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Gammind mmsmm L m W) m V Z i 3 a i i i ■BBr NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL North Carolina Central University was established in 1910 by Dr. James E. Shepard as the National Religious Training School and Chautauqua. Unlike many predominantly-black universities which are now state-supported, Dr. Shepard ' s school was not denominationally affiliated. The founder was active in the Chautauqua and in the International Sunday School Association movement! it was from that ecumenical perspective that he established a school primarily for the training of black preachers. From the beginning a school with many purposes, this institution provided secondary education trade courses, short courses for church workers, and bacculaureate programs in the classics and the sciences. The school suffered many financial hardships. In 1915, after bankruptcy proceedings were solved, the institution was reorganized as the National Training School, with its program primarily that of a secondary academy, although college-level degrees were offered. In 1923, Dr. Shepard faced the choice of affiliating with a denomination for support, or seeking state assistance. He chose the second option, and the school became the Durham State Normal School. Two years later it became the North Carolina College for Negroes to receive state support. In 1939, still under the leadership of Dr. Shepard, the school was authorized to offer graduate and professional programs. The graduate school was opened that fall, the law school in 1940, and the school of library science in 1941. By the time of Dr. Shepard ' s death in 1947, the institution had grown to a $4,000,000.00 enterprise of considerable stature. One year later, it became North Carolina College at Durham. For a brief period, an interim committee directed the school. Dr. Alfonso Elder became the institution ' s second president. Under Dr. Elder, the institution continued to grow. Most of the new buildings on the campus date to Dr. Elder ' s administration. Dr. Elder who retired in 1963, continued his affiliation with the institution as its president-emeritus, until his death in 1974. Dr. Samuel Proctor Massie was president for the period of 1963-1966. In 1966, he joined the faculty of the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland. Again as a transition, an interim committee assumed the functions of the chief administrative officer until Dr. Albert N. Whiting became president in 1967. In 1969, the institution became North Carolina Central University, one of the sixteen tax-supported institutions of higher education which compose the University of North Carolina System. NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL UNIVERSITY AT PRESENT Dr. Whiting has established an Academic Skills Center, a four year nursing program, an elementary education program with emphasis on competency-based training, programs in jazz and sacred music, in public administration, in criminal justice and in media-journalism. The University offers the bachelor ' s degree in twenty-seven areas in the arts and sciences and the master ' s degree in twenty-ones in addition, it offers the bachelor ' s and master ' s degree in business, and the juris doctor and bachelor of laws degree, and the master ' s of library science degree. Currently, North Carolina Central University enrolls nearly 5,000 students in five schools: The Undergraduate and Graduate schools of Arts and Sciences The School of Business, The School of Law, and the School of Library Science. The U niversity has an annual budget of $25 million. The University remains predominantly black but invites all students to attend. Many students at North Carolina Central receive financial aid. Nine of every ten students are North Carolinians. NCCU engages in athletic competition in the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association UNIVERSITY HISTORY (CIAA) with teams in basketball, football, tennis, track and wrestling. In addition, there are women ' s teams in Softball, basketball, and volleyball. Intramural activities are available for both men and women. The University has an Honors Program, and many academic and cultural organizations, including foreign language and other departmental clubs, as well as dance and theatre groups. It has a distinguished Touring Choir, a Concert Choir, a Marching Band, a Stage Band, and string ensemble. It provides research opportunities in all areas with grants often in the sciences. Among its alumni are Maynard H. Jackson, Mayor of Atlanta, a graduate of the law school) Clarence Lightner, former Mayor of Raleigh, North Carolina) the late Dr. Vivian Henderson, noted economist and president of Clark College) Hillary H. Holloway, vice president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and NCCU trustee) the late John H. Wheeler, president of Mechanics and Farmers Banks of Durham, a graduate of the law school) Ronald Barbee, judge of N.C. Superior Court) H. M. Michaux, Jr., former member of the North Carolina General Assembly, and presently U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of North Carolina) W.G. Pearson, II, District Judge; Sam Jones, former, all pro-basketball player) John Baker, former Pittsburg Steeler, and now Sheriff of Wake County) Lee Calhoun, former Olympic hurdler, now head track coach at Western Illinois University) Ivan Dixon, television, movie and Broadway actor and director) and Hilda Harris of the New York Lyric Opera Company. Indeed, many, many successful individuals in business, in education, in law, and medicine are graduates of North Carolina Central University. A number of these graduates have become administrators, staff and faculty members at the institution. NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL UNIVERSITY " EAGLE COUNTRY ' ' NCCU Proudly Presents I 9 8 3 I 9 S 3 its Graduating Class The widely acclaimed choir of NCCU entertained the audience. Randy Vestal who ranked Number I in the class lead the gradu- Students graduating with honor are recognized, ates on the field. The ROTC Commissioning ceremony also takes place during the graduation ceremony. ir i Chancellor Whiting is assisted by V. Jones, the Registar. Chancellor Whiting is congratulated while Dr. Lipscomb looks on. Young Seek Choue received a Doctor of Humane Letters degree during the ceremony. The Happy Gradu- ates display their emotions. Faculty and Ad- ministrators lead the recessional. ' GRADUATION 1983 THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1983— NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL UNIVERSITY REMEMBERS THEIR SENIOR YEAR ACTIVITIES LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENED DURING 1982-1983 CORONATION OF MISS NORTH CAROLINA above — Brenda Baldwin 2nd Attendant below — Greg Staplefoot Miss Lisa Brown and Terry Gates Virginia Hargrove 1st Attendant Visiting Queens l ' . m CENTRAL UNIVERSITY LORI GRIER Administration Building B- NL Duke Auditorium Admission Office •♦ » T " Communication Building Faculty and Administration -pftfjpoRrt PPAZ.14R B2 Chancellor Dr. Albert Whiting University Relations Dr. Tyrone Baines A D M I N S T R A T I O N Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs Dr. Roland Buchanan Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs Dr. Cecil Patterson Dean School of Art S Sciences — Dr. Walter Pattillo Assistant Dean — Dr. George Reid Dr. Roger Bryant Assistant Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs Dean School of Law Dr. Charles E. Daye Historian — Mr. B.T. McMillian Director of Student Life for Men Ken Foushee Director of Chidley Hall Ellis Allen Dorm Supervisor Donnie Cox Music Department Physical Education C :1 BOTH Campus Minister — Rev. Hil Resident Operations Political Science Department History Social Science Department J A M E S S H E P A R D L I B R A R Y S T A F F CHEMISTRY PHYSICS DEPARTMENT BURSAR BUSINESS EDUCATION Financial Aid a Dramatic Arts BIOLOGY HOME ECONOMICS Athletic Department Lindsey Merritt Henry C. Lattimore Athletic Director Head Football Coach Chris Fisher Sports Information Director Doris Eurquhart. Secretary REGISTRAR ' S OFFICE REGISTRAR— DR. BERNELL JONES SOCIOLOGY DEPARTMENT GEOGRAPHY DEPARTMENT ENGLISH DEPARTMENT HEALTH EDUCATION DEPARTMENT STUDENT UNION STAFF DIRECTOR— MR. THURMON PRESCOTT TEACHER PROVIDES HELP TO A FELLOW EAGLE STUDENT RECEIVING FINANCIAL AID COUNSELING ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT nrasn COUNSELING CENTER lXTB DR. GLEN MARTIN— COUNSELOR Admissions Office EDUCATION DEPARTMENT ACADEMIC SKILLS CENTER pa © Chit 0 w rtrt ORGANIZATIONS W K c,V Math Club o .o «tf ,o e c • Latham Hall Business Ex Umbra Ex Umbra is NCCU ' s literary magazine. It is a Latin term for " out of the shadows. " Through Ex Umbra, NCCU stu- dents are brought out of the shadows, into the light where their creativity and creative expressions surfaces. The or- ganization prints submitted poetry, prose, short stories, or whatever turns the student onll So, let Ex Umbra bring you ' out of the shadows with your Creative Overtones. Program Board Is an organization composed of students whom volunteer their services to provide the student body with exciting entertainment and special guests. Health Education Club This club is an organization composed of health education majors and minors. Its primary objective is to facilitate student and community interest in health and recent issues concerning the field. Home Economics Club The Home Economics Club helps to improve students fundamental skills in sewing, cooking and organization of their dwellings. It helps students with any problems or questions they should have concerning home economics by discussing, demonstration and assisting. B Geography Conservation Club This organization is open to all geography majors and interested persons. Some activities are picnics, dances, fund- raising projects, and other activities to encourage interest in the field of geography. Phi Beta Lambda Is a business fraternity composed of students majoring in: court reporting, computers informations systems, market- ing, management, economics, accounting, finance, and business administration. Phi Beta Lambda ' s main objective is to provide the students with an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the business field and the job market. (Campus Echo) Staff The purpose of The Campus Echo is to build pride which is the core of school spirit-, to in- terpret and fairly report newsworthy events in the life of NCCU and to provide medium of expression for students in writing for a news publication. (Charlotte ' s Finest) Composed of all students for the " Queen City. " Charlotte ' s Finest main two objections-, Is to serve as a counselor for it ' s people and to make donation to various organizations for finance support. International Student an organization comprose of Students from foreign countries. Pan Hellenic Council Is an organization comprosed of Greek fraternities and sororities members. Pan-Hellenic Council makes by-laws which govern all Greek Letters organization. Pan Hellenic main purpose is to develop a bond among the fraternities and sororities. Nursing Association The Student Nursing Association provides an opportunity for majors in nursing to develop leadership skills, to support selective service projects and to become members of the National Student Nurses Association through the N.C. Chapter. PreProfessional Health Society ■ n ana atl m ,,UI rl • " ! StMVICfc The Pre-Professional Health Society consists of Health majors dedicated towards the advancement of public health. Honorees In Action The Honorees In Action is an outgrowth of the Honors Program. It seeks to supplement the program by giving high- ly motivated students an opportunity to interact with each other in a less formal manner. The group attends many workshops yearly and seeks to promote academic excellence. Annie Day House Council The Annie Day House Council represents the women of Annie Day Shepard Dormitory. The council listens to the problems that the students might have ranging from open visitation to their roommates. Social Work Society The Society provides sociology majors and other interested students with the opportunity to engage in extra class- room activities that will supplement and extend the social work knowledge acquired in classroom study. Student Congress Sfc. ' : - ? » Is an organization composed of class congress representatives. The purpose of Student Congress is to make laws and amendments to the Eagle Eye constitution for improving students rights and priviledges. Political Science i $ l ■ A group of young prelaw, and political science students united to bring about a unified political science body here at N.C.C.U. The members of the club participated in a number of activities including fund raising projects, and other activities to promote unity and pride within the group. Ci Cest Bon Is an organization founded at NCCU. Ci Cest Bon main purpose is to promote woman leadership on campus and throughout the community. Criminal Justice The purpose of the club is to provide volunteer work and service throughout the surrounding community with crimi- nal justice problems and solutions. Pentecostal Fellowship The Pentecostal Fellowship, started in 1961 but revitalized in 1971. is a student-led church related. Christ-centered or- ganization that seeks to provide a balanced ministry of Christian growth and service. Its motto is: " Where there is unity, there is strength; communication is the key. " Alpha Kappa Mu Alpha Kappa Mu honor Society is to promote scholarship and to recognize academic achievement in all fields of study. The society selects to membership outstanding juniors and seniors. Kappa Omicron Phi Its purpose is to further the best interest of the field by recognizing and encouraging scholastic excellence, developing leadership abilities, fostering professional activities and interests. Court Reporters 1 ■ ' ! Economic S Finance Sigma Star These young ladies help provide services to the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. Public Service and fund raising activities. Kappa Sweet- heart An organization of young ladies providing help in fund raising and public service to the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. A E Student Union Alfonso Elder Student Union is the meeting place of students, faculty, administration, alumni, and guests — the point where the academic, cultural, social, and recreational lives of the University come together. Alfonso Elder Student Union is meant to be, and should be, both many things to many people and a unifying force — the center of campus life at North Carolina Central University. Chidley Hall Gospel Choir Young Gifted and Black Singers Alpha Sweet |l United Force United Force is an organization consisting of students from the Northeastern region of the United States. It ' s objectives are to promote unity between the students from the respective region and to be liason between the alumni and students. Ill English Club This club perpetuates excellence in the art of communication, both verbal and non-verbal. Sociology Club The purpose of the Sociology Club is to involve students in community activities and to broaden their knowledge of sociological principles and opportunities. Math Club Nu Phi O m e g »- «•»- » « Public Administration Club Public Administration Club is composed of students majoring in Public Administration. The main projects of the club are fund raisers to help the club attend state and national conventions. Management and Marketing The Management and Marketing club functions to help students familiarize themselves with job opportunities available. Also projects such as the Hayti project in Durham N.C. where the students assisted. Rush Hall House Council Rush Hall house council consist of young ladles promoting good relations between residents of Rush and all dorms. Also to create extra activities for the residents to attend. Eagle- son House Council These young ladies help promote good relations between residents of the dorm and with the entire student body. Activities and speakers have been planned during the year to enhance the students knowledge of students affairs. Baynes Hall Baynes Hall Club consist of young ladies devoting extra time and energy to making living conditions at Baynes hall enjoyable. Activities such as speakers, games and card nights have been planned by these individuals. Psychology NCCU " SPORTS " 1982-1983 Tanooh North Carolina Central University Head Coaches Sandra Shuler Volleyball Harry Edmonds Tennis f Samuel Vaughn Softball Henry Lathmore Football Athletic Director Jesse Clements Basketball N.C. CENTRAL UNIVERSITY CHEERLEADERS ■ NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL Mitch Bouie 84 WR Sr. Harvey, ILL Reese Carson 33 RB Jr. Washington. DC % Gerald Bridgers 10 QB So. Tarboro, NC Myron Dupree 28 CB Sr. Rocky Mount, NC Arnold Brown 18 DB So. Wilmington, NC Carl Faison 41 RB Jr. Florence, SC Bobby Brown RB So. Wilmington, « NC James Faison 36 QB Jr. Rocky Point. NC David Butler 64 RB m v Fr. Roseboro, NC Michael Faison 60 LB Jr. Clinton, NC UNIVERSITY 1982 CHAMPS Johnnie Forte 73 DE Jr. Goldsboro, NC Southern Division William Hager 62 T Jr. Kings Mountain, NC James Foster 91 TE Sr. Henderson, NC Mark Foushee 54 C Jr. Carrboro, NC Nathaniel Henry 34 DB Jr. Washington, DC John Hunt 71 DT Sr. Akron, OH Wilson Fraylon 20 QB So. Charlotte, NC William Frizzell 29 DB So. Greenville, NC Victor Hunter 83 WR Sr. Laurens, SC Lorenzo Ingram 72 LB Sr. Winston-Salem, NC Nathan Johnson 87 DE Sr. Fayetteville, NC Clifton Kersey 22 RB Fr. Clarksville, VA Willis Jones 58 DT So. Roxboro, NC Alan kidd 43 DB Jr. Columbia, MD Paul Laney 80 WR So. Chapel Hill NC Zonta Laney 46 FB So. Charlotte, NC James Leonard 77 LB So. Wilmington, NC Walter Lewis 56 T f So. Charlotte, NC Joel Massey 75 K So. Wagram, NC Melvin McDowell 76 T So. Laurens, SC Louis Mclver 55 LB Sr. Jacksonville, NC Barry McLaughlin 89 DE Jr. Durham, NC Alvin McNeill 92 DE Sr. Raleigh, NC Audrain Melton SS WR Sr. Greensboro, NC Floyd Nixon 70 G So. Nyack, NY Gary McQueen 85 WR I Sr. Richmond. VA Willie Mingo 51 C So. Charlotte, NC Joshua Paige 52 T Jr. Norfolk, VA James Perry 78 DT So. Norlina, NC Lee Perry 45 RB Jr. Fayetteville. NC Allen Pierce 24 CB Sr. Fayetteville, NC Allen Reddick 53 LB Sr. Paterson, NJ Andrew Riddick 27 CB Sr. Plainfield, NJ Stacey Ross 68 LB So. Richmond, VA Kenneth Sheppard 79 T Sr. Hamlet, NC Robert Skipwith 40 TE So. Henderson, NC Mark Slade 74 T So. Burlington, NC Daniel Smith II QB Fr. Durham, NC David Smith LB , Fr. Greenville, SC Maynard Smith 66 LB So. Greenville, SC Sammie Stroud 65 T 2Jlj| Sr. Laurens, SC Benjamin Tate 44 RB K Sr. Berlin, MD Gregory Tate 61 LB So. Berlin, MD James Whitaker 37 RB So. Ahoskie, NC Michael Worthy 30 RB Jr. Spring Lake, NC Samuel Washington 69 G Sr. Jacksonville, NC Curtis Woods 47 LB Sr. Detroit, MICH 4L LIVINGSTONE | The " EAGLE " says it all. We Are 1 1st Eagle Victory 1982 VA UNION NCCU shock the Virginia Union Panthers by beat- ing them in the season opening game. Eagles look towards the CIAA title. WINSTON-SALEM STATE " THE SHOWDOWN " Greg and Steve show the crowd the " Showdown " Post. Eagles really showed WSSU out on national television. ABC Eagles looking good. NCCU vs Morgan State Eagles on the Move Against Norfolk State ELIZABETH CITY— Prepare to Face the " Eagles " Fraylon on the Move i i t y . !• Ml 1 I y Pi , ■ • ' Qf B 1 1 1 tea ' . • «. - E A G L E S EAGLE AGGIE CLASSIC " A TRADITION " AST STATE " EAGLE-AGGIE CLASSIC " Aggies win another Ea- gle-Aggie Classic after the Eagles bombed the Aggies in last year ' s game. sea r m w ? CIAA CHAMPIONSHIP NCCU vs VA UNION Eagles try again to take the CIAA title away from the VUU Panthers. ALL CIAA First Team ALLEN PIERCE BENNIE TATE M SAM WASHINGTON Second Team GERALD FRAYLON NATE JOHNSON ANDREW RIDDICK NCCU CHEERLEADERS CHEER THE EAGLES TO ANOTHER CIAA VICTORY! • ■... ' : , ' I H »f» MHVi-h lift A Eagle blow off a little steam with the Aggies The Eagles will stop you dead in your tracks. ,♦♦ Refere says " Eagle Ball We all know the Eagles have the ball Quarterback Gerald Fraylon is ready to run " The Mighty Eagle Offense " The Eagles can always draw a big crowd at the Southern Division CIAA TERRITORY NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL UNIVERSITY " EAGLES " DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA 1982-83 MEN ' S BASKETBALL ROSTER No. Name Pos Hgt. Wgt. C Hometown II Martez Faucette G 6-1 175 3 Durham, NC 12 Darnell Evans G 6 3 170 3 Wilmington, NC 15 Micheal Wright G 5-10 158 2 Washington, DC 21 Thomas Green G 6-4 185 2 Rocky Mount, NC 22 David Binion F 66 X 5 4 Rochester, NY 24 Arthur Tyson G 5 10 150 2 Washington, DC 25 Walter Hughey G 5 10 165 4 Columbia, SC 30 Samuel Gaddy 6 4 175 2 Wadesboro, NC 31 Douglas Taylor 6-7 178 4 Greensboro. NC 33 Willie Jennette 66 190 2 Aurora, NC 34 Duane Griffin 65 215 3 Washington. DC 35 Donald House 6-2 180 3 Greenville. NC 40 Marvin Dyson 65 XX 3 Durham, NC 41 William Newkirk G 62 182 2 Wallace. NC 42 Sebastian Curtis I 6 2 170 2 Augusta, GA 43 Jodie Coleman C 6-7 200 1 Boston, Mass. 44 Charles Murphy c 6 8 209 3 Maxton. NC 55 Ronnie Winston c 6-8 210 2 Rocky Mount. NC North Carolina Central University David Binon is awarded Most Valuable Player during the " Bull City Tournament. NCCU Duane Griffin is at the line EAGLES Arthur Tyson goes for twol E a g I e s I 9 8 1 EAGLE COUNTRY " Bull City " 1 » f a Willie Jeannette adds more points to the Eagle score board Ken Davis goes over the defensive player for two points for the Eagles NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL UNIVERSITY LADY EAGLES DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA 1982-83 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL ROSTER No. Name Pos Hgt. Wgt. C Hometown 10 Darlene Wilson G 5-3 120 2 Newton Grove, NC 13 Mona McLaurin r 5-B 140 3 Hampton, VA 14 Gail Garrison G 5-7 130 3 Salisbury, NC 15 Linda Nicholson G 5-7 130 2 Enfield. NC 20 Diedra Solomon r 5 10 140 3 Henderson. NC 21 Theodora Thompson C 6 3 155 2 Greenville, SC 2: Jacqueline Pinnix F 5-9 133 3 Burlington, NC 23 Brenda Cox G 5-5 135 3 Wadesboro, NC 24 Maria Carr G 5-5 135 3 Rocky Mount 30 Rosalind Wood C 6-0 133 2 Salisbury, NC 31 Terri Abel r 5 10 150 2 Havelock, NC 32 Carmen Judkins C 61 155 2 Newport News, VA Mona McLourin 12 i Helped Keep Lady £ Eagles together during rough times Carmen Judkins 32 Was one of the leading Rebounders for the Team ■■ LADY EAGLES 1983 Jackie Pinnix was another valuable asset to the Lady Eagles squad. Deirda Soloman goes for the free throw. Terri Abel adds more points to the Eagle score board. ■ I LADY EAGLES " TOP OF IE CIAA " NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL UNVERSITY DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA 1982-83 NCCU Volleyball Roster No. Name Hgt. Wgt. C High School Hometown 10 Vicki Hardy 5-7 125 2 Hillside Durham. NC II Jacqueline Mason 5-4 125 1 Northern Durham, NC 12 Sherron Harris 5-7 155 1 Jordan Durham, NC 13 Diedra Solomon 5-10 140 3 Vance Henderson, NC 14 Cheryl Watson 5-6 135 4 Vaiden Whitley Knightdale 13 Regina Porterfield 5-4 129 4 Brookland Columbia. SC 20 Veronica Judd 5-5 145 2 Durham Durham, NC 21 Brenda Cox 5-5 140 3 Bowman Wadesboro, NC 22 Jackie Pinnix 5-9 133 3 Graham Burlington 2i Cheryl Tyson 5-6 130 1 Winterville 25 Terri Abel 5-10 155 2 Havelock Havelock. NC Date Opponent Sep 7 Gilford Others (Scrimmage) Sep 9 UNC-Chapel Hill (Scrimmage) Sep 20 Elon College Wingate Sep 27 Fayetteville State Atlantic Christian Sep 29 Hampton Institute St. Augustine Oct 5 Guilform Catawba Oct 7 Norfolk State Winston-Salem State Oct II Shaw University Oct 13 Elon College Oct 15 NC Wesleyan Invitational Oct 18 Fayetteville State Oct 20 Shaw University Oct 21 Winston-Salem State Oct 25 St. Augustine Oct 31 CIAA TOURNAMENT Nov I Site Time Greensbors, NC 7:00 Chapel Hill. NC 7:00 Elon, NC 7:00 Durham. NC 6:00 Durham, NC 6:00 Greensboro, NC 7:00 Durham, NC 6:00 Raleigh. NC 6:00 Durham, NC 6:30 Rocky Mount, NC Fayetteville. NC 6:00 Durham. NC 6:00 Winston-Salem, NC 6:00 Raleigh, NC 6:30 Norfolk, VA Sandra T. Shuler, Head Volleyball Coach Chidley Hall Dorm For male students wishing to live on campus, NCCU ' s only men ' s residence is Chidley Hall, named in honor of Howard J. Chidley, philanthropist and friend of the late Dr. James E. Shepard. Chidley 1 was built in 1951 and the annex added in 1962. Physically, Chidley Annex has three floors and will house 306 studentss the old building has four floors, housing 340 students. Eagleson Dormitory Eagleson Hall was opened November 7, 1965, and was named in honor of Mrs. Frances Eagleson. former Registrar, dietitian and instructor at NCCU. Eagleson is one of the " twin " nine-story high-rise dormitory located on the south side of the campus. Eagleson will house 400 students, 50 per floor. Baynes Dormitory Baynes was named in honor of the late Bascom T. Baynes, trustee of NCCU from 1947 through 1957. In 1957 he became Chairman of the Board. Baynes will house 400 students, 50 per floor. Baynes location is ideal in that the dorm is close to the Commerce, Classroom, and Chemistry buildings, bowling alley and Student Union. TAYLOR EDUCATION BUILDING NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL UNIVERSITY TRACK TEAM Fellow Eagles watch Lee Perry as he starts to practice. Team Members: Lee Prrry Cleveland Simpson Walter Bond Andrew Riddick Allan Pierce Bennie Tate Joshua Paige 1983 Track Schedule Date March 26 Opponent ACC April 29 2 9 13 Bowling Green State Duke Invitational Carolina Relays AST Invitational 24 CIAA Championships Site Raleigh, NC Durham, NC Durham. NC Chapel Hill, NC Greensboro, NC May 25-26 NCAA Div. II Championship COMMERCE BUILDING B LOOKING BACK ON THE " EAGLES " 1979-1983 FLYING HIGH WITH THE " EAGLES " " Tennis 1980 " Football 1982 Volleyball 1982 Women ' s Basketball 1980 " B Volleyball— 2nd Runner-Up CIAA 1980 Charles Murpy and Dwayne Griffin 1982 -- a fejp tttk sKM " ' S When Central entered the CIAA in 1980, the EAGLES immediately became CIAA CHAMPIONS Benny Tate Eagle: " Eagle Force " Andrew Riddick 10! HEALTH SCIENCE BUILDING .. ' ,— " ■ EAGLE " PRIDE THROUGHOUT THE YEARS W ££fOT? o;,86;3 •tiShkH EAGLES ALWAYS COME IN PAIRS — NCCU TWINS- DOUBLE ACTION Brenda and Grenda Grimes v ft Faytric and Kaytric Hayes I Carnell and Carlton Brames N C c E N T R i A U TBK ar L tjL J9j £ U rW S a amm N 1 V an V. a:r c I o c p U A N N C H 1 E L L L E N I C OMEGA PSI PHI FRATERNITY TAU PSI CHAPTER Omega men awarded at the Student Government Banquet for their leadership and hard work ' We Love " Q Psi Phi J 9Pd EAGl g £P_hn Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. was founded at Howard University in 1913. Delta has a membership of over 95,000 women in over 500 chapters located throughout the U.S. and the Republics of Haiti and Liberia and Germany. The Deltas believe in serious and strong community endeavor and have demonstrated a vital concern for the social welfare, academic excellence, and cultural enrichment of its members. The Delta ' s colors are Red and White. DELTA SIGMA THETA KAPPA ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY KAPPA Kappa Alpha Psi was founded January 5, 1911 on the campus of Indiana University. The fundamental purpose of Kappa Alpha Psi is achievement. Our theme is " We train for leadership. " Kappa Alpha Psi has always assisted with the aims and purposes of colleges and universities as well as providing service in the public interest. ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY I1H — WWII iiiii i 1111 il MT- R, M L M tt] PHI BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY BORN TO RULE DESTINED TO SURVIVE! Quality Not Quanity ALPHA PHI OMEGA N MEN UNDER THE RISING ' ' SUN CHI ETA PHI NURSING SORORITY KAPPA KAPPA PSI HONORARY BAND FRATERNITY TAU BETA SIGMA m HONORARY BAND SORORITY EBONY ALPHA EBONY JOHN GAITHER LARRY WILLIAMS JOHN BULLOCK JERRY GRAVES JAMES WEBB BITTLE BAILEY JEROME CUMMINGS JACKSON A Salute to Dr. Martin L King: When we celebrate great holidays like Martin Luther King ' s birthday, we must have singing to keep the spirit going. And what better choir can do it but NCCU ' s Choir? A Celebration Through the Arts NCCU ' S Choir and Dance Troupe NCClTs Special Guest Sponsored by A.E. Student Union Program Board I A visit from the famous actor, producer Fred Williamson was appreciated by NCCU ' s stu- dents. He spoke of making it big in the world, and he says, that if he as a black man can make it, then so can we. Big House Gaines A visit from Winston Salem States ' Head Basketball Coach Big House Gaines, brought Ea- gles out of the wood work. The nationally known Big House talked about various exper- iences during his career at WSSU. ALPHA 06 Norman Manigult leads the Alphas steppers. Who ' s running the yard? Alpha Phi Alpha A f A Steppin Out All the Way Alpha do Alphasize Darryl Hicklen " Mr. Step Master " coolin out. THE 1983 " EAGLE " YEARBOOK IS DEDICATED TO DR. ALBERT N. WHITING. For his devoted years of Truth and Service . . CHANCELLOR WHITING Student Life You can tell thai Doza Bass has a green thumb. Chillin out in the Student Union Ricky Hill is trying to make up his mind about getting some jello. The Kappa Alpha Psi table. I ' ll drink to that. Please, just don ' t overcharge me. Even the cafe food is good to the last bitel It ' s time to escape Eagleland Michelle Cox and WyVette Baker taking a stroll. Socializing is a must between classes. r i Well, how does his hair look? How many more minutes of this? I must bust out that exam. This goes to show you that men aren ' t the only ones who can help run Chidley Hall. For many of us here at Central, the library ends up being our second home. Is there a nurse in the house?ll Security is on watch at NCCU ' s bookstore. Well. What do you expect for us to do on our spare time? It ' s a shame you have to spend your last dime on Philosophy. CENTRAL Student Government " The Year of the People " Ex-Umbra Eagle Yearbook ' The Sound Machine " NAACP Representatives of NCCU s T U D E N T A F F A I R S CRIMINAL JUSTICE BUILDING CRIMINAL JUSTICE BUILDING LAW BUILDING TO: THE EAGLE FAMILY RE: GREETINGS On behalf of the Student Government Association, it is indeed an honor to welcome each of you to North Carolina Central University for the academic year 1982-83. I, along with the SGA staff, endeavor to be of service in whatever capacity which will result in the betterment of our academic and social well-being. This year ' s administration has adopted a theme which we hope will be indicative of the mood of the university community: " The Year Of The People " . We intend to feature such concerns as: (1) Concentration on academics (2) Constant efforts to change University policy that will help benefit the students (3) Operation of all office procedures in a professional manner (4) Prior planning in every department (5) Revitalization of NCCU Chapter of NAACP and (6) Addition of New Services With your continued support and criticisms, the Student Government Association will be further motivated to promote self-direction and to provide an atmosphere for the acceptance of self-imposed responsibility. With the Spirit of an Eagle, Duane Howell President SGA ddm CONSTITUENT rH CAROLINA IITV EMPLOVEF STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION 1982-1983 " THE YEAR OF THE PEOPLE " DUANE HOWELL PRESIDENT JAMES WEBB VICE-PRESIDENT SGA James Webb, Vice-President. Darrell Barr CO-ED Affairs, Pansy Glanton Campus Affairs, Donald Hamm Dir. of Social Affairs, Drewy Vincent Dir. Inter-Collegiate Affairs. Deborah Morris, Kermit Bailey Office Manager. N.C. Central SOUND l ' ' ' 8 ® v ■ ' ■ ■y 5 ' it 4 fc T w - IM m University MACHINE V,....y. 1 r pSs -- r THE SOUND MACHINE " AND EAGLE FUNK Strike ' s Again i - 1 il =2 Ms. Donna Peerman Editor-in- Chief Above Right: Staff Shirley Guy Wanda Johnson Sheila Spence Dearise Johnson James Mitchell Business Mgr. Barbara Baker Co-Editor NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL UNIVERSITY EAGLE YEARBOOK STAFF EAGLE YEARBOOK CONSTITUTION All undergraduates will be featured in the yearbook by individual portraits. Because of space limitation and budget allocations, it will not be possible to include the entire campus community. There will be only two notices of the time when pictures of individuals and groups will be taken. If not photographed then, the Eagle staff may omit their pictures. All organizations receive one half page in black and white free. Full costs will be charged for color pictures or full page black and white pictures. Final approval for changes in specifications must be approved by majority decision of the Vice- Chancellor for Student Affairs, Faculty Advisor, and EAGLE staff. NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL UNIVERSITY TOURING CHOIR Officers Phillip Dunston, President Glenn Collins, Vice President Judy Johnson, Secretary Marian P. Brown, Librarian Dena Parker-Loan, Assistant Librarian Cynthia Jordan, Treasurer Lisa Major, MISS CHOIR Deborah Breese, Wardrobe Mistress Accompanist and Assistant Director Grover Wilson, Jr. Gregory Hector, Electric Bass Miss Nancy D. Pinckney, Chaperone Dr. Charles H. Gilchrist, Director SHORT COMINGS A THOUGHT— (COLLEGE LIFE) There never seems to be enough time yet it always seems too much To chance a will, to will a chance, Or anything else of the such There never seems to be enough people who rhyme yet they always seem to be there. To give then take, to take then give, Or anything else more the rare. We sometimes become so engrossed in our surroundings, so mesmerized by our seemigly pertinent habits; That at one time or another, some of us relax our priorities. The main one being that we attend this university for the specific purpose of leaving it, preferably abundant with knowledge and accompanied by some type of positive certificate. There never seems to be enough happier times yet we always seem to settle for less. To want or to have, to have or to want. Or anything else for the best. Somewhere along this road of frivolous intrigue and self enchantment, we can become lackadaisical in our strive for achievement lackadaisical to the point of disconcern. Lackadaisical almost to the point of disinterest. There never seems to be enough time yet it always seems too much, To live and just love, to love and just live, Or anything else quite the such We contemplate on our objectives Become disdainful of ourselves. Then deeper and deeper we fall prey prey to our unconsciousness. Neal Bailey-Harper Neal Bailey-Harper LAVI 5CH00L Studying together makes it so much easier Let ' s Get These Cases Together THE DIFFERENT SEGMENT Eagles put on the 3rd annual " Eagles Night Live Any and everything goes Prince " (Above) Who knows what that is? (Right) She said, " She not going anywhere OF LIFE AT NCCU Now I know, she is not telling us to leave the Unionl You can always look forward to some rainy days in " Eagle Country " ! Dr. Tyrone Baines displays the map of " Eagle Country. Hey. what ' s happening, don ' t I know you? Little Eagles love NCCU tool Don ' t you believe me? The Poster says it all 1 1 1 1 ■ ' 4 t ' ftk f W j 1 i _ H if fl IL _ ? i Sunshine weather today Today, we are all smiles. Yum. yum. isn ' t this delicious College life is more than just parties. . .books are a serious matterl 1 fl -A. r Should I take the last bite or not? n Dear ole NCCU rr See. this is the way. H O M E C O M I N G 1983 " Eagles " vs Bulldogs " • . " ■ - ■» ' a • " " » " 1 4 " ! HOMECOMING 1982— " SHAKE THOSE EAGLES UP " (Let ' s see how successful homecoming was!!) 1 m l lr ' L 1 wk 1 |- B | m ' The " TRADITIONAL EVENTS " EAGLES Look Forward To ... . " Rev. Leroy Jones " marches down the isle. MOCK Funeral I9S3 Yell out your frustrations, child!! fBT ' VlraaB lri-47 — | !_ Vj B ! 4 fJ - A Vv. HCBTiAxv ?7 v 1 I V B i JH " B iffv ' 23 W («( VHra kET - H B lr B isVy MJIj Ms. Angela Mayo and guest band were one of the many activities held during Homecoming " 1982 " HOMECOMING ACTIVITY EAGLE AFFAIR FASHION SHOW Homecoming fashion Show 1982 — Full of Suave and Sophistication. One thing about those Eagles, and that is they do know how to dress. Go on Eaglesl Give them a sneak peck of how we look ALL the time. Yeah. Yeah, even the security guards can ' t help looking! That ' s Right Ronnie, put it in check. Waiting to show the crowd what dressing really means. Show ' em ladies how we like to dazzle the fellas! The Classy sisters of Delta Sigma Theta wants all you ladies to see that " You got to be a Delta All the way. " You can tell the crowd was enjoying the homecoming step show. Peek-a-boo Ava, We see you grinning from ear to ear. " ■ " T NCCU Homecoming Step Show The Ultimate brothers of Groove Phi Groove uuwee-uuwee — Rock Shock the house. ?o it lady .... Swing it for the sisters of Swing Phi Swing. The suave brothers of Phi Beta Sigma, Blue and White down. Dressed to a Teel The brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha. No, they were not hypnotized, nor mesmerized, they Were Alphatizedl The sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha are here to let you know " This is a Serious Matter " K ' I N EAT, DRINK, AND BE MERRY, AND DRINK, DRINK Hey, I didn ' t want Punch. I wanted some " Bud Suds. " Come on Dr. Bryant this is only my 30 something cup? " It ' s Homecoming Ya ' ll! " The Beer-blast and Pig-pickin ' Is Tradition at NCCU. So Once Again the Eagle Family Has Gathered for Some Serious Eating and Drinking. - liddL . " ■IP ,,- V: NCCU Homecoming Concert Picture This: Central ' s homecoming. 1982 — the stage lights are shinning, the mood is mellow and everybody stops, looks, and listens for the " jazzy " sounds of Roy Ayers. Patrice Rushen, and our own Donald Byrd and the 125th Street Band. Yes, that ' s what was going on Friday night in the McDougal Gymnasium. Even though we didn ' t get to Shoo-be-doo, Run, Run. Run with Roy Ayers. he proceeded to turn us out. We had a chance to regroup when Donald Byrd and the 125th Street Band sang to all the " Sexy Dancers " . But by the time we had regrouped Patrice was " Sending Forget-me-nots " and the next thing you know the crowd was in an uproar. It was definitely a night to remember. .. «t s z V M i IP IP ' S " N Patrice Rusherv Dazzling, charming, classy and sophisticated. What more can I say? The girl is just down right B-A-A-A-DIII WIUU ff v ' 153 w. j v - j 3k 1 9 m x . jmWt Y m m p A T R I C E R U S H E N Miss NCCU OH i ' . ; Black beauties representing each class " Float On " Dormitory Oueens (below) NCCU Alumni Association Ms. Pentecostal Fellowship — Lee Etta Smith (below) Miss Criminal Justice — Bernita Lewis EAGLE FUNK LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT MOVING ON OUT NCCU MEN ' S BASKET BALL TEAM HEY ALL YOU EAGLE FANS =- M }lJt ? T fgjs lit Km j ] Miss. North Carolina Central University and her court. Ms. W.G. Pearson, Winner of the Car Competition, (below) Shelia Smith S Rosa Ms. New York Plus. Gwen Carrol, Chidley Hall also Aaron Advisory Board President Vice President Representing ASSU winner in Car Competition HALF-TIME ACTIVITIES Well, it looks like the Eagles have done it again, and we ' re not the least bit surprised. Things started looking a little shaky for a moment, but our mighty, mighty Eagles still pulled through. Al- though the weather was on the chilly side, it was worth watching the Eagles lash the Bulldogs. It was also most definitely worth seeing Ms. Cynthia Jordan being crowned for our Miss Homecoming 1982 during half-time. Also our Alumni Association crowned the New Mr. Mrs. Alumni Association for 1982. Congratulations Eagles for making homecoming exciting and congratulations to Ms. Cynthia Jordan for making a beautiful homecoming queen. Mr. Lawrence Jackson £ Ms. Cynthia Jordan Miss Homecoming 1982 The crowd enjoys all halftime activities include the sexy maiorettes SGA President Duane Howell presents Miss Homecoming with her sash. ■ NCCU VS JC SMITH another EAGLE Fraylon on the Hand-off Offense (Left) Ms. Lori Grier and her Attendants (Top) (Middle) Ms. Grier and her family (Below) Chancellor Albert Whiting i xu mm 1 L O R I Miss. North Carolina Central U N I V E R S I T Y GRIER Miss North Carolina Central University LORI GRIER ' i - - ■ ► " - ' - . ■■■■•.. .■ofi l3.rt Ukti . . ■-•-. ...- ■ , ' ,iV r%- - « - " ' 1 H 1 i . " • Hfd , I J ■ P 1 ' 1 itv Ik . i - ' 1 1 1 ■ 1 ■ h ■ " 7 i n wHH IB Virginia Hargrove First Attendant Ms. Lori Greir Miss NCCU Brenda Baldwin Second Attendant Melody — Stevie Wonder Arranger — Philip Dunston GIRL WE LOVE YOU SO " ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE LOVES A CRAZY GAME TWO PEOPLE VOW TO STAY IN LOVE IS WHAT THEY SAY ALL HAS CHANGED WITH TIME THE FUTURE NONE CAN SEE THE ROAP YOU LEAVE BEHIND AHEAD LIES MYSTERY ALL IS EAIR IN LOVE IT WAS MEANT FOR YOU TODAY A WRITER TAKES HIS PEN TO WRITE THE WORDS AGAIN ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE WE JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW WHEREVER YOU GO WE CAST OUR VOTES TO SAY WERE PROUD OF YOU TODAY ALTHOUGH THE WORLD IS SO COLD YOUR SMILE. IT WARMS OUR HEARTS AND EVENTHOUGH WE KNOW THAT THIS IS JUST THE START BUT LORI. DONT YOU KNOW WE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOUR SIDE A WRITER TAKES HIS PEN WE SAY THE WORDS AGAIN GIRL WE LOVE YOU SO A WRITER TAKES HIS PEN WE SAY THE WORDS AGAIN GIRL WE LOVE YOU SO Ms. Homecoming 1982 Cynthia Jordan m •- •-. " -•.- ? .;, t» R I .-,. «f Virginia Hargrove Kathy S. Lockhart Cynthia Benita Jordan, a senior Business Administration major here at North Carolina Central University, is a native of Burgaw, North Carolina. Born April 8th, she is the youngest of four children; Velma, Melvin, and Curtis. She is the lovely daughter of Mr. Mrs. Malachi Jordan who reside at 306 McCullen Street in the city of Burgaw, North Carolina. Since her four years here at North Carolina Central University, she has been affiliated in the following organizations: Honorees in Action, Phi Beta Lambda Business Fraternity, Publicity Committee of the C.T. Willis Business Club, Freshman Ball Committee of the Freshman Class, Student Concerns Committee of the Student Government Association, Student Resident Assistant, Annie Day Shepard House Council, Lady of Black and Gold Club, Miss Alpha Phi Alpha Special 1980, Features Editor of the Yearbook Staff, Publicity and Movie Committee of the Alfonso Elder Student Union Program Board; Assistant- Secretary, Secretary, Business Manager and Treasurer of the Nationally and Internationally acclaimed Concert and Touring Choirs, a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, and has been a Dean ' s List Student. Her interest ' s include singing, music, sports, traveling, and cooking. After graduation, her future plans are to attend graduate school and obtain a Master ' s Degree in Marketing. Miss Freshman Annette Y. Crowder Miss Sophomore Crystal Johnson Charles V. Williams Miss Junior Angela Langley Charles V. Williams Miss Senior Charlotte Jones Miss Baynes Hall Raven Bass Miss Annie Day Shepard Brenda Williamson Mieheal Oakleyl Miss AFROTC Jacquline McMillian Miss German Club Pamela Peoples Miss Home Economics Regina Lewis Miss C.A. Jones History Club Helen Autry Miss Alpha Kappa Alpha Robyn P. Singletary C.T. Willis Business Club Gladys Gamble American Home Economics Association Chandra Kiley Miss Sigma Gamma Rho Vernelle B. Massey » ! Art Club Tracy K. Murchison Miss Zeta Phi Beta Helen M. Jimmerson Miss Kappa Kappa Psi Angela D. Anderson Miss Criminal Justice Ms. Bernita Mae Lewis Ms. Pre-Professional Health Society Ms. Betty J. Taylor Miss Yearbook Ms. Dearise Johnson Miss Physical Education Major Club Ms. Cherly Watson Ms. J.D. Lennon Ms. Brenda Cunningham Mr. Philip Dunston Ms. Phi Beta Lamda Ms. Marlena Eason Mr. Malcolm Jones Miss Alpha Kappa Mu Ms. LuVenia G. Carter Escort Olanda L. Sample Ms. Spanish Club Miss Leacha McGhee Escort Mr. Larry Logan Ms. YWCA Ms. Joan C. Koonce Escort Jerome Strayhorn Mr. 6 Miss New York Plus Mr. Ronald Burke Ms. Gwendolyn Carroll Mr. Miss W.G. Pearson Cafetria Mr. David Owens Ms. Eugenia O. Aldridge Miss Tau Beta Sigma Ms. Trina L. Blakely Mr. Kenneth Moore Jr. Ms. Social Work Society Ms. Sheila L. Ward Ms. fcbony Alpha Ebony Ms. Mary M. Bostie Mr. Lavon Bailey Ms. Alpha Phi Alpha Ms. Wanda F. Nixon Mr. Dean Jernigan Ms. Phi Nu Pi Miss Kimberly Scott Mr. Terry Cotton Ms. Kappa Alpha Psi Miss Yvette Handy Mr. James A. Barnes Ms. Student Sterring Committee Ms. Lora A. Smith Mr. Ms. Student Union Mr. Darryl Williams Ms. Sandra Staton Ms. Alpha Phi Omega Ms. Pamela Perkios Escort Ronnie Williams Miss English Club Ms. Jacquie Reid Escort Reginald Atkinson First Attendant Ms. Chidley Hall Ms. Beverly J. Mclver Brenda Baldwin, Business Administra- tion major from Whiteville. Her achievements include Miss Freshman, Miss Junior. 2nd attendant to Miss N.C.C.U., Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Eagle Yearbook, Who ' s Who — Hon- orable Mention, Banner Girl N.C.C.U. Marching Band, Student Government Association, Ex Umbra Staff. She plans to attend Law School. w H O s Rodney D. Barnett is an Accounting major from Goldsboro, N.C. He is a member of Al- pha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.. National Association of Black Accountants, and Assistant Business Manager of Student Government Association. • • - S Michael A. Brown is a Business Admin- istration major with a concentration in Marketing from Brooklyn, New York. Campus activities include Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., Student Steering Committee, S.G.A. Future aspirations include pursuing a M.B.A. in Business Administration. w H O Pansy Denise Glanton, a Political Science Major from Durham, N.C. While at N.C.C.U. she has been active in the Political Science Club, Director of Campus Affairs in the Student Government Asso- ciation ' s Executive Staff, Corresponding Secretary of Alpha Lambda Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Miss Delta Sigma Theta 1982-1983, Dance Group. Off-Campus Club. Pansy plans to at- tend Law School. Philip M. Dunston, Jr. is a Business Administration major with a concentration in Business Management from Charlotte, N.C. While attending North Carolina Central University he has been ac- tive in the Student Government As- sociation, United Campus Christian Ministry, and the NAACP. He has served on the Homecoming Commit- tee, Election Board, Parlimentarian for the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Future plans include becoming a corporate financial manager. w H O s Lori Ann Grier is a English major from Charlotte, N.C. Her campus activities include Miss North Carolina Central University 1982-1983. 1st at- tendant to Miss Chidley Hall 1979- 1980, Miss Baynes Hall 1980-1981, Miss John D. Lennon ' s Speakers Forum 1981-1982, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., French Club, English Club, Char- lotte Finest Club, SRA, Student Government Association. NAACP and Campus Echo writer. w H O BSBHH Duane W. Howell of Goldsboro, North Carolina is a Business Administration major concentrating in Management - Marketing. Duane has been involved in various campus activities. Duane has been Vice-President of the Sophomore Class, Pan-Hellenic Council. Dormitory Council. Student Resident Assistant, Ex- officio member of the Board of Trust- ees, President of Student Government Association, NAACP, and a member of Tau Psi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. He plans to attend graduate school. w H O s Drewry Vincent, of Reidsville, N.C., is a senior biology major at North Carolina Central University. During his college years, Drewry, bet- ter known as D.J., has been President of the Pre- Professional Health Society. Director of Inter- collegiate Affairs for the Student Government Association, a member of Alpha Kappa Mu Nation- al Honor Society, President of French Club, Junior Class Treasurer and a delegate to the 1st Annual National Black Student Convention at Operation PUSH Headquarters. Also, D.J. is the Basileus of the Tau Psi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Vernon Jones is a Laurel Hill, N.C. native. His major is Business Admin- istration with a concentration in fj Computer Information Systems. He has been active in the Pan-Hellenic Council, Stategus and Dean of Pledgees, of the Alpha Kappa Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., Phi Beta Lambda Business Fraternity, Homecoming Committee, and Off-Campus Club. He plans to attend graduate school. w H O Joan Carol Koonce is a native of Pink Hill, North Carolina. While at North Carolina Central University she became involved in many organizations and activities. These include the fol- lowing: Student Resident Assistant, Student Steer- ing Committee, Student Council for the Exception- al Children, Young Women ' s Christian Association, American Home Economics Association, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, President of Kappa Omicron Phi Honor Society, Treasurer of the Women ' s Speakers Forum, Secretary of the Student National Education Association, Miss Kappa Omicron Phi 1981-1982, and Miss YWCA I98M983. Cynthia Benita Jordan, a Business Administration is a native from Burgaw, North Carolina. Since her four years here at N.C.C.U., she has served on committees or held offices in the following organizations: Honorees in Action. Phi Beta Lambda Business Fraternity, C.T. Willis Busi- ness Club, National Student Business League, Freshman Ball Committee, Student Government Association, Student Resident Assistant, Annie Day Shepard House Council, Lady of Black and Gold, Yearbook Staff. Alfonso Elder Student Union Program Board, Concert and Touring Choirs, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and Miss Homecoming. w H O s Bonita Ann McZorn is a native of Greensboro, N.C. She is a Political Science major concentrating in Pre- Law, she is a 1979 graduate of Page High School. While at North Carolina Central Bonita has been actively in- volved in many organizations. They include Attorney General of Student Government Association, General Education Task Force, NAACP Fresh- men Orientation Committee, Chancellor Administrative Council, Student Resident Assistant, Vice- President of Residence Hall, Kappa Sweetheart, Political Science Club, and staff member of the campus lit- erary magazine Ex Umbra, and the Dance Group. w H O NO PICTURE AVAILABLE LaWanda D. Oates, a native of Elizabethtown, N.C. Her activities include Student National Education Association. Junior Class Secretary, PEP Squad, Baptist Student Union Choir, Program Board, NAACP, Student Congress, and a typist for the Campus Echo. w H O s Odus Gerald Oglesby is an accounting major from Winston-Salem, N.C. His campus activities include Alpha Kappa Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., Student Congress, Phi Beta Lamb- da Business Fraternity, C.T. Willis Business Club, National Association of Black Accountants, March- ing Band, Concert Band. Olanda Levon Sample, a native of Blackstone, Virginia majoring in Po- litical Science. His interests and or- ganizational activities include Politi- cal Science Club, Public Adminis- tration Club, Student Congress, Student Government Association, Al- pha Kappa Mu, and Vice-President of the Senior Class. w H O Dean Jernigan is a senior biology major from Edenton, N.C. During his tenure at N.C.C.U. he has held membership and office in the following organizations: President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, the Pre-Alumni Club, Beta Kappa Chi National Scientific Honor Society, Vice-President of the Pre-Professional Health Society, Program Board, and a member of Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society. He is a recipient of an Alumni Scholarship and a former member of the Minority Biomedical Research Support program at N.C.C.U. Randy Gerald Vestal, an English ma- jor with a concentration in Media- Journalism, and a minor in Political Science. He is a resident of Durham, N.C. His campus activities include Honorees-ln-Action, Campus Echo, Pre-Alumni Association, German Club, English Club, International Thespian Society, and General Education Program. His honors include Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Freshman Class Award for Academic Excellence, English Department Award, Alpha Kappa Mu Honors Society, Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society, and the University Honors Program Certifi- cate of Academic Excellence. w H O s NCCU STUDENTS ARE AMONG THE NATIONS BEST STUDENTS. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK W H O FRESHMEN CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Dedicated " EAGLES ' ' ' Junior Class " President — George Jackson Mr Business Manager-Ronnie Watson Aaron. Rosa Elizabeth Abrams, Leon Adams, Gloria Adams. Sheila Age, Gemevie Allen. James Allen. Panza Alston, Belinda Alston, Carla Alston. Decolya Alston. Eric Alston. Gwen Alston, Lyndolyn Alston, Sharon Alston, Yvonne Ames, Traci Anagor, Mathew Anderson, Angela Anderson, Carmen Anderson. Paul Anderson, Tim Archer, Cynthia Armfield. Felix Armstan, Robin Artis, Gail Atkins, Tracy Atkinson, Kenneth Avent, Denita Arrington, Laloni Baggett. Melissa Bagley, Sharilyn Bailey, Levon Baker, Barbara Baker, Karen Barfield. McKale Barnard, Gina Barnes, Stephanie Barr, Vanessa Barrow, Tris Bass. Emmanuel Bass, Glenda Bass. Patricia Baynes. Danise Beatty, Andrea Beatty. Jean Bell. Renee Bell. Ronald Benjamin. Gilbert Bennett, Derek Bennett, Pamela Bennett. Pedro Bennett. Teresa Berry. Emma Berry. Marcus Berry, Stephanie Best, Arthur Best, Jewel Black, Helene Black. Jeanette Blackeney. Terrence Blackmon. Donna Blackmon. Ray Blackwell. Sarita K?TVr Blake. Kanari Blount, Lourie Bobbin, Nina Bogans, Genee Bond. James Boone, Derrick Bostic. Mary Bowden, Rodney Bowden, Terrence Boyce, Angela Boyce, Tylea Boyd, Dwight Boyd. Frank Bradley, Roger Bradley, Terry Brame, Carnell Branch, Solon Branch, Wallace Bray, Sherrilyn Briscoe, Sanchez Britt, Renee ' Brooks, Hal Brown. Angela Brown. Barbara Brown. Eulalie Brown, Evelon Brown, Gregory Brown, Lisa Brown, Lena Brown, Lottia Jrown. Marguerite Brown, Sindy Brown, Veronica Brunson, Barbara Bruton, Nettie Bryant. Bridget Bryant. Carmel Bryant. Edwin Bryant. Rennetta Bryant, Wilbert Buck, Gwendolyn Bullock, Audrey Bullock. Cynthia Bunn, Charles Above: Pool is my favorite pastime. Burden. Doris Burnes, Patricia Burt. Awanya Burwell. Martha Bush, Thomas Butler. David Butler. Oteria Bynoe. Bertram Bynum. LaTerrie Bynum, Yvette Byrd. Rhonda Caldwell, Sheila Cameron, Judy Campbell. Shermania Capel. Loretta Carney. Bavonda Carr. Teresa Carroll. Gwendolyn Carson, Reese Carter, Leslie Carter, Pamela Carter, Sharon Carver. Ella Cashe, David Cason, Paulette Charleston. Sonya Chasten. Shari Chavis. Deborah Cherry. Gail Cherry. Tanja Chesson, Kelvin Chesson, Mary Chestnut. Edwina Chestnut. Michael Chisholm. Redonda Christian, Bonita Clark, Apriel Clark. Tyneeta Clawson. Keith Clayton. Leslie Click. Teresa Cloud. Violet Cobb. Cynthia Cobb. Desandre Cobb. Lori Coffey. Delice Coleman. Eva Coleman. Jodie Collins. Carrie Collins. Pamela Comer. Marty Commander. Jerome Cooper. Theresa Cooper. Theresa Coppadge, Natalie Corbitt. Robert Coston. Forrest Courtney, Leslie IStl 1 1 T " r. 1 Sm m5bhhmh!MT1 HI " ' ■ i Mt W ■ l mf i r Yes. May I help you. Cox, Brenda Cox. Michele Cox, Sandra Crews, David Crews, DeAndre Cromwell. Anna Crowder, Annette Crowder. LaMuriel Curley, Brian Above: This makes my 29th quarter I can ' t play anymore. Currie, Michelle Curtis, Ervin Curtis. Kathy Daniels. Calvin Dantzler. Angelo Darden. Teresa Dark. Mattie Davis, Alison Davis. Anita Davis. Christine Above: Now. this should work this timel Left: I ' m not sure of the answer but it is something like that. Davis, Wanda Dawson. Mitchell Dean, Judy Dean. Phyllis DeBerry. Paula De ' Bose. Glenda DeLoatch. Robin Derr, Jennifer DeShield. Lesa Diggs. Raymond Dixon. Carla Dixon, Sammy Dixon, Tanya Dobson, Warrenetta Dockery, Annie Dockery, Renee ' Doe, Sharon Dolberry, Cynthia Donald, Anya Douglas, Donald Downing, Dwayne Drake. Bridgette Drake, Debbie Drew. Darryl Drew. Debi Dula, Deena Dumas, Perry Dunston, Elizabeth Dyson, Marvin Eady, Sharon Eagleson. Helen Earle, Jeanette Easterling, Nelvette Eason. Danford Eason, Stephanie Eatmon, Delton Eatman. Rhonda Eloron, Sandra Edmonds. Dina Edwards. Rhonda Edwards, Stephey Eley, Wanda Ellis, Alicia Ellis. Kim Ellison, Jeannette Ferguson. Rhonda Ferguson, Wade Fields. Dorothy Fletcher, Eric Fontenelle, Albert Ford, Darryl Forte, Johnnie Foster, Dwayne Foster, Margaret Foster, Patricia Hey. Get him out. he doesn ' t know what he ' s doing. Fredlaw. Brenda Freeman, Sharon Frieson, Ronetta Fuller. Carl Fuller, Carlos Gaddy, Samuel Gaither, John Gaither, Stephanie Galmon, Debbie Garner, Allison Garrett, Donnell Garris. Marstean Gary, Cynthia Gatling, Kenneth Geigher. Tonya Gerald, Carla Gibson, LaVondia Gibson, Paula Gibson, Sue Gilchris, Willie Mae Gillespie, Vickie Gillian, Marion Gilliard. Gracie Gillion, Tony Gilmer, Walter Gilmore, Gina Goins. Carol Goode. Valecia Goodman, Faith Goodman, Janice Gore, Rosalynd Graham, Antoinette Graham, Ricky Graham, Sheila Gravely. Susann Green, Anita Green, Laura Green, Robert Green. Thomas Ray Green. Thresa Greene. Theodore Grier, Annie Grier, Teri Griffin, Duane Griffin, Felecia Grimes, Lindy Grimes, Monica Guilford, Evelyn Guy, Shirley A. Hager, Nickie Hager, William Hairston, Angela Hairston, Claudette Halback, Adrienne Hall, Debra Hall. Tina Hamilton, Maurice Stephen Hand. Gloria Hands. David Handy. Cassandra Hanes. Sheila Hangrove. Tyrone Hardy, Kimberly Hargrove. Allen Harmon. Pedro Harper. Sheila Harper. Stewart Harrington, Kathy Harris, Donna Harris, Dwayne Harris, Garfield Harris. William III Harrison, Arnita Harrison, Fredrick Hart. Wendy Harvey. Jewel Hassell, Yolanda Hawkins. JoAnn Hawkins, Myra Hayes. Angela Hayes, Sherron E. Hayes, Vanita Headen. LaKimbrelle Heck. Cynthia Hemphill. Roslyn Henderson. Cheryl Henley. Twyla Herring, Alexander Herring, Angela Hewitt, Robert Hicklen, Darryl P. Hicks, Annie Hicks. Cynthia Higginbotham. LaTonya I High, Mary I Hill, Sharon Hill, Veronica Hines, Janice Hinshaw, Deborah Hinson, Veronica Hinton, Terry Hite, Travis Holden, Elvis Holland, Delaine Holliman, Vonda Holmes, Roman Hopkins, Darryl Horden, Dena Home, Kimberly Howard, Crystal Howard, Jocelyn Hudson, Melanie I Huey, Micheal Huggins, Donald Hunter, Frank Hunter, Wesley Hursey. Sherry Hyatt, Karen Hylton, Kimberly Hyman. Manuel Irby, Katrelia Iverson. Joseph Jackson, Charlene Jackson. George Jackson. Linda Jackson. Luby Jackson. Sharon Y. Jackson. Venice Jackson. Winifred Jacobs, Shelia James, Manuel Jefferson, Anita Jenkins, Benita Jennette, Willie Jernigan, Suzette Johnson, Alfonso Johnson, Bernard Johnson, Beverly Johnson, Cecilia Johnson. Crystal Johnson, Denibria Johnson, Donna Johnson. Donna Johnson. Fitzerald Johnson. Gardner Johnson, Jacqueline Johnson, Lachell Johnson, Marcia Johnson, Sidney Johnson, Valarie Johnson. Vega Johnson. Wanda Johnson, Willie R. Johnson, Willie Jonier. Delphine Jones, Bernard Jones. Dennis Jones, Grace Jones, Jackie Jones. Jacqueline Jones, Jeannette Jones, Karen Jones, Leroy Jones, Michael Jones, Raymond Jones, Robin Jones, Samuela Jones, Selina Jones. Valerie Jones. Valgenia Jones. Vanetta Jones. Yolanda Joyner. Deborah Jordan. Jacqueline Jordan. Jewel Jordan, Kimberly Jordan, Stephanie Joyce, Agatha Joyner, Roderick Judd. Ava Judd, Veronica Judren, Cornelius Junior. Cynthia Kelly, Jerry Kemp, James Kenan, Sophia Kenlaw. Richard Kennon, Shelia Kent, Renee Khalid, Fahim Kier, Cynthia King, Carla King. Maggie King, Thresa Knight. Gwendolyn Lacy. Michael Latluffman, Donna Lane. Antonya V. Lane. Leon Langley, Angela Langley. Wanda Lassiter, Sophis Latham. Vanessa Leach. Georgia Lee. Acquenetta Lee. Derric Lee. Katie Lee, Lana Lee. Rosaire Lee. Sandra Lewis. Adelyn Lewis, Bernita Mae Lewis, Katrina Lewis, LaGretta Lewis, Regina Lewis, Valarie Little. Bernice Little, Michael Littlejohn, Alicia Lloyd, Vanessa Loftin, Qwanda Logan. Karen Long, Ramona Long, Tony Love. Emmanuel Lowery, Jacquelin Lucas. Owen Lutz, Benita Lutz, Donna Lyons. James M acer. Chrystal Madison. Delores Maness, Gwen Maney. Keith Marsh, Natalie Marcus, Rhonda Marsh, Tonya Martin, Teresa Martin, Tincye Mason. Debbie Mason, Jacqueline Mason, Letita Mason, Shelia Massenburg. Thomasia Massie, Licia Matthews, Adonna Matthews, Tina Mattocks, Michael Mayfield. Cheryl Mayfield, Daryl Mayhue. Sharion Mclain, Tywanda McClammy, Toney McCloud, Barbara McClure. Steven McDaniel. Robert McDaniel, Tamberly McDonald, Marcus McDowell. Reggie McGee, Renee McGlone, Lisa Mclver, Beverly Mclver. Steven McKinnon, Cedric Mclean, Kevin Mclean. Treva McNair. Emilie M. I McNeely, Linda t McNeil, Janet I McQueen, Valencia McRae, Janet McRae. Phyllis Merritt. Zena Milam. Leroy Milburn, Tonya Miller, Elwanda Miller, Julia Miller, Steve Miller, Valerie Milliken. Ed Mills, Cynthia Mims, Andrew Mims, Andre Mims. Otis Mingo, Little Willie Mitchell, Amber Mitchell. Donna Mitchell. James Mitchell, Pam Mitchell. Terri I Mitchell, Wanda Monroe. Angalena Monroe, Roderick Monroe, Donna Monroe, Kim Moore, Bernetta Moore, Glenest Moore. Le Stevia Moore. Lorie Moore. Preston Moore, Terry Moore, Timolyn Moore, Veda Morgan, Gina L. Morgan. Leander Morgan. Sharon Morgan, Valerie Morris, Debra Morrison, Janet Morrison, Vernon Mott, Katina Moultrie, Mary Muldron. Shelia Mumphery. John Murchison. Michael Murphy, Charles Murray, Kenneth Sr. Neal, Patrica A. Newkirk, Beverly Newkirk, Janice Newsome. Trivia Newton, Carlton L. Nicholson, Madie Nix, Batania Nixon, Wanda Nokulungo, Nxumalo S. Northern, Tammy Odom, Angela Overton. Darlene Owens, Angela Owens, Aretha Owens, Tina Padmore, Jemma Panalo, Busile Parker, Deborah Above: Coach Clements talks about the 1982-1983 basketball program Right: Drum Major Cedric Hardin at rest. Parker, Vance Jr. Parks, Loucindy Parlor, Keith Paschall, Carlyn Pastey, Teresa Patrick, Michael Patterson. Elisha Pauling, Tracy Payne, Jacqueline Peaks, Angela I Peele, Genevieve I Pembroke, Danita I Pennington, Robin Peoples. Edwena Peoples, Pamela Peppers, Denise Perry, John Perry, Santora Perry, Vicky Pettiford, Jennifer Pettiford. Lance Petway. Joey Petway, Stephanie Pickett, Debra Phillips. Eva Pickett. Eric Pierce. Angela Pierce. Wendy Pinkston, Vernell Pinnix, Jacqueline Pinnix. Tina Pipkin. Maggie Pitt, Cassandra Pittman, Benny Pittman. Priscilla Ann Pitts. Teressa Pollard. Yvonne Powell. LaWanda Powell. Pamela Powell, William Pratt, Cynthia Preyar, Monica Price, Randy Price, Stacy Prichard, Dinah Privott, Sharon Privott. William Proctor, Sandra Pruden, Miriam Purefoy, Jeffrrey Purefoy, Vannessa Ramsey, Arnzell Ramsey, Sharon Ransom, Doris Rascoe, Dora Ratley, Joycenette Ray, Clarence III Reed. Jacqueline Reeder, Marcia Reese. Jodie III Reeves. Cynthia Reeves. Lavita Reeves, Sandra Reid. Vera Reis, Sylvia Rice, Jacqueline Rice. Tracy You can always tell an Eagle, they ' re the one ' s smilingl Richardson, Frank W. Richardson, Kim Richardson. Mary Richardson, Patrica Richardson, Robbie Riley, Chandra Roberson, Angela Roberts, Glenda Roberts. Nancy Roberts. Tracy Robinson, Cheryl Robinson. John Robinson. Katrina Robinson. Marilyn Robinson, Rosa Robinson. Roslyn Robinson. Shagail Rodgers. Trudy Rodney. Yvette Romain. Irvin Roper. Kim Rose. Kermit A. Rose, William Roseboro, Sylvia Ross. Debra Ross, Rozenil I Ross, Treba Roulhac. Deana Royster, Deborah Ruffin, Cynthia Rushing, Robin Russ, Yvette Russell, Cynthia Rutherford. Christopher Sampson, Christopher Sanders, Charles Sanders, Chris Sanders, Denena Sanders, Janice Sanders, Mendez Sanders. Viceca Sasportas, Billie Satterthwaite, Robin Saul, Sylvia Scott. Kimberly Scott. Penelope Scott. Starlene Scurlock, Shekethia Sealey, Michele Sears. Covette Mrs. Fitzgerald. NCCU Bookstore she al- ways has a pleasant smile to greet you! Sembly, Terrence Sessoms. Rodney Seward, Brenda Sharpless. Jacquelyn Shelley, Lemuel C. Sherald, Olivia Shorter, Gerald Silver. Ernest Silver, Jonathon Simmons, Angela Simmons, Dallas Simmons. Joseph Simpson, Cleveland H. Sims, Angela Singletary, Darren Smith. Brenda Smith. Cathy Smith. David G. Smith. Gerald Smith. Lineta Smith, Karen Smith. Marie Smith, Patrick Smith, Quandra Smoot, Christal Smoot. David Smoot, James Snipe, Joyce Solomon, Corlis Soloman. Deidra Speight, Janice Speight, Lolita Spellman. Stephen Spence, Jerry Spence. Shelia Spencer, Dorothy Spencer, Lisa Spencer, Sharon Spruill, Terrance Spruill. Vivian Squires, Calvin Stalling, Ruby Steele, Wesley Stephens, Antonio Stephens, Carolyn Stephens, Mary Stephens, Sharon Stephenson, Sam Stephenson, Sherry Steveson, Vienna Stewart, Paulette Stone. Garcia Stovall, Tempe Strait, Meryl Stuart, Beverly Sturdivant, James Strayhorn. Jermone Streeter, Angela Strong, Patty Stroud, Andre Stroud, Phillip Sutton, Shelia Swann, Michelle Swinson. Jeanine Sykes, Jackie Taylor, Andrea Taylor, Cynthia Taylor. Debbie Taylor, Jan I Taylor. Jimmy Taylor, Karyn Taylor, Monica Taylor, Natalie Taylor. Pamela Taylor. Rita Teel, Judith Thomas. Robert J. Thompson. Cheryl Thompson. Karen Thorpe, Yolanda Thorpe. Valerie Tilley. Kimberly Tillman. Linda Tillman, Sandra Tolbert. Florence Eagles always have time to stop and chat. Tolson, Elnita Townsend, Shelly Townsend, Tony Troutman, Travinne Truesdale, Sarah Turner. Wayne Tyson, Cheryl Tyson, Arthur Underwood, Audrey Vann, Brenda Vann. Linda Vann, Milton Vann. Regina Vaughns, Adriannia Vaughan. Jacqueline Velle, Shervonne Vestal, Randy Vestal, Saide Vick. Karla Vimes. William Vincent. Brenda Waddel, Kathy Waldon, Donna Walker. Ernest Walker. Linnetta Wallace. Allen Wallace, Richard Warren. Cheryl Warren. Tracy Washburn, Timothy Washington, Belinda Ward, Sheila Washington, Bridget Washington. Debbie Washington, Donna Washington, Marta Washington. Valtorian Watson, Dawn Watson. Michele Watson. Ronnie Watts. Beverly Weaver, Ray Weaver, Regina Webb, James Webb. Rose West, Vickie White, Blonnell White, Sheri White. Thomaseene Whitehead. Frankie Whitley, Connie Whittaker, Katrina Wiggins, Andre Wiggins. Debra Wiggins, Rosalyn Wilder, Jerry Wilkins, Ronnie Wilkins, Tom Williams, Connie Williams, Cynthia Williams. Debbie Williams, Dessina Williams. Esther Williams, Gwendolyn Williams, Kevin Williams, LaWanda Williams. Sherrill Williams, Sonia Williams, Tawanda Williams, Thomas Williams, Yolanda Williams, Robin Williams. Ylonda Williamson, Sandra Willie, Randall Willie, Ronald Wilson, Bobby Wilson, Grace Wilson, Pamela Wilson, Veronica Winston, Glenda Winston, Ronnie Winters, William Wolfrey, Janice Wood, Kathryn Worth, Princess Wray, Bernice Wright, Karen Wright. Lynelle Wynn, Robin Yancey, Tammy Yellock. Derrick York, Crystal Young, Aurelia Young, Charlotte Yzola, Serena I f Students enjoy playing cards between classes Student leader. James Webb pauses before continuing his speech. Bake sales are a sure way to raise money. m 7 The union is a good place to stop and relax between classes. Joey Petway and Eric Jackson pause for the pho- tographer. SENIOR DIRECTORY Abbott. Avis Yvonne Route 3. Box 246 fcden. N.C. 27 88 Route 2. Box 292 Fuquay. N.C. 27526 Adams. Mark Anthony 418 North Hobart St. Philadelphia. Penn. Adams. Sheila Lynette 1920 Bouz Rd. Raleigh. N.C. 27610 Aldndge. Eugenia Denise Rt. I. Box 236 Dudley. N.C. 28333 Altord. Carolyn Jean 128 Camellia Court Rocky Mount. N.C. 27SOI Allen. Barry D. 925 Plum Street Durham. N.C. 27701 Allen. Rhonda 607 Burlington Avenue Durham. N.C. 27707 Alston. Eric I45S 4th Street. S.W. Washington. DC. 20024 Amponsah, Akwasi P.O. Box 1082 Kumasi, Ghana Andrews. Tewauna 2514 Otis Street Durham. N.C. 27707 Arp. Billy Route 3. Box III Tarboro. N.C. 27886 Artis. Willie 324 Brentwood Drive Dudley. N.C. 28333 Austin. Angela 2500 Janet Street Durham. N.C. 27707 Autry. Helen Rt. 2. Box 643 thzabethtown. N.C. 28337 Avent. Tonya Renee 8508 Valleybrook Drive Raleigh. N.C. 27612 Avery. Tawanna B. 3025 West 32nd Street Brooklyn. N.Y. 11224 Bacote. Chypes 200 Seven Oaks Road. 7 E Durham. N.C. 27704 Bailey. Carl C. P. O. Box 221 Washington. N.C. 27889 Bailey. Freda Elaine " 04 Bailey Drive Raleigh. N.C. 27610 Baldwin. Brenda 131 km Drive Whiteville. N.C. 28472 3412 Facade Street Durham. N.C. 27707 Barnes. Dallas Route 3. Box 381 Plymouth. N.C. 27962 Barnes. Sylvia E. 620 Devereaux Street Goldsboro. N.C. 27530 Barnett. Rodney D. 415 Pilot Street. Apt. J 12 Durham. N.C. 27707 Barry. Lisa R 595 Main Street New York. N.Y. 10044 Baskerville. Brenda 1216 Lawrence Street Henderson. N.C. 27536 Bass. Doza Rt 2. Box 181 Garner. N.C. 27529 Beale. Deborah k 14 Walnut Drive Jacksonville. N.C. 28540 Beamon, Deborah Route 4, Box 170 Nashville. N.C. 27856 Bell. Glynis L. 5314 Peppercorn Street Durham. N.C. 27704 Bennett. Cora L 2723 kirkland Drive. N.W. Roanoke. Va. 24CH7 Bennett. Kathy i South First Avenue Ml. Vernon. New York 10550 Berry. Darryl 8901 Softwind Drive Charlotte. N.C. 28210 Best. Andre 307 S. Carey Street LaGrange. N.C. 28551 Best. DeOuilla Beverly 407 East 43rd Street Houston. Texas 77022 IS90 Gola Drive Fayettevllle, N.C. 28301 Black. Alfreda P. O. Box 55 Youngsville. N.C. 27596 Blackmon, kathy 4M2 Beltord Road Fayetteville, N.C. 28304 Blakely. Tnna L 1812 Fayetteville Street Durham. N.C. 27707 Bond. Walter M. Rt. I. Box 253 Windsor. N.C. 27983 Bordeaux. Charlene Rt I. Box 211 While Oak. N.C 28399 Zebulon. N.C. 27597 Boston. Camille L. 121 Blaze Street Winston-Salem. N.C. 27105 Bradtord. Richard. Jr. 1805 Olympia Court Fayetteville. N.C. 28301 Branch. Jacqueline 1201 Leggett Road Rocky Mount. N.C. 27801 Sherese M. Brewington 1121 Saxony Drive Durham. N.C. 27707 Brooks. Pearl E. Rt 2. Box 33 Richlands. N.C. 28574 Brown. Dale L 704 N. 10th Street Wilmington. N.C. 284CH Brown. Elston 121 Oakmom Circle Durham. N.C. 27713 Brown. Jimmy 2817 Quince Drive Raleigh. N.C. 27707 Brown, kevin 1054 kenwood Avenue Camden. New Jersey 08103 Brown. Marian P. P. O. Box 274 Carthage. N.C. 28327 Brown. Maude 1312 Atlantic Street Wilson. N.C. 27893 Brown. Michael A. 230 Osborn Street Brooklyn. New York 11212 Browner. Debra 1820 Greenvalley Drive Shelby. N.C. 28150 Bryan. Vanessa 3113 Braddock Drive Fayetteville. N.C. 283CH Bullock. Cary 1000 Baker Street Tarboro. N.C. 27886 Bullock. Catherine Rt. I. Box 15-C Manson. N.C. 275 3 Burke. Ronald 48 Fulton Street N. Babylon. New York 11703 Burnet te. Jo Ann 238 Rose Street. Apt. 4 Rocky Mount. N.C. 27801 Burns, Amyck 525 Eaton Street Fayetteville. N.C. 28301 Burney. Gwen 122 A S. Orion Street kinston. N.C. 28501 Campbell. Nanelle P O Box 84 Roper. North Carolina 27970 Carr, Deborah S. -115 Daughtndge Street Rocky Mount. N.L. 27801 i aviness. Gordon Rte. 2. Box 542 Elizabethlown. N.C. 28337 Chapman. Eljevonia Apt. 7-E. Mitchell Woolen Kinston. N.C. 28501 Chase. Linda 414 W. Street. N.W. 31 Washington. DC. 200CH Chasten. Vinson 708 Seasons Drive Raleigh. N.C. 27614 Cheek, lola R. P. O. Box 19354 Durham. N.C. 27707 Clark. Bonita Angela 69 McDougal St. Brooklyn. NY. 11233 Clark. Annette P. O. Box 641 ?tops. Nx. ments. Deborah 731 Burton Street Roxboro. N.C. 27573 obb. Sharon D. 311 Wallace Street Tiville. N.C. 27828 Cobb. Sheha Renee P O Box 459 ' inetops. N.C. 27864 Hogdell, Veronica 807 Orchard Street Goldsboro. N.C. 27530 Coleman. Denise 33CC Shannon Rd.. Apt. 3-C Durham. N.C. 27707 Coley. Robin L. 309 Hemlock Street Goldsboro. N.C. 27530 Collins. Clinton D. Rt. 2. Box 43 CI Norhna. N.C. 27563 Cooper. Lorenza Rt. 6. Box 213 Rocky Mount. N.C. 27801 Cooper. Mary H. P. O. Box 752 Oxford. N.C. 27565 Coston. Pnscilla Route I, Box 27-C Rose Hill, N.C. 28458 Crawford. Lorraine G. 408 Robinhood Road Gastonia. N.C. 28052 Crawford. Stanley E. i 503 Yorktown Drive Chapel Hill. N.C. 27514 Crespo. Coleen G. 1505 Duke University Rd. » Durham. N.C. 27701 Crowder. Ernest W. ! 6509 Heather Brooke Avenu. Charlotte. N.C. 28213 Cunningham. Sheila A. 588 Alspaugh Drive Winston Salem. N.C. 27105 Dancy. Gregory 208 Snowden Street Tarboro. N.C. 27886 Daniels. Juaneza I. 2017 Matilene Avenue Durham, N.C. 27713 Davis. Maurice 7011 Cove Creek Drive Charlotte. N.C. 28215 Davis. Vanessa Mane 2011 Bedford Street Durham, N.C. 27707 DeShield. Leontyne P. O. Box 2009 Monrovia. Liberia Dixon. Karen R. Route 2. Box II6-A Rose Hill. N.C. 28458 Dixon. Natalie 131 Grafton Street Oberlin. Ohio 44074 Dixon, Wanda J. Route I. Box 496 Scotland Neck. N.C. 27874 Graham. Linda „ 224 Seven Oaks Road Durham. N.C. 27704 Dunning. Clyde 86-Division St. Elizabeth. New Jersey Dunston. Philip M. 620 Georgetown Drive Charlotte. N.C. 28213 Eddy. Margaret P.O. Box 323 Wilmington. N.C. 28402 Edwards. Terry L. 310 Crest Drive Chapel Hill, N.C. Edwards. Lena Rt. 2. Box 280 Walstonburg. N.C. 27888 Elliott. Wanda Gayle 718 East Pine Street Goldsboro. N.C. 27530 Elmore. Harriett T 1485 Belleville Rd. Orangburg. S.C. 29115 Enoch. Janice Rt. 9. Box 294 Burlington. NC 27215 Estelle. Peggy J. Rt. 2. Box 94 Hampstead, N.C. 28443 Evans, Olivia S. P O. Box 133 Maxton. N.C. 28364 Earmer. Barbara P.O. Box 601 Wagram. N.C. 28396 Eield. Stephen L. 1908 Circleview Drive Greensboro. N.C. 27406 Eikes. Tara 911 Delray Street Durham. N.C. 27713 Emley, Curtis 806 N. Bnggs Avenue Durham. N.C. 27703 Fitzgerald. Alan 1102 Willowdale Drive Durham. N.C. 27707 Fletcher. Vernell 626A Middle Street Durham, N.C. 27703 Fogle. Denise Robin 130 Elm Drive Winston Salem. N.C. 27105 Foster. Michael Forest 928 Patton Circle Henderson. N.C. 7536 Fowler. Sonya L. Franklin. Athena M. 1405 South Pollard St. Arlington. Va. 22204 Franks. Miriam E. P. O. Box 51 Pollocksville. N.C. 28573 Claudia A. 4216 Garrett Rd. Apt. F-30 Durham. N.C. 27707 Gaddy. Anthony 1440 Marlborough Rd. Fayetteville. N.C 28304 Gaddy. Timothy 1440 Marlborough Rd. Fayetteville. N.C. 28304 Gamble. Gladys B. 3440 Crenshaw Court Charlotte. N.C. 28216 Garland. Frederick 1143 Passaic Avenue Linden. New Jersey Gatling. Jacqueline 1403 Duke Univ. Rd. Apt. A3 Durham. N.C. 27701 George. Cetrena L. Rte 6. Box 285 Whiteville. N.C. 28472 Gibson. Rex H. Rt. 3. Box 327 Wilson. N.C. 27893 Glanton. Pansy D. 315 Rippling Stream Rd. Durham. N.C. 27704 Glenn, Harry 110 E. 129th Street. 3H New York. N.Y. 10035 Gore. Gloria 912 S. 7th St. Wilmington. N.C. 284CH Graham. Carolyn D. 1006 Lisa Circle Spring Lake. N.C. 28390 Grant. Claressa 623 Massey Avenue Durham. N.C. Grayson. Gregory 1167 E. 51st Street Brooklyn. New York 3715 Manchester Drive Charlotte. N.C. 28210 Grimes, Brenda 30 tast Vernon Avenue Kinston. N.C. 28501 Grimes. Grenda 305 E. Vernon Avenue Kinston. N.C. 28501 Grimes. John O. 313 Sherwood Ave Kinston. N.C. 285a Haire. Jacqueline J 914 Washington Drive Fayetteville. N.C. 27703 R%» S3 Hardee Street Durham. N.C. 27703 Hall. Bessie D. 2917 Salvone Ct. 4-302 Durham. N.C. 27703 Hall. Josephine 6313 Poole Road Raleigh. N.C. 27610 Hall. Marva L. P.O Box 33 Oxford. N.C. 27565 Hall. Mary Therresa 717 t. Cottingham St. Maxton. N.C. 28364 Hamm, Donald Ray Route I, Box 137-E fclm City. N.C. 27822 Hampton. Derwin 2020 Matilene Avenue Durham. N.C. 27707 Handy. Yvette P.O. Box 2 Brooklyn. New York 11216 Hansley. Eli|ah B 106 Blount Drive Wilmington. N.C. Hardin. Cedric M. 123 fc. Madison St York. S.C. 29745 Harding. Shelia V. 404 Dunstan Street Durham. N.C. 27707 Hardison. Brenda Rte 3 Wilhamston. N.C. 27892 Hargrove. Eugene P. O Box 123 Bullock. N.C. 27507 Hargrove. Virginia 1611 Duke Univ. Rd. Apt. E-12 Durham. N.C. 27701 Harper. Christopher 588 Kings Road Orangeburn. S.C. 29115 Harper. Jerry L. 2504 N. Duke St. Durham, N.C. 27704 Harris. Alma Relhella Rt I. Box 129 Hollister. N.C. 27844 Harris. Jacqueline N. Rl. 2. Box 411 4 Wake Forest. N.C. 27587 Deerfield Complex Fountain. N.C. 27829 Harrison. Shan 819 Panola St Tarboro. N.C. 27886 Hayes. Faytric Rt. 2. Box 227 Ivanhoe. N.C. 28447 Hayes. Kaytric Rt, 2. Box 227 Ivanhoe. N.C. 28447 Haywood. Mark 2837 Emerson Si. Winston-Salem, N.C. 27107 Heath. Staley 1800 Williamsburg Rd. 19 B Durham. N.C. 27707 Helton. Ricky D. 114 Masondale Ave. Durham. N.C. 27707 Henry. Julius P. O. Box 1135 Hamlet. N.C. 28345 Hewett. Stephanie Rt 3. Box 354 Supply. N.C. 28462 High. Priscilla A. Rt. 7. Box 133 Raleigh. N.C. 27614 Hines. Scot tie 168 N. Gaines St. Southern Pines. N.C. 28387 Hlnton. Ceberettia P. O. Box 26442 Raleigh. N.C. 27611 Hodge. Mary Elizabeth 936 Morreene Road Durham. N.C. 27705 Hodges. Michael 715 East Hill Street Warsaw. N.C. 28398 Holder. Dennis Rt, I. Box 95-E Spring Hope. N.C. 27882 Holloman. Gardnetta IRM North C C Road Ahoskie, N.C. 27910 Holloway. Jackie L. 177 Alexander Avenue Bronx, New York 10454 Holmes. Valita Rae 1210 W. Club Blvd, Durham. N.C. 27701 Horner. Sylvia 800 Hopkins Si Apt IOC Durham. N.C. 27701 Howard. Jonathan H 1405 W. Andrews Ave. Henderson. N.C. 27536 Howard. Lethia DeLilah P. O. Box 172 Garysburg. N.C. 27831 Howell. Duane W. 504 Weaver Drive Goldsboro. N.C. 27530 Hudson. Ozella 1612 Barnes Street Rocky Mount, N.C 27801 Hughey. Waller 3027 Columbia Avenue Columbia. S.C. 29201 Hunter. Aratra L 1209 Terrell Drive High Point. N.C 27262 Ingram. Thressia 1024 Purcell Street Launnburg. N.C. 28352 James. Pamela 1202-B South Street Durham. N.C. 27707 Jenkins. Yvonne Rt. 5. Box 42 Zebulon. N.C. 27597 Jenrette. Vicki Route I. Box 39 Shalotte. N.C. 28459 Jernigan. Dean A. Rt. 3, Box 329 Edenton. N.C. 27932 Jimmerson. Helen M. 4470 Whitesboro Cove Memphis. Tenn. 38109 Johnson. Andrea 1228 West Blvd. Charlotte. N.C. 28208 Johnson. Deanse 409 A South English Street Greensboro. N.C. 27401 Johnson. Lisa D. Route I. Box 221 Milton. N.C. 27305 Jolly. Teres3 L. 517 4th Street Place Conover. N.C. 28613 Jones. Barbara D. P.O. Box 512 Fremont, N.C. 27830 Jones. Charlotte a ' V4 Hardee Street. Apt. 3 Durham. N.C. 27703 Jones. Christopher P. O. Box 202 Winton. N.C. 27986 Jones. Joe Ann 1504 S. Slocumb Goldsboro. N.C. 27530 Jones. Jonene 453 Madison St.. N.E. Washington. DC. 20011 Jones. Reuben Carnell 9B Princeton Apts. Durham. N.C. 27707 Jones, Vernon Angus Rl. 2, Box 70 Laurel Hill. N.C. 28351 Joyner. Angela D. Rl. I. Box 156 Kitrell. North Carolina 27544 Joyner. Carlton 614 Chamberlain St Raleigh. N.C. 27607 Jordan. Cynthia P. O. Box 291 Burgaw. N.C. 28425 Jordan. Judy L 1000 S Hayne Street Monroe. N.C. 28110 Kelly. Eric 411 Walker Street Durham. N.C. 27701 Kennon. Sandra D. Rt. 2. Box 38S-C Pink Hill. N.C. 28572 Kent. Bobby 134-19 228th Street Laurelton, New York 11-41 3 King. Marcella P. Rt. I. Box 82-B Garysburg. N.C. 27831 kmston. Patrica P 124 Hargrove Drive Wilmington. N.C. 28405 Koonce. Joan C. Rt. I. Box 2CH-AI Pink Hill. N.C. 28572 Langston. Patrick H Rt I. Box 399 Chinquapin. N.C. 28521 Lawrence. Angela 2902 kanewood Drive Durham. N.C. 27707 Leach. Bernard P.O. Box 321 Pittsboro. N.C. 27312 Leathers, Joletha 9 Jamaica Place Durham. N.C. 27707 Ledbetter. Gilbert A. 300 Wesley Avenue Hamlet. N.C. 28345 Lee. Beverly Rt I. Box 53 Garysburg. N.C. 27831 Lee. Carolyn 380 Spring Street. S.W. Concord. N.C. 28025 Rt I. Box 232 Maple Hill. N.C. 28454 Lewis. Dorothy S. 1012 Ancroft. Avenue Durham. N.C. 27713 Llndsey, Cynthia Rt. 2. Box 436 Elm City. N.C. 27822 Lips elyn mb. Jo ;cil Str. m. N.C. 27707 Lockhart. kathy S. 604 Carver Drive Lexington. N.C. 27292 Lockhart. Kennedy F. P O Box 222 Garysburg. N.C. 27831 Long, Makita 1131- 17th Street Newport News, Virgin! Love. Mary Gayle Lucas, Tawnya F. P.O. Box 29 Spring Lake. N.C. 25390 Lucas. Veniece P. 612 Schenectady Avenue Brooklyn. New York Luster. Linda G. 1404 B Lakeland Street Durham. N.C. 27701 Lyons. Donald 1008 Wilson Street Tarboro. N.C. 27886 Lyons. Sandra 1209-F Naples Place Durham. N.C. 27703 Ma|ette. Mary Route I. Box 19 B Murlreesboro. N.C. 27S55 Ma|or. Lisa 1724 Amos Street Reidsville. N.C. 27320 Mangum. Georgia Ruth 510 Gams Street Durham. N.C. 277CH Mason. Bernita S. 1403 Puke Univ. Rd. A- 3 Durham. N.C. 277CH Massey. B. Vernelle 161 Rogers Road Chapel Hill. N.C. 27514 Mayo. Angela C. Rt. 2. Box 230 Hillsborough. N.C. 27278 McClain. Sabrina 1009 Ardmore Drive Durham. N.C. 27707 McCoy. Vivian G. 2701 Owen Street Durham, N.C. 27703 McPougal. Cheryll LaVerne 5413 Chesapeake Road Fayelteville. N.C. 2S3CH McPowell. Daryll P.O. Box 1523 hhzabethlown. N.C. 28337 McGhee. Leache Rt. I. Box 64 A Leasburg. N.C. 27291 McKinney. Marion V. Rt. 2. Box 698 Thomasville. N.C. 27360 McLean, Angela M. Rt. I. Box 392 Hope Mills. N.C. 28348 McNeill. Carolyn M. Rl. I. Box 226E Lllhngton. N.C. 27546 McNeil. Mitchell P. 1906 Roberts Avenue Lumberton, N.C. 28358 McZorn, Bonita A. 3406 Winchester Prive Greensboro. N.C. 27406 Mellon. Audrain 2703 Lynfield Lane Greensboro. N.C. 27406 Melvm. Lisa 2916 Prittwood Prive Purham. N.C. 27707 Michelle. Linda 509 Burlington Avenue Purham. N.C. 27707 Miller. Jane N. Box 18 3300 Hursey Street Purham. N.C. 27703 Milsap. Philhs A. Rt. I. Box 201 Parkton. N.C. 28371 Mitchell. Evette R. 1833 South Park Street Madison. Wisconsin 53713 Mitchell. Pleasant Rt. I. Box 186 Hahlax. N.C. 27839 Montgomery. Verna 1509 Sumter Avenue Charlotte. N.C. 28208 Moore. Adrienne B. 541 Montclair Prive Burlington. N.C. 27215 Moore. Nora L. Route I. Box 249 Edward. N.C. 27821 Moore. Withema S. 412 Lincoln Street Belmont. N.C. 2SCH2 Morns. Peborah P 511 W. Ash Street Goldsboro. N.C. 27530 Mosley. Karen 115 34 232nd Street Queens. New York II4II Murchison. Tracy Renae Rt. 2. Box 310-E Auburn. Alabama Murphy. Pons Loretta 405 E. Cornwallis Rd. Purham. N.C. 27707 Oakley. Michael E. 106 Maple Street Raleigh, N.C. 27610 Oates. LaWanda P. Rt. 2. Box 813 Elizabelhtown. N.C. 28337 Oglesby. Odus 2929 Concord Street Winston Salem. N.C. 27107 Oliver. Angela 3961 Pameroy Prive Winston-Salem, N.C. 27105 Onwausoanya. Earnest P.O. Box 70 Awka. Nigeria Page. Michael P. Route 2. Box 17 Roseland. Virginia 22967 Parnsh. Wilhemema Rt. I. Box 299 Creedmoor. N.C. 27522 Pearson. Momque Y. 624 Broadway St.. N. W. Lenoir. N.C. 28645 Clinton. N.C. 2S32S Peerman. Donna 530 Piney Mountain Rd. Chapel Hill. N.C. 27514 Perry. Andreas Rl. 3. Box 234F Ahoskie. N.C. 27910 Perry. Cynthia 5216 Partridge Street Durham. N.C. 27704 Perry. Sharon D 305 E. Alton Street Durham. N.C. 27707 Person. Juanda Jo 18421 Stansbury Detroit. Michigan 48235 Pharris. Robbye W. 35 20th Avenue South Birmingham. Ala. 35205 Phillips. Patricia B. 31-D Holman Street Durham. N.C. 27703 Pickett. Beverly L. Rt. I. Box 272 Maple Hill. N.C. 28454 Pierce. Loretta Rt I, Box 369 Enfield. N.C. 27823 Poole. Thomas 703 Walkers Avenue Elizabeth City. N.C. 27909 Porterfield, Regina D Rt. 4. Box 399 Columbia. S.C. 29209 Potter. Michael Anthony 1761 Candor Drive Eayetteville. N.C. 28304 Powell. Linda P.O Box 119 Conway. N.C. 27820 Powers. Herlene Rl. 15. Box 195 Eayetteville. N.C. 28306 Pullen. Marguerite Elizabeth 212 N. State Street Raleigh. N.C. 27601 Purcell. Anthony Bernard Route I, Box 126 Raeford. N.C. 28376 Pyant. Rickey Darnell 306 Newcastle Avenue lincolnton. N.C. 28092 Ouansah. Theresa Atua MO Brighton Road Durham. N.C. 27707 Raines. Glenda L 122 Chance Street Eayetteville. N.C. 28301 Ray. Kenneth 159 44 Harlem River Drive New York. N.Y. 10039 Raynor. Teresa L Rl 3. Box 45 Clinton. N.C. 28328 Reddick. Allen 43 Hopper Street Prospect Park. New Jersey 07508 Redfearn. Wanda 1011 Unity Street Thomasville. N.C. 27360 Reid. Jacqueline G. 1015 Eaison Street Wilson. N.C. 27893 Reid. Sharon 1001 White Plains Rd. Charlotte. N.C. 28213 Revelle, Clarence B. Rt. 3. Box 235R Ahoskie. N.C. 27910 Rhodes. Carolyn Jean .406 E. Caswell Street Kinston. N.C. 28501 Roberts. Linda 1704 Queens Street Extension Wilson. N.C. 27893 Robinson. Corelha 410 Pilot Street. Apt. L 3 Durham. N.C. 27707 Rogers. Bemta P. 12-D Dorothy Drive Durham. N.C. 27701 Rone. Elaine 1906 Drew Avenue High Point. N.C. 27260 Rouson, Leon Rt I. Box 86 Edenton. N.C. 27932 Rowe. Sylvia J. aXl Hardee Street, Apt. »2 Durham. N.C. 27707 Rowland. Janice 1810 capps Street Durham. N.C. 27707 Royster. Valeria 3827 Dunn Street Durham. N.C. 27713 Sample. Olanda LeVon 513 South Dillard Street Blackstone. Virginia 23824 Sanders. Jawanda 209 W. Bradley Street Gastonia. N.C. 28052 Satterfield. Regina Olivia 410 Molme Street Durham. N.C. 27707 Saunders. Sorrell A. Rl 2. Box 278 Cameron. N.C. 28326 Scott. Deanna L Rle I, Box 193 B Lumber Bridge. N.C. 28357 Scott. Karen 325 S. Summit! Avenue Charlotte, N.C. 28208 1905 Apex Hwy. Durham. N.C. 27707 Sellers. Barry C. 250 DeKalb Avenue Brooklyn. New York 11205 Sewell. Darlent 2725 Leaphart West Columbia 1307 Ivy Street Durham. N.C. 27701 Shepherd. Sandra Rt. I. Box 43 A Selma. N.C. 27576 Slier. Angel Rt. 2. Box 42 Slier City. N.C. 27344 Siler. Regina G. Rt. 2. Box 559 Slier. City. N.C. 27344 Singletary. Robyn 117. 23 165th Street Jamaica. New York 11434 Slade. Landa Glennbrldge, Apt. 22 Tarboro. N.C. 27886 Slade. Linda J. 2218 Eitzgerald Avenue Durham. N.C. 27707 Smalls. Myra O. 1081 Greenhill Rd. Charleston. S.C. 29412 Smith, Audrey M. Rt. I. Box 594 Erwin. N.C. 28339 Smith. Cynlhia A. P.O. Box 31 Leasburg. N.C. 27291 Smith. Kim P.O. Box 18812 Durham. N.C. Smith. Lee Ella Rt. I. Box 337 Faison. N.C. 28341 Smith. Lora Ann 607 Connor Street Mt Olive. N.C. 28365 Smith. Michelle 1505 Eayetteville Streel Durham. N.C. 27707 Smith. Phylhstine P.O. Box 376 East Spencer. N.C. 28039 Smith. Shelia Renee 1104 Simpson Slreet Goldsboro. N.C. 27530 Smith. Stephen 6120 Bayberry Lane Raleigh. N.C. 27612 Smith. Trace D. Rt. I. Box 360 Iron Slat ion. N.C. 28080 Sneed. Alice Bermce Rt 6. Box 89 Greenville. N.C. 27834 Spain. Gwendolyn 102 Piland Streel Roanoke Rapids. N.C. 27701 Spruill. Joseph R. Stanch, Shelia 2126 Mayview Road Raleigh. N.C. 27607 Standfield, Michael Rt 3. Box 352 Mebane. N.C. 27302 Stalon. Sandra I72I-B Brooksvale Street Charlotte. N.C. 28208 Stilt. Gene 6140 Pelham Drive Charlotte. N.C. 28215 Stockton. Dumont 1808 Fayetteville Street Durham. N.C. 27707 Storey. Chantay 520 Edge Street Elizabeth City. N.C. 27909 Streeter. kimberly A. 410 Pilot Street. Apt. E-4 Durham. N.C. 27707 Strong. Patrick P.O Box 1175 Hamlet. N.C. 28345 Sturdivant. Jeff 4216 Garrett Rd.. Apt. D-3 Durham. N.C. 27707 Sumner, Denise Albertine Rt. I. Box 148-A Halifax. N.C. 27839 Sutton, Teresa R. 1910 Marmora Avenue Atlantic City. New Jersey 01 Swann. Elizabeth 1415 Slordish Street Salisbury. N. C. 28144 Tabron. Rodney Rt. 2. Box 333. Lot. I Zebulon. N.C. 27597 Tatum. Donald Rl. I, Box 629 Roseboro. N.C. 28382 Taylor. Belly 777 Parkway Drive Henderson. N.C. 27536 Taylor. Douglas Waddell 1815 Curry Street Greensboro. N.C. 27406 Terry. Mary Rt. I. Box 641 Jackson Springs. N.C. 27281 Thomas. Mary A. P.O. Box 505 Weldon. N.C. 27890 Thorne. Trudy 412 Highland Avenue Rocky Mount. N.C. 27801 Thrower. JoAnn P.O. Box 194 Scotland Neck. N.C. 27874 I Torain. Beverly A. 2716 Ferrand Road Durham. N.C. 27705 Torain. Victoria 251-C Clay Road Roxboro, N.C. 27573 Whilfield. Patricia 513 Gulley Street Goldsboro. N.C. 27530 Tripp. Sterling Wade Rt I. Box 132 Blounts Creek. N.C. 27814 1305 Orchard Str Vann. Marulyn Rt. I, Box MSA Aulander. N.C. 27805 Vassor. Kevin R P.O. Box 179 Gasion. N.C. 27832 Vincent. Drewry 1010 Piedmont Street Reidsville. N.C. 27320 Dwight Waddell. Diane L. 44 Eirglade Avenue Providence. Rhode Island Walden. P.O. Box Garysbur Regina 279 g. N.C. 27831 Wall. Anita B. 3004 Gumtree Court Raleigh. N.C. 27610 Ward. Ai Rt. 6. Bo Ml. Olive 95 . N.C 28365 Ward. Ei Rt. 2. Bo Edenton. c 14 N.C. 27932 Ward. Ja P. 0. Bo. Rich Squ. cquel 544 re. N C. 27869 Ward. Sheila Rt. 6. Box 64 Mt. Olive. N.C 28365 Ward. C P.O Box Roseboro rolyn 1106 N.C Ann 28382 Wathngton. kalhy A. 1823 Lime Avenue Winston-Salem, N.C. 27105 Watson. Cheryl Rl. I. Box 1064 kmghldale. North Carolina Watson. Elaine Doris Rt. 2. Box 212 Halifax. North Carolina 278 Weeks. Willie 3720 Suffolk Street Durham. N.C. 27707 West. Sue Shawyn Rt 2. Box 365 Newton Grove. N.C. 28366 Whitaker. Vickie Rt. I. Box 88 Halifax. N.C. 27839 White. Patricia B III E. Channing Avenue. F-4 Dyrham. N.C. 27704 White. Yvonne D. 6947 Ogontz Avenue Philadelphia. Penn. 19138 Whitted. Samuel Lee 1512 Angler Avenue Durham. N.C. 27703 Whillenburg, Barbar 510 Carolina Avenue Shelby. N.C 28150 Williams. Beverlyn Rt. 2. Box S9 Macon. N.C. 27551 1601 -B Tmsley Street Charlotte. N.C. 28208 Williams. Evelyn Rt 2. Box 89 Macon. North Carolina 2755 Williams. James A. 106 44 159th St. Apt. 2-A New York. New York 11433 Williams. Kenneth Rt I. Box 326 Norlina, N.C. 27563 Williams. Larry P.O. Box 632 Roxboro. N.C. 27573 Rt. I. Box 300A Whiteville. N.C. 28472 Williams. Warren F. P.O. Box 431 Maxton. N.C. 28364 Willie. Rebecca P.O. Box 183 Lewislon. N.C. 27849 Willie, Ronald E Rl I. Box 81 Pollocksville. N.C. 28573 Willis. Brenda Kay 1018 Augusta Drive Fayetteville, N.C. 28305 Wingate. Stephen 655 1st Avenue. S.E. Hickory. N.C. 28601 Winstead. Doris Ann 25IB Clay Road Roxboro, N.C 27573 Withers. Wesley 314 Bacon Street Charlotte. N.C. 28208 Woolfolk. Mildred P.O. Box 119 Oxford. N.C. 27565 Worsley. Leondus E. 410 Pilot Street. Apt. B-6 Durham, N.C. 27707 Wright, Joy L. 346 Woodland Street Hartford. Connecticut 06112 Wyche. Phillip 102 King Street Oxford. N.C. 27565 SENIORS OFFICERS FOR THE CLASS OF 1983 Shelia Smith— President 1 l Bei= sli=l IIS- m C 1 Twanya Lucas — Secretary SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS Orlanda Sample — Vice President Sherrone Lockhart — Treasurer Avis Yvonne Abbott Johnnie Mae Adams Mark Anthony Andrew Sheila Lynette Adams Eden. NC Fuquay, NC Adams Raleigh, NC Philadelphia. PA Willie Artis Dudley. NC Tawanna Bernette Avery Angela A. Austin Brooklyn. NY Durham. NC Helen Autry Elizabethtown, NC Tonya Renee Avent Raleigh. NC Chypes Bacote Durham, NC Brenda Baldwin Whiteville. NC Vanessa Faye Ballard Durham. NC Carl Clifford Ballard Durham. NC Freda Elain Bailey Raleigh. NC Dallas Barnes Plymounth. NC Sylvia Ellis Barnes Goldsboro, NC Deborah Kaye Beale Jacksonville, NC Deborah J. Beamon Nashville. NC Glynis LaNae Bell Durham, NC Cora Lynne Bennett Roanoke. VA Kathy Bennett Mt. Vernon. NY Darryl D. Berry Charlotte, NC Andre S. Best Beverly DeOuilla Best LaGrange, NC Houston. TX Alfreda Black Youngsville. NC Kathy Tootie Blackmon Fayetteville. NC Trina L. Blakey Durham. NC Kim Blvens Fayetteville. NC Walter McCoy Bond Windsor. NC Charlene Bordeaux White Oak. NC Pamela Bostick Camille L. Boston Washington. DC Winston-Salem. NC Richard Ian Bradford. JR Jacquline M. D. Branch Sherese M. Brewington Fayetteville. NC Rocky Mount. NC Durham. NC Pearl E. Brooks Richlands. NC Dale L. Brown Wilmington, NC Elston Brown Durham, NC Jimmy Brown Raleigh, NC Kevin M. Brown Camden, NJ Marian Patricia Brown Carthage, NC Maude Brown Wilson, NC m -T 1 1 1 :(l Micheal A. Brown New York, NY Vanessa Anita Bryan Cary J. Bullock, JR Fayetteville, NC Tarboro, NC Catherine Bullock Manson, NC Ronald R. Burke N. Babylon, NY Joe Ann Burnette Rocky Mount, NC Angela Burns Fayetteville, NC Nanette Campbell Roper. NC Deborah Shanette Cam Rocky Mount. NC Luvenia G. Carter Durham, NC Gordon Laviness Elizabeth. NC Vinson Chasten Raleigh, NC El Jevonia Chapman Kinston, NC Linda Chase Washington. D.C. Lola R. Cheek Durham, NC Angela Bonita Clark Brooklyn, NY Veronica Cogdell Goldsboro. NC Denise Coleman Durham. NC Robin Lauranese Coley Goldsboro. NC Clinton D. Collins Norlina. NC Lorenza Cooper Rocky Mount. NC Priscilla Coston Rose Hill. NC Coleen G. Crespo Durham, NC Ernest W. Crowder. Jr. Charlotte, NC Lorraine G. Crawford Gastonia. NC Stanley E. Crawford Chapel Hill, NC Sheila A. Cunningham Winston-Salem, NC Gregory Dancy Tarboro, NC Juaneza Ivette Daniels Durham, NC Maurice Davis Charlotte, NC Vanessa Marie Davis Durham, NC Leontyne DeShield Monrovia, Liberia Karen R. Dixon Rose Hill, NC Natalie M. Dixon Oberlm. Ohio Wanda J. Dixon Scotland Neck. NC a s Sa Linda Draham Durham, NC Clyde Dunning Elizabeth. NJ Philip M. Dunston Margaret! Ann Eaddy Charlotte, NC Wilmington. NC Lena Edwards Walstonburg. NC Terry Lamar Edwards Chapel Hill. NC Wanda Gayle Elliott Harriet Teresa Elmore Goldboro. NC Orangeburg, SC Janice M. Enoch Burlington, NC Peggy Janet Estelle Hampstead. NC Olivia S. Evans Maxton. NC Barbara Farmer Wagram. NC Stephen Lanier Fields Greensboro. NC Tara L. Fikes Durham, NC Curtis N. Einley Durham, NC Alan R. Fitsgerald Durham, NC Vernell Fletcher Durham, NC Michael Forrest Foster Henderson, NC Sonya Lanise Fowler Durham, NC Athena M. Franklin Arlington. NC Miriam E. Franks Pollocksville. NC Claudia A. Freeman Durham, NC Robin Denise Fugle Winston Salem, NC Anthony Gaddy Fayetteville. NC Timothy Gadd Fayetteville, N Gladys B. Gamble Charlotte, NC Jacqueline Catling Durham. NC Frederick Garland Jr. Linden, NJ Cetrena L. George Whiteville, NC Rex H. Gibson Wilson, NC Pansy Denise Glanton Durham. NC Harry Glenn New York, New York Carolyn Graham Spring Lake, NC Claressa Grant Durham. NC Gregory Grayson Brooklyn. NY Lori A. Grier Charlotte. NC Sebrina A. Grier Charlotte. NC Brenda Grimes Kinston. NC Grenda Grimes Kinston. NC John O. Grimes, Jr. Kinston, NC Mary T. Ha Maxton, NC Perwin Hampton Durham. NC Christopher Harper Orangeburg. SC Cedric Hardin York. SC Shelia Harding Durham, NC Brenda Hardison Willmington. NC Eugene Hargrove Durham. NC Virginia Hargrove Durham, NC Jerry L. Harper Durham, NC Alma Harris Hollister. NC Jacqueline Harris Wake Forest. NC Patricia Harris Fountain, NC Shari Harrison Tarboro, NC Mark Maceo Haywood Winston-Salem. NC Stephanie Hewetl Supply, NC Priscilla A. High Raleigh. NC Scottie K. Hines Southern Pines. NC Ceberettia Hinton Raleigh. NC Mary t. Hodge Durham. NC Michael Hodges Warsaw. NC Dennis Holder Spring Hope, NC Gardmetta Holloman Ahoskie. NC Jackie Holloway Bronx, NY Dallas Jonathan Howard Jr. Lethia D. Howard Garysburg, NC Duane W. Howell Goldsboro, NC Ozella Hudson Rocky Mount, NC Walter E. Hughey Columbia. SC Anatra L. Hunter High Point, NC Thressia Ingram Laurinburg, NC Pamela James Durham, NC Yvonne Jenkins Zebulon, NC Vicki M. Jenerette Shallotte, NC Dean A. Jernigan Edenton, NC Helen M. Jimmerson Memphis, TN Andre ' Johnson Charlotte. NC Dearise Johnson Greensboro, NC Lisa D. Johnson Milton, NC Teresa L. Jolly Conover, NC Barbara D. Jones Fremont. NC Charlotte Jones Durham, NC Christopher Jones Winston. NC Joe Ann Jones Goldsboro, NC Jouene Jones Washington, DC Reuben L. Jones Durham, NC Vernon A. Jones Laurel Hill, NC Cynthia B. Jordan Burgaw, NC Angela D. Joyner Larlton Joyner Eric Kelly III Sandra D. Kennon Kittrell, NC Raleigh. NC Durham. NC Pink Hill, NC Patrica A. Kinston Wilmington. NC Kpan C. Koonce Pink Hill, NC Patrick Langston Chinguapin, NC Angela Lawrence Durham. NC Bernard Leach Piltsboro. NC Joletha A. Leathers Durham, NC Gilbert A. Ledbetter III Beverly M. Lee Carolyn Lee Katie A. Lee Hamlet. NC Garysburg. NC Concord, NC Maple Hill, NC Clarissa Lewis Wilson, NC Dorothy S. Lewis Durham, NC Cynthia Lindsey Joselyn Lipscomb Elm City, NC Durham, NC Avis Liverman Elizabeth City, NC Kathy S. Lockhart Lexington. NC Kennedy Lockhart Makita X. Long Garysburg, NC Newsport News, VA Vivian McCoy Durham. NC Cheryl McDougal Fayetteville, NC Daryl O. McDowell Leache McGhee Leasburg, NC Marion McKinney Jr. Thomasville, NC Angela M. McLean Hope Mills. NC Mitchell McNeil Lumberton, NC Carolyn M. McNeill Lillinglon. NC Bonita McZorn Greensboro. NC Bernita Mason Durham, NC B. Vernelle Massey Chapel Hill. NC Angela C. Mayo Hillsborough. NC Audrain L. Melton Greensboro. NC Lisa E. Melvin Durham. NC Linda Michelle Durham. NC Phillis A. Milsap Parkton. NC Evette R. Mitchell Madison. NC Pleasant Mitchell Halifax. NC Verna Montgomery Charlotte, NC Adrienne B. Moore Burlington, NC Nora L. Moore Edward, NC Withenia S. Moore Belmont, NC Sharon Mosley Gueens, NY Michael E. Oakley Raleigh. NC LaWanda D. Oates Elizabethtown. NC Odus Oglesby Winston-Salem, NC Angela Oliver Winston-Salem, NC Earnest Onnuasoaya Awka, An S Michael D. Page Roseland, VA Wilhemenia Parrish Creedmoor. NC Monique Y. Pearson Lemor, NC Katrina E. Peele Clinton. NC Donna J. Peerman Andreas Perry Cynthia Perry Sharon Perry Chapel Hill, NC Ahoskie. NC Durham, NC Durham. NC Juanda Person Detroit, Mich Robbye Pharris Birmingham, Ala Patrica B. Phillips Durham, NC Beveryl L. Pickett Mapel Hill. NC Loretta Pierce Enfield. NC l U PJp ■1 Thomas Poole Elizabeth City. NC Regina D. Porterfield Michael A. Potter Columbia, NC Fayetteville. NC Linda Powell Conway. NC Herlene Powers Viviree Price Marguerite E. Pullen Fayetteville. NC Siler City. NC Anthony B. Puree Raeford. NC Ricky Pyant Lincolnton. NC Theresa Guansah Durham, NC Glenda L. Raines Fayetleville. NC Wanda Redfearn Thomasville. NC Jacqueline G. Reid Sharon Reid Charlotte. NC Clarence B. Revelle Ahoskie. NC Carolyn Rhodes Kinston, NC Linda Roberts Wilson. NC Coretha Robinson Renita P. Rogers Durham. NC Elaine Rorie High Point. NC H V Leon Rouson Edenton. NC Valeria Royster Durham, NC Olanda L. Sample Blackstone. VA Jawanda Sanders Gastonia, NC Regina O. Satterfield Durham, NC Sorrel A. Saunders Camenon, NC Deanna Scott Lumber Bridge. NC Karen Scott Charlotte. NC Warrick Scott Durham, NC Barry Sellers Brooklyn, NY Darleene Sewell West Columbia, SC Priscilla Shaw Durham, NC Sandra Shepard Selma, NC Si Angel Siler Siler City. NC Regina Siler Siler City. NC Robyn Singletary Jamaica. NY Landa Slade Taraboro, NC Linda S. Slade Durham, NC Anna Smith Winston-Salem, NC Audrey M. Smith Erwin. NC Michelle Smith Durham. NC Phyllistine Smith East Spencer. NC Shelia R. Smith Goldsboro, NC Stephen Smith Raleigh, NC Tracie D. Smith Iron Station. NC Alice B. Sneed Greenville. NC Gwendolyn Spain Roanoke Rapids. NC Joseph R. Spruill Farmville. NC Sandra Staton Charlotte. NC Gene A. Stitt Charlotte, NC Jeff D. Sturdivant Durham. NC Denise A. Sumner Halifax. NC Teresa R. Sutton Atlantic. NJ Willette E. Swann Salisbury. NC mm Rodney Tarborn Zebulon, NC Donald Tatum Roseboro, NC Betty Taylor Henderson, NC Douglass W. Taylor Jr. Greensboro. NC Beverly A. Torain Durham. NC Victoria Torain Roxboro, NC Thomas B. Trice Durham. NC Sterling W. Tripp Jewell L. Turner Daryl Vample Marilyn Vann Kevin R. Vassor Durham. NC Greensboro. NC Arlander. NC Gaston. NC Rs, HM Drewry Vincent Reidsville. NC Amos B. Ward Mt. Olive. NC Eileen J. Ward Edenton, NC Jacqueline Ward Rich Square. NC Shelia L. Ward Ml. Olive, NC Willie Weeks III Durham. NC Sharyn S. West Newton Grove, NC Vickie L. Whitaker Halifax. NC Patricia B. White Durham, NC Yvonne While Philadelphia, PA Patricia Whitfield Goldsboro, NC Samuel Whitted Durham, NC Barbara Whittenburg Shelby. NC Beverlyn Williams Macon, NC Charles V. Williams Charlotte, NC Evelyn Williams Macon. NC James A. Williamd New York, NY Kenneth Williams Norlina, NC Larry Joel Williams Warren Frederick Rebecca Willie Roxboro, NC Williams Maxton, NC Lewiston, NC Ronald Eric Willie Pollocksville, NC Brenda Kay Willis Eayetteville, NC Stephen Wingate Hickory, NC Doris Ann Wmstead Roxboro, NC Wesley Stanford Withers Charlotte, NC Mildred S. Woolfolk Osford, NC Leondus Ernie Worsley Durham, NC Mrs. Willa J. T. deBaillie, Advertising Manager. 1979-1983 EAGLE YEARBOOK P.O. Box 18172 Durham, North Carolina 27707 Monday, November 15, 1982 Mr. Preston J. Edwards, Publisher Mr. Kalamu ya Salaam, Editor THE BLACK COLLEGIAN 1240 South Broad Street New Orleans, Louisiana 70125 Dear Sirs: To complete my fourth year as advertising manager, I am striving to provide my best layout ever. This year ' s EAGLE ' 83 advertising layout will focus on and bring together the acknowledge- ment and inclusion of North Carolina Central University ' s most continued supporters from both within and outside the campus community. Therefore, I have planned to introduce the layout section with the advertisement by our main university alumni association. As an introduction to the layout, I would like to have reprinted with your permission, of course, the following one-page appeal article: Rouselle, William. " Black Alumni Unite! " THE BLACK COLLEGIAN 12 (April May 1982), 78. The author ' s message was quite authoritative and clear. The traditionally-Black institution of higher education will need increased and continued support from their alumni to stay afloat in these difficult financial times. Advertisements of local businesses which have continually suppo rted the university (and college, years ago) will come after the one by the North Carolina Central University Alumni Association. It is also my wish to include (a) list(s) of patrons, donors, donations, and or sponsors, if adequate support for this effort permits, as was the case in previous editions of THE EAGLE when the annu- al was a very community-oriented and community-supported student publication. Thank you in advance for your consideration and cooperation. Sincerely, o r S (Mrs.) Willa J. T. deBaillie, Advertising Manager. 1979-1983 cc:File wjxtb Black Alumni unite! By William Eouselle " The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy. " Martin Luther King. Jr. Black colleges and universities face two extreme challenges today: their potential demise from desegregation efforts on the one hand and the rigors of Reaganomics which is cutting deep into federal support for higher education, on the other. One group that has emerged to meet these twin challenges is the Council of National Alumni Associations, a national organization with membership from ninety-three public and private Black college alumni groups. The CNAA recently held their annual convention in New Orleans. The Black alumni group is developing plans to confront higher education budget cuts in concert with other higher education interest groups through lobbying, demon- strations and other political initiatives. They have been active participants in political, legal and direct action efforts to halt liquidation of Black colleges through desegregation initiatives. Under the leadership of Mr. Thomas Dortch. CNAA has sought to unite Black college alumni to provide financial and political support for the continued growth and development of Black colleges. CNAA began in 1946 when alumni representatives from twenty-three historically Black colleges met at Winston-Salem University to form a national alumni association. The Tommy Dortch, Georgia ' s Black College Day Coordinator and President of the Council of National Alumni Associations. initial group adopted a philosophy based on the belief that an organization of Black college graduates could play a vital and visible role in the chronological and historical development of Black colleges. The organization, which was originally named the Association of National Alumni Associations (more recently the Council of National Alumni Associations), acts as a clearinghouse, information and resources aid in the development of programs and strategies to assist the overall development of the associated alumni chapters. The CNAA has as its objectives: Identify and locate Black alumni Build chapter and regional alumni associations Establish stronger endowment programs Recruit qualified students Support athletic programs Strengthen financial assistance programs Provide support services to the academic programs Formulate successful fund raising programs Participate in state and federal legislative processes The recent convention in New Orleans featured presentations from Tony Brown, host of Tony Brown ' s Journal and initiator of Black College Day, Rep. Julian Bond of Atlanta, Rev. Joseph Lowery of the SCLC and Rev. J. C. Hope director of National Religious Services for the NAACP. The alumni group focused attention on getting students in college to begin considering their role as alumni before they leave college. They conducted several seminars on raising money for Black colleges from corporate and foundation sources, telephone fund raising, and IRS regulations on contributions to non-profit institutions. CNAA is initiating programs to develop closer ties between alumni and college administrators and they are working to make sure that Black colleges receive the proposed benefits from a White House initiative for Black colleges which was heralded in the Executive Order on Black Colleges signed by President Reagan last September. The CNAA president, Mr. Thomas Dortch. says the future of Black colleges is in the pocketbooks and hearts of Black college alumni. Alumni are the real hope for our institutions of higher learning. As Black colleges confront the uncertainties of the 1980s, Black alumni must come together to assure their continued existence. If you are interested in working with the Council of National Alumni Associations, write CNAA at P.O. Box 396, Atlanta. GA 30301. □ Pg. 78 Permission to reprint received by Mrs. Willa deBaillie, November 1982 THE BLACK COLLEGIAN April May 19X2 North Carolina Central University Alumni Association, Inc. Congratulations to the Class of 1983 " Join us for a better N.C.C.U. " Dora E. Carrington National President (202) 526-7144 Master Charge Medicaid Visa McLaughlin Medical Arts Pharmacy William H. McLaughlin, Jr. Mon.— Sat. 9 A.M.— 9 P.M. 683-1089 Sunday 1 P.M.— 9 P.M. 2520 Fayetteville St. Durham, N.C. 27707 Meet your friends at . . . The COLLEGE INN 1306 Fayetteville Street Durham, N.C. 27707 " Serving Fine Foods Since 1936 " Mrs. Martha Easterling Mr. Wayne Manley (919) 688-1155 PATRONS Scott Tailors 104 Morris St. Durham. N.C. Dr. Helen Edmonds 116 Nelson St. Durham, N.C. Mrs. Sundie Marrow 509 Price Ave. Durham, N.C. Contributors Mrs. Beatrice Taylor Mr. Jerome Waddell " Service is Our Motto " THE NEIGHBORHOOD STORE William H. McLaughin Sr. 688-7245 1619 Fayetteville St. Durham, N.C. 27707 Mon. — Sat. 8 A.M.— 9 P.M. Sunday Closed Weaver ' s Cleaners and Laundromat ZSSMAGH 1212 Fayetteville Street Phone : 682-1566 7 1HI NATIOVAI MAC 7l r Or BLACK COUfCl STUDiNTS Cleaners Open Mon.-Sat. 7:00 A.M.— 7=30 P.M. COMPLIMENTS OF Willa deBaillie The Editor of EAGLE YEARBOOK Laundromat Open 7 Days a Week 8:00 A.M.— 10:00 P.M. Phone: S04 821-5694 1240 South Broad Street, New Orleans, U. 70125 (Near North Carolina Central) Evan ' s Shoe Repair Fine Shoe Repairing at Reasonable Prices ' 345 W. Main St. Durham, North Carolina 27701 James S. and Terrie Evans Ph. (919)682-3760 SCARBOROUGH AND HARGETT, INC. Memorial Chapels And Gardens 306 S. Roxboro St. Phone 682-1171 Durham, N.C. 27702 Save on Your Books The Book Exchange Five Points 682-4662 We have a large stock of new and used textbooks for all of your courses at a great savings. See Us Before You Buy Let the achiever company show you how to meet your goals. 4 NORTH CAROLINA MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY People working together to achieve together. 501 Willard Street Phone: 6825154 301 W. Main Street, NC Ordinary Phone: 688 4571 When you think of Newspapers . . . The Durham Morning Herald and The Durham Sun Herald-Sun Papers 115 Market St. Durham NC (919) 682-8181 NOW OPEN IN LAKEWOOD SHOPPING CENTER Copies that look like originals... or better! OFFSET Printed Copies are available at our Downtown Location, 104 W. PARRISH STREET LAKEWOOD: TELEPHONE DOWNTOWN: TELEPHONE 493-5118 682-4777 A Dear Eagles, Ms. Donna Peerman Editor-in-Chief Mr. James Mitchell, Business Manager Once again I greet you with the closing remarks from the editor-in-chief. It has been an interesting year once again working with the student body of NCCU. Hopefully the efforts of the yearbook staff will be appreciated by all. Special thanks should be given to our representative, Mr. Robert Lawson, and the Administrative Staff. I would like to thank my staff and all the people who made the yearbook possible. Making a complete yearbook cannot be done without the cooperation of the entire student body. For all the members of the Eagle family have a successful year, and I have enjoyed working for you. Donna Jeanne Peerman Editor-in-Chief Special Thanks: Ms. Cynthia Bullock Winner of the 1983 Cover Design £ M

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North Carolina Central University - Eagle Yearbook (Durham, NC) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


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