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I ■ -r ircr ' rm- i- .au... !- i i ' ;t 1 1 1 n i U W: ' ' ' }WWM Q i_J COPYRIGHT + JAMEfi A. WLIHHKLL Kiiiliir ; Tt;HI,l.NG C. HOLMES Business Maiiaqer J MMt MIM Tl i! S j - — - p C l(«l » | ,y LI AN J ELS HALL nijpariments of Physics and ElEclrira! EiKjineering n Published Annually By the Students of NORTH CARGLINA STATE COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE AND ENGINEERING RALEIGH, NDHTH CAHDLINA ,«,« ■ ' " ' ' " ' i HOLLADAY HALL Unique in Architecture. VVitli fiinuiei;;; and diijuity of line. H D n a d a y Hall is the home uf two Deans, the Treasurer, and the Registrar. 11. H. HILL LIBHAHY Till! H II list; lit C Lis sir liHiiiih I ' nr Trciisuri. ' ii Dili iinii Nrw. « m im 4s, .A -« mgpir m - 1 1 SS " ' kiM H mar H WINSTON H L L Oepaitnients of Chemi.slr l iniiiiiLHl LiKjiiKiHiiiiij. thirtv-sfiventb issue of ' HK M, mm ■iffpififits III I iptdrn thf sfmif ' w}int piiisiii ' uu!fi to takR thf. {lirtitre nf thtd {irRSfirit fur tlio ;y!||(;!ii li, ' i ' ir. It n; ||i|r llOfK- " ttint !; tijiiuticj yKriry UiishooK will i-iMiumi it:. ifiiulfirs of thf3 wariiitli nf [rifMUi.sliip anii lit. 1!H! wiir ' r, ;!imI ;i ' • ! I llif i(:)v ■: ' ;i ' .iillrl MatHi C T E n T s ni!i(, i ! HI] (IK TWU l niii.; nni; r BiliJh i-Llliii BOM i lVi lillMl, ' ,! ' fHS K!, n B i; A i 7 AT! n s i H i l.ilM ni,;:) rum- - ' i; CO CD 7 ROFESSOP BROliJni Teacher, Engineer, Gentleman. For a life unselfishly dedicated to build- ing a school and moulding other lives; for integrity, for inteUigence, and for nobility of character; for ac- complishments of mind and spirit, we dedicate this fiftieth anniversary edi tion of The Agromeck. 3n ileninriam Wayne L. Stitt. 1935 Mount Union. Pa. Died March 2 . 1938 Carl F. Goode. 1938 Cliffside. N. C. Died June 16. 1938 P. G. Spainhour. 1942 Sherwood. N. C. Died November 12, 19 38 T E The best of good reading. . Crose- close making merry, or " The Pulling of The Leg, " by Nichols. . .Dr. Fountain and Mr. Cameron at a fast gait. . . You ' re going to flunk... Dr. Levine gets the morning mail. . .A graduation lawn tea. . .Mr. Fouraker and pipe. . . A governor, an ambassador, and sev- eral colonels watch a football game. . . Two tarzans at the dinner table. . Dr. Riddick surveys work on the stadium. I think he found " Z " . . The mail and then lunch . . . Memorial Tower cere- mony terminates Armistice day parade . . . Mr. Crimshaw must have won at billiards. CZD •A,,s " ' ' 1 r m . .-■X HERE AND THERE Dr. Frank Porter Graham M.A,. LL.D. D.C.L.. D.Liti. President of the Greater University of North Carolina Colonel John W. Harrelson B.E., M.E. Dean of Administration E. L. Cloyd D.E., M.S. Dean of Students C. R. Lefort B.S. Assistant Dean of Students Blake R. Van Leer B.S.. M.S.. M.E. Dean of the School of Engineering I. O. SCHAUB B.S. Dean of the School of Agriculture Thomas Nelson D. Sc. Dean of the Textile School B. F. Brown B.S. Dean of the School of Science and Business T. E. Browne B.S. Dean of the School of Education R. F. Poole B.S. Dean of Graduate Instruction J. A. Worrell Editor of Agromeck E. J. Angelo President Tau Beta Pi H. R. McSwAiN President of Y. M. C. A. S. C. Holmes Business Mgr. of Agromeck L. Fanning Vice-President Student Body S. S. Sailer Editor of Technician J. R. BURCHAM President Blue Key W. Mc. Bailey President of Student Body A. G. Raymond President Engineers ' Council A. M. Smith President Golden Chain A. H. Sallenger President Interfraternity Council L. C. Brooks President Eta Kappa i ' u J. L. Murray Captain Tennis Team J. D. Patton Chairman Agriculture Pair J. T. Frye ' resident Senior Class J. B. HiNES President Monogram Club THE FACULTY Althaus, Kenneth G. Major, Infantry, Asst. Prof, of Military Science and Tactics Anderson, Donald B. Professor of Botany Armstrong, Lindsey O. Associate Professor of Education Ballenger, Stanley T. Asst. Prof, of Modern Languages EARNHARDT, LUTHER W. Asst. Prof, of History and Political Science Bartlett, Grady W. Instructor in Physics Bauerlein, George, Jr. Instructor in History BosHART, Edward W. Professor of Education Bostian, Carey H. Associate Prof, of Zoology and Entomology Bramer, Charles R. Asst. Professor of Civil Engineering Bridges, William s. Asst. Professor of Mechanical Engineering Briggs, HERMON B. Prof, of Engineering Drawing and Descriptive Geometry Brown, Benjamin F. Dean of the Basic Division Brown, Robert R. Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Brown, Theodore C. Instructor in Mechanical Engineering Browne, Thomas E. Director of the Dept. of Education Browne, William H., Jr. Professor of Electrical Engineering BuELL. Murray F. Instructor in Botany Bullock, Roberts C. Asst. Professor of Mathematics Burnap, Arthur E. Major, Infantry, Asst. Prof, of Military Science and Tactics Caffery, Charles S. Colonel, Infantry, Professor of Military Science and Tactics Ca.mpbell, Carlyle Professor of English Cameron, Kenneth W. Instructor in English Dept. Caveness, Hugh L. Asst. Professor of Chemistry Cell, John W. Asst. Professor of Mathematics Chase, Thornton Major, Infantry, Asst. Prof, of Military Science and Tactics Clark, Joseph D. Professor of English Clarkson, John M. Associate Prof, of Mathematics Clement, Shelden L. Associate Prof, of Agricultural Economics Clevenger, Clinton B. Professor of Soils Clevenger, William L. Prof, of Dairy Manufacturing Cloyd, Edward L. Dean of Students, Secy, of Faculty COGGIN, JAMES K. Associate Professor of Education Conner, Norval W. Associate Prof, of Engineering Mechanics Cook, Freeman W. Instructor in Poultry Science Cook. Leon E. Professor of Agricultural Education Cope, Ralph L. Instructor, Mechanical Engineering Dept. Cotner, John B. Professor of Plant Breeding Culberson, George R. Instructor in Textiles Dearstyne, Roy S. Professor of Poultry Science Derieux, John B. Professor of Theoretical Physics Dixon, Alfred A. Professor of Physics Doak, Charles G. Assoc. Prof, of Physical Education Edwards, James M.. Jr. Asst. Prof, of Architectural Engineering Feltner, Charles E. Instructor in Mechanical Engineering Fisher, Hilbert A. Professor of Mathematics Flanders, Clifford A. Instructor in Chemistry Fontaine, James j4ssf. Prof, of Civil Engineering FoRNES, Gaston G. Asst. Prof, of Mechanical Engineer- ing Department FORSTER, Garnet W. Professor of Agricultural Economics Fountain, Alvin M. Asst. Professor of English Fouraker, Raymond S. Professor of Electrical Engineering Gardner, Monroe E. Prof, of Horticulture GARODNICK, IRVIN O. Instructor in Modern Languages Garrison, Karl Claude Professor of Psychology Gauger, Herman C. Instructor in Poultry Science Geile. Wilfred G. Professor of Structural Engineering Giles, George W. Asst. Professor of Agricultural Engineering THE FACULTY Glenn, Karl B. Asst. Professor of Electrical Engineering Gloseclose, Frank F. Assoc. Professor in Mechanical Engineering Dept. Greaves, Richard E. Asst. Professor of Poultry Science Greaves-Walker, Arthur F. Professor of Ceramic Engineering Green, Ralph Waldo Associate Professor of Marketing Grimshaw, Albert H. Professor of Textile Chemistry and Dyeing Grinnells, Claude D. Assoc. Prof, of Veterinary Science Haig. Frederick M. j4ssof. Prof, of Animal Hu.sbandry and Dairying Harkhma, Reinard Instructor in Zoology HARRISON. Thomas P. Professor of English Hart. Thomas R. Prof, of Weaving and Designing Hartley. I.odwick C. Associate Professor of English Hayes, Arthur c. Instructor in Textile Chemistry and Dyeing Heck, Charles M. Professor of Physics Hicks. William N. Associate Prof, of Sociology and Religion Hilton. John t. Professor of Yarn Manufacture HiNKLE, Lawrence E. Professor of Yarn Manufacture HOEFER, E. G. Professor in Mechanical Engineering Department Hoi-mann, Julius V. Professor of Forestry Hostetllr. Earl H. Professor of Animal Husbandry Johnson, Franklin C. Instructor in Chemical Engineering Department Johnson, Theodore S. Professor of Industry Jones, Arthur D. A.ssistant Professor of Chemistry JONES. Robert E. Major. Asst. Professor of Military Science and Tactics Jordan, Walter e. Associate Professor of Chemistry KEEVER, LEROV M. Assr. Prof, of Electrical Engineering Kellam. William P. Librarian Ladu, Arthur I. Professor of English 1-Ambh. Claud M. Instructor in Civil Engineering Lancaster, Forrest W. Assistant Professor of Physics Langford. Gerald Instructor in English Lauer, Bryon E. Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering Leager, Marc C. Prof, of Statistics and Accounting Lear, John E. Professor of Electrical Engineering Lee, Frank A., jk. Asst. Professor of Mathematics Ll-H.MAN. SA.MUEL G. Professor of Plant Pathology LltVINE. JACK A. ' ist. Professor of Mathematics Lewis. John G. Assistant Professor of Textiles Lockmiller, David a. Asst. Prof, of History and Politiuil Science LuTZ, James F. Associate Professor of Soils Lyell. Frank H. Instructor in English Maddison, Robert J. Foreman of Foundry and Forge MANN. Carroll L. Professor of Civil Engineering Marshall. Roger P. Assistant Professor of English Matthews. M. Taylor Asst. Professor of Rural Sociology McCutcheon, Frederick H. Asst. Professor of Zoology McGehee, William Instructor in Psychology McLAWHORN. H. R.. Jr. Instructor in Architectural Engineering McNatt. EMMETT B. Assistant Professor of Economics Meacham, Frank B. Assistant Professor of Zoology Meares. Jefferson S. Associate Professor of Physics Metcalf, Zeno P. Professor of Zoology Miller. Arthur S. Instructor in Economics Miller. John F. Head, Dept. of Physical Education and Athletics Miller. William D. Associate Professor of Forestry Mitchell. Theodore B. Professor of Zoology MoEN. Reuben O. Pro , of Business Administration Moose. Perry E. Instructor in Mechanical Engineering MuMFORD. Carey G. Associate Professor of Mathematics Nahikian. Howard M. Instructor in Mathematics Nasii. Thomas L. Instructor in Mechanical Engineering Nelson. Thomas Dean of the Textile School Paget, Edwin H. Associate Professor of English THE FACULTY PARK, Charles B. Instructor-Emeritus in Machine Shop Park, Hubert V. Instructor in Mathematics Parker. John M.. Ill Instructor in Geology PARKINSON. Leslie Kendall Asst. Professor in Aeronautical Engineering Paulson, Jehu D. Asst. Professor of Architectural Engineering Pearsall, Robert J. Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Peeler. George b. Instructor in Weaving and Designing PiLLSBURY, Joshua P. Professor of Horticulture Poole, Robert F. Professor of Plant Pathology Randall. Glenn O. Associate Professor of Horticulture Randolph. Edgar e. Professor of Chemical Engineering Rice, Robert b. Prof, of Experimental Engineering RiDDiCK. Wallace C. Professor of Hydraulics RiGNEY. J. A. Instructor in Agronomy Dept. Rowland. Macon R. Instructor in Mechanical Engineering RuFFNER, Robert h. Professor of Animal Husbandry and Dairying SANFORD, C. N. Instructor in Mechanical Engineering Satterfield. George H. Professor of Biochemistry Satterfield, Howard E. Associate Prof, of Mechanical Engineering SCHAUB, Ira O. Dean of School of Agriculture and Forestry Seagraves. Wayland p. Instructor in Mathematics Seegers. L. Walter Assistant Professor in History Selkinghaus. Walter E. Instructor in Mechanical Engineering Sermon, Raymond R. Professor of Physical Education Shaw. Howard B. Professor of Industrial Engineering Shelley. A. B. R. Instructor of English Shinn. William E. Associate Professor of Weaving and Designing Showalter. Merle F. Associate Professor of Education shulenberger, Clarence B. Associate Professor of Accounting Shumaker, Ross E. Prof, of Architectural Engineering Shunk, Ivan V. Associate Professor of Botany Singer, William E. Instructor in Chemistry Slocum, George K. Assistant Professor of Forestry Smith. George W. Professor of Engineering Mechanics Smith, John W. Associate Professor of Industrial Education Stainback, Raymond F. Instructor in Electrical Engineering Stevens. Ross O. Associate Prof, of Zoology and Entomology Stone. Robert L. Instructor in Ceramic Engineering Stuckey. Jasper L. Professor of Geology Sutton. Paul P. Instructor in Chemistry Swaffar. Clarence D. Instructor in Animal Husbandry Department Thomas. David B. Instructor in Mathematics Tucker. Harry Professor of Highway Engineering Van Leer. Blake R. Dean of the School of Engineering VAN Note. William G. Assr. Prof, of Chemical Engineering Vaughan, Lillian L. Prof, of Mechanical Engineering Waller, Edmund M. Assr. Prof, of Physical Education Warren. Robert S. Assr. Prof, of Physical Education Weaver. David G. Prof, of Agricultural Engineering Weaver. James G. Asst. Prof, of Horticulture Wells, Bertram w. Professor of Botany Wheeler, Fred B. Professor of Practical Mechanics Whitford. Larry A. Assistant Professor of Botany Wicker, Dan B. Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering Williams. Charles B. Professor of Agronomy Williams, Harvey P. Associari? Professor of Mathematics Williams, Leon F. Professor of Organic Chemistry Williams, Norwood W. Assistant Professor ot Poultry Wilson, Arthur J. Professor of Analytical Chemistry Wilson. Thomas L. Assi ' srarjr Professor of English Winkler, Edwin W. Instructor in Electrical Engineering Winston, Sanford R. Professor of Sociology WiNTON. Lowell S. Assr. Professor of Mathematics Wyman, LENTHALL Professor of Forestry WYNN, Willard K. Assisrarjr Professor of English Wynne, Robert B. Instructor in English and Public Speaking c s " Doc " Rhodes ' lab. So tired .. Wal- din and Doak on the books. . . How can he study?... M. E. Lab in Hanna ' s room... A campus bright spot... Brush hard, freshman. . .Three deep in quiet repose. . . Prexy (with shoes) . . . Registration in January ... Wataugans at their vocation . .Coon and Frink talk it over... Bear down, frosh . . . Stomping at the stadium... N. C. State dignitaries. . .This looks like witchcraft . Fraternity man studying. m: " ' Vi« mm Wo-:r ' )S-sK ' -mut ' ' mm»: X, - ' ■ i 1 ill %:!• |«s» r ' ' f fSEs ; ■■ ■i ' ji ' " ' j ' ' T ' rCt :ii iftiB 1 l1. -z nAt Vn;. ' ' ' - VP GL_J THE SENIOR CLASS Joe T. FRYE President Peter Bruinooge Vice -President M. C. TODD Secretary and Treasurer n S E n 1 R Frank Thomas Abbott. Jr. Rai.kigh, n. c. Aeronaulical Engineering Tau Bc ' t.i Pi: Pine Burr Sociciy: A. S. M. E. I. Ae. S. (Trcas. ) ; Plying Club. Isaac Cody Adams Clayton, N. C. Animal Production Agricultural Club: Y. M. C. A. William Witty Adkins SUMMHRriHLD. N. C. Chemical Engineering A I. Ch. E.: Gamma Sigma Hpsilon. John Stevens Aiken ASHKVILLE. N. C. Textile Management Tompkins Textile .Society. Albert Raymond Anderson. . k ii Durham. N. C. Chemical Engineering Red Masquers (1, 2. 3: Business Manager 2. Vice-President 3) : Interfratcrnity Council (3, 4); Companion of Saint Patrick: A, I. Ch. E. Samuel John Andrews. Jr. ROSEBORO. n. c. Agricultural Education Ag. Education Society: Agricultural Club: Baseball (3, 4): Treasurer of Ag. Education Society (3). :32] CELEBRRTinG THE FIFTIETH flnniVERSflRV C L-fl- S S Walter Glenn Andrews Graham, N. C. Poultry Science Agricultural Club; Grange: Y. M. C. A.; Military (1. 2). Ernest James Angelo. Jr. Winston-Salem. N. C. Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi (Pres.): Blue Key: Phi Kappa Phi: Eta Kappa Nu; Pine Burr Society: A. I. E. E. (Chm.) : Publicity Committee: Engineers ' Council: RacJio Club (Pres.) : R. O. T. C. (1, 2) : Student Assistant in Math. William Crawford Anthony Kings Mountain. N. C. Chemical Engineering A. I. Ch. E.: Erskinc College (1. 2) : Wake Forest College 3, 4). Emilio de la Maza Arizpe. 2 n Saltillo, Coahuila. Me.xico Textile Management Phi Psi; Sigma Tau Sigma: Sigma Pi Alpha (V.-Pres.) : Tompkins Textile Society; Inter- national Relations Club; Wrestling (1): Mili- tary (1. 1. 3. Lieut. 4) . George Winfield Arnott Cambridge. N. Y. Forestry Forestry Club: Boxing (3) : R. O. T. C. (1, 2, 3, Lieut. 4). James Woodrow Atkinson, n. c. Agricultural Economics Ag. Club; Grange. :33] noRTH cRROunn state college SE n I R Frederick Hughes Bailey Rai.i-:ic,h. N. C. Field Crops and Plant Breeding Ag. Club: Ag. Dance Committee (. " ): R- O. T. C. (1.2, 3. Lieut. 4). John Blois Bailey Raleigh, N. C. Forestry Forestry Club. William McCook Bailey Richmond, Va. Forestry Alpha Zeta : 3 and 3: Pine Burr; Golden Chain: Blue Key: Scabbard and Blade: Student Government (2. Pres. 4): Football (1. 2): Swimming (2, 3, Co-Captain 4) : Social Func- tions Committee: Athletic Council; Publications Board; R. O. T. C. (1. 2. 3. Cadet Colonel 4): Student Welfare Committee: Pres. Fresh- man Class. Leonidas Baker WlL.MlNGTON. N. C. Chemical Engineering A. I. Ch. E.: R. O. T. C. (3, 4) John Sidney Barker, Jr. FuQUAY Springs. N. C. Forestry Forestry Club: R. O. T. C. (1. 2); Pine- land .Junior College. Edwin Padgett Barnes I.INWOOD. N. C. Agricultural Engineering Ag. Club: A. S. A. E.: Football (1); Stu- dent Agricultural Fair. 34 CELEBRRTinG THE FIFTIETH flnniVERSRR C L-fl- S S John Roy Barnette HUNTERSVILLE. N. C. Chemical Engineering Freshman Counselor (3): R. O. T. C. (1. 1. 3). Charles Franklin Barringer, Jr. Carthage, N. C. Textile Weaving and Designing Tompkins Textile Society: Archery. Edward Bartfield. ■ a n Brooklyn, n. y. Aeronautical Engineering I. Ac. S, John Henry Barto MOCKSVILLE. N. C. Industrial Engineering William Oscar Baucom South Norfolk. Va. Mechanical Engineering Upsilon Sigma Alpha: A. S. M. E.: Cross Country (1 ) : R. O. T. C. (1. 2. 3. Lieut. 4) . William Lee Beasley Louisburg. N. C. Forestry Alpha Zeta: Forestry Club; Rifle Team (2) ; Tennis (2) : Pinetum Staff: Louisburg College. ■35 ' OF nORTH CflROLinn STRTE C0LLE6E SE n I R Griffin R. Beatty Stanley, N. C. Textile Manufacturing Tompkins Textile Society: Wrestling (1). Grady J. Bell Greenvillh, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Theta Tau (3. Scribe 4): A. S. M. E. ( Trcas. 4): Southern Engineer (4): Wrestling Team 1 ; R. O. T. C. (1. 2. 3. Lieut. 4), Arthur Monroe Benton Chadbourn, N. C. Agricultural Education Ag. Education Society: Ag. Club: Grange; Ag. r-air Exhibit: R. O. T. C. (1.2). Reginald W. Biggers Hickory. N. C. Textile Chemistry and Dyeing John Fairley Black Grhensboro. N. C. Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E.; Davidson College. William Cortez Blackmori:. Jr. Warsaw. N. C. Agricultural Education Ag. Education Society: Ag. Club: Univ. of North Carolina ( 1 ) . [36] CELEBRnimG THE FIFTIETH flnillVERSflRV C L-Fl- S S Richard Miller Bloodgood Beaufort, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Upsilon Sigma Alpha; A. S. M. E.; R. O. T. C. (1, 2, 3, Captain 4). Robert R. Boseman, 2 e Rocky Mount, N. C. Animal Production Upsilon Sigma Alpha: Ag. Club; Yellow Dogs; Technician (1) ; Stude nts Ag. Fair. James Harris Bost New London, N. C. Agricultural Education Ag. Education Society; Ag. Club. George Preston Boswell Burlington. N. C. Textile Weaving and Designing Sigma Tau Sigma; R. O. T. C. (1, 2. 3, Lieut. 4). John Handley Bowen, Jr., a r p Atlanta, ga. Civil Engineering John Stewart Boyles Charlotte, N. C. Animal Production Ag. Club; Lambda Gamma Delta; Livestock Team (3). [37] OF noRTH cflROunn state college SE n I R Price Lentz Brawley MOORESVILLE, N. C. Animal Production Lambda Gamma Doha: Ag. Club: Collegiate 4-H Club (Prcs.) : Poultry Judging Team (2). Vernon Braxton Snow Camp. n. C. Chemical Engineering A. I. Ch. E.: Elon College. Ralph Waldon Britt Severn, N. C. Industrial Arts A. S. M. E. Leslie Clifford Brooks. ■ e Brvson City. N. C. Electrical Engineering Blue Key; Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Nu (Pres.): Golden Chain (Secy.): Pine Burr; 30 and 3: Phi Eta Sigma (V.-Pres.): Fresh- man Friendship Council; Intcrfraternity Coun- cil: Student Welfare Committee: Alternate to Engineer ' s Council; Companion to St. Patrick: R. O. T. C. (1. 2. 3. Captain 4) : A. I. E. E.; AgROMECK (1. 2, 3); Engineers Fair Commit- tee: Class Vice-President (2) : Phi Kappa Phi. Fred William Brown CULLOWHEE. N. C. Animal Husbandry Ag. Club. JAMES Everett Brown Rk;ii Square, N. C. Animal Production Upsilon Sigma Alpha; Ag. Club: Grange; I ' ootball Manager ( 4 ) ; R. O. T. C. ( 1, 2, 3, Lieut. 4). [38] CELEBRflTinG THE FIFTIETH flnniVERSflRV C L-fl- S S Lawrence Morton Brown, a :; Raleigh, N. C. Industrial Engineering Football ( 1 ) : Wrestling ( 1 ) ; Technician (1, 2, 3. Business Manager 4); Publications Board; S. I. E. (V.-Pres.): Cheer Leader (3); Student Legislature; Chairman of Local Pub- licity. Peter Bruinooge. a 2 Hasbrouck Heights, N. J. Textile Management Phi Psi; Baseball (L 2. 3, 4); Basketball (.1) : Vice-President Senior Class. John B. Bullock Henderson, N. C. Electrical Engineering A. L E. E.; Radio Club. J. Russell Burcham Elkin. n. c. Textile Manufacturing Phi Psi; Sigma Tau Sigma; Blue Key (Pres. ): Golden Chain; Scabbard and Blade; Upsilon Sigma Alpha; Tompkins Textile So- ciety; Publications Board; Track (3): Tech- nician (3, 4); Student Activities Committee. President (3 ) ; R. O. T. C. (1 . 2. 3. Major 4 ) ; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. Earl Geddie Butler Clinton, N. C. Animal Production I. R. C; Ag. Club; Y. M. C. A. Reeder Butterfield Hawthorne, N. J. Chemical Engineering A. I. Ch. E. [39] OF nORTH CRROUPR STRTE COLLEGE SE n I R William Old Buys, a a t Washington. N. C. Civil Engineering A. S. C. E. William Lester Carter Franklinville. N. C. Textile Chemistry and Dyeing Phi Eta Sigma: Upsilon Sigma Alpha: Sigma Tau Sigma; Tompkins Textile Society: R. O. T. C. (I. 2. 3. Captain 4). Thomas Willard Gates Wendell, N. C. Textile Manufacturing Tompkins Textile Society; R. O. T. C. (1.2). Maurice Odell Caton Ayden. N. C. Chemical Engineering A. I. Ch. E. Kenneth Victor Chace Acushnet. Mass. Chemical Engineering Gamma Sigma Epsilon: A. I. Ch. E.: Theta Tau: Phi Psi. Charlie C. Clark Durham, N. C. Field Crops and Plant Breeding [40] CELEBRflTinG THE FIFTIETH RnniVERSRRV C L-fr S S Norman Nichols Clark Hull, Mass. Civil Engineering A. S. M. E.: A. G. C. : Track (1); R. O. T. C. (1. 2). Robert Colman, Jr., n k a Birmingham, Ala. Chemical Engineering Y. M. C. A.; A. L Ch. E.: Technician (1, 2. 3). David Colvin, 2 a m raleigh, n. c. Chemical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi: A. I. Ch. E.; Phi Kappa Phi Scholarship Medal (1): A. I. Ch. E. Award (T); Tau Beta Pi Scholarship Cup. Lewis L. Copley rougemont. n. c. Animal Husbandry Upsilon Sigma Alpha; Ag. Club; Grange; Y. M. C. A.: Freshman Welfare Counselor; Ag. Fair; R. O. T. C. (1, 2. 3, Captain Ad- jutant 4) . Jeremiah Wayland Cox Raleigh, N. C. Industrial Engineering S. I. E.; S. a. M. Mark Hutchens Crawford Wilson, N. C. Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E. [41] OF nORTH CRROUnR STATE COLLEBE SE n I R William Cody Cress Mount Uli,a, N. C. Ceramic Engineering Kcramos: A. C. S. Luther Owens Crotts Raleigh, N. c. Agricultural Education Ag. Club: Ag. Education Society. Frederick Fritz Crouch, Jr, Raleigh, n. C. Chemical Engineering A. I. Ch. E. Harry Gentry Davis Red Springs. N. C. Animal Husbandry Ag. Club: Freshman " Y " Council; Sopho- more " Y " Council; R. O. T. C. (1, 2). Merritt W. Davis Charlotte, N. C. Textile Manufacturing R. O. T. C. (1, 1. 3, Lieut. 4). Eugene Allen Dees Concord, N. C. Textile Manufacturing Sigma Tau Sigma: Blue Key; Phi Psi; Scab- bard and Blade (Captain); R. O. T. C. (1. 2, 3. Capt. 4). [42: CELEBRRTinG THE FIFTIETH flnniVERSflRV C L-fl- S S Samuel Hill Dobson Statesville. N. C. Field Crops and Plant Breeding Alpha Zeta: Lambda Gamma Delta; Editor of N. C. State Agriculturist: Ag. -Forestry Coun- cil: Intercollegiate Crops Judging Team. Albert Doub, Jr., a x a Raleigh, N. C. Agricultural Economics Ag. Club. Lewis Fischer Drum Catawba, N. C. Chemical Engineering A. I. Ch. E. Robert Lee Edwards Spring Hope. N. C. Field Crops and Plant Breeding Alpha Zeta: Ag. Club; Grange; R. O. T. C. (1. 2). Robert Fredrick Elliott Rich Square, N. C. Industrial Arts Wrestling (1, 2, 3, 4); R. O. T. C. {1. 2. 3. Lieut. 4). Wilson Hamit Ellis Henderson, N. C. Ceramic Engineering Keramos; A. C. S.: R. O. T. C. (1. 2, 3, Lieut. 4) : Track (3). [43; OF nORTH CflROLinR STATE COLLEBE SE n I R James Franklin Elrod Hickory. N. C. Chemical Engineering A. I. Ch. E. Walter L. Fanning Shelby, N. C. Textile Manufacturing Phi Psi; Blue Key; Golden Chain: Scabbard and Blade; 30 and 3; Tennis (2, 3); Student Welfare Committee: Vice-President Student Body (4); R. O. T. C. (1. 2. Sgt. -Major 3, Lieut. -Col. 4). Claude Banks Faris. Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Agricultural Economics Grange: Ag. Economics Club: Ag. Club: Boxing (1. 2). Joseph Newton Farlow Greensboro. N. C. Civil Engineering A. S. C. E. Edward A. Fitzmaurice, $ a MOHALL, N. D. Textile Management Pi Kappa Delta; Delta Alpha Epsilon; Tomp- kins Textile Society: Debating Team: Student Legislative Assembly. E. Pearce Fleming, a r p A,SHEVILLE, N. C. Industrial Engineering Scabbard and Blade: Upsilon Sigma Alpha: A. S. M. E.: S. A. M. ; Interfratcrnity Council; Technician (1. 2. 3); Wolfpack Gridiron (Pro- gram) ; Chairman of Junior-Senior Dance Com- mittee: R. O. T. C. (1. 2. 3. Captain 4). [44] CELEBRflTinG THE FIFTIETH flliniVERSRRV C L-fl- S S Lewis Allen Fletcher, a r p Raleigh, N. C. Industrial Engineering A. I. E. E.; S. A. M.: Technician: R. O. T. C. (I. 2. 3, Capt. 4) : Clemson College. William Edgar Ford ASHEVILLE, N. C. Chemical Engineering A. I. Ch. E, John Wayatt Foster. Jr.. a x a Portsmouth, Va, Chemical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma (Secy.) : Gamma Sigma Ep- silon: Tau Beta Pi: Pine Burr: A. I. Ch. E. (Prcs.) ; Order of Saint Patrick: Engineers ' Council; Boxing (1); Track (1): AGROMECK (1); Wataugan (4): R. O. T. C. (1. 2. 3. Lieut. 4). Wayne L. Franklin Franklin, n. C. Field Crops Alpha Zeta; Ag. Club: Ag, Fair (V.-Pres.) : Grange (Secy.). Walter Byrum Freeman Charlotte, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Mu Beta Psi : A. S. M. E.: Glee Club: Band; Yellow Dogs. John William Fredericks. Jr. Wilmington. N. C. Textile Chemistry and Dyeing [45] OF nORTH CflROUnfl STATE COLLEGE SE n I R Earl E. Prink Bladenboro, N. C. Agricultural Education Scabbard and Blade. B. C. Gaddy Marshville, N. C. Agricultural Education Walter Edward Garrard Durham, N. C. Agricultural Engineering Ag. Engineering Club: R. O. T. C. {1. 2, 3, Lieut. 4). Mellor Alfred Gill Hawthorne, N. J. Aeronautical Engineering I. Ae. S.: Yellow Dogs; Band ( 1, 2. 3, 4) Baseball (1, 2). John Franklin Gilmore Oxford. N. C. Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma: Mu Beta Psi : Eta Kappa Nu; A. I. E. E. Robert John Gottlieb ASHEVILLE. N. C. Chemical Engineering A. I. Ch. E.: Souihern Engineer; Biltmorc College (1. 2. 3). [46] CELEBRRTinG THE FIFTIETH flnniVERSfiRV C L-fl- S S William Blaylock Granger Greensboro, N. C. Industrial Engineering S. A. M. (Secy.) ; S. I. E. Charles Jonathan Gray Wilmington. N. C. Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E.: R. O. T. C. (1. 2). Charles Olan Hall Saluda, N. C. Chemical Engineering A. I. Ch. E. Russell Phipps Handy Grassy Creek. N. C. Agricultural Economics Alpha Zeta: Ag. Club; Grange: Ag. Fair: Agriculturist (Business Manager 4): Publica- tions Board. George Verner Hanna. Jr. MOORESVILLE. N. C. Textile Manufacturing Phi Psi (Pres. 4); Sigma Tau Sigma: Scab- bard and Blade; Upsilon Sigma Alpha; Tomp- kins Textile Society: R. O. T. C. (1. 2. 3. Captain 4): Blue Key: Pine Burr: Glee Club (1. 2). Benjamin Franklin Harris, Jr. Henderson. N. C. Chemical Engineering Scabbard and Blade: Upsilon Sigma Alpha: A. I. Ch. E.: R. O. T. C. (1. 2. 3. Lieut. - Col. 4). [47] OF nORTH CflROUnR STRTE COLLEGE SE n I R Charles Donovan Harris Lexington, n. c. Forestry Forestry Club: Radio Club; Swimming (1, 2). Charles Scott Harris, a x a Raleigh. N. C. Agricultural Economics Ag. Economics Club; Ag. Club. Harvey Jackson Hartley, a r p Clifton Forge. Va. Forestry Scabbard and Blade: Forestry Club; Intcr- fraternity Council; Editor of Slabs and Edgings. A. C. Hattaway. Jr.. 2 n Greensboro, N. C. Textile Manufacturing Phi Psi ; Interfraternity Council: Tompkins Textile Society; R. O. T. C. (1, 2). Millard Samuel Hayworth ASHEBORO. N. C. Construction Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Pine Burr: Thcta Tau (Re- gent); A. S. C. E.; Life Saving Corps (1. 2. 3, 4) ; Upsilon Sigma Alpha; Monogram Club; Rifle Team (1, 2. 3, Capt. 4); Southern En- gineer: R. O. T. C. (1, 2, 3, Lieut. 4) ; Fresh- man Counselor. James A, Hedgpeth Rowland. N. C. Ceramic Engineering A. C. S. [48] CELEBRflTinG THE FIFTIETH flnniVERSflRV C L-ft S S D. C. Helton Hickory, N. C. Chemical Engineering A. I. Ch. E. Joseph Virgil Henderson, Jr. Monroe, N. C. Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E.: Engineers ' Council. Travis Edward Hendren HiDDENITE, N. C. Agricultural Education Ag. Education Society; Ag. Club; Grange; House Student Government; Baseball { , 2, 3, 4) ; Agriculturist ; Poultry Judging. E. P. Henley, e k n Durham, N. C. Textile Chemistry and Dyeing Phi Psi; Upsilon Sigma Alpha: Sigma Tau Sigma: Monogram Club (2, 3, 4) : Tompkins Textile Society; AgROMECK Staff (3) ; Manager of Boxing (1, 2); R. O. T. C. (1, 2. 3, Lieut. 4). Palmer Griffin Hill Rocky Mount, N. C. Textile Management Tompkins Textile Society: Monogram Club (V.-Pres.): Basketball (1, 2, 3, Co-Capt. 4). James Burnett Hines WlNSTON-S. LEM, N. C. Textile Weaving and Designing Tompkins Textile Society: Life Saving Corps (Capt. 4): Monogram Club (Pres. 4): Foot- ball (1. 2, 3. Capt. 4): Wrestling (3, 4): Athletic Council. :49] OF nORTH CflROLinn STflTE COLLEBE SE n I R Emory Lee Hobbs Delco, n. c. Agricultural Engineering Ag. Engineers Club: R. O. T. C. (1, 2. 3. Lieut. 4) . James Albert Holder. Jr.. 2 N ASHEBORO. N. C. Textile Chemistry and Dyeing Locke Holland Charles, N. C. Animal Husbandry Alpha Zeta ; Lambda Gamma Delta: Ag. Club (Treas. 3, V.-Prcs. 4); Livestock Judg- ing Team. Sterling Charles Holmes, a r p Cambridge. N. Y. Mechanical Engineering (Aeronautical Option ) Phi Eta Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: Blue Key; Golden Chain: Pine Burr: L Ae. S.; A. S. M. E.: R. O. T. C. ( . 2. 3, 4): Publications Board: AGROMECK (1. 2. 3. Bus. Mgr. 4); Junior Program Committee. Marion Hudson Hoyle. Jr. Cooleemee. N. C. Electrical Engineering Mu Beta Psi Edwin Courtney Hudson Wilmington. N. C. Chemical Engineering Gamma Sigma Epsilon: A. I. Ch. E.: Drum and Bugle Corps (1, 2). [50] CELEBRRTIPG THE FIFTIETH flnniVERSflRV C L-fl- S S Nelson Lawrence Hudspeth. Jr. YADKINVILLE. N. C. Chemical Engineering A. I. Ch. E.: Y. M. C, A. Council; R. O. T. C. (I, 2. 3, Lieut. 4). Reuel Luther Huffman. Jr. Brcx)Kfield, Mo. Chemical Engineering Pine Burr; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Mu Beta Psi; A. L Ch. E.; Technician; Band (L 2, 3, 4) ; Orchestra ( . 1. 3, 4). Duncan Perry Hughes, © k n COLERAIN, N. C. Forestry Upsilon Sigma Alpha: Scabbard and Blade: Forestry Club: Band (1): R. O. T. C. (1. 2. 3, 4j. Vernon Andrew Huneycutt OAKBORO, N. C. Agricultural Education Ag. Club: Ag. Education Society. James Robert Hurst Franklin, N. C. Field Crops and Plant Breeding Grange; Ag. Club; Boxing (1); Agricultur- ist (3, 4) ; Ag. Dance Committee. John William Irving. Jr, Wentworth, N, C, Textile Manufacturing Phi Psi; Sigma Tau Sigma: Scabbard and Blade; Tompkins Textile Society; R, O. T. C, (1, 2, 3, Captain 4) , :5i] OF nORTH CflROUnfl STATE COLLEGE SE n I R Roger Moore James. Jr. Rocky Mount, N. C. Industrial Engineering Companion of St. Patrick: Engineers ' Coun- cil: S. I. E.; S. A. M. (Prcs. 4) : Upsilon Sigma Alpha (Secy. 4): Y. M. C. A.; Freshman Friendship Council; R. O. T. C. (1, 2. 3, Lieut. 4). Edward Suther Johnson Kannapolis, N. C. Textile Manufacturing Phi Psi : Tompkins Textile Society (Pres.) : B. S. U. (1. 2. 3, 4): Swimming (1. 2, 3, 4) : R. O. T. C. (1, 2. 3. Lieut. 4) : Upsilon Sigma Alpha. Hugh Johnson. Jr. raleigh, n. c. Textile Management Tompkins Textile Society : AgROMECK (3); Waiaugan (2, 4) : R. O. T. C. (1, 2). Ralph Scott Johnson Raleigh, n. C. Forestry Phi Eta Sigma; Forestry Club: R. O. T. C. (1, 2. 3, Lieut. 4). Charles Selby Jones belhaven, n. c. Textile Manufacturing Scabbard and Blade; Basketball (1. 2. 3, 4) : Athletic Council; R. O. T. C. (1, 2, 3, Licut.- Col. 4). Robert Lewis Jones. Jr. Greensboro, N. C. Agricultural Education Ag. Club; Ag. Education Club; R. O. T. C. (I, 2). [52; CELEBRflTinG THE FIFTIETH flnniVERSflRV C L-fl- S S Thurman Ralston Jones, Jr. fayetteville, n. c. Chemical Engineering Tau Beta Pi: A. I. Ch. E.; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; R. O. T. C. (1, 2). Walter Bascomb Jones Haw River, N. C. Civil Engineering A. S. C. E. (Pres. 4): A. G. C. ; Upsilon Sigma Alpha (Prcs. 4) ; Engineers ' Council (V.-Pres. 4); R. O. T. C. (1, 2, 3, Lieut. 4). Boyd Francis Joyner Spring Hope, N. C. Chemical Engineering A. 1. Ch. E.; R. O. T. C. (1, 2). Virginius F. Kasey Greenville. N. C. Chemical Engineering Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Pine Burr: A. L Ch. E. Clyde Wallace Kirkland. Jr. Bellaire. Ohio Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu; A. L E. E.; Freshman Coun- selor. James Vernon Kirkman Durham, N. C. Textile Manufacturing Phi Psi; L R. C; Tompkins Textile Society. 53 ' OF nORTH CRROLinn STRTE COLLEGE SE n I R Milton Jacob Kluttz. Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Civil Engineering A. S. C. E. Bruce Riley Knott Wendell, N. C. Industrial Engineering L E. S.: S. A. M.: I. R. C: Will Rogers After Dinner Speaking Club; Y. M. C. A. New Student Committee. Frank Stacey Kugler. . k n Salem. N. J. Industrial Engineering S. A. M. Roy Otis Lackey Lenoir. N. C. Animal Husbandry Alph.i Zct.i: L.imbd.i Gamma Delta; Ag. Club: Grange; Ag. Fair; Appalachian State Teachers College (1); R. O. T. C. (1, 2): Intercollegiate Livestock Judging Team (4) ; Freshman Counselor. Robert I. Lainof Brooklyn, N. Y. Industrial Arts Kappa Phi Kappa (Pres. 4) ; I. R. C; Tech- nician Staff: Grange: Football (I. 2): Baseball (1, 2): R. O. T. C. (1, 2); Life Saving Corps: Wrestling (1, 2). Claude Milton Lambe RALEIGH, n. c. Ceramic Engineering Keramos: A. C. S. [54] CELEBRRTinG THE FIFTIETH RliniVERSflRV C L-fl- S S Albert Reid Lambert Greensboro. N. C. Textile Manufacturing Tompkins Textile Society. Albert Glenn Lancaster, n k i Henderson, N. C. Textile Manufacturing Boxing (I. 2): Rifle Team (I. 2, 3. Man- ager 4) ; R. O. T. C. (1, 2, 3, 4). Edward J. Lancaster Winston-Salem, N. C. Textile Manufacturing Tompkins Textile Society: Wataugan (1, 2. 3) ; R. O. T. C. (1. 2. 3. Lieut. 4). John David Langdon Linden, N. C. Ceramic Engineering Richard Comings Larkin Wheeling. III. Agricultural Economics Alpha Zeta: Band (1. 2): Orchestra (1, 2. 3. 4); Swimming (1); Agriculturist Staff (3. 4) : Ag. Club: Ag. Fair. Willie Fields Lathan Monroe, N. C. Agricultural Education Y. M. C. A. (V.-Pres.): Ag. Education Society. [55] OF nORTH CRROUnn STATE COLLEGE nnrif SE n I R Maywood Outland Lawrence, Jr. Portsmouth, va. Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu; A. I. E. E.: Basketball (1. 2, 3, 4). John Clegg Lockhart raleigh. n. c. Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu: A. I. E. E. Robert Alexander Loos Haddon Heights, N. J. Mechanical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Mu Beta Psi : Phi Eta Sigma: Pine Burr: Blue Key: Engineers ' Council: Stu- dent Government: A. S. M. E.: I. Ae. S.; Band (I. 2, 3. 4) : Glee Club: Quartet: R. O. T. C. (1. 2. 3, 4) : Freshman Counselor. Adolph Irwin Losick. 2 x u West New York, N. J. Chemical Engineering Gamma Sigma Epsilon; A. I. Ch. E.: R. O. T. C. (1, 2). Edward Kennedy Lovelace, a k ii New Bern. N. C. Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E.: Football (1): Cross Country (2. 3): Baseball (3, 4): R. O. T. C. (1. 2. . Lieut. 4). JACK LYDAY Brevard. N. C. Agricultural Education [56] CELEBRRTinG THE FIFTIETH flnniVERSRRV C L-fl- S S Julian Vinson Lyon Creedmore, N. C. Forestry Forestry Club: Grange: R. O. T. C. (1, 2. 3, Lieut. 4). Offie Wilson Mann Albemarle, N. C. Textile Manufacturing Phi Psi: Monogram Club: Tompkins Textile Society: Basketball (1. 2, 3, Co-Captain 4): Baseball (1. 2, 3, 4). Goethe W. Marsh, Jr., 2 e BATH, n. c. Animal Production Golden Chain: Interfraternity Council (V.- Pres.) ; Secretary Student Council (3) : Social Functions Committee: Ag. Club: Wrestling (4); V ataugan Staff (1, 2. 3. Business Man- ager 4) ; R. O. T. C. (1. 2). M. H. Mason Mebane, N. C. Textile Weaving and Designing Life Saving Corps (Secy. 4): Technician (3). William Vaughn Matheney Pulaski. Va. Industrial Education Scabbard and Blade: Monogram Club (Secy. 4) : R. O. T. C. ( 1 . 2, 3, Major 4 ) : Football (1. 2. 3, 4). Richard L. Matthis Clinton, N. C. Animal Husbandry Ag. Club. [57] OF nORTH CflROLinfl STRTE COLLEGE SE n I R Samuel Ruben May Spring Hope. N. C. Textile Manaqement James Edward McCall Ellerbe, N. C. Agricultural Economics Mu Beta Psi : Glee Club (1. 2. 3, 4) Grange. David Ray McEachern. Jr.. n k a Concord. N. C. Textile Management Dan L. McLaurin Rowland. N. C. Agricultural Engineering A. S. A. E.; Ag. Club. John L. McLean, n k Raleigh. N. C. Industrial Management Band (1. 2) : R. O. T. C. (1, 2) : Walau- gan Staff ( 3 ) . Horace Robert McSwain Shelby, N. C, Textile Manufacturing Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Kappa Delta (Pres.l; Order of 30 and 3: Blue Key; Golden Chain; Phi Psi; Sigma Tau Sigma; Debate Team (1.2. 3) ; South Atlantic Debate Championship Team (2); Y. M. C. A. (I. 2. Secy. 3. Pres. 4): Senior Class Gift Committee. [58] CELEBRflTinG THE FIFTIETH flnniVERSRRV C L-fl- S S Percy Durant Merritt Rose Hill. N. C. Textile Manufacturing Phi Psi: Tompkins Textile Society. David Charles Miller WARSAW, N. c. Agricultural Education Ag. Club: Ag. Education Society: Grange: R. O. T. C. (1, 2). EwiNG Stephenson Millsaps. Jr. ASHEBORO, N. C. Animal Production Upsilon Sigma Alpha: Lambda Gamma Delta: Ag. Club: Grange: Red Masquers: Cross Country (2); Livestock Judging Team (4). Charles N. Moore Washington. N. C. Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E.: Theta Tau. Clyde Thomas Moore rutherfordton, n. c. Textile Chemistry and Dyeing Sigma Tau Sigma: Tompkins Textile Society. CUTHBERT L. MOSELEY. JR.. ATP Raleigh, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Upsilon Sigma Alpha: Blue Key: A. S. M. E.; I. Ae. E.: Cheer Leader (1. 2. 3. Head Cheer Leader 4) : R. O. T. C. (1. 2, 3. Major 4). [59] OF nORTH CflROLinfl STRTE COLLEGE SE n I R James Lore Murray, n k a Newton. N. C. Aeronautical Engineering Golden Chain (V.-Prcs.): Sc; bbard and Blade: Blue Key: I. Ac. S.: Monogram Club: Upsilon Sigma Alpha: Tennis (1. 2. 3, Cap- tain 4): AGROMECK Staff d) : Student Wel- fare Committee: Sophomore Hop Committee; Junior-Senior Dance Committee: Homecoming Dance Committee: Scabbard and Blade Dance Committee: Senior Ring Committee: Secretary- Treasurer Junior Class: Freshman Counselor: R. O. T. C. (1, 2, 3. Captain 4). Bernard Joseph Musso Walsenburg. Col. Textile Weaving and Designing Phi Psi : Tompkins Textile Society. Harold Nass New York City, N. Y. Textile Chemistri and Dyeing Sigma Tau Sigma: Sigma Pi Alpha: Con- cert Orchestra. Gilmer Hughes Newbern Powells Point. N. C. Textile Manufacturing James Satterfield Newbold. k a Raleigh, N. C. Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E.: R. O. T. C. (1. 2. 3, Lieut. 4): Clemson College (1. 2). Edgar Byron Nichols, Jr. MOORESTOWN, N. J. Mechanical Engineering Upsilon Sigma Alpha: Mu Beta Psi: Red Masquers: Band (1, 2); Orchestra (2): Tech- nician: R. O. T. C. (1, 2, 3, Captain 4). [60] CELEBRRTinG THE FIFTIETH flnillVERSfiRV C L-ft S S Henry Rothrock Nooe, Jr. PiTTSBORO, N. c. Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E.: Southern Engineer; AGROMECK: Business Manager of Freshman Handbook: R. O. T. C. (1, 2) ; Freshman Counselor. Walter Charles Novick Frackville. Pa. Mechanical Engineering Football (1. 2. 3. 4). Burleigh Lee Overbey reidsville, n. c. Textile Manufacturing Red Coat Band (2. 3, 4). Edwin Bentley Owen Raleigh, n. C. Industrial Engineering Engineers ' Council: S. A. M. Herman Alexander Owens, a k n Rocky Mount, N. C. Chemical Engineering Joe Harte Padgett Shelby, N. C. Chemical Engineering A. I. Ch. E.; Elon College. 161] OF nORTH CRROUnn STATE COLLEGE S E n I R Cole Livingston Page Fairmont. N. C. Forestry Forestry Club: R. O. T. C. (I, 2, 3, 4). Dalton David Page Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. William Jennings Page AUTRYVILLE. N. C. Field Crops and Plant Breeding Gus Palmer, Jr.. 2 n Raleigh. N. C. Ceramic Engineering A. C. S.: Wrestling ( 1 ). John Daniel Parker murfreesboro. n. c. Agricultural Education Ag. Education Society; Ag. Club. Wright Fletcher Parker Gibson. N. C. Field Crops and Plant Breeding Ag. Club: Grange. [62] CELEBRnimG THE FIFTIETH flnniVERSRRV C Lfl- S S James Edward Parkin New Bedford, Mass. Chemical Engineering A. I. Ch. E.; Southern Engineer. Thomas Franklin Parks, a r p Lenoir. N. C. Textile Chemistry and Dyeing Mu Beta Psi; Scabbard and Blade; Band; Technician (4). JAMES Dickey Patton Franklin, N. C. Field Crops and Plant Breeding Alpha Zeta; Golden Chain; Ag. Fair fPres.) Freshman Counselor. O. Franklin Peatross Raleigh, N. C. Textile Manufacturing Baseball (3. 4). William Dean Pennington Nathans Creek. N. C. Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. Charles Edward Peters Grafton, Mass. Chemical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; A. I. Ch. E.; Drum and Bugle Corps (1, 2. 3. 4): Football (1); Basketball (1); Baseball (1); Track (3, 4); Companion of St. Patrick. [63: OF nORTH CRROUnn STATE COLLEGE SE n I R Carl H. Peterson, a k n Leechburg. Penna. Forestry Swimming (3 : Pinetum: Swimming Team Manager (4): F-orcstry Club. Thomas Edward Philbeck Shelby. N. C. Chemical Engineering A. I. Ch. E. John Gilbert Pickard Wilmington, N. C. Chemical Engineering A. I. Ch. E.; R. O. T. C. (1. 2). J. C. Pierce. Jr. Grassy Creek, N. C. Animal Husbandry Alpha Zcta; Pine Burr (Sccy. ; Lambda Gamma Delta (Pres.) ; Ag. Club (Secy.) : Asso- ciate Editor of Agricullurist : Poultry Judging Team: Livestock Judging Team: Winner of Danforth Fellowship (4). Harry Walter Plummer, Jr.. 5 N ASHEVILLE, N. C. Forestry Forestry Club; Band (1. 2). Abner D. Potter Barium Springs, N. C. Textile Chemistry and Dyeing [64] CELEBRRTinG THE FIFTIETH flnniVERSflRV C L-FI- S S James Thomas Power High Shoals, N. C. Aeronautical Engineering I. Ac. S. (Pres.) ; Flying Club: A. S. M. E. (.Secy.) ; R. O. T. C. (1. 2). David Ruffin Powers St. PAULS, N. C. Mechanical Engineering (Aero.) I. Ac. S.: A. S. M. E.: Flying Club: R. O. T. C. (1, 2. 3. Lieut. 4). William Henry Pruden MARGARETSVILLE. N. C. Agricultural Education Ag. Club: Ag. Education Society: Ag. Fair (2, 3). Robert Marshall Pully woodsdale, n. c. Textile Manufacturing Tompkins Textile Society. Daniel Hughes Purifoy Bachelor. N. C. Animal Production Alpha Zeta : Ag. Club: Agriculturist (3). James Paul Raby ALMOND, N. C. Agricultural Education Ag. Club: Ag. Education Society. [65] OF nORTH CflROUnfl STRTE C0LLE6E SE n 1 R Ahmad Faraj Rafik SuLAiMANi, Iraq Agriculture and Special Tobacco Sigma Pi Alpha. Eldred Oscar Randolph, Jr. MORGANTON, N. C. Chemical Engineering Thcta Tau: Engineers ' Council: A. I. Ch. E. (V.-Pres.); Sophomore Hop; Secretary-Treas- urer Sophomore Class; R. O. T. C. (1, 2. 3, 4). Arthur Garfield Raymond, a j MOORESTOWN. N. J. Industrial Engineering Engineers ' Council (Pres.) : S. A. M. (Pres.) ; Intcrfraternity Council: Advisory Board: Southern Engineer: Golf (3, 4): Tech- nician: I. R. C. John F. Redding. ::i n ASHEBORO. N. C. Textile Manufacturing James Frederick Reeves Weaverville. N. C. Forestry Forestry Club; Monogram Club: Ag. Club; Hillbilly Club: Tennis (2. 3. 4): Pinetum Staff; Student Legislative Body. Charles Hoge Reynolds GATE City, Va. Textile Manufacturing Phi Psi : Sigma Tau Sigma CV.-Pres.) Tompkins Textile Society: R. O. T. C. (1,2) Lincoln Memorial University (1). [66; CELEBRRTinG THE FIFTIETH flnniVERSRRV C L-fl- S S Ross H. Reynolds. Jr.. k a RALEIGH. N. C. Electrical Engineering Order of 30 and 3; A. I. E. E.: Swimming (1. 2. 3. Co-Captain 4); Intcrfratcrnity Coun- cil: Monogram Club. HAROLD Francis Riley New Bedford, Mass. Chemical Engineering Gamma Sigma Epsilon; A. I. Ch. E. John Ricksom Robbins, a x a Pitman. N. J. Chemical Engineering Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; A. I. Ch. E.; Alpha Chi Sigma: Wataugan Staff; M. I. T. (1): R. O. T. C. (1, 2. 3, Lieut. 4). GEORGE Bennett Roberts Newport, N. C. Agricultural Education Ag. Club: Ag. Education Society: R. O. T. C. (1, 2). Harold Frank Robinson Bandana. N. C. Field Crops and Plant Breeding Lambda Gamma Delta; Ag. Club (Prcs.) : I. R. C. (V.-Prcs.) : Crop Judging Team. Sidney D. Rogers Wilmington, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Upsilon Sigma Alpha; Theta Tau; A. S. M. E. (V.-Pres.); Southern Engineer (3, Business Manager 4): Publications Board: Engineers ' Council: R. O. T. C. (1, 2. 3, Lieut. 4). [67] OF nORTH CRROUnn STATE COLLEBE SE n I R Henry Allen Ruddock Charlotte. N. C. Chemical Engineering Theta Tau; A. I. Ch. L.: R. O. T. C. (1. 2, 3. Capt. 4). Ben R. Rudisill, k t Cherryville, N. C. Textile Management Phi Psi ; Tompkins Textile Society: Band (1. 2, 3, 4); Boxing (2): R. O. T. C. (1. 2, 3. 4). Robert Scott Runnion. Jr.. i E Raleigh, N. C. Electrical Engineering Theta Tau (3. 4) ; A. I. E. E.: R. O. T. C. (1. 2, 3, 4). Herbert Ralph Rupp Mechanicsburg, Penna. Forestry Forestry Club: Basketball (4): Pinetum Staff: R. O. T. C. (,1, 2). Charles Rayside Russell, w k n Raleigh. N. C. Industrial Arts Drum and Bugle Corps; R. O. T. C. (1, 2, 3. Lieut. 4). Frank Pierce Sabol Campbell. Ohio Ceramic Engineering Kcramos: A. C. S. (V.-Pres.) : Freshman Counselor: R. O. T. C. (1. 2. 3, 4; : Blue Key. 68] CELEBRflTinG THE FIFTIETH flnniVERSRRV C L-f=V S S Stephen S. Sailer EAST " Orange, N. J. Textile Management Sigma Tau Sigma: Golden Chain: I. R. C. (Prcs. ) : Tompkins Textile Society: Blue Key: Technician (Sports Editor 3. Editor 4) : Stu- dent Welfare Committee: College Printing Plant Committee: Glee Club: Publications Board: Floor President. AsBURY Milliard Sallenger, 2 N Florence, s. C. Electrical Engineering Blue Key: A. I. E. E.: Student Welfare Com- mittee: Social Functions Committee: Interfra- ternity Council (Pres.). Edward Blake Sauvain, k 2 Concord, N. C. Textile Management Interfraternity Council: Tompkins Society: Sophomore Hop Committee. Textile John Paul Sawyer. Jr., 2 n Elizabeth City. N. C. Ceramic Engineering Pine Burr: Phi Eta Sigma: Keramos: En- gineers ' Council: Companion of St. Patrick: R. O. T. C. (1, 2. 3. Major 4) : A. C. S. (Pres.) : AGROMECK (1, 2. 3): Sophomore Hop: Pine Burr Dance Committee: Engineers Fair Chair- man. William Arthur Scholes. 2 n Detroit, Mich. Ceramic Engineering Phi Eta Sigma: Pine Burr: Keramos (Pres.) : Companion of St. Patrick: A. C. S. : Sophomore Hop Committee: Pine Burr Dance Committee: Agromeck (2). WiNFRED PINKNEY SEITZ Newton, N. C. Dairy Manufacturing Ag. Club: Grange: R. O. T. C. (I, 2). [69] OF nORTH CRROUnn STATE C0LLE8E SE n I R John Colin Shaw Kerr. N. C. Textile Management James Robert Shearon BUNN, n. c. Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu; A. I. E. E. (Secy.). Richard Wayne Shelley FORKSVILLE, PENN. Forestry Forestry Club; R. O. T. C. (2); Pcnn. State (1). Meredith Lee Shumaker Philadelphia. Penn. Dairy Manufacturing Ag. Club; Monogram Club: Cross Country {1. 2, Manager 3); R. O. T. C. (I, 2, 3. Lieut. 4). Gordon Janssen Simmons New Bedford, Mass. Chemical Engineering Gamma Sigma Epsilon; A. I. Ch. E. Norman Singleton New Bedford. Mass. Chemical Engineering Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Y. M. C. A.; I. R. C: A. I. Ch. E. [70. CELEBRRTinG THE FIFTIETH flliniVERSflRV C L-fl- S S John Carl Sloan. Jr. Davidson, N. C. Chemical Engineering 4 Robert Weston Slocum, a r p RALEIGH. N. C. Forestry Forestry Club: Alpha Zeta: Phi Eta Sigma; R. O. T. C. (1. 2) ; RoUeo Chairman (4). Whitmell Baker Small Washington. N. c. Civil Engineering Alexander Martin Smith, II Elkin, N. C. Chemical Engineering Tau Beta Pi: Golden Chain (Prcs.) ; Blue Key: Phi Eta Sigma: Y. M. C. A. Executive Committee: A. I. Ch. E.: Student Welfare Com- mittee: Phi Kappa Phi Scholarship Medal: Davidson College ( 1 ) . Edward Woodson Smith. Ill Norfolk, Va. Forestry Scabbard and Blade: Forestry Club: R. O. T. C. (1. 2. 3. Lieut. 4): Publications Board: Freshman " Y " Council; Swimming (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Pinetum (3. Editor 4) ; Slabs and Edgings (4): Assistant Football Manager (1. 2. 3. 4). EvERET FoY Smith Lexington, N. C. Chemical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: A. I. Ch. E.: I. R. C; Radio Club; Glee Club: State College Quartet; Technician Staff (I). [71] OF nORTH CflROUnfl STATE COLLEGE S E n I R Robert S. Smith Vanceboro. N. C. Field Crops and Plant Breeding Students Legislature (V.-Prcs.) : Debate Team; Ag. Club. Morris Barnett Sokoloff Raleigh, N. C. Textile Manufacturing C. C. N. Y. C}}). Leslie Ranix)Lph Spain NORLINA. N. C. Chemical Engineering A. I. Ch. E.; Baseball (1); Football (1); R. O. T. C. (I, 2). Malvin F. Spencer Salisbury, N. C. Textile Chemistry and Dyeing Phi Psi; Tompkins Textile Society: Tech- niaan (3): R. O. T. C. (I. 2. 3. Lieut. 4). Joe Jones Steele Lenoir, N. C, Forestry Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4). Henry Peters Stoffregen, a x a Raleigh, N, C. Forestry Forestry Club; R. O. T. C. (3. 4). [72 CELEBRRTinG THE FIFTIETH flnniVERSflRV C L-fl- S S Charlton H. Storey. Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Nu : Pine Burr; Sigma Pi Alpha: Mu Beta Psi: A. I. E. E.: Yellow Dogs: Orchestra (2. 3); R. O. T. C. (Band 2. 3. Capt. 4): Red Coat Band (2. 3. Pres. 4): Davidson College (1). Samuel Pinckney Stowe. Jr.. n k Belmont. N. C. Textile Manufacturing Edgar Duncan Stowell New Bedford. Mass. Chemical Engineering A. L Ch. E.: Y. M. C. A.: Phi Psi. Joseph James Stroud Southern Pines. N. C. Construction Engineering A. S. C. E. (V.-Pres.): A. G, C: R. O. T. C. (1, 2. 3, Lieut. 4). Albert Theodore Strupler, n k a Fayetteville, N. C. Textile Manufacturing Sigma Tau Sigma: Phi Psi: R. O. T. C. (1, 2, 3, Lieut. 4). Charles Wayland Stuart. Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. Textile Manufacturing Phi Psi: Tompkins Textile Society: Glee Club; Football (1, 2. 3, 4). [73] OF nORTH CRROUnn STATE COLLEGE SE n I R Charles Malcolm Sturkey. Jr. Albemarle, N. C. Chemical Engineering Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Theta Tau: A. 1. Ch. E.; Radio Club. Sidney Carlyle Summey, 2 e Shelby. N. C. Textile Weaving and Designing Charles W. Swan Raleigh, N. C. Textile Manufacturing Tompkins Textile Society: Football (1. 2) Boxing (1, 2): Baseball (I, 2); Track (1 2): Tennis (4); Duke University ( , 2). Ira Lee Taylor Harrisburg, N. C. Forestry Forestry Club. Leroy Smith Taylor Greenville, N. C. Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E.i East Carolina Teachers College (I. 2). Roland Arrington Taylor Whitakers. N. C. Textile Manufacturing R. O. T. C. (1. 2) : Band (1, 2): Red Coat Band (1. 3. 4); Orchestra (1, 3); Glee Club (I. 3); Tompkins Textile Society. [74: CELEBRRTinG THE FIFTIETH flnniVERSflRV C L-ft S S Wilbur Newton Taylor JONESBORO, N. C. Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi: A. L E. E.: Elon College (1). Harvey Lee Thomas oakboro, n. c. Agricultural Education Kappa Phi Kappa: Ag. Club: Ag. Education Society. James Durwood Thompson GOLDSBORO, N. C. Field Crops and Plant Breeding Alpha Zcta : Ag. Club (Treas.) : Agricultural- Forestry Council. Leland E. Thornton Hampton, Va. Animal Husbandry Alpha Zcta: Lambda Gamma Delta: Ag. Club: Upsilon Sigma Alpha: Agncullunst Staff (1. 2, 3); Track Team ( 3 ): " Wrestling Team (4); Junior-Senior Dance Committee: Freshman Counselor: Livestock Judging Team: R. O. T. C. U. 2. 3. 4). Mallie Curtis Todd, a x a Wendell, n. C. Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Nu (V.-Pres.) : A. I. E. E.: Band (2, 3) : Radio Club: Y. M. C. A.: Interfraternity Council; Wataugan Staff: Junior-Senior Dance Committee: Finals Dance Committee: Senior Gift Committee: Interfrater- nity Council Budget Committee: Secretary- Treasurer Senior Class. James Alfred Towery, a r p Concord, N. C. Textile Weaving and Designing Phi Psi : Tompkins Textile Society. [75: OF nORTH CRROUnR STATE COLLEGE SE n I R Donald Fleetwood Traylor MURFREESBORO. N. C. Forestry Forestry Club: Monogram Club: Boxing Ci. Captain 4): Football {1. 2, 3, 4); R. O. T. C. (1, 2). Bradford Snow Tucker. 5 $ e Raleigh. N. C. Ceramic Engineering Phi Eta Sigma: Kcramos: Order of 30 and 3: A. C. S.: Tennis Team (1. 2): Swimming Team (3) : Social Functions Committee: R. O. T. C. (1.2. 3. Capt. Adj. 4). Enoch Simmons Vaughan. a a t WASHINGTON, N. C. Chemical Engineering A. I. Ch. E.: Interfraternity Council: Basket- ball (4). William Emite Viverette Sharpsburg. N. C. Construction Engineering A. G. C: A. S. C. E.: A. I. E. E.; Band I 1. 2, 3, 4) : R. O. T. C. (1. 2). Edwin Mims Walker Raleigh, N. C. Forestry Forestry Club; R. O. T. C. (1, 2). James Fred Webb. Jr. Macclesfield. N. C. Agronomy Alpha Zeta: Lambda Gamma Delta; Ag. Club; Ag. -Forestry Council: Ag. Dance Com- mittee. 76 ' CELEBRRTinG THE FIFTIETH flnniVERSflRV C L-fl- S S Claude B. Wells Leicester, N. C. Dairy Manufacturing Ag. Club; Animal Husbandry Society: Freshman " Y " Council; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: R. O. T. C. (1,2); Agriculturist Staff: I, R, C, Roy Lynn Westerfield raleigh, n. c, Forestry Forestry Club; Knox College (1); United States Military Academy: R. O. T. C. (2). Edwin Hall Wetmore WOODLEAF, N. C. Agricultural Education Ag. Club; Ag. Education Club: Lees McRae College (I). Rex H. Wheatley Wilmington. N. C. Construction Engineering Scabbard and Blade: A. S. C. E. ; Interfra- ternity Council: R. O. T. C. (1. 2. 3, Lieut. 4): A. G. C. Edward Jordan Whitmire Brevard, N, C, Vocational Education Ag. Club (Prcs. ) ; Ag. Education Society (V.-Prcs.) : Student Council, Edgar John Wicker Raleigh, N, C, Industrial Engineering S. A, M,: A. S. M. E.: R, O, T, C. (1, 2, 3, 4). [77] OF nORTH CRROLinfl STATE C0LLE6E SE n I R Robert Levie Wicker Sanford, N. C. Civil Engineering Scabb.ird and BKide; Thcta Tau; A. S. C. E.: A. G. C: Monogram Club: Baseball (1, 2. 3, Capt. 4); R. O. T. C. (1, 2, Sgt. Major 3. Major 4) . Charles Widlitz RocKviLLE Centre. N. Y. Textile Management Tompkins Textile Society: I. R. C. Henry Page Wilder, k a Aberdeen, N. C. Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E.: R. O. T. C. (1. 2. 3, 4). Dan Arthur Willey. Jr. Gates. N. C. Agricultural Education Ag. Club: Ag. Education Society. George H. Wilson Shelby. N. C. Chemical Engineering Red Masquers: A. I. Ch. E.: R. O, T. C. 1. 2. 3. Capi. 4). Willie Garland Woltz Bullock. N. C. Agronomy Beaux Arts. [78] CELEBRRTinG THE FIFTIETH flnniVERSRRV C L-f=f S S Paul Emerson Wood Hawthorne, N. J. Textile Management Phi Psi : Tompkins Textile Society; Mono- gram Club: Swimming (1. 2. 3. 4). Robert Beam Wood GASTONIA, N. C. Textile Manufacturing Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Psi; Sigma Tau Sigma; Tompkins Textile Society; Freshman Counselor; R. O. T. C. (1. 2, 3. Lieut. 4). Millard William Woodruff, a k n ROSELLE PARK, N. J. Electrical Engineering Band (1, 2) : Yellow Dogs; A. I. E. E. James Abner Worrell, n k a Rich Square, N. C. Electrical Engineering Blue Key; Pine Burr; Order of 30 and 3; Eta Kappa Nu : Scabbard and Blade; AgROMECK (2, 3, Editor 4); Publications Board; Vice- President Junior Class; Student Government (1. 2, Treas. 31: R. O. T. C. (1, 2. 3, Lieut. - Col. 4) : Collegiate Who ' s Who: A. I. E. E.; Freshman Counselor. John Marvin Worrell Gates, N. C. Agricultural Education Ag. Club; Ag. Education Society (Pres.) Grange; Y. M. C. A. Ralph Wiggins Wrenn Raleigh, N. C. Chemical Engineering A. I. Ch. E.; R. O. T. C. (1, 2). [79] OF noRTH cflROunn state college SE n I R Chester N. Wright Highlands. N. C. Forestry Forestry Club. Edward Michael Yacko. . r i ' Bridgeport. Conn. Chemical Engineering A. I. Ch. E.: Gamma Sigma Epsilon. Pearson Buckley Yeager Mount Union. Penna. Forestry Forestry Club; Upsilon Sigma Alpha: R. O. T. C. (1.2, 3. Lieut. 4). Monte Mervyn Young Charlotte. N. C. Forestry Forestry Club. Glenn Edward Yount Newton, N. C. Construction Engineering Theta Tau (Trcas.) A. S. C. E.: A. G. C. (Prcs.): Engineers ' Council: Appalachian State Teachers College (1. 2). Ralph M. Aldridge yanceyville. n. c. Agricultural Education Ag. Club: Ag. Education Society: Grange. [80] CELEBRnimG THE FIFTIETH flnniVERSfiRV C L-fl- B S BuRNiCE G. Andrews ROBERSONVILLE. N. C. Agricultural Economics Ag. Club: Ag. Economics Club; Grange; Agriculturist: R. O. T, C. (1. 2, 3. Major 4). Robert Bailey Bartlett SWANNANOA, N. C. Civil Engineering Y. M. C. A.; A. S. C. E.; Freshman Coun- cilor: R. O. T. C. (1, 2, 3, Capt. 4). Everett Wade Byrd Whiteville, N. C. Agriculture Ag. Club. Grange; R. O. T. C. (1, 2); Track (3, 4). Edward Howard Coon, Jr. WATERTOWN. CONN. Civil Engineering A. S. C. E.: Monogram Club: Football (1. 2. 3) : Wrestling (1, 2). Carlos Kenny Dale Portsmouth, Va. foresfry Forestry Club; Freshman Y. Council ; Pinetum (1. 2. 3. Business Manager 4); Wrestling Team (2). Rodolfo Aristides Diaz San Juan. Puerto Rico Industrial Engineering [8i; OF noRTH cflROunn state collebe SE n I R Clarence Earley RUTHERFORDTON, N. C. Agricultural Chemistry Alpha Zeta; Ag. Club; R. O. T. C. (1. 2). Joseph Thurman Frye. Jr.. a r p Wardensville, w. Va. Forestry Golden Chain: Alpha Zeta: Blue Key; Pi Kappa Delta; Delta Epsilon Alpha: Who ' s Who Among American Universities; Pinetum (2, Business Manager 3); Technician (1) : For- estry Club (Treas. 2. Vice-Pres. 3. Pres. 4); R. O. T. C. (I. 2. 3. Major 4) ; Debate Squad (1. 2. 3); Pres. of Student Legislative Assem- bly (3) ; Pres. of Senior Class. Paul Joseph Gibson Franklin, N. C. Horticulture Alpha Zeta: Pine Burr: Y. M. C. A.; Ag. Club; Ag. Fair; Grange; Agriculturist Staflf. Jack C. Haynes. a :• WINSTON-SALEM. N. C. Ceramic Engineering Tau Beta Pi (3. Vice-Pres. 4); Keramos: Sigma Pi Alpha: American Ceramic Society: Wrestling (1. 4); Southern Engineer (Asst. Editor 3, Editor 4): Publications Board: Freshman Counselor: Ex-Officio Member of Engineers ' Council. William D. Hood. Jr.. i k t Smithfield. N. C. Chemical Engineering A. I. Ch. E. : Football ( 1) ; Swimming ( ) : Wataugan; Interfratcrnity Dance Committee. Ted Marvin Jollay Durham, N. C. Forestry B. S. U.; Mars Hill Junior College (1). 82- CELEBRRTinG THE FIFTIETH flnillVERSfiR C L-fl- S S James Bernard Lasley Greensboro. N. C. Mechanical Engineering Thcta Tau: A. S. M. E. (Pres. 4 ) ; R. O. T. C. (1. 2.): Engineers ' Council (4). Howard Wilson Ledbetter ASHEVILLE. N. C. Pomology Ag. Club: Student Fair. Richard Vardry McPhail hamlet, n. c. Textiles I. R. C. : Tomkpins Textile Society; Y. M. C. A.: Publications Board: Baseball (1) : Cross Country (I): Technician (I. 2. 3. Editor 4), Bearl Floyd Nesbitt Fletcher, N. C. Agricultural Education Ag. Education Society: Ag. Club. Paul S. Thompson CLEVELAND, N. C. Agricultural Economics Alpha Zeta: Pine Burr: Phi Kappa Phi; Ag. Club: Grange; Agriculturist Staff: R. O. T. C. (2. 3, Capt. 4). 83] OF nORTH CflROUnR STRTE COLLEGE THE JUNIOR CLASS James A. Mitchiner President T. R. Frazier Vice-President Lloyd langdon Secretary- Treasurer 1 rt -»» T (J -m f, ; ii6 , 41 COLKMAN MiLLKR ABSHER Statcsvillc. N. C. Ai riciiltitral Education Edward Aaron Adams TaylorsviUc. N. C. Atf. Club; Ag. Educ.ition Society. Walter Jarvis Adams Ashevillc. N. C. Chciftical EtKtinccriitft Haptist Student liiioii; A. I. Ch. E. JOESH A. ALBO Gum Fork. N. C. AgrictiUurat Education Allison Douglass Allison Pine Bluff, N. C. Industrial Rnginccrinij .Mu Beta Psi; Glee Club (1, 2, i) CoIleRe Quartette (1. 2. }). Chapman R. Andrews, a k n. Garwood, N. J. Architectural Enoinccrina Ha.skelliall (1. i) ; Baseball (1. J). Junius Mebane Andrews Roscboro. N. C. Mechanical Enoinecriittt A. S. M. E.; Football (1 ); ' Basketball (1); .Militarv (1. - ' , .!). Thomas F. Armstrong, a a t Columbia, N. C. Construction Enainccrinc A. S. C. E.; A. G. C; Y. M. " C. A.; I. Ae. S. : R. O. T. C. (1, - ' ). John Dillard Atkins High Point, N. C. Forestry Forestry Club; f ' inetiim (I, 2. i): R. O. T. C. (1, 2. .U. George S. Atkinson, Jr. Fayctteviilc. N. C. HiahTcav Euqinccrinii A. G. C. WlLLIA.Vl REID AUMAN Biscoc. N. C. Architectural En jiticering John SHEPP ARD AVENT Sanford. N. C. Mechanical Eiuiincerintt A. S. M. E.; R. O. t. C. (1. _ ' , .1). RuggLES Lee Baker Ashevillc. N. C. Chemical Enainccrino A. L Ch. E. HARRY Earl BALLANCE Portsmouth, Va. Chemical En{ iticcrin(j John N. BARKDALL, a K n Hagcrstown. Md. Wildlife Conserz-atioin and Manaiicntcnt luterfraternity Council. Caki, Broadus Barnes Raleigh. N. C. Chemical Enciineerinq A. I. Ch. E.; R. O. T. C. (1. 2. .11. John Edmund Barry Wilmington. N. C. Textile Chemistry and Pyeinti Tompkins Textile -Society; Textile Chemists and Dyers of America; Wrestling (2, 3); Football (2. .1); Baseball (2). HARRY Vaughn Beck Thomasville. N. C. Mechanical Enijineerimj A. S. M. E. : Wrestling CI); Southern Enoineer (2); Dormitory Floor Manager (1); R. O. T. C. (I, 2, ,1). Charles F. H. Begg Charlotte. N. C. Textile Chemistry and Pycina Elmer Jack BENDIGO Greensboro. N. C. Textile Management Howard Bergman, -AM... Brooklyn, N. Y. Textile Mattatjement Pi Kappa Delta; Strawberry Leaf; Forensic .Squad: Publicity Alanager of Student Forum of I ublic Opinion; Ti nipkins Textile .Society. MICHAEL KALEN BERKUT . Franklinton. N. C. Atjriculturat Chemistry H.-isi-ball (1. 2, 3); Forensics (.1); Student Legislative .X senibly. George W. BETHELL, n K a Wilmington. N. C. Chemical Enoincerino Technician: K. O. t. C. (1, 2, .!). DWKillT Barton BETTS , . Greensboro. N. C. Cit ' lV Enuincerina A. C. C; A, S. C. E.; R. O. T. C. (1, 2, .1); Boxing. !86] THE 1939 PAUL BiGGERS Sanford. Florida Textile Mauayctticiit Thomas Walter Bivens Stanfield. N. C. Agricultural Education Aff. Education Society; Ag. Club; V. M. C. A. Stuart Jerome " Black Concord. N. C. Atjriciiltural Education Ag. Club; Ag. Society. Lewis Vardell Blake Watha, N. C. Animal Production Ag. Club: R. O. T. C. (1. 2). Thomas H. Blount, Jr Washington. N. C. Mechanical Enginecriit Theta Tau : A. S. AL E.; Southern Enoincer. Adver- tising Manager (.!); R. O. T. C. Stafford L. Bolton Rich Square. N. C. Architectural Engineering Leslie N. BONEY. Jr Wilmington. N. C. Architectural Engineering Companion of St. Patrick: Beau-x Arts Society; Freshman V Council: R. O. T. C. U. 2, 3); Tennis Team (1. 2). Eugene S. Bowers, Jr., a X a. .Jackson, N. C. Chemical En-gineeriuci A. L Ch. E.; Technician (1, 2); Wataugan (2, .?). Robert Walker Bradham Rocky Mount. N. C. Mechanical Engincerin i A. S. M. E.; I. Ae. S.; R. O. T. C. (1, 2); Y. M. C. A.; Library Staff. Paul a. Bradley Jackson. N. C. Agricultural Education Daniel Wadsworth Brady Carthage. N. C. Animal Husbandry RALPH Wilson Brake Rocky Mount. N. C. Forcstrv Al|iha Zeta: Forestry Club: Rifle Team (1, 2, i). Joseph Woodrow Brandon . . . Cramerton, N. C. Aeronautical Enqinecring I. Ae. S.; Technician: R. O. T. C. (1, 2, 3); Freshman Counselor. G. Mack BRANNON. a a T . . Sanford. N. C. Textile Mana-aemcitt Tumpkins Textile Society; R. O. T. C. (1. 2. 3). Henry W. Branson. - n Greensboro. N. C. Construction Eu(iiiiecriu i A. C. C. : Interfraternity Council ; Baseball ( 1 ). Edgar M. BRITT, AXA. . .Winston-Salcm. N. C. Textile Mana-gcfucnt Toinpkins Textile Society; Watau(jan (1, 2). Editor (. ) ; Pnbl ications Board ( 3 ) . Jeff O. T. Brown Roanoke Rapids. N. C. Chemical Ent i ' teeniio A. I. Ch. E.; Boxing (i, 2). Robert Preston Bryan Marshall. N. C. Animal Production Ag. Club. William Paige Bryan Marshall. N. C. Clicnjical Engiiiecriiiq A. I. Ch. E. William Welborn Bulla Asheboro. N. C. Chemical Enqimcriuii Y. M. C. A.; Southern Enc inecr (3); A. I. Ch. E. James M. BuRNHAM. E Charlotte. N. C. Architectural Engineering Mu Beta Psi ; Beaux Arts Society; Manager Wrestling Team (3); Agromfck (2, 3). Ralph L. Burt Raleigh. N. C. Mechanical Engineering Red Coat Band; Military Band; Orchestra; Football (3). Hal C. Byrd, KT Erwin. N. C. Textile Mana-gement Phi Psi; Tompkins Textile Society; Interfraternity Coun- cil; Technician (2. 3); R. O. T. C. (1, 2, 3). Color Sergt. Robert Lee Cain Fayetteville. N. C. Forestry Phi Eta Sigma; Forestry Club. % f i " r iTIo RGROniECK [87] c ' M ' ,- J T Tc [ ' C: ! , f Cf A o (C. ' " ' fM O C) JM K L4 ' Marvin Galloway Calhoun Clio. s. C. Electrical En-ginccriiuj L. W. CartwRIGHT, Jr., n K a . , Baltimore, Md. Aeronautical Euf iucrriiKj Sigma Pi Alpha; Upsilon Sigma Alpha; I. Ae. S.; Cross Country (2) ; Swimming (2) ; Freshman Tennis .Manager (3) : Asst. N ' arsity Ti-nnis Manager (3) ; Sopho- more Dance Committee. Preston Lloyd Champion Spindale. N. C. Forestry Walter T. Cline, i: i ' E Raleigh. N. C. Textile Maitufactiiritif Tompkins Textile Society; Tennis (1, 2, 3); H ' atautiatt. MARK Wayne Cole, Jr. Butters. N. C. lili-ctrical Hntjiiiecriittj Max Collins, Jr., A X B Gary. N. C. Constnictioi! Rntiincvriita A. G. C; A, S. C. E.; R. (). T. C. " (L 2, }) V. . L C. A.; Track (1). Eugene Blair Conrad .Charlotte. N. C. Industriul liudmeerintj Foothall (I, 2. i); R. O. T. C. Charles Cook, - E Philadelphia. Pa. Textile Maiiufacturintj Tompkins Textile Society; Swimming (1 ) ; Wat nut an (1): Interfraternity Council. Henry Lafayette Cooke Littleton. N. C. Field Crofts ami Plant BrcctUiui Y. M. C. A. KiFFiN Rockwell Craven. , Charlotte. N. C. Textile Wca ' ivg and Pr.fiV tjni. Monte L. Crawford, kz . Spartanburg. S. C. Mechanical Engincerina Football (1, 2, 3): Basketball (1. 2. 3). Herbert R. Crawford Henderson. N. C. Aeronautical Etuiinecring Phi Eta Sigma; 30 and 3 ; Pi Kappa Delta; Sigma Pi Alpha; I. Ae. S.; A. S. M. E. ; Red Masquers; Cheer Leader (1, 2) ; Assistant Editor, Southern Engineer. A. Leon CURRAN, . .Bittingcr. Md. Agricultural Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Mu Beta Psi ; Ag. Club. MACON M. DALTON, - n Durham, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; A. S. M. E. ; Southern Engineer; Box- iUiX Manager (I) ; Alternate Engineers ' Council. William Hoyt Davenport Kinston. N. C. Agricultural Economies Ag. Club; Cross Country (2) ; W restling (3, 3) ; Track (2); Agriculturist; R. O. T. C. (1, 2, 3). Edward P. Davidson, as ... Murphy. N. C. Electrical Engineering Theta Tau; 30 and 3; Interfraternity Council; Technician (1. 2), Managing Editor (3); Associate Editor Handbook (L 2). M. E. Davidson, Jr., k - Raleigh. N. C. Industrial Ent ineerinn R. (). T. C. (1. 2. 3). Charles C. Davis, Jr Wilmington. N. C. Architectural Engineering Sw immiiig (1. 2, 3 ) ; Companion of St. Pal rick ( 1 ). George Washington Davis Areola. N. C. Frances Dees Greensboro. N. C. Landscape Architecture Beaux Arts. JAMES Adrian Dobson Siatcsvillc. N. C. Agricultural Education Ag. Education Society; Ag. Club. David William Donovan. 2 p k Raleigh. N. C. Architectural Engineering Alternate to Engineers ' Council; Beaux Arts. FREDERICK William DOTGER. Charlotte. N. C. Animal Husbandry Ag. Club. JAMES TOMS Dover. Jr., a :s I ' Shelby. N. C. Textile Maiianenient Technician.; K. O. T. C. 88] THE 1939 W. B. Dunn, a K n Kennerddl, Pa. Forestry Forestry Club. ERNEST EARL DURHAM Kernersville, N. C. Ajjriculiitral Education Kappa Phi Kappa; Blue Key; Alpha Zeta; Ag. Club; Ag. Kducatiou .Society; Social Functions Committee; Stu- dent Council, Treasurer i,i); Baseball il); R. O. T. C. (1, 2, 3). CHARLES PATTON ECHERD. . . Greensboro, N. C. Ttwtilc Chemistry and Dyeing Phi Eta Sigma: JO and 3; Student Council (2); Tomp- kins Textile Society; R. O. T. C. CI, 2), Sgt. (JJ. NORWOOD EDGE Fayetteville, N. C. Field Crops and Plant Breeding ECCLES DAILY ELLIOTT Hiddenite, N. C. Field Crops Ag. Club. Luther MACON EPPS, JR Newton. N. C. Aeronautical Engineeriiug Mu Beta Psi; L Ae. S.; Yellow Dogs; R. O. T. C. (1. 2, 3). Hugh R. Everett, AXA. . , .Greensboro, N. C. Textile Chemistry and Dyeing Tompkins Textile Society; Wataugan (3); Sophomore Dance Committee. MARSHALL Leigh FALLWELL Raleigh, N. C. Chemical Engineering A. I. Ch. E.; R. 0. T. C. (1, 2, i). JOSEPH George Filicky Raleigh, N. C. Chemical Enoinecring Phi Eta Sigma; A. L Ch. E. ELLIS Wood Fisher, n k a Salubury, N. C. Textile Chemistry and Dyeing Band (1). John Adam fleck Raleigh, N. C. 1 ndustrial E.ngineering JOHN Milton Foster, k a Raleigh. N. C. Textile Manitfactltrinii U Beta Psi; Band; R. (.). T. C. ; Tom|ikins Textile Society. CHARLES Vernon FOWLES Tryon. N. C. 1 ndustrial lintiineerinti Baseball (1, 2); R. O. " T. C. " Cl, 2, 3). ROSCOE W. FRANCK Scotland Neck, N. C. McclitDu ' cal Engineering A. S. M. E. Sidney b. Frank Wilson. N. C. Textile Manufacturiug Tompkins Textile Society. Thomas R. FRAZIER, Jr., K 2. Warrenton. N. C. Electrical Engineering R. O. T. C. ; Vice-President Junior Class. Neill W. Freeman Star. N. C. Agricultural Education Ag. Club; Ag-. Etiucation Society. Charles Joseph Fritz Greensboro, N. C. Electrical Ejigiiicerina Clee Cluli. G. H. FULCHER Leaksville. N. C. Textile Management Charlie M. Gattis Louisburg. N. C. Ceramic Enginecrina A. C. S. Theodore E. GERBER. a K II Brooklyn. N. Y. Eorcstry Forestry Cluh; Swimming (2, 3 ). John Goodman Getsinger. . . .Plymouth. N. C. Clu ' inical Engineering ARTHUR R. GeweHR. 2N. , South Orange. N. J. Textile Management Tompkins Textile Society. William Edward Gibbons, as ., Bogota. N. J. Forestry Mu Beta Psi; Forestry Club; ' Fcwtball (1, 2); Pinetum : Cross Country; Track; Red Coat Band (1, 2, 3); R. O. T. C. Band (1, 2, 3); Concert Band (1, 2, 3). iS if MJ i RGROfllECK [89] 1?T m i f Ks Mm f 1 - " " k ••• - r- 5 iS " T . ' f f J M ' Harold Alan Ciller Montclair. N. J. Chemical E l(li u crinff A. I. Ch. E.; Tennis (2). Charles Wiburn glazener Rosman. N. C. Agricultural Chemistry Walter Joseph Clod Castle Hayne. N. C. Electrical Euitineerinii A. I. E. E.; Y. M. C. A.; R. O. T. C. (1. 2. i). George martin Goforth Shelby. N. C. Aaricitltitral Education As. Cliih; R. (). T. C. (1, 2, .1). HALIL NEDIM GOKNIL Istanbul. Turkey Agriculture EDWARD M. GREENE, JR. , . . Peachland. N. C. Agricultural Education Ag. Club; Ag. Education Club. William Gordon Greenlee, . . .Marion. N. C. Dairy Afanufacturiitg P. PORCHER Gregg Florence. S. C. Construction Engineering Phi Eta Sigma: Companion of St. Patrick; A. G. C. ; A. S. C. E. ; Teehnijcian (1, 2, 3); Freshman Counselor (.!); R. O. T. C. (1, 2, ,1). CLARENCE Franklin Gregory Richmond, Va. Chemical Engineering DWIGHT MCLEAN GRIFFIN . Reidsville. N. C. Agricultural Engineering Ag. Club; Ag. Engineers ' Chili. Thomas Jack Griffin Neuse, N. C. Textile Manufacturing Edwin Cochrane Guy Ncwland, N. C. Textile Chemistry and Dyeimj Boxing (3); Football (3). Donald E. Hamilton. k t . . Charlotte. N. C. Textile Manufacturimi Tomjikins Textile Society; Phi Psi ; Baseball (1. 2, 3); Technician: Student Government (3); Drum and Bugle Corps (1. 2). Sgl. (3). Thomas Vance Hardison, II. . Morven, N. C. Eield Crops John Monroe HARKEY East Spencer. N. C. Textile Weaving and Designing Benjamin R. Harley, a a t Chadbourn, N. C. Forestrv Forestry Club; Rifle Team (I. 2). THORNTON S, HARRILL. . Kings Mountain, N. C. Electrical Engineering Cader p. HARRIS, nKA. Elizabeth City, N. C. Chemical Enqinecrinq 30 and 3; Baseball (I, 2); Basketball (1, 2. 3); Athletic Council (3); V ice-President Freshman Class; President .Sophomore Class. George V. Harris, a z i Hawthorne, N, J. Chemical Engineering Orchestra. Arthur Burton Haseltine , . . Asheville. N. C. Mechanical Bnttincerinii A. S. M. E. William Alex Hash Pincy Creek, N, C. Agricultural Education Alpha Zeta; Ag. Club; Ag. Education Society. Thomas Edwin Hastings Camden. N. C. Textile Chemistry and Dyeing Thomas T. Hay Raleigh. N. C. Industrial Engincerimr R. O. T. C. (1, 2. 31. Thomas Edison Haynes . Burlington, N. C. Mechanical Entiinecrini A. S. M. E.; R. O. T. C. U, 2). 190] THE 1939 BERT Shears Hays, K Z Signal Mountain. Tcnn. Forestry Forestry Club; Pinctiim. WILBERT MASON HEALY Raleigh. N. C. Electrical Engineering BERT A. HEIDELBACH, JR Danville. Va. Landscape Architecture Phi Eta Sigma; Beaux Arts; V. M. C. A.; Friendship Council; R. O. T. C. (1. 2, i). JIM DAN HEMMINGS Dobson. N. C. Agricultural Education Ag. Club; Ag. Education Society. JESSE Carl HIGGINS Harrisburg. N. C. Forestry Forestry Club; Swimming (2, 3); Pinctum (.!). Bruce a. Hildebrand . Drcxel, N. C. Chemical Engineering Theta Tau; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; A. I. Ch. E. ; Engineers ' Council; Southern Engineer. JOHN Williams Hilton Raleigh. N. C. Forestrv R. O. T. C. (1, 2), Sgt. Major (3). PAUL FREDRICK HOCH Poughkecpsie. N. Y. Agricultural Engineering Ag. Engineering Society; Swimming (II. BRAXTON B. HODGE, jR Rowland. N. C. Agricultural Education Y. M. C. A.; Ag. Club; Ag. Education Society; R. O. T. C. (1. 21. ROSS BARTON Hoffman AsheviUe. N. C. Chemical Engineering JAMES H. HOLCOMBE Fayetteville. N. C. Sanitary Engineering Robin Hood, k a Kinston. N. C. Chemical Engineering Interfraternity Council. O. J. Howell Goldsboro. N. C. Agriculture Y. M. C. A. Williams S. Huggins Clarkton. N. C. Agricultural Engineering Ag. Club; A. S. A. E.; R. O. T. C. (1. 2, 31. DONALD C. HUGHES, ATP Hamlet. N. C. Electrical Engineering RICHARD LEVESTER HUNNICUTT Monroe. N. C. Mechanical Engineering William Thomas Hunt. Jr. Apex. N. C. Electrical Engineering Mu Beta Psi; Red Coat Band. Charles Alexander Hunter, Charlotte N. C. Animal Production Alpha Zeta; 30 and S; Pine Burr; Blue Key; Ag. Club; Y. M. C. A.; Monogram Club; Grange; Wrestling (1. 2), Captain (.U ; Track (1, 2); Cross Country (1. 2), Captain (3); Freshman Danforth Fellowship; R. O. T. C. (1. 2); Secretary Student ' s Ag. Fair. Sidney O. Ingram. Jr Arden. N. C. Forestrv Forestry Club (2. 3); Y. M. C. A.: Track (2); Cross Country (2); Swimming (3); Pinctutn. Circulation Mgr. (2); R. O. T. C. (1, 2. 3). Clifford Lafayette James . . .Oakboro. N. C. Field Crops and Plant Breeding CRISTOPHER Roy JENNETTE New Bern. N. C. Textile Manufacturing Edison Hubert Johnson Angier. N. C. Ci ' ' il Enaincerina A. S. C. E.. Secretary; R. O. T. C. (I. 2. 3). John Enoch Johnson Wallace. N. C. Aoriciiltural Education Y. M. C. A.; Ag. Club; I. R. C. : Ag. Education Society. Willard B. Johnson Selma. N. C. Textile Chemistry a}ul Dyeing f ' £a£ RGROmECK [91] i — H Arthur Leroy Jolly, -i - i ' Holland. Va. I-orcstrv Forestry Club: R. O ' . T. C. (I, 2). MAX Morton KARLMAN Newark. N.J. Forcstrv Forestry Club; R. O ' T. C. (1, 2). SAMUEL KAUFMAN New York. N. Y. Dairy Manufacluriiiii Monogram Club; Red Coat Band; N ' arsity Baseball. E. DALE KEARNS Greensboro. N. C. Textile Weaviiui ami Dcsif ninii John Howell Kennedy Waynesvillc. N. C. Mechanical Enuin crimi A. S. M. E.; R. O. T. C. { . 2. i). SAMUEL Jones KIRBY Raleigh. N. C. i-icncral Ayriculture Yellow nogs; Y. M. C. A.; As. Club; Red Coat Band. David Webb Kiser , , Bessemer City. N. C. Afiricultural Education Ag. Club. George Herman Kizer Granite Falls. N. C. Electrical Engineering R. O. T. C. Leonard Hubert Knott Oxford. N. C. Electrical Engineering) A. I. E. E. ; Red Masquers (1, 2); Cross Counlrv (1. 21; Track (2). ERNEST KOELLA, JR., K i) Rockford, Tcnn. Textile Yarn Manufacturinti Phi Psi; President of iO and i; R. O. T. C. (1. 2, i). THEODORE Michael KOLARIK. . Pittsburgh. Pa. Clicniical Engineerinn Plii Eta Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; A. L Ch. E.; Tbcta Tau; Football (1); R. O. T. C. (1, 2, 3). ARNOLD KROCHMAL New York, N. Y. Pomology I. R. C; Ag. Club: Technician. Assistant Sports Editor; y. M. C. A.; New .Student Welcoming Committee, Dormi- tory Floor President. Charles D. Kuhns Kutztown. Pa. Forestry Robert Schmidt Lake. - n , Manhassct. N. Y. Textile Maiiaiionenl .Sigitia Tau Sigma; Red Coat Band: Tompkins Te- tile Society: K. O. T. C. (1, 2, 3), Lt. (4). Robert Vaughn Lamb . . .Elizabeth City, N. C. Electrical Engineerin,g Eta Kappa Nu; A. L E. E. ZEBULON B. lane. jr.. 2 E . , Wilson. N. C. Textile Managewent Tompkins Textile Society: Red Co;it Hand (1. 2); Jl ' atangan (1. 2, 3). JAMES LLOYD LANGDON Selma. N. C. Agricnltiiral Education (irange: Ag. Club; Ag. Education .Society; V. L C. A.; R. O. T. C. (1, 2, 3); Wataugan: Agriculturist: Sec- retary-Treasurer of Junior Class. Thomas C. Leake. K 2 Rockingham. N. C. Textile Management Phi Psi. RAl-l ' ll Kl NNI-TII LEE Lugoff. S. C. Forcstrv Forestry Club: Rifle Team ' (1, 2, 3): R. O. T. C. (1. 2, 3). W ' ALTIR NEWMAN LEFLER . , Albemarle. N. C. Textile Mauufacturin-g WENDELL HOLMES LEONARD Lexington. N. C. Chemical Engineerinn A. I. Ch. E. Edgar LEROY LINDSEY Draper. N. C. Industrial En ineerincr S. A. M. William Durham Linkhaw Lumberton. N. C. Electrical Engineerin.u A. L E. E. PAUL J. LOZIER. AD Cliffsidc Park. N. J. Forcstrv Monogram Club; Forestry Club; Kootb.ill (I, 2, 3); Track (1, 2); R. O. T. C. (1, 2). [92] THE 1939 JOHN PORTER LUCAS, JR Fort Bragg. N. C. Industrial Engineering Tpsilon Sigma- Alpha: R. O. T. C. (1. 2, 3). SAMUEL LINWOOD LUCK, JR. Greensboro. N. C. Architectural Engineering Beau. Arts Society, Vice-President (3). JOSE T. MADERO Monterrey. N. L.. Mexico Textile Mattagonent Swimming (2, 3). GEORGE Carl Mahler Wilmington. N. C. Electrii-al En-gineennti A. I. E. E. SAMUEL N. MANN, 2 N Asheville. N. C. Dairy Manufacturing Alpha Zeta; Phi Eta Sigma; 30 and 3: Agriculturist. Tho.mas Johnson Marlowe. , Fairvicw, N. C. Agricultural Education Ag. Education Ciub. LAWRENCE E. MASSENGILL ., Four Oaks. N. C. Ci ' cil Engineering PAT MATSON, A Norfolk. Va. Forcstr Forestry Cluh: Cross Country (1, 2): Track (1, 2). AVERITTE NASH MATTOCKS. Greensboro. N. C. Construction Enifiucering A. S. C. E.; A. C}. C. WiLLIA.M MATTOCKS Eagle Springs. N. C. Textile Managemcjtt AXEL T. MATTSON, 2 H ... East Hampton, N. Y. Aeronautical Engineerinti A. S. y . E. J. D. MAULTSBY Kernersville. N. C. Architectural Engineering Life Savings Corps; Baskethall CL 2. 3). JOHN MUNDY MAUNEY Lincolnton. N. C. Textile Manufacturiiiq Phi Eta Sigma: Mu Beta Psi ; Phi Psi: Glee Cluh; Tompkins Textile Society; R. O. T. C. (1, 2), Sgt. (3). JOHN R. MCCLURD, JR., 2 N Shelby, N, C. A rch itect u ral Engineering Mu Beta Psi; Beaux Arts; Glee Club; Red Coat Band. William Wilson McClure, , Charlotte. N. C. Agricultural Education Ag. Education Societv; Ag. CIuIj; Ag. Fair; R. O. T. C. (1, 2, 3, 4). ZEB EDWARD McDANIEL Clinton. N. C. Animal Husbaudrx Ag. Club. JAMES McGlNNIS Lincolnton. N. C. Poultry Scien ' e Lambda Gamma Delta; Kapjia Phi Kappa; Ag. Clnb; Ayriculturist. WILLIAM A. MCKAY, JR. St. Pauls. N. C. I ' ocational Agriculture Ag. Club; Ag. Education Society. William S. McLaughlin. . . .Gloucester. Mass. Ceramics A. C. S. William Argyle Mcleod .Taylorsville. N. C. Agricultural Education Ag. Club; Ag. Education Club. Henry Deitsch Means, K 2. . . Concord. N. C. Chemical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; 30 and 3 ; L ' psilon Sigma Alpha; Tau Beta Pi; Student Council; A. I. Ch. E. ; Social Functions Committee. JOE Edward Michael .... . Wadesboro. N. C. Agricultural Chcmistrx I. R. C; Ag. Club; Technician (1, 2, 3); Barn Warming Dance Committee. J. L. MlLHOLLAND, JR., 11 K A , Statesville. N. C. Electrical Education Scabbard and Blade; Upsilon Sigma Alpha: Red Mas- quers; Interfraternity Council; Cross County (1): Agromeck; Technician: Wataugan. Lloyd Elmer Milks, Jr., - n Asheboro. N. C. Textile ManagemoU Tompkins Textile Society; Agromeck (1, 2. 3). M " 1 1 ' 1 f i Aii nGROmECK [93] ?■ - C f . «ki ■ ' W J lSc- ' : " i ' Fred Eaves Miller, s n Raleigh, N. C. Tobacco Specialisation Ag. Club. Fred LAMON MisENHEIMER Salisbury. N. C. Textile Manufacturing Tompkins Te-stile Society. JAMES A. MITCHINER Franklinton, N. C. Agricultural Engineering V. L C. A.: Grange; Ag. Club; Ag. Education Club; Afiriculturist: Y Handbook; Publications Board; President Junior Class; R. O. T. C. (1, 2), Sgt. Maj. (i). THOMAS F. MORAN, A K H Wcstfield. N. J. Industrial Engineering Companion of St. Patrick; S. A. M.; Technician : R, O. T. C. (1, 2), Sgt. (.3). EDMUND Bush Morrison Charlotte, N. C. Tcrtile ERNEST E. Morrison, KS Meridian, Miss. Chemical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma. Lester Alfred Mullen , . . Lincolnton. N. C. Field Crops and Plant Breeding Kenneth Murchison Mocksvilk, N. C. Animal Production Phi Eta Sigma; Ag. Club; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Grange. DurwoOD JOHNSON MURRAY Kenansville. N. C. Agriculture MIKE W. NAKONECZNY Burgaw, N. C. Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E.; R. 6. T. C. O). JAMES ALVIS NEWNAN Leaksville, N. C. Chemical Engineering ALEXANDER A. NOVITZKIE Maspcth, N. Y. Forestry Forestry Club. WILLIAM M. NUNALEE, JR Burgaw. N. C. Chemical Engineerintj A. I. Ch. E.; Y. M. C. A.; R. O. T. C. (1, 2, 3). JOSEPH Mitchell O ' Brian Oxford. N. C. Field Crops and Plant Breedinq Ag. Club; Grange; R. O. T. C. (1,2. 3). Benjamin skinner pace Raleigh. N. C. Chemical Enoineeriuii Phi Eta Sigma; A. I. Ch. E.; R. 6. T. C. (1, 2). ALFRED L. PARKER, 2 N Charlotte. N. C. Landscape Architecture Mu Ikia Psi; Band (1. 2); Yellow Dogs. DAVID C. PARKER Fountain. N. C. Animal Hushandrv Y. M. C, A.; Ag. Club. A. L. PATTERSON Houstonville, N. C. Mechanical Engineering ANDREW Joseph PAVLOVSKV. . . Struthcrs, Ohio Iiulustrial Arts Monogram Club; Football (1, 2. 3); Boxing (1. 2); R, O, T. C. (1, 2). RAYMOND J. PAYNE Kannapolis. N. C. Textile Manufacturimi Phi I ' si; Tiimi ' kins Textile Society; Basketball (1. 2, i) . WILLIAM MATHESON PAYNE , Taylorsville, N. C. Mechanical Enoineerinti A. S. .M. E. DAVID WILLIAMS PEARSALL . Rocky Point, N. C. Aeronautical Enqineerimi I. Ae. S. Howard Lukens Pearson. . . Highlands. N. C. Mechanical Enaineering A. S. M. E. ; R. O. t. C. (1, 2, 3). Richard William Pearson. . Highlands. N. C. Poultry Science Ag. Club. 194] THE 1939 WILLIAM SLMPSON PEARSON. . . Charlotte, N. C. Textile Clictnistry and Dyeintt li ' alautiait. H. M. PENINGER, JR., AKH Concord. N. C. Chemical Engineering A. I. Ch. E.; Track U). Russell Carl Penny Raleigh, N. C. Textile Manufaclurinq Mil Beta Psi; Glee Club. Leo Perks Brooklyn, N. Y. Forestry Red Coat Band; Forestry Club. LAWRENCE Lee Perry Sanford. N. C. Forestry JONES YORKE PHARR, K 2 Concord, N. C. Textile Manufactitriuff I ' psilon Sigma Alpha; Order of 30 and 3; Blue Key; R. O. T. C. (1, 21, Sgt. (3): Agromeck (1, 2, 3); Tomp- kins Textile Society. Walter Fentress Phillips Sanford, N. C. Aaricultural Economics Ag. Club. Wilson J. Pierce, 2 e Swarthmore, Pa. Alechanical Enxiineerinii Red Mastiuers; 30 and 3: Track (1, 2); IVatauaan (1, 2). JAMES WOODROW PiTTMAN Fairmont. N. C. Aiiriciiltural Education Ag. Club; Ag, Education Society. PAUL RAY PiTTMAN, JR Maysville, N. C. Mechanical Engineering V. M. C. A. Cabinet; R. O. T. C. (1, 2. 3); A. S. M. E. JAMES CARROLL PLASTER Hickory, N. C. Dairv Manufacturinti Mu Beta Psi; Ag. Club; Red Coat Band. William Edward Pollock Trenton, N. C. Aurtcittture E.conomics Ag. Club; Ag. Economics Club. Zeno Herbert Ponder Marshall. N. C. Agriculture in Soils Ag. Club. Sam W. Pope Enfield. N. C. Field Crops and Plant Breedino R. O. T. C: Y. M. C. a.: Ag. Club; Technician: Agriculturist. JOHN H. POSTEN ... Atlantic Highlands, N. J. Aeronautical Ent incerinti Band; 1. Ae, S, Charles Lee Price Whiteviile, N. C. Ci ' eil Engineering Fred Herbert Price, Jr Shelby, N. C. Aaricultural Economics Y. M. C. A. Hal Fremont Randolph Raleigh, N, C. Ceramic Engineering Engineers ' Council; A. C. S.; R. O. T. C. (I, 2). Sgt. .Maj. (3). Baxter B. REDMON Cleveland. N. C. Aeronautical Etigincering A. S. M, E,; L Ae. S.; Flying Club, RALPH B. Reeves, Jr,, 2 n Raleigh, N. C. Architectural Etiqinccriuq R. O. T. C. (1. 2. i); Beaux ' Arts Society (2. . ) : A. C. S., Sec.-Treas. (. ), Thomas L. Reeves Sanford, N. C. Agricultural Engiiiccring Henry Gordon Register . , . FayetteviUe. N. C. Chemical Eiuiiiiecrina A. I. Cli. E.; R. O. T. C. ; Glee Club. William Henry Retter Easton. Pa. Industrial Engineering Monogram Club; Life Saving Corps; Football (1. 2, 3); R. O. T. C. Charlie Walker RENN. .Winston-Salem. N. C. Animal Production t .O . tf 4;.fei ; RGROmECK [95] 4 ' T :|1 y , s m jm Benjamin B. Reynolds Wilmington. N. C. Chcniiciil lintfiiiccriiu A. I. Ch. E. William Herman RITTER. . Greensboro. N. C. Textile Tompkins Textile Society: Baseball (I, 2 . William ROBKRSON Durham, N. C. Mcclianical Riniineeriiid Re.l Coat B:iiiil; A. .S. . l. K. Clyde William Roberts Wcaverviiie. N. C. Adrieiiltifre Ac. Chil). Ric:hard J. Robertson Annapolis. Md. Forestry Forestry Cluli; Track (2). Gilbert Chase Robinson Cooleemee. N. C. Ccrainte Hiiiiineerinn Mil Beta Psi; A. C. S. ; Band. Harold G. Robinson, Jr., 2 N Charlotte. N. C. Mechanical Euginecriiuj HARVEY McKay Rose, 2 a E Greenville. S. C. Chemical Engineering A. I. Ch. E. Lawrence Calvin Ross Greensboro. N. C. Animal production ' Cross Country (1. 2); Track (1. 2): Af. Cliili; Mono- gram Club. David Daniel Rowe. Jr Hickory. N. C. Chemical Enoinceriiiif A. I. Ch. E. James William Rufty Spencer. N. C. Tc.rlile ManagCinent C. A. Santore. a i: ■! Hasbrouck Heights, N. J. Textile Chemistry and Dyeinci Baseball (I. 2); Football (1, 2). John SAVINI North Hanover. Mass. Ceolooical Engineerinti Monogram Club; Football ( f . 2. }}. James Henry Sawyer New Bern. N. C. Constrnctioil Engineering Seymour Schandler AshcviUe. N. C. Textile Chemistry and Dyeing Tompkins Textile Society; A. S. T. Ch. and C SPRAGUE SCHWORM Ch.ulotte. N. C. Geological E.ngineering Orchestra (2, 3); Wrestling (1, 2, .;■). James Rollins Sevier Asheville. N. C. Ceramic E.ntiinccring A. C. S.; Basketball " (.1) ; Tennis (3). THOS. W. SHALLINGTON, a a T . ,Coliimbi.r. N. C. Animal Production Kifbi Team (1, J, i); Ag. Club; Forestry Chib; U, (). T. ( Walter Douglas Sharp Greensboro. N. C. F.lectrieal Engineering R. O. T. C. (1, 2). Kervin Bennett Shearon Raleigh. N. C. Chemical Enoinecring I ' lislnnan (iolf Team; B. S. U. ; A. 1. Ch. K. TRANK p. Shields, n K a . Scotland Neck, N. C. Soils R. O. T. C. (1, 2. i); President of . C. State Hot Club. Ross M. SIGMON, Jr., K 2 Salisbury, N. C. Illeclrieal Engineering A. I. E. E. : Interfraternity Council. AbY W. Simmons, a X a Gulfport. Miss. Forestry Forestry Club; fllee Club; Red Coat Ban.l. waverly Clyde Simpson Norfolk. Va. F.lectrieal Engineering [96] THE 1939 Lester J. SKOWRONCK New York. N. Y. Construction Engineering A. -G. C; A. S. C. E. M. Leonard Slesinger, 2 a m. . .Raleigh, N. C. Textile Cliemistrv and Dyeing Tompkins Textile Society; R. O. T. C. C, 2, 3); A. S. T. Ch. and C. JAMES Eugene Small Concord, N. C. Textile Chemistry and Dyeing Life Saving Corps. Charles S. Smart, Jr., n k a Concord. N. C. Textile Yarn Manufaeturinti Football (1. - ' , .!); Boxing (21; R. O. T. C. (1, 2). Sgt. O), Lt. CoL (4). Carroll H. Smith, Jr Bachelor. N. C. Cheniieal Engineering HUIT S. Smith. S N Hickory. N. C. Chemical Engineering James Neal Smith New Bern. N. C. Ceramic Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Keramos; A. C. S.; R. O. T. C. (1. 2), Sgt. (.V). James Roy Smith, Jr Charlotte. N. C. Electrical Engineerintr A. I. E. E.; Radio Club. John Sumner Smith Lincolnton. N. C. Field Crofts and Plant Breedina R. O. T. C. (1, 2, i); Rifle Team (2, 3). Walter Cleden Smith Rich Square. N. C. Poultry Ag. Club Wilton Winstead Smith , Ransomville. N. C. Electrical Enaincering V. if. C. A.; A. I. E. E. " - R. O. T. C. (1. 2). OSWELL P. SOUTHERLAND Durham. N. C. Agricultural Engineering Ag. Engineers ' Club. WARREN H. SPEAR, A X A . . Wlnston-Salcm, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Ifataugan: Cheer Leader; R. O. T. C. (1. 2). Sgt. (3). Lucius E. Stacy, Jr Chapel Hill. N. C. Mechanical nnoineerina A. S. 11. ' E. MARVIN Eugene STARNES Monroe. N. C. Agricultural Education Kajipa Phi Kappa; Ag. Education Society; Ag. Club; Agriculturist. Rex a. Stevens Goldsboro. N. C. Agricultural Education Ag. Club; Ag. Education Society. Eston Smith Stokes Linwood, N. C. Agricultural Education Ag. Club; Ag. Education Society. Howell StrOUP CherryviUc. N. C. Afiriculture Football (1, 2. 3); Basketball (1). Robert C. Stuckey, Jr., s e , . Raleigh. N. C. Ceramic Engiuccriun A. C. S.; 30 and 3; Concert Band and Orchestra (1, 2. 3); Wataugan (1, 2, 3); Sophomore Dance Committee: ' ice-President Sophomore Class; Yellow Dogs; R. O. T. C. (1, 2, 3). George A. SUTHER Charlotte. N. C. Mechanical Engineering David Arthur Sutton Goldsboro, N. C. Agricultural Education Ag " . Cluh; Ag. Education Society. John B. Tatum McColl. S. C. Industrial Arts Foothall (1. 2. 3); Baseball (1); R. O. T. C. (1, 2). Henry M. Taylor, Jr High Point, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma: Companion of St. Patrick; A. S. M. E.; Drum and Buijle Corps (1, 2, 3). Henry Clay Thomas Rockingham, N. C. Chemical Engineering V. r. C. A. Cabinet; A. I. Ch. E.; Sophomore Dance Committee. O 1 f ' mwJsM O f j fT O JP»4 (iNk J® I M RGROmECH 197] ? t - - ' (7 ' " 1 Jami;s Lester Thornton Spencer, N. c. Electrical Entjitwcrituj R. O. T. C. JAMES E. Tillman Wadesboro. N. C. Textile Chemistry anil Pyeiini URHO TOMMOLA Brooklyn, N. Y. Meeltaiiical Enfjinccrinq A. S. M. E. Clarence Gordon Townsend H.imcr. s. C Atjricuttnral Education Frank Oliver Truslow Draper. N. C Chemical Entiineerinii G.-inima Sigma Epsilon; Theta Tan; Monogram Clui A. L Ch. E. : Wrestling (1. 1); R. t). T. C. Sam w. Turner Raleigh. N. C Mechanical Eufiiliecring A. S. M. E. ; Theta Tan: Boxing anil Softliall Intra innral all Campus. Stanley C. TUTELMAN ..Philadelphia. Pcnn Textiles Technician : Band. TED T. TyREN ........... Durham. N. C. Mechanical Enginccrintt Cross Country (I) ; Track {2 ). 1. M. VANN, Jr., a 2 , . Clinton. N. C Electrical Eniiiiieerinir Phi Eta Sigma; A. I. E. E.; Railio Cl.ib. John Henry Vanstory Charles, N. C. Animal Hushantlry Sexton Columbus Vinson Diilard. Ga. AirricHltural Education Ka] ]ia Phi Kapia: Ag. CUili; I. R. C. ; Ag. Education Society. Frederick a. Walker , New Bedford. Mass. Textile Chemistry James Ralph Wall East Bend. N. C. Textile Manufaelurimi Tompkins Textile Society {1, 2. J): Baskethall (1); A. S. T. C. (1); R. O. T. C. Harold Phillips Warner Raleigh. N. C. Text He Ma n ufaetu rintj Caky King Watkins Blanch. N. C. .inimal Production I ' residcnt Pi Kappa Delta; I. R. C; Debate Team (I. 2. M. Charles K. Watson Red Springs. N. C. Textile Chemistry and liyeinij Tompkins T extile Society. George I. Watson, 2 n. , . .Lake Landing. N. C. Animal Husbandry MALCOMB E. Watson , Winston-Salem. N. C. E.lectrical Eniiineerinir Alternate Memher Engineers ' Council; Ratlii Cluh; A. I. E. E. JACK Edward Wayant Asheviiie. N. C. Textile Manai ement Tompkins Textile Society. Daniel Talbot WAYNICK ... Greensboro. N. C. Mechanical Entiineering A. S. M. E. George E. WEANT, Jr., K T Salisbury. N. C. Arehitcctural Enijincerinij Beaux Arts Society. Fred Arthur Webb Raleigh. N. C. Imtustrial Arts Y. M. C. A. Charles P. Weber, a a t Glen Rock. N. J. Textile Manufacturiuit Tompkins Textile -Society; R. (). T. ( ' . (1. 2. .! . William F. Welfare. Jr., 2 ' !• v. Wilson. N. C. Aijriculture 198: THE 1939 William Temple Wesson Ebms. N. C. Agricultural Economics - Ag. Cluh Alered Benjamin Wester.. Henderson. N. C. Clioiiical Eiiaiitccritiff Mars Hill (1, 2). Paul Harrington Wetmore . Woodkaf, N. C. Agricultural Education Atr. Club; Ag. Education Society; Ag. F.iir Committee; R. O. T. C. (1, 2), Sgt. (2); Rifle Team (21. JOHN Watson Wilkinson Bumsidc, Ky. Electrical Eiigiuccriug A. I. E. E. John F. WILLEY _ Gates, N. C. Agricultural Education Ag. Club; Ag. Education Society. Arthur R. Williams Greensboro. N. C. Textile Clicmistrv and Dvciiid Phi Psi: Tompkins Textile " Society ; R. O. T. C. (1. 2, }). EFFRON Avery Williams Swan Quarter, N. C. Ceramic Engiu-cering L ' psilon Sigma Alpha. A. C. S. John Gilmer Williams Warrenton. N. C. Mechanical Engineering R. O. T. C. (1, 2). Leon F. Williams, Jr., as . Raleigh. N. C. Aeronautical Eligineerinct I. Ae. S.; R. O. T. C. (1, 2. .11. Sydney Ray Williams Essex, N. C. Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E.; Band. Troy DuRANT Williams. .Winston-Salem. N. C. Chemical Engineering Blue Key; M) and 3; A. I. Ch. E. ; Southern Entiineev (1. .!); R. O. T. C. (1. 2, 3). Leopold J. WiniARSKI New Bedford. Mass. Textile Chemistry and Dyciiui R. H. WITHERINGTON Winston-Salem, N. C. li ' oodlife Conservation and Manailemcnt R. O. T. C. (1, 2, 3); Forestry Cluli. Preston S. Woodley, a a t. Creswell. N. C. Construction Engineering A. S. C. E.; A. G. C. LOUIS E. WOOTEN, JR., K 2 Raleigh. N. C. ClT-t7 Enqincerinq A. S. C. E.; A. G. C. ; Tennis (1); Agromeck (1. 2. 3); R. O. T. C. (1. 2, 31. Floyd H. WymAN Franklin. N. C. Mechanical Engineering Frederick Bryan Yates . . Chadbourn. N. C. Game Monaffcment Red Coat Band. George L. YinGLING Salisbury. N. C. Electrical Engineering llu Beta Psi; Eta Kappa Nu; Glee Club; Track (2, 3). Edwin O. Young Oxford. N. C. Electrical Engineering Bo.xing (1, 2. 3). Frank John ZERILLI Brooklyn, N. Y. Aeronautical Eiiitineerinii Phi Eta Sigma; I. Ae. S. AGROmECH [99] THE SDPHDMDRE CLASS G. C. FURR President S. R. MiLLHOUSE Vice-President F. A. Paschal Secretary- Treasurer ? 1? •»■ V = ■ p. G. ADAMS Greensboro. N. C. G. S. ACHORN Daniclson. Conn. J. W. ALDRIDGE, :S E Hamlct. N. C. .J. W. Alexander Asheboro, N. C. J. W. Andrews Wilmington. N. C. O. D. Andrews Rocky Mount, N. C. R. C. Andrews Mount Olive. N. C. F. E. AUMAN West End. N. C. V. V. BAISE, JR Raleigh. N. C. V. C. BALLANCE Portsmouth. Va. L. R. Barnes Oxford. N. C. D. I. BARTLETT Oldtown. Va. G. R. BASON, i. " n Charlotte. N. C. H. B. Bass High Point. N. C. H. B. Bell. JR Winston-Salcm. N. C. L. P. Bell Rocky Mount, N. C. R. Bender. JR Jacksonville. N. C. J. M. Bland New Bern. N. C. W. M. BLAND Pittsboro. N. C. R. F. BLEECKER Wilmington, N. C. C. E. BLEVINS Hays. N. C. F. M. BLOW Ellcnboro. N. C. .J. G. Blow Vanccboro. N. C. J. D. BOGHR, i; -l- E Concord. N. C. B. P. BONEY Hamlet. N. C. M. W. BOWEN Burgaw. N. C. W. F. Bowles Hiddenitc. N. C. R. A. BOYETTE Kenly. N. C. [102] THE 1939 R. E. BrANNON. Rockingham, N. C. J. E. Brewer Clemmons, N. C. A. W. Brown Rockwell. N. C. J. O. T. Brown Roanoke Rapids, N. C. C. F. BRINSON Arapahoe. N. C. T. H. BrOOKBANK Oak Ridge. N. C. S. A. BUNDY, 2 N Jamestown. N. C. J. F. Burgess Pleasant Garden. N. C. R. L. BuRRAGE, a K n Concord. N. C. O. V. Byerly Lexington, N. C. O. T. Caldwell Winston-Salem. N. C. J, W. CALL Wilson. N. C. M. R. Campbell Dunn. N. C. W. N. CAMPBELL. K 2 Raleigh. N. C. W. S. CAMPBELL Staunton. Va. B. E. CARAWON Vanceboro, N. C. C. T, CHEEVES Zcbulon. N. C. M. P. ChesnuTT Turkey, N. C. H. E. Church Franklin. N. C. P. M. Clements, n K a , . , Greensboro, N. C. D. M. CLINE, Jr Granite Falls. N. C. W. E. CLINE, A 2 n Charleston. W. Va. C. M. COLVIN Davidson. N. C. L. G. Conner Andalusia. Ala. W. G. Cooper Pleasant Garden. N. C. D. F. Cox Raleigh. N. C. G. C. Cox, Jr., n K a Greensboro. N. C. G. W. Creech, Jr Concord. N. C. j mMMi :t f ' a iV HGROniECK [1031 F m V. R. CREIGHTON Whitcvillc. N. C. D. S. CURRIE, JR Racford. N. C. N. J. DARK Siler City. N. C. J. H. DAVENPORT Creswcll. N. C. v. A. Davidson Plymouth. N. C. R. J. Dawson Kinston. N. C. W. A. Dickinson Fayettcvillc. N. C. D. L. Dixon, K T Kinston. N. C. G. T. Dixon Elm City. N. C. R. H. DoNNELL Greensboro. N. C. M. H. Doyle Lakewood. N. J. J. N. Drum Conover. N. C. L. C. Drye, a K n Landis. N. C. C. S. Duncan North Wilkcsboro. N. C. B. W. DunlAP HiUgirt. N. C. V. P. EAGLE Salisbury. N. C. R. E. East White Sulphur Springs. W. Va. E. C. Eaton Yadkinville. N. C. G. H. Edmonds Fallston. N. C. D. v. Edwards, e Fort Mill. S. C. H. V. Edwards, :2 e Fort Mill, S. C. A. D. ENNETT . Pclctier, N. C. T. B. FARIS Raleigh, N. C. L. M. FENDT, JR Jacksonville. Fla. J. T. Ferguson Raleigh. N. C. W. C. Friday Dallas. N, C. T. J. Fowler Greensboro, N. C. G. P. Fox Rocky Mount. N. C. [104] THE 1939 G. C. FURR, n-K A High Point, N. C. D. P. GAMBILL Independence. Va. W. R. Garnett. 2 N Enfield. N. C. J. D. Gaskins New Bern. N. C. W. W. Gaskins New Bern. N. C. P. GAWKOWSKI New York. N. Y. R. P. GEWEHR. n K •I ' South Orange, N. J. C. E. Gill Richmond. Va. G. H. Glass, JR Greensboro. N. C. S. Goldman Brooklyn, N. Y. M. GORAL New York, N. Y. L. R. GORRELL, A X A Greensboro. N. C. R. W. Griffin LaGrange, N. C. R. A. GUSTAFSON, 2 E Cranston, R. I. R. C. Gyles Raleigh, N. C. V. B. HAIRR Faison, N. C. B. C. HALSTED. II K Arlington. Va. J. V. HAMME Oxford. N. C. R. S. HANDLY. K T Philadelphia. Pa. A. E. Harris Raleigh. N. C. T. G. Harris Macon. N. C. F. J. HARTMAN Merchantville. N. J. J. B. Hathaway Sunburv. N. C. V. D. HawfieLD. K 2 Concord. N. C. R. T. HENNING. K Z Albemarle. N. C. W. E. HiGHFILL Coats. N. C. D. H. Hill, n K a Charlotte. N. C. V. B. Hill Wimerville, N. C. RGROmECK [105] f " 1. •■ k ' %y. X— ' ■ ' - ' t G. G. HlMMLER Milltown. N. J. R. S. HINES. n K A Greensboro. N. C. R. B. HINSON Monroe, N. C. A. M. HOBBS Charlotte. N. C. H. G. HODGES, K A Wadesboro, N. C. W. G. HOLADIA Roanoke Rapids, N. C. E. G. HOLLOWELL Elizabeth City. N. C. F. W. HOLLOWELL, K2 , Elizabeth City, N. C. J. R. Hood Buies Creek, N. C. H. B. HUBERMAN Long Branch. N. J. J. R. Huntley Monroe. N. C. V. H. IDOL. JR Madison, N. C. R. S. Ingle StatesviUe. N. C. B. B. Jackson, a a T Detroit. Mich, T. F. JACKSON, jR Washington. N. C. F. A. JENKINS . . , Charlotte. N. C. J. W. JOHNSON Roseboro. N. C. P. E. JOHNSON Four Oaks. N. C. T. A. JOHNSON. JR Liberty. N. C. C. B. JONES, 2 N Apex, N. C. J. S. JONES, JR New Bern. N. C. P. D. KALEY, A X A Scranton. Pa. J. C. Kelly. Jr., n K a Greensboro. N. C. B. W. KENYON. JR Raleigh, N. C. G. D. KILGO Asheville, N. C. T. W. KINCAID, jR Marion. N. C. E. V. KING Burlington. N. C, J. C. King Laurinburg, N. C. [106 THE 1939 S. J. KIRBY Raleigh, N. C. C. H. KIRKMAN, JR Pleasant Garden, N. C. W. A. Knight Goldsboro, N. C. F. J. KOONCE Trenton. N. C. F. K. KRAMER Elizabeth City, N. C. W. J. LAMORTE, 2 n New York, N. Y. C. E. LAND, A A T Chadbourn, N. C. R. H. Landon Drexel Hill, Penn. R. H. Lane Henderson, N. C. W. L. LASHLEY, JR,. H K A Greensboro, N. C. A. A, LATHAN Monroe, N. C, J. S, LAWS Henderson, N. C. K. A, LEER, A 2 Cliffside Park, N. J. H. B. LEFLER Albemarle, N. C. J, H, LeGwin Wilmington, N. C. P. H. Lehman, a X a Winston-Salem. N. C, G. D, LEWIS, i: n Rocky Mount, N. C. A. E. LILES Littleton, N. C. G. H. LiPPARD Winston-Salem, N. C. B. L. Little Mooresville, N. C. P. L, Little. JR Ayden, N. C. C. H. LOCKHART Durham. N. C. W. M. Lovelace Macclesfield, N. C. G. P. MANN Ocracoke. N. C. T. J. MANN Lake Landing, N. C. R. G. MARTIN High Point. N. C. W. N. MAY Lenoir. N. C. M. P. McDowell Goldsboro, N. C. f - f ' p j f « Z ' ! A - f e. a C) a RGROfHECH [107 J f ' ■ - I- - ' •i ' ' " - ¥ M - i y y ' : . ,|r«» W. H. MClVER Greensboro. N. C. E. W. MCLEOD Carthage. N. C. E. C. McMillan, ll K a Marion. N. C. H. G. MCPHERSON Camden. N. C. B. F. MCRORIE Hickory. N. C. H. S. MESSERSMITH, Jr., i: N . . . Momclair. N. J. R. L. MICHAEL Wadesboro. N. C. W. J. MIDDLETON Warsaw. N. C. H. Y. Miller Brevard. N. C. R. O. Miller Gastonia. N. C. S. R. MiLLHOUSE. i: I ' K Wilson. N. C. L. J. MISENHEIMER Salisbury. N. C. E. P. Moore Bynum. N. C. w. B. Moore Milton. N. C. J. L. morgan, Jr.. :; it , Gibsonvillc. N. C. V. F. morris, jr.. K i: Raleigh. N. C. W. B. Morrison Concord. N. C. W. S. Murdoch, K 2 Salisbury. N. C. R. E. MURPHY Bronx, N. Y. R. E. MURI ' IIV Atkinson. N. C. R. D. NAIMAN Asheville, N. C. J. V. NEELLEV Greensboro. N. C. J. W. NELLEY Passaic. N. J. 1-. W. Newton Henderson. N. C. J. E. Nicholson Raleigh. N. C. J. H. Oliver, JR Greensboro. N. C. R. E. OWNLEY Elizabeth City. N. C. J. H. PALMER Clyde. N. C. 1108] THE 1939 J. L. PALMER Franklin, N. C. M. W. PARCEL Greensboro. N. C. B. E. PASCHAL. 2 ! E Charlotte. N. C. F. A. PASCHAL SilerCity. N. C. R. E. PAl-NE High Point. N. C. D. M. PEELER Kings Mountain. N. C. D. T. PENLAND Franklin. N. C. R. W. PERRY. A K n Quantico. Va. R. W. PIGUE Hamlet. N. C. C. R. PILAND Margarettsville. N. C. J. M. Pleasants, a x a Durham. N. C. T. B. pollard, i: E Galax, Va. R. E. Poole Millbrook. N. C. O. QUESINBERRY Mt. Airy. N. C. F. W. RANDALL, JR. Bristol. Pcnn. W. C. RANES Tarboro, N. C. M. T. RANEY La Crosse. Va. W, J. Reams Apex. N. C. P. R. Regan Lexington. N. C. P. F. REICHERT E. Lansdowne. Penn. C. A. REID Asheville. N. C. A. M. RhYNE Stanley, N. C. R. L. RICE Raleigh, N. C. R. S. RISLEY, AXA Raleigh. N. C. W. H. RIVERS New Bern. N. C. J. E. Rollins Raleigh, N. C. H. B. ROWE, AXA Mt. Airy. N. C. P. N. SALES Asheville, N. C. I ju .:xMm RGROfHECH 1109 ■»». - W I -SUt « - ' p9i -%, -59 4 1 _ H. K. Sanders Roxboro, N. C. C. W. SASSER Wilson, N. C. E. H. SAYRE, - 2 Tryon. N. C. B. E. Scarborough Mi. Gikad. N. C. T. J. SCHUG Utica, N. Y. O. W. Scott Haw River. N. C. M. S. SETSER Franklin. N. C. S. D. SETZER Maiden. N. C. J. T. SHAW Macon. N. C. D. C. SHEARIN Roanoke Rapids, N. C. S. T. SHERWIN. 2 n Greensboro. N. C. J. T. SHOTWEI.L Henderson. N. C. J. D. SIMMONS Seven Springs, N. C. W. V. Simpson Greensboro. N. C. H. C. SILVER Raleigh, N. C. C. S. SLAGLE Franklin. N. C. C. W. SLAGLE Franklin, N. C. E. T. SMITH Raleigh, N. C. M. S. SMITH Raleigh, N. C. O. L. SMITH Tar Heel. N. C. T. F. SPIKER Drexel Hills, Penn. T. N. STAINBACK, ATP Vanessa. Ontario H. M. StAMEY Canton, N. C. J. L. STUTTS Black Mountain, N. C. W. J. SUGG. 2 N Princeton, N. C. W. Q. SURRATT Burlington. N. C. B. C. Swain Cycle. N. C. S. Tager, 2 AM Brooklyn, N. Y. [110] THE 1939 A. G. Tate Indianapolis. Ind. R. L. TATUM Raleigh, N. C. C. D. TAYLOR Portsmouth. Ohio K. H. TEAguE Siler City, N. C. Norwood Teague Raleigh. N. C. H. H. Thomas Glenarm, Md. S. L, Thomas, JR Westfield, N. J. W. A, THOMASON, i: i ' E Charlotte. N. C. W. J. Tipton Forbes, N. C. E, R. TODD Charlotte, N. C. E. S. TOWERY, jr., i; E Concord, N. C. L. B. TrevATHAN Mount Airy, N. C, J. L. TROUTMAN Salisbury. N, C. G. F. TrOXLER Elon College, N. C. D. L. Turner Greensboro. N. C. W. A. UMSTEAD Pinctops, N, C. A, T, UzZELL, JR Durham. N. C. E. P. VALAER Washington, D. C. S, M, Waldin, n K a Charlotte, N. C. S, M, Wall Lilcsville. N, C. R. G, WALLACE Raleigh, N. C. D. O. Waller Durham. N. C, W. J. WARD, 2; I E Belhaven, N. C. W. C. WARRICK Clayton, N. C, A, B. WATSON Fayettcville, N. C. O. F. WATSON Winston-Salem, N. C. R. S. WATSON, JR Swan Quarter, N. C, J, V, WATTERS, -I ' K T Bridgeport, Pa. 1 i ' B i fS " T . : C t 1BB kfc . . f fit RGROmECK Iini .. « ,▼ ei f r f Mum m,l I . «r WM lt% «fc f, P ,:» J Jul . R. H. WATTS, JR., 2 n . Baldwin, N. Y. F. D. Weaver, JR Wilmington. N. C. F. C. WEISSE New York. N. Y. S. B. WELCH, n KA Charlotte, N. C. C. H. WHEATLEY Wilmington. N. C. M. H. Wheeler Benson. N. C. J. O. WHITAKER Horse Shoe. N. C. J. E. WHITE. 2 N Raleigh. N. C. D. R. WHITTED Elizabcthtown, N. C. M. R. WHITLEY Washington, N. C. J. G. WHITSETT Whitsctt. N. C. C. WhitsON Asheville, N. C. J. S. Wicker Sanford. N. C. J. M. WiLBURN, jR Raleigh. N. C. A. L. Williams Linwood, N. C. R. B. Williams Warrenton. N. C. W. p. Williams, n k a Raleigh, N. C. J. W. Willis Raleigh, N. C. W. S. Wilson Yanceyvillc, N. C. R. C. WinsteAD Semora, N. C. J. S. Withers, 2 i E Asheville. N. C. D. A. Womble, 2 N Raleigh. N. C. C. B. WOODHOUSE Elizabcthtown, N. C. O. Z. WRENN, JR Durham. N. C. H. D. Wright High Point. N. C. B. M. YORK, :S n Raleigh. N. C. Z. ZAbAWSKY Freehold. N. J. [112] THE FRESHMAN CLASS r t f fZ o r r • sT M te M. M. A ( ' - - g r f 0 f R. D. Adams J. E. Adkins W. D. Aheron E. L. Allen G. E. ANDERSSEN ,1. C. ANDREWS V. E. ANGELO D. D. ARDEN A. A. ARTEAGA J. H. ATKINS R. W. AUSTIN R. M. AVERY P. T. AYSCUE J. B. BAHEN M. R. BAKER P. G. BAKER A. BANADYGA O. C. BARBOUR J. M. BARR G. H. BARRIER A. E. BAUCOM T. C. BAUCOM W. M. BAXTER L. p. BEATTY C. R. BEAVER V. E. BEAVER S, E. BELK J. A. Bell J. H. Benton W. T. BENTON R. B. BICKERSTAFF J. L. BIGGERS J. L. BIGGERSTAFF G. F. BLACK R. D. BLACKMORE H. F. BLACKWOOD W. A. BLAND J, F. BLUE W. H. BLUE H. BOLTREK R. H. BOONE J. T. BOSEMAN. Jr. CM. BosT E. R. BOWER J. H. BOWER J. R. BOWLES H. C. Bowman H. L. BOWMAN J. R. BRANSCOME W. H. BREESE [1141 THE 1939 W. p. BREWER C. E. BRINN W. B. BRITT N. p. BROWN W. A. BROWN, Jr. E. Brownstein E. L. BRYANT W. E. BRYANT V. Burgess J. W. Burton C. M. BYNUM W. C. BYRD W. L. CAGLE T. P. Caldwell J. P. Calfee G. CAMERON H. L. CAMERON H. C. CAMERON L. P. CANUP A. B. CAPPS W. E. CARLSON A. C. CARMEAN F. P. CARMINES J. F. CARNEY S. E. CARROLL C. E. CASE J. B. CASHION C. B. CATHEY F. H. CHARTER J. R. Church E. A. CLARK M. J. CLAY I. L. CLAYTON T. H. COBLE R, J. COGGIN H. COLE F. COLENDA R. W. COLLIER A. B. CONRAD L. A. CONSTANT G. B. COOPER W. V. COPELAND D. T. COPELAND A. CORNACCHIDNE W. V. CORNELIUS R. S. CORNWELL T. CORNWELL F. E. COVINGTON G. A. COX W. T. Cox a . f - mi ir jH o i . n C ' ; f »I- HGROmECK [115] . T " r Am . " - f? ' -S -- ' . -v i W. M. Craven W. A. Crombie J. R. Grouse W. A. Culpepper J. B. Culvern E. H. Curtis J. J. DAIL V. C. DAILEY H. G. Dallas E. T. DAVIS J. E. DAVIS J. H. DAVIS J. W. DAVIS F. W. Davidson E. C. Denton H. w. A. Derlin A. K. D illon J. E. Dixon, Jr. B. L. Dixon C. W. DOAK R, R. DoAK J. D. Dodge R. S. Douglass J. F. Drummond W. A. Duke R. F. Duncan G. L. Dunn B. H. EAKER B. A. EAKES I. W. Edgerton E. S. EDMUNDSON E. S. EDWARDS. Jr. J. G. Edwards W. G. elks G. R. Ennis I.. Everette E. Faires B. H. FARMER J. D. FAULKNER J. O. FEARRINGTON D. O. FLEDMANN H. G. Ferebee, Jr. S. S. Ferebee H. G. Ferree E. M. Fields E. B. finch G. P. Finger J. E. FLACK W. L. Flanigan W. E. Fleming (116 IHL 1939 w:L. Fleming R. G. Floyd J. W. FOLLEY R. V. Ford J. D. FORSYTHE T. B. FOUST F. FOWLEY W. H. Francis R. E. Frickey A. H. Fuller R. B. Fuller S. B. Fuller G. W. FUNDERBURK B. H. Furr J. H. FUTRELL V. R. GABRIEL T. R. GADDY N. W. Gardner T. S. Cause G. Gentry E. G. GIBBS D. M. Gillespie C. L. Gilliam G. M. Goforth. Jr. v. w. Goldsmith I. Gordon M. w. Grady J. A. Graham N. D. Graham J. K. Gray J. S. Gray T. I. Gray W. D. Griffin R. G. Griffith J. L. Groome L. G. Grubb O. B. Gupton J. J, Hagler J. L, hall W. J. Hall E. P. Hamby D. J. Hanse W. H. Hardcastle A. D. Harmon E. F. harrelson R. V. Harris J. o. Hawkins B. H. HAYNES E. L. Hege E. N. Henderson 1 . -f ' o . f . a p ipi p (h t- p. iiM iiy J tei- . [117i RGROmECK e: fi ra f JP i, 4tti g ' J, ■ J. R. Henley M. E. Herndon B. C. Herold C. A. Herrin L. C. Herring W. C. Herring W. B. Heyward J. M. Hicks W. B. Hillard C. C. HINES J. W. HiNES H. W. HiNSHAW M. W. HiNSON C. D. HiNTON H. R. HiNTON, Jr. J. E. HOBBS B. D. Hodges. Jr. S. A. Hodnett J. S. HOEF W. F. Hoffman J. R. HOLSHOUSER, Jr. R. D. Holt I. HOLTZER J. N. HONEYCUTT F. F. Hope H. s. Hopkins C. Horner J. S. Horton R. D. House. Jr. T. H. Howard, Jr. G. M. Howe W. H. HOYLE J. D. HUCKABEE R. H. HUDGINS F. H. HUGGINS T. M. Hughes L. D. HUNNING H. C. Hurst. Jr. L. J. INGRAM W. C. IVES R. B. Jackson A. L. JAMES H. W. Jenne A. Jenrette K. W. Jewell A. E. Johnson H. M. Johnson N. A. Johnson W. s. Johnson F. A. Jones, Jr. [118] THE 1939 G. V. JONES J. F. Jones J. W. Jones w. E. Jordan, Jr. R. L. JOYNER R. L. Karesh A. w. kattermann W. w. Kearney C. E. Kearns. Jr. W. C. Kearns W. H. Keener A. L. KEITH E. H. Kemper C. A. Kendall R. M. Kester J. D. KEY C. N. Kimball, Jr. J. K. KiNGSOLVER W. R. Knight E. L. KNOX H. A. KLUTTZ M. L. KLUTTZ J. V. KURTZ H. R. LAMB T. W. LAMBE G. C. LANCASTER, jR. R. B. LASSITER H. V. Latham, Jr. J. N. Lavin A. w. lawing, Jr. J. E. Leagans B. P. Leak T. B. Ledbetter R. Ledden J.L.LEE N. K. LEE, Jr. W.LEE N. W. Leggett W. E. Leloudis w. w. Lentz W. L. Leonard. Jr. W. D. LEWIS E. F. Leysath E. T. Light W. E. Little G. E. LOFTIN W. F. Lovell J. G. Low E. P. Lowe B. Lubin RGROniECK T . p -.,V i i Wh f ' i O ft ( ■ If- ' p. .D, O t i u ism 119 II f-»» ' U«. t M L. B. Luke E. B. LUNU ' KIN C. R. LUPTON. JR. S. M. Lyerly S. J. Macaluso J E. MacDougall J. A. Macon C. S. Manooch W. B. MARSH C. F. MARTIN. Jr. M. D, Martin O. F. MARTIN T. J. Martin C. H. MATTHEWS C. H. Matthews M. C. MAY C. K. McAdams D. M. McArthur. Jr. R. B. McAurthur J. J. McAuley L. F. McCaskill N. H. MCCOLL R. J. MCCOLLUM O. F. Mcrary D. F. McElhinney G. W. MCGARITY L. p. MClNTOSH G. P. MCKAY R. W. MCKAY R. L. McLaughlin P. McLean H. F. McLendon K. A. McLeod J. H. McMillian J. P. McMillan W. E. McNeill, Jr. R. E. Mewborn. Jr. H. L. Miller K. D. Miller J. S. MILLIKEN J. B. Mills J. D. Mills S. T. Mitchiner P. M. Moore G. W. MORDECAI p. H. MORGAN V. w. Morgan F. W. Morris M. B. Morris S. J. Morris [120] THE 1939 F. D. Morrison R. s. Moss W. M. MOTSINGER W. O. MUIR J. H. MULHALL H. S. MULLER H. P. MURRAY H. C. MURRILL R. F. Myers J. K. Myrick. Jr. J. W. Nance W. M. Neale J. R. Nelms J. J. Neuer G. G. NIBLOCK P. Nicholas H. C. Nixon W. H. Norris R. W. O ' Briant W. F. Oetgen P. F. OKeef J. R. OVERCASH E. B. Owens F. A. Owens C. C. PAINTER E. A. Pallagut G. C. PALMER J. M. Panetti. Ill J. H. PARKER E. F. PARNELL F. J. Paschal J. R. Pate Q. w. Patterson R. C. Patterson J. M. Peace J. S. Pearsall G. O. Peel, Jr. J. H. Peele O. F. Peele R. G. Penny W. J. Perkins, Jr. M. C. Perry S. D. Perry J. A. Peterson W. L. Phar.mer J. M. Phillips K. L. Phillips A. H. Pierce H. J. Pierce J. M. Pierce (Ja , -}»m. j n. ' a a .c C ' . ri j. fn C: pJ C 1 RGROmECH [121] C D O r t ' ' O ' ) dlilllyi.i S. A. Pierce A. R. PITTMAN R. J. Pleasants J. H. Plonk L. W. POOVEY RE. Porter R. s. Porter R. M. Pound A. W. Powell E. T. Powell G. H. Pratt G. C. Prim C. H. Prout A, A. Pruitt J. A. Pruden. Jr. H. [.. PUCKETT T H. Purcell, Jr. J. B. Queen W. A. QUICKEL F. D. Quinn. Jr. M. V. Rains T. E. RALPH C. L. Ramsey H. J. Raphael V. G. Ray J. R. Reaves J. N. Rennie V. H. Reynolds R. H. Rhyne R. G. RIDDICK R. S. Richardson R. Riley W. G. Rippy W. D. ROBBINS A. M. ROBERSON S. D. Roberts V. J. Roberts G. B. ROLLINS B. R. Foot J. T. Rose. Jr. J. C. Ross C. S. RUARK J. A. RUDISILL. Jr. R. E. SADLER G. R. SANDRIDGE 1 " . A. SANTOPOLO r. J. SARANDRIA R. K. SCHAEFER E. S. Schlosser F. H. Schmidt [122] THE 1939 B. C. SCOTT ' H. Scott V. B. Scott R. S. Sealey G. R. Sedberry N. W. Seegars W. E. Seitz W. G. Seyter W. P. Shel R. B. Shimer K. A. Shinn. Jr. J. B. Sibert A. D. Sides F. C. Smith J. C. Smith J. E. Smith W. Smith P. G. Spainhour L. H. Spargo, Jr. H. M. Speas M. Spell, Jr. B. F. Spencer B. F. Spencer M. C. Spoon W. c. Steiner R. B. Stevens M. L. Stilwell E. M. Story P. E. Stout G. V. Strayhorne L. P. Strickland A. N. Stuart J. M. Sturkey C. S. Sullivan F. L. SuTHER, Jr. J. B. Swett C. W. Tarlton C. V. Tart L. H. Tate H. G. Taylor J. M. Terry O. B. Tew, Jr. E. R. Tharp R. F. Thomason W. B. Thompson R. L. Thornburg W.J, Thrailkill J. Tinga V. C. TOWNSEND W, Trescott RGROmECH [123 f? , f JB A. C. Truex J. R. Truitt H. R. Troxler C. T. Turlington J. M. Turner P. P. Turner W. L. Turner. Jr. F. E. Upton F. K. Vance B. F. Vaughn R, C. VAUSE F. J. Veach H. M. Wagoner J. H. Walker C. B. Ward R. D. Warlick B, w. Warren. Jr. P. E. Watkins J. A. Webster A. E. Wenige G. J. Wheeler L. W. Whitker F. B. White H. J.White J. D. White J. E. WHITE J. M. White S. Whitley C. A. Wilder J. J. Wilfong G. W. Williams F. D. Williams L. C. Williams. Jr. W. S. Williams G. W. Wilson, Jr. H. N. Wilson R. W. Wilson A. E. WiTTEN J. B. Womble. Jr. K. L. WOMMACK E. F. WOOTEN F. L. WooTEN, Jr. G. H. Wright J. Wyatt W. A. Yancey L. P. Zachary. Jr. A. Zande R. F. Zehner [124: Phi Psi entertains. .. Between the halves. . .Scabbard and Blade members ...Upsiion Sigma Alpha Banquet... " Private " Ted Johnson . .Military Ball intermission. . Golden Chain tapping . . .The new and old members after the tapping .A couple of " lint heads " perform .. .Alpha Zeta antics ...Where ' s your modesty, jeep?... On the way to a meeting " Prexy " Bailey goes Golden Chain. . .Why men leave home. . The life of the party. . . Scabbard and Blade neophytes... During Alpha Zeta initiation week. . . Johnson leads the community sing. m- ' ' w ¥ Vii 1 1 ivi , !i :•!».« •; RED CDAT BAND OFFICERS C. H. Storey. Jr. . T. F. Parks J. R. McClurd G. C. Robinson President Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer Librarian W. B. Warren DRUM MAJORS W. A. Thomason Louise Williams MEMBERS ,J. w. Andrews R. M. Avery R. T. Bradley w. m. campbell a. B. Capps W. E. Cline A. B. Conrad W. C. CORRELL L. Crane C. R. Graver w. A. Crombie Wm. Debov W. A. Dickinson G. T. Dixon L. M. Epps G. R. Foster A. Francisco w. E. Gibbons M. A. GILL J. F. GiLMORE G. H. Glass B. T. Grifeith A. D. Harmon J. R. HOLSHOUSER J. R. Hood M. H. HOYLE R. L. Huffman W. t. Hunt L. J. Ingram ,J. M. Kanes S. Kaufman C. B. Lahser H. B. Lefler P. Lehman B. E. Lewis R. A. Loos C. S. MANOOCH J. M. Mauney W. N. Hay R. J. McCollum J. R. McClurd A. E. Miller J. L. Morgan J. W. nance W. M. Neale W. F. Oetgen B. L. Overby L. Perks D. M. Peeler J. C. Plaster R. E. Porter E. W. Price H. J. Raphael C. A. Reid W. M. ROBERSON G C. Boginson A. D. Sides R. C. Stuckey J. M. Sturkey C. S. Sullivan R. L. Tatum R. A. Taylor E. R. Todd s. c. Tuttleman W. G. Tyson F. K. VANCE w. E. Viverette F. B. White J. E. White R. N. White S. R. Williams D. A. WO.MBLE H. C. Woodall B. F. Yates w ?jL M aoM t F ' A , .::Ji ■. -Q Sm £k 0, 0 — 3 MILITARY i ' M I MILITARY The Reserve Officers Training Corps is one of the major divisions of the college, and one of the most active collegiate organizations. The North Carolina State College unit is the largest regiment in the Fourth Corps Area, and is rated as one of the finest in the country. State Col- lege is justly proud of this fine organization. Instruction in Military is divided into two main divisions. The first two years, known as the basic course, is devoted to the funda- Ma.jor K. G. Althaus Major R. H. Jonfs Ma.jor a. R. Burnap Major T. D. Chase [130] THF 1939 mentals that are necessary for those who are selected for advanced work. The benefits received from the basic course are not limited alone to thos2 who continue their training, becaus? the course is arranged so as to instill within the minds of all students the fundamental principles, duties, and responsibilities of American citizen- ship. The R. O. T. C. unit is under the direction of five commissioned Army officers. The officers act as drill supervisors, instructors, and execu- tives who handle the supplies, train- ing program, and social activities of the unit. Colonel W. M. Bailly tMik W. L. Fanning W. a. Worrell R. L. Wicker W. V. Matheney Lt. Colonel Lt. Colonel Major Major J. T. Frye B. G. Andrews J. W. Hilton Major Major Reg. Sgl. Major 1131 RGROfHECK FIRST BATTALION STAFF B. F. Harris Ll. Colonel C. L. MOSELEY Major W. C. ALEORD Captain L. l. Williams f. Major COMPANY OFFICERS ifci?sWiifciHMiiMt ifc intf- i lhii a Jt ' iBiTihltkllflii Bloodgood Thornton Davis Bullock Johnson Lancaster Nichols Fletcher Baucom Yeaghr Randolph Newbold Smith Hudspeth Murray Coon Stroud Wood James Stoperegen Arizpe Baker Ellis McLaughlin Jones Sirupli-r Milholl and Flliott Page THE 1939 FIRST BATTALION M A ikikwrn " €-t€-m£Mi l, X T " ? « iiii .ill ' U " . ill m mi-m- ' jmjj ' m tmi mu --rx ' tmi mm. m -•. «£«■■ T,- ■lb I " ■a " ' ! K iiii f T ?. RGROmECK SECOND BATTALION STAFF C. s. Jones Ll. Colonel J. P. SAWYER Major L. L. Copley Captain J. A. MITCHNER Sgt. Major COMPANY OFFICERS flB it? 0 f f 40 4B ( W f ' iD E? wr fWW |« T •? «». ' 1 Carraway Arnott Towers Armstrong Hendren Irby BOSWELL Shaw Spencer Powers Dees Land BOSEMAN Lyon Raymond Stali.ings Hayworth Wicker Hrink Shumaker THE 1939 SECOND BATTALION •-■ ' -iPXiiAii- : ' ' L HGROfHECK THIRD BATTALION STAFF C. S. Smart J. R. Burcham b. S. Tucker H. F. Randolph Ll. Colonel Major Captain Sgt. Major COMPANY OFFICERS 4 iB i0 IP ' r v f J ' T WiLSUN Irving Fleming Carter Brooks Bailey Potter Henley Johnson Stuart Foster Lovelace McClure Garrard Thompson Brown Bell Kirkland HOBBS wheailey Webb Bartlett THE 1939 THIRD BATTALION ' liiiA :4 ik ji ' iLA. k h h k k . -n . ■j.! 7 ' »■ »ll ;• RGROmECH THE MILITARY BAND t. . T.F. PA ELKS R.LHUFFMAN a.R.RUDISILL R.S.LAKE: R.A.LOOS J.F.GILMORC DRUM AND BUGLE CDBPS j.h.bowe:n g.v.hanna s.c.wolmes D.P.HUGHES G.R.RUSSESS K.M.MASON THE 1939 THE RIFLE TEAM ik. : » .54 i C : ? f-irsl Rnw: MAJ. R. t. JONES (Coach), WtT.MORE. BRAKE. HARLEV. HAYWORTH, SHALLINGTON. LEE. SGT. KNIGHT (Assistant Coach) ; Back Row: ROBERTS, SHEETZ, WhitSON, DoDGE, HAVNES, LUKE, E. T. SMITH, OWENS. SNAPSHOTS RGROrflECK SCABBARD AND BLADE E. A. Dees Captain Scabbard and Blade is a national honorary military society. It was founded in the spring of 1905 by five cadet officers of the First Regiment, University of Wiscon- sin Corps of Cadets. At the present time there are 78 active companies having a total enlistment of over 22.000. The purpose of Scabbard and Blade is to raise the standard of military training in American colleges and universities: to unite in closer relationship their military departments; and to promote intimacy and good fellowship among the cadet officers. Jones Smith Wicker Bailev Fanning 11 ANNA BURCHAM Worrell Smart Irving Fleming Parks Mathney MiLHOLLAND Wheatley Dees Murray Hughes Harris Frink PUBLICATIONS ssj irv i;: Mr. Jeter Chairman The Publications Board is composed of certain members of the Administra- tion and all Editors and Business Man- agers of the major publications on the campus. They have complete control over the publications, and it is their job to see that these publications are run in a smoot h and orderly manner. The Board is constantly searching and trying to give North Carolina State College the best publications that are available. PUBLICATIONS BOARD Dean Lefort Prof. Marshall Mr. Mayer Mr, Knight 11421 THE 1939 Worrell Holmes Sailer Brown Britt Marsh DOBSON Handy Haynes Rogers Dale Smith BURCHAM Bailey MiTCHINER 1 C- f ' M RGROmECH 143] « fir THE 1939 f j jjg«{ J. A. Worrell Editor-in-Chief f J. Y. Pharr, Jr. L. E. WooTEN. Jr. E. W. Price. Jr. D. B. Betts J. L. Murray , . , J. L. MiLHOLLAND C. H. Whhatley E. C. Clark P. D. Kali V Associate Editor Associate Editor Managing Editor Managing Editor Sports Editor Photographer Copy Editor Office Manager Copy Editor We have been told that when a job on which one has worked conscientiously has been finished, and that when those who have done the job approve of it, others will like it also. With this thought in mind we give you the work of a capable, devoted, and industrious staff. We have not planned anything sensational. We feel that if we have been accurate and effective in our presentation, we have accomplished our purpose. AGRDMECK f As we are graduated from North Caro- lina State College, so will this AgROMECK probably take its place among the many school-day treasures of this Senior Class. And as we hop e ourselves to be judged worthy of the long line of graduates before us, so we hope that this, our book, will take its place as a worthy expression of that tradition we know so well. S. C. Holmes Business Manager L, E, Milks , Asst. Business Manager L, R. Parsons Asst. Business Manager J. M. BURNHAM Asst . Business Manager D. C. Hughes . National Advertising T. N. Stainback Office Manager F. M. Clements . Local Advertising J. D. BOGER Local Advertising W . R . Garnett Local Advertising R. B. Shimer . Local Advertising J. T, Rose . Local Advertising W . E . Leloudis . Local Advertising THE TECHNICIAN Stephen Sailer Editor BUSINESS STAFF Bill Aldridge Ass?. Business Manager J. R, BURCHAM Natl. Advertising Mqr. R. L. Huffman Circulation Manager Tom Parks Local Advertising Aldine ThomASON Local Advertising EDITORIAL STAFF E. P. Davidson Managing Editor P. P. Gregg Features H. B. Rowe Neu. ' s Editor Art Raymond Sports Editor Arnold Krochmal Asst. Sports Editor Dick McPhail Feature Editor Joe Michael Columnist B. C. Halsted Reporter Sam Pope Reporter Bill Gibbons Reporter Maxilla Everett Reporter R. E. FriCKEY Reporter Louis Fletcher Reporter L. Morton Brown Business Manager [146] THE 1939 1938-1939 E. P. Davidson P. P. Gregg H. B. RowE Art Raymond Arnold Krochmal Dick McPhail Joe Michael B. C. Halsted Sam Pope Bill Gibbons R. E. Frickey Louis Fletcher Bill Aldridge J. R. Burcham R. L. Huffman Tom Parks Aldine Thomason RGROmECK [147: f SDUTHEflN ENGINEER J. C. Haynes Editor S. D. Rogers Business Manager rish Williams Haywok I 11 T W 1 UK HUBERMAN Cline Dalton Jackson Bell EDITORIAL STAFF T. D. Williams Managing Editor W. W. Bulla . Features Editor H. R. Crawford Copy Editor H, B. Huberman Assistant Editor M, S. HaywortH . .Assistant Editor H. M. T aylor . Associate Editor BUSINESS STAFF M, M. Dalton . Asst. Bus. Manager G. J. Bell Circulation Manager N. E. Cline Asst. Cir. Manager T. F. Jackson . Publicity Manager T. H. Blount ... Advertising Manager B. a. HildebraND Sales Manager [148] THE 1939 THE AGRICULTURIST Sam H. Dobson Editor Russell P. Handy Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF S. N. Mann Managing Editor P. S. Thompson Associate Editor R. C. Larkin Assistant Editor J. C. Pierce Assistant Editor Lloyd Langdon Reporter Kenneth Murchison News Reporter BUSINESS STAFF Robert Hurst Asso. Bus. Manager P. J. Gibson . Assf. Business Manager B. G. Andrews Advertising Manager J. A. MitchinER Alumni Circulation R. L. Burrage Typist For fourteen years The Agriculturist has been the written voice of the students of the Agricultural School. This publication appears monthly during the school year with the purposes, as set forth by the students, of maintaining closer relations between the faculty and the students, keeping the alumni and the extension department members posted as to the work of the Agricultural School and pro- moting a closer contact with the citizens of the state. The Agriculturist affords the students of the School of Agriculture an opportunity to express their opinions on subjects of interest to the farm- ers and extension workers throughout the state. This magazine also gives those students who are interested in writing on agricultural subjects the opportunity to put their desires into practice and to edit and publish an agricultural magazine. This publication has proven to be a splendid channel for publicizing the college and the Agri- cultural School. M. . x Thompso.n L.xrkin Pierce Hurst Gibson AXDREWS MiTCHlNER nGROmECH [149] THE WATAUGAN E. M. Britt Editor G. W. Marsh Business Manager dlkdti IlLLER Rowers KVLRKTT Laws Parnell Lane Ward Cline EDITORIAL STAFF E. S. Bowers Art Editor J. C. Miller Managing Editor Dick Everett Exchange Editor J. S. Laws Reporter BUSINESS STAFF Z. B. Lane. Jr. Asst. Business Manager E. F. Parnell . . Circulation Manager W. T. Cline Typist W. J. Ward Advertising Manager As jnother year draws swiftly to a close, we look back and sec that the Wataugan has enjoyed its thirteenth year of success. To the editorial staff — our congratulations for getting so many issues past the administrative authorities without being called to account. To the business staff — you have done a fine job making the Wataugan a financial success. Trying to give each student on the campus exactly what he wants is a real problem; you have come as near satisfying everyone as you possibly could have. To those of you who do not read the Wataugan wc might say that it is an entirely humorous magazine published at irregular intervals six times each year. 150] ORGANIZATIONS — I — THE STUDENT GOVERNMENT It is the purpose of the Student Government to handle all matters of student conduct, honor, and (general student interest; and to promote in campus life self- control, personal responsibility, and loyally to the college and to the student body. Every duly registered student of North Carolina State College automatically becomes a member of the Student Government and is subject to the jurisdiction of its legisla- tive branches. Each umlergraduate at the time of his enrollment must sign a pledge accepting his part in the .Student (iovernment and pledging his support to the cause. The article nf the .Student Government had its origin at this college in 1921. Since that time there have been revisions made in order that changing conditions and needs might be adequately coped with. Init the principles of student participation have remained unchanged. The Student Government is valuable to the students in that it develops a sense of responsibility in the student and trains him along lines which are conducive to good citizenship. William Mac. Bailey President Walter L. Fanning Vice-President Henry D. Means Secretary Ernest E. Durham Treasurer 152 ' THE 1939 T H F COUNCIL Thornton Whitmire Loos Mann Hamilton Kaley Lewis Barnes Walker RGROmECK [153] iiJtM McSWAlN Price Lathan Marsh YDUNG MEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSDCIATIDN OFFICERS H. R. McSWAIN President W. F. Lathan Vice-President Jack Price Secretary R. S. Marsh Treasurer EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Kenneth Murchison Robert Coleman, Jr. O. J. Howell A. M. Smith W. G. Greenlee N. B. Watts Mr. E. S. King The Young Men ' s Christian Association on the State College campus is a fellowship whose pri- mary purpose is to win boys and men to Jesus Christ, to associate them in Christian living, and to help them to discover and to accept the full meaning of Christian dis- cipleship for their own lives and for society. Like all living fellowships, our Association has been responsive to changing situations and to new factors in its environment. This development appears in range of fellowship, in extension of pro- gram, in liberty of thought and practice, in church and community relations, and in world-wide brotherhood. 4 ™ Murchison Coleman Howell Smith King Greenlee Watts [1541 THE 1939 Sophomore Council Freshman Friendship Council Jl flGROfHECK [155] fe PINE BURR SOCIETY R. L. Huffman President OFFICERS R. L. Huffman President R. A. Loos Vice-President J. C. Pierce. Jr Secretary J. P. Sawyer Treasurer W. A. SCHOLES Historian FACULTY MEMBERS W. H. Browne, Jr. F. E. Foster L. L. Vaughan E. L. Cloyd C. B. Shulenberger C. B. Williams C. L. Mann W. N. Hicks A. F. Greaves-Walker L O. ScHAUB L. M. Keever a. M. Fountain HONORARY MEMBERS Col. J. W. Harrelson John W. Thompson Judge W. P. Stacy Dr. E. C. Brooks The Pine Burr Society is the local scholarship organization peculiar to North Carolina State College. It was founded in 1922 and has for its purposes the encouragement of high standards of scholarship, the development of leadership in all worth-while organizations on the campus, and the preservation of the history of the college. Requirements for membership arc high and include that the student must have been pursuing a regular course leading to a degree, that he has been in attendance for two and one-half years, that he has an average of above 85, that he has not failed a course and that he is active, loyal, and prominent in some extra-curricular activity. [156] THE 1939 ' fZ fzl C - CTi RGROmECK R. A. Loos F. O. Truslow J. P. Sawyer W. A. SCHOLES L. C. Brooks J. A. Worrell E. J. Angelo V. F. Kasey S. C. Holmes M. S. Hayworth W. M. Bailey F. T. Abbott P. S. Thompson P. J. Gibson S. H. Dobson J. C. Pierce G. V. Hanna C. H. Storey R. B. Wood J. W. Foster C. A. Hunter R. L. Cain T. M. Kolarik M. M. Dalton [157] iN ' ALPHA ZETA X- L. E. Thornton Chancellor OFFICERS L. E. Thornton Chancellor J. T. Frye Censor R. C. Larkin Chronicler P. J. Gibson Treasurer R. W. Brake Scnbe MEMBERS W. M. Bailey R. L. Edwards R. C. Lackey W. L. Beasley W. L. Franklin J. D. Patton R. L. Cain W. A. Hash J. C. Pierce. Jr. S. H. DoBsoN R. P. Handy D. H. Purifoy E. E. Durham Locke Holland R. W. Slocum Clarence Early C. A. Hunter M. E. Starnes P. S. Thompson S. N. Mann J. D. Thompson J. F. Webb FACULTY ADVISORY COMMITTEE R. H. RuFFNER A. D. Stuart J. G. Weaver The North Carolina chapter of Alpha Zeta. national honorary agriculture fraternity, was established in 1904. Alpha Zeta ' s first chapter was founded at Ohio State University in 1897. The members are chosen from the upperclassmen of the School of Agriculture who have a scholastic ranking in the upper two-fifths of their classes. The limitation for membership also requires that only those students who possess outstanding qualities of character and leadership be admitted. The chapter is always striving for the advancement and betterment of the Agricultural School and all agricultural endeavors. [158] THE 1939 1 -: ' .. z ' . y! f •« JP . i p.- ' A JT? ' W. M. Bailey W. L. Beasley R. L. Cain S. H. DOBSON E. E. Durham Clarence Earley P. S. Thompson R. L. Edwards W. L. Franklin W. A. Hash R. P. Handy Locke Holland C. A. Hunter S. N. Mann J. F. Webb R. C. Lackey J. D. Patton J. C. Pierce D. H. PURIFOY R. W. Slocum R. C. Larkin J. T. Frye M. E. Starnes J. D. Thompson R. W. Brake P. J. Gibson jfs RGROmECH 1159] w TAU BETA PI f E. J. Angelo President OFFICERS E. J. Angelo President J. C. Haynes Vice-President S. C. Holmes Corresponding Secretary R. A. Loos Recording Secretary Prof. L. L. Vaughan Treasurer MEMBERS F. T. Abbott L. C. Brooks K. V. Chace David Colvin J. N. Farlow J. W. Foster B. R. Van Leer L. L. Vaughan E. L. Cloyd E. E. Randolph J. W. Harrelson R. R. Brown J. F. Gilmore M. S. Hayworth T. R. Jones A. M. Smith E. F. Smith C. H. Storey W. N. Taylor M. C. Todd G. E. YouNT M. M. Dalton P. P. Gregg T. M. KOLARICK H. D. Means M. W. Nakoneczny B. S. Pace B. B. Reynolds J. N. Smith H. M. Taylor L M. Vann FACULTY MEMBERS G. G. FORNES R. L. Stone C. E. Feltner H. B. Shaw H. E. Satterfield G. W. Smith C. R. Bramer T. S. Johnson W. H. Browne D. B. Wicker W. N. Hicks J. E. Lear A. F. Greaves-Walker E. G. Hoefer E. W. Winkler F. C. Johnson W. C. Riddick C. L. Mann The Tau Beta Pi Association, national honor society, covers the entire engineering field, but none other than the engineering. Tau Beta Pi was founded because brilliant engineers were unable to join honor societies, since e ducation seemingly held a monopoly on the honor society at that time. In 1892 the first chapter was founded at Lehigh University. Although distinguished scholarship is the primary requisite for admission into Tau Beta Pi, it is not considered the sole criterion. After scholarship requirements have been fulfilled, the selection is based on integrity, breadth of interest both inside and outside engineering, adaptability, and .self-activity. 160] THE 1939 H £ 4 C. H. Storey J. C. Haynes S. C. Holmes R. A, Loos W. N. Taylor M. C. Todd F, T. Abbott L. C. Brooks K. V. Chace David Colvin G. E. YouNT M. M. Dalton J. N. Farlow J. W. Foster J. F. Gilmore M. S. Hayworth P. P. Gregg H. D. Means T. R. Jones A. M. Smith E. F. Smith T. M. Kolarik M. W, Nakoneczny B. S. Pace B. B. Reynolds J. N. Smith H. M. Taylor I. M. Vann RGROmECH [161] PHI PSI f G. V. Hanna. Jr. President OFFICERS G. V, Hanna. Jr. J. R. BURCHAM B. J. Musso J. V. KiRKMAN C. H. Reynolds P. Bruinooge R. B. Wood W. L. Fanning E. P. Henley H. R. McSwain E. S. Johnson R. J. Payne J. W. Irving President . Vice-President . . . Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS J. A. TOWERY E. M. Arizpe A. C. Hattaway E. Koella M. F. Spencer A. T. Strupler H. C. BVRD E. P. Echerd E. A. Dees D. E. Hamilton T. C. Leake J. M. Mauney P. D. Merritt F. L. Misenheimer B. R. Rudisill A. R. Williams P. E. Wood C. W. Stuart O. W. Mann Phi Psi is the largest textile fraternity in the world, and its alumni hold some of the highest positions of trust and respect in all branches of the industry. So that the alumni might main- tain closer contact with each other, alumni chapters are located in all leading textile centers of the country. Since its organization at State College. Eta Chapter has taken an important part in the activities of the Textile School. Its mem- bers have been prominent, not only in the aflairs of the department but also of the college as a whole. They have gone out to earn places of trust and responsibility in the textile industry. 1162: THE 1939 G. V. Hanna J. R. BURCHAM B. J. Musso J. V. KiRKMAN C. H. Reynolds P. Bruinooge R. B. Wood W. L. Fanning E. P. Henley H. R. McSwain E. S. Johnson R. J. Payne J. W. Irving J. A. Towery E. M. Arizpe A. C. Hattaway E. Koella M. F. Spencer A. T. Strupler H. C. Byrd E. P. Echerd E. A. Dees D. E. Hamilton T. C. Leake J. M. Mauney P. D. Merritt F. L. Misenheimer B. R. Rudisill A. R. Williams P. E. Wood C. W. Stuart O. W. Mann [1631 RGROfHECK ENGINEERS ' COUNCIL A. G. Raymond Presidenl OFFICERS A. G. Raymond President W. B. Jones Vice-President J. P. Sawyer Secretary E. S. PUGH Treasurer FACULTY REPRESENTATIVES Prof. J. M. Edwards Architectural Engineering Prof. R. S. FourakeR Electrical Engineering Prof. W. G. GEILE Civil Engineering Prof. H. B. Shaw Industrial Engineering Prof. L. L. V a ugh an Mechanical Engineering Prof. E. E. Randolph Chemical Engineering Prof. R. L. Stone Ceramic Engineering The Engineers ' Council was organized in the fall of 1926 by a group of students from each of the engineering departments with the help of two professors. The purposes of this organ- ization are to promote the interest and welfare of the students in the school of engineering, to create and maintain a fraternal spirit among the students of the several departments, to provide for the management of affairs in which all engineering students are represented, and to provide for the publication of an engineers ' magazine. (164] THE 1939 A. G. Raymond W. B. Jones J. P. Sawyer A E. S. PUGH E. O. Randolph J. W. Foster R. A. Loos J. B. Lasley E. J. Angelo J. V. Henderson W. B. Griffin R. M. James G. E. YouNT H. F. Randolph AGROmECK [165: r. ' ' e UPSILDN SIGMA ALPHA W. B. Jones President OFFICERS W. B. Jones President E. B. Nichols Vice-President R. M. James Secretary W. L. Carter Treasurer E. P. Fleming Sgt.-at-Arms W. L. Fanning Goatmaster MEMBERS W. O. Baucom G. V. Hanna J. L. Milholland R. M. Bloodgood B. F. Harris E. S. Millsaps R. R. BosEMAN M. S. Hayworth J. L. Murray J. E. Brown E. P. Henley C. L. Moseley J. R. Burcham D. p. Hughes E. B. Nichols W. L. Carter R. M. James J. Y. Pharr L. W. Cartwright E. S. Johnson C. S. Smart L. L. Copley W. B. Jones L. E. Thornton W. L. Fanning H. L. Land E. A. Williams E. p. Fleming J. P. Lucas P. B. Yeager H. D. Means Upsilon Sigma Alpha is a National Army fraternity that was founded at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland in April. 1933. Under the original constitution drawn up by the eleven charter members, the membership was restricted to sons of Army officers and Cadets of the United States Military and Naval Academies but has since been expanded to include cadets in the Advanced Course R. O. T. C. The purpose of the fraternity is to perpetuate the truly American traditions and principles that constitute our policy of National Defense, and to lend active and moral support to the Regular Army, the National Guard, the Organized Reserve Corps, the R. O, T. C, and all other components of our National Defense system. 166 ■ THE 1939 f.j ' r.. W. O. Baucom R. M. Bloodgood R. R. BOSEMAN J. E. Brown J. R. BURCHAM W. L. Carter L. W. Cartwright L. L. Copley W. L. Fanning E. P. Fleming G. V. Hanna B. F. Harris M. S. Hayworth E. P. Henley D. P. Hughes R. M. James E. S. Johnson W. B. Jones H. L. Land J. P. Lucas H. D. Means J. L. Milholland C. L. Moseley E. S. Millsaps J. L. Murray E. B. Nichols J. Y. Pharr C. S. Smart L. E. Thornton E. A. Williams P. B. Yeager RGROfHECK [167] SIGMA PI ALPHA Nine Chapters ALPHA CHAPTER Installed 1927 OFFICERS Robert F. Coleman. Jr President EmilIO AriZPE Vice-President Harold Nass Secretary Prof. S. T. BallengeR Treasurer MEMBERS C. H. Storey R. W. Leamer Mrs. H. E. Wilson J. E. Michael J. C. Haynes R. I. Simpkins H. R. Garris V. B. Holland H. B. Malone L. W. Cartwright W. S. Ferguson W. W. Bulla G. E. Radke p. F. Lineberry Ahmad Rafik FACULTY MEMBERS A. M. Fountain W. G. Van Note S. R. Winstead R. L. Stone F. W. Lancaster G. W. Bartlett J. D. Paulson S. T. Ballenger D. B. Thomas I. O. Garodnick C. E. Johnson L. E. Hinkle E. W. Ruggles Sigma Pi Alpha is a National Honorary Language Fraternity. Alpha Chapter, founded at State College in 1927, is the mother chapter of the organization. Student membership is limited to those who have a high honor average in language and an honor average in general scholastic work. jjpj jpss v Coleman Michael SroRKv Simpkins Haynes Cartwright [1681 THE 1939 PHI KAPPA PHI OFFICERS L. L. Vaughan President E. F. Smith Vice-President D. B. Thomas Secretary E. L. Cloyd Treasurer G. H. SatteRFIELD Corresponding Secretary STUDENT MEMBERS E. F. Smith L. W. Carter P. S. Thompson David Colvin R. B. Wood J. C. Pierce E. J. Angelo L. C. Brooks FACULTY MEMBERS D. B. Anderson J. W. Harrelson W. C. RiDDICK G. W. Bartlett T. P. Harrison G. H. SATTERFIELD H. H. BOLING L. C. Hartley L O. Schaub C. H. Bostain A. C. Hayes H. F. Schoof B. F. Brown C. M. Heck H. B. Shaw T, E. Browne W. N. Hicks W. E. Shinn W, H. Browne L. E. HiNKLE L V. Shunk J. D. Clark D. E. Jones J. L. Stuckey C. B. Clevenger J. Kelly D. B. Thomas E. L. Cloyd C. G. Lehman Harry Tucker F. W. Cook G. W. Forster L. L. Vaughan R. S. Dearstyne Mrs. J. S. McKiMMON B. W. Wells A. A. Dixon C. L. Mann L. A. Whitford C. E. Feltner Z. P. Metcalf J. B. Whitney H. A. Fisher T. B. Mitchell C. B. Williams K. C. Garrison O. P. Owens L. F. Williams H. C. Gauger J. M. Parker N. W. Williams A. F. Greaves-Walker W. H. Pierce R. M. Williams R. E. L. Greene J. P. Pillsbury A. J. Wilson A. G. Grimshaw R. F. Poole E. E. Randolph E. W. Winkler HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. Frank Porter Graham Dr. W. L. Poteat Judge L. R. Varsar AGROmECK [169] F PHI ETA SIGMA NORTH CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE CHAPTER Installed May 16. 1923 OFFICERS P. D. Kaley President W. F. Morris. Jr Vice-President R. L. Rice Secretary M. R. Campbell Treasurer T. F. Jackson, Jr Historian SOPHOMORES L. R. Barnes J. W. Call W. P. Eagle W. E. Angelo J. H. Bower J. R. Branscome E. L. Bryant E. G. Hollowell B. C. Halsted J. D. Jones H. B. Lefler M. W. Parcel J. A. Ralston FRESHMEN T. P. COLDWELL E. C. Denton. Jr. J. D. Dodge E. G. GiBBS D. J. Hanse H. L. Miller W. H. Rivers R. L. Tatum H. H. Thomas E. R. Todd J. G. Sims K. L. WOMMACK F. F. Wooten W. S. Johnson t •? Phi Eta Sigma strives to encourage first-year men to have a desire for the higher things in life. 7 he highest scholastic honor a freshman may obtain is to become a member of Phi Eta Sigma. J I—. fTj r KAr.K ' Campbell C.vr.t. IIai.stk.m) K 1 V K R S Iloi.T.OWKI.I. De.vton Hanse Bower Parcel WOMMACK Dodge Thomas Morris Bran s -o m e Bryant Jackson Johnson GiBKS Eagle Rice Wooten Lefler Barnes Caldwell Tat CM Tonn Miller [170] BLUE KEY Se nty-five Active Chapters Colors : Blue and Gold Flower: Forget-me-not N. C. STATE COLLEGE CHAPTER Installed May, 1928 HONORARY Ma J. K. G. Althaus A. F. Greaves-Walker Col. J. W. Harrelson T. S. Johnson E. McNeill Poteat Stacey W. Wade E. J. Angelo E. A. Dees G. V. Hanna, Jr. C. L. MosELEY, Jr. James L. Murray F. P. Sabol S. S. Sailer A. H. Sallenger W. L. Fanning E. E. Durham C. A. Hunter Ernest Koella, Jr. J. B. Van Metts SENIORS JUNIORS T. D. Williams L. P. Denmark A. H. Grimshaw W. N. Hicks C. R. Lefort Dr. R. R. Sermon- Judge M. Schenck J. R. Burcham W. M. Bailey R. A. Loos J. A. Worrell A. M. Smith, Jr. H. R. McSwAiN L. C. Brooks J. T. Frye S. C. Holmes J. Y. Pharr. Jr. H. D. Means J. A. MiTCHINER Blue Key, honor fraternity, was founded at the University of Florida in October, 1924. Blue Key recognizes outstanding qualities in character, scholar- ship, and service, placing equal emphasis upon leadership and student activities. Membership is composed of graduate and undergraduate students of all depart- ments of American colleges and universities. SIGMA TAU SIGMA Founded in 1928 Colors; Blue and White OFFICERS R. B. Wood President C. H. Reynolds Vice-President E. P. Henley Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS E. M. Arizpe G. V. Hanna C. H. Reynolds G. P. Boswell E. p. Henley S. S. Sailer J. R. BuRCHAM R. S. Lake A. T. Strupler W. L. Carter H. R. McSwain R. B. Wood E. A. Dees C. T. Moore J. W. Irving W. L. Fanning Harold Nass A. D. Potter Sigma Tau Sigma was founded for the purpose of instilling in the Textile students a desire for higher standards in scholarship. This honorary fraternity offers a cup each year to the Senior in Textiles that has the highest average. To meet the requirements of membership a student must have an average of not less than 80. The name for this fraternity was selected from the Greek letters meaning Society of Textile Scholarship. f f f C ( f i f«W| rrf ! •«. « • « jI Ml % Arizpe Carter Hanna McSwain Reynolds Wood Boswell Dees Henley Moore Sailer Irving BuRCHAiM Fanning Lake Nass Stri-pler Potter [173] KERAMDS OFFICERS W A SCHOLFS ER MBE, Jr. Cress President W. H. Ellis B. S. Tuck C. M. L W. C. Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Herald MEMBERS J. P. Sawyer. jR J. N. Smith C. W. Isenhour. Jr. F. P. Sabol R. P. McCabe S. W. Derbyshire J. C. Haynes G. C. Robinson C. M. Gattis, Jr. FACULTY H. F. Randolph Dr. A. F. Greaves-Walker Mr. R. L. Stone Keramos. the national professional Ceramic Engineering fraternity was organized in 1 02 at Ohio State University, and is the oldest professional engineering fraternity in the world. While the organization is strictly professional in nature, the requirements for membership arc as high as most of the honorary societies and it permits the wearing of the key by honor stu- dents. Membership is offered only to students in the department of Ceramics or Ceramic engineering who have a good scholarship record, a good character record, and who give promise of making good in the industry. SCHOLES Ellis Tuck MR I.AMIIE Cress Saw fr Sabol Haynes Smith KOBINSOX Gattis Isenhour Randolph 1174] THE 1939 THETA TAU OFFICERS Sam Hayworth B. A. HiLDEBRAND G. J. Bell G. E. YouNT C. M. Sturkey ... S. W. Turner G. W. Snyder K. V. Chase P. P. Gregg T. M. KOLARIK G. S. ACHORN T. H. Blount F. O. Truslow S. D. Rogers Regent Vice-Regent Recorder Treasurer Marshal Inner Guard Outer Guard FredW. Coffman MEMBERS C. N. Moore H. A. Ruddock J. B. Lasley R. L. Wicker E. P. Davidson L. H. ASBURY HONORARY MEMBERS Dean Blake R. Van Leer J. B. Hathaway J. C. Sloan E. O. Randolph H. S. Whitley H. L. Morgan S. Watson Sam Sawyer Harry Tucker The objectives of this fraternity shall be to inculcate the principles of professional integrity and personal honor among its members: to unite them in a strong bond of fraternal fellow- ship: to help its members professionally and personally: to search for the truth in science; to aid in the utilization of natural resources for the benefit of mankind: to teach recognition of service to profession and country as a practical idealism: and to stimulate worthy engineering effort of any kind. gMMatii i uj O, C) £: HaV WORTH Ruddock Wicker W ' HiTLtv Sloan Hathaway KoLARiK Blount Rogers Lasley Davidson Snyder Morgan Randolph Watson Chase Turner Truslow Moore Bell Sturkey RGROmECK [175: f MU BETA PSI OFFICERS T. F. Parks J. E. McCall J. R. McClurd J. M. BURNHAM A. D. Allison A. L. CURRAN L. M. Epps. Jr. J. M. Foster W. B. Freeman J. F. Gilmore W. E. Gibbons M. H. Hovle A. O. Ali ord C. H. Cantrell A. D. Jones President . Vice-President . . . Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS R. L. Huffman. Jr. W. T. Hunt R. A. Loos J. M. Mauney F. A. Meunier. Jr. H. B. Nichols A. L. Parker R. C. Penny HONORARY MEMBERS E. L. Cloyd J. Fontaine J. F. Miller J. C. Plaster G. C. Robinson R. C. Stuckey C. H. Storey. Jr. I. W. Thorne H. C. WOODALL. Jr. G. L. YiNGLiNG. Jr. J. N. Strawbridge C. D. Farmer A. M. Fountain C. D. Kutschinski The purpose of Mu Beta Psi, National Honorary Musical Fraternity, is to promote a better fellowship among the musicians of the various musical organizations of a college and among the musicians of the various musical organizations of the different colleges. Also to advance music to its proper place as an educational subject. fj p C: O If ,a f O O jD HyfJiii e, T- ' iC5 p n a i4t SlKAWURIUUli TllDRNK ViNC.LINC StORKY WOODAI.L SrUCKKY Robinson Plastkr Penny I ' akki.k Parks Nichols M AU NhV lMcC " l.UKU McCall l.ous Hunt Huffman llu ' .LI. (ilUliONS GlLMORE Fki: 1- MAN FOSTKR Epps ( I ' HK N Burn HAM Allison 11761 THE 1939 • AMERICAN SOCIETY DP AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING OFFICERS E. P. BARNES President D. M. Griffin Vice-President L. B. Trevathan Secretary W. E. Garrard Treasurer MEMBERS L, B. Altman W. C. Warrick R. l. McNeely E. L. HoBBS T. L. Reeves C. H. Lockhart J. A. Mitchiner f. a. McGoogan h. K. Sanders, Jr. D. L. McLaurin W. S. Huggins p. f. Hoch H. L. Wall r B. Armstrong honorary members Prof. G. W. Giles Prof. D. S. Weaver The American Society of Agricultural Engineering was formed for those agricultural engi- neers who have shown themselves worthy of this honor. The requisites for this organization are character, scholarship, and service shown not only in the School of Agriculture, but in the college at large. The members are selected from the undergraduate students of the Agricul- tural School. Barnes Garrard Griffin Hoch HOBBS Huggins loi. kh art McLaurin AGROmECK [177] SOCIETY FDR ADVANCEMENT DF MANAGEMENT OFFICERS R. M, James, Jr. President A. G. Raymond Vice-President W. B. Granger Secretary J. W. Cox Treasurer Prof. H. B. Shaw Faculty Adviser MEMBERS S. E. Adcock R. B. Dulaney H. M. Johnson J. H. Milloway D. A. Arbuthnot E. P. Fleming B. R. Knott T. F. Moran L. M. Brown L. A. Fletcher F. S. Kugler E. B. Owen E. B. Conrad C. V, Fowles H. L. Land E. B. Parrish R. J. Craig G. C. Furr E. L. Lindsey H. Retter F. C. Cunningham E. L. Gaskins N. W. Lopez M. L. Sheperd M. E. Davidson E. L. Greer E. K. Lovelace L W. Thorn R. Diaz T. T. Hay J. P. Lucas H. F. Whitmire J. E. DoziER P. B. Irby J. L. Milholland E. J. Wicker E. K. Wright Membership in the local branch of The Society for the Advancement of Management is limited to Industrial Engineering students. The purpose of the society is to conduct and pro- mote scientific study of the principles governing organized effort in industrial and economic life, in order to determine their various applications for the general betterment of society. n M WBLM f . J v 0 f a( ' ] rS j i Arhuthnot Cox Diaz Fu nnhR Crangkr Johnson Lindsey I 1iliiullanij Brown Cunningham Dozier Fowles Hay Knott Lovelace Moran CoNRAu Davidson Fleming Furr James Kugler Lucas Owen Wicker Thorn Retter Raymond Parrish Gaskins Land Wright [178] THE 1939 GAMMA SIGMA EPSILDN Eleven Active Chapters Colors: Cobalt Blue and White FLOWER: Orchid ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Installed 1921 OFFICERS V- F- Kasey Alchemist T. M, KOLARIK Recorder E. M. Yacko Visor B. A. HiLDEBRAND Sgt.-at-Arms MEMBERS W. W. Adkins K. V. Chace R. L. HUFEMAN W. D. Jacobson P. F. Lineberry Dr. E. E. Randolph Dr. a. J. Wilson R. L. OVERCASH F. O. Truslow J. S. Yates J. M. Cannon J. G. Getsinger J. W. Foster. Jr. B. B. Reynolds H. F. Riley FACULTY Dr. L. F. Williams Proe. W. E. Jordan Dr. B. E. Lauer J. R. Robbins G. J. Simmons C. M. Sturkey N. Singleton M. L. Fallwell Prof. A. H. Grimshaw Prof. W. A. Reid The object of Gamma Sigma Epsilon is to increase interest and scholarship in chemistry, and the general welfare of the chemist. The formation of Gamma Sigma Epsilon was for the purpose of happiness, comfort, and health of its fellowmen; to bring into closer relation the facts of science with the truths of God through the promo- tion of chemistry. The fraternity also promotes the subordination to law by engineering a higher regard for virtue and truth and unity with the members in close bond of friendship and follow those deemed worthy of esteem. Singleton Getsinger RGROniECK 1179 V KAPPA PHI KAPPA N. C. STATE COLLEGE CHAPTER Colors: Green and White FLOWER: White Carnation OFFICERS R. L Lainof President E. E. Durham Vice-President S. C. Vinson Secretary M. E. Starnes Treasurer Prof. E. W. Boshart Faculty Sponsor MEMBERS James McGinnis D. A. Sutton T. W. Bivens W. A. McKay, Jr. A. L. Curran S. J. Black G. M. Goforth J. A. Dobson H.L.Thomas W. A. Hash E. M. Greene. Jr. B. S. Clapp J. W. Sullivan N. W. Freeman. Jr. F. A. Webb. Jr. W. B. Callihan A. A. DiYeso FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. E. W. Boshart Prof. L. E. Cook Prof. C. G. Mumford Prof. T. E. Browne Prof. K. C. Garrison Prof. H. R. Garriss The Alpha Sigma chapter of Kappa Phi Kappa was founded at the State College campus on April 10, 1931. Kappa Phi Kappa is a professional education fraternity whose purpose is to promote the cause of education by encouraging men of sound moral character and recog- nized ability to engage in the study of its principles and problems. For the furtherance of the above purpose the fraternity emphasizes among its members social intercourse, scholarly attain- ments, and professional ideals. 4 MlM Lai N Of Durham McCilNNIS Sullivan Black B I V 1: N s Webb Dobson Vl NSON Curran Di Yeso Hash Goforth McKay Starnes Thomas Sutton Freeman Greene [180: THE 1939 ETA KAPPA NU BETA ETA CHAPTER Colors: Navy Blue and Scarlet Installed May. 1938 OFFICERS L. C. Brooks President Curtis Todd Vice-President J. F. Gilmore Corresponding Secretary C. H. Storey. Jr. Recording Secretary C. W. KiRKLAND Treasurer J. C. LOCKHART. Jr. Reporter MEMBERS E. J. Angelo J. R. Shearon I. M. Vann. Jr. H. Morgan M. O. Lawrence. Jr. T. R. Frazier. Jr. J. W. Wilkinson R. M. Sigmon J. A. Worrell R. V. Lambe G. L. Yingling. Jr. S. R. Williams A. H. Sallenger G. C. Mahler R. C. Snook W. D. Sharp FACULTY MEMBERS William H. Browne. Jr. E. W. Winkler Eta Kappa Nu Association, national honorary electrical engineering fraternity, was founded at the University of Illinois in 1904. The purpose of this organization is to promote closer cooperation among, and extend mutual benefit to. students and others in practice who manifest exceptional interest and marked ability in Electrical Engineering. Although high scholastic accomplishmenis are a prime requisite for undergraduate membership, those qualities that are essential for true leadership, in both the engineering profession and social activities, are recognized and given the utmost consideration. MJkH Angelo Gilmore Frazier Sigmon Worrell Todd Shearon Brooks KiRKLAND Lawrence Lockhart Storey Sallenger Lambe Iahler ANN Wilkinson Snook Morgan Yingling Williams Sharp RGROfHECK [181] AMERICAN SOCIETY DF CIVIL ENGINEERS OFFICERS W B. Jones President J. J. Stroud ' ice-President E. H. Johnson Secretary P. S. Woodley Treasurer R. B, Bartlett W. B. Small P. P. Gregg Sgt.-at-Arms Reporter Reporter MEMBERS J. W. Andrews T. F. Armstrong E. J. Austin D. B. Betts W. T. Blanchard B. P. Boney W. O. Buys W. N. Campbell R. F. Coleman J. N. Farlow H. W. Fox S. Goldman M. S. Hayworth L. K. Johnson M. J. Klutz L. E. Massengill Joe Padgett C. C. Painter G. T. Smith G. W. Snyder W. E. ViVERETTE S. P. Wells R. L. Wicker L. L. Williams L. E. WoOTEN G. E. YouNT E. H. Coon, Jr. The American Society of Civil Engineers is the oldest national engineering society in the United States, and during its lifetime has earned a record list of accomplishments, particularly encouraging intercourse between students and practicing engineers. The State College Chapter has been particularly fortunate in this respect. Most of the members of the faculty are members of the national society, and they have cooperated to make this link connecting the theory of the classroom with the technical facts and realities of the job. JONKS Bartlett Armstroni; Campbell CuLUMA.N Painter W ' uOTEN Stroud Small Betts Coleman Hayworth Snyder You NT Johnson Gregg Blanchard Farlow Klutz ViVERETTE Coon Woodley Andrews Buys Fox Padgett Wicker Massengill 1182) THE 1939 STUDENT CHAPTER DP ASSOCIATED GENERAL CDNTRACTDRS OP AMERICA OFFICERS G E. YOUNT President M. S. Hayworth Vice-President P. P. Gregg Secretary and Treasurer W. E. ViVERETTE : Sgt.-at-Arms Joe Padgett Reporter MEMBERS J. W. Andrews J. j. Stroud Max Collins G. S. Atkinson R. H. Wheatly S Goldman B. Carraway r. l. Wicker H. G. Hinson N. N. Clark T. F. Armstrong A. N. Mattocks H. W. Branson W. D. Aheron W H Norris W. B. Jones D. B. Betts p. E. Stout R. S. Payne W. N. Campbell P. s. Woodley G. T, Smith L. E. Wooten The N. C. State College Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America was granted a charter on January 16. 1930. thus becoming the first student chapter of this society m the United States. Following this lead other student chapters were installed in the leading engineering colleges. The purpose of this society is to promote good fellowship among the students in con- struction engineering: to broaden their interest: and to bring them in contact with practicing contractors, engineers, and architects. ID fTJ P )f f! P YouxTS Padoett Braxsox Wheatlv Aherox Maitoiks Wootex Havworth Andrews Jon_es Sirovi. Betts Stolt Xiverette Armstrong Gregg Atkinson Payne Wicker Collins Woodley Campbell Goldman RGROfHECK [183] 1 mil BEAUX ARTS SOCIETY OFFICERS W. B. Griffin President S. L. Luck Vice-President R. B. Reeves. JR . . . Secretary and Treasurer Maxilla Everrett . . Reporter MEMBERS Ed. St. C. Pugh Frances Dees W. A. QuiCKEL D. W. Donovan B. A. Heidlebach R. L. Rice L. N. BoNEY. Jr. T. H. HUTCHINS G. W. Shoe T. H. Brookbank J. D. JOSLIN G. E. Weant. Jr. W. C. CORRELL H. R. Lambe C. H. Wheatley J. M. Burnham. Ill H. B. Lefler FACULTY B. M. York Ross Shumaker J. M. Edwards, Jr. J. D. Paulson The Beaux Arts Society was founded at State College in 1924. Its objects arc: to promote interest in architecture and landscape architecture: to disseminate the knowledge of these arts and study the problems pertaining to them, and to bring about closer personal relationship and cooperation among the students and faculty concerned with these arts at State College. o f r « - ki l ( i R I F F I N Donovan Bl ' RNHAM HUTCHINS UlCKEL Weant Luck BONEY F. Dees Lambe Rice Ref.ves Brookbank Heidlebach Lefler Shoe York [184] THE 1939 AMERICAN INSTITUTE DF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS E. J. AngELO President M. O. Lawrence. Jr Vice-President J. R. SheaRON Secretary and Treasurer Prof. R. S. FouraKER Counselor MEMBERS L. S. Taylor I. M. Vann R. H. Reynolds 0. F. McCrary H. E. Church M. E. Watson D. D. Page Bill Leloudis W. B. Moore B. B. Jackson L. H. Knott W. N. Taylor H. R. NooE J. W. Wilkinson P. M, Johnson M. H. HOYLE W. E. HiGHFIELD M. C. Todd B. C. Halsted L. C. Brooks M. G. Calhoun C. H. Storey W. D. Pennington R. S. RUNNION T. S. Harrill G. G. HiMMBER Garland Peel J. C. Lockhart W. D. Sharp L. J. MiSENHEIMER S. R. Williams G. L. YiNGLING T. R. Frazier D. R. Whitted C. W. KiRKLAND J. R. HOLSHOUSER R. M. SiGMON G. C. Mahler W, H. BLUE R. p. Leak The American Institute of Electrical Engineers was founded by a group of telephone and telegraph engineers in 1884. The purpose of the society is the promotion of the advancement of the theory and practice of electrical engineering and of the allied arts and sciences, a nd the maintenance of a high professional standard among its members. I.OCKHART T.WLOR CaLHOUX FhAZIER JacKSO.N llrM.MBER KEVXOIliS lOHNSON ' (i. I ' EEl. KlRKLAXH HoYLE Henderson Church . " ooe Sig.mon Wii.kinso.n Whitted Page Halstead Shearon JIcCrarv Brooks Leak Moore Harrill Vann Todd I.awre.nce Knott Pennington Williams Taylor Runnion HoLSHOUSER HiGHFILL SHARP WatSON StoREY .MahLER AncELO MiSENHEIMER BluE LelOUDIS YiNGLING RGROniECK 1185] 1 AMERICAN INSTITUTE of CHEMICAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS J. W. Foster. Jr President E. O. Randolph. Jr Vice-President R. L. Huffman, Jr Secretary V. F. KaseY Treasurer J. B. Hathaway Reporter MEMBERS W. W. ADKINS T. E. PHILBECK W. J. IRVIN N. STETSON J. R. JONES WC. ANTHONY J. G. PiCKARD M. L.FALLWELL H.C.THOMAS G. D. KiLGO B. C. BLAKE H. F. RlLEV J. G. FiLICKY E. B. TILLEY P. H. LEHMAN R. BUTTEREIELD J. R. ROBBINS A. L. FROST F. O. TRUSLOW F. W. MAIWURM M. O. CATON H. A. Ruddock J. G. Getsinger F. H. Walsh g. D. Mann K. V. Chase G. J. Simmons J. P. Gilbert A. B. Wester D. B. Mattocks R. Coleman N. Singleton h. Giller T. D. Williams A. E. Miller D. CoLviN J. C. Sloan e. C. Griffin S. M. Wolfe r. e. Poole L. F. Drum A. M. smith b. A. Hildebrand G. S. Achorn e. R. Proud J. F. elrod E. F. Smith r. b. Hoffman H. B. Bass h. B. Rowe W.E.Ford L.R.Spain e. Izmirian H.B.Bell P. n. Sales R. J. Gottlieb C. C. Stokes W. H. Leonard w. d. Bryan D. C. Shearin F. W. Graves E. D. Stowell h. D. Means J. F. Burgess W. v. Simpson C. O. Hall C. M. Sturkey M. N. Medford D. M. Cline c. N. Sinback B. F. Harris G. H. Wilson e. Morrison W. e. Cline r. l. Tatum D. C. Helton W. k. Whitson J. A. Newman E. C. Dixon e. R. Todd N. L. Hudspeth J. w. Womble W. M. Nunalee B. W. Dunlap w. A. Umstead R. L. Hooper R. w. Wrenn b. S. Pace W. P. eagle f. D. Weaver T.R.Jones E. M. Yacko h. M. Peninger T.J.Ferguson P.W.Woodruff B. F. Joyner V. Braxton B. B. Reynolds W. S. Ferguson t. McD. Williams P. F. Lineberry W. J. Adams h. M. Rose A. E. Harris l. C. Wright H. A. Owens A. C. Aspden D. D. Rowe H. G. Hodges o. z. Wrenn W. H. Martin R. L. Baker c. W. Saunders E. G. Hollowell z. Zabowsky J. H. Padgett H. E. Ballance K. B. Shearon e. M. Honeycutt c. w. Whitington J. E. Parkin C. B. Barnes W. l. Smith J. R. Hood Dr. E. E. Randolph C. E. Peters E. S. Bowers E. E. STANSBURY H. B. HubERMAN Faculty Adviser MSk ' : Although one of the most recent branches of national engineering org.ini .itions to be established at the North Carolina State College, the local student branch of American Institute of Chemical Engineers, nevertheless, plays an outstanding part in the activities of the School of Engineering. Topics of technical and general interest are discussed at the bi-monthly meetings. [186] THE 1939 LAMBDA GAMMA DELTA J. C. Pierce. Jr. . . R. O. Lackey P. L. Brawley James McGinnis OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer j. s. boyles Locke Holland L. E. Thornton. E. S. MiLLSAPS. Jr. STUDENT MEMBERS J. F. Webb. Jr. S. H. DOBSON H. F. Robinson C. L. James H. L. Thomas J. A. DOBSON W. C. Smith Dr. L O. Schaub Dr. Z. p. Metcalf Proe. R. H. Rueener Prof. F. M.Haig Prof. E. H. Hostetler Dr. J. E. Foster Prof. D. Swafflr FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. W. L. Clevenger Dr. J. B. Cotner Prof. J. A. Rigney Prof. N. W. Williams Prof. R. S. Dearstyne Prof. F. W. Cook Prof. W. H. Rankin Prof. M. E. Gardner F. H. Jeter L. L Case C. F. Parrish A. D. Stuart J. G. Weaver J. J. Hutchinson There are ten active chapters of Lambda Gamma Delta. To obtain membership in the Epsilon chapter, the student must have been a member of one of the various Inter-Collegiate Student Judging Contest teams of Agriculture products, or he must have made a special show- ing in some particular part of agriculture that would warrant a meritorious award for his out- standing work. The judging teams and their coaches have always made State College justly proud of them by their outstanding records. The members of Lambda Gamma Delta receive very valuable training through the experience and personal contacts made in the preparation for the contest and in the contests themselves. RGROmECK [187] N. C. STATE COLLEGE CHAPTER OF FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS First Term M. Worrell President Eugene Starnes Vice-President N. W. Freeman Secretary John Fisher Treasurer Ed. Greene Reporter Second Term T. E. Hendren E. E. Ellington N. W. Freeman John Fisher Tom Bivens President . . Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Reporter Third Term Jack Lyday President Lloyd Langdon Vice-President Tom Bivens Secretary John Fisher Treasurer Ji m Hemmings Reporter MEMBERS All Students of Agricultural Education The N. C. State College Chapter of the Future Farmers of America was founded in Janu- ary, 1939. The organization was previously called Agricultural Education Society, but the new organization was installed this year. The purposes of the members of this organization are: to develop leadership: to encourage recreational activities for students in Agriculture: and to encourage cooperative effort among the students. i i ; » ■ V ? ' r g " y ' - ; -;- ' - f ' -w ' ' ' ■» w- »? ' g ' ■ J o T ' ' ajf ■ V ? ' j ' g ' r r w wH-- l5_- W V- t - [188] THE 1939 MUSIC DEPARTMENT GLEE CLUB G. YiNGLING . J. R. McCALL E. R. TODD . . President . Vice-President ... Librarian Alliso.v. D. AVERV. R. Aqlilino, J. M. axderssen, g. Belks, S. Burgess. V. Black. G. Bledsoe, S. Brown, W. Brewer. W. P. Baxter. V. Blecker. B. C Barkdall, J. Blake. B. C. Caldwell. T. V. Carmines. F, Eakse. B. a. Edmonds ' , H Ellis. J. Fendt. L. Freeman, V. B Fritz, J. Griffith, B. GVLES, R. C. Hl ' berman, H. ; Hendley. J. Holtzer, I. Horner, C. Kendall. C. A. Kirkman, G. H. T.EAGANS, J. E. Loos. R. A. Levsath. E. Lowe, P. Mavsev. T. M. Meunier. F. A. [cADAMS. C. McCall. J. E. Oetgen, W. Pierce, S. Radke. G. Reid, C. a. roberson, a. roediger, c. rvdisill. j. Register, H. C. Rose. J. T. SiCKEROT. C. D. Sheetz, G. W. Sullivan, C. S. Seyter, V. S. Smith. E. F. Todd, E. R. Troxleb. G. F. Truitt. J. R. Waidler, F. R.. Walker. J. H. Webb, W. B. Wester, A. Wrenx. O. Vingling, G. Jr. Major C. D. Kutschinski ORCHESTRA Richard LARKIN President REUEL Hoffman Vice-President George Radke Librarian Alden, Dorothv Alden, Edgar AsPDEN. Arnold, C. Avery. Rodger Bodwell. p. Bushy. Robert Cantrell. Clyde H. Conrad, Alton Craver, Ci ' RTis. Jr. Davis, Arthur DuGHi. John EiDE, Katherine Fort, Katherine Hamrick. Olive Healv, Mrs. Patrick Houston. Charlotte Huffman, Reuel Kovak, Theodora Larkin, Richard Loos. Robert, A. Xass. Harry Peel, G. O. Plaster. J. Carol Radke, George Rudisill, J. A. Jr. Sawyer, Jamks H. .ScHWORM. SpRAGUE Sickerott, Carl D. .Spencer, Elizabeth Storey. C. H.. Jr. Stuckey, Robert C. Wallace. Lillian P. Walton, William Wo.MnLE, David A. CONCERT BAND R. L. Huffman . . ... President C. H. Storey Vice-President R. a. Loos Secretary and Treasurer R. L. Burt Librarian Andrews. L W. Avery, R. M. Bradley, R. T. Burt. R. L. Cline. W. E. Conrad. A. B. Craver, C. R. ( ' rombik, W. A. Dickinson, W. A. Drve. L. C. Epps, L. M. Foster, G. R. Francisco. A. (iIBBONS. VV. E. Gill. M. A. GiLMORE, J. F. Glass. G. H. Griffith, B. T. Harmon. A. D. Holshouser, T. R. Hoyle. M. H. ' Huffman. R. L. Hunt, W. T. I Xr.RAM. r.. J. Lahser. C. B. Lamb. H. R. Larkin. R. C. Lefler, H. B. Lehman, P. Lewis, B. E. Loos. R. A. Manooch, C. S. Mauney, J. M. May, W. X. McCollum. R. J. McClurd, J. R. Miller, A. E. Morgan. J. L. Xance, T. W. Xeale. W. AL, Jr. Odum. W. E. Oetgen. W. F. Peel. G. O. Perks. L. Plaster, J. C. Porter. R. E. Price, E. W. QUICKEL, W. A. Raphael, H. J. Reid, C. A. ROBERSON, Wm. Robinson. G. C. Sides. A. D. Storey. C. H., Jr. Strawbridge. J, X ' . Stuckey. R. C. Sturkey. J. M. Sullivan, C. S. Tatum. R. L. Taylor. R. A. Thomason. W. a. Todd, E. R. Tuttleman, S. C. ' ance. F. K. ' iverette. W. E. White. F. B. White. Jos. E. Williams. S. R. wcmrle. d. a. Yates. B. F. !,Vf V| ' l V RGROmECK [189 Ernest Koflla E. P. Davidson S. N. Mann R. C. Stuckhy I ' resident c- President I ' reasurer Secret arq W. M. BAILEY L. C. Brooks R. F. Coleman E. P. Davidson T. D. Williams C. P. ECHERD w. I., fanning C. p. HARRIS C. A. Hunter Ernest Koella R. Mackenzie H. R. McSwAiN S. N. MANN H. D. MEANS J. Y. PllARR R. C. Stuckev B. S. Tucker J. A. Worrell JAMES Pierce W. E. CARTER G. C. FURR W. D. HAWFIELD P. D. KALEY S. R. MILLHOUSE W. A. THOMASON H. R. CRAWFORD ii9o: THE 1939 TDMPKINS TEXTILE SOCIETY OFFICERS E. S. Johnson President E. P. Henley Vice-President C. H. Reynolds Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS All Students in the Textile School The Tompkins Textile Society is a professional organization which was founded at State College for the purpose of having a place where students might discuss textile problems and other subjects connected with the textile industry. Meetings are held weekly, and at various times during the year men prominent in textiles address the society. In this manner students come in contact with men who are experienced in the textile field and can obtain valuable information from them. During the spring term, the Textile Department conducts an exposi- tion, and the Tompkins Textile Society takes an active part in this activity. The textile show features a fashion parade which is participated in by students from various girls ' schools in the state. All the material for the dresses used in this parade is designed and woven by State College students. Henley JOHNSON Reynolds flGROfHECH [191 Atit L r The INSTITUTE of the AERONAUTICAL SCIENCES 4 OFFICERS J. T. Power President R. A. Loos Vice-President F. T. Abbott. Jr Secretary C. L. MOSELEY Treasurer Robert Austin Ed. Bartfield Jesse Bland D. L. Belvin J. H. Bower J. A. BOYKIN R. W. Bradham J. W. Brandon H. R. Crawford J. W. Davis Milton Dlyle L. M. Epps E. M. Fields MEMBERS C. J. Fleming R. Furman W. R. Gabriel M. A. Gill S. C. Holmes P. E. Johnson W. S. Johnson E. H. Kemper E. V. King J. L. Murray J. J. Neuer P. F. O ' Keef H. J. Pollacek D. R. Powers T. H. Purcell B. B. Redmon C. P. Roseman J. A. Scott R. D. Shumate Katherine Stinson G. A. Suther L. H. Tate R. F. Thompson A. C. Truex Charles Whitson L. V. Williams The North Carolina State College branch of the Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences includes men of the sophomore and upperclasses in Aeronautical Engineering. One of the pur- poses of this organization is to develop initiative and ability in its members and to give these men a chance to express ideas and discuss the problems concerning this field of science. [192] THE 1939 AGRICULTURAL CLUB OFFICERS Fall Term E. J. Whitmire President Locke Holland Vice-President Hearold Robinson Secretary Paul Wetmore Reporter J. D. Thompson Treasurer Second Term Hearold Robinson President Paul Thompson Vice-President Adrian Dobson Secretary WoODLY Warrick Reporter J. D. Thompson Treasurer MEMBERS All Students in the School oe Agriculture The Agricultural Club, which has shown through its record of achievement and success that it deserves the position of prominence which it has obtained, is the official student organiza- tion of the School of Agriculture. It strives to afford the Agricultural Students lessons in conducting a deliberate body and enjoys unusual success by virtue of the fact that officers are elected thrice yearly. Programs may be given by the students themselves or may include talks by qualified men in the field of Agriculture. An Agricultural Club Key, available to those who fill certain requirements, was instituted this year. RGROmECH [193 f AMERICAN SOCIETY DP MECHANICAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS J. B. Lasley President C. N. Moore Vice-President G. J. Bell Treasurer J. T. Power Secretary MEMBERS F. T. ABBOTT N. L. Chaffee R. A. Loos N. G. Robinson J. M. Andrews L. G. Conner W. M. Lovelace C. v. Rodrigueze R. C. Andrews H. R. Crawford A. T. Mattson S. D. Rogers J. S. AVENT M. H. Crawford F. A. Meunier C. W. sasser W. C. BAucoM M. M. Dalton W. F. Morris J. A. Scott J. M. Beasley W. a. Dickinson M. W. Nakoneczny R. D. Shumate Y. T. Beaver Jack Ellis J. S. Newbold L. F. Stacy N. V. beck R. W. Franck A.L.Patterson J. L.Stutts D. L. Belvin W. B. Freeman W, m. Payne G. A. Suther A. J. Bing L. R. Gorrell H. L. Pearson H. M. Taylor J. F. Black C.J.Gray D. T. Penland W.G.Taylor R. M. Bloodgood t. E. Haynes p. R. Pittman UrhoTommola T. H. Blount J. H. Kennedy D. R. Powers S. W. Turner R. W. Bradham F. R. Kennedy B. B. Redmon T. T. Tyren R. L. Burt N. W. Knowlton J. W. Rennie D. T. Waynick M. R. Campbell J. S. Laws Wm. Roberson L. E. Whitfield L. W. Cartwright G. D. Lewis The North CaroHna State College branch of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers includes men of the sophomore and upper classes in mechanical engineering. Elections for mem- bership are held semi-annually. One of the most valua ble advantages of membership is that it aids to develop initiative and ability to express ideas prerequisite of good executives. [194; THE 1939 AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY OFFICERS J. p. Sawyer F. P. Sabol J. N. Smith , . . . R. C. Stuckey President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer R. B. Adair W. E. Carter D. F. Cox W. C. Cress S. W. Derbyshire W. H. Ellis C. M. Gattis A. C. Francisco H. S. GiBBS K. W. Hall MEMBERS J. A. Hedgepeth C. W. ISENHOUR W. H. Kennedy C. M. Lambe J. D. Langdon R. P. McCabe W, S. McLaughlin S. R. MiLLHOUSE G. Palmer M. W. Parcel E. A. Williams J. C. Haynes B- E. Paschal F. A. Paschal F. T. Peden G. C. Robinson W. A. Schols H. F. Randolph C. D. Taylor E. S. Towery B. S. Tucker This organization, the national technical society of the ceramic industry, was organiz.ed in 1889 by six undergraduates in the first department of ceramic engineering in the world. M Ohio State University. Having no competition from other technical societies in the ceramic field, it has shown a constant and healthy growth and has become one of the outstanding technical organizations in the country. RGROmECK [195] The Ancient and Honorable Society of ALPHA SIGMA SIGMA E. M. Britt E. S. Johnson OFFICERS E. M. Britt President E. S. Johnson Vice-President. G. H. A. C. P. ECHERD Doe Keeper. Very High H. A. John Redding High A. S. S.. Scribbler Jim Worrell Ex-Officio J. W. Milton H. F. Robinson Ed Coon g. m. goforth T. E. Hhndren R. C. Winstead J. C. Miller W. A. Thomason MEMBERS Art Rooney t. m. kolarik John Savini E. E. Durham G. W. Marsh SaulFeit Ralph Donnell P. B. Irby Gus Palmer Grady Bell J. R. Smith Bill Retter J. A. Mitchinhr WaltNovick PAL ' I, l.OZIl-R The njtion,il honorary fraternity of Alpha Sigma Sigma is composed of those " standing out " men who have fulfilled all of the requirements for membership. Since its founding, this grand old society has expanded very much, and chapters have been established in other institutions where the material for membership is of the best. Carolina and Wake Forest afford us with the best examples of the above mentioned institutions. Membership is attained by a campus-wide election held annually for this not-sought-after and not-wanted honor. The purpose of Alpha Sigma Sigma is to bring about a better understanding between these not -honored men and to enable them to comprehend their own peculiarities. Following the example of the College. Alpha Sigma Sigma raised its standards for entrance this year. A record-breaking poll of over four thousand, five hundred and fifty six votes were cast. Those poor fellows with less than a hundred votes didn ' t have a chance. F S Governor " Happy " Chandler meets Dean Cloyd. . " Slick " comes off E. E. ...A gentle warming...]. Dorsey dines with the Ox. . .Practicing to be a Bergen . . Pi Kappa Phi ' s grouped . . . Esquire " Lanky " Lancaster . . . Ping Pong champs receive Sigma Pi cup. . . Greatest golfers in all State College. . . Theta Kappa Nu ' s beering up . .A not so gentle warming — Ouch! .. .Sigma Nu prize winning decoration. .f :iii iP V ± IVJ m:- : » (Sj VATCH THE WOLFPACK TAKE WfNDajTOP WRRJCA; INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL t l M h 3 A, H. Sallenger President G. W. Marsh. Jr. Vice-President Alpha Gamma Rho E. P. Fleming, Jr. T. F. Parks Alpha Kappa Pi A. R. Anderson J. N. Barkdall Alpha Lambda I ' au C. P. Weber G. H. Croll Delta Sigma Phi A. G. Raymond E. P. Davidson Kappa Alpha B. R. Hood W. W. RiDDiCK. Jr. MEMBERS Kappa Sigma E. B. Sauvain R. M. SiGMON. Jr. Lambda Chi Alpha M. C. TCDD William Edwards Phi Kappa I ' au W. D. Hood, Jr. H. C. Byrd Pi Kappa Alpha J. L. MlLHOLLAND, jR. F. M. Clements. Jr. ' ( Kappa Phi A. G. Lancaster H. S. GiBBS, Jr. Sigma Nu A. H. Sallenger H. G. Robinson Sigma Phi Epsilon G. W. Marsh. Jr. Charles Cook Sigma Pi A. C. Hattawav. Jr. H. W. Branson, Jr. Theta Kappa Nu W. B. Griffin D. P. Hughes E. P. Fleming T. F. PARKS A. R. Anderson J. N. Barkdall C. P. Weber G. H. Croll A. G. Raymond E. P. DAVIDSON B. R. HOOD W. W. RIDDICK E. B. SAUVAIN R. M, SiGMON M. C. TODD William Edwards W. D. HOOD H. C. BVRD J. L. MiLHOLLAND F. M. Clements A. G. Lancaster H. S. GIBBS A. H. Sallenger H. G. Robinson G. W. Marsh Charles Cook h " T, A. C. Hattaway H. W. Branson A kd k NU f? ' P t 4 i T. F. PARKS J. T. FRVE S. C. Holmes E. P. Fleming I. V. THORN C. L. MOSELEY J. H. BOWEN H. J. Hartley I.. A. I LircnER J. A. TOWERY R. W. SLOCUM K. R. Mason T. N. Si AINliACK M. York R. B. SHIMER R. C. BROWNING ML. FALLWELL W, G, RlI ' I ' Y .1. R. Pail: W. J. GCX)D VIN E. M. YACKO ALPHA GAMMA RHD Thirty-six Active Chapters Colors: Green and Gold FLOWER: Pink Rose NU CHAPTER Installed 1919 L. E. Cook Dr. G. W. Foster F. H. Jeter FRATRES IN FACULTATE J. B. Lawrence Dr. Z. p. Metcalf C. F. Parrish C. A. Shefeield J. G. Weaver E. Pierce Fleming. Jr. Sterling C. Holmes James A. Towery Robert W. Slocum Jack H. Bowen. Jr. Lewis A. Fletcher Thomas F. Parks Ralph B. Shimer William G. Rippy FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Seniors Harvey J. Hartley Joseph T. Frye. Jr. Edward M. Yacko C. L. Moseley, Jr. Juniors Ernest E. Durham Marshall L. Falwell Hunter L. Land Sophomore Thomas N. Stainback Pledges I. William Thorn. Ill Merton M. York James D. Patton Robert S. Blackwood Donald C. Hughes E. J. Austin Robert C. Browning William J. Goodwin James R. Pate J. G. Hoffman Miss Mary Kathryn Fleming Sponsor XI r , i ' C. R. ANDRHWS G. T. Braswell J. H. Atkinson J. A. BOYKIN T. F. MORAN E.L. Hege L. C. Drvh M. W. Woodruee R. W. Perry W. B. Coward A. R. Anderson J. N. BARKDOLL E. K. Lovelace C. H. Peterson I R Parsons F. S. KUC.l.ER w. B. Dunn R. L. BURRAGE H. M. Peninger T. E. GERBER H, A. Owens ALPHA KAPPA PI Twenty-one Active Chapters Colors: Dartmouth Green and While Flower: Yellow Tea Rose XI CHAPTER Installed 1930 FRATRES IN FACULTATE W. E. Selkinghaus B. E. Lauer FRATRES IN C OLLEGIO Seniors Frank S. Kugler H. A. Owens J. A. BOYKIN W. B. Coward J. N. Barkdoll G. T. Braswell R. L. Burrage J. H. Atkinson Edward Hege Ted Gerber Juniors Sophomores Ralph W. Perry Pledges C. H. Peterson A. R. Anderson M. W. Woodruff W. B. Dunn E. K. Lovelace L. R. Parsons Joe Padgett L. C. Drye C. H. Andrews Tom Moran Miss Helene Person Sponsor ZETA B. B. JACKSON V. W. DOTC.HR J. E. Brewer T. W. SllAI.I.lNC.TON C. E. Land RE. Wood E. S. VAl. ' C,HAN c. H, Ckoi.i. C. p. Vi:Bi;r G. M. Brannon p. S. WOCDLEY B R HARl.EY M I.. Snii ' 1-:s T. E. Armstrong w. o. Buys ALPHA LAMBDA TAU M. C. Leager W. O. Buys Twenty-four Active Chapters Colors: Old Gold and Black Flower: American Beauty Rose ZETA CHAPTER Installed 1925 FRATRES IN FACULTATE A. M. Fountain FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Seniors C. P. Weber T. W. Shallington Juniors G. M. Brannon T. F. Armstrong B. R. Harley Sophomore M. L. Snipes C. R. Lefort E. S. Vaughan P. S. WOODLEY G. H. Croll C. E. Land F. W. DOTGER Pledges B. B. Jackson J. E. Brewer R. E. Wood Miss Frances Davidson Sponsor RHD ilv ; ' n? fv G. L. Dunn A. C. Truex D. W. Arbuthnot L. F. FOUST M. ,). PANETTE P. Bruinooge J. L. Rhyne E. H. SAYRE J. C. HAYNES L. F. Williams A, G, Raymond M. vann. Jr. W. SARANDRIA W. H. Gibbons P. J. I.OZIER W. E. CLINE 1. M. Brown 1:. P. OAVIDSON P Mai SON J. T. Dover J. Dozier F. C. CUNNINGHAM K. A. Leer .]. v. Herring D. Y, Buckingham G. V. Harris C. A. SANTORE A. L. Jolly DELTA SIGMA PHI Fifty Activi-: Chapters Colors; iV(7e Green and White Flower: White Carnation RHO CHAPTER Installed 1915 Col. J. W. Harrelson FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. L. F. Williams Prof. F. M. Haig Peter Bruinooge DUANE ARBUTHNOT D. Y. Buckingham F. C. Cunningham E. P. Davidson William Cline J. E. Dozier G. L. Dunn T. B. FousT R. E. Frickey FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Seniors L. M. Brown Juniors J. T. Dover. Jr. W. E. Gibbons G. V. Harris P. J. LOZIER Sophomores J. W. Herring A. L. Jolly K. A. Leer Pledges J. J. Hagler J. C. Haynes J. M. Panetti A. G. Raymond Pat Matson C. A. Santore I. M. Vann. Jr. L. F. Williams. Jr. J. L. Rhyne E. H. Sayre E. A. POLLAGUT W. Sarandria A. C. Truex Miss Helen Brown Sponsor ALPHA OMEGA Ross Reynolds Charles Dewey J. E. Odegaard B. R. Hood V. W. RiDDICK J. S. Newbold J. P. Carey E. N. DiCKERSON I. B. Montague E. K. Wright J. C. GIBBS Marvin Perry HARRY Hodges T. A. Johnson JL ' LIAN Horton Bill Lovell George Mordecai Charles Gilliam George Funderburke Bruce Hodges Arthur Fuller KAPPA ALPHA Sixty-seven Active Chapters Colors: Crimson and Gold Flowers: Magnolia and Red Rose ALPHA OMEGA CHAPTER Installed 1903 FRATRES IN FACULTATE J. F. Miller Col. C. S. Caffery Dr. W. C. Riddick FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Seniors Dr. T. P. Harrison Ross Reynolds. Jr. Henry Wilder Juniors James Newbold Wallace Riddick. Jr. Norman Dickerson John Foster Sophomores Robin Hood Charles Dewey iRviN Montague James Odegaard I. H. Hanff E. K. Wright. Jr. Jack Carey Pledges John Gibbs Arthur Fuller Bill Lovell Julian Horton George Funderburke T. A. Johnson Charles Gilliam Marvin Perry Harry Hodges Bruce Hodges George Mordecai Miss Betsy Peery Sponsor BETA UPSILDN I « E. B. Sauvain Ernest Koella T. c. Leake C. F. H. Begg H. D. Means J. Y. Pharr T. R. I-RAZIER R. M. SIGMON L. E. WOOTEN M. E. Davidson E. E. Morrison E. F. Glenn w. s. Murdoch R. T. Henning E. w. Price V, N. Campbell f. h. hollowell George Brandt n C. Bowman vv. B. Thompson E. A. Clark F. D. Quinn H. D, HAWEIELD W. F. Morris KAPPA SIGMA One Hundred and Ten Active Chapters Colors: Scarlet. Green, and White FLOWER: Lily of the Valley BETA UPSILON CHAPTER Installed 1903 Dean I. O. Schaub FRATRES IN FACULTATE C. L. Mann FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Senior E. B. Sauvain. Jr. F. H. Lyell T. R. Frazier, Jr. Ernest Koella H. D. Means J. Y. Pharr. Jr. W. N. Campbell R. T. Henning. Jr. C. F. H. Begg F. E. Gardner George Brandt Juniors R. M. SiGMON. Jr. T. C. Leake. Jr. M. L. Crawford Sophomores Pledges F. W. HOLLOWELL, Jr. W. D. Hawfield W. F. Morris. Jr. H. C. Bowman. Jr. E. F. Glenn E. E. Morrison M. E. Davidson. Jr. L. E. WooTEN. Jr. W. S. Murdoch E. W. Price. Jr. E. A. Clark F. D. QuiNN. Jr. W. B. Thompson. Jr. Miss Kathryn Glascock Sponsor GAMMA UPSILDN ZETA Ci ' nP f A. w. Simmons E. M. Britt M. C Todd J. W. Foster, Jr. P. D. Kaley W. H. Spear E. S. Bowers H. R. Everett J. C. Miller J. C. RUARK V. H. MARTIN Hugh Sloop C. D. SiCKEROTT W. D. Bartlett J. R. ROBBINS H B. ROWE W. J. Edwards P. H. Lehman Albert Daub E. H. Curtis Robert Sabolvk vv. B. Morrison Robert Gorrell J. M. Pleasants L. M. Jewell LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Eighty-one Active Chapters Colors: Purple. Green, and Cold Flower: Violet GAMMA UPSILON ZETA CHAPTER Installed 1924 Dr. R. C. Bullock Maj. R. E. Jones FRATRES IN FACULTATE R. J. Pearsall Prof. R. B. Wynne Dr. T. B. Mitchell Albert Doub J. P. Gilbert J. C. Miller FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Seniors J. W. Foster, Jr. M. C. Todd, Jr. W. H. Martin P. C. Stott R. S. Payne J. C. RUARK W. J. Edwards E. M. Britt P. D. Kaley j. r. robbins Bobby Sabolyk Arthur Rooney W. B. Morrison Juniors E. S. Bowers. Jr. W. H. Spear Sophomores Pledges W. D. Bartlett. Jr. Hugh Sloop Robert Gorrell W. L. Jewell H. R. Everett A. W. Simmons J. M. Pleasants P. H. Lehman H. B. Rowe E. R. Curtis C. D. SiCKEROTT Miss Betsy Ann Reid Sponsor CHI D. E. Hamilton V. D. Hood. Jr. H. C. Byrd D. V. Dixon R. S. HANDLY G. E. Weant 1;. R. BOWI-N W. G. HARTENSTHIN V. H. CROWDER J. M. ANDREWS J. V. WATTERS B. P. Ross A.M. MOORE PHI KAPPA TAU Forty-three Active Chapters Colors: Harvard Red and Old Gold Flower: Red Carnation CHI CHAPTER Installed 1923 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dean E. L. Cloyd Prof. J. D. Paulson Dean Thomas E. Nelson FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Senior W. D. Hood. Jr. R. P. Ross J. M. Andrews B. R. Rudisill Juniors D. E. Hamilton G. E. Weant, Jr. H. C. Byrd D. L. Dixon Sophomores J. V. Watters W. G. Hartenstein Pledges Bill Crowder E. R. BowEN Miss Julia Bennett Sponsor exjXi ALPHA EPSILDN E. L. WALDIN D, R. McEachern Robert Coleman J. L. Milholland A. T. Strupler J. I.. Murray J. A. Worrell L. v, Cartwright C P, Harris V. P. SHIELDS C. S. Smart E. W. Fisher D. H. Hill R. S. HlNES W. L. Flanigan N. W. Knowlton E. C. McMillan G. C. Cox G. C, FURR G. W. BETHELL F. M. Clements S. M. WALDIN W. 1.. FASHLEV S. B. Welch M. E. Hl-RNDON G. W. MgGaritv J. C. Kelly J. D. HUGKABEE J. w. Andrews C. W. DOAK R. R DOAK J F. MAC:DOUGALL J. H. Walker R. S. Porter PI KAPPA ALPHA Seventy-four Active Chapters Colors: Garnet and Gold Flower: Lily of the Valley ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER Installed 1904 PRATER IN FACULTATE H. B. Briggs J. L. Milholland. Jr. Robert Coleman. Jr. C. P. Harris P. P. Shields S. B. Welch S. M. Waldin F. M. Clements. Jr. J. A. Worrell W. F. Williams W. L. Flanigan W. L. Lashley FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Seniors A. T. Strupler E. L. Walden Juniors G. W. Bethell L. W. Cartwright. Jr. C. D. Welch. Jr. Sophomores N. W. Knowlton G. C. Purr Pledges J. C. Kelley. Jr. R. S. HiNES G. W. McGarity J. E. MacDougall J. D. Huckabee D. R. McEachern. Jr. J. L. Murray E. W. Fisher C. S. Smart. Jr. D. H. Hill. Jr. E. C. McMillan. Jr. G. C. Cox. Jr. R. R. Doak C. W. DOAK J. H. Walker L. W. Ingram Miss Miriam Gibbs Sponsor TAU r R. T. McNeely RALPH GEWEHR A. G. LANCASTER H. S. GIBBS Clyde cannon J. R. Williams S. I.. Wilson R. N. White v. T. Benton s. E. Belk B. C. Halsted E. G. Coward W. A. RAY F. R, HARRELSON C. W. Swan ,1. M. Cannon M, I.. LAUGHLIN RE. Towers PI KAPPA PHI Thirty-eight Active Chapters Colors: White and Gold Flower: Red Rose TAU CHAPTER Installed 1920 Ross Shumaker W. McGehee FRATRES IN FACULTATE J. S. Meares G. Bauerlein. Jr. J. M. Cannon H. S. GiBBS F. R. Harrelson R. E. Towers R. N. White, Jr. R. P. Gewehr S. L. Wilson C. W. Swan B. C. Halsted W. T. Benton FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Senior A. G. Lancaster Juniors Sophomores Pledges J. R. Williams R. T. McNeely W. A. Ray M. L. Laughlin. Jr. N. G. Smith C. W. Cannon E. G. Coward H. M, Nelson E. G. GiBBS S. E. Belk Miss Raymah Brady Sponsor SIGMA OMEGA M. L. SLhSINGER Arnold Krochmal Seymour Schandler Sidney Tager Hyman Katz Neil Schlossberg David Colvin A. I. I.osicK Howard Bergman B. L. Kriemer Edward Brownstein SIGMA ALPHA MU Thirty-five Active Chapters Colors: Purple and White Flower; Purple Aster SIGMA OMEGA CHAPTER Installed 1938 FRATRES IN COLLEGIO A. I. LosiCK B. L. Kriemer Ben H. Root Arnold Krochmal Seniors David Colvin Juniors Howard Bergman Seymour Schandler M. Leonard Slesinger Sophomores Pledges Sidney Tager Edward Brownstein Neil Schlossberg Hyman Katz Mrs. Joseph M. Hockfield Sponsor BETA TAU j Z ' f ' - jf S A. BUNDY J. R. MCCLURD J. A. Holder J, F. Redding L. E. Milks A. R. Gewehr V. R. GARNETT H. S. Smith R. S. LAKE H. S. MESSERSMITH w. J. Suggs W. D. ROBBINS J. S. MILIKEN H. W. Plummer A. L. PARKER J, H. ASHCRAFT J. P. SAWYER J. D. JOSLIN W. A. SCHOLES H. G. ROBINSON A. H, SALI.ENGER A. J BINC, S. N. MANN G, I. WAISON G. L. I.YERLY V-. B. Everett A, B BICKERSTAFE R. D. House RUGGLES BAKER C. B. JONES E. M. Waller SIGMA NU Ninety-nine Active Chapters Colors; Black. White, and Gold Flower: White Rose BETA TAU CHAPTER Installed 1895 FRATRES IN FACULTATE R. S. Warren Dr. J. P. Knapp J. H. Ashcraft J. A. Holder R. S. Lake A. J. Bing A. R. Gewehr S. N. Mann S. A. BUNDY G. L. Lyerly. Jr. Devereaux Joslin RuGGLES Baker Bradford Bickerstaff Fate B. Everett FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Seniors H. W. Plummer J. F. Redding Juniors John McClurd L. E. Milks Sophomores H. S. Messersmith Fred E. Miller Pledges Walter Garnet Richard House Benjamin Jones David Womble A. H. Sallenger J. P. Sawyer. Jr. W. A. SCHOLES A. L. Parker H. G. Robinson H. S. Smith G. I. Watson Julian White Jack Younts Harvey Willis Dudley Robbins James Milliken Miss Dorothy Moore Sponsor BETA f . P r 0 ( a f L. C. Brooks B. S. Tucker G. W. Marsh. Jr. j. m. burnham, iii Charles Cook R. C. Stuckey, Jr. J. D. Boger D. W. Donovan S. C. SUMMEY A. B. Conrad J. S. Withers B. E. Paschal. Jr. W. T. Cline E, S. TOWERY H. V. LATHAM. Jr. J. E. Wyant H. J. White w. C. Herring T. M. Hughes W. J. Ward R. A. GUSTAFSON T. B. Pollard J. W. Aldridge V. A. Thomason. Jr. s. R. Millhouse R. R. Boseman w. H. Keener H. V. Edwards D. W. Edwards I.. N. Boney. Jr. R. M. Pound G. R. Sandridge I.. C. Wright W. F. Welfare, Jr. M. L. GlBBS Z. B. Lane. Jr. R. S. RUNNION J. w. Pierce E. H. Kemper J. H. Peele SIGMA PHI EPSILDN Seventy-eight Active Chapters Colors: Royal Purple and Red Flowers: American Beauty Rose and Violet BETA CHAPTER Installed 1905 Harry Tucker FRATRES IN FACULTATE George Culbertson Kenneth G. Althaus FRATRES IN COLLEGIO R. R. BOSEMAN S. C. SUMMEY J. M. Burnham, III R. A. Gustafson Charles Cook J. W. ALDRIEX3E D. W. Edwards H. V. Edwards W. J. Ward J. S. Withers L. C. Wright E. H. Kemper W. H. Keener Seniors L. C. Brooks G. W. Marsh. Jr. Juniors Z. B. Lane, Jr. R. C. Stuckey. Jr. W. F. Welfare. Jr. W. T. Cline Sophomores B. E. Paschal. Jr. J. D. BOGER W. A. Thomason. Jr. Pledges W. C. Herring T. M. Hughes A. B. Conrad J. H. Peele B. S. Tucker R. S. Runnion. Jr. D. W. Donovan Leslie N. Boney. Jr. J. E. Wyant Timothy Pollard E. S. TowERY, Jr. S. R. MiLLHOUSE R. M. Pound M. L. GiBBS G. R. Sandridge H. J. White H. V. Latham, Jr. Miss Grace Mewborn Sponsor RHD M. M. DALTON H. w. Branson Howard Derlin E. R. TODD Fred Schmidt J. L. Ferguson W. H. MILLOWAY J. N. Strawbridge S. T. Sherwin A. C. H ATT away N. W. Lopez J. L. Morgan j. c. holbrooks George Lewis w. J. laMorte A. T. MATTSON E A. ARIZPE R B Reeves G. R. Bason Albert Rolston Gus Palmer R H. Watts B. M, York SIGMA PI Thirty Active Chapters Colors: Lavender and White Flower: Orchid RHO CHAPTER Installed 1921 A. F. Greaves-Walker Dr. R. R. Sermon FRATRES IN FACULTATE R. J. Maddison R. L. Stone J. D. Clark A. C. Hattaway. Jr. FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Seniors J. J. Amero E. A. Arizpe H. Wallace Branson. Jr. R. B. Reeves. Jr. J. A. Rolston J. N. Strawbridge R. H. Watts, Jr. J. V. Barger G. R. Bason W. J. LaMorte Juniors M. M. Dalton Floyd G. Berry W. H. MiLLOWAY Sophomores Pledges J. L. Ferguson. Jr. B. M. York E. R. Todd J. W. Kurtz A. T. Mattson Gus Palmer. Jr. N. W. Lopez John L. Morgan, Jr. H. W. A. Derlin Fred H. Schmidt j. c. holbrooks S. T. Sherwin Mrs. H. W. Branson Sponsor iuutmuttiwj mtuittututiv ' MMMUM 1mm -vs. Mmii4 . ;m! ; F S The pledges take the floor. . .Greater University Day exercises . . . The masked majorette . . . Military Ball chaperones. . Before the Homecom- ing game. The Band parades... State-Carolina game sponsors... Homecoming decorations. . Black and White Formals . . . Commencement Day reception . . . More winning decor- ations... R. 0. T. C. Bali figure... The Powerhouse Dance . . . After the Publications Banquet. «lf ' ::- -m-: pii; Li:D i -• «!-,. t)8 fe»Jj ,l, UD Ln f f f f f (z iftiss (zM argaret evilaquo-, (zM iss Johnnie Kelley yi iu yyiatau ' cei evLiaaiia AGROMECK Editorial Staff L loknuLC l elieu AGROMECK Business Staff SPONSORS Miss Carolyn Vaughan Stephen Sailer Editor of Technician Miss Dorothy Moore A. H. Sallenger President of Interfraternity Council Miss Lois Woodhull james A. Worrell Editor of AGROMECK Miss Virginia Holmes S. C. Holmes Business Manager of AGROMECK Miss Jeanne Dozier . L. M. Brown Business Manager of Technician Miss Marie Murden L. E. Thompson President of Alpha Zeta Miss Ethel Gray Clifton Arthur Raymond President of Engineers ' Council Miss Lydia Lea Bailey j. B. hines President of Monogram Club Miss Willa Drew j. P. sawyer President of American Ceramic Society Miss Margaret Duffer C. L. Moseley, Jr. Head Cheer Leader Miss Flora McDonald jack C. Haynes Editor of Southern Engineer Miss Sara Kelly Lillard j. Russell Burcham President of Blue Key Miss Mildred McSwain G. V. Hanna, Jr. President of Phi Psi Miss Dorothy Willson joe Frye, Jr. President of Senior Class Miss Frances Rhinehart Sam H. Dobson Editor of Agriculturist Miss Faye Marsh G. W. Marsh. Jr. Business Manager of Wataugan Miss Nellie Webb Fred Webb Student Ag. Fair Miss Helen Pai ton j. D. Patton Student Ag. Fair MISS Mary Carter S. D. Rogers Business Manager of Southern Engineer MISS Eizabeth B. Hood j. W. Foster, jr. President of A. 1. Ch. E. MISS Virginia Martin j. A. Mitchiner President of Junior Class MISS Margaret Lee Liles Horace McSwain President of Y. M. C. A. MRS. T. C. Handy Russell Handy Business Manager of Agriculturist Mrs. Mack R. Bailey W. M. Bailey President of Student Government MRS. R. L. Huffman r. L. Huffman President of Pine Burr Mrs. Leslie Brooks L. C. Brooks President of Eta Kappa Nu Mrs. E. C. Dees E. A. Dees Captain of Scabbard and Blade Mrs. JAMES B. Lasley j. B. Lasley President of A. S. M. E. SPDNS DRS TyUuu QcuwLjn, DojuuqPuut, Stephen sailer Editor of Technician rfTSWlBV A. H. SALLENGER President Intertraternity Council TTluA, 0o Jthsf, TnomsL Tyii A, idu {jJoodhulL James A. Worrell Editor of AGROMECK »i ' S. C. Holmes 3usiness Manager of AgROMECK THiAA. UvupmcL ddolmsLdL TyiuA. $£jcmnsL (Do isi L L. M. Brown Business Manager of Technician L. E. Thornton President of Alpha Zeta TnhA, TIfkihjjL THwudsm miAduSihsL i uu i to«. Arthur Raymond President of Engineers ' Council J. B. HiNES President of Monogram Club WIaa, 3bpdicL 3 sj0L Baxisdj. miAA, ijJilLoL (Dmv J. p. Sawyer President American Ceramic Society C. L. MOSELEY, Jr. Head Cheer Leader WiiLik. mwtqWdiL (Duffsh, oAA J-hijCL TykOonaliL JACK C. HAYNES Editor of Southern Enqineer ■-■li ' ;:■ u■ J. Russell Burcham President of Blue Key WuA, Sana, Jisdhj UlLoJuL WuA, Tl dhsxL TIfkSwcihL G. V. Hanna. Jr. President of Phi Psi ■ " O ' S i V Joe Frye, Jr. President of Senior Class Wi A. (Difwihj U Ul joiL TJVAdu jAonoidu Jihumhwit SAM H. DOBSON Editor oi Agriculturist ivjfflfS , » 1 ' «««»« G. W. Marsh. Jr. Business Manager of Wataugan Tmsudu Ja sL TnaJi h, mJnuL TbiUiiL ijJM Fred Student Ag. Fair r r J. D. PATTON Student Ag. Fair TyiJAiu JlsikfL PixUofL TlUduiu Tyioju C ' ' S. D. Rogers Bu ines Manager of Southnn Engineer y J. w. Foster, Jr. President of A. I. Ch. E. muuL £JlA £ik, (B. 9(ood, miAiL, Ubv LnkL Wjo ii J. A. MITCHINER President of Junior Class Horace McSwain President of Y. M. C. A. WhuL, WwtqahsiL 3[sisL 30dsA TTIm. J. C ' (jondi Russell Handy hvisineis Manager of Agricullunst W. M. BAILEY President of Student Government TTIaa. mack (R. (Bmhi TJUa. (R. 3[. d{i4pnxm. R. L. Huffman President of Pine Burr L. C. Brooks President of Eta Kappa Nu 9?Iaa. .haUq. SajooJia, THm. £. C ' (OsiiA. E. A. Dees Captain Scabbard and Blade J. B. Lashley President of A. S. M. E. TJtfiA. $januiA, £. J[aAhki CAB SCALtS fAirHC AGAIN HERMAN? Af TtR THE DANCE 15 OVtR. OX AND WOO HOUND US BROWN WARBLfR p H tVfRYTHINC CONTACT m HRIT PRIZ£ ». - M PHAILS 5£CRET PASSION THE CAPTIOM IS IW THS- PICTURC HTlitJTIIT ' TSITTT ' fMHi •••W- ' ■r-r J OLD SCINE -NEW ANCLE ' J .m -W ■Hth FANNINCIN OFF MOMENT YOU mROIJTfHE 006 J flRTin ' S « « " EE, HEAR, 5PEAK i 4 J, s; g. 4I YEARS OF TEACHING AT TATfr CttA5f TELLS STATE COlLfCIAMV MUARTANO PUOS THE OVER Nl(itfT_ HIKE_ . R . . Maxilla ' s so happy she couid bust this drum .. Hickman serves barbecue to coaches and players . . . Duke scores . . . " Little " Artie steps off yards. . After the game. . . Doc shows nice form . . . The big broadcast. . State tears V. P. i. apart. . . Plenty of action, but who is it?... Wolves and Titans mix it... Matheny entertains before coaches at season ' s first pep meeting ..Two smooth strokers. ex CD CJ3 DO MONOGRAM CLUB OFFICERS J. B. HiNES p. G. Hill Sam Kauf W. V. MjtHENEY Bill BAiLE ' i Leslie Bon George Fr- Tony DiYe Ted Johnsc Bill Mann Sam Hayworth BOBY Sabolyk Arthur Rooney Walter Sui Paul E. Wc Tom RowlaSsd Dick Paynes Cader Harf Robert Fleetv ' v. , H H . . H iHII H Secretary ME I E B H| FreKeeve ' s H i murray lavH| 1I|H Jeff Brown ■ H Francis Fehley P WN TftmLOW ' ALPH Burt Charley Hunte R I| 00N Bin. Retter Vv ' A lfcl NOVICK Calvin Ross W. D. WiNDLEY R. L. Wicker M, L. cIawford R smmmr J. E. bJwn AiHIBv Pavlovsky |: C. H.. S-I jart E.||. HEsmUff ► AI ' E. H. Si|th Paul Lozier F, E. CjMdner Donald Traylor Walla||e Thompson Bos White John tItum Jim Renniu HO X ' LL STROUP ,yp ' ' " ifAf tv : , ' ilisifsafS ' mi:teKtti kxh : ' 9 ' tfe viv-, ■ ry x et iSfSan ss ' :: ' : ( ' t;;vriCiiP5i ,- jir.v - .-,; r s -MA i. ' . -i A :. F O O T S A L I O N T H E Gridiro n v v ' " " S Hront Hmv. Left to Rujht : Hinks. R() . nkv, SAFtOLVK, Savi.m. P.wi.uvski . ) Vksu, Sands, .Maihknkv, Fry; Second Rozv: Regdon, Waller, Coon. Rettkr, Wooden, Lozier, Acm, Sullivan, Warren, Hickman, Newton ; Third Row: Dusty, Conrad, Thompson, Fehley. Stroupe. Thompson, Brown, W ' endley, Tatum, Johnson, White; Fourth Rotv : Mastkolia, Tray lor, Burt, Smart, Novick, (Jardner, East, Mickle, Cathey, Carter. SCHEDULE State State State State State State State State 19 19 7 State State State 14 Davidson 7 Carolina 21 Alabama 14 Wake Forest 7 Furman 7 V, P. 1 7 Manhattan 3 Detroit 7 Duke 7 Carnegie Tech 14 Citadel 6 J. E. " Pop " Brown Manager THE STARTING ELEVEN Sullivan SABOLYK Fry Sands HiNES PAVOLOSKY RETTER Rodney ACAI Coon Thompson Herman L. Hickman Line Coach Williams " Doc " Newton Head Coach ■ , R. S. " Bob " WARREN Backfield Coach E. M. " NIG " Waller Freshman Coach M . ■.•»,o w The spirit of harmony and satisfaction that prevails wherever State College men gather was influenced by and created around Coach Williams " Doc " Newton and his two football assistants — Bob Warren and Herman Hickman. Coach Newton came to State College from Davidson College where he created wonderful spirit and fighting teams. He began his college coaching career at Howard College, moved to Birmingham-Southern, to the staff of the University of Tennessee, to Davidson, and then to State. Coach Warren is one of State ' s own products, a former football, basketball, and baseball star, who first coached at Virginia Tech and returned to his alma mater 1 1 years ago. Coach Hickman was an All-American guard on the University of Tennessee eleven and later was an Ail-American professional guard for the Brooklyn Dodgers of the National League. a , " 5S. " Jlfthfc- ■_v..m i5v:j:; Fehley Cracks through Carolina Charlie smart Mickey Thompson lt ' : f ' -J-. ' ii- jW. mxio- W K Resume DF THE YEAR The outlook for the 19 8 football team at North Carolina State College was very gloomy at the outset of the season. Only three regulars from the 1937 team greeted Head Coach Williams " Doc " Newton when practice began on September 1. However, Andy Pavlovsky, 1936 regular, was on hand, and his performance in early practices gave Wolfpack sup- porters new hope for a successful season. The Techs were very weak at the flanks due to the fact that only one monogram end returned. Also, only nine backs were listed on the roster. The schedule, which rightfully deserved the title " suicide schedule " as applied by various sports writers, listed such teams as Carnegie Tech, Alabama, Duke, North Carolina. Detroit, and Manhattan. The Wolfpack opened hostilities by meeting Davidson, always a tough foe, in Charlotte. The game was regarded as a toss-up, but after the beginning of the first period there was little doubt as to who would win. The final score was 19-7 in favor of the ' Pack, but it could very easily Buddy Fry Mickey Sullivan Pat Fehley rik have been larger. State scored first. Sands going over after a sustained drive from the Wolf pack 30-yard line. The score came early in the first period. Sabolyk con- verted and the score was State 7, Davidson 0. Don Traylor scored the second State touchdown in the second quarter, when he caught a pass from Fehley. Fehley missed the try for point. Thus the half ended with State leading. 13-0. The Wildcat score came just after the second half began. Davis passed to Stair from the ' Pack 1 1 -yard line, and Stair scored stand- ing up. Davis also completed a pass for the extra point. The Wolfpack scored their third touchdown midway of the third period when Artie Rooney broke off tackle for the necessary yardage and a score. Sabolyk failed to convert, and the scoring was over for the night. The game produced a number of individual stars on the State team. Artie Rooney. Ed Coon. Bill Retter, and Pat Fehley all played fine games for the ' Pack, and the entire team as a unit played very well. The University of North Carolina Tar Heels came to Raleigh on October 1 to engage the Wolfpack in the feature attrac- tion of Greater University Day. Carolina emerged victorious by the score of 21-0 in a ragged game that saw the Techs reach the one-inch line and fail to score. The first Carolina score came in the opening minutes of the second quarter, when Lalanne passed to Radman in the State end zone. The second score came about eight minutes later when Radman went over from the 5 -yard line, climaxing a drive from the ' Pack 3 2. Radman also scored the Heels ' third touchdown on a line play in the third quarter. Highlights of the game, from the Wolfpack stand- point, were the fine defensive play of Ed Coon and George Fry. and the all-round play of Pat Fehley in the Wolfpack back- field. After the disappointing Carolina game, the Wolfpack entrained for Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to meet the mighty Alabama Crimson Tide, then rated the nation ' s best team. State was given no chance by any- one, but the game produced an amazing performance by the ' Pack. Alabama opened the game with a line-up studded with second-stringers and kicked off. After one play Rooney kicked, and the ball was downed on the ' Bama 31 -yard line. Two plays later, the Tide attempted a quick- kick which was blocked by Ed Coon. Inci- dentally, it was the second kick in five years that Alabama had had blocked. 1 Ed " Ty " Coon Andy Pavlovsky Fred Gardner ■Mlkf Top: STATE-FURMAN . . . HE DROPPED THE BALL Left: CAROLINA SCORES From then on. Coon ' s play was almost unbelievable. Coach Frank Thomas of the Tide described him as " the best tackle we have faced all year, " and that included South- ern California ' s Rose Bowl-bound Trojans. The final score was 14-0 in favor of Alabama, but the score does not indicate the closeness of the game. Alabama scored twice in the second period: once on a pass from Moseley to Warren and once on a sustained drive with Moseley scoring. After that the mighty Tide was unable to score again although their first team played the entire second half. Artie Rooney played a brilliant game in the back- field, and Acai, Retter, and Wooden led the line play with Coon. The scintillating sophomores of Wake Forest came to town the next week-end and met with a 19-7 defeat at the hands of the rejuvenated Wolfpack. The game was wit- nessed by 18,000 fans, the largest crowd ever to see a night game in North Carolina. Bob Sabolyk ART ROONEY RALPH Burt PAUL LOZIER Bill Rhttlk The ' Pack scored first, on the second play of the second quarter. Pav- lovsky going over to climax a sustained drive from the State 22-yard line. Sabolyk ' s try for the point was wide. The longest run from scrimmage during this drive was Pavolosky ' s 36-yard gain through the center of the Wake Forest line. The Deacons came storming back to take a 7-6 lead. Mayberry raced 52 yards around end on a fake kick and was finally stopped on the State 15-yard line by Sands. Several plays later, Edwards scored on a line buck, and Pendergast kicked the point to put Wake Forest into the lead. On the following kickoff, Rooney almost got away for a touchdown but was finally brought down on the Deacons ' 45 -yard stripe — he had received the kick on the ' Pack 12. After three plays. Rooney passed to Sabolyk who made the catch on the Wake Forest 10-yard line and scored standing up. Sabolyk ' s try for the point was again wide. The third State touchdown came as a result of Rooney ' s interception of a Deacon pass on the ' Pack 3 5 -yard line. He was finally stopped on the Wake Forest 15. In three plays the Wolfpack had another touchdown with Rooney scoring from the _ one-yard stripe. Sabolyk converted and the scoring W was over for the night. The entire State team played their best game of the year, and no individual star should be singled out. The Furman Purple Hurri- cane furnished the opposition for the Homecoming and, al- though doped to lose by three touchdowns, held the Wolfpack to a 1-1 tie. State scored first, in the second period, when Pat Fehley cracked through center Steve Acai State-Furman Rooney takes a Spill for the necessary yardage and a score, after a sustained drive up the field. Sabolyk kicked the extra point. Furman came right back and scored on a line buck by Shetley after a drive down the field from the Furman 48-yard line. Clayton kicked the point, and the score was knotted at 7 -1 . The rest of the game proved to be very dull from the spectators ' viewpoint with neither team show- ing much of an offense. Furman presented a stubborn defense which the list- less Wolfpack could not penetrate consistently and a tricky offense which gained repeatedly. Coon again led the line play for State, and Fehley played well in the backfield. The following week the Wolfpack traveled to Blacksburg. Virginia, to meet the V. P. I. Gobblers and met with a 7-0 defeat. Coach " Doc " Newton had but one end on the squad able to play, and the situation was so acute that he shifted Bill Rctter. regular center, to the left flank for that game. The Gobblers dis- played more power than the crippled Techs could muster and scored midway of the third period when Miller crashed over from the 4-yard line. State never came close to a score, and only the stubborn play of the Tech line held the Gobblers to a 7-0 score. The highlight of the game, from the Wolfpacks ' standpoint, was the kicking of Rooney who averaged 49 yards with his boom- ing spirals. Retter. Coon, and Acai led the line play for State. The following week the injury-plagued Wolfpack traveled to New York City to meet Manhattan College. A field goal kicked by Boverini in the final period beat the Techs 3-0. Ironically enough. State had shoved the Jaspers all over the field, and the closest Manhattan advance was to the State 27-yard line from which point the game-winning goal was kicked. Manhattan gained only 28 yards from rushing as compared with 119 for the Wolfpack; they made only five first downs as compared with nine for the Techs. State really " snapped out " of its slump, and but for the lucky goal had the Jaspers licked. Tackle Ed Coon received the praises of many New York writers for his brilliant play. Coon played 5 9-minute ball and time after time smeared the fleet State-Carolina ... No Gain State-Detroit . . . fehley Piles Up Freddie Mastrolia WALTER " Red " Novick The University of Detroit Titans invaded Raleigh and Riddick Stadium for an intersectional tilt with the ' Pack on November 12. Detroit won, 7-0, Ghesquicre going over from the two-yard line after a long pass by Palumbo had placed the ball in scoring territory. The score came in the closing minutes of the second quarter. The Wolf- pack ' s closest advance was to the Titan ' s 29-yard stripe in the final quarter. Here a pass failed, Pavlovsky made two yards through the line, and then a bad pass from center lost 18 yards. Thus ended State ' s best bid. The Titans presented a clean-cut, well-coached team and exhibited a colorful variety of tricky reverses and long passes. Coon, Burt, and Acai starred in the line for State, and Fehley, Pavlovsky. and Sabolyk played well in the State backfield. State traveled to Durham the next week to play the unbeaten, untied, and unscored-on Duke Blue Devils. About 13,000 fans saw the Techs wage a gallant battle that put fear into the heart of every loyal Duke supporter. In the closing minutes of the first quarter State made a first down on the Duke six-yard line. Pavlovsky then crashed through to the Duke three-yard line on the first play. At this crucial point the Duke line held for downs, and Tipton kicked out to the Duke 30 to end the threat. Duke scored in the second quarter, after a sustained drive down the field from their own 45. Tipton going over from the three-yard line. Ruffa converted, making the score 7-0. This proved to be the final score, but it was not at all decisive. In the third quarter State drove to the Devils ' 11 -yard stripe but lost the ball on downs. The game was fairly even from the standpoint of occupying each other ' s territory, and Duke did not look at all superior Bill mathenev WARREN Wooden State-Detroit Rodney Eats Dirt . Ty Coon Observes mimmM Ted Johnson EVERETTE " CUTIE " CARTER Bob Cathey Gene ■■Butch " Conrad to the Techs except for the one scoring thrust. Steve Acai played a brilliant game at guard for the ' Pack, throwing the shifty Duke backs for losses at critical times. Ed Coon also was in the thick of the fight, once throwing Tipton for two successive ten-yard losses. George Fry was another fine linesman for State. In the backfield, Sabolyk. Rooney. Pavlovsky. and Fehley all played nice games, Sabolyk was particularly effective on defense, breaking up several Duke passes. Five days later, on Thanksgiving Day. State met the Carnegie Tech Skibos from Pittsburgh in Riddick Sta- dium. The highly-touted visitors, conquerors of the mighty Pittsburgh Panthers, gained a 14-0 victory, but only after a very busy afternoon. After receiving the open- ing kickoff. the Wolfpack immediately racked up three successive first downs. Carnegie Tech then halted the threat on their 28-yard line, and from this point on State could make no serious offensive threat. The Skibos ' first touchdown came in the closing minutes of the third quar- ter. Condit galloping 28 yards for the score. Carnelly kicked the point. Their second score came just five minutes from the end of the game as a result of a long pass from Moroz to Fisher. Muha made the point good to end the scoring for the day. The defensive stand put up by State will always live in the hearts of its supporters as one of the most courageous ever exhibited in Riddick Stadium by any team. The Wolfpack closed its season by defeating Citadel. 14-6. in Wilmington. Stars for the ' Pack were Coon. Fry, Acai. and Co-Captain Hines in the line, and Rooney and Pavlovsky in the backfield. Although the season ' s record shows three wins, one tie, and seven losses. Coaches Newton. Hickman, and Warren deserve a great deal of credit for the performance of the Wolfpack. The spirit was there, and the team improved steadily. STATE-FURMAN DoN T Be bashful Boys BASKSTBAll p. G. Hill Bill Mann Co-Captains Dr. R. R. Sermon Coach The tradition that State College always has a good basketball team was again upheld by this year ' s fighting Red Terrors. Although they won no titles, Coach R. R. Sermon ' s charges frequently showed fans in the state that they were really a great basketball team. The team suffered two severe setbacks prior to the season ' s opening. First. Harold Hull, a very promising center, left school, and then Adolph Honeycutt, a letterman forward, was declared ineligible. However, Coach Sermon went about his usual masterful work and turned out another brilliant team. This year ' s Red Terror quint was probably the scrappiest and the most courageous team ever to repre- sent State College on the hardwood. The season was opened with the Terrors meeting William and Mary here. The Sovereigns won, 32-28, in a close game that saw State finish with only two regulars in the lineup. Bill Mann o m 9 9 .J p. G. Hill selby Jones El WIN Hamilton Rollins Sevier A RESUME OF THE CaQC SEAS During the Christmas holidays, the Terrors, journeyed to Florida to play the Florida ' Gators and Stetson. In the first game with Florida State won, 55-21. In the second game State again won. 34-30. Rennie led the scoring in both games, and Hill led the floor play. The Red Terrors then defeated Stetson. 25-16, in a low scoring contest. Rennie again led the scoring for State and also played a fine floor game. Immediately after the holidays, the Terrors met Clemson and defeated them. 54-37. Jim Rennie scored 24 points for the Terrors, all on field goals. Hill played an excellent floor game for State. State next met the fast-traveling Wake Forest Deacons at Wake Forest and suffered a 46-26 defeat. The Terrors were badly " off " in their shooting, and the Deacons were " on " in theirs — hence the result. The Red Terrors then defeated Davidson 40-36. Co-Captain Bill Mann led the scoring with 1 4 points. Rennie was runner-up with 12 points. After losing to Carolina 1 1 straight times, the Terrors finally broke the jinx and defeated the White Phantoms 35-22. Selby Jones paced the Terrors, scoring 10 points and holding Dihvorth. Carolina ace. scoreless. The Terrors moved to Durham the next week to meet Duke and were defeated. 43-37. State led by 18-13 at the half and was nosed out only by a last-minute rally. Mann and Sevier led the Terrors play. The Red Terrors turned back V. M. I. by 48-29 in a rough con- test held in Raleigh. Leaders in the State victory were Co-Captain Bill Mann with 13 points and Jim Rennie with 12. Elwin Hamilton turned in a fine defensive game for State. Rennie OM Whitey Maultsby Ray Smith i I Dick East Monte Crawford M. O. l.AWRHNCK Manager The Red Terrors stopped the Maryland Old Liners ' rout of Big Five basketball teams by hand- ing them a 46-40 defeat in a thrilling overtime game. Those who saw the game will always remember the courageous play of the State team. Jim Rennie again led the scoring for State with 16 points, closely followed by Mann with 14 and Jones with H. Hill and Hamilton played fine floor games for State. The Wake Forest Deacons again defeated the Terrors by 46-42 in a very rough game in Raleigh. Two State players, Rennie and Sevier, left the game in the last half because of injuries. Jones and Hill led the State scoring. Carolina ' s ' White Phantoms then defeated the Terrors by 45-25 in a very listless game. Sevier, Rennie, and Mann were all absent from the line- up, and the makeshift State team was unable to offer much resistance to the Phantoms. In the closing game of the season. Duke again defeated the Terrors in a dose-guarding contest played in Raleigh. The Devils had to win the game in order to stay in the running for a bid to the Southern Conference Tournament, and they were truly a fine ball club that night. Co-Captain Mann led the scoring with 10 points, and Elwin Hamilton played a fine defensive game for the Terrors, In the first round of the Tournament, the Terrors met Duke and won, 40-39, in a hectic encounter that will long be remembered by those who saw it. It was a nip-and-tuck battle all the way, and the score was tied at least eight times during the game. Jim Rennie, playing with an injured leg, and Co-Captain Bill Mann led the scoring for State with 1 2 points each. The State regulars. Hill, Mann, Jones, Rennie, and Hamil- ton played the entire game. In the second round the Terrors defeated The Citadel , 40-38. Co-Captains Hill and Mann led the play. In the semi-final round Maryland ' s Old Liners gained revenge for the mid-season defeat handed them by the Terrors and defeated them decisively by 53-29. The State team was simply worn out. No capable substitutes were available, and their shooting and timing was badly off. First Row: HAMILTON, RENNIE. JONES. MANN. HiLL. SEVIER, PAYNE: Second Rou. ' : DR. SERMON. Andrews. Smith. Watters, Harris. East, Maultsby, Lawrence, Mgr. ; Third Row: Baker, Oransky. AUMAN, STROUPE, TAGER, CRAWFORD, FOWLER. B A •i E S A I I Billy Griffin Captain (• " ; f,f S . J: Griffin, Pitcher Beam, Fielder HONEYCUTT, Fielder HOLSHOUSER, Pitcher Wicker, Fielder THE 1938 diamond RESULTS North Carolina State ' s 1938 Baseball team completed the season with a record of seven wins, eight losses and two ties. This is indeed an excellent record, when it is realized that five of these defeats were by either one or two runs. Pre-season drill was opened March 1 . Although the Techs had lost a good many reliable performers through graduation, prospects were bright- ened by the fact that many of the past season ' s reserves were returning and several outstanding freshmen were on hand. Among those lost from the previous year ' s team were Sandfoss, Dalyrymple. Gadd, Norwood. Rabb, and Barb. A greater number of State ' s heavier hitters were included among this number. The regulars returning were catcher, Eddie Berlinski: pitchers. Berry, Green. Steele. Hart, and Bruinooge; infielders, Mann. Hoyle, and Miller; and outfielders, Griffin. Wicker, Beam, and Huneycutt. From the frosh ranks came Larry Smith, catcher; Vic Holshouser and Lefty Brown, pitchers; Ireland. Kearns, and Harris, infielders; and Charlie Fowles, outfielders. With this squad. Coach Doak began his 14th year of coaching at State. The team was captained by Green. Tech hurlcr. 4 tft a The opening game was a thrilling contest played with William and Mary. Behind in the eighth inning, the Tech ' s tied the score at 4-4 in that inning and went ahead in the ninth to win 5-4. The first Big Five game was played with Carolina. The Chapel Hill boys put on a typical Tar Heel rally to get four runs in the ninth inning and a 6-5 victory. Green had blanked Carolina ' s batters for 6 innings and was coming along nicely with the aid of Charley Beam ' s 2nd inning homer. Several days later, on home grounds. State handed Duke its first defeat of the year. Vic Holshouser. sophomore star, held Duke to 6 hits, while Bob Wicker accounted for three of State ' s runs. The result was a 6-2 victory. In the annual Easter Monday game with Wake Forest, rain was the big winner. The contest had to be called several times due to showers, and was called for good in the sixth inning, when an April shower flooded the playing field. The final score was 2-2. Bob Wicker ' s two-run homer was the feature of the game. In a return game with Carolina at Clinton, the Tar Heels again topped State. The Carolinians scored six runs in the first two innings, but State came back to tie the score. A last minute rally by Carolina won the game. 7-6. Bob Wicker led State at the bat, with his third home run in as many games, a single, and a double, for a perfect day at bat. The return game with Wake Forest was again rained out, but not until the seventh inning, with Wake Forest leading 5-2. Charles " Chick " Doak Coach 1 -r , ■H-ZSf Smith. Catcher HOVLE. Intielder BERLINSKI. Catcher KEARN. Intielder Harris, Infielder 5T 1 - ■ ■ ¥. ' ' V-: v3 v " •roni Kou. ' AlLt-N GRt-hN. LARRY SMITH, VlC HOLSHOUSER; .SrtonJ Rou.- : COAi 1 1 CilKK DOAK. CADA HARRIS. ADOLPH HUNEYCUTT. CHARLIE BEAM. BILL GRIFFIN. EDDIE BERLINSKI, TOMMY KEARN, Bill Hoyle, Bob Wicker: Thud Row: Bill Thorn (Mgr. ). Frank Brown. Durwood Harper. Frank- lin Peatross Johnny Miller. Pete Bruinooge. Travis Hendren. C. F. Ireland. Sam Kauffman; Fourth Row: Don Hamilton, Mike Birkett. Don freeman, Charlie Santore, Collin Shaw, John Barry, L. H. Roberts, Sam Andrews. The following week State knocked Duke ' s star pitcher. Smith, out of the box to win the game played in Durham. Bob Wicker, with two for four, led the hitters. Two days later. State racked up a win against Davidson. 4-1. in a slow game played on Freshman Diamond. On a northern tour the next week, State won both of its games. The State team collected 1 6 hits to get a 17-1 victory over Washington and Lee. Bruinooge. the State hurler. yielded only six hits. The next day. the Techs beat a strong V. M. I. team, 15-3. Green held the Cadets to three hits, while the State lads hit three V. M. I. pitchers easily. All three hits off of Green were homers. I. W. Thorn Manager Duke, gathering two runs in the first inning, beat State 7-5, in their return game played on Freshman Field. Rain halted the game several times. Tommy Kearns led the S tate team at the bat, with a homer with the bases loaded. Tommy also played a fine defensive game, making several nice stops of hard hit balls. State then got revenge for its two early-season defeats by Carolina. Eddie Bcrlinski was the all- round player of the day. The " Buzzer " hit a home run. triple, and single to collect three of State ' s nine hits. He also made several nice catches in center field to hold off Carolina rallies. Green kept the Tar Heels ' eleven hits well scattered. The final score was 8-3. Three days later, the Carolina team put on a typical Tar Heel rally in the ninth to score four runs, and win the ball game 10-8, Billy Robinson, star V. M. I. hurler. held the Techs to three hits, and struck out thirteen State batters, as the Cadets licked State 8-1, in a return battle played on Freshman Field. Huneycutt scored State ' s only run. In one of the best ball games of the year. State defeated Catawba College. 6-1 in a thirteen inning afTair. The Techs scored three runs in the thirteenth to end the ball game. Three days later, Vic Hol- shouser. star sophomore, held the Davidson Wildcats to three hits, while his teammates were hitting the Davidson pitcher freely. The final score was 3-0. The final game of the season, with Wake Forest, was a real thriller. Wake Forest started the scoring, and had State 5-2 at the end of the fifth inning. State put on a last minute rally to tie the score 5-5 at the end of the regulation game. Neither team was able to score in three extra innings and the game was called on account of darkness at the end of the twelfth. MINOR Sf»ORTS Don Traylor Boxing Charlie Hunter Wrestling Jordan Dulin Tennis Bill Bailey Swimming Ross Reynolds Swimming ALEX REGDON Coach Despite an unfavorable percentage in the won and lost columns, Coach Alec Regdons 1939 boxing team showed itself to be a greatly improved, hard-fighting outfit. At the start of practice, the prospects for a good season were bright. However, after the first meet, ineligibility caught up with two top-notch performers, Jeff Brown, 135-lb. letterman and Sam Turner, a promising newcomer to the 145-lb. division. State opened its schedule with the pugs of South Carolina, who needed two State forfeits to win the meet, 4J ' 2 -3 2 • Sam Turner and Charlie Smart feat- BOXING ured for State, both winning decisively. Turner proved to be much too smart for Sol Blatt, scoring repeatedly with jarring left and ri ght hooks to the head. In the best bout of the meet. Smart knocked out Herbert Bostain after a minute of fist slinging in the second round. Captain Don Traylor ' s win by a decision and Paul Abram ' s draw accounted for State ' s other points. At Carolina, the Techs suffered their worst defeat of the year, losing 6 ' 2 -2 ' 2 ' but only after dropping several close decisions. Buddy Means, two-year intra- mural champion, made a very impressive debut as a varsity boxer. Means, after taking the first two rounds by clean margins, dropped a close decision as a result of tiring in the third round. Don Traylor and Abrams again accounted for State ' s scoring. Don hammered out another two-handed decision and Paul fought to another draw. BARTON Betts Manager Don Traylor Ed Young State returned to the home wars the next week, bow- ing to a well-balanced V. P. I. aggregation, 4 ' ? to 3) 2 . At this ' point in the season Manager Barton Betts took over the 120-lb. division in which Jack Nelley had previously fought. Mason, team sparring partner, then assumed managerial duties. After two close rounds. Betts. in his initial fight, tired and dropped a close decision to " Killer " Austin of V. P. I. State ' s Ed Young evened the score by polishing off an old rival in the second round of his fight with a short hook to the head. Means and Guy scored clean-cut victories, and Abrams fought to his third straight draw. In a fast and furious heavyweight bout. Ed Guy beat Brooks of the visiting Duke team, to give State the needed margin for its only victory of the year. In the feature bout of the night. Means dropped a close decision to Captain Kasik. Biddle Carraway. 1937 letterman. fought to a draw with Smitty Little in a 145-lb. slug- fest. State ' s other victories came on decisions by Betts, Traylor, and Smart, who nearly scored a K. O., but he injured his hand and was forced to slow down. In the final match of the season. Coach Regdon ' s pugs met a powerful Catholic U. team in Washington. Despite the wide losing margin IIj- Yi. the Techs proved themselves worthy opposition, all losses being by narrow decisions. Young drew with Bartone in a scrap that saw plenty of action. Means followed up by out-boxing and out-slugging Martinex. Biddle Carraway won by a wide margin. State ' s freshmen won from the frosh of Duke and V. P. I. and dropped the Carolina meet 4 ' 2 -3)2- " The team produced several promising punchers among whom were Barr. Manooch. and Hank Pierce. Coach Regdon should have ample material from which to shape next year ' s team because the entire varsity will also be eligible for one more year. Young knocks out as Smart slugs ' iHl: Herman Hickman Coach WRESTLING State College ' s Big Five champions, under the able guidance of Coach Herman Hickman, opened the 1939 season by meeting Maryville College of Tennessee in Frank Thompson Gymnasium. The Techs literally swamped their opponents by a 30-0 score. Captain Charlie Hunter set the pace in the opening match by pinning his man, and from then on the meet was a rout. Pate, Reichert, and Brandt scored falls, and Abie Johnson, Ted John- son, Bunnie Hines, and Buddy Fry scored decisions. On January 21, Carolina ' s Tar Heels came to Raleigh and inflicted a 17-13 defeat upon the Techs. The outcome of the meet depended upon the result of the final match between heavyweights Fry of State and Clements of Carolina. Battling gamely with a wrenched arm th at threatened to keep him out of the meet entirely, Fry succeeded in forcing the match into an extra period, but he weakened in the closing minutes and lost a close decision. Ted Johnson and George Brandt led State by scoring falls over their opponents. Abie Johnson, sophomore 135-lb. star, was absent because of an injury, and his absence probably cost State the meet. In the A. A. U. meet held in Greensboro, State finished second to the defending champions, Ap- palachian. The Mountaineers compiled 39 points to 36 for the Techs. State placed six men in the finals, and Abie Johnson and George Brandt cap- tured individual titles. L. E.. Thornton Manager The Techs traveled to Blacksburg, Virginia to meet the V. P. I. Gobblers and scored a 17 - 12J 2 victory. The outcome of the meet depended upon the result of the heavyweight encounter, and Jake Marsh of State decisioned Nichols to clinch the meet. Captain Hunter and Brandt scored falls for State, and Bunnie Hines gained a time decision. The feature of the meet came in the 175-lb. class when Ted Johnson and King of V. P. I. wrestled to a draw. The Techs next journeyed to Davidson to meet the Wildcats and took an easy 26-6 victory. The feature match came in the 165-lb. class when MacFayden of Davidson decisioned Hines. Cap- tain Hunter, Abie Johnson, and Paul Reichert scored falls for State, and " Red " Pate, Ted John- son, and George Fry gained decisions. In a Big Five meet held in Durham, the Techs defeated Duke by the top-heavy score of 29-3. Duke ' s only points came when Lucas decisioned Jake Marsh in the 175-lb. class. Pate, Hines, Fry, and Abie Johnson gained falls for State, while Captain Hunter, Reichert, and Brandt scored decisions. Washington and Lee ' s Southern Conference champions defeated the Techs by 17-11 in a very close match held in Raleigh. Falls were scored by Captain Charlie Hunter of State, who pinned Crane in four minutes flat, and by Bowles of Washington and Lee who pinned Hines in six minutes. Reichert and Ted Johnson of State won time decisions. The Generals are undefeated in dual competition since 1933, but they were extended to the limit to defeat State. At Lexington, Virginia, State engaged the V. M. L Cadets and met with a 21-6 defeat. The Techs ' points were scored by Abie Johnson who gained a decision in the 1 3 5 -lb. class, and by Ted Johnson who scored a decision in the 175-lb. class. Captain Hunter lost an overtime decision in the 121 -lb. class by a very narrow margin. The seasons ' record shows four wins and three defeats and but for several bad breaks would have been even better. With Captain Hunter, Brandt, Pate, Reichert, Ted Johnson, and Abie Johnson returning next year, prospects are very bright for a championship team. Charlie Hunter Ted Johnson Abie Johnson George Brandt Buddy Fry Bunny Hines Paul Reichert Red Pate V IMMING George " Red " Kurfehs Coach Coach George " Red " Kurfehs made his debut as mentor of the State swimming team this year by wrangling two wins from a schedule of eight tough meets. For the first meet of the season, the Techs journeyed to Randolph-Macon where they scored an easy win with a score of 54-21. In the second meet the State swimmers suffered a defeat at the hands of the strong University of Virginia team. The Virginia boys broke two pool records in piling up 46 points to State ' s 29. The next meet yielded State ' s second victory as co- captains Reynolds and Bailey led their team-mates to a 5 2-2? win over V. P. I. The newly-formed Carolina team at Chapel Hill was the next foe to meet the Techs who were greatly weak- ened at the time by the loss of co-captain Bailey who was kept out of action by a bad foot. The outcome of the meet favored the Carolina boys who eked out a slight lead on the breast stroke and held it throughout the meet to finish with a score of 4 2 to State ' s 3 3. V. M. I. gave State its next set-back by taking the 400-yard relay and winning the meet 4V32. The Duke meet which came next on the schedule was also an apparent State victory until the last event, and then it fell to the Blue Devils, 45-30. The highly-favored William and Mary team was the next opponent for Coach Kurfehs ' boys, and it took everything the Sovereigns had to come from behind at the end and win the meet 40-35. The last dual meet of the season was a return meet with Duke in State ' s pool. Score: Duke 43. State 32. In the Southern Conference meet held this year at State, the Techs were nosed out by Clemson who showed up with unexpected power to take first place. The outstanding performer on the team this year was co-captain Reynolds who scored eight wins out of as many starts in dual meets in the 220-yard free style and set a new conference record in the Southern Conference meet to renew his two-year-old supremacy in this event. He also annexed another title in the 440-yard swim, an event in which he had not participated until this year. Co-captain Bailey and Cox were also shining stars among State ' s mermen and deserve much praise. Beginning a Match l-irst Ro7v: Don Cox, Tf.d Geriikr, Jose Madero, Ralph Donell. W. Haknk. Charlie Wheatley. Stanley Cioi.dman. Charlie Cook. Alujne Thomason. S ' fcond RiKi : John Barkuoll, fresh- man manager, C. H. Peterson, varsity manager, Paul Wood, Luther Turner, Sin Ingram. Bon White, Bradforu Tucker, Ross Reynolds, Bill Bailey, (lEORGE Kurfehs. coach. ' t.J GOLF The team takes a swing The State College Golf team, although handi- capped by the loss of several men. completed the season with three wins and three defeats. Faced at the beginning of the season with the loss of Scales. Palmer, Oliver, and Card due to gradua- tion, the outlook was rather dull for the Techs. Then after the second match of the season in which State beat Hampden-Sydney by the score of 11 J 2 - 6J-2 . Bill Ford, number one golfer, was declared ineligible. In this match Ford, a newcomer to the golfing forces, paced the attack. He won his indi- vidual match by a 3-0 count and then paired with Schrieber to take another 3-0 win. After losing a one point decision to Wake Forest, the State foursome next engaged the highly rated team from the University of Pennsylvania. The Penn linksmen had previously defeated Duke, but with Waldin and White leading the way. State knocked away for a 13, ' . 2 " ■ ' 1 rout. Two days later with Captain Remmey and Schrieber paving the way, the Techs took an easy 13-5 victory over the visiting Boston College team. In the final meet of the season the Duke team proved entirely too hot for State. Pee Wee Russell, Duke ' s number three man, made six birdies for a three over par card. Captain Remmey aided State ' s cause by breaking even with his opponent. The resulting score was a 4-14 loss for State. With the departure of Major Ben Venable from State College. Doc Newton took over the coaching duties. His many afternoons of work and practice with the boys enabled them to make the fine record of which we can be proud. Remmey. Waldin White. Schreiber T F M H I S Frank Southerland Manager R. W. Green Coach Led by Captain Jordan Dulin. North Carolina State College ' s varsity tennis team opened the 1938 season with Duke Univer- sity on the State courts. Duke emerged victorious by a score of 6-3 in a match in which Boney and Murray performed very brilliantly. Both men won grueling three set matches, and then Captain Dulin and Murray slammed out a straight set victory over Duke ' s best tandem. Incidentally, it was the Wolfpack pair ' s third straight victory over the Devils in two years of play. The next match with the Richmond University Spiders resulted in a 5-4 loss for the Techs. Speer played his best match of the season to defeat his opponent easily. A loss in the final doubles match robbed the Techs of victory. The Wolfpack then defeated Wake Forest 7-2 in a one-sided match. The strong Cornell University team handed the Techs a 7-2 defeat in their next meet. Captain Dulin played brilliantly and defeated Garrett Peavy, Cornell No. 1 ace, in three sets. The Wolfpack returned to the win column by blanking E. C. T. C. 9-0 with the loss of one set. The Techs eked out a close 4-3 decision over Furman University in a match held in Raleigh. In the deciding match of the meet. Dulin and Murray racked up a 6-0. 6-2 victory in the No. 1 doubles. In a return match played at Furman. State took a 5-2 win. Leslie Boney played well for State. Returning from South Carolina, the Wolfpack beat Wofford 4-3 and lost to Davidson by 6-1. Two days later the Techs defeated Boston Col- lege 5-1 in a match abbreviated by rain. Bob Fleetwood led the play for State. In a return match played in Raleigh, Davidson defeated the Wolfpack 8-1. The State team, riddled by sickness, was no match for the smooth- stroking Wildcats. The following day Duke blanked the Techs 9-0. Ivan Smith played a beautiful match but lost in three sets. In the last home match State defeated Wake Forest 8-1 with Jim Findlay starring. A trip into Virginia resulted in a 9-0 win over the Hampden-Sydney Tigers. Richmond then defeated the Wolfpack by a 6-3 score in a very poorly-played match. Captain Dulin led the team to a successful climax by winning the No. 1 singles in straight sets as the Techs defeated William and Mary by a score of 7-1 at Williamsburg. Coach R. W. Green deserves a great deal of credit for producing the most successful team that State has ever had. Each year has witnessed a marked improvement in the team ' s play, and the outlook for a better team in 19 39 in very promising. At the close of the season Jim Murray, a rising senior, was elected Captain of the 1939 team. Front Row, left to right : BoGER. Hall, Lummis, Co. CH Green, Ray, Baker. Back Row. Irft to rifiht: Capt. Murray, Boney, Fleetwood. Simmons, Fanning, Cline. I N T k A- Adolph Huneycutt Best Fraternity Athlete MURALS Joe Hamlin Best Dormitory Athlete Intramural Sports at State College have attained a position of prominence and interest. During the year 1937-1938 practically the entire student body took part in this sports program either as a manager or helper if not as an actual participant. Competition is keen and the championships of the various sports are coveted. These factors, however do not affect the clean sportsmanship play which is exhibited among the boys. Practices are held regularly and forfeited games are few. Two leagues have been conducted this year in twelve sports. Twelve dormitory clubs and fourteen fraternity clubs have competed in MlII.Fl; C,i IS Hot Touch Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Swimming, Boxing, Tennis, Horseshoes, Handball, Wrestling, and Soc- cer. A record of the points scored by each team is kept and at the end of the year the Grand Champion in each league is determined. First place trophies are awarded to the fraternity and the dormitory winners by the Interfraternity Council and Lonnie Ivey respectively. The Student Council gives a second place cup to the dormitory runner-up. A small admission charge at the boxing tourna- ment enables the presentation of all-campus medals to the all- campus athletes. Last year the Pi Kappa Alpha ' s, by winning the soft- ball and track championships. placed first in the fraternity league. Second and third places were taken by the Alpha Kappa Pi ' s and the Sigma Nu ' s. This year the Pi Kappa Alpha ' s are again in the lead with the Kappa Sigma ' s giving them a close run in second place. Second floor Seventh took top honors in the dormitory league last year with third Seventh and second 1911 in second and third places. Adolph Huneycutt won the trophy for the best all-round fraternity intramural athlete while Joe Hamlin second 1911, received a similar award for the best dormitory intramural ath- lete. Mr. Miller also made an award to Tom Rowland, second Seventh, for the best intramural manager. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL The 1938 Freshman football team, under the guidance of " Nig " Waller as head coach and Alex Regdon and Willie Dusty as assistant coaches, was a much better team than the scoreboard would indicate. On the first day of practice eighty-six candidates reported. This fine turnout continued throughout the fall afternoons of drill. In the first contest of the season the Techlets faced the Crusaders from Belmont Abbey. The boys from the Abbey boasted one of their finest arrays in many years. The first half of the game was an even battle, but in the second half a pair of the visiting team ' s backs really opened up with a fine display of broken field running. The result was a 14-0 loss for State. McHugh and Czernie- wiski stood out in the State backfield. while Phillips, Barr. and Jones looked good in the line. The following week, the Freshmen lost a close game to the Carolina team. A long pass in the second quarter put the boys from the " Hill " deep in State territory. Two plays later they scored, giving the Carolina boys a 7-0 victory. The Techlets ' next engagement came two weeks later when they were entertained by Duke ' s Blue Imps in Duke Stadium. The lads from Durham displayed entirely too much power for the Wolflets and routed them 46-6. The injury jinx really hit the Freshman squad just before the Wake Forest game. When the opening whistle sounded, half of State ' s regulars were on the bench with injuries. The Techlets, however, put up a game fight and lost a close 15-7 decision. State ' s lone score came on a pass from " Peanut " Doak to Alvin Phillips. The fifth and final contest for the Freshmen was a struggle with the Clemson Kittens. The game was held in Charlotte and played on a very muddy field. Both teams threatened to score many times, but they lacked that necessary final punch. The outcome was a 0-0 deadlock. Outstanding on the freshman squad were: Alvin Phillips, Frank Owens, C. Ramsey, John Barr. John Waters, Charlie Jones, " Jumbo " Czerniewiski, Jack Huckabee, Jerry McHugh, Jardine Gibson, and Brother Faison. Although the Techlets had a poor season, there is no doubt that a wealth of future varsity material was uncovered. Fiist Row: Walter Lee, Frank Owens, John Barr, Tom Trobaugh, Curti. ! Ramsey, Norman Wiggin. Tom Gaddy, Chick Doak, Jr., Gaston Faison, Peanut Doak; Second Row: Jack Dail, Ed Smith, Jumbo Czerniewski, John Waters. Earl Stewart, Ed Allen, Woodrow Jones, Hoot Gibson, Val Morgan; Third Row: Bill Coopeh, Gerald -McHugh, Jack Huckabee. Francis Farrell, Alvin Phillips, Charley Jones, Bill Parker, Ed Tharpe, Henry Boltrek. John Hines. Coach Nig Waller; Fourth Ro ,i : Mgr. Ed Smith, Jim Mills, Don Gillespie. Joe Mills, John McAuley, Ralph Sadler, Dudley Robbins, Sa.m Croft, Steve Ryneska, Alex Car.mean, Marion Stilwell, Buster Charnlev, Asst. Mgr. Walter Reid, Harley Hopkins. FRESHMAN BASKETBAMl About twenty-five first-year men reported to Coach Bob Warren for the opening Freshman basketball practice. With the help of P. G. Hill and " Red " Sevier of the varsity team, the Yearl- ings rounded into shape very nicely. Before their first major contest, the Freshmen played four practice games. Even with the little practice that they had. the Freshmen managed to defeat the Raleigh Revenuers, Wilson High School twice, and the Kannapolis Y. Then in a rough contest with Louisburg Junior College, the win- ning streak was broken. The Techlcts overcame a 7-13 half-time score to pull into an 18-18 tie on a shot by Carney. Then with five minutes to go the game became rough and the fouls numer- ous. Louisburg. however, emerged victorious with a 24-21 triumph. Strayhorn led State with ten points. Three days later the Freshmen lost a rather loosely played contest to the highly geared Wake Forest quint by a score of 51-21. The State team, a week later, took a 3 5-26 victory over the Washington Mills team in a game that was well played. The following two weeks proved disastrous to the State team. They took losses at the hands of Carolina. Duke. Wake Forest, and Roanoke High School. State returned again to the victory column with a 56-34 win over the Creedmoore All-Stars and a close 29-27 win over Asheville High School. Strayhorn, Jones. Carney, and Story led the play in these games. In a game played at Chapel Hill the State Frosh showed some real improvement. Although in the final analysis the Yearlings were outclassed, they played the Carolina team a much closer game than the previous one which they had lost to them. After a hard battle, the Tar Babies came out on top of a 44-31 score. Strayhorn, Jenney, and Wiggins were the most aggressive for State. The final game of the season, played with the Duke Freshmen, found State in the best form that they had displayed all season. This was probably due to the fact that the State team had become accustomed to Doc Sermon ' s peculiar variations of the Meanwell System. The Duke quint was hard-pressed to gain a 39-33 victory, whereas earlier in the season they had swamped the State Freshmen. Although the State Frosh displayed no Big Five victories upon their slate, it can certainly be said that these boys worked hard and towards the end of the season they had a fine basketball team. I ' luiit Rati ' : H. Tro.xleb. K. Doak. J., K. ju. h , E. Storey. Second Row: H. Ferrel, C. Doak. E. Stewart, B. Baucom, M. Stillwell, G. Third R(Kv: G. Croll, H. Jennie, X- Wiggin, S. Jones, E. S. iith. FRSSHMAH BASE3A ll At the beginning of the 1938 season, Coach Bob Warren was succeeded by Nig Waller. It was a large and inexperienced crop of Freshmen that faced Coach Waller at the opening of prac- tice, immediately after spring holidays. After many shifts of the line-up, necessitated by injuries, the following boys were chosen as the number one nine: and with only a few substitutions, this team played the entire season intact. The lineup: shortstop, Suggs: third base. Watts: second base, Morrison: outfield. Jones, Winstead, and Brown: first base, Tilley: catchers. Carter and Jordan: pitchers, Phipps, Smith, Cathey, and Carter. The Techlets opened the season April 15, with the Carolina Frosh and won a hair-raising slugfest, 11-10. Three days later, their bats were still hot. and they trounced Campbell College H-IO in another hard hitting game. Cutie Carter allowed but five hits, but his mates made several miscues to account for the large number of Camp- bell tallies. Morrison had a perfect day at bat with three singles. On April 20, the Freshmen tangled with Duke ' s Blue Imps on Red Diamond. The regulation game ended 2-2. but the Techlet defense fell apart in the tenth frame and Duke scored six runs on three hits and seven errors to win 8-2. Rex Phipps hurled two-hit ball for nine innings and allowed no Duke player more than one safety. Tilley led State ' s hitting with two singles. A week later Louisburg was met in Raleigh, and trimmed, 10-2, behind the steady hurling of Carter. Winstead and Smith led the frosh hitting. Carter himself was a star at the plate, helping to win his own ball game. In a return tilt with Carolina, State led by Jones with four hits for five attempts, came from behind to get a 19-10 victory. Wade Brown hit a four-run homer. The Techlets next bowed to the Wake Forest Frosh 16-2 and came back to take Louisburg 14-7 in a return tilt. In the season finale with Duke, the Freshmen played their best game, although they lost 7-6. Wade Brown hit a homer with two mates on bases to pace State ' s batting. Coach Waller praised the team highly for their good showing, despite the tough schedule, and predicted varsity berths for many of the freshmen on next year ' s varsity squad. I ' irst Kozv: iiENTON ScAR50Rour.ii, Kelly Kittkr, Fun. ' I ' ii.t.kv, Hutch Davis. Bob (. " athey, K. C. Sikks. Red .Shotwell. Sccoiul Raw: Coach Nio Waller, Pi. -ky Glass, A. .Smith, IJiil Johoan, Bill Morrison, Bill Suggs, Be.n Jones, Dick Watts. Wade Brown. Hex Phi its. Third Row: Kay Thomas, (assistant inanaKer), Cutie Carter. Berry Griffith. Clyde Fry, Alle(;h ny Ua.mpton, ti. (iolNc.s, Eldon Wins- low, Teddy Siiapou, Woods, Ray Smiih. 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Long Distance Telephones 2-31 41 2-3142 2-31 43 3,000 Tons Stock on Hand 1,500 Tons Monthly Capacity CAROLINA STEEL IRON CO. GREENSBORO, N. C. Largest Fabricators of Steel in the Carolinas The Photographs In This Annual Were Made by Studio 134 Fayetteville Street RALEIGH, N. C. Largest College Annual Photographers in the South Fine Portraits Prompt Service In successfully fulfilling the requirements of the modern College Annual Staff we have combined a comprehensive and systematic servicing program with that high standard of quality so essential In the production of fine yearbooks. Lynchburg engraved annuals are built by an organization specializing on school annuals exclusively, thereby assuring each staff of the personal and intelligent assistance so necessary in the planning and designing of a truly satisfactory bootc. LYNCHBURG ENGRAVING ■COMPANY- LYNCHBURG • VIRGINIA C rulideAA af 0 ±t£Ji- cAnnunh- f COMING here at the close of so many hours of planning and work by the staff . . . any message we might add in this, our own advertisement, would savor a bit of self praise. Yet, unseen in this example of fine book making is the day by day co-operation of our personnel, whose experience and training in the production of annuals has bridged many a pitfall for the staff. If, as you peruse the pages of this yearbook and are impressed with their excellence, you too, would like to avail yourself of our services whether annuals or commercial printing we ' d deem it a favor if you would ask us to call. THE OBSERVER PRINTING HOUSE INCORPORATED College Annual Department CHARLOTTE. NORTH CAROLINA f A FINAL WDRD And now we finish our job much as we began it. We have taken pride in our work, and now that it is finished we are proud of it. Our hope is that our ideas in presenting this AgroMECK will meet with your approval, for after all it is your book. We were chosen to do the job and are highly conscious of the honor connected with this privilege. We wish to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to those unselfish persons without . whose help and valuable time we could not have carried on. Mr. M. L. Glover. Mr. M. F. Dunbar, and Mr. Harrie S. Keck we thank for their profes- sional interest and advice: Mr. J. G. WEAVER for his time and labor so altruistically devoted: MiSS NANCY STEELE for her never- failing willingness to serve: and the Military Department and Athletic Association for their splendid cooperation. Mr. Wade Ison. Mr. John Marshall, Mr. John Lowery. and Mr. Abe Upchurch with their evcr-bountifuI supply of photographs have been invaluable aides. We ask that these people be remembered as ones who voluntarily gave their assistance in the production of our anniversary Agromeck. James A. Worrell Edttor-in-Chief Sterling C. Holmes Business Manager Jones Y. Pharr Lewis E. Wooten Associate Editors

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