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Text from Pages 1 - 312 of the 1976 volume:

W ' xli 1 W ' rm -. WAYNE RAINEY: i g i UBJ ' llilJlJM THE 1976 EAGLE STAFF Presents " THE ESSENCE of YOU " TH 50 ANNIVERSARY FIRST STATE-SUPPORTED LIBERAL ARTS COLLEGE for BLACK PEOPLE North Carolina Central University Durham, North Carolina 27707 JAMES E. SHEPARD FOUNDER OF NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL UNIVERSITY An Educator Is Born The history of North Carolina Central Uni- versity is intimately linked with the life of James E. Shepard. When he was 35 years of age, he founded the institution; for the remaining 37 years of his life he carried its responsibility, directed its course, secured the funds for its operation and extension, and molded its course. Dr. James E. Shepard was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, November 3, 1875 to Rever- end Augustus Shepard and the former Hattie Whitted. His father, a Baptist minister served as pastor of the White Rock Baptist Church of Durham. Being of a religious family background, James Shepard was raised to love Jesus. He was baptized at an early age. He was educated at Shaw University, one of the oldest Black Institutions in the country, which had been founded in the early wave of interest in Black education by Major Tupper. James E. Shepard was trained as a pharma- cist and opened the first Black drug store in Durham. Later, he became a licensed preach- er, in order to present the needs of his school from the pulpits of his brethren. In his druggist days, he became interested in politics and was appointed deputy collector of internal revenue, with offices in Raleigh. He was considering the campaign of Congress as successor to Representative Cheatham, last black to represent North Carolina in the na- tional legislature (at that time), when he accepted appointment to a post in the office of the Register of Deeds of Washington, D. C. ANNIE D. SHEPARD WIFE OF FOUNDER AND AUTHOR OF NCCU ' s ALMA MATER Mrs. Annie Day Shepard apparently held only one title at this university her husband founded in 1910. For three years she was iden- tified as Matron of the Dining Hall. For thirty- six years Mrs. Shepard was devoted to coun- seling students. If not for her efforts in helping students, many of them would not have achieved their wants and wishes. Mrs. Shepard was the author to the words to the university ' s Alma Mater, whose three verses are still sung today. Mrs. Shepard died February 8, 1947. Her funeral was conducted on the following Monday. That morning an address by Langston Hughes was scheduled on the N.C.C.U. campus. The celebrated poet dedicated a poem, " Dear Lovely Death " to Mrs. Shepard. Mrs. Shepard was married to James E. Shepard November 7, 1895. To their union, two daughter ' s were born — Majorie and Annie Day. ALMA MATER " Dear Old N.C.C. " The sloping hills, the verdant green The lovely blossoms ' beauteous sheen Surround our college proud and gay, Where wave our colors Maroon and Gray What matters it how far we roam. Our thots will oft return to home And hearts will e ' er be true to thee. Our Alma Mater N.C.C. Chorus Then Rah! Rah! Rah! For our colors so gay! Dear Old N.C.C. ' s Maroon and Gray Thy Sons and Daughters will honor thee. Dear Old N.C.C. You send us forth with hearts of love So like a blessing from above. And from the path we ' ll never stray Our dear Alma Mater Maroon and Gray We ' ll work and fight, we ' ll win our way, When duty calls we shall obey And may we e ' er return to thee Our Alma Mater, N.C.C. ALFONSO ELDER — 2nd PRESIDENT OF NCC, 1948-1%3 DR. MRS. ALFONSO ELDER In September, 1968, the Alfonso Elder Student opened its doors. Be- cause of Dr. Elder ' s efforts in in- creasing facilities at North Carolina College and because he worked diligently for a recreational facility for students, it is only appropriate that the Student Union bear his name. ■■■ iii|i»i)iin ri]ii»»,mSmimm,: DR. MRS. SAMUEL MASSIE Dr. Massie came to North Caro- lina Central College from a non- administrative post at Howard University. He stayed at NCC only three years. FRONT VIEW — ADMINISTRATION BUILDING — N.C. COLLEGE FOR NEGROES JAMES E. SHEPARD INVISIONS A SCHOOL James E. Shepard, his dream our hope James E. Shepard, his vision our heritage From the Washington office he went to the staff of the International Sunday School Conven- tion, where he caught the vision of his life work and formed the association which enabled him to start the venture. He became convinced of the need for trained black ministers to act as lead- ers for the race, and soon afterwards set about raising money to establish a training school. In the consciousness of this need was born and sustained a faith that carried him through vast difficulties to final achievement. For in 1910 those dreams gave way to reality and at last, out of pain and suffering, hardship and prayer, a school was opened for his people. His dream became a reality. FIRST BUSINESS EDUCATION CLASS OF NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE MAY 23, 1912 laflE BE HIS DREAM BECOMES