. C. Joseph Elmore Connelly Raleigh, N. C. Thomas Floyd Cooley, Jr Elkin, N. C. Green Flavie Cooper, - ' M- Charlotte, N. C. Kenneth Raymond Coulter Maiden, N. C. Willis Aubrey Council, AFP White Oak, N. C. Donald Cekada Craft Walstonburg, N. C. John Austin Crawford Earl, N. C. Richard Hallas Crockford, Jr Charlotte, N. C. John Henry Croom Fayetteville, N. C. John Stephen Crosby Ft. Bragg, N. C. Druid Lohr Crotts Lexington, N. C. Marvin Boyd Crow Lexington, N. C. Thomas Daniel Culbreth Wilmington, N. C. Jackie Shaw Daughtry. APP Mt. Olive, N. C. Joe Harvey Davidson Hickory, N. C. STATE COLLEGE THE JUNIORS Ralph Ecklev IXitrick Winston-Salem. N. C. Channic Roc Ucnnis. Jr., ' I ' KT ...Burlington, N. C. John Reynolds Deyton Kannapolis, N. C. Jerry Bland Dickey Burlington, N. C. George Grady Di.von Ayden, N. C. James Philander Dodge Raleigh, N. C. Fred Owings Drummond, Jr Kannapolis, N. C. Vilayat Hasankhan Durrani . . . .Rampur, U. P. India Freeman Edward Earley. -H . . . . Powellsville, N. C. Barbara Jean Edmundson Pikeville, N. C. George Cleveland Edwards Middlesex, N. C. John Robert Edwards E. Rockingham, N. C. Robert Oliver Edwards Morrisville, N. C. Robert Calvin Eller Moravian Falls, N. C. Stephen Edgar Elstcin New York, N. Y. James Thurman Emery Washington, N. C. John Veron Evans Magnolia, N. C. Earlie Sherman Everhart Lexington, N. C. Norman Falbaum Winston-Salcm. N. C. lames Harris Farrow Wilmington, N. C. Lionel Sidney leibus Scranton, Pa. William Richard Feroe, -AK . . Poughkeepsie, N. Y. William Earl Ferrell Wilson, N. C. David Alexander Finley Marion, N. C. I lenrv Pridgen Fleming Lucama, N. C. James Hunter Fleming Enheld, N. C. Edgar Durant Flowers Council, N. C. John Wallace Foushee, Jr.. API ' Ro.xboro, N. C. Charles Allen Fulp, AIM ' ...Winston-Salem, N. C. Craig Coleman Galloway Greensboro, N. C. William Martin Garmon. -Vl ' l ' Concord, N. C. Alton Leroy Garner Hope Mills, N. C. Arthur Wcldon Gilliam Farmville, Va. Julian Powell Goff Rocky Mount, N. C. James Russell Goldner, UK Warren, Ohio Cecil Conway Goode, Jr Boiling Springs, N. C. Arnold Frank Goodman Raleigh, N. C. Murray L. Goodwin Tyner, N. C. Maxwell Boner Goslen Kernersville, N. C. Robert West Graham Enfield, N. C. Gordon George Greaves Cleveland, Ohio Luther Andrew Green V ' hitakers, N. C. OIlis Eddie Green Reidsville, N. C. James Kern Greenlee Morganton, N. C. Elbert C. Griffin Monroe, N. C. Charles D. Grimes, Jr., 2+1 ' : . .Winston-Salem, N. C. William Shepard Griswold Durham, N. C. Egidio Guelpa Sao Paulo, Brazil Arthur Robert Hagstrom, 1 KT, Winston-Salem, N. C. Aubrey Lewis Hancock Randleman, N. C. NORTH CAROLINA CLASS OF ' 54 I ciluTt Eugene Hardy La Grange, N. C. Zel) i:)avid Hargett, UKA Charlotte, N. C. Frank Addison Hargrove Scotia, N. Y. Aubrey E ' ans Harrcll Edenton, N. C. Glenn Beckham Harvin, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Leigh DeLeon Hassell, Jr Manteo, N. C. Hobby Steele Hastings Hillsboro, N. C. I ' Jbert Nelson Hedgepelh, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Dewey Alphonso Heggie, Jr. .. Winston Salem, N. C. Larry Collins Hester Hurdle Mills, N. C. Maurice Eugene Hester Hurdle Mills, N. C. James Robert Heyuard Laurinburg, N. C. Frank B. Hicks, Jr Frank, N. C. Edward Lee Hill New Bern, N. C. James Gardner Hilton, Al ' P Raleigh, N. C. Daniel Baxter Hinkle, KS Raleigh, N. C. Glenn Jordan Hobbs, TKE Washington, D. C. James Frederick Hockaday Angier, N. C. Crawford Lee Hooks Goldsboro, N. C. Lowell Thomas Hovis Belmont, N. C. Linwood Earl Howell Newport News, Va. William Henry Howell Raleigh, N. C. David Allen Huggins Saluda, N. C. Allen Moncure Hull, OKA Richmond, Va. Charles Belay Hummel Mountain Lakes, N. J. James McNight Hunter Charlotte, N. C. Billy Ray Hutchins Trinity, N. C. Nathaniel Macon Jackson, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Glenn Claudius Jenkins, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Oadis Garfield Jenkins, Jr Lexington, N. C. Van Smith Jenkins Oxford, N. C. William Bobbitt Jenkins Franklinton, N. C. Wallace Robert Jennette Raleigh, N. C. James Peter Jochum W ' inston-Salem, N. C. Jerry Jerome Johnson Four Oaks, N. C. Richard Wade Johnson Germanton. N. C. William Herman Johnson Miami, Fla. William Hugh Johnson Favetteville, N. C. Jerry Addison Jones Winston-Salem, N. C. Sammy Paul Jones Shelby, N. C. Robert Byrd Jordan, IIL i:AE Mt. Gilead, N. C. Jake D. Joyner Nashville, N. C. David William Kane Raleigh, N. C. Stewart Kaplan Newburgh, N. Y. Jerry Howard Kat in Winston-Salem, N. C. Donel T(Kld Kelley Raleigh, N. C. Robert William Kendrick ...Roanoke Rapids, N. C. H. Connor Kennett, Jr Durham, N. C. Charles Norman Kirk East Bend, N. C. Joe Wyatt Kirkman Greensboro, N. C. STATE COLLEGE THE JUNIORS John Braskal Knight, Sn Albemarle, N. C. Frantz Allan Knittzel Jumbo Rock, Ark. Fred Joseph Landreth, AXA ..Winston-Salem, N. C. Thomas Tilden Lasitter Jacksonville, N. C. Jesse Lassitcr Four Oaks, N. C. Diinald Jones Latta Burlington, N. C. James Edward Layden Hertford, N. C. Claude E. Layman Roanoke, Va. Richard Allison Ledford Charlotte, N. C. Henry Cheuk-Hung Leung Hong Kong, China William Mallov Lewis Red Springs, N. C. William Ted Lewis Wilson, N. C. Genaro Ligouri Brooklyn, N. Y. Gene Martin Linney Hiddenite, N. C. George Henry Lourigan Kenosha, Wis. Henry Grady Lovin Robbinsville, N. C. Hcnrv Ford Lowry Pembroke, N. C. Robert Miller Lumley, KT ..Winston-Salem, N. C. Graham L. Lutz, Jr Dallas, N. C. William Thomas Marcom Raleigh, N. C. Roy Jackson Marshall, Jr Winston-Salem, N. C. Dcvero Martin Unaka, N. C. Billy Ray Matthews Angier, N. C. Junius Kenneth Maxwell, . X. Pink Hill, N. C. Robert Walter Ma.vwell Brown Summit, N. C. William Allen Mericka Brown Summit, N. C. Alton Barton Merritt, Jr Salisbury, N. C. William Harris Michie, OX Ro.xboro, N. C. Archie Rudolph Miller Newport, N. C. Gordon Proffitt Miller Laurel Springs, N. C. Edgar Coy Mills, Jr Polkton, N. C. Benjamin Lee Millsaps, - K .... Mooresville, N. C. Ronald Lee Mimns, i:n Durham, N. C. Mohamcd Naeeh Mohamed Alexandria, Egypt James Lewis Mott Turkey, N. C. Grayden B. Mi ulthrop, -VXA . .Great Barrington, Mass. John Patrick Mulvaney Asheville, N. C. Raymond Earl Murphrey Snow Hill, N. C. John Barry Murphy Rocky Mount, N. C. Kadhini Mcihanmiad Mustaf Khalis, Iraq Mattel Ball McCallum, AXA Rowland, N. C. Abram Wells McConnell Mount Holly, N. C. George William McCoy, Jr Asheville. N. C. Billy Edward McDowell High Point, N. C. William Belton Nesbitt Edneyville, N. C. Grover Cleveland Nicholscjn, Jr Oxford, N. C. John Edward Nicholson Franklinton, N. C. Alan Wolfe Nishball, -AM Bridgeport, Conn. David Eugene Nixon Charlotte, N. C. John Benneville Nygaard Fleetwcxxl, Pa. NORTH CAROLINA BiKli bIHeI CLASS OF ' 54 George Raymond Obcnshain Raleigh, N. C. Charles Lewis O ' Bryant Reidsville, N. C. Charles Lee Overman Edenton, N. C. Albert Preston Parker Charlotte, N. C. Jewel Florence Parker Goldsboro, N. C. Sammy Brown Parker Candler, N. C. Ernest Caleb Pasour, Jr Bessemer City, N. C. Carl Eugene Patterson, AFP . . . .China Grove, N. C. Johnnie Leon Pearson Raleigh. N. C. Renford Wendell Peed, Jr Lucama, N. C. Robert Franklin Pendleton Falls Church, Va. William Major Pettitt, Jr Hampton, Va. Gene Harold Phillips Kannapolis, N. C. Paul Hubert Pittman, Jr Goldsboro, N. C. Robert Elijah Pittman, -X Kinston, N. C. Gus Emanuel Plakekis, Jr Lumberton. N. C. Jordon Charles Ploch Normandy Beach, N. J. William Lawrence Plonk .... Kings Mountain, N. C. Dallas Harris Pope Lillington, N. C. Benjamin Louis Porter Kelly, N. C. William Strong Porter, -11 Mt. Airy, N. C. Edward John Pryse Kenosha, Wis. Clifton Winfield Purser New Bern, N. C. Wilson Merritt Quick. Jr SanFord, N. C. Francis Eugene Raper. nK. Lucama, N. C. Ned Rash Smethport, N. C. Larkin Kenneth Ratchford, Jr., -AE . . Brevard, N. C. William Clarence Raybon. Jr Raleigh, N. C. Charles Everett Reardon Benson, N. C. George Paul Redman Leslie, Mich. Jacob Eli Reep Lincolnton, N. C. Robert Plate Reese Mars Hill, N. C. Carl Oscar Roberts Raleigh, N. C. Bruce Carlton Rogers Rose Hill, N. C. Donald Roderick Rose Pungo, N. C. Kjell Rosenlind Oslo, Norway Walter Scott Russ Fayetteville, N. C. William Ernest Russell Farmville, N. C. Carl Bentley Sawyer Northwest, Va. Carrol Aubrey Sawyer Elizabeth City, N. C. William Joseph Sawyer, Jr Norfolk, Va. James Franklin Scott, Jr., TKE. .Elizabeth City, N. C. Rodolfo Werner Seifert .. .Medellin, Colombia, S. A. Carl Stanley Sewell Lumberton, N. C. William Walston Sharber Elizabeth City, N. C. John Marion Shelton Swan Quarter, N. C. Frank Delane Shepard Greensboro, N. C. Gordon Bernard Sherman Gastonia, N. C. John Alva Simpson Oxford, N. C. Harlwell Kendrick Sledge. Ill, UK . .Charlotte, N. C. STATE COLLEGE THE JUNIORS Clyde Donald Smith, TKE Concord, N. C. John William Smith Leaksville, N. C. Zoe Hollinosvvorth Smith Raleioh, N. C. Robert Lcc Smyre Hickory, N. C. Randolph Franklin Snakenberg Raleigh, N. C. Robert Green Snead Danville, Va. Ellis Darrell Snider Linwood, N. C. William Carmon Snipes Fayetteville, N. C. Leonard S(jbcl Brooklyn, N. Y. Carroll Junior Southards Wesser, N. C. Earlie Hobart Spainhour Rural Hall, N. C. Edgar Herbert Sparks Raleigh, N. C. Rolf Peter Spoerry Switzerland David Lee Squires Kelly, N. C. Albert Calvin Stafford Lexington, N. C. Fletcher Lewis Stanlev Pink Hill. N. C. James Edwin Steehnan Hamptonville, N. C. Jack Elwin Stegall Charlotte, N. C. John Edward Stewart Winston-Salem, N. C. Billy Junior Stines Dallas, N. C. Charlton Bell Strange, Jr., -II Danville, Va. Richard Elvyn Strauss, " tEn Laurelton, N. Y. James Ravmond Sweet Henderson, N. C. Alonzo Peelc Svkes, Jr Goldsboro, N. C. Robert William ' Tayloe, U Powellsville, N. C. Frank Donnell Taylor Faison, N. C. Samuel Vestal Taylor White Plains, N. Y. William Patrick Taylor Goldsboro, N. C. Thomas Douglas Temple, HI . .Scotland Neck, N. C. David Edwin Terrell Clyde. N. C. Joim Chamblee Terrv Zebulon, N. C. Maurice Elton Thigpen Mount Olive, N. C. Roanv Bennette Thomas Newport News, Va. Ar in Vint Thornburg Durham, N. C. Wayne Alfred Timby Kenmore, N. Y. Charles Edward Trevathan Dobson, N. C. Thomas Arthur Truelove, Jr Greensboro, N. C. Anne Warrington Tunstall Petersburg, Va. Flovd Davis Turnage. Jr Chapel Hill. N. C. Robert James Turner. — -VE Greenville, N. C. Jones E. Tvsinger Lexington. N. C. Calvin Harold Usserv Rockingham, N. C. Elsbe Hermine Van Dama Enschede, Holland Bart Anthony Varca Brooklyn, N. Y. Kenneth Elwood Vaughan Henderson. N. C. Paul M. Wagoner. AIM- Gibsonville, N. C. Guy Alf mso Walters, Jr., A. . Maxton, N. C. Calvin Cilenn Warren Pendleton. N. C. lluev Pearce Weaver Four Oaks. N. C. William Clavton Webb. Ir Wadesboro, N. C. NORTH CAROLINA CLASS OF ' 54 Edward Innas Weisiger, IIKA Salisbury, N. C. Ravmond Dan V ' clker Lumbcrton, N. C. Thomas Hoke U ' cst, Jr.. -X Richmond, Va. Wallace Wayne West Fayetteville, N. C. Bennett Briggs White Plymouth, N. C. Donald Edward White Bladenboro, N. C. Robert Charles Wilkins York, Pa. Adrian Larnell Willetts Winnabou, N. C. Waldo B. V ' illiams Greensboro, N. C. V ' ann Edward Wintree, jr Fayetteville, N. C. Darrell Groome Winslow High Point, N. C. William Rowland Wisseman Greensboro, N. C. James M. Woollen High Point, N. C. Rav Edward Worlev Robbinsville, N. C. Robert Lee Wray, Jr Shelby, N. C. Ernest Bristol Wright, Jr Marion, N. C. Ralph W. Yokeley Winston-Salem, N. C. J. W. York . . . . ; Mt. Airy, N. C. Richard Houser Yount Hickory, N. C. Jaime Zundel Bogota, Colombia, S. A. George E. Liddle Wagoner, N. C. STATE COLLEGE [81] BLUE KEY Eighty-six Chapters Colors: Blue and Cold N. C. STATE COLLEGE CHAPTER Installed May, 1928 HONORARY Dr. C. C. Bostian CoL J. W. Harrelson T. C. Brown Dr. W. N. Hicks Dr. L. C. Hartley Dr. F. H. Jeter Maj. C. D. Kutschinski E. S. King FACULTY ADVISER Dr. E. T. York Robert W. Brittain Marcus Crotts Douglas Crutchfield MEMBERS Joseph Derro Franklin Coode Birch McMurray James Milam Richard Pitts Howard A. Wells Walter Stinson Blue Key Honor Fraternity was founded at the University of Florida in October, 1924, to perpetuate belief in Cod, to preserve the principles of good citizenship, and to promote the best interest of the students. The fraternity recognizes outstanding qualities in character, scholarship, and service, placing equal emphasis upon leadership in student activities. Membership is composed of graduate and undergraduate students of all departments of American colleges and universities. Each year Blue Key co-sponsors the Homecoming Celebration and a dance following the Homecoming game. Annually, the fraternity presents the citizenship award to the senior who has distinguished himself as the foremost citizen of his class. In addition, Blue Key cooperates with other campus organizations in various activities to perpet- uate a more meaningful campus life. Robert W. Parker President Leo Strickland Vice-President Bobby J. Stephenson Secretary Jim Whitner Treasurer OFFICERS OF bTHE SOPHOmORE CLASS [83] THE SOPHOMORES David Delmas Adams Burlington, N. C. John Richmond Alexander, Jr Kannapolis, N. C. Billy Ray Allen FarmvUle, N. C. Hoyle Reese Allen Oakboro, N. C. James Maxwell Allen, Jr., 2N Louisburg, N. C. Tomas Alvarez Alvarez Juarez, Chih., Mexico Miguel Antonio Anchondo Juarez, Mexico Mitchel Cletus Anjrew Greensboro, N. C. John Van Ness Andrews, n KA Charlotte, N. C. Alexander Eddie Anthony. Jr Laurinburg, N. C. James Bemice Arthur Kinston, N. C. Edward White Avent, III, n K Raleigh, N. C. Charles Wilson Averrc, Jr San Jose, Costa Rica David Eugene Bagwell Raleigh, N. C. Glenn Robinson Bailey Statesville, N. C. Hugh Huntley Baker Wadcsboro, N. C. Bryant Ordcll Balkcum Clinton, N. C. Jesse Lee Barber. Jr Danville, Va. Linwood Barbour Four Oaks, N. C. Harold Gray Barker StatesvUle, N. C. Grady Lynn Barnes Raleigh, N. C. William Morgan Bamett, Jr., II K Raleigh, N. C. David Howell Barrett Charlotte, N. C. Joseph Allen Barringer Jacksonville, N. C. Paul Robert Barton, KA Charlotte, N. C. James Albert Bass, Jr Wilson, N. C. Robert Edwin Bass Roxboro, N. C. Dan Edison Baucom Watha, N. C. Henry Hayne Baucom, Jr Monroe, N. C. John Banner Baughn. Jr Leaksville, N. C. Cetin Mustafa Baykara Istanbul, Turkey Orel Wood Beasley Benson, N. C. Harrison Clement Becton Goldsboro, N. C. Wyatt Gallant Bell Charlotte, N. C. James Elwood Bengel New Bern, N. C. James Morgan Bennett Ellerbe, N. C. William Louis Bingham Roper, N. C. Richard .Asbury Bisanar Gastonia, N. C. Clarence Douglas Blanchard Burlington, N. C. Charles Wesly Bogle Garden, N. C. Clarence Leonard Bostian, Jr Salisbury, N. C. Clifton Boyd Boswel! Graham, N. C. George Curtis Bowers Absher, N. C. Keith Bowman Greensboro, N. C. John Robert Brandon Cramerton, N. C. Eugene Raschal Brantly Raleigh, N. C. William Paul Braswell Goldsboro, N. C. Sidney Floyd Brendle Elkin, N. C. Bill Flynn Bridges Rutherfordton, N. C. Robert Mohler Brigham Raleigh, N. C. Victor .A. Bright Elizabeth City, N. C. Halbcrt Felton Brinson New Bern, N. C. Charles Robert Brittain Charlotte, N. C. David Charles Brown Raleigh, N. C. Theodore Cecil Brown Raleigh, N. C. Louis Julis Brunetti. Jr Greenvale, N. Y. Doyle McCiregor Brunson. Jr Conover, N. C. Thomas Barrett Buckman Linden, N. J. Joe Millard Bunn Pikeville. N. C. Douglas Pollard Burgess Woodleaf, N. C. BUly Edward Caldwell Newton, N. C. William Cuyler Calton Bostic, N. C. Willie Vernon Canaday Wilmington, N. C. John Burke Carpenter Lincolnton, N. C. Hubert Wesley Gartner, Jr Winston Salem, N. C. William Brevard Cashion, 2PE Hickory, N. C. Robert ' incent Cawthorn Henderson, N. C. Randall Puryear Check Raleigh, N. C. Gerald Citron Ossining, N. Y. Edwin Ayers Clark Stuart, Va. NORTH CAROLINA [84] CLASS OF ' 55 Worlev Hasque Clark. Jr IJii; Stone Gap, Va. Frank Welch Clinard. Jr Winston Salem, N. C. Wiley Elbcron Conder Charlotte, N. C. Gilbert Allen Conrad Winston-Salem, N. C. Steve Allen Cooper, SAM Long Island, N. Y. Bobby Joe Corbin CuUasaja, N. C. Coiesworth Eugene Corriher Hendersonville, N. C. Robert Allison Costner, KA Lincolnton, N. C. Don Richard Council. 2 n Winston Salem, N. C. Robert Terrell Counts Gastonia, N. C. Forrest Williamson Cox Raleigh, N. C. Clifford Eugene Cramer Blanchester, Ohio Edie A. Criner Winslon-Salem, N. C. Thomas Owen Crockett Morganlon, N. C. I lenr}- ChoWne Croom Wilson, N. C. George Ford Crossland McCain, N. C. Edwin Stuart Crow, Jr Goldsboro, N. C. Dallas Earl Cundiff Flanes, N. C. William Ange Current Gastonia, N. C. Nessim Daccarett Bucaramanga, Colombia, S. A. Harr ' Taylor Daniel Oxford. N. C. loncie Lee Daniels, III Manteo, N. C. Moses Barnes Daniels, Jr Wilson, N. C. Pete Poole Daniels Wanchese, N. C. Benjamin Franklin Davis Lawndale, N. C. Charles Edwin Davis Goldsboro, N. C. John Williamson Davis. Jr Harrisburg. N. C. Ernest Sanford Dean. Jr Raleigh. N. C. William Douglas Dean Louisburg, N. C. James De Foor Chattanooga, Tenn. Paul Louis Dellinger, Jr Gastonia. N. C. Richard Patterson Denise Goldsboro, N. C. Willis Andrew Derden Durham. N. C. Colbert Lee Dilday Colerain, N. C. William House Dove Rocky Mount, N. C. Maurice Thomas Drve Oakboro, N. C. David ' altei Duncan Hickor ' , N. C. John Edwards Raleigh, N. C. Mack Stephenson Edwards Pendleton, N. C. William Rogers Edwards Raleigh, N. C. Alvah Donald Ehrman Hamburg, N. Y. Robert Lee Eidson Elkin, N. C. Don Frank Elliot Denton. N. C. Norman McCormick Elliott Marion, N. C. Jonathan Barnes Ellis Stantonsburg. N. C. Robert Dunlap Emerson Siler Citi,-, N. C. William Samuel Enloe Hendersonville, N. C. John McLaughlin Eubanks McCain, N. C. Lucius Russell Evans Youngsville, N. C. Odais Farringlon Kernersville, N. C. Joseph Brvan Ferebee Mocksville, N. C. James Blue Fields Carthage, N. C. Douglas Wade Files Blanch, N. C. John Thomas Fisher. FI K I Kannapolis, N. C. Cornelius Edward Fletcher Durham, N. C. Wilev Chester Forrest. Jr Kinston, N. C. Clark Warren Foster Asheville, N. C. Richard Spafford Fowler Indiana, Pa. James Flenri, ' Frazier. K2 Goldsboro, N. C. Russell Wavne Frazier Youngsville, N. C. John Wade Fuquay, AFP Snow Camp, N. C. Robin Pierce Gardner Zebulon, N. C. John Edgar Garrett Burlington. N. C. Benjamin Walter Garv, Jr Henderson, N. C. Hart Hall Gates . . . ' Raleigh, N. C. William Gates, V, AXA Scarsdale, N. Y. David Breckenbridge Gibson Red Springs. N. C. James Ir ing Gillean N. Wilkesboro, N. C. Herbert Alexander Gilmore Fairhaven, Mass. Stanlev Godwin Dunn. N. C. STATE COLLEGE |j lt {C!j . T} uT ' ; MM p i f j!r R i f! (T) (Tj. [85] THE SOPHOMORES James William Gorman, II KA .... Winston Salem, N. C. Robert H. Goslee Portsmouth, Va. Wayne Floyd Grainger Fair Bluff, N. C. Earl Eugene Gray Deep Run, N. C. Lucius Ardey Gray Clinton, N. C. Douglas Richard Greene Shelby, N. C. Thomas Jackson Greenwood Mt. Airy, N. C. John Gregg, SAE Fort Mill, S. C. Jerry Speight Grimes Battleboro, N. C. Mitchell A. Guabelly Asheville, N. C. Joseph Karl Gunter Durham, N. C. Creighton Lee Gupton Castalia, N. C. David Edward Hagler Matthews, N. C. Burton Haims, SAM Brooklyn, N. Y. George Quincy Hall, KA Belmont, N. C. David Carol Hardee Ayden, N. C. Mac Donald Hardee Ayden, N. C. Harvey Edward Hardy La Grange, N. C. Percy Lee Hardy, Jr Mineral, Va. Norwood Oscar Hargrove Clinton, N. C. James Edward Harris, 2 E Winston Salem, N. C. Ransom Southerland Harris, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Richard Paul Harris, Jr New London, N. C. William Harris Winterville, N. C. Parren Waldo Hawkins Sandy Ridge, N. C. Robert Tliomas Hayes Havelock, N. C. Joseph Herman Haynes High Point, N. C. Robert Hazelgrove, 2 E Durham, N. C. Bobby Ray Hedrick StatesvUle, N. C. Eugene A. Hester High Point, N. C. Joseph Pearson Hester, SAE High Point, N. C. Elbert Leland Hiatt Mt. Airy, N. C. Willie Lee H icks Henderson, N. C. James Charles High Whiteville, N. C. Jackie Vann Hill Clinton, N. C. Herman Algram Ilinnant, Jr Fayetteville, N. C. WUliam Stewart Hoflman Burlington, N. C. Denny Rudolph Holder Kemersville, N. C. Clifton Walker Ilolloway, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Ivey Craig Holloway, Jr Fuijuay Springs, N. C. Thomas ' ann Hollowell Hobbsville, N. C. Bobby Lee Holmes Fayetteville, N. C. James Bryan Holton, Jr New Bern, N. C. Andrew Allen Hooker Engelhard, N. C. Claude R. Horn, Jr Mocksville, N. C. Lewis Stillman Howe, Jr Greenville, N. C. Joe Dawkins Howell Waynesville, N. C. George Alexander Huffines Burlington, N. C. Robert Wayne Hunter Pilot Mountain, N. C. Gerald Barry Hurst Jacksonville, N. C. William Wesley Hurst Hartwell, Ga. George Gar) ' Hutchins Leicester, N. C. Muhammad Idriss Faisaliyah, Iraq James Benjamin Ingram, Jr Parkton, N. C. Louran Lee Ivey Graham, N. C. Earl Hunter Jackson Shelby, N. C. Jerry Stephen Jackson Valdese, N. " C. Peter Sherwood Jacobsen Charlotte, N. C. Harold Phillip Jaffe Suffern, N. Y. Harry Comly James Graham, N. C. Eduardo Alonso Jaramillo Bogota, Colombia, S. A. Blair Jenkins, III Raleigh, N. C. Edward Page Johnson, £11 Rocky Mount, N. C. Felix Franklin Johnson Kinston, N. C. Phillip Johnson Clayton, N. C. Richard Palmer Johnson Siler City, N. C. Thomas Ed ' ard Johnson Raleigh, N. C. Frederick Darrel Jones Selma, N. C. Edward Carroll Joyner Mount Olive, N. C. John Russell Joyner Farmville, N. C. NORTH CAROLINA [86] CLASS OF ' 55 M. Elliott Kabbash Clifton. N. J. Charles Byrum Keames High Point, N. C. Johnny Enin Keever Alexis, N. C. William Whitehead Kelly Winston-Salem, N. C. Kent Poe Kennedy Kinston, N. C. Leonard Andrew Kihan, Jr Norlina, N. C. William Bums Kincaid Raleigh, N. C. Robert Eugene Kinch Elon College, N. C. James Abraham King, Jr Greensboro. N. C. Ralph Columbus King Freeland, N. C. Robert Travis King Fair Bluff, N. C, Thomas Erwin King Raleigh, N. C. William Preston King Fair Bluff, N. C. James Etlgar Kirkman, Jr., IT K Charlotte, N. C. Bobby Hugh Kirks Leaksville, N. C. Juhn ' Allen Knight Statesville, N. C. Robert Michael Knight Asheville, N. C. Max Smith Knox Huntersville. N. C. Hilding Robert Krook. Jr., SAE Philadelphia, Pa. Leonard Carson Lambert, Jr Mars Hill, N. C. William Franklin Lane, KA Wilson, N. C. Jesse Arnold Lassiter Rich Square, N. C. Thomas Robert Lathan Monroe, N. C. William Harrv Laughter Hendersonville, N. C. Doan Bernhard Laursen Swannanoa, N. C. James Alfred Lawrence Atkinson, N. C. Robert Wilson Lazenby Statesville, N. C. Marvin Lee Leatherman Newton, N. C. Charles Dennis Lee, Jr Faison, N. C. Banks Lee Leonard Lexington, N. C. Peter Punduen Li Hong Kong, China Jason Rufus Lineberger Gastonia, N. C. Richard Arthur Linebern ' , Jr Raleigh, N. C. Pedro Eusebio Llorens Manlanzas, Cuba Charles Abram Lockwood Charlotte, N. C. Robert Daniel Long Cramerton, N. C. Malcolm Monroe Lewder Albemarle, N. C. Robert Alexander Ley, SN Culpeper, Va. Subs Avkut Lu Izmir, Turkey Thomas Michael Lynam Morganton, N. C. Ancell Dwight Lynch Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Charles Henr ' Lyndon Thomasville, N. C. Clayton Craig Lynes Lancaster, Pa. Joseph Duke Mabrv Henderson, N. C. Arthur Scott Maclaire. AM New York, N. Y. Duart Fitzrov MacLean Richmond. a. Cecil Gray Madden, All Hamlet. N. C. Castro Estacio Jose C. de Magalhces Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, S.A. Charles Brown Manes Allreds, N. C. Charlie Ray Marshall Raleigh, N. C. Harvey Thomas Marshall . . . . .Mount Airy, N. C. Thomas Br)an Marshall, Jr Engelhard, N. C. Chreston Furman Martin Landrum, S. C. hey Eugene Martin, Jr Winston Salem, N. C. Francis Ennett Mason Newport, N. C. Keith Stewart Mason Newport, N. C. Frank Egan Matthews, Jr., 2AE Greensboro, N. C. Jessie William Mayhew, Jr Gretna, Va. Octavio Medina Mejia Colombia, S. A. Thomas McNeill Memor) ' Wagram, N. C. Richard Edward Michael High Point, N. C. Ba T3e Elmo Miller Mocksville, N. C. David Lawrence Miller Tarboro, N. C. Rhett Anderson xMiller Edenton, N. C. Richard Arlen Mitchell Winston-Salem, N. C. Donald Royce Mohom Enfield. N. C. Frederick Mever Moore, 2$E Kinston, N. C. Stuart Beckwith Moore Washington, N. C. Donald O ' Quinn Morgan Starr, N. C. Richard Levi Morgan Clyde, N. C. STATE COLLEGE IL™,... -f; PiUP fo =, ' ft O O m j M V- i [87] THE SOPHOMORES Robert V. Morgan Hanilet, N. C. Roger Edward Morgan Clyde, N. C. Robert Lee Morrison Bladensburg, I Id. Eduardo Mosquera Caracas. Venezuela C harles Willard Moss. 2; E Hickon-, N. C. Ilarn Withers Myers Ruffin, N. C. Henry Gerald Myotl Carthage, N. C. Paul Harrison McArthur. Jr Fayetteville, N. C. James Engle McCuUoch Raleigh, N. C. Glen Maurice McCurry Toccoa, Ga. Hugh Thomas McDaniel, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Johnnv Dick McDonald Greensboro, N. C. Wade Miller McGee Mt. Airy, N. C. William Earl McGee Greensboro. N. C. Ben Howard Mcintosh Wilson, N. C. David Monroe Mclntyre. KT Hamer, S. C. Archie Henry McLean Wallace. N. C. William Haney McLean Wallace, N. C. George Jarris McMillan Fayetteville, N. C. Belmont McSwain Norwood, N. C. Garces Mario Narango MedelUn, Colombia, S. A. Robert John Nelson Kemersville, N. C. Truman Leo Newberr) ' , Jr Raleigh, N. C. Reginald Kenneth Newbon, TIK P . .Southern Pines, N. C. David Bruce Newton Arden, N. C. Edward deMilhau Nicholson, KA . . .Southern Pines, N. C. Donald W ' ood Norman Summerfield, N. C. Glenn David Norvell Candler, N. C. Harmon Washington Oakes. Jr Danvdle. a. William Ernest Ogbuni Winston-Salem, N. C. Thomal Durant O ' Quinn, Jr., 0X Lillington, N. C. Thomas Needham Owen, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Rex Horace Padge:t Spindale, N. C. (ierald Clark Page Gastonia, N. C. Leroy Harrison Page Morrisville, N. C. John William Parker Goldsboro, N. C. Robert Wooten Parker, AFP Macclesfield, N. C. Thomas Clyde Parker, Jr Saluda, N. C. Frank David Parrott. S E Kinston, N. C. George Eugene Parsons Landis, N. C John Denning Pcarman Goldsboro, N. C. David Webster Phillips Mount Olive, N. C. Paul John Pillau Miami, Fla. Walter Lee Pippin Farmville, N. C. Emory William Pitts Asheville, N. C. (leorge Herman Porter Goldsboro, N. C. William Francis Prcssly. AFP Stony Point, N. C. John Bailey Pridgen, Jr Salisbury, N. C. Herbert Glenn Privette Zebulon, N. C. John Hector Pruitt Clarkton, N. C. Robert Lee Pryce. Jr Rockingham, N. C. John David Pullen Uliitakers, N. C. Donald E erett Purdec Lexington, N. C. Richard ' incent Putnam Rutherfordton, N. C. Robert Leroy Putze Dan ' ille, Va. Alston Ramsay, Jr., £N Charleston, S. C. Jack Smith Reams Raleigh, N. C. Richard Willia Reed. lAE Schuylkill Haven, Pa. Howard Stanle ' Reiss Passaic, N. J. ' an W. Respess Pantego, N. C. Ovidio Restrepo-Tobun Medellin, Colombia, S. A. Kenneth Larry Richards LawTidale. N. C. Edward Francis Rigouard. Jr Norwalk, Conn. Franklin Dan Rivenbark Watha, N. C. John William Robbins Scotland Neck, N. C. Ernest Jackson Roberts Guilford College, N. C. James Wallace Roberts Atkinson, N. C. Joseph Franklin Robertson Burlington. N. C. Thomas Martin Robertson White Plains, N. C. Cieorge Albert Robinson (ireensboro, N. C. NORTH CAROLINA i f . [88] CLASS OF ' 55 H ir;icc Mavhelci Robinson. Jr Henderson, N. C. Slcuin Shelion Robinson Gastonia, N. C. Richard Painter Roe Slurgills, N. C. James Franklin Rogers Rocky Mount, N. C. Enos William Rogister Tarboro, N. C. Rafael Roman. Jr Arecibo, Puerto Rico Lew Carson Rose Smithfield. N. C. Robert LeBarre Russell Candler. N. C. euell Joe Saltz. Jr Hendersonville, N. C. Matam Ali Samarrie Diwanixah, Iraq Theron Vester Sanders, AXA Bailey, N. C. Edward Junior Sanderson Fairmont, N. C. David Sledge Sartin Danville, Va. Rigsby Caldwell Satterfield Winston-Salem, N. C. Hugh Abbott Savage Council, N. C. Robert Gamer Savage Willard, N. C. Robert Arville Scaggs Albemarle, N. C. Xicholas Edwin Scronce Newton, N. C. Emil H. Seaman Norlina, N. C. Guv Otis Seiilemvre Drexel, N. C. Edwin Elbert Shearin WTiitakers, N. C. Lvnn Ruben Shepard Raleigh, N. C. Robert Leonard Sheppard Coats, N. C. Charles Franklin Sherrill Troutman, N. C. Thomas Howard Sherrun Sanford, N. C. Ierriman Staton Shtilar Charlotte, X. C. lames Robert Short Randleman, N. C. Charles Alan Sides Winston Salem, N. C. Ralph Gene SifFord Salisbury. N. C. William Bernard Sigmon. Jr Reidsville, X. C. Coy Henry Simmons, Jr Pilot Mountain, N. C. Mastin Carol Singleton Shelby, N. C. Albert Becton Small Beaufort, N. C. Andrew Giles Smith, Jr Mt. Airy, N. C. Bealus Alonzo Smith, Jr Stanfield, N. C. David Carlos Smith. Jr Raleigh, N. C. J. C. Smith Hudson, N. C. John Bertram Smiih Kinston, N. C. John Eldridge Smith Burlington, N. C. John Wayne Smith. Jr Albemarle, N. C. Robert Arthur Smith Ransomville, N. C. George Key Snow. Jr Mt. Ain,% N. C. Charles Edwin Snvder Winston Salem, N. C. David Bert Sonlag, SAM New York, N. Y. William Henn ' Sparrow Gastonia, N. C. George Allen Speight Mt. Ain% N. C. James Garfield Spencer Raleigh, N. C. John Springthorpe. Jr Ml. Airy, N. C. Donald Jackson Stadler Reidsville, N. C. Robert Lee Stallings. Jr Raleigh, N, C. Donell Franklin Standi Kenly, N. C. Mark Linwnod Stancil Macclesfield, N. C. John Jacob StaufFer. Jr., II KA Greenville, N, C. Raymond Henr)- Steinberg. IT KA Chattanooga, Tenn. Bobby Joe Stephenson. «I»KT Angier, N. C. Joseph Raymond Stephenson Saluda, N. C. ' emon Ray Stevens Goldsboro, N. C. William Hamilton Stevenson Newton, N. C. Charles Richard Stewart Clayton, N. C. Maurice Samuel Stewart Greensboro, N. C. Richard Hulse Stickney Asheville, N. C. Joe Donald Stowe Cramerton, N. C. Percy Leo Strickland. Jr.. AFP Dunn, N. C. Charles Rollins Swain Roper, N, C. James De ' itt Tapp. Jr Raeford, N. C. Beverly Eugene Taylor High Point, N. C. I Inward L. Taylor Spindale, N. C. John Robert Terrell Clyde, N. C. John Wallace Tester Lenoir, N. C. Jiimes Thomas Thackcr. SIT Winston Salem, N. C. STATE COLLEGE [89] THE SOPHOMORES Jack Maxton Thomas Corinth, N. C Ronald C. Thomas Welcome, N. C. James Edward Thome Farmvjlle, N. C. Norman Alan Thome Ahoskie, N. C. Robert Lyndull Thornton Clinton, N. C. Bruce Nichols Tilley Durham, N. C. Laurence Ahin Tippett Raleigh, N. C. Choju Tomovose Naha. Okinav a Maxie Lee Trainer Covington, :i. Johnny Gordon Tucker Monroe, N. C. Robert Whitt Tucker, Jr Greensboro, N. C. Huldah Ruth Turner Raleigh, N. C. Jack Donald Tumey Gastonia, N. C. Josiah Peter Vick Nashville, N. C. Hugh Carroll ' incent, Jr Newsome, Va. Robert Allen V ' addell Fair Bluff, N. C. Donald Jay Wagner Albemarle, N. C. Muteb Wahed Bagdad, Iraq Ralph Thurston Wainright Stanlonsburg, N. C. Clark Wesley Walker Old Fort, N. C. James Alonza Walker Reidsville, N. C. Emmett Renson Waller. Jr Kinston, N. C. Han-ey William Ward, Jr Asheboro, N. C. Ralph Aaron Ward Denton, N. C. Ralph Baynes Warren Hurdle Mills, N. C. Clarence Westbrook Warrick, Jr Smithfield, N. C. Robert Allen Watson Pinehurst, N. C. Charies Howard Waynick Guilford College, N. C. Charles Thaddeus Weatberly Greensboro, N, C. Clarence Bill Weatherly, Jr Durham, N. C. David Bert Weeks . . . ' . Clinton, N. C. Herman Herbert Weiss. SAM Woodmere, N. Y. Phillip Ronerson Wellons Raleigh, N. C. Lewis Henn- White Norlina, N. C. Claude Linwood Whitfield Snow Hill, N. C. Carroll Belk V ' iggs Rocky Mount, N. C. Bobby Lee Willard Charlotte, N. C. Aha Edison Williams, Jr Durham, N. C. William Turner Williams Selma, N. C. Snodie Bond Wilson Winterville, N. C. Richard Stedman A ' imhish Greensboro, N. C. George Luther Winchester, Jr Raleigh, N. C. John Daniel Winstead, III Roxboro, N. C. Robert Lee Winters Spring Lake, N. C. Thomas Mactm Womble, Jr., SAE .... Wilmington, N. C. Harold William Wood HamptonvUle, N. C. Horace Joe Wood, Jr Burlington, N. C. Jerr ' Hintt.n Wood Raleigh, N. C. Harold Dean Yarber Guilford College, N. C. Carol Michael Yarborough Sanford, N. C. James Rvbum Yarbro Kings Mountain, N. C. Joseph Clem Yarbrough Reidsville, N. C. Thomas Allen York Greensboro, N, C. Hart) ' Dopson Youmans, Jr Raleigh, N. C. NORTH CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE y x tfiii ' M [90] » w3tii ' ;i;n .sjmia-t ' ; I ■; , : r;-:, ii:rniritni ' (ir!i ' K ' - t ' ,H ' " ,i- -ii- ' • " ■:: ' imn.i.- ' t: ' )im:i,- ' i! % " mVJciXtl iAiil: SOPHOMORE LEADERSHIP FRATERNITY Jesse S. Capel Roy E. Congleton President Vice-President William K. Collins Paul Bobby Cone Secretary-Treasurer Corresponding Secretary lOHNNY K. AtwELL Jesse S. Capel William K. Collins Paul Bobby Cone Roy E. Congleton Vernon L. Jackson Devero Martin Vincent C. Outland Richard E. Pitts Roany B. Thomas Maxwell R. Thlirman Palil M. Wagoner Rliflis H. Warren William M. Williams Gilmer Green President Paul J. Wicker Vice-President Bill Abernathy Secretary William B. Dozier Treasurer OFFICERS OF «THE FRESHmRn CLASS [92] CLASS OF ' 56 Willium Clvdc Abcrneihv WinslonSalem, N. C. Oscar Vance Abbott, Jr Grifton, N. C. Gordon Leslie Adams Kinsion, N. C. J;imes Lee Adams Brevard, X. C. Jiihn Bellinger Aimar. Jr Charlotte. N. C. Alvah W ' ilbert Alexander, Jr Creswell, i . C. C harles Rufus Alexander Charlotte. N. C. John Rea Alexander Mcmroe. N. C. Robert Randall Alexander Raeford. N. C. Charles Edward Allison Asheville, N. C. Alx ' in Rav Almond Albemarle, N. C. George Anderson Raleigh. N. C. Archie Cilen Andrews. Jr Greensboro. N. C. Dan Franklin Andrews Asheville, N. C. Tommv Edward Andrews Graham, N. C. Lloyd Roger Apple Gibsonville. N. C. Carlos Aquirreunela El Salvador, C. A. Thomas Theodore Archer Cornelius. N. C. Jimmie Gtav Armstrong Rocky Mount, X. C. William Xeil Armstrong Belmont, X . C. Rex Frank Ashbum King. X . C. Eari Jefferson Austin, Jr Lenoi r, X. C. J mes Robert Austin, Jr Albemarle, X . C. Frederick Carew Avers Greensboro, N. C. Augustus A ' alker Bachman, Jr Henderson, N. C. Franklin Donald Bailev Sims, X. C. James Alton Bailey . . ' . Raleigh, X. C. James Fred Bailev Biscoe, X . C. Donald Grady Baise Raleigh. X. C. Billy Eugene Baker Concord, X. C. Carol Rudyard Baker Xichols. S. C. Patrick Edward Baker Concord, N. C. James Ivon Ballard Fuquay Springs, N. C. William Donald Barber Goldston, N. C. Kenneth Reece Barker Roaring River, X. C. Walter Orion Bamhill Wilson, N. C. Bevan Kyle Barringer, Jr Salisbury, X. C. John Homer Barton Charlotte, X. C. R. J. Basinger Rockwell, X. C. Robert Bruce Batchelor Sharpsburg, N. C. Durward Franklin Bateman Lyner, N. C. John Mark Beam. Jr Vale, N. C. Robert Earl Beaman Walstonburg, N. C. Luther Ray Beaver Troulman, N. C. Samuel Thomas Beddingfield Clayton, N. C. Owen Holt Bellamy, Jr Enfield, X. C. Joseph Louis Belverio Xewark, X. J. Jay Mitchell Bender Lawrence, N. Y. William T. Benison Mt, Airj ' , N. C. Richard Xeil Berrier Lexington, X. C. Robert Ernest Berrier Lexington, X. C. James Burton Bern " Morganton, X. C. Charles Mercer Best Chapel Hill, X. C. James Edward Betts Greensboro, X. C. Edgar Porter Bickeit Charlotte, X. C. Oscar David Biddy, Jr Brevard, X. C. Martin David Bier Lawrence, X. Y. Leonard Allan Binder X ew York, X . Y. Gett}s David Bingham. Jr Lawndale, X. C. David Glenn Bisselte Spring Hope, X. C. Roy Lee Blackwell. Jr Tr on, X. C. Wayne Gar)- Blackwell ' irgilina, Va. Robert Glenn Blanton Ellenboro, N. C. Ronald Walter Blomgren WTiite Plains, X. Y. William Benjamin Bloom Wallace, X. C. nenr ' Maddrev Booke Winston Salem, X. C. Jack Camp Bos well WTiiteviUe, X. C. William Edward Boucher Lindenhurst, L. L, X. Y. Frank Downs Bozarth Durham, X. C. Gumey Ellerbv Bracey, Jr Pembroke, X. C. Charles Ray Brady Hickor.-, X. C. James Edward Branch, Jr Henderson, N. C. Stephen Earl Brannan Selma, X ' . C. E. Clifford Branilev. Jr Zebulon, X. C. Robert Carlton Brasher Raleigh, X. C. Harold Thomas Braswell Goldsboro, N. C. William Holbrook Brehm Philadelphia, Pa. Sidney Elihue Brilev, Jr Greenville, X C. Donald Lee Brinkley Thomasville, X. C. Louis Atlee Brinklev Morganton, X. C. STATE COLLEGE Am L k.i, Ml . m (fn r o p» O 1 r [93] nSA . ...ll! c n c THE FRESHMEN Monroe Cargyle Brinson. Jr Rocky Mount, N. C. John Stanley Britt Rich Square, N. C. Bobby Broa ' dwell Selma, N. C. Thurm;in Ehvood Brock Wade, N. C. Gamett Tabor Brooks Red Springs, N. C. Lawrence W ' infred Brooks Gastonia, N. C. William Dannelly Brooks, Jr Evergreen, N. C. Samuel Neal Broome Charlotte, N. C. James Charles Brown Kannapolis, N. C. Roger Dan Brown Gastonia, N. C. William Franklin Brown Spring Lake, N. C. Harry Paul Browning High Point. N. C. James Marshall Browning Burlinoton, N. C. Rex Browning Plymouth, N. C. Wallace Ansell Brumsey, Jr Elizabeth City, N. C. Ray Stanford Bryan Rich Square, N. C. Everett Cecil Bryant, Jr Jackson, N. C. Sherril Miller Bryant Boonville, N. C. John Gilbert Buc ' kner Siler City, N. C. Jack Martin Buckner. Jr Candler, N. C. Bobby Dale BuHaloe Raleigh, N. C. Amos Gcniry Bullard, Jr Gary, N. C. Orren Russell Bullock Carrbor ' o, N. C. William Dean Bunce Fayetteville, N. C. George Edward Burdick Manson, N. C. John William Burns Wilmington, N. C. James Eddie Burton Candler, N. C. Richard Dale Byerly High Point. N. C. Charles Stuart Byron Black Mountain, N. C. Donald Spencer Calderon Bronx, N. Y. Linwood Norris Canady PoUocksville, N. C. Nick Constantine Canoulas Shelby, N. C. John Boyce Cargill Cliffside, N. C. Jennings Garland Arden, N. C. Cinrdon Tracy Carpenter Lenoir, N. C. John Alton Carpenter. Jr Cherr ' ville. N. C. Joshua Vann Carroll Farmville, N. C. Paul Blair Carson, Jr Gastonia, N. C. I lenry Francis Carter, Jr Maxton, N. C. William Vogler Carter, III Aberdeen, N. C. James William Car er Fayetteville, N. C. Ernest Cashwell Favetteville, N. C. Jimmy Rcid Causby Bessemer City, N. C. ' illiam Davis Cauthen Matthews, N. C. CJraham (irouer Champion Shelbv, N. C. Mauricio Elias Chocron New York, N. Y. Kenneth Lee Clark Sanford, N. C. Zack Carrol Clark Lenoir, N. C. Cecil Douglas Clavvson Boone, N. C. Thomas Wiley Clifton Stuart, Va. Kenneth Glenn Cloninger Paw Creek, N. C. Joe Kenneth Cochrane Union Mills, N. C. G. Wesley Cole. Jr Charlotte, N. C. John William Coleman. Jr Greensboro, N. C. Harvev Lee Collier, Jr Kinston, N. C. Holland Harold Collins, Jr Whiteville, N. C. James Beaver Collet Diamond Falls, N. C. I Icrbert Bruce Conner Rutherfordton, N. C. James Michael Conry Rockwell, N. C. Charlie Franklin Cooch, Jr State Road, N. C. Arthur Wayne Cook Concord, N. C. John ' oIney Cook Hallsboro, N. C. Sidney Buchanan Cooke Kannapolis, N. C. Robert Stephen Cooper Dunn, N. C. Harry Eugene Coor Goldsboro, N. C. William Latham Copeland Pike Road, N. C. William C arlton Coppersmith Warwick. Va. Lo)all Bernard Corey Robersonville, N. C. Don Frederic Cornwell Salisbury ' , N. C. John Christopher Correll Monroe, N. C. Joe Alfred Corriher China Grove, N. C. Dalmar Lindon Cox, Jr Greenville, N. C. Grady Gene Cox Kernersville, N. C. Herman Harrison Crabtree, Jr Durham, N. C. Richard lr ' ing Craddock Tarboro, N. C. U ' illiam Dewey Craig Mount Holly. N. C. Ernest Wilson Crawford Chapel Hill, N. C. William Kenneth Creasy Gibsonville, N. C. Charles EJwin Cress Salisbury, N. C. Eugene Cross, III Marion, N. C. NORTH CAROLINA [94] CLASS OF ' 56 Ravmond Charles Crouse Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Clytie Oren CnnvcII. Jr Roxboro. N. C. Odic Bt-niLimin C ' rumplcr, Jr Roanoke Rapids. N. C. Reuben .Mead Crumpion Reidsville, N. C. Joseph Hampidii Cruiehlield Silcr Citv, N. C. James Thomas Cullinan, Jr Chesterfield, S, C. BurAvell James Cullipher Knotts Island, N. C. Roger Albert Currin Oxford. N. C. Elliot Hlmo Curtis Graham, N. C. Elbuni Hugh Daughtrv Jr Mount Olive, N. C. Kenneth Elwood Davenport Deep Run, N. C. Carmer Love Da ' is. Jr Wilmington, N. C. James Relmond Davis ' ass, N. C. Jesse Shumate Davis Winston Salem, N. C. Truman Arlander Davis Grover, N. C. John Gordon Dawson, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Donald Ray Deal Salisbury, N. C. Melvin James Deitch Chattanooga, Tenn. Harn,- aughn Dellinger McAdenville, N. C. Alton Keith Dickens Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Jnscph Freem;::n Dickey Hillsboro, N. C. Margaret L n ood Diehl Rockv Mount, N. C. Khalid Ahdul Ridha Dijaili AlKhalis-Diala, Iraq Trov Ah ' in Dob ' Kannapolis, N. C. Edward Francis Donnelly, Jr Virginia Beach, Va. George Krause Dovle Cross ' il]e, Tenn. William Biemann Dozier Raleigh, N. C. Lester Campbell Draughon Dunn, N. C. Homer Franklin Dr e Salisbury-, N. C. William Louis Dudley Roxboro, N. C. Edgar Thomas Duke Spring Lake. N. C. James Wilfred Duling Hertford, N. C. Rufus Sheldon Dunham. Jr Gary, N. C. Francis Robert Dunn Charlotte, N. C. Joyce Lee Dutton Rockingham, N. C. ' illiam Nelson Earle Rockville Centre, L. L, N. Y. Jimmie Ronald Eckard Charlotte. N. C. Richard Allison Edminston Mooresville. N. C. Allen Eugene Edwards Spring Hope, N. C. Franklin Thurman Edwards Godwin. N. C. Jack Lee Edwards Canton, N. C. Julian Hall Edwards Rich Square, N. C. William Parker Edwards Neuse, N. C. Robert Grey Egerton Greensboro. N. C. I Iar -ey Allen Eldridge. Jr Dunn, N. C. Claude Franklin Elliott Henderson, N. C. Floyd Wilkins Elliott, Jr Charlotte. N. C. Ira Joel Ellis Stantonsburg, N. C. James Franklin Ellis Raleigh, N. C. James Philbert Epperson White Plains, N. C. William Grier Ervvin. Ill Matthews, N. C. Ronald Bradford Estridge Belmont. N. C. Douglas Ray Evans Connelly Springs, N. C. James Albert Evans Wilson. N. C. Gar} ' Eugene Everhardt Lenoir, N. C. Roy Otho Pagan New Bern, N. C. Archie Brown Fairer Wallace, N. C- Luis Feferbaum Bogota, Colombia, S. A. Ray Hodgen Fentriss Pilot Mountain. N. C. Joseph Martin Ferguson Raleigh, N. C. Clinton Rowe Fisher, Jr Thomasville, N. C. William Schaeffer Fisher Concord, N. C. Robert Daniel Flowers Winston-Salem, N. C. William Hempstead Ford Four Oaks, N. C. Joseph Santen Foster Black Mountain, N. C. William Horace Foushee Raleigh, N. C. Henn.- Bland Franklin, Jr Raleigh, N. C. William Wavne Franklin Henderson, N. C. Leonard Allen Freeman, Jr Lexington, N. C. Richard Javalanta Freeman Starr, N. C. Joe Presson Freeze China Grove, N. C. Ned Ray Freeze Salisbury, N. C. Darald Clinton Frink Shallotte, N. C. Fred Ausrin Frisbie Jackson, S. C. Thomas Winfred Fri,e Mt. Airy, N. C. James Lee Fulk, Jr Winston- Salem, N. C. John Robert Fulk Pilot Mountain, N. C. J(.hn Richard Fuller Pisgah Forest, N. C. Billy Thomas Funderbark Monroe, N, C. Ted Wavne Funderburk Matthews, N. C. STATE COLLEGE ,- n I rfMM [95] THE FRESHMEN William George Gaither, Jr Statesville, N. C. William Carl Gallimore Ellerbe, N. C. Joe Alan Gambill North Wilkesborn. N. C. Jose Luiz Cruz Garcia Sao Paulo, Brazil John Bamum Ciarland Matthews, N. C. Roscoe Loucis Garrison. Jr Morganton, N. C. Walter Norman Garrison Burlington, N. C. William TroUinger Garrison Burlington, N. C. David H. Gebhardt Oaks, Pa. Robert Mark Girard Maggie, N. C. Caleb W ' inson Glass Kannapolis, N. C. Jimmy Lee Glenn Clraham, N. C. Sandra Jane Goe Raleigh. N. C. Richard Goldenberg New York. N. Y. Robert Morris Colder Philadelphia. Pa. Harry Kale Goodman Gold Hill, N. C. Fred Houston Goodnight Concord, N. C. Charles Edward Gordon Charlotte, N. C. John Clifford Gore Tabor City. N. C. Leslie Ridgwav Graham Cincinnati. Ohio Gilmer Glenn Green Durham, N. C. John Randolph Green Tarboro, N. C. George Donald Greene Shelby, N. C. Frederick Harrison Gregory Halifax, N. C. Robert Brian Grigsby Warwick, Va. Max Bryan Grimes Hope Mills, N. C. Robert Lewis Grimes Battleboro, N. C. Robert Meredith Gunn Charlotte, N. C. Worth Wicker Gurkin Clarkton, N. C. Vernon Cranston Guthrie Morehead Citv, N. C. Lloyd Baxter Hahn .Ashevillc, N. C. Hayne Caldwell Hair Spencer, N. C. Jack Reid Hall, Jr Charlotte. N. C. John Lee Hamme V ' arrenton. N. C. Walter Darden Hampton. Jr Charlotte, N. C. Bvron Alcv Hamrick. Jr Gaslonia, N. C. Charles w ' illard Hannah Clyde, N. C. Harold Dean Hannah Cove Creek. N. C. Edward J. Hanson Soulhport. N. C. Richard Herbert Hapvvard. Jr Bloomiield, N. J. Thomas Marion Hargrove Graham. N. C. Lionel Barrvmore Harper Kinston. N. C. King Tvson Hatrcll Watha. N. C. Norfleet Gladstime Harrell Ahoskie. N. C. Samuel Riddick Harrell Portsmouth. Va. Russell Norfleet Harrington Rich Square, N. C. Benjamin Cole Harris Inez. N. C. Edwin Freeland Harris Elkin, N. C. Robert Eugene Harris Mooresville. N. C. Thomas Grier Harris Harrisburg. N. C. William Kemp Harris, III Charlotte, N. C. Henry George Ilartis Matthews. N. C. David Burnett Hatcher Claudville. Va. Robert Melvin Hawkins Stokes. N. C. Bobby Dean Haves Spring Lake, N. C. Harold Gilbert Hayes Elkin, N. C. William Bnce Havnes Lexington. N. C. Richard Kelly Haywood Mt. Gilead. N. C. Mickev Spillane Hearte Lyncaslle. 111. Forrest Tr -nham Heath .Acme, N. C. Charles Lester Helms Wingate, N. C. Guy Alexander Helms. Jr Concord, N. C. Harold Smith I lelms Monroe. N. C. Douglas Blanford Henderson Wilkesboro. N. C. Hugh P. Henderson Charlotte, N. C. John Calhoun Henderson Cullasaja. N. C. Philip Monroe I lendricks Lexington, N. C. Lebron Harve ' Herring Seven Springs, N. C. V ' illiam Henn ' Herring. Jr Gastonia, N. C. Harold Clarke Hicks Henderson, N. C. Hubert Leon Flill Thomasville, N. C. Richard Alan Hill Silver Spring, Md. David Franklin Hinson Mooresville, N. C. Ray McLean Hinson St. Pauls, N. C. Juan Eduardo Hisada Bolivia. S. A. Charles Dennis Hobbs Smithfield, N. C. George Hubert Holland. Jr Raleigh. N. C. Samuel Winborne Holland Franklin, Va. Elijah Taimage Holt " . Gretna, Va. Maxion I loward 1 lolt .Apex, N. C. NORTH CAROLINA [96] CLASS OF ' 56 William Carl llollzniann Norlina, N. C. Spiro Charles Hondrtis Kure Beach, N. C. William Eiward Honeycuii Hupc Mills, N. C. Charles Taylor Hooks, Jr Fremont, N. C. Da id Reid I Inpkins Brown Summit, N. C. David Roy Hosteller Raleigh. N. C. Jack Delane Ilouitoii Uickon, ' , N. C. I ' homas Clay Houston Spear, N. C. George-Allan Wilde Howard Alexandria, Kv. James Fr; nklin I lowell Kannapolis. . C. Samuel Er !e Howie Fayeiteville, N. C. David Dwci(;ht Hudson ' .Turkey. N. C. William Ruben Huff Roxboro. N. C. C larence EJward Hughes Br ' son Citv, N. C. Harold Miller Hughes High Point, N. C. Josiah Latham Hughes New Bern, N. C. Julius Leon Hughes Farmville, N. C. Bruce -Adelhert Humphries, Jr Goldsboro, N. C. Allen Reese Hunter Pilot Mountain. N. C. Bobby Pink Huskey Kings Mountain, N. C. Roger Person I lyatt Canton, N. C. Mustofo Asim Inci Kayos-Ankard, Turkey Carlton Franklin Ipock Cove City, N. C. Edgar Powell Israel Arden, N. C. Roy Kinsey Jack Tryon, N. C. Charles N. Jackson Salemburg, N. C. Diinnie Carol Jackson Faison. N. C. Richard Kimsey Jackson Brevard, N. C. Harl Jennings James Wallace. X. C. Pry-on Wilson Jcmes Richard, Va. Randall Everette Jobe Greensboro. X. C. Roland Harrell Jobe Greensboro, X. C Austin Ri:e Juhnston Ba ' boro, N. C. John Allen Johnson Rockv Mount, N. C. Robert Cclvin Johnson Winston Salem, X. C. ' ictor Allison Johnson, Jr Mooresville, X. C. l!i»bby Eugene Jones Mooresboro. X. C. David Herman Jones Smithfield. X. C. Gilbert Wallace Jones Snow Hill, X. C. James Br;:tcher Jones, Jr Rock Hill. S. C. John Alfred Jcnes. Jr Ayden, N. C. John Wihi n Jones. Jr Elizabeth City, N. C. Michael Hilton Jones High Point, X. C. Cieorge Da id Joyner Weldon, X ' . C. Robert Redding Julien Stalesville, X. C. Charles Livingston Justus Henderson ville, X. C. George Xsgib Kabbash Clifton, X. J. Mar ' in Bernard Katz X ewburgh, X. Y. William Ronald Keen Rich Square, X. C. Kenneh Gene Keenum Hazehvood, X. C. William Harry Keller, Jr Wendell, X. C. Johnnie Ken Kemp Middlesex, X. C. Thomas Dickson Kendrick Charlotte, X. C. Farreil L;;ndrum Kenimer Charlotte. X ' . C. Joe Mason Kenyon, Jr Hillsboro, X. C. llan George Kenzie Hemlock, X. Y. James Donald Kerr Waxhaw, X. C. Jack Cumis Key Bobbins, X. C. Donald Lee Keyt Lincolnton, X. C. Ralph Arnold Killough Matthews, X. C. Johnnie Royston King, Jr W allace, N. C. Cecil Dillard Kirby. Jr Dunn. X. C. Mose Ki er, Jr Greensboro, X. C. Fred Gerald Kleim n Brooklyn, X. Y. Charles Thcmas Klut.z, Jr Salisbury, N. C. James Felix Kluttz Concord, X. C. Grady Daniel Knott Clayton, X, C. Robert Lee Knowles Rocky Mount, X. C. Jackson D. Koone Union Mills, X. C. Ottis Lynn Kooniz Leaksville, X. C. Kenneth Ray Komegay Albertson, X. C. U ' emer Kraus Tel- Aviv, Israel Floyd Howard Lambert Concord, X. C. Samuel Joseph Lambert, Jr Brodnak, Va. Clay Thomas Lambeth High Point. X. C. Ivey Alton Lamm, Jr Lucama. X ' . C. James Xeal Lancaster Concord, X. C. John Kenneth Lancaster Stedman, X. C. Joseph Robert Lancaster Mebane, X. C. William llenn- Land Wilmington, X. C. STATE COLLEGE [97] ,a » ». : 1 P 1 P jp r p P ' r: ' (f?. !f O © S p f n p p a r- n ,f-; ■■ |: THE FRESHMEN Charles Frick Landis Charlotte, N. C. Ralph Harrison Lane Franldinton, N. C. William Guy Lane Ramseur, N. C. Richard Frederick Langford Durham, N. C. Roy Mason Langslon Charlotte, N. C, William Lewis Langston, Jr Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Donald Ray Lanning Lexington, N. C. Ed Bert Lassiter Four Oaks, N. C. Leonard Clyde Lathan Monroe, N. C. I larold Dean Lawing Marion, N. C. Harold Corbett Lawrence Atkinson, N. C. John James Lawrence Durham, N. C. James Keith Laws Hickory, N. C. Louis Richard Ledbetter Greensboro, N. C. Har ey Cilenn Lee Sanford, N. C. Louis Demonte Lee Latta, S. C. Robert Edward Lee Four Oaks, N. C. Willis Chester Lee, Jr Benson, N. C. Gray Nex ton Lcinbach Winston-Salem, N. C. Charles Gene Lewis Red Springs, N. C. Gene Felton Lewis Beaufort, N. C. Hugo Oscar Liem, Jr Conover, N. C. Johnnie Mar ' in Liles Leaksville, N. C. James HarA-ey Tilley Gatesville, N. C. Melvin Litch, Jr Greensboro, N. C, James Harold Little Oakboro, N. C. Lorenza Wilson Locke Enfield, N. C. Charles Margin Lofland Cono er, N. C William Benjamin Logan Charlotte, N. C. Max Eugene Long Shelby, N. C. Dallas Hugh Lowdermilk Norman, N. C. Charles Edward Lundy Rocky Mount, N. C. Harold Edward Luck Cedar Falls, N. C. Larry Alexander Lyerly Faith, N. C. Dominic Mario Macrini . .Aruba, Netherlands, West Indies Joseph Emerson Maddox, Jr Rock ' Mount, N. C. John Hocutt Maddry Chapel Hill, N. C. Robert Allen Mahaffey Winston-Salem, N. C. Noah Cra en Malpass Goldsboro, N. C. Carroll Lamb Mann, III Greensboro, N. C. Richard Lee Mann Fairfield, N. C. Roger Ira Markay Tenafly, N. J. Ralph Hamilton Marler, Jr Winston-Salem, N. C. Desmond Francis Marsh Charlotte, N. C. Fred Elliot Marshall Mt. Air)-, N. C. Samuel Wesley Marshall, Jr Elkin, N. C. Allen Lee Martin Winston Salem, N. C. Harold Luther Martin High Point, N. C. Franklin Gleech Mason Wilson, N. C. Lyman Perry Matheson Toccoa, Ga. R. Kenneth Matthes Conway, S. C. John C ' alvin Matthews Sanford, N. C. Thomas Wade .Mattox Charlotte, N. C. Carl Meeker Maurer Allentown, Pa. George A. Mears AsheviUe, N. C. William Gray Mcrritt Winston-Salem, N. C. Frederick Peter Mickelson, Jr Durham, N. C. Hobby Lee Milam Creston, N. C. Joseph Henrv Miller, Jr Forest Citv, N. C. Tony Ritchie Miller Salisbury. N. C. Rudolph ' ayne Mitchell, Jr Wendell. N. C. George Francis Mock Norfolk, Va. Jack Winfred Moon Greensboro, N. C. Augustus Beamon Moore, Jr Matthews, N. C. James Robert Moore Fountain, N. C. Tom Kerr Moore, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Lucius Bruce Morgan Candler, N. C. Donald Scott Morris Fremont, N. C. James Ivcy Ahirris. Jr Greensboro, N. C. Dorothy Jean Morton Raleigh, N. C. James Edgar Morton Oxford. N. C. James Franklin Morton Rockwell, N. C. Marion Hamilton Morton, Jr Albemarle. N. C. Richard Sage Mur ihy Rye. N. Y. William Faison Murphy Philadelphia, Pa. Paul Fletcher Murray Greenyille, N. C. Doyle Clinard Myers Thomasville, J . C. James Rowan McAllister Dinwiddie. Va. Clifford Mitchell McCachren Harrisburg. N. C. Lerov Walter McCall Maxton, N. C. NORTH CAROLINA [98] CLASS OF ' 56 Robert Lee McCluney, Jr Salisbury, N. C. I rank Larn,- McCorkIc ' axhaw, N. C. Janifs Thcrman McCorkle Charlotte, N. C. James .Malcolm McCormick St. Pauls, N. C. Clifton Lawrence .McCotler, Jr New Bern, N. C. I Icnry Drew ry McCoy Chrisliansbury, ' a. Herbert Hall McCoy ' Elizabeth Cily.N. C. Thomas .Milton McElhannon sheboro, N. C. Arnold David .McEntire Old Fort, N. C. Milly Ray .McGalliard Marion, N. C. Haul Henkle .McCiinnis Kings iMountain, N. C, Larr) ' W ' adsworth .Mckenzie Faison, N. C. John Robins .McLaughlin Statesville, N. C. Car - Lee .McLeod. Jr Carthage, N. C. William .Manning .McNeill, Jr Mount Gilead, N. C. John Patterson McPherson E. Rockingham, N. C. Lineous JNleaman Nance, Jr Chadboum, N. C. . rchie Ray Nash iMonroe, N. C. Bushrod W. Nash, Jr Carolina Beach, N. C. James Donald Neighbors Pittsboro, N. C. Hubert Edward .Nelson, Jr Greensboro, N. C. Edward Franklin Newsom Raleigh, N. C. William Roy Newsome, Jr Lowland, Tenn. Roy Rockwood Newton Southern Pines, N. C. John Wesley Nichols, Jr Oxford, N. C. Joseph Glenn Nicks Elon College, N. C. Jack Edwin Nivens Charlotte, N. C. William Dallas Noah, Jr Landis, N. C. Mar in Thomas Noblin Wendell, N. C. Norman Carroll .Xorris Baltimore, Md. Ralph Leon O ' Briant Morrisville, N. C. .Melvin LeRoy Outen Monroe, N. C. William Hemdon 0 ■erlon Rocky Mount, N. C. Ernest Harvey Pait. Jr Elizabethtown, N. C. William .Attieus Pardue, Jr Greensboro, N. C. William Garland Parham, Jr Oxford, N. C. Arlhur Grier Park Oxford, N. C. Luther Stephen Parker Bostic, N. C. Robert Carole Parker Marshville, N. C. Stacy Duncan Parker Dunn, N. C. Wade Thomas Parker, Jr Fayetteville, N. C. John Carter Parsons . Lenoir, N. C. Josephus Garland Pass, Jr Roxboro, N. C. George Guilford Patrick Dunn, N. C. James . rchie Patrick, Jr Robbins, N. C. Bobby U ' amer Patterson Snow Camp, N. C. John Knox Patterson Salisbury, N. C. Joseph Eugene Patterson Siler City, N. C. James Davis Patton Morganton, N. C. James Donald Paul Thomasville, N. C. BUly Dean Payne Kemersville, N. C. Dvvight Lee Payne High Point, N. C. Kenneth Forrest Payne Kernersville, N. C. Joseph Tatem Pearson, Jr New Bern, N. C. Paul Richard Pearson Hickor)-, N. C. William Bryan Peed Lucama, N. C. Samuel Peirson. Ill Enfield, N. C. Don " ick Perry Louisburg, N. C. John Benjamin Perry, III Roanoke, ' a. Robert Harris Petty Moncure, N. C. Clay Randolph Phillips Warsaw, N. C. Edward Lindsey Phillips, Jr Durham, N. C. George Thomas Phillips Scotland Neck, N. C. Henry Ward Pickett Durham, N. C. Eugene Bums Pickler New London, N. C. Roland Lewis Pitts Charlotte, N. C. Ronald Coleman Pitts Charlotte, N. C. Henrv- Carlton Player, Jr Fayetteville, N. C. Joseph David Plowman .Albemarle, N. C. Richard Erv in Plyer Gastonia, N. C. Ernest Wayne Poe Durham, N. C. Thomas Walter Poindexter Winston Salem, N. C. Gordon Leon Pope Durham, N. C. Graham .Aubrey Pope Wallace, N. C. Theo Robert Potter Raleigh, N. C. Jackie Wayne Powell Draper, N. C. Jesse Evans Powell, Jr Charleston, S. C. William Lewis Preddy Youngsville, N. C. McVemon Prescott, Jr New Bern, N. C. Phillip .Moye Prescott New Bern, N. C. STATE COLLEGE M3 [99] li ' ri t ' ,f T r e p if ' f - ' THE FRESHMEN Hal Laney Price Pineville, N. C. Samuel Kendrick Price Charlotte, N. C. Dalton Ray Proctor Walstonburg, N. C. Henry Ste ens Proctor Parkton, N. C Kenneth ' illiam Prodo E. Rockawav, L. I., N. Y. Burton Mills Proftitt Great Neck, N. Y. Thomas Edward Proffiit Bumsville, N. C. Thomas Gerald Puckett Rockwell, N. C. Gilbert Wendell Pur is Robbins, N. C. Alfredo Codona Quate Winston Salem, N. C. Bobb ' Delmer Queen Canton, . C. Robert U ' harten Rankin Morganton, N. C. Henr) ' Ford Rash Smithport, N. C. John Preston Ratliff Morven, N. C. Thomas Davis Ratliff Rockingham, N. C. Eugene Brigman Ray Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Joseph Finley Read Warrenton, N. C. Eugene Alonzo Reardon Rocky Mount, N. C. Cecil Ray Register Wallace, N. C. Ham ' Slo n Reichard Charlotte, N. C. Joseph Kelly Reid, Jr Plymouth, N. C. Ned Earnest Reinhardt Newton, N. C. Charles Rav Reitzel Ramseur, N. C. Ben Allen ' Rhodes Zebulon, N. C. Frank Wetherill Rhoads Greensboro, N. C. John Robert Richardson Reidsville, N. C. Thomas Murray Richmond, Jr Greensboro, N. C. Robert Calton ' Riddle Sanford, N. C. William Meredith Ritchie Salisbury, N. C. Delmer Lee Roberts Raleigh, N. C. S:efan Howard Robin Winston Salem, N. C. Joe Clyde Robinson Reese, N. C. Charles William Rogers Dallas, N. C. Richard Stanle ' Rogers, Jr Wilmington, N. C. Wyatt Manley Rogers Charlotte, N. C. Joseph Everette Roseman States ■ille, N. C. Donald Jacob Rosenbaum Lawrence, N. Y. David Carroll Rosser, Jr Prospect, Va. Douglas Earl Rouse Kinston, N. C. Marion Roger Rouse Kinston, N. C. Terry Lamar Rowe Charlotte, N. C. Harvev Richard RudikoH Brooklyn, N. Y. Mack Thomas Ruffin. Ill Tarboro, N. C. Henry Walker Safter Belle Harbor, N. Y. Andrew John Salamone Newton, N. J. John Spr - Salmons Back Bay, Va. Carmen Michael Santoli South Orange, N. J. Herbert Chris Schafer Kenosha, Wis. Douglas Brown Schafran Lillington, N. C. Thomas Edmond Schultz Winston-Salem, N. C. Walter Glenn Scott, Jr Greenville, N. C. John Harold Seats Mocksville, N. C. Alvin Linton Seawell Carthage, N. C. Donald Adolphus Seders Cooleemce, N. C. Charlie Clarence Sessoms, Jr Ahoskie, N. C. Benjamin Dale Seymour Kinston, N. C. Arthur Hope Shackelford Hookerton, N. C. Ernest Kohn Sherrill Hudson, N. C. Lawrence Wesley Sherrill, Jr Asheville, N. C. Jack Fleming Shore Yadkinville, N. C. William Max Sigmon Hickory, N. C. Dorothy Elizabeth Simpson Raleigh, N. C. Joseph Ivan Sims Salisbury, N. C. James Ernest Sipes Troutman, N. C. Howard Evans Skipper, Jr Red Springs, N. C. Robert William Sloan Statesville, N. C. Brannon Mease Smathers Canton, N. C. Davie John Smith, Jr Goldsboro, N. C. Lewis Manley Smith Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Max Theron ' Smith Blanch, N. C. Wayne Paysour Smith Troutman, N. C. William Richard Smith Greensboro, N. C. William Speller Smith, Jr Windsor, N. C. James Jechonias Snead Roxboro, N. C. Lowell Thomas Snead Leaksville, N. C. Jackie Kennard Snow State Road, N. C. Howard Frirnklin Snyder Sanford, N. C. Charles Robert Sockwell Gibsonville, N. C. Ferman Dewey Soloman, Jr Cameron, N. C. Robert William Southerland Charlotte, N. C. NORTH CAROLINA [100] CLASS OF ' 56 John Robert Sowers Linwood, N. C. David Spangler VVuislon Salem, N. C. Cittrdun Eugene Spaugh Spray, N. C. Douglas Piltman Speight Hobgood, N. C. Kenneth Lee Spencer Kings Mountain, N. C. Charles Hunter Spoon Burlington, N. C. George William Springle Raleigh, N. C. Rex Bailey Springston Raleigh, N. C. 1 hirold Lenwood Spniill, Jr Merritt, N. C. Ray Spruill Creswell, N. C. Dewev Franklin Stallings Wallace, N. C. Wvatt Richard Stallings Pinetops, N. C Alvin Mercer Stanford Beulaville, N. C. William David Sialon Raleigh, N. C. Martin Herbert Steiger Brooklyn. N. Y. Abraham Bernard Stenberg San Jose, Costa Rica Leonidas Dacosta Stephenson Raleigh, N. C. Raymond Hudson Stevans Raleigh, N. C. James Eugene Stewart Clemmons, N. C. James Mustain Stewart. Jr Norlina, N. C. Bobby Roosevelt Stoker High Point, N. C. Gary Talmage Strickland Cerro Gardo, N. C. Wilton Wayne Strickland Nashville, N. C. David Lewis Strider Flat Rock. N. C. Bobby Lee Strother Car ' , N. C. Reginald Lee Stroud Kinston, N. C. John Calhoun Stuart Greensboro, N. C. Robert Bruce S-uart Bristol, Va. William Morris Sue Leland, N. C. Edward Rodin Sugg Sraithfield, N. C. Jack Patterson Sutton Burlington, N. C. Clement John Swan, Jr P ittsburgh, Pa. Purnell Swett Rowland, N. C. Hiram Anthon Swindell VA ' ashington. N. C. Benjamin Boswood Taylor Maple, N. C. Harold Taylor . ' Mt. Airj-, N. C. Milton Rudolph Taylor Beaufort, N. C. Robert Edward Taylor Charlotte. N. C. Ronny Cariyle Taylor Charlotte, N. C. William James Bryant Tennant HamJet, N. C. James Miller Thomas Wilson, N. C. Joseph Earl Thomas Pittsboro, N. C. Lonnie Meredith Thomas Sanford. N. C. Robert Bradley Thomason, Jr Lexington, N, C. James Fred Thompson South Hill, Va. William Hugh Thompson Salisbury, N. C. Willie Lee Thompson Laurinburg, N. C. Henr} ' Norman Thorp Oxford, N. C. Warner Llovd Thrower Rocky Mount, N. C. William Thomas Tinsley Brevard, N. C. James B. Tommerdahl Winston- Salem, N. C. Eari Clifford Torrence Charlotte, N. C. William Beard Troutman Statesville, N. C. Olin Cariyle Trull Monroe, N. C. Horace Clayton Tuck Clarksville, Va. Paul Kinley Tuggle Kannapolis, N. C. Seth Hawkins Tyson, Jr Stantonsburg, N. C. George Philmore Upton Randleman, N. C. Carlos ' incente Uribe Medellin, Colombia, S. A. John Thomas X ' aden Francisco, N. C. John James ' argo. Jr Charlotte, N. C. Columbus Ed vin ' ick Augusta, S. C. Charles Read ' incent Murfreesboro, N. C. Marion Wade ' uncannon Ether, N. C. Charles Albert Waller Kinston, N. C. Thurman Wavwood Walls, Jr Forest City, N. C. Lloyd Guy Waller. Jr Chariolte. N. C. Milion Raymond Walton, Jr Rocky Point, N. C. Joseph Ralph Warlick Concord, N. C. Cari Wilson Warner. Jr Charlotte, N. C. Wesley Monteith Warr Smithfield, N. C. Thomas Henr - Warren Lenoir, N. C. Wallace Charles Watkins Kannapolis, N. C. Gilbert D. Waters Bethune, S. C. James Ernest ' ebb, Jr Swannanoa, N. C. Thomas Paul Webb. Ill Shelby. N. C. Tommy Weir Matthews, N. C. Alfred ' Lee West Warsa v, N. C. Charles Allen Wethington Grifton, N. C. Fred Smith Whisenhunt, Jr Newton, N. C. STATE COLLEGE m [101] THE FRESHMEN Jimmy Alfred Whisnant Hickon ' , N. C. James Modlin While Colerain, N. C. Roy Selwyn White Hamptonville, N. C. Wiley Jackson White Tryon, N. C. William Dudley Whitley Pinetops, N. C. Angus McNair Wicker Barium Springs, N. C. Paul Julian Wicker Cameron, N. C. Lenward Adams U ' iggins La Grange, N. C. Sidney Alfred Wike Lenoir, N. C. William Augustus Wilder, Jr Knightdale, N. C. John Francis Wiles Asheboro. N. C. C narles Vernon Williams Reidsville, N. C. Edward Silas Williams Chapel HUl, N. C. Frederick Whitmell Williams Inez, N. C. Harold Kenneth U ' illiams Clarendon, N, C. Herbert Herron M ' illiams, Jr Maxton, N. C. James Franklin Williams Autrvville, N. C. John Bright Williams, Jr High Point, N. C. Paul Williams Southern Pines, N. C, Robert Bruce U ' illiams, Jr Monroe, N. C. Robert S. Williams Franklinville, N. C. Ralph Edv ard Willis V ' inston-Salcm, N. C. Donald Terry Wilson Lexington, N. C. James Laban Wilson Belmont, N. C. Thomas Alfred Wilson Raleigh N. C. Dwight William Winkelman, II . . . .Southern Pines, N. C. Hugh Winn, Jr High Point, N. C. James Pratt Winston X ' irgilina, ' a. Max William Wolfe Bessemer City, N. C. Warren Kuoliang Woo Hong Kong, China Bobbv Kellv Wood Durham, N. C. Charies Edward Woodall Smithfield, N. C. Stacy Morris Woodall Benson, N. C. Robert McFarland Woodside Staunton, Va. Robert Clinton Workman Goldsboro, N. C. Buddy Wright Reidsville, N. C. George Lonnie A ' right, Jr X ' irgilina, Va. Ottis Sylvester Wright Grover, N. C. Charles Frederick Wulf, Jr Hertford, N. C. Willy Germain Yamamoto La Paz, Bolivia, S. A. Edwin Lovell Yancey Mebane, N. C ' . Glenn Efird Yoder, Jr Winston-Salem, N. C James Korzuik Zaleski Chicago, 111. Norman Lee Zimmerman Fligh Point, N. C. Wade Eugene Zimmerman Lexington, N. C. Ollie E. Green Reidsville, N. C. NORTH CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE [102] The Department of Military Science and Tactics headed by the Professor of Military Science and Tactics (PMS T) directs Army R.O.T.C. training at State College in accordance with programs of instruction prepared bv the Department of the Army. This training which con- sists of both classroom and drill field instruction includes basic and advanced study in any one of five branches of the Army: Infantry, Corps of Engineers, Signal Corps, Quartermaster Corps, and Ordnance Corps. The mission of the Air Force Staff at State College is the training of officer specialists for the rapidly expanding United States Air Force. Under the Supervision of a highly competent staff of commissioned and non-commissioned officers, the Air Force Training Program at State College is sending on acti e duty young officers trained under the highest military and academic standards. Colonel Richard R. Middlebrooks P.AI.S. T. STAFF Lt. Col. John L. Brown Lt. Col. XA ' illiam J. York Major Ralph W. Brake Major Roule C. Mozingo Major John E. O ' Toole Major Leo Rachmel Major Russell D. U ' hitmore C ' apt. Alexander E. Halls C ' apt. Joseph A. Dyer Capt. George A. Dewey Lt. William H. Monroe CWO Richard E. Schilling ENLISTED MEN First Row M SoT G. M. Pollack M Sgt. L. C. Long, Jr. M Sgt. S. R. McHargue Second Row SEC M. L. Byrd. Jr. M Sgt. H. E. Shaaf SFC C. F. Stratton, Jr. SEC E. S. Kovack Third Rmv SFC C. E. Smith, Jr. Sgt. R. H. Mouton SFC K. W. Read M Sgt. W. a. Arnold Cadet Col. Maxwell R. Tiiurman ' Re tl. CO Left to riaht: Rea. Exec. Cadet Lt. Col. William E. Berner, S-l Cadet Major Jerry L. Lowder. S-3 Cadet Major Richard H. Brehm. Reg,. PIO Cadet Slajor Robert W. Brittain. f - FIRST BATTALION STAFF Dewey W. Hennessee Bn. CO Cadet Lt. Col David L. Butler Bn. Exec. Cadet Major Boyd M. Ward S-; S-3 Cadet Capt. Xeil B. Gold Bn. PIO Cadet CrJjK. SECOND BATTALION STAFF ' illiam W. Baise Bn. CO Cadet Lt. Col Richard L. Quickel Bn. Exec. C adet Major Leslie D. Hines S-l S-3 Cadet Capt. James R. Trawick Bn. PIO Cadet Capt. Jiiit Captain James C. Davis Company Commander ARMY Captain Iikimvs L. Avehv Executive Officer COMPANY W: .a jm, m KSSw%sSS«t MM tf 1 l lfl ► rv mV ' • " — j Kf. i ' d i t «««i 1 .n k . H s. .M- ws ARMY COMPANY Captain John L. Rudser Company Commander Captain Tommy F. Foster. Jr. Executive Officer I f9 " ' « ' K l Captain illiam B. C hoate Company Commander ARMY C " aptain Neal a. Barnes Executive Officer COMPANY ARMY COMPANY Captain John E. R. Ptiuiv Com-pany Commander Captain David P. Mooiii; Executive Officer f.f. ' f-.f?T ' 1 Captain Raymond L. Penland Company Commander Captain Glenn A. Eason Executive Officer ARMY COMPANY ARMY COMPANY Captain ' itus J. Kaishk Company Commander Captain Stuaht M. Mintzer Executive Officer r ' ?!? ' !■ 3 " PLATO ARMY Captain Richard E. Pitts Company Commander Captain Charles T. Jackson Executive Officer COMPANY ARMY ,9 1 1 COMPANY Captain Edward I. Weisiger Company Commatider Captain William J. Davis Executive Officer m J ■■•■■IH HB MM «M9 M| £ai 1 ' y 1 ' 1 ■ 1 . •.t ?■ ■ • ■ K Bfl A M 1 y - ' : • :S 1 .«4 w • 7 nit ••■ JUNIORS I COMPANY ARMY ARMY JUNIORS ND COMPANY JUNIORS ARMY RD COMPANY nil lEHMHK ' 1 1 ' PLATOON HJH T Mf L— ' - B EB P P»» " Bfc BB Bj B P g . F ' fe i ffV f t _ M , n ' • .