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-. •. -.. -. THE EAGLE 1980-1981 North Carolina Central University Durham, North Carolina 27707 TABLE OF CONTENTS Opening 2 Dedication 10 Administration, Faculty and Staff 12 Student Life 36 Seniors 54 Underclassmen 81 Graduate School 136 Nursing School 152 Law School 154 Features 161 Homecoming 168 Organizations 200 Greeks 240 Who ' s Who 266 Sports 278 Orlando Neal, Editor-in-Chief EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE, THE KEY TO A BRIGHTER FUTURE A Thought Ah yes, I can finally visualize you, coming back into view. Familiar aspects starting to show again. Could it really have been all that bad? Could you really have been all that sad? A love is a love, whether have or had. Ah yes, I can realistically visualize you, coming now into view. Familiar aspects starting to show. Breathe comes as does the tigers ' burning stare! Left hands are good for direction. Signs of life come with connection. Cries of foul come with rejection. Meal Bailey Harper ' " " IK ' - ' - ' ■ A Thought I could get so into you, that it might scare you, or me. Don ' t misconstrude, I speak within limits. I smile for days of fun. I could get so into you, that it might scare you, and you, don ' t misconstrude, may choose an angle. I speak within limits, for growth knows no boundaries. I smile for days of fun. I could get so into you, that if it pleases you, you, don ' t misconstrude, would rise at the sense of nearness. I speak within limits, for space is yours without asking. I smile for days . . . and nights of fun. Meal Bailey Harper A Thought — (College Life) We sometimes become so engrossed in our surroundings, so mesmerized by our seemingly pertinent habits; That at one time or another, some of us relax our priorities. The main one being that we attend this university for the specific purpose of leaving it, preferably abundant with knowledge and accompanied by some type of positive certificate. Somewhere along this road of frivolous intrigue and self enchantment, we can become lackadaisical in our strive for achievement. Lackadaisical to the point of disconcern. Lackadaisical almost to the point of disinterest. We contemplate on our objectives Become disdainful of ourselves. Then deeper and deeper we fall prey . . . prey to our unconsciousness. Neal Bailey-Harper Short Comings There never seems to be enough time yet it always seems too much To chance a will, to will a chance, Or anything else of the such. There never seems to be enough people who rhyme yet they always seem to be there. To give then take, to take then give, Or anything else more the rare. There never seems to be enough happier times yet we always seem to settle for less. To want or to have, to have or to want. Or anything else for the best. There never seems to be enough time yet it always seems too much, To live and just love, to love and just live, Or anything else quite the such. Meal Bailey-Harper A Journey To Somewhere My secrets are those of common knowledge. Those that warrant any fears. Fit and mold into lollipops and scraped knees. Choked and strangled in a world of penny emotions. I ' m taking a trip. A journey to somewhere. I wish I could fly like an eagle in the sky. I ' d see some sights I always wanted to see; then again, I don ' t know what I ' d do. Its sometimes troublesome for me to make up my mind. I would like to take a trip. A journey to somewhere. Stand on top of Mt. Everest and holler for help! then again, I think that would reveal my darkside. It would do me good to get away for a while Cry a little Take a long trip. A journey to somewhere. Meal Bailey-Harper 1 1981 EAGLE Yearbook V J Dedicated To Dr. James F. Blue Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs Dr. Blue is affiliated with Residence Operations Counseling Center Student Union Student Health Service Financial Aid Acknowledgements Mrs Marian Covington - Assistant to Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs and Supervisor of Student Organizations Dr. Roger Bryant - Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs. Dr. George Reid - Assistant Undergraduate Dean ...,■. a m dm -m 1 Dr. James E. Shepard founded what is now North Carolina Central University in 1910, as the National Religious Training School and Chautauqua. He served the institution as its president until his death, October 6, 1947. James Edward Shepard was born November 3, 1875, as the nation was beginning its celebration of the centennial. Black Americans were observing the end of the first decade of emancipation. He was the son of a distinguished Baptist minister, the Reverend S. Augustus Shepard. He received his undergraduate and professional training in pharmacy at Shaw University in his native Raleigh. He also held degrees from Muskingum College, Selma University, and Howard Univer- sity. Between 1898 and 1900 Dr. Shepard was comparer of deeds in the Recorder ' s Office in Washington, D.C. From 1899 to 1905 he was deputy collector of internal revenue at Raleigh. From 1905 to 1909, he was field superintendent of the International Sunday School Association. As the National Religious Training School and Chautauqua, the institution begun by Dr. Shepard in 1910 has 130 students, with no permanent buildings on the campus. By the time of his death, the value of the physical plant was well over $2,000,000. There were 1 ,500 students and 72 faculty members. Dr. Shepard was a celebrated orator and preacher. As early as 1910, he was the only Black speaker at the World Sunday School Convention in Rome. His annual radio ad- dresses to the people of North Carolina gave evidence of his deep interest in public affairs and interracial relations. Dr. Shepard was often asked at the end of his life to consent to the casting of a bust or life mask of himself. He would tell visitors of the answer given by Sir Christopher Wren to similar requests. Wren would point to London ' s St. Paul ' s Catherdral, which he designed, and say, " This is my monument. " Visitors would be conducted to a window overlooking the campus of North Carolina College. They would stand looking out that window with Dr. Shepard who with a sweeping gesture said, " This is my monument. If I am not remembered for this, I will be remembered for nothing. " Dr. James E. Shepard Founder — President 1909-1948 Dr. Samuel Massie President 1963-1966 Dr. Alfonso Elder President 1948-1963 Chancellor of the University Dr. Albert N. Whiting Chancellor Whiting Addresses University On September 25, 1980, Chancellor Whiting delivered to faculty, staff and administration a special praise on the accomplishments of North Carolina Cen- tral University. The Accomplishments included: in- creased freshmen enrollment, reaffirmation of accredita- tion by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, new curricula and programs, and the restoration of the law school to full accreditation. Dr. Albert N. Whiting Chancellor, A.B., Amherst College; M.A., Fisk University; Ph.D., American University; LLD, Amherst College Dr. Dallas Simmons Vice Chancellor for University Rela- tions, NCCU - BS, MS, Duke University — Ph.D. Dr. George W. Reid Asst. Undergraduate Dean, NCCU - BA, MA, Howard - Ph.D. Dr. Walter H. Pattillo, Jr. Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, Hampton Institute — BS, Iowa State University, M.S., Ph.D. Dr. James F. Blue Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, B.S., M.C. A T; M.Ed., Ph.D., Univer- sity of MC at Chapel Hill Dr. Roger G. Bryant Assistant Vice Chancellor For Stu- dent Affairs University of Georgia, Ed.D. ADMINISTRATION -.. - . • -- Mr. William Jones Assistant to Chancellor Director Affirmative Action Dr. Mary M. Townes Acting Dean of Graduate School of Arts and Science Mr. William Evans Director of Alumni Affairs Mrs. Mildred Trent Director of Student Life Dr. Cecil L. Patterson Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Mr. Hyman Albritton Veterans Coordinator Counselor Dr. M. Thorne Mr. Thompson Dr. Dan Martin COUNSELING CENTER ■a 4 m a f mi i Mr. Lovest T. Alexander Physician ' s Associate Rev. Joseph E. Allen Visiting Lecturer Mrs. Regina Alston English Instructor Dr. Harrier Ammann Associate Professor — Biology Dr. Tyrone Baines Director for Public Admin. Program Dr. Eugene N. Baskerville Associate Professor — Biology Dr. Percy Murray m Mrs. Sarah Bell-Lucas Associate Director, Academic Skills Center Dr. David W. Bishop Professor of History Mr. Earl Jenkins Bobo Instructor of English, Academic Skills Center ACADEMIC SKILLS CENTER STAFF 1980-81 Mr. Jess Bowe Director Criminal Justice Program Dr. Vernon Bond Dr. Roger Gilbert Bougard Y Assoc. Prof., Mod. Foreign Language Dr. Leslie Brinson Chairman — Dept. Psychology Professor Albert Broderick Professor, Law School Mr. Clarence Brown Dr. Sheikh R. Ali Mrs. Beverly W. Jones Dr. John Myers Dr. Vinston Burton, Jr. Assoc. Professor — Geography Mr. Norman Caine Assistant Professor — History Dr. Milagros Carballo Mrs. Ingrid E. Casterlow Dr. Vernon Clark Dr. George H. Conklin Chairman — Dept. of Sociology Ms. Diane Cooper Speech Instructor Mr. James Carter Assistant Football Coach Head Wrestling Coach Mr. Melvin J. Carter Assistant Professor Art Department Dr. Golam Choudhury Chairman of Political Science Ms. Patrick DeVine Dr. Howard Duncan Assoc. Professor of Biology Dr. C. James Dyer Dr. Eugene A. Eaves Assoc. Prof. Mod. Foreign Language Dr. Patricia Cunningham Associate Professor — Biology Richard D. Delay Dept. of Aerospace Studies ENGLISH DEPARTMENT HISTORY DEPARTMENT m « i Mr. Terry Richardson -- ,- ' - v- - Ms. Elizabeth Field Instructor — Biology Dr. Quentine Finch Visiting Instructor Dr. Sundar Fleming Chairman — Management and Marketing Mrs. Linette Fox Public Administration Program Dr. Stewart B. Fulbright Director — Qrad. Studies, Business Ms. Jacquelyne Furtick Instructor — Acad. Skills Center NURSING DEPARTMENT Dr. Johnea Kelly Chairman of Nursing FRENCH DEPARTMENT Dr. Joyce Evans Instructor — Acad. Skills Center Mr. Christopher Fisher Sports Information Director Ms. Minnie Forte Mrs. Wanda J. Garrett Visiting Lecturer — English Mr. Mohinder Gill Associate Prof. — Art Ms. Shirley Green Director — Residence Operation Mr. Hugh Harris Asst. Director — ACS Mr. Jasper L. Harris Assist. Prof. — Geography Dr. Lana Henderson Chairperson — Art Lt. Col. David Hickman Aerospace Studies Ms. Janice Harper Reading Instructor ASC Dr. John Harrington Foreign Languages %i , c tm 1 1 m A r a % l m. Ms. Duanne Hoffler Instructor — Clothing, Textiles Mr. Doug Holmes Accounting Mr. William H. Howell Mrs. Annie B. Isaac Instructor Mr. Carlyle D. Johnson Art Mrs. Jean F. King Visiting Lecturer , ft Mfc. ■ Dr. Elzie Laube Associate Prof. — Biology Ms. Viola Leak-Burley Ms. Isabel Levitt Asst. Prof. — Art Mr. E. T. Malone, Jr. Visiting Lecturer — English Mr. William Malone Director of Development Mr. Theodore A. Manly Assoc. Prof. — Phys. Ed., Recreation William H. Margerum, Jr. Dept. of Aerospace Studies Mrs. Carrie Matthews Speech Instructor Academic Skills Center Dr. Waltz Maynor Director of Summer School, Continuing Education Dr. Michael McKinney Associate Professor Public Adm. Program Ms. Glenda McNeill N C C CJ Ralph Medlyn Aerospace Studies Dr. Percy Murray Chairman — History Father Francis O ' Connor Visiting Lecturer Dr. Woodrow W. Nichols Chairman — Geography lllp Dr. Joseph Parker Associate Professor — Biology Mr. Norman E. Pendergraft Director Museum of Art Asst. Professor Art Dept. Dr. Patsy B. Perry Chairman — English Dept. Dr. Annette L. Hoage Phinazee Dean — Library Science Mr. George L. Quiett Asst. Prof. — Phys. Ed., Recreation Dr. Carolyn J. Rayford Assoc. Prof. — Counselor Education Dr. Isaac A. Robinson Assoc. Prof., Director Social Work Dr. Arthrell D. Sanders Dr. James Schooler Chairman — Chemistry Ms. Elsie Scott Asst. Prof. — Criminal Justice Mr. Robert Smith Director of Food Service Ms. Eurydice W. Smith Mrs. Laura Smith Visiting Lecturer Academic Skills Center Mr. Joseph C. Sroka Asst. Prof. — Criminal Justice Mr. Mark Stephens Mrs. Mudy Stone Asst. Professor — Acad. Skills Center Ms. Julia L. Tapp Secretary to the Dean Library Science Mr. Raphael Thompson Chairman — Accounting GDA Ok " " i - —- ' ™ i Ms. Mary Frances Vogler Dr. Barnetta White Assoc. Prof. — Counselor Education Mr. Harvey White Dr. George H. Williams, Jr. Associate Professor — Biology Mr. Shade Dawson. Jr. Secretary Academic Skills Center Mr. Paul Woods Mrs. Quincey Eaves Secretary Asst. V. Chancellor Student Affairs Ms. Angelia Davis Coordinator — Ed. Learning Center Ms. Janice H. Cockerham Adm. Secretary — Acad. Skills Center Mrs. Lillie B. Fike Mrs. Lou S. Barnes Adm. Asst. — Academic Skills Center Program Director — Student Union Mrs. Jenny Horton Career Counselor Dr. Marcone R. Hines Director — Student Health c a L T Y Mrs. Pauline Johnson Bursar Mrs. Margaret Jones Library Science Mr. Muriel M. Jordan Asst. Director — Student Union Mrs. Barbara Lassiter Secretary IV— Placement Office Mrs. Aletha Rease Director of Personnel Mrs. Carie E. McNair Statistical Asst. — Acad. Skills Center Mr. Thurman Prescott, Jr. Director of Student Union Mrs. Jessie Parker Secretary University Relations Office EAGLES Mr. Marvin A. Lea Student Union Ms. June Lea Ms. Victoria Rogers Art Dept. Secretary Ms. Margaret M. Hawley Secretary Ms. Ednah P. Blalock 1980-81 Mrs. Helen L. Garner Secretary — Graduate Office Mr. Willie Finch, Jr. Asst. Director — Student Union On October 16, 1980 Donal d Byrd ' s ensemble appeared at N.C.C.Ll. as part of the Alfonso Elder Student Union ' s efforts to provide entertainment. Mr. Byrd is also a poet, collector of Black Art, a philosopher, and a teacher. He began playing the trumpet as a youngster in Detroit and at the age of eigh- teen he was in Mew York, the Jazz capital of the fifties. Byrd moved on to perform with such jazz greats as, Charlie Parker, Lester Young, Corent Basie, Horace Silver, and Ella Fitzgerald. At this time the Eagle Yearbook staff and stu- dents would like to ex- press their thanks to Mr. Donald Byrd for his contributions to North Carolina Central University. Donald Byrd Coach Lattimore talks with former Central Football player Doug Wilkerson. Doug is now a standout with the San Diego Chargers. Officials Give Support at Law School Opening On September 19, 1980 the Albert L Turner Law Building held its dedication service. The dedication ceremonies featured speeches by Chancellor Whiting, Governor James B. Hunt, Law School Dean Harry E. Groves and Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart. v GRADUATION 1980 We Did It " to WSSCJ Kg 4 ' " - ' st - " 4-rnv «■« 1 " " i i 2 Uf H B H t W " ! • • .JiJ li « ■ _ S SS ' t ■r ■«-»» SHHHHHnHM Hi .» -• ' w » ' A ' . E { ' 1 1 Ri t i w MISS MORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL UNIVERSITY CATHY PRICE Chancellor Whiting greets Miss NCCCJ Sabrina Patterson is First Runner-Up .-4J " E : -■ T 1S r i m m nvj w -.iy |EH 1 ' I WL. ■: ; ; J 4 SGA President, Ervin Baker, stands with Miss NCCU ' s, past and present (79-80 and 80-81). Donna Crowder is Second Runner-Up. SGA Officers are inaugurated at Miss MCCCJ ' s Coronation. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Vice President — William Mills Secretary — Sheila Bazemore Parliamentarian — Grossie Smith Marquerite Aldridge Dudley, N.C. Anthony Alexander Biology, Chemistry Fayetteville, N.C, Cheryl Lynn Allen Nursing Durham, N.C. Edith Allen Public Administration Durham, N.C. Gregory Alston Business Management Rocky Mount, N.C. Jonas Milo Alston Criminal Justice Warrenton, N.C. Kenneth Alston Accounting Washington, DC. Patricia Alston Psychology Raleigh, N.C. Melvin Alston Business Administration Durham, N.C, Sherry Alston Elementary Education Norlina, N.C. Deborah Anthony Business Administration Stanley, N.C. Olive Anthony Rose Hill, N.C. Robin Armstrong Elementary Education Gastonia, N.C. Glen Arnett Business Administration Washington, DC. Jewel Artis Business Administration Camp Springs, M.D. Katrena Artis Health Education Goldsboro, N.C. Ruth Atkinson General Home Economics LaGrange, N.C. Lee Dale Autry Physical Education Elizabethtown, N.C. Marie Autry Business Administration Wilmington, N.C. Latmer Bailey Nursing Durham, N.C. 55 Ervin Baker Public Administration Dover, N.C. Stanley Ballard Biology Ahoskie, N.C. Rosemarie Barlowe Business Administration Tarboro, N.C. Dianne Barnett Geography Gastonia, N.C. Gregory Barnette Computers Inf. System Charlotte, N.C. Sonya Barnett Nursing Wilmington, N.C. Pamela Barrett Education Pinehurst, N.C. Linda Bass Biology Mt. Olive, N.C. Deborah Battle Commercial Art Rocky Mount, N.C. Samuel Battle Geography Battleboro, N.C. Steven Battle Accounting Enfield. S.C. Kirsten Baynes Business Education Charlotte, N.C. Sheila Bazemore Psychology Windsor, N.C. Cindy Beason Business Administration Washington, N.C. Deborah Bennett Data Processing Mt. Pleasant, S.C. Don Bennett Criminal Justice Greensboro, N.C. Annette Best Accounting Goldsboro, N.C. Brenda Best Accounting Garysburg, N.C. Erma Blount Psychology Edenton, N.C. Judy Boatwright Sociology Florence, S.C. 56 ' Julia Boatwright Business Education Florence, S.C. Vivian Bond Home Economics Windsor, N.C. Cornelia Boney Computer System Rose Hill, N.C. Dorothy Boone Business Administration Louisburg, N.C. Gregory Boone Business Administration Washington, DC. Lennis Boone Business Administration Durham, N.C. Thomas Booth Business Administration Chapel Hill, N.C. Annette Bowden Accounting Greensboro, N.C. Andre Bowens Community Health Education Fayetteville, N.C. Mary Boyd Sociology Littleton, N.C Melodia Bradsher Visual Communication Mebane. N.C. Anita Brake Art— Visual Communication Durham, N.C. Clevie Brandon Political Science Leasburg, N.C. Gevonda Braswell Elementary Education Rocky Mount, N.C. Carolyn Brooks Elementary Education Roxboro, N.C. Beverly Brown Business Administration Durham, N.C. Evelyn Brown Criminal Justice Windsor, N.C. Everlena Brown Philadelphia, PA Felecia Brown Psychology New York. NY Joyclyn Brown Geography Gastonia, N.C. Robin Brown Political Science Greensboro, N.C. Terry Brown Business Administration Jonesville, N.C. Gretchen Bryant Biology Hobgood, N.C. Brenda Bumpass English Roxboro. N.C. Frenchie Bunch Psychology Windsor, N.C. Teresa Burke English Winston Salem, N.C. Gail Burnette Psychology Burlington, N.C. Donnie Jerome Burton Business Administration Thomasville, N.C. Raefette Byers Music Education Mooresville, N.C. Ingrid Carlton Business Education Farmville, N.C. Deborah Carr Business Education Rose Hill, N.C. Hattie Carrington Nursing Durham, N.C. Sharine Carroll Therapeutic Recreation Norlma, N.C. Sandra Elaine Cason Physical Education Morven, N.C. Sharkita Cates Visual Communication Hillsborough, N.C. Reco Chavis Business Administration McLeansville, N.C. 58 Pamela Clark Education Durham. N.C. Vanessa Clark Political Science Hiddenite, N.C. Michelle Lynne Coaxum Business Education Mt. Pleasant, S.C. Carolyn Cobbs Public Administration Yanceyville, N.C. Letitia Cockerham Business Administration Advance, N.C Desiree Cohen Education Eden, N.C. Dwain Coleman Art Leasburg, N.C. Wendy Coleman Nursing Nathalie, VA Kenneth Collins Music Atlanta, GA William David Collins III Business Administration Ridgeway, N.C. Tyrone Comegys Accounting Camden, N.J. Roseline Cookey Nursing Raleigh, N.C. Ivy Cooper Public Administration Como, N.C. Alita Corbett Home Economics Burlington. N.C. Arnette Cowan Foods Nutrition Salisbury. N.C. Angela Cox Criminal Justice Wilmington, N.C. Jacqueline Cox Sociology Greenville, N.C. Terry Cox Accounting Thomasville, N.C. Evelyn Harris Cross Mass Communication Jackson, N.C. Luke Curry Criminal Justice Durham, N.C. 59 Aubra Daniel Business Administration Durham, N.C. Dennis Daniel Mathematics Littleton, N.C. Antonio Davila Accounting Mew York, NY Jerry Davis Political Science Melbourne. Fla. Marion Davis Elementary Education Butner. N.C. Bernard Dawson Business Education Sharpsburg, N.C. Shade Dawson Jr. Business Administration Kinston. N.C. Veverly DeBerry Nursing Greensboro, N.C. Emma Louise Deese Drama Mass Comm. Davidson, N.C. Gaylain Degree Psychology Cherryville, N.C. Vanessa Diggs Business Administration Laurinburg, N.C. Philathea Dixon English Magnolia, N.C. Lory Dockery Psychology Mt. Gilead. N.C. Teresa Donnell Visual Communication Greensboro. N.C. Sharon Dowd Robbins, N.C. Patricia Dunn Psychology Raleigh, N.C. Douglas Eaves Geography Charlotte, N.C. Helen Patricia Edge Business Administration Rocky Mount, N.C Shirley Edwards Nursing Goldsboro, N.C. Charles Ellis Business Administration Weldon, N.C. 60 Prentiss David Ervin Music — Business Durham. N.C. Gregory Evans Accounting Wilson, N.C. Carol Everly Music Education Newark. New Jersey Rhonda Farmer Public Administration Fayetteville, N.C. Robert Rarrar Business Administration Durham, N.C. Deborah Farrior Computer — Inf. System Teachey, N.C. Ricky Fearrington Public Administration Chapel Hill, N.C. Terry Feggins Criminal Justice Winston-Salem, N.C. Clifford Henry Fenton Business Administration New York, NY Bettie Fields Public Administration Conway, N.C. Elaine Fields Elementary Education Kinston, N.C. Susan Fields Pre-Law Gaston, N.C. Lila Fikes Health Education Chapel Hill, N.C. Marilyn Fitts Business Administration Weldon, N.C. Scenic view of the James E. Shepard Library Bowl Anita Flintall Psychology Durham, N.C. Metrial Floyd Sociology Fairmont, N.C. Rosie Ford Media Journalism Fairmont, N.C. Devon Forte Business Administration Goldsboro, N.C. Joyce Foster Art Education Durham, N.C. Nancy Foster Business Education Elizabeth City, N.C. Kenneth Foxx Recreation East Spencer, N.C. Aaron Frazier Political Science Winston-Salem, N.C. Myra Frazier Home Economics Beaufort. N.C. Tara Freese 3usiness Administration Central Island. NY. Mattie Fulmore Nursing St. Paul, N.C. Stephanie Gaddy Public Administration Winston-Salem, N.C. Annette Gadsden Public Administration Fayetteville, N.C. Ramon Garcia Accounting Dominican Republic Sheila Gardin Psychology Gastonia, N.C Charles Kelvin Garrett Winston-Salem, N.C. Guvonial Gatling Clothing Textile Murfreesboro, N.C. Joanell Gatling Special Education Murfreesboro, N.C. Allyson Gattis HlOlc « Durham. N.C. Barbara Gaynor Elementary Education Durham, N.C. 62 — Mary Elizabeth Gibbs Psychology Henderson, N.C. Rosalyn Gilmer Criminal Justice High Point, N.C. Anita Gilmore Political Science Salisbury, N.C. George Gipson Business Administration Gifford, Fla. Sabrina Glymph Business Administration Winston-Salem, N.C Veronica Goode Political Science Durham, N.C. Terry Gorham Business Administration Falkland, N.C Deborah Kay Green History Beulaville, N.C. Iris Green Elementary Education Fayetteville, N.C. Dekota Grier Intermediate Education Charlotte, N.C. James Griffin Political Science Greensboro, N.C. Otis Gwynn Spanish Yanceyville, N.C. Kevin Hagans Geography Thomasville, N.C. Conova Hairston Marketing Eden, N.C. Melba Therese Hansen Instrumental Music U.S. Virgin Islands Deonmonthenia Hargrove Elementary Education Henderson, N.C. Darryl Leon Harris Management Rockaway, NJ. Deborah Harris Business Administration Mount Gilead, N.C. Sandra Ham ' s Elementary Education Greensboro, N.C. Subrina Harris Business Administration Landis, N.C. 63 Ronald Hatch Criminal Justice Durham, N.C. William Hawkins, Jr. Business Administration St Albans, N.Y. Barbara Hayes Elementary Education Jacksonville, N.C, Linda Hayes English Journalism Durham, N.C. Shirley Hayes Accounting Ellen Hector Business Administration Middlesex, N.C. Audwin Alexander Helton Geography Charlotte, N.C. Paula Henderon Economics Harrisburg, PA Ronnie Henry Art-Visual Communication Clinton, N.C. Patricia High Education Linda Hill Business Administration Yanceyville, N.C. Sandra Hill Elementary Education Philadelphia, PA. Brenda Holden Business Administration Zebulon, N.C. Cynthia Holloway Elementary Education Durham, N.C. Vivian Hooks 3usiness Administration Spnng Lake, N.C. Benita Hope Clothing Textile Winston-Salem, N.C. Althea Tidwell-Hopkins Media-Journalism - ' Rockingham, N.C. m Ronnie Home Finance I Wilson, N.C. _ Christine Horton ' " Nursing j Apex. N.C. Pamela Humphrey ™ Nursing Durham, N.C. Norman Ingram Id Recreation Ansonville, N.C. g James Isler , Physical Education ■ Durham, N.C. J Sharon Isley Geography Graham, N.C. Cynthia Ivey Business Administration St. Petersburg, Fla. Phillip Jackson Political Science Dudley, N.C. Thaddeus Jamison 1 j Psychology 1 1 Durham, N.C. H Kenneth Jefferson I Business Administration f Goldsboro, N.C. Bernice Jeffreys Political Science 1 Milton, N.C. Wm Stella Jenkins 1 Woodland, N.C. Essie Jeter ■ Elementary Education ■ Durham, N.C. L Clyde Johnson r English 2 Washington. D.C. ■ Dorothy Johnson 3 Physical Education s Durham, N.C. 3 Esther Johnson a History j Roxboro, N.C. q Lillian Johnson Business Administration n Reidsville, N.C. 4 Ronnie Johnson " Business Administration J Clarkton, N.C. J Anna Jones Nursing J Durham, N.C. IKI Aretha Jones Business Education Aberdeen, N.C. Audwin Jones Biology Wilmington, N.C. Bertha Jones Business Education Littleton, N.C. Constance Jones Business Administration Camden, N.C. Cornell Jones Home Economics Spring Lake, N.C. Patricia Jones Business Administration Goldsboro, N.C. Regina Jones Criminal Justice Chapel Hill, N.C. Robert Jones Business Administration Durham, N.C. Sandra Jones Biology Laurel Hill, N.C. Carolyn Jordan Elementary Education Pollocksville, N.C. Genie Jordan Biology Durham, N.C. Rochelle Jordan Communications Long Island City, N.Y. Sheba Jordan Nursing Seaboard, N.C. Teresa Joyner Sociology LaGrange, N.C. Anthony Judd Home Economics Durham. N.C. Dwight Justice Recreation Administration Raleigh, N.C. Calvin Kearns Business Administration Durham, N.C. Ervin Keaton Jr. Political Science Statesville. N.C. Ernestine Kennedy Business Administration Charlotte, N.C. David King History Winston-Salem, N.C. 66 Gloria Knight Home Economics Battleboro. NX. Shari Lash English Winston-Salem, N.C. Maria Lawrence Elementary Education Maysville, N.C. Patricia Leake Nursing Raleigh, N.C. Debbie Leathers Business Administrator Durham, N.C. Cary Lee Accounting Durham, INC. George Lewis Psychology New London, N.C. Pamela Regina Lewis Public Administration Albemarle, N.C Sadina Lewis Media Journalism Nichols, S.C. Marie Lilly Human Development Winston-Salem, N.C. Larry Lisenby Information Systems Wadesboro, N.C. Frank Lloyd Pre-Law Southern Pines, N.C. Wallace Lloyd Data Processing Durham, N.C Keven Lonesome Business Administration Bronx, NY. Katherine Long Nursing Garysburg. N.C Ernest Lucas Mathematics Rocky Mount, N.C Gayla Lucas Psychology Rich Square, N.C Merle Tometres Luckey Business Education Stanley, N.C Earline Lyon Nursing Durham, N.C. Daniel Mallison III Biology Washington. N.C. Beverly Mangum Elementary Education Creedmoor, N.C. Jaqueline Mason Political Science Rich Square. N.C. Pamela Mason Computer Inf. Systems Rocky Mount, N.C. Sheryl Denise Massey Accounting Monroe, N.C. Earl Eugene Matthews Business Administration Walnut Cove, N.C Demetries McArthur Business Administration Mount Airy, N.C. Larnitha McConnell Early Childhood Education Winston-Salem. N.C. Deborah Elaine McDowell Business Administration Durham, N.C Edrie McDowell Criminal Justice Winston-Salem, N.C. Edna Andrews McEachern Nursing Pittsboro, N.C. Velvet McFarland Business Education Durham, N.C. Maxine McGee Business Education Scotland Neck, N.C. Angela Mclver Elementary Education Warsaw, N.C. Margaret McKayhan Elementary Education Southern Pines, N.C. Gwendolyn McKee Business Education Clarkton. N.C. Delphine McKoy Business Education Council, N.C. James McLeod Jr. Business Administration Durham, N.C. Myran Denise McMillan Business Administration Fayetteville, N.C. Loretta McNeil Business Administration Laurinburg, N.C. Wayne McNeill Biology Durham, N.C. Mildred Medlin Business Administration Monroe, N.C. Anna Mercer Business Education Wilson, N.C Sonia Montriece Miles Accounting Burlington, N.C. Cynthia Miller Accounting Pink Hill, N.C Beverly Mills Biology Asheville, N.C. James Mills Public Administration Littleton, N.C. William Mills Business Administration Chocowinity, N.C. Carl Mitchell Criminal Justice Rocky Mount. N.C Beverly Moore Elementary Education Durham, N.C. Craig Moore Public Administration Riegelwood, N.C. Kenneth Moore Management Goldsboro, N.C. Michele Moore General Home Economics Mt. Olive, N.C. Murice Tijuana Moore Psychology Statesville, N.C. Tonya Moore Accounting Plymouth, N.C. Giving blood, usually, leaves one with a slight drowsy effect, for a short period Yvonne Ernestine Morehead Home Economics Oxford. N.C Kaylois Morgan Elementary Education Pollocksville, N.C. Maxine Morris Business Administration Edenton. N.C. Loraine Moses Elementary Education Rich Square. N.C. Monday Moyo Business Administration Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Ida Muldro Fashion Design Elizabeth City. N.C. Ricky Murdock Business Administration China Grove. N.C. Phyllis Murphy Business Education Durham. N.C. Andrea Murray Physical Education New Hill, N.C. Deborah Nance Political Science Charlotte, N.C. Brenda Neal Secondary Education Greensboro, N.C. Letitia Neal Management Roxboro, N.C. Orlando Cepeirre Neal Geography Business Charlotte. N.C Victor Neal Geography South Mills, N.C. Reginald Isiah Ne ptune Mathematics Plymouth, N.C. Sandre Newman Criminal Justice Fayetteville. N.C. Lillie Newsome Home Economics Ahoskie, N.C. Rowena Newton Early Childhood Education Greenville. N.C James Noble Jr. Community Health Education Newport News. Va. Angela Nunn Criminal Justice Chapel Hill, N.C. 70 Lula Nunn Criminal Justice Durham. N.C. Tony Oates Business Administration Newton Grove, N.C. Kathy Oglesby Journalism Durham, INC. Carlton Oneal Biology Queens Village, N.Y. Anthony Brooks Outterbridge Geography Greenville, N.C. Priscilla Overton Elementary Education Sanford, M.C. William Lee Owens, Jr. Criminal Justice Winston-Salem, N.C. Brenda Page English Washington, INC. Gregory Paige Criminal Justice St. Paul, M.C. Joy Parker General Home Economics Garland, INC. Ida Patterson Elementary Education Chadbourn, M.C. Mildred Patterson Elementary Education Lenoir, M.C. Sabrina Patterson Business Education Gaston, M.C. Jaqueline Peace Elementary Education Kittrell, M.C. Gregory Peak Art— Visual Communications Miami, Fla. Charlene Pennington Political Science Durham, M.C. Eula Etta Perry Mursing Wendell, N.C. Phillip Perry Accounting Durham, M.C. i Miss MCCU - Cathy Price Gerard Person Criminal Justice Warrenton, N.C. Anne Peterson Elementary Education Durham, N.C. Lois Jean Pettiford Business Education Roxboro, N.C. Hosea Pickett Political Science Maple Hill, N.C. Clastine Poole Special Education Cedar Grove. N.C. Marcella Porch Elementary Education Garysburg, N.C. Lanie Powell Finance Rocky Mount. N.C. Ronnie Powell Criminal Justice Littleton. N.C. Cathy Price Public Administration Walnut Cove, N.C Gerald Price Mathematics Williamston, N.C. Tanya Prunty Public Administration Bronx. N.Y. Edward Earl Purdie Accounting New Bern, N.C. Pamela Purdie Art Education Tar Heel, N.C. Carlton Pyant Psychology Lincolnton, N.C. Vanessa Clark, Deborah Blackwell, and Rochelle Peterson chat on bench, in front of Rush Hall. Scottie Raiford Finance Goldsboro, N.C Donna Rainbow English Raleigh, N.C. Anthony Rainey Social Work Littleton, N.C. Antonio Raynor Business Administration Raleigh, N.C. Willie Reese Biology Edward, N.C. Gail Reynolds Political Science Durham, N.C. Charles Richardson Accounting Charlotte, N.C. Daphine Richardson Nursing Franklinton. N.C. Sharon Richardson Recreation Littleton, N.C. Stanley Richardson Political Science Wendell. N.C. Deborah Ricks Busiess Administration Severn, N.C. Linda Riggins Business Administration Bolton, N.C. Walter Rivens Criminal Justice Charlotte, N.C. Cynane Robinson Biology Durham, N.C. Gary Eugene Robinson Physical Education Durham, N.C. Lori Robinson Early Childhood Education Reidsville, N.C. Michael Robinson Business Administration Goldsboro, N.C. Ruthie Rodgers Home Economics Creswell, N.C. Mary Rodgers Nursing Durham, N.C. Marvin Royster Media-Journalism Bullock, N.C. 73 Sherry Sadler Early Childhood Education Kannapolis, N.C. Carl Sanders Geography Wilson, N.C, William Sanders Political Science St. Albans, N.Y. Silas Ray Sauls Business Administration Wilson. N.C. Keith Saunders Public Administration Gastonia, N.C. Melissa Scales Education Eden. N.C. Dennis Scott Psychology Winston-Salem, N.C. George Scurlock Jr. Accounting Pittsboro. N.C. Pamela Seabrook Biology Asheville, N.C. Katrina Sessoms Accounting Rocky Mount. N.C. Sharon Sessoms Geography Elizabeth City. N.C. Rubetta Shacklford Therapeutic Recreation Snow Hill, N.C Patricia Shaw Business Education Durham. N.C. James Sherr od Mathematics Rocky Mount, N.C. Earline Simmons Psychology Charlotte, N.C. Patricia Simmons Nursing Ahoskie, N.C. Tonya Simmons Dramatic Arts Charlotte. N.C. Geretia Simpson Education Gastonia, N.C. Sandra Simpson Business Administration Roseboro, N.C. Kim Slade Communication Greensboro, N.C. 74 Deborah Smith Business Education Oxford, N.C. Grossie Smith Political Science Winterville, N.C. Jan Smith Sociology Durham, N.C. Melda Fran Smith Health Education New Bern, N.C, Natalie Smith Mathematics Durham, N.C. Pearlniece Smith Business Administration Goldsboro, N.C. Richard Smith Public Administration Mount Airy, N.C. Sharon Smith Elementary Education Milton, N.C. Stephen Smith Public Administration Winterville, N.C. Catherine Sparrow Public Administration Clinton, N.C. Hilburn Sparrow II Biology Montclair, N.J. Beverly Speight Biology Enfield, N.C. Henry Speller Business Administration Windsor, N.C. Vickie Spencer Political Science Wilkesboro, N.C. Natalie Stallings Sociology Chinquapin, N.C. Harry Stansberry Biology Halifax, N.C. Robert Steele Accounting Concord, N.C. Robert Stevens Business Administration Durham, N.C. Mary Stewart Nursing Durham, N.C. Patsy Stewart Education Milton, N.C. 75 Sandra Stewart Elementary Education Charlotte, N.C Zenoba Stewart Home Economics Semora. MC. Michelle Stokes English Newport Mews, Va. Earnest Strickland Recreation Management Durham. N.C. Sheila Suggs Business Administration Washington, D.C. Steve Sutton Public Administration Durham. N.C. Judy Swinton Business Administration Mt. Pleasant. S.C. Ruby Sykes French Princeton. N.C. Paulette Tabor Nursing Durham. N.C. Milton Tabron History Zebulon. N.C. Andrea Talbott Elementary Education Richmond, Va. Charles Tate Criminal Justice Thomasville, N.C. Mary Tate Business Administration Clinton. N.C. Roderick Tate Accounting Durham, N.C. Barbara Taylor Business Administration Washington, D.C. Jacquelyn Taylor Public Administration Rich Square, N.C. Marie Taylor Business Administration Wallace, N.C. Patricia Taylor Fashion Design Durham, N.C. Rhonda Taylor Business Administration New Bern, N.C. Rhonda Thomas Criminal Justice Henderson, N.C. 76 Arlene Thompson Business Education Concord, M.C. Georgenia Thompson Political Science Greenville, S.C. Nathaniel Thompson Public Administration Durham, M.C. Geraldine Thome Elementary Education Mashville, M.C. Katrina Thorne Business Administration Rocky Mount, M.C. Al Tinnin English Literature Durham, M.C. Duff Tinnin Political Science Durham, INC. Patrina Tolloson Political Science Asheville, M.C. Marsha Tomlin Mathematics Marion, S.C. Sharon Tomlinson Elementary Education Raleigh, M.C. Tina Torian Drama Roxboro, M.C. Charles Transou, Jr. Biology Rural Hall, M.C. 1 1 William Owens (ground) stops Winston-Salem ball carrier. Mallory Tucker Early Childhood Education Durham, N.C Eugenia Tynes Political Science Miami, Florida Mechael Tyson Political Science Siler City. N.C. Lucille CJnderdue Psychology Seaboard, N.C. Edna Vann Recreation Murfreesboro, N.C. Charlie Vaughan Criminal Justice Haure De Grace, Md. Hattie Wagstaff Nursing Durham, N.C. Cynthia Walden Business Administration Roanoke Rapids, N.C. Debra Walker English Smithfield, N.C. Lloyd Walker Business Administration Washington, D.C. Patricia Wallace Education Durham. N.C. Cynthia Ward Public Administration ML Olive, N.C. Kathy Washington Business Education Badin. N.C. Evelyn Watkins Public Administration Newport News, Va. Hazel Watkins Accounting Dunn, N.C. Gregory Wells Concertra Jazz Asheville. N.C. Petrice Wesley Biology Raleigh, N.C. Joann West Nursing Winston-Salem, N.C. Douglas White Biology Durham. N.C. Frankie White Geography Durham. N.C. Tampora Whitfield Business Administration Henderson, N.C. Deidra Whitted Political Science Goldsboro, INC. Sandra Wiggins Sociology Wadesboro, N.C. Vicky Wiggins English Rocky Mount, INC. Resteyne Wilkinson Public Administration Durham, N.C. David Williams Business Administration Elizabethtown, N.C. Doris Kay Williams Business Education Oxford.N.C, Ellis Williams Geography Trenton, NJ. Marilyn Williams Business Education Halifax, N.C. Marilyn Williams Criminal Justice Fayetteville, N.C. Shirley Williams Business Administration Henderson, N.C. Terri Williams Business Administration Durham, N.C. Vanessa Williams Nursing Charlotte. N.C. Ynette Willis Geography Durham, N.C. Delaney Wilson Public Administration Goldsboro, N.C. Terence Maurice Wilson Marketing Roselle, N.J. Tyron Alfred Wilson Public Administration Warrenton, M.C. Clara Winborne Foods Nutrition Windsor, N.C. Pamela Winchester Business Education Charlotte, N.C. Clenso Winston Nursing Durham, N.C Paulette Winston Recreation Raleigh. N.C. Dexter Wise Music Education Vanceboro. N.C. Vivian Wooten Mathematics Maysville, N.C. Cynthia Worthington Business Administration Murfreesboro Wrenton Wright Psychology Greensboro. N.C. Charles Lindbergh Yuille Marketing Clarksville, Va. Time sure flies when you ' re having fun! JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Karen Langford — Vice Pres. Margie Parker — Secretary Reggie Smith — Treasurer Wanda Hyatt — Ms. Junior Abraham, Preston Adams, Mark Adderly, Donald Adkins, Deidre Agnew, Deborah Alexander. James Alexander, Prentis Alexander, Samuel Alston, Eric Anderson, Rebecca Autry, Michael Bailey, John Bailey. Matian Bannerman, Kimberly Barnes, Collette Bell, Audrey Bennett, Sharon Berry, Darryl Best. Dubbisette Bethea. Steve f 1 Barnes, Edward Barnes, Margaret A Barry, Lisa Bass, Wanda . pSL Beatty, Glenda Bizzell, Gewendaleyne Black, Kevin Blount, R. Boone, Emma Bostic, Jamiss Boyd, Pamela Boyd, Sonja Bradsher, Mary Brake, Wesley Branch, Maggie Braswell, Gerald Brooks, Edward Brown. Annette Brown, Curtis Brown, Joseph Brown, Lisa Brown, Maude Brown, Michael Brown, Quinton Brown, Valeria Brown, Valerie Brown, Vanessa Bryant, Rodger Bullock, Ernestine Bullock, Phyllis Bullock, Sylvia Bumpers, Deborah Bumette, Natalie Burris, Sabrina Butler, Karen Burton, Betty Caldwell. Deborah Caldwell. Gary Carlisle. Dennis Carmon. Elaine Carrol. Kim Carter, Gail Carver, Bonnie Cates, Ronald Chamblee, Linda Chapman, Anthony Chapman, Marsha Clare. Jori Clayton, Donnell Cohen, Sharon Connally, Ernestine Cooke, Claudette Cooper, Reba Cordell. Brenda Cotten, Phyllis Couch, Andrew Council, Deborah Council, Judy Coward, Dorian Crawford, Maria Cross, Winfred Curry, Gwen Dawson, Ina Dantzler. Sharon Danlzler, Theresa Dixon, Natalie Dove, Debbie Dudley, Vincent Dumas, Betty Eddleman, William Edmondson, Jenifer Ellerbee, Marshall Ellington, Derrick Elliot, Ronnie Ellis, Gwen Epps, Pamela Ervin, David Everett. Tyrone Fisher, Eileen Flintall, Tyrone Forbes, Beverly Frederick, Deborah Frederick. Shelia Freeman, Dorothea Frink, Alonza Fuller, Alonzo Gabriel, Mark Gaddy. Gracie Gainey, Aloysius Gamble, Marie Gay, Judy George, Phyllis Gibson, Mike Gibson. Sonya Gilliam, Gwendolyn Glover, Edris Golden, Deborah Goodwin, Debra Gore, Alton Graham, Carolyn Graham, Lynn Grant, Lue Grant, Cynthia Greenage, Audrey Guthrie, Alan Hackett. Cheryl Haire, Jaqueline Haigler, Jackie Hairston, Pam Haith. Lisa Hall, Penetha Hamlet, Gregory Hamilton, Barry Harding, Shelia Harding, Patricia Hargraves, Anthony Hargrove, Ralph Harris, Edith Harrison, Mary Hawkins, Peggy Hayes, Denise Henderson, Toricell Henley, Sharon Herring, Jackie Hester, Regina Hill, Leslie Hill, Marcia Hill. William Holder, Dennis Holoway, Denise Holmes, Sybil Hooper, Kathy Home, Loraine Hudgins, LaWanda Hunter, Donna Hyatt, Wanda Hylton, Darryl Ingram, Mary Irvin, Ed Jackson, Shelly Jimmerson, Helen Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Kerry Jones, Belinda Jones, Janice Jones, Jim Jones, Marion Jones, Natalie Jones, Patrice Jordan, Judy I V I Judd, Karen Kearney, Tony Kee, Franklin Kennedy, Barbara King, Anthony King, Michael Kirkland, Maurice Kizer, Felecia Knight, Gloria Koonce, Brenda Kornegay, Evett Lacey, Mark Langford. Karen Lasioxx, Mary Lash, Patrice Leathers, Deborah Leach. Deborah Ledbetter, Paulette Leonard, Karen Lewis, Kevin Little, Denise Little, Slyvia Little, Tyrome Lockhart, James Love, Tony Luther, Starr Mack, James Maddox, Dwayne Malik, Hassan Marsh, Tony Marshall, Darryl Marshall, Linda Martin, Chris Martin, Milton Massey, Curtis Massey. Gregory McAdams, Bobby McByrde. Lee McClarin, Jacky McDonald, Michele McGee, Ellis McKinney, Sherry McKinstry, Chris McLaurin, Kevin McLaurin. Naomi McLean. John McLean, Michael -gf McNeil. Hayward ?S McNeil, Ronnie McPhatter, Paul Mebane, Chuck Medlin, Tony Melchor, John Melvin, Ronald Mercer, Ray Middleton, Denise Miller, Rita Mims, Sandra Mitchell, Paschelle Mitchell, Walter Monk, Ronnie Montgomery, Marvin Moore, Ella Moore, Gloria Moore, Myra Moore, Nina Morehead, Vicky Morgan, Rita Moses, Catherine Moton, James Murray, Zina Nelson, Lisa Newby, Francina Newkirk, Ella Norman, Barbara [Norwood, Cheryl Oates, Terry Okafo, Johnathan Outlaw. Jennifer Palmer, Collette Palmer, John Palmer, Robert Parker, Margie Parker, Pamela Parker, Tonya Parrish. Wilhemenia Pender, Regina Pennington, Matalie Perry, Donald Perry, Mattie Perry, James Person, Juanda Peters. Edna Peterson, Dwayne Peterson, Rochelle Pickett, Angela Pinkney, Mike Pinkston, Janis Pittman, Gwendolyn Plum, Vivian • tm m " mm mi. Portee, Joyce Potter, Michael Powell, Anita Powell, Melinda Price, Karen Purvis, Tom Reaves, Michael Reddick, Allen Rice. Cheryl Richardson, Helen Richardson, Michele Roberts, Freda Roberts, Feddy Roberts, Tylea Robinson. Stephanie Rogers. Helen Ruffin, Cheryl Sammons, Jennifer Saunders. Mark Scales. Zeta Scott. Lisa Sellars, Eric Seward, Ida Siler. Greg Simmons. Alvester :m m i Simmons, Karen Simpson, Mary Simpson, Rosa Sims, Dennis Singleton, Michael Sledge, Debbie Small, Debbie Smalls, Robin Smith, Andre Smith, Annie Steadman, Phyllis Steele, Terry Stevens, Karen Stephens, Ingrid Stephens. Sarah Stewart, Garner Sturdivant, Leonard Smith, Cynthia Smith, Dennis Smith, Reginald Smith, Terry Solomon, Sandra jf Spragion, Perry L Stanfield, Zelda m wL Stark, Georgette Swanson. Ardicha Tate, Teresa Tatum. Donald Taylor, Vicky Taylor, Vivian Thomas, John Tillery, Marjorie Tillar, Debra Tilley, Leonard Totten, Vickie Torian. Annette Townsend, Mike Trice, Thomas Tucker, Kimberly Tucker, Travesa Vassor, Kevin Walker, Cynthia Wallace, James Ward, Yolanda Watt, LaTahnya Webb, Avon Weeks, Carole Whitaker, Stanley White, Ingrid White, Yvonne White, Jackie Whitfiels. Terri Wicker, Myra Williams, Annie H. Williams, Audrey Williams, Calvin Williams, Darryl Williams, James Williams. Kenneth Williams, Kenneth Williams, Terri Willie, Rebecca Willis, Wanda Wilson, Petrice Wilson, Robin Wilson, Donna Wingate, Steve Winston. Gloria Winston. Gloria Womack, Shelia Wright, Anitra Wright. Craig Wright, Gail Wynn, Dianne Yarboro, Mark kITVTOI. £ I Young, Brenda Young, Yvette Youngine, Mona Hi, My name is Marge and I ' m an " EAGLE. ' Who, and what are you? u BLACK HISTORY: A ROLE MODEL FOR YOUTH " BLACK HISTORY MONTH February, 1981 FAM ora ' »i NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL UNIVERSITY Durham, North Carolina Lecturers for the month of February: Bishop Alfred G. Dunston Mr. Gerald Gill Mrs. Rosa Parks Black History Month Exhibits " Role Model for Youth " Portrait Display of Black Americans Place: James E. Shepard Memorial Library, NCOJ Art Exhibit of NCCU Alumni Dan Eurbanks and Walt Davis Place: Alfonso-Elder Student Union, NCCU Selections from the Afro-American Collection Place: First Gallery, Museum of Art, NCCCJ Invisible Man: Prologue I am an invisible man. No. I am not a spook like those who Edgar Allan Poe; nor am I one of your Hollywood-movie ec- toplasms. I am a man of substance, of flesh and bone, fiber and liquids — and I might even be said to possess a mind. I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me. Like the bodiless heads you see sometimes in circus sideshows, it is as though I have been surrounded by mirrors of hard, distorting glass. When they approach me they see only my surroundings, themselves, or figments of their im- agination — indeed, everything and anything except me. Invisible Man Ralph Ellison Black History Month February 1-28, 1981 North Carolina Central University is observing Black History Month from 1 February thru 28 February 1981. The national theme provided by the Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History is " Black History ■ A Role Model for Youth. " The activities include exhibits, lectures panel dis- cussions, films, plays, and music recitals. The major lectures for this years program include presentations by Rosa Parks, who is affectionately known as the mother of the civil rights movement; " Yosef-Ben Jochanna, who is an advocate of black nationalism; Bishop Alfred G. Dunston, A.M E Zion 2nd Episcopal district, who has a scholarly and intimate acquaintance with the history and culture of the Black Church; and Gerald Gill, who is a historian concerned with the neo-conservative mood in America today and how it af- fects Black people. The Black History Month celebration is made possible by grants from the Chancellor, the Vice-chancellor of Student Affairs, the Forum Committee, the Student Union, and the Student Government. The program is coordinated by the History and Social Science Department. Members of the University Community are invited to attend all activities SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS TRUTH and SERVICE Leon Rouson — President Sandra Staton — Secretary Not Pictured: Duane Howell — Vice President Rodney Basnight — Treasurer Abbott, Avis Adams. Johnnie Mae Aldridge, Eugenia Alford. Beulah Alford. Carolyn Allen, Cheryl Allen, Irene Alston, Jeffrey Anderson, Rhonda Anderson, William Andrews, Tewauna Arp. Billy Arrington, Phyllis Artis. Willie Avent fonya Bacote. Chypes Bailey, Carl Bailey. Freda Bailey, Oscar Bailey. Tijuana Baldwin, Brenda Banks, Darryl Banks. Wilbert Barbee, Patricia Barnes, Dallas Barnett, Rodney Barrett, Valane Barry, Gail Baskerville, Tanya Basnight, Rodney Bass, Doza Beale. Deborah Beamon, Bell Beatty, Andrea Belk, Alan Bell. George Blackwell, Kenneth Bennett, Cora Bennett, Gillettie Bennett, Thaddeus Benson, Stephanie Best, Andre Best, Douglas Bivens, Kim Black. Alfreda Blackmon, Kathy Blakely, Trina Blue, Laton Blue. Portia Bond, Walter Bordeaux. Charlene Bostic, Pamela Boston. Camille Bowens, Linda Boyd. Alvinia Bradford, Richard Bradley. James Brirt, Henry Britton, Mary Britton, Reginald Brooks, Pearl Brothers. Cynthia Brown, Jimmy Brown. Kevin Brown. Marian Brown, Keggie Brown, Trumiller Brown. Yolanda Browner. Debra Bryant, Mark Bullock. Cary Bullock. Catherine Bullock. Ollie Burgess, Steven Burke, Ronald Burnette, Joe Ann Burnette, Julius Roscoe Burney, Gwendolyn Burns, Angela Cagle, Denise Campbell, Jeffrey Campbell, Nsnette Carr, Deborah Carroll, Darlene Caviness, Gordon Chapman, Eljevonia Chase, Linda Chasten. Vinson Cherry, Crystal Christman, Ghao Clark, Annette Clark, Monica Clayton, Jeffrey demons, Linda Cobb, Sharon Cobb. Shelia Cochrane, Denise Cogdell, Veronica Coleman, Denise Coley, Charles Coley, Robin Collins, Clinton Collins. Donald Collins, Sabrina Connor, Mildred Conway, Lori Cooper. Lorenzo Cooper, Pamela Coston, Priscilla Cotten, Demetrice Covington, Karl Cozart. Karen Crawford, Lorraine Crawford, Maria Cross, Flossie Crowder, Ernest Crowell, James Cunningham, Shelia Daniels, Antionette Davis, Evelyn Davis, Ken Davis. Lonnie Davis, Mary Davis. Maurice Davis. Pamela Davis. Stephanie Dixon, Karen Dunston. Phillip Edwards, Benjamin Edwards, Linda Edwards, Sonja Edwards, Terry Eley, Herbert Elliot. Eanda Enfram, Robert Enoch. Janice Epps, Henry Everett, John Faison, Michael Farmer, Barbara Feilds, Clarence Fields, Stephen Fitzgerald. Alan Fogle. Robin Ford, Melissa Foreman. Vanessa Foster, Michael Foster. James Fowler, Sonya Franks, Miriam Freeman. Cladia Gaddy. Esther Gaddy, Timothy Gamble, Gladys Garner. Beulah Gattling. Jacqueline George, Cetrena Gibson, Rex Gibbs. Emery Gorham, Donnie Gray. Wayne Green, Brenda Grier, Lori Grier, Sebrinna Grimes. Brenda Grimes. Grenda Grimes, John Haigler. Donald Hairston. Teresa Haith, Timothy Hall. Bndgett Hamm, Donald Hampton. Derwin Hansley. Elijah Hardin. Cedric R . sf Hargrove, Virginia Harper, Christopher Harper, Jerry Harris, Alma Harris, Jacqueline Harrison, Shari Hart, Alicia Hawkins. Denise Hayes, Sandra Haywood, Maceo Helton, Ricky Henderson, Charles Henderson, Faunne Herring, Jammie Herron, Robert Hester. Beverly Hill, Ricky Hines, Debra Hines, Scottie Hinshaw. Debbie Hinton, Cebrettia Holder, Dennis Holland, Veronica Holloman, Gardnetta Hooker, Robert Home, Rachel Howard, Dwain Howard, Marchelle Hudgins, Sharon Hodson, Ozella Hueger, Robert Hunter, Anatra Hunter, Victor Ingram. Antoinette Ingram, Lorenzo Ingram, Thressial Jackson, Eric Jackson, Pamela Jamison, Felecia Jenkins, Yvonne Jenrette, Vicki Jernigan, Dean Johnson, Andre Johnson, Dearise Johnson, Deborah Johnson, Ida Johnson, Lisa Johnson, Michael Johnson, Nathan Johnson, Sandra Jolly. Teresa Jones, Barbara Jones, Charlotte Jones, Jo Ann Jones. Jouene Jones, Michael Jones, Rueben Jones, Vernon Jordan, Cynthia Jordan, Mauric Joyner. Carlton Keen. Dudley Kennon, Sandra Kirkland, Nikita Koonce, Joan Lambson. Leland Langston, Patrick Lanier, Andrew Leach, Bishop Ledbetter, Gilbert Lee, Beverly Lee. Gloria Lee. Katie Little. Anthony Little, Denise Little. Vanessa Lindsey, Cynthia Lipscomb. Joselyn Liverman, Avis Lockhart, Kennedy Lockhart. Sherraine Long, Hennan Lucas. Debra Lucas, Tawnya Luster, Linda Lyons. Donald Lyons. Felecia Mack, Alphonsa Majette. Mary Major. Lisa Mason, Alfreda Mason, Benita Mason, Veronica Massey. Vernelle Matthews, Wendel May, Debbie Melton, Audrain Messic. Sharon Miller, Cheryl Miller, Deidre Milsap, Phyllis Mitchell. Antoinette Michell, Evette Mithcell, Pleasant Monroe, Brenda Montgomery, Verna Moore, Adrienne Moore, Wanza Moore, Withenie Morehead. Sharon Morgan, Lafayette Morris, Deborah Mosely. Karen Mosely, Sharon Murchison, Tracy Murray, Shelia Murray, William McClain, Sabrina McCrae. Brenda McDougald, Cheryl McDouglad. Falcuma McFadden, Lester A. McGreyor, Joyce McKinnon, Cedric McLean, Angela McLean, Rounchey McLeod, Tonida McNeil, Mitchell McNeil, Regina McZorn, Bonita Newkirk. Bonita Newkirk, Stephen Newsome, Richetta Nickson, Hosephine Norris, Johnson Oates, Lawanda Oglesby, Odus Oliver, Angela Parker, Anthony Parker, Judy Parker, Michael Patterson, Ray Payne, Dawn Pearson, Yvette Peele, Katrina Pender, Regina Perry, Andreas Pharris, Robbye Pickett, Beverly Pillow, Donald Pmdle. Arden Plummer. Patricia Pope. Sandra Porterfield, Regina - Powell. Linda Price. Viveree Pullen, Marguerite Purcell. Anthony Purdie, Deborah Pyant, Ricky Ragland, Manda Ray. Kenneth Rayner. Theres Redfem. Wanda Reid, Kacqueline Reid. Sharon Reid, William Revelle, Clarence Revelle. Thomas Rhodes. Carolyn Richardson, Brenda Richardson. Tony Ridgell, Arlene Robertson. Ernest Robert, Cheryls Roberts. Freda Robinson, Barbara Robinson, Mike Rogers, Brenda ) Rogers, Cedric | Rorie. Elaine Rountree, Preticz Rouson. Leon Sample, Olanda Scott, Denna Scott, Karen Seward, Jacqueline Sewell, Darline Shipman, Andrew Siler. Angel Silver. Miles Silver. Regina Silver, Sandra Simmons. Patricia Simmons. Raymond Slade. Landa Slade. Linda Smith. Anna Smith, Lora Smith, Phyllistine I -hm ■ i » ' i: ' : Somerville, Annetta Sneed. Alice Southerland, Tujuana Spain. Gwen Spencer, Deborah Springs, Gerald Stafford, Cindy Standi, Shelia Stanfield, Wanda Staton, Sandra Stewart, Dollie Stitt, Gene Stockton, Dumont Stockley, Lorrain Stockley, Prince Storey, Chantay Sturdivant, Jeff Styles, Pamela Sumner, Denise Sutton, Teresa Tait. Patience Taylor, Betty Taylor, Douglas Teel, Sonja Terry, Anner Thomas. Chris Thomas, Mary Thompson, Clara Thompson, Debbie Tillery, Sandra Tillery, Thomas Tomlinson. Jonathan Torian, Victoria Tripp, Laveme Vann, Marilyn Valentine, Betsy Vestal, Randy Vincent, Drewry Waddell, Diane Walden. Regina Walkup. William Ward, Amos Ward, Eileen Ward, Jacqueline Ward, Sehlia Watson, Chyrl Watson, Chelia Webb, Charlotte West, Sharyn Whitfield, Pat ' ffelt- ■■ ' ;k ■■■ y J J K f ; Whittenburg. Barbara f » Wiggins, Marmita Williams, Anita Williams. Beverlyn $ A. Williams, Charles Williams, Donna Williams. Evelyn Williams, Tonda Williams, Odell Williams, Saundra Williams, Warren Willis, Brenda Wilson, Ola Wilson, Robin Wilson, Pamela Wilson. Verna Winstead. Carlotta Withers. Wesley Witherspoon. Gary Woods, Curtis Worsley. Leondus Worth, Emmanuel Wright, Randy Wright, Terrence Whitted, Darlene Wyche, Phillip Yates, Erdyne York, Crystal m mi m „ «. . . ' - FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Anthony Clark — Treasurer John Bullock — Vice Pres. Aaron, Rosa Allen, James Alston, Decolya Alston, Herman Alston. LaVerne Alston, Mona Alston, Yvonne Anderson, Paul Anderson, Tim Anthony, Barbara Baggett, Melisa Bagley, Sharilyn Bailey, Lisa Bannister, Keith Bass, Emmanuel Beairs, Barbara Bell, Elijah Bell, Glenda Bell, Sheilia Berry, Emma Best, Jewel Black. Jeanette Bond, Thomas Bostic. Emma Bowens. Marlaina A " DPAf-UC «l " ■ .. • f • t, m . . ' » :.. Boyd, William Bradley, Roger Brame, Carnell Breese, Deborah Britt, William Brooks, Shannon Brown, Valorie Bullock, Alie Bullock, John Burden, Doris Burns, Katrina Butler, Sidney Byrd, Michael Byrd, Vonya Campbell, Linda Canady, Paula Carlisle, Angela Carney, Ravonda Carpenter, Doug Cason, Xavier Cates, Susan Chavis, Lorria Cherry. Vanessa Clark, Anthony Clark, Eric Clark. Gregory demons, Louvenia Click, Teresa Cobb, Lorl Cochran. Sherry Coleman, Delores Coles, Johnna Collins, Bridget Comer, Marty Cooper, Theresa Council, Stephanie Couter, Shelia Cox. Sandra Cross, Dann Cummings, Elmer Currie. Lajohnetta Daniels. Dianne Darden, Stephanie Davenport, Gregory Davis, Derek Davis, William Davis, Lisa Day, Cheryl Dobson. Warrenetta Dockery, Annie k f • ■ f ai.. ■ Dodd, Katrina Doe, Sharon Donald, Anya Dowing, Dina Drew, Deborah Duman, Perry Dunn, Cynthia Eagleson, Helen Eason, Marlena Eaton, Delton Evans. Johnifeur Evans, Marilyn Farmer, Charlyne Farrior, Bruce Farrior, Regina Faucette, Martez Faulk, Janice Feimster, Sharon Felton, Sandra Fennell, Jennifer Ferguson, Wade Ford, Darryl Frederick, Velma Freeman, Sharon Freeman, Vanessa Freese. Idabelle Gaither, John Gary, Cynthia Gary, Darryl Gilmore, Gina Glymph, Richelle Goode, Valecia Goodson, Marcus Graham, Antoninette Graham. Donna Graham, Larry Graham, Pamela Graham, Shelia Grimes. Lindy Guilford. Evelyn Hailey, Steven Haith. Tonya Hall, Harriet Hall, Johnnie Hall, Marva Hare. Geneice Harris, Donna Harris, Janet Harrison, Arnite Harrison, Derek xy . r -i Hartsfield, Rita Herbin, Shivon Herring, Angela Hester, Kim Hicklen, Darryl Higginbatham, LaTonya Home, Sharion Horton, Marian Horton, Miriam House, Donald Howard, Darryl Hudson, Melanie Huggins, Donald Irby, Gale Irby, Robert Jackson. George Jackson, Gregory Jeffreys, Sterling Jenkins. Benita Johnson, Anthony Johnson, David Johnson, Gardner Johnson, Jacqueline Johnson, Judy Johnson. Willie Jones. Jacquelyn Jones, Jeanette Jones. Jennifer Jones, Johnita Jones, Karen Jones, Sandra Jones. Selina Jones. Silver Joyner. Audritte Joyner, Roderic Keith. Billy Kelly, Eric Kersey, Curtis Kinlaw, Richard Knight, Annie Lacy, Michael Lane, Antonya Latham, Vanessa Leach. Jerome Leavy. Pamela Lewis. Gregory Lewis, Katrina Lewis, Mark Lewis. Regina Lewis, Michael Lloyd, Vanessa Logan, Karen Long, Wanda Lutz, Donna Lyons, James Lytle, Bernadine Majette, Winston Martin, Tincye Mason. Sharon Massey, Reginald Mazyck. Barbara McAllister, Rogerline McClammy, Toney McCloud, Barbara McLamb, Denise McLean, Kevin McNeil, Debra Mims, Otis Mitchell. James Montaque, Phyllis Moody, Deborah Moody, Jerrie Moore, Charles Moore, Latonya Morris, Debra Morrison, Janet Morrison, Wanda Moultrie. Mary Murphy. Deanna Murrain, Jeffrey Newkirk, Janice Newsome. Carolyn Newton, Carlton Nixon, Wanda Outterbridge, Veronica Parks. Tammy Pauling. Tracy Peace, Debrah Perry, Lee Perry, Zanetta Peterson, Loviette Pettiford, Jennifer Pettiford. Lance Pickett, Deborah Pickett, Jernnel Pierce, Wendy Pinnix, Jacqueline Pinnix, Tina Pipkins, Maggie Pnce. Anne Privott, William Rainer, Janet Ramsey, Sharon Reeder, Marcia Reid, Kevin Richardson, Patricia Riley, Chandra Roberson, Cheryl Roberts, Glenda Roberts, Nancy Royers, Waldo Ruff, Joyce Saltus, Terry Sampson, Deronda Sanders, Janice Satterfield, Francine Scales, llverez Scott, Adelaide Scott, Linwood Scott, Tosha Scott, Woodrow Scriven, Majorie Sealey. Michele Sessoms, Rodney Sessoms, Rosa Seward, Brenda Shaw. Joseph Shaw. Sandra Sheffield. Brenda Shelton, Randy Sherald, Olivia Shuler, Sheri Siler, Joyce Silver, Annette Silver. Jonathan Simmons, Lisa Simpson, Cleveland Smith, Brenda Smith, Cathy Smith, Joseph Smith, Lee Smoot, Christal Sneed. Floyd Snipe. Joyce Solomon. Corlis Spruill, Toni Staplefoot, Greg Staton, Robin Stephens, Carolyn Stephens, Mary Ann Stevenson, Vienna Stone, Garcia Strait, Meryl Strayhorn. Vanessa Strickland. Tambra Swann, Michelle Sydler, Kim Tate, Kim Taylor, Andrea Taylor, Debbie Thomas, Carolyn Thomas, Penny Thomas. Regina Thompson, Janie Tompkins, Linda Torrence, Michael Torrence, Tony Trice, Cynthia Underwood. Audrey Underwood, Chonita Vada, Whitaker Vandergrift, Paul Vassor, Mary Vaughn, Jacqueline Vaughn, Michael Walden. Sharron Washington, Donna Webb. James Whitaker, James White. Elnora White, Terrace Whitley. Connie Wilkins, Dametia Williams, Darryl Williams, Debra Williams, Lisa Williams, Mercelleta Williams, Ora Williams, Ronnie Willis, Vernette Wilson, Linda Wilson, Lisa Winley, Craig Winley, Terri Woods, Greg Worley, Myra Wright. Allen Young, Darryl Young, Rhonda Dixon, Wanda i ' .fti M $ ' ; i Robinson, Cheryl Tabb, Wendell Warren, David Wilder, Mandy Wood, Kathryn I Freshman Class; off to a flying start. GRADUATE SCHOOL ror 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11121314151617 18192021222324 25° ' 031 n, y - » SCHOOL OF LAW MOOT COURT ROOM I mi m — . m . " » . to . MARTIN LUTHER KING BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION CAFE SCENES « »„ •, " ■» ■ " .« " « • •» »••• Student Union Presents JOHN L. JACKIE TORRENCE — THE STORY TELLER 125th STREET BAND NCCCJ Drama Department I f - TV fifl Kii Mb 4 R ' r I 5: MISS HOMECOMING - Teresa Burke • w W l HILLSIDE HIGH SCHOOL Marching Hornet •tm m:- ahflUBJB Sunday — EAGLES ' MIGHT LIVE: The first bright new twist got the " week of wonders " started with a bang. EAGLES ' MIGHT LIVE, directed by Curtis Massey, and held in B.M. Duke Auditorium was a big success. The program consisted of students impersonating famous personalities and musical acts, along with a couple of skits. Our very own famous Dean Blue and Dr. Bryant, with other members of the faculty and staff also joined in for an old fashioned good time. It was the only show in town with Stephanie Mills, Richard Pryor and Prince on the same stage. And that ' s something that will never happen again! Monday — CHOIRBALL: No one really knew what to expect in jam-packed B.M. Duke Auditorium Monday night. All they came knowing was the title of the show, but by the time they left they knew that the North Carolina Central University Concert Touring Choirs, under the direction of Dr. Charles Gilchrist, were far more versatile than any choirs they ' d ever seen. The Choirball, directed by Meal Bailey-Harper, was a delightful musical comedy which showed members of the choir in a totally different context than their standard excellent concert performances. Many members did solos or duets, original songs written by choir members were performed, as well as some crazy commercials and a couple of wild skits. Wednesday - SALUTE TO THE FOOTBALL TEAM AMD GREEK SOCIAL FELLOWSHIP SHOW: This year ' s salute to the football team was different, because we weren ' t just saluting any football team. We were saluting the C1AA Champion Eagles of M.C.C.U. A packed house in McDougald Gymnasium applauded the Eagles as they were presented numerous cakes, plaques, and even a red and white football given to them by the ladies of Delta Sigma Theta. And the cheerleaders, outside of just generally keeping the crowd totally pumped up, pulled a little crazy spoof of their own. And ah yes, the step show. The Ques came out thunderous in gold face, the AOQues in white face, the Swings in white tux, the Alphas ran the play of the year, and the Kappas pulled a disappearing coup that rocked the gym. Who won? Who cares! But who won the class competition? The Seniors!! Always one of the wildest affairs of the week is the Mock Funeral, and this year ' s was no exception. The Mock Funeral, directed by Tina Torain, was held in McDougald Gymnasium at 7:00 P.M. and featured an exceptional cast, headed by freshman standout Greg Staplefoot as the preacher. The craziness went on for almost two hours and was greatly appreciated by another packed house. As usual the Mock Funeral is something you just hate to miss. And, if you did, you missed it! Right after the Mock Funeral everyone ambushed B.N. Duke Auditorium to see the wonders of Irv Weiner, or better known as Mr. Fingers, and his magical show. It too was something wonderful to see and further proof that the hand is quicker than the eye. FASHION REIGNS AT NCCU ■PNU j Homecoming Fashion Show This year ' s Homecoming Fashion show, directed by Jesse Brown and Tyrone Little, featured some of the Eagle ' s slickest dressers in some of their most sheik attire. The show was held in McDougald Gymnasium under dim lights with fabulous stage decorations. The models wore everything from mystical morning wear to magical evening threads. It was truly a fashion extravaganza. ■ £ fl .: S.O.S. BAND i r 3= L r -I ' , ttt if -1 i IfZJ In McDougald Gymnasium on Friday night, some cool casual callers paid a visit to their favorite Southern Girls. MAZE, featuring Frankie Beverly, doing gold record hits, from " Happy Feelin ' " to " You " to " Feel That You ' re Feelin ' " to the present " Joy and Pain " , left the crowd in complete awe, just when they were overcoming shock waves sent through them by the powerful sounds of the S.O.S. BAND, who were probably more than anyone expected. With the new and different THIRD GENERATION BAND opening up the show, another packed house had no choice but to enjoy this one! Vanessa Freeman MISS FRESHMAN Gwen Spain MISS SOPHOMORE Lawanda Hyatt MISS JUNIOR Emma Deese MISS SENIOR 9 Kaylois Morgan MISS TAU BETA SIGMA Sadie Riggins MISS LADY OF BLACK AMD GOLD Annette Best MISS WIME PSI PHI Cheryl Hicks Aron Webb MISS SOCIOLOGY Lisa Brown MISS ENGLISH CLUB Cetrena George MISS OMEGA PSI PHI |3 Annette Bowden MISS NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BLACK ACCOUNTS Karen Jones MISS VETERANS CLUB « ' I ' ! Ii Terry Williams MISS C. T. WILLIS BUSINESS CLUB Judy Boatright MISS SOCIAL Pearlniece Smith MISS PENTECOSTAL FELLOWSHIP Margorie Tillery MISS SRA Josaline Lipscomb MISS HEALTH CAREERS Lucy Griffin MISS SIGMA GAMMA RHO Gail Burnette MISS PSYCHOLOGY Gloria DeVane MISS RUSH HALL Constance Jones MISS AKA Marilyn Fitts MISS FINANCE CLUB Robin Brown MISS PEP SQUAD Chery Massey MISS PHI BETA LAMBDA Nora Moore MISS W.G. PEARSON CAFETERIA Nina Moore MISS NAACP Anna Mercer MISS FBLA Joyce Snipes MISS KAPPA KAPPA PSI Sherry Saddler MISS PEER COUNSELOR Teresa Tate MISS LATHAM HALL ) ■ Tara Freese MISS CHIDLEY HALL Eljevonia Chapman MISS GERMAN CLUB Lori Grier MISS BAYNES HALL Wendy Coleman MISS STUDENT NURSES Rubetta Shackelford MISS RECREATION CLUB Marilyn Williams MISS ALPHA KAPPA MU Joyclyn Brown MISS GEOGRAPHY CLUB Willie Artis MISS AFROTC J Margaret Barnes 2ND ATTEN. TO MISS CHIDLEY HALL m U 1 S - V r Renee Mills 1ST ATTEN. TO MISS CHIDLEY HALL Pamela Bostik MISS EAGLESON MISS FRENCH CLUB Deidra Whitted MISS PROGRAM BOARD Helen Jimmerson MISS PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Ellen Jones MISS BAPTIST STUDENT Grethen Bryant MISS E.E. JUST BIOLOGY CLUB Virginia Hargrove MISS J.D. LINNIN SPEAKERS FORUM Robin Crawford MISS PEM CLUB 1 Elllen Hector MISS STUDENT UNION MISS TAU GAMMA DELTA Debbie Battle MISS ART CLUB Rosalyn Gilmer MISS CRIMINAL JUSTICE Brenda Page MISS KAPPA ALPHA PSI Laura Vaughan MISS ZETA PHI BETA Catherine Sparrow MISS PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Pamela Cooper MISS EAGLE CHESS CLUB Rosemarie Barlow MISS BAND - N Lilipiana Darensburg MISS AHEA Michele Moore MISS KAPPA OMICRON PHI Petrice Wesley MISS PRE-PROFESSIONAL HEALTH SOCIETY j Jackie Haire Vivian Hooks MISS A.D. SHEPARD Donna Rainbow MISS EXCJMBRA 1 Phyllis Mclymore MISS HEALTH EDUCATION Tauwana Andrews MISS CHEERLEADER Ynette Willis 2ND TO MISS HOMECOMING Cynthia Ward 1 ST TO MISS HOMECOMING Gloria Knight MISS HOME ECONOMICS Patricia Jones MISS NATIONAL STUDENT BUSINESS LEAGUE Patrice Jones MISS STEERING COMMITTEE Debbie Leathers MISS DELTA SIGMA THETA m fe w I Darlene Seawell MISS HONOREES IN ACTIOM Jackie Jones MISS SWING PHI SWING HMfcfeb .. . WEDNESDAY SATURDAY TH ATS ALL! CAFETERIA STAFF A Jl PHYSICAL PLANT CENTRAL RECEIVING ORGANIZATIONS Spanish Club NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL UNIVERSITY AIR FORCE ROTC HOME ECONOMICS CLUB HI Front Row: left to right — President, Anthony Judd; Secretary, Taian Davis; Cedric Rogers, Lilipiana Darenberg, Cornell Jones, Second Row: left to right — Mrs. Gwendolyn Paschall. Janet Foreman, Michelle Moore, Mrs. Georgia Leach, Barbra McCollum, Doris Prince, Marsha Hill, Dr. Cheryl Evans. Third Row; left to right — Theresa Tate, Joyce Johnson, Stephanie Council, Gwen Pittman, Gwendolyn Biz zell. Fourth Row: left to right — Johnifecer Evans, Ruth Rogers, Medora Little, Clarissa Lewis, Juaneza Daniels. Diane Kinston. RECREATION CLUB First Row: Beverlyn Williams, Ronnie Dowdy, Paulette Winston, Charlotte Jones, Vaughn Jeffery. Second Row: Evelyn Williams, Dwighl Justice, Norman Ingram, William Merritt. Peer Counselors First Row L to R: Sherry Alston, Patricia Wallace, Patricia Alston. Second Row Lto R: Wanda Hyatt, Rowena Newton, Sharon Tomlinson, Natalie Stallings. Future Business Ed. First Row L to R: Kim, Arlene Thompson, Julia Boatwright, Ms. Kennedy, Kathy Washington. Second Row L to R: Dr. Spellman, Anna Mercer, Selma Harris, Dr. Eileen Roberson. Sociology Club First Row L to R: Natalie Stallings, Emma Boone, Rita Miller, Myra Moore. Second Row L to R: Phillip Jackson, Jackie Cox, Judy Boatwright, Avon Webb, William Hill. NAACP Frist Row L to R: Calvin Kearns, Richard, Rosylan Gilmore, James Webb. Betty Taylor. Second Row L to R: Lila Fikes, Debbie Battle. Stanley Ballard, Kerry Johnson, Jerry Kelly, Nina Moore, Tony Davila, Phillip Jackson, Greg Staplefoot, Pandora Frazier, Phillip Rosser. Phi Beta Lambda First Row Lto R: Denise McMillian, Ronnie Johnson, Kirsten Baynes, Sheryl Massey, Barry Hamilton, Kenneth Moore. Second Row Lto R: Kevin Vasson. Celeste Parrish, Julia Boatwright, Loretta McNeil, Beverly Forbes, Sylvia Little, Tara Freese, Sheryl Hackett. Third Row Lto R: Debra Tillar, Glenda Beatty, Katrina Artis, Yvette Bishop, Sonya Miles, Chester Byanes. Sheryl Robinson. Fourth Row L to R: Calvin Kearns. Greg Alston, Annette Bowden, James Lockhart. Frank Kee, Gwen McKee Physical Education Club First Row L to R: Gary Robinson, Robin Crawford. Cheryl Watson, Matrice Wilson. Andrea Murray, Ingrid White, Ellis Armstrong. Second Row L to R: Stephan French, Chris Smith, Dale, Marshall Ellerbee, Daniel Moore. Student Council for Exceptional Children First Row L to R: Wanda Little. Mary Davis, Patricia Dunn. Second Row L to R: Kirsten Baynes. Sylvia Little, Cheryl Hicks, Cheryl Miller Kilabech tu Art Club m Sitting: Anita Brake, Sharkita Cates. Standing: Carolyn Simpson, Deborah Battle, Pandora Frazier, Dwain Coleman. Alpha Kappa Mu First Row L to R: Carlton Pyant. Deborah Nance, Marilyn Williams, Vivan Wooten. Second Row L to R: Ronnie Johnson, Carolyn Cobbs, Lorraine Moses, Terry Williams, Arnette Cowan. Third Row L to R: Hattie Wagstaff, Michelle Dean, Georgette Stark, Tanya Prunty. Ladies of Black Gold TRUTH and SERVICE 09 First Row L to R: Ka trina Lewis, Sheila Stancil, Alfreda Black, Denise Hayes, Annie Smith, Ronnie Johnson, Vanessa Williams, La-Tonya Higginbotham, Wanda Brown, Regina Lewis. Second Row L to R: Chevella Thomas, Debra Green, Marchelle Howard, Vivian Bond, Sadie Riggins, Delphine McCoy. Third Row L to R: Athena Franklin, Helen Autry, Arlene Rigell, Janice Jones, Katrina Peele, Oglatha Barnes, Cathy Price, Marilyn Fitts. SNEA Student National Education Association First Row L to R: (top): Dekota Grier, Owen Gilliam, Donna Hunter, Kaylois Morgan, Priscilla Overton, Reba Cooper, (sitting): Stephen Wingate. Alpha Kappa Delta Honorary Club I ' 1 Carlton Pyant, Ella Newkirk, Myra Moore, Phillip Jackson, Dr. Kenneth Shearer. OFF CAMPUS CLUB First Row (L to R) Ms. Ednah Blalock Advisor, Angela Pichett, Lynn Luster, Deborah Battle, Rosylan Gilmore, Lila Fikes Second Row (L to R) Roy Harris, Anthony Little, Jerry Kelly, Stanley Ballard, Barry Stansberry, Greg Alston, Calvin Kearns EAGLE PEP SQUAD First Row (Lto R) Teresa Jolly. Katrina Lewis, Loretta Pierce. Deborah Nance, Tijuane Bailey, Stephanie Darden, Katrina Seasons Second Row (L to R) Gwen Spain, Lora Smith, Mitchelle Dean, Stephen Smith, Jacquire Revel, Carolyn Alford Third Row (L to R) Stephanie Barnes, Natalie Stallings, Helen Autry, Harriet Elmore, Mildred Connor, Regina Lewis, Clara Winborne. HEALTH EDUCATION CLCIB First Row (L to R) Charles Jones President, An- nie Sowell Vice-President, Andre Bowens Treasurer, Phillis McLymore, Miss Health Ed., Second Row (L to R) Joni Poole, Katrena Artis, Valerie Richardson, Sharyn West. EAGLESON RESIDENTIAL ASSISTANT s SheHa Gardm ' She ' ia Ba2em ° re ' » B ° rd — Sh — y Second Row: Edith E.E. BIOLOGY CLUB ' ■» -T ' - % -1 .. First Row (Lto R) Carlton O ' Neal Treasurer, Cynane Robinson President, Regina Pender Second Row (Lto R) Anthony Alexander, Marty Comer Secretary PSYCHOLOGY CLUB Second Row (L to R) Carlton Pyant President, Sybil Homes, Gail Burnette, Marion Brown, Walter Mitchell Second Row (L to R) Thad Jamison, Shelia Bazemore, Patrica Dunn. Leonard Sturdivant BAPTIST STATE UNION First Row (L to R) Stephen Wingate, VicW Jenrette, Margie Parker, Perry Dumas Second Row (L to R) Mark Bryant, Clevie Brandon, Kerry Johnson, Cleveland Simpson, Mandel Edwards, Wallace Branch PENTECOSTAL FELLOWSHIP First Row (L to R) Maxine Wells, Clevie Brandon, Mora More, Mrs. Phearson Advisor, Denise Daniel, Pearlnice Smith, Darryl Marshall Second Row (L to R) Denise Summer, Amanda Ross, Velma Frederick, Prentna Hall, Deborah Wiggins, Katrina Mott, Saddie Riggins Third Row (L to R) Roderick Monroe, Majorie Scriver, Karen Lewis, Reginia Farrior, Venise Summer, Mary Johnson, Elaine Nance STUDENT STEERING COMMITTEE First Row (L to R) Robin Brown, Debbie Dove, Sheila Gardin, Patricia Wallace, Sherry Saddler, Glenda Beatty, Sheryl Massey, Tijuana Bailey Second Row (L to R) Elaine Carman, Cynthia Jordan, Chypes Bacote, Tanya Moore, Sylvia Little, Anna Mercer, Brian Hamlet, Ma- jorie Tillery Third Row (L to R) Shelia Bazemore, Donald Perry, Charlene Bordeaux, Oglatha Barnes, Micheal Brown President, Andre French NATIONAL STUDENT BUSINESS LEAGUE First Row (L to R) Patricia Jones, Denise McMillian. Beverly Forbes, Loretta McNeil, Ellen Hictor, Sheryl Massey. Cheryl Hackette Second Row (L to R) Gwendolyn McKee, Gwenevere Curry, J. W. Lockhart, Rose Barlowe, Delois Smith. Barry Hamilton ALPHA PHI OMEGA JEWELS First Row (L to R) Denise Little, Von Gatling, Emma Boone, Chantay Storey Second Row (L to R) Donna Hunter. Edris Glover, Sharon Sessons, Dianne Lynn, Makita Long President SRA ' S First Row (L to R) Cynthia Jordan, Patrica Wallace, Natalie Burnette, Rubetta ShackJeford, Margaret McKeyhan, Sheila Gardin. Sheryl Massey Second Row (L to R) Robin Brown, Sherry Saddler, Margie Parker, Glenda Beatty, Chypes Bacot, Tanya Moore Third Row (Lto R) Oglatha Barnes. Donald Perry, Brian Hamlet, Anna Mercer, Winfred Cross, Charlene Bardeaux, Gwen Curry Fourth Row (L to R) Philathea Dixon, Karen Langford, Shelia Bazemore, Majorie Tillery, Marcella Porch. Deanna Scott 213 SOCIAL WORK SOCIETY First Row (Lto R) Patricia Hardy. Emma Boone, Avon Webb, Judy Boatwright, Jane Smith, Ella Newkirk, Machele Stokes Second Row(L to R) Mary Boyd, Diana Keyes President, Rita Miller, Katrina Peele, Karona White Third Row (L to R) William Hill, Hattie Cooper, Rosa Simpson, Myra Moore HONORIE ' S IN ACTION First Row (L to R) Leon Rouson President, Vashti V. Williams Vice-President, Darlene Sewell Secretary, Randy Vestal Treasurer Second Row (L to R) Micheal McLean, Denise Hawkins, Wanda Dixon. Lorn Jones, Winfred Cross Third Row (L to R) Roderick Joymen, David Mitchell, Dean Jerngan, Michelle Dean, Georgette Stark. Cynthia Jackson, Tony Montique ► ™ - m v • GEOGRAPHY CONVERSATION CLUB EL 11 First Row (L to R) Ynette Willis, Dianne Barnett, Joycelyn Brown, Douglass Eaves Second Row (L to R) Victor Neal, Cheryl Smith, Carry Dixon, Orlando Meal Third Row (L to R) Keith Saunders, Ron Javier, Audwin Helton, Kevin Williams FINANCE CLUB First Row (L to R) Scottie Raiford Secretary, Sandra Simpson Treasurer, Cynthia Foulk, Marilyn Fitts Historian Second Row (Lto R) Ken- neth Jefferson President, Calvins Kearns, Monday Moyo VETERAN ' S CLUB 1 IJ -■ First Row (L to R) James L. Barrett Jr. Secretary, Shade Dawson, Jr. President, Karen Jones Miss Veteran ' s Club, David Lee Alston Jr., Larry Collins Vice-President Second Row (L to R) Gabriel J. K. Davis. Ricky K. Murdock, Dumont L Stockton, Sherwood Hinton, Dave E. Williams, Richard D. James Jr. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION CLUB First Row (L to R) Richard Smith President, Cynthia Ward Assistant Sec, Regnald Smith Vice-President, Grossie Smith. Godfrey Smith, Catherine Sparrow Miss PA. Club, Annette Torian, Patricia Tollison Second Row (L to R) Harvey White Advisor, Linnette Fox Advisor, Juanita Parker, Tyron Wilson, Tonya Parker, Cheryl Rice, Jacquelyn Taylor, Wanda Elliot, Alfreda Black, Zetta Scales, Judith Reid, JoeAnn Bumette, Lisa Nelson Third Row (L to R) Bernice Jefferys, Rhonda Farmer, Glaoria DeVane, Edith Allen, Beverly Oates, Vasti Williams, Carolyn Cobbs, Stephanie Gaddy, Sarah Stephens. Ervin Keaton MATH CLUB First Row (L to R) Marsha K. Tomlin President, Ernest Lucas Jr. Vice-President, Vivan Wooten Sec, Mary Johnson Treasurer, Georgette Stark Second Row (L to R) Jeffrey Kirvlaw, Miriam Ann Wade, Leo Rouson, Reginald I. Neptune Jr. JOHM D. LEMNON SPEAKERS FORUM First Row (L to R) Clevie Brandon President, Dwan Coleman Vice-President Leon Rouson Sec, Virginia Hargrove, Miss John D. Lennon, Stephen Wingate Treasurer, Gerald Mattocks Second Row (L to R) Lucius Smith, Ernest Walker. Dumont Stockton, Nikita Kirkland, Ken- neth Foushee Advisor RUSH RESIDENTIAL ASSISTANT First Row (L to R) Patrice Jones, Debra Tillar Treasurer, Gloria DeVane, Ms. Rush Hall. Cebrettia Hinton. Standing Cynthia Tetterton, Sylvia Little GAMMA THETA GPSILON First Row (L to R) Joycelyn Brown, Second Row L to R Victor Neal, Audwin Helton, Kevin Williams GERMAN CLUB First Row (L to R) Dr. John Harrington Advisor, John McLean President, Joyce Roberts Treasurer, Chris Jones, Steve Fields Second Row: Walter Bond, Ernest Crowder, Myra Moore, Jackie Branch, Dumont Stock CHIDLEY HALL HOUSE COUNCIL First Row (L to R) Dodson Barnes President, Leon Rouson, Richard Bradford, Kerry Johnson, Lerenza Cooper, Brian Harnlet, Winfred Cross Second Row (Lto R) Dawin Coleman, Manuel Hyman, Nikita Kirkland. Donald Perry, Lucius Smith, Andre French Barry Hamilton Ellis Allen Advisor. NABA First Row (L to R) Sheryl Massey, Denise McMillian, Steve Battle. Deborah Little, Grace Gaddy, Alison Hughes, Katrina Sessions, Sonya Miles Second Row (L to R) George Scurlock, Annette Bowden, Charles Baldwin, Tyrone Comegys, Robert Steele President PRE-PROFESSIONAL HEALTH SOCIETY First Row (L to R) Audrey Greenage, Jennifer Edmondson, Vicki Jenrette, Petrice Wesley, Betty Taylor, Mertie Smeat Second Row (L to R) Anthony Alexander President. Linda Bass Sec, Gretchen Bryant, Allyson Gattis. Edith Harris, Gayle Love. Ken Davis. Third Row (L to R) Drewry Vincent, Greg Carson, Marvin Vann, James Brewington. Walter M. Bond HH THE FRENCH CLUB First Row (L to R) Ruby Sykes, Evelyn Davis, Barbara Robinson, Shelia Cobb, Steve Smith Second Row (L to R) Mrs. Wade Advisor, Drewy Vincent President, William Eddleman Vice-President, Peggy Hawkins, Sec, Annette Clark, Assist. Sec, Yolanda Brown Treasurer, Anthony Chapman C.A. JONES HISTORY CLUB Gerald Mattocks, Sandra Barnes, Stanley Pettiford C.T. WILLIS BUSINESS CLUB First Row (L to R) Barbara Taylor. Landa Slade, Loretta Slade, Delphine Tate, Sharon Cohen, Beverly Johnson, Patrica Jones Second Row (L to R) Barry Hamilton Vice-President, Brian Hamlet, Oglatha Barnes, Kirsten Baynes, Gwenvere Curry, Ronnie Home President, Nikita Kirkland Third Row (L to R) Angelo J. Sexton, Franklin Kee, Gregory Evans CRIMINAL JUSTICE CLUB First Row (L to R) Gregory Paige, Everlyn Brown, Kim Davis, Rosalyn Gilmore, Deborah Morris Second Row (L to R) Natalie Pennington. Beverly Lee. Mary Hall, Rhonda Carpenter Third Row (L to R) Loretta Suitt, Terry Figgins, Donald Perry, Debbie Ingram, Julia Leake BETA KAPPA CHI First Row (L to R) Carlton O ' Neal Sec, Allyson Gattis President, Anthony Alexander Vice- igjfl President ' ; McLEAN RESIDENT ASSISTANT Renee Mills President, Debra Williams Vice- President Carolyn Berryman Sec. LATHAM HALL HOUSE COUNCIL First Row (L to R) Tanya Moore, Margaret Mckeyhan, Marcella Porch, Teresa Tate, Miss Latham Hall, Ernestine Connally Second Row (L to R) Renee Sutton. Robin Brown ANNIE DAY SHEPARD RESIDENTIAL ASSISTANT First Row (L to R) Glenda Beatty, Sherry Saddler, Sherry Alston, Rowena Newton, Oglatha Barnes President, Sadie Riggins, Truana Bailey, Cynthia Jordan, Burnice Jefferys Hn THE PROGRAM BOARD The Alfonso Elder I pppHPM (TTT- PRHMV r mm Mr. Walter Hart Mr. Norwood Pearson Mr. Forest Reid n i ami i iuiBHiiimi Student Union Ms. Doris Fitzgerald Mr. Marvin Lea T- L i Mrs. Edna Harrington Ms. Glennie M. Jones Ms. Marsha Hendricks Ervin Baker — SGA President Quinton Brown — SGA Vice President Curtis Massey Junior Class President Neal Harper Publicity Chairman Annette Torian Chairman of the Social Committee Karen Simmons First row (left to right): James Webb, Cheryl Hackett, Stephanie Darden, Annette Torain, .Karen Simmons, Robin Smalls, Second row (left to right): Marie Autry, Meal Harper, Ronnie Johnson, Georgina Thompson, and Curtis Massey. Not Pictured: Vic- tor Meal. Director of Programs and John Melchor III Georgina Thompson Teresa Burke, Editor Winfred Cross, Associate Editor Vom H " P m M JT.mVJIF Sk S il i Wp 1 1 KW9h " ' . ■ .3 mm Jimmy Grenn and Phyllis George, News Editors THE CAMPOS ECHO STAFF Orlando heal, Editor Dekota Qrier, Co-Editor EAGLE YEARBOOK STAFF Sandra Stuart, Business Manager Douglas Eaves, Sports Editor Audwin Helton, Features Editor Helen Edge, Senior Editor Rosalyn Gilmer, Queens Editor Lori Conway, Sophomore Editor Dearise Johnson, Freshman Editor Donna Peerman, Organizations Editor Neil Harper, Copy Editor Zetta Scales, Student Life Editor Michael King, Ex Umbra-Editor Greg Davenport, Photographer; Sheri Shuler, Typist; Irene Allen, Member Drum Majors: Carlton O ' Neal C.J. Vaughan BAND IN ACTION " EAGLE FUNK STRIKES " ' it vrm m Mr. Charles Gilchrist Director ffl yq Liy aZiy ja f »j 1 m » ' • Delta Sigma Theta Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. was founded at Howard University in 1913. Delta has a membership of over 95,000 women in over 500 chapters located throughout the U.S. and the Republics of Haiti and Liberia and Germany. The Deltas believe in " serious and strong community endeavor and have demonstrated a vital concern for the social welfare, academic excellence, and cultural enrichment of its members. " The Delta ' s colors are Red and White. Marguerite Aldridge Debbie Battle Rafayette Byers Pamela Clark Carolyn Cobbs Evelyn Cross Rhonda Farmer Elaine Fields Rosie Ford Pandora Frazier Sheila Gardin Dekota Grier Linda Hill LaWanda Hudgins Juanita Kelly Gloria Knight Debbie Leathers Sheryl Massey Edrie McDowell Sheila Mitchell Sabrina Patterson Charlene Pennington Vera Robinson Lisa Scott Tanya Simmons Natalie Smith Sandra Stewart Michelle Stokes Ardicha Swanson Debra Walker Angela Winston Anitra Wright Gail Wright Sorors not pictured Alpha Kappa Alpha m mm First row: Debra Anthony, Philathea Dixon. Arnette Cowan, Cynanae Robinson, Rosa Simpson, Patricia Wallace, Wanda Bass Second row: Scottie Raiford, Sheila Womack, Cynthia Brooks, Sheba Jordan, Bonita Forbes, Kathy Hooper, Lori Dockery OFFICERS Sheila Womack — President Gevonda Braswell — Vice-President Constance Jones — Secretary Scottie Raiford — Treasurer t. " BY CULTURE AND BY MERIT ' % A A Brief History of Tau Gamma Delta Sorority Tau Gamma Delta Sorority Inc. has a national theme which is Leadership, Involvement, Unity. Tau Gamma Delta Sorority was founded in 1 942, the purpose of the organization is to promote higher ideals and establish reputable standards for growth and harmony of true sisterhood of business and professional women of the world, and to aid in the educa- tion of worthy students desiring business or professional training, and to further com- munity and civic activities. Alpha Phi Alpha Officers: William Mills — President, Delaney Wilson — Vice President, Al Nixon — Secretary (Not pictured), Devonne Forte Treasurer William Mills, Devonne Forte, Delaney Wilson, Vic- tor Neal, Mark Lacey, Willie Reese, John Palmer Kappa Alpha Psi was founded January 5, 1911 on the campus of Indiana Uni- versity. The fundamental purpose of Kappa Alpha Psi is achievement. Our theme is " We train for leadership. " Kappa Alpha Psi has always assisted with the aims and purposes of colleges and universities as well as providing service in the public interest. Officer Picture Polemarch — James Griffin, Vice Polemarch — Frankie White, Keeper of Records — Carlton O ' Neal, Keeper of Exchequer — Eric Sellars, Strategus — Kevin Black. Lt. Strategus — Chris Martin. Historian and Reporter — Mark Saunders, Dean of Pledgees — Wrenton Wright, Assistant Dean of Pledgees — Antony Judd, Strategus ME. Province — Thornell Page Kappa Sweet Hearts Left to right: Sharon Isely, Stephanie Davis. Lorrie Love, Conova Hairston, Zenoba Stewart. Cheryl Hackett, Tara Freeze, Cynthia Lindsey, Beverly Oakes, Grenda Grimes, Paulette Ledbetter, Dianna Scott Kappa Alpha Psi Statue Picture Bottom row — kneeling: Jonathan Qattis, Michael Cotton, Charles Richardson, Christopher Martin, James Griffin Standing — Middle row: Carlton O ' Neal, Tarnaz Greene, Mark Saun- ders, Swindale Rhodes, Anthony Judd, Wrenton Wright, Eric Sellars Top row: Lemuel (Jmpstead, Kenneth Cole, Thomell Page, Kevin Black, Frankie White Omega Psi Phi Officers Audwin Jones — Basileus Jimmy Jones — Vice Basileus Audwin Helton — Keeper of Records and Seals Ronnie McNeil — Keeper of finance Tony Brown — Chaplain Hilburn Sparrow — Keeper of Peace William Eddleman — Parliamentarian irmt ' kW m t K Z z£ ±- - r [ - 8 ... " • CQgf E Jg 17 ' -- £ v ■ " RHHB Swing Phi Swing 4 WTT mgi -- 1 »- a 1 t ill 1 ' ; !!! ' Groove Phi Groove Alpha Phi Omega Beta Phi Burgandy ,1. . it .■ :-.; ■• I ; • . f| ■uss saataassi AND Wine Psi Phi y BWS Tau Beta Sigma y. .■ , ■ ' ■■ 1 - ■:- " .- Kappa Kappa Psi y ■■■; •.,. w k , -„ -. -, -. . Pan-Hellenic Council Council of Independent Organizations Ql w Oil w m (T am ©AY60 wshimgiqc ■■ iv PRETTIEST LEGS CONTEST! Who ' s Who Students In American Universities and Colleges Ida Marion Margerine Muldrow, a Home Economic Fashion Design major from Elizabeth City, N.C., is a Who ' s Who Honorable Mention member for the 1 979-80 school year. While attending NCCCI, she has been very active in the Concert and Marching Band, secretary of Tau Beta Sigma, Student Government Association, Student Resident Association, French Club, Art Club, Council of Independent Organizations and Freshman Orientation Committee. She has also ap- peared in numerous campus fashion shows. Future plans include attending a graduate school of fashion. Kenneth Jefferson is a Finance Major from Goldsboro, N.C. While at NCCCJ, he has been in the Student Govern- ment Association of which he served as Business Manager for the 1980-81 school year. He is also a mem- ber of the National Student Business League, Phi Beta Lambda, and President of the Finance Club. Gregory Earl Alston, a Business Administration Major with a concentration in Management, is a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. He is also actively involved with Phi Beta Lambda, Student Relations Committee, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, National Dean ' s List, American Scholarship, N.C. Insurance Corporation Scholarship, John W. Bailey Memorial Award and the University ' s Dean List. Ronnie Johnson, a native of Elizabethtown, N.C., major- ing in Business Administration with a concentration in Computer Science, has been very active in various organizations while at NCCCI. Among these organiza- tions are: Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Phi Beta Lambda Business Fraternity, Rush Hall Council, N.C. Stu- dent Legislative, National Student Business League, C.T. Business Club, Campus Echo Business Manager, Ladies of Black and Gold, and a continuous Dean ' s List Stu- dent. She plans to pursue Computer Science as an Analyst Programmer. Michele L. Moore, a native of Mt. Olive, N.C. and a 1977 Graduate of Southern Wayne High School, is a General Home Economics Major with a concentration in Foods and Nutrition. While pursuing studies at NCCCJ, she has served in organizations such as Student Government, Kappa Omicron Phi, Home Economics Honor Society, American Home Economics Council, NAACP, and Tau Gamma Delta Sorority. Michele plans to pursue a career as an Agricultural Extension Agent. Patricia Wallace, a native of Greensboro, N.C., is a Psy- chology Major. While here at NCCCI, she has held mem- bership in several university organizations including the Psychology Club, Student Steering Committee, Peer Counselors, Pan-Hellenic Council and the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Patricia h as also participated in several volunteer services including work at the John (Jmstead Hospital and the Sarah Barker Center. After graduation she plans to pursue a Master ' s degree in Counseling Psychology. Vanessa " Cookee " Clark is a Hiddenite, M.C. native and a Political Science major, born under the sign of Cancer. During her years at INCCCI, her affiliations include mem- bership in: Ladies of Black and Gold, Student Residence Assistant, Campus Echo, Student Congress, Student Government Association, M.C. Student Legislative, General Assembly, Registration Committee, Homecom- ing Committee, Tennis Team, and Softball Team. She plans to attend Law School in the Fall. James Sherrod is a native of Rocky Mount, M.C. He at- tended North Edgecombe High School. James is a Mathematics major, maintaining a 3.86 average, which included three consecutive 4.0 ' s. He has received the Sophomore of the Year Award, 1978-79, two Actuarial Fellowships, Marjorie L. Brown Award, and the Shell Foundation Scholarship. James has been an active par- ticipant in campus affairs such as the French Club, M AACP, Pi Mu Epsilon, and has worked co-op in Air Traf- fic Control. Deidra Lynn Whitted is a native of Goldsboro, N.C. ma- joring in Political Science with a concentration in prelaw. She plans to attend law school or work in state govern- ment. Her activities on campus include: President of the Student Union Advisory Board, Miss Political Science, Planning and Budgeting Committee, Election Board Chairperson. This Libra lady enjoys chess, swimming, political activities, and meeting people. Harry Darnell Stansberry, a native of Halifax, N.C, is a 1977 graduate of Northwest High School majoring in biology with a chemistry minor. He holds membership in: German Club, Pre-Professional Health Society, Beta Kappa Chi National Honor Society, Lampados Club, The Mighty Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Student Government, Campus Affairs, Homecoming Committee, Election Board and Eagle Yearbook Staff. Harry has also served on several University Committees. He was selected to the Who ' s Who Honorable Mention 1979-80. His future plans are to enter medical school in the fall. Grace Lynette Golden is a native of Madison, N.C., with a major in Elementary Education concentrating in the area of kindergarten through third grade. While at NCCG, she has served in following organizations: Stu- dent Residence Assistant, President of Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Inc., Program Board, and Council of Independent Organizations. Dlephine McKoy, is a Council, N.C., native and a Business Education Major who has actively been in- volved with the Student Government Association, N.C. Student Legislative, a member of Ladies of Black and Gold, and the Academic Appeals Committee. After graduation she will seek a Business Education Master ' s. Sandra Trenise Stewart is a native of Charlotte, N.C., born under the sign of Leo. Sandra is an Intermediate Education major with concentrations in Mathematics and Language Arts. While pursuing studies at NCCU, she has participated in the following organizations: Pan- hellenic Council, Program Board, Business Manager for the Eagle Yearbook, a member of the Alpha Lambda Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., National Dean ' s List, University Dean ' s List. Upon graduation she plans to teach and attend graduate school to attain her master ' s degree in Education. Originally from Norfolk, Va., Natalie Berdette Smith, now resides in Durham, N.C. Upon matriculating to NCCU, Natalie embarked upon a major in Education on the In- termediate Level (Grades 4-9) with concentrations in Mathematics and Language Arts. While attending NCCU, Natalie has participated in the following organiza- tions: NAACP, Student National Education Association, Student Union Program Board, Alpha Lambda Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., National Dean ' s List, and the Dean ' s List at NCCU. Edith M. Allen, is a native of Durham, N.C., and is a Political Science major with a concentration in Public Administration. She is affiliated with the T.R. Baines Society of Public Administrators, Student Steering Com- mittee, Eagleson Hall Dormitory President, President of Student Residence Assistants. She received the Louise Latham Award for outstanding Leadership. She plans to pursue her career after graduation and later attend graduate school. A Public Administration major from Charlotte, M.C., Leslie Brown is a four year Dean ' s List student, bom un- der the sign of Taurus. While at NCCCI, a member of the T.R. Baines Society of Public Administrators, Campus Echo, Ex-Clmbra, Student Government Association, In- ternational Women ' s Year Convention, and Ford College Roundtable. She also served as a tutor at St. Joseph ' s A.M.E. Church. Bernice Jeffreys originates from Milton, N.C., and is a Political Science major with a concentration in Public Administration. During her four years at NCCU, Bernice has been an active Eagle. She is affiliated with the Campus-Echo, T.R. Baines Society of Public Ad- ministrators, Pep Squad, Student Steering Committee, Annie Day Shepard House Council. She also served as a Congresswoman and Chairman of the Welfare Commit- tee of Annie Day Shepard. She plans to attend graduate school and pursue a Master ' s degree in Health Care Ad- ministration. A Foods Nutrition major, Arnette Teresa Cowan, is a native of Salisbury, N.G While at NCCCI, Arnette has par- ticipated in various activities including membership in the Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Kappa Omicron Phi Honor Society, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, American Home Economics Association, Student Union Program Board, National Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who Honorable Men- tion, Student R esidence Assistance, and a Dean ' s List Student. Serving as Miss NCCCI 1 980-81 , from Walnut Cove, N.C., is Cathy Price. She is a Political Science Major with a con- centration in Public Administration. While attending NCCCI, her affiliations have included active membership in Ladies of Black and Gold, M.C. Student Legislative, Student Government Association, Miss Rush Hall 1977- 78, Miss Junior 1979-80. Cathy is also a Dean ' s List Stu- dent. Natalie Stallings, a Sociology Major, born under the sign of Leo, is a native of Chinquapin, N.C. Natalie has a con- centration in Education. While at NCCCI, she has been active with the following organizations: Student Govern- ment Association, Freshman Congress, Campus Echo, Pep Squad, Sociology Club 1979-80, Peer Counselor, Homecoming Committee, and Groove Queen Court. She plans to attend graduate school to pursue a MA. degree in Counseling. Natalie is also a Dean ' s List student. Born in Kinston, N.C., Ervin Arnell Baker is a Public Ad- ministration major International Affairs minor presently hailing from Dover, N.C. In his tenure at NCCCJ, he held the leadership position of Chairman of the N.C. Student Legislature and has served as Student Government Association President 1980-81. Ervin is also a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., National Red Cross, Student Congress, NAACP, Who ' s Who Honorable Mention. He plans to attend Graduate School and study International Affairs and later pursue a Law degree in the same field. Charlene Pennington is a Durham, N.C. native and a Hillside High School graduate, born under the sign of Virgo. Charlene is a Political Science major who plans to attend graduate school in the fall at Ohio State Univer- sity. She has held membership in several university organizations including Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Off-Campus Club, Campus Echo, Student Government Association, NAACP, Political Science Club, and Who ' s Who Honorable Mention 1979-80. Richard D. Smith is a Mt. Airy, N.C, native majoring in Political Science with a concentration in Public Ad- ministration. Involvements while at NCCCJ include being a member of the N.C. Student Legislative Body, Budda Club, NAACP, Undergraduate Council, Academic Affairs Committee, Public Administration Club, Campus Affairs Committee. Vanessa Alferea Brown, a native of Kenansville, M.C., is an Elementary Education major (4-9) with a concentra- tion in the area of math. She is also striving for a minor in French. While attending NCCLI, Vanessa has been a member of Honoree ' s in Action, French Club. Petecostal Fellowship Organization, and also Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society as well as A Chancellor ' s Scholar. She plans on attending Grad School at NCCCI and obtain her Master ' s in speech and hearing. Gloria Denise Knight, a Home Economics major, is a native of Battleboro, N.C. Born under the sign of Leo, she has been very active since her enrollment at MCCCJ. Gloria is vice-president of Kappa Omicron Phi, a mem- ber of the Home Economics Association, and is Miss Home Economics for the 1980-81 school year. Gloria feels that for one to achieve one ' s goals in life, one has to give of one ' s self totally. Vivian A. Wooten is a Maysville, M.C., native and a graduate of Jones Senior High School. While at MCCCJ, she has been an active member of the marching band, concert band. Tau Beta Sigma National Band Sorority, Council of Independent Organizations, Alpha Kappa Mu, Math Club, Ex-Umbra, Miss Math Club 1 980-81 . She was a Who ' s Who Honorable Mention in 1979-80. She seeks a career in Computer Programming and her future goals are to obtain a Master ' s and Phd. degree in mathematics and to be a college professor. Ronald B. Ramsey, a Political Science major, is from Statesville, M.C. He has been active in Student Govern- ment and was a member of the Junior Congress. Ron, has also served as a member of the tennis team, Campus Echo, Political Science Club, NAACP, and the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. His future plans include working in the Federal Government before pursuing a career in Labor Law. Deborah Battle is a native of Rocky Mount, N.C., with a major in visual communications. Born under the sign of Cancer, she received three scholarships upon entering college. During her previous years at NCCCJ, her affilia- tions include membership in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Entertainment and Publicity for the Program Board, Student Residence Assistant, Baynes Dormitory Secretary, Kilabechtu Art Club — Secretary and Queen, Off Campus Club, Pan-Hellenic Council and Who ' s Who Honorable Mention. She hopes to pursue a career as a Professional Museum Curattor. Carlton L. O ' Neal is a native of Queens, New York, born under the dynamic sign of Libra. Campus activities in- clude: Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., Drum Major of NCCCJ marching band, Beta Kappa Chi Scientific Honor Society, E.E. Just Biology Club, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, four year NCCCI Alumni Scholar. Future aspira- tions include a M.S. degree and a Phd. from Duke or Yale universities. His ambition is to become an instructor at a predominately black university while continuing Biomedical Research and overall achievement in every field of Human endeavor. Catherine Sparrow is a native of Clinton, N.C., majoring in Political Science with a Public Administration concen- tration. While attending MCCCI, she has been active in the following organizations: T.R. Baines Society of Public Administrators, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, and Student Resident Assistant, Miss Public Administration 1979-80. In addition she has made the honor roll and Dean ' s List. She plans to enter Graduate school in the field of Urban Planning. Marilyn R. Williams, is a Criminal Justice Major, a native of Brooklyn, N.Y., who now resides in Fayetteville, MC. While at hCCCJ she has had the priviledge of being Miss Alpha Kappa Mu 1980-81 , Ex-Umbra — poetry editor, Campus Echo — office manager, Baynes Hall Commit- tee, Alpha Angel, Member of the Criminal Justice Club, and a Dean ' s List Student. She received the William " Champ ' ' Covington Scholarship Award on April 3, 1980. She plans to pursue a Master ' s Degree in Public Administration or begin to work with the Federal or State Government. Anthony Wayne Alexander, is a Fayetteville, N.C., graduate of E.E. Smith High School, who plans to attend Medical School in the fall. He has held membership in several university organizations: Pre-Professional Health Society, Beta Kappa Chi Honor Society, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Recreation Club, Dean ' s List student, Alumni Scholar. Honorable Mention Who ' s Who 1979- 80. Kirsten Maureen Baynes is a Business Administration Major with a concentration in Information Systems, from Charlotte, M.C. She has held membership in the C.T. Willis Business Club, Phi Beta Lambda Publicity Com- mittee, and the Executive Committee. She plans to secure employment in Computer Programming and to obtain her Master ' s in Management. Carlton Pyant is from Lincolnton, IN.C. He is affiliated with the following committees: President of Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, President of Psychology Club, mem- ber of Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society, Beta Kappa Chi Honor Society, George T. Kyle Scholarship, Psy- chology Tutor, Student Residence Assistant, and Ad- visory Committee. He plans to attend gratuate school and to become an industrial Psychologist. Rhonda Joanne Farmer, a Fayetteville, N.C. native, is a Political Science major with a concentration in Public Administration. While pursuing studies at NCCCJ, she has participated in the following activities: three year Stu- dent Residence Assistant for Baynes Hall, NAACP, Public Administration Club, Student Government Association, Athletic Committee, the Alpha Lambda Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Upon gradua- tion, Rhonda plans to attend graduate school to attain her Master ' s degree in Public Administration. the program board alfonso elder student union north Carolina central university Return of the Eagles In ' 80 SPORTS HUM ' ■ Illl llll l l l l II H II I I—HIMMII CHEERLEADERS In Memory of Darryl Dwayne Lindsey :i A July 18, 1961 —January 31, 1981 ty W- " V Vf uo 9L r - ' nr i r % " 3 CIAA CHAMPIONS! Gold Bowl Runnerups Sh ken Bake is the Deal SCORES IN C CENTRAL 40 Livingstone 6 N C CENTRAL 35 Va State 13 N C CENTRAL 42 W-Salem St. 21 NC CENTRAL 14 ELON 28 NC CENTRAL 7 Fayetteville N C CENTRAL 7 MORGAN ST. 14 N C CENTRAL 29 Dist of Col 14 N C CENTRAL 28 ElizCity 14 N C CENTRAL 23 J C Smith 8 NC CENTRAL 10 JACKSON ST. 29 N C CENTRAL 13 N C A T ST. 49 Pierce picks off interception l Leading rusher, Burnette Fullback Bernie Tate I Flying Eagle, Nate ' ffi,JSiif Johnson BBBUBB H 4 ? VOLLEYBALL 1 980 Volleyball Team Finishes 2nd In CIAA If BASKETBALL HIGH TIMES! A— -V . _ i EH ' • s 15 16 : rT ■ ' ■ PWF WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL , -. -. dL ... 1 ' _ I — i i 11 1 11— rfn SPORTS HIGHLIGHTS EAGLE ' S ARE NUMBER " 1 " - agftTLg iiiu ' . . .•:.:. . ' n, ' •• :■! ■ t MS. EGO CASPER FINISHING UP! DELMAR REPRESENTATIVE — JOE DECATUR I " ' MASTER CHARGE MEDICAID VISA Mclaughlin medical arts pharmacy William H. McLaughlin, Jr. 683-1089 Mon-Sat 9Am-9PM Sunday 1PM -9PM 2520 Fayetteville St. Durham, N.C. 27707 WEAVER ' S CLEANERS AND LAGNDRAMAT 1212 Fayetteville Street Phone: 682-1566 Cleaners Open Mon — Sat 7:00 AM - 7:30 PM Laundramat Open 7 Days A Week 8:00 AM - 1 0:00 PM (Near rHCCU Campus) " SERVICE IS OUR MOTTO " THE NEIGHBORHOOD STORE William H. McLaughlin, Sr. 688-7245 1619 Fayetteville St. Durham, N.C. 27707 Mon — Sat 8 AM - 9 PM Sunday Closed EAGLE YEARBOOK STAFF Says Congratulations to The Class of 1981 Thanks to: Campus Echo, Ex-Gmbra S.G.A. SENIOR DIRECTORY AAAAAAAAA Marguerite M. Aldridge Rte I, Box 236 Dudley. N C 28333 (9191 735-4388 Anthon) W Aleiander 508 Tipperary CT Fayetteville. M.C 28301 (919)483 1326 Cheryl Allen General Delivery Weldon. N C 27890 Edith Allen 1608 Fayetteville Street Durham. HC 27707 Gregory E. Alston 1 300 E Holly Street Rocky Mount, DC 27801 (919)446-6742 Jonas M. Alston Rte 1 Box 40-6 Warrenton. N C 27589 Kenneth F. Alston 316 Farragut Street MW Washington. DC 20011 (2021 882 9286 Mervin L. Alston 1 02 Erie Street Durham. NC 27707 (919)688-5793 Patricia Alston 2214LyndhurslDr Raleigh, NC 27610 (919) 8327298 Sherry Alston Rte 2. Box 246 Noriina. N C 27563 (919) 4563292 Deborah Anthony 501 Durham Rd Stanley, NC 28164 (919) 263 2811 Olive Anthony Rte 2, Box 59 Rose Hill, fH C 28458 (919) 289 3746 Robin D. Armstrong 1 732 Bradford Street Gastonia, N C 28052 ■ 4] 86406145 Glen Arnett 420 Randolph Street, NW Washington, DC 20011 (202) 726 9296 Jewel Artls 4506KepplerPI Camp Springs. MD 20031 (302) 894 7250 Katrena Artis Rte 2, Box 12 Goldsboro, NC 27530 (919) 735-8890 Ruth Atkinson Rte 2. Box 12 LaGrange, NC 28551 1919) 5664442 BBBBBBBBBB Latmer Bailey 2018BrightwoodRd. Greensboro, NC 27705 (919) 3837392 1919) 527-6304 Stanley Ballard Rt 3. Box 82 C Ahoskie, NC 27910 (919) 3587541 Rosemarie Barlowe 335 Walston Street Tarboro. N.C 27886 (919)823-5872 Dianne Barnett 1407 W Walnut Ave Gastonia. NC 28052 (704)864-5512 Gregory Bamette 402 Benjamin Street Charlotte. N C 28203 (704) 375-0676 Sonya Bamett 906 South 4th Street Wilmington. M.C. 28401 (919) 7629875 PAMELA BARRETT PO Box 575 Pinehurst. NC 28374 (919) 295-6531 Linda Bass 41 7 E Franklin Street Lt 2 Ml Olive, NC 28365 (919)685-9600 Deborah Battle 31 7 Pennsylvania Ave Rocky Mount NC 27801 (919) 446-6917 Samuel Battle Rte I , Box 487 Battleboro. NC 27809 (919)688-9955 Steven Battle Rte 2, Box 230 Enfield. N C. 27823 (919) 445-5026 Kirsten Baynes l467PlumsteadRd Charlotte, NC 28216 (704) 3995335 Sheila Bazemoore PO Box 299 Windsor, N C. 27889 (919) 7942981 Cindy Beason 906VanNorden Street Washington, N.C 27983 (919) 946 3556 Deborah Bennett Rte I, Box 112 Mt. Pleasant, S C 29464 884 3266 Cornelia Boney Rte 2. Box 12 Rose Hill. N C 28458 (919) 289-2571 Dorothy Boone Rte 6. Box 234 Louisburg, N C (919)8532173 Gregory Boone 1241 Farragut PL NE Washington, DC 20017 (202) 269-0184 2508 Dakota Street Durham. M.C 27707 (919) 682 7936 Thomas Booth 321 Brooks Street Chapel Hill. M.C, 2751 ' (919)9682302 Annette Bowden 2203 Tuscaloosa Street Greensboro, NC 27401 (919) 274 5326 Andre Bowens 1024 Aususta Street Fayetteville, N C 28305 (919) 4855407 Mary Boyd Rte 2, Box 262 Littleton, M.C. 27850 (919) 5864144 Rte 5, Box 100 Me Mount, NC 27801 Oban, NC 27307 (919) 5623378 Anita Brake PO Box Durham. NC 27702 (919) 489 1412 Clevie Brandon Rt 1 , Box 1 1 Leasburg. NC 27289 (919) 599-6990 Gevonda Braswell 227 Union Street Rocky Mount. NC 27801 (919)977 1972 Carolyn Brooks Rte 2. Box 158 A Roxboro, N C 27573 (919) 599 1477 IJevcdv Hir.wn 38 18 Dunn St Durham. NC 27707 (919) 688 5952 Evelyn Brown Rte 3, Box 106 Windsor, NC 27983 (919) 7943502 Everlena Brown 7437 N 20th St Philadelphia, PA 19138 (212) 9272404 Joycryn Brown 309 N Rhyne Street Gastonia. N C 28052 (704) 864 4006 Robin Brown l300BndgepointRd Greensboro, NC 27405 (919)697 1990 Gretchen Bryant Brenda Bumpass Rte 3, Box 83 Roxboro. NC 27573 (919) 599-6316 Frenchie Bunch Rte I. Box 42 B Windsor. N C 27983 (919) 794 2772 Teresa Burke 3l55ShaftsburyLN Winston Salem, NC 27105 (919) 724-7700 Rte 9. Box 302 Burlington, NC 27215 (919)421 9168 Raefette Byers 631 School Street Mooresville, NC 28115 (919) 663-4639 ccccccccccc Ingrid Carlton P O Box 573 Farmville, N C 27828 (919) 7533517 Deborah A. Can Rt. 2, Box 112 Rose Hill. N.C 28458 (919) 289-2882 Hattie Camngton 371 2 Four Seasons Dr Durham. N.C 27707 Sandra Elaine Cason Rte 1. Box 125 Morven. NC 28119 (919) 851 9164 Sharkita Cates Rte 1, Box 149 E Hillsborough. NC 27278 (919) 732 3612 19191 6210685 Pamela Clark 204 Edward Street Durham. NC 27701 (919)6887483 Vanessa Clark Michellr I ynne Coaxum Rt 2. Box 1 50 Mt Pleasant. S C 29464 . ' . , HH.1 «n. ., Carolyn Cobbs Rt. 1.BOXI42A Blanch. N C 27006 (919) 234 8385 Lltltra Cockerham Rt 2. Box 29 Advance. NC 270O6 (919)998 4276 Dwan Coleman Rt 1. Box 22 Leasburg. NC 27291 (919) 599-2520 Wendy Coleman Rt I . Box 1 27 E Nathalie. Va 24577 (201) 349-6257 Kenneth Collins William David Collins III PO Box 18 Ridgeway, N C 27570 (919) 4563647 Tyrone Comegys 1 1 57 Sheridan Street Camden. NJ 08104 (609) 365-6260 Roseline Cookey 1 22 Dixie TR Raleigh. N C 27606 (919)8320686 Ivy Cooper Rt 1, Box 106 Como, N.C 27818 (919) 3983262 Alita Corbett Rt 3. Box 341 Burlington. NC 27215 (919) 2261511 Amette Cowan 1 304 W Horah Street Salisbury. NC 28144 (704)6339073 Angela Cox I 13 Rogers Dr Wilmington. N.C 28401 Jacqueline Cox 821 Fleming St Greenville. N.C 27360 (919) 472 136 Terry Cox 203 Brown Street Thomasville, N C 27360 Evelyn Hams Cross PO Box 32 1 Depot St Jackson. N C 27845 (919) 534 5311 1125BenningSt Durham. N C 27702 (91916886539 DDDDDDDDDD Aubra Daniels 20l7Matilene Ave Durham. N.C. 27707 (919) 5961517 Dennis Daniel Rte I. Box 62 Littleton. N.C 27850 (919) 586 3229 26 Madison Street New York, NY 10038 (212)962 1767 Jerry Davis 2948 Lawrence Drive Melbourne, FL 32901 (305) 727 1909 Bernard Dawson PO Box 61 Sharpsburg. N C 27878 (9191 446-6470 Shade Dawson 2 107 Charles St Durham. NC 27707 (919)4898438 Veverry DeBerry 1 409 South English St Greensboro. N C 27401 (919) 2737912 Emma Louise Deese R(e 1 , Box 1 560 Davidson. N C 28036 (7041 892 1753 Gaylain Degree 51 9 S Mulberry St. Chevyville. NC 28021 (9191 4353062 PO Box 224 Launnburg. N C 28352 (919) 2763345 Philathea Dixon Rte I. Box 75 A Magnolia. N C 28453 (704) 2892380 Lory Dockery Rt I . Box 1 7 Mt Gilead, N.C 27306 (704) 4396224 Teresa Donnell 251 9 Pear Street Greensboro, NC 27401 (919) 272 5849 Sharon M. Dowd Rte 2. Box 374 Robbins. N C 27325 (919)464 3462 Patricia Dunn 1 508 Oakwood Ave Raleigh. NC 27710 (919) 828-8553 EEEEEEEEEEE Douglas H. Eaves 2526 Pinestream Dr Charlotte, NC 28216 (704) 3946430 Helen P, Edge 528 Raleigh Rd Rocky Mount. NC 27801 (919) 4428917 Shirley Edwards 450Seymore Dr Goldsboro, NC (919) 7345722 Charles F. Ellis 610 Co-op Street Weldon. N.C. 27890 (919) 5364946 Prentiss D. Ervin Rte I, Box 480 High Point. N C 27260 (919)4542430 Gregory Evans 807 Wood row Street Wilson. NC 27893 (919) 291 7544 Marie Autry 405 Barclay Hill Dr Wilmington, N.C 28405 (919) 289-3791 Vivian Bond Rte 4, Box 179 -A Windsor. N.C. 27983 (919) 2897943998 Terry Brown l!3Carr Street Jonesville, NC. 28642 1919) 8352550 Deslree Cohen 1236 Irving Ave Eden. NC 27288 (919)6233989 Marion Davis 59 Twin Circle Butner, N.C 27509 (919) 575-6955 Carol Every 25WolcottTerr Neward, NJ. 07112 (609) 3724229 SENIOR DIRECTORY FFFFFFFFFF Rhonda J. Farmer 1 092 Essex PI Fayelteville. NC 28301 (919) 4887242 Robert L. Farrar 907 Sedgefield Street Durham, NC 27705 (919)2864528 Deborah Farrior Rte 1 , Box 340 Teachey. NC 28464 (704) 2854577 Ricky Fearrington 703 A Gemains Avenue Chapel Hill, NC 27514 (919) 967-8501 Bettie S. Fields Rte 2, Box 1 87 Conway. N.C 27830 (919) 585 1787 Blondolla E. Fields 706 E Washington Av Kinston. N.C. 28501 (919) 6270866 Susan Fields Star Rte Box 1 27 Gaston. N.C. 27832 (919) 537-9746 Lila M. Fikes P O Box 922 Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Marilyn E. FittS 525 West First Street Weldon. NC 27890 (919) 5363187 Anita L. Flintall 407 Hudson Street Greenville. NC 27834 (919) 758-3516 Mctrial A. Floyd 1 04 Powekk Street Fairmont. N.C 28340 (919)682-7453 Rosle Ford 405 Holly Street Fairmont. N.C. 28340 (919)6229176 Devon Forte Rt 4. Box 3780B Goldsboro. N C 27530 (919) 7364490 Joyce Foster Rt l.Box 155 Ruftln, N.C 27326 (919)6944496 Nancy Foster 1200 Southern Avenue Elizabeth, NC 27909 (919) 338-3063 Kennelh L. Foxjt PO Box 354 E. Spencer, NC 28039 Myra K. Frazier 71 7 Pine Street Beaufort, N.C. 28516 (919) 7284018 Mattie Fulmore Rt. 2, Box 285C St. Pauls. NC 28384 (919) 8654338 GGGGGGGGGG Stephanie L. Gaddy 1012 Nancy Lane Winston Salem. NC 27107 (919} 7884378 Annette Y. Gadsden 3308CanbrookDr. Fayetteville, ISC. 28301 (919)4885755 Ramon L. Garcia 805FarsoSt C Durham. NC 27702 (919)688-3098 Shelia Gardin 307 Church Street Gastonia, NC 28052 (704) 8249405 Charles K: Garrett 1 130W 11th Street Winston Salem. N C 27105 (919) 722 5235 Guvonia L Gatling 9 Brighton Terr. Irvington, NJ 27855 (919) 398-5069 Joanell Gatling 1 109 High Street Murfreesboro, N.C. 27855 (919) 3984727 Allyson P. Gattis 801 Drew Street Durham, N.C. 27701 (919)682 6201 Barbara J. Gaynor Rte l.Box 383 Aurora, N C 27806 (919) 322-4009 Mary E. Gibbs 247 Pearl Street Henderson, NC 27536 (919) 492-0208 Anita Gilmore 205 S Institute Street Salisbury, N C. 28144 (704) 6360866 George M. Gipson 3 169 4 1 st Street Vero Beach. FL 36069 (305) 562-6015 Sabrina D. Gtymph 1416 Harrison Ave. Winston Salem, N.C. 27105 (919) 722-0862 Veronica L. Goode 9 1 5 Omaha Street Greensboro, NC 27406 (919) 275-1204 Deborah K. Green P.O. Box 153 Beulaville, NC 28518 (704) 298-4284 Iris B. Green Rte 3, Box 144 Washington. N C 27889 (203) 946-6736 Dekota V. Grier 371 5 Manchester Dr. Charlotte, N.C. 28210 (704) 525-3786 James T. Griffin 1 306 Bilbro Street Greensboro. N C 27406 (919) 274-9017 Otis Gwynn Rte. I.Box417 Delham. N.C. 27311 (9191 694-4096 HHHHHHHHHH Kevin R. Hams 705 Barnngton Street Durham, NC. 27306 (919) 4764711 Coneva Hairston 508 Henry Street Eden. N.C. 27288 (919) 623-2896 Melba T. Hansen Box 1 0024 Charlotte Amali St Thomas, Us Deonmonthenia Hargrove Rt 5. Box 148 Henderson. N.C. 27536 (919) 4923736 Darryl L, Harris 2 Oak Street Rockaway, NJ 07866 ) 627 2454 Deborah D, Harris Rte 2.Boxl00A Mt Gilead. N.C 27306 (704)4395615 (919) 373 1620 Ronald Hatch 42l6GarrettRd Durham, N C. 27707 (919)489-3420 Barbara J. Hayes 362BellforkRd Jacksonville, NC 28540 Linda Hayes 281 1 Owen Durham, N.C. 27702 (919) 596-6958 Shirley D. Hayes 30506 Arlington St Durham. N.C. 27707 (919)688-5441 Paula E. Hender; 303 N. Court Stre Harrisburg, PA 1 ' (717)8437404 Ronnie Henry 608 Winfrey Street Clinton. NC 28328 (919) 592 3392 Patricia A. High Rt. Box 381 -J Roanoke, Rapids. Sandra Hill I 729 N 6th Street Philadelphia, PA 1995 (215) 477 2893 Brenda Holden Rt 4. Box 30 C Zebulon. N C (919) 269-8949 Cynthia Holloway 251 9 S Roxboro Durham, N C 27707 (919)493 1843 Vivian Hooks 1004 Karen Cir Spring Lake. N C (919) 497 0053 Alther Eidwell Hopkins 2 106 Duncan Street Durham. NC 27702 1608 Treeman Street Wilson, N.C. 27795 (919)237 2735 Pamela Humphrey James Isler 106HinesDr. Goldsboro, NC 27530 Sharon K. Isley 31 OS Melville St. Graham. N.C 27253 (919) 2274306 JJJJJJJJJJJ Phillip Jackson 1 36 Southern Plaza Dudley, N C 28333 (919) 734-3899 Kenneth Jefferson Rt. 4, Box 235 Goldsboro, N.C. 27530 (919) 778 7621 Bemice Jeffreys Rt 1. Box 89B Milton, N.C 27305 (919) 2347501 Essie Jeter 26 D Ridgeway Ave Durham, NC 27703 (919) 596-1535 Clyde Johnson 2259 1 5th St. NE Washington. DC 20011 (202) 832 1642 Dorothy Johnson 509 Sparella St Durham, N.C. 27703 (919) 5964031 Ester Johnson Rt 2, Box 281 DD Roxboro. N.C 27573 (919) 599-8472 Lillian Johnson 161 Brooks Rd Reidsville. N C 27320 (919) 3423415 Ronnie Johnson Rt l.Box I62W Clarkton. N.C 28433 1 5 Dauphine PI Durham. N.C. 27707 (919)682 1000 I ' l ' IV,. ' 4B deen. N.C. ' ■I ' . ' .HH. ' 1612 Ann St Wilmington, NC 28404 (9191 763-6780 Bertha Jones Rt 2, Box 292 C Littleton, NC 27850 (9191 586-5209 Constance Jones Rt I , Box 252 Camden, NC 27921 ( ) 3364327 Carol Jones 1428 Milton St Spnng Lake, NC 28390 ( ) 497-8063 Patricia Jones Rt 4. Box 378-X Goldsboro. N.C. 27530 (9)9) 7349496 Regina Jones Rt l.Box 189 Pittsboro, NC 27312 19191 967 1146 Robert Jones 620 Pamlico Durham. NC 27701 (919) 683-8601 Carolyn Jordan Rt l.Box 193 Pollocksvllle, NC. 28573 I ) 224 6831 Genie Jordan 2920 Driftwood Dr Durham. N C 27707 (919) 4899479 Sheba Jordan P O. Box 24 Seabord. NC 27876 ( ) 589 2786 Anthony Judd 36 1 4 Keystone PL " 9 Durham. NC 27704 (919)471 1442 Dwight Justice Rt. 7. Box 1 33 A Raleigh. N C 27609 (919) 847 1259 KKKKKKKKKKK Calvin Keams 415PilotSt F2 Durham, N C 27707 (919) 688 9467 Ervin Keaton. Jr. Ernestine Kennedy 87 1 7 Pence Rd Charlotte. NC 28215 (704) 597 7524 Gloria Knight Rt 2. Box 90 Battleboro, N C 27809 ( j 4464704 LLLLLLLLLLLLL Maria Lawnence PO Box 93 Maysville, NC 28555 ( ) 7434021 Patricia Leake 2309 Sanderford Rd. Raleigh. N.C, 27610 (919) 828-0435 Debbie Leathers 800 Price Ave Durham, NC 27701 (919) 682 1855 101 W Alston Ave. Durham, NC. 27707 (919) 6827730 (704) 4223107 Pamela Regina Lewis 1214BealeSL Albemarle, NC 28001 (704) 982-6002 Aaron Frazier 6847 Dock Davis Rd. demons. NC 27012 (919) 766-5339 Terry B. Gorham PO Box 71 Falkland, NC 288 (919) 758-5249 Audwin A. Helton 9525MisenheimerRd Charlotte. NC 28215 (704) 537-7687 Thaddeus Jamison 3043 Forrester SL Durham, NC 27704 (919)4776073 Sandra Jones Rt. 2, Box 70 Laurel Hill. N.C 28351 (919)2684518 SENIOR DIRECTORY Frank Lloyd 80] McNeil Rd Southern P.nes. N C 28387 1919)6928946 Beverry Moore Rt 1 . Bo» 393 Yanceyville, N C 27379 1919)694 6602 Vvonne Ernestine Morehead 813NewcombeRd Raleigh, NC 27610 1919)821 3199 1804)874 3928 Phillip Perry 53 F Cooper SI Durham, N C 27701 19191 596 7601 Gail Reynolds 3520 Mayfair Rd Durham, NC 2770] (919) 3324444 902 Corona St Durham NC 27707 (919)6885872 Keyen Lonesome I 725 S Alston Ave Durham. N C 27707 Katherine Long Rt I , Box 224 Gargsburg, NC 27831 5 ...;. ,.,m 3209 Green FieW Dr Rocky Mount, NC 27801 (919)4435322 GavLa Lucas PO Box 287 Rich Square, N C 27869 1 ) 5394266 Merle Luckey 307 Durham Rd Sharley, NC 28164 I ) 263-8(05 Earline Lyons 402 Rekote St Durham, NC 27707 (9(9)688-6244 Daniel Mallison III 607 North Market St Washington, NC 27889 191919464543 Shery! Denise Massey 603 Carr St Monroe NC 28110 17041 289 3865 Anna Mercer Rt 2 Bo. 508 C Wilson, NC 27893 (9(9) 2435223 Rt 7 Box 34 1 I Burlington NC 27215 (9(9)227 0943 Cynthia Miller Rt Box 92 B Pink Hill N C 28572 .: ■ ■ ' I ; James Mills I - ■ Littleton N C 27850 19191 5864753 Craig Moore Rt I, Box 248 Riegetwood N C 28456 (919)6554421 Kenneth Moore 407 Hamilton Dr Goldsboro, N C 27530 1919) 735-4BI4 Michele Moore 7 1 S Center St Ml Olive, N C 28365 (9191 658 5649 Mufk i Ti|uana Moore PO Box 3267 Statesville NC 28677 (704)873-6(40 Denetnce McArthur Lavnitha McConnell 5668 Bull Ran Rd Winston Salem, NC 27106 (919) 7673205 Edna Andrews McEachern Rt 1 , Box 1 07 Pittsboro. NC 27312 . .. -,.). i . Velvet McFarland 1 009 Morris Ave Bronx. NY 10456 (212)992 1320 Maxine McGee R! 2, Box 136 Scotland Neck h (919)826 5204 Angela Mclver 321 W Bay SI Warsaw, N C 28398 (919)2937621 Margaret McKayhon Gwendolyn McKee Dalphine McKoy Rt I, Box 63 Council. N C 28434 1 ■ ■ i . I ■ 5511 - ' -5 |, - rwjl I Durham, N C 27704 (919)477 7230 Muron D McM.llian 602 Bessemer St layetteville NC 28301 (9191488 4921 Lonetta McNeil PO Box 275 Laur.nburg N C 28352 1919) 276 0495 Wayne McNeill 1 1 N Magnolia Ave Dunn. N C 28334 19191 892 1947 Kaylois Morgan PO Box 134 Pollocksville. NC 28573 (919) 7435131 Majiine Moms Rl 3, Box 268 B Edenlon. N C 27932 (919)4823927 Loraine Moses Rt I, Box 488 Rich Square. NC. 27869 (919) 534 5276 (2(2) 427-8100 Ida Muldro Rt 6, Box 1 95 Elizabeth City. NC 27909 (919) 3383269 (70418578137 Phyllis Murphy ' I , ' -,[TI ' I,|.| l|. I If Durham. N C 27707 - i 4t) ' V.-r.l . NMMNMNNNNN Deborah Nance 1 20 1 Leigh Ave Charlotte. N C 28205 704) 334 1408 Brenda Meal 1 3 1 2 Nealtown Rd Greensboro, N C 27405 (919) 3755401 lilrfndo (Vnniir Nell 6048 Ford Rd Charlotte NC 28216 (704) 3749146 Victor Neal Rl I, Box 222 South Mill, NC 27976 (9)9) 771 5681 Sandra Newman 6 1 08 Dandy Coop Rd Favetteville. N C 28304 r,|y ■;•. ■ .; :■. Rt 6, Box 270 Chape! Hill, N.C 2751 ' (919)942-8300 oooooooooo Tony Oales Rt I. Box 18 Newton Grove. N.C 28366 (919) 594-0686 Kathy Oglesby 51 7 S Clay St Salisbury, NC 281 (704) 633 7227 Carlton Oneal 104 29214th Si Queens Village, N V (212) 740-4018 Anthony Brooks Culterbridge 600 Contentnea Si Greenville, NC 27834 1919) 7584942 Priscilla Overton ■ iri ' n lakdal st Sanford. N.C 27330 . h M ■.-.. ' .in; (704| 7884520 PPPPPPPPPPPPP Brenda Page 28 15 Arizona Terr NW Washington, DC 20016 (202) 9663480 Gregory Paige Rt 3, Box 60 Si Pauls, N C 28384 (919) 865 5946 Joy Parker Rt 2. Box 1 53 Garland, NC 28441 (919) 5644300 Ida Pallerson P O Box 1 32 Chadbourn. NC 28431 (919) 6544748 Mildred Patlerson 318 Harrington S! Lenoir. NC 28645 (704) 754 3519 Jacqueline Peace Rt 1, Box 253 ttittrell. NC 27544 (919) 6932019 Gregory Peak 7332 NW 2nd Ave Miami. FL 33142 (305) 7547076 Charlene Pennington 1816 Sherman Ave Durham, NC 27707 (919) 6820717 I Person Rt 2.Box201A Warrenton. NC 27589 (919) 2574808 Anna Peterson Lois Jean Pettiford PO Box 1543 Roxboro, NC 27573 (919) 5991596 Hosea Pickett Rl 1, Box 272 Maple Hill, N.C 28454 (919) 2594903 Clastine Poole Rt 1. Box 234 -A Cedar Grove, NC 27231 (919) 563 1809 Marcella Porch P O Box 5 Garysburg, NC 27831 (919) 536 3610 Rt 3. Box 5 Littleton, N C 27850 I ' -H ' l) ' .Mr.4-4. ' ' ■ (919)4273137 Edward Earl Purdie Carlton Pyant 306 New Castle Ave Lmcolnton, N C 28092 (919) 7319715 RRRRRRRRRRR Donna Rainbow 31 5 Sherrybrook Dr Raleigh. NC 27610 119 HH9931 Anlhony Rainey Rt 3, Box 2848 Littleton. NC 27850 (9(9) 586 3021 Antonio Raynor PO Box 14533 Raleigh, NC 27611 (919)8720848 Charles Richardson 500 McDonald Ave Charlotte, NC 28203 Daphine Richardson Rt 2, Box 238 A Franklinton. N C 27525 (919)494 5353 Sharon Richardson P O Box 523 Littleton. N C 27850 Stanley Richardson Rt I, Box 272 Wendell. N C 27591 (919) 365-5028 Deborah Ricks PO Box 144 Severn. NC 27877 (919) 585 1419 Linda Riggins PO Box 121 Bolton, NC 28423 (919) 452 3430 Gaiy ( ugene Robinsoi 1 !9DelchesterCt Durham. NC 27713 (9191 5443650 Michael Robinson Rt 2, Box 26 Goldsboro. NC 27530 (919) 7354749 Ruthie Rodgers Rt 2. Box 78 Creswell. N C 2792 8 (919) 7974253 Marvin Royster P O Box 53 Bullock, NC 27507 sssssssss Sherry Sadler 1014 Georgia St Kannapol.s, NC 28081 (7041 9339720 Carl Sanders 16l3Field Crest Rd Wilson. N C 27893 (919) 2374493 Keith Saunders ,: ' [).?, ' S,,|IM,|tiel.l ' I Gastonia, N C 28052 (704) 864O707 PO Box3134 Eden, NC 27288 (9(9(6233435 William Mills | . , t ■ •. NC 2761 (919) 946 5901 Tonya Moore 207 W Third St Plymouth. NC 27962 , ,i fjt .in Rowcna Ncwlon Eula Etta Perry Rt 2, Box 531 Wendell N. 27591 (919) 365 7379 Willie Reese Rl I. Box 249 Eword, N C 27806 (919) 3224468 1704) 725-3358 George Scurlock. Jr. Rt 1 . Box 1 8 Pittsboro, N.C 27312 (919) 5423773 Sharon Smith P.O. Box 794 Winterville, N.C. 28590 (919) 756-7284 SENIOR DIRECTORY Ruby Sykes P.O. Box 41 Princeton. N.C 27569 (919) 936-7101 Evelyn Watkins 716 17th St Newport Mews, Va. 23607 (804) 245-6722 Terri Williams 624 E. Viola St. Wilson, N.C. 27893 (919) 237 1381 Pamela Seabrook Katina Sessoms Rt. 5, Box 55 Rocky Mount, N.C. 27801 (919) 443-3998 Sharon Sessoms 406 New Jersey Ave. Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 (919) 335-7753 Rubetta Shackford 611 W Harper St. Snow Hill. N.C 28580 (919) 747-2182 Patricia Shaw 1835 Cheek Rd. 7-C Durham. N.C 27704 James Sherrad 207 17 St. Mark Apt. Rocky Mount. N.C. 27801 (919) 446-2463 Earline Simmons 2845LasalleSt. Charlotte. N.C 28216 Geretra Simpson 793 Ran cover Rd Gastonia. N.C 28502 (704)865-3529 Sandra Simpson Rt. 1 . Box 326 Roseboro, NC 28382 (919) 564-6161 Kim Slade 1806 Joyce St. Greensboro, N.C 27405 (919)621 3716 Deborah Smith Rt. 4. Box 1 38 Oxford, N.C 27565 (919) 693-8969 Grossie Smith P.O.Box 189 Winterville. N C 28590 (919) 756-6757 509 Reserroir St. Durham. N.C. 27703 (919) 596-4404 Melda Fran Smith 1716 Washington PK New Bern. N.C 28560 (919) 6305701 Pearlniece Smith 1301 PeeleSl Goldsboro, N.C 27530 (919) 735-8763 Catherine Sparrow 600FerellSt. Clinton, N C. 28328 (919) 592-8104 98 Wildwood Ave Montclam, NJ. 07043 ( ) 744-3074 Beverly Speight 305 Collins Dr Enfield, N C. 27823 1919) 445-5106 Henry Speller llOHillCrestDr Windson. N C. 27983 (919) 794 2394 Vickie Spencer Rt. 2, Box 253 Wilkesboro, N.C. 28697 (919)838-4824 Natalie Stallings Rt. 1, Box 327 Chinquapin, N.C 28521 (919) 285-3859 Robert Stevens 500 Orindo Dr. Durham. NC 27713 (919) 544-7523 Mary Stewart 822 W Mangum St. Durham, N.C 27701 (919) 6880144 Patsy Steward Rt. l.Box 121-A Milton. N.C 27305 (919) 234-8737 Sandra Stewart 3722 Field Crest Dr Charlotte, N C. 28211 (704} 523-5256 Zenoba Stewart P.O. Box 84 Semora, N.C 27343 ) 234 7547 Michelle Stokes 1710TaylorAve. Newport News. VA 23607 (804) 245-8404 Earnest Strickland 1306 BOIivia Lane Goidsboro, N.C (919)734-6165 Shelia Suggs 307 Hemlock St. Goldsboro, N.C 27530 (919) 581 772) Paulette Tabor llOHollinsDr. Salisbury. N.C. 281 ' (704) 636-2572 Milton Tabron Rte 2, Box 333 Zebulon, N.C. Andrea Talbott 1841 StanberryDr. Fayerteville. N.C 28301 (919) Charles Tate 922 Hanklin St. Thomasville. N.C 27360 (919)472-9465 Mary Tate Rte 4. Box 495 Clinton. N.C. 28328 (919) 592 3053 Roderick Tate 1008Bkrch Ave Durham. N.C 27701 (919)489-4553 Barbara Taylor 1310E.MainSt Durham, N C 27703 (919) 688-8608 Jacquelyn Taylor Rte 1 . Box 564 Rich Square. N.C 27869 (919) 539-2136 Marie Taylor Rte. 2. Box 229 ! Wallace. N.C 28466 (919) 2855733 Patricia Taylor 4202 Jefferies Rd Durham, NC 27704 (919) 688 1501 2314 Fayerteville St Durham. NC 27707 (919) 682 1413 Georgenia Thompson 201 Webster Rd Greenville, S.C 29607 (803) 2337080 Nathaniel Thompson 527 Cecil St Durham. N.C 27707 (919) 6626963 1 09 E. 6th St. Nashville, NC 27856 (919) 459-3740 151 2 Harper St Rocky Mount. NC 27801 (919) 446-3469 Marsha Tomlin 34 10 Alamance Dr Raleigh. N C 27609 (919) 781 3181 Sharon Tomlinson 18l9MalunePlace Raleigh, N.C. 27610 (919) 8344027 Tina Torain 251-CCIayRd. Roxboro, N.C 27573 ( 919) 5995947 Charles Transou P.O. Box 132 Rural Hall. N.C 27045 ( ) 969-9408 Mallory Tucker 213 Normandy St. Durham, N.C 27707 (919)682 7657 Eugenia Tynes 2321 NW. 152 St. Durham, N.C 33054 681 5390 CJUCJCIUUUCKKJ Rte 1 , Box 1 20 vwvwwwv Edna Vann Rte 3. Box 85 Ahoskie. N.C 27910 (919) 358-6171 wwwwwwwww Hattie Wagstaff 709 S Buchanan Blvd Durham, N.C 27707 (919) 683-8526 Debra Walker 408 Oak St Smithfield. N C 27577 (919) 934-5216 Lloyd Walker 1 29 Raleigh St Washington, DC 20032 (202) 562-3969 Patricia Wallace 3704 Holts Chapel Rd Greensboro, N.C 27409 (919) 272-5803 Hazel Watson 708 Clayton St. Dunn. NC 28334 (919) 892-7997 Gregory Wells 26 Morgan Ave Asheville. NC 2E (704) 254-9840 Petricee Wesley 1708 Pender St. Raleigh. N.C. (919) 832 1693 Joann West 2529 Dnj id Hills Dr Winston-Salem. N.C 27105 (919) 725-5884 71 9 Da vinci St. Durham. N.C. 27704 (919) 477-0889 Frakie White 1 000 N Duke St. Durham, N.C. 27701 (919) 688-0238 Tampora Whitfield 558 Mc Born St. Henderson. NC 27536 (919)492-7172 Deidra Whitted 2507E.Peachtree Goldsboro, N.C 27530 (919) 735-8692 Sandra Wiggins Rte l,Box63-B Wadesboro. N.C 28170 (704) 694-4948 Vicky Wiggins 1505SpnngbrookDr Rocky Mount. N.C. 27801 (919) 4427467 Resleyne Wilkinson 5700WhippoorwillSt Durham, N.C 27704 (919)477-3887 David Williams P.O Box 494 Elizabeth, N.C. 28337 (919) 645-4 768 Doris Kay Williams 209 Clement Ave Oxford, N.C. 27565 (919) 688 9878 Marilyn R. Williams 850 Isley St Fayerteville, N.C. 28305 (919) 485-6978 Vanessa Williams 3707ShoupCt Charlotte, N.C 28216 (704) 394-0064 Ynette Willis 3107RockfordRd Durham. NC 27713 (919) 596 1696 Delaney Wilson P.O Box 35. Rte 6 Mt. Olive, N C. 28365 (919) 658-4380 Terrence Wilson 1042 Harrison Ave Roselle. NJ, 07203 ( 1241-4624 Clara Winbome 620 Blount Windsor. N.C 27983 Pamela Winchester 4408 Knollcrest Dr Charlotte, N.C 28208 (704) 393 1057 Clenso Winston 1 1 8 Lynn Rd Durham, N.C. 27703 (919) 596-4025 Paulette Winston 21 I Maple St. Raleigh, N.C 27610 (919) 5964025 Dexter Wise Rte 1 , Box 353 Vanceboro. N,C 28586 (919) 244-0167 Vivian Wooten Star Rte Box 19 Maysville, NC 28555 (919) 7435021 Cynthia Worthington 1 320 River St. Murfreesboro. N.C 27855 (919) 398-4616 Wrenton Wright 123-AYesterOaks Greensboro. N.C 27408 (919) 288-8569 YYYYYYYYYYYYY Charles Lindberg Yuille PO Box 424 Clarksvilte, Va 23927 ) 374 2328 Richard Smith Rt 3. Box 236 A Mt Airy. N C 27030 (919) 351 3315 Steve Sutton 19 Durante PI Durham. N.C 27704 (919) 471-8341 1619 Fayerteville St Durham. N C. 27707 (919)682-2480 Cynthia Ward Rte 6, Box 63 Mt Olive, N.C 28365 (919) 6833795 Marilyn Y. Williams Rte 1 , Box 226 Whiteville. N.C 28472 (919)6484505 Sharon Smith Rt 1 , Box 1 2 1 A Milton, N.C 27343 (919) 2349457 Judy Swinton Rte 1 , Box 396 Mt Pleasant. S.C 29464 (803) 884-8930 Duff Tinnin 161 9 Fayerteville St Durham, N.C. 27707 (919) 682 2480 ( ) 422 3040 Shirley Williams Rte. 1 , Box 26 Garysburg. N.C 2783! (919) 5364720 EDITORIAL j v: .... .-:■::- V £. iwn ■ Fellow Eagles: What a year it has been! We saw new leaders take office on campus, as well as on the political scene. During these times, when we hit many emotional peaks and valleys, we should come together and unify to strengthen our self-perspective and esteem, so that our country and people may see these hard times come to pass. I ' d like to make acknowledgements to the following, for lending their efforts for the 1 980-8 1 Eagle to make its annual landing. For, without them the task would have been a lot more difficult. They were Max Ward Delmar representatives, Joe Decatur and Pam Ledbetter, Dr. James F. Blue, Mrs. Marion Covington, Mr. A. M. Rivera, Mr. Thurman Prescott, Mrs. Lou Barnes, Yearbook Staff, Campus Echo, Ex-Umbra, Student Govern- ment Association, and the entire student body and Administration. Phot ography credits go to Joe Decatur, of Max Ward Delmar, and staff Photographers, Roy Harris, Phyllis Steadman, Phillip Jackson, and Steven Baird. To all I say Thanks! Orlando C. Meal, Editor, 1980-81

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