A REALITY The school, known as the National Religious Training School and Chautauqua, was established in 1910 on a 25 acre tract, forming part of the present site. The land was a gift largely of white people of Durham. By 1912, 10 buildings had been erected. Private donations and student fees were the institution ' s only support, and the latter had to be kept at a minimum. Board and room cost $7.00 per month; tuition $1.00 for the same period. A teacher or professor earned $500 to $1,000.00 a year. Designed as a college, it was found necessary to include a high school course, so the institution, at first combined a high school, 4 year college, training school for country ministers, commercial school, and home economics school. The history of the early days of Dr. Shepard ' s enterprise is a story of adventure and faith. There were years when he had to borrow money to keep the school open to pay the teachers. His wife, Mrs. Annie Day Shepard, went to the kitchen and cooked for teachers and students in the early hard days. So far behind in payments of one school ' s obligation had he gotten. Dr. Shepard did not come into Durham. In 1915 the financial difficulties became so great that the school had to be sold and reorganized. In this second stage of its development, the institution was known as the National Training School. During the crisis. Dr. Shepard met one of his associates, C. C. Amey, later business manager of the school in a drug store on Mangum Street. They were opening mail, and out of one envelope fell a check, from a plain folding book. They noticed $25 on it and some zeros following it, but they couldn ' t imagine anyone sending $250. Close examination showed that it was for $25,000 from Mrs. Russell Sage of New York. This money made it possible for the property to be bought back. The gift saved the day. The school had begun to attract the attention of observers throughout the South, when the First World War dumped it into another financial depression. To insure the survival of the school THE LOG CABIN WAS USED AS A RECREATIONAL FACILITY DURING THE EARLY YEARS OF NCCU • rS! " ' ' " NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE FOR NEGROES two plans were considered. One was to turn over the control of the school to one of the several interested denominational boards. The other plan, which was adopted, was to give the property to the State as a public institution. Accordingly, in 1923, the National Training School became the Durham State Normal School. In 1925 the school experienced two notable events. A fire destroyed three important buildings— the administration building, the classroom building and men ' s dormitory. These were im- mediately replaced; but of more importance that same year. Dr. Shepard, with a brand new Doctorate of Literature from Howard University, was successful in a legislative campaign to make the school the Nation ' s first state-supported black liberal arts college. In 1925, the school became North Carolina College for Negroes. A new crisis arose in 1929, when the legislature considered the consolidation of the North Carolina College for Negroes and A T College at Greensboro. Protests from citizens of Durham resulted in the appointment by the Governor (at that time) Max Gardner of a fact finding com- mission, whose unanimous recommendation that the college be continued at Durham was adopted. During the remaining years of Dr. Shepard ' s life, he was markedly successful in securing appropriations from the North Carolina General Assembly ruled that the name of the school should be North Carolina College at Durham. Dr. Alfonso Elder assumed the presidency in 1948. His tasks included new approaches to the College ' s internal organization and expanding the faculty and curriculum to meet new changes demanded of education at the med-point of the twentieth century. By expanding the institution ' s research facilities, bringing into fruition the building program blueprint of his predecessor, pur- chasing additional land, renovating the physical plant and keeping open the avenues of good human relations between the campus and the community. Dr. Elder provided strong leadership during the late 40 ' s and 50 ' s and expanded the influence of the College both regionally and nationally. In 1963, Dr. Samuel P. Massie assumed the presidency, coming from Washington, D. C. where he was Associate Program Director for Undergraduate Science Education of the National Science Foundation and Chairman of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Howard University. On July 1, 1967, Dr. Albert N. Whiting, Dean of Faculty at Morgan State College, was inaugurated forth president of the institution. Under his vigorous leadership, the physical facilities expanded to over forty buildings, including expanded library facilities, a multi-million dollar communications building, a new science building, and expansion of the stadium facilities. Dr. Whiting has attracted some of the nation ' s finest faculty to the institution, nurtured the expanding cultural outreach of the campus and bolstered the economic