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1949 AGROMECK I loHACE 1). Taylor, Jr., Editor Rhid D. Farrell, Business Mauag er Within the narrow confines oF this yearbook ' s cover, an attempt has been made to hit the high spots of the year and to highHght those things that spell to everv student, " STATE. " We hope our efforts represented herein meet with your approval. You are the judge; if your critique is favorable, " Agromeck 1949 " is a successful annual. —The Staff -■ffiaiL ' s- -j Tna4t zi yHjC fcoje PROFESSOR J. D. PRULSOH Through his unswerving loyalty and devotion of time and energy beyond the limits of his classroom duties, he has given us a finer appreciation of our college years. As we stand on the threshold of life, we are struck by the realization that his efforts were not in vain; that the spirit of State College so ideally personified in him will follow us into our daily lives and fields of work. To him we proudly dedicate this 1949 Agromeck. ■%; iU.. ,-: -.:i :f- iff ' — C:: o Z £— -THE CHANCELLOR- Coi.ONUL |()HN . I I.MUiliLSON ] . Ml., LL.l). THE PRESIDENT- Dr. Frank Porter Graham IM.A., LL.D., D.C.L.. D.Litt. ADMINISTRATIVE DEANS E. L. Cloyd, B.E., M.S. Dean of Students W. Ned Wood, B.S., iM.A. Assistant Dean of Students W . L. Mayer, B.S.. M.S. Director of Registration J. G. Vann Assistant ContraUer a|_ B 1 J. J. Stewart, A.B., iVI.A. Direclnr Stmiciit Hoiisiua STUDENT PERSONNEL Dr. R. N. Anderson A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Director riwj L. B. Rogers, A.B., 1.A. Assistiiiii Director FACULTY COUNCIL E. L. Clovi) Dc(ni of Students Z. P. Metcalf Deuti of C-radiinlc lynhioii C. B. Siiiii-ENBEnc.En Ecoiioniics Depariviciit j. I !. Lami ' e Demi of School of Eiigiiieeriiii:, J. 1). KiRKLAND Dean of School of Educatioit Coi.. j. W. I Iarrelson C.hmiccllor L. L. ' aiic;iix . . Director of Instruction of School of Engineering W. L. Mayer Director of Registration R. i . Anderson Director of Student Personnel 1 1. L. Kamphoefner Dean of School of Design M. 1£. Campbell Dean of School of Textiles D. B. Anderson Botany 3n mpmonam Dr. Arthur John Wilson Educator, scientist, athlete, and gentleman— these words cliaracterize Dr. Wilson as all State Colleae men knew and loved him. His twenty years of serxice to his Alma A Liter as head ol its C hemistrv Department and his acti e role in athletic and alumni circles made ol him a keystone in the growth and development ol this institution. AGRICULTURE AND FORESTRY DEPAIVIMLM lltADS Left to rioht: D. W. Colxard, hiimal htdiistry; W. E. Col well, groHO»»v; Gertrude Cox, Statistics; G. W. Forster, Agrictdtiirnl Ecoiioviics: R. S. Dearstyne, Potdtry; M. E. Gardner, Horticidtiire; G. VV. Giles, Agricultural Eiiojfieeriiig; C. 11. Hamilton. Rural Sociolooy, Z. P. Metcalf, Zoology; W. ]. Peterson, Clwviistry. H. |. Frcsion. Forestry; B. W. W ' cll.s. Botatir. L J L Fodav North Carolina stands on the threshold of the greatest agricultural advancement in her history. Fhis is due to a general realization on the part of a large segment of our societx ' that as goes agriculture so will go orth Carolina. The School of Agriculture and Forcstrv is dedicated to a program of training men to assume rcs|X)nsibilities in the fields of the agricultural sciences. N ' arious curricula have been de elopcd which will enable students to choose the field of work in which thev are most interested and best qualified to serve. |. 11. I liLToN, Dean SCHOOL OF DESIGN DEPARTMENT HEADS Left to right: Matthew Nowicki, Arcliitccturc; Ross Shumaker, Collep e Architect; Edwin G. Thui ' low, Land- scape Architecture. : The School of Desion, newly formed in the SLimmer of 1948, is de oted to the development of an organic and indigenous architecture and its accompanving landscape architecture and the related arts to meet the needs and conditions of the southern regions. As the only Department of Architecture in the most progressive State in the South and the only Department of Landscape Architecture in the region, the opportunities are unlimited for the school ' s graduates to contribute to the solution of problems in building design, planning and general construction. Henry L. Kamphoefner, Dean SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING DLPARIMLM llliADS Left to right: C. G. Brcnnetkc, Electrical; 1 1. A. Fisher. MathcDwtics; K. P. Hanson. Mcchmiical; D. E. Hender- son, Industrial; J. S. Mcares, Physics; R. B. Rice. Diesel; W. W. Krieoel. Ceramic; G. W. Smith. Enoiueeriiio Mechanics; J. L. Stuckey, Geological; W. G. ' an Xotc, Eiigiiieeriug Research. No piclured: C. R. Bramer. Civil; E. M. Schoenborn, Chemical. J2 ? ATM Nurlh Carolina ' s economic development is clc»elv related to ili industrial growth, which is developing at a rapid rate. The School of Engineering is attuned to this development and is an effective contributor through its modern educational program and research activities. Industry needs more and more engineering graduates, not only in the specialized design and experimental work, but also in the production and distribution activities which support every one of our communities. Engineering is a pathway that leads to a part in the new and broadening developments that mean progress in community life and advancement, both eco- nomic and scientific, in the industrial activities of our people. J. H. Lampe, Dean SCHOOL OF TEXTILES DEPARTMENT HEADS Left to right: C. M. Asbill, Research Engineer; E. B. Grover, Yarn Manufacturing; T. R. Hart, Director of Instruction; H. A. Rutherford, Chemistry Dyeing; B. L. W ' hittier, Fabrics. iVof pictured; G. H. Dunlap, Technical Consultant; W. E. Sliinn, Knitting. With new and improved technolooy in the Textile Industry, there comes a demand for men with technical training to meet and solve its problems. It is the main objective of the School of Textiles to provide the training in Textiles which, coupled with practical experience fol- lowing graduation, equips young men to assume positions of real respHDnsibilitv in the industry. The facilities of the School are expanding rapidlv, and at the same time well-trained and experienced men are being added to the teaching staff. Thus, we sincerelv be- lieve that the qualitv of training now being offered is on a par with the demands of the industry. Malcolm Campbell, Dean GRADUATE DIVISION ADMIMSIRATIXE BOARD Left to right: R. W. Cumminos, Agrkidtiire; D. J. Moffic, Psychology; G. VV. Smith, Engineerhig Me- chanics; VV. E. Shinn, Textiles; E. M. Schocnborn, Chemical Engitieering. Not picttired: D. B. Anderson, Botany. ' .■e- A 1 he luiiction ol tlic CiiiciLUite Division is to ]ii " () ide oraduate trainino in the sciences and tcchnolooics of agricuhure, enoineering, textiles and ocational teacher trainino. Graduate students have the advantages offered hv the Agricultural Experiment Station, the Engineering Experiment Station, and the Research Laboratories of the T cxtile School, in addition to the regular laboratories used for instruction. Individually dc eloped courses of studv lead to the degrees of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy. In addition State College offers a Professional degree to its graduates who ha e performed outstanding professional ser icc. Z. P. Metcal! ' , Denn SCHOOL OF EDUCATION DEPARTMENT HEADS Left to right: R. N. Anderson, Occiipatiuiial Cnidaiice; L. E. Cook, Agricultural Education; T. I. I lines, Indus- trial Recreation; Ivan Hosteller, Industrial Arts. Not pictured: L. B. Bares, Industrial Education; D. J. Moffic, Psychology. The School of Education provides the professional pre-emplovment training required for certificatino teachers of vocational agriculture, industrial arts and industrial educa tion. The curriculum in each of these departments includes courses designed to aid prospective teachers in acquiring an understanding of high school pupils, and in selecting and using acceptable teaching methods. To further aid in the development of the competencies es- sential for successful teaching, opportunities are provided for the students in each department to acquire participat- ing experiences in selected high schools under the super- vision of resident instructors. The School of Education also provides undergraduate training for recreation leaders in industrial and rural areas. J. B. KiRKi AND, Dean BASIC DIVISION DEPARTMENT HEADS Left to right: Dr. P. W. Edsall, llistury; Dr. G. A. Gullette, Social Studies; Dr. L. Hartley, English; W. i . I licks. Ethics and Religion; Dr. L. E. Hinkle, Modern I angiiages; J. F. Miller, Physical Education; Dr. R. O. Moen, Econowics; Dr. S. R. Winston. Sociology. The Basic Division, comprising; eii ht departments con- cerned with the humanities and the social sciences, pro- vides the op|Xjrtunities in ijeneral education necessary for a well-rounded colietje proj ram in the fields of technology and agriculture. Instructions are available in the funda- mental courses in lani uage, literature, the social sciences and physical education. In co-operation with the various schools of the coUejje, it is co-ordinaiino its work with students on the basic assumption that a well-rounded education in the humani- ties and social sciences must go hand in hand with thorough technical training to provide the equipment necessary for the student to take an imjxjrtant part in society and to become a leader in his community and state. Dr. R. N. Anderson, Acting Dean ADMINISTRATION AT WORK FACULTY Adair. R. B Engr. Res. Abrahamscn, M. A Ag. Ec. Adams, W.E M.E. Allred. F. J Mod. Lang. Ammcrman, J. P An. Ind. Anderson, D. B Botany Anderson, R. L Stat. Arbucklc. W. S An. Ind. Armstrong, G. M Engr. Res. Armstrong, L. O Ag. Ed. Arnold, D. S Chem. E. Auld, Mar ' Physics Balxock. W. F C.E. Bachinger, P. T Te.v. Res. Baker. I. L English Baker, S. R Math. Ball, E Botanv Ballenger, S. T Mixl. Lang. Banadvga, A Hort. Banick, V. G Physics Barkalow, F. S Zool. Barklcv, K. L Psych. Bamhardt, L. W Hist. Barllev, A. J Econ. Baumgarten, W. L Arch. Beach, R Hist. Bcatty, K. O Chem. E. Bell. V. C Engr. Res. Berberich. R. S Econ. Biggcrs. P. T Yarn Black. C. S Zcx.l. HU.Kk.T. ] Chem. Biakx:k, T. C An. Ind. Bliss, C. dcK Ind. Engr. Blumer, T. N An. Ind. Bogdan, J. F Te. . Res. Bond. J. Math. B,«tian. C. H Ag. Bourne, J. G ME. Boyer, V. W C.E. Brandt, B. B Zool. Brantley, V. R Math. Bridges. V. S M.E. Bnggs, H. B M.E. Bright. R Chem. E. Brigman. H. P Poultry Brockington, J. B M.E. Brookens, P. F Econ. Brown, CM Hist. Brown, E.I C.E. Brown, E. J Physics Brown, T. C M.E. Brown, T. T Poultr ' Buehler, W. J M.E. Bullock, R. C Math. Campana, R. ] Botany Campbell, I. S E.E. Canaday, E. J Math. Carroll, C. L Math. Carson, V. S E.E. Carter, Di. ie Stat. Casey, W. R Phys. Ed. Cell, ]. V Math. Chalfant, J. W Forestry Chamblee, D. S Agron. Chapin, H. T C.E. Claflin. H. C Chem. E. Clark, J. D English Clarkson, J. M Math. Clayton, C. N Botany Clayton, M. H Math. Cochran, F. D Hort. Cochran, R. N Stat. Cocke. R. P E.E. Cockerham, C. C An. Ind. Coggin, J. K Ag. Ed. Collins, E. C Econ. Collins, H Soc. St. Comstock, R. E Stat. Conner. . W M.E. Cook. F. W Poultry Cooke. H. C Math. Cooke. H. L Agron. Cooper. W. E Botany Cope, R. L M.E. Cotton, VV. P Ag. Ec. Cox, B. F Poultry Cox. Esther English Craig. F. R Poultry Crane, A Arch. Crawford. A Phys. Ed. Crawford, G. ' Physics Cummings, R. W Stat. Dailcy. .Margaret Ru. Soc. Daniel. D. O Chem. Darby. A. K Physics Davis, D. E E.M. Davis, P. H English Davis, R. C Chem. Dye. Deas, J. E Engr. Res. DeGroat, E. B Phys. Ed. Dickinson. Lucile English Dichinson, M. B English Dichinson. W. T E.E. Dillard. E. U An. Ind. Diseker. E. G Ag. Engr. Doak. C. G Phys. Ed. Doak. H. A English Doak. Mary English Doolittle. J. S M.E. Dugger. W. M Botany Dunlap. G. II Tex. Edsall, P. V Hist. Efland. Stella An. Ind. Elliott. F. I An. Ind. Ellis, D. E Botany Enerson, L. A Land. Arch. FACULTY English, M. L M.E. Estelle, W. E E.E. Evers, J. L Zool. Fails, E. A Econ. Feltner, C, E E.M. Finch, E. B Chem. E. Fitzgibbon, J. W Arch. Fitzgibbon, M Arch. Fleming, M. K Ag. Econ. Fountain, A. M English Fouraker, R. S E.E. Fox, W. B Botany Francis, J. G Hort. Freund, R. E Econ. Fulton, B. B Zool. Funk, F. F C.E. Futrell, Edith Physics Gardner, C. O Agron. Garren, Martha Iath. George, D Arch. Gilbert, i I. J Agron. Glenn, K. B E.E. Glazener, E. W Poultry Godfrey, R. K Botany Goode, L Ag. Ind. Graham. E Hort. Graves, VV. J Math. Green, R Physics Green, P. E Ag. Engr. Greene, R. B Ag. Engr. Gregory, W. C Agron. Griffin, Hazel English Grimshaw, A. H Te. . Grinnels, C. D An. Ind. Griset, H. E C.E. Grosch, D. S Zool. Gullette, G. A Soc. St. Guv, A. G M.E. Hader, R. J Stat. Hagler, J Agron. Haig, F. M An. Ind. Hall, J. L Agron. Hall, N. S Agron. Hall, Ruth Mod. Lang. Hall, V. C Econ. Hammons, R. O Agron. Hanse, D. J Diesel En-T. Hardking, R. M Physics Hare, W. H Ag. Engr. Harkema, R Zool. Harper, W. W Engr. Res. Harris, Anna Math. Harris, Minnie Physics Harris, R. J Ag. Hartley, L English Harvill, V. A E.M. Hayes, A. C Chem. Dye. Hazelton, R. F Chem. E. Hebert, T. T Botany Hicks, W. N Eth. Rel. Hilton, J. T Yarn Mfg. Hinkle, L. E Mod. Lang. Hoadlev, G. B E.E. Hobbs, M. E M.E. Hoefer, E. G M.E. Hoerman, A. V Diesel Engr. Holt, E. L Geology Hook, G. E E.M. Horton. J. H Agron. Hostetler, E. H An. Ind. Howell, E. L Ag. Engr. Huff, J. S An. Ind. Hussman, A. W Diesel Engr. Hyde, T, E M.E. Ingram, W. P Chem. Ivev, Martha Math. James, H. B Ag. Ec. James, W An. Ind. Jeffries, R. J Engr. Res. Jenkins, C. C Soc. St. Jenkins, J. M Hort. Johnson, C. E Knitting Johnson, J. C Psych. Jones, C. E Engr. Jones, G Agron. Jones, I. D Hort. Jones, T. K Farm Mgt. Jordan, W. E Chem. Kaufman, C. M Forestry Keller, W. M Forestry Kelly, J. W Poultry Kelman, A Botany Kerr, T Agron. Kime, P. H Agron. Kincheloe, H. G English Kingsbury, FI. L C.E. Kingsbury, J. A. T Soc. St. Kite, V ' . H Diesel Engr. Klingman, C. G Agron. Knight. J. C Arch. Kolb, C. F Hist. Kulash, VV. M Zool. Ladu, A. I English Lambe, C. M C.E. Lancaster, F. W Physics Larkin, L. C Econ. Lear, J. E E.E. Leagans, J, P Ag. Lcager, M. C Econ. Ledbetter, T. B M.E. Lee. VV. D Agron. Lehman, S. G Botany Leitch. Nora English Leonard. P. B M.E. Levine, J Math. Lewis, C. F Math. Lewis, E.H M.E. FACULTY Lewis, J. G Knitting I -wis, P. E Math. Litchford, J. O C.E. Littli-. C. H Math. Lliwcllvn. l . VV Ind. Enor. L(«. ' |)|XT|, R. H Chem. Long. L. V E.M. Lovvorn. R. L Agron. Lucas, R. L Chcm. Lucas, IE L Stat. Lucas, G. B Botany Lutz, J. F Agron. Lvnn, J. T Physics Lyons, J. A Econ. McConncIl, N.J Pouhry Maclntyre, A. B E.E. McLaughhn, F. VV Agron. McVay, F. E Stat. Maddison, C. W ALE. Mahan, J. N Ag. Ec. Malthic. A Math. Mann, L. R C.E. Manning, E. G E.E. Manning. 11. E Econ. Maak, J. V Chcm. Marion. J. M Agron. Marshall, R. P English Martin, L. R Ag. Ec. Martin, T. J ALE. Masscy, P. H llort. Alatsumoto. G Arch. Mayo, S. C Ru. Soc. Meek, A An. Ind. Mchlich, A Agron. Middleton, G. K Agron. Aliddleton, G. W E.AL Middleton, J. L Eth. Rcl. Aliller, E. L Geology Miller, J. D .Agron. Aliller, J. F Phys. Ed. Alillcr. O. L Agron. Aliller, W. D Forestry Aliller, VV. J An. Ind. Alills, B. F An. Ind. Alills. J An. Ind. Alitchell. A E.AI. Alitchell. T, K Zool. Aloehlman, J. H Arch. Aloen, R. O Econ. Monroe, R. J Stat. Aloore, E. L Botany Aloore, J. L An. Ind. Aloore, R. P Agron. Aloose, P. E ALE. Alorgan, J. VV Chem. Alorrison, IL L Physics Morrow, E. B Hurt. Moscr, VV. E Tex. Mumford, C Alath. Aluniford, L Arch. Alurray. VV. AI Bus. OH. Nahikian, II. M Alath. Nash, T. L ALE. Neale, VV. M ALE. Nelson, J. A Ind. Engr. Nelson, T Tt. . Nelson, VV. L Agron. Nielsen, L. VV Botany Noblin, S Hist. Nolstad. A. R Math. Nowicki, S Arch. Nusbaum, C. J Botany Nvlund, F. A Ag. Ed. Oliyer, G. Al Chem. Owen. L. 1 1 Agron. Paget, E. II English Park. II. V Alath. Parker, J. AI Geology Parker, VV. A Physics Patterson, J. R Physics Peach, P Stat. Pearsall, R. J E.E. Penney, Alary English Peterson, 1). Al Alath. Peterson, VV. J An. Ind. Petrea, H. A Alath. Phillips, AI. E Engr. Res. Pierce, X. H Ag. Ec. Pike. F. P Chem. E. Pikncr, V Econ. Piland, J. R Agron. Poland. G. VV Alod. Lang. Pope. D. T Hort. Porter. J. A Tex. Porter, Sarah Stat. Poscv, H Forestry Quay, T. L Zool. Raab, K. D Hist. Raab. R. L Zool. Randall, C;. O Hort. Rawls. H. 1) Sociol. Reece, F Forestry Reed, J. F Agron. Reger, A. VV ALE. Reid, VV. A Chem. Rice, P. AI Hist. Riddick, Edith Alod. Lang. Rignev, J. A Stat. Roberts, VV. Al An. Ind. Robinson, C. C Chem. Robinson, H. F Stat. Roop, F. S ALE. ' Ross, O. H Agron. Rue. C. V Cer. E. Hufiner. R. II An. Ind. Rulls, D. J English Sanderson, J Agron. FACULTY Santopolo, F. A Ru. Soc. Sapin, B. M Soc. St. Sasser, J. N Botany Satchel, D. P Agron. Satterfield, G. H Chem. Scarborough, E. N Ag. Engr. Scheffer, R. P Botany Schmidt, R Hort. Schoenborn, E. 1 I Chem. E. Schwarz, G. H M.E. Schofield, H. T Botany Seegers, L. W Hist. Seely, J. F Chem. E. Selkinghaus, W. E M.E. Semple, W. H C.E. Sewell, N. R Engr. Res. Shackford, J. A English Shahdan, P Math. Sharpe, Doris English Shelley, A. B Engli_sh Sherman, J. H E.E. Shervvoixl, F. W An. Ind. Showalter, M. F Chem. Shulenberger, C. B Econ. Shunk, I. V Botany Sink, C. B Knitting Slocum, G. K Forestry Smart, W. W An. Ind. Smith, B. W Agron. Smith, C Agron. Smith, C. F Zool. Smith, F. H An. Ind. Smith, P. M Hort. Smith, W. E Phys. Ed. Speck, M. L An. Ind. Speece, H. E Math. Stainback, R. F Physics Steel, W. G Geology Sterne, R. C Soc. St. Stevenson, W. D E.E. Stewart, H. A An. Ind. Stingley, J. M Forestry Stinson, E. H M.E. Strobel, C. F Math. Strother, L Agron. Stroup, C. S Physics Stuart, D Arch. Surratt, I. W Soc. St. Sutherland, J. G Ag. Ec. Sutton, P. P Chem. Swain, L. H English Swenson, N. V Math. Taylor, G. S Agron. Terry, E. I Geology Teter, N. C Ag. Engr. Thacker, J. H Forestry Thomason, W. A Yarn Mfg. Thompson, O. G Econ. TiUery, Doris Math. Todd, F. A Botany Troxler, R. T M.E. Truitt, R. W M.E. Tucker, H Stat. Tuttle, M. A Cer. E. Underwood, V. H Hort. Usry, S. H Ag. Engr. Vanasse, N. A Hort. Vann, H. G Hort. Vaughan, L. L Engr. Wagoner, F. H Ag. VVakelev. J. T Stat. ' .,ll,ice. Mrs. A English W.ilLicc, M. E Econ. Wallace, R. B Poultry V ' alser, R. G English Waltner, A. W Physics Watson, G. C Math. Waugh, E. W Arch. Waugh, R. K An. Ind. Weaver, J. W Ag. Enor. Welch, C. D Agron. Weldon, N. W Agron. Westberg, W. C Psych. Westlake, C. P Cer. E. Weybrew, J. A An. Ind. Wheeler, F. B M.E. Whichard, L. R English V ' hite, J. B Forestry White, R. C Chem. Whitfield, J. K M.E. Whitford, L. A Botany Wilkening, E. A Ru. Soc. Willard, F. R E.E. Williams, F. C Arch. Williams, H. P Math. Williams, I. L Ag. Engr. Williams. L. F Chem. Williams, M. J Land, Arch. Williams, N. W Poultry Williamson, R. B Econ. Wilson, C. J Botany Wilson, R. W Ag. Engr. Wilson, T. L English Wing, M. W Zool. Winkler, E. W .E.E. Winston, S Sociol. Winton, L. S Math. Witherington. Peggy Math. Woltz, W. G Agron. Wood, T. W Econ. Wyman, L Forestry V ' ynn, W. K English V ' ynne, R. B English FACULTY SNAPS . F ' j -ec -isw- ' ' » u . iVi%mM r - The Chancellor ' s Home Holiday Hall D. H. Hill Library Y.M.C.A. Leazar Mall f S 4 P (graduate tuclentA Arthur Alexander Armstrong. Jr. Castonia. N. C. Chcm. Eii r. Phi Kjppj Phi; Gamma Sigma Epsilcm: Kniuhls uf Si. Patrick; A.I.Ch.E. Thomas Carlton Blalock Lucama. N. C. Animal Ind. Alpha 2 -ta Treasurer 4; C.olde-n Chain i«- Prrsidcnl 4; .10 3 President 4; Munoeram Club Secirut - 3; AM Campus Wrcstline 1. Urcstlins; Team 2. 3. Co captain 3. Runner up in Southern Conference Tournament 2. Charles Everett Blossom New Bedford. Mass. Tex. Cheni. Dieiiig Phi Kappa Phi: Sigma Tau Sigma: Delta Kappa Phi; A.A.T.C.C: Tompkins Tex. Soc. .Albert Fra.nkland Brandt Salisbury. N. C. Cer. Engr. Inlercnilegiate Outing Club .Assn.: American Cer. Soc.; International Relations Club; Westminster Fellon ' ship. Spottswood Blair Burwell Henderson, N. C. Mech. Engr. Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Tau Sigma: Mu LvLE David Calvin Wichita, Kan. Statistics Lenoir Eugene Dellincer Allamont, N. C. iiim il A ' lilrilioii Gilbert Mitchell Farrior Raleigh, N. C. Engr. Physics Shed Cheng Feng Hankow, China Agriciilliire Robert David Freeman. T A Xcw York, N. Y. Tex. MfR. Texlile Forum; Technician. George William Fruth Charleston. W. Va. Diesel Efigr. Charles O. Gardner Tecumseh, Nebr. Agronomy (FieW Crops Sigma . i; Ciamma Sigma Delta; .Mpha Zeta. Robert Linnet Hendrix Salisbury. N ' . C. Agr. Education Kappa Phi Kappa. Louis Sa.muel Hovis Dallas, . C. Cliein. Engr. Tau Beta Pi: CUmma Sigma Epsilon; A.I.Ch.t. Billy Wilford Hull Lincolnton. N. C. gr. Ediicalioii Kappa Phi Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi: F.F.A.; .Mgr. Trailwood . thletics ' 47. Athanasios Fotios Kalfopulos Istanbul. Turkey Elec. Etigr. ' , ' i w u f i iS . iJi yjraduate tudentd Jean Ipock Kimley New Bern, N. C. I] ndassiped George Kiopekly Raleigh, N. C. Chem. Engr. E. James Koch Ida Gro e, Iowa Statistics Gamma Sigma Delia; Wesley FounJatiim Vice-President; Proteslant Religions Council Sec- retary ' ; Glee Club. Howard Louis Loveless Friana, Texas Textiles Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Phi Omega; Phi Psi; Research Fellow. Thomas Johnson Marlowe Fairview, N. C. Animal hid. Animal Ind. Club; Ag. Club; F.F.. . Agr John David Miller Todd, N. C. Agronomy QField Crops Kappa Phi; Ag. Club; Amer. Soc. Charles C. Mitchell Raleigh, N. C. Industrial Psychology Sigma Tau Sigma; WVV ' P Sports Director. Willis Elvis Moody Raleigh, N. C. Cer. Engr. James Thomas Moss Youngsville, N. C. Agronomy Phi Kappa Phi; Golden Chain; Blue Kev; .• lpha Zeta Chancellor 4; Ag. Club Vice-Presi- dent 3; Student Council 4; Agromeck 3, 4; A ricttlturist 3, 4; Dantorth Fellowship; Dorm. William McCormick Neale, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. Mech. Engr. Mu Beta Psi. Charles Thomas Odom Norfolk, Va. Engr. Math. Technician 1. 2; Dorm. Assistant. Otto Adelsten Ofjord Bergen, Norway Tex. Chem. Dyeing A.A.T.C.C; Glee Club. Tore Runhovde, - X Moss, Norway Yarn Mfg. Thomas Preston Scott, Jr. New Bedford, Mass. Tex. Client. Dyeing Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Tau Sigma; Kappa Phi President. Chih Cha Shu Shanghai, China Cix ' il Engr. Subhi Saleem Shaat Jaffa, Palestine Diesel Engr. A.S.M.E.; S.A.E. L raduate tudentd Robert Douglas Sidnam Staten Island. iS ' . Y. Elec. Engr. Eta Kappa Nu; I.R.E. Ralph Glenn Simpson Winston-Salem, N. C. Diael Engr. Ganca DiPiNDER Singh Patiala. India Agr. Economics Sherwood Skillman Old wick. N. J. Math. Perry Maxwell Smith Greenville, S. C. Horticulture Alpha Zi-ta. Franklin Holloway Spain, Jr. Henderson, N. C. Agr. Education Alpha Zcia: Phi Kappa Phi; Blue Key; Kappa Phi Kappa; F.F.A.: .Igriciillurisl. Philip Wynne Taylor Enfield, N. C. Agr. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Alpha Zc-la; Ag. Club; Studcnl Council 3; Dorm. Assistant 3. Gerald Samuel Tompkins, Jr. Ardmore, Pa. Tex. Mfg. Phi Psi; Tompkins Tex. Soc. Secretary ' . Howard Conrad Turnage Chapel Hill, N. C. Elec. Engr. A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. William Lindsay Turner Rocky Mount, N. C. Agr. Economics Herschel Thomas Ward, Jr. Granite Falls, N. C. Elec. Engr. I.n.E.; A.I.E.E. Hugh Alexander Williams, Jr., - H Spencer, N. C. Diesel Engr. James Claude Williamson, Jr. Bethel, N. C. Agr. Economics Pine Burr; Phi Kappa Phi; Ag. Club Secretary A. I lucii Hayes Wi lson, Jr.. H K A Raleigh, N. C. Ccr. Eng. John Thomas Woodruff RaleiRh, N. C. Diesel Engr. Edward Carson Yates, Jr, Raleigh, iN. C, Engr. i fat)i. Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; lulaiiguM Staff Photographer. V r ' , W ' 1 u . |Tj fJ2 Oscar Bozeman President Martin Mieiiit Vice-President Secretary Senior C iadd OFFICERS [39] ortu-nlne LoNNiE Lee Abernethy, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Cer. Engr. Amcr. Ccr. Soc.; Glee Club. .Araromeck ' 9 RocER Lee Adams, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Gen. Engr. James Harper Alexander, III Scotland Neck, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Merer Ray Adams Raleigh, N. C. Gen. Engr. 2, 4, Prcsi- Radio Club Tcdin deni 3; I.R.E. William Jackson Adams Statesville, N. C. Civil Engr. Aero. Club; A.S.C.E. RoHERT McDowell Ale.xander 2 AE Greensboro, N. C. Elec. Engr. A.I.E.H.; I.R.E. HovLE Brannack Adams .V X A I Icndersonville, N. C. Agr. Education .Ar. Club; Glee Club; Order of Yellow Dogs; F.F.A.; Y.M.C.A.; Rifle Team; Technician 3, 4; N. C. Col- lei iate Press Assoc.; Interfratemity C:ouncil; N. C. Student Legislative Assembly; Civic Music Assoc; Raleigh Little Theater. Henry Strange Addor, AFP Addor, N. C. Aniimil hiJ. R.O.T.C. 3, 4; Ag. Club; Cadet Officers ' Assoc; Animal Ind. Club. Claude Willl m Allen, Jr. A r P Creedmoor, N. C. Agronomy (Field Crops) .• g Club; Agronomy Club; Alpha Zeta; Clampus Gov ' t; Rifle Team 2, 3, 4; R.O.T.C. 1, 2, 3, 4; Olhcers ' Club 3, 4. Robert Lee Adams, Jr., - X Gastonia, N. C. Te.v(i es Phi Psi. Benjamin Franklin Alexander Matthews, N. C. Aninutl Ind. Lewis Meadows Allen, - N Raleigh, N. C. Cer. Engr. 30 3; Engineers ' Council Vice- President; Amer. Cer. Soc; Campus Gov ' t. Rep.; Techiiiciafi; Jr.-Sr. Dance Committee; Engineers ' Fair Com- mittee, Senior ( ladd [41] . C-. tati William Osborne Allen Canton, N. C. Knitting Tompkins Tex. Soc. William Russell Alley, Jr. Marion, N. C. Mech. Engr. T.,11 Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Mu IVta Psi; A.S.ALE.; A.S.H.V.E.; Band 1. 2, 3, 4. Wilton Davis Alley Mt. Airy, N. C. Elec. Engr. A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Dept. Honor Com- TiioMAs GooDE Allgood, Jr. Wilson, N. C. Gen. Engr. Grady Worth Allman Asheville, N. C. Mech. Engr. James Albert Altman Raleigh, N. C. Forestry Forestry Club; Piiielnm. Earl Warren Anderson Macclesfield, N. C. Mech. Engr., Aero. Ojit. John Watson Anderson High Point, N. C. hid. Engr. S.I.E. Treasurer 4; Oebatinj; Team 2. Charles Enie Angel, - n W ' inston-Salem, N. C. Mech. Engr. Jay Lawrence Apple Elon College, N. C. Agronomy (Field Crops) Agronomy Club; Amer. Soc. of Aubrey Youncue Arant, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Geii. Engr. Herbert Littleton Arey Raleigh, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E.; A.S.H.V.E. . L . tati Robert Moore Ab.mfield Greensboro, X. C. Gen. Eiigr. Football 1 ; Cheerleader. Stanley Carroll Abmitace Smithfield. N. C. Textihi Delia Kjppa Phi. Mack Arthur Arnold, Jr, r AE Raleigh, N. C. Cen. Engr. William Ray Arthurs, A I ' P Apex, N. C. Agronomy (Field Crops) Masonic Club; Ag. Club; Agrono Louis Joseph Artioli Springfield, Mass. Geii. Eiigr. Carey Mooney Ashley Ape.v, N. C. Chem. Engr. Warren E. Atwater, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Arch. Engr. Hobart Lyon Austin, ATP Kelford, N. C. Agr. Education F.r.A.; Ag. Club; Kappa Phi William Edward Austin Aberdeen, N. C. Agr. Engr. .Amcr. Sfxr. of .Agr. Engrs.; . g. Club. WiLLiA.M Lncra.m Austin Monroe, N. C. Poultry Science Ag. Club. Von Autry, Jr. Fayetteville, N. C. Mech. Engr. Heating Air Cond. Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Pi Alpha; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; A.S.M.E.; A.S.ll.V.E.; Ma sonic Club; President of Board of Directors Traihvood Mutual Groc. Benja.min Barnes Aycock Rocky Mount, N. C. Elec. Engr. A.I.E.E. Senior la6d [42] Robert Andrew Baker Rocky River, Ohio Chem. Engr. I ' hi Eta Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsi- l,.n; A.S.H.V.E.; A.I.R.E.; A.I.Ch.E. Thomas Fenner Baker Summerville, S. C. Mech. Engr., Aero. Opt. Engineers Council; I.Ae.S. 2, 3, Treasurer Corresponding Secretary 4; A.S.M.E. 4; R.O.T.C. 3, 4. ortu-nine arotneck James Mahlon Bales Tapoco, N. C. Elec. Engr. Monogram Club; A.I.E.E.; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Kappa Phi; Cross Country 2. 3, 4; Track 3, 4. ' 9 John Thomas Ball, Jr., ,i - Raleigh, N. C. Mech. Engr., Aero. Opt. I.Ae.S. Vice-President; Masonic Club Secretary. Leslie Nathaniel Ballard Goldsboro, N. C. Elec. Engr. Horace Massev Barber Raleigh, N. C. Elec. Engr. James Claudius Barber, Jr. Barber, N. C. Agr. Education Ag. Club; F.F.A. Jimmy Blair Barber, 2 IT Mt. Airy, N. C. Knitting Sigma Tau Sigma; Track 1, 2. John Clark Barber, A T P Moyock, N. C. Forestry Alpha Zcta Scribe; Blue Key; Xi Sigma Pi; Piricliim Business Manager; Publications Board; Forestry Club; Departmental Honor Committee. John Thomas Barber, 2 ■t E Winston-Salem, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Scabbard Blade; Tompkins Tex. See; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; R.O.T.C. 3, 4, Captain. Worth Henley Barber, 2 E Winston-Salem, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Scabbard Blade; Tompkins Tex. Soc: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; R.O.T.C. Yates Middleton Barber, Jr. Moyock, N. C. Wildlife Conservation Mgt. Phi Eta Sigma; Leopold Wildlife Soc. ortu-nlne A. Tedford Barclav, Jr. Galveston, Texas Afchheclure ..Arafomeck ' 9 Stanley Orin Barefoot Dunn, N. C. Agr. Engr. A.S.A.E. Charles Thomas Babcer, Jr. ATA Salisbur) ' , N. C. Chem. Engr. A.I.Ch.E. John Montioe Barksdale AshevUle, N. C. Ind. Engr. Sigma Pi Alpha; Soc. cf Ind. Engrs.; Soc. for .- dvanccnient uf .Mgt. Halph Beverly Barksdale T K E UTiitevilJc. X. C. Civil Engr. 30 a 3; Chi Epsilon; Engineer ' uuncil: BasebaU 1, 3; Football . 3. ••: A.S.C.E.; Monognim Club. James Jasper Barnes, Jr. Angier, N. C. Alec i. Engr. A.S.M.E.; .Mu Bcla Psi; Band I, 2, 3. John Leslie Barnes, - X Wilson, N. C. Elec. Engr. A.I.E.E. Walter Laf.ayette Barnes, Jr. V ' ilmington. X. C Mech. Ensr. Eugene Wilson Earnhardt Winston-Salem, N. C. Chem. Engr. Camma Sigma Epsilun; Mu Ik-ta Psi: A.I.Ch.E.; Red Coat Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra; R.O.T.C. I, 2; Con- xn Band I. 2. 3. 4. William Leslie Barnhill Stokes, N. C. Agronomy (Soils) John C. Baskervill, Jr. Lenoir, N. C. Forestry Forcsti} ' Club. BuRNicE Ward Batchelor, - X Nashville, N. C. Civil Engr. A. S. C. E.: Order of Yellow Dogs: Masonic Club; Acromeck Photog- raphy Editor 4; Wataugan 3. 4; Tecliniciiifi 4; Football I: Track I: Wrestling 1; Red Coat Band 1. [45] senior s ludd . C . • tah Louis Edwin Baucom New London. N. C. Elec. Engr. Eta Kappa Nu; A.I.K.E. Andrew Jackson Beall, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Mech. Engr. Pi Tau Sigma; A.S.M.E.: Dorm Assistant 2. 3, Chief 4; Charlotte State Collcoe Club; Chairman Dance Augustus Pitt Beam, n K A Shelby, N. C. hid. Engr. Mu Beta Psi: Soc. for Advance- ment of Mgt.; S.I.E.; Band 1, 2; Orchestra. Richard Franklin Bean East Bend. N. C. Mech. Engr. Heating Air Cond. Opt. Phi Ela Sinma; Pi lau Sioma; Phi Kappa Phi; A.S.. I.H.; A.S.H.V.E.; Tau Beta Pi. James Arthur Beard Huntersville, N. C. F!orieii!(i(re Ilorticuhure ' ice President 4; Dept. Honor Committee. RuFus Reid Beaver Rockwell, N. C. Agr. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Leopold Wild- life Soc; Lutheran Student . ssoc: V.M.C.A.; F.F.A.; Ag. Club; Pfeiffer Junior College I; Appalachian State Teachers College 2. George Adelard Bedard Fall River, Mass. Tex. Chem. Dyeing Phi Psi; A.A.T.C.C. Paul Adam Bender Norlina, N. C. Elec. Engr. A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; (iamma Delta icc President. Frederick William Bentzien Lyndhurst, N. J. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. Jay Leon Bubkett Bronx, N. Y. Tex. Mfg. Tompkins Tex. Soc; Dorm. Assistant. Joseph Babin Bernard, Jr. Lenoir, N. C. Fores rv Luther Harvey Berrier, Jr. Le.xington, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. . U. taU Ray Miller Berry Charlotte, N. C. Mech. Engr. George Leo Berson Dorchester, Mass. Civil Engr. Fred W. Biddix, T K i: Spruce Pine, N. C. Forestry R.O.T.C; Ma«inic Club: Foreslry Club. I oN Albert Biccerst. ff ATP Bessemer Cit •, N. C. Agr. Education Alpha Zela; Blue Key; Agriciil- iiirijl; F.F.A. Vice President 4; A«. Club; Y.M.C.A.; Chairman Bam warming Dance Committee; Kappa Phi Kappa President 4. Robert Leizeab Bird, H K A Raleigh, N. C. Oietii. Engr. .A.I.Ch.E.; . r.noMEcK 2, i; Intra- mural Boxing 1. 2; Pi Kappa Alpha Treasurer 2; R.O.T.C. Robert Joseph Biren Aullis, N. Y. Tex. (Synthetics) Technician; Raleigh Little Theater. David Cal.mes Black. 2 A E Charlotte, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Tompkins Tex. Soc.; Charlotte State College Club; Cadet Off. Assoc. Wing Prop.; Agbomeck 4; Soulltcm En- gineer 3; R.O.T.C; Dorm. Assistant; Y.M.C.A. Malcolm LeRoy Blackmon Durham, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Caby Deaton Blackwelder Cleveland, N. C. Agr. Education Charles R. Blackwelder, Jr. TKK Concord, N. C. Civil Eiigr. Concert Orchestra; Red Coat Band; R.O.T.C. Band; A.S.C.E. Floyd Xorvel Blackwell, Jr. 2; E Lenoir, N. C. Elec. Engr. .Mu Beta Psi; Order of Yellow Dogs; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1; A.I.E.E.; Intcrfralcmity Council President 4. Bernard C. Blankenship, Jr. Swannanoa, N. C. Chem. Engr. Senior luAd [46] George Kelly Blanton Raleigh, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing A.A.T.C.C: Tompkins Tex. Soc George B. Blomquist, Jr. Austin, Texas Textiles Football 2, 3, 4. ottu-nLne Ataromech William Kean Boatenreiter Pineville, Ky. E ec. Engr. A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. J Jack Alexander Bocook, 2 X Asheville, N. C. Gen. Engr. Mu Beta Psi; Beaux Arts Soc; Order of Yellow Dogs; Red Coat Band 1, 2; R.O.T.C. 1, 2. VV ' infred Chris Bodenheimer Granite Falls, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Track 1.2; Football 1. 2. LeRoy Rader Boggs Springfield, W. Va. Mech. Engr. Charles Hussey Boney, 2 ■I ' E Wilmington, N. C. Architecture Beaux Arts Soc. Secretary 4; Inter- fratemity CouncQ 4; R.O.T.C; All- Campus Softball 1; Tennis 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4. William Dare Boone, Jr. Winton, N. C. Architecture Iames Edgar Bost Eagle Springs, N. C. Mech. Engr., Aero. Opt. George Miller Bostian China Grove, N. C. E ec. Engr. A.I.E.E. Ralph Woodson Bostian Charlotte, N. C. Mech. Engr. Arnold W. Boswell Bailey, N. C. Forestry Forestry Club; Scabbard Blade; Officers ' Club; Swimming 1; Track 1. ortu-nlne John Iverson Boswell. Jn. South Hill, Va. Daxty Mfg. Mu Bcia Psi; Ag. Club; A.I. CIu ' ). .y aromeck J D.wiD I.i;i; BouLDiN. Jr., T K E High Point, N. C. Chem. Eiigr.; R.O.T.C; Drum Bugle- Corps. David Len Bowen, A 1 ' P Burgaw, N. C. Entomology gricill(lirist; .Ag. Club. Grady W. Bowers, [r. Jackson I Icights, N. Y. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E.; Phi Kappa Psi; Metals Engr. Club; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Waiter Henrv Bowers Norwood, N. C. Agr. Education Kappa Phi Kappa: P.F.A. Preside Ag. Club. Oscar Kondert Bozeman, Jr. Baton Rouge, La. Civil Engr. Chi Epsilon; Monogram Club; Golden Chain; A.S.C.E.: Publications Board; Football 2, i. 4. Captain 4; Class President 4. Steve Gaddy Boyce, II K 4 Ansonville, N. C. Forestry Xi Sigma Pi; Blue Key; Forestry Club; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Zela; PiiiediiH Editor; Stabs Edgings; Publications Board; Dcpt. Honor Council. Clyde Harrison Bhackett Morganton, N. C. Agr. Engr. A.S.A.E. Edwin Franklin Boyd, Jr. Stanley, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Allen Granger Brady, H K A I lenderson, N. C. Tex. Wearing Design Tompkins Tex. Soc; Band. Wade I Iampton Boyd, Jr. ! ' K T Charlotte, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing Red Coat Band; Interfraternitv Council 3, 4; Phi Kappa Tau Presi- dent; Charlotte State College Club; Soc; A.A.T.C.C. Norman Edward Brake Glenwofxl, Iowa Experimental Slntislics Ag. Club. V. A ( f -- Jd Senior ( tadd [49] C-. tati John King Branch DeWitt, Va. Animal Ind. As. Cluh; Animal Ind. Club; WiiUiugaii 2, 3; Agriculltiriit 4. Charles Eugene Branscomb V ' inston-Salem, N. C. Mech. Engr. Pi Tau Sigma; A.S.M.E.; Inlra- mural Basketball 2, 3, 4; Intramural Fdotball 2, 3, 4. James Arthur Branscomb Winston-Salem, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E.; Pi Tau Sigma; Intra- murals 1. Ernest Owen Branscomb, Jr. VVinston-Salem, N. C. Mech. Engr. Pi Tau Sigma Corresponding Sec- retary; A.S.M.E. Secretary: Dept. Honor Committee; R.O.T.C.; Tau Beta Pi; Soullicni Engineer. Kenneth Edward Brantley Zebulon, N. C. Agr. Education Ag. Club; F.F.. .; Dorm. Assistant. Jasper Leo Brasington, Jr. KA Cheraw, S. C. Civil Engr. Beaux Arts Soc. Charles Lewis Braswell, 2 S Princeton, N. C. Mech. Engr. Levie Clayton Bridger, Jr. nK A Bladenboro, N. C. Yarn Mfg. Phi Psi; Tompkins Te.x. Bas- ketball 1; All-Campus Football 2, 3; All Campus Softball 1, 3; All Campus Basketball 2, 3; Best Frat. .Athlete 1947-48. Bernard Thomas Bridgers Lasker, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing B.S.. Wake Forest William Mayo Britt Garner, N. C. Animal Ind. Animal Ind. Club; Ag. Club. Clarence Alvin Broadway Candor, N. C. Forestry Xi Sigma Pi; Forester 1948 49; Pi.ieliim. Brantley Armstead Brock Rocky Mount, N. C. Chem. Engr. A.I.Ch.E. . C . taU James Cole Brooks Grimcsland, N. C. Elec. Engr. A.I.E.E. V ' iLLiAM Johnson Brooks, K i; Red Springs. N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing Tompkins Tex. Soc. Treasurer; A.A.T.C.C: Inlerfralemily Council, Chairman Pledge Dance Committee; Chairman Lint Dodgers Ball; Order of the Rail. KiiNG Richard Brose New York. N. Y. iMecIi. Engr. .A.S.M.E. Abram Pressley Brower Staley. N. C. Mech. Eh or. Allan Rudolph Brown Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Gen. Engr. Billy Lynn Brown Raleigh, N. C. hid. Arts Education K;:ppa Phi Kappa; Ind. Arts Club. Frederick Chester Brown Raleigh, N. C. Poi( (r) ' Science A.;. Club: Teclmiciaii. James Edward Brown, Jr. n K A Greensboro, N. C. Tex. Synthetics Tompkins Tex. Soc; Watazigan Exchange Editor; Beta Delta 2, 3, 4, President 4; R.O.T.C.; Jr. Sr. Dance Committee. James Lawrence Brown, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Mech. Engr. James Quinton Brown Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Tompkins Tex. Soc. Lore Snell Brown, Jr., - II I lamlct, N. C. hid. Engr. Phi Ela Sigma; S.ic. for Advance- ment of Mgt. Richard Adolphus Brown Ai: I ' Cliffside, N. C. Gen. Engr. Gen. Engr. Soc; Engr. Council. yenior s ladd Charles Douglas Brvant Stedman, N. C. Agr. ' Education F.F.A.; An. Club; Y.M.C.A. Ermond Richard Bryant Fieldale, Va. Tex. Mgt. Tompkins Tex. Snc. ottu-nine .. atomech Joseph Robert Bryant, A 2 ' I ' Rich Square, N. C. Agr. Engr. Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4, President 2; A.S.A.E.; Honor Coun- ' 9 William Lawrence Bryant Stedman, N. C. Kappa Club. Agr. Education Phi Kappa; F.F.A.; Joseph Redding Bulla Asheboro, N. C. Ind. Engr. S.I.E. Ralph Mitchelle Bullock Charlotte, N. C. Floriculture Charles S. Bumgarner, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Agronomy (Field Cro ' ps) Ag. Club; Radio Club. James Fredrick Bunce Fayetteville, N. C. Agr. Education Ag. Club. William Asher Bundy Charlotte, N. C. Tex. Synthetics Wiitaugan; Class Treasurer hairman Freshman Dance Comii Hershell Wendell Bunker Mebane, N. C. Agr. Education Dallas Thurston Burkett Beaumont, Texas Forestry Caju. Frithjoff Burkhardt Cleveland, Ohio Tex. Mfg. Blue Key; Phi Psi; Sigma Pi Alpha; Tompkins Tex. Soc. Vice-President; Textile Foriim 2, 3, 4; Dorm. As- sistant. William S. Burnette. Jr. Canton, . C. .A ec i. Engr., Aero. OpI. I.Ac.S. atomech ' 9 Robert Leslie Butehart, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. Gen. Engr. RilU- Team; Track I. Amos Robert Butler Raleigh, N. C. Agr. Engr. James Kenneth Biitier, Jr. Windsor, X. C. Animal Ind. Alpha Zcia: . g. Club I, 2. i. 4, President 4; Animal Ind. Club; Live- stock Dav Secretar -Treasurer. Fred Washington Butner. Jr. r II Winston-Salem, N. C. Arch. Engr. Mu Beta Psi; Beaux .Arts Soc. President 4; Engineers Council; Red Coal Band; Concert Band; Orchestra; Engineers ' Ball Dance Committee; Order of Yellow Dogs; Dept. Honor Cflunril; R.O.T.C. Jesse Roland Butts Farmville, N. C. Agr. Education Bernarr Melton Byers Drayton, S. C. Tex. Mfg. Tompkins Tex. Soc. Clarence Moreau Bynum Bayboro, N. C. Mech. Engr. R.O.T.C; A.S.M.E. Sam Bvrd Bunnlcvcl, . C. Cen. Engr. Masonic Club; A.S.M.E. WiLBERT Preston Byrd Burlington, N. C. Agronomy .■ g. Club; Amcr. Soc. of Agi James N ' ernon Caffrey, Jr. Virginia Beach, V ' a. Elec. Engr. A.I.E.E.; n.O.T.C; Cadet Off. .Assoc. Frank Lee Caldwell Davidson, N. C. Elec. Engr. k mi m w ncst . " 1 " i enloif ( tu3d [53] aie XA ' ooDROw V ' iLsoN Cameron A e Erwin, N. C. Tex. Weaving Designing Sigma Tau Sigma. Paul Osborne Campbell Raleigh, N. C. Forestry William Calvin Campbell, Jr. K2 Winston-Salem, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Sigma Tau Sigma; Delta Kappa Phi; Tompkins Tex. Soc; Cadet Off. C:lub; Dept. Honor Committee; Board of (;nvernors. Charles F. Campen, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Gen. Engr. Secretary-Treasurer Gen. Engr. Soc. Thomas Franklin Cannon A2 Canton, N. C. Animal Ind. .iVnimal Ind. Club. Edwin Themos Cansler, - E Charlotte, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Phi Psi. Shelton Carl Canter, K i: Wilkesboro, N. C. Architecture B.S. Wake Forest College, 1943. Carl Oscar Carlin, Jr. New Bedford, Mass. Tex. Cliem. Hyeing A.. ' .T.C.C. Howard Bobo Carlisle, K 2 Spartanburg, S. C. Textile Mgt. Ramoth Max Carpenter Cherryville, N. C. Mech. Engr. Healing Air Cond. Opt. A.S.H.V.E. Robert Edgar Carpenter AX A Shelby, N. C. Civil Engr. Companion of St. Patrick; Engi- Edwin Thomas Carroll Hillsboro, N. C. Agr. Education Ag. Club; F.F.A. . U. tati John DeW ' itt Carroll Guilford College, N. C. Agronomy (Field Crops) Ag. Club; Agronomy Club: F.F.A.; Orricen ' Club. John Phillip Carroll Raleigh, N. C. Floricuhure Baxter Wilson Carter, A X A Denton, N. C. Textile Algt. Frederick Tayloe Carter Powellsville, N. C. Gen. Engr. W ' lLLiAxt H. Cartwricht, Jr. Elizabeth City, N. C. Cii ' il Engr. A.S.C.E. Henry Hamilton Case Morristown, Tenn. Gen. Engr. David Marshall Cates Greensboro, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing Delta Kappa Phi; Phi Ela Sign Tompkins Tex. Soc. Ray Calvin Cates Statesville, N. C. Agr. Education Alpha Zeta; Kappa Phi Kappa 2. Club; V.M.C.A.; F.F.A. W ' illia.m Richard Cathcart K A Columbia, S. C. Chem. Engr. A.I.Ch.E. John S. Chamberlain, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Textile Mfg. Tompkins Tex. Scjc. Ping Chao Chan Kunming, China Knitting Lowell Textile Institute. Alvin Gaines Chason Canton, N. C. Agr. Education S enior i ladS [54] Irving McDonald Cheek, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Elec. Eiigr. Glee Club. June Howard Cheek, 2 X Laurinburg, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Football 1, 2, i. ortu -nine Jack Cherry, Jr. Washington, N. C. Gen. Enar. aromeck ' f Joseph Nance Chesson, T K E Wilson, N. C. Elec. Engr. Pi Kappa Delta; Debating Team. ' iLLiAM Russell Chinnis Wilmington, N. C. CiviJ Etigr. .• .S.C.E. Neal Watts Christenbury Charlotte, N. C. Poultry Science Masonic Club; Ag. Club. George Andrew Church Winston-Salem, N. C. Elec. Engr. Kern Evridge Church North Wilkesboro, N. C. Gen. Engr. Paul E. Church, Jr., ATP North Wilkesboro, N. C. Animal Production man Li estock Day; Ag. Club Re- porter; Jr.-Sr. Dance Comm.; Treas- urer Animal Ind. Club; Agriculturist. David McKenzie Clark Mt. Airy, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Ernest Alvis Clark, K S Raleigh, N. C. Cer. Engr. Walter M. Clark, 2AE Greensboro, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E. Vice President; Athletic Council; 30 3; Theta Tau; Engi- neers Council. ortu -nine ' iLLiAM Morris Clark. K 2 High Point. . C. Tex. A fg. Arthur Austin Cline Tavlorsville, N. C. Chem. Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Sigma Ep- silan; A.I.Ch.E.; Baptist Student Union: Dorm. .Assistant. Darwin Lafayette Coburn Robcrsonvillc, N. C. Elec. Ettgr. y aromeck ' f George William Clayton, Jr. Andrews, N. C. Gen. Engr. eicy Eton Clopton Henderson, N. C. Tex.AJ g. Tompkins Tex. Soc.; Henderson State College Club; V.M.C.A.; R.O.T.C. William Homer Cochrane, Jr. Franklin, N. C. Agr. EHucaiion SO .?; TecliiiiciaH; griciil(liris(; Y..M.C..A,: Hnn.lboofc Business Man- ager; Publications Hoard; Track 1; Baseball 1: . g. Club Treasurer 3; Campus Govt. ' 1. 2. 3; Y.M.C.A. Treasurer 4. Joseph Franklin Clay ' Ton Andrews. X. C. EoreiUy Kenneth Leo Coble. - X Burlington, N. C. Cii ' ii £»gr. .X.S.C.E.; 30 3; Golden Chain; Publications Board; Techuician Busi- ness .Manager 3: Basketball 1; Track 1; All Dorm. Football Team: Class Vice President I; Red Coat Band 1; N. C. Collegiate Press Assoc. Treas Frank Constantine Cockinas Charlotte, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. Joseph Lee Clements. T K E North Wilkesboro, N. C. Chem. Engr. . .l.Ch.E.; Interfratemity Council Sccretan, ' : Tau Kappa Epsilon Presi- dent. Ralph Parker Coble. Jr. AE Greensboro, N. C. Elec. Engr. A.I.E.E.; Cadet Officers ' -Assoc; [.R.L.: Athletic Council. Arnold Herbert Cohen. - - M Bron.v, N. Y. Tex. Synthetics Sigma Tau Sigma; Soc. for the .-VdvancemenI of Mgt. •Senior L iaAd [57] . C . tah Bernard Leon Coleman Radford, Va. Tex. Mfg. Sioiiui I ' i AlplKI. Rodney Lee Coleman, Jr., - X Burlington, N. C. Textiles Phi I ' si; TexliU Forum,- Intramural l„„tl,all ,?, 4, All Fraternity 3; Tomp kins Tex. Sue.; Interfraternity Coun- Lil 4; Sigma Chi President 4. James Carlton Collier, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E.; Encjinecrs ' Council. Douglas Allen Collins Plymouth, N. C. Cer. Engr. Amer. Ccr. Soc.; Keramos. Sir Ernest Colton Hendersonville, N. C. hid. Engr. I. B.C. President; Chess Club; Stu- dent Lcfiislature. Walter C. Comer, Jr., - X High Point, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing A.A.T.C.C; Tompkins Tex. Soc. George C. Connor, Jr. High Point, N. C. irc iitecfiire Enoineeis ' Council; Beaux Arts Soc. Earl Ralph Cook, - IT Kannapolis, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.lM.E.; Snulherii Eiiniui-er. I ISHMAEL NeAL CoOK Martinsville, ' a. Gen. Engr. I.Ac.S.; clville Rec- Grady Carlyle Cooke, Jr. i; + K Winston-Salem, N. C. Gen. Engr. Mu Beta Psi; Ban I I; Orchestra 1; (.lee Club I. 2, .(. 4. Landon Lyon Corbin Durham, N. C. Elec. Engr. Eta Kappa Nu; lau Beta Pi; A.I.E.E.; l.n.E.; Honor Clommittee. Philip Lyon Corbin Durham, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Phi Psi; Tompkins Tex. Soc; Track 2; Tennis i; Dorm. Assistant. . U. S tah Marshall Banks Corl, - N ' Concord, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dveiiig Sigma Tau Sigma 2, 3, 4; A.A.T.C.C. 3, 4. Chairman 4. Donald Frederick Corlett Raleigh, N. C. Ind. Arts Education Scabbard Blade; Officers ' Club; A.I.A.A.; Ind. Arts Club; Constitution Committee; Militar Ball Committee. Dewey Milton Corn Sandy Ridge, X. C. Agr. Education Eber Feldman Corn Kannapolis, N. C. Forestry Tony Cornacchione StatesviUe, X. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E.; .Aquinas Club. Hen-ry a. Corrirer, Jr., .i - Henderson ville, X. C. Elec. Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Xu; Sigma Pi Alpha; Tau Beta Pi; Blue Ktv; Phi Kappa Phi; .A.I.E.E.; Dorm. Assistant; Campus Govt.; I.F.C.; Jr.- Sr. Dance Committee; Engineers ' Council; Delta Sigma Phi Secretar) 3, Vice-President 4. Ted Floyd Corriher, Jr. ATP Lincolnton, X. C. Agronomy -Ag. Club; .- gronomv Club. BoYCE Young Cotton Marion, S. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E. 3, 4. James Bernard Coward AsheviUe, X. C. Ind. Engr. S.I.E.; R.O.T.C; Officers ' Ciub; Y.M.C.A.; S«iillier.i Engineer. Hugh Lenneous Cox Greensboro, X. C. Civil Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; A.S.C.E.; Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Engineers ' Fait Committee. John Franklin Cox, Jr. Raleigh, X. C. Mech. Engr., Aero. Opt. I.Ai-.S. Ralph Gilbert Cox Greensboro, X. C. Mech. Engr. L.Ae.S. 1, 2; R.O.T.C. 1, Senior Let add [58] William Avery Cox Franklinton, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Tompkins Tex. Soc; Delta Kappa Phi; R.O.T.C; I.Ae.S. Archie Charles Craft Wilmington, N. C. Forestry Forestry Club. ortu-nlne afomeck Hubert Yates Craig Stanley, N. C. Gen. Engr. ' 9 James Milton Cranford Asheboro, N. C. Mech. Engr. Pi Kappa Delta; RiHe Team 2, M Dehat A.S.M.E. 3, 4. William Earl Critz Kannapolis, N. C. Textiles Delwin Rudolph Croom Bolton, N. C. Mech. Engr., Aero. Opt. I.Ae.S.; Engineers ' Council. Prentiss Lynn Croom LaCrange, N. C. Animal hid. Ag. Club. Francis Eugene Crouch Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Tompkins Tex. Soc. Richard Lee Crouch Norfolk, Va. Cer. Engr. Amer. Cer. Soc. William Edwin Crumley 2 I E Charlotte, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E.; Football 1; Wrestling 1; Band; Sigma Phi Epsilon Historian 2, Secretary 3. Armstrong Barratt Cullen ! KT Dover, Del. Mech. Ell or. Raymond Richard Currier i X Roxboro, N. C. Textiles Track Manager; Wrestling 1; Tompkins Tex Soc. ortu-nlne RoBEKT Eugene Currin, III Rocky Mount, N. C. Agronomy (Field Crops) afomech ' 9 Robert Thomas Currin, - K Littleton, N. C. Chem. Engr. rinla Tau; A.I.CIiE.; Monogram Club; Traik 2. 3, 4; Captain 4; Sii;ni.i I ' hi 1 psili.n St-cri-lary 4. LiNvvooD Clayton Dail VVintervillc, N. C. Civil Engr. Richard Edward Dailey Charlotte, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Fred Dameron Bessemer City, N. C. Agrouomy (Field Crops) Alpha Zela; Ag. Club; Agronomy Soc. Secretary 4; Campus Govt. 3; Blue Key; R.O.T.C. 3, 4, Distin guished Military Student. Alvis Montgomery Daniel Rcidsville, N. C. Agr. Engr. A.S.A.i:.; Intramural Softball 2, i, 4; Inlrainural Xollevball 3, 4. RiciWHD Ellsworth Darling Titusville, Pa. Textiles Alfred Claude Davis Charlotte, N. C. Arch. Engr. Mu Beta Psi; Cross Crounty 1, 2, 3; Track 1, 2, 3; Monogram Club; Beaux Arts Soc. Billy Hamrick Davis Shelby, N. C. Oert. Engr. Charles Kenneth Davis, Jr. Wilminfjton, N. C. hid. Engr. Charles Walker Davis, Jr. Chapel Hill, N, C. Arch. Engr. Beaux Arts Soc. 3, 4; Glee Club 2 Gene Theodore Davis Shelby, N. C. Civil Engr. 3 - ■.o i m Senior l laSA i I. U. • lah Herman Wayne Davis Lexington, N. C. Gen. Engr. John Thurston Uavis Jonestown, Pa. Elec. Engr. Iohnny Truett Davis Kannapolis, N. C. Gen. Ener. Leland Jack Davis Morehead City, N. C. Tex. Synthetics Tompkins Tex. Soc. Turner Stephen Davis Troy, N. C. FoTBStry John Frederick Dawson Raleigh. N. C. hid. Engr. Brevard Hamilton Day Connelly Springs, N. C. Mech. Engr. Carl Morgan Day, Jr., K A Chattanooga, Tenn. Mech. Engr. Trian ' .le; .A.S.M.E. John Otto Dayvault, Jr. Kannapolis, N. C. Mech. Engr. .A.S.M.E.; WVWP 2, 3. 4, Tech. ,M-r. 4; R.O.T.C.; Rifle Team. H. Max Deal Raleigh, N. C. Elec. Engr. A.I.E.E. John Robert Deal Newton, N. C. Gen. Engr. Gen. Engr. Soc. President; Eng neers ' Council. Edward ' oodall Dean Louisburg, N. C. Agr. Engr. A.S.A.E. [61] . U. tati William Carlton Ueaton Liberty. N. C. Forestry Forestn- Club 1, 2, J. 4, Sergeant- ai Arms 2, Secretar)- 2; Intramural Wresllini; 2. Edward Dwite Debnam Zcbulon. N. C. Tex. Wig. Wilbur Thurston Debnam Zcbulon, N. C. Tex. y ig. William Wallace De Laney Charlotte. N. C. Geii. Engr. I.R.L.; Charlutlc State College Club. Edgar Streetford Dellincer Marshville, N. C. Arch. Engr. Henry Clinton Dellincer Mt. Holly, N. C. Foreslrj ' Phi Eta Sigma; Xi Sigma Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Dcpt. Honor Committee; Forestry- Club; Hulda Johnston Cox Forestry Scholarship 2. Andrew George Demko Princeton, N. J. AJecJi. Engr., Aero. Opt. Thcta Tau; I.Ae.S. Jack Franklin Dermid Charlotte, N. C. Wildlife Conservation Mgl. Phi Kappa Phi; Leopold Wildlife Soc. Treasurer 2, President 3, Vice President 4. Robert Ernest DeSanto, - X Greensboro, N. C. Textiles Phi INi. Bernard Diamond, ' I ' K T New York, N. Y. Mech. Engr. Robert Lacy Dick, III Tryon, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. John Clark Dieiii , Jr.. T K V. Selma. N. C. Gen. Engr. Senior ( ladd [62] Jerold Haywood Dixon Robersonville, N. C. AgT. Editcntion Ag. Club; F.F.A. Ralph Lee Dixon, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Ind. Engr. S.I.E.; Soc. for Advancement of Mgt.; Y.M.C.A. Secretary 4. oriu-nine Grover Cleatus Dobbins Dobson, N. C. Agronomy (Field Crops) tner. Soc. of .Agronomy President 4. .Ara§ omech Y James Belvia Dobbins Rockingham, N. C. Cheni. Engr. U ' lLLiAM Carter Dodson, Jr. K A Rydal, Pa. Tex. Mfg. Phi Psi; Sigma Tau Sigma; Glee Club. James C. Downing, Jr., A X A Oklahoma City, Okla. Tex. A f of. Alvis Christian Downs Greensboro, N. C. Ind. Engr. Milton H. Doyle Lakewood, N. J. Ind. Engr. I.Ae.S.; S.I.E.; Photography Club; Rifle Team 1 ; Tennis 1 . Millard Turner Dozier, K ' . Rocky Mount, N. C. Elec. Engr. I.R.E.; A.I.E.E. Henry ' ade DuBose, Jr- Richmond, Va. Mech. Engr. WVWP Busines; cations Board. Manager; Publi Cameron Rigby Dudley, 2 E Kinston, N. C. ArchitecUire Beaux Arts Soc. Henry Osbourne Dunbar Wenona, N. C. Animal Husbandry Zroi ' tu-nine Gordon Uuke Duncan Davtona Beach, Fla. Agr. Cheni. Sigma Pi Alphii; Roil Coal Bjml. y aromecK ' f C ' .ii.HtRT ' iNC ' ENi Durham Durham, N. C. Fores (r) ' X, Sij;n.a Pi. John IIinhv Dutton Wadesboro, N. C. Agr. Engr. Olan Day Eakes Oxford, N. C. Textiles Guy Harmon Earle, Jr. Savannah, Ga. Agrouomr (Soils) Carlton Lewis Edwards, T K K Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engr. .V.S.C.E.; Tau Kappa tpsilon Treasurer 4. William Ellsworth Edens Washington, N. C. Civil Engr. Plii Ela Sigma; Sigma Pi Alpiia; Clii Ipsilon; A.S.C.E. Charles Elvin Edwards Norlina, N. C. Mech. Engr. I.Ae.S.; A.S.M.E. Joseph Lenwood Edge Fayetteville, N. C. Agronomy (Field Crops) .Mpha Zcta; Blue Kcv Secretary i. President 4; Golden Chain; Rifle Team 1, 2, 3, Captain 2; Baptist Student LIniun Secretary 4; Agronomy Soc. Vice-President 3; Ag. Club. J. C Edwards Mars Hill, N. C. Elec. Engr. V Arthur Joseph Edler, Jr. New York, N. Y. Forestry Forestry Club. PiiiL H. Edwards Durango, Colo. Eiec. Engr. Senior i ladd [65] . C-. tah Ralph Donald Edwards Marshville, N. C. Agronomy {field Crops) William Boren Edwards Asheville, N. C. Mech. Engr. Thomas Daniel Efland Efland, N. C. Knitting Austin Lafayette Elliott, Jr. Thomasville, N. C. Textiles Howard Curtis Elliott Charlotte, N. C. Arch. Engr. Alpha Sigma Phi President; Inter- fraternity Council 3, 4; Charlotte State College Club 2, 3, 4; Beaux Artb Soc. Robert Goodson Ellis Gastonia, N. C. Chem. Engr. A.I.Ch.E.; Baptist Student Unioi Elvin Jay Engel New York, N. Y. Forestry Forestry Club. John Roland English, Jr.. - n Monroe, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Webster Calton English, Jr. nx A Winston-Salem, N. C. Mech. Engr. Phi Eta Sigma Vice-President 1; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Scabbard Blade Treasurer 4; Golden Chain; Blue Key; Order of St. Patrick; Rifle Team 1, 2. 3; Engineers ' Council President 4: A.S.M.E.; Pi Kappa Alpha Historian 4. Edgar Deaver Enloe Gilkey, N. C. Agr. Education F.F.A.; Ag. Club. Peyton Matthew Enniss Garden City, N. Y. Tex. Mgt. David Asa Erb Wyomissing, Pa. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E. C-. tati Max Gettys F.rwin Forest City, N. C. Animal Ind. Animal In.l. ( lul.; Ai;. fluh; R.o.r.c. Leu Rowe Etheriixje Franklinton, N. C. Ceil. Eiigr. John Delton Evans Kcnly, N. C. Agr. Engr. A.I.R.E.; A.S.A.E.; Monogram Club;. Baseball I, 2, 3, 4; Class Vice Prcsidcnl 2. G. J. Lee EvEniocE Oklahoma City, Okla. Architecture Ollie W ' li.i.iAM Faison Knightdalc, N. C. Agr. Education Ag. Club; F.H.A.; West Campus Y.M.C.A. President; R.O.T.C; Cadet Officers ' .Assoc. Gataldo LImberto Falco Yonkcrs, i ' . Y. Elcc. Engr. ' .itaiig iii: A.I.E.U.; I.R.E. Adam Tanc Fan Shanghai, China Tex. Cheni. Dyeing I eid Dwveh FAHKKr.i., 11 K A Sarasota, Fla. Tex. Mfg., Yarn Mfg. Oft. Gulden Chain 4; Blue Kcv Treas- urer -4; Sigma Tau Sigma 3, 4; Phi Psi 4; Interfraternity Council 3; AriRoMEcK 3, 4, Associate Business Manager 3, Business M.-nager 4; Publications Board 4; Rifle Team 1; AUCampus Volleyball 1; Intramural Boxing; Class Secretary 3; Tompkins Tex. Soc; Aquinas Club; Tex. Honor Council 4; Jr. Sr. Dance Committee, Ring Commillcc, Finals Dance Com- mittee i. John Foster Faulk Sanford, N. C. y4rcJ!itec(tire Beaux .Arts Soc. 2, 3, 4; .At;noMiLc:K 1, 2; Vu iiig im 1. 2, 3, 4. James Cabell Faulkner Mt. Airy, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Delia Kappa Phi. William Elliott Fayssoux Gastonia, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing John Linosay Ferguson, Jr. i; II Gamboa, Canal Zone Cer. Engr. Amer. Cer. Soc. Senior la6A Lawrence Robert Ferguson Clinton, S. C. Tex. Mfg. Billy Brown Fesperman Badin, N. C. Elec. Engr. Mu Beta Psi; GIcc Club 1, 2, 3, ottu -nine Robert Allen Fields Wallace, N. C. aromech Agr. Chem. L-. of Agr. Chem.i Mu Beta Psi Club 2, 3; Orchestra 2, 3, 4 ' 9 Mario Louis Fillippeli, Jr. K A Greensboro, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing Tompkins Tex. Soc; Phi Psi; Aquinas Club; Vet Club; Dorm. Bas- ketball, Softball, Football, Big Four All-Stat Softball ' 47. Harold Auburn Finch, A r P Wilson. N. C. Agronomy Alpha Zeta; A%. Club ice-Presi- tlent 3; Agronomy Club. Benjamin Franklin Finison Troy, N. C. Vorestry Albert Arpad Fischer, - A M Long Beach. N. Y. Tex.Mig. Tompkins Tex. Soc; Football 1; Harry O. Fishel. Jr., K A Vaughan, N. C. Tex. Algt. Cecil Ray Fisher Salisbury, N. C. Texfifes Tompkins Tex. Soc. Cicero Paul Fisher Murfreesboro, N. C. Elec. Engr. II. N. C. 1; Eta Kappa Nu; T; Beta Pi; A.I.E.E.; Wrcstlino 2, 3. HiLBERT Cobb Fisher, - X Raleigh, N. C. Tex. Synthetics Tompkins Tex. Soc; Freshmi Counselor 4; Lutheran Student . ssoc Tex. Honor Committee. Millard Matiiias Fisher, Jr. IT K 1 Charlotte, N. C. Civil Engr. Beverly Tucker Fitchett, Jr. W ' eavenille, N. C. Mech. E«gr. Pi Tau Sigma: Intramural ' o)Iey baU 2, 3. 4; A.S.M.E. .. atomech ' 9 Dudley Bruton Fitzgerald 2 X Candor. . C. Textiles Monogram Club: Phi Psi; Textile Forum; Football 1 . 4; Intramural Wrestling, Basketball. Robert Daniel Flake W ' adesboro, N. C. Agronomy (Soils) Agronomy Club. John Hardy Flanagan Green -ille, N. C. Agronomy (Field Crops) Stephen Goodyear Flannagan Henderson, X. C. Mech. En gr. Phi Eta Sigma: Tbeta Tau; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Mu Beta Psi; Henderson Slate College Club; Can terbur Club; A.S.M.E.; A.S.H.V.E. Robert Jones Fortune Kings Mountain, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing ' hi Psi; A.A.T.C.C; Tompkii Buell Pittman Floyt), - n Trenton, N. J. Ind. Engr. S.I.E. James Richard Fowler, A X A Burlington. N. C. Gen. Engr. Golden Chain President; 30 3; Commencement Marshal 3; Techni- cian 1. 2. 3. 4. Sports Editor 1, Editor in-Chief i: Publications Board; . C. Collegiate Press . s$oc.: Public Committee Lectur C C il 2. 3; Cha Cha Banquet C Committee 3; Student Legislature 1 Senate Parliament InterfratemitY I Soph. Dance rt Publications Pledge Dance Robert W ' illouchby Fondren Raleigh. X. C. Cix ' il Engr. Football I; Basketball 1. John Vernon Fox. Jr.. n K + Randleman. X. C. Frank P. Fonvielle Raleigh, N. C. Cer. Engr. Gen. Engr. Fred Ray Foyles La Grange, X. C. Agr. Education J enlo ( tudd [69] . L. tah James Richard Franck Scotland Neck, N. C. Animal hid. Ag. Club; Animal Ind. Club. Thomas H. Franks, Jr. Hendersonville, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E. Edward Lyle Frazelle, 2 E Raleigh, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E.; International Relations Club; R.O.T.C; Cadet Officers ' As: Donald Glenn Freeman nK A Greensboro, N. C. Civil Engr. Dorm. Intramural Manager 1; All- Campus Football 2; Track 1. James Edney Freeman Bat Cave, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. William Thurman Freeman Hamlet, N. C. Cii ' iZ Engr. A.S.C.E. Robert Jacob Freese Charlotte, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Tompkins Tex. Soc; Charlotte State College Club. William Ross Freshwater, Jr. Burlington, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Rubin Robert Friedman J ET Elmhurst, L. I., N. Y. Tex. Mfg. Y.M.C.A.; Phi Epsilon Tau Presi- dent 2; Technician 2, 3, Feature Edi- tor 3; Textile Forum 3, 4, Associate Editor 4; WVWP; International Rela- tions Club; Handball 3, 4. Frederick Daniel Frissell, III Burlington, N. C. Tex. Synthetics Phi Psi; Tompkins Tex. Soc. Thomas Wiley Fulk Lewisville, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Grady Reed Fuller Louisburg, N. C. Forestry Forestry Club. . L. S tati Fred Jordan Fullincton Greensboro, N. C. TcA. .Mfg. Gerald Winston Furbee Wcnona, N. C. Aff. Etigr. A.S.A.E. Archie L. Fuhr, T K E Concord, N. C. Elec. Engr. Red Coal Band I; R.O.T.C Band 1; Orchestra 1; Glee Club I. V ' lI.LlAM ' a1 E FuRR Raleigh, N. C. Gen. Engr- Golf 1, 2. Orland Wilson Gabriel, Jr. Shcrrill ' s Ford, N. C. Agr. Education Kappa I ' hi Kappa; . . Clul.; r.F.. . Edward Milton Gale, - A M New York, N. Y. Tex. Synthetics Swimniino 2; Cheerleader 2. Karl Eugene Gallagher Greensboro, N. C. Alecli. Eiigr., Aero. Opt. lusll ' M I HANKLIN GaI.I.E HUGH Mitchells. Va. Agronomy Agronomy Club; Ag. Club; Vetville Mutual Groc. Vice President; Traffic linforcenienl Ci W ' avnu Williamson Gamble Davidson, N. C. Geti. Engr. James Harold Gandy Memphis, Tenn. Forestry Donald Albert Gardner Charlotte, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing A.A.T.C.C. S, 4; Tompkins Tex. Soc; Ftrntball 1; Baseball I, 2, 4. Jamis Hall Gardner Shelby, N. C. Tex. Mfg. 30 3; Golden Chain; Phi Psi; Campus Govt. 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4; Senior s ladd Howard Kirkpatrick Garmon Charlotte, N. C. Arch. Engr. Nathan Hughes Garner Newport, N. C. Agronomy (Field Crops) ortu ' nine ai omecK Henry Wilburn Garren Hendersonville, N. C. Poultry Science T Erskine Pope Garrison Raleigh, N. C. Mech. Engr. George Curtis Gasperson, Jr. Arden, N. C. Agr. Engr. A.S.A.E. Warren Arthur Gaucher i: AM Valley Stream, N. Y. Ind. Enar. Benjamin Earl Gay Wilson, N. C. Civil Engr. Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E.; Intral Softball. Football. Roland Bruce Geddes Falls Church, Va. Forestry WiLRERT Hale Geddes Falls Church, Va. Forestry Foreslrv Club. Alan Geist. 2 A M Brooldyn, N. Y. Textiles Intramural Basketball 3. Walter Geller, E T Bronx, N. Y. Textiles Tompkins Tex. Soc; W ' VUP. George Steve George Wilmington, N. C. i lech . Engr. A.S.M.E.; Masonic Club: AIu Beta Psi; Red Coat Band 1. 2. 3. 4: Orchestra 2. Edward Bircer Gilbert Oslo, Nonvay Tex. Mfg. Sigma Pi Alpha. atomeck ' 9 John Hubert Gilbert Catawba, N. C. Knitting Joseph Russell Gill Charlotte, N. C. Alech. Enff-. Thomas Cline Gill, II K Henderson, N. C. Architecture Angus Gillis, Jr. Charleston, W. Va. Mech. Engr. . .S.M.E. Eugene Glock, - A M BrookK-n, X. Y. Agr. Chem. Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Sigma Pi Alpha; Soc. of Agr. Chem. SecrelaTT. - Treasilrer 1, 2, Vice-President . , President 4; .Ag. Club; HiUel Vice President 4; .Agriculturist 1, 4; .■ Gao.MicK 2, 3. 4. Mel in Glaser Bronx, N. Y. Tex. Mgt. Tompkins Tex. Soc.; Agromeck 2, 3; Textile Fonim 2. 3: Vets Assoc.; Pan-. mer. Club; Student Legislature. Stuart Atwood Glover, Jr. ATP WUson, N. C. Agr. Education . g. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; F.K.A. 3, 4. Otis Bush Gl. sgow Portsmouth, Va. Elec. Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; A.I.E.E. Thomas Ernest Glunt Raleigh, N. C. Forestry JoH.N Melvin Glenn, - X Gatesville, N. C. Mech. Engr. Heating Air Cond. Opt. Pi Tau Sigma; A.S.H. .E.; Engi- neers Council; A.S..M.E. President; Sigma Chi Secretary ' . COMANN DANnEL GoLD Wilson, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Swimmiiig I, 2, 3, 4; Monogram N. f fS Senior ( ladd [73] . L. tati Eugene Gold, SAM New York, N. Y. Tex. Weaving Design Pi Kappa Delta Secretary-Treasurer 4; Tompkins Tex, Soc; Debating 2, 3. 4; Textile For, AllCampus In I; WV VP 3; oUeoiate Soft- AsA Lynwood Goldman Meridian, Miss. Knitting Herbert Seymour Goldman 2 A M Brookl ' n, N. Y. Ind. Engr. Order of St. Patrick. W ' ooDRow Wilson Goldsmith 2 AM Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engr. .•V.S.C.E.; A.G.C.; Wrestling 1, 2. Julian Murr Goldston Kannapolis, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing Thomas Moore Good, - 1 E Charlotte, N. C. Knitting Tompkins Tex. Soc; Charlotte State College Club, Dance Chairman . President 4. Olin Max Gordon, n K Monroe, N. C. Cix ' il Engr. R.O.T.C; A.S.C.E.; Officers ' Club. William Reeve Gorman High Point, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E. Andrew Mike Gould Raleigh, N. C. Mech. Engr. John Thomas Gould Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engr. Chi Epsilon; Baseball 1; Football 1. 2, 3, 4, Freshman Coach ' 48; Monogram Club 2. 3, 4, President 4; Athletic Council; Engineers ' Coun Malcolm Lee Gourley Fieldale, Va. Tex. Mfg. Tompkins Tex. Soc. ' ()RTH Austin Graham, Jr. Elkin, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E. . U. tati Charles William Grandv. Jr. McCoU. S. C. Tex. Synthetics Tompkins Tex. Soc.; Monogram Club: Baseball I. 3. 4: Snimming I. Ernest Carter Grant Windsor. N. C. E ec. Engr. I.R.E.; Y.M.C.A.; Radio Club. Marvin Henry Grant High Point, N. C. Tex. S ■nthetics Carson H. Grantham, Jr. Greensboro. N. C. Arch. Eiigr. Jack Austin Gravely Brevard. N. C. Forestri Philip Stanley Gravely Monroe, N. C. Mech. Engr. Donald Reid Gray Charlotte, X. C. Agr. Engr. Robert So.merville Gray. Ill Clinton. N. C. Tex.Mgt. Tompkins Tex. Soc. Daniel B. Green Hendersonville, N. C. Gen. Engr. Elmer Curtis Green Durham, N. C. Animal Ind. Animal InJ. Club; Ag. Club; WVWP. Ray.mond Edcar Green, Jr. + K Clearwater, Fla. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E.; Chi Epsilon; Depl. Honor Monroe Allen Greenbaum i: A M New York, N. Y. Tex. Synthetics Senior Otic add [74] Basil Greene Brooklyn, N. Y. Mech. Eiigr. Tau Beta Pi: Sigma Pi Alpha; Pi Tau Sigma Treasurer: Phi Eta Sigma; A.S.M.E.: A.S.HA.E. Seeretarv! Edwin Jackson Greene Charlotte, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing Tompkins Tex. Soc; A.A.T.C.C; Publications Board: Charlotte State College Club; Tf. (ilc Forimi 2. 3. 4. inager 3, 4. ortu - nine aromecK Edwin Bland Gregg Charlotte, N. C. Gen. Ell gr. Scabbard Blade; Charlotte Sta College Club. ' f Panayoty Elie Gregoriou iMansoura, Egypt Tex. Chem. Dyeing Tompkins Tex. Soc; A.A.T.C.C. Sonny Charles Gresiiam Oakboro, N. C. A.I.E.E.; Red C Band 1. Elec. Engr. Band 1 ; Concert J. M. Griffith Forbes, N. C. Igricii dire Phi Kappa Phi; . nim,il Ind. Club; a. Club; F.F.A. John Hardin Griffith Charlotte, N. C. Arch. Engr. William Simpson Griffith High Point, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E.; Engineers ' Council. David Truett Grigc. -i - ' I ' Greenwood, S. C. Alech. Engr. A.S.M.E.; R.O.T.C; Y.M.C.A.; W.iMugiiii 3, 4. J. MES Glenn Griggs, n K 4 Lenoir, N. C. Elec. Engr. A.I.E.E. John William Grimes, Jr. Harrisburg, Pa. Mech. Engr., Aero. Opt. l.. e.S. Noah Jefferson Grimes, Jr. China Grove, N. C. Elec. Engr. I Jj r - f ortu-nlne Rov Henbv Grimm, T K E Oxford, N. C. Cii ' i Engr. . aromeck ' 9 Richard Gustafson Biltmorc, N. C. Chem. Etigr. Dept. Honor Conimiitee; A.I.Ch.E.: David Nicholson Guv Harmony, N. C. Agronomy Leon Boyd Haigler Charlotte, N. C. Geol. Engr. A.I.M.E. Ivan Hall Middlesex, N. C. Elec. Engr. A.I.E.E.; Masonic Cluli Trc: Leland Frank Hall Raleigh, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S..M.E. William Judd Halladay, ]b. Greensboro, N. C. hid. Engr. Soc. for the Advancement of Mgl.; S.I.E. Harry Hoyt Halstead Cherrvrille, N. C. Geii. Engr. Kenneth Garrison I Iai stead Norfolk, Va. Gen. Engr. Charles David Ham Goldsboro. N. C. Gen. Engr. Baptist Student Union; Track i. Arthur Handley, Jr., A X A Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Ciri! Engr. Tau Beta Pi; Beaux Arts Soc; Interfralemilv Council 3, 4; Lambda Chi Alpha ice President 3, Prcsi Charles Alva Hahdie Daytona Beach, Fla. Geii. Etigr. Senior ( ladd [77] r I, ( . iah Robert Jennings Hare Murfreesboro, N. C. Forestry Forestry Club; Masonic C luh. Floyd Isom Harper, Jr., 2 X Charlotte, N. C. hid. Etigr. S.J.E.; Soc. for Advancement of Mgt.; Pi Kappa Delta President; Golf 1; Class Vice-President 1, Treasurer 2: Cheerleader 1, 2, . ; Debating Club 1, 2, 3; Social Functions Com- JoHN Paul Harper Andrews, S. C. Forestry Forestry Club. Bruce Dupree Harrington n KA Charlotte, N. C. Gen. Engr. Charlotte State College Club; A.I.Ch.E. Arthur Robert Harris, ATI ' Moorestown, N. J. Forestry Glee Club; R.O.T.C; Air Reserve Assoc; Forestrv Summer C ' amp Stew- ard. Charles Anderson Harris, Jr. iX Roxboro, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Phi Psi; Textile Fnnim 2, Eiitnr 1. 4; Publications B.iarJ 3, 4; Class Nice President 1. Ralph Copeland Harris Candor, N. C. Agr. Economics Au. Club; Intramurals 2, 3; Trail- vaa. Council; Y.M.C.A. Johnny Reginald Hart, T K E Raleigh, N. C. Cer. Engr. Keramos; Amer. Cer. Soc; Track 1. Joseph Della Habtsoe Weldon, N. C. Chem. Engr. So„tl,en, Eugmeer: A.I.Ch.E. Thomas Morritt Hasell, Jr. Walterboro, S. C. Forestry Forestry Club; Xi Sigma Pi. QuiNTON Finch Haskins BaUey, N. C. Gen. Engr. Alvin Hausman, -AM Ozone Park, N. Y. Textiles Sigma Alpha Mu President. . U. tati John Landrum Hawkins. -N Shelby. N. C. Tex. Weaving Design Tompkins Tex. Soc.; Phi Psi: Cheerleader. Oscar Payne Hay, Jr.. K A Raleigh. X. C. Civil Engr. Red Ciia! Band; Beaux .Arts Soc. Errol Edwin Haves. Jh. Elkin, N. C. Gen. EngT. Frank Madison Hayes Thomasville. N. C. Elec. Engr. .V.I.E.E.: l.R.E. Thomas Tiiurman Hayes, Jr. 2X Sanford, N. C. Arch. Engr. Football 1; Intramural Boxing 2, i: Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4: Monogram Club. William Gwynne Head, Jr. Wilmington. N. C. Gen. Engr. Sigma Phi Epsilon Vice President 4. VX ' alden McMillan Hearn Teachey. X. C. Animal Ind. .Animal Ind. Club; Ag. Club: R.O.T.C; Scabbard Blade A ' ice President. Alfred Herm. n 1 Iecht Norlina, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. Erich Ernest Hecht, T A Norlina, N. C. Agr. Economics Ag. Club. Richard Louis Hedcepetii Warrenton, N. C. Elec. Engr. Eta Kappa Nu; A.I.E E.; Cadcl Officers ' Assoc. Robert Willia.m Hedrick Silcr City, N. C. Arch. Engr. Beaux .Arts Soc.; Wataugan 3; Baseball Manager 1; Fofitball Man- ager 2, 3; R.O.T.C. Olin Dewabd Hefn er Altapass, X. C. Pomology Ag. Club; Ilorlicullurc Club Presi Senior ( laSd [78] ortu-nine ai omecK Henry Houston Helms, Jr. Nelson Earl Helms Robert P. Helms, II K A James Edgar Hemphill Waxhavv, N. C. Monroe, N. C. Rutherfordton, N. C. Wilkesboro, N. C. Elec. Engr. Agr. Education Textiles Tex. Chetn, Dyeing A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. ■Ag. Club 3, 4; F.F.A. i, 4. Betty julu Hende rson Raleigh, N. C. Tex. Weaving Design Cline McFarland Hendrick K A ClifFside, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Robert Bruce Hendy Cleveland, Ohio Gen. Engr. Wesley Foundation Student Cour cil I. .3, ' 4, Chairman Worship Vuir David Kincaid Henkle Stanley, N. C. Elec. Engr. Marlin Jake Herring Joseph Herbert Henry Asheville, N. C. William Elmore Henry n K Ray Martin Hepler Greensboro, N. C. La Grange, N. C. Agr. Education Elec. Engr. A.I.E.E. Rocky Point, N. C. Horticulture Arch. Engr. Beaux Arts Soc. Kappa Phi Kappa; Ag. Club; F.F.A. ; Cadet Officers ' Assoc; R.O.T.C. ortu-nine - Ataromech RUFUS KONDER HeRHING. 11 K ' t Solomon Philip Hersh Earl Warren Hessee Adrian Nionial Hewett Thomasville, N. C. Winston-Salcm, N. C. Morehead City, N. C. AXA hid. Engr. Tex. Chem. Dyeing Client. Engr. A ' ilmington, N. C. Phi Ela Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Ela Sigma; Gamma Sigma Ep- Gen. Engr. Order of St. Patrick; Gamma Sigma silon; Sigma Pi .Mpha: Tau Beta Pi; R.O.T.C. Epsilon; A.A.T.C.C; Tompkins Tex. Theta Tau; A.I.Ch.E.; Engineers Soc.: R.O.T.C. Council; Social Functions Committee; Freshman Counselor. Albert Floyd Hicks, Jr. James Lee Higgins Timberlake, X. C. Fred Robert Hicks, n K A Cary, N. C. Temple Hicks Hill Agr. Education High Point, X. C. Civil Engr. Marietta, N. C. P.F.A.; Ag. Club Mech. Engr. Beta Delta i. 4; A.S.M.E. I, 2, 3. 4; Pi Kappa .Mpha Vice-President 1, Mu Beta Psi 2. 3, 4; A.S.C.E.; U ' lilaiigaii; Football 2; Red Coal Band 2. 3, 4; R.O.T.C. Band; Concert Band 2. 3. 4; Order of Yellow Dogs 2. 3, 4. Education Corresponding Sccrctar)- 3; Secre- tary- 4. Paul Eugene Hine, A i; Winston-Salem, N. C. Edward Hugh Hines, - H Tommy Osborne Hill Cliem. Engr. Mt. Air) ' , N. C. Tex. Mfg. Tompkins Tex. Soc.; Mu Beta Psi, Raleigh, N. C. Marshall Whilden Hills G en. Engr. Johns Island, S. C. Mu Beta Psi; A.I.Ch.E.; Order oi Yellow Dugs 2. 3, 4; Red Coal Band A.I.Ch.E.; Aquinas Clul FloricuJture 2, 3. 4. Freshman Dance Committee. • V- Jk Senior ( Ic add [81] . ( . • tah Clitus Leo Hinton Princeton, N. C. Gen. Engr. Ibraium Jiryes Hlass Jaffa, Palestine Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E.; Wesley Foundation; ' osmopolitan Club Secretary. Ralph Lee Hobbs Charlotte, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Tompkins Tex. Soc. Thomas Newton Hobgood, Jr. Oxford, N. C. Agr. Ediwation RuFus Stancil Hodges Washington, N. C. Ind. Engr. Samuel Ayres Hodnett Durham, N. C. Chem. Engr. A.I.Ch.E. Joseph Henry Hoffman Lincolnton, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing Sigma Tau Sigma; A.A.T.C.C.; Tompkins Tex. Soc. William F. Hoffman, Jr. Durham, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing A.A.T.C.C; R.O.T.C. Harold Milton Holcombe Fayetteville, N. C. Ind. Engr. Soc. for Advancement of Mgt. President; S.I.E.; Tau Beta Pi; Engi- neers ' Council. William Cicero Holder Asheboro, N. C. Knitting Albert John Holk, Jr. Milwaukee, Wis. Mech . Engr. A.S.M.E. Euclid Curtis Holleman Ape.x, N. C. Mech. Engr., Aero. Opt. C S tati John Elliott Hollowell Rich Square, X. C. AgT. EngT. A.S.A.E. Secn-ian ' J; Y.M.C.A. I, 4, Treasurer 1. Gabe Holmes. Jr., K i: Sanford. N. C. Tex.Mig. Ar.Ro.MEcK 4; Tompkins Tex. Soc.; Jr. Sr. Dance Oiinmitlec 3; Tex. Honor Council. James Harold Holmes Hamlet, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing Gamma Sigma Epsilon. John McNeill Holmes, K - Sanford, N. C. Cer. Engr. Amer. Cer. Soc.; S.A.G.E. Presi dent; Order of Rail; Jr. Ring Com mittcc; Inlerfralernity Council 4; Class ice-Prcsidenl 3; Order of Si. P.itritk. Wilbur Franklin Honeycutt Greensboro, N. C. Textiles Tompkins Tex. Soc. Calvin Washington Hood Davidson, N. C. Civil Engr. Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi. Harvey Oliver Hook Elon College, N. C. Eiec. Engr. I.R.E. 2, i. President 4; A.I.I 1.. 3. 4. Earl Frank Hoover Lenoir, N. C. Civil EngT. A.S.C.E. William Julian Hord Raleigh, N. C. E ec. Engr. Scabbard Blade President; Track 2; R.O.T.C; Officers ' Club; Dorm. Assistant. George Joseph Horel Plainfield, N. J. Wildlife Conservation . ' ' gf- Hugh Jarvis IIorne, Jr. Roanoke Rapids, X. C. Chem. Engr. A.I.Ch.E. Vice-President 3, Presi- dent 4; Engineers ' Council Treasurer 4; Dcpt. Honor Committee. Raymond Lewis Horne Charlotte, N. C. Foreslry Forestr) ' Club; Charlotte Slate C ol lege Club. wnior i ladd [82] Robert Franklin Horne Burlington, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Tompkins Tex. Soc; R.O.T.C. Theodore Wright Horner Clarksburg, W. Va. Statistics Sigma Pi Alpha. oftu-nlne George Foushee Horney Greensboro, N. C. Agronomy (Soils) Ao. dull. atomecK ' 9 Melvin B. Horowitz New York, N. Y. Tex. Mfg. A.A.T.C.C; Tompkins Tex. So International Relations Club Vi( President; Tedmiciaii; Track 1. Gattis Truett Horton Wendell, N. C. Agr. Education Kenneth L. Horton. Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Cii ' il Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; A.S.C.E.; Chi Epsilon. Samuel Fuller Horton Sugar Grove, N. C. Gen. Engr. Alpha Sigma Sigma; Ag. Club; Irvin Charles Horwitz, - A II St. Louis, Mo. Knitting Sigma Tau Sigma; Tompkins Tex. Asa Hosmer, V, -i i: Charlotte, N. C. Gen. Engr. Thomas William Houser, K Z Dyersburg, Tenn. Tex. Mfg. Phi Psi President. Joe Shelton Howard Lenoir, N. C. Mech. Engr., Aero. Opt. I.Ae.S.; Intramural Tennis. William Haywood Howell Fuquay Springs, N. C. Agr. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Ag. Club; ortu -nine Getti-s Dixon Hoyle. Jr. Charlotte. N. C. iMecli. Engr. Mu Beta Psi: . .S.M.E.: Radi. Club: Red Coat Band; Order o Yellow Dogs. aromeck ' f Milton Wycuffe Hudson TKE WUson, N. C. Cen. Engr. Intramural Wrestling 3; Tau Kappa Epsilon Treasurer 2. Charles Q. Huffstetler, Jr. Gastonia. X. C. Elec. Engr. Eta Kappa Nu: .A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.: Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi. Joseph Rich. rd Hughes Ashe -ille. N. C. Elec. Engr. A.I.E.E.; Glee Club. ' iLLiAM Frank Humbert, III Spray, N. C. Elec. Engr. Football 1; BasebaU 1. Milton Humphreys Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Gcii. Engr. James C. Huneycutt, Jr. Kannapolis, N. C. Civil Engr. . .S.C.E. Earl F. Hunt. Jr. 0.xford, N. C. .Agronomy Ag. Club 1. 2. I. 4; . gr Club 3, 4; Class Treasurer 4. Ernest Cleveland Hunt, Jr. Henderson. N. C. AlecJi. Engr. Theta Tau; A.S.H.V.E. Glenn Davis Hunt, ATP Dallas, X. C. Agr. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; .Ag. Club: F.F.A. Secretari ' : Masonic Club: .igriciilltirist 3, 4, Editor 4. Robert Taylor Hunt Charlotte. N. C. Geii. Engr. Dewey George Hunter HayesvUle, N. C. Elec. Engr. A.I.E.E. . ( . tah Stokes Niven Huntley Monroe, N. C. Ind. Engr. Soc. for Advancement of Mgt. Hugh Gillespie Hurley Fairforest, S. C. Tex. Mfg. Robert Cox Hurt Nathan ' s Creek, N. C. Tex. Chetn. Dyeing IMilligan College I, 2; A.A.T.C.C. Henry Huse Chapel Hill, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E. Fred James Hutchinson Hendersonville, N. C. Mech. Engr. Ralph Kermit Ingram Princeton, N. C. Ind. Arts Education pa Phi Kappa; Student Govt. appa fenior s ladd Thomas Bryan Ivester Lawndale, N. C. Civil Engr. Arthur John Jabbusch Lorain, Ohio Cer. Engr. Keramos; Amer. Cer. Soc. Osco W ' ilbert Jackson Goldsboro, N. C. Agr. Education Alpha Zeta; F.F.A.; Ag. Club; Kappa Phi Kappa; Dan Forth Scholar- ship ' 46; Sears Roebuck Freshman Scholarship. Raymond Mark Jackson, Jr. Hornell, N. Y. Mech. Engr. Richard Melvin Jackson Gastonia, N. C. Textiles Henry Willlam Jacobs, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. Tex. Synthetics Delta Kappa Phi 3, 4, Custodian Tompkins Tex. Soc. 1, 2, 3, 4 Lutheran Students Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 4 Protestant Religious Council 4. . C . S tah Howard Jacobs. + E T New York, N. Y. Tex. Synthetics MA ' WP 3, 4. Frank Wylie Jarvis. Jr. Spindale, N. C. Elec. Engr. Mu Beta Fsi 2. i. 4. President 3: A.I.E.E. 3. -t; I.R.U.; VV T 2, 3, Chief Engr. 3; Bund 1, 2. 3, 4: Baptist Student Union. John .Mack Jenkins, Jr. Forest City, N. C. Ind. Arts Educatioti Kappa Phi Kappa; Ind. Arts Club. Sidney Earle Jennette, Jr. n K A Henderson, N. C. Mech. Engr. Beta Delta 2, 3, 4, Secretary- 4; Band. George Julius Jhbnigan, Jr. 1 N Dunn, . C. Architecture Sigma Pi Alpha 2. 3. 4, Secretarj- 4; Beaux .Arts Soc. 1. 2, 3, 4. Vice President 4. Henry London Jerome Pittsboro, N. C. Civil Engr. .A.S.C.E.; Band 1, 2, 3, 4. John London Jerome Pittsboro, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing Mu Beta Psi; A.A.T.C.C; Order of Yellow Dogs; Red Coat Band 1, 3. 4. Arthur Eugene Johnson Charlotte, N. C. Mech. Engr. Ernest Graham Johnson Mt. Gilead, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Blue Key 2. 3. 4: Sigma Tau Sigma 3, 4-, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. Hampton Gray Johnson, - N ' Greensboro, N. C. Forestry Forestry Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Henry Ellis Johnson, Jr. Hickory, N. C. Textiles Joseph Cal beiit Johnson, Jr. Four Oaks, N. C Animal Intl. Animal Ind. Club; Ag. Club; Sears Roebuck Scholarship. .Senior LtaJJ T i [86] ortu-nlne atomeck y Samuel Atkins Johnson Raleigh. N. C. Mech. Ensx. Vernon Lee Johnson Mt. Gilead, N. C. Elec. Engr. A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Wade William Johnson Siler City, N. C. Animal hid. Animal Incl. Club; Au. Club. William Harvey Johnson Germanton, N. C. Elec. Engr. A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. William Ramon Johnson Suffolk, Va. Mech. Ell or. James Frederick Johnston, Jr. Rocky Mount, N. C. Forestry Eorcstrv Club. Charles Irving Jones Micro, N. C. Agr. Education appa Phi Kappa; As,. Club I, .; F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, i. Edgar ' ALLIS Jones. - A E Humboldt, Tcnn. Textiles Everett Barrett Jones Elizabeth City, N. C. Elec. Engr. Everett Earl Jones, n K A Monroe, N. C. Geol. Engr. . .I.M.E. President 4; Engineers ' Council 4; Wataiigan; Head Cheer- leader 3; Monogram Club 4; Band 2. Henry Thomas Jones Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing Delta Kappa Phi. Hugh O ' Neal Jonks, Jr., A X A Portsmouth, Va. hid. Engr. f S.I.E.; Soc. for .Ad Mgt.; Agromeck 2; Engineers ' Coun cil; Lambda Chi Alpha Treasurer 3 ortu-nlne James H. Jones, n K A Charlotte, N. C. Tex. Synthetics aromecK ' 9 John Charles Jones Grassy Creek, N. C. Elec. Eiigr. A.I.E.E. Ralph Abel Jones Leaksville. N ' . C. Gen. Engr. Rav Alvis Jones Winston-Salem, N. C. Elec. Engr. A.I.E.E.: I.R.E. Richard Thorpe Jones Raleigh. N. C. hid. Arts Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Ind. Ans CIu Piesideni 4. Wade Thomas Jones Winston-Salem, X. C. Forestry Xi Sigma Pi 3. 4; Masonic Club 4; Forestn- Club 2, 3, 4; Pinetum 3. 4; Chairman -Logger ' s Ball " ; Band 1, 4; Glee Club 1. William Ralph Jones. K A Humboldt, Tenn. Textiles Tompkins Tex. Soc. Henrv Harris Jordan Siler Cir ' , X. C. Cii ' il Eiigr. David Harvey Jurney Greensboro, N. C. Architecture Beaux Arts Soc.; Engineers ' Council. Jerome Kabel. E T New York, N. Y. Textiles Tompkins Tex. Soc.; l.F.C. Herman Bernard Kahn, E T Columbia, S C. Arch. Engr. HiUel Vice-President 2. President 3; Watmigan 1. 2. 3; Band 1: Beaux .■ rts Soc. Milton Sam Katsifos Martinsville, Va. Tex. Synthetics Tompkins Tex. Soc. ii r ifl Senior ( ladd [89] . ( . tati Maurice Ashton Kearney Greensboro, N. C. Chem. Engr. Gamma Sigma Epsilon; A.I.Ch.E.; Tau Beta Pi. V ' iLLiAM Brown Keener Lincolnton, N. C. Arch. Engr. Beaux Arts Soc. i, 4. C HARLEs Robert Keller Raleigh, N. C. Elec. Engr. Eta Kappa Nui A.I.E.E.; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi. George Houseal Keller Gastonia, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Deha Kappa Phi; Pi Kappa Delta; Debatiuo Team 3, 4. William Henry Keller, K T Akron, Ohio Textiles Tompkins Tex. Soc.; Aquinas Club. William Frohock Kelly nK A Raleigh, N. C. Tex. Weaving Designing Monogram Club 3, 4; Interfrater- nity Council 4; Pi Kappa Alpha President 4; Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4. U ' lLLiAM Greer Kelley Germanton, N. C. Forestry Phi Eta Sigma; Intramurals. Fred Algie Kendall, Jr. Johns, N. C. Agronomy (Soils) 30 3; Blue Kev; Golden Chain; Alpha Zeta; .-Igriciiltiirist 1, 2. 3. 4; Intramural Wrestling 3, 4, Cham- pion 3; Ag. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Agrono- my Club 2, 3, 4; Publications Board 3. 4; Campus Govt. 2, President 4; Pi Kappa Phi Historian, Secretar ' and President; . g. Fair 2; Social Func tinns Committee; .Athletic Council. Harold Dean Kent Macon, Ga. Arch. Engr. William Turner Kenyon Raleigh, N. C. Agr. Economics . ' g. Club 1. 2, 3, 4. Thomas Alvin Kepley Hickory, N. C. Gen. Engr. Tennis Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Beaux Arts Soc. 1, 2. Homer Ronald Ketchie Kannapolis, N. C. Chem. Engr. A.I.Ch.E. Secretary; Track Man- ager 1, 2. A U. tati Helen Kev Lodge, S. C. Animal Ind. Sigma Pi Alpha 2. 3, 4; Techni- L-ian 2: Agromuck 3; Animal Ind. Club 3, 4, Rcporltr 3, Socrclary 4; Wi-ilcv Foundalinn. Nobles Lee Killebrfw Raleigh, N. C. Textiles III All!) DllKK KlMBIlULL, - X Gastonia, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Phi Psi. David Edward King Wilmington, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing Dfha Kappa Phi; Sigma Ta Sigma; A.A.T.C.C; Tompkins To Soc. I Iarry Carlyle King Charlotte. N. C. Tex. Synllietics Hurley Dalton King, - " I " E Winston-Salem, N. C. Civil Engr. Mu Beta Psi ' ici- Presideni 4; Scabbard Blade; Cadet Officers- Assoc. President 3; Red C:oat B.ind 3, 4; R.O.T.C. 3; A.S.C.U. Joseph Bert King Ashcville, l . C. Arch. Engr. Sigma Pi Alpha; Tau Wl-u, Pi. Mrs. IIk ' iiia Aikinson King Haleigh, X. C. Tex. Mfg. Vernon Asiiwortii King Andrews, N. C. Ind. Engr. Claude Kehii Kiriiy Gaffney, S. C. Cer. Engr. Amcr. C:er. S..c. Thomas Eusebum Kirhy. Jr. AX A Raleigh, N. C-. Tex. Mfg. Billy Ross Kiser Kannapolis, N. C. Eorestry Senior LtaJJ [90] Nicholas Klemm, Jr. Pleasantville, N. J. Gen. Engr. Theta T;iu. James William Kluttz China Grove. N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. ortu -nine George Alton Knight Winston-Salem, N. C. Cer. Engr. Amer. Cer. Soc; Keramos Secrctar) ' i President 4; Wataugaii 1. aroitieck ' 9 Philip Smithwick Knowles Windsor, N. C. Cer. Engr. Amer. Cer. Soc. Billy Moore Knox Statesville, N. C. Architecture Beaux Arts Soc. John Allen Knox Cleveland, N. C. Animal hid. .■ g. Club; Animal Iml. Club. Kenneth Arthur Koch Buffalo, N. Y. Agr. Engr. A.S.A.E. Robert Casper Kornecay Smithfield, N, C. Forestry Norman Korostoff, ' I ' E T Far Rockaway, N. Y. Tex. Mfg. Sioma Tau Sigma; Tompkins Tex Sue; I.F.C. 4; Phi Kappa Phi. ZUHEIR AnWER KoTOB Damascus, Syria Tex. Chem. £ ' Dyeing A.A.T.C.C. Wallace Lee Krueger Charlotte, N. C. Tex. Mot. Tompkins Tex. Soc; Charlotte State College Club; Officers ' Club; Delta Kapiia Phi. Maurice W. Lamb, Jr., rr K Wilmington, Del. Ind. Engr. Tau Beta Pi; S.I.E. President 3; Soc. for Advancement of Mgt.; Engi- neers ' Council 3, 4; .Atjuinas Club. ortu-nlne . . aromech Harris Robert Lambe George James Lamprinakos Paul Ja.mes Lamprinakos Charles Edward L. nd. T K E Asheboro, N. C. AshevUle, N. C. T KE Chadbourn. X. C. Archiieclure Cen. Engr. AshevUle, N. C. Civil Engr. Beaux Arts Soc. A.I.Ch.E. Ind. Engr. S.I.E. Secretan-; Soc. for Advance mem of Mgt.; Engineers ' Fair 3; .Mpha Lambda Tau N ' ice-President 2; R.O.T.C. 1, 2. A.S.C.E.; .Masonic Club. Thomas Jordan Latham William Anderson Land Chadbourn, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. Neediiam V ' alton Langston Four Oaks, N. C. }nd. Engr. James Franklin Lankfohd Kannapolis, N. C. Agr. Economics Washington. N. C. Tex. Cheni. Dyeing Tompkins Tex. Soc.; A.A.T.C.C. Ag. Club. John Louis Lawrence Joe Ellis Lattimore Thomas Ziclar Lauten, Jr. Thomas Ranson Lawing, ATP Charlotte. N. C. Lexington, N. C. Elec. Engr. Shelby, N. C. Winston-Salem, N. C. Agr. Engr. Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Chetn. Engr. Elec. Engr. AgricuUurisI; Ag. Fair 4; . .S..A.E. President; Glee Club; Charlotte State . .I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Baptist Student Un- ion Treasurer 4; Chess Club Treas A.I.Ch.E. Technician 1; Glee Club 1, 2. College Club 2, 3; Ag. Club J, 4. urer 3. Senior ( ladd [93] . C-. tati Richard George Lawrence Asheville, N. C. Cer. Engr. Amcr. Cer. Sue. William Henry Lawrence Rocky Mount, N. C. Elec. Engr. A.I.E.E. John Dunn Leazar College Park, Ga. Horticuhure Hnrl. Club Treasurer 4. Garland Maynard Ledford Chester, S. C. Textiles Tompkins Tex. Soc. Hal Eugene Ledford Kings Mountain, N. C. Agr. Education Raymond Bruce Ledford Raleigh, N. C. Gen. Engr. Amer. Soc. of Gen. Engr. Henry Armistead Lee Hampton, Va. Aero. Engr. l.Ae.S. Joseph Martin Lee, Jr. Erwin, N. C. Mech. Engr. Heating Air Cond. Opt. Theta Tau; A.S.H.WE. Lincoln Durand Lee Fayetteville, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Tompkins Tex. Soc. Richard Reginald R. Lee Clayton. N. C. .Animal hut. Rober Irvin Lee Wilmington, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Robert Earl Lee Raleigh, N. C. Elec. Engr. Phi Eta Sigma. A U. lati John Campbell Leitcii Mount Airy, N. C. Chem. t ' «gr. Sigma I ' i Alphj; A.I.CIi.i;. John Douglas Leitch Mount Airy. N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E.; Honor Coniniiute 3, 4. Robert W ' avne Lhith Toledo, Ohio Ind. Arts Education Ind. Arts Club 2, 3, 4; Y.M.C.A. Alton Titus LeMay Raleigh, N. C. Architecture Student Council 1, 2. Paul Thomas I ionaiid Lexington, N. C Elec. Engr. A.l.U.H. Otha Raymond Lester Woodsdale, N. C. Chem. EiJgr. JosiPH Peter LeVasseur I lartford, Conn. Ind. Engr. Atjuinas Club President 4; tngi ncers ' Council; Tech»icia.i; Tr.nck 1, 2; S.I.E.; Soph. Dance Clommittee. Myron Elliott Levenson i: A M llartsdalc, N. J. Textiles Tompkins Tex. Soc: Cross Country 1. David Levison, - A .M Fairmont, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Si ma Alpha Mu President 2; I.F.C.; H.O. r.C:.; Tompkins Tex. Soc. Stanley Ami dii; I ' I Imiiiaix :i . Marlboro, N. H. Tex. Weaving Design Tompkins Tex. Soc. Lowell Fulchum Liles Farmvillc, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. Vice-President. Jack L. Link, i: A .M New York, N. Y. Tex. Chem. Dyeing Sigma Pi Alpha; Wutauf att 1 ; Red Coat Band. Senior L iaid [94] Kenneth Coolidge Link Granite Falls, N. C. Mech.Engr. Thcta Tau; A.S.M.E.; A.S.H.V.E.; Honor Commillce. DuARD C. Linn Landis, N. C. Cer. Engr. Amer. Cer. Soc; Council; Southern Engineer; Engineers ' Couii- cU 3. ortu -nine Joseph Deaubigne Linville T K E Kcrnersvillc. N. C. Tex. Mgt. Tompkins Tex. Soc.; Haseball 1; aromecK ' f Alonzo Edward Little Goldsboro, N. C. Gen. Engr. Charlie Alonzo Little, Jr. Catawba, N. C. Agronomy (Soih) Robert Thomas Lloyd, Jr. Asheboro, N. C. Mech. Engr. Pi Tau Sigma President 4; Tau Beta Pi; Theta Tau; A.S.M.E. Vice- President 3; A.S.H. ' .E.; Engineers ' Council. William ' ooDSAW Lloyd Greensboro, N. C. Textiles Delta Kappa Phi 3, 4; Tompkir Tex. Soc. 1, 2, 3, 4. Wen Hu Loh Shanghai, China Tex. Knitting George Courtney Long Roxboro, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. Lonnie Long High Point, N. C. i lech. Engr. Samuel Henry Long Raleigh, N. C. Forestry Forestry Club; Pii.eliiin. Leak Gibson Lovin, n K A Roanoke, Va. Tex. Mfg. . M M T H ortu-nlne Paul Leon Lovington Hempstead. N ' . Y. A ecli. Engr., Aero. Opt. Engineers ' Council. y aromeck ' 9 Robert Steele Lowdermilk Mount Gilead, N. C. Mech. Engr., Aero. Opt. Arihur Edward Lucier Raleigh, N. C. Cer. Engr. Kcramos icc Prcsiilcnl. Colin Shaw McArthur Lumberton, N. C. E ec. Eiigr. I.R.E. 4; A(iRC)MtCK 1, 2; Swi lini: 1; Track 2. Ja.mes Harrill McBrayer, Jr. Hampton, Va. Agr. Engr. A.S.. .U. Edcar Wayne McBride Taylorsville, N. C. Agr. Education Ag. Club I. 2, J, 4; l-.H.A. 3, 4; Kappa Phi Kappa. Carey W. McCachern, Jr. i: n Winston-Salem, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S..M.E.; A.S.H.WE.; Order of St. Patrick; Southeni Engineer. Charles Joseph McCann Charlotte, N. C. Mech. Engr. Class Treasurer i; Thela Tau. Charles Bernard McCants Andrews, S. C. Agronomy Lancdon T. McCormick McDonald, N. C. Agr. Economics Charles Edmund McCrary t K T Raleigh, N. C. Gen. Engr. Cadet Officers ' .Vssoc; R.O.T.C. 3, 4. Ervin U ' esley McCulloch Rockwell, N. C. Elec. Engr. A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. - - Senior i lc . O. tah James Norman McDonald Laurinburg, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Tompkins Tex. Soc. Herbert Terry McDowell Rocky Mount, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E. Joseph Minetree McDowell UK A Goldsboro, N. C. Gen. Engr. Scabbard Blade; Office A.I.E.E.; A.S.H.V.E.; Bet; Intramurals 2, R.O.T.C. 3, 4. ' Club; Delta 3, 4; Glee Club 2 Carl Dextus McDuffie Raleigh, N. C. Agr. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Dept. Honor L ommittec; F.F.A. Alan Marshall McGee, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Chem. Engr. Intramural Softball 3. Ralph Marshall McGehee iMeadville, Miss. Elec. Engr. A.I.E.E.; B.A. Math ' 42, Lo Edward Jacoh McGinness New Haven, Conn. Mech. Engr. Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; A.S.M.E. Donald Harris McGinnis, 2 N Kings Mountain, N. C. Cer. Engr. .Amer. Cer. Soc. Roderick Donald McIntyre Red Oak, N. C. Tex. Weax ' ing Design Tompkins Tex. Soc; Glee Club 1. Harold Lamar McKenzie Laurinburg, N. C. Agr. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Intramural Football 2; . g. Club; Masonic Club; F.F.A. Malcolm L. McKenzie. K S Rockingham, N. C. Elec. Engr. Theta Tau. Herbert Pope McKim, - n Ahoskie, N. C. Architecture Beaux Arts Soc. Treasurer 4. [97] . U. tati Harold Francis McKnight China Grove, X. C. Mech. Eiigr. Foil William McLaughlin M(K)rcsville, N. C. Agronomy {Field Crops) Agronomy Soc.: Ag. Club. Thomas Kesler McLaughlin Cleveland, N. C. Cen. Eiigr. .V.I.Ch.E.: Monogram Club; Ma- baU Club; Basketball I, 2; Base 2, 3, 4. Charles Stewart McLean Belmont, N. C. Gen. Eiigr. Julian John McLean Greensboro, N. C. Textiles Tompkins Tex. Soc; Intramural Basketball, Softball. Hector Robert McLeod, - X iMcBce, S. C. i4gro iO)H) ' (Field Crops) Ag. Club; Tccdtiiciaii 1, 2. Business Manager 3; Publications Board 3; . gronomv Honor Representative to Student Council; Agronomv Club. John Arnold McLeod, Jr. Sanford, N. C. Dairy Mfg. Daii Products Judging Team. John Spauch McLeod, - N McBee, S. C. Tex. Mfg., Synthetics Opt. Phi Psi. Roger Traxler McManus Altadena, Calif. Textiles William Donovan McManus Chcraw, S. C. Tex. Mfg. Phi Psi; Sigma Tau Sigma ice- Prcsidcnt 4; Sigma Pi .Alpha; Tex. Monor Committee 3. James Archie McNeill Rockingham, N. C. Civi! Engr. A.S.C.E. Robert Anderson McRorie K i; Statesville, N. C. Agr. Biol. Chem. Senior ( iadd [98] AuTHUR BuREN Machie. A r P Yadkinville, N. C. Animal hid. iO 3; Animal Ind. Club; .M.C.A.; I.F.C.; Agriciilturist; Ag. t Inb Secretary; Alpha Gamma Rho Treasurer, Vice-President, Pledge Mas- ter; Basketball 1; Intramural Basket- ball 2, 3. Graham Dent Mangum, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Tex. Mgt. T.mpkins Tex. Soc; Delta Kappa Pbi. Nathaniel Macon. K : New Bern, N. C. Civil E)igr. A.S.C.E. ' iLLiAM Edward Mangum Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. ortu-nlne Clelie Chavigny Mall New Orleans, La. Tex. Mol. .Araromech ' f BiLLiE Parker Manning, n K 1 Tarhoro, N. C. Animal Ind. .V ' . Club; Animal Ind. Club. Fred McIlhenny Mallison Washington, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E.; Pi Tau Sigma. Charles Hassell Manning Greenville, N. C. Chem. Engr. Gamma Sigma Epsilon; A.I.Ch.E.; Tau Beta Pi. William Sinkler Manning Spartanburg, S. C. Tex. Mgt. Phi Psi; Sigma Tau Sigma; Blue Kev; Monogram Club; Football 2; t jmpus Govt.; Chairman Tex. School Il.inor Committee. Culpepper Paul Marsh Marshville, N. C. j4oricii (»re John Gardner Marshall Glen Rock, N. J. Mech. Engr. Heati}ig Air Cond. Opt. Pi Tau Sigma; A.S.M.E.; Tau Be i; A.S.H.X ' .E. Treasurer 3, Pre; Herbert C. Marshall, Jr. Rose Hill, N. C. Gen. Engr. Scabbard Blade; R.O.T.C.; Cidet Officers ' .Assoc. Sergcant-at-Arms 3, Board of Govt. 4. oriu-nlne Arthur Wade Martin Shelby. N. C. Te.v(i es aromech y Grover Adlai Martin, Jr. Smithlield. N. C. Ind. Tingr. Nelson Stroud Martin Winston-Salcm, N. C Civil Engr. .A.S.C.E. William Dowell Massey Goldsboro. N. C. Tex. Mfg. Gerald Piullips Matthews Nashville, N. C. Gen. Engr. R.O.T.C. I, 2. James William Matthews Cheraw, S. C. Elec. Engr. A.I.E.E. Kenneth Ames Maultsby Jacksonville, N. C. Civil Engr. Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E.; Y.M.C.A. James Ritchie Maun ey Richfield, N. C. Agr. Education Ag. Club; F.F.A. Samuel Davidson Mauney Newton, N. C. Elec. Engr. A.I.E.E. Edward James Maxey, Jr. Asheville, N. C. Architecture John Murdoch Maxwell AX A Maxton, N. C. Mech. Eiij r. Swimming Team 1; A.S.M.E.; A.S.H.V.E.; A.S.M. Thomas Maiuon Maxwell. Jr. Rocky Mount, N. C. Elec. Engr. I.K.E. ncsi enio9 ' y lu66 [101] ale Dalton Carlyle May, 2 4 E New Bern, N. C. Gen. Engr. A.I.E.E. Jack Manning May Winston-Salem, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E.; Monooram Club; Swim- JoHN Milton May Wintcrville, N. C. Agronomy (Field Crops) John Tinsley Meador Union, S. C. Mech. Engr. Pi Tau Sigma; A.S.M.E.; Pi Kappa Delta; Vets Club; Debating Team 3; Mayor Vetville 4. Floyd Charles Melby Raleigh, N. C. Gen. Engr. Masonic Club; Trailwood Council; Vetville Council. Tom Melton Bostic, N. C. Elec. Engr. WVWP; Y.M.C.A. Abram Haywood Merritt i; n Mount Airy, N. C. Elec. Engr. Order of St. Patrick 1; I.R.E.; Rifle Team 1, 2; Intramural Football 1, 2. 3, 4. Robert Edward Merritt niv A Mount Airy. N. C. Elec. Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; Beta Delta President 3, Secretary 4; Technklan: R.O.T.C; Order of St. Patrick; Dept. Honor Committee 3; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Engineers ' Council; Pi Kappa Alpha Steward 1, Treas- urer 4. Herbert Joseph Meyer, - A JI New York, N. Y. Tex. Synthetics MiAO Yung Miao Naking, China Mech. Engr. Irvin Sillus Michalove Forest City, N. C. Elec. Engr. Charles Martin Michie, Jr. 2X Roxboro, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Phi Psi; Tompkins Tex. Soc; Tex. Honor Committee 3; Textile Vorum Managing Editor; Class President 1, Vice-President 4; Sigma Chi Treas- U. tati James Grayson Miduleton Wilmington. X. C. Tex. Mfg. B.A.. Yalf; Dt-lla Kappa Phi. Howard Boyce Midcette Bu.xton. N. C. Oen. Eiigr. Elbert Willis Midyette, Jr. Belhaven, N. C. Geii. t ' ligr. Norfleet Ward Midyette Raleigh, N. C. Animal hid. Fm thall I. Edward Ray Miller Boonville, N. C. AgT. Education . g. Club; F.F.. .; Dorm, . ssislanl. Grady Wilson Miller, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Animal Ind. .Ag. Club; . lpha Ztta; I ' oultn, Judging Team 3. Fred William Miller Jcannette. Pa. Forestry Forestn- Club 2. i. 4; F x)lball 1. 2, i, 4; Baseball 1; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4. Frederick Calloway Miller North Wilkesboro. . C. Geii. Engr. Harry Small Miller. Jr. Arden, N. C. Civil Eiigr. Henry Grady Miller, Jr. Hickory, N. C. Tex. Chem. D)eing Mu Beta Psi i. 4; Y.M.C.A. 3. 4; Red Coat Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band I, 2, 3, 4; Tompkins Tex. Soc. 1, 2, 3, 4; R.O.T.C; Officers ' Club 3, 4; Drum Bugle Corps; R.O.T.C. Band 2, 4; Order of Yellow Dogs 1, 2. 3, 4; W.S.S.F. Dance Chairman 3; .Militar Ball M. C. 3; " Y " Nile Com- mitteeman 3; New Student Commit Lawrence Haywood Miller Wilkesboro, N. C. j4gr. Economics Cadet Officers ' .Assoc.; .Igriculliirisl. Luther Bertie Miller, Jr. Merritt, N. C. Agr. Engr. . lu Beta Psi; .Igriclilliirisl; Glee Club Vice-President, President 3; Ma- sonic Club President 4; Ag. Club Vice-President President A.S.A.E. Vicc- wnior iadd [102] Richard Gregory Miller Fayetteville, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Tompkins Tex. Soc, Aldred Leon Millman Gastonia, N. C. Knitting Tompkins Tex, Sue. ortu ' nine - -5 Edwin Rav Mills AsheviUe, N. C. Elec. Engr. na Pi .Alpha; .A.I.H.E.; I.R.E. 9 romeci I Robert Wade Mills, - X Raleigh, N. C. Cer. Engr. Class President 1; . ' mcr. Cer. So Secretary 4. Kenneth Moore Mintz Fayetteville, N. C. Agronomy Int amural Boxing Champ 1; Best Athlete 1. Billy Ross Mitchell, - X Hillsboro, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Tompkins Tex. Soc; Glee Club 2. Charles M. Mitchell. Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Mech. Engr., Aero. Opt. Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Pi .Alpha. Jerry Mitchell, Jr., AS Charleston, W. Va. Tex. Mat. Joe Franklin Mitchell, A X A Denton, N. C. Gen. Engr. R.O.T.C. 1. 2. 3, 4. Rodney McBeath Moak Charlotte, N. C. Gen. Engr. John Harold Moffitt Old Fort, N. C. Mech. Engr. Pi Tau Sigma: .A.S.M.E.; .A.S.H.V.E. Peyton Harrison Mooneyham Z n Portsmouth, ' a. Gen. Engr. Southern Engineer. ik h k,A ¥ m ortu-nlne Benjamin Dail Moore, Jr. Stokes, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Tompkins Tex. Soc; Dorm. Assistant. aromecK ' f Ja.mes Harrison Moore, - n Asheboro, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Phi Psi. John Pinkney Moore Lenoir, N. C. Horticulture Horticulture Cluli; Ii„ricu Club; Ag. Club. John Sult Moore, - X Raleigh, N. C. Chem. Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi Corresponding Secretary 4; Engineers Council 2, 3, 4; A.I.Ch.E.; Southern Engineer 2, 3, 4, Business Manager 4; Publi- cations Board. Junius Carey Moore Raleigh, N. C. Gen. Engr. ' augiin O. Moore, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Gen. Engr. Matthew Samuel Moore nKA Whiteville, N. C. Forestry William Floyd Moore, Jr. Matthews, N. C. Animal hid. Animal Ind. Club Vice-President; Ag. Club; Alpha Zela; Intramural Track 1; Livestock Judging Team; Sears Scholarship; Swift Essay Win- ner. Philip St. John Moore, Jr. Norfolk, Va. Mech. Engr. Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; A.S.II.V.E.; A.S.M.E.; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Kappa Delta. George W. Mordecai, K A Raleigh, N. C. Mech. Engr. Thomas William Moore Charlotte, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing Intramural Football 2; Tennis 2; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Cadet Officers ' Assoc. 2; R.O.T.C; A.A.T.C.C. 3, 4; Tompkins Te.x. Soc. 3, 4; Charlotte State College Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Donald Edwin Morel. nd ATP Springfield, Mass. Forestry Blue Kev 3, 4; Phi Eta Sigma 2, 3, 4; Alpha Zeta 3. 4; Sigma Pi Alpha 3, 4; Xi Sigma Pi 3, 4; Forestry Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Dorm. Assistant 3, 4; Dept. Honor Committee 2, 3. C:ha ncst Senior ( iadd [105] ace Edward Lee Morgan Asheville, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.H.V.E. KizER Dewitt Morgan, Jr. Tarboro, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Swimming 1. Leonard L. Morgan, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Elec. Engr. Baptist Student Union I, 2, 3, 4, N. C. President 4; Protestant Reli- gious Council 4; A.I.E.E. Shelby Val Morgan, Jr. Richfield, N. C. Dairy Mfg. Thomas Jerome Morgan Peachland, N. C. Agronomy Agronomy Club 3, 4; Ag. Club ' icc President 2; Dorm Assistant 3, 4. Richard Alexander Morrow Albemarle, N. C. Elec. Engr. Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Track Assistant Manager 1: A.I.E.E.; Cadet Officers ' Assoc; Rifle Team 1. RuFus William Moseley Oakwoods, N. C. Gen. Engr. Glenn Philip Moser LewisviUe, N. C. Chem. Engr. Gamma Sigma Epsilon; A.I.Ch.E. Marcus Allen Mulkey Charlotte, N. C. Forestry Forestry Club; Piiietiim; Charlotte State College Club. Benjamin Franklin Mullen S J E Winston-Salem, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Tompkins Tex. Soc; Jr.-Sr. Dance Committee; Red Coat Band 1; Cheer leader 4. Carol Bea Mullis Monroe, N. C. Ehc. Engr. A.I.E.E. Ernest Lawrence Munger Highlands, N. C. Forestry Xi Sigma Pi 3, 4; Forestry Club 2, 3, 4. U. lati Robert Donald Murphv Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. 2. 3. 4: Drum Bugle Corps. Ralph Murray Henderson, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing Sigma Tau Sigma; Phi Psi; Tomp- kins Tex. Soc.: A..A.T.C.C. Treasurer 3, 4; Freshman Honor Council. Sidney Banks Muse, Jr. Charlotte. N. C. Elec. Engr. Technician; Intrarourals 2, 3, 4, Manager 2: Trailwood Council; N. C. Sludent Legislature 2. William Joseph Mussack, Jr. Halifax, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E.; .Aquinas Club; Mono- gram Club; Student Honor Council; Track 1; Cross Countr - 1; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Fiiotball 1; Intramural Foot- ball 2, 3; R.O.T.C. Alfred Plummer Mustian, Jr. Colerain, N. C. Forestry Xi Sigma Pi; Foresirj- Club. Robert Lawson Myatt, Jr. Raleigh. N. C. Civil Engr. Chi EpsiU.n Secrctar 4; A.S.C.E. Thomas Er.nest Myatt, Jr. 1 II Asheboro, N. C. Tex. Mgt. AuRiE Sanford Myers, Jr. Lexington, N. C. Elec. Engr. I.R.E. Harold Henry Nau Norlina, N. C. Agronomy (Field Crops) Gamma Delta; .-Igriciillurisl 3; Track 1; .Ag. Club; .Agronomy Club; Y.M.C.A. Ben Jones Neal ReidsviUe, N. C. Agr. Education R.O.T.C. 1. 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2; Red Coat Band 1. 2. 3; Order of Yellow Dogs; Ag. Club; Cadet Of ficers ' Club 3, 4. Thomas Finley Nelson North W ' ilkcsboro, N. C. Gen. £ " gr. Swimming 2, 3. 4. Robert Arthur Nery North Andovcr, Mass. Mecli. Engr., Aero. Opt. Senior Ltt oJi [106] ottu-nine aromech Austin Lender Newsom, Jr. Franklin Eugene Newton Grouse, N. C. Wilbur Hugh Newton Grouse, N. G. Richard F. Nickel Raleigh, N. G. Winston-Salem, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Tex. Mfg. Cii ' i! Engr. Gen. Engr. Honor Council 3; Red Coat Band Pl.i i;ta Sigma 2, 3, 4; Sigma Pi Alpha 3. 4; Sigma Tau Sigma 3, 4. Sigma Pi Alpha 3, 4; Sigma Tau Sigma 3, 4; Tompkins Tex. Soc. Monogram Club; l!asl ethall I. 2, 3 1; Interfraternity Council 4; Agro- MECK 1; Sigma Pi Vice-President 3, President 4. Edward Speed Noell, Jr. n K A Waller S. Nicholson, Jr. Guilt .rd College, N. C. Animal hid. Animal Ind. Club. Kenneth Godfrey Nims Durham, N. C. Horticulture Billy Jay Nix Rutherfordton, N. G. Agr. Education .- g. Club; F.F.A.; Kappa Phi Kappa. Durham, N. C. Elec. Engr. Phi Eta Sigma 1; Order of St Patrick 1; A.I.E.E. 2, 3, 4; Bet Delta 2, 3. 4, Vice President 4 R.O.T.C, Band: Pi Kappa Alph Vice President 2. Robert Landis Noneman Raleigh, N. C. Forestry Forestry Club 1. 2, 3, 4; Debating 2: R.O.T.C. John Henry Norman Dobson. N. C. Knitting Richard Edward Norment, Jr. Lenoir, N. G. Elec. Engr. William Lauras Northern Moyock. N. G. Animal hid. »% «vv Alfred Pershing Norwood Henderson, N. C. Civil Eugr. Chi Epsilcn; Sigma Pi Alpha; A.S.C.E.; Engineers ' Council. Albert Oettinger, 2 X Wilson, N. C. Tex. Mfg. C.lce Club J, 4. AiBFRT Rav O ' Steen, )h. Durham, X. C. Kuitting afomech ' 9 Malcolm Dee Nunn Kinston, N. C. Mech. Engr. Herman Kapp ()gbui n, Jii. i; II W ' inseun Salem, N. C. Iinl. Eugr. iennis I; S.l.E. Lloyd Benjamin Oiiilavv, Jr. Seven Springs, N. C Aiihual bid. Animal Iml. C:liil,; Ai;. Clul.; Ma sonic Club. Edward Gordon Oakley Gastonia, N. C. Civil Engr. Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E. Secrclarv. Guy Eugene Osborne High Point, N. C. Aiiiijuil liui. niiiial Iml. Club; . g. Club. Robert Edwin Overing Raleigh. N. C. Cheni. Engr. A.S.II.V.E. 3, 4. John Curno Oatfield Washington, D. C. Tex. Mfg. Wake Forest College 1 : Swimming 2. James Louis Osborne, Jr. Lawndale, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E.; A.S.H.V.E.; R.O.T.C; Cadet Officers ' Club; Military Ball Hance Commilltc )(; • • VP 1; W ■,(.i..i;„„ 4. Samuel Matheson Owen i: !• W ' hiteviUe, N. C. Mech. Engr., Aero. Opt. Engineers ' Council 3, 4; L.Ac.S. 1. .3. 4, Treasurer 3: Chairman 4; Inter fraternity Council 3, 4; Freshman (;uidc 4 ' . ■■ %.- ! . U. S tati William Edward Owen, - X Gastonia, N. C. Textiles Phi Pii; Sigma Chi Secretary 4. Iames Neal Owens, Jr., - X Charlotte, N. C. Chem. Engr. Sigma Pi Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma. Jesse Barnes Owens, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Arch. Engr. Beaux Arts Soc. ' iLLiAM Joseph Owens Walstonburg, N. C. Agr. Education K.:ppa Phi Kappa; F.F.A.; Ag. Cluh. Haywood Murphy Page Burgaw, N. C. Agronomy (Soils) Club; Ag. Club Senior % ladd Richard Eastwood Page, Jr. K A Statesville, N. C. Mech. Engr. Thomas Adair Painter, Jr. Svvannanoa, N. C. Gen. Engr. U ' alter Ray Parham, A r P Franklinville, N. C. Forestry Pi Kappa Delta; Debating 3; For islry Club 2, 3, 4. Boyd Hazel Parker Casar, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. George H. Parker Asheville, N. C. Chem. Engr. Paul Emerson Parker, Jr. Lasker, N. C. Agr. Education Ag. Club; F.F.A. Richard Moore Parker Rocky Mount, N. C. Elec. Engr. Theta Tau; Phi Eta Sigma A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. [109] . C . tati William Ranson Parks Lenoir, N. C. ]nd. Engr. V ' arren Coleman Parrisii Richmond. Va. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E.; Track 1, 2. Benton Kirk Pahttn Chadbourn. N. C. Cheni. Engr. A.I.Ch.E. Richard Pascal Valdese, N. C. Tex. Mfg. William John Paschal Goldston. N. C. Forestry Forestr Club 2. 3. -1: R.O.T.C. 1. James Henry Pate Clio, S. C. Agronomy (Soils) Agronom) Club; As;. Club. William Bradford P.atten i: . i; Raleigh. N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing Tompkins Tex. Soc; .- ..- .T.C.C.; Francis McLeod Patton, Jr. Asheville. N. C. Agr. Chem. Oscar Tilman Paul. - X Raleigh, N. C. Ind. Engr. Phi Era Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Engi- neers ' Council 3. 4; Fair Committee; S.I.E. President 4; Honor Council; Soc. for .Advancement of Mgt.; Ma- sonic Club. John Hill Paylor, Jr., T K K Raleigh, N. C. Agr. Engr. AcROMfCK I. George Nelson Payne, Jr. Charlotte, N ' . C. Mech. Engr. Track I. 2, 3. Robert Louis Pe.acock, - N Jacksonville, N. C. Tex. Mgl. 30 3; Golden Chain; Blue Key Vice President 4; Publications Board 3; Class President 3; Social Tunc tions Committee 3. is? Senior ( ludd [110] J ' otlu-nln€ aromecK Fred Pearce Victor Brantley Pearson Alexander Pechman Thomas Dowse Peck, Jr., T K E Greensboro, N. C. Spring Hope, N. C. Brooklyn, N. Y. Henderson, N. C. Mech. Engr. Animal Ind. Cer. Engr. Tex. Mfg. Pi Tau Sigma; A.S.M.E. Amcr. Cer. Soc. 2. 3. 4; Keramos; Henderson State College Club 1, Hillel Club 2. 3, 4; Wata gan 2; 2. 3, 4, Secretary 1; Canterbury Raleigh Little Theater. Club 2. 3; Tau Kappa Epsilon His- torian 4. ' iLLiAM Henry Peck Gordon Ervin Peebles Raleigh, N. C. Oxford, N, C. Vernon Craig Peebles James Robert Peele, " I K T EJec. Engr. Arch. Engr. Raleigh, N. C. Wilson, N. C. A.I.E.E. Football 1; Intramural Football, Cii ' i7 Engr. Afec i. Engr., Aero. Opt. Softball. Boxing. Basketball. A.S.C.E. Alexander Gordon Perry, Jr. Michael Aloysius Pekar Sanford, N. C. Bridgeport, Conn. Charles Duffie Penuel Tex. Mgt. Tompkins Tex. Soc; Basketball Asst. Manager 2; Red Coat Band I; Forestry Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club 2, 3, Dallas Irvin Penny. Jr. Smithfield, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. E ee. Engr. 1, Secretary 2; Aquinas Club 2, 3, 4. Agr. Education I.R.E. Secretary 4; A.I.E.E.; WVWP. R.O.T.C. oriu-nlne Lewis Ballentine Perry n K A Charlotte, N. C. Gen. Engr. Band 1. 2; A.I.E.E. 2; Pi Kappa Alpha Secrelarj- 3, Vice-PresidenI 4. aromecK ' f Robert Brookes Peters, III Raleigh, N. C. Cix ' il Engr. Citadel 1; A.S.C.E. Charles Herbert Peterson Badin, N. C. Ind. Engr, Wayne Ashley Peterson Roseboro, N. C. Elec. Engr. A.I.E.E. Erskjne Franklin Pharr. K - Concord, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Order of the Rail; Tompkins Tex. Soc.; Textile forum 3; Basketball 1. Robert Lee Phelps Cleirunons, N. C. Elec. Engr. Jack Roberson Phillips Greensboro, N. C. Textiles Donald James Pierce Norfolk, Va. Tex. Mfg. Donald Elwood Pigford Wallace. X. C. Civil Engr. Beaux Arts Soc. Phrvne Phillip Pike S iler Cm-, N. C. Elec. Engr. John LaFayette Pippin Fremont, N. C. 4groiio»Hy (Field Crops) •Agronomy Club; Ag. Club. Robert Alexander Pittman Biscoe, N. C. Agr. Ecoiioim ' cs . I st m m l l mmiM N [113] Senior laA5 , U. tate Arthur Kerner Pitzer, ATP Portsmouth, Ohio Animal Ind. Alpha Zeta; Golden Chain; Blue Key; Aaricuhurist; Ag. Club; Animal Ind. Club; Masonic Club; Interfra- tcrnity Council; Dept. Honor Com- Chakles Andrews Plank, S X Asheville, N. C. Chetn. Engr. A.I.Ch.E.; Enoineers ' Council. Joseph Marion Pleasant Angier, N. C. Agr. Education Y.M.C.A.; Ag. Club. Robert Avery Plvler, Jr. Waxhaw, N. C. Chem. Engr. A.I.Ch.E. August Lewis Polier Raleigh, N. C. Arch. Engr. Beaux Arts Soc.; Drum Bugle C ' orps. William Claude Polk, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Masonic Club. Robert Elmo Poole Raleigh, N. C. Client. Engr. A.I.Ch.E. James Marvin Poovey Raleigh, N. C. Textiles Sam W. Pope Enfield, N. C. Agr. Engr. Campus Govt. 3; Soc. of Chem. 3; Ao. Club; A.S.A.E. John Maher Poplin Rocky Mount, N. C. Forestry Forestry Club; Monogram Club; Wrestling 3. Harold Potchtar Brooklyn, N. Y. Cer. Engr. Amer. Cer. Soc; Keramos. John Raymond Potter, Jr. Wilson, N. C. Animal htd. Ag. Club. L . tah Lewis Brown Potteiv Charlotte, N. C. Chem. Engr. A.I.Ch.E.; Charlolle Slate College Club; Dorm. Assistant. ' iLLi. M Allen Potts, A 1 ' r Mt. Olive, N. C. Animal Ind. Sigma Pi Alpha; . g. Club; Animal Ind. Club. Thomas Richard Powell Kinston, N. C. E ec. Engr. A.S.E.G. 3, 4; I.R.E. 3, 4; WVWP 2, 3. William Hill Powell, Jr. O.xford, N. C. Geol. Engr. A.I.M.E. Vice-President 4. Thomas Hitchcock Power Elberton, Ga. Mech. Engr. Healing Air Cond. Opt. A.S.I I.V.E. I Iarrv Robert Powers, Jr. Norfolk, Va. Forestry Intramur;il Tennis C h.imp .?; 1 i.r- cstry Club; C hiss Club. Charles Edward Pratt Raleigh, N. C. E ec. Engr. Elbert Campbell Price Selma, N. C. Agr. Economics Phi Eta Sigma Vice President 2; Alpha Zeta Scholarship Cup; Phi Kappa Phi; Ag. Club. Walter James Price Whitakcrs, N. C. Chem. Engr. A.I.Ch.E.; T.-;u Beta Pi. Robert Allen Prichard. - II Winston-Salem, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Masonic Club; Tompkins Tc.y. Snc. Tho.mas Rowland Privett, - n Portsmouth, Va. Mech. Engr. John Dewitt Privette Statcsville, N. C. Tex. Mfg. I ' hi Psi; Tompkins Ic.x. Soc. sfP , y % 4 fevA ..Senior L iudi fc 1 [114] Forrest Page Probst Richmond, Va. Forestry Lester Robert Propst Cherryville, N. C. Forestry Forestry Club ?, 4. ortu-nlne Ferrill Russell Puckett Stormbake, Iowa Forestry aromecK ' 9 Alpaslan Mehmet Purut Istanbul, Turkey Tex. Chem. Dyeing Tompkins Tex. Soc; A.A.T.C.C. Ray J. Queen, n K f Morganton, N. C. Civi! Engr. Thela Tau; A.S.C.E.; Soutlu Engineer: Honor Committee 2. i. James Ray Rabon Leland, N. C. Agr. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Ag. Officers ' Club; F.F.A. Charlie Hayden Rackley Willard, N. C. Elec. Etigr. A.l.E.E. 3, 4. James Earl Radford Caroleen, N. C. Mech. Engr. Daniel Carlisle Ragan, - X Gastonia, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Phi Psi; Tompkins Tex. Soc. Donald Wilbur Rahmes Janesville, Wis. Tex. Mfg. Si ma Tau Sioma. Richard W. H. Ramsey Marshall, N. C. Agr. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; F.F.A. Vice- Jimmie Maynard Randle niv A Greenville, S. C. Textiles ortu -nine Gaston Meares Randolph Asheville, N. C. Te.v. C xem. Dyeing aromech ' 9 Ben Felix Rankin Huntersville, N. C. Cheni. E igr. Jack Maurice Rascoe Burlington, N. C. Textiles Tompkins Tex. Soc. Harold Leonard Rassas Long Branch. X. J. hid. Engr. Order of Si. Patrick; S.I.E. Aaron Ray Brooklj ' n, N. Y. Tex. Mfg. Phi Ela Sigma; Sigma Tau Sigma; Tompkins Tex. Soc; Phi Kappa Phi. Archibald Sereno Ray, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Elec. Engr. Y.M.C.A. Joseph ' onley Ray. Jr. Greensboro. X. C. Civil Engr. Chi Epsilon; .A.S.C.E.; Engineers ' Council. Robert Bruce Ray Lillington. N. C. CiriJ Engr. A.S.C.E. 2. 3. 4. Treas. .?; Chi Epsilon 4. W ' illia.m Parish Ray Tampa, Fla. Civil Engr. . .S.C.E. William Thomas Ray. A X A Chapel Hill, X. C. Arch. Engr. Beaux Arts Soc. President i: Engi- neers ' Council; Officers ' Club: Union g«H 3, 4, Business Manager 4. Lloyd Walter Ream V ' indber. Pa. Geii. Eiigr. Charles Xathan Reavis. Jr. Raleigh, X. C. Mech. Engr. . .S.H. -.E. enioi ' s ladd if, C tah James Adolphus Reece Cramerton, N. C. Civi! Engr. Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon Vice- President 3; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Pi Alpha; A.S.C.E. 2, 3, 4. Howard Eldon Reeder Central Falls. N. C. Agr. Eugr. Lewis Jones Reep Lincolnton, N. C. Agronomy (Field Crops) Ag. Club; Agronomy Club; Agri- ciilliirist 3, 4. George Daniel Reid, - N Savannah, Ga. Tex. Mfg. Tompkins Tex. Soc. William Walton Reid Vienna, Md. Horticulture Ag. Club; AgrkuUnrist; Hort. Club Secretary. President. Hughes Jennings Rhodes, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Tex. Mfg. James Byron Rhodes, - H Winston-Salem, N. C. Tex. Mgt. George Whitener Rhyne, Jr. Catawba, N. C. Gen. Engr. Gen. Engr. Soc. ' ice President; Wesley Foundation. Oren Moore Rhyne, K 2 Charlotte, N. C. Tex. Synthetics Phi Psi; Tompkins Tex. Soc; Charlotte State College Vice-Presi- dcnl 4. Richard Henry- Rhyne Catawba, N. C. Mech. Engr., Aero. Opt. Masonic Club; Engineers ' Council; A.S.M.E.; I.Ae.S. " Fmomas Sylvanus Rhyne, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Forestry fhiehim: Forestry Club; Cross Country 3. Charles Mauck Rice Candler, N. C. Mech. Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Order of St. Patrick; Glee Club; Theta Tau; Mu Beta Psi President; A.S.M.E. [117] C-. lah Robert Henrv Rice, - X Sanford, N. C. Civil Engr. William Kline Rice Charlotte. N. C. Tex. Mgt. Aquinas Club; Tompkins Tex. Soc.; Charlotte Stale College Club Presi- dent 3. Seaton Norwood Richardson Norfolk, Va. Civil Engr. Tau Beta Pi; Theta Tau; Chi Ep- silon; Phi Eta Sigma; Engineers ' Council; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Pi Alpha President 3; A.S.C.E. Presi- dent 3. La ' erne H. Rickenbaker, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Elec. Engr. Football 1; Basketball 1; Baseball 1; Baptist Student Union 3, 4; V.M.C.A. Secretary 3; A.I.E.E. Sec- retary 3; Engineers ' Council 3; Char- lotte Stale College Club 2, 3. William Roger Rickman Franklin, N. C. Forestry Forestry Club. Robert Trov Riddle Greenville, N. C. Mech. Engr. Heating Air Cond. Opt. A.S.H. .E. Robert Jordan Rights Winston-Salem, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Homer Lindell Rii.ey Durham, N. C. Cii ' il Engr. A.S.C.E. James Ritchie, Jr. Pores Knob, N. C. Agr. Engr. Monogram Club; Ag. Club; Swim ming I, 2, 3, 4. Paul Michael Rizzo Cranford, N. J. Gen. Engr. Ashley Blair Roberts Henderson, N. C. Tex. Algt. Charles B. Robertson Madison, N. C. Knitting Senior L ladd [118] Henry Winfield Robertson Winston-Salem, N. C. Agronomy (Field Crops) Ag. Club; Agronomy Soc. Lemuel C. Robertson, Jr. Newport News, Va. Mech.Engr. A.S.M.E.; Charlotte State College Club. ortu -nine J. mes Joseph Roche, ' 1 ' E T Hewlett, N. Y. Tex. Mgt. Delta Kappa Phi; V ' WP. atomeck ' 9 BoNAR Day Rodgers, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Civii Engr. NisBET Pharr Rodgers Charlotte, N. C. Cer. Engr. Amer. Cer. Soc. Secretary 3. Cloyce Connell Rogers Charlotte, N. C. Mech. Engr. Charlotte State College Club 2, 3; R.O.T.C. 3. John Thomas Rogers Charlotte, N. C. Mech. Engr., Aero. Opt. A.S.M.E.; I.Ae.S.; Engineers ' Cou Luther Thomas Rogers, Jr. Wrightsville Beach, N. C. Civil Engr. Bernard Herman Ropeik Trenton, N. J. Forestry Band 1. Lee Roy Roper Franklin, N. C. Animal Ind. Phi Kappa Delta; ■4gr!cii!tiiris(; Debating; .Ag. Club Reporter; Cadet Officers ' .Assoc. Lester William Rose, E T Durham, N. C. Mech. Engr. .A.S.M.E. 2, 3. 4; Dorm. Assistant. Ralph Neill Ross Washington, N. C. Tex. Mgt. ortu-nine - Ataromeck John Fletcher Rosser Broadway, N. C. Arnold Eli Rqwe Nebo, N. C. JostPH I lowARD Roue. Jr. Salisbury, N. C. Harris Rubin, E T Far Ruckaway, N. Y, Dairy Al g. Cer. Engr. Amer. Cer. Soc. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas urer 4: Keramos 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3. . Iec)i.£ngr. Tex. Synthetics James Amzi Rudolph, Jr. Gainesville, Ga. Ind. Eiigr. RoYSTON Rice Rudolph, Jr. Salisbury, N. C. Wildlife Conservation £• Mgt. Monogram Club: Wrcsllini; 2. I. Carroll Er%tn Russell Albemarle, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Tompkins Tex. Soc. Joseph Francis Russell Badin, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Chief Dorm, . 55islanl 4. Raymond George Russell Clifton, N. J. Mech.Engr. A.S.H.V.E. Walter Richard Russell Candler, N. C. Mech. Eiigr., Aero. Opt. Gonzalo Saenz Medellin, Colombia, S. A. Tex. Mfg. Golf 1, 2, 3, 4; Pan American Club: Aquinas Club; Monogram Club. Frantclin Salzman, - A M Brooklyn, N, Y. Forestry wnior s laSA f I, C J tati Robert Franklin Sanders nK A Alamance, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Sigma Tau Sigma. John Winchester Sanderson Magnolia, N. C. Agr. Education Ag. Clubi F.F.A. Bruno Santorum Raleigh, N. C. Agr. Education Ag. Club; F.F.A. Daniel Aldi Santucci Washington, D. C. Elec. Engr. Aquinas Club; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. James McSwain Satterfield 2 I E Salisbury, N. C. Elec. Engr. A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Eta Kappa Nu Treasurer 4; WA ' W ' P. Fred Burgin Satterwhite Salisbury, N. C. Tex ' .Mfg. Dorm. Assistant 3, 4. Matthew C. Saunders Portsmouth, Va. Gen. Engr. Job Kitchin Savage, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Agr. Economics Gordon Harry Schenck, Jr. Waynesville, N. C. Arch. Engr. Beaux .Arts Soc. Frederick Edward Schenke Montclair, N. J. Tex. Mfg. Harold Benjamin Schlenger Miami, Fla. Tex. Mgt. Sigma Tau Sigma; Tompkins Tex. Soc; Hillel Foundation; Debating. Sidney Schmukler, " SET Bron.x, N. Y. Tex. Synthetics Sigma Tau Sigma. C tati Edwtn Floyd Schxedl Charlotte, X. C. Architecture Beaux Arts Soc. Richard Burk£ Schnedl Charlotte, N. C. Architecture James Carlton Schomburg Savannah. Ga. Cer. Eiigr. Vels Club Secretan-; Aquinas Club Edward Plonk ScHRUNt, A X A Newton, N. C. Gen. Engr. George Irving Schuck Lyndhurst, N. J. Mech. Engr., Aero. Opt. Donald Gilbert Schulman i: Ail Bronx, N. Y. Tex. Synthetics Sigma Pi Alpha; Tompkins Tix. Sue.; Wataugiiu 2. Oliver Max Scism Kings Mountain, N. C. Agronomy (Field Crops) Edwin Kerr Scott, - X Leaksville, X. C. Cii ' il Engr. A.S.C.E. Kenneth McCov Scott Charlotte, X. C. Architecture Glee Club; Beaux Arts Sec. James Raymond Scrivener, Jr. Raleigh, X. C. Gen. Enar. Gales Webb Scroccs, Jr. Roaring River, N. C. Horticulture lurm. Assistant; I I.,rticullure Club. Carl Richard Scruggs Brevard, X. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E. Senior LtoJJ ;: yo»L rXSZ [122] ortu-nlne atomech Eugene Jackson Sease Daniel Sechtin, SAM Eugene Henry Self, Jr. Luther VVinborne Self, 2 X Raleigh, N. C. High Point, N. C. Winston-Salem, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Tex. Mfg. Tompkins Te.x. Soc; Techmcian 2, 3. Gen. Engr. Tex. Weaving Design Robert Eugene Sessions Whiteville, N. C. Fred Anderson Sharkey James Boyce Sharpe Agronomy (Field Crops) AgricuUurist 3, 4; Ag. Club; Agronomy Club. James Lockvvood Sharber Norfolk, Va. Elec. Engr. Albemarle, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E. Newton, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Cadet Officers ' Assoc; Tompkins Scabbard Blade. Tex. Soc; Football 1. Jasper Van Sharpe Robert Athelstan Shaw Reidsville, N. C. Martin Nisbet Shaw, Jr Leaksville, N. C. Sidney Howard Shearin, Jr. Agr. Education LealiSviUe, N. C. Civil Engr. Rocky Mount, N. C. Ag. Club; F.F..- .; Kappa Phi Kappa. Forestry A.S .C.E. Gen. Engr. ortu-nlne aromech " t Carl Elijah Sheffield Asheboro, N. C. Tex. Cheni. Dyeing 9 ' Jacob Xathanial Shepherd, Jr. II K ! ' Greensboro, i . C. Mech. E igr. Phi I ' l;i Si ma; Lutheran Students Abs.K. President; Protestant Reli Hious C ' uuncil Secrtlarv; A.S.M.E. John Warren Sherman Fairhaven, Mass. Gen. Engr. Robert Stephen Sherman Fayettcville, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. Russell Holson Sherrill. Jr. K A Statesville, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Inlerfralernitv Cuuncil 4. Thomas Harvev Sherrill Woodruflt, S. C. Textiles Emmitt Braxton Sherron i li Raleigh, N. C. Mech. Engr. Charles Robert Shields, K A Scotland Neck, N. C. Civil Engr. Sigma Pi Alpha; l!eau ; Arts Soc. Evans Rousseau Shields II K A Scotland Neck, N. C. Mech. Engr., Aero. Oyl. Herman Elmo Shoaf Winston-Salem, N. C. Elec. Engr. Julius Gradv Siler, III Ashevilie, N. C. Mech.Eugr. A.S.M.l. Morris White Sills Raleigh, N. C. Agr. F.cmtomics Siuina Pi i| ha; Ai;. C luh. . C-. taU Harry Gayle Silver Bandana, N. C. Agronomy (Field Croys) Ag. Club; Agronomy Club. Jules Silverstein Winston-Salem, N. C. Elec. Engr. Order of St. Patrick; Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Blue Key Secretary 4; Technician 1, 2; A.I.E.E.; R.O.T.C. George Willard Sledge Nashville, N. C. Agr. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Ag. Club; 30 3; Y.iM.C.A.; Igriciiftiirist 2, 3; Alpha Zeta Scribe 3, President 4; Golden Chain Treasurer 4; F.F.A. ' ice President 2, Student Adviser 2; Campus Govt. 1, 2; Dept. Honor Committee 2; Student Govt. Welfare Committee 2; R.O.T.C. 1, 2; Dan- forth Fellowship Award Winner ' 48. George Henry Smathers McLeansville, N. C. Agronomy (Field Cro-ps) Ag. Club; Agronomy Club. Frederick Otto Smetana Concord, N. C. Mech. Engr., Aero. Opt. Sigma Pi Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; Anderson Jones Smith, Jr. TKE Black Creek, N. C. Tex.Mgt. Sign Sign Arnold William Smith Goldsboro, N. C. AgrOHOlt!) ' Agronomy Club. Cecil Gaddis Smith Norwood, N. C. Agronomy (Field Crops) Club. wnior s ludd Clarence Armour Smith, Jr. Gary, N. C. hid. Engr. Scabbard Blade; R.O.T.C. Charles Walter Smith Spindale, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E. Edward Butler Smith Dallas, N. C. Gen. Engr. Baptist Student Uni.m. Edward Carr Smith Norfolk, Va. Ciri! Engr. A.S.C.E.; Chi Epsilon. [125] C-. tati Edward Demming Smith, Jn. nK Durham, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E.; Ar.ROMFcK I. 2; Stu I-egislaturi-; Most Oulslamling Cadet 1 . Eugene Lafoy Smith Germantown, Tenn. Tex. Sytithetics George Winston Smith, II K Durham, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E. Gordon Oliver Smith Kannapolis, N. C. Chem. Engr. A.I.Ch.E.; Track Manager. Hardy Bryant Smith, A X A Raleigh, N. C. Mech. Engr. I.Ae.S. Harry Osborne Smith Charlotte, N. C. Elec. Engr. I ta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; A.I E.E. Henry Lendon Smith Bolivia, N. C. Agr. Education Horace Smith Raleigh, N. C. Jnd. Engr. Hubert Robinette Smith Black Mountain, N. C. Gen. Engr. John Edwin Smith Charlotte, N. C. Aleck. Engr. A.S.M.E. 4; Baptist StuJent llnicm I, 2, .?, 4, Vice Presidc-nt 2, 3, Prcsi dent 4; V.M.C.A. .?. John Warren Smith, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Mech. Engr. Mu Beta Psi; Band; Orchestra; Order of Yellow D.igs; A.S.M.E.; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4. Joseph Mallie Smith Lillington, N. C. Agronomy (Field Crops) Senior ( ladd [126] NoRFLEET Nicholson Smith Belhaven, N. C. Mech. Engr. Pi Tau Sinma. Paul Lewis Smith Forest City, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Tompkins Tex. Soc. ottu-nine Robert Vincent Smith Black Mountain, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. aromech ' 9 Vara Merritt Smith Raleigh, N. C. Rtiral Soc. Walton Smith Goldsboro, N. C. Elec. Engr. Eta Kappa Nu Corresponding Sec- retary; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; A.I.E.E. William Earle Smith Spindale, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E. William Edward Smith High Point, N. C. Textiles immino 2, 3, 4; Monnoram Cli William Gilbert Smith nK A Rutherfordton, N. C. Gen. Engr. Agromeck 4; Glee Club 2, 3; R.O.T.C; Officers ' Club; A.I.E.E.; Beta Delta 3, 4. Noble Doak Smithson, Jr. Asheville, N. C. Animal Ind. Harold Jones Snider Benton, N. C. Agr. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; F.F.A.; Ag. Club. Harvey Lawrence Snider Denton, N. C. Civil Engr. Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E, Grover Perry Snow Raleigh, N. C. Architecture Mu Beta Psi; Beaux Arts Soc; Order of Yellow Dogs; Red Coat Band 1. 2, 3, 4, Quartermaster 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 2. ortu-nlne James Burcin Soesbee Lake Junaluska. N. C. Alec i. Engr. John Graham Spencer Raleigh, N. C. Knitting Tompkins Tex. Soc.; Delta Kappa Phi; Tex. Honor Council; Football 2, 3; Basketball 3. y aromeck ' 9 Richard Max Sontag, - A M New York, N. Y. Tex. Mgt. Textile Foritnt; W ' ataugan; Tennis 2. 3, 4; Pan-.American Club; Tomp- kins Tex. Soc. Robert Lee Spencer Hamlet, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Kare Sorensen Oslo, Norway Knitting Sigma Pi .Mpha. Henry Ray Spiers Raleigh, N. C. Cer. Engr. .Amcr. Cer. Sot. Ja.mes Allen Southern Winston-Salem, N. C. Te.v. .Mgt. Ira Jerome Sprung New York, N. Y. Tex. Mgt. Tompkins Tex. Soc.; W ' ataugan Su ' imming Team 1; Rifle Team I. Ionroe Donovan Stabler nK A Burlington, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Alston Warren Stafford, Jr. Ashevillc, N. C. Chem. Engr. Theta Tau; .A.I.Ch.E. Howard James Stains Frenchtown, N. J. Wildlife Conservation £• Mgt. Carlton McK. Stallings Enfield, N. C. Elec. Engr. Theta Tau; Tau Beta Pi; .A.I.E.E.; Engineers ' Council; Dept. Honor Council; Phi Ela Sigma Vice Presi- dent; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Pi .Alpha Treasurer. Senior ( ia56 [129] C-. tati David Browtming Stansel Allenton, N. C. Ind. Engr. S.l.E. Donald Edwin Steagall Rockingham, N. C. Agronomy (Field Crops) Ag. Club; Agronomy Club. ToMMiE NoRRis Stephens Raleigh, N. C. Agr. Education F.F.A.; Kappa Phi Kappa; A. Club; Agriciillurist. Earl Fleetwood Stephenson Pendleton, N. C. Gen. Engr. William Anderson Stevens Smithfield, N. C. Tex. Mfg. ' iLLiAM Joe Stevenson, Jr. Granite Falls, N. C. Gen. Engr. Charles Marvin Stewart Henderson, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing Phi Psi; A.A.T.C.C. Raymond Pope Stewart Raleigh, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Joe Ross Stilwell, - N Misenheimer, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing Al Worth Stinson Monroe, N. C. Animal Ind. Y.M.C.A. President; Ag. Club; Animal Ind. Club; Publicity Chair- man Li estock Day; N. C. S. Hand- hook Editor. Ben Bryan Stockard, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. Mech. Engr. Theta Tau. Garland Anderson Stone Axton, V ' a. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E. . L. tati Robert Franklin Stoops Staunton, Va. Cer. Engr. Kcramiis; Amcr. Cer. S( c. 1. 2, 3, 4. President 4; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Dept. H( n:)r ttec 3. Charles William Stott Whiteville, N. C. Agr. Engr. Band; Mu Beta Psi. Adrian Phillip Stout Thomasville, N. C. Arch. Engr. Beaux Arts Soc. Robert A. Stowe Belmont, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing A.A.T.C.C; Sigma Tau Sigma Phi Psi; Tompkins Tex. Soc. William Ralph Strother Raleigh, X. C. Tex. Mfg. Tompkins Tc . S.ic; Kinil I. 2 R.O.T.C. 1, 2. Calvin Felix Stroud Lexington, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Robert Franklin Stuart Rowland, N. C. Agronomy (Field Crops) Agronomy Club; Ag. Club. Arnold Allxander Stulce D X Daisy, Tenn. Tex. Mgt. Sigma Tau Sigma President 4; Phi Psi; Soc. for -Advancement of Mgt. Secretar) ' 4; Tompkins Tex. Soc. James Marvin Stump Nathan ' s Creek, N. C. Geii. Engr. Joseph Dean Styers, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Elec. Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Chatles Wilson Suggs Whiteville, N. C. Agr. Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; A.S.A.E. President; .Alpha Zeta Scholarship. William H. Sumner, . - ' i ' Mt. Airy, N. C. Gen. Engr. p m [130] ortu-nlne rfaromecK ' 9 Jean Guthrie Surratt Charlotte, N. C. Arch. Engr. Beaux Arts Soc. DtiRWARD LaVerne Sutton Clinton, N. C. Elec. Engr. Masonic Club. Harold Fred Sutton, n K A Burlington, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Phi Psi; Intramural Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Ked Coat Band; R.O.T.C. Band; Pi Kappa Alpha Corresponding Sec- retary; Tompkins Tex. Soc. Eliahu Sweranowsky Tel-Aviv, Israel Knitting Tompkins Tex. Soc; Hillcl Founda Lewis Jesse Swink Manchester, N. H. Te.x.Mgt. Delta Kappa Phi; Tompkins Tex. oc; Delta Kappa Phi Scribe 4. Robert Winslow Tart, Jr. Newton Grove, N. C. Agr. Education Alpha Zeta; Kappa Phi Kappa; Ag. Club 1. 2, 3, 4; F.F.. . 1, 2, 3. 4; R.O.T.C. 1. 2. 3. 4; Campus Govt. 3. William Joseph Alfred Sykes Statesville, N. C. Tex. Yarn Mfg. Jack Thomas Tate, n K A Greensboro, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E.; Beta Delta. David Marion Talley, Jr. San Antonio, Texas Knitting Delta Kappa Phi; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Tau Sigma Secretary 4; Phi Eta Sigma; Tompkins Tex. Soc; Technician 2; Track 2. Ezra Carl Tatum, Jr., ATP Cooleemee, N. C. Agr. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Ag. Club; F.F.A. Norman Eugene Taney New York, N. Y. Phi Eti Epsilon T Chem. Engr. Sigma; Gamma easurcr; A.I.Ch.E. Charles Jackson Taylor AS Pinehurst, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E.; Buole Corp ' ortu-nine aromecK J David Blair Taylor, III Chimney Rock, N. C. E cc. Engr. A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Richard Barbee Taylor Wilson, N. C. HoTliciAture Floriculiurc Club; Ag. Club; Horticulture Club ' icc-Presidcnl. Horace Dickerson Taylor, Jr. 2X Raleigh, N. C. Arch. Engr. U. N. C. I; Golden Chain; Tcch- itician 2; Wataugan 3, 4; Agromeck 2, 3, 4, Editor 4; Intramural Boxing 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 2, 3, 4; Publica- tions Board 4; Intcrfratcmity Council 4; Pledge Dance Committee; Sigma Chi Historian. Thomas Allen Teabeaut Fayetteville, N. C. Gen. Engr. Jackson White Taylor, Jr. Ashcville, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Benjamin Park Terrell, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. CiriJ Engr. Beaux .Arts Soc.; Rifle Team 1. Joseph Mario.n Taylor Raleigh, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E. 3, 4; l.Ae.S. 1; Agbo- James M. Terry Raleigh, X. C. Tex. Mfg. Tompkins Tex. Soc.; Inlernali Relations Club. Francis Cecil Thames, Jr. Indian Head, Md. Gen. Engr. Track 1. Cleveland Harper Thayer Asheboro, N. C. Ind. Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; Soc. for Advance- ment of Mgt.; Cadet Officers ' .- ssoc. 2, President 3; Tcclifiician I, 2, 3. Jonathan Isaac Thigpen Avon Park, Fla. Chem. Engr. Tau Beta Pi; Gamma Sigma £p- silon; A.I.Ch.E.; Engineers Council 4. John Wesley Cameron, N. C. Gen. Engr. .■ .C.S.; Keramos; Tau Beta Pi; nrm. .Assistant 3, 4. Senior ( iu33 [133] C J tah Roy Stephens Thomas, Jr., S X Greensboro, N. C. Chem. Engr. A.I.Ch.E.i Gamma Sigma Epsilon. WiLLARD Eugene Thomas Greensboro, N. C. Civil Engr. Luther Quentin Thomasson Hamptonville, N. C. Agronomy (Field Crops) Wildlife Club 3; Ag. Club; Agron- omy Club 4. Allen Neal Thompson Statesville, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Tompkins Tex. Soc; Technician 1. Arthur Cullen Thompson B Elmhurst, L. I., N. Y. Elec. Engr. A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; R.O.T.C. Charles Hoyt Thompson Rutherfordton, N. C. Agr. Education Frank Thompson, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Mech. Engr. Graham Clarence Thompson 2 n Detroit, Mich. Mech. Engr. Soilthem Engineer 3. 4, Editor 4; Cross Country 1, 2; Track 1. Leon Sanders Thompson Smithfield, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. Paul Maxton Thompson, Jr. Goldsboro, N. C. Agroncnny (Field Crops) Ag. Club 1. 2, 3, 4; R.O.T.C; 1, 2. 3, 4; Agronomy Club 3, 4. William Bonner Thompson Aurora, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E.; Theta Tau. Edwin Carl Thorne Elm City, N. C. Mech. Engr. . C. tah W ' lLBERT Leonard Thornton ReidsvUle, N. C. Elec. Eiigr. Phi Ela Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; I.R.E.; A.I.E.E. Benjamin Gibson Thrift Raleigh, N. C. Tex.Mgt. Edward Blair Thurman, K A Raleigh. N. C. Arch. Eiigr. Engineers ' Council; Beaux Arts Snc. Roy Clark Thurmond Rcxrky Mount. N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E.; Student Council Repre Norwood W. Tillinchast. Jr. Fayetteville, N. C. yiech. Engr., Aero. Opt. I.Ac.S. Daniel David Tolkoff, - A M Raleigh, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Sigma Tau Sigma. William Branson Tooly Belhaven, N. C. Arch. Engr. Orhan Ibrahim Torfilli Istanbul, Turkey Textiles Olav Torcersen Oslo, Nonvay Tex. Mfg. Henry Aloysius Towle Newark, N. J. Wildlife Conserx ' ation Mgt. Aquinas Club; U-upuU Wildlife Soc.; Y.M.C.A. Wesley Thompson Townsend A r P Raleigh, N. C. Agr. Economics Charles Curtis Tripp, - . K Raleigh, . C. Cdeiii. Engr. Phi Ela Sigma; Lambda Sigma Epsilon; Golf Coach 2. 3, 4; Intra- mural .Xthlctics 3, 4; Inlerfraternily Council 4; Order of St. Patrick 1; Sigma Alpha Epsilon President 4. Senior i ludd [134] Gregg Trosper Greensboro, N. C. Elec. Ener. Carl Edward Tucker South Boston, Va. Tex. Mfg. Tompkins Tex. Soc. .jrortit-nine . aromech Thomas Sutherland Tucker Winston-Salem, N. C. Mech. Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma; A.S.M.E.; Engineers ' Council 3, 4; Dorm. Assistant; Freshman Counselor. ' f Dana Fred Tugman, A T P Boone, N. C. Animal Ind. nimal InJ. Cluh; Ao. Club; F.F.A. Robert John Turnbull Greenville, S. C. Textiles Delta Kappa Phi; Monogram Club; Coif I, 1. i. 4. Bobbie Lewis Turner Bessemer City, N. C. Agr. Edtication Lenoir Rhyne College I, 2; Kappa Phi Kappa; F.F.A.; Ag. Club; Stu- dents Honor Committee; Lutheran Student Assoc. James Rowe Turner Henderson, N. C. Mech. Engr. Jefferson Allen Turner Royston, Ga. Mech. Engr. A.S. LE.; A.S.H.V.E. Marvin DeLane Turner Charlotte, N. C. Ind. Enar. Rucker Samuel Turner ReidsviUe, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Wilbur Clinton Turrentine :; ! £ Greensboro, N. C. Cheni. Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; A.LCh.E.; Glee Chill 3, 4. Willie Glenn Tussey Le.xington, N. C. Agr. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Ag. Club; F.F.A. ortu - nine ..yraromeck Charles E. Tut «ler, Jr. Harrisonburg, Va. £ ec. Efigr. Phi Ela Sigma. ' f John Scott Twaddell, Sr. Corona, L. I., X. Y. ec. Engr. A.I.E.E. George Atlas Upchurch Morrisville. N. C. Agr. Engr. . .S..A.E.; Cadet Officers ' Assoc.; R.O.T.C. 1, 2. 3, 4; Dorm. .Assis lant 4. Raymond Clair Upchurch Raleigh, N. C. Auimal hid. Animal Ind. Club; Ag. Club. Samuel Branch Usrv Sumter, S. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. Robert Gerald Utley. n K A Concord, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Phi Psi Vice Prcsidi-nl 4: Baseball 1. 2. 3, 4; .Monogram Club S«cretan 3; Homecoming Dance Commillee 3; Big Four .Monogram Council 4; Phi Psi Dance Committee 4. Claude Harrison ' an D tce Tazewell, ' a. Elec. Engr. Axlen Benson ' auch. n Chesterfield, S. C. Ind. Arts Education Kappa Phi Kappa: Ind. Arts Club; .-Vmer. Ind. Arts Assoc.; Student Council 4. Ollie Scott X ' auchan Henderson, N. C. Ind. Engr. S.I.E.; .■V.S.H.V.E.; Soc. for Ad- vancement of Mgi. Wilson Owen Vaughn, - E Winston-Salem, N. C. Mech. Engr. A.S.M.E.! A.S.H.V.E.; Swimming 1; Sigma Phi Epsilon Treasurer 4. Broadus Gordon X ' ernon Blanch, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Sigma Tau Sigma Treasurer 4; Soc. for .Advancement of .Mgt.; Dorm. Assistant. Carl H. Von Canon, Jb. Sanford. N. C. Tex. Mgt. " ffl iencor s ladd . L , tate Schley Warren Waddell Fair Bluff, N. C. Agr. Education Ag. Club; F.F.A. Charles Edward Walden, Jr. Tabor City, N. C. Gen. Engr. Ray Walker Lenoir, N. C. Elec. Engr. Mu Beta Psi; Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Harold Blair Wall Raleigh, N. C. Agr. Education Ag. Club; F.F.A. John Jefferson Wallace Raleigh, N. C. Cheni. Engr. William David Wallace Wrightsville Beach, N. C. Mech. Engr. Pi Tau Sigma; A.S.M.E.; Inter- tratemity Council 3, 4. Dack Otis Waller, Jr. Durham, N. C. A ec i. Eiigr., Aero. Opt. L.Ae.S. Harvey F. Waller, Jr. Gary, N. C. Gen. Engr. Cadel Officers ' Assoc. 3; R.O.T.C. Henry Alonzo Waller, Jr. XA ' inston-Salem, N. C. Mech. Engr. Cadet Officers ' Assoc. Siegfried Wallner, Jr., - X Jacksonville, Texas Textiles Sigma Tau Sigma; Phi Ps Agromeck 2, 3; Textile Foriim Ed lor 3; Publications Board 3; Track ' . Intramural Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Bas ketball 1, 2, Volleyball 1, 2. 3, 4 Red Coat Band 1; Tompkins Tex Soc. Louis Jackson Walls, Jr. ATP Bolivia, N. C. Forestry Forestry Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Basket- ball 1; Cross Country 1; Glee Club; Honor Council 1, 2. Frank Bascom Ward Badin, N. C. Tex. Mfg. R.O.T.C: Tompkins Tex. Soc. [137] A L. tati James Hugh Ward, Jr.. - X Raleigh, N. C. Gen. Engr. DoANE Herring Warren Wilson, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Hanmhai. CioDuiN Warren II K . Dumi. . . C. Gen. Enar. Joe I lowARD Warren Greensboro, N. C. Gen. Engr. lioBKRT Davis Warren Roseboro, N. C. Agr. Education VS.A.: Af.. (lull; R.O.T.C. Wallace Aldene WARRE Rural Hall, N. C. Elec. Engr. A.I.E.E. Calvin Alfred Watson. Jr. Aloncurc, N. C. Gen. Engr. Gen. Engr. Soc. 3, Reporter 4; Engineers ' Council; Wesley Founda- tion 2. James Williar Watson Murfrecsboro, N. C. Client. Engr. John Lycan Watson New Bern, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. 2, i, 4i Engineers ' Coun cil 4. Joseph Thomas Watts, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. Ind. Engr. Order i,( Si. Patrick I; S.I.E. 2, 3, 4; Inlranuirul Sports I, 2, 3, 4; Stu-.lent Council 1. Lawrence Adams Watts. Jr II K A Nashville, N. C. Gen. Engr. William Dulin Weathers Raleigh, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Phi Psi; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4. Senior LtaJJ [138] Alfred Fulton Weaver AsheviUe, N. C. Animal hid. Animal Irnl. Club; Ao. Club. Donald Brickman Weaver Raleigh, N. C. Mech. Engr. Theta Tau; A.S.M.E.; SoMher Engineer. Lewis Henry Webb Williamston. N. C. E!ec. Engr. afomecK J Richard Calloway Webb Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Tex. Synthetics Sigma Tau Sigma. [ames Leggett Weeks, K A Halifax, N. C. Tex. Mot. All-Campus Intramural Boxing I. 2, 3; All Campus Wrestling 3. Saul A. Weissman New York, N. Y. Te.v. Mst. Soc. for Adv Sigma Tau Sign Tompkins Tex. WVWP; Debatir :emcnt of Mgt. Phi Kappa Phi oc; A.A.T.C.C. William Pl ummar Weldon Henderson, N. C. Agr. Engr. A.S.A.E. 3, 4. Hewitt Selden Welsh Denbigh, Va. Chem. Engr. A.I.Ch.E.; Track 1; R.O.T.C. I. 2, 3, 4. Conrad Bowman Wessell, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Arch. Engr. Beaux Arts Soc; Swimming 1, 2; Dept. Honor Committee 2, 3; Campus C.At. 4; Trailwood Council 3. 4; Drum S Buule Corps I. 2. Hardy Wessell XA ' ilmington, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. 3; Lutheran Student . ssoc. Treasurer 2, ' ice President 3; Protestant Religious Council 3. Charles Ingram West Raleigh, N. C. Tex. Met. Paul Morris West, A r P Sheffield, Ala. Forestry Forestry Club 2. 3, 4; Piiifliim . 3; Studcrit Council. ortu ' nine Stanford Chester West Roanoke Rapids, N. C. ;4rc iilecliire Beaux Arls Soc. aromeck ' f Richard Gil es W ' estbrook Goldsboro, N. C. E ec. Eiigr. Officers- Club. Larry E. Westmoreland. Jr. Baltimore, Md. Alec i. Efigr. Phi Ela Sigma; Thela Tau; Band. Ray 1 li rman Westmoreland Troulman, N. C. Tex.Mjg. Dellj K.ipp.i Phi; Ti.mpkins Tex. S ic. Robert Clyde W ' estmoreland Troutman, N. C. Agronomy {Field Crops) Joe Alfred W ' hisenhhnt Newton, N. C. Elec. Engr. Intramural Softball. Basketball. Football. Donald Kilian Whallev cw Bedford, Mass. Chem. Engr. FiNNiE Edgar White, Jr. Kinston, N. C. Agr. Engr. . .S.. .E. Charles Thomas Wheeler, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Tex. Mfg. George Levering White AX A Fayetteville, N. C. Elec. Engr. Ela Kappa Nu 3, 4; Tau Beta Pi 3. 4, Corresponding Secretan ' 4; A.I.E.E. 2, 3, 4, President 4; I ' .R.E. 2, 3. 4, Treasurer 3; Red Coat Band 1; Dept. Honor Committee 3; Engi- neers ' Council 4; R.O.T.C. Robert Edwin Wheless Bunn. N. C. Agr. Ediicatiofi Kappa Phi Kappa; Dorm. As ' . lanl; F.F.. . ' ice-President. Jack Edward White Raleigh, N. C. hid. Engr. • O. J tah John Watson White Aulander, N. C. Agr. Education Basketball Manager :?, 4; Baseball Manager 3, 4; Ag. Club; F.F.A.; Dorm. Assistant 3. Ralph Layton U ' hitehead Hobgood, N. C. Civil Engr. A.S.C.E. James Reward Whitehurst Charlotte, N. C. Tex. Mfg. William Kenneth Whiteley Greenville, N. C. Elec. Engr. A.I.E.E. Blount Whiteside, Jr. Clinton, N. C. Civil Engr. Football 1. Clyde Norman Whitesides Monroe, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing Delta Kappa Phi. Philip Franklin Whitfield Franklinton, N. C. Animnl bid. Harve y Lamont Whitley ' nK A Fremont, N. C. Gen. Engr. Heber Thurston Whitley Washington, N. C. lud. Engr. Sot. for Advancement of iMgt. wnior s ladd William Paul Whitley, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Gen. Engr. Walter Lvle Whitsett Reidsville, N. C. Elec. Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; A.I.E.E.; l.R.E. Thomas Wellwood Whitt Portsmouth, ' a. Eorestry [141] • U. tati Stephen Thomas Wiggins Henderson, N. C. Mech. Engr. Tau Bela Pi; Theta Tau: Pi Tau Sigma; A.S.M.E.; . .S.U. ' .E. Samuel Rowland Wilkinson Belhaven. N. C. Mech. Engr. Albert Gee Willcox. Jr. Enfield, N. C. Agronomv Agronomy Club; Ag. Club. Charles Slocum Williams. Jr KT Kings Mountain, X. C. Tex. Mfg. Charles Weaver Williams Cleveland, N. C. Agr. Education Edward Eugene Williams, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Charlotte State College Club. Frank Camp Williams, Jr. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Tex. .Mfg. Phi Psi; Wrestling •»; Tompkins Tex. Soc. President. Henry White Williams Charlotte, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Tompkins Tex. Soc.; Charlotte State College Club 2, i. 4, Secrelar)- 4; Football Manager I. James Clyde Winston-Salem, N. C. Arch. Engr. Beaux . rts Sec. John Caswell Williams, Jr. Rocky Mount, N. C. Agronomy Agronomy Club; Ag. Club. John Park Norlina, N. C. Agronomy (FieW Crops) Agronomy Club 3, 4; Ag. Club I, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2. Philip Richard Williams Wilson, N. C. Tex. Synthetics Textile Forum; Wrestling 2, 3. Senior L lc Richard Harlan Williams Washington, N. C. Agr. Education Thomas Bryamt V ' illiams Asheb oro, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Sigma Tau Sigma; V P; Rci Coat Band 1; Rifle Team 1. ortu-nine Df.lmon F. Williamson Lucama, N. C. Animal Ind. Asriciillurist. aromeck ' f C. Harold Williard, - X High Point, N. C. Dairy Mfg. Football I; Ag. Club 1, 2. 3. ■ nimal Ind. Club i, 4; Ag. Fair 3, Rlx Tucker Willard High Point, N. C. Elec. Engr. Eta Kappa Xu Secretary 4; Tau cla Pii A.I.E.E. Alvin Dwight Wilson Franklin, N. C. Forestry Forestry Club. George Caaipbell Wilson 1 ' N Belmont, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Tompkins Tex. Sec.; Intcrfraternilv Coun Lt. ConimanJe rVu Secretary 3, George Carter Winston Baltimore, Md. Elec. Engr. I.R.E.; Radio Club. Robert Lee Witty Summerfield, N. C. Agr. Education Kappa Plii Kappa. Philip Albert Woerner Charlotte, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing Sioma Tau Sigma. Charles Joseph Wolhar niv A Charlotte, N. C. Tex. Chem. ■ Dyeing A.A.T.C.C.i Aquinas Club; Pi Kappa Alpha Pledge Master 4; I.II.W. 3, 4, President 4. Henry Offie Womack, Jr. Sanford, N. C. Tex. Met. tifk oftu-nine aromech y George Matthew Wood, 2 S Camden, N. C. Agronomy Club; Ag. Club I, 2, 3, 4. Roy Preston W ' oodall Smithfield, N. C. y ech. Efjgr. A.S.M.E. John W ' ilrert Wood, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Textiles Golf i, 4; Tompkins lex. So ' ice-President. William B. Woodall, Jn. Smithfield, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Sigma Pi Alpha. Paul Kenneth Wood Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engr. Carl Hassell Woodard Spring Hope, N. C. Gen. Engr. Gen. Engr. Soc.; Chairman Fulle Horton Day. William Stuart Wood Fayetteville, N. C. Agr. Engr. Campbell College 1; A.S.A.K.; Sig- ma Pi Alpha Treasurer 3; Y.M.C.A. ' ice-President 4; Dorm. .Assistant 2, 3, 4; Wesley Foundation President 3; .A.I.Ch.E. Treasurer 3. Joseph Raymond Woodard Spring Hope, N. C. Animal Ind. Animal Ind. Club; Ag. Club. Troy William Woodard Bailey, N. C. Gen. Engr. I.R.E. 2, 3, 4. Frank Wilson Woods Covington, V ' a. Forestry Phi Kappa Phi; Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club. Harry Skinner ' oodson, Jr. 2N Shelby, N. C. Mech. Engr. .A.S.M.E.; Interfratcrnity Council 2, 3, Secretary 3; Sigma Nu Treas- John Rowland Wright Raleigh, N. C. Mech. Engr., Aero. Opt. Baptist Student Union I, 2, 3, 4, ecretar ' 3; Protestant Religious ouncil ' 4; I.Ae.S.; Radio Club 4; irum Bugle Corps; Glee Club. Senior LtaJJ [145] • C. tah William Franklin Wyatt, Jr. i: S E Sanford, N. C. Textiles Tompkins Tex. Soc; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Cadet Officers ' Assoc. 3, Treasurer 4. Oscar Thomas Wynne Asheville, N. C. Vorestry Xi Sigma Pi 3, 4; ' Forestry Club I, 2. 3, 4, Treasurer 3; Basketball 1. Yuan Hsi Yang Shanghai, China Tex. (Yarn Mfg.) Foreign Students Club (U.N.O.). Charles Erwin Yarborough Caroleen, N. C. Gen. Engr. John Harrison Yates, Jr. Rockingham, N. C. Agronomy (Field Crops) Ag. Club. Emerson McBrayer Yelton Rutherfordton, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing Vernon Wheeler Yelton, Jr. Spindale, N. C. Textiles Delta Kappa Phi. Robert Abel Yoder, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Chem. Engr. lolramural 2, 3; A.I.Ch.E. Treas- urer 3, Vice President 4; Lutheran Student Assoc. Secretary 3. James Marcus Yorke, Jr., 2 N Fayetteville, N. C. Elec. Engr. Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi Presi- dent 4; A.I.E.E.; Engineers ' Council Secretary 4; Theta Tau; Y.M.C.A.; l.R.E. John Phillips Young Macon, N. C. Civil Engr, Vetville Alderman. Ralph Langdon Young Charlotte, N. C. Elec. Engr. Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; ' ' WP 2, 3, 4, Manager 4; Publica- tions Board 4. Wendell Samuel Young Forest City, N. C. Animal hid. Animal Ind. Club. Ralph Kendall Younger Raleigh, N. C. Elec. Engr. Scabbard Blade. William Otto Zick, - X PhiUipsburg, N. J. Dairy Mfg. Monogram Club; Ag. Club; Foot- THE GOLDEN , CHAIN ' Senior Honorary Golden Chain, Senior Honorary Society, was organized in May, 1926. The purpose of the society is to promote better citizenship and leadership on the campus. In May each year, twehe Juniors, considered the outstand- ing members of their class, are added to the chain bv a tapping ceremonv at the Memorial Tower. 1948 Links Osc. R K. BozEMAN, Regent Kenneth L. Coble Joseph L. Edge W. C. English, Jr. Reid D. Farrell James R. Fowler, Arch Regent James H. Gardner JFred a. Kendall, Jr. Robert L. Peacock Arthur K. Pitzer, Scribe George W. Sledge, Jr., Treasurer Horace D. Taylor, Jr. BLUE KEY Seventy-eight Active Chapter. Colors: Blue and Cold Flower: Forget-me-not N. C. STATE COLLEGE CHAPTER Installed May. 1928 f HONORARY Col. j. W. Harrelson F. H. Jeter Dr. L. C. Hartley C. D. Kutschinski E. S. King W. N. Hicks MEMBERS J. C. Barber H. Cramer F. A. D. A. Biggerstaff F. Dameron W. S F. N. Blackwell, Jr. J. L. Edge S. C. Boyce W. C. English, jr. 0. K. Bozeman, jr. R. D. Farrell E. W. Bringle H. A. Finch . ' A. C. Brock j. H. Gardner C. F. Burkhardt E. G. Johnson H. A. Corriher, )r. Blue Key Honor Fraternity was founded at the University of Flori( 1924, to perpetuate belief in God, to preserve the principles of good c to promote the best interest of the students. It recognizes outstanding qualities in character, scholars ' equal emphasis upon leadership in student activit graduate and undergraduate students of all departaer universities. This year Blue Key sponsored a very great Homecom that was extremely successful. They also co-operated wit in various activities to perpetuate a more meaningf ' -TEISI Emmett Bringle President Harry Cramer Vice-President LOLO DOBSON Secretary Eugene Tatem Treasurer junior CiaAd OFFICERS JUNIORS r . V V ' A ii»Ui .....U i p-j j j 1 1 -? Z . iil llii i . la B D 3 B ' -HiA ii Abcll, Gordon Ellis Campbell. Minn. Dairy Ml).. Addison, Bill Joe Reidsvillo, N ' . C. ATchitecturc Addison, Harold Desmond BiltfiiaceJ N. C. Textiles .Adirholdt. I.imcs William Chcrrwille, . . C. Mech. Hiijjr. Adkins, Eujit-ne Morrison, Jr C h.irlotte, . C. Textile Miit. AUx.inder. Howard W ' elborn Murphy, . C. Forestry Alexander, Jacob Lafavette lacksonvilK-. Fla. Allen, Charles Thomas, Jr. . . ' e v Bedford. Mass. Tex. Clum. ;- Dunio Allen, Joe lenkins C.reeriville, N. C. TiMllcs Allyood, James Clenn ' adkinvilIe, . . C. Animtil but. . llison, Thomas Ausley, K A . . . Statesville, N. C. Architecliirc Allvn, Calvin Patterson Essex, N. C. Agr. Economics Almond, Glenn Conrad .Albemarle, i . C. Mech. EuRr. Aman, Charles Isaac Dunn, . C. Ce,.. E,.iiT. Amatruda, Al Nc v York, N. Y. Textile Mfii. Anderson, Donald Clark Kenosha, Wis. Tex. Chem. C- Oi.n. Andrews, Carl Franklin Greensboro, N. C. Arch. En r. Andrews, E. Preston, Jr., H K A .. Charlotte, N. C. I« !. EHsr. Andrews, Cleorge Henry Raleigh, X. C. Civil K.ijJr. Andrews, lames Nielsen Miami. Ma. As r. Cliem. Andrews, James Victor, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Ceti. Eji r. Andrews, Junius Jackson Ralciyh, N. C. Mech, EiiRr. Anthony, Gene Holton Kiiiahtdale, N. C. Archileelurc Arnold, Tliurston Wade Zebulon, N. C. EorestTy i Atkinson, Frederick Lcc Favcttcville, N. C. Arch. E.tur. Atkinson, Joseph Burch, Jr Edinbury, le.xas l«r. Ettfir. Atkinson, Tuck King, i; A K . . Wilmingtim, N. C. Mech. Eiisr. Babeock, James Thomas Watertown, N. Y. Civil E„Kr. liaker. Joel vman, K . Columbia, S. C. iexiilvi liallance, Leon Clerald Lake LandinK. N. C. ,Vsro»oi»y {Eiehl ( „,») ilall.ud, Thomas Victor Raleigh, N. C. Elcc. Etif r. Uanilv, Wilton Claude Favetteville, N. C. Arch. En r. Bane. John Grcathouse Denton, N. C. Civil Kxcr. Barbee, J. C Concord. N. C. Tex. Mfii. Barber, Harold Lloyd West Libert y, Kv. Wihllife Coi.s.TviiOoii c- M l. I ' ' ' I, Norman Rudolph Smilhfield, N. C. Field Crops Bareioot, Aldus Cortez, Jr Aiigier, . C. Forestry Barnes, Oliver Garland, Jr. ..Rocky Mount, N. C. Mech. En r. (Aero. Opt.) Barnes, Wesley Evans Greensboro, N. C. Textiles Barnette, Milton Dwight Buxton. N. C. Tex. Mgt. [150] CLASS OF ' 50 Earnhardt, William McL., KS ..Charlotte, N. C. Textile Mgt. Bartels. E. J., : n, Sprinoficld Gardens, L. I., N. Y. Puiral i- I„,l. JlrM,dl,„il Bartlett, Isaiah DufF Goldbhoro, N. C. Agronomy {Field Crops) Barr, John Cameron Lansing. N. C. Mcch. Ennr. Barrosse, Bernard A., Jr Ashoville, N. C. Mecli. E.isr. Basinaer, Lc. LaDue Mooresluller. N. C. Textile Mgl. Bass, Jack Olliff Hendersonville, N. C. Elec. Bn r. Bass, Leonil Blakely. Jr., 2 N Belmont, N. C. Textile Mgt. Bass. Wootlrow Peoples, A 2 ... Durham, N. C. Mech. En r. Baxter, Robert Edward, - X . . . .Greensboro, N. C. Textiles Beal, Reuben Lafayette Memphis, Tenn. Torestry Beal, William Foy, Jr., 2 X Nashville, N. C. CiVil Eng,r. Beaty, Dwight Morrison, Jr. . . W ' avnesville, N. C. Chem. Elif r, Bedard, Louis Vernon Raleigh, N. C. Arch. Enar. Belk, Sammie Kannapolis, N. C. Mech. En r. [Aero. Opt.) Bell, William Earl ? , I {orsc Shoe, N. C. Ind. Bemberg, Herman Henry, Jr V ilson, N. C. Mech. Eti r. Bender, Wilbert Richard X.irlina, N. C. Aor. E»j r. Bennett, James Edward, Ir Charlotte, N. C. BeJ. In,,,. Benton, Thomas Hart Gulfport, Fla. Mech. E„g,: Bernstein, Theodore, - A M . . Adantic City, N. J. Tex. Weaving, Designniii Berryhill, Robert Allen Charlotte, N. C. Mech. Enur. Best, James Frederick Dallas, X. C. fextile M«t. ,2AM Xcvv York, N. Y. Textiles Bissette, Leon Weaver. Jr Greensboro, N. C. Elec. En r. Black, Harold Dewitt, Jr., T K E . .Concord, N. C. Mech. En T. Blackwell, Edwin Hughes ..Hendersonville, N. C. hid. Enor. Blanchard, William Ward Wallace, X. C. Civil E»or. Blank, Frederick Lee, Jr., 2 N .... Xashville, Tenn. Architecture Blevins, Charles Alexander Norton, Va. Forestry Bliss, Jay Walter, Jr Springfield, Vt. Textiles Blue, Coker Debs Lakeview, N. C. Civil E»sr. Blue, James Eldridge, n K i . . Laurinburg, X. C. Civil Encr. Blum, George Benjamin, Jr. . . Middleburg, X. C. A r. Engr. Bock, Robert Felton Norfolk, ' a. Floriculture Bodwell, Charles Murray Boston, Mass. Ind. Eugr. Bogle, James Franklin Albemarle, N. C. Mech. Eiigr. I . ero. 0|.I. Bolick, Claude William, Jr Hickor , X. C. Architecture Boney, Benjamin C, Jr., ATP . . .Buryaw, N. C. Horticulture Boney, James Finley Wallace, N. C. Arch. Eii r. [151] JUNIORS ft. A p p. |!i y 4 -I V » ' 4 Boone, James K W ' avnesville, N. C. Ge„. ITiijjr. Booth. Thomas Lynch Ruxboro. X. C. Arch. K ' l r. B,ist. Coleman Smith. T K !• e fitOT5i X. C. Textile M l. Bnst. John Benjamin I enoir, . C. Honicullure Bostie, Robert Adolph M.i ' iiolia, . C. Af-r. Educiio,, Bciwin. Braxton C ates Durham, . C. -Mt ' c i. En r. Bouen, Daniel Ward Windsor, . C. Chem. Euf-r. Bovvers, Jack Martin Shelby, X. C. Textiles Boulby, Robert Leonard C lifton, X. J. Itid. Eng,T. Bowman, James Scarboro, Jr (Jiaham. X. C. Medi. Engr. Aero. (),.r Boyd, Hubert Leslev 1 enoir, X. C. Ceol. En r. Bovd, John Lawrence Union, S. C. Textile- Mgt. Buyer, James Edgar C harlotte, X. C. hid. Engr. rMiMiie. Robert Edward CoKKboro, X. C. Fori ' slrv l ' .ii kiii. Lafayette Herndon. Ir Wilson, X. C. Dnirv .11 : ' . Brackin, N ' illiam Bennett .Guilford, X. C. Forestn Braoo, Arnold Watts Durham. X. C. Fwcslrv Brake, David Percy Rocky Mount, X. C. Mech. Eunr. i.AiTo. 0,.I. Brank. Glenn Perry UVaverv iUe, X. C. Brantley, Wilbur Taylor, A X A. Fayetteville, X. C. Civil Ei.ijr. Brawley, Price Sherrill Mo,,resville. X. C. Mech. Jii.sir. Acu,. );.!. Brendle. John Henry, Jr Brasstuun, X. C. Rural htd. Recreation lireniier, Herbert Wmston-Salem, X. C. Civil Eiior. Bridces, Lawrence Landrum Shelby, X. C. Ge„. E.:sr. Bridges, James Otis. Jr S.mFord. X. C. Civil E..,i.r. Bridijers, John Kennedy. Jr Goiilsboro, X, C. Ammal hul. Brini ' le, Emmett Watson. -X ..Covington, Tenn. Textiles lirinkley, John Henry, Jr Thomasviile, N. C, Civil Eiiar. r)roadwell, William Ross Durham, N. C. Fort ' str) ' Brock, Avery Crissman Mount ( li e, X. C. lyul. Eiiur. Brook, David Isidore, -AM ....Lawrence, N. Y. Tex. Chem. £ Dyeing Brookens. Floyd Brioham, K i: Raleigh. N. C. ■ Arch. Eiis;r, r.rn,,k-, Allen Marvin. K T Bronx, X. Y. Textile Mffi. Br,„.ks, Charles X ' ance, III Wallace. N. C. Gen. E,,Rr. Brown, Alex Taylor Wilmin gton. N. C. Elec. E-.i;r. VH r , . Brow n. Harry Ehnore Bur w, X. C . Mech. E.ijjr. i Brown, Joe, Ir Slielby, X. C. Ihc. J.ii;.. Brown, Robert Miltim Norfolk. Va. l-r,rcslr, Browning, Joe Cray Raleigh. N. C. Bryant, Marshall Claither .. W iiistonSalem, X. C. G. ' .,. E,.«r. [152] CLASS OF ' 50 Bull, ' illard Stanley, Jr., A - -l ' . . Ralciuh, N. C. Mei-h. Enur. Bullard, Rupert Altun Acme, N. C. Duin MI ' j,. Hullock, William Carey ....Roclcy Muunt, . ' . C EJec. En r. Bumoarner, Tnm Tulm W ' ilkesbiiro, . C. Bunee. Robert W ' inford Favetteville, X. C. Ceil. EtifiT. Bunch, Jacob Russell, :S I I ' . . I l.iM.svilJe. . C. Eoreslry Buroe, Floyd Smith, Jr VVinstoa-Saleni, X. C. Civil Enor. Buroe, John Kenneth Winston-Salem, N. C, Arch. En r. Burleson, Robert O ' Dell Albemarle, N. C. Textile Mis,. Burnette, Robert Emmitt, Jr Draper, N. C. Textile ' Ml!i. Burns, Edwin Chapin Pittsboro, N. C. Mech. Eti r. Burns, William Loomis, Jr., K li, Greensboro, N. C. Textiles Burriss, James LeRoy Wilmington, N. C. Ge„. E»gr. Burroughs, Herbert ' ellborn, Jr. ..Hamlet, N. C. Elec. En r. Bush, David Holmes Jacksonville, N. C. Forestry Butler, Kenneth R.ivbon Iximberton, X. C. Civil Lnnr. Bvler. James I Lirpel. i: X thieago. 111. I extih-i Bvrne, Neill Akx.mdcr Pembr,.ke, N. C. Cable, Weldon High Point, X. C. icxiih-i Cade. Earl Reed lioekv Mount. X. C. Elcc. f H-r. Caldwell, l.ihn Smiley Asheville. . C. Cvil Kii-r. Calhoun. Sam I. W.iynfsville, X. C. Cii ' il r„«r. Cameron, Jack Kearns ill e, X. C. Campbell, Paul Smith China C.ioxe, X. C. Tex. Chem. £■ Dreii.:; Cantliffe, Lawrence R., Jr. ..Westmoreland, X. H. Forestry Cantrell, Bruce Head Campobello, S. C. Civil Enor. Carnevale, Reynolds Alfonso Kinston, X. C. Tex. Chem. £- Dyei.iK Cartier, Warren L., — X Crcen Bay. Wis. hid. Arts Educatiou Casli. llui ' h Irving Franklinton, X. C. Textiles Cashwell, Richard Barton Hope Mills, X. C. Elec. Eiisjr. Cathey, Boyt Henderson C astonia, X. C. Mecli. Euor. Cathey, George McLelland Castonia, X. C. Ceil. E.isr. C athev, Henry Marcellus Davidson, X. C. Horticulture Cato, Robert Ernest lUliiiont, X. C. Civil E„or. Caton, J gjes Anthonv Phoeni.x. . ri r S Cauble, Sujhmey Ma.xwell, Jr Ixlniont, X, t . Textiles Ca anaugh, Martvn John t Ivdc, X. t . Fni-cslr Chadwick, Robert Winfield ..Rocky Mount, X. C. Mech. Eni r. t ' happelear, John " Willis. " Jf. " " . ' " .Covington, Va. Architecture Charlton. ' illiam Gibbs, 2X , .Goldsboro, N. C. Textiles [1531 JUNIORS P ,0 i -» w •f ' «J •J- «J f-=»J p. , r V - ' s a f5 V ; . Cherkas, William Matthew, Jr Oxford, N. C. Architecture Cliislioim. Anous Edwin Laurinlniri;. . C. Architecture t ikiircl. I I.mri l .iiiic, 1 iirkev Textile Mff . Cl.irk. J.niK-s Reid S.ilishurv, . C. Chem. E..«r. t lark, William Elbert I crctts, . C. Elec. Unor. C ' lavton, Robiri Euoene Raleigh, . C. Textiles Ckndenino, Francis Joseph, Jr lioothwvn. Pa. Mech. E..»r. Clcur, Carroll Martin l.enoir, . C. Textiles C oats, Edwin Smith Smiilifield, N. C. Mr- £ ' l«r. Cotliran, A In inn Reese Xi-wton, N. C. Cil u-i. Cohn, Rav DunaM Marshall, . C. Elec. L.iiji. Coltrane, . oel Newton C ' .reeiisboro, . C. s j hitecturf f,,ok. Wendell Charles Rutlaiul. t. -Isr. En r. Cooke, Bennv Aaron 1 lickory, X. C The. J„gr. Cooler, Edward Thomas Ricli;eland, S. C. Textile Miil. Coneool, Norman Jay, -AM ... . Brouklvn. . . Y. Textiles Cone, Charles Thomas Middlese. , . . C. Agr. Educatio,, C iinnelly, James Hugh Spruee Pine, . . C. Elec. Etigr. C onner, L.iwrence Hugh Raltimoie, iMd. Elec. Engr. Conrad, Lucas Jimes Winston-SaleTO, N. C. Gen. Euar. Corbell, Isaac Tunis, Jr Knotts Island. N. C. Elec. £..-.. Corbett, Richard Keziah llaUiuh. N. C. Mech, Eiigr. (Aero. )) ' l. Corbett, Wilev Rarncs Wilson. . . C. .IcTO. l.iar. Corbitt, William Shaw, 11 K A ..Henderson, . C. Mech. Eugr. Corev, Carl Pace Cireeiiville, N. C. Elec. E,,gr. Corning, Louis Avery, - n 1 lamlet. i . C. hul. Engr. C ' orrell, Bobbitt Vitalis Mebane, N. C. Elec. Engr. Comber, Mitchell Hrevard, Jr.. .Mooresville, N. C. Geol. Eunr. C nr in, Arnold C:., ■!■ K T New York, N. Y. Textiles C ravvford, W ' .dlace Wales Enka, N. C. Textiles C ravton, Lee .Andrew, Jr Concord, N. C. Textiles Creasy, Wdlliam Bulluck, Jr. . . Wilminoton. N. C. Mech. Ennr. C ' redle, Sidney X ' ineent Durham. N. C. Civil EHRr. C reus, Ricb.ird Young, A i; l O.xford, N. C. 1,1,1. E,.sr. Culbertson. Arthur B., Ir., K i: . .Cnildsboro, X. C. •,;. I :r ,. Cinlc, Laurence Duke Hope Mill, X. C. 1 iireslry ( Rol.cil. T K K New York, X. Y. Ct. ; ' M!;r. Daltun, Harry McRac, KA Charlotte . C. Textiles Daniels. Darrel Br-rrT -r-rr T-rr-.Nrw liern. X. C. Civil Eiigr. Dayant. Joseph Allison Cha rlotte, N. C. Textiles [154] CLASS OF ' 50 Davenport, Charles Wilbert Roper, N. C HorticiiUme Davenport, Harrel! Benton Creswell, N. C .h r. j.luc.ili,,,, Davis, Harry Lee Farnjx illc, N. C Ccn. Enl r. Davis, Herbert Cicero, ]r ' ilmins ton. . C, !» (. i:H«r. Davis. John Henrv Andrews, N. C Elec. Ewgr. Davis, Richard Joe Raleigh, N. C Civil Enf r. ' Davis, Willard Osborne Zcbulon, N. C Gen. Ei.or. Dawson, Thomas Collins Monroe, N. C Mech. Eiiur. Deal, Richard Blair Conover, N. C, Textile Mf . Dee, James John Yonkers, N. Y Forestry Deesc, Haywood Franklin, Jr. ..Albemarle, N. C, Mech. Enf r. DeLapp, Robert Earl, Jr Reidsville, N. C, Textile Mgt. Dcilineer, Robert Blair Gastonia, N. C, Textiles Denning, Garland Eugene Raleigh, N. C. Aor. Eduatlion DePasquale, Frank Albert Roselle Park, N. J Architecture Dew, Robert Edward, K A . . . . ' . . . .Wilson, N. C A r. Educatmi, Dickens, Walter Perrv Halifa.x, N. C Geii. £« r. Dicks, Earl Thomas, Jr Kenosha, Wis Textiles Dicks, Vernon Leslie Vallev Stream, N. Y, Cr.l E„j;,-. Dillard, John Wilson, Ir Wilson, N. C hu ' l. Enor. Dillender, Richard David, - 4 ' i " ... .Augusta, Ga. Cer. fBgr. Disher, Thomas Lewis, Jr Charlotte, X. C Mech. Ennr. Di. on, Lewis Colen Durham, N. C MfJi. Euo,. Dixon, Robert Daniel . .Mt. Vernon Springs, i . C Mech. Eiigr. Di.xon, Waitman Hines Kinston, N. C A„im il 1ml. Dobbins, Charles N., Jr., A r P, Yadkmville, N. C Poultry Science Dobbins, Robert Eugene Rockingham, N. C Ind. En r. Dobson, Lolo Allen. 2 X Statesville, N. C Agronomy Dodge, Robert Jacquelin Raleigh, N. C Arch. Eiiqr. Doland, Kenneth Edwin ....Midland Park, N. J Cen. Ens r. Dostanko, Theodore Paterson. N. J Textiles Draper, Thomas Jackson Boykins, ' a Mech. Enor. Dresser, Philip Lauriston Leland, N. C Elec. EMor. Dudlev, John Gordon, IIL 2 X ... .Shelby, N. C Mech. En r. Dugan. Albert William Favetteville, N. C Gen. E,.gr. Duncan, Wilton Reese Dunn, X. C Gen. EHgr. Dunn. Lewis Franklin Charlotte, N. C .4 ;r. Edncalio,, Dunning, Carson Serpell, Tr Raleigh, N. C, Civil ' Engr. Dyer, U ' llliam Francis, Jr., 2 X, Whiteville, N. C. Gen. Engr. Eason, Robert Hayes Gatesville, N. C. Mech. Engr. [155] P 1 P f ifl p a JUNIORS ? ft. f ill f •- » ' C5 y " . N. - 1 i 1 -« ? ' Ecliavarria. Jorge Medellin. Coliimhia. S. A. Icxlilcs Ecklicff. Oscar Bradlcv Washinytnn. X. C. Archilecltire Fdcns, W ' ilfv Rcvnolds Lumlxalou, N. C. I-i,u-stry I (li;c.rton, David Jackson Sinitlifield. N. C Textiles F.duards, Acie Carlton Scotlanil Nock, N. C. i-or.slri Edwards, Floyd I Icnrv I clicl. . C. . Kr. Etluciilion IcIh ards, Joseph Farrior Enfield, N. C. Architecture Edwards, 1 nnnie l,ce Whitehead, N. C. Mech. fijur. Iduards, Marion Sherlv Ttyon, . C. Civil E»Kr. 1 l.ini, lames Carland Oxford, . C. Aitinuil liul. ElKr, Jack Bavden China C.rovc, . C. Civil Eui T. Eller. Lawrence liavmond Salisbury, . C A r. rAucaliint Eller, Thorr l oss EujJene ....China Grove, X. C. (it ' ll. F«gr. Ellis, Georye LeEand C ildsbon), N. C. . ,llin,. l„d. Ellis, LeRov Cl.iyton, . C. Cen. Eiitjr. Ellis. Robert I lall Empori.i. ' a. Cm EMi;r. Iniorx ' , Worth Winsted North Side, . . G. ARronomY [field Cru))( Eiiylish, Robert Parsons Monroe, N. C. Floriciilliire Enulisfi, William Albert, Mm, roe, . G. Textiles 1 ii-nian, Llovd James ltileii;l , . . G. Klec. E ia.r. ., Enloe. William Gilmore. |r EKileiyh, N. C. l - Us 1 lkLiiIv. Koyal Roscoe Wilkesboro. N. C. Mech, Engr. [Aerc. Opt J 1 Joe TncEer . Sylva, N. C. loreslr) 1 N.ins. William James, i: X IVileiah, . C. Ceil. H.igr. 1 aueett, William E Latrobe. Pa. C.c„. E..i;r. Eeldman, Georue Edwin Falls Church, ' a. Jn.i. Engr. Eerrell, Georye Matthew Durham, N. G. E ec. En r, I iekls, Geori ' c Walton Charlotte, N. G. Mech. Enjjr. 1 ilreis, Samuel lEiroUl, i: A M . . . . Brooklvn, . Y, Or. In r. I isher. Thomas Preston Rocky Mount, N. C. Ge„l. i:..«r. 1 ite, Robert Edward Charlotte, N. C. Elfc. En r. Eleminc, Denis Raum, i) 4 K ....Portsmouth, Va. " (:.•„. E,.Kr. Meminc, Rolurl I lovle Rlakelv, Ga. ' Textiles I letclier, Diuid Wilev, Jr Durham, N. G. Poullrv SiJi ' .Kc ' 1 lorns, James Charlotte, N. C. Elo ,l. Neal Coleman WashinjJo«; ' ' N. G. Jilil. Hecreutiim 1 oulcinan, Sloeum Hatch, Ir Eiberty, N. G. ;„. . f-„ ' J,r. 1-orbis, Charles Owen Greensboro. . G. Textile MfR. Fortune, t ' harles Ware Fnrcsl Citv. N. C. . i;i. ; .I1U..I1..PI Foster, Elarry ■iKliii.irsch Raleioh. N. C. C.T. E..«r. [156] CLASS OF ' 50 Foster, James Bowie. Tr Statesvillc, N. C. Textiles Fowler, Max T Sliclbv, N. C. Fowler. Robert Glenn Kannan.ilis, N. C. Elec. Ennr. Fowler, William Newton Charlotte. . C. liiir.ii C- III, . P.CLnuli,,,, Franeis, Georoe William . . . . Hockv Mount, N. C. Mech. Eni r. Franeis, Josiah Wilson Wavnesville, N. C. Animiil Iml. Franeis, Robert Henrv V ' avnesville, N. C. Mech. Eiisr. Fra elle, Charley J Richlands, N. C. Civil E„i r. Fra ier, Elvin Henrv Liberty, N. C. Ciiil En r. Freehof, James Neil, i: A M Brooklyn, N. Y. Archilectiire Freeman, Jere David. IT K A. . Wilmington. N. C. Gfi!. Eiigr. Fritts. Lucian Woodrow Lexington, N. C. Mech. Engr. Frve, Dolan Bruce Albemarle, N. C. Textiles Fuller, Roy Edwin, Jr., A 2 J Raleigh, N. C. Civii Eiigr. Furr. Weslev Curtis Concord, N. C. Forestry Gaines, Rov Eugene r. . . .Sanford, N. C. E!ec. E.i!.r. Gantt, John Pinknev Mooresboro, N. C. Animal huL Cemayel, Thomas Moses Spencer, N. C. Texiilcs Gerard, Alpern Parker Washington, N. C. (.hem. E„«r. Getsinger, Christian F.. Ir., — N, Chevy Chase, Md. 7 • . i ' hem. C- Dv. ' iHn Gibson, Charles Bobo High Point, N. C. Dairy Mfi!,. Gilbert, Max Dean Melvin Hill, N. C. Textiles Gilbert, Raymond Baldwin Bolivia, N. C. Elec. Engr. Gill. Merrion Douglas, 2 X Raleigh, N. C. Mech. Etijjr. Glasgow, William Leigh. -X ....Littleton, . C. Mech. Eiigr. Glazener, Bruce Gilbert Brevard, . C. Dairy Mf . Glover, John Lindsay Wilson, . C. A r. Education Glover. John Womble Flendetson, N. C A r. En r. Cluck, Sanford Oliver, :S A M . . . . Nevv ' York, . Tex. Mgt. Coble. William Otha. Jr Hiddenite, X. C. Elec. En«r. Godfrey, Marvin Ralph ....Elizabeth Citv, . C. Auronomr iFiehi Cro,.s- Gold, Daniel McEntire ilson, . C. Textile Mf . Goldberg. Herbert Sidney, - A .M, Asheville, N. C. Gen. Eufir. Gooding. Nathan Green. Jr New Bern, X. C. Elec. En r. Goodman, Joseph G., Jr.. - X . .Fort Worth, Texas Rural Ind. Recreation Good inHi, Warner Seymour Raleigh, N. C. Architecture GoiKilwin, William Shreve Apex, N. C. . gricalture Goss. John David Mebanc, N. C. Textile Mfj!.. Gouge. Wilev Larrie, Jr Asheville, N. C. Mech. E»Kr. Graeber, John Nicholas Dunn, N. C. Mech. Enfj. {. ero. Ojit.) [1571 M t 9- M J. Ifj , ▼ „» -wA 51 ' «• C C O b - JUNIORS O- f Q 15 i p rs C;ral .im, liillv Ross Norman. N. C. Cravc ' lv. Inlin O. V Woodsdalc, N. C. .• sr. fH.ur. (;rro., ' JoM-,ili Alh »«r-W. Va. Gen. Eiisr. Cr-i-ii. Hor.ic- Joseph Dinliam, . C. Forest rv (irirnc. Preston Atlas I loldcrolt, Va. Textiles (.1 : , l.iscpli ludcrick ..Newt.m (.rovc. . C. Cen. Engr. .tillin. Ihnnias binder . . . .Eli alHili C ' ilv. . C. Fori ' sin Iriliin. Vance New licrn, - . C. Kcniuili Frankll Gi. Heeel.ii I loyte . IJiKoliiton, ' . C. . 11,11 iiu.nv. . C. K.ibcrl W ' lllieil ' .Ak Sircani. . Y. Port ' Sir) .uki, Howard L.. i:A. l ' ilmms.ton, N. C. Textiles liiroanious. Joseph Thomas Atkinson, ' . C. Mecli. Blt ir. I.MS, VViJii.un Charles. Jr Wilmini-ton, N. C. Gc». irr,«r. uins, Perrv Earl St. Pauls, , C. E(fC. E r :. I.ilher. Max Cincinnati. Ohio Forestry I, ill, Edward Masscr Raleigh, , C. Civil E,.«r. I, ill, Georce jally Crirnsboro, . C. Civil I, ill. Homer G Salishury, N. C. Tex. M0. I, ill. Rohen Stanton. 2 •! E. Winston Salem, ' . C. lall, Willi, GornicL, W f )(■ i ton, N. C. I. ill. W illi,im Summeral , li, Ulla, N. C. Animal huL, Cllmer Norlolk, Va. Tc-Milf MIK- l.iiiiijton. W illiam Hazel, Jr., :i H. , Haleigh, , C. ilton. William Vample . . . . F,i Civil E..,i;r. . c. l.incock, Eugene Boomer . .Winston Salem. N. C. Elec. Euf r. l.uuock, John Randolph Greensboro, N. C. Dairy Mfn. laiHock, Joseph Shipman Raleiyh, N. C. .! ;.■. Ecnm,wies l.inslierser, John Louie, T K E . . .Memphis, Tenn. Textiles l.msen, Edwin Randolph New Bern, N. C. Tex. Chevt. £- Dreinu l.irdie, Joseph Earlton Enfield, N. C. Ci. ' ii EMgr. I.iuiestv, V illiam Glenn Newport, N. C. Auronomy (l-ieU O..,. I, inline, H.irvev Asburv Mocksville. N. C. Geol. EM«r. i.iirill, B. I lorest V ' ils(m, N. C. Art. Editcatioii l.irielson, Wilton Dallas Whitevillc, N. C. .Mr (?JN. C. .R.ileigh, , C. 1.11 nil, Eus;riu- T.. Jr., H K ■!■ Te.xti es l.iiiincton, I homas Alex. Jr. Mecli. I-Myr. I.inis. Jesse Parker laylor, Jr. . ., . C. MecU. Eiifir, l.irl, ( Willinni Hiln. h. N. C. laiton. I vnn I.koi, W Mech. ill;!. ..Ion. N. C. 158 Hasty, Lanier C, A X A Laurinburg, N. C. Aarmwmy (Field Crops) Hastv, ' illiam Howard Maxton, N. C. Aor. En«r. Hawley, Joseph Cleo Lillinoton, N. C. A r. Education Hawley, William Hatdin Lexington, N. C. ArchitL-cUuc Havncs, William W Clyde, N. C. Animid Ind. Heffner, Bervl Leslie Shelby, N. C. Textiles Henderson, James Earle, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Elec. Ensj. Henkcl, William Richard Belmont, N. C. Architecture Henrv, Francis Richard Manchester, Mass. Textile Mi . Hcnrv. Milton Claude Rocky Mount, N. C. Textiles Hcplcr, David Skeen Greensboro, N. C. Elec. Enor. Hethcrington. Reed Jay Ambridge, Pa. Dairy J fe. Hewett, Gov. Jr., TKE Wilmington, N. G. Textiles Hcuott, John Burgwin Supply, N. C. Aor. Educatiou Hcwctt, Gene A ' eldon Mvrtle Beach, S. C. Mech. Etior. Hiooins, Br an Boggs, AX A Shelby, N. C. Tex. Mi l. Hill, Robert Henderson Richlands, N. G. Mech. Enii r. Hinkle, Russell Mankins Asheville, N. C. Tex. jMi;f. Hinshaw, Ravborn Freeman Liberty, N. G. A«r. lUior. Hinton, James William Clayton, N. G. Textiles Hobbs, Richard M.. A T ... .Chapel Hill, N. C. Mech. Enor. Hobson, Wade Martin Boonyille, N. C. Animal hid. Hodge, Charles Derwood Raleigh, N. G. Ind. Ewflr. Hodul, Paul Thomas, TKE New York, N. Y. Rural Ind. Recreation Holcomb, William L., - n Mount Airy, N. G. Textiles Holder, Louis Laird Raleigh, N. G. Textiles Holland, Jack Calif Raleigh, N. G. Yorestry Holland, John Michael Dorchester, Mass. Textiles Holland, Leon Charles, N. C Agronomy [Field Crops) Hollinger, James Arthur Gastnnia, N. G. Mech. Enor. {Aero. Opt. ' Hollowav, James L., - E Durliam, X. C. Dairy Mfg. HoUowcll, Rav Elliott .Hobbsville, X. C. Asiricultme Hollovvell, William E., Jr., 2 n.RockvM .unt, X. C. lElec. En r. Holt. Sidney Ben, 2 X C;r.iham, X. C. Textiles Homewood, Samuel Sholes, X ..Marion, N. C. - Textiles Hoover pffies Weston Raleigh, N. C. , - Agronomy (Field Crop ' s t Hopson, I. Gattis Raleigh, N. C. Dairy Mf . Home, Walter Franklin, Jr ..Wilson, N. C. Arch. En r. Home, Wilham Parrish, SX Charlotte, N. C. Ind, Engr. Howard, Rufus David Kinston, N. C Agronomy (Field Crops) [1591 CLASS OF ' 50 JUNIORS A ; Le,) I J ' - " ' Howard. William Sugg. S X Charlotte. X. C. Go.. Howell, Carl Jackson. Jr Concord, X. C. C icm. Erigr. Huff.iDenver Ralph. Jr. ..Ashlcv Hciehts? N. C. 1 lull rnan, lohn Glenn 1 leiulorson, . C. Tex. Mot. llui hes. George Hilliard. H 1 •!•. AvJKvillc. X. C. Texlilc-. lluglies, Waiiam lames I ' .uk. L. I.. X. Y. C. ; I lughes, R.xlerick Miller W ilson. X. C. Ardiilfcliiri- Hull, John Tillman CluMivviUe, X. C. FJec. E«gr. llunnicutt, Rol ert Ward Raleigh, X. C. Ge,,. E„f.r. Hunt, Edwin Chambers, Ir Raleigh, X. C. Gen. Tnur. Hunter, James Robert I • i lonia, X. C. llec. J. -J Hunter, Rov Wilson W .i haw, X. C. CInnu En«K I lutihins, Edwin Harold R.deigh, X. C. Chim. Engr. Hutehins, Frank Tabor R.deigh, X. C. Ge.i. Eiiu ' . Hutehison, C. Harold, Jr Oak Ridge, Tenn. Lmid. . J,. Ingold, Winfred Lee, J r Taylorsville, X. C. i A r. EdttcatioH Ipock, Ernest Roger Nanceboro, X. C. Rural £■ 1ml. Recrcl,,..: IvcniiDur, Charles Norman ..Blow n.; Rock. X. C. Elec. Ettfir. |,lck on, Ralph Hilliard, Jr Charlotte. X. C. Ce,i. Enor. - 1 l.inRs, Eugene Beth N. C. .-Igr. £.l..c i( r,ii James, ornuin Crawford. Ir. . . Statesvillc. N. C. Mtil. Jamison, ilburn W., Jr. . .Henderstdix ille. X. C. 1)1 . Engr. larrett. Charles Andnw Toecane. X. C. ( l:.„,. I n-i. Jenkins, Kenneth Allen vlu ville. X. C. Tf.v. Chem. L- D .:..- lenniugs, Carl Scott. Jr (.ncnville, Miss. K ' ssup, Bernard Lel.nid. Ir Concord, N. C. .Udiiu-cluTc |oIh-. Garlanil Ralph Greensboro. N. C. Med,. E»«r. lohnson, Be erlv Macias Lakewood, N. |. Civil Johnson, Dennis Laughton ....Burlington, N. C. Johnson, Harold Gibson . . .W ' inston-Salem. N. C. r C.e„. rujjr. lohnson, Jiunes Arthur, Jr l aleigh, X. C. Ge„. E„iir. |ohn-.on, John Frank, Jr. ..Winston-Salem, X. C. Textile .llf«. lolinMin. Richard Thomas Henderson, N. C. Iml. Hnar. I.ihn-on. V ,ule Oldham Salisbury, N. C. Di.irv Ml)-. lolln ton, James Gavlord Roper, N. C. Ge„. EMfir. lones. Berfice I BeaifHRJ N. C. Bee. Eufir. |n,u-. Bellve Harris r,,ileioh, N. C. Textih- lone.. Charles Mautitt!- Renm . . Io. EUc. £ijs;r. Jones. Decatur. Jr. ...., Buii;.iu. . C. ■ .Inr. E (»cali,„i Jones. Charles Wesley, Ir..n K A, Henderson, X. C. Textiles [160] Jones. Frederick Wallace . .Morehead City, N. C. Textile Alfg. lones, John Rufus Pilot Mountain, N. C. .4gr. Economics Jones, Rav Elwin Greensboro, N. C. Elec. En r. Jones, Reginald HaTiTvood, 2 X . . . .Roxboro, N. C. Gen. Engr. Jones. Richard Gaston McCain, N. C. Mech. Etigr, nes. Robert Chandler. OK ..Charlotte, N. C. Arcli. E.igr. ■ " mc:.. Robert H. W Greensboro, N. C. Mech, E»gr. rdan, Charles Ralph Kinston, N. C. Architecture Keph. J. Walter, Jr Winston-Salem, N. C. Mech. Engr. nncr. Bobbv Lawrence Raleigh. N. C. Cer. Engr. Kahan. Herbert, ii A : [ Port Chester. N. Y. Imi. E„gr. Katzin. Emanuel. A E II ..Winston-Salem, N. C. Texlites Kavler. Joseph Hountha Gastonia, N. C. Civil Engr. Kavler. Ray Anderson Gastonia, N. C. Arch. Eugr. Keels. Harold Franklin Greensboro, N. C. Tex. Chem. £- Dicing Kehr. Kenneth Eugene Rr(Klbecks, Pa. Mech. Iiisr. Kennev, Eugene Russell Davton, Ohio ,vrcc;.. Engr. Kesler. Vance Russell Salisbury. N. C. Cii-il Engr. Kev. Lester Lvndon . .Hickory, N. C. Civil Engr. Kiger. Eugene Oliver Raleigh, N. C. Flee. Enpr. Kimlev, Robert John New Bern. N. C. lrc iitec(iirc King. George Weslev Clinton. . C. .l!;r. E.hicntHm Kino. W ' illiam Rutus NLUtoii Grove, X. C. A:ir. F.lncTli..,, Kirkiand. Arthur Ledou.x Durham, N. C. Land, Arch. Kirkman, Winfred McGee. - X. Greensboro, N. C. Mech. Engr. Kiser. Robert Michael. Jr. ..Bessemer City, N- C. Mech. Engr. i.Aero. Oyl. Kitchens, James Merrell Orlando. Fki. E(cc. Engr. Knight. Robert Calvin ....West Hillsboro, N. C. Textiles Knott. William Archibald Raleigh, N. C. Cirii Engr. Kochhar. Prakash C India Textile Mfg. Kotob. Rifat Adib Damascus, Syria Textiles Kurlces. Ralph Chalmus Mocksville, X. C. Agr. Education Ladd. Bernard Myers Whitakers, X. C. Inrf. Arts Education Ladd. Charles Ray Gastonia, X. C. Textile Mfg. Lamb, Leon Henry, Jr Garland, X. C. .4nima( Ind. Lamb. Robert James Mount Airy, X. C. Textiles Lamm. Maurice Hall Lucama, X. C. Gen. Engr. Lampe. John Gerhard Raleigh. X. C. Forcslrv Lane. David Bostic. X. C. Mech. Engr. Lane. Raymond Xeil Wilson, N. C. Tex. Mgt. CLASS OF ' 50 161 ■ JUNIORS Lang, Robert Earl Plainfield, N. J. Langston, Charles Noble Durham, N. C. .-Igr. £JiJc lttori Lanious, Edgar Joseph. Jr Lancaster, Pa. Afech. Hn T, {Aero, 0( ' r. .irrabee, Bruce MacKav. Jr Lakewood. X. J. jMech. V.n T, .ivsiter, Dax id Ray Mcbane, X. C. TexxWcs •iiIkts. Fred Terrell Horseheads, X. Y. jMech. EMgr. atta. J. Edward Dutham, N. C. Agronomy Laws. Donald Kannapolis, N. C. YUc. F,.j;r. Paul C.iirdon Laurinburg, X. C. nan, Richard Pleaiii Lancaster, Pa. Architecture V, William Craio Edenton, X. C. fieii. E;.i!r. Allen Gavle Benson, X. C. EIcc, " Engf. Elizabeth Bobbitt I.umherton, X. C. ,4rcJli(tfc(lir« Sanford Howard Pink Hill, X. C. A T. VAxicalum Leinbach, Evans Scates New Bern, X. C. Ci. i7 K.iyr. Lent , Robert Alexander Raleigh, X. C. JMec i. Eiigr. Leonard, Gerard Euoene Lexington, X. C. yiech. li»fir. Lewis, George William Raleigh, X. C. Agr. liconotiiics Lewis, William Francis Rockv Point, X. C. Honicuhiire Lewis, William Lavman Hobgood, N. C. Mech. Efi r. Linder, John Lee. Jr Greensboro, N. C. Civil r.iqr. Lippard. John Beauregard Belmont, N. C. Land. Arch. Little, John Clifford Nathans Creek. N. C. Aor. Fluaiti,,,, ittlr, Silas Judson, AFP Charlotte, N. C. A r. Education i x rman, . nson Bruce, .i S 4 , Newport News, Va. Mech. Eiijr. 1 l..vd. Carl Thomas O.xford. N. C. Civil E..fir. Ll. vd, Harold Brown Raleigh, N. C. Textiles rd, Hobson Kendrick, Jr .Asheville. N. C. I.i.i. Eiigr. Lciftin, Ernest Eugene Trenton, N. C. C,e„. E,.gr. iminac, Harold Richmond . . . . Asheville, N. C. Alech. Engr. my. Jack Raymond Greensboro, N. C. Civil irick, James Madison, Jr Asheville, N. C. Mech. En r. iwrimor , John T., IlKA ..Wilmington. N. C. Ind. Eiigr. IV. Richard V ' eslev Burlington, X. C. A r. Education .iicli, Julian Manies Charlotte, X. C. Etec. Eiigr. vein. Zeni Garland PlymBJlm, X. C. Elcc. Eii r. ' , l.icManus. Frank Erwin. K . . Pelham Manor, X. Y. Textihi Mac.Millan, Francis Williams . . FayetteviJK-. X. C. Arch. Efffif. MacXeill, John Leach. A X A Maxtim. N. C. McAnultv, Joseph Rich.inl Cili7 Fuur r.u-f.ird. X. C. [162] McCall, Thomas Morris ..Barium Springs, N. C. Rural Sociology McCaskill, Richard Harrison . . Henderson, N. C. Elcc. Enar. McCleney, William LeRoy Chadbourn. N. C. A r. Eiiucatioit McConnell, James Clifford Boone, X. C. Mech. Engr. McCord, William Harris Huntersville, N. C. Civil McCorkle, Jack Orin Lumberton, N. C. Elec. Euor. McCorkle, Pa fne, Jr., K A .... Memphis, Tenn. Textiles McCorkle, William Dickins, K A . .Memphis, Tenn. Textile Mfg. McCormick, William Neill St. Pauls, N. C. Aor. Eeonotnics McCoy, Marcus G Snow Hill. N. C. Civil Engr. McCrary, John Wessell Wilmington, N. C. Mech. Engr. McCulIoch, Daniel F., n K Charlotte, N. C. Mech. Engr. McCutry, Arthur Columbus . . Weaven ' ille, N. C. Poultry Science McDade, Larry Brown Hillsboro, N. C. Civil Engr. McDiarmid. Samuel Newton Raleigh. N. C. Architecture McDonald, Edward Hal -. Unaka, N. C. hid. Arts Educiition McDonald, James Duffee Mocksville, N. C. Textiles McDonald, Virgil Dewev Whittier, N. C. Forestry McFarland, Neill A.. Jr., A r P, Greensboro, N. C. Animal Ind. McGee, Harold Cline Newton, N. C. Elec. Engr. McGowan, Ellsworth Canton. N. C. Chem. Engr. Mclnnis, William Donald. Jr. . . Henderson, N. C. Mech. Engr. . eTo. Opt.i McKaughan, Clayton Carlvle . .Greensboro, N. C. Mech. Engr. McKinnon, Lauch Dixon, Jr. . . Laurinburg, N. C. Tex. Mgt. McLeod, Harr ' Arthur Cleveland, Tenn. Land. .ArcJi. McLeod, John J. Pershing Lillinaton, N. C. Animal hid. McLeod, Neill Alexander Aberdeen, N. C. Agronomy McLean, ' ade Cameron Adder, N. C. Elec. Engr. McManaway, George W., Jr Asheville, N. C. Elec. Engr. McMillan, Calvin Wingate Stedman, N. C. Agr. Education McNeill, Kenneth Watson Raeford, N. C. Agronomy McPhail, William Lester, Jr. ..Tomahawk, N. C. Agr. Education McPheter,s. Harold Holcomb ....Salisbury, N. C. Architecture McQueen, Bemie Garrett Ellerbe, N. C. Dairy Mfg. McQuinn, Jack Henry, 11 K . . Lincolnton, N. C. ' Arch. Engr. McRinunon, Allen Stuart Rowland, N. C. Engr. Mangum, Junius Adolphus Salisbury, N. C. Mech. Engr. i. ero. 0,.(.i Marion. Abe Carthago. X. C. Agr, Edttcation Marley, Guv Philip Pleasant Garden, N. C. Dairy Mfg. Marsh, William Benson, Jr Marshville, N. C. Elec. Engr. [163] Jl, p n a Martin, George Dcwcv Greensboro, N. C. Elec. Maslilnirn. William Herman . . . .Gastonia, N. C. Mech. EKgr. Maste i. filix Darius WinstonSalein, N. C. Mech. En r. M.istiTS, Ilar i ' v iMvers . . . . WinstcJivSalem, . C. Elec. E..fir. Maithews, Philip Roscoe Gates. . C. Mech. Engr. ( ew. 0; (. Mauiiev, Kenneth Edgar Cherrwille, N. C. Civil E.iKr. !a rr, Karl Bernard. Ir Vca rtville, N. C. C:.-;.. J-nyr. Mi.ieham. I rank Parker. A PI ' . . .. Raleigh, . C. Meares, William Burdette I akc- View, S. C. RWnonn -,•;, (,.,,,. Meeks, John William Draper, . C. Af,r. r.huut,..,, Mrner. Anyiis I ' iid Hill, . C. . ar. En-r. Mercer, Harrv Louis Burlington, N, C, Tex. Chem. Dycwti, Meredith, Jack Sylvester, T K K ... Raleigh, N. C. sUchitecttiTe iMiredith, K ' rrv Samuel Greensboro, N. C. Arch. Eirgr. Mcrritt, Wilbur Go xlvcar Rnhbins, ' . C. Civil r.i-r. Me.ssinser, Arnold. - . M Freeport. . V. Michael, John Revel I l.uldonfiekl. . . J. Ge,,. E„nr. Mich.iel. Ri.hcrt Milton 1 awndale, X. C. AIvcli. E.ljjr. Milks, Cla ' t(in Howard Greensboro, N. C. Tex. Algi. Miller. James Ashley Gastonia, N. C. .- Sr. Engr. ■■i Miller, Thurman Greene. Jr Jellerson, N. C. Af.r. E„Kr. Mills. James Frederick Wilminyton, N. C. Mech. Engr. Mills. William Clearon. Jr Apex. N. C. I ' ouUry ScictHC Millsaps, Harvcv Eugene, ATI " , Muoresville, . C. Dairy Mfg. Mims, Virgil Graham. Jr.. ri X . . . r .ilcigh, . C. ImM. I:„i;.-. Mitchell, Robert Harris ....Winston-Salem, N. C. Textiles Moffett, Frank Cowell Charlotte, N. C. .Ircliilvtliirv iMonroc, Thomas Andrew . . . . I.aurinlnirg, N. C. r.e„. E-Mjr. M..nt.ii;ue, William Rand Woodsdale, N. C. Elec. Engr. Muure, Adri.m Wallace Orlando, Fla. Ilorliciilliirv Moore, Clv le Wilbur Morchead Citv. N. C. (■;„ ' in. riyr. Moore. David Rav I lurdlc Mills. . C. Agr. Engr. Moore, George Jefferson Myrtle Reach. S. C. Civ,] Engr. Moore. lanus Miller Lincolnton, N. C. Im,I. f-,.«r. Moore. John M.. H K A Mount Holly. N. C. Civil Engr. Moore, Paul Edward Morchead Citv, N. C. Civil Engr. Moore, Stanley Albright I linton, W. Va. l ' l,llifv r,mscrv, li«n C- Mi;!. Moore. William Andrew Liridoevvater, C ' onn. .Arcli. Engr. Moore. William Holt Rnltimore. Md. Cirit I I.-.. Morgan. Jesse Pierpont. Jr.. - - . . .Wilson. N. C. In.l. , r(s I , ,R, 0..n [1641 CLASS OF ' 50 Morgan, Sam Lamar Angier, N. C. Elec. Eiiyr. Morgan, William Paullard Ashcville, N. C. Morgan, Wilson Wright ....Spring Hope. N. C. Elec. Enfir, Morris, Arcus Free Salisbury, N. C. Texlih ' i Morris, Cola Rienzi, |r Raleigh, N. C. hid. Enyr. Morrison, Elbert Fleming States ille»_N. C. Textiles Morrison, Neill Angus, Jr Rouseboro, N. C. Agr. Ediicatiun Morrison, Robert Gilbert Statesville, N. C. Mech. Eti r, Moser, W endcU Cornelius. 2 N ... .Shelby. N. C. Chem. Eiisr. Mostiler, John L Spartanburg. S. C. Textiles Murdock, William David . . . . Mooresville. N. C. Textiles Murphy, James Leo, Jr Rocky Mount, N. C. Gen. Engr. Murray, Raymond Baker, Jr Norfolk, Va. 1ml. Engr. Musser, Charles Alfred Frankford, W. Va. EoTeslT Muth, Frank Edwards Raleigh, N. C. Chem. £„gr. Myers, Arthur Mi.unt Clilead, N. C. Tex. Mat. Myers, J. Van, S » Greensboro, N. C. V . rchitectnre Nance, Horace Lee Burlington, N. C. hul. E.inr. Nardiello, Robert Fox. T I i: . - B.iv-,ide. L. L, N. Y. Nave, Wallace King Asheville. N. C. ,li;r. IduLiilirm Neal, Arthur B., n K A ..Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Textiles Needham, Edward R., Drummondville, Que., Can. Textile Mi!!.. Newkirk, Joseph Whitheld Magnolia, N. C. Elec. E.isr. Newsom, Charles Renfrew Raleigh, N. C. Textiles Newton, Gilbert Edwin Yonkers, N. Y. Tex. Mot. Nifong, Carl Edwin Winston-Salem, N. C. Mech. Enf T. Nobles, Thad Moore Greenville, N. C. Textile .Ufg. Noe, James Thomas V ' ilson, N. C. Cer. Eiisr. Noell, John Stanford Raleigh, N. C. Agr. Chem. Norris, Jesse Raymond Raleigh, N. C. . rchitecture Norwood, Joseph Wilkins, KA . .Raleigh, N. C. Cer. Engr. Oehman. Waldo Idol Wilston-Salem, N. C. Mech. Engr. (Aero. Opt.) Oerter, Edward Albert ....Winston-Salem, N. C. Arch. Engr. O ' Neal, Robert Lance Neuse, N. C. Mech. Engr. (Aero. Opt.) Ormsbv. Dale Maxwell Laurinburg, N. C. ' 1 Textiles Osbeek, Robert V ' alter Arlington, S. D. Chem. Engr. Osborne, Thomas Zack, K A Sparta, N. C. Civil Engr. Osteen, Lemuel Lawson, Jr. ..Rockingham. N. C. Gen. Engr. Overbey. Robert Cathcy ....Rocky Mount, N. C. Forestry Padgett. James Robert ....Black Mountain, N. C. Forestry [165] ( r JUNIORS Ci p. . f C) 1 -P ©■ I O f!j f!ti Palazuelos, Carlos Mexico, D. F., Mexico Textiles Palmgren, Edwin D., A i: , Winston-Salem. N. C. Elec. En r. Pappas, Chris, Jr., X Charlotte, . C. Textiles Pardue, Ralph Edward, A r P, Yadkinville, X. C. Animal InJ. Parker, Chester .Arthur Raleigh, N. C. ArchitectuTe Parker, James Scott MariiKi, X. C. Textiles Parthemos, Cleo Xick Asheville, X. C. Gen. Engr. Patrick, William H.. Jr.. n K A . .Gastpnia, X. C. Textile MfR. Patterson, Benjamin Frederick ..Hidd te, X. C. Agriculture Patterson, Charles Conoollv Xewton, X. C. Tex. MRt. Patterson, Joseph Da is, 2 X Wilson, X. C. Elec. Eiagr. Pa ne. Earl Brown Boone, X. C. Ci il E»Rr. I ' .iMK, John Franklin Charlotte, X. C. Texirles Pearson, Charles Smith ....Rodiv Mount, X. C. Mech. Enff. Pease. Joseph Holt, K A Charlotte, X " . C. Textiles Pecle. Howell R Williamston, X. C. Gen. Engr. Penland, illiam Zadock .Asheville, X. C. Ind. En r. Penny, Marion Charles Raleigh, X. C. Architecture Perkins, Charles WajTie . .Connelly Springs, X. C. Textiles Perrw Edgar Lee Louisburjj, X. C. hid. E„Rr. Peters, Forrest Irving Grafton, Mass. Cer. Enijr. Peterson. John Norman Beaufort, X. C. Architecture Pettinclli, Eugene Fedelis. T K E. Elmhurst. X. V. Elec. Engr. PcttineUi, Frank James Broiiklyn, X. Y. Gen. Enfir. Phelps, Richard F., Jr " ilmington, . . C. Mech. Engr. Phelps, William Robert, ATP Monkton, Md. Forestry- Pickett, Atlas Earl, 2 n Spencer, N. C. Te.xliies Pierce. William Leslie Hallsboro, N. C. Forestry Pittman, Henn ' Bryan. Jr Snow Hill, N. C. • Ind. Engr. Pittman, James Roland, Jr Fayetteville, X. C. .•Irchitecllire P ' Ic. Archibald Eugene Troy, X. C. Textile Mfg. I ' plm. Clyde Bangle, Jr Salisbury, X. C. Gen. Engr. I ' orter. Oscar Bennett. Jr Sanford. X. C. Animal Ind. Laurence E Bakersville. X. C. Mech. Engr. Potter, James .McConnell, Jr Raleigh, X. C. Ind. En«r. mr I ' oucll. Claud Hamilton WarSaw, X. C. .■ gronomy i Field Cro;.N 1 ' mucII, Dillard .Martin Puffin, X. C. Tex. Mgt. Powell. Victor George Raleigh, N. C. Gen. Engr, Presson. Thomas Hovte Charlotte. X. C. Elec. Engr. Prevatt, William English Charlotte. . . C. Elec. Engr. [166] CLASS OF ' 50 Prevette, James Harry, ATP . . Statesville, N. C. Animal Ind. Price, John Alfred Forest City, N. C. A r. Education Price, John Moody, T K E ' .Clinton, N. C. Meek. Engr, Price, Lane Bigoers Monroe, N. C. Poaltry Science Pritchard, Carl Carter, Jr., i: n. Greensboro, N. C. Tex. Mat. Proctor, William Con, Jr. ..Rocky Moi |jjt J M. C. Mech. Engr. Proffitt, Landon Moore Burnsville, N. C. Architecture Pulsifer, Edward Roak, .i - , Newport News, Va. Elec, Engr. Quinn, Newton Franklin, Jr. . . .Charlotte, N. C. Cer. Eiigr. Rand, William Neil Richlands, N. C. G H. E»sr. Ranoel, Jose Antonio, " t I A .... Caracas, Venezuela Tex. iHg(. Rankin, James Richard, A I ' P .. Greensboro, N. C. Forestry Raper, William Wood, Jr High Point, N. C. Elec. En r. Rapp, Frank Lawrence, 2 E . . Upper Darby, Pa. Textiles Rathz, Lawrence Clemin Indianapolis, Ind. Elec. Engr. Rav, George V ' illiam, Jr., A - , High Point, N. C. ' ■iex. Mgt. Rea, Willis Herbert, Jr., A X A, Newport News, Va. trloricultnre Reames, Joel Green, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Gen. Eup,r. Reams, Robert Marshall Apex, N. C. Animal bid. Resor, John Charles Sylva, N. C. Chem. Ennr. Rhodes, Oscar Lafayette, Jr.. .Wilmington, N. C. Gen. En r. Rhudv, Harold Clingman Greensboro, N. t " . Civil Ennr. Rhue, Dalton Benjamin Newport, N. C. Elec. Enar. Rhyne, Clyde Johnnie Lincolnton, N. C. Textiles Rh ' ne, William Clemmer Gastonia, N. C. Rural Sociology Richardson, Horace Earl V ' endell, N. C. Civil Richardson, Robert Bruce ....High Point, N. C. Ind. E»gr. Rickart, V ' illiam Espy, K 2 . . LInion City, Tenn. ind. Engr. Ricks, James Pender, Jr. ..Rocky Mount, N. C. Mech, Engr. Riggs, William E Greenville, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Rivadene Ta, Raul Augusto . . Me. ico City, Me. ic(j Tex. Chem. cr Dyeing Roane, Arthur Crea New York, N. Y. Forestry Roberts, Wilbur LeRoy ....Winston-Salem, N. C. forestry Robertson. Warren Winfield, - n . .Hamlet, N. C. Elec. Engr. Robinson, Albert Kelly Statesyille, N. C. .■ nimal Ind. Robinson, Clyde Hoffman, 11 K A, Gastonia, N. C. Geo!. Eiigr. Robinson, Conley E Raleigh, N. C. Textiles Robinson, James Eustace, Jr Statesville, . C. Textiles Rodman, Edward Newton . . . . WashingtoHj_ N. C. Gen. Engr. Rogers, Earl Stanley Roxboro, N. C. AgT. Education [167] f 0 ygn 0Stk i ■ JUNIORS ■loyiTS. Malcolm lames Bradcnton, Fla. , l ricullure .ss, Bcverlv. n K A Carv. N. C. 1ml. f..«r. " iss, Honrv Donald Kerner SilleJ N. C. .Arc i. Eu r. ountree, Robert Howard Gates, . C. Elec. Ettffr, ' louse, Eris Lanier liose Hill, . C. E»n ' . ?o al. Willie Edward I rwin. . C. -lijroMOmy (Soi s mucker, Otis Gray. Jr., 2 E Kmston, . . C. mi. Recreation udd, Aaron Lanier ....Guilford College, . C. Tex. Mi t. Uisvell, Leonard Maxwell Dover, X. C. Dairy .M(j;. Uith, John Foster, i: N I ' ,aleigh, . C. TeMih- Sain. Herman Andrew 1 lickory, N. C. Wihilife Conservuii ni C- Mi;i. S.inl)c)rn, Walter Frederick I aleigh, . C. „.(. Engr. S.,nlord, Lawrence, UKA Hilton Village. Va. Med,. Engr, Sapp, Robert Alvvn, T K E . . .Washington, N. C. Civil E.,gr. Sappenfield, Jack Edward ....High Point, N. C. Rural hid. Reereaiion Saslutt. Russell Mayo Durham, . C. Elec. E,.«r. S.isscr, Leonard Ralph C ' .oldsboro, . . C. Animal Iml. Sa .l-c. John Logan M.irs Hill, . C. Cliem. E.iijr. S.n.,i;e. Rudolph Patrick Will , N. C. Ge„. £«gr. S.iurev, Hcnrv Vance. X . . . . SmithfieM, N. C. 111.!. . rls Sawyer, Raymond Cecil Shawboro, N. C. .Ircli. Inor. Sawyer, Robert William Darien, Wis. Architecture Schell. Joe Herman Conover. N. C. Tex. Chem. C- Dvini; Schenkman. Howard I., - A II .... Brooklyn, X. Y. Textiles Scott. Jack Hillman Gastonia, X. C. Texttles j_ Searcy, Walter Harold Fletcher, N. C. Forestry Scu.,1. Philip M., Jr., ET ..Greensboro, N. C. Tex. Chem. L- Dyeinfi Scihcl, Herman Eugene Xorfolk, Va. Mech. Enar. Sell. John Burton, Ir Winston-Salem, N. C. ' Mech. Enf r. Scllc, Charles Misenheimer, N. C. A jr. £(lticatioH Si ssoins, James Calhoun, Jr Ahoskie, N. C. Geu. E.ifjr. Sit ir, William Jennings Raleigh, N. C. Textiles Si ton, Kenneth Bryan Burlington, X. C. Forestry Shannon, Lewis Edward Rock Hill, S. C. Textiles Sharp, X(x-1 Charles Cantoiij X. C. Forestry Slurrdl, James Xelson, i: n, Winston Sslcm, X. C. .Ircliilfct.irc Shinn, Warren Harding Concord, . . C. Mill.. i: " ;r. Sih IT. Frank Clark Randan, i. . . C. Ajijr. Education Simmons, Xed Homer Moorseboro, X. C. Civil E.lgr, Simpson, Judge Arnold Marshyille, N. C. Aurouomy [1681 CLASS OF ' 50 Sink, Clarence Hubert Lexington, N. C. AiirUiilUiif Sisk, Herman Jav Dallas, N. C. r.nnil S,,ci.,lun Sisson, John White Audubon, N. ]. Forestry Sizemote, Rav Brewer Silcr Citv, N. C. .lor. Ldtualun, Sloan, Norman Leslie, ]r Raleigh, N. C. Rural £- hid. Kcciviitj,,,, Smetana, John Albert Baltimoie. Md. Mech. tii,i;r. Smith, Bynum Edwin ..Guilford College, N. C. Elec, En r. Smith, David Harold Ayden, N. C. Aoro»omy (Field Cropsi Smith, George Burwell, ATP ....Monroe, N. C. Aaronomy IField Crops) Smith, George Edward, Jr Cornelius, N. C. Civil Fui r. Smith, Harry Lafayette Seneca, S. C. Land. Arch. Smith, Jack Wilson, N. C. Elec. En r. Smith. James Allen, Jr Hampton, Va. Mech. Eu r. Smith, Norris Woodruflt ....Rocky Mount, N. C. Ge«. Enor. Smith, Richard Lee Woodleaf, N. C. Textile Mfo. Smithy Robert Weldon . . Raleigh, N. C. I Civil knur. Smith; Roy Leon Pied Springs, N. C. i Mech. E. Kr. Smith, Thomas Hill Belmont, N. C. Ceu. £iit;r. Snipes, Othn Chester . . . . Fiuiuav Sprmgs, N. C. . roi] " nn I uld ( u)} " . Snoddv, John Martin, Ir.. -AH ..Marion, N. C. icytilcs Snyder, William X)a id. Jr.. - U ..Raleigh. . t. .IrW,. ' hna,,. Soflev, Carl Wilson Cana, N. C . Animal h,.l Solomon, Howai Allen (. h.irlotte, N. C . ■ . Elcc. E„ j,,-. Spaine, Lawrence Franklin Charlotte, N. C. Archilecltire Spainhour, David Newton Lenoir, N. C. Elec. £«gr. 1 Spence, John Wesley Seven Springs, N. C. Elec. Enf r. Spencer, John Addison Carthage, N. C. hid. Eiinr. Spring, Marshall Meredith, Jr., - ■( ' !•:, Miami, Fla. . rchitectiire Sprinkle, Thomas Sanford Raleigh, N. C. h,d. E„! r. ! Spivey, John Frank, Jr Asheville, N. C. Forestry Stackhouse, V ' illiam Bvne ...Wilmington, N. C. Civil En r. Stallings, Yaneev Moore Kinston, N. C. Ceu. E„i r. Stanton, James Washington . . . . La Grange, N. C. Elec. EuoT. Starling, William Noble Pine Level, N. C. Ind. Ellgr. Stearn , Har old Marsh, Jr Puileieh, N. C. pn Ge„. E„«r. Steen, John Burton, Jr., II K A 1 lampton, ' a. Te.xliles Stephens, Gilbert O ' Berrv Erwin N. C. Textiles Stephens. John Mack . . . . . 7:7. . .Leasburg, N. C. Civil Engr. Stevens, Clarence Edgar .; .. " ' .. Council, N. C. Agronomy {Field Crops! Stevens, Richard Barber Asheville, N. C. Tex. Mgt. [169] f 9 Q Q C- P Stevens, William Hume, Jr Asheville. N. C. Dairy Mfg. Stewart, Nathaniel Bennett Wallace. N. C. Elec. Engr. Stidham, Scott Filmore, - X Jonesboro. Ark. l,,d. E,,Rr. SiiiHc-l, Gcorye Isaac Grcenslwro, N. C. Mech. E»gr. Stokes, Hugh Bertrand, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Mecit. Engr. Stone. Robert I .lires Asheville, N. C. .Irt iiteclurc Stout. Ralph Dee, Ir., -X ....Greensboro, X. C. ■ Ciril E,.«r. Strickhouser. Donald Edward ....Charlotte, . C. Ccn. E.iur. Stridcr, Carmll Davis E. Flat Rock, N. C. Stroupe, Ezra .A.. Jr Raleigh, . C. Mech. Enyr. Sir . .l, Raymond Hill Chapel HiU, N. C. .Architecture Stuckcv, William Clifton, Jr. ..Goldsboro, . . C. Textiles Sugg. Jefferson Llovd Smithfield, N. C. Animal Ind. Suggs. Harrv Jenkins Gastonia, X. C. Chem. EnoT. Sullivan, William Robert Goldsboro, X. C. Elec. Etigr, Suttlcs, James Turner Greensboro, .X. C. Tex. ,Mgi. Sutton, Robert James Goldsboro, X. C. Agr. Educatio,, Swallow, Austin Briggs Pawtucket, R. I. Textile Mfg. Svkes. Pat Dorsey New Londim, N. C. Forestry Talbot, Charles Carey Myrtle Beach, S. C. Textiles Talton, Charks 1 rancis O.xford, .X. C. i(.-.. J;.ii;r. Tart. John Lisker Four Oaks. X. C. Agriculture I 1 ' V Thomas Harris, jr Charlotte, .X. C. Arch. ' latem, Lloyd Eugene, 2 N Norfolk. ' a. Gen. Engr. Tavlor, Fincher Rav Charlotte, X. C. ' Textiles lavlor. William Robert Wilson, X. C. Civil Engr. I eat;iie. Jack Dempsey Granite Falls, N. C. Agr. Education K i-ur. Wiiltcr Watts Kings Creek, N. C. Textiles 1 iiiikin, Leonard Baer, -AM ... . Brooklj ' n, N. Y. I Textiles Ihawr, Frank Kirk. Jr Troy, N. C. Tex. Atgi. Thii;|xn, A]i..n Hill Pink Hill. N. C. hid. Engr. I, EUi ' - Porter Chattanooga, Tenn. Elec. Engr. III. in, s, Phillip Rav Hiddenite, N. C. Elec. Engr. I hiinipson, Ellie Florence Raleigh, X. C. Textiles I hnnipson, Ravmond M. ..Elizabeth City X. C. Agr. Education f ' ' Th.iiipson, William Findlav, -H . . DeDtoit, Mich. Ind. Engr. I iMiiipson. William Kennard, Jr. ...Towanda. Pa. .Ayr. C- h ii. ' Thurnc. Theophilus Taylor . .Rocky Mount. C. Mech. Engr. Ihornton, Robv TTil! Clavlon. X. C. .iiiiti;..; i„j. Throneburg, Billy Freeman. Kinu-, .Mountain. X. C. Chen,. Engr. [170] CLASS OF ' 50 Thrower, Robert Granville . .Rocky Mount, N. C. hid. Arts Education Tillett, Thomas Reade Timberlake, N. C. Mecll. Engr. Tillson, David Kellar High Point, N. C. Mech. Engr. Timanus, Edwin Clay Lenoir, N. C. Textile Mfn. Todd, John David, - II Rockingham, N. C. Topping, Earl Latham . . . .Roanoke RapidSi..N. C. Animal Ind. Townsley, Charles William, Jr. ..Raleigh, N. C. Civil E.:gr. Traywick, Jack Dee Marshville, N. C. Arch. En r, Trescot, Charles DeVeaus, Jr. ..Henderson, N. C. Mech. Engr. (Aero. Opt.) Troutman, Robert Jackson Hickory, N. C. hid. EMgr. Troxler, Donald Melvin Elon College, N. C. Animal Ind. Tro.xler, Roger Vernon Elon College, N. C. Land. Arch. Tucker, Paul Elmore Winston-Salem, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Turlington, Courtney Morgan ..Lumberton, N. C. Chem. Eiigr. Turner, Harold Rhoades, Jr Greenville, S. C. Textiles Turner, James Perkins .AshevOle, N. C. Arch. Enf r. Turner, Joseph Felton, Jr Jackson, N. C. Aotoiiomy (Field Crofs) Turner, Jos eph Lewis Gibson ville, N. C. Ind. Engr. Turner, Rufus Benton Oakboro, N. C. Agr. Education Turpin, Charles Braxton .... Mount Airy, N. C. Agr. Education Tuttle, Marion Amory ....Elizabeth City, N. C. Forestry Tysinger, Ted Workman Lexington, N. C. Cer. En r. Umstead, George Bemice Durham, N. C. Aflinuil hid. Underwood, Norfleet EUiotte, Jr. .. Raleigh, X. C. Rural £- hid. Recreation Upchurch, Thomas Joseph, 2 E . .Raeford, N. C. Agronomy Van Name, Charles Paul, Jr Woodridge, N. J. Tex. Client. £• Dyeing Vann, Henry Alexander, K . ....Monroe, N. C. .Agronomy Van Sickler, Edward Pollard Sebring, Fla. Mech. Engr. V ' anstory, Robert M., n K A . . Favetteville, N. C. Textiles ' enia, Theodore " A, " E T Bronx, N. Y. Textiles ' erbeck, Arthur Ralph Great Kills, S. L, N. Y. Forestry ' ernon, Robert Bryant Liberty, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Vick, James Wilev Nashville, N. C. Civil Engr. Wade, Lyle Vincent Greensboro, N. C. Chem. Engr. Wagner. Frank Teague Taylorsville, N. C. Civil Engr. Walker, Calvin Stanley Charlotte, N. C. Mech. Engr. Walker, Margaret Elizabeth Raleigh, . C. Rural £- hid. Recreation Walker, Robert Lee Reidsville. . C:. Agr. Education Wallace, Fonzo Ray Princeton, N. C Agr. Education ' allace. Henrv Homer . . .Mountain Park, N. C. Chem. Engr. [171] ka- . JUNIORS p. A ' 1 . 1 j «|! f ' ' - -w aller, George Rozier, Ir Clinton, . C. Agr. Clum. alton. Clifford Johnson, Jr Harrisburg, Pa. Dairy Mfg. alton, Jacob Adam Spcocei;- N. C. Gen. Engr. ard, Marvin Stacv, Jr Charlotte, . C. Arch. Eflgr. ard, MeK in Francis 1 i.iksvillc, N. C. Forestry ard, Ravmond Lee. -X ....Ilii;h I ' oint. N. C. Tex. Chcm. £- Dum.- ard, Wilton Lee C linton, X. C. -Agr. Edttcation arc, Wavne L. Kings Mountain, N. C. Agr. Econontici arren, Alton Adolph Clinton, X. C. Agjr. E. .ic.iti«n atkins, S. CKde, Jr Windsor, Va. Arch. I M;;r. atson, Hubert Herman, Jr Belhaven, X. C. AgTotiomy Suits att. Gordon, Jr., K Cluirlotte, X. C. Tex. Chem. Oi.mik att, Walter X ' eal Cluirlotte, .X. C. Mech. En r. cJMier, Tiimmv Arlindo CirLcnsboro, X. C. Chem. r,;qr. 1 isv. Theodore Seizel Greenwich, Conn. Texlili-s ells, Charles Archie Greeniboro, X. C. Mech. Engr. est, Henrv Cobia, Jr., K S Monroe, X. C. Chem. Engr. estbrook, luseph Ward. Jr. ..Greensboro, X. C. Mech. EngT. estmoreland. William George, States e, X. C. .Animul 1,1,1. heeler, Harold Clavtow,, X ' - C. .Agr. Erfi.c.ilio.. V hetstone, Paul Asburv Durham, N. C. Tcxiihs hicker. Lester Folger, -N . . Walkertown, N. C. Mech. Eiigr. (Aero. Opt.) hisenhunt, Murray Rav . . Wavnesville. .X. C. l„.l. hite, Elvis Linwood, - A E, Wihnincton, . C. Textiles Hite, Hugh Alexander Davidson, X. C. Textiles. hiteside, Zacharv Taylor . . RutherlorJion, X. C. .Asr,c.-I(..r,. iggins, Richard Hinton Raleigh, N. C. Civil £..«r. ikler, George Remus Morrisville, N. C. Elec. Engr. ilkie, Edison Roosevelt Hickory, N. C. . gr. Educ„lio„ ilkins, John Richard. II K A . .Greensboro, N. C, Texlih-s ilkinson, Howard Milton Richmond, Va. .l.iimul J.I.I. illard. Richard P., K T. .Winston-Salem. N. C. -Mec i. Etigr. illcox, George William, A 1 l . .Carthage. N. C. Imi, Ki.i;r. illiams, Arthur, Jr Winterville, N. C. .l«r„„o...v I Field Crops, illiams, Edgar Dickinson . . .Wilmington, X. C. Elec. r.„f.r. illi.ims, rdgar Thomas. Jr Pi.ileigh, X. C. Elec. Engr. illi.ims, tieorge Adel Xorfolk. Va. Cir.-J Fni;r. illiams, George Washington, Rocky Mount, X. C. Mech. Engr. illiams. JamC5 Clvde Wake Forest, X ' . C. n„r„l :- J.,. I ;,.:,. ,i..,ii illiams. Nelson Lee Greensboro, N. C. C.v,l l„K ' . [172] CLASS OF ' 50 ' illianis, Rodnev Gray Godwin, N. C. Alfdi. Eufir. Williams, U ' illiam Henry Goldsboro. N. C. Forestry Williamson, Ted P., Jr., A E, Greensboro. N. C. Chem. E„sr. Williford. C. Otis Angler. N. C. Aii,nu,,„n ' IwLI ( „,.» Willis, Edison Jr Raleigh, N. C. Archilccliuc Willis, Thomas Lee New Bern, N. C. Forestry Willoughbv, lohn Edward Plvmouth. N. C. Tex. Mfg. Wilson, Charles Edwin Pensacola, N. C. Gen. Engr. Wilson, Robert Manson Raleigh, N. C. Tex. Afgt. Wilson, William Alfred, Jr Roxboro, N. C. Civil Eiigr. Wilson, V ' illiam Frederick Gastonia, N. C. Mech. EHgr. Winborn, Robert Edward Kenlv, N. C. Afirc.omy Winborn, William Earl Kenly, N. C. Af,r„n„my Windlev, William David Pinetown, N. C. Elec. Wingfield, Hall W., Jr., nKA ..Lynchburg, Va. Textiles Winslow, Harvey Kirby • . ■ .Elizabeth City. N. C. Elec. Eii r. Winslow, Henrv B., ATP . .Robersonville, N. C. A ruiwmy (TiVM Crofi ' itberspoon. lames Ernest ..Rockingham, N. C. Arv. E.h.cuiion Wo..d, Alfred Frank Greensboro, N. C. Poultry Scieucc Wood, Rex Fdwin North Wilkesboro, N. C. Elfc. En r. Wood. Thomas Alton Gastonia, N. C. Tex. MtR. Woodlief. Leela Alvin Youngsville, N. C. Afironomy (EieU Crops ' Wooten. Earl Dozier Rocky Nhjunt, N. C. Elec. Engr. Yeago, William Mavnard Fayetteville, N. C. Textiles Young, George Sidney, Jr Asheville, N. C. Elec, E ' ifir. Yunlu, Ahmet Mutahhar Istanbul, Turke ' Mech. Eyior. r Y . ,y rf . r 173 SOPHOMORE LEADERSHIP FRATERNITY ViBGiL G. MiMS, Jr. . Ralph B. Barksdale President . Vice-President Fred A. Kendall, Jr. J. Richard Fowler William J. Evans Wade M. Hobson Charles A. Musser Theodorp p. Williamson Walter M. Clark Robert L. Peacock James I . Gardner Lewis M. Allen Albert W. Dugan Kenneth L. Coble Arthur B. Mackie Warren L. Cartier Harvey E. Millsaps Avery C. Brock Max IIaiber . . . Secretary . Treasurer William H. Cochrane, Jr. George Willard Sledge Emmett W. Bringle Victor A. Bubas Ross W. Lampe 1 Ienry S. Odom loNY ROMANOWSKY Ralph H. Scott 1 IaRVEY . SCHEVIAK John C. Um bercer LiNZY E. Bovles Paul C. I Iorvath Noah W. Carroll Wells Denves George O. Harbell Ralph Scott President Henry Odom Vice-Preside)it John Umberger Secretary Max Sink Treasurer opnomore L li T a56 OFFICERS SOPHOMORES Abernethy. Luther Asbury .... Lincolnton. N. C. Adkins. Flake Long Winston-Salem. N. C. Aiken. Arnold Ebon Concord. N. C. Alapiii Marck St. Albans. N. Y. Alexander. Charles Slaton . . . Wilmington, X. C. Alexander, James Brvan. Ail 4 . .Greensboro, . C. Alexander, John Coburn Durham, X. C. Alexander, John P.. ' I ' K T ..Elizabeth City, X. C. Alexander, Ralpli Smith Matthews, X. C. Alexander, Willard lloUman Kittrell. X. C. Alston, William Jackson Concord, X. C. Ambum, William Rawley ....Mount Airy, X. C. Ammans, Robert Lewis Raleigh, X. C. Andrews, George W ' Qliam ...Mount Gilead, X. C. Angell, Burrel Dean Winston-Salem, X. C. Applegate, Gerald Richard. .Winston Salem, X. C. Arab. Rajah Alexander Fayetteville, X. C. Armfield, Richard Locke Greensboro, X. C. Armstrong, Edwin Benson. W. Collingswood. X. J. Armstrong, Kenneth McKnight ..Belmont, X. C. Arnold, Homer Lee Spnidale, X. C . Arslan, Osinan Xuri Zongrddak, Turkey Ashworth, James Colon Seagrove, X. C. Atkins, James Edward Cary, X. C. Atta. George Joseph X ' orfolk, ' a. Averctte, George Skinner Oxford, N. C. Aver . Rov I ' lnadus Er vin, N. C. AvLii k, I h " iiiav .Murphv. Jr. . .Warrenton. X. C. Axlev. John Henrv Raleigh. N. C. Bailey. Catnell Hadley Sims. X. C. Bailev. James Franklin Lexington. S. C. Bailev, Thomas Bert Greensboro, X. C. Bain. Donald Glenn Red Springs, X. C. Baitv. A]on o Craig, Jr Winston-Salem, X. C. Baker. Hugh Dwight Wilmington. X. C. Baker, James McDowell Tr on, X. C. Ballard, Harnid Alvin St.xrkesville, N. C. Bangs. Harold lloyt, Jr Brevard. X. C. Bardavid, John Mexico Citv, Mexico Barnes. Rupert Cecil, i: - Raleigh, N. C. Barnes, Russell Lee Cerro Gordo, N. C. Barnett. Mari.m L Hickory, N. C. Bai.: ' ,, i ..I). Jr Kannapolis, N. C. Barnliirdt, William Guy. Jr Charlotte. N. C. Barr. Harry Shields. Jr Charlotte. X. C. Barrett, Clarence Jesse Rocky Mount, X. C. Basham, LinwniKl Cecil Clearwater, Fla. Bas.M, -,,n.. Cecil Mebane, X. C. Bass, rhomas anXathan Louisburg, X. C. Bateman, Carl William. Jr. ..Rockv Mount, X. C. Bazemore, Webster Catiylc ...Mount Olive. X. C. Beaman. John Homer Marian, X. C. Bean, Richard Carlcton . . . .Winston-Salem. X. C. Beard, Charles Edward, Jr.. .Winston-Salem, N. C. [176] W ' ;;• J) W 1 f ' fl»xj ll ' ' --« l- i A i. r- O f - D 9 9 •T— n t v ' - i i CLASS OF ' 51 O ( f p ' S " M ' P f (ft f P Beard, George Counts, Jr Jamesville, N. C. Beasley, James Meh ' in Grandy, N. C. Beaver, Fred Robert Asheville, N. C. Benbow, John R. Oak Ridge, N. C. Benfield, William Alexander . . Mootesville, N. C. Bergen, Harold Perrine. Jr Teaneck, N. J. Berryhill, Joseph Sadler Charlotte, N. C. Bingham. Glenn Stearns Ral gJij N. C. Bishop, Clifton Norman Kannapolis, N. C. Black. James Wylie iMoore, K T, Charlotte, N. C. Blackwelder, Nathan Dewitt. Jr., Cleveland, N. C. Blake, Charles David Greensboro, N. C. Blakely, Evan Charles, Jr.. V ' inston-Salem, N. C. Blalock, William Hardy Raleigh, N. C. Blizzard, Paul Tunney Deep Run, N. C. Blue. Carson Alton. Jr Southern Pines, N. C. Boger. Harold J Salisbury, N. C. Bundy, Charles Lloyd. ■! K T. Rockavvay Beach. N. Y. B.inham, Thomas Herbert Arden, N. C. Boseman, James Ferdie. Jr. . .Scotland Neck, N. C. Bost, Cecil Theodore, Jr Hickorv, N. C. Bostic. Clyde ' illiam Gaffney, S. C. Bouldin, Billy Russell Elon College, N. C. Boward, Richard Stev rt ,., ,, .Charlotte, N. C. Bmvden, Robert Marshall i O- Raleigh, N. C. Bowling, Joseph Weslev . . . . i. . . .Cary, N. C. Bovce. Robert Erskine Charlotte. N. C. Boyd, ' ilham Henrv, Jr.. ' I ' K T, Henderson, N. C. Boyer, Miles Johnson, K A Charlotte. N. C. Bovette, David Gerson ....Scotland Neck, N. C. Boyles, Linzy EKvood, Jr.! 2 A E, High Point, N. C. Brackett. Charles RSvj . 1 . . ;..,, .Gastoma, N. C. Bradford, Charles RobeirT. .... Harrisonburg, Va. Brame. Eugene Irvin Reidsyille, N. C. Brawley, Bobby Presslev Mooresyille, N. C. Breece, Frederick Bullard .... Hope AJills, N. C. Briggs, Ray Ernest Mars HiU, N. C. Brinldey, Carson Miles Coletain, N. C. Britt, Burney Alexander. Jr Gary, N. C. Brockman, James Franklin. - X, Burlington, N. C. Brown, Eugene Fisher, Jr Conterd, N. C. Brown, Harr) ' Cloyed Ashejolle, N. C. Brown, Henrv -Andrew, Jr., K A , .Greeitville, S. C. Brown, Joe Otto Charlotte,! N. C. Brown, Samuel T., Jr. ' 1 KT, Elizabeth |]ity, N. C. Broyhill. Vernon Carlton Booiner, N. C. Bryant, Arthur Edwin Yadkinville, N. C. Brvant, George Allen Greensboro, N. C. Bryant, Wilbur Glenn Elm City, N. C. Bubas, Victor A Garv, Ind. Buchanan, William C, " Iv +. Laurinburo. N. C. Buckner, Claude Alvin ArJcn, N. C. Buckner, WUliam Burnis . . . . Weaverville, N. C. Buff, Grier Ellis Morganton. N. C. [1771 SOPHOMORES Buie, Charles Gibson, - X Biscoe. X. C. Burgess, George Megrew Norfolk, Va. Burgess, Wallace Abney Charlotte, X. C Burge:S, William Maurice, Jr. . . GreensBoro, X. C. Burton, Billy Yonce Winston-Salem, X. C. Butler, George Harold Hinasree Dam, .X. C. Butler, Harvey Hunter Laurinburg, X. C. Butler, Rupert Carlyle Reidsville. X. C. Butncr, Malcolm Wade Raleigh, X. C. B Tiuin, David William Lincolnton, X. C. Bvnum, Richard Tcnney ..Winston-Salem. X. C. Cahoon, Carl McGuire Swanquarter, X. C. Cain. Clyde Burk Raleigh, X. C. Caldwell, Hardy Robinson, Jr., Waynesville, X. C. Caldwell, John Thomas Davidson, X. C. Callicutt, Charles Ray Albemarle, ,X. C. Cameron, Calvin Angus Kinston, N. C. Cameron, Daniel Ross Wilson, X. C. Cannady, Clarence Hicks Dunn, X. C. Capps, Lloyd Victor Raleigh, X. C. Carlton, Hilton Pinetops, X. C. Carroll, Eugene Edgar, Jr Danville, ' a. Carroll, Noah Warren Raleigh, X. C. Carsiin, Herbert Vcnable Charlotte, X. C. Carter, Sidney Dale Kelford, X. C. Cashion, Curran Winston Shelby, X. C. Cauble, Dwight Sidney Belmont, X. C. Caviness, Dorris Xcwton Lakeview, X. C. Cease, Carl B., Jr., . -X -V Edenton, X. C. Cease, Hcister Clymer Edenton, X. C. Chadwick, Francis C. - ' I ' I- . Wilmington, N. C. Champion, Henrv Chivous, Jr., Kannapolis, X. C. Charles, James Robert Brevard, X. C. Cheek, Donald Grady Shelby,, X. C. Check, Guv Hammer Laurinburg, X. C. Christian, Joe Hellen. II K . ....Raleigh, X. C. Christian, Lindsay Wayne, - n, Mount Airy, X. C. Church, Frederick Francis ..Winston-Salem, N. C. Clark, Paul Gene Shelby, N. C. Clavton, William Glenwood . .Timberlake, X. C. Coble. John Edwin Greensboro, N. C. Cochran, Arnold Beniamin ....Lincolnton, N. C. Cody, William Ralph, Jr Bryson City, X. C. Cohen, Janies Xewton Salisbury, N. C. Cole, J. O Forest City, N. C. Colcy. L. Harris, Jr Raleigh, X. C. Coley. Richard Terrell Raleigh, X. C. Coltv. William Crawford WVodell. ( Collins, John Nolan Troutman, N. C. Comer, Harrv Peques Greensboro, X. C. Conner, James Martin Cmington, lenn. Conrad, Stephen George Greensbom, X. C. Contrada, Eugene Tlmmas Xorfolk, V ' a. Cook, Eddie Ray Kannapolis, N. C. [178] 9 mi - ' 9 , PB ' :9j 9 9 Jo f3 f5 PT Ci p C- (h C ' J 40 .Mk. r5 p p. ■ ' ¥ V % « A IS f5 a. Cook, Herman Leon Clemmons, S. C. Cooper. John Dobson, N. C. Cope, Ralph Boyd Lexington, N. C. Copcland, WOliam Creecy, Jr Maxton, N. C. Correll, Dear! Brinccfield Landis, N. C. Curriher, Clyde Franklin ....China Grove, N. C. Coulder, Carl Lloyd Rockingham, N. C. Council, Edward Land Wananish,, N. C. Cousins, Charles Clayton, N. C. Cowan, Charles Robert . . . .Mount Mourne, N. C. Cowan, John Columbus Greensboro, N. C. Cox, Albert Gallon, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Cox, Carson Clay, Jr Thomasville, N. C. Cox, Glenn Leigh Elizabeth City, N. C. Craddock, Henry Carlton, Jr. . .Reidsville, N. C. Craig, Edward Pete, Jr., K A Bassett, Va. Craig, James Bristow Pittsburgh, Pa. Cranford, Young Reece Albemarle, N. C. Crawford, James Dalton, -X ....Ahoskie, N. C. Creekwater, Seaberry Watertown, Wash. Crowell, James Hudson Matthews, N. C. Cr owell, Russell Churchwell Oxford, N. C. Curlin, Charlie Donald Wilson, N. C. Curtis, George David, Jr Burlington, N. C. Dale, Alton Tyndall Grifton, N. C. Damcron, Lewis Wade .... Bessemer City, N. C. Daugherty, Hilary Dexter Kinston, N. C. Davenport, Christopher RtxJolph . . .Alexandria, Va. Davenport, John Robert Tarboro, N. C. Davenport, Ralph L Durham, N. C. Davidson, Johnny Windfield . . . Statesville, N. C. Davis, Bethel Holland Clinton, N. C. Davis, James Frederick, Jr. ..Rocky Mount, N. C. Davis, Joe Kenneth Earl, N. C. Davis, Richard Lee Canton, N. C. Davis, Robert Boone Red Springs, N. C. Davis, Waveland Drayton ..Winston-Salem, N. C. Davis, William Lynch, 2 X . .Mount Olive, N. C. Debbogh, Khalid Abdul Kadir . . Kay Sanjork, Iraq DeBerry, Arthur St. Clair, Jr Tarboro, N. C. Dees, Wilbur Bruce Rockfish, N. C. Deese, Charles Glenn Kannapolis, N. C. Deese, Charles Herman Albemarle, N. C. Deibler, Eugene Carl Rafeigh, N. C. Denton, Charles Ewin Robbinsiville, N. C. Denyes, Wells, 2 N Kenosha, Wis. Devinery, Frank Allen Shelby, N. C. Dixon, Benjamin Langley . . . .Washington, N. C. Dobbins, Robert Stanley Gastonia, N. C. Dodson, Jerome Roger Greensboro, N. C. Donyes, Charles Franklin Gary, N. C. Dooley, James Beverly Statesville, N. C. Duke, Richard Thomas Potecasi, N. C. Dulin, Grady Nicholson Charlotte, N. C. [179] Dunman, Thomas Edward ....Greensboro, . C. Economou, Konstantine Peter . . Fayctteville, N. C. Edgerton, Thomas Colston Wallace, X. C. Edmoiison, James Petway Ralfl ghiT N. C. Edmundsim, William Andrew ....Oriental, X. C. Edwards, J)alma Therman ..Sprini; I lope, N. C. Fdu.irds, Fred 1 luntlcy Raleigh, . . C. Ed .,rds, John . ,ulrcws, ' I ' K T . .Snow HiU, N. C. Etland, Robert Elcniino Elland, X. C. Elam. Clarence Benjamin. Jr. . . Mocksville, X. C. Fn„ r-„n, ]..Un Hud-.n Siler City, X. C. 1 Latham luileigh, X. C. Ennett, Eugene Thomas. Swansboro, X. C Ervvin, Clyde Atkinson, Jr., i: X ..Raleigh, X. C. Etchison, Philip Bowie Savannah, Ga. Ethcridge Rudolph Edward, Roanoke Rapids, X. C. Eubanks, W illiam Scoit. Jr Greensboro, X. C. Evans, Dewcv Hobson, Jr Ma.vton, X. C. Evans, Johnnie Wilton Boardman, X. G. Eveland, Roland Robert Bloomsburg, Pa. E erett, Joseph Leslie Kewsoms, ' a. Faulconer, Edward Lee, Jr Greensboro, X. C. Fcrrell, Everett Xeal Great Falls, S. G. Fc io. Albert Peter Raleigh, X. G. Eidler, Notman B., Jr., H K A . . Burlington, X. G. Fisher, Francis Russell Oriental,. X. G. Fishcr,.4din .Miller, Jr. ...Roanoke RapidsJ X. G. Fisher, Kenneth Thomas Whitakers, X. G. Fix, ThecKlore Paul Mapl(.u.)od, X. J. Flack, William Ray i ljri..n, X. G. Fly. John Dalt.,n K.icky Mount, X. G. Folb, Reecc Winston-Salem, X. G. Folk, Robert Garlisle, Jr Wake Forest, X. G. Ford, Ellswcrth W I ' .ileigh. G. Foster. Clifford Thurman, Jr. . . Buriiiigt- iii. . G. Fostir. Herr Ottis Winston-Salem, X. G. Fowler, Marshall Glay Hamlet, N, C. Fo. , George William Randleman, X. C. Freeze, Homer Kcins, Jr. . . .Winston-Salem, X. G. Fr c, William Bryan, Jr Salisburv ' , X. C. Fulton, Jonathan Wyatt Greensboro, N. C. Fulton, Sainucl Joseph Highlands, X. C. FurIhs, Sa.miel Wade Mocksville, X. G. Futch. William Stewart, ' I- K T . . .Charlotte, X. C. Futrell, Harold Preston Pendleton, X. G. Futrell, Zane Grey Fremont, X. G. Gallant, Charles W., Jr. II K . ..Charlotte, X. G, G r I larding GlevelMBX. C. Gardner, Riilph David ilson, X. G. Garrou, Henrv John .ildese, X. G. Gar t , Fred Keslcr . W mi-iu Salem. X. G. Gaylc.rd. Russell Mayo PinetoKMi, . G. Gentry, Clyde Hilton, Jr. ....... .Ma.xton, X. C. Gentrx ' , Edwin Bernard Raleigh, X. G. [180] SOPHOMORES CLASS OF ' 51 0 Z ? LJ, . l L ' V J ' ' " " ' r r " -pr " z; . H o UI C l ' «i«|i|[ ' . ;si»4e .S ' V ' f IVKwift - " ■ ■ I -J f «5. f - -» ? ' y f 1- ' L ' T f " " i tiJi_ iSs George, Alvis O., Jr., A X A, Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Gill, Clarence Walter, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Goble, James R Hiddenite, N. C. Godfrey, William Edward Jamestown, N. Y. Godwin, Davis Rav Gcrro Gordo. N. C. C;olcnpaul, Howard New BL-dford, Mass. Cioiiden, Douglas Stewart . . Elizabethtown, N. C. Gore. Carolyn Nicholls Ral|igh jN. C. Gore. Daniel Jack Raleigh, N. C. Gray, Bruce Roland Durham, N. C. Gray. George Edwin Deep Run, N. C. Grecnberg, Leland Hugh Greensboro, N. C. Greene, Ronald Broughton Zebulon, N. C. Ciremir) ' , John Hayes Franklin, N. C. Grci;son. John LeRoy, III Arlington, Va. Gresky, Thomas Dornan Lake Lure, N. C. Groce. Douglas Campbell Greensboro, N. C. Grossman, Harry, Jr Kannapolis, N. C. Greyton, Dodridge Lee Bladenboro, N. C. Hackler, Lewis R., K A Wilmington, N. C. Hall, Carvel Lee Durham, N. C. Hall, Gerald Woodrow Clinton, N. C. Ham, Dwight Jordan v. Charlotte, N. C. Hamb , John Wesley j w ,,„., BSIifi ury, N. C. Hamidi Hassan Abdul . . . - ' ij- .Baghdad, Iraq Hamilton, Lacy Lcroy " ... Godwin, N. C. Hampton, WilliJin Roy Washington, N. C. Hanna, George Michael . . . .Blowing Rock, N. C. Hardaway. Robert Early. J . Columbus, Ga. Hardin, Thomas Xcwton ....Jacksonville, N. C. Hardy, Reginald Talmadije 1 arboro, N. C. Hargett, Warren Elliott Kinston, N. C. Harkey, Donald Ray . . Charlotte, N. C. Harrell, Charles Edward Raleigh, N. C. Harrington, Edwin Sloan Lillington, N. C. Harrington, Lawrence Caleb, Winston-Salem, N. C. Harris, Alva Howard LeechviUe, N. C. Harris, William Coleman, Jr Orange, N. J. Harris, William Robert .... Robersonville, N. C. Harrison, John Ruben, Jr. . .Winston-Salem, N. C. Hart, Edgar Lee Tarboro, N. C. Hartgrove, Edgar Lee King, N. C. Hartsell, Robert Lee Charlotte, N. C. Harwood, Dewey Gilbert, Jr., New London, N. C. Hatcher, John Martin Rocky Point, tN. C. Hauser, Glenn Paul Ral( igh,|N. C. Hawes, Mavnard Rose Hill.iN. C. HayneS, Sara Adelaide Raleigh, N. C. Ha ' nie, Earl Darrell Swannanoa, : N. C. Heaco. , William Gaskins Raleigh,. ' N. C. Heater, Robert Boyce Gary, N. C. Henderson. Eugene R Charlotte, N. C. Hendricks, Herbert Pun Richmond, Va. Hepler, Luther Charles I ' liomasville, N. C. [181] Herring, George Deems Randleman, N. C. Hicks, Harold Albert Asheville, X. C. Hicks, William Daniel Oxford, N. C. High, Edward Oscar Wilson, X. C. Hinkle, James Ray Salisbury, X. C. Hinman, Eugene Kent Hobgood, X. C. Hinson, Richard Lawrence, n K . Charlotte, X. C. Hinsoii, Walton Heath Marshville, X. C. Hipps, Jack Douglas Ha eKvood, X. C. Hobbs, Leon Menette, Jr Lumbcrton, X. C. I lobbs, Lorenzo Raleigh, X. C:. Hobbs, Thomas Howard, - 4 ' K ..Charlotte, X. C. Hcike. Fred Ritchie Granite Quarry, X. C. Holland, Robert Eugene Conover, X. C. Holmes, Cameron Parker Charlotte, X. C. Holmes, Clavton C, Jr.. A X A. Wilmington, X. C. Hon. William Harriss Charlotte, X. C. Honevcutt, Charles Herbert . .Franklinton, X. C. Horn, Robert Leonard Adams, Mass. Horton, Lemuel Douglas Raleigh, X. C. Hoskins, Ben Bernard .Olin, X. C. Howell, Johnnie Ray Pikeville, X. C. Howell, William Smith Goldsboro, X. C. Hudgins, Horace Carlton Greensboro, X. C. Huffman, Rov Adrian Xewton, X. C. 1 lumble, Ben Franklin, Jr Asheboro, X. C. Hunley, Jack Roland Burlington, X. C. Hunnings, VVardie Giles, Jr Charlotte, X. C. Hunter, Clyde Alma, Jr Reeky Mount, N. C. Hunter, John Everett, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Hunter, William Herman Charlotte, X. C. Hutchins, Erie Manning . . .Winston-Salem, X. C. Ibrahim, Samir Khalel Cairo, Egypt Idol, Charles Anderson Madison, X. C. Ingram, William McGee Kenansville, X. C. Ireland, Henry Richard Greensboro, N. C. Jackson, Clyde Alfred Greensboro, X. C. Jackson, Donald Eugene Raleigh, X. C. Jackson, Harvey James, Jr Oxford, X. C. Jackson, Robert, Jr Charlotte, X. C. Jackson, Thomas Andrew Raleigh, X. C. Jacob. Haiim Abdul-Xabi Basra, Iraq James, Max Ralston Statesville, X. C. Jenkins, Alvin Wilkins Raleigh, X. C. Jenkins, Fred Cline Charlotte, X. C. Jenkins, Robert Darrcll Potecasi, X. C. Jervey, Arthur Postell Charleston. S. C. Jewett, Richard Gerard ..V ' cst EnglcWood, X. J. Jobe, Howard Walker Mcbane, X. C . Johnson, Arthur Garrett, Jr Greensboro, X. C Johnson, David Reece Hampton. ' a. Johnson, Garnette Tabor Fayettevillc, X. C. Johnson, James Harold Benson, N. C. Johnson, Marcus Wiley ....Rocky Mount, N. C. [182] SOPHOMORES , ., — i . f j Q 6(1 (Q P» O r ( r UJ Uji. | ' j= Ok . CLASS OF ' 51 Johnson, Walter Christopher, Jr., Fayetteville, N. C. Jones, Arthur Lee Fuquay Springs, N. C. Jones, Basil Thomas Forest City, N. C. Jones, Gene Watts Durham, N. C. Jones, James Arthur Raleigh, N. C. Jones, Ralph Norman Franklinville, N. C. Jones, Samuel Hubert Cerro Gordo, N. C. Jordan, David Ross Maiden, N. C. Jovner, Joseph Fredell Wilson, N. C. Joyner, William M Charlotte, N. C. Justice, Earl Teague, A 2 J Canton, N. C. Karriker, Ray Preston Mooresville, N. C. Keener, Wallace Savala Hopewell, Va. Kellam, John Richard High Point, N. C. Kemper, Richard Barrett Shelby, N. C. Kennedy, John Albert Forest City, N. C. Kerns, Wilmoth Duke .... Kings Mountain, N. C. Key, Worth Merlin Mount Airy, N. C. Kimberly, Charles Honess Bluff, N. C. King, Ralph Hubert St. Pauls, N. C. Kirmeyer, Richard L Pittsburgh, Pa. Kiser, Ralph Wilson Raleigh, N. C. Kistler, Thomas Lee Mooresville, N. C. Klein, Henry J .Elmhurst, L. L, N. Y. Knott, jSidney Robertson O.xford, N. C. Knowks, James Floyd Wallace, N. C. Koch, Peter Michael, K T New York, N. Y. Lamb. George Elbert Asheville, N. C. Lambeth, John William .... Brown Summit, N. C. Lampe, Ross Warren, -AK ....Raleigh, N. C. Lancaster, George Warren, Jr. . . Pemberton, N. J. Lance, Marvin Ernest . . . . j. ' ; ' . ' Candler, N. C. Landreth, James Ralph - ' T ' . . . . Kernersville, N. C. Lane, James Lester, Jr Suffolk, Va. Laney, John Dover Shelby, N. C. Langlev, Kenneth Rudolph Princeton, N. C. Lanier, Paul Jetter Gastonia, N. C. Lasnick, Juhus Morristown, Tenn. Law, Gerry Upton Winston-Salem, N. C. Lawrence, Charles Solomon, Winston-Salem, N. C. Lawrence, Don Earl, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Lawson, Raymond VanBuren, Winston Salem, N. C. Leathers, William Horace, Jr Gastonia, N. C. Leggett, Jerry DeWitte Washington, N. C. LeGrand, Charles Aycock, n Hamlet, N. C. Lennon, Charles Lloyd Clarkton, N. C. Lesko, Regis John Homestead, Pa. Levin, Richard Ivor, i: A :M . . Williamston, N. C. Lewis, John Reade Greensboro, N. C. Lev is, Luther Bridgers, - A E . . High Point, N. C. Lewis, Willard Clayton Robbins, N. C. Ligon, EKvood Boone, - X Durham, N. C. Little, James Duncan, Jr Marshville, N. C. Loflin, Clarence Harold Denton, N. C. [183] SOPHOMORES Long, BiUie Sykcs Hopewell, Va. Long, Robert ' ilburn Cedar Grove, N. C. Long, Thomas Edmund Hickory. X. C. Lowdel j Alfred Norman ....New London, N. C. Lowe. Joseph X ' alentinc. Jr Wadesboro, N. C Luniley, Mathlan Ivcnson ..Winston-Salem, N. C. Luper, Dwight Mock Pfalliown, N. C. Lut . James Smyre Newton, N. C. I ycrly, Albert Malcolm Newton, N. C Lvon. Jesse Rudolph Winston Salem, N. C " . Lytle. Charles Edgai. Jr Charlotte, N. C. McAllister, W ilham tvcrett Spray. N t . .McArn, William Thomas Charlotte, N. C McAuley, Julian Brown Statesville, N. C. McC ' ormick, Donald Monroe . . .Greensboro, N. C kCracken, David Eldridge . . Wayncsville, . C. McCracken, Jack G., . X A . . . Kernersville, N. C. McCrcry, Franklin Colerain. N. C. McDaniel, Greer Little, Jr.. Kings Mountain, N. C McDaaiel, John Urey, Jr Raleigh, N. C. McDonald, William Clay, Jr. . . Ivickingham, . C. Mcintosh, John Alexander . . . FmLkingham, . C " . Mclntyre, William Hampton . . Laurinburg, . . C. McKeel, James Thomas. Jr. . .Washington, N. C " . McKellar, JefFerson Edward . . Red Springs, X. C. McKenzie, Colin W.. Jr., A i; .|. . . Pinehurst, N. C. McKiieelv, Arthur Nelson Magnolia, -uS ' . C. McLean, Janice I incolnton, N. C. McMillan, William Archibald . ,1 lunlHit.Mi, N. C. McNeal, Bruce Marn.n, N. C. McPhail, Thomas Fldricli;c . . . . Inmahawk, N. C. McPhcrson, Thomas Richmond ...iMebane, N. C. McRee, Gerald Lee C:harlotte, N. C. Mabry, Clarence Haywood .... Albemarle, N. C . Mabrv. James Thomas, Jr Norwood, N. C. Mabrv. Scott William Martinsville, ' a. •Mallard, Lawrence Henrv Greensboro, N. C. Mandel, Frank Howard Brooklyn, N. Y. Manning, Curtes Ray New Bern, N. C. Marklejr, Harry McCulloch Durham, N. C. Marks, Joe Reid Aberdeen, N. C. Marks. John Alexander Acme. N. C. Marooi, Ridha Said Sulaimani, Iraij Marsh, John Satchwell Bath, N. C. Martin, Jesse Clay Franklinville, N. C. Martin, John Charles, Jr Larksville, Pa. Martin, Thomas Milton Cramerton, N. C. Matney, David Earl, Jr vSS . Va. Ma. wcU, Allen Justin Charlotte, N. C. Ma.wvell, Gilbert Morgan, HI. Seven Springs, N. C. May, William Harold Greensborn, N. C. Maynard, EarrThGmas,-Jr ....... .-.Dunn, N. C. Mayo, Columbus Washington, Jr., Tarboro, N. C. Melvin, Royce Milton Fay, N. C. [184] bivkVte., A ._ CLASS OF ' 51 Mercer, Robert Jack Bolivia, N. C. Merrill, Kenneth Arnold Skvland, N. C. Pi O 1 P feft Ji Middlctim, Cliarlrs Maxv Mdburn, William TliL-cdo Miller, Errett i3enni ' i . . Miller, Ottis Jere •II r,alei ;h . " . Wiiistrin-Sdli ' m . . . tliuh Puini r.ciil.ivillc N. C. X. C. N. C. N. C. Miller, Paul Davis, Jr Statcriille,, N. C. iMillert ■ P jwell Lai N. C. Miller, R4ben Forest Hills, N. Y. Miller, Roiert Frederick, T K K . .Hickory, N. C. Miller, Robert George Irvington, N. J. Miller, Walter Harry East McKeesport, Pa. Miller, William Fields Laurel Springs, N. C. Millers, Arthur William Dolgeville, N. Y. Millovvay, Voss Chilcutt Raleigh, N. C. Mitchell, Richard Theodore, i: E, Raleigh, N. C. MnJ., Henry Eugene Raleigh, N. C. .M(jjinie, Marion Laurinburg, N. C. Miintesant, Angelo William. Southern Pines, N. C. Moodv, Eddie Hamilton, Jr., Winston-Salem, N. C. Moore, Edward Ray Fayetteville, N. C. Moorej .Jaiiies Lloyd Williamston, N. C. Moore; K«it Claytonv. Marskville, N. C. Moore, Thomas HenrVf2TO,... Faffiievvs, N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. . C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. Va. N. C. Moose, Bob Franklin C ' oncord, Morgan, Estus Norman. Ji Asheboro. Mniean, Fred Allen Gnl.l Mill, Mciiris, Lawrence I ' restcm Maxtnn. Morrison, William Fred Raleigh, Morton, Jere Leonard, Jr luileigh, Moss, Charles Alb t, Jr.! KT . .Ciastonia, Mott, Harold . . . . i . ! . j ,, ' Can) eea, Munn, William ManrieS . Ral Muse, James Willard, Jr Durlj Musser, William Handley ....Frankloj Mustian, Edward Louis. Jr kittrell. Myrick, Frederick Atkinson . . . . Lincohiton, j N. C. Nad, William L Winston-Sailem, N. C. Neely, Clyde Caldwell Charllotte,! N. C. Newsom, Ernest Edward, -AE . . Uurlkam,] N. C. Nichols, Thomas Everette, Jr Ral|igh,JN. C. Nicholson, John W Fll( rbe,l C. Nielsen, August John I dne «lJUe, Noah, Joseph Watson Greenslj Noble, Charles Frederick .... FUllid Nolan, Clifford James, Jr. . . . Di NoweU,-,U;,illiam Ba.xter, Jr. . . W ikon, ' C. ( ) r.i lant. John Samuel Kid Springs, ' N C. (Xln,„. Henry Sheldon, . K ., Ah -vkie, . C. () ' l)..noghue, Roderick ' illiam A liarl..tte, ' . C. On, Albert Suinmey. K A . l„nr. . , . C. Overby, ' illi ;- Henry--. I .nvsninille, . C. Pafe, Dennis Verge New Bern, N. C. Pappas, John Gus Ahoskie. N. C. [1851 Parker, Fred Alton Rocky Mount, N. C. Parker, John Frederick Sunbur ' , X. C. Parris, Roland Baxter, Jr Asheville, N. C. Pate, Deams Ottis, Jr Goldsl}pjeriN. C. Pate, Harold Judson Raleigh, X. C. Patterson, James William Franklin, X. C. Patterson, Kenneth Thompson ..Hiddcnite, X. C. Patterson, William Earl, Jr Charlotte, X. C. Pave, Walton Johnson ....Fuquay Springs, X. t. Payne, Bany Carson Charlotte, X. C . Paysour, Raymond Lcc Raleigh, X. C. Pccdin, Clyde l )Uglas. I ' P Princeton, X. C. Peelc. Luther Martin, Jr., H ' , Laurinburg, X. C. Pendley, Carl Atkinson Fcirt Bragg, X. C. Penny, Becky Warren Raleigh, X. C. Perdue, Cl yde Raymond Louisburg, X. C. Perkins, Flank Edward. Jr Laurinburg, X. C. Perkins, Khan Vail Guldsboro, X. C. Perrv. Joel ' i n Mnryanton, X. C. Pcrrv, Robert Linwood Raleigh, X. C. Perrv. William Herbert, Jr Jamesville, X. C. Phelps, Robert Bridger Windsor, X. C. Phillii , Billy Lee Slier City, X. C. Phillips, James Henry. Jr Macon, Mi . Phillips, Warren Edward Charlotte, X. C. Pickett. Genrye Eugene. Jr.. - X . . Fort Belvoir. ' a. PI. , I lies Kelcie Asheville. N. C. P i ,, I Hussell Mebane, X. C. Porter, Edmund Wacklill Raleigh, X. C. Porter. Kenneth M E. Flat. Rock. X. C. Pres lv, Charles Pavs..,i Charlotte, X. C. Price. Billy Ray Lucama, X. C. Price. Herman Reaves Leaksville, X. C. Price. William Hilary Wendell, X. C. Pritchett, Russell Bache Reids MHe. ' X. C. Prdcior, Edwin Lowe Charlotte, N. C. Prongay, Robert G., - A E . . V ' inston-Salem, N. C. Pruitt, Julian Sharpe Cartaret, X. J. Puckett, Robert McClean Charlotte, N. C. Pugh. Charles Ray Asheboro, X ' . C. Purser. James Andrew, Jr Charlotte, N. C., Robert Grey. T K K O.xford, N. C. Putnam, Glenn William. Jr. ..Orangeburg. S. C. Ragan, Caldwell, Jr., K - Gastonia. X. C. Ramsey, LeRoy Springs, KA Wilson, N. C. Randall, Jaincs Harris Forest City, X ' . C. Randall, Robert Jack Salisbury, N. C. Rawls. Julian Robert. Jr Oak Q ' ■ C. Rav. Thomas Alexander Raefistd, X. C. Ree es. William Donald FayetteWlle, X. C. Renfro. James FrjiKi-. .. Muurit.iiii Home, X- C. Resor. James Lcc Sylv.i, . C . Rhyne, Willianr Lnwrancc ..- ...Catawba. X. C Richardson, Elvin Clement .... Harmony, X. C. 186 ■ SOPHOMORES 4 o ei ( f € J f " r, r . f ' . ft ft .;, p p, p y . 2 k i M .In „ « p f f -j c o CLASS OF ' 51 Y fs P ftX , Richeson, William Evans .... Hazelvvood, N. C. Riggs, William Paul Svvansboro, N. C. Riley, James Donald Wilson, N. C. Roberson, John Harris Smithfield, N. C. Rdbcrts, Blair Wilscm. Jr Charlotte. N. C. ■Alberts, Bobby Gray Raleigh, N. C. Roberts, Cecil Parham, -X Kinston, N. C. Roberts, Claire Walters, 2 A K . . Greensboro, N. C. Robertson, Richard Blake ....Washington, N. C. Rodgers, Glenn William, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Rogers, Charles Perry Henderson, N. C. Rodgers, James Athol, i; E . .Thomasville, N. C. Roe, George Ryburn Sparta, N. C. Rogers, David William Greensboro, N. C. Rollins, William Romulus . . Bessemer City, N. C. Rooker, Marvin Ray Rocky Mount, N. C. Ross, Billy Linwood Durham, N. C. Ross, James Hunter Charlotte, N. C. Ross, Sherman David, Jr Burlington, N. C. Routh, Charles Amos Winston-Salem, N. C. Roue, Alton F., Jr Ayden, N. C. Rovve, Frederick Douglas Aberdeen, N. C. Rvan, Vernon Sherrill Salisbury, N. C. Sain, Julius William Hickory, N. C. Saleeby, Eli Najeeb Washington, N. C. Sanderson, Leland Russell Beulaville, N. C. Santisteban, Jose Ramon Juncos, Porto Rico Saparilas, Gus Nick Raleigh, N. C. Sartin, James Lacy, - X Burlington. N. C. Sar ' is, Samuel Gurley, Jr Tabor City, N. C. Savage, Hubert Ma.x .. Rocky Mount, N. C. Scheviak, Harvey HStty i. _,. -rrr. . .Kehosha, Wis. Schlirf, Edward Armondi ' , Winston-Salem, N. C. Scholtes, William Edgar . . .Winston-Salem, N. C. Scott, Blondy Ebert Rocky Point, N. C. Scott, Ralph Henderson, Jr Mebane, N. C. Scott, William de Rosset, Jr Grabain,| N. C. Scovil, Roger Morris, S ' I ' E Greeriville S. C. Scroggs, James Alan Roaring P(iver,i N. C. Seabolt, Paul Clayton Dejiton.j N. C. Seaman, Ernest George Noflinaj N. C. Sellers, Hugh Leonard, Jr Smithfield,] N. C. Sessions, James Richard VA ' hiteyille,; N. C. Setzer, John Lee Hickory, ' N. C. Se.xton, William Marvin Plymouth, ' N. C. Shackelford, William Russell .... Frerhont; N. C. Shacklctoii Charles Calvin . . Wayneswille; ' N. C. Sbaw. Charles Milton Florenc . S. C. Shaw. John Calvin Favetteville, N. C. Sbaw, Robert Morrison I luntersville, N. C. Sheets. Thomas J Fairview. N. C. Shelton, William Wake, Jr Clarksville, Va. Shepherd, Hugh Harold Salisbury, N. C. Sherman, Gordon Bernard Gastonia, N. C. [187] Shober. Richard Hastings, - N ' .... Kenosha, Wis. Short, Eli Austin Georgetown, Del. Shouse, Russell Henn,-, Jr. .. Winston-Salem, N. C. ShufortJ, David Marcus ArdeBTiX. C. Shuping, James Alexander . . . .Morganton, X. C. Sides. David Wellington Stati-,ville, X. C " . Signoret, Joseph Albert ....Mexico. D. F., Mexico Silverstein, Myton Lee Greensboro, X. C " . Simmons, HanyC " ' " ' o " Xewport, X C Simpsim, Edward Jackson .. Roanoke R-ipids. C Simpson, A ' illiam Tate Burliiii on, C. Sinclair, Joe Xeal Rouland, X. C. Singh. Pren I ' rak.xh Uansi, Iiuiia Sink. Early .Maxwill Lcxnii ton, N. C . Sink. Homer .Ali ,uu!er 1 Lxington, X. C Skaarup, Allen Frederick C ranford, X. J. Skeen. Hobson Leon Thi .ma ville, X. C. Slack, Gilbert McLoud I ' iruiown, X C. Slaughter, Joseph Bert Oxford, N. C . Sloan. William Albert Mt. Ulla, X C. Smith. Benjamin Willie Lillington, X. t. Smith. Charles E Wilmington, C. Smith. Charhe Brown. Jr .Albemarle, X C . Smith. Jack, Jr Oak City, X C. Smith. Jamev Frederick Miami. 1 la. Smith. Horace .Anderson, A X A. .Gaslonia, X. C. Smith. 4 n!jert Frazier Charlotte. C Smith. Rov W ' .iMie, Jr.. K . Davtcm, Ohio Smith, Wili.n U zIi I ouisburg, N. C. Sosnik. Herbert V ' inston-Saleiii. X. C. Southerland. Lawrence Kenan ville, X. C Spainliower, La Vere Raleigh, X t Spectorman, Carol Chaim Tel Aviv, Kr.n Spencer, Alton Kinslev Columbia. N C Spencer, Donald Irving. H K A, Greensboro, .X. C Stallings, Dudlev Barbee Zebulon, N. C Stallin-s, Ji.l.ii Harold Nashville, X. C. Stai : M 1 Strong W ' adesboro, X. C. StcDi (.1 Leopold . . . . Kew Gardens, X. Y. Stephens, Jcilin Warrick, Jr Leasburg, X. C. Stephenson, Jack ' ernon Raleigh, N. C. Stev . Ik- Charlotte, N. C., John liruton Fayetteville, X. C. Stokes. David Calvin Wintenille, X. C. Stott. Herbert Lee Fayetteville, N. C. Stowe. Haily Rcid Charlotte, N. C. Strange, Edward Maurice ..Rocky Mount !. C. Strickland, Elton Farley Tabor C BV. C. Strowhridge, Harold Kenneth ...Durham, N. C. Stump. John R.ilph Xathan ' s Creek, X C. Suggs. P.obert Arland Burlington. C Sutton, I ' .tmjtA Spilman. , Ra!r)_;ll. .X. C. Sutton, John Hardy, Jr I . (.rm-c. X. C . Swain. John Henry C.rien l)ciro, X. C. [188] SOPHOMORES O- P f f C a ) P m W - i ' Ji •f ' f ff CLASS OF ' 51 ::j iT ' f-- 1 - r |! 1 ,j Swain, Rufus Sylvester. •! K T . .Edenton, N. C. Swann, Clyde Holnian Statesville, N. C. Swart, Dirk Wilmington, N. C. Swart, William Hendrick ....Wilmington, N. C. Swayngim, Donald Spencer Clyde, N. C. Swing. Richard Hill Aslicboro, N. C. S kcs, Hassell Gray Spring Hope, N. C. S innies, Francis Houston . . .Wilmington, N. C. lalbcrt. William Howard ..Winston-Salem, N. C. Tatum, Marshall Wesley Laurinburg, N. C. Taylor, Henry Anderson, K A .... Raleigh, N. C. Taylor, John Dickerson Raleigh, N. C. Taylor, Paul Arthur Albemarle, N. C. Taylor, Robert Conley Robbinsville, N. C. Taylor, William Lewis Middlesex, N. C. Teague, Robert Edwin ....Winston-Salem, N. C. Terrell, Joe Eugene Waynesville, N. C. Terry. Roger Vernon, Jr.. -i - ' t. Hilton Village, Va. Tesh, John Wade Pomona, N. C. Thomas, Lumas Carper, Jr Durham, N. C. Thomas, Robin Raleigh, N. C. Thomason, James Richard Lexinoton, N. C. V " Thomason, Robert Hume . . . . Flcmiriaton, N. T. E Thompson,. James Howard. Mnuntain Park, N. C. Thornton, Henrv Trotman. Jr.. Eli. abcth City, N. C. Tillery. James Edward ....Scotland Neck. N. C. Titus. Eugene Charles Havtlock. N. C. Tolan, Lewi ,E.ric .CJIIi v l. . .Belhaven, N. C. Tolar, Albert B]rnes ,5 P ' .Favetteville, N. C. Tolleson. George Roland .. Kings Mountain, N. C. Townsend, Herbert Guy .. .Winston-Salem, N. C. Trammel, Charles B., Jr, . " . . . Troy, N. C. Treadaway, Harry Hart Wadc boro, N. C. Troxler, William Finch High Point,. N. C. Turnage, Aaron Calhoun, Jr. Farmwlle-, ' N. C. Turner, Romie Mack Nashfille, N. C. Turnmyre. Frederick Stevenson, Graniti Falls, N. C. Turner, Walter Boyce Stanfield, ' N. C. Tutzauer, Frank Emil, Jr. ... Grecnstoro, N. C. Twyford, James Whitridge .... Dunn, N. C. Umberger, John Crittenden . . Durham, N. C. Urquhart, William Dawes .... 1 nfield,] N. C. Vanderlip. W. J Char S N. C. Vause, James Norwood La GraKffl N. C. Vernelson, Holden Daniel . . . C$ifk N. C. Vernon, Marshall Byrd MJton, N. C. ' ick. 7«teft Raye K, Itord, N. C. X ' lckots, Leslie. Jr W ,ufort S. C. Wahab, Thomas VN arren Ilclliaven, i . C. Wall, Lawrence Austin ..Guilfm,! College. N. C. Wallace, Thomas Eugene X. C. V ' aller. Loman Hoyt W ilson. i . C. Walls, James Emmett Hickory. N. C. Walker, Charles Theodore, Jr., Rocky Mount, N. C. [1891 SOPHOMORES Ward. Charles Allen Denton, N. C. Ward, X ' incent Neal Goldsboro, N. C. Ward, William Sledge WTiitakcrs. N. C. ' arliclt, Charles Ervin, Jr., Kings Mountain, X. C. Warner, Dean Allan Western Springs, 111. Warren, Alton Earnest Roscboro, iV. C. U ' atkins, Gilbert Lee Rocky Mount, X. C. Waikins, Marie Spencer, Va. Watts. Douglas Turner Greensboro, N. C. U ' atts, Moultoie B Raleigh, X ' . C. Weaver, Starnes Eli Florence, S. C. Weaver, Sterling Abernathv Hickory, X. C. Webb. Joseph Lee Raleigh, X. C. Wells. John Andrell Shelby, X. C. Wells, Walter Gay, Jr Wallace, N. C. Whalcy, Eugene Beulaville, N. C. Whisnant, Joe Lane Palkville, X. C. Whitaker, Wilson Carv Enfield, X. C. White. Arnold Prcscott. H K i- ..Charlotte, X. C. White. John Weaver Merry Hill, N. C. White, Lawrence A., . 1 " I ' ... YoungsWlle, N. C. White. Robert Harold Bladenboro, N. C. Whitely, Robert Bruce Piney Creek, N. C. Whitford, Guy Milton Vanceboro, N. C. Whitley, James Richard . . . . Stantonsburg, N. C. Wilfong, William Avery Hickory, X. C. Willard, Ronald Victor High Point, X. C. Williams. Charles Bernard .... Burlington. X. C. Williams, James Herman, - " 1 ' I ' . Lumberton, X. C. Williams. Oscar Davis, 2 A K ... Raleigh. X. C. Williams, Robert Calvin Essex, X. C. Williams, Robert M., Jr.. 4- A 6. Wilmington, X. C. Williamson, Dock Foster Whiteville, X. C. Williamson, Harold Bern . . . .Washington, X. C. Williard, Grady Allen. Jr. . .Winston-Salem, X. C. Willoaghby, Cecil Calvin Ahoskie, X. C. Wilstm, Charles Kenneth Charlotte, X. C. Wilson, Emorv Lee Black Mountain, X. C. Wilson, Jesse Colridge . . . .Wilson ' s Mills, X. C. Wilson, William Harper Bakersville, X. C. Winchester, Dewev Hobson Bosman, X. C. Winslow, Llovd Xcwbern ..Scotland Xeck, X. C. Winstead, Clarence Jackson Wilson, X. C. Winston, Kenneth Wellons Raleigh, X. C. Witherspoon. Robert Kenneth Hampton, Va. Woo. Ji-Jih Shanghai, China Wood. Carl Richard Winston-Salem, N. C. Wootcn, Shade Allen PrinceKa rlX. C. Wootcn, Worth Amos Raleigh, N. C. Worthington. John Adrian . . . . Winterville, N. C. Wray, Robert lee, i:X Shelby, X. C. Wright, Robert Harrison Charlotte, X. C. Young, David Redd, Jr., Sn ..ReidsviUe, X. C. Young, Douglas Louisburg, X. C. Zachary, Billy J Mooresville, X. C. Zimmerman, Alan K.. - X . . Pclham Manor, X. Y. [1901 - ' i " Q « ff n ( . 5 " V V V Paul Langley Eugene L. Jeffords Richard E. Brownlee George B. Pruden President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer rednman L iadd OFFICERS FRESHMEN r 13 p f- " C- t K ' . ' % a i " ' tf p e . _■ S- : I ' ,x i ( l! Adams. Philip White Merrv Hill, N. C. Adams, William M Four Oaks, N. C. Allen, Ronald Francis Charlotte, N, C. AlleiL Thomas E Oakboio. N. C. Allen, Wallace Burns Burlington, X. C. Allcv, John Hampton Wavnesville. ' . C Allrnan, Bernard Rex Parkerslmrg, W. ' a. Allred, Euoiru- Poole ....Pleasant (;arden. . C. Allred, Samuel Aaron Clreeiisboro, N. C. Alston, Francis Oliver Littleton. . C. Aiuierson, Donald Dave . . . . A ' inston Salem. N. C .Xiulerson. Gradv Rav Hiyh Point, . C. Aiidorson, Harold 1 lolcomb .Clinton, . C. .Anderson, I larold 1 Brooklyn, X. Y. .Anderson, Kenneth Burdell, Winston Salem. N. C. Aiuierson. William Edwanl Raleigh. X. C Anue, Perlie Monford Janiosville, . C. .Arinfield. l.inies Warren Hiyh Point. . t ' . Aslmrv. Hives Frank Hi-h Point. . C. Aslilev, C,eor ;e Coleman r.iirmont. . C. Atuell, Charles Evans M, ,„esville. . C. Atwull, Maurice Deal. Ir Marion. X. C. Austin, William David Lenoir. X. C. .Avent, Gi ' orye Co ini;tn!i 1 lorence, S. C. Avcck, Daniel Oliver Charlotte. X. C. Bayonis, ' iiieent Charles Luzerne. Pa. Bagwell, lohn Bryant Raleigh. .X. C. Baker, James Burnell Rcidsville. X. C. B.dur, Roderick Warden W.ideshoro. . C. I ' .aker, Walter Donald Four Oaks. X. C. H.iUlwin, Claude Marion. Jr I eland. X. Cj. IS.iles, James Thomas Sylva, X. C. Ballance, Robert C hristopher Fremont. X. C. B.iloa, Michael John Tarentum. Pa. r,.iiKToft. Alfred Gill, Jr Dunn, X. C. Barbour, C: ' Anvson Del con Menson, N. C. Barger. lohn Joseph Salislnirv, N. C. Barker. William Henry Milton. N. C. Barretolos, Ferdinand Naples. Italy Barrier, William Rockwell, X. C. liateman, Rodney Swain, Ir C ' olumbia. X. C. B.iuscrman. Charles W., Jr. . . .Greensboro. X. C. B.i emore, |oseph Claude Cloldsboro. X. C. Beach, R.ibert Lee Moroanton. X. C. Br.inhcimerstein, Al Lisbon, Spain BcMlty, FLirrv Elliott, Jr Roanoke, Va. IV-.oer, Guy Mack Greensboro, N. C. liecker, Robert Harbas Arlington. Va. Bennett, Joseph William Eli .abeth, N. J. Bennett, R.insom Wrnon Morganton. X. C. Iieryman, Frederick Starr . . .Winston-Salem, N. C. I5eriihardt. Donald Monroe ..China Clrovc, N. C. lierrier, Jerry .Allen Winston-Salem, N. C. Berrv, Rich.ird Lovcll Cireensboro, N. C. Bieiienstock. Barton Irwin ..New Rocbelle, N. Y. liishiip, V ' illiam Watson ....Rockingham. X. C. r.l.ick, Gem-c Inglis. Jr Asheville, N. C. lil.Kk, Robert Emerson, Jr Sports, N. C. r.l.ick, William Winston Franklintcm, N. C. r.l.nkburn. R.ibert Russell Mich Point, N. C., John C:ook High ■Poim, N. C. r.lakley, Carl Ober. Jr lesington. X. C. r.l.mchard. (leorge ielvin .Lynn. Mass. r.i.Mns, LicKiKk Zane ....West leifersoii. X. C. i;..l,l,iit. Beniaiimi Allen Enfield. X. C. I!n..,i. Xorman Harold Mocksville, N. C. Dnnker. William Murray R.ileii;h, N. C. Roone. C;ray Richmond Xashvillc, N. C. Boykin, Roy Thomas Sims, N. C. Bradshaw, Ciharles Thomas Norfolk, Va. [1921 Brady, William Jennings, Jr Benson, N. C. Brafford, London Hadlev, Ir. . . Siler City, N. C. Brandon, Carlvsle Th..mas Burlington, N. C. Brantk-v, William In.v. Jr. ..Spring Hope, N. C. Brauvan, Robert Hale Toledo, Ohio Brasu ' L ' U, Gene Edwin Nashville, N. C. Brawlcy, Presslo - Bfll Mooresville, N. C. Brcttler, Monroe Sheldon Brooklyn, N. Y. Bridges, David Lee Shelby, N. C. Bridges. Rosuell Carter Raleigh, N. C. Britt. Charles Leslie, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Britt, William Albert Orrum, N. C. Broach, William Ellington Raleigh, N. C. Brooks, Robert Edgar Fayetteville, N. C. Broome, Hubert Rav Mount Holly, N. C. Brown, Bobbv Barrow Kcrnersville, N. C. Brown, Garl Boonville, N. C. Brown, Hovt Vernon Statesville, N. C. Brown, James Franklin - Statesville, N. C. Bri)wn, Marrin Lacy Parkton, N. C. Brown, Neill Shaw Pembroke, N. C. Broun, 01i er Glenn Rocky Mount, N. C. Bn.wn, William Earl Rich Square, N. C. Brown, William Samuel Dallas, N. C. Browning, Albert Sidney . . Hendersonville, N. C. Brownlee, Richard Earl Charlotte, N. C. Bruno, Amcrcia Paul Verona, Pa. Brvan, Robert Lester Burlington, N. C. Brv.Hit, Richaril Heath Rockv Mount, N. C. Buie, Reginald Pcnsacola. Fla. Bumgamer, Robert Rav Charlotte, N. C. Bunn, Clarence Donald Pikesville, N. C. Burbage, Douglas Johnson, Jr.. Newport News, Va. Butt, John Frank ' . " . . . .High Point, N. C. Bvrd. Patrick Nye Laurel Hill, N. C. Cabaniss, Robert Gold Shelby, N. C. Cagle, Walter Cornelius Greensboro, N. C. Callahan, Joseph Sevmour, Jr., Favetteville, N. C. Caloyergs, Pctros Basil Athens, Greece Calton, Fitzhugh Lee, Jr. ........ . Bostic, N. C. Calton, Hugh Carson Bostic, N. C. C alvano, Ralph Paterson, N. J. Campbell, Carlisle Gaston, Jr. . . Leaksville, N. C. Campbell, Edward Warren Belmont, N. C. Campbell, John Franklin Aberdeen. N. C. Campbell, John Manlev Burlington. N. C. Capro, Charles Anthonv Hillside, N. J. Caviness. William Branson R.deigh. N. C. Carpenter, William Lester . . . . Lincolnton, N. C. Carrawav, Thomas Biddle, Jr. . . Laurinburg, N. C. Carroll. William Wesley Raleigh. N. C. Carter, Charles McKendree .... Morganton. N. C. Cash. DeWitt Carl Morrisville, N. C. Cashion, Ralph Wayne Kannapolis, N. C. Caviness. Dewey Lee, Jr Asheboro, N. C. Chapman, Edwin Robert Hickory, N. C. Chatham. Richard Carlton ....High Point, N. C. Childers, Charles Rex Thom;isville. N. C. Christenburv. Plass Maxwell. Jr.. Harrisburg. . C. Christie, Robert Everette Thomasville, N. C. Chriyj J Ielvin Grant Kannapolis, N. C. Clarllf atnes McNeill. Ir Favetteville, N. C. Clark, James McNeill. Jr. ..Winston-Salem, N. C. Clark, William Dawson Oriental. N. C. C ' larke, Wyudam Lee ....Southern Pines, N. C. Clelland, A. W. . . Raleigh, N. C. Clement, PhUip Arthur, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Clifton, V ' alter Richard Wilmington, N. C. Cline, Bettv Anne Raleigh, N. C. Cixlv, Roy Lee Canton, N. C. CLASS OF ' 52 f 1 p 5 (5 V ' V 193 ■ !».» . A FRESHMEN .y ' Y i Th. q f p p C-- Jv f A Ii p f ' ' " 9 KJ. Si ' ■ ' c L i . S»iiiX_ i CoRgins, Charles William Crouse. N. C. Coglepuss. Ray Church Mountain. N. C. Cole. Charles Andrew. ]r Phoebus, ' a. Cole. Charles Windell EUerbe. X. C. Ci lc4 I Tie Baxter. Jr Dudbn , N. C. Colc. ' illiam Austin CaBdler. N. C. CoUv, Rav Heath Salisbury. N. C. C ollins, Raymond Lee 1 licktoy. . C. C ' lllins, GeoTiie Brvan Sparta. X. C. C l jrd. Ralph Xial K llerson. X. C. C iiipton. Ralph C(»ir)er Grove. X. C. C :, -lance. X ' ei] Erskine Clumbus. X. C. I . loh.i EarK . Ir H..bbins. X. C. C . jostph Howard. Jr. .. Win lon Salem. X. C. Correll, Danvin Leonard Cleveland. X. C. Corutheis. Wade Glen. Jr Hillsboro. X. C. C ci t.i. Elmr IKnTV Ilaledon. X. T. Ciiiio, R.ivmond Williajii . . . .SchciH«adv. X. Y. Culler, Rulus Guv .Arden. X. C. t lairts. Daniel Williams Rcidsville. X. C. Con. Charlo Sl,,,,n H. k Hill. S. C. C . Earl Mitclull. 1. Clurlotte. X. C. l lohn Martin. Jr WiiiMii Salem. X. C. ( K. ].w . Pilot M untain. X. C. I :rce. William Otho I ' .ilcigh. X. C. I. .;. Elisha Wilson Sumter. S. C. t . icr. Llovd Arthur Blanchester. Ohic (. : ; ■ ford, Robert Clifton Gavtonia. X. C. C .. fo d, .Austell Earl. X. C. C Rikmuir. Harr - M ' Ibv Washington. X. C. Crtiler. ■illiam Alfred Xudevlo. X. T. C ri-ws, Arthur Allan Kirntrsx ' ille. X. C. C rius, Njirman Lee Winst.n S.Jem. X. C. C rrws. Rf Krt Fairc GriLn-Horo. X. C. { : • . Col n Wade Kannap.lig. X. C. 1 L ri! I. A AiKk-r. P. ■ irv. X. C. Cr....k. KoiH- I)..n, I- die. X. C. C ru-i. Ik II Thomas . rd. X. C. Ci ii-c. Rav Edward inston-Salim. X. C. C luliiinBton. Ma T irl Selma. X. C. Culr. Charle. Bovd Pineville. X. C. ( i!-. Jam-v William LauDiiburg. X. C. Cu ter, Carl William X-heville. X. C. Cutts Reuben Oscar (Kfnrd. X. C. DalfNTnole. William Clvde I ' ncsboro. X. C. I .K. Ted r. Charlotte. X. C. I . IS, BilK Marion Winston-Sa ' em, N. C. D.nis, George Alexander Siler Cirx ' , N. C. Davis, James Rovie Morganton. N. C. D.ivis. lohn Ma ' t Reidsville. X. C. IXns. Landon Check. Ir Xorlina. X. C. n ,. Walter Joscnh . ' Elizabeth Citv, X. C. I ' on. C.cirdon Ra ■ .Alliance. X. C. .mlt. lack .Alfred Landis. N C. William Robert. Jr Fremont, X. C. lid. John Fletcher . . . . Hendersonville, X. C. liam TTiomas ....Greensboro. X. C. Motlev Ashland. Va. fM)n, luchard Hardv. Guilford College. X. C. ■ ' rson, Samuel lames ....Hurdles Mill. X. C. ' -r. Frank Joseph. Jr GrecmjJle. X. C. n. Win .Armstrong .. V " ' ° ' r, Rj.v Sidnev Winston-9H. X. C. li 1. Henrv Louis Win t.n Salem. X. C. 1). .1.1. ins, Edward l wi ;ht . R oani.k, Rapid-. X. C. Doos;eit. Weslc%- Osborne . .Brown Sumni! X. C. Doolev. r.ichard Raymond Charl iie. X " . C. Drehcr. Jeanne B Sarasota. Fla. Dr e. Carl Thomas Oakboro. X. C. Duke. Philip Grav Winston-Salem, X. C. [1941 CLASS OF ' 52 Duncan, E. Carl Raleigh, N. C. Early, Louis Bailey Rocky Mount, N. C. Edwards, Claude Richard .... Mount Airy, N. C. Edwards. Edmond Clark Fountain, N. C. Edwards, William Henry Goldsboro, N. C. Efird, Robert Donald Kannapolis. N. C. England, Joseph Cornelius, Jr. . . Morganton, N. C. English, Frank Watson Ashford, N. C. Engman, John Gene Raleigh, N. C. Enloe, Boyce Alfred Ednewille, N. C. Erwin, Clyde Edward, Jr LInion Mills, N. C. Eskridge, Brewster Blanton Shelbv, N. C. Eudv, Paul Herbert Concord, N. C. Everhart, Francis Delmar Raleigh, N. C. Everhart, Tommy Lee Stanley, N. C. Farinholt, Charle s Russell .... Hilton Village, Va. Earless, Donald Eugene Colerain, N. C. Farlow, Theron Doane Sophia, N. C. Farmer, Zollie Thomas Spring Hope, N. C. Farnsworth, Harold Ceil Bristol, Tenn. Featherstone, David Edward. Hendersonville, N. C. Fedoronko, Walter Burgaw, N. C. Fesperm, C. C Shawlot, N. C. Fields, John Carroll Goldsboro, N. C. Filiciotto, Jerome Joseph Thornwood, N. Y. Fillippeli, David Jarvis Greensboro, N. C. Finch, Charles Walker Henderson, N. C. Fincher, Donald Smith Matthews, N. C. Fisher, Hugh Adolphus Salisbury. N. C. Fitzgerald, Wilbert C, Jr Selma, N. C. Fleming. Henry Coleman, Jr. ..Warrenton. N. C. Flowe, Oscar Lee, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Floyd, A ' illiam Joseph Rutledge. Tenn. Foght, Paul Bobbins. Jr Kenosha, Wis. Fore, Howard Lee Sanford, N. C. Forehand, John Thomas Charleston. S. C. Forester, George S., Jr. . .North Wilkesboro. N. C. Fortune. Dennis Lee Greensboro, N. C. Foss. Josenh Alderidge Raleigh, N. C. Foushee. Eugene Dick, Jr Greensboro, N. C. Foutz. Billy Lee Mooresville, N. C. Freeman, George Edward High Point, N. C. Fulford. ' illiam Edward. Jr. ..Farmville, N. C. Fulton. lohn Fewell Sanford, N. C. Fulton. Warren Sullivan Laurinburg, N. C. Gabard, Wade Henr ' Winston-Salem, N. C. Gallupers. Edward R Rites, N. C. Gamer, Evelyn Louise Yereen ...Raleigh, N. C. Garner. Thomas Harold Farmer, N. C. Garrand. Billy Sears Raleigh, N. C. Garrett, ManiFord Bayne Ro.xboro, N. C. Garrou. William Emanuel. Jr Valdese, N. C. Gay. S. Parker. Jr Greensboro, N. C. Gibson. Jessie Eugene Winston-Salem, N. C. Gill, Thomas Jeffries, Jr Laurinburg, N. C. Gilliam, Roy Gene Graham, N. C. Gillon, Richard Wayne Kannapolis, N. C. Gixlwin. G. Travis Durham, N. C. Graham. James Walter Clyde, N. C. Grah am, J ohn Elton Etowah, Tenn. Grantffilii; Zeb Lamont New Behi, N. C. Graves, Ray McColum. Jr. . . Kerncrsville, N. C. Gravbeal, Bernard B.. Jr. ..West Jefferson, N. C. Greene, Herbert Boyd. Jr Concord. N. C. Griffin. Donald Clayton Reidsville. N. C. Griffin, William Buxton ....Rocky Mount. N. C. Griffin. William Henr ' , Jr Draper, N. C. Grimm, Julian Pickard Carthage, N. C. Groves, Frank Russell Hayesville, N. C. Gunter. Carl Albert, Jr Spruce Pine, N. C. [1951 1 -. jil:I: . t ' A :, fT f Q fe ,- s V? V ' ' V FRESHMEN f!J C. p p. U- ' J- " ».:.J f s ' t p p n r:: p. { p Gurlev, Walter Allen Seven Sprinsjs, N. C. Gwvnn. George Richard Yancevville, N. C. Haddock. Donald lennings . . . . Wintcrvillc, N. C. lladlow. Robert Edward ...Rockv Mount, N. C. I lallx Graham Dwight ChaUoUC. N. C. 1 lallrPaigc Nelson Mount Hollv. X. C. I l.ilsey,- William Blan Pincv Creelt. X. C. 1 lines, Thoina-. Lnvd Ararat. X. C. I l.irisen, KejiiKth Walter ....Stateri Island. X. Y. I l.iulee, Aubrcv Scott Benson. X. C.|)er. Llovd Lane. Jr Spring Hope. X. C. i l.irralson. lohii C. Hilton Princeton. Kv. I lirrelson. Willi.mi David . .Hendersonville. X. C. I l.irris. Hugh. Jr Oriental. X. C. 1 l.irris, Hiiirv Gradv. Ir Louisburg. X. C. 1 l.irris. V iliLr Brewer ' Shelby. X. C. 1 l.irris. W ilur Mender- n aughan. N. C. Ilirrison, |iim|)1i Alton Kmston. X. C. I l.irrison, Olntr U sse, Jr lloDewcll. Va. Il.itcher. Xorris t l.irk, Jr, ..Mniint Airy. X. C. Il,i elas, Jiilm rill. mas r.i .tteville. X. C. Il,i kins, t.iori ' f Winfred . . Ivickingham. X. C. Hawkins. Willis Elcv Raajn.kc lUnids, X. C. I Ia es, Jcoph Maxwell Elkin. X. C. 1 lavnes. Van Carlisle Clyde. X. C. I laves, A ' illiam .Allen Fairmont. X. C. IK»e, Wilev Ellis. Ir Winston Salem. X. C. IKilig, Eclyar Lee. ' Jr Salisbury, X. C. i Kim. Juel X.irman New York. X. Y. litlins, Lawrence Bigsett, Jr. ...Charlotte. X. C. I Knderson. Benjamin Berr ' Raleigh. X. C. Iknderson, Inhn Henrv Littleton. X. C. Ilinnessei. Dcwev Wakefield Rostic. X. C. I linslev, r.-l-crt Tave Old Fort. X. C. I knnan, illiam Clemence Kenodia. Wis. 1 IK.-Ji.n.Kr. Paul Bron.x. N. Y ' . Il. ,tt. M.ih.r Worth Wilmington. X. C. IlKkn.m llichard Wendell. . WUuvnuton, X. C. Hnji ' ins, William Robert Xew 13crn. X. C. Hi jh. Allen RnVrt .Raleivh. X. C. Hill. Charles Llir.l Stanfield. X. C. Hiiic, Louis Worth Winstnn Salem. X. C. I Iini-s, Anil- Le(m CinKlsboro. X. C. Ilinnant, Worlev Wliitevill . X. C. Hmshaw, lack White Winston Salem, X. C. 1 l.nshaw, ]nc Sanford Elkin, N. C. I ln[li es, IiK ard Murray Washington, N. C. H " (ljes, S.inuiil Carter, Jr Durham, N. C. li lgin, Duul Eugene. Jr.. Guilford College. N. C. I loke, John Ralph Raleigh, N. C. I liileman, lames Horner Timberlake, N. C. I, r.luard Earl Greenville, N. C. ll.illeman, I rank Pool. Jr. ..Winston-Salem, N. C. llnlioman, Puibcrt Abner Ahoskie, N. C. Hnll.jwell, Edward Thomas ..Rich Square, N. C. H..ll. Bryie Roswell, Jr Greensboro, X. C. I I ■ li rr Mcxander Graham, N. C. I I iioycutl. IJ.i id William. Jr., Favetteville, N. C. 1 l..,,l, Edward E.. Jr Boonville. X C. I l. ' over, Rl.iknim Person Pinevillc. X. C. Il ' irne, ' illiam Henrv Warreiitnn. X. C. I l.rt.m, B ' Kkrick .Marion iSuISi. X. C. 1 l.istL ' tler, D.Miald Edward I ' , ileigh X C. Il.iuard. Aitluir Leon. Ir i ' .aleigh. X. C. I I. . v. V. Ralpli 1 rankin, Charlotte. X. C. IIm.U I, Elwood . Turkcv. X. C. lliuk n. Samuel T homa j,., . , . ■ .M enichen. X. J. I lughes. Robert Tliomas . . .. ■ 1 lenderson , X. C. Hughes. Samuel Maris Hillsboro, N. C. Hunt, Mallorv Xewton Pinnacle, N. C. [196] CLASS OF ' 52 Hunter, Lewis Thomas New Bern, N. C. Ingersoll, Clarence Earl ....Rockv Mount, N. C. Ingram, George Edgar Statesville. N. C, Inman. C ' luirlo Fdward IVidsx iUe, N. C. Ivev, Benjamin Thomas Newsums, Va. Ix, Duu)»las Edward Englewood, N. J. Jackson, John Vance ' akc Forest, N. C. Jackson, Rodney Dean Grccn oro, N. C. Jamesi Al n Ray Bethel,; N. C. James, Daniel Henry Wa jjacet N, C. Jarrell, Hirold Joe SalisK? N. C. Jarrett, Jinimy Phillips Bandana, N. C. Jenkins, Billy Eugene Statesville, N. C. Jenkins, Robert Griffith Jeannette, Pa. Johnson, Harry Marcus, Jr Albens, N. J. Johnson, Joseph Jerry Rocky Mount, N. C. Johnson, Paul Jones, Jr. . . Hendersonville, N. C. Johnson, V ' alter Herman Durham, N. C. Jones, Berinie Louis Benson, N. C. Jones, Jenty Adison Winston-Salem, N. C. Jones, Jerry Alston, Jr Wilmington, N. C. Jones, Thomas Vance Fairfield, N. C. Jones, Walter Allison Sylva, N. C. Jordan, Leon Tysor Raleigh, N. C. Joyner, Jesjse Clinton Wilson, N. C. Kaiser, Vitus Jerome Erie, Pa. Kasman, Walter Brooklyn, N. Y. Kaufman, Rolf ...... .yjj Waynesville, N. C. Kearse, Henry Mo fofWf l Ldova, N. C. Keelev, Charles Allen Greensboro, N. C. Keeter, Walter Jame5. Jr Cramerton, N. C. Keeyer, Clarence Paul Marshyille, N. C. Keith, Earl Hillman i ' alcigh, N. C. Keith, Jeff Da is C ' rccdmoor, N. C. Kendall, William V ' are 1 lickory, N. C. Kctncr, Zane Cruse Rowan County, N. C. Key, Keford Aldin Roanoke. ' a. Kimball. CJiarles Leonard Raleigh, N. C. Kimball, William Ross China Grove, i . C. King, Herman Richard. Jr Kinston, . . C. Kittrell, John Edison O.xford, N. C. Knaup, Dayid Lewis Greensboro, N. C. Knott, Crawford Maurice O.xford, N. C. Knowles, Douglas Bryan Wallace, N. C. Knox, Dayid Clark Cleyeland, N. C. Koonce, Zachary Taylor ashinoton, N. C. Kornowski, Francis Joseph Brevard, N. C. KosUla, Stephen Joseph Tarrytown, N. Y. LaClair, Edward Barry Fort Edward, N. Y. Lamb, Milton James Hampton, Va. Lambert, Dayid Marsh High Point, N. C. Lamm, Luther Gene Lucama, N. C. Lane. Franklin Alonzo Franklinton, N. C. Langle ' , John Paul Rocky Mount, N. C. Langston, Jarrett Eyerett Tampa Fla. Lassiter, Albert Samuel U ' oodtand,: N. C. Lattimore, Alarion Eyerrette .... Ellenboro,, N. C. Layitt, Pincus Flushing,! N. Y. Lay, Fred Emmett, Jr Tabor £itv,i N. C. Leach, FjLajmer Jackson RaetbraJ N. C. LeggetSTWyman S Hobdopd,! N. C. Leggett, Malcolm Ligon HobAp, " | N. C. Leonard, Bobby Eugene Ralfiptj! N. C. LeRuy. John Henry _. .Eli abcth Cit -. N. C. Lewale, William Frederick Brookh n, N. Y. Lewis, Charles Alton Green ille. N. C. Lewis, Charles Edward, Jr. ... Fayetteyille, N. C. Lewis, Gilbert Ashley Fairmont, N. C. Lewis. Jerry Dale Bolivia, N. C. Lilly, William Xeal Raleigh, N. C. [1971 •J t Cj x ' , 5 ft p. f P ' :?■ W N» " FRESHMEN 1 f . ' ei p.. c r?f f r , .(f5 !: r p p r p " J O. p. f Liinbu, Elmer Clvdi- Clyde. N. C. Lindsav, William Marvin . . . . Fayetteviile, N. C. Lineback. William David ..Winston-Salem, N. C. I ineberrv. Dee Orville Turtle Creek. Pa. 1 iner, Henrv Cedar Cirove, N. C. Lcicke. Allen Andrew Charlotte, X. C. Lnekwood, Herbert Burnett Charlotte, . C. biftin, BUly .Mount 1 My, , . C. Iiiikii, Matthew Albert Pr(i idence, H. I. I .me. Alan Anders,, n Westfidd, N. ]. 1 iimlev, Howard X.ithaniel, Jr.. Greensboro, N. C. I ut . Billy Dale Shelby. N. C. MacArthur, Georj;e Butler I ' .iterson, . ]. MeCall, Joseph Wavne Marion, . C " . Met lure. William Edward Clyde. . C. McCollum, Robert Edmund Ualeish, , . C. McC oy. James Shirley Sn.iw Hill, N. C. McDuffie, Julius Vernon Lumberton, N. C. McKenzie. Murplu Grady. |r. ..Lumberton, N. C. kKen ie, William Bento n . . Hockim ham, N. C. McKinnie, Owen Clinton Durham, N. C. McLain, Charles Isaac St.ilesville, i . C. McLawhorn. John David, Jr Gary, N. C. .McLean. James Alexander W ' axhaw, N. C. McLean. Robert Alexander ..Mount Olive, N, C. Mc.Murray, William Dedmond. Forest City, N, C. McNeill. Neill Adams Raeford, N. C. .Maddux, joe Harper Raleigh, N. C. Mahaffey, Clarence Gwaltney . . Statesville, N. C. Maharam, Donald Henrv Forest Hills, N. Y. Maharam, Robert Donald Flushing, N. Y. Malin, Edwin R., Jr Greensboro, N. C. Mallette. John Anthony Raleigh, N. C. Maness. Charles Brown Allreds, N. C. Manyum. Robert Seward AhoskieVN. C. Mann, Gerald Davis Newport. N. C, Mann, Flar ' ey Blount ....Lake Landing, N. C. iMargelts, Robert Clayton Rutherford, N. J. Margolis, William Brooklyn, N. V. Marsh, Otto Lewis nderson, Inil. Marshall, George Avre, |r Durham, N. C . Marshall. Julian F. .... ' . Rose Hill, N. C. Martin, Benjamin Rush Salisbury, N. C, Martin, Marcel Richard Wilmington, .N. C. Martin, William Arthur 1 lampton, Va, Martin, William Henry Port Henry, N, J. Matalas, Nicholas Constantinos, Henderson, N, C. Matlock, Glenn Jackson Hiddenite, N. C, Matthews, Riley K., Jr Winston-Salem, N. C. Matthews, Rowland Stacey Gates, N. C. Maxwell, Walter Glenn Raeford, N. C. Merrell, Coy Alton Hendcrsonville, N. C. Metzger, Harold Frank Ridgewoml, N, Y, Michael, Paul Winfred Elon College, N. C. Miller, James Winston Todd, N. C. Miller, Robert Luther Wilson, N. C. Mills, Eugene Clifton Welcome. N. C. .Mills, Edward Charlotte. N. C. Mitchell, David Wesley Gary. N. C. .Mitchell. Paul Herman Hiddenite. N. C. Mixon, Forest Orion R.duiglT, N. t " . Moore, Charles Joyce Washiiutton, N. C. Moore, Samuel Ray Winston S.ilem, N. C " . .Moore. Thorn, IS I ' .irroii Wilson, . C. Moore, William Dudley. iNordi V ' ilkesboro, . C. M.K)rehead. Alex Roan Albemarle, . C;. Moose, Don Moose . C Morgan, Fxlgar Frank Greensboro, N. C. Morgan, Ma.xwell Lee Granite Falls, N. C. Morgan. Robert Llewellyn Shavertown, Pa. [198] CLASS OF ' 52 Morris, James Carl, Tr Chester, Va. Morris, John Charles Raleigh, N. C. Morris, Richard Lee Brooklyn, N. Y. JNlorrisun, Sidney EiiiiiKtt. Jr. . . .Ciastonia, N. C. Moss, Johu Chandler Rockinjjham, N. C. Mcitsinoer, Fuller Thomas Carthage, N. C. Mowery, Thomas Lee Raleigh, N. C. Mullen, Judson Clements ....High Point, N. C. Muniz, Miguel Angel Amarillas Mat., Cuba Murphey, Frank Crosby Chanlotte, N. C. Murrow, Joshua Edgar, Jr. . . .GreensTjoro, " N. C. Muscarella, Joseph Neal Holley, N. Y. Needham, Junior Bundv ..Pilot Mountain, N. C. Nelson, Eugene Toptow, N. C. Neville, James Purvis Enfield, N. C. Newsome, Alvin Creech Ahoskie, N. C. Newton, James Emerson, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Nichols, John George Winston-Salem, N. C. Nichols, Robert Bacon, Jr Efland, N. C. Nicholson, Clifton Leonidas . . . . Asheville, N. C. Nicholson, John Ellis Raleigh, N. C. Noblitt, Johnson Ray Kalmia, N. C. Noe, Ronald Deans Wilson, N. C. Noell, Thomas Penn. Jr Timberlake, N. C. Noland, Edgar Jackson Waynesville, N. C. Norwood, John Fletcher Henderson, N. C. Niiwlan, Withers Johnston Raleigh, N. C. O ' Connor, William Arthur -. Ambridge, Pa. Odom, George David Rocky Mount, N. C. Odom, James Harvey Robbinsville, N. C. O ' Neal, Robert- Charles Manteo, N. C. O ' Rourke, James X ' incent Pittsburgh, Pa. Outlaw, Joseph LeRov .... Seven Springs, N. C. Overby, Charlie King Macon, N. C. 0 ' erton, William Ahin Durham, N. C. Owen, Samuel Lindbergh ....Henderson, N. C. Owens, Ralph Fielding ' Siler City, N. C. Pace, Doran Royal, Jr Sumter, S. C. Pace, Finlev, Jr Hendersonville, N. C Page, Alfred Irvin , ' . . . .-.Wilson, N. C. Page, Theodore Roosevelt Smyrna, N. C. Page, V ' ade Shamburger Asheboro, N. C. Painter, William Brown Turtle Creek, Pa. Palazuelos, Adolfo Mexico City, Mexico Parker, B. Al Clinton, N. C. Parks. William Colon Greensboro, N. C. Parrott, Frank Edward Creedraoor, N. C. Patterson, Billy Frank Greensboro, N. C. Patterson, Frank Cauble ....China Grove, N. C. Patterson, Frank Leslie Durham, N. C. Payne, Alan L Rural Hall, N. C. Peeler, Ralph James Raleigh, N. C. Pegg, Richard Edward Winston-Salem, N. C. Perdue, Tyrus Ollie Henderson, N. C. Permenter, Jack Wallace Wampee, S. C. Perry, Bobby Dew Bailey, N. C. Peterson, Donald Frederick ..Wilmington, N. C. Peterson, Lorenza William . . ' ilmington, N. C. Phelps, Seaton Earnhardt, Jr Windsor, N. C. Phillips, Grayson Giles Rcickingham, N. C ' . PhillipBprg mmy Judson Lumberton, N. C. Pike, Drin ld Stone Goldsboro, N. C. Pippinger, David W Hayesville, N. C. Pittman, Pat Lewis Fairmont, N. C. Plummer, James Powell Raeford, N. C. Poe, Thomas Wesley Sanford, N. C. Polk, Bunny Jerome Phmiouth, N. C. Poplin, Carroll Bailey Albemarle, N. C. Porter, Paul Harold Kelly, N. C. Poston, Thomas Clinton Mooresville, N. C. 199- iilio|j 0 i " flf If ' " l " fTi p D. p5 1 C C c f ' ■ ' jtrni 1 - 1 f 4 f--J| y w FRESHMEN .1 , N 15 TTf r V r 5 r- vi M " v V K. r . s f iL ' - - i if L r- v v - Poteat. Billv Donald Stanley, N. C. Piitcat, John Alexander Marion, N. C. I ' ouxli, Don Ellis Winston-Salem, N. C. Powell. Robert Hovt Roanoke R apids, N. C. P.meh, Rov Irvin Warr |™ N. C. I ' ressly, Cicorye Barron MoorefHBq N. C. I ' resson, liillv Austin Spruce |Pine, . C. Pre att, Ricliard Montgomery . . Luinherton, N. C. Pruden, Douf;las H H.deif h, . C. Pruiien, Geor ;e Buck R.Jeigh, N. C. Purdy, Clifford Jerome S.ivanniili. Ga. l ' ur is, Coen Vernon. Jr liitakers, . C. Quav, Henry Corum. Jr I larrisburg, . . C. guiek, Walter t h.irlotte, . C. Ralinies, Eui;ene Elmer Jaiiesville. Wis. Ramsey, James Earl, Jr Denver, N. C. Rankin, ilev Theodore Ci.isConia, . C. Raper, Charles Franklin Vienna, ' a. Rascoe, Thomas Fleming Burlington, N. C Ratts, Dwight Kent I avctieville, . . C. Ravnor, Malcolm Wallace Raleigh, . C. Redtearn, Charles Waddell Recce, Arnold T. G Reed. Charles Russell Rcenes, George Fletcher, Jr. Keiohardt, James Lemonde . Rciulell, William Frederick . . . . I lartsville, . C. . .C ramerton, X. C. .Forest City, N. C. . Rockinaham, . C. ..Yadk.nville, . C. ,Fayetieville, N. C. Revpess, Larry Gales i.Pinetown, . . C. Revns, Robert Gene Covington. ' a Rhea. Johnnv Wilburn Canton, N. C Ribet, Lee Frank Durham, . C Richardson. Billv Eugene . .Pleasant Ciarden, . . C Piich.irdson. Frank Ravmond . . . . 1 rcnton, . . J Rich.irdson. Faulkner Council . . .■ shi iUe, N. C Rich.ird.son. 1 lenrv Eathel, Ir. . . Lauriiihurt . . C Riddle, Frank Clark, Jr Gastonia, N. C. Rivero, Benito Maguira I l.ivana, Cuba Rives, Henry Alston, Jr Broadu.iv. X. C. Robbins, John Daniel, Jr. ..Rockv Mount, . C. R..berts, Forest Eugene Shelby. - . C. Roberts, Jack Ib.bcrt W .nston Salem. N. C. Roberts, Richard Cain 1 lilUboro, . C. Pxibcrts, illiam Jennings Miiiland, . . C. Robinson, (denn Byers Gastonia ' , X. C. Robinson, William Guv N ' ale, X. C. Rogers, Charles Herman Clarkton. X. C. Rogers, George Barnelt Charlotte, X. C. Roland, Alan Craig Kernersville, iX. C. Rose, David Jennings Goldsboro, N. C. Ross. John Alexander Morganton, N. C. Ross, Sandv Douglas Matthews, X. C. Rosser, Alst in Jones Fayetteville, X. C. Rotlnvell, Henrv Hampton ...Wilmington, X. C. Rouse, Don.dd Caswell Goldsboro, N. C. P.o M-. Eddie Dawson Charlotte, X. C. r.uss, Clarence Austin Wilmington, X. C. Russell, Jack Erwin Concord, X. C. Sai penfield. Charles Madison . . .Charlotte, X. C. Sdsser, Josi-ph David Goldsboro, X. C. Sauiulers, Charles Houston, Ir. . . Reidsville. X. C. Schacht, Waller Edward. Jr Ft, jta%ir. Va. Schoppaul, James Herman I l.iMUOick, X. C. Scott. Jack Thomas M.ipK A ' ood, X. J. Scott. Kenneth Wade Gastonia, . . C. Scott, Leland Ormand, Jr C.uldsboro. X. C. Sedberrv. Charles Hutchins Sali.sbur , , C. Seward, Donovan Rosser ....Newport c s. Va. Shaver, Gerald Montroville, Jr XmUm, Va. Sheets. Clavborn Glenn Wagcmer, X. C. Shell, Howard Truman Havelock, N, C. 200 ' CLASS OF ' 52 Shelton, Bass Jones Mount Airy, N. C. Shepherd, Donald Herbert . . Elon College, N. C. Shepherd, Marshall Monroe, |r. ..Charlotte, N. C. Sherrill. Carl I nn ,,A ' in ' -t.iii Salem, N. C. ShiekK, .Maynard Earl Canton, N. C. Shinijloton, Benjamin T., Jr. , . Stantonsburg, N. C. Shinuleton, C.iil.iiul P.iwi . St.nuonsburj;, N. C. ' " ' ifil n Thelbert China Ckove] N. C. Shoaiara ert Earl, Jr High KmtJ N. C. Sholal;13i ' in Earl Ro S ' • Siunii , Brvce Greeiiville, N. C. Sikc.-, ' Xi]Bjdon Ooburn Greensboro, N. C. Siivci Khael Julian New York, N. Y. Simp$ B«Allen Jefterson Monroe, N. C. Sincl4ir; eill Blue Raeford, N. C. Sleds e, Tfimmy Edward Graham, N. C. Sloan, Marvin Kenneth Erwin, N. C. SIv, Richard Edgar V ' ilminoton, Del. Smathers, jPaul Eugene Canton, N. C. Smatli MjStuart Beasley Canton, N. C. SmilcMHHmes Rufus, Jr Salisbury, N. C. Smith, Alfred Lewis Greenville, N. C. Snnth, Bruce Thomas Hazelvvood, N. C. Smith, Burton Davis Fremont, N. C. Smith, Carl Horatio Harrellsville, N. C. Smith, Charles Richard Columbia, S. C. Smithi Elhs xMurrell Havelock, N. C. Smithy Einmett Robinson j. Kinston, N. C. Smith, George B md S fitman, N. C. Smith, George ' alkcc:-f . . Raleigh, N. C. Smith, Henrv George , . .Apex, N. C. Smith, John Tyndall Winston Salem, N. C. Smith, John William I ixington, N. C. Smith, Raymond Himard C iiensboro, N. C. Smith, Ronald Da id Henderson, N. C. Smith, Ihomas Earl Kinstoji, N. C. Smith, Walter Howard Pink Hill, N. C. Smyly, James Poag Ch.irlotte, N. C. Soesbee, e Samuel Canton, N. C. Sokol, Burton ' Lconard ............ Detroit, Mich. Sorrels, ' illiara Pjekens ...... r.irest City, N. C. Sotolongo, Tomas ]iaUi ' . . . ■ Amarillas Mat., Cuba Spain, George Eugene Hendefejta,. N. C. Spencer, Chears Huntley . . Winston-SaleBoi,! N. C. Spindler, Gotthard Kurt, Hasbrouck Heights, N. J. Splawn, Jerry Lament Burlington, N. C Sprinkle, Wilbur Glvnn ... Winston Salem, N. C. Spruce, Peachv Charles, Jr Leaksville, X. C Spry. Lindsay Ellis, Jr Winston-Sijemii N. C. Stallings, FelLx Howard " " Kra ' ' Stalls, Linwood David Tarfwo? N. C. Stancil, David Aulander Macclesfield, N. C. Stanley, Willie Eugin Fairmont, . . C. Staton, Lemuel Baker Rocky Mount, . . t . Stephenson, James William . . . Winnsboro, S. C. Stevens, James Carlyle Goldsboro, X. C. Stevens, Lloyd Benjamin GoldsBOlb,( N. C. Stillman. Albert Ernest, Jr Edeiiton, X. C. Stokes, James Ogden Ridcr vood. .Md. Stoll, {J e onald Princeton. Ind. Stone. Floyd .Arthur Atlantic City, X. J. Stout. Frank Pige Angier, X . C . Strickland, Idwin Earl Goldsboro, X. C. V ill ur Samuel Rdeiglff N. C. Stn.ud. William Archie, Jr Deep Run, N. C. Stout. I hrrell Asbur ' Thomas ille, N. C. Stuart. C hlh rd Charlotte, N. C. Stuart, Xed Russell, Jr Kernersville, N. C. Sturdivant, Arthur Norman Durham, N. C. Sutton. Lambert Morris Faison, N. C. [201] " CTiTi pi ffi 1 i|fti t , O, ri t% (T Wlf. O fTi C (-J FRESHMEN l iMl -r . t. CT u y l-s, ffZi r ,t£f ?: i Sutton, Wesley Allen La Grange, N. C. Swain. Francis Herbert South Port, N. C. Suan. John Gadsden, Jr South Port. N. C. Swanson. Oscar Charles. Jr Spencer, N. C. Tait. Richard Helms Piliahui h. Pa. Talbert, Harold Alvin. Jr Asheville, . C. l.ihoQ, Bobby O ' Neal .... Winston Salem, . . C. Tavloe, Ralph Pritchard Aul.tnder, N. C. Taylor, Douglas Reid Kinston, N. C. I avlor, Joseph Gary, N. C. lavlor, Sam Vestal White Plains, . Y. Livlor, Wesley Stephen . .Winston Salem, N. C. lavliir, William Edgar, Jr P.ileigh, N. C. league, Thomas Wade Ta lorsville, N. C. league, William Mollitt Raleigh, N. G. I cseneer, Charles William Shelby, X. C. Thomas, Alexander Hampton . . .C .iiiieron. . G. Thcimas, John .Michael S.ilivhury. . G. I hoinas, Laurence Elton Kmston. . G. Ihompson, George Garleton . . . . I lilKboro. . G. Ihompson, John V ' ilkerson . . . .GnKlsboro, . G. iliome, Maynard Gradon Earmville, .N. G. lilley. Earl Thomas TimlK-rlake, N. G. linsle-x, Carlos Oles. Jr. .Pleasant Garden, - . G. Tippcnreiter, Garl Herman 1 lillside. N. I. lotaute, Thomas Philip Vorkyille, Ohio lOla. Jacob John Raleigh, X. C. lollev, Frank Frederick Ashcyille, X. G. Tounsend, lohn Edward Buie. . G. Travis, Edward .-Mien Winston Salem, X. G. Irevathan, Robert Raymond, Jr.. . R.ileigh, X. G. rroclcrnan, Adrian Johan New York, X. Y. I nil linger, William Blanchard, Laurinhurg, X. G. Iriiup, Arthur Bacon Raleigh, N. G. Troutman. Ii.iv Kent Statesyillcyj N. C. luttlc, Ronald Sanders Greensboro, N. C. Underwood, James Frederick ..Salcmburg. N. C. Lhulcrwood, John Mack Gastonia, N. C. U]xhurch, Ayrnn Buron — r%-.-.-i- . .Sanfonl. X G. n landingham. 1 rancis H. ..Greensboro, X. G. ' an Proyen, James Leon Asheville, X. G. X ' aughan, John Bassett Galax. ' a. X ' ernon, Arthur William .... Newport ,N«»s. N ' a. X ' rooman, Albro Diet,; Schenect.uly, N. Y. Wacldell, Flal Gordon, Jr Burlington, N. C. W .Kisworth, Larkin Tyler Raleigh, N. G. Wagner, Carl Benjamin Taylorsville, N. C. Wagner, Edward Joseph Ghicago, 111. Walkej, L. 1) Martinsville, Va. Wall. Robert Ernest, Jr Leaksyille, N. C. Walsh, William Thomas . . .Old Greenwich, Gonn. Walters, Charles Sidney, Jr Blanch, N. C. W.inl. Duanc Emery, Jr Galax, Va. Ward. Gerald Mercer Whitakers, N. C. W .iril, James .Marion, Jr Greenville, N. C. W.irJ. Robert Sloane. Jr Fayetteville, N. C. W arren, Gray Mebane, N. C. .irren, Donovan Lvle Durham, N. C. Warren, Dwiglu Randolph ..Washington, D. C. W.iikins, Marvin Daniel, Jr. . . Waynesville, N. G. Watkins, ' Uilliam Henry :R.ilcMgh, X. G. Watson, Claude Lee, Jr. . . . V ' inston S.ilem, X. C ' . Wats.Ml, Gene Rocky Mount, X G. W.itsoM, Janus 1 imiiett New Bern, C. Watson, Ovid Gnggs Badin. N. G. W ' attcrson. Walter H Bessemer Citv. N. C. Watts, Ina .X ' ame . — „ — . , . . . . .Xdne, Cal. Weathers, Jasper Wellons, Jr. . . Youngsville, N. C. Weaver, Joseph Marvin Weaverville, N. C. Webb. Max Poston Salisbury. N. C. [202] CLASS OF ' 52 Webb, Ralph Sewell, Jr Franklin, Va. Webster, Don Fletcher Mars Hill, N. C. Weicano. Theodore WVlsh . . . . Riducvvood, N. J. A ' elch, iMari..n truest llioh Point, N. C. VN ' clch, Walter Garret t Raleigh, N. C. Welker, Paige Starr Greensboro, N. C. Wells, Douglas Leon Leicester, N. C. Wells% James Ellis Wallace, N. C. U ' ensil, Leon R.. Jr Concord, N. C. West, Donald Richard . . . . Winston-Sjalem, N. C. Whatlev, Lowell McKay Ulah, N. C. Whitaker, Faison Young, Jr Durham, N. C. White, Benjamin Gardner Hobgood, N. C. White, Hugh Dixon, Jr. . .Guilford College, N. C. V ' hite, James Clyde, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Whitehead. Jean Lorraine Miami, Fla. Whitehurst, Samuel Clayton, Robersonville, N. C. Whitford, Patricia Jocelyn Raleigh, N. C. Wilhelm, Bill Hugh Landis, N. C. W ilkinson, Thomas Harvey, Jr. . .Charlotte, N. C. Willcox, William C Carthage, N. C. Williams, Floyd Cleon Wilmington, N. C. V ' illiams, George Walton, Jr. . . Reidsville, N. C. Williams, Jasper Caleb Fayetteville, N. C. Williams, Lloyd Eugene St. Petersburg, Fla. illiams, l obert Carroll, Jr., Winston-Salem, N. C. Williams, Robert Owen, Jr Baltimore, Md. Williams, ' an V ' ych ........ Greensboro, N. C. Williamson. John Graham Zebulon, N. C. Williford, Roller Curtis Fayetteville, N. C. WiLon, Edward Pxaudolph O.xford, N. C. Wilson, Thomas Nelson . . . . Marshallberg, N. C. Wise. Daniel Crawford Goldsboro, N. C. Womble, Ihurman Dewey, Jr. Rocky Mount, N. C. Woodall, Hunter McGuire, Jr. .. Raleigh, N. C. Woodrutt, David Stanley Raleigh, N. C. Wooten, Dorothy Jane E., Winston-Salem, N. C. Worrell, Robert Harold Goldsboro, N. C. Wray, WiBiam Thomas Wilson, . C Yarborough. Phil Chafhn, Jr Sanford, X. C. Yarborough, Rufus Melvin Sanford, N. C York, William Ma ■ip, Jr Greensboro, N. C. Younts, Sanford Eugene Lexington, N. C. Zak. Joseph Raleigh N. C. Zauber, David Norman Greensboro, N. C. Ziglar, Joseph Maxton Leaksville, N. C. Zubli, Jacob Fraim Baghdad, Iraq Zvvicky, Frederick Cole Greensboro, N. C. 203 ' OUR MILITARY STUDIES Samuel A. Gibson Colonel, Infantry, U. S. A. PAIS T REGULAR ARMY OFFICERS Capi ' . J. E. Bond Capt. E. C). Biiovvn Li. Col. E. A. Dees Maj. J. J. England Maj. L. M. Kane Cai ' t. D. R. iMay Lt. Col. II. E. Prk-e Capt. II. Romanek Li. Col. J. II. Stell Maj. W. D. X ' aik.iin MILITARY LIFE World War II clcarU cicmonstratcti the value ot the Reser e Officers Training Corps to our iXational Defense. LInder the capahle leadership of the excellent staff of regular armv officers and enlisted men, the North C arolina State Collewe C orps ol C adets is toda ' regarded as one ol the nation s hest. A ' . M i Miss Jo Elaine Webb Honorary Cadet Colonel REGIMENTAL STAFF E. Preston Andrews Reg. Co. Cadet Colonel James B. Sharpe Reg. S-I Major William C. Campbell Reg. Exec. Lt. Colonel Irving W. Gower Reg. S-3 Major Benton K. Partin Reg S-4 Major FIRST BATTALION STAFF Charles E. McCrary Eat. Com. Cadet Lt. Colonel Lawrence H. Miller . . . .E.xeciitire Officer Cadet Major Fred Dameron Adjutant Cadet Captain rMIRD BAITALION STAFF Marshall G. Bryant Bat. Com. Cadet Lt. Colonel John S. Collie Exectitive Officer Cadet Major Charles N. Reavis, Jr Adjutant Cadet Captain SECOND BATTALION STAFF SPECIAL TROOPS Ralph K. Younger Bat. Com. Cadet Lt. Colonel Henry G. Miller Commander Cadet Major John Hardin Griffith . . . .Executive Officer Cadet Major SPECIAL TROOPS Second Lt. William M. Jenkins Drum and Bugle Corps Commander Major Henry G. Miller Band Commander RIFLE TEAM Master Sergeant George N. Prestridge Coach Robert J. Dodge Captain First rou ' : Folk, Porter, Peeler, Campbell, Brantley, Pronoay, Dodge. Seco)7d WW. Bales, Adams, Armstrong, Troup, Braswell, Reynes. Third row: Captain Thompson, Correll, Butler, Garner, Miller, Stowe, M Sgt. Prestridge. INFANTRY Capt. Hansel B. Millican Covipany Contvtander Capt. William J. Day Company Commander NFANTRY COMPANY QUARTERMASTER Capt. Wade M. Hobson Company Commander p: PlATOOM " T?T - ' S . ' T ' ' -T . . COMPANY QUARTERMASTER Capt. Edwin T. Carroll Conipauy CoiiiiJiniider COMPANY INFANTRY Capt. June H. Cheek Company Comviandcr COMPANY ENGINEERS Capt. Robert J. Dodge Company Comviander COMPANY F SIGNAL CORPS Capt. L. Eugene Tatem Coiupa 2y Commander COMPANY ORDNANCE Capt. Errol E. Hayes, Jr. Cotiipaiiy Commander I ' TPLATOD. COMPANY n iljl AIR CORPS Capt. Joseph M. McDowei i Company Connnander COMPANY M AIR CORPS Capt. Jack T. Tate Coiuyinn ' Covnnander ♦a « - iiiifel «. v- COMPANY K AIR CORPS Capt. Theodore P. Williamson, Jh. Coviyany Commander COMPANY L r -xr V i i nd- PUBLICATIONS BOARD Frank H. JtitK Chairman Nearly a quarter of a centurv has passed since A. S. Brower. then busi- ness manager of the Colleoe, Stewart Robertson of the Enghsh department, and the editors and business managers of each of the three major student publications, the Agromeck, the Techiiiciav. and the Wataugau, formed the nucleus of the present Board. In 1931 this group became the Board of Student Publications, under the chairmanship of Frank H. Jeter, who has e ' er since been a tower of strength to a long succession of harassed student journalists. In 1947, a permanent secretary was employed. 1 - I- Dade, H. F., Secretary Mayer, W. L., Faculty Marshall, R. P., Faculty Taylor, H. D., Agromeck Farrell, R. D., Agromeck Brock, A. C, Technician McLeod, H. R., Technician Fowler, M. J., Wataitgan Ray, W. T., Wataugan Harris, C. A., Textile Forum CtREEne, E. J., Textile Foruui Hunt, G. D., Agriculturist HoBSON, W. M., Agriculturist Thompson, G. C., Southern Engineer Moore, J. S., Southern Engineer Young, R. L., WVWP DuBosE, H. W., WVWP BoYCE, S. G., Pinetnvi Barber, ]. C., Pinetuni Stinson, a. W., Handbook Cochrane, W. H., Handbook Kendall, F. A., Campus Government BozE LAN. O. K., Senior Class Bringle, E. W . lunior Class Within these pages are the hopes and heartaches, great moments and c eryday e -ents in the lives of five thousand men. If, in future years, ou can look at the events recorded Ikti ' ,ind relive pleasant memories of the School Year 1948-49— then our work on this 1949 Agromeck will ha c heen justified. Horace D. Taylok, Jh. Editor-in-Chief Art Editor Olie 1949 Reid V . Farreli. Biiv kcss Manager 9 tomec k Alapin Enloe Batchelor Haas Black LeGrani) Bowers Martin Bringle Norwood Cline Ruth MlW BUSINESS STAFF Reid D. Farrell Business Manager Louis Mustian Associate Business Manager George Waller Associate Business Manager Beverly Ross Assistant Business Manager VV. Gilbert Smith . . .Assistant Business Manager Robert G. Thrower Office Manager Kenneth Winston Local Advertising Gabe HoLMEs_.„._- - -r T:rrr7T; | . llE n Advertising Eugene GL( i(... .j S . .NatiO[i al Advertisino Glock Holmes Mustian Ross Smith Thrower Waller Winston EDITORIAL STAFF I Iorace D. Taylor, Jr Editor-in-Chief Art Editor Scott Stidham Associate Editor Emmett W. Bringle Organizations Editor Betty Anne Cline Features Editor Joseph W. Norwood Fraternity Editor William C. Haas Sports Editor Charles LeGrand Syorts Writer Jack Bowers Sports Writer Burnice W. Batchelor Photography Editor IMarek Alapin Photographer David C. Black Photographer Ben Martin Photographer Richard Wooten Photografher John Ruth Copy Writer Gilmore Enloe Copy Writer Bob McLeod Business Manager A ' ERY Brock Editor-iu-Chief m L ne ech nician The Technician is the weeklv newspaper of State Collcoe, pub- lished entireh ' bv the students. Ihe function of this campus pubh- cation is to cover the important events of the school year and to promote outstanding occasions and acti ities. The Technician is considered one of the best college newspapers bv the N. C. Collegiate Press, of which it is a member. The cost of this weeklv for the student is included in the publication fee which the student pays as part of his regular fees. The editor and business manager of The Tech- nician are elected by the student body in a campus-wide election held during the spring term. Adams Fowler Lampe EDITORIAL STAFF Avery Brock Editor-in-Chief HoYLE Adams Managing Editor Dick Fowler Associate Editor Joe Hancock News Editor William Haas Sports Editoi- Ed Strickland Bill Addison Henry Edwards B. W. Batchelor Ted Williamson Oscar Williams Al DiTGAN Sally Moore Herb Brenner Jack Bowers Charlie LeGrand John Lampe James A. Hollinger Dorothy Wooten W. H. Hoffman Jack Smith Harper Thai-er Wade McLean A. C. Edwards Jack Howell John Thompson Gilbert AL xwell Ed Plilsifer Harvey Scheviak Bill Penland James H. Randall BUSINESS STAFF Bob McLeod Business Manager Ross Lampe Assistant Business Manager Bob Phelps Circulation Manager Dick Shober Wells Denyes John Wells Melvin Horowitz Strickland Bowers Penland Edwards Lampe Scheviak i:H OL Wc t ci iCLuaan f The Wataugan, originalK est a hi i slice! as a strictK litciar ma a zinc, has gradually cvoKcil iiUci a well-balanced combination ol humorous and literary material. I he material for this popular publi- cation is supplied by the student body, and includes fictional stories, articles of general interest, art and cartoonino, jokes and piielr . 1 his niaoazine is published six times during; each school ear. V ' lLLIAM T. RaV Business Manager Max J. Fowler Editor-in-Chief Bringle NORRIS Williamson Sapp Osborne Odom Batchelor EDITORIAL STAFF Max J. Fowler Editor-in-Chief Emmett W. Bringle Associate Editor Ted Williamson Associate Editor Bob Sapp Stuart Baesel Zeb Jones Jim Osborne Sandy Gluck Hank Odom Al Dugan Richard Schnedl Earl Carter Walt Joseph Jimmy Holmes Rod Hughes Pete Norris Bernie Batchelor John Faulk Felton Collier Jones Gluck Dugan Schnedl Joseph Hughes Faulk BUSINESS STAFF William 1 . Ray Business Manager Jimmy Higgins Jack Alston Robert Davenport David Grigg Jim Severs Max Halber David Spainhour Higgins Alston Grigg 0m, Ct f " Halber H. VV. DuBosE Business Manager ]. O. Dayvaiilt lechnkal Manaocr WVWP WVWP, The Voice oF the North Carolina State College Wolfpack, broadcasts programs of special in- terest to students every week-night. The Radio Station, staffed entirely bv students, has broadcast during the year many football and basket- ball games unavailable to students over other stations. Extensive re- modeling of the studios has been carried out during the year, as well as a rebuilding and construction program to increase co erage on the campus and improve broadcast qualitv. iManv special features have been offered, including dramatiza- tions of student short stories, fac- ultv inter ie vs, campus news, and e ' ening devotional programs. P. n. Miiirn Jacobs, H. Mitchell, C. C Geller, VV. Dicks, E. T. I 1ollinc;er, J. A. SiLVEnSTEIN. J. Gluck, S. O. TECHNICAL STAFF Jim S vniiiu-iKLn C ' lIARLES PeNUEL Alton Thigpen ( ' .Eonc.E Roe Donald Keever Sidney Disiier Rii i;v ' Maihifvvs Mavnard Iiiorne Edwin Chapman |()F. W ' llISENIUINT JoH Weaver Edward Needham PRODUCTION STAFF Paul Miller I lowARD Jacobs Earl Dicks David Knaup Charlie Mitchell Fred Smetana James Hollinger I Jorace Hudgins Robert Goodman James Roche Lawrence Linker John Price Jules Silverstein James Little Sanford Gluck Rolf Kaufman Wyndham Clarke Robert Freeman Earl Ingersoll Joel Heim John Lawrence Claude Ford Beryl Heffner Walter Geller BUSINESS STAFF Tom Melton Pat Whitford Palil Foght Monroe Brettler Howard Jobe Kaufman Foght Clarke Brettler Matthews Freeman Jobe Thorne Ingersoll Satterfield Chapman Lawrence Penuel Whisenhunt Heffner Thigpen Weaver Melton Roe Needham Whitford DiSHTR | f I ne .. aricultundt 9 The Aoriciihur ' ist, published six times earlv, has been the olTicial pubhcation o( the Ag Club and the School of Agriculture for twenty years. This publication promotes closer cooperation be- tween students and faculty and keeps the alumni posted on actiyities of the School of Agriculture. 1 hrough its wide circulation, The Aoricii ftirist ever maintains closer contact with North Carolina citizens and ser cs as an important organ of pub- licity botli within this state and others. Cllnn 1: . Hunt Editor in-ChicI Buiines$ Manager Sessions, Dubson, Smith, Branch, Stephens, Glock, Lawing, Reep, Church. Turner, Bowen, Reid, Sain, Biggerstaff, Prevette, Sides, Miller, White, Scott, Collins, Karriker, Ellis. McLeod. Bvrd. Herrinsj. 1 i)l lomAI, SI Al I Glenn ). 1 Iun r luiitur in Cliiej Bobby Sessions Associate Editor LoLo A. DoBSON Mimaginf Editor BuRWELL Smith Assistant Editor John Branch Special E.ditor Tommy Stephens Special Editor DEPARTMENTAL EDITORS Eugene Glock Agrictdtiiral Chemistry Leland Hardison Agriciihjiral Econoni Tommy Lawing Agrictdturnl Erigiueeri Lewis Reep Agrono i Paui. Churcii Animal Indus . B. Turner Agricidtiiral E.ducalioii David Bowen Entomology Bill Reid llorticidture H. A. Sain Wildlife Conservation jot k. 1 Iahius Art Pitzeh Robert Tari 1)1 loi ' JAL ASSISTANTS Ben Boney Delmon Williamson Eugene Younts Charlie Culp BUSINESS STAFF 5J.I-. VVade M. Hobson Business Manager ' ttTT BfcJPoN Biggerstaff Assis(«ii( Business Manager AMEs Prevette Assis(a»i( Biisiiiess Manager David Sides Circulation Manager Lawrence AhLLER Fnciilty Circulation L. A. White Advertising Manager CIRCULATION STAFF John Collins Ray Karriker George Ellis Neil A. McLeod Wilbert Byrd Buck Herring Sam Furciies Roiiiiir Warren Louis I Iines F.ugar Ingram B. A. Parker Howard Thompson P ' Steve G. Boyce John C. Barber Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Edwards, Pekar, Rhyne, Long, Shar| 1. Blc- ' ins, iMiinycr, Durham, Altman, Phelps, Mulkey, Woods. inetum For the past sixteen years the Pinetiim has been the Forestry Division ' s chronicle of progress. This annual publication is sponsored by the Forestry Club, and contains records of students in this cur- riculum and their activities wherever foresters con- oregate. Feature articles arc contributed by the student body on a wide variety of subjects of interest to undergraduates and graduates in forestry. Steve G. Bovce Editor John C. Barber Business Manager A. C. Edwards Assistant Editor Mike Pekar Assistant Busi}iess Mauaocr Ihomas S. Rhyne Sfnff Artist FDl lOlU L SIAFF Sam Long Noel C. Sharp Charles A. Blevins James Phillips Ernie Munger John J. Lampe Martin Shaw Jim Altman Harold Talbert Art Millers Jack Walls Bernie Ropeik Oaky Stokes Gilbert Durham David Dubow Bill Stanton BUSINESS STAFF Wade Jones Bob Phelps Marcus Mulkey Donald Peterson A. C. Barefoot Frank Woods 237 outn em C naineer i i The Sotithern Engineer is a publication of the School oF Engineering and is published six times vearh- under the sponsorship of the Engineers ' Council during the months of November, Decem- ber, February, March, May and June. The maga- zine provides the students of the Engineering School with the opportunity for a broader engineering background by a training in technical writing and publication. Graham C Thompson EditoT-in-Chief John S. Moore Business Manager Cook. Hollowcll. Mooncvham, Bransford. Butner, Freeman, Linn, Watson . STAFF Graham C. Thompson Ediior-itt-Ch John S. Moore Business Mana Earl R. Cook Assistant William E. Hollowell Managing Jayson Deyton Assistant Business M Peyton H. Mooneyham George E. Free E. Owen Bransford Du. RD Linn Fred W. Butner, Jr. C. A. Watson ADVISORY r.OAHD |i M. Fountain David Lane AN Stewart D. E. Henderson ' . C. English Rudolph Pate . A. HORNE C. E. Jones 238 ' eXi tile orum Charles A. IIakkis, Jii, Editor-in-Chief tuuiN J. Green Business Manasfir The Textile Foriitu is the link between the textile industry and the students at the School of Textiles. It is published quarterly for the industry by the textile students and ser ' es as a contact and publicity oroan for the school. Feature articles con- cerning new developments and changes in all phases of textiles are contributed by leaders in the industry and by students. The Textile Fonim is mailed to leading mills throughout the country. Michie, Fiti ' ocrald. Friedman. Freeman, Burkhardt, Pharr, Barn- li.irdt. Holt. Ward, Buie, Xeut.m, Cluck, Williams. Ci O O r i i Charles A. Harris, Jr Editor-in-Chief C. Martin Michie, Jr Managing Editor STAFF R. Robert Friedman Sidney Ben Hol ' Robert D. Freeman Raymond L. W. Carl F. Burkhardt Charles G. Bu Erskine Pharr Gilbert E. Nev ois ; William M. Earnhardt Sanford O. G: Philip R. Williams Edwin J. Green Business Ma iager D. Bruton Fitzgerald Circidation Manager ADVISORY BOARD Dean Malcolm E. Campbell Professor Elliot B. Grover Professor W. Aldine Thomason, Jr. 239 Al Worth Stinson EditorhtChief William H. Cochrane, Jr. Business Manai er Ite J and booh The . . C. State Colleoc llandhoiik is |nihlisli«l aniuiallx 1) the Y.M.C.A. and is distiibuted with out Lost to all students and meinbcis ol tlie Facuh and administrative personnel of the Colle e. Pri- marily it offers the first-vear man an opportunity to learn somcthinj of the institution which he is enterino, its ideals, and its traditions. Bv acquainting the new men with State Colleoc, it helps them to oet a better start in their college career. It has be- come one of the necessary State CoUcoe reference books for all members of the College family. ri)H()p,i, ! sr rr II 1 lAM 1. ! ' ) I!M1 AltDl CiLBERT iM. iM.AXWllI,!., Ill 1 IaRVEV SniEVIAK liLlSlM SS SI i Eaiu, 1 . Dit Ks, Ji;. John N. Collins SaMUI I W. I UlU IIES 240 ' nd- C ofwuviy jA ite iMcUed. 949 AGROMECK Kuouemmen t OFFICERS Fred A. Kendall, Jr President Theodore P. Williamson, Jr Vice-PTesident James H. Gardner Secretary E. Preston Andrews, Jr Treasurer FACULFY MEMBERS . C. Bullock F. W. L.vncaster W. N. Hicks R- L. Lovvorn SFLIDENT MEMBERS Ci AUDE W. Allen, Jr. Ralph K. Ingram Jesse B. Owtens, Jr. I Ienrv J. Klein Carl F. Burkhardt Ross W . Lampe I Ienry a. Corriiier, Jr. Robert L. M.xrshall Ezra C. T. tum, Jr. I Iomer A. Sink Bill J. Addison Early M. Sink James G. Allgood William J. Brooks ' oodrow p. Bass John R. Deal Earl T. Dicks, 1r. William E. I Fall C;eorce W. Klng Carl D. McDuffie Joseph A. Davant Conrad B. Wessell, Jr. Fred A. Kendall President Williamson Allen cokriher The Campus Go ' cinnicnt and I lonor System at North Carohna State College was founded in 1945 as a result ot twentv-four years oF student self-government. It is based upon the conception that the problems of self-government on the mod- ern college campus are not problems of student government alone nor of faculty government, but a concern of every citizen ot the college com- munitv. Each student and each member of the facultv and administration, therefore, votes in the election of the representati ' es and officers of the Council ol Campus Government and is respon- sible to participate in its activities. The primarv function of the Campus Govern- ment and I lonor System is to encourage and promote in every way possible the development of personal honor and integrity, scholarly achieve- ment, and a genuine sense of civic responsibility in every person who matriculates at the North Carolina State College. Every student pledges his support to the Campus Government and its activi- ties by endorsing the Citizenship Code. J» : f , 1 i ' Allcjoou Bass UlCK . kl.NG Davant Klein Lampe Sink, H. Sink,. E. Brooks Deal McDuFFIE Wessell 243 ' N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1949 AGROMECK OFFICERS W. C. English President Lewis Allen Vice-President ]. A I. YoRKE, Jr Secretary 1 luc.H HoRNE Treasurer FACLH I V n ISERS W. C. English President I. M. La.mpe 11. E. Griset The Engineers ' Council is made up of a group of engineering students which represents the engineering societies on the campus. Its purpose is to co-ordinate the activities of these societies, the students, the departments, and to direct the publication of the Southern Engineer. Each vear the Engineers ' Council sponsors the Engi- neers ' " Brawl. " brings to the campus interesting speakers, and knights leading engineering stutlents into the " Order of Saint Patrick. " At the knighting ceremonx, the most outstanding senior engineering student is recognized and given a gift bv the Council. Another outstanding event sponsored bv the Council is the annual Engineers ' Exposition. Allen, L. M. Barksdale. R. B. BuTNER, Fred Carpenter, R. E. Croom. E. R. Deal, J. R. Glenn, J. M. Gould, J. T. Griffith, W. S. Hessee, E. W. Horne, Hugh Hook, H. O. Jones, E. E. Lamb, Maurice LeVasseur, loE Lloyd, R. T. Merritt, R. E. Norwood, A. P. Owen, S. M. Paul, O. T. Ray, J. V. Richardson, S. N. Stalling, C. A . Stidham, S. F. Stoops, R. F. Tlicker, 1 . S. White, G. L. Yorke, T. M. i?i §fi t- 1 ■245 ' N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1949 AGROMECK Al Worth Stinson President STAFF Edward S. King Secretary X. B. Watts Associate Secretary E. W. Rogers Assistant Secretary Mrs. L. W. Bishop Office Secretary FRESHMAN CABINET Charles B. Culp President Samuel M. Hughes Vice-President Louis W. Hine Secretary Carl O. Blakley Treasjirer Paul Foght Publicity Committee George E. Ingram Membership Committee Ronald Brinson Worship Committee Don R. Pace Deputations Committee Ralph Compton Music Committee Lewis R. Mabry Sen ' ice Committee um.c . OlllCERS Ai. Worth Stinson President W. Stuart Wood Vice-President Ralph L. Dixon, Jr Secretory William II. Cochrane, Jr Treasurer CABINET Don Biggerstaff Chairman Recreation Committee Earl T. Dicks, Jr ' ice-Chairman Program Committee John C. Umberger Chairman Bible Study Committee Charles R. Pugh Chairman Worship Committee John E. Hollowell Chairman Conference Committee Gilbert M. Maxwell, III Chairman Publicity Committee William M. Barnhardt Editor of the Handbook Carl Hudgins Chairman Deputation Committee Harold Shepherd Chairman Special Service Committee Dean Angell Chairman Intramiirnls Committee Samuel W. Furciies Chainuiui iN ' t ' ir Student Commitlce Wood Cochrane BiGGERSTAFF Dicks Umberger PuGH Hollowell Maxwell Earnhardt Hudgins Shepherd FuRCHES Cui Hughes HiNE Blakley 247 ' N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1949 AGROMECK Larry McDade President The National I-reshman Honorary Fraternity strives to achiexe exLcllcnce in scholarshi|5 and college community lite. A freshman must make half " A " and half " B " grades in his first term in college in order to be eligible for membership. Throughout the colleges of the United States membership in Phi Eta Sigma is the highest honor in scholarship that a freshman may attain. ' ■r p. 1 p. |r tMtmJk oi-nciiRS Laruv McF)ade President ( . W . Fox Vice-President ]. 1 . McKeei Secretary W. E. Seibel Treasurer ASIIWORTII, J. C. Alexander, J. P. I5()VD, V ' . H.. Jr. Denyes, Wells Fox, G. W. Gentry, E. B. GoBLE, J. R. Hatcher, J. M. Heacox, W. G. Holland, R. E. Jenkins, A. W. Johnson, A. G. McCracken, J. G. McKeel, J, T. Millers, A. W. Moore, P. St. J. Pappas, Chris Pori ' er, E. W. Pucai, C. R. I ' llINAM, G. W. Reams, R. M. Robertson, R. Seibel H. E. SlIOllSI , W. II. W ' aileu. L. H. iHjii r ' f lti appa j- ki OFFICERS Dr. J. M. Clarkson Preside)it Charles M. Rice Vice-Prcsidetit Prof. F. W. Cook Secretary Prof. A. C. Hayes Treasurer Prof. R. P. Marshall journal Correspoiideut FACULl Y MEMBERS C. M. ASBILL F. S. Barkalow C. H. BOSTIAN C. G. Brennecke E. J. Brown T. T. Brown A. G. Bullard R. C. Bullock M. E. Campbell J. D. Clark J. M. Clarkson E. L. Cloyd W. E. Colwell N. W. Conner F. W. Cook G. M. Cox R. S. Dearstvne H. A. Fisher A. M. Fountain G. R. Garriss A. H. Grimshaw G. A. GULLETTE J. W. Harrelson A. C. Hayes W. N. Hicks J. H. Hilton J. S. Hunter F. H. Ieter J. W. Kelly W. W. Kriegel S. G. Lehman P. E. Lewis R. L. LovvoRN L. C. Maddry R. P. Marshall Z. P. Metcalf D. J. MOFFIE T. B. Mitchell P. E. Moose G. K. MiDDLETON c. g. mumford Thomas Nelson F. A. Nylund J. M. Parker H. B. Pressly T. L. Quay W. A. FIeid W. M. Roberts G. H. Satterfield H. T. Schofield L. W. Seegers W. E. Shinn E. iM Schoenborn C. B. Shulenberger L. V. Shunk G. K. Slocum J. L. Stlickey J. G. Sutherland M. F. Thompson L. L. Vaughan W. G. Van Note B. W. Wells N. W. Williams L. F. Williams E. W. Winkler W. L. Nelson A. A. Armstrong Von Autry, Jr. J. M. Bales L. E. Baucom R. F. Bean L. F. Blanton C. E. Blossom S. G. Boyce S. B. BllRWELL D. 1 L Gates N. T. Coleman H. A. Corriher R. C. Davis H. C. Dellinger J. F. Dermid A. J. Edler J. M. Griffith S. P. Hersh T. W. Horner C. Q. Huffstetler STUDENT MEMBERS B.W.Hull j. S. Hunter George Kiopekly Norman Korostoff C. R. Keller W. T. Kenyon W. G. Kelly D. E. King C. B. McCants W. D. McManus Stlirgis McKeever J. D. Miller I. S. Moore P. St. J. Moore D. E. Moreland R. A. Morrow G. P. Moser J. T. Moss E. G. Oakley E. C. Price C. S. Ramsey Aaron Ray J. A. Reece C. M. Rice S. N. Richardson Bruno Santorum T. P. Scott F. H. Spain B. F. Smith H. O. Smith Walton Smith Jules Silverstein R. F. Stoops ]. D. Styers D. M. Tally S. A. Weissman R. T. Willard E. C. Yates ]. M. Yorke F. W. Woods 249 ' N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1949 AGROMECK V 4 James M. Yorke, Jr. President (OFFICERS Fames AF Yorke, Jn President Arthur I F ndley ' ice President George L. White Recording Secretary John S. Moore Corresponding Secretary Prof. L. F. Vauc;han Treasurer Tail Beta Pi is a national enoineerino association founded at Lchii;h FIni eisitv in 1885. Alpha of Xorth Carolina was installed here in 1925. While distinouishcd scholarship is the primar rei|uisite for admission, true inteoritv is considered the " sine qua non " lor membership in I au Beta Pi. To be elected into this fraternity is one of the hiohest honors that can be bestowed upon a student engineer. English, W. C. Flannagan, S. C. Handley, a. Hessee, E. W. Hood, C. W. Lamb, Maurice Lloyd R. T. Moore, J. S. Moore, P. S. Oakley, E. G. Reece, J. A. Richardson, S. N. SlLVEBSTElN, J. Smith, H. O. Stallings, C. M. Thigpen, J. L White, G. L. Wiggins, S. T. Williard, R. T. Young, R. L. Earnhardt, E. W. Bean. R. F. Bowers, G. W. Bale, J. M. Bransford, E. O. Baucom, L. E. Campen, C. F. Cline, a. a. CORBIN, L. L. Corriher, H. a. Cox, H. L. Fisher, C. P. Gay, B. E. Green, B. Holcombe, H. I L Hook, H. horton, k. l huffstetler, c. q Kearney, M. A Keller, C. R King, J. B Johnson, W. H Lawrence, J. L. Manning, C. H. Morrow, R. A. McGinnis, E. J. Marshall, J. G. Parker, R. M. Paul, O. T. Price, W. J. Ray, J. V. Rice, C. M. Satterfield, J. M. Snider, H. L. Smith, W. Stoops, R. F. Thornton, R. F. Winston. G. W- J W 4 ' i y l - f5 . ik 1 ri p. o %.f ' 25V N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1949 AGROMECK f ' i au l Pi Tau Si ma is a national honorar mechanical enoi- neering fraternitx ' . Its object is to foster the highest ideals of the profession and to stimulate interest in co-ordinating departmental activities. North Carolina State ' s Pi Alpha Chapter room and files are located in Page Hall. During f ma the past year N. C. State Pi Alpha has gi en its full support to all mechanical engineering activities on the campus. Each year a A nrfes ' Handbook is given to the mechanical engineering sophomore who has the highest scholastic average. OFFICERS Robert Thom.vs I lovd. Jr I ' resideiit Richard Franklin Bean Vice-President Stephen G. Flannagan Recording Secretary Ernest Owen Bransford. Jr Corresponding Secretary Basil Greene Treasurer Philip St. John Moore, Jr Historian Prof. J. S. Doolittle Faculty Adviser Facidty: J. S. Doolittle, R. B. Rice, L. L. Vaughan. 1 1. B. Briggs, F. B. Wheeler, E. G. I iocfer, T. C. Brown, N. VV. Conner. K. P. i lanson, V. E. Selkinghaus. F. S. Roop, J. G. Bourne. Mewhcrs: W. R. Allev, Jr., Von Autrv, Jr., O. G. Barnes. Ir., A. J. Beall, Jr., R. F. Bean, G. W. Bowers, C. E. Branscomh, J. A. Brans- comb, S. B. Burwell. W. C. English, Jr.. A. G. Demko. B. F. Fitchctt, Jr., S. G. Flannagan, A. W. 1 uircll. John Glenn, Basil Greene, Da id flanse, L. M. Harton, Clint Jones. R. iM. Kiser, jr., K. C. Link, R. T. Lloyd, T. B. Ledbetter.F. M. Mallison, J. ' c. Marshall, P. R. Matthews, E. J. iMcGuinness, J. I ' . Meador, J. W. Moffit, P. St. J. Moore, Fred Pearce, J. R. Peele, W. C. Proctor, C. M. Rice, J. r. Rogers, H. E. Seibel, N. N. Smith. T. S. Tucker, W. D. Wallace. R. C.. Wallenhorst, J. K. Whitdcld. S. T. Wiggins. A 4 HoBtHT T. Lloyu President 252 O ta yS app a f [u OFFICERS Carlton M. Stallings Presideyit H. Archie Corriher Vice-President Rex T. Willard Recording Secretary Walton Smith Correspondina Secretary Robert E. Merritt Bridge Correspondent James M. Satterfield Treasurer Fred R. Willard Faculty Adviser . Ti ' MM mi Ul Illilll— I II HI _ JIIW ai S» Balls. |. M f - ■ " k " Baucom. L. E. ' B| CORBIN, L. L. ' M ■ I Corriher. H. A. V. y» 1-isher. C I . l ' X ' ' hi TT ' J Hedgepeth, R. L. ( " I HUFFSTETLER. C. ( ). ■ g 1 " E jOTk i»t. Keller, C. R. • " f »». Lawrence, J. L. McGehee, R. Merritt, R. E. ' - ' J r Morrow. R. A. Satterfield. J. a: SiLVERSTEIN, 1- Smith, H. O. Smith W. TUTWILER, C. E. White. G. L. Willard, R. T. YORKE, ). M. Young, IV i o( Pictured: DiEHL. J. L. loHNSON, W. 11. Thornton, ' . L. Carlton M. Stallings Pre-jideut I he purpose ot Eta Kappa Nu is to recotJiiize and encourage outstanding achievement in the electrical engineering profession, particularly among students. High scholarship, leadership ability, and integrity of character are require- ments for membership. The organization has prepared a chapter room which is used as a stud) ' room, and has undertaken several similar projects for the general aid of students in elec- trical engineering. The organization has also, with financial aid from the Student Go ' ernment, installed the public address system which fur- nishes music for both sides of the college cafe- teria. Coaching classes for juniors and sopho- mores are also in progress for electrical engi- neering students. 253 N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1949 AGROMECK 1 lici.i I .ui is ;i professional engineering; fra- ternitx iil eolleue studejits. Members are chosen lor tlieir character, integrity, leadership, and scholarship. The purpose oF Theta lau is to de elop and maintain a high standartl ot pro tessional interest among its members, and to Liiiiie them in a strong bond of fraternal fellowship. OFl-ICERS E. C. I luNT Regent S. G. Flannagan V ce-Regent K. C. Link Scribe S. T. Wiggins Treasurer Flannagan, S. G. Link, K. C. Wiggins, S. T. currin, r. t. Hesse E. V ' . Klem.m, N. Lloyd, R. T. Brock, A. C Clark, W. M. McCann, C. J. McKenzie, M. L. Palmgren, E. I). Parker, R. M. Stallings, C. NL Stockard, B. B. Westmoreland, L. E. Demko, a. G. Lee. J. i L Queen, R. ]. Rice, C. L Richardson, S. N. SrAFroRD, A. W. Thompson, W. B. Yorke. J. M. Not Pictured: Gary, R. R. Dillender, R. D. MiMS, V. G. Bowers, W. W. Cato, R. E. Chadwick, R. W. Clark, W. E. I Iollowell, W. E. McDade, L. B. iVIooRE, C. W. Osborne, T. Z. Sasnett, R. M. of- f v lecnanical OFFICERS John M. Glenn President Walter M. Clark Vice-President E. Owen Bransford Recording Secretary Webster C. English Corresponding Secretary Stephen G. Flannagan Treasurer NoRVAL W. Conner Faculty Adviser FACULTY MEMBERS F. S. Roop, N. W. Conner, J. S. Doolittle, K. P. Hanson, E. G. Hoefer, T. B. Ledbetter, R. B. Rice, L. L. Vaughn, J. K. Whitfield, T. C. Brown, M. L. EnoHsh, M. E. PhilHps. Clark JRANSFORD English Flannagan John jM. Glenn President Participation in the Student Branch oF the A.S.M.E. should be looked upon as a part of the student ' s educational development supple- mentary to his classroom education. Fhc Student Branch offers the student an opportunity to develop finesse in leadership, administration, and public speaking. Those members who do not |iarticipate erv acti ■elv benefit greatly by at- tending the programs, which are stimulated along professional lines. In short, the A.S.M.E. offers an outlet for the student ' s technical inter- ests and hobbies, creates stimulus, professional insight, and fellowship with other mechanical engineering students. Its programs include in- spection trips, social outings, joint meetings with neighboring colleges, national speakers, and local Ldm|ictition for prizes. ■255 ' N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1949 AGROMECK Coble LiLES Davis Oakley Moore Ray merican ocietu of ( li li C nal neerd The State College Chapter t)F A.S.C.E. experienced a vear oF growth and acti itv during 1948. Two meetings were held w ith the regional chapter of the parent society, one at Duke Uni ersit and one at State College, at which State College A.S.C.E. members presented an illustrated talk and resumes ol the chapter ' s acti ities. Se eral outstanding meetings were addressed bv men prominent in civil engineering acti ities. In addition, the constitution was rewritten and ratified, the chapter took an active part in the Engineers ' Fair, and an annual banquet was held. FroH( row. Left to r ' l U: . J. Adams. R. B. Barksdale, P. ' . Bentzien, L. I. Berrier, O. K. Bozeman, Gerald Carr, W. R. Chinnis, K. L. Coble. Antonio Cornacchione. H. L. Co. . V. L. Dicks, W. E. Edens, R. W Fondren. Second roir: W. W. Coldsmith. O. M. Gordon. R. E. Green. A. H. Hecht, J. L. Higgins. C. W. 1 lood. K. L. Horton, J. C. Hunev cutt, H. L. Jerome, C. E. Land, L. F. Lilcs. B. E. Gay. Third row: G. C. Long, K. A. Maultsbv. Jack May, Miller. W. F. Mussack. R. L. Myatt, A. P. Norwood ' . E. G. Oaklev. B. H. Parker. V. C. Peebles, R. J. Queen, J. V. Ray. Fourth row: R. B. Rav. J. A. Reece, S. N. Richardson. 1 1. L. Rilev. B. D. Rodgers. E. K. Scott, R. S. Sherman. R. V. Smith. ILL. Snider. W. E. Thomas, R. C. Thurmond. Fifth row: S. B. Usrv. J. L. Watson. John P. Young. Seniors not pictured: W. I L Cartwright. L. C. Dail. L. C. Da is, R. L. Dick, W. T. Freeman, J. T. Gould. D. II. Hunter. H. H. Jordan, C. E. Kistler, W. A. Land. C. S. Leonard. Nathaniel Macon. W. E. Mangum. J. B. Marshall. W. F. Ray. R. 11. Rice, II. W. Shclden, E. E. Smigh, F. L. Webster, Blount Whiteside. S. N. Rkiiardso.n President 256 merican institute of L ltemical C n 9 ineeifA The N. C. State College Student Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Enoineers was organized under its present charter in 1930. Its purpose is to pro- mote the ideals of the chemical engineering profession, to maintain a high student standing among its members, to promote student-faculty relationships, and to aid in the advancement of the engineering school as a whole. Outstanding speakers in the profession are heard at the twice-monthly meetings. Delegates are sent to the regional convention each year. The annual social event is a picnic in the spring quarter. Hugh J. Horne fresiSieni Members: A. Armstrong, R. A. Baker, E. W. Earnhardt, D. M. Beaty, R. H. Becker, R. L. Bird, W. H. Blalock, C. T. Barger, B. A. Brock, J. S. Calloway, F. C. Chadvvick, J. Chandler, J. R. Clark, J. L. Clements, A. A. Cline, C. A. Cole, J. L. Clulter, E. M Cox, G. L. Cox, R. M. Crosby, R. T. Currin, B. V. Darden, W. D. Davis, K. R. Economou, R. G. Ellis, L. B. Evans, J. Floros, A. V. Forbes, R. R. Carey, A. P. Gerard, R. Gustafson, W. R. Hampton, J. D. Hartsoe, F. Hawkins, E. W. Hesse, P. E. Hines, S. A. Hodnett, H. J. Horne, L. S. Hovis, C. J. Howell, R. W. Hunter, E. H. Hutchins, J. Jarrett, L. C. Jarvis, J. L. Jones, M. A. Kearney, H. R. Ketchie, D. M. Lambert, R. W. Lampe, J. E. Lattimore, M. E. Lattimore, J. C. Leitch, H. J. Lewis, C. H. Manning, A. M. McGee, E. N. McGowan, F. O. Mixon, C. W. Moore, J. S. Moore, G. P. Moser, W. C. Moser, R. W. Osbeck, R. E. Overing, G. H. Parker, B. K. Partin, M. Petrowski, C. A. Plank, R. A. Plyler, R. E. Poole, L. R. Pasquale, L. B. Potter, B. A. Presson. W. J. Price, J. C. Resor, G. R. Roe, J. L. Salvage, E. G. Seaman, J. S. Shinn, E. M. Smith, G. O. Smith, G. M. Stewart, A. W. Stafford, N. E. Taney, J. I. Thig- pen, D. O. Thomas, L. C. Thomas, C. M. Turlington, W. C. Tur- rentine, J. Watson, H. H. Wallace, H. S. Welsh ' , D. K. Whalley, H. S. Welsh, T. P. Williamson, R. A. Yoder, Jr. 257- N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1949 AGROMECK hW s.-, Jfrtslltute ot Aeronautical cl enced 1 he iXortli Carolina State Collcoc Brancli ot tlic Insti- tute of the Aeronautical Sciences holds meetinos e crv other week to keep the aeronautical students up to date with the new de el()|imcnts in aeronautical engineering and in aviation. It is tile purpose ol the Institute to loster ieiiowship antl promote tiie tlistriliution ol current in- formation along the lines ol uur mutual interest— the Held ol aeronautics. OFr-ic:URS Samui L . I. OwtN ( ' Iniiniuiii John T. Ball V ice-Chairman Andrew G. Demko Secretary I iioiMAS F. Bakeh Treasurer and Correspundino Secretarv Members: E. W. Anderson. O. G. Barnes, Sammic Belk, J. S. Bowman, Jr., I). P. Brake, P. S. Brawley, W. S. Burnettc, Jr., J. F. Cox, E. W. Craio, II. M. Crcckmuir, D. R. Groom, Reece Folh, J. N. Graeber, J. W. Grimes, J. S. I loward, H. A. Lee, Edgar J. Lanious, P. L. Loxington, Pi. I . iMacke , J. A. iMangum, P. R. Matthews, C. M. Mitchell, f. W. Peele. G. P. Presslv, P. II. Rhvne. J. T. Rogers, E. R. Shields. I. (). Smel.nKi. I. II. Stokes. . W. Tillinghast, jr., D. O. Waller, L. I . W iiiekei. |. I ' ,. Wright. Samuel M. 0 vi:n Ctuiiiinini ■258 ' merican institute of C leclrlccil C t naineei ' d f The Student Branch oF the Xmerical Institute of Elec- trical Engineers was formed to promote professional interest in this field and to help develop latent abilities of all concerned. The activities of the Institute include numerous inspection trips, regional and national meetings with the foremost electrical engineers in the country, and local meetings where technical papers are read and discussions are held. Each year prizes are awarded to students writing outstanding technical papers. George L. White Chairman Faculty memhers: Dr. C. G. Brennecke, W. D. Stevenson, Dr. V. S. Carson, Dr. G. B. Hoadlev, R. S. Fouraker, E. W. Winkler, W. E. Estelle, I. S. Campbell, W. R. Willard. Senior wetubcn: R. M. Alexander, W. D. Alle , B. B. Avcock, ]. M. Bales, L. E. Baucom, P. A. Bender, F. N. Blackwell, W. K. Boatenreiter, G. M. Bostian, J. C. Brooks, L. L. Corbin, R. P. Coble, 1 1. A. Corriher, 1 1. M. Deal, M. T. Dozier, C. U. Falco, C. P. Fisher, Ivan Hall, F. M. Haves, J. H. Henry, H. O. Hook, C. Q. Huff- stetler, D. G. Hunter, V. L. Johnson, W. H. Johnson, J. C. Jones, R. E. Jones, A. L. Joyner, C. R. Keller, J. L. Lawrence, T. Z. Lauten, W. H. Lawrence, P. T. Leonard, R. M. McGehee, S. D. Mauney, R. E. Merritt, I. S. Michalove, E. R. Mills, R. A. Morrow, E. S. Noell, R. M. Parker, W. H. Peck, W. A. Peterson, C. H. Racklev, J. M. Satterfield, Jules Silverstein, H. O. Smith, Walton Smith, C. M. Stallings, J. D. St ' ers, D. B. Tavlor, A. C. Thompson, W. L. Thornton, H. C. Turnage, J. S. Twaddell, H. T. Ward, W. A. Warren, G. L. White, W. L. Whitsett, R. T. Willard, J. M. Yorke, R. L. Young. 259 N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1949 AGROMECK institute Of fKadio C nalneerd During the tall term the Student Branch of the Insti- tute of Radio Engineers took in sixtv new members, the largest group ever taken in one term. The branch has been responsible for bringing to the campus manv speak- ers from the radio industrv. I he Institute aims to jiromote fellowship among the men interested in communications, and this aim is upheld bv the local branch. Several social meetings are held to aid members in becoming better acquainted with each othe r and the facultx ' . lacidty viemhcTs: W. T. Dickenson, C. G. Brenncckc, V. S. Carson, G. B. Hoadlev. Student meiuhers: H. R. Adams, C. S. .Alexander, T. K. Apple- berry, L. T. Baker, T. V. Ballard, Morris Beard, R. H. Best, B. K. Bowers, G. M. Bright, A. T. Brown, J. A. Caton, I. T. Carbcil. Lynn Corbin, R. W. Coward, W. T. Dickinson, R. S. Disher, E. W. McCuUoch, . L. Evans, C. U. Falco, H. S. Goldberg, V. H. Gossard, E. C. Grant, J. AI. Hatcher, F. M. Haves, D. s! Hepler, H. O. Hook, C. Q. Huffstetler, C. N. Isenhour, F. W. Jar is, B. L Jones, R. A. Jones, W. H. Johnson, J. L. Lawrence, Z. G. Lvon, W. B. March, T. M. Maxwell, C. S. McArthur, J. O. McCorkle, W. D. McMurrav, W. C. McLean, G. W. Middleton, W. P. Morgan, C. B, Mullis, A. S. Myers, W. G. Palmer, J. W. Parker, C. D. Penuel, D. A. Santucci, R. M. Sasnctt, J. M. Satlerfield, M. R. Smith, H. A. Solomon, J. D. Styers, D. B. Tavlor, A. C. Thompson, M. G. Ihorne, H. C. turnage, C. E. Tutwiler, C. H. Van Dvkc, V. L. Johnson, H. T. Ward, W. L. W ' hitsett, G. C. Winston, I.M. Yorkc. R. L. Youno. llARVtv O. Hook Presidetit 260 . T if r , metican C eramic So cie f The chapter at North CaroHna State is a student branch of the American Ceramic Societ -, which has as its pur- pose the promotion of technical and professional develop- ment of ceramic engineering. In the student branch emphasis is placed upon scholarship, character, and pro- fessional de elopment. The chapter meets once each month. Outstanding speakers are invited to speak upon topics in the ceramic field, and movies are shown to acquaint members with the different branches of the ceramic industry. The society provides a medium for the meeting of students interested in ceramic engineering, and it furthers the student ' s interest in the Department of Ceramic Engineering at North Carolina State College. Robert F. Stoops President Faculty menihers: Dr. W. W. Kriegel, Dr. M. A. Tutde, C. V. Rue, C. R. Wesdake. Student members: L. L. Abernathy, E. A. Clark, D. A. Collins. R. L. Crouch, J. R. Hart, A. J. Jabbusch, C. K. Kirby, G. A. Knight, P. S. Knowles, A. E. Lucier, D. H. McGinnis, R. W. Mills, A. Pechman, C. Perry, H. Potchtar, N. P. Rodgers, A. E. Rowe, J. C. Schomburg, H. R. Spiers, R. F. Stoops, L. M. Allen, A. B. Culbertson, R. Curran, R. D. Dillender, F. P. Fonvielle, J. H. Giles, I. W. Gower, Q. L. Griffin, R. S. Hall, C. E. Hancock, G. O. Harrell, J. M. Holmes, G. B. Howell, R. E. Johnson, B. L. Joyner, R. G. Lawrence, D. C. Linn, J. T. Noe, J. W. Norwood, P. D. Pearce, F. L Peters, K. B. Powers, N. F. Quinn, F. W. Tysinger, J. C. Welch, R. M. Ammons, J. V. Andrews, W. G. Earnhardt, R. E. Boyce, A. F. Brandt, F. J. Calverley, C. H. Cannady, S. H. Filreis, H. T. Foster, R. L. Isenhour, J. R. Lewis, J. S. Massenburg, J. R. Peterson, V. L. Smith, H. R. Stowe, J. W. Thomas, H. H. Anderson, J. J. Filiciotto, R. S. Freeze, K. V. Hansen, R. B. Hockadav, W. iM. Kenan, B. R. Martin. 261 N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1949 AGROMECK eramo6 C)l 1 ICERS George A. Knight, Jr President A. E. LuciER Vice-President R. D. DiLLENDER, Jr Secretary 1 1 AROLD PoTciiTAR Treasurer D. A. Collins Herald Facidtr members: Dr. W. W. Kriegel, Dr. M. A. Turtle, C. B. Rue. C. R. W ' cstlakc. Aberxatiiy. L. L. Collins. D. A. DiLLENDER, R. D. Hart, T- R- Jabbusch, a. J. Knowles. p. S. LuciER, a. E. POTCHTAR, H. RowE, A. E. Stoops, R. F. Pechman, a. Peters. F. I. Sot I ' klitred: Fll BANKS, A. G. Knight. C A. IloWELL. G. B. Jovner. 15. L. Lawrence, R. L. QuiNN, N. F. Welch. J. D. George A. Knight President Keramos, the national prolcssional ceramic engineering fraternit . was founded in 1902 at Ohio State University, and is the oldest pro- fessional engineering fraternity in the world. ' hile the organization is strictly professional in nature, the requirements for membership are as high as most of the honorary societies, and it permits the wearing of the key hy honor students. Membersliip is offered only to students in the Department of Ceramics or Ceramic Engineering who ha e a good scholastic record, a good char- acter record, and who gi e promise of making aood in industry. J o rile ult are ( lub The purposes of the State College Horticulture Club are to foster closer relations between faculty and students; to promote ad ancement of practical and scientific horti- culture: to ]innide an incenti e for the annual horti- culture exhibit at the Ao Fair; to ])rovide a measure of recreation accomplished through frequent meetings with qualified speakers, slides and moving pictures. Olln D. Hef ek President OFFICERS Fn Z Term W ' hiier Term Olin D. FIefner Pres ' uleut Ralph M. Bullock Richard Taylor Vice-President William Lewis John P. Moore Secretary Henry M. Cathey John D. Leazar Treasiirer John D. Leazar Wallace Moore Aisiitant Secretary Wallace Moore Members: T. Smith, J. P. Carroll, C. W. Da enport, R. P. English, W. J. Foster, S. L. Green, M. G, Hamilton, J. A. Beard, R. F. Bock, B. C. Boney, J. B. Bost, R. M. Bullock, J. P. Moore, K. G. Nims, W. F. Reece, W. W. Reid, G. W. Scroggs, O. D. Hefner, W. C. Henry, M. W. Hills, J. D. Leazar, W. T. Lewis, A. W. Moore, W. E. Burgess, H. M. Cathey, M. W. Hills, D. J. Ham, C. Orchard, A. L Pence, W. H. Rea, R. K. Taylor, M R. Penny, R. L. Dickey, J. A, Smith. 263- N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1949 AGROMECK Oscar T. Paul President • ocietu Of Jjrndu trlcLt C nalneerA OFFICERS Oscar T. Paul President ScoiT- F. SriDii AM ' ice-Presideut Paul J. Lamprlnakos Secretary |(JHN VV. Anderson Treasurer Prof. Conrad di; K. Bliss Faculty Adviser Facidty members: Prof. D. E. I Icndcrsdii, Prof. C. dc K. Bliss, R. W. Llewellyn, J. A. Nelson. The Society of Industrial Engineers is the fastest orow- ing campus organization in parallel with the fastest grow- ing engineering department. The S.I.E. was founded in January, 1947. Meetings are held every two weeks to hear siieakcrs in closeK ' allied fields and to take care of club business. The project for this year is to contact other schools that teach industrial engineering anil en deayor to organize a national S.I.E. The main purpose of the S.I.E. is to be the connecting link between the pri ate and academic li es of the stuilents and faculty. Dixon R. L. Dillard. J. W. Davis, H. C. Corning, L. A. Bui la, J. R. Rrvant, G. A. Brock, A. C. lioYER, J. E. BoDWELL. C M. Beam, A. P. Babksdale, J. M. Anderson. J. V ' . Lamprinakos. P. [. Stidiiam, S. F. irit .% L4 fTl-f x - r f [264 Watts, J. T. Watts, D. T. Vaughan. O. S. Troutman. R • J- TmcPEN, A. H. Thayer, C. H. Sprinkle, T. , S. Spencer, J. A. Smith, R. W. Rassas, H. L. Potter, J. iM. Peistland, W. Z. Parks, W. R. Ogburn, H. K. Odom, H. S. Murray, R. B. MORKIS, C. R. LeVasseur, J. P. Langston. N. W. Lambeth, J. W. Lamb, M. W. LhGband, C. A. King, V. A. Kennedy, ]. A. HORNE, W. P. HOLCOMBE, H. iM. Harrington, L. C. Harper, F . L Fogleman, S. H. Doyle, M. Dobbins, R. E. Not Pictiir e.l: Bailey, C H. Coward, J. B. KULLER, B. C. Smith, J. L. 265 ' N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1949 AGROMECK Arthur A. Cline Grand Alchemist I lie |Hii|)()sf ol Ciaiimia Si ina Lpsilo n, na- tiiiiial honoiaiv liatcinit , is to unite those men (il iiit;li seiioiaiship standing in chemisti ' and promote friendship and general welfare among chemists. Its goal is " to bring into closer relation iacts ol science with the truths ol Cioil through the promotion ol clu ' mislrs. ' I - ' S. L amma lama C pdiion OFFICERS AnniuR A. Cline Crainl Alchemist foNATHAN I. Thigpen Recorder XtjRMAN E. Taney Visor CJlenn p. Moser Scrgeant-at-Arms Fiicullv iiievihers: Dr. L. 1 . Williams. Prol. W. E. Jordan, Dean I.O.Schauh. Dr.W.A. Reid, Prol . j. F. Seelv, Prof. A. 1 1. Grimshavv. HI TlIIGPEN, J. I. |; !•» " Vi . Tanev, N. E. t F ' ' MosEK, G. P. ' iMfW ' ' Al Baker, R. A. -- •-• f J ' - B.MiNnARDT, E. W. k y v y j . Duncan. G. D. . fl l W i T J Hers„,S.P. Hj |I , Kearney, M. A. -v I • NOELL, J. S. flj 1 OVERING, R. E. 1 Patton, F. iM. . Aj vO ' Suggs, . J. mi ' . r ' s Thomas, R. S. jf " " . ■ 0 W ' Tripp, C. C. . . .. ■_ __■ Wade, L. V. IVo( Picdireii: Al.LEN, J. K. Dwrs. |. M. 11.11 NHS, 1. II. Manmnc. G. H. ■ ' ■ ' -■J! ' ! [266: oclelu for ..Advancement of I V lanaaement The Student Chapter of the Society for Advancement " - zeal to spread the benefits of scientific management of Management is both an honorary and professional wherever management is required. The society has ad- society. Members are registered either in industrial engi- hered to the purpose of helping e. ecuti ' es approach all neering or textile management. The society is the recog- phases of the management problem— production, distri- nized national professional societv of management people bution, finance, administration, and industrial relations in industrv, commerce, government, and education. Rep- in the engineering manner, resenting no s]X ' cial interest, it is motixatcd by a selfless OFFICERS Harold M. I Iolcombe President William J. Halladay, Jr Vice-President Arnold A. Stulce Secretary ' j ■ " •» 7 H H. T. Whitley Treasurer Prof. D. E. FIenderson Faculty Adviser Members: J. M. Barksdale, A. P. Beam, C. M. Bodwell, R. L. Bowlby, A. C. Brock, L. S. Brown, A. H. Cohen, R. Y. Crews, J. W. Dillard, R. L. Dixon, R. E. Dobbins, J. K. Fitzgerald, W. A. Gaucher, W. J. 1 lalladav, F. L Harper, W. H. Hoffman, H. M. Holcombe, S. N. Huntley, H. O. Jones, M. W. Lamb, P. J. Lamprinakos, H. H. Moore, O. T. Paul, W. Z. Penland, F. R. Pickett, S. F. Stidham, A. A. Stulce, C. H. Thaver, J. L. Turner, O. S. Vaughan, Broadus Vernon, H. ' ! ' . Whitlev, S. A. Weissman. 2671 N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1949 AGROMECK merican ocietu of J eatina and Uentllutina naineers ' 9 The North Carolina State Colleoe Student Branch of the American Societv of Heating and Ventilating Engi- neers has completed a most successful year since its installation Mav 7, 194S. At present the branch has 40 members who are acti ei interested in heating, ;iir con- ditioning. entilating and allied heat transler jirolilems. During this year the Placement and Program Committees haye done much to promote a greater interest in the engineering student body at State College by the prac- ticing engineers, architects, and heating equipment manu- lacturers. oniccRS John C. Marshall President Herbert L. Arey Vice-President Basil Greene Secretary Von Autry, Jr Treasurer Richard F. Bean ] e]iorter Prof. L. L. Vaughn and Prof. R. B. Rice Governors Members: W. R. Alley, H. L. Arey, V. Autry, R. A. Baker, J. J. Barnes, R. F. Bean, R. M. Carpenter, ]. P. Edmonston, S. G. Flan nagan, J. M. Glenn. A. M. Gould, B. Greene. E. C. Hunt, J. M. Lee, K. C. Link, R. T. Lloyd, C. W. McCachern, J. G. Marshall. J. M. Ma.wvell, J. H. Moffitt, P. St. J. Moore. G. W. Mordecai, E. L. Morgan, J. L. Osborne, R. E. Oyering, R. E. Page, T. H. Power. C. N. Reayis, R. T. Riddle, R. G. Russell. E. B. Sherron. I. Siler, C. W. Smith, ]. B. Soesbee, J. A. Turner, O. S. ' aughn. J. V. West- brook, S. T. Wiggins. John G. .Marshall President v3eaux TrtA ocletu OFFICERS Fred VV. Butner, Jr President George J. Jernigan, Jr Vice-President Charles 1 1. Boney Secretary I Ierbert p. Mc ' Kim Treasurer Faculty inend ' crs: Ross Shumaker, W. L. Baumaarten. K ' ' Jernigan, G. J. , , » BONEV, C. H. ' K y V ' ' McKiM, II. P. Sil k ' k 0 Carpenter. R. E. -la -tj i« ' ' r- ic ' c-V Thurman, E. B. JL -iatij V " 1 Brasington, T. L. r §1 Davs.C.W. t»»« Pl ' J-- " Wessell, C. B. " -V % ' ' jHi Elliott, H. G. .• ;dAlli 9 Shields, C. R. ■ " t } Stout, A. P. V ' W PlGFORD. D. E. ™ - ' ' ™ Owens, J. B. J . POLIER, A. L. J ' 1 9 L Hedrick, R. W. V 8 " l H Snow, G. P. ■ 1 Rav.W.T. -- f —1 1 _:5»_., Keener, W. B. ' fc| " ' " fc ' ' West, S. C. T. g£, B-— if Terrell. B. p. • «=■ — ' JURNEY, D. H. m : ... mKit ' ° Pictured-. jg TooLV, W. B. I 1 Ballard, F. I. Fred W. Blitner President 1 he purpose of the Beaux Arts Society is to preserve a fraternal spirit amono the students of the School of Design. As an integral part of each student ' s education, the society sponsors speakers from the field of architecture and those fields which op hand-in-hand with design and construction. During the year the society participated in the Engineers ' Exposition; held various social functions, and sponsored a numher of ]5rominent lecturers. 269 N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1949 AGROMECK OinCERS Arnold A. Stulce President W. D. McManus Vice-President DA nD M. Tally, Jb Secretary B. G. Vernon Treasurer O P McManus, V. D. Tally, D. M. ' ernon, B. G. Johnson, E. G. Rahmes, D. W. Ray. a. Webb, R. C. Smith. A. J. Murray. R. Williams. T. B. Cohen, A. H. WOERNER. P. A. Horowitz, I. C. schmukler, s. F. rrell, R. D. Newton, ' . H. Xiwiov. F. E. W ALLNtR, S. I ' lARBER, J. KoROSTOFE, . . DoDSON, W. C. C ' aMI ' UELL. W. C IIOEEMAN. J. H. Weisman, S. a. S(( IT. T. P. Blossom, C . C. Cameron, W. W. Not Pictured: folkoef, d. u. King, D. E. CORL, M. B. Arnold A. Stulce President The object oF Sij ma Tau Sioma is to instill in textile students a desire for higher standards in scholarship. The requirement for membership is based upon scholastic standinos. It is a local honor fraternity, havino been oroanizcd at State College in 1928. The Sigma Tau Sigma Scholar- ship Cup is given each year to the senior in textiles who has the highest scholastic a ' erage. The Greek letters composing the name of the fraternity represent the words Society of Te.xtile Scholarship. FACULTY .ME.MBERS l)i ill M. E. Campbell, Dean Thomas Xeisun, T. R. Hart. A. H. Grimshaw. J. T. Hilton. ' . E. Shinn, J. F. Bogdan. E. B. Graver. G. H. Dunlap, A. C. Hayes, C. B. Sink. 270i Pki Psi Phi Psi Fraternity is a professional textile fraternity, the objects and aims being: first, to promote good fellow- ship among men of textile schools and the textile industry; second, to encourage a high standard of textile work; third, to assist, bv every honorable means, the advance- ment of its members. Eta Chapter at North Carolina State is the largest chapter in the fraternitx ' , in parallel with the largest textile school in the world. During 1948-49, the chapter took part in arranging a display of student work for the national Phi Psi con ' ention; conferred honorary degrees upon two outstanding men in the textile industry, and awarded the Phi Psi Award to the outstanding textile student at N. C. State College for 1948-49. Social activi- ties of the group include participation in the annual AG-EX-TEX Dance and the annual banquet, at which time a cup will be awarded to the Alan of the Year in the 1 e.xtilc Industry. Mcmhcry. L. C. Bridger, C. F. Burkhardt, E. T. Cansler, P. L. Corbin, C. Dodson, R. J. Fortune, J. H. Gardner, C. A. Harris, T. W. Houser, W. S. Manning, W. D. McManus. J. H. Moore, C. M. iMichie, O. M. Rhyne, C. M. Stewart, F. C. Williams, R. G. Udey, G. S. Tompkins, D. C. Ragan, S. Wallner, R. L. Adams, W. M. Earnhardt. W. J. Brooks, H. B. Cadisle, R. L. Coleman, H. Cramer, L. Cramer, H. M. Dalton, R. E. DeSanto, J. A. Davant, W. H. Entwistle, R. D. Farrell, W. E. Fayssoux, D. B. Fitzgerald, F. D. Frissell, E. J. Greene, J. L. Hawkins, C. M. Hendrick, R. M. Jackson, E. W. Jones, W. R. Jones, J. C. King, P. McCorkle, W. D. McCorkle. Ralph Murray, T. E. Myatt, W. E. Owen, W. B. Patton, C. C. Pritchard, J. D. Privette, G. M. Randolph, C. P. Roberts, R. H. Spilman, R. A. Stowe, A. A. Stulce. H. F. Sutton, W. D. WVathers, E. E. Williams, C. I. U ' olhar. ]. S. McLeod. Thomas X. Houser President ' 27V N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1949 AGROMECK Jonipkln textile S! oclet ip f 1 liroui li its bi-miiniliK nu ' ctiiii s, tlic 1 ompkins I ex- tile Society endeavors to stimulate further the students ' interest in textiles and to brini; the student body and fac- ulty closer tojjcther through mutual respect and friendship, lo achieyc these aims, men Irom various phases of the industry are invited to discuss with the society their jiarticular branch of textiles, often supplementing their lectures vyith films and displays on the subject entertained. 1 he annual " Lint Dodgers ' Ball, vyhieh is sponsored by the lomjikins Textile Society, is the highlight of the vear and enjovs one ol the top positions on the social calendar. OFFICERS Frank C, Jr President Carl F. Burku Vkdt Vice-Presidoit Gerald S. Tompkins, Jr Secretary WiLLLVM J. Brooks Trt ' osiirer 1 1 vi ' .v i:v 1 1. Siii; 1 VK He )or c ' r MEMBERS j ll facultv members and students of the School of lextiles. Frank C. Williams, ]n. Prciidcut 272 ' oUelta J appa f- ki OFFICERS Thomas P. Scott, Jr CoYisul David E. King Pro-Consul Charles E. Blossom Annotator Henry W. Jacobs Custodian Lewis J. Swink Scrihe Faculty inevihers: M. E. Campbell, A. H. Grimshavv, Flenry A. Rutherford, Clarence M. Asbill. y % - , King, D. E. -L l ii wi Blossom, C. E. Swink, L. J. Krueger, W. L. Faulkner, J. C. M ! Roche, J. J. Armitage, S. C. turnbull, r. j. Lloyd, W. W. Gates, D. M. Whitesides, C. N. Jones, H. T. Keller, G. H. Thomas P. Scon Consul Delta Kappa Phi is the oldest professional textile fraternity in America, having been founded in 1899 at Philadelphia Textile Institute. Around a nucleus of 17 charter members. Kappa Chapter was instituted on May 14, 1948. During the Fall term, 26 new members were added to the roster. Of the total membership, 4 are faculty members. Climaxing the fall initiation, a banquet was held, at which time a picture of Professor Albert II. Grimshaw was presented by the chapter to Dean Malcolm E. Campbell, who accepted the gift for the Textile School. % : 273 ' N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1949 AGROMECK George W. Sledge Chancellor Ihc lratcinit - ol Aljiha Zeta was founded ,it Columbus. Ohio, on November 4, 1897. The orth Carolina chapter, established January 30, 1904, was the eighth of fortv-five chapters. In the words of its founders, " lpha Zeta was cstab lished neither as an honorary socict ' nor as a social fraternit , but as a professional fraternity in whose membershi|i shall be combined the qualities of high scholarship, fine fellowship and sound character. These are the vital qualities ol real leadership, and it was the actual and potential leadership in the field of agriculture lor v hich the fraternity was established to en- courage and develop. ' OlllCLHS CiEORCiE V. Sleix;e C ' hmiccllor Arihiir K. Pitzer Censor John C. Barber Scribe Irfi) l)A ER()N Chronicler ' " z: ' ii f , - Barber, Y. M. W V " V-Jl BoYCE, s. c;. jjiflti t Butler, J. K. ! «, ' f • it - ' «, ' " " " » " Gates R. G. V ' iL Dameron, Fred ■Br x ■ ' ' ,mrm T fc .. m DuHsoN, L. A. , . k lai Ma Edge, Lenwood V 1 [ l • i |»j « T ' - W ,m tl ' • ' l- W - GoDi-REY, M. R. S ' ' ' ' W V V V HOLLOWELL, J. E. |j™ P T J » IJ g 1 Jackson, O. W. §S ' Kendall, F. A. an me% .«• «i !f=» J J McCants, c. b. r J - ' ' Miller, G. W. , v HHk9 ' Millsaps, H. H. j t y - ' ' v . 1 . pA Moore, W. F. iJ L ' ' MuRELAND, D. E. - 5 ' " - ¥ ' • •-« ' 1 i( w ' V Phelps, W. R. •■ •■t I % W V Pitzer, A. K. H 0 i Prevettk. Harry JBm» «■ l • ' ' • W - •• • - ' " i t V V ' v Smith. G. B. ♦ oi A. t H Not I ' iclwed: f f I ■ ■ Allen, C. W. JlALL. W. E. ASl. Hi [274- arlcuitui al ( tub 9 OFFICERS Fall Term Whiter Term James K. Butler President Bill Hall George Sledge Vice-President Lolo Dobson Arthur Mackie Secretary Dana Tugman FIarry Prevette Treasurer FIarry Prevette John Collins Pieporter Lawrence Miller Dr. R. L. Lovvorn, faculty Adviser Jami;s K. IUi I I.I I President The Ag Club is the huoest campus organization and is ()|ien to all students who register in the School oF Agriculture and in the Dejiartment of Agricultural Edu- cation. It stri cs to bring the members of ' arious depart- ments in the school together in understanding each other ' s problems. The chief projects of the club for the year were the Student Ag Fair and the annual Livestock Day. I he Ag Club has de ' eloped an attractive and well balanced technical publication, The Agriculturist, which is published by the students. The social activities of the Ag Club include the annual Barnvvarming and Ag Picnic. The Ag Club has gone a long way in contributing to a well-developed education for agricultural students at State College. 275 ' N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1949 AGROMECK future _y armetA of merica I Ik- clia|MiT liist oru.ini cd in 1939, and was re- lor students in ocational education, and eneouraj c co- activated in 1946. 1 he pui|-)ose of the oroani ation is operative etlort amoiiL; the stiiilents. to develop leadership, eneouracic recreational activities Members: J. V. Sharpc, H. J. Snider, T. J. Sheets, G. U ' . Sledj-e, T. C. Silver, G. E. Spain, E. C. Tatum, E. R. Smith, B. L. Turner, E. K. Tucker, R. W. Tart, R. J. Sutton, E. F. Strickland, W. G. Tussey, K. V. Perkins, L. E. Staton, O. W. Jackson, R. B. Turner, J. D. Teague, j. T. Tart, W. B. Turner, E. H. Howell, E. S. Rogers, R. J. Randall, P. C. Seabolt, S. W. Waddell, H. B. Wall, M. P. Webb, C. B. Wagner, C. A. Ward, S. E. Younts, D. Wells, C. B. Turpin, J. C. Barber, R. H. Williams, E. R. Wilkie, R. D. Warren, R. L. Walker, P. L. Austin, B. F. Alexander, W. C. Wilcox, W. L. Ward, R. R. Beaver, W. R. Arthurs, J. E. Atkins, D. A. BiggerstalT. R. L. Witty, J. L. Bryant, R. E. Wheless, W. D. Ayscue, R. C. Gates, F. O. Alston, J. R. ' Butts, W.A. Britt, Harold Wheeler, K. E. Brantley, R. C. Butler, W. A. Gochran, J. F. Bunce, Dewitt Cash, G. D. Hunt, T. N. Hobgocxl, P. T. Blizzard, Eugene James, C. N. Langston, J. C. Helms, D. E. Hcxlgin, R. L. Hendrix, T. V. Jones, C. I. Jones, W. R. King, W. M. Hobson, C. D. McDuf- fie, H. E. Lcdford, J. R. Mouney, K. R. Langlev, W. L. Ingold, J. W. Mceks, S. J. Little, J. A. Marks, J. E. Witherspoon, G. D. Brvant, A, G. Chason, D. M. Gorn, W. F. Brovvn, T. H. Banham, H. A ' . Bunker, H. B. Davenport, J. W. Weeks, G. H. Dixon, C. W. Coggins, D. L. Bridges, C:. iM. C:ahoon, L. F. Dunn, John Cooper. F. H. Edwards, O. W. Gabriel, F. R. l-ovles, C. T. Cone, S. A. Glover, O. W. Faison, R. T. Duke, T. H. Garner. A. I . Barham, J. P. Wheless, H. B. Adams, G. R. Gwynn, L. R. Eller, L. I . Hodge,, C. B. Elks, J. L. Glover, C. W. Fortune, W. H. Howell, C. C;. Alahaffey, S. H. Lee, R. L Mercer, W. L. McCleney, A. R. James, S. W. Mabrv. G. W. King, R. D. Jenkins, P. E. Parker, B. J. Ncal, W, H. Pcrrv, W. L. McPhail, E. C. Mills, G. D. Peedin, D. 1. Pennv. J. M. Pleasant, N. A. Morrison, C. R. Perdue, Bruno Santorum. ToMMiE N. Stephens Presiieiit 276 ■ metican ocietu Of ( The Agronomv Societ)- endeavors to foster better rela- tionships between A ronomv students and facuhy. At the annual fall term initiation, t vent -nine new members were initiated into tiie society. Ibis oroup also sponsors 9 ronom an exhibit in the Ag Fair each fall and participates in the National Aoronomy Society essay contest each winter. In the spring, students in Agronomy conduct a week-long statewide field trip to experiment stations and agricul- tural areas. ijkL-Li Grover C. Dobbins President Vaculiy niL ' iuhers: Dr. J. F. Reed, Prof. G. C. Klingman. Student vieuihers: C. W. Allen, J. L. Apple, Bill Arthurs, Leon Ballance, W. L. Barnhill, I. D. Bardey, C. S. Bumgarner, W. Byrd, J. D. Carroll, R. E. Currin, Fred Dameron, G. C. Dobbins, L. A. Dobson, J. L. Edge, Ralph Edwards, H. Finch, R. D. Flake, J. F. Gallahugh, N. H. Garner, M. Godfrey, G. Hardestay, L. Holland, G. F. Homey, F. E. Hunt, J. A. Latta, H. R. McLeod, J. M. May, W. B. Meares, H. Page, James Pate, J. Perkins, J. L. Pippin, C. H. Powell, J. L. Reep, H. W. Robertson, iM. J. Rogers, W. F. Royal, IM. Seism, H. G. Silver, J. A. Simpson, C. H. Sink, G. H. Smathers, C. G. Smith, A. W. Smith, D. H. Smith, B. W. Smith, J. M. Smith, G. B. Smith, C. Snipes, D. E. Stegall, R. F. Stewart, C. E. Stevens, L. Thomasson, P. Thompson, J. F. Turner, H. A. Vann, C. H. Venters, R. Westmoreland, A. G. Willcox, A. Williams, J. C. Williams, C. O. Williford, H. O. Winslow, L. A. Woodlief. 277 ' N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1949 AGROMECK 3o re sti The State College Forestry Club meets once each week during the regular school year. The club was started to promote better relationships between the students and facultx and between members of the difFerent classes: the club also presents ))rograms which are meant to be both educational and entertaining. 1 he club sponsors an annual " Rollco " at the Hill Forest, where teams from the different classes compete in axe-throwing, tobacco spitting, log-bucking, tree felling, horseshoe pitching, and other events lor " Rolleo " cham- 7 K lub pion of the year. A " Loggers ' Ball " is the outstanding eyent of the social program of the club, which includes picnics and other outings. The Forestry Club sponsors the publication ol the Pi-Ne-Ttiiii, which is an annual of the Forestry School distributed to each alumnus and student of forestrx ' . Slabs and Edgings is a mimeographed sheet that is pub lished by the club twice each term: it contains articles and news of particular interest to students of forestr . OFFICERS A. C. Edwards President W. C. FuRR Vice-President L. J. Walls Secretary J. W. Saflev Treasurer T. S. RmNE Sergeant-at-Arvis FACULTY All forestr ' professors and selected professors in allied de|xirtments. STUDENTS All students registered in forestry, both graduate and undergraduate. AciE C. Edwards President 278 l iama ft Xi Siomii Pi rccouni cs (iiitstaiHlinu students in the School of Forestry by initiating tlieni to membership each year. During the spring term, the outstanding senior forestry student and the outstanding freshman student are appropriately honored b ' the fraternity. This organization endeavors to sponsor a nationally known speaker during the current school year. Me )ihers: ]. C. Barber, R. L. Beal, S. G. Boyce, C. A. Broadway, H. C. Dellinger, G. V. Durham, G. R. Fuller, H. J. Green, T. M. Hasell, W. T. Jones, W. G. Kelly, D. M. Moreland, E. L. Munger, C. A. Musser, A. P. Mustain, M. A. Pekar, W. R. Phelps, H. R. Powers, J. W. SaHey, M. N. Shaw, J. W. Sisson, F. W. Woods, O. T. Wynne, T. E. Yancey. C. A. Broadway Forester 279 N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1949 AGROMECK William J. Horn) Captain Faculty members: Col. John W. Harrelson, Col. Samuel A. Cibson, Lt. Col. Eugene A. Dees, I t. Col. James H. Stell, Major James J. England. Members: D. Corlett, J. B. Dcvton, E. Griog, W. Mearn. H. King, j ' . Sharber, J. Sheldon, j. l ndall, P. Andrews, J. Collie, C. Marshall, P. McDowell, S. Stidham, E. Tatem, T. Wil- liamson, R. K. Younger, J. Leonard, C. Strider, S. Cooper, E. Dicks, T. Wood, W. Hobson, I ' . Dameron, D. McCulloch, G. Pickett, R. Coble, 13. Troxler, B. Sumner, P. Smetana, C. Moore, J. Alston, J. McQuinn, R. Hinshavv, I. Cower, J. C. Dollier, B. Coward, B. Butchart, B. Partin, B. Ross. |. Tate, F. Hutchins. Scabbard and (J lucle OFFICERS WiLLiA.M J. 1 loRD Captain Clarence A. Smith First Lieutenant Webster C. English Second Lieutenant Edwin D. Palmgren First Seraeaut t f ( Smith 31 - A. " -T -S ' - Palmcben V " M " • CoRLETl 1 • . " .iW ' " " d Gregg .Wji ' -« T ' ' Hearn a " W ' e " " Sharber Si ' ! ' ' Andrews V " Marshall p tit ff f _ McDowell A y " Y • " - " fV " ' ' ST.DH..M ' , N Tatem |0 yJ J ' ' T Williamson . A r j -— ' ■280- J » hCj mosmm ( adet Kypficerd . ddociatio Miss Reva Ann Dame Sponsor n The Cadet Officers ' Association is an organization com- posed of first and second year advanced military students in the Reserve Officers ' Training Corps at North Caro- hna State College. Membership in the organization is limited to cadet officers and reser e officers pursuing their course of studv at this institution. The purpose of the organization is to encourage and promote in advanced R.O.T.C. students a greater interest in this college, communitv, and countrv. The Military Ball, one of the highlights of the college social calendar, is sponsored by the Cadet Officers ' Association. OFFICERS Harper Fhaver President Marshall Bryant ' ice-Presicleiit Bill Wyatt Treasurer James M. Conner Secrefnr) ' John Collie Corresponding Secretary Cilbert E. Newton Sergeant-at-Arms Lt. Col. E. A. Dees Facultv Adviser Harper Thayer President 281 N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1949 AGROMECK merlcan dSociatlon of textile ( nemldtd id L olorldtd am I he i . C. State Colleoe cha|)icr oF the . nieriean Association of I extile Chemists and Colorists was re- aetivated in 1947 after a dormant period during World War II. 1 he function of the local chapter is to brini about closer contact between the students of textile chemistry and llie textile industry. During tlie ear, specialists in textiles and allied fields aii ' iinitet! to lecture to the oroanizatiuii. In this wav it is jiossible to correlate the theory v ith practical application. The objects of the or(j;anization are: " lo promote in crease of knowledoe of the application of d es and chemi- cals in the textile industry; to encouraoc, in any practical way, research work on chemical processes and materials of importance to the textile industrv; and to establish lor the members channels by which tlu ' interchange ol professional knowledge among them ma be increased. OFFICERS Marshall B. C ' ori CUa ' irman Joe R. Stilwell Secretary Ralph Murray Treasurer Prot. I Ienrv . RuTHERi-oiu) Adv ' iser I ' acuhy members: I lenry A. Rutherford. Arthur II. Cirimshaw, Arthur C. 1 laves. Stiide)it members: D. C. Anderson, C. K. Blanton, Charles Blos- som, Wade Boyd, B. T. Bridgers, 1). I. Brook. William Brooks, R. a. Carnevele, D. M. Gates, W. C. Comer, M. B. Corl, R. C. Davis, W. E. Fayssoux, R. J. Fortune, D. A. Gardner, C. F. Getsinoer, J. M. Goldston.E. J. Greene, P. E. Greooriou, S. R. ! lersh, J. II. I loffman, W. F. Hoffman, J. 1 1. I lolmes, R. C. I lurt, K. A. Jenkins, J. A. Jerome, Z. A. Kotob, T. J. Latham, T. D. Lewis, S. W. Lob, II. L. Loveless, T. W. Moore, Ralph Murray, O. A. Ofjord, W. B. Patten, A. M. Purut, R. A. Rivadenevra, T. ' P. Scott, P. M. Segal, C. E. Sheffield. C. M. Stewart. J. R. ' Stilwell. R. A. Stowe, S. A. Weissman, P. A. Woerner, C. J. Wolhar. AlusMlAl.i. U. C Chairman Don a. Biggerstaff Harold J. Snider President Vice-President RuFus B. Turner R- Thorpe Jones Secretary Treasurer J app a J- n I app a OFFICERS Don a. Biggerstaff President Harold J. Snider Vice-President RuFus B. Turner Secretary R. Thorpe Jones Treasurer C. I. Jones Progrm)i Chairman William L. Bryant Publicity Director Dr. C. G. Mumford Faculty Sponsor Kappa Phi Kappa endeavors to promote the eause of Student viemhers: D. A. Biggerstaff, W. H. Bowers, education bv encouraging men of sound moral character B. L. Brown, R. C. Gates, O. W. Gabriel, P. C. Harmon, and recognized ability to engage in the study of its R. L. f4endri. , iM. J. I lerring, G. D. Hunt, R. K. Ingram, principles and problems. It is for the furtherance of the O. W. Jackson, C. I. Jones, R. T. Jones, J. M. Jenkins, above purpose that the fraternitv emphasizes among its E. W. McBride, B. Nix, W. J. Owens, G. W. Sledge, members social intercourse, scholarK attainments, and H. J. Snider, R. W. Tart, E. C. Tatum, P. W. Taylor, professional ideals. C. H. Thompson, R. B. Turner, W. G. Tussey, A. Vaughan, H. N. Willev, G. W. Williams, R. L. Witty, F. 11. Spain, B. W. Hull, W. L. Bryant, FI. L. Austin, Faculty nu ' inhers: Prof. L. O. Armstrong, Prof. H. G. R. R. Beaver, G. D. Bryant, W. L. Gartier, J. H. Dixon, Gooke, Prof. L. E. Gook, Dr. W. N. Hicks, Prof. Ezra G. D. McDuffie, G. W. O ' Neal, R. W. H. Ramsey, Howell, Dr. D. J. Moffie, Dr. G. G. Mumford, Dr. Felix J. V. Sharpe, T. N. Stephens, R. J. Sutton, R. G. Thrower, A. Nvlund. B. L. Turner, H. B. Wall, I. R. Rabon, H. F. Smith. 283 N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1949 AGROMECK A - .X.J . 9 uinad L tub I he Aquinas Club has oroanized study oroups for the settlement of Catholic questions that frequently arise in the minds of students in a secular college. Questions were also cleared up pertaining to circumstances that arose in the classrooms. Greater unit was achieyed by the club this year, as was indicated by the attendance of the club ' s eyents. Communion breakfasts were held at the Sacred Heart Cathedral as yell as se eral dances which were well attended. OFFICERS Joseph P. LeVasseur President Daniel A. Santiicci ' ke Presideut REt;is I,ESKO Secretary Robert F. Nardiello Treasurer Rny. Charles O ' Conner Moderator Sliideiit vteiuhers: ]. 1 I. Alxlaliah, A. Palazuclos, M. Barreto, R. E. Wallenhorst, C. A. CajKo, J. W. Bennett, C. B. Beayer, M. R. Martin, J. M. Fisher, M. A. Muniz, W. K. Rice, T. J. Sotolongo. S. V. Cradle, R. Gallaoher. D. Ix, C. J. VVolhar, E. T. Contrada, B. Maouira, T. O. f liil. R. E. Clayton. J. Whitehead, J. J. Filiciotto, A. Amatruda, R. A. Ri adeneyra, J. A. Signorct, C. P. Palazuelos, R. ODonaghue, J. Rengel, F. Van Landingham, . Posey, W. Herrmann, F. Kornowski, W. J. Mussack, G. M. Blanchard, P. L. Cabrey, H. Klein, K. Zunega, F. Henry, R. E. Darling. I 284 ' (I5aptidt student 14 ni on The Baptist Student Union strives through its Executive Council to meet the needs and to promote the interests of the Baptist students in State Colleoe. Outstanding events in the program ha c been building and equipping a camp; conducting discussion groups each term during the year; staging parties and joint meetings with Meredith, W. C, and other nearbv colleges; publishing a monthly paper, The Campus Christian; and promoting various mission projects in the citv. Gilbert Parker Edge ft- Lawrence Caldwell Johnson Stewart Jarvis Thomas Wright Morgan Wallace Gorganious Davenport HiNSON Ham Beal Ed Smith President Raymond Gilbert First Vice-President Weston Parker Second Vice-President Leon Coulter Third Vice-President Lenwood Edge Secretary John Lawrence Treasurer hi. R. Caldwell . . Editor, Campus Christian Vernon Johnson Associate Editor, Campus Christian Jack Stewart Circulation Manager, Camptis Christian Ed Van Sickler Reporter Calvin Howell Puhlicity Director Frank Jarvis Camp Director Ellis Thomas Discussion Chairman John Wright Protestant Religious Council Representative Leonard Morgan Protestant Religious Council Representative E. B. Smith Missions Chairma i Rev. R. C. Lasater Chaplain ■285 " N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1949 AGROMECK cJLutlteran student A5oclatio n I he |)ur]5osc ot the Lutheran Student Association of i . C. State Colleoe is to stimulate and sustain students in using the Bible pri ' atelv and in oroups, in prayer, in regular church attendance, and frequent reception of holv communion; to encourage students in the study and appreciation of the Church ' s message and in loyal participation in the Church ' s work bv personal activities and gifts; to de eiop heaithx social life and strong Christian friendships; to de clop a conscious need of Christ in facing modern life and problems, to co-operate in holding intercollegiate conferences in order to assist students on every campus to accomplish those purposes; to build up a national and international iellowshiji of Lutheran students. Mciuhcrs: C. I h ne, L. CIIIkmI, C. I ruth, I). AlcGinnis, A. Millers, P. iiodul. II. Suggs, J. Vanderlip, I. Best, S. Morgan, C. lisher, C. Lange, C. Clilbert, C. Barger, H. Spindler, G. Turbvfill, R. I lahn, R. 1 luffman. B. Cahill, C. Bostian, T. Rhync, A. ' Wilfong, K. Sorensen. C. Blackweldcr. j. Hart, F. Miller. C. Miller. B. Sanders, C. Schenck. I. Kerns. I!. Jenkins. C. Burkhardt, F. Sme- tana, B. Sugg, J. Cook. |]. Morgan, P. Eudy, E. Cook, B. Shoaf, R. Coulter, K. Ogburn, I I. Ciilbert, R. Cates, F. Jenkins. D. Rahmes, L. Basinger. F. I loice. P. Lanier, J. liller, T. Filer. M. Webb, n. Loflin. ). larnlxTl. I. I ' .illerson, B. Iiobiiisdn, S. lirowii, I. liarger. j. D.iwault. H. I uliIc, P. Sweatl, C ' . Sappenlleld, 15. M.irtin, K. I ' routman. R. Cauble, I I. I i slier. C. X ' anhov. B. Ward, 1). Moose, C;. Winecolf, F. VVinecolf, I. Dawson, (. ' ,. Keller, W. Krueger, IL McGee, R. Nielson, L. Presnell, 1 !. Sisk. C. W ' cssel. I 1. Jacobs, W. Keller. K. Younger. R. Voder, L. Herman, II. lisher. |. Davis. Jacob N. Siim ' iimu) Preside II I 286- l Uesleu oundatlo f n Aleuihers: Rudolph Saxaoe, Jean 1 larrcll, Jimmie Bo le, Jean Minshevv, Tom Harrison, Cilcnn Mardestv, Joe Bryant, Mary Ann Goodwin, Marv Anne Beale, Joe Everett, Wallace Moore, Johnny Fulton, Helen Brunson, Rev. Charles McCoy, Betty Anne Hall, Wilton Ward, Susan Fleminw, Charles Harrell, 0 ' id Watson, Vickie Harrcll, John Umberoer, Jim Koch. OFFICERS Glenn Hardesty President Jim Koch Vice-President State Helen Brunson Vice-President Meredith Charles Harrell Vice-President Local Young People Johnny Fulton Secretary John Umberger Treasurer Tom Harrison Editor. The Methodist Student Rev. Charles McCoy Director, Wesley Foundation Glenn Hardesty Presideiil 2Q7 ' N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1949 AGROMECK L. B. Miller President OFFICERS L. B. Miller, Jr Pres ' idetit WOoDRow P. Bass First Vice-President n.MAM C " . Proctor Second Vice-President joiix r. Ball, ]n Secretary l AN 1 Iall Treasurer C . B. ScHLiLENBERCiER Facultj Adviscr rf cidonlc ( lub 1 lie Stale Collc ' i c iMiisonic Clul), which is composed acti ities. Prominent Masons are inxited as i;uest speakers ol students who arc hlster Masons, holds its montlilv and the vear ' s activities are cHmaxed h tlie ekih ' s annual meetino to |5romote Masonic fellowship amont its mem hant|iiet and dance, hers and to stimulate interest in Masonic ideals and Members: J. I. Ball, W. Pascal, R. II. Rhvne, W. C. Proctor, 11. VV. Barrier, J. T. Forehand, A. C . Brock, P. A. Cireene, J. E. WiUouuhhv. 11. R. Reele. 1). V. Williamson. R. A. Prichard, A. C. Barefoot, W. P. Bass. (i. 11. Cheek. II. P. Comer, W. . . Edmun- son, W. J. Dav. C;. S. Georuc, I. Hall, L. Holland, C. Land, 11. E. Brown, (). 1. Paul, L. B. Outlaw, E. R. 1| ock, P. C. Lathers. L. B. Miller. I). II. Winchester. I " . K. McL.ui-hlin. i:. W. Midvette, V. A. Kinu, B. W. Batchelor. 288 Ball Pascal Rhyne Proctor Barrier Forehand Brock Greene Willoughby Williamson Prichard Barefoot Bass Cheek Comer Edmunston George Hall HoLLiVND Land Brown Paul Outlaw I POCK Lathers Winchester McLaughlin Midy ' ette King O A f .r_ T t JLJ f ' «»H 289 ' N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1949 AGROMECK Keel L oat (I5and Members: D. C. Anderson, |. B. Ba vvfU, Jack Bass, C. Bauserman, J. H. Beaman, W. R. Bean, H. D. Black, R. G. Bourne, S. T. Brown, J. S. Bullock, F. Clendeninj , B. M. Caliill. B. H. Cathey, J. M. Clark, C. W. Co oins, J. Day ' ault, H. C. Farnsworth, D. E. Featherstonc, S. C Flannagan, D. B. Fleming, S. E. Fort, J. K. Frye, E. E. Fuller, Roy Fuller, B. B. Graybeal, G. O. Hall, L. C. I larrint;ton, J. E. Henderson, W. D. Harrclson, Ste e 1 larris, R. L. 1 linson. C. A. Jackson, R. D. Jackson, H. L. Icrome, ]. L. |cromc, Leon Jordan, E. F . lustice, W. R. Keith, 11. X. ' Keliv. 11. I. Klein, C. E. Lewis, W. Lineback, A. M. Lverlv, E. T. Mavnard, F. L. W. " I. Milburn, 11. G. Miller, R. t. Mitchell, Moody, J. L. Murphv. W. R. Parks, F. A. Parker, Peele, N. F. Quinn, Charles Reed. J. H. Randall Roman, Phil Shelden, R. 1 1. Shouse, J. W. Sisson, Smith, R. A. Smith, C. E. Stewart, C. W. Stott, Strawbridoc, C . R. ToUeson, J. M. LInderv ()od, Ward, T. E. Wallace, R. L. Ward, J. A. Wells, Westmoreland, R. C. Williams, W. F. Wilson, Wood, E. R. Wilson, W. E. Yeaoo. Ml ier i:. 11 II . 1 1. p w 11 K p S L L 1. A OlllCERS Chris Pappas, Jr I ' rcsidciil 1 1. 1). King " icc-Pn ' s ' nlciil P. E. 1 liNE SiCcrctary Treasurer E. W. Barniiardt I ihrarian ]. L. IIic.ciNS Qui{rtcnuiister Chris Pappas, Jr. President 290 ' Ljtee C- lu a Gene A. Cathey President William W. Raper Vice-President Henry M. Cathey Ralph Compton Pianist C. D. KuTSCHiNSKi Conductor Lihrariaii Meiidwrs: J. P. Alexander, L. Bissetts, J. F. Bogle, J. T. Boswell, R. S. Bovvard, J. K. Buroe, G. A. Cathev, H. M. Cathev, E. Coats, W. A. Cole, R. Compton, B. B. Fesperman, N. M. Hicks. S. Fluohes, D. P. Harris. T. Harrison, J. G, Johnston, J. Koch, J. Knowlcs. M. E. Lattimore, W. Moser, W. Martin, R. Matthews, A. Moorchead, R. Moore, N. H. Morrison, F. O. Mi.xon, W. Nail, C. Pappas, W. W. Raper, C. M. Rice, R. Reams, J. W. Sisson, R. Shousc, J. Shupin , R. Smith, H. K. Strawbridge, G. Steiner, J. Stephenson, M. Seaver, M. Shepherd, R. Walker, J. A. Walton, T. A. Wood, R. J. Wallcnhorst. umpnonu KyrclteAl ump ra ' iLLL .M W. Raper President Violifts: W. Grieves, B. Anderson, R. Rosenberger, J. A. Dughi, S. Biren, F. Kornowski, M. Elliott, W. Sumner, T. Kovac, A. C. Da is, R. K. Matthews, J. Babcock. Violas: S. R. Baker, L. Bonin, D. Alden. Cellos: W. Raper, G. Kutschinski, v. Matthews. Basses: T. A. Wood, C. H. Mims, Jr. Piano: L. P. Wallace. Flutes: G. Tollcson, G. S. George. Oboe: C. R. C. D. Kutschinski Conductor Reed. Clarinets: W. F. Wilson, D. B. Fleming. Bassoons: E. Kutschinski. R. C. Williams. Hortts: J. R. Whitehurst, J. H. Beeman, J. A. Wells, J. W. Smith. Trumpets: S. E. Fort, B. Gore, E. T. Justice. Trombones: R. A. Fields, E. V. Dei bier, S. Harris. Tuba: C. Pappas. Timvani: J. L. Murphy. Drums: A. Allred. 29r N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1949 AGROMECK Wu Beta Psi UlUCtRS Charles M. Rice PresitJcMt Hurley D. King Vice-VresxAeni Floyd X. Blackwell Secretary Thomas A. Wood Treasurer C!!j ,C4 1 4 ' - ' = " - - i Jl i I J Earnhardt. E. W. f I ». r BiSSETTE. L. . y " J BOSWELL, ]. 11 I I Clendening, F. T. , «. y Cooke, G. C. - y : Fesperman, B. ' - J -7 ' 7 Flannagan, S. G. V " W V ' y k. ' Gooding, X. G. I I Henderson. J. E. • ■): • »J HicciNS. J. L. f ■ I J- ' " ' ' ' - - ' ' • Tp " ' -7- T-» Miller. H. G. V -? ' .JJJ Miller. L. B. f ■«» J«» ' « ' " • ' -T ' -• Raper. W. . fi. r L y S.SSON. J. W. fi Jf 1 " Charles M. Ric; President Faciihy members: S. R. Baker, R. S. B. Bourne. W. Chambers, E. L. Cloyd, J. F. Cole. U. E. Cooper. C. R. Craver, J. A. Dughi, C. D. Farmer. A. M. Fountain, J. C. Gedd ' ie. C. D. Hovle. C. D. Kutschinski, G. B. Magruder. W. A. Thompson. . o( pictiirecl: W. R. Alley, D. C. .Anderson, 1. A. Bocook, J. J. Barnes, R. L. Bostian. S. B. Burwell. F. W. Butner, G. A. Cathev. A. C. Davis. D. B. Flemming, H. B. Friday. C. J. Gamble, G. S. Georoe, J. L. Jerome, R. R. Keith. H. J. Le yis. J. T. Maddrcy. G. C. McXair. W. C. Moser. J. V. Smith. G. P. Snow. C. Stott. 292 _ - merican institute of I V lining, and i v letaltufgical C ngineefS OFFICERS Everett E. Jones President William H. Powell Vice-President Leon B. Haigler Secretary William C. Cole Treasurer Jacob L. Alexander Representatii e to Engineers ' Council Powell, W. H. Haigler, L. B. Bales, J. T. Boyd, H. L. corriher, m. b. Craig, J. B. Fisher, T. P. Foushee, E. D. Harding, H. A. Heater, R. B. Ratts, D. K. Resor, J. L. Robinson, C. H. Wells, W. G. Williams, L. E. Not Pictured: Cole, W. C. Alexander, J. L. Davenport, H. E. DiLLARD, F. L. Hager, p. a. Rasbury, E. L. Reid, C. R. Sugg, R. R. Everett E. Jones President Faculty tneiuhers: Dr. J. L. Stuckev, Dr. J. M. Parl cr, E. L. Miller, E. L. Holt, E. I. Terry, W. G. Steel. The American Institute of Mining and Metal- lurgical Engineers is a society whose member- ship is composed of all students enrolled in the curriculum of Geological Engineering. Meetings are held monthly during the school year, and programs are planned which will aid the student in his study of geology. Movies are frequently shown which deal with some phase of engi- neering geology. Several field trips are also planned for the vear to give each member some idea as to what he will encounter after grad- uation. 293 N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1949 AGROMECK AG.ENGINERING DDN ' T L .T THL RAIN cm ,UUR 5DIL AWAY. metican ocletu of . atlcultural C ri naineers f The North Carolina State College Chapter of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers was re- activated in 1948 after being inactive during the war. The objects of this chapter are to foster a closer rela- tionship between students in agricultural engineering; to encourage leadership; to acquaint the students witii the activities in the field of agricultural engineering; and to promote a greater interest in the profession. The chapter meets weekly during the school year and holds one social each term. This fall, members of the society constructed an exhibit for the North Carolina State Ag Fair which won lirst prize. , OFFICERS Tommy R. Lawing President L. B. Miller Vice-President Stanley O. Barefoot Secretary Joe R. Bryant Treasurer Factdty memhers: D. S. Weaver, II. M. Ellis, J. C. Ferguson, G. W. Giles, N. C. Teter, J. W. Weaver, I. L. Williams, E. N. Scarborough, R. W. Wilson, R. i l. Ritchie, S. 1 1. Usry, R. B. Greene. Student memhers: S. Barefoot, J. E. Hollowell, G. D. Gasperson, T. R. Lawing, G. W. Furbee, L. B. Miller, J. A. Miller, E. Coates, J. D. Evans, W. Cook, G. B. Blum, J. Glover, A. Daniel, A. W. Mercer, J. Atkinson, W. E. Austin, W. P. Weldon, W. R. Bender, J. Ritchie, S. Wood, H. E. Reeder, G. Upchurch, C. W. Stott, j. II. McBrayer, J. R. Bryant, C. Suggs, S. Di Meo, R. Hinshaw, B. Sutton, S. W. Pope, B. F. Ingram, A. R. Butler, D. R. Moore, K. Koch, J. O. W. Gravely, P. H. Rogers, W. C. Johnson, M. H. Poole, J. B. Slaughter, D. R. Gray, C. FF Brwkett, F. E. White. I . r, . Lawing President 294- George E. Pickett President The nevvlv-foimed Industrial Recreation Club was organized to promote closer fellowship and foster the mutual interests of students enrolled in the Industrial and Rural Recreation curricu- lum of this school. Members: E. R. Bell, J. H. Brendle, L. V. Capps, N. W. Carroll, D. G. Cheek, T. D. Gresley, P. T. Hodul, E. R. Ipock, J. C. Martin, E. W. Moonev, J. R. Paschal, O. G. Rucker, J. E. Sappenfield, J. J. Tennick, R. P. I homas, N. E. Underwood, J. C. Williams, E. L. V. Garner, A. Boyer, N. C. Floyd. ncLuAltial fKecreation i lub OFFICERS George E. Pickett, Jr President Marc:aret E. Walker Secretary Joseph G. Goodman, Jr Treasurer Ogden McR. M. Smith Jr .Publicity Chairman Victor A. Bubas . Membership Chairman Thomas I. Hines . Faculty Adviser Walker Goodman Bubas Brendle Capps Carroll Cheek Gresley Hodul Ipock Martin Rucker Sappenfield Thomas Underwood Williams Garner 295 ' N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1949 AGROMECK OinCERS Richard T. Jones President Billy L. Brown Vice-?Tes dent David R. Kephart Secretary Edward I . McDonald Treasurer Dr. Ivan Hostetler Adviser . " 7 Cartieb. W. L. Thrower. R. G. . CoRLETT, D. F. fv ' r " ' ■ Scott, B. E. Russ, C. A. Edwards, C. R. Ci f Cu ■ ■ V " y McKneely. a. n. ■ifW ' 1 ,k jf McDonald, £. H. A t f. . T j » S ' lf Ladd. B. M -3 ' P m I VaUGHAN, a. B. V ' r Brown. B. L. Stevens, L. B. Martin, W. A. Sawrey, H. V. Cole, W. A. Richard T. Jones President Regular monthlv mectinos were licld at whicli the memheis cxchanocd ideas and inlorination concernino the related fields. Guest speakers were invited to bring us the latest developments in industrv. 296 Alfred P. Norwood President Chi Epsilon is a national prolessional Civil Engineering fraternity, based on the broad ob- jective of increasing the efficiency of the pro- fession as an instrument of social betterment. Chi Epsilon was organized to recognize those characteristics of the individual engineer deemed fundamental to the successful pursuit of an engi- neering career, to aid in the development of those characteristics in the undergraduate engineer, and to foster the development of sound traits of character and technical abilitv among engineers, thereby working toward a higher standard of service offered to humanity by the profession. «i l OFFICERS Alfred P. Norwood President James A. Reece Vice-President Robert L. Myatt, Jr Secretary Calvin W. Hood Treasurer William E. Edens Editor Reece, T- A Myatt, R. L.. JH Hood, C. W Edens, W. E Oakley E. G Cox, H. L Barksdale, R. B BoZEMAN, O. K Richardson, S. N Berson, G. L Collie, J S Gay, B. E Gould, J. T Green, R. t Maultsbv, K. A McAnulty, J. K iMcDade, L. B Ray, J. V Ray, R. B Shaw, R. A Smith, E. C Snider, H. L Thurmond, R. C Not Pictured: Horton, K. L. Marshall, ]. B. 2971 N. C. STATE COLLEGE 1 949 AGROMECK L odmopolitan l lub r The ncwlv-formed Cosmopolitan Club unites the foreif n students of State ' s " international settlement " in a group formed for the purpose of meeting socially and for promoting athletic events not included in the regular intramural program of the school. A arsity soccer club has been organized with the assistance of Prof. DeGroat, and a fencing team is being planned. The club ' s social activities include several even- ings at Dean Anderson ' s home, a party sponsored by the Rotary Club of Raleigh, and a supper for the officers sponsored by the Rotary Club of Smithheld. OFFICERS Raul A. Rivadenevr. , Mexico President Edward Gilbert, .Norway Vice-Presideyit SuBHi Shaat, Palestine Treasurer Ibrahim Hlass, Egypt Secretary Luis Louzada, Brazil Social Chairman Faculty vievihers: Dean Roy . Anders(5n, Prof. E. B. DcGroat. Mevihers: S. Abrahim; John Barda id, Mexico; Mighel Barrcto. Cuba; Ping Chao Chan, China; Khalid Debbagh. Iraq; .Adam T. Fan. China; S. C. Feng, China: Emilio Goldstein, Colombia; Chaim Jacob, Iraq; R. A. Kotob, Syria; Zuheir Kotob, Svria; A. C. Lopez, Puerto Rico; A. A. Mandwi, Iraq; R. S. Maroof, Irac|; Adaolfo Palazuelos, Mexico; Carlos Palazuelos, Mexico; Benito M. Rivera, Cuba; Jose R. Santisteban, Puerto Rico; C. C. Shu, China; Joseph Signoret, Mexico; Joseph Rangel, Venezuela; P. P. Singh, India; Jose C. de Silva Netto, Brazil; Ka e Sorcnsen, Norway; Tomas Sotolongo, Cuba; Carol C. Spectorman, Israel; Orham I. Torfilli, Turkey; Jacob Zubli, Iraq; Ji Jih Woo, China; Yuan Yang, China; Pablo Cortez, Brazil; Sergio Zuniga, Mexico. . . RlVADE.VEVB President N. C. STATE COLLEGE x " ;?£?? ' Iv ' iS M. . M. wR l l| ( HM!l i !w L ' wl !g sp l i w .!?j . iiP ' ' " S B ; Jt«» •M ' ' ' I f i. •, J ..-j Aate uZcei OFFICERS ) D N. Blackwell, Jr President I loYLE B. » dams Vice-President Joseph L. Clements Secretary Dean E. L. Cloyd Treasurer i «. Mr COUNC mt3SXiS i:i: i..L MEMBERS Sigma i ii: ' . I. Stack, Jr., G. C. Wilson Kappa Sigma: J. M. Holmes Kappa Alpha: R. E. Dew, R. H. Sherrill Pi Kajjpa Alpha: W. F. Kelly, L. Sanford Sigma Phi Epsilon: F. N. Blackwell, Jr., C. H. Boney Delta Sigma Phi: C. J. Taylor, 1 1. A. Corriher, Jr. Alpha Gamma Rho: A. K. Pitzer, A. B. Mackie Pi Kappa Phi: J. E. Blue, W. D. Wallace Sigma Pi: A. L. Newsom, Jr.. F. I. Ballard Phi Kappa Tatt: W. H. Boyd, Jr., R. P. Willard Lambda Chi Alpha: A. Handley, Jr., FI. B. Adams Tan Kappa Epsilon: J. L. Clements, C. Hevvett, Jr. Sigma Alpha Mii: A. Hausman, D. Levinson Sigma Chi: R. L. Coleman, Jr., IF D. Taylor, |r. Sigma Alpha Epsilon: C. C. Tripp, J. AF Snoddy, Jr. Phi Epsilon Tan: X. Korostoff, R. A. Goodman Not pictured: J. Cloud, Kappa Sigma -y SIGMA NU Allen, L. M. Bass, L. B.. Jr. Blank F. L., Jr. BosT, C. T., Jr. CORL, M. B. Denves. W. DUDLEV. J. C. Ill Dyer, V. F., Jr. Francis, M. C, Jr. Gallagher, R. E. Gardner. J. H. Gatlin, G. a. Gill. .M. D. Harris. W. B. I Iawkins, J. L. Jer.nigan, G. J.. Jr. Johnson, H. G. Linn, D. C., Jr. McGiNNis, D. H. McLeod, H. R. McLeod. J. S. Peacock, R. L. I ' icKETT G. E., Jr. Rickenbaker, L. H.. ]b. Rusher, J. L., Jr. Ruth, J. F. Schenke, F. E. Shober, R. H. Stilwell, J. R. Tate.m, L. E. Terrell. B. P., Jn. Ward. J. H.. Jr. IIICKER. L. F. WlLLIARD, C. H. WlLLARD, R. V. Wilson, G. C. Woodson. II. S., Jr. Wkav, R. L. Vorke, J. iM., Jr. JJ jJLi. p. p. ft «p f?5 ft c $ jn f Lii irs ' SN 304 Vernon T. Stack, Commander BETA TAU CHAPTER Sigma Nu originated from the Legion oF Honor, a secret society organized in 1868 at the Virginia MiHtary Institute. The four founders were mo ' ed bv idealistic hopes, and they founded a society which would inculcate honor and mutually benefit its members. Since its found- ing the fraternity has prospered, and at the present time there are 102 actiye chapters throughout the country. It is the oldest fraternity at State College, Beta Tau Chapter haying been installed here in 1895. The purpose of its founders was " to establish through the warm friend- ships of a group of congenial college men, on the founda- tion stone of honor, ideals of intellectual achievement, character, and social development, all to the end of becoming better men and better citizens. " OFFICERS V. T. Stack, Jr Couiniauder G. C. Wilson I ieutciuuit Coiuiuniidcr G. J. Jernigan, Jr Treasurer J. H. Ward, Jr Recorder Miss Betty Lou Hamilton Sponsor 305- KAPPA SIGMA Harnes. E. T. Harnhardt, VV. M. Brooks, W. ]. HiiRNs, W. L., Jr. Clark, W. M. Ci.ouu P. D. C-ULBERTSON, A. B., Jr. DoziER. M. T. c;aiii V, n. w. ]]uL, J. B., Jr. ll(.i MIS. (;.. Jr. llor.Mis, J. . 1. 1 loNEvciirr, I). U ' ., Jr. .Macon, N. Mann H. B. McKenzie, M. L. McKenzie, VV. B. Morrison, S. E., Jr. I ' tTERS, R. B., Ill PlIARR, E. F., C " .. Jr. Rankin, R. II. IU;ndell, W. F. RlCKART, W. E. SlC.MON. W . 1 1. Smith, F. H., Ill Watt, G., Jr. West, II. C. 306 ■ Fayette J. Cloud, Jr. President BETA UPSILON CHAPTER Although Kappa Sigma was founded at the University of Bologna in 1400, it was not established in this country until 1869. " Five Friends " and " Brothers " founded the first chapter at the Universitv of Virginia, and since then Kappa Sigma has expanded until it now has 117 active chapters in the 48 states and Canada, with over 100,000 living alumni. Beta Upsilon was established at North Carolina State in 1903 and has initiated 329 men. A typical example of Kappa Sigma ' s projects is the annual Easter egg hunt for entertaining underprivileged chil- dren. Two periodicals are published bv the fraternit) ' , namely The Cadnseus, a monthlv magazine for its mem- bers, and the Star and Crescent, a secret quarterly publi- cation. OFFICERS F. J. Cloud, Jr President J. M. Holmes Vice-President W. J. Brooks Grand Master of Ceremonies G. Watt, Jr Secrefnr; M. L. McKenzi e Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS Dean I. O. Schaub Dean C. L. Mann Miss Carolyn Short Sponsor 307 KAPPA ALPHA Allison, T. A. Anderson, W. E. Baker, ]. W. Bell. E. R. BOYER, M. J. Brasington. J. L.. Jr. Brown, C. C. Brown, H. A., Jr. Craig, E. P.. Jr. Dalton, H. M. Day, C. M., Jr. DoDsoN, VV. C, Jr. FisiiEL, H. O.. Jr. I Iackler. L. R. Hard.uvay. R. r.. Ill Hay. O. p.. Jr. I Iendrick, C. M. .McCable, p., Jr. MrCoKKLE. W. 1). Norwood. J. W. Pace. R. E.. Jr. Pl. sE, J. 11. Pender. R. (.. Orr. a. S.. Jr. Osborne, T. Z. Roberts. C. P., Jr. SllERRTLL. R. H. Smith, R. W ' .. Jr. Spilman, R. H. TlIUR.MAN, E. B. ' ann, H. a. Weeks, J. L. Williamson, J. P., Jr. X Cj. €Ti I ,) 1 iS . 1 WZl W i - -« J- J . 308 Robert E. Dew President ALPHA OMEGA CHAPTER Kappa Alpha was founded at Washington and Lee Lliii cisitv in 1865 to perpetuate the Southern ideal of gentlemanly character bv Robert E. Lee, its spiritual founder. The fraternity is patterned on an order of knight- hood, and members are expected to conform to the disci- pline of the order and cuhixate the graces of Soutliern Gentlemen. Kappa Alpha restricts its field to colleges and universi- ties south of the Mason Dixon line. At present there are 70 chapters within the order. Alpha Omega Chapter was chartered at North Carolina State College in 1903, being the second oldest fraternity on the campus. The chapter publication, " The Rose and Magnolia, " has been published periodically since 1941. OFFICERS R. E. Dew President 1 1. M. Dalton Vice-President O. P. I a Secretary C. C. Brown Treasurer C. M. I Iendrick Historian FACULIY MEMBERS J. G, Vann J. F. Miller Miss Flora W ' kbi] Sjiousor 309- PI KAPPA ALPHA AXDHEWS, E. P.. Jb. Batso.v. W " . K. Bird. R. L. Bradshaw, C. T. Brooks, R. £. Brown, J. E. Christian, J. II. Clemmons, R. . . cobbitt. v. s. Cramer. II. Cramer. L. Ualy. T. B. Enc lish, W. C. Jr. Farrell. R. D. FiDLER. N. B.. Jr. I LYNN. R. D. Freeman. J. D. C;ai 1 ANT. C. V.. Jr. IltlM . R. P. IIkks. F. R. IIolT. W. 1). IIORNINI;. D. T. IVEY. B. M. Jt.NNETTE, S. E.. Jr. Jones, C. V.. Jr. Jones. E. E. JOVES. J. H. Kane, R. A. LoviN, L. C. Jr. Iu)wrimore, J. T. M( DOIVELL. J. M. MlRRITT, R. E. MuiicAN. H. B. M M)RE, J. M. Mo , M. S. . . B. NoELL, E. S.. Jr. 0LAND. E. J. Patrick. V. II.. Perry. L. B. Ranule. J. .M. Robinson. C. II. Ross. B. Sanfobd. L. Smith, V. G. Spencer, D. I. Stadler, .M. D. Steen. J. B.. Jr. Sutton. 11. F. Tate. J. T. llTLEY, R. C. I . D. II. (;. Watkins. .m. n. W ATls. L. . .. Jr. W ifiTr. P. P. UlllTF. R. II. White, W. B. UlIlTIIY. II. L. Wll KINS, J. R. WiNc.FiEiu, II. W., Jr. W INN, W. C. WOLHAH, C. J. 1..) f-l (75 7? XJ.£ M 1 M M P (5 ? (pi n IL M. P P Q f? Cx p (Ti p . Pi p c «k ££ fi lil (p O. fTj 7 I.MS. MBHl.JL ■310 ' William F. Kelly President ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER During the early spring of 1868, the friendship of six students at the University of Virginia grew into Pi Kappa Alpha. From this beginning, eighty years ago, the frn- ternitv has branched out to form ninety two fraternal chapters. Alpha Epsilon was given its charter in October, 1904, and annually presents the PiKA Ball at North Caro- lina State. This year will be the forty-first presentation of the Easter Monday Dance. OFFICERS W. F. Kelly President L. V. Perry ' ice-Preside!it F. R. Hicks Secretary R. E. Merritt Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. L. C. Hartley H. B. Brigcs E. L. Miller, 1r. Miss Jo Ann Darden Sponsor Sir jzji i ' Tj tn A p n SIGMA J J fLJk. W ' l ' ---, l - I ! ' - ' • n PHI EPSILON A. uiuiK.r, J. A.. Jn. Austin. W. I). liABlllll, J. 1. liAIllMU. , II. Bahvis. W. I.. Jii. BlIKlll. i . (,. Boi iv. (.. J. Bi.Ntv. C. II. B M)Ki;i . W. iM. Broauukll, J. V. Broik.hton, p. n. R. E. BlIMCARNER, H, R. BuNtii, J. R. ClIADWICK, F. C. C:«)KE, G. C, Jr. Clnu. REE, VV. O. EV. V. L. CUHRIN, R. T. DoxEV, D. K. DUULEV. C. R. II. |. IU M N. W. I., JU (.OI Hl , (.. 1. (.ool , 1. . l. (..HM 11. 1. . llM 1 . H. S. Ill Ai . W . (... Jr. II.Mi.mAV. J. 1.. j..,iNs.,N. J. r. joMs. (;. S. kiN ;, II. n. I AWUENCE. C. S, Leonard. B. E. Lowe, A. A. McNaib, G. C, Jr. Marsh, J. S. M »RTiN. c;. A., Jr. Mil rs. 1. E. Mitchell, R. T. Mullen, B. I-. I ' oE, T. W. I »L1 AT. J. A. II. V. (... B. 1. I,. Uawi s. J. B. Uedeearn, C:. W. Roi) ;Ens, J. A. Rose, T. W. ButKER, O. C;.. Jr. Sai ' peneield. C. . I. Satteriieli), J. M. ScoviL, R. M. V. J. I ' , vs. U. A. Ill, ( . II. I NUM. W. C. l.lKll. T. J. IIS, W. ). MOlULANll. R. I.. INS. J. B. W.IOUAIU), T. M. 0 )1 AR1 . T. W. W A tt, W. I., Jr. c A o .f5 A pi p. ri J! , ?5 ,?. fi e. p p j: ' i Pj P f ( " " ft i-:i p ,«». p. p e :s E v%W 312 Floyd N. Blackwell President M NORTH CAROLINA BETA CHAPTER Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded at Richmond College, Richmond, Va., in November, 1901. The parent chapter selected a heart-shaped badge and were at first called the " Sacred Hearts. " North Carolina State ' s chapter was the thirteenth chapter in the nation to be organized. This year N. C. Beta of Sigma Phi Epsilon has moved to Clark Avenue in their new home, purchased b ' the alumni association. OFFICERS F. N. Blackwell President W. G. Head, Jr ' ice-President R. T. CuRRiN Secretary VV. O. Vaughn Comptroller C. H. BoNEY Historian FACULTY MEMBERS R. D. Beam W. A. Thomason V. S. Carson Al Rotella Alan Nelms H. L. Morrison Miss Mary Elizabeth Smith Sponsor 313 DELTA SIGMA PHI Allen, VV. O. Ball, J. T., Jr. Bass, W. P. Blackwell, E. H. Bridges, L. L. BOYKIN. R. T. Brown, R. A. Bull, W. S., Jr. Cannon, T. F. Clendenjnc, F. J. Cooper, S. E. CoRRIHER, H. A. Jr. Cranford, J. M. Crews, R. Y. Deal, J. R. CiATHIiNGS L. VV. Grigc. D. T. Havnes, W. V. llliNE, p. I loSMER, A., V Justice, E. T. Knott, B. F. Lee, J. W. LivERMAN, A. B., Jr. .McBraver, J. .McKenzie, C. W. Palmcren, E. Ray. G. W., Jr. RllEA, J. W. Shields, M. E. SoESBEE, VV. S. Su.VINER, VV. H. Terry, R. V., Jr. Westmoreland, L. E., Jr. W ' lLLCOX. G. VV. .O O- r i i ) f g f!j O ,1 t i f- I !- - 1--- C- f C. Jackson Taylor Pr esident RHO CHAPTER Delta Sigma Phi, international social fraternity, was founded on Dec. 10, 1899, at the College of the City of New York. At the present time there are over sixty active chapters comprising a membership of 30,000. Rho Chap- ter is an outgrowth of the local fraternity. Gamma Alpha Nu Gamma, commonly called " The Gang. " On May 20, 1915, twenty of these members were given a charter to Delta Sigma Phi, forming Rho Chapter. The spotlight during the past year fell on two main social events. First was the formal annual Founder ' s Day OFFICERS C. J. Taylor President H. A. CoRRiHER Vice-President E. D. Palimgren Secretary R. A. Brown Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS J. W. FIarrelson L. F. Williams F. M. Haig Mrs. J. F. Taylor Sponsor Banquet, which was held in December at the Woman ' s Club, and then in the spring came the annual Sailor ' s Ball. 1 he Carnation, which appears quarterly, is the official publication of the " Delta Sigs. " 1 he purpose of the Delta Sigma Phi is to give its mem- bers that intimate fellowship with men of good character so necessary to their full de ' elopment and to supplement ihcir cultural and professional education with training in tliosc qualifications for citizens and leadership which are not directly a part of the uni ' ersity function. ■315 ' ALPHA GAMMA RHO Addor. H. S. Allen. C ' ., Jr. Arthurs. W. R. Austin. H. L. Babr£r, J. C. BiGCERSTAFF. D. A. BoNEY. B. C Jr. BoswELL. J. I.. Jr. Bou-EN. D. L. Butler. J. K.. Jr. Church, P. E.. Jr. CoRRIHER. T. F. Dobbins. C. N.. Jr. FiN ' CH, H. A. Glover, S. A.. Jr. Hall. W. E. Harris. A. R. HiNSHAW, R. F. Hunt. G. D. T. R. Little, S. J.. Jr. Mackie, a. B. McFarland, N. a., Jr. Mauney. J. R. MtACllAM. F. p. .MiLLS.APS, H. E. moreland, d. e. Pardue R. E. Parham, W. R. Phelps. W. R. Potts, W. A. Prevette. J. H. Rankin, J. R. Street, C. A., Jr Tatum, E. C.. Jr. U ALLS. L. J.. Jr. West P. . I. White, L. A. Williams, A., Jr. WiNBORN, R. E. U INSLOW. H. B. O p IT. n P Pi p P f?N C) J Jf l «9 f ' ' ' ©1 41 Arp 316 Arthur K. Pitzer President NU CHAPTER Alpha Gamma Rho is a national social fratcrnitv, and was founded in 1908 at Ohio State Llni ' ersitv for the purpose of develo ping the best social, mental, moral, and physical qualities in each fraternity brother, and to pro- mote a wider acquaintance and a broader outlook on the part of agricultural men through fellowship in a national organization. There are now 31 acti e chapters of Alpha Gamma Rho. Nu Chapter, before becoming national in 1919, was the local fraternity Theta Beta. One of the highest aims of iXu Chapter is outstanding scholarship, and all members are expected to de elop a OFFICERS A. K. PiTZER President A. B. Mackie ' ice-Presideut L. J. Walls Secretary H. S. Addor Treasttrcr FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. R. E. Comstock J. James L. E. Cook Dr. G. W. Forster R. E. Frye Dr. J. H. Hilton J. E. FioBBS Dr. J. V. FioFMANN Dr. J. H. Jensen F. VI. Jeter Dr. VV. M. Kulash Dr. R. L. Lovvorn C. J. Maupin Dr. Z. p. .Metcalf C. F. Parrish F. A. S. NTOPOLO E. A. Wilkening M. S. Williams Miss Neva Dell Budd Sponsor high standing. 1 he national organization awards annually to the chapter vith the highest scholastic average a plaque, which has been vyon bv Nu Chapter four times. Nu Chapter has also won the Interfraternity Scholarship Cup se en times in the thirteen ears that it was awarded. To strengthen the bond of friendship, Nu Chapter sponsors house parties, fellowship dinners, picnics, and an annual Founder ' s Day Banquet. Nu Club, composed of alumni of the chapter, have oiven their whole-hearted support to ch 317 PI KAPPA PHI Anderson, R. G. Blue, J. E. BOYCE. S. G. Buchanan, W. C. Carrawav, T. B., Jr. Carter, C. M. Damron. M. R., Jr. D.wis. J. R. Fisher, M. M., Jr. Fox, G. U ' . Fox, J. v., Jr. Fulton, V. S. Gill. T. C. Gordon. O. , I. CJrigcs. J. G. gunter, c. a. Harrill, E. T., Jr. Henbv, W. E. Herring, R. K. Petersen. D. F. UlNSON. R. L. 1 Iughes, G. H. Hunt, E. C., Jr. Jenkins, W. M. Jones, R. C. Kendall, F. A., Jr. Deyton, J. B., Jr. Love, P. L., Jr. McQuiNN. J. H. Moon E. C., Jr. .M(K )RE, H. H. Muse, J. V., Jr. .Neel, O. a. Perkins, F. E.. Jr. I IlCKMAN, R. W. Poteat. L. E. Queen, R. J. Reep, L. J. Ross, J. A. ROTHWELL, 11. H. Shepherd, J. .. Jr. Smith, E. D. Smith, G. W. Wallace, W. D. W iietstone, p. a. W HITE. A. P. W 11 SON. W. H. j (? p (p. p ri ' P ( a p f% p f5 ' Cj fT fS. Cx f . C) fT) 1IH s 318 ' Maurice V ' . Lamb, Jr. President TAU CHAPTER Pi Kappa Phi was founded at the College of Charleston in South Carolina, Dec. 10, 1904. It was a concrete and permanent result of a friendshi|i that had flourished since the elementarv school da s in the environs of one of the Souths oldest towns. V ' ith the definite purpose of extending the influence of the organization, the incor- poration as a national fraternitx ' took place in 1907. The purpose of the fratcrnit - is " to promote fellowship and mutual trust among its members, to uphold the ideals and traditions of the college where its chapters arc lo- cated, to encourage excellence in scholarship and to inculcate in its members the highest ideals of Christian manhood and good fellowship. " I his year Pi Kappa Phi instituted an annual inter- fraternity sing to promote cultural interest and compe- tition among the fraternities at N. C. State College. OFFICERS M. W. Lamb, Jr President L. J. Reep Treasurer E. D. Smitei Secretary A. White Historian FACULTY MEMBERS J. S. DOOLITTLE J. S. MeARS Ross Shumaker T. J. Blalock Miss Nadine Crockett Sponsor 319 SIGMA PI Angel, C. E. Ballard. F. I. Barber. ]. B. Barnes. W. E. Barnette, M. D. Brown, L. S. BuTNER, F. W., Jr. Christian. L. W. Cook. E. R. CoR.NlNG. L. A.. Ill English, J. R.. Jr. English, W. A. Floyd. B. P. FULLINGTON, F. J. Hamilton. V. H.. Jr.. lllNES. E. H. 1 loLCOMB. W. L. 1 loLLOWELL. W. E.. Jn. Irving, L. R. Ix. D. E. Joyce T. W. LeGrand, C. a. McCachern, C. W .. |i ' .. Merbitt. a. B.. Jr. Myers. J. ' . MOONEYIIAM, P. H. Moore, J. H. MooRE. W. D. .Myatt. T. E.. Jr. OcBURN. H. K.. Jr. Pickett, A. E. 1 ' bichard, R. a. Pbitchard, C. C. Jr. Privett. T. R. Rhodes. J. B. Robertson. V. W. RuDD. A. L. Sherron, E. B. Smith, F. V. H. Snyder, W. D., Jr. Stuart, N. R. Thompson, G. C. Thompson. V. F. Todd. J. O. Webster. F. L., Jr. Williams, H. A.. Jr. Young. D. R., Jr. p P )3 ft f . 0. C- p D O. p f f . 1? M Vb i.A u. O p O f ,:;» p. - sn 32o; Austin L. Newsom, Jr. President RHO CHAPTER Sigma Pi, national social fraternity, vvas founded at Vincennes University, Vincennes, Indiana, Feb. 26, 1897. The purpose of its founders was " to organize the most worthy acti ities, social, athletic, and scholarly, and to set a high standard of manliness and college loyalty. " The fraternit ' now has fort -three active chapters located throughout the nation. Rho Chapter, formerly the local Sigma Chi Gamma, was installed at State College in 1921. The chapter owns OFFICERS A. L. Newsom, Jr President J. R. English, Jr Vice-President G. C. Thompson Secretary J. B. Barber Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. J. D. Clark G. H. DuNLAP Maj. L. M. Kane J. A. Ralsten Miss Bobbie McInt ' re Sponsor its own chapter house located at 2513 Clark A cnue, two blocks from the college campus. The event of the year for the fraternity is the annual Founder ' s Day Banquet, held this year on Feb. 26 at Teel ' s Supper Club. The formal event vvas in celebration of the founding of the fraternity, supplemented with the presentation of the award for the outstanding pledge of the year, and cli- maxed with crowning of the Orchid Girl of Sigma Pi for the year. 9 ■32r PHI KAPPA TAU Alexander. J. P. Bateman, R. S.. Jr. Hazemore, ]. C. Black, J. W. M. BOYCE, R. E. ISovi). V. II., In. Brow.v. S. T., Jr. Bviu). S. Cabaniss. R. G. C lark. j. M.. Jr. Cox. G. L. Craig. H. Y. Cullen. a. B., Jr. Edwards, J. A. EuDv. G. H. FuTcii, W. S. Halliburton. J. B.. Ji . Haukev. D. R. Howard. .A. L. I loWEV. R. F. [ones. T. ' . Keller, W. H. I AMB. G. E. L IIEUREUX, S. A. Mc.Crarv, C. E. Moss. C. A.. Jr. PlHLE. J. R. Roberts, B. W., Jr. Seaver, M. B. Slack, G. M. Swain. R. S. I AVLOR J. ' ., Jr. I ' lioMAs, L. C.. Jr. WnATLEY, L. M. WlLLARD, R. P. Williams, C. S., Jr. f - o ■322 Wade H. Boyd, ]n. President CHI CHAPTER Phi Kappa lau, national social fraternity, was founded in 1906 by four outstanding students of Miami Univer- sity, Oxford, Ohio. The fraternity and its ideals were drawn up bv Dwight I. Douglas, William II. Shidelcr, Taylor A. Borradaile and Clinton D. Boyd. Chi Chapter at North Carolina State was granted its charter in 1923. Before that time the chapter was a social fraternity made up of outstanding textile students. The local was called Phi Psi Lambda. Phi Kappa Tau was founded to break up a monopoly on student elections which were held by fratcrnit ' unions. The growth of the fraternity has been slow but consistent. Phi Kappa Tau numbers 56 acti e chapters throughout the country. There are 31 alumni chapters located in the larger cities throughout the country. OFFICERS W. H. Boyd, Jr President A. B. CuLLEN, Jr Vice-President J. W. Taylor, Jr Secretary J. R. Peele Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS T. H. Nelson S. G. Lehman E. L. Cloyd J. G. Bourne Miss Martha Kelly Sponsor 323 ' LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Adams, H. B. Anderson, G. R. Brantley. W. T. Capel. G. L. Carpenter, R. E., Jr. Carter, B. V ' . Cease, C. B., Jr. COLLEY, J. L., Jr. Downing, J. C, Jr. Fowler, J. R. Fowler, J. E. George, A. O., Jr. Gill, T. J., Jr. Hasty, L. C. Hewett, A. N. HlGGlNS, B. B. I loLMEs, C. C, Jr. King, J. M., Jr. Kirby, T. E., Jr. MacNeill, J. I,. Maxwill, J. M. MiTCIIKI.I,, J. F. Hay, W. T. Rea, W. II., Jr. Reed, C. R. Sc.nRiiM, E. P. Smith, H. A. Smith, M. R. U ' iiite, G. L. i .ywk..MtL 324 ' Arthur Handley, Jr. President GAMMA UPSILON CHAPTER Founded at Boston LIni cisitv in 1909, Liimba Chi Alpha Fraternity has expanded until it is now the largest national fraternity, with one hundred and thirty active chapters located at prominent colleges in the United States and Canada. Lamba Chi Alpha employs Four full time traveling secretaries who aid and advise the local chapters. This year an alumni secretary who assists alumni organizations and who co-ordinates a job-placement pro- gram was installed. The " Cross and Crescent, " the fra- ternity magazine, is published seven times annually. Other Lambda Chi Alpha chapters in the state are located at Duke, Wake Forest and Chapel Hill. The local chapter sponsors the annual Fraternity Bridge Tournament and a Christmas party for underprivileged children. OFFICERS A. Handley, Jr President H. B. Adams Vice-President E. P. ScHRUM Secretary M. R. Smitpi Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. R. N. Anderson Dr. R. C. Bullock Dr. T. B. Mitchell Dr. R. O. Moen T. J. Pearsall R. B. Wynne iMiss Marie VVatkins Sponsor 325 TAU KAPPA EPSILON BiDDIX, F. V. Black, H. D.. Jr. Blackwelder, C. R., Jr. BosT. C. S. BouLDiN. U. L.. Jr. Chesso.x, J. X. Clark, W. E. C URRA.V, R. Downey. E. F. Edwards. C. L. FuRR. A. L. Graves R. M. Grimm, li. H. IIaiit. J. R. I li « KIT. C.. Jr. IIODUL, p. T. Jackson, II. J., Jr. Kepley, T. a. i amprin. kos, p. j. Land. C. E. Ll.SVILLE. J. D. .McI.E. N, W. C. .Miller, R. F. N ' ardiello, R. F. ' . Paylor, J. H., Jr. Peck, T. D., Jr. Pethnelli, E. F. Price. J. M. purvear, r. g. Sapp, R. a. Smith, A. J., Jr. White, R. B., Jr. p, C:: i f O f |6 4 || j f dl . ' " ' ' " I--- h " ' ' 2k TKE ■326 ' Joe Clements President BETA BETA CHAPTER After World Wur II, wlicn the National Chapter ol Alpha Lamba lau failed to reactivate, the members of Zeta Chapter at North Carolina State College voted to join a strong national fraternitv. Tau Kappa Epsilon v ' as petitioned and Beta Beta Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon was installed at North Carolina State College on |an. 19, 1947. Aided bv a strong alumni, Beta Beta Chapter has con- tinued to grow steadilv. During the past year the chapter house has been painted and redecorated, many new mem- bers have been initiated, and a chapter newspaper has been distributed regularly among alumni and friends. Utilizing a small budget, Tau Kappa Epsilon won second place in the homecoming decoration contest. The chapter owns its own house at 10 Enterprise Street. OFFICERS J. Clements President C. I Iewitt Vice-President A. Smith Secretary L. Edwards Treasurer T. Peck lisiorinii »»»» |. F. Seely FACULTY MEMBERS A. M. Fountain Miss Mary Louist Clements Sponsor ' 327 ' SIGMA ALPHA MU Bernstein, T. Brook, D. I. Cohen, A. H. CoNCOOL, N. J. FiLREIS, S. H. Fischer, A. A. Gale, E. M. Geist, a. Glock.. E. Gluck, S. O. Gold, E. Goldberg, H. S. GoLENPAUL, H. Greenbaum. M. a. GuLD, H. L. Meyer. H. J. horvvitz, i. c. Jacobson, H. M. Levenson, M. E. Levinson, D. Link, J. L. -Messincer, a. Ruben, S. schenkman, h. i. Schulman, D. G. Sechtin, D. sontag, r. m. Tolkoff, D. D. U ' T ' I " ' fZ2 1 ' - ' f %: f-- Sn-3 1 , Q, A " jS, r " } 2JLM 328 ' Alvin Hausman Prior SIGMA OMEGA CHAPTER Sigma Alpha Mu was founded at the College of the City of New York on Thanksgiving Eve, Nov. 26, 1909. The founders, eight men who pledged themselves to a lasting bond of friendship, had no idea of the vast organi- zation that would flower from the seeds thev had planted. The object of the fraternitv as expressed in its constitution is " to foster and maintain among its sons a spirit of mutual moral aid and support, to install and maintain in the hearts of its sons love for and lovaltv to Alma Mater and its ideals, to inculcate amono its sons such ideals as will OFFICERS A. Hausman Prior N. J. CoNCOOL Recorder D. G. ScHULMAN Exchequer I. D. Binder Assistant Exchequer E. Clock Historian Miss Inge Schoenemann Sponsor result in actions worthy of the highest precepts of true manhood, democracy and humanity. " Sigma Omega Chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu is the outgrowth of a local fraternitv, Iheta Phi, which had its beginning in 1929. From its inauguration, the fra- ternitv has alwavs maintained high standards of scholar- ship and conduct. This vear Sigma Omega Chapter is proud of the purchase of its new home located at 304 E. Park Dri e. 329 ' SIGMA CHI p n CI p Q a r. o . dams, R. L.. Jr. AiLRED. S. A. Barnes. J. L. Bar-nes, R. C. Batciieeor. B. W. Ba.vter. R. E. Beae, W. r.. Jr. , C. (... Jr. Bocook. J. . . Brixgee. H. W. Brock.max. J. F. BuiE, C. C... Jr. BVLER, J. II. Charetox. W. Ci. Comer. V. C. Jr. Crawford, J. D. Curtis. G. D., Jr. DA ns. W. L. DeSaxto. W. T. DeSaxto, R. E. DoBsox, L. .- . Erwix, C. a.. Jr. Evaxs. V. J. FAnLcoxER, E. L. FrrzcERALD, D. B. FSISSELL, F. D.. Ill Glas « w, V. L. Glexx, J. .M. Goodman. J. G., Jr. GOODSON, W, ,A. Harper, F. I., Jr. Harris, C. A., Jr. Holt, S. B. HORXE, « ' . P. Howard. W. S. Huxley, J. R. JOHNSOX. D. L. JOXES. R. H. KiMBREEE, V, D. KlRKMAX. V. . 1. Laxglev, J. p. Ljgox. E. B. ■Margetts, R. C. McLeax. R. a. MicHiE. C. M., Jr. .Mitchell, B. R. Oettinger, a. OwEX. W. E. OwEXs. J. .. Jr. Paul. O. T. PlTTMA-X, R. . . Plaxk, C. a. Ragax. D. C. Raxkix, W. T. RoBBixs, J. D.. Jr. Roberts, C. P. Ross. S. D., Jr. Scott, E. K. Sartin, J. L. Sawrey. H. V. Self, L. V. Spruce, P. C, Jr. Stidham. S. F. Stout, R. D.. Jr. Stulce, a. a. Taylor, H. D., Jr. Underwood, J. M. Wallxer, S., Jr. Ward, R. L. Williams. P. R. Wood, (;. M. Zimmerman. A. K. p i-A O (?5 O »-: . f:- o p ri .(ft c) i. i a C: ( O O p:, O i:i O Cfi ' f rl " - a ,ttt |f5 a C ft ' Q p ft P C vl p. p. ' M !5 i ri p ( 5 (f ■330] Rodney L. Coleman President DELTA EPSILON CHAPTER Sigma Chi Fraternitv, the nineteenth college fraternity to be founded and the third at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, established its constitution on June 28, 1855. Todav Sigma Chi consists of 1 13 acti e chapters and 120 alumni chapters. The Delta Epsilon Chapter at North Carolina State was installed on May 15, 1943, after two years ' existence as a local fraternitv known as Chi Sigma. The numerous functions held during the vear were highlighted by the chapter ' s participation in the initiation of the Delta OFFICERS R. L. Coleman President D. B. Fitzgerald Vice-President W. E. Owen Secretary C. M. MicHiE Treasurer B. W. Batchelor Historian FACIILTY MEMBERS L. W. Earnhardt T. N. Hines W. A. Reid C. H. BosTiAN W. E. Jordan E. W. Ruggles T. C. Brown C. D. Kutschinski G. H. Satterfield J. W. Cell J. R. Ludington C. B. Shulenberger N. W. Conner A. A. Mitchell A. D. Stuart R. W. Cummings D. J. MoFFiE J. L. Stuckey J. E. Foster E. B. Morrow P. P. Sutton ]. H. Harris H. V. Park L. L. Vaughan W. N. Hicks J. W. Patton L. S. Winton Miss Eleanor Davidson Sponsor Nu Chapter at Wake Forest College. Other activities included a Christmas partv for young orphans, assistance in charitable drives throughout the state, the purchase of a new home, and the maintaining of scholastic and athletic leadership. The year ' s most outstanding social event was the sixth annual Sweetheart Ball and Banquet. For the third consecuti ' e year, Delta Epsilon was hon- ored bv being awarded the North-South Pro ' ince Schol- arship Award. " 33r SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Al.KXANDER, H. M. Ahmfield, J. W. Arnold, M. A., Jr. Atkinson, T. K. Baker. J. M.. Jr. Black, D. C. BoYLES, L. E. Clark, VV. M. Coble, J. E. Coble, R. P., Jr. Forehand, G. P. Forehand, J. T., Ill Gay. S. p. 1 Iahralson, J. C. llAiiiiis. A. II.. Jr. Jones, E. W. Lambert, I). ,M. Lampe. R. W. Lewis, L. B. Mkiuutt, B. ()., Jii. XivEN. V. O., Jr. Patien, W. Odom, 11. S. RivEs, H. A., Jr. Roberts, C. W. Snoddy, J. M., Jr. White, E. L. Williams, O. D. Williamson, T. P. :SAE ■332 ' Charles C. Tripp Eminent Arclwn N. C. ALPHA CHAPTER Sigma Alpha Epsiloii was the first of the great hne of Southern fraternities. Founded at the University of Ala- bama in 1856, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, now the second largest national fraternity, has always been a leader in the Greek world. 1 he membership of Sigma Alpha Epsilon consists of 119 acti e collegiate chapters and 120 acti e alumni chapters, and the fraternity points with piide to its 64,000 living alumni. SAE leads the Greek world in the nvimlxi of chapter houses owned, the number of initiates and the number of living members. The Recoul, (|ua]lci!v OFFICERS C. C. Tripp Enihunit Archuu W. Patten Eiiiiiient Deputy Arclwn R. P. Coble, Jr Eniinciit Recorder B. Merritt Eniiuoit Treasurer FACLILIY MEMBERS Dean J. FI. Lampe Dr. R. J. Jeffries E. H. Hostetler 1 1. F. Dade FI. A. Patten Mrs. C. C. Tripp Sponsor 333- publication of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, has a circulation of 56,000 copies, the largest of anv fraternity publication. Sigma Alpha Epsilon holds a leadership school each year for the training of fraternity leaders. This idea, another SAE " first, " has been adopted by several other fraternities to their great benefit. iXortli Carolina Alpha is the third newest chapter of the fraternity, and it has been on the State College cam- pus since Oct. 24, 1947. Since that time, SAE has taken its rightful place among the other great fraternity chap- ters of the campus and is doing its part in proving the greatness of the American Greek-letter fraternity. O O O fN O crrw " " |« «J m-r ' f •, »•!. jr -r PHI EPSILON TAU BlENENSTOCK, B. I. BoNDY, C. L. Brettler. M. S. Brooks. A. M. CoRWIN, A. C. Diamond. B. Goodman. R. A GOTTLICK. K. Heim, J. N. Herschander, P Jacobs. H. Kabel, J. Kahn. H. B. Kasman. " . Koch. P. M. Linker. L. J. Mamaram, D. U. Mahara-M. R. D. Manton. B. V. Roche, J. ]. Roman. J. Rose, L. W. Rubin. H. E. schmukler, s. Segal. P. M., Jr. Silver, M. J. SoKOL, B. L. Turner. G. . 1. ' enia, T. A. Weinreich, H. jb f,-f f «= f XZ2 l H A f! P 1 p ET ■334; Norman Korostoff Presideut ALPHA CHAPTER In No eiTibcv of 1946, 13 State College students banded together to form the Alpha Chapter of Phi Ep- silon Tau. The incenti e for the new local fraternity was based on the progressi e ideals of the group and the deeph ' rooted fraternal spirit the charter group had for each other. During the winter of 1947, the local fraternit pur chased a house at 207 Park Axenue. I he entire year ' A 1948 vyas de oted to extensive remodeling and redecorat ing of the nevy chapter ' s home. During the fall semester of this academic year the fraternity had its formal house- warmino. OFFICERS N. Korostoff President J. Kabel Vice-President P. Koch Secretary W. Geller Treasurer Miss Ann Roberts Sponsor Phi Epsilon Tau presents its New Member Weekend in May of every ' ear. The weekend is dedicated to the neyyly accepted members of the fraternity. The Install.i- tion Banquet and the New Member Ball are the features of the weekend. Phi Epsilon I au had the highest ranking fraternity scholar and vyas awarded the Interfraternitv Individual Award Scholarship Cup for the ear 1948. The future of Phi Epsilon Tau looks very bright as the fraternitx ' grows in number and continues to achieve high scholastic and athletic honors. 335- -. (£ - ?« K r ' 1 t I I ,.jrt i HORACE D. TAYLOR. JR. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF-THE AGROMECK REID D. FARRELL BUSINESS MANAGER -THE AGROMECK romea il llsi Jeanne Jjicmn6 for Joseph Norwood FrateTiiitr Editor for ScoiT SriDiiAM Associate Editor pondord vJ etiu Jjeal Il65 jar Business Staff i Vvln. oLouii ry uitian for Louis Mustian Associate Business Manager ior AVERY BRQCfe), Editor, - TecKflician i " - s fwliAd L atnerine r o for JACK GREDlt Business Manager, Textile Forum VTK ' yyy -i ! oc-RAlPH L. Y( yr St pn Manager, xWVWP t%i St ( rfllSA Lulenaora (fSonce for STEVE BOYCE Editor, Pinetum Aean v t ru for AL WORTH STlTlSON President Y.M.C.A. .iaL ' 1PH»J M M 2). ariotte . for ' WEBsVeR C. ENptl H President, Engineet ' Council W-lJc N- lor ' JAMES M. YORKE, IR. President, Tau Beta Pi oriWf . nomad Fresidant, Phi P nr m 1 lor FRANK WILLIAMS Piesident, Tpmpkins TejttiJe Spcde) ■ ■; - S h Ihk HH m i mfi _ --iWw?i 1 ■- i j «■■ ■•■■. J P J v -! 4 ■ j - ' f .■H ■ ..ML ' - m Hi ■y ' _ g x GEORGE W. SV resiaent. Alpha ■■ VS ! m-. t»i M SS WOLFPAOf ' 49 ffOVrBfifAK T AP£fif£(T36 A I Mr ?m i ( " A G£ rL£MA ' 5 AGR££A £ r going! GOINCf 00 MGf con fucT corns CAMPUS GOVT mCAT M0N06RAM BEmiES TOO MUCH BULL GOING COINOf O0fif£f fiUM ANP Sl m COfiPS aiDE RUL )UACHS ARc r£crs? EDUCATION t fmue ti £fM-£AfP fAOUa COf (?RArS. COACH FfP, l M O VMA pom " mrM £i £fiyr fc? ASimS SAYIM - CAPTAIH MIDNIOHT 0£fiN£D f roOf AfT ?00i £S ' GALL£ ?y i V . df ATHLETIC ADMINISTRATION On August 1, 1948, Rov B. Clogston of Canton, N. Y., assumed his duties on the West Raleigh campus as Director of Athletics. He is a graduate of Spring- field College, Springfield, Mass., where he was a star lineman on the football squad and played lacrosse and per- formed on the track team. After graduation, he accepted a post at Middlebur ' College in Massachusetts as assistant director of physical educa- tion, after which he returned to Spring- field and completed work on a B.S. degree in 1931. The following year, he attended X.Y.LI., where he received his master ' s degree. .At present he is com- pleting work on a doctor ' s degree from N.Y.U. Clogston became Director of Athletics at St. Lawrence LI. in 1932 and held that post until his entrance into the Navv in 1942. On Guam Mr. Clogston made the acquaintance of former Back- field Coach Babe Wood, who )-)robablv turned the new Director ' s head toward N. C. State. Following his discharge in 1945, Clogston returned to St. Lawrence as Head Football Coach and Director of Athletics. Three years later, Mr. Clog- ston came to State College to handle the office of Director of Athletics. r f t» t ' w% f Roy B. Clogston Director of Athletics G. Allen Xelms Field Secretary of W ' olfpack CUih John F. Milleb I lead of Department of Physical Education and Intramural Athletics Ed Storey Athletic Puhlicily Director MONOGRAM CLUB Colors: Red and White OFFICERS Tom Gould President Gordon Goodman Vice-President Charlie Musser Secretary Jim Byler Treasurer Bob Bowlby Meiiibersliip Chairuian loHN W. Morgan Facidtr Adviser C. H. Dunlap Facidty Adviser Q P. 385 Front row, left to right: Fowler, Fitzgerald, O. Smith, Richkus, Watts, Goodman, Musser. Second row. J. W. Morgan, Ranzino, Dostanko, Barksdale, Bozeman, Thompson, Mussack, Maddox. Third row. Gould, Saunders, Johnson, Davis, Miller, Turbyfill, Byler. CHEERLEADERS W. S. Bull featured his campaion for Head C hccrlcader with a bull call in a trailer. 1 he antic- was a promise of bio cr and better cheers to come. Aided and abetted bv his equalK loonex helpers. Bull added In the festivities of all the athletiv Functions at State COIle e durin " the 4S 4 ) season. W. S. Bull, I lead Cheerleatler. Alex ' ann, Scott 1 ubanks, Mar .Ashlex, D ii;lu I l.nii. Lib Lee, Worth Barber, Bets Johnson. John B,iilH ' r, War- ren Smith, I lelen Johnson, Ben Mulen. Bob Mc.Mexandcr. fviLL PmiiN vj. MHBBiH|_ my. • SLAVE DRIVERS Bcattic Feathers iihncd his (irst f(K)thall for Bristol 1 lioh in Bristol, V ' ir(»inia, where he made All-State four vears and All-Southern two seasons. Answering the call of Bob Nevland, he starred at the U. of Tennessee for four vears. Professional ball came as a natural for Feathers. Four vears with the Chicaoo Bears, two with the Brooklvn Dodgers, and a season with the Packers composed his pro stint. .After a year as backfield mentor under Doc Newton, Feathers took o cr as head coach in 1944. Walt Slater took over Babe Wood ' s job as back- field coach in 1948. Like many of State ' s coaches, Walt attended the U. of Tennessee in ' 42 and ' 43. Back from the war. Slater finished out his football at lenncssee in 1946, One vear of professional football with the Pittsburoh Steelers preceded Slater ' s ajipearance on the State College campus. Charles RamcA- came from Ashland, Kv., where he was athletic director and head football coach, to take over end coach duties with the Pack. Coach Ramev gained football mentor fame when his 1942 Ashland Tomcats won the state crown, and he was named " High School Coach of the Year. " Line Coach Al Rotella came to State straight from the LI. of T. Al started his football career at Paterson, N. J., High, continued at Tennessee in 41 and ' 42, and then went to the Army. After the war. Coach Rotella returned to Tennessee and fin- ished his schooling. 1 le staved with the Vols in ' 47 as Assistant Line Coach and then came to State in time lor sirring practice in ' 48. Blattii; Fi.Miiiiis llcii.l Coach Walt Slater Backfield Coach Al Rotella Line Coach Charlie Ramey End Coach V- Berry Dorm Dressed For Homecomiti Big-Four Conches PIG SKIN INSPIRATIONS Uciicoats Shoiv o{f For Duke-State Fani Gonna ' liang ' im. BuH? ' I L fi f f If f f f f 1. 1 ' i If » I r •• • . - yJ? . ' 4 ' I » « . ■ 1 l oh Smith i ' icfci L p VHrdrt e Thompson Di s In K • Front roxe: Davis, Cegelis, Watts. Barksdale, Juvcc, Talautc. Martin. Saunders, Malk, Harding, Burnett, IMusser, Byler. Second row: Cheek, Miller, Romanovvsky, Simon, Maddux, Dostanko, Costa, Swart, Schacht, O. Smith, Beaver, Blomquist. WE WUZ ROBBED! In the first oamc ol the season, the Wolipaek t ot oil to a good start bv holding Duke to a scoreless deadlock; 20.000 fans saw the two teams move up and down the field, onlv to lose the ball when the t oal line came into iew. The final score told the complete stor with its tied count. State had nine first downs to ten for the Blue De ils. ,iihI the Wolfpack gained 177 yards while Duke was jiieking up l S. Tailback Ciwvn Metcher antl lullb.ick Dick Jnhiison were the consistent gainers on the ground, while Ogden Smith and Bill Thompson led State ' s passing attack. " Chuck " Musser, " Dusty " Dostanko, and Bob Bowlbv were outstanding per- formers, but easily the most noticeable man on the field was State ' s Bernie Watts, ll- merican Honorable Mention guard. Watts, a 175-pound jimior, repeatedly broke through to smear Duke backs and throw ihcm for big losses. The rugged little guard blocked Folger ' s lirsi punt of the game and pl.ncd great ball all afternoon. I he twd most spi ' ct.icul.u pl.iss ol ihc game were Meichcr ' s 71- ard punt rolled ilcid on the Duke one-vard line, and Roland Simons one handed jiass catching exhibition. Captain Oscar Bozeman, fullback Bob Smith, and end Freddie Miller all turned in good performances for the Pack. Jack Mounie was Dukes offensi e star with 60 yards in ten tries, with tackles Allen and DeRogatis leading the Blue Devil defensi c pla ' . -, c r!r ? ■ " ft ' P -t. jaK vl ' - -v viy PPMMi 5. 1 9Q i 25 57. |89 50 Third tow: Bowlby, B. Smith, Thompson, Fletcher, Eveland, Kir- meyer, Carlson, Johnson, McLeod, Tencick, Turner, Lesko. Fourth row. B. Musser. Manager; Mooney, Webb, J. Smith, Boze- man. Captain; Goodman, Hart, O ' Rourke, Brown, Fitzgerald, Turbyfill, Flowers, Angel, Joyner, Manager. EVEN THE REFEREES- In their first nioht game of the season and the second straight Southern Conference tussle, the Wolfpack pushed the ball everywhere except into the end zone in losing a heart breaker to the undefeated Clemson Tigers, 6-0. Although they led in all statistics, the Pack was unable to generate the necessary scoring punch, and stalled on the 14, 4, and Vi yard lines in three different long drives to the goal. The Tigers threw U|) a stubborn ten-man line and just wouldn ' t move. Ed Mooney shifted to tailback from his regular wingback spot after Fletcher broke his nose in a desperate last-minute tackle which kept Clemson ' s Fred Cone from scoring. Moone teamed with Dick Johnson to lead the State running attack. Ogden Smith pro ed a good rephicemcnt for Footsie Palmer in the booting department as he tLirned in a 44-vard a " eragc for the game. State ' s biggest dri e came in the fourth period when the Pack travelled 80 yards to the one-foot line before the Tigers clawed the drive to a halt. Clemson took the ball on downs and kept possession until the end of the game three minutes later. State completed six of 12 passes for 35 yards while Clemson completed only two for six, picking up 15 yards. The Wolf pack churned out 215 yards rushing to 164 for the Tigers, and also led in first downs 11 to 7. Clemson ' s lone score came on a 90 ard punt return b Bobby Gage, the Tigers ' star halfback, who was touched b only one State player in his jaunt. The entire State team played well despite the heart-breakiiii loss to the 1948 Southern Conference Champs. Thompson Gives ' Em The Slip Kirmeyer Ballets i B ■ v, ' - ' 9 ,£li_J9 | " i . » ' M . ■,■ ' ■ K ! ■ B H 1 m H u 1 w ■ " 1 w ' - W f- s l juhn uii iscurci WE FINALLY SCORED I liimc again after the Clemson Idss. the Wolves went on a scorino ramiwgc to rout Da idson 40-0. Off to a fast start. O ' Rourkc intercepted a Wildcat pass and started the first State drive. Mooney took it over after he and Bob Smith had driven it to the one. State ' s second T.D. came on a 39-vard drive engineered by Bob and Ogden Smith, with Bob plunoino o er from the four. Shortlv after the con- version bv Jim B ler, State took possession of the ball again and a iMoonev-Bozeman-Bowlbv combi- nation paid off for the third score. Mooney passed to Bozeman, Bozeman latcraled to Bowlbv, and the Jacobs Blocking 1 rophv winner scampered 20 yards to pay dirt. The pla co cred 52 vards and ended the scoring fur tiic (irst half. State came back Ironi the intermission with a taste of victors in sight and scored three more touch- downs on the hapless Wildcats. Ogden Smith grabbed a third-period Cat pass and raced 40 vards behind beautiful blocking for the fourth State score. Roland Eveland then came forth to lead the Wolf- pack to the final two scores. First, the speedv back broke through left tackle and wrigg led his way for 52 yards and a touchdown. Eveland then came back with a 58-vard run to set up the final score. Ogden Smith passed to Bowlbv for 18 and Johnson crashed through center for the final marker. Bvler again converted to iii.ike the final score read 40-0. 1 he State backs made the points, but the real lurocs were the linemen who kept Da idson bottled up all through the game and cleared the wav for the touchdown-bound runners. Bernie Watts, Tonv Romanowskv, Chuck Musser, Smo Saunders, and Elmer Costa were the bovs who heljied hold the Wildcats to a minus (i e ard rusliinu mark. Blomcjuiit Snagi a High One Bozeman Wingback Watts Guard CHOO CHOO STYMIED Ripe troni their 40 ictt)r o er Daxidson, the N. C. State Wolfpack plaved thrilHiio ball before bowing to the powerful Tar Heels, 14-0. Phnino the number one team in the nation, State ' s defensi e Pack reversed things and became an offensive-minded eleven in the first half. Out- playing the Carolina team, State repeatedly drove deep into Tar Heel territory only to be stopped each time a touchdown seemed certain. Near the end of the fust half, Moonev intercepted a pass and returned it to the Carolina 30. Two plays from the line failed to gain and Jim Byler, State ' s place-kick specialist, tried a field goal. The ball sailed straight and true for the middle of the up- rights and State fans were counting the three points when the ball hit the cross-bar and dropped back into the end zone. This heart-breaker took the spark out of the Statemen and the half ended with Caro- lina in possession in their own territory Second-half plav opened with an exchange of punts and the Tar Heels finally moving for three first downs to State ' s 20-yard line. Here the Wolf- pack proved vh ' thev were defensive best in the nation bv stopjiing the Tar Heels cold. In a desperation drive, the Carolina team drove 50 ards for their first touchdown. With three minutes to plav, All-America Charlie Justice tossed a long last-minute pass to another All-American, Art Weiner, for the final score. Although the Statemen lost the game, thev plaved the best ball game of the season in holding the powerful Carolina team in check all afternoon. Smith on the In Siniun I, Rubbed Costa Tackle Turner End Barksdale Guard f A ' tSi CccDMAN . ' ■aasji ' . ! ««i " ! jvl I. Si i TvaMe . ' •« w-xk ' 9 vPVXMdV n The Wolves Line Lip: Backs, Bozcnian, Bovvlby, Bob Smith, Fletcher. Line, Miller, Cegclis, Musser, Saunders. Watts, Dostanko, Bloniquist. THE PACK ROLLED Pla ino on a muddy field at Chattanoooa, Icnnessee, N. C. State ' s Wolfpaek ground out a second-period score and stymied the Moccasins all the way to score a 7-0 vin. Led by tailback Bill Thompson, the Pack drove 38 yards for the important touchdown. I hompson ' s smashes ofF tackle, with a neat l- saal p.iss In l)iick I ' lomciuisl mixed in, Ic.iiurcd the diisf, wiili I hompson scoring 1 1 1 1111 the one. I he Pack allowed the Moccasins only 32 ards rushing, while the backs blocked all but four of tweKe passes, which netted 22 yards. This vardage accounted for the three Chattanooga first downs. State got eight e.xtra downs by picking up 109 yards rushing and 46 by air for a total of 155 yards. State ' s Wolves started rolling once in the third period, but bogged down on Chatta- nooga ' s 33, and the last threat of the game was over. Led bv Captain Raljih Hutchinson, the underdog Moccasins presented a strono line at times and stopped State drives on sev- eral occasions. I he worst part oi the game came when I lotking back i)ob Bowjbx injured a wea knee. Bowlby missed the next five games due to the injury, but he still had made an im- pressive showing in the first five games and went on to win the Jacobs Blocking Trophy. Byler Converts IT WAS A ROUGH SATURDAY State lost a 34-13 decision to a good Demon Deacon squad from Wake Forest before 23,000 fans in sunny Groves Stadium in what pro ' ed to be an exciting but fruitless game for the Wolfpack. On the second play from scrimmage, the Pack fumbled on their own 30 yard line. In six plays the Deacs scored, with halfback Harry Dowda bearing the brunt of the attack. Again the Pack fumbled on the second play after the kickoff. End Ed Bradley of the Deacons plucked the ball out of the air and raced 17 yards to pay dirt. The Deacons scored again on a spectacular pass plav; and, with only 1 1 minutes of the first period gone, the Deacons held a 20-0 lead. Aw, Leggo! After getting off to a bad start, the Statemen finally found themselves and quickly scored two touchdowns. Ogden Smith passed to wing- back Dick Kirmever for the first Wolfpack tally. Kirmever made a sensational catch for the score. After end Roland Simon recovered a fumble on the Wake Forest 27, Dick John- son plunged over to run the score to 20-13. That was all for the Pack in the scoring column. Wake Forest ' s final two touchdowns came on long passes, with the Deac ends out- distancing the Wolfpack backs. Offensively, Ogden Smith, Johnson, Kir- meyer, and " Buck " Blomquist stood out for State. Roland Simon and Tony Romanowsky, along with Bernie Watts, paced the linemen. w " B. Smiih Fullback SCHACHT Guard ' 4MI f Simon End Kirmeyer Haul. [.D. Pass Gitard m Fullback Giiiird IT ' S PART OF THE GAME Pla ing before a Homecoming crowd of 15,000 fans, the State College Wolf pack lost a 21-14 decision to a surprisingly strong Uni- versity of Virginia eleven in Riddick Stadium. Taking complete control of the game in the first period, the Pack, led by Bill Thomp- son and Dick Jnhnson, racked up an early 7-0 lead. Midway in the second period, the Cavaliers began to move. On an exchange of punts, Virginia carried to the State 26-vard line. From that point, halfback Barne - Gill broke through the State defense to score standing up. Goodman Skirts The Sidelines IB linn )ii[-|[ After a series of punt exchanges in the third period, an aerial tossed by tailback Ed Moonev was intercepted on the Virginia 18 b Bill Sinclair of the Cavaliers. Sinclair carried the ball to Virginia ' s 46. From that point, two passes by quarterback Michels put the Cavaliers ahead to stay. Shortly before the final gun, a Cavalier fumble was recovered on the Virginia three by Freshman tackle Elmer Costa. Ogden Smith scored for State to make the final score 21-14. Standouts in the State forward wall were ends Tony Romanowskv, Freddy Miller, and Buck Blomquist, tackle Elmer Costa, and guards Bernie Watts and Chuck Musser. Smo Saunders played his usual fine game at center. Fred Miller iigured in what was probably the most spectacular play of the game. Late in the last quarter, tailback Ogden Smith laded back and threw a 41 -yard pass which Miller snagged deep in Virginia territory TacMe 5» Lciilcrs, AIahiin, S, iiM ri ' . i, Malk INJUNS HAVE TOUGH SCALPS Before a large croud at Williamsbura, Vir- oinia. the Wolfpack lost a tough 26-6 decision to the strona William and Mary Indians. AFter a miserable first quarter, the Pack rallied and Fought the Indians on even terms For the remainder oF the contest. However, Coach Beattie Feathers ' squad was unable to overcome the three touchdown lead gathered bv the Indians in the first period. Ihe stout State line succeeded in stopping Ail-American Jack Cloud but were unable to hold Tommv (The Kid) Korczowski, who ran For one touchdown and passed For two in the first period. The Pack made its onlv score when Ed Moonev raced to his right and sent a jump pass straight to Paul Carlson, who gathered the ball in For the score. Ed Moonev, Ogden Smith, and Bill Thompson stood out in the backfield, with Tonv Romanowskv, Chuch Musser, and Bernie Watts outstandinp linemen. DUKES DETHRONED BeFore a thoroughlv chilled crowd oF 4500 people at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsvlvania, the WolF- pack bounced back into the win column with a 20-6 ictorv over the Blue Dukes oF Duquesne. The WolFpack racked up an earlv 6-0 lead bv virtue oF end Roland Simon ' s interception and run-back oF a Len Kubiak pass. Duquesne struck back in the second period with sophomore Fullback Ralph Long- more running 48 vards to the State nine on a Fake pass and hand-oFF. Quarterback Kubiak dro ' e o ' er lor the tx ' ing score. The halF ended with the score tied up 6-all. Sparked bv the fine running oF Fullback Bob Smith and tailback Ed Moonev, and the accurate passing oF tailback Ogden Smith, the Pack added 14 more points in the second halF to make the final score read 20-6. Standouts For the WolFpack were Freshman tackles Tom Morse and Elmer Costa, and All-Southern guard Bernie Watts. Chuck Musser and Tonv Romanowsky also pla ' ed excellent games. y • :jm M n 1 w Maddox End Carlson Blocking Back Lesko Tackle Harding Center Beaver. Tackle WILDCATS TOO POWERFUL 6|T A small crowd of 8,500 fans watched the 1948 edition of the Wolfpack close its season with a 21-7 defeat at the hands of strong ' illano a. Battiino on even terms for the entire first half, the Wolfpack held the score to 7-7. Fullback Ralph Pasquariello, a 225-pound giant, plunged o er from the six for the first Cat t.ilK. The score was set up bv a pass- interference penalty imposed on the Pack at State ' s six-yard line. The only State score came on a pass from Ogden Smith to Bill Thompson. " True Toe " Jim Bvler added the extra point. Early in the third quarter. Bobbv Polidor, Villanova ' s classy halfback, scampered oflF- tackle for a 50-yard run to put the Wildcats ahead to stay. The big tough Wildcats, losers only to strong Armv and Boston College, proved too powerful for the Wolfpack. Rolling up 20 first downs to State ' s 7 and gaining 260 yards rushing to the Pack ' s 44, the Cats moved almost at will, especialK in the disastrous second half. Outstanding performers for the Pack were Charlev Musser, second team All-Southern and an AP All- American Honorable Mention guard, end Tony Romanowsky, and wing- back Bill Thompson. Blocked ■Tff - -A fv imiii iiin HI nil O ' RotinKE, luUhack ■•■a :mm:rv»: ' Arr ' if- .: 1 L.NCICU, liluckiii ISiick ' i itSi ttd. ToiM Gould, Head Coacli hront row: Flowers, Sanderford. Bangonis, KosiUa, V . ferrell and McLelland, Co-Captains; Bridger, Spriggs, Brewer, Blanton. Second row. Westbrook, Garrell, Kaiser, Allman, Shelton, Aldritch, Nicholson, Calvano, Daneu. Third roil-: G. Ferrell, Moss, Hanlon, Tavlor, Dinan, Fillipelli. Scott, Moore, Watson, MacArthur. Fourth row: Bruno. Burkhart, Johnson, Kittrell, LaClair, Jolly, Morriss, Branyan, Joyner, FRESHMAN FOOTBALL State fielded a Freshman football team in 1948 for the first time since the beginning of the war. Tom Gould, star Wolfpack tackle for several years, headed the Cubs with Bill Stanton as end coach, Charlie Richkus as backfield mentor, Dick Peacock as center coach, and Jim Rees as head of the linemen. The Cubs opened their season with a 19-7 loss to Wake Forest ' s Deaclets in Riddick Stadium. In their second game of the year, the Freshmen dropped a close game to Campbell College, 13-6. Carolina ' s strong Tar Bab - squad came to Raleigh to whip the Cubs in Riddick Stadium, 34-6. Finally breaking into the win column, the Freshmen edged Duke ' s Blue Imps, 14-13, in Duke Stadium. Paul Dinan showed promise of becoming a great backfield star as he took a Duke punt on State ' s 20 and swivel-hipped his way 80 yards behind superb blocking for one of the scores. In the season finale, the Cubs whipped Davidson ' s Wildkittens, 12-6, in a dri ing downpour in Fayetteville. Bill Stanton, End Coach, Tom Gould. Head Ccncli. Dick Pe. cock. Line Coach n FOOTBALL HONORS Chuck Musser, Guard Associated Press Ail-American Honorable Mention Associated Press All-Southern. Second Team Southern Conference Sports Writers Association All-Southern, Second Team Associated Press All-State. Second Team Ambassador Theater Most N ' aluable Plaver Award Bernie Watts, Guard Associated Press All-American Honorable Mention Associated Press All-Southern, First Team Southern Conference Sports Writers Association All-Southern, First Team Associated Press All-State First Team Ambassador Theater Most X ' aluable Plaver Award Bob Bowlby, Blocking Back Associated Press Ail-American Blocking Team. Second Tea Jacobs Blocking Trophv Captain-Elect, 1949 Hal Saunders, Center Associated Press All-Southern Honorable Mention Southern Conference Sports U ' riters Association Aii-Southe Second Team Associated Press All-State, First Team AP All-State Honorable Mention Ends: Buck Blomquist, Tony Romanowsky Tackles: Elmer Costa Backs: Oscar Bozeman, Ed Mooney. Cwynn Fletcher. Ogden Smith, Dick Johnson k -■( CASE Coach Everette Case ' s liistor - is well known by everyone interested in basketball. I Ic was a basket- ball coach e en before the birth nl sonic of his present players. Mr. Case ' s home town is Iranklort, Indiana, where he coached the high school team tor many cars. Coach Case has probabh ' bad a tournament team more often than any basketball coach in the business. Out in Indiana, where tournament basket- Iwll is the state ' s favorite pastime, Coach Case had manv winners. When the war came along. Case entered the Navv and coached some of the best that the Navy liad to oHVr. It was while he was doing coaching dut at Southern California that he met his able assistant, Carl " Butter " Anderson. The two teamed up after the war and came to State to make a tbampionship basketball team out of a group of top rate ex-CJ.I. players. Case ' s first N. C. State team opened the eves of the South. A bid to the National In itationnl Tournament followed the team ' s victory in the Southern Conference Tournament. The ' 48 ver- sion of the Case Club also copped the expected Southern Conference crown and recei ' ed a second bid to the NIT. A third season has just been finished with Coach Case leading his team to anothiT con ference championship. Now the tournament loving coach is ]-)lanning the biggest basketball dream in the South, the Dixie Classic. This classic and the State College Coliseum will long be a memorial to Coach Everette Case. Everette N. Case Head Coach John W ' nni; Maita " cr Warren Cartilr and ' ic Bufsas Co Captains (liNi Iattm Carl Andkrson Assistiiiit Coiicli THE WOLFPACK SEASON From the tap-off in the opening oame against Hanes Hosiery to the final whistle in the Southern Conference Tournament championship game, State College ' s 1949 basketball team was under pressure stronger than any it had faced in the history of the game in West Raleigh. The third season under Coach Everette Case was tabbed long before practice started as " The " year for the nationalK ' -famous Wolfpack. Two successive Southern Conference championships and two bids to New York ' s National Invitational Tournament in as many vears branded the Staters as the club to beat. Only one starter on the previous year ' s team had left the lineup. Captain Leo Katkavek graduated and opened a spot for Vic Bubas, who soon proved that he could handle the defensive tasks for Coach Case. Vic Bubas— 6 ft. 2 in., Gary. Indiana— A true team man at all times. Deadly with his set-shot, as witnessed in the Carolina game, when he hit for eight of nine shots. Held Coy Carson, one of the conference ' s high scorers, to one field gold in en- tire game. Plans to enter coaching field after graduating. A sopho- more, has two years more eligi- bilitv. Dick Dickey— 6 ft. 1 in., Alexandria, Indiana— Forced to hobble through early season games with a se ' ere Charley-Horse. Marked up his third straight All-Southern selection in ' 49. Dick ' s hard drive and excellent defensive play is that extra something that makes a good club great. A junior, one more season with the Pack. Paul Horvath— 6 ft. 6 in., Chicago, Illinois— One of club ' s lead- ing scorers for two seasons he has been at State. Paul is due for greatness with his deadly pivot-shot. Never plaved high school ball. Cut his hardwood teeth in the Army. E.xpected to hit stride in next two years with the club. First Team All-State in ' 49 season. A sophomore, two seasons to play. Jack McComas— 6 ft. 2 in.. Shelbvville, Indiana— " Jack Rabbit " is undoubtedly the fastest man ever to plav basketball in the Southern Conference. One of smallest men on club, but he makes it up in speed and deception. Mentioned on several All American lists for two years. Junior, one year eligibilir ' left. Sam r AN iN — i tt. 1 m. Gary. Indiana— Top scorer for the Pack in -19 with 381 points. His greatest of the season was against W. M. when he literally threw the ball from anywhere for a new conference record of 24 points in one half. With the spark of greatness shown in ' 49, he is expected to hit All- American stride in ' 50. Sophomore, with two more seasons. { iii:iiio Pushes Oue In In markinu up its 25-8 record for the vear, the Pack whipped such strono intersectional cluhs as Canisius of c v York, LaSalle Cdle e of Phila delphia, the University of West Virginia, and die Uni ersity of Pittsburgh. Fourteen regular season wins and three tournament victories came at the expense of conference foes. Wake Forest s Demon Deacons made basketball history when thev upset State by three points in the Pack ' s first meeting w ith the Deacs in ' 49. The loss to the Wakes was llic oiilv conlerencc defeat of the vear. Coach Case ' s outfit participated in two lourna Bob Garrison— 6 ft. 1 in.. Fort Wayne. Indiana— Only newcomer to olfpack basketball this vear. Completely confuses his guards with intricate, g Tating fakes Wasn ' t slated for starting berth this season, but he fitted into the system very well. Had a tryout with U.S. Naval Academy team. Decided the " grown-up " atmos- phere of State College suited him better. Freshman, three more years to play. ments during the season. On an extended cross- countrv iaunt, the Pack took in the Los Angeles National Invitational 1 ournev and lost two crv close games to the Llni ersitv of oming and Loyola of Los Angeles. The cross-country trip marked State ' s longest stav on the loss side of the books. The ' olves dropped three straight on the Ciirticr ' s One Haiider ■ ' -■1 w- ■ ' •, " yjfc [ West Coast before handina favored Canisius a 16-point defeat in Cleveland. The second tourna- ment of the season for State was the annual South- ern Conference Tourney, which the Packers won for the third consecutive season. Winding up the season in 13th place in the na- tion ' s lineup. State had its hopes for a bid to the Na- tional Collegiate Athletic Association Tournament smashed when Kentucky decided to enter from the Southern District. For several days, the officials of the National Invitational Tournament had the Packers on their list as possibles for a third per- formance in the Garden. Of the eight losses State Swish! Bob Hahn— 6 ft. 10 in., Ann Arbor, Michigan— Roams the key- hole for State. Added the height that makes or breaks a team in the rebound department. Bob gained self-confidence and experi- ence that should make him very valuable man at pivot slot ne. t season. Sophomore. Ch. rlie Stine— 6 ft. 1 in., Frankfort, Indiana— Plaved high school ball for Coach Case. Not a regular starter, but one of the best reserves on the squad. Seventh season with Case; knows the sys- tem better than anv man on squad. Good shooting eye from comers. A junior with only one more season left at State. Get That Ball! suffered, only two went above four points. Hanes Hosiery took the season ' s opener by eleven points, and San Francisco, one of the best clubs State met during the season, won by seven markers. After these two defeats, the Wolves settled into a well- polished style of play that defied defeat. The other Warren Cartier— 6 ft. 4 in., Green Bay, Wisconsin— Climaxed a good season by winning the 30 3 " Most Valuable Player " award. Swede ' s amazing set-shot that skims over the hoop and plunks in earned him 231 points in ' 49. George Washington ' s coach, " Jug " Garber, gave Swede most of the credit for State ' s win over the Colonials in the South- ern Conference Tourney final. One of the original " Hoosier Hot- Shots " from the ' 46 team. Has one year of eligibility left. Ranzino " Snowbirds ' It six whippinos State suffered were lost by a total of onlv 111 teen points. In the scorino limelight for the W olfpack this season was Sam Ranzino. Sam topped the Staters with 381 points in 33 games for an 11.5 average. iJick Dickey made a slightly better average per game score with 335 points in 30 games for an ] 1 .8 average. Paul Hor ath, lanky center, pushed the two top men with a 301 score in 33 contests. Chester Gurski-6 ft. 4 in.. Ford City, Pa.— Didn ' t plav with the varsity in regular competition. Performed in sever- al practice games. Averaged 17 points as a J. V. in ' 48. Has excellent pivot- shot eye. Height makes him good re- bound man. E.xpected to move into full-time plav at center next season. Three years ' eligibilir ' left. State s first post-war freshman team, under the leadership of Coach Carl " Butter " Anderson, lost onlv one game in 15 starts and ended up as co- champions with Duke ' s vearling squad. Such stars as Bob Cook, Joe Stoll, and Lee Terrill are expected to hit the headlines for the Pack next season. Cook and Stoll led the scoring for the freshmen with better than 15 points per game, and Terrill was a defensive ace for the Wolf Cubs. " Hook " Horvath ■ ■ EiH H M 1 ■ n! | E l 3 J i S w Joe Harand— 6 ft. 3 in., Tenafly, N ' . J.— Probably the most im- pro ed man on State ' s squad. His forte on the court is a strong drive for rebounds. Tenacitv ' earned him a spot on the State College favorites list. Despite a rumored shooting weakness, he dropped in several crucial floor shots in the tournament to keep State in the running. Sophomore with two years left to plav. Norm Sloan— 6 ft. 1 in., Indianapolis, Indiana— A veteran of two years ' varsit ' play. Dead-eye on his set. A demon on defense, and a good individual as well as team performer. All ' round athlete. Played football, basketball, and baseball in high school. Dropped out of basketball play during the early season to give football a trv. Dick Dickey Honorable Mention Ail-American CAP) Honorable Mention .All-American (UP) All Southern First Team (AP) Southern Conference All-Tournament First Team All-State First Team (Southern Sports Writers Asso.) SOUTHERN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS Sam Ranzino Honorable Mention All-American (AP) Honorable Mention All-American (UP) All-Southern First Team (AP) All-State First Team (Southern Sports Writers Association) Paul Horvath All-State First Team (Southern Sports Writers Association) Victor Bubas All-Southern Second Team (AP) Southern Conference All-Tournament First Team All-State First Team (Southern Sports Writers Association) Warren Cartier Winner 30 3 " Most Valuable Player " Award ■ «, ' mUNECAB Cr liiilii B t - VIC SORRELL The 1949 baseball season will mark the fourth ear that Coach Vic Sorrell has headed State ' s diamond squad. Coach Sorrell is an old hand at the game of baseball. His diamond experience dates wav back to the davs when most of us were just beginning to toddle out to the ball park. Sorrell was born out near the present site of the Raleioh-Durham Airport and plaved his college baseball for the Demon Deacons of Wake Forest, where he held down mound duties for three vears. Then the coach worked in the International League with Toronto for two seasons. 1 lis longest string with a single team was with the Detroit Tigers, where he hurled from 1928 to June. 1937. Sorrell went up for sale in June and landed up in Toledo, where he finished out the ' 37 season and worked the ' 38 season. Coach Sorrell s ne.xt work in baseball came as manager of the Bluefield, W. ' a., team. He headed the outfit for two seasons. After a four year rest from the diamond sport. Coach Sorrell came to State in 1946 and has coached the team since that date. ,i-il ;jfa£rf, ; " cxkrr % ' lAr -v !:.,;_ .M llAdin-. IlilLnul, CoiuKil, W . Kui- I r. , J Ivans. 1. 1 ..uuhlm. V.,-w, ,:,,. Vic Sorrell, Coach; Lail, Richkus, Utlev, Edwards, Fostoi, Fowler, Hardee, Assistant Manager. Third TOW. Cheek, Norrell, Johnson, I atkavek, Barksdale, Poe, Grandy, Brown, Manager. BASEBALL The final Big- Four standings of 1948 found the Wolf pack of N. C. State College resting in last place with a season ' s record in Big-Four play of four wins and eight losses. In regular season plav, including all games, the Pack fared slightly better, with a final mark of nine won and thirteen lost. However, five of Coach Vic Sorrell ' s losses were bv a margin of only one run. Outfielder Jack McComas, one of Coach Everette Case ' s star basketballers from Shelbwille, Indiana, was the offensive leader for the Pack in Big-Four activity with a final batting average of .357. McComas led the league for three straight weeks but faltered in the last week of pla and slipped into fourth place. Hank Utley, Wolfpack thirdsacker from Concord, N. C, was runner-up to swift Jack with a final mark of .319. iMcComas and Utlev tied for the lead in the number of doubles, with two, and triples, with one each. In the home run department, last season ' s four-bagger champ. Bill Fowler of Charlotte, tied McComas for the lead with a total of two round trips. The important runs-batted-in tide also went to the versatile McComas, who had ten. Jack was followed bv Utley with six. Hank swiped two bases to take honors in that department. Ernie lohnson, junior from Mt. Cilead, N. C, led the State moundsmen with a Big Four record of three victories and si.x defeats. Johnson proved to be the workhorse of the loop as he toiled in all but one of the W ' olfpack ' s Big-Four games. He was credited with three of State ' s four wins and was charged with six of the Pack ' s eight defeats. The Pack opened its season against Wake Forest in the traditional Easter Mondav warm-up affair. A cold, blusterv wind hampered all activities and the Statemen suffered a 5 defeat. Ernie Johnson went the distance on the hill for State, giving up eight safe blows. In an intersectional tilt with the University of Pennsylvania, Bob Edwards, a senior from Wilming- ton, N. C, and Everette Lail, sophomore from Shelby, Bill Ev. ns Captain w f f Pitchers Foster, Johnson, and Ecw.iiiL %i ■ Ar v r uV r . ■r ' ' • 1tV RODGERS Lea Getting The Word Evans, Sorrell, Fowler Lee MUSSACK Lajl N. C, teamed up to gi e tlie Pack a i5 1 win. The State club collected six hits to the visitors ' five. In their second intersectional game of the season. State lost 9-6 to the powerful Eastern NCAA diamond champs from Yale. John Foster, the starting jiitcher for the Wolfpack, walked three and hit one batsman before Tootsie i ioldino relieved in the first. Holdino, a sophomore from Raleigh, held the Bulldogs fairlv well during the rest of the game. Jack McComas with three bingles in five trips paced the home team at bat. State opened Big-Four play with a 5-3 re enge win o er the Deacons of Wake Forest. Ernie Johnson scattered ten Deacon hits to get credit for the win. Don Cheek, lankv first sacker from Shelbv, N. C, led the Pack at the plate with two for four. In a practice tilt with the semi-pro McCrary Eagles of Asheboro, the State nine suffered a 12-2 pasting. John Holland, sophomore second baseman from Dorchester, Mass., paced the Statcmen at the plate with a double and a single in four appearances. 1 raveling to Davidson for a Southern Conference engagement, the Wolves were subdued 2-1 in a thriller. Lail hurled impre ssi e ball for the State nine until Bird, Wildcat third baseman, knocked out a fluke homer. The ball went out of the park bv rolling under the fence. 1 LItlcx scored the lone Pack run. •i, yj Heavy-Hitter Utley Katkavek Pegs It In In their second Big-Four engaocment of the vear, State downed Duke 18-14 in a three hour marathon. Bob Edwards and Ernie Johnson divided the pitching duties for the Pack. Jack McComas took hitting honors with fi e for six. Hank Utley, with four safeties for five trips, took runner-up honors. Bob Edwards, in a return engagement with Da idson, turned in a six-hit ball game to stop the Wildcats cold with a 12-3 score. Jack McComas and Bill Evans knocked out three safeties to pace the State attack. Disposing of the Carolina star hurler, Vinnie DiLorenzo, after four and one-third innings, the Statemen defeated the Tar Heels 8-1. Again speedy Jack McComas led the Pack with two round trippers in three appearances. Second baseman Leo Katkavek, senior from Manchester, Connecticut, and another star basketball plaver, with a triple and two singles in four times at bat. held runner up honors. Ernie Johnson scattered eight hits in gaining the win. Getting re enge for the 8-1 defeat the Pack had handed him, DiLorenzo pitched a magnificent eleven inning two-hitter to defeat State 1-0. Johnson, who allowed seven hits, was the loser. In their second straight overtime game, the Staters lost to a powerful Hanes Hosiery semi-pro nine from Winston-Salem bv a 3-2 score in eleven innings. Lail pitched five frames, allowing onlv two hits, before he was forced to retire from the game because of a sore arm. Behind the fine si.x-hit hurling of Harrv Nicholas, the Wake Forest Deacons de- feated the Wolfpack 9-0. Nicholas aided his own cause with a homer and a single. Johnson and Edwards fared none too well against the Deacons. In a return meeting with the Hanes Hosierv nine. State defeated the Knitters 5-1 behind the six-hit hurling of Tootsie I lolding. Katkavek, with two for four, led the hitting for State. Duke mound ace Al Curtis held the Pack to four hits as he whipped the local diamond men 8-1. McComas, Utlev, Katkavek, and Fowler were the only Wolfpack batters who could manage a hit off Curtis. Johnson and Edwards were rapped for 14 blows bv the Blue De ils. Leading 3-2 at the beginning of the eighth inning, the State men faltered and lost to a wide-awake Carolina nine 5-3 at De ' ereaux. Four State errors aided the Tar Heel victorv. In a heartbreaker, the State nine went down to defeat at the hands of Wake Forest 4-3 after plaving 14 innings of tight ball. Ernie Johnson pitched the first nine inninps, with Bob Edwards relieving. In their final game with Duke. Coach Sorrell ' s men beat the Blue De ils 9-4. Holding gave up nine hits in chalking up the win. Wake Forest ' s star chunker, Harrv Nicholas, blanked the Wolfpack 1-0. Don Cheek, Bill Evans, and Leo Katkavek got safeties for State. Ernie Johnson worked on the hill for State and allowed only eight hits. Standouts defensi ' ely were Don Cheek and Bill Evans, who made several spectacular catches. In the final Big-Four game of the season, the Southern Conference and Big-Four champs from Chapel Hill slammed out 16 hits against three Pack hurlers to win 7-1. Closing the season against the McCrarv Eagles, the Pack avenged an earlier defeat as they downed the Eagles 7-6. McLaughlin Fi.x McComas At The Plate PoE, Foster, Dickson Edwards Delivers m - ' ' NORRELL RiCHKUS ■-▼ Fowler tvANS B-TEAM Front row. Bailey, Leake, Miller, Dickson, Fix, Mussatk, Livingston. Si ' ccin mii : Ruckcr. Owens, Knight, Todd, Owen, Payne, Livinoston. Third row. Wilson, Giipton, Maples, Buie, Payne, Knott, Curt Ramsey, Coach. TOM MINES Coach Tom Hines made his first appearance at N. C. State back in the early thirties as a student, riie man responsible for brinoino Hines to State C olleoc was Ralph Brimley, who was coachini; W ' olfpack cross-country teams when Mines was starrino on the Reynolds Migh track team in Win ston-Saicm. There was no track team at State durino the period that Coach I lines was attendino school, but he did star on Coach i5rimlc ' s cross country teams in 1934 and 1935. I lines started his coaching duties at State wiili the swimming team in 1942. He took over the job of coaching the Wolfpack trackmen in 1945, when State had only two dual meets. In ' 46, the Wolf- pack split even on a four meet schedule uiicler 1 lines. In 1947 the Pack cindermen took six wins and suffered a single defeat. Coach Mines ' 1948 squad set new records in nine track and field events, and the same team held 3rd place in dual com- petition meets and scored 4th in the Conference meet. Mines ' teams have been termed the best track squads at State since the Wohes won the Confer- ence championship in 1922. Coach 1 lines recently clima.xed a long, successful career in N. C. State ' s Ph sical Education depart- ment bv being named head of the Department ol Industrial and Rural Recreation. ' rysTr S Wv M M 7 ... mm Front row: Dubow, Davis, Blue, Miller, Chambers, Bales, Orrmins. Second row. Goldberg, Frazier, McLeod, Karriker, Egelund, Adams, Davenport, Hunter. Third row: Landau, Currin, Pickett, Bubas, Bartels, Dostanko, Payne, Hassinger, Gill, Skaarup. Fmirth row: Paschal, Manager; Willis Casey, Assistant Coach; Tom Hines, Coach; Al Crawford, Trainer; Erwin, Assistant Manager. r.M 1 i; Puis 1 1 Dubow, The Licht-Foot TRACK Under the direction of Coach Tom Hines, the 1948 track team ran up an enviable record of four wins in six dual meets and ran a close fourth in the Southern Conference meet in Chapel Hill. Charley Chambers continued his cinder-burning ways that he had started in ' 47. The speedy dash man took scoring honors for the season with 89 points. Charley score three firsts and one second in four tries in the 440 yard dash, and marked up six firsts in the low hurdle event. Added to his regular season scoring antics. Chambers walked off with 14 points in the Southern Conference meet to win individual scoring laurels. Wins in the 220-yard low hurdles, 100-yard dash, and a second in the 220 dash gave Chambers his 14 points. He was awarded the Harry March Memorial Trophy for his 220 low hurdle victory. Herbert Goldberg was another high scorer for the ' 48 season, with 43W points to his credit. Herb picked up most of his points bv running second in his e ents, the 100 and 220 dashes, with two firsts in the lOOvard jaunt. Third place in season ' s scoring was taken by a field man, Jim Byler. Byler is a big, husky footballer w ho spends his time during track season tossing the shot and discus. With five firsts in the shot put and one in discus hurling, Byler tallied 39 points for the season. Co-Captain Oscar Miller from Charlotte scored 23 points in five meets with four firsts and one second. All of Miller ' s scoring was done with the javelin throw. After coming through the season with four wins in six meets, the Wolfpack trackmen journeyed to Chapel Hill to participate in the Southern Conference meet. With Charley Chambers scoring 14 of their 31 points, the State cindermcn landed in fourth place in the meet, only 24 points behind first place Carolina. Several track records were broken during the season. Jim Bvler again heads the list with three broken records to his credit. Bvler set a new record for the shot put early in the season and came back to break his own record twice, finally settino the mark at 48 ft. Wi in. during the Wake Forest meet. Charley Chambers set a new mark of 23.6 seconds in the 220 low hurdle event and tied his own mark once more during the season. Lli Dusty Tosses Onl High Boy Blue CnAMCtRS IIURULLS George Pickett established a new hioh jump score, breakini; the old track record of six feet bv an extra half inch. In an exhibition mile rela . the State team set a new mark of 3:28, beatino the old mark of 3:39.2. The record is un oflicial, however, since the race was an exhibition event. Herb Goldberg, Norman Orrmins, Allen Skaarup. and Graham Landau made up the State relav team. In the season ' s opener, the Pack dropped a close match to the Ck)bblers of V.P.I., 66Vi-59 ' 4. The two teams were evenly matched, with each takino seven first place scores. Virginia came through in the last event to nose out the Wolfpack runners. Despite the efforts of Scooter Rucks of the University of South Carolina, Coach Hines ' team came throuoh in great stvle to whip the Palmetto squad, 71-60. Rucks broke records in the 220 and 440 dash events, helping the South Carolina men take eight firsts to State ' s seven. However, strength in everv event gave the Pack enough second place scores to win the meet by 1 1 points. Se en records fell when the Soutiiern Conlerencc champs from Chapel Hill met State on the Raleigh track. Chambers marked up a new time for the low hurdles, Byler upped the mark in the shot event, and Pickett set a new record for the high jump. State ' s relav team set a new unofficial mark for the mile. Carolina won the meet 77-49. Co-Captain Chambers led his team to ictorv with higii score honors in the Virginia-State meet on the local track. Chambers scored 1 1 points, with AU-.American basketball er Dick Dickev close behind with 8. The meeting with the Ca a Hers came during the hottest weather of the season and pro ed to be the hottest meet of the ear! State barelv eked out a 66-62 win over the Virginians. Highlight of the season was State ' s 66-60 upset win o er the Duke Blue Devils. The win for the Pack was State ' s first o er a Duke track squad in 15 vears. Chambers continued his point march with 16 for high score of the afternoon. Foot- baller Harrv McLeod gave the fans a real thrill when he beat highlv touted O ' Learv of Duke in the discus event with a heave of 133 ft., 1 in. In the most one-sided meet of the vear. State trounced the Wake Forest tracksters 104-21. Bob Currin and joe Davis copped high score honors with 15 and 13 jioints. Jim Bvler set the record lor the season in his shot toss of 48 ft., 9 ' 2 in. Coach I lines trackmen closed out a erv successful season, placing fourth out of thirteen teams entered in the Southern Conference meet. TRACK SCHEDULES 1948 SEASON N. C. State 5934 VPI 661 4 N.C. State 71 South Carolina LI 60 N. estate 49 North Carolina U 11 N.C. State 64 Virginia LI 62 N. C. State 66 Duke 60 N. C. State 104 Wake Forest 21 Southern Conference lournament lomth Flaee, 31 points 1949 SCHEDULE April 2 Carolina Relays April 9 William and Mar ' I lome April 16 South Carolina Home April 23 Virginia Away April 30 LI. of N. C Ayvay May 7 VPI Away Ma ' 14 Duke Away IVIa ' 19-20 Southern Conference Tournament ■419 ' Varsity, (runt nnv. Poplin, Steed, Rickart, Rudolph, and Williams. Second row: Lewis, Musser, R. Troxler, O. Troxler, Bcal, Buie. Freshmen, third row: Swart, Gay, Keelev, Rose, Jenkins. Fourth row: Coach Al Crawford, Fortune, Jollv, Red, Thompson, Green. Manager. WRESTLING For the second straight season, Coach Al Craw- ford ' s wrcsthnu team was runner-up in the con- ference. This ear, Washington and Lee ' s matmen took Inst place honors. Final standings lor the year left Slate with a 5-3-1 record. Duke, Navy, and Washington and Fee were the only teams to take the measure ol the Wolljiack grapplers. Coach Al Crawford Head Coach i Crawford ' s team didn ' t enter the 1949 C onlerence Tournament because of the pro iniit ol exam week when the meet was held. The wrestlers opened their season with a 24 6 loss to the strong Duke Blue De il matnien. Steed and Musser were the onlv Wolfpackers to get w ins. Traxeling to nnapolis lor the l ' a al cadeniy meet. State dro|)ped tk.eir second match 28-5 to the Middies. Back in Raleigh, the Pack grunt and groan men got a surprise win over the LIni ersity of North Carolina team, 21-11. L. Charlie Musser paced the locals in their 21-9 win over The Citadel ' s Kadets. Chuck pinned his man in 1:13 of the first period. Rubin Beal and Don Troxler also pinned their men in the opening period. Musser con- tinued his winning streak with a 40 second pin of his opponent in the heavyweight di i- sion as he led the Statemen to a 21-10 win over Davidson. In the closest match of the year, Roger Troxler gained a first period illegal slam victorv and Musser decisioncd his man to give State a 14-14 tie with the V.M.I. Cadets. The Cadets led the match until Troxler ' s win pulled the Pack squad within three points and Musser took his fifth w in of the year to tie the score up. State s fourth win of the season came at the expense of the Newport News Navy Ap- prentice team in Norfolk, Virginia. State took an easy 31-2 victory. A day later, the Pack matmen pinned V.M.I. 20-5 in Lexington. Charlie Musser ' s closest call of the year came on a tie in the meet. The season ' s finale came against the South ern Conference champs, Washington and Lee. State lost 24-6, but the score does not indicate the closeness of the match. Several of the fights were won by the Generals on a one or two point margin. I he most outstanding man on the squad v ' as Charlie Musser, who was undefeated and tied only once in eight matches. Don Troxler, Rubin Beal, Pop Poplin, Steed, and Ben Lewis were also outstanding performers on the mat. Freshmen, frotit row. Troupe, Lewald, Jones, Captain; ilsun. Crait;, and Freeman. arsitv, second tow: iMorris, Shober. Gold, Co-Captain; Stafford. Lojko, Mandel, Tate. Randell. Third roil ' : Andrews, Manager; Martin. Denves. Cloud, Nelson, Kellv. Co-Captain; Thorne, Bedford, Coach Willis Casev- SWIMMING Coacli W illis C ascv ' s tankmen ended the 1949 season witli a tie For the Southern Conference championship. he State natators took tour con- ference wins in as many meets and tied with the University of North Carohna For top conference honors. The W ' oltpack swimmers opened their impres- sive 6-2 season with three straight wins o er ' ir- ginia teams. A win over V.P.I, started it. The State men then traveled to W ' ilhamshurg to meet the W ' ilHam and Mar Indians. W ith Bill Kcllv sctlini all the records, Stat e won 50-21. Kellv hroke two records and helped in another. The versatile tank- man snapped the 60-yard freestyle, the 100-yard freestyle, and aided Stafford, Gold, and Lojko in the 400-yard relax. On the third lap of the Vir oinia trip. State heat the LInixersilv of Virginia 48-27 in C li.nliittesN illc. I he most outstanding meet of the season came when LaSalle C ollege hrought their olvmpic star, Joe Wrdeur. to lialeigh. State held the hiuliK favored LaSalle swimmers to a 41-34 win. X ' erdeur clipped seven seconds off the 200-yard hreaststroke record for States pool. Farrell Devhn of LaSalle set a new mark for the 220-vard freestvle event. SHV, Heud Cuiicli Georgia Tech ' s squad came to Raleioh looking tor a rexenge win over State and barely got it by a 39-36 score. The meet was State ' s closest ot the season and was won by the Georgians in the next to last event when thev edged State out ot a second place in the 440 treest le. Casey ' s men took se en First places in nine events to sink V.M.I. 50-27 in the local pool. Matt Lojko was high with ten points. Against Emory LIni ersitv of Georgia, the strong State team won a 47-19 slaughter. Bill Kellv set a new pool record for the 50-yard freestyle. In the final meet of the year, State raced down to the line with Duke ' s Blue Devils and won in the last event, the 440 freestyle relay, 41-34. The Wolfpack swimmers placed second behind Carolina in the Southern Conference meet at Chapel Hill with 21 points. At this writing, the team had not gone to the National Intercollegiate C ' hampionship meet at Chapel Hill. State ' s freshman team, coached by Bill Kelly, won six and tied one tor an undefeated season. 1 he highlight of the yearling season was two im- pressive wins over Carolina ' s freshman squad. pint joiv; Gibson, Dixun, Tripp, Co Dearstyne, Rickman, Saenz, Hobbs. Green, I urnbuU. Sccuiul Gici, Biackctl, GOLF State ' s first post-war golf team was led by student coach Charlie Tripp, former professional linksman who combined his coaching duties with academic work and proved to be quite capable at both. Tripp opened the 1948 season with a nine man squad. Not at all familiar with the ability of anv of his men, Tripp was faced with a tough job of rounding his squad into shape for a hard season. However, with men like Maurice Brackett, Charlie Gibson, Bob Turnbull, and V ' eston Dixon on the squad. Coach Tripp soon found that he had no worries as to the ability of his team members. The overall record for the season shows eight wins, three losses, and a tie. One of the losses was to Duke, the Southern Conference ' s pride. A third-place standing in the Charlie Tripp Head Coach Southern Conference Tournament boosted the team ' s pres- tige and hopes for a better standing in the ne. t season of play- Outstanding individual honors for the 1948 season go to Charlie Gibson. Charlie defeated Harvev Ward, the North-South Champ from UNC. State ' s best performance as a team was in the match against Duke. The Pack linksmen won a two point edge over the Blue Devils to break a two year winning streak at 17 matches. Individual laurels in the Southern Conference Tourna- ment go to Gibson. Brackett, Turnbull, and Dixon. Charlie Gibson turned in the lowest card with a pair of 76 ' s for a 152 round. Charlie also placed fifth in indivicUiid standings in the tournament. The Wolfpack golfers opened their season against David- son and took a 16-11 win Irom the Wildcats in Charlotte. Furman U. was the next victim of the Statemcn by a mark of 22 ' 2 to 4Vi. Continuing their dominance o er Pal metto clubs, the Pack edged the Gamecocks of South Carolina 10 ' i-7 ' . Back in Raleigh, the Statemcn made it a " no-contest " against High Point in a 26 ' 2-V2 slaughter of the Pointers. State ' s first defeat came at the hands of the Demon Deacons from Wake Forest by a 19-8 score on the local greens. Then came the eventful win over Duke ' s Blue Dexils! State took the meeting with a 14 ' i-12V ' 2 score to snap the Devils ' two year I7-game winning streak. High Point came back lor some more ol the same medicine and look a 29-7 pounding before giving up. V ' ith revenge in their eve, the Duke clubbers invited the Pack to Durham. State lust the return match 19 ' 2-7 ' . The third and final loss of the season came when Carolina took a I5l ' 2-ll ' 2 win over State at C ' hapel Hill. Davidson came to Raleigh to try once again and went home sore from the 20Vi-bVi hazing handed them by Tripp ' s team. Wake Forest pushed the local golfers hard all the way to hold State to a 14-13 win in the return engagement. The Pack linksmen wound up the regular season against Carolina, the meet being knotted at B ' i-all. State entered the Southern Conference Tournament at Pinehurst and came out third in the meet. S- rront ruw: Kuhn,, MdiitL-vdiiti, Culbertsmi. Captain. Btick loir: Osburn, Assistant Manager; Leonard Goldman, Manager; Boney, Ragan, Guirette, Sherrill, L. W. Seeger, Coach. TENNIS When Coach Walt Seeger sent out the call for tennis tryouts, thirty candidates reported. After extensive practice, the squad was worked down to 16 men. In twelve scheduled matches, the State netmen were victorious in seven starts and lost only four meets. One match was cancelled. Arthur Culbertson, returning letterinan, played the number one position all season, with lettermen Charles Boney and Bob Guirette pushing him for the top spot. Boney won eight of ten matches. Guirette was victorious in si. of ten. and Culbertson took sLx wins in eleven matches. Starting the season off against The Citadel on a trip through South Carolina, Coach Seeger ' s men won easily over the South Carolinians, 6-2. Continuing their Southern swing, the Pack netters moved into another section of Charleston where thev nosed out the College of Charleston, 5-4. With two South Carolina scalps in tow, the State courtment next swung into Columbia for a meet with the University of South Carolina. The Gamecocks proved a little too strong and the Pack suffered their first defeat of the season, 5-4. Returning to North Carolina, the Staters took on South- ern Conference champs, U. N. C, and suffered the worst defeat of the season, 9-0. The best match of the meet was between " Cubbv " Culbertson and ' ic Seixas, the out- standing national amateur tennis star. On their own home soil, the Pack met and whipped the Universitv of Richmond netters, 6-3. College of Charleston returned the visit that State had paid to the Palmetto State, but couldn ' t repay the loss. State won, 7-2. taking all sLx singles events. Visit- ing the Duke courts. State lost to the Blue Devils, 8-1. Another 9-0 defeat was dished out to the Wolfpack racquet wielders by a surprisingly strong Presbyterian College team. Showing impro ed power in the doubles e ents. State scored in all three matches to defeat Wake Forest, 7-2. Finishing the season in fine stvle. Coach Seeger ' s squad downed Furman 5-2 in Raleigh, and then journeyed to Wake Forest to hand the Deacs their second defeat from State, 7-1. In the Southern Conference elimination tournament. State failed to place a man in the finals, although Charlie Boney won in the first round 6-0, 6-1 and Ragan drew a bye and won the second round 6-2, 6-3. Boney was beaten bv Ross of Duke in the second round, and Ragan lost in the third round to Sei.xas of U. N. C. In the doubles events, Fuerstman and Kohn were elimi- nated in the second round by the William Mary team which went on to win the doubles finals. Coach Seeger is expecting an even better season next year and is looking forward to a win in the tournament with five lettermen back for the ' 49 squad. " Cubbv " Culbertson Captain J " ' ' -. --■■« " ' ■■■ i Ml UNSUNG Uf IO£S MtNtGMM CLUI . uffsm „ « 5 Ml . CHARLEY lir iiir W0LFPACK BAR | WOMt-GAVAUERS X | u IF ANO THt VOL ' ci HO ltO B 0 OAV TOMOPfiOW iiiiiMiii lllllllll ? S slHSS ATHLfnC COUNCIL INTRAMURALS Mr. Johnny Miller ' s Intramural program was highliahted during the spring of 1948 by the first Annual Big-Four Field Day events, which were held at Duke University. State placed third in the events, but with increased intramural activity in the ' 48- ' 49 season, Mr. Miller expects State to make a much better showino in the 1949 meet. Fraternity Winners 1948 1. Pi Kappa Alpha ..1206 points 2. Sigma Pi 860 points 3. Sigma Chi 823 points Best Fraternity Athlete Bridger, PKA Best Fraternity Manager McCorkle, KA Spring Sports 1947-48 Softball-SAM . . . 2nd Turlington Horse Shoes— Sigma Pi, 1st Becton Handball— PET . . Basement Syme Track— KA 3rd Becton Dormitory Winners 1948 1. 2nd Turlington . . . .897 points 2. 1st Becton 889 points 3. 3rd Bagwell 772 points Best Dormitory Athlete Frazier, 1st Becton Best Dormitory Manager Griffin, 2nd Turlington Fall Sports 1948-49 Football— Sigma Chi . .Trailwood Volleyball-PKA Vetville Horse Shoes— Sigma Pi, 1st Becton Handball-PET Gold Winter Sports 1948-49 Basketball-Sigma Chi . . .YMCA Table Tennis— PET . .2nd Owen WrestHng-KA YMCA Swimming— PKA 3rd Syme l .: - . ' J si ' M Softball Champs Si ma Alpha Mu t ' outball Chawps Si ma Chi QdvQJdiMmjmhL SAY (BjajnJbjf BhsjoudL ROYAL BAKING COMPANY R i.i!i(iii, N. C. HITES ICE CREAM [430] RAWLS MOTOR COMPANY eJDe oto f- tumoutn Raleigh, N. G. m BUY =||I7i==it ' s THEBEST Misses ' and Women s SWIMSUITS SWEATERS SPORTSWEAR At Drpcu ' tmoif a) d Specialtii Stores THEBEST Mills Co. 1372 Broadway, New York 18, N. Y. NATIONAllY KNOWN FOR MORE THAN A QUARTER OF A CENTURY " Roe. If. . ' . I ' i.t. Off CLASS OF ' 53 Left to right : Abrams, Billy Lee ; Smith, Hewitt Seemoanovitch ; Smith, Otto Swartz- berg; Smith, Mortimer Snerd ; Smith, Lstan- bok Dwyervitch ; Smith, Royboy Dwyervitch ; Smith, Frohochimerckle; Smith, Snottinozz B.; Smith, Stinkifott McGuirk; Smith, Fully- muq ; Smith, Mukkinfutch Luchvick ; Smith, Pollylopp O ' Quinn; Smith, Dommfull Z. ; Smith, U. U. Jr.; Smith, Cuttarugg Ever- hardt ; Smith, John ; Smith, Jesse Pierpont Morgan; Smith, Mergertroid Alphonze; Smith, Hemroid P., Ill; Smith, Hipponto Sin; Smith, Sinkii Roscovitch, (unidentifiable Smith) ; and Merclewitzberge, John Henry. [431] Compliments of LAND ' S, INC Raleigh ' s Leading Credit Jewelers 137 Fayetteville Street Dial 2-3751 rA ' £ AS- OT» NOUf £ SPfi m ERIE CITY Fire and Water Tube Boilers CRESCENT Woodworking Machinery DILLON SUPPLY COMPANY Raleigh Durham Rocky Mount Goldsboro [432] CHATHAM MANUFACTURING COMPANY, ElKIN, NORTH CAROIINA FRIEiLY CLEANERS " We Clean Clothes Clean " 2910 HiLLSBORO Street Phone 2-0888 PINE STATE DAIRY PRODUCTS ICE CREAM Delicious — Nutritious PINE STATE CREAMERY Glenwood Ave. Raleigh, N. C. [433] ; " Compliments of A. B. CARTER, Inc. Operating MILL DEVICES CO. CARTER TRAVELER CO. Gastonia, N. G. Gastonia, N. G. CARTER MILLS CO. LiNCOLNTON, N. G. t= = [434] 5 STUDENT SERVICE CENTERS " On the Campus " NORTH CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE + + STUDENT SUPPLY STORE MAIN STORE WATAUGA BOOK STORE FRESHMAN QUADRANGLE CANTEEN SYME HALL CANTEEN A C CANTEEN + + SERVING STATE STUDENTS 1919-1949 Under Direction of L. L. IvEY, Business Manager [435] fiordiac Authorized SALES SERVICE Dial 2-3766 Conn-Gower Pontiac Company 310-312 S. Salisbury St. Raleigh, N. G. Compliments of MARTIN MILLWORK COMPANY Harrison Ave. Morgan St. Raleigh, N. G. William D. Marti.v ' 1.5 Robert T. Newco.mb ' 1.5 William D. IMartin. Jr. ' 43 W. H. KING DRUG COMPANY Wholesale and Manufacturing Druggists Raleigh. North Carolina [436] l l ? i J ' |g 2 ?l ' AmJiliyiliU¥i l!y!IB ¥i lMIMIMlMli As a member of one of the country ' s leading industries, CIBA COMPANY, INC. extends to you, as students of textiles, a sincere wish that your achievements in the textile industry will bring you success and happiness. fflg iraiira!r»iirsiB ifraii? ii ff i7 sirsi; ll i!ra CT g a 7 Raleigh, N. G. Cr : STARCHES For All Textile Purposes Quality Uniformity Service- Clinton, Iowa [437] Compliments of HERFF-JONES COMPANY WORLD ' S LARGEST MANUFACTURERS OF THE WORLD ' S FINEST CLASS RINGS 0. €. £a.. Representative 1411 N. Capitol Avenue Indianapolis 7, Indiana CADILLAC OLDSMOBILF SALES AND SERVICE mm UZZLE, Inc. Dial 4474 421 Fayetteville St. Raleigh, N. G. mmm mills, li. Franklinville, N. G. Manufacturers of EXGELSIOR Poultry, Dairy AND Hog Feeds [438] PHOTOGRAPHY PERSONIFIED DEPENDABLE DRY CLEANING PROMPT COURTEOUS SERVICE WILMONT CLEAIRS Dial 2-2071 Save with Cash Carry 3015 HiLLSBORO Street EYE-LURING ... MOJUD NYLON STOCKINGS So sheer . . . So sleek . . So smooth fitting . . . Ask for fhem af beffer stores everywhere MOJUD HOSIERY CO., INC. GREEMSBORO, N. C. [439] Stonecutter Mills affords excellent oppor- tunities to work and learn in the field of synthetic textiles. Our organization performs all functions in the rayon industry from opening raw yarn through dyeing and finishing. STONECUHER MILLS CORPORATION 450 Seventh Ave., New York Mills at Spindale, N. C. [440] in , ;) Outefl. Dean WannoiO Jalbnlc6 vcritiz tns : outlz . . . • The production of better type fabrics has grown to tremendous proportions in the South. Paralleling this outstanding progress made by the textile industry has been the resultant higher standard of living. Burlington Mills is proud to be a part of this progress . . . proud of the fact that this Company has invested millions of dollars in the future of the South. By ever- expanding its own production, Burlington is contributing to the rapid increase in business activity — the yardstick of prosperity. For economic stability, Burlington main- tains a program of financial soundness, reflected in its net worth of over $100,000,000. Through this extensive program for economic progress, Burlington Mills ' 83 plants have been able to produce the best possible products at the lowest possible prices. These quality fabrics are truly " woven in the life of America. " That ' s why over 28,000 employees are going forward with Burlington Mills. Burlington Mills ' uneven into the D Life of America " •• Executive Offices • GREENSBORO, N. C. oJoolcs |ot iKe Honie Maker of Wometi ' s Wear Fabrics . Meti ' s Wear Fabrics . Decorative Fabrics . Cotton Piece Goods and Yarns . Hosiery . Ribbons [441] YARN DYEING SYSTEMS AjjMOTOg RNOTTERS WEAVERS VACUUM CARD STRIPPING Abingrton Vacuum Strippers as used on revolving top flat card strips cylinder and doffer simultaneously. Used by some I ' OO mills, the Abington 100 ' Vacuum System is readily applied to all makes of cards. Reduces direct stripping cost 60 ' r to 90 ' I . Increases carding production A ' c or more. Delivers l)etter (juality slivtr. 100 ' , dust-free. YARN DYEING SYSTEM Widely used and liked, here is a modern stainless steel Dyeing Machine for high quality dyeing on packages, cheeses and beams. .Also Yarn Vacuum Extractor and Dryer; as well as Tubes, Separators, Crimping Machines. Sample Dyeing Machines and other equipment. mmM TEKTILE MACHINERY WORK!! OFFU !■;.• AT HUSTON, .MASS. ATLANT.V. GA. ABINGTON, MASS. CHAKl-OTTE, N. C CONGRATULATIONS FROM oLeon v urum OPTICIANS " For a clear look toward the future " 117 V. Hargett St. Phone 2-2669 " State ' s Next Door Xcighbor " INCORPORATED LINCOLN AND MERCURY Sales and Service Phone 3-3648 3623 Hillsboro St. RALEIGH, N. C. [442] Wear AMERICAN GENTLEMAN SHOES They Look Better, Wear Better and Give Lasting Comfort AMERICA ' S BEST Made by Craddock - Terry Shoe Corp. Lynchburg, Va. Division of Marshall Field Company, Inc. SPRAY, N. c. General Offices Rayon Mill Finishing Mill Bleachery leaksville, n. c. Woven Bedspread Mill Rug Mill DRAPER, N. C. Blanket Mill Sheeting Mill fieldale, va. Towel Mill Hosiery Mill ZION, ILL. Curtain and Tablecloth Mill THE REmiNC LINMS [443] Congratulations and Best Wishes To GLASS OF ' 49 UITED MERCHANTS and MANUFACTURERS, Inc. Southern Plants Finishing Division The Seminole Mills (Seminole Division), Cotton Division, Clearwater, South Carolina Clearwater, Sou th Carolina Statesville Weaving Division, The Seminole Rayon Division, Mills, Statesville, North Carolina Old Fort, North Carolina Union-Buffalo Mills Company, Union, South Carolina Fabric Production Augusta Wtaving Division United Rayon Mills (Elberton Division, Aiken Mills, Elberton, Georgia Division) Augusta, Georgia United Rayon Mills (Knitting 1 Division) Bath Mills, Bath, South Carolina Old Fort, North Carolina NORTH CAROLINA EQUIPMENT COMPLY CONSTRUCTION, INDUSTRIAL And LOGGING EQUIPMENT ' International Diesel Power " Raleigh Wilmington Guilford Charlotte Asheville Anywhere. . . Anytime You Trust its Quality THE CAPITAL COCA-COLA BOHLING COMPANY Raleigh. N. C. [444] W£ PAP0II LATifl VISIT ClUB EON AIR Soda Fountain Grill OPEN 10:00 A. M.— 12:00 P. M. For the Converrieyice of the Students REASONABLE PRICES Near the Campus Opposite Pullen Park Congratulations to the Graduating Class! and Wishing you every success in your career. AMERICAN YARN and PROCESSING COMPANY Spinners and Processors Mount Holly, North Carolina [445] o s Compliments of ROANOKE MILLS COMPANY + + + + + + PATTERSON MILLS COMPANY Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina o a [446] Indians weave baskets . . . writers weave plots . . . we weave modern fabrics for Americans. In our type of weaving ... as in good baskets and good stories . . . good results can be achieved only by strict attention to fundamentals. That is a basic principal with us. Every fabric begins with a solid and practical foun- dation of quality. To do this job, and do it right, we need ambitious young people to help us. We are always glad to discuss opportunities in the textile business with those genuinely interested. Is CARTER FABRICS OPERATING GROUP CARTER FABRICS OPERATING GROUP EXECUTIVE OFFICES — GREENSBORO. N. C. [447] BEST WISHES from mmm m corporation ENKA. NORTH CAROLINA Maniifacftircrs nf FINE RAYON YARNS AND HEAVY DUTY RAYON TIRE YARNS Alumni of North Carolina State College — Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, and Tex- tile Engineering Graduates — are among our technicians and research workers, super- visors and executives — operating the Rayon Industry of today, developing new machinery, new processes, new uses, for the Rayon of the future. Plants Enka, N. C. Lowland, Tenn. Discriminating Women Prefer disumndsJc TUflonA, Mauiifuctiircd h McCRARY HOSIERY MILLS, Inc. ASHEBORO, N. G. Better Your Equipment Gaston County Combination Beam and Package Dyeing Machines are built ti do a better job at lower cost. Their thirty-year record of flexibility, depend- ability, and economy today make them the choice of scores of the world ' s largest textile mills. Flexibility— With a simple change of material carriers, cones . . . beams . . . tubes . . . roving . . . raw stock . . . and cheeses ALL can be dyed in the combination machine. Package Dyeing Machines can be furnished for l% " , % " tubes or spiral springs. Positive Control — Gaston County Dyeing; Machines are fully autrtmatic ; every phase of the dyeing operation, from the loading to the unloading of the kiers. is under positive control. All machine. are equipped with automatic tempera- ture controls— automatic dye liquor flow reversing mechanisms— patented two- way running wash system — and dye liquor flow controls. Better Your Dyeing Robot Dyemaster Co itrols— provide per- itching colors quickly and perfectly. EASTERN TERRITORY Gaston County Dyeing Machine Co, Woolworth Uuilding. New York. N. Y. G. Lindner, Manager WESTERN TERRITORY Albert R. Breen 80 East Jackson Blvd. Chicago. III. mm COUNTY DYEINi; MACHINE CO. STANLEY, NORTH CAROLINA, L! . S . A . [448] KNITTING MACHINERY FOR FULL FASHION SEAMLESS HOSIERY UNDERWEAR OUTERWEAR MILLS A Complete Line of Dyeing Finishing Equipment The Most Modern Best-Known Lines of New Machinery The Best Used And Rebuilt Equipment Unconditionally Guaranteed MORRIS SPEIZMAN COMPANY, Inc. CHARLOTTE, N. C. 508 W. 5th St. Phone 4-5546 120 Liberty Street, New York, N. Y. For Happy Motoring STOP AT MORRISSETTE ' S ESSO SERVICE BUYATOUR S €sso, . SIGN Near the Campus " Our Care Saves Wear " Phone 9241 W£ LOGGERS [449] J oneucutt rult and f roduce l ompanu NORTH CAROLINA ' S LEADING PRODUCE DEALER A complete line of fresh fruit (oid vegetables — in and out of season RALEIGH, N. C. Guy L. Honeycutt, President For BILLIARDS Take your girl to the COLLEGIATE CLUB Free instruction for the ladies ALL SPORTS RETURNS " Cap " Mosley, Proprietor 25021.) HiLLSBORO St reet [450] For Courteous Service Stop At muu vm SHELL SERVICE 3020 HiLLSBORO Street Dial 6563 Fine Class Rings Announcements Awards JOSTEN ' S Representative : L C. CHILES 611 Colonial Drive High Point, N. C. [451] §mi ... II ' " iiii " 11 ACHIEVEMENT Never gained easily — the graduate ' s diploma is a symbol of a truly great Achievement — - one in which every graduate may take pride for all his life. The Achievement of gaining the confi- dence and friend- ship of students and faculty is one in which we not only take pride, but which we cherish and guard with constant vigilance. TAYLOR ' S THE SHOWPLACE OF THE CAROLINAS -BUILD- FOR THE FUTURE with STEEL and Make Your Building Problem Our Problem PEDEN STEEL COMPANY " Sare with Steel " Dial 8828 Raleigh, N. C. CHROUMIl CLEANERS Dependable GLEANING PRESSING DYEING 8871— Phones— 8872 Branch Offices Corner Hargett Wilmington Sts. 1902 Hillsboro St. [452] For More Than A Quarter of a Century — this store has served students, alumni and faculty members of N. C. State College with the best in na- tionally know merchandise for men. McLeod Watson Co. In Odd Fellows Bldg. NEW ADDITION TO TEXTILE BUILDING ORGANIZED IN 1934 Of — Necessity For — The Farmers By — The Fanners FARMERS COOPERATIVE EXCHANGE, INC. Central Offices: Raleigh, N. G. Serving more than 100,000 Farm Families in the Carolinas through 52 FCX Service Stores 158 Dealer-Agents with Adapted Seed of Known Origin, Open-Formula Feed and Fertilizers — Quality Farm Supplies Insecticides — Farm Machinery — Farm Home Appliances — Marketing Services [453] YOUR FRIEND When your college days are over and you enter the pro- fessions, or become a housewife, or go into business, or into farming, your electric service will continue to always be your friend. It will make your work easier — increase your production and profits. It will make your home more comfortable and convenient — your life easier. You can depend on it. (CAROLINA POWER LIGHT COMPANYJ ruSHMAN MOTOR SCOOTERS or the world ' j best buy In low cost tronsportotion. Motor to worl to ploy, to market, to 5cho —EVERYWHERE quitkly, econorr icolly: No porking worries n garage problem. ' No battery e radiator to service or main air No e::pcnsive upkeep or replaceiT There ' s a CUSHMAN for every tronsporta tlon need. Ge facts today. MURRm CUSHMAN SALES 569 N. Person St. Dial 4551 TRANQU LUTV [454] Colonial Mills, Inc., a leader in the field of synthetic textiles, offers to young men and women with initiative and ability an excellent oppor- tunity to work and learn the processing of synthetic fibers from raw cut staple and filament through dyeing and finishing. CT S ' Colonial Mills, Inc. 498 Seventh Avenue NEW YORK 18. N. Y. OPERATING CLARKSVILLE FINISHING DIVISION CLARKSVILLE. VA. ROBBINS CLOTH MILLS, INC. ABERDEEN DIVISION ABERDEEN, N. C. RED SPRINGS DIVISION ROBBINS DIVISION Red Springs, N. C. Robbins. N. C. [455] GRADl ' ATE Compliments of GIBBON ' S ESSO SERVICE €sso. " Esso Care Saves Wear " Corner of HiLLSBORO AND BOYLAN Dial 7379 BENTLEY SIMOl Inc. 7 West 36th St. New York 18, N. Y. Manufacturers of CHOIR GOWNS PULPIT ROBES CAPS, GOWNS, HOODS for All Degrees Outfitters to over 3000 Schools, Colleges, and Churches ••Where All Good Friends Get Together " Waffles Banana Splits Hot Dogs Across The Street From Meridith [456] Covers by Kingskraft KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE Ultanki This volume of the ACROMECK would not ha ve been possible with- out the loyal support given by the students, faculty, and various outside organizations. But mere words cannot express the gratitude we feel for the aid and advice given us by Mr. M. L. Clover of the Lynchburg En- graving Company and Mr. H. S. Keck of the Observer Printing House. Our thanks to you, Len and Harrie! The STAFFS [457] DELMA STUDIOS 9 West 20th Street New York 11, N. Y Telephone: WAtkins 9 - 1880 OUR OFFICIAL YFARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHFR [458] Designers and engravers of the South ' s finest school publications LYNCHBURG. VIRGINIA TOG€TH€n... orking together is the theme of the OBSERVER PRiniinC HOUSE publications department. UJe cannot do our best work without your assistance— you cannot expect to get the best results from your efforts without willing assistance and cooperation from your printer. ARTISTS AND CRAFTSMEN WORK TOGETHER IN CREATING IMPRESSIVE AND LASTING RECORDS OF YOOR YEARS IN SCHOOL-

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