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' The Academic Skills Center North Carolina Central University Hj -»r •mmmmmummtHT INTRODUCTION STUDENT LIFE . . SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES . . FRESHMAN WHO ' S WHO . . . SPORTS . ORGANIZATIONS . HOMECOMING FASHION SHOW MOCK FUNERAL PARADE .... QUEENS ADS SENIOR DIRECTORY (-. J-A a3Kr i■ " • T iM i ' I III! f iK _ if: ••-• jl H i!Mi HMIIgH TrSI! -:-3 11 ' ■■■1 kB? -E !!li!IrEr=±=S " ggs -nil •■I THE EAGLE 1979 ?) ,;f4 ' NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL UNIVERSITY i»;- - Fayetteville Street iiVNtfb . Durham, North Carolina ' TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE THE STRUGGLE COMPLETE . ■ " I ' TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE THE STRUGGLE COMPLETE " In searching for a theme for the 1979 Eagle which represents the end of an era. we decided on the Student Gouemment Assoctattons ' theme for bright new beginnings. ' Together We Can Make the Struggle Complete " This theme was composed and compnsed bi our astute student bod] president, Michael Howell. It IS a uen well timed theme, coming at a period when our school is up for reaccreditation. and the theme says practicallxj all that needs to be said about the attitude, we as the heart of this uniuersify must possess if our struggle is to become a successful one. Just what IS our struggle ' To remain a black university}. speaks Mike Howell, " this uniuersit has gone from 98% to 89% black in the last jear. " " And it will take this student bodi; coming together as a mass to maintain our identity. In order for this student bodij to come together at all we must first communicate We must pass the word to get involved. We must pass the word through our controversial newspaper, remembenng we are the ones who made this newspaper We must pass the word through the standards and guidelines set fay the leaders we elect Leaders who like President Howell, informally! delegate instead of formally dictating their authority. Leaders who staff consists of anyone who feels the need to be or anyone who wants to be a part of. We must pass the word by mouth Until we ' re loud enough to get the radio station we richly deserve, and so dearly need. We are entering a new era. and in our struggle, a crucial stage And if the time you spend, at the place you grow means anything, you will lend a hand It will take us all. however: ' Together We Can Make The Struggle Complete Neal Bailey-Harper A DEDICATION TO THE STUDENT BODY " Just for You " The 1979 Eagle has landed. And this time it is just for i ou. The word is out, the struggle is on. so the ;earbook staff decided to dedicate this ;earbook to the people it trul[; reflects on, ou the student bod ;. We dedicate it to [jour spirit, which at times hightens the emotional level to one of colorful estacy. And mellows the vibration to a refreshing comfort. We dedicate it to ijour determination, which somedax; will enable us to en; smiling at the top of the world. And keep smiling in the top of the world. And keep smiling in the bottom of our hearts. We dedicate it to ;our friendliness, which allows us to stretch out. no matter how far from home. And reach out in another ' s time of need. We dedicate the 1979 Eagle to the student bodi.) mijstique. which often times leaves us placid and inquisitive, though never wondering whij we come back for more. Neal Bailee;- Harper w e 1 L 1 1 THE EAGLE Co-Editor Pats[j Watts Co-Editor Bobb]j Andrews YEARBOOK f THE CAMPUS m s i i r ' II Zo-Editor Thomas Hooper Co-Editor Thaddeus B. Smith ECHO Co-Editors Thomas F. Hooper T. B ;ron Smith News Editor Lany D Reuelle Advertising Manager Sam Cooper Business Manager AudiMin (Sam) Donald Sports Editor J. K. Green. Ill Features Editor Thea Enfant Poetn and Prose Cynora Clark Chief Photographer Anthony Anderson Office Ronald Ramsey. Lynn Whitted Marilyn Williams Circulation Manager Sheryl Bullock Chief Typist Ruthell Howard JMiWV ' i-J ' ' ' i SOLITUDE SOLITUDE Silence . . . rain pattering against an opague window. Sweet sips of aged vintage melting slowly into the flavor of guda. Mellow jazz caressing the mind while reminiscing thoughts of frolic ful days of youth . . . as sweet as the wine and flavor-rich like guda. Silence, as precious as gold, as are these moments of solitude . . . alone. Thomas F. Hooper.IlI The purpose of Ex-Umbra is to promote student interest in the liberal arts, stimulate the student bod{j toward free, artful expression, enlighten and lend a more sophisticated atmosphere to the Uniuersity communit];. and to create a forum wherebi; student talent ma j be given recognition. Ex-Urnbra is latin for " Out of the shadows " . This name was chosen because the members of the organization feel that the creative students at NCCU are too much " in the shadows " , and they need to be brought out into the light where their fellow students, can recognize and enjo ; their work. Ex-Umbra expresses this idea. r- " ' S. Editor-in-Chief Gloria M. Tyson Co Editor Lany C. Brown Art Editor Allison M. Crooms Business Manager Delois Peace Director of Publicity ... Vernon Bo ;ton Co-Director of Publicitii . . Shelia Mitchell Poetrxj Editor Leslie Brown MEMBERS Loma Gethers Vanessa Collins Collette Palmer Shelia Bazemore Michelle Coaxum Beverly Splight Elaine McDowell Lucv Smith Philathea Dixon Faye Highsmith Pamela Hooker Maril ;n Williams Sherrie Euans Barbara McPhail The Ex-Umbra Staff Blackness in Perspective Editor-in-Chief Gloria T ;son TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE THE STRUGGLE COMPLETE S.GA. Business Manager Robert Brown STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION TAU BETA SIGMA ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY Alpha Phi Alpha Fratemify was originally a social study club at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, in the academic year 1905-1906. Through their Founder ' s patience, cooperation, unabating interest and loyalty to ideals came the consideration of a permanent organization on December 4, 1906. of the first Black American Collegiate Fraternity. Alpha ' s motto is " First of all. Service of all. We shall transcend all " . Alpha Phi Alpha takes pride in the making of men and of the nation through organized endeavors under its adopted and projected programs. • " ' ' v ' .,- ■ .■■ ■ i-- ' ' %- a " fC -■ilL_ . y Delta Sigma Theta Alpha Kappa Sororify Inc. is a sisterhood of college women both qraduate and undergraduate that ' seek to cultivate and encourage high scholastic and ethical standards, to promote unit; and friendship among college women, to studi and help alleviate problems concerning girls and [vomen. to maintain a progressive interest in college life, and to be a service to all mankind " . AKA was founded on the campus of Howard Universit]; in 1908 Washington, D. C. Their sororit) colors are apple green and salmon pink. ■ TAU GAMMA DELTA Tau Gamma Delta Sororify Inc. has a national theme which is Leadership, Involvement. Un fy. Tau Gamma Delta Sorority was founded in 1942, the purpose of the organization is to promote higher ideals and establish reputable standards for growth and hamiony of true sisterhood of business and professional women of the world, and to aid in the education of worthy students desiring business or professional training, and to further community and civic activities. ' -:k ! - TAU GAMMA DELTA COURT 1 9 4 2 P " " " mMMi HK gi E S " vf ' i l W V w J m r f ■ F ■f] ♦«( ■ n. . A TAU GAMMA DELTA Tau Gamma Delta Sororify Inc. has a national theme which is Leadership. Involvement, Uniti . Tau Gamma Delta Sororit}; was founded in 1942. the purpose of the organization is to promote higher ideals and establish reputable standards for growth and harmoni.! of true sisterhood of business and professional women of the world, and to aid in the education of worth j students desiring business or professional training, and to further communib; and civic activities. fe l n :M ' ' 1 ?= TAU GAMMA DELTA COURT ALPHA PHI OMEGA 3B m rMp ' A $ i SWING PHI SWING SOCIAL FELLOWSHIP INC 1 969 Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship Inc. was founded April 4. 1969 at Winston- Salem State Uniuersify. The organization ' s colors are white and black. Swing Phi Swing is a black oriented organization that promotes finer black womanhood, academic excellence and active school participation. The organization is strongly devoted to the future growth and development of the black community. GROOVE PHI GROOVE SOCIAL FELLOWSHIP INC. 3rooue Phi Groove Social Fellowship Inc. was ' ounded in the year 1962 at Morgan State College in Baltimore. Maryland. The young Tien that make up this organization strive to promote knowledge and involvement of one s -)wn cultural heritage. The main objective of 3roove Phi Groove Social Fellowship Inc. is to •tress the importance of academic achievement and unity among college men. A e believe that if these traits are instilled in the ninds of college men, that in the years to :ome he will be a very strong, intelligent and rustworthy individual. t •T , lyMywy ' Wj. , o 14! S s o S Sigma Gamma Rho seeks to " promote the general welfare of women with the emphasis on higher education, and to serve ]jouth in order to develop their highest potential for careers and purposeful living " . The organization was founded November 22. 1922. b] Manj L. A. Little. Their slogan is " Greater service. Greater progress " . Their organizational colors are Blue and Gold. I — 1 CO CO CD WINE PSI PHI Vf ' . • • " ■ i - i BETA PHI BURGUNDY ALPHA KAPPA MU PHI BETA LAMBDA OMEGA PSI PHIAHHH j j HB n mi j0- 1 r w B . w ' i ■; ' ' J 1 Fn fj K ■ ■:| Chancellor Albert N. 3 Whiting v 1 r Dr. James F. Blue Dr. Lipscomb Mr. Booker T. McM ' iUon Dr. Dallas Simmons Dr. Walter Pattillo Mr. John Lennon Ms. Marion Covington 5 . ' Ms. Mildred Trent W Ms. Ednah Blahck Mr. Charles Warren Dr. Roger Bn ant 4 r SSSSKgMWSiRr.-S : FRENCH DEPARTMENT ENGLISH DEPARTMENT JESSE BOWE - CHAIRMAN CRIMINAL JUSTICE POLITICAL SCIENCE Public Administration Chairman Mr. McKinney PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Ms. Pennie Perry Chief Librarian James E. Shepard Library Staff SCHOOL OF LIBRARY SCIENCE I Dr. Harry Groves Dean Of The Law School LAW SCHOOL INSTRUCTORS Dr. Annette L. Phinazee Dean Of School Of Library Science i. N Dr. Johnea Kelly Chairman of Nursing NURSING HEALTH EDUCATION PHYSICAL EDUCATION Dr. Duncan Education Chairman EDUCATION PLACEMENT CENTER STAFF MR. PEARSON STUDENT UNION BOOKSTORE MRS. EDNA HARRINGTON STUDENT UNION BOOKSTORE DORIS C. FITZGERALD h STUDENT UNION BOOKSTORE Dr. Dan Martin Head Of Counseling Center COUNSELING CENTER FINANCIAL t AID 1 as Dr. Fleming Business Administration Dr. Fullbright Mr. Montgomen - Economics Mr. Turner Business Administration Assistant Dean • « -,-,-, • mm Business Education Department Dr. M. Thorne Chairman Business Education Accounting Department Mr. Thompson -Accounting i»Wi(fc«Ialffti ■PSMJySsSt ■Qiita Mb TiWiarBljir DR. TOWNES CHAIRMAN OF THE BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT i BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT DR. KIM CHAIRMAN PHYSICS DEPARTMENT MATH DEPT. GEOGRAPHY SOCIOLOGY SOCIOLOGY m. r ' - J ■ JI •■ ' ' 1 V HT P ' 1 . ; ik ' II ' n : i Jtev Hp K 1R F| J( V m w mmH B HI I 1 y l.i M «k, -., «„ »,, «., Mr. Mar etie-P osoph ) Mr. C ac c-Ph 7osop iy ' :k A Dr. Reed Histon; Chairman HISTORY ACADEMIC SKILLS CENTER As the year comes to a close. I sit here thinking about how the jacu h;, administrators, and staff have joined hand in hand to make 1978-79 a memorable occasion for those who attended NCCU. Matj those who attended here under Dr. James E. Shepard through Dr. Albert N. Whitting never cease to forget the true meaning of our mascot . . . The Eagle. FOUNDERS DAY GUEST MAINTENANCE Ml s i V 60 H jr ' 4 1 • ♦ ; « J ■• « ■ ► " ■• ' EMPLOYEES OF W.G. PEARSON CAFETERIA fHHj m - ■« h Pj 1 It |J w i r m am j.. iBf " 0t , 1n, xB S9 ad ' -aF r 1 JR HP ' K 1 .4... P 4A«. K 4. ' _ Mir aE . ., ■ S g ||MM| iTIEn « £iH HK MajL 1 H I ■ .. 1 a j£l(r Dr. Howard Thurman As we leave NCCU let us strive for the betterment of our uniuersit] . ourselves, our fellowmen, and. most of all. the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr. f W Uni.Ui.rllt I FIRST DA( Of ISSUE t W. V...)lw.)rlli Co. Dr. Mdrlin Luther King. Jr. ii ' ij ' i-i ' lni|ii. f InxlMiii ,inil Crusddir ti.t Brollx rh.iuil ml llii I ifliilU Animirsiirv nf his hirlh ' " " " - ' ' ' • " " • " ■ " ■• " " ' -B- ' • " " ; ' in hix Inuk,, ), ( ,, ll,„r,,l 1 ,, ,, „. ., I,-,,,.. Il, l»tl iid l.illitiKii cm niti ' C rurr thr rfi ca nf fear. Only Inve ran do Itial. Il«lr|. i paralyiet litp. Invr rrlc lir II llolx.,1 .unfiKri lif... lovr hormoniff. Halrrd dmkcnt lifr. ami lovr illiiniii r Itithir Ktnit h We the members of the Faculty Administration Staff, along with the Eagle Yearbook Staff would like to thank all of the faculty;, administrators, and staff for their outstanding effort to promote the education of the students here at NCCU. And as the year ends, we shall look forward to the continuous help of the faculty, administrators, staff and students in building a better NCCU. May God bless you and may heaven smile upon you. fm If A DEPARTMENT SECRETARIES This is The Life Students of The • • J -v •. •. -» m ■ ■■■■ r ■■n| I III ' " A . tss ss ' ♦•M«c« j jj_ i (riilHiliil % 5- CAMPUS LIFE 79 ' What are these People doing?? ' ■ " S VH fc 5ti_ 1 VV ' - 1 1 ' -w i ' l P vJB 1 : jKi M Senior Class Officers 1. Michael Bohannon, president 2. Reginald Doby, vice-president 3. Wilhemina Ford, secretary 4. Wallace Bridges, treasurer 5. Loretta Manage, " Miss Senior " OLUBISI ADEBAYO Iwa Oya State Business Education BEVERLY DIANE ALLEN Durham. NC Fine Arts DIANETHA ALLEN Virgilina, VA Nursing DONNA K ALLEN Snow Hill. NC Business Education ELOMONTENAL C. ALLEN MICHAEL ALLEN STEVEN ALLEN ROBIN ALEXANDER Goldsboro. NC Elizabeth City, NC Snow Hill. NC Charlotte. NC Nursing Business Administration Business Administration Business Adminisfration DEBBIE D ALSTON GWENDOLYN M. ALSTON HELEN ALSTON Wanenton. NC Enfield. NC Raleigh. NC Business Education Business Administration Elementan Educatio BOBBY ANDREWS Rock i Mount Political Science RONNIE ARMSTRONG Hillsboro. NC Criminal Justice GLORIA DENESE ARRINGTON Whitakers. NC Business Administration VICTOR AUTRY Elizabethtown. NC Political Science GARLAND AVENT Pleasant Hill. NC Accounting PAMAYSCUE Henderson. NC Nursing CYNTHIA BALDWIN Chapel Hill. NC Biology VALERIE BANKS Shiloh. NC General Home Economics VELVETA BARBIE Durham. NC Health Education AUDREY F EARNER Aberdeen. NC Elementan Education JANICE F BARNES Wilson. NC Elementary Education EVA BARTLEY Rocky Mount Business Administration TAMERIA BASS Fayetteuille. NC isiness Administration THELMABASS CELESTINEBEATTY JACQUELINE BEATTY CYNTHIA BELINDA BENJAMIN Durham. NC Council. NC Tomahawk. NC Enfield. NC Elementary Education Business Administration Public Administration Sociology VIMILLER BEI JAMIN New Bern. NC Sociology CASSANDRA G BELL Faison. NC Elementan Education IRIS T. BELL Wendell. NC Music VALERIE A. BELL Baltimore. Maryland Business Administration 4AGGIED BELTON BRENDA BENSON PORTIA LENETTE BENTON CATHERINE DENISE BLACK Winston Salem. NC Lake Waccamaw. NC Peidsville. NC Kannapolis. NC Clothing and Textile Elementary Education Finance Business Administration RONALD EBU CK Raejord. NC Mathematics VIVIAN DENISE BLACK EUerbe. NC Ps cholog ; CAROL BLOSSOM Hope Mills. NC Business Administration DOROTHY BLOUNT Edenton. NC Business Administration PAMLIA LAVERNE BLUE Hillsborough. NC ntnistration FRANK BLYTHE Murfreesboro. NC Public Administration DEBRA BODDYE Enfield NC Elementary Education MICHAEL JULUSTUS BOHANNON Lexington. NC Political Science JOSEPHINE BORDEN Thomasinlle. NC Business Administration LISLIE BOWSER Plymouth. NC Health Education DENISE BOYD High Point. NC Elementanj Education JACQUELINE JEAN BOYD High Point. NC Mathematics CONSTANCE ANTIONETTE BRADFORD Wilmington, NC Home Economics Education VIVIAN BRAKE Durham. NC Home Economics STEPHANIE BRANCH Rocky Mounl, NC Biology JAN MARSHA BREWER Granite Quarry. NC Textiles and Clothing ARVIS D BRIDGES Durham. NC Elementary Education WALLACE M. BRIDGES Rocky Mount. NC Business Administration PATRICE BRODIE Oxford NC Elementary Education ANGELA BROWN Wilson. NC Chemistry ANGEM DENISE BROWN Burlington. NC Sociology NOEL BROWN Rocky Mount. NC Sociology ROBERT M BROWN Durham. NC Business Administration GREGORY BRYANT Clayton. NC Accounting m LORETTA BRYANT Magnolia. NC Home Economics Education THEA BERNADYNE BRYANT Goidsboro. NC Biohg[ LYNDELIA BURCH St Pauls. NC Criminal Justice SHERYL BULLOCK North Bavshore. NY Psychology MERLE O CARLTON Chapel Hill. NC Public Health EMMA CARRINGTON Durham. NC Accounting JACQUELINE JEANETTE CARROLL Norlina. NC Community Health Education ANTOINETTE CARTER Washington. DC Home Econ MYRA NEASTA GATES Hope Mills. NC Public Administration CHERYLL CHANCE Parmele. NC Psychology SHELIA CASSANDRA CAVINESS Etizabethtown. NC Public Administration SENETRA CHAMBERS Charlotte. NC Business Administration WILLIAM T CHARLESTON JR Durham. NC Political Science CYNTHIA D. CLARK Winston Salem, NC Business Administration PAMELA CLARK New Bern. NC Health Education GWENDOLYN CUFTON Louisburg. NC English ANTHONY CLINTON Durham. NC Recreation Education VICKY ANTTA COBLE Randleman. NC Elementary Education YULEON CANNADY Raleigh. NC Elementary Education ALVIN COOPER Ports. VA History NORVELL COOPER Falkland. NC Business Administration VERTINA COOPER Bayboro. NC Home Economics Educatio KEITH BERNARD CORBETT Burlington. NC Business Administration DORISA.CORDELL Spring Hope. NC Elementary Education CARLOS CORNIFFE Wilmington. NC Business Administration SHEILA D. CORPENING Granite Quany. NC Business Administration ANNETTE COUNCIL Chapel Hill.NC Accounting MICHELLE CRAIG Wendell. NC Eng ish DARRYLE CRAWFORD Goldsboro. NC Accounting MELVIN CRAWLEY Spnng Hope. NC Business Administration PAMELA CREWE NE Washing, DC Political Science FRED CREWS Durham. NC Recreation JOHN CROMARTIE Council. NC Management Science ALLISON M CROOMS Newark. NJ Business Administration CATHY A CULBRETH Roseboro. NC Special Education HOWARD CULHOUN Maxton. NC Criminal Justice =sl pr ' ' ! r I (H 1 Li RITA CUNNINGHAM St. Paul. Minnesota Nursing HERBERT DANIEL Littleton, NC Math CURTIS DAVIS Brunswick. NC Political Science JAMES F DAVIS Durham. NC Economics LORA DAVIS East Spencer, NC Elementanj Education LYDIA DAVIS HartsviUe. SC Elementary Education SHIRA DAVIS Charlotte. NC Business Education BERNICE DAYE Ttmberlake. NC Music Education ERVINDEBERRY Hamlet. NC Visual Communication MARY A DEBERRY Launnburg. NC Nursing CYNTHIA LOLERiA DEMPSEY Elm G(y. NC Therapeutic Recreation JUDY FONTAINE DEWBERRY Charlotte. NC Public Administration JEANETTE DICKENS Halifax. NC Elementary Education REGINALD DOBY Winston Salem. NC Art-Visual Communications SHARON DOCKERY Mount Gilead. NC Elementary Education MAUDE ELIZABETH DODD Reidsville. NC Elementary Education AUDWYN M DONALD Charlotte. NC Business Administration FELITA R DONNELL Greensboro. NC Public Administration DARRELL L DOWDY High Point. NC Criminaljustice SHELIA MARIE DRAYTON Raleigh. NC Business Administration DANIELLE DUBOSE DELORNADULA DENITAA DUPREE RONDA LAVETTE EDMONDS Greensboro. NC Lenoir. NC Drakes Branch. VA Petersburg. VA Elementary Education OR Biology Elementary Education Business Education CASANDRA EDWARDS Snow Hill. NC Elementary Education LAFATETTE EDWARDS Snow Hill. NC Business Administration VEREA VONCIA EDWARDS Durham. NC Psvchohgij VANESSA D EM ELLER Durham. NC Business Acim nistraUon 1 1 1 1 1 4. 1 ANTHONY D. ELLIOTT Dunn. NC Business Administration DANITA ELLIOT Smithfield. NC Sociology; DEXTTER ELLIOTT Fuqua j Varina, NC Cnnvnal Justice SHELIAH ELLIOTT Roxboro. NC Business Administration PAT EVANS Rocky Mount, NC Political Science SHEENA EVANS Wilmington, NC Ps ;cholog ' LORRAINE EVERETT Rockingham. NC Business Education CYNTHIA SHERON EPPS Soul City. NC Business Education CAMILLIA ESTES Oxford. NC Elementary Education CAROLYN EZELL Durham. NC CriminalJustice DEBORAH FARMER Rockv Mount. NC Elementary Education WILLIS FARRINGTON Chapel H:ll. NC Sociolog) DANALD FEREBEE Edenton. NC Accounting WANDA FERRELL Zebulon. NC Nursing RONENELL LIDEA FIELDS Kinston. NC Nursing MICKEY FISHER Pollocksuille. NC Business Administration VANESSA FLOWERS Goldsboro. NC Home Economics DORIS FORD Durham. NC ninistration WILHEMINA E. FORD Snow Hill. NC Business Administration BETTY FOSTER Statesuille. NC Spanish DEBERAL FOSTER Yancevuilh. NC Business Education MARGARET V FOSTER Raleigh. NC Business Education LINDA FOWLER Southern Pines. NC Criminal Justice VALERIE FOX Newark. NJ Business Administration JOHNL FOYE Favetteuille. NC Therapeutic Recreation BERNICE FREDERICK Enfield. NC Accounting CLVDE W FULLER Mebane. NC Biology MARVA PAMELA GABRIEL Enfield. NC Business Administration RANDY GALBREATH CATHRYN MYRA GARNER BARBARA GARNETT WALTER L. GARRISON Red Springs. NC Gaston. NC Washington, EK: Atlanta. GA Visual Communications Ps )chologv Sociology Business Administration GARY ROBERT GAY Philadelphia. PA Histoiy Pre ' law CLOTHILDA WHITAKER-GEORGE Enfield. NC Psf cholog VALERIE P GILMORE Southern Pines. NC Elementaiy Education DEBORAH GLENN Durham. NC English JOHNNY F. GLOVER MATTHEW R. GOODMAN AIAN CHARLES GORE JOSIEDM GORE Slier Citv.NC Greensboro. NC Fair Bluff. NC Salisbury. NC Accounting Criminaljustice Business Administration Psi chology DEBORAH GRAHAM JIMMY GRAHAM LINDA GRAHAM REGINALD A. GRAh Nashiiille. NC Pink Hill. NC Kinston. NC Washington. DC Home Economics Public Administration Public Administration Accounting CHARLTON C GRANT Salisbury. NC Criminaljustice BRENDA GRAY Kinston, NC Chminaljustice JACQUELINE GRAY Bolton. NC Business Administration JOYGRAY Kinston. NC Business Administration BETTYE RENEE GREEN Favetteville. NC Fashion Design SHIRLEY GREEN Ellerbe. NC Business Administration GWENDOLYN HACKNEY Youngsuille. NC Nursing CELINA HALL Belmont. NC General Home Economics VIORNETTEHALL Scotland Neck. NC Biologv DONALD HAM LaGrange, NC Business Administratio STEPHANIE HARDEN York, SC Home Economics Education HYACINTH EDOLIA HARDING Pleasant Hill. NC Accounting MARYHARRELL Durham. NC Accounting DEBRA HARRIS Sta tesville. NC Earl ; Childhood Education DENISE HARRIS Statesuille. NC Therapeutic Recreation JACQUELINE D. HARRIS Raleigh. NC Nursing LONETTE HARRIS Durham. NC Nursing WILLIAM H HARRIS JR Philadelphia. PA Accounting AmnONYD HARRISON Greensboro. NC Business Administration OVETTA LORRAINE HARRISON Nashuille. NC Elementam Education MARCIA HART Kinston. NC Business Administration SHIRLEY HART Rockv Mount. NC Business Administration PRIMOS E HATCH Kinston. NC Accounting JOYCE HAWKINS Halifax. NC English CHARLOTTE HAWLEY Rougemont. NC Business Education DEBORAH R HEATH Charlotte. NC Accounting MARVIN L HEDGEPETH HoUister. NC Accounting BONITA HENDERSON Dudley. NC Nur inq RUBYN HENDERSON Kittrell. NC Sociology BARRY O ' NEIL HERRING Clinton. NC Accounting CYNTHIA HESTER Durha: . NC Business Administration ELEANOR HICKMOND Carthage. NC Business Administration CHRISTINE HICKS Murfreesboro. NC Nursing LEROYHIGGINS Fayetteville. NC Business Administration SHARON RUTH HILDERBRAND Foyetteuille. NC s Administration MARGARET JEAN HILLIARD Louisburg. NC Business Education DERYL HINTON Durham, NC Business Administration HILDA HOLDING Creedmoor. NC Public Administration JAMES HOLMAN Burlington. NC Financial Management AmOiNE HOLMES McGuire Air Force Base. NJ Ps cholog} HENRYHOLLOWAY Durham, NC Biology VERONICA HOLLOWAY Goldsboro. NC Art Education CHERYL HOOD Greensboro. NC Business Administration VERA DENISE HOOKS Spring Lake. NC Business Education THOMAS F HOOPER. Ill DWIGHT D HOOVER WILLIE MAE HORNE CYNTHIA HOUGE Favetteville. NC Winston Salem. NC Durham. NC Morehead NC CriminalJustice Political Science Elementary Education Sociology DEBORAH S HOUSTON Durham. NC Business F-ducation ANNETTE REGINA HOWARD Winston-Saleni, NC Business Education VICTOR R HOWARD Durham. NC Accounting LARRY HOWELL Tarboro. NC s Administration MICHAEL HOWELL Goldsboro. NC Chemistry EVA V HUDSON Durham. NC Biology s KAREN U VELLE HUFF Williamston. NC Elementary Education KAREN HUNTER Raleigh. NC Elementaix ' FducaUon MAMIE D HUNTER Lincolnton, NC Business Education SABRINA HYMAN Tarboro. NC Business Administration SHIRLEY HYMON Warrenton.NC Home Economics LINDA HYTOWER Burlington. NC Elementary Education vp ' wi CARRIE INGRAM Ansonuille. NC MICHAEL A. JACKSON Lumberton. NC Accounting PAULA D. JACKSON Philadelphia. PA Business Administration DEBORAH ANN JAMES Ahoskie. NC Special Education BARRY M JOHNSON Durhan}. NC Music Education BONNIE JOHNSON Burlington. NC Accounting DENVIA B JOHNSON Englewood. NJ Ps jchotog i DORIS E. JOHNSON Louisburg, NC Business Education JOYCE MARIE JOHNSON Bahama, NC Elementary Education LEE ROY JOHNSON Wilson. NC Business Administration RODNEYJOHNSON Englehard. NC Accounting ALVINJONES Rockingham. NC Visual Communications CONSTANCE M. JONES Fa iettemlle. NC Health Education COURTNEY D JONES Durham. NC Ps cholog]j DELMAR JONES Raletgh. NC Recreation Education JOANNE JONES Wintewille. NC Elementary Education LYDIA JOYCE JONES Pinehurst. NC Business Education MARIAN BLANCHE O JONES Burlington. NC Business Administration WARNYENE JONES Lumberton. NC Home Economics BALLARD E.JORDAN Norlina. NC Criminal Justice JOYCE POOLEJORDAN Durham. NC Art Education SHEILIA JEAN JOYNER La Grange. NC Business Administration CALVIN B KEARNEY Favetteuille. NC Criminal Justice REGINALD KEARNEY Franklinton. NC Political Science MARVA KEARNS Aberdeen. NC Drama Education ANITA M KEITH Durham. NC Business Administration CLARA KENNEDY Charlotte. NC Psychology JAMES C KING Kinston. NC Business Administration I " 1 1 ,M 1 1 4 1 WANDA BRIDGES KNIGHT Reidsville. NC An Education JERRY L LANIER Snow Hill. NC Biohgiyi AVIS ANITA LATHAM Robersonuille. NC Economics BELINDA LEE Durham. NC Business Administration HARRIET E LEE Philadelphia. PA Elementajy Education JOSAA LEWIS Goldsboro, NC Biologn BARBARA LIPSCOMB Roxboro, NC Home Economics SUZANNE LISATH New York. N ' Public Administration ALYZE P LITTLE Durham. NC Business Administration HENRY LITTLE. JR. Washington. NC Ph jsical Therapy Education JANET LITTLE Charlotte. NC Accounting NAOMI JEAN LITTLE Raeford. NC Nursing REGINALD LITTLE Winston Salem. NC Accounting WAYNE L LOFTON Wilmington. NC Public Administration MARY E.LOGAN Sheibi . NC Nursing AVON D. LYNCH Spring Hope. NC Public Administration EVOND. LYNCH Spring Hope. NC Home Economics BRENDA LYONS Favetteville. NC Bro ogv ROSEMARY McCABLE Havelock. NC Political Science DENISEO McCLEOD Durham. NC Biolog PORVA McCULLERS Durham. NC Criminaljustice RICHIE McCULLOUGH Charlotte. NC Business Administration HATTIE McDOUGALD Favetteville. NC Business Administration ELAINE JANET McDOWELL Morganton. NC English KAREN J McDowell Durham. NC Elementanj Education OVETA B MclNTOSH Durham. NC Bioiog] MALINDA G McKELLER Durham. NC Health Education ANDREA F. McKlBBlNS Durham. NC Health Education LAJOANMcKINLEY Lumberton. NC Business Education TERRY L Mcknight Bridgeport. Conn. Business Administration EARL CARLO McKOV Council. NC Accounting TANYA D.McKOY Iwington. NJ Criminaljustice ANLTA F. McLaughlin Pelham. NC Elementary Education SHIRLEY McU UCHLIN Favetteuille. NC Business Administration JAMES c. McLean Laurinburg. NC Business Administration GWENDOL YN McMANUS Hamlet. NC Sociologii TIMOTHY ' CLINTON McMlLLLW Sanford. NC Psychology NADINEMcNAIR Lumberton. NC Physical Education ANTHONY McNEIL Philadelphia. PA Accounting 4 H . % i H AUDREY McPHAlL Clinton. NC Home Economics CATHERINE McWILLlAMS Enfield. NC Elementary Education LORETTA MANAGO Charlotte. NC English WANDA INELL MARSH Durham. NC Art Education CURTIS MARTIN Hauelock. NC Business Administration EMOGENEA. MATTHEWS Washington. DC Health Education ETHEL JEANNETTE MATTHEWS Dunn. NC Home Economics VICKY MEDLEY High Point. NC Nursing TEREDO M MELSON JEFFERY MERCER JOSEPH MERCER RONALD MILLER Baltimore. Manjland Rockv Mount. NC Rocky Mount. NC High Point. NC Accounting English Business Administration Psychology VALERIE MILLER Durham. NC Business Administration EDNA MARIE MILLS Enfield. NC Biologic SADIE CAROL MINTZ Hickory. NC Pst cholog ; JOCELY MITCHELL South Boston, Virginia Art Education JUDITH FRACIS MITCHELL Mrginra Beach. VA Music Education TERRI LYNN MICHELL Charlotte. NC Elementary Education EVANGELINE MODICA Robinsonville. NC Biology HILDA J MONTGOMERY Durham. NC Nursing CLYDE MOORE III Durham. NC Biology VICKIE E. MOORE Greensboro. NC Health Education WANDA MOORE Trenton. NC Clothing Textile CATHY MORGAN Oak City. NC Nursing CARMENTO D. MORINGS Ahoskie . NC Elementary Education SELINA MUMFORD Elizabeth Citv. NC Sociology ANTHONY A. MURPHY Greensboro. NC History RICKY C MURPHY Marianna. PA Marketing DONNA E MURRAY New Hill. NC Business Administration DANNY MURRELL Pollocksville. NC Biology DEBORAH NELSON Rocky Mount. NC Psychology CYNTHIA A NEELY Philadelphia. PA Psychology KEITH NESBIT Statesuille. NC Recreation Therapy JACQUELINE NORMAN Creswetl. NC Education. K 3 LAJUAN DENISE NORMAN Winston-Salem. NC Business Administration JOANNORRIS Durham. NC Business Education AUCIA OBEE Wilmington. NC Elementary Education WALTER N ODOM Gatesuille. NC Biology PHILIP OGUGUA Nigeria Accounting SERENA PARKER Oxford. NC Elementary Education ELMNE PATTERSON PEGGY PATTERSON GRETA PEAY VERNESE DIANNE PEERMAN Saint Pauls. NC Durham. NC Charlotte. NC Chapel Hill. NC Sociology Home Economics Education Education English JOYCE PEGUESE DALE PELSEY JOYCELYN PERKINS LINDA FAYE PERKINS Norfolk. VA Favetteuille, NC Gastonia. NC Elizabethtown. NC Math Elementary Education Business Administration Business Education JO ANNE PERRY Oxfords. NC Elementary Education K-3 RODERICK N PETTIFORD Durham. NC Accounting SANDRA PETTIFORD Roxboro. NC Business Education JAMES PIERCE Wallace. NC Chemistry THERESA PITTMAN Infield. NC Accounting REBECCA POPE Como. NC Business Education JERRY L POTEAT Leasburg. NC Chemistry JACQUELINE R. POTTER Durham. NC Psycholog); BEVERLY C POWELL Rocky Mount. NC Biology MYRON E PRIDGEN Goldsboro. NC Psychology RANDY A. PRINGLE Charleston. NC Recreation Education ROBERT PURVIS SCARLETT DEVIENE RAEFORD Sanford. NC Biologi; VALERIE RAEFORD Favetteuille. NC Bio ogy CAVELL G RAMSEY East Orange. NJ Business Administration RUDY REAVES Colon. NC Secondary Education ETHEL REESE Kinston. NC Nursing FELITAMARNEE ' REID Kannapolis. NC Therapeutic Recreaton JOSEPH WREID JR. Nut ey. NJ Political Science MELINDA REID Nutlev. NJ Political Science TERRI MICHELE REID Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Business Education LOUIS RICHARDS Nelson. VA Public Administration JERRI ANNE RICHE Goldsboro. NC Special Education KAREN ALICIA RICHS Tarboro. NC Elementary Education DEBORAH DEAN ROBERTS Spindale. NC English KAREN ROBERTS Weldon. NC Drama DEBORAH A ROBINSON Hamlet. NC Accounting MICHAEL ROBINSON Whiteuille. NC Political Science VALDA RAMSEY ROBINSON Cleveland. NC Home Economics WILLIAM FRED ROBINSON Boding. NC Political Science JANETT ROLLINS Sanlord. NC Business Administration CATHY ROSE Dijrham NC Business Administration TAMMERA ROSEBORO Charlotte. NC Psijchology ANDRE ROSS Southern Pines. NC Phi sical Education BEVERLY LYNN SADDLER Kannapolis. NC Art Education CYNTHIA JEANNE SANDERS Raleigh. NC Accounting PHYLLIS SANDERS Enfield. NC Nursing EDWARD KELLY SANDFORD Oxford. NC Sociotog j MILTON SATTERWHITE Virgilina. VA Art Education AMELIA SAUNDERS Oriental. NC Home Economics Education JAMES ANN SAUNDERS Movocfc. NC Special Education DEBORAH ANN SCOTT Mocksuille. NC Sociology GAIL MACK SCOTT Nashuille. NC Elementary Education THEOTIS SELLERS Winston-Salem. NC Etementan, ' Education ALISA SESSOMS Grantsboro. NC Home Economics STANLEY SETTLE Knoxuiite. Tenn. Business Administration TYRONE SHACKLEFORD Snow Hill. NC Chemistry IDA P. SHIPMAN Whitevitle. NC Ps cholog i LYNNSHOUSE Winston-Salem. NC CriminalJustice CELESTINE SILVER MapelHill.NC Nursing CYNTHIA SIMPSON Roseboro. NC Business Administration LARRY DARNELL SIMPSON Reidsuille. NC Business Administration RONNIE SIMPSON Norfolk.VA Accounting RAYSLADE Williamston. NC Recreation Administration JEANETTE SLOAN Wilmington, NC Business Administration KIMBERLEY SLOAN Statesuille. NC Elementary Education CARRIE LAVERNE SMITH New Hill NC Business Administration CHRISTOPHER D SMITH Raleigh. NC C iemJstry MELBA L SMITH Oriental NC Physical Education RANDY SMITH CriminalJustice SHELIAL BELLAMY SMITH THADDEUS BYRON SMITH MICHAEL R SNIPES VANESSA SOARES Micro. NC Burlington. NC Bridgeport. Conn. Elementary Education Political Science Accounting Business Administration VERTELLA SOLOMON Enfield. NC Business Administration JOHN SOUTHERN Moxton. NC Biology BRENDA SPEARS Hatlsboro. NC Business Administration KATHY SPRINGFIELD Durham. NC Elementary Education ERICSTANBACK Kannapolis. NC Clothing and Textiles CALVIN STANTON High Point. NC Business Administration CONCETTA STEED Brooklvn. NY Business Administration ORESTES D. STEED Henderson. NC Elementary Education GWENDOLYN STEVENS Durham. NC Physical Education EVONNE D. STEWART Charlotte. NC Art Education HERBERT STIGER Washington. DC Visual Communication DONALD STREETER Durham. NC Business Administration JANICE STRICKLAND Mount Airy. NC Physical Education THERESA G STRICKUWD Rocky Mount. NC Elementary Education HERBERT SUBER Charlotte NC Physical Education PERCY LEE SWIGT Goldsboro, NC ARLENE YVETTE TATUM CASSANDRA TAYLOR MARYD. TAYLOR CYNTHIA TAYLOR Roseboro. NC Halifax. NC Bethel. NC Wilmington. NC Business Administration Public Administration Health Education Elementary Education MARYD. TAYLOR Bethel. NC Health Education JO ANN TEEL PAMELA TEEL KENNETH THAXTON Beaufort. NC Burlington. NC Durham. NC Home Economics Education Community Health Education Public Administration HELEN B THOMAS BRENDA B THOMPSON SHARON THOMASON RENTTA OLIVIA THOMPKINS Roxboro. NC Durham. NC Castonia. NC Winston-Salem. NC Sociolog Nursing Business Administration Accounting BEVERLY ANN THOMPSON TERESA A. THORNE LYNETTE THROCKMORTON COLETTE THURSTON Lumberton. NC Rockv Mount. NC Durham. NC Key West, Florida CriminalJustice Accounting Business Administration Elementary Education BRENDA TORAIN Hillsboro. NC CnminalJustice DOLLEYB. TORAIN Rougemont. NC Nursing JOYCE TURNER Durham. NC Sociolog BRENDA UWAYE TYSON Roch Mount. NC Elementaiy Education GLORIA M. TYSON Pater on. NJ Business Admmistration JOHANNAH TYSON Durham. NC B o ogy JOANVANN Ahoskie. NC Business Education JUNE WALDON VANN Favetteville. NC Ear y Childhood Education DAVID VEREEN JOYCE VINSON ROSE DENISE WADE DEBORAH R WADDELL Greensboro. NC Woodland. NC Redsprings. NC Charlotte. NC CnminalJustice Business Education Business Adminisfra(ion Art Education ANITA LaVERNE WALKER Asheuille. NC Biology AVA WALKER Edenton. NC Political Science LAWERENCE WALLS Launnburg. NC Biology GARY WALLACE Everetts. NC Commercial Art ys» -9% GMLYA U WALLER Durham. NC Home EcoT omics VERA WALTHOUR Durham. NC ? Education SAMUEL KAY WATKINS Zebulon. NC Accounting WILMA ELAINE WATKINS Raleigh. NC Biology YMA WAUGH Durham. NC Business Administration TILDA DENORA WHITAKER Enfield. NC Home Economics ALPHONSA WHITE JacksonuiUe. NC Cnminal Justice ANASTASIA WHITE Williamston. NC Elementary Education CHERYL D WHITE Lynchburg, VA Business Administration REGINA WHITE Queens. NY Eiementary Education IRNRA WILDER Durham. NC Nursing DIANNA L WILEY Suitland. MD Business Administration CLEA WILLIAMSON Clavton. NC Accounting ALBERT WILLIAMS Washington. DC Business Administration ALEXANDER WILLIAMS Ox ord, NC Music ANGELIA WILLIAMS Favetteville, NC Socio ogy DEXTER L WILLIAMS Tarboro. NC Business Administration JOYCE ANN WILLIAMS Louisburg, NC Elementary Education GREGORY JEROD WILLIAMS Jacksonuille, NC Elementary Education GWENDOLYN WILLIAMS Washington. DC Elementan; Education RANDY WILLIAMS Chapel Hill. NC Visual Communication SHARON WILLy MS Elizabeth Citv. NC Elementaiy Education SHARON S. WILLIAMS Greenuilte, NC Business Administration WILLIE LEVI WILLIAMS Walstonburg. NC s Administration ANDREW WILSON. JR Goldsboro. NC Business Administration CLENDON B.WILSON Reidsuille. NC Accounting DEANA WILSON Henton Groue. NC Nursing KENNETH WILSON Greensboro. NC Psijcholog} SHELIA WILSON Washington. DC Nursing SHELRON VERONICA WILSON Lexington. NC Business Administration VALERIA WINSTON Raleigh. NC Music JAMES E.WOMBLE Durham. NC Business Administration CHERIE WOODS Aberdeen. NC business Administration DEBORAH A. WOODSON Greensboro, NC Music ANTHONYL WOOTEN Wake Forest. NC Political Science BARBARA TERESA WRIGHT Newport News. VA Public Administrahon FAYE YARBORO Faiiettemlle. NC Business Administration JAMES YARBOROUGH Louisburg, NC Business Administration EARL YOUNG Asburg Park. NJ Economics PATRICIA ANN YOUNG Kings Mountain. NC s Education JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS 78-79 Aldemian. Donald Alston. Kenneth Alston. Meluin Armstrong. Ellis Artis. Jewel Ash ey, Linda Barrino. Gwendolt n Bell. Tan[ja Bennett. ?icky Benton, Sandra Best. L[ nwood Bethea. K Bhcknnon. Gloria B ay oc c. Cheryl Boddie. Cecil Boone. Clinton Bostick. Deanza Brandon, Michael Braswell. Greg Brewer. Schwester ' 1 1 1 Broadnax. Pamela Brooks. Dorothy; Brown. Euerlena Brown. Leslie Brown. M ;ra Brown. Wilbur E Bryant. Michael Caldwell. Thomas Campbell. Cheryl Cassidy, C{;nthia Casterlow. Bernard Clark. Debra Connall j. W. Cooper. Samuel Comiffee. Gloria Craft. Sheri Crockett. Gloria Daughter} . Angela Davis. Gwen Degree. Marie ■ Dent, Melette Diggs. Jannelle Doivne]j, Rachel Dupree. Bemice Earle. Janice Edwards. Tim Euans. Chhstophe Evel] . Jameelah Enuin. Craig Faison. Shirmaine Fearhngton. Rick i Franks. Jane French. S. Foster. Renee Fuller. Lorraine Catling. Michael Gibson. Edward Gilbert. Bonita Grafton. Thomas Gra ;. Johnice ,vr v 1 Gray. William Green. Caniela Green. Jaty es K. Griffin. D. Gwijn. Denise Hammond. Darlene Harrell. Dusty Hawkins. William HaKjLvood. Jora Hemingway. Gwenda Hicks. Robyn Hp . Claudia Holmes. Valgenia Hopkins. Manl jn Howard, Ruthell Hunter. Gwendol jn Jackson. Alicia Jackson. Anthony Jacobs. Robert Jefferson. Ph llis ■ Jefferson. Eric Jenkins. A Jenkins. Donald Jenkins. Joann Johnson. Gloria Johnson. Joe Kee. Carol in Ke[ es, Diana Lawrence. Ph jllis Leake. Patncia Lee. Bruce Leno r. Rosalind Ligons. Johnn ; Lipscomb. Majohe Lowe. Ph lhs Lupton. Ka( iy McCo];. Hildra McDougald. Jerleen McGee. Donna Mann. Teresa Martin. Vanessa Massey. Jerina Mathis. Diane Melchor. John M ddleton. Jenel! Moore. M ron Moore. Rosalind Morgan. Brenda Morgan. Linda Murdock. Michael Murphy. D Murphi . Shirleij Murrell. Aaron Nelson. Ron Odom. Kevin Parker. Dwo ;ne Parker. Emma Parks. Gregonj Peebles. Cath j Peen, Ton[ a m PhiHips. DeQuilh Price. Pats ; Pugh. Kenn i Purdie. Edward Reueile. Larry D. Reynolds. Gail Rtchardson, Daphir Ritche j. Dauid Robinson. WiUiam Rogers. Jackie Rothwell. Shenlla Russell. Velinda Sauls. Silas Scott. Kenneth Scott. Yvonne Sexton. John Shelton. Lamj Simmons. Teresa Shan. Darrell Shan. Dennis Smith. Cheryl Sneiling. Marion Vaughan. Jenice Vaughan. Vickie Vinson, Elaine Wnson. Ron Waddell. Vemon Walden. Neibra Walker. Crawford Walle . Patncia Walton. Cheryl Warren. Ange ine Washmgton. Marsha Watkins. nge ica Watts. Patsy Webb. Peggy Webb. Reynold White. Minnie Whittington. Cythia Williams. Louie Williams. Nelson Williams, Peggy Williamson. Jeanna Wilson. Annette Wright. T W} lly, Gregory FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS 78-79 m Adams. Kathyre Aidndge. Janice Alexander. Anthony Allen. Edith Allen. Aron Alston. Gregory Alston. Janet Alston. Milo Anthon] . Deborah Archie. Karen Ametf. Glen Artis. Shereria Ashworth. Lawanda Atkinson. Carol jn Autry. Dale Bakee. Innn Baldwin. Ada Ballard. Stanley Barlow. Rose Barnes. Dodson Barnes. Terence Bamett. Diana Barr. Laveme Battle. Debbie Battle. Sam Battle. Steven Ba jns. Kirsten Bazemore, Bemita Benjamin. Loretta Bennette. Don Bernard. Cf thia Benyman. Caroll Blanks. Beverii; Blount. Erma Boatwright. Jud } Soger. Grace Bond. Viuian Bonman. C nthia Boone. Gregory; Bowman. Sabrina Bowden. Annette Bowens. Andre Boy d. Jannie Bo d. Mary Bridges. Eartha Broadie. Wanda Brooks. Renee Brock. Wanda Brooks. Yuette Bryant, Gretchen Bryant. Teresa Bullock. Thomas Bumpass. Brenda Bumette. Son ja Bumette. Gail Burke. Teresa 140 m !0 f Bume ;. Pandora Bumette. Gail Bush. David Burton. Dianna Butler. Robin Bunvell. Freddie Burroughs. Ra Byers. Raefette Brown. Eueli n Brown. Fee Brown. Robin Brown. Teny Brown. Jackie Brooks. Carol n Carornartie. Tammie Carr. Deborah Cates. Sharkita Chappeli. Joyce yn Chauis. Garccias Chauis, Reco Clark. Jackie Clark. Vanessa Cobbs. Carohn Cockerham. Letitial Cole. Claude Cole. Harriette Collins. William Coleman. Dewain Comegy. Ti ron Cooper. Andre Cooper, l ' v Corbett. Alita Cordova. Sharon Cony. Daniel Crowder. Donna Crow. Michelle Coffee. Lonnie Cunningham. TE Cunningham. Kenneth Curry. Luther Daniel. Dennis Douthit. Al Davilo. Antonio Davis. Jerry Davis. Marion Dauis, Vincent Degree. Ga lin Deese. Emma DeVone. Wilhelmenias Diggs. Paula Dixon. Philathea Doc cery. Lon Doole] . Diana Dunn. Pat Eaves, Douglas Edwards, Anthon] EHerby. Jantce Ellis, Charles Epps. Lucille Evans. James Eoans. Marvin Evans. Tory Evans. Wend Everette. Haniet Everette. Michael Farmer. Rhonda Farhsh. Gloria Feggins. Teny Fields. Bettie Fields. Blondelle Fields. Ton Fitts. Maril n Foster. Jacqueline Foster. Joan Forbes. Bonita Forbes. Cheryl Foxx. Kenni Frazier. Aaron Frank. William Freese. Tara Fuller. Alonza Gadsden. Annette Gaddy;. Stephanie Gand ;. James Gardin. Shetia Gamer, Keith Catling. Guvonia Gethers. Loma Gibbs. Man Giles. Mana Cilmore. Anita Giler. Rosa n Gipson. Marvette Golden, Grace Gorham. Teny Gl ;mph. Sabrina Graham. Eric Green. Debra Green. Jaquehne Green. Tamm} Green. Sheila Grier, Dekota Griffin. James Crenshaii), Freda Gwyne. Otis Haile . M ron Hair. Sonsa Hairston. Conova Hall. Jerry Hall. Tim Hargrove. Deon Harper. Christy I B J, Harper. David Harrell. Denice Harris, Bryan Hams. Danyl Harris. Sandra Haskins. Jimmy Hayes. Belinda Hayes. Barbara Helton. Audwin Hector. Ellen Henry. R Henderson. Paula Henderson. Torriicel Hicks. Cean High. Patricia Hilen. Swanna Hill. James Hill. Linda Hill. Sandra Hilliard. Gwendolyn Hilton, Harriet Holioman. Sandra Holloway. Thomas Hood, Mariel Hooks. Vivian Hope. Benita Hooper. Roberta Home. Ronnie HoKon. Christine Howell. Cheryl Hughs. Allison Hunter. Karen Jamison. Rod Jackson, Anthony Jefferson. Bemice Jefferson. Kenneth Jefferys. B. Jenkins. Joann Jones. Aretha Jones. Audwin Jones. Constance Jones. Judith Jones. Robert Jones. Robin Jordan. Carolyn Jordan. Frieda Jordan. Shelba Johnson, Annie Johnson. Lillian Johnson. Sheila Johnson. Michael Joyner. Mike Johnson. Cedroc Joyner. Mike Joyner. Theresa Kearney. Delbera Keaton. Ewtn Kel![;. Juanita Kendall. Derrick Kennedif!. Ernestine Knight, Gloria Lash. Shari Lewis. Pamela Li y. Mane Linster. Tamm Little. Medora Lomax. Kim Lonesome. Kevin Long. A Long. Katherine Lucke[;. Merle Mallory. Ph jllis Mangum. Sheila Mason. Cynlhja Mason. Dudley Mason. Jacqueline Mason. Pamela Marra ;. Kathn;n Massenburg. Vincent Masse];. Shirle ; Maxwell. William Medlin. Mildred Mercer. Anna Merce. Don Middleton. Judsenia Miles. Soma Miller. Bett ; Miller. C nthis Mills. Beuerl ; Moore. Juestine Moore. Munce Moore. Maxine Moore. Kenneth Moore. Teresa Moore. Toni a Morehead, Angela Morehead. Yuonne Morgan. Kai ois Morgan. Wanda Moses. Loraine Muldrow. Ida Muldrow. Joe Murray . Ame McArthur. Demetries McConnell. Lomithal McCullough. Carol};n McDowell. Edrie Mcintosh. Anthony Mcintosh. Deniece Mcluer. Angela M elver, Donald McKav, Rixine 144 PfigJ c , f f n m m ;% r HiLSe,iVi n c © i- ' t McKee. Gwendol jn McKenzie. Muny McKo ;. Delphine McLean, Debra McLean. Derrick McL[;more. Phy iss McMiUian. Denine McMsHian. Janine McNeil. Loretta McNeill. Nora McNeill. Marshall Nance. Deborah Neal. Brenda Neal. Letitia Neal. Orlando Neall j. Rickv Neal. Victor Neptune. Reginal Neiobemy, Michael Newsome. Anita Newsonie. Barbara Newton. Rowena Odom. Lorenzo O ' Neal. Carlton Owens. Teresa Overton. Priscilla Page. Thomas Palmer. Lucy Parker, Joy Parmon. Elaine Patterson. Jeanette Patterson. Mildred Peace. Jacqueline Peak. Alda Pennington. Charlene Porch. Marcella Person. Gerard Peny. Eula Pickett. Hoseo Pittmen. Linda Price. Joanna Poteat. Cynthia Pounds. Linnette Poivell. Lanie Price. Gerald Proctor. Jessie Pruitte. Frederick Pniitte. Marsha Priinty. Tonya Quick. Beryl Rainbow. Donna Rainey. Tony Ralford. Scottie Ramsey. Ronald Raynor. Antoine Reese, Willie 145 Ridley. Donald Roberts. Donald Redmond. Sharon Robinson. C jnana Robinson. Johnny; Robinson. JoAnn Robinson. Lon Robinson. Tambler Richardson. Sharon Ri ey, Dauid Riggins. Linda Riuens. Walter Rovuter. Marvin Ruffin. Anne Ruthedge. Bany Saddler. Sherry Sanders. Carl Sausage. Cheryl Saunders. Keith Sawder. C jnthia Scales. Melissa Scott. Audre[; Scott. Anthony Scott. Dennis Scurlock. George Seabrook. Pam Sessoms. Datrina Sessoms. Sharon Semper. George Shackleford. Rubettc Shelf. Claig Sherrod. James Siler. Greg Simmons. Earlene Simmons. Patncia Ton ;a Siverton. Judi; Slade. Ktm Smith. Deborah Smith. £ue yn Smith, Melda Smitty. Natalie Smtth. Richard Smith. Steue Sparro. Hilbum Spaulding. Joe Speller. Henn Spencer. Vickie Stallings. Natalie Stansbeny. Harry Steele. Kimberl] Steele. Robert Stewart. Mary Stewart. Sandra Stewart. Zebonia Stokes. Machele f tftf, Strickland. Ernest Stroman. Lehta Swann. Angela Swann. Willette Sweat. J. Sy ces. Rub Tate. Charles Tate. Delphine Taylor, Barbara Ta{jlor. Marie Teny. Mattie Tetterton. Ci nthia Thompson. Arlene Tollison. Pathna Tomlin. Marsha Toraine. Tina Transon. Charles Townes. Denise Townsend. Alicia Thomas. Jamine Thompson. Janice Thome. Gerldine Wade. Miriam Walden. Cynthia Wall. Fannie Wall, James Wallace. Patricia Waller. Carolyn Walker. Debra Walker. Lloyd Ward. Cynthia Washingotn. Cathy Watkins. Evelyn Watson. Hazel Watson. Stephanie Watts. Ora Webber. Tian Wells. Anne West. JoAnne White. Cheryl Whiteside. Jeff Whitaker. Kenneth Whitley. Donald Whitted. Deidra Wiggins. Jennifer Wiggins. Vicky Wilson. Alfred Williams. Denise Williams. Doris Williams. Drucella Williams. Geneva Williams. David Williams. Donald Williams. Eric Williams, Gregg Williams. Larry Williams. Marilyn J Williams. Man yn Williams. Mary Williams. Shirlev Williams. Terri Williamson. Myra Winchester, Pamela Winbome. Clara Winston, Angela Winston. Paulette Wngh!. Wren Younginer, Debbie a,;i T jm ' -j ' fl ' JIf ' n lift VIST ' " ' ' ' " " ' ' ® - ' " ' l - ' - " ' ' ' ' ' || ' ' » ' Wi ■ k k jlJh iffiy " - ' FRESHMEN Abraham. Preston Adams. A Mark Adderiij. Donald Addison. Eureatha Adkins. Deidre Agneuj. Deborah Alexander. James Alexander. Prentice Alexander. Samuel Allen. S Alston. James Alston. Sharon Anderson. Rebbeca Autry. Michael Bailey;. John Bailey. M Bannerman. Kimberle); Barefieki. Anne Barnes. Edwin Barnes. Margaret Barnes. Sandra Bass. Wanda Benson. Cheryl Beatt . Olenda Bell. Audrey Bennett. Lola Bennett. Sharon Berry. Danyl Best. Dubbisette Bethea. Katie Bethea. Steve Bezzell. Gewendaleyne Black, Kevin Blunt. R Bostic. Jamiss Boyd. Pamela Boykin. Deborah Bradley. Denise Bradsher. Mary Branch. Maggie ©f -£ FRESHMEN Braswell. Gerald Brown. Curtis Brown. Gu i Brown. Joseph Brown. Lislie Brown. Michea! Brown. Quenton Brown. Valarie Brown. V Bryant. Rodger Bullock. Ernestine Bullock. Sxjlim Bumette. Natalie Burton. Bett} e Caldwell. Gary Caldwell. John Carlisle. Dennis Carman. Elaine Carroll. Ka e Carver. Bonnie Carter. Gail Cutis. Ronald Chamblee. Linda Chapman. Anthon[j Chapman. Marsha Chesle . Joyce Clayton. Donnell Coleman. Debra Connally. Emestean Cooke. Claudette Cooper. Kathy Corbett. Dewight Cordell. Brenda Council. Deborah Gotten. P Curry. G. Davis. Kem Dawson. Ina Day. Faye Delbera. Kearney FRESHMEN Dixon, Natalie Dixon. Ke y Dove. Debbie Dudley). Vincent Dumas. Bett Duncan. Deborah Eddleman. William Edmendsen. Jennifei Eldez. Ashlev Ellerbee. Marshall Elliot. Ronnie Epps. P Esters. Diana Everett. T Flentall. T] rone Forbes. Beverly; Frederick. Deborah Frazier, Pandora Frederick. Shelia Freeman. Dorthea Fnnk. Alfonza Gabriel. Mark Gainey. Alo jsius Gamble. Marie Ga[j. Jud Geary. Michelle Gentry, Kath ; George. Phy (s Gibson. Michael Gibson. Sonja Glover. Edris Golden. Debra Goodwin. Debra Gore. Alton Graham. Caroli n Graham. Lue Graham. Lynn Haire. Jacqueline Hairston. Pamela Hall. Glordia FRESHMEN Hall Penetha Hamilton. Barry Hamilton. Kenneth Hamlet. Gregory Handy. Yuette Hardy, Patricia Hargroues. Antbon j Hargrove. Ralph Harris. Cl arence Harris. Dua ne Harris. Georgette Hamson. Mary Hawkins. Peggy Hayes. D. Henle i. Sharon Hill. Leslie Hill, Macio Hi . Marcia Holiins. Norman HoUowa ' y. Denise Holmes. Cecil Holmes. Sybil Hooks. Albert Hooper. Kathy Hudgins. L. Hunt. Isaac Hunt. James Hunter. Donna Hylton. D Jefferson. David Jenkins. Vehna Johnson. Amy Johnson. Joyce Johnson. John Johnson. Kerry Jones. James Jones. J Jones. Lawrence Jones. Marion Jones, Natalie Jones, Shir ey Jordan. Judy King. Anthon King. Chervil King. Michael Kirldand. Maurice Kizer. Felicia Kearney. Tony Reaues, M. Kersey, Deborah Knight. Glona Domega] . Euett Keen. G Lace j. Mark Lacke[;. S Lungford. Karen Lash. P Leake. Dennise Kennedy. Barbara Miller. Rita Ledbetter. Paulette Lee. Donna Kee. Franklin Leonard. Karen Lewis. Kevin Little, Tyrone Lockhart. James Love. Lorrie Looe. Toney Luther. Stare Mann. JoAnn Marbury. William Martin. Curtis Massey. Curtis Massey. Gregory Medlin. Tony Meluin. Ronald Middletore. Denis Michell. Helen 154 £. S Mw f 9 Moore. Gloria Moore. Lesia Moore. M ra Moore. Nina Morehead. Vicky Moton. Johr) Zina. Murraf Murrell. Tma Nance. Ellen Neal. Francine Nelson. Lisa Neifby, Francina Newlin. Miranda McAdams. Bobby McBnjde. L McCoy. George McCawley. William McClahn. Jacky McCullers. Sam McGee. Ellis McKinney. Adnane McKinney. Sheny McKinsIry. Christopher McLauhn. Naomi McLaurin, Kevin McLean. John McLean. Michael McNeill. Ronnie McPhatter. Paul Oates. Terry Outlaw. Jennifer Owens, Teresa Palmer. Colette Palmer. John Parker. Elizabeth Parker, Margie Parker, Pamela Small. Robert Parker. Warren Parrish. Celeste 155 H FRESHMEN Patterson. Vanessa Pennington. Natalie Perry. Donald Perry, Mattie Peterkin. V. Pettiford. IVendy Pickett. Angela Pinckne} . Mike Pfttman. Gwendolijn Portee. Joyce Peter. Timothy Potter. Michail Powell, Anita Powell. Melinda Price. Sherone Purvis. Tom Raeford. Lisa Rhodes. Samm[j Richardson. Eric Richardson. Micheie R ggins. Sadie Roberts. Janet Robert. M Robinson Robinson. Stephaine Rogers. Helena Rowe. Sylvia Ruffin. Chery Sammons, Jennifer Sanders, Brenda Sanders. T. Selb ). Wanda Sellars. Eric Sessoms. D Seward. Ida Simmons. Karen Simpson. Man Simpson. Rosa Sims. D. Singleton, Michael Skinner, Lisa 156 FRESHMEN Sledge. G. Small. Debbie Smith. Andre Smith. A. Smith. Charmaine Smith. Corliss Smith. C. Smith. Cynthia Smith. C Smith. Jackie Smith. Regi nald Soloman. S. Stallings. Veronio Stanfield Steele, Terry Stephens. Sarah Steuens. Karen Sturdiuant. Leonard Sivanson. A- Tate. Teresa Ta ;lor. Viuian Ta jlor. V. Thomas. U Thomas. John Thompson. B. Thompson. M Tillerv. M. Tillar. Debra Tille j. L. Torain. Annette Totton. Vickie Townsend. Mike Tucker. Kimbeerly T son. B. Vincent. Curtis Vasson. Kevin Walker. Cynthia Wallace. J Wallace. Kimberley Ward. Y 157 Webb. Avon Weeks. Corsle West. Veima Whitaker. Stanley; Whitfield. T. Wicker. Myra WiHiams. Audrey; Williams. Caluin Williams. Terry Williams. Mary Williams. Robert Williams. Sfron Williams. Teny Williams. Terry Willis. Oregon Willis. Wanda Wilsor). W. Wingate. Stephei Winston. Gloria Winston. Sta Wnght. Anitra Wooden. I Woods. Linda Wormack. Shelia Wnght. Rose Yance[.j. Keith Yarboro. Mark Young. Brenda Young. Mildred Younger. Mono 1P tJ FRESHMEN ON THE MOVE Bum I Q □ E E D □ □ □ □ □ □ □ ISI EJ E3 HI a C3 ] a D ODD?-, p D " ° ' a R a The Alfonso Elder Student Union of North Carolina Central University in recognition of the invaluable services ren- dered by Mrs. Marion Daniels Clark pauses to resolve the following: WHEREAS, she served as an efficient secretary to the director for the duration of ten years, WHEREAS, the superior quality of her services furthered the social, cultural and educational goals of the student union. WHEREAS, her resourcefulness and dedication aided the facility in its endeavor to be of service to North Carolina Central University and the Durham Community as well. NOW. THEREFORE. BE IT RESOLVED: That the director, staff program board, advisory board and students of the Alfonso Elder Student Union. North Carolina Central University, bow in humble submission and gratitude to God. for having allowed our lives to be touched and enhanced by one whose life and memory remains as inspiration to us. We also share our most sincere sympathy with the family and many friends of our beloved colleague, Mrs. Marion Daniels Clark. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That a copy of this resolution be sent to the family and become a part of the perma- nent records of the Alfonso Elder Student Union. North Carolina Central University. Respectfully submitted. Thurman Prescott. Jr.. Director Alfonso Elder Student Union North Carolina Central University A Political Science major from Roch Mount. N C , Bobbij Andrews has participated actively ' n numerous college and communify activities During his career at N C C U he has been a member of the Student Gouemment Congress, Political Science Club. Steering Committee. Chidley Hall Dormitory Counsel. Vice President of Junior Class and Buddha Club This year he served as Editor of the Eagle Yearbook and Secretary; of Peer Counselors In the com munity Bobb jf worked along with the Durham election. City wood cutting project. Sickle Cell Drive and numerous food drive projects He s also a member of Omega Psi Ph Frater- nity. Inc He was selected to Who ' s Who Honomble Mention his Junior year. Bobby is a Dean ' s List student and was a delegate to the National NOBUCS- Convention Tameria R Bass is from Fayetteuille. NC. majoring in Business Administration concentrating in Informations Systems Computer Programming Following graduation she will be a computer programmer A member of Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society. 1978-1979. member of National Dean ' s List, 1978-1979, President of Alpha Phi Omega Jewel Club. 1977 1978. Sewice Chairman m Alpha Phi Omega Jewel Club. 1978-1979 She participated m numerous sewice pro jects such as working with YWCA and the playground of Trinity Baptist Church. 1977-1978 She helped m Volunteer Bureau Recruitment Day Michael J Bohannon is a Political Science and Cnminal Justice major from Lexington. NC Mike has been actively in volved in the Student Government Association and com- munity sewice while at NCCU Mike sewed as Freshman Class and Senior Class President, a member of the Presi- dents Council. Political Science Club. Undergraduate Com- mencement. Cafeteria and Homecoming Committees. Chair- person of the Senior Eagle Dedication. Chnstmas, Thanksgiv- ing. Easter and Senior Commencement Committees. Pamlia Blue is a native of Hillsborough. NC and a 1975 graduate of Orange High School While here at NCCU, she has been a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority holding (he office of co-Dean of pledgees, a member of Marching Band, Student Gouemment Association. Alpha Phi Omega Jewels and Kappa Kappa Psi Sweethearts Pam is majonng in Business Administration and concentrating in Data Process ina Pam olans to Dursue a career in Manaaement Garland R Avent. an Accounting Major, is from Pleasant Hill, N C and a graduate of Gumberry High School He holds nbership in Phi Beta Lambda and National Student Business League Gar and oiso held the offices of President and Vice President of the National Association of Black Ac , and Secretary for the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Inc His future plans are to get a job in Accounting and later returning to graduate school. Stephanie Branch is a native of Rocky Mount. North Carolina She is a Biology major who is the president of Beta Kappa Chi- Scientific Honor Society and Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Socieb - Her other campus activities include mem bership m the Student Gouemment Association. Pre Professional Health Society, Student Resident Assistant, Alpha Angel Club and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Inc Stephanie was awarded a four year scholarship from North Carolina Central University ' s Alumni Association. Luretio Baani of Magolio. ! C is a Home Economics Education Ma}or with an option in Clothing and Textiles Bom under the sign Leo. Loretta ' s hobbies includes cooking, sewing, reading interest nouels. traveling and meeting new people A member of Gamma Sigma Sigma National Sewice Soranfy. Loretta has sewed as Sgt of Arms and is at present Miss Gamma Sigma Sigma 1978 1979. a member of the Alpha Phi Omega Jewel Club, where she has held positions of Sewice Chairman, and Fund Raising Chairman a member of AHEA. SNEA. and held the title of Miss Trefoil of Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity 1975-76 Upon graduation, she plans to pursue her education in Fashion Design Rhonda Edmonds Fehta R Donnell is a native of Greensboro. NC and is a Public Administration ma;or Dunng Felita ' s tenure at North Carolina Central Uniuersit her affiliations include Eagleson Hall House Council Student Gouemment Association, luan Dixon Plotters and The Public Administration Club. She also sewed as a Student Resident Assistant Senetra Chambers is a nafiue of Charlotte. North Carolina. Her major is Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing Seneta ' s campus activities include Latham Hall House Council. Marketing Club. Phi Beta Lambda. Alpha Phi Omega Jewel Club and she has sewed as treasurer of the Program Board and Chairman of the Committee She has held the title of Miss Alpha Phi Omega and Miss Latham Hall Sheliah Annette £ fiotI is a Business Adminis from Roxboro. North Carolina Her activities included mem bership in the Council of Independent Organizations. A E Student Union Program Board. Phi Beta Lambda. McLean Hall House Council. Sophomore Class Congress and Stu dent Residence Assistant. WHO ' S WHO JiTnm Graham is from Bevlaville. NC Since enrolling at North Carolina Central Universitij. he has sewed on the Student Court, partidpated in the Public Administra tion Club. Student Union Program Board. Student Gouerr ment Association He has also served as Historian and Dean of Pledges of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, and IS Q member of the National Dean ' s List Bett Foster, better known to many as Cat Track, is from Statesuille. NC Betty ' s a Spanish major and has studied both French and German While at NCCU, she has par ticipated In several actiuities She is a member of the SGA staff. Election Board. Program Board. Spanish Club. French Club, and ivorked as Spanish tutor her Sophomore year at NCC Betty is a member of Gamma Sigma Sigma Natonal Sendee Sorority and has held positions of Vice-President 76- 77. President 77 78. and also Miss Gamma Sigma Sigma 77- 7H She has also been a member of the Alpha Phi Omega Jewel Club In which she has held positions such as Wee fVesi- dent and Historian Barbara IV. Gametl is □ natiue of Washington. D.C. She is a Sociologv major with experience in Social Welfare. She is a mem ber of the following organizations Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society . Alpha Kappa Delta Hononary Socio ogica Society . Delta Sigma Theta Soront . Inc The Student Union Program Board. The Eagle Yearbook Staff. NCCU Pan Hellenic Council Pres, dent. Sociology Club. The American Sociological Association. McLean Dormitory Council (Vice President and Parliamentanon) Barbara has been a Dean ' s list student for three semesters Charlton Carev Grant is a native of Salisbury. NC. some of his organization inuoluements at N C C U where AE Student Union Program Board. Veterans Club. Criminal Justice Club. The Keeper of Peace of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Charlton is current y a United States Arm j Drill Sergeant, (active reserve). Eleanor Hickmand is a native of Carthage. North Carolma She IS a Business Administration maior concentrating in Health Eleanor has sewed as o Student Resident Assistant and has held membership m the Student Gouemment Association. National Student Business League, and Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Societv She has been a Dean ' s List Stu- dent and was among those students who were Honorable Mentions for Who ' s Who in 1977-1978. She has also been a National Alumni Scholarship recipient for four year3 Bett e Renee Green is a naUve of Favetteuille. N C As a Home Economics mafor. she selected a concentration in Fashion Design Renee is an active member of the Student Union Program Board and rs this year ' s Miss Student Union and Hospitality Chairman Other acttuities include the American Home Economics Association. Kappa Omicron Phi. Off Campus Organization, and Aduisor Board Bom in Neubruke. German] , Michael Leonard Howell is a chemistn; mayor fajo ogy mjnor presenC y hailing from Goldsboro. NC While atNCCU he became active in stu- dent politics and held official positions such as Sophomore Class President. Chairman of the Senate. Vice President and then President of the Student Government Association. He has served on carious committees dealing with university af fairs including the Administrative Council. Board of Trustees. Trustee Student Relations Committee, as a few. Mike is also a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., where he has served as chapter parliamentarian Other organizations he is active in are North Carolina Bl ack Student Coalition, National Organization of Black (Jnitiersity and College Stu- dents, presenttij Co-Chairman of the National Board of Direc- tors and seueral Student Gouemment related organizations He IS a recipient of Honorable Mention : Thomas F Hooper W is a native of Fa etteville. North Carolina He is a Criminal Justice Major, and has been a Dean ' s List Student while here at North Carolina Central Uniuersit He has been uenj active in several organizations such as the Alpha Phi Alpha Frotemity, he where he sewed as public relatons director, and parliamentarian He has ser ved on the chancellor ' s se -study steering committee, co editor of campus echo, and has worked as a cDunselor at CA Dillion training school Not Pictured Reigning as Miss Homecoming for 1978 was just one oj Stephanie Hardin ' s activities Stephanie a native of York. South Carolina, is a Home Economics Major Her other ac tivities include Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship Inc Program Board. Home Economics Club. Dormitory Council. SNEA.AHEA.NCCU Dance Group. Jr Congressman. and the Student Government Asso Stephanie also reigned as Miss Annie Da Shepard 1975 76. and Miss Ladyfaug 1976 77 Reginald Kearney is from Franklinton, N C . and a Political Science major While attending NCCU, he was a member of the Marching, Concert and Jazz Bands, Peer Counselor, Yearbook Staff, Student Resident Assistant and a member of the Buddha Club He was also active in class organizafions. Reginald plans to attend Law School after graduation WHO ' S WHO Clara Kenned j bom under the sign of Cancer is from Charhtte. North Carolina and is a Psycho ogy major She has been inuohed in several activities since her attendance at North Carolina Central University; Thev include Student Government. Swing Phi Swing. Program Board. Psvcholog Club. Miss Psycho ogy. Alpha Phi Omega Jewel. Council for Independent Organizations and several other committees. Upon graduation she plans to attend graduate school in the field of Industrial Ps jchologt . Wanda Marsh is a native of Durham. North Carolin She IS an Art major, concentroton in Art Educt reigned as Miss Off Campus for 1977 1978 Wanda is a member ofNAEA. SNEA. Art Educator. Art Club, and an Off-Campus Organization member and treasurer She is one of the Art Editors of the Campus Yearbook. Wanda has also been ven; active in her Church and Communit]j projects as well as committees around campus. She has been a Dean ' s List student. Wanda B. Knight, a nabue of Reidsuille. North Carolina Her major is Art Education, her activities while at N.CCU are Newspaper Staff reporter. Ivan Dixon Placer, serving as Assistant-Treasurer. Treasurer. Yearbook Staff serving as Lay-Out Artist. Senior Section Editor, National Art National Education Association. Student Government Association ser uing as Co Director of Public Relations. Miss Eagle Yearbook 1977-78. an Attendant to Miss NCCU. National Deans List, Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society, NCCU ' s Gymnastics Team. Rush Hall Domiitory Council Chairperson at Large and Sophomore Class Secretary Loretta Manago is currently reigning as Miss Senior for 1978 79 She rs a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc Loretta IS also ven; ac ue in various organizations such as the English club. Campus Echo and the Student Government Association She IS also a student resident assistant, as well as a recipient of the National Dean s List award 1 » f Rickie Lenardo McCullough a native of Charlotte. N C He IS a Business Administration major concentrating m Financial Management Some of my high school and college extracurricular activities included high school track. All-county wide a receiver m Football, monogram club. NAA C P He fs a member of the Election Board. Student Court. Homecoming committee. Advisory Board. Program Board. Tan Gamm Delta Beau Court. OiietQ Mcintosh is a natioe of Durham. North Carolina As Biologv major, she presenl y holds membership in Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society. Beta Kappa Chi Honor Society. Delta Sigma Theta Soronly, the Pre Professional Health Society and the EE Just Biology Club Other acUuities in- clude the North Carolina Central Marching Band and the German Club Oveta also reigned as " Miss Black and Gold " and " Miss Beta Kappa Chi " Upon graduation she plans on attending the Universiti of North Carolina Medical School in the fall of 1979 Judith Francis Mitchell ts a senior from Virginia Beach, Virginia Majonng in music education here at North Carolina Central Uniuersit} she has participated in concert choir, both marching and concert bands and Tau Beta Sigma National Honoran Band Soront j The Student Government Assoaation serving two years on Congress, the Student National Education Association. Stu dent Resident Assistant and Delta Sigma Theta. !nc are also among her acbuities Honors received by her include the North Carolina Central Universit Alumni Scholarship. 1975-79 Delta Sigma Theta Scholarship 1977 78 and Who ' s Who Honorable Mention 1977 78 She sewed as Miss Kappa Kappa Psi. 1975 76 and Miss Council of Independent Organizations 1978-79 Work ing in the communit] with organizations and fnends also haue been among her activities Deborah Nelson, a Psvcho c gv ' Major, is a natve o Rocky Mount. North Carolina She has been a uery active member ofNCCU ' s Marching Band and Concert Band Deborah ' s other campus activities include membership in Tau Beta Sigma National Band Sororibj. Psychology Club. Student Government Association. Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society and Delta Sigm a Theta Sorority! Deborah was also chosen as " Miss Tau Beta Sigma ' for the past year Reigning as Miss Eagle Yearbook. 19781979 is on y one of the man i honors that Tani McKo[; a native of Newark. New Jersey has achieved while at North Carolina Central Univ She has also sewed as Miss Sophomore 1975 1976. Miss Kappa Kitten 1975 1976 and Vice President of the Kappa Kittens Organization 1975 1976 Tonya is a Criminal Justice Major and is Vice President of the Criminal Justice Club 19781979 She has been active in other campus organizations such as the Council of Independent Organiza tions. Eagle Yearbook Staff and has sewed on the Student Gouemmenl Association ' s Homecoming Committee Tanya is a sister of Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship he Her community involvements are uoters registration drive, heart fund drive. UNICEF. helping needy families and volun teer internship at the juvenile division center Selina Jean Mumford is a naUve of Elizabeth City, North Carolina and is a Sociology major While at N.C C (J she has held membership in the following organizations Sociology Club. Year book Staff, Student Resident Assistant. Baynes Hall House Coun cil. Eagleson Hall House Council. Pre -Professional Health Society. Alpha Angel Club. Steering Committee and Alpha Kappa Delta Honorary Sociological Society She was named to Who ' s Who Honorable Mention in 1977 78. and hcs also been a Dean ' s List student Greta Amelia Peay is an elementary education major She has been active in uanous organizations while at North Carolina Central Universit such as. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority where she sewed as Dean of Pledgees and chairman of the Membership Intake Committee for the Alpha Lambda Chapter, Assistant Secretary for the Off Campus Organiza- tion, member of Student National Educational Association, and a member of the Pan Hellenic Council 1977 1978 She is a recipient of an award for outstanding achievement in academics from the Pan Hellenic Council and from Mt Car met Baptist Church in Charlotte. N C an award for out standing chnstian dedication to the community in 1976 WHO ' S WHO Tammera Yuette Roseboro is a natiue of Charlotte. N C She is a Ps];cholog]; major and is President of Alpha Lambda Chapter. Delta Sigma Theta Sorohfy. Inc Tam mera ' s campus activities includes membership tn Psi Chi National Honor Societij. Beta Kappa Chi Honorory Scientific Societ] Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society. Psy- chology Club. Sen)or Congress. Program Board, the Stu- dent Government Association and Secretary of the Freshman Class She also held the title of " Miss Delta Sigma Theta Sorority " Louis S Richards is a Public Administration Major from Ox ford. North Carolina He rs currently the President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc His other activities include membership on the program board. Student GouemmenI Asso and the Pep Club Lows is also co director of campus affairs and the Vice F es of the Pan Hellenic Council Melinda Reid. a Political Science major, is from Nutley. New Jersey She has held membership in clubs such as The Ivan Dixon Players. Drama Club. Political Science Club. Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society. Pep Squad, Alpha Angel Club, and Advisory Assistant of Baynes Hall for the Senior Class. Melmda was chosen Student of the Month for November 1 978. Miss Alpha Kappa Mu and Miss Empress of Ebony She has been a Dean ' s List Student while at North Carolina Central L niuensity Edward K Sanford is a native of Oxford. North Carolina Edward, a Sociology major has been an active student at North Carolina University in such organiza tions as the Campus Echo. Academics Committee. Stu dent Government Association. North Carolina Sociological Sociology Club. Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society. Varsity Track. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. He has also held positions as Assistant State Director. Corresponding Secretary of Alpha Phi Alpha. He was named to the IVho ' s Who Honorable Mention in 1977- 1978 Edward has been also a Dean ' s List Student while at North Carolina Central University m Herbert S Suber. is a native of Charlotte. North Carolina, maionng in Ph sical Eduction Herbert ' s activities include membership in. Alpha Phi Alpha Fralemity. Kappa Kappa Psi Honorary Band Fralemity. North Carolina Central [Jniuersity Marching Band. Peer Counselor, Student Gouemment Association. Yearbook Staff, Track Team, and the Phvsical Education Maior ' s Club T rune bhackietord David Vereen is an Alpha to his heart - how about that for a start He is a Cnmmal Justice Mo or with a minor in political science He has been very octwe on the Student Gouemment Association, as well as the Program Board He is a member of the Student Congress, off campus club, and the Ivan Dixon players; Upon graduation David will be attending graduate school at American University m W ashington, D C Glona Michelle Tyson is a resident of Peterson. New Jer sev She is a Business Admin isrration major and Marketing minor She has participated m several activities at North Carolina University Her activities include Phi Beta Lambda, Annie Day house council chairperson, president of Baynes Hall. Secretary NOBUCS Glona sewed as Co-Editor and Editor in Chief of Ex Umbra magazine She was also recognized in IVho ' s Who Honorable Mention 1977 78 Michael Ray Snipes is a natiue of Burlington. NC and is an Accounting major and has already accepted a position with Atlantic Richfield Oil Company in Dallas. Texas Snipes ' activities include membership m the National Association of Black Accountants. President of Phi Beta Lambda, Student Union Program Board. Mr Student Union, and Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society Michael has been a Dean ' s List student and also a AICPA Scholarship Recipient A ii OMMMia Ttlda Denora Whitaker better known as " T " attended Eastman High School Majoring in Home Economics, con centrating in Foods and Nutrition, she wants to pursue a career as a Therapeutic Dietician in the field of Medicine or Research She served as President of Tau Gamma Delta Sorority Inc . and also proudly held the title of Miss " TGD " for the 78 79 year Always active in the Student Gouerr ment Association since her freshman year, she served on such committees as Activit j 76 77 and Campus Affairs 78 79. Tilda has also participated in many community senjice pro )ects and has served as a member of such organizotrons as the Home Economics Club. National and Local chapters of the AHEA and the Negro Council of IVomen WHO ' S WHO Angelia Vanessa Williams is a native of Fayetteuille. NorfH Carolina and a Pst cholog major Her activities Included membership in Delta Sigma Theta Soronty. Maiorette for the North Carolina Central Uniuersiti Marching Band, Miss Kappa Kappa Psi. 1976. Psychologic Club. Program Board. McLean House Council and Executive Secretary for the Stu dent Government Association While enrolled at NC C.U Alexander Williams III. has par ticipated in the Marching. Concert and Stage Bands, the Ger man Club, and the Student Faculty Committee of the Music Department He has received the National Alumni Scholarship and the Ruth Eduxirds Music Scholarship A ex- ander is also a member of Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Sociefv, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc . and Kappa Kappa Psi Honorary Band Fraternity Andrew Wilson Jr is a native of Springfield. Massachusetts He IS a Business Administration major with a concentration m Marketing Management While in attendance in N.C.CU . Drew has become an achve leader of various campus organizations He has seated as Sophomore Class President. Junior Class Presi dent. Brockbanks Linck Marketing Club and Vice President of Student Government Associaaons He has sewed on uanous universal committees such as. Administrative Council, Un- dergraduate Council and the Search Committee As a brother of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity;, he has sen ed as Editor m Chief He is also a member of Phi Beta Lambda Business Fraternity Drew is a recipient of several awards TTiey are Who s Who Honorable Mention. National Honor Societi Scholarship and Outstanding Service of Student Congress Clendon B Wils on is a native of Reidsville. North Carolina and a graduate of Reidsville Senior High School He has been a member of the Student Union Ad uisory Board. Pu6 ici(y Chairman and President of the Alfonso Elder Student Union Program Board, a volun- teer member of the Yearbook Staff. Student Government Association staff member. Off Campus Club and the C T Willis Business Club His community projects include a Greek carwash for the benefit of Shaw University, a Durham Kiddie College Easter Egg Hunt and the Annual Student Union Senior Citizens Day He is a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fratemitij. Inc Reigning as Miss North Carolina Central Uniuersity for 1978 79 IS Barbara Teresa Wnghl She is a native of Newport News. Wrginia She has served in the following capacities, president of the Alpha Angel club. Latham Hall dormiton council. Student Government Association. T R Baines Society of public administrators, a peer counselor, member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.. student steenng committee. Honors program, student congress, student resident assistant, student union ad- wsory board She received outstanding junior of the year award, and is listed in Honorable Mention - Who ' s Who her junior year, and was also chosen Peer Counselor of the month. Teresa is a Political Science major with a con centration in Public Administration IP IL IP a (B ♦ ' 1. Frank Silua - Head Basketball Coach - Athletic Directory 2. Harry Edrnonds - Head Tennis Coach 3. James Carter - Head Wrestling Coach 4. Ray Green - Head Football Coach 5. Robert Jackson - Football 6 Joseph Aicher - Football 7. George Suggs - Football 8. Jesse Clements - Football 9. Woodrow McCorve 10. Football Staff iim imn ..- FOOTBALL 78 N.C.C.U. , ' ' l ' f f 0i ' i t i«i mW t ii f t ¥ . - ty i T - ' .■.Ofc ' jt.- 1978-79 CHEERLEADERS ' -is: T:«y -;- „ . r r.. f KSSiiKi .- ami i t r s ill i: iii i if ilili ' i !|S|SiS -J § -J -J i O CO m f GO EAGLES GO!! 1978-79 Women ' s Basketball On The Move BASKETBALL 78-79 jtcij_.jctu_. c-cu cco ' c, f: ir ct N ' r,Q CU i I j|;; hCQ, j ,cf GO EAGLES GO!! . , i«giS i KB TENNIS 78 iSSSsoissrjS rssrjTji ssssssss ' ■ U K 5«3n 15 •i V .-: Ji " ' - SOI- 1 BALL :■- f ■ V ' v BHk» ' 1 «i " " I- »r.. •- ' m , VOLLEYBALL mma WRESTLING 1978-79 fl|HB[i • |r- PBi k - KWH UM ' .. 1 ' .g ' i H m . ife- i K: I B, . j ' b. . 1 w H K ' ■ r ,, . ' ' _J|H 1m w- ' ' » - . ijlfc 1 1 1 S.GA. CHRISTMAS PARTY AGGIE EAGLE FEVER WEEK Tournament Winners » " ' ' :A-j FOUNDERS DAY RECEPTION PROGRAM BOARD Miss B ' s Qui ting Party Toad The Mine PRESENTS The North Carolina Cer]tra! Uniuersify Eagles Marching Band M 7-% I k 1 . j ' J JB 1 wM K p ■p i fei A AN DIXON PLAYERS A Raisin In The Sun Dinner Theatre Leanndra Groom and Thalmus Rasulata in NCCU ' s production of A Raisin In The Sun. Duke Ellington AIR FORCE R.O.T.C. VETERANS CLUB PEP CLUB CHESS CLUB BUDDAH CLUB OFF-CAMPUS CLUB iifinaiH ' LJ2 " viMinH iiii ALPHA ANGELS HOME ECONOMICS CLUB A, ART CLUB 9SK MWMWtiWt BBIi iWi jiB l Wm HI . ' MiMIHi. £.£. JaST BIOLOGY CLUB 1! HISTORY CLUB ENGLISH CLUB ALPHA PHI OMEGA JEWELS GEOGRAPHY CONSERVATION CLUB PENTECOSTAL FELLOWSHIP CHI ETA PHI NURSING SORORITY P.E.M. CLUB KAPPA OMICRON PHI NAVY ROTC ' ■ ■f: «c8rf..„ PEER COUNCILORS PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION CRIMINAL JUSTICE NA.BA. CLUB t- " ;. ' i - :;-:-ir - ' - ' - . « 11 f -i : a- i ii l McCLEAN DORM COUNCIL BAYNES DORM COUNCIL LATHAM HALL DORM COUNCIL ANNIE DAY DORM COUNCIL BAPTIST STUDENT UNION O STUDENT CONGRESS ELECTION BOARD Officers for Concert Touring Choir 9 - ®»- MATH CLUB FRENCH CLUB RECREATION CLUB NO ?rH CAROLINA STUDENT LEGISLATURE REGISTRATION 78-79 T FEE ASSESSORS ' -f y ■: ' 3 i ' ' ' fS ' yCKft1 j KING ' S CLUB NEWN.C.C.U. LAW SCHOOL ■■ r I w m PARTY TIME!!! -.».-►••.-» -„ - EAGLES ON THE MOVE . . . fjiU J ' ■ ' m 9 j: ja .MJtam • »■ • , " ► " •■... — »• . iHaiHraMiaiHaiBiaHiMall ■ ■■IHV BlHIwSS:) SSSBw BlHCi BI Itm Bim h T ' vC rTi ■ . b m ' ■P IK- i BW • 1 ' Ji l . M). i v " . ' " M 1%. fcfcZ ii i J Ki a ■♦] • ; jr. VI SI, 1 1 -.»m« " - ■■ II 1 ' ?. 1 ti ' Jt Miss North Carolina Central Universit; Barbara Teresa Wright Her Majesfy On September 23. 1978 all of the grace, warmth, and glamour in Eagleland came together under the roof of a venj beautifully set McDougal Giimnasium to witness the crowning of our queen. Ms. Barbara Theresa Wright, a senior from Newport News. Virginia, was formally titled Miss North Carolina Central University on this evening of splendor and melodies. The melodies were provided by the contemporary stage group known as " Juice " and also by Ms. Phyllis Jefferson during the program, and by the rock group known as " Gaston " at the reception. The splendor was provided by our beautifully garbed queen as the many students, faculty members, and friends joined the administration in honoring the dynamic lady chosen to be our school representative. It was a night which was truly " In Essence Of Our Queen . Miss Homecoming Stephanie F. Harden Miss Homecoming On October 15. 1978 Ms. Stephanie Franchetti Hardin was officially presented the title of Miss Homecoming for the season. Ms. Hardin, a native of York. South Carolina was crowned in a pageant of smiles and grace by the captain of the N.C.C.U. Eagles, Mr. Walter Odom. During her ceremony, many other young ladies were recognized as queens for various campus organizations. With a bevy of beauties on stage, Stephanie was serenaded by some of her fellow members of Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship. It was a most memorable occasion for those who attended as well as for those ladies who were honored along with Miss Homecoming. The 1978 Homecoming theme " Coming Together for a Better Tomorrow " was certainly evident during the program. HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES ' m HOMECOMING PARADE fr •. •. -► -•.. -» " i, -. Homecoming Football ' 78 The weekend was labeled a success as earl ) as Saturday afternoon, right after the Eagles plucked the feathers of the Man tand Eastern Shore Hawks 29-23. For all the fans and alumni who came to witness Ra .! Greene ' s brand new machine, it was a thrill a minute as Eagles survived a second half scare, took the pressure out of the weekend b winning, and left 13.000 screaming, excited fans with nothing to do . . . but PARTY! Eagles Dominate Hawks The Eagle ' s new head football coach. Raij Greene, had said that this one game held the most impor- tance, financially;, in his quest for rebuilding our once powerful foot- ball tradition. And. as a ixiays, the spiritual uplifting of the campus at this time of the [jear made this game of great impor- tance to the student body, not to mention the thousands of loyal alumni just waiting to boost their support upon a big home team vic- tory! HOMECOMING ' 78 IN CONCERT! The 1978-79 Homecoming show was a showcase of some of toda j ' s bright new uocalists and one of the music world ' s foremost contemporanj com- posers Elel n " Champagne ' King and Pebo Bnjson put on command performances, and Dexter Wansel delighted the crowd with some of his musical masterpieces in a mellow-dramatic af- fair held in McDougal g jmnasium. The large and lavish crowds tremendous response celebrated the most successful show facially; as well as finan- ciall); in recent years. THE STARS COME OUT ' IN ESSENCE OF OUR QUEENS ' ' )A.,.,l:j..l ' L„.f H ' . .„ ' , ,„• V .,-,., ,■ .nUr V l!n,c S....I ,■„„„„„„ ,.i -fo ' i ' : Sur,- , , , „„,, ,■, LJl„eS r,.L , , ,, i- ' . ' . ... , ,,„,„. ,,,„., li,..„UiJ aon Wo.. ( ' ,. ' ■- .. » . . . ,„• . ,„„ ,,„ r ,y„ -l.jl ..„ ..ill. .,.,..,. „,.iL U La.,n I-:,;,,, .... , „ „ ,,,, () IJ.....HI..I a.,.,., UL..„ X.r.-u C. Ero alLilJ mumA r BLACK BEAUTY " it W f mm L?l « 1 91 i m Siii „ ' ; ,„•,■, - ' „. ■III.., S..,,L,.„ar. ' J ' III. Cr„Ur ' . , ' li ' M ' IIU...;f ■III.., %....... C.,..(l.ia U e„hc Cu J., ■ l:2 .„„!sSU. ■llhuS........ X,.:ll.. ' J).-..iu ■IIU.,f„ - I:% - " V ' m» Sh,.U ll-,:.U ■hs:,la,.l S.,M. IZ4,.:l f: . ' J ...:JI)h,..,,h, ( ' III.: Sll-I) ' „,_ A,,, , ' 2 ..,, SL,.L.„I ,.(,„ S..u,l. m.s, M..(t SU.,. ' Hi...:.,.,. [ ii iiJH ■•f ffi. ' 1 ¥t ) [ 1 1 « ' ) . i if i, i ifi Jt ' im Vli„ ' C.J.,.,,. Mo,„. C, ,7 Vln.,X.ll, ,tt, (;u.. ji,„„ JUL...., ' :■ M . ' ..- ' iii.„s..u..,ni.,s.,!..., r 1:,.., (;.„.,i ' ,.,■ ,, ,„ ' „■. • ,, „, n, „„ ' „„,., ' I: X.,.iJ .,L.:l. ' iii..Ki.,ri„i- ' ...:,....i,f y,„, ' ' _7,. M ■ v,.A ' , ,. , „., 11 L, _ II,. L pi.. ().....,.. l- ' iL j ■ .. ;„. .%„., Vl..sll,,L.K,.,.,,.. -l(,,L V,.:. ' J . JL.L, : ■i,CI,...L,IJ. ■ !• ht % ' lfh fl N 7 % t:3. - ' Illin CJ« „ ,S , Clur,,lMUM €u ..-l: ' U]. U.Bo Un ■UhssPlu!U,S; .„u cL VkUf ' VLs Su,n,„ CJun,..u. I L VJ.rU .-InloinMc II ' Cu...-I: j.,nuU „, Vhlh. ' IIIU %,. (;. ' J ,ll., .ILL ' J . lI ' LUr :.,..i: ., A CJ .„U ' ;.. ,4, .S;-, ,, % ..,,, ? ,., l oUoro 0,.,.h. JU.„. nL9„i„J. Mii J _L.I 1 ' ll n, ln J.I,.J. ' ..n,U. ' J ' IlLk ' rr f ■ :%..... j U,.n VU.U.kU ' - i:CLMSru.,j.. 7 , „. „„,„..„ J„, ,-„„ ull.r ' " Co.,.;„, Vh, K.,,iui SU.„t ' IL„., flUu I, ' C .,„i.-.-lU jl, „ .,•„, ' iii.uA:,f,,...(),„„ ' ., C. ,.,■ : :,.,•, S ' u„L.l VL,.ll,.Lpiu()..u;,..p...l ' ;„„„„ a;,,,-,.., ■ i A.,..„, QMs .7,. ,,,,, ' „,.,■, ■,.„„.„ S ' U„„ _VL„.u o., (. ' ,.. .rl.-.LU Wi(sn„ ■■( I Ka ASj ' ' 1 iM ' 1 W r ' t 1 w -TJb ' E9S • j-Aic 1 1 ' B %n« - s m B x r !r MfTi 1 i 1 SH M ] w 6P .,.. L.._ iii ' ' BHI Hi s BI PI m aBfeo, C Mm 1 I K - ■■ :)Sb| 11 ' 41 ' „.;7,. ,„., 43,„,.. i; .-A.™. ' J .,J ..., 4IL, r f: -LuU. Wihon - ' 1: j„..i,l, VluLJlLJi 4 . ' Ilhu p.,, S u.J X„J.. ) „ ,„,„„ 44. ' iiL,JUiu:, ,u.,i;,.„cu, X,,:. l- ' ...,ur f: • .. ]i,„ 7 , „„ 4-.. vii..Ji, ; „„„„„■,, ' ,.,„7, CJ,i,. Sl,.„l„n 4,.- ' Illiu C. _• jo..., Mul„r.f So.ial Sue..,. Ll,. 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Il.l,.,..- ■ ■ .. ' ,„, ,„ :a,„„ . ' ;,.,.,„„ ■.4. Vl.uSl...l.,.lC„,..,.i %.. ' .., , , Cl.i .L., -£:.„„. : VL„.. M,.iU W ' " S« X MJ„U,., € .„.■!: CL,.„Un J. -IIL, VI,U V,Ur..,„ CU. Co,.,., ll-o C..O.I: %Mj l oU, vhs g.o.c„.„.,:.„i,„„ j;„„„„„ mjjoo €uorl.- 2)JL,I l .lUf„,J 7iL, 4ffo,.,o a ..- s ' u..,ri ...:„. ' I, VI,: IILUfS,,!,,.. ' ,•,., n.... Ri., Su, :i ,L..j. m ■,„„. .- %!,„ W. j..l,...i..,. ■I 1 1..,. 1 1.... ■L.L.S. ,.,., !JnM ■j,U„,L,.l %r ' Wi» Mo„..o,., c.,,iL. S..-0.. :,,. €uorl. R, ,.M Jli lL S..o,..L4lh..J..,.l%.Wu,.U»,.,e.. ' IIL-i....BL..LO,..uLI„.,.. ■ ■ , ' . ,, ■„ C,„,.l.,, HORROR FILM FESTIVAL THE NEIGHBORHOOD STORE " Everything Is Always Good at Neighborhood " 1619 Fayetteville St. Phone: 688-7245 4 " 1 " I ' h. ], SISTER TEE ' S PRODUCTS ' f I; f . f, ' 2501 Fayetteville Street Durham, North Carolina 27707 . 919 682-4629 , f ■ f I CHICKEN HUT 1 3019 FAYETTEVILLE STREET PHONE: 682-5697 " THE WORLDS FINEST EATING CHICKEN AND THE MOST COMPLETE SEAFOOD LINE IN THIS AREA. " WEAVER ' S CLEANERS AND LAUNDRAMAT 1212 FAYETTEVILLE STREET PHONE: 682-1566 CLEANERS OPEN MON.-SAT 7:00 am - 7:30 pm LAUNDRAMAT OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm (NEAR NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL) I HftSfll SENIOR DIRECTORY AAAAAAAAAfi Barnes. Janice F. Boddye. Debra Bullock. Sheryl Cordell. Dorta A DeBerry. Mary 703 Memck St 409 McDaniel Si 3M Kirk Rd Rl 1, Box 363 H 700 Memory Lane Adeboyo. Olublsi Wilson. N C Enfield NC North Bovshore NY 1 1 706 Spnng Hope NC Launnhurg, NC Bm2S 243 5485 445 2103 2736256 478 3898 276 2097 Nigena Bartley. Eva Bohannon, Michael Julius CCCCCCCCCC ComlSe, Carlos AllCTi, Bewriy Dione 1 727 Horper Si 11 Grant St 113 Henry St Rl 2 Box 170 3S4 Ebon Rd Rocfcv Mounl. NC Lexington. N C 27292 Carlton, Merle O, Wilmington, NC Elm City, N C Durham. NC 9772698 7042493786 Route 4. Box 463 7630901 9770124 554-2095 Chapel Hilt. NC Borden, Josephine 9426813 Corpenlng. Sheila D. Det berry. July F. AHen. Dlonetha 1 105 Vesper Lane 158 Carr Si PO Box 537 Gramle 843 While Plains Rd Rl 2 Box J9 Fovellewlle. NC Thomasuille. N C 27360 Carringlan, Emma Gronite Ouany, NC Cbarlolte, NC Wrgi ino. Ua 4882453 4750815 2314 S Roxboro St 279 7871 597 9M2 Allen. Donna K. Bass. Jhelma Bowser, Leslie Durham, NC 4998607 Council. Annette Dickens. Jeanette Rl 3 Box 305 528 Ravnolds Aue 1 10 Freeman St Rl 8 Box 13 E Rt 1 Box 225 A Snou. Hl«, NC Durham. NC 27701 Plymouth, NC Carroll, Jacqueline J. Chapel HlH NC Halifax. N C 7475224 489 1828 793 6414 Route 2. Box 191 A 9422590 445-3683 Allen. Elmontenat C. Baetfy. Celestlne Bo.vd. Denise Norlino, NC 257 4582 Craig. Michelle Doby. Reginald 409 Millu Am Route 1, Box 371 601 Radford Si Rl I Box 100 A 1 700 Cleuetond Aue Cotdsboro. N C Councfl. NC High Poinl. NC 27260 Carter. Anttonette Wendell, NC Winston Solem, NC 734 5779 669 2351 892 3155 692 50th pSE Woshinglon, DC 365 6669 Crawford. Darryle 7256053 Allen. Michael Beatty. Jacqueline Boyd, Joctjuellne J, 584 2667 1012 Sloughler Docfcery. Sharon 1205 Horns Dr Route I Box 105 61 7 Ellu ood Dr Goldsboro. NC Rt 1 Box 1 7 Elaabelh Civ. NC 38SS630 romahawlt. N C High Point. NC 27260 Cotes. Myra N, 7344201 Mounl Gllead. NC 882 9395 Roule 1 Box 430 4396224 Benjamin. Cynthia Belinda Hope Mills. NC Craujiey. Metvin Allen, 5teuen 106 Plum St Bradford, Constance 4258572 Rl 2 Box 34 H 5 Dodd. Maude £. Rl 3 Box 305 Enfield. N C Antoinette Spnng Hope. NC Reidsu.lle, NC SnoivHiH NC 7475226 4455779 25 C Raylor Homes IVilminglon, NC 28401 Cavlness. Sheila C. 4785131 Bell. Cassandra G. Roule 2 Box 542 Creute. Pamela 3127 Valle ood Place Alexander. Robfn Roule 1, Box 53 ' -.- Elizabelh, N C 616 Ingraham St Charlotte NC 6012 Srema Dr Foison, NC 28341 Brake, Vivian 8622342 NE Washington, DC 3924019 Charlotte. NC 2672371 529 3729 3945912 1 IS Archdole Dr Chambers. Seneta Donnell. FelHo R Bell, Iris T. Durhom. NC 27701 3208 Bonburg Dr Crews. Fred 426 Sho lner Cl Alaton. Debbie D. Roule I Box 16SA Charlotte N C 1023 Clayton Rd Durham. NC Greensboro N C Rl ! Box 337 Wendell, NC 27591 Branch, Stephanie 1201 Lcggen Rd 399-7729 2740658 Warrenlon, NC 266 1136 6828431 4453994 Rock i Mount. N C 27801 446 9692 Chance. Cherytl Dowdy. Darrell L. Bell. Valeria A. General Delivenj Cromartle. John 706 Srenluood St Alston, Gu endolvn M. Rl 2 Box JSS 3830 Derby Manor Dr Baltimore, Md Bremer. Jan Marsha Parmele. N C 795-4707 Rt I, Sox 344 Council. NC High Point NC 8823407 En ieW. NC 4453994 466-0707 PO Box 426 Gronile Quanv, NC 28072 Charleston. William J. 669 2856 Drayton. Sheila M, Alston, Helen Belton. Magglt D. 2238 East Isl Si Bridges, Arvla D, 602 Cecil St Durham, NC Crrxtms Allison M. 814 South 10th St 501 Cooper Rd Raleigh, N C 2214 Lvndhursr Dr tWnslonSofem. N C Roule 3. Box 350A Newark NJ 834 9321 Raleigh, NC 8338541 7221658 Benjamin, Vtmltlerr Durham, NC 27713 .544 7288 Claek. Cynthia D. 221 Spraque Winston Salem, NC 243 4338 Culbreth. Cathy A. Rl 1, Box 640 DuBose. Danielle Rl 1 Box 380 AndretDS. Bobbii T. Route 4. Box 201 Bridges, Wallace M. 727 1532 Greensboro, NC 549 Lincoln Dr New Bern, NC 28560 713 W Thomas Si Roseboro. NC 674 2511 Rock] Mounl. NC 6379149 Rocdv Mounl, NC 442 0859 Clark. Pamela 6881052 4465704 2907 Madison Aue Dula. Deloma Benson. Brenda Bmdie, Patricia New Bern. NC Calhoun, Howard 515 Hill St Armsfnong. Ronnie Route 1 Box 48 Roule 3 Box 387K 6331529 Rl I, Box 135 Maxton, NC 8443341 Lenoir. NC Rl 4 Box 292 Lake lVoccomoa N C Oxford NC 754 7198 Hillsboro, NC 6464430 693 7260 7323076 Clifton. Gwendolyn Dupree. Denlta A Benton. PorHo Lenetta Brown. Angleo Roule 2. Box 7 PO Box 365 Arrfnglon. Gloria D. 906 Dillon Si 1312 Atlantic Si Louisbugh, NC DDDDDDDDDD Drokes Branch, Vo Rl 2 Box 150 5 Rodsiiflle. NC 27320 Wilson, NC 27893 4164969 Daniel, Herbert Rl I Bo, 62 5684051 IVh.lakcrs. NC .342 2671 2371817 4434973 Clinton. Anthony Litlielon, NC EEEEEEEEEE Aulry. l Wor Rl 2 Box - Black. Catherine D. 515 Copel Si Kannapoliy NC 28081 Brown, Angela Denise 619 Ho«v Si Burlinglon, NC 27215 3812 Dearborn Dr Durham. NC 4773529 5863229 Davis, Curtis PO Box 86 Edmonds. Ronda L. 1 145 Augusta Aae Petersburg, Va 7335627 E iMbelhlou n, NC 5W4936 9322863 228 7288 Coble. Vicky Anita Bnjnsuiick, N C 642 7395 Datils. James F. 631 Rippling Stream Rd Durham. NC Atxnt. Garland Rl 1 Box 107 PleasanlHill. NC Black. Ronald E. PO Box 805 Raelo ' d, NC 875 2196 Brown, Noel 1507 Founlain Si RocJcv Mounl, N C 27801 446 7833 Route 2. Box 184 Rondleman, NC 4983958 Cannady, Yuleon Edwards, Casandra Rl 4 Sox 309 Snow Hill. NC. 747 5662 Avacue, Pom Blake, Wulan Denlse Bnoiun. Robert M, Roule 3, BoK 332 4714943 Edwards. Lafayette Rl 4 Box 309 J 716 Loulsbijrg Rd PO Box 334 1517 Roseiwxjd Si Raleigh, NC 27611 Dalus Low Henderaon. NC Ellerbe, NC Durham, NC 27701 772 2020 PO Box 376 Snow Hill. N C 492 5893 6524071 682 2355 Cooper, Alvln East Spencer NC 637 2337 7475662 BBBBBBBBBBB Baldwin. Cvnihia Roule 1, Box 326 Blossom. Carol Route 1. Box 223 B Hope Milk, N C 2S348 483 9569 Bryant, Gregory Route 2, Box 465 A Clavton. NC 2868 Greenuood Dr Portsmouth, Va 399 7077 Davis. Lydia 128 Lawton Dnve Hartsuille S C Eduiands. Verea V. 1000 N Duke St ' 5 Durham. NC 688 6437 Chapel Hill. NC 27514 Smnl. ioretta Cooper, Narvell 3329364 Blounr. Dorothy Route 1, Box 248 PO Box 14 Filer. Vanessa Dale E. Banks, l alerle Route 3 Box 345 Magnolia, NC 28453 Falkland NC Davis. Shlra 1206 South Street •Sh loh. NC 27974 Edcnlon, NC 27932 289 3752 752 6483 6401 Plank Rd Durham, N C 3364357 48240.30 Charlotte. NC 392 0690 6823150 Barbie, Velixta Slue. Pamllo Laveme Bryant, Jhea Bemadyne Cooper, Venlna 1508 Concord Si PO Bon 822 1000 South Branch Si Rt I, Sox 179 Daye. Bemlce Elliott. Anthony D. Rl 4 Sox 728 Dunn, NC 892 2902 Durhom, NC 27707 Hillsborough, NC 27278 Goldsboro, NC 27530 Bovhoro NC Rie 1. Sox 273 C 688 989 7322630 7355771 745 4407 Timberloke, NC Barner. Audrey F. BIythe. Frank Bunch. Lyndella Corbett, Keith Bemonl DeBerry. Eniln Elliot. Danlta PO Box 783 Route 1 Box 90 Roule .3 Sox 56 912 Groy Si PO Box 281 2226 Kay Dr Averdeen. NC Murfreesboro. N C 27855 SI Pauls. N C Burlington, N C Hamlet NC Smlthfletd, NC 2953127 3984419 865 4894 2281070 5821253 9345548 SENIOR DIRECTORY Elliott, Dexter Fowler. Linda Graham. Jimmy Hatch, Primos E, Hooks, Vera Denlse Johnson. Bonnie Rt 1 1 71 Coots SI Rl 2, Box 90 1102 East Brighl St 1004 Karen Circle Rt 7, Box 301 Fuqu n -Vanna, NC 552-67 7 Soulliem Pines, NC Pink Hill NC Kinston. NC Spnng Lake, NC Burlington, NC 692 8748 2984952 527-8747 4970053 226-9814 Elliott. Shetlah Fox. Volerie Graham. Linda Haujfcins, Joyce Hooper. Thomas F, III Johnson. Denvta B. S21 South Main St 440 Woshmglon Si 1401 Solly Rl I, Box 49 1854 Stonsberry Dnve 318 Leuinsohn PId Roxboro. NC Neumrk, NJ Kinston, NC Halilax, NC Fayetteullie, N C Engleuiood. NJ 5993316 6245833 522-1805 8263200 488 1 1 75 5681418 Eixjns, Pat Foye. John L. Graham, Reginald A. Hawley. Charlotte Hoouer. Duiighl D, Johnson. Doris E, 1508 HJIidcle Dr 690 Edge Hill Dr 73Elml,a St SW Rt 1, Box 200A 3060 Sulterlield Dr PO Box 323 Rockv Mount, NC Fovetleuil e, N C IVashington, DC Roucement, NC Winslon-Salem, NC Louisburg, N C 4425209 8684521 6838438 3648226 767-4524 4962326 Evans. Sheena 322 Masonboro LP Rd Frederick. Bemice Gray, Brenda Heath. Deborah Horiie. IVillie Mae Johnson. Joyce Marie 301 Eosl Bryant Si 619 East Lenoir 2726 West Trade St 307 W Geer Si Rl 1, Box 4238 Wilmington, NC 7990S46 Enfield, N C 4453621 Kinston, NC 5236481 CharloUe. NC 399-0544 Durham, NC 683 1138 Bohamo, NC 4772379 Everett. Lorraine Fuller. Clyde W, Gray, Jacqueline Hedgepath. Martiln L. Houge. Cynthia Johnson. Lee Roy Rt 3 Box 309 Rl 3, Box 140 PO Box 246 Rl I, Box 324 504 N 12th Si 614 Blunt St Rockingham. NC 9915296 Mebane, N C 5781168 Bolton, N C 452 3484 Hollister N C 586-4491 Moorehead, N C 7263046 Wilson, N C Eppa. Csinthla S. Rl 1 Box 68 Soul Qly. V,C, 4563302 GGGGGGGGGG Gabriel. Mama Pamela Gray. Joy 602 Oak Si Kinston, N C 523-6953 Henderson. Bontta PO Box 171 Dudley. N C 73525IS Houston. Deborah S. 1531 Bnslol Rd 873 7945 Johnson. Rodney Rl 1, Box 153A Englehoni, NC 925-2431 Rl 3, Box 156 Holland, Annette Regina Enfield, NC Green. Bettye Renee Henderson. Ruby 2760 Reynolds Park Rd Jones. Alvin Estes. CamlUla 445 5281 3219 Barksdale Rd Rl 1, Box 324 LVinslon-Solem, N C Rl 4, Box 522 m 3 Box 383 Fayeltei ' llle, NC Kittrell, NC 784-1697 Rockingham, N C Oxford, N C Galbreoth. Handy 8221965 6933771 8955886 693-2103 223 Richardion Aue Howard. Victor R, Red Springs, N C Green, Shirley Herrins. Barry O ' Neal 2930 Cedanuood Dnue Jones. Amanda Ezell. Carofyn 1308 S Roxboro Si 8435325 PO Box 158 llOAbron Street 4895944 Box 94 Elleibe, N C Clinton, NC Bottleboro, NC Durham, NC Garrter. Colhtvn Myra 6523941 592 5884 Houiell. Larry 4465248 6821398 Slar Rt , Box 32A 113 Otis Aue Gaston, N C HHHHHHHHHH Hester. Cynthia Tarboro, NC Jones. Beyeriy D, 537 4956 3915 Dearborn Dr Apt 1 8235852 3005 1 7lh St Hackney, Gwendolyn Durham, N C NE Woshlngton. DC Farmer, Deborah Gameft Barbara PO Box 158 4776096 Houiell. Michael 5263070 832 Ganm Si 2908 20th St N E Youngsuille, N C 504 Dnue Hockv Mount, N C Washington, D C 556-526J Hlckmond, Eleanor Goldsboro, NC Jones Ca 1 442 7377 5299005 Hall. Cellna PO Box 222 Carthoge. NC 7345585 434 Oronge St S E Woshinglon, D C Farrington. Willis Gorrison. Walter L. 314 Elm St 9475194 Hudson. Eva V, 562-8561 744 Pritchard St 904 Ira St, Belmont, N C 1645 Luclty Street Chapel H,H N C Atlanta, Ga, 8255519 Hicks. Christine Auguslo, Ga 9293295 525 1020 Rt 1, Box 152 682 9970 Jones. Colette Harden, Vlomette IKui eesboro, NC 702 Martn St Ferebee. Donald Gay. Gary R. PO Box 83 3985196 Huff. Karen Lavelle Greensboro, NC 275-1822 1 14 Coke Aoe 5935 Jefferson St York, S C 1 1 1 Henderson St Edenlon, N C Philadelpdia, Pa 684 4472 Hlggins, Leroy 792 7994 482 3547 8716687 7410 Souihgole Rd Jones. Constance M. Harding. Hyacinth Edolla Fayetteuille, NC Hunter. Karen 1806 Olvmpia Ct Ferrell. Wanda George. Clothilda IV, Rl 1, Bo, 136 868 3928 805 N Sole Street Fayelteuille, NC m 4 Box 418 219 Key St Pleasant Hill, NC Raleigh, N C 8222834 Zebulon, NC Enfield, N C 536-3780 Hllderbrand, Sharon Ruth 828-8673 2698939 4453018 213 Central Dnue Jones. Courtney D. Harrell. Mary Fayetteuille. NC 4836610 Hunter. Mamie D. 819 North SI Apt 4 Relds, Roenell L, Gllmore. Valerie P, 1813 Hamlin Si Rt 5, Box 1270 Durhom, NC 706 E WaBhnglon Aue Kinston, N C 1330 W New Hamshire Afe Southern Pines, N C Durham, N C 682 1627 Hilllard. Margaret Jean Rl 2, Box 506-C Lincolnton, NC 735 8076 688 7607 5270866 692 7764 Jones. JoAnne Harris. Debra Eouisburg, N C Hyman. Subrina PO Box 291 Fisher. Mickey Glenn. Deborah 518 Poplar St 496-4615 705 Edmondson Wintewille, NC Rl 1 Box 339A Polhcksullle, NC 2248541 D-4 Mutral Court Durham, N C 682-8940 Stolcsuille, NC 872 7842 Hinlon. Dety C. 3119 Tripoli Dr 682 6997 Taiboro, NC 8235233 756-7176 Jones, tydia Joyce Harris. Denlse Hymon. Shirley PO Box 280 Rowers. Vanessa Glouer. Johnny F, 518 Poplar St- Habgorg. Terrie Rt 4, Box 325 8 Rl 2, Box 39-H Pinehurst N C 703 5 Audulion Aue Rl 2, Box 30 Slatesui le, NC Warrenton. NC 295-3382 Goldiboro, N C Siluer City, N C 872 7M2 Oxford NC 2574734 7345254 663 2507 6932310 HylotMir. Linda 1907 Tucker St Burlington, NC 228-0933 Jones. Marian Blanche Ford. Doris 4216 Gorren Rd Goodman. Matthew R, 1206 Ross Ai e Harris. Lonette Rl 3, Box 315 A Fayettei ' ille Rd Holding. Hilda Rl I. Box 129 Oneida PO Box 291 Burlington, NC Durham. NC Greensboro, NC Durham, N C Creedmoor. NC 22765 20 4898560 275 1402 554 2611 5282153 JJJJJJJJJJ Ford. Wllhemlna E. Gore. Alan Charles Harrison. Anthony D, Holman. James Jones. Wamyene PO Box 443 Rl 2. Box 215 PO Box 124 2214 Broirleo Rd 1005 Modison St Jackson. Michael Lumberion, NC Snou, Hill, N C Fair Bluff, N C Greensboro, NC Burlington, NC 2605 Fairmont Rd 739-5357 7472789 649 7027 3799219 227 2078 Lumberton, NC 739-5343 Foster. Betty Gore. Sasle Dedru Monese Harrison. Oyetle Lorraine Holmes, Antalne Jordan, Ballard E. Rl I, Box 340A Norllna, N C 2572789 466 Charles St 118 Tabor Dr 310 E 6lh St 4224 H E Castle Dr Jackson. Paula D, StolesKille, NC Sollsbury, N C Noshuillc. NC McGuire AFB, NJ 6863 N 19th Si 8722259 6333338 4592569 723-4547 Pbilodelphio, Pa 782 1362 Foster. Deberal Grant. Charlton C. Hort. Manrio Halloway, Henry Jordan, Joyce Prxrie 810 Elizabeth Si PO Box 413 720 W Holmes St 1 104 Macon Street 2712 Atlantic St James. Deborah Ann Yoncevvllle, NC Salisbury, N C Kinston, NC Durhom. NC Rt 3, Box 148 A Durham, N C 6946758 6337177 5279996 688-5113 Ahoskie, NC 332 4378 688-4902 Foster. Margaret V, Graham. Deborah Han. Shlriey Hood. Cheryl Joyner, Sheila Jean 5108 Hearth Dr Rl 2, Box 301 1301 Bronch St 1116 Logan Si Johnson. Barry Montell 301 LaGronge St Raleigh, NC Nashullle. N C Rocky Mount N C Greensboro, NC 1209 Lincoln St LoGrange, N,C, 8761409 4597894 9972461 2722388 688-5852 566-9334 SENIOR DIRECTORY KKKKKKKKKK Logan. Mary E. McMonus, Gwendolyn Mitchell. Tern Lynn Porks. Marzella Raeford. Valerie 402 Wilson Sr Rl 1. Box 478 6521 Hidden Forest Rd Rl 2 Rl 7 Box 316 B Kearney, Calvin B- She% NC Homlel. NC Charlotte. NC Seuen Spnngs, NC Favetteville. NC 5501 R,chimod O 482 1903 582 3539 5970320 6583640 4839259 FoyeneuJ e. N.C 867 5263 Louis. Josa McMilltan, Timothy Clinton Modlca. Evangeline Patterson. Elaine Ramsey. Cavell G. I2i2 Minosa Si 1208 Pinehurst Si PO Box 756 Rl 2 Box 224 1 12 MoDonno PI Kearney. Reginald Ooldsboro. NC Sand ord, NC Robinson, NC Sami Pauls. N C EasI Oronge, NJ PO Box 221 735 6376 776 5557 795 3046 865 5420 6788137 Franktinton. : C 4942497 lynch. EiMn MclVolr. Nadlne Montgomefy. Hilda Patterson. Peggy Reaves. Ruby J. Rr 2. Box 239 Rl 5. Box 122 209 University Aue 121 lA Naples PI General Delivery Keoms, Marva Spnng Hope. NC Lumberton, NC 488 4333 Durham. NC Colon. N C Hi 2. Box 21 1 4783637 7393637 6883226 7755030 Aberdeen. NC Moore, Clyde 2956790 Lunch. Avon D. McNeil, Anthony J, 309 Woyne Circle Peay. Gnrta Reese. Ethel Rl 2. Box 239 2425 Nonh Dougtods Si Durham. NC 6123 Delhom Dr 13B Can«r Ct Kellb. Anita M. Spnng Hope. NC Philadelphia. Pa 682-4712 Chorlone. NC Kinston, N C 323 W Tnmlv Aue 478 3637 BA82929 536 8422 5238359 Durham, NC Moore, Vickie E, 688 0504 Lyons. Brenda McPhali Audrey 2111 EulheronSl Peerman. Vemese D. Held. Fellta M. 1303 Yauton Dr 720 Stetson Si Greensboro. NC Rl 8 Box 10 1207 Opal Si Kennedy, Oara 3701 Shoup Coun Favetteville. NC Cfinlon, NC 2862838 South Piney Ml Rd Kannapolis. NC 483 4724 Chapel Hill. NC 933 0865 Charlotte, NC MclMllloms. Colherine Moore, Wanda 9425870 394-2642 MMMMMMMMMM Rl 3. Box 44A Rl 2, Box 19B Held. Joseph W. Enfield. N C Trenlon, NC Peguese. Joyce 35 Hopper Ave King, James C, 1 13 Myrtle Aue Kjnslon, NC McCabe. Rosemary 445 3075 448 7711 720 Denison Ave Nutley. NJ Rf I, Box 25 Hovelock NC Manago, Loretta Morgan. Cassandra Norfolk Va 8553444 6674689 5270801 447 5805 2973 Ridge Ave 5838 Hazel Ave Reid. Mrilnda Charlotte. NC Philadelphia. Penn Pelscy, Dale 35 Hopper Ave Knight. Wanda Bridges Rt 5. Box 626 McCullough. Rlckte 119 Smith St 3342234 472 7331 1711 EUndgeSi Fayeaeville. NC Nullev NJ 6674689 Re:diL ' il!e. NC Durham. N C Marsh, Wanda hell Morgan, Cathy 488 1447 ,349 9328 6886240 1407 N Hyde Park Rl 1, Box 23 Reld. Terri M. Durham. NC Oak City NC Perkins. Joycelyn 5139 funslon Si LLLLLLiU-L McDougald. Hattie 6881219 7981211 1005 N Boyce Si Philadelphia Pa 230 Hoke Loopp Gostonia, NC 878-5168 Lartier. Jerry L Rt 2, Bon 277 Snow Hill, N C 566 4847 Foijetteville. NC 867 9868 McDowellk. Eloine Janet Martin, Curtis Rl 1, Box 13 Hauelock, NC 4474773 Morlngs. Carmento Rt 2. Box 264 XX Ahoslcie, NC 332 4766 8644366 Perkins, tlnda F. PO Box 13E Richards. Louis Rl 1. Box 45 Nelson St Nelson. Va Rf 5, Box 508 Elizabethtown. NC 6932826 Latham, Avis Anita PO Box 444 Morganion. NC 584 2398 Matthews, Emogene A. 4622 Hanna PI Mumford, Selina 1612 Camellia Dr 596 9269 RIche, Jerri A, RobereonKllte, NC S E IVashmglon. D C Eteabelh Cily, NC Perry. JoAnne 413E Slronoch Ave 795-42S7 McDoweli Karen J. 1202) 583-2708 3354009 204 Alexander Ave Goldsboro. NC 1018 Anaoft Aue Oxford. NC 7355772 Lee. Belinda Durham. NC Matthetus. Ethel J, Muiphy. Anthony A, 693 844 7 RIchs, Karen A, 906 E Si James St 111 W Alston St 596 1029 525 E Townsend St 2213 £ Markel Si Pettiford. Roderick N. Durham. NC 682 7738 Mcintosh. Otxta 411 DepreeSl Dunn, N C 8922227 Greensboro. NC 274 1452 1141 Dren ' Si Diirham, N C Tarboro. N C 8232703 Lee, Harriet E, 146 N Edgewood St Philadelphia. Pa 5 5 0840 Durham. NC 682 7681 McKeller, Malinda G, 5212 Apex Highway Medley, Vicky 520 Radlord Si High Point NC 882 3895 Murphy. Ricky C. 908 Ook SI Morionna, Pa 2673637 Pettilord. Sandra D 102A Person Ct Apts Roxboro. N C 599 6892 Roberu, Deboroh D. 300 Ledbetter Road Splndale, NC 613 3225 Lipscomb, Barbara Durham. NC Melsom, Toreedo M, 4855 Truesdale Ave Murray, Donna E, Pierce. James Roberts, Karen 027 Main Circle Roxboro. NC 59935J6 McKlbllns, Andrea F 521 George Si Durham. NC Baltimore. Md 485 7518 Rl 1. Box 160 A New Hill. NC 3688513 409 DeVane St Wallace NC 285 36 11 605 Wesi First Si IVeldon, NC 5363655 682 3605 Mercer, Jeffrey A Murrell. Danny 183 E 98th Sr 715 £ Grand Ave Pittman. Theresa Roberts. Puryls Neu. York. N Y 8761811 McKlnley, La Joan Lumbenon, NC Rocky Mount. NC 446 3845 Rt 1. Box 276 Pollocksi ille, NC Rl 3 Box 1 1 1 Infield N C 136 Wan-en Court IVllliomslon, N C 7394749 224 2271 4453388 792 7473 tlltle. Alyze P, 1015 Ancrott Ave McKoy. Earl Corto Mercer. Joseph 715 E Grand Ave NNNNNNNNNN Pope. Rebecca Rt 1. Box 214 Robinson, Deborah A PO Box 228 Durham. NC 27707 Rl 1, Box 112 Rockv Mount, NC Como. N C 3985039 Hamlet. NC 582 2673 5% 9427 Council. NC 4463845 Nelson, Deborah 645 4252 800 Holly Si Utile. Henry Rl 3 Box 535 Miller. Ronald 512 Ashbum Si Rocky Mount. NC 4468333 Poteat. Jerry L. Robinson, Michael A Washington. NC 946 7805 McKoy, Tanya 56 Maple Ave Iwmgton. NJ 372 0969 McKnIght, Terry L. FPV B 10 Apt 201 Bndyeport, Conn High Point N C 882 3557 Nesbll, Keith 333 Logon Si Rt 1, Box 261 Leasburg, NC 5992436 Rl 6, Box 285 IVhlleuille, N C 4890487 Little. Janet 3016 Vricketeer Dr Charlotte, NC 946 7050 Miller, Valerie 1209 Wlllowdale Dr Durhom, NC 489 1818 Slalesuille. NC 8733930 Norman. Jacqueline Rl 1, Box 6 Creswell. NC Potter. Jacqueline R. 1013 Falrview St Durham. NC 489 2275 Robinson, Vatda R, Cleveland, N C 2784235 Little. Naomi Jean PO Box 681 355 24.53 Mills, Edna Marie 604 Dixie Si Powell. Beverly C 2000 Otes SI Robinson, William F. 803 Shennan Si Raelord, NC 875 3808 Little, Reginald MfLourhlln. Shirley Rl 4. Box 413 Pelhom. NC 5674645 Hn ieU, N C 4453387 MJna. Sadie Carol Norman. LaJuan D. 3720 IVhil ield Dnue Winston Salem, NC 767-6802 Rocky Mount. NC 682 671 1 Pridgen. Myrtrn £, Boding, N C 422 3204 Rollins. Janett L. 1442 E Sedgefleld Dr 1 143 2nd Si PI S E Rl 10 Box 25 Rl 7 Box 284 Winston Salem. NC McLaughlin, Anita Hicltofv, NC Goldsbom. NC Son ord NC 7«8574« Rl 1, B «398x Favetteville NC 328 4552 Norris. Joan 1508 Hyde Park 778 6924 2586715 Lloyd. Linda Mitchell. Jocelyn Diirham, N C Prlngle. Randy A Rose. Cathy Rl 1. Box 315 Mcteod. Denlse Olluto 1912Je ress Blvd 688 0521 Charleston. S C 2919 Weaver St Council. NC I3IW N Alston Ave South Boston. Va 264 5170 Durham. N C 6692974 Durham, NC 6884650 572 61.55 PPPPPPPPPP RRRRRRRRRR 489 546,? Lofton. Wayne L. Mllchell, Judith F. Parlrer. Serena Roseboro. Tommera 117 AuantDr McLean, James C, 6032 Wesleyan Dr 204 King Si Raeford. Scarlett D. 1609 Gners Groue Rd, Wilmington. NC 1210 Caledonia Rd Wrginio Beach, Vo Oxford NC 400 Saunders Si Chorlolte, NC 49i 1461 27frl071 4612997 693 7964 Sanlord. N C 3945928 SENIOR DIRECTORY Ross. Andrv 4M S Mechanic Si Soulhem Pines, N C 692 6340 Royhom, Donald Rr 2. Box I6A Lagrange. NC 5664305 Saddler. Beverln i. 1014 Georgia St Kannapok. NC 933 9720 Sanders, Cynthia J. 629 Delarv Dr Raleigh NC Sanders. Phyllis PO Box 413 Entield. N C San ord. Edaiard K. PO Box 625 Oxford, N C 6936231 Satterwhite. Milton m 2. Box 150 Wrgilino, Va 6933304 Saunders. Amelia Rr i. Box 101 Onenlai, NC 7454373 Saunders. James A. PO Box 251 Moyock, N C 435 I67 Scott, Deborah A m 2. Box 27 Mocksullle. NC 6345593 Scott. Gall S. Rl 2. Box 223 Nashiiille. NC 45936S6 Sellers. Theotis 2850 Belhabara Rd Wimton Salem, NC 924 1556 Settles. Stanley 743 Chesmur Sr S£ Knomille, Tenn 5259065 Shackleford. Tyrone 611 WesrHoperSl Snoui Hill, NC 747 2182 Shlpman. Ida P, Rl 2, Box 240A LWilreuille, NC 6423695 Shouse, Lynn 3023 Colgate Dr Winston Salem, NC 7674607 Sloan. Jeonene ! 10 Hillsdale Dr IVilminglon, NC 791296S Sloon. Kimberly 1127 Rolling Lane Slatesville, NC 8730913 Smith. Christopher D. 3101 Hollv Spnngs Rd Raleigh, N C 8325972 Siluer, Celesttne Rl I, Box 24SAA Maple Hill. N C 2594935 Simpson, Cynthia Rr 1, Box 326 Simpson, Lorry D- Rr S, Box 1 79 Reidsiiille N C »I2 2215 Simpson, Ronnie 738 Johnson Ave Norfolk. Va 623-6437 Sfnifh. Carrie L. Rr 1, Sox 140 Neui Hill, N C 5424334 Smith, Randy 3934 Tara Dnrje Chicago. Ill 7829784 Smith. Sheila L. Rr 1. Box 31 North Mvrtle Bch , S C 4931769 Smith. Thaddeus B. PO Box 207 Micro N C 2844208 Snipes. Michael R. 430 Hatch St Burlington, NC 2273467 Sr ores, Vanessa 124 Alba Ave Bndgeport Conn 3729369 Solomon, Vertella Rl 3, Box 149B Enfield. NC Southern, John Rr 1, Box 172 Moxlon, NC 844 3421 Spears, Brendo Rr 1, Box 335A Hollsboro, NC 646 3617 SlonhacJc Eric 1530 Kingsron Dr Kannapolis. NC 9382458 Stanton, Coluln Rr I, Box 449 Pennyutood St High Pornr, NC 4542230 Steed, Concetto 950 Rutland Rd Brooklvn, NJ 771 1638 Steed, Orestes D. 128 Sourh Bullock Si Henderson. N C 438 7195 Stevens, Gwendolyn 2830 Wyeth Ave Durham, NC 6883703 Steuxjrr. Evonne D. 1612 Madison Ave Charlotte. N C 3729178 Stiger. Herbert 5204 Jay SI, N£, IVoshinglon, DC 396-4425 Durham, NC 383 5912 Striclcland. Janice Rt 3. Box 301 MounI Airy, NC 7891058 Strickland. Theresa 1520 Clark St Rocky Mount. NC 4464934 Siiber. Herbert L 308 Caxe Ave Charlotte. NC 333-3900 Tatum. Arlene Y. PO Box 834 Roseboro, NC 5254429 Taylor. Cassandtrs Rl 1, Box 216D Halifax. NC 4453309 Taylor. Cynthia 5919 Market Si IWImmglon, NC 79J54I3 Taylor. Mary D. Rr I, Box 67 Belhel, N C 8251014 Taylor. Patricia 112Holliday Ct Greenville. NC 7564832 reel. JoAnn 310 Pollock Sr Beaufort. NC 7282787 Teel. Pamela 1221 Avondqle Dr Burlington. NC 2288933 Thaxton. Kenneth 909 Maxwell Ave Durham. NC 6887447 TTtomos. Helen B. Rt 2, Box 182fl Roxboro. N C 599 6951 Thompson. Brenda B. 1205D Naples PI 6883108 Thomason. Sharon 412 King John Cr Gastonia, NC 8249222 Thompklns, Renlta O. 910 West 25th St IVtnston-Salem. NC 722 7578 Thompson, Bet erly A. 211 Inman St Lumberton. NC 7394733 Thome, Teresa A, 722 Seal St, Roclcy Mount. NC Thurston. Colette 19th 6th Ave Lincoln Manor Key West. Florida Torain. Brenda K. Rl 2. Box 9 Hillsboro, NC 7324332 Torain. Dotley B. Rt 2, Box 52 Rougemont, NC 7323859 Turner, Joyce 2503 Janet St Durham, NC 6825100 Tyson. Brenda L. Rt 2. Box 243F Rocky Mount. NC 446-0478 Tyson. Gloria M- 720 Broadivay 33rd St Patenon New Jersey 279 7305 Tyson. Johannah 503 North Queen Si Durham. N C 6829400 ivivivivwwivmvw Wade. Rose D. 122 Granlham Sr Redspnngs, NC 843 4819 WaddeU, Deborah R. 1632 Patterson Ave Charlotte. NC 3322009 Walker. Anita L. 41 Efeaberh PI Ashuille. N C 2589812 Wollter. Ava PO Box 781 Edenton, N C 482 3626 Wallace, Gary PO Box 193 Eiiererts. NC Walker. Gallya U- 1313 Tucker Sr 6883612 Walls. Lauirertce 429 Sugar Rd Laurtnburg, NC 2761736 Walthour. Vera 2302 Nebo St Durham, N C 688 7698 IVdllcins, Samuel K, Rt 2. Box 335 Zebulon. NC Watklns. Wllma E. 1504 Pender Si Raleigh, NC 843 5365 Waugh. Yma Rt 1. Box 60 9572220 Weely. Cynthia A. 4642 Sansom St Philadelphia. Pa 5480724 Whitaker. Tilda D Rt 3 Box 1 71B Enfield. NC 4453982 IVhIte. Alphonsa Rt 1, Box 261 Jacksonville, NC 3243397 White, Cheryl D- 3327 Campbell Ave Lynchburg, Va 52S4965 IVhIle, ffegina 141 09 185th Si Spnng ield Gardens Wilder, Irma 1510 N Roxboro St Durham, NC 688-4468 Wiley, Dianna L. 2405 Brooks Dr Apt 405 Suitland, Md 736 9012 Williamson, Clea Rt 2, Box 301 Clavton. NC 553 6194 Williams, Albert 23033rd St N£ Washington, D C 3964684 Williams. Alexander fll Rt 5, Box 27 Oxford. N C 6936471 Williams. Angelia 1867 Cascade St Favelteuille. NC 822 1053 Williams, Dexter L. 302 Kings Boulevard Tarboro. NC 823-8784 Williams, Joyce A Rt 3, Box 72E Louisburg, N C 4964222 Williams, Gregory J. 202 Bill Fort Rd Jacksonville, NC 4550375 Williams, Gtvendolyn 1313 West Va Ave NE Washington, DC 3971664 millanis. Randy Rt 3. Box 441 Chapel Hill. NC 9332419 Witllatvs, Sharon M. 504 Ray St Elizabeth City. NC 3383430 Williams. Sharon S. Rt 5, Sox 369 Greenville. NC 75837136 Williams, Willie I., Rt 2. Box 280 Wolstonburg. NC 747 5738 Wilson. AndreiiJ Jr. Wilson. Oendon B. 509 Bradley Sr Reidsiiille, NC 342 2236 Wilson. Kennefh 91 1 Eoans Dr Apt B Greensboro. NC 2720251 Wilson. Sheila D. 724 Homilton St N E Washington, D C 5263145 Wilson. Shelron V. Rt 9 Box 438 Lexington, N C 352570! Winston. Valeria 441 Pomell Dr Raleigh. NC 8336793 Wamble. James E. Rt a Box 4, 33B Durham. NC 4891933 Woods. Cheri E. PO Box 243 Aberdeen. N C 944-1507 Woodson. Deborah A. 3703 Holts Chapel Rd Greensboro. NC 273-5352 Woolen, Anthony L. Rl 1, Box 339 Woke Forest. N C 5280262 Wrighl, Barbara T. 14 Ber elv PI Newport News. Va S477447 wwvwwv Vann. Joan Rt 3, Box 85 Ahosicie. NC 358 6171 Vtmn, June Watdon 702 McLamb Dr Fayettevllle. NC 488-5666 Vereen. David 1605 S Benbow Rd Greensboro, NC 2730601 Vinson. Joyce Rt 1. Box 229 IVoodlond, NC 587-2811 yWYYVWYY Varbora. Miriam 717 Shambrey St Fayettevitte. NC 4887766 Yarborough, James Rl 3 Box IIS Louisburg, N C 4962634 Voting, Earl Lincoln Village BIdg 6 Asburv Par , NJ 774-3351 Voung. Patricia A. 4875 Margrace Ave Kings Mountain. NC 7395864 m Dear Eagles. As Co-Editor of the Eagle Yearbook, time and experience permits me to give thanks from the bottom of my heart to Lany Simpson. Maril]jn Hopkins. Tonya McKoy. Anglea Daughtery. Neal Bailey Harper. Cheryl White. Wilhelmenia Deuone. the sorors of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Inc. and the brothers of Omega Psi Phi Fratemitx;, Inc. for sticking with the yearbook and myself until completion. Without your cooperation and understanding the 1979 Eagle Yearbook would have been at a loss. For t hose that were on the staff and made promises you did not keep, assumed respon- sibilities you failed to carry out. and received something for no services rendered: I say to you DO NOT return in the fall of 1979. A working staff has no place for you. If your name was omit- ted, it is because you have contributed no help to the production of the 1979 Eagle Yearbook. In concluding this editorial, it has been a rewarding and pleasurable experience working with my Co-Editor Bobby Andrews. Patsy Watts Co-Editor-in-Chief ' S W SPii W L ' ji. -iti f i 1ii!« W Sfa. ' - ' ' J ' . ' . J- ' - ♦ -» •. -• -v - -. mmm " Hm SK jf l!- ttS INTRODUCTION «l? .ySa5ili|j.,ll»» «i,-,»4 »,S ■», ,,s,, , , ; ; sj,, STUDENT LIFE . . SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES . . FRESHMAN WHO ' S WHO . . . SPORTS ORGANIZATIONS . HOMECOMING . . FASHION SHOW MOCK FUNERAL PARADE .... QUEENS .... ADS SENIOR DIREQ : «n C Z ' J ls Cfk,.._ ssi ; r h " . ' ■ ' •r.iiiv ' mi ' ' ' i.

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