foundation of the school through numerous corporation grants and endowments. In 1969, the State Legislature again changed the name of the institution to North Carolina Central University. On July 1, 1972, NCCU became a constituent member of the University of North Carolina. Throughout the difficulty period of the late 60 ' s and early 70 ' s the Whiting Administration has never lost sight of Dr. Shepard ' s original dream — to build and maintain an institution of the first rank where man may honor his past and celebrate his future, where wisdom may be cherished and the truth may set man free. PROGRESS AT THE OLD EAGLE ' S NEST THE NEW ADDITION TO THE JAMES E. SHEPARD MEMORIAL LIBRARY Addition to the Fine Arts Building The Communications Building will house Dramatic Art, English and Modern Foreign Languages. NCCU CELEBRATES 50 YEARS AS A STATE SUPP ORTED COLLEGE . PARTICIPANTS INTHESOth YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF NCCU FOUNDER ' S DR. SHEPARD ' S FAMILY PICTURED WITH DR. SAMUEL MASSIE (The other gentleman Is unidentified) t mm $m PRESIDENT GERALD FORD SPEAKS AT NCCU FOR 50th ANNIVERSARY MEMORIAL SERVICES FOR DR. SHEPARD AT FOUNDER ' S DAY ACTIVITIES STROLLING DOWN MEMORY LANE i - . STROLLING DOWN ! ! t . .--y Constance Black, a former Miss North Carolina College MEMORY LANE The Essence of You The Essence of You commemorates the 50th Anniversary of North Carolina Central Univer- sity. It is displaying what mutual co-operation and understanding by the alumni, faculty, students and community have produced for the betterment of society and for the individual. It depicts the struggle of people trying to attain freedom in themselves, self esteem and knowledge. It portrays the gaining of power economically, socially, physically and mental- ly by people to promote, maintain, influence, regulate and control a unity over their com- munity and their lives. Without this struggle there would be no progress. The Essence of You is saying that " You " as a part of North Carolina Central University have self respect, self awareness, self identity and through the progression of time has shown self esteem for what you love and hope for. It is saying that " You " have made North Carolina Central University a monument of intellectualism, truth, service and progress. Wilbert Williams tnd(B t %if( DAILY ROUTINE lA { ' _.tfE! S i: i 1 :r!tJL Dorm Life ■•-■; ' ■ -r fjit ZR I want three hot dogs, two bags of potato chips, four candy bars, . . . M , MU- • • M • mt, m. Vickie Saunders has pleasant dreams. WILD-WOOD WEED!!! What we do in the Student Union. rifcriririn r m . M m, m u »j ' » dt RUDY " J " The Communicator — MUSIC for your mind!! EVERYBODY LOVES MUSIC. 1 . Freshmen They came like the wind — BRAND NEW Into another Confused, Questional Lonely, Carefree, Insecure, and Excited — They came; But only to New faces and New Expert Thatcolleg Like the f re They came BRAND NE So young an And VIGORO rning ros Hattie L 1 Yesterday I thought when I grow up HI be a man . . . to be a man I thought meant growing up just getting big. i ■■n ■■URR Today I think perhaps tomorrow, HI know what it means to be a man thinking . . . respecting. .. Treating other men with dignity, Perhaps yesterday hope was real I could see men getting big growing up. I did not have to under- stand decisions made ef- fecting men, without their constant hate, bitterness, bigotry, mad grasp for power. I cannot grow up, I cannot become a man. James E. Parker Tomorrow, will it come? Can man survive? 1 When the " Boogie Master " spins the black plastic recording discs on his stereo machine, . . • Everybody moves and Grooves. Follow the Signs to N.CC Quality . . . makes the difference!! t aBhmra .4£ ' , ■• " Freshmen Alexander. Adnenne Alexander, Cassandra Williams. Alexander Allen. Dianetha Allen. Michael Allen. Steven Alston. Debbie Alston. George Alston. Gwendolyn Alston, Helen Alston. James Anderson. Cheryl Andrews. Bobby Antrum, Vera Arrington. Gloria Atkinson, Nellie Autry. Victor Avent. Garland Bailey. Dennis Bailey, Robert Baldwin. Cynthia Banks. Valerie Barbour. Beverly Barner, Audrey Bass. Tameria Battle. Johnese Beech. Bernard Bell. Karen Bell. Teresa Bell. Valerie Beniamin. Cynthia Benjamin. Vimiller Bennett. Laurie Benton. Portia Black. Catherine Black. Ronald Blackwell. Edward Blake. Denise Bloomfield, Nancy Blossom. Carol Blount, Dorothy Blue, Pamha BIythe, Frank Bohannon. Michael Bowen. Etta Bowser. Lessie Boyd. Denise Boyd. Jacqueline Brady. Joann Branch. Weldena Brewer. Jan Bridges. Maurice Bridges, Wanda Brinkley, Percy Briscoe, Jacqueline Broadhursi, Rom Brown. Angela Brown. Arthur Brown. Joe Brown, Marquente Brown, Noel Bryant, Gaynell Bryant, Gregory Bryant, Loretta Bullock. Glenda Bullock. Sheryl Buryn, Michelle Burch, Lyndelia Burnette. Barbara Campbell. Janet Cannon. Oliver 54 SEfS Freshmen fftifSi Carter. Antoinette Carthms. Linda Casey, Donald Cash, Shelby Cason, Evelma Gates, Myra Chambers. Samuel Chambers, Senetra Clark, Pamela Clifton. Gwendolyn Coble, Vickie Coleman, Albert Cook, Milhe Cooper, Gloria Cooper, Norvell Cooper, Vernifