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1 115S ' «osr.:oiroir,: :T ..rtctvan wrv iRMTT of Ni mn cARcirsA. RAUKH. n c - THE RGROfTlECK Nineteen Forty-eigh nORTH CRROLinR STATE COLLEGE C N Ne j v . - . - . ' H I o ■y o A p Q B U ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF NORTH CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE €Ub«»M f Ir, mm RT STRTE In this Agromeck we hme attempted to eateli in part the spirit of our college life durine the 1947-48 sehool vear. The oood times and the bad, the pleasures of tasks well done, the fellowship in studies and play, the competition on athletic fields— all of these have found a place in our annual. We hope that each of you, in future years, will find this Agromeck a joyful part of the memories of by-gone days. fiiiT i ' Sm ►Y |i m m hT h I m ' " -JILk ■ - " " ■ ' • ■? . .■.■ V 1 m H 1 4 • " i Bl H K ' ' . ] H H 1 il 1 I mM fy 1 ;i ' . 5 ! HJBHUHP IP ' ' " 1 ' I H B v lihnflJOR HUTSCHinShI I Through ItIs music, nobility of character, and time unscltishly dcxotcd to North Carohna State and its students, he has gi en us a hner appreciation of college life. To him, a leader, a gentleman, and friend to so many, we proudly dedicate this 1948 Agromeck. Jn W. emonam Dr. Alton C. Campbell As college physician for 26 years, Dr. Campbell was faithful and unselfish in his service to North Carolina State College. •- ( BOOK ORE The students and the faculty are the living heart of our school. On their shoulders rests the responsibility of the progress of North Carolina State College. THE COLLEGE J THE PRESIDERT AND THE CHflnCELLOR Dr. Frank Porter Graham M.A., LL.D., D.C.L., D.LITT. President of tlie Greater University Colonel John W. Harrelson B.E., M.E. Dean of Achniiiistration •! l EAN E. L. Cloyd B.E., M.S. Dean of Students W. Ned Wood Assistant Deaii of Students Mr. W. L. Mayer B.S, M.S. Director of Ecoistration Mr. J. G. Vann Assistant Controller R D m n s T R R T n R T uu R FRCULTY council L. E. Cook Agricultural Education E. L. Cloyd Dean of Students Z. P. Metcalf Dean of Graduate Division L. D. Baver Dean of Agriculture and Forestry B. F. Brown Head of Basic Division I. O. ScHAUB Director of Agricidtnral Extension Col. J. W. Harrelson Chancellor W. L. Mayer Director of Registration M. E. Campbell Dean of School of Textdes L. L. Vaughn Mechanical Engineering J. H. Lampe Dean of School of Engineering D. B. Anderson Botany [16] r The Basic Division has been functioning at State College since September, 1938. Its principal purposes, as set forth in the action of the Board of Trustees by which it was created, are twofold: 1. To provide " nvo years of basic courses in the humani- ties, natural and exact sciences and the social sciences as the foundation of the schools of agriculture and forestry, textiles and engineering. " 2. " To provide in the curricula of the upper years of each technological school for a minimum of the more general cultural courses in the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. " The Basic Division is responsible for the educational progress of all freshmen and sophomores. In addition to the dailv contact with teachers in the classrooms and laboratories, each student has the benefit of help from his technical adviser, who keeps him in the straight path with respect to his load and subjects pursued; of friendly advice from his counselor with respect to vocational aims and personal adjustments in the college en ' ironment; and of co-operation with his dormitory assistant in helping to create conditions in the dormitories which will be conducive to a good combination of happy living and serious working. The Basic Division thus undertakes to surround the student with the best opportunities for personal and educational development. The response of the students is continuously encouraging. Perhaps the Division in- cluding its students, can claim part of the credit for the steadily improving scholarship of the college and for our steadily improving standing among the technological insti- tutions of the country. B. F. Brown, Tiean BRSic Division ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD Le X to right: R. N. Anderson, Persoiiiicl; Dr. Lodwick Hartley, EngUsh; Dr. W. N. Hicks, Ethics and Religion; L. E. Ilinklc, Modern Lan- guages; J. F. Miller, Physical Education; James W. Patton. History; R. O. Moen, Economics; G. A. Guilctte, Social Studies; S. R. Winston, Sociology, not pictured. I Opportunities for leadership in the fields of agriculture and forestry abound in North Carolina. The School of Agriculture and Forestry offers the means whereby students can obtain the technical training necessary to make maximum use of these opportunities. Curricula have been developed to enable the student to choose his life ' s work either in the direction of a general agricultural background or in the more technical aspects of the profession. The need for technical workers and leaders is great and it will take large graduating classes for a num- ber of years in the future to give to North Carolina agriculture the trained men essential for its progress. L. D. Baver, Dean AGRICULTURE ROD FORESTRY DEPARTMENT HEADS Left to right: C. W. Forster, Agricultural Eco- nomics; M. E. Gardner, Horticulture; R. W. Cum- mings, Agronomy; J. V. f ofmann, Forestry; R. S. Dearstvne, Po-idtry; Z. P. Metcalf, Zoology; D. S. Weaver, Agricultural Engineering. JSlot pictured: Miss Gertrude Cox, Statistics; J. H. Hilton, Animal Industry; C. tl. Hamilton, Rural Sociology; A. J. Wilson, Analytical Chemis- try; B. W. Wells, Botany. |v Dedicated to a prooram of professional enoineer- ing education and enoineering research, the En- gineering School has a deep pride in its past ac- complishments and looks ahead with renewed con- fidence to meet the growing needs of this scientific and engineering era. The de e]oping industries of the State will be aided b our accelerated engineering research activi ties and b - the graduates of our reorganized en- gineering curricula. Engineering research will aid in the de elopment of new products, new proc- esses, and new and better applications of our raw materials. As a result of a stimulating program of engineering education in which is integrated courses dealing with the humanities, our graduates will ha e an opportunity to give intelligently their skill and knowledge for the public good and at the same time take their places in the foregound of practicing engineers. This year we have a tremendous enrollment in the Engineering School— greater than that in the entire college in 1942. Along with this heavy teaching load we shall maintain and carr forward our high level of instruction in the fields of engi- neering. We know our engineering graduates will be propcrlv prepared to advance in their profession and ser e their communities. J. H. Lampe, Dean SCHOOL OF EnomEERinG DEPARTMENT HEADS Left to right: Ross Shumaker, Architecture; W. W. Kriegcl, Ceraviic; E. M. Schoenborn, Cheviical; C. L. Mann, Civih R. B. Rice, Diesel, not pictured; C. G. Brennecke, Electrical; W. G. Van Note, Engineering Research; G. Wallace Smith, Engi- neering Mechanics; J. L. Stuckey, Geology; Ronald Wiggins, Industrial; H. A. Fisher, Mathematics; K. P. Hansen, Mechanical; J. S. Meares, Physics. 1 0r ■ ' mm ' ' SCHOOL OF TEXTILES DEPARTMENT HEADS Le to right: H. A. Rutherford, Textile Chemistry mid Dyeing; E. B. Glover, Yarn Manitfacturiug; T. R. Hart, Weaving and Designing; W. E. Shinn, Knitting. i 1 A new era has dawned upon the oldest industry in civilization. The continual development of natural and synthetic fibers throuoh research has oreatly widened the uses of textile products, and has increased almost boundlessly the horizon of textile knovvledoe. These developments pro ' ide in- creased opportunities for trained men and women: trained for research, production, manufacture, de- sign, and economics. Youno people with scientific and technical train- ing, initiative, and imagination have always been needed by the textile industry. The School of Textiles offers qualified individuals the opportunity to acquire the educational preparation necessar ' for success in filling this need. This training, based on a study of science, technology, management, and art, coupled with a strong, general college education, results in our modern, perceptive, research-minded textile graduate. The pubhc-spirited manufacturers of North Caro- lina recognize the ' alue of progressive textile educa- tion. Through the N. C. Textile Foundation thev ha e helped bring to the School as teachers out- standing experts in ' arious fields of textiles. In return, the industry profits by drawing for leader- ship upon a ]5()ol of scientifically trained personnel. M. E. Campbell, Dean im n The Graduate Division is the State Colieoe braneh of the Graduate School of the consoHdated Universitv of North Carolina. Its function is to provide graduate training in the sciences and tech- nologies of agriculture, engineering, textiles, and ocational teacher training. The urgent need for graduate instruction leading to research in these fields is recognized by the leaders in the occupations which depend upon the development of these branches of industrv. Moreover, unless graduate studv and research in the technological and related fields are pro ided, the institutions of higher learn- ing in this section of the country will look elsewhere for trained men, whereas there should be a fair balance of such men from every section of the country. Graduate students have the ad antages offered bv the Agricultural Experiment Station, the Engi- neering Experiment Station, and the Research Laboratories of the Textile School, in addition to the regular laboratories used for instruction. lndi iduallv developed courses of study lead to the decrees of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosoph . In addition State College offers a Professional degree to its graduates who ha e per- formed outstanding professional service. Z. P. Metcalf, Dean GRRDURTE Division GRADUATE COUNCIL Left to n ;(: L. D. Baver, G. W. Forster, A. H. Grimshaw, J. W. Ludington, G. W. Smith. r ■ ' ' ' !». d The Division of Teacher Education at State College is responsible for the undergraduate and graduate training of teachers of Agriculture, In- dustrial Arts, and Trade and Industrial Education for the white schools of the State. The chief function of the Division of Teacher Education is to provide the professional courses for the students electing to become teachers, the general and technical courses are provided by other schools on the campus. The professional training involves residence courses in psychology, visual instruction, principles of teaching, methods of teaching and secondary education. It also includes directed teaching ex- perience in selected schools away from the cam|ius. Members of the facultx ' of the Division give very close supervision to the trainees while away from the campus doing directed teaching. They also carry on a research program, prepare teaching materials, and render other professional services to teachers in the field. The demand for teachers in the above fields is much greater than the College has been able to supply. L. E. Cook, Acting Director Division OF TEACHER EDUCflTIOn DEPARTMENT HEADS Top to bottom: L. E. Cook, Agricultural Education; J. R. Ludington, Industrial Arts. FRCULTY i Abrahamsen. M. a Agr. Ec. Adaih, R. B EiS - Res. Adams. W. E ' . M. E. Allen, Ruth Eng. Allred, F. J Mod. Lang. Ammerman. J. P.. In An. Ind. Anderson. C H Ath. Anderson, D. B Bot. Anderson, R. L Stats. Arbuckle, W. S An. Ind. Armstronc, G. M Engr. Res. Armstrong, L. O Agr. Ed. Arnold, D. S Ch. E. AsBiLL, C. M Tex. Res. Babcock, W. F C. E. Baker, Ira Eng. Baker, S. R Math. Ball, Ernest Bot. Ballenger, S. T Mod. Lang. Ban. dyga, a. a Hort. Banick, W. G Physics Barkalow, F. S., Jr Zool. Earnhardt, L. VV Hist. Baumcarten, W. L Arch. Baxley, H. M An. Ind. Beach, Rex Hist. Beatty, K. O.. Jr Ch. E. Bell, J. A Tech. Inst. Berberich, R. S Ec. Berryhill. E. C An. Ind. Biggers, p. T Yarn Mfg. Blalock, T. J Chem. Blumer, T. ?■! An. Ind. Bogdan, J. F Tex. Res. Bond, J. N Math. Bostian, C. H Agr. Bourne, J. G M. E. BoYER, W. W ; C. E. Bradshavv, H. E Tech. Inst. Brady, D. E An. Ind. Bramer, C. R C. E. Brandt. B. B Zool. Brantley. V. R Math. Brennecke, C. G E. E. Bridges, W. S M. E. Briggs, Hermon M. C. Bright, Richard Ch. E. Brockington, J. W M. E. Bookens, p. F Ec. Bross, I. J Stats. Brown, C. M Hist. Brown, E. I C. E. Brown, E. J Phys. Brown, J. S M. E. Brown, T. C M. E. Bullock, R. C Math. Burgess, Edith Phvs. Bye, a. E Arch. Caffey, M. D., Jr Psych. Campana, R. J Bot. Carley, W. S E. E. Carroll, C. L., Jr Math. Case, E. N Ath. Casey, W. R Ath. Caveness, H. L Chem. Cell, J. W Math. Cell, Mrs. J. W Eng. Chalfant, J. W For. CiiAPiN, H. T., Jr C. E, Cheatham, J. C M. E. Claflin, H. C Ch. E. Clark, J, D Eng. Clarkson, J. M Math. Clayton, C. N Bot. Clayton, M. H Math. Clevenger, W. L Dairy Mfg. Cochran, F. D Hort. Cocke. R. P., Jr E. E. CoGGiN, J. K Agr. Ed. Collins, E. C Ec. Collins, E. R Agron. Ext. CoLWELL, W. E Agron. CoMSTocK, R. E Stats. Conner, N. W M. E. Cook, F. W Poul. Cook, L. E Agr. Ed. Cooke, H. C Math. Cooke, H. L N. C. Crop Imp. Gotten, W. P Agr. Ec. Craven, C. R., Jr Eng. Craven, Phoebe Eng- Crawford, Albert Ath. Crumpton, Janie Math. CuMNHNGS, R. VV Agron. Darby, A. K Phys. Darden, D. T Agr. Ext. Darnell, J. C Tech. Inst. Davis, P. H Eng. Dearstyne, R. S Poul. DeGroat, E. B Phys. Ed. Dickinson, Lucille Eng. Dickinson, M. B Eng. Dillard, E. U An. Ind. Diseker, E. G Agr. Engr. Doak, C. G Phys. Ed. Doak, Mary Eng. DOOLITTLE, J. S M. E. Dowdy, Rosalie Tech. Inst. Drane, W. C Phvs. Duncan, R. H M. E. Edsall, P. W Hist. Elliott, F. I An. Ind. Ellis, D. E Bot. Engman, Anne B. . . Eng. EsTELLE, WeEMS E. E. EvERS, J. L Zool. Feathers, W. B Ath. Feltner, C. E E. M. Finch. E. B Ch. E. Fountain, A. M Eng. Fouraker, R. S E. E. Fox, W. B Bot. Francis, J. G Hort. Freund, R. E Ec. Fulton, B. B Zool. Funk, F. F C. E. Garden, H. B Tex. Garren, Martha Math. Garrison. D. O., Jr Ind. Engr. Garriss, H. R PI. Path. Ext. Giles. G. V ' Agr. Engr. GiRVEN, H. F E. M. [23] FRCULTY M Glenn, K. B E. E. Godfrey, R. K Bot. GooDE, Lemuel An. H. Grady, ]. H Arch. Graves, W. J Math. Greaves, R. E Poul. Greeneerg, Ruth Chem. Greenwood, Dorothy Eng. Gregory, W. C Agron. Griffin, Hazel Eng. Grinnells, C. D An. Ind. Grinstead, A. D Psych. Griset, H. E C. E. Grosch, D. S Zool. Guy, a. G M. E. Hackler, W. C Cer. E. Haig, F. M An. Ind. Hall, N. S Agron. Hall, Ruth Mod. Lang. Hamilton, C. H Ru. See. Harkema, Reinard Zool. Harris, Anna Mae Math. Harris, Mrs. D. P Phys. Hart, C. D Ind. Engr. Hart, T. R Te.x. H ARTwiG, E. E Agron. Harvey, P. H Agron. Harvill, V. A E. M. Hayes, W. C., Jr Geol. Hebert, T. T Bot. Helms, R. M Phys. Hilton, J. T Yarn Mfg. HiNEs, T. I Phys. Ed. HiNKLE, L. E Mod. Lang. HOEFER, E. G M. E. HoLLOwAY, J. S Arch. Holt, E. L Geol. HoNEYCUTT, Ruth Math. HosLEY, Mrs. W. J Math. HosTETLER, E. H An. Ind. Howell, E. L Agr. Engr. Howell, Mrs. W. W Eng. Hyde, T. E M. E. ngram, W. P Chem. vey, Martha Math. AMES, H. B Agr. Ec. ENKINS, C. C Hist. ENSEN, J. H PI. Path. OHNSON, Clyde Psych. OHNSON, C. E Tex. OHNSON, J. H E. M. ONES, I. D Hort. ONES, J. R Tech. Inst. ORDAN, W. E Chem. Kane, L. M Milit. Kaufman, C. M For. Kelly, C. T M. E. Kelly, ]. A Math. KiME, P. H ; Agron. Kincheloe, H. G Eng. Kingsbury, H. L., Jr C. E. KiNGSBURN, I. A Soc. Kite, W. H. ' , Jr Engr. Klingm. ' n, G. C Agron. KoLB, C. F Hist. Kriegel, W. W Cer. E. Kulash, W. M Zool. Ladu, a. I Eng. Lambe, cm C. E. Lancaster, F. W Phys. Larkin, L. C, Jr Ec. Leager, M. C Ec. Lear, J. F E. E. Ledbetter, T. B M. E. Lee, W. D Agron. E.xt. Leigh, Nora Eng. Leonard, P. B M. E. Levine, Jack Math. Lewis, C. F Math. Lewis, E. H . . .M. E. Lewis, J. G Tex. Lewis, P. E Math. Litchford, J. O C. E. Little, C. H., Jr Math. Litwack, Mrs. Martin Eng. Livingstone, Mrs. J. A An. Ind. Llewellyn, R. W Ind. Engr. Loeppert, R. H Chem. Long, L. W M. E. Long, W. F Ec. LONGSTREET, R. H Arch. LovvoRN, R. L Agron. Lucas, H. L Stats. LuTZ, J. F Agron. Lynn, J. T Phys. Lyons, J. A Ec. McDonald, P. H., Jr M. E. McIntyre, a. B E. E. McKimmon, Arthur Arch. McQuiston, D. E Milit. McVay, F. E Ec. Maltbie, Armstrong Math. Mann, L. R C. E. Manning, E. G E. E. Man ning, Mrs. J. A Chem. Marek, J. W Chem. Marr, S. W., Jr Soc. Marshall, R. P Eng. Meares, J. S Phys. Mehlich, Adolph Agron. Middleton, G. K Agron. Miller, E. L., 1r Geol. Miller, J, F. . . ' Phys. Ed, Miller, W. D For. Mitchell, Adolphus M. E. Mitchell, P. B Phys. Mitchell, T. B Zool. MoFFiE, D. J Psych. Monroe, R. J Stats. Moose, P. E M. E. Morgan, J. W Chem. Morrison, H. L Phys. Morrow, E. B Hort. Mumford, C. G Math. Nahikian, H. M Math. Nash, T. L M. E. Neale, W. McC, Jr M. E. Nelson, W. L Agron. NiCKELL, G. T M. E. NoBLiN, S. McG Hist. Nolstad, A. R Math. Nylund, F. a Agr. Ed. [24] FRCULTY O ' DoNNELL. D. F F.ngr. Ohmeb. H. B Chcm. Oliver, G. M Chcm. O ' Neill. G. T Ec. Page. V. A Phys. Paget. E. H Eng- Palevjky, Gerald C. E. Pai!k. H. H Math. P.MtKiii. J. M Geol. P. tterson. J. R Phys. Patton, Carlotta Matli. Fatton, J. W Hist. Paulson, J. D Arch. Penny, Mary Eng. Peterson, D. M Math. Peterson, W. J An. Ind. Petrea, H. a Math. Pike, F. P C. E. Pikner, Valentin Ec. PiLAND, J. R Agron. Porter, J. A., Jr Te. . PuGH, Edward, Jr Arch. Raab, K. D Hist. Randall, G. O Hort. Rantun, W. H Agron. Rawls, H. D Ru. Soc. Reed, J. F Agron. Reed, W. A Chem. Rice, R. B Engr. Rich. L. M Ath. RiDDicK, Edith Mod. Lang. Rigney, J. A Stats. ROHERTS, W. E Ec. Roberts, W. M An. Ind. Robinson, H. F Stats. RoLSTON, J. A M. E. Rue, C. V Cer. E. RuFFNER, R. H An. Ind. RuLFS, D. J Engr. S.APiN, B. M Soc. S.MTERFiELD, G. H Chem. Schmidt, Robert Hort. SCHOENBORN, L. M., Jr Ch. E. SCOFIELD, H. T Hot. Seegers, L. W Hist. Seely, J. F Ch. E. Selkinghaus, Walter E M. E. Semple, W. H C. E. Shahdan, Peter Math. Shanklin, ]. A Agron. Sharpe, Doris Eng. Shelley, A. B. R Eng. Sherman, J. H E. E. Sherwood, F. V An. Ind. Shinn, W. E Tex. Showalter, M. F Chem. Shulenberger, C. B Ec. Shumaker, Meredith An. Ind. Shukk, Ivan Bot. Slocum, G. K For. Smith, B. VV Agron. Smith, C. F Zool. Smith, F. H An. Ind. Smith, G. W M. E. Smith. W. E Phys. Ed. Sorrell, Victor Ath. Speck, M. L An. Ind. Speech, H. E Math. Spruill. Mary Eng. Stainback, R. F Phys. Stevenson, W. D., Jr E. E. Stewart, H. A An. Ind. Stinson, E. H M. E. Strobel, C. F Math. Stuoup. C. S Phys. Stuckey, J. L Gcol. SUFFRIDCE, R. L Ath. Sugg, E. W Dairy Mfg. SuRR.- TT, I. W Soc. Sutton, P. P Chem. Swain, L. H Eng. SwENSON, N. V Math. Teter, N. C Agr. Engr. Teter, Mrs. N. C Chem. Thomason, W. a., Jr Yarn Mfg. Thompson, O. G Ec. Thurlow, E. G Arch. TiLLERY, Doris Math. Todd, F. A ' . . . Bot. Tno.xLER, R. T M. E. Truitt, R. W M. E. Turner, Hulda Eng. Underwood, V. H Hort. Van Note, W. G Engr. Res. Veerhoff, Otto Hort. Wall, J. G Math. Wallace, Aurelia Eng. Wallace, Mrs. A. D Eng. Walser, R. G Eng. Watson, G. C Math. Waugh, R. K An. Ind. Wells, B. W Bot. Weybrew, J. A An. Ind. Wheeler, F. B M. E. Whichard, Lindsey Eng. White, R. C Chem. Whitener, J. B Milit. Whitfield, J. K M. E. Whitford, L. A Bot. Wiggins, R. L Ind. Engr. Wiggins, Mrs. R. L Phys. WiLKENING, E. A Ru. Soc. Willard, F. R E. E. Williams, C. F Hort. Williams, H. P Math. Williams, I. L Agr. Engr. Williams, J. A Ind. Engr. Williams, L. F Chem. Williamson, A. E., Jr C. E. Wilson, A.J Chem. Wilson, T. L Eng. Wilson, William Phys. Wing, M. W ZooL Winkler, E. W E. E. Winston, Sanford Soc. WiNTON, L. S Math. WoLTZ, W. G Agron. Res. Woodhouse, W. W., Jr Agron. Wyman, Lenthall For. Wynn, W. K Eng. Wynne, R. B Eng. [25: « LHa [26] (jl. ' I GRflDUflTE STUDEPTS s HMdM GRRDURTE STUDEDTS Horace Porter Andrews, 2 IT C. Clark Cockerham, S N Charles Richard Greenhow Red Springs, N. C. Mountain Park, N. C. Covington, Ky. A r. Chemistry Iniiiiif Ijul. Eiigr. Math. Soc. Agr. Chemists, Pres. 4. Phi Kjp| j Plii ' Peter Traugott Bachinger Lichtenjteio, Switzerland Textiles Agustin Dupuv Caracas, Venezuela Experinwrltnl Stat. David Jerome Hanse, - X Babylon, N. Y. Diesel En r. Leo Turrell Brinson, Jr. Arapahoe, N. C. Diesel En r. Ivan Yen-Ta Feng Shanghai, China Textile Mf . Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tuu Sioma, Bhie Ke ' . A. S. M. E., S. A. E. Luther Russell Herman ' A. S. M. E., S. A. E. George William Fruth Hickory, N. C. Elec. En r. Joseph Slater Brown Clemson, S. C. Mech, Eti T. Charleston, W. Va. Diesel Etifjy. Lutheran Student Association A. I. E. E., L. S. A. A. John Stuart Hunter Linden, N. J. Radha Krishen Chaudry Punjab, India Diesel En r. William Herbert Gossard Raleigh, N. C. Elec, En r, M ith. Phi Kappa Plii, Ela K.ipna Nu, A. I. E. E., I. R. E. Robert Brice Cochran Paul Eliot Green, Jr., X I ' Bill W. Kearney Charlotte, N. C. Chapel Hill, N. C. Rocky Mount, N. C. Diesel En r. Elec. Enf r. hid. Psychology f« o ■i W «B£ (Ts iT) iii GRflDURTE STUDEDTS Bint li ' i ' I,Et. William Harrison Kite, Jr. Orange, Va. Diesel Engr. Tau Beta Pi, Theta Tau iLLiAM Lee Leonard, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Diesel En T, Owen Raynal Lunt El Paso, Texas Plant Physiology Julius Henry Mappus, Jr. Charleston, S. C. Chem. Ertgr. Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, .-Mpha Chi Siuma Peyton Howard Massey, Jr. Zebulon, N. C. Daniel F. O ' Donnell Buffalo, N. Y. Diesel Engr. Maganbhai Shanabhai Patel Ajarpura, India Ai roiiouiy John Thomas Pesek, Jr. Jourdanton, Te.xas Soils Agronomy Soc. Robert Earl Short Prospect Park, Pa. Sanitary En r. iMu Beta Psi, A. S. C. E. Ralph Glenn Simpson, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Diesel En r. Charles Arthur Swerdlove New York, N. Y. It:d. EnfJr. Gerald Samuel Tompkins, Jr. Ardmore, Pa. Textile Mffi. Fred Homewood Wagoner, A r P Gibsonville, N. C. Agronomy Alpha Zeta, Scribe 3; Golden Chain, V.-Pres. . ; Blue Key, Pres. 3; Monogram Club; Agr. Club; Sears Scholarship Club; Y. M. C. A., C ' abinet 3; Student Government, Pres. 4; Foot- hall 1, 3, 4, 5; Wrestling 3. 4, 5: Agricu t»rist 1, 2, 3, 4, Bus. iMgr. 4; Publications Board. John Bryan Wagoner, A r P Gibsonville, N. C. Animal Breeding Alpha Zeta; Upsilon Sigma Alpha; Golden Chain, Pres. 4; Blue Key; iMonograni Club; Agr. C:lub; Sears Scholarship Club; Y. M. C. A.; Football 1, 3, 4, 5, Co-Captain 5; Wrestling 3; Agriculturist; Class Sec. 3; Class Vice-Pres. 4, Permanent Pres. Class 1947. William Prentiss Walker, Jr. Spartanburg, S. C. Tex, Chem, Dyeing Richard Miller Weatherly Greensboro, N. C. Diesel En r, Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; A. S. M. E. John Thomas Woodruff Raleigh, N. C. Diesel Engr. EDUCflTIOn PERSOniFIED [30] we-rrcsuh loM Carpenter Secretary George Whitfield Treasurer Glenn Howard Adair Beaufort, N. C. Aero. Engr. I. Ae. S. 2, 3, 4. John Brevard Alexander, - X Charlotte, N. C. A. S. M. E., Secretan ' 4; Wrestling 2; Southern Engineer 2. John W. Allison, ATP Mooresville, N. C. A r. En r. Kappa Phi Kappa; Masonic Club; Agr. Club; F. F. A.; R. O. T. C. 3, 4. [32; James Joseph Adams Sioux Falls, S. D. Aero. En r. Phi Kappa Phi; Monogram Club; Cross Country 2, 3, 4, Capt. 3; Track 1, 2, 3; Aquinas Club 2, 3. 4. Barnette Wesley Allen Raleigh, N. C. Civil UtiRr. Sigma Pi Alpha I luBERT Mark Altvater Greensboro, N. C. Mech. Eiigr. A. S. M. E. Robert Glenn Agnew, K Charlotte, N. C. Meek. En r. Charlotte State College Club. Harry Alexander Allen, Jr. 2 X Charlotte. N. C. Gen. En r. Gen. Engr. Soc; Masonic Club; Charlotte Club; Track 1, 2; State College News Bureau 1, 2, 3; Soph. Dance Committee. Richard James Alvis, A Y V Newport News, Va. Forestry Forestry Club. Henry Galt Alexander, S S) Charlotte, N. C. Tex. M t. Phi Psi 3, 4; Tompkins Tex. SocietJ 2. 3, 4; Intramural Mgt. 1; Intrai mural Wrestling Champion 3; Wres tling 1; Technician 1, 2; International Relations Committee 3; ' .-Pres. Clas:- 3; Charlotte State College Club 3, 4 Sidney Broaddus Allen, Jb n K A Greensboro, N. C. Tex. Mig. Thomas Boone Andrews, ]b Mount Gilead, N. C. Mech. Engr. A. S. M. E. L n I R CLASS THE 1948 RGROmECK |l HN l OLAND AllMSmONO. ]r. Jamestown, N. C. Civil Eilgr. Tau Beta Pi; Kni(;ht of St. Pal.; Pres. Engineers ' Council 4; A. S. C. E. Treas. 3, Pres. 4. Sam Maurice Arrington Waynesville, N. C. Animal Prod.—Af r. .Agr. Club; AgriciilturisI Slaff. Dan Ray Arrowood Concord, N. C. Tex. Mfn. Blue Kev; Sigma Tau Sigma; Phi Psi; Tompkins Tex. Soc.; Football 1 ; Glee Club 1, 2. Jesse Griffin Ball, III Raleigh, N. C. Civil Etigr. A. S. C. E.; Departmental Honor Council; Canterbury Club I. Robert Shannon Baker Winston-Salem, N. C. Mech. En r. Wterans Assoc; Honor Council John Thomas Ball. Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Aero. En r. I. Ae. S.; Masonic Club. Carl Welch Ballard Swannanoa, N. C. Te. . Mat. R. O. T. C. Cadet Ciil.. X ' ice Pre5. Cadet Officers ' Club; Monogram Club; Scabbard and Blade; Football 3; Baseball 2. Vernon Meridith Barnes, Jr. Wilson, N. C. Elec. E?ij;r. Theta Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Mu Beta Psi; Phi Eta Sigma; Blue Kev; Golden Chain; Eta Kappa Nu; C;ice Club; A. I. E. E. Bruce Edward Beaman, 11 K A Greensboro, N. C. Mech. E«gr. Pi Tau Sigma; A. S. M. E.; Head C ' heerleader 3; Monogram Club 3 Ciirculation Mgr. Wataugan 3; Stu dent C ' hmn. Promotions Comm. 4 Athletic Council, Student Representa tive 3; Vice-President Student Bodv 4; Dorm. Asst. 3, 4; Announcer WNCS 3. Felix Gerard Banks Franklinton, N. C. Wildlife Conservation and Management Wildlife c:iub. John MacReadie Barr Charlotte, N. C. Tex. Mfg,. Phi Psi; Monogram Club, V. Pres. 4; Pres. Thirty and Three 3; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Boxing I; Class Sec. Treas. 2. John Royall Beavers Apex, N. C. C ' fn. En r. A. S. E. G. Margaret Melton Barefield Aberdeen, N. C. .gr. Cheni. A. I. Ch. E. 2. Sue. of Agr. Chemists 3, 4, Secretary 4; Agromeck 2, 3, 4, Oraganization Ed. 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 2, 3, 4, Council 3. Edward Irving Barton Alexandria, Va. Geol. Enfir, A. 1. M. K.; SfiMl ieni Fii iMcci . Gilbert Silas Benson, A i; ' 1 ' Reisterstown, Md. Land, . rcli. V ' csle ' Found;itiuu. DoDsoN Ramseur Barineau. Lincolnton, N. C. Mech. litter. Stephen Robert Bayer, i- A SJ New York, N. Y. Tex. Afgf. Sigma Tau Sigma; Tompkins Tex Soc; Watattoan; Textile foriitn; Ex thci|Ucr Sigma Alpha Mu 2. JAMES Howard Benton Apex, N. C. Arch. En r. [34] I S E n I R C L R 5 S THE 1948 AGROmECK Ralph Ira Berman lot: Herman Barrier New York, N. Y. Lexington, N. C. Mech, Etigr. Civil Ejigr. A. S. iM. E.; Student Honor Comm. IlKta Tuu; A. S. C. E.i Y. M. C. A 1 William Wallace Berryhill Bruce Sylvester Betts Charlotte, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Mech. En r. Ind. En r. A. S. M. E. Soc. of Ind. Engr. Charles G. Bingenheimer Gene Jones Bingham n K A Boone, N. C. Burlington, N. C. Aero. Engr. Mech. En r. Mu Beta Psi 3; Red Coat Band I. 2, 3; I. F. C; A. S. M. E.; Track 1; Technician 1, Sports Editor 2. Robert Leizear Bird, n K A Raleigh, N. C. Cbem. Enf r. A. I. Ch. E.; Agromeck. Thomas Carlton Blalock Lucama, N. C. Animal Ind. Thirty and Three President; Golden Chain Vice-President; Blue Kev; Alpha Zeta Treasurer; Monooram Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3; Aor. Club 1. 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2; Wres tling 1. 2, 3, CoCaptain 3; All Campus Wrestler 1. James Phillip Boger, - ' t E Concord, N. C. Mech. Etigr, Thirty and Three; Monogram Club; Interfraternity Council Vice President; A. S. M. E.; Basketball, Freshman 1, ' atsitv 2, 3; Best Era ternitv Athlete 3; All-Fraternity Foot- ball 1, 2; All-Campus Football 3; All-Campus Volleyball 2, 3; All Campus Boxing 3; Walaiiotni 1, 2; W. S. S. F. Drive. Clarence E. Blackstock, Jr. ATP Asheville, N. C. Forestry Forestry Club 2. 3, 4, Secretary 2; Assoc, Editor Pi Ne Turn 3, Editor 4; Publications Board; Departmental Honor Council 3. WiLLABD Harris Blue, Jr. A K I-: Nashville, Tenn. Tex. Mfg. Phi Psi; Tompkins Tex. Soc. Ronald Wade Boling, A i; 1 Hendersonville, N. C. Jiiii. Eijf r. S. I. E.; Kcranios. Elwood Toy Blackwell Oxford, N. C. A r. Eng r. Aor. Club; A ricuhitrist. Howard F. Blackwood, Jr. T K K Winston-Salcm, N. C Gen. Euor. Red Coat Band 1, 2; Buard o Directors, Vice-President, Trail wa ' Mutual Grocery. William Alonzo Blue Carthage, N. C. Civil Engr. A. S. C. E.; Engineers ' Council. Archer E. D. Booker, K - Halifa.x, Va. Te. -. Mfg. Phi Psi; ISasketball 1; Baseb;ill 1. Vernon Broadus Bodenheimei Higli Point, N. C. Clieni. Etifir. Tau Beta Pi. George Miller Bostian China Grove, N. C. Elec. Engr. A. I. E. E. [36] ' I F. BuBwam IRE n-Saleiii.N f it-Prstoi- W S L n I R CLASS Point. N ' ' ' 1,,.. £ " ! ' ■ N.f- THE 1948 flGROmECK Li;() SllEtK BoVVDKN, ]». Alired Postell Bowman Mocksvillc. N. C. ' I» K T Anittitil hut. Hickory, N. C. Elec En r. A. I. E. E. Marshall Burns Bovce RiciiARD Blair Boyd. Ir.. K 1 Albemarle, N. C. Durham, N. C. Tex. ( ' ((fill, iiiiil Dycinf Elec. En r. Ela Kappa Nu; A. 1. F. E.; Inti-r fraternity CouncU. Richard Clayton Boyette Thelbert Daniel Boykin Goldsboro, N. C. ■ BaUev, N. C. Forestry Agronomy (field Crops) Xi Sigma Pi Secretarv 4; Forestrv Agr. Club; Agronomy Club. Club Vice President 4; Departmental Honor Comm. 4. John Cramer Boyter, n K A Charlotte, N. C. Mech. Enf r. Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma; Blue Key; Engineers ' Council; A. S. M. E.; Publications Board 3, 4; Asst. Editor Agromeck 2; Business Manager Watciu au 3, Editor 4; Class Secretary 3; Social Functions Comm. 2, 3. Samuel Thomas Briggs PfafFtown, N. C. A r. Eihtcution Intcamurals 2. William Thomas Bhown Charlotte, N. C. Tex. Chem. and Dyeing Phi Psi; Agromeck 1, 2, 3. ■38- Allen Granger Brady, IT K A Henderson, N. C. Tc. ti(es Band 1. William Johnson Brooks, K 1 ' Red Springs, N. C. Tex. Chem. and Dyeing Interfraternity Council 4; Chair- man Pledge Dance Comm. 4. Joseph Robert Bryant, A i; " I " Rich Square, N. C. Agr. Engr. Wesley Foundation President 4. Jasper Leo Brasington, Jr. K A Cheraw, S. C. Arch, Engr. Beaux Arts Society; TiaUbfer from Clemson College, JMilligan College and Te, as Christian University, Thomas Mack Brown Asheville, N. C. Civil En r. A. S. C. E.; Engineers ' Council; Honor Council; Traihvood Council. Robert Brown Bunch, Jr. Statesville, N. C. Floriculture {Horticulture Phi Delta Kappa: HoMicuhure Club; Floriculture Club; .Agr. Club. Bernard Thomas Bridgers Lasker, N. C. Tex. Chem. William H. Brown, 2 X Goldsboro, N. C. Elec. Eirgr. I. R. E. 3, 4; Radio Club 1, 3, 4; A. 1. E. E. 1, 2. Claude Ivey Burkhead, Jk. A X A Candor, N. C. Elec. Enfir. Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nuj ; . I. E. E.; Engineers ' Council; Tau Beta Pi. BOM.« M ei,N.C. I s [ n I R C L R S S ,N.C. m. ■ l.t,N.f ' ,!. £ ' « ' ■ THE 1948 flGROITIECK CiiAKLEs Vernon IUiuleson Winston Rkx Buhnham. - A V. II K l San Dicyo, C ' alil. Morgan ton, N. C. « . Uri r. Elec. En r. Siyina I ' i Alpha; Soc. of Ind. Engrs. Football 2. Hal Douglas Burns Spottswood Blair Burwell Fairmont, N. C. Henderson, N. C. Aurouamy {Field Crops) Mech. En r. Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Tau Sigma; Mu Beta Psi; A. S. M. E.; Engineers ' Council. Fred Washington Butner, Jr. Kenneth E. Caldwell, Jr. 2 n 2 E Winston-Salem, N. C. Concord, N. C. Art. Etigr. Tex. Mfg. Mu Beta Psi; Engineers ' Council; Phi Psi; Tompkins Textile Soc; Beaux Arts; Yellow Dogs; Red Coat I. F. C; Wrestling Manager I, 2; Band; Concert Band; Orchestra: De Wtiltiiis itn I. partmental Honor Council; R. . T. C. Honor Graduate. Richard Fuller Callaway Henderson, N. C. Jesse S. Calloway AsheviUe, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Chem. Engr, Phi Psi 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Tompkins Tex. Soc; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4; Football 1, 2, 3; Track 2, 3; Athletic Council 4; Tex. Honor Council. Thomas Beall Carpenter ;: X Greensboro, N. C. Mech. Eiigr. Phi Eta Sigma; President Pi Tau Sigma 4; Blue Key 4; A. S. M. E. 2. 3, Treasurer 4; Class Secretary- 4. Arthur Bernard Capper, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Mech. E»gr. A. S. M. E. 3, 4; Honor Comm.; Charlotte State College Club 3, 4. James Franklin Casey Goldsboro, N. C. Floriciihure Agr. Club; Horticulture Club; Wesley Foundation. Martin Ward Casey Goldsboro, N. C. Horticulture Agr. Club Jesse Gray Camp, Jr., T K E Ahoskie, N. C. Chem. Engr. Theta Tau; Band 1, 2; Yellow Dogs; A. I. Ch. E.; Glee Club 2. Garry Chester Carson Democrat, N. C. Agr. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Agr. Club; C ' ollegiate F. F. A. John Llovu Castleberry, Jr. i; E Ape.x, N. C. Civil Eitgt . A. S. C. E.; Student Council 2; Sigma Phi Epsilon Historian 2, Pres- ident 3; Basketball 1, 2; Intramural All-Campus Fuotball and Softball 2. William C. Campbell, Jr. K 1 Winston-Salem, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Sigma Tau Sigma. Theodore Vance Carson Roanoke, Va. Gen. EKgr. Robert Vernon Gates, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Cheni. Engr. A. I. Ch. E. [40] I ' « " tv s [ n I R C L R S S THE 1948 RGROmECh NollMAN BuYANT CauDLH Aberdeen, N. C. Charles LaBruce Chambers Davtona Beach, Fla. Hlec. Efigr. httt, Unfir. Munu ram Club; Soc. of Ind. Engrs.; Track 1, 2. 3, Captain 1, 3. James Dixon Chandler Raleigh, N. C. Tex. Alfjj- John McVeigh Chandler Sahsburv, N. C. Ciiem. Ew r. A. I. Ch. t.; ri;sllini; 1. 2; Hand 1, 2. Paul U ' adell Chapman Maiden, N, C. Elec, Euf r. Phi Beta Kappa; Eta Kappa iVu; A. I. E. E.; I. R. E.; B. S. U. Council. Charles Ward Childrey Richmond, Va. Elec. Engr. A. I. E. E.; I. R. E. John William Clapp, ] R. David Samuel Clifton Burlington, N. C. Warsaw, N. C. Cfieui. Engr, Gen. En r. Charles Marshall CoLHARn Roger Dee Cole i: X Forest City, N. C. Elkin, N. C. Af r. Economics Tex. Ms ' - Mu Beta Psi; Yellow Doos; Red Phi Psi; Tompkins Tex. Soc; Coat Band; College Symphony; Ayr. .Agromeck 1, 2; Textile Forniti •, Club. Junior Senior Dance Comm. Chair man 3; Class ' ite President Elect 4; Cheerleader 3. F.AHL Ralph Cook, - n Kannapolis, N. C. Robert Nicholas Cook Mech. Eh c. C.raham, N. C. A. S. M. E.; Soiilhern Eiif: ineer C ' ii ' it Eni(r. Editorial Staff. A. S. C. E. 42 Charles Benjamin Coble, Jr. A r P Burlington, N. C. Aor. Ecotiowics Alpiia Zeta; Thirty and ' ihiee; Culdeii Chain President Elect 4; Student Council 2, Secretary 3, Vice- 1 resident Elect 4; Monogram Club President 3; Agr. Club President 4; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 2, i; Athletic Council 3; Track 1, 2, Cross Country 2, 3; Dorm. Asst. 3, 4; Student Legislature 1 . Fhed Tillman Collins, Jr. Nashville. N. C. Elec. Eu r. A. I. E. E. James Alexander Cooli-v Wasjram, N. C. .. i;rai oiin liicUl Ciain) Ralph Stokes Cole, Jr., - E Greensboro, N. C. Mech. Ettgi-. A. S. M. E. I George Carter Connor, Jn. High Point, N. C. Architecture Beaux Arts; Engineers ' Council. ' iLLL M Bryant Cooper Charlotte, N. C. Mech. En r. S E (1 I R C L R S S ,C«»3 .X.C THE 1948 RGROmECh KdOM W 11 son CoPKl.AND Marshall I5anks C ' orl Enllcld, N. C. Concord, N. C. Tex. M g. Tt ' X. Chcm. an:l Dyeiu Tonipkins Tl ' X Site. Siyma I .ill Sii ma. Stanley Wright Corriher Eduardo Cortina, jr. China Grove. N. C Me.xico City, Mexico .Al r. lutticiiliini Textiles K;ippa Phi Kapiia: Ayr. Club; F. F. A. Ai|uinas C liib; H;in ( liil Robert Benjamin Courts. Ih. William Walter C ' owan Reidsville, N. C. Newark, N. J. A r. Education Tex. Mfg. Monogram Club 3, 4; Football 2. Phi Psi. 3, B Team 4. .Asst. Coach; Base- ball 2, 3. loHN RoSLlNGTON CrAMSIE Frank Nimmons Craven Walter Carl Creole, Jr. DuARD Franklin Cress K T Pittsburgh, Pa. Belhaven, N. C. Salisbury, N. C. Montreal, CanaJa l-are-itiy Mech. En y. .■ groHonj) ' (field Crops) Tex, Chevi. uttd Dyeinti, Forestry Club 1, 2, i, 4. Pi Tau Sigma; A. S. M. E .- gr. Club; Agronomy Soc. Sienia Tau Sigma; A. A. T. C. C: 1. F. C. 3. John Holman Cyrus 1 RuFus McCanless Dalton K A Charlotte. N. C. Habry Hodges Cummings Kinston, N. C. Arch Ebobn Cutting Luuisburg, N. C. .Agr. EdiiLutioii I ' extilfs Phi Ela Sigina; Blue Key; Golden Salisbury, N. C. Ki ppa Phi Kappa; F. F. - .; Agr. Chain; Phi Psi; Monogram Club; Civil Engr. Tex. Mfn. Club Interfraternity Council President 3; A. S. C. E. lonipkins Tex Soc; Freshman Fool- Phi Psi. ball 1; Varsity Track 1, 3; All-Cam- pus Boxing 1, 3; All Campus Wres- tling 3; .- t;ROMtcK 1; Social Func- tions Comm. 4. James Monroe Davis, 11. ' Lafayette Cecil Dabden, Jr. A r p Stantonsburu. N. C Inil. Hii r. Sue. !}( Ind. Enurs.; Stalt- C ' ( llti;e Masonic Club; Traihvuud C ' ilv Coun- Ihbome Oscar Darholt, K T Charlotte, N. C. East Bend, N. C, A r. Eduuiitutn Kappa Phi Kappa; Campus crnmenl; Agr. Club ' ice Pres Gov- dcnl; Joel Henry Davis Newport, N. C. Civil E " gr. cil. Mech. Efi r. F. F A.; Dorm. Assl. Engineers ' Council; . . S. C. E. 44 p f? — AVEK Cia iFiH Cnfi Ki (It N- 1 - BiiK y ' ■ ' Besbv i) ' " - ' 0.1. N-f- I S L n I H C L (1 S S THE 1948 AGROmECh John Harold Davis Stantonsburi;, N. C. Paul Alexander Davis, A X A Winston-Salem, N. C. Civil :»iJ4r. At r. Kconoitiics A. S. C. K. ni ini; Team 2. Richard Cecil Davis Lexington, N. C. Nevin Edward Dayvault Concord, N. C. Tex. Cbetn. mul Dyeing Forestry Sigma Tau Sigma; Phi Psi; Trail wood Council 3, 4, Mayor 4, Public ilv Director 4; MaMinic Club 3. 4. Forestry Club; Monogram Club; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Pi Ne Turn. Clifford Taylor Dean, Louisburg, N. C. Jn. James Grattis Dean Louisburg, N. C. A r. Education Civil En r Kappa Phi Kappa; Agr. Club; F. F. A. A. S. C. E. Rov H. Dearstyne Raleigh, N. C. Golf 2, 3, 4. Lenoir Eugene Bellinger Altamont, N. C. Ailimiil Ind. JACOB Thomas DeLamar n K A Charlotte, N. C. Tex. Weaving and Designing Phi Psi; Executive Honor Comm.; Track 1, 2. Claude Reynolds Denny Winston-Salem, N. C. Chein. Eiigr. Roger Chambliss Dickinson Jesup, Ga. Elec. Engr, ■ Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; Tail Beta Pi; A. I. E. E.; I. K. E.; Departmental Honor Comm.; Com- panion of St. Patrick 1. James Wesley Doggett Princeton, W. Va. Arch. Hnfir, Beaux .Arts. Vernon Leslie Dicks Cornelius, N. C. ArcJj. Eufir. )HN Edwin Dozier, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. S. I. H. William Jennings Dixon, Jr. 2 E Richmond, Va. Mech. Eijor. 1. r. C. 3; A. S. iM. E.; All C am pus Football 3; All-Fraternitv Fnniball 3; Wrestling 2; Sigma Phi Epsilon X ' ice-President 4, President 3. AlVIN EiMERSON DrESSEK Leland. N. C Mech. En r. Pi 1 au Sigma; A. S. M. E. ii William Weston Dixon Raleigh, N. C. Civil Eti r. Golf Team 3, 4. I Cameron Rigby Dudley 2 E Kinston, N. C. Arc iitecfHrc Beaux Arts. [46; S E n I R c L n s s THE 1948 AGROmECh RoHliliT W.MIWH K DuilANT 1 A Trvon. . . C. Civil Ett r. A. S. C. li.; Track 2, i; Fnotball . Eugene Kendali, Eakes Clinton, N. C. Agronomy (Soils) Alpli.i Zeta; Agr. Club; American Soc. iif Ayrcinnni ' . Joseph Lenwood Edge Fayetteville, N. C. Agronomy {Field Crops) Alpha Zeta; B. S. U.; Agr. Club; Agronomy Soc; Rifle Team 1. 2, . ; Blue Key Secretary 4. Bennie u ;usrA Eakes Oxford, i . c;. i ' orici( (iirc Agr. Club; I liirticultiire ( liib I ' l dent 4; Clcc C lub 1. Charles Euelman, - A M New York, N. Y. Tex. Mgl. Sigma Tau Sigma; ' rompkins Tex. Soc. Herndon Edgerton Buies Creek, N. C. Civil Eiif r, James Robert Edwards Wilmington, N. C. Mc ' c j. Eiif r. Football I, i, 4, 5; Baseball 1. . . 4, 5; Basketball 3; Athletic Council, Stmlcnt Representative 3, 4. Robert Emmanliel Ellis Marion, N. C. Gen. Enftr. Orin Henry Fagala Durham, N. C. Mech. Enfir. A. S. M. E. Vice-President i; l j Tau Siyina Secretary 3, [48] Jennings Bryan Edwards Wilmington, N. C. hiih Arts Education Monogram Club 3, 4; Baseball 1. 2, 3. 4, Captain 4; Wrestling 1, 2, 3, Co Captain 3; All-Campus Intramural Tootball 1, 2: All-Campus Intramural Basketball 2. Benjamin Harry Etling Lincoln Park, Mich. Mcch. Eiigr. Red Coat Band; Concert Band; Vello v Dogs; A. S. M. E. Richard B. Falrer IX fiance, Ohio Aero, h ' ngr. Hans Andreas Egelund Oslo, Norway Textiles Moni.giam Club; Track 1, 2. Alfred Guion Eubanks Sanatorium, N. C. Cer. Enflr. Phi Eta Sigma; Keramos: A. C. S.; Engineers ' Council. Alton Marvin Faires. - N Wallace, N. C. Cer. En r. Anifi imii C ' LTaiiiic Sofictv. Sydnor DeButts Elkins Liberty, N. C. Chcni. En r. A. I. Ch. E. loHN Delton Evans Kenlv, N. C. E t ' c. EtJfir, iMonosiani Club; Vets Assn.; A 1. I-. E.; A. I. R. E.; Baseball I 2, 3, 4: Class ' ice-President 2. Cataldo U. Falco Yunkers, N. Y. Elcc. liiifir. E n I R C L R S S THE 1948 AGROmECK EnNEsr Lynwood Faliaveli. l aKiuh, N. C. i ' iu ' t)!. tn r. Fred Irving Fansler, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Cix ' il Engr. Thomas H. Fearrtngton i: A E Valdese, N. C. Tex. M t. Phi Alpha Cluh. Thomas Henry Fallwell, III Raleigh, N. C. Ctiem. Enf r, Gilbert Mitchell Farrior Raleigh, N. C. Chem. E«gr. A. I. Ch. E.; Cadet Officers Assn. Irving Feldman Brooklyn, N. Y. Civil En r. A. S. C. E. Vice-President; Enyi- neers ' Council; Freshman Basketball I; Agromcck Business Office 2, 3. Stephen Scott Ferebee, Jr. Charles Jackson Fetner Edison McNeer Fields Shavvboro, N. C. i: ! E Elkin, N. C, Arch. Eiifir. Hamlet, N. C. Aero. En r. Theta Tau; U ' ddini tiii Hditor 3. C ieiij, Eligr. Gamma Sigma Eosilon; A. I. Cli. E.; Monogram Club; Baseball , 2. 3, 4. Ralph George Flowers, Jr Hickory, N. C. VViLLARD Lee Fisher Elec. Et2or. Salisbury, N. C. Claude Meade Flaherty, Jr. Kappn Nil ' ice Presidcn ' Mt ' ch. Engr. Hamlet, N. C. A. I. E. E. I iciisiircr; Engineers Ccuncil. Band 1, 2. C ieni. Engr. A. I. Ch. E. Ned Milton F(iwt,er William Lindsay Foster John Wayne Fouts Shelbv, N. C. Hendersonville. N. C. Lexington, N. C. Mech. Eiiyr. VlnrkttUurc Civil Enar. Pi Tau Siuniii; A. S. M, E. Wildlife Cluli; I-I.iriiulturc Club. Thcla Tau: . . S. C. E.; Dirm. . sst. U (i((7i(i;(ni. Manuel Filreis, i; A M ' Brooklyn, N. Y. Tex. Mgf. Tompkins Tex. Soc. James Milton Ford Alexandria, La. Chem. Ejii r. Senior Honor Committee. RoBERsoN Freeman, Jr., - T ' VA ' inston-Salcm, N. C. .Aiiiinnl Iitii. Alpha eta; Blue Kev; Agr. Club StuJcnl Council; 1. F. C. .1, 4; Mana I ' d Foiithall Team 1. 50 " T.: ) E n I R CLASS THE 1948 AGROmECK William F. Freeman, Jr., i: IT High Point, N. C. Arch, En r. Beaux Arts; Studt-nt Council 1 . 2. iMyron Mendel Fuerstman i: A M New York, N. Y. Tex. M t. X ' arsitv Tennis 2, 3, 4. Clegg Milton Furr Oakboro, N. C. Cer. En r. Keramos; A. C. S. IIerrert Laurence Fritz Charleston, S. C. Chem. Enf ir, A. I. Ch. E. George Allen Fuller, Jr. Hickory, N. C. Elec. Eiigr. A. I. E. E. 3, 4; Glee Club 1. 4: R.nilio Club 2, i. 4; I. R. E. i. 4. Archie Wayland Futrell, Jr. i: X Nashville, N. C. Mech. Eng_T. Pi Tau Sigma Treasurer; A. S. M. E. President; Engineers ' Council; I. F. C. Cecil Maurice Gadsden Rapid City, S. D. Elec. En r. Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu Pre i dent 4; A. I. E. E. Treasurer 3. ' ice Chairman 4; Enoineers ' Council Companion of St. Patrick. Howard Lafayette Gandy Hartsville, S. C. Ind. Eti r. Soc. of Incl. Engrs. Treasurer. Walter Winn Gayle, Jr. n K A Charlotte, N. C. Tex. MfR. Phi Psi. JOHN Anthony Gaeta. - X Staten Island, N. Y. Te.v. Mfn. Phi Psi; Football 4; Band. Demosthenes W. Gailev New Haven, Conn. Alech. En r. A. S. M. E. Wayne Williamson GamblW Davidson, N. C. Chem. En r. I Charles Evans Gardner Raleigh, N. C. Pomology (Horticttiture) Horticulture Club; Agr. Club; Asst. Chmn. Hort. Exhibit Agr. Fair 3; Chmn. Aor. Fair 4. lioWARD KiRKPATRICK GaRMON Charlotte, N. C. Arcliiteclitre Thomas R. Garrison Charlotte, N. C. Summer Student Council i; Y. M t ' . A. Cabinet 3; Dorm. .Assl. 3, R. S. U. President 3. 4; A. S. M. E. Track Team 3; Student Legislature 3 Herbert Martin Gibson, K A Raleigh, N. C. Elec. Etigr. Eta Kappa Nu; Beta Omega Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; I. R. E. President. John Bledsoe Gillett, - X Charlotte, N. C. Chem. Eng ' " . A. S. C. E. 2, 3. 4; Publications Board 4; Engineers ' Council 4: Char lotte State College Club 2. 3. 4; Rifle Team 2, 3; Soiitheni Enynieer 2, Business Manager 4. Harvey Gittler Raleigh. N. C. Ind. Engr. Soc. of Ind. Engrs.; Therhlig: Editor; Publication Committee. [52] I S [ 11 THE 1948 AGROmECK Melvyn Glaser Thomas Sidney Godwin New York, N. Y. Wilson. N. G. Tex. A gi. Agroimmv Pan American Cluh 1; Student . gronom Sue.; . gr. t luh. Legislature 1; Tompkins Tex. Soc.; Vets Assn.; A(;HOMr K Business Staff 2, 3, 4; Te. tiit ' funtin Business Staff 2, 3. Leonard A. Goldman, - A M Robert Lamonte Goldston Brooklyn, N. Y. Kannapolis, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Alec i. £iigr. Sigma Tau Sigma; T(tmpkins lex. Mu Beta Psi; RcJ Cuat Band 1, Sue.; I. F. C; Tennis Team. 2, 3, 4, ' ice President 3. President 4; Glee Club 1; Orchestra 1; Tech nician 1. William Andrews Gooch, Jr. Ray Wilkes Goodrich, Jr. Durham, N. C. r E Mec i. En ir. Winston-Salem, N. C. A. S. iM. E. Gen. Engr. Student Council 2; Y. M. C. A. Treasurer 1. Alfred Laland Green Durham, N. C. Agr. Economics 4-H Club 1, 2; Agr. Club 1, 2, 3, 4j Student Legislature 3; Golf 2, 3; Agriculturist 4; Agr. Fair 2, 3. Robert Charles Greene Greensboro, N. C. Tex. Mfs- Sigma Tau Sigma; Tompkins Tex. James Floyd Greene, Jr. Shelby, N. C. Agr. Chet}i. A. I. Ch. E. 1,2, 3. William Philip Greer, Jr. 2 X Bristol, Va. Tex. Mfg. Phi Psi; Tompkins Tex. Soc.; I. F. C; Publications Board; Textile Foruui Editor. Leumas William Green, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Mech. Engr. A. S. M. E. John Edward Griffin Sanford, N. C. Land. Arcti. Milas Lee Green Clyde, N. C. A r. Education Kappa Phi Kappa; F. F. A.; Agriculturist, Robert Sheldon Griffin Bailey, N. C. Agronotny Agr. Club; Agronomy Club. Melvin Edwards Griffing Bridge Hampton, N. Y. Mech. Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma; A. S. M. E.; A. S. R. E. Robert Pierre Guirette Me.xico City, Mexico Tex. Mfg. (Knitting) Phi Psi; Sigma Pi Alpha; Aquinas Club; Tompkins Tex. Soc.; Pan American Club; Varsity Tennis Team 1, 2, 3. John Dixon Hallenbeck High Point, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Tompkins Tex. Soc. Edward Jackson Hamner Fredericksburg, Va. Tex. Mfg. Phi Psi; Tompkins Tex. Soc. [54; t1 LeGe® S E n I R c L n s s HtlWS tils ' »CKSO ' Hi ' ' , T» ' THE 1948 RGROfTlECK F.Aiu.i: Animonv IIamukk, lit. C.IJILIORD 1 IIO.MAS MaMRICK K A Forest City, N. C. Shclbv, N. C. Tex. Mf«. Tex. .M K. Tompkins Tex. S ic. I ' lii l i; Tonipkins Tex. Soc Presi- dent 4. David I Iarold Hancock, T K E Uavton E. Hardwick, Ih. Lawrence, Mass. i: ! K Civil Engr. Louisburg, N. C. A. S. C. E.; I. F. C. 3, 4; Aquinas Alec i. E« r. C!lub; Tau Kappa Epsilon President 4. A. S. M. E. Carroll Colli Miiiis HarjMon Forrest Howard Harmon Gastonia, N. C. Statesville, N. C. .■b-e i (ec(in-e A r. Hditcutiou James Suther Harren Newton, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Herman Reader Harris Lynnhaven, Va. Tex. Weaving and Design Phi Psi; Tompkins Tex. Soc; Sigma Tau Sigma Vice-President 4. Kav Franklin Harris Dallas, N. C. A r. Chem. Agr. Club; Soc. of Agr. Chem.; Agriculturist. Oscar Andrus Harrison Wilson. N. C. Gen. En r. I. R. E. Vice President; A. 1. E. E. Sam Boyd Hart Monroe, N. C. Ind. Eyif r. A. S. I. E. Joseph Della Hartsoe Weldon, N. C. Chem, En r, A. S. Ch. E.; Southern Engineer. AusE Mack Harvey, H K J Lincolnton, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Lewis Jackson Hash Piney Creek, N. C. Geol. Eiigr. Engineers ' Council 4. 5; A. I. M. M. E. Vice-President 5, President 4; Phi Psi; Tompkins Tex. Soc. Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3, 4; Dorm. Asst. 4, 5; R. O. T. C. 3, 4. Charles Clement Hassell Sidney Johnston Hassell Roper, N. C. Takoma Park, iMd. Agronomy (Field Crops) William Francis Haughton Oscar Payne Hay, Jr., ' ' - A. S. Ch. E. Alpha Zeta; Agr. Club; Agronomy Club. Staten Island, N. Y. Gen. Ewgr, Raleigh, N. C. ArcJi. Eni r. [56] [Ills nii» «, N. C I. £»« ' ' Ksidoii; i ' ' S E n I R C L R S S THE 1948 RGROmECh William Lloyd Head Mars Hill, N. C. Elec. Ewgr. A. I. E. 1-. KuBT Henry Heer Switzerland Textiles Eldred Howell Helton Raeford, N. C. Aero. Eugr, I. A. S.; A. S. M. E. CuYLER Freeman Heath, Jr. Washington, N. C. Animal Iml. Arf. Clul). Clint Luther Hege Advance, N. C. Af r, Education Monogram Club; F. V. A.; Agr. Club; Baseball 1, 2; R. O. T. C. 3, 4. Charles Micher Hendrix, Jr. Swannanoa, N. C. Chem. Engr. ■ A. I. Ch. E. Robert Linnet Hendrix Salisbury, N. C. Agr. Educuiiun Kappa Phi Kappa; F. F. A.; Agr. Club; Reporter F. F. A. Joseph Herbert Henry Asheville, N. C. Elec. En r. Thomas Price Heritage A A T Burlinutun, N. C. Arch. Euf r. A. S. C. E.; Knight uf Si. Patrick; Engineers ' Council; A. G. C; Y. M. C. A.; Red Coat Band; R. O. T. C. Band 1, 2; SoHtheni Engineer. Opie Curtis Hester Bladenboro, N. C. Agr. Ecowoinic ' s Alpha Zeta; Agr. Club 1, 2, 3, ♦, Secretar ' S; Agriculturist i, 4. William Wood Hickey, Savannah, Ga. Gen. Engr. Robert Cliff Hinkle, Jr. Lexington, N. C. Cltem. Engr. Gamma Sigma Epsilon President; Thela Tau R egent; Golden Chain Secretary; Blue Key; A. I. Ch. E.; Engineers ' Council Secretary . ; Band 1, 2. Lewis Allison Highsmith Wilmington, N. C. Aniinttl Imi. Agr. Club. William Warren Hinton T K E Selma, N. C. Geu. Engr. Engineers ' Council; A. S. M. E. Howard Stevens Hilley, Jr. Wilson. N. C. Horticulture James Copeland Hobbs, - X Raleigh, N. C. Mecli. Engr. Pi Tau Sigma; A. S. M. E.; At;uoMEcK Class Editor 2. Donald 1 Ienry Hines Carolina Beach, N. C. .4rc . Engr. Neal Henderson Hodges, i; X Raleigh, N. C. Elec. Enor. Eta Kappa Nu 3, 4. Secretary R. O. T. C. 3; SoJitheru En iueer I Jr. [58: [ (1 I R C L R S S mt-? " THE 1948 RGROmECK Thomas Allison Hodcks Fayettevillc, N. C. Arch. fiH jr. BtMUx Arts Sucielv. Roy Tunstall Holton New Bern, N. C. Mech, Eu r. Samim I AvilHS I loDNElT l urluiin, N. C ( ' liciti. En r. A. I. cii. i;. ' ALTLl! Williams Hook, ]n. II K A Charlotte, N. C. horestrY Forestry Club. Eugene Thompson Hord, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Tex. Chein. and Dyeing Tennis 1; Tompkins Tex. Soc. Charles Moman Horne Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Chem. Ettfir. A. I. Ch. E; Engineers ' Council; Dorm. Manager 1, 2; Campus Cham- pion Basketball 2; Campus Cham- pion Softball 3, Dorm. Champion i. Theodore Wright Horner Henry Ford Houser Joseph Johnson Houston Robert Stroud Houston, 2 N Clarksburg, W. Va. Charlotte, N. C. Bonlee. N. C. Monroe, N. C. Experimental Statistics Gen. En r. Te (i7fs Blue Key; Sigma Tau Siuma; Stu dent Government, C ' hairman Invesii gatiun Comm. i; Y. iM. C. A. 2, i, 4; Tompkins Tex. Sue; Textile Foniiu 3, 4; Technician 2; Dorm. Asst. 2, 3, 4; Student Lejjisialure. Geol. En r. Tau Beta Pi; Mu Beta Psi; Sigma Pi Alplia; Engineers Council i, 4, 5; A. 1. M. E. President 4, 5; Red Coat Band 1, 2, 3, 4. 5. Secretary 2; Con- cert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Sigma Nu, L. C. 4; Agromeck 2, 4, 5. _ Louis Samuel Hovis Dallas, N. C. Chem, En r. . Camma Sioma Epsilun; A. I. Ch . E. Arthur L. Howe, T K E Niagara Falls, N. Y. Elec. En ir. I. R. E. Theodore Tyler Howe, - TT Durham. N. C. Tex. Chem. aud Dyeing Siijma Tau Sigma; Tompkins Tex. Sue.; I. F. C; Sigma Pi President 4. i Edward Keiih Howell Svvannanoa, N. C. Elec. E»;gr. Eta Kappa Nu; Mu Beta Psi; A. I. E. E.; 1. R. E,; Red Coat Band; Glee Club; Yellow Dogs; Engineers ' Council; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 3. Charles Q. Huffstetler, Jr. Gastonia, N. C. Billy Wilford Hull Elec. En r. A. I. E. E. National Member, Vale, N. C. Burton Edward Hultz Donald Hugh Humphrey Stu .4gr. Education VVinstcm-Salem, N. (. ' . Shannon, N. C. (lent Member; A, 1. R. E.; Elec. E nyr. Kappa Phi Kappa; F. F. A.; Mana- .4ero. Etigr. A runomy {Field Crops) Deli.irtnieiitiil Hunor Society. lit-r Trailwoud Atlilfiics. I. Ae. E. . ' gr. Club; .Agronomy Sue; Baseball 1. S[ [60 ? " I h , Hlt 1 % L - s E n I ,i y THE 1948 RGROmECK James Sidney Hunt High Point, N. C. FJec. l n r. . . I. i;. K.; i:. i:. Ilr.m.r C ' limm. 2. Herbert Neal Hunter Charlotte, N. C. Afec j. EH r. Heating A. C. Option . S. M. E.; Charlotte State College tluh. David IltiNRV HiiNrrn Raleigh, N. C. Ciril Hiijir. A. S. C. E. Charles Roland Ibach, ]r. i: X Charlotte, N. C. Knitting Blue Key; Sigma Tau Sigma; Plii Eta Sigma; Tompkins Tex. Soc; Stu- dent Council Investigation Comm. 3. Charles Judah Imershein ■i E T Woodmere. L. I., N. Y. Gen. En r. A. S. M. E.; Vets Club; Hillel Secretary 3. Samuel Willis Inman, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. Mech. E " gr. R C L f ] s s f I B A T J Ha %SF LiNwooD S. Inscoe Nashville, N. C. Mecli. Eiigr. Mu Beta Psi; Band I. 2; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; A. S. M. E. GiENwooD Preston Johnson Goldsboro. N. C. Tex. AJjjf. IMonogram Club; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2. Charles Aycock Jones Brevard, N. C. E ec. Eu r. Radio Station NVWP. [62: Norman Scott Ireland Pleasantville, N. J. Mech. Eit r. Pi Tau Si ma; Theta Tau; A. S. iM. E. Ira Alton Johnson Rocky Mount, N. C. Flee. Eijgr. Clinton Earl Jones, - X Tarboro, N. C. litech. En r. Pi Tau Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; A. S. M. E.; Engineers ' Council: R. O. T. C. 3, 4, Cadet Captain 4. Arthur Lee Jackson Kings Mountain, N. C. Tc. i; fs William Earl Johnson, Jr. Asheville, N. C. Mech. £H. r. A. S. M. E.; Monooram Club; Aquinns Cluh; Swiniiiiinc; Team 3, 4. Everett Earl Jones. 11 K A Monroe, N. C. Geol. En r. Head Cheerleader 4. Delwin Phelps Johnson Deico, N. C. 1 A r. Chem. Aor. Cluh; Soc. of Atjr. Chemists. i Robert Ellington Johnston Elon CoJleoe, N. C. Tex. Design and Weaviun James Harold Jones Lake Toxaway, N. C. Agr. Education Agr. Club; F. F. A. .,N.C. :. of .¥ d " " S E n I R THE 1948 AGROmECK Joseph Spued Jones, Jn. Ridgcwav, N. C. Civil En r. A. S. C. E.; 2. Owen Reid Jones, II K ' h Charlotte, N. C. I lt;ch. Enf r. I. F. C. 2, 3, 4. MoNTRAvii.1,1 L. Jones, Jn. Zirconia, N. C A r. Etluciilion Donald Falls Jordan Laurinburg, N. C. Cii ' il E«fir. Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; A. S. C. E. Samuel Grady Jones, Jr. A r |. Lake Lure, N. C. Mcch. Enftr. A. S. M. E.; Freshman Sophomore Dance Comm. 2; Junior-Senior Dance Comm. 3. Alvin Lewis Joyner Nashville, N. C. EJec. En r, C L R S S 4 iNcros )o " N.f (aiviV ... r r. » Ifa Ellis Joyner Raleigh. N. C. Mech. Eiigr. A. S. jM. E. Herman Bernard Kahn, + K T Columbia. S. C. Arcli. Engr. Beaux Arts Soc; Hillel ' ice Presi- dent i. President 4; W ' ntntii an 1, 2. 3; Band I. Benjamin Edward Kearney Oxford, N. C. Mech. Ett ir. :64] Howard Albert Kaden, -AM Raleigh, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Tompkins Tex. Soc; Pan American Club: Techuicimi 1. 2, 3. Music- Editor 2, 3; Agroimeck 2; Textile I-oruni 2. Max Kahn Baltimore, Md. Cer. Etis,r. Maxwell Gordon Keeler. Jr. Z n Fort Lewis, Wash. Elec. Enar. Eta Kappa Nu; Officers ' Club; Scabbard and Blade; B. O. T. C. First Sat. 3; Swimminij 1. 2; Tennis I. 2. Vincent Winfield Kafka. K A Great Neck, N. Y. hid. Eirgr. Tau Beta Pi; Soc. of Ind. Engrs.; Aquinas Club President; Soc. for .AdA ' anccment of Management. Leo Frank Katkaveck Manchester, Conn. Tex. Mfs. Basketh.ill I. 2. . 4; Baseball I. , 3. 4; Monnyram C ' lub. Rodney Robards Keith Hendersonville. N. C. E(ec. Efigr. Mu Beta Psi; Red Coat Band 2. 3, 4; Orchestra 2, 3. Charles Howard Kahn. Z B T Concord, N. C. Civil Ewgr. Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; A. S. C. E.; Football 1. 2; Baseball 1; Son( ier» Engineer; Engineers ' ] Council. Robert Katzenoff Bronx, N. Y. Gen. Engr. Robert Calhoun Kennedy A X A Winston-Salem, N. C. lud, Eiigr. i i[ THE 1948 flGROnriECh Claude Swanson Kidd Dobson, N. C. Agronomy (Field Crops) Agr. Club; Soc. of Agronomy; Y. M. C. A.; C ampus Governmcm; President Ayr. Fair; A ricttUitrisl; AOROMECK. Ralph Alexander Kimel Clemnions, N. C. Igr. Education Agr. Club; F. F. A. James Frank King, - • E Leaksville, N. C. Aero. Engr. A. I. Aero. Sciences; M ' restling I; Sigma Phi Epsilon Pres. ,1; I. F. C. William Daviu Killian Lincolnton, N. C. Agr, Editcation Kappa Phi K;ippa. Gerard Watts King, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Tex. Client, utid Dyeitts, John Clayton King Jr. Greensboro, N. C. Textiles ffli N. C. Iril in!, ' - fojiiKr; tfi I 5 E n i,:J, E R C L R S S Joseph Bert King Asheville, N. C. Architecture Sigma Pi Alpha. Clarence Earl Kistler Star, N. C. Civil En r. Cioss Country i, 4; Indoor Track 3. JACK Ralph Lamm, K A Wilson, N. C. Architecture Beaux Arts Socifty. David Clifton Kirkman Pleasant Garden, N. C Gen. En r. Ind. Engrs. Club; Beaux Arts: International Relations Club; Wesley Foundation Council; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Wrestling 1; Methodist Stu- dent; Chmn Recreation Commission Y. M. C. A.; Chmn. Recreation Com mission Wesley Foundation. James Warner Klibbe Raleigh, N. C. Tex. Mf . Phi Psi; Tompkins Tex. Soc; Honor Council. Donald Bernard Lampke n K A Charlotte, N. C. Elec. Ew r. Ciolden Chain; Blue Kev; Thirtv and Three; Campus Government Engr. Rep.; Charlotte State College Club; Aquinas Club; Tilt Club Presi dent 4; Best Frat. Athlete 2; Intra- mural Boxing 3; Class X ' ice-President 4; Pi Kappa Alpha President 4, Treasurer 3. Stacy Norman Kirkman Pleasant Garden, N. C. E ec. £»gr. A. I. E. E. W oRTH Greeson Kirkman Pleasant Garden, N. C Tex. Mfit. Sigma Tau Sigma; Tompkins Tex. Soc; Vets Club. Dan Aaron Knee Charlotte. N. C Chem. Eugr. A. I. Ch. E.; Tennis I, 4; Tech uician Business Staff 1 ; Trail wood Recrcatit)n Chmn., Cnuncil. Maurice Washington Lamb n K W ' ihiiinoton, Del. hul. Engr, Soc. of Ind. Engrs. President; Engi- neers ' Council. Ralph William Lamson Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engr, A. S. C. E. William Anderson Land Chadbourn, N. C. [66] 30X Kfflsi- " irJen, N- f ■ Jiff- „; tap ' i ion. W ' Ell?- 5 t n I R CLASS o O E jI L A o LIVT ,.N.C- il £«?■ THE 1948 AGROmECh C ' .HAMAM Henry Landau Chauncey Muncer Lane, K i; Detroit, Mich. Greensboro, N. C. Tex. Mff. Tex. Af«t. Hunter Trevilian Leake, Jr. FiTZHUGii Lee Richmond, Va. Scotts Hill, N. C. Iiiii. Eiigr. Animal Ind. Phi Eta Sigma; Agr. Club; A. I. Club; Student Honor Comm. James William Lee Deward Franklin Lefler Dunn, N. C. 2 A E Gen. Etigr. Albemarle, N. C. A. I. E. E. Mech. En r. Tau Beta Pi; Theta Tau; Pi Tau Sigma; I. F. C; A. S. M. E.; Dorm. Asst. Carl S. Leonard, Jr. Lexington, N. C. Civil Ertgr. A. S. C. E. QuFNTiN McAlpine Lewis Marshallberg, N. C. Tex. M t. Tompkins Tex. Soc. James Craig Lodor Wilmington, N. C. Mech. Eti r. A. S. M. E. [68; Robert Arthur Levine Colorado Springs, Colorado Mech. En r. A. S. M. E. Tom Craig Lewis Dallas, N. C. Arch. Fiigr. Paul Harold Long Aberdeen, S. D. EJec. Ett r. Calvin Everette Lewis Rocky Point, N. C. Horticiihure Riley McMillan Little S A E Greensboro, N. C. Mech. En r. Thefa Tau; A. S. M. E. Edward Kennedy Lovelace A 2 Raleigh, N. C. hid. Engr. Alpha Sigma Phi; Engineers ' Coun- cil 4; Footb;ilI 1; Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3; Soc. of Ind. Engr. Treasurer 3, Secretary 4. Harrell Julian Lewis Louisburg, N. C. Chem. En r. Phi Eta Sigma President 2: AIu Beta Psi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon Sec- retary 4; Order of St Patrick; Tau ■ Beta Pi; A. I. Ch. E., Chapter Award; Red Coat Band 1, 2, 3. Earl Everett Locklair Raleigh, N. C. Chem. En r. William Stevenson Lowery Charlotte, N. C. Mech. Ert r. Charlotte State College Club; . . S. M. E. N.C. sitoi - ' tjEpiiltt ' ' ,1 P31 ' . t, CW Locn- " ,C. S L (1 I R C L R S S N.C. .US ' ' J j 1 " " " 51 Ch. F i-i J K i B THE 1948 RGROmECK EVHREIT luilOMi: I lie KK, ]k. Bad in, N. C. IttJ. Ewgr. Sot. Ind. Engrs; V. M. C. A.; Student Ciuvernment Departmental Honor Cumm.; Red Coat Band 3, 4; Glee Club 3; Dorm. Asst. i; Supply Stnre Clerk f, 4. John Dallas Mackie, A r 1 ' Yadkinville, N. C. Anitnal hid. Alpha Zeta; Golden Chain; Blue Kev; Thirty and Three; Y. M. C. A.; Ai»r. Club; Publications Board; Hgri- citlturist Business Manager; A r. Fait; Livestock Dav Secretary. John Wilson Malloy. ]r., K 2 Cheraw, S. C. Tex. Mfa, Phi Psi; Tompkins Tex. Soc. James Cooper McLachlan Raleigh. N. C. htiL Uu r. Sue. of Ind. Enj»r. V ' iec I ' reNideiil; Chmn. Dept. Monor Coniin. Lois i I. Maddkn Bridgeport, Conn. C ietti. KiJgr. Band 2, 3; TechiiUiaii 4: A. 1. Cli. 1 . Newton W. Mandel. - A M New York, N. Y. Tex. Client, cmd Dyeitt Pan American Club; Hillel Secretary 4; Student Legislature President 2; Tompkins Tex Soc; . . A. T. C. C; Debate Team 1, 2. i. 4; Technician 1. 2, 3; Pi Kappa Delta President 2, 4. y- ' ' if-i f % William Sinkler Manning Spartanburg, S. C. Tex, Mgt. Phi Psi; Varsity Football 3; Athletic Council 4, James Bethune Marshall, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Civil Engr. George Elliott Martin Jackson, N. C. Elec. Eii r. I. R. E.; A. I. E. E. Grover Adlai Martin, Jr. 2; E Smithfield, N. C. Ind. E«gr. Rudolph Graham Mattocks Greensboro, N. C. Chew. En r. A. 1. Ch. E. Frederick Rhodes McDavid Sanford, N. C. Mech. En r. A. S. M. E.; I. Ac. S. Secretary 3: Dorm. Asst. 3, 4. [70] Willie Lemuel May, Jr. A 2 Rockingham, N. C. Gen. Engr. .Alpha Sigma Phi President 2; Upsiion Sigma Alpha; Gen Enor. See; R. O. T. C. 3, 4, Captain 4; Soulbern Engineer Associate Editor 2; Chmn. Honor Comm., Gen Engr. Mutiiuel Alex McDuffie Lumberton, N. C. Civil En r. Engineers ' Council; A. S. C. E.; •All Campus Football 1 ; .Ml Campus Volleyball 2; .Agromeck Spoils Editor 4; Techtiician Sports Editor 4; .Vthletic Publicist 3. William Lyndon Mayer, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Glee Club 1, 2; Tompkins Te. . Soc; Textile Forum 3, 4; Techiiicinii 1, 2, Circulation Manager 2. losEPH Patrick McGeadv Wilson, N. C. Civi( En r. Gilbert Carl Mays Cooleemee, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Tompkins Tex. Soc. Frederick John McGrath, Jr. A 2 Morris Plains, N. J. Itid. Engl-. . lpha Sigma Phi; Football I. 2 (Varsity); Wrestling 1. 2, 3; Track 1, 2, 3. C I 4BI1S, Jt ,C. s E n R c. C L R S S THE 1948 AGROmECK Waltkr McKinnon Hoiii HI r.DUARD McNeill Wadesboro, N. C. Wade, N. C. Elec. Engr. (it ' ll. Eitgr. Campus Cluvcrnment Treasurer 4; Athletic Council Senior Rep. 4; Engineers ' Council 4; Gen. Engr. Soc. Vice-President; Cross Country 1. 2; Track 1, 2, 3; Wrestling; V. M. C. A. Walter Thomas McPherson Merlin Adams Meares Mebane, N. C. Chadbourn, N. C. Animal ImL Mech. Eii r. Aor. C!lub Secretary 4; Baseball 1 . Golden Chain Vice-President 4; 2; Agriculturist 2, i; Meats Judging Blue Key; Tau Beta Pi; Engineers Team, Internatumj! Li estock Ex- Council President 4; A. S. M. E.: position 3. Pi Tau Sigma; Theta Tau Scribe 4; Student Council 2. DoRMAN Lowell Mercer, Jr. James Eugene Messick Bolivia, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Agr. Education Te. -. jllgl. Kappa Phi Kappa; F. F. A.; Agr. Charlotte State College Club 3, Club. Sgt.-at-Arms 4; Monogram Club; Tompkins Tex. Soc; Tennis Team I, 2, 3, 4. Joshua E. Mewborn, Jb. Theodore J. Meyer, Jr. Willard Brown MiDGETTE James Franklin Miller Snow Hill, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Raleigh, N. c. Belmont, N. C. Agr. Education Mech. Engr. Cer. Etigr lex. Mot. Monogram Club; Agr. Club; F. A. S. M. E.;; Track 1; Charlotte Keramos; Gamma Sigma Epsilun; Phi Psi; Sigma Tau Sigraa Secretary F. A.; Baseball 2, 3, 4. State College Club Secretary 4. Luther Bertie Miller, Jr. Merritt, N. C. Agr. Ennr. -American Ceramic Soc. 4; Tompkins Tex. Soc; iVlasonic Club. Oscar Lee Miller, Jr., IT K A Charlotte, N. C. Af rouumy {field Crops) Alpha Zeta Vice President; Blue John David Miller Mu Beta Psi; A. S. .Agr, Engr,; Mary Elizabeth Miller Key; Golden Chain President; Ayr. Todd, N. C. Agriculturist Dept. Editor; Agr. Club Raleigh, N. C. Club; Secretary Treasurer Aur. Fair Agronomy (Field Crops) President: Glee Club ' ice President. Tb.v. Mfg 3; Monojjfam Club; X ' ursity Track I, 3, 4. Co Captain 4; All-Campus Agr. Club 3, 4; Agronomy Club 4. Thomas Cromwell Millsaps Asheboro, N. C. Mech. Eiigr. Pi Tau Sigma; Mu Beta Psi; Blue Textile -ornMi 2, 3; II.. inr C iiuncil 3. ' ullevball i; Runner Lip All-Campus Boxing 3; All-Campus Boxing 4; Agromeck Associate Editor 4; Pi Kappa Alpha Historian 3, Vice-Presi- tlent 4. Leo Junior Misenheimer William Jack Miller Key; A. S. M. E.; Band 1, 2, 3; Carl Benton Ml MS Salisbury, N. C. Crumpler, N. C. Yellow Dogs; Engineers ' Council 3. 4; Publications Board 4; Agromeck Raleigh, N. c. Civil Enf r. Agr. Education Business Manager 4. Ind. Arts Ediu utiou Viest!in)4 2. [72] Miua I! C nu Cttpi (iiileti: - f ■ w .¥■ ' ■ " ■jBiv Tni ' 0iiEi«a S E [1 I R C L R S S f,C. THE 1948 flGROnriECK Charles C. Mitchell DoNAii) James Moi-iArr, - X Bronx, N. Y. Milforil. C onn. Tex. Mat. htd. I- ' lgr. Sigma Tau Sigma; T(?.v(il ; Foriiiji Phi Eta Sigiiia. 3; Announcer Station WVVVP 4. Earl Brooks Montague Willis Elvis Mdouv Goldsboro, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engr. Ctr. Engr. Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Stu dent Council; A. S. C. E. Secretary. Paul Everette Moore, A X A Phifer Erwin Moran, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Winston-Salem, N. C. Gen. Engr. Tex. Mgt. Swimming 1. Tompkins Tex. Sue. Ben Rankin Morris, K 2 Samuel Joseph Morris, Jr. Vance Atwater Morrow, - il Robert John Muller, - N Gastonia, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Bethesda, Md. Pleasantville, N. J. Tex. Mfa. Civil En r. Cer. Enf r. Mech. En r. Phi Psi. A. S. C. E. .American Ceramic Soc; I. F. C; Midwinter Dance Comm. 3. Thela Tau; A. S. M. E.; Durm. Assl. osHPii Byrne Mullineaux, Jk. i; N Ernest Lawrence Munghr Sidney Banks Muse, Jr. Ernestine Elizabeth Nelson New Bern, N. C. Highlands, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Alhambra, Calif. 7l-.v. A j;I. l-urestry Gen. Ettur. Intramurals 2. 4. Textile Kiiittinfl Raymond Joseph Nerv Nortli Andover, Mass. Lee Burrys Nichols, Jr. lAoBKRT Everett Nicks, - X Harold Lindsay ' Nobles C ' -lwiu. Bn r. Andrews, N. C. Elkin, N. C. Stokes, N. C. . I. c h. i;. hid, Hijyr. Entonwlo v Geu. Eui r. [74: p_a S E n I R C L R S S THE 1948 RGROmECh Joe Fulton Norwood Mount Airy, N. C. Tex. Mfg. I] I r AM Mahiin Oakman Jamaica, L. 1., iV. Y. 7Va-. Mfn- Gkc- c:iul). Gale Clinton Oberndorfeh New Brighton, Pa. Aero. Engr. I. Ae. S.; Honor Council A. Otto Adelsten Ofjord Bergen, Norway Tex, Cheni. Charles Thomas Odom Norfolk, Va. Ceti. Enf r, Techniciun 1, 2. Henry Allen Ogden Charlotte, N. C. Mech. En r. Pi Tau Epsilon; A. S. M. H.; Base hall I; Agromeck 3, 4. Seymour Irving Olanoff i; A J[ Jamaica, N. Y. Elec. Euf r. I. r. C. 2; I. R. E.; Sigma Alpha Mu lixt-hequer 2. Norman J. Oppenheim Brooklyn, N. Y. Te.v. Mut. Siuma Tau Sigma; Tompkins Tex. Sue. Edgar Allen Orr Rocky Mount, N. C. Cheni. £ " ,gf " . Blue Key; Internaliunal Rel-ticni Club; A. I. Ch. E.; GolJeii Chain Treasurer; Sigma Pi - lpha Presidenl. Secretar ; V. i l. C A. President 3. Vice President 4, Secretary 2, Treas urer 2. Robert Johnson Overcash Mooresville, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Phi Psi. Donald Thomas Overman Stantonsburg, N. C. Cil ' il Hn r. A. S. C. E. Hubert Lawrence Owen, Jr. Asheville, N. C. Inii. En r, Sue. ut " Ind. Engrs. Halstead X ' alaf.r Owens Charlotte, N. C. Tex. M t. Monitgram Club Treasurer 4; Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 2; Track i. 4. Edward Gilbert Padgett, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Gen. Engr. Sigma Pi -Mpha; Band 1, 2; Beaux Lennon Maxwell Pace Stedman, N. C. Intl. linfir. Soc. of IijJ. Engrs. Oren Alston Palmer, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Elec. E ' lgr. A. I. E. E. 3, 4; I. R. E. 3, 4, Secretary 3; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2; Student Legislature 2; Presbyterian Student . ssn. 1 . 2, Vice President 2. Raymond Joseph Parfn CliftMclc ' Park, . J. Agr. Chfin. Sue. ul ' -Agr. C ' hemists Presiiltnt 3; Red Coal Band 1, 2. James Weston Parker, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Elec. En r. B. S. U Nice PrcMdent; I. R. E. [76: THE 1948 flGROITIECK William Ranson Parks BliNTON KlIlK PaRTIN Lenoir, N. C. Cliadbourn. N. C. Mech. Eu r. Chcvi. J ' .it r. A. I. Ch. E. Charles S. Patterson, ]n. Robert Boyd Patterson, - ' 1 ' E Cranford, N. ]. Littleton, N. C. Tf.v. Mfn. Chem. Ertgr. Tompkins Tex. Sue; Football I, Theta Tau; Eoolball 1; Social 2; Track 1. F-imctions Comm.; Student Council 2; Class President 2. Andrew Jackson Patton George Erwin Patton Franklin, N. C. Franklin, N. C. Aero. En r. Land. Arch. Blue Kev; Golden Chain; I. Ae. S.; Alpha Zeta; Ajjr. Club; Walait tot. TIiirI - and Three Vice Chairman 3, 4; Wijtau an 2. 3, 4, Editor 3, Associate Editor 4; Class President 4. S E n I R C L R S S Henley Helyer Patton, J r. Cleveland, N. C. Gen. Engr. Walter Richard Peck Asheville, N. C. Elec. Bv r, Edgar David Peebles Raleigh, N. C. Mech. En r. A. S. JI. E. ' ernon Craig Peebles Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engr. Andrew Lewis Pendleton Elizabeth City, N. C. Arch. Enfir. Jim Alex Penland Swannanoa, N. C. Aero. En r. 1. Ac. S. Eugene F. Pereda, A X A Juncos. Puerto Rico Gen. Engr. AssoL-iiitc Member I. R. E. John Levi Perkinson Norlina, N. C. A r. Education F. F. A.; Y. M. C. A.; Aor. Club. Rdiii RT Alexander Peters Bcthesda, Md. A rouofny Harold Boyette Peterson T K K Whiteville, N. C. Tex. Chetn. and Dyeing Phi Psi; Tompkins Tex. Soc; A. A. T. C. C; WataiifJan Associate Business Manager 11, 4; Rint; Comm. 3; Junior- Senior Dnncc C ' nmm. ? •, Class Treasurer 3. Samuel Bruce Petteway Kinston, N. C. Gen. Engr. Drum and Bugle Corps !; Radio Station WNCS 3. 4, Program Director . ; 1. R. 1,. 4; Radio Club 1; ' P 4. Alfred Moser Pfaff PfafFtown, N. C. Elec. En r. Sigma Pi Alpha; A. I. E. K.; I. H. h. [78. s L n R CLASS .t Cli C THE 1948 flGROITIECK Aiu iiii: o PisciTELLo, T K K Daniki. BoHiRi Ponton, Jr. Bcmnton, N. J. i; X ' I ' cxtitcs (Kuittiii} ) Ralciah, N. C. 1. 1 . V. 4; Aiiuin is C ' hili; T.ju Tex. Mai. K.ippii I-.|)silon President 4. Tompkins Te. . Soc. Lewis Brown Potter I Ienrv Walker Powell, Jr Charlotte, N. C. i; 1 K C iem. E«gr. Orlando, Fla. A. I. Ch. E.; Charlotte State Col- Mech. EHfir. lege Club Treasurer 4. A. S. M. E.; Track 1. Harry Robert Powers. Ir. Calvin Helms Price Norfolk, Va. . Gastonia, N. C. Forestry Elec. Etigr. Forestry Club; Chess Club; All- A. I. E. E.; I. R. E. Caitipus Doubles Tennis Champion 3. 1 » Nathan Alonzo Price, Jr. T K K Rocky Mount, N. C. Gen, En r. Cleii. Enyr. Sue. President 4; Alpha L:imbd-T Tau Treasurer; Tau Kappa lipsilon Treasurer; Engineers ' Coun L-il 3, 4. Thomas Pitts Pruitt, Jr. Hickory, N. C. Tex. Alfg. Walter Eugene Price Selma, N. C. W ' ihUife Conservution and iM (. A. A. O. N. M. S., Scottish Rile Thirty-second degree; Leopold Wild life Soc. President; Masonic Club; Board of Directors Trallwood Mutual Grocery, President. Ellidtt Marolo Purlson Verona. N. I. W ihiiife Conservation nmi Mii.t, Marshall Edward Propst, Jr. Charlotte. N. C. Clieju. En r. Phi Eta Siuma; Gamma Sigma lipsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Blue Kev; A. I. Ch. E. Secretary 4; Y. M. C. A. ' ice President 4; Lutheran Student Assn. President 4; Class Vice-Presi- dent 2. Harold Grant Range Elizabeth ton. Tenn. Textiles {Knitting,) Charles Herbert Prout Owings, Md. A r. Enf r. Y. M. C. A.; A. S. A. E. ' si William Lamar Rankin, Jr. Gastonia, N. C. Te.v. fllgl. Siqnia Tau Sigma; Phi Psi; Sioma Pi .Alpha. Jack Leon Ratts Fayetteville, N. C. Gen, E«fir. . h n(l ram Club .3, 4; Freshman Wrcstlino 1. ' arsitv 2, 3, 4; Orches tra I, 2, 3, 4. John Lee Ray Burnsville, N. C. Aftr, Chem, Aar. Club; Aor. Chemists Club. Joseph Vonley Ray, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. Civil Etfgr. , . S. C. E. Phillip Duckworth Ray Asheville, N. C. Tex. Mg(. Tompkins Tex. Soc; Agromeck Associate Editor 2. [80] S L n I H C L 11 s s 1 THE 1948 flGROnriECK William Ihomas Hav, A X A Chapel Hill, N. C. Arch. Etigr. R. O. T. C. Officers Club; Engi nccrs ' C ' ouncil; Beaux Arts Snc. FrcsJcJcnt 4. David Flake Reid, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Ind. Ens,r. S. I. E.; Charlfitle State College Cluh. Geohge Jesse Repass, Jb. Richmond, Va. Animal Ind, Jami.s C RtuvES, - n Ralciyh, N. C. ( ' u ' »i. :n »r. Phi Kta Siema; T.iu Ht-tii I ' i. Milton Leon Reiter. - A I Ellcnville, N. Y. Tex. Mfil. Tompkins Tex. Soc; Hillel; Basket ball 1, 2. Oren iMooRE Rhyne Charlotte. N. C. Tex. Mf . Charlotte State College Club; Orchestra 1. RUFUS HOWERTON RlIYNE George Bond Rice PiuLi.ip Eugene Richardson Richard Cameron Richardson Sherrill ' s Ford, N. C. Reidsville, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Aiiroywrnv (Vield Crops) Gen, EMgr. Chem. En r. T( ' . Clwtti. tiiid Dyeing Track 1. 2; Anronomv Soc; Agr. Radio Club. A. 1. Ch. E.; Red Coal Band. Sigma Tau Sigma; Red Coat Band l-air. 1. 2; .American .Assn. of Tex. Chems and C ' olorists. Charles Richkus Hillside, N. J. Tex. Mffi. Baseball 1. 2. S, 4; Fontball 1. 2. 3, 4; Bask etball 1; Monogram Club. Iames Francis Ritchie Richfield, N. C. Elec. En r. A. I. E. E.; 1. R. E.; R. O. T. C. i, 4. George A ' . Rivenbark Goldsbnro, N. C. Mech. Engr. Theta Tau. William C. Robertson Goldsboro, N. C. Gen. Engr. R. O. T. C. i. 4, First Lt.; Honor Council 3, IiiLiAN Lawrence Robinson Hamlet, N. C. Denver Devon Robinson Jesse Morgan Robinson Mech. En r. Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Phi Clifton, N. C. Iames Wilbur Robinson Favetteville, N. C. gr. Education NorFnlk, Va. Chem. Ennr. Eta Sigma; A. S. M. E.; Engineers ' Ag r. C hlb; F. V. A. Gen. Engr. A. I. Ch. E. Council. i [82; S L n I R CLASS THE 1948 AGROmECK Waiu) Riiynh Robinson Hickory, N. C. Vocational A r. K.ipp.i Phi Kappa; I ' , F. A. Newell Estelle Rollins Fuquav Springs, N. C. Tex. Chem. and Dyeing Tompkins Tex. Soc; American Assn. Tex. Chems. and Colorists. Lester William Rose, E T Durham, N. C. Mech. Engr. A. S. M. E. 2, 3, 4; Dorm. Asst. 2, 3, 4. William Colonel Roe Asheville, N. C. hul. Enfi r. Theta Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; Vets Club; Soc. for Atlvjincemcnt of Mgt.; Southern Eu inevr; V. M. C. A.; Companion of St. Patrick; Protestant Religious Council; B. S. U. William Hugh Rollins Spindale, N. C. Tex. M t. Sigma Tau Sigma. Robert W. Rose, 2 T Telford, Pa. Mcc}}. E«gr. (Aero. Option) Freshman Swimming Manager 1; A. S. M. E.; I. Ae. S. David Rosenthal, - A M North Bergen, N. Te.v. Mffi. Hillel Rep. 4. 1 OKE RUNIIOVDE, - X Moss, Norway Tex. Mf . Ri iiAiin iMuMFORD Salisbury K i; Scotland Neck, N. C. Tex. Mg,i. Phi Psi; Tompkins Tex. Soc; Order of the Rail: Mid ' inters Dance Comni 3. |onN Phelps Ross, - X Charlotte, N. C. Gen. Eiigr. rreshman Track Maiiiiner 1 ; AoROMECK Freshman Business Man ager 1, Staff Asst. 2; Student Coun- cil Engrs. Rep. 2; Freshman Marshal I; Sigma Chi Treasurer 4. RicHARn WooTEN Russell Kinston, N. C. Aero. En r. Engineers ' Council 4; I. Ae. S. Treasurer. H. Austin Sauls, Jr.. A X A Charlotte, N. C. Tex. Mg(. Lambda Chi Alpha President 3. 4; I. F. C. 2, 3, 4; Charlotte State C ' oUegc Club Board of Directors 3 , 4; Aghomeck !. 2. Irving Gentry Rudolph Salisbury, N. C. Chetti. En r. Robert William Russell, Jr. ::: n Hish Point, N. C Mech. Engr. Thcta Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Pine Burr Soc; A. S. i l. L. Harold Benjamin Schlenger ! ' !■: T Miami, Fla. Te.v. M t. Hillcl I ' uundation; Tompkins Tex. Soc. ' alter Gipson Rumple Concord, N. C. Mcch. Etifir. A. S. M. E. Edward Charles Saleebv Wilson, N. C. Cer. E«gr. Keramos ' icc President; American Cer. Soc. Robert Perry Schmidt Raleigh, N. C. Chem. Eiigr. I ' au Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma Pre si dent 1; Gamma Sigma Epsilon Treas- urer 4; A. I. Ch. E. President 4; Engineers ' Council 2, 4; Inter-Honor Council 2; Companion of St. Patrick 1; Rifle Team 1; SoM iern Enf inccr Business Staff I, 2. 84 THE 1948 AGROmECK JosEi ' ii Seid Arnold Seligson, I ' K T Brooklyn, N. Y. Ellington, Conn. Mech. En r. Mech, En r. Pi Tau Sijjnia; A. S. M. E. Secre larv 4; Southern Engineer. Donald Miller Seltzer Edward N. Seltzer II K 4- Concord, N. C. Concord, N. C. h ' orestry Tex. Mf . i Siyma Pi; Forestry Cluh 2, 3, Phi Psi; Frehliman Funtball. 4, Vice-Prebident i; Publications Board 3, 4; Pi Ne ' I ' lim Business Manager. Thomas Vance Setzer Dave Waring Sewell, 2 X Randleman, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Elec. En r, Cer. Enff r. Phi Eta Sigma; Thirty and Three; Blue Kev; Golden Chain; Keranios; American Cer. Soc; Companion of St. Patrick I; Engineers ' Council 2; -A-n-Campus Football 1; All-Campus Boxing 2; Social Function C ' Dinni. ; Class President 3. Siisipu jiuai it.too " ' [IP C. Pits ' ' ■ S E n I R C L R S S Emerson Eston Sharpe Burlington, N. C. Mech. Ertgr. Intramural Sports i; Technician 3. John Harold Sharpe Burlington, N. C. Aniinul Ind, H-H Supper Club Historian 1 , President 2; Agr. Club: Wrestlinu 1 ; Agr. Fair 3, 4: Livestock Day 1, 3. Robert Morehead Shepherd K A Weldon, N. C. Ind. Eni r. A. I. Ch. E.; S. 1. H. James Ewart Sherrill Terrell, N. C. .4gr. Eciitcatiun Aor. Club; ¥. V. A.; Kappa Phi Kappa. Lowell Andrew Shive, 2 X Gastonia, N. C Tex. Chem. and Dye ing Phi Psi; Tompkins Tex. Soc. Secre- tary; Honor Comra. Charles L. Shuford. Jr. Arden, N. C. Aero. En r, I. Ae. S.; Monogram Club; Track I, 2, 3; Technician 3; Agromeck 4. Edward Morris Shuford Faveiteville, N. C Ind. En r. Robert Douglas Sidnam New York, N. Y. Elec. Ertgr. M. Shevel Siff, i; A M Winston-Salem, N. C. Pi Kappa Delta; I. F. C; Tompkins ' lex. Soc; Debating Team 3, 4; Hillel Soc. Treasurer 3; Swimming 1; Sigma .Alpha Mu Pledge Master 4. Irvin Ashby Sigmon, — X Reidsville, N. C. Arch. En r. Beaux Arts Soc. 1, 2, 3. ■). Richard Stanley Silberman New York, N. Y. Tex. M t. Herbert J. Singletarv Lumberton, N. C. Anitital Ind. Agr. Team 3. Club; Livestock Jud inu 86 IBBLL c. S E n I R C L R S S ,Y. li THE 1948 RGROmECK Charles Boyce Sink I.fxinyton. . C. Kvitlitif Si iiKi ' lau Siyma President 4; Hand 2; Gke Club 2; Tompkins lex. Sou. 1, 2, 3, 4. Benjamin Atwood Skinner, ]n. II K A Charlotte, N. C. Arch. Eugr. Golden Chain; Blue Key; Thirty and Three President 2, 3; Beaux Arts Soc.; Publications Board 4; Track 1, 2; Agromeck Editor 4; Class Vice-President 1; Class Secre- tary ' 2; Pi Kappa Alpha Treasurer 3. Andrew Wilson Smith, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Elec. En r. Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; A. I. E. E. Fred M. Sizemore, ]k. Concord, N. C. Tex. Chem. uiiil liycinn Phi Psi; Tvxlih- lorum 2. JOSEPH Franklin Smart II K A Concord, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Phi Psi; Tompkins Tex. Soc; Foot ball I; Wrestling 1; Watau an; Class Vice-President 2; ,A11-Campus Intra mural Football. George Watson Smith, ATP Charlotte, N. C. Forestry Alpha Zeta; Vets Club; Forestry Club; Campus Government 2, Secre- tary 4; Pi Ne Turn 4. Guy Hugh Smith Oak Ridge, Tenn. Herman Francis Smith Roseboni, N. C. James Thomas Smith, - High Point, N. C. X John Warren Smiih. In. Raleigh, N. G. Chem. En r. A r. Education Mech. En r. Meek. En r. A. S. M. E. Mu Beta Psi; Band I, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 3, 4; Cheerleader 2, i, 4 A. I. Ch. E. 2; A. S. M. E. 4. Lewis Jesse Smith, Jr. Cullowhee, N. C. Forestry Xi Sigma Pi; Alpha Zcta; Fi.rcstrv Clubi Pi Ne Turn. Remus John Smith, Jr., - Hillsboro, N. C. Gen. Uiif r, X Robert Irving Solow Dorchester, Mass. Forestry Xi Sigma Pi; Furestiv Club; Statiun WVWP. Frank Clyde Sowers Salisbury, N. G. Tex. Mfn. Phi Psi; Sigma Tau Sigma. Franklin Holloway Spain, Jr. Henderson, N. C Afir. Kducutioii Alphit Zeta; Kappa Phi Kappa; Blue Key; Y. M. C. A.; Agr. Club; i F. A.; Durm Asst. A riciiItHrist. James Howard Sparks Rutherfordton, N. C. Tex. Mf . i ' hi Psi; Sigma Tau Siuiiia; C; pus Government 4. m John Edwaru Spearman Greenville, N. C. Cii ' i E " gi " . A. S. C. E. Powell Tucker Speight VVinterville. N. G. • IgK Koiin iFifUl Crops) [88] THE 1948 RGROnriECh John Eugene Stacy York, S. C. Auimal liuL Ai;r. Club. David Gaston Starling Autryville, N. C. Agr. Education Thomas Neblett Stephenson Raleigh, N. C. Mech. Uii r, W ' li 1 lAM U Kinnon Stanton l .)vvlancl, N. C. I-orestry MonuKrum Club; Imitball I, 2, 3; Basi ' ball I, 2, 3. 1 Iai, Dixon Steed Asheboro, N. C. Tex. MfK. Siyma Tau Sigma; Phi Fsi; Toinp kins Tex. Soc. Joseph Everett Stevens, - X Raleiah, N. C. Aero. Btif r. Tau Bela Pi; Blue Key; I. Ae. S. C hairman 4. ilTH, !«■ S E n I R C L R S S rtJS C. f Grant Mathews Stewart Joseph Manton Stewart, - N Harold Eugene Stinson Craig Hobart Stone Lenoir, N. C. Riverside, Conn. ATP Mount Gilead, N. C. Chem. En r. Tex. Moi. Boonville, N. C. Arch. Eti f. A. I. Ch. E. Tompkins Tex. Soc; Basketball Animal hid. Theta Tau; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Manager 1; Track 1, 2; Glee Club. CTuldeii Chain; Blue Ke ' ; Thirlv and Three; Alpha Zeta; Agr. Club: Basketball 1; Aoriciiltiii-ist Business Freshman Council 1; Beaux .Arts Soc; B. S. U. Council; Southern Ettf ineer 1; I. R. C; Student Legis- Manager 3; .Agromeck 1, 2; Fresh- lature 1, 2. man Track. Gkey Ellis Stone Mount Gilead, N. C. Thomas William Stone, Jr. Elec. En r. A. I. li. E.; Theta Tau Vice-Presi dent 4; B. S. U. Council 2; Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 1. Gallatin, Tenn. Agronomy (Field Crops) .A r. Club; .Agronomy Club. Charles William Stott .i 2 WhiteviUe, N. C. A r. En r. Band. Adrian Phillip Stout Thomasville, N. C. Arch. En r. George Nial Stroupe Alfhld Rankin Stowe Paul Denny Strickland Sheldon Allen Stripling Morganton, N. C. Belmont, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Mech. Engr. Tex. MrI. Tex. M g. .-Irc i. En r. A. S. M. E. II ' [ 90) c S E n I R C L R S S THE 1948 RGROmECh NoRFLEET Lane Sugg Albert Warren Suggs Pinetops, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Afirfiitamv (field Crops) Textiles Aijr. C ' luh; Agronomy Soc. Sigma Tail Sigma; Tiimpkins Tex. Soc. . Donald Rupp Swaktz, - + !• ' Haywood Cullen Swindell Richmond, Va. Edenton, N. C. Mech. En r. Textiles (Knitting) Pi Tau Siama Secretary 3; A. S. Sigma Tau Sigma; Tompkins Tex. M. E.; Monogram Club I. F. C; Soc. Basketball 1, 2; Sigma Pi Epsilon President 4. Wiley Arnold Sykes, Jr., 2 N EbwARD Bunker Taylor Greensboro, N. C. u e n GcH. Etjor. Southport, N. C. Tex. Afgt. Beta Theta Pi; Phi Psi; Tompkins Tex. Soc; Tcvlile Forum i, Manag- ing Editor 4; Dorm. Asst. i, 4; WNCS Announcer i; WV ' WT Pro gram Director 4. James Harley Taylor, Jr. Clinton, N. C. Civil E» r. A. S. C. E. Jennings Brooks Teal McFarlan, N. C. r.lec. Uttfir. Ela Kappa Nu; Golden t:haiii-, A. I. E. E.; Entjineers " Clouncil; Wes ley FuunJution; President Student Body. Phillip Wynne Taylor Enfield, N. C. Aor. Hditcatio)i Alpha Zeta; Kappa Phi Kappa; Agr. Club; SluJent Council i; Duim. Asst. 3. Landis M. Temple Sanford. N. C. Civil En i: Edward W. Teaglie Hickorv, N. C. Tex. Chein. iiud Dyeing S ' lanvd Tau Siyma; Phi Kanpa Phi; Tompltiiis Te. . Sue; A. A. T. C. C; Plii Psi. Charles Hubert Thomas Cieenviile, N. C. Imh Eiiijr. Franklin Jewel Teaghe Liberty, N. C. AuiiUitl Iiiti. Y. M. C. A. Secretary 2, Treasurer 4, Cabinet 2, 3, 4, Buard of Uirccturs; Agr. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Animal Ind. Club; State CoUefie Hamlbouk Busi- ness Manajjcr 2, 4; A rkiiltttri t Associate Editor i, 4; Publicatiuns Board; Li estuck Da Cuiuiu. i. DoRSEY O. Thomas, Jr., A A •! ' Scheneciady, N. Y. Clu tugr, LoY l ' iu NK Thompson. 2:1 X New Bern. N. C. C ' Cii. lin r. I iiuiiux ' is ' CUjuntil 2. i. Treasurer •4; Advisory Bi ard SoiitiierM Engineer; A. S. C. E.; Student Council 2. Redding A. Tiiomp.son, Jr. Kinston, N. C. Civil Eit r. A. S. C. E. PiOBERT Lee Thompson, Jr. T K E Hallsboro, N. C. Aor. Hunr. I. Ae. S.; Aur. Cluh; A. S. A. E.; Wutcmnuit 1, 2, i: Tr.iffic Di;ettui ' et ille; Vets .Assn. : . Zane Furr Thompson Ciiillurd College. N. C. Anh. Iin r. Beaux Arts Sue; ' eis Club. [92 THE 1948 RGROITIECK W ' n i,iAM Ki:rTii riii)i NroN West Point, Va. Tex. I I«(. Siytnii Tail Siema; Foreslrv Cliih; International Relations Club; Tomp- kins Tex. Soc; ' ets Club President and Seeretarv 2; Y. M. C. A. 2, 3, 4: W ' lNC ' S Announcer; Social 1-unc tions C ' onim.; Student Personnel Comm.; Acti ■itv Tec Allocation C ' omm.; Class President 2; Dorm. Asst. 2. 3. 4, Chief Dorm. Asst. .?; Student Legislature Registrar i; Stu- dent Council 2, ' ice-President 3, .Acting President 3; Official Guide for Legislative Tours. Jacob Davis Tomi.inson Wilson, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Tompkins Tex. Soc. Miguel Torres Torreon, Coah, Mexico Textiles Aquinas Club. I ' llOMAS MahmiAI I, I II. LEY Bahama, N. C. Mech. Kwgr. (Aero. (Jpliim) L .Ac. S.; Engineers ' Council. William Branson Tooly Belhaven, N. C. Arch. Engr. Edward Outlaw Travis, K A Scotland Neck, N. C Mech. Ettfir. Tau Beta Pi; Blue Key; Thirty and Three; Pi 7au Sigma; . . S. M. E. Tbciii ofDimw . nijDsl ! !■ ifcl B» PiibliJiMi S L n I R C L R S S .ut a VIS 0 William Lindsay Turner Rocky Mount, N. C. Vgr. EcoMomics " Red Ciwl Band h Aur rluh. Alvaro Guerrero Urdaneta Call, Colombia. S. A. Tex. Mf i. Sigma Pi Alpha; Siyma Tail Si ma; Soccer 4; Basketball 4. Thomas Randolph Uzzell, Jr. Wilson, N. C. Gen. Ewgr. Enola Mae Vail Pikeville, N. C. hiil. Arts Eihtcatioit James Monroe Vaughn Carthage, N. C. Arch. E«fir. Beaux Arts Soc. Frank Jones Veach Willard, N. C. Hortictihure Hnrticiilture Club. Donald Bernard Vick Sanford. N. C Geu. Etigr. David Pablo Villegas Mcdcllin, Colombia. S. A. Tpm. Mf . Edwin T. Wadsworth. Jr. Myrtle Beach, S. C. PJec. Engr. Scabbard anci Blade. President Co. r,; A. I. E. E.; Officers ' Club; Y. M. C. A.; R. O. T. C. 3, 4; Dorm. Assl. George Francis VA ' alker. Jr. Spring Hope, N. C. Te.v. MfK. Phi Psi: Trimpkins Te . Snc. JOHN BUNYAN WaLKER. ]r. Marion. N. C. lud. Engr. Football I, 2, Manager _ . 4. |oHN Jefferson Wallace Raleigh, N. C Chem. Eu r. A. S. Ch. E.: Alderman Ven-ille. [94: I S E n I R c L n s s THE 1948 RGROmECK Donald Lee Waro Clarence Lee Warren TliDiiiasvillc, N. C. Newton Grove, N. C. (it ' n. Eii; r. Vocatioual Affr. lU ' d Coat Band Libr:iriiin; Mii F. r. A.; As;r. Clul ; K:ippa Phi Hcea Psi; I. R. E. Ka|)pn. George Israel Watson Henry Bernard Wauc.ii Lake Landing, N. C. North Wilkesboro, N. C. Atiinial Itul. PonioJo Y Band; Agr. Club; Horticulture Club. Alvin Phillip VVaynick LoNNiE Lawrence Weathers Greensboro, N. C. n K Tex. Mfn. Wake Forest, N. C. Gen. Engr. Technician. Robert Cecil Wells, A r 1 ' Leicester, N. C. Animal hid. Alpha Zeta Censor 4; Agr. Club Treasurer 3; Animal Ind. Club Presi tienl Af Ttculturist 3, Asst. Business Manager 4; Danforth Fellowship Winner; Livestock Juding Team. Fbed West Burlington, N. C. Forestry Xi Sigma Pi; Thirt - and Three; Forestry Club. James Jernigan West Charlotte, N. C. Tex. Chent. and Dyeinft Phi Psi; Vets Assn. Treasurer; V. M. C. A.; Tompkins Tex. Snc. Secretary; Agromeck; Techuiciau; Textile Forum Circulation i Ianat»er 2, Business Manatjer ? ; Publications Board; Student Council. Benjamin Alexander White A r p Maxton, N. C. A r. En r. Agr. Club; R. O. T. C. 3. -4; Aoi. Fair; A. S. A. E. George Bryan Whitfield Asheboro, N. C. Mech. litJ r. Pi Tau Sigma 3, 4, Recording Secretary 4; A. S. M. E. 2, 3, 4; Red Coat Band 1, 2; Thcla Tau; Class Treasurer 4. James Wilton Wilkerson Sims, N. C. Anituiil Iiid. Robert Thomas Wilkerson Raleigh, N. C. llorticultitrc Agr. Cllub; llorticullurc C ' lub; Officers ' Club R. O. T. C. 1, 2, i, Maior 4; Basketball 1. -William A. Wilkerson., Jr. Concord. N. C. Mcdi. H77gr. Charles Grayson Willaud High Point, N. C. Mech. En fir. Pi Tau Sigma; A. S. ISI. li. Harry Nowell Willey Gates, N. C. Agr. Educalivn Bainbridge I . Williams Stednian, N C. Meclt. Fugr. V. M. C. A. 2, 3, 4; Ac.ROMtcK 4. DuRWOOD B. Williams Godwin, N. C. Elec. En r. [96] S L " n I R CLASS THE 1948 RGROmECh 1 Iauoi 1) Cahhoi I. Williams IliKiii A. Williams, Jr., - II Middlesex, N. C. Spencer, N. C. Mccli. En r. Afec i. Engr. Publications Board 4; Engineers ' Council 4; Son((icr« Enf incer Editor 4; Sii-ma Pi President i; I. F. C. 3; : . S. M. E. 2, i, 4. Ralph Edward Williamson Thomas Gray V ' illis. K A Wilson, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Botany Mech. En T. Pi Tau Sigma; A. S. M. E. Barrett Dallas Wilson, Jr. Charles Edwin Wilson, Jr. Raleiah, N. C. ■ Raleioh, N. C. Tex. M t. Elec. En r. Phi Psi; Monogram Club; Tomp kins Tex. Soc; Football 1. 2, Honor C :tnrm. 4. i: " tm Hugh Hayes Wilson, Jr. n K A Raleigh, N. C. James Malcolm Wilson Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Mech. En r. John Douglas Wilson Littleton, N. C. Agr. Education Willard Jay Wilson Wymore, Nebraska Geti. En r. Cer. Engr. American Cer. Soc. 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 3; Keramos 2, 3, 4, Treas- urer 3; Pi Kappa Alpha Vice Presi- dent 3; Steele Scholarship Award 2. A. S. M. E. Alpha Zeta; Kappa Phi Kappa; Agr. Club; F. F. A.; Wesley Founda- tion; Student Council 3. A. S. E. G. William Carter Winn, n K A Norfolk, Va. Land. Arch. Nash Nicks Winstead Leasburg, N. C. Af ronomy Agr. Club; Agronomy Club. George Carter Winston Asheville, N. C. Elec. Euiir, I. n. E.; Radio Club. David Aman Womble, - N Raleigh, N. C. iMu Beta Psi; Soc. of Ind. Engrs. Richard Killian Worsley 2 ! ' E Percy Wilson Woodruff, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Joseph Wesley Woollen High Point, N. C. Civil Enf r. A. S. C. E. James Thomas Wooters Kinston, N. C. Eiec. Ewgr. A. I. E. E. Greenville, N. C. Ind. E;(gr. Pi Kappa Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; S. I. E.; Aquinas Club; Debating Team. [98] s . tflnii P JT) ' S E n I R C L H S S THE 1948 AGROmECh Waliuh Allen Wouth JcfVerson, N. C. Tex. Weai ' infi and Dcsi tiiti C iiAnLEs Sylvester Wright Raleigh, N. C. Elec. E«gr. I. R. E.; Radio Club. Vincent Brown Wright, Jr. A T n Fayetteville, N. C. Tex. Chem. and Dycinf HoiiERT Andrew Wyckoff, Jr. Stanley, N. C. Tex. Ml t. Tompkins Tex. Soc. Thomas Everett Yancey Norlina, N. C. Forestry Forestry Club. Franklin Luther Yarbrough Hendersonville, N. C. Gen. En r. Edward Carson Yates, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Aero. En r. Phi Eta Sigma; I. Ac. S.; Wntau an Staff Photographer, Ralph Langdon Young Charlotte, N. C. Elec, En r. WNCS Staff. William Beattv Younger Burlington, N. C. Tex. Mat. Bryce Robert Younts Lexington, N. C. A r. Edltcation Phi Eta Siiiniii; K.njipa Phi Kajipa . r. A. Elmer Carl Yow, Jr., K - Fayetteville, N. C. Civil En r, A. S. C. E.; Red Coat Band 2; Engineers ' Council 2, 3; Swimming 1. Bert Merton Zuckerman New York, N. Y. Forestry Forestry Club; Techniciaii; Pi ISc Tutu; Slabs and Ed inos Editor; V ' ' P Prooram Director. William Leland Proctor, Jr. Durham, N. C. Imi. Etior. S. I. E. 3, 4, Publicity Cliairnian , 4; A. I. E. E. 1, 2, Vice Chairman Elect 2; Tcciniicitin 2. 3, 4, Manag- ing Editor 2. [100] THE GOLDEn CHRin Senior Honorary Golden Chain, Senior Honorarv Societv, was organized in Mav, 1926. The purpose of the societv is to promote better citizenship and leadership on the campus. In Mav each ear, twehe Juniors, considered the outstand- ing members of their class, are added to the Chain b a tapping ceremonv at the Memorial 1947 LINKS RuFus M. Dalton O. L. Miller, Jr., Arch Eegejit John D. Mackie Harold E. Stinson, Treasurer Patrick H. McDonald, Jr. I HOMAs C. Blalock, Regent B. Atwood Skinner, Jr. Dave W. Sewell Jennings B. Teal Robert C. Hinkle, Jr., Scribe Andrew J. Patton Donald B. Lampke Chapters ;: and Cold get-me-not COLLEGE CHAPTER iristalled May, 1928 HONORARY 1 E. S. King A. H. Grimshaw i C. R. Lefort C. D. Kutschinski F. H. Jeter T. C. Brown ,: C. H. Bostian 1 SENIORS ' ■A. j. Andrews j. J. Houston P. D. Page D. R. Arrowood C. R. Ibach A. J. Patton V. M. Barnes, jr D. B. Lampke M. E. Propst, Jr. C. Blalock J. D. Mackie D. W. Sewell ' " Boyter M. A. Meares B. A. Skinner, Jr. v.. Carpenter 0. L. Miller, Jr. F. H. Spain, Jr. M Dalton T. C. Milisaps H. E. Stinson Franklin W. D. Moser J. E. Stevens eman, jr. E. A. Orr E. 0. Travis kle, Jr. JUNIORS W. M. Upchurch E. G. Johnson D. E. Moreland F. A. Kendall, Jr. raternity was founded at the University of Florida in October, relief in Cod, to preserve the principles of good citizenship, and nterest of the students. It recognizes outstanding qualities in n6 service, placing equal emphasis upon leadership in student , composed of graduate and undergraduate students of all lieges and universities. This year Blue Key sponsored a abration, sponsored a dance that was extremely success- ;shman-Sophomore Pushball Contest, and cooperated with in various activities to perpetuate a more meaningful Kyj ficerd oP THE JUniOR CLRSS Robert L. Peacock President Reid D. Farrell Secretary John M. HoLMfig Vice-President Charles J. McCann Treasurer f 3fc « ,?o • ,ft o o O f O ( !C - JUniOR CLASS Heber Ray Adams Greenville, N. C. Elec. Engr. HoYLE Brannock Adams, a X a. . Hendersonville, N. C. Agr. Education Robert Lee Adams, Jr., 2 X Gastonia, N. C. Tex. Mgt. James William Aderholdt Cherryville, N. C. Aero. Engr. Robert McD. Alexander, - A E ..Greensboro, N. C. Elec. Engr. Claude William Allen, Jr Creedmoor, N. C. Agronomy ( Field Crops) Lewis Meadows Allen, 2 N Raleigh, N. C. Cer. Engr. William Russell Alley, Jr Marion, N. C. Mech. Engr. Thomas Goode Allgood, Jr Wilson, N. C. Gen. Engr. James Albert Altman Raleigh, N. C. Forestry John Watson Anderson High Point, N. C. hid. Engr. Charles E. Angel, S n Winston-Salem, N. C. Mech. Engr. Charles Gideon Anthony Shelby, N. C. Textiles Aubrey Youngue Arant, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Gen. Engr. Herbert Littleton Arey Salisbury, N. C. Robert Moore Armfield Greensboro, N. C. Gen. Engr. Louis Joseph Artioli SpringHeld, Mass. Mech. Engr. Carey Mooney Ashley Ape.x, N. C. Chein. Engr. HoBART Lyon Austin Kelford, N. C. Aninnil hid. William Ingram Austin Monroe, N. C. Poultry Science ' oN Autry, Jh Fayetteville, N. C. Mech. Engr. Walter Eugene Avery, III Brunswick, Ga. Rural Sociology Benjamin Barnes Aycock Rocky Mount, N. C. Elec. Engr. Stuart Oliver Baesel Charlotte, N. C. lrc ii(ec(iire Hoyt Q. Bailey Shelbv, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Robert Andrew Baker Rocky River, Ohio Client. Engr. Thomas Fenner Baker Summerville. S. C. Mech. Engr. James Maalon Bales Robbinsville, N. C. Elec. Engr. Frank Ingram Ballard, - II Wilmington, N. C. Arc i((ec(iire Jimmy Blair Barber, - II Mount Airy, N. C. Te. (i es John Thomas Barber, - ' I ' E ..Winston-Salem, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Worth Henley Barber, - E . .Winston-Salem, N. C. Tex. Mfg. JUniOR CLRSS - R.MIMI l!l VriU V llAKksDAl 1 . I ' K I ' . . . ll il(. lllc. N. C ' . Chi} tiiiji ' . J.xMis Jaspiu Barni:s, Jr Aiioior. N. C. Mcch. r„or. r.lH.lNL ILSD.N llAliMlAlllvr . . . . Winstuii Salciii. N. C (. ' liciii. tiiiir. Jamis Drurrr Bahmmii Cn-oiix illi-. N. C. ( it ' ll , iiiyi . BiiRNicE Wahd Baichklor. - X . . . . Nasin ille, N. C Civil Eugr. AucusTus Pitt Beam, n K . Sliolbv. N. C. linl. :ii!;r. Bkhard Franklin Bkan Winston-Salem, N. C. Mech. Eiiar. James Arthur Beard Huntersville, N. C. Horticulture Ben Irvin Beaver Spencer, N. C. Textiles Paul .Adam Bender ' Norlina, N. C. Elec. Engr. James Herbert Bennett Roanoke Rapids, N. C. hid. Eugr. Frederick William Bentzien Lvndhurst, N. J. Civil Engr. JAV Leon Berkett Bron.x, N. Y. Tex. Mfg. Joseph Babin Bernard, Jr Lenoir, N. C. Forestry Llitiier Harvey Berrier, Jr Lexington, N. C. Civil Eugr. Don Albert Biggerstaff, A T P, Bessemer City, N. C. Agr. Education Richard Quentin Bishop Cliambersburg, Pa. Foreslry David C. Black Charlotte, N. C. Textiles Floyd Norvel Blackwell, Jr., i; E ..Lenoir, N. C. Elec. Eugr. Clarence Harold Blue Vass, N. C. Civil Engr. W II iiAM Kean Boatenreiter Pineville, Ky. Elec. Engr. J. CK Alexander Bocook, - X Asheville, N. C. Cen. Engr. Ja.mes Edgar Bost Eagle Springs, N. C. Gen. Eugr. Arnold W. Boswell Bailey, N. C. Forestry John Ivehson Boswell, Jr South Hill, ' a. Dairy Mfg. D.wiD Lee Bouldin, Jr., T K K High Point, N. C. Clieni. Engr. David Len Bowen, A I ' 1 ' Burlaw, N. C. Entomology C.HADY ' asiiinc;ton Bovvers ..Jackson Heights, N. Y. Mech, Engr. Walter Henry Bowers Norwood, N. C. Agr. Education Steve Gaddy Boyce Wadesboro, N. C ' . Eorestry Wade Hampton Boyd. Jr., K T ..Charlotte, N. C. Tex. Client. Dyeing Robert Edvv ' ard Boyette Goldsboro, N. C. Forestry f ? o i ilii 1 TS m CT I % -o . is - ' ' - l f J l iH - JUniOR CLRSS Norman Edward Brake Glenwood, Iowa Elec. Engr. Charles Eugene Branscomb ..Winston-Salem, N. C. Mech. Engr. James Arthur Branscomb ....Winston-Salem, N. C. Mech. Etigr. Ernest Owen Bransford, Jr. ..Winston-Salem, N. C. Mech. Engr. Kenneth Edward Brantley Zebulon, N. C. Agr. Education Levie Clayton Bridger, Jr., II K A .Bladenboro, N. C. Textiles William Alfred Britt, A i t Wendell, N. C. Agr. Econ. Clarence Alvin Broadway Norman, N. C. Forestry King Richard Brose New York, N. Y. Mech. Engr. Abram Pressley Brower Staley, N. C. Mech. Engr. William Alexander Brower Wadesboro, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Allan Rudolph Brown Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Gen. Engr. James Edward Brown, Jr., II K A ..Greensboro, N. C. Textiles James Quinton Brown Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Textiles Richard Adolphus Brown, A 22 f ... .ClifFside, N. C. Gen. Engr. Marshall Gaither Bryant .... Winston-Salem, N. C. Mech. Engr. William Lawrence Bryant Stedman, N. C. Agr. Education Joseph Redding Bulla Asheboro, N. C. Ind. Engr. Ralph Mitchelle Bullock Charlotte, N. C. Agr. Econ. Carl Frithjoff Burkhardt Cleveland, Ohio Tex. Mfg. V ' illiam Sanford Burnette, Jr Canton, N. C. Aero. Engr. Robert Carroll Burris Asheville, N. C. Wildlife Conserx ' ation and Mgt. Robert Leslie Butchart, Jr Greensboro, N. C. Gen. Engr. Sam Byrd Bunnlevel, N. C. Mech. Engr. WooDROw Wilson Cameron Erwin, N. C. Textiles Edwin Thomas Cansler, IIL i: E . .Charlotte, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Shelton Carl Canter, K - Wilkesboro, N. C. Arch. Engr. John De Witt Carroll ....Guilford College, N. C. Agr. Education John Phillip Carroll Raleigh, N. C. F oricMlture Baxter Wilson Carter, A X A Denton, N. C. Tex. Mfg. William H. Cartwright, Jr. ..Elizabeth City, N. C. Cii ' il Engr. Ray Calvin Gates Statesville, N. C. Agr. Education JUniOR CLRSS - CtAiTiiuis M MuiN Ckcil, Jh Grccnsboro, N. C. Textiles JiuiN Willis Ciiai ' tllbar, Jr Cavington, Va. Arc Ji. Efigr. Ai viN Gaines Chason Canton, N. C. Teacher Edjtcation Jum: I IiiwAim Cheek Laurinbury, N. C. ' iV ( fs Joseph Nance Chesson, ' L ' K K Wilson, N. C. Gen. Engr. ' illl m Russell Chinnis Wilmington, N. C. Xe. l Watts Ciiristenbury Charlotte, N. C. Poultry Science Paul E. Church. Jr. . . ' North Wilkesboro, N. C. Dairy sMfg. William Morris Clark, K i; Lexington, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Arthur Austin Cline Tavlorsville, N. C. Client. Engr. Edward Lamar Cloyd, Jr., - E ... .Raleigh, N. C. Landscape Arch. Kenneth Leo Coble, - N Budington, N. C. Civil Engr. Ralph Parker Coble, Jr., - A E . .Greensboro, N. C. Elec. Engr. D. RwiN Lafayette Coburn . . . . Robersonville, N. C. Gen. Engr. William Homer Cochrane, Jr Franklin, N. C. Agr. Education Arnold Herbert Cohen, 2 A M Bron.x, N. Y. Tex. Mfg. Rodney Lee Coleman, Jr., - X . . . .Burlington, N. C. Textiles John Samuel Collie Goldsboro, N. C. Civil Engr. Douglas Allen Collins Plymouth, N. C. Cer. Engr. Ernest Colton Hendersonville, N. C. Ind. Engr. Walter C. Comer, Jr., - X High Point, N Tex. Chem. Dyeing IsHMAEL Neal Cook Martinsville, Aero. Engr. Gradv C. Cooke, Jr., i: E ... .Winston-Salem, N Gen. Engr. Donald Frederick Corlett Raleigh, N Gen. Engr. Henry A. Corriher. Jr., -i i + . . Hendersonville, N. Elec. Engr. Ted Floyd Corriher, A r P Lincolnton, N Field Crops Boyce Young Cotton Marion, S Mech. Engr. James Bernard Coward Asheville, N hid. Engr. Hugh Lenneous Cox Greensboro, N. C. Civil Engr. Robert Frantclin Craig Stanley, N. C. Textiles James Milton Cranford Asheboro, N. C. Mech. Engr. William Earl Critz Kannapolis, N. C. Tex. Mfg. f r jp " (f o n " Tm r mm i a O f P ' o o p o o •a, ' «. f. ,T-a» ««: f. M " T: , O r n r n O T) C . - JUniOR CLASS Delwin Rudolph Croom Bolton, N. C. Aero. Engr. William Edwin Crumley, - ! E ... .Charlotte, N. C. Mech. Engr. Arthur B. Culbertson, Jr., K i) ... .Goldsboro, N. C. Cer. Engr. Armstrong Barr.att Cullen, " I " K T ....Dover, Del. Mech. Engr. Robert Eugene Currin, III ....Rocky Mount, N. C Agronomv Robert Thomas Currin, - ' I " K ....Littleton, N. C. Chem. Engr. LiNvvooD Clayton Dail W ' interville, N. C. Civil Engr. Richard Edward Dailey Charlotte, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Fred Dameron Bessemer City, N. C. Field Crops Charles Kenneth Davis, Jr Wilmington, N. C. Ind. Engr. Richard Joe Davis Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engr. Turner Stephen Davis Troy, N. C. Forestry Billy Hamrick Davis Shelby, N. C. Gen. Engr. John Otto Dayvault, Jr Kannapolis, N. C. Mech. Engr. John Robert Deal Newton, N. C. Gen. Engr. Edward Woodall Dean Louisburg, N. C. Agr. Engr. Wilbur Thurston Debnam Zebulon, N. C. Tex. Mfg. William Wallace DeLaney Charlotte, N. C. Elec. Engr. Andrew George Demko Princeton, N. J. Aero. Engr. Jack Franklin Dermid Charlotte, N. C. Wildlife Comervalion and i lgl. Jason Basil Deyton, Jr., H K , .Spruce Pine, N. C. Elec. Engr. Leslie Glenn Dick Greensboro, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Robert Lacy Dick, III Tryon, N. C. Civil Engr. James Lineback Diehl Winstnn Salem, N. C ' . Elec. E-nar. William II. Dillingham, II K . . . . . Ashex ille, N. C. Ti;A(i es Ralph Lee Dixon, Jr Winston-Salem, N. C. Ind. Engr. Grover Cleatus Dobbins Dobson, i . C. Agronomy {Field Crojis ' l James Velvia Dobbins Rockingham, N. C. Cheni. Fngr. Milton Doyle Lakewood, N. J. Aero. K»gr. Millard Turner Dozier, K ::; ..Rocky Mount, N. C. Elec. Engr. Albert William Dugan Fayetteville, N. C. Gen. Engr. Gordon Duke Dlincan Daytona Beach, Fla. Agr. Chem. JUniOR CLASS - CiiiBFnr X ' iNciNi DiiiiiiAM li.tU ' ii;!!. N. C. Forestry JOHN I Ii NRv nuiTON Waclcsliorci. N. C. .• i;r. l»gr. l i)Bti!T Bhadli V tAGLES Macclcsliold, N. C. Gen. A r. W ' n I I i I ' l I swoivrii Eni-:Ns ' ,isliint;lnn, N. C C " n i7 l-iigr. Amiiui! Josi i ii Tdler i York. N. V. forestry Caiu ION I.hwis liinvAKiJs lici.Miciki ' Rapids, N. C. Civil liigr. CiiAiii Ks Elvin Eowaros Norlina, N. C. Mech. Eiigr. J. C. r-DWARDs Mars Hill, l . C. Elcc. lingr. I ' m I II i iiwARDs Uurango, Colorado Elec. Engr. WiLiiwi BoREN Edwards Aslievillc, N. C. Mech. Eiigr. George Leland Ellis Goldsboro, N. C. Cell. Agr. Robert Goodson Ellis Gastonia, N. C. Cheiii. Engr. JiiiiN r.ciLAND English, Jr., - II Monroe, N. C. Te . Mgl. Webster C. English, Jr., II K A, Winston Salem, N. C. Mech. Engr. Edgar Deaver Enloe Gilkcy, N. C. Agr. Education David Asa Erb Wyomissing, Pa. Mech. Engr. Max Gettys Erwin Forest City, N. C. Animal Ind. Lee Rovve Etheridge Franklintcm, N. C. Gen. Engr. X ' ernie Vestal Everhart, Jr Lexington, N. C. A fee ?. Engr. Reid Dwyer Farrell. n K A Gastonia, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Carl Wesley Farriss, II K A Charlotte, N. C. Mech. Engr. John Foster Faulk Jonesboro, N. C. Arc ii(ectiirc Billy Brown Fesperman Badin, N. C. Gen. Engr. Robert Allen Fields St. Joe, Ark. Agr. Chem. .Mario Louis Fillippeli, Jr.. K A ..Greensboro, N. C. Textiles FIarold Auburn Finch Wilson, N. C. Agronomy (Field Crops) Albert Arpad Fischer, - A .M ... .Long Beach, . Y. Tex. Mfg. Cecil Rav Fisher Salisbury, N. C. Textiles Harry Ogburn Fishel, Jr., K A Baughan, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Dudley Bruton Fitzgerald, 2 X Candor, N. C. Textiles Robert Daniel Flake Wadesboro, N. C. Agronomy John Hardy Flanagan Greenville, N. C. Agronomy B. i 45 ■J. ip (Ti f r;,. p o P n CT D O CT 4 ff p ri o O CT f - f c o IWp ' } ' O O f t! . ill i ii!k i ft t f? ' I!!?5 - JUniOR CLRSS Stephen Goodyear Flannagan ....Henderson, N. C. Mech. Eugr. BuELL PiTTMAN Floyd, 2 11 Trenton, N. J. Ind. Engr. Frank Powers Fonvielle, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Cer. Engr. Gaswell Pate Forehand, Jr., - A E ....Vienna, Ga. Chevi. Engr. Walter Thomas Foreman, Jr., - E, Charlotte, N. C. Ge«. Engr. James Richard Fowler, A X A ....Burlington, N. C. Gen. Engr. James Vernon Fox, Jr., IT K t .... Randleman, N. C. Mech. Engr. Fred Roy Foyles LaGrange, N. C. Agr. Education Thomas Hendricks Franks, Jr., Hendersonville, N. C. Mech. Engr. Donald Glenn Freeman, IT K A ..Greensboro, N. C. Arch. Engr. William Ross Freshwater, Jr. . . Burlington, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Rubin Robert Friedman, ' i ' E T . . . .Elmhurst, N. Y. Tex. Mgt. Grady Reed Fuller Louisburg, N. C. Fores fry Fred Jordan Fullington Greensboro, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Gerald Winston Furbee Wenona, N. C. Agr. Engr. William Wade Furr Raleigh, N. C. Aero. Engr. Edward Milton Gale, 2AM ....New York, N. Y. Textiles James Hall Gardn er, 2 N Shelbv, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Robert Raynor Garey, K 2 ... .Wilmington, N. C. Chem. Engr. George Curtis Gasperson, Jr Arden, N. C. Gordon Alexander Gatlin Charlotte, N. C. Textiles Benjamin Earl Gay Wilson, N. C. Civil Engr. Roland Bruce Geddes Falls Church, Va. Fore.slr Wilisurt Hale Geddes Falls Church, Va. Forestry Joseph Russell Gill Charlotte, N. C. Mech. Engr. Thomas Cline Gill, n K ■! Kittrell, N. C. lrc ii(ecf»re Thomas Gillam, III, K A U ' indsor, N. C. Agriculture Otis Bush Glasgow Portsnunith, Va. Elec. Engr. William Leigh Glasgow Littleton, N. C. Mech. Engr. John Melvin Glenn, - X Gatesville, N. C. Mech. Engr. Eugene Glock, 2 A JI Brooklyn. N. Y. Agr. Chem. Stuart Atwood Glover, Jr Wilson, N. C. Asr. Edtication JUniOR CLASS - CoMANN Danifl Gi)i-i Wilson, N. C. 7V. . Mfg. Eugene Goi n. 1AM Brooklvn. N. Y. Tex. Afjjl. Ill] IAN MiiHH GoLDSTON Concorcl, N. C. Tex. Clit ' iii. £- Dvc ' iiig Thomas Moore Good C ' harlotic, N. G. Tex. Kiiim ' iii; Andrew Mikl Gom n Raleigh, N. C. MecJt. I iigr. loiiN Thomas Gould Smithlukl. X. C. Civil Eiigr. Worth Austin Graham, Jr Elkin, N. C. Mech. E»gr. Gharles William Grandy, Jr McCoIl, S. G. Tex. Mfg. Ernest Garter Grant Windsor, N. C. Elec. Etigr. Carson Hollowell Grantham . . . .Greensboro, N. G. Arch. Eiigr. MoNTiOE Allen Greenbaum. -AM. .New York. N. Y. Tex. Mgt. Basil Greene Camden, N. J. yiech. Eiigr. Edwin Bland Gregg Charlotte, N. C. Gen. Eiigr. Sonny Charles Gresham Oakboro, N. C. Geii. Eiigr. QuENTiN Lewis Griffin Spindale, N. C. Cer. Eiigr. David Truett Grigg, A 2 Gastonia, N. C. Mech. Engr. Noah Jefferson Grimes, Jr., - X, China Grove, N. C. Elec. Eiigr. Lawrence J. Guntvt Reidsville, N. C. j4gr. Education Rich. rd Gustafson Biltmore, N. C. Chein. Eiigr. Jack Donald Guthrie Gates, N. C. Forestry Leland Frank Hall Elmira, N. Y. Mech. Engr. William E. Hall, ATP Y ' adkinville. N. C. Animal Ind. William Judd Halladay, Jr Greensboro, N. C. Jnd. Engr. Charles David Ham Goldsboro, N. C. Elec. Engr. John Hyatt Hammond, A X A Farmer, N. C. Architecture Arthur Handley, Jr., A X A . . Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Arch. Engr. Charlie Lee Hardee Greenville, N. C. Te.Y. Mgt. Floyd Isom Harper. Jr., - X Charlotte, N. C. Ind. Engr. William Richard Harper Greensboro, N. C. Aero. Engr. George Oliver Harrell, A X Raleigh, N. C. Cer. Engr. Carl Boyd Harrelson, Jr Cherr TilIe, N. C. Field Crops Arthur Robert Harris Moorestown, N. J. Forestry » e . ::-V r J© D I « lO Cr Cl f t O D S w Bfriiit-Ml JUniOR CLASS Charles Anderson Harris, Jr., 2 X . .Roxboro, N. C. Tex. Mgt. EvERETTE Grayson Harris High Point, N. C. Mech. Engr. Ralph Copeland Harris Candor, N. C. Agr. Econ. John Landrum Hawkins, - N Shelby, N. C. Textiles Donald Lewis Hayes High Point, N. C. Mech. Engr. Frank Madison Hayes Thomasville, N. C. Elec. Engr. Thomas Thurman Hayes, Jr., - X . .Santord, N. C. Arch. Engr. William Gwynne Head, Jr., - i E, Wihnington, N. C. Elec. Engr. Alfred Herman Hecht Norhna, N. C. Civil Engr. Richard Louis Hedgepeth Warrcnton, N. C. Elec. Engr. Henry Houston Helms, Jr Wa.xhaw, N. C. Elec. Engr. Robert Percy Helms, n K . . . Ruthcrfordton, N. C. Textiles Cline McFarland Hendrick, K A ... .Chffside, N. C. Tex. Mfg. David Kincaid Henkle Mount Holly, N. C. Geii. Engr. U ' illiam Elmore Henry Rocky Point, N. C. Horticulture Raymond Martin Hepler Greensboro, N. C. Arch. Engr. Marlin Jake Harring LaGrange, N. C. Agr. Education RuEus Konder Herring Thomasville, N. C. Ind. Engr. Solomon Phillip Hersh, - A Jl, Winston-Salem, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing Earl Warren Hessee Morchcad City, N. C. Chcni. Engr. Fred Robert Hicks, H K A High Point, N. C. j ec i. Engr. Tommy Osborne Hill Mt. Airy, N. C. Gen. Engr. Paul Eugene Hine, A i; + ....Winston-Salem, N. C. Chem. Engr. Edward Hugh Hines, - II Mount Airy, N. C. Textiles Clitus Leo Hinton Prineeton, N. C. Elec. Engr. Ibrahim Tiryes Hlass Jaffa, Palestine Mech. Engr. Ralph Lee Hobbs Charlotte, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Robert Thomas Hobbs Raleigh, N. C. Elec. Engr. RuEus Stanc ' IL Hodges Washington, N. C. hid. Engr. Paul Thomas Hodul, T K E New York, N. Y. Forestr) ' Joseph FIenry Hoffman Lincolnton, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing Jule Carr Holland, Jr., n K A Raleigh, N. C. hut. Engr. i JUniOR CLASS JiiiiN ' Fi 1 11)1 I I liii I i)u 1 II KkIi Sini.iri ' . N. C. .Ayr. liigr. C.MU lloiMis. In., K :; S.iiii;.id. N. C. 7V.V. Mfo. |v ns 1 1 Midi 1) Holmes Ralcioli, N. C. Tex. Cbeni. £• Uyciiiij John MtXiiii Holmes, K ii Sanlnrd. ' . C. Cer. Eiigr. W II luiR F ' H.VNKLiN HoNEYcuTT . . . . C.ri-cnsboro, N. C 7V. . Mfo. t ' .MViN ' asiiinc;ton Hood SlurrilK lord, N. C. Civil F.ngr. E.MiL Frank I Ioover Lenoir, N. C. fii i7 liiigr, Wiiiiwi |ini N I IciRii Ualeigh, N. C. lilec. tiigr. HiKMi Jarvis Horne, Jr Roanoke Rapids, N. C. C7ie?». Etigr. Raymond Lewis Horne Charlotte, N. C. Forestry Robert Franklin Horne Burlington, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Irvin Charles Horwitz, - A II St. Louis, Mo. Tex. Mfg. Asa V. Hosmer, A i; 1. Charlotte, N. C. Gen. Engr. Frank Xeal Houston, - X Charlotte, N. C. Geu. Engr. John Kidd Houston Pageland, S. C. Tex. .Mfg. James Lee Higgins Carv, N. C. Civil Eiigr. Milton W ' ycliffe Hudson, T K E ....Wilson, N. C. Gen. Engr. James Crovvell Huneycutt, Jr. . .Kannapolis, N. C. Civil Engr. Ernest Cleveland Hunt, Jr Fl enderson, N. C. Mech. Engr. Francis Earle Hunt, Jr O.xford, N. C. Agr. Field Crops Glenn Davis Hunt, ATP Dallas, N. C. Agr. Education Robert Taylor Hunt Charlotte, N. C. Gen. Engr. Henri Huse ' Chapel Hill, N. C. Mech. Engr. Fred James Hutchinson Hendersonvillc, N. C. Mech. Engr. Thomas Bryan Ivester I awndale, N. C. Arthur John Jabbusch Lorain, Ohio Cer. Engr. Ofco W ' lLBERT Jackson Goldsboro, . C. Agr. Education Henry William Jacobs Greensboro, N. C. Tex. A gf. Frank VVylie Jarvis, Jr Spindalc, N. C. Elec. Engr. Sidney Earle Jennette, Jr., fl K . . Henderson, . . C. Geii. Engr. George Julius Jernigan, Jr., - N Dunn. X. C. Architecture Horace Jernigan Louisburg, N. C. E)igi»ieeri»!g c o o o r r i c ij - 4 O O O c:) ' p C) a v A- O O ti f O d £i - JUniOR CLASS Henry London Jerome Pittsboro, N. C. Civil Engr. John London Jerome Pittsboro, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing Arthur Eugene Johnson Charlotte, N. C. Mech. Engr. Ernest Graham Johnson Mt. Gilead, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Hampton Gray Johnson, 2 N Greensboro, N. C. Forestry Samuel Atkins Johnson Raleish, N. C. Mech. Engr. Vernon Lee Johnson Mt. Gilead, N. C. Elec. Engr. William Harvey Johnson Germanton, N. C. Elec. Engr. Charles Irving Jones Micro, N. C. Agr. Education James Henry Jones, n K A . . • Charlotte, N. C. Textiles Marvin Ray Jones Kinston, N. C. Spec. Agr. Ray Alvis Jones Winston-Salem, N. C. Elec. Engr. Wade Thomas Jones Winston-Salem, N. C. Forestry Arthur Edward Jurman Matawan, N. J. hid. Efigr. Maurice Ashton Kearney Greensboro, N. C. Chem. Engr. Harold Franklin Keels Greensboro, N. C. Chem. Engr. Charles Rohert Keller Raleigh, N. C. William Frohock Kelly, II K A ....Raleigh, N. C. Textiles Fred Algie Kendall, Jr., II K t Johns, N. C. Agr. Soils Eugene Russell Kenney, III Dayton, Ohio Mech. Engr. William Turner Kenyon Raleigh, N. C. Agr. Econ. Thomas Alvin Kepley Hickory, N. C. Arc ii(ec(i(re Homer Ronald Ketchie Kannapolis, N. C. Chem. Engr. Helen Kay Lodge, S. C. Animal Ind. Willard Duke Kimbrell, - X Gastonia, N. C Tex. Mgt. David Edward King Wilmington, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing Hurley Dalton King, 2 E . . Winston-Salcm, N. C. Civil Engr. Claude Keith Kirby Charlotte, N. C. Cer. Engr. Thomas Eusebius Kirby, Jr Raleigii, N. C. Gcii. tiigr. Nicholas Klemm, Jr Pleasantville, N. J. Gen. Engr. James William Kluttz China Grove, N. C. Cii ' i( Engr. George Alton Knight, Jr Winston-Salem, N. C. Cer. Engr, I JUniOR CLASS Kenneth Ramsey Knight, - X ....lliiih Point. N. C. Ind. Engr. Benjamin Franklin Knott, ,i - " I " . . . .Clarks illc, Va. Agr. tii.qr. Piiii IP Smiimwick Knowles iiulMir. N. C (Vr. l-itar. JOHN Allen Knox Cleveland, N. C. Anhiiiit liid. Norman Korostoff. ' I ' 1 ' T ...Far Rockawav. N. Y. Tex. Mfo. ZiiHEiR Anwer Kotob Damascus, Syria Tex. Cheiii. Dvciiig Harris Robert Lambe Asheboro, N. C. Architecture George James Lamprinakos Asheville, N. C. Geii. Eiigr. Paul James Lamprinakos, T K K ....Asheville, N. C. Ind. Etigr. Edward Earl Langston Rockv Point, N. C. Agr. Education Needham Walton Langston Four Oaks, N. C. hid. Engr. James Franklin Lankford Kannapolis, N. C. Agr. Econ. William Henry Laurence Rocky Mount, N. C. Elec. Engr. Thoal s Ranson Lawing, a r r Charlotte, N. C. Agr. Engr. John Louis Lawrence Lexington, N. C. Elec. Engr. Henry Armistead Lee Hampton, Va. Robert Earl Lee Raleigh, N. C. Gen. Engr. John Campbell Leitch Raleigh, N. C. Ghent. Engr. Stanley Amedie L ' Heureux Marlboro, N. H. Textiles Joseph Peter LeVasseur Hartford, Conn. Ind. Engr. Myron Elliott Levenson. - .A M . . Hartsdale. N. Y. Tex. Mfg. D. viD Levinson, - A . I Fairmont, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Kenneth Coolidge Link Granite Falls. N. C. Mech. Engr. DuARD C. Linn, Jr Landis, N. C. Cer. Engr. Jack Deane Liverman Elizabeth City, N. C. Civil Engr. Robert Thomas Lloyd, Jr Asheboro, N. C. Mech. Engr. William Woodson Lloyd Greensboro, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Wen-Hu Loh Shanghai, China Tex. Knitting Leak Gibson Lovin, Jr., n K . Roanoke, Va. Tex. .Mgt. Paul Leon Lovington Hempstead, N. Y. Aero. Engr. Arthur Buren Mackie, ATP ... . Yadkinville, N. C. Animal Ind. Thomas Grant Macon Mt. Airy, N. C. Tex. Knitting C) cs r tr- -O ( ( o bk 4S iti i ! . fTj - O 111 - JUniOR CLASS James T. Maddrey, Jr., -i S ' t ... .Rockingham, N. C. Elec. Engr. Fred McIlhenny Mallison Washington, N. C. Mech. Engr. John Epward Maneb Charlotte, N. C. Elec. Engr. William Edward Mangum Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engr. Herbert Charles Marshall. Jr Rose Hill, N. C. Cen. Engr. Paul Mashburn, Jr Chadbourn, N. C. Mech. Engr. V ' iLLiAM Donald Mason Princeton, N. C. Mech. Engr. Gerald Phillips Matthews Nashville, N. C. Gen. Engr., James William Matthews Chcraw, S. C. Elec. Engr. Samuel Davidson Mauney, Jr Newton, N. C. Elec. Engr. Jack Manning May Winston-Salem, N. C. Civil Engr. John Milton May Winterville, N. C. Agronomy {Eield Crops) Carey W. McCachern, Jr., - n, Winston Salem, N. C. Mech. Engr. Charles Joseph McCann Charlotte, N. C. Mech. Engr. Charles Bernard McCants Andrews, S. C. Agronomy Langdon Townsend McCormick ..McDonald, N. C. Agr. Econ. William Neill McCormick St. Pauls, N. C. Arch. Engr. Ervin Wesley McCulloch Rockwell, N. C. Elec. Engr. Joseph Minetree McDowell, H K A, Gcjldsboro, N. C. Gen. Engr. Alan Marshall McGee, Jr Winston-Salem, N. C. Chcm. Engr. Edward Jacob McGinness New Haven, Conn. Mech. Engr. Donald Harris McGinnis, i N, Kings Mountain, N. C. Cer. Engr. XA ' illiam Butler McIntyre Red Oak, N. C. Civil Engr. Julius Van McKinney, Jr., T K K Hickory, N. C. Textiles Harold Francis Mc Knight China Grove, N. C. Mech. Engr. Foil William McLaughlin Moorcs ille, N. C. Agronomy (Field Crops) Thomas Kesler McLaughlin Cleveland, N. C. Cen. Engr. Charles Stewart McLean Ilclmont, N. C Julian Ioiin Mc ' Lean Greensboro. N. C Tex. Mfg. John Arnold McLeod, Jr Jonesboro, N. C. Dniry Mfg. Roger Traxler McManus Altadena, Calif. Tex. Mfg. Calvin Wingate McMillen Stedman, N. C. Aar. Education JUniOR CLASS CiuovtR C. McN ' aiu. Jii.. - ' I ' I " . .Winston Salcni. X. C. Arch. J-ii.sjr. John Tinsley Meadok Union, S. C. Mec i. iiiigr. !i! Mis I iMouNTTE Meier, Jh. . .W ' ilminijton. N. C. Archileclurc AmiAM ll uoiii) Mhrritt, Jr., - II ..Mi. ; ii . N. C. Elec. fciigr, RoBEHi I-nwARn MrRRirr, IT K . ..Mount .Airv. N. C. Eh-c. ii-r. Yung Mi ui Miao Jsinan, C ' hin.i .Altv i. fiigr. InviN Sii.i.iis MicHALOVE Forest City. N. C. Elec. Eiigr. t uMsii.s Mariix Michie, Jr., - X . . . . Uoxhoro, N. C. Tex. Mgt. James Grayson Middletdn Wilmiiiijlon. N. C. Tex. Mfg. 1 low ARi) 15ovcE Midgette Bu.xton. N. C Gen. Eiigr. Elbert W ' li i is Midyette. Jr Belhaven, N. C Geii. Eiigr. Edward Rav Miller Boonville, N. C. Agr. Education CiRADV W ' li SON Miller. Jr Yadkinville, N. C. Animal hid. Menry Grady Miller. Jr Hickory, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing Hansel Brady Millican, IT K A ..Greensboro, N. C. Textiles Aldred Leon Millman Gastonia, N. C. Tex. Knitting Robert Wade Mills, - X Raleigh, N. C. Cer. Engr. Charles ,M. Mitchell, Jr Winston-Salem, N. C. Aero. Engr. Jon Franklin Mitchell, A X A Denton, N. C. Geii. E»gr. John Haroi d Moffitt Old Fort, N. C. Mech. Engr. Benjami.n Dail Moore, Jr Stokes, N. C. Textiles Henry Clem Moore, Jr Reidsvillc. N. C. Elec. Engr. James Harrison Moore, - IT Asheboro, N. C. Textiles John Sult Moore, - X Tampa, Fla. Chem. Engr. Maitiiew Samuel Moore. IT K A . . Favetteville, N. C. Forestry Philip St. John Moore Norfolk, Va. Mech. Engr. Vaughn O. Moore, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Mech. Eiigr. William Floyd Moore, Jr Matthews, N. C. Allium! Ind. Edward W. Pou Movan, II K A ... .Henderson, N. C. hid. Engr. Donald Edwin Moreland, A I " 1 ' ... .Springfield, Mass. Eorestry KiZER Dewiit M organ. Jr Tarboro, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Leonard Lafayette Morgan, Jr Raleigh, X. C. Gen. Engr. O O f ,C) ( r: fs c ft m k ■ -C) .p Cj. J v 11 o n .« m. t Mk - JUniOR CLRSS Thomas Jerome Morgan Peachland, N. C. Agronomy John McKnight Morrow Albemarle, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Richard Alexander Morrow Albemarle, N. C. Elec. Engr. Vernon Floyd Moss, III Wilson, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Benjamin Franklin Mullen ..Winston-Salem, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Ralph Murray Henderson, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing William Joseph Mussack, Jr Halifax, N. C. Civil Engr. AuRiE Sanford Myers, Jr Lexington, N. C. Elec. Engr. Harold Henry Nau Warrenton, N. C. Agronomy (Field Crops) Ben Jones Neal Reidsville, N. C. Agriculture Tom Finley Nelson North Wilkesboro, N. C. Gen. Engr. Austin Lender Newsom, 2 n . .Winston-Salem, N. C. Gen. Engr. John Curtis Newsome Wake Forest, N. C. Elec. Engr. Kenneth Godfrey Nims Fort Mill, S. C. Forestry Billy Jay Nix Rutherfordton, N. C. Agr. Education Edward Speed Noell, Jr., n K A .... Durham, N. C. Elec. Engr. Robert Landis Noneman Raleigh, N. C. Forestry John Henry Norman Dobson, N. C. Tex. Kyiitting Richard Edward Norment, Jr Lenoir, N. C. Gen. Engr. Alfred Pershing Norwood Henderson, N. C. Albert Oettinger Wilson, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Herman Kapp Ogburn, Jr., S n, Winston-Salem, N. C. hid. Engr. Don Colon O ' Neal Coinjock, N. C. Arch. Engr. John Larry O ' Quinn Erwin, N. C. Textiles Guy Eugene Osborne High Point, N. C. Animal hid. James Louis Osborne, Jr Lawndale, N. C. Mech. Engr. Robert Edwin Overing Raleigh, N. C. Chem. Engr. Jesse Barnes Owens, Jr Winston-Salem, N. C. Arc!i. Engr. Samuel Matheson Owen, A i) I . .Whiteville, N. C. Aero. Engr. William Edward Owen, - X Gastonia, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Richard Eastwood Page, Jr., K A . . Statesville, N. C. Mech. Engr. Boyd Hazel Parker Casar, N. C. Civil Engr. . JUniOR CLASS (.1 oKc.i I li Nnv P.vnKEn Aslicvillo, N. C. Chem. fiigr. HuiiAiu) Pascal Valdese, N. C. Tex. Mfg. John lliii I ' amou, Jr., T K K Farmvilli ' , N. C. (.)s(.AK I ' lLMAN Paul, - X W aslHiii;liin. N. C. 1ml. iiigr. lU)BFHi loins Peacock, - N . . . .JackMuuillc. N. C. Tex. Mgt. 1 lui) Pfauce Creensbiiro, N. C. Mecli. Iiigr. Piiiiii ' Dirnuooi) PtARCt l aliMi;li, N. C. Cer. Eiigr. Hubert Havmund Peck, Jr Lancaster, Pa. Textiles Thomas Dowse Peck, Jr., I ' I- ..Henderson, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Gordon Ervin Peebles Oxford. N. C. Arch. Engr. Lewis Ballentine Perrv, II K A ... .Charlotte, N. C. Gen. Engr. Robert Brookes Peters, IH, K i; ....Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engr. Frank James Pettinelli, T I ' ' K ....Brooklyn, N. Y. Cii ' i! Engr. Robert Lee Phelps Clemmons, N. C. Jack Roberson Phillips Greensboro, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Donald Elwood Pigford Wallace, N. C. Arch. Engr. William V ' eatherly Pinner ..Elizabeth City, N. C. Civil Engr. John Lafayette Pippin Fremont, N. C. Agronomy Robert Alexander Pittman, - X Biscoe, N. C. Agriculture Arthur Kerner Pitzer Portsmouth. Ohio Auitnal hid. Charles Andrews Plank, - X Asheville, N. C. Chem. Engr. Joseph Marion Pleasant Angier, N. C. Agr. Education Robert Averv Plyler, Jr Wa.xhaw, N. C. Chem. Engr. A August Lewis Polier Raleigh, N. C. « Arch. Engr. Benjamin Louis Porter Kelly, N. C. Mech. Engr. John Raymond Potter, Jr Wilson, N. C. Animal Ind. Thomas Richard Powell Kinston, N. C. Gen. Engr. Thomas Hitchcock Power Elberton, Ga. i Iec)i. Engr. Walter James Price Whitakers, N. C. Chem. Engr. John DeWitt Privette Statesville, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Ferrill Russell Puckett Stormlake, Iowa Forestry Graham Smith Quinn, Jr Warsaw, N. C. Civil Engr. t JLxl o ir O ri O .f P Cli O CT Cj O _ D O D a IB © ft r ff D ( p O f? -C Si. o a. o D O J ( 1 i iliigiii - JUniOR CLRSS James Earl Radford Caroleen, N. C. A ec i. E igr. Daniel Carlisle Ragan Gastonia, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Donald Wilber Rahmes )anesville, Wis. Te.v. Mfg. JiMMiii Mavnahd Randle, II K A . . . .Clreenville, S. C Tiwtiles Harold Leonard Rassas Long Branch, N. J. Ind. Engr. Joseph Benjamin Rawls, - ' t K .Winston-Salem, N. C. Cheni. Engr. Robert Bruce Ray Lillington, N. C. Civil Engr. Joseph Roy Reaves, T K E Wilmingtcjn, N. C. Arch. Eiigr. James Adolphus Reece Cramerton, N. C. Cons. Engr. Howard Eldon Reeder Central Falls, N. C. Elec. Engr. Lewis Jones Reep Lincolnton, N. C. Agronomy James Robert Rees Shelby, Ohio Agriculture George Daniel Reid, N Savannah, Ga. Tex. Mfg. William Walton Reid Vienna, Md. Horticulture Hal Leach Reynolds Troy, N. C. Forestry James Byron Rhodes, 2 II ....Winston-Salem, N. C. Tex. Mgt. George W. Rhyne Catawba, N. C. Richard Henry Rhyne Catawba, N. C. Aero. Engr. Robert Henry Rice, - X Jonesboro. N. C. Civil Engr. William Kline Ru:e C ' harlotte, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Seaton Norwood Richardson Norfolk, Va. Civil Engr. LaVerne H. Rickenbaker, Jr., - N ..Cliarlotte, N. C. Gen. Engr. Robert Jordan Rights Winston-Salem, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Homer Lindell Riley Durham, N. C. Civil Engr. James Ritchie, Jr Pores Knob, N. C. Agr. Engr. Harold Goodman Rives Statesville, N. C Arc iitetfnre Ashley Blair Roberts Henderson, N. C. Mecti. Engr. Lemuel Carson Robertson, Jr I lampton, Va. Mech. Eugr. James Joseph Roche, ' 1 ' K ' I ' Hewlett, N. Y. Textiles James V ' hite Roebuck Stokes, N. C. Aero. Engr. Fred Lewis Rogers Clyde, N. C. Elec. Engr. John Thomas Rogers Charlotte, N. C. Mech. Eugr. JUniOR CLASS - r i KNAiU) lliisMAN ruii ' iiK Troiiton, N. J. Forestry TiioKNTDN Watson Rose Winston Saloni, N. C. Eiec. Etii r. John I ' l.inciiuR HossEu liro.Klw.iy. N. C " . Ditiry AZ t;. AliNOl 11 111 TiOW 1 cl)ll, N. (. Cer. Eugr. losl 1 11 I-HANIIS RllSSFM B.iilin, N. C. Tex. Mgt. GoNZALO Saenz Culimibia, S. A. Tex. Mfg. Eiiii: Clyde Sanders, Jr Alamance. N. C Tex. Mgt. Robert Franklin Sanders, n K A .. Alain uui ' , N. C ' . Tex. Mgt. Iwiis Ml Swain Satterfield Salisburv. N. C. Elec. Eugr. Ekild Burcin Satierwhite Salisburv, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Job Kitciiin Savage, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Agr. Ecoii. Gordon Harry Schenck, Jr Hickory, N. C Arch. Eugr. Frederick Edward Schenke, - N . .W ' ashinwtnn, D. C. Tex. Mgt. Richard Burke Schnedl Charlotte, N. C. Architecture George Irving Schuck Lyndhurst, N. J. Aero. Engr. Donald Gilbert Schulman, - A M, New York, N. Y. Tex. Mfg. Edwin Kerr Scott, - X Leaksville, N. C. Civil Eugr. Kenneth McCoy Scott Charlotte, N. C. rcJji(ec(nre Gales W. Scrogcs Roaring Ri ' er, N. C. Hor(ici( (iire Robert Eugene Sessions W ' hiteville, N. C. Agrououiy James Lockwood Sharber, Jr Raleigh, N. C Geii. Ei ' gr. Fred Anderson Sharkey Albemarle. N. C. Mech. Eugr. Sidney Howard Shearin, Jr Rocky Mount. N. C. Mech. Eugr. Carl Elijah Sheffield Asheboro, N. C. Howard Wayne Shelden Raleigh, N. C. Cii ' ii £ " gr. Jacob Nathanial Shepherd, Jr Greensboro, N. C. Mech. Eugr. John Warren Sherman Fairhaven, Mass. Gen. Engr. Russell Hobson Sherril, Jr., K A . .Statesville. N. C. Tex. Mgt. Thomas Harvey Sherrill Woodruff. S. C. Textiles Emmitt Braxton Sherron, - n Raleigh, N. C. Mech. Engr. Charles Robert Shields, K A . .Scodand Neck, N. C . Architecture Er-Hu Siiiii Shanghai, China Tex. Mfg. o o o f i ' i V. 3 fT) C O 1! O O c a o f mk - JUniOR CLASS Herman Elmo Shoaf Winston-Salem, N. C. Gen. Engr. William Hill Sigmon Salisbury, N. C. Archilechire Julius Grady Siler Ashevillc. N. C. Mech. Engr. Morris White Sills Raleigh, N. C. Exp. Stnl. Harry Gayle Silver Bandana, N. C. Agronomy Jules Silverstein Winston-Salem, N. C. Elec. Engr. Jeannette Wine Simpson Raleigh, N. C. Arch. Engr. George Willard Sledge Nashville, N. C. Agr. Ediicnlion Frederick Otto Smetana Concord, N. C. Aero. Engr. Arnold William Smith Goldsboro, N. C. Agrictihure Charles Walter Smith Spindale, N. C. Mech. Engr. Clarence Armour Smith, Jr Gary, N. C. Ind. Engr. Edward Butler Smith, Jr Dallas, N. C. Aero. Engr. Eugene Lafoy Smith Germantown, Tenn. Te. . Mgl. George Winston Smith, II K ' 1 Durham, N. C. Mech. Engr. Gordon Oliver Smith Kannapolis, N. C. Cheni. Engr. Hardy Bryant Smith, A X A Raleigh, N. C. Aero. Engr. Harry Osborne Smith Charlotte, N. C. Elec. Engr. Henry Lendon Smith Bolivia, N. C. Agr. Education Paul Lewis Smith Forest City, N. C. Textiles Robert Vincent Smith Black Mountain, N. C. Civil Engr. William Gilbert Smith, n K A, Ruthcrfordton, N. C. Elec. Engr. William Hutchins Smith, Jr. ..Rocky Mount, N. C. F oricii (iire Harold Jones Snider Denton, N. C. Agr. Education Harvey Lawrence Snider Denton, N. C. Civil Engr. Richard Max Sontag, SAM New York, N. Y. Tex. Mgt. David Newton Spainhour Lenoir, N. C. Gen. Engr. Robert Lee Spencer Hamlet, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Vernon Thomas Stack, - N Walkertown, N. C. Cheni. Engr. Monroe Donovan Stadler, II K A, Burlington, N. C. Textiles Alston Warren Stafford, Jr Asheville, N. C. C ie»«. Engr. Howard James Stains Frenchtown, N. J. Wihllife Conservation and Mgt. I M«( JUniOR CLRSS Mack Stamps, HI. i: X Durham. N. C. Tc . Mfg. Uavid Buownino Stansel Allcnton, N. C. bid. Eiigr. ToMMir. N ' oKHis Stephens Ralciyli, N. C. Agr. Ediicatiou C ' liAiuis Mahvin Stewart Henderson. N. C. Tex. Chew. Dyeing Donald Edwin Stewart, K i; . . . .V ' ashington, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Joe Ross Stilwell, - N Miscnheimor, N. C. Tex. Cheni. £ Dyeing Al Worth Siimson Monroe, N. C. Aiihiiiil hid. Ben Bryan Stockard, Jr Greensboro, N. C. Mech. Engr. Garland Anderson Stone Danville, Va. Mech. Eiigr. Robert Franklin Stoops Staunton, Va. Cer. Engr. Robert Alexander Stowe Belmont, N. C. Tex. Chem. Dieiiig William R. lph Strother Gary, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Arnold Alexander Stulce Daisy, Tenn. Tex. Mgt. Joseph Dean Styers, Jr Gastonia, N. C. Elec. Engr. Charles Wilson Suggs Whiteville, N. G. Agr. Engr. William Howard Sumner, Jr., -1 i; J , Mt. Airy, N. C. Geii. E«gr. Harold Fred Sutton. II K A Burlington, N. G. Tex. Mfg. Robert James Sutton Goldsboro, N. G. Teach. Ed. David Marion Tally, Jr San Antonio, Texas Textiles Robert Winslow Tart, Jr Newton Grove, N. G. Agriculture Jack Thomas Tate, II K A Greensboro, N. G. Mech. Engr. Ezra Garl Tatum, Jr., ATP . . . . Cooleemee, N. C. Agr. Education Charles Jackson Taylor, A 2 Raleigh, N. G. Mech. Engr. Horace Dickerson Taylor, Jr., - X ..Raleigh. N. G. Arch. Engr. Joseph Marion Taylor Raleigh, N. G. Mech. Engr. Richard Barbee Taylor Wilson, N. G. F or c ' !i!(»re Thomas Allen Teabeaut Fayetteville, N. G. Mech. Engr. Benjamin Park Terrell, Jr., 2 N ....Raleigh, N. G. Arch. Engr. Francis Cecil Thames Washington, D. C. hid. Engr. Jonathan Isaac Thigpen Avon Park, Fla. Chem. Engr. WiLLARD Eugene Thomas Greensboro, N. G. Civil Engr. Allen Neal Thompson Statesville, N. G. Textiles ' O n p o O f •. ' ' ' " O P f! JUniOR CLASS Paul Maxton Thompson, Je Goldsboro, N. C. Agrotwniy William Bonner Thompson Aurora, N. C. Mech. Engr. WiLBERT Leonard Thornton Reidsville, N. C. EJec. Engr. Benjamin CIibson Thrift, A + Raleigh, N. C Tex. Mgt. Edward Blair Thurman, K A Raleigh, N. C. Arch. Engr. Roy Clark Thurmond Rocky Mount, N. C. Civil Eyigr. Norwood William Tillinghast . . Fayetteville, N. C. Aero. Engr. Wesley T. Townsend, ATP Lumbertoii, N. C. Aniimil liid. Charlie Curtis Tripp, - A K Raleigh, N. C. Gen. Engr. Carl Edward Tucker South Boston, Va. Tex. Mfg. Thomas Sutherland Tucker . .Winston Salem, N. C. Mech. Engr. Gerald Lehman Turbyfill Maiden, N. C. Textiles Bobbie Lewis Turner Bessemer City. N. C. James Rowe Turner I lenderson, N. C. Mech. Engr. Rucker Samuel Turner Reidsville, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Wilbur Clinton Turrentine ....Greensboro, N. C. Chein. Engr. Charles Edward Tutwiler, Jk Harrisonburg, Va. Elec. Engr. George Atlas LIpchurch Morrisville, N. C ' . Agr. Engr. Samuel Branch LIsry Sumter, S. C. Civil Engr. Robert Gerald LItley, II K .V Concord, N. C. Textiles Allen Benson Vaughan Chesterfield, S. C. Ind. Arts Edticiition Ollie Scott Vaughan Henderson, N. C. Ind. Engr. Wilson Owen Vaughn, - E . .Winston-Salem, N. C. Mech. Engr. Edward Roland Venable White Plains, N. C. Gen. Engr. Jackson Jeremiah ' ereen Wilmington, N. C. Civil Engr. Broadus Gordon Vernon Blanch, N. C ' . Tex. Mgt. Clarence Vincent, Jr Winterville. N. C. Elec. Engr. Schley Warren Waddell Fair BluflF, N. C. Agr. Ednciition LvLi; Vincent Wade Greensboro, N. C. Chein. Engr. C ' liARLEs Edward Walden, Jr Tabor City, N. C ' . Arch. Engr. Hay Walker Lenoir, N. C. Gen. Engr. 1 Iarold B. Wall ' Raleigh, N. C:. Agr. Education i JUniOR CLRSS II 1 lAM I). Ai 1 u 1 , II K ■!■, iigliUMllc IWacli, N. C ' . AIcv i. iiyr. IIiMiv AiONZO W ' aimh. Jn. .. Winston S;ilcni, N. C. h-cl, ' . ;-.i.iir. lisvNK I) s(oM r,n Ii.klin, N. C. Tc. (i cs Iamis lliK.n W Ani . ]n.. i: N K.ilcioh. N. C. Cic ' ii. tiigr. Hiiwi IlTi;r,TM. Wahuin Wilson, N. C. 7Va-. Mfii. Hoiii ivr Davis Wahhen Roseboro, N. C Aar. Ediiciitioii W ALi AC i; Aldhm: Warren Hall, N. C. Elec. Eiigr. Calvin Alfred Watson, Jr Moncurc, N. C, Gcti. Utiiir. James W ii i iau Waison Murfrccsboro, N. C. Cheiii. Eiigr. John Lycan Watson New Bern, N. C Cix ' il Eiigr. Joseph Tiio. l s W. tts, Jr Greensboro, N. C. hid. Engr. Lawrence Adams Watts, Jr., IT K A, Nashville, N. C. Gen. Engr. WiLLL M DuLiN Weathers Raleigh, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Alfred Fulton Weaver Asheville, N. C. Aiihiiitl Iiut. Lewis Henry Webb Williamston, N. C. Geu. Engr. James Leggett ' eeks, K A Halifax. N. C. ' iLLiAM Plu.mmar ' eldon Henderson, N. C. Agr. Engr. Hewitt Selden Welsh Williamsburg, Va. Chem. Engr. Conrad Bowman Wessell, Jr. . . A ' ilmington, N. C. Arch. Engr. Stanford Chester West ....Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Architecture Paul Morris West, A F P Sheffield, Ala. Forestry Joseph W. W estbrook, Jr Greensboro, N. C. Mech. Engr. Ray Herman Westmoreland Troutman, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Robert Clyde Westmoreland . . . .Tnmtman, N. C. Agronomy Robert Edwin Wheless Louisburg, N. C. Agr. E.dncatwn Joe Alfred Whisenhunt Newton, N. C. GeiJ. Engr. George Levering White, -V X .K . . Fayette ille. N. C. E cc. Engr. Jack Edward White Raleigh, N. C. hid. Engr. John Watso.n White Aulander, N. C. Agr. Education Russell Stevens White Charlotte, N. C. Mech. Engr. Blount Whiteside, Jr Clinton, N. C. Civil Engr. Clyde Norman Whitesides Charlotte, N. C. O ,0 D ft b. O O O, P p t n V a 1 f O f T) o (? .o o f ' =» ' r TZ f ' J— • _ i i:. JUniOR CLASS Philip Franklin Whitfield Franklinton, N. C. Animal Ind. Harvey Lamont Whitley, II K A ..Fremont, N. C. Aero. Eiigr. William Paul Whitley, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Mech. Eiigr. Walter Lyle Whitsett Reidsville, N. C. Elec. Engr. Edison Roosevelt Wilkie Hickory, N. C. Agr. Edttcation Rex Tucker Willard ' ' g ' Point, N. C. Elec. Engr. Charles Weaver Williams Cleveland, N. C. Agr. Education Delmon Franklin Williamson Lucama, N. C. Animal hid. James Clyde Williams Winston-Salem, N. C. Arch. Engr. John Caswell Williams, Jr Rocky Mount, N. C. Agronomy John Park Williams, Jr Norlina, N. C. Agronomy Thomas Bryant Williams Asheboro, N. C. Tex. Mgt. Cornelius Harold Williard, - N, High Point, N. C. Dairy Mfg. George Campbell Wilson, - N ....Belmont, N. C. Tex. Mfg. Donald Bruce Winecoff, - H ....Lexington, N. C. Arc tifecfiire Henry Brown Winslow Robersonville, N. C. Agr. Engr. Robert Lee Witty ' Summcrfield, N. C. Charles Joseph Wolhar, n K A ....Lancaster, S. C. Tex. Chem. Dyeing George Matthew Wood, - X Camden, N. C. Agricii fiire John W. Wood Charlotte, N. C. Textiles Roy Preston Woodall Smithfield, N. C. Mech. Engr. Carl Hassell Woodard Spring Hope, N. C. Gen. Engr. Joseph Raymond Woodard Spring Hope, N. C. Animal Prod. Troy William Woodard Bailey, N. C. Gen. Engr. Harry Skinner Woodwon, - X Shelby, N. C. Mech. Engr. I AMES LoRis WooLARD Washington, N. C. Mech. Engr. loHN Rowland Wright Wilkesboro, N. C. Aero. Engr. William Franklin Wyatt, Jr., - ' I ' H, Sanford, N. C. Textiles Oscar Thomas U ' ynne Asheville, N. C. Forestry Robert Mattison Yelverton Raleigh, N. C. Textiles Robert Abel Yoder, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Chem. Engr, James Marcus Yorke, Jr., - N .... Fayetteville, N. C. Elec. Engr. Ralph Kendall Younger Burlington, N. C. Elec. Engr. LEflDERSRTF FRFT Carlton Blalock Edward 0. Travis . Andrew J. Patton Donald B. Lampke George 0. Harrell James P. Soger Dave Sewell President Vice-President Atwood Skinner Ben Coble John Barr Kenneth L. Coble James R. Fowler Harold Stinson John D. Mackie Arthur B. Mackie Fred A. Kendall, Jr. William H. Cockrane James H. Gardner Robert L. Peacock Secretary . Treasurer George W. Sledge Ralph B. Barksdale William J. Evans, Jr. Lewis M. Allen [128] I ' Tm " 0 icerd THE SOPHOmORE CLASS Ied p. Williamson President Jimmy Jones Secretary Avery C. Brock Vice-President W. S. Bull Treasurer f T- -f J|mi jP K |i0k 0 ' _ __ i i " i£ir: .k ■j»- •«»(, ill f i SOPHOmORE CLRSS John H. Abdallah Kinston, N. C. Cecil Simpson Adams Abbeville, S. C. William David Adams Raleigh, N. C. Eugene Morrison Adkins, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Cord Henry Albers Charleston, S. C. Benjamin Franklin Alexander ....Matthews, N. C. Howard Weleorn Alexander Murphy, N. C. loHN KiRBY Allen Greenville, N. C. William Osborne Allen Canton, N. C. Charles Thomas Alley Asheville, N. C. John Nixon Allison, Jr York, S. C. Lee Grant Allison Durham, N. C. Thomas Ausley Allison Statesville, N. C. Roy Davis Allman Asheville, N. C. Charles Norman Alston, Jr Concord, N. C. Donald Clark Anderson Kenosha, Wis. Earl Warren Anderson Macclesfield, N. C. E. Preston Andrews Charlotte, N. C. George Henry Andrews High Point, N. C. James Victor Andrews, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Junius Jackson Andrews Raleigh, N. C Maurice Eugene Armentrout Bristol, Pa James Paul Arnold Dover, N. C Ray Bernard Ashe Sylva, N. C Tuck King Atkinson Wilmington, N. C Mett Bagley Ausley Micro, N. C. William Edward Austin Charlotte, N. C. William S. Baillie Charlotte, N. C. Joel Wyman Baker Newberry, S. C. Marion Vernon Baker Rowland, N. C. Leon Gerald Ballance Lake Landing, N. C. Thomas Victor Ballard Raleigh, N. C. John Greathouse Bane Denton, N. C. J. C. Barbee Concord, N. C. Norman Rudolph Barden Princeton, N. C. Charles Thomas Barger, Jr Salisbury, N. C. Edgar Franklin Barger, Jr Hickory, N. C. Thomas Spurgeon Barker, Jr Siler City, N. C. Charles Winston Barnes Nashville, N. C. Oliver Garland Barnes, Jr Rocky Mount, N. C. SOPHOmORE CLRSS William .McLaucuilin liARMiAUDT . .Charlotto, N. C. Edward John Bartels ....Springfield Gardens, N. Y. IsAiAn Duff Hartlett Goldsboro, N. C. Jack Oluff Bass Hcndcrsonville, N. C. Leonil Blakley Bass. Jr Belmont, N. C. Walter Teachey Batts Rose Hill, N. C. Eugene Bibb Baugh, Jr Greensboro, N. C. RoYCE Aldon Beacham Kitty Hawk, N. C. W ' ui lAM Fov Beal. Jr Nashville, N. C. BonERT Wilson Beattv Spindale, N. C. DwiGHT Morrison Beaty, Jr Waynesville, N. C. Robert Harbes Becker Columbia, S. C. James Osborne Beeker Salisbury, N. C. Paul Erskine Beeson Mullins, S. C. Edward Ross Bell Statesville, N. C. ILBERT Richard Bender Norlina, N. C. Francis Charles Benoit Kankakee, 111. Robert Allen Berryhill Charlotte, N. C. Edward Alfred Besosa Ponce, Puerto Rico Robert Harper Best Greensboro, N. C. Fred Biddix Spruce Pine, N. C. Irwin David Binder New York, N. Y. Leon Weaver Bissette, Jr Greensboro, N. C. Jack Beatty Blake Chadbourn, N. C. William Ward Blanchard Wallace, N. C. Fred Lee Blank Nashville, Tenn. Bernard C. Blankenship, Jr Swannanoa, N. C. Charles Alexander Blevins Norton, Va. Tay Walter Bliss, Jr Springfield, Vt. Coker Debs Blue Lakevievv, N. C. Ja.mes Eldridge Blue Laurinburg, N. C. John Barrett Bobbitt Nashville, N. C. Robert Felton Bock Norfolk. Va. James Franklin Bogle Albemarle, N. C. Claude William Bolick, Jr Hickory, N. C. Benjamin Clarence Boney, Jr Burgaw, N. C. Charles Hussey Boney Wilmington, N. C. James Ernest Bonner Raleigh, N. C. James Kerr Boone Waynesville, N. C. Neverson Cooper Booth. Jr Rocky Mount, N. C. fTj TZj ' dr CI) f ' i c o o 1 C 1 a o a g D f a - c SOPHOmORE CLRSS Coleman Smith Bost Newton, N. C. James Clifton Boswell Burlington, N. C. Daniel Ward Bowen Windsor, N. C. Jack Martin Bowers Shelby, N. C. William Walter Bowers, III ....Henderson, N. C Robert Leonard Bowlby Clifton, N. J. James Scarboro Bowman, Jr Graham, N. C. John Lawrence Boyd Raleigh, N. C. James Edgar Boyer Charlotte, N. C. Lafayette H. Boykin, Jr Wilson, N. C. Charles Fortson Boyst Greensboro, N. C. William Bennett Brackin Guilford, N. C. William White Bradshaw Raleigh, N. C. Arnold Watts Bragg Durham, N. C. John K. Branch DeWitt, Va. Herbert Brenner Winstnn-Salem, N. C. Joseph Vincent Brice Raleigh, N. C. John Kennedy Bridgers, Jr Goldsboro, N. C. James Otis Bridges, Jr Sanford, N. C. Emmett Watson Bringle Covington, Tcnn. John Henry Brinkley, Jr Thomasville, N. C. William Ross Broadwell Durham, N. C. Avery Crissman Brock Mount Olive, N. C. Albert Steele Brogden Faison, N. C. David Isidore Brook Lawrence, N. Y. Allen Marvin Brooks New York, N. Y. Charles Vance Brooks Wallace, N. C. William Howard Brooks Greensboro, N. C. Coyt Clemmer Brown Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Frederic Chester Brown Raleigh, N. C. Harry Elmore Brown Burgaw, N. C. Lore Snell Brown Hamlet, N. C. Charles Douglas Bryant Stedman, N. C. Ermond Richard Bryant Fieldale, Va. Lee Snipes Buchan Aberdeen, N. C. Harry Thomas Buchanan Wilmington, N. C. WiLLARD Stanley Bull, Jr Newport News, Va. Rupert Alton Bullard Acme, N. C. William Carey Bullock Rocky Mount, N. C. Paul Raymond Bulluck, Jr Rocky Mount, N. C. SOPHOmORE CLRSS Tom John Bumgahner Wilki-shorn, N. C. James Fredrick Bunce Faycttcvillc, N. C. Hershell VV. Bunker Mebane, N. C. Floyd Smith lUiiu.u. In Winston Sakin. N. C. loiiN KiNNLiii lUiKot; Winston SaliMii. N. C. QuiNTON Ray BiiuKU W ' inston-Salem, N. C. Dallas Thurston Burkett Charlotte, N. C. Calvin Ralph Burnett Pampa, Texas Robert Emmitt Burneite, Jr Draper. N. C. Edwin Chapin Burns Pittsboro, N. C. W iLLiAM 1)Aki.r Burns Acme, N. C. William Loomis Burns, Jr Greensboro, N. C. James LeRoy Burriss Wilmington, N. C. Herbert Wellborn Burroughs, Jr. . . Hamlet, N. C. D.wid Holmes Bush Jacksonville, N. C. James Kenneth Butler, Jr Windsor, N. C. Kenneth Raybon Butler Lumberton, N. C. Samuel Manley Butler, Jr Cherryville, N. C. Wilbert Preston Bvrd Burlington, N. C. Weldon Cable High Point, N. C. Earl Reed Cade Rocky Mount, N. C. John Smiley Caldwell Asheville, N. C. Sam Lanier Calhoun Waynesville. N. C. Thomas Franklin Cannon Canton, N. C. Bruce Head Cantrell Campobello, S. C. Edwin Averette Capps Rocky Mount, N. C. Ja.mes Westley Carlton Richmond, Va. Reynolds Alfonso Carnevale Kinston, N. C. John Ferrell Carpenter Raleigh, N. C. Edwin Thomas Carroll Hillsboro, N. C. James William Carroll. Jr Charlotte, N. C. Earl At wood Carter Reidsville, N. C. Johnnie Richardson Carter Conway, N. C. Hugh Irving Cash Franklinton, N. C. Wii I lAM Otha C ' oble Statesville, N. C. David Marshall Cates Greensboro, N. C. Charles Benjamin Cathey Charlotte, N. C. George McLelland Cathey Gastonia, N. C. Robert Ernest Cato Belmont, N. C. James Anthony Caton New Bedford, Mass. .. L .ft;- MTJ ' m.l }rm f J f Ipi % 1 f »• « " a » f p P fTj C- f! O tJi4fffl.ii. ..C sii :£ z. SOPHOmORE CLASS Robert Winfield Chadwick . . . .Rocky Mount, N. C. William Gibbs Charlton Goldsboro, N. C. William Thomas Cheatham, IV ..Burlington, N. C. Bryan W. Chesson Vanceboro, N. C. Angus Edwin Chisholm Maxton, N. C. George Andrew Church Winston-Salem, N. C. James Reid Clark Raleigh, N. C. Johnnie Clarence Clark Swepsonville, N. C. Luther Russell Clark, Jr Greensboro, N. C. Walter McKenzie Clark Greensboro, N. C. Robert Eugene Clayton Raleigh, N. C. Olyo Russell Cobb, Jr Weldon, N. C. William Garrison Coble Monroe, N. C. Marion Reese Cochran Newton, N. C. Ray Donald Cohn Marshall, N. C. Bernard Leon Coleman Radford, Va. James Carlton Collier, Jr Raleigh, N. C. George Oliver Collins Charlotte, N. C. Kenneth Lee Compton Waynesville, N. C. Norman Jay Concool Brooklyn, N. Y. Charles Thomas Cone Middlesex, N. C. Lawrence Hugh Conner Baltimore, Md. David Spessard Cook Cedar Grove, N. C. Wendell Charles Cook Rutland, Vt. Benny Aaron Cooke Hickory, N. C. Charles Archibald Cooley Wagram, N. C. Francis Hunt Cooper Henderson, N. C. OusBY Love Cooper Jacksonville, N. C. Isaac Tunis Corbell Knotts Island, N. C. William Shaw Corbitt Henderson, N. C. Dewey Milton Corn Sandy Ridge, N. C. Louis Avery Corning, III Hamlet, N. C. Bobbitt Vitalis Correll Mebane, N. C. Mitchell Brevard Corriiier, Jr. . . Mooresville, N. C. Ralph Eugene Cox Charlotte, N. C. Hubert Yates Craig Stanley, N. C. Harry Cramer High Point, N. C. Louis Cramer High Point, N. C. Wallace Wales Crawford Enka, N. C. Lee Andrew Crayton, Jr Concord, N. C. ' I I i SOPHOmORE CLASS William Bulluck Creasy. Jr. ..Wilmington. N. C. SiDNtY X ' lNCENT Credlk Durluim. N. C. KiciiAiui Young Crews Oxford. N. C. Ia.mes .-Xlton Croom ilmini;ton. N. C. KoBiin I-i) vAiui CiimvELL Farmer. N. C. Charles Hart Cullen Charlotte. N. C. Clyde Clifton Culler W ' alkertown. N. C. Robert Curran New York. N. Y. Harry McRae Dalton Charlotte. N. C. RuiiARD Ellsworth Darling Titusxille. Pa. loiiN .Milton Dauchtridc.i; . . . . RikUv Mount. N. C. Robert Harper Daum Wilmington. N. C. Charles W. Davenport Roper, N. C. Harrell Benton Davenport Raleigh. N. C. Alonzo James Davis. Ill Mt. Olive. N. C. Elwood Pettis D.wis. Jr Oxford, N. C. Herbert Cicero Davis, Jr Wilmington, N. C. Herbert Edward Davis. Jr Raleigh, N. C. Jack M. Davis Charlotte, N. C. James Asa Davis, Jr Carthage, N. C. John Henry Davis Andrews. N. C. Oscar LeLon Davis. Jr Mooresville, N. C. Willard Osborne Davis Zebulon, N. C. William Prvor Davis Warrenton, N. C. John Frederick Dawson Raleigh, N. C. Thomas Collins Dawson Monroe, N. C. Carl Morgan Day, Jr Chattanooga, Tenn. William James Day Casper, Wyo. Richard Blair Deal Conover, N. C. James John Dee Raleigh, N. C. Haywood Franklin Deese. Jr Albemarle, N. C. Robert Earl DeLapp. Jr Reidsville, N. C. Henry Clinton Dellinger Mt. Holly, N. C. Carsie K. Dentv-ing Coats, N. C. Garland Eugene Denning Coats, N. C. Frank Albert DePasquale RoscUe Park, N. J. Robert Edward Dew Wilson, N. C. Clarence Sloan DeWeese, Jr Cooleemee, N. C. Bernard Diamond New Y ' ork, N. Y. Richard Lea Dickey Alexandria, Ind. C C . ,o il ' I iikmUti I ,f ' - J (■-- - -t- f -• : " «r f I? ' ( f O , aA WHTfTf , C O O A ' ■ ml- ' »i ' . ' » " ' ' •!»«? ' I ' ' .1 J , fj HJ f.J ,C O P e s.. SOPHOmORE CLASS Earl Thomas Dicks Kenosha, Wis. Richard Davis Dillender Darlington, S. C. John Berry Dilling, Jr Kings Mountain, N. C. Thomas Lewis Disher, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Jerold Haywood Dixon Robersonville, N. C. Noah Lewis Dixon Grantsboro, N. C. Charles Nelson Dobbins, Jr Yadkinville, N. C. LoLO Allen Dobson Statesville, N. C. Robert Jaquelin Dodge Raleigh, N. C. William Carter Dodson, Jr Rydal, Pa. Thomas Jackson Draper Boykins, Va. Philip Lauriston Dresser Leland, N. C. Paul Lee Duncan Spring Hope, N. C. Wilton Reece Duncan Dunn, N. C. William Francis Dyer, Jr Whiteville, N. C. DuRWooD William Easom Columbia, S. C. Robert Hayes Eason Gatesville, N. C. Jorge Echararria Colombia, S. A. David Jackson Edgerton Smithfield, N. C. Richard Douglas Edens Lumberton, N. C. Wiley Reynolds Edens Lumberton, N. C. Elisha Hal Edmisten North Wilkesboro, N. C. AciE Carlton Edwards Scotland Neck, N. C. James Paul Edwards Raleigh, N. C. Joseph Farrior Edwards Enfield, N. C. Lonnie Lee Edwards Whitehead, N. C. Marion Sherfy Edwards Tryon, N. C. James Garland Elam O.xford, N. C. Kyle Clifton Eller, Jr Statesville, N. C. Lawrence Raymond Eller Salisbury, N. C. Austin Lafayette Elliot, Jr Thomasville, N. C. LeRoy Ellis Clayton, N. C. Lewis Lemineton Ellis Stantonsburg, N. C. Robert Hall Ellis Emporia, Va. Worth Winsted Emory North Side, N. C. Elvin Jay Engel New York, N. Y. Peyton Matthew Enniss Garden City, N. Y. Benjamin Kenny Erdman, Jr Fort Bragg, N. C. Royal Roscoe Eudaily Wilkesboro, N. C. Joe Tucker Evans Sylva, N. C. ? SOPHOmORE CLASS WiiiiAM James Evans Burlington, N. C. Donald Lee Everhart Silencer, N. C. Oavip Ci avton Farriou Goldsboro, N. C. Iames Cabell Faulkner Mt. Airy, N. C. Iamis IvwnDi I ' ll Taui KM u I UMuK-rsim, N. (.. George Edwin Feldman Falls Cluircli. ' .i. Paul E. Ferguson Milroy, I ' a- Luciano Fernandez Torrcon Coah, Mcxicii George Matthew Ferreli Durham. N. C. Donald Hugiiev Fetner Dinhani. N. C. W 11 1 lAM MrKiNNON Fetzer Brevard, N. C. George Walton Fields Cliarlotte, N. C. Rowland Franklin Filer Norfolk. Va. Samuel Harold Filreis Brooklyn, N. Y. Francis Russell Fisher Oriental, N. C. James Floros Charlotte, N. C. Slocum Hatch Fogleman, Jk Liberty. N. C. Charles Owen Forbis Greensboro, N. C. Claude Archibal Ford, Jr Southport, N. C. Charles Ware Fortune llutherfordton, N. C. James Bowie hosTER, Jr Statesville. N. C. Robert Sebron Foster Thomasville, N. C. Robert Glenn Fowler Kannapolis, N. C. William Newton Fowler Charlotte, N. C. NL x Clayton Francis, Jb Shelby, N. C. Robert Henrv Francis Waynesville, N. C. Elvin Henry Frazier Liberty, N. C. • James Neil Freehof Brooklyn, N. Y. Frederick Daniel Frissell, III ....Burlington, N. C. Theodore Austin Frve Raleigh. N. C. Roy Edwin Fuller Raleigh, N. C. Orland Wilson Gabriel, Jr. ..Sherrill ' s Ford, N. C. Charles William Gallant. Jr Charlotte, N. C. Nathan Hughes Garner Newport, N. C. Hilton Lee Gay Zebulon, N. C. Robert Tilton Geilk Rakigh, N. C. Alan Geist Brooklyn, N. Y. Walter Geller New York. N. Y. Thomas .M. Ge.mayel Spencer, N. C. Billy Wilborn Gentry Maxton, N. C. c o f OK J J ' J |« « ' J " v5. - ' ir. mm n ' y iliiii f . ft o f:( e . t) n fbj ' O c o ViiM ' ' 1- f H . ' r. 1 ) O O -O i -•-%.. o c c D n c ,( i , O .f? SOPHOmORE CLRSS Richard D. Gentry, Jr Sparta, N. C. Alpern Parker Gerard Washington, N. C. Charles Bobo Gibson Greenville, S. C. Frederick Thomas Gies Hilton Village, Va. Raymond Baldwin Gilbert Bolivia, N. C. Merrion Douglas Gill Raleigh, N. C. John Lindsay Glover Wilson, N. C. John Womble Glover Henderson, N. C. Sanford Oliver Gluck New York, N. Y. William Otha Goble, Jr Hiddenite, N. C. Daniel McEntire Gold Wilson, N. C. Herbert Sidney ' Goldberg Asheville, N. C. Herbert Seymour Goldman . Brooklyn, N. Y. Nathan Green Gooding, Jr New Bern, N. C. Joseph Gordon Goodman, Jr Fort Worth, Texas Warner Seymour Goodwin Raleigh, N. C. John David Goss Burlington, N. C. Malcolm Lee Gourley Fieldale, Va. Irving William Gower Greenville, N. C. Richard Ralph Grady Seven Springs, N. C. John Nicholas Graeber Dunn, N. C. Billy Ross Graham Norman, N. C. Marvin Henry Grant High Point, N. C. Jack Austin Gravely Raleigh, N. C. Robert Langford Gray Tompkinsville, Ky. Joseph Greco Albert, W. Va. Elmer Curtis Green Durham, N. C. Cyrus Addon Greene Deep Gap, N. C. Harlan Odell Greene Deep Gap, N. C. Preston Atlas Greene Holdcrolt, Va. Robert Wyman Greene Thomasville, N. C. Joseph Frederick Gregory ....Newton Grove, N. C. John LeRov Gregson Raleigh, N. C. John Harry Grier Statesville, N. C. William Vance Griffin New Bern, N. C. John Hardin Griffith Charlotte, N. C. J. M. Griffith Forbes, N. C. Roy H. Grimm Oxford, N. C. Beecher Hoy ' TE Grose Harmony, N. C. Lester Earl Gross Raleigh, N. C. t SOPHOmORE CLRSS- Hdward L. Guld Wilmington. N. C. John Hamilton Gunn, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Joseph Thomas Guboanuuis Atkinson, N. C. VI LACE Glenn Gurcanus Grocnvillo, N. C. Iamis Rav Haihow Rocky Mount, N. C. Phipps Allison Hager Statesville, N. C. J. D. 1 Iagler Carolina Beach, N. C. Max Halber Cincinnati, Ohio Edward Masser Hall Raleigh, N. C. George Jolly Hall Greensboro, N. C. Probert Monroe Hall Rocky Mount, N. C. Rex Congleton Hall Asheville, N. C. Robert Stanton Hall Winston-Salem, N. C. William Henry Cornick Hall ..Wilmington, N. C. Kenneth Garrison Halstead Norfolk, Va. William Gilmer Halstead Norfolk, Va. Charles Alson Hamilton Raleigh, N. C. William Hazel Hamilton. Jr Raleigh, N. C. Charles Ragmond Hamrick Burnsville. N. C. Roger Parke Hanahan Mt. Pleasant, S. C. Eugene Boomer Hancock . . . . ' inston-Salem, N. C. John Randolph Hancock Greensboro, N. C. Joseph Shipman Hancock Raleigh, N. C. John Louie Hansberger Memphis, Tenn. Edwin Randolph Hansen New Bern, N. C. Harvey Asbury Harding Mocksville, N. C. Jack Mongan Harrell Suffolk. Va. JiLES Pickten Harrell Wilson, N. C. Wilton Harrelson Whiteville, N. C. Thomas Alex Harrington, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Jesse Parker Taylor Harris. Jr Vaughan, N. C. Robert Spencer Harris, Jr Durham, N. C. Clyde William Hart Raleigh, N. C. Lynn Macon Harton V ' ilmington, N. C. John Carl Hassell Edenton, N. C. Alvin Hausman New York, N. Y. Fred Hawkins Hendersonville, N. C. Errol Edwin Hayes, Jr Elkin, N. C. James Everette Haynes Raleigh, N. C. John Franklin Hazelton Charlotte, N. C. o o o o [W i C ' " " a Q Q ej B o a ' jft O (ff fM o fl ' It life! Q C ( BmI ' ' 1 Bl iM IB! o r r ' « 13. SOPHOmORE CLRSS Walden McMillan Hearn Teachey. N. C. Forrest Rhodes Hedrick High Point, N. C. Beryl Leslie Heffner Shelby, N. C. Olin Deward Hefner Altapass, N. C. John Mori.and Hehn Short Hills, N. ]. James Earle Henderson, Jr Raleigh, N. C William Edward Hennessee, Jr Salisbury, N. C. Francis Richard Henry Manchester, Mass. Bobby Lee Hepler Thomasville, N. C. David Skeen Hepler Greensboro, N. C. Coy Hewett, Jr Wilmington, N. C. John Blirgwin Hewett Supply, N. C. Gene Weldon Hewitt Myrtle Beach, S. C. Robert Miller Heyward Goldsboro, N. C. Frank Andrew Hildebrand Drexel, N. C. Henry Franklin Hill Asheboro, N. C. John Bright Hill, Jr Wilmington, N. C. Robert Henderson Hill Richlands, N. C. Russell Mankins Hinkle Asheville, N. C. Rayborn Freeman Hinshaw Liberty, N. C. Henry Hoyt Hobbs Tampa, Fla. Wade Martin Hobson Boonville, N. C. Larry Latham Hodges Stokes, N. C. Howard Thomas Hodnett Durham, N. C. John Dwight Holding Washington, N. C. Louis Laird Holder Raleigh, N. C. John Michael Holland Dorchester, Mass. Leon Holland Charles, N. C. James Arthur Hollinger Gastonia, N. C. James Lee Holloway Durham, N. C. Edwin Greyson Hollowell Princeton, N. C. Ray E. Hollowell Hobbsville, N. C. Richard Stephenson Holmes Weldon, N. C. Sidney Ben Holt Graham, N. C. Samuel Sholes Homewood Marlon, N. C. William Harbiss Hon Charlotte, N. C. David G. Honeycutt Raleigh, N. C. William Fulwood Hood Laurinburg, N. C. James Weston Hoover Columbia, S. C. Walter Franklin Horne Wilson, N. C. SOPHOmORE CLASS WniiAM Pahhisii 1 loHNU C ' liarldttc. N. t ' . Daniel Tierni v 1 Iokmng C ' liarloitc. i . t. EvERETTE Eugene I Iowako. Jh Statcsville. N. C. Carl Jackson Howell, Jn C " (incord, N. C. CloRnoN Bert Howell Raleigh. N. C. I ' lioMAS Franklin Hudson Salisbury, N. C Denver Raiph Huhh, Jr Ashley Heights. N. C. C;eorc;k HiiiiARii Hughes Asheville, N. C ' . WiiLiAM |a us llucuES 1 " " g Island. N. Y. John Tillman I Hill C herryville, N. C. William Frank Humbert, III Sprag, N. C. Laurence Brugger Humes Robbinsville, N. C. Edwin Chambers Hunt Raleigh, N. C. JAMEs Robert Hunter Gastonia, N. C. Edwin Harold Hutchins Raleigh, N. C Frank Tabor Hutchins Raleigh, N. C. Richard Woodward Hutson Charleston, S. C. Horace Jefferson Hux Rocky Mount, N. C. Mark Alexander Innes Asheville, N. C Lewis Roger Irvin Rockingham, N. C. Fred A. Irving Stoneville, N. C. Benjamin Middleton Ivey Charlotte, N. C. Howard Jacobs Raleigh, N. C. Howard Milton Jacobson Lraig Beach, N. Y. Norman Crawford James Clyde, N. C. Richard Lee James Star, N. C Wilburn William Jamison, Jr., Hendersonville, N. C. Charles Andrew Jarrett Toecane, N. C. Lester Clyde Jarvis Farmington, N. C. Arthur Lee Jennette Calypso, N. C. Lyndon Russell Jernigan Louisburg, N. C. Shirley Herbert Jerniga.n, Jr Woodville, N. C. Garland Ral ph Jobe Greensboro, N. C. Den-nis Laughton Johnson Burlington, N. C. Harold Gibson Johnson Winston-Salem, N. C. Homer Ruffin Johnson Stokesdale, N. C. James Noah Johnson H ' gl Point, N. C. John Frank Johnson. Jr Winston-Salem, N. C. John Norman Johnson Charlotte, N. C. Joseph A. Johnson. Jr Staten Island, N. Y. iLMM V O O fTj tfTT! f ' f ; O f O J o e ,r o SOPHOmORE CLASS Richard Thomas Johnson Henderson, N. C. Robert Newel Johnson Benson, N. C. Wade William Johnson Siler City, N. C. James Gaylord Johnston Roper, N. C. Lindsay Morris Johnston, Jr Shelby, N. C. Marion Lawrence Johnston Raleigh, N. C. Bettye Harris Jones Raleigh, N. C. Charles Maurice Jones Bernie, Mo. Edward Bruce Jones Pelham, N. C. Everett Barrett Jones Elizabeth City, N. C. Frederick Wallace Jones Raleigh, N. C. Halbert Lyon Jones Maxton, N. C. James Lemuel Jones Richmond, Va. John R. Jones Pinnacle, N. C. Melvin Marvin Jones Hickory, N. C. Neal Marnell Jones Greensboro, N. C. Ralph Abel Jones Leaksville, N. C. Ray Elwin Jones Greensboro, N. C. Raymond Earl Jones Hickorv, N. C. Richard Thorpe Jones Raleigh, N. C. Robert Chandler Jones Charlotte, N. C. Robert H. W. Jones Greensboro, N. C. Thomas Winston Jones Keene, Va. Carlos Yates Jordan Carv, N. C. Charles Ralph Jordan Kinston, N. C. Ernest Mansfield Jordan, Jr Raleigh, N. C. John Walter Joseph Winston-Salem, N. C. Thomas Winfield Joyce Winston-Salem, N. C. Bobby Lawrence Joyner Raleigh, N. C. David Harvey Jurney Greensboro, N. C. Jerome Kabel New York, N. Y. Herbert Kaiian Port Chester, N. Y. Joseph Hountha Kayler Gastonia, N. C. Joseph Monroe Keever Raleigh, N. C. George Houseal Keller Gastonia, N. C. Frederick McArtor Kerr Charlotte, N. C. Lester Lyndon Key Hickory, N. C. William Edward Kidd Warrenton, N. C. Robert Edward Killian Lincolnton, N. C. Paul Piiifer Kincaid Gastonia, N. C. I SOPHOmORE CLASS James Miles Kim;. Jh Groonsboro, N. C. Arthur Ledoux Kirkland Durliani. N. C. WiNFRED McGee Kirkman Cri ' ensboro, N. C. Hilly Ross Kiser Raleigh, N. C. Robert Mkiiael Riser, Jr Bessemer City, N. C. Iames Merrell Kitchens . . . . Winstun-Salcm, N. C. Frank Charles Kluge Portsmouth, Va. Robert Calvin Knight West llillsboro. . ' . C. Billy Moore Knox Statesvillc, . C. Prakash C. Ko( iiHAR Raleigh. X. C- Wallace Lee Kruecer Charlotte, N. C. Ralph Chalmus Kurfees Mocksville, N. C. Bernard M. Ladd Whitakers, N. C. Charles Thomas Lambert Norfolk, Va. Maurice Hall Lucama, N. C. David Lane Bostic, N. C. Lawtience Jubin Lane Morganton, N. C. Raymond Neil Lane Wilson, N. C. Robert Earl Lang Plainfield, N. I. Bruce Mackay Larrabee, Jr Lakewood, N. J. David Ray Lassiter Mebane, N. C. Joe E. Lattimore Shelby, N. C. William Craig Leary Edcnton, N. C. John Dunn Leazar Atlanta, Ga. Garland Maynard Ledford Chester, S. C. Elizabeth Bobbitt Lee Lumberton. N. C. James Edward Lee Durham, N. C. James Frederick Lee Four Oaks, N. C. Robert Irvin Lee Wilmington, N. C. Sanford Howard Lee Pink Hill, N. C. Evans S. Leinbach New Bern, N. C. Robert Wayne Leith Toledo, Ohio Robert Alexander Lintz Salisbury, N. C. Benjamin Daughtridge Lewis Raleigh, N. C. George William Lewis Raleigh, N. C. William Francis Lewis Rocky Point, N. C. William Layman Lewis Hobgood, N. C. John Lee Linder. Jr Greensboro, N. C. Thomas Homer Lingle Salisburv, N. C. Jack L. Link New York. N. Y. ft (Ti. fHi • ,© 1 4 f - I 0.0 o ( . ,ft. ,f ? ,f •:» « o c f .o a p SOPHOmORE CLASS Lawrence Jay Linker New York, N. Y. Franklin A. Linney Newport News, Va. John Beauregard Lippard Raleigh, N. C. Charles Alonzo Little Catawba, N. C. [ohn Clifford Little Nathans Creek, N. C. Silas Judson Little, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Cecil Graham Livengood Concord, N. C. Carl Thomas Lloyd Oxford, N. C. Augustus Whitney Lobdell . . . . Pleasantville, N. Y. Ernest Eugene Loftin Trenton, N. C. SiEu Wang Loh Shanghai, China Clingman Benton Long, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Carlos Efrain Lopez .Torreon, Coah, Mexico James Madison Lorick, Jr Asheville, N. C. Glenn Robert Love Burlington, N. C. Julian Manies Lynch Charlotte, N. C. William Weaver Lynn Greenville, Ala. Francis Williams MacMillan . . . . Fayetteville, N. C. Worthington Manson Mahone . . . .Williamsburg, Va. Iames Gary Martin Spartanburg, S. C. William Herman Mashburn Gastonia, N. C. Felix Darius Masten Winston-Salem, N. C. James C. Masten Winston-Salem, N. C. Donald Robert Matthews ..RucUxille Center, N. Y. Philip Roscoe Matthews Gates, N. C. Silas Franklin Matthews Kipling, N. C. James Ritchie Mauney Richfield, N. C. James Rodney May Wilmington, N. C. lui.iAN Brown McAuley Statesville, N. C. James Harrill McBrayer, Jr Hampton, Va. William Harris McCord Huntersville, N. C. Pope McCorkle, Jr Memphis, Tenn. Marcus Gerald McCoy Snow Hill, N. C. John Wessell McCrary Wilmington, N. C. Robert Uriah McCree Sneads Ferry, N. C. Daniel Frederick McCulloch Charlotte, N. C. Larry Brown McDade Hillsboro, N. C. David Donald McDonald Raleigh, N. C. Neal Alexander McDonald Lillington, N. C. Virgil Dewey McDonald Cherokee, N. C. I SOPHOmORE CLASS- N ' lROiL Enlow .Ml1-)o« LLi , Jh.. luiaiicikc Rapids. N. C. Carl Dextus McDuffie Kalcisjh. N. C. Cliiv ARcmE McFarland Goldsboro. N. C. eill Alexander McFahi and. ]n.. Clrcensboro, N. C. Ell.sworth MrC ' .dWAN Canton, N. C. John William McRtti Washington. N. C. Herbert Pope McKim Ahoskic, N. C. Wade Cameron McLean Addor, N. C. liMMiE DoLAN McLendon Borlins ton. N. C. Hector Robert Mc 1 i (in McBee, S. C. John J. Pershing McLeod Lillington, N. C. loHN Spaugh McLeod McBee. S. C. N ' eill Alexander McLeod Aberdeen. N. C. James Archie McNeill Rockingham. N. C. Kenneth Watson McNeill Raelord, N. C. William Lester McPhail. Jr Tomahawk. N. C. Jack Henry McQuinn Lincolnton. N. C. John Robert McRainev Fayetteville, N. C. Allen Stuart McRimmon Rowland, N. C. Frank Parker Meacha.m Raleigh, N. C. William Burdette Meares Lake View, S. C Harry Louis Mercer Burlington, N. C. Jack Sylvester Meredith Greensboro, N. C. Wilbur Goodyear Merritt Robbins, N. C. Herbert Joseph Meyer New York. N. Y. Robert Milton Michael Wingate, N. C. Norfleet Ward Midyette Raleigh, N. C. Peter Dante Migaleddi Bradford, Pa. Robert Mickle Miles, Jr Raleigh, N. C. James Ashby Miller Gastonia, N. C. Lawrence Haywood Miller Wilkesboro, N. C. James Frederick Mills Wilmington, N. C. Harvey Eugene Millsaps Mooresville, N. C. Virgil Graham Mims, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Kenneth Moore Mjntz Fayetteville, N. C. Billy Ross .Mitciilll Hillsboro, N. C. Robert Earl Mitchell Greensboro, N. C. Rodney McBeath Moak Charlotte, N. C. Letcher Wilton Monroe Eagle Springs, N. C. Adrian Wallace Moore Southport, N. C. T (-Tp 1 n c » r D J mmmiLta C: .C3 C ( f O C) CT " nww ( p fp ,n jp f o ift |3 SOPHOmORE CLRSS Clyde Wilbur Moore Morehead City, N. C. David Ray Moore Hurdle Mills, N. C. Hazel Hughes Moore Charlotte, N. C. John Monroe Moore Mt. Holly, N. C. John Pinkney Moore Lenoir, N. C. Paul Edward Moore Morehead City, N. C. Robert Sanders Moore Asheboro, N. C. Vernon Albert Moore Ahoskie, N. C. Vernon Warren Moore Raleigh, N. C. William Andrew Moore Bridgewater, Conn. William Charles Moore New Bern, N. C. Bob Franklin Moose Concord, N. C. Clifton Roger Morgan Fairmont, N. C. Jesse Pierpont Morgan, Jr Wilson, N. C. Samuel Lamar Morgan Angier, N. C. Shelby Val Morgan, Jr Richfield, N. C. William Paullard Morgan Asheville, N. C. Wilson Wright Morgan Spring Hope, N. C. Arcus Free Morris Salisbury, N. C. Cola Rienzi Morris, Jr Raleigh, N. C. William Leonard Morris High Point, N. C. Robert Gilbert Morrison Statesville, N. C. RuFus William Moselev Oakwoods, N. C. Wendell Cornelius Moser Shelby, N. C. Marcus Allen Mulkey Charlotte, N. C. Thomas O. Mullins Raleigh, N. C. Carol B. Mullis Monroe, N. C. William D. Murdock Mooresville, N. C. James Leo Murphy, Jr Rocky Mount, N. C. Raymond Baker Murray, Jr Norfolk, Va. Frank Edwards Muth Raleigh, N. C. Arthur Myers Mount Gilead, N. C. Nymphas Yancy Myers Greensboro, N. C. J. Van Myers Greensboro, N. C. Robert Fox Vincent Nardiello ..Long Island, N. Y. Jarley Narron Kenly, N. C. Arthur Bynum Neal Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Henry Oscar Newell Roxboro, N. C. Charles Renfrow Newsom Raleigh, N. C. Franklin Eugene Newton Grouse, N. C. SOPHOmORE CLASS ■ Gilbert I ' lnviN Newton Y(inkiT . N. Y. 1 11 mm llui.ii Nkwton Crousf. N. C. M 1 I 11 S. kiioison. In. . . C luilloid College, N. C. m tiiNON Uoiic.AL NiviiN, Jr. . . Charlotte, N. C. ■ Scott Alexander Nivens .... Charlotte, N. c. 1 James Ihomas Noe Wilson, N. c. John Stanford Noell Raleigh, N. c. Jesse Raymond Noruis, Jr. . . . Raleigh, N. c. lo ' il ril 11 KINS ()H ' tH L) . . . Raleigh, N. N. f Wai DO Idol Oeiiman. Jr Winston-Salem, c. Edward Albert Oerter Winston-Salem, N. c. William Joyner Ogiesby Morehcad City, N. c. Robert V ' alter Osbeck . . . Minneapolis, Minn. Thomas Zack Osborne Sparta, N. c. Albert Ray O ' Steen. Jr Durham, N. c. Leonard Hester Owen. Jr. . . Durham, N. c. Haskel Bryan Oxfor d . . . Taylorsville, N. c. James Robert Padgett Black Mountain, N. c. Carlos Palazuelos . Mexico City, Mexico Hugh Charles Palmer . . . Waynesville, N. c. Leslie Hatfield Palmer, Jr. . . . .Cedar Grove, W. Va. Edwin D. vid Palmgren Winston-Salem, N. c. Ralph Edward Pardue . ...Yadkinville, N. c. William Walter Parish .... Wendell, N. c. Paul Emerson Parker, Jr. . . Lasker, N. c. Richard Moore Parker .Rocky Mount, N. c. Albert Emory Parramore, Jr. Asheville, N. c. Cleo Xick Parthemos Charlotte, N. c. U ' lLLiAM John Paschal Goldston, N. c. Louis Ralph Pasquale Wilmington, Del. James Henry Pate . . . . Laurinburg, N. c. William Bradford Patten . . . Raleigh, N. c. Benjamin Frederick Patterson .... Hiddenite, N. c. Charles Connolly Patterson Newton, N. c. Richard Lee Patterson Asheville, N. c. John Franklin Payne Charlotte, N. c. Charles Smith Pearson . . R K:ky Mount, N. c. Joseph Holt Pease Charlotte, N. c. Marion Eldridge Peebles .... . . . .Greensboro, N. c. Howell R. Peele . . . Williamston, N. c. t O C O ' P ' fK. ( »% « d ( f i p oi o p A p p cp I li .0 f , A Cf r? SOPHOmORE CLASS Robert Gibbon Pender Charlotte, N. C. Charles O. Pendergastric Hot Wind, N. C. Marion Charles Penny Raleigh, N. C. Charles Wayne Perkins ....Connelly Springs, N. C Thomas William Perry, Jr Concord, N. C. Charles Herbert Peterson Badin, N. C. John Norman Peterson Beaufort, N. C. John Randolph Peterson Spruce Pine, N. C. Erekine Franklin Pharr Concord, N. C Richard F. Phelps, Jr Wilmington , N. C. William Robert Phelps Monkton, Md. James Edwin Phillips Fountain, N. C. Atlas Earl Pickett Spencer, N. C. Floyd Reid Pickett Raleigh, N. C. Martin Leroy Plum Haddon Heights, N. J. John Maher Poplin Rocky Mount, N. C. William Allen Potts Mt. Olive, N. C. Claud Hamilton Powell Warsaw, N. C. David Everett Powers, Jr Savannah, Ga. Charles Edward Pratt Raleigh, N. C. Iames Harry Prevette Statesville, N. C. Edgar Dawson Price Wilson, N. C. Joe Gwyn Price Clifton, N. C. John Moody Price Raleigh, N. C. Robert Allen Prichard Winston-Salem, N. C. Carl Carter Pritchard, Jr Greensboro, N. C. Forrest Page Probst Richmond, Va. William Con Proctor, Jr Rocky Mount, N. C. Landon Moore Proffitt Burnsville, N. C. Lester Robert Propst, Jr Cherryville, N. C. Edward Roak Pulsifer Newport News, Va. Alpaslan Mehmet Purut Istanbul, Turke y Newton Franklin Quinn. Jr Charlotte, N. C. Robert Henderlight Rakestraw . . Stoneville, N. C. Ralph Jason Randall Carolcen, N. C. James Richard Rankin Greensboro, N. C. William Wood Raper, Jr High Point, N. C. Frank Lawrence Rapp Upper Darby, Pa. Jack Murice Rascoe Burlington, N. C. Lawrence Clemen Rathz Indianapolis, Ind. SOPHOmORE CLRSS CJeorc.e W ' lLi iam Kav. Jii 1 ' ' k ' ' I ' oi ' it, N. C. OwuN W ' alkeh Reauan. |r Laurinburg, N. C. 1 lovi) Waltir Ream Raleigh, N. C. l OHl Rl MaRSHAI 1 Rl AMS ApOX, N. C. C llARl hS 1 U H Hll Kill) CliaillltU ' . N. C. Council Renfrow Kenlv. N. C. Ernest Coleman Riieuark Graham. N. C. Marion Rudolph Rhodes, Jr New Bern, N. C. Oscar L. Rhodes, Jr Wihningtuii, N. C. Harold Ciim;man Kiurnv Creensbciru. N. C. Thomas I ' aui Rhvne Greensboro. N. C. Thomas Sylvanus Rhvne. Jr Charlotte. N. C. Jack Carlton Richards Raleigh. N. C. James Frank Richie Gastonia, N. C. William Espy Rrkart Raleigh, N. C. Arthur Crea Roane, Jr New York, N. Y. Samuel H. Robbins, Jr Washington, N. C. Clair Walters Roberts Greensboro, N. C. Charles P. Roberts, Jr Shelby. N. C. Wilbur Leroy Roberts Winston-Salem, N. C. Charles B. Robertson Madison, N. C. Warren Winfield Robertson Hamlet, N. C. Clyde Hoffman Robinson Gastonia, N. C. Edward Graydon Robinson Lebanon, Tenn. Homer Ewing Robinson Candor, N. C. Edward Newton Rodman Washington, N. C. Cloy ' ce Connell Rogers Charlotte, N. C. Howard Burgage Rogers, Jr Jackson, N. C. Luther Thomas Rogers, Jr., V ' rightsville Beach, N. C. William Romulus Rollins ....Bessemer City. N. C. Sol Cooper Rose Fayetteville, N. C. Beverly Ross Durham, N. C. Henry Donald Ross Kernersville, N. C. Ralph Neill Ross Washington, N. C. Robert Howard Rountree Gates, N. C. Shelikjn Ruben Portsmouth, Va. Dana Henry Rucker Winston-Salem, N. C. Otis Gray Rucker. Jr Kinston, N. C. James A. Rudolph, Jr Gainesville, Ga. Royston Rice Ruixjlph, Jr Salisbury, N. C. ri CI f ( o iii i Ci iT) C C ( j ■ V a (!?t, D 0,0, o O C P; O ae 4. o ( ( r ' - ' ' ' « ' - - ,r».«i SOPHOmORE CLASS Carroll Ervin Russell Albemarle, N. C. Neil Conway Russell Candler, N. C. John Foster Ruth Raleigh, N. C. John Wiley Safley Cooleemee, N. C. Herman Andrew Sain Hickory. N. C. Eli Najeeb Saleeby Washington, N. C. Walter Frederick Sanborn Gastonia, N. C. John Robert Sancton Greensboro, N. C. Robert Macon Sanders Wilmington, N. C. Lawrence Sanford Hilton Village, Va. Robert Alvyn Sapp Washington, N. C. Jack Edward Sappenfield High Point, N. C. Russell Mayo Sasnett Durham, N. C. Leonard Ralph Sasser Goldsboro, N. C. Rudolph Patrick Savage Willard, N. C. Robert William Sawyer Darien, Wis. Joe Herman Schell Conover, N. C. Howard L Schenkman Brooklyn, N. Y. James Raymond Scrivener, Jr Monroe, Va. Walter Harold Searcy Fletcher, N. C. Daniel Sechtin High Point, N. C. Philip Michael Segal, Jr Greensboro, N. C. Herman Eugene Seieel Norfolk, V,i. Thomas Edgar Setser Franklin, N. C. James Randall Severs Charlotte, N. C. Kenneth Bryan Sexton Burlington, N. C. Lewis Edward Shannon Charlotte, N. C. Noel Charles Sharp Canton, N. C. Jasper Van Sharpe Reidsville, N. C. George Warren Shaw Raleigh, N. C. Martin N. Shaw, Jr Leaksville, N. C. Robert Athelstan Shaw Leaksville, N. C. Robert Flake Shaw, Jr Greensboro, N. C. James Everette Sheffield Biscoe, N. C. William Jehue Shelley Hamlet. N. C. Howard Huey Shepherd, Jr Gibsonville, N. C. James Nelson Sherrill Winston-Salem, N. C. Charles Dayvault Shinn China Grove, N. C. Warren Harding Shinn Concord, N. C. Robert Randolph Simmons, Jr. ..Rockingham, N. C. SOPHOmORE CLRSS Judge Arnold Simpson Marslivillc, N. C. Clakencu Hubert Sink Lexington, . C. |l)l II 1 lA.M SiPHERS Boimo. N. C. loiiN White Sisson Audiihun. N. ]. I ' niLii " SuiFKA LLiwronci ' , L. 1., N. Y. Hynum Edwin Smith (Iiiiltord College, N. C. Eugene McTyre Smith. Ju Durham, N. C. George Edward Smith, Jii Cornelius, N. C. CiRADV BtHNAiui Smiiii Charlotte, N. C. Jack Smith Wilson, N. C. Joseph Mallie Smiiii Lillington, N. C Louis Calvin Smith New Hill, S. C. Richard Lee Smith Woodleaf, N. C. Thomas Hill Smith Belmont, N. C. William Earle Smith Spindale, N. C. John . L rtin Snoddv, Jr Marion, N. C. James Burgin Soesbee Lake Junaluska, N. C. Kare Ramm Sobensen Oslo, Norway Jones Allen Southern Winston-Salem, N. C. Leo Julius Spaanbroek Asheville, N. C. Herman Foote Spain Littleton, N. C. Lawrence Franklin Spaine Raleigh, N. C. Edgar Herbert Sparks Rockingham, N. C. George William Spavd Currie, N. C. John Wesley Spence Seven Springs, N. C. John Graham Spencer Raleigh, N. C. Robert Henkel Spilman Raleigh, N. C. Marshall Meredith Spring, Jr Miami, Fla. Thomas Sanford Sprinkle Raleigh, N. C. William Byne Stackhouse Wilmington, N. C. Donald Edwin Steagall Rockingham, N. C. Frank Willard Steed Asheboro, N. C. John Burton Steen, Jr Hampton, Va. Joel Emmette Stegall, Jr Monroe, N. C. Gilbert O ' Berry Stephens Erwin, N. C. Floyd Edward Stephenson, Jr Greensboro, N. C. Clarence Stevens, Jr Council, N. C. Everette Duncan Stevens Raleigh, N. C. Richard Barber Stevens Asheville, N. C. William Anderson Stevens Smithficid, N. C. P n o o l:Jiili J „ ' O O rt ' DO fe 0. V- ) f? iT f ) 1 - A wl-l fl I ■R O ,f?i ffji o w D P L ' i-. J Q p ft O f. ' ffi SOPHOmORE CLRSS Nathaniel Bennett Stewart Wallace, N. C. Raymond Pope Stewart Raleigh, N. C. Thomas Harrison Stewart Hamilton, N. C. Scott Filmore Stidham Jonesboro, Ark. George Isaac Stoffel Greensboro, N. C. Hugh Bertrand Stokes, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Alton Glenn Story Raleigh, N. C. Ralph Dee Story, Jr Greensboro, N. C. William Trolinger Stratford Graham, N. C. Claudius A. Street, Jr Winston-Salem, N. C. James Winston Strider Mt. Gilead, N. C. Calvin Felix Stroud Lexington, N. C. William Filmore Stroud Old Fort, N. C. Ezra A. Stroupe, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Harry Jenkins Suggs Gastonia, N. C. Jean Guthrie Surratt Charlotte, N. C. James Turner Suttles Greensboro, N. C. Peter William Swanson, Jr Clifton, N. J. John Albert Sweat Raleigh, N. C. Pat Dorsey Sykes New London, N. C. Charles Carey Talbot Myrtle Beach, S. C. Thomas Harris Tassos, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Lloyd Eugene Tatem Norfolk, Va. Jack Dempsey Teague Granite Falls, N. C. Leonard B. Temkin Brooklyn, N. Y. Roger Vernon Terry, Jr Newport News, Va. Cleveland Harper Thayer Asheboro, N. C. Ellis Porter Thomas Chattanooga, Tenn. Phillip Ray Thomas Hiddenite, N. C. Roy Stephens Thomas, Jr Greensboro, N. C. Warren Ira Thomas Greensboro, N. C. Effie Florence Thompson Raleigh, N. C. Frank Thompson, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Frank Forbess Thompson, Jr Tabor City, N. C. Hal Lee Thompson Charlotte, N. C. William Findlay Thompson ..Highland Park, Mich. William Kennard Thompson, Jr Towanda, Pa. Robert Granville Thrower . . . .Rocky Mount, N. C. David Keller Tillson H ' gh Point, N. C. Edwin Clay Timanus Lenoir, N. C, I SOPHOmORE CLASS jAMtS DaVU) I IMBLliLAKl Oxloril, N. C. Daniel David Tolkoff New York, N. Y. Benjamin I ONt;iii: H.iUii;li, N. C. Oi AV ToRGERSEN Oslo, Norway I Iahhv Ai.ovsiiis Towi.i: Newark, N. J. Daniel Earle Townsend Durham. N. C. Robert j. Troutman Hickory, N. C. Donald Melvin Troxler Elon College, N. C Lewis Andrew Trumbo Asheville, N. C. Paul ErMont 1 iicker Winston Salem, N. C ' . Ernest Larry Turner Salisbury. N. C. Harold Rhoades Turner. Jk Greenville. S. C. James Perkins Turner Asheville, N. C. Joseph Felton Turner, Jr Jackson, N. C. Joseph Lewis Turner Gibsonville. N. C. Raeford King Turner Leaksville, N. C. Rums Benton Turner Oakboro, N. C. Simmons Edwin Turner Martinsville. Va. Charles Braxton Turpin Mt. Airy, N. C. Willie Glenn Tussey Lexington, N. C. Charles Gotten Tyler Greensboro, N. C. Earle Goodson Tyler Gates, N. C. William Bruce Tyler Marion, N. C. Joseph Franklin Tvndall Pink Hill. N. C. Ted Workman Tysinger Lexington, N. C. Frank Dixon Underwood ..North Wilkesboro, N. C. James White Underwood, Jr Huntington, W. Va. George Bernice Umstead Durham. N. C. Thomas Joseph LIpihurch Raeford, N. C. William Burtis Upchubcii Morrisville. N. C. Charles Paul ' an Name. Jr Wood-Ridge. N. J. Edward Pollard V ' anSickler Sebring. Fla. Henry Alexander Vann Monroe, N. C. Robert Moore Vanstory Favetteville, N. C. William Franklin Venable Raleigh, N. C. Arthur Ralph Verbeck Staten Island. N. Y. Robert Bryant X ' ernon Liberty, N. C. Ja.mes Wiley V ' ick Nashville, N. C. Charles Conley Vinson Franklin, N. C. Andrew Mims Walker Raleigh. N. C. 1 iSM t. (! O (!5 (T .OJ p ,o r f f " . ID O p j! f? f ' , - ' .i - ' jir O O f a n n T p a f f n c o !p SOPHOmORE CLRSS Calvin Stanley Walker Charlotte, N. C. Henry Grady Walker, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Margaret E. Walker Raleigh, N. C. Robert Lee Walker Reidsville, N. C. William Lyman Walker Goldsboro, N. C. Henry Homer Wallace Mountain Park, N. C. George Rozier Waller, Jr Clinton, N. C. Louis Jackson Walls Bolivia, N. C. Jacob Adam Walton Spencer, N. C. John Arnold Ward, Jr Williamston, N. C. Melvin Francis Ward Leaksville, N. C. William Seaton Ward Raleigh, N. C. Wilton Lee Ward CKnton, N. C. Joe Howard Warren Greensboro, N. C. Will Herring Warren Wilson, N. C. Alan Wayne Warsiiaw New York, N. Y. Gordon Watt, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Donald Gray Watts Winston-Salem, N. C. Councill Pinkney Weaver Salisbury, N. C. Butler A. Weddington China Grove, N. C. David Flay Wehunt Cherryville, N. C. Sam Pinkney Wehunt, Jr Cherryville, N. C. John Marion Welfare Winston-Salem, N. C. Clay Leon Welker Greensboro, N. C. James Fred Wellons, Jr Kenly, N. C. Waymoth Jefferson Wells . . . . Haniptonx illc, N. C. Hardy Wessell Wilmington, N. C. Henry Cobia West, Jr Monroe, N. C. Larry Elmo Westmoreland, Jr Baltimore, Md. William George Westmoreland . . Statesville, N. C. Raymond Benjamin Wheatley ..Washington, N. C. John Perry Wheless Louisburg, N. C. Murray Ray Whisenhunt Wavnesville, N. C. Elvie Linwood White, Jr Wilmington, N. C. Peyton Park White Raleigh, N. C. William Brady White Henderson, N. C. William Daniel White, Jr Pittsboro, N. C. Ralph Layton Whitehead Hobgood, N. C. James Clarence Whitehurst. Jr Ayden, N. C. William Kenneth V ' hitelev ....Greenville, N. C. SOPHOmORE CLRSS Lester Folger Whicker ' alki ' rt(nvn, N. C. McIvER Aflen Wicker Greensboro, N. C. Ru H Mill 1 li roN u;c;iNs Riliii h. N. C. llrMSv l in AN iLioNc;. Ju Ilickorv, N. C. JoiiN 1 K nAHii u KINS ( " irecnsboro. N. C. Richard Phillips Wii.iarh . , . .Winston-Salem, N. C. Albert Gee Willcox, Jr Enfield, N. C. Charles David Williams, Jr Tabor Citv, N. C. Charles Evon ii.i iams Bangor, Pa. Edc.ak Thomas Williams. Jr Raleigh, N. C. George Adel Williams Norfolk, Va. Herman Coy Williams Wake Forest, N. C. Irwin Phillip ' ILLIAMs Haw River, N. C. James Alfred Williams Laurinburg, N. C. James Clyde Williams Wake Forest, N. C. Nelson Lee Williams Greensboro, N. C. Philip Richard Williams Wilson, N. C. Richard Harlan Williams Washington, N. C. Rodney Gray Williams Godwin, N. C. Theodore Prevost Williamson, Jr., Greensboro, N. C. C. Oris ' illiford Angier, N. C. Edison Judson Willis. Jr Lumberton, N. C. Robert Edwin Wilson Massapequa, N. Y. Robert Manson Wilson Raleigh, N. C. William Alfred Wilson, Jr Ro.xboro, N. C. William Frederick Wilson Gastonia, N. C. WooDROw Wilson Raleigh, N. C. Robert Edward Winborn Kenlv, N. C. William Earl Winborn Kenlv, N. C. Hall Woodruff Wingfield. Jr Salisburv, N. C. Henry Kollock Witherspoon. Jr. ..Raleigh, N. C. James Ernest Witherspoon . . . .Rockingham, N. C. Philip Albert Woerner Charlotte, N. C. Rex Edwin Wood North Wilkesboro, N. C. Thomas Alton Wood Gastonia, N. C. Willia.m Brantley Woodall. Jr. ..Smithfield, N. C. William Walter Woodard Raleigh, N. C. William Franklin Woodward, Winston-Salem, N. C. Jack Franklin Workman Thomasville, N. C. ' ernon Wheeler Yelton. Jr Spindalc. N. C. ft D Lj l f! ,0 f ff) r) f l r er, ( fs i. O .p D n ' MdiM O C O f j SOPHOmORE CLASS Irvin C. Young Durham, N. C. V ' endell Samuel Young Forest City, N. C. Frank Junior Yount Granite Falls, N. C. Ahmet Mutahhar Yumlu Istanbul, Turkev William Otto Zick Phillipsburg, N. J. Lewis Blake Fentriss Angus W. Mercer William Dickens McCorkle William Jennings Setzer J. C. Simpson Charles Archie Wells George Robinson Wise ' [156] ss iVC. N.a- N ' .C. Mr N ' l Ky icevS of THE FRESHmfln CLRSS Jack G. McCracken President V unn BoYLES Y ice-President Ross V. Lampe Secretary-Treasurer ft o lO o on r ,a .O f Cj ft P f 1 i?| -O . ? P C. FRESHITlfln CLASS L. A. Abernethy Lincolnton, N. C R. C. Adams Winston-Salem, N. C. R. W. Adams Asheville, N. C. F. L. Adkins Winston-Salem, N. C. I. C. Adkins Charlotte, N. C. A. E. Aiken Concord, N. C. C. S. Alexander Wilmington, N. C. J. P. Alexander Elizabeth City, N. C. R. S. Alexander Matthews, N. C. H. C. Allen Pensacola, Fla. ]. H. Alley Wavncsville, N. C. R. L. Allison Huntersville, N. C. W. J. Alston Concord, N. C. W. R. Amburn Mount Airy, N. C. R. L. Ammons Raleigh, N. C. G. W. Andrews Mt. Gilead, N. C. B. D. Angell Winston-Salem, N. C. T. K. Appleberry Wilmington, N. C. G. R. Applegate Winston-Salem, N. C. R. A. Arab Fayetteville, N. C. J. W. Arden Asheville, N. C. R. L. Armfield Greensboro, N. C. E. B. Armstrong W. Collingswood, N. C. R. L. Armstrong, 1r Newbern, N. C. J. E. Atkins Gary, N. C. J. B. Atkinson, Jr Edinburg, Texas C. G. Austin Peachland, N. G. W. M. Austin Marshville, N. G. G. S. AVERETTE Oxford, N. G. P. H. Avery Erwin. N. C. J. H. Axley Andrews, N. G. T. M. Aycock, Jr Warrenton, N. C. ]. G. Baggette Laurinburg, N. G. G. H. Bailey Sims, N. G. T. B. Bailey Greensboro, N. C. A. C. Baity, Jr Winston-Salem, N. C. A. H. Ballard Kipling, N. G. H. A. Ballard Swannanoa, N. G. L. L. Ballard, Jr Kinston, N. C. H. H. Bangs, Jr Hendersonville, N. C. W. E. Bardin Wilson, N. G. E. T. Barnes Greensboro, N. C. F. G. Barnes Lumberton, N. G. R. C. Barnes, Jr Raleigh, N. C. J. Barnhardt, Jr Kannapolis, N. G. W. G. Earnhardt, ]r Charlotte, N. G. H. S. Barr Charlotte, N. C. G. J. Barrett Rocky Mount, N. G. L. L. Basinger Mooresville, N. C. T. V. Bass Louisburg, N. G. R. C. Batten Selma, N. C. W. G. Bazemore Mt. Olive, N. G. M. Beach, Jr Oak City, N. C. J. H. Beaman Marion, N. G. R. G. Bean Winston-Salem, N. G. G. E. Beard, Jr Winston-Salem, N. C. J. M. Beasley Grandy, N. G. G. H. Beatty Haw River, N. C. C. G. Bedford High Point, N. G. E. G. Beeker Gastonia, N. C. I FRESHmfln CLASS F. C. BtLL. 1r Ashevillc. N. C. J. F. Belton Hickston, N. C. V. A. Benfield Mdousvillc. N. C. R. T. Bennett Fort Moadc. Md. T. Bernstein Philadolphia, Ri. J. S. Berbyhill Charlotte, N. C. R. G. Bicioiui lakcdalc. N. C. A. B. Biccs, Jr Dover, lX-1. G. S. Bingham Raleigh, N. C. C. N, Bishop Kannapolis, N. C, D. H. Black. Jr Rockingham, N. C. J. V. M. Black Charlotte, N. C. N. D. Blackwelder, )r Cleveland, N, C. W. G. Blackwelder Concord, N. C. E. H. Blackwell Hendersonvillc, N. C. C. Blake Greensboro, N. C. E. C. Blaklev. JR ' inston-Salein, N. C. H. U. Blalock VVinston-Salem, N. C. W. H. Blalock Reidsville, N. C. P. T. Blizzard Deep Run, N. C. W. H. BoBBiTT Enfield, N. C. H. J. BoGER Salisbury, N. C. W. B. BoGcs Claremont, N. C. C. L. BoNDY Rockawav Beach, N. Y. T. H. BoNiiAM Arden, N. C. J. VV. Bordeaux Lillington, N. C. J. F. Boseman, Jr Scotland Neck, N. C. C. T. BosT, Jr Hickory, N. C. S. H. BosT Statesville, N. C. C. W. Bostic Mooresboro, N. C. R. H. BowDEN Mocksville, N. C. R. M. Bowden Advance, N. C. G. C. Bowers Absher, N. C. J. W. Bowling Wake Forest, N. C. R, E. Boyce Charlotte, N. C. W. H. BovD, Jr Henderson, N. C. A. H. BoYER Raleigh, N. C. D. G. BovETTE Scotland Neck, N. C. E. F. Bradley Gastonia, N. C. E. I. Brame Reidsville, N. C. A. C. Brandl, III Asheville, N. C. B. P. Brawley Mooresville, N. C. W. W. Bray Reidsville, N. C. F. B. Breece Hope Mill, N. C. T. B. Brendon, Jr Williamston, N. C. C. S. Bridges Shelby, N. C. C. M. Brinkley Colerain, N. C. B. A. Britt, Jr Carv, N. C. F. L. Broadhurst Morehead City, N. C. J. F. Brockman Burlington, N. C. J. W. Brooks, Jr Raleigh, N. C. W. G. Broome Fort Mill, S. C. E. F. Brown, Jr Concord, N. C. H. A. Brown, Jr Greenville, S. C. J. O. Brown Charlotte, N. C. S. T. Brown, Jr Elizabeth City, N. C. W. E. Brown, Jr Hamlet, N. C. J. G. Browning Plymouth, N. C. ' . C. Broyhili Boomer, N. C. H. B. Bryan, Jr Oxford, N. C. P .f iT f Ci O f ' L i r ] fTj np e rr n G p P) p . P O .ft f o r:. r r ( f Cj. O " I 1 tMikd X " A -._1«- C O .f ) M c ' |!r3 f - - (? (fi If w p O K o tlM ir FRESHmfln CLASS A. E. Bryant Yadkinville, N. C. G. A. Bryant, Jr Greensboro, N. C. R. Bryant Borbes, N. C. M. V. Buck Greenville, N. C. C. A. Buckner Arden, N. C. W. B. Buckner Weaverville, N. C. G. E. Buff Morganton, N. C. C. G. BuiE Biscoe, N. C. J. H. BuLLARD Chadbourn, N. C. G. M. Burgess Norfolk, Va. W. A. Burgess Charlotte, N. C. W. M. Burgess, Jr Greensboro, N. C. E. M. Burgin Waynesville, N. C. S. K. BuRMAN New Delhi, India B. Burton .Winston-Salem, N. C. R. C. Butler Reidsville, N. C. J. O. Byers, ]r Henderson, N. C. R. T. Bynum Winston-Salem, N. C. W. M. Caffey Mt. Gilead, N. C. C. M. Cahoon Swanquarter, N. C. ]. N. Gail Charlotte, N. C. G. B. Cain Raleigh, N. C. H. R. Caldwell, Jr Waynesville, N. C. J. T. Caldwell Davidson, N. G. H. G. Calton Bostic, N. C. F. J. Calverley Providence, R. I. G. A. Cameron Kinston, N. G. D. R. Cameron Jonesboro, N. G. J. K. Cameron Thomasville, N. C. L. P. Cameron Olivia, N. C. J. W. Campbell Burlington, N. G. G. H. Cannady Dunn, N. G. P. E. Carlson Pittsburgh, Pa. H. V. Carson Charlotte, N. C. J. T. Carter, Jr Danville, Va. J. T. Carter, [r Durham, N. C. D. B. Cash Charlotte, N. G. D. S. Cauble Belmont, N. G. G. L. Gaulder Rockingham, N. C. W. M. Gavin, Jr Stanley, N. C. N. M. Cegalis Pittsburgh, Pa. H. C. Champion, Jr Fort Myers, Fla. D. G. Cheek Shelby, N. C. D. W. Cheek Rockwell, N. C. G. H. Cheek Laurinburg, N. C. J. H. Christian Raleigh, N. C. G. E. Clapp Siler City, N. C. G. R. Clark Elizabethtown, N. C. J. M. Clark Fayetteville, N. C. W. R. Clayton Winston-Salem, N. C. A. F. Clements Hamlet, N. C. L. F. Clippinger Charlotte, N. C. R. L. Cobb Scotland Neck, N. C. A. B. Cochrane Lincolnton, N. C. 1. N. Cohen Salisbury, N. C. V. O. Cole Sanford, N. C. R. T. CoLEY Raleigh, N. G. J. N. Collins Troutman, N. C. W. D. Collins Lumberton, N. C. H. P. Comer Greensboro, N. C. I FRESHmnn clrss A. B. CONGLETON liukll. N. C. S. G. Conrad Greensboro, N. C. E. R. Cook Kannapolis, N. C. X. E. Cook Stokcsdalo. N. C. R. B. Cope Lexinsjton. N. C. W. B. Cope Raleiyh, N. C. D. B. CoRRELL Landis, N. C. C. F. CoRRiHER China Grove, N. C. A. C. CoRwiN New York, N. Y. C. H. CoTiiRAN. 1r Evergreen. N. C. E. L. Council W ' ananish, N. C. C. R. Cowan Mount Mourne, N. C. ]. W. Cowan 1 larland, N. C. A. G. Cox. Jr Durham, N. C. F. L. Cox Raleigh, N. C. G. L. Cox Ehzabeth Citv, N. C. J. R. Cox Creswell, N. C. H. C. Craddock Reidsville. N. C. R. G. Craft W ' instonSaleni, N. C. E. P. Craig. Jr Bassett, Va. Y. R. Cranford Albemarle. N. C. D. G. Cratch Durham, N. C. J. A. Crawford Raleigh, N. C. ]. A. Crawford Earl, N. C. J. D. Crawford Ahoskic, N. C. B. H. Creech Kinston, N. C. G. C. Creech Snow Hill, N. C. R. M. Crosby. II Charlotte, N. C. W. L. Grouse Winston-Salem, N. C. K. M. Crow Winston-Salem, N. C. I. Crowell Linwood, N. C. R. C. Crowell Oxford, N. C. W. A. Crowell Matthews, N. C. C. R. CuMMiNGS Aberdeen, N. C. C. D. CuRLiN Wilson, N. C. R. G. Currier Roxboro, N. C. G. D. Curtis. Jr Burlington, N. C. J. E. Gushing Wilmington, N. C. L. D. Dail Magnolia, N. C. A. T. Dale Grifton, N. C. L. W. Dameron Bessemer City, N. C. W. Dancv North Wilkesboro. N. C. B. V. Darden Farmville, N. C. H. D. Daugherty Kinston. X. C. C. R. Davenport Alexandria, Va. H. R. Davenport Battleboro. N. C. J. R. Davenport Tarboro. N. C. J. W. Davidson Statesville. N. C. B. H. Davis Baisetta, Texas J. F. Davis Rockv Mount, N. C. |. II. Davis Forest Citv. N. C. I. K. Davis Earl, N. C. R. B. Davis Red Springs, N. C. R. L. Davis Canton, N. C. W. C . Davis Lenoir, N. C. W. D. Davis, Jr Winston-Salem, N. C. W. L. Davis Mount Olive, N. C. T. A. Louisburg, N. C. K. A. Debbagh Kov Sanjak. Iraq A. St. C. De Berry. ]n Tarboro, N. C. m a e- ' pj n A fTD P P 7 ' Tf O .ft At- f fTT ' fZD ff f a .9 f f I Ib mII Wt -y V 1 Mid fm f - ' T i ' f FRESHmfln CLASS E. C. Deibler Raleigh, N. C. W. H. Denton Raleigh, N. C. W. Denyes Kenosha, Wis. W. P. Despres, ]r Providence, R. I. W. G. DiLDAY Ahoskie, N. C. G. E. Dixon Robersonville, N. G. I. T. Dixon Durham, N. C. R. S. Dobbins Gastonia, N. G. ]. R. DoBsoN Greensboro, N. G. J. B. DooLEY Statesville, N. G. S. M. Downs Fayetteville, N. G. G. W. Drew Willard, N. G. E. T. Duke Manchester, N. C. R. T. Duke Potecasi, N. C. T. E. DuNMAN Greensboro, N. G. H. J. Dunn Kenansville, N. C. E. J. DzuRA Fiskdale, Mass. W. E. Earp Winnsboro, S. G. K. P. EcoNOMOU Fayetteville, N. G. J. P. Edmondson Raleigh, N. G. D. T. Edwards Spring Hope, N. C. F. H. Edwards Polkton, N. G. W. G. Edwards Kernersville, N. G. R. F. Efl. nd Efland, N. G. G. B. Elam, Jr Mocksville, N. G. E. L. Elmore Gastonia, N. C. J. H. Emerson Siler Gity, N. G. G. A. Erwin, Jr Raleigh, N. G. W. S. EuBANKS, Jr Greensboro, N. G. J. W. Evans Boardman, N. G. L. B. Evans Raleigh, N. G. W. R. Everette Tarboro, N. C. 0. G. Falls Kings Mountain, N. G. E. L. Faulconer, Jr Greensboro, N. G. D. C. Feinholz Mexico City, Mexico E. N. Ferrell Great Falls, S. G. R. B. Fesperman, Jr Gharlotte, N. C A. P. Fezio Paulsboro, N. T 1. G. Finch Bailey, N. G J. M. Fisher, Jr Roanoke Rapids, N. G R. S. Fisher Rocky Mount, N. C T. P. Fix Maplewood, N. J D. W. Fletcher Durham, N. G. J. W. Fletcher McGoll, S. C. J. D. Fly Rocky Mount, N. G. J. M. Fogleman Henderson, N. G. G. T. Fokakis Wilmington, N. C. R. FoLB Winston Salem, N. G. R. G. Folk, Jr Wake Forest, N. C. S. E. Fort, Jr Winston-Salem, N. G. G. T. Foster, Jr Burlington, N. G. F. H. Foster Raleigh. N. G. II. O. Foster Winston-Salem, N. G. J. H. Foster Goncord, N. G. T. T. O. Foster Wilkesboro, N. G. E. G. Fowler Winston-Salem, N. G. M. G. Fowler Hamlet, N. C. J. W. Francis Wavnesville, N. G. R. H. Franklin Indianapolis, Ind. G. M. Frittz Guyman, Okla. FRESHmfln CLASS J. K. Frye Concord, N. C. E. E. Fuller. Jr Oxford, N. C. J. W. Fulton Greensboro, N. C S. J. Fulton Highlands. N. C. S. W. FuRcnES Mocksville, N. C. W. S. FuTcn Charlotte, N. C. Z. G. FuTHELL Fremont, N. C. H. J. Garrou Valdcse. N. C. C. H. Gfntuv, ]r Wilmington, N. C. E. B. Glntry Greensboro, N. C A. O. George, Jr Roanoke Rapids, N. C ' . C. L. Gilbert, Jr Statesville. N. C. E. B. Gilbert Oslo, Norway C. W. Gill Raleigh, N. C. L. W. GiLLEY Leaksville, N. C. W. A. Glasgow, Jr Rocky Mount, N. C. J. R. Goble Hiddenite, N. C. J. V. Godfrey Charlotte, N. C. W. E. Godfrey Warren, Pa. D. R. Godwin Cerra Gordo, N. C. E. E. GoFORTH Grover, N. C. H. Golenpaul New Bedford, Mass. D. S. GooDEN Elizabethtown, N. C. B. P. Goodman Asheyille, N. C. C. X. Gore Raleigh, N. C. D. J. Gore, Jr Raleigh, N. C. K. GoTTLtEB Haddon Heights, N. J. P. N. Gottlieb Charlotte, N. C. L. A. Grant Selma, N. C. A. T. Gray LaGrange, N. C. B. R. Gray Durham, N. C. G. E. Gray Deep Run, N. C. J. A. Gray, Jr SyKa, N. C. E. M. Greene Durham, N. C. L. W. Gregory Newton Groye, N. C. G. T. Griffin Monroe, N. C. J. W. Griffin Kannapolis, N. C. H. Grossman, Jr Greensboro, N. C. C. P. GuRSKi Ford City, Pa. D. L. Guyton Bladenboro, N. C. L. R. Hackler Wilmington. N. C. C. R. Hager Raleigh, N. C. C. L. Hall Durham, N. C. G. W. Hall Clinton, N. C. D. J. Ham Charlotte, N. C. H. A. Hamid Raleigh, N. C. S. B. Hamlet, Jr Reidsyille. N. C. T. C. Hamlin Fayetteyillc, N. C. W. R. Hampton ' ashington, N. C. E. S. Hand, Jr Chadbourn, N. C G. M. Hanna Blowing Rock, N. C. R. E. Hardaway- Columbus, Ga. C. B. Hardee Battleboro, N. C. J. E. Hardee Enfield, N. C. T. X. Hardin Jacksonyille, N. C. R. T. Hardy Scotland Neck, N. C. W. E. Hargett Kinston, N. C. Z. E. Hargett, Jr Charlotte, N. C. D. R. Harkey Charlotte, N. C. J. B. Harper Raleigh, N. C. ) f P (T j C . .Tl o • -t r c f! ft jM f 1m P ' « OKm 4V " 3 , , P C ' f!i ,r ,f ) ,0 . ; i4 i£M::zm if o !r». 2 FRESHmnn cinss c, E. L. A I. J. N. P. W. w. T. E. E. Harrell Raleigh T. Harrill. ]r Morganton C. Harrington Winston-Salem H. Harris Lccchville B. Harris Areola K. Harris Dallas B. Harris Faycttevillc ]. Harris Charlotte C. Harris, ]r South Orangi R. Harris RobersonvlUe C. Harrison Asheville L. Hart Tarboro E. L. Hartgrove King J. C. Hartman Mocksville, R. L. Hartsell Charlotte J. R. Hassinger Raleigh H. Hastings Sylva G. J. Hatley Lexington W. H. Hayes Granite Falls S. A. Haynes Raleigh B. F. Haywood Mt. Gilead R. B. Heater Gary L. Helms Charlotte E. R. Henderson Charlotte ]. H. Henderson Littleton P. M. Henderson Littleton H. R. Hendricks Richmo L. C. Hepler, Jr Thomasville D. W. Herring Seven Springs S. W. Herron Graham W. D. Hicks O.xford R. O. Hill Kinston R. HiNES Charlotte J. R. HiNKLE Salisbury E. K. HiNMAN Hobgood E. C. HiNsoN Marshville R. L. HiNSON Charlotte, W. H. HiNSON Marshville, A. S. Hinton, ]r Zebulon J. D. Hipps Canton F. F. HoBBS Roseboro R. M. HoBBs Council T. H. HoBBS Charlotte. VV. H. Hoffman. ]r Wrightsville F. R. Hoke Granite Quarry E. E. Holland Greenville H. L. Holland Raleigh R. ]. Holler Nev ' ton L. G. HOLLINGSWORTII, Jr High Point C. C. Holmes, Jr Wilmington II. H. Holt Princeton R. M. Holtiiouser Charlotte 1 L. HoNEYcuTT, Jr Erwin. Pi. D. I Iornaday Greensboro G. T. HoRToN Wendell C. F. Hovis Maiden I. R. Howell Pikeville W. S. Howell Goldsboro H. C. Hudgins Greensboro, Ii. A. I Iuffman Newton N. C. N. N. N. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. J. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. id, Va. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. N. C. FRESHfTlRn CLRSS B. F. Humble. Jr Asht-boro. N. C. M. H. HuNEYcm-r VVilminaton, N. C. J. E. HuNTHR Raleigh. N. C. E. M. HinriiiNS Winston Salem. N. C. C. A. Idol Madison, N. C. W M lNt;nAM Koiians illf, N. V. II. H. liitLAND Cirivnslioro. N. C. B. 1). Jackson Cary, N. C. C. A. Jackson. )r Greensboro, N. C. D. E. ).«-KSON Kaleisjh, N. C. R. J. CKSoN. Jr C liarlotte, N. C. R. 1 1. Jac KSON. Jr Charlotte. N. C. T. A. Ia(. KSON Indianapolis, Iml. 1 . K. Iames Williamston, N. C. J. E. JAMES Fayetteville. N. C. M. R. James Clyde. N. C. A. V. Jenkins Raleigh. N. C. F. C. ItNKiNs Charlotte, N. C. V ' . M. Jenkins, Jr Charlotte, N. C. R. G. Jewett West Enolewood, N. J. H. W. Jobe Mebane, N. C. A. G. Johnson. Jr Greensboro, N. C. G. T. Johnson Favetteville, N. C. H. R. Johnson Stokesdale, N. C. J. H. Johnson Benson. N. C. M. W. Johnson Rocky Mount. N. C. T. M. Johnson Kinston, N. C. W. C. Johnson, Jr Fayetteville, N. C. A. L. Jones Fuquay Springs, N. C. D. F. Jones, Jr Kenansville, N. C. G, W. Jones Durham, N. C. J. H. Jones Charlotte. N. C. R. H. Jones Roxboro, N. C. R. N. Jones Franklinville. N. C. W. H. Jones Statesville. N. C. E. i . Jordan Tyner, N. C. F. A. Jordan. Jr Greenville, N. C. J. I. Jovner . Wilson, N. C. E. T. Justice Canton, N. C. R. P. Karriker Mooresville, N. C. C . R. Kayler Gastonia. N. C. E. W. Kearsley Raleigh, N. C. J. A. Keels Monroe, N. C. W. S. Keener Hopewell. Va. J. R. Kellam High Point. N. C. A. F. Kelley. Jr Statesville. N. C. H. . Kelly Wadesboro, N. C. J. J. Kelly New Bern, N. C. R. B. Kemper Shelby, N. C. R. B. Kendall Norwood, N. C. D. R. Kephart Murphy, N. C. W. D. Kerns Kings Mountain, N. C J. W. KiKER Wadesboro, N. C. C. C. Kimball China Grove, N. C. C. H. KiMBERLY Asheville, N. C. J. A. King Kinston, N. C. J. G. King Charlotte. N. C. D. R. KiNLAvv Lumberton, N. C D. A. Kirk Newport, N. C. R. L. Kirmeyer Pittsburgh, Pa. ? Q ' r ft t f tf f " O D. fS -f ' c n A D f o o J ft 1 ?5 f Cy f ' o ef f O p Q f r) D o FRESHfTlfln CLASS T. L. KisTLER Mooresville, N. C. H. J. Klein Elmhurst, L. I., N. Y. C. M. Knott Oxford, N. C. S. R. Knott Oxford, N. C. G. E. Knowles, ]r Wadesboro, N. C. P. Koch New York, N. Y. M. A. KooNTZ Kannapolis, N. C. F. A. Kurtinaitis Newark, N. J. G. E. Lamb Asheville, N. C. R. J. Lamb Mt. Airy, N. C. H. C. Lambert Dunn, N. G. R. W. Lampe Raleigh, N. G. G. W. Lancaster Augusta, Ga. M. E. Lance Gandler, N. G. J. A. Lander Abbeville, S. G. J. D. Laney Shelby, N. G. B. M. Langford Raleigh, N. G. K. R. Langley Princeton, N. C. R. H. Lanier Thomasville, N. G. J. C. Lasley Reidsville, N. G. J. Lasnick Morristown, Tenn. D. H. Latham, Jr Belhaven, N. G. J. G. Laughon Rocky Mount, N. G. G. S. Lawrence Winston-Salem, N. G. D. E. Lawrence, ]r Raleigh, N. G. H. S. Lawrence Golerain, N. G. R. V. B. Lawson Winston-Salem, N. G. H. H. Lee York, P.i. J. D. Leggett Washington, N. G. C. A. LeGrand Hamlet, N. G. G. L. Lennon Glarkton, N. G. D. D. Lester Martinsville. Va. R. L Levin Williamston, N. G. G. A. Lewis Greenville, N. C. C. O. Lewis Raleigh, N. G. E. H. Lewis Union Mills, N. G. J. R. Lewis Greensboro, N. G. W. G. Lewis Robbins, N. G. W. D. Lewis, Jr Asheville, N. G. W. P. Lewis Waverly, Pa. E. B. LiGON Durham, N. C. H. Liner Cedar Grove. N. G. J. G. Little. ]r Marshville, N. G. G. M. Llewellyn. Jr Concord, N. G. G. H. LoFLiN Denton, N. C. B. S. Long Hopewell, Va. R. W. Long Cedar Grove, N. G. T. E. Long Hickory, N. C. G. U. Low Winston-Salem, N. C. A. N. Lowder Albemarle, N. C. L. O. Lugo Raleigh. N. G. M. L Lumley, Jr Winston-Salem, N. C. D. M. LuPER Pfafftown. N. G. J. S. LuTZ Newton, N. C. A. M. Lyerly Newton, N. C. Z. G. Lyon Plymouth, N. G. C. E. Lytle, Jr Charlotte, N. C. R. G. Lytton Lake Waccamaw, N. C. G. H. Mabry Albemarle, N. G. J. T. Mabry. Jr Norwood, N. G. FRESHmfln CLRSS S. " . Mabry Ashoboro. N. C. R. F. Mackey Philadelphia, Pa. I. M. Malk Lakevvood, N. ]. V. L. Mansfield Durham, N. C G. B. Manus M,itthows. . C. H. M. Maples W.kIcsIioi,., N. C. I I. M. Markley Durh.nn. N. C. I. A. Marks Acme, N. C. J. R. Marks Aberdeen, N. C. G. P. Marley Pleasant Garden, N. C. J. S. Marsh Bath, N. C. B. ]. Martin Kinston. N. C. C. U. Martin. Jr Roanoke Rapids, N. C E. D. Martin Charlotte, N. C. G. D. Martin, Jr Greensboro, N. C. R. S. Maroof Sulaimani, Iraq C. G. Mason, Jr Hickory, N. C. R. E. Mason Beau fort, N. C. J. S. Massenburg, Jr Raleigh, N. C. R. R. Matthews Raleigh, N. C. A. J. Maxwell Charlotte. N. C. G. M. M. xwell Seven Springs, N. C. C. W. Mayo, Jr Tarboro, N. C. G. Medlin Marshville, N. C. A. J. Melton. Jr Farmville, N. C. R. iM. Melvin Favetteville, N. C. R. J. Mercer Bolivia, N. C. K. A. Merrill Skyland, N. C. W. T. MiLBURN Winston-Salem, N. C. J. K. Miller Aliquippa, P.i. J. W. Miller Winston-Salem, N. C. P. Miller Lansing, N. C. P. D. Miller Statesville, N. C. R. F. Miller Hickory, N. C. R. G. Miller Irvington, N. J. V. M. Miller Concord. N. C. . F. Miller Laurel Springs, N. C. W. H. Miller East McKeesport, Pa. A. W. Millers Dolgeville, N. Y. V. C. MiLLOWAY Greensboro. N. C. W. P. Mitchell LaGrange, N. C. H. E. Money Mt. Air ' , N. C. M. Monroe Laurinburg. N. C. T. A. Monroe Laurinburg, N. C. A. W. Montesant Southern Pines, N. C. P. E. Montgomery Greensboro, N. C. C. J. Moore Washington, N. C E. R. Moore Louisburg, N. C. L. G. Moore Princeton, N. C. T. H. Moore Matthews, N. C. O. A. MoRAN Raleigh. N. C. R. C. MoRENUS Atlanta, Ga. E. N. Morgan Asheboro, N. C. J. P. Morgan Salisbury, N. C. R. F. Morgan Walkertown. N. C. A. D. Morris Stella, N. C. L. P. Morris Maxton, N. C. W. F. Morrison. Jr Raleigh, N. C. C. A. Moss, Jr Gastonia, N. C. W. M. MuNN Bishopville, S. C. WW i £. iL r ' o e? ff " m: n- ' A ill w esp or i 1 d « ' f 4- ft r ff f ,( o •v o a e» I!!!) ' r- ' " » ,o f- FRESHfTlfln CLASS F. C. Murray, ]r Raleigh, N. C. W. H. MussER Frankford, W. Va. F. A. MusTAPHA New York, N. Y. E. L. MusTiAN, ]r Kittrell, N. C. G. C. MuTH Hilton Village, Va. F. A. Myrick Tarboro, N. C. T. A. McAdams, ]k Greensboro, N. C. R. M. McAlister Greer, S. C. W. E. McAlister Reidsville, N. C. W. T. McArn, ]r Charlotte, N. C. W. L. McCleney Chadbourn, N. C. D. E. McCracken Wavnesville, N. C. J. G. McCracken Kemersville, N. C. H. R. McCray, Jr Charlotte, N. C. G. L. McDaniel, Jr Kings Mountain, N. C. C. C. McDonald Raleigh, N. C. E. H. McDonald Ranger, N. C. E. R. McDonald Lillington, N. C. S. J. McDonald St. Pauls, N. C. W. C. McDonald Rockingham, N. C. E. C. McDuffie Elizabethtown, N. C. G. D. McFadyen Wilmington, N. C. W. C. McGinnis Asheville, N. C. D. P. McInnis, ]r Winston-Salem, N. C. J. A. McIntosh Rockingham, N. C. G. M. McIntyre Maxton, N. C. W. H. McIntyre Laurinburg, N. C. J. T. McKeel Washington, N. C. C. W. McKenzie, Jr Pinehurst, N. C. T. R. McManus Waxhaw, N. C. D. R. McA-liLLAN Grumpier, N. C. W. A. McMillan Lumberton, N. C. T. R. McPherson Mebane, N. C. W. L. Nail Winston-Salem, N. C. E. C. Nantowski Horseshoe, N. C. W. K. Nave Asheville, N. C. C. C. Neely Charlotte, N. C. D. N. Nelson Matthews, N. C. A. R. Nicolas Winston- Salem, N. C. T. E. Nichols, Jr Raleigh, N. C. J. W. Nicholson Ellerbe, N. C. A. J. Nielsen, HI Edneyville, N. C. R. E. Norwood Brevard, N. G. H. N. NuNis Charlotte, N. C. J. S. O ' Briant Red Springs, N. C. H. S. Odom Norfolk, Va. R. R. Oliver Southport, N. C. A. S. Orr Monroe, N. C. E. J. Osborne, Jr Hamlet, N. C. M. E. Otero Santurce, Puerto Rico W. H. OvERBY Lawsonville, N. C. W. H. Owen Roseboro, N. C. E. J. Owens New Bern, N. C. P. L. Painter Raleigh, N. C. G. Pappas, Jr Charlotte, N. C. J. E. Pardue Elkin, N. G. C. ]. Parker Charlotte, N. C. J. A. Parker Rocky Mount, N. G. J. F. Parker Sunbury, N. C. J. S. Parker Raleigh, N. C. FRESHmRD CLASS W. E. Pahker Ro.inoko Iv.ipiils. N. C. R. B. Parris Ashe ilk-. N. C. E. Parrish 1 londerson, N. C. G. W. Parsons Burlington, N. C. L. G. Partin. |r U ' illdw Springs. N. C. R. F. Parton RuilKTCnriliiin. N. C. R. 1-. I ' am 11 i Roidsvilli-. . C. 1). O. Patu. Ill C;»ldsbor.), N. C. H. B. PATt. Ir Manchoster, N. C. K. C. Paiterson 1 liddcnite, N. C. K. T. Patterson Hiddcnitc, N. C. W. E. Paiterson. Ir Ch.irldttc. N. C " . 1 1. M. Paul Hrvsi.n Citv, N. C. B. C. Payne Charlotte, N. C. R. L. Paysour Alexis. N. C. C. D. Peaseley Charlotte, N. C. L. M. Peele Laurinburo, N. C. N. C. Pellistri Proctor. Vt. C. A. Pendley Fort Bragg, N. C. F. E. Perkins Laurinburg, N. C. J. ' . Perry Morganton. N. C. R. L. Phelps Creswell, N. C. B. L. Phillips Siler City, N. C. V. E. Phillips Charlotte, N. C. R. L. Phipps Raleigh. N. C. G. E. Pickett. ]r Fort Belvoir, Va. L. R. Pierce Sunburv, N. C. C. A. Pitts Glen Alpine, N. C. J. K. Plemmons. Ir Asheville, N. C. G. A. Pollock Warsaw, N. C. M. H. Poole Rockingham. N. C. T. R. Poole Mebane, N. C. E. T. Posta New Bern, N. C. J. M. Potter. Jr ' . Raleigh, N. C. G. H. Powell Lucama, N. C. C. P. Pressly. Ill Charlotte, N. C. H. R. Price Leaksville, N. C. I- F. Price Mooresville. N. C. L. B. Price Monroe. N. C. W. H. Price Wendell, N. C. R. B. Pritchett Rcidsville, N. C. E. L. Proctor Charlotte, N. C. R. G. Prongay Winston-Salem, N. C. J. S. Pruitt Carteret, N. J. R. M. Puckett Charlotte, N. C. C. R. PuGH Asheboro. N. C. G. W. Putnam. Jr Orangeburg. S. C " . I. H. Randall Forest City, N. C. C. Ragan Gastonia, N. C. L. S. Ramsey Wilson, N. C. J. C. Rand Reidsyille, N. C. R. J. Randall Salisbury, N. C R. H. Rankin Gastonia, N. C. D. H. Raper Lucama, N. C. J. W. Raper High Point, N. C. J. R. Rawls, ]r Oak Cit ' , N. C. J. K. Rea, III Warsaw, N. C. A. L. Ready Safety Harbor, Fla. J. F. Renfro Mt. Mourne, N. C. R. L. REyELLE Roanoke Rapids, N. C. i -Si. i (Ti c r ' j Ci O ftl O ; O C- O fTfyl5 ' : 1 O f j ( t ' ' .4 , - ■ o ' a f f " ff ' o o rrt] El f .!o O f o ,j?T n . - f?» C ' o Cj f Cs f Cs 0. O O ,ft i C: ' Cj O ft p p FRESHmfln CLRSS C. E. Rhevv Durham, N. C. V. M. Rhue Newport, N. C. W. L. Rhyne Catawba, N. C. V. L. Rice, ]r Sanford, N. C. W. E. Richards Zebulon, N. C. E. C. Richardson Harmony, N. C. W. E. RiCHEsON Hazelwood, N. C. ]. P. Ricks, Jr Rocky Mount, N. C. J. D. Riley Wilson, N. C. B. S. Roberson Smithfield, N. C. B. W. Roberts Charlotte, N. C. B. G. Roberts Greensboro, N. C. C. P. Roberts Kinston, N. C. D. L. Roberts Rew, Pa. R. B. Robertson Washington, N. C. W. G. Robertson, Jr Havelock, N. C. A. K. Robinson Statesville, N. C. C. ]. Robinson Marshall, N. C. D. M. Robinson Asheville, N. C. G. W. RoDGERS, Jr Charlotte, N. C. J. A. RoDGERS Plymouth, N. C. J. A. RoDGERS Thomasville, N. C. C. P. Rogers Henderson, N. C. M. R. RooKEH Rocky Mount, N. C. S. D. Ross, Jr Burlington, N. C. W. E. Rouse Raleigh, N. C. G. T. Rowland Middleburg, N. C. M. RoZAR Raleigh, N. C. J. L. Rusher, Jr Salisbury, N. C. F. C. Russell Sunbury, N. C. V. S. Ryan Salisbury, N. C. L. W. Sadler Swanquarter, N. C. C. E. Sanders Durham, N. C. C. W. Sanford Laurinburg, N. C. J. R. Santisteban Juncos, Puerto Rico W. Santos New York, N. Y. G. N. Saparilas Raleigh, N. C. J. L. Sartin Burlington, N. C. H. M. Savage Rocky Mount, N. C. W. S. Sawyer Shawboro, N. C. H. H. ScHEviAK Kenosha, Wis. E. A. ScHLiRF Winston-Salem, N. C. W. E. Scholtes Winston-Salem, N. C. L. O. Scott, Jr Goldsboro, N. C. R. H. Scott, Jr Mebane, N. C. J. A. ScROCGS Roaring River, N. C. P. C. Seabolt Denton, N. C. E. G. Seaman Norlina, N. C. 0. G. Searcy Rocky Mount, N. C. W. A. Sears Ahoskie, N. C. J. R. Sessions Whiteville, N. C. 1. R. Sexton, Jr Raleigh, N. C. W. M. Sexton Plymouth, N. C. J. R. Seymour Alamance, N. C. W. R. Shackelford Fremont, N. C. C. C. Shackleton Waynesville, N. C. C. M. Shaw Florence, S. C. R. M. Shaw Huntersville, N. C. S. S. Shaw Richlands, N. C. T. H. Shepard Edenton, N. C. I FRESHmRn CLRSS G. W. SnuPHtuD Graham, N. C. H. H. Shepherd Salisbury, N. (-. G. B. Sherman Bessemer City, N. C. B. ]. Sherrill Statcsville, N. C. C. L. Sherrod Wilson, N. C. R. H. Shober Kenosha. Wis. R. 11. Shouse, 1r Winston Saloni. N. C. 1). M. Shuford Ardcn, N. C. ]. A. Shuping Moryanton, N. C. D. W. Sides Statesville, N. C. M. L. Silverstein Greensboro, N. C. II. Q. Simmons Newport. N. C. T. A. Simmons Yanccvville. N. C. C. R. Simons Tarboro, N. C. E. J. Simpson Portsmouth, Va. G. B. Simpson Norwood, N. G. G. R. Simpson Durham, N. G. W . r. Simpson Burlington. N. C. E. M. Sink Lexington, N. C. H. A. Sink . Raleigh, N. C. A. F. Skaarup Granford. N. J. U. P. Skoll Bavaria, Va. W. G. Sl. ter Durham. N. C. W. A. Sloan Mt. Ulla, N. G. J. R. Smiley, Jr Salisbury, N. C. G. B. Smith, ]r Albemarle, N. G. G. E. Smith Wilmington. N. G. G. E. Smith High Point, N. G. E. R. Smith Ghina Grove, N. G. G. B. Smith Monroe, N. G. J. Smith, Jr Oak City, N. G. J. F. Smith Miami, Fla. J. L. Smith Elm Gity, N. G. N. Smith Bolivia, N. G. R. F. Smith Gharlotte, N. G. R. L. Smith, Jr Gharlotte, N. G. R. W. Smith, Jr Myrtle Beach, S. G. V. H. Smith Gharlotte, N. C. W. G. Smith Gary, N. C. W. G. Smith Stoneville, N. G. W. U. Smith Louisburg, N. C. H. .M. Sneed Raleigh, N. G. T. N. Snuggs Norwood, N. G. S. S. Snyder Lenoir, N. G. H. SoSNiK Winston-Salem, N. G. L. Southerland Kenansville, N. G. L. Southerland, Ir Magnolia, N. G. C. G. Spectorman Tel-Aviv, Palestine A. K. Spencer Golumbia, N. G. D. L Spencer Greensboro, N. G. G. W. Springle Raleigh, N. G. C. E. Spruill Aulander, N. G. W. H. Squier Greensboro, N. G. G. E. Stanfield Gary, N. G. W. G. Stanford Ghapel Hill, N. G. W. E. Stanley Fairmont, N. G. R. W. Stecker Hazleton, Pa. N. F. Stein New Kensington, Pa. B. N. Stephenson Benson, N. G. ]. B. Stewart Fayetteville, N. C. rs { - p 9 o fri i ky g f p o O .fftt C: ' f f iril.?iail f o o n o a D P e r f CyO- ( D f . ] 0- a o C 0 " „lf . ft O § kT) Cj Cj - ' T C O • ' r ' ; ' , . lll l FRESHmRn CLRSS R. C. Stewaht Gastonia, N. C. R. V. Stiles Gastonia, N. C. H. B. Stimpson, Jr Clemmons, N. C. ]. G. Stockton Tryon, N. C. D. C. Stokes Winterville, N. C. H. T. Stokes Greenville. N. C. VV, R. Stone Bolivia, N. C. A. T. Stott Selma, N. G. H. L. Stott Fayetteville, N. C. H. R. Stowe Charlotte, N. C. H. K. Strawbridge Durham, N. G. D. E. Strickhouser Charlotte, N. G. V . i I. Strickland Dunn, N. C. A. A. Strobel Highlands, Texas J. A. Stroud Statesville, N. G. R. A. Suggs Burlington, N. G. T. L. Sullivan Robbins, N. G. A. E. Sutphin Yadkinville, N. G. B. S. Sutton Raleigh, N. G. |. H. Sutton. Jr LaGrange, N, G. |. H. Swain Greensboro, N. G. R. S. Swain Edenton, N. G. D. Swart Wilmington, N. G. VV. H. Swart VV ' ilmington, N. G. J. W. SwiGGETT Mooresville, N. G. H. G. Sykes Spring Hope, N. C. W. H. Talbert Winston-Salem. N. C. R. S. Tatum Laurinburg, N. G. C. M. Taylor Tarboro, N. G. E. G. Taylor Rocky Mount, N. G. F. W. Taylor Kinston, N. G. H. A. Taylor Kannapolis, N. C. J. D. Taylor Raleigh, N. C. W. A. Taylor, Jr Deep Run, N. C. W. L. Taylor Middlesex, N. G. J. E. Terrell Waynesville, N. G. L. C. Thomas, Jr Durham, N. C. J. R. Thomason Lexington, N. G. J. H. Thompson Mountain Park, N. C. W. P. Thornton Leaksville, N. G. W. E. Thornton Faison, N. G. J. E. TiLLERv Scotland Neck, N. G. D. B. Todd Lumberton, N. G. L. E. ToLAN Belhaven, N. C. A. E. ToLAR Fayetteville, N. G. G. R. ToLLESoN Kings Mountain, N. C. H. G. TowNSEND Winston-Salem, N. C. J. B. TowNSEND, Jr Lumberton. N. C. B. L. Triplett Jonesville, N. G. W. F. Troxler High Point, N. G. j. E. Trull Raleigh, N. C. H. W. Tucker Albemarle, N. G. H. TuRAM New York, N. Y. M. L Turk Raleigh, N. G. R. M. Turner Nashville. N. C. W. B. Turner StanKeld, N. G. M. A. Tuttle Elizabeth City, N. G. F. E. Tutzauer, Jr Greensboro, N. G. J. C. Umberger Mt. Ulla, N. G. W. A. Upton Salisbury. N. G, I T.1 W.H, i FRESHPrifln CLASS W . 1. ANDtnLiP e ll.irlotK.-. N. f. I. . X ' ause LaGranac N. C. W, N. X ' tBEEN. Jb Greensboro. N. C. H. n. X ' tnxKLSoN Clark. N. C. M. H. Wrnon Milton. N. C. I. W. Wamau Holhavon, N. C L. A. V ' all Guillord College, N. C. F. R. Wallace Princeton, N. C. L. M. Waller Wilson. N. C. C. A. WARn Denton, N. C. L. E. ahi I-denton, N. C. M. S. Ward, Jr Charlotte, N. C. M. R. Warp. Ir Zebulon, N. C. R. L. Warp High Point, N. C. D. A. Warner Winston-Salem, N. C. II. C;. Warren Dunn, N. C. 1. R. Warren Raleigh, N. C. A. F. Washburn Shelby, N. C. M. M. Watkins Spencer. V ' a. S. C. ATKINS. ]r Goldsboro, N. C. J. H. Watson Wilson. N. C. W. X. Watt Charl.itte. N. C. C. H. Watterson GuiUord. N. C. M. R. Watts Raleigh, N. C. S. E. Weaver Florence, S. C . j. L. Webh Tarboro, N. C. M. P. Webb Salisbury, N. C. L. M. Weisiger, Jr Salisbury, N. C. W. S. Wells Southport, N. C. C. W. West Charlotte, N. C. W. D. Wester Louisburg, N. C. R. M. Westmoreland Winston-Salem, N. C. E. Whaley Beulaville, N. C. ]. L. Whisnant PolkviUe, N. C. A. P. White Charlotte, N. C. J. E. White Scotland Neck, N. C. ]. W. White Merry Hill, N. C. L. A. White Youngsville, . . C. P. R. White Murfreesboro, N. C. R. H. White Bladenboro, N. C. G. M. Whitford Vanceboro, X. C. W. K. Whitted Elizabcthtown, X. C R. G. Wilder Charlotte, N. C. R. A. Willabd, Jr Wilson, N. C. R. V. WiLLARD Fligh Point. N. C. C. B. Williams Burlington, N. C. G. W. Williams Raleigh, N. C. J. A. Williams Roanoke Rapids, X. C. 0. D. Williams Raleigh, N. C. R. Williams Pollocksvillc, N. C. Fl. B. Williamson Washington, N. C. 1. F. Williamson. Jr Wadesboro. N. C. (;. A. WiLLARD Winston-Salem, X. C. II. B. Willis, Jr Asheboro. X. C. L. H. Willis Orange, ' a. C. C. Willouchbv Ahoskie N. C E. L. Wilson Black Mountain. N. C. L. A. Wilson Mebane, N. C. S. A. Wilson New Bern. N. C. W. Fl. Wilson Bakersville, N. C lk.l _ X gmtrnMrnA iij — .4r - r r o ' 1 ii FRESHmRn CLASS L. N. WiNSLOw Scotland Neck, N. C. C. ]. WiNSTEAD Wilson, N. C. K. W. Winston, Jr Raleigh, N. C. R. K. WiTHERSPOON Hampton, Va. M. L. Wood Erwin, N. C. E. C. WooDAR Wilson, N. C. T. M. WooDARD Bailey, N. C. R. M. WooTEN Hendersonvillc. N. C. W. A. WooTEN Macclesfield, N. C. J. A. WoRTHiNGTON Winterville, N. C. R. L. Wray Shelby, N. C. R. 1. Wrenn Aurora, N. C. R. H. Wright Charlotte, N. C. J. C. Yarrrough Reidsville, N. C. I). R. Young, ]r Reidsville, N. C. D. Young Raleigh, N. C. S. D. Zapantis Henderson, N. C. A. K. Zimmerman Pelham Manor, N. Y. 174 ss N.C . .c N.C. N ' .C. N.C N.C vr N.C N.C N.C vr BOOK TUUO Under the present capable supervision, the State College R. O. T. C. Unit will continue to maintain the high standards it has always attained in preparing for the defense of our nation. THE CORPS Samuel A. Gibson Colonel, Infantry, U. S. A. PMS T V -tSw, ■ ' ' Lt. Col. E. A. Dees Mat. J. I. England Maj. }I. G. Benion Lt. Col. 1. G. Nelson f T 9r Maj. L. M. Kane Maj. W. D. Vaughn Capt. C. a. Thompson, Jr. Capt. J. L. Edwards C ' apt. I Ienry Romanek C ' apt. E. O. Brown Capt. D. R. May Capt. J. E. Bond I v ■p u aBI H Miss Mable Stone BA H mSM Honorary Cadet Colonel ;. W. Ballard R. T. W ' lLKERSON C. D. Strider W. J. HORD C. McLean O. H. Fagala REGIMENTAL STAFF Carl Welch Ballard Reg. Co. Cadet Colonel Wade C. McLean Reg. S-2 Major WiLLLA.M Julian Hord Reg. Exec. Lt. Colonel Carroll D. Strider Reg. S-3 Major Orin H. Fagala Reg. S-1 Major Robert T. Wilkerson Reg. S-4 Major FIRST BATTALION STAFF Clarence Armolir Smith, Jr. Battalion Covn}iander Cadet Lt. Col. William E. Rayssoux Execiitii ' e Officer, Cadet Major John F. Dawson Adjutant, Cadet Capt. SECOND BATTALION STAFF Hurley Dalton King Battalion Coniiiiandcr Cadet Lt. Col. Samuel Evins Cooper Executive Officer, Cadet Major Herbert I Iligh Smith Adjutant, Cadet Cayt. SIGRRL CORPS- compflnv ORonRncE compfinY B rr: u iK, iai inFRDTRY- C iM. Will 1AM 1. Farmer Coiiijhiii) ( inininiinU ' r compRnY J ERGinEERS COIDPFinY QUflRTERmRSTER Capi. John N. Johnson Company Covnuander compflnv nj .c mtjj-wnA » tA mmmi SPECIAL TROOPS Capt. Francis J. Clendening Baud Commander Major Needham C. Holden, Jr. Drum and Bugle Corps Commander ]86 SCflBBRRD RRD BLRDE C LC). 1P. . . 3i!i) l Lt.l. lL r v. V. ' . ns voRTii, Jii Captahi . 1. 1 Ilak.n First Lieutenant . 1 1. Barber Second Lieutenant A. W. BoswELL First Sergeant |. T. Barber C. W. Ballard S. E. Cooper I). F. CORLETT j. B. Deyton, Jr. W. C. English, Jr E. B. Gregg N. C. Holden, Jr. MEMBERS W. J. HORD C. E. Jones H. J. King E. D. Palmgren W. C. Robertson J. L. Sharber, Jr. J. R. Sheldon C. A. Smith, Jr. y J. F. Tyndall Scabbard and Blade is a national honorary military society. It was founded in the spring of 1905 by five cadets of the First Reoiment, University of Wisconsin Corps of Cadets. At the present there are 72 active companies, ha inu a tutal enlistment of over 20,000. The purpose of Scabbard and Blade is to raise the standard of military training in American colleges and universities, to unite in closer relationship their military departments, and to promote intimacy and good fellowship among the cadet officers. Rl Hurley D. King Presideiit Miss Lee Ogburn Sponsor CADET OFFICER ' S RSSOCIRTIOn OFFICERS 1 1. D. King President C. W. Ballard Vice-Presidevt Richard Crews Treasurer A. S. LiNTHicuM Secretary Charles Marshall Sergeant-at-Arms The Cadet Officer ' s Association is an organization composed of first and second year advanced military students in the Reserve Officer ' s Training Corps at North CaroHna State College. Membership in this organization is limited to Cadet Officers and Reserve Officers pursuing their course of study at this institution. The purpose of this organization is to encourage and promote a greater interest among the rank and file of the Corps and a spirit of sociability among its officers, also to promote a greater interest in this College, Community, and Country among the advanced R. O T. C. students. The Military Ball, one of the highlights of the c illege ' s social calendar, is sponsored by the Cadet Officer ' s Association. [188] (. I jn i . ' i- • -3 I RIFLE TERin Master Sergeant George . Prestridge Coach Edwin D. Palmgren Captain Front row: E. B. Armstrong, Jr., R. G. Prongay, C. H. Robinson, G. W. Fields, H. R. Stowe, R. C. Folk, Jr., 11. H. Lee, W. F. Miller. Second row: W. C. English. Jr., R. L. Butchart, R. J. Dodge, J. M. Cranford, C. W. Allen, Jr., Master Sergeant G. N. Prestridge, Coach. Not iHctiired: E. D. Palmgren, II. H. Molt, H. C. Craddock, Jr. ■ I W0 i " BOOK THREE I The Organizations are the nerve centers of our school. Through their ideals and various activities, the purpose of our college education is kept before us constantly. To them we owe thanks for fellowship, en- tertainment, instruction, and, most important, inspiration. ORGRniZRTIOnS I i PUBLICRTIOnS BOARD Facility Members W. L. Mayer Prof. Roger P. Marshall Frank H. Jeter Chalniiaii A little more than twenty years ago, a group was formed to help the student publi- cations with their numerous business and editorial problems. At first composed of A. S. Brower, the College ' s Business Manager, Stewart Robertson, of the English Depart- ment, and tlie Editors and Business Man- agers of the Agromeck, the Techuichiu and the Watangan, this group became in 1931 the Board of Publications under the chair- manship of Frank H. Jeter, who has ever since that time been a tower of strength to a long succession of harassed student iournal ists. In 1947, a permanent E.xecutive Secre- tary was employed, the work of the Board ha ing proven to considerable proportions. [194] 11. r. Dade W. L. Mayer W. 1 ' . 1m;siiml F. A. Ki Ni) i 1 , hi. J. I). I (KIE B. A. Skinner. Jr. T. C. MiLLSAPS C . E. Blackstock E. N. Seltzer 1 1. A. Williams, Jr. J. B. GiLLETT j. R. Fowler K. L. Coble W. P. Greer, Jr. J. J, West Al Dligan E. W. Bringle A. Brock F. Teague I. B. Teal R. L. Peacock A. J. Patton P. W. SwANSON. Jr. E. N. Rodman f !f Miller Chisholm B. Atwood Skinner, Jr. Editor-in-Chief Thomas C. Millsaps Business Manager We have endeavored to give to you a good 1948 Agromeck. With this idea in mind we now present the work of a capable, industrious, loyal staff— To thein goes the credit of producing this Yearbook. We hope you like it. ■ - Harrell Bird Simpson Houston Barefield Diehl Wf Kk EDITORIAL STAFF B. Atwood Skinner, Jh Editor-hiChicf Oscar L. Miller. |r AssocuUe Editor George 1 Iarrell Manager Editor Jennette Simpson Features Editor Margaret Barefield Orga)!izatio)t Editor Helen Keves Organization Editor Mac 1 iKNnnicK Fraternity Editor Angus Cihsholm Office Manager Bob Bird Lay-out Editor Robert Houston Photographic Editor James Diehi Assistant Photographic Editor X ' ernon Stack AssistiDit Photographic Editor Andy Demko Photographer Henry ' EST Photographer Charlie Pressley Photographer Dick Wooten Photographer Charlie West Photographer C. L. Shuford Photographer Carolyn Gore Copy Editor Mac McDuffie Sports Editor Horace Taylor Staff Artist BUSINESS STAFF Thomas C. Millsaps Reid D. Farrell Associate Eugene Glock Associate B. T. Williams Associate Isaiah D. Bartlett Assistant George Waller Assistant Paul Ferguson Assistant Robert G. Thrower Dick Phelps Becky Warren Marie Watkins Freshman Kenneth Winston Business Manager Business Manager Btisiness Manager Business Marmger Business Manager Btisiness Manager Business Manager . .Office Manager .Local Advertising Local Advertising Business Manager Local Advertising Demko McDuffie Taylor Farrell Glock Williams Bartlett Waller Ferguson Thrower Warren Watkins Winston Ken Coble, Business Manager Dick 1-ovvler, Editor THE TECHnicmn The Technician is the weekly newspaper of State College, published entirely by the students. The func- tion of this campus publication is to cover the important events of the school year and to promote outstanding occasions and activities. The Technician is considered one of the best college newspapers by the N. C. Col- legiate Press, of which it is a member. The cost of this weekh ' lor the student is included in the publication fee which the student pays as part of his regular fees. The editor and business manager of The Technician are elected by the student body in a campus-wide elec- tion held during the spring term. Habrell Maddery McDuFFIE Jones Cook Clark Haleer Williamson Friedman McLean Adams Sechtin HOLLINGER ] ' ' » " Thayer ' • ' ■ ' « ' ' o ih f » Ik A A, A ( ( o I? , .• . J-- a HA " 19 ! ? EDITORIAL STAFF Dick Fowler Editor hi Chic) George Harrell Mauaging Hil, Sports Ed i MiDiiFFiH Syorts Editor IsH Cook Associate Editor Bob Feature Editor I loYLE Adams Dave Franklin James Hollinger Bert Zuckerman JAMES Maddery Bill Addison 1 Iarvev Cheviak Fred Kurtinaitis Bill Prockir Hubert Brenner JiMMiE Jones Bob Merritt Walter Clark Gilbert Maxwell Ted Williamson Pate Forehand Wade McLean Jules Silverstein Dan Sechtin Ed Pulsifer Harper Thayer Oliver Smart Brenner [Silverstein Merritt Pulsifer Maxwell Zuckerman Forehand Kurtinaitis m- iMmMMm r i Cj tTj Vi BUSINESS STAFF Ken Com f Business Manager Max I Iai 111 li Cinuhitioii Editor Lewis ; llen Bob McLeod Larry Rathz Gene Tatem Tom Ripley Ross Lampe Reginald Jones Dick Monroe W " |c 4 Allen McLeod Rathz Tatem Lampe Jones Emmett Bringle Editor Al W. Dugan Business Manager THE UUflTRUGfln The Wataugan, originally established as a strictly literary magazine, has gradually evolved into a well-balanced combination of humorous and literary material. The material for this popular publication is supplied by the student body, and includes fictional stories, articles of general inter- est, art and cartooning, jokes and poetry. This magazine is published six times during each school vear. tm ri i r LiNXLE Thompson Ross Hennesy Spainhour Alston LDIIUKIAI. SI All Emmett Brincle Editor Jimmy Ijrown Exchanfie Editor Peyton 1 Iolloman l-ashimi lulilor Jim Seveus Cojjy Editor Andy Pa i ion Associate Editor Don Matthews Associate Editor John Boyter Associate Editor John Faulk Associate Editor WRITERS Chuck Townsley Pete Peterson John Branch Ezra Taylor James Parnell Bernie Kahn Ned Fowler Sam Owen Max Fowler ARTISTS Sandy ' Gluck R. M. Hughes Pete Morris George Patton Walt Joseph Horace Taylor Ed Price PHOTOGRAPHERS Oscar Whitescarver Carson Yates Bernie Batchelor Jim Maddry BUSINESS STAFF Al W. Dugan Business Manager Tommy Lingle Circidation Bill VVray Circulation Bill Hennesy Circulation Bob Thompson Circulation Norman Alston Mailing Beverly Ross Mailing David N. Spainhour Business Associate Fred Kendall, Jr. John D. Mackie Editor Biis iiess Mntins,er EDITORIAL STAFF Franklin Teague Associate Editor Glenn D. Hunt Assistant Editor George Sledge Feature Editor C. A. Street, ]r Managing, Editor Lewis J. Reep Kay F. Harris Opie C. Hester Tommy R. Lawing A. K. PlTZER Irvin C. Finch, Jr. Paul E. Church Ben a. White Cecil Wells Dave Bowen BuRWELL Smith Frank Spain Neill A. McLeod Gerald McGowan James H. McBrayer Becky Warren Bill Hall IiM Johnson Joe K. Harris R. L. Thompson BUSINESS STAFF Cecil Wells Assistant Business Manager Walter McPherson Assistant Business Manager James H. Prevette Circulation Manager Don A. Biggerstaff Advertising Manager Wade Hobson Advertising Arthur Mackie Faculty Circulation O. C. Hester Kenneth R. Langely Robert T. Wilkerson L. R. Roper David Sides Neill A. McLeod Bobby Sessons Maurice Knott Harold Nau James H. McBrayer A. K. PiTZER ■ ■fl ClllTi T°P ' " lioltom, left to right: ' UHlgf; Franklin Teut;uc. Glenn D. Ilunl, - r George Sledge, Lewis J. Reep, Opie ( ' C. Hester, A. K. Pitzer, Paul E. -..g ; Church, Cecil Wells, Hurwell Smith, -- rT Jan ' es II. McBrayer, Kill Hall. Frank ' ' --•- C1 Spain, Becky Warren. Walter Mc .j S ' Pnerson, James H. Prevette, Don A. ' " Biggerstaff, Wade Hobson, Da ' id Sides, Bobby Sessons, Kenneth R. Langelv. Tommy R. Lawing. THE AGRICULTURIST The Agriculturist, published six times yearly, has been the official publication of the Ag Club and the School of Aoriculture for twenty yea rs. This publication promotes closer cooperation between students and faculty and keeps the alumni posted on activities of the School of Agriculture. Through its wide circulation, The Agriculturist ever main- tains close contact with North Carolina citizens and serves as an important organ of publicity both within this state and others. SI kr, iiii( Col ' M SOUTHERn ERGinEER 1 111. ' Southern hiii iiiccr is iHihllsiRxl six limes each academic year ciiirins the montlis oF Ncnenv ber, December, February. Marcli, hly and June, under the sixmsorship ot the Student Engineers Council. The inaga ine has a tlircclold inirpose: to disseminate teclinical and engineering inlorma tion more idel among the students. Iaciilt . and ahnnni; to intorm the engineering pubhc o[ the South of the standards, opportunities and prog- ress of the School of Engineering of i . C. State College; and to encourage and train students of the School of Engineering in the art and science of technical writing ami publication. Last year two of the issues were publishetl b 1 beta Tau and Tau Beta Pi. and Publication Board Ke s were awarded to Edward G. Sellers. Edward I. Barton, and Ilueh A. Williams. Jack B. GiLLETT Hugh A. Williams. ]n. Biisitiess Manag er STAFF Editor Edward I. Barton . . . . . .Assistant Editor Graham C . Thompson . Managitig Editor John Moore . . . .Assistant Biisi}iess Ai auager William C. Roe Joseph Seid Charles H. Kahn Jayson Deyton Earl R. Cook Benard Coward Joe Hartsoe ADVISORY BOARD J. H. Lampe A. M. Fountain W. F. Babcock H. B. Armstrong John A. Armstrong H. F. Dade L. F. Thompson A. Q. Eubanks igiss ■ fev j Left to rig if, top to hottom: V ' illiam C. ' Roe, Charles H. Kahn. Earl R. Cook, Joseph Seid. John Moore, Jayson Dey- ton, Benard Coward, Joe Hartsoe. mm pm P W jt- m " ' , ...... ! 1 TEXTILE FORUm STAFF Edwin J. Greene Circulation Manager Edward B. Taylor Managing Editor R. L. Coleman c. r. burkhard Mary E. Miller William E. Barnhardt W. L. Mayer, Jr. Joseph Houston J. W. Klibbe ADVISORY BOARD Dean Malcolm E. Campbell Professor Elliott B. Grover Professor 1 ' . R. Hart Leji to risJtt, top to bottom : Edward B. Taylor, R. L. Cole- man, Mary E. Miller, William E. Barnhardt, W. L. Mayer, Jr., Joseph Houston, J. W. Klibbe. ni pinETum Iiir tlic p.isi tliv.ulc .iinl a li.iH, tlio Piiictniii liccn llu- writlcn xoicc ol tlu ' sliKlenIs in the Foresti 1 omnlatinii. It i siKiiiMnctl In ilic 1 oicstiN Cluh ami is pulilisliccl anmiallv. niakiiif; its ap- pearance during the Spring term. Teaturo articles are contributed bv the student bod - relali c lo the major scln« l actixitics such as lickl tri|is, progress rejxirts, and on nian otiicr sulijccts of interest to both the iindcri raduates and graduates in forcstrv. EuwARu N. Seltzek Business Manager Clarence E. Blackstock Editor-in-Chief Clarence E. Blackstock Editor-in-Chief Steve G. Boyce Associate Editor Edward N. Seltzer Business Manager Paul West Assistant Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF JAKE Broadway Bob Solow David Dubow Ray Jones Bert Zuckerman Fred West Bernie Ropeik Noel Sharpe Tom S. Rhyne BUSINESS STAFF Letcher H. Willis John C. Barber AciE Edwards q. ve Franklin Sam Long Frank Meacham Walter T. Parham Lewis J. Smith Ernie Munger G. K. Slocum i L RCus Mulkey Facidty Adviser Left to rigjit, top to bottom: Steve G. Bovcc, Jake Broadway. Bob Solow, Ray Jones, Bert Zuckerman, Fred West. Bernie Ropeik, Noel Sharpe, Tom S. Rhvne, Paul West, Acie Ed- wards. Frank Meacham, Marcus Mulkev, John C. Barber, Lewis I. Smith, Ernie Munger. UU V UU P THE STUDERT BROflDCRSTinC SYSTEm p. W. SwANSON, Jr. Station Manager OFFICERS P. W. SwANSON, Jr Station Manager F. W. Jarvis, Jr Chief Engineer E. N. Rodman Business Manager T. B. Williams Assistant Station Manager FACULTY ADVISERS Mr. F. R. Willard Mr. L. H. Swain MEMBERS C. G. LlVENGOOD B. M. ZUCKERMAN j. DaYVAULT F. O. Smetana H. Jacobs J. King J. L. Leonard B. L. FIeffner W. Le Grand JE. B. Taylor R. Young J. McKeel In its first year of full time operation, the Campus Radio Station, WVWP, continued to brino the students programs that were unavailable in other places. Highlights were the broadcasts of football and basketball games not heard in Raleigh. The station ' s facilities and coverage were greatly increased thru a construction plan which will last for another year. l [206; THE HRnOBOOK Piihlishcd hy the N. C. State College Y. M. C. A. Avery C. Brock Editor Franklin J. Teague Business Manager N. B. Watts Adviser For well over twenty vears the Young Men ' s Christian Association at North Carolina State College has been publishing the State College Handbook. Each year, except for three vears durina the recent world conflict, the Handbook has been mailed to new stu- dents prior to their coming to State in the Fall and gi en to upperclassmen and faculty during and after registration. The purpose of the Handbook is to offer the first vear man an opportunity to learn something of the institution which he is about to enter, its ideals and traditions, some- thing of the community in which he will live, and other information which will make his transition from high school or armed forces serxice to college easier. For tlic upper- classmen and facult ' it contains much information for reference needed many times throughout the school year. The contents of the Handbook include information about the College, the Adminis- tration, and the Faculty; many things a first year man needs to know before coming to State; Campus Government Constitution and Honor System; Campus map; Y. M. C. A. and other campus organizations including social fraternities; Athletics, Military, Music, and Ser ice Agencies; and local Church and telephone directories. [207; LJUE CATCH ' Em RT LUORK RRD PLRY [208: ORGRniZflTIOnS and HOnORRRY FRRTERniTIES THE AGROMECK OFFICERS Iennings Teal President Bruce Beaman Vice-President George Smith Secretary Robert McNeill Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS F. W. Lancaster W. N. Hicks T. C. Brown J. R. Llidington Jennings Teal President CRITIPUS GOVERnmEriT Bruce Beaman Fred Dameron Gene Tatem George Smith James Gardner Bill Cochran Robert McNeill Pate Forehand Bill Manning James Sparks Robert Tart Claude Kidd Uonald Lampki; Harvey Millsaps J. C. MacLachlan Jim Davis Emmett Bringle Virgil Mims Not pictured: Sam Pope, Milton Hobbs, Claude Ramsey. m N. C. STATE council DELIBERATES ' I Left to rig,ht: Emmett Brinole, T. C. Brown, Don Lampke, Jim Gardner, Virgil Mims, Fred Dameron, Jim Davis, Harvev Millsaps, James INIacLachlan, George Smith, Bruce Beaman, Jennings Teal. Bob McNeill, Claude Kidd, W. N. Hicks, Pate Forehand, Gene Tatem, Robert Tart, Sam Pope. F. W. Lancaster, Bill Cochran. Milton Hobbs. 9 ;ll " Jliiis The primary function of the Campus Government and Honor System of North Carohna State College is to encourage and promote in every way possible the de ' elopment of personal honor and integrity, scholarly achievement, and a genuine sense of civic responsibility in every person who matriculates at the North Carolina State College. Even ' student and faculty member is a citizen of the State College Community and pledges his support to the Campus Government and Honor Svstem bv signing the Pledge of Citizenship. Our present Campus Government and Honor System was founded in 1945 as a result of twenty-four years of student self-government on the State College Campus. It is based upon the conception that the problems of self-government on the modern college campus are not problems of student government alone nor of faculty government, but a concern of student and faculty alike. Each student and facultv member, therefore, votes in the election (A the representati ' es and officers of the Council of Campus Government and is responsible to participate in its activities. THE AGROMECK PHI KRPPR PHI OFFICERS Dr. a. M. Fountain President E. R. Conway, III Vice-President Dr. J. M. Clarkson Secretary Prof. A. C. Hayes Treasurer Prof. R. P. Marshall Journal Correspondent D. B. Anderson C. H. BOSTIAN C. R. Bramer B. F. Brown E. J. Brown T. T. Brown William Hand Brown R. C. Bullock J. D. Clark J. M. Clarkson E. L. Cloyd R. W. Cltmmings R. S. Dearstyne H. A. Fisher A. M. Fountain R. E. L. Greene A. H. Grimshaw J. W. Harrelson FACULTY MEMBERS A. C. Hayes W. N. Hicks F. H. Jeter S. G. Lehman R. L. LovvoRN Dr. Jane McKimmon R. P. Marshall Z. P. Metcalf G. K. Middleton T. B. Mitchell C. G. Mumford Thomas Nelson J. W. Patton W. J. Peterson E. E. Randolph W. A. Reid G. H. Satterfield W. E. Shinn I. V. Shunk A. D. Stuart J. L. Stlickev J. M. Parker G. K. Slocum W. G. Van Note L. L. Vaughan B. W. Wells L. F. Williams N. W. Williams A. J. Wilson Miss Linda Maddry Prof. Gertrude M. Cox W. M. Roberts F. A. Nyllind Mrs. Reba D. Clevenger J. L. Etchells P. E. Moose G. B. Baird L. F. Blanton C. R. Greenhow J. S. Hunter G. KlOPECKLY P. H. McDonald [212 STUDENT MEMBERS J. T. Moss C. B. Ratchford R. P. Scheffer E. G. Spurling J. G. Sutherland J. J. Adams I. D. Austin S. B. BURWELL J. W. Clapp D. F. Jordan G. A. Martin R. W. Russell tcil N. C. STATE PHI ETR SIGmR OFFICERS James A1. Kuchens President E. C. Price Vice-Preside)!! Y. M. Barber, Jh Secrefary C. M. loNEs Treasurer FACULTY MEMBER Dean E. L. Cloyd John M. Stephens C. M. Jones L. H. Connor Robert R. Gary FiTZHUGH Lee Aaron Ray E. T. Williams, Jr. L. G. Ballance Henry Trawick James W. Aderholt Charles W. Townsley T. V. Ballard John C. Gelhard J. W. Baker C. M. Mitchell C. E. Tutwiler Earl Dicks Basil Greene R. D. Dillender F. I. Peters James M. Kitchens E. R. Kenney F. E. Stephenson Charles W. Suggs Phi Eta Sigma encourages STUDENT MEMBERS Henry C. Dellinger F. O. Smetana E. D. Palmgren Yates M. Barber Bobbitt Correll Morris Beard L. E. Westmoreland O. G. Barnes, Jr. T. T. Thorne, Jr. Bill McCorkle P. M. Hall Joseph M. Keever W. E. Hollowell E. Preston Andrews D. E. Moreland David Tally J. B. Stegall C. M Rice J. FL Giles H. M. Dalton D. M. Gates Robert H. Becker W. Z. Penland, Jr. J. W. Shepard and promotes better scholarship Alex T. Brown Robert W. Chadwick William J. Hughes E. C. Price Von Autry, Jr. Jack O. Bass L. E. Baucom E. W. Bringle Francis H. Cooper Lee a. Crayton William E. Edens N. L. Evans Jack M. Harrell Lynn i L I Iarton William G. Kelley Frank C. Kluge Prakash C. Kochar Clyde W. Moore F. E. Newton Richard M. Parker Clyde IF Robinson Jack Smith Joseph D. Styers C. H. Thayer anion " freshman men. [213: THE AGROMECK Claude I. Burkhead President OFFICERS Claude I. Burkhead President Vernon M. Barnes Vice-President Roy F. Kendrick Cors. Secretary Edward O. Travis Rec. Secretary Prof. L. L. Vaughan Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS J. N. Farlow C. R. Bramer R. R. Brown E. L. Cloyd J. W. Harrelson W. N. Hicks E. G. HOEFER J. E. Lear C. L. Mann R. B. Rice E. W. Winkler G. W. Smith L. L. Vaughan Tau Beta Pi is a national engineering association founded at Lehigh University in 1885. Alpha of N. C. was installed here in 1925. While distinguished scholarship is the primary requisite for admission, true integrity is considered the " sine qua non " for membership in Tau Beta Pi. To be elected into Tau Beta Pi is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon student engineer. TflU BETH PI f o o liil ' Ji iO C ' o c V M Barnes E. O. Travis ]. L. Robinson E. B. Montague H. J Lewis A. Handlev D. F. Jordan R. S. Houston V. B. Bodenheimer ]. E. Stevens ]. R. Armstrong R. C. Dickinson J. C. Reeves VV. R. Alley N. M. Fowler D. F. Lefler J. W. Clapp S. D. Elkins R. P. Schmidt A. W. Smith C. M. Gadsden H. M. Gibson V. VV. Kafka I. B. Gillett ]. A. Reece G. L. White E. W. Hesse p N. C. STATE flLPHR ZETR G. W. Sledge R. C. Wells T. C. Blalock O. W. Jackson O. C. Hester S. J. Hassell G. W. Smith O. L. Miller J. L. Edge ]. D. Wilson R. Freeman J. D. Mackie G. E. Patton F. A. Kendall C. B. Coble Not PictmeA: R. P. Upchurch J. P. Strole J. C. Taylor, Jr. Harold E. Stinson President OFFICERS Harold E. Stinson Chancellor George W. Sledge Scrihe Robert Cecil Wells Censor Robert P. Upchurch Chronicler Thomas C. Blalock Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS L. O. Armstrong J. E. Foster J. C. Pierce, Jr. Alpha Zeta has manv plans for activi- ties designed to make the State College Campus a better place to live and work. It is the aim of this honorarv fraternity to establish, foster and develop high stand- ards of scholarship, character, leadership and a spirit of fellowship among all its members for the betterment of members and all other students at State College. [215] THE AGROMECK II Charles B. Sink President OFFICERS Charles B. Sink President Herman R. Harris Vice-President James F. Miller Secretary George G. Hacker Treasurer FACULTY Dean Malcolm C. Campbell, Dean Thomas Nelson, A. H. Grimshaw, T. R. Hart, J. T. Hilton, W. E. Shinn, J. F. Bogdan, E. B. Grover, G. H. Dunlap, A. C. Hayes, Dr. Frederick Pierce. The object of Sigma Tau Sigma is to create a higher standard of scholarship and to develop an incentive toward helpful- ness of textile men in industry. The re- quirement for membership is based on their standing in scholarship. Sigma Tau Sigma presents each year the Sigma Tau Sigma Scholarship Cup Award to the senior with the highest scholastic average. Not pictured: J. F. Miller, G. G. Hackner, Elizabeth Frazier, E. D. Yachan. siGmn Tflu siGmfl (a»«?f | «.J ' « f, f " ' r- V ' YT V- ft P H. R. Harris R. C. Davis A. A. Stulec E. G. Johnson H. C. Swindell D. R. Arrowood W. K. Thornton H. Steed W. L. Rankin F. C. Sowers S. R. Bayer M. B. Corl J. J. Houston C. R. Ibach W. C. Campbell T. T. Howe C. Edelman L. Goldman N. Oppenheimer W. H. Rollins J. H. Sparks J. C. Barber R. C. Green J. H. Hoffman R. C. Richardson W. G. Kirkman A. G. Urdanette E. W. Teague ]. R. Cramsie A. W. Suggs [216] N. C. STATE GRmmfl sicnriR epsilor OFFICERS Louis S. Hovis Grand Alchemist Harrell J. Lewis Recorder Robert P. Schmidt Visor Robert C. Hinkle Sergeant-at-Arms FACULTY A. H. Grimshavv VV. A. Reid W. E. Jordan L. F. Williams A. |. Wilson H. J. Lewis R. P. Schmidt R. C. Hinkle M. E. Propst Not shown: C. O. W ' iMBISlI Louis S. Hovis Grand Alchemist The purpose of Gamma Sigma Epsilon, national honorary fraternity, is to unite those men of high scholarship standing in chemistry and promote friendship and general welfare among chemists. Its goal is " to brino into closer relation the facts of science with the truths of God through the promotion of Chemistry. " THE AGROMECK SEN PI TRU sicmR The object of Pi I au Sigma is to foster the hiuh ideals room and files are located in the Diesel Building. Two of the engineering profession, to stimulate interest in successful initiation banc]uets were held last year at coordinating departmental activities, and to promote the which outstanding men in the Mechanical Engineering mutual professional welfare of its members. A Mechani- Department were welcomed into the fraternity. The fra- cal Engineers Handbook is given each year to the Sopho- ternity has given its full support to all departmental and more ha ' ing the highest scholastic average. The chapter A. S. M. E. activities. OFFICERS Thomas B. Carpenter President Deward F. Lefler Vice-Preside)2t Thomas G. Willis Corresponding Secretary George B. Whitfield Recording Secretary Archie W. Futrell Treasurer John C. Boyter Historian Y . - 1 Facnlty. R. B. Rice, Col. J. W. Harrelson, K. P. Hanson, L. L. Vaughan, N. W. Conner, E. G. Hoefer, T. C. Brown, J. S. Doolittle, ' H. B. Briggs, F. B. Wheeler, J. G. Bourne, D. J. Hanse, T. B. Ledbetter, J. M. Monroe, J. K. Whitfield. Members: W. R. Alley, V. Autry, A. J. Beall, B. E. Beaman, R. F. Bean, J. C. Bovter, C. E. Branscomb, J. A. Branscomb, E. O. Brans- ford, S. B. Burwell, T. B. Carpenter, W. C. Credle, A. E. Dresser, W. C. English, O. H. Fagala, S. G. Flannagan, N. M. Fowler, A. W. Futrell, B. Greene, M. Griffing, I. L. Helms, J. C. Hobbs, N. S. Ireland, C. E. Jones, D. F. Lefler, R. T. Lloyd, D. N. Low, E. J. McGinncs, J. G. Marshall, P. Mashburn, M. A. Meares, Thomas B Cabpenter - - ' ' ' ' Isaps, J- H. Moffitt, P. St. J. Moore, H. A. Ogden, F. President Pearce, J. L. Robinson, J. N. Seid, D. R. Swartz, E. O. Travis. N. C. STATE SIGmR PI RLPHR OFFICERS S. N. Richardson President 1 1. A. CoRRiHER ' ice Prei ' nient 1 1. Ci. W ' ai KER, JR Secretary C. iM. Stallings Treasurer |. A. Reece Sergeant-at-Aniis Faciilti Mciiihers: S. T. Ballenger, E. J. Brown, Glad s Cox, A. M. Fountain, H. R. Garriss, Ruth B. Hall, A. C. Hayes, L. E. Hinkle, F. V. Lancaster, Walt er Lovven, W. G. Menden- hall, J. D. Paulson, E. W. Ruggles, W. G. Van Note, D. S. Weaver, Jr., Sanford Winston, G. W. Bartlett, H. D. Rawls. SENIORS AND GRADUATE STUDENTS H. A. CORRIHER H. G. Walker, Jr. ]. A. Reece Edgar A. Orr William L. Rankin, Jr. I. Alton Johnson S. N. Richardson President sS iafei; Members: Joseph B. King, Alvaro Urda- neta, John C. Leitch, George J. Jernigan, jr., Charles R. Shields, Von Autry, Jr., W. Re. Burnham, Bernard C. Cannon, Jr., Henry A. Corriher, Jr., Paulo Jose Cortez, William E. Edens, Basil Greene, William H. C. Hall, Earl W. Hessee, 1 lelen Key, Jack D. Liverman, William D. McManus, Karl B. Mayer, Jr., Edwin R. Mills, Clyde W. Moore, ' AUred P. Nor- wood, Landon M. Proffitt, James A. Reece, Seaton N. Richardson, Jesse O. Sanderson, Donald G. Schulman, Morris W. Sills, Carlton M. Stallings, Henry G. Walker, Jr., Frederick O. Smetana. Sigma Pi Alpha is a National Honorary Language Fraternity founded at N. C. State College in 1927. Membership in the fraternity requires an honor average in Lan- guage and above average in general scholas- tic work. Activities of the Fraternitv consist of talks bv foreign students and vvell- tra ' elled persons, and socials frequenth- held jointly with other Raleigh College Chapters of Sigma Pi Alpha. No Pictured: C. M. Stallings, Emilio Yachan, Elizabeth Frazier. Alfred iM, Pfaff, Robert H. Pearce, Guv B. Baird, Claude L. Scroggs, Robert T. Teague. [219] THE AGROMECK Frank W. Jarvis President IN MEMORIAM Maj. a. O. Alford OFFICERS Frank W. Jarvis President E. Keith Howell Vice-President James L. Higgins Secretary L. S. Inscoe Treasurer HONORARY AND FACULTY MEMBERS R. S. B. Bourne, Walter Chambers, Dean E. L. Cloyd, C. R. Craver, John F. Cole, Dr. Harry A. Cooper, Dr. A. M. Fountain, Capt. C. D. Farmer, J. C. Geddie, J. F. Miller, Col. M. L. Sheppard, C. D. Hoyle, Jr., W. A. Thompson, John A. Dughi, Prof. S. R. Baker, Maj. C. D. Kutschinski. Not ijictured: ]. A. Norwood, G. W. Coble, I. A. Rudisill, G. A. Cathey, Grover Snow, J. L. Higgins. mu BETR PSI D O f E. K. Howell L. S. Inscoe ' H. J. Lewis V. M. Barnes Roger Cole 1 R. L. GoLDSTON 1 T. C. MiLLSAPS A. p. Beam C. G. Bingenheimb S. B. Burwell R. S. Houston V. R. Parks D. L. Ward D. A. Womble L. B. Miller I. VV. Smith J. T. Maddery E. W. Barnhart F. W. BuTNER, Jr. G. C. McNair Rodney Keith [220] ECl N. C. STATE ETR KRPPR nu ' . M. Barnes R. r . Boyd. Jr. C. I. BuRKHEAD P. W. Chapman F. T. Collins R. C. Dickinson IK R. G. Flowers H. M. Gibson N. H. Hodges, Jr. E. K. Howell P. H. Long A. W. Smith o o c J. B. Teal Cecil M. Gadsden President OFFICERS Cecil M. Gadsden President Ralph G. Flowers Vice-President Neal H. Hodges, Jr Rec. Secretary E. Keith Howell Cor. Secretary Nick C. Pappas Treasurer Roger C. Dickinson .... Bridge Secretary Prof. E. W. Winkler. . .Faculty Adviser Faculty Members: Dean J. H. Lampe, Dr. C. G. Brennecke, Prof. W. D. Steven- son, Jr., Prof. J. E. Lear, A. B. Maclntvre, E. G. Mannino, J. H. Sherman, Jr. Eta Kappa Nu is the National Electrical Engineering fraternity. Outstanding men From the Junior and Senior Classes in Electrical Engineering are elected to its membership. Marked ability, as evidenced by scholarship and other qualities which indicate that the student will be a success in his profession, comprise the member- ship qualification. Not pictured: R. A. Boot, H. A. Corriher, Jr., C. p. Fisher, R. L. Hedgepath, W. K. Neal, P. D. Page, N. C. Pappas, H. O. Smith, C. M. Stallings. B. Tarleton, J. Silverstein, W. L. Thornton. G. L. White. R. T. Willard, J. M. Yorke. [221] THE AGROMECK Charles R. Ibach President OFFICERS Charles R. Ibach President Richard F. Galloway . , . .Vice-President Kenneth E. Caldwell Secretary William H. Bllie Treasurer William T. Brown Senior Warden Factdty: E. B. Grover, T. R. Hart, Thomas Nelson, W. E. Shinn, G. H. Dun- lap, C. E. Johnson. Phi Psi holds meetings on the a ' erage oF once every two weeks. Every term one or more social gatherinos are held. During the spring term Phi Psi is one of the fra- ternities which put on the annual Spring Frolics. A banquet is held before this dance at which time the annual awarding of the Phi Psi cup is made to the out- standing man of the year in textiles. A national convention is also held once a year at which representatives from Eta Chapter attend. Not pictured: ]. H. Slaughter, W. D. Moser, J. F. Miller, B. W. McKinzie, G. W. Walker. PHI PSI TTT D ' 8 - . B. Peterson VV. H. Blue L. A. Shive W. L. Rankin |. ]. West W. T. Brown A. E. D. Booker J. H. Sparks H. G. Alexander (. F. Smart (. T. DeLamar D. M. Seltzer H. R. Harris F-. C. Sowers R. F. Calloway E. A, Hamrick VV. W. Gayle R. M. Salisbury F. SiZEMORE V P. Greer H. D. Steed C. Colhahd R. GuiRETT T. Gaeta B. R. Morris K. E. Caldwell, Jr. [222] N. C. STATE THETfl TRU C E. Stone ). . Fours N. S. Irelano ' . M. Barnes ]. H. Berrier J. G. Camp R. T. CuRRIN S. G. Flannagan E. W. Hesse E. C. Hunt, Jr. D. F. Lefler R. M. Little R. T. Lloyd. Jr. D. C. KiBKMAN N. Klemm, Jr. M. A. Meares R. J. MULLER S R. B. Patterson G. ' . RiVENBARK W. C. Roe R. P. Schmidt G. B. Whitfield C. H. Stone R. C HiNKLE Recent OFFICERS R. C. HiNKLE Regent C;. E. Stone Vice-Regent ]. W. Fours Scribe i . S. Ireland Treasurer faculty Advisers: Col. J. W. Harrclson, T. C. Brown W. F. Babcock, R. L. Wig- gins, G. T. Nickell. Theta Tau is a professional engineering fratcinits ' of college students. Members are chosen for their character, integrity, leader- ship, and scholarship. The purpose of Theta I au is to de elop and maintain a high standard of professional interest among its members, and to unite them in a strong bond ol Iratcrnal Icllowsliip. Not pictured: 1. L. Helms, D. B. Weaver, S. T. V ' iooins. [223] THE AGROMECK THE EncmEERS ' COUDCIL B n fT ' ISSHS B J O O ' o c % mm- s i- -v — - ' - d f ' c !f f .i -O P O C D ' - L. F. Thompson J. C. BOYTER T. M. Brown C. I. BuRKHEAD, Jr. S. B. Burwell F. W. BuTNER, Jr. J. C. Collier A. G. EuBANKS I. Feldman A. W. FuTRELL R. G. Flowers, Jr. C. M. Gadsden J. B. GiLLETT R. C. Hinkle C. M. HoRNE iM. W. Lamb, Jr. E. K. Lovelace R. E. McNeill T. C. MiLLSAPS E. B. Montague L. B. Nichols A. J. Patton J. L. Robinson W. T. Roy R. P. Schmidt J. E. Stevens J. B. Teal T. M. TiLLEY H. A. Williams Not pictured: R. F. Kendrick N. C. Pappas R. E. Carpenter A. F. LuciER [224: ECI N. C. STATE OFFICLRS j. Iv Armstrong President W. r. Kendrick Vice-President N. C. Pappas Secretary L. F. Thompson Treasurer FACULTY ADVISERS J. H. Lampe T. C. Brown J. R. Armstrong President 1 lie Engineers ' Council is made up of a group oF engineering students which represent the technical en- gineering societies on the campus. Its purpose is to coordinate the acti ities of these societies, the engineering students, the engineering departments, and to direct the publication of the engineers technical magazine, the SOUTHERN ENGINEER. Each vear the Engineers ' Council sponsors the " Engi- neers Brawl, " brings to the campus leading engineers and other speakers who are of interest to engineering students, and knights leading engineering seniors into the " Order of Saint Patrick. " At the knighting ceremony, the most outstanding senior engineering student is rec- ognized and gi en a gift by the Council. For the first time since 1941, the Council sponsored the " Engineers Exposition. " THE AGROMECK IM if Rmerican Society of ITIechanical Engineers Archie W. Futrell, Preiident Robert T. Lloyd, Vice-President Members: J. B. Alexander, H. M. Altvater, I. D. Austin, C. G. Bingenheimer, J. C. Boyter, S. B. Burwell, A. B. Capper, T. B. Carpenter, W. C. Credle, J. O. Darholt, O. H. Fagala, N. M. Fowler, E. L. Frazelle, . W. Futrell, L. W. Creen, M. E. Griffino, L. B. HoFfman, J. C. I lobbs, H. N. Hunter, I. L. Melms, L. S. Inscoe, C. J. Imersheim, N. C. Ireland, W. E. Johnson, C. E. Jones, S. G. Jones, H. K. Jordan, I. E. Jovner, P. J. Lamprinakos, D. F. LeFler, J. D. Leitch, OFFICERS Archie W. Futrell President Robert T. Lloyd Vice-President John B. Alexander Recording Secretary losEPH Seid CorresiJoudiiig Secretary Thomas B. Carpenter Treasurer Felix D. Masten Historian NoRVAL W. Conner Facidty Adviser This year, with the largest membership in history, the Society launched a plan for increased student participation. Students made short talks on summer experiences in industry on topics oF special interest. A joint meeting was held with the Raleigh Section. Also se eral nationally known men were in- vited to speak to the group. R. A. Le ine, R. M. Little, R. T. Lynch, M. A. Meares, T. J. Meyer, R. J. Muller, T. C. Millsaps, E. B. Morri- son, H. A. Ogden, E. D. Peebles, L. W. Rose, J. L. Robinson, W. G. Rumple, Joseph Seid, A. Seligson, J. J. Sharpe, E. D. Smith, J. ' T. Smith, N. N. Smith, G. N. Stroupe, D. R. Swartz. E. O. Travis, D. B. Vick, A. M. Werner, C. G. Willard, II. A. Williams, T. G. Willis, G. B. Whitfield. « ' ecIn. c. state TOmPKinS TEXTILE SOCIETY The Tompkins Textile Society is a professional organ- ization which was organized at N. C. State College for the purpose of stimulating the interest of the students and for promoting a closer relationship between the textile industrx ' and students in the school. Meetings are held hi monthly at which time the students are addressed hv prominent and successful men from the industry, who are able to discuss with them the textile problems they will meet. The annual " Lint Dodgers Ball, " which is sponsored by Tompkins Textile Society, is the highlight of the year and it enjo ' s one of the top positions on the social calendar. OFFICERS Earle a. Hamrick, Jr President John W. Wood Vice-President Lowell A. Shive Secretary WiLLARD H. Blue Treasurer William L. Rankin Reporter MEMBERS All Textile Students Earle A. Hamrick, ]k. President [227] 1 THE AGROMECK Montague Brown Gillette Norwood McDuFFiE Feldman flnriERicRn society of civil EncinEERS FACULTY C. L. Mann, W. F. Babcock. W. W. Boyer, C. R. Bramer, E. I. Brown, H. T. Chapin, F. F. Funk, H. E. Griset, H. L. Kingsbury, Jr., C. M. Lambe, J. O. Litch- ford, L. R. Mann, E. B. Mason, G. Pale sky, W. H. Semple, A. E. Williamston, jr. i I John R. Armstrong, Jr. President 228 ' Members: J. R. Armstrong, I. Feldman, E. B. Montague, T. M. Brown, J. B. Gillette, A. P. Norwood, M. A. McDuffie, B. W. Allen, J. G. Ball, J. H. Berrier, W. A. Blue, J. L. Castleberrv, 11. II. Cummings, J. H. Davis, J. H. Davis, J. G. Dean, W. W. Di.xon, R. W. Durant, H. R. Edgerton, I. Fansler, F. M. Fischer, 1. E. Fondren, |. W. Fonts, W. H. Funderburk, D. H. Hancock, W. W. Harper, C. C. Hasscll, J. S. Jones, D. I . Jordan, C. II. Kahn, R. VV. Lamson, J. S. Lecper, J. P. McGeady, L. J. Misenheimer, S. J. Morris, D. T. Overman, M. R. Parrish, E. H. Roberts, H. L. Rose, C. E. Ruppe, J. 1 1. lax lor, R. A. Thompson, J. Spearman, L. M. Tcm]ilc, J. A. Wagoner, D. M. Watson, J. W. Woollen, E. C. Yow. N. C. STATE RITIERICfln inSTITUTE OF CHEfTIICRL ERGinEERS The N. C. State College Student Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers was organized under its present charter in 1930. Its purpose is to pro- mote the ideals of the chemical engineering profession, to maintain a high student standing among its members. OFFICERS Robert P. Schmidt President Hugh J. Horne, Jr Vice-President Marshall E. Propst. Jr Secretary Robert A. Yoder, Jr Treasurer Ted p. Williamson Reporter Members: E. VV. Earnhardt, R. L. Bird, 1 1. F. Blackwood, V. J. Brooks, J. C Camp, J. L. Clements, T. E. Cook, j. L. Coulter, C. R. Denny, S. D. Elkins, G. M. Farrior, C. M. Flaherty, C;. P. Forehand, H. L. Fritz, R. R. Garev, P. R. Ginnings, R. Gustafson, J. D. 1 lartsoe, F. Hawkins, E. W. Hesse, T. C. Hill, R. C. Hinkle, C. M. I lome, i I. J. Horne, L. S. Hovis, C. J. Howell. E. H. Hutchins, J. L. Jones. I i. R. Ketchie, D. A. Knee, G. J. Lamprinakos, H. J. Lewis, L. M. Madden, C. W. Moore, J. S. Moore, W. C. Moser, R. J. Nery, E. A. Orr, B. K. Partin, R. B. Patterson, R. A. Plyler. L. B. Potter, M. E. Propst, F. P. Redmon, R. P. Schmidt. G. O. Smith, A. W. Stafford, C. M. Stewart, N. E. Tanev, J. I. Thigpen, VV. C. Turrentine. J. J. Wallace, J. W. Watson, H. S. Welsh, T. P. Williamson, R. A. Yoder. and to aid in the advancement of the engineering school as a whole. Outstanding speakers in the profession are heard at the twice-monthly meetings. Two student dele- gates were sent to the regional convention last year. The annual social event is a jiicnic in the Spring quarter. FACULTY MEMBERS E. M. Schenborn, E. P. Pike, K. O. Beattv. D. S. Arnold, H. C. Claflin. J. F. Seelv, Robert P. Schmidt President [229] THE AGROMECK h Patton BuRNETTE TlLLEY Penland Doyle Yates Owen HuLTZ Cook Adair Baker Russell Shuford Rhyne Upchurch Institute of Reronautical Sciences The North CaroHna State College Branch oF the Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences holds meetings every other week to keep the aeronautical students up to date with the new developments in aeronautical enoineering and in aviation. It is the purpose of the Institute to foster fellowship and promote the distribution of current information alono the lines of our mutual interest— the field of aeronautics. J. E. Stevens President 230] OFFICERS I. E. Stevens Chairman A. J. Patton Vice-Chairnian ]. A. Penland Secretary S. M. Owen Treasurer R. W. Truitt Faculty Adviser Memhers: G. II. Adair, T. F. Baker, W. S. Burnette, M. H. Doyle, B. E. Hultz, R. W. Russell, C. L. Shuford, T. M. Tilley, E. C. Yates, I. N. Cook, R. H. Rhyne, A. P. Teague, C. A. Upchurch. m N. C. STATE flmerican Institute of Electrical Engineers OFFICERS Claude I. Burkhead Chairman Cecil M. Gadsden Vice-Chainuaii La Verne H. Rickenbacker Secretary Ralph G. Flowers, |r Treasurer Faculty Members: Dr. C. G. Brcnnecke, VV. E. Estellc, R. S. Fouraker, J. E. Lear, W. D. Stevenson, W. R. VVillard, E. W. Winkler. Mevihers: R. M. Alexander, J. M. Bales, P. A. Bender, A. P. Bowman, C. L Burkhead, C. W. Childrey, R. P. Coble. F. T. Collins, L. L. Corbin, H. A. Corriher, R. C. Dickenson, J. L. Kiehl, P. H. Edwards, C. P. Fisher, R. G. Flowers, G. A. Fuller. CM. Gadsden, W. L. Head, R. L. Hedoepcth, R. 1. Hobbs, J. S. Hunt, W. E. Hunter, 1. A. Johnson, B. L. Johnson, W. 1 1. Johnson, S. D. Nhiune ' , R. M. McGehee, R. E. Merritt, C. A. Price, L. FL Rickenbacker, J. A. Rudisill, J. Silverstein, A. W. Smith, Brice Tarleton, J. B. Teal, H. C. Turnage, E. T. VVadsworth, G. L. White, J. T. Wooters. J Claude I. Burkhead Chairman [231] THE AGROMECK Freeman Connor Faulk Baesel Brasington DoGGETT Dudley Lamm Scott Sigmon Skinner Thompson Thurman Vaughn BEflUX ARTS SOCIETY The Beaux Arts Society is composed of students in Architecture, Architectural Engineering, and Land- scape Architecture. Its purpose is to promote fellowship among students of like interest. Speakers promi- nent in the profession are invited to present their views to the society and various social events are also sponsored. The Beaux Arts Society attempts to further the course of good architecture bv the association and discus- sion of those interested in the profession. W. T. Ray President [232] OFFICERS W. T. Ray President W. F. Freeman Vice-President G. C. Connor Secretary-Treasurer J. F. Faulk Publicity Chaimiaii R. F. Kendrick, F. W. Butner, R. E. Carpenter, George Jernigan, Bryan Gresham .... Representatives to Engineers Council Faculty Memhers: J. D. Paulson, Ross Shumaker, J. H. Grady, W. L. Baumgarten. Menihers: R. E. Carpenter, R. L. Runyans, Leo F. Spaanbrook, C. F. Andrews, Bob Sweet, Robert Etheredge, H. B. Kahn, B. E. Hultz, R. E. Cox, Jean Surratt, H. P. McKim, H. R. Lamb, Donald Winecoff, Alvin Kipley, N. W. Fox, David Jurney, Charles Boney, Betsy Young, Thomas Tassos, C. R. Shields, Frank Mont- gomery, T. C. Gill, A. T. Shaw, L. M. Proffitt, Fred Athinson, J. W. Apple, J. H. Abdallah, B. J. Addison, C. W. Bolick, R. L. Black, W. M. Cherkas, E. W. Denton, R. J. Dodge, ]. P. Edwards, W. C. Howell, J. H. Hammond, S. B. Holt, C. R. Jordan, D. R. Lassiter, Clyde Leonard, C. H. McLawhorn, H. H. McPheters, D. C. O ' Neal, E. Pigford, J. R. Reaves, Jeanette Simpson, J. E. Stegall, E. G. Tyler, H. G. Walker, C. B. Wcssell. N. C. STATE mSTITUTE OF RRDIO EncmEERS The North CaroHna State College Student Branch of the Institute ot Radio Engineers began its second year of existence with its second annual smoker. The branch, after struggling all of its first year for recognition, is now an authorized student branch of the national society of the Institute of Radio Engineers. The outlook for the year is bright, with many im- portant events tentatively scheduled. Plans include a number of prominent speakers, particip ation in the Engineers ' Fair, entertaining the North Carolina-Virginia Section, Collaboration with the Student Covernment on a public address system for the cafeteria, and a joint picnic with the A. I. E. E. OFFICERS Herbert M. Gibson Chairman Oscar A. Harrison Vice-Chairwan George C. Winston Secretary George I. White Treasurer Facidtr Members: Dr. C. G. Brennecke, Dr. William Wilson, VX ' illiam S. Carley, Weems E. Estelle, Fred R. Willard. Members: C. W. Bailey, L. W. Bissette. W. M. Burocss, P. W. Chapman, R. W. Coward, W. T. Dickinson, J. D. Evans, G. A. Fuller, H. M. Gibson, H. S. Goldbery, W. H. Gossard, Carter Grant, P. E. Green, P. A. Hager, O. A. Harrison, D. S. Helper, H. O. Hook, A. L. Humphrey, I. A. Johnson, S. N. Kirkman, G. E. Martin, O. A. Palmer, J. W. Parker, C. D. Penuel, E. F. Pereda, S. B. Pettewav. T. R. Powell, C. H. Price, S. F. Rich, J. F. Ritchie, lack Smith, D. L. ' ard, G. L. White, G. C. Winston, T. W. Woodard, C. S. W ' hhc. Herbert M. Gibson Chairman THE AGROMECK p. H. McDonald President Younc mEPi ' s CHRISTIRn RSSOCIflTIOn OFFICERS p. H. McDonald, Jr President Marshall E. Propst Vice-President L. H. RicKENBACKER Secretary Franklin T. Teague Treasjirer t I E. S. King General Secretary BOARD OF DIRECTORS M. E. Gardner Chairman W. G. Van Note Vice-Chainnan E. L. Cloyd Secretary B. F. Brown John A. Park T. C. Brown A. D. Stuart J. M. Clarkson L. L. Vaughn R. W. CuMMiNGS F. B. Wheeler W. N. Hicks D. C. Worth Thomas Nelson STAFF Edward S. King General Secretary N. B. Watts Associate Secretary Mrs. L. W. Bishop Office Secretary Mrs. B. G. Roberts Office Secretary CABINET Ira Helms Commissioner World Relatedness Avery Brock Commissioner Personal Campus Affairs Max Koontz President Freshman Fellowship Frank Hildebrand WSSF, Freshman Fellowship Joe Houston Campus Affairs Bob Friedman Chairman World Organization Ed Baesel Worship Lewis Dunn Freshman Fellowship Leon A. Mann Commissioner Social Resp. J. Ed. Smith Commissioner Christian Heritaoe Worth Stinson World Christian Movement Dave Kirkman Recreation Bill Thornton Association Procedures Ed Orr Higher Education B. T. Williams Freshman Fellou ship AtM A ta rk 1 ' %M Tkit iib; Propst Rick Teacue Koontz Brock Hildebrand Houston Friedman Stinson Kirkman Thornton Orr Williams [234] N. C. STATE Looks Good The Vice-President at it Y. m. C. R. Freshman Fellowship Waiting For The Y. W. C. A. I Passed an Exam Christmas Gifts THE AGROMECK RGRICULTURflL CLUB Chables B. Coble, Jr. Fall Term President OFFICERS Fall Term Charles B. Coble, Jr President Powell Speight Vice-President Walter T. McPherson Secretary Bill Cochran Treasurer Bill Bowers Reporter Winter Term Claude S. Kidd President O. C. Hester Vice-President A. W. Pitzer Secretary Bill Cochran Treasurer L. S. BowDEN Reporter Dr. R. L. Loworn Facidty Adviser 4 Claude S. Kidd Winter Term President The Ag Club is the largest campus organization. The chief project of the Club for the year was the Student Ag Fair, which is presented each Fall by the students in conjunction with the State Fair. Claude Kidd was President of the Fair this year. The Ag Judging Teams enter many national judging contests. The official publication of the Ag Club is the Agriculturist, published by the students of the Club. Other activities of the Club includetl the annual Barnwarmino and the y Picnic. Members: All students who are registered in the School of Agriculture and Agricultural Education. i N. C. STATE n. C. STRTE COLLEGE CHRPTER OF F. F. R. OFFICERS |. n. Cyrus President Bryce Younts Vice-President R. W. Tart Secretary Osco Jackson Treasurer Robert Hendrix Reporter Bill Cochran Chairman Program Committee C. L. Warren Watch Dog G. C. Carson Student Adviser Dr. F. a. Nylund Facidty Adviser 1 he Chapter was first organized in 1939 and was reacti ated in 1946. The purpose of the organization is to: de elop leadership, encourage recreational activities for students in Vocational Education, and encouraae cooperative effort among the students. Members: R. Beaver, D. H. Biggerstaff, P. T. Blizzard, K. E. Brantley, H. W. Bunker, R. C. Cates, G. C. Carson, C. T. Caudle, W. N. Cochrane, S. Corriher, R. B. Courts. J. H. Cyrus, C. T. Dean, I. C. Finch, O. W. Bagriel, U. Gregory, C. L. Hege, R. Hendrix. L. 1 licks, W. M. Hobson, G. D. Hunt. Bill Hull, O. W. Jackson, C. I. Jones. J. H. Jones. G. VV. King, K. Langley, T. M. McCall, H. L. McKenzie. A. L. Martin, D. L. Mercer. J. E. Mewborn. W. J. Miller, W. J. Owens, J. W. Patterson, J. I.. Perkinson, L. R. Pierce. D. D. Robinson, H. H. Shepherd, J. E. Sherrill, H. Q. Simmons, G. W. Sledge, C. A. Street, R. Sutton, R. W. Tart, E. C. Tatum. R. B. Turner, V. G. Tussey, C. L. Warren, R. D. Warren, M. P. Webb, ]. D. Wilson. J. W. Wilson, B. R. Younts. J. H. Cyrus President [237] THE AGROMECK ti FORESTRY CLUB The State College Forestry Club meets once each week during the regular school year. The club was started to promote better relationships between the stu- dents and the faculty and between members of the different classes; the club also presents programs which are meant to be both educational and entertaining. The club sponsors an annual " Rolleo " at the Hill Forest where teams from the different classes compete in axe-throwing, tobacco spitting, log-bucking, tree fell- ing, horse shoe pitching and other e ' ents for " Rolleo " champion of the ' ear. A " Logger ' s Ball ' is the outstand- ing event of the social program of the club, which in- cludes picnics and other outings. The Forestry Club sponsors the publication of the Pi Ne Tuvi, which is an annual of the Forestry School distributed to each alumni and student of Forestry. Slabs and Edgings is a mimeographed sheet that is published bv the club twice each term; it contains articles and news of ixuticular interest to students of Forestry. R. C. BOYETTE Vice-President [238] OFFICERS Siinnuer and Fall Terms Dave Franklin President R. C. BoYETTE Vice-President Steve Boyce Secretary Tom Wynne Treasurer Rolf Nielson Sergeant-at-Arvis Winter and Spring Terms R. C. BoYETTE President Jake Broadway Vice-President Mike Pekar Secretary Tom Wynne Treasurer Wade Jones Sergeant-at-Arms Facultr Mouhers: Ml Forestry Professors and selected Professors in allied departments. G. K. Slocum, Associate Professor of Forestry, Faculty Adviser. Members: ll students registered in Forestry, both graduate and under- eraduate. !1 N. C. STATE XI SIGHR PI During the spring term of each year, the outstanding senior forestry student and the outstanding freshman forestry student are appropriately honored by Xi Sigma Pi. The fraternity endeavors to sponsor a nationally known speaker sometime during the current school year. OFFICERS Fred West Forester Robert I. Solow Associate Forester Lewis J. Smith Ranger R. C. Bo ' ETTE Secretary Fiscal lgt ' n( Faculty Members: Dr. J. V. Hofmann, l)i. William D. Miller, George K. Slocum, Lenthall Wyman, J. W. Chalfant. Mcwhers: Fred West, R. I. Solow. I . j. Smith, R, C. Boyette, D. Moreland, O. T. Wynne, M. A. Pckar, J. 1 1, f lardec, W. j. Ellis, W, T. Jones, S. G. Boyce, C. A. Broadway, E. N. Seltzer, F. W. Woods, T. iM. Hasell, E. L. iMunger, W M. Keller, W. H. Wharton. Fred West Forester [239] THE AGROMECK fllTIERICRn SOCIETY OF flGROnomY The Agronomy Society endeavors to foster better relationships between agronomy students and faculty. The Society enters an exhibit in the Ag Fair each fall and participates in the National Agronomy Society essay contest each winter. The Club meets monthly and sponsors a speaker at each meeting. In the spring, the agronomy students conduct a week long, statewide field trip to experiment stations and agricultural areas. Each term one or more major projects are sponsored. Joseph Lenwood Edge Vice-President [240] OFFICERS Robert Phillip Upchurch President Joseph Lenwood Edge Vice-President Charles Brenard McCantz Secretary Nash Nicks Winstead Treasurer Faculty Members: Dr. G. K. Middleton, Prof. G. C. Klinoman. Student Memhers: C. W. Allen, Jr., T. D. Boykin, H. D. Burns, J. A. Cooley. D. F. Cress, R. E. Currin, III, Fred Dameron, G. C. Dobbins, E. K. Eakes, G. H. Earle, Jr., J. L. Edge, H. A. Finch, R. D. Flake, Thomas Gilliam, T. S. Godwin, R. S. Griffin, C. B. Harrelson, Jr., S. J. Hassell, D. H. Humphrey, B. F. Jones, F. A. Kendall, C. S. Kidd, J. M. May, F. W. McLaughlin, Jr., J. D. Miller, O. L. Miller, Jr., T. J. Morgan, C. B. McCantz, H. H. Nau, H. M. Page, P. V. Parks, L. J. Reep, R. H. Rhyne, O. H. Ross, Jr., H. G. Silver, G. H. Smathers, A. G. Smith, C. G. Smith, P. M. Thompson, Jr., P. T. Speight, N. L. Sugg, T. W. Stone, Jr., R. P. Upchurch, R. C. Westmoreland, J. P. Williams, Jr., J. C. Williams, Jr., N. N. Winstead. ii i N. C. STATE Frank Spain President HoLMAN Cyrus Vice-President Alton Wilson Treasurer W. D. KiLLIAN Prosxi ' Chairman hflPPfl PHI KRPPR OFFICERS Frank Spain President HoLMAN Cyrus Vice-President Alton Wilson Treasurer A. J. Barbour Secretary W. D. KiLLiAN Program Chairman Dr. C. G. Mumford Faculty Sponsor Faculty Members: Dr. C. G. Mumford, Dr. D. J. Moffie, Dr. W. M. Hicks, Prof. Leon E. Cook, Prof. I. O. Armstrong, Prof. Ezra Howell. Members: W. D. Killian, J. A. Watson, Ward Robinson, Billv Hull, ]. T. Abrams, James Carpenter, J. H. Cyrus, Gerald James, A. W. Wilson, D. M. Nobles, A. J. Barbour, Clinton Parker, Walter Groom, Douglas Wilson, Frank Craig, Garry Carson, Stanley Corriher, Milas Green, Robert Hendri.x, John Allison, Harold McKenzie, R. T. Jones, James Davis, George Sledge, Robert Tart, Homer E. Beam, Don Bigger- staff, Osco Jackson, Dan W. Jones, Bryce Younts. Kappa Phi Kappa endeavors to promote the cause of education by encouraging men of sound moral character and recognized ability to engage in the study of its principles and problems. It is for the furtherance of the above purpose the fraternity emphasizes among its members social intercourse, scholarly attainments, and pro- fessional ideals. [241] THE AGROMECK ,1 •I RITIERICRn CERRiniC SOCIETY The Chapter at North Carolina State is a student branch of the American Ceramic Society which has as its purpose the promotion of technical and professional de elopment of Ceramic Engineering. In the student branch emphasis is placed upon scholarship, character, and professional development. The Chapter meets once each month. Outstanding speakers are invited to speak upon topics of interest in the Ceramic field, and movies are shou ' n to acquaint members with the different branches of the Ceramic industry. The Society provides a medium for the meeting of students interested in Ceramic Enginccrino, and it furthers the student ' s inter- est in the Department of Ceramic Engineering at North Carolina State Colleae. GUION EUBANKS President OFFICERS GuioN EuBANKS President Edward C. Saleeby Vice-President NiSBET P. RoDGERs Secretary Max Kahn Treasurer FactiUy Members: Dr. W. W. Kriegel, Department Head; C. V. Rue, W. C. Hackler, Dr. W. C. Bell. Memhers: E. A. Clark, A. G. Eubanks, A. M. Faires, J. L. Ferguson, ]r.. C. M. Furr, M. Kalin, D. N. Low, W. B. Midgette, W. E. Moodv, V. A. i iorrow, E. C. Saleebv, D. W. Sewell, A. W. Thomas, H. H. Wilson, Jr., L. L. Abernethv, Ir„ L. M. Allen, D. A. Collins, R. L. Crouch, A, B. Culbertson, Jr., F. W. Davis, jr., G. O. Harrell, J. R. Hart, J. M. Holmes, A. J. Jabbusch, C. K. Kirbv, G. A. Knight, P. S. Knowles, D. C. Linn, Jr., A. E. Lucier, D. H. McGinnis, R. W. Mills, A. Pcchman, H. Potchtar, N. P. Rodgers, A. E. Rowe, J. C. Schomburg, H. R. Spiers, R. F. Stoops, R. M. Ammons, J. V. Andrews. Jr., M. E. Armentrout, J. D. Bland, Jr., C. F. Bovette, R. Curran, R. D. Dillender, Jr., W. R. Duncan, F. P. Fonvielle, Jr., H. T. Foster, J. H. Giles, Jr., I. W . Cower, Q. L. Griffin, R. S. Hall, T. N. Holmes, Jr., G. B. Howell, R. E. Johnson, B. L. Joyner, J, T. Noe, J. W. Norwood, P. D. Pearce, F. L Peters, J. R. Peterson, B. K. Powers, N. F. Quinn, Jr., T. W. Tysinger. N. C. STATE fk. Saleeby Knight Rows FuRR Sewell Wilson EUBANKS KERflmOS Keramos, the national professional Ceramic Engineer- ing Fraternity, was founded in 1902 at Ohio State Uni ersitv, and is the oldest professional engineering fraternity in the world. While the organization is strictlv professional in nature, the requirements for membership are as high as most of the honorary societies and it per- mits the wearing of the key by honor students. Member- ship is offered only to students in the Department of Ceramics or Ceramic Engineering who ha ' e a good scholastic record, a good character record, and who giye promise of making good in industry. Keramos has as its aim the promotion of professionalism among engineering students and striyes to adyance ceramics and scholarship among underclassmen at State College. OFFICERS WiLLARD R. MiDGETTE President Edward C. Saleeby Vice-President George A. Knight, Jr Secretary Arnold E. Rowe Treasurer Alfred G. Eubanks Herald Facidty Members: Dr. W. W Kricgd, W. C. Hackler, C. ' . Rue. Members: A. G. Eubanks. C. M. Furr. G. A. Knight, A. E. Lucicr, W. B. Midgette, A. E. Ro%ve, E. C. Saleeby, D. W. Seucll, A. VV. Thomas, J. W. Thomas, H. H. Wilson. ' iLLARD B. Midgette President [243: THE AGROMECK RQUinRS CLUB The Aquinas Club aims to include in its membership all Catholic students attending State College. Founded in 1935, the Aquinas Club serves the ]5urpose of acquaint- ing Catholic students with one another; of encouraging thoughtful and intelligent understanding of the Catholic Faith through lectures and discussif)ns on Catholic doc- trine, legislation and attitudes; of pro ' iding a Moderator for the students who wish counsel and ad ' ice; of stimu- lating religious fervor among the students by promoting corporate religious activities. Vincent W. Kafka President 244] OFFICERS Vincent W. Kafka President William E. Johnson, Jr Vice-President James J. Adams Secretary Robert F. Nardiallo Treasurer Daniel A. Santucci Publicity Chairman Rev. Charles J. O ' Conner Moderator Faculty Members: H. C. Cooke, W. A. Kulash, J. V. Ilofmann, W. Baumgarten, D. E. Brady, G. T. O ' Neill, H. L. Lucas, R. Ruffner. Members: J. H. Abdallah, F. C. Benoit, T. Brennan, S. V. Credle, R. E. Darling, A. G. Demko, A. Dermeulenaere, R. J. Fabre, L. Fernandez, J. 1 1. Fisher, G. M. Manna, F. R. Henry, J. L. Higgens, J. lenich, J. M. Holland, N. Khemm, D. B. Lampkc, j ' . P. LaVasseur, R. Lesko, C. E. Lopez, M. A. Marshall, R. G. Miller, J. L. Murphx ' , W. J. Mussack, F. Mustapha, P. Palazuelos, M. A. Pekar, G. Pereda, J. T. Pesek, N. Posey, W. K. Rice, J. R. Santisteban, P. A. Rivadenevra, J. Shomburg, R. S. Tatum, E. C. Timanus, M. Torres, C. Turlington, C. J. Wolhar, K. Worslev, D. Martin, C. J. McCann. N. C. STATE r ' c5 0. A 1 ; ||| Parker Edge Wright Gilbert Roe Brock Chapman Morgan Gibson Cantrell Jarvis Ham Rickenbaker BAPTIST STUDEHT UniOR The Baptist Student Union has had a busy year in its efforts to serve the laroest denominational group on the campus. Under the direction of the Executive Council it has sought to meet the needs and interests of all the Baptist students. Among the outstanding events in the program have been a series of discussion groups for each term of the school vear, parties and joint meetings with Meredith and other nearbv colleges, Thanksgi ing and Easter Sunrise ser ices and fellowship breakfasts, and the publication of a monthly paper. The Campus Christian. It has worked acti el with the local Baptist churches in all phases of their program. In cooperation with the Protestant Religious Council the B. S. U. has assisted in daily Campus Vespers, the World Student Scr ice Fund dri e, and Religious Emphasis Week. OFFICERS Thomas R. Garrison President Weston Parker Vice-President Ed Smith Vice-President Lenwood Edge Vice-President John Wright Secretary Leon Coulter Treasurer Raymond Gilbert Discussion Chairman John Martin Protestant Religious Council Bill Roe Protestant Religious Council Avery Brock Editor, Campits Christian Paul Chapman Asst. Editor, Canifus Christian Church Representatives: Leonard Morgan, Calvin Howell, Charles Gibson, Cecil Coins, Walter Thomasson, Bruce Cantrell, Frank Jar is, David Ham, LaVern Rickenbacker. Rev. Robert C. Lasater Chaplain Thomas R. Garrison President [245: THE AGROMECK SOCIETY OF RGRICULTURRL CHEITIISTS The purpose of the Society of Agricultural Chemists is to promote a strong feeling of fellowship among its members and to create a close professional standing and fellowship between its members and the faculty at large. The Society binds its members into a unified body for the promotion of Agricultural Chemistry and encourages a high scholastic standing and interest in campus actiyi- ties among its members. Horace Andrews President Eugene Glock ' ice-Preiident [246] OFFICERS Horace Andrews President Eugene Clock Vice-President Margaret Barefield Secretary LeRoy Roper Treasurer Faculty Members: Dr. A. J. Wilson, C. H. Satterfield, H. B. Ohmer, T. J. Blalock. Members: H. P. Andrews, G. Baird, M. Barefield, H. Baxley, E. Glock, J. F. Greene, L. F. Harris, R. M. Jar ' is, D. P. Johnson, H. Key, B. R. Lemlick, B. R. H. Leyadie, B. L. Lucas, R. A. McRorie, R. J. Paren, S. W. Pope, H. Pressley, L. R. Roper, J. L. Ray, W. W. G. Smart, R. T. Teague, C. G. Tucker, V. Weldon. N. C. STATE LUTHERfln STUDEDT RSSOCIflTIOn The purpose of the Lutheran Student Association of i . C. State College is to stimulate and sustain students in using the Bible privately and in groups, in prayer, in regular church attendance, and in frequent reception of holv communion; to encourage students in the study and appreciation of the Church ' s message and in loval participation in the Church ' s work bv jiersonai acti ities and gifts; to de eiop healthv social life and strong Chris- tian friendships; to develop a conscious need of Christ in facing modern life and problems; to cooperate in holding intercollegiate conferences in order to assist students on e ery campus to accomplish those purposes; to build up a national ' and international fellowship of Lutheran stu- dents. OFFICERS Marshall E. Propst, Jr President Jacoh . Shepherd ' ice-Presideiit Robert A. Yoder, Jr Secretary Uardv Wessell Treasurer Facidiy Members: Dr. C. F. Strobel, Dr. 1 1. ' . Park, Re -. Clarence E. Norman. Mevihers: W. G. Blackvvelder, W. B. Boggs, R. C. Cates, E. R. Cook, D. B. Correll. H. C. Fisher, G. W. Fruth, J. K. Frvc, E. B. Gilbert, L. R. Herman, R. A. fluffman, H. A. Jacobs, R. P. Karriker, VV. iM. Keller, C. C. Kimball, M. A. Koontz, H. M. McPheters, 1 1. F. McKnight, J. H. Mappus, 1 1. G. Miller, R. F. Miller, S. V. Morgan, O. A. Ofjord, M. E. Propst, T. S. Rhyne, C. L. Rhyne, R. H. Rhyne, J. R. Sexton, J. R. Seymour, J. N. Shepherd, F. O. Smetana, E. R. Smith, N. W. Sites, H.A. Tavlor, O. Torgerson, M. P. Webb, D. F. Wehunt, S. P. Wehunt, H. Wessell. H. B. Wilfons, R. A. Yoder. Marshall E. Propst, Jr. President [247] THE AGROMECK mflsonic CLUB OFFICERS Preston A. Greene President WooDROw P. Bass Vice-President L. B. Miller Vice-President William M. Jordan Secretary Arthur K. Pitzer Treasurer C. B. Shulenberger Faculty Advisei Facidty Mevihers: C. B. Shulenberger, W. E. Adams, A. D. Grinsted, L. L. Vaughan, F. B. Wheeler, C. W. Maddison, T. C. Brown, F. A. Nylund, H. P. Williams, J. W. Harrelson, J. F. Reed, V. R. Brantley, T. E. Hyde, D. S. Weaver, R. E. T. Greene, J. K. Morton. Preston A. Greene President [248] Members: Vernon A. King, John N. Graber, Arthur K. Pitzer, William M. Jordan, John W. Allison, Robert E. Ward, Jr., Preston A. Greene, John A. Sweat, Melvin F. Ward, F. B. Turbefille, Jr., Delmon F. Williamson, Z. T. Whiteside, E. M. Strawbridge, W. J. Stevenson, Jr., John E. Willoughby, Eugene H. Roberts, Jr. Charles F. Wheeler, Jr., James F. Miller, Durward L. Sutton, H. B. Rogers, Jr., I. A. Sigmon, George W. Smith, Howell R. Peele, E. W. Midvette, William C. Proctor, Jr., L. B. Miller, Jr., T. K. McLaughlin, John B. Lippard, Robert A. Prichard, K. T. Harris, Fred L. Lathers, Glenn D. Hunt, Frank B. Jordon, Charles R. Greenhow, Thomas H. Scard, Cyrus Greene, Harlon Greene, Ivan Hall, Robert J. Hare, Jyles J. Coggins, Alvis C. Downs, Sam Byrd, Harry E. Brown, Burnice W. Batchelor, William H. Ailor, John T. Ball, Jr., L. C. Dardin, Jr., James A. Williams, William R. Arthurs, Woodrow P. Bass, W. E. Price, H. H. Allen, Jay Bliss, Jr., David H. Baxter, Maurice E. Armentrout, C. E. Bray, Thomas F. Hudson, Richard C. Wairs. N. C. STATE UUESLEY FOUnDRTIOn Weslev Foundation holds its meetings each Sunday evening. Our work is to gi e to the students a worship ser ice and a discussion of a topic in which we think thev are interested. W ' e hope that through these services we can help the voung people to think along Christian lines of thought. During the year, a number of socials are given by Weslev to encourage good fellowship among the students. Bowling parties, hikes, picnics, and the like help to relax the over-taxed minds of our student members. Actually, Wesley Foundation tries to be vour home of good fellowship when ou are away from home. We endeavor in every way to make our members feel as if thev ha e a place to fill here on our campus and in our churches. OFFICERS Rev. Charles McCoy Director Tom Faulkner President Jennings Teal Vice-President Susan Fleming Vice-President Jane Morris Vice-President Glenn Hardesty Treasurer Wilton W ' ilkerson Secretarr Barbara Shellsmith Dramatics Bob Hendy Editorial Bill Blanchard Personnel Walt Joseph Puhlicity Vicky Harrell Asst. Editor Jennings Teal Program Chairman Joe Bryant Reception Dave Kirkman Recreation Wilton Ward Social Rosemary Dean World Christian Comnmnitr Tom Cook Worship Tom Harrison Circulation Manager Members: Methodist students of State, Meredith, and young jjeople of Raleioh interested in Wesley Foundation. Jennings Teal Vice-President [249: THE AGROMECK REDCORT BRRD OFFICERS C. D. KuTSCHiNSKi Director R. L. GoLDSTON President H. D. King Vice-President P. E. HiNE Secretary J. T. Maddrey, Jr Ouartertiiaster D. L. Ward Librarian W. R. Park, Drill Master Drum Major F. L. Meier Dntvi Major W. McG. Jenkins Dnmi Major E. Thomason Druin Major Members: D. C. Anderson, J. J. Barnes, E. VV. Earn- hardt, J. H. Beaman, R. C. Bean, R. G. B. Bourne, S. T. Brown, W. A. Burgess, F. W. Butner, B. H. Cathey, S. M. Cauble, F. J. Clendening, J. O. Cole, R. D. Cole, J. M. Davis, B. H. Etling, S. G. Flannagan, D. B. Fleming, S. E. Fort, J. K. Frye, E. E. Fuller, C. J. Gamble, N. G. Gooding, L. C. Harrington, J. E. Henderson, J. L. Higgins, R. L. liinson, R. S. Houston, C. A. Jackson, F. J. Jarvis, H. L. Jerome, J. L. Jerome, E. T. Justice, R. R. Keith, H. N. Kellv, 1 1. J. Klein, E. J. Luckc, A. M. Lyerly. C. D. Martin, W. T. Milburn, H. G. Miller, W. C. Moore, G. E. Newton, R. E. Norwood, E. J. Owens, C. Pappas, C. J. Parker, H. R. Peele, J. V. Perry, E. T. Posta, N. F. Quinn, J. H. Randall, W. H. Rea, P. E. Richardson, M. Rozar, S. Rubens, P. L. Shehdan, R. H. Shouse, R. A. Smith, C. W. Stott, 1 1. K. Straw- bridge, G. R. To lleson, W. N. Vereen, P,. L. Ward, L. E. Westmoreland, J. W. Wilkerson, W. F. Wilson, T. A. Wood. M [250] N. C. STATE GLEE L. S. Inscoe Prcsidciii R. M. Rhams Vice-President L. V. BissETTE Secretary C. D. KmstiiiNSKi Memhcrs: ]. V. Alexander. 1. Bernstein. I. W. iM. Black, ). F. Boyle. J. B. Bom. I. B. Bust. J. I. Boswell. Jr.. S. T. Brown, A. E. Brv.ini. |. H. Burye. E. T. Carroll. ' . Carson. G. A. Cathcv, 11. M. Cathev. C. L. Caulder. T. Cook, G. C. Cooke, P. E. Ferguson. W. B. Fesperman. R. A. Fields, ]. N. Freehof. G. A. Fuller, A. O. George. S. Gluek. N. B. Harris. |. L. Honevcutt. R. 1). Hornadav. W. McG. lenkins. R. P. Kariker. J. A. King. ]. E. Koeli. R. II. Lewis. A. . Lovvder, G. C. McNair, F. L. CLUB VV. R. Sullivan Libruriau Lillian P. Wallace Accompanist George McFadyen Accovijnmist Conductor Meier, Jr., L. B. Miller, W. R. Mitchell, W. C. Muser. A. Oct linger. J. F. Parker. L. M. Peclc. J. W. Raper. W. W. Raper, Jr., C. M. Rice. B. Ross, J. A. Shuping, R. H. Shouse, J. W. Sisson, W. H. Sloan, J. L. Smith, H. L. Stott, II. K. Strawbridge. J. II. Sutton, V. A. Tolson, Fl. C. Turnaoc. W. C. Turrentine. R. Walker, J. A. Walton. . H. White. G. M. Whittord. R. P. Willard, T. A. Wood. SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA |. I . Maddrey President William Raper Librarian R. 1). C ' oLE Secretary Bobby Gore Manager C. D. KuTsciiiNSKj Director Violins: Mrs. Roy Anderson, Charlotte Atkinson, Sheryl Biren, Clarinets: Robert S. Houston, R. C. Lewis. Bassoons: C. P. John A. Dughi, Robert Freeman, Lillian R. Kohloss. Margaret Presslv, Emilia Kutschinski. Horns: James T. Maddrev, Jr., J. Norwood. Bruce Ratts. Jack Ratts, Rachel Rosenburger. Jacob Warren Smith. Jr., John II. Beaman. E. T. Posta. Trutupets: Rudisill. ' iola: Stewart R. Baker. Ce os: William Raper, Bobbv Gore. Alvin Jenkins, Earl T. Justice. Tenor Trombones: Geraldine Kutschinski. Tommy Matthews. Siring Bass: Tommy Raymond L. Ward. Joel V. Perry. Bass Trombones: Robert A. A. Wo(k1, C. H. Mims. Jr. Piano: Lillian P. Wallace. F ntes: Fields. Timpany, etc.: W. N. Vereen, Jr. Roger D. Cole, George Tolleson. Oboe: Catherine Taylor. [251] 1 y1 • »BL - ' ' " ■ " • » » -» OFFICERS RiiFLis M. Dalton President Donald B. Lamp President Harry S. Woodson, Jr Secretary Dean E. L. Cloyd Treasurer RuFus M. Dalton President Ht III I th F R fl T E R Freeman Mackie Knott BoLING MacManus Boyd Brooks Sauls Fowler Leeper Boyd Lampke i 111 1 111 B I H S Ali ' lui Ctninihi Rho: R. 1 ufhman, . . l ' . Maikie. Delta SigiiKi Phi: 15. Knoit. Iv . lioi ing. K(7( ' ij Alplur. R. M. Dai TON, F. E. MacManus. Kappa Sigiinr. . 15. I?om). W. |. Budoks. Latiilhio Chi Alpha: A. Sauls. J, R. 1 owlkr. ' ;; Kcippa Tun: J. S. Leeper, V. II. I5i)vi). Pi Kappa . ; ' ; (: I). 15. Lampkh, R. D. I ' Arrell. Pi Kappa Phi: O. R. JoxHs, U ' . D. Wallace. Sigma Alpha Epsih)}:: G. P. Forehand, D. F. Lefler. Sigma Alpha Mii: L. A. Goldman, M. S. Siff. Sigma Chi: W. P. Greer, A. W. Flitrell. Sigma ii: i I. S. Woodson, A. iM. Faires. Sigma Phi Epsilon: D. R. Swartz, K. Caldwell. Sigma Pi: T. T. Howe, J. R. English. T(7ii Kappa Epsiloii: A. R. Piscitello, D. 11. Hancock. Phi Epiilon Tan: J. O. Darholt, J. Kabel. V-, 1 ] ; M i ltf fe Farbell Jones Wallace Lefler Goldman Greer 1 UTRELL Woodson Faires Swartz Caldwell Howe English Piscitello Hancock Darholt Kabel BETR TRU OFFICERS H. S. Woodson, Jr Commander A. M. Faires Lieiiteuaut-Couiuinuder G. C. Wilson Recorder J. M. Hehn Treasurer i Sigma Nu originated from the Legion of Honor, a secret society organized in 1868 at the Virginia A4ilitary Institute. The four founders were moved by ideaHstic hopes, and they founded a society which would inculcate honor and mutually benefit its members. Since its found- ing the fraternity has prospered and at the present time, there are 100 active chapters throughout the country. It is the oldest fraternity at State College, Beta Tau chapter having been installed here in 1895. The purpose of its founders was " to establish through the warm friendships of a group of congenial college men, on the foundation stone of honor, ideals of intellectual achieve- ment, character, and social development, all to the end of becoming better men and better citizens. " H. S. Woodson, Jr. President Betty Johnson Sponsor CHRPTER A. M. Faires G. C. Wilson J. M. Heiin R. S. Houston D. A. W ' OMBLE 1. M. Stiwart . A. SVKES, Ju. L. M. Allen J. H. Gardner N. J. Grimes E. L. Rasburv. Ill B. P. Terrell. Jr. F. X. Houston D. H. McGinnis G. D. Reid V. T. Stack J. H. Ward, Jr. K. L. Coble C. S. Adams F. L. Blank, Jr. J. S. McLeod F. E. Schenke M. C. Fr. ' ncis, Jr. H. R. McLeod J. R. Stilwell J. A. Sweat J. L. Hawkins L. H. Rickenbaker, Jr. L. B. Bass, Jr. R. L. Peacock W. E. Hennessee, Jr. L. E. Tatem L. F. Whicker J. G. Jernigan, Jr. M. D. Gill R. M. Crosby, II S. L. HOLLA.ND W. G. Mordecai. H. S. .Miller, Jr. F. A. Jordan, Jr. M. B. CORL T. H. Sherrill G. A. Gatlin J. A. McElfresh V. B. Bodenheimer C. H. Williard H. G. Johnson rs (T c (Til 1 a c Ci f o o f ( f ft cs n O f o c o.. o BETA UPSILOn OFFICERS Richard B. Boyd, Jr President Elmer C. Yoe Vice-President William J. Brooks Secretary John M. Holmes Treasurer A. E. D. Booker Grand Master of Ceremonies Factdty Mevibers: Dean I. O. Schaub, Dean C. L. Mann. Five years after the Civil War William Gresobv McCormick, former head of the McCormick Deerino Corporation, and four friends founded the first American chapter of Kappa Sigma. Kappa Sigma had its original founding at the Universitx ' of Bologna in 1400 and soon spread to many of the larger Universities of Continental Europe. Since its founding in America on December 10, 1869, at University of Virginia, Kappa Sigma has ex- panded until now it has at least one chapter in every state in the union. There are over 100,000 li ' ing alumni of the 116 acti e chapters. Beta Upsilon was founded on the State College Campus in 1902, and has initiated 356 men. The Fraternity published the Caditcens, a magazine for its members, and the Stars and Crescent, a secret publication. Easter of every year finds Kappa Sigma entertaining underpri ' ilcged children at an Easter egg hunt on Colonel Harrelson ' s lawn. I Richard B. Boyd, Jr. President Miss Armecia Eure Spotjsor CHRPTER E. C. Yow W. I. 1)1UK)KS ]. M. Holmes A. E. D. Booker V. L. Burns, Jr. V. C. Campbell. Jr. V. M. Cl.xrk F. J. Cloud, Jr. A. B. Culbertson, Jr. J. H. Grier T. B. Hill, Jr. G. Holmes, Jr. H. L. Le. k J. ' . M. lloy, Jr. M. L. McKenzie E. F. Ph.arr R. M. Salisbury G. Watt. Jr. E. T. Barnes ' . AI. Earnhardt, Jr. P. D. Cloud M. T. Dozier R. R. Gray R. .M. Heyward H. L. Jerome J. L. Jerome R. B. Peters, III B. A. Poe C. Ragan, Jr. R. H. R. NKIN D. E. Stewart T. D. Wall H. C. West, Jr. O |S f . U P n r n A % ■ 1 RLPHR OmEGR Frank E. MacManus President RiiFUs M. Dalton ' ice-President Edward O. Travis Secretary |ames L. Weeks Treasurer Facidty Members: Dr. T. P. Harrison, Prof. J. F. Miller, J. G. Vann, J. O. Litchford. Kappa Alpha order was founded at Washington and Lee University in 1865 to perpetuate the Southern ideal of gentlemanly character as exemplified by General Robert E. Lee, its spiritual founder. The fraternity is patterned on an order of knighthood, and members are expected to conform to the discipline of the order and Frank E. MacManus President Miss Betsy Nicholson Sponsor to cultivate the graces of the Southern gentleman. Kappa Alpha restricts its field to colleges and uni ersities below the Mason-Dixon Line. At present there are 69 active chapters of the fraternity. Alpha Omega Chapter pub- lishes the Rose and Magnolia, a monthly newspaper containing timely news of the brothers and alumni. CHAPTER K. M. Oalton E. O. Travis |. L. Weeks J. L. Brasington O. P. Hav ). R. Lamm R. M. Shepard H. O. FiSHEL C. M. Hendrick R. E. Pace R. H. Sherbill C. R. Shields E. B. Thurman T. A. Allison C. C. Brown H. M. D ALTON R. E. Dew W. C. DoDSON p. McCorkle W. D. McCorkle J. VV. Norwood J. H. Pease R. G. Pender C. P. Roberts R. H. Spilman ]. F. Williamson J. W. Baker E. R. Bell H. A. Brown E. P. Craig C. M. Day W. M. Fetzer T. GiLLAM R. E. Hardaway ' . W ' . Kafka A. S. Orr R. W. Smth H. A. Vann R. A. WiLLARD n ,ri D o P RLPHR EPSILOn C Donald Lampke President Oscar Miller Vice-President Lewis Perry Secretary | ; Atwood Skinner Treasurer Dr. L. C. Hartley Faculty Adviser Facidty Mevihers: Prof. H. B. Briggs, Prof. E. L. Miller, Jr. During the early spring of 1868, the friendship of six students at the University of Virginia grew into Pi Kappa Alpha. From this beginning, eighty years ago, the frater- nity has branched out to form seventy-nine fraternal chapters. Alpha Epsilon was given its charter in October 1904 and annually presents the PiKA Ball at North Carolina State. This year will be the fortieth presentation of the Easter Monday Dance. Donald Lampke President Miss Betty Clinton Sponsor i CHRPTER O. MlLLLK L. Pebbv A. Skinner S. B. Allen. Jb. . C Ai sTox B. E. IUamav A. P. Beam G. BiNGENHEIMER L. Bird C. BOYTER C Bbidcer G. Brady, Jr. E. Bhdw.n. Jb. M. Butler. Jb. . S. Ci»B«iir Cbamer Cramer d. i-abrei.i. W. l-ARBiss W. Gayle. P. Helms Jb. C. R. J. L. A. J. S. w, II. L. R. G. W. R. F. R. Hicks J. G. Holland W. W. H(X K, Jr. B. .M. IvEV S. E. Jennette E. E. Jones A. Y. Kelly, Jr. W. F. Kelly ' L. G. LoviN. Jr. W. W. Lynn J. M. McDo vell R. E. .Merritt H. B. MiLLICAN M. S. Moore E. S. NoELL, Jr. J. M. Randle R. F. Sanders L. Saxford V. G. Smith J. B. Steen, Jr. H. F. Sutton J. T. Tate F. D. Underwood L. A. Watts, Jr. P. P. White H. L. Whitley J. R. Wllkuis H. H. Wilson W. C. Winn H. K. WiTHERSPOON C. J. WOLHAR D. G. Freeman C. Gallaxt W. C. English. Jr. J. H. Jones M. D. Stadler E. P. .-Xndrews, Jr. S. G. Conrad W. H. DiLLIKGHAM D. T. HORXLNG J. H. Jones. Jr. J. M. Moore W. T. Simpson D. I. Spencer F. F. Stafford R. G. Utley H. Wingfield K. W Winston, Jr. L. Gross R. Vanstory W. White B. Ross B. Neai. ff " fft o o f f (! Of P " O P O ' f- «.F f ' VTt] m-f ' W ft " ) O O ( " T (Ti P p PT» P P ipi p © " P P T " nORTH CRROUnfl BETR Donald Swartz President W. Jennings Dixon Vice-President William Crumley Secretary ! I Floyd Blackwell Comptroller Charles Boney Historian James P. Boger Pledge Master R. D. Beam Facidtv Member Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded at Richmond College, Richmond, Va., in November, 1901. During the first two years of its existence, the parent chapter met fierce op- po sition from other chapters on the campus at Flichmond, but overcame this opposition to become one of the strongest fraternities. The parent chapter selected a heart-shaped badge and were at first called the " Scared Donald Swartz President Miss Anne Mills Sponsor Hearts. " North Carolina State ' s Chapter was the thir- teenth chapter in the nation to be organized. The journal, which appears quarterly, is the official magazine of Sigma Phi Epsilon, and contains news and aspirations of active chapters. N. C. Beta sponsors the Sig Ep Ball in the spring term, and is the main social event of the year for the " Sig Eps. " CHRPTER U . I. Dixon W. Crumley F. Blackwell C. BONEY J. P. BOGER K. E. Caldwell J. L. Castlebebry C. R. Dudley C. J. Fetner, Jr. W. T. Foreman D. B. Fleming E. L. Frazelle R. W. Goodrich. Jr. W. C. Head. Jr. D. K. Hurley G. A. Martin. Jr. G. C. McNair, Jr. R. Patterson D. E. Powers. Jr. C. B. Shafer G. B. Smith W. A. Stevens M. M. Spring R. K. WORSLEY W. F. Wyatt, Jr. J. A. Rogers T. HOBBS R. Prong ay T. M. W ' oodard W. ' aughn R. Hall R. CuRRIN W. Barber J. Barber G. Carlisle Cook J. Satterfield B. F. Mullen E. Cansler J. Rawls L J !««■- ' |- J n n p f f ' ' i s ft won p p p RHO Benjamin F. Knott President Roy Fuller, Jr Vice-President Archie Corriher, Jr Secretary Charles W. Stott Treasurer II Faculty Mevihers: J. W. Hanelson, L. F. Williams, F. M. Haig. Delta Sigma Phi, international social fraternity, was founded at the College of the City of New York on December 10, 1899. There are now thirty-six active chapters with a membership of over fifteen thousand. The chapter at N. C. State College was chartered on May 20, 1915 as an outgrowth of the local fraternitv of Gamma Alpha Nu Gamma. During the past year, the local chapter has purchased its own house and is operating a kitchen for the benefit of its members. Publication of the newsletter " Rho News " was continued, and the annual Founder ' s Day Banquet was held in December at the Club Bon Air. Benjamin F. Knott Presiihiit Miss Ruth Ann Knott Sponsor CHAPTER R. FiiLLun, Jh. A. CoRmiiER, Jr. C. W. Stott W. O. Allen R. BoLING W. A. Britt R. A. Brown ]. R. Bryant T. F. Cannon V. S. Goodwin G. O. Harrell F. Hedrick A. V. HOSMER S. G. Jones C. J. Taylor W. Wilson W. Sumner M. AuSLEY R. Terry G. VV. Ray P. HiNE J. L. Jones E. D. Palmgren E. K. Pulsifer James Maddrey Colin McKenzie Earl T. Justice William W. Parrish J. H. McBraver, Jr. W. S. Bull, Jr. C) O O nu RoBERSON Freeman, Jr President T. R. Lawing Vice-President B. A. White Secretary A. B. Mackie Treasurer Dr. I. V. HoFMANN Faculty Adviser Alpha Gamma Rho was founded April 4, 1908, when two local fraternities from Ohio State University and the University of Illinois combined to form a national agricultural fraternity. The local chapter was installed November 15, 1919. The fraternity maintains a high scholastic average, having won the Intcrfraternity Council Scholarship Cup which is awarded to the fraternity with the highest average for the year. RoBERSoN Freeman, ]r President Miss Catherine Harrill Sponsor CHRPTER T. R. I. AWING B. A. White A, B. Mackie C. E, Blackstock C. B. CODLE ). M. Davis T. F. ICARD ]. D. Mackie G. W. Smith H. E. Stinson R. |. Alvis ]. V. Allison H. J. Cyrus D. E. MORELAND E. C. Tatum W. T. TOWNSEND p. M. West D. L. Bowen C. A. Street F. P. Meachum X. A. McFarland H. E. MiLLSAPS W. E. Hall H. B. WiNSLOW L. J. Walls T. F. CORRIHER A. K. PiTZER L. A. White G. D. Hunt D. A. BiGGERSTAFF A. R. Harris W. C. Allen D. R. Rankin H. S. Addor J. H. Privette R. E. Purdue O f ' O n ri o r ( d o o ,o TflU Harold K. Jordan President Jason B. Deyton Treasurer Raymond Damron Secretary Robert M. Sanders Historian John V. Fox Chaplain O. Max Gordon Warden I Faculty Members: T. J. Blalock, Prof. Doo- little, J. S. Mears, Ross Shumaker. Pi Kappa Phi was founded at the College of Charles- ton in South Carolina, December 10, 1904. It was a concrete and permanent result of a friendship that had flourished since the elementary school days in the en- virons of one of the Souths oldest towns. With the definite purpose of extending the influenc e of the organ- ization, the incorporation as a national fraternity took place in 1907. The purpose of the fraternity is " to pro- mote fellowship and mutual trust among its members, to uphold the ideals and traditions of the college where its chapters are located, to encourage excellence in scholarship and to inculcate in its members the highest ideals of Christian manhood and good fellowship. " Harold K. Jordan President Miss Mary Henninger Sponsor i $ CHRPTER I. H. DiVTON R. Da M RON R. M. Sanders J. V. Fox O. M. CioRDON W. L. Blow O. R. Jones A. M. Harvey D. Smith D. Seltzer R. Queen, Jr. F. A. Kendall, Jr. M. M. Fisher G. W. Smith W. D. Wallace D. F. McCuLLOCH A. Neel V. Eason C. Burleson J. E. Blue J. F. Bogle W. N. Fowler R. C. Jones M. W. Lamb, Jr. J. W. Reid L. J. Reep H. Moore J. Shepperd S? RHO £ ' T. T. House President A. L. Newsom Vice-President J. C. Reeves Secretary G. C. Thompson Treasurer I Faculty Members: Dr. J. D. Clark, Mr. G. H. Dunlap, Mr. J. A. Rolston. « Sigma Pi, national social fraternity, was founded at Vincennes University, Vincennes, Indiana, February 26, 1897. The purpose of its founders were " To organize the most worthy activities, social, athletic, and scholarly, and to set a high standard of manliness and college loyalty. " The fraternity now has twenty-eight active chapters located in eighteen different states. Rho Chap- ter, formerly the local, Sigma Chi Gamma, was installed at State College in 1921. The chapter owns its own chapter house located at 2513 Clark Avenue. A complete renovation of the house, inside and out, was accomplished during the past year. T. T. House President Miss Jerry Moore Sponsor - CHAPTER ]. M. Monroe W. r. Freeman M. G. Keeler. Jr. R. M. Groves H. A. Williams. Jr. R. W. Hus. ' iiLL. Jr. J. I!. Barber J. R. English P. H. MOONEYIIAM. jr. H. K. Oc.BURN J. B. Rhodes L. S. Brown B. P. Floyd J. H. Moore R. A. Prichard F. I. Ballard F. W. BuTNER C. W. McCachern T. E. Myatt, Jr. G. C. Thompson E. R. Cook A. H. Merritt. Jr. A. L. Newsom, Jr. C. E. Angel C. C. Prichard, Jr. L. A. Corning, III T. R. Privett H. P. McKiM V. W. Robertson A. E. Pickett R. L. Bowlby V. H. Smith R. W. FONDREN C. A. LeGrand W. F. Thompson " . H. Hamilton J. V. Myers H. B. Willis E. H. HiNES J. N. Sherrill iffc Wi o O n a n tf i ii o f :3 «»■ B ii WM a f?5 n a ii m ,0 a , c o iS- i c flT) U- F f ' fi D f CHI J. S. Leeper President C. S. Williams, Jr Vice-President C. E. McCrary Secretary J. R. Cramsie Treasurer Facidty Members: Dean Emeritus T. H. Nelson, Dean E. L. Clovd, S. G. Lehman, J. G. Bourne. H Phi Kappa Tau, national social fraternity, was founded in 1906 by four outstanding students of Miami Univer- sity, Oxford, Ohio. The fraternity and its ideals were drawn up by Dwight I. Douglas, William H. Shideler, Taylor A. Borradaile and Clinton D. Bovd. Chi Chapter at North Carolina State was granted its charter in 1923. Before that time the chapter was a social fraternity made up of outstandin g textile students. The local was called Phi Psi Lambda. Phi Kappa Tau was founded to break up a monopoly on student elections which were held by fraternity unions. The growth of the fraternity has been slow but consistent. Phi Kappa Tau numbers 51 active chapters throughout the country. There are thirty-one alumni chapters located in the larger cities throughout the country. J. S. Leeper PrciJent Miss Charlotte Dutrow Sponsor u CHRPTER C. S. Williams. ]n. C. E. McCraby ]. R. Cramsie W. O. Jayne A. W. Thomas W. H. Boyd, Jb. A. B. CuLLEN, Jr. J. VV. Taylor, Jr. J. P. Alexander R. Foster C. W. West upsiLon i H. A. Sauls President A. Handley, Jr Vice-President E. P. ScHRUM Secretary H. O. Jones, Jr Treasurer Faculty Mevihers: Dr. Roy N. Anderson, Dr. T. B. Mitchell, Prof. T. J. Pearsall, Dr. R. C. Bullock, Dr. R. O. Moen, Prof. R. B. Wynne. Founded at Boston University in 1909, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity has expanded until it is now one of the largest national fraternities with one hundred and eighteen active chapters. These chapters are established at the most prominent colleges in the Lhiited States and Canada. This year has seen the Gamma Upsilon chapter move into a new house on 222 Hillcrest Road. Lambda Chi Alpha employs six full time traveling secretaries who visit chapters and maintain their contact with the general fraternity. The Cross and Crescent, the frater- nity magazine, is published seven times annually. Other Lambda Chi Alpha chapters in the state are located at Duke, Wake Forest, and the Lhiiversity of North Caro- lina. The loca l chapter sponsors an Annual Interfraternity Bridge Tournament and a Christmas Party for Llnder- privileged Children. H. A. Sauls President Miss Anna L. White Sponsor CHRPTER A. Handliy. In. E. P. SciiiuiM H. O. Jones, Jh. C. I. BlIRKHEAI). In. G. L. Capel P. A. Davis R. C. Kennedy W. T. Kav H. B. Adams R. E. Carpenter VV. B. Carter I. R. Fowler ]. H. Hammond A. N. Hewett P. E. Moore H. B. Smith G. L. White ]. B. COFFIELD ]. C. Downing J. F. Mitchell J. K. RVMAN M. R. Smith C. H. Beatty S. M. Downs K. P. Economou J. E. Fowler D. B. Morrison f Wr- M- ' .3?J - Y S " BETA BETA I Archie Piscitello President FUlph Barksdale Vice-President Bob Nardiello Secretary Jesse Camp Treasurer Jack Paylor Historian Paul Lamprinakos Chaplain Fred Biddix Sergeant-at-Anus L. W. Riley Pledee Master Faculty Mevihers: Dr. Marc Leager, J. C. Pierce. On Januan, ' 10, 1899 a group of students at Illinois Wesleyan University organized a society under the name of the " Knights of Classic Love, " whose avowed purpose was to aid college men in mental, moral and social development. The name of this society was changed in the year 1902 to Tau Kappa Epsilon. The constitution was adopted in 1909. The second chapter was formed in 1912 at the University of Illinois. Since that time its growth has been steady and consistent. Beta Beta Chapter was installed at N. C. State College in Januarv 1946. Prior to this time and since 1925 this had been Zeta chapter of Alpha Lambda Tau. Failure to reactivate the Alpha Lambda Tau national following World War Two led to the merger of this fraternity with Tau Kappa Epsilon. Beta Beta chapter was the first chapter south of the Mason-Di.xon line. Since that time T. K. E. has enjoyed a steady growth in the south. Beta Beta owns its own chapter house, located at 10 Enterprise Street. Archie Piscitello President Mrs. a. R. Piscitello Sponsor CHAPTER B. Xardiello J. Camp J. Pay LOR P. Lami ' uinakos F. BlDDlX N. A. Price H. B. Peterson D. H. Hancock uTf, ' =- f-- v l- . W. 1 IlNTON r . L. BOULDIN ]. V. McKlNNEY M. W. Hudson 1. Chesson J. Clements J. Price R. Grimm C. Hewett F. Pettinelli P. HODUL A. Smith, Jr. T. Peck, Jr. C. B. Long, Jr. J. Meredith T. DoSTANKO R. Curra.n C. I. Edwards SIGITIfl OmEGR Leonard Goldman President . Manuel Filreis Treasurer | Edward Gale Secretary Sigma Alpha Mu was founded at the College of the City of New York, on Thanksgiving e ' e, November 26, 1909. The founders, eight men who pledged them- selves to a lasting bond of friendship, had no idea of the vast organization that would flower from the seeds that they had planted. The object of the fraternity as ex- pressed in its constitution is " to foster and maintain among its sons a spirit of fraternity, a spirit of mutual moral aid and support, to install and maintain in the hearts of its sons love for and loyalty to Alma Mater and its ideals, to inculcate among its sons such ideals as will result in actions worthy of the highest precepts of true manhood, democracy and humanity. " Sigma Omega Chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu is the outgrowth of a local fraternity, Theta Phi, which had its beginning in 1929. From its inauguration the fraternitv has always main- tained high standards of scholarship and conduct. Leonard Goldman President Miss Rhoda Schapfer Sponsor CHRPTER M. FiLBElS E. Gale S. Bayer I. Binder A. Cohen N. CONCOOL C. Edelman S. Filreis A. Fisher M. Fuerstman A. Geist E. Glock H. Goldman M. Greenbaum A. Hausman I. HORWITZ M. Levenson D. Levinson J. Link N. Mandel S. Olanoff M. Reiter D. Rosenthal S. Rubin H. SCHENKMAN D. G. Schulman D. Sechtin M. S. SiFF B. SiROTA R. SONTAG T. Bernstein H. Brenner H. Goldberg W. Goldsmith H. Golenpool H. Gould S. Gluck S. Hersh H. Kahan R. Levin H. Myers L. TeiMkin D. TOLKOFF D. Brook r r» D n " tf i i ,a D !T f!j r te m ! a w tt O " a i 11 g[ qRBIIIHII|i| 1 a a i li tf r " . n o « o - A J tf Ji Q r (! a tf tf« a n a a A " d .- tfii a a a DELTA EPSILOn W. Phillip Greer President Charles R. Ibach Vice-President Harry Allen Secretary John P. Ross Treasurer k Faculty Members: L. W. Earnhardt, C. H. Bos- tian, T. C. Brown, ]. W. Cell, N. VV. Conner R. W. Cumminas, J. E. Foster, J. H. Harris, W. N Hicks, T. N. Hines, W. E. Jordan, C. D. Kutschin ski, I. R. Ludington, A. A. Mitchell, D. ]. Moffie E. B. Morrow, H. V. Park, ]. W. Patton, W. A, Reid, E. W. Ruggles, G. H. Satterfield, C. B Shulenberger. A. D. Stuart, ]. L. Stuckev, P. P Sutton, L. L. Vaughan, L. S. Winton. Sigma Chi Fraternity was founded at Miami Univer- sity, Oxford, Ohio, on June 28, 1855. It was the nine- teenth college fraternity to be founded, and the third to be founded at Miami University. Today, Sigma Chi consists of 104 active chapters, and 98 alumni chapters. Its chapter houses exceed $3,370,000 in value, and it has assets of approximately $480,000. The Sigma Chi Chapter at North Carolina State College was installed on May 15, 1943, after two years ' existence as a local fraternity known as Chi Sigma. This year was highlighted by the fourth annual Sigma Chi Sweetheart Ball gixen in the Hotel Sir Walter. W. Philip Greer President Miss Barbara Ann Beatty Sponsor •O ICHRPTER ■Traill, .C.H,i, W.COB arris, W, I D.J. Mi teM,C.: C. R. Ibach J. P. Ross R. L. Adams 11. G. AiEXAsntn J. B. AttXANDER B. V. Batciiklor V. C. Comer. Jr. R. L. Coleman T. S. CaRV ENTER C. M. Ctii HAR1 A. DtlHSON R. 1 . Dfc Santo A. W. l-iiTREi I.. Jr. 1). B. l-iT t;ERAi n F. D. l-RISSLl-L J. M. Glenn B. GiLLETT C. . ' X. Harris y. I. Harper. Jr. V. W. Hr-key V. P. HORNE W. D. KiMBRELL K, Knu;ht B. R. Mitchell J. S. Moore D. J. .MOEI ATT C. M. iMicHiE. Jr. J. P. Morgan R. E. Nicks W. E. Owen C. A. Plank R. Pittman T. RUNHOVDE J. T. Smith R. J. Smith. Jr. D. V. Sewell L. A. Shive E. K. Scott J. E. Stephens M. Stamps. Ill R. D. Stoute G. V. Shepherd J. B. Teel L. F. Thompson, Jr. H. D. Taylor G. .M. Wood V. O. ZicK C. G. BuiE J. D. Crawford R. T. Bennett R. C. Basnes C. G. Bedford. Jr. G. D. Curtis. Jr. W. L. Davis. Jr. C. A. Erwix. Jr. E. L. Faulkner VV. J. Evans, Jr. D. Fetner C. Jones R. Jones W. M. Kirkman E. B. Eicon O. T. Paul S. D. Ross, Jr. S. Stidham R. L. Ward P. W. Williams Tl n O .jD C ft cf " D o r f ,D £ r o ff ,r , ffy t f ,rt! CT ,f flTf , n! In- fll!T O D (f (Ji jfi, f 1 a o p O f5l ft. ft. p j|P» f f . ,!f f- ' :- P iC? O f ft nORTH CflROUnfl flLPHfl Pate Forehand, Jr President John Snoddy, Jr Vice-President Ted Williamson, Jr Secretary Bob Alexander Correspondent Charlie Tripp Chronicler Wallis Jones Warden « Faculty Mouhers: Dean J. H. Lampe, PioF. E. H. Hosteller, Prof. W. A. Patten, Mr. H. F. Dade. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, the first Southern Fraternity, was founded March 9, 1856 at the University of Alabama from which it expanded to become the largest social fraternity with 119 chapters. On December 28, 1930, the Levere Memorial Temple, the fraternity ' s national shrine, was dedicated. This beau- tiful temple is not only the pride of SAE, but is also the pride and Mecca of fraternity men and women in all Greek letter organizations. The fraternity also created the idea of the leadership school for social fraternities. and biannually the national fraternity sends delegates to the school for a week ' s training in the history and prob- lems of the fraternity. North Carolina Alpha chapter was installed October 24 and 25, 1947, and was the 117th chapter. A formal initation, banquet at the Sir Walter Hotel, and a formal dance were the outstanding events of the installation. The national officers and many students and alumni from chapters in North Carolina and neighboring states were present for the occasion. Pate Forehand, Jr. President Miss Betty Jean Wolfe Sponsor Vi CHRPTER loiiN Snoddy. 1r. Ted V ' illiamson. )n. Ben Mebritt, ]r. Bob Alexandeh Charlie Tripp ' allis Jones 1). F. Lefler U. M. Little T. H. Fearbington W. B. Patten R. P. Coble B. K. Ebdman W. N. Clabk C. U ' . Roberts E. L. White N. M. Jones R. W. Lampe C. A. Pendlev J. B. Atkinson L. B. Lewis F. L. BoYLES J. T. Carter f o RLPHfl Jerry Kabel President Bernard Kahn Vice-President Jerome Darholt Secretary Martin Levin Treasurer !i ' Phi Epsilon Tau is a local fraternity organized on the campus in November 1946. From an original charter group of thirteen members, Phi Epsilon Tau has ex- panded, guided by its ideals of progressiveness combined with fraternalism. Jerry Kabel President Miss Muriel Yudien Sponsor CHAPTER B. Kamn ]. Darholt M. Levin A. M. Brooks B. Diamond R. R. Friedman W. H. Geller R. A. Goodman ft O O :0. C. ]. Imershein H. Jacobs N. KoROSTOFF B. V. Manton ftK f f ]. J. Roche L. W. Rose J. F. Rouse S. SCHMUKLER P. M. Segal, Jr. A. Seligson H. Weinreich ( , m uuoLFPRCK in ncTion I [288; BOOK FOUR Athletic activities at State have greatly expanded in the past few years. Varsity and intramural sports hold an important place in our college life. Creating strong bodies, in addition to sound minds, should be one of our objectives in school, and competitive spirit nurtured on athletic fields is invaluable in afteryears. ATHLETICS (I H I J J. L. Von Glahn Director of Athletics John F. Miller Head of Department of Physical Education ami Intramural Athletics RTHLETIC RDminiSTRRTIOn monoGRRin club Colors: Red and White OFFICERS Dick Callaway President Bill Evans Vice-President Hank Utley Secretary Hal Owens Treasurer John W. Morgan Faculty Adviser Tom HbS First row: Bill Smith. ]. C. Jones, Bill Evans, Jack Ratts, Don Troxltr, Josh Mfwborn, Harrv Cramer, Bruce Beaman, Bill Rickart, John Evans, George Andrews. John Poplin. Second row. Curt Ramsey, Dick Callaway, Al Phillips, Fred Wagoner, Hank Utley. Charles Chambers. Charles Shuford. Rufus Dalton. Hans Egelund. Charles Grandv. Bill Johnson. Third row: Dick Pea- cock. Jimmy Edwards. Bob Bowlbv. Bob Ed yards, Bill Dcsprcs, Ben Coble. Bill Ward. Tony Gaeta. Jim Messick. Comann Gold. Fourth row. Leonard Temkin. John Wagoner. Hal Owens, Barrett Wilson, Hal Saunders, Jim Ritchie. Gordon Lea. Gordon Watt. Fifth row. Ernie Johnson. Ed Bartels, John Barr. Ed Rasberry, Butler McInt Te, Leo Katkaveck. Active members not present: Nevin Dayvault, Peyton Holloman. — Dick Callaway President UUITH THE UUOLFPRCK... ' mhim-imiiM: ff ' " lift ' 1 1 fli ' t " firs! row: Cheek. Phillips, B. Smith, Barkesdale, Watts, Musser, Edwards, Jl StioUJoi Dostanko, Bowlby. O. Smith, Richkus, Husvar, Spencer, Rees, Ary. Second VI BonHiKiivst row. Byler, Gould, Fletcher, Tincick, J. Wagoner, F. Wagoner, Hobbj, Svk Peia Goodman, Burnette, Gaeta, Bloomquist, R. Johnson, McLeod. Third row: loimjiy, Manager Walker, Calcano, Allen, Thompson, Cegelis, R. Smith, Mooney, ItjJoii, Mi THE 1947 FOOTBALL SEflSOR plavit piled Tl, COACHES Left to rigjit: Slaughter, Rich, Wood, Feathers, Anderson, Courts. fJ! i u ilussa, iku i ' apei, Hto kJ, Iliiril 13 Strobel, Bozeman. J. Johnson. Pickett, Upchurch. Fourth roiv: Homewood, Romanowskv, Miller, Stanton, Simon, Lasko, Grosser, Carlson, Stein, Malk, Svkes, Peacock, Saunders, Arv. Fifth row. Moore, Gragg, Baggett, Martin, Youngblood, Eveland, Hildebrand, Kirmyer, J. Smith, Angell, Turner, Trogdon, Mustapha. iO North Carolina State College ' s 1947 football team, playing hardest when the odds were against it, com- piled a record of fi e wins, three losses, and one tie. The W ' olfpack had a potent line, but Coach Beattie Feathers ' eleven was ne ' er able to muster a strong offense. State ' s ranking was high among the outstanding defensive teams of the nation, a nd the Captain Al Phillips forward wall pro ' ed dexastating to opposing runners throughout the season. Leslie (Footsie) Palmer, sophomore full back from Cedar Grove, VV. Va., played the starring role. He alternated between two positions— tail back and full back— and attained national prominence by setting a new collegiate punting record. Leslie, a Beet-footed Left to right: Richkus, Bowlby, Bozeman, Palmer. Palmeu Fletcher MussER Watts RiCHKUS Saunders Goodtimn carries the ball. runner and great defensive star, averaged 43.3 yards per boot. Although he was strictly a line-smasher and punter during his freshman year at State, Palmer developed into a triple-threat back in 1947. Captain Al Phillips, end from Raleigh, closed out his career at State with a brilliant season. Al was the most spirited man on the squad and never stopped fighting. Many regarded him as the strongest defensive end in the South, and a majority of the opposing runners who tried to gain around his end agreed. Another senior who closed out his career in sensational style was Charlie Richkus, 165-pound tail back from Hillside, N. J. Charlie sparked the Wolfpack to a surprising victory over Wake Forest on Homecoming Day and despite several injuries played stellar football throughout the season. Assisting Feathers with the coaching duties were Lyle Rich, end coach; Bob Suffridge, line coach; Babe Wood, backfield coach, Carl (Butter) Anderson, assistant coach, and Bobby Courts, assistant junior varsity coach. Stalwarts on the line included guards Bernie Watts, Charlie Musser, and |ohn Wagoner, tackles Jim Rees, Ted Dostanko, Fred Wagoner, and I 1 Tom Gould, cvmrr I larokl Sauiulcis, ami ciuls Phillips, George pjloimiuisl, and Graham Spencer. The W ' oUpack was upset, 7-0, in the opening Ixilile with Duke on a freak play in the last quarter. The iMue I)e il line charged a State passer, hatting the hall into the waiting aims ol tackle Louis Allen, who dashed into pavdirt with the lone touchdown ot the game. Coach Feathers " ele en had outplaved the Blue De ils all during the Ixittle hut hatl hccn unahlc to reach scoring territory. State ' s line pla ed a great game against the Blue l)e ils, hut the W ' oUpack backs could not Hnd an opening near the Duke goals. The W ' oUpack broke into the win column, triumphing over Davidson ' s Wildcats, 14-0, in Charlotte Memorial Stadium. State ' s forward wall de- serves a large portion of the credit for the victory. Paced by the rugged playing of Watts and Musser, the big line held Davidson ' s runners to a net vards rushing total of minus one. Footiie ojf as.ain. In the first quarter Palmer shoved Davidson into a hole with a 64-vard kick that rolled dead on the 2, a few minutes later the W ' olfpack failed to score on a dri e to the 5, but it was from there that it struck for its first score. Bert Anderton, Da idson back, attempted to punt from his own end zone, but got a bad pass from center and fumbled. In a scramble Tom Jovce, guard from W ' inston-Salem, fell on the ball for a touchdown and Jim Byler added the point. In the closing minutes of the game John Huzvar, 210- pound freshman full back, crashed over from the 10. Of all State performers, Goodman Stanton Blomquist McLeou dostanko Smith. O. Palmer was perhaps the most brilliant. His great kicking nullified at least three Davidson drives, averaging 53 yards on all kicks. Richkus ran and passed the Wolfpack to an 18-0 ' ictory over an outclassed Clemson Tiger eleven under the arcs in Riddick Stadium. He sparked State ' s first drive to a score late in the first quarter, and pitched a touchdown pass to end Blomquist for the last 17 yards of that march. In the fourth period, he swept around right end on fourth down for 17 yards and an- other touchdown. Palmer intercepted a pass from Clemson ' s Bobby Gage on the State 31- yard line near the middle of the third period and tra ' eled 69 yards to pay- dirt on an amazing jaunt. State ' s rugged line held the Tigers to 53 yards rushing. Richkus picked up an average of 7.2 yards in 18 running plays. The University of Florida snapped a 13-game losing streak by upsetting State, 7-6. The game-winning touchdown and placement came after the battle was only three minutes old and was the result of a 70-yard dash by Bobby Forbes, one of the nation ' s leading ground gainers. As the half ended, the Wolfpack had advanced to Florida ' s 4, and late in the game Byler attempted two field goals for State but could not hit the mark. Richkus scored for State on a dash o ' er tackle from the 4. Gwynn Fletcher started the touchdown drive when he returned Billy Parker ' s punt from the Florida 45 to the 32. Bill Thompson, on a reverse from Palmer, gained two. A second down pass was incomplete, and Fletcher was stopped at center for no gain. On fourth down, Richkus fired a pass on the 12 for an 18-yard gain to Thompson. Palmer hit center for five, Richkus was good for two, but lost one on third down. He went over on the next play. Palmer switched to tailback in the Wolfpack ' s single wing formation and ran, passed, and kicked State to a 21-0 decision over Chattanooga. Footsie passed to Oscar Bozeman for State ' s first touchdown and kicked all three extra points. He also turned in the longest run of the game from scrimmage when he stepped off around left end for 28 yards in the fourth quarter. Piggy-Iiacfe— B iie Devih ami Wolfpack. Miller, F. Byler, J. HUZVAR Wagoner, ]. Rees Smith, W. 11 " ' CO ll ,,«■. Wagoner, F. Joyce Allen Sykes Barksdaie Barnette I luzvar registered State s seeond touclulown with a se eiward smash mer center that simpK howled over at least three detenders. June Cheek, eml from Laurinhury, accounted tor the tinal score when he scooped up a Mocked punt on the Chattanooga 5 and carried it over the goal. John Wagoner, bruising guard, blocked the kick. Phillips and Musser were top perhirmcrs in State ' s Forward wall. State sulfered its worst defeat of the vear at the hands of Carolina ' s Tar Heels, 41-6. The gridders from Chapel Hill had been tagged as one of the Charlie— Mud The next pUiy we mude it! top teams in the nation and plaved one of their greatest games against the W ' olfpack. Walt Pupa, big full back from the Llniversitv, dashed 65 vards through the middle of State ' s line for a touchdown on the opening play of the game to settle the question of who was going to win hurriedlv. Watts saved State from being shutout by blocking a kick in the closing minutes of the game. Reser ' e end Chuck Spencer of Raleigh coxered the ball in the end zone. After the Carolina game, State was installed as the underdog in its remaining games with Wake Forest, Virginia, and Marvland and supporters of the Wolfpack began to foresee a very disastr ous season, with three defeats alreadv on the record and three more expected on successive Saturdays. But, on the following Saturday the Wolfpack trounced Wake Forests Demon Deacons, 20-0, as a feature of Homecoming Dav. Riddick Stadium, He hasn ' t a clinnce! •; " i;;.--.j ' ,ti- " ?22ff rwi - -it ,; -L ' V = HOBBS romanosky Peacock Smith, R. Johnson, ]. Carlson scene of the battle, was literally a sea ot mud, and it was difficult to dis- tinguish the players. Richkus and Palmer were the leaders in the -ictorv, but untold credit also belongs to State ' s line. After a scoreless first half and a punting duel by Palmer and Wake Forest ' s Tom Fetzer, the Wolfpack hit paydirt three times in the final half. State scored the first two times it got the ball in the third period, and Palmer added the th ird marker on a spectacular 34- ard dash in the fourth period. Richkus took the second half kickoff on his own 1 and almost broke away as he carried it back to the 29. On the second play from scrimmage, he broke through the line, reversed his field and dashed to the Wake Forest 32 before being tackled from behind. Palmer, Boseman, and Richkus each carried the ball, picking up a first down on the 17. At this point, State elected to throw its first pass of the game. Boseman was waiting on the goal for Richkus ' toss. Palmer scored the second touchdown over left guard from the one-foot line alter a sustained drive from the Deacon ' s 34. In the last quarter, Palmer faked a punt on his own 34 and dashed to paydirt, running around end and cutting back through the middle of Wake Forest s secondary defense. It was one of the cleanest games ever played between State and Wake Forest and almost completely de ' oid of penalties. Continuing its upsetting tactics, the olfpack came from behind to dump the University of Virginia, 7-2. State was a I2-point underdog, but Virginia failed to prove it in Scott Stadium at Charlottesville. Charlie Musser and fim Rees recovered a fumble on the Virginia 39 in the fourth I Spencer Gaeta MOONEY Cheek Johnson FnxvAnns -A And oive titem HelU quarter. Fi ' e plavs ad anced the ball to the 3 and Fletcher smashed over for the score, with only six minutes rcmaininw in the game. Palmer was hack to kick in the third quarter, but was rushed hard and elected to be tackled in the end zone rather than have the kick blocked. That bit of quick thinking pro ed later to be State ' s margin of victory. State ' s line played another oreat game, twice stopping Virginia inside the 10-yard line in the first quarter. In the closing game of the season, State held powerful Maryland to a 0-0 deadlock. Actually, it was a moral victory for the Wolfpack which had been estabhshed as a definite underdog, and the State team deserved to win. Once in the fourth quarter, the Wolfpack had possession of the ball on Maryland ' s 10-yard line. Richkus tossed a fourth-down pass to Blomquist, but the offi- cials ruled that the rang ' end stepped out on a three-inch line. The 1947 Wolfpack played the kind of ball that will make it long remem- bered. Its brilliant finish, after being humiliated in the middle of the season, was almost story-book fashion. -Mac McDuffie HE COURT lillTH THE UUOLFPRCK... I Ar iat: 77 at: i f[ •?. i THE 1947-48 BRSKETBRLL SERSOD The hottest team in the Southern Conference and one of the top-ranking quints in the nation in 1948 was State ' s potent Wolfpack, coached by Everett N. Case. The powerful Wolfpack finished its regular season with a record of 26 victories against two lone defeats, boasting a scoring average of 77.7 points per game to lead the nation. It was the first time in basketball history that a Southern cage outfit had averaged over 70 points a game for an entire season. The mighty Wolfpack captured its second consecutive Southern Conference championship by dumping William and Mary, Carolina, and Duke in the annual tournament. Coach Case ' s charges added new laurels to its long list by winning the conference crown, without the aid of their scoring ace, Richard (Dick) Dickey, in the last two games of the dribble derby. Dick suffered a case of mumps during the cage carni ' al and was unable to play against two tough Big Four Opponents— Carolina and Duke. The blow failed to dampen the spirit of the Wolfpack, however, and despite the lack of time to practice with a new lineup. State scored ictories o ' er Carolina and Duke with the same poise and precision that had gained national recognition for Coach Case ' s crew. Coach Case, the great student of basketball from Indiana, completed his second year at State with a record that far exceeded anv e ' er compiled at the West Raleigh institutit)n. Mis composite record lists 55 triumphs com- pared to only seven setbacks— five of which were suffered in the first year he guided the Wolfpack. During the brief tenure. Coach Case ' s team has won two Southern Conference titles and finished third in the 1947 National Invitational Tournament. That occasion marked the first time that a State team had been in ' ited to a national tournev. E en before the 1948 Southern Conference event. State had received and accepted a bid to the Invitational Tourney for the second consecutive tourney. Assisting Coach Case was Carl (Butter) Anderson, a big, friendly coach, who is a great spirit-builder and does most of the scouting for the Wolfpack. Coach Everett Case In ntklition Coach Anderson tutored the State junior .nsitv to 14 straioht victories without a defeat. State ' s 2,159 points lor tlie reuular season set a new Southern Conlerenee scoring record, toppinw the previous mark held h tlie University of North Carohna. Dickey, a sophomore from Alexandria. Ind., was the indi idual scorino leader in the W ' oUpack camp, and rated hv manv as one of the greatest players ever to perform in this conference. The hlond forward clipped the nets for 432 points and was a demon un- tler the offensi c backboard. I lis two-year record at State now shows 829 points. 13ickey was named on the All-Southern team as the most valuable man, recei ed a thirtl-place berth on the All-American quint, and despite the fact that he played only one Southern Conference tournament game, he placed on the second team. Leo Katkaveck, captain of both of Coach Case ' s great teams, was the only senior on the 1948 squad and closed out his career in brilliant form. Leo re- turned to State after service with the armed forces, and played one of the leading roles with the Wolf- pack for two vears. Katkaxeck, a guard, did not set scoring records at State, but he saw more action than any other member of the squad and distinguished himself for his excellent floor-play and leadership. Climaxing his last season Leo was awarded the " Most Valuable Plaver " trophv, given by the 30 and 3, and won a first team berth on the All-Tournament team, and placed second on the All-Southern quint. He scored 178 points for the season, but his real worth is noted by the fact that he held high-scoring forwards to ery few points on nights when he What ' s up. Coach? guarded them. St. John ' s McGuire got only two points against Leo, and in the first meeting between Carolina and State, Bob Paxton could make only one field goal. Jack McComas, a sophomore forward from Shelby- ville, Ind., broke for the baskets with such dazzling speed that many wondered if anybody could catch him. Lie collected 306 points for the season and was probably the most impro ed man on the squad from the previous year. Jack ' s deadly set shot, combined with his speed, made it almost impossible to guard him. Paul Horvath, a freshman from Chicago, 111., joined the Wolfpack and made the first string his iCapt. Katkaveck Dickey Bartels McComas Horvath first year at State. Paul never played high school basketball, but the bia six-foot, six-inch center saw a lot of cage action while serving with the Army. Under Coach Case, he scored 29 1 points, and was one of the mainstays in State ' s successful bid for the tournament title. He made the All-Tournament second team. Eddie Bartels, a sophomore guard from New York, was generally acclaimed as one of the smoothest- working players on the squad. He excelled under the basket but could also hit the baskets if the occa- sion arose. His point total for the season was 267, topping the 215 he accounted for in 1947. Service for the friendlv New Yorker was not limited to the guard position; however, and when the games were tough he sometimes switched to center or forward. Eddie was elected on the All-Tournament team and received a second-team spot on the All-Southern team. Dickey and Cartier shooting. Warren Cartier was truly one of the most out- standing men on the squad. He was listed as a reserve but saw more action than many of the regu- lars. Warren, a center and sophomore from Green Bay, Wis., was Coach Case ' s trouble-shooter. He got a total of 259 points for the season and was the big gun in State ' s championship battle with Duke in the tournament. Cartier was named on the second teams of the All-Tournament and All-Southern selections. Warren, although only six-feet, three- inches tall, jumps easily with the 6-6 fellows under the backboards. Sammy Ranzino was the freshman sensation at State. Sammy, a native of Gary, Ind., came to Coach Case directly from high school and was named to the varsity quint. His clever ball-handling made him an immediate hit with the fans, and long before the season was over he had demonstrated a genuine ability as a great basketball player. He scored 246 points while seeing only limited action as replace- ments for McComas and Dickey but showed that he will be tough to keep off the first string next season. Norman Sloan, a brilliant guard from Indiana- polis, Ind., had the misfortune of being an under- study to Katka ' eck and consequently saw only re- serve duty. With Leo leaving via the graduation route, Norman will probabh ' move into a starting role. He is an excellent set shot and handles the ball on the floor well, probably moving it faster than any other member of the squad. He scored 168 points for the season. Charlie Stine, a reserve forward from Frankfort, Ind., added 87 points to the Wolfpack ' s scoring total and played outstanding ball in the tournament. Stine is especially deserving of praise for his role against Carolina in the semifinals of the tournament. Victor Bubas, a freshman guard from Gary, Ind., was like Sloan in that he was an understudy to Katkaveck and Bartels. He saw much action, however, and contributed 57 points to the scoring total. Bubas was particularly prominent for his work under the backboards. Coach Case deserves a large part of the credit for the Wolfpack ' s great showing during the past two seasons. It is true that he had some fine material, but it is also true that his knowledge of basketball was largely responsible for many of the ' ictories. He introduced a pressing attack to the Wolfpack, but changed it quickly when it did not click properly. He even changed players from one position to an- other in the middle of a game and even a casual observer could note the results. Coach Case should certainly be awarded the " Coach of the Year " trophy, and as far as State Cartier Sloan Ramzino Stine BUBAS students and alumni are concerned it should be the " Coach of anv Year " trophy. The W oltpack ' s regular season record of 26 victories a ainst only two defeats included 12 triumphs o er Southern Conference foes. The two losses were suffered at the hands of non-conference opponents early in the season. West Virginia ' s power- ful Mountaineers edged Coach Case ' s quint, 68-64, on the winners ' court. The Morgantown, W. Va., cagers ha e not lost a home game in almost four years; thus State ' s excellent showing served to boost the prestige of the W ' olfpack in spite of the loss. Holy Cross handed the W ' olfpack its other set- back, 56-51, in an overtime period in the Sugar Bowl. A bad decision by the officials iilaved a large part in the defeat. After State had battled gallantU in the closing seconds of the regulation game to knot the score with the cle ' er Crusaders, a mistake by the referee in the overtime period was instrumental in the win for Holy Cross. The ball was batted out of bounds under the Crusaders ' goal and the official yelled, " State ' s ball. " After the Wolfpack ' s forwards and center had raced for their own basket, leaving only the guards behind, the referee handed the ball to the Crusaders who made an easy basket. Coach Doggie Julian of Holy Cross remembered the close call against the Wolfpack and paid a fine tribute to State ' s team later in the season when the bids were being announced to the post-season tourna- ments in New York. At a meeting of sports vyriters he tagged State as the best team he had seen during the year. Push ' em up, Dick. Who ' s g,ot it? Coach Case continued his domination over the White Phantoms from Carolina, chalking up two regular season victories against Coach Tom Scott ' s cagers to make it four straight in the two years Case has successfully guided the Wolfpack. While humiliating the Phantoms, 81-42, in the first game, State was setting a new all-time scoring record against the Carolina team. Previously Vir- ginia ' s 67 points against the Phantoms in 1914 was the most points that had been collected against a Carolina cage outfit. Over at Chapel Hill the smooth- working Wolfpack posted a stunning 69-45 decision over the Phantoms before a partisan crowd of over 7,000 Carolina supporters, to also set a new scoring record against the Phantoms on their home court. An outstanding feature of the regular season was State ' s entrance into the 100-point-per-game class. It was the first time that a Southern Conference school had ever reached the century mark. Reserve Joe Harand sank a last second field goal against Chatham to give the Wolfpack a 100-35 victory over Chatham in Frank Thompson gym. High Point ' s Panthers suffered a blistering 110-50 defeat at the hands of the Wolfpack in a game which saw State at its hottest scoring pace of the season. On other occasions State reached for the 100-mark but fell short. It scored 95 points against Furman, collected 93 from the McCrary Eagles, reached 98 against Hampden- Sydney, and had 90 in the game with VMI with four minutes remaining in the game but failed to hit the nets again the rest of the contest. After losing to Holy Cross, the Wolfpack finished its regular season— 16 games— without another defeat and had only one close game although several of the Southern Conference foes gave State a tough battle for as much as one half. Duke ' s Blue Devils, who won a close decision over State in Duke Indoor Stadium in 1947, appeared to be heading for another upset in their home court, but the olfpack never lost its poise this season and edged the Blue Devils 44-43. -Mac McDuffie HI 1 » 1948 RECORD I State. State. State. State . State . State . State. State . State . State . State. State. State . State . State. State. State. State . State . State . State . State. State . State. State . State. State. State . ..79 ..79 . .77 ..68 ..78 .100 . .62 ..85 ..64 ..76 ..65 ..51 ..67 ..72 .95 .93 ,110 ,.98 ,.73 .72 ,.81 .87 .44 .89 .70 .69 .90 .65 Chatham 38 I ' ort Biaog 43 1 lanes I losieiv 56 Catawba 41 Ilioh Point 42 Chatham 35 llanes I iosieiv 48 Fort Brago 40 West Virginia 68 St. John ' s 56 Cincinnati 54 Holy Cross 56 George Washington 45 Da idson 39 Furman 49 McCrary 45 High Point 50 Hampden-Svdnev 36 Furman 34 Wake Forest 43 Carolina 42 Georgetown 46 Duke 43 Da ■idson 52 Duke 37 Carolina 45 VMI 47 Wake Forest 54 SOUTHERX CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT State 73 William Mary 52 State 55 Carolina 50 State 58 Duke 50 Try and stop it. Jack in the corner. Jump in Sammy! o I pi hH w nRTIORRL inviTRTon TOURnRmEni V Our W ' olfpack was for the second straight year invited to participate in the N. I. T. held in Madison Square Garden. State lost in the first round of this tournament to DePaul University, a top notch team. After compiling one of the best season records ever to be held by a team in this district, State was a favorite to win this tournament; but the loss of Dick Dickey, due to iHness a few davs before, hampered the scoring abilities of the ' olfpack. Our basketball team has been one of the leading teams in the country for the past two vears and under the brilliant coaching of Everett Case, with a huge coliseum under construction, the W ' olfpack should be at the top next season. f on THHI RmonD ! I UUITH THE RED TERRORS Three good hitters. A uuud pitcher. BRSEBRLL 1947 W A •r ' r -If b% Hk ' V H " i Hii liH HS ftj h H L ' ' M V | ,,;„ : ' ' ' ■■ ' H ■■jlgnj p Hb I ■A l v iw B 11? ' Coach Vic Sorrell Coach Vic Sorrell guided the State College base- hall team to a second-place herth in the Big Four, with a record oF seven wins against five losses, during the 1947 season. The Red Terrors had several outstanding stars, hut a batting weakness knocked State out of the championship role— a position Coach Sorrell ' s nine had acclaimed in 1946, Sorrell ' s first year at State and the first pennant for State in 18 years. Duke, which emerged with the flag, did not fare well with the Red Terrors, losing three out of four games. Carolina managed a split with State, winning the last two games of the season, which shoved State into second as Carolina climbed out of the cellar into third place. Wake Forest ' s Deacons finished the season in the cellar, but enjoyed the distinction of splitting their four-game series with State. Big Curt Ramsey, star righthander from Crumpler, W. ' a., paced the mound staff. After winning six straight games in 1946 without a loss, he stretched the winning skein to 10 games before losing to Duke, 8-5. He finished the season with a 5-2 record which placed him at the head of Big Four pitchers. Ramsey, a senior, played his last two years at State after serving in the armed forces, compiling a record of 1 1 wins and two losses aiul was tlu- inainst.u on two ol tlu ' hcst teams tli.ii St.iic c cr produced. William (Bill) Fowler, lioiii C liarloiie, . C. came to State liiohK touted as a eatelier. Inn Coach Sorrell sliilted Bill to the outfield wheiv Uc became the rookie star ot the league and one ol State ' s most feared batters. le set the home run pace in the league, with three circuit blows, and tied vith Leo Katkaxeck for the doubles title, with three. Katkaxeck, third baseman from Manchester, Conn., was in a deadlock with Centerfielder Willie Evans of Burlington, N. C for the triples leadership. Each collected four. Evans won the undisputed title for the number of stolen bases, s ipino six. Captain jimmv Edwards also plaved his last ear at State. He handled the catching duties throughout the season and ran the team in such a manner that man termed him the smartest plaver in the Big Eour. After several exhibition games under ad ' erse weather conditions, the Red Terrors opened their league season, with a 5-0 shutout victorv over the Blue De ils from Duke, featured by Ramsey ' s two- hit mound performance. Curt had a no-bitter until the se enth when Jerrv Frve touched him for a single. Wake Forest stopped State in the second game, 8-4. Red Cochran pro " ided the blow that ga e the Nice g,oing,. ' ietorv to the Deacons by poling one of Ernest Johnson ' s offerings over the fence with the bases loaded in the ninth, lohnson had relieved Bob Edwards. Ramsev stopped the Blue De ils again, 6-5, against Duke ' s ace, Bob Moughton. Ramsey gave up eight hits and paced the attack, with three for four. Home Slide!! Ramsey strikes another one out. runs by Charlie Richkus and Fowler tied and won the game. Johnson and Edwards teamed on the mound to defeat Wake Forest, 6-5, in a 10-inning thriller. John- son allowed four hits in eight innings and Edwards gave up two in two. Katkaveck, with three for four, Evans, with three for five, and Fowler, with three for six, paced the Red Terrors ' attack. akc Forest scored two runs in the top of the ninth, but State came back with a pair to knot the score. The Deacons took another lead, with a lone run in the tenth, but two for State in the bottom clinched the victory. Bill Stanton walked, and pinchhitter Warren Bailey sacrificed. Evans singled, his third of the game, anrl Hank Utley walked to load the bases. Katkaveck came through with his second double of the game to drive in the winning run. Ramsey limited the Deacons to seven hits as State won, 7-5. With the score tied, 5-5, and two men out in the ninth, Katkaveck tripled with Stanton and Richkus on base. Earlier in the game, Fowler had hit a home run. In the third game with Duke, Ramsey made it three straight o ' er the Blue Devils, with a five-hit performance as State was winning, 8-5. Duke collected all its runs in the eighth while Ramsey was having trouble with his control. Utley paced State ' s attack, with three for four. Evans and Katkaveck got two for four each. In a heartbreaking 12-inning game. Wake Forest triumphed over State, 2-0. Moe Bauer and Bo Bell went the route for the Deacons, giving up seven hits. Johnson pitched for State. Fowler led the Red Terrors at the plate, with two for five. State apparently had a run in the third which probably would have won the game, but Willie Evans, who was on third, was called out for leaving the bag too soon, when he attempted to score after Pinky Gard- ner ' s long fly had been caught. Duke finally beat State, 8-5, with Ramsey on the mound. It was Curt ' s first loss in two years. Fowler and Katkaveck were the big men in State ' s attack, ith two for four. At this point of the season. State had four games left— all with Carolina. The Red Terrors won the first two and with Duke and Wake Forest both finished. Coach Sorrell ' s charges needed one more victory for a tie, and both games to clinch the pen- nant. Thev lost both games. lohnson pitclictl I ' ourliii hall ,is Si.ilc sl,ui _;hu ' r(. ' tl Carolina. 12-2. in the series opener, lowler liii a home run. and L ans paeed the attaek, with lour lor five. Katka cck oot three for fi e. 0 er at Chapel 1 lill. Pianisex hurled the seeond ietorv in an I 1 -inning; duel, which State won. t-4. The Red Terrors clinched the uame. with two rims in the top of the elcnenth. Carolina scored one run in the hottoni. hut were halted at that point. () er 4,000 attended the oame. Stanton douhled to lead off the eleventh, then Riehkus, Evans, and Gardner sinoled in succession. Lefty DiLorenzo hurled four-hit hall to blank State, 4-0, in the third game of the series. Fowler got two of States hits. With onlv two days rest, DiLorenzo defeated State in the tinal game of the A close one. season, 5-2, before over 5,000 fans— probably the largest crowd ever to see a Big Four game. -Mac McDuffie Did voit see it, Ump? Where ' s the hall? BASEBALL CONFERENCE RESULTS State 5 Duke State 6 Duke 5 State 8 Duke 5 State 5 Duke 8 State 4 Wake Forest 8 State 6 Wake Forest 5 State 7 Wake Forest 5 State Wake Forest 2 State 12 U. N. C 2 State 5 U. N. C 4 State U. N. C 4 State 2 U. N. C 5 I oriTH :inDER UUITH THE cmDERmEn Coach Tom Hines Coach Tom Hines ' s 1947 track team kept the victory ball rolling for N. C. State with wins in five out of six dual meets and a second place in the Carolinas AAU Meet. The freshman division of the team took first places in the freshman division of the South- ern Indoor Invitational at Chapel Hill and in the junior division of the Carolina Relays. State also took fourth place in the Southern Conference Track Meet behind North Caro- 1947 TRRCK TERfTI lina, Duke, and Maryland— the latter nosing us out of third place by one-half point. In the first dual meet of the season, State was defeated 74 1 3 to 51 2 3 by Duke University. The meet was held in Durham on a track slowed by rain, and was highlighted by the running of Duke ' s Doug Ausbon and State ' s Charlie Chambers. Ausbon was high scorer with 15 1 3 points and Chambers a close second with 14 points. Rebounding from the Duke defeat. State ' s cindermen defeated South Carolina ' s Game- cocks, 74 to 57, on our home track. Big Jim Byler of State, with wins in the shotput and discus, shared scoring laurels with Rux of South Carolina. Pete Negley and Dick Dickey tied the track high jump record of six feet. Rux ' s 49.3 seconds in the 440 shaved one second off the old mark, and Chambers Andrews Chambers Miller 1 Dickey, hi h jitmping . Pickett, six four and a quarter. Congratulations, Chambers. Eashury, half mile. Chambers, Bodenheimer, Shuford Nice jump, Ne ley. lowered the 220 low hurdles mark of 25 seconds to 24.9 seconds. Paced by Charlie Chambers, the Wolf- pack cindermen in their third meet trounced Davidson on State ' s track, 108 to 23. Chambers took high scoring honors with 16 1 2 points by leading the field in the 220, 440, and the 220 low hurdles and runnincr anchor on the winning mile relay team. Davidson managed to capture only one first place when Turnbull tossed the discus 130 ' 5 1 2 " . Although State took second place behind Carolina in the Carolina AALl Meet, Charlie Chambers, our ace sprinter, was high scorer with 15 points. Jones, Goodman, and Watt, all Statemen, took the first three places in the 120 high hurdles. Byler took first place in the shotput with a throw of 46 ' 8 1 4 " . Journeving to Clemson, S. C, for their fourth dual meet. N. C. State handed the Clemson Tigers their first defeat, 83 1 3 to 47 2 3. Chambers was high scorer again with 16 1 4 points. Byler placed first in the shot and discus. Foi (k seco mile utes. Cond uh m ' mi Pick to () Cki low llicill Gm Heave-ho, Byler. Rasbiiry to Orrniins. Ill ilu ' rilih ckuil meet, State routal W .ikc I oivst 11 1 4 t(i 17 3 4. State took all liist places except the ilisciis aiul two luw coiiisi ' records were set hv tiie Stale trackmen. C luick C hainhers lowered his own mark ol 24. ' -) seconds in the 220 low hurdles, and the State mile relav team of Rashurv, Orrmins, Huland. and C hamhers posted a new mark of t min utes 29.3 seconds. I he old reconl was -1 min utes 30.8 seconds. After taking a tourtii place in the Southern Conference Outdoor Track Meet, State ' s trackmen traveled to Blacksburg, Va., on the next weekend to meet V. P. I. in the closino meet of the season. With Chambers and Pickett starring, State edged out V. P. I., 64 to 62, to close their season victoriously. Chambers took firsts in the 220, 440, and 220 low hurdles. Pickett of State took first in the high jump w ith an amazing jump of 6 ' 4 1 4 " . George Payne of State provided a fine climax to the meet when he gained one point, his onlv place all season, in the linal javelin e ent to clinch the point necessarv to win the meet. In their last meeting ol the vcar. State ' s iracksters with their dates enjoyed a post- •season banquet at which Charlie Chambers and Oscar Miller were elected co-captains for the 1448 season. State. State. State . State. .Sr-.-i Duke 74% .74 South Carolina ...57 108 Davidson 23 .8i% Clemson 47% State 11 314 Wake Forest 173 4 State 64 V. P. 1 62 State 2ncl jilace— A. A. U. meet. State 4th place— Southern Conference Outdoor meet. Pole vault. 100-yard dash. Aim ymmtti :-,.m. smf ' -m. fP " ' " ' ? " " 1P? " " " " Tim row: Andrews, Kade, Blue, Montgomery, Dalton, Miller, Landau, Dubusc, Chambers, Shuford, Orrmins. Second row: Rasbury, Jones, Maddry, Byler, Dostanko, Currins, Pickett, Dickey, Watts, Goodman. Third row: Coach Hines, J. Davis, Owens, Durant, Payne, Boden- heimer, Egelund, Goldberg, A. Davis, Adams, Pascal. TRRCK TERITI R,. State . State . State . State . CROSS COUNTRY RESULTS 16 82nd Airborne Division 46 55 Carolina 15 27 Duke 29 25 Virginia 35 Conference meet— State 4tli k il CROSS COUnTRY OF 1947-48 Coach Tom Mine ' s " hill and dale men completed their season with a fairly good record of three wins out of four dual meets and fourth place in the Conference meet behind Maryland, V. P. I., and Duke. Dubose, Adams, X ' ernon, Crowell, Rasbury, Bales, McCall, and Steed were awarded letters for the season. Only one graduating senior, Adams, will be lost from next year ' s team. The addition of several promising freshmen to the team this season gives hope that our ne.xt season will be e en more successful than our last. First row. Troxler, Martin, Poplin, Rickert, Rudolph, Lewis, Ratz, Rucker. Second row. Ennis, Best, Fuller, Williams, Steed, Musser, J. Wagoner, F. Wagoner. UURESTLinG State 17 State 6 State 13 State 14 State 25 State 25 State 3 State 17 State 24 V. P. 1 13 Maryland 24 Carolina 17 Duke 14 N. A. N. N 3 Davidson 3 W. L 25 V.M.I 13 Virginia 9 MussEB. Coach Al Crawford, Lewis Coach Crawford ' s wrestling team had a success- ful season, winning five, tying one, and losing three. They took a second place in the Southern Conference and established themselves as a hard team to beat in the future. A freshman, Martin, is Southern Conference Champ in the 155 lb. class. Musser and Lewis were standouts, undefeated in dual competition. Plagued by injuries this year, State is developing one of the finest wrestling teams in the south under the splendid coaching of Al Crawford. J Left to riaJit: Musser, F. Wayunci-, liuckLi, 1 inxkr, Martin, Puplin, Lewis, liudulpli, l ickert, Katz. siuimmmG ■iMilii ' tiM SWIMMING RESULTS State 47 Virginia 28 State 40 V. M. 1 35 State 46 Florida 29 State 46 V. P. 1 29 State 49 Duke 26 State 57 Univ. of Georgia . . 18 State 44 Georgia Tech 31 State 20 Carolina 55 State 58 George Washington 17 1 First row. Cloud, Bedford, Shoter. Morris, Ramsey, Loiko. Second row. Patten, Johnson, Harris, W ' ahab, Brown, Denyes, Nunis. Third row: Coach Casey, Ward, Hardaway, Nelson, Despies, Smith, Kelly. I i State ' s swimming team again finished the year with a oood record, eight wins and one loss. Kelly, Ward, and Despres were the outstanding exper- ienced men on the squad. Between them they cornered a good percentage of the points made hy State. Several freshmen, however, jumped into the swim at State with a big splash. These men were Lojoko, Stafford, and Mandel. Cramer, a second year man, held up the di ing end of the meets. The entire team will return next year, so it looks as if Coach Casey will have another one of the top- notch teams in this part of the country. RAM URAL ATHLETICS o u r r AT OA f k K Athletic siivvortcrs. BOOK FIVE ' f i J Sisters, wives, sweethearts, mothers. They designate the purpose and direction of our lives. FERTURES 1 AAISS BOBBY AAHNTYRE MISS JEAN DICKENS MRS. H.E.AAILLSAPS M MISS BETTY JEAN HOOKER )iiriAAISS ELIZABETH ANN LENTZ n 6 MO. ARS. JOE H. BERRIER MISS ANNE DOVER 41 MISS THELMA HARDISON W tw» f: t. " ' JJj f B.IITUIOOD SKinnERJR. EDIIOR THE HGROniECK i V THomns c.miusiips BusiHESs mnnncER THE RGROmECK for Richard Fowler Editor The Technician M for Kenneth Coble Business Manager The Technician for Jennings Teal President Student Cuiver)niieiit for Archie Flitrell Piesideiit A. S. M. E. for Oscar Miller President Golden Chain M- M. II for Hugh Palmer President Veterans ' Association ' ■ ' • wmtJi mr- m m i mm t » i for RuFus Dalton President Interfrater)iity Council for John Boyter )i, m. m I for Ben Coble President Ag Cliih --H for Charles Ibach President Phi Psi nil for John D. Mackie Business Manager The Agricidtmist m-.. ttu WUe ledi m i t y v ? i ' A ranKiin paln, r. I or Franklin Spain, Jr. President Kappa Phi Kappa for Claude I. Burkhead President Tau Beta Pi 1 i Mik ivU A Ima S ablston for R. L. Peacock President junior Class for Harold Stinson President Alpha Zcta ■ for P. H. McDonald President Y. M. C. A. ■ » ' ' W.. AaLf Wc onJj for Dave Sewell President Blue Key for John Armstrong President Enoineers Co2i}icil for Earle Hamrick President Tompkins Textile Society ' ivlrs. C ufle J amrlch ifujj b M . or James J. West Biisiwess Manager The Textile Varum ij njt.. w njjf w fadon for Richard Callaway President Moiionrfnii Cliil V m.- for Al Dugan Business Manager The Watatioan II I am rf ldd oLulu JLe .ewi6 for Fred Kendall Editor The Aoricidnirist for Robert Schmidt President A. 1. Ch. E. I H lldA rvlctm oLee J e wi m Y f for Jack Gillette Business Manager Southern Engineer ifliAA Ljtenn J afden h i ' . ' •i for Andy Patton President Senior Class fur 1Iir;h Williams Editor Soutlicni E}ioiiicc I for Cecil Gadsden President Eta Kappa Nn ii- %.. CeJ W. QudJ. for Charles Sink President Sigma Tan Sigma ' I 4 !► ' in0 ' IT SURE LURS FUD lAAtncrij rriA fr u a ' aun rue to r. nn f iOMfA ' JA i SCHOOL SPIRIT y£u rsm f ' t y i s i pjr, CMW£ A c n 6 rf A PfiAy£ l? fy£ SCO ?f ACA A f otvs aops, coAC zi ' H - !«. AAIj:A»f0fP.P S l w i ■ f m f po4f ii r ro oyf Aus U U Pf ' iUff ffil rffr i wmg j 1 £MUff SA D (Dm I SOM£r NC HAPP£ £P StVAfiri, SOC£K. XO YEfl-TEflin-FIGHT RROUnD THE CRHIPUS A ' 4 PMf yoi oi £ !. sAf4J?r ii jrjAf ; u M BEST WISHES from mmm m corporation ENKA, NORTH CAROLINA Manufacturers of FINE RAYON YARNS AND HEAVY DUTY RAYON TIRE YARNS Alumni of North Carolina State College — Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical and Tex- tile Engineering Graduates — are among our technicians and research workers, super- visors and executives — operating the Rayon Industry of today, developing new machinery, new processes, new uses, for the Rayon of the future. RAWLS MOTOR COMPANY f- tumoutn Raleigh, N. G. Promoting quality and economy of operation in hundreds of America ' s finest mills VACUUM CARD STRIPPING SYSTEM YARN DYEING SYSTEMS WEAVER ' S KNOTTERS FRED H. WHITE, GEN. MGR., SOUTHERN OFFICE, JOHNSTON BLDG., CHARLOTTE, N. C. ADIIlwIwIl ICAIILC 111 VIlT WIVJ Qatd Smppers • Weavers ' Knolteis ' Yarn Dyeing Systems [378] i For that " well-dressed " air in casual wear- the SUEDEKNIT AS ADVERTISED IN LIFE This new Sport Shirt will win you many an admiring glance at the country club. The soft, suede, cotton fabric gives it definite distinction. Raglan shoulders. In solid tones of sky blue, sage green, palomino tan, canary, pearl gray and white. In small, medium, large and extra large. Nothing finer on the counters for $1.85 to $2.25. •«« " • ' ■• S. Pat. Off. Be happy in • Sports-minded men also favor this Hanes T-Sliirt and Fig Leaf Brief. Superior quality elastic waistband and e osric in leg openings. Gentle athletic sup- port. Doiihle-punel seat. In cellophane packages, 85c to $1.15. T-Shirts, $1.00. —the label of quality knitting in underwear and sportswear p. H. Hanes Knitting Co.. Winston-Salem I, North Carolina [379] VISIT CLUB SON AIR Soda Fountain Grill OPEN 10:00 A. M.— 12:00 P. M. Fo)- the Co)ive)itence of the Stucle)its REASONABLE PRICES Near the Campus Opposite Pullen Park G O DEPARTMENT STOKg Raleigh, N. G. s O PINE STATE DAIRY PRODUCTS ICE CREAM Delicious — Nutritious Pine State Creamery Glenwood Ave. Raleigh. N. C. " State ' s Next Door Neighbor " INCORPORATED LINGOLN AND MHRGURY Sales and Service Phone 3-3648 3623 Hillsburo St. RALEIGH. N. C. an m C pai rat E Pi( in ' M [380: GOOD PLACES TO START Wool Carding and Spinning departments are good places to begin modernization, be- cause here . . . DAVIS FURBER equipment offers quick results with a com- paratively small investment. Plan improve- ments NOW. DAVIS FURBER NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. Textile Machinery Cards, Card Clothing, Spinning Machinery, Pickers, Du.sters, Nappers, etc. — Specialists in woolen and worsted machinery. CADILLAC OLDSMOBUE SALES AND SERVICE WILSON DZZLE, Inc. Dial 4474 421 Fayetteville St. Raleigh, N. G. The Sign of QUALITY FARM SUPPLIES and OPEN FORMULA FEEDS -FER TIL IZER S - SEEDS FARMERS COOPERATIVE EUHANGE Raleigh, N. G. 39 fcx service stores in the carolinas [381] Compliments of SENECA TEXTILE DIVISION OF UNITED MERCHANTS MFRS., INC. 91 Franklin Street NEW YORK CITY KNITTING MACHINERY for FULL FASHION SEAMLESS HOSIERY UNDERWEAR OUTERWEAR MILLS A Complete Line of Dyeing Finishing Equipment The Most Modern Best-Known Lines of New Machinery The Hest Used And Rel)uilt Equipment Unconditionally Guaranteed Morris Speizman Company, Inc. CHARLOTTE, N. C. 508 W. 5th St. Phone 4-5546 120 Liberty Street New York, N. Y. The mmm mills, iic. Franklinville, N. G. Manufacturers of EXCELSIOR Poultry , Dairy AND Hoc; Feeds [382] Wear AMERICAN GENTLEMAN SHOES They Look Better, Wear Better and Gi e Lasting Comfort AMERICA ' S BEST Made by Craddock - Terry Shoe Corp. Lynchburg, Va. |i Division of ] L RSHALL Field Company, L c. SPRAY, IV. C. WOOLEN MILL RAYON MILL FIMSIIING MILL EMBROIDERED BEDSPREAD MILL BLEACIILRY LCAKSVILLE, HI. C. rO T: BEDSPREAD MILL RUG MILL DRAPER, IV. C. BLANKET MILL SHEETING MILL FIELD ALE, VA. TOW EL MILL HOSIERY MILL ZIOIV, ILL. CURTAIN AND TABLECLOTH MILL Compliments of MOJUD HOSIERY CO. INCORPORATED Grhensboro, N. C. 137 F [384] i! ' i.jii ' i iM!y siyfflyii!.mmm iiyii ' i iM!yii ' iiy!iLV!iM 5 3 As a member of one of the country ' s leading industries, CIBA COMPANY, INC. extends to you, as students of textiles, a sincere wish that your achievements in the textile industry will bring you success and happiness. tSflRiv) ?ll7S()tS(iIS(ltis?II I In?llrs?)trSt1t7Sv1hSvirr You can buy bigger DIAMONDS But You can ' t buy better DIAXMONDS Never An Interest Or Carrying Charge LAND ' S Raleigh ' s Leading Credit Jewelers 137 Fayetteville St. Dial 2-3751 DYESTUFFS CHEMICALS INTERMEDIATES reenwich Am fforton StM. NEW ms YORK lOSTON . CHICASO . MONTRUL ■ CHUIOTTE I PROVIDENCE-S«N FIUNCISCO ■ PHIUDElPHIt I VAT DYES OF THE DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY " Headquarters for State Men and Women " Fatigue from work or play Galls for nourishment during the day, So we say . . . It ' s The Peter Pan Restaurant " Where Quality Steaks are Served. " [385] S TO+O Compliments of A. B. CAR ' 1 ' EK Inc. Operating MILL DEVICES CO. CARTER TRAVELER CO. Gastonia, N. G. Gastonia, N. G. CARTER MILLS LiNCOLNTON, N. G. v@ TD CT g [386] MorPAPER CARR)ERS ) U. S. EQUIPMENT COMPANY 3600 Hillsboro St. Telephone 3-2430 RALEIGH, N. C. STAGE, PLAYGROUND, AND ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT H. H. HONEYCUTT, Jr. General Manager North Carolina Equipment Company CONSTRUCTION, INDUSTRIAL, LOGGING AND MATERIAL-HANDLING EQUIPMENT Raleigh Charlotte Phone 8836 Phone 4-4661 Wilmington ASHEVILLE Phone 2-2417 Phone 789 International Diesel Poiver [388] " Modern Anomaly Man has accomplished a strange anomaly. He has actually outraced himself. Atomic power and planes that fly too fast for human perception have forced him decades ahead of his environment. We are solemnly aware of the far-reaching shadows these facts cast in history. So we leave them to experts who are best equipped to conside r them. What we can consider is the sphere of man- made textiles. Here we are one of the largest producers in the world. Here we are a direct influence on the American en- vironment. Millions of men and women wear items of apparel made of Burlington Mills fabrics. Millions of homes contain decorative fabrics made by Burlington Mills. Making fabrics for the millions has made Burlington big. Making fabrics in such quantities has brought their price within reach of these millions. And making them with Burlington Quality has made them especially acceptable to the millions. Burlington fabrics come by their Quality quite honestly. It is planned and executed by able technicians. Their approach is based on a very simple idea — quality sells goods. , Behind the Burlington Mills name stands an organization of 25,000 men and women working together to produce quality products. Leading these workers is an energetic management youthful in both years and spirit, for Burlington has always believed in giving young men and women with initiative and ability a chance to go forward ... a chance to look ahead with Burlington. Executive Offices — Greensboro, N. C Durliiiotoii Mills ' ' TJ , IFoven into the life of America ' ' [389] " " ii ' i m THE ROBERT E. LEE Winston-Salem, N. G. 350 Rooms 350 Baths $3.50 to $8.00 Frank L. Swadley General Manage ' Compliments of Martin Millwork Company Harrison Ave. Morgan St. Raleigh, N. C. William D. Martin ' 15 Robert T. Newcomb ' 15 William D. Martin, Jr., ' 43 I GEORGE SMTZMAN COMPANY COIIVERIERS OF COTTON D Um FABRICS 366 Broadwa ' New York, New York [390] Stonecutter Mills affords excellent oppor- tunities to work and learn in the field of synthetic textiles. Our organization performs all functions in the rayon industry from opening raw yarn through dyeing and finishing. STONECUHER MILLS CORPORATION 450 Seventh Ave., New York Mills at Spindale, N. C. [391] Congratulations to the Graduating Glass! and Wishing you every success in your career. mm m and PROCESSING COMPyY spinners and Processors Mount Holly, North Gaholina Authorized SALFS SFRVIGR Dial 2-3766 Conn-Gower Pontiac Company :!10-. " ,12 S. Salisbury St. Ralkigh, N. G. [392] STARCHES For All Textile Purposes OUALITY- Uniformity Servtce- Clinton Industries, Inc. Glinton, Iowa 1 STUDENT SERVICE CENTERS ' On the Campus " NORTH CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE T STUDENT SUPPLY STORE MAIN STORE WATAUGA BOOK SHOP FRESHMAN QUADRANGLE CANTEEN SYME HALL CANTEEN VETERANS CANTEEN SERVING STATE STUDENTS 1919-1948 Under Direction of L. L. IvK , Business Manager CI [394] When In School - At Work ■ - At Play E)ijo tJie Pause That Refresliea DRINK i C IN BOTTLES The Capital Coca-Cola Bottling Company Raleigh, N. C. mmU CLE ERS Dependable GLEANING PRESSING DYEING 8871— Phones— 8872 KITES ICE CREAM LYNN ' S SERVICE STATION AND GARAGE WRECKER SERVICE STORAGE AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING 336 S. Salisbury Street RALEIGH, N. C. " Congratulations to The Class of 1948. " W. M. Lynn ' Class of 1935 " :395] I C H 1 E V E E N T Never gained easily — the graduate ' s diploma is a symbol of a truly great Achievement — one in which every grad- uate may take pride for all his life. The Achievement of gaining the confidence and friend- ship of students and faculty is one in which we not only take pride, but which we cherish and guard with constant vigilance. qJ jOUL THE S H () W P 1 A C: E OF THE C A R O L T N A S [396: TRAINS. . . During this year two important trains have lieen in the thoughts of nearly every American — • The Freedom Train and the Friendship Train. The purpose of the first was to revive in the liearts of our people an earnest allegiance to the truths on which our nation was founded ... a protective interest in the American tradition. The purpose of the second train was to gather food and other provisions to aid the peoples of other nations who fought with us to protect our free- dom. It may be a far ciy from the Freedom and the Friendship Trains to the subject of your electric service . . . and again it may not. Carolina Power Light Company grew under the American free enterprise system — it provides at reasonable rates a necessary service under government regulation to many thousands of citizens and businesses in this area. Under the freedoms of our private enterprise system our Company gives employment to hundreds of men and women. It pays interest on capital invested by thousands of security holders. It discharges all its obligations as a citizen wherever it serves. Carolina Power Light Company is a fair product of the American free enterprise system — the only system that does not stifle initiative, limit opportunity and reduce the populace to sub- jects of the state. CAROLINA POWER LIGHT CO. ERIE CITY Fire and Water Tube Boilers CRESCENT Woodworking Machinery DILLON SUPPLY COMPANY Raleigh Durham Rocky Mount Goldsboro ) :397] I dismsdjajdtL J ' hulL dnxL pjwduxjL Qompamy, NORTH CAROLINA ' S LEADING PRODUCE DEALER A Complete Line of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables — in and out of season I I RALEIGH, N. G. Guy L. Honeycutt, President Enjoy GRAPETTE LEMONETTE ORANGETTE Thirsty or Not GRAPETTE BOTTLING COMPANY Raleigh, N. G. [398] -BUILD- FOR THE FUTURE irith STEEL and Make Your Building Problem Our Problem PEDEN STEEL COMPANY " Save with Steel " Dial 8828 Raleigh, N. C. I k SAY ROYAL BAKING COMPANY Raleigh, N. G. or J tiilc — ic nuiilii — Uulnc BUY ==flIB=- ' ' s THEBEST ?! Misses ' and Women s SWIMSUITS SWEATERS SPORTSWEAR At Department and Specialty Stores Thebest Mills Co. 1372 Broadway, New York 18, N. Y. NATIONALLY KNOWN FOR MORE THAN A QUARTER OF A CENTURY •Reg. U. S. Pat. Off. REMEMBER . . . Wherever you go we are as near to you as a 3c stamp. We are proud of the fact that hundreds of State men continue to buy clothing from us long after they have graduated. Write to us anytime, we will gladly send samples. From now on it ' s up to you ! HUNEYCUTT, INC " COLLEGE OUTFITTER " [399] PLANNING A FUTURE IN TEXTILES? ll If so, the name Scott Williams may well play an important part in your life, particularly if your work has to do with knitting. For S W circular knitting machines for hosiery, underwear and outerwear are used throughout the knitting industry . . . and the merchandise they produce is known throughout the world. S W ' s position as a leader in this field has been achieved through more than eighty years of experience and an energetic program of knitting machine research and development. Look for S W in ijouv future. ESTABLISHED 1865 s rl Scott illiams Incorporated EMPIRE STATE BUILDING, NEW YORK 1, N. Y. " This is the Scott Williams Machine Age " BUILD A PERMANENT ESTATE with ATLANTIC LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 207-9-11 Security Bank Bldg. Dial 8866 RALEIGH, N. C. RoMKO Effort Special Agent PERSONAL ESTATE PLANNING RETIREMENT INCOME PLAN— JUVENILE PLAN Frfd Dixon Af e)ic!j Director The Atlantic Life " Thought " for Seniors A RESOLVE . . . I shall pass through this world but once Any good, therefore, that I can do Or any kindness that I can show any human being Let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it For I shall not pass this way again. [400] n p. Efird Manufacturing Company Albemarle, N. C. QUALITY YARNS CARDED lO ' s to 26 ' s Single Cones-Tubes COMBED 30 ' s to 60 ' s Single and Ply Cones — Warps — Tubes Compliments LUCAS NATIONAL CHAIR MANOFACTDRING CORP. ASHEBORC), N. C. Discriminating Women Prefer dhuninjcbA. TUflorUu Maiuifactiircd bij McCRARY HOSIERY MILLS, Inc. ASHEBORO, N. C. [402] For Happy Motoring STOP AT MORRISSETTE ' S ESSO SERVICE BUY AT OUR €sso SIGN Near the Campus ' Our Care Saves Wear " Phone 9241 Symbol of Quality (LoTonct Serving the Army Since 1922 OUR 26 years ' experience in the manufacture of U. S. Army Unifonns a nd equipment stand be- hind the Coronet label. It ' s your assurance of maximum satisfaction and quality. Manufacturers of Military Uniforms and Equipment for Army Officers CORONET MILITARY UNIFORM COMPANY Formerly Wolfson Trading Co. 715 BROADAVAY NEW YORK, N. Y. W. H. King Drug Company Wholesale and Manufacturing Druggists Raleigh, North Carolina (OhJuqA. + 1217 Hillsboro Cameron Park RALEIGH, N. G. Phone 5834 [403] WALLER d SMITH PHOTOGRAPHERS Official Photographers for the 1948 Agromeck -K 12 EAST HARGETT STREET Raleigh, North Carolina [404] Designers and engravers of the South ' s finest school publications LYNCHBURG. VIRGINIA ik t BSEIlVEfl l IIT V6 HOUSE I d tiOirr- ' CUlOtr ' A STATE COilSiS i MRstrr CThL-tmt cawiina. THE RGROfTIECh Nineteen Forty-eight

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