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i " nmnpP EG ' COUCHJt: Editor J-N-GAMMON Bi sineu Ifa aaey 19 3 1 PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE- PUBLICATIONS ASSOCIATION o tAe NORTH CAROLINA- STATE COLLEGE o AGRlCULTURE ENGINEERING VOLUME yxix RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA. 7 -1 e diodUon WILLIAM DOLLISON FAUCETTE THIS TWENTY-NINTH VOLUME OF " THE AGRO- MECK " WE WISH TO DEDICATE TO WILLIAM DOL- LISON FAUCETTE, OF THE CLASS OF 1901, WHO NOW HOLDS THE POSITION OF CHIEF ENGINEER OF THE SEABOARD AIR LINE RAILWAY. WE THINK IT VERY APPROPRIATE THAT THIS VOLUME OF " THE AGROMECK " BE DEDICATED TO SO OUTSTANDING AN ALUMNUS IN THE FIELD OF ENGINEERING. FOREWORD From the beginning of time to the present, progress has been gauged by scientific develop- ment or engineering. It is the desire of the editors of this, " The 1931 Agromeck, " to pre- sent some outstanding engineer- ing achievements of ages past in order to show what may be ex- pected of State College gradu- ates when they leave their Alma Mater. ■ " - ' l . " :f -i! CONTENTS THE COLLEGE CLASSES SPONSORS ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS FEATURES M, ' ■ •• ' ■■ ' 4. ' in emonam aBe ti( Sibrrll Slamtaan 1837—1330 lara— 1330 1330—1330 Jfrri 1 . 3ngram, 3lr. 1311 — 1330 AlUn iiaiituoo 1863—1331 " (j9iirr forty yrars a taitl)ful arruant. ' Egyptian Pyramids (S ( HE Egyptian pyramids have for ages been a source of interest and curi- osity and are regarded as one of the seven wonders of the world. The mechanical skill required to construct them continues to be a matter of universal astonishment. The con- struction of such perfect polyhedrons of such enormous proportions places the ancient Egyptians among the greatest of engineers. K1N(; KHAFRA TWELFTH DYNASTY BUILDER OF SECOND PYRAMID ' mMM ' ' %V %fc ;- % i - . . ' ■ ■y,- ■j - --isv : ' - fi Executive Officers Eugene Clyde Brooks A.B., Litt.D.. LL.D. President Benjamin Franklin Brown, B.S. Dean of the School of Science and Business Thomas Everette Browne. A.B., M.A. Director of Instruction of the School of Education, and Director of the Summer School Edward Lamar Cloyd. B.E., M.S. Dean of Students Ira Obed Schaub. B.S. Dean of the School of Agriculture and Director of Agriculture E.xtension Zeno Payne Metcalf. B.A., D.Sc. Director of Instruction School of Agriculture Thomas Nelson. D.Sc. Dean of the Textile School Wallace Carl Riddick. A.B., C.E., LL.D. Dean of the School of Engineering Howard Burton Shaw A.B., B.C.E., A.M. Director of the Engineering Experiment Station Carl Cleveland Taylor B.E.. M.A., Ph.D. Dean of the Graduate School and Director of the Bureau of Economic and Social Research Rhett Youman Winters, B.S., Ph.D. Director of the Agricultural Experimental Station Alfred Smith Brower. A.B. Comptroller Arthur Finn Bowen. C.P.A. Treasurer W. L. Mayer, B.S., M.S. Director of Registration Frank Capps. A.B., M.S. Librarian and Director of College Extension Edward S. King. A.B. Secretary of the Y. M. C. A. Frank Hamilton Jeter, B.S. A. Director of Public Information Leonidas Polk Denmark. BE. Alumni Secretary and Editor of the Alumni News Alton Cook Campbell. M.D. Physician Louis Hines Harris Steward Miss Lillian Fenner Dietitian Miss Beatrice Josephine Mainor. R.N. Superintendent of Hospital Turner Tobias Wellons Superintendent of Dormitories W. A. Bridgeforth Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Joshua Plummer Pillsbury Landscape Architect Percy W. Price Director of Music Page Twenty-one I. O. SCHAUB Dean The School of Agriculture 5INCE the organization of State College, the School of Agri- culture has occupied an outstanding position in the curricula of this institution. At one time it shared with the School of Engineering the distinction of being the only schools in the college. The School of Agriculture reaches out and touches the lives of the people of North Carolina in a fundamental way. Its research and extension activities constitute a large part of its program. The School of Agriculture is ably headed by Dean Ira Obed Schaub. Dean Schaub probably understands the needs of agri- cultural North Carolina better than any other one man. Page Twenty-two jJ-VI-11.. ■ .-- Dr. W. C. Riddick Dean The School of Engineering (7 S a former President of this institution and as Dean of the (2 T[_ School of Engineering, Dr. Wallace Carl Riddick occupies a niche all to himself in the annals of State College history. He has seen the college grow from a small struggling institution to the foremost college in the state, and all the time he has had a vital part in effecting this growth. The School of Engineering is the largest school of the college. It is largest and most completely equipped, and teaches more students than the combined engineering departments of all other institutions of the State. Page Twenty-three Dr. T. E. Browne Director The School of Education " ■ HE School of Education was recently established by the Board of Trustees in response to a positive and urgent demand from the teaching profession. It particularly attempts to prepare teachers for the purpose of serving the rural districts. In this capacity it performs an important function in elevating the rural cultural level. Thomas Everett Browne is director of instruction for the school. Director Browne has enlarged the scope of the school to give women advantage of the opportunities offered by the teaching profession. Professor Browne is also Director of the Summer School. Page Twenty-four Dr. Carl C. Taylor Dean The Graduate School T is practically impossible to master a subject in a given four- year college curricula. Many students desire to further pursue a course of study in their chosen professions. To meet these desires is the important function of the Graduate School of State College. The Graduate School offers unusual opportunities for research. Dr. Carl C. Taylor is Dean of the School. In that capacity he has proven one of the most valuable men ever to have come to State College. Dean Taylor is one of the foremost sociologists of the United States and has written several valuable books in that field. Page Twenty-five B. F. Brown Dean The School of Science and Business N response to the demands of the State for graduates in business administration and a cognizance on the part of the administra- tion of the need of a more cultural curricula, the School of Science and Business was inaugurated at State College. From a humble beginning only several years past it has grown to become one of the largest schools of the institution. Yearly it attracts to State College an increasing number of desirable stu- dents. Since its beginning Benjamin Franklin Brown has been Dean of the School, and he, primarily, has been responsible for its great success. Page Twenty-six Dr. Thomas Nelson Dean The Textile School ' ■ i ' HE textile industry has made North CaroHna the foremost manufacturing state of the South. Along with the growth of this industry in the State, the Textile School of State College has played an important part. Not only does this school train men to enter the various types of work in the manufacture of textiles; it cooperates with the mills in the securing of data and other research activities. It would be impossible to mention the Textile School of State College without linking with it the name of Dean Thomas Nelson. His has been its guiding hand since the beginning of a textile depart- ment in 1901. Page Twenty-seven E. L. CLOYD Dean The Dean of Students No one man enters into the life of the students more fully than does Dean E. L. Cloyd. His office is one of pleasures and of sorrows. Not only must he be concerned with the scholastic standing of the students; in moral and spiritual aspect of student life, too, is he vitally concerned. Dean Cloyd is one of the best loved men at State College. His untiring interest in the students, their successes, their failures, and their problems will always endear him in the hearts of all. No student may ever say that Dean Cloyd has ever been anything but fair and considerate. Page Tu. ' enty-eigbt Roman Roads and Aqueducts (j - I JNE prime requisite of successful engineering is the longevity of the enterprise. Roman military roads and aque- ducts certainly have never been surpassed, if equalled, in durability and usefulness. De- spite national obstacles, they never deviated from the prescribed course. This is an excel- lent lesson for modern engineering to take from one of the world ' s best examples of the art. .?iS; - ■ GAIllS JULIUS CAESAR 100—44 B.C. BUILDER OF THE AQUEDUCTS AND MILITARY ROADS OF FRANCE AND SPAIN Seniors — If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you. If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you. But make allowance for their doubting too: If you can wait and not be tired by waiting. Or being lied about, don ' t deal in lies. Or being hated don ' t give way to hating. And yet don ' t look too good, nor talk too wise: If you can dream — and not make dreams your master: If you can think — and not make thoughts your aim: If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two imposters just the same: If you can bear to hear the truth you ' ve spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools. Or watch the things you gave your life to. broken, And stoop and build em up with worn-out tools: If yo u can make one heap of all your winnings And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss. And lose, and start again at your beginnings And never breathe a word about your loss: If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew To serve your turn long after they are gone. And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the Will which says to them: " Hold on! " If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue. Or walk with Kings — nor lose the common touch. If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you. If all men count with you. but none too much: If you can fill the unforgiving minute ' With sixty seconds ' worth of distance run. Yours is the Earth and everything that ' s in it. And — which is more — you ' ll be a Man. my son! — RuDYARD Kipling. John T. Geoghegan President Senior Qlass Waymon Smith Vice-Presidenl Charles B. Turner, Jr. Secretary -Treasurer Page Thirty-Eve Dallas Carroll Able HICKORY. NORTH CAROLINA Architectural Enyineeriny " Abie " Tau Beta Pi: Scabbard and Blade: Engineers ' Council, 3: Beaux Arts Club: R. O. T. C, 1. 2, 3. 4. Lieutenant, 4. Page Thirty-six Robert Patten Aldridge ORIENTAL. NORTH CAROLINA Architectural Engineering " Pat " Beaux Arts Club. President, 4. Edward Martin Allen ROUND PEAK, NORTH CAROLINA Marketing ■■ED " ie ifuH-V: ' ¥.i-f-?|-. V ' .. i.. Harry E. Altman, b k LATROBE. PENNSYLVANIA Forestry ■■Alt ' ' Sunny ' R. O. T. C. Band. 3. 4, Orchestra, 3. 4; Mu Beta Psi ; Glee Club, 3, 4: Foresty Club. Page Thirty-seven MiLBOURNE Bradley Amos, ii N HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA Textile Manufacturing " Brad " Golden Ch,iin; Blue Key; Pi Kappa Delta: Phi Psi; Red Masquers. 3, 4: Glee Club, 3. 4: Debate Team. 3, 4: Second Place State Ora- torical Contest. Lester Huey Angell EAST BEND. NORTH CAROLINA Vocational Agriculture " Shug " " Puss " Pine Burr: Phi Gamma Epsilon; Poultry Science Club: Agriculture Club: Director Stu- dent ' s Agricultural Fair: Dormitory Club, President. 3: R. O. T. C, 1, 2. 3, 4, Lieutenant, 4. Page Thirty-eighl ■ " ■ ■ ' " ' Herbert Emerson Atkinson, k a WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA Chemical Engineering " Skeet " Scabbard and Blade: Football. 1. 2, 3: Basket- ball. 1. 2. 3. 4: Baseball. 1. 2. 3. 4: A. I. C. E.: R. O. T. C. 1. 2. 3. 4. Captain. 4. AGROMECK Staff. 4; Monogram Club; House of Student Government. 3: Junior Prom Committee. -£.fSy?i.V ' X rcv.-- --v iKi- ■ William H. Averette. Jr., t p a O.XFORD. NORTH CAROLINA Education " Bill " Baseball, 1, 2, 3, Captain, 4; Basketball, 1, 2, 3. . r ,■.•■■ .•, ' i i-v -ri -,-A- ' . x; Page Thirty-nine Rudolph John Barnes, b s a LINWOOD. NORTH CAROLINA Construction Engineering " Rudy " Davidson County Club: A. S. C. E.: Siudcnt Chapter A. G. C. Thomas Rudolph Barnes, a x b COMO. NORTH CAROLINA Chemical Engineering " Rudy " Freshman f-ricndship Council: A. L C. E. Joseph Foy Barwick, n k AYDEN, NORTH CAROLINA Industrial Management " Beaver " Delta Sigma Pi: Freshman Track: White Spades: Cotillion Club; German Club: Pan- Hellenic Council. Turner Cheshire Bass SCOTLAND NECK, NORTH CAROLINA Soils " Prof " Page Forty-one I Charlie Grier Beam cherryville. north carolina Agriculture " Dick " " Axle " " Runt " Ancient Order of Yellow Cur: Agricultural Club: Animal Husbandry Club: Pullen Liter- ary Society. Ralph Lowery Beard winston-salem. north carolina Textile Manufacturing Sigma Tau Sigma; Mu Beta Psi : R. O. T. C, 1. 2. 3.: Tompkins Textile Society: Los Hidalgos; Band; Orchestra. Page Forty -two te - Barnes B. Beavers NORTH TAZEWELL. VIRGINIA Electrical Engineering ■•Barney " Tau Beta Pi; Old Dominion Club: American Society of Electrical Engineers; R. O. T. C 1, 2, 3, 4. Henry Odell Beck, b :« a LEXINGTON, NORTH C AROLINA ' ' ' Vocational Agriculture " Beck " Davidson County Club; Poultry Science Club; Agricultural Club. Hal Johnson Bingham FARMER. NORTH CAROLINA Mechanical Engineering " BiNG " Randolph County Club: A. S. M. E.: R. O. T. C 1, 2: Aeronautical Society: Freshman Friendship Council. William Howard Brake ROCKV MOUNT. NORTH CAROLINA Animal Husbandry " Bill " Alpha Zeta : Pine Burr: Lambda Gamma Delta; Phi Kappa Phi: Nash-Edgecombe County Club: Animal Husbandry Club: Agricultural Club: Associate Editor of N. C. State Agri- culturist: Poultry Club: PuUen Literary Society: I. R. C. : Freshman Friendship Council: Booster Club: Agriculture Scholarship Cup: Livestock .Judging Team. Page Forty-four Richard Everett Brickhouse NORFOLK. VIRGINIA Industrial Management " Brick " Los Hidalgos: Old Dominion Club. Harold Lawerence Bringen MINNE APOLIS. MINNESOTA High School Teaching " BiNGER " Phi Gamma Epsilon. Vice-President: L R. C: Laboratory Assistant in Geology. University of Minnesota, 1, 2. ■ ' • " -:n , - - ' -.. ' ..■. ' " ' i-. ' -.g. - . ■■ -n Page Forty -five LORENA QUINN BRINSON KENANSVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA Science and Business " TopsiE " " Betty Co-ed " Meredith College. 1. 2. Page Forty-six Walter Herman Britt. Jr.. a x a B0YK:NS. VIRGINIA Agriculture " PIGGIE " Old Dominion Club: Poultry Club; R. O. T. C 1. 2: Cotillion Club; Cub. Henry Samuel Brown REIDSVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA Civil Engineering ■Slim ■ Rockingham County Club: A. S. C. E.: Pullen Literary Society; Freshman Friendship Coun- ciL Larkin Brevard Brown PINEVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA Textile Manufacturing Tompkins Textile Society: Bible Study Leader: House of Student Government: Phi Psi. ■ii ■fi.r.! Xfll-i ---y. n -- V. i-i ' -: Page Forty-seven William Jordan Bryant RALEIGH. NORTH CAROLINA Mechanical Engineering " W. J. " A. S. M. E.; R. O. T. C. 1. 2. Lee Woodward Burch MT. OLIVE. NORTH CAROLINA Mining Engineering R. O. T. C. 1, 2. Page Forly-eight Ralph Marshall Caldwell, Jr. ABERDEEN. NORTH CAROLINA Construction Engineering Wrestling, 2. 3; Intramural Football: A. S. C. E.: A. G. C; Theta Tau. William Beaufort Callihan WHITEVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA Agricultural Education " Cally " Alpha Zeta: Grange; Agricultural Club: Poul- try Science Club; R. O. T. C, I, 2; Tech- nician Staff, : Business Manager of N. C. State Agriculturist: Business Manager of Y. M. C. A. Handbook: Freshman Friend- ship Council; Discussion Group Leader: Blue Ridge Group: Y. M. C. A. Cabi- net, 3, 4: Member Board of Directors of Students Agricultural Fair, 3: Pullen Literary Society: Paris Hold- ups, 4, Page Forty-nine Edgar Earle Carter, a x b WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Chemical Engineering " Jack " Freshman Track: Sampson Couniy Club; Chemical Engineering Society : A. I. C. E. Robert Lee Caviness, ii k GREENSBORO. NORTH CAROLINA Architectural Engineering " Bob " Beaux Arts Society: Assistant Business Manager of Wataugan. : White Spades, Secretary and Treasurer; German Club. nl Page Fifty James Lawson Chandler RUFFIN. NORTH CAROLINA Electrical Engineering " Jem " Cross Country. 1; A. I. E. E.. 3. 4; R. O. T. C. 1. 2. liii ai v.- ' XJy?o - Charles Leroy Clark WINSTON-SALEM. NORTH CAROLINA Chemical Engineering " C. L. " " Lee " " Roy " Blue Key: Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Golden Chain: Scabbard and Blade: Wrestling Team. 1 : A. L C. E.: R. O. T. C. Corporal. 2. Sergeant. 3. Captain. 4: Corresponding Editor of The Collegian: Lcazcr Literary Society. 2: Self-Help Club. 1. 2: Red Masquers. 1. 2; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 2. 3. 4. President. 4; Executive Com- mittee Southern Regional Y. M. C. A. Council: Vice-President State Student Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Freshman Friendship Council: Winner Sophomore Debate: House of Student Govern- ment (Vice-Chairman). 4. Page Fifty-one Walter T. Clement, Jr., n k a ENFIELD, NORTH CAROLINA Landscape Architecture: Agriculture Scabbard and Blade: I-ootball. 1: Track. 1. 2. 3; Band. 1: R. O. T. C. Corporal. 2. Ser- geant Major. 3. Lieutenant Colonel. 4; AgROMECK Staff. Military Editor; Cheer Leader. 2. J. Page Fifty-two Hilary Justin Cobb MERRY HILL. NORTH CAROLINA Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E., 2, 3, 4. t I John Edward Collins, a k n NORTH ARLINGTON. NEW JERSEY Electrical Engineering ■■Johnny " Attended Newark Tech. ]. 1: Associate Mem- ber of the Institute of Radio Engineers; A. I. E. E.: New Jersey Club. William Eliot Cooper, t p a NASHViLLE. NORTH CAROLINA Business Administration ■Brute " White Spades. m»i ?.J aa£e:- ;u2£.- Page Fifty-three Bv Everett Goodrich Couch, Jr., k 5 DARLINGTON. SOUTH CAROLINA Ceramic Engineering Blue Key. 3. 4: Beta Pi Kappa. 3. 4: Engi- neers ' CounciL 3 ; Assistant Manager Football. 2; American Ceramic Society. 1. 2. 3. 4; R. O. T. C. 1. 2. 3. 4. Captain. 4; AGRO- MECK, 3. 4. Editor-in-Chief, 4; Freshman Friendship Council: Moland Drysdale Scholarship Cup; Golden Chain; Junior Prom Committee: Companion of St. Patrick; President N. C. Collegiate Press Association: Knight of St. Patrick. ' I John William Crawford STATESVILLH, NORTH CAROLINA Animal Husbandry : Agriculture ■■J. W. " Alpha Zeta: Lambda Gamma Delta: Blue Key; Animal Husbandry Club. Secretary. 2. Presi- dent. 3: R. O. T. C. 1. 2; Agricultural Club. Vice-President, 3; Poultry Club, Secretary. 2, President. 3; House of Stu- dent Government. 3, 4; Member of Poul- try Judging Team. 3; Students ' Agri- cultural Fair. 3. 4: President of Stu- dents ' Agricultural Fair and Barn Warming. 4; Chronicler of Alpha 2eta, 4; Vice-President of Lambda Gamma Delta, 4. M Page Fifty-four ' ■■ ' iniiiMii Percy Cofield Crawley LITTLETON, NORTH CAROLINA Marketing (B. Adm.) ■•p. C. " •■Shorty " Military Band. 1. 2; Concert Band, 1.2; Yel- low Dogs Society. Abe S. Crosby MACON. GEORGIA Agriculture: Education " John " Phi Gamma Epsilon — Education. Page Fifty-five Howard Douglas Crotts ASHKBORO. NORTH CAROLINA Chemical Engineering ■ ' Doug " Gamma Sigma Epsilon : Randolph County Club: R. O. T. C, 1. 2, 3. First Sergeant. 3: Band. 1: Drum and Bugle Corps. 2, 3: A. I. C. E.; Vice-President A. I. C. E.; Engineers ' Council. George Wayne Dameron BESSEMER CITY. NORTH CAROLINA Civil Engineering Scabbard and Blade: Golden Chain: Tau Beta Pi: Pine Burr: Phi Kappa Phi: Order of St. Patrick: Wrestling. 1 . 2 : A. S. C. E. : Engi- neers ' Council. President. 4: R. O. T. C 1. 2. 3, First Sergeant. 4. Captain: Sclf- Help Club: Los Hidalgos: Freshman Friendship Council: House of Student Government. 2. Pugi ' liltysix Nolan Cecil Davenport. 2 e ROME. GEORGIA Textile Manufacturing ■■Thru " Scabbard and Blade: Phi Psi ; Varsity Baseball, 3. 4: R. O. T. C 1. 2. Sergeant. 3. Lieu- tenant. 4: Tompkins Textile Society. Clarence Dinkney Deyton GREEN MOUNTAIN. NORTH CAROLINA Accounting Sigma Alpha Kappa. Page Fifty-seven Saverio DiMeo PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA Electrical Engineering " Sam " Pine Burr: Tau Beta Pi; Freshman Football: Freshman Baseball; Varsity Boxing, Captain, 4: Intramural Sports: R. O. T. C Captain. 4: A. I. E. E.; Sergeant-at-Arms. Pine Burr. Edgar James Duckett WAYNESVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA Mechanical Engineering " Eddie " Haywood County Club: American Society of Mechanical Engineers; R. O. T. C 1. 2: PuUcn Literary Society: Aeronautical So- ciety: Treasurer A. S, M. E. Page i ' llly eighl Charles Herbert Eastep. b ii a TODD. NORTH CAROLINA Industrial Management " Charlie " Scabbard and Blade: Cross Country Track. 1; R. O. T. C. 1. Captain. 2. 3. 4. iPn Edward Marshall Fennell. ii k a HICKORY, NORTH CAROLINA Industrial Management " Bus " Assistant Manager Football, 1. 2; Manager Freshman Football, 3; German Club: Cotil- lion Club: Pan -Hellenic Council. Page Fifty-nine Wade Hampton Ferguson PITTSBORO. NORTH CAROLINA Vocational Agriculture " Ferg " " Hercules " " Ma " Chatham County Club: Agricultural Club; Poultry Science Club: Animal Husbandry: R. O. T. C 1. 2. 3. Sergeant. 4. Plans and Training Officers: Self-Help Club, 3, 4; Dormitory Club, J, 4, President: House of Student Government: Student Coun- cil; Dormitory Council. Thurman Melvin Fields BOARDMAN. NORTH CAROLINA Agricultural Education Alpha Zeta, 3, 4: National Grange. 3, 4; R. O. T. C I. 2: Circulation Manager of N. C. State Agriculturist : Agricultural Club. 1. 2, 3. 4: Poultry Science Club. 1. 2. 3. 4: Self-Help Club. 2, 3. 4: Freshman Friend- ship Council, 1. Page Sixty John Martin Franklin ELKIN, NORTH CAROLINA Architecture " Pete " R. O. T. C, 1. 2: Beaux Arts Society. Anthony Romulus Fuffa philadelphia. pennsylvania " Tony " M. E. Aeronautical Option Tau Beta Pi; A. S. M. E.: Aeronautical So- ciety. ■k John Newton Gammon. :: n GRIFFIN, GEORGIA Textile Manufacturing Basketball. I, 2. 3. 4; Tompkins Textile So- ciety: AGROMECK Staff, 1, 2, V Business Manager. 4; Student Council, 4; Sigma Tau Sigma. iliPll Robin Brem Gardner Construction Engineering ■■Willy " Football. 1. 2, , 4: Baseball Squad. 1. 2, 3, 4: Scabbard and Blade: R. O. T. C. 1. 2. 3, 4. Captain. 4 : A. G. C. Page Sixty-two Max Courtney Garner, ::i t b RALEIGH. NORTH CAROLINA Education " Pat " Agricultural Club: Poultry and Science Club; R. O. T. C, I. 2. James Parks Garrison BELMONT. NORTH CAROLINA Textile Manufacturing " Garry " Phi Psi : Sigma Tau Sigma, Secretary. 