- 5 xB • a • • . . . " ▼ ■ ' . ... • • • - • K ' B • • i PERSHING RIFLES First row: Jack Childress, Charles 0 eriTian, George Brannan, Glenn Byrd, Ray- mond Anderson, Ro ' Conoleton, Lovd Comer. Second row: James Cashwell, Gus Plakakis, James Oliver, led James, Bobbv Cone, Joe Tunstall. Third row: James Hilton, William Howell, Carl Sevvell, Jackie Daughtrv, John Clement, Benjamin Millsaps. ARMY COLOR GUARD [117] Colonel William A. Jowdv P.A.S. T. STAFF Lt. Col. Jerome C. Eichholz Major Samuel G. Cutler Major John W. Farr Capt. John T. Nave Capt. Nimrod McNair, Jr. Capt. Harry H. Roddenberry Capt. Owen Hansen 1st Lt. Henry B. Rollins ENLISTED MEN M Sgt. Lyle T. Scott M Sgt. Walter R. Snelling M Sgt. Harry K. Coleman T Sgt. Jasper L. Russell T Sgt. John W. Rogers T Sgt. James A. Thompson T Sgt. Robbie W. Babiiam T Sgt. Clifton R. Morgan S Sgt. McLeland Jones o. Cadet Col. Julian E. Lanier Win Commatider Win g Exec, Cadet Lt. Col. Raymond B. Walker; Wi)i Adj.. Cadet Major James F. Scull; Vl ' iiig 4-2. Cadet Major. John C. Herther; W ' iug A-3. Cadet Major, William M. Williams; U ' iijg A-4. Cadet Major, U ' illiam D. Ross. D z- t r- C . A iii fi. Jb HRST GROUP STAFF Jack C. Coss Groiip Com., Cadet Lt. Col. Robert P. Bolton Group Exec., Cadet Major Edgar F. Morgan Group Adj., Cadet Capt. James L. Walters Group A-3, Cadet Capt. SECOND GROUP STAFF Jerry L. Hester Group Com., Cadet Lt. Col. William H. Cox Group Exec, Cadet Major Fred J. Landreth Group Adj., Cadet Capt. Turner B. Thackston Group A-3, Cadet Capt. John W. Hurst Scjuadron Commander SQUADRON A AIR FORCE - . Thomas H. Satthrvviiite Squadron Comi)iiiinler AIR FORCE B SQUADRON -,. Jfe; %p ;- n -p James V. Isenhour Squadron Commander SQUADRON C AIR FORCE 1(1=1 L . i I aiahin«7rrrii ' ili M PLATOON ' ti 1, 2 ' " PLATOON •4iji S i ' H ' f-mn ' c ' riRl Donald J. Lee S(juaihon Commander AIR FORCE D SQUADRON Herbert VV. Real Sciuadron Commander SQUADRON E AIR FORCE William E. Alford Squadron Commander AIR FORCE F SQUADRON cs Robert D. Smith Squadron Commander SQUADRON G AIR FORCE ' ' . - ' " " i t l»TPLATOa :f ' - vof-I Sjfr ' : 1 r ;iie, William T. Mahcom Squadron Conniiaiuler y AIR FORCE H SQUADRON It! ?iLbJ Capt. John Thomas Reeves Commander Drum and Biig!e Corps Major Richard I. Levin Commander Band DRUM and BUGLE CORPS R. O. T. C BAND liist roll-: RctjiitLT. German, Bvrun, Persons, Jacksun, lluoker, I ulkr, Kmi; J. A.). Second row. Dean, Bass, Key, Burdick, Lineberger, Shepard, Guthrie. Third row: Saltz, Ferguson, Weichbrodt, Lowe, Jenkins, Hawthorne, Bowman, Richards. Fourth row: Pruden, Brittain, Redman, Davis, O ' Quinn, King (J. E.), Brunetti. AIR FORCE DRILL TEAM AIR FORCE RIFLE TEAM Left to right: Capt. Owen Hansen, L. J. Brunetti, C. B. Hasbrouck, W. B. Dozier. VV. E. Adams, T. H. West, H. D. Baker, T Sgt. James Thompson. [129] f- ni appa f- nl Freeman W. Cook Paul Shimamoto . F. S. Barkalow . . . R. C. Bullock . . . OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Frances Thompson journal Correspondent FACULTY MEMBERS D. B. Anderson C. M. AsBiLL, Jr. W. S. Barham F. S. Barkalow, Jr. W. L. Blow C. H. Bostian C. R. Bramer C. G. Brenneke E. J. Brown A. G. Bull ard R. C. Bullock M. E. Campbell J. D. Clark J. M. Clarkson M. H. Clayton E. L. Cloyd N. T. Coleman D. W. COLVARD W. E. COLWELL N. W. Conner F. W. Cook H. C. Cooke r. n. costilow Gertrude Cox R. C. Davis R. S. Dearstyne R. E. Fadum J. K. Ferrell H. A. Fisher A. M. Fountain H. R. Garriss G. A. Gullette J. W. Harrelson M. E. Harwood A. C. Hayes F. L. Haynes W. N. Hicks J. H. Hilton W. P. Ingram, Jr. F. H. Jeter I. D. Jones J. W. Kelly J. B. KiRKLAND H. F. Krackenberger W. W. Kriegel S. G. Lehman P. E. Lewis L. W. Long F. W. McLaughlin Linda C. Maddry R. P. Marshall G. Matrone Z. P. Metcalfe T. B. Mitchell W. J. Moffie C. G. Mumford T. Nelson J. M. Parker, III R. G. Petersen W. J. Peterson W. H. Pierce R. J. Preston T. L. Quay R. L. Rabb W. A. Reid W. M. Roberts G. H. Satterfield E. M. Schoenborn H. T. Scofield L. W. Seegers T. J. Sheets W. E. Shinn C. B. Shulenberger G. K. Slocum D. H. Stancil J. M. Stephens J. L. Stuckey J. G. Templeton Frances Thompson L. L. Vaughan D. S. Weaver B. W. Wells J. A. Weybrey L. F. Williams E. W. Winkler G. H. U ' isE E. T. York. ]n. STUDENT MEMBERS R. C. Ballance H. G. Beard W. E. Berner D. G. Betts C. A. Blackburn J. R. Bohannon, Jr. S. G. BOYCE R. W. Brittain, Jr. J. R. Buchanan, Jr. D. J. Burbage, Jr. J. W. BURNETTE C. S. BURTNETTE, Jr. R. F. Butler A. L. Calton, Jr. E. J. Carrier C. W. CoGGiNS, Jr. Mrs. L. H. Coltrane J. C. Coss E. G. Cummings J. O. Davis J. R. Duffett W. E. Dungan Spurgeon Eckard C. R. Eldredge R. G. Ellis E. G. Farrow H. S. Ghosn H. C. Gilliam, Jr. R. L. Grigsby, Jr. G. E. Hawkins, Jr. J. N. Heim D. W. Hennessee E. E. Hood, Jr. D. E. Hostetler D. B. Imrie G. W. Johnson Rolf Kaufman B. M. Klein D. H. Kline Bruno Leon h. r. lominac A. L. MacKinney A. M. de Nicolas C. H. Mauney R. E. McCoLLUM R. M. McGehee D. S. Meletiou Jesse Mellor S. M. Mintzer F. O. Nixon, Jr. L. T. Moose F. N. MORTENSEN F. J. Myers J. W. NiESTLiE, Jr. J. M. Norman, III J. H. Olarte W. G. Palmer J. D. Parker R. G. Petersen A. L. Perper AsTOR Perry T. B. Platt C. L. Reed W. T. Scarborough J. G. SCHRIVER J. L. Sherrill P. S. Shimamoto G. W. Sledge G. E. Spain F. M. Taylor, Jr. W. A. Tesch Edwin Tompkins, Jr. J. S. Travis, Jr. F. H. VanLandingham J. E. Via J. M. Weaver D. R. West J. C. White A. B. Williams L. V. Woodruff Sanford E. Younts ALUMNI MEMBERS G. F. Lane V. S. Watson [130] ■nrnwrtw Fr? MWlPff» LI ' I ' lfll [131] cA wvl WP (ldi(f -ikeTSfk UaOfu 1 The Magozine for the Industry F. M. Soling B. Horn Rudolph Pate, Cliairman H. A. Wells D. Koch L. R. Wensil L. Spry E. Morrison ■ u biicatlo (l3ocird nd North Carolina State College has more student publications than anv other North Carolina col- lege or uni ersitv. To integrate these numerous publications the Publications Board was organized in 1931 to handle all matters pertaining to these publications. iTiEm Franklin M. Soling Editor Agrcnneck Lee R. Wensil Btisiness Manager Agronieck Bob Horn Editor Technician Lindsay Spry Business Manager Technician Phil Turvey Station Manager WVWP Walter Kasman Business Manager WVWP Howard A. Wells Editor Tower Raymond L. Clark Biisiness Manager Tower David Koch Editor Textile Fonmi Emmett Morrison Business Manaoer Textile Forum D. Powell J. C. Wessell D. P. Moore h ' r3 C. Withers J. H. Wheless F. Taylor Lindsay R. Whichard Executive Secretary BERS Douglas Powell Editor Southern Engineer Clifton Withers Business Manager Southern Engineer Jesse Capel President junior Class Al Horne President Senior Class Vincent Outland President Campus Government John C. Wessell Editor Pinetum James H. Wheless Business Manager Pinetum David P. Moore Editor Agricidturist Sherman Pardue Editor School of Design Publication Fred Taylor Business Manager Design Publication A. Horne P. Turvey ' J. Capel J. Thorne A. Ehrman B. J. Stephenson A. Pope D. SoNTAG M. A. Harrison A. NiSHBALL H. Weiss N. B. Gold J. Coleman B. Haims G. Citron This, the Fitty-first Edition of the Agromeck, represents a year ' s activity in studies, athletics, extra-curricular acti itics, and social living of the students at North Carolina State College. To the staff, the Agromeck represents a year oF hard work and persistence. Nevertheless, it is only through the combined efforts and cooperation of both the staff and the students that we are able to present this annual. W ' e sincerely hope that y " U enjoy it now and in the Future, as you the student made it possible. Franklin M. Soling Editor-in-Chief EDITORIRL STRFF David B. Sontag Associate Editor Alan W. Nishball Assistant Editor Neil B. Gold Military Editor Burton Haims Frateriiitr Editor John Coleiman Class Editor Mark A. Harrison Art Editor Gerald Citron Sports Herman H. Weiss Stuff James Thorne Photographer Bobby J. Stephenson Photographer Alvah Ehriman Photographer Aubrey Pope Photographer Tom Owen Photographer L. Cheek C. ACKERMAN C. Massey J. Cauble BUSmESS STRFF Lloyd Cheek Associate Business Manager Charles Ackerman . Asst. Business Manager James Cauble Staff Charles Massey Staff Lee R. Wensil Business Manager DL Lindsay Spry, Jr. Business Manager A consistent award winner for excellence among North Carolina collegiate publications. The Tecli- tiiciaii has tor thirtv-three years been published weekly by the students of the college. As the only financially self-sustained publica- tion with a minimum contribution from student fees, it offers unlimited opportunities in training and experience for creatix ' e writing, reporting and salesmanship. Salaried positions are ayailable to those who qualify for them; the editor and business manager having been elected during Spring term in cam- pus-wide elections. Jerry Armstrong Spoyis Editor Gary King Art Editor AuHREY Pope Photographer Jerry Jones Asst. Bus. Mgr. [138] technician r " ) Robert Laurence Advertising Manager William VVooten Circulation Manager James Allen Features Edwin Strickland Neti-s Staff :i39] UaUGLAS L. I ' OWELL Editor Clifton Withers Business Manager outlt em C n 9 ineer The Southerti Engineer, sponsored by the Engineer ' s Council, is puUished by the stu- dents of the School of Engineering and ap- pears six times a year. The magazine has the dual purpose of disseminating information and affording students an opportunity to develop writing techniques. It also helps inform the engineering public of the South, of the stand- ards, opportunities, and progress of the School of Engineering. STAFF Don Council Wilson Ckaig George Doyle Hayne Hair John Herther Gerald Hurst Gene Johnson Julian Lanier Hugh Leatherman Walter Matkins Sid Narvey Bill Porter Courtney Sadler Eddie Thomas Lee Wensil 01% 0 , -j w i [140] David P. Moore Editor-in-Chief John K. Atwell Business Manager y ai lculturldt f The Agricuhiirist is the oiheial orwan of the School of Agricuhure and the " Ag " Club. It is published six times a year. This maga- zine, by printing articles on soil, livestock, and other items that are valuable to agricul- turists, promotes closer cooperation between students, facultv, and alumni. The Agricul- turist serves as an important mode of public- ity both within this state and others. STAFF George C. Bowers William S. Enloe Donald J. Haddock Byron K. Hawkins William B. Nesbitt Robert W. Brittain William M. Gabmon Edward G. Hill Birch L. McMurray James E. Steelman Not Pictured: William K. Collins WiLLARD K. Wynn [141] John C VVessell Editor f- inet ineium The Piusimii is the annual pubhcation ot the Forestry Club. For the past 21 years it has been the major outlet For activities of the students in the Forestry School. The book is an attracti ' e reminder ot good times together, as it contains pictures of graduating seniors, camp c ' ents, and trips. The alumni maintain a knowledge of the whereabouts of each other through the alumni section of the book. EDITORIAL STAFF Rene O. Bideaux Assistant Editor Lawrence H. Yost Artist James M. Barker Douglas M Crutchfield Joseph B. Brown Robert E. Keiling William T. Huxter Axel F. Leon Carl E. Webb BUSINESS STAFF James H. Wheless Carl S. Sewell Business Manager Asst. Business Manager Edward Nichols James M. Barker Douglas M. Crutchfield Carl E. Webb Rene O. Bideaux Carl S. Sewell James H. Wheless [142] Stephen Elstein Franklyn Goode Mark Harrison Thomas Moore Lionel Feibus John Grantham Donald Hoffman Richard Strauss David Koch Editor textile o rum The Textile Foriuii carries articles of tech- nical interest by members of the faculty, by men who are actixely engaged in the textile industry, and bv the students themselves. Through this means it serves as an important link between the textile industry and the stu- dents of the School of Textiles. This magazine is published quarterly and is sent to leading mills throughout the country. Two members of the faculty are on the Editorial Board, and they recommend the appointment of an edi- tor and a business manager each year. This board consists of Dean M. E. Campbell and Prof. E. B. Grover. S. EiMMETT Morrison Business Manager Thomas P. McNamara Managing Editor Franklyn C. Goode Circulation Manager EDITORIAL STAFF Lionel Feibus Robert Harte Howard Greenberg M. I. Kahn, Jr. Albert Nalven Photography and Art Work Mark Harrison Richard Strauss BUSINESS STAFF Stephen Elstein Donald Hoffman John Grantham Thomas Moore James Truslow [143] Ralph Cool Thomas M. Mimoih Newell J. Saltz Giles W. Willis Not Pictured: Howard A. Wells Editor Raymond L. Clark Business Manager ne o wer The Tower is an informal supplement to the State College Record Catalog planned to assist the new student to adjust to the new life at collepe. The Colleoe Catalog and Book of Regulations are the basic reference for in- formation about our educational program and about olhcial policies and procedures. Helen Bryson, Meredith CoUei e Pauline Weathersby, Kinos Business Colleg e [144] _ , tnerican institute of ndudtnai C nalneer5 OFFICERS William O. Hawley President John A. Beam Secretary ent John 1 1. Coleman Treasurer Robert F. Carlson Vice-Presidi William O. Hawlev President The Objectives of the American Institute of Industrial Engineer- ino are to unite the students uathin the Industrial Eneineerino De- partment into a closer social fellowship, to bring them into closer association with the profession, and to acquaint them with a fair knowledge of related subjects. Bi-monthlv programs are designed to bring the members in contact v ' ith some of the current problems of the field. These programs and their solutions are discussed jointly b ' the members and in itcd representatives of the business world. Faculty Members: R. Dulanv Furlong, David E. Henderson. Members: J. B. Alspaugh, J. W. Armfield, W. F. Boerner, J. C. Bryan, D. O. Bulluci , W. H. Clark. G. F. Cooper, R. L. Coppage, R. E. Corbett, B. P. Cotton, B. L. DuPlesses, R. Echavarria, E. D. Fox, J. F. Fulton, Z. E. Hargett, W. H. Harris, D. A. Heggie, L. W. Hinesley, C. B. Hummel, W. H. Johnson, S. McManus, H. F. Metzger, R. S. Oglesby, V. C. Outland, W. N. Parks, R. E. Pitts, J. W. Porter, D. E. Powell, ' G. P. Redman, L. F. Roberson, J. E. Shuford, A. B. Small, J. F. Smith, E. H. Spainhour, G. H. Stroud. O, W. Terrell, R. S. Tuttle, B. M. Ward. [145] Vincent C. Outland President OFFICERS Vincent C. Outland President Benjamin T. Ward ice-President T. E. Ricks Secretary Robert F. Carlson Treasurer Benjamin T. Ward T. E. Ricks Robert F. Carlson S. Aaron Allred 1 homas L. Averv Samuel C. Hodges Donald G. Hoffm ' George H. Porter Emil H. Seaman c. ampuA r S ' uernmen t It is the purpose of the Student Government to handle all matters of student conduct, honor, and general student in- terest; and to promote in campus lite self-control, personal responsibility, and loyalty to the college and to the student bodv. Every duly registered student of North Carolina State College automatically becomes a member of the Student Government and is subject to the jurisdiction of its legislative branches. The Student Government is valuable to the students in that it develops a sense of responsibility in the student and trains him along the lines which are conducive to good citizenship. FACULTY MEMBERS Theodore C. Brown Keith F. McKean Perry E. Moose Ruddell Reed, Jr. D. H. Barrett R. O. BiDEAUX F. L. Broadhurst V ' . R. Feroe R. P. Harris J. P. Hester iM. L. Holmes R. W. Kendrick H. R. Krook A. B. Lanier G. C. Page E. S. Poplin C. A. Sides J. W. Tester M. E. Thigpen B. B. White J. R. Williams J. H. Wood William E. Fulcher President CABINET MEMBERS J. B. Carpenter R. E. CONGLETON M. B. Crotts C. A. Pulp J. W. FUQUAY E. E. Gray B. Howard D. A. riuGGINS E. H. Iackson R. L. Jeter H. T. McDaniel D. Martin 11. M. Miller N. J. Saltz C. S. Sewell W. C. Snipes C. E. Snyder C. J. Southards J. E. Stewart P. L. Strickland H. A. Wells G. W. Willis y. m. c. . Howard A. Wells Vice-President Charles A. Fulp Secretary l oY E. Congleton Trensiirer Y.M.C.A. Cabinet FRESHMAN " Y " CABINET Front row. D. Plowman, H. Spoon, F. Elliot, J. Stewart. Back row. H. Price, J. Coleman, R. Willis, A. B. Moore, O. Bellamy. .. I Y.M.C.A. STAFF W. E. Rogers, E. S. Kino, N. Frazier, L. Bishop, N. B. Watts. l UeAt ( ampud Il5tancn ( ablnet T The N. C. State College Y.MC.A. has been " a home a a troni home tor students through the years. Established in 1889, it has been a powerful h)rce in the life of the col- lege for o er half a centurw and has brought scores of activities to the campus. The purpose ol the association is: " In the fellowship of the C hristian Church, we seek to understand the will of God through wor- ship, study and action, and strive to realize it both in personal li ' ing and working toward a Christian society. We seek to lead students to faith in God through Jesus Christ, we seek to lead them into membership and ser ' ice in the Christian Church, we seek to promote their growth in Christian faith, especially through the study of the Bible and prayer; and we seek to influence them to de ' ote them- selves in united effort with all Christians in makina the Will of Christ effective in human society and extending the Kingdom of God throughout the world. " The Y.M.C.A. seeks to carry out its purpose by a three-fold program; one for upper-classmen centered in the Y.M.C.A. building, one for freshmen centered in the Tucker Dormitory Social Room, and one for married students and their families centered in the West Campus Y.M.C.A. building in Vetville. The Association has and always will be striving to meet the needs, both spiritual and material, of the students and faculty through its programs and senices. Many programs are presented in the areas of Christian Faith, Personal Life, Higher Education, and Com- munity, Nation and World. Many services are performed in a spirit of goodwill and helpfulness. lij irm i olte eae 9 RicnAKD H. Pitts President The College Union idea has now been with us for almost two years. It did not wait for its new home, hut it is anxi- ously awaiting its completion. With its appearance has emerged a more ' aried and ' irile leisure-time program at our Alma Mater. The committee members hope that each year the College Union idea will be a growingly signihcant and meaningful force for a richer, fuller social and cultural life for our students. COMMITTEES Gallery Couiniittee Jean Jenkins Thomas Puckett James T. Quinn James Crawford Robert Colder Iames Kluttz Paui B. E. Taylor Donald Winecoff Donald Jackson Ralph Knowles Roger Jackson I Iarrv Moser McArthur Foniiii Committee Chreston Martin James Dodge Daniel Silvia Ernest Sternberg F. E. McJunkin Film Committee Ceorce Obenshain Evans Thomas Reg Newbon Robert Manse pRUCE Warr Curtis Dupree Kill Uzzle Wade Parker Tlwatre Bill Uzzle Peter Clithmann Alex Anthony loHN Fisher Margaret Diehl Committee Ceorge Winchester Forest Charnock Diana Stallings Jack Boswell Carson Boone Activities Committee JcHN Alexander Ruth Allen John Beam Games Committee Tack Snow Stephen Tolces Vitus Kaiser C. F. Couch Bill Montague Don White Music Iames Barlow Bob King IvEY Lamm Cene Krider Fred Langford Dwight Benson Ed Lassiter Iames Browning David Hostetler Norman Thorne Frank Pittman (Committee Richard Ball D. K. Owens Ralph Marler Benny Wilson Sheldon Dunham Don Greene Richard King Roland Anderson F. D. Solomon CoNWAY ' Bolt William Duhling James G. Barlow George R. Obenshain Chreston F. Martin ZoE H. Smith u nion UNION DIRECTORATE Richard E. Pitts James Milam Robert Horn Floyd Sweet Louis Hine Vincent Outland Ernest Moore President James Barlow David Phillips John Tester William Uzzle John W. Shirley J. G. Vann J. J. Stewart J. H. Hilton Gerald Erdahl Fred Willard George B. Cherry J. W. Harrelson E. L. Cloyd Jack K. Snow John W. Tester William T. Uzzle Giles W. Willis John Alexander Gerald Iirdaiii Director COMMITTEES Oittiuo Committee John Tester Courtney Gans Wayne Mashburn Norman Zimmerman Tommy Duke Terry Rowe Ray Worley Anne Tlinstall Clarence Hughes Joseph Dickey William Brown John Parsons Bill Cashion James Snead Hugh McDaniel John Bjorkland Gordon Carpenter EiNAR Aase Amos Bullard Charles Averre Joe Gambill Charles Alexander Robert Becker Social Covnuittee David Phillips Bobby Hayes Charles Averre John Fuller Mark Girard Donald Wagner R. B. Jordan Charles Carter Stefan Robin Kenneth Cloniger Jose Hanfling Herbert Williams Dot Morton David Spangler Glenn Bailey Bill Abernathy Thomas Smith Dance Cmnniittee Giles Willis Bob Rankin James Barrett Bob Carter Gene McCombe James McCulloch Dominic Macrini Eugene Raney Donald Jackson Albert Small Ruth Allen Robert Elwell Bill Murphy Sandra Goe Mary Jo Wirtz William Staton Helen Ferguson Hojise Committee Ernie Moore Jim Hillman Davis Tlirnage Gene Krider George Winchester David Nixon Paul Porter Richard Crockford Paul Bartak Walter Russ James Goforth James Thorne yraiflcutturat L iub 9 Birch iMcMurray Jack Snow OFFICERS President ice-President Dr. Fred Warren Menry Ramseur Charles Fulp Facidty Adviser Secretary . Treasurer The " Ag " Club is an organization whose membership includes all students in the School of Agriculture, and the Department of Agri- cultural Education in the School of Education. 1 he Club sponsors educational and recreati ' e e ■ents such as the Student ' s Ag Fair (held in conjunction with the N. C. State Fair), the Barnwarming, the Student ' s Livestock Dav, the " Ag ' ' Club pic- nic, hayrides, and smokers. At the weekh ' meetings, members enjoN ' informatixe talks, illus- trated lectures, educational movies, and stunt programs. 1 he " Ag " Club publishes its own technical publication. The N. C. State Agricidttirist, one of the finest student technical publications anv- where. Since its organization around 1917, the Club has been student governed with the faculty members acting only in an ad isor capacity. The student members plan and execute all of its activities. Birch McMurray President [152] .- tpha eta Walter T. Stinson Birch L. AIcIMurray OFFICERS Chancellor Idhn K. Atwell Censor James C. Davis Byron K. Hawkins Treasurer Scribe Chronicler Walter T. Stinson Chancellor Alpha Zeta was founded at Columbus, Ohio, on Xo cmber 4. 1897. The North Carolina chapter was the eighth of fortv-five chapters and was chartered in 1904. Its aims are perhaps best ex- pressed in the words of its founders: " Alpha Zeta was established neither as an honorarx ' nor as a social fraternit -, but as a professional fraternity whose membership shall be combined of the qualities of high scholarship, fine fellowship, and sound character. " These are the ital qualities of real leadership, and it was the actual potential leadership in the field of agriculture for which the fraternit ' was established to encourage and develop. Faculty Members: .Major R. W. Brake. G. C. Clingman. Dr. E. T. York. Members: D. A. Adams, J. K. Atwell, R. M. Brinklev, R. W. Brittain. B. L. Cockerham, W. K. Collins, D, M. Crutchfield. J. ' C. Davis. R. H. Fleming, E. W. Grant. B. D. Harrington, B. K. Hawkins. D. W. Hennessee, H. C. Hodgin. V. L. Jackson, R. A. Ledford, B. L. McMurray. D. P. Moore. W. B. Nesbitt, R. L. Penland. J. E. Perry. E. S. Poplin. C. F. Raper, D. D. Regan, J. C. Reis, C. J. Snow. J. E. Steelman, W. T. Stinson, F. D. Taylor. R. T. Webb, R. C. Williford. [153] mericun S ocietu of ariculturul C nalneerA ' 9 ' Charles L. Overman Robert W. Brittain OFFICERS President Willis A. Council Vice-Presideut Neal A. Barnes )oHN W. Weaver, Jr Adviser . Secretary . Treasurer The American Society of Agricultural Engineers is the pro- fessional organization for agricultural engineers. Its purpose is to offer practical experience to its members in all manners of parlimen- tary procedure, honor awards, practice in outside activities and projects to build initiative. Members: H. G. Barker, N. Barnes, R. W. Brittain, T. Burgess, S. W. Chesson, A. Council, C. Dilday, J. B. Ellis, ]. Goff, G. Y. Green, K. B. Haywood, D. J. Haddock, R. P. Johnson, D. Lattimore, J. Nemec, C. L. Overman. J. E. Reep, J. Rogers, T. Satterwhite, F. D. Shepard, B. Tayloe, P. M. Wagoner, R. Walker. H. Wilder. CiiAnLEs L. Overman President [154] _ - tnerican ocietu of Jweatina and Uentiiatin 9 €, naineerd James L. Cauble. Jr. Norman Faulbaum OFFICERS President Donald J. Lee Vice-President Jack H. Davis Fred O. Drummond, Jr. Reporte Secretary Treasurer The student branch of the American Society of Heating and Ventilating Engineers was chartered on the State College campus on May 7, 1948. Since that time the organization has been striving to promote an interest in students of this phase of engineering among the practicing engineers, architects, and manufacturers in this field. Facility Memhen: T. C. Brown. Richard B. Knight. Memhers: J. L. Cauble, J. B. Cole. Y. R. Cranford, V. V. Crews, J. H. Croom, R. A. Croxson, J. C. Daughety, J. H. Davis, J. C. Deal, F. C. Drum- mond. A. D. Ehrman, N. Falbaum, J. L. Flowers, R. S. Fowler, E. N. Hedgepeth, VV. P. Hutch ins, W. K. Leach, D. J. Lee, W. K. Lloyd, M. R. Martin, Sydney Narvey. J. T. Pearson. Jr., J. H. Rodgers, Jr., W. O. Ross, Leonard Rubin. C. D. Smith. W. W. Styres, T. B. Thackston. W. A. Timby, E. A. Travis. H. W. U ' ard, L. R. Wensil. F. L. ' inecoff, G. T. WinecofF. James L. Cauble, Jr. President [155] . merlcan S ocletu of ( luli C naineetd OFFICERS Glenn Eason |ack Coss Bill Davis Pat Iavlor President President Secretnrr Assistant Secretary |. O. LiTCHFORD [OHNNIE [ones Bob Bolton Howard Cox Gene Iohnson Faculty Adviser Treasurer Assistant Treasurer Publicity Director Editor The student chiijiter of the American Societx ' of Civil Engineers seeks to increase interest in engineering, to foster a true professional knowledge and spirit among students, and to cooperate with the professional and academic Civil Engineering world. Meetings arc held once a month and include addresses h ' pro- fessional engineers, lilms on engineering projects and construction, student papers presented before the chapter, social affairs, and busi- ness meetings. The chapter publishes its own monthK paper. On The Level. Enrollment in the Civil Engineering Department is a requirement for membership. Glenn Hason President [156] John K. hitfield Honorary CluiiriiuDi Marcus B. Crotts Chairman A. Pete Syles ' ice-Chainiuin Raymond L. Clark Secretary KoBhKi L. Jeter Treasurer - , merican ocletu of ilflecnanlcal C r naineerd 9 The student branch of A.S.M.E. offers members in Mechanical Engi- neering an opportunity to develop finesse in leadership, administration, and public speaking. A.S.M.E. brings many interesting speakers to the campus to stimulate professional interest among its members. Its programs include inspection trips, social outings, joint meetings with neighboring colleges, sponsoring speakers of national pniminence, and local competition for prizes. Members: Rolf Albert, Alexander E. Anthon , George W. Brannan, Wesley P. Brown, Harold R. Bovette, William C. Burns, Raymond L. Clark, Marcus B. Crotts, Alexander A. Carlyle, Forrest P. Charnock, Ernest W. Cates, Gordon H. Cooper, Earle S. Everhart, Spurgeon E. Eckard, Freeman E. Early, Luke A. Forrest. John R. Fuller, Jan A. Flanagan, John N. Gregg, Robert T. Haves, John C. Herther, Charles B. Hasbrouck, Leigh D. Hassell, Linwood E. Howell. Kermit Hibbitts, Jerry L. Hester, Samm P. Jones, Richard W. Johnson, Charles L. Justus, Tom L. Jacobs, Robert L. Jeter, Gene W. Kirk, Charles N. Kirk. Richard K. Keith. Ancell D. Lvnch, Julian E. Lanier, William A. McDonald, Ronald L. Mimms, Joe L. Michal. Walter G. McDonald, William M. Pettitt, Rob- ert E. Powell, Richard J. Preston, Adolfo Pala- zuelos, Stephen D. Se more, James G. Spencer, Alonzo P. S kes, Lindsay E. Spry, Mary E. Short, Henry L. Shek, John R. Terrell. Alton T. Wheeler, Charles K. Woodruff, Richard L. Westmoreland, William E. Wooten. [157] . .Afrnoid --Xr r S ociet OFFICERS Raymond B. Walker Edward A. Travis Harry ). O ' Connor Conimanding Executive Officer Operatioyis Officer Donald J. Lee Robert D. Smith Julian E. Lanier Finance Offcer Adjutant Recorder I ' uhlic Relations Officer The Arnold Air Society, which made its initial appear- ance on the campus two vears ago, is composed oF first and second year advanced Air R.OT C. students whose hiwh character and sincere interest in the organization have qualified them as members. The purpose of the Arnold ir Society is to de elop leadership, maintain the esprit de corps of the unit, and to advance the military preparedness of our country bv increasing the knowledge of the scope and mission of the Air Force. F(ici( (y Member: J. C. Eiciiolt . Lt. Col. Members: C. L. Barnhardt, R. P. Bolton, B. C. Booe, J. C. Bryan, D. O. Bulluck, M. B. Crotts, C. B. Hasbrouck, H. M. Haywood, J. L. Hester, J. E. Lanier, D. J. Lee, W. G. Lloyd, W. G. McDonald, H. J. O ' Con- nor. V. C. Outland, W. O. Ross, T. H. Sattcrwhite, R. D. Smith. F. B. Sweet, E. A. Travis, R. O. Thomas, R. B. Walker, L. R. Wensil, T. H. West, R. D. James. Raymond B. Walk;;r Commander Miss Janey Thompson Sponsor [158] i nl pdiion v. L. AVEEY B. B. Banner J. G. Barlow F. A. Billings J. C. Britt K. W. Clark J. C. Coss W. H. Cox W. J. Davis G. A. Eason J. M. GiLKEY G. W. Johnson J. H. Jones E. G. Winstead r OFFICERS Wlliam C. Wilson President Donald l . Kline Vice-President Kenneth W. Clark Treasurer Thomas L. Avery Secretary Chi Epsilon is a national honorary Civil Ensineerino fraternity based on the broad objective of increasing the efficacy of the profession as an instrument of social bet- terment. Chi Epsilon was organized to recognize those characteristics of the indi- vidual engineer deemed fundamental to the successful pursuit of his career and to develop these, thereby working towards a higher standard of service offered to hu- manity bv the profession. UoNALD H. Kline Vice-President [159] ( odmopollian ( lub r OFFICERS J. C. Freitas Jaime Olarte President . Vice-President Adolfo Palazuelos Elsbe Van Dam . . . Treasurer Secretary I his Spring marks tlic end of the (llth year since the Cosmopohtan Cliih was founded on the State College Campus. The club serves as a means of fostering friendship and better understanding among students of other nations as well as with American students. Social and recreational actixitics ha e been held throughout the year. Parties with other colleges such as VV.C, LI.N.C, Duke, and Meredith are included in the social events. As recreational activities there have been tournamcn ' .s in ]iing pong, chess, checkers, dominoes, bridge, canasta, and bowling. J. C. Freitas President [160] csLJelta y app a f It i OFFICERS Fr. nkllx M. Soling Consul George S. Bakoss Pro-Consul Ali S. Yaltir Donald J. Rose Milton A. Madison Annotator .. . Scribe . Custodian Franklin M. Soling Consul Delta Kappa Phi is the oldest professional textile fraternity in America, ha ing been founded in 1899 at the Philadelphia Textile Institute. Started b ' a nucleus of seventeen members. Kappa Chapter was instituted on May 14, 1948, at State College. The fraternit) ' holds an annual convention; the 1952 convention ha ing been held at the Philadelphia Textile Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Faculty Members: C. M. Asbill, K. S. Campbell, M. E. Campbell. R. C. Davis, D. S. Hamby, E. T. Harrell, A. C. Hayes, H. A. Rutherford, W. E. Smith, V. Stuckey, G. Templeton. Members: A. Askel, G. S. Bakoss. C. M. BerryhiU, J. C. Britt, N. E. Bobbitt, R. A. Brooker, D. Brown, E. Chamorro, R. L. Comer, T. F. Cooley, J. R. Garza, R. H. Garza, L. F. Gomez, G. G. Greaves, B. S. Harris, M. A. Harrison, M. Kallman. S. Kaplan, D. T. Kelly, K. M. Kragas, J. H. Lockamy, M. A. Madison, F. H. Mandel. J. F. Marshall. F. H. Mason, B. E. McDowell, S. M. Mintzer, B. Morton, F. F. Mousse, J. P. Mulvany. A. X. Nishball, J. Olarte. O. J. Palma, A. L. Perper, D. J. Rose, R. S. Rosenfeld, K. Rosen- lind, A. Rudolph, H. S. Sawitz, J. W. Smith, E. A. Salem, L. Sobel, F. M. Soling, R. P. Spoerry, C.B. Tucker, L. G. Uribe, W. W. West. V. E. Winfree, B. L. Wishon, J. M. WooUen, E. Yachan, A. S. Yaltir. [161] orestru i iub y Robert E. Keiling Joseph B. Brown Bennett White . OFFICERS President George Pierson Treasurer Vice-President Edward Flowers Sergeant-at-Arms Secretary Thomas L. Thrash Program Chairman FACULTY All forestry professors and selected professors in allied departments. STUDENTS All students registered in forestry, both graduate and under- graduate. The State College Forestry Club meets once each week during the regular school year. The club was started to pro- mote better relations between the students and the faculty and between members of the different classes; the club also presents programs which are meant to be both educational and entertaining. The Forestry Club sponsors the publication of the Pi-Ne- Tnni, which is an annual of the Forestry School distributed to each alumnus and student of Forestry. Slahs and Edoinos is a mincographed sheet that is published bv the club twice each term; it contains articles and news of particular interest to students of forestry. Bennett White Secretary [162] future farmers of merica OFFICERS Horace R. Cox President Maurice E. Thigpen Vice-President William A. Ballance I Ierbert M. Bryant Secretary Treasurer The purpose of the collegiate F.F.A. chapter is to develop leader- ship, encourage cooperative efforts, and recreational activities among students in agricultural education. Meetings are held twice monthly and officers are elected each term. The membership is ojjen to stu- dents preparing to teach vocational agriculture and former F.F.A. members. Members: J. W. Barnes, F. R. Wallace, J. K. Hunter, J. Biggerstaff, B. L. Watson, H. Lattimore, F. W. Brittain, H. Tilson, C. F. Ipock, J. E. Steelman, G. M. Linney, E. D. Snider, G. E. Byrd, H. M. Bryant, J. H. Ballinger, E. C. Paseur, G. L. Lutz, L. H. Page, J. B. Fields, B. W. Ratch- ford, J. B. Harward, D. F. Stancil, A. R. Davis, A. B. Lanier, G. Boles, J. W. Knox, C. L. Southards, M. E. Thigpen, R. E. Worley, W. A. Ballance, D. A. Adams, H. Porter, J. H. Haynes, L. G. Partin, H. N. Edwards, R. C. Hill, P. E. Dew, W. M. Garmon, E. D. Terrell, L. T. Moose, P. Hass, H. R. Cox, J. R. Masscngill, G. T. Koonce, B. L. Cockerham, J. T. Reeves, E. G. Hill, R. B. Price, J. C. Fulk. Horace R. Cox President [163] re CiiARLts t. Lewis, Jr. President J otlicuttu OFFICERS Charles E. Lewis, Jr President David Tatem Vice-President William Enloe Secretary Sidney H. Roddey Treasurer The purposes of the State College Horti- culture Club are to foster closer relations between facult - and students; to promote advancement of practical and scientific horticulture; and to pro idc a measure of recreation. Not pictured: S. H. Ammerman, E. A. Borchers, T. F. Cannon, J. S. LoCicero, H. P. Locke, D. Tatem, J. L. Wilson. B. H. Brown V ' . J. Brown L Clark C. R. Dennis W. S. Enlgl C. E. Harrell W. H. Laughter G. D. LiGuoRi A. W. Malik J. W. Mayhew W. B. Nesbitt C. L. O ' Bryant H. J. O ' Connor S. H. Roddey G. E. Smith [164] ..American nAtitute ojf C iectflcai C nalneers institute of l cicllo C naineerA OFFICERS William O. Covington President Charles B. Stillwell A.LE.E. Secretary Phil Thomas V ice-President Johnnie L. Pearson l.R.E. Secretary James I. Ragland Local Secretary Lawrence Rudisill, Jr. Treasurer Prof. W. D. Stex ' enson, Jr. A.LE.E. Adviser Prof. F. R. Willard .R.E. Adviser William O. Covington President The primary function of the student branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers is to promote professional interest in this field and to develop latent abilities of its members. The student branch of the Institute of Radio Engineers aims to promote fellowship among students interested in communications. Interesting speakers from the radio industrv are brought to the campus by the organization. Memhers: A. R. Almond. K. M. Armstrong, J. Batchelor, W . D. Bragdon, S. E. Brilev, C. R. Brittain, VV. D. Brooks, J. M. Browning. VV. P. Burnev. A. Calton, D. E. Davis, G. K. Dovle, G. G. t)LNon, C. F. Elliot, F. W. Elliot. C. J. Farrar, D. A. Finlev, J. P. Freeze, T. W. Funderburke, J. B. Garland, M. B. Goslen, H. C. Hair, S. R. Harrell, V. T. Hawthorne, C. R. Horn, B. Hunt, J. B. Johnson, J. B. Jones, T. C. Jones, F. T. Joseph, C. King, R. M. Knight, F. H. Laughter, R. W. Lee, E. S. Long, K. J. Martin, C. H. Maunev. C. G. Massev, A. Miller, D. V. Mitton, J. C. Parsons. J. L. Pearson, D. Powell, J. L Ragland, L. E. Rudisill, H. R. Sharpe, R. W. Sloan, C. R. Smith. L. U. Smith, W. C. Snipes, H. F. Spain. T. L. Stephens, R. H. Stevens. C. B. Stillwell, P. Thomas, H. W. Thompson. J. R. Thompson, J. P. Tippett. G. M. Ulrich, D. Wagner, J. Whisenhunt, J. T. Wiles, L. A. Wilson, R. T. Wragy, R. . Yokeley, J. K. Zaleski, W. O. Covington. [165] Sappa f- hl app a OFFICERS Jack Cox President Bobby L. Cockerham Jack Barnes VicePresJcleni Paul Dew Kappa Phi Kappa, national educational fraternity, endeavors to promote the cause oF education by encouraging men of sound moral character and recognized ability to engage in its principles and practices. Its membership is drawn from students in the education curriculum. Secretary Treasurer m Jack Cox President Mrs. J. Cox Sponsor [166] rvlonoatam L lub OFFICERS William Griswald President Richard McGillis . . Clyde Garrison Vice-President Paul O ' Hara James Hillman Treasurer Harvey Yeates MoE ZoLFAGARi PuhUcity Secretary Membership Chairman Sergeant-at-Anus VV iLLIAM GbISWALD President MEMBERS A. Aksel, B. Allman, J. Bagonis, R. Barkouskie, V. Bagonis, C. Baykara, P. Brandenburg, J. Britt, D. Butler, T. Crockett, J. Groom, T. Dunlap, R. Fiore, C. Frauenhofer, f. Fuscoe, C. Garri- son, W. Griswald, F. Goode, D. Gotkin, J. Hillman, A. Hull, V. Kaiser, W. Kennedy, D. Knapp, S. Kossila, K. Kragas, W. Kukoy, L. Lewis, H. Lodge, C. Lynes, W. McCall, R. McGillis, W. Martin, R. Mattson, D. Miller, F. Nauss, A. Nishball, P. O ' Hara, J. O ' Rourkc, R. Paroli, J. Pope, E. Potts, P. Riden, P. Robin- son, W. Sawyer, W. Schacht, J. Shockley, P. Smith, D. Sonia, R. Spritz, R. Stainback, A. Stenberg, L. Tenill, J. Thompson, M. Thompson, D. Tomlin, J. Truslow, J. Turney, R. Tyler, D. Win- slow, H. Yeates, B. Yurin, J. E ' ars, M. Zolfagari. Faculty Members: J. W. Morgan, R. C. White. [167] J- hl C ta l met OFFICERS John Van Ness Andrews President David H. Barrett Secretary Moses B. Daniels Treasurer William P. Braswell Historian The Purpose oF Phi Eta Sigma as conceived in the mind of Thomas A. Clark of the University of IIHnois, its founder, was to encourage high scholarship at the beginning of a student ' s college career. His belief in the alue of such an organization has been fully justified in the years since its founding. Throughout the col- leges of the United States membership in Phi Eta Sigma is the highest honor in scholarship that a freshman may attain. Members: W. O. Allen, ]. V. N. Andrews. D. H. Barrett, J. A. Barringer, J. T. Best, E. P. Brantley. W. P. Braswell. C. C. Cardwell. D. R. Chance. M. R. Cooper, D. L. Corl, W. G. Crutchfield. M. B. Daniels, B. W. Gary, D. M. Joyce, R. M. Knight. D. J. Michaels, A. A. Robinson, C. D. Sides, J. C. Smith, J. E. Smith, W. P. Smith, J. Springthorpe, D. F. Tate, J. A. Walker. Faculty Memher ' i: B. F. Brown. E. L. Cioyd. W. N. Hicks. John Van Ness Andrews President [168] PL Psi James K. McArthur Donald G. Hoffman OFFICERS President Vice-President Charles T. Jackson William E. Berner Treasurer Secretary Phi Psi is a national proFessional textile fraternity. The local chapter is Eta Chapter. The aims of our group are: to promote good fellowship among men of textile schools and the textile industry, to encourage a high standard of textile work, and to assist by exerx honorable means the adyancement of its members. James K. McArthur President Mrs. a. L. McArthur. Jr. Sponsor Members: D. A. Aird, W. E. Berner, I. V. Bovles, R. H. Brehm, D. Car- michael, J. H. Cubic. J. T. Coble, G. H. Cornelson, R. R. Crummer, W. J. Crummer, J. E. Cunningham, B. N. Davis, J. O. Davis. W. W. Downs. J. R. Duffett. S. E. Elstein. L. S. Feibus, B. N. Freshwater. H. A. Gilmore, F. C. Goode. P. S. Gough. J. M. Grantham. I. . 1. Harnev. R. L. Harte. R. H. Hellver. ]. R. Hevward. R. F. Hines. D. G. Hoffman. D. A. Huagins. D. E. I. . C. T. Jackson, C. L. Jackson, M. I. Kahn, R. H. Kennette. D. Koch. J. K. McArthur, A. V. McConnell. T. M. Moore. R. E. O ' Connor. R. Perez. W. Q. Rhvne. R. C. Sample. F. F. Schrum, R. P. Shapard. J. L. Sticklev, W. I. Sunderland. R. B. Thomas. W. F. Thore, J. L. Truslow. R. J. Turner, R. C. VVilkins, K. H. ' ilkinson, W. L. ' inecoff. Frtcj( (v Members: R. B. Bunn. G. H. Dunlap. J. B. Gaither. E. B. Grover, T. R. Hart. J. T. Hilton. W. E. Moser, W. E. Shinn. B. L. WTiittier. [169] merican institute Of j- hu lcA Joseph M. Weaver John A. Stewart OFFICERS President Robert E. Hiller, Jr. Vice-Preside)2t James R. Bohannon . Secretary . Treasurer MEMBERS W. O. Allen, J. R. Barton, 1 ' a. I 1. Beam, J. W. Benoit, B. Binaham, J. A. Bjorkland, R. Brvan, 1 1. Drve, W. N. Dungan, C. R. Eldridoe, M. G. Erwin, J. M. ' Ferguson, C. B. Fulmer, F. G. Gillcsby, R. Gminder, D. E. Ilostctlcr, O. G. Jenkins, W. T. Johnson, J. H. Katzin, J. G. Lackey, H. A. Lamonds, W. J. McCooi, A. McEntire, A. L. McKinnev, R. D. MeLain, C. R. Martel. R. F. Mayo, J. W. Niestlie, J. L. Plum. W. M. Pritchard, J. L. Rudser, W. T. Scar- borough, J. L. Smith, J. E. Smith, R. C. Smith, R. FI. Steinberg, E. Stern, E. L. Swick, ' W. T. Tesch, N. A. Thome, F. H. Van Landingham, R. A. Watson, S. Weiner, L. V. Woodruff, FI. D. Youmans. Faculty Mcvihcrs: C. K. Beck, E. Lanterman, J. G. Lundholm, F. W. Lancaster, A. C. Menius, R. L. Mun,i , L. 1 I. Robinson, E. Robinson. Joseph M. Weaver President [170] cabbatd and djiad OFFICERS William E. Berner Thomas R. Johnson Captain First Lieutenant Leslie D. Hines Raymond L. Penland Second Lieutenant First Seroeanl Scabbard and Blade is a national military honor society composed of first and second year ad anced militar ' students in the Reserve Officers Training Corps at North Carolina State Collge. G Com- pany of the Third Regiment of the National Society of Scabbard and Blade is active on the State College campus as a co-sponsor of the Militan, ' Ball and in fostering better relations between the mili- tar} ' and civilian side of college life. Members: D. A. Adams, L. S. Agnew. R. F. Anderson, R. L. Ball, W. H. Barnes, W. E. Berner, G. W. Brannan, R. W. Brittain, R. L. Comer, R. E. Congleton, T. F. Cooley, J. S. Daughtr ' , C. A. Dickens, R. C. Eller, N. Falbaum, T. J. Foster, A. F. Goodman, G. B. Harvin, D. W. Hennessee, J. C. Herther, L. D. Hines, R. B. Jordon, J. E. Lanier, J. L. Lowder, S. M. iMintzer, R. L. Penland, J. E. Perrv, R. L. Quickel, J. T. Reeves, C. E. Trevathan, L. R. U ' ensil. D. H, Crotts. F«cn (r Members: Capt. J. A. Dyer, Major R. C. Mozingo. William E. Berner Captain [171] Philip Rolmk President LL.SBt 11. AiN UaiM Secretary-Treasurer iama ft Iph a Philip Rolnik OFFICERS President John Boswell, Jr. Elsbe H. Van Dam Secretary-Treasurer Vice-President Sigma Pi Alpha is a national honoran ' language fra- ternity founded at State College in 1927. Membership in the fraternity requires an honor average in languages and an above average in general scholastic work. Activi- ties of Sigma Pi Alpha consist of talks by foreign students and much-traveled jjersons and frequent socials held jointh with other Raleigh college chapters of the frater- nity. Members: J. J. Boswell, C. J. Brown, J. R. Garza, B. W. Gary, F. J. Myers, G. L. Payet, P. C. Kochar, A. L. Perper, P. Rolnik, C. F. Siri, O. Teszler, L. Uribe, E. H. Van Dam, S. Weiner, L. A. Wilson. Factilty Meiiihers: F. J. Allred, S. T. Ballenger, R. Hall, L. E. Hinkle, G. W. Poland. [172] J iama, Jau i 9 9 ma OFFICERS Jack W. Burnei ik John O. Davis President Jaime Olarte Secretary Vice-President Stuart M. Mintzer Treasurer A local textile honor fraternity, Sigma Tau Sigma strives to instill in textile students a desire For higher scholastic attainments. An o incentive toward this goal is the Sigma Tau Sigma Scholarship Cup that is presented each vear to the senior in Textiles with the highest scholastic average. The Greek letters composing the name of the fraternitv represent the words, Society of Textile Scholarship. Members: W. E. Berncr, R. H. Brehm. J. W . Burnette, ]. O. Davis, J. R. Duffett, B. iM. Klein, K. M. Kragas, S. M. Mintzer, J. Olarte, G. L. Payet, A. L. Perper, B. D. Webb, K. C. Woo, P. P. Singh, R. E. O ' Connor, D. J. Rose, S. Z. Rowen, J. T. Moore, G. Cornelson, M. A. Madison, J. K. McArthur. Faciihy Members: B. L. W ' hittier, K. S. Campbell, C. M. Asbill, H. A. Rutherford, W. F. Moser, D. S. Hamby, M. E. Campbell, T. A. Nelson, J. F. Bogdan, R. C. Davis, G. H. Dunlap, E. B. Grover, T. R. Hart, A. C. Hayes, J. T. Hilton, J. A. Porter, W. E. Shinn, W. C. Stuckey. Jack W. Burnette President [173] Jau uLSeta J I Robert G. Ellis President Clayton Eldridge Secretary William A. McDonald Vice-President Frederick Pike Treasurer Tau Beta Pi is a natit)nal engineering honor frater- nity which recognizes engineering students for their integrity and breath of interests above the fundamental requirement of scholastic achie ' ements. Membership in Tau Beta Pi is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon a student engineer. Robert G. Ellis President [174] R. F. Carlson J. L. Cauble W. H. Cox M. B. Crotts W. S. Facey W. H. Griffin C. B. Hasbrouck 1). J. Lee S. McManus S. Narvey V. OUTLAND E. A. Travis L. R. Wensil Leonard Rubin Reaent neta t au OFFICERS Leonard Rubin Regent Sydney Narvey Vice-Regent William H. Cox Scribe William G. Lloyd Treasurer Theta Tau is a proFessional engineering fraternity of college students. Members are chosen for their character, integrity, leadership, and scholarship. The purpose of Theta Tau is to develop and maintain a high standard of professional interest among its members, and to unite them in a strong bond of fraternal fellowship. Faculty Members: W. F. Babcock, T. C. Brown, J. W. Harrelson, F. W. Lancaster, J. G. McCracken. [175] Jack W. Burnette President ompkind textile (council OFFICERS Jack W. Burnette President Franklin M. Soling Vice-President Donald J. Rose Secretary Charles T. Jackson Treasurer Dame S. Hamby Adviser The Tompkins Textile Council was organized in 1950 as a representative group to replace the Tompkins Textile Society. Its purpose is to coordinate the various organizations in the School oF Textiles and help sponsor activities such as Open House and the Lint Dodgers Ball. Each fraternity in the School has two representatives with each class being allotted one to be elected b ' the students. D. D. Carmichael A. VV. McCoNNELL W. R. Feree D. G. Hoffman C. T. Jackson D. Koch H. R. Krook J. R. McLaughlin J. Olarti D. J. ROSL F. M. Soling Mm [176] J. p. Barrett I). M. Crutchfield |. J. Derro R. B. Jordan A. S. Massencer M. Noble C. J. Reis B. B. White D. J. Wolf Carl E. Webb Forester y I lama f- i OFFICERS Carl E. Webb Forester Douglas M. Crutchfield Asso. Forester Calvin J. Reis Secretary-Fiscal Agent Joseph J. Derro Ranger Xi Sigma Pi is a national forestry honor fraternity whose purpose is the recognition and promotion of leadership, scholarship and interest in the forestr ' profession. Each year the organization honors the outstand- ing freshman and senior in the School of Forestry. The fraternity sponsors annual public lectures bv nationalh ' known indi- ' iduals working in forestry or allied pro- fessions. Facility Mevihers: J. S. Bethel, R. Bryant, R. M. Carter, T. E. Kaki, W. D. Miller, R. J. Preston, G. K. Siocum, D. A. Stechcr, L. Wyman. Not Pictured: E. C. Carr, P. F. Crank, G. Hanay, R. A. Moore, C. F. Raper, O. C. Tissue, D. O. Yandle. [177] Spurgeon E. Eckakd Jesse S. Uoolittle President Adviser f- i . Jau iama OFFICERS Spurgeon E. Eckard President Demetrios Meletiou . Vice-President Alfred L. Bell . Corres. Secretary Harold R. Boyeiie Secretary Alton C. Henderson Historian John C. Herther Treasurer Pi 1 au Si :;ma is a national honorary mechanical enoineerino honor fraternity whose object is to foster the high ideals of the engineering profession, to coordinate departmental activities, to promote the mu- tual professional welfare of its members, and to develop the attributes necessarv for effective leadership and the assumption of the responsibilities of a citizen in a democ- racy. Members are chosen on a basis of sound engineering ability, scholarship, and pcrsonalitv. i ' avidty Mcvihcr: J. S. Doolittle. Not Pictured: C. G. Elevens, 1. B. Walker. A. L. Bell II. R. BOYETTE W. C. Burns R. L. Clark M. B. Crotts R. E. Deitrick C. B. Hasbrook A. C. Henderson J. C. Herther T. L. Jacobs W. A. McDonald D. S. Meletiou J. L. Michal R. E. Powell [178] student furniture L lub John Collar OFFICERS Pres ' uknit George Redman Chet Allen Secretary-Treasurer . Vice-President In September, 1948, the Furniture ManuFacturing and Manage- ment course was ofFered to the students of North Carolina State College. The course is backed in industry bv the James T. Ryan Furniture Professorship. The students felt the need for ad ice to keep them up to date on current happenings in the industry, so in October, 1948, the Student Furniture Club was organized. The purpose of this club is to sponsor meetings for discussion of subjects of general interest to the furni- ture students. Facultv Advisers: E. S. Johnson, Rudolph Willard. )iiN Collar President ■1791 rvluiSic oDepafttnenl £ ( Christian D. Kutschinski Director of Music The musical acti itics at State College are under the direction of Christian D. Kutschinski, and include the Bands, S mphon Orches- tra, and Glee Club. The three bands ha c o ' erlapping membershi|). The " Red Coat " Band, open to all musicalh ' ciualilicd students, is the marchino band that plav ' S at all the home and some out-oF-tovvn football games, ci ic parades, etc., and some of the pep rallies. her the tootball season the more experienced members are selected for the Concert Band, which rehearses and performs the hioher t ' |5e of concert music as well as semi-classical and popular t ' pe or band music. The R.O.T.C. Band is composed of qualified freshman and sophomore Armv and Air R.O.T.C. students, who with the R.O. T.C. Drum and Bugle Corps furnish the required martial music at all militar ' forma- tions. The Glee Club prepares at least one formal program each quarter, besides participating in the annual Choir Festival in May, and occasionally presenting a joint program with one of the Girl ' s College Glee Clubs in this area. Owing to a shortage of string plavers, the student personnel of the Orchestra is supplemented bv faculty members and other out- standing musicians of Raleigh, who present at least three symphony concerts on the campus each car, and assist in other community concerts. Ljiee C- lu b Members: L. D. Bryan, President; H. Lominac, Vice- President; F, D. Solomon, Secretary; J. G. Nicks, Libra rian; R. Lucas, J. F. Robertson, R. Wimbish, V. Cole, G. W. Cole, J. L. Michal, II. S. Helms, O. D. Biddy, W, Strickland, J. Woolen, ]. De Los Rios, I, Ckitierrez, R. L. Winters, C. M. llinrichs, R. L. Stroud, E, L. Lassiter, G. A, Mears, C. T. Weatherly, M, E, Kabbash, W, B. Cashion, B, P. I luskey, W, Gates, C, L Marshall, I. M. Ferguson, K. J. Krantz, J. C. Ploch, B. Wilson, j. Lucas, C. W. Warrick, S. T. Beddingfield, W. R. Bryan, Ci, I). Knott. [180] ( oncert (I3anci Members: W. G. Hartzog, N. A. Thorne, J. C. Brown, D. H. Kline, E. E. Everhart, Vice-President; E. W. Prince, H. M. Robinson, C. J. Wilson, C. R. Zeugner, Librarian; H. H. Crabtree, I. R. Miller, M. T. Ruffin, F. W. Cox, J. W. Duling, J. M. Browning, J. G. Nicks, R. C. Parker. R. K. Jackson, L. B. Nance, E. W. Avent, L. W. Sherrill, B. 11. Kirks, Onorterviaster; C. L. Justus, C. G. Sessums. R. S. Wimbish, Secretary; W. N. Garri- son, R. C. Williams, R. L. Mimms, President; ]. B. Murphy, W. E. Perry, D. V. Peny. umpnonu fcnedtr ' umpt a Moubers: W. Gric es, R. Heaton, P. Wever, B. R. McMillan, R. Lammel, O. Miller, P. James, E. Rubes, D. Alsen, F. Justice, E. Shaw, L. Tavelli, S. R. Baker, J. A. Dughi, W. Benton, J. Winterbottom, D. Cappel, D. Brett. E. Hunter, D. Swain. S. A.vworthv, B. Jordan. G. Howard, T. Wheeler, C. Graver, J. Gordon, A. Howell, G. Williams, E. Mackie, W. DeTurk, R. Rankin, N. McKelvey, L. Sherrill. E. A ent, D. Raver, N. Fox, E. 0 erman. R. Mimms. [181] OFFICERS The Cadets Officers ' Association is an organization composed of T n J , men from each year and branch of the army. LoYD Comer rresident ' Jack Daughtry Vice-President T " ' • ' " ' P " ' " " " n ' S " ? ' ° " ' ' ' ' ° " ' ' " " ' ° encourage and to promote in K.O. I .C. students a wreater interest in the col- ' ' ' ' - ' lege, community, and country, and to enable the members to meet Raymond Anderson Treasurer other men with whom they may ser e a tour of duty in the army. .« . i i - nterican y erumic ocleL OFFICERS CiRADEN J. Russell President James V. Isenhour Vice-President James T. Tanner Secretary Marion L. Benton Treasurer The North Carolina State Colleoe Student Branch of the Ameri- can Ceramic Society was organized to familiarize students with the various aspects of the ceramic industry through talks, discussions, and motion ])ictures, and to jiromotc a stronger lioiid of fellowship between students in the de|)arlment. [182] J . eramod OFFICERS James T. Tanner President James V. Isenhoiih Vice-President Robert V. Kendrick Secretary Albert J. Dorseif Treasurer Graden I. Russell Herald Founded in 1920 at the Ohio State Uni ersit , Kcramos has the distinction of being the oldest professional enoineering society in the world. Membership is offered onlv to those students in the De- partment of Ceramic Engineerino who have a good scholastic record, integrity of character, and leadership qualities. Honor students are given ke s in recognition of their achievements. C p dllon I i a u OFFICERS Epsilon Pi Tau is an international honorarv professional frater- Elmer H Mades President nity. It is made up of a select group of students majoring in Industrial George W. Benning Vice-President d Industrial Education. The fraternity seeks to promote fel- Frederick L. Broadhurst Secretary lowship, social efficiency, skills and research. Philip G. Kotelly Treasurer [183] ndudtr ' lui . rtd lub OFFICERS Gene H. Phillips President Neil Russell Vice-President Peyton Squires Secretary Druid Crotts Treasurer The Industrial Arts Club brinos tooetbcr the members ot tlic de- partment in order that the max become better acquainted. Out- standing men in related fields present to the club at its meetings the latest ideas and news oF the professional world. The club stri es to make its pr ofession better known and to influence xounu men to train for a future in industrial arts. rJLutlteran S tudent .. iSoclutlon OFFICERS William A. Rhyne Rebecca Earnhardt Donald J. Wagoner Frances Carr President Vice-President Treasurer . Secretary Ibe Luthcrn Stutlent Association ol North C ' arolina State Colleoe stimulates and sustains in usin the Bible rc ularh, pri atcl , and in oroups, in pra cr, in regular church attendance, and Ircquent recc|)tioii ol 1 loK Communion. [184] (l5aptlAi S tudent Ulnion OFFICERS The Baptist Stuclt ' iit Llnion stri ' es throut;h its Executive Council Glenn A. Eason President to meet the needs and to jMomote the interests ot the Bajjtist students Bryce Haywood First Vice-President at State College. Outstanding events in its prooram are conducting William J. Davis Second Vice-President discussion uniups, sta ino parties and meetings u ith nearbs col- Calvin H. Ussery Third Vice-President , i .■ i • i i , i . . i . , , _ _ „ leges, publishing a monthlv paper, and working cooperati ei wiiii James h. Bengel Secretary , , , . ' » , r r- ' _ T ' local churches. INIarcus B. Lrotts i rensurer aficuiturai C conomlcd K tub OFFICERS The Agricultural Economics Club is an au.xiliary organization James G. Hilton President of the American Farm Association which is designed to stimulate Larry ' C. Hester Vice-President interest of students in the economic problems of agriculture. Aubrey ' B. Williams Secretary Costas K. Varkaris Treasurer Dr. Walter H. Pierce Adviser [185] C nalneerd ( ouncit The Engineers ' Council is composed oF elected repre- sentati ' es of the various engineering societies on the campus. The primary function of this group is to co- ordinate the activities of the engineering societies repre- sented. Each year the Engineers ' Council sponsors the Engineers ' Exposition. It is also responsible for directing the publication of the Southern Engineer. Another out- standing event sponsored by the Council is the knighting of outstanding engineering students into the Order of St. Patrick. The outstanding senior engineering student is recognized and given a gift by the Council. Scholarship is encouraged at the freshman level by selecting the two outstanding freshmen from each department as Com- panions of St. Patrick. President A. J. Batchelor a. L. Bell V. . Bennett W. Broun R. F. Carlson A. C msi vle R. CaANFORD M. B. Crotts W. J. Davis G. Eason J. Gilkey L. Gray E. S. Long H. iMauney J. E. McCulloch J. McDade J. L. Pearson [186] OFFICERS Ernest Dobson President Robert James Vice-President Robert F. Carlson Secretary Herman Mauney Treasurer ' .-i ' : (1 w .■ J. Coleman C. Hasbrouck D. Powell kii ATtai tff k R. Cool W. O. Hawley J. L. RUDSER R. Corbett J. C. Herther J. Russell J. Coss A. Hicks J. E. Stewart B. P. Cotton R. James P. Taylor W. O. Covington H. R. Johnson J. TRAWaCK H. Cox S. Jones C. Withers [187] P ' hi annu au (l3eL ipp eiu OFFICERS ROBERI P. SuAl ' AllD, HI Dennis R. Brown ... f t. ' M( Henrv L. 1 Iarris Treasurer Vice-President William E. Shinn Adviser Kappa Tau Beta, a new piolessional knitting frater- nity, was established in the School of Textiles at North Carolina State Colleoe durinu the month of May, 1952. The purpose of the fraternit ' is to promote interna- tional interest in the knitting arts. This purpose is to be accomplished bv providing means for discussing techni- cal problems brought up at each meeting, establishing a lifetime brotherhood among the members so that the may maintain a lasting friendship thercb ' aiding each other in their common ]7roblems, issuing an annual pub- lication, maiiitaining contact among the graduate mem- bers through the local chapter; and attending social aatherinss. MEMBERS Ceorc;e |. Boltz Dennis R. Brown Tom B. Collier Ralph L. Comer Eugene V. Harrill, ]r. Henry L. I Iarris, 1r. Al M. Johnson John G. Lewis Bhain II. MacSorlev Alexander L. Perper Robert P. Shapard, III William E. Shinn James P. Smi ' i ' h [188] Edward S. Ldni President OFFICERS Edward S. Long President Jack T. Murray Vice-President Andrew J. Batchelor Corr. Secretary Richard L. Quickel Rec. Secretary William O. Covington Treasurer Prof. E. G. Manning Adviser Eta Kappa Nu is an Electrical Engi- neering organization that encourages out- standing achievement in the field of elec- trical engineering through its recognition of outstanding students. Scholarship, lead- ership ahilitv, and integrity of character are requirements for membership into the or- ganization. Not pictured: Donald F. Lindsay Billy B. Oliver Charles B. Stilwell A. J. Batcheloh A. L. Calton VV. O. Covington J. W. Dickens T. F. Haggai F. A. Hargrove G. B. Harvin C. S. King R. M. LUMLEY C. H. Mauney J. T. Murray J. L. Pearson R. L. QuiCKEL H. K. Sledge H. F. Spain H. VV. Thompson G. M. Ulrich [189] HKA fe d h KA 1 Arp NTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Vernon L. Jackson President MEMBERS Ben D. Harrington Alpha Gamma Rho VA ' iLLiAM R. Collins Alpha Gamma Rho Rex Childers DeUa Sigma Phi Cecil G. Madden Delta Sigma Phi James R. Thompson Theta Chi John W. Porter Theta Chi George Cornelson Kappa Alpha William L. Miller Kappa Alpha Alan T. Dickson Kappa Sigma Larry K. Pett - Kappa Sigma Guy Carrow Lamhda Chi Alpha Charles R. Reed Lambda Chi Alpha Joe Johnson Pi Kappa Alpha James F. Scull Pi Kappa Alpha Ira Heafner Pi Kappa Phi John T. Fisher Pi Kappa Phi James VV. Armfield Sigma Alpha Epsilon Maxwell R. Thurman Sigma Alpha Epsilon Stuart M. Mintzer Sigma Alpha Mti Stephen A. Cooper Sigmn Alpha Mit Frank Goode Sigiiifl Nii Ray D. Looper Sigma N« Don Bullock Sigma Pi Ronald L. Mimms Sigma Pi John Cunningham Sigma Phi Epsilon T. E. Ricks Sigma Phi Epsilon Frank L. W ' inecoff Sigma Chi George T. Winecoff Sigma Chi Ed E. Strickland Taii Kappa Epsilon George W. Bran ' nan Tan Kappa Epsilon Dave Koch Phi Epsilon Pi Robert L. Harte Phi Epsilon Pi H. Wayne Beal Phi Kappa Tan Sidney H. Roddey, Jr Phi Kappa Tan Eugene S. Younts Farm House Richard A. Ledford farm House The Inteifratcrnitv Council was organized in the Spring of 1931 through the efforts of the College Administration and the fraternit ' leaders. I he purpose of the Council is " to ad ance the interests of North Carolina State College; to promote the general interests and welfare of the associated fraternities as a hod : and to insure co- operation between them in their relations with the facultx, student body, and the public in general. " The Council is composed of two representati es from each chapter, elected b the chapter. As the social feature of the college vear. the Council sponsors three series of dances— the Pledge Dances in the fall term; the Mid- Winters in the winter term: and Spring Finals on the weekend preceding commenceinnt. C ' D Louis S. Agnew, Jr. James M. Allen, Jr. W ' .ALTER O. BaRNHILL William N. Blackard Thomas B. Buckman Jack W. Burnette Bruce P. Gotten RoiiERT A. Croxton RoHERT R. CrUMMER William J. Crummer William A. UeVane, Jr. William S. Facey William S. Fisher Franklyn C. Goode Bobby G. Goss Oliver H. Green Dale P. Gregg Jack R. Hall, Jr. William C. Harris, Jr. Charlie H. Honeycutt Charles T. Jackson Peter S. Jacobsen James F. Joyner, Jr. William M. Joyner Byron G. King Ray D. Looper Robert A. Loy Robert E. O ' Connor Rene W. Raas Alston Ramsay, Jr. William Q. Rhyne Hugh F. Smith, Jr. Robert W. Speight Charles E. Sprain William B. Warr Thomas H. West, Jr. Van D. Willard James L. Wilson Joseph R. Wilson, Jr. James W. Wrape N U i I A K n OFFICERS Franklyn C. Goode Commauder Bruce P. Cotton Lt. Counnander Alston Ramsay, Jr. Recorder Charles T. Iackson Treasurer uM SIGMA NU Sigma Nu originated from the Legion of Honor, a secret society organized in 1868 at the Virginia lMilitar ' Institute. The four founders were mo ed h idealistic hopes, and they founded a so- cietv which would inculcate honor and mutually benefit its mem- bers. Since its founding the fraternity has prospered, and at the present time there are 102 acti e chapters throughout the country. It is the oldest fraternity at State College, Beta Tau Chapter haying beea installed here in 1895. The purpose of its founders was " to establish through the warm friendships of a group of congenial college men, on the foundation stone of honor, ideals of intellectual achie ement, character, and social de elopment, all to the end of becoming better men and better citizens. " T AnK K n T A i (■) Richard C. Booth Ray a. Bryan Charles R. Byrd Gene Cross William A. Current Alan T. Dickson James H. Frazier Robert M. Gunn Daniel B. Hinkle Henry- E. Longley Warren P. Mann Robert G. Minshull Sidney E. Morrison, Jr. Daniel J. Murphy Samuel Peirson Larry K. Petty Robert P. Shapard, III Turner B. Thackston, III John G. Thomas Donald R. Tomlin N 11 i I A K n ta Lipdilon i haptef OFFICERS ipi Alan T. Dickson David W. Honeyciitt Daniel B. Hinkle Ray a. Bryan Robert G. Minshull President Vice-President Grand Master of Ceremonies Secretary Treasurer KAPPA SIGMA Although Kappa Sigma was founded at the University of Bologna in 1400, it was not established in this countn ' until 1869. " Five Friends " and " Brothers " founded the first chapter at the University of Virginia, and since then Kappa Sigma has ex- panded until it now has 117 active chapters in the 48 states and Canada, with over 100,000 living alumni. Beta Upsilon was established at North Carolina State in 1903 and has initiated over 400 men. A tvpical example of Kappa Sigma ' s projects is the annual Easter egg hunt for entertaining underprivileged children. Two periodicals are published bv the fraternity, nameh : The Cadusetis, a monthh ' magazine for its members, and the Star and Crescent, a secret quarterly publication. (■) T !» A n K T AHK o h , William G. Ballard Allan C. Banner I ' alii l . Barton Henry H. Baucom, Jr. Harlan A. Blackwell Robert P. Burns, Jr. Albert J. Cavanaugii, Jr. George H. Cornelson Robert A. Costner, Jr. William H. Cox Ralph C. Gentry, Peter S. Gough George Q. Hall John M. Harney Neal S. Jackson Leslie D. Hines, Jr. Andrew G. Hinton, Jr. JAMi:s F. Kluttz William F. Lane LoLiiE T. Lassiter James B. Lawrence Henry P. Locke John R. McLaughlin, Jr. John S. Miller William L. Miller Edward DE L Nicholson Jerome Parker Robert F. Pendleton V ' illiam a. Pierce, III Joseph S. Ratcliffe W illiam F. Roberts James P. Smith William P. Smith John L. Stickley, Jr. James A. Sutherland John H. Toledano James L. Truslow Bernard C. Wampler James H. Whitner. Ill 11 i tl ! A (•) K II tpha ymeaa Ck aptef OFFICERS George W. Cornelson, jr. William 1 1. Cox Leslie D. I Iines ipi President ' ice-Preshleiit Secretary KAPPA ALPHA Kappa Alpha was founded at Washington and Lee LIni ' ersitv in 1865 to perpetuate the Southern ideal of gentlemanlx ' char- acter by Robert E. Lee, its spiritual founder. The fraternity is patterned on an order of knighthood, and its members are ex- pected to conform to the discipline of the order and cultivate the graces of Southern Gentlemen. Kappa Alpha restricts its field to colleges and uni ersities south of the Mason-Dixon Line. At present there are 70 chap- ters within the order. Alpha Omega Chapter was chartered at North Carolina State College in 1903, being the second oldest fraternity on the campus. The chapter publication. The Rose and Magnolia, has been published periodically since 1941. T A n K KA N 11 2: I {• « — Jan « l » — «,■ , j V ' lLLIAM E. AlFORD John V. Andrews Frederick C. Ayers Augustus W. Bachman Guy a. Baldecchi Byrum B. Banner, Jr. Charles C. Bassett John E. Bassett, Jr. William H. Batchelor James E. Betts Ronald W. Blomgren Samuel N. Broome Delbert M. Broughton Robert F. Carlson luLius J. Chamberlain, Jr. Edwin P. Cornelius Edward H. Cothran John S. Crosby John T. Desern Edward F. Donnelly, Jr. Spencer S. Edmonston, Jr. Claude F. Elliott James C. Gardener Benjamin W. Gary, Jr. Mack L. Gay John M. Grantham Phil T. Griffin Zeb D. Hargett Allen M. Hull Joseph C. Johnson Robert A. Jones Carlton C. Kennedy Thomas B. Kennedy, Jr. Joe W. Kirkman MosE KisEB, Jr. Mack C. Lassiter Thomas T. Lassiter TiLDEN J. Lester Charles M. Lofland Alton R. Long James R. McAllister, Jr. James K. McArthur John C. Markey Donald A. Martin Charles B. Park John K. Patterson Dow V. Perry William B. Rector Horace M. Robinson, Jr. James F. Scull William R. Smith William D. Staton John J. Stauffer, Jr. Doyle H. Strange Caleb W. Swink Benjamin T. Ward Edward I. Weisiger 0.Niii: i»iA0Kn ■ m m ..y lplta C pAilon ( ItapL OFFICERS Joseph C. Johnson Thomas T. Lasitter Robert A. Jones John M. CiRANTHAM William B. Rector er President Vice-Pres ' uieiit Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer PI KAPPA ALPHA During the earlv Spring of 1868, the friendship of six students at the Uni ' ersit ' of Virginia grew into Pi Kappa Alpha. From this beginning, eighty years ago, the fraternit ' has branched out to form ninety-two fraternal chapters. Alpha Epsilon was giyen its charter in October, 1904, and annualK ' presents the PiKA Ball at North Carolina State. This year was the forty-fifth pres- entation of the Easier Monda ' Dance. n K nWLJL 20T en t: Bevan K. Barringeh. Jr. DwiGHT M. Benson William M. Blanton, Jr. George J. Boltz John B. Brady Donald L. Brinkley Paul G. Clark Green F. Cooper. Ill Donald L. Core Cletus L. Corn Don F. Cornwell John E. Cunningham Carlton A. Davenport, Jr. John R. Davis loHN S. Davis Leonard ' . DuBosE Bernard L. DuPlessis Harry E. Epps Frederick T. Evans Iames H. Fleming Henderson B. Gabriel, Jr. Charles D. Grimes, Jr. Dewey D. Guyton Warren E. Hargett William B. Hargett Zeb E. Hargett, Jr. James E. Harris Robert J. Hazelgrove Robert T. Jenkins Dale S. Jones Charles B. Kearns Tohn L. Lantzius William D. Lee, Jr. William B. Logan Franklin G. Mason James S. Massenberg, Jr. Frank E. Matthews, Jr. Robert W. McDonald Lawrence B. McGee William E. McGee Robin A. Mickle Benjamin L. Millsaps Frederick M. Moore Harry W. Moser, Jr. Charles W. Moss Doyle C. Myers Frank D. Parrott Don E. Powell Richard L. Quickel, Jr. Thomas M. Richmond, Jr. Theophilus E. Ricks Davie L. Rodgers Graden J. Russell Iames P. Smyly ' William W. Styers William H. Thompson Lloyd G. Walter, Jr. James A. XA ' estbrook Robert N. Westbrook Robert C. Wilkins John S. Wills Richard S. Wimbish Charles H. Winecohe Glenn E. Yoder, Jr. Richard C. Yow N n i: I A K II . C dSeta L napL C)l IICERS John E. Cun. 1iNc;ham W. Wesley Styers Richard L. Quickel Graden I. Russell ei Preside}!! ' ice ' Presicle it CotuptroUer Secretary es t 5 SIGMA PHI EPSILON Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded at Richmond College, Rich- mond, Va., in No ember, 1901. The parent chapter selected a heart-shaped badge and were at first called the " Sacred Hearts. " North Carolina State ' s chapter was the thirteenth chapter in the nation to be organized. This ear iS ' . C. Beta of Sigma Phi Epsilon resides at Clark A enue. where their home was purchased in 1949 b the alumni association. AHK e N n ::i: It M ■i ' i9mk p . p •!S» T «!«Sfc «: ' Bobby P. Boseman Robert W. Brittain Herbert M. Bryant John M. Clement Bobby L. Cockerham William K. Collins Paul B. Cone Roy E. Congleton Douglas M. Crutchfield Edgar L. Dallery Jackie S. Daughtry Baxter G. Dean James D. Foster John W. Foushee, Jb. Charles A. Fulp John W. Fuquay James D. Carman William M. Garmon Robert L. Gibson Donald J. Haddock Ben D. Harrington Larry C. Hester James G. Hilton Malcolm L. Holmes Archie A. Horne Vernon L. Jackson Ted L. James H. Connor Kennett, Jr. Albert B. Lanier. Jr. Charles E. Lewis, Jr. Donald W. Mabe James D. McGougan ' ILL1AM B. Nesbitt James R. Oliver William J. Parsons George R. Pate Carl E. Patterson Charles R. Pitts William L. Plonk William F. Pressly OssiE T. Shackelford Percy L. Strickland, Jr. Thomas L. Thrash Paul M. Wagoner Raymond B. Walker John C. Wessell James H. Wheless jN II i I A K n OFFICERS Ben D. 1 Iarrinc-.ion James G. 1 Iilion George R. Pate James R. Oliver . Noble Ruler Vice-Nohle Ruler Seeretar) Treasurer ALPHA GAMMA RHO Alpha Gamma Rho is a national stx:ial fraternity, and was founded in 1908 at Ohio State University for the purpose of developing the best social, mental, moral, and physical qualities in each fraternity brother, and to promote a wider acquaintance and a broader outlook on the part of agricultural men through fellowship in a national organization. There are now 31 acti e chapters of Alpha Gamma Rho. Nu Chapter, before becoming national in 1919, was the local fraternit TTieta Beta. One of the highest aims of Nu Chapter is outstanding scholar- ship, and all members are expected to develop a high standing. The national organization awards annualh ' to the chapter with the highest scholastic a erage a plaque, which has been won by Nu Chapter six times. Nu Chapter has also won the Interfrater- nity Scholarship Cup eight times in the fourteen xears that it has been awarded. To strengthen the bond of friendship, Nu Chapter sponsors house parties, fellowship dinners, picnics, and an annual Founder ' s Day Banquet. Nu Club, composed of alumni of the chapter, ha e given their whole-hearted support to chapter acti ities. )T A Arp T A n K Robert R. Alexander J. Raymond Anderson- Archie G. Andrews, Jr. Alexantjer E. Anthony, Jr. James R. Austin, Jr. Edward W. Avent, III William M. Barnett, Jr. William F. Bell Clarence F. Dixon, Jr. Ernest W. Dobson Troy A. Doby John T. Fisher W ILLIAM G. GaITHER, Ir. James R. Goldner Robert E. Hardy William K. Harris, III Charles B. Hasbrouck Ira D. Hefner, Jr. James F. Howell Douglas T. Julian Robert R. Julian John W. Kern James E. Kirkman, Jr. I luGH T. McDaniel, Jr. Ronald D. MacLain Lenwell W. Massey John S. Moore, Jr. Reginald K. Newbon William R. Newsome, Jr. William W. Redman, Jr. Charles L. Ribelin Stephen D. Seymore iMerriman S. Sholar Hartwell K. Sledge Robert W. Sloan William M. Williams i Iarry D. Youmans, Jr. e A II i «i» I K n OFFICERS Ira I). Hefner Presidoit John T. Fisher Treasurer Ronald D. MacLain Secretarv PI KAPPA PHI Pi Kappa Phi was founded at the College of Charleston in South Carolina, Dec. 10, 1904. It was a concrete and permanent result of a friendship that had flourished since the elementary school days of one of the South ' s oldest towns. With the definite purpose of extending the influence of the organization, the in- corporation as a national fraternity took place in 1907. The pur- pose of the fraternity is " to promote fellowship and mutual trust among its members, to uphold the ideals and traditions of the college where its chapters are located, to encourage excellence in scholarship and to inculcate in its members the highest ideals of Christian manhood and fellowship. " Pi Kappa Phi sponsors an annual intcrfraternitv sing to pro- mote cultural interest and competition among the fraternities at N. C. State College. ■ T P MIK I luGH H. Baker Gray Bolich donnell o. bulluck llMMY S. CaDDELL KiNM III M. C ' orbett, Jr. UoN R. C()Lmt:iL Bobby L. Davis Freeman E. Earlev Henry L. Harris, Jr. Gerald B. Hurst Thomas R. Johnson, Jr. Richard H, Kennette John B. Knight Ronald L. Mimms Harry J, O ' Gonnor, Jr. J. Garland Pass, Jr. 1 Ienry VV. Pickett William S. Porter, Jr. Douglas L. Powell |0hn f. Robert G. Snead loHN Springthorpe, Jr. Charlton B. Strange, Jr. WiLLiA.M I. Sunderland David F. Tate Robert V ' . Tayloe [ames T. Thacker Charles T. Waters C LiFTON C. Withers N 11 2: !» I A K 1 OFFICERS DONNELL O. BULLUCK Sage Richard H. Kennette Second Counselor I Ienrv L. I Iarris Third Counselor SIGMA PI Sigma Pi, national social Fraternity, was founded at Vincennes University, Vincennes, Indiana, Feb. 26, 1897. The purpose of its founders was " to organize the most worth - acti ities, social, ath- letic, and scholarly, and to set a high standard of manliness and college loyalty. " The fraternitx ' now has 43 active chapters located throughout the nation. Rho Chapter, formerly the local Sigma Chi Gamma, was in- stalled at State College in 1921. The chapter owns its own chapter house located at 2513 Clark Avenue, two blocks from the college campus. The event of the year for the fraternity is the annual Founder ' s Day Banquet. The formal event celebrates the founding of the fraternity, supplemented with the presentation of the award for the outstanding pledge of the year, and clima.xed with the crowning of the Orchid Girl of Sigma Pi for the vear. T AHK n IV n i I A Jake W. Aycock Andrew J. Batchelor H. Wayne Beal, Jr. I HciMAs E. Blackwelder William C. Burns John H. Croom William G. Crlitciifield Ralph E. Deitrick Channie R. Dennis, Jr. Tom M. Ellington. Jr. David A. Finley loiiN E. Garrett Arthur H. Hagstrom Koblrt D. Havvvard Harry B. Heilig, Jr. William S. Hoffman David R. Hostetler Ralph F. Howey George A. Huffines Harold C ' . Lawrence James A. Lawrence Robert M. Lumley Norman S. Lynch David L McIntvre Robert L. Putze Sidney H. Roddey, Jr. Ellis M. Smith George K. Snow Robby Joe Stephenson I loRACE J. Wood, Jr. 0 lli:4»!A0Kn ' ' ' Ji»m OMlCliRS Herbert W. Beal President Harrv B. Heilig, Jr Vke-Preiuleut Arthur R. Hagstrom Secretary John H. Croom, III Treasurer if ' ' PHI KAPPA TAU Phi Kappa Tau, national social fraternity, was founded in 1906 by four outstanding students of Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. The fraternity and its ideals were drawn up by Dwight I. Douglas, William H. Shideler, Taylor A. Borradaile, and Clinton D. Boyd. Chi Chapter at North Carolina State was granted its charter in 1923. Before that time the chapter was a social fraternity made up of outstanding te.xtile students. The local was called Phi Psi Lambda. Phi Kappa Tau was founded to break up a monopoly on student elections which were held by fraternity unions. The growth of the fraternity has been slow but consistent. Phi Kappa Tau numbers 56 actiye chapters throughout the country. There are 31 alumni chapters located in the larger cities throughout the country. 9 T 4» A KT A 0K n James L. Brake Guv E. Cakrow Mac Clark Joseph J. Derho, Jr. John R. Uuffett John A. Fennie William R. Harris Maurice E. Hester Francis S. Holwood, Jr. Joseph R. Lancaster Ri chard F. Langford QuENTIN A. MaLMQUIST tf wV Martel B. McCallum George F. Mock Graden B. Moultiirop Iames G. Nemec Gharles R. Reed GiNo L. Rota Theron V. Sanders Bernard H. Taylor Guv A. W ' alii Rs, Jr. BovD M. Ward I IIOMAS L. WoRSLEY 0Nn2 iA0Kn ««.-llfJ Ljamma l lpAiion i napter OFFICERS CiUY E. Carrow President MacDuffie Clark Vice-President CtRAVDEn B. Moulthrop Secretary OiiENTiN A. Malmquist Treasurer LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Founded at Boston Uni ei ' sit ' in 1909, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity has expanded until it is now the largest national fra- ternity, with 130 active chapters located at prominent colleges in the United States and Canada. Lambda Chi Alpha emplo ' s four lull time traveling secretaries who aid and advise the local cha[ ters. An alumni secretary who assists alumni organizations and who coordinates a job-placement program has also been installed. The " Cross and Crescent, " the fraternity magazine, is published seven times annually. Other Lambda Chi Alpha chapters in the state are located at Duke, Wake Forest, and Chapel Hill. The local chapter sponsors the annual Fraternity Bridge Tournament and a Christmas party for underprivileged children. ci A n K AXA 2 T 4» A Shanks Bradsiieb George W. Brannan John W. Coleman Wayne Crabtree Charles G. Deese Harvey A. Eldridge, Jr. Eugene T. Ennett Joseph S. Foster William L. Funderburke Samuel C. Hodges, Jr. Jesse R. Kirby, Jr. Jack R. Martin Donald R. Mills Don S. Smith Thomas F. Smith Fletcher L. Stanley Edwin E. Strickland John D. Vance Marion E. Welch, Jr. 0]vni iA0Kn ' mm§ OFFICERS Edwin E. Strickland Vryiauh George VV. Br( nnan EpiPrylcx ' s JESSE R. KiRBv Gravniiateus John D. Vance Crysophylos TAU KAPPA EPSILON After World War II, when the iNatioiial Chapter of Alpha Lambda Tau failed to reactivate, the members of Zeta Chapter at North Carolina State College voted to join a strong national fraternity. Tau Kappa Epsilon was petitioned and Beta Beta Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon was installed at North Carolina State College on Jan. 17, 1947. Aided bv a strong alumni. Beta Beta Chapter has continued to grow steadily. During the past years the chapter house has been painted and redecorated, many new members have been initiated, and a chapter newspaper has been distributed regularly among alumni and friends. Utilizing a small budget, Tau Kappa Epsilon has placed high in homecomino decoration contests. The chapter owns its own house at 10 Enterprise Street. T «J» A TKE T 4» A n K iM ' tf ' M _ x_ JSP ,t " 1 V ' — f Martin D. Bier Leonard A. Binder Gerald Citron Steve A. Cooper Stephen H. Deutsch VA ' arren V. Epstein Richard A. Feldman Bernard S. Fishman Jerry Gaier Neil B. Gold Sherwood L. Goldfein Burton Haims Stanley L. Hilton George R. Jacobs Martin Kallman Marvin B. Katz Fred G. Kleiman Jules Lavner Arthur S. MacLaire Milton A. Madison Stuari M. Mintzer Alan Nishball Robert S. Rosenfeld Harvey R. Rudikoff Howard H. Simon Franklin M. Soling David B. Sontag Martin H. Steiger Norman J. Strasberg David J. Tananbaum Edmund A. Weisbergeh Herman H. Weiss Stephen Weiss 0]vii2:4»iA0Kn iamu K meau y nuptei ' Ol 1 ICl-RS SlUARl l I. MlNIZER Vr ' iov Mah riN Kallman Exclwcjucr Franklin M. Soi.inu Recorder n., -. M ■ iBi IILiiiiii ili III 111 .«l III :ii Ili SIGMA ALPHA MU Sigma Alpha IMu was tounded at the College of the Citv of New- York on Thankspivino E ' e, Nov. 26, 1909. The founders, eioht men who pledged themselves to a lasting bond of friendship, had no idea of the vast organization that would flower from the seeds that thev had planted. The object of the fraternitv, as e.xpressed in its constitution, is " to foster and maintain amono its sons a spirit of mutual moral aid and sujiport, to instill and maintain in the hearts of its sons lo e for and loyaltv to Alma Mater and its ideals, to inculcate among its sons such ideals as will result in actions vvorth " of the highest precepts of true manhood, democ- racv, and humanit . " Sigma Omega Chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu is the outgrowth of a local fraternitv, Theta Phi, which had its beginning in 1929. From its inauguration, the fraternitx has alwa s maintained high standards of scholarship and conduct. Sigma Omega Chapter is the owner of its own home at 304 E. Park Dfi e. i;0T 2 AM 0]v n 2 r i o p. ) D • ' f O O J William C Abernhtiiy James B. Arthur Daniel G. Ames William J. Ammons Gerald T. Barnes, Jr. Marion A. Bell I ' kessley B. Brawley, Jr. James M. Brown Wallace A. Brumsey, Jr. James R. Buchanan, Jr. Lester C. Caudle, Jr. Jesse S. Capel Edward R. Carter, Jr. Glenn F. Carver Lloyd Cheek George R. Clarke, Jr. Andrew L. Clement Eugene R. Cocke JiiiiN L. Collar Robert W. Dillard Ray H. Fentriss, Jr. Richard A. Hill Richard T. Howard Blair Jenkins, III John W. Jones, Jr. Douglas R. Kincaid John J. Lawrence Claude E. Layman John S. Leese Jerry L. Lowder Carroll L. Mann, III Ralph H. Marler, Jr. George A. Mears, Jr. James M. Moore Tom K. Moore, Jr. William E. Pappendick, III Thorne D. Pierce Robert E. Pittman William O. Ross George H. Satterfield, Jr. Thomas E. Schultz Jerry L. Splawn Leonidas D. Stephenson James R. Stevenson Joe D. Stowe Ronny C. Taylor Joseph W. Trollinger James S. Tliley AiiTHUR E. VanHorn James L. Waters Frank L. Winecoff George T. Winecoff William R. Wisseman N 11 i 1 A (-) K II ■ mmm =JJeaa C pSli ion K. nupter OFFICERS Frank L. W ' inecoff President Jesse S. Capel A ' ice-Presidcnt JOSEPH W. Trollincer Secretary William R. Wisseman Treasurer SIGMA CHI Sigma Chi Fraternity, the nineteenth college fraternity to be founded and the third at Miami Llni crsit , Oxford, Ohio, estab- lished its constitution on June 28, 1855. Today Sigma Chi con- sists of 121 acti e chapters and 1 15 alumni chapters. The Delta Epsilon Chapter at North Carolina State was in- stalled on May 15, 1943, after two years existence as a local frater- nit known as Chi Sigma. The numerous functions of the year are highlighted by the annual Svyeetheart Ball and Banquet. Other activities include a Christmas party for young orphans, assistance in charitable driyes throughout the state, and the maintaining of scholastic and athletic leadership. [-) T 4 A 11 K iV n i I A Iames W. jXrmstronc Thoma; L. Avery Timothy H. Barrows William S. Blalock R ' -CHARD 11. Brehm Charles H. IUirkhead Idhn H. C ' oble George W. Colvin. Jr. Albert J. Dornseif, Jr. William R. Feroe V ' lLLIAM S. GrISWOLI) Ierry L. Hester losEPH P. Hester Harvey M. Heywood. Jr. George iM. Howey Donald M. Joyce Joseph L. Keith HiLDiNG R. Krook, Jr. Frank E. Matthews, Jr. Charles H. Murphy W iiLiAM B. Patterson Richard E. Pitts Edward O. Potts, Jr. James T. Ouinn Larkin K. Ratchford Richard W. Reed Leo F. Roberson Charles P. Robinson, Jr. John L. Rudser Robert C. Sample Maxwell R. Thurman W. Joseph Trogdon Robert B. Tucker Robert J. Turner CJeorge B. Wallace 1 Iarry C Welch Thomas M. Womble, Jr. 1 Iarry 1 1. ■AnBRouGII, Jr. (-) ? II i l» I A K 11 J . L-. iplta C-A u apief oi 1 ici:rs Iames W. Armfield Archon Maxwell R. mlR L ■ DepWiX Archoii H. Robert Kroiik, Jr. Recorder Richard W. Reed CorresiJondent James B. Jasmin Treasurer rnggBBsaBEoammm H SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Sigma Alpha Epsilon was the Hist of the great Hne of Southern fraternities. Founded at the University of Alabama in 1856, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, now the second largest national fraternity, has always been a leader in the Greek world. The membership of Sigma Alpha Epsilon consists of 120 acti ' e collegiate chapters and 120 active alumni chapters, and the fra- ternity points with pride to its 64,000 living alumni. SAE leads the Greek world in the number of chapter houses owned, the number of initiates and the number of living members. The Record, quarterly publication of SAE, has a circulation of 56,000 copies, the largest of any fraternity publication. North Carolina Alpha is the third newest chapter of the fra- ternity, and it has been on the State College campus since Oct. 24, 1947. Since that time, SAE has taken its rightful place among the other great fraternity chapters of the campus and is doing its part in pro ing the greatness of the American Greek-letter fra- ternity. A 0K n :SAE A 2 0T h ph - ' RoLPH Albert Bruck a. Arkin |. v iM. Bender Herbert A. Berkowitz DiNNis R. Brown f f I tM% UONALD S. CaLDERON David W. Cvaniga Burton N. Davis Eric B. DeGroat ll I IX |. Deitch Marc H. Epstein Lionel S. Feibus Richard Goldenberg Howard Greenberg Robert L. Harte Donald Hoffman Mortimer I. Kahn, Jr. Richard J. Kalish Herbert C. Kaplan David Koch Thomas P. McNamara Albert D. Nalven Donald J. Rosenbaum I Ienrv V ' . Saffer Herb Saywitz Paul S. Smigell Ri( HARD E. Strauss 0Nni: iA0Kn r mKi ipna J- hi L napter OFFICERS Uavid Koch Snjierior Burton N. Davis V ' lce-Su ierior Albert D. Xalven Secretary Robert L. Harte Treasurer PHI EPSILON PI In June of 1949, a local frateinit . Phi Epsilon Tau, was chartered into the national fraternity. Phi Epsilon Pi. Originally founded in 1947, Phi Epsilon Tau was formed under the prin- ciples of fraternity, liberalism, and non-sectarianism. These ideals furnished the spark to weld together a strong brotherhood. In 1948 the group mo ed into the white house on Park A enue and began to be known on the campus. This year the chapter has mo ed into a new house located on Hawthorne Road. ScholasticalK, the fraternity has always ranked in the upper quarter of the fraternities at North Carolina State. 2 1 A En 20T4» A m 9k Ml Donald Bland Raymond T. Buckner Donald R. Chance Floyd F. FIendrix, Jn. Pentley N. Hux James B. Jones, Jr. George E. Liddle Eugene H. Matkins William H. Michie Joe T. Moore, Jr. Jesse R. Moye, III Thornal D. O ' Quinn, Jr. Dick D. Orr Thomas W. P.atton John W. Porter Eugene B. Rav Donald J. Rose Alwin F. Schmid Thomas B. Siiarpe Spyrhion N. Sideris James R. Thompson Carol M. Yarekoligh 0] iii iA0Kn OFFICERS Iames R. Ihompson President |()HN W. Porter Vice-President William 1 I. MiciiiE Secretary Thomas B. Sharph Treasurer THETA CHI Theta Chi Fraternitv was organized at Norwich Uni ersity, Norwich, Vermont, on April 10, 1(S5(), Since that time the Fra- ternitv has expanded until it now is composed of 109 chapters at the leading colleges and universities all over the countrv, in- cludini; the " Bio Four " of North Carolina. A colonv at iNorth Carolina State College was organized by ele en men on Mav 26, 1950. Two vears later found the colony with all the requirements of an ac!i e chapter and on Mav 17, 1952, it was installed as Delta Rho Chapter. I A K n T OX i T 4» A n K I no L kapter OFFICERS Ch. rles R. Childers William Perry . Elvin R. Jones Henky J. Klein . . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer DELTA SIGMA PHI Delta Sigma Phi, international social fraternity, was founded on Dec. 10, 1899, at the Colleoc of the City of New York. At the present time there are over 60 acti e chapters comprisina a mem- bership of 30,000. Rho Chapter is an outorowth of the local fraternity Gam- ma Alpha Nu Gamma. On May 20, 1915, twenty of these members were given a charter to Delta Sigma Phi, forming Rho Chapter. The purpose of DSP is to give its members that intimate fellowship with men of good character so necessarv to their full development and to supple ment their cultural and professional edu- cation with training in those qualifica- tions for citizens and leadership which are not directly a part of the uni ' ersit function. Ray E. Cauble Charles R. CmLDLits Thomas S. Cimino John K. CJibala EL N R. Tones Henby J. Klein Cecil G. Madden Ralph G. Sifford Harold A. Stone, Jr. .%?■ ' »wf - l •-■f :r c■v - H ■■ ' • p Ct 4 o fteed i ickard J ontat for David B. Sontag Associate Editor ». WariL Wdti iam5 for G. Aubrey Pope Photograjiher fy ud 7 ' t«y asier for Alan W. Nishball Assistant Editor Sj i c j i4 ivliii rvlari C L ooper for Charles G. Massey Business Staff 165 oan Ljoode for JAMES Cauble Business Staff Walter T. Stinson President, AlpJia Zeta JJ Ljiciiii [ [ alket [234] Vl llii J kirleit S toiiiik Jay Bryan President, Golden Chain [235] Donald |. I Iaddock President, A.S.A.E. i.11 fy ar, I ' lha C iaine ing [236] JJ j- aiiline { [ eatkeribtj Howard Weils President, Blue Key Editor, Tower [237] David P. Moore Editor, Agrictdhirist .(J y acqiieii ine n loofe [238] jj Ljaijie Kiepe Jack Burnette President, Tompkins Textile Council President, Sigma Tau Sigma [239] jiiiai ? - o " ' .. ' ' J .-o - if- ai wt -- Hugh Leatherman Business Manager, Southern Engineer f rs. Jsfiiuh cd.eutk lennan [240] Idi uiianne (l- o oone Jesse Capel President, 30 S- 3 President, junior Class [241] William S. CjRISwold President, Monogram Cluh UJ C lizabetn fflurdock ' f242| iJJ ■S ue L i eiun y twe John Kermit tvvell Business Manager, Agricidturht [243] Raymond L. Clark lusiness Manager, Tower nliss 70uce cJ eonam [244] rj. [ . L-. Jackson Leroy Jackson President, lutcrfrateriiity Council [245] Vincent Outland President, Campus Governvienl f ' S. =Leanna Jutland [246] i Jeanne tie l l e William E. Fulcher President, Y.M.C.A. eaver [247] cow COaEGE ORCHESmA RONNIE LAYS ONE IN ' " ' mfOR DBAH WHEN THE GOOSE GOT LOOSE ASTRONOMY CLUB STAR GAZER w U.S. AIR FORCE DRUM BUGLE CORPS " p pntlR GUN PUYHOUSE i » : i " ATHLETIC ADMINISTRATION Roy B. Clogston came to State College alter a twenty-year tenure as Athletic Director at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York. His Formal education includes a degree From New York Uni ersity. His first official post was at Middlebury College in Massachusetts as assistant director oF athletics, after which he returned to Springfield and completed work on a B.S. degree. The following year he attended New York University and received a master ' s degree. At the present time he has nearly completed work for a doctor ' s degree. Clogston lends a very personal and conscientious interest to the school ' s athletic program. He is constantly endeavoring to improve the Facilities in all oF the sports and has been instiunicntal in expanding the program in general. ITie State College Athletic Director is rapidlv becoming one oF the top men in the Southern ConFerence, thus expanding the reputation he has enjoved For many years. Roy B. Clogston is truly one of the out- standins college athletic directors of the nation. Other members of the athletic administration are Willis Casey who serves in the capacity of Assistant Athletic Director as well as Swimming Coach. Ed Storey is Athletic Publicity Director and is one of the better known men in this field in the South because of his excellent work in bringing the s[X)rts picture at State College before the eye oF the national public as well as the local Fans. Paul Derr is the man responsible For the vastly impro ed Department oF Phxsical EdLicatiun, serving as Head oF that Department. Roy B. Clogston Director of Athletics G. Allen Nelms Field Secretary of the Wolfpack Cbth P.MIl, lh.l!H 1 1) SuntLv [258] Horace I Iendrickson Conch Gridiron act] FOOTBALL 1952 RESULTS State Georoe Washington State Davidson 39 ,28 6 State Georgia University State 49 Duke 57 State Florida State State Wake Forest State 13 7 6 21 . . 28 Washington Lee State Pittsburgh State 13 6 48 6 William Marv . 41 State . . 7 Texas Tech .... 54 STAFF Karmazin, Feathers, Hendrickson, Hickman, Temerario Under the lielm of new coach I loracc I lendiick- son, the W oltack hoothall Team dispknecl new metliods ot otFense and dctense in 1952 that had not been seen at State in a long while. 1 he Pack could not better their 5 1 record, howexer, and endetl uii the season w ith a record of 3-7. r M mi i ii f i ii After that ■pigskin After opening the season with a 39-0 loss to Ceorye Washington, the Pack hnallv " ol their new offense rolling against Davidson College, and licked the opposition 28-6. Featured in this game was a smooth, running ollense. [260] S3 State vs. Dufee The annual clash with C arolina was postponed this year, so the Statcmen tia eled to Athens to meet the powerful LIni ersitv of Georgia football team. State put up a gallant battle, but finally bowed 49-0. The Big-Red wouldn ' t stay down for long, though, and came back in the colorful Home- coming Celebration game to razzle-dazzle Florida State by a score of 13-7. State vs. Wake Forest [261] Bill Kennedy Alex Webster Steve Kosilla J. C. Britt John Bagonis Dick Spritz Paul Smith J. W. Frankes Bob Paroli Jim Hillman llj. j v ( i r.Av Barkouskie Bob 1 acker Eddie West Dave Butler Ted Potts Eddie Frantz Glenn Nixon Hamvey Yeates Don Langston Carl ' yles State ' s hghting W ' olFpack were to win one more game on their schedule for ' 52, that being a sound thrashing of Washington Lee, 28-1 3. Hopes were not dimmed at the end of the season because Coach 1 lendriekson has only beyun in his effort to brino gridiron thrills to State College. It woultl Jx ' didicult to pick out many outstand- ing stars o[ the ' 52 season, as exerxone had good days. Such men as Don Langston, who made All- State; J. C. Britt, Bill Kennedy, Alex Webster, Bob Paroli, lim Hillman, Eddie West, FLiryey Yeates and a host of others gave the Wolfpack team nianx minutes of thrill-packed play. Action iii! (ihist Cicurgia State I ' s. Williavi Mary 4 i .. " x v ' ' ' i « ' Captain l a Baikouskif led the team tliis vcar b ' pla inu a lianu-up game at his tackle position and bv also doing a great deal of the team ' s extra point kick- ing. Alex Webster, alwavs a hard man to bring down, teamed iiji with men like Don Langston and Bob lacker to pile up the yardage for the W ' oltpack. F XWHi»«»tf - . t»v " Tl Another pigskin tcntsle -— t .»-- L; Ground-gaining hy State Alhin-all, even though the season was not too successful. Coach Hendrickson ' s football men will be counted upon to burn up the Southern Conference this next season. The coach and his capable staff, combined with new and stronger talent, will ver likeK bring the football crown to State next season. Tailbacks Potts and W cluster m nM " ' K ▼ V- Suiiulmu: Ciuch Ca u, Spcii;lu, Ijijiidcnberu, Tyler. ShcflcU, diss, Asst. Coach Andcr: Sitting: Thompson, Yurin, Applebaum, Gotkin, Kukov. Morris, Knapp BASKETBALL Coach E ' erett Case ' s niightv W ' oUpack Basket- ball I cam took to the courts aj ain in the 1952-53 season, to run up one ol the hest records in nianv a year. The nationalK prominent cagers Irom State College ran up a Imal season total ol 2Ci wins and onl d losses, while scoring an amazing total ot 2,422 points. State ' s opposition was onl ahle to score a little o er halt as man points as the terrilic men Ironi State. Coach Everett Case [264] Led In 6 ' 8 " C )-C " aptain lloliln Speight, Coach Case ' s charges liad a season ' s a ' erage oF 83.5 points per game, ha ing gone over tlie centur mark li e times. The highest score piled up h the powerful Pack was 108 points scored in a romp ot Washington Lee on their own court. Bill Kukoy Bobby Speight Mel Thompson Uave Gotkin For the sixth ti me in se ' en years the ' olf- pack team ended up in first place in Southern Conference plav. Such stars as Mel Thomp- son, who cut the cords for 466 points this season, Dave Gotkin with 403 points, and of course Bobby Speight with 498 points for the season, kept the Wolfpack in contention for national honors all winter long. Ron Sheffell UlCk 1 ler Herb Applebaum Bobby Goss Paul Brandenburg Eddie Morris Danny Knapp Jim Stephenson Never to be oxerlooked, espceial- ri al teams, was the high seoring State beneh. The seoring luncli of Co-Captain Bill Kukoy, speedy Dick Tvlcr, big Dannv Knapp, fancy Paul Brandenburg, Bernie Yurin, Herb Applebaum, Ron Sheffell, and Eddie Morris could al a s be counted upon to iiie up points. And who at State w ill e cr loryet the niuin that " the Goose, " Bobbv Goss came oil the icnch to run the ' illano a isitors into submission. Kukoy pushes one State 82-Diike 68 State ' s cagers opened the season with a 77-69 ietor ' o cr laninan LInixersitv, and continued their winning va ' s with wins oxer Washington Lee and Daxidson. It was tlicn that the Pack lost a hard Fought game to Wake Forest, 51-50. The Pack howled after that, thouuh, and two niohts later ripped P hode Island 105-66. Tyler in Action When the annual Dixie Classic Tournament rolled around in Dccemhcr, Coach Case led his defending champs into the fray with a 7-2 record. Again showing their class, the Cascmen took the title for the fourth straioht year. With the Dixie C ' kissic over. Coach Case ' s dribble-boys wound up the regular season with thirteen more ietories with only three defeats o er this route. The team then en- tered plav for the Southern Conference C hampionship, looking for their seventh con- secutive crown. This was not the year, though, and Wake Forest, led by high-scoring I ickie I lemric, won the Coliseum thriller and Con- ference crown, 71-70, to close out the season for the Statemen. Kiikoy lavs one in The basketball season ol the ' ar- sity squad did not oxershadow the winnino and high scoring v ' avs of Assistant Coach Vic Rubas ' Fresh- man Team. The I rush squad wrecked almost all the teams thev played, and the crv " we want a hundred ' was the theme song when the freshmen were on the court. Bon Adams |) illi; KlMMD Tyler uf against " dhii!ova Six foot, sexen inch center Ronnie Shavlik antl ' II " Vic Molodet made up the scoring punch for the freshmen, while Ed Juratic, Whitey Bell, and Lou Diekman rounded out the starting fi e. Coach Bubas was justifiably proud ol the Frosh Team that proved to be one ol the best ever assembled at N. C. State. Tlioiiipson huoks against Holy Cross State 75-B.y.L . 59 HONORS Bobby Speight All-Southern— first team All-American— Collier ' s second team Associated Press— third team All-Dixie Classic Tournament— first team All-Southern Conference Tournament— second team All-Third District NCAA-first team Mel Thompson All-Southern Conference Tournament— first team All-Southern— second team State lOS-Dax ' idson 71 State battling Williavi £• A lor} ' Knaf-p up high against Villanova. SEASON RECORD State . State . State . State. . 77 Furman 69 State . . 88 Washington Lee 63 State. . 82 Davidson 47 State. . 50 Wake Forest SI State. .105 Rhode Island 66 State. , 88 Eastern Kentucky. . 75 State. . 75 George Washington 68 State. . 80 Texas Tech 55 State. . 56 St. Johns 67 State. . 96 Dartmouth 50 State . . 87 Princeton 6.3 State. . 76 Holv Cross 74 State. . 75 Brigham Young . . 59 State. . 77 Cincinnati 72 State. .105 Davidson 71 State. . 85 West Virginia 80 State. 82 Duke 68 62 William Marv . . 58 76 George Washington 69 69 Carolina 70 81 Villanova 89 99 Wake Forest 80 91 South Carolina ... 51 101 William Mary.. 71 94 Villanova 72 82 Duke 84 108 Washington Lee 63 87 Carolina 66 73 Fordham 70 100 Cincinnati 64 86 Carolina 54 , 70 Wake Forest 71 Bl HNU- llR [270] 1952 Baseball Squad BASEBALL State College ' s 1952 Baseball Team dis- played the talents of many fine ballplayers as thev chalked up 15 wins and 10 losses, finishing second in the Southern Di ' ision of the Conference, and in the Tournament. Coach Sorrell ' s men opened the season with a resounding 12-2 victory over Elon College, and then proceeded to bat their a ' up into the Southern Conference standings bv defeating such teams as Caro- hna, Davidson, Duke, Furman and South Carolina. During this time Wake Forest fell before the powerful batsmen of State four consecuti ' e times. Other teams downed by the Wolfpack were Michigan State and Pennsylvania. Coach Vic Sorrell Johnny Yvars LuNSFORD Lewis Roland Brinson In the post-season Southern Conference Tournament, the W ' olfpack got oft to a fast start bv defeating Richmond 5-0. Duke was States next victim in the tournament by a score of 5-4, hut in the final stretch for the championship, Duke ' s Blue Devils defeated State twice to take the crown. Finishing second in the 1952 tournament. Coach Sorrell looks forward to an e ' en better season in ' 53. The participation of new men will strengthen the W ' olfpack team, while veteran stars like Eddie Morris, John Fuscoe, Ed Horbelt, Johnny Yvars, Dick McGillis, Jack Turney and Bob Gardner round out the hard-hitting State line-up. ' i i - ' fs .-sr-- N. C. State vs. Ohiu U. N. C. State vs. Duke Jack Iurnev Jim SiLPHENSON Bub Gaud.nlk 1952 BASEBALL HONORS Shortstop Johnny Yvars All-America Third Team All-Southern First Team Pitcher Lunsford Lewis All-Southern First Team Centerfielder John Fuscoe All-Southern First Team Dick McGillis The Soccer Team improved itself greatK durinu the 1952 season. Nine games were plaved and the team ended with 4 won and 5 lost. The first game of the season opened with Carolina and for the first time in the history of State College soccer, C arolina was beaten in a regular game. Victories over Roanoke College and W L and Roanoke again made up the won side of the ledger. Duke, Southern C Onference champions, defeated State twice. University of Maryland won a hard-fought battle 3-2 and Carolina came back in an overtime win to down State 2-1. SOCCER Eric DeGro. i , Coacli K. RE KiLXCAS. 1951 All-America, was inclioiblc Inr All-America selection this year, but his services were available all season. There were Jim Truslovv, Adrian Castro and Mike Chocron to represent State College on the All-South team. Adams, Aquerrerreta, Zolfaghari and Kallman made up the Conference teams. Coach DeGroat at the present time is looking forward to a good season next vear, with intense com- petition for positions being made bv both American .jnd Inreign-born students. Kare Krac;as. All America CROSS COUNTRY This season marked the seeonci strais ht ear that the Pack harriers ot Coach Fitzgihhons ha e won the Southern Con- ference Cross-Countrv C hanipionsliip. Iki Sawyer showetl his ureatness hv (mishini; hrst in the meet, while close behind were Captain Garrison, Shockley, Miller and Winslow. We won again! By placing four men across the line first in the annual State meet, the Wolf pack took the State title for the fourth straight year. This rounded out a three-year record of 25 wins, one loss and one tie for the Statemen. It was only natural that State should take the Con- ference title, and thev did just that. Buz Sawver took first in the meet that found Captain Garrison right on his heels to take second place. Buz Sawyer ' s accomplishments of the year were only more acclaimed than e ' er when he finished ninth in the National Cross-Countrv Meet, rounding out a terrific season for himself and the oieat State team. Coach Tom Fitzgibbons The long distance runners of State opened their season against Davidson, and swept the first seven places to sweep the meet 15-46. Duke ' s Blue Devils also fell by the wayside when State ran all over the Duke track to take another meet 15-40. William Mary were downed by the flying men from State by a score of 16-46, and the State harriers were flying high. In a cross-countrv meet with Richmond the fast men on the team tied for first place and swept that meet 23-35. SWIMMING Once a ain tlit- mighty swimming team of N. C State College took to the pools this year in an effort to sink all opposition. True to form, and under the ery capable direction of Coach Willis Casey, the swimming Pack swept to nine consecutive victories. Although the team was without a single senior on the squatl, most of the members ha e had national anti interseclional competition under their belts. Such s ' ars as Frank Nauss, Don Sonia, Bill Churn, Bob Mattson, Paul Arata, and Tommv Dunlap were capable veterans who carried part of the load for the Pack. V ' iLLis Casey, Coach First WW. D. R(),senbaum, K. Prodo, W. Jame.-;, A. Hull, 1). Lambert, W. Watkins, P. Llciriiis. Second row: Coach Casey, C Hcod F. Saville, I. Belvcrio, C. Lvnes, D. Sonia, F. Ruppcntiial, II. llclins, 1). .Maccini, Assistant Coach B. Dcspres, Assi:tant Ccach M. Martin. Third row: P. Arata, H. Nevkirk, R. Boyer, J. Devton, F. Nauss, T. Dunlap, B. Churn, J. Kirkman, P. Athan. Fourth row: C. Davis. B. Dillard, E. S ' kej, A. Stenberg, J. Vcrrault, Manager; B. MatLson, B. Taylor, J. Smith, D. Goldberg. Joll )l KIN , i 1 1 N Hull Craig Lynes Tommy Dunlap The team opened the season with Duke University, and readih trounecd the Bkie Dexils 58-26. Followino were victories o ' cr Georoia Tech, Virginia, and V.P.I. lo hit;hhaht the regular season the Wolf- pack handily defeated the Llni ' ersitv of Pittsburoh, defending Eastern Intercollegiate Champions, by a score of 48-31. Ihc Pack continued on their merry way by defeating the remainder of their scheduled opponents by o ' erwhelming scores. With the regular season completed. Coach Casey primed his talented swimmers for the annual Southern Ccinference Champion- ships, and the highU ' touted Carolina swimming team. After three days of competition the LINC team fell under the crushing wake of Srate ' s tankmen as they could only place second to the total of 105 points scored by the Wolf pack stars. Once again State became Southern Conference Champs and added another trophy to the xas " collection. zAt the present time the Pack has representati es in the NCzAA Championships, where they are making an effort to bring con- tinued glory to State College. HONORS Bob Mattson— First team All-Eastern— All-American indixidual medley. Frank Nauss— First team All- American distance free style NCAA- first team All-American distance free style AAU. Donald Sonia— Southern Conference Champ 50 yards free style. Al Stenberg— Southern Conference Di ing Champion. loiiN F. Kenfield, Coach State ' s racLjueteers for ' 53 will he minus tlic services ol Cliarlie Morris, last ear ' s captain and No. 1 man, and also Bill Jones, a letterman tor three years. Hovve ' er, keenly as these losses will be felt. Coach Kenfield looks forward to a well halanced team with se cral treshmen and sophomores in the line-up. Leadino the list this year will he Co-Captains Atif Aksel and Don Kline. Aksel, who makes his home TENNIS in Istanhul, Turkey, is a Hne tennis player and should make a oood showing in the No. 1 spot. Kline, a senior in C i il En ineerino, and yoted the college ' s outstanding student in Engineering, is a veteran ten- nis player who will be trying to match his scholarly achievements with ictories on the courts. I low ie Creenberg is a promising sophomore who broke into the regular line-up as a freshman in ' 52. C ' oach Kenfield feels that Creenberg has possibilities of becoming the finest player ever to wield a racket for the Red and White. |ohn Duffett, )ohn Collar, Jay Gorman, and Peter Cough are veterans who will be contesting for the last three singles positions along with at least a dozen talented freshmen and sophomores. A tough schedule, including Colgate, Michigan State, Presbyterian, Duke, Carolina, and Davidson, will make a winning season difficult, but spirit is excellent as spring practice gets under way, and we are looking forward to a good season for the tennis team. C DLLAR, Atif Aksel, Don Kline, Jay Garmon, Bill Cashion [278] WRESTLING Coach Al Crawford ' s State College wrestling team opened the 19S2 season with one of the toughest schedules laced in nianv years. The Wolf- pack rough and tumble bovs did not tare too well over the season but they managed to gi ' e e ' ery- hod ' a run lor the money. The outstanding highlight of the campaign by the team was their 16-13 win over Carolina. This marked the fourth straight year that the Wolfpack has triumphed o er the Blue and White. Davidson Colleoe also fell under the furv of the Pack when thev were beaten 18-12. Other schools on the team ' s schedule were Maryland, V.P.I. , West Vir- ginia, V.M.I., Citadel, Duke and the University of Virginia. 0 er the route man ' men turned in hne per- formances on the mats. Such stars as Don Tavlor, Pi «,v y Al Crawford. Coacti Vitus Kaiser, and Irosh star foe Nicks gave Coach Crawford nianv briyht moments. Ne.xt season should pro ' e to be more successful for the Pack, and Coach Crawford will be on hand to make sure of it. OUR SPONSORS HOLLOWAY ' S ESSO STATION RAINBOW FLORIST DIXIE FLORIST BIBBON ' S ESSO STATION CITY AUTO CO. NOWELL ' S EFIRD ' S UZZLE ' S FERGUSON ' S HARDWARE NORMAN ' S MORRISETTES ESSO STATION SMITH-MELVILLE DAIRIES FRIENDLY CLEANERS McLEOD WATSON STEPHENSON ' S MUSIC CO. WARREN ' S RESTAURANT STATE COLLEGE BARBER SHOP RHODES, INC. MARTIN MILLWORK CO. KIMBRELL ' S, INC. COLLEGE SODA SHOP C. P. SANDLING FURNITURE CO. HUDSON-BELK WAYSIDE FURNITURE HOUSE GARNER ' S ESSO STATION A W FRUIT MARKET ■280] HICKORY CHfllR COmPflPY MAKERS OF ( kaird and Upkoliter ' ed ufniL ure Established 1911 HICKORY, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of A. B. CARTER, INCORPORATED Operating MILL DEVICES COMPANY Gastonia, North Carolina CARTER TRAVELER COMPANY Gastonia, North Carolina ' 2811 ] ollar foi l ollar you eau t beaA a IPontiac CONN-GOWER PONTIAC CO. RALEIGH, N. C. HERRING SASH DOOR LUMBER BUILDING MATERIALS CO. , INC. .J locli ivlillworli and ( ompiete lA ' oodu orLiita J tiop RALEIGH, N. C. EYE-LURING ... MOJUD NYLON STOCKINGS So sheer . . . So sleek . . . So smooth fitting . . . Ask for them af beffer stores everywhere MOJUD HOSIERY CO., INC. GREErJSBORO, N. C. :282] Uiliaae iKedtaurant ' 9 CAMERON VILLAGE RALEIGH Covers by Kingskraft YANCEY-JOHNSON AGENCY Robert G. Yancey All Forms of Insurance 15 First Citizens Bank BIdg. 615 Hillsboro Street Phone 3-9761 RALEIGH, N. C. f2831 You ve got a date . . . 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Manuals — Special Forms QUAD CANTEEN UPPER QUADRANGLE SYME COFFEE SHOP NORTHWEST CORNER SYME HALL COUNTRY HOUSE ALEXANDER TURLINGTON COURT TUCKER SNACK BAR TUCKER DORMITORY SHUTTLE INN SNACK BAR TEXTILE BUILDING STUDENTS SUPPLY STORES These stores are owned operated by North Carolina State College Scholarship Fund Under Direction of L. L. IVEY, General Manager 1919—1953 ' 2851 or ittoJcrn Topwc ? Indians weave baskets . . . writers weave plots ... we weave modern fabrics for Americans. In our type of weaving ... as in good baskets and good stories . . . good results c:n be achieved only by strict attention to fundamentals. That is a basic principle with us. Every fabric begins with a solid and practical foundation of quality. To do this job, and do it right, we need ambitious young people to help us. We are always glad to discuss opportunities in the textile business with those genuinely interested. cs j n CARTER FABRICS OPERATING GROUP CARTER FABRICS OPERATING GROUP EXECUTIVE OFFICES • GREENSBORO, N. C. )UP " 2861 HIGH - SPEED PRODUCTION WITH " 1i 5wni Albert R. Brcen 80 East Jackson Blvd. Chicago, 111. Gaston County Dyeing Machine Co. Terminal Building. 68 Hudson St. Hoboken, N. J., G. Linder. Mgr. The Rudel Machinery Co., Ltd. 614 St. James St.. W. Montreal 137 Wellington St.. W. Toronto GASTON COUNTY PIONEERS IN AUTOMATICALLY FLEXIBLE DYEING EQUIPMENT Here ' s the dyeing machine that eliminates dye- room " bottlenecks, " and puts a premium value on modern, high-speed winding and spooling methods! Extremely flexible, Gaston County Combination Beam and Package Dyeing machines dye either n3w of conventional type packages with equal efficiency. You can install improved, fast winding equipment without the necessity of expensive dyeing machine changes. Accuracy, simplicity, and economy unmatched by any dyeing machine now on the market are assured by the new electronic DYNAMASTER con- trols, used exclusively on Gaston County equipment. This, and other patented automatic feotures, gives you positive control from start to finish. DYEING MACHINE CO. CONTROLLED DYEING MACHINES STANLEY, N. C. Our sincere good wish is that you and your fellow students will find all of the gratification of achieve- ment in your ca reers in the textile industries that your studies have made possible. CIBA COMPANY INC. 627 Greenwich Street, New York 14, N. Y. BOSTON • CHICAGO • CHARLOTTK PROVIDENCE • SAN FRANCISCO PHILADELPHIA [287] •••••••••••••• • ••••••••«•« • ••••••••• • •••••• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ™p • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • CHATHAM MANUFACTURING COMPANY, ElKIN. NORTH CAROUNA MORE PLACES MORE OFTEN with the money you save by GREYHOUND Anywhere. . . Anytime You Trust its Quality •ovnjc u 40«a Aumoarr 00 tM coca oca rnTM» m THE CAPITAL COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY RALEIGH, N. C. [288] J4oneucuU rult and f- roauce ( ompani NORTH CAROLINA ' S LEADING PRODUCE DEALER A complete line of fresh fruit and vegetables — in and out of season RALEIGH, N. C. Cuy L. Honeycutt, President CADILLAC OLDSMOBILE StzlcA. and. WILSON UZZLE, Inc. Dial 2-4474 421 Fayetteville St. Raleigh, N. C. Save for the future with FIRST CITIHnS BHi TRUST CO. Raleigh, N. G. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Establish Your Credit Through Our Checking Service FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE THREE OFFICES 615 Hillsboro Street 20 East Martin Street 704 North Person Street [2891 to get more than you bargained for. be sure tbe name ' s HANES underwear sportswear sleepwear p. H. HANES KNITTING CO.. WINSTON-SALEM 1. N. 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MARY ' S STREETS Phone 4-1106 [3011 Compliments of Reynold ' s Coliseum FAIRES TRAILER COMPANY Authorized Dealer For NEW MOON — KOZY COACH — STAR VAGABOND — SCHULT — TRAVELO NASHUA — SPARTAN — ELCAR AND DETROITER TRAILERS Locations CHARLOTTE GREENSBORO RALEIGH JACKSONVILLE FAYETTEVILLE Jj nteifloif csDecorcLtorA National Art Shop 621 Hillsboro Street RALEIGH, N. C. Phone 2-4740 ■302] WALLER a. SMITH PHOTOGRAPHERS •V Official Photographers for the 1953 Agromeck •f 12 east hargett street Raleigh, North Carolina :303] Designers and engravers of the South ' s finest school publications LYNCHBURG. VIRGINIA «V« ' forking TOGETHER.., orking together is the theme of the OBSERVER PRIDTinG HOUSE publications department. UUe cannot do our best work without your assistance— you cannot expect to get the best results from your efforts without willing assistance and cooperation from your printer. ARTISTS AND CRAFTSMEN WORK TOGETHER IN CREATING IMPRESSIVE AND LASTING RECORDS OF YOUR YEARS IN SCHOOL- pnmmHom N. C.

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