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NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY OFFICE OF INFORMATION SERVICES 202 HOLLADAY HALL P. 0. BOX 5655 RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA 27607 -S li i i PC w O CO CO PLI I— H CO 13 PQ pc: w PQ I— I THE 1952 pc; O I — I Q w I — I U w E-H E- W PQ AGROMECK PUBLlJlI ' UBlHED BY X M GO O CO O o H o XI o I — I CO THE 1952 AGROMECK COLLEGE - RALEIGH. NORTH CAROLINA FOREWORD In publishing the 1952 Agromeck we, the staff, try to put into the hands of every student a pictorial re ' ievv of a year ' s activity at State College. In doing so, the Agromeck Staff strives to produce the finest annual possible, so that it will serve as a lasting memory of those pictured in it and the college from which it originates. We consider this to be the purpose of the Agro- meck; and if we have accomplished it with your approval, we are more than gratified. The Staff Contents THE COLLEGE p- ' h «■ : ! !■ 4 7 f, ' f ' r I ; i• iP ' - .5 . . " ' i;-,TS5 ■aBBK Ku f ' ii P sK 4 ■ -»- ' l K t S t 1 VVra. _i ■k- ' 1 _ itti iflHH ■ " iDiy ORGANIZATIONS • FRATERNITIES • FEATURES • ATHLETICS J. n memon ¥ Norwood Wade Williams Robert H. Rltffner William L. Clevenger of outstandlna Service . Williams was honi in lohnston Cnunt , OcldluT 17, 1895, and was cckicatccl in the lohnslon C ' ountN public scliools. He was a ctcran ot W orld W ar 1. 1 Ic rccei cd twx) degrees in pouitiA science at Nnrtli Carolina State College and had been a nieniher ol the tacult ol State College since 1925. Mr. Williams was a Professor ot Poultrv Science and also served as coach of the Poultrv lud ini ' Team. Mb. Rliffner was born in W ' arrenton, Virginia, May 22, 1882. He studied at W ' illiam and Mary, the University of Mary- land, and Cornell University. He received his bachelor ' s degree at Maryland in 1908 and joined the State College faculty in 1919 where he received his master ' s in 1931. One of the best known members of the college faculty. Professor Ruftner retired last year as head of the Department of Animal Industry after ser ' ing the institution for 30 years as teacher and in oHicial capacities. Since his retirement, he had had charge of the State College dairy herd. Mr. Clevenger was born October 7, 1881, in Fletcher, Ohio. He had been a member of the State College faculty since August 1, 1923. Professor Clevenger received bis B.S. degree in Agri- culture from Ohio State in 1906 and his M.S. in Animal Hus- bandry at State in 1932. He served State Colleae both as Pro- fessor of dairy manufacturing and as specialist of the Agricultural Extension Service. In March, 1951, the dairy processing industry of North Carolina created the " W. L. Clevenger Research Fel- lowship in Dairy Manufacturing " to pnnide a graduate training program at N. C. State. 1895-1951 1882-1951 1881-1951 DEDICATION To a man who has long been a leader in the Held of Agriculture, whose time has been spent unselfishly in raising the standards in his school until it is one of the best in the country and vet is so humble and down to earth that his students call him a " swell fellow, " we feel pri ' ilegcd to dedicate the 1952 Agromeck to Dr. James H. Hilton. ;i ' J M: ' ' O o z o z o o (J W. Kerk Scoi r Ciovenior of North CaroJinci William D. Carmichael, Jr. Controller of the Consolidated University Gordon Gray President of the Consolidated University John W. Harrelson Chancellor of North Carolina State College FACULTY COUNCIL J. W. Harrelson J. H. Hilton C. H. BOSTIAN H. L. Kamphoefner J. B. Kirkland J. H. Lampe W. E. Adams R. J. Preston M. E. Campbell W. L. Mayer D. B. Anderson D. S. Weaver I. W. Shirley |. G. Vann R. N. Anderson E. L. Cloyd Banks 1 alley Assistant Dean of Students E. L. Cloyd Dean of Students ' ■■ • r -fSi " X. L. Mayer Director of Registration J. G. Vann Assistant Controller Ur. R. N. Anderson Director of Student Personnel [11] J. H. Hilton, Dean Agriculture is basic to North Carolina ' s whole economy. Today changes are taking place in the state ' s agriculture which will have a profound effect on the lives of all of our people. The School of Agriculture is attuned to the training of men to meet these new changes in the various fields of agricultural sciences. Various curricula have been developed which will enable students to select the field of work in which they are most interested and best qualified to serve. SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE C. D. R. H. L. G. W. E. I). D. R. M. H. BosTiAN, Director of Jnsirtictiofi S. Weaver. At ricultitral Exteushu Dii W. CuMMiNGS, Aoricultiiral Rescnnli B. James, Ai ricuUuraJ hcoudiuics E. Cook, Aoricitlturul Education W. Giles, A ricultiual Engineering E. Col WELL, Agronomy H. HosTETLER. Animal llusbanchy W. CoLVARD. Animal Inditstrv B. Anderson, Bioloiiical Sciences S. Dearstvne, Poultry Science E. Gardner, Horticulture SCHOOL OF DESIGN The School of Design is de ' otcd to the development of organic architecture and the related arts to meet the needs and conditions of the southern regions. As the only Department of Architecture in the State and the only Department of Landscape Architecture in the region, the opportunities are unlimited for the School ' s graduates to contribute to the solution of problems in building design, planning and general construction. Henry L. Kam.phoefner, Dean DEPARTMENT HEADS H. L. Kamphoefner, Arc n ' lecdirt ' MoRLEY J. Williams, Lanthcapc Arcliitccliiic :i2] J. H. Lampe, Dean SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT HEADS W. E. Adams. Dirt-ctor of htstructiou W. W. Kriegel. Ceramic E. M. ScHOENBORN, Cheniicul R. E. Fadum, Civil C. G. Brennecke, Electrical G. V. Smith. Mechaitics N. W. Conner. Research J. L. Stuckev. Geology D. E. Henderson. Industrial Karl P. Hanson, Mechanical The School of Enoineerino oflFers technical and enoinecrino instruction to meet the needs of the people and industries ol North Carolina. In keeping with the rapid industrial development in North Carolina, the School of Engineering is an effective contributor through its modern educational program and research activities. The School ' s curricula and outstanding research department provide educational facilities for students who seek an (jpportunity to be a part of the industrial and scientific growth of the State. M. L. Campbell, Dcujt OEPARTMENT HEADS C. M. . SBILL. Research Kn iueer H. F. Sc niErEU. Research E. B. CiHovER. Yarji M un ii fuclur in g T. R. Hart, Director of Utstriiction H. A. Rutherford, Chemistry av.t Dyoin B. L. Whittier, Fabrics W. E. Shinn, Knitting (. ' •. H. DiiNi.AP. Technical Cowiultant SGHOOL OF TEXTILES Continuous development of new fibers, new fabrics, new processes and equip- ment has made the textile industry not only the second largest, but also one oi the most colorful, most fascinating, and most dynamic in our economic life. With new and improved technologv in the Textile Industry, there comes a demand for men with technical training to meet and solve its problems. It is the main objective of the School of Textiles to provide the training in Textiles which, coupled with practical experience following graduation, etiiiips young men to assume positions of real responsibility in the industry. [13] J. Bryant Kirkland, Dean The School of Education offers the training required to attain a teacher ' s certificate in Mathematics and Science, Vocational Agriculture, Industrial Arts, and Industrial Education. The curriculum in each of these departments is de- signed to aid prospective teachers in acquiring an understanding of high school students and in selecting and using acceptable teaching methods. The school also provides undergraduate training for recreation leaders in industrial and rural areas. Programs are offered at the graduate level for those who wish to attain further professional development in these fields. SCHOOL OF EDUCATION L. E. Cook, Af ricultund Education Ivan Hostetler, Industrial Arts L. B. Beres, Industrial Education T. I. HiNES, Industrial and Rural Recreation Roy N. Anderson, Occupational Guidance D. j. MoFFiE, Psychology f SCHOOL OF FORESTRY The growing demand for forest products, coupled with the progressive depletion of the forests, has brought a rapid increase in the demands for trained foresters. Forests are one of the most important and fundamental resources of the Southeast. Wood products industries rank second to textiles as a source of employment in manufacturing. The School of Forestry offers undergraduate and graduate instruction in the fields of forest management, wood technology, pulp technology, and lumber products merchandising. R. 1. Preston, Dean DEPARTMENT HEADS D. A. Stecher, Wood Products Laboratory R. M. Carter Wood Utilization [14] j. W. SniKLEv, Demi BASIC DIVISION DEPARTMENT HEADS L. C. Hartley. Etiffjish V. Edsall, History attd Political Science H. A. Fisher. Mathematics L. E. Hinkee. Moderu Latiouaftea W. N. Hicks. Philosophy and Reliffioti Paul H. Derr, Physical Editcation G. A. GuLLETTE. Social Studies San-ford Winston, Sociolooy R. O. MOEN ' . Economics We feel we are training leaders for great responsibilities. As the problems which they must solve will never be free of economic, social and cultural impli- cations, so must their education combine the humanities and social sciences with their technical studies. In co-operation with the various schools of the college, the Division has planned its program for all students with the conviction that familiarity with the humanities and social sciences must coincide with thorough technical training to pro ' ide the background for responsible citizenship and for intelligent leadership. D. B. Anderson, Demi DEPARTMENT HEADS R. W. CuMMiNGS, Agricuhiire D. J. MoFFlE, Psycholofiy G. W. Smith, Engineering Mechanics W. E. Shinn, Textiles E. M. ScHOENBORN, Chemical Engineering GRADUATE DIVISION The Graduate Division provides graduate training in the sciences and tech- nologies of Agriculture Engineering, Textiles and Vocational Teacher Training. Graduate Students have the advantac?es offered by the Agricultural E.vpcriment Station, the Engineering E.xperiment Station, and the Research Laboratories of the Te.vtile School, in addition t o the regular laboratories used for instruction. Individuallv developed courses of studv lead to the degrees of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy. 151 FACULTY Allisim, J. L Botanv AUred, F. J Mod. Lang. Ammerman, ]. P An. Ind. Anderson, D. B Botany Anderson, J. H Ag. E. Anderson, R. L Stat. Anderson, R. N Ed. Appleton, J. H C. E. Arbuckle, W, S An. Ind. Armstnmg, L. O Ag. Ed. Arnold, D. S Chem. E. Asbill, C. M Tex. Aurand, L. W An. Ind. Babcock, W. F C. E. Baker, S. R Math. Ball, E Botany Ballenger, S. T Mod. Lang. Banick, W. G Physics Barham, W. S Hort. Barkalow, F. S Zool. Barkley, K. L Psych. Barnhardt, L. W Hist. Barrick, E. R An. Ind. Bartley, A. J Eco. Bauerle, R. F English Baumgarten, W, L Desion Beach, Rex Hist. Beatty, K. O Chem. E. Beck, C. K Physics Bell, W. C Eng. Res. Berberich, R. S Eco. Beres, L. B Ind. Ed. Bethel, J. S Forestry Bishop, C. E Ag. Econ. Blackstock, A. W Physics Blalock, T. C An. Ind. Blalock, T. J Chem. Bliss, C. D Ind. E. Blow, W. L Poultry Blum, G Ag. E. Blummer, T. N An. Ind. Bogden, J. F Tex. Res. Bostian, C. H Ao. Bourne, J. B M. E. Boyer, W. W C. E. Bramer, C. R C. E. Brandt, B. B Zool. Brantley, V. R Math. Bredenberg, P. A Phil. Rel. Brennecke, C. G E. E. Bridges, W. S M. E. Briggs, H. B M. E Bright, R Chem. E. Bromberg, M Design Brookens, P. F Eco. Brown, C. M Hist. Brown, D. D Ag. Eco. Brown, E. I T.C. E. Brown, E. J Physics Brown, M. L Hist. Brown, T. C M. E. Brown, T. T Poultry Buehler, W. J M. E. Buchanan I. S An. Ind. Bullock R. C Math. Bunn, R. D Tex. Catfey, M. U Psych. Campana, R.J Botany Campbell, I. S E. E. Campbell, K. S Tex. Canady, E. J Math. Carroll, C. L Math. Carson, V. S E. E. Carter, R. M Forestry Caviness, H. L Chem. Cell, J. W Math. Chaflin, H. C Chem. E. Chalfant, J. W Forestry Chamblee, D. S Agron. Chapin, H. T C. E. Claflin, M. E Eng. Res. Clark, J. D English Clarkson, J. M Math. Clayton, C. N Botanv Clayton, M. H Math. Cochran, F. U Hurt. Cochran, W. G Stat. Coagins, J. K Ag. Ed. Coleman. N. T Agron. Collins, II Soc. St. Colwell, W. E Agrun. Colvard, D. W An. Ind. Comstock, R. E Stat. Conner, N. W Psych. Converse, VV. E Eco. Cook, F. W Poultry Cook, L. E Ag. Ed. Cooke, H. C Math. Cooper, W. E Botany Cope, R. L I. E. Corter, H. M Psych. Costilow, R. M An. Ind. Cotton, W. P Ag. Ed. Cox, B. F Poultry Cox, E. L English Cox, G. M Stat. Craig, F. R Poultry Crawford, A Ind. Rec. Crawford, G. W Physics Crouch, R. E Eng. Res. Crumpton, I. P Math. Culver, R. H C. E. Cununings, R. W Research Daniel, D. O Chem. Darby, A. K Physics Davis, D. E Enp. Mech. Davis, P. H English Davis, R. C Tex. Deas, J. E Eng. Res. Dearstyne, R. S Poultry DeGroat, E. B Phy s. Ed. Dickenson. W. T E. E. Dickenson, M. B English Dickinson, S. L English Dillard, E. U An. Ind. Doak, Mary E English Doak, H. A Eng. Doolittle, ]. S M. E. Dunlap, G. H Tex. Eckels, A. R E. E. Edsall, P. W Hist. Elliot, C. D Design Ellis, D. E Botany Emerson, L. A Design English, M. L M. E. Estelle, W. E E. E. Evens, J. L Zool. Fadam, R. E C. E. Fails, E. A Eco. Farrell, J I. E. Feltner, C. E Eng. Mech. Feng, Ivan Tex. Ferrall, J. K Chem. E. Finch, E. B Chem. E. Fisher, H. A Math. Fitzgibbon, J. W Design Fitzgibbon, M. C Design Fleming, M. K Ag. Eco. Foster, C. W Ag. Eco. Foster, C. I Soc. St. Fountain, A. M English Fouraker, R. S E. E. Fox, W. B Botany Francis, J. G Hort. Freund, R. E Econ. Frye, R. E Econ. Fulton, B. B Zool. Funk, F. F C. E. Furlong, R. D I. E. Furrell, Edith Physics Gaither, J. B Tex. Gardner, E. C Eth. Rel. Gardner, M. E Hort. Garren, M. J Math. Gauster, W. F E. E. Gildart, L. W Physics Giles, G. W Ag. E. Glazoner, E. VV Poultry Glenn, K. B E. E. Godfrey, R. K Botany Goldston, E. F Agron. Goode, Lemuel An. Ind. Goulding, W. M Econ, Graves, W. J Math. Green, J. W Rur. Soc. Creenberg, B Stat. Grcenburg, Ruth M Chem. Gregorv, W. C Agron. Griffin, H. C English Grinnells, C. D An. Ind. Griset, H. E C. E. Groach, D. S Zool. Grover, E. B Tex. Gullette, G. A Soc. St. Guy, A. C M. E. Hader, R. J Stat. Haig, F. H An. Ind. Hall, R. B Mod. Lang. Hall, N. Agron. 1 lamby, D. S Tex. Hamilton, C. H Rur. Soc. Hanse, D. J Diesel Eng. Hanson, K. P M. E. Harding, R. M Stat. Harkema, R Zool. Harper, W. V ' Eng. Res. Harris, Anna M Math. Harris, Mrs. O. P Physics Harris, M. W Physics Hart, C. D I. E. Hart, T. R Tex. Hartley, L. C English Harvey, P. H Agron. Harville, V. A Eng. Mech. Hawkins, R. E .Soc. St. Hayes, A. C Tex. Hazelton, R. F Chem. E. Henderson. D. E I. E. Herbert, T. T Botanv Herman, L. R E. E. Hicks, W. N Phil. Rel. Hilton, J. T Tex. Hinkle, L. E Mod. Lano. Hines, T. I Ind. Rec. Hirschberg, E. W English Hoadley, G. B E. E. Hobbs, M. E I.E. Hoefer, E. G M. E. Hoermann, A. V Diesel Eng. Hofmann, J. V Forestry Holt, E. L Geol. E. Hoodley, G. N E. E. Hook, G. E Eng. Mech. Hostetler, E. H An. Ind. Hostetler, Ivan Ind. Arts Howell, E. L Ag. E. Howell, R. N Econ. Hunt, R. T Physics Hunter, ]. S Stat. Hussman, A. W Diesel E. Ingram, W. P Chem. James, 1 1. B Ag. Eco. Jarvis, R An. Ind, Jeffries, R.J Eng. Res. Jenkins, C. C Soc. St. Jennings, C. V ' ' Chem. Jensen. J. H Botanv Johnson, E. H Sociol. Johnson, E. S I. E. Johnson, J. C Psych. Jones, G. D Ent. Jones, I. D Hort. Jordan, Mary Stat. Jordan, W. E Chem. Kaufman, CM Foresttv Keating, H Phys. Ed. Keller, W. M Forestry Kelman, A Botanv Kelly, J. W Poultry Kenfield, J. F Phys. Ed. Kincheloe, H. G English Kingsbury, H. L C. E. Kingsbury. J. A. T Soc. St. Kirk, E. R Eng. Res. Kish, L. A M. E. Kite, VV. H Diesel E. Klekcr, E. G Ag. E. Klingman, C ' Agron. Knight, J. C ' Design Kolb, C. F Hist. Krantz. B. A Agron. Kricgel, W. W Cer. E. Kulash, W. M Zool. Ladu, A. I English Lambe, C. M C. E. Lancaster, F. W Physics Larkin, L. C Eco. FACULTY Lasater. R. C Pliil. J lUI. let-, V. D Ayrun. I capites. I. E An. Inil. Icdbcttcr, T. B i l. H. Loliiiuin. S. G Botanv leitcli. N. B English Leonard, P. B M. E. Lcvine, J Math. Lewis, C, F Lltll. Lewis, E. H L E. Lewis, ). G Tex. Lewis, L. J E. E. Lewis. P Mm . Linker. Marv Plivsiis Little, C. II iMatli. Litclilord, L O C. E. Llewellvn. K. V L E. Loepjiert. H. II Cheni. Lono. L. W Eng. Mech. Lntt. W. I Chem. Louthan. D. L English Lowenthal. D Soc. St. Lucas, H. L Stat. Lutz, ]. F Agron. Lyons. T. A Eco. I vnn. ]. T Physics .Mc.Arthur. C. S Eno. Res. McCov, C. S Phil. Rel. McCranev. ] Ao E McCullouoh, C. R C. E McCullouoh. I. V Enolish Maclntvre, A. B E. E. McKceman, C. A M. E. McKcan. K Soc. St. .McKinlev, G. E Geol. Enc McPhcrson. W. W Ao. Eco. -Mc ' av, F. E T.Stat Maddison, C. W L E. Maltbie, A Math. Mann, L. R C. E. .Mann, T. J Aoron. Mannino, E. G E. E. Manning, H. E Eco Marek, ]. W Chem. Marr. W. S Rur. Soc. Marshall, B. P English Martin, L. R Ao. E- " Martin. T. 1 7m. E. .Massev. P. R Hort. .Matsunioto. G Design Maupin, A Eco. Mavo, S. C Soc. St. Meares, J. S Physics Mehlich, A Agron. Menius, A. C Physics Mctcalf, Z. P Zool. Michel, P. L M. E. Middleton, G. VV Eno. Mech. Middleton, J. L Phil. Rel. Miller, E. L GeoL E. Miller, J. F Phvs. Ed. Miller, L. L Ind. Rec. Miller, W. D Forestry -Mitchell, A Eng. Mech. Mitchell. T. B Zool. Mnehlman. L H Desion Moen, R. O Eco. Moffie. D. J Psych. Monroe. R. J Stat. Moore, J. L An. Ind. Moose, P. E M. E. Morgan, ]. W Chem. Morris, T. B Poultry Morrison, H. L Physics Morrow, E. B Hort. Moser. V. E Te.x. Mumford, C. C Math. Murray, R. L Physics Myers, F. J Eng. Mech. Nash, T. L M. E. Nahikian, H. M Math. Neale, W. M M. E. Nelson, J. A I. E Nelson, W. L Agron. Nevin, C, S Chem. Nielsen, L. W Botany Noblin, S. M Hist. .Xulst.ul, A. R. Math. iiwicki. Mrs, S Design Nushaum. C.] Botan Nvlund, F. A Ag. Ed. O ' C ' onnell, ). E Botany Oliyer, G. M Chem Olsen, H Psych. Osborne, J. C An. Ind. Paget, E. H English Park, H. V Math. Parks, W. R C, E. Parker, ]. M Geol. Eng. Parker, J. S Te. . Patterson. ]. R Physics Peach, Paul Stat. Pearsall. R. J E. E Penny, M. M English Perry, G. P Phvs. Ed. Peterson, D. M Math. Peterson, VV. J Chem. Petrea, H. A Math. Phillips. M. E Eno. Res. Pierce, J. C An. Ind. Pierce. W. H Ag. Eco. Pike, F. P Chem. E Pikner, V. A Eco. Pilcher, V. E Physics Plengey, W. D Eng. Res. Poland, G. W Mod. Lang. Pope. D. T Hort. Porter, J. A Te. . Porter, S. H Stat. Potter, J. C Chem. Preston, R. ] Forestry Quails, G. W Design Quay, T. L Zool. Raab, K. D Llist. Ramey, R. L E. E. Randall, G. O Hort. Rawls, H. D Sociol. Reid, W. A Chem. Reed, R I, E. Reed, J. F Agron. Regar, A. W M. E. Rice, P. M Hist. Rice, R. B Diesel Riddick, E. I Mod. Lang. Rigney, T- A Stat. Ritcher, O Zool. Roberts, W. M An. Ind. Robinson, C. C Chem. Robinson, H. F Stat. Robinson, L. H Physics Roop, F. S M. E. Rulfs. D. J English Rutherford, H. A Tex. Rue, C. V Cer. E. Rust. P. J English Satterfield, G. H Chem. Scarborough, C, C Educ. Scarborough, E. N Ag. E. Schmidt, R Hort. Schmitt, M Educ. Schoenborn, E. M Chem, Engr, Scofield, H. T Botany Seegers, L. W Hist. Seely, J. T Chem. Engr. Selkinghaus, W. E M. E. Semple, VV. H C. E. Shackford. J. A English Shahdan, P Math. Shelley, A. B. R English Sherwood, F. W An. Ind. Shinn, VV. E Tex. Showalter, M. F Chem. Shulenberger, C. B Econ. Shumaker, R Design Shunk, I. V Botany Sidnam, R. D E. E. Slocum, G. K Forestry SmalKvood, C C. E. Smith, B. VV Agron. Smith, C. F Ento. Smith, G. VV Engr. Mech. Smith, H. F Stat. Smith, W. E Phys. Ed. Snvder, R. LI Physics Speck, M. L An. Ind. Speece, H. E Math. Stainback, R. F Physics Steel, W, E Geol, E, Stephens, S. G Agron. Stevenson, VV. D., Jr E. E. Stewart, II, A An. Ind. Stinson, E. LI M. E. Stott, C. C Educ. Strobel, C. F Math. Stuart, D. R Design Stuckcy, J. L Geol. Sutt m, P. P Chem. Swain, L. H English Terry, E. I GeoL Engr. Teter, N. C Ag. E. Thompson, O. G Eco. Thompson, W. C Eco. Thurlow, E. G Design Tillery, Doris Math. Tisdale, S. L Agron. Townes, H. K Zool. Troxler, R. T M, E. Truitt, R. W M. E. Tuttle, E, M Eng, Res. Tuttle, M. A Cer. E. Tyler, W. E An. Ind. Underwood, V. H Hort. Underwood, N Physics Usry, S. H Ag. E. Uyanik, M. E C. E. Vanasse, N. C Hort. Vann, H. G Hort. Van Note, W. G Eng. Res. Walker, C Eco. Wallace. A. D English Wallace, M. E Eco. Wall, J. G Math. Walser, R. G English Waltner, A. W Physics Warren, F. G An. Ind. Watson, G. C Math. Waugh, E. W Design Waugh, R. K An. Ind. Weaver, J. W A. E. Webb, G. N E. E. Weissman, W Design Wells, B. W Botany Westberg, W. C Psych. Westlake, C. R Cer. E. Wheeler, F. B I. E. Whichard, L. R English Whitfield, J. K M. E. Whitford. L. A Botany White, R. C Ghem. V ' hittier, B. L Tex. Wiebe, H. H Botanv Willard, F. R E. E Williams, C. F Hort. Williams, H. P Math. Williams, I. L Ag. E. Williams, J. A C. E Williams, L. F Chem. Williams, M. J Design Williams, N. W Poultry Williams, W. L Chem. Williamson, R. B Eco. Wilson, H. H Eng. Res. Wilson, R. W Ag. E. Wilson, T. L English Wilson, R. V Ag. E. Wilkening, E. A Rur. Soc. Wing, M. W Zool. Winkler, E. W E. E. Winston, S Sociol. Winton, L. S Math. Wise, G. H An. Ind. Witherington, P Math Wood, T. W Eco. Woodhouse, VV. W Agron. Woltz, W. G Agron. Wynn, W. K English Wynne, R. B English Wyman, L Forestry York, E. T Agron. GRADUATE AND UNDERGRADUATE GRADUATE STUDENTS IliLL loE Addison Rcidsxillc. ' . C. |. v Lawiu Nci; Apple Hlon Collouc, . C. George Edgar Barrier loniis RidPC. N. C. Iames Osborne Beeker Salisbun, N. C. loiiN Uoiic;las Boone Pendleton, N. C. Joe Thomas Cardwell ' ernon, Texas I Ianri Cikurel Izmir, I urkev Howard iMcLelland Crawford Statesville, l . C. John Foster Faulk SanFord, N. C. I Ienry Robert Forkner Wilson, N. C. Stanley Newkirk Gaunt Amhurst, Mass. Mohamad Riad Ghonemy Cairo, Eoypt Ernest Carter Grant Windsor, N. C. Robert Lee Grigsby, Jr. Ralcitjh, . C. William Cullen Hackler Raleigh, N. C. [19] GRADUATE STUDENTS Thomas Loyd Hanes Yadkinville, N. C. Eugene Stanley Hertel Providence, R. I. Thomas Newton Hobgood, Jr. Oxford. N. C. William Patton Allen Jobe Rutherfordton, N. C. Bobby Lawrence Joyner Raleioh, N. C. MuNiR Ahmad Khan Labone, Pakistan Fredy Albert Laesser, Jr. Switzerland Richard Ivor Levin VVilliamston, N. C. Arthur Buren Mackie Yadkinville, N. C. Paul Davis Miller, Jr. Statesville, N. C. Robert George Miller Irvington, N. J. John Dix Nock, Jr. Cheraw, S. C. James Winford Parker, Jr. Burlington, Vermont CioRDHANBHAI ChATURBHAI PaTEL Bombav, India I Ierbert Mason Paul Highlands, N. C. [20] Nicholas |oiin Pyros Forest I nils, N. Y. Harold Clinc;m. n i iiunv C ' rccnsKiro, . C . Irank Raymond Rk iiauuson Law r .Mi(. ' (. ' illc. . j. Charles Amos Routh W ' inston-Scilcm, N. C. Prem Prakash Sinoh Jiillundc, India Ram Nath Sriyastaya Delhi, India W ' lLLLAM Clifton Smickey, Jr. Goldsboro, i . C. Reynold Roy Sliman Gastonia, N, C. Harold Douglass Taylor Green ille, S. C. HoR-ACE Ranixjlph I homas Holland, Va. Clarence Lee Warren WaVe Forest, N. C. Willlam George Westmoreland StatesYillc, N. C. NORTH CAROLINA STATE [21] o z Pete jACKiNiovvsKi Treasurer George Pressley President Wesley Doggett Secretary Gray Boone Vice-President Xeal Patterson Alexandih, -X Charlotte. N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E.: Knjjinccni ' Council; Jiini »r Senior Danct Commillcc: Knijjht of Saint Patrick. John Phrry Allen Kannapolis, N. C. Civil Eiior. Chi Hpsiloii; A.S.C.L.: Inlraiiuiral Snorts (2); Engineers ' Council. Thomas Edward Allen Oakboro, N. C. Furniture Mfg. £ Mgt. Student l-urniture Cluh Secretary-Treas- urer; .- rnold .Air Societx ; Forest Products Research Societ . John Hampton Alley WajTiesville, N. C. Client. Engr. .I.Ch.L.; Arnold .Air Suciet ' ; Intra- mural Sports (1. 2. ii. 4). Bernard Rex Allman Parkersburg. W. Va. Textiles . Ionoj»ram Club; Football (1, 2, 3, 4): Track (1); Wrestling CO- Rachel Frances Ammons Mars Hill, N. C. Math. Science Ed. Pi Kappa Delta. Robert Lewis Ammons, nK J Raleigh, N. C. Textile Synthetics Delta Kappa Phi. Harold Anderson Xew York, N. Y. Textiles Robert William Anderson Franklinton. N. C. Textile Synthetics Phi Psi; Sigma Tau Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi. Burrel Dean Angell Raleigh, N. C. Agri. Econ. .Agricul.ural Econoniics Club; .Ag Club; Y..M.C.-A. Cabinet (3); IgriciiJliirist (2, 3, 4); Freshman Football (1); .AH Campus Football (3). Gene Holton Anthony Knightdale, N. C. Ind. Arts Education Industrial .Arts Club. James Warren Armfield, High Point, N. C. Indust. Engr. :ae [23] Ifl THE NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO Kenneth McKnight Akmstrong Belmont, N. C. Elect. Engr. Intramural Sports. George Coleman Ashley, KT Fairmont, N. C. Heating Air Cond. A.S.H.V.E. Maurice Deal Atwell, Jr., nK I Marion, N. C. Textiles Piii Psi; Tdnipkins Textile Society. Jesse Hinnant Austin, J " - Clayton, N. C. Agric. Education George Skinner Averette Oxford, N. C. Agronomy Aj ronomv Club; Ag Club; Crops itiul Soih Business Manager. Vincent Charles Bagonis Luzerne, Pa. liuhislrial Rural Recreation Football; Baseball. John Bryant Bagwell Raleigh. N. C. Civil Engr. James Burnell Baker Reidsville, N. C. Elect. Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; I.R.E.; A.I.E.E.; Engineers ' Council; Arnold Air Society; Intramural Sports; Knight of St. Patrick. James Thomas Bales Sylva, N. C. Geological Engr. A.I.M.E.; Arnold .Air Society; Rifle Team. George Ray Ballance Elizabeth City. N. C. Mech. Engr. Robert Christopher Ballance Fremont, N. C. Agric. Economics . g Club; Farm Economics Club. Ambrose Hubert Ballard Kipling, N. C. Chem. Engr. A.I.Ch.E. NORTH! :iUo (241 ;eniors Mk HAi 1 JOHN I?ahh;, -II Tarcntum. Pa. Elect. Etigr. A.l.t.l ' .: I.R.U.: linjjinccrs ' ( " miiuil; I ' uli licalinns Board:: Southern liii;imiT (j). Business Mnniij;cr (4% WlllIAM I), llANDES. Jr. Ncsciipcck. Pa. Textile Mgt. Deh.i Kiipp.i Phi: lnlr.imur;il Sports (3. 4 Allison Lamar Bariiam Wendell. N. C. Agronomv . .S.A. (3. •»): As Cliih (3, 4). Jack Ronald Barkley Stati ' sville. X. C. Indust. Evgr. .Arnold .Mr Society: .V.I.I.E.: S.A.M. Ernest U ' orth Barnes Salisbury. N. C. Agroitomy Aijrdncmv Club: T.r.A.; Au Clul). Homer Marion Barnes Boone, N. C. Elect. EngT. A.I.E.E. Marion Leonard Barnett Atlanta, Ga. Elect. Engr. I.R.E. Bobby Beard Thomasville, N. C. Chem. Engr. Harry Elliott Beatty. Jr.. - ' t ' Roanoke, Va. Ftirniture Mfg. ' Ig ' - Furniture Club (2, 3, 4); Forest Products Research Society. Fred Robert Beaver Asheville. N. C. Textile Synthetics Delta Kappa Phi; Football (1. 2. 3. 4); .Monogram Club. Cannon Glover Bedford Jr.. -N High Point, N. C. Fiirniliire Mfg. Mgt. Furniture Club (2, 3, 4); Monogram Club: Swimming Team (I, 2}. Joseph Roscoe Belche, Jr. Fayetteville, N. C. Textile Chem. Dveiiig Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Intramural Sports (1, 2, 3, 4): A.A.T.C.C: Treasurer Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Tompkins Textile Society. :arolina state college [25] THE NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO John ' arren Bell, -AE Greensboro, N. C. Constructiou Mayhue Arnold Bell Blounts Creek, N. C. Nuclear Engr. A.I.P.: Tau Beta Pi. Jerome Piast Bem Hato Rev, Puerto Rico Architecture A.I.A. James Herbert Bennett Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Furniture Mfg. Mgt. Glee Club (1). Joseph William Bennett, TKE Elizabeth, N. J. Forest Mgt. Technician Sports Editor (4); Pinetutn; Intramural Sports; Forestry Club Vice-Presi- dent (2); Aquinas Club. Ransom Vernon Bennett, ©X Morganton, N. C. Cix ' il Engr. A.S.C.E. Frederick Starr Bergman Winston-Salem, N. C. Elect. Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Pi .-Mpha: Eta Kappa Nu Treasurer (4); Tau Beta Pi; Chairman of Student Union Film Committee C " ): A.I.E.E. Donald Monroe Bernhardt China Grove, N. C. Textiles Jerry Allen Berrier Winston-Salem, N. C. Nuclear Engr. Tau Beta Pi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; The Tower Editor; A.I.Ch.E.; A.I.P. Richard Lovell Berry, ©X Greensboro, N. C. Elect. Engr. Communications Opt. Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; .A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Secretary. Glenn Stearns Bingham Raleigh, N. C. Industrial Rural Recreation V ' iLLiAM Watson Bishop Rockingham, N. C. Textile Mfg. Textile Forum; Freshman Counselor; Delta Kappa Phi. NORT [26] ENIORS luiiiiivr Emehson Black, Jh. Sparta, N. C. Animal Ind. Ag Club; Animal Industn ' C ' liili; Intni mural Basketball .ind ' olli-yball tl, 2. . 4 William Martin Blackmon Durham. N. C. Textiles IVIla Kappa Phi. John Cook Blair High Point. N. C. Aiiinuil but. ( Diiirv Husbandry} .■Vnimal Industry C " Iub Reporter (4); Live- stock Day (1. i ) ' . Carl Thomas Blake Leland. N. C. Agric. Education .• g Club; F.F.A. George Melvin Blanchard Ltod, Mass. Forest Mgt. Frederick Zane Blevins. ATP West Jefferson, N. C. Agric. Engr. .Alpha Zeta; Departmental Editor Agri culturist (3); Honor Committee (4); .- .S..A.E. Treasurer (3). Walter Emmette Blue. Jr. Southern Pines. N. C. Architecture A. I. A.; Alderman ' est Haven Council. Harold J. Boger Salisbury, i . C. Forest Mgt. i Si ma Pi; Business Staff Pinettim; Forestry Club (I. 2. 3, 4); Rolleo Chairman (4); Loggers Ball Chairman (3). James Raymond Bohannon, Jr. Sahsbury, N. C. Nuclear Engr. Tau Beta Pi; Treasurer Physics Club (4). Gray Richmond Boop e. -X Nashville, N. C. Construction Chi Epsilon; Senior Class ' ice President; .Arnold .Air Societv. Robert Joseph Bowers Sanford, N. C. Agric. Education Kappa Phi Kappa (3, 4); Ag Club; F.F.A. (2, 3, 4). Roy Thomas Bovkin Sims, N. C. Ind. Arts Education Arnold Air Society; Furniture Club; In- dustrial Arts Club; State College Christian FeUowship (3, 4); B.S.U. Council (3). QPTl ' AROLINA STATE COLLEGE [27] THE NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO ' ILLIAM ReID BrACKETT Gastonia, N. C. Geological Engr. A.I.M.M.E. Treasurer: Secrelan ' -Treasurer of West Haven. Charles Thomas Bradshaw, IIKA Norfolk. ' a. Nuclear Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Theta Tau; . .I.E.E.; .A.I.P. Edward Lee Brady Burlington. . C. Agronomy London Hadlev Brafford. Jr. Siler City, N. C. Textiles Lewis Palmer Bratton, KA Raleigh, N. C. Textile Chem. Dyeing Phi Psi; A.A.T.C.C; Intramural Sports (4). MoN-BOE S. Brettler " tEIl New York, N. Y. Textile Synthetics Sigma Tau Sigma; Phi Psi; Sigma Pi Alpha; Editor Textile Forum: Publications Board; President Interfraternitv Council; Col- lege Union Directorate; Cireater University Student Council; Tompkins Te,xtile Council; Intramural Sports. Ch. rles Leslie Bbitt. Jr., Ki) Charlotte, N. C. Elect. Engr. President Radio Club: I.R.E.; A.I.E.E. William Ellington Broach Raleigh, N. C. Mech. Engr. QAero. Opt. I.Ae.S. (2. 3, 4), Secretary- (4); R.O.T.C. Hubert Ray Broome Mount Holly, N. C. Textile Chem. £• Dicing .A.A.T.C.C; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. Bobby Barrow Brown Oak Ridge. N. C. Const. Engr. Cecil Fred. Brown Leicester. N. C. Agn ' c. Education James Franklin Brown Statesville, N. C, Civil Engr. Arnold . ir Societ ' . il NORTH [28] iilENIORS Mahvin Lacy Brown Parkton, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. Neill Shaw Brown Red Springs, N. C. Htiral Sociology William Earl Brown Rich Square, N. C. gn ' c. Education Ag Club; F.F.A. Albert Sidney Browning, III Hendersonville, N. C. Dairy Mfg. Scabbard and Blade (3, 4). President (4): Cadet Officers Association; I.R.E.; Radio Club; MARS. Richard Earl Brownlee, - £ Charlotte, N. C. Chem. Engr. A.I.Ch.E.; S.A.M.: Class Secretary CD; Drum Bugle Corps (1, 2). Vernon Carlton Broyhill Boomer, N. C. Furniture Mfg. Mg ' - Furniture Club; Forest Products Research Socierv ' ; Interdormitor)- Council. Robert Lester Bryan. Jr. Burlington, N. C. Chem. Engr. A.I.Ch.E.; Y..M.C.A. Reginald Buie Pensacola, Fla. Civil Engr. Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; Monogram Club; A.S.C.E.; Wrestling (1, 2, 3, 4). Julian Stovall Bullock Winston-Salem, N. C. Itidi(S(. Engr. .-V.I.I.E.; Intramural Sports (1, 2, 3, 4); President Bagwell Dorm (4). Clarence Donald Bunn PikevUle, N. C. Agric. Education F.F..A.; Intramural Sports. Douglas Johnson Burbage, Jr. Newport News, ' a. Alecfi. Engr. Pi Tau Sigma; A.S.M.E.; Tau Beta Pi. William Paul Burney Burbank, Calif. Elect. Engr. A.I.E.E. ORTFf AROLINA STATE COLLEGE [29] THE NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO Stacy Alton Butler Clinton, N. C. Agronomy Agronomy Club; A Club. John Alden Button Denville, N. J. Textiles Dorm Floor Representative (3). James Otto Byers, Jr. Hendersonville, N. C. Agric. Engr. Robert W. Byrum, -X Edenton, N. C. Textile Mgt. .-KcROMECK (2, 3); Phi Psi. Petros B. Caloyeras Athens, Greece Elect. Engr. A.I.E.E.; Cosmopolitan Club; Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4). Ralph Calvano Hawthorne, N. J. Indiiit. Arts Education Epsilon Pi Tau; Kappa Phi Kappa; Foot- ball (1, 2, 3), Manager (4); Aquinas Club; Industrial Arts Club. Kenneth Gordon Camelford Dunnville, Ontario Textile Mgt. Delta Kappa Phil Glee Club (4); Intra mural Sports. Albert Barnes Cameron Charlotte, N. C. Architecttire A.I. A.; . .I.A. Scholarship. Carlisle Caston Campbell, Jr. Leaksville, N. C. Mech. Engr. Theta Tau Scribe; A.S.M.E. Corresponding Secretary; Arnold . ir Society; Rifle Team (1. 2); Fencing (2, 3, 4). John Manley Campbell Burlington, N. C. Elect. Engr. A.I.E.E.; A.I.R.E. RuFFNER Campbell, Jr. Asheville, N. C. Indust. Engr. Alpha Phi Omega. . iiTiiuR Bernard Capper, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Indtist. Engr. A.I.I.E. (4). i NORTH - [30] I H SENIORS William Lester Carpenter Lincolnton, N. C. Agric. Economics Alpha Zeta; Thirly Three; Golden Chain; U ' liMiigiiii (1. 2. J, 4). Eilitnr (41; IgricHlliirisI (2, i. 4), lidilor (J ; I ' ublica lions Board (3, 4); . C. C ' ollej;iale I ' ress Association (3, 4); Ag Cluh. Emile JosKi ' ii A. Carrier I lull, Canada Textiles Aslrononiv Cluh. Ralph Wavne Cashion, - " I ' E Kannapolis, N. C. Textile Chem. Dyeing Phi Psi; A.A.T.C.C. Edwin Benjamin Chapman, IIK Charlotte. N. C. Imiust. Engr. A.I.I.t.; Charlotte Cluh; Arnold Air Society. Ben Leroy Christenbury Raleigh, N. C. HccUiiig S- Air Cond. Engineers ' Honor Council (3); .A.S.H.WE. William Matt Christian, Jr. Rockv Mount. N. C. Constriictioii Paul Gene Clark, - E Shelby, N. C. Furniture Mfg. Mgt. Walter McKenzie Clark, -AE Greensboro, N. C. Textiles Thirty Three; A.S.M.E.; Theta Tau; Technician (1, 2); Athletic Council (3). Bett ' Anne Cline Raleigh, N. C. Textiles (Weaving Design Sigma Tau Sigma (3, 4), Secretary (4); Kappa Sigma Phi; Publications Board; Agro- MECK (1, 2. 3. 4), Features (1, 2, 3), Editor in-Chief (4). Arnold Benjamin Cochrane Lincolnton, N. C. FiirnitMre Mfg. Mgt- Furniture Club (2, 3, 4), President (3); President Forest Products Research Society (4). Charles William Coggins Jr. Grouse, N. C. Agronomy . lpha Zeta; A.S.A. Secretary (4); Ag Club; .Agronomy Editor AgriciiJtiirisf (3); .Assistant Editor Crops c- Soils (3), Editor (4). Charles Andrew Cole, Jr. Phoebus. ' a. Chem. Engr. CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE [31] p. ft. fO. D. G. THE NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO Thomas Bardin Collier Chadbourn, N. C. Textiles George Bryan Collins Sparta, N. C. Dairy Husbandry Ag Club; Animal Industry Club: Dairy Cattle Judging Team. John Nolan Collins Truutman, N. C. Aiiinnil liuluslrY—Oairy Husbandry Ag Club; Animal Industry Club; Y.M.C.A. (I, 2); Collegiate 4-H Club (2, 3, 4); Agricuhiirisl (1, 2, 3, 4); Hamlhook (2, 3); McMl Milk the Scientific Way (3); N. C. State Dairy Judging Team (4); Ag Fair; Li -estuck Day (1, 2, 3, 4); Barnwanning (3;). Raymond Lee Collins Hickory, N. C. Indust. Engr. Tau Beta Pi; A. I. I.E.; B.S.U. Ralph Cooper Compton Cedar Grove, N. C. Horticulture (F or.) Mu Beta Psi Secretary (4); Horticulture C ' lub Vice President (3); Floriculture Club; Ag Club; Glee Club President (4). Gerald Stoddard Conger, K- Ottawa, Canada Textiles Astronomy Club; P.W.H. of C; Inter dormitory Basketball and Volleyball (4); Interfraternity Basketball and Volleyball (3); Dominion Textile C ' o., Ltd. Scholarship: McGill llniversilv, Montreal, Canada. David Wilson Conley Morganton, N. C. Mech. Engr. Stephen George Conrad Greensboro, N. C. Geological Engr. : .I.M.E.; Intramural Sports; Chairman Departmental Honor Committee (4); Dormi- tory Assistant (2). Edwin Buell Constantine St. Petersburg, Fla. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. Latta W. Cook Fayetteville, N. C. Agronomy Robert Harold Cook Columbus, Ind. Industrial Rural Recreati on Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Basketball (1. 2, 3, 41: Track CO. V tlliam Brown Cook, -N Whiteville. N. C. Construction NORTH [32] i SENIORS loilN EmVARD COOKSON Raleigh. N. C. Wildlife Conservation Algt. Leopold Wildlife Society Treasurer (4). Gordon Harvey Cooper Rochester. N. Y. A ec i. Ell or. W ' li 1 lAM Baxter Cope. Jr.. I 1 ' 1 Raleigh, N. C. Textiles Wii LiAM Creecv Copeland, Jr. Davidson, N. C. Mech. Engr. QAero. Opt. Bernard Augustus Corbett, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Civil Engr. -A.S.C.E.; Intramural Sports (3, 4). Elmer Henry Costa Haledon, N. J. Industrial Rural Recreation Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club (I, 2, 3, 4). Charles Harbison Cothran, Jr. Evergreen, N. C. Textiles Delta Kappa Phi; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet; N. C. State .■ stronomical Society. RuFus Guy Coulter Arden, N. C. Landscape Architecture John Columbus Cowan, III Greensboro, N. C. Textiles William Otho Crabtree Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engr. Chi Epsilon; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; A.S.C.E. Robert Clifton Crawford Gastonia, N. C. Textile Chem. Dyeing Phi Psi; Textile Honor Society (1. 2, 3, 4); Tompkins Texiile Council; A.A.T.C.C; Inlramural Sports (I. 2. 3. 4). Arthur Allan Crews Kernersville, N. C. Mech. Engr. ( Aero. Opt. ' ) President I.Ae.S. H CAROLINA STATE [33] COLLEGE THE NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO Norman Lee Crews Winston-Salem, N. C. Elect. Engr. A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Dormitory Social Com- mittee; Junior Class Publicity Committee. James Dan Crook, Jr. Asheville, N. C. Forest Mgt. Phi Eta Sigma; Xi Sigma Pi; Phi Kappa Phi: Departmental Honor Committee (2); Forestry Club (I, 2, 4); Dormitory Floor Representative Cl) Secretar ' -Treasurer (4). Roger Moore Crosby, II, SN Arlington, Va. Textile Chem. Dyeing Delta Kappa Phi; Managing Editor Wa- laugnn (3). Editor-in Chief (4); R.O.T.C. Regimental Staff. Billy Wrenn Cross, K2 Martinsville, Va. Textiles Phi Psi. Richards Alexander Crowell Enka, N. C. Animal Industry (Dairy Husbandry " ) West Haven Council (2, 3); Board of Di- rectors Trailwood Grocery (3, 4), Treasurer (3, 4). Charles Boyd Gulp, ATP PineviUe, N. C. Dairy Mfg. Thirty Three; Y.M.C.A. Freshman Presi- dent (1); Campus Government (3); Agri- culturist (1, 2, 3, 4), Advertising Manager C3); Business Manager Tou ' er (3); Varsity Soccer (2, 3, 4), Captain (4); Dairy Prod- ucts Judging Team (4). James William Culp Laurinburg, N. C. Mech. Engr. Sidney Taylor Currin Oxford, N. C. Agric. Engr. A.S.A.E.; Y.M.C.A. (1). William Clyde Dalrymple, ArP Broadway, N. C. Animal Husbandry Interdormilorv Council (2), Vice-Presi- dent (4); Ag Club; F.F.A.; Animal Industry Club. Gaetano John D ' Annolfo, AS South Barre, Mass. Textiles Treasurer Delta Sigma Phi. Archie Augustus Davidson Statesville, N. G. Civil Engr. Henry Madison Davis Hcndersonville, N. C. Math. Science Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Rifle Team (2); Leo- pold Wildlife Society (1, 2, 4); A.R.O.T.C. (3, 4); Student Honor Committee (2). NORTH [34] SENIORS Jamis 1 liLPtuuK Davis, Jh. Rocky Mount, N. C. Cii-il Engr. Monogram Cluh: A.S.C.E.; Football (1. 2, Jamhs Rovlk Davis Morganton. X. C Elect. Engr. A.I.E.E.; Arnold Air Societ ; Junior Senior Dance Committee; Military Ball Committee; Arnold Air Society Banquet Committee. Joe Kenneth Davis Earl. N. C. Poultry Science Alpha Zeta; Honor Committee; " ice Presi dent Poultry Science Club (5). President (4); Alderman West Hayen; Poultry Judg- ing Team (3); Ag Club; National Collegiate Poultry Club. Landon Cheek DA as, Jr. Xorlina. N. C. Agric. Eiiucation Richard Joe Davis Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engr. Basketball (I); Track (2, 3); A.S.C.E.; . .R.O.T.C.; Arnold Air Society; Monogram Club. William Lynch Davis. -X Mt. Olive, N. C. hidust. Engr. Theta Tau; A.I.I. E.; S.A.M.; Alpha Phi Omega; Student Union Dance Committee; Intramural— . 11-Campus Football. Best Player -Award; .All-Fraternity Basketball. Jack Alfred Dayvault Landis, N. C. Textile Chem. Dyeing Sigma Tau Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; A.A.T.C.C. Thomas Philmore Dellinger, Jr. Crossnore, N. C. Animal Industry .Animal Industry Club (2, 3, 4); Ag Club (2, 3, 4); Intramural Basketball and Soft ball (2, 3, 4). John Fletcher Dermid Hendersonville, . C. Textiles ( Synthetic Option ' ) President Cadet Officers Association; Scab- bard and Blade; Delta Kappa Phi; Intramural Football and Volleyball (1, 2. .?, 4); Dormi Ian, ' -Athletic Director (3). Robert Eugene Dorwood, TKE Wilmington, N. C. Forest Algt. Joe Motley DeShazo Ashland, V ' a. Civi! Engr. A.S.C.E. William Paul Despres, Jr. Providence. R. I. Industrial £• Rural Recreation Swimminw Team (1, dent Monogram Club. 3, 4); VicePresi- H CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE [35] THE NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO Stuart Ridgely deWitt, ITKA Charlotte, N. C. Indtist. Engr. A. I. I.E.; Tau Beta Pi; S.A.M.j Intramural Sports; Vice President Pi Kappa Alpha. John Armstrong Dinan Miami, Fla. Animal Hushaudry Alpha Zeta; Campus Government (2, 4); Aa Club; Animal Husbandry Club; Business Manager Meat £ Milk; Dormitory Counselor (3, 4). Henry Louis DrxoN Winston-Salem, N. C. Indust. Engr. A. I, I.E. Secretary; Arnold Air Society Secretary. JosiAH Withers Doar Charlotte, N. C. Textiles Delta Kappa Phi. John Dudley Dodson Burlington, N. C. Agric. Education Intramural Sports (1, 2, 3); F.F.A.; Ag Club. Wesley Osborne Doggett, 2X Brown Summit, N. C. Nuclear Elect. Engr. Thirty Three President, Vice-President; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Vice-President Phi Kappa Phi; Cadet Officers Association; Publications Board; Arnold Air Society; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; E.E. Freshman Companion to St. Patrick; Physics Club; Departmental Honor Committee Chairman; I.F.C. Scholar- ship Cup; Business Manager Watan tin; Sen- ior Class Secretary; Intramural Sports; Out- standing A.F.R.O.T.C. Ill Student. James Beverly Dooley, 2X StatesviUe, N. C. Construction Engr. A.G.C.; A.S.C.E. Edward Francis Downey, TKE Pleasantville, N. J. Elect. Engr. Tecliiticiitit. James Hoar Duffy, KS South Willington, Conn. Textiles Delta Kappa Phi. Richard Thomas Duke, ATP Potecasi, N. C. Agric. Education Agriculturist (3, 4); Ag Club Reporter (4); F.F.A. Reporter (4), Secretary (3); Secretary-Treasurer Ag Fair. Edward Carlton Duncan, K2 Raleigh, N. C. Elect. Engr. I.R.E. Arthur Thomas Edwards Raleigh, N. C. m iolriii Rural Recreation Recreation Club; Big Four Field Day. NORTF [36] SENIORS D.wip Samiii I liiiw Anns nalcigh, N. C. liiJustrUil £• Rural Recreation John Andrews Edwards Snow Hill, N. C. Cii ' i! Etigr. Joseph Farrior Edwards Enlifld. N. C. Coiiilriictioii Richard Henry Eggleston Fiiuntain City. Tcnn. Forest Mgt. loresln Club ii, 4), Secretary (4). Murray Alan Big New York. N ' . Y. Textiles Delta Kappa Phi: News Program— Student Station. Stanley ' Mitchell Ellington, Jr. Henderson, N. C. Textiles (Varii Mfg- Delta Kappa Phi. Earl Harlen Elliott Marion, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E.; Intramural Sports (2. 3, 4); Pi Tau Sigma. LeRoy Ellis Clayton, N. C. CoHsfriicfioT! Ei!gr. Robert Giles Ellis Fresno. Calif. Nuclear Engr. A.I.P. Brewster Blanton Eskridge, -fl Raleigh, N. C. Chem. Engr. Rudolph Edward Etheridge Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Cii ' i! Engr. A.S.C.E.; Arnold .Mr Society. Paul Herbert Eudy Concord, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E. .CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE [37] THE NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO Leslie Ballard Evans Raleigh, N. C. Chem. Engr. Tommy Lee Everhart Stanley, N. C. Construction Engr. Charles Russell Farinholt Hilton Village, Va. Indust. Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; S.A.M.; Tau Beta Pi; Campus Government (2); Alderman West Haven (3). Barton Roby Earthing Sugar Grove, N. C. Animal linhiitry (Dairy Hitshandry ) Thomas Henry Faulkner, - ' tE Kinston, N. C. Elect. Engr. A.I.E.E.; Intiamural Sports. Walter Fedoronko Burgaw, N. C. Horticulture Horticulture Club; Ag Club. Robert Earl Ferrell Moyock. N. C. Lumber Prod., Mfg. Mdsg. Forestry Club; Cadet Officers Association. Hugh Martin Fields Wilson, N. C. Wildlife Conservation Mgt. Donald Smith Fincher Matthews, N. C. Animal Industry (_Dairy Husbandry Secretary Animal Industn ' Club (3), Vice- President (4); Freshman C ' ounselor (2, 3, 4). Thomas Campbell Fite, — N Charlotte, N. C. Construction Regent Theta Tau; Chi Epsilon; Blue Key; Tau Beta Pi; Golden Chain; A.S.C.E. William Ray Flack Marion, N. C. Chem. Engr. James Thomas Flythe Raleigh, N. C. Construction NORTH [38] SENIORS Paui Hobbins Fociit, In. Kenosha, Wis. Textiles Delta Kappa Phi; Pi Kappa Delta; Blue Kcv; Golden Chain: News Editor Techtticiitti (21. Manasjini; Editor (. Editor (4); Puh- lications Boaixi; N. C Collegiate Press Asso- ciation (,2. . , 4). President (3); CJreater llni ' ersitv Student C iuncil (41; Campus Ciovernment (4). George S. Forester W ' ilkesboro, N. C. Fiiriii iire Alfg. Mgt. Intramural Sports (1, 2); Furniture Club Vice-President (4); Forest Products Research Society. Samuel Emerson Fort, Jr. V ' inston-Salem, N. C. Elect. Engr. Red Coat and Football Bands (1. 2, 3); Orchestra (1, 2. i " ). Floyd Houston Foster Raleigh, N. C. Textile Synthetics S..A.M.; Delta Kappa Phi. James Creed Foster Raleigh, N. C. Elect. Engr. Eta Kappa Nu; A.I.E.E.; Student Union Committee. Lester Anderson Foster, Jr., -N Granite Quarry, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E.; Intramural Sports (3, 4). Billy Lee Foutz, Ar? Mooresville, N. C. Agronomy Ag Club; Agronomy Club; Intramural Sports (3, 4). Hannibal Carl Fowler Fries, Va. Textiles George Edward Freeman, -H High Point, N. C. Civil Engr. Theta Tau; I.F.C.; Arnold Air Societ ' ; A.S.C.E.; Southern Engineer (1); Freshman Swimming Team (1). Jamal a. Karim Fuad Sulaimania, Iraq Agronomy Cosmopolitan Club; Agronomy Club. William Edward Fulford, Jr. Farmville, N. C. Agric. Education . s. Club; F.F.A. Rupert Cash Funderburk, Jr. Monroe, N. C. Elect. Engr. A.I.E.E. (3, 4). CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE [39] p. A. K). D. C THE NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO LONNIE DUPREE GaDDY, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Elect. Engr. A.I.E.E. Thomas Harold Garner, AFP Farmer, N. C. Agric. Engr. A.S.A.E.i Baseball (1, 2, 3); Rifle Team (1, 2). Cameron Moulton Garris Watha, N. C. Agric. Education Student Adviser for F.F.A. (3); Ag Club; F.F.A. Fred Kesler Garvey, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Construction William Alfred Geiler Nutley. N. ]. Textiles Delta Kappa Phi; WVWP (2); Techni- cian (3); Dormitorv Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4). Alvis Owen George, AXA Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Architecture— School of Design Sigma Pi Alpha; Junior Chapter A.T.A. Claude Lawrence Gilbert, Jr. Statesville, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E. Richard Wayne Gillon, TKK Kannapolis, N. C. Textiles Watati an; Freshm ' n Counselor; Lutheran Student Association; Tompkins Textile Coun- cil. John Elton Graham Etowah, Tenn. Forest Mgt. Alpha Zeta (2, i. 41- Xi Sigma Pi; Asso- ciate Forester C3, 4); Blue Kev (3), Presi- dent (4 " ): Golden Chain; Forestry Club; College Union (4); Campus Government C3-). Bernard Burkett Graybeal, Jr. AXA West Jefferson, N. C. Indust. Engr. A.I.I.E. a. 4): S.A.M. (3, 4); Red Coat Band (I. 2, 3, 4). Joseph Greco Erie, Pa. Mech. Engr. Herbert Boyd Greene Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engr. irii ,i.ii;,7ii (2, 3); A.S.C.E. NORTH [40] SENIORS r I IclMl 1! 1 1. C ' .IU Sll AM Atlanta, Cla. Forest A(s;(. 1-orestn ' Club. Donald Clayton Gbiffin Reidsville, N. C. Civil Eiigr. Assistant Treasurer A.S.C.E. William Buxton Griffin, ATI ' Rockv Mount. N. C. Agronomy -Mphit Zeta: Scabhard and Blade; Ac Club; ,4gricii fiirisf; Intramural Sports; Treasurer Aa Club. Walter Allen Gurlev Seven Springs, N. C. hidust. Engr. Theta Tau; A. I. I.E.: S.A.M. George Richard Gwy.nn Yanccvville. N. C. 4groiioiiiv (FieW Crops) -Mpha Zeta: .-Xa Club; A.S..A.: Svme Dorm itorv Club. Lewis Richardson Hackler. KA Wilmington, N. C. T extiles Phi Psi; .Arnold Air Societv: Intramural Sports (2, 3, 4): I.F.C. Representative; Kappa Alpha Vice President; .A.R.O.T.C. Donald Jennings Haddock, ATP WinterviUe, N. C. Agric. Engr. A.S.A.E.; Intramural Basketball (1. 2. 4). Robert Edward Hadlow Rocky Mount, N. C. Mech. Engr. Pi Tau Sigma; Theta Tau; . .S.M.E. Charlie Edward Hagwood Louisburg, N. C. Civil Engr. .•X.S.C.E.; Dormitor " Club Floor Repre sentative. Louis Stanton Hales, 9X Stantonsburg, N. C. Civil Engr. Engineering Council (3. 4); A.S.C.E. (3, 4). Kenneth Walter Hansen Raleigh, N. C. Ceramic Engr. Keramos; .American Ceramic Societv; En- gineers ' Council; Campus Government; Blue Kev; Greater Universitv Student Council. Aubrey Scott Hardee Benson, N. C. Agric. Education Dormitorv Club Representative (2); V.M.C..A. Representative (2). CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE [41] THE NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO Thomas Newton Hardin Jacksonville, N. C. Forest Mgt. Alpha Zeta; Xi Sigma Pi; Piiiettivt; In- tramural Wiestling (2); President Forestry ' Club (4). John Chilton Harralson, -AE Princeton, Ky. Textiles Thirt ' Three; Textile Forttvt; Freshman Representative to Campus Government. Adam Hugh Harris, Jr., -AE Oriental, N. C. Agric. Engr. Scabbard and Blade; Editor A.S.A.E. Newsletter; Intramural Football, Basketball and Boxing; A ' .hletic Council; A.S.A.E. BoLivER Tremaine Harris Spring Hope, N. C. Agric. Engr. George Lawrence Harris Capon Bridge, W. Va. Chevi. Engr. A.I.Ch.E. (2, 3, 4), Secretary (4); Alder- man Vetville (3). Henry Grady Harris, Jr. Louisburg, N. C. Forest Mgt. Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club; Phietum. Walter Henderson Harris Vaughan, N. C. Inclnst. Engr. William Coleman Harris, Jr. South Orange, N. J. Textiles William Rohert Harris Robersonville, N. C. Agronomy CField Crops) Ag Club; .Agronomy Club. Joseph Alton Harrison Kinston, N. C. Textiles Delta Kappa Phi. John Ruben Harrison, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Construction Engr. A.S.C.E. Richard Francis Harrison Raleigh, N. C. Agric. Engr. Ag Club; Student Chapter A.F.E.A. NORTH [42] SENIORS K.MU- l.i-Kov IIarhod Washington. D. C. Civil Eiigr. Alphii Phi Oiiu ' i;;! Secrctiirv t,- . Pri-si lU-nt (.4 . James Robert Hassinger Raleigh, N. C. Mech. Eiigr. NoRRis Clark IIaiciuh. Jr. Mount Airy. N. C. Furniture Mfo. £• Mg(.— I.E. President SliuK-nt rurniliire Chib; Arnold Air Socielv; Fiircst Pnniilcts Rcse;in.h Sucictv: A.F.R.O.T.C.; Imrjmural Softball (1. 2. .? B.isketb.nll (2). George W ' infred Hawkins Rockingham, N. C. Agronomy Alpha Zeta (i. 4); Aoronomv Club (S. 4); Owen Dorm Club (2, 3); Freshman Counselor (3). Willis Eley Hawkins, J r. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Ceramic Eiigr. .American Ceramic Society (2. 3. 4), Presi- dent (4); Keramos (3. 4). President (4); Engineers ' Council (4). Joseph Maxwell Hayes Elkin, X. C. Forest Mgt. Forestn ' Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Honor Com mittee (1). Joirs ' Richards Hay, Jr., -+!■; Hickory, N. C. Construction Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Beta Kappa (Davidson Colleae); .Ml Campus ' ollcvball 1950: President Siyma Phi Epsilon: I.F.C; A.S.C.E. Joel Norman Heim New York. N. Y. Textile Mgt. Phi Eta Sigma: Sigma Tau Sigma; WA ' W ' P CI, 2, 3, 4), Business Manager (3), Station Manager (4); Publications Board (3, 4 . Banquet Chairman (i): Textile Forum (3. 4); Tennis Team (1, 2); Hillel Foundation. Rollins Eafram Helms Raleigh. N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S..M.E. William Clemence Herrmann Kenosha, Wis. Textile Synthetics Sigma Tau Sigma; Delta Kappa Phi; Secretar Golden Chain (4); Business Man ager Textile Forum (4); Publications Board (4); Represenlali e Campus Government (3); Social and Recreation Chairman of I.D.C.; Dance Committee Chairman College Union (4); Directorate of College Union. Major Worth Hewett Wilmington, N. C. Elect. Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu. Charles Emmett Hicks, Jr. TKIC Norfolk. Va. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E.; Chi Epsilon; Southern Engineer. CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE [43] ' THE NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO William Robert Higgins Raleigh, N. C. Textile Mgt. Delta Kappa Phi. Charles Efird Hill Stanfield, N. C. Wildlife Conservation A ' g ' - Leopold Wildlife Society Vice President; Cadet Officers Association. Louis Worth Hine Winston-Salem, N. C. Rural Sociology A ricttltuTist (2); Rifle Team (4); Dance Committee (3); Freshman Y.M.C.A. Secre- tary (1); Y.M.C.A. Cahinet (2, 3, 4); Chair- man Y.M.C.A. New Student Committee (4); Secret ary ' P.R.C. (2); Secretary-Treasurer W ' .S.S.F. (2). Joe Sanford Hinshaw Jonesville, N. C. Forest Mgt. President Forestry Club. Leon Merrette Hobbs, Jr., 2 E Lumberton, N. C. Mech. Engr. Pemberton William Hobbs Raleigh, N. C. Agric. Economics Beta Delta C3, 4): Agricultural Economics Club (3, 4); Football (1, 2). David Eugene Hodgin, Jr. Guilford College, N. C. Agriculture QDairy Husbandry ) A riculiurist: Y ' .M.C.A.; Ag Club; .Animal Industry Club. Thomas Nickels Holmes, Jr. SanFord, N. C. Agric. Education F.F.A. Gilbert Horton Holshouser Linville, N. C. Forest Mgt. Bryce Roswell Holt, Jr., 2X Greensboro, N. C. Textiles Jerry Alexander Holt, -X Graham, N. C. Textiles Phi Psi; Cheerleader. Edward E. Hood, Jr. BoonviUe, N. C. Nuclear Engr. .■ rnold .Air Society. NORTH [44] SENIORS George Kenneth Hopkins Stuart, Va. Textiles Roderick Marion Horton Zebulon. N. C. Agric. Education Donald Edward Hostetler Raleigh, ' . C. Nuclear Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi: Plii K;irpa Phi; Student Section of A. I. P. William Smith Howell Goldsboro, N. C. Agronomy A.S.A.; Aa Club. Ralph Franklin Howey Charlotte, N, C. Dairy Mfg. Durham Paschal Hoyle Forest City, N. C. Agric. Education Preston Cromwell Huffman Hickory. N. C. Textiles Samuel Maris Hughes Hillsboro, N. C. Forest Mgt. Mu Beta Psi; Drum Maior Red Coat Band; R.O.T.C; D.M.S.; Glee Club; Forestry Club; Track (2. 3). Erle Manning Hutchins Winston-Salem, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E.: .-Xstronomical Society. Charles Anderson Idol Madison, N. C. Elect. Engr. Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; I.R.E.; A.I.E.E. Donald Banks Imrie, KPT (Canadian) .Mount Roval, Quebec, Canada Textile Chem. Dyeing Delta Kappa Phi. Clarence Earl Ingersoll Rocky Mount, N. C. Nuclear Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; V ' ice President Student Section .A. I. P.; VVVWP (1, 2), Program Director (3), Chief .Announcer (4). CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE [45] THE NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO George Edgar Ingbam Statesvillc, N. C. Animal Industry A ricuUurist Circulation (1), Circulation Manager (2); Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (2, 3, 4); Ag Club; 4-H Club. Douglas Edward Ix, -H Englewood, N. J. Textiles The Retreat (1, 2, 3, 4). Peter Steven Jackmowski Brooklyn, N. Y. Industrial Rural Recreation Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4); Senior Class Treasurer (4). John Vance Jackson Wake Forest, N. C. Forest Mgt. Forestry Club; Pinetttm. William Elias James, Jr., 2 J E Darlington, S. C. Textiles Phi Psi; Intramural Sports (1, 2. 3, 4). James Barker Jasmin, 2AE Rutland, Vt. Mech. Engr. Bill Eugene Jenkjns Maiden, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. (2, 3, 4); Intramural Sports (1, 3, 4). Robert Griffith Jenkins 2X Jeannette, Pa. Lumber Production Merchandising Monogram Club; Wrestling (I. 2); Athle- tic Director (3). Paul Jones Johnson, IIK Hendersonville, N. C. Industrial Rural Recreation Scabbard and Blade. Jack Neal Jolly ' Raleigh, N. C. Textiles Gene Watts Jones, KT Durham, N. C. Architecture A.I.. . Vice-President. Mallie Bra. ton Jones Varina, N. C. Agric, Engr. A.S.A.E. NORTH ]Ck [46] 3 SENIORS NoBMAN Lee Jones Ruthorfordton. N. C. Civil Kiigr. A.S.C.E. Raoul B. Jones Asheville. N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C-.E. William Boyd Jones, -X Greenwood, S. C. Elect. Engr. A.I.E.E.; Tennis (2, i, 4). Eugene N. Jordan Tyner,. N. C. Forest Mgt. i Sii;ma Pi; Forestry Club. Norman Artirir Jordan Siler City, N. C. Dairy Husbandry A flub; Animal Industn ' Club; Dairy Cattle Judging Team. X ' lTiis Jerome Kaiser Erie. Pa. Industrial Rural Recreation Football (1, 2. 3. 4); Wrestling Qi, 4); Monogram Club (2, i, 4), Secretary (4). Ray Preston Karriker, ArP Mooresville, N. C. Animal Industry .Alpha Zeta; Sigma Pi Alpha; Golden Chain; Blue Key; Scabbard and Blade: Agriculturist; .Agromeck; l [eat £- Milk Editor; Cross Country (1, 2, 3); Track (I, 2); .Ag Club: .- nimal Industry Club; Mono- gram Club: Lutheran Student Association President; Freshman and Junior Danforth Fellowship Winner. Walter Kasman Brooklyn, N. Y. Science Education Cadet Officers .Association; Technician; WVWP; Soccer (1); Athletic Council (3); Handball Instructor. Rolf Kaufman Waynesville, N. C. Chem. Engr. Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; .A.I.Ch.E.; Companion of St. Patrick; .Announcer, Sec- retary W WP. James Everette Kearns Huntington, W. Va. Civil Engr. Henry Montjoy Kearse Cordova, N. C. Indiist. Engr. A.I.I.E. Charles Allan Keeley -X Greensboro, N. C. Mech. Engr. H 1 J C I CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE [47] p. A. K- D. G- -THE NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO Clarence Paul Keever Marshville, N. C. Textile Weaving Design Delta Kappa Phi; Scabbard and Blade. Francis Stephen Keiling Gary, W. Va. Forest Mgt. Forestry Club. Robert Edward Keiling Gary, W. Va. Forest Mgt. Forestry Club. William W. Kendall, -N Charlotte, N. C. Mech. Engr. Intramural Sports. Frederick McArtor Kebr Charlotte, N. C. Elect. Engr. Zane Cruse Ketner Raleigh, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E. Kerford a. Key, -IT Roanoke, Va. Furniture Mfg. Mgt.— I.E. Furniture C ' lub. Robert Carney Kinser Asheville, N. C. Mech. Engr. Pi Tau Sigma Historian (4); B.S.Ll. Coun- cil (i, 4). Jesse Rudolph Kirby, Jr. Kenly, N. C. Elect. Engr. Engineers ' Council; A.I.E.E.; Dormitory Social Chairman. John Edison Kittrell O.xford, N. C. Aniniul Industry Animal Industry Club: Ag Club; Foot- ball tl). Burton Marvin Klein Chicago, 111. Textiles I ' extile fortiiit; Student LInion iSIusic Committee. Robert B. Knoop Hendersonville, N. C. Elect. Engr. Alpha Phi Omega; Eta Kappa Nu; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Wesley Foundation; P.R.C. (3); Junior Senior Dance Committee (3). NORT [48] SENIORS Douglas Buyan Knowles Wallace. N. C. MtvJi. !:)ii;i. A.S.M.E.; Inlerdonnitorv Council; Intra mural Sports (I. 2. 3. 4); L)ormitor C ' lnh Iri-asurcr (3), ViixPrcsidcnl c- . Atlililic Direclor and Social Chairman. James Floyd Knowles Wallace. N. C. Alecli. Eiigr. A.S.iM.E. (3, 4); C.We Club (1. 2V. R.O.T.C; .Arnold .Mr Socic:v. David Clark Knox. .M ' I ' Cleveland. N. C. AuiuhA Industry -Mpha Zcta; . u Club; President . nim;il Industry Club (4); A rictiUiirist, Zachary Taylob Koonce, 111. UK ashington. D. C. hiitustriitl Arts Eiiuciitiun Kappa Phi Kappa; Pep Club; Dorniitor ' Club Kepresentative; Dormitor President; I.D.C.: Industrial Arts Club. Francis Joseph Kornowski Pisgah Forest, N. C. Indust. Eiigr. Arnold Air Society; .X.I.I.E.; S.. ..M. Kare Marius Krac s Grefsen. Oslo, Norway Textiles Sigma Tau Sigma; ' arsitv Soccer (3. 4). Co-Captain (4); Cosmopolitan Club Treas- urer; Tompkins Textile Council; Interna- tional Club. George Elbert Lamb, +KT Asheville, N. C. Forest Mgt. Forestry ' Club; Society of .American For esters; Pinetum. David Marsh Lambert. -AE High Point, N. C. Indust. Eiigr. S.A.M.; A.I.E.E.; Thirty Three; Phi Eta Sigma; .Achomeck (2, 3, 4), Business Manager (4); Wataii an (2); Departmental Honor Committee (I. 3); Campus Goyern ment (2). Luther Cene Lamm Lucama, N. C. Agronomy .Ag Club; Agrunum t ' lub. Carl Leaton Lane, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Forest Mgt. Fencing (3, 4). Kenneth Rudolph Langley Princeton, N. C. Agric. Education Fay Eugene Labbison Raleigh, . C. Textile Chem. Dyeing Sigma Tau Sigma; A.A.T.C.C.; Vice- Chairman Tompkins Textile Committee. AROLINA STATE COLLEGE [49] J I I THE NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO SE Marion Everette Lattimore Ellenboro, N. C. Chem. Engr. Phi Eta Siwma; A.I.Ch.E.; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Fencing (1, 2, 3, 4); Grand Alchemist of Gamma Sigma Epsilon (4); Treasurer A.I.Ch.E. (4); Captain Fencing Team (4). Paul P. Lavitt, SAJI Hickory, N. C. Textile Chem. Dyeing Delta Kappa Phi; A.A.T.C.C; Cadet Of fleers Association; Hillel Secretary; Tomp- kins Textile Society; Agromeck Organiza- tions Editor; Textile Forum; Intramural Sports; Recorder Sigma Alpha Mu. Feed Emmett Lay, Jr. Tabor City, N. C. Agric. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; A riculiiirist Staff; Ag Club; F.F.A. Vice-President (3); Honor Committee. Richard Pleam Leaman Lancaster, Pa. Architecture A. I. A. Secretary. Hamer Jackson Leach Raeford, N. C. Elect. Engr. A.I.E.E. Elizabeth Lee Lumberton, N. C. 4rc ii(ec(!(re A. I. A. Secretary (4); Beaux Arts; School of Design Honor Council Executiye Chair- man (5); Cheerleader (2, 3). John Henry LeRoy Elizabeth City, N. C. Mech. Engr. Theta Tau; A.S.M.E.; Pi Tau Sigma; B.S.U. Council; Football Manager (1, 2, 3, 4). William Frederick Lewald Brooklyn, N. Y. Textile Chem. Dyeing A.A.T.C.C. Charles Edward Lewis, Jr., ArP Fayetteville, N. C. Horticulture Interfratemity Council (3); Drum Major (I. 2); Cheerleader (3). Gilbert Ashley Lewis Fairmont, N. C. Agric. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; F.F.A. ; .Ag Club. Jerry Dale Lewis, S ' PE Leland, N. C. Indust. Engr. Intramural Sports (2, 3); A. I. I.E.: S.A.M.; Dormitory Social Director. Joseph Ryder Lewis Carolina Beach, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. NORTH C [50] SENIORS Stkven Eugenk Lewis Fayettevillc. X. C. Forest Mgt- Pinetum: Shihs £- Hiifiinjls; Fair l: hihit Chairman: Committee Loaders Brawl. W ' lLi-iAM Neal Lilly Haleioh, N. C. Textile Mgt. Tompkins Textile Society; Manayement Club; I ' ediniciiiti: Intramural Softball and ollcvball: Pep Club; Civil Air Patrol. William NL rvin Lindsay, Jr. Favetteville, N. C. oric. Education F.F.. .; . o cluh. William David Lineback ' inston-Saleni, N. C. Mech. Etigr. A.S.M.E.; Yellow Doos; President Red Coal Band (4). Franklin Armfield Linney Newport News, Va. Cix ' il Engr, .A.S.C.E.; Cadet Officers Association. Chia Lo Lin Chengtu, China Textile Cheni. ■ Dyeing Clement Manly Llewellyn, Jr. Concord, N. C. Geological Engr. .A.S.C.E.; Secretar - .A.I.M.E.; Intramural Sports (1, 2, 3, 4). William Gray Lloyd Asheboro, N. C. Heating Air Cotid. A.S.H.V.E. Treasurer (3); Intramural Football (1, 2, 3), SoftbaU Ql, 2), Wrestling C2). Matthew Albert Lop;o Providence, R. L Industrial Rural Recreation Monogram Club; Swimmino (1, 2, 3, 4), Captain (3). Harold Richmond Lominac AsheviUe, N. C. Mech. Engr. Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Tau Sigma ' ice-President; President B.S.U.; A.S..M.E. John Fletcher Long, Jr. Ki; Statesville, N. C. Animal Husbandry Joseph Valentine Lowe, Jr. Wadesboro, N. C. Mech. Engr. TF CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE [51] I THE NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO Howard Nathaniel Lumley, Jr., TKE Greensboro, N. C. Textiles Phi Kappa Phi; Basketball (1, 2); Intra- mural Sports; Intercollegiate Softball (1, 2, 3); AllCampus Softball CL 2, 3). Julian Brown McAuley Raleigh, N. C. Textile Mfg. Men ' s Glee Club (3); Tompkins Textile Council. Robert Edmund McCollam Reidsville, N. C. Agronomy Phi E:a Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi: . lpha Zeta; Aoronomv Club. Donald Stuart McCormick, Jr. Fayetteville, N. C. Elect. Engr. I.R.E. (3, 4), Treasurer (■ ); Engineers ' Council (4); Treasurer Campus Government C3); Departmental Honor Committee (4); Track (I); 42 52 Club; West Haven Peace Officer. Jack Everitt McCormick Raleigh, N. C. Mech. Engr. QAero. Opt.} Phi Eta Sigma (I, 2). President (3); Thirty Three (2, 3, 4), President (3); Blue Kev (3, 4), Secretarv-Treasurer (4); Golden Chain (4); Pi Tau Sigma (3, 4)j Pi Tau Sigma Scholarship . ward; President College Union (3, 4); Theta Tau (2, 3, 4). ' ice Regent C4); Tau Beta Pi (3, 4); Phi Kappa Phi (4); Greater University Stu- dent Council (3, 4); Projects Chairman (3); I.Ae.S. (2. 3. 4), Corresponding Secretary (3), Vice C hairman (4); Public Lecturers Committee; Coliseum Policies Committee; Non-Academic Fees Committee; Technician C2); Agbomeck (2, 3), Organizations Editor (3). Sam Frank McGhee. -X Raleigh, N. C. Agriculture, Agronomy Aoronomy Club; Ag Club; Intramural Sports (1. 2, 3. 4); Canterbury Club. Jlilian Holmes McIntyre Maxton, N. C. Ag ronomy Ag Club; Agronomy Club. Martin Laval McIntyre Raeford, N. C. Horticulture Floriculture Club. MiiiiFiiY Grady McKenzie, Jr. Lumberton, N. C. Agric. Education Alpha Zeta; Kappa Phi Kappa; Ao Club; F.F.A. Reporter (3). Owen Clinton McKinnie, III Durham, N. C. Indiist. Engr. A.I.I. E. Clyde Harold McKinnon High Point, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. Charles Isaac McLain Statesville, N. C. Mech. Engr. Cadet Officers Association; R.O.T.C.; In tramural Sports (1. 2, 3, 4); A.S.M.E. I I NORTH [52] SENIORS JaMIS 1 low lill Mt I AIN, |k. Charlotte. . C " . Elect. Kii ;r. r.I;l k;)pp;l Nil;; Tau Bct.i 1 I.R.E. Rdbert Alexandhr McLean, -X Mount Olive, N. C. luiiisf. Eiigr. A. I. I.E.; I.r.C " . Rcprcsenlative; Hoiuh Committee Representative: Vice-Presideul Sittma Chi. Harold Holcomb McPheters Salisbury, N. C. Architecture Junior Ch.ipter A. I. A. Clarence Haywood Mabry Albemarle, N. C. riirnidire Mfg. A ' g ' - B.S.U. Counoil (2. 4); Furniture Club a. 4). George Butler McArthur Paterson, N. J. Industrial ■ Riiru Recrerttioii Football (1, 2, 3. 4); Monoaram Cluli (2. i, 4), Membership Chairman (1). Bhain Hodgson MacSoblev Swannanoa, N. C. Textiles QKnitting ' ) Elmer Henry Mades Woodbridge, N. J. Industrial Arts Education President Industrial . rts Club (4); " icc President Iipsik)n Pi Tau (4). William Gordon Maguiness Raleigh, N. C. hidustrial Arts Education Epsilon Pi Tau; Alpha Phi Omega; Iota Lambda; Industrial Arts Club. Donald Henry Maharam, Efl Forest Hills. N. Y. Textile Synthetics Robert Donald Maharam, En Flushing, N. Y. Textile Synthetics Cadet Officers Association (3, 4); Textile Forum (3, 4). Joe Pretlow Majette. -X Como, N. C. Mech. Engr. President Sigma Chi C " ); Treasurer A.S..M.E.; I.F.C.; Departmental Honor Com mittee; Intramural Sports (2, 3). Edwin R. Malin, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Heating Air Cond. Theta Tau; W ' eslev Foundation. Board and Council (3, 4); Treasurer A.S.H.V.E. (3); Committee Chairman Religion in Life Week. H CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE [53] I THE NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO Frank Howard Mandel, -AM Brooklyn, N. Y. Textile Synthetics Swimming (1, 2); Monogram Club. Gerald Davis Mann Newport, N. C. Mech. Engr. Blue Kev; Golden Chain; Pi Tau Sigma; Cheerleader (2. 3); Arnold Air Society (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. Secretary (3), President (4); Honor Committee (2); Engineers ' Council (4); Wesley Foundation (1. 2, 3, 4), Treas- urer (3); A.S.M.E. (2, 3, 4); G.U.S.C. (4); R.O.T.C. Robert Clayton Margetts, -X Rutherford, N. ]. Textile Chem. Dyeing Phi Psi; Soccer (2, 3); Tennis (1, 2); Intramural Sports; Campus Government (2), Joe Reid Marks Aberdeen, N. C. Agric. Econ. Agricultural Economics Club President (4). David Elias Marrus New York, N. Y. Textile Mgt. North Carolina Collegiate Press Associa- tion; Wattiu cin; Technician Managing Edi- tor; Textile Forum. Julian F. Marshall Rose Hill, N. C. Textiles Delta Kappa Phi. Charles Edmond Martin Wadeville, N. C. Anininl Husbandry Ag Club; Animal Industry Club; Intra- mural Sports. Marcel Richard Martin Wilmington, N. C. Heating Air Cond. Swimming (1, 2, 3, 4); Aquinas Club Treasurer (2), Vice-President (3). William Henry Martin Schenectady. N. Y. hidtistrial Rural Recreation Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4). William Royall Martin. Jr., " M ' -i Cary, N. C. Textile Chem. Dyeing Delta Kappa Phi. Nicholas Constantinos Matalas Henderson, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. Lawrence Evander Matheson Monroe, N. C. Agric. Education F.F.A. (2, 3, 4). h NORTH [54] 1 SENIORS Ai lER Glenn Maxwell Raeford. N. C. Agronomy Aijroniinu CUih; A.S.A. SURECH JlVANLAL Mllll A Bombay, India Indust. Engr. A.I. I.E. Edwakd Gordon Mercer Burlington, N. C. Textile Chent. Dyeing A.A.T.C.C. Reuben Miller Forest Hills, N. Y. Architecture .• .I.. . (_i. 4); President Bern ' Dorm (2); Secretar ' Interdormitorv Council (2). Robert Frederick Miller, TKE Hickory, N. C. Textile Chem. Dyeing Siiima Pi Alpha: A.A.T.C.C. (3. 4). Robert Luther Miller. - ' frE Wilson, N. C. Mech. Engr. Eugene Clifton Mills Welcome, N. C. Agric. Engr. A.S.A.E.; Ag Club; Y.M.C.A. Ernest Eugene Mitchell, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. W ' ildUfe Conservation £• Mgt. B.S.U. (3, 4); Glee Club (3); Leopold Wildlife Society (2, 3, 4). James Hunter Mitchell, -AE Asheville, N. C. Architecture A.I.A. Paul Herman Mitchell Hiddenite, N. C. Dairy Mfg. Ai: Club; . nimal Industry Club; Dairy Products Judging Team. William Gordon Mitchell ReidsviUe, N. C. j4gric. Engr. A.S.. .E. President Fall Term 1951; . .S.. ' .E. JN ' fii ' sletter Editor Spring Term 1951. Forest Orion Mixon, Jr. Murfreesboro, N. C. Chem. Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Walmisan (2); Swimming Team (2); Cheerleader (3); .V.I.Ch.E.; Pep Club. CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE [55] p. A. fo. D. G I THE NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO Roy Braxton Moffitt, iS Greensboro, N. C. Geological Engr. Pi Mu Epsilon (2); Rho Alpha Tau (1); Philos (3); Sigma Gamma Epsilon (2); Druids (2); Interfraternity Council (3); Alpha Phi Omega (3); Delta Sigma Phi President C3), Secretary (4); A.I.M.E. (1. 2. 3. 4). Charles Joyce Moore, TKE Panama City, Fla. Industrial Recreation Technician; I.F.C.; Recreation Club (2, 3); Tau Kappa Epsilon President (4); Foot- ball (1); Track (1, 2, 3, 4), Captain (4). Lawrence Carroll Moore Raleigh, N. C. Chem. Engr. A.I.Ch.E.; Arnold Air Society. Thomas Henry Moore Matthews, N. C. Industrial Rural Recreation William Franklin Morgan Troutman, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E. David Walker Morison Asheville, N. C. Forest Algt. Forestry Club (3, 4); PJMettn« Assistant Business Manager (3), Business Manager (4). Howard Franklin Morris, KA Greensboro, N. C. Civil Engr. Chi Epsilon Vice-President (4); A.S.C.E. Treasurer (3); Engineers ' Council ' ice-Presi- dent (4). John Charles Morris. -N Raleigh, N. C. Mech. Engr. Monogram Club (3. 4); A.S.M.E. (3. 4); Tennis Team (1. 2, 3. 4), Captain (4). Richard Lee Morris, En Brooklyn, N. Y. Textiles Charles Alhert Moss, Jr., •t ' KT Gastonia, N. C. School of Design A. I. A. Treasurer (4); Pep Club (3); Intramural Sports. Samuel Merral Moss Raleigh, N. C. Elect. Engr. A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Augustus Muckenfuss Burlington, N. C. Heating Air Cond. A.S.H.V.E. (3, 4). |i NORTH [56] SENIORS Thomas C). Mm i ins. Jr. Oxford. N. C. Coustniction A.S.C ' .E. Michel Angel Mhniz Sotolonc.o Matanzas. Cuba .MccJi. E»s;r. . .S.M.E.: Intramural Sports; Cdsmnpolitaii Club Socretar - (4); Aquinas Club Trt-asuri ' i (4); Civic Music .Association: N. C. Catholic Laymen ' s Association; Dormitory Club. J. Edgar Murrow, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. Textiles (KiiiHiiig) Siiinia lau Sinma; Soccer (2, . . 4); Freshman Counselor; Intramural .-Xtliletic Director: Dormitory Club Treasurer (4). lAMts W ' lLLARD Muse, Jr.. nK l Durham, N. C. Textile Synthetics Scabbard and Blade: Phi Psi. Howard Thayer Nance Troy, N. C. Textiles Tompkins Textile Society (1. 2. i): Intra mural Sports. Alan M. Neilson Asheyille, N. C. Forestry QLtimher Products Mfg-) Forestrr Club; Forestr ' Products Research Society SectetaryTreasurer (3, 4). Eugene Nelson Topton. N. C. biciustrial c- Rural Recrenlioii Kappa Phi Kappa. Alvin Creech Newsome Ahoskie, N. C. Agronomy QField Crops) .Agronomy Club; . v Club. James Emerson Newton, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. AlecJj. Engr. A.S.M.E.; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi. August John Nielsen Edney ille. N. C. Hor!icii (iire Horticulture Club; Cadet Officers .Asso ciation. John William Niestlie, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Elect. Engr. E ' .a Kappa Nu: I.R.E.; .A.I.E.E.; Sontfieni Engineer; Intramural Sports. John Fletcher Norwood Henderson, N. C. Horticulture Sigma Pi Alpha: Horticulture Society Sec retar - (il); Floriculture Club; Cadet Officers Association (4). CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE [57] I THE NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO David Bowen Oden, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Architecture A.I.A. Robert Charles O ' Neal Manteo, N. C. Civil Engr. Theta Tau; Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E. Charlie King Overby Macon, N. C. Agric. Etigr. As; Club (1, 2, 3, 4); A.S.A.E. (2. 3, 4); Cadet Officers Association (3, 4); Agricul- tural Engineering Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Willis Henry Overby Lawsonville, N. C. Agronomy Alpha Phi Omega; Glee Club; Wrestling (2); Rifle Team (2 , Wesley Foundation President (4); Mu Beta Psi. Maynard Harrison Owens Saratoga, N. C. Agric. Education Duncan Duvol Pace Selma, N. C. Dairy Hiishandry Aoricuhttrist CU " ): S Club; Animal Industry Club; Y.M.C.A. Council (4); I.D.C.; Dormitory President. Wade Shamburger Page, -n Asheboro, N. C. Indint. Engr. QFurnittire Mfg. Mgf.) Warren George Palmer Berkeley, Calif. Nuclear Engr. Raymond Vincent Parent Nags Head, N. C. Elect. Engr. A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Bert Alric Parker, ATP Clinton, N. C. Agric. Education Ag Club; F.F.A.; Pep Club; Cadet Officers Association: R.O.T.C.; AgricidtHrist; Head Cheerleader (3); Sophomore Dance Com mil tee. Chester Arthur Parker Durham, N. C. Architecture A.I.A. losEPH Dixon Parker Norfolk. Va. Chem. Engr. Tau Beta Pi; Camma Sigma Epsilon: Plii Eta Sioma; Monogram Club: A.I.Ch.E; Track (2, 3, 4). " NORTH [58] i SENIORS WuilAM CclLON PaKK-.. I X Greensboro, N. C. Mech. Eiigr. (Aero. Ofil.l " Iht ' la Tau; Inlerfraternitv Council: I.Ac.S. Treasurer. Billy Frank Patthrson Greensboro, N. C. Textile Sriilhetics Delta Kappa Phi; intfrdurniilinv Council rrcsideni; L)ormiIor - Prcsidonl; Inlramural Sports (l. 3). Frank Cauble Patterson. ATP China Grove. N. C. Agrotiom% ' Ai;ron »mv Club: Aii Club Secrctar ' (4). Kenneth Thompson Patterson Hiddenite. N. C. Animal Hushamir-i — Diiirv Hushaiuhx William Stevenson Patterson Stonv Point, N. C. Agric. E ' lgr. Vincent George P. ul Raleigh, N. C. Textile Chem. Dyeing A.A.T.C.C. George Louis Payet, " tEII Raleigh, N. C. Textile Chetn. Dyeing Phi Epsilon Pi. Treasurer; Student Cuun cil; Phi Psi ' ice-President; Sioma Tau Sigma; Tompkins Textile Council President; Cadet Oflicers Association: .A.A.T.C.C. Al. .v Lafayette Payne, - ! Rural Hall, N. C. Textiles QCyeneral ' ) Phi Psi Treasurer: Intramural Sports; In terfratemitv Council. Ralph James Peeler, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Poultry Science Rifle Team (O; Poultrv- Club Vice Presi dent C3); National Collegiate Poultr ' Club; .Ag Club; Honor Committee (1); Poultry Judging Team (3). Robert Gerald Penny Raleigh, N. C. Elect. Engr. A.I.E.E. Frank Edward Perkins, Jr., nK " ! ' Laurinburg, N. C. Constniction Scabbard and Blade; .A.S.C.E.: Theta Tau; I.F.C.; Campus Government. Jack Wallace Permenter V ' ampee, S. C. Agronomy A.S.A. CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE [59] THE NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO Alexander Leon Perper Miami Beach, Fla. Textiles Sigma Pi Alpha; S.A.M.; Sigma Tau Sigma; Delta Kappa Phi. AsTOR Perry Shell Creek, Tenn. Agric. Education Kappa Phi Kappa President (4); Phi Kappa Phi; F.F.A.; Slabs Edj ings Editor Bobby Dew Perry Bailey, N. C. Agric. Education F.F.A.; Ag Club; Kappa Phi Kappa. Jarvis Wesley Perry, Jr. Zebulon, N. C. Agric. Education F.F..A.; Ag Club; Intramural Sports (1, 2, 3). Donald Frederick Petersen Lincoln, Me. Forest Mgt. Piiietiim (1, 4); Forestry Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Grady Francis Peterson Brunswick, N. C. Indust. Engr. A.I.I. E. Eugene Fidelis Pettinelli, TKl Elmhurst, N. Y. Construction Tau Kappa Epsilon Vice-President; A.S.C.E.; Intramural Softball (1, 2, 3). Robert Bridger Phelps, TKE Windsor, N. C. Forest Mgt. Vlpha Zeta; Xi Sigma Pi; Techtiiciun (4); Piuettini; Intramural Sports; Forestry Club Secretary (2); Dormitory Vice-President (3); Interdormitory Council C3). Donald Stone Pike, riKA Goldsboro, N. C. Indiist. Engr. Scabbard and Blade; A. I. I.E.; Engineers ' Council (4); S.A.M. Secretary (4); I.F.C. C4); Pledge Dance Chairman (4); Pi Kappa Alpha Secretary (3), Vice-President (4). Ray Jackson Plummer Charlotte, N. C. Poultry Science Pi)uhr Science Club; .Ag Club; Charlotte Club. Carroll Bailey Poplin Albemarle, N. C. Textile Chem. Dyeing A.A.T.C.C. James Floyd Poovey Hickory, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. NORTH [60] D SENIORS 1 IIL I Iahold I ' oRTtR Kelly, N. C. Elect. Eiigr. RiHe Team (1. 2. 3, 4); Anu.W Air S.. cietv t. . 41: A.I.E.K. (4). Benjamin Samuel Powell. Jr. Raleigh. N. C. fc i. Hiiqr. Ralph Mackey Powers Moyi ck, N. C. Elect. Eiigr. George Barron Pressly Mooresville, N. C. Inditst. Eitgr. Creater llniversilv Student Council (4); Publications Board (4); Senior Class Presi- dent. Billy Austin Presson Spruce Pine. N. C. Oierii. Eiigr. Freshman Counselor (3, 4); .-X.l.Ch.E.: Dormitory Club. Richard Montgomery Prevatt. Jr. Lumberton, N. C. Math. Scietice Education H Stephen Bragam Privette Spring Hope, N. C. liidust. Education Kappa Phi Kappa. George Baxton Pruden, - ! E Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engr. Chi Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade: Blue Kev: Golden Chain; Publications Board (4): Class Treasurer (1), Secretary (3): .Ad ' isor Board Soutlierii Engineer (3); .A.S.C.E.; Eni ineers ' Council (3); I.F.C. (3); .Athletic Council (4); Student Union Board (4); Chairman Ring Committee C4): Social Com mittee (2). Robert McClean Puckett Charlotte, N. C. ConstTuction .A.S.C.E. Edwin Lane Purcell Laurinburg, N. C. Animal Husbandry Dormitory Club: R.O.T.C. CD; FFA- (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Veterans Club (2, 3, 4); . z Club (2, 3. 4); .Animal Industry Club (3. 4); Intramural Sports (1. 2, 3, 4). Henry Corum Quay, Jr. Harrisburg, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S..M.E. (2), Vice-chairman (3), Record ine Secretary (4); Theta Tau (3), Treasurer (4). Walter Quick Charlotte, N. C. Elect. Engr. Eta Kappa Nu Corresponding Secretary: C harlotte Club Treasurer. CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE :6ii THE NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO Thomas Watson Rakestraw ReidsviUe, N. C. Agric. Education Ag Club; F.F.A. James Earl Ramsey, Jr. Denver, N. C. Elect. Engr. I.R.E.; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu. Robert Alton Randall Kings Mountain, N. C. Agric. Education John Meredith Rauscher Mansfield, Pa. Ceramic Engr. American Ceramic Society. Charles Russell Reed, AXA Forest City, N. C. Textiles {Weaving Design) Football CD; Band; Orchestra; Mu Beta Psi. A. Bruce Reid, 2 I E Philadelphia, Pa. Textiles Phi Psi President C4); Tompkins Textile Council (4). Joseph Browning Reid Washington, Va. Forest Mgt. Phi Eta Sigma; Forestry Club; Alpha Zeta; Phi Kappa Phi; Campus Government C )- James Lemonde Reinhardt Charlotte, N. C. Textiles Robert Gene Reyns Covington, Va. Forest Mgt. RiHe Team CO; Forestry Club CL 2. ' . ■•)• Johnny Wilburn Rhea, Ai; S Canton, N. C. Industrial Rural Recreation Delta Sigma Phi Vice-President; Intra- mural Sports; Masonic Club; I.F.C.; Recrea- tion Club. Vincent Martin Rhue Nevifport, N. C. Jndust. Engr. A. I. I.E. William Lowrance Rhyne Catawba, N. C. Indust. Engr. .X.I.I.E.; Engineers ' Council. NORTH ■ [62] SENIORS IklRTON Wilis KkHAHDSON S.ilislnirv, . C. lUecl. ; " ; ' ' ■; RlClIAlil) RoiilNSON RlCllAUDSON Goldsboro, N. C. Construction WiLi.iAM Allen Riddick. Jn. Asheville, N. C. Mcch. Eiigr. A.S.M.E. Frank Clark Riddle, Jr. Gastonia, N. C. Animal Industry Baseball (1): Ag Club; AniniLiI Inilustrx Club. John Daniel Robbins, Jr.. -X Rocky Mount. N. C. Textile Synthetics Tompkins Textile Society. Bobby Gray Roberts Greensboro, N. C. Civil Engr. Donald Lorain Roberts Revv, Pa. Indust. Engr. A.I.I.E. Richard Cain Roberts Hillsboro, N. C. Animal bidustry ( Animal Husbandry ) Ag Club; Animal Industry Cluh. William Jennings Roberts Midland, N. C. Agronoiny Agronomy Society; Charlotte Club. George Pinkney Robinson Vale, N. C. Chem. Engr. Glenn V ' illiam Rodgers, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Mech. Engr. Grover Tilghman Rodgers, Jr. Washington, N. C. Agronomy C.Field Crops Alpha Zela; .Agronomy Club Vice President (3). President (4). CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE [63] p. A. K . D. G THE NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO James Aga Rodgers Plymuuth, N. C. Indust. Engr. Inlramural Sports (2, 3, 4); I.D.C. Ath- letic Director (3, 4); A.I. I.E. (3), President f4); Engineers ' Council (4); S.A.M. (3, 4); Pep Club (3. 4). Charles Herman Rogers Clarkton, N. C. Agric. Education Kappa Phi Kappa. George Barnett Rogers, -N Charlotte, N. C. Floriculture Intramural Sports (I, 2, 3, 4); Flori- culture Club Vice-President (2). Alan Craig Roland Kernersville, N. C. Construction Chi Epsilon Secretary (4); A.S.C.E.; Tau Beta Pi. Henry Hampton Rothwell Raleigh, N. C. Elect. Engr. Scabbard and Blade; Cadet Officers Asso- ciation; A.I.E.E; Pep Club; WVWP; Sotith- ern Engineer; Junior Senior Dance Com- mittee. Shelley Z. Rowen, SAM New York, N. Y. Textile Chem. Dyeing Delta Kappa Phi; Scabbard and Blade; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Sigma Alpha Mu Recorder (3), Prior (4). Dana Henry Rucker, III Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engr. WVWP; Track (2); A.S.C.E.; Forestry Club; X ' etville .Alderman (4). Jack Erwin Russell, N. C. Agric. Education Howard T. Sadler, HX Greensboro, N. C. Elect. Engr. Eta Kappa Nu; A.I.E.E.: I.R.E. Eugene Clemens Sakshaug Flasher, N. D. Elect. Engr. Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Engineers ' Council Freasurer; A.I.E.E. Secretary. James L. Sartin, Jr., -X Burlington, N. C. Fextile Chem. Dyeing Phi Psi; A.A.T.C.C; Textile Honor Coun- cil; Tompkins Textile Society; Textile Forum; Sigma Chi Annotator. Jack Perry Satterfield Salisbury, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E. NORTH 3c [64] SENIORS CiiARLUs Houston Saundkhs. Jn. Sanfiird, N. C. Elect. Eiigr. l.R.E. ici- Chairman (3); Engineers ' Council (.41: A.l.E.K. and l.R.E. Ch.Tirnian (41. R.AVMONo Cecil Sawyek Shawboro, N. C. Architecture .■ .I.. .; Orchestra (4. 51; Htuu)r Cninniit ice C4 Benjamin Franklin Scarborough, Jii. Hookerton, N. C. Agronomy Aij Cluh; Aiirundmv Club " icc President (4). Walter Edw. rd Schacht. Jr.. -.VK N. Wilmington, Mass. Textiles Football (I. 2. i, 4); Monogram Club President; .Athletic Council. John William Schlirf Winston-Salem, N. C. Mech. Engr. Phi Kappa Phi (3. 4); Theta Tau (3, 4); Tau Beta Pi (3). Vice-President (4); Pi Tau Sigma (3). President (4). Jack Coffman Schriver Concord, Tenn. Architecture .1.. . President (53; Phi Gamma Delta. Robert Walter Scott Haw River, N. C. Dairy Hushandry .Alpha Zeta; Blue Kev; Compus Govern- ment Secretar ' (3); I.D.C. Vice President (3); Ag Club (2, 3), President (4); .Animal Industr - Club: Dormitor - Club President (3); Greater Uni ersitv S.udent Council (3). William de Rosset Scott, Jr., 2X Graham, N. C. Coiis(ri(c(ioi! Charles Hutchins Sedberry Salisbury, N. C. Chem. Engr. Ciamma Sigma Epsilon. Hugh Leonard Sellers Jr. Smithfield, N. C. . Iec)i. Engr. Donovan Rosser Seward Niagara, i . C. Mech. Engr. Intramural Sports (3, 4); Weslev Founda- tion .A.S.M.E.; Campus Government Council; Dormitorv Club. WiLLiA.M Russell Shackelford Fremont, X. C. Agronomy 4-H Club. •CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE [651 THE NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO David Womble Sharpe, 6X Chapel Hill, N. C. Civil Engr. Chi Epsilon; I.F.C.; Theta Chi President; Engineers ' Council; A.S.C.E. President. Thomas Boyd Sharpe, 6X Burlington, N. C. Construction A.S.C.E. Gerald Montroville Shaver Vinton, Va. Textiles Phi Psi; Tompkins Textile Council Treasurer. Robert Morrison Shaw Huntersville, N. C. MecJi. Engr. A.S.M.E. Maynard Earl Shields, AS Canton, N. C. Industrial Rural Recreation Techniciun; Campus Government. John Thelbert Shinn, TKE China Grove, N. C. Chem. Engr. A.I.Ch.E.; Wesley Foundation. Edward Harper Shirley Greenville, S. C. Architecture Thomas Clinard Shore, Jr., AXA Rocky Mount, N. C. Indust. Arts Industrial Arts Club. rRED Harris Shugart Elkin, N. C. Textiles Warren Crapdn Sibley, Jr. Chesnee, S. C. Textiles {Yarn Mfg.) Tompkins Textile Society (1, 2, 3); Tompkins Textile Council (4); S.A.M. (4); . c;romeck; Delta Kappa Phi Scribe (2), Pro-Consul (3), Consul (4). Philip William Siegel Union City, N. J. Textiles Phi Kappa Phi; Sisma Tau Sigma; Sigma Pi Alpha; Delta Kappa Phi; S.A.M. Joseph William Silver Marion, N. C. Indust. Arts Education Y.M.C.A.; Industrial Arts Club. NORTH [66] 1 SENIORS Iames Desmond Simmons Ash. N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. Allen Jefferson Simpson Monroe, N. C. Textiles QYarn Mfg.) Outing club Ci ' ); Alpha Phi Omega; Cadet Officers Club; Tonipkins Textile So- ciety (2, 3); Delta Kappa Phi (3 Annota- tor (4). Kdward Jackson Simpson Roanoki- Rapids, N. C. Agroiiotny Agronoiuy Club. Tommy Edward Sledge Burlington, N. C. Textiles (, Veaviiig Design) Phi Psi; Intramural Sports (I, 2, 3, 4). William Albert Sloan, " J-KT Raleigh, N. C. Architecture A.I.A. Richard Edgar Sly, TKE ' ilmington, Del. Forest Mgt. Intramural Sports (1, 2, 3, 4). Paul Eugene Smathers Canton, N. C. Indust. Engr. Thela Tau; S.A.M.; Scabbard and Blade; . rnold Air Society; A.I.I.E. Burton Davis Smith Fremont, N. C. Agric. Engr. Ag Club; A.S.A.E. Carl Horatio Smith HarrellsviUe, N. C. Cii ' il Engr. Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E.; Engineers ' Council; Basketball Manager (1). Claude Petty Smith Greensboro, N. C. Co»!struc(Jon Engr. Masons; Vetville Mayor. Edward Ray Smith Avon, N. J. Wildlife Mgt. Cons. Leopold Wildlife Society President. George Wallace Smith, Jr., KT Raleigh, N. C. Elect. Engr. Tau Beta Pi Secretan ' (4); Eta Kappa Nu Secretary (4); Scabbard and Blade; Cross Countrx ' ( 1 ); I.R.E.; Intramural Sports (.■?, 4); A.I.E.E.; Canterbur Club; Cadet Of- ficers Association; Drum Bugle Corps (1, 2, 3, 4); R.O.T.C.; Junior- Senior Dance Committee (3); Honor Committee (3, 4). CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE [671 THE NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO dMds t John William Smith Lexington, N. C. Civil Etigr. A.S.C.E.; Cadet Officers Association; Fenc ino Club (3); Outing Club (4). Ralph Lamuel Smith, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Elect. Engr. I.R.E.; A.I.E.E. Robert Frazier Smith Charlotte, N. C. Heating Air Cond. Monogram Club (3, 4); I.D.C. (3); Intra mural Advisory Board (3, 4); Turlington Dormitory Treasurer (2). ' ice-President C3); Baseball (2, 3, 4); Outstanding Intramural Athlete (2); Intramural Sports (1, 2, 3, 4). James Poag Smyly, 2 I E Charlotte, N. C. Ceramic Engr. American Ceramic Society Treasurer (4); SuhiKil (if Engineering Honor Council (4); W ' titmt nn Assistant Business Manager (2, 3); Soutliern En ijieer. Burton Leonard Sokol, " f ' EIT Detroit, Mich. Textiles CKnitting} Sigma Pi Alpba; Sigma Tau Sigma Treas- urer; Interfraternity Council; Textile Forum. Robert Wyeth Southerland Seven Springs, N. C. Agric. Engr. George Eugene Spain Henderson, N. C. Agric. Education Golden Chain; Blue Key Vice-President (4); Alpha Zeta Secretary (3), President (4); Kappa Phi Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; .Ag Club Secretan ' (2); F.F.A.; Student Adviser (3); Phi E:a Sigma; Departmental Honor Committee. Randall Worth Sparger, Jr. Mount Airy, N. C. Furniture Mfg. Mgt. Student Furniture Club; Forest Products Research Society. Lindsay Ellis Spry, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E.; Cadet Officers Association (4); Technician Circulation Manager (2, 3), As- sistant Business Manager (4); Vice-President North Carolina Collegiate Press Association (4); Intramural Boxing (3, 4). Thomas Earl Staton, KA Monroe, N. C. Animal Industry I.F.C. (4); Kappa Alpha President (4); Ag Club; Animal Industry Club. Jack Vernon Stephenson, -X Raleigh, N. C. Furniture Mfg. Mgt. Furniture Club; Cadet Officers .-Association; Football Manager (2). Lloyd Benjamin Stevens Goldsboro, N. C. Industrial Arts Industrial . rts Club Vice-President. NORTH [68] SENIORS [H Robert Algernon Stewart Laurinburg, N. C. Textiles (Geiiern ) Joe Donald Stoll, -N Princeton, Ind. Industrial £• Rural Recreatiou Thirty Three; Kappa Phi Kappa; Bas- ketball 1. 2, i. 4); Class Treasurer (3). Floyd Arthur Stone Plattsburg, N. Y. Indust. Arts Education Ayricultural Chemistr ' Club (I, 2); In- dustrial Arts Club (3, 4); Honor Commit- tee. John Lawson Story, IIK Raleigh, N. C. Mech. Engr. Soccer (J); Honor Council (1): A.S.M.E.; Arnold Air Society (3); Red Coat Band; Drum Buole Corps (1, 2). Therell Asbury Stout Thomasville, N. C. Elect. Engr. Edwin Earl Strickland, TKE Raleigh, N. C. Furniture Mfg. A ' gf- Furniture Club; Inlerfratemity Council. W ILBUR Samuel Strickland Bailey, N. C. Agronomy Agronomy Club; Ag Club. J. MEs Alton Stutts Candor, N. C. liidust. Arts c- Education Robert Russell Sugg, Jr.. -X Badin, N. C. Indust. Engr. A. I. I.E.; S.A.M.; Sigma Chi Treasurer (3); All-Campus Softball (2, 3). Odis Bennett Summers Kannapolis, N. C. Construction Softball (2. 3); Mayor West Hayen. Bernard Spilman Sutton Raleigh, X. C. Agric. Engr, . g Club; President A.S.A.E. La.mbert Morris Sutton Faison, X. C. Agric. Economics Agromeck (2); .-Igricultiirisf (4); .■ g Club; .Agricultural Economics Club Corre- sponding Secretary and Program Chairman (4); Freshman Counselor (3, 4); Pep Club Treasurer (2, 3); Chairman of Departmental Honor Comtniltee (4). CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE [69] I THE NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO Dtan Suvarnasara Bangkok, Thailand Agronomy Francis Herbert Swain, Jr. Southport, N. C. AnimaJ Industry Cadet Officers Association; Scabbard and Blade; Ag Club; Animal Industry Club. William Hendrick Swart Wilmington, N. C. Horticulture (F!oricii!ti(re) Football CI, 2, i, -t); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Horticulture Club (3, 4); Floriculture Club (3, 4). Paul Donnie Sweatt Kannapolis, N. C. Textiles Edward Francis Scott Lisle. 111. Textile Chem. Dyeing Phi Psi; Sigma Tau Sigma; A.A.T.C.C. Richard Helms Tait, TKE Cleveland, Ohio Pulp Technology Techtiiciau. James DeWitt Tapp, Jr. Raeford, N. C. Construction Hugh Alexander Tate, Jr. Rose Hill, N. C. Forest Mgt. Outing Club; Forestry Club; Manager Frosh Swimming Team CO; Rifle Team CI, 2)- Marshall N. Tatum Fayetteville, N. C. Dairy Mfg. Intramural Advisory Board C3); Athletic Director Vetville C3); Ag Club C2, 3, 4); Dairy Products Judging Team C4). Ernest Burleigh Taylor Merry Hill, N. C. Agric. Education Robert Conley Taylor Robbinsville. N. C. Elect. Engr. William Edgar Taylor, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engr. NORTH [70] SENIORS Thomas W ' adu Teac.ue Taylorsville, N. C. Textiles (Gt ' iiera ) Walter Lee Terrill South Orange, N. J. Textiles MonoRram Club; Basketball (2, 3, 4). Captain (4 " ); Intramural Softball; Textile Honor Committee: Textile Cafeteria Com- mittee; Football Program Manager. James Howard Terry, Ai: Burlinoton, N. C. Geological Etigr. Rockhound Society. Charles William Teseneer, Ari ' Shelby, N. C. Poultry Science Az Club: Poultn ' Science Club. Laurence Elton Thomas Kinston, N. C. Textiles CGeneroI) Phi Psi; Textile Foruvi; Tompkins Textile Socielv. LuMAs Carper Thomas, Jr. Durham, N. C. Cfiem. Engr. A.I.Ch.E. Eneineers ' Council: Arnold Air Society ' ; A.I.Ch.E. President (4): Gold Doim President (4). Phillip Ray Thomas Hiddenitc, N. C. Elect. Engr. George Carlton Thompson Hallsboro, N. C. Industrial Rural Recreation Recreation Club; Monogram Club: Base- ball (2, i. 4); AllCampus Basketball (1); . 11-Campus Football (3). James Howard Thompson Mountain Park, N. C. Animal Industry .Agriculturist (2, 3), Assistant Business Manager (3); Intramural Sports: Athletic Director Svme Dormitor ' (3): Animal In- dustrv- Club Vice-President (3); Ag Club; Cadet Officers Association (3, 4). John Wilkerson Thompson, Jr., nKA Goldsboro, N. C. hidust. Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; A. I. I.E. (3); Monogram Club (3); Technician (1, 2); Wrestling (1, 2. 3); .All-Campus Wrestling Champion in 165 lb. Class C3): Freshman Dance Com miltee (1); Pi Kappa .Mpha Secretary ' (4); Dean ' s List (3). Julius Tate Thompson Rocky Mount, N. C. Elect. Engr. A.I.E.E. Marvin Vowell Thorne Elm Cit) ' , N. C. Elect. Engr. I.R.E.; A.I.E.E. H CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE [71] p. ft. K). D. I THE NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO SE Maynakd Graydon Thorne Farmville, N. C. Elect. Engr. WVWP; I.R.E. Secretary (2). Earl Thomas Tilley Timberlake, N. C. Agronomy James Robert Tippett Franklin, N. C. Agric. Education Ag Club; F.F.A. Herbert Guy Townsend Greensboro, N. C. Textiles John Edward Townsend Buie, N. C. Agric. Education Track (2); Ag Club. James Stokes Travis, Jr. Apex, N. C. Inditst. Arts Education Epsilon Pi Tau. Jehu Benjamin Travis Ape.x, N. C. Furniture Mfg. Mgt. Furniture Club. Robert John Tredik Roselle, N. J. Civil Engr. Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E. Adriaan Johan Troeleman New York, N. Y. Textile Synthetics Sigma Pi Alpha Vice President; Tompkins Textile Society; Cosmopolitan Club; WVWP Business Manager; Texlilc Fnriiin. William Blanchard Trollinger Laurinburg, N. C. Furniture Mfg. Mgt. Furniture Club. Ray Kent Troutman Statesville, N. C. Agric. Engr. William Finch Troxler Raleigh, N. C. Elect. Engr. A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. NORTH [72] SENIORS A.MiON t AI.IIOIIN TllKNAGh. Jh. Farmvillc. N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E.: Outina Club PrcsiilinC; Stutlciil Union Bonn! of Ch;iirnien. George Hubert Turner. In. Rali-igh, X. C. Agric. Education James W ' hitridge Twyford Dunn. N. C. hidiist. Engr. . .i.I.E.; S.. .M.; I.D.C. Publicity Dircclor; Iiitrunuirals; I.D.C. Athletic Director Award C3): Senior Honor Committee. James Frederick Underwood Salemburg, N. C. liidust. Engr. S.A.M. President; .A. I. I.E.; Enoineers ' Council. Francis Hardy N ' anL. ndinc.ham Greensboro, N. C. Elect. Engr. Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Xu: Phi Eta Sioma: Scabbard and Blade; Theta Tau; .Aquinas Club; I.R.E.; A.I.E.E. James Leet Vannoy Vcst Jefferson. N. C. Civil Engr. Evelyn Louise Vereen Raleigh, N. C. Industrial Rural Recreation N. C. Recreation Society; Recreation Club; Coed Club. Arthur William Vernon Hampton, Va. Elect. Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Vice-chairman (4). James Edward ' ia Goldsboro, X. C. Animal Industry -Ag Club; .Animal Industry ' Club Treasurer (4). William Vogedes, Jr., AXA Raleigh, N. C. Indust. Engr. S.A.M.; A.I.I.E. Hal Gordon A ' addell. Jr. Burlington. X. C. Civi7 Engr. Chi Epsilon President (■ ); A.S.C.E.; Basketball (1. 2). John Burton Waddell Fair Bluff, N. C. Agric. Education Baseball Qi, 4); Ag Club; F.F.A. CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE [731 THE NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO SI William Earl Waddell Rocky Mount, N. C. Mech. Engr. Engineers ' Council; Chairman A.S.M.F.. Robert Alexander Wade AsheviUe, N. C. Elect. Engr. A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Student Union. Carl Benjamin Wagneb Taylorsville, N. C. Agric. Education Rifle Team (2); Dormitory Vice-President (3); Secretary I.D.C. (3). Henry Grady Walker. Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Architecture A. I. A.; Sigma Pi Alplia President and Secretary ' . Lee Dudley Walker, IIKA Martinsville, Va. Textile Mgt. Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Psi; Sigma Tau Sigma; Fraternity Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4); Inter- fraternity Council C3. 4); Textile Honor Committee (1, 2. 3); Cadet Regimental Ad- jutant R.O.T.C.; Most Outstanding Second Year Q.M. Student (3). Robert Ernest Wall, Jr. Leaksville, N. C. Agric. Economics William Thomas Walsh, -N Old Greenwich, Conn. Textile Synthetics Varsity Swimming (1, 2); Interfraternity Athletics (1, 2, i, 4). Charles Allen Ward Franklinton, N. C. Agric. Education Ag Club; F.F.A. Duane Emery Ward, Jr., - E Galax, Va. Furniture Mfg. Mgt. Furniture Club; Intramural Sports; Vice President Furniture Club (3); Vice-President Sigma Phi Epsilon (4). Gerald Mebcer Ward, ATP Whitakers, N. C. Agronomy QField Crops ' ) Corresponding Secretary Agronomy Cllub (3); Vice President Ag Club (4). Robert Sloane Ward, Jr. Fayetteville, N. C. Math. Science Education Vice-President Mu Beta Psi (4); Red Coat Band CI, 2, 3. 4); Yellow Dogs (1, 2. 3, 4); I.R.E. (1, 2, 3); Representative En- aineers ' Council (2 ; E.E. Htmor Commit- tee (2, 3). Donald Gray Warren Mebane, N. C. Ftinn ' fiire Mfg. ' gf- Furniture Club; Forest Products Research Society. NORTH [74] SENIORS DwiGHT UANnouMi W ' ariun, AXA Washingtiin, D. C. Uuluslrial Rural Recreation Mt noi;r.iin Club: Cadet Oflicers Association; Cross Country (1. 21. Manaacr (i ■, Track O. - : Indoor Track {I. 2, . 1; Ii trainiiral Sports (I, 2. 3. 4V. Departmental Honor Committee (2); Athletic Representative C " - Gerald Donald Washburn, - I ' K Shelby, N. C. Dflir) ' Mfg. Technician (2. 3). Business Manager f4); Intramural Sports (2. 3. 4); Athletic Director Siyma Phi Epsilon (41; Ay Club (2, 3, 4); Dairv Products Judi;ini; Team (4 Walter Neal Watt Charlotte, N. C. ii iiis(. Arts Edi catioii Kappa Phi Kappa: Industrial Arts Cluh. Joseph Mar tn Weaver Weaverville, N. C. Nuclear Engr. Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi: Sigma Phi Alpha: Phi Eta Sigma; WVWP: College Union Board of Directors: Cultural Enter- tainment Board; Chairman College Union Eorum Committee; A.I.T. Secretarv: Outing Club; Dormitorv Building Manager. Max Poston Webb Salisbury, N. C. Agric. Education Lutheran Student Association Treasurer (2. 3). John Andrell Wells, - " tE Shelby, N. C. Fiirtn(nre Mfg. Algf. Mu Beta Psi: Technician: School of Design Magazine: Red Coat Band Drum Major; Orchestra: Departmental Honor Committee (2); .- .I..A.: Furniture Club; Beaux . rts Society. Donald Richard West Winston-Salem, N. C. Mech. Engr. Pi Tau Sigma; A.S.M.E. William Francis Weston Winston-Salem , N. C. Indust. Engr. Joe Alfred Whisenhunt, -X Newton, N. C. Elect. Engr. I.R.E.; W T. David Quentin White Chattanooga, Tenn. Agric. Bio!. Chemistry Hugh Dixon White, Jr. Guilford College, N. C. Gamma Sigma Epsilon; . .I.Ch.E.; Engi- neers ' Council Secretary ' ; Track (1, 2). McIvER Aflen Wicker Greensboro, N. C. Construction A.S.C.E. H CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE [75] THE NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO Guy Cogdill Wiggins Franklin, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E.; Pi Tau Sigma. Robert Earl Wiggins Raleigh, N. C. Textile Mgt. Tompkins Textile Society; Basketball (1, 2); Intramural Sports (3, 4). James L. Wilburn Lakedale, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. Thomas Harvey Wilkinson, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Construction A.S.C.E.: A.G.C.; Charlotte Club Treas- urer (3), President (4); Pep Club Presi- dent (4). William Cyrus Willcox Carthage, N. C. Attimal Industry Earl Edward Williams Drexel, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. Lynn Adair Williams Louisburg, N. C. Textile Mgt. R.O.T.C. Robert Carroll Williams, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Cii ' i! Engr. AIu Beta Psi; A.S.C.E.; Fencing Club; Red C-oat Band; Concert Band; Symphony Orches- tra; President iMu Beta Psi. Robert Owen Williams, Jr. Geneva, N. Y. Nuclear Engr. Tau Beta Pi Cfirresponding Secretary; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi E:a Sigma; E.E. Honor Com- mittee (1, 2); , ' .I.E.E. James Morton Willis Harkers Island, N. C. Indust. Arts Education Industrial Arts Club. George Robert Wilson Dunn, N. C. Agric. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Agriculturist; F.F.A. Treasurer (3), President (4); Ag Club; B.S.LI. Council: Chairman State Fair Agri- cultural Education Exhibit. Leon Albright Wilson Mebane, N. C. Elect. Engr. I NORTH [76] SENIORS Lester Jack W ilson Wilmington, N. C. Poultry Science Poultry Science Club. 1 HiiHSTON Aik;hr Wilson. |r.. -N Raleigh, N. C. Textile Cheni. Dyeing Phi Psi: A.A.T.C.C. Chairman (4): Mono- gram Club; Gumma Sigma Epsilon; Swim mine Team (I, 2); Tompkins Textile Conn cil. Donald Bruce W ' inecoff, -II Lexington, N. C. Architecture Beaux Arts Societ ' ; A. I. A. Clarence Alexander W ' ingate, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Mech. Engr. Alton Miles Wingfield Burlington, N. C. Construction Thurman Dewey W ' omble, Jr. Rocky Mount, N. C. Mech. Engr. Theta Tau: .-X.S.M.E.; -Arnold .Air Societ Secretan ' -Treasurer: Intramural Sports (2. 3, 4). Alfred Frank Wood Greensboro, N. C. Poultry Science Ag Club; Po ltr • Club Secretarv-Treas urer (4); Poultr ' Judging Team (4). Kuo-Chuan Woo Hongkong, China Textiles Worth Amos Wooten Princeton, N. C. Agric. Engr. A.S.A.E.; .Ag Club; Dormitory Representa- tive. Weldon Ray V ' ord Asheville, N. C. Elect. Engr. Eta Kappa Nu; .A.I.E.E. Robert Harold Worrell Goldsboro, N. C. Dairy Mfg. Cadet Officers Association; Cheerleader (2, 3). Chester Wrzos Newark, N. J. Horticulture N. C State .Astronomical Society Presidenl. H CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE [77] John Hunter Wynne Rocky Mount, N. C. Animal luduitry (Dniry Husbandry Ag Club; Animal Industn ' Club. David Owen Yandle Charlotte, N. C. Wood Technology Alpha Zeta; Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry ' Club; Slabs - Eiigings Editor; Student Govern ment; Forestry School Honor Committee. Clyde Thomas Young Carrboro, N. C. Animal Industry ( Animal Husbandry .Animal Industry Club; Ag Club. Sanford Eugene Younts Lexington, N. C. Agric. Education Golden Chain; Blue Key; Thirty Three; Kappa Phi Kappa; Alpha Zeta; Ao Club; F.F.A.; Agricxilturist Editor (4); Freshman Counselor. David Norman Zauber Greensboro, N. C. hidust. Engr. S.A.M.; A.I.I. E.; Monogram Club; Cadet Officers Association; Golf (1, 2, 3). Joseph Maxton Ziglar Leaksville, N. C. Construction A.S.C.E.; Cadet Officers Association; Dis- tinguished Military ' Student; Departmental Honor Committee (3). [78] U o z Jerry Hester Secretary Jay Bryan President Arthur McBride Treasurer L. D. HiNEs Vice-President I •i1 Willi M l.i ION AnvMs, Jh R.ik ' ii li. . (. ' . Mt ' ch. Hufir. iv Mehmft Aksel Istanbul. lutkcv 7V.vli e$ IU i Pii Ai m iir. KH Hiyh Point, iN. C . Alecfi. Etij r. CiitT lloHSON All EN Hinh Point, N. C . Funtiture Af »f ■ Mffi- Hutu ELiZABtTii Alien Savannah. Ca. Statistics Robert Jackson Allison, Jr SwannaniM. . (. ' . Civil En r. Ci iFTON Roosevelt Ammons Lillini ion, N. C . Agriculture William John AMMt NS, i;X RaUiijIi. N. C " . Charles Allen Avera Winston Salcin, N. C " . Ind. En r. Thomas Lenoir Avery Soutlicrn Pint ' s, N. C " . Cix ' il Ettffr. lAKt Wesley Aycock I rcmont, N. C Dairy MfR. Larl Lamar Bailey I olcdo. N. C. Aero. Enfir. George Selim Bakoss Basra. Asluir. Iraii Textiles HvNiiM Bitting Banner. Jr.. U KA Wilkesboro, N. C. Civil Enj r. 1. N. Banner Sui;ar Cirnvc. N. C. Agricultural Education Ralph Arthur Bansbach Asheville, N. C. Architecture James Millard Barker, Jr Norton, Va. Forest Management James Grant Barlow Lenoir. N. C. Construction E " gr. Clifton Odell Barnes Lucama. N. C. Agronomy Jack Walston Barnes Nashville. N. C. Agricultural Education Neal Alexander Barnes Antjier, N. C. Agricultural Engineering Julian F. Barnwell Graham. N. C. Architecture Andrew J. Batchelor, KT Sharpsburg, N. C. Elec. Engr. John Robin Baucom. Jr Raleigh, N. C. Animal Indtistry Herbert Wayne Beal. KT Burlington, N. C. Construction John Aaron Beam. Jr Shelby. N. C. hid. Engr. Johnnie Kent Beck Lexington, N. C. Animal Industry Alfred Lamar Bell Raleigh, N. C. Mech. Engr. (Aero. Opt.) Gerald Coy Bennett Raleigh, N. C. Animal Husbandry James Robert Benson. Jr Wilmington. N. C. Mech. Engr. Marion Lorenza Benton, Jr Sanford, N. C. Ceramic Engr. William Edward Berner Swannanoa, N. C. Textiles Doyle Rinald Biggerstaff Shelbv. N. C. Dairy Mfg. Charles Stanley Billheimer Arlington. a. Forest Management Frank Anderso n Billings Dudley, N. C. Civil Engr. Dale Charles Bippus, KS Hilton Village, Va. Architecture George Lnglis Black, Jr Asheville, N. C. Civil Engr. Julius Lemay Blackmon Four Oaks, N. C. Civil Engr. Thomas Edward Blackwelder, 3»KT Concord, N. C. Mech. Engr. Ralph Jones Blalock, Jr Charlotte. N. C. Mech. Engr. i Aero. Opt. i McDonald Bland Greenville, N. C. Construction William McIllwaine Blanton, Jr., 24 E . .Charlotte, N. C. Lumber Products Mfg. James Grean Blevins Meadow View, Va. Mech. Engr. Norman Edward Bobbitt Durham. N. C. Textiles Gerald Dean Boles Cycle, N. C. Agricultural Education John Koon Bolick Newton, N. C. Elec. Engr. Robert Pelham Bolton, Jr Rocky Mount, N. C. Construction Brantley Cleveland Booe, Jr Winston-Salem, N. C. Mech. Engr. Curtis Clegc Bost Shelby, N. C. Textile Chem. Dyeing Marcus Russell Bostian Claremont, N. C ' . Agronomy THE JUNIORS Dazel Maurice Brackett Charlotte, N. C. Industrial Recreation Raymond Richard Bradley Whttaker, N. C. Ag ronomy JoPTN Blake Brady, SOE Rural Hall, N. C. Furniture Mf . AIg(. James Lowell Brake, AXA Rockv Mount. N. C. Industrial Rural Recreation PRESSLEY Bell Brawley Mooresville, N. C. Textiles Richard Heist Brehm, III, 2AE Philadelphia, Pa. Textile Cheni. ■ Dyeing Hubert Emery Bremer New Bern, N. C. C iem. Engr. Joseph Bion Brewer Carthage, N. C. Textiles Robert McCall Brinkley Marion, N. C. Agricultinal Education Robert Willis Brittaiist Brevard, N. C. Agricultural Engineering Eldridge Whittford Brock Bunnlevel, N. C. Agronomy Jefferson Davis Brooks. Ill Washineton, D. C. Architecture Benjamin Harold Brown Rockwell, N. C. Horticulture Dennis R. Brown, E II , Carteret, N. J. Textiles Emily Catherine Brown, AAA Favetteville, N. C. Cii ' i Engr. Lindbergh Long Brown BeulavUle, N. C. Agronomy James Carlton Bryan Rich Square. N. C. Ind. Engr. Ray Arthur Bryan, K2 Goldsboro, N. C. Construction Engr. Edgar Thomas Bryant Siedman, N. C. Recreation James Ramsey Buchanan Sylva, N. C. Chem. Engr. DoNNELL Oren Bullock, 211 Rockv Mount, N. C. George Smith Bumgarner Wilkesboro. N. C. Architecture John Cameron Burgess London, Canada Textiles William Curtis Burns, 4 KT Atkinson, N. C. Alec i. Engr. Robert Gold Cabaniss Shelby. N. C. Animal Industry William Franklin Caddell, Jr Aberdeen, N. C. Civil Engr. Aubrey Lolan Calton, Jr Latlimore, N. C. Elec. Engr. Robert Frederick Carlson Greensboro, N. C. Ind. Engr. James Wilbur Carlyle Hollv Ridge, N. C. Chem. Engr. Elam Carlton Carr Farm ille. N. C. Luynher Products Mfg. Charles McKendree Carter Morganton, N. C. Furniture Mfg. ■ Mgt. Roosevelt Cartret Clarendon, N. C. Education James Earl Casey Wallace. N. C. Construction James Lewis Cauble, Jr ClifFside, N. C. Heating Air Conditioning Lester Clegg Caudle, 2X Albemarle, N. C. Textiles Albert John Cavenaugh, Jr Wallace, N. C. Construction Charles Rex Childers Thomasville, N. C. Textiles Raymond Leeroy Clark Swannanoa. N. C. Mech. Engr. Robert Hewett Clark Linwood, N. C. Nuclear Engr. Morrison McKenney Clements Danburv, Conn. Elec. Engr. V. Otho Cline, Jr Shelby, N. C. Bobby Lee Cockerham State Road, N. C. Agricultural Education Josef Cohen Tel-Aviv, Israel Ceramic Engr. Julius Jake Cohen Hickory, N. C. Textile Chem. Dyeing James Baxter Cole, Jr Durham, N. C. John H. C ' oleman Spartanburg, S. C. Ind. Engr. John Lind Collar. SX Austell, Ga. Furniture Mfg. £• Mgt. Ralph Loyd Comer Tryon, N. C. Textiles Clyde Franklin Connor High Point, N. C. Eddie Ray Cook Kannapolis, N. C. Textiles NORTH CAROLINA CLASS OF ' 53 jAMts BRADionn Cook Monroe, N. C Cirii Hiigr. IV i I ' ll KowiN Cool Aslu-villt ' , N. V. Cht ' tti. fcHgr. K(K;tH Lfct C ' i i ' i A(;t Uriuhlwood, Va. mi. Hii ;r. KtNNtTH MuRi MisoN CoRBtTT. JR.. il I [ . i!mini;ton. N. C. horest Mituaiiement ( EORC.k niNR C0HMLSt)N. KA Cliiiion. S. C . Icxiilc M t. Jai k Calvin Coss Raleiiih, N. t . Civil EnRf- Hruce Preston Cotten, SN C ' harlotte, N. C. Inii. Efigr. William Oates Covington, Jr Wadesboro, N. C. Elec. E«fir. Horace Roscoe Cox Four Oaks, N. C. Ai ricuUuraJ Education U ' lLLLVM lUiw vHi) C ». . KA Aslu ' I«)r i. N. C . Civil H«fir. Young Reece Cranford Albemarle, N. C. }{eatina ■ Air Conditioning RoHERT Ai AN Croxson, SIN Charlotte, N. C. Heating ■ Air Conditioning ' ernon ' ick Crews Cornelius, N. C. lieatitio ■ Air Conditioning Marcus Bowman Crotts Winsion-Saleni, N. C. A ec i. fc ' Mjjr. Fleet P. Crowell Newell, N. C. Poii (r Science I)ou ;las Milton Crutchfield, ATP Madison, N. J. Forest MiTtta enient Charles Raymond Cummings Aberdeen, N. C. Elec. Enor. John Earl Cunningham, 5:4 E Jackson ille. Fla. Textile Chetn. C- Drfjiig Edward Albert Dalmas ' aldese, N. C. Textile CUem. C " Dyeing JiMMiE Cox Daughetv Portsmouth, ' a. Heating £• Air Conditioning Alton Ray Davis Pikeville, N. C. Aoricttltural Education Jack Hickson Davts Forest City, N. C. Heatino Air Conditioning James Clayton Davis Lauada, N. C. Ai rictiltural Education John Oscar Davis Raleigh, N. C. Textiles William Joseph Davis Winston-Salem, N. C. Civil Eng,r. Robert Bonniwell Deal, Jr Greensboro, N. C. Construction Engr. Baxter Guv Dean Louisbur . N. C. Agricultural Education Robert Freeman Deanes Murfreesbnro, N. C. Construction En r. Eugene Alexander Dedman Shelby, N. C. Animal Husbandry Joseph John- Derro, Jr., AXA Winchester, Mass. Lumber Products .Melvin Ray Descaro Peachland. N. C. Industrial Arts Education Paul Edward Dew Bailev, N. C. A Ticnltitral Education Clarence Franklin Dixon, Jr., IT K4 . . . .Statesville, N. C. Afech. Engr. Ernest Washington Dobson, n K ....Forest City, N. C. Chem. Eiitjr. Albert Jacob D 5Rnseif, Jr.. SAE Greensboro. N. C. Ceramic Ens_r. William Wayne Downs Lenoir, N. C. Textiles John Robert Duffett Laurinburij, N. C. Textiles Spencer Errol Duke Raleigh. N. C. Geol. Etjgr. Frank Havard Dunagan, AXA Ruiherfordton. N. C. 7 xti(es Warren Emmett Duncan Raleigh. . C. Nuclear E«gr. Claude Jack Dunn, Jr.. AFP Efland. N. C. As.ricultural Education Paul Edward Dunn Selma, N. C " . Aniinal Hushatidry CiLENN Alfred Eason Selma, N. C. Civil Enf r. Spurgeon Eugene Eckard Hickory, N. C. Mech. Engr. XoRRis Lecrand Edge Lumberton. . C. Agricultural Education Hubert Xathaniel Edwards Chicod. X. C . William Henry Edwards Goldsboro. X. C . Construction Charles Henry Eger, Jr Philadelphia. Pa. Nuclear HMgr. Clayton Reavis Eldredge San Angelo, Texas Nuclear Engr. John Hubert Endhes Raleigh, N. C. Mech. Ewgr. STATE COLLEGE PBS THE JUNIORS phb Warren Wm. Epstein, SAM Bn.oklvn, N. Y. Textiles ' iLLiAM Samuel Facey, SN CUirUs Hill, S. C. Civil En r. ZoLLiE T. Farmer, AFP Spiinu Ilupe, N. C. Animal hidustry Charles Jackson Farrar Pittsboro. N. C. Elec. En r. George Dallas Ferrell, SAE Durliym. N. C. Elec. Euiir. Robert Henry Fleming, n KA Cireen ille, N. C. Agricultural Biol. Chem. Jerome Edward Floyd Fair Bluff, N. C. Elec. En r. Luke Astelle Forrest, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Mech. En r. James Duke Foster , Ruifin. N. C. A ricidtural Education Tommy Franklin Foster, Jr Blanch. N. C. Animal Industry Curtis Freeze Troutman, N. C. Textiles Richard Stutts Freeze Raleigh, N. C. Industrial ■ Rural Recreation John Frank Frye Salisbury, N. C. Robert Alexander Frye Albemarle, N. C. Textiles William Ernest Fulcher Leaksville, N. C. Mathematics Science Editcation James Carson Fulk Pilot Mountain, N. C. Afiricultural Education John Fewell Fulton Sanford, N. C. Ind. En r. James Douglas Carman, AFP Reisterstown, Md. Wood Tech. Harold Davis Garren Andrews, N. C. Elec. Enor. Clyde McAllister Garrison, Jr Hiyh Point, N. C. Textile Chem. Dyein( Jaime Raul Garza Matamorus, Mexico Textiles Ren e H. Garza Coahuila, Mexico Textiles CoswELL Ellis Gerrald Lumberton, N. C. Architecttire Clifton Gibbs, Jr Spruce Pine. N. C. Geol. En r. Robert Legrand Gibson, AFP Red Springs, N. C. Agronomy Henry Cornelius Gilliam, Jr Sanford, N. C. Animal Husbandry Gus Travis Godwin Durham. N. C. Agronomy Neil Bernard Gold, SAM Brooklyn, N. Y. I ' extiles Franklin Clayton Goode. SN Kenosha, Wis. Textiles Richard ' hitfi£ld Goode. Jr Mt. OU e. N. C. Aoricultural Education Elvin Wright Grant Goldsboro, N. C. Agricultural Education John Maultsby Grantham Fairmont, N. C. Howard Ditmas Green, Jr Brooklyn. N. Y. Aiech. Entjr. Gary York Greene Bostic, N. C. Malcolm Lasseter Griffin Fernandina, Fla. William Henry Griffin, Jr Spray, N. C. Mech. En r. Ted F. Haggai Hendersonville, N. C. Elec. Engr. Henhy Erwin Hall Kerr, N. C. Agricultural Education Charles Edward Harrell Raleigh, N. C. Horticulture Ben Davis Harrinciton Futiiiay Sjirings, N. C. George Faulkner Harrington Peachland, N. C. Agriculture Billy Steve Harris Forest City, N. C. Textiles Henry Eaton Haiuus, SII Galax, Va. Textiles Robert Stevenson Hartsell Concord, N. C. Dairy Hitshandry Charles Booth Hasbrouck Bladenboro, N. C. Mech. Eniir. BvRON Kenneth Hawkins Rockingham, N. C. Poultry Science Charles Homer Hawley Ciodwin. N. C. Af ricultural Education William Oates Hawley Goldsboro, N. C. Ind. En r. Edwin Page Haynes Raleigh, N. C. Ai ricultural Education James Edward Haywckjd, 0X Ulah. N. C. C je»i. Eiigr. NORTH CAROLINA CLASS OF ' 53 r,..iimi DilliKiu llv v viu . «I ' Kr Ml. CiK-.ul. . f. .Wiiirttil lrt(iii tr ' UoilERT Let lllAKN. Ik Rnck Mollllt. N. C. Mt ' ch. huiir. Ik I) m n IIiiMU. Jn.. H Ktp St;itcsvillc, N. C Civil Fiiijr. 1 1 viiK Ukou N IIlilig, Jr.. KT Salisluirv. N. C Elcc. HMgr. Uo 1 1 URisoN Mci.i.YEn Mnniioal. ( anada It ' xtilcs l TON (.1 AY UlNOLRSON W ilktslloro. N. C. Mcch. H««r, DiiWtv Wakiiu m MtNXEsstt Bosiic, N. C. .IditiKi iti( ii.strv David Cowaro IIlrhinc; La Grange, N. C A wttomv John Ciarence Ulrther Favcttcvillc, N. C. Alfch. Hnyr. Francis I£ik;eni- Hi-stur W ' ciulfll. N. C. W ' ihiUfc Cottscrvatiou £• Mot. huKV I (KU ' i u llhSTER. i;AE Ili ;h rdiiit. N. C. Mcch. tnyr. Harvey Merruk Hevwood. Jr.. ilAE IJilimorc. N. C Cousiructiott HuHARD Patrick 1 lit key Ifrnamlina. Tla Forest i Unius etuftit AiPHONSo lIic ' KS, Jr Hnckv Mount. N. C. Coustructioti 1 i) ARi (iRAV Hill Lfxiiiiiton, N. C. AoTicithural Ediicutiou Leslie Darrell Hines. Jr., KA . . . . Roanukc Rapiils. N. C FnrMiriire ' AFfg. Atfit- Robert Winered Hines Spindalc, N. C Textiles Lewis Henry Hinesley ' Sanford, N. C. ftirnittire Mfs.- £ " A ' S ' - Alfred Scales Hobbs Ralciyh. N. C. Architecture Harry Skinner HootiES, Jr Washiiiiitdn. N. C. HoRAt E Calvin Hodgin Guilford College, N. C. Dairy Hushatidry Donald George Hoffman, 4 En Ridgewood, N. J. Textiles lS nthetics Zeno Greene Hollowell, Jr Goldsboro, N. C . CoTtstrtiction Malcolm Lamb Homes. Jr.. AFP Oak Ridge, Tenn. Forestry ' Robert Leonard Horn, TKE Adams, Mass. Landscape Architecture Arc iiii: Alan Horne Richlands, N. C. Aorononiy RiiiMin ' H Edward Howell Pike illc, N. C. Aoriciiltural Ecouomics John Kenneth Hunter Pilot Mountain, N. C. Ag ricitUurat Education William Paul Hutchins Durham, N. C. HeatiuQ c- Air Conditioning, Pentley Novarro Hux. 0X Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Elec. Enf r. James Vernon Isenhour Sanford, X. C. Ceramic Eng r. Max Isley ' Burlington. N. C. Architecture Salim Hanna Jabro Mosul, Irati Agron omy Charles Theodore Jackson, SX Asheville, N. C. Textiles Tom Landon Jacobs Greensboro, N. C. Mech. Engr. Robert Deal James Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engr. DoiKiLAS Cranston Jarnagin Raleigh, N. C. Furniture Mf . Robert Lee Jeter Aulander, N. C. Mech. Engr. Chalmers Columbus Johnson. Jr., SX . . . .Gastonia, N. C. Elec. Engr. Gene William Johxson Winston Salem, N. C. Civil Engr. Herman Rudolph Johxson Spring Hope, N. C. Chetn. Engr. Thomas Ruffin Johnson, Jr., 211 Greenville, S. C. Cheni. Engr. William Jasper Johxson Rockv Mount, N. C. Furniture Mfg. c Afgt. Dale Stratton Jones, Sn Leesburg. Fla. Civil Fngr. Elvin Ray Jones, AS Greenville. N. C. Agricultural c- Biol. C icm. Frederick Bascomb Jones Hendorsonvillc. N. C. Chem. Engr. George Henry Jones Wilmington, N. C. Textile Chem. c- Dicing Jerry Adison Jones Winston-Salcm, X. C. Industrial Arts Education Taron Spencer Jones Polkton, N. C. ,4nima H ushandry Fred Thomas Joseph Greensboro. X. C. Elec. Engr. STATE COLLEGE THE JUNIORS Douglas Thomas Julian Statcsvillc, N. C. Mech. Eti r. Thurman Francis Justice Sneads Ferry, N. C. Agronomy IsAiAS Mitch. Kaplun Santiago, Chile Textiles, Yarn Mfff,. Leonard Rubin Kassvan New York, N. Y. John Redd Kemp. Jr Buena Vista, Va. I ' cxtiles Dean Lewis Kennedy Pavillion, Wyo. Nuclear Engr, William Randle Kennedy, Jr Favetieville, N. C. Construction Richard Heaih Kennette, Sn Plainfield, N. J. Textiles Byron Garkison King, 2N Philadelphia, Pa. Wood Tech. Charles Sylvester King Statesville, N. C. Elec. Engr. Eugene Wilson Kirk Aberdeen, N. C. Mech. Engr. Benjamin Eagles Kirkland Tarboro, N. C. A} ricttlttira,l Education Henry Klein, AS Elmhurst, N. Y. Design Donald IIasbrouch Kline Asheville, N. C. Civil Engr. Robert Jackson Knight Raleigh, N. C. Textile Design David Koch, $E n Raleigh, N. C. Textiles Ervin Thaddeus Kornegay Albertson, N. C. Ani)yiul Industry Stephen Joseph Kosilla, 2lX N. Tarrytown, N. Y. Industrial t Rural Recreation Bobby H. Lamb Ingold, N. C. Agricultural Education William Silas Lamm Lucama, N. C. Agronomy Edward Benson Lane, Jr Morganton, N. C. Forest Management Walter Raleigh Langley, Jr Greenville, N. C. Forest Management Albert Barnes Lanier, Jr Rose Hill, N. C. Agricultural Education Julian Everett Lanier Wilmington, N. C. Mech. Engr. Alfred Hugh Lattimore Rutherfordton, N. C. Agricultural Education Robert Sidney Laurence, IT K4 ....Winston-Salem, N. C. Mech. Engr. Ernest Richard Laursen Swannanoa, N. C. Animal Industry Jules Lavner, SAM Brooklyn, N. Y. Textiles Hugh Kenneth Leatherman Vale, N. C. Civil Engr. Donald Joe Lee Wilmington, N. C. Heating Air Conditioning Jack Robert Lee Arapahoe, N. C. William Samuel Letsinger Portsmouth, Va. Textiles Jack Larry Lewis Atkinson, N. C. Ind. Engr. George Edsel Liddle Wagoner, N. C. Animal Industry James Alfred Lindley Siler Citv, N. C. Dairy Husbandry James Herman Lockamy, Jr Raleigh, N. C Textile Chem . ■ Ih ' eing Robert Nance Lominack. Jr.. A2$ Raleigh, N. C. Textiles (Synthetics) Edward Styers Long Germanton, N. C. Elec. Engr. Jerry Lawrence Lowder. SX Albemarle, N. C. Civil Engr. Billy Dale Lutz Shelbv. N. C:. I)7dustriul Fiecreatirni David Leroy Lynn Durham, N. C. Animal Industry Victor Hugh Lytton Long Island, N. C. Animal Industry Arthur L. McBride Raleigh, N. C. Industrial Arts Editcation Joseph Wayne McCall Marion, N. C. Animal Industry Jack FL McDade Chapel Hill, N. C. Walter Greenlee McDonald Mt. Pleasant, N. C, Mech. Engr. William Alfred McDonald Candor, N. C. Mech. Engr. Edwin Harold McGee Purlear, N. C. Forest Management Laurence Bennett McGee. S E ....Winston-Salem, N. C. Chcm. Engr. James Duncan McGou(;an, ATP ....Lumber Bridge, N. C. Aiiiinal hidjistry NORTH CAROLINA CLASS OF ' 53 SxMui I M( 1 Mis. Ill llH-m.irk-. N. C Hnu II III MtMunuw lUiiIuTtouitun. N. C. .AgroMotri y Don A! n ii m Mabl Kcrners ille. N. C ' . Poultry Sciencv Aki.ani» I- 1 1. Mai Kinney Ilcndcrsnnville, N. C " . i iicleiir Engr. Milton Alan MADistiN, SAM Flushinv;, L. I. lextiles ;eorge Paiuuitt Maii h Wcldon. N. C. Elfc. Enijr. William Eugene Mainous Ciinton, N. C. -Aiiinuil f Iiislnitiiirv IXjnald Ahraicam Martin, II KA niyh Point, N. C. Textiles KoNKLiN Junior Martin Cramcrton, N. C. Elec. Enf r. Lyman IIom M htix Shelby, N. C. . g_ricuUttral ILi.hicatioti I nwK Mason Priiicflon, N. C. Textiles JAMis HoBi ' RT Masslncuii FouT Oaks, N. C. A riciihural Etlucntiou Hariix Waiter Matkins Gibsonville, N. C. Cii-il Ewgr. Carl Merman Mauney Kinys Mountain, N. C. Elec. Enff,r. Demetrius S. Mri etiou Greensboro, N. C. Mech. E«gr. Robert Kenneth Melvin Tar Heel, N. C. Agricultural Edticalinn Aubrey Steven Messenger Powhatan, Va. Forest Management Joseph LEuas Michai Waynesville, N. C. Mech. Engr. Billy Spencer Miller Boonvillc, X. C Animal Industn ' Stuart Morton Mintzer Brooklvn. N. V. Textiles Jack Reid Misenheimer Sa]isbur ' , N. C. Chem. En r, Duane ' Mitton Wilmington, N. C. Elec. Engr. Billy Linwood Montague Raleigh, N. C. Industrial cr Rural Recreation Hubert Mooney, Jr Rougemont. N. C. Aiiricultural Education Joe Tandy Moore. Jr Belmont, N. C. Construction Robert Lawrence Moore Raleigh, N. C. fuTuiture Mf . Mgt. Lathan Thomas Moose Statesville, N. C. A ricttlttiral Education Billy Francis Morgan Ocean Drive Beach, S. C. Landscape Architecture EiXiAR Frank Morgan Greensboro, N. C. Heating c- Air Conditioning Harry John Morton Salisbury, N. C. Cheni. EMgr. James Walter Morton Windsor. Ontario Textiles WiNSLow Bradford Morton Washington, N. C. Textiles Harry Wade Moser, Jr.. 2: E Raleigh. N. C. Architecture Benito Muguira Flavana, Cuba Mech. Ewgr. Jack Thomas Murray Durham, N. C. Elec. Engr. Roland Euc;ene Myers Lexington, N. C. Textile Management James Greve N ' emec. AXA Downers Cirove, III. Agricultural En ineerinji Ed Crammer Newton, Jr Southport, N. C. Geol. Engr. Charles F. Noble Belhaven, N. C. Wildlife Conseri ' ation M t. James Martin Norman. Ill Leaksville. N. C. Cliem. Engr. Radhi H. Abaidv Al Flindvia, Irai] Agronomy Charley Lewis O ' Bryant, Jr Reidsville, N. C Horticulture Robert Edward O ' Connor. SX Forest City, N. C. Textiles Neil Frederick Oerter Winston-Salem, N. C. Statistics Jaime Olarte Medellin, Colombia Textiles Frank Gus Oravec Kirkland Lake, Ontario Textiles Charles Mason Osborne, AFP Brevard, N. C. Animal Industry Roger Sherman Otstot Raleigh. N. C. Chem. En r. ' iNCENT Cowgill Outlaxd Rich Square, N. C. Ind. Engr. Jenning Carol Outlaw Seven Springs, N. C. Elec. Ewgr. WSBM STATE COLLEGE THE JUNIORS Joseph Leroy Outlaw Seven Springs, N. C. Animal Hjisbattdry Daniel Kenyon Owens Greenville, N. C. Agricultural £• Biol. Chem. Garland Benjamin Owens Morganion, N. C. HorticuUitre FiNLEY Page, Jr Hendersonville, N. C- Adolfo Palazuelos Mexico City, Mexico Mech. En r, Harry Carawan Parking Raleigh, N. C. Elec. En r. Luther Graham Partin, Jr Willow Springs, N. C. Agricultural Edtication Benjamin Wade Parsons Roseboro, N. C. Agricultural Engineerins, Lawrence William Paschal, Jr. . .Winston Salem, N. C. Geol. Engr. ' iLLiAM Benjamin Patterson, SAE Abbeville, S. C. Ceramic E«gr. Robert Leslie Patton Raleigh, N. C. Raymond Lewis Penland Franklin, N. C. Agricultural Education Rudolph Perez Tampa, Fla. VextiJes John Ethwell Ramsey Perry Gatesville, N. C. Auinial Husbandry William Everett Perry. A2 Raleigh, N. C. Chem. Engr. Frank Elmer Pittman Chapel Hill. N. C. Construction Charles Ray Pitts. APP Charlotte. N. C. Wildlife Consen ' ation Mgt. Richard Eugene Pitts, SAE Burlington, N. C. Ind. Engr. Hunter Alton Poole Raleigh, N. C. Furniture Mfg, c- Mgt. Earl Secrest Poplin Indian Trail, N. C. John U ' illard Porter Jefferson, N. C. Douglas Lionel Powell, 2n Spencer, N. C. Elec. Etigr. Carl Dunc an Price Selma, N. C. Agronomy Donald Eugene Price Monroe, N, C. Agriculture Rex Beam Price Forest City, N. C. Agricultural EAucatio7i Robert Lee Privette Zebulon. N. C. Industrial Arts Education Alton Leslie Pryor Winston Salem. N. C. Elec. Engr. Richard Leroy Quickel. Jr., S4 E Charlotte. N. C. Elec. Engr. James Toms Quinn Shelby, N. C. Arc iitecdire Henry McKeown Ramseur Morganton, N. C. Animal Industry Bobby Benjamin Ramsey Shelby, N. C. Construction Stanley Roberts Ratcliffe Saltville, Va. Chem. Engr. Albert Louie Reaves Roanoke Rapids. N. C. Chem. Engr. John Thomas Reeves Pilot Mountain. N. C. Agricultural Education Don Drvid Regan Lexington, N. C. Animal Industry Calvin Joseph Reis Allento n, Pa. Charles Lewis Ribelin. II K P Salisbury, N. C. Chevi. Engr. Theophilus Edward Ricks, 2 I E Whitakers, N. C. Animal Industry DE Hampton Ritchie, Jr Concord, N. C. Animal Industry Edward Rizoti. Jr Sparta, N. C. Textiles Charles Phillips Robinson, Jr., SIAE ..Wadesboro, N. C. Construction Sidney Hope Roddey. KT Charlotte. N. C. Horticulture Davie Lee Rodgers. S E . . .Thomasville. N. C. Industrial Recreation John Franklin Rodman, SIT Williamsport, Md. Mech. Engr. Philip Rolnik Bogota, Colombia Architecture Donald Jordan Rose Greenville, N. C. Textiles William Oettinger Ross, 2X Elizabeth City, N, C. Heating Air Conditioning George Sammuel Rowe, Jr Newton, N. C. Civil Engr. Albert Rudolph Brooklyn, N. Y. Textiles John Leonard Rudser Fort Bragg, N. C. Nuclear Engr. NORTH CAROLINA CLASS OF ' 53 (.RADEN jAfKStKN Riissti 1 , 1 K Flcldu ' r. N. C Ceramic t ' " Rr. Ci iiRTNi Y Ini:z Saoler l.tltlclon. . C " . Elec. Enfir. Samuel KiMBROUtai Sain Cana. N. C Dairy Hiishiindn Jose Ramon SANTisrtBAN juncos. Pui-rto Ricn Ai riculture — HoTtictiltuTc Thomas Mm i i iu SamilKWHite C ' lcvt-hmd. N. C " . A ricuUurtil EHgiiicerini W VI 1 1 K Myers Sawyer Bclcross. . C Ai ronomy Wii I lAM Tally Scarborough HiirrisviMc. Miss. I Hciear Etifir. Stephen David Seymore. Jr Sanford. N. C .Mec i. liniir. OssiE Taylor Shackelford. AIT Houkcrton, . C Agronomy Hardii Uu haui SiiARPE. Jr U .hhins ilU ' . . i . EIcc. Etiijr. John Hdiso.v Shuforh. Jr Lincolnton, N. C lud, EHgr. SPYRn ON Nicholas Sideris, 0X Circenvillc, N. C Construction JoHX Thomas Sinclair Racford, N. C. Agronomy Carlos F. Siri Wasliinutnn. 1). C . Textiles I ik;ar Durant Skinnfr. Jr Ruckv Mount. . C. Chem. Enfir. Charles Richard Smith Columbia, S. C. Elec. En r. Marvin Lix vood Smith Rockinyham. N. C. Textiles Robert Dean Smith Kemersville, N. C. Construction Harold E. Sm -re Hickorv, N. C. Architect lire RoYCE Lester Snipes Princeton, N. C. Agricultural Education Caleb Jack Snow Mt- Airv. N. C. Ayiitnal Industry Franklin Maxwell Soling, SAM Bronx. N. Y. Textiles Tomas Julio Sotolongo Amarillas, Cuba Af ech. Ens,r. MAR aN Randolph Sparks Lynch Station, Va. Furniture Mfg. Mfif. Charles Martin Speegle Favettevdle, N. C. As,riculture Charles Edward Sprain, SN Kenosha. Wis. Textiles Richard Andrew Spritz Clairton. Pa. Industrial £- Rural Recreation Peyton Hubert Squires. Jr Clavion. N. C. htdtistrial Arts Education Fletcher Lewis Stanley Pink Hill. N. C. Elec. En r. John Leon Stickley ' . Jr., KA Charlotte, N. C. Te-TCtiles Charles Beecher Stu-Lwell Svlva, N. C. Elec. En r. Walter Thomas Stinson Boonville, N. C. Animal Industry John William Stokes Henderson. X. C. Forest Managjement Jerome Strassler Brooklyn. N. Y. Mech. Eng r. George Hugh Stroud Suffolk. Vd. hid. Engr. Wii i lAM Wesley Styers, S E Gastonia, N. C. Heating c- Air Conditioning William Brooker Summev Hendersonyille, N. C. Mech. Ettgr. William Irwin Sunderland, 211 Ruxton, Md. Textiles Enrique Taxamas Talamas Saltillo. Mexico Textiles James Thomas Tan-ner Elk Park, . C. Ceramic Engr. Donald Allen Tarver. TIK Charlotte, N. C. Chem. Engr. Thomas Aaron Taylor Landis, N. C. Animal Indwstn ' Dayhd Eouax Terrell Clyde, N. C. Agricultural Education Otis William Terrell Mebane, N. C. Ind. EngT. Osmyv Orlando Tesh. Jr Winston-Salem. N. C. Che»M. Engr. Evans George Thomas Raleigh, N. C. Roy C. Thomas Statcsville, N. C. Aero. Engr. DoNAi D Roc;ehs Thompson Greensboro, N. C. Geol. Engr. Hannis Woodson Thompson, Jr Salisbury, N. C Elec. Engr. James Robert Thompson. BX Gulfport. Miss. Elec. Engr. STATE COLLEGE Perry Edward Thompson Saluda, N. C. Construction A iLLiAM Franklin Thore BoDiixille, N. C. Textiles Thomas Lee Thrash Asheville, N. C. Forest Mana emetit Maxwell Reid Thurman, 2AE High Point, N. C. Chem. En r. Brvson Hugh Tilson, Jr Mars Hill, N. C. Agricultural Education James Talbot Tippett Oxford. N. C. Elec. En r. Joseph William Trollinger Burlinuton, N. C. Frank Phillip Turvey, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Ronald Sanders Tuttle Greensboro, N. C. Eiec. Engr. Luis Guillermo Uribe iNIedellin, Colombia Textiles William Taylor LIzzle, Jr Raleigh. N. C. Indttstrial Rural Recreation John David Vance. TKE Williainsport, Pa. Geo . Enfir. Cost AS Kleanthi Varkaris Chapel Hil!. N. C. Agricultural Economics Raymond Bennett Walker Pelham, N. C. A8,ricitltural Ens,ineerin Donald Edward Waller Detroit, Mich. Mech. Ens,r. Bernard Campbell Wa mpler. KA Galax, Va. Ind. Ens.r. Benjamin Thomas Ward, 11 KA Greensboro, N. C. Textiles Boyd Maxton Ward, AXA High Point, N. C. Ind. En r. RuFus Hawkins Warren Roseboro, N. C. Agricultural Education Joe Dan Washburn Shelbv, N. C. Animal Industry Marvin Daniel Watkjns, Jr Waynesville, N. C. Mech. Engr. Billy Stanford Weaver Lillington, N. C. Civil En r. Carl Edward Webb Franklin, N. C. Forest Management Glenn Tazewell Webb Salisbury, N. C. Ralph Sevvell Webb. Jr Miami, Fla. Horticulture Walter Raymond Weir. Jr., S E . .Winston Salem, N. C. Chem. En r. Marion Ernest Welch, Jr Belleville, Pa. Forest Management Howard Alonzo Wells Winston Salem, N. C. Nuclear Engr. Joe Jack Wells Waynesville, N. C. Forest Management Leon R. Wensil, Jr Concord, N. C. Heating Air Conditioning. John Charles Wessell Hallsbnrn. N. C. Forestry James Harris Wheless, ATP Louisburg, N. C. Forest Management Jack Carson White High Point. N. C. Civil Ewgr. James Alexander M hite Raleigh. N. C. Construction Van Dale Willard Winston Salem, N. C. Aubrey Bruce Williams Cleveland, N. C. As.ricuUural Economics Douglas Morgan Williams Toronto, Canada Textiles John Robert Williams Monroe, N. C. Animal Industrr Benjamin Franklin Wilson. Ir Mebane, N. C. Animal Industry William Luther Winecoff Raleigh, N. C Bobby L. Wishon, SIT Kannapolis, N. C. Textiles Clifton Cameron Withers, SFI Kannapolis, N. C. Mech. Ewgr, Bruce Henry Woodard Spring Hope, N. C. Animal Husbandr ' William Edward Wooten Winston-Salem, N. C. Mech. En r. Raymond Lee Wootton Lenoir, N. C. Civil Etigr. William Richard Wyatt Winston Salem, N. C. Larry 1 1. Yost Louisville, Ky- Lumber Products Merchandisittff CiAiTHER Gerald Young Mars Hill, N. C. Animal Husbandry Richard Charles Yow, SOE Southern Pines, N. C. Civil E«gr, [ BLUE KEY I K.ll I 1 SIX C llAl ' lliUS C ' oLons: Blue niul C il(l N. C. STATE C :0LLHC;E CI lAPTER Installed May, 1928 C OL. I. . I Iarrhlson Dr. L. C. Hartley E. S. King I lONORARY F. 1 1. Jeter C . I). KUTSCHINSKI W. N. Hicks A. 1 1. Grimshaw C . H. Bostian T. C. Brown FACULTY ADVISER Edwin W. Rodc;ers Douglas M. Crutchfihlu John A. Dinan Thomas C. Fite Paul R. Foght, Jr. John E. Graham Kenneth W. Hansen MEMBERS William C. Herrmann Edward T. Hollowell Ray p. Karriker Gerald D. Mann |ack E. McCormigk George B. Pruden I Iarvey H. Scheviak RoRERT VV. Scott George B. Spain Walter T. Stinson 1 lowARD A. Wells S. Eugene Younts Blue Key Honor Fraternity was founded at the Llni ersit of Florida in October, 1924, to perpetuate belief in God, to preser e the principles of wood citizenship, and to promote the best interest of the students. The fraternity recoanizes outstanding quahties in character, scholarship, and service, placing equal emphasis upon leadership in student activities. Membership is composed of graduate and undergraduate students of all departments of American colleges and uni- versities. Each year Blue Key co-sponsors the Homecoming Celebration and a dance following the Homecoming game. Annually, the fraternity presents the citizenship award to the senior who has distinguished himself as the bneniost citi en ot his class. In addition. Blue Key cooperates with other campus organizations in xarious actixities to perpetuate a more meaningful campus lile. o o o RoANY Thomas Leroy Jackson President Paul Wagoner Treasurer William Collins Secretary I koniu ' ih Joseph Atl.imo Viiu-himl. N. J. Dfwov Alien Adams Bunnlcvcl. N. C Burlfv Kenton Adcock Xir iliiui. Va. Louis Samuel Aj»new. 2iN W ' ilsun, N. C " . A. Karim Jafar AI Dakhili Baghdad. Ir;u| Louis Gcorije Alexakos. Jr Hamlet. N. C Bill Liiijene Allen Kinijs Mountain. . C. William Jackson Allen Uainpton ille. N. C. James Bernard Alspauv»h W ' insion Salem, N. C. Siiine Thomas Amandolia Thomasville. N. C. Ilellen Anderson. ZV Raleigh. N. C. John Haxnionil Anderson Trvon, N. C Bui and 1 ii hugh Anderson Mt. Airy. N. C. Walter Herman , nders»m Marion, N. C lilden Madison Angell Mocksville. N. C. Paul I-rancis Arata Lancaster, Pa. Charlie Curt Armstrong Creswell, N. C. John Rey nolds Arwood Sanford. Fla. Johnny Kcrmit Atuell China Grove. N. C. R. L. ' Bailey. AFP Burnsville. N. C. William Alton Ballance Fremont, N. C. Gerald Thomas Barnes. Jr.. X Charlotte. N. C. Walter Herbert Barnes Taylorsville, N. C. Craig Leniz Bamhardt. Jr New Bern, N. C. Philip Jaekson Baugh, Jr.. SX Charlotte. N. C. Cedrie Duane Beachem Beaufort. N. C. Joseph Luther Bell Hamptonville, N. C. Floyd Richard Bennett aldese, N. C. Carl Mack Berr hiII Charlotte, N. C. William ' emon Best Greensboro, N. C. Richard Engelhardt Belhune Clinton, N. C. Billie Fugene Biggerstaff Shelby, N. C. Reginald Hodges Bishop. Jr Belhaven, N. C. J(thn S. Blanion Lattimore, N. C. Warren Hmery Blizard Raleigh, N. C. John Henry Bollinger Salisbury, N. C. John Sheppard Bond New York, N. Y. Bobby Parrish Boseman Rockv Mount. N. C. Shanks Merritt Bradsher. Jr Durham, N. C. George W ' yalt Brannan, TKE Dunn, N. C. Charles Edwin Branson Thomasville. N. C. John Royster Brigham Raleigh, N. C. Joseph Calvin Britt Hamlet, N. C. Delbert Milton Broughton. n KA Mt. Hollv, N. C. Carey Edward Brown, Jr Bethel. N. C. David Brown Long Beach, N. Y. Harry Edwin Brown Gastonia, N. C. Stanley Kenneth Brown Buckhannon. W. Va. Walter Edward Bruce. Jr Overhills, N. C. Clyde Milton Bryan. Jr Raleigh, N. C. Herbert Matharis Bryant Spring Hope, N. C. Raymond Tvrus Buckner, Jr Belmont, N. C. Willard BufFkin Clarendon, N. C. Charles Earl Bullock Clarendon, N. C. James Tilden Bums Atkinson, N. C. William Bohadilla Bynum Maysville, N. C. Charles Reuben B rd, Kil Greenville, S. C. Cilenn Ellon Byrd Burlington, N. C. Richard Smith Cannon Wvlheville, ' a. Wilbur Gladstone Carawan Swan Quarter, N. C. Alexander Andrews Carlyle Raleigh, N. C. Har ey Gene Carpenter Al bemarle, N. C . Stedman Hall Can, 2AE Burgaw, N. ( . Edward Robertson Carter Danville, ' a. James Edwin Cash well Parkersburg, N. C. Raymond Lynn Casler, K2 Teaneck, N. J. Adrian Fernando Castro San Jose, Costa Rico Edmundo Jose Chamorro Diriamba, Nicaragua Llovd Cheek Gibsonville. N. C. Jack Donald Childress Mt. Airy, N. C . itelR V 9 M 9 THE SOPHOMORES MacDuffie Clark Candor, N. C. John Marshall Clement, ArP Raleigh, N. C. Gene Nolen Cline Concord, N. C. Leroy Coggins Thoniasville, N. C. John Jerome CoUett, Jr Thomasville, N. C. Douglas Bryant Collins Charlotte, N. C. William Kerr Collins Henderson, N. C. Paul Bobhy Cone Middlesex, N. C. Roy Elsworth Congleton Chadbourn, N. C. Thomas Floyd Cooley, Jr Elkin, N. C. Rufus Emmett Corbett, Jr Wilmington, N. C. Tommy Cottingham, I KT Raleigh, N. C. Kenneth Raymond Coulter Arden, N. C. Willis Aubrey Council White Oak, N. C. William Henry Cox Lexington, N. C. Alexander Russell Craig White Plains, N. Y. Howard Judson Critcher Oxford, N. C. Richard Hallas Crockford, Jr Charlotte, N. C. John Henry Croom, KT Fayetteville, N. C. John Stephen Crosby, OKA Fort Bragg, N. C. Druid Lohr Crotts Lexington, N. C. Marvin Boyd Crow Lexington, N. C. Willie Rogers Curtis Otto, N. C. Corbitt Freeman Daughtry Clinton, N. C. Jackie Shaw Daughtry Mount Olive, N. C. Joe Harvey Davidson Hickory, N. C. Marshall Wayne Deal Taylorsville, N. C. Ralph Ecklev Deitrick Winston-Salem, N. C. Channie R. Dennis. Jr Burlington, N. C. John Reynolds Deyton Kannapolis, N. C. Charles Alan Dickens Mount Gilead, N. C. Jerry Bland Dickey Burlington, N. C. George Grady Dixon Ayden, N. C. William Henry Duhling, Jr Hickory, N. C. William Alfred Dula Kipling, N. C. Richard Avery Duncan Siler City, N. C. Freeman Edward Earley, Sn Powellsville, N. C. William Edgar Earley Mill Spring, N. C. Barbara Jean Edmundson Pikeville, N. C. George Cleveland Edwards Middlesex, N. C. John Robert Edwards Rockingham, N. C. Kenneth Bryce Edwards Winston-Salem, N. C. Robert Calvin Eller Moravian Falls, N. C. James Thurman Emery Washington, N. C. John V. Evans Magnolia, N. C. Earlie Sherman Everhart, Jr Lexington, N. C. Billv Eugene Faggart Concord, N. C. Norman Falbaum Winston-Salem, N. C. Lionel Sidnev Feibus Scranton, Pa. William Richard Feroe Poughkeepsie, N. Y. William Earl Ferrell Wilson, N. C. Robert Joseph Finger Dallas, N. C. David .Alexander Finley Marion, N. C. I lenrv Pridgen Fleming Lucama, N. C. James Hunter Fleming Enfield, N. C. Edgar Durant Flowers Council, N. C. Joatl C ' laudino de Oliveira Madeira de Freitas Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Thomas Edward Fuller. Jr Fuquay Springs, N. C. Charles Allen Fulp. AFP Winston Salem, N. C. William Perry Garmon Gaslonia, N. C. .Mton Leroy Garner Hope Mills, N. C. Benjamin Walter Gary, Jr.. OKA Henderson, N. C. Ralph Clittord Gentry, Jr Glade Valley, N. C. Clarence Albert Gilbert, SN Charlotte, N. C. Joseph Ckinrad C;lass Raleigh, N. C. Julian Powell C;oft ' Rocky Mount. N. C. James Russell C;i ldner, 11 K Warren, Ohio Luis Felipe Gomez Mexico, D.F., Mexico , rnold Frank Goodman Raleigh, N. C. Tobias Westwood Goodman Raleigh, N. C. NORTH CAROLINA I i CLASS OF ' 54 M;ix voll Hinier Goslon Kcrncrsvillc. N. C. l-r iiiklin Monrot " Circcn Brown Summit. N. C l-uthcr Andrew Circen W ' hitiikcrs, N. C. jamt ' s Kern Cirecnlcc Morganton, N. C. liillv Jo.- C;riH;n Marshville. N. C. W Joseph (iriswoUI Durham. N. C " . Charles keiinelh Ciu I Ienderson ilIe. N. C William Hoherl Haddock Winlenille. N. C. Arthur Uohert Hai;sIroni. KT . . . . ' instt)n-SaIem. N, C. C.eorj;e Kellock Hale. 111. i:il Mt. Airy, N. C " . Jose Handing Bogota. Colombia William Paine Harbin Statesville, N. C. RolK-rt liugene Hardy. 11 K La Grange, N. C Zeh David Hargett. II KA Charlotte, N. C. 1 r.uik Addison Hargro e Scotia, N. V. Aubrey Harrell Edenton, N. C. Charles Hubert Hart Ayden, N. C. Wiley Ciordon Hartzug. Jr Boone, N. C ' . Johnny Brisco Harward Norwood, N. C. Leigh Deleon Hassell. Jr Manteo, N. C. Bobby Steele Hastines Hitlshoro, N. C. David Bryant Haswell. S II Northampton, Mass. Aaron Archibald Hathcock Oakboro. N. C. James Ralph Hawkins. Jr Charlotte, N. C. Henry Branscom Head. Jr Rurherfordton, N. C. Libert Nelson Hedgepeth. Jr Rocky Mount, N. C. Willis Earl Hedgepeth Maurv, N. C. James Wright Herring Snow Hill, N. C. Larry Collins Hester. ATP Hurdle Alills, N. C. Maurice Eugene Hester Hurdle Mills. N. C. James Robert Heyward Laurinburg. N. C. David Wright Hicks, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Edward Lee Hill New Bern, N. C. James Gardner Hilton, ATP Raleigh, N. C. Aubrey Lynn Hinshaw Guilford College. N. C. Glenn Jordan Hobbs Washington, D. C. Fred Hockaday Angier, N. C. Homer Wilkens Hogan Burlington, N. C. Ivey Craig Holloway. Jr Fuquay Springs, N. C. Percy Benton Honevcutt, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Thomas Francis Hopkins Elizabeth, N. J. Lowell Thomas Hovis Belmont, N. C. U ' illiam Henry Howell Raleioh, N. C. David . llen Huggins Saluda, N. C. .Mien Moncure Hull Richmond, Va. Charles Belay Hummel Mountain Lakes. N. J. X ' ann Hilliard Humphrey. Jr.. 1 KT ..Greensboro, N. C. James Mcknight Hunter Charlotte, N. C. Billy Ray Hutchins Trinity, N. C. Nathaniel Macon Jackson. Jr Raleigh, N. C. Roger Lee Jackson Winston Salem, N. C. Vernon Leroy Jackson Benson, N. C. Ted Lowell James Statesville, N. C. ' an Smith Jenkins Oxford, N. C. William Bobbitt Jenkins Franklinton, N. C. James Peter Jochum Winston-Salem, N. C. Jerry Jerome Johnson Four Oaks, N. C. Richard Wade Johnson Germanton, N. C. William Herman Johnson Miami, Fla. Leslie New kirk Johnston, Jr Wilmington. N. C. .Mason William Johnston Portsmouth, a. George -Armistead Jones, Jr Gamer, N. C. John Paul Jones Henderson, N. C. Robert -Mien Jones Raleigh, N. C. Sammy Paul Jones Shelby, N. C. Robert Byrd Jordan. Ill Mount Gilead, N. C. Donald Arringttin Joyner Henderson, N. C " . William Henry Kapp Rural Hall, N. C. Jerry Howard Katzin Winston-Salem. N. C ' . Donel Todd Kelley Raleigh, N. C. STATE COLLEGE m hIhb , SB THE SOPHOMORES Robert William Kendrick Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Claude Lee Kennedy, Jr Wilkesboro, N. C. William Wooton Kennedy Kinston, N. C. 11. Connor Kennett, Jr., ATP Durham, N. C. Charles Norman Kirk East Bend, N. C. John Braskal Knight Albemarle, N. C. James Wiley Knox, Jr Bethel, N. C. Angelo Nicklos Kontoulas Greensboro, N. C. Guy Timothy Koonce, Jr Trenton, N. C. Bernard Flynn Kornegay Mount Olive, N. C. Fred Joseph Landreth, AXA Winston Salem, N. C. Louie Thomas Lassiter, KA Raleigh, N. C. Donald Jones Latta Burlington, N. C. James Edward Layden Hertford, N. C. Claude Emerson Layman Roanoke, Va. Richard Allison Ledford Charlotte, N. C. William Malloy Lewis, AFP Red Springs, N. C. William Ted Lewis Wilson, N. C. Glenn Newman Lilley, Jr Gatesville, N. C. Gene Martin Linney Hiddenite, N. C. Ronald Wilson Loftis Fayetteville, N. C. Cleorge Henry Lourigan Kenosha, Wis. Henry Grady Lovin Robbinsville, N. C. Robert Miller Lumley Winston-Salem, N. C. Graham Labe Lutz, Jr Dallas, N. C. Martel Ball McCallum Rowland, N. C. Abram Wells McConnell Mount Holly, N. C. Howard Smith McDaniel Greensboro, N. C. Billy Edward McDowell High Point, N. C. Roy McDowell Walnut, N. C. Robert McPhail Mclntyre, -t-KT Advance, N. C. John Beddard McLavvhorn Hookerton, N. C. Quentin , ugU5t Malmquist, AXA Post Mills, Vt. Charles Brown Manness Allreds, N. C. Hilly Frank Maready Jacksonville, N. C. Roy Jackson Marshall, Jr Winston Salem, N. C. Arthur Ervin Maitin, Jr Durham, N. C. Carl Thomas Martin Raleigh, N. C. Devero Martin Unaka, N. C. Junius Kenneth Maxwell Pink Hill, N. C. Robert Walter Maxwell Brown Summitt, N. C. William Harris Michie Roxboro, N. C. Archie Rudolph Miller Newport, N. C. Gordon Proffitt Miller Laurel Springs, N. C. Donald Richard Mills, TKE Durham, N. C. Edgar Coy Mills Polkton, N. C. Benjamin Lee Millsaps, S E Mooresville, N. C. Ronald Lee Mimms, S n Durham, N. C. Vernon Elmo Mitchell, Jr Richmond, Va. Ned Worth Mizell Windsor, N. C. Fred Bethune Monroe, Jr West End, N. C. Ernest George Moore, Jr., ' tKT Bethesda, Md. Ervin Manly Moore Charlotte, N. C. John Calvin Morris, n KA Morganton, N. C. Theodore Herman Morris Charlotte, N. C. William McKee Morrison Harrisburg, N. C. Norman Carlton Moseley Littleton, N. C. Samuel Hodges Moss Wilson, N. C. Grayden Benjamin Moulthrop .... Cireat Barrington, Mass. Robert .Mian Mullen Winston Salem, N. C. Raymond Earl Murphrey Snow Hill, N. C. Charles Henry Murphy Tomahawk, N. C. John Barry Murphy Rocky Mount, N. C. Nicholas Fitz-Palrick Mussack ....Scotland Neck, N. C. Kadhir N. Mustat Khalis, Iraq Robert Alfred Nash Hamlet, N. C. William B. Nesbitt Edneyville, N. C. John Edward Nicholson Franklinton, N. C. Alan Wolfe Nishball, SAM Bridgeport, Conn. J.imcs Paul Nix Rutherfordton, N. C. NORTH CAROLINA CLASS OF ' 54 « l).i id liuijt ' ne Nixon Cliurlottc, i . C. W .ihir Harncs Noble. Jr Charlotte, N. C. t.o ri;c U;t) moml Oht-nsh.iiii Hristol, Tcnn. KoysitT liiiwin Ogburn Rulci h, N. C. .I.mus Hiich Oliver. ATI Fiurmont, N. C. Charles Lee Overman EJcnton, N. C. l.etirye Hihvard Parker. Ill Ilii-h Point, . C. Cieor e lUilxri Parker Rocky Muuni, N. C. Jewel I lorence Parker Goldshoro, N. C. James Clyde Parlier Staiesville, iN. C. Iluhhy 1 ee Parris Asheville, N. C. I rnest CaUh Pasour, Jr Bessemer City, N. C. C arl l-uijene Patterson China Grove, N. C. Uruee Bennett Payne Canton, N. C. lUnford Wendell Peed. Jr Liicama, N. C. W illiam Major Pettict, Jr Hampton, Va. David Webster Phillips Mount Olive, N. C. C.ene I larold Phillips Kannapolis, N. C. I lubert Lance Pittman Wendell, N. C. Paul lluliert Pittman, Jr Goldsboro, N. C. Robert Llijab Pittman Kinstun, N. C. Cus Emanuel Plakakis. Jr Lumberton, N. C. Jurdan Charles Ploch Pelham Manor, N. Y. James Raefortl Pope Buri;aw, N. C. William Stront; Porter. Jr.. Sn Mount Air)-, N. C. Jdhn Hector Pruitt Clarkton, N. C. Robert Lee Prvce. Jr Rockingham. N. C. Hdward John Pr se Kenosha, Wis. Clifton W inheld Purser New Bern, N. C. Aaron Borders Quinn. Jr Greensboro, N. C. Ja mes Oliver Raby. Jr Elizabe ' .h City, N. C. James Ira Ra land Chattanooga, Tenn. Roberto V. Ramirez Guatemala Sam Ciasion Rand Apex, N. C. Francis Euoene Raper Lucama, N. C. Ned Rash Smethport. N. C. Charles Everett Reardon Benson, N. C. Robert Owen Reece Whitsett, N. C. Jacob Reep Lincolnton, N. C. Ciale Thomas Reever Sparta, N. C. John Thomas Revell. 2; I E Raleigh. N. C. Willis Reid Rhodes Mooresville, N. C. William Quinn Rhyne EUenboro, N. C. George Carr Richardson Durham, N. C. Ernest Jackson Roberts Guilford College, N. C. Kjell Rosenlind Oslo, Norway James Eubank Rusmisell. Jr Hopewell, Va. Walter Scott Russ Fayetteville, N. C. William E. Russell Farmville, N. C. Robert Crosby Sample Greensboro, N. C. Silvio L. Santo-Tomas Havana, Cuba Carl Bentley Sawyer Northwest, Va. Carroll Aubrey Sawyer Elizabeth City, N. C. Cieorge Howard Satterfield. Jr Raleigh, N. C. Eugene Donald Schaltenbrand Babylon, N. Y. James Franklin Scott. Jr Elizabeth City, N. C. Carl Stanley Sewell Lumberton, N. C. William Walston Sharber Elizabeth City, N. C. Frank Delano Shepard Greensboro, N. C. Charles Albert Short Greenville, S. C. Lester Gcjuld Simpson, Jr Jacksonville, N. C. Ilartwell Kendrick Sledge. III. n K t ....Charlotte, N. C. Thomas Edgar Smiley Belmont, N. C. Albert .Mason Smith Elizabeth City, N. C. Clyde Donald Smith C oncord, N. C. Henry Franklin Smith Kernersville, N. C. James Pete Smith Mt. Air ' , N. C. John Frederick Smith Kinston, N. C. Robert Lee Smvre Hickory, N. C. Randolph Franklin Snakenberg Raleigh, N. C. STATE COLLEGE iBBii I 1 t; k 1 wM W Robert Green Snead Danville, Va. Ellis Darrell Snider Linwood. N. C. William Carmon Snipes Fayetteville, N. C. Carroll Junior Southards Wesser, N. C. David L. Southerland Charlotte, N. C. Earlie Hobart Spainhour Rural Hall, N. C. Nathan Calton Spivey Hertford, N. C. Rolf Peter Spoerry Switzerland Wade Rankin Spratt Mt. Holly, N. C. John Gaston Sprinkle Raleigh, N. C. Howard James Spry, Jr., TKE Hickory, N. C. David L. Squires ' Kelly, N. C. Albert Calvin Stafford Lexington, N. C Maurice Ronald Stallings, Jr Durham, N. C. James Edwin Steelman Hamptonville, N. C. Jack E. Stegall Charlotte, N. C. William Richard Steininger. II Raleigh, N. C. John Edward Stewart Winston-Salem, N. C. Billy Junior Stines Dallas, N. C. Charlton Bell Strange, Jr Danville, Va. Richard Elvyn Strauss, En Laurelton, N. Y. Oscar Summers, Jr Raleigh, N. C. John Augustus Suther Concord, N. C. Floyd Blue Sweet, Jr Laurinburg, N. C. Graham Benson Swicegood A ' oodleaf, N. C. Alonzo Peele Sykes, Jr Goldsboro, N. C. Robert William ' Tayloe, SO Powellsville, N. C. Frank Donnell Taylor Faison, N, C. Thomas Douglas Temple. HI Scotland Neck, N. C. John Chamblee Terry Zebulon, N. C. Maurice Elton Thigpen Mt. Olive, N. C. Roany Bennett Thomas Altavista, Va. George H les Thomason Fort Bragg, N. C. William Smith Thompson Goldsboro, N. C. Arvin Vint Thomburg Durham, N. C. William Atlee Tilley Pinnacle, N. C. Robert Ray Tilson Burnsville, N. C. Harold Edwards Talbert Lenoir, N. C. Julio Enrique Tomeu Camagiiey, Cuba Cemil Topuz Istanbul, Turkey Charles Edward Trevathan Dobson, N. C. Paul Eugene Tucker, Jr Concord, N. C. Robert Birmingham Tucker Monroe, N. C. Robert James Turner, SAE Greenville, S. C. Jacob Turner Tulterow Graham, N. C. Bart Anthony Varca Brooklyn, N. Y. Kenneth Elwood Vaughan Henderson, N. C. Paul McRae Wagoner, AFP Gibsonville, N. C. Guy Alfonso Wallers, Jr Maxton, N. C. Huev Pearce Wea er Four Oaks, N. C. William Clayton Webb, Jr Wadesboro, N. C. Thomas Hoke West, Jr Richmond, Va. Wallace VVavne West Fayetteville. N. C. Alton Talmadge WTieeler Raleigh, N. C. William Ray Wilhelm Cleveland, N. C. Robert Chester Wilkanowski ....Long Island City, N. Y ' . Robert Charles Wilkins, 2 I E York, Pa. Robert Franklin Williamson Kenansville, N. C. Robert Littleton Wilson Martinsville, Va. Vann Edward Winfree, Jr Favetteville, N. C. Darrell Groome Winslow High Point, N. C. Mary Jo Wirtz Pittsboro, N. C. Bynum McKee Wood Sandy Ridge, N. C. Harold William Wood Hamptonville, N. C. Joseph ' alter V ' oodard Spring Hope, N. C. James M. Woollen Hig h Point. N. C. Ray Edward Worley Robbinsville, N. C. Nathan Wilbur Worsley, II Oak City, N. C. Jerry Hoyle Wrape. SN Charlotte, N. C. Ernest Bristol Wright, Jr Marion, N. C. Ralph W. Yokeley W inston-Salem, N. C. Arnold Fred Young Salisbury, N. C. Moezedin Zolfagari Teheran, Iran SOPHOMORE LEADERSHIP FRATERNITY Wesley (). Docgeti , Jefferson D. Brooks Preside}il A ' icL ' -Presideiit William M. Williams Deverc) Martin Secretarr-Treasiirer . Correspoudiuo Secretary Johnny K. Atvvell Philip J. Baugh, Jr. Jefferson D. Brooks. Ill Jesse S. Capel William L. Carpenter WiLLiA.M K. Collins Paul B. Cone Roy E. CONGLETON Charles B. Culp Wesley O. Doggett Clyde M. Garrison, Jr. Charles D. CIrimes, Jr. Edward 1. I Iollowell Verono L. Jackson David M. Lambert Jack E. McCormick Birch L. McMurray Devero Martin Vincent C. Outland Richard E. Pitts Joe D. Stole RoANY B. Thomas George L. I homason Maxwell R. Thurman Paul M. Wagoner Benjamin T. Ward RuFus H. Warren William M. Williams Sanford E. Younts U Z X David Parrott President Pete Jacobson Secretary Alan Thorne Vice-President Frank Matthews Treasurer Charles Stanley Ackerman New York, N. Y. n.( id DcInKis Adams Burlington. N. C. h.ih WiUu-tt Ak- ..nder. Jr C rcswi-U. N. C. I. ' hn Hich.ird U- .tndor. Jr Kiinn.ipoiis. N. C. Hilly Ray Allen larmville. N. C. Janu ' s Maxwell Allen. Jr Louisbnr . N. C. RolK ' ri Sahie Allen Forest Citv. N. C. William Oscar Allen. Jr Hamlet, N. C. Jesse l-ranklin Allred Mt. Airy, N. C. Diinald Lee Andersun Marion, N. C Miichell C ' letus Andrew Greensboro. N. C. John an W ' ess Andrews Charlotte. N. C. RoIhti Edward Andrews Spencer, N. C. Alex Eddie Anthony, Jr Laurinburg, N. C Bruce Ah in Arkin Brc oklvn. N. Y. Lee Roy Armstrong, Jr Wilmington. N. C. James Rernice Arthur Kinston. N. C. Idu.ird White Aveni. Ill Raleigh. N. C. C harlcs Wilson A erre San Jose. Costa Rica William Spurgeon Avscue Henderson. N. C. David Eugene Bagwell Raleigh. N. C. Carol Rud ard Baker Nichols. S. C. Hugh Huntlev Baker Wadesboro, N. C, Theodore Thomas Ballenger Raleigh. N. C. Anilkumar Ramchandra Banker Bombav, India Linwood Barbour Four Oaks. N. C. Lvnn Kelh ' Barger China Gro e, N. C. Harold Gray Barker Slates ille. N. C. Lander Franklin Barker. Jr Bessemer City, iS ' . C Harold William Barnes Wilson, N. C. John Thomas Barnes Concord, N. C. David Howell Barrett CharIot:e, N. C. Norman Eugene Bartholomew Rockv Mount, N. C. Paul Robert Barton Charlotte. N. C. James Albert Bass. Jr Wilson, N. C. Roger Thompson Bass Rockv Mount, N. C. James William Batchelor Beulaville. N. C. Dan Edison Baucom Watha. N. C. Henry Hayne B.iucom. Jr Monroe. N. C. Cetin Mustafa Baykara Kadikov Istanbul, Turkev William D(mald Beane Charlotte, N. C. Orel Wood Beaslev Benson. N. C. Liston Calvin Beck. Jr Troy, N. C. Harrison Clement Becton GolHsboro, N. C. James Morgan Bennett EUerbe. N. C. Herbert Arthur Berkowitz Far Rockaway. N. V. James Theodore Best S ' antonsburg, N. C. Ollie Cleston Bishop. Jr Burlington, N. C. Clarence Douglas Blanchard Burlington. N. C. Wayne Richard Bobbitt, Jr Zebulon. N. C. Allen Boone Wavnesville, N. C. Ciilberl Warren Boone Nashville. N. C. Clarence Leonard Bostian, Jr Salisbun N. C. Julius Jerome Boyd Wavnesville, N. C. James Rahn Boyer Mavodan, N. C. Frank Belton Boyette Newton Gro% ' e, N. C. George Curtis Bowers Absher. N. C. William Paul Braswell Goldsboro, N. C. Charles Kenneth Brendell Candler. N. C. Bill Flynn Bridges Rutherfordton. N. C. Robert Mohler Bricjham Raleigh, N. C. X ' icior Anderson Bright Elizabeth City, N. C. Albert Wesley Brinson, Jr New Bern, N. C. Joe Maxton Brilt Newton Grove, N. C. Paul Jones Britt Bladenboro, N. C. George Glenn Broome Aurora, N. C. Ralph Courtney Brown Mooresville. N. C. Louis Julius Brunett. Jr Greenvale, . V. Everett Cecil Bryant. Jr Jackson, N. C. Henry CuUen Bryant Franklin, N. C. Thomas Baggelt Buckman Linden, N. J. Mackie Keith Burcham Burlington, N. C. Charles Stewart Burgess Havelock, N. C. Dewev Burgess Shiloh. N. C. Douglas Pollard Burgess Woodleaf, N. C. Charles Erwin Burkhead Asheboro, N. C. James Harmon Byrd Asheboro, N. C. Jack White Cahoon Manteo. N. C. Billv Etlward Caldwell Newton. N. C. William Albert Calton Lattimore, N. C. THE FRESHMEN i f rf : 1 ) I ' ff .It William Cuyler Calton Bostic, N. C. Edward Truesdale Campbell Wilson, N. C. Richard Lee Campbell Greensboro, N. C. Elbert Gairy Cannady, Jr Richlands, N. C. Claude Curtis Cardwell Newsport News, Va. Coy Cornelius Carpenter, Jr Winston-Salem, N. C. John Hurke Carpenter Lincolnton, N. C. Hubert Wesley Gartner, Jr Winston-Salem, N. C. William Brevard Cashion Hickory, N. C. Geortje Bennett Causby Albemarle, N. C. Randall Puryear Cheek Raleigh, N. C. Sherwood Wentz Chesson Edenton, N. C. Ludlow Ogden Clement Danbun ' , Conn. Frank Welch Clinard. Jr Winston-Salem, N. C. Walter Maxwell Cline Raleigh, N. C. Clyde Allan Cohoon Columbia, N. C. Wiley Elderon Conder Charlotte, N. C. Gilbert Allen Conrad Winston-Salem, N. C. Miles Robert Cooper Elizabeth City, N. C. Stephen Allen Cooper Brooklyn, N. Y. Cotesworth Eugene Corriher Mendersonville, N. C. Robert Allison Costner, Jr Lincolnton, N. C. Don Richard Council Mount Airy, N. C. Robert Terrell Counts Gastonia, N. C. Forrest Williamson Cox Raleigh, N. C. James Howard Graver Clemmons, N. C. Edie Arnold Crimer Winston-Salem, N. C. Henrv Chovine Groom Wilson, N. C. George Ford Crossland, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Edwin Stuart Crow, Jr Goldsboro, N. C. William Graham Crutchfield Burlington, N. C. Dallas Earl Cundiff Hanes, N. C. William Ange Current Gastonia, N. C. Charles Kenneth Cutts Stovall, N. C. David William Cvaniga New Rochelle, N, Y. Moncie Lee Daniels, III Manteo, N. C. Moses Barnes Daniels, Jr Wilson, N. C. Pete Poole Daniels Wanchese, N. C. Benjamin Franklin Davis Lawndale, N. C. Bobby Lee Davis High Point, N. C. Charles Edwin Da is Goldsboro, N. C. Theodore Carson Davis, Jr Raeford, N. C. Thomas Willis Davis Beaufort, N. C. Paul Raymond Dawson Charlotte, N. C. James Carlton Deal Newton, N. G. Ernest Sanford Dean, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Williani Douglas Dean Louisburg, N. C. Olmedo Aurelio de Diego Mt. Pleasant, N. C. Richard Patterson Denise Goldsboro, N. C. Willis Andrew Derden Durham, N. C. William Andres DeVane. Jr Fayette ille, N. C. George Leon Dickens Castalia, N. C. Grady Gresham Dickerson Henderson, N. C. Colbert Lee Dilday Colerain, N. C. Thomas Austin Dixon Leasburg, N. C. William House Dove Rocky Mount, N. C. Dale Johnstcm Drum Shelby, N. C. Maurice Thomas Drye Oakboro, N. C. Bruce Eugene Dunklev Roxboro, N. C. Bernard Louis Du Plessis, Jr Winston Salem, N. C. Douglas Wilson Eason Macclesfield, N. C. Jack ' Purdee Edmonds Fair Bluff, N. C. John Dixon Edwards Raleigh, N. C. Robert Wayne Egbert Greensboro, N. C. Robert Lee Eidson Elkin, N. C. Thomas Mortimer Ellington. Jr Asheville, N. C. Norman McCormick Elliott Marion, N. C. George Wallace Ellis Durham. N. C. Jonathan Barnes Ellis Stantonsburg, N. C. Robert Elwell Passaic, N. J. Robert Dunlap Emerson Siler City, N. C. William Samuel Enloe Henderson ■ille, N. C. Norman Charles Epler Lakeview, N. C. John McLaughlin Eubanks McCain, N. C. Lucius Russell E ' ans Youngsville, N. G. Robert William Faires Whitnel, N. C. Odais Monroe Farrington Kerners ' ille, N. C. Philip Holden Fett Brooklyn, N. Y. Frank V ' ells Fields Greensboro, N. C. Douglas Wade Files Blanch, N. C. NORTH CAROLINA CLASS OF ' 55 .! Alton Finlev Cramcrton. N. C. CliarlcN Wesley Fisher, Jr Tarboro, N. C. John Thoniiis !-isher Kannapolis, N. C. Stephen Hichanl Flashman Brooklinc. Mass. WuW-Tt Loyil Fleming. Jr Pikeville. X. C. Hoi er Kerr Fleming Manson. N. C. Cornelius liilward Fletcher Durham. N. C. Billy Franklin Floyd Gordo. N. C. " ile Chester Forrest, Jr Kinston, N. C l.eUov liamhlen Fouraker Kaleigh. X. C. John Wallaee Fi.ushee. Jr Roxboro. X. C. ' aui;han Dashwood Fouler Franklin, Va. James Menr ' Frazier (ioldsboro, X. C. Curtis Ray Frederick Turkey. X. C. F. Anthony Shehdan Frederick Raleigh, X. C. Nathaniel Simmons FuHord Washington, D. C. Mark Fverett Fulghum Asheville. X. C. John Wade Fu uay Snow Camp. X. C. Letm Xeill Fut|iia " Lillington. X. C. Henderson Baine Gabriel. Jr Winston Salem, X. C. Harold Oean (;arber Guilford College, X. C. Robin Pierce Ciardner Zehulon, X. C. James I leath Gailton Marshville, X. C. John Edgar Garrett Burlington. X. C. Scih Bridgeman Ci.iskitl. Jr Raleigh. X. C Hart Hall C.ates Raleigh. X. C. W illiam Ivan C.av Zehulon. N. C. John Kenneth Cwbala Little Xeck. X. C. David Breckenridge Ciibson Red Springs. X. C. Arthur Brinklev Gilbert Germanton, N. C. Sherwood Llovd Goldfein Xew York, X. Y. Robert Lee Gordon Yadkinville, X. C. James William Ciorman Winston Salem, X. C. Wayne Floyd Grainger Fair Bluff. X. C. Eari Eugene Gray Deep Run, X. C. Lucius Ardrev Grav Clinton, X. C. Oliver Hammond Green Fayetleville, X. C. Claude Edgar Cireene Hazehvood. X. C. Douglas Richard Greene Shelby, X. C. Dale Pennington Gregg Lenoir, X. C. John Xathan Gregg Fort Mill, S. C. James Hampton Griffin Dover, X. C. Jem ' Speight Grimes Battleboro, N. C. Mitchell A. Guabelly Asheville, X. C. David Edward Hagler Matthews, X. C. Burton Haims Brooklyn. X. Y. Cilenn Hampton BkK)mfield, X . J. Samuel Jasper Hand. Jr Lowell. X. C. David Carol Hardee Ayden. X. C. Harvey Edward Hardv La Grange, X. C. Jefferson Hoover Harelson Laurinburg, X. C. X ' orwood Oscar Hargrove Clinton, X. C. Clarence Elton Harris. Jr Areola. X. C. James Edward Harris Winston-Salem, X. C. Ransom Southerland Harris Raleigh. X. C. Richard Paul Harris, Jr Xew London, X. C. William Ham ' s Winterville, X. C. Parran Waldo Hawkins Walnut Cove, X. C. Rcibert Thomas Hayes Ha elock, X, C. Joseph Herman Haynes I igh Point, X. C. Robert Jackson Hazelgrove Durham. X. C. Robert James Heavenridge Lumberton, X. C. Floyd Fuller Hendrix, Jr Greenville, X. C. Jerry Leon Henry Charlotte, X ' . C. Joseph Pearson Hester High Point, X. C. Elbert Leland Hiatt Mt. Airy, X. C. Willie Lee Hicks Henderson. X . C. James Charles High Whiteville, X . C. Jackie Vaw n Hill Clinton, X. C. Richard Hoyt Hohhs Clinton, X. C. William Stewart Hoffman Burlington, X. C. Harry McClurc Hoggard Raleigh, X. C. Dennv Rudolph Holder Kernersville, X. C. Clifton Walker Holloway. Jr Middleburg, X. C. Thomas Vann Hollowell Hobbsville, X. C. Bobby Lee Holmes Fayetteville, X. C. James Br an Holton, Jr Xew Bern, X. C. William Charles Hood Xew sport Xews, Va. Andrew Allen Hooker Engelhard, X. C. Stonewall J. Hopper, Jr Clover, S. C. nlSTATE COLLEGE liJ .., I J THE FRESHMEN Claude Revere Horn, Jr Mocksville, N. C. Byard Houck, Jr West Jefferson, N. C. Joe Dawkins Howell Waynesville, N. C George Mack Howey Charlotte, N. C. William Alexander Howie Monroe, N. C. George Alexander Huffines Burlington, N. C. Henry Marion Hughes Shelby, N. C. I loward Leslie Hughes Spray, N, C. Robert Wayne Hunter Pilot Mountain, N. C. Gerald Barry Hurst Jack5on ' ille, N. C. William Wesley Hurst Southern Pines, N. C. George Gary Hutchins Leicester, N. C. James Benjamin Ingram, Jr Parkton, N. C. Louran Lee Ivey Graham, N. C. Earl Hunter Jackson Shelby, N. C. Jerry Stephen Jackson Raleigh, N. C. Peter Sherwood Jacobsen Charlotte, N. C. Harry Comly James Graham, N. C. Eduardo Alonso Jaramillo Bogota, Colombia Blair Jenkins. Ill Raleigh, N. C. Felix Franklin Johnson Kinston, N. C. James Owen Johnson Kenansville, N. C. Philip Sn() ' den Johnson Clayton, N. C. Richard Palmer Johnson Siler City, N. C. Benjamin Lewis Jones Asheville, N. C. Frederick Darrel Jones Raleigh, N. C. Joseph Sabring Jones Reids ' ille, N. C. Lawrence Denson Jones, Jr Plymouth, N. C. David Samuel Jordan Elkin, N. C. James Karl Jordan Boiling Springs, N. C. Donald Morton Joyce Winston Salem, N. C. James Forrest Joyner, Jr Louisburg, N. C. M. Elliot Kabbash Clifton, N. J. Ronald Gene Kaylor Conover, N. C. Charles B. Kearn ' s High Point, N. C. Johnny Er •in Keever Alexis, N. C. Kent Poe Kennedy Kinston, N. C. Leonard Andrew Kilian Norlina, N. C. William Burns Kincaid Salisbury, N. C. James Abraham King Greensboro, N. C. Robert Travis King Fair Bluff, N. C. Thomas Erwin King Raleigh, N. C. William Preston King Fair Bluff, N. C. James Edgar Kirkman, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Bobby Hugh Kirks Leaksville, N. C. John Allen Knight Statesville. N. C. Lee Hamilton Knight Little Rock, Ark. Max Smith Knox Huntersville, N. C. Ililding Robert Krook, Jr Philadelphia, Pa. Jerry Gilbert Lackey Ben Tillman Naval Base, S. C. Robert Leon Lane Butner, N. C. William Franklin Lane Wilson, N. C. Jesse Arnold Lassiter Rich Square, N. C. Daniel Gold Lattimore Lawndale, N. C. William Flarry Laughter Hendersonville, N. C. James Alfred Lawrence Atkinson, N. C. Marion Lee Leatlierman Newton, N. C. Eddie Gene Lee Rutherfordton, N. C. James Donald Lee Raleigh, N. C. Kent Edward Lee Greenville, N. C. William Daniel Lee, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Banks Lee Leonard Lexington, N. C. Tommy Dale Leonard Lexington, N. C. James Barton Lewis Humboldt, Tenn. Bobby Delano Lilley Jamesville, N. C. Juson Ruhis Lineberger Gastonia, N. C. Kenneth Denimal Lloyd, Jr Zebulon, N. C. H. Preston Locke Washington, D. C. Charles Abram Lockwood Charlotte, N. C. James Allison Lomax Spencer, N. C. Jesse Elbert Long, Jr Clarendon, N. C. Henry Edgar Longle Wilmington, N. C. Malcolm Monroe Lowdcr Albemarle, N. C. Robert Alexander Loy Culpeper, Va. Allan Morton Lubert Brooklyn, N. Y. Larr Leighton Lutz Gastonia, N. C. Ancell Dwight Lynch Roanoke Rapids. N. C. Paul Harrison McArthur, Jr Fayetteville, N. C. Robert E. McClure Walnut, N. C. Royce Gene McCombs Kannapolis, N. C. NORTH CAROLINA CLASS OF ' 55 J.inu-s tn ;lc McCulloch Raleigh. N. C Hugh IhoiiKis McDiiniol. Jr Charlotte. N. C lohnnv Dick McDonald Greensboro, N. C. Roheri Wade Mcl mald Raleigh. N. C. W ' .uU- Miller Mount Airv. N. C. J.inus I !.. d Mc(;rau Carthage. N. C. David Monroe .Mclnl re I lamer, S. C Ham ' Phillip McLain ' Stalesville. N. C. Archie Henrv McLean Wallace, N, C. William Uarvev McLean Wallace, N. C, Ralph Donald McNeelv Drexcl. N. C. .lo eph Duke Mahr . jr Henderson. N. C. Arthur Scott Maclaire New York, N. Y. Ciilberi Barklev MacLaren. Jr Wayne. Pa. Charles Angus MacManus Carv. N. C. Cecil Gray ' Madden Hamlet, N. C. Hdwin IIenlc Manchester Lenoir, N. C. Hohhv Donald Marcom Henderson, N. C. Harvey Thomas Marshall Mount Air ' , N. C. Chreston Furman Martin Landrum. S. C. hev Kugene Martin. Jr Winston Salem. N. C. Francis Ennett Mason Newport, N. C. Keith Stewart Mason Newport, N. C. Wa ne .Morgan Mashburn Benson, N. C. Martin Kent Melvin Kelly, N. C. Thomas McNeill Memorv Wagram. N. C. jack Alan Menius New Bern, N. C. Richard Edward Michael High Point. N. C. Robin Aires Alickle Winston-Salem, N. C. Bayne Elno Miller Mocksville. N. C. Da id Lawrence Miller Tarboro, N. C. Hugh Max Miller W inston-Salem, N, C John Richard Joseph Miller Hickory. N. C. Dale Johnson Mills Landis, N. C. Richard Arlen Mitchell Winston-Salem, N. C. I rederick Me er Moore Kinston, N. C. Stuart Beckwith Moore ' ashington, N. C ' . Robert Wilson Morgan Hamlet, N. C. Charles Willard Moss Hickory, N. C. Harr ' Jackson Moss Greensboro, N. C. Wahed Abdul Muieb Bagdad. Iraq Harry Withers Myers Ruffin. N. C. Henrv Gerald Mytut Carthage. N. C. Robert Lloyd Nance Charlotte. N. C. Mario Naranjo Medellin. Colombia Robert John Nelson Kemersviile. N. C. Truman Leo Newberrv, Jr Raleigh. N. C . Reginald Kenneth Newbon Southern Pines, N. C Havwood Homan Newkirk W ilmington, N. C. Billv Herman Nixon Davidson. N. C Frank B. Northup Winston Salem. N. ( . William Ernest Ogbum, Jr WinstonSalem, N. C ' . Maurice Harwood 01i er Creswell, N. C. Thornal Durant O ' Quinn, Jr Lillington, N. C. Rav Claiborne Osborne Elkin, N. C. James Clyde Overcash Charlotte, N. C. Thomas Needham Owen, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Kenneth Leon Pace Sumter, S. C. James Rual Pack Trv ' on, N. C. Rex Horace Padgett Spindale, N. C. Jar is Lint(m Palmer, Jr Wavnesville, N. C William Edward Pappendick. Ill ...Elizabeth City, N. C. John William Parker Goldsboro, N. C. Robert Wooten Parker Macclesfield, N. C. Frank David Parrott Kinston, N. C. Dcmald Gra ' Paschal Winston-Salem, N. C. John Denning Pearman Goldsboro. N. C. Richard Donald Peele Roxobel, N. C. Jack Clarence Pegram. Jr Fayetteville, N. C. Paul Louis Pellinger, Jr Gastonia, N. C. Ronald Gaines Perkins Roxboro, N. C. Clay Randolph Phillip Warsaw. N. C. Calvin Collins Pippin Smithficld, N. C. Walter Lee Pippin Farmville. N. C . Calvin Parker Poole, Jr Favetteville, N. C . (ieorgc Herman Porter Goldsboro, N. C . William Francis Powell Richmond. Va. William Lewis Preddv Youngsville, N. C. Herbert Glenn Privette Zebulon, N. ( . James Willard Prvor Winston-Salem, N. C . STATE COLLEGE THE FRESHMEN :f :f ! :f Johnny Raymond Puckett Mt. Olive, N. C. Donald Everett Purdee Lexington, N. C. Richard Vincent Putnam Rutherfordton, N. C. Reginald Carter Raper Pleasant Garden, N. C. Robert Carlton Ratchtord Dallas, N. C. Jack Smith Reams Raleigh, N. C. Carr Vaden Redding, Jr Sophia, N. C. Marc Boswell Redus Winston-Salem, N. C. Richard Willis Reed Schuylkill Haven, Pa. E. Clayton Register, Jr Elizabethtown, N. C. Howard Stanley Reiss Passaic, N. J. ' an W Respess Pantego, N. C. Charles Henry Rhea Naval Base, S. C. Kenneth Larry Richards Lawndale, N. C. John Bailey Ridgen, Jr Salisbury, N. C. Edward Francis Rigouard, Jr S. Norwalk, Conn. Harrv Dean Ritchie Lincolnton, N. C. Franklin Dan Rivenhark Watha, N. C. John William Rohbins Scotland Neck, N. C. Leo Franklin Roberson Wilmington, N. C. James Wallace Roberts Atkinson, N. C. Lindsey Harris Robertson, Jr Reidsville, N. C. Thomas Martin Robertson White Plains, N. C. .Alfred Allison Robinson Newton, N. C. George Parks Robinson Charlotte, N. C. Rodney Edward Robinson Lincolnton, N. C. Sloan Shclton Robinson Gastonia, N. C. James Franklin Rogers Rocky Point, N. C. Enos William Rogister, Jr Tarboro, N. C. Lew Carson Rose Smithfield, N. C. Robert LaBarre Russell Candler, N. C. Hatam Ali Samarrie Samarrah Theron Vester Sanders Bailey, N. C. Charles Elbert Sane Rutherfordton. N. C. David Sledge Sattin Danville, Va. Hugh Abbott Savage Council, N. C. Robert Garner Savage Willard, N. C. Robert Arville Scaggs Albemarle, N. C. Ahvin Ferdinand Schmid Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Roger William Schneider Kenosha, Wis. Da id Herbert Scofield Arlington. Va. Nicholas Edwin Scronce Newton, N, C. Emil Flerman Seaman Norlina, N. C. Guy Otis Settlemvre, Jr Drexel, N. C. Guy Vernell Shaver Charlotte, N. C. Charles Pierson Shaw Leaksville, N. C. L nn Reuben Shcpard Raleigh, N. C. Charles Franklin Sherrill Troutman, N. C. Thomas Floward Sherron Sanford, N. C. Merriman Staton Sholar Charlotte, N. C. Marv ' Ellen Short Brevard, N. C. Ned Nathan Shuc Midland, N. C. Charles Alan Sides Winston Salem, N. C. Cornelius David Sides, Jr Concord, N. C. Ralph Gene Sifford Salisbur)-, N. C. William Bernard Sigmon, Jr ReidsvUle, N. C. Coy Henry Simmons, Jr Pilot Mountain, N. C. Carol Singleton Shelby. N. C. Albert Becton Small Beaufort, N. C. Charles William Smart Franklin, N. C. Andrew Giles Smith, Jr Mt. Airy, N. C. Bealus Alonzo Smith, Jr Stanfield, N. C. Cassius Lyon Smith. Jr Kelly, N. C. Jimmv Lee Smith . Winston-Salem, N. C. John Bertram Smith Kinston, N. C. John Eldridge Smith Burlington, N. C. John William Smith Leaksville, N. C. Rigdon Robert Smith Brown Summit, N. C. Robert .Arthur Smith Ransomville, N. C. George Key Snow, Jr Mt. Airy, N. C. Charles Edwin Snyder Winston-Salem, N. C. C;eorge Allen Speight Mt. Airy, N. C. James Garfield Spencer Raleigh, N. C. John Springthorpe. Jr Mt. Airy, N. C. John Gaston Sprinkle Raleigh, N. C. Donald Jackson Stadler Reidsville, N. C. Gaven Ken Stair Washington, D. C. Mark Linwood Stancil Macclesfield, N. C. Joshua Joyner Stanton. Jr Stantonsburg, N. C. William Earl Stephens Car)-. N. C. NORTH CAROLINA CLASS OF ' 55 t M 5 ' f 1 ' ' vf S Hi l l Jill ' Stipluiison Ani;ii ' r, N. C. John W liit.ikir Stephenson, Jr Riilcigh, N. C. Joseph U.i niond Stephenson, Jr Snluda, N. C. Vernon Riiv Ste ens Goldsboro, N. C, William li;imilton Stevenson Newton, N. C. t ' h;irles Rich;iril Stewart Clayton, N. C. Maurice Sanniel SteAvart Greensboro, N. C. Uolx-rt Alexander Stewart Greensboro, N. C. Russell Lord Stickler, Jr Philiidelphia, Pa. l.indsev Joo Stirewalt Faith, N. C. Joe l)i»nald Stowc Cramerton, N, C. Perc Leo Strickland, Jr Dunn, N. C. Thomas Sugs; New Bern, N. C. Ernest Robert Sutton Columbia, N. C. Charles Rollins Swain Roper, N. C. na id Ford Tate Yorkshire, England lieverley Eui; ' ' " ' T. yl ' r High Point. N. C. Howard Li ini;stun Ta kir Spindale. N. C. William Gilbert lennent .Ashcvillc, N. C. John Wallace Tester Lenoir, N. C. James Thomas Thacker W ' inston-Salem, N. C. John Ciui.m Thomas Siler City, N. C. James Kdward Thorne Farmville. N. C. Norman -Man Thorne Mioskie, N. C. Bruce Nichols Tilley Durham, N. C. Laureni-e .-Man Tippett Raleigh, N. C, Stephen Bernard Tolccs Hewlett, N. Y. Donald Reid Tomlin Greensboro, N. C. Jerr Lamont Troxler Greensboro, N. C. Jim Roc Tucker Laurel Springs. N. C. Johnny Ciordon Tucker Monroe, N. C. R ibert Whitt Tucker, Jr Greensboro, N. C. 1 luldah Ruth Turner Raleigh, N. C. John Francis erreault, Jr ' aldese, N. C. J.isiah Peter ick Nashville, N. C. Hugh Carroll Vincent Newsome, Va. Robert Allen Waddell Fair Bluff, N. C. D..nald Jay Wagner Mbemarle. N. C. Ralph Thurston Wainright Stantonshurg, N. C. Clark Weslcx Walker Old Fort, N. C. James .Alonzo Walker Reidsville, N. C. George Bryan Wallace Wilmington, N. C. Emmetl Ranson ' aller, Jr Kinston, N. C. Harvev William Ward, Jr .Asheboro, N. C. Ralph Aaron Ward Denton. N. C. Ralph Baynes Warren Hurdle Mills. N. C. Clarence Westbrook Warrick, Jr Smithtield, N. C. Robert .-Mien Watson Pinehurst, N. C. Charles Howard Waynick Guilford College. N. C. Charles Thaddeus Weatherly Greensboro, N. C. Clarence Bill Weatherlv Durham, N. C. David Bert Weeks . . . ' . Clinton, N. C. Gene Lee Wells Teachy, N. C. James Weldon Weir. Jr Asheville, N. C. Herman Herbert Weiss Woodmere, N. Y ' . Kinchan C.lenn Weldon, Jr Henderson, N. C. Leon Eschal West Elizabethtown, N. C. Lewis Henrv White Norlina, N. C. Claude Linwood Whitfield Snow Hill, N. C. Joseph Murick WTiitley .Albemarle, N. C. William Moore Whitlev Stantonshurg, N. C. Bobbv Louis Wicker . ' . Lillington, N. C. Carroll Belk Wiggs Rocky Mount, N. C. Alva Edison WiUiams, Jr Durham, N. C. Jack Rudolph Williams Selma, N. C. Sumner Henrv Williams, Jr Charlotte, N. C. William Turner Williams Selma. N. C. Benjamin Charles Wilson Newton, N. C. Snodie Bond Wilson Winterville, N. C. Richard Stedman Wimbish Hookerton. N. C. George Luther Winchester Raleigh, N. C. James Cliford Withers Broadway, N. C. Donald George Wolff W ' oodmere, N. Y ' . John Thomas Womack Raleigh, N. C. Horace Joe Wood, Jr Burlington, N. C. Jerrv Ilinton Wood Raleigh, N. C. Hugh Lawrence Woods. Jr Roxboro, N. C. James William Wrape Charlotte, N. C. Robert E -erette Wright Dallas, N. C. William Hugh Cobb Wright Ruffin, N. C. James Ryburn Y ' arbro Kings Mountain, N. C. Jethnj Robert Y ' oung, Jr Fayetteville, N. C. C barles Robert Zeugner Skyland, N. C. Jaime Zundel Bogota, Colombia John David Pullen Whitakers, N. C. STATE COLLEGE t .f %l Lt :f )L ■ I Z3 %-f.A .V : ■ ' ' ) . Colonel Samuel A. Gibson. Ret. Coordinator % ' ' - T B ,WBh . iB P! ' - i S ' ' ' ■■Vm I fc SB _ i H ARMY The Department of Military Science and Tactics headed by the Professor of Military Science and Tactics (PMS T) directs Army R.O.T.C. training at State College in accordance with programs of instruction prepared by the Department of the Army. This training which consists of both classroom and drill Held instruction includes basic and advanced study in any one of hve branches of the Arm : Infantry, Corps of Engineers, Signal Corps, Quartermaster Corps and Ordnance Corps. . AIR FORCE The mission of the Air Force Staff at State College is the training of officer specialists for the rapidly expanding United States Air Force. Under the super ' ision of a highly competent start of commissioned and non-commissioned orticers, the Air Force Training Program at State College is sending on active duty young orticers trained under the highest military and academic standards. I ARMY Colonel Leroy C. Wilson P.AI.S. T. STAFF First roil ' : Lt. Col. Craig, Lt. Col. Neilson, Major Birdsong, Major O ' Toole. Major Brake. Second row. Major Rachmel, Major Brown, Capt. McCov, Capt. Rees, C.apt. LeVier, Major Mozingo. ENLISTED MEN First row. M Sgt. Marsh; M Sgt. Schaaf, SFC Arnette, SFC Dabbs, Sgt. Langhorst. Second row. SFC Stratton, M Sgt. V ' eatherman. SFC Richardson, SFC Dawkins. Third row. SFC Read, SFC Cul- breth, SFC Smith, M Sgt. Pollock, SFC Arnold. [110] REGIMENTAL STAFF Top roir: Jerry A. Berrier, Reg. Com. Cadet Colonel: Billy F. Patterson, Reg. Exec. Officer Lt. Colonel; Donald F. Peterson, Reg. S-l Adj. Major. Bottom row: Robert C. O ' Neal; Reg, S-2 Major; Albert S. Browning, Reg. 8-3 Major; John A. Dinan, Reg. S-4 Major. FIRST BATTALION STAFF Lynn A. Williams, Bat. Com. Cadet Lt. Colonel; Walter E. Schacht, Jr., Bat. Exec. Officer Major; ' iLLiAM A. Geiler Bat. S-l Adj. Captain; William C. Herrmann. Bat. S-3 Captain. SECOND BATTALION STAFF Joe D. Stole, Bat. Com. Cadet Lt. Colonel; Charles I. McLain, Bat. Exec. Officer Major; George B. Pressly ' , Bat. SI Adj. Captain; Alan C. Roland, Bat. S-3 Captain. [Ill] INFANTRY COMPANY A Captain Thomas H. Garner Company Commander 1st PLATOON 2nd PLATOON 3rd PLATOON COMPANY B INFANTRY Captain Carl B. Wagner Company CoDiniaiider 1st PLATOON 2nd PLATOON 3rd PLATOON [113] QUARTERMASTER Captain James Paxton Smith Company Commander COMPANY c 1st PLATOON 2nd PLATOON 3rd PLATOON COMPANY D Captain William B. Griffin Coil) Hi in C ' iiiiiihtitder QUARTERMASTER 1st PLATOON 2nd PLATOON 3rd PLATOON [115] INFANTRY Captain Kenneth 1 1. Corbett Company Commander COMPANY E 1st PLATOON 2nd PLATOON 3rd PLATOON COMPANY F C ' aptain Bobhv B. Brown Company ComiiintJfit ' r liCffl g gfe r I Tri ENGINEERS 1st PLATOON 2nd PLATOON 3rd PLATOON SIGNAL CORPS • Captain Paul J. Johnson. Jr. Company Coviniaiuier COMPANY G 1st PLATOON 2nd PLATOON 3rd PLATOON [118] COMPANY H Captain James W. ARMFitLi) Compnuy C-otiiniander ORDNANCE 1st PLATOON 2nd PLATOON 3rd PLATOON AIR FORCE Colonel William A. Iowdv PA.S.d;T. STAFF First row: Lt. Col. Eichholz, Major Cutler, Capt. Farr, Capt. Roddenberry. Second row. Capt. Hansen, Capt. McNair, Lt. Rollins, Capt. Nave. ENLISTED MEN First row: M Sgt. Scott, T Sgt. Morgan, M Sat. Snclling. M Sol. Harris. Second row: T Sgt. Rogers, M Sgt. Debnam, M Sgt. Coleman, S Sgt. Russell. [120] WING STAFF Tup rou ' ; Hugh Dixon White, Wing Com. Cadet Colonel; Wesley O. Doggett, Wing Exec. Officer Cadet Li. Colonel; Daniel Watkins, Wing AT Adj. Cadet Major. Bottom row: E. Wilson Craig, Wing A-2 Cadet Ma ' or; V ' ill ' am DeRossett Scott, Wing A-3 Cadet Major; James B. Baker, Wing A-4 Cadet Major. FIRST GROUP STAFF Paul E. Smathers, Group Com. Cadet L(. Colonel; Arthur W. Vernon, Exec. Officer Cadet Major: William E. Broach, AT S? Adj. Cadet Captain; Don E. Powell, Group A-3 Cadet Captain. SECOND GROUP STAFF Edward E. Hood, Group Com. Cadet Ll. Colonel; Harry J. Morton, Exec. Officer Cadet Major; Jay S. Taylor, Group AT £• Adj. Group Captain; Van W. Williams, Groii;; A-3 Cadet Captain. [12] AIR FORCE Captain Don Webster Squadron Commander SQUADRON A 1st FLIGHT 2nd FLIGHT 3rd FLIGHT :i22] SQUADRON B Captain Gi;oi!t;L B. I ' liuiji.N Squadron Commander AIR FORCE «=S 1st FLIGHT 2nd FLIGHT 3rd FLIGHT :i23] AIR FORCE Captain Gerald D. Mann Squadron Comviander SQUADRON c 1st FLIGHT 2nd FLIGHT w J w 1p? M W 3rd FLIGHT :i24] SQUADRON D Captain Vincent C Outland Squadron Commander AIR FORCE 1 1st FLIGHT 2nd FLIGHT 3rd FLIGHT AIR FORCE Captain Ellis G. Winstead Squadron Commander SQUADRON E 1st FLIGHT 2nd FLIGHT 3rd FLIGHT [126] SQUADRON F Captain James F. Brown Squadron Commander AIR FORCE i A i • i K . I ) Ii -% ( J 0 1st FLIGHT 2nd FLIGHT 3rd FLIGHT [127] AIR FORCE Captain Hunter Poole Scjuaihon Commander SQUADRON G 1st FLIGHT 2nd FLIGHT 3rd FLIGHT SQUADRON H Captain Jay Bryan Squadron Commander AIR FORCE 1st FLIGHT 2nd FLIGHT 3rd FLIGHT DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS ROTC BAND ■1301 RIFLE TEAM 1131] PHI KAPPA PHI OFFICERS William M. Roberts Presideni Wesley O. Doggett Vice-President Freeman W. Cook Secretary Roberts C. Bullock Treasurer Frances Thompson joitrnal-Corresponderit FACULTY MEMBERS D. B. Anderson C. H. AsBiLL, Jr. W. S. Barham F. S. Barkalow. Jr. W. L. Blow C. H. BOSTIAN C. R. Bramer C. G. Brennecke E. J. Brown T. T. Brown A. G. Bullard R. C. Bullock Elva Burgess M. E. Campbell C. E. Clark J. D. Clark J. M. Clarkson M. H. Clayton E. L. Cloyd W. E. CoLWELL N. W. Connor F. W. Cook H. C. Cooke r. n. costilow Gertrude Cox R. C. Davis R. S. Dearstyne R. E. Fadum J. K. Ferhell H. A. Fisher A. M. Fountain C. O. Gardner H. R. Garris G. A. GuLLETTE J. W. Harrelson A. C. Hayes F. L. Haynes W. N. Hicks J. H. Hilton W. P. Ingram F. H. Jeter I. E. Jones J. W. Kelly W. H. Kite, Jr. J. B. KiRKLAND H. F. Krackenberger W. W. Kriegel S. G. Lehman P. E. Lewis L. W. Long C. B. McCants F. W. McLaughlin Linda C. Maddry R. P. Marshall G. Matrone Z. P. Metcalf D. J. MOFFIE T. B. Mitchell P. E. Moose c. g. mumford Thomas Nelson W. L. Nelson Gerald Neylor F. A. Nylund J. M. Parker, III C. D. Peedin W. J. Peterson W. H. Pierce R. J. Preston T, L. Quay R. L. Rare W. A. Reid W. M. Roberts G. H. Satterfield E. M. Schoenborn, Jr. H. T. ScOFIELD L. W. Seegers T. J. Sheets W. E. Shinn C. B. Shulenberger G. K. Slocum J. M. Stephens D. H. Stancil J. L. Stuckey Frances Thompson L. L. Vaughan D. S. Weaver B. W. Wells J. A. Weybrew L. F. Williams E. W. Winkler E. T. York. Ir. STUDENT MEMBERS R. W. Anderson J. B. Baker J. C. Bardavid E. W. Barnes D. A. Bassi F. S. Bergman J. A. Berrier S. G. Boyce W. H. Boyd, Jr. C. T. Bradshaw G. E. Buff H. L. Bumgardner H. V. Carson, Jr. W. A. Cole R. L. Collins W. O. Crabtree J. D. Crook, Jr. J. A. Dayvault C. G. Deese A. M. Demeulenaere M. A. Dewar S. R. deWitt J W, Dickens W. O. Doggett C. F. Donyes E. M. EsTEP F. D. Everhart C. R. Farinholt R. A. Flynt W. H. Foy, Jr. J. A. Foss E. B. Gentry H. G. Harris, Jr. J. M. Hatcher G. D. Hill, Jr. J. R. Hinkle G. E. Hook D. E. Hostetler A. E. Hudson H. R. Ireland A. W. Jenkins, Jr. Bruno Leon J. H. LeRoy, III R. D. LOHMAN H. R. Lominac H. N. LuMLEY, Jr. R. E. McCoLLUM J. E. McCormick Jack McCracken R. M. McGehee J. T. McKell R. A. McRoRiE J. P. Morgan C. P. Marsh P. M. Masley F. O. MixoN. Jr. D. E. Moreland W. C. MULLER V. R. Muse J. E. Newton, Jr. J. W. NiESTLIE, Jr. W. G. Palmer C. H. Pan AsTOR Perry Walter Quick E. E. Ray J. B. Reid R. B. Robertson E. C. Sakshaug E. A. ScHLIRF j. w. schlirf B. E. Scott C. M. Shaw J. A. Signoret P. W. Siegel J. B. Smith J. L. Sox, Jr. G. E. Spain J. G. Templeton E. H. Tompkins J. S. Travis, Jr. R. J. Tredik F. H. VanLandincham A. W. Vernon C. B. Wagner L. H. Waller Moshe Wardinon J. M. Weaver H. L. Westmoreland R. O. Williams, Jr. D. P. WOODARD, Jr. S. E. YOUNTS [132] r.-»; : ' :. ' .» ' iii i»;r.»:»i» m ii;;n! " n , :i i!3!l i ?1 l!i ?l ii ' - ' m i illal ' i»: J :»-: i ? i :« ■itm iHt ln «.♦ :» » fZv 1 ' «■ ' ' .• ;».:« t -- iH ' ' ;» !i 42 » » ' ' Sf» I 5;} -,xi t tt)ono(. " ' , ' . ' A . ' ■; ' igtvim Vs - J vcv tV n ' ,fl ( ' : : ft i i„.von O o o o State College has more student publications than any other North CaroHna college or university. To integrate these numerous publica- tions, the Publications Board was organized in 1931 to handle all matters pertaining to these publi- cations. Dr. [rank Jeter Chairman LiNDSA ' l W IIK ' HARI) Secretary PUBLICATIONS BOARD SaNI OIU) li. OllN IS Editor Ai!,ricultiirist PillU II I . KMlll ' ,l!AV luisiiicss Miiinwcr Aiiricullurisl Bui IV A. Cline t( ()r (.iu) ii( K I) win 1. Lambert Ihisiucss Mnihiiicr . c;n()ME(-K CiEoiK.E B. Pruden Pre ;ideni Caiujuis (.lo enniicnl I luNin Ci. I Iauhis Editor Piin ' t!i ii I)a ii) W . MdnisoN Bii.s i;t ' ,s,s ' Ma)higt ' r Pi)it ' tuiii George B. Pressly President Senior Class Michael J. Balog Business Maiiaoer Soiitlwrii Eiioiueer Paul R. 1 oght Editor Techiiicia CIerald Washburn Business Manager Technician Monroe S. Brettler Editor Textile Forum W ' h LLAM C. HeRRMAN Business Mananer Textile Forum Jerrv a. Berrier Editor Fo I low i;i) . Wells Business Manager Tower W ' lLLLx.M L. Carpenter Editor Watauoau W ESLLV (). DoGGETT Btisiness Manager W ' atnugan Joel . I Ieim Station Manager WVWP Adriaan J. 1 Business Manager V ' VP [135] THE 1952 AGROMECK This is the Fiftieth Edition of the Agro- MECK. This golden anniversary will be repre- sented by a formal and unpretentious book but one of which the staff is proud because to us it represents a year of hard work and study. It also means to us, as it should to you, a catalog for future memories of four important years. The 1952 Agromeck is a pictorial review of college, yours and ours, which was possible onlv through your pres- ence and participation in campus activities. We hope you like it. BUSINESS STAFF James W. Armfield Associate Business Manager Lee R. Wensil Assistant Business Manager AMES Milton Local Advertisino Betty Anne Cline Editor-in-Chief David M. Lambert Business Manager [136] Top roiv: F. Suliiii;, P. Lavitt, B. Haims, H. VA ' eiss, T. V ' ard. J. Mums. Middle row: B. Knight, D. Joyce, N. Gold, B. Kirkland, J. Thome, T. Owen. Bottom rmr: W . Siblev, D. Wolff, ]. Armlield, L. Wensil, J. Hilton. EDITORIAL STAFF Franklin .M. Soling Associate Editor Paul P. Lavitt Organizations Editor Burt I laims Organizations 1 lerb Weiss Organizations Tom Ward Fraternity Editor John Morris Art Editor Bob Knioht Class Editor Don Jovcc Classes Neil Gold Military Editor Ben Kirkland Military Jim Thome Photographer Tom Owen Photographer Warren Siblev Sports Editor Don Wolfe Features Editor Jim .Vrmheld Associate Business Manager Lee Wensil Assistant Business Manager Jim I lilton Business Staff [137] I Lindsay Spry Assistant Busiuess Manager 1 RANK GOODE Sports Staff John Wells Advertis}ni Manager A consistant award winner tor excellence anions North Carolina col- legiate publications, riw Tccfui ' icliiu has lor thirty-two years been pubHshed weekly b the students of the college. As the only hnancially self-sustained juiblication with a minimum con- tribution from student fees, it offers unlimited opportunities in training and experience for ereati e writing, reporting and salesmanship. Salaried positions are ayailable to those who tjualify for them; the editor and business manager ha ing been elected during Spring term in campus- wide elections. Joe Bennett Sports Editor Bob Horn Feature Editor T. E. Ricks News Editor L C T I C A L N G I N n I N G ETA KAPPA NU . W . X ' eunon I ' rcsiilcnl J. 1). Baker " icc Prcsidoil C W , Smiiii Rccordiiii Sccrclurr W . OiiiCK Corrcsj ' oiiilinii Sccrclary v. S. Bergman ircamrer F. 1 1. VanLandingham Rridge-Corresjmndent E. V. W ' iNKi ER Fiwidty Adviser Et i l .i|i|xi Nu is an Iilectrical Eni inccrin or ani a tion iliat encourages outstanding achievement in the (leld ol electrical engineering through its recognition ot outstanding students. Scholarship, leadership, ahilitv, and integrit ' of character are requirements tor mem bership. AIEE-IRE OFFICERS C. H. Saunders Chainuait A. W. Vernon Vice-Chamiian E. C. Sakshaug A.l.E.E. Secretary R. L. Berry .R.E. Secretary D. S. McCoRMicK Treasurer Dr. a. R. Eckels A.l.E.E. Counselor Prof. F. R. Willard J.R.E. Counselor The primary function of the student branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers is to promote professional interest in this held and to develop latent abilities of its members. adio Engi- 1 he student branch ot the Institute o neers aims to promote fellowship among students inter- ested in communications. Interesting speakers from the radio industry arc brought to the campus by the organi- zation. WVWP WVWP, The Voice of the Wolfpack, brings programs of special interest to State College students each week night. This radio station is staffed entirely by students and during the past year brought announcements and disc jockey presen- tations over the airwaves. Within the past few years the radio station has been remodeled e tensi ' elv, and the coverage o has been increased to a great degree. Adriaan Troeleman Business Manager Joel Heim Station Mananer PRODUCTION AND BUSINESS STAFF Paul Miller Robert Hiller l3oN Tarver I lowARD O ' Connell Bill Loftin loM Owen Rolf Kaufman Earl Ingersoll Al Fiore Ijen Gary Bobby Kirks Ronald Bryan Alva Williams [142] TECIIMCAl sr I koNKi IN Maui IX Jack I auiihlor Al FlORE 1 I LoNC " . t-nADV Dixon Kenneih Edwards Dick Wyatt ClLBERI 1 IerI ICH P. TlIRVEY D. ' ance p. Miller D. Tarver R. Kaufman E. Ingersoll T. Owens S. Eugene Younts Editor Birch L. iMcMurray Business Maiiaoer THE AGRICULTURIST The Apricuhurist is the official organ of the School of Agriculture and the " Ag " Club. It is published six times a year. This magazine, bv printing articles on soils, livestock, and other items that are invaluable to agriculturists, promotes closer co-operation between students, faculty, and alumni. The Agricuhitrist serves as an important mode of publicity both within this state and others. EDITORIAL STAFF William L. Carpenter Fleet Crowell Charles Culp George R. Gwynn Edward G. Hill Louis Hine John Nielson Duncan D. Pace Lambert Sutton Kent Troutman George R. Wilson BUSINESS STAFF John Atwell Jack Dlinn Bill Griffin David Knox E. T. Kornegay Not Pictured. - THE 1952 AGROMECK :i44] i C; vlN. C STATE COLLEGE 1 1. C KA1J I Iaiuus Editor Uavid VV. Morison Business Manager PINETUM The Piiietiiiii is the annual pubHcation of the Forestry C luh. For the past 20 years it has been the major nutlet tor aeti ities of the students in the Forestry SehooL The book is an attraetive reminder of good times together, as it contains pictures of graduating seniors, camp events, and trips. The alumni maintain a knowledge of the whereabouts of each other through the alumni section of the book. loHN C. Wessell Assistant Editor Malcolm L. Holmes Asst. Business Manaoer Lawrence 1 1. Yost Artist Robert F. Reyne Photographer EDITORIAL STAFF James M. Barker John E. Graham John V. Jackson Joseph B. Reid BUSINESS STAFF Harold J. Boger Homer H. Gresham Steven E. Lewis M. Ernest Welch :i45] E. Wilson Graig Editor Michael J. Baloc Business Manager SOUTHERN ENGINEER The Southern Engineer, sponsored by the Engi- neers ' Council, is published by the students of the School of Engineering and appears six times a year. The magazine has the dual purpose of dis- seminating information and affording students an opportunity to develop writing techniques. It also helps inform the engineering public of the South of the standards, opportunities, and progress of the School of Engineering. EDITORIAL STAFF James Bales Jack Baugh Lloyd Cheek Hart Gates Julian Lanier Harlin Matkins James Smyly Larry Tippet Lee Wensil BUSINESS STAFF Ted Ballinger David Haswell Charles Hicks John Niestlie Hampton Rothwell THE 1952 AGROMECK [146] Monroe S. Brettllr Editor William C I 1lri ' ,maNi Business Manazer TEXTILE FORUM The Te tih ' Fonini carries articles of technical interest h ' members of the facult ' , by men who are actively engaged in the textile industry, and by students themselves. Through this means it serves as an important link between the textile industry and the students of the School of Textiles. This magazine is published quarterly and is sent to leading mills throughout the country. Two mem- bers of the faculty are on the Editorial Board, and they recommend the appointment of an editor and a business manager each year. This Board consists of Dean M. E. Campbell and Prof. E. B. Grover. David Koch Benjamin Ward Paul Foght Joel Heim Donald Imrie Burt Klein George Lourigan David Marrus Adriaan Troeleman Donald Hoffman Paul Lavitt Robert Maharam Burton Sokol Not Pictured P. N. Amersev Julius Cohen Lionel Feibus Morton Kahn Robert Luckadoo Thomas McNamara Stephen Elstein Oswald Fitzpatrick Roger Schneider Jim Truslow Guv Baldecci John Grantham Albert Nalven N. C. STATE COLLEGE [147] AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF MINING AND METALLURGICAL ENGINEERS James T. Bales . . C. F. GiBBS C. M. Llewellyn OFFICERS President W. R. Brackett Treasurer .Vice-President Dr. |. M. Parker, III Facidty Adviser Secretary L. W. Paschal Alt. Engineers ' Council Pepr. James T. Bales President A professional society, membership in the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers is open to all students enrolled in Geological Engineering. Monthly meetings held during the school year are planned to include programs that will aid the student in his study of geology. Movies on geology and allied fields and several Held trips are included that serve to correlate theory and practice. Facidty Members: E. L. Miller, J. M. Parker, Warren Steel, J. L. Stuckev. Members: J. T. Bales, W. C. Ballance, R. D. Bracey, G. E. Carrow, M. L. Cobb, S. G. Conrad, D. W. Cvaniga, W. H. Duhling, S. E. Duke, C. R. Farquhar, J. H. Fleming, C. M. Gibbs, T. W. Goodman, B. L. Jones, C. M. Lleweli n, R. A. Loy, J. 11. McDade, H. S. McDaniel, R. B. Moft ' itt, E. D. Newton, R. E. Ogburn, L. W. Paschal, C. R. Reid, R. L. Russell, N. E. Taney, J. H. Terrv, D. R. Thompson, J. R. Trawick, J. D. Vance, M. J. Wirtz. THE 1952 AGROMECK [148] COSMOPOLITAN CLUB P n OFFICERS Luis Gomez . . Elsbe VanDam Miguel Muniz President ' ice-President Secretary Dr. Rov N. Anderson . Kare Kragas Treasurer ToMAS SoTOLONGO Social Clwinunti Adriaan Troeleman Puhlicitr Clniiniuni Adviser Luis Go.Mti President This spring marks the end of the fourth year since the Cosmopoli- tan Club was founded on the State College campus. The club serves as a means of fostering friendship and better understanding among the students of other nations as well as with the American students. Social and recreational activities ha ' e been held throughout the vear. Parties with other colleges such as W.C., U.N.C., Duke, and Meredith are included in the social e ' ents. As recreational activities there have been tournaments in ping-pong, chess, checkers, dominoes, bridge, canasta, and bowling. Members: N. Ahman, T. Alvarex, M. Anchondo, L. Avila, G. Bakoss, J. Bern, E. Benitez, S. Castrodad, E. Chamorro, N. Costes, N. Daccarett, R. Echavarria, J. Freitas, D. Garrett, J. Garza, H. Ghosn, L. Gomes, ]. Hanfling, P. Hoekstra. E. Jaramillo, M. Khan, P. Kochhar, H. Kothari, K. Kraoas, E. Magalhaes Castro, S. McCullock, A. Malik. S. Mehta, E. Mosquero, B. Muguira, M. Muniz, J. Olarte, F. Oravec, O. Mehmet, A. Palazuelos, G. Palmer, C. Perez, O. Restrepo, P. Rolnikp, K. Rose nlind, A. Rudolph, H. Samarrie, S. Santo-Tomas, R. Seifert, P. Singh, T. Sotolongo, R. Srivastava, G. Sugawara, J. Tomeu, C. Tomoyose, A. Troeleman, G. Ulrich, E. VanDam. E. Yachan. J. Zundel, R. Zuniga, R. Garza, J. Santisteban. N. C STATE COLLEGE :i49] CAMPUS GOVERNMENT It is the purpose of the Student Government to handle all matters of student conduct, honor, and general student in- terest; and to promote in campus life self-control, personal responsibility, and loyalty to the college and to the student body. Every duly registered student of North Carolina State College automatically becomes a member of the Student Government and is subject to the jurisdiction of its legisla- tive branches. The Student Government is valuable to the students in that it develops a sense of responsibility in the student and trains him along lines which are conducive to good citizen- ship. George B. Pruden President V ' . A. Ballance C. S. Bilheimer B. P. Cone THE 1952 AGROMECK :i50] on It ir s George B. Piuiden Ihcsidciit JOHN A. DiNAN ' icc-PrcsidciH Vincent C. Ou i i and Secretary Richard Pii is Trcmurcr rACUITY MEMRERS r. C. Brown S. L. I isdale R. C. Davis E. 1. ' oRK J. L. Hester L. Hine E. B. Lee A. L. Payne G. L. Fayet D. R. Seward M. Shields G. Spain G. L. Thomason R. B. Tucker P. M. Wagoner ri s N. C. STATE COLLEGE :i5i] ENGINEERS ' COUNCIL The Engineers ' Council is composed of elected repre- sentatives of the arious engineering societies on the campus. The primary function of this group is to co- ordinate the activities of the engineering societies rep- resented. Each vear the Engineers ' Council sponsors the Engineers E.xposition. It is also responsible for di- recting the publication of the Southern Engineer. An- other outstanding exent sponsored bv the Council is the knighting of outstanding engineering students into the Order of St. Patrick. The outstanding senior enoi- neering student is recognized and given a gift bv the Council. Scholarship is encouraged at the freshman level by selecting the two outstanding Freshmen from each department as Companions of St. Patrick. Kenneth V . Hansen President X. P. .Alexa.nder J. p. . ll£. . . L. Bti l G. A. Eason L. S. Hales C. B. Hashrouck W. L. Rhyne C:. H. Saunders D. W. Sharpe THE 1952 AGROMECK llli ' " [152] L OFFICERS Kenneth W. 1 Iansen President Howard F. Morris Vice-President Hugh D. White. Jr Sccrctnrr Eugene C. Sakshaug Treasurer FACLILFY MEMBERS 1. H. Lampe L. W. Long H. F. MoRHis H. D. W HiTE Jr. E. C. Sakshaug I B BvKLR J T B LES E. C. BiiouN K. 1. t ARi MiN R. L. Cooi . A. Crews M. B. Crotts k. . DoBsi.v W. E. Hawkins G. V. Johnson G. D. Mann D. S. Mf Cormick R. Oststot L. W. Paschai. V. B. Patterson D. S. Pike C. II. Smith L. C. Thomas J. F-. Underwood A. V. ernon W. E. VVaddeel R. A. Wade L. R. Wensh N. C. STATE COLLEGE [153] p. f .K). D. G. INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL The Interdormitory Council is composed ot the Presi- dent and Vice-President of each Dormitory Club on the campus. The purpose ot the Council is to promote a co-operati ' e and progressive attitude in the minds of the students, to consider and work for the benefit of the dormitory occupant, and to better his life socially, phy- sicallv, and morally- During its existence the Council and Dormitory Clubs ha ' c done much to better our school spirit, our intra- mural program, and to give the students in the dormi- tories a schedule of social activities never known before on this campus. The future success of this organization depends primarily upon the continued work and co- operation of all the students in the dormitories. Billy F. Patterson President H. Morton V. Brovhill D. Pace THE 1952 AGROMECK 1541 OlMCl-RS V i[ 1 i " . Paiterson President I ' liu I IP j. Baiich " icc-Prcsidciit Carl B. Wagner Secretan William C. Dalrvmple Treasurer James A. Rogers Athletic Director Roy Congleton Area Social Director WuiiAM C. Herrmann ....Area Social Director Don Regan Area Social Director Iames W. I WvFORi) Puhlicitr Director I AMES I. Stewart Facility Adviser P. J. Baitc.h C ahi [i. Wagner W. C Dalrymple j. S. Bullock D. l . CiUvnn J. P. Jochum C ii. A. Keelkv D. B. Knowles Z. T. Koonce L. C. Thomas R. B. Thomas P. M. Wagoner J. A. I ocers R. Congleton W. C. Herrmann J. W. Twyford N. C. STATE COLLEGE [155] Y. M. C. A. Developing the personality of the citizens of the college community in the Christian tradition stands as the objective of the Young Men ' s Christian Association. Students, faculty, and staff earnestly attempt to enrich the college experience through a co-operati ' c program of worship. Christian conviction and Christian scr ' ice we consider as invaluable assets to the full lite. Related to the acti ities of the Y.M.C.A. are its many service features; the reading rooms, the student lounges, information and telegraph facilities, telephones, meet- ing rooms and game room which have been a constant accommodation to the college populations. The devel- opment of leaders of high principles through a religious, educational, and social program, howe ' er, remains the primarv purpose of the organization. R. Jeter E. Ingram L. HiNE , I. Crotts . Stewart R. Cool R. CONGLETON H. Wells R. Clark B. FULCHER A. iMcKlNNEV c. Sevvell V. Pebry D. Martin C. FULP R. Brittain Gerald D. Mann President FRESHMAN OFFICERS Max iMiLEER Charles StrvDER Gene Wells Leo Strickland John Smith Bob Russell THE 1952 AGROMECK [156] WEST CAMPUS BRANCH CABINET Seated: Martha F. Matthias, litih llivaii. Prcs ' uU ' iit: Etta F. Pahncr, ' ice-l ' rcsidc}it: E. S. King, Ge)2eral Secretary; Charley Coth- ran. Treasurer; Evehn B. Moroan. Secretary; Jessie Smith. Sta)Hinig: Flo Parlicr. BJanL-lic Corbett. Pat Lane. Marv Chaplin. Ralph Smith. Custodian; Cleo Pcrnienter. Concll Thompson, Lucille 1 hompson. Shirlev A. VVells. Not shoivn: Lucv Ann Atkins. Ida Laura Bell, Zena A. Brvan, Bettv Buhler, Ella Mae Freeman. Be Be Helms. Mar Lou 1 .ituni, Barbara T ler, Shirlex Sha er, ( hoir Director; Lucille eilson. N. C STATE COLLEGE [157] CONCERT BAND OFFICERS William Lineback President Donald Kline Librarian William E. Perry Vice-Presiden, Robert C. Williams, Ir Quartermaster Richard Beach Secretary Samuel M. 1 Iughes Drum Major Christian D, Klitschinski Director ChRISHAN U. KuiStJHINSKI Director of Music MUSIC DEPARTMENT The Music Department unclcr the direction of Christian D. Kutschinski embraces the Bands, the Svmphonv Orches- tra, and the Men ' s Glee Club. The Band kirnishes music and band pageantry at all the home football games and some of the out-of-town oames, plays at campus pep rallies and some of the basketball games, and ci ic parades. In the winter and spring quarters it plays several concerts, free to students and the general public. The Glee Club presents at least one formal concert each term, and sings occasionalK ' in connection with other campus activities. The club usually makes a short concert trip each year. THE 1952 AGROMECK [158] GLEE CLUB OFFICI I S IvM I ' ll C " . C ' oMPHJN Prcsidciil Aauon L. Ma I his LiJniiruiii W ' esi Ev P. Ijhdwn " icc President r i( IIAUn I ehd AcCllllljHIIlist CtAin I A t;iioKsi Sccrctiirr C . I). Kii iscihnski Dircclor STATE COLLEGE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA :a N. C STATE COLLEGE [159] . D. BiGGERSTAFF 1 1. li. BREMtK R. C CoMPTON J. B. Cook W. H. DUHLING F. C. GOODE S. M. Hughes W. H. OVERBY W. E. Perry G. P. Robinson C. R. Reed J. L. Storey R. S. U ' ard R. W. Weir H. A. Wells J. A. Wells MU BETA PSI OFFICERS Robert C. Williams President Robert S. Ward Vice-President Ralph C. Compton Secretary Charles R. Reed Treasurer C. D. Kutschinski . . .Facidty Adx iser Mu Beta Psi, honorary music frater- nity, purposes to promote better fellow- ship among the musicians of the various musical oroanizations of the college and of the different colleges, and to advance music to its proper place as an educa- tional subject. One of the prerequisites for membership is at least two years of active membership in the college Band, Orchestra, or Glee Club. Robert C. William; President THE 1952 AGROMECK [160] LEOPOLD WILDLIFE SOCIETY OFFICERS Hugh M. Fields President David A. Adams Charles E. Hill Vice-President John E. Cookson . Secretary .Treasurer The Leopold Wildlife Society, founded in 1937. is named in honor of Aldo Leopold, the father of wildlife manaoement in Ameri- ca. Ihe club brings tooether the members of the Wildlife Conserxa- tion and Management curriculum at semi-monthK technical meet- ings and occasional social outings for the purpose of giving the students a broader scope of professional information and experience than can be gained in the regular course of study. It endeavors, in addition, to promote unitv and fellowship within the department, to develop leadership and responsibilitv, and to acquaint the public with the problems of modern conservation b the sponsorship ol public lectures and b ' contributions to the D. 1 1. 1 lill Librarv. Faculty Members: Dr. F. S. Barkalow. Dr. T. L. Quay- .Members; D. A. Adams, S. H. Ammerman, L. R. Armstrong, G. L. Barnes, R. Q. Bell. E. B. Bradley, C. R. Bradford. R. P. Cheek, ]. T. Colwick, J. E. Cookson. C. E. Corriher, E. G. Cummings, H. M. Fields, W. J. Gehvveiler. W. A. Goodson. W. P. Harbin, F. E. Hester, C. E. Hill. R. G. Kavlor. K. P. Kennedy. R. D. Lewis. C. S. Long, R. D. Long, C. F. MacLeod. E. H. Manchester. B. F. McConnell, N. B. McCulloch. S. McKeever. E. E. Mitchell, C. F. Noble, C. R. Pitts, F. R. Richardson, M. E. Seehom, A. M. Shaw, E. R. Smith. J. R. Stephenson, R. E. Stevens, E. T. Upchurch. R. T. Webb. C. S. Yelverton. Hugh i L Fields President N. C STATE COLLEGE [161] PHI PSI Bruce Reid . . George Payet OFFICERS President Jerry Holt Secretary . Vice-Preside)it Al Payne Treasurer , - li. Reid President Phi Psi Fraternity is a professional textile fraternity, the objects and aims being: first, to promote good fellowship among men of textile schools and the textile industry; second, to encourage a high standard of textile work; third, to assist bv e ' erv honorable means the advancement of its members. Eta Chapter at North Carolina State is the largest chapter in the fraternity, in parallel with the largest textile school in the world. During the 1951-52 school year, the chapter held several refreshment booths for school exents, conferred honorarv degrees upon two out- standing men in the textile industry, and held several social events. Some of these include the annual banquet, at which time a cup was awarded to the " Man of the Year " in the textile industrv. Factihy Members: G. H. Dunlap, E. B. Grover, J. B. Gaither, ]. T. Hilton, T. R. Hart, W. E. Shinn, B. L. Whittier. Members: R. W. Anderson, C. E. Atwell, M. D. Atwell. W. E. Berner, L. P. Bratton, R. H. Brehm, M. S. Brettler, R. W. Byrum, R. W. Cashion, L, C. Caudle, J. J. Chamberlain, W. B. Choate, W. R. Clayton, J. M. Conner, G. H. Cornelson, R. C. Crawford, B. W. Cross, J. E. Cunninoham, B, N. Davis, A. Dixon, J. R. DufFett, C. M. Garrison, F. C. Goode, J. M. Grantham, L. R. Hackler, D. G. Hoffman, J. A. Holt, D. E. Ix, C. L. Jackson, C. T. Jackson, W. E. James, C. C. Kennedy, D. Koch, J. B. Lawrence, A. A. Lowe, B. P. Luckadoo, R. C. Mari-etts, D. E. Marrus, J. McArthur, W. L. Miller, S. E. Morrison, J. W. Muse, R. E. O ' Connor, C. Park, G. L. Payet, A. L. Payne, A. B. Reid, W. M. Rogers, J. E. Sartin, J. Scull, R. P. Shappard. G. M. Shaver, J. C. Shaw, W. T. Simpson, T. E. Sledge, J. Smith, W. L Sunderland, E. F. Szal, L. E. Thomas, W. F. Thore, L. D. Walker, B. T. Ward, H. P. Westmoreland. THE 1952 AGROMECK ■1621 SCABBARD AND BLADE OFFICERS Albert S. Browning Captain Paul E. Smathers Second Lieuteuaiit Ray p. Karriker First Lieuteuaiit Milton A. Madison First Sergeant Scabbard and Blade is a national militar honor society composed of first and second year advanced military stu- dents in the Reser e Officers Training Corps at North Carolina State Colleoe. G Company of the Third Reoi- Factilty Members: Capt. Earl R. LeVier, Major Roule C. Mo- zingo. .Members: John F. Dermid, William B. Griffin, Adam H. Harris. Paul J. Johnson, Rav P. Karriker, C. P. Keever, Milton A. Madison, Robert L. Miller, Donald S. Pike, George B. Pru- den, Paul E. Smathers, George W. Smith. Herbert Swain, Shel- don Rowen, Francis H. Van Landingham. i ot shown: Robert R. Matthews, ' an W. ' illiams, David A. Adams, William E. Berner. Stuart M. Mintzer, Richard L. Quickel. ment of the National Society of Scabbard and Blade is active on the State campus as a co-sponsor of the Military Ball and in fostering better relations between the mili- tary and ci ilian side of college life. A. S. Bkow.mni,, 111 Captain .Miss X ' lBGiNi. Browning S ponsor I N. C. STATE COLLEGE [163] p. ft. KJ. D. G |. p. Allen G. R. Boone R. BuiE I. C. Coss W. O. Crabtree W. ]. Davis G. A. Eason T. C. FiTE D. C. Griffin C. E. Hagwood J. R. Hay C. E. Hicks G. W. Johnson D. H. Kline M. C. Matalas H. F. Morris R. C. O ' Neal G. B. Pruden R. M. PUCKETT A. C. Roland D. W. Sharpe C. H. Smith R. J. Tredik CHI EPSILON OFFICERS Hal G. Waddell President Howard F. Morris . . . .Vice-President Alan C. Roland Secretary Robert C. O ' Neal Treasurer John R. Hay Associate Editor Chi Epsilon is a national honorary Civil Engineering fraternity based on the broad objective of increasing the efficacy of the profession as an instru- ment of social betterment. Chi Epsilon was organized to recognize those char- acteristics of the individual engineer deemed fundamental to the successful pursuit of his career and to develop these, thereby working towards a higher standard of service offered to humanity by the profession. Hal G. Waddell President - = THE 1952 AGROMECK [164] FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS George R. Wilson President Alford . Laitimore Reporter William E. Brown Secretary Iack K. Cox ' ice-Preside !t John T. Reeves Treasurer Cameron M. Garris Student Adviser Ihc purpose ot the Collegiate F.F.A. chapter is to develop leader- ship, encourage cooperative efforts, and recreational activities among students in agricultural education. Meetings are held twice monthly and officers are elected each term. I he membership is open to stu- dents preparing to teach ocational agriculture and former F.F.A. members. Facultr Member: C. C. Scarhorougii. Members: Horace Co. , Elvin Grant, Jones Reeves, Ed Hill, Ken- neth Hunter, Norris Edge, Jack Cox, Bobb Lee Cockerham, Robert Winston, Jimmv Fulk, Jack Dunn, Albert Lanier. Geohge R. Wilson President a N. C. STATE COLLEGE [165] AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS James A. Rodgers President David N. Zauber Vice-President Francis J. Kornowski Treasurer Henry L. Dixon Secretary This society of Industrial Engineers was organized on the State College campus in January 1947. Through frequent meetings it proposes to link together the private and academic li ' es of the students and faculty. Meetings are held every two weeks and in- teresting speakers associated with closely allied fields are invited to speak. One of the main projects of the organization has been to organize the society on a national basis by in ' iting other schools teach- ing industrial engineering to participate. Faculty Members: R. D. Furlong, R. Reed. Members: J. R. Barkley, J. A. Beam, W. S. Bradley, J. C. Bryan, J. S. Bullock, R. Ca mpbell, A. B. Capper, R. F. Carlson, R, L. Collins, R, E. Corbett, W. L. Davis, H. L. Dixon, B. B. Graybeal, W. A. Gurley, W. O. Hawley, H. A. Hicks, H. M. Kearse, F. J. Kornowski, J. L. Lewis, O. C. McKinnie, R. A. McLean, S. J. Mehta, V. C. Outland, G. F. Peterson, D. S, Pike. R. E. Pitts, G. B. Pressly, H. R. Price, V. M. Rhue, W. L. Rhyne, D. L. Roberts, J. A. Rodgers, P. E. Smathers, G. H. Stroud, R. R. Sugg. J. W. Thompson, J. W. Twyford, J. F. Underwood, W. Vogedes, D. N. Zauber. James A. Rodgers President THE 1952 AGROMECK [166] SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT OFFICERS James F. Underwood President N. R. Stuart Vice-President Donald S. Pike Secretary Charles R. Farinholt Treasurer The Society for the Advancement of Management is both an honoran ' and professional society. Membership is open to students interested in management and registered in one of the major fields of Administration, Agriculture, Distribution, Finance, Fluman Rela- tions, Production, or Textiles. The Society is the recognized national professional organization of management in industrx ' , commerce, go ernment, and education. The aim of the organization is to propa- gate the benefits of scientific management through aid to executives on all phases of management problems through the application ol engineering methods. Faculty Members: R. D. Furlong, D. E. Henderson, R. W. Llewellyn. Members: J. R. Barklev. G. W. Bolt .. F. H. Brehm, R. F. Carlson, R. L. Comer, J. E. Cunningham, J. O. Davis, S. T. DeWitt. iM. A. Eig, C. R. Farinholt, F. H. Foster, B. B. Gravbeal, W. A. Gurley, F. J. Kornowski, D. M. Lambert, R. E. O ' Connor, A. L. Perper, D. S. Pike, H. A. Poole, H. R. Price. J. A. Rodgers, D. J. Rose, A. Rudolph, W. C. Sibley, P. W. Siegel, P. E. Smathers, F. M. Soling, G. H. Stroud, N. R. Stuart, R. R. Sugg, A. Teszler, J. VV. Twvford, ]. F. Underwood. L. G. LIribc, W. Vogedes. L. D. Walker, D. . Zauber. Charles R. Farinholt Treasurer N. C. STATE COLLEGE [167] THETA TAU Thomas C. Fite . . . . Jack E. McCormick OFFICERS Regent Carlisle C. Campbell Scribe .Vice-Regent Henry C. Quay Treasurer Theta Tau is a professional en£ ineerino fraternity of college stu- dents. Members are chosen for their character, inteority, leadership, and scholarship. The purpose of Theta Tau is to develop and main tain a high standard of professional interest amono its members, and to unite them in a strong bond of fraternal fellowship. MEMBERS First row. J. E. McCormick, F. E. Perkins, G. E. Freeman, C. C. Campbell, R. E. Hadlow, J. H. LeRoy, H. C. Quay. Second row: F. H. Van Landingham, C. T. Bradshavv, W. H. Cox, E. R. Malin, S. McManus, R. C. O ' Neal, W. C. Parks. Third row. J. W. Schlirf, P. E. Smathers, T. U. Womble, W. A. Gurley, P. J. Bauoh, W. L. Davis. Faculty Adviser: T. C. Brown. 1 iioMAs C Fite President THE 1952 AGROMECK [168] AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS OFFICERS Jack Schriver President Dick Leaman Correspundiiig Secretary Fred M. Taylor Recording Secretcny Dale Blosser Freasurer An affiliate of the national professional oroanization and the North Carolina Chapter, the Student Section of the American Institute of Architects is composed of students of Architecture in the School of Design. Its purpose is to promote educational, professional, cultural and social activities among the students; to function as an auxiliary in the School of Design bv representing the students ' interest, and to ad- ance the vigorous and progressixe policv of the School in creating and dc eloping as indigenous and organic architecture for the south- eastern region. Faculty Member: James W. Fitzgibbon. Members: B. J. Addison, R. Bansback. P. Barnwell. H. Bates, B. Beckwith, D. Blosser, B. Blue, J. Brooks, G. Buff, H. Cease, F. Coile, V. DeGutis. J. Faulk, A. O. George, C. Gerald, A. C. Hall, S. Hodges, T. C. Howard, M. Islev, J. Jenkins, D. Jones, G. Jones, D. Leaman, E. Lee, B. Leon. L. Mallard, C. McGee, H. McPheters, J. Milam. B. Miller. R. Miller. H. Moser. C. Moss, M. Nakayama, D. Oden, D. Orr, T. Peters, P. Rolnik, C. M. Sappenfield, R. Sawver, J. Schriver, P. Shimamoto, C. Short, W. Sloan, V. Smith. M. Sperber. H. Spies, C. Tavlor, F. M. Taylor, H. Walker, J. Washburn. Jack Schbiver President a N. C STATE COLLEGE ' 1691 XI SIGMA PI OFFICERS John E. Graham Forester 1 Ienrv Ci. I Iarris Robert B. Phelps Associate Forester Joseph B. Reid . . . Secretary-Fiscal Agent Ranger Xi Sigma Pi is a national forestry honor fraternity whose purpose is the recognition and promotion of leadership, scholarship, and in- terest in the forestry profession. Each year the organization honors the outstanding freshman and senior in the Forestry School. The fraternity sponsors annual public lectures by nationally or interna- tionalh ' known indi iduals vyorking in forestry or allied professions. Faculty Members: James S. Bethel, Roy M. Carter, Jesse W. Chalfant, T. E. Maki, William D. Miller, Richard J. Preston. George K. Slocuin, Lenthall Wyman. Members: J. D. Besse, C. S. Billheimer, H. J. Boger, E. C. Carr, P. F. Crank, ]. D. Crook, D. M. Crutchfield, J. J. Derro, T. J. Ginn, J. E. Graham, T. N. Hardin, H. G. Harris, J. V. Jackson, E. N. Jordan, R. A. Moore, G. P. Peroni, R. B. Phelps, C. F. Raper. J. B. Reid, C. J. Reis, D, A. Stecher, C. E. Webb, T. G. Whippie, S. D. Wiggin, D. J. Wolf, D. O. Yandle. John E. Graham Forester THE 1952 AGROMECK [170] » i mr . .)« ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY OFFICERS Paul E. Smathers Covniuvider Edward J. Wagoner Public Relations Officer James T. Bales Executive Officer Thurman D. Womble Finance Officer loHN L. Story O perations Officer Henry L. Dixon Adjutant Recorder The Arnold Air Socict . wliiL ' h matic its initial appear- ance on the campus last year, is composed of first and second year adyanced Air R.O.T.C. students whose hioh character and sincere interest in the organization haye qualified them as members. Faculty Member: J. C. Eicholtz. Lt. Col. Members: T. E. Allen, J. H. Alley, J. B. Baker, J. T. Bales, P. G. Bolich, G, R. Boone, R. T. Bovkin, J. F. Brown, J. C. Bryan, C.C. Campbell, C. A. Cole, E. W. Craig, J. W. Gulp, J. R. Davis, H. L. Dixon, W. O. Doo- gett. W. H. Edwards, R. E. Etheridge, G. E. Freeman, L. R. Hackler. E. E. Hood, N. C. Hatcher, F. J. Kornowski, G. D. Mann, L. C. Moore, V. C. Out land, P. H. Porter, J. T. Shinn. P. E. Smathers, ]. L. Ston ' - E. A. Travis. M. D. W ' atkins, E. J. Wagoner, T. D. Womble. R. C. Yow. 1 he purpose of the Arnold Air Society is to de clop leadership, maintain the esprit de corps of the unit, and to ad ance the militar - preparedness of our country by increasino the knowledge of the scope and mission of the Air Force. Open to all third and fourth year A.F.R.O.T.C. students. Paul E. Smathers Commander Mhs. i ll M. Craig Sponsor ;CIJN. C. STATE COLLEGE [171] p. f .K . D- G. ALPHA ZETA OFFICERS George E. Spain Chancellor Walter T. Stinson Scribe S. Eugene Younts Censor George W. Hawkins Treasurer Bobby L. Cockerham Chronicler George E. Spain ChnnceUor Alpha Zeta was founded at Columbus, Ohio, on No ember 4, 1897. The North Carolina chapter was the eighth of fortv-five chap- ters and was chartered in 1904. Its aims are perhaps best expressed in the words of its founders: " Alpha Zeta was established neither as an honorary nor as a social fraternity, but as a professional fra- ternity in whose membership shall be combined the qualities of high scholarship, fine fellovyship, and sound character. These are the yital qualities of real leadership, and it was the actual potential leadership in the field of agriculture for which the fraternit was established to encourage and develop. ' ' Faculty Memhers: Dr. E. T. York, Dr. W. M. Roberts, Dr. S. L. Tisdale. Members: D. A. Adams, C. S. Billheimcr, J. C. Blair, F. Z. Blevins, E. L. Bradv. W. L. Carpenter, B. L. Cockerham, C. W. Coggins, J. K. Davis, J. A. Dinan, D. S. Fincher, R. H. Fleming, T. H. Garner, J. E. Graham, W. B. Griffin, G. R. Gwvn, T. N. Hardin, H. G. Harris, G. W. Hawkins, B. K. Hawkins, E. T. Hollowell, R. P. Karriker, D. C. Kno.x, R. E. McCollum, M. G. McKenzie, B. L. McMurray, D. P. Moore, A. Perry, R. B. Phelps, J. B. Reid, G. T. Rodgers, R. W. Scott, C. J. Snow, G. E. Spain, W. T. Stinson, J. R. Tippctt, D, O. Yandle, S. E. Younts. THE 1952 AGROMECK [172] GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON OFFICERS Marion E. Lattimore Grand Alclwinist Charles L. Ribelin Sergeant-at-Arnis Ernest V. Dobson Recorder Joe R. Belche Visor Dr. W. a. Reid Facidty Adviser Gamma Sigma Epsilon is a national honorary fraternity, the pur- pose of which is to unite those men of high scholastic standing in chemistrv. The goal of the organization is " to bring into closer relation the facts of science with the truth of God through the field of chemistrv. " Faculty Members: Prof. W. E. Jordan, Dr. VV. J. Peterson. Dr. VV. A. Reid, Prof. H. A. Rutherford. Dean I. O. Schaub, Dr. E. M. Schoenborn, Prof. Frank Seelv- Members: J. R. Belche, J. A. Berrier, R. H. Brehm, H. R. Broome, J. R. Buchanan, R. E. Cool, J. A. Daxfvault, E. W. Dobson, H. R. Johnson, T. R. Johnson, E. R. Jones, F. G. Jones, M. E. Lattimore, L. B. iMcGee, F. O. Mixon, J. M. Norman, R. S. Otstot, J. D. Parker, C. L. Ribelin, C. H. Sedbem, ' . S. Rovven, J. C. Watkins. H. D. White. T. A. Wilson, H. R. Ireland. N. C STATE COLLEGE [173] Marion E. Lattimore Grand Alchemist . l m Raymond L. Clark Ralph E. Cool William E. Fulcher Charles A. Fulp Arland L. MacKinney Donald A. Tarver Howard A. Wells Business Manaaer THE TOWER The Tower is an informal sup- plement to the State College Rec- ord Catalog planned to assist the new student to adjust easily to the new lite at college. The College Catalog and Book of Regulations are the basic reference for informa tion about our educational pro gram and about official policies and procedures. Jerry A. Berrier Editor THE 1952 AGROMECK ■1741 PEP CLUB riu ' Sl.ito Collci;i. ' l ' p Cliili is organized as a non mm pressure S ' " ' " JP " State Collei e students who are interested in pro- moting and publieizing an event wliieli will increase tlie sliulenl and speeiatiir interest in Stale C ol lege. Around a nucleus ot ten mem bers the club this ear has aidetl with pc i rallies, team send-otts and decorating the campus tor home athletic events. I he purpose of this club is to plan and coordinate all Functions concerning pep rallies, lootball games, basketball games, and to promote and publicize an tunc tion which would bring Fa orable interest to State College. Harvey Wilkinson President Hf.rbeut Rirkovvit; Robert Maharam Birch McMurrav Jewel Parker Robert Tredik Mary Wirtz K C. STATE COLLEGE [175] INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB OFFICERS Elmer I . Mades President Elijah F. Mason . . Lloyd B. Stevens Vice-President Aubrey E. Harrell . Secretary . Treasurer Elmer H. Mades President The Industrial Arts Club brings together the members oF the department in order that they may become better acquainted. Out- standing men in related fields present to the club at its meetings the latest ideas and news of the professional world. The club strives to make its profession better known and to influence young men to train for a future in industrial arts. Facidty Memhers: Ivan Hosteller, Marshall L. Schmitt. Memhers: G. H, Anthonv, J. A. Baoonis, R. B. Barkowski, G. W. Benning, R. T. Boykin, F. Broadhurst, R. Calvano, D. L. Crotts, M. R. Descaro, C. R. E-xum, E. L. Freeman, A. Harrell, D. R. Holder, J. P. Jochum, B. T. Kapp, Z. T. Koonce, P. G. Kotelly, A. L. McBride, E. H. Mades, W. G. Maguiness, E. F. Mason, G. T. Moore, T. M. Pekarchick, W. L. Preddy, R. L. Privett, W. W. Sharber, T, C. Shore, J. W. Silver, R. W. Smith, L. B. Stevens, V. R. Stevens, F. A. Stone, G. Suda, P. H. Squires, R. T. Troxler, K. T. Uroovitch, W. N. Watt, J. M. Willis. THE 1952 AGROMECK [176] AMERICAN SOCIETY OF HEATING AND VENTILATING ENGINEERS Sidney Narvey President Lenny Rubin Vice-President OFFICERS E. A. Travis . W. G. Lloy ' d . Secretary .Treasurer The student branch of the American Society of Heating and Venti- lating Engineers was chartered on the State College campus on May 7, 1948. Since that time the organization has been striving to promote an interest in students of this phase of engineering among the practicing engineers, architects, and manufacturers in this field. Pcicidtr Members: C. A. McKecman, 1 . C. Brown. Members: G. C. Ashlev, J. Cauble, Y. R. Cranford, V. V. Crews, B. L. Christenberrv, J. II. Croom, J. C. Daughety, J. H. Davis, F. Drummond, X. Falbum, E. W. Hcdgcpath, D. J. Lee, W. G. Llovd, E. R. Malin, M. R. Martin. A. Muckenfuss, S. Narvev, W. O. Ross, L. Rubin, R. F. Smith, W. W. Styers, W. A. Timbv, E. A. Travis, L. R. VVensil. F. L. Winecoff, G, T. Winecoff. Sidney Narvey President IK N C. STATE COLLEGE 1771 P O f O AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS OFFICERS David W. Sharpe President Carl H. Smith Vice-President John W. Bell Secretary Howard F. Morris Treasurer John Allen Clenn a. Eason Assistant Secretary Donald C. Griffin Assistant Treasurer Joseph Zak Publicity Director Herbert B. Greene Editor Editor The object of this society is to afford an opportunit ' for closer acquaintance among the students in Civil Engineerino at N. C. State College, to increase interest in engineering, to foster a true professional knowledge and spirit among students, and to cooperate with the professional and academic Civil Engineering world. Meetings are held once a month and include addresses by profes- sional engineers, films on engineering projects and construction, student papers presented before the chapter, social affairs, and busi- ness meetings. The chapter publishes its own monthly paper. On The Level. David W. Sharpe President THE 1952 AGROMECK [178] STUDENT FURNITURE CLUB OFFICERS NoRRis Clark Hatcher President George S. Forester . . . Thomas E. Allen Secretary-Treasurer .Vice-President Clabk Hatcher President In September, 1948, the Furniture Manufacturing and Manage- ment course was offered to the students of North Carolina State College. The course is backed in industry bv the James T. Rvan Furniture Professorship. The students felt the need for ad ice to keep them up to date on current happenings in the industry, so in October, 1948, the Student Furniture Club was organized. The purpose of this club is to sponsor meetings for discussion of subjects of general interest to the furniture students. Faculty Member: Prof. E. S. Johnson. Members: T. E. Allen. H. E. Eeattv. C. G. Eedford J H Bennett, C. T. Bost, J. B. Bradv, V. C. Broyhill, R. S. Cannon. H. G. Carpenter, P. G. Clark, A. B. Clark, A. B. Cochrane, ]. L. Collar. B. A. Farthing, G. S. Forester, M. M. Hale, N. C. Hatcher, L. H. Hinesley, W. J. Johnson, L. R. Kassvan, K. A. Key, H. E. Lowe, H. C. McGee, C. H. Mabry. G. M. Maxwell, R. L. Moore, W. S. Page, H. A. Poole, R. W. Sparger, M. R. Sparks, J. V. Stephenson, E. E. Strickland, G. P. Redman, J. B. Travis. W. B. Trollinger, J. B. Vaughn, D. E. XA ' ard, D. G. Warren. ]Ci N. C STATE COLLEGE ■179] p. R. fo. D. G DELTA KAPPA PHI OFFICERS John L. Sherrill Consul Allen J. Simpson Warren C. Sibley Pro-Consid [ames H. Duffy WiNSLOw B. Morton Scribe Delta Kappa Phi is the oldest professional textile fraternity in America, having been founded in 1899 at the Philadelphia Textile Institute. Started by a nucleus of seventeen members, Kappa Chapter was instituted on May 14, 1948, at State College. The 1951 Delta Kappa Phi National Con ' ention was held at State College last year. Faculty Members: C. M. Asbill, K. S. Campbell, M. E. Campbell, R. C. Davis, E. B. Gilbert, D. S. Hambv, A. C. Hayes, H. A. Rutherford, W. C. Stuckey, J. G. Templeton. Members: A. M. Aksel, P. N. Amersey, R. L. Ammons, H. Anderson, G. S. Bakoss, W. D. Bandes, F. R. Beaver, W. W. Bishop, W. M. Blackmon, G. J. Boltz, K. G. Camelford C. H. Cothran, R. M. Crosby, J. F. Dermid, J. W. Dear, M. A. Eio, S. M. Ellington, P. R. Foght, F. H. Foster, H. C. Fowler, W. A. Geiler, H. S. Ghosn, J. A. Harrison, W. C. Herrmann, W. D. Hicks, W. R. Higgins, D. B. Imrie, I. Kapjun, C. P. Keever, P. P. Lavitt, J. H. Lockamy, M. A. Madison, F. H. Mandell, J. F. Marshall, W. R. Martin, A. Martin De Nicholas, S. M. Mintzer, E. G. Mercer, B. F. Patterson, A. L. Perper, J. L. Reinhardt, D. J. Rose, H. Scheviak, P. W. Siegel, F. M. Soling, P. S. Sweatt, A. Teszler, O. Teszler, H. B. Townsend, S. Rowen, J. M. Ward, G. M. Watts, A. S. Yaltir. . Anuatator .Custodian Warren C. Sibley ProConstil THE 1952 AGROMECK [180] MONOGRAM CLUB OFFICERS Walter Schacht President William Despres Vice-President ' n us Kaiser Secretary James Smith Treasurer Clyde Garrison Picporter George MacArthur Me uhersJiip Chairman Walter Schacht President CI N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1 " « " MEMBERS First row. R. Buie, J. Smith, B. Despres, W. Schacht, V. J. Kaiser, J. Martin. Second row. J. Smith, R. Frederick, G. MacArthur, V. Bagonis, R. Sprit , R. Warren, B. Allman, H. Lodge, J. W. Morgan, Adviser. Third row. B. Savvver, M. Zalfagari, ]. Bagonis, C. Garrison, P. O ' Hara, C. Frauenhot ' er, T. Potts, ]. Bavkara, R. Calvano, R. C. White, Adviser. Fourth row. D. Miller, J. Morris, J. C. Britt, F. Goode, B. Carlson, C. Moore, J. Paschal, R. Brinson, P. Brandenburg, D. Zauber. Fifth TOW. O. Clements, D. Taylor, J. Fuscoe, P. Martin, L. Lewis, AL Clements, R. Paroli, ]. Hillman, S. Kossila. Sixth row. E. Costa, T. Tofaute, P. Smith. Not pictured: D. Butler, D. Cheek, B. Cook, B. Goss, B. Kennedy, B. Kukov, E. Morris, S. Sideris, J. Thompson, L. Terrill, A. Webster, H. Yeates. B. Yurin, B. Swart, M. Lojko, R. Barkowski, R. Karriker, B. Speight, J. Nicholson, G. Thompson, R. McGillis, F. Taylor, J. Shocklev, E. Beall, A. Fiore, D. Winslow. J. Truslow, A. Nishball, W. Griswald. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF TEXTILE CHEMISTS AND COLORISTS T. Adger Wilson OFFICERS President Robert F. Miller Fay E. Larrison Treasurer . Secretary The function of the local chapter of the American Association of Textile ChemisLS and Colorists is to brino into closer contact the students of textile chemistry and the men of the textile industry. Specialists in textiles and allied fields are in ' itcd to speak before the organization in the hope of correlating theory and practice. The objectives of the organization are " to promote an increase of knowledge of the application of dyes and chemicals in the textile industry; to encourage, in an ' practical way, research on chemical processes and materials of importance to the textile industry; and to establish for the members, channels by which the interchange of professional knowledge among them may be increased. " Fncn (r Members: K. S. Campbell, R. C. Davis, A. C. Hayes, H. A. Rutherford, W. E. Shinn. Members: J. R. Belche. R. H. Brehm, L. P. Bratton, H. R. Broome, D. D. Carmicfiael, R. W. Cashion, ]. Cohen, R. C. Crawiord, J. E. Cunninp,- ham, E. A. Dalmas, J. A. Dayvault, H. S. Ghosn, M. E. Goldberg, D. B. Imrie, G. H. Jones, M, Kallman, F. E. Larrison, P. P. Lavitt, W. F. Lewald, j. H. Lockamy, W. R. Martin, A. Martin de Nicholas, A. W. McConnell, E. G. Mercer, R. F. Miller, W. L. Miller, G. O. Palma, V. G. Paul, G. L. Payet, G. L. Rota. E. F. Scott, J. W. Swigsjett, J. G. Templeton, O. Teszler, S. Rowen, T. A. Wilson. Adger H ' ilson President I THE 1952 AGROMECK [182] SIGMA TAU SIGMA OFFICERS Jack A. Dayvault Fay E. Larrison . . President . Vice-President Betty Anne Cline Burton L. Sokol . . Secretary . Treasurer Jack A. D.w ult President A local textile honor fraternity, Sigma Tau Sigma strives to instill in textile students a desire for higher scholastic attainments. An incenti ' e toward this goal is the Sigma Tau Sigma Scholarship Cup that is presented each year to the Senior in Textiles with the highest scholastic average. The Greek letters composing the name of the fraternitv represent the words. Society of Textile Scholarship. FacuUy Members: B. L. A ' hittier, K. S. Campbell, C. M. Asbill, H. A. Rutherford, W. E. Moser, D. S. Hamby, M. E. Campbell, T. A. Nelson, |. F. Bogdan, R. C. Davis, G. H. Dunlap, E. B. Grover, T. R. Hart, A. C. Haves, J. T. Hilti.n, J- A. Porter, W. E. Shinn, W. C. Stuckev, J. A. Parker. Members: P. Amersev, R. ' . Anderson, W. E. Berner, R. H. Brehm. M. S. Brettler, J. W. Burnette, B. A. Cline, J. O. Davis. J. A. Davvault, J. R. Duffett, J. H. Duffy, H. C. Fowler, H. S. Ghosn, J. Heim, W. C. Herrmann, D. B. Imrie, B. M. Klein, K. M. Kragas, F. E. Larrison, A. Martin de Nicholas, S. M. Mintzer, J. E. Murrow, J. Olarte, G. L. Payet, A. L. Perper, T- L. Sherrill, B. L. Sokol, P. W. Siegel. P. P. Singh, E. F. Scott, L. D. Walker, B. D. Webb, K. C. Won. :4k c state college [183] AGRICULTURAL CLUB OFFICERS Robert W. Scott President Frank C. Patterson Secretary Gerald M. Ward Vice-President William B. Griffin Treasurer Dr. S. L. Tisdale Faculty Adviser The " Ag " Club is an oroanization whose membership includes all students in the School of Agriculture and the Department of Aoricultural Education in the School of Education. The Club sponsors educational and recreative events such as the Student ' s Ao Fair (held in conjunction with the N. C. State Fair), the Barnwarming, the Students ' Livestock Day, the " Ao " Club picnic, ha ' rides, and smokers. At the weekly meetinos, members enjoy informative talks, illus- trated lectures, educational movies, and stunt programs. The " Ag " Club publishes its own technical publication. The N. C. State Agriculturist, one of the finest college student technical publications anywhere. Since its organization around 1917, the club has been student governed with the faculty members acting only in an ad ' isorv capacity. The student members plan and execute all of its activities. lujisiiur W. Scott President THE 1952 AGROMECK [184] PI TAU SIGMA OFFICERS |. W. ScHLiRF Preside} ! 1 1. R. Boyette Correspond ' nii Secretary 1 1. LoMiNAC Vice-President D. J . Burbage Treasurer D. R. West Recording Secretary Pi Tau Sif ma, National I Idnorarv Mechanical Enoineering Fra- ternity, strives to foster the high ideals of the engineering profession, to stimulate interest and coordinate departmental activities, and to promote mutual professional welfare of its memhers. Membership in Pi lau Sigma is conferred upon those Juniors and Seniors in Mechanical Engineering who hv high scholastic achic ement, leader- ship, service, character and interest have demonstrated qualities requisite to the highest ideals of the engineering profession. Faculty Meiid er: Jesse S. Doolittle. Members, first row.D. J. Burbage, S. E. Eckard, E. H. Elliot, R. E. Hadlow, J. C. Heather, R. C. Kinser. Second row: J. H. Leroy, H. Lominac, G. D. Mann, J. McCormick, C. I. McLain, J. E. Newton. Third row: D. R. XA ' est, G. C. Wiggins, C. A. Wingate. J. W . Sim iiu President N. C. STATE COLLEGE [185] Y M . 1 IF m TAU BETA PI OFFICERS William O. Crabtree President John W. Schlirf Vice-President Robert O. Williams, Jr Corres j)onding Secretary George W. Smith, Jr Recording Secretary Reginald Blue Cataloger Tau Beta Pi is a national engineerins honor fraternity which recognizes engineering students for their integrity and breadth of interests above the fundamental requirement of scholastic achievements. Membership in Tau Beta Pi is one of the highest honors that can be bestovi ' ed upm a student engineer. James B. Baker Jack R. Barkley Mayhue a. Bell Frederick S. Bergman Jerry A. Berrier Richard L. Berry James R. Bohannon, Jr. Charles T. Bradshaw Reginald Buie Douglas J. Burbage, Jr. Raymond L. Collins Gordon H. Cooper William O. Crabtree Stuart R. deWitt Wesley O. Uoggett Robert G. Ellis Charles R. Farinholt Thomas C. Fite James C. Foster Robert E. Hadlow MEMBERS John R. Hay, Jr. Edward E. Hood, |r. Donald Hostetler Rolf Kalifman Robert C. Kinser Marion E. Lattimore Harold R. Lominac Arland L. MacKinney C. Herman Mauney Jack E. McCormick James H. McLain, Jr. Forrest O. Mixon, Jr. Roy B. Moffitt Richard C. Morenus Howard F. Morris James E. Newton, Jr. loHN W. Niestlie, jr. Charles S. Oldfield Robert C. O ' Neal Warren G. Palmer Joseph D. Parker Richard E. Pitts Walter Quick James E. Ramsey, Jr. Alan C. Roland Howard T. Sadler Eugene C. Sakshaug John W. Schlirf George W. Smith, Jr. William A. Tesch John W. Thompson, Jr. Maxwell R. Thurman Robert J. Tredik Francis VanLandingham Arthur W. Vernon Hal G. Waddell Joseph M. Weaver Donald R. West Robert O. Williams, Jr. Weldon R. Word I THE 1952 AGROMECK [186] KAPPA PHI KAPPA OFFICERS AsTOR Perry President S. B. Privette Vice-President Walter J . Watt Secretary Ralph Calvano Treasurer Murphy G. McKenzie Correspondinii Secretary Dr. Felix A. Nylund Facidty Adxnser Kappa Phi Kappa, national educational fraternit , endea ors to promote the cause of education b ' encoura ino men of sound moral character and recognized abilit ' to ent aoe in its principles and practices. Its membership is drawn from students in the education curriculum. Mevibers: R. J. Bowers, R. Calvano, B. L. Cockerham, 11. , 1. Davis, T. L. Hanes, C. M Hawle , E. T. Hollowell, F. E. Lav, G. A. Lewis, W. M. Lindsay, M. G. McKenzie, E. Nelson, A. Perry, R. M. Prevatt, S. B. Privette, R. G. Prongay, L. Ramsev, C. H. Rogers, W. T. Sellers, 1. C. Shore, C;. E. Spain, J. Stoll, E. B. Taylor, H. A. Trost, W. N. Watt, M. P. Webb, G. R. Wilson, S. E. Younts. AsTOR Perry President N. C STATE COLLEGE [187] p. A. W. D. G. COLLEGE The College Union idea is suddenly with us. It did not wait for its new home. With its appearance has emerged a more varied and ' irile leisure-time program at our Alma Mater. The committee members hope that each ear the College Union idea will be a growinglv significant and meaningful force for a richer, fuller social and cultural life for our students. Jack E. AIcCormick President COMMITTEES Gallery Commhtee Bennett Bleach Charles Sa.ppenfield Richard Brownlee James Washburn Al Lowe Jack Baugh Wesley Doggett ViNCE Outland F. S. Bergman J. C. Foster Carson Boone Jesse Capel John Fisher John Graham Ernie Moore Funmi Coiinuittee Ed Wagner Lee Wensil Joseph Weaver Film Coiiiiiiittee George Obenshain Weldon R. Ward Theatre Comviittee Ben Kirkland Eugene Neal William C. Snipes William Goulding Actii ' ities Co]in)iittee Maynard Shields Johnny Rhea Games Committee Jack Biggerstaff William Davis Emily Brown Charles Hasbrouch William F. Caddell Pete Jackmowski Glenn Eason Donald Lee Marcus Crotts James Norman Evelyn Vereen ♦ Eddie Thomas Joseph Weaver James , sih)urn F. S. Bergman THE 1952 AGROMECK [188] E UNION LIMOX DllUC TOIVME Jack li. McCormk k [osEPH M. Weaver . President Paul Foght Allen Jobe Phillip Baiic.h Monroe Brettler George Pruden lOHN DiNAN Douglas Powell John Graham George Cherry E. L. Cloyd Gerald Erdahl J. H. Hilton loHN VV. Shirley J. J. Stewart J. G. Vann Fred Willard JoHTv; Graham ERNit Moore Glenn Eason A. C. Turnage UicK Pitts 0: N. C. STATE COLLEGE [189] Gerald Erdahl Director COMMITTEES Outiiiii Chth Charles Averre Max Halber David Hicks Everette Lattimore Dan Looper Cecil Madden Mehmet Ozbos Bill Smith Fox Tate A. C. Turnage Jack Wilson Social Coniiiiittee Charles Averre Kitty Barbehenn James Byrd Mona Caines Bob Carlson Bill Hoffman Sonny Hines Ruth Allen Bob Carlson Bob Cook Grady Dixon Renn Drum Tom Ellington Bill Herrmann Pete Jackmowski ]. P. Milan Cal Reis Jim Barlovv Thomas Johnson Gene Phillips Hilliard Humphrey Eduardo Jaramillo Edward Jones Bob Lassiter Richard Pitts Dick Reed Tommy ' Ward Dance Committee Allen Jobe Robert Lee Jewel Parker ZoE Smith Joe Stole Luis Uribe Giles Willis Jo WiRTZ Moe Zalfagari Ahi.sic Committee Andrew Teszler Otto Teszler Phil Rice Puhlicitv Committee Eddie Thomas Herman Williams Clifton Withers FLORICULTURE SOCIETY OFFICERS Donald G. Betts President Harold L. Sprinkle Vice-President Sidney H. Roddey, Jr Treasurer Benjamin H. Brown Secretary Glenn O. Randall Faculty Adviser Our purpose is to stimulate, develop and maintain any and all interests in the field oF floriculture. We welcome all visitors. AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY OFFICERS Willis E. Hawkins President Robert B. Hockaday Vice-President John M. Rauscher Secretary James P. Smyly Treasurer The North Carolina State College Student Branch of the American Ceramic Society was organized to familiarize students with the various aspects of the ceramic industry through talks, discussions, and motion pictures, and to promote a stronger bond of fellowship between students in the department. [190] EPSILON PI TAU OFFICERS Epsilon Fi l;iii is an intcinational lidiiorarv prolt ' ssional James S. Travis President traternit . It is iiiadc ii|i ol a select roup of students Elmer 1 1. Mades ' ice-President majorino in Industrial Arts and Industrial Education. TIk ' William G. Maguiness Secretary Fraternity seeks to promote lellowsliip, social elliciency, Ralph Calvano Treasurer l iH ' i " tl research. • ' ' LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Carl H. Maiiney President The Lutheran Student Association of North Carolina William Q. Rhyne Vice-President State College stimulates and sustains in using the Bible Rebecca Earnhardt Secretary regularly, privately, and in groups, in prayer, in regular Craig Earnhardt Treasurer church attendance, and frequent reception of 1 Iol Com- Rev. Herbert W. Stroup Adviser munion. [191] HORTICULTURE CLUB OFFICERS JOHN Nielsen President Martin L. McIntire Vice-President C. R. Dennis Secretary Garland Owens Treasurer The State College Horticulture Club fosters closer relations be- tween the faculty and students, promotes advancement of scientific and practical horticulture, and provides incentive for the annual horticulture exhibit at the Atjriculture Fair. The club also provides qualified speakers, slides and mi) ' ies at frequent meetings. Fflciihy Members: W. S. Barham, F. D. Cochran, F. E. Correll. H. M. Covington, M. E. Gardner, F. L. Haynes, T. D. Jonei. G. C. Klingbeil. C. L. McCombs, E. B. Morrow, H. R. Niswonger, G. O. Randall, Robert Schmidt, G. W. Schneider, Adviser; C. F. Williams. Members: D. G. Belts, W. W. Brier, B. H. Brown, M. Clark, R. C. Compton, M. E. Coykendall, C. R, Dennis, W. Federonko, C. E. Harrell. D. O. Ketchie, W. H. Laughter, C. E. Lewis, M. L. McIntire, A. ]. Nielsen, W. B. Nesbitt, J. J. Nicholson, J. F. Norwood, C. L. O ' Brvant, H. J. O ' Connor, G. B. Owens, S. H. Roddy, G. B. Rogers, H. L. Sprinkle, W. H. Swart. R. S. Webb. John Nielsen President f I THE 1952 AGROMECKJ 1921 KERAMOS ' iLLis E. }Iavvkins OFFICERS President Albert J. Dornseif . . . . Kenneth W. Hansen Treasurer . Secretary Founded in 1920 at the Ohio Staie Llni eisit ' , Keramos has the distinction of being the oldest professional enoineering society in the world. Membership is offered onlv to those students in the De- partment of Ceramic Engineering who have a good scholastic record, integritv of character, and leadership qualities. Honor students are given keys in recognition of their achie emcnrs. Faciihy Mewhers: W. C. Bell, VV. C. Hackler, A. D. huh k, V. W. Kriegel, A. E. Lucier. Members, first row. Kenneth W. Hansen, Albert I. Uornseif. Second row. Bobb L. Jo ner, William C. Hackler. Not pictured: Albert I). Indvk. Arthur E. Lucier. Willis E. H. wkins President ;Cl M. C. STATE COLLEGE ■1931 I SIGMA PI ALPHA Otto Teszler Adriaan Troeleman OFFICERS President Joseph M. Weaver Treasurer .Vice-President Zena A. Bryan Secretary Sigma Pi Alpha is a national honorary language fraternit - fciunded at State College in 1927. Membership in the fraternit ' requires an honor average in languages and abo ' e average in general scholastic work. Activities of Sigma Pi Alpha consist of talks bv foreign students and much-travelled persons and frequent socials held jointly with other Raleigh college chapters of the fraternity. Faculty Member: F. |. Allred. Members: D. G. Betts, F. S. Bergman, A. C. Brock, M. S. Brettler, Z. A. Bryan, J. R. Garza, A. J. Goetze, R. P. Karriker, E. V. Lammas, P. D. Miller, R. F. Miller, J. T. Norwood, A. L. Perper, P. Rolnik, H. G. Satterfield, P. Siegel, B. L. Sokol, O. Teszler, A. J. Troeleman, E. |. Wagner, J. M. Wea ' er. Otto Teszler Preside}2t THE 1952 AGROMECK [194] TOMPKINS TEXTILE COUNCIL OFFICERS George Payet President Jack A. Dayvault Secretary Fay E. Larrison Vice-President Gerald M. Shaver Treasurer The Tompkins Textile Council was organized in 1950 as a repre- sentative group to replace the Tompkins Textile Society. Its pur- pose is to coordinate the various organizations in the School oF Textiles and hcl|i sponsor actixities such as Open House and the Lint Dodgers Ball. Each fraternity in the School has two representa- ti cs with each class being allotted one to be elected bv the students. Faculty Mtuiber: U. S. Hamb -. Members, first row. Gerald M. Shaver, Jack A. Dayvault, Fav E. Larrison, T. Adger Wilson, Warren C. Siblev. Second row. A. Bruce Reid, Joseph P. Hester, Robert C. Crawford, Monroe S. Brettler. Not pictured: William L. Miller, John L. Sherril, James L. Truslow. George Pavet President ■fl N. C STATE COLLEGE :i95] William E. Waddell President Marcus Crotts Vice-President Carlisle C. Campbell Corresponding Secretary Henry C. Quay Recording Secretary Neal p. Alexander Treasurer AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS The student branch of A.S.M.E. ofters members in Mechani- cal Engineering an opportunity to develop finesse in leadership, administration, and public speaking. A.S.M.E. brings many interesting speakers to the campus to stimulate professional interest among its members. Its programs include inspection trips, social outings, joint meetings with neighboring colleges, sponsoring speakers of national prominence, and local com- petitition for prizes. Members: William E. Adams, Ralph Albert, Neal P. Alex- ander, Harry B. Anderson, Milford J. Auger, George R. Bal lance, Philip J. Baugh, Herbert Berkowitz, Douglas J. Bur- bage, William C. Burns, Carlisle C. Campbell, Raymond L. Clark, Marcus Crotts, James W. Culp, B. C. Da is, Earl H. Elliott, Jay A. Flanagan, Stephen R. Flashman, Wiley C. For- rest, Coyte L. Garner, Claude L. Gilbert, Adolfo P. Gomez, Joseph Greco, Robert E. Hadlow, Charles B. Hasbrouck, Robert T. Hayes, Rollins E. Helms, John C. Herther, Leon M. Hobbs, Eduardo Jarmillo, Tom L. Jacobs, Robert L. Jeter, Richard K. Keith, Z. C. Ketner, W. B. Kincaid, Robert C. Kinser, Eugene W. Kirk, Douglas B. Knowles, lames F. Knowlcs, Julian E. Lanier, Jack LeRoy, W. D. Lineback, Joseph V. Lowe, Harold R. Lominac, Joe P. Majctte, Charles L McLain, Walter G. McDonald, Demetrios S. Meletiou, Robert L. Miller, William F. Morgan, Miguel A. Muniz, J. E. Newton, Conrad R. Odden, Henry C. Quay, W. A. Riddick, Jack Robert- son, G. W. Rodgers, Jack P. Satterfield, Donald R. Seward, Merriman S. Scholar, Mary Ellen Short, Tomas J. Sotolongo, Henry L. Shek, John L. Story, William F. Waddell, Leon R. Wensil, Donald R. West, Guy Wiggins, William E. Wooten, Clarence A. Winoate. t ■1961 AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS CLUB , , .... OFFICERS Joe R. Marks President Richard F. Harrison Vice-President RoRERT C. Ballance Secretary Rudolph E. I Iowell Treasurer LaxMhert iM. Sutton Prooravi Chairutau The Amicultural Economics Club is an auxiliar organization of the American Farm Economics Associa- tion which is designed to stimulate interest oF students in the economic problems of agriculture. AQUINAS CLUB OFFICERS Jaime Olartte Restrepo Presidoit George Lourigan Vice-President Maxton Thurman Secretary Mk;iiel a. Muniz Treasurer Father Thomas F. Kerin CJiaplaiu .1 This Ckib affords the Catholic students the opportunit - of studving their religion, while at State, by means ol lectures and discussions. The club also has a social pro- gram sponsoring dances, parties, and outings. One dav spiritual retreat for all Catholic students attending col- leges and uni ersities in the State is sponsored each ear b ' the A[|uinas Club. [197] CADET OFFICERS ' ASSOCIATION John F. Dermid President Mack Lyman Vice-President OFFICERS James Meemac Treasurer Cy Wilcox Corresponding Secretary The Cadet Officers ' Association is an organization com- posed of men From each year and each branch of the army. The purpose of the Cadet Officers ' Association is to encourage and to promote in R.O.T.C. students a greater interest in this college, communitw and countrx, and to enable the members to meet other men with v -hom they may serve a tour of duty in the army. The club has grown from 40 last year to 500 this year. Faculty Members: Major R. C. Mozinoo, Capt. Robert Rees. Members: H. Anderson, E. Avent, B. Berner, J. E. Cashwell, J. Cox, H. Cox, R. L. Clark, L. C. Davis, W. ]. Davis, B. Dalrymple, ]. Dermid, N. L. Edge, R. L. Gordon, W. Hawley, D. Hennessee, E. G. Hill, W. W. Kennedy, P. Lavitt, R. Marharam, A. L. McBridc, C. L. O ' Bryant, J. R. Pope, R. L. Privette, A. C. Stafford, J. R. Sweet, W. C. Temple, J. Tester, R. Wyatt, D. N. Zauber. John Dermid President iMns, John Dkkmid S;;o);.sor :i98] d ' K m INTERFRAT First row. F. N. C700DE, 2N T. E. Staton, KA L. R. Hackler, KA L. D. Walker, HKA Sec( }2d row. C. T. Bradshaw, ITKA J. R. Hay, 2 E A. L. Payne, 24 E H. J. Klein, A2 Third row. J. W. Rhea, AS E. B. Chapman, IIK G. E. Freeman, 211 C. L. Garner, 211 Fourth row. G. C. Ashley, 4 KT W. C. Burns, I KT J. H. Hammond, AXA G. E. Carrow, AXA F if til roiv: E. E. Strickland, TKE C. J. Moore, TKE S. RowEN, 2AM F. M. Soling, 2AM J. P. Majette, 2X Sixth roiv. G. T. WlNECOFF, 2X R. T. Turner, 2AE J. B. Jasmin, 2AE b. Koch, En B. L. Sokol, En [200] RNITY COUNCIL The Intortnitcrnitv Council was orgiini cd in llic Sprino of h) ! throiiuli tlic cfloits ol the C ollcwf Ail ministration antl the haternit Icatlers. 1 he purpose ol the Council is " to advance the interests ot North Carolina State College; to pnmiote the general interests and weUare of the associated Iraternities as a hod ; anti to insure co-operation hetween them in their relations with the faeultv, student body, and the public in t eneral " The Council is composed of two representa- tives From each chapter, elected b the chapter. As the social Feature of the college year, the Council sponsors three series of dances— the Pledge Dances in the Fall term; the Mid-Winters in the winter term: and Spring Finals on the week-end preceding commence- ment. Monroe S. Brettleh President 1 [201] 1 Sigma Nu originated tioni the Legion oF i lonor, a secret society organized in 1868 at the Viroinia i Uhtar ' Institute. The four founders were moved b ' ideal istic hopes, and the ' founded a society which would inculcate honor and mu- tually benefit its members. Since its founding the fraternity has prospered, and at the present time there are 102 active chapters throughout the country. It is the oldest fraternity at State Col- lege, Beta Tau Chapter having been installed here in 1895. The purpose of its founders was " to establish through the warm friendships of a group of con- genial eolleye men, on the ioundation stone (if honor, ideals ol intellectual achie ' ement, character, and social devel- opment, all to the end of becoming bet- ter men and better citizens. " SIGMA NU OFFICERS Thomas C. Fite Conniunidcr WiLLiAM W. Kendall Lt. Covivumder Bruce P. Cotten Recorder George B. Rogers Treasurer Thomas C. rrri-. Pn ' sidciil Miss Carolyn Riddick l i Si - - ' - i3ak BETA TAU CHAPTER I (Hiis S. . i; i JamiiS M. Ai 1 1 . |k. C " ii. iu.i-s S. l!ii 1 HI iMi n l " )l W I . llOSKMAN CtiiL 1. rmsT, ] . John Aubrey Ciirisman. lit, William B. Chok RlUICE P. CoiTEN I ll) AKl) J. Cox RoBEHT A. C ROXSllN Robert R. Crummer Charles R. Critch William S. Facey Thomas C. Fite Lester A. Foster, Jr. Clarence A. Gilbert Franklyn C. Goode Bobby G. Goss Charles T. Jackson Peter S. Jacobsen James F. Joyner. Jr. Byron G. King Ray D. Looper Robert A. Loy Gilbert B. MacLaben, Jr. John C. Morris Robert E. O ' Connor Alston Ramsay, Jr. Charles F. Redding George B. Rogers IkicH F. Smith. Jr. Robert W. Speight Charles E. Sprain loE D. Stole ' an D. Willard Robert F. Williamson Thurston A. Wilson, Jr. |. MES W. Wrape Ierrv H. Wrape [203] m Five vears after the Civil War, Wil- liam Grigsbv McCormick, former head of the McCormick Deering Corporation, and four friends founded the first Ameri- can chapter of Kappa Sigma. Kappa Sigma had its original founding at the LIni ersit ' of Bologna in 1400, and soon spread to manv of the larger universities of continental Europe. Since its found- ing in America on December 10, 1869, at the LIniversitv of Virginia, Kappa Sigma has expanded until now it has at least one chapter in e cr state in the union. There are over 100,000 living alumni of the 122 actix ' e chapters. Beta Upsilon was founded on the State Col- lege Campus in 1920. Easter of everv vear finds Kappa Sigma entertaining at the annual Easter Egg hunt for under- privileoed children. KAPPA SIGMA OFFICERS Sidney E. Morrison, Jr President Alan Thomas Dickson Vice-President John F. Long, Jr Grand Master of Ceremonies David W. Honeycutt Secretary Charles L. Britt, Tr Treasurer Emmett AIoRRisoN. ]r., President Miss Barbara Miller BETA UPSILON CHAPTER t ' liAULEs L. Ukitt. Jr. Rav a. Buvan C ' llAlU.KS U, BVRI) linwARi) K. Carter, Jr. IvW NUIM) L. W iLLiAM . . Current Charles E. Davis Alan T. Dickson Edward C. Duncan James H. Frazier David W. Honeycutt John F. Long. Jr. Henry E. Longley ' arren p. Mann Robert G. Minshull Sidney E. Morrison, Jr. John E. Nicholson Larry K. Petty Robert P. Siiapard. Ill Cornelius D. Sides, Jr. Charles G. Suttlemvre Turner B. Thackston, III John G. Thomas [205] Kappa Alpha was founded at Wash- ington and Lee University in 1865 to perpetuate the Southern ideal of gen tlemanlv character bv Robert E. Lee, its spiritual founder. The fraternity is patterned on an order of knighthood, and members are expected to conform to tiic discipline of the order and culti- vate the graces of Southern gentlemen. Kappa Alpha restricts its field to col- leges and universities south of the Ma- son-Dixon Line. At present there are 70 chapters within the order. Alpha Omega Chapter was chartered at North Carolina State College in 1903, being the second oldest fraternity on the campus. 1 he chapter publication, The Rose and Magnolia, has been published periodicallv since 1941. KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS Thomas E. Staton President Lewis R. Uackler Vice-President Hugh M. Duncan Secretary-Treasurer Thomas F. Siaton, President Miss Barbara Bostick ALPHA OMEGA CHAPTER 11 I 1 AM G. llAllAliO Allan C. Banner 1 ItNUV 1 I. l AlKOM Lewis P. Buatton Miles J. Boyek t ' oY C. Caufenthr Donald G. Cheek W 11 I lAM 1). GHOATE William L. Churn George H. Cornelson Robert A. Costner, Jr. William H. Cox Otto G. Duke Hugh M. Duncan Peter S. Gouch William J. Griswald Lewis H. Hackler John . Harney Leslie D. Hikes Andrew G. LIinton Robert W. Kost, Jr. William F. Lane Louie T. Lassiter James B. Lawrence John S. Miller William L. Miller Henry P. Locke William A. Pierce James P. Smith William P. Smith Thomas E. Staton John L. Stickley JolLN H. ToLEDANO James L. Truslow John B. V ' aughan Bernard C. V ' ampler Arthur A. West William M. Whisnant [207] During the early spring of 1868, the friendship of six students at the Univer- sity of Virginia grew into Pi Kappa Alpha. From this beginning eighty years ago, the fraternity has branched out to form over 100 fraternal chapters. Alpha Epsiion was given its charter in October, 1904, and annually presents the PiKA Ball at North Carolina State. This year will be the forty-fourth presentation of the Easter Monday Dance. PI KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS Lee D. Walker President Donald S. Pike Vice-President Robert H. Fleming Secretary Joseph C. Iohnson Treasiirer John W. Thompson Corresfonding Secretciry Lee Dudley Walker, Prei ' uleitt Mrs. S. S. Walker ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER W 11 1 1 wi V . Ai i-oiin loiiN . Andiuws Guv A. Baldecciu Bynum B. Banner William 11. Batciiulor Charles T. Bradshaw Delbert M. Broughton Robert F. Carlson Julius J. Chamberlain Edwin P. Cornelius John S. Crosby Stuart R. deWitt James W. Gorman John M. Grantham Zee D. Hargett Pemberton V. Hobbs Joseph C. Johnson Robert A. Jones John R. Kellam Carlton C. Kennedy Zachahv T. Koonce, III Thomas T. Lasitter Donald A. Martin- James K. McArthur John C. Morris Charles B. Park Donald S. Pike James F. Scull William T. Simpson John D. Stanley Doyle H. Strange John W. Thompson Lee D. Walker Benjamin T. Ward Edward I. Weisiger Robert M. Wenige Joe R. Wilson [209] Sigma Phi Epsilon, like the fraterni- ties with which it competes at colleges all over the nation, is built on the ideal oF brotherhood— the same ideal that led to its birth at Richmond, Virginia, in November, 1901. N. C. Beta was the thirteenth oF over a hundred active chap- ters to organize throughout the United States. Our chapter strives For good scholar- ship, conduct, and personal responsi- bility, along with living, playing, and working with others for mutual benefit; the real worth being in what you can do For others and for vourself. Located near campus on Clark Ave., our modern house is the home of over 60 boys. SIGMA PHI EPSILON OFFICERS John R. Hay, Jr President D. E. Ward, Jr Vice-President Richard E. Brownlee ConiptwUer Robert L. Miller, III Secretary Allan A. Lowe Historian John R. Hay, Jr., President Miss Su Boney N. C BETA CHAPTER jAMts T. Best George J. Boltz John B. Brady Richard E. Brownlee Ralph W. Casiuon Paul G. C lark Donald L. Corl Cletus L. Corn John E. Cunningham Carlton A. Davenport, Jr- Richard W. Dosher Oscar L. Doster Thomas H. Faulkner Charles D. Grimes Zeb E. Hargett, Jr. James E. Harris John R. Hay Leon M. Hobbs, Jr. William E. James, Jr. Dale S. Jones John L. L. ntzius Jerry D. Lewis Allan A. Lowe Robert V. McDonald Lawrence B. McGee James S. Massenburg, Jr. Robin A. Mickle Robert L. Miller, III Benjamin L. Millsaps Frederick NL Moore Charles V. Moss Frank D. Parrott Allan L. Payne Don E. Powell Robert G. Prongay George B. Pruden Richard L. Quickel, Jr. Herbert W. Ramsey Anthoni ' B. Reid John T. Revell Theophilus E. Ricks Davie L. Rodgers Graden J. Russell Charles M. Sappenfield, Jr. James P. Smyly Eugene L. Smy ' th, Jr. William W. Styers Gra.sdin S. ' oucirr DuANE E. Ward Gerald D. Washburn John A. Wells Robert N. Westbrook Richard L. Westmoreland Robert C. Wilkins Richard S. Wimbish Charles H. Winecoff Richard C. Yow [211] DELTA SIGMA PHI OFFICERS Henry J. Klein President John W. Rhea Vice-President Elvin R. Jones Secretary Guy J. D ' Annolfo Treasurer Delta Sigma Phi was founded at the College of the Citv of New York on December 10, 1899. At the present time there are sixty-four active chapters com- prising a membership of over 30,000. Rho Chapter is the outgrowth of a local fraternity, Gamma Alpha Nu Gamma. On May 20, 1915, the local fraternity was designated Rho Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi. The purpose of Delta Sigma Phi is to give its members that intimate fellow- ship with men of good character so nec- essary to their full development and to supplement their cultural and profes- sional education with training in those qualifications for citizens and leadership which are not directly a part of the uni- versity function. RHO CHAPTER I 1a1!1!V v. 1 1 A1 IV losi I ' ll n. Bniwiu Kl X t HILDIRS 1 iiHonoRE C Davis Paul R. Dawson Harrv C. James Elvin R. Jones Henry J. Klein Robert X. Lominack C EciL G. Madden Roy B. Moffitt W ILLIAM E. Perry V loiiN . Rhea Carson F. Saville Maynard E. Shields Wade S. Soesbee • James S. Terry X ' incent V ' itale Alfred N. Whisnant Sumner H. Williams [2131 Alpha Gamma Rho is a national social fraternity, and was lounded in 1908 at Ohio State for the purpose of developing the best social, moral, mental, and physi- cal qualities in each brother and to pro- mote a wider acquaintance and broader outlook on the part of agricultural men through fellowship in a national organ- ization. There are 32 active chapters of Alpha Gamma Rho. Nu Chapter, before be- coming national in 1919, was the local fraternity Theta Beta. One of the aims of Nu Chapter is outstanding scholarship, and all mem- bers are expected to de ' elop a high standing. 1 he national organization awards annually to the chapter with the highest scholastic average a plaque, which has been won si.x times bv Nu Chapter. Nu Chapter has also won the I.F.C. Scholarship C up eight times in the fourteen times that it has been awarded. ALPHA GAMMA RHO OFFICERS Ray p. Karriker Noble Rider David C. Knox Vice-Noble Rider Clyde B. Mabry Secretary Ben D. FIarrington Treasurer Douglas M. Crutchfield House Manager Fredrick Z. Blevins Steward 1 NU CHAPTER Rkece L. Bailey Tredrick Z. Blevins John M. Clement xouman u. conovek llouf.i AS M. Crutciifield William C. Oalrvmple Baxter G. Dean Claude J. Dunn Zollie T. Farmer Billy L. Foutz Charles A. Fulp James D. Carman Thomas H. Garner Robert L. Gibson William B. Griffin Donald J. Haddock Ben D. Harrington Larry C. Hester James G. Hilton Malcolm L. Holmes Ted L. James Ray p. Karriker H. Con ' ner Kennet loHN E. KiTTRELL David C. Knox Charles E. Lewis William M. Lewis Clyde B. Mabry Iames D. McGo ugan Iames R. Oliver George R. Pate Frank C. Patterson Frank C. Riddle OssiE T. Shackelford T HOMAs J. Sheets Percy L. Strickland Charles W . Teseneer Thomas L. Thrash Paul M. Wagoner Gerald M. Ward Ralph B. Warren James H. Wheless [215] Pi Kappa Phi was founded at the Col- lege of Charleston in South Carolina, December 10, 1904. It was a concrete and permanent result of a friendship that had flourished since the elementary school days in the en ' ironments of one of the South ' s oldest towns. With the definite purpose of extending the in- fluence of the organization, the incorpo- ration as a national fraternity took place in 1907. The purpose of the fra- ternity is to promote fellowship and mutual trust among its members, to up- hold the ideals and traditions of the college where its chapters are located, to encourage excellence in scholarship and to inculcate in its members the highest ideals of Christian manhood and good fellowship. Two years ago Pi Kappa Phi instituted an annual interfratcrnity sing to pro mote cultural interest and competition among fraternities at N. C. State Col- lege. PI KAPPA PHI OFFICERS Edwin B. Chapman Archon James W. Muse Treasurer Frank E. Perkins Secretary Maurice D. Atwell ' Historian Clarence F. Dixon Chaflain Paul J. Johnson Warden Edwin B. Chapman, President Miss Myra Linda Harper TAU CHAPTER Lee R. Armstrong, Jr. M MiHU i; D. Atwell. Jr. tnu Ann W. AvENT Clarence L. Bostian. Jr. EmviN B. Chapman iLLi. M B. Cork, Jr. CxARENCE F. Dixon, Jr, Ernest W. Dobson Philip H. Fett loiiN T. Fisher James R. Goldner Robert E. Hardy C HARLES B. HaSBROUCK Ira D. Hefner Richard L. Hinson Paul J. Johnson, Jr. loHN E. Jones I AMES E. KiRKMAN Carl O. Koella, Jr. Brevard Merritt John S. Moore, Jr. James W. Muse, Jr. Frank E Perkins, Jr. Charles L. Ribelin David S. Saymore Hartwell K. Sledce, III John L. Story Donald A. Tarver William M. Williams William H. Wilson Clarence A. Wing. te, Jr. [217] SIGMA PI OFFICERS George E. Freeman Sage Douglas L. Powell First Counselor CoYTE L. Garner Second Counselor H. Laton Harris Third Counselor Thomas R. Johnson Fourth Counselor Kerford a. Key Herald Sigma Pi, national social fraternity, was founded at Vincennes University, Vincennes, Indiana, Feb. 26, 1897. The purpose of its founders was " to organize the most worthy activities, social, ath- letic, and scholarly, and to set a high standard of manliness and college loval- tv. " The fraternity now has fortv-three acti ' e chapters located throughout the nation. Rho Chapter, formerly the local Sigma Chi Gamma, was installed at State College in 1921. The chapter owns its own chapter house located at 2513 Clark Avenue, two blocks from the col- lege campus. The event of the year for the frater- nity is the annual Founders ' Dav Ban- t|uet, held this year on March 1, at the Sir Walter Motel. The formal e ' ent was in celebration of the foundinp of o the fraternitx, and at this dance, which was called the Orchid Ball, each girl was presented with an orchid corsage. George E. Frkk ta , Prv.idcni Miss Dot Fisher RHO CHAPTER luMU RT E. AmiHHWS Mkiiaii J. Baiog 0RMAN E. BaRTIUU.OMIW DoNNELL O. Bui 1 uc-K JOHN S. Conway Kennktii M. Corbhtt, Jr. Don R. Council Alexander R. Craig Elisha W. Craig Freeman E. Earley George E. Freeman John M. Fuscoe CoYTE L. Garner William W. Halsey Henry L. Harris David B. Haswell Douglas E. Ix Thomas R. Johnson, Jr. Richard H. Kennette Kerford a. Key George S. Lambert James A. Lomax Samuel McManus Ronald L. Mimms Harry J. O ' Connor, Jr. Wade S. P. ge William S. Porter. Jr. Douglas L. Powell Albert L. Pruden, Jr. Robert A. Ritsch John F. Rodman John Stringthorpe, Jr. William I. Sunderland David F. T.ate Robert W. Taylor Bobby Wishon Clifton C. Withers [219] In 1906, four outstanding students at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, founded the Phi Kappa lau Fraternitv . The fraternit ' and its ideas were drawn up by Dwight I. Douglas, WiOiam H. Shideler, Taylor A. Borradaile, and Clin- ton D. Bo d. Phi Kappa Tau was founded to break up a monopoly on student elections which were held b fraternity unions. I he growth of the fraternity has been slow but consistent. Phi Kappa Tau has 57 acti e chapters and 31 alumni chapters throughout the nation. Chi Chapter at North Carolina State was granted its charter in 1923. Before that time the chapter was a social fraternity composed of outstanding tex- tile students. TTie local was called Phi Psi Lambda. PHI KAPPA TAU OFFICERS Ceorge C. Ashley President Sidney 1 1. Roddey, |r Vice-President Charles A. Moss Secretary loHN A. Edwards Treasurer CHI CHAPTER Gfohoe C. Ashi.i:y ]. K i W. Aycock, Ju. Andrew J. Batchelor Wavni; H. Beal, Jn. Maiu I. Besso Thomas E. Blackwelder Charles S. Burgess William C. Burns Bromo T. Cottingham, Jr. loiiN H. Croom Thomas VV. Davis John A. Edwards William S. Futch Arthur R. Hagstrom Robert U. Havward Harry B. Heilig Bobby F. Helms Edward L. Hill ' an H. Humphrey, Jr. Gene W. Jones George E. Lamb oR. iAN S. Lynch F OBERT . 1. McInTYRE Robert G. Miller Charles A. Moss. (r. Sidney H. Roddev, Jr. William A. Sloan Albert B. S.mall Ellis NL Smith George W. Smith, Jr. John B. Stewart [221] LAMBDA CHI ALPHA OFFICERS John H. Hammond President Guy Carrow Vice-President Bernard B. Graybeal Secretary Charles R. Reed Treasurer jjii Gifl Mil Mi Founded at Boston Uni ' ersity in 1909, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity has expanded until it is now the largest na- tional fraternity with 141 chapters lo- cated at prominent colleges in the United States and Canada. Gamma Upsilon was founded on the State Col- lege campus in 1924, and has initiated 348 men since that time. Lambda Chi Alpha employs four full time traveling secretaries who aid and ad ' ise the local chapters. The Cross and Crescent, the fraternity magazine, is published seven times annually. Other Lambda Chi Alpha Chapters in the state are located at Duke, Wake Forest, and Carolina. The local chapter sponsors the annual Fraternity Bridge Tournament and a Christmas Party for underprivileged children. GAMMA UPSILON CHAPTER Iamks L. Brake Guv E. Carrow MacDuffie Clark Max L. Cobb Joseph J. Derro, Jr. John R. Duffett Frank H. Dunagan Thomas J. Gill, Jr. Bernard B. Graybeal, Jr. John H. Hammond William R. Harris Eddie E. Lee Martel B. McCallum Iack G. McCracken William Reeves Males QUENTIN A. MaLMQUIST Gilbert M. .Maxwell. Ill Richard K. Morris Grayden B. Moulthrop James G. Nemec Lawrence W. Paschal. Jr. Charles R. Reed Theron V. Sanders DwiGHT R. Warren Boyd . Ward :223] Tau Kappa Epsilon was founded at Illinois Weslevan University, Blooming- ton, Illinois, on January 10, 1899. The founders established a fraternity of men chosen " not for their wealth, rank, nor honor, but for their personal worth and character. " I odav, Tau Kappa Epsilon has 86 chapters at leading colleges throughout the United States. Tau Kappa Epsilon began its e.xpan sion into the South with the Beta Beta chapter, which was installed at North Carolina State College on January 19, 1947. There are now ten active chapters located in the South. The chapter owns its house at 10 Enterprise Street. TAU KAPPA EPSILON OFFICERS Charles J. Moore Prytanis Robert F. Miller Epi-Prytaiiis Richard W. Gillon Gmiuiuatcus Robert L. Horn Histor BETA BETA CHAPTER losui ' ii W. Bennett George W. Brannan |()HN Leonard Colley. Jr. Robert E. Dorward FiiuMui 1 . 1 )()um;y RlC IIAIU) W . GlLLON lostPii Samuel Gross Henry Everette Guigou Giiarles E. Hicks, Jr. CiLENN J. HoBBS Samuel C. Hodges. Jr. HoHtm L. Horn- Jesse R. KiRBY, Jr. Howard X. Lumley. Jr. William C. McGee. Jr. Maiuon E. Welch, Jr. Ioiin R. Miller Robert F. .Miller Donald R. Mills C HARLES J. Moore Stuart B. Moore Charles H. Perez Eugene F. Pettinelli Robert B. Phelps David M. Sawyer James F. Scott, Jr. } Ioward T. Shell John T. Shinn Richard E. Sly Clyde D. Smith Thomas F. Smith Alton K. Spencer Warren G. Spencer I Ioward J. Spry Edwin E. Strickland Richard Tait Ioiin D. X ' ance [225] At the College of the City of New York, on Thanksgiving Eve, November 26, 1909, Sigma Alpha Mu was founded. The eight men who pledged themselves to an everlasting bond of friendship never realized that thev were the seeds of a ast organization which would soon spring up in the United States and Canada. The object of the fraternitv is " to foster and maintain among its sons a spirit of mutual moral aid and support, to instill and maintain in the hearts of its sons love for and lovalty to Alma Mater and its ideals, to inculcate amony o its sons such ideals as will result in ac- tions worthy of the highest precepts of true manhood, democracy and human- ity. " In 1938, Theta Phi was inaugurated into Sigma Alpha Mu. Sinc e inaugura- tion, the fraternitv has maintained moral and .scholastic standings of the highest type. The fraternity ' s new home is lo- cated at 304 East Park Drive. SIGMA ALPHA MU OFFICERS Sheldon Rowen Prior Stuart Mintzer Exchequer Paul Lavitt Recorder Sri SIGMA OMEGA CHAPTER Julius Cohen Steve A. Cooper Warren W. Epstein Neil B. Gold Sherwood L. Goldfein Burton Haims Haiim a. Jacob Martin Kallman Paul P. Lavitt Jules Lavner Arthur S. Maclaire Frank H. Mandel Stuart M. Mintzer Alan W. Nishball Robert S. Rosenfeld Franklin M. Soling David B. Sontac Norman J. Strasberg Shelley Z. Rowen Herman H. Weiss [227] The Siema Chi Fraternity was founded at iMiami University, Oxford, Ohio, on June 28, 1855. It was the nine- teent h college fraternity to be founded, and the third at Miami University. To- da ' Sigma Chi consists of 121 acti ' e chapters, and 115 alumni chapters. The Sigma Chi Chapter at North Carolina State College was installed on May 15, 1943, after two years existence as a local fraternity known as Chi Sigma. Some of the outstanding events which highlight Sigma Chi ' s year are the An- nual Sweetheart Ball and the Annual Christmas Party for Raleigh orphans. SIGMA CHI OFFICERS Joe p. Majette Consul Robert A. McLean Pro-Consul James L. Sartin Annotator William deR. Scott Qiiaestro Frank L. Winecoff Maaister Joe p. Majette, Consul Mrs. J. B. Majette DELTA EPSILON CHAPTER Neal Patterson William John Ammons Lynn Kelly Barger Gehald Thomas Rarnes. Jr. Philip Jackson Baiic.ii. Jr. Cannon C ' .i.ovhr Hedioud. Jr. Marion Ai.vam Hei.i Gray Ric hmond Boone Clyde Milton Bryan, Jr. James Ramsey Buchanan William Thomas Bundy. Jr. Robert W. Ryrum Lloyd Cheek Andrew Lee Clement Eugene Rankin Coke John Lind Collar William Lynch Davis Wesley Osborne Doggett [erome Joseph Filiciotto John Sidney Evans, Jr. Paul Foust Fitzgerald ' augh. n Dashwood Fowler [ames Ralph Hawkins Bryce Roswell Holt, Jr. Jerry Alexander Holt Robert Griffith Jenkins Chalmers C. Johnson, Jr. William Boyd Jones Charles Allen Keeley Stephen Joseph Kosilla Robert Wilson Lazenby Jerry Lawrence Lowder Charles B. McFadden, Jr. Sam Frank McGhee Robert Alexander McLean Robert Clayton NL rgetts Iames Marshall Moore Thorne Dewey Pierce Robert Elijah Pittman George Barron Pressly David Alfred Qualls, Jr. Eugene Robert Raney loiiN Daniel Robbins, Jr. James L. Sartin William deRosset Scott, Jr.. Rich. rd Anderson Smart Jack ' ernon Stephenson Robert Xewland Styres Robert Russell Sugg. Jr. Joseph William Trollinger James Speed Tuley Arthur Evan Van Horn James Lamar ' aters, Jr. Marvin Daniel Watkins, Jr. Joseph .Myrick Whitley Frank Laton Winecoff George Thomas Winecoff William Rowland Wisseman [229] SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON OFFICERS James B. Jasmin Archon Charles S. Alexander Deputy Arclioii Richard H. Brehm Recorder William B. Patterson Correspondent Jerry L. FiESXER Treasurer James B. ]asmin, Archon Mrs. John C. Harralson Sigma Alpha Epsilon, first Southern Greek-Letter Fraternity, was founded March 9, 1856, on the campus of the University of Alabama. Since that time it has gradually grown and expanded until today, with national offices housed in the beautiful Levere Memorial 1 em pie at Evanston, Illinois, 129 chapters collegiate represent S.A.E. in forty-six of the fort ' -eight states. N. C. Alpha of Sigma Alpha Epsilon was born on October 24, 1947, anti in its few years of existence has come to take a prominent place in the Greek- Letter vyorld on State College campus. Guided by high ideals and noble ambi tions it hopes to help prove the worthi ness and ' alue of fraternal livino. N. C ALPHA CHAPTER CnAHi.KS Slatdn Alkxander JAMES W ' arhen Armhield Thomas Lhnoir Avirv loirN Warren Hi i i RitHARi Heist Brihm, 111 Charles Eruin IUirkhead John 1 1. Coble Albert Jacob Dornseif, ]r. George Dallas Ferhell loHN Nathan Gregg John Chilton Harralson Adam Hugh Harris, Jr. Glenn Beckham Harvin, Jr. Jerry Looper Hester Joseph Pearson Hester Harvey Merrick Heywood, Jr. George Mack Howey James Barker Jasmin James Barry Johnson Donald Morton Joyce Hilding Robert Krook, Jr. DA D Marsh Lambert James Barton Lewis William Howard Liner William Be.njamin P. ttersox Richard Eugene Pitts Robert McDonald Piver Jame Toms Quinn Larkin K. Ratchford. Jr. Jack Smith Reams Richard Willis Reed Charles P. Robinson, Jr. Robert Crosby Sample Walter Edward Schacht, Jh. Maxwell Reid Thurman illiam Joseph Trogden Robert Birmingham Tucker Robert James Turner George Bryan Wallace Don Fletcher Webster Harry Clinton Welch p i; [231] In June of 1949, a local fraternity, Phi Epsilon Tau, was chartered into the national fraternity, Phi Epsilon Pi. Originally founded in 1947, Phi Epsilon Tau was formed under the principles of fraternity, liberalism and nonsectar- ianism. 1 hese ideals furnished the spark to weld together a strong brotherhood. In 1948, the group moved into the white house on Park Avenue and began to be known on the campus. Scholasticaliv, the fraternity has al- ways ranked in the upper quarter of the fraternities at North Carolina State. PHI EPSILON PI OFFICERS Burton L. Sokol President Herbert S. Saywitz Vice-President Robert L. Harte Secretary George L. Pavet Treasurer ALPHA PHI CHAPTER Hoi " 11 Alhi iiT Bbuce Alvin Arkin Dale Gaylord Bauer Herbert Arthur Birkowitz Monroe S. Bri i n i;u Dennis Robert Brown David William Cvaniga Burton Neil Davis Marc Herman Epstein Oswald Andrew Fitzpatrick Howard Greenberg Stanley Greenspan Robert Lawrence Harte Donald George Hoffman Richard Jerome Kalish Mortimer Irving Kahn, Jr. David Koch Allan Morton Lubert Donald Henry Maiiaram Robert Donald Maiiaram Richard Lee Morris Albert David Nalven George Louis Pavet Michael Arthur Hutiierg Robert Irving Rutberg Thomas Patrick Mt Namara Herbert Sheldon Saywitz Paul Sanford Smicell Burton Leonard Sokol Richard Elvyn Strauss ' 2331 t i ' -: fc lMII. ' " Ri 4 m ' m ' m 1 B 1 1 id IMI ' ' I K • ■ THETA CHI OFFICERS David W. Sharpe President William C. Parks Vice-President Dick R. Orr Secretary Thomas B. Sharpe Treasurer I David W. Sharpe. Pn " .ideiii Miss Phyllis Kline Theta Chi was founded on April 10, 1856, at Norwich University, Norwich, Vermont. Theta Chi consists of 100 active chapters in all sections of the country with o ' er 32,000 living mem- bers and alumni. Other chapters in North Carolina are at Carolina, Wake Forest, and Duke. Theta Chi colony at North Carolina State was organized May 26, 1950, and included eleven members. Durino the Fall and Winter terms of 1950-51 and in the succeeding terms the colony was busy earning its place among the other fraternities on the campus and working to meet the standards necessary to be- come an active chapter. Ransom V. Bennett Richard L. Berry Louis S. Hales Daniel H. Harvat James E. Haywood Pentley N. Hux Eugene H. Matkins William C. Parks Howard T. Sadler David W. Sharpe Thomas B. Sharpe Spyridon N. Sideris Iames R. Thompson B . M trv ' r rx. t- !► 4 ' nil- ' ' ' - . ■-■ 55«. • ■ ,» »■ MRS. DAVID MARSH LAMBERT DAVID M. LAMBERT BUSINESS MANAGER, AGROMECK ' jri jsusijui " J» ' . ■ T MISS JOSEPHINE RAND CLINE BETTY ANNE CLINE EDITOR, AGROMECK THE AGROMECK il Jiiss §tma Xaviii for PAUL LAVITT Organizations Editor Jdss Jta afiei 0uni for JAMES THORNE Pnotograpliy Eaitor Jiiss oan W for DON WOLFF Features Eaitor TAFF SPONSORS ( Hiss ( Jele Poieai for JOHN MORRIS Art Editor Jlfis Xee wens for LEE WENSIL Assistant Business Manager Frank Soling Associate Editor, Agromeck I I »... A ni E„ttL MoNHOE S. Breiiler I ' rcsidciit. Iiilcrfralcniitr Cnimcil James Armfield Associate Business Maiiaoer, At;R()MECK ' ' Iri. fl ' ani doa f- rnden CiEORGE B. PlUlDEN I ' rcsidoU, Cavifms Govcniiiiciil nU JCnndl, W. JJa Kenneih W. Hansen President, Eiipineers ' Council n6en f I M;l r nlli l- ctlcurino W ' ll I lAM C. I ll-RUMANN Ihts ' nicas Mdinv cr. I cxtilc loruiii ' «. fll ni. au I E. Wilson Craig Editor, Soiitheni Ein ' iuecr I nu WuLJR.L,J.. Mit iiAKL J. Ijai.ik; liu nef,s Manager, Soiitlwrii Lngiueer JJ J hineii J touun Jay Bryan President, juiiidr Class r.6. . — . Jjaiu ault JAIK . DaVVAIILI President, Sii iiia Fan Sii iiui i .1J l wiiiie Ljniii ■J mitn Walter Schaciit President, Moiioorniii Club I N ' ix V arbam C . Jji on Bruce I eid Prv dcu . Phi P i rf. y S. IJounh Eugene Younts Editor, Agriculturist CiEoiu;H H. Spain President, Alpha V.eta 1 rJ. C liie M. ulcL orinlcli Jack E. McCormick President, College Uuiou Birch L. McMurray Bii.s ' K ' ss Wanagcr, Agrkultunst 1 " i«H 165 USafbafa .-Afiii Adriaan Troelemann Business Manager, WVW P AsTOR Perry President, K(( ) «i Phi l iip] ' (i iis janlce cJLee rf umock Gerald Mann President, Y.M.C.A. .; . PLANTATION ,,r ' " " " . ' pglSlOBU ' f MO e v f rs- ZTZ UlO 00 FOR you, BABB WE PKloe OF THE AR i ty THE LAST TO L£AM£_ i 0010 sruo eo T u ri vo ., THIS 7 BfiJ ' I 8:00- NB£0 MORE B£ SAIPf STATE ' ' OU A ' oH WHATCHA lA ANT? DROPP » r I MrcUA Sw.KioP ' did K ' f " ' ' HAV£ ¥ WTER MOHD£RL ' ' 0 CITY SUCKERS MBny- ' MAKEHS- NorHif I (J u-r X Roy B. Clogston Director of Athletics G. Allen Nelms Field Secretary of the Wolfpack Club ATHLETIC ADMINISTRATION Rov B. Clogston came to State College after a twenty-year tenure as Athletic Director at St. Lawrence Uni ' ersitv in Canton, New York. His formal education includes a degree from New York Uni- versity. His first official post was at ] liddlebur ' College in Massachusetts as assistant director of athletics, after which he returned to Spring- field and completed work on a B.S. degree. The following year he attended New York University and received a master ' s degree. At the present time he has nearly completed work for a doctor ' s degree. Clogston lends a very personal and conscientious interest to the school ' s athletic program. He is constantly endeavoring to improve the facilities in all of the sports and has been instrumental in ex- panding the program in general. The State College Athletic Director is rapidly becoming one of the top men in the Southern Conference, thus expanding the repu- tation he has enjoyed for many years. Roy B. Clogston is truly one of the outstanding college athletic directors of the nation. Other members of the athletic administratio n are Willis Casey who serves in the capacity of Assistant Athletic Director as well as Swimming Coach. Ed Storey is Athletic Publicity Director and is one of the better known men in this field in the South because of his excellent work in bringing the sports picture at State College before the eye of the national public as well as the local fans. John F. Miller has long served as Head of the Department of Physical Education but this post has recently been taken over by Paul Derr. [ i John F. Miller Ed SroHti [270] FOOTBALL 1951 I lu ' Wdllpjck si.iiicci thr season oil with a liaiii; In wallopiiio the C alawha Indians 34-0. In till. ' opcninu uanic. Slate showeil |iroiiiisc ol hcins; the tiaikhorse team ol the C onleienee hut was plagued h consistent had luck all during the rest ol the lall. 1 he hacklield was sparketl h tailhaek ]e ehstei with llnier C osta aim] alt Sehaelu ]ii() ing to he stalwarts in the line. Beattie Leathers Head Coach In the game with its traditional ri al, Carohna, State seemed unable to make much headway either ()ffensi ' elv or dcfensi ' elv and C arohna won with a 21-0 score. hl..MtR C t)Sl A All-Southern Assistant Coaches The 195 1 season pnned to be a fairly tough one with the W oltpack getting the vyorst end ol the schedule by winning 3 and dropping 7 games. Key men were crip- pled with injuries throughout the tall, hut the team still ga c its opponents plenty to worry about with close scores. [271] ■imsif. Vitus Kaiser Webster carkying Alex V ebster PIGSKIN REVIEW State 34 State State 6 State State 21 State 28 State 19 State 2 State 31 State Catawba Carolina 21 Wake Forest 21 Clemson 6 Duke 27 William and Marv . . .35 Virginia Fech 14 Louisville 26 Da ' idson Maryland 53 Losses followed in i|uiek succession in games with Wake Forest and Clemson, but the heartbieaker came with Duke when State seemed destined to break into the win column again only to fall to defeat in the waning minutes, 27-21. Alex Webster again ran and passed to a near victory v ' itli the line led by Duke ' s old foe, Elmer Costa, making one of the best stands in any game played during the entire season. The State and Wake Forest Game Next c;iinc a closi. ' loss to W illuim aiul MaiA lollowL ' il h a c point win o fr ' ir- i inia 1 cell. A trip to l_ouis ilk ' proxed tlis astroLis with the i anic s hcini; pla i. ' cl unili.T cxli ' cnu ' U pool ' wcatluT coiKlilions. I 111- WollpaL ' k came lo.iiinu back into the win cohinin, ho c ci with a tiecisixc ictor (ncr Davidson in which they cxcclletl in piacticalK e crv clepartiuent incluthnu the score, 31-0. A poor season con kin t ha e entlecl on a more sorrowtul note, when State took a 53-0 shellacking at the hands of powerful Mary- land. It would he difficult to pick out many out- standing stars, for each of the players had a held da ' in one uanie or another. C. PT.MN Jim O ' Rourke Ted Potts Tom Tofaute D.WE Butler Steve Kosill. j J T . :i- ..-.J .-? ' ' 1 r - TWI JlMMiL SmIIH VlNCE BaGONIS Fred Beaver Ray Barkouski Walter Schacht Elmer Costa Such men as Captain Jim O ' Rourke, Ray Barkouski, Dave Butler, J. C. Britt, Walt Schacht and Tom Tofaute, to men- tion only a few, were all vital men on the team. Two men were officially recog- nized, howe er, as Elmer Costa was .selected for All-Southern First Team honors as well as honorable mention on Ail-American teams. A second team All- Southern [losition was awarded to Alex Webster also. Everett N. Case Head Coach The Wolfpack received a NCAA bid but lost a close battle in the first game to St. John ' s. The team rallied in full force the ne.xt night, however, and de- feated Penn State handilv in the con- solation round. This tournament showed the coaches and the fans that State has some outstanding freshmen and sopho- mores and indications of having one of the best teams in the countr ' next sea- son. BASKETBALL For the si.xth consecutive year Coach Everett Case, with the aid of Butter Anderson and Vic Bubas has produced an out- standing basketball team. During the 1951-52 season the Wolf- pack has compiled a record of twenty-four wins and ten losses. Not onlv did the Wolfpack have a fine record in regular season games but the ' also captured the Southern Conference Tournament for the si.xth straight time bv beating an old rival. Duke, and retained the Dixie Classic title. Captain Lee Terrill has reason to be happv for the Wolfpack made it six, thanks to some of the most brilliant playing and leadership in his basketball playing career. Resourceful Ricluird at work Phutn 1) - Hurnie Batclieliir First row. linbbv Holt. Eddie Morris, Bcibbv Adams, Captain Lie Tcrrill, Dave Gotkin, Charlie Hadden, Doug Kincaid, 15ill Kukoy. Second roxr: Herb Appiebaum, Bernie urin, Dannv Knapp, Pek ' Jacknowski, Bob Cook, Dick Tvler, Jerrv Lawrence. Third row: Joe Stoll. Manager: Paul Brandenburg. Bobby Speight. Bobbv Goss, Kim Buchanan, Mel Thompson, Jim Stevenson. 1951-52 BASKETBALL SQUAD State this season had one of the most weii-haianccil teams in Case ' s tenure. Coach Case and his assistant. Butter Anderson, found it difl ' icuh to pick a arsitx ' team when it was necessary to cut the num ber of players on the squad. As a result, State had a Jayyee team which lost only one game and easily outscored its other opponents. Vic Bubas made his coaching debut a memorable one. Gotkin lays i}2 another Pholci b ' Burnie Batchelor Whiit the Woltpack lacked in ex- perience was made up b ' the spirit and determination exhibited all dur- ing the 1952 seascin. Losing onlv two conference games, the Pack found intersectional Foes a bit tough and lost eight. The season ' s thriller was the Duke game played in Durham which ended with State edgins Duke 72-70 in a double rtime breathtaker. One ot the most gratifying wins was a 71-69 decision o ' er Villanova, a team which held a jinx on the WolF- pack lor se eral seasons. Captain Lee Terrill I Mel Thompson and Bobbv Speight shared high scoring honors for the season; howe ' er, Lee Lerrill and Dave Gotkin stole the show in the battle of the baskets during tourne pla bv snagging a few points of their own with some sensational set shots. It would be impossible to mention basketball without gi ' ing Bill Kukoy credit For always playing a superb game and adding that extra dri ' e to the team which enabled it to come through during a close scrap. While the record might not have been comparable to some of the past seasons, many a team would look with envy on this year ' s record. Everett Case has hung up a coachino record by winning 161 out of 199 games at State and 93 of 101 Southern Conference sames. Captain Lee Terrill plaxed himself right into a berth on the All-Southern fust team and Bobby Speight snagged similar honors on the Southern Conference Tourney Team. TV ir Paul Brandenburg 1 1 State 89 State 74 State 65 State 62 State 70 State 86 State 50 State 59 State 72 State 85 State 82 State 68 State 71 lil)H C ()K i ANNY KnAPP ■JJDlt Moiiius Phoio hv Bumie Batchelor 1951 - 52 RECORD Furman 53 Davidson 48 Wake Forest 62 Texas Tech 63 Eastern Kentiick .... 58 George Washington ..57 Manhattan 69 Fordham 62 Duke 70 South Carolina 76 William and Mary 46 Louisville 73 Villanova 86 Stat e 62 State 58 State 67 State 71 State 62 State 61 State 72 State 58 State 71 State 67 State 71 State 65 State 77 Lovola ot Bahimore . . .33 Carolina 53 Bowlino Green 72 Villanova 69 Pittsburoh 54 William and Marv . . . 70 Davidson 49 Duke 71 George Washington ..58 Louisville 82 Carolina 52 Wake Forest 51 Cincinnati 64 1952 SOUTHERN CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT CHAMPS [277] BASEBALL Although baseball has not achieved the eminence and gained the publicity that has been focused on football and basketball at State, the team has managed to compile an impressive record. During the 1951 season, their over-all record was eleven wins and ten losses. State wielded some powerful bats led by Centerfielder John Fuscoe, who lost no time making a niche for himself among Southern Conference stars bv becoming a unanimous choice on the All-Southern Baseball Team for 1951. Eddie Morris gave Fuscoe most able assistance in the hitting department along with Ed f lorbelt and Roland Brinson. Captain Roland Brinson captured the interest of State fans with sparkling field play and is winning applause again this year. During the 1951 season, the Wolfpack played twenty-one games. Their record was not as good as the previous vear and the sea- son ended with eleven wins and ten losses. In Big Four competition, Duke and Carolina tied for first place with 7 wins and 5 losses each, while State tied Wake Forest for sec- ond place with 5 wins in Big Four play and 7 losses. The 1952 season is expected to be one of the best in recent years, and Coach Sorrell thinks that he has one of the potential power teams in the conference. There arc some out- standing prospects in Shortstop fohnny Y ' ars and Pitchers Bob Cardner and Roger Kcnd- rick. I [278] LuNsioiu) Ltwis. I ' ilclicr Ed HoiiBELT, Pilclwr John Fuscoe, Centerfielder Dick McGillis, Catcher Eddie Morris, First Rasemti Roland Brinson. Second Basenia Pepper Martin. Fhird Raicmn ru w SOCCER Soccer at State College is a result of the post- war swelling of the school with students from every corner of the world. Se ' eral years ago a group of these students from India, C ' hina, Mexico, Norway, and other foreign countries, finding them- selves a little lost in the prevailing " hasketball, baseball, football " atmosphere of the college, formed an informal soccer club and began to play the game in their spare time. Before long interest among the soccer boosters at State College reached such a height that Eric DeGroat of the Physical liducation Department was asked to coach a varsity soccer team. In addi- tion to organizing the club members, Coach De- Groat aroused the interest of quite a few American bovs. He also obtained approval from the Athletic Department to pro ' ide financial support for the team. Although soccer is a minor sport on the campus, one of its members received a high honor in the sport ' s world recentK ' . Kare Kragas was elected to a position on the All-American Soccer Team to be placed among State ' s few All-Americas. First row. Haralambos Jordanoglou, Moez Zolfagari, Cetin Baykara, Adrian Cestro. Haiim Jacob, Eddie Murrow, Jim Truslow. Secottd row: Coach DeGroat, Robert Ramirez, Philip Adams, Max Pruzan, Thomas Fuller, Kare Kragas, Charlie Culp, Sanford Riskin, Al Fiore, Charles Pitts, Gilberto Villa, Alan Nishball, Man er. V f CROSS COUNTRY 1 lie cross cdiintrx team aoajn this Near pnnrd itscll in an ouisiandinu manner. Coach 1 om I 11 i;i|-)hons men won se en meets and thil not lose an . Some ol the team participatcxl in the ' C , . C ross C t)untr Meet at the Llni ersit ui iscon sin and made a ei oootl sliowin . T o top oH tliis excellent season, the team entered the Southern Conterence meet at C hapel 1 I ill and captured the conference championships in hne stvlc. Coach Tom Fitzgibbons Willis Casey Head Coach SWIMMING The State team faced the strongest schedule in its history during the 1952 season against such teams as V.M.I., Virginia, North Carolina, Duke, Georgia Tech, Georgetown, and Georgia. The team swam in ht ' teen meets and lost only to Caro- lina in a close meet. One of the biggest upsets was against Georgia with the State team winning brilliantly. In the Southern Conference Individual Cham- pionship event. State outdistanced everyone, in- cluding Carolina, by takiny eight of the fourteen events. I IWt. AflATA TVM y V 1952 N. C. STATE SWIMMING SQUAD Paul Arata Breaststroke Billy Churn Free-Style John Deyton Breaststroke Bobby Duke Direr Tommy Dunlap Backstroke Allan Hull Breaststroke Robert Kost Free-Style Crak; Lynes Breaststroke Bob iMattson Medley Marcel Martln Free-Style Frank Nauss Free-Style Donald Sonia Free-Style Allan Stenberg Diver RoscoE Stainback Breaststroke Charles Tweed Free-Style Larry Yost Free-Style [283] A D VER TISING THE BORDEN COMPANY White Dairy Products Division RALEIGH, N. C. P t?lS5S? cs. SSS Are You The Student Who Is GOING PLAGES? Whether it ' s home for a week-end, a holidoy or at the end of the year, you can oiwoys travel comfortably, quickly, and economically by Greyhound. Fre- quent schedules fit your needs. Low fores (with extra reductions for round- tripl fit your allowance. Ask your local agent for full information. GREl HOUND « [286] MORE POWER TO YOU! 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ARTISTS AND CRAFTSMEN WORK TOGETHER IN CREATING IMPRESSIVE AND LASTING RECORDS OF YOUR YEARS IN SCHOOL- pnmmHousE N. C.

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North Carolina State University - Agromeck Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


North Carolina State University - Agromeck Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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