4: Gas- ton County Club, Secretary and Treasurer. 2; Tompkins Textile Society. 1, 2. p . 1- Howard Reed Garriss CONWAY, NORTH CAROLINA High School Teaching " Doc " Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Gamma Epsilon: Los Hidalgos: Mu Beta Psi: Freshman f-riendship Council; Glee Club. 1, 2. 3. 4; Student Assistant in Botany. 3. Robert Henry Gatlin RAtn-ORD. NORTH CAROLINA Civil Engineering " Bob " Blue Key. 3. 4. President, 4: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. 2. 3. 4: Freshman Friendship Coun- cil: Freshman Baseball: R .O. T. C. 1. 2. 3. 4. Major. 4: Chairman New Student Committee. 2: Glee Club. 1. 2. 3. 4: Senior Editor of AgROMECK. 4: N. C. State Comedians. 4: German Club. 3: Blue Ridge Group. 1. 3: Scabbard and Blade. Captain: Y. M. C. A. Quar- tette. 4: A. S. C. E., 4. John Temple Geoghegan, n k a DANVILLE. VIRGINIA Chemical Engineering ■■JOHNNY " Golden Chain: Tau Beta Pi: Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Blue Key: Manager Varsity Foot- ball, 4: R. O. T. C 1. 2. 3. Captain. 4: Technician Staff. 1 : AGROMECK. Humor Editor, 3. 4: Theta Tau: ' White Spades: Junior Order Saints: Scabbard and Blade; A. I. C. E.: Phi Theta: Presi- dent Senior Class; Old Dominion Club: Chairman Junior Prom Com- mittee, 3 ; Pan-Hellenic Council. 3 : German Club: Cotillion Club. im-; fJ4 ,iyr- - ■ sf . ' :.. ' . ' 3 . ' - John Melvin Gibson LAURINBURG. NORTH CAROLINA Civil and Highway Engineering ■■Hoot " Theta Tau: Intramural Basketball and Base- ball: R. O. T. C. 1. 2; A. S. C. E.. 3, 4. ■Vice-President. 4: Boosters Club; Dormitory Club. Page Sixty-Hue Steve Richard Gooding TRENTON. NORTH CAROLINA Marketing Freshman Friendship Council. Ernest Leland Greene RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Chemistry i Robert Edward Lee Greene RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Physics " R. E. L. " " Greene " R. O. T. C. 1, 2. Corporal. 2. -;;SSa5 S?fV .- A.;;,fc: Walter Wm. Greenhalgh, © k n new BRITAIN. CONNECTICUT Textile Manufacturing " WALT " " Skippy " Scabbard and Blade; Los Hidalgos; Intramural Athletics; Freshman Football; Boxing: Tomp- kins Textile Society; R. O. T. C. 1. 2, Corporal. 2. Sergeant. 3. Lieutenant. 4: White Spades. 2. 3. 4. President. 4; Ger- man Club, 1. 2. 3; Cotillion Club. 1, 2, 3, 4. -,-v ' o-;i --v Pagre Sijcfy-sfuen Frank Byers Griffin FOREST CITY. NORTH CAROLINA Architectural Engineering and High School Teaching Tau Beta Pi; Kappa Phi Kappa; Beaux Arts Society. Reporter, 2; R. O. T. C, 1. 2; Technician. 2. 3. Joseph Byron Gurlfy ROSEMARY. NORTH CAROLINA Electrical Engineering Theta Tau; Pine Burr; Mu Beta Psi. President. 3. 4; Tau Beta Pi; R. O. T. C, Private. Corporal. First Sergeant. 3. Captain Band, 4; Wataugan Staff. 3: Engineers ' Council. 4; Bible Study Leader. 2, 3, 4; A. I. E. E.. 3. 4; Junior Prom Committee; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 3, 4, I Page Sixty-eight M BuFORD Mason Guy, n k a STATESVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA Accounting " Hawk " R. O. T. C, 1. 2: Technician and AGROMECK; Sigma Alpha Kappa. Aaron Winfred Hamrick SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E., 3. 4, Page Sixty-nine Willis Festus Hargrove :- GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Textile Manufacturing " Bill " Sigma Tau Sigma; Football. 1; Baseball. 1; Wrestling, 1: Varsity Football, ' 28. 19 ' 30; Varsity Baseball. ' 29. ' 30. ' 31; Varsity Wrestling. •30. ' 31: R. O. T. C, Corpo- ral, Sergeant. First Lieutenant; Tompkins Textile Society; Monogram Club. ' 29. ' 30, ' 31. Paqe Seventy Reid Harrill BOSTIC. NORTH CAROLINA Industrial Management Freshman Friendship Council; Pullcn Literary Society. 1. 2. 3. 4. I I r Guy Vernon Harris. k n BELHAVEN. NORTH CAROLINA Ceramic Engineering Beta Pi Kappa: American Ceramic Society. Horace Howard Hartman RALEIGH. NORTH CAROLINA Electrical Engineering " Shorty " Scabbard and Blade: A. I. E. E.; R. O. T. C. Corporal. 2. Sergeant. 3. Captain, 4. -■ Page Seventy-one A. J. Haynes LINCOLNTON. NORTH CAROLINA Vocational Agriculture •■p. H. " Phi Gamma Epsilon; Freshman Baseball Squad; Agricultural Club: R. O. T. C. I, 2, Ser- geant. V Lieutenant. 4. Frederick Clemens Herbst. a :• HENDERSON. NORTH CAROLINA Marketing ■■DORTCHER " Los Hidalgos; Pine Burr; Scabbard and Blade; Football, 1.2; Delta Sigma Pi; R. O. T. C, 1. 2. Sergeant. 3. Captain. 4. Pagi- Seventy livu Marvin Edgar Hollowell GOLDSBORO. NORTH CAROLINA Agricultural Economics ■■PUG " Agricultural Club; Poultry Science Club: R. O. T. C, 1, 2. William Joseph Honeycutt FRANKLINTON, NORTH CAROLINA Textile Manufacturing " Willie Joe " " Honey " Scabbard and Blade: Track, ' 3 1: Tompkins Textile Society; R. O. T. C. 1. 2, 3. Lieu- tenant, 4. ■jM Mi, Page Seventy-three ¥. MiDEON Charles Hutchinson WILMINGTON. NORTH CAROLINA Electrical Engineering " Hutch " R. O. T. C I. Corporal. 2. Sergeant. 3. Lieu- tenant. 4; South Dormitory Club; A. L E. E.: Class Historian. I; South Dormitory Club President. Joseph William Inscoe. t i a LOUISBURG. NORTH CAROLINA Weaving and Designing " Joe " Page Seventy-four Felix M. Italiano, a n x ORANGE. NEW JERSEY Civil Engineering " Napoleon " A. S. C. E.: Dormitory Club. 3; High Honors, 2, 3; Faculty Member. 4; B.S. and M.S. de- grees in Civil Engineering in four years. Reef Challance Ivey, n $ LUMBERTON, NORTH CAROLINA Agricultural Economics " R. C. • Agricultural Club; R. O. T. C. 1. 2. 3. 4, Sergeant. 3. First Lieutenant. 4: N. C. State Agriculturist (Staff); Leazar Literary So- ciety, 1. 2. Junior Debate, 3. President, 4. f- ' I ' . ' - ' illl ' -l Page Sixty-five Earl Cox Jackson GRIFTON, NORTH CAROLINA Industrial Management " Jack " James Martin Johnson RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Construction Engineering " HUCK " Tau Betj Pi: Thcta Tau ; Track. 1. 2. 3: A. S. C. E.: Student Chapter A. G. C: Mono- gram Club; Engineers ' Council, 3. 4, Vice- President, 4. Page Seoenli six William Howard Johnson MADISON. NORTH CAROLINA Horticulture " Solomon " Rockingham County Club; R. O. T. C I. 2: Pullen Literary Society. Thomas Johnston Jones. Jr. DURHAM. NORTH CAROLINA Industrial Management " Tom " Intramural. 1. 2, 3. 4; R. O. T. C. I. 2: Brooks Literary Club. BL m M. ' ■;■ i ■rt: ■ v, , ' -s-i-r-.ii -.i -. ' - ' - ■..-- " - f ' liiil ' l ' " Page Seventy -seven John Everette King FREDERICKSBURG. VIRGINIA Construction Engineering " Dusty " Los Hidalgos. 2, 3. 4; Old Dominion. 1. 2. 3. 4; News Editor Technician. 3; American General Contractors, Student Chapter. 3. 4; President Los Hidalgos. 4. Richard Carlyle Kirk greensboro, north carolina Electrical Engineering " Goat " " Greek " A. I. E. E.. 3. 4. President. 4: Dormitory Club. President. 3 : Booster Club. 3 : Engineers ' Council. 4: Student Government Service Medal. 3. I Page Seventy-eight Alfred E. Land WASHINGTON. NORTH CAROLINA Marketing " Dean " " Zada " Alpha Phi Gamma. 3. 4. Treasurer. 4; Beau- fort County Club; Advertising Manager The Technician, 3. Business Manager. 4; German Club, 3: Cotillion Club. 3. 4; Senior Class Gift Committee: Publications Board. Ralph Mosley Lane DOVER, NORTH CAROLINA High School Teaching Phi Gamma Epsilon. 3. 4; Craven County Club, 1. 2: Freshman Friendship Council: Pan-Hellenic Council, 3. Kendrick Burton Laney MONROE. NORTH CAROLINA General Business Wrestling Team: Union County Club. Page Eighty Dennis Harold Latham BATH. NORTH CAROLINA Plant Pathology ■•Doc " Alpha Zcta; Agricultural Club: R. O. T. C, 1. 2: N. C. State Agriculturist (Campus Edi- torh 4: A. H. Club: Poultry Science Club: Head Biology Department of Students ' Agricultural Fair. 4. Wren Edwards Lawrence SCOTLAND NHCK. NORTH CAROLINA Marketing " Flossie " Cross Country. 2. 3; House of Student Gov- ernment. 3. 4. John Harrison Lee, n k a MONROE. NORTH CAROLINA Electrical Engineering Thcta Tau: Assistant F-ootball Manager. I. 2. 3 ; Freshman Football Manager. 4 : Union County Club: A. I. E. E.; R. O. T. C. 1. 2: Saints: German Club: Cotillion Club: Pan-Hcllcnic Council. Page Eighty-one Walter Shaw Lee, a 2 RALEIGH. NORTH CAROLINA Marketing " Alligator " Scabbard and Blade. 3. 4: Pine Burr. 4: R. O. T, C, I. 2. 3, Captain. 4. Henry Frederick Lichty LEHIGHTON, PENNSYLVANIA Electrical Engineering " Lick " A. I. E. E.. 3. 4: New Student Committee. 2: Y. M. C. A.. 2. 3: Discussion Group Leader for Freshmen; Pullen Literary Society; Fresh- man Friendship CounciL Bible Study Leader. Robert M. Lightfoot, Jr., 2 n RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA High School Teaching " Mitchell " Phi Gamma Epsilon: Technician, 3; V ataugan, 4; International Relations Club, 3, 4, Vice- President; Wake Forest College, 1, 2. ■). ' ffva- ' ifa. ' -r ' r-,- ■ vy-?-.r ' Arthur C. Feimster Little NEWTON, NORTH CAROLINA Accounting " Otto " Sigma Alpha Kappa; Delta Sigma Pi; R. O. T. C. 1, 2. Page Eighty-three Clarence Rhyne Little LINCOLNTON. NORTH CAROLINA Textile Manufacturing Phi Gamm.1 Delta: Phi Psi. . 4; Wittenberg College, 1.2; Tumpkins Textile Society. V 4. Stacy Gary Lloyd SPENCER. NORTH CAROLINA Marketing " Llovd " Delta Sigma Pi: Assistant Baseball Manager. 2, 3: R. O. T. C. 1. 2. Sergeant. 3. Captain and Battalion Adjutant, 4: The Technician Staff. Martin William Lowe CHADBOURN. NORTH CAROLINA Entomology Scabbard and Blade: R. O. T. C 2, Sergeant. 3. First Lieutenant. 4. Herbert Lee Luther pipe. north carolina Mechanical Engineering " Luke " Randolph County Club: R. O. T. C. 1. 2: Leazar Literary Society. 1. 2. 3: Freshman Fellowship Group Leader. 2: Aeronautical Society, 2, 3, 4, President. 4. fill!lllllll Page Eighty-five f Donald S. McCullen, b 5 a FAISON. NORTH CAROLINA Mechanical Engineering ■ ' Mac " Cross Country, 2: Wrestling. 4; R. O. T. C Corporal. 2. Sergeant. 3. First Lieutenant, 4; A. S. M. E.: New Student Committee, 2. George Henry McGinn CHARLOTTE. NORTH CAROLINA Textile Manufacturing Phi Psi: Freshman Cross Country: Freshman Track: Varsity Track. 2. 3. 4. Captain, 4: R. O. T. C. 1. 2. 3, Lieutenant. 4: Scab- bard and Blade: Secretary and Treasurer Junior Class. ' u( i ' Eighty six . ' jj.ijiitQ Hugh Caryl McKelvey, Jr. PELZER. SOUTH CAROLINA Textile Manufacturing " Mack " Tompkins Textile Society. Daniel Howard McVey SNOW CAMP, NORTH CAROLINA Economics " Mack " Agricultural Club. 1. 4; Poultry and Science Club. 1 ; R. O. T. C. 1. 2. aa ' iif- ■.- V ' ftS ' ViSV-S: Page Eighty-seven W. L. Martin HIGH SHOALS. NORTH CAROLINA Chemical and Highway Engineering " Willie " A. S. C. E.. 3. 4. William Thomas Mast, :i ii VALLI CRUCIS, north CAROLINA Marketing " Bill " Golden Chain: Delta Sigma Pi. President. 4: Blue Key; White Spades; Pine Burr Society. President. 4; Los Hidalgos; Commencement Marshal. 2, 3: Judge Court of Customs. 4: Student Council. 2. 3. Treasurer. 3: Stu- dent Honor Committee. 4. Page Eighly-eight Bernard Shelton Mauney SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Electrical Engineering Baseball, 1; Cleveland County Club; A. I. E, E.: R. O. T. C, 1. 2, 3, 4, Sergeant, 3, First Lieutenant, 4. James Herman Mauney SHELBY. NORTH CAROLINA Electrical Engineering Cleveland County Club, 1, 2; A, I. E. E,, 2, 3, 4; Dormitory Club President, 3; Glee Club, 1, 2. ■ _. . , ' .■■.■ ■L--- tt Page Eighty-nine Kathleen May RALEIGH. NORTH CAROLINA High School Teaching " Jean " James Orin Meade GLENWOOD. NORTH CAROLINA Construction Engineering ' Meade " " J. O. " Baseball, 1. 2. 3. 4: A. S. C. E.. 1. 2. 3: A. G. C 3, 4: Red Masquers. 3: Deputy Sheriff. Court of Customs, 3. Page Ninety Elmer Arnold Meents. b 5 ■■ ' KANKAKEE, ILLINOIS Ceramic Engineering ■■AV Beta Pi Kappa: Engineers ' Council; Knight of St. Patrick: President American Ceramic So- ciety. Dewey Preston Melton CHERRYVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Electrical Engineering " D. P.- Tau Beta Pi: Pine Burr: Phi Kappa Phi; Fresh- man Cross Country; A. L E. E., 2, 3, 4, Executive Council, 4; R. O. T. C, 1, 2; Freshman Friendship Council ; Recording Secretary Tau Beta Pi. . -,-o:, s» ' f--: . eiiiiiiMS) Page Ninety-one Lee Roy Mercer, a i NORFOLK. VIRGINIA Chemical Engineering " Lee " Pi Kappj Delta; Pine Burr: Tau Beta Pi: Golden Chain: Scabbard and Blade: Varsity Track, 3; Old Dominion Club: American Institute Chemical Engineers: R. O. T. C 1. 2. 3, 4, First Lieutenant. 4: l.cazar Literary Society: Red Masquers: Sopho- more Pre sident: Eastern State Southern Oratorical Championship, ' 29: Inter- collegiate Debate Team. 2; Student Council. 1, 2, 3, Secretary, 3; Honor Committee, Court of Ap- peals, 4. Harold Booth Merriam. . x a LONG ISLAND. NEW YORK Engineering Scabbard and Blade: Freshman Track Squad: Tennis Team. 2. 3. 4: Cheer Leader. 2. 3. 4: Agricultural Club: R. O. T. C 1. 2. Master Sergeant. V Captain. Regimental Staff. 4: Technician Exchange Editor. 1. News Editor. 2. Associate Editor. 3: Red Masquers. Business Manager. 2, 3, 4: White Spades: Cotillion Club Page Ninety-two Eugene Hoke Mitchiner GARNER. NORTH CAROLINA Soils " Gene " Soils Science Club: Poultry Science Club. James Mack Morrow. 5 e MOORESVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering Society. ' ■ rv " " " Page Ninety-three Earl Johnson Nesbitt OLD FORT. NORTH CAROLINA Mechanical Engineering " Bullet " " Kid " Mu Beta Psi; A. S. M. E.: Band. 1. 2. 3: Glee Club. 1, 2. 3. 4: Freshman Quartet; State College Quartet. 2. 3. A. Glenn Nicks GREENSBORO. NORTH CAROLINA Civil Engineering A. S. C. E.: Aeronautical Society. George Nickolson Noble TRENTON. NORTH CAROLINA High School Teaching " Nick " R. O. T. C. 1. 2: International Relations Club: Class Poet. 3. V ' rK ' ,aV; ?W ' " Vlf i; Roland Earl Noblin. n k $ CLINTON. NORTH CAROLINA Construction and Highway Engineering " Shorty " Sampson County Club: A. S. C. E.: Student Chapter of A. G. C: Cotillion Club: Junior Prom Committee. 3. .V-.- ' -. ' pM y ■ ■• ' J " - f- -L ' ar-,-,, . Page Ninety-five Samuel C. Oliver. Jr.. k i SUFPOLK, VIRGINIA Animal Husbandry " Sam " Freshman Football: Freshman Baseball: As- sistant Manager Baseball, 2, 3: R. O. T. C. 1.2; Rifle Team. 1 . 2 ; Old Dominion Club : Agricultural Club: A. H. Club. Lee Roy Paramore VANCEBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Agricultural Economics " Pat " Agricultural Club. Page Ninety-six ' iiin [ w Raymond Walton Paris, n k RALEIGH. NORTH CAROLINA Mechanical Engineering ■■Ray " Freshman Track: Varsity Track. 2. 3. 4: R. O. T. C, 1. 2. Corporal. 2: A. S. M. E.. 3, 4. Alton Winbon Parker. : t b CONWAY, NORTH CAROLINA Vocational Education ■■Park " Animal Husbandry: Agricultural Club: R. O. T. C. 1. Corporal, 2: Pan-Hellenic Council; Mars Hill College: Students National Grange Fraternity. Page Ninety-seven ffe. Rosa Belle Parker MARSHVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA High School Teaching Page Ninety-eight Daniel Murray Paul PANTEGO. NORTH CAROLINA Agricultural Economics " Dan " Blue Key: Golden Chain; President of Student Body. 4: Blue Ridge Conference and Summer School: Agricultural Club and Poultry Science Club. 1, 2. 3. 4: Board of Directors Student Agricultural Fair, 3. 4; Secretary Fair. 4: AGROMECK Staff. 3; Pullcn Literary Society. 1. 2, 3, 4: Freshman Debate; Student Council, I. 2. 3. 4. President. 4; Social Functions Com- mittee, 3, 4. Allen Bernard Pearcy RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Chemical Engineering ■■AL " Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Tau Beta Pi: Cross Country, 3 : American Institute of Chemical Engineers: Old Dominion Club. !!ll llli Webster Woodard Peele GOLDSBORO. NORTH CAROLINA Mining Engineering Tau Beta Pi. Page Ninety-nine Braston Lee Pike, n GOLDSBORO. NORTH CAROLINA Accounting " Pike " Harold Bowden Pritchard WEEKSVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA Vocational Education " Pritch " Phi Gamma Epsilon. Secretary; Pine Burr; Pullen Literary Society; Freshman Friendship Council; Sophomore Debate. Page One Hundred Eugene Purcell, 2 t b WENTWORTH. NORTH CAROLINA Textile Chemistry and Dyeing John Ferguson Purnell FRANKLINTON, NORTH CAROLINA Ceramic Engineering " Jack " Intramural Athletics, I. 2: R. O. T. C. American Ceramic Society. Page One Hundred One Henry Hand Rankin, k : GASTONIA, NORTH CAROLINA Textile Manufacturing " HlNKY " Phi Psi. President: Sigma Tau Sigma; Gaston County Club: Tompltins Textile Society: White Spades: German Club: Cotillion Club; Pan-Hellenic Council: Phi Kappa Phi. James Edgar Rankin, k n a STATESVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA Ceramic Engineering Beta Pi Kappa, President, 4: American Ceramic Society: R. O. T. C Private, 1. Corporal, 2: White Spades: Social Functions Committee: Junior Order of Saints. President. 4: Cotil- lion Club. 1. 2, 3, Secretary and Treas- urer, 3; White Spades, 2, 3, 4: Com- panion of St, Patrick; German Club, 1, 2, 3; Junior-Senior Prom Commit- tee, 3. ■ r 1 .1 ■ .M-i ' Page One Hundred Two Ira Franklin Raper WELCOME, NORTH CAROLINA Agricultural Education Davidson County Club: Agricultural Club; Poultry Science Club; R. O. T. C. 1. 2. illll ' Charles Davis Reams ROXBORO. NORTH CAROLINA Textile Manufacturing • ' Charlie " V - ' Page One Hundred Three James Foster Redmon CLEVELAND, NORTH CAROLINA Civil and Highway Engineering ■Red " A. S. C. E.. 2. V 4: R. O. T. C, 1. 2. 3. 4. Best Squad: Glee Club. 1. 2; Brooks Literary Club. William D. Reynolds CLINTON. NORTH CAROLINA Vocational Agriculture " Pea-Vine " " Salemburg " Sampson County Club and Reporter; Order of Yellow Curs: R. O. T. C. I. 2: Student Grange: Self-Help Club: Dramatic Club: Poultry Science Club: Agricultural Club; A. H. Club; " Pic " Club; " Del " Club; Red Masquers; Freshman Friendship Council. Page One Hundred four John Roger Rhea. i n JOHNSON CITY. TENNESSEE Marketing " Rajah " John Frontis Riddick GATESVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA Electrical Engineering R. O. T. C. 1. 2: A. I. E. E. iiSaaiiiSiia liiiai filllllHHlQ Page One Hundred Five Samuel Gayle Riley RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Textile Manufacturing " Sam " Sigma Tau Sigma: Freshman Basketball. Cross Country and Track; R. O. T. C, . 2; Tompkins Textile Society. William Ray Rogers OAKBORO. NORTH CAROLINA Textile Manufacturing Phi Psi. Secretary, ' i. Vice-President. 4: Sigma Tau Sigma. Treasurer. 4; Stanly County Club: Tompkins Textile Society. Secretary and Treasurer. 3. Page One Hundred Six ,£SiM L ;-• 00 im «t I %- 4 s 4 1 Harold Edward Russell. » K n HUBERT. NORTH CAROLINA Marketing •■Russ " R. O. T. C. L 2; German Club. Edgar Andrews Rutter GASTONIA. NORTH CAROLINA Accounting Delta Sigma Pi: Sigma Alpha Kappa. ih; rOM .-y v ..- C ' Page One Hundred Seven m James Louis Seal, k 2 FRANKLIN. VIRGINIA Industrial Management " JIMMIE " Intramural Athletics. 2. 3. 4; Old Dominion Club. 2. 3. 4: Ring Committee. 3. Robert Lee Sessoms, a x a BLADENBORO. NORTH CAROLINA Vocational Agriculture •■Bob " Bladin County Club: Agricultural Club; Tech- nician, 2 (Reporter) ; Poultry Science Club: Animal Husbandry Club: Vice-President Student Agricultural Fair. Page One Hundred Eight Lewis Fred Sharpe HICKORY, NORTH CAROLINA Textile Manufacturing " O ' Louie " Robert Council Sharpe LINWOOD. NORTH CAROLINA Vocational Agriculture " Shorty " Davidson County Club: Agricultural Club; Winner of Sweepstakes Student Judging Con- test. 4. Page One Hundred Nine Percy Colon Shaw RICHLANDS. NORTH CAROLINA Agriculture ■Co " Ljmbda Gamma Delta: A. H. Club: Agri- cultural Club: Poultry Science Club. James Livingston Shepherd ORRUM, NORTH CAROLINA Aeronautical Engineering ■SUEP ' •■J. L. i Cross Country. 1. 2: Track: Robeson County Club: Aeronautical Society; A. S. M. E.; R. O. T. C. 1. 2. 3, 4. First Lieutenant. 4; Leazar Literary Society, 1, 2, 3; Bible Study Leader: Freshman Friendship Coun- cil: Rifle Team. Captain. Page One Hundred Ten ii£ Marshal Leroyce Shepherd ORRUM, NORTH CAROLINA Electrical Engineering " Shep " Mu Beta Psi. Vice-President: Intramural Ath- letics: A. I. E. E.: R. O. T. C, 1. 2. 3, 4. First Lieutenant. 4: Glee Club. 1. 2. 3: Freshman Friendship Council: PuUen Liter- ary Society; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Com- mencement Marshal. 2. Chief Marshal, 3; Vice-President Y. M. C. A. John Russell Sherrill, 5 x RALEIGH. NORTH CAROLINA Textile Manufacturing ' .tiViAM JSiSfM Page One Hundred Eleven , J Mitchell Lee Shipman, Jr. RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Marketing ' Ship ' " Mitch ' Scabbard and Blade. 3. 4: Delta Sigma Pi. 3. 4; Intramural Athletics: R. O. T. C, 1. Corporal. 2. Sergeant. 3. First Lieutenant. 4. Waymon Smith TAR HEEL. NORTH CAROLINA Chemical Engineering " Smittv " ' Smitt " Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Bladen County Club; American Institute of Chemical Engineering; Vice-President of Senior Class. Page One Hundred Twelve f? ' i " i " " io William Sterling Smith RALEIGH. NORTH CAROLINA Electrical Engineering " Willie " A. L E. E., 3, 4; Leazar Literary Society, 1, 2, 3: Freshman Friendship Council. James Harvey Sparks. i li KINGSTON. TENNESSEE Marketing " Sparky " Wake Forest College. 1.2: Football. 1. 2. Page One Hundred Thirteen Charles Monroe Sprinkle NORTH WILKESBORO. NORTH CAROLINA Chemical Engineering Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Tau Beta Pi; American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Engineers Council. Ardell Moring Stephenson. :i R SEVERN. NORTH CAROLINA Mechanical Engineering " Speck " Elon College. 1. 2: A. S. M. E.. 3. 4. Presi- dent. 4; Engineers ' Council. 4. HIb ' 1 1 r 1 1 Page One Hundred Fourteen G £ Wayne Derwood Stephenson SVVANNANOA. NORTH CAROLINA Chemical Engineering " Steve " Tau Beta Pi: Phi Kappa Phi: Blue Key: Scab- bard and Blade: Cross Country: Buncombe County Club: American Institute of Chem- ical Engineers, ' i. 4: R. O. T. C. Corporal. 2. Sergeant, i. First Lieutenant. 4: Red Masquers. 1. 2. 3: Leazar Literary So- ciety. 2. 3: De Molay : Y. M. C. A Cabinet. 3. 4: Secretary Y. M. C. A Cabinet. 3: Student Government. 1. 3. Secretary 3; Freshman Friend- ship Council: Bible Discussion Leader. 2. 3. 4: New Student Committee, 2. 3. 4. Mack Stout SANFORD. NORTH CAROLINA Construction Engineering Golden Chain: Track. 2. 3, 4: Football. 1, 2. 3. Captain. 4: Wrestling. 1. 2: A. G. C. President. 4: R, O. T. C. 1. Corporal. 2. First Sergeant. 3, Major. 4: Vice-President Sophomore Class: Vice-President Student Council. 4. Page One Hundred Fifteen V " Speight Hardy Stroud KINSTON, NORTH CAROLINA Marketing Delia Sigma Pi; R. O. T. C. 1. 2. Ferrall Nixon Sumrell. a x b AYDEN, NORTH CAROLINA Ceramic Engineering Beta Pi Kappa: Pitt County Club: R. O. T. C. 1. 2: Freshman Friendship Council: American Ceramic Society: Cotillion Club. lllill - " " f- ' rr — Page One Hundred Sixteen James King Tadlock, w k n WINDSOR, NORTH CAROLINA Business Administration Intramural Athletics: R. O. T. C. 1. 2. George Tarleton MARSHVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA Construction Engineering Union County Club. 1. 3: Freshman Friend- ship Council; Bible Study Leader. 2: A. S. C. E. ; Construction Engineering Society. .,r.v;; i a -. aiSfi =iZg Page One Hundred Seventeen Charles A. Tate ASHEVII.LE. NORTH CAROLINA Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E.; Leazar Literary Society. Henry Jackson Thiel, n GREENSBORO. NORTH CAROLINA Accounting " Hank " Delta Sigma Pi: Sigma Alpha Kappa: R. O. T. C. 1.2: Honor Roll. Page One Hundred Eighteen David Boyd Thomas GIBSONVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA Physics ■ D. B. " Pine Burr. 3. 4: Phi Kappa Phi; R. O. T. C. 1. 2: PuUen Literary Society. Vice-President and Secretary. 3. President. 4; Freshman Friendship Council: House of Student Gov- ernment. 2: Student Council. 4. Martha Frances Thompson, a RALEIGH. NORTH CAROLINA High School Teaching Transfer from University neers. 3. 4. President. 4. Df Tennessee: Pio- Page One Hundred Nineteen Arthur Kermit Tilley DURHAM. NORTH CAROLINA Construction Engineering • ' Shorty " A. S. C. E.: A. G. C. Ralph E. Truesdale CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Electrical Engineering " Ralph " R. O. T. C, I, 2. 3. 4. I ' uge One Hundred Twenty Charles B. Turner, Jr. HENDERSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Civil Engineering " Charlie " Tau Beta Pi; Golden Chain: Theta Tau; Los Hidalgos; Scabbard and Blade; Football. 1 ; Basketball, 1; Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4: Intra- mural Championship; Old Dominion Club; R. O. T. C, Private, 1, Corporal, 2, First Sergeant, 3, Colonel, 4; A. S. C. E.: Secretary and Treasurer of Senior Class; Military Scholarship, ■29- ' 30; Best Corporal. 1928- ' 29. Manuel Alvarez Urguiza QUERETARO. QRO. .MEXICO Chemical Engineering American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 3, 4; Engineers ' Council. 3; International Relations Club. 3. 4; Vice-President A. I. C. E., 3. i W - ' . ' i} I I illil— RuFus Green Vick ROSEMARY. NORTH CAROLINA Animal Husbandry ■■Rastus " Alpha Zeta; Pine Burr: Mu Beta Psi : Animal Husbandry Club; Agricultural Club; R. O. T. C. Band, 1, 2, 3: N. C. State Agn- culiunsl Editor: Orchestra, 2, 3; Freshman Friendship Club: Bible Study Leader, 2, 3; Poet of Class. 2, Vice-President, 3: Sheriff Court of Customs. 3 ; Student Council, 2: Danforth Fellowship. Leslie Campbell Vipond, :i ii NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Electrical Engineering " Les " Blue Key: Golden Chain: Tau Beta Pi: Pine Burr: Alpha Phi Gamma: Tennis Team, 2, 3, 4: A. L E. E.: Editor Waiaugan. 3: Technician Staff: Old Dominion Club; In- ternational Relations Club: Leazar Liter- ary Society: Brooks Literature Club. President; Red Masquers: Historian of Junior Class: House of Student Gov- ernment: Winner Tau Beta Pi and White Spades Scholarship Cups: Winner Phi Kappa Phi Sopho- more Medal. Puoe One Hundred Taienty-lwo Milton Richard Vipond. :i n NORFOLK. VIRGINIA Chemical Engineering " Mike " Tau Beta Pi: Vice-President Blue Key; Pine Burr; Phi Kappa Phi, Vice-President; Gamma Sigma Epsilon ; Golden Chain; Tennis Team, 1, 2, 3. 4; Boxing Squad. 4; Old Do- minion Club. 2. 3. 4; A, I. C. E.. 1. 2. 3. 4; Dramatic Club, I. 2, 3, 4; Leazar Literary Society. 1. 2, 3, 4; Freshman Friendship Council. 1 : Bible Study Leader. 2; President of Junior Class; Leader of Junior Prom; Winner of Sophomore Debate; House of Stu- dent Government. 4. Hugh Weed, w k n GEORGETOWN. SOUTH CAROLINA Marketing " Fuzzy " Intramural Athletics; R. O. T. C. 1. 2. Corpo- ral. 2; White Spades; Junior Order of Saints. Page One Hundred Twenty-three James Ralph Weedon HIGH POINT. NORTH CAROLINA High School Teaching " Heavy " Los Hidalgos, 3, 4; Red Masquers. John Davis Welch, a : EDENTON. NORTH CAROLINA Chemical Engineering " FUNDER " Tau Beta Pi: Gamma Sigma Epsilon: American Institute of Chemical Engineers: R. O. T. C, 1, 2; Leazar Literary Society; German Club. 1 Page One Hundred Twenty-four Charles Duffy Whaley WILMINGTON. NORTH CAROLINA Electrical Engineering Scabbard and Blade: Intramural Swimming, 1 : New Hanover Club, President: A. I. E. E.: Major R. O. T. C 4. First Sergeant, 3, Private, 1 : Freshman Fellowship Group (Leader) ; Freshman Friendship Council. William Justice Whitaker HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA Chemical Engineering " Whit " R. O. T. C, 1, 2, 3, 4. Sergeant. 3, Lieu- tenant. 4: A. S. C. E.. Secretary and Treas- urer. 4: Pullen Literary Society, 2. - . : .jveH:w?v-. yiw . iift-g y«« Page One Hundred Twenty-five John Blaney Williams, a x b CLINTON, NORTH CAROLINA Marketing " Blaney " Wrestling Team. L 2. 4; R. O. T. C, Box- ing. 3: Sampson County Club: Freshman Friendship Council. William Earlf Williford WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Industrial Management " Bill " New Hanover County Club. 4. I l!lt!ll Page One Hundred Twenty-six Fred L. Wilson BAKERSVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA Textile Manufacturing " WlLS " Tompkins Textile Society; R. O. T. C. 1. 2. 3. 4: House of Student Government, 4. Robert Palmer Wilson GASTONIA, NORTH CAROLINA High School Teaching " BOB " Freshman Baseball: Intramural Athletics: Gas- ton County Club: Glee Club; DeMolay Club: Pullen Literary Society; Freshman Friendship Council. -vr « ' ' -f vr Page One Hundred Twenty-seven Henry Pal Winchester SUMMERFIELD. NORTH CAROLINA Vocational Agriculture ' H. P.- Military Science, 1. 2: Self-Help Club, 2, 3, Treasurer, 4; Agricultural Club: Poultry Science Club: The National Grange, 3, 4. Dav id Alton Worsley ROCKY MOUNT, NORTH CAROLINA Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E.: A. I. E. E. Publicity Agent. Page One Hundred Twenty -eight SuTTLE Alva Wray, k 2 CHARLOTTE. NORTH CAROLINA Industrial Management Intramural Football. 1. 2: Intramural Basket- ball. 1. 2. 3. 4: Intramural Baseball. 1. 2. 3; R. O. T. C 1. 2; German Club: Cotillion Club. James Evart Newby. a a t HERTFORD. NORTH CAROLINA Marketing ■■JIMMIE " Page One Hundred Twenty-nine suPERLATiyp ' ' LEE " MERCER. Best Alt R.ound " JOnNMV ' GEOGHEGAM Nosi- Popular DAN PAUL Most DignifiecL- " ZADA " LAND Best Business Mao. EVERETT COUCn WAYNE DAM EROfi " SKEET " ATKINSON " Ct1ARUE " WHALEY MACK STOUT Best Executive- Best-Engineer Biggest Social flouncL Most Military Best Athlete ., JS!Mgr il :-, " ,.?%«• OR superlat; Best Politiciap _y GEORGE McGINN " LE5 " VIPuf1D Best Textile Student Best Student " r . ' ROY PARK Best Writer " .r " ; " J. n. SPARKS " JinniL " ROARD50N BILL BRAKE J.O.MEADE STAGEY LLOYD Best Looking Best Dressed Best " Ag " Student Most in Love- Most tlumorous. fe .: . Marshals r 1- Senior Parade Page One Hundred Thirty-two L N I O l S Juniors, W ork ! W ork ! The foundation has been planted. The plans and ideas outlined. The work is on. Midnight oil must be consumed. Sacrifices made. Discouragement must be en- couragement. There is no room for the laggard. Time waits for no man. The work must go on. With shoul- ders together, heads high, and spirits up the faith of the men must be established to insure us presidencies of the future. Again, speed is the watchword. But accuracy must ever be its core-thought. Industry rises and man is su- preme! Watchfulness and carefulness must ever guard that supremacy. Let that be done by " Work, Work. " C. R. LeFORT. President Junior Qlass Henry Ricks Frank Gorham Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer Page One Hundred ThirlyHv, I ' ' " dTM f HUGH FOSTER ANDERSON REIDSVILLE. N. C. Mecbanual Engineering Pi Kappa Delta: Rockingham County Club: A. S. M. E.: R. O. T, C. ( 1 ). (2) : Technician Staff (2). (3): Pullcn Literary Society : Freshman Debate ( 1 ) : College De- bate Team (2) : Freshman Friendship Coun- cil: Bible Study Leader: Brooks Literature Club. JANE VIRGINIA HAWKINS ANDREWS RALEIGH. N. C. High School Teaching Dramatic Club ( 1 ). (2), (3). HUGH EARL ASHE WILSON, N. C. Electrical Engineering WILLIAM CASPER BANGS, n K HENDERSONVILLE. N. C. Beta Pi Kappa: Football Manager (1): R. O. T. C. (1). Corporal (2): American Ceramic Society (1). (2), (3): Engineers ' Council (3): Cheer Leader (2), (3). JOSEPH TURNEY BANKS RALEIGH. N. C. Mechanical Engineering GEORGE EDWARD BARBER REIDSVILLE, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Beta Pi Kappa: Rockingham County Club (1). (2): American Ceramic Society (I). (2): R. O. T. C. (1). Corporal (2). Sergeant (3 ) . EBERT LOUIS BAILEY ELIZABETH CITY, N. C. Ceramic Engineering R. O. T. C. (1), (2) ; American Ceramic Society. JOHN MITCHELL BARNES, H i: . AHOSKIE. N. C. Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering Society (1). (2), (3). Page One Hundred Thirly-six MURPHY LIVINGSTON BARNES LINWOOD. N. C. High School Teaching Baseball ( 1 ) . Basketball ( 1 ) . Davidson County Club. EARLE THOMAS BAYSDEN RICHLANDS. N. C. Marketing Assistant Baseball Manager (2). (3): Track (1 ) ; R. O. T. C. ( 1 ) , Corporal (2). Sergeant (3). JAKE CHARLES EARNHARDT, 2 E CHARLOTTE, N, C, GEORGE WITHAM BEAGHEN, MOUNT VERNON. N. Y. Industrial Chemistry JOHN YORK BASS, i: X BIRMINGHAM. ALA. Textile Manufacluring Phi Psi: Sigma Tau Sigma: R. O. T. C. ( 1 ) : House of Student Government. WILLIAM LONG BELVIN RALEIGH, N. C. Chemical Engineering Gamma Sigma Epsilon; R. O. T. C. ( 1 ). (2). Sergeant (3): AGROMECK Staff (3): A. I. C. E. JOHN HENRY BAYLESS. MURPHY. N. C. Marketing R. O. T. C. {1). (2). T B EDWARD SPAULDING BENAS, 9 K N FAYETTEVILLE. N. C. Sanitary Engineering R. O. T. C. (1). Corporal (2). Ser- geant-Major (3) : Glee Club and Orchestra ( 1 ) ; Manager Boxing ( 2 ) . ( 3 ) . Page One Hundred Thirty-seven dik i CARL ANDREWS BOGGS. K T RICHLANDS. N. C. Textile MLinutactunng Cotillion Club: German Club; Tompkins Textile Society. J. MARK BOONE, i: E ANDREWS. N. C. Civil Engineering R. O. T. C. (n. (2). Sergeant d) ; Cotillion Club; White Spades. ERNEST MILTON BOYETTE. . A T GOLDSBORO. N. C. Textile Manufacturing R. O. T. C. (1). (2). PALMER Mcnairy bradshaw LENOIR. N. C. General Business R. O. T. C. (1). (2). (3): Technician Staff (3) : A. S. C. E. CHARLES EDWARD BRAKE ROCKY MOUNT. N. C. Marketing Delta Sigma Pi (2). (,i); Phi Eta Sigma (2); Blue Key (2). (3): R. O. T. C. (I), (21. Sergeant IM; l.cazar Literary Society (II. (21. H); Inter- national Relations Club (2). (3); Student Council (2), ): Honor Committee (i); House of Student Government (2), (3); Secretary Dormitory Coun- cil (31. HENRY YEATMAN BROCK NOREOLK. VA. Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma (21; Blue Key (31; Tau Beta Pi (31; Freshman Cross Country (11; Freshman Track (U; Varsity Track (21: Old Dominion Cluh (21. (31: A. I. E. E. (31: R. O. T. C. (11. Corpo- ral (21. Sergeant (31; Business -Manager ti ' atau- fian (31: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (21. (i); Secretary " V " (31; President Freshman Friendshiji (Touncil (I); X ' ice-President Sophomore Class (21. SHERWOOD B. BROCKWEI.L. - i: + RALEIGH. N. C. Architectural Engineering Yellow Dog; Beaux Art Club; R. (1. T. C. (II. (21. (31; Concert Band; IHIee Club. HENRY STANHOPE BROOKS. H K X OXFORD. N. C. Architectural Engineering White Spades; Mu Beta Psi; Yellow Dogs; Beaux Arts Club; R. O. T. C. (11. (2), (31; Band. Page One Hundred Thirty-eight RICHARD EDWARD BYRD. STB ERWIN. N. C. Animal Husbandry Animal Husbandry Club (1). {2 . (3): Poultry Science Club (1). (2). (3): Agri- cultural Club (1 ). (2). (3) ; R. O. T. C. CD. (2). PHILIP HENRY BURRUS. JR.. ' COLUMBUS. GA. Textile Manufaclunng Phi Psi : Sigma Tau Sigma; Tompkins Textile Society : AGROMECK Staff ( 1) . ( 2 ) ■ (3). ALAN BRANSON CAMPBELL, ::: n RALEIGH. N. C. Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. (3): Cross Country (1): Track ( 2 ) . ( 3 ) : R. O. T. C. ( 1 ) , Corpo- ral ( 2 ) . Sergeant (3 ) . MILES ALEXANDER CARPENTER LINCOLNTON, N. C. Textile Manufacturing Tompkins Textile Society (1). (2): Chemistry Club (1): Pullen Literary So- ciety (1), (2): Freshman Friendship Coun- cil: Bible Study Group Leader (2), (3): Vice-President Dormitory Club (2). DAVID FAIRLEY CADE FAVETTEVILLE. N. C. Marketing Delta Sigma Pi: Freshman Friendship Council. JAMES LANIER CARTER. H K A CHATHAM. VA. Accounting Junior Order of Saints: Pan-Hellenic Council: Old Dominion Club: German Club: Cotillion Club: Vice-President Pan- Hellenic Council. WALLACE FERREE CALLAWAY. A X A WINSTON-SALEM. N. C. Landscape Architecture WILLIAM MITCHELL GATES GREENSBORO. N. C. Electrical Engineering Page One Hundred Thirty-nine EDWARD GRAY COBB LUMBER BRIDGE. N. C. General Business Delta Sigma Pi; Los Hidalgos. WILMER GRANT COLLIER ROANOKE RAPIDS, N. C. Industrial Management Mu Beta Psi: R. O. T. C. Band (1). (2). Concert Band (1). (2), (3); Radio Band (2), (3). HENRY EDDINS CRAVEN. JR.. 2 n RALEIGH. N. C. Ceramic Engineering Beta Pi Kappa (2). (3): Cross Country (1) : R. O. T. C. 11). (2) : Orchestra (1). (2). (3): American Ceramic Society (1). (2). (3). EUGENE CROSS. JR.. K 2 MARION. N. C. Textile Manulailunng Phi Psi: German Club; Cotillion Club. CLARENCE NEWTON CONE GREENSBORO, N. C, Textile Manufacturing Phi Psi (2). (3) : Mu Beta Psi (2). (3): President Sophomore Class ( ' 32): Student Council (2). EDITH WELLS COWPER RALEIGH, N. C. High School Teaching Grange (2). (3); Pioneers (2), (3). EDWARD WILSON CROW, Jr., S N MOCKSVILLE, N. C. Yarn Manufacturing Phi Psi: Assistant lootball Manager ( ). (2), (3); Union County Club: Tompkins Textile Society: White Spades; German Club. ELIJAH L, DAUGHTRIDGE ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. Electrical Engineering Page One Hundred inrty RUSSELL EMMET DAVENPORT COLUMBIA. N. C. Agricultural Speciahsl Agricultural Club (1). (2). (3); Poul try Science Club (1), (2), (3). FRAZIER M. EDWARDS. 2 E GUILFORD COLLEGE. N. C. Construction Engineering Thcta Tau: A. S. C. E. MARTIN CECIL FREEMAN HAMLET. N. C. High School Teaching E. V. FREEZE, Jr.. K i; HIGH POINT. N. C. Textile Manufacturing R. O. T. C. (]). (2): White Spades: Cotillion Club: German Club. ROBERT CHARLES EVANS CANDLER. N. C. Vocational Agriculture Wrestling (2): R. O. T. C. (1). (2), (3). BERNICE HUBERT FITZGERALD SMITHFIELD. N. C. Biology LAVENIA A. FULLER RALEIGH. N. C. High School Teaching Los Hidalgos (2). (3): Pioneer Club (2). (3) : Red Masquers. JOHN HERMAN GARDNER. OKA GREENSBORO. N. C. Textile Manufacturing Football d). (2); Baseball (1): Guil- ford County Club. Page One Hundred Forty-one DAVID A. GARFIELD, i: n ALBION. MICH. Business Adminislration Football (1): Basketball (1), (2) White Spades. OUTEN GEROCK. T 1 ' A AHOSKIE. N. C. Business Administration Varsity Baseball: R. O. T. C. (1), (2), (3). .JAMES ANTHONY GEROW RALEIGH. N. C. Business Administralmn R. O. T. C. (1), (2): Band; Orchestra. NOAH FRANCIS GIBSON. II K .|. GIBSON. N. C. Textile Manulueluring JAMES EDWARD GILL HENDERSON. N. C. Textile Chemistry and Dyeing Tompkins Textile Society CI), (2), (.i)i Pullcn Literary Society (1). (2). (.3): House of Student ( " iovernment; Student Council (.1); Orator (2). FRANK WIMBERLEY GORHAM. I i: RALEIGH. N. C. Mechanical Engineering Blue Key; Football (1), (2), (3): Track (1). (2): A. S. M. E.; R. O. T. C. (1 ),_CorporaI (2), First Serjeant i3) Theta Tau; Secretary and Treasurer Junior Class; Engineers ' Council (Secre- tary); Treasurer .Student Ctoveriinu-nt ; Sheriff, Court of Customs; Rifle Team (2); Social Func- tions Committee. GEORGE JAMES GRIMES MT. OLIVE. N. C. Ceramic Engineering R. O. T. C. (I). (- ' I; American Ci-raniic Society. CHARLES NENO GROSS, i: H BRAMWELL. W. VA. Chemical Engineering Phi Et.-i Sigma; Blue Key; C.amma rfigma Ep- silon; A. I. C. E.; R. O. T. C. (1), Corporal (2). First Sergeant (. ); Freshman Friendship Council; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Treasurer V. .M. C. A. (,i); (dee Club (1). (2); Orchestra (II, (2); Pan-Hel- lenic Council; Leazar Literary .Society. Page One Hundred I ' orly tico HAGOP TOROS HAGOPIAN CAIRO. EGYPT Cotton Specialist R. O. T. C. (II. (21: International Relations Club; Self-Help Cluh; Agricultural Cluli; Bible Studv Leader: Freshman Friendship Council: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Secretary X. C. S. ' . l " . JAMES WARREN HALSTEAD. n K NORFOLK. VA. Mechanical Engineering Old Dominion Club: A. S. M. E.: R. O. T. C. (1), Corporal (2): Vhite Spades: German Cluh Cotillion Club: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2), (.}) Engineers " Council 12): Social Functions Commit tee (21. {}); Pan-Hellenic Council (1), (2), (3) Bible Study Leader (21, (3). , JURGEN HAAR. K A WILMINGTON. N. C. Textile Chemistry and Dyeing White Spades. HARVIL HARRIS, n K LOUISBURG. N. C. Animal Husbandry Freshman Football: Poultry Scietice Cluh (I). (21: Agricultural Cluh (1). GILBERT WARD MILLIARD CARTHAGE. N. C. Chemical Engineering A. I. C. E. (2). (3). Treasurer (3). HARRY LAVERNE HOAGLIN. r II ALBION. MICH. Business Administration GEORGE BONSON HOBSON BOONVILLE. N. C. Agricultural Education Alpha Zeta: Agriculture Club; R. O. T. C. (I). (2): AGROMECK Staff; Pullen Literary Society: Student Council (2); Board of Directors Students ' Agriculture Fair. THOMAS LAWRENCE HODGES ASHEVILLE. n. c. Civil Engineering Football Squad (II; Basketball Squad f 1) ; Buncombe County Club: R. O. T. C. ( 1) : A. S. C. E.: Theta Tau. Page One Hundred Forty-three DANIEL LAWRENCE HOGSETTE GREENSBORO, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma (1): Tau Beta Pi (3): Aeronautical Society; A. S. M. E. GEORGE BROWN HOOKER. Jr.. A :i -I. LAUREL HILL. N. C. Business Adminislralion R. O. T. C. (1), Corporal (2l. Sergeant (3). HOWARD KELLEY HOUSER. -I ' K T CHERRYVILLE. N. C. Textile Manufacturing Phi Psi. LENGRON CHEVIS HUBBARD. JR. PAYETTEVILLE. N. C. Electrical Engineering A. 1. E. E.: Davidson College (1), (2). CASSIUS REX HUDSON RALEIGH. N. C. Marketing R. O. T. C. (1). (2). MORGAN HADLEY HUTCHISON SAXAPAHAW, N. C. Industrial Management Assistant Football Manager ( I ) ( 3) ; R. O. T. C. (1). (2), (3). CHARLIE S. IRESON NORTH TAZEWELL. VA. Electrical Engineering (2). A. I. Society : E. E.: R. O. T. C: Leazar Literary Old Dominion Club, President; Freshman Friendship Council. HERMAN BROOKS JAMES OAKBORO. N. C. Agricultural Education Alpha Zcta; Phi Gamma Epsilon; Kappa Phi Kappa; Stanley County Club: Agri culture Club; Animal Husbandry Club. Sec- retary: Poultry Science Club; Yellow Curs: R. O. T. C. (1). Corporal (2): Freshman Friendship Council. Page One Hundred Forty-lour WILLIAM TAFT JAMES OXFORD. N. C. Electrical Engineering R. O. T. C. (1), Corporal (2). Sergeant (3). MARSHALL C. JENNETTE GOLDSBORO. N. C. Construction Engineering A. S. C. E.: Associated General Contrac- tors of America: Glee Club (3). JOE WHEELER KELLY BLADENBORO. N. C. Poultry Science Bladen County Club (1). (2): Agri- cultural Club (I). (2). (3): R. O. T. C. (1). Corporal (2): Self-Help Club 11). (2). (3) ; Poultry Science Club (1). (2). (3). WILLIAM GUSTAV KIRCHHEIMER NORFOLK. VA. Mechanical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Wrestling Squad (1): Tennis Team (2). (3) : R. O. T. C. (I). Corporal (2): Old Dominion Club: Or- chestra (3;) : Band (3 1. RUDOLPH KONIG WILMINGTON. N. C. Electrical Engineering New Hanover County Club (3): A. I. E. E.: R. O. T. C. (1). Corporal (2). JURNEY DAILEY LAMM. K N WILSON. N. C. Business Administration Cotillion Club. CURTIS CAMERON LANE. A X A WINSTON-SALEM. N. C. Marketing Delta Sigma Pi ( 1 ) . ( 2 ) . ( 3 ) ; Phi Eta Sigma (1). (2): Cheer Leader (2). (3): Glee Club ( 1) : Social Functions Commit- tee (1). 12). (3): President Freshman Class ( ' 32): Senior Marshal (1). (2), (3). CHARLES ROMEO LeFORT, A A T GREENSBORO. N. C. Chemical Engineering Blue Key: Football (U. (2). (3): President of Junior Class ( ' 32) : Secretary House of Student Government (3). Page One Hundred Forty-five M jlk MdAdtk JOSEPH ARMFIELD LEINSTER, K A RALEIGH. N. C. Electrical Engineering R. O. T. C. (1). Corporal (2). First Sergeant ( 3 ) : Society Editor Technician (2). (3). CLIFTON BRUCE FILES. A A T TARBORO. N. C. Marketing Edgecomb-Nash County Club. RANDAL JOHNSON LYDAY BREVARD. N. C. Vocational Education Assistant Wrestling Manager: Agricultural Club: R. O. T. C. ( n . (2) , Sergeant (3) ; Pullcn Literary Society. THOMAS JOYNER McGHEE FRANKLINTON. N. C. WILLIAM BYNUM McKENZIE. A i; 4. WlNSTON-SALEM. N. C. Business Administration R. O. T. C. (1). Corporal (2); Tech- nician ( 1 ) : Leazar Liter.iry Society ( 1 ) : Red Masquers ( 1 ) : Freshman Friendship Council I 1 ) . EDWARD CLARENCE McKINNEY ELON COLLEGE. N. C. Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. ROBERT ALLEN McLOUGHLIN MT. ULLA. N. C. Animal Husbandry Agriculture Club: Animal Husbandry Club. W ' ll I.IAM WRIGHT McNElLL. JR. RALEIGH. N. C. Industrial Management Football (1). (2) : R. O. T. C. (H, Corporal (2). Sergeant (3). Page One Hundred Forly-six CARROLL L. MANN. K i; RALEIGH. N. C. Civil Engineering Theta Tau ; R. O. T. C. ( I) . ( 2 ) . First Sergeant Ci) : White Spades; A. S. C. E.: Companion of St. Patrick (1): German Club: Cotillion Club. JAMES B. MEACHAM. JR . :s E CHARLOTTE. N. C. Textile Manufacturing R. O. T. C . ( 1) . Corporal ( 2 ) . Sergeant (3;. WILLL M CLYDE MARLEY GASTONIA. N. C. Marketing R. O. T. C. (1). (2), Sergeant (3). HENRY REAVIS MEINUNG WINSTON-SALEM. N. C. Architectural Engineering R. O. T. C. (1), (.2) : Beaux Arts Club. HENRY DOUGLAS MATHESON JACKSON SPRINGS. N. C. High School Teaching WILLIAM ROBERT MERCER. 2TB FOUNTAIN. N. C. Marketing ROWE ALLEN MAUNEY. ATP MARION. N. C. Architectural Engineering Beaux Arts Club: White Spades: Cotil- lion Club: Pan-Hellenic Council. EDWARD C. MEWBORN. A X A GRIFTON. N. C. Marketing Pitt County Club (2). (3): White Spades: German Club: Cotillion Club: House of Student Government ( 1 ) . Page One Hundred Forty-seven WILLIAM R. MIDDLLTON. JR.. A X B LAURINBURG. N. C. Chemical Engineering JACK BOYD MIDYETTE, n K !• AURORA. N. C. Markelmg White Spades; Baseball (1). (2); R. O. T. C. (1), (2). First Sergeant C3). OWEN B. MOORE WHITAKERS. N. C. Mechanical Engineering .Mu Mcta Psi; A. S. M. E.: R. ). T. ( " . (1). Cnrpnral (i). Sergeant (3): Freshman Krii-tKlshiii Conncil; " l ' . . l. C. A. Orchestra; Band. ROBERT PENELETON MOORE MADISON. N. C. Vocaltonal Agriculture linckinfihani County C ' luli: Agricultural Club I ' nnltrv Science Cluh; Animal Husbandry Club R. O. ' T. C. (1). (2); Pullcn Literary Society rrcshman Friendship Coinicil. WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER MILLNER EBONY. VA. Eleclncal Engineering A. I. E. E.; Old Dominion Club. CHARLES CAMPBELL MORRISON CHERRYV1LLE. N. C. Ceramic Engineering Beta Pi Kappa Ceramic Society. R. O. T. ( " . (I), (Jl; American JAMES DEWEY MILSTEAD HIDDENITE. N. C. Textile Manufacturing R. O. T. C. (1). (2), Sergeant (3) Tompkins Textile Society. CALVIN CI YD1-; MURRAY OAKBORO. N. C. ' ocalional Agriculture Phi Gamma Epsilon; Kappa Phi Kap( a; Alpha Zeta; Stanly County Cluh; ARricultural ( luh; Ani- mal Husbandrv Club; Poultry Science Club; Yel- low Cur; R. O. T. C. (1), (2); of Student Ciovernment; Freshman Friendship Council: Board nf Directors, Students ' Agricnltm-al Fair. I ' age One Hundred Forty-eight CLARENCE FENTRESS OQUINN. 2TB MAMERS, N. C. Poultry SpeciaUsI Poultry Science Club (3): R. O. T. C (1). (2). JOHN PERKINS RABB. n K A LENOIR, N. C. Industrial Management Mu Beta Psi : R. O. T. C. (1) Corporal ( 2 ) , Sergeant ( 3 ) . ELBERT M. OVERTON ELLERBE. N. C. JAMES MARTIN PARKS JENNINGS. N. C. Agricultural Specialist Agricultural Club: Poultry Science Club; Animal Husbandry Club: R. O. T. C. (1). (2): Treasurer Students ' Agricultural Fair: Board of Directors, Students ' Agricultural Fair (3): Pullen Literary Society: House of Student Government (3). WILLIAM SMITH RAGSDALE SMITHFIELD. N. C. Civil Engineering Dormitory Football. JAMES HENDERSON REEL GRANTSBORO, N. C. Marketing Track Squad ( 1 ) . EMILY KATHERINE PERRY RALEIGH, N. C. High School Teaching Grange (2). (3): Pioneer Club (2), (3) : Los Hidalgos (2), (3). DAVID KRAUTH RHYNE DALLAS. N. C. Marketing Pi Kappa Delta: Cross Country (1): Track (1): Pullen Literary Society (2). (3) : Debate Team (2) : Debate Squad (3). Page One Hundred Furty-nme JAMES ARTHUR RHYNE MOUNT HOLLY. N. C. General Agriculture R. O. T. C. (1), (2). JOSEPHINE DOUGLASS RICHARDS RALEIGH. N. C. High School Teaching Los Hidalgos (2). (3): Brooks Liter- ature Club (1). (2). (3): Pioneer Club. Vice-President (3); Woman ' s Student Gov- ernment. Treasurer; Red Masquers (1), (2) . (3 ) . Secretary. HENRY ALLEY RICKS. K A ROCKY MOUNT. N. C. Mechanical Engineering Theta Tau; Track; Cross Country; Rifle Team; Nash County Club; R. O. T. C. (1). (2). First Sergeant (3); Secretary- Treasurer Sophomore Class ( ' 32); Vice- President Junior Class ( ' 32); President Dormitory Club. GLENN E. RITCHIE RICHPIELD. N. C. Electrical Engineering Stanly County Club; A. I. E. tjwba College, one year. E.; Ca GABRIEL HOGE ROBINSON. JR. WALLACE. N. C. Marketing R. O. T. C. (1). (2). DUNCAN COOPER ROGERS. JR.. A r P FAYETTEVILLE. N. C. Marketing Assistant Baseball Manager (2). (3); R. O. T. C. (1). (2). Sergeant (3); Fresh- man Friendship Council; Bible Study Leader (2): Dormitory Club (2); Pullcn Literary Society (2). (3); Class Historian (2): Cotillion Club (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (3). DENNIS AUSTIN ROSE LITTLETON. N. C. Accounting Football (3) ; R. O. T. C. (1), (2), Sergeant (3). MAUD KENNEDY SCHAUB WESTERN BOULEVARD. N. C. High School Teaching Pioneers ( 2 ) . Secretary ( 3 ) . Page One Hundred Fitty PAUL JEROME SELIGSON. e RALEIGH. N. C. Marketing R. O. T. C. (1). (2). WILLIAM LEVI SHOFFNER BURLINGTON, N. C. Accounting Delta Sigma Pi; Freshman Track; R. O. T. C. (1). Corpora! (2). Sergeant (3): College Band: Concert Band; Yellow Curs; House of Student Government. LEWIS KING SMITH TRENTON. N. C. Cii. ' i Engineering JAMES WILLARD SOUTHERLAND HICKORY. N. C. Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; A. I. E. E. (2). (3) ; International Relations Club; Leazar Literary Society: High Honor Roll (1), (,2). KIM THOMPSON SPEER BOONVILLE, N. C. Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E.; Aeronautical Society. ROBERT BRUCE SPENCER. JR. RALEIGH. N. C. Chemical Engineering R. O. T. C. (1). (2) ; A. I. C. E. (3). ROY DeWANNER STALLINGS RALEIGH. N. C. Marketing Delta Sigma Pi ( 2 ) . ( 3 ) ; R. O. T. C. ( 1) . Corporal ( 2 ) : Technician Staff (1 ) . (2). Assistant Business Manager (2); Leazar Literary Society (1). (2); Red Masquers ( 1 ) . { 2 ) . GRAHAM THOMAS STEVENS. A A T RALEIGH. N. C. Marketing Freshman Football; Intramural Basket- ball ; R. O. T. C. ( n . ( 2 ) . Sergeant ( 3 ) : ' Technician Staff (1); German Club; Cotil- lion Club. President; Cheer Leader (2), (3): Pan-Hellenic Council (1). (2), (3). Page One Hundred Fifty-one MARY JOE SWICEGOOD SPENCHR. N. C. Education Los Hidalgos (2), (3): Pioneer Club (2). (3) ; Red Masquers. WILLIAM J. WALKER. n + NORFOLK. VA. Electrical Engineering Old Dominion Club: A. I. E. E.: R. O. T. C. (I). (2); Pan-Hellenic Council. THOMAS BIGSON TYSON BURLINGTON. N. C. Textile Manufacturing ANDREW J. VanLANDINGHAM SCOTLAND NECK. N. C. Business Administration SPENCER BORDEN WALKER ALLENDALE. S. C. Agricultural Engineering WILLIAM ROSS WANDS. :s X SPENCER. N. C. Textile Manufacturing LEWIS PATRICK WARREN, i) n RALEIGH. N. C. Marketuig Ereshman Football: Varsity Football Squad, JOHN BAXTER WATTS CONCORD. N. C. Soi7s Cabarrus County Club: Agricultural Club; Animal Husbandry Club: R. O. T. C. (1), (2); Soil Science Club. Secretary- Treasurer. Page One Hundred titty-two R. O. T. C Team (2). HENRY IVEY WEST SEVEN SPRINGS. N. C. Mechanical Engineering ( 1 ) . Corporal ( 2 ) : Rifle JOHN ' CLIFTON WHITEHURST NORFOLK. VA. Mechanical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma. President: Blue Key (3); Alpha Phi Gamma (2): A. S. M. E. (3): R. O. T. C. (1). Corporal (2), First Ser- geant (3): Technician Stafl (1): AGRO- MECK Staff (2). (3): Wataugan SaS (2). Editor (3); Old Dominion Club; Page of St. Patrick (1 " ). FENNER HARVEY WHITLEY. JR. WASHINGTON. N. C. Civil Engineering Los Hidalgos: Sclf-Hclp Club; R. O. T. C. (1). (2): Regimental Sergeant-Major (3): Technician Staff (2). (31; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Editor Handbook ( 3 ) : Fresh- man Friendship Council; Bible Study Leader (2). MAX WOLFE. K 2 ASHEVILLE. N. C. Civil Engineering WILLIAM W. WOODHOUSE ELIZABETHTOWN. N. C. 5oi s Specialist Soil Science Club: Agricultural Club; Yellow Curs. NEWELL RUSSELL WHITENER GASTONIA. N. C. Textile Manufacturing Tompkins Textile Society: Pullen Literary Society. RICHARD EDWIN YATES .MOCKSVILLE. N. C. General Business Technician Staff (2). (3); International Relations Club. Page One Hundred Fiflythree Louis HiNES Harris Honorable Mention We wish to give this sp ace in recognition of the faith- ful, unselfish way in which Louis Hines Harris has executed the office of Steward of N. C. State College for the past ten years. No student ever had a better friend. SOPHOMOI ES Sophomores, Work ! One hill has been mounted and another looms on the horizon. The first hill was the test of courage, manliness, and accuracy. It was planting ideas for future growth. Its ascent was steep and ardous. The second is steeper and only the strong and determined can surmount it. The task of building the morrow rests upon its crest. The work must be done. Let the watchword be care and precision. Fill each golden minute with sixty diamond seconds of plans and ideas that will develop in to being on the morrow. Work with speed and accuracy. Work for the good of all men. ' ° ' -- " " ' " — - -- J. E. STROUPE. President Sophomore Qlass A. F. Ward Vice-President w. F. Hanks Secretary and Treasurer Page One Hundred Fifty-seven Sophomores First Row: W. ADAMS, B. L. AhMAN, C. T. ANDERSON. R. D. ANTH- ONY. Jack Bagby. Second Rou. ' : R. C. Bagby, G. F. Ball, W. E. Bateman. M. B. Baze- MORE. Third Roll. ' : D. E. BENNETT. A. B. BERRY. G. R. Berryman. J. C. Blakeney, p. F. Blankenship. Fourth Rou. ' : H. G. BoLicK. J. A. BosT. L. E. Bowers. G. W. Bradley. Page One Hundred Fifty-eight Sophomores First Row: Mrs. H. L. Bringex. V. M. Brown, G. F. Burkhead. Jr.. G. D. B urns. Cle.m Ca.mpbell. Second Rolc: A. C. CANNON. C. L. Cha.mbers. G. B. Chapman. M. G. Christopher. Third Roic: G. O. CoRPENiNG. M. Clyde Cotner. R. H. Cottrell. Jr.. C. p. Graver. C. A. Cromartie. Fourth Row: R. W. CUMMINGS, R. S. Davis, A. L. Dru.mwright, J. A. Duncan. Page One Hundred Fifly-nme r k ♦ n Sophomores First Raw: M. G. ELLIOTT, T. S. Ferree, Jr., E. D. Floyd, J. M. Ford, L. O. Fulcher. Second Row: W. N. Fuller, S. Elizabeth Gaither, E. P. Galea. E. J. Gravely. Third Row: FRANCES L. GRAY, C. B. GlEElN, Jr., A. B. Hafer, K. A. Haney, W. F. Hanks. Fourth Row: L. R. HARDING, H. H. Harris. W. J. Hayes, T. McC. Hearne. Page One Hundred Sixty n f r YM - P Sophomores fjrsf oav J. K. Henry. Jr.. A. M. Hill. M. H. Hill. W. C. Hinson. L. T. Hovis. Second Row: W. S. HuBAND. Jr.. W. O. HUMPHREY. Fred Ingram. J. H. ISENHOUR. Third Roic: R. L. JOHNSON. EDMUND JONES. JR.. FrED JoNES. J. B. Kearney. J. R. Kelly. Fourth Row: R. B. KELLY. J. E. KiNG. F. M. Kline. W. H. Kluttz. Page One Hundred Sixty-one ' .i ' VP ' y? yv ' ;- v. 4 %j Sophomores firs Roiv: L. M. Knott. W. O. Lambhth, T. B. Lester, Jr.. E. S. McCarn, H. a. McClung, Jr. Second Roll ' : N. H. McQueen. A. S. MarcHESE. B. S. Miller, J. Y. Monk. Jr. Third Roic: Wynant Moorman. H. M. Murray. G. A. Nelms. Chapman Nelson, W. B. Nesbit. Fourth Rou): N. C. Newbold, C. McK. Parker, C. C. Parks, W. R. Pegram, Jr.. J. L. Pleasants. Jr. Page One Hundred Stxty-two ?.Q ' , - K ' fS - • Sophomores First Row: K. L. PoNZER, W. D. Pritchard. F. C. Quay. D. B. Ram- say, Jr.. D. B. Reese. Jr. Second Roiu: C. E. RiEDELL, A. G. ROGERS, J. A. Royal, W. S. Russell. Third Row: H. K. SAUNDERS. B. B. SAWYER. W. F. SCARBORO, Alvin Schwab. C. W. Seifert. Fourth Row: K. J. Shaw. O. T. Shelton. J. T. Singletary, C. McR. Smith, J. D. Smith. Page One Hundred Sixty-three Sophomores First Roiv: J. C. SPRINKLE. W, D. STARR. J. E. STROUPE. H. M. TED- DER. M. D. Thomason. Second Ron ' : W. E. TuLLUCK, H. H. VANCE. A. F. WARD. .JR.. D. A. Torrence. Third Rovu: C. G. Watson. M. C. Willard. E. M. Williams. R. L. Willis. J. R. Withers, Fourth Ro ' v: W. N. Wood. D. iM. Woodsidl:. J. W. York. E. F. Yost. J. L. Zimmerman. I ' age One Hundred Sixly-four FI ESHMEN Freshmen We have completed our first lap of the laborious journey which confronted us when we first matricu- lated last fall. Already there are gaps in our ranks which have been inflicted by many agencies. Every day it is becoming more and more evident that this shall be a contest for the survival of the fittest — we must work if we would reach our goal. R. O. Bennett. President freshman Qlass Jessamine Bland Secretary -Treasurer Page One Hundred Sixty-seven r " .Si fWR . iZz iri-. ?-•- f ' • " -.-» p O pi f f P f r f n C) .iT p O f . 1 |f O f f p Freshmen Firsl Row: J. [ ABERNATHV. T. F. ABERNATHY. J. C. ADAMS. J. H. ADAMS. V. L. Alexander. Jr.. L. G. Andrews. Second Row: M. I. ANNETTA. F. L. APPLE, A. H. ARMOUR. V. H. AVSCUE. Jr.. w. E. Bach. J. L. Bankhead, Jr.. H. F. Baniels. Third RoLC: W. J. BARKER. D. S. BARNES. J. B. BARNES. V. R, BARTHOLOMEW. W. E. Bayless. W. T. Becton, M. M. Belgrade. Fourth Row: L. A. BENNETT. R. O. BENNETT. R. R. BENNlTi, W, H. BiSHER, T. S. Blackwood. W. A. Blackwood. C. R. Blair. Fifth Row: T. C. BLAND. C. F. BLUME. H. W. BOOKER. G. J. BOSTIC. F. B. BOWEN. Wm. Boyd. W. B. Boyd. Page One Hundn-J Sixiy-eight (Ti f I f C P P r " f? o rt ' % . O P p P i fHl fb O f! f «► Ct :. Freshmen First Roa.-: W. M. BOYD. JR.. R. E. BOYKIN. J, C. BOVETTE. N. C. BOVTER. R. A. Bradshavv. Burrel Brannon. Second Roa ' ; W. E. BRASWELL. BRUCE BRAXTON. F. P. BRENDLE. N. BRICKHOUSE P. E. Brintnall, E. w. Britt. F. K. Brock. Third Row: B. W. BROOKS. C. J. BROWN. JR.. H. C. BUCKNER. J. K. BuiE. L. R. Burgess. R. G. Burnette. J. C. Butler. Fourth Row: S. H. CALDWELL. A. F. CALHOUN. STUART CAiMERON. R. E. CARPEN- TER. J. L. Carriker. Peter Charnak. G. R Chatfield. Fifth Row: W. R. CHOATE. R. K. CHRISTOPHER. I. C. CLARK. V. H. CLIFFORD. A. P. COBB. J. W. COFFEY, C. W. COGGINS. Page One Hundred Sixty-nine p f a .e fs O I P 1 6 P Freshmen first Row: P. H. COGGINS. C. C. COLDIRON. L. L. COLE. W. B. COMPTON. B. H. CoRPENiNG. A. H. Couch. Second Roiv: E. H. COX. F. T. CRAVEN. R. N. Crhnshaw. H H. Cromartie. V. L. Curry, E. A. Cushman. E. R. Daniels. Third Row: E. C. DARK. Hyman Dave. J. P. DAVIS, V. li. Davis. W. H. Davis. J. L. Deal, W. E. Dean. Fourth Row: I.. S. DEARBORN. H. N. DiCKENS. A. G. DiLI.INi.llAM. JOSEPH DiXON. Jr.. L. R. Dixon. J. P. Doggett. W. m. Duncan. Fiilh Row: M. H. DUNN. C. J. DUNNING. PAUL EASON. R. B. EASON. C. B. EDDINGS, P. F. edmond. f. a. Edmonson. Page One Hundred Secenly . r r ' f r- 1 f - f P ' iT . p. ft r r- Freshmen first RoiL ' : L. W. Edwards. Jr.. N. D. Edwards. W. G. Edwards. R. W. Elam. B. w. Elliott. H. L. Ellis. Second Roiv: W. T. EMMART. G. R. EVANS. P. G. EVANS. R. H. EVANS. B. T. FARMER. W. E. Farris. F. L. Faulconer. Jr. Third Row: D. J. FERGUS, JR.. R. H. FITZGERALD. L. M. FONVIELLE. F. B. FORBES. M. W. FOSCUE. G. V. FOSTER. C. B. FOWLER. Fourth Row: C. H. FOY. H. M. FOY, Jr. . R. L. FRANKLIN. J. T. FREEMAN. W. E. Fuller. F. W. Gamble. J. M. Garris. Fifth Row: J. S. GASKILL. J. R. GAYDOWSKI. J. C. GEBBIE. KIRK GILBERT. D. S. Ginsberg. R. T. Glass. Jr.. C. P. Gorman. Jr. Page One Hundred Seventy-one C P ' k ©ftp p o ri in o o f i Freshmen firs( Row: J. D. GRIGSBV. C. R. GRUBB. E. M. HAI.I.. JR.. H. T. H. LL. M. V. HAMILTON. S. B. HANES. JR. Second Row: L. L. HARDV. Jr.. C. R. HARRELL, G. M. HARRELL. W. C. HARRIS. H. H. Hart, W. E. Hart. C. V. Hartsell. Third Row: A. C. HeDGEPETH. A. L. HERRINGTON, T. C. HesTHR, .)R., W. W. Hewitt. U. O. Highhill. M. C. Hilburn. J. A. Hodnett. Jr. Fourth Row: C. E. HOLLAND. C. V. HOLLAND. R. L. HOLMAN. S, M. HOLMl-S. M. A. Horsey. O. M. Horton. C. C. Howard. Fifth Row: H. E. HOWARD. I. T. HOYLE. F. H. HUBE. G. E. HUGHEY. JR.. A. W. HuNsucKER. R. H. Hunt. M. C. Hunter. l ugi ' One Hundred Seventy two ) fy f f . f) .r f5i p o r, a p. r. }f f p , ' r , f . C; ..r .0 C: Freshmen firs( Row: H. A. INMAN. O. H. JAMES. V. G. JAMES. J. E. JENKINS. C. F. JOHNSON. D. R. JOHNSON. Jr. Second Row: N. H. JOHNSON. Jr.. G. W. Jones. J. N. JONES. L. W. JONES. W. L. Jones. W. T. Jones. R. F. Kelley. Third Row: T. F. KELLEY. J. G. KELLOGG. E. B. KiDD. A. H. KiLPATRICK. JR., N. A. KiNLAW. Jr., J. J. Knowles, J. A. Knox. Fourth Row: T. B. KORSMO. JR.. F. R. KUHN. B. P. LACKEY. W. C. LAMB. W. E. LANG, JR.. R, E. LANGSTON, E. J. LASSEN. Fifth Row: C. L. LAVERY. E. J. LOWRANCE. H. J. LAURENCE. J. P. LEAGANS. J. H. LEWIS, E. J. LiNDLEY, L C. LOWE. Page One Hundred Seventy- three p ft ffi ft i a a O p P .r Ci ,o p. ? n ft 4 Freshmen First Rou. ' : P. J. LUTERY. L. V. L DAY, H. A. IVNCH. JR., A. M. McCALLUM. W. P. McClees, L. H. McCulley. Second Roiv: J. E. MclNTYRE. J. T. Mcl.AURiN. J. L. McL.[;oD. P. P. Maclio. Philip Marchetta. J. p. Mauney. S. R. Mauney. Third Roll ' : BEN. MAYNARD. C. D. MERGER. S. O. MEREDITH. RAY.MOND MERONEY, O. A. Meyer. Jr.. K. B. Miles. Jr.. John Montrello. Fourth Koa ' ; J. C. MOORE. JR., L. W. MOORE. JR., H. P. MORRIS. S. F. MORRLS, J. R. Morrison, W. E. Morrison. R. p. Morrow. Filth Row: E. H. MOSER. JR., J. E. MULLEN, D. K. MusE. R. E. Muse, R. H. Nhill. G. D. Newcomb. L. L. Newell. Page One Hundred Seventy-four f C f f! f! rir 1 Jl P f f . .O jO Freshmen i %uu Fnst Rou. : M. J. NEWMAN. C. C. NOLHN, G. T. L. NiCKOLLS. J. F. NYCUM. G. C. Oldham. C. H. Palm. Second Row: E. E. PARKER, J. E. PARKER. F. P. Pate, M. E. PAYNE. G. B. PEELER. F. W. Peiffer. Jr.. C. B. Penney. Third RoiL ' : A. W. PETTY, R. E. PHILLIPS. W. K. PHILLIPS. JR.. J. K. PiTTMAN. D. C. PLASTER. H. S. PLONK. R. S. POOLE. Fourth Row: W. A. POPE, W. B. POWELL, J. M. POYNER. G. W. PROCTOR. C. T. Prout. T. J. Raber. w. b. Ray. Fiflh Row: W. F. H. C. Reed, J. L. Reitzel. M. a. Rhyne. M. H. Rhyne. T. L. Richie. Gordon Riddick. Page One Hundred Seventy-five T IIESSBP P ft P ' p ( f P t f , iE» i «r p ff r p o P p fr l!! O v i» Freshmen firsf Rott ' : Bruce Ridhnhour. N. E. Rion. W. L. Robi-rson, J. T. Roberts. T. R. Robertson. C. N. Rogers. Second Row: J. H. RUTLEDCE. W. A. ROWLAND. W. C. RvAl.s. J. A. SAMPLE. C. P. Sandlin. H. C. Sawyer. W. H. Scaee. Third Row: R. E. SHAFER. H. B. SIL W. Roivr. SHEETS. E. A. SHEPHERD. W. G. Shoae. a. G. Shugart. Van Shuping. l- ' ourlh Row: J. M. SIMPSON. R. W. SlNi.LE I ARV. ROV SKIDMORE. B. C. SKINNER. ,lR.. W. F. Sledge. F. G. Sloope. E. F. Smith. Fifth Row: J. C. Smith. O. C. Smith. R. L. Smith. H. W. Snider. J. W. Souther- land. C. R. Spruill. C. a. Stallings. Page One Hundred Seventy-six Freshmen First Rou. ' : J. S. STEARNS. W, W. STECKER. R. C. STEGALL. S. J. STEVENS. JR.. J. M. Stingley. p. E. Stone. H. S. Stoney. Second Roiv: C. W. STICKLAND. D. G. STROUP. A. L. STUBING. C. W. STYRON. J. S. Suggs, T. B. Sutton. H. B. Talley. Third Row: J. B. TARLETON. F. E. Tarrh. N. H. TATE. Jr.. M. P. THIEM. F. A. Thomas. Jr.. w. g. Thompson. D. O. Thomson. Fourth Rou. ' : J. W. THOMSON. N. W. THARP. S. M. THRONEBURG, W. B. THURSTON. R. L. TiLLEY. Jr.. S. a. Troy, Everett Truesdell. Fifth Row: J. P. Turlington. Frank Veach. J. S. Vinson. Jr.. Olaf Wakefield. H. C. Wallace, A, F. Waller. W. M. Walters. Page One Hundred Seventy-seven 1 $g%gU€ §?SS a a r %r Freshmen firs( ?oit ' ; T. L. WARE, H. W. WATKINS, J. A. WEATHERSBEE. J. S, WEAVER. D. L. Webb. J. T. Weeks. J. w. Weisner. Second Row: A. F. WELLING. H. P. WestbROOK. I.. A. WHELESS. G. L. WHITE. J. G. WHITE. D. M. Whitt. G. B. Wiles. Third Row: H. J. WiLES. A. L. WiLEY. F. C. WILLIAMS. .J. K. WILLIAMS. N. E. Williams. A. M. Willis, W. G. Woltz. Fourth Row: T. F. WOMBLE. M. J. WOOD. NANCY G. WOODS. J. L. WOOLARD. J. F. WOOTEN. B. J. WOOTEN. S. A. WOOTEN. Fifth Row: R. H. Worthington. C. C. Wright. H. R. Wright, L. A. Wright. S. B. Wright. J. R. York, N. M. York. Paqe One Hundred Seventy-eight Brunelleschi ' s Dome T WAS after repeated attempts to successfully present his plans that Brunelleschi was given an opportunity to try his experiment. The result is the beautiful dome of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore of Florence. Italy, which was completed about 1446 A.D.. the year of his death. This is the first application of the principle of dome construction in architecture. FILIPPO DISER BRUNELLESCHI 1377—1446 BUILDER AND DESIGNER OF THE GREAT DOME OF THE CATHEDRAL OF FLORENCE filife ' . ' A O N c n fl Miss Ruth Phillips " The Agromeck " N. C. C. P. A. E. G. Couch. Jr. Editor President 1 1 1 1 1 ftfffflf J. N. Gammon Captain Miss l.KTiTiA Mason Vursitu Basketball Miss Dorothy Davis Cotillion Club G. T. Stevens President W. H. AVERETTE, Jr. Captain Miss Anne Griffin Varsity Baseball Miss Evelyn McCall Blue Key Third Battalion R. H. Gatlin President — Major R. O. Bennett President Sam Di Meo Captain C. L. Clark President Mrs. E. J. LeFort Junior Class C. R. LeFort President R. G. ViCK Editor Lillian Belle Jenkins The Band J. B. GURLEY Captain A. E. Land Business Manager Miss Brownie Anderson " Technician " Miss Hazel Brookshire Students ' Ag. Fair J. W. Crawford President G. W. Dameron President Mary Sue Borders Engineers ' Council Miss Pauline Sherrill First Battalion -rrrrrm S. G. Lloyd Adjutant J. T. Geoghegan President Miss Hazel Perkins Senior Class Miss Rosalind Paul Student Body D. M. Paul President G. H. McGinn Captain Miss JosEPHiNL; Boone Track Team J. C. Whitehurst Editor R. H. Park Editor Miss Margaret Harrington " The Technician " Miss Mattie Dameron Pan-Hellenic Council J. W. SUMMEY President C. B. TuRNF.R, Jr. Colonel K - Miss Martha Caroline Sargent The Regiment Eiffel Tower HE Eiffel Tower, of Paris, marks an era in steel construction never be- fore equalled and. as yet. unsurpassed. It towers above the city at so dizzy a height as to inspire the awe of those who stop to realize that it was created by man. 1 . ALEXANDHK (JUSTAVE EIFFEL 1832—1923 BUILDER OF THE TOWER EIFFEL, PARIS ' Mm Dr. R. R. Sermon Graduate Manager of Athletics ATHLETICS Dr. Sermon has aided State to push rapidly to the front in the field of athletics. Although it is not always possible for State to have a winning team. Dr. Sermon sees to it that we have a winner financially. Other members of the Athletic Committee are: Dr. A. J. Wilson, chairman, E. L. Cloyd, C. C. Taylor, L. E. Wooten. T. H. Nelson. Frank Tho.mpson Gy.mnasium Page Two Hundred Nine ' Chick " Doak Baseball Doc SHRMON Tebell Head Coach Football. Freshman Baseball Football, Basketball. Track COACHING STAFF Lt. Elmes ■Red " Hicks Van Liew Boxing Wrestling Football e TiVo Hundred Ten FOOTBALL 19 3 J u t£ t«« JONNIE GEOGHEGAN Manager ' - ' The Squad The time is night: the place is Riddick Field: the curtain slowly rises and State and High Point are ready for the opening game. The night football didn ' t go over so hot. State lost to Davidson under the floodlights and several others teams refused to play at night. So after the first two games the night football was abandoned. During the middle of the season " Doc " Sermon took over the Wolfpack. State ' s JEFrREY MAILACK Dellinger Page Two Hundred Twelve The Second Counter Against Mississippi Aggies only win in the Conference was from Missis- sippi A. and M. The " Pack " threw a scare into CaroHna at the Hill and almost won from them. The game with Duke was played in the rain and mud and State put up a good defensive team. With an experienced team returning, we are looking forward to a good season next year. The Freshman team will add much to the win- ning qualities of the " Pack. " Stroupe McLawhorn Espev Cook Page Two Hundred Thirteen lllh DLACONt) Hi I PAlK LlNh Varsity Football Scores Greason State State_ State State State_ State, State State State State .34 High Point . Davidson 12 _ Florida 27 . Clemson 26 . Wake Forest 6 -19 Miss. A. and M. _ . Presbyterian _ 2 - 6 Carolina 13 _ Duke 18 . South Carolina 19 Cobb. Captain -elect LeFort Morris Page Two Hundred fourteen BASKETBALL 1931 R. R. Sermon Coach H. E. Russell Manager 1931 State Basketball Another championship loomed on the horizon of the basketball world when those " Red Terrors " sent Villa Nova back home defeated. The second game of the season with Wake Forest was so successful that there was little doubt as to the " Red Terrors ' " supremacy. Howe% ' er, in Charlotte, State dropped one to Davidson. On their trip south. State met with hard luck, losing to Alabama, Auburn, and Georgia. The games with Duke this year were both successful. The " Red Terrors ' won both games. Carolina won one and State took the other. The game with Davidson in our gym was packed with thrillers. With their backs to the wall The Squad Page Two Hundred Sixteen Gammon, Forward Atkinson. Foncard the Staters made an up-hill climb to win. Wake Forest defeated State in the last Big Five game. The season closed with V. M. I. bowing to the State ringers. The last of February found the boys headed for Atlanta and the hope of retaining the championship they lost the previous year. Their hope was stopped by Kentucky, 33-28. This year will see the graduation of Gammon. Atkinson and Brake. They will be greatly missed next year. Clark. Guard Rose. Guard Page Two Hundred Seventeen Houston. Center Johnson. Forward Basketball Scores State .... ... 32 Villa Nova . . .21 State 24 Duke 19 State .... ... 42 Wake Forest . 20 State . , 16 Carolina ll State .... . , , 19 Davidson . , 26 State, . . , 23 Carolina 20 State .... 15 Alabama 22 State 26 Duke 25 State . . 17 Alabama 23 State 19 Wake Forest 20 State .... .28 Auburn 30 State 30 Davidson n State. . . . 20 Georgia 26 State 25 V. M. I. 13 State. . . . ,22 V. P. 1. 18 State . SOUTHERN CONFERENCE 28 Kentucky 33 GURNEAU. l-onx. ' ard NeLMS. Guard Brake. Guard Page Ta ' o Hundred Eighteen BASEBALL 1930 " Sandy " SHORh Caplain Frank Clark Manager BASEBALL The great national pastime, baseball, was issued into State College with a game with Davidson. The Staters dropped the first game but sent Washington and Lee back home with their chevrons removed. Davidson was the third foe and here State lost again but won over the Wildcats the next day. I Hh SyUAU Paqe Two Hundred Twenty p »a i k ' m 1 r 1 C ■ :r Hargrove Snipes AVERtl IE Journeying back to the Capital City. State and Maryland crossed the home plate for an equal tally. But what a game that was when Duke went down by one point. The self-confident Devils lost the fray in the first inning. The time had come for the team to do as other teams do and so off they went for a trip through Maryland and Virginia. They Gerock Brake BOWDEN Page Two Hundred Twenty-one Plonk FURTADO Medlin lost three games and won two. Maryland and Virginia were de- feated, but V. M. I.. Washington and Lee. and V. P. I. proved to be too much and sent the Fence Busters back licked. As the season progressed, Duke got revenge and licked the Staters by one point in Durham. Carolina still maintained their jinx and State was unable to down the Tar Heels in either contest. Turner WiLKIE UUKL: Caplain Frfshmiin Team Page Two Hundred Twenty-two Varsity Baseball Results State. State_ State State State. State State State State State State State State State State State State State State . 4 Davidson 5 . 8 Washington and Lee 4 . 6 Davidson 10 . 6 Davidson 4 . 5 Maryland 5 .6 Duke 5 .4 V. M. I 6 . 3 Wake Forest .3 V. P. I 6 .12 Maryland 2 . 4 Virginia 3 .4 V. M. I 6 . 7 Washington and Lee 8 . 1 V. P. I 5 . 2 Carolina 6 .10 Virginia 5 . 2 Duke 3 . 2 Wake Forest . 2 Carolina 5 Page Tu o Hundred Twenty-three 1 IlL bQL ' AU Freshman Baseball The Freshman, under the direction of Gus Tebcll and Butch Slaughter, had one of the best baseball teams seen in many years for Freshman. The season was very successful and produced some real ball players. It is hoped that with the new stock of Freshmen that the stock will rise rapidly next year for the varsity. This was Coach Tebell ' s and Coach Slaughter ' s last team. Those showing up well were Morris, Duke and Wade. Page Two Hundred Twenty-four TRACK 1930 f« s ■ ' Pat ' Patterson Captain SlNGLETARY Westbrook Managers Resume of Season The State trackers participated in six meets all told last season and were credited with one win and placed second in the annual State Tournament held in Greensboro. The season started out with a bright future by a win over Wake Forest. A trip into Virginia proved fatal to the Staters and they dropped two dual meets: one with Washington and Lee and The Squad Page Two Hundred Twenty-six Stout Alexander McGinn. Caplam-elect the other with V. M. I. Duke won over " Doc " Sermon ' s trackers in Durham anci State lost the last two meets of the season in Raleigh to Davidson and V. P. I. McGinn showed the same style of running as in the previous years and helped State to tally the points. Captain " Pat " Patterson was always on his toes and licked his opponent in nearly every meet. Ottinger Griffin Ricks Page Two Hundred Twenty -seven Black ♦Swain Varsity Track Results, 1930 State 7 Wake Forest State State State 50 2-3 Washington and Lee 59 58 V. M. I. Duke State 60J 2 Davidson State 61 V. P. I. State finished second in the Big Five meet in Greensboro. ■ " Deceased. 53 73 1-3 67 68 651 i 65 9- Floyd Page Two Hundred Twcniy-cighl Paris Johnson Varsit ' Rela ' The Varsity Relay Team, composed of those men who previ- ously had won the Freshman Relay Meet in Greensboro, repeated again and won first place in the relay at the State Meet. During each meet of the season this team outran its opponents. This team is composed of the following men: Bill Ottinger Henry Ricks Mack Stout " Twee " Floyd Page Two Hundred Twenty-nine Thi: varsity Squad N. C. STATE BOXING, 1931 The Freshman Sqlal. Puuf Twu Hundred 7 htrly The Squad Summary 1931 Varsity W restling State 6 Washington and Davidson 26 17 State ] 9 6 3 State State V. P. I Duke 19 20 State . Carolina . . . 29 Page Two Hundred Thinii one The Norns Athletic Trophy Maukuj- W. Jdhnson The Norris Athletic Trophy, a massive silver loving cup standing twenty-four inches high, is awarded annually to the best all-round athlete at N. C. State by Norris, Inc., of Atlanta, Ga., through its president, Frank E. Lowenstein, a State College alumnus. The winning of this cup is the greatest honor that can come to a State College athlete. Posses- sion of this trophy depends, not only upon ath- letic ability, but upon general scholastic lines as well. This year ' s winner is Maurice W. Johnson, of Marshall, Minn. Since his freshman year " Jonny " has distinguished himself both in football and basketball. His career reached its climax last year when he was chosen by Les Gage in his pick of All-American basketball players. Page 7 a ' o Hundred Thirtylu ' o M I L I T A l Y Major l. McD. Silvester Commandanr : li Army OiriciiRS on Duty at N. C. State Left to Right: Captain V. K. Watson. Captain J. R. Eden, Major L. McD. Silvester, Captain T. C. Thorson. Lt. C. H. Elmes. I.t. V. R. Carraway. Page Two Hundred Thiriy-tour Cadet Colonel C. B. Turner. Jr. Regimental Commander I } ' } ' The Reglment Page Two Hundred Thirty-live Cadet Lt. Col. W. T. Clement Cadet Captain H. B. Merriam Plans and Training Officer Cadet Captain H. E. Atkinson Regimental AdiulanI Cadet Sergeant Major F. H. Whitley RiLLE Team Page Two Hundred Thirlg-aix Cadet Major C. D. Whaley Battalion Commander Cadet Captain S. g. Lloyd Battalion Adiutant Cadet Sergeant Major v. c. Sharpe FIRST BATTALION The Battalion Page Two Hundred Thirty-seven Company A R. B. Gardner Capiam N. C. Davenport Lieutenant W. W. GREENHALGH First Lieutenant H. A. LVERLY first Lieutenant H. D. Atkinson First Lieutenant Gross. C. N . First Serqeam Weisner. R H WiLKIE. F. A. SERGEANTS Barnes. J. M. Baysden. E. T. Dellinger. F. T. Satterwhite. s. B. Van Hoy, w. l. tullock. w. e. Watson. C. G. Wood, L. A. CORPORALS Seitz. R. J. Zimmerman, J. L. Benbury, G. W. Parrish. w. a. Bowers. L. W. Amman. B. L. Anderson. C. t. Armfield. C. H, Belgrade, L. L. Bennett, D. w. Biggs, J. M. Bordeaux, w. p. Bragg. H. J. Brown, w. m. Cameron, h. C. Crater, J. a. cummings. r. w. Davis. C. b. Fisher. E. K. PRIVATES Floyd. A. R. Gurley. N. H. Hagopian, H. T. Hathaway, P. J. Henry. H. J. Herring, I. L. HINES, H. B. Hughes. J. B. Johnson. R. L. King. J. E. Lester, t. b. McCachren. C. M. Newbold. N. C. Gates, M. M. Raiford. B. b. Reese, w. t. Roberts. C. d. Singletary, J. T. Sloan. F. H. Snowden. F. S. Snyder. R. L. Stapleford. C. C Stroud, w. E. Sugg, C. F. VAN Hook. R. I. Wood. E. I. wood. R. a. Page Two Hundred Thirty-eight Company B G. W. DAMERON Captain W. F. Hargrove . First Lieutenant J. L. Shepherd Fim Lieutenant L. H. ANGELL First Lieutenant SERGEANTS GEILE. F. a.. First Sergeant Griffin. C. B. Duncan, J. A. Bright. S. W. Crumpler. H. B. Fortune. C. P. Gibson. C. E. Rose. D. A. Wilson, W. F. Watt. w. N. Blankenship, p. Clark. W. J. CORPORALS ponzer. k. l. Knott, L. M. Marchese. a. S. Thomas, F. a. RiEDELL, C. E. PRIVATES Anthony, R. D. Bagby. R. C. Barden, E. N. Bazemore, M. B. Berryman. G. R. Burns. G. D. Clark. Gilbert Clark. W. J. Croker, T. C, Davis, w, l. Edwards. W. J. Evans. A. H. Ferree. t. s. Hayes. W. J. Irwin, h, M. Jurney, R. F. Lambeth. W. O. McGoogan. F. a. Moore. R. R. Owens. O. P. Pickle. C. O. Pleasants, r. c. rudisill. v. l. Saunders. H. K. Sawyer. B. B. Sloan, w. g. Stinson. e. H. Tew. R. e. Ward, W. H. Watts. J. B. Williams. R. B. Williams, R. M. Page Tico Hundred Thirtunme Company C W. C. Brake w. H. Ferguson M. C. Hutchinson . . R. C. IVEY H. N. MARRIOTT Captain First Lieutenant .... First Lieutenant . First Lieutenant First Lieutenant LEINSTER, J. A.. First Sergeant Lefort. C. R. Hall, J. O. SERGEANTS Hutchinson, m. h, James, W. t, Milstead, J, D, Willis, A. H, Evans, R. C. Boone. J. M. BOST, J. A. Wilson. A. J. Thompson, L, F. CORPORALS Oakley, F, M. KiRKMAN. B. E. MiNTZ, H, F. Bailey, R. B, Heafner, J. E. Bateman, W. E. Bendle. H. w. boswell, l. m. Buchanan, w. R, Constant, T. F. Cromartie, C. a. fulcher, l. o. Gaskins. C, M. Gravely, E. J. Hairr. L. B. HARPER, R, B, PRIVATES HARRIS, H. H. Hill. M. H. Houston. W. s. Hovis. L. T. Hunter. M. g. Lamm. J. D. McIntyre, F, L. Matthews, W. P. Reams. F. W. Rogers, A. G. Sadler, J, P. Schwab. A. L. Seieert. C. w. Shaw, k. J. Spencer. S. W. Tatum. H. H. Tyson. J. W. Vance, H. H. Vann. H. G. Weaver. H. R. Whitesell. M. Willis. R. L, Page Two Hundred Forty Cadet Major Mack Stout Battalion Commander Cadet Captain E. G. Couch. Jr. Battalion Adjutant Cadet Sergeant Major G. T. Stevens SECOND BATTALION The Battalion Page Two Hundred Forty-one Company D H. H. HARTMAN Captain J. C. Andrews First Lieutenant B. S. MAUNEV First Lieutenant G. J. Albright First Lieutenant E. J. NesbiTT First Lieutenant A. B. HARDISON First Lieutenant SERGEANTS PARDUE. T. O.. First Sergeant MARLEY, W. C. CAMPBELL, A. B. Pate, G. S. Meacham, J. B. CORPORALS Chapman. G. B. Rogers, J. F. Ellis. W. J. Gurneau. S. J. Benton. H. E. Jones. Fred Hurst, L. Bliven. H. S. King. J. M. Keel. W. C. Nye. G. C. PRIVATES Alexander, w. l. Farris, Hal Nanney. b. G. Bayless. w. e. Forbes, f. b. Peele. g. b. Boyd. W. M. Foy. H. M. Plonk. H. S. Brooks. B. W. Galliher. w. t. Proctor. W. F. Bucker. H. C. Griggs. C. D. Rhyne. M. A. Carpenter. R. E. Hall. H. T. Rion. M. E. Carter. F. A. Hunter. M. C. Roberson. W. L. Choate. W. R. Johnson. N. H. Rogers. C. N. Christopher. R. K. Kistler, W. E. Rotha. G. E. Coffey, J. W. Lavery, C. N. Shope. W. I. Corpening. B. S. Lowe. I. C. Shugart. A. G. Couch. A. H. Lowrance, E. J. Shuping. Van Cushman, E. a. Lunsford. B. L. Weaver. J. S. Dean. W. E. Mauney, H. P. Webb. D. L. Dillingham. A. G. Mauney, S. R. Welling. A. F. Edmonson. F. A. Morris, S. F. Wright. C. T. Elliott, B. W. Morrow, R. P. Wright, C. C. Ellis. H. L. Page Two Hundred Forty-two C. H. Eastep C. HOLOMAN W. J. Whitaker gorham. f. w. Hooker. G. B. Cannon, a. c. Gregory. N. S. Meikle. J. R. Pritchard. W. D TULL. R. Company E Captain First Lieutenant . . First Lieutenant SERGEANTS 1st Sergeant SMITHWICK. S. D. CATHEY. W. K. Faulkner. J. D. Ashe. J. R. CORPORALS Wade. J. F. Rogers, a. h. Crawford. F. M, Scott. A. H. Jordan. B. B. Yost. L. F. Peterson. B. A. Williamson. A. D. Abernethy. J. P. Abernethy. T. F. Adams. J. H. Adams. W. H. Ballard. L. H. Bankhead, J. L. Batchelor. M. a. Bisher. W. H. Blair. C. R. Blume. C. F. Bradshaw. R. a. Brown. S. C. Burton. P. H. Caldwell. S. H. Cameron. Stuart Carriker. J. L. Cloer. W. G. Crenshaw. R. N. Davis. S. R. Dixon. L. R. Elam. R. W. PRIVATES Farmer. B. L. Fowler. C. B. Furr. C. E. Garrett. G. W. Coins. J. w. Hewitt. W. W. Howard. H. E. hughey. g. e. Hunsucker. a. w. Jenkins. J. E. KIDD. E. B. Leavitt. a. E. Little. W. P. Lowrance. W. K. MCGUAGE. R. J. Meredith. S. O. Morrison. J. R. Morrison. W. E. Muse. R. E. Porter. J. a. Redmon. W. F. Reitzell. J. L. Rhyne. M. H. Richie. T. L. Ridenhour. J. B. Robertson. T. P. Rutledge. J. H- Shinn. M. L. Shoaf. G. w. Sloope. F. G. Smith. E. F. Stearns. J. S. Stegall. R. C. stroupe. d. g. Tarleton. J. B. Tharp. N. w. Thompson, w. h. Throneburg. S. m. Utley, J. J. Ware. T. L. wiles. H. J. Wright. L. A. Page Two Hundred Forty-three Company F C. L. Clark Caplam W. L. Morgan f irsr Lieutenant W. J. HONEYCUTT First Lieutenant A. J. HAYNES First Lieutenant J. F. ReDMON First Lieutenant SERGEANTS WHITEHURST. J. C. First Spr.WlNSTEAD. J. T. MiDDLETON. W. R. Scott, E. H. Baum, O. L. Taylor. J. M. CORPORALS Blakeney. J. C. Shermer. G. C. Garner. L. O. House. D. M. Troutman. J. H. Hafer. A. B. Kluttz, W. H. Bowen. J. P. Pleasants. J. L. Ramsay. D. B. Dick. W. E. Sprinkle. G. C. PRIVATES Bennett. R. O. Fitzgerald. R. H. Simpson. J. M. Best. C. m. - Fonvielle. L. M. Singletarv. R. W. Blake. B. C. Gorman. C. P. Sledge. W. F. Blake, J. W. Harrison. J. L. Smith. J. C. Bland, T. C. Holland. C. v. Smith. R. l. Bowen. F. B. Holmes. S. M. Smith. W. v. Boyd. Wm. Johnson. D. R. Southerland. J. W BoYETTE. J. C. Jones. W. b. Stecker. W. w. Britt. E. W. Kelly, R. F. Stevens. S. V. Butler. J. C. Knowles. J. J. Strickland. C. W. Coldiron. C. C. Mintz. Colon Thomson. J. W. Cooper, J. T. Moore, L. W. Troy, S. A. Cromartie, H. H. Oldham, G. C. Turner, W, E. Davis, W. E., Jr, Pittman, J. H. Weathersbee, J. A, Davis, W. E. Pittman, J. K. Wilkinson, M. S. Earp. A. W. Rivenbark, E. L. Williams, C. A. Earp, W. S. Ryals, W. C. Williams, E. K. Farriss. W. E. Schulken, E. p. Woolard. J. L. Fergus, D. J, Wootten, B. J. Page Two Hundred Forty-four Cadet Major R. H. Gatlin Battalion Commander Cadet Captain W. S. Lee Battalion Adjutant Cadet Sergeant Major E. S. Benas THIRD BATTALION The Battalion Page Two Hundred Forty-live Company G F. C. HERBST Captain W. D. Stephenson First Lieutenant J. S. CULBERTSON First Lieutenant D. C. AbEE first Lieutenant G. H. McGinn first Lieutenant YELVERTON. H. E. SERGEANTS Hull. J. E.. first Sergeant Neely. J. W. Barber, g. e. Parks. C. C. Thomason. M. D. Wallace. J. H. CORPORALS Wilson. J. E. Allred. p. W. Clayton. J. V. Daniels. J. W. Sharpe. H. O. Withers. J. R. Whitehead. F. D. Annetta. M. I. Apple. F. L. Bach. W. E. Barker. W. J. Bennett. R. R. Boone, R. G. Braswell. W. E. Braxton. Bruce Cha.mpion. R. L. Dark. E. C. Emmart. W. T. Faulconer. F. L. Ford. W. D. Foster. G. V. Foster. W. V. Gaydowski. J. R. Grubb. C. R. HiGHEILL. U. O. Holland. C E. holman. r. f. PRIVATES HUBE. F. H. Hunt. R. H. Jones. G. w. Jones. J. N. Jones. W. L. Kirk. Gilbert Korsmo. T. B. McLaurin. J. T. Moore. W. F. Nolen. C. C. Nuckolls. G. T. L. Owens. E. W. Palm. C. H. Perlmutter. Frank Petty. A. W. Phillips. R. E. RiDDICK. J. G. Roberts. J. T. Sheets. R. J. Sheppard. E. a. Skinner. B. C. Smith. J. L. Smith. R. L. Stingley. J. M. Stubing. a. L. Tate. N. H. Thomas. J. B. Thompson. W. G. Tilley. R. L. Vickers. K. S. Vinson. J. S. Weisner. J. W. Westbrook. H. P White. G. L. White, J. G. Whitt. D. M. Williams. N, E. Willis, a. M. Wright. H. R. York. J. R. York, N, M. Page Two Hundred Forty-six Company H J. T. GEOGHEGAN . Captain L. R. Mercer first Lieutenant M. L. SHIPMAN First Lieutenant M. W. Lowe first Lieutenatn B. Beavers Fnst Lieutenant Ricks, H. A. Brake, C. E. SERGEANTS First Sergeant ROGERS. D. C. LYDAY, R. J. IRESON. C. S. BOST. J. W. Cherry. E. H. Knott. C. F. CORPORALS McLean, j. c. MONIE, J. M. MURPHEY. L. D. SALE.M. J. R. Station. E. Wood, W. N. Barber. J. E. Barnes. D. S. Bartholo.mew. w. Becton. W. T. Belgrade, m. M. Bennett. L. A. BOHANNON. D. L. BOYKIN. R. E. Buchanan. J. E. Burnetth. R. J. Calhoun. A. E. Daniels. E. R. Daniels. H. F. Dixon. Joseph Eason. E. F. Edmonds. P. F. Evans. G. R. Evans. R. H. Gardner. G. T. PRIVATES Garris. J- M. Gaskill. J. S. Hadlow. w. L. Harrell. a. h. Harrell, C. R Harris. F. V. Hodnett. J. A. Howard. C. C. Kellogg. J. G. kinken. p. g. Lang. w. e. Langston. R. E. Lupton. C. C. Luteri. p. J. McCleer. w. p. Mann. E. B. Moody. R. S. Moore, w. o. Morris. H. p. Mullen. J. E. NiMS. R. H. Payne. M. e. Perritt. W. H. Proctor. G. W. Ray. W. B. Richardson. O, Sample. J. A. Sawyer. H. C. SCAFF. W. H. Stone. P. E. Styron. C. W. Sugg. J. S. Sutton. T. B. Swain. J. D. Sykes. p. v. Waller. A. F. J. K. WOOTEN. J. F. Page Two Hundred Forty-seven Company I S. DiMeo Cadet Captain R. F. MONTONY first Lieutenant D. S. McCULLEN first Lieutenant F. L. Wilson fiVsf Lieutenant L. H. Overton firsl Lieutenant SERGEANTS Mann. C. L.. first Sergeant Belvin. W. L. Brock. H. Y. CORPORALS McDonald, D. E. MURRY. H. M. Marrs. H. E. Crutchfihld. E. B RUFFNER. R. F. Royal. J. A. Drumwright. a. L Fender. G. W. Turner. W. M. Heck. C. w. Goodman, T. A. Berry. A. B. Kelley. R. B. Johnson. A. S. PRIVATES Lackey, F. A. Adams. J. C. Hill. M. G. PERRY. W. C. Bailey. D. T. HORTON. O. M. Phillips. W. K. Barbee. R. L. Hoyle. I. T. Pope, W. a. Bland. G. W. HUNT, E. W. Porteus. D. W. Booker. H. W. Hunt. H. G. Prout. C. T. Boyd. W. B. Hunter. J. W. Raber. T. J. Busbee. F. I. James, J. V. RAY. H. C. Charnak. Peter Jones, w. t. Sandlin. C. p. Coleman. W. C. Kelly. F. T. Sawyer. J. E. COMPTON. W. B. KUHN. R. F. Scruggs. W. K. Dearborn. L. S. Lassen. E. J. Seawell. T. K. Dickens, a. J. LlLES. J. B. Spader. E. G. Dickens. H. M. McIntyre. J. E. Spruill. C. R. Fletcher. J. V. McKiM.MON. James Tedder. Elbert Freeman. J. T. Mangum. L. G. Theim. M. p. Garner. C. H. Meroney. Raymond Vaden. J. B. Glass. R. T. Montrello. John Walker. Harry Hagerman. S. N. MOSER. E. H. Weeks. L. T. Harris. C. S. Nance. P. M. WOMBLE. T, F. Hart. W .E. Parker. E. E. Wright. S. B. Haynes. W. E. Partin. W. B. Wynne. R. W. Page Two Hundred Forty-eight Cadet Captain J. B. Gurley Cadet 1st Lt. M. L. Shepherd Band Drum and Bugle Corps Drum and Bugle Corps and Band J. H. Brown Cadet Captain M. L. Shepherd.. Cadet First Lieutenant SERGEANTS Crotts, H. D.. First Sergeant Barrier, G. L. Cooke, T. N. McGhee, T. J, Poole, E. R. CORPORALS LiNDSTROM, J. H. Pettigrew, G. W. Williams. H. E. Michner, W. a. Shelton, O. T. Woodbury, L. B. Odom, E. G. Twitty, J. C. Bvrum, J. E. Chambers, C. L. Crumpler, B. F. Fortune. M. D. Gilmore, J. E. Kearney, J. B. Blackwood, T. S. Harris, V. C. Blackwood, W. A. Horsey, M, A. Edwards, L. V. Horton. B. M. Evans, P. G. PRIVATES Horton, C. P. Kanto, W. P. Le Roy, J. M. LiNDLEY, E. J. May, Emanuel Xewcomb, G. D. Patton, W. L. Pi aster, D. C. Powell, W. B. Wilson, D. S. I 1 ii D Page Two Hundred Forty-nine Military Band BAND PERSONNEL J. B. GURLEY Cadet Captain W. T. Williamson First Lieutenant B. R. Jolly Drum Major SERGEANTS Allen, J. F., first Sergeant BROOKS. H. S. LaMarr. J. B. Rabb, J. P. shoffner, w. l. Moore, o, b Sellers, B. S. Brockwell. S. B. Moss. a. f CORPORALS Bennett. D. E. Humphrey. W. O. Graver, G. P. Harrell, G. M. Gulp, J. W. Modlin, G, D. Padgett, J. L. PRIVATES Barker, G. L, Goodwin, C. R. Moss, L. A. Brown, C. J. Hall, E. M. Nycum. J. F. Cohen. H. D. Harding, L. R. Ogg. W. A, Cole. L. L. Huband. W. c. Peiffer. W. F. Cottrell. R. H. Inman. H. a. Poole. R. S. Creech. J. A. Jackson. R. O. Poiner, J. M. Curry, W. L. Jernigan, H. m. Schuster, O. M. Dave. Hyman Kelly, J. R. Stonebanks. J. L. Galba. E. p. Land, J. L. Strickland. W. H. Geddie. G. G. McConnell, B. M. Williams. F. C. McGuire. a. F. Page Two Hundred Fifty Panama Canal (O rf nf j E Columbus left Spain he was in search of a short route from Europe to India. His dream was not entirely realized until the Panama Canal was con- ceived. This remarkable engineering feat marks an era surpassed by none for its contri- bution to mankind. GEORGE S GOETHALS 1858—1928 MASTER ENGINEER OF THE PANAMA CANAL O ROAN IZATIONS Student Go ' ernment The first constitution of Student Government was granted by the Board of Trustees in 1921. and since that time each administration and each year has added something to the upbuilding of a better gov- ernment. Student Government is recognized as are the most important factors in the life of the college, because of its service to the administration of the college, its effect on the Student Body and its value in introducing students to the great problem of government. By having the students assume the responsibility of self-govern- ment. Student Government builds men of character, and cultivates that sense of responsibility so neces- sary to citizenship. Dan M. Paul President Mack Stout C. E. Brake Frank Gorham Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Page Two Hundred Fifty-doe = (( = — 4ig -= — r Student Council MEMBERS Dan M. Paul Seniors Mack Stout D. B. Thomas W. H. Ferguson John Gammon Juniors C. E. Brake F. W. Gorham J. E. Gill C. V. Morgan H. W. Sheld Sophomores D. A. Torrence M. K. Wilson H. L. Russ Louis H. Wilson A. H. Scott Page Two Hundred Fifty-six p. w. Price Director of Music Department of Music State College has one of the most outstanding music departments of the State due to the directing of " Daddy " Price. ' LEEciue Ur -| J The State College Orchestra Page Two Hundred Fifty-seven 9 I »• i . :} iF S 9 The Glee Club The Quartette Page Two Hundred Fifty-eight The State College Band State College Concert Band The State College Concert Band is the most outstanding musical organization of the school. Throughout the South it is recognized as one of the foremost college bands. The personnel of the Band embraces the best musical talent in school. Regularly the Band makes concert tours throughout the State and serves as one of the best advertisements the college has. " Daddy " Price has succeeded in dressing the members in beauti- ful uniforms. The captain of the Band this year is J. B. Gurley, of Rosemary. Page Two Hundred Fifty-nine King Clark Moore Young Men ' s Christian Association EMPLOYED STAFF E. S. King J. E. Moore Mrs. L. W. Bishop C. Leroy Clark M. L. Shepherd H. Y. Brock . . C. N. Gross STUDENT OFFICERS Secretary Associale Secretary Office Secretary President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer E. L. Cloyd F. A. Wheeler W. E. Jordan Thomas Nelson BOARD OF DIRECTORS I. O. SCHAUB, Chairman John a. Park H. E. Satterfield J. M. Gray L. L. Vaughan E. H. HOSTETLER E. W. BOSHART C. Leroy Clark. Ex Officio C. N. Gross. Ex Officio THE CABINET A. F. Ward Cfiairman of New Student Department J. W. HALSTEAD Chairman of Discussion Groups J. B. GuRLEY Hospital W. B. CALLIHAN Literature E. M. Overton Chairman of Conferences Harvey Whitley Publicity MiLO STROUPE Athletics W. D, Stephenson Deputation and Extension R. W, CUMMINGS Freshman Friendship Council R. H. GATLIN Religious Meetings J. I. Crouch Inter-racial Myron Reeves . . .Self -Help Committee Hagop Hagopian Christian World Education Page Ta ' o Hundred Sixty I l: Kik .V« - ' ■y Cabinet Page Two Hundred Sixty-one Discussion Group Leaders Rev. E. McNeill Poteat. Leader Baggett, Armon Blackwelder, C. W. BOYCE. W. C. Brock, H. Y. Brown, I. C. Callihan, W. B. Carpenter, M. A. Clark, C. L. Clodfelter. D. K. Cottrell, R. H. Cromartie, C, a. Crouch. J. I. cummings, r. w. Drumwright, a, L. Gurley, J. B. Hagopian, Hagop Hayes. W. J. Huband, W. C. Jr. Leonard. R. W. Matheson. H. D. Murphy. L. D. Owen, Otto Overton. E. M. Pleasant, Clyde Ponzer, K. L. Shelton. O. T. Sloan, F. S. Smith, C, M. Stephenson, W. D. Thompson, L. F. Vann, H. G. Whaley, C. D. Williamson, A. D. Wilson, R, P, Wilson. William Zimmerman. J, L, Page Tivo Hundred Sixty-lioo Freshman Friendship Covmcil PURPOSE: " To create, maintain and extend throughout the school high standards of Christian character. " OFFICERS RAWLINGS S. Poole President Karl S. ViCKERS. Jr Vice-President A. H. Couch Secretary -Treasurer Barker. Bill Bennett. R. O. Bennett. R. R. BOVKIN. R. E. bohannon, d. l. Bradshaw. R. a. Braswell. Bill Brintnall. p. E. Britt, E. V. Buckner, H. C. Butler, J. C. Caldwell, Harris Calhoun. A. E. Carter. F. A. Champion, Rov corpening, b. f. Dark, E. C. Doggett, J. F. Fergus, D. J. Foster. G. B. FOY, H. M. Gardner. G. T. Hart. V. E. Harris, F. V. Harrison, J. L. Hewitt, W. Wilson Hiohfill, U. O. Holland, Clinton E. Howard, C. C. HOYLE, I. T. Jones. E. G. KoRSMO. Thomas Lane. Jack Langdon. Irvin L. Leavitt, A. E. Lester, C. L. Lowe, Ike Maunev. J. P. MiNTz, Colon Newman, M. T. Nuckolls, George Phillips, R. E. Plonk. Hal Porter. J. A. Prout. C. T. Raber, Thomas J. Shugart, A. G. Simpson, J. M. Stone, Philip Stingley, J. M. Stvron, Charles TiLLEY, R. L. Wakefield, Olaf Webb, D. L. Westbrook. Holton p. Whitt , Darnell M. York, Holden E. Page Two Hundred Sixty-three The Elder P. D. Gold Citizenship Medal The Elder P. D. (Jold Citizenshiii Medal is awarded each year liy .Mr. C V. llold of (Jreensboro, N. C, a member of the class of 1895, in memory of his father. Elder P. D. Gold, of Wilson. N. C. The award is based on four qualities of citizenship in the college community : Scholarship, student leadership, athletics, and public speaking. These four qualifications are certified to by the college registrar. the Student Council, the Faculty Athletic Committee and a committee composed of the ranking junior officers in all college societies in which public speaking is practiced. The name of the winner of this medal is announced each year by the President of the college at the commencement exercises. Since the establishment of this award five years ago. it has been won by the following men: Name . Address Year Won H. D. Hamrick — I.. L. Hedgepeth E. G. Moore B. A. Sides H. H. Rogers J. E. Moore J. P. Choplin -.Ruth. N. C. -Richmond, " a. - — ..New Bern, N. C. ..Concord. N. C. ... ..Raleigh, N. C ..Lenoir. X. C W ' instnn-Salem, X. C. 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 J. P. Chopin Page Two Hundred Sixty-four PUB LIGATIONS PAKK COUCH BROCK LAND PUBLICATION BOARD A. S. Brower (Finance) Faculty F. H. Jeter (Literary) Faculty J. N. Gammon Agromeck E. G. Couch, Jr Agromeck R. H. Park Technician A. E. Land Technician J. C. Whitehurst Wataugan H. Y. Brock Wataugan Page Two Hundred Sixty-five Everett Couch Editor-in-Chief John Gammon Business Manaper The 1931 Agromeck The 1931 Agromeck is the result of two forces har- moniously blended. These forces are those of the editorial staff and those of the business staff. As editor, Everett Couch has tried to publish the best annual State College has ever had. When questions of policy have arisen, personal opinion has been " pigeon- holed " for the sake of better editorial judgment. John Gammon, as business manager, has labored through a difficult period and is to be commended on the success of his management. Page Two Hundred Sixty-six Maria3in. k H Senior Editor ' AssistaiH.EditSli-J ' C. E.R.IEDELL Lower Classes The Agromeck Staff Page Two Hundred Sixty-seven Roy H. park Edilor-m-Chief Alfred E. Land Business Manager The Technician " Thirty " — that ' s good-bye in newspaper lingo. It means that the assignment is finished, tliat the creator has done his best. The story then passes on to critics for correction and then to the readers. When Editor Park and Business Manager Land pecked " 30 " on their assignment — editing a college newspaper for nine months — there were no cor- rections for critics to make — no details to add. nothing to blue pencil. Experienced, logical, with a flair for writing. Park turned out news, read- able and spicy. Shrewd, endowed with Midas ' magic touch. Land had no diffi- culty in financing the publication. Each week The Technician gave you timely, reliable, interesting news, sound editorials. It was a delineator of campus activities and a moulder of campus opinions. Page Two Hundred Sixty-eight R. E. Yates Associate Editor TECHNICIAN STAFF J. A. Leinster Society Editor W. C. HUBAND Exchange Editor Page Two Hundred Sixty-nine J. c. Whitehurst Editor-in-Chief H. Y. Brock Business Manager L. C. VIPOND Associale Editor THE WATAl GAN The Walaugan. in this year, has been evolved into a humorous-literary magazine. In so doing it was believed by its editors to more nearly fit the needs of expression of the students. It now is equalized with both the literary and humorous aspects of student and faculty expression being duly emphasized. Interest in illustrations and cartoons was especially high in the student body. Mike Whitehurst. the editor, has brought into student publication en- vironment the natural phase of humor, leaving intact the interest hitherto showed in good literature. An exceptionally well financed year was made possible through the efforts of Henry Brock, business manager. It is necessary that the business manager raise a major portion of the proceeds required to publish the full six issues of The Watauqan. Page Two Hundred Seventy ViCK Callahan Brake Fields The N. C. State Agriculturist RUFUS G. ViCK Editor W. B. Callahan Business Manager W. H. Brake Associate Editor W. C. BOYCE Managing Editor F. W. Cook Alumm Editor A. D. Stuart Alumm Editor D. H. Latham Campus Editor H. B. James Assistant Campus Editor C. C. Murray Reporter F. H. Jeter Extension Editor W. K. Wynn Faculty Editorial Advisor T. M. Fields Circulation Manager C. W. Blackwelder Local Advertising Manager Page Two Hundred Seventy-one z HONORARY MEMBERS Brooks. Dr. E. C. Taylor. Dr. C. C. Cloyd. E. L. Cunningham, C. C. Greaves-Walker. A. F. Price, P. W. Sermon, R. R. King. E. S. Miller. J. F. Stafford, Tal H. Gardner. O. Max Early. Col. C. C. McDowell. Jack Aydlett. a. L. Johnson, M, W. Becton. H. L. Mercer, L. R. Amos. M. B. Geoghegan. J. Couch. E. G. Turner. C, B. Clark, C. L. MEMBERS Dameron. G. W. ViPOND. L. C. T. ViPOND, M. R. Mast. W. T. Paul. D. M. Stout, Mack «K n American Society of Mechanical Engineers OFFICERS A. M. Stephenson President J. L. Shepherd Vice-President H. L. Luther Secretary E. J. DUCKETT Treasurer H. J. Bingham Reporter SENIOR MEMBERS H. J. Bingham W. J. Bryant J. E. Collins E. J. DUCKETT A. R. FUFFA Leonard Hinckley W. B. King H. L. Luther D. S. McCULLEN E. J. Nesbitt R. W. Paris J. L. Shepherd A. M. Stephenson H. F. Anderson J. T. Banks G. E. Barber D. K. Clodfelter C. P. Fortune F. A. Geile H. H. Murray JUNIOR MEMBERS F. W. GORHAM J. W. Halstead D. L. Hogsette H. E. Karig W. G. Kirchheimer O. B. Moore R. G. Richardson H. A. Ricks J. H. Sherrill K. T. Speer L. M. Stephenson H. I. West J. C. Whitehurst Page Two Hundred Seventy- three American Ceramic Society OFFICERS E. A. Meents E. G. Couch. Jr F. N. SUMRELL MEMBERS Armfield. C. H. Davidson. E. C. Bangs, W. C. Forbes. F. B. Bailey. E. L. grimes, G. J. Benton. H. E. Green. J. C. Boyd. W. B. Gurneau. S. J. Bohannon. D. L. Harris. G. V. Couch, E. G., Jr. Hutchinson. H. H. Couch. A. H. Isenhour. J. H. Chambers. C. L. Lester. C. L. Clayton. J. V. Meents, E. A. Craven. H. E.. Jr. Modlin. G. D. FACULTY MEMBERS A. F. Greaves-Walker N. h. Stolle Page Two HundrvJ Si ' Venly-four President Vice-President Secretary -Treasurer Morrison. C. C. Patten, w. l. Penney. C. B. Purnell. J. F. Rankin. J. E. Seawell. T. R. Shands. E. H. Sumrell. F. N. Walker. Harry Williams. E. M. W. L. Fabianic American Institute of Electrical Engineers North Carolina State College Branch OFFICERS Richard C. Kirk A. WINFRED HAMRICK . , J. Herman mauney . . Prof. R. S. Fouraker President Vice-President . Secretary -Treasurer Counselor H. E. Ashe C. D. Barker G. L. Barrier H. W . Barringer O. L. Baum M B. Bazemore B. Beavers V M . Bell G. W Benbury J. W. Bost H. Y Brock J. H. Brown W C Calton A. B. Campbell E. R. Cathey J. L. Chandler L. I. Chidester H J. Cobb J. E. Collins MEMBERS R. H. COTTRELL, Jr. C. S. Ireson J. S. Culbertson T. E. KiGER E. L. Daughtridge R. C. Kirk S. Di Meo R. KONIG F. L. Fentress T. H. Lee G. O Finch T. a. Leinster Pr of. R. S. Fouraker H. F. LiCHTY a. S. FURTADO E. C. McKlNNEY L. O. Garner B. s. Mauney J. E. Gilmore J. H. Mauney N. S. Gregory D. P. Melton J- B. Gurley W C Millner J. o. Hall W . L . Morgan A. v . Hamrick F. M. Oakley H H Hartman J. L. Pleasants W . .T Hayes K L. PONZER H B HiNES M R EEVES L. C. Hubward J. F. RiDDICK M C Hutchinson G. E. Ritchie J. R. Salem J. W. Sawyer M L Shepherd C. A. Smith C. M. Smith w . S Smith R. L. Snyder .T. Spykstra .T. W. SOUTHERLAND C. A. Tate c. W Thomas R. E. Truesdell E. R. TULL G. S. Turner L. c. ViPOND W . T. Walker c. D. Whaley T. E. Whitehead T. T. Winstead D. A. Worsley Page Two Hundred Seventy-five American Society of Ci il Engineers OFFICERS G. W. DAMERON Presided J. M. GIBSON Vice- President W. J. WHITAKER Secrefary- Treasurer R. H. WEISNER Secgeanl-at-Arms MEMBERS Prof. Harry Tucker J. M. Johnson H. M . Hayes (1, W. Stallings Pkof. C. L. Mann R. M. Caldwell G. S. Pate v , 1). Lambeth Prof. J. S. Whitenkr H. S. Brown L. K. Smith .K II. ALLACE R. T. Barnes R. E. NOBLIN F. R. Gonzales 1.. ( 1. Ml ' RPHEY W. T. Whitaker V. I,. Martin E. G. Thurlow I . li. Ramsey G. W. Da.meron Felix Italiano E. L. HiNTON A. 1.. OrUM WRIGHT J. M. Gibson R. H. Weisner T. L. M. K. W ilson C. B. Turner V. F. Gilbert D. E. McDonald A. S. Marchese R. B. Gardner F. iM. FllJWARPS W . S. , Kogdale A. K. LippARn George Tarleto.n- C. L. Mann, Jr. L. M. Taylor W . M . Turner T. F. Redmon Max Wolfe E. G. Hard WOOD B. N. W ALTERS R. H. Gatlin H. C. Yelverton C. S. Simmons B. F. McCann A. K. TiLEY S. W. Bright C. w . Heck W . . 1 . Brown C. H. HOLBROOKS M. C. Jennette L. E. Bowers W . L. HUBANII A. G. XlCKS F. H. Whitley G. L. Barker B. L. K I R K M A N W. T . Williamson L. 0. Franklin A. B. Taylor O. r. Si! ELTON J. O. Meade R. W . Leonard I. L. Herring Page Two Hundred Seventy- •SIX ' - •-=■ 1 Amer ican Institute of Chemical Engineers STUDENT CHAPTER N. C. State College OFFICERS C. M. Sprinkle President H. D. CROTTS , Vice-President W. J. Ellis Secretary G. W. HiLLIARD Treasurer L. M. Knott Recorder MEMBERS T. R. Barnes A. J. Thompson A. p. Moss W. E. Braswell E. E. Carter M. A. L ' rguiza J . W. Neeley W. E. Bach E. H. Carter M. R. X ' iPOND M. H. NORLANDER S. J. DuSINSKI C. L. Clark M. R. Wells D. C. Seeley Earl Calhoun H. D. Crotts .1. D. Welch R. B. Spencer H. R. Wright J. I. Crouch W . L. Belvin J. E. Thompson A. Goldsmith J. T. Geoghegan W . K, Cathev H, E. Williams C. E. Holland W. E. Koonce C. V. Clapp E. F. Alligood C. F. Lane Chreston Holoman M. M . Croom T. M. Harris p. G. Kinken F. A. Jones L. R. Conger B. B. Jordan B. G. Nanney W. D. McRoy L. W. England L. M. Knott F. W. Peiffer L. R. Mercer A. Gonzalez R. J. McCuLLOUGH VV. E. Perritt J. M. Morrow C. N. Gross L. A. Moss Frank Proctor L. B. Parrish G. VV. Milliard G. T. Perry W. W. Smith A. B. Pearcy S. e. HOLLOWAY W. T. Reese Van Shuping W. Smith c. R. LeFort W. H. Ayscue E. G. Spader J. R. Stamper L. M. Mauney L. A. Bennett L. Webb W. D. Stephenson R. V . McIVER F, B. Bowen Page Two Hundred Seventy-seven Poultry Science Club OFFICERS First Term Second Term Third Term Ferguson W. B. Nesbit W. D. Jester President iEAM J. E. Greene W. H. Britt Secretary MEMBERS C. G. Beam W. D. Jester W. H. Brake A. T. Jackson W. C. Boyce H. B. James I. C. Brown Fred Jones W. H. Britt R. B. Kelly R. E. Byrd J, W. Kelly J. W. Crawford L. A. Massengill W. B. Callihan G. G. Murray R. H. Grouse R. P. Moore H. B. Grumpler B. D. Robinson T. M. Fields W. D. Reynolds W. H. Ferguson J. M. Parks J. E. Greene G. F. O ' QuiNN H. T. Gryder H. P. Winchester Page Tivo Hundred Seventy-eight Agricultural Club OFFICERS First Term Second Term Third Term W. H. Brake . . B. D. Robison W. H. Ferguson President J. F. Brown J. M. Parks J. B. Watts Vice-President J. M. Parks G. B. Hobson A. S. Jenkins Treasurer T. M. Fields , . R. R. Smithwick W. C. Boyce Secretary H. B. James J. B. Pollock D. H. Latham Reporter " The Agricultural Club is the sponsor of student activities and of fellow- ship in the School of Agriculture. " MEMBERSHIP " The Agricultural Student Body. " Page Two Hundred Seventy-nine i ' Pullen Literary Society Spring Term 19 iO J. E. Gill H. B. Pritchard. . . w. H. Brake D. B. Thomas OFFICERS I-M Teem 1930 Winter Term 1931 . D. B. Thomas W. H. Brake President H. B. Pritchard R. w. Gumming Vice-President . w. E. Vinson . ,M. a. Carpenter. Jr Treasuret . W. H. Brake N. R. WHITENER Secretary MEMBERS Anderson. H. F. Bateman. W. E. Bennett, d. w. Brake. W. H. FiROWN. H. S. Brown. J. F. Gallihan, W. B. Carpenter. M. A. Growell. D. J. Gumming. R. W. Evans. R. C. Gill. J. E. Hall. E. M. Harrell. A. H. HOBSON, G. B. LaMar, J. B. Lambeth. W. O. Lyday. R. J. Moore. R. P. Owens. O. P. Parks. J. M. Pritchard. H Rhyne, D. K. Stokes, d. Thomas. D. B. Vinson. W. E. Ward. A. F. Whitener. N. R B. Page Two Hundred Eighty Tompkins Textile Society OFFICERS G. H. McGinn President F. L. Wilson Vice-President E. W. Crow Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Dean Thomas Nelson Prof. T. R. Hart Prof. a. H. Grimshaw Prof. C. G. Osborne Prof. J. T. Hilton H. S. Plonk J. D. MiLSTED N. r. Whitne r T. G. Tyson C. r. Little W. R. Rogers L. F. Sharpe C. D. Reams L. R. Burgess H. M. Fov. Jr. L. B. Brown J. A. Porter F. s. Snowden J. H. Lewis M. A. Carpenter S. W. Bright Wilson Adams W. L. Jones H. H. Rankin J. N. Gammon J. L. Padgett A. F. McGuiRE j. d. honeycutt Tom Mott Page Two Hundred Eighty-one North Carolina State Forest Club OFFICERS George w. Earner President Albert H. Maxwell Treasurer M. M. Riley Secretary C. Harold ShAFER Social Chairman Daniel B. Griffin Athletic Manager MEMBERS Alex L. Setser Daniel B. Griffin Wm. B. Ward George K. Slocum George K. Schaeffer John J. Kerst Albert H. Maxwell Edwin B. Leeke George W. Earner Bill Barker R. G. Corpening Leonard Dearborn Paul W. Tillman J. C. Elakeney w. J. Clark RUDOLPHE SEITZ T. C. Crocker. Jr. J. Orville Artman William T. Euhrman M. M. Riley Richard A. Wood Arthur A. Grumbine Norman Bruce Alter Chester F. Phelps Fred A. Doerrie C. T. Prout C. V. Hartsell C. Harold Shafer Harvey J. Loughead M. C. Whitsell w. E. Stroud RoBER L. Pierce Luther Williams. Jr. Alvin B. Haeer J. A. Farmer W. Ervin Allison Wm. H. Warriner James E. Cartwright Harry A. Foreman Frederick H. Hube R. R. Bennet Peter Charnak Charles G. Royer Paul W. Allred Boyd Kaeer George W. Pettigrew R. O. Bennet Dr. J. V. Hofmann Prof. Hayes Mr. Holmes (Chief Forester N. C.) Mr. CLERIDGE (Asst. Chief Forester) Mr. Graber Page Two Hundred Eighty-two Qi New Hanover County Club OFFICERS Charles D. Whaley President William O. Humphrey Vice-President Rudolph Konig Secretary -Treasurer William Boyd Reporter Flower: Red Rose COLORS: Orange and Black MoTTO: " All for One and One for All. " PURPOSE To create and maintain a fraternal spirit among the members of that com- munity. At regular meetings problems of New Hanover County will be dis- cussed. C. A. Williams. Jr. Gene K. Williams Robert McGlaughon Lloyd w. Moore. Jr. Charles Coldiron Frank Peiffer. Jr. Eugene Schulken Eugene Farriss W. E. Davis. Jr. Leroy B. Woodbury. Jr. MEMBERS W. J. Hayes Houston Cromartie D. J. Fergus Joseph Blake Robert Bennett William Boyd C. D. Whaley W. E. WiLLIFORD Rudolph Konig WiLLiA.M O. Humphrey William Sloan John Rodgers Guilford Oldham Herbert Lynch George Newcomb B. C. Blake N. D. Edwards Charles Gorman Bradley G. Wooten Sam Troy Page Two Hundred Eighty-three Self-Help Club OFFICERS H. T. Gryder . . . C. G. Lawrence J. W. Kelly ... H. L. Luther H. P. Winchester Harvey Whitley . President . . . . Vice-President ... Secretary . Assistant Secretary Treasurer Historian MEMBERS B. F. ALLIGOOD J. G. Blake S. C. Brown J. W. Brown C. L. Clark M. M. Croom r. w. cummings Wayne Dameron W. H. Ferguson T. M. Fields L. O. Fulchur H. T. Gryder K. A. Haney H. T. Hagopian R. M. Holder A. T. Jackson W. M. Keel J. W. Kelly C. G. Lawrence H. L. Luther N. A. Matthis D. E. McDonald J. T. McLeod R. H. Parks J. G. Pollock W. D. Reynolds B. D. Robinson J. A. Royal G. K. SCHAEFFER F. H. Sloan G. H. Smith B. H. Staton J. A. Sutton w. H. Ward Harvey Whitley H. P. Winchester J. M. Taylor G. R. WOODALL W. F. Wilson Page Two Hundred Eighty-four Professor Padget. Coach Debate and Oratory 1930-31 RECORD Won From: University of North Carolina (Ward and Amos). University of North Carolina (Stokes and Gill). Birmingham-Southern ( Amos and Ward ) . University of South Carolina (Amos and Ward). Georgia State (Amos and Ward). Boiling Green of Ohio (Amos and Ward ) . Farmville State (Amos and Stokes). Catawba (Amos and Stokes). University of Georgia ( Amos and Stokes) . Lost to: Wake Forest (2). (Ward. Amos and Stokes). Ward Amos Rhyne Gill Page Two Hundred Eighty-five F RAT E l N I T I ES © ,0 O- Sigma Nu John Gammon John Sherrill York Bass Henry Burrus Ed. Crow George Ball Nathaniel McQueen Page Two Hundred Eighty-eight M. B. Amos ScoTTV Wands Allen Rogers Sigma Nu Founded at Virginia Military Institute, 1S69 NINETY-SIX ACTIVE CHAPTERS SIXTY-SIX ALUMXI CHAPTERS Colors: Black. White and Gold FLOWER: White Rose C. G. Keeble J. N. Gammon J. R. Sherrill BETA TAU CHAPTER Installed at State. 1895 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Coach R. S. Warren FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 G. H. Fowler M. B. Amos P. H. BURRUS, Jr. J. Y. Bass K. A. Bridges Reid Tull H. L. Bendle T. L. Ware e. a. cushman Frank Edmonson K. B. Miles, Jr. H. J. Young, Jr. T. M. Allen G. S. Arthur W. Batley N. B. Ball W. F. MORSON A. A. Parks O. L. Betts W. H. Bond Class of 1932 L. A. Brown. Jr. E. W. Crow. Jr. Class of 1033 A. G. Rogers N. H. McQueen A. J. Wilson. Jr. PLEDGES James McKimmon James Poyner Minor Hunter H. T. Patterson. Jr. FRATRES IN URBE W. M. Boylan W. W. Price W. Clark. Jr. C. E. Latta H. Jones W. M. Russ C. L. Williamson C. E. Matthews E. Jenkins J. S. Mason W. R. Wands G. F. Ball M. K. Wilson. Jr. J. W. Coachman G. C. Cauthen S. B. Hanes, Jr. R. B. Jolly A. McKimmon W. F. Upshaw J. McKimmon H. A. Morson J. L. Morson A. Williams. Jr. F. M. Williams I. E. Jones Murray Allen Page Two Hundred Eighty-nine ■BrtMMhi Wo C f jT i (T ' O «. ' k r " 1 V " i I Kappa Sigma Everett Couch Sam Oliver Jimmie Seal Henry Rankin S. A. Wray E. W. Freeze Max Wolfe Carl Hinson Carroll Mann Nathan Newbold Bland Chapman Eugene Cross Frank Gorham J. C. Blackeney Page Two Hundred Ninety Kappa Sigma Founded at University of Bologna, Italy, 1400 Established in United States at University of Virginia, 1869 ONE HUNDRED EIGHT ACTIVE CHAPTERS EIGHTY-SIX ALUMNI CHAPTERS Colors: Scarlet. Green and White FLOWER: Lily of the Valley BETA UPSILON CHAPTER Installed at State, January, 190.1 FRATRES IN FACULTATE I. O. SCHAUB C. L. Mann A. S. Brower E. R. Slaughter E. G. Couch. Jr. H. H. Rankin J. W. Herndon G. L. Patterson. Jr. E. W. Freeze. Jr. G. B. Chapman W. C. HiNSON, Jr. E. S. C. Herndon W. B. Hamilton M. F. Ritchie, Jr. B. F. Moore W. B. Duncan H. S. Lee W. H. Allen J. H. Pou, Jr. J. N. Duncan R. A. Brown C. B. Barbee H. L. Smith S. S. FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 C. Oliver A. Wray Class of 1932 D. J. Crowell C. L. M. NN. Jr. Max Wolfe Class of 1933 J. C. Blakeney N. C. Newbold PLEDGES R. R. Greason J. M. Johnson J. H. RUTLEDGE J. B. Hughes FRATRES IN URBE B. Sattereield W. O. Smith T. C. Powell, Jr. J. G. Ball. Jr. J. C. Young W. R. Saunders E. E. Culbreth K. R. Smith R. W. Smith W. R. Stevenson J. L. Seal F. E. W. Gorham Cross. Jr. O. K. La Roque, Jr. R. N. Crenshaw S. F. Morris J. A. Hodnett C. L. Duncan B. C. Williamson J. F, Hoff D. W. Alexander J. C. McDonald H. E. Norris P. K. Ball C. Lamb J. H. Hardison Page Til q Hundred Ninety-one . .- -t x Kappa Alpha " Skeet " Atkinson J. A. Leinster Charlie Griffin JURGEN HAAR Henry Ricks Willie York Page Two Hundred Nineiy-lwo Kappa Alpha Founded at Washington and Lee University, 1865 SIXTY-SEVEX ACTIVE CHAPTERS SEVEXTY-FIVE ALUMXI CHAPTERS Colors: Crimson and Gold FLOWERS: Magnolia and Red Rose ALPHA OMEGA CHAPTER Installed at State. Jaxvarv 30. 1903 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. T. p. Harrison Dr. W. C. Riddick J. F. Miller J. P. Lucas T. A. MoTT, Jr. R. A. Grlmes. Jr. DuANE Murray Jurgen Haar Charles Griffin Wesley York FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 H. E. Atkinson Lawrence Haar Class of 1932 Armfield Leinster Ben Merritt Class of 1933 Harry Buice Carl Franks John Ashe Henry Ricks R. B. Telfair Christopher Hughes Ben Elliott PLEDGES Guilford Oldham Gene Farris Charles Coldiron FRATRES IN URBE William Haynes Edward Mann C. D. Arthur H. P. Keller H. J. Stockard J. G. Ashe E. H. Lee J. G. Vann L. L. Arthur R. McDonald T. H. Ward R. T. BOYLAN V. H. Merritt W. Ward J. S. Chamberlain R. T. Newcomb L. N. West E. S. Freeman R. E. Page C. G. White R. S. HiNTON J. L. Primrose G. Smith C. V. York Page Two Hundred Ninety-three ;: «i- i Pi Kappa Alpha Ed Rankin Bus Fennel Harry Lee Johnny Geoghegan Walter Clement Herman Gardner Jimmie Carter John Rabb Puije TiL ' i) Hundred Nincly-four Pi Kappa Alpha Founded at University of Virginia, March 1, 1868 EIGHTY ACTIVE CHAPTERS SEVENTY-SEVEN ALUMNI CHAPTERS Colors: Garnet and Gold FLOWER: Lily of the Valley ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER Installed at State, October 31. 1904 FRATRES IN FACULTATE H. B. Briggs W. T. Clement J. T. Geoghegan H. C. Carter J. L. Carter W. S. Houston J. J. Knowles F. A. Thomas J. E. Beaman J. H. BOUSHALL W. C. BOWEN C. R. BUGG W. F. Caveness R. W. Dent N. E. Edgerton S. W. Hill W. A. Holding F. M. Houston FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 E. M. Fennell J. H. Lee Class of 19 3 Z J. H. Gardner E. E. McCanless Class of 1933 B. M. McCONNELL G. M. Scott PLEDGES A. F. McQuiRE C. M. Best FRATRES IN URBE J. M, Howard A. M. Inman A. W. Knox J. E. MCDOUGALL F. McNeill J. T. Moore M. Norman H. B. Norris A. L. Penny J. T. Moore J. A. Park J. E. Rankin J. P. Rabb F. S. Snowden J. L. Land J. L. Smithdeal T. N. Park P. H. Park J. A. Rowland N. F. Turner, Jr. S. C. Welch H. G. Ruark R. J. Ruark S. W. Ruark W. M. Upchurch R. B. Wilson Page Two Hundred Ninety-five ■- ' " ■« Sigma Phi F ' .psilon J. M. Morrow J. C. Barnhardt Fred Ingram Deceased N. C. Davunport J. B. Meacham J. D. Smith F. M. Edwards H. A. McCi.uNG w. F. Hanks J. M. BOONH D. M. WOODSIDE W. D. Starr Page Two Hundred Ninety-six Sigma Phi Epsilon Foi ' NDED AT Richmond College, 1901 SIXTY-TWO ACTIVE CHAPTERS TWEXTV-FOUR AI.l ' MXI CHAPTERS Colors: Royal Purple and Red Flowers: American Beauty Roses and Violets BETA CHAPTER Installed at State, ;May 3, 1905 FRATRES IN FACULTATE H. St. George Tucker N. C. Davenport J. C. Earnhardt J. M. Boone L. I. Chidester W. F. Hanks F. P. Ingram FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Class of 19 n J. M. Morrow H. R. Ormand Class of 1Q32 F. M. Edwards J. B. Meacham Class of 1933 C. F. Knott H. A. McClung J. D. Smith C. S. SCHAUB H. Pennington, Jr. Douglas Starr d. m. woodside W. H. Clifford M. H. Dunn Forrest Kelley R. D. Beam W. W. Cato P. R. ASHBY T. L. Creekmore B. M. Catling, Jr. PLEDGES W. O. Moore E. L. MiLEY J. F. Nycum C. P. Sandlin FRATRES IN URBE J. Catling J. H. Harper C. C. Hicks, Jr. C. W. Norman L. M. Phelps C. P. Smith Dale Starbuck N. Y. York Dr. J. M. Proctor E. E. Roberts J. W. Shauls W. Smith M. W. Woodward. Jr. ' Deceased. Page Tivo Hundred Ninety-seven Delta Sigma Phi Lee Mercer J. D. Welch W. S. Lee F. c. Herbst Bill McKenzie S. B. Bkockwell G. B. Hooker Page Ta ' o Hundred Ninety-eight Delta Sigma Phi Founded at College of the City of New York. December 10, 1899 FIFTY ACTIVE CHAPTERS XINETEEX ALUMXI CHAPTERS COLORS: iVi7e Green and White Flower: White Carnation RHO CHAPTER Installed at State, May 20, 1915 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. L. F. Williams Dr. C. C. Taylor N. H. Stolte Wm. Fabianic F. M. Haig FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 J. D. Welch L. R. Mercer G. J. Albright W. S. Lee W. B. McKenzie M. G. Elliott C. G. Watson F. C. Herbst Class of 1932 Class of 19 33 F. S. CULLOM PLEDGES S. B. Brockwell C. W. Seifert Joe Gates Stanley Clevenger Oliver Horton Alvin Leavitt Bill Madry Roy Phillips Rawlings Poole Parker Powell Gene Schulken Joe Sawyer HOLTON WESTBROOK FRATRES IN URBE CoL. J. W. Harrelson H. M. Ray H. K. WiTHERSPOON W. Z. Betts J. Robertson D. L. Cannon G. Tucker W. L. Lashley Page Two Hundred Ninety-nine Pi Kappa Phi R. W. Paris mack Stout r. e. Noblin R. L. Cavinhss W. C. Bangs j. b. Midvettk N. V. Gibson J. W. Halstead harvjl Harris li. M. Williams Puge Three Hundred Pi Kappa Phi Founded at Colllle uf (.■HAhLt.sTON. Decemrer 10, 1904 THIRTY-EIGHT ACTIVE CHAPTERS TWEXTV-ONE AI.l ' MNI CHAPTERS Colors: White and Cold Flower: Red Rose TAU CHAPTER Installed at State. April 24. 1920 J. F. Barwick R. W. Paris FRATRES IN FACULTATE J. S. Meares FRATRES IN COLLEGIO C c7,s.s of 103! R. L. Caviness. Jr. Mack Stout r. e. noblin N. F. Gibson. Jr. Harvil Harris T. C. Hubbard E. M. Williams J. M. Ford Hugh Evans Joe Dixon R. L. Stubing H. B. Barwick W. B. Phifer W. A. Cooper Garland Green A. N. Greene Clyde Eby. Jr. Class of 1Q3I M. S. Harrell W. C Bangs J. W. Halstead, Jr. J. B. Midyette Class of IQ33 J. U. RiGSBEE J. Y. Monk A. B. Berry PLEDGES E. W. Hunt Stahle Brown W. E. Lang. Jr. FRATRES IN URBE L. M. Shirley C. H. Davis, Jr. A. W. Bailey D. S. Cox J. T. Stephenson John Coffey N. T. S.mithwick Page Three Hundred One Sigma Pi R. M. LiGHTFOOT L. C. VlPOND W. T. MAST M, R. VlPOND J. M. Johnson L. P. Warrhn w. s. Russkll G. R. Berryman a. B. Campbkll J. E. STROUPE C. N. Gross D. a. Garfield H. L. Hoaglin H. E. Craven Page Three Hundred Two Sigma Pi Founded at " ixcexxes University, 1897 TWEXTY-SEVEX ACTIVE CHAPTERS SIXTEEX AI.rMXI CHAPTERS Colors: Lavender and White Flower: Orchid RHO CHAPTER IXSTALLKD AT StATE. 1921 FRATRES IN FACULTATE A. F. Greaves-Walker H. B. Mann R. M. LiGHTFOOT W. T. Mast E. H. Shands FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 L. C. ViPOND M. R. ViPOND Class of 1931 A. B. Campbell H. E. Craven C. P. Early B. J. Baum G. R. Berryman R. F. Lyerly W. S. Russell J. P. Sadler D. L. Bohannon A. C. Hedgepeth A. L. Herrington D. A. Garfield C. N. Gross H. L. Hoaglin W. P. Warren Class of 19 33 L. H. Wilson W. C. Sharpe W. H. ESPEY C. E. Cobb J. E. Stroupe W. H. Headen PLEDGES W. L. Patton R. J. Sheets B. J. Wooten Everett Truesdale FRATRES IN URBE W. W. McNeil R. B. Ethridge L. M. Wade J. M. Kennedy. Jr. Page Three Hundred Three Phi Kappa Tau J. W. SUMMEY P. L. Fentress Carl Boggs H. K. HOUSER W. C. SCARBORO Page Three Hundred Four Phi Kappa Tau Founded at Miami University, Oxford. Ohio, 1906 FORTY-THREE ACTIVE CHAPTERS TWEXTV-FOUR ALUMNI CHAPTERS Colors: Harvard Red and Old Gold FLOWER: Red Carnation CHI CHAPTER Installed at State, December 7, 1923 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dean E. L. Cloyd Dean Thomas Nelson Prof. J. D. Paulson Prof. P. A. Seese F. L. Fentress R. E. Godfroy C. A. BOGGS F. R. Nail H. S. Plonk J. P. Mauney J. M. Wilcox FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 Edward R. Tull J. W. Summey Class of 1932 A. R. Guthrie H. H. Miller J. H. Croxton Class of 1933 W. F. Scarboro PLEDGES J. A. Creech F. E. Tarrh R. S. Stallings R. E. BOYKIN A. L. Monroe H. M. Jenkins FRATRES IN URBE Fred Crum Walter Rand R. G. Thomas Page Three Hundred Five ' d ' .ff Lambda Chi Alpha H. B. Merriam W. F. Callaway w. N. Fuller Page Three Hundred Six ROBT. SESSOMS C. C. Lane T. J. Bagby V. H. BRITT E. C. Mewborn A. F. Ward Lambda Chi Alpha FocXDED AT Boston University. November 2. 1909 EIGHTY-OXE ACTIVE CHAPTERS EIGHTEEN AI.l ' MNI CHAPTERS Colors: Purple. Green, and Gold FLOWER; Violet GAMMA UPSILON ZETA CHAPTER Installed at State. March 3, 1924 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. T. B. Mitchell G. G. Osborne R. W. Hayes R. J. Pearsall FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Class of ion V. H. Britt, Jr. H. B. iVlERRIAM E. C. Mewborn Curtis C. Lane E. G. Thurlow W. N. Fuller. Jr. A. F. Ward, Jr. P. M. Bradshaw H. M. FOY. Jr. G. T. Gardner C. S. Harris. Jr. R. B. Kelly J. W. Workman R. L. Sessoms Class of 1951 W. F. Callaway R. B. Suggs. Jr. J. L. Fitzgerald Class of 19 5 i T. J. Bagby PLEDGES R. S. Davis R. O. Jackson J. R. Kelly H. S. Stoney D. L. Webb J. G. White H. M. Conyers W. E. Turner E. O. Marshburn R. G. Deyton S. R. Workman T. B. Mitchell R. G. WiLFONG FRATRES IN URBE A. R. Newsome E. W. Mathews C. W. Mathews J. O. Holt Wayne Burch R. J. Pearsall A. H. Cotton T. R. Walker G. G. Osborne R. W. Hayes E. G. Davis Page Three Hundred Seven Theta Kappa Nu Guv Harris Harold Russell J. K. Tadlock Hugh Weed w. W. Greenhalgh A. C. Cannon E. S. Benas Roger B .gby h. s. Brooks J. D. Lamm Page Three Hundred Eight Theta Kappa Nu Founded at Springfield. Missouri. 1924 FORTY-NINE ACTIVE CHAPTERS SEVENTEEN- ALUMNI CHAPTERS Colors: Argent. Sable and Crimson FLOWER: White Rose N. C. ALPHA CHAPTER Installed at State. June 9, 1924 FRATRES IN FACULTATE L. C. Hartley H. E. Russell Hugh Weed J. D. Lamm George C. Jones A. C. Cannon R. C. Bagby Charles Lavery B. C. Skinner, Jr. W. T. Emmart Worth Hunsucker FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Clas s of 1931 E. H. Carter J. K. Tadlock W. W. Greenhalgh Class of 1932 E. S. Benas Class of 1933 H. S. Brooks PLEDGES T. A. Goodmon J. R. Meikle H. E. Benton Harry Hunt N. H. Johnson, Jr. Pete Lutero J. R. Stamper Grady Farris FRATRES IN URBE W. E. Koonce G. V. Harris Page Three Hundred Nine Alpha Lambda Tau H. M. Murray b. C. Millkr Edmund Jones D. E. Bennett c. R. LeEort J. E. Newby e. M. Boyette g. T. Stevens C. E. RlEDELL ALVIN SCHWAB J. H. Isenhour G. C. Nelson C. B. Liles Page Three Hundred Ten Alpha Lambda Tau FoiiNDED AT Oglethorpe University, 1914 TWENTY-TWO ACTIVE CHAPTERS FOUR ALUMNI CHAPTERS Colors: Old Gold and Black Flower: American Beauty Rose ZETA CHAPTER Installed at State, 1925 FRATRES IN FACULTATE M. C. Leager A. M. Fountain FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Class of 19 51 F. B. SiNGLETARY. JR. L. J. WiNSTEAD Class of 1932 R. D. Anderson C. R. Leforte G. T. Stevens Class of 1933 W. H. Lynch J. H. Isenhour C. E. RiEDELL G. C. Nelson Ed Jones. Jr. C. B. LiLES E. M. BOYETTE J. E. Newby D. E. Bennett H. M. Murray A. L. Schwab B. C. Miller PLEDGES R. C. Bradshaw W. L. Jones L. W. Moore C. B. Penney C. K. Williams H. B. Shaw H. BOGUE Albert Stallings E. G. Harwood H. D. Hood C. H. FoY G. D. Newcomb H. H. Cromartie L. M. Fonvielle L. W. Jones F. E. Davis FRATRES IN URBE C. C. Oldham Page Three Hundred Eleven Phi PI Phi J. R. Rhea B. L. Pike R. C. Ivey J. H. Sparks w. J. Walker J. C. Andrews J. H. Reel W. o. Humphrey Page Three Hundred Twelve i i i Phi Pi Phi Founded at Chicago. Illinois, 1915 TWENTY ACTIVE CHAPTERS FIVE ALUMXI CHAPTERS Colors: Turquoise Blue and Black XI CHAPTER Installed at State, 1927 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. R. F. Poole Flower: Blue Bell J. R. Rhea J. W. Richardson B. L. Pike FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 R. C. IVEY J. H. Sparks J. C. Andrews W. J. Walker J. H. Reel W. E. Dick I. C. Lowe E. B. KiDD Class of 1932 J. D. Britt Class of 1933 PLEDGES G. S. Pate W. T. Crawford W. O. Humphrey S. H. Caldwell H. H. Elliott, Jr. E. R. GOODWYN FRATRES IN URBE R. C. Stephenson O. N. Henley Page Three Hundred Thirteen Tau Rho Alpha W. H. AVERETTE J. W. INSCOE B. B. Sawyer w. E. Cooper M. o. Gerock T. B. Lester I ' age Three Hundred Fourteen Tavi Rho Alpha Founded at X. C. State College. 1921 Colors: Purple and Green FLOWER; Violet FRATRES IN FACULTATE W. N. Hicks FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Class of 19 31 V. H. AvERETTE W. E. Cooper C. S. MClNTYRE J. W. INSCOE Class of 1932 R. B. SiNGLETARV OUTEN GEROCK Class of 1933 T. B. Lester B. B. Sawyer G. T. McAuLAY PLEDGES E. A. Hines Baxter Watt J. P. Turlington Tom Newman FRATRES IN URBE W, T. Harding. Jr. W. O. Honeycutt Page Three Hundred Fifteen V Sigma Tau Beta A. W. Parker Eugene Purcell M. C. Garner C. F. OQuinn W. r. Mercer R. E. BYRD J. H. BAYLESS Page Three Hundred Sixteen Sigma Tau Beta Founded at N. C. State College, 1925 Colors: Old Gold and Black FLOWER: White Rose FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1Q31 E. PURCELL M. C. Garner H. L. Britt A. W. Parker J. H. Bayless R. E. Byrd E. N. Barden Class of 193. C. F. O ' QUINN Class of 1933 PLEDGES W. E. Bayless R. A. Mears W. R. Mercer J. S. Sebastian FRATRES IN URBE F. T. Green B. C. O ' Quinn P. H. Watts Page Three Hundred Seventeen I Alpha Chi Beta J. E. King e. E. Carter N. SuMRELL T. R. Baknhs J. B. Williams Clem Campbell w. r. Middleton Page Three Hundred Eighteen laaiE Alpha Chi Beta Founded at N. C. State College. Feiiruary (i, 1928 Colors: Scarlet and Grey Flower: American Beauty Rose FRATRES IN FACULTATE S. T. Ballenger FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 J. B. Williams, Jr. T. R. Barnes F. N. Sumrell G. P. Meyer .J. E. King E. E. Carter Class of 1931 E. M. Burke H. A. Lyerly W. A. Parrish Class of 1933 Clem Campbell P. J. Hathaway F. L. Faulconer J. H. Kennedy PLEDGES W. R. MiDDLETON W. E. TULLOCK R. B. Kimrey FRATRES IN URBE E. L. McCarn Page Three Hundred Nineteen Beta Sigma Alpha H. O. Beck C. H. Eastep C. C. Parks D. S. MCCULLEN J. M. Barnes R. J. Barnes Page Three Hundred Twenty Beta Sigma Alpha Founded at X. C. State College. 192S Colors: Orange and Blue Flower: Carnation C. H. Eastep H. O. Beck FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 T. E. KiGER R. J, BARNE3 D. S. McCULLEN Class of 19 32 J. M. Barnes Class of 1933 C. C. Parks A. B. Taylor PLEDGES J. M. King F. M. Crawford W. C. Huband W. V. Foster R. W. Elam L. M. Woolard J. H. Adams W. E. MiNNICH Page Three Hundred Twenty-one Pan-Hellenic Council OFFICERS JiMMIE SUMMEY President JIMMIE Carter Vice-President Henry ORMAND Treasurer ,, , n. i Rowe Mauney Alpha Gamma Rho j ROGERS , , . , , J T ( Bill Lynch Alpha Lambda Tau j gCHWAB Delta Sigma Phi . Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Sherwood Brockwell I John Welch MEMBERS Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Phi . Phi Pi Phi Tom Mott Armfield Leinster Henry Rankin I E. w. Freeze I uj r-i,M u I E. C. MEWBORN Lambda Chi Alpha , MERRIAM „, i; „„ -r- 1 JiMMIE SUMMEY Phi Kappa lau , r WLES GUTHREY ( JiMMiE Carter I Harry Lee I Jimmie Halstead i J. F. Barwick J. C. Andrews ( W. J. WALKER c „ Dt- r ■( (Henry Ormand Sigma Phi Epsilon j g MeACHAM Sigma Pi Sigma Nu I D. A. GARFIELD I C. N. Gross ( John Gammon ) E. W. Crow Th„,„ k-„„„. r Harold Russell Theta Kappa Nu. (SALTER GREENHALGH Page Three Hundred Twenty-two Scabbard and Blade Founded at University of Wisconsin, 1905 SEVENTY-SEVEN ACTIVE CHAPTERS COMPANY G. THIRD REGIMENT Installed at State, 1922 Major L. McD. Silvester Captain W. R, Watson FRATRES IN FACULTATE I.iETT. C. H. Elms 1,1 FIT. W. E. Carrawav Captain J. R. Eden Captain T. C. Thorson O. C. Abee G. J. Albright J. C. Andrews H. E. Atkinson W. C. Brake C. L. Clark W. T. Clement J. S. CULBERTSON FRATRES IN CRBE Colonel J. W. Harrelson Captain D. B. Floyd FRATRES IN COr.LEGIO Ci. W. Dameron N. C. Davenport C. H. Eastep R. B. Gardner R. H. Gatlin J. T. Geochegan H. H. Hartman F. C. Herbst W. J. HONEVCUTT W. S. Lee M. W. Lowe H. A. Lyerly G. H. McGinn H. N. Marriott L. R. Mercer H. B. Merriam R. F. MONTONV M. L. Shipman W. D. Stephenson C. B. Turner C. D. Whaley W. J. Whitaker D. S. McCullen W. W. Greenhalgh Page Three Hundred Twenty-three Alpha Zeta Page Three Hundred Twenty-four . iaiass Alpha Zeta (Honorary Agricultural ) Founded at Ohio State L niversity, 1S97 THIRTY-NINE ACTIVE CHAPTERS Colors: Mode and Sky Blue Flower: Pink Carnation ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER Installed at State, 1904 FRATRES IN FACULTATE I. O. SCHAUB F. H. Jeter Z. P. Metcalf E. B. Morrow R. Y, , Winters J. A. Arey L. R. Harrill J. P. PiLLSBURY G. O. Randall P. H. KiME E. C. Blair S. J. KiRBY L, F, KooNCE L. O. Armstrong T. H. Stafford L. A. Whitford J. E. Foster J. H. Beaumont H. B. Mann J. G. Weaver J. W. Hoffman R. W. Hayes G. K. MiDDLETON D. S. Weaver FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 W. H. Brake W. B. Callihan H. T. Gryder T. M. Fields W. K. Bailey G. B. Hobson J. E. Hull R. M. Holder H. B. James D. H. Latham R. G. ViCK J. W. Crawford G. W. Barner Class of 1932 C. V. Morgan C. C. Murray H. W. SCHELD R. R. Smithwick J. M. Taylor R. J. Lyday F. W. Cook GRADUATE MEMBERS A. D. Stuart Page Three Hundred Tiventy-five ■ « i K Delta Sigma Pi Page Three Hundred Twenty-six Delta Sigma Pi (Professional Commerce; Founded at New York University, November 7. 1907 FIFTY-FOUR ACTIVE CHAPTERS FIFTEEN ALUMNI CHAPTERS Colors: Old Gold and Royal Purple FLOWER: Red Rose BETA DELTA CHAPTER Installed at State, May 22, 1929 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dean B. F. Brown e. e. goehring R. W. Green R. W. Henninger R. O, MOEN C. B. Shulenberger FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 J. F. Barwick. Jr. Reid Harrill F. C. Herbst E. C. Jackson J. W. Lewis A. C. Little S. G. Lloyd W. T. Mast E. A. Rutter M. L. Shipman. Jr. S. H. Stroud H. J. Thiel Class of 1932 C. E. Brake D. F. Cade E. G. Cobb C. C. Lane E. M. Overton W. L. Shoffner R. D. Stallings D. A. Rose R. A. Thomas A. J. Wilson R. C. Bagby Class of 1933 R. I. VanHook Page Three Hundred Tu. ' enty-seven Engineers ' Council Payi- Thn ' f HunJrvJ 1 u. ' enly-eight Engineers ' Council Representing the Engineering Students of N. C. State College Established at N. C. State College. 1925 Color; Emerald Green OFFICERS G. W. Dameron ■ President J. M. Johnson Vice-President F. W. GORHAM Secretary W. C. Bangs Treasurer STUDENT REPRESENTATIVES H. D. CrotTS Chemical Engineering CM. SPRINKLE J. B. GURLEY Electrical Engineering R. C. KiRK W. C. Bangs Ceramic Engineering E. A. Meents A. M. Stephenson Mechanical Engineering F. W. GORHAM W. V. Harrison. . - . Architectural Engineering J. W. WORKMAN G. W. Dameron CivU Engineering J. M. JOHNSON FACULTY ADVISORS Dr. E. E. Randolph Chemical Engineering Prof. W. J. Dana Mechanical Engineering Prof. R. S. FourAKER Electrical Engineering Prof. Ross ShumakER Architectural Engineering Prof. N. H. Stolte Ceramic Engineering Prof. L. E. WootEN Civil Engineering Page Three Hundred Twenty-nine slS»- r , p o o 4 V " i2ci TAU BliTA Pi Page Thrvi- Hundred Thing Tau Beta Pi (Honorary Engineering) Founded at Lehigh University, 1885 FIFTY-EIGHT ACTIVE CHAPTERS FIVE ALUMNI CHAPTERS Colors: Seal Brown and While N. C. ALPHA CHAPTER Installed at State, 1925 FRATRES IN FACULTATE L. L. Vaughn W. C. RIDDICK W. H. Brown, Jr. R. R. Brown H. B. Snow W. J. Dana E. E. Randolph A. F. Greaves-Walker E. L. Cloyd W. N. Hicks C. L. Mann FRATRES IN COLLEGIO D. C. Abee B. B. Beavers J. I. Crouch Saverio DiMeo G. W. Dameron A. R. FUFFA A. S. FURTADO J. T. Geoghegan F. B. Griffin J. B. GURLEY J. M. Johnson Class of 19 J 1 F. A. Jones J. H. Mauney D. P. Melton L. R. Mercer W. W. Peele A. B. Pearcey C. M. Sprinkle W. D. Stephenson George Tarleton C. B. Turner. Jr. J. D. Welch ' W. J. Whitaker H. Y. Brock Class of 193, A. P. Moss D. L. Hogsette Page Three Hundred Thirty-one Theta Tau Page Three Hundred Thirty-two .„-.M,CSi -• " Theta Tau (Professional Engineering) FouxDED AT University of Minnesota. October 15. 1904 TWENTY ACTIVE CHAPTERS SEVEN ALUMNI CHAPTERS Colors: Red and Gold Flower: Jacqueminot Rose RHO CHAPTER Installed at SiAXt. February lo, 1924 FRATRES IN FACULTATE J. W. Harrelson Harry Tucker FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 J. B. Gurley C. B. Turner J. M. Gibson J. T. Geoghegan J. M. Johnson J. H. Lee J. W. Workman R. M. Caldwell W. J. Whitaker R. J. Barnes R. P. Aldridge C. A. HOLBROOKS H. H. Hartman E. H. Proctor F. M. Edwards C. L. Mann H. A. RiCKS G. S. Pate Class of 193. F. W. Gorham T. L. Hodges R. G. Richardson D. E. McDonald Page Three Hundred Thirty-three i e _- ' ,. ■ k ? - ' jtf. Pf ; Phi Psi Page Three Hundred Thirty-four Phi Psi (Honorary Textile ' ) FOUNDFD AT THE PHILADELPHIA TEXTILE SCHOOL, MaRCH IS, 190.1 SEVEN ACTIVE CHAPTERS NINE ALUMNI CHAPTERS Colors; Black and Gold Flower: Yellow Tea Rose ETA CHAPTER Installed State. May 16, 1924 FRATRES IN FACULTATE T. R. Hart Dean Thomas Nelson G. G. Osborne D. B. Hardin FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 H. H. Rankin W. R. Rogers C. R. Little N. C. Davenport J. P. Garrison T. A. MoTT C. D. Reams G. H. McGinn M. B. Amos L. B. Brown Class of 1932 E. W. Crow, Jr. H. C. Combs H. K. HousER P. H. Burrus, Jr. J. Y. Bass C. N. Cone H. C. Carter JURGEN Haar, Jr. L. B. Lamar W. R. Wands E. W. Freeze, Jr. D. J. Crowell J. W. Herndon Eugene Cross, Jr. Page Three Hundred Thirty-live C " - Ok P »t- i j p s. r rS ry PlNl- BURK Pa c Three Hundred Thirly-six 1 F Pine Burr Society (SCHOLARSHIP) Founded at N. C. State College, 1922 Colors: Navy Blue and Red FLOWERS: Violet and Red Rose " A Junior-Senior organization for the good of State College. " E. L. Cloyd C. L. Mann L. L. Mann C. B. Williams W. H. Brake G. W. Dameron J. E. Hull J. B. Gurley W. T. Mast W. S. Lee D. H. McVey FRATRES IN EACULTATE L. E. Wooten W. E. Shinn W. H. Browne, Jr. L. M. Keever W. N. Hicks FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Class of 19 3 1 L. R. Mercer D. B. Thomas L. C. ViPOND M. R. ViPOND R. G. ViCK S. O. Jones J. E. Foster L. L, Vaughn I. O. SCHUAB A. M. Fountain B. B. Beavers F. a. Jones F. C. Herbst M. W. Johnson S. DiMeo D. P. Melton H. B. Pritchard C. C. Lane H. E. Karig J. C. Whitehurst Dr. E. C. Brooks Dr. H. W. Chase Judge W. P. Stacy Col. Fred A. Olds Class of 193. C. E. Brake D. L. Hogsette A. P. Moss C. N. Cone HONORARY John W. Thompson Dr. G. T. Winston Dean I. O. Schaub Prof. Harry Tucker Page Three Hundred Thirty-seven Beta Pi Kappa (Professional Ceramic Engineering Fraternity) Founded at Ohio State University. 1902 NORTH CAROLINA CHAPTER ESTARLISHEP AT StATE. 1925 Colors: Red and Black FRATRES IN FACULTATE A. F. Greaves-Walker N. H. Stolte Wm. Fabianic E. H. Shands FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 J. E. Rankin F. N. Sumrell E. G. Couch. Jr. E. A. Meents Guy V. Harris Class of 19 32 E. C. Davidson C. C. Morrison G. E. Barber H. E. Craven W. C. Bangs Page Three Hundred Thirty-eight Sigma Alpha Kappa (Honorary Scholastic Accounting Fraternity) MoTTO: " Excellence in Accounting Control " OFFICERS E. A. RUTTER ■ President A. C. Little :.....• Vice-President J. W. Lewis Secretary H. J. Thiel Treasurer J. W. Lewis A. C. Little C. P. Dayton H. J. Thiel E. A. RUTTER MEMBERS W. D. Finch A. R. Guthrie L. P. DUGHI W. L. Shoffner B. M. Guy J. L. Carter FACULTY MEMBERS R. O. Moen E. E. GOEHRING J. R. Anderson, Jr. B. F. Brown M. C. Leager C. B. Shulenberger Page Three Hundred Thirty-nine Los Hidalgos Founded at N. C. State College, 1927 Colors; Red and Gold FLOWER: Fleur de Lys ALPHA CHAPTER FRATRES IN FACULTATE L. E. HiNKLE S. T. Ballenger C. H. Brannon FRATRES IN COLLEGIO R. E. Brickhouse E. G. Cobb G. W. Dameron Lavina Fuller H. R. Garrls F. C. Herbst W. G. Mendenhall Katherine Perry J. R. Weedon C. B. Turner H. M. Hayes F. H. Whitley J. M. Reeves B. F. Crumpter Josephine Richards E. J. Brown W. T. Jordan L. M. Knott S. O. Jones Catherine Huddleston R. E. Tew Page Three Hundred Forty Gamma Sigma Epsilon (.Honorary Chemical) Founded at Davidson College, 1919 ELEVEN ACTIVE CHAPTERS Colors: Cobalt Blue and White FLOWER: Orchid ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Installed at State, 19 1 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. L. F. Williams L. G. Willis A. D. Jones W. A. Reid R. L. Gay Dr. A. J. Wilson J. A. Ogg W. E. Jordan H. S. Caviness Dr. E. E. Randolph W. E. Ko once A. B. Pearcy M. R. Wells M. R. Vipond L. G. Maddry F. A. Jones W. L. Belvin FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 J. D. Welch J. T. Geoghegan J. I. Crouch Waymon Smith C. L. Clark E. L. Greene Class of 1932 W. K. Cathey C. N. Gross H. D. Matheson H. D. Crotts L. B. Parish H. A. Thompson, Jr. C. M. Sprinkle Page Three Hundred Fortu-one Top Row (left to right): Brinckn. Lightfoot. James. .Murhav. Carkis. Bottom Row: Crosbv. Havnes, Angell, Lane, Pritchard. Phi Gamma Epsilon (Professional Education) Founded at N. C. State College, Ai ' ril, 19.10 Colors: Maroon and Gold FLOWERS: Red and Yellou. Roses FRATRES IN FACULTATE E. W. BOSHART W, M. Crafton FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Class of 19 31 H. L. Bringen a. J. Havnes R. M. Lightfoot, Jr. H. B. Pritchard W. C. Brake R. M. Lane L. H. Angell H. B. Gaylord J. I. Crouch J. W. Brown A, J. Crosby H. R. Garris F. B. Griffin Class of 1932 C. C. Murray H. B. James W. C. Yelverton Puge Three Hundred Forty-two H Z T Phi Eta Sigma (National Freshman Honorary Society) C. E. Brake H. Y. Brock D. W. Finch C. N. Gross D. L. HOGSETTE Class of 1932 W. G. Kirchheimer C. C. Lane W. E. Lynch A. P. Moss J. W. SOUTHERLAND J. C. Whitehurst Class of 1933 A. L. Drumwright C. F. Knott L. A. Moss F. R. Nail K. L. Ponzer R. E. Tew J. L. Zimmerman M. R. Wilson ELIGIBLE FRESHMEN W. J. Brown A. H. Couch G. R. Evans J. M. Garris C. M. Hughes Wynant Moorman I. S. Shub E. T. Smith J. D. Swain D. L. Webb International Tunnel ( M PRODIGIOUS step in Mans never - - ' ' ending conquest of natural barriers luas recently taken at Detroit, where engineers have constructed the world ' s first inter- national tunnel between that city and the Canadian municipalities across the Detroit River. It is particularly fitting that the center of the automotive industry should blaze a new trail for the automobile. The new tunnel is of the latest design, having all types of con- struction employed. We cannot help but feel that such ex- amples of international unity point to a more complete understanding among nations, thus lessening disputes. COL. BURNSIDE K. VALUE BUILDER OF THE DETROIT-WINDSOR TUNNEL .. 4 ;v■ v ' - mm. SUMMIE Carter Ormand State ' s Social Acti ' ities Junior-Senior Prom Page Three Hundred Forty-seven Engineers ' " Brawl ' % Aij Barn VVarminc, Page Three Hundred Forty-eight V L V T Th-E STArr tr DR.UM BUGLE CORPS FORWARD -- march A BATTALION Page Three Hundred Forty-nine PREACHER. IS IT SNOWIMG ? Page Three Hundred Fifly Angry W hacks There has been too much said in the rest of this book for us to try and print a foreword to this section, so Old Geoghcgan comes out of his state of Coma I if you don ' t believe that ' s the state, look at his license tag), and offers to sell Ev Couch the following: DEDICATION In the few pages to follow, there are some old junk jokes picked up at random, wherever that is. These morsels are so sorry, that it really is an insult to dedicate the section to anything, much less anybody, but the Man Higher Up says that dedications are in order, so here goes. You can fool some of the people some of the time, and you can fool some of the people some of the time, so therefore, this not making the least sense, and only being so much bull to fill up space, it gives more than pleasure ( it really gives us spasms) . to dedicate this, the 1931 Angry Whack to THE MANAGERS By this we mean football, baseball, and all the rest of the managers, but especially the so-called business manager of our little scandal sheet. The Tech- nician. Need we go farther ' Please turn over about six pages and skip the next few. It might save us embarrassment. At any rate, we didn ' t say we thought up the jokes. Why, little children, we leave that up to the Wataugan. Now calm down and close the book. Hola. But don ' t forget: The Angry Whack, Can take a crack. At anyone ' s back. But The Agromeck. A WOMAN ABOUT TOWM Page Three Hundred Fifty-one KfiVrfMrt Angry Whacks MiLO STROUPE: " Look at that snake crawling on the windshield of our car! " ZeDA Land: " It must be one of them wind- shield vipers. " " Curse it. curse it. " hissed Col- lege Joe. snatching at the Co-ed ' s waist. " No it ain ' t either. " she snaps back, " it ' s only a girdle. " Shepherd: " Do you know what wears out the most shoe leather? " Agnes Moore: " No. " SheP: " That ' s right. " In the dance it ' s Grace: in the park it ' s Mary. We call her Cigarette because she ' s no good until she ' s lit. R. C. Ivey says not to believe all these tales you hear about foot- ball players. The tales of most football players are padded. To whom it may concern: Drive slowly, the child in the street may be yours. AmoS: " Woman ' s greatest attraction is her hair. " Telfair: " I say that it is her eyes. " GreasoN: " It is unquestionably her teeth. " GeogHEGAN: " What ' s the use of us sitting here lying to each other. ' ' " Customer: " To what do you owe your extraordinary success as a house- to-house salesman? " Salesman: " To the first five words I utter when a woman opens the door — ' Miss, is your mother in " ? " AND NOW THAT YOU ' VE GOTTEN THIS FAR, ALLOW OLD GEOGHEGAN TO SAY THAT HE ' LL TAKE THE BLAME FOR THE ATROCITIES IN THIS SECTION, HE ' S USED TO IT. EVEN WHEN HE WAS A BABY. THEY WERT ALWAYS PINNING THINGS ON HIM, UH, UH, UH, Page Three Hundred Fifty-two Alpha Sigma Sigma National Fraternity of -Outstanding " Men Foi-XDED AT N. C. State College. September, 1926 THREE ACTIVE CHAPTERS COLORS: Green and Greener FLOWER: Self- Rising ALPHA CHAPTER OFFICERS M. B. AMOS J. w. Halstead . . . . J. D. Faulkner . . K. E. Crenshaw B. F. Brown C. C. Taylor D. K. Rhyne G. O. Finch J. T. Geoghegan J. o. Meade J. W. SUMMEY H. F. Anderson w. C. Bangs R. L. Beard A. B. Berry A. B. Hafer Stuart Cameron H. F. Mann W. J. Crichton. Jr. Pan-Hellenic Council Organized Pacifists Che.mical Engineers Student Publications FRATRES IN FACULTATE J. D. Clark F. M. Haig Joe E. Moore FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Class of 10 31 E. G. Couch. Jr. M. A. Urquiza M. R. Vipond W. D. McRoY Class of 1932 E. S. Ben AS To.MMiE Chang J. D. La.m.m W. R. MiDDLETON Class of 1933 H. A. McClung G. Allen Nelms Gaither Scott PLEDGES J. S. Stearns All Freshman who flunked out. FRATRES UNCLAIMED H. A. SIDDELL FRATRES UNDESIRED ■Red " Carr Little Doc Morris Lonnie Ivey Lord " Chesterfield " New President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer . Alumni Secretary Robert P. Kolb E. H. Paget S. T. Wilder Felix Italiano C. B. Turner. Jr. J. F. Red.mon H. D. Atkinson O. B. Moore B. A. Streb C. C. Lane G. R. Berryman W. C. Sharpe. Jr. John Mayo M. F. Dunbar L. W. Hutch INS Co-eds Rudy Vallee " London " Huneycutt TON Page Three Hundred Fifty-three L ' En oi The AgromecK is the publication of the college which you will retain anci cherish as the years roll on. We have tried to give you a book which you will be proud to put on display in any audience. We hope you like our work, for we have certainly done that. However, should you dislike or disapprove of anything we have done we can only offer one recourse and that is to try and put out an annual yourself. You " get it " from every angle and from every- body. Fellows, please bring your criticisms to us. We did it and we are proud of it. We believe this is the best AgromeCK ever put out at State and have arguments to uphold our convictions. It would be impossible to publish a book of this kind without outside assistance and we wish to acknowledge the following persons and concerns: Mr. Harold F. Mann and Jahn K Oilier Engraving Company are re- sponsible for the art treatment and engravings in the book. We certainly wish to thank them for the excellent manner in which they have executed their end of the job. Mr. W. J. Crichton, Jr.. and the Observer Printing House are to be thanked for the binding and printing. We appreciate the way they have carried their part of the load. Mr. M. F. Dunbar and Siddcll ' s Studio are responsible for the photo- graphs, which we think are unsurpassed. Last but far from least, the staff of students who have spent hour after hour plugging away are to be congratulated for the way they have sacrificed other pleasures to do the job. We certainly want to take our hats off to them. The Editors, E. G. Couch. Jr., Editor-in-Chief, J. N. Gammon. Business Manager, P. H. BURRUS, Managing Editor. A D V E KT I S I N G ON THE COURT College Court Barber Shop College Court Pharmacy " The Garden Spot " Cader Rhodes. Prop. .„ .. .. . ■}• ,. — .» — .. — .. — .. — ,. After looking around the campus, we would say that some people grow with responsibility, others merely swell. The scholarship in the textile school would be raised considerably if Short Doc would grade according to his golf scores. .;. .;. .;. Although she was the electrician ' s daughter, she never re-fused. Pap Riddick threatens to tear down the Pi K A house and build a filling station. The " pikers " can furnish him with plenty of free air. but it will be kind of hot. + — ' TO MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1931 IT HAS BEEN A PLEASURE TO SERVE YOU DURING YOUR UNDERGRADUATE DAYS AT STATE COLLEGE, AND YOU LEAVE WITH OUR BEST WISHES FOR GREAT SUCCESS IN WHAT- EVER YOU UNDERTAKE. Sincerely, L. L. IVEY, Manager. Stvidents Supply Store " On the Campus " 12 YEARS DEPENDABLE SERVICE TO STATE COLLEGE STUDENTS Page Three Hundred Fifty-six ' ' EVERY KNOT A WEAVER ' S KNOT ' ' The BARBER ' COLMAN Way of Automatic Spooling and Warping Results in Lower Operating Costs In analyzing the merits of various spooling and warping systems it is well to remember one proven fact, that the real improvements in the warp are made in the Automatic Spooler and not in the Warper as many are led to believe. Perfect weaver ' s knots, elimination of krnks, efficient yarn cleaners, and running the yarn without artificial tension at the Barber-Colman Automatic Spooler go farther toward making perfect warps and reducing operating costs than any benefits that may be obtained through the use of any other spooling, winding and warping system. GREENVILLE, S. C. BARBER ' COLMAN COMPANY Gciural Offices ani Plant ROCKFORD, ILL., U. S. A. FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Page Three Hundred Fifty-seven JOKES The Regimental Staff As They Look to Us 1 HH FACULTY MEETING Dean: " Will you gentlemen have seats, so that the meeting may proceed f " Pal Earnhardt (telling funny story to Frank Capps ) : " — and the game ended when Herbert slid into what he thought was second base! " (Guffaws of laughter.) Dean: " Will you gentlemen have seats so that we may begin the meet- ing? " Dr. Harrison (drawing in breath through teeth) : " I have observed that the incompatibility of the present day students — " Dean: " DO have a seat. Doctor! " Dean Nelson: " I say. old chap — " Dean Brown (interrupting): " As I was saying, the business students rule the campus. " DeaN: " Gentlemen, if you don ' t sit down 1 will call upon Professor Moen to make a speech. " (All of the gentlemen take seats.) The Dean now makes a long speech against having co-eds in the college, enumerating the evil influences of same. He ends with these words: " ■ — and furthermore, gentlemen, in co-educational institutions, the boys and girls sit on the same classes together. And furthermore, they eat in the cafeteria together. And they tell me. gentlemen, they tell me. that they matriculate in the same semesters ' . " The meeting breaks up in confusion amid cries of " Awful. " " A terrible situation, " " Down with co-eds, " Puye Ihrn ' Hundred Fttlyeigl t JOKES Anne Robertson: " Why did you quit taking that course under Pro- fessor Richardson? " J. V. H. Andrews: " He was so bow-legged I fell through his lap. " Leroy Clark: " Whatcha doing. Bill ' " Bill Mast: " I ' m reading. " Clark: " Whatcha readin ' . ' ' " Mast: " The Wataugan. " Clark : " I thought you said you were reading. " Hallie Cov.: " Oh, I ' ve lost my intelligence test. Will I have to be ex- amined all over again? " Dean Brown: " No, only your mind. " Q.: " What ' s a dry dock? " A.: " A physician who won ' t give out prescriptions. The buxom woman was standing in the street car. holding to a strap. The cantankerous looking man was seated reading. The car swung and she stepped on his foot. " Madam, " he barked, " will you please get off my foot? " " Put your foot where it belongs, " she replied sharply. " Don ' t tempt me. madam, don ' t tempt me, " he countered. Doc Sermon: " What ' s the trouble son. a blister? " Dink Dellinger: " No. corn. " DoC: " How ' d you get it? " D. D. : " I got it from a boot- legger. " Father: " Don ' t think for a minute you ' re going to marry my daughter. " Ed Rankin : " Fine — you get me out of this mess and I ' ll be your friend for life. " Freshman Couch: " Lend me five bucks, Charlie. I ' ve got an- other fee to pay. " Mr. Turner: " And what is it this time? " Frosh Couch: " A female. " And to think! In 193 1 I was the best dressed man in State College. Page Three Hundred Fifty-nine 4. LINES WRITTEN AT SUMMER SCHOOL Lei This be a Lesson to You On a day like this. When no zephyr cools the sweating throng. And the pavement gives off waves of heat — We must strive to smile at Life ' s little game. For if you cry — tears mingle with sweat — And that tastes terrible, and smells worse. Spare me. Now take a problem in accounting. I work, while my temperature mount- ing. Sends dizziness to my head. I think I ' ll abide. On the debit side. Of a good old feather bed. I can ' t answer the question, sir. I did my best to learn it. But you know how the summer is. I just can ' t study, durn it. +_.. i I I •■4 This book is cased in an S. K. Smith cover — a cover that is guaranteed to be satis- factory and is created and Smithcrafted by an organiza- tion of craftsmen speciaHzing in the creation and production of good covers. Whatever your cover requirements may be. this organization can satisfy them. Send for information and prices to S. K= Smith Co. 21 3 Institute Place Chicago, Illinois R.O.T.C. UNIFORMS H ' SIGMUND EISNER CO. RED BANK, N, J. Neic York Show Rooms 261 Fifth Ave, Page Three Hundred Sixty 5 Controlled Tension For Controlled Quality FIRST quality in the manufacture of woven fabric, demands absolute control of yarn for both filling and warp. For more than twenty years, the 90 UNIVERSAL FILLING WINDER has produced cops and bobbins, wound with mechanically inspected yarn, uni- formly tensioned. and containing the maximum yardage possible for the shuttle used. In 1928, we developed the UNI- VERSAL HIGH SPEED WARPING SYSTEM, making it possible to apply these same desirable principles to the preparation of the warp, thereby de- riving the two-fold advantage that is gained when perfect filling is woven into inspected warp, under complete tension control. This system brings to you substantial gains in efficiency in the slashing as well as the weaving operation, due to the clearing of the yarn during the winding, and. in addi- tion, presents to your looms the most evenly tensioned beam it is now pos- sible to prepare. It is apparent then, that UNIVER- SAL HIGH SPEED WARPING in combination with UNIVERSAL FILLING WINDERS, doubles assur- ance that the product of your weave shed will carry the highest mark in quality. ORIGINATORS OF HIGH SPEED WARPING FROM CONES UNIVERSAL WINDING COMPANY BDSTDN + e Snop For Men lO r DISCOUNT TO STATE COLLEGE STUDENTS •S " " " " " " " " " " " . — + + Alumni say " No " to Oil Spots SF lTTBtD NON-pfibOIL Modern Textile Lubricant M ' st X. C. S. C alumni use NOX-FLUID ( i I, hr-cause it lubricates bearings well— won ' t drip and siiatter on Roods in process (it s ' ays in bearings)- -anti so outlasts liquid oil that it Costs le s for hi-ttcr lubrication. N. Y. N. J. LUBRICANT CO. I ' ll Ma.iison Ave., N. Y. Ttt ' A TRAVELER FOR EVERY FIBRE " The Universal Standard Ring Travelers of Quality The Bowcn Patented Bevel Edge Traveler Patent No. 1.728.540 Manufactured Exclusively by U. S. RING TRAVELER COMPANY Providence. R. 1. (Greenville. S. C. I FOR SPINNING AND TWISTING D When the last pair of English walking pants, or were they morning pants, wore out. the Chi Alpha Sigmas disbanded. Tough. Sweet Young Thing: " No, I don ' t care whether you wear Paris garters or not, and you don ' t have halitosis. It ' s not B. O.. nor is it the kind of cigarettes you smoke. I ' m saying ' No. ' you big yap, because I ' ve got one hus- band, and he ' s enough at present! " " It ' s the little things that tell, " murmured Leah Godwin as she yanked the kid brother from under the sofa. i Drugs Toiletries ECKERD ' S " Creators of Reasonable Drug Prices " 111 Faycttevillc St. RALEIGH. N. C. Fountain and Luncheonette Service + 4. +.„ Page Three Hundred Sixty-two -+ I [ Everything in Footwear For | I THE COLLEGE MAN 1 1 I If- ITS NEW. WE HAVE IT | ROSCOE-GRIFFIN I SHOE CO. 1 20 F.iycttevillc Street RALEIGH. N. C. From the first crude, experi- mental machine to the 1930 model with its speed and me- chanical perfection. Scott J Williams. Inc., has pioneered the manufacture of knitting machines. Sixty-five years of experi- ence! What more expressive background is there, to make you sure your hosiery will be superior? ESTABLISHED 1865 366 Broadway Incorporated New York. N. Y. ■ MACHINERY FOR PROCESSING -♦ ' V COTTON PIECE GOODS AND WARP YARN SILK. SILK AND COTTON ARTIFICIAL SILK RAYON. OR RAYON AND COTTON FABRICS " From the Loom to the Case " New York Office 50 Church St. le-Finishing PROVIDENCE R 4acb I. iinery Mr. H. G. Southern Agenl MAYER. Charlotte. N. C. . — 4 Page Three Hundred Sixty-three Boon-Iseley Drug Co. Headquarters for College Students Agents for Sheaffer Fountain Pens AND Pencils PHONE 95 -+ i I 1 I T. H. Briggs Sons Incorporated " Carolina ' s Oldest Wholesale and Retail Hardivare House " RALEIGH. N. C. Established 1865 PHONE 45 4.-.,, -+ CAROLINA COACH COMPANY Standard ot the South PURNISHING SAFE. EFFICIENT, ! AND ECONOMICAL I MOTOR COACH I TRANSPORTATION I •I- Look at last year ' s Angry Whack and sec what AUie Bag- gett said about the light on the Carolina Hotel. Now ask him why it ' s red. IF IT ' S MECHANICAL WE HAVE IT Ours is the most complete stock of Mill Supplies and ma- chinery in the State, and wc are told that our prompt and effi- cient service is unsurpassed. WE SOLICIT YOUR ORDERS AND INQUIRIES Dillon Supply Co. 1 1 6 South ' West St. RALEIGH, N. C. BUY YOUR COAL From Old State College Men We Are Behind N. C. State All the Time Powell Powell, Inc. Est.iblishcd 1878 +. Page Three Hundred Sixty-four JOKES A BOOST If I couldn ' t write at all. And was really dumb as hell, If I had lots of gall, And knew how to copy well — If I believed in nothing. That was for the good of the school. And if I had fancy clothing. For stuff that ' s trash as a rule: Then my child, if I had my rights, And this is true, my dear, I ' d edit The Wataugan. Just like it was done this year! We apologize, but we heard that the new bathing suit song was " I ' m Jantzcn with tears in my sides. " Henry Ormand says: There are co-eds who go places and do things, and then there are co-eds who just go places. OUR SENIOR STATISTICS Best Looking , J. H. Sparks Best Ail-Round JiMMIE Halstead Best Student JOHN Sherrill Mosf Humorous RICHARD KiRK Best Dressed CoCKY Lee Best Athlete R. C. IVEY Most Popular J. W. Halstead Mosf Energetic JOHN SherriLL Best Textile Student Dan Paul Best Politician . JiMMY SEAL Mosf Dignified STACY LLOYD Best Writer SkeET ATKINSON Best Executive SUTTLE Wray Best Ag Student Alva Wray Biggest Legger Dan Paul Mosf Truthful Zada LAND Bus FenneLL: " There! I win the pot. " Bob GatliN: " Play this game honest. I know what cards I dealt you. " Page Three Hundred Sixty-five JOKES And again: She was only the butchei ' s daughter, but I sure would like to meet her. And somebody said summer school is like reading a funny paper in a Turkish bath. And I says to the shoemaker ' s daughter: " You are my very soul, and a couple of heel taps to boot. " Bob GreasoN: " I put your suit on the clothes-horse. " Deke BaggetT: " What odds did you get? " ' And just to prove that life has its little jokes, we spend hours trying to fix up something to get a laugh, and HAi LiK Covington: ' Is a girl that drinks a the Freshmen do the same thing, nice girl? " with no effort at all. Lee Merger: " If she drinks enough. " v •:• A little poem entitled ' the Rain Makes Things Beautiful. Why do Our Co-eds Carry Umbrellas.- ' Here ' tis; To think I might not get my due. Was once a bitter pill, But now the thing that bothers me. Is fearing that I will. It is understood that the Phi Pi Phi ' s hold an afternoon lab for Meredith gals. Floor caved in at the Phi Kappa Tau dance. These new steps arc hell on houses, ain ' t they? Pi Kappa Phi ' s gave four dances. The Cotillion Club will have to step some, or let the Phi ' s sign ' em up. Kappa Alpha ' s will have to pledge up a touring car or a couple of horses if they continue to stay out in Plum- nelly. Half soleing will cost them a fortune. Kappa Sig ' s have quit selling pop- corn. We wonder if their old janitor is back. THC HIT or THE. wee Page Three Hundred Si.xty-six NORTH CAROLINA ' S LARGEST PHOTOGRAPHIC CONCERN xhMi tit tn Ealeist i . C. i i 6i OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE 1931 Agromeck — .+ Page Three Hundred Sixty-seven ;«•? - ' 4 1 ' ' ' 5y ;i - w (__JllL£ry2 aiii ' We offer you a finesse in art and reproductions created through conscientious service, and in- spired by a genuine desire to distribute the best The JAHN OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. Pbotogr.iphers, Artiits and Muktn ofFitie Pritiiiiig Platii for Black anti Cohn S 17 W. Washingcon Blvd., Chicago i;: . _;.-■. THIS ANNUA!. ENGRAVtO BY JAHN A OLLltR Page Three Hundred Sixty-eight . ...- ' - " 3r. » .1 ,1 Another ONE OF THE MANY COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL ANNUALS PRODUCED IN OUR PLANT " U " AVE you ever considered the quality of your Annual from the stand- point of careful type composition and efficient proofreading? The reputation of The Observer Printing House, Inc.. as Annual Printers, has been established through accuracy and attention to the little details for more than thirty years. a{ ANNUAL PRINTERS FOR OVER THIRTY YEARS I© e Observer Printing House Incorporated 322-324 S. CKurck St. Ckarlotte, N. C. Page Three Hundred Sixty-nine AUTOGRAPHS Page Three Hundred Seventy AUTOGRAPHS Page Three Hundred Seventy-one m»: ' t mm 1 ■ i f } cr: 1 s ,4 J mraht —. M fc»U. W i fe i| »8 W8( 6fe »W rt

Suggestions in the North Carolina State University - Agromeck Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) collection:

North Carolina State University - Agromeck Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 1


North Carolina State University - Agromeck Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


North Carolina State University - Agromeck Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


North Carolina State University - Agromeck Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


North Carolina State University - Agromeck Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 1


North Carolina State University - Agromeck Yearbook (Raleigh, NC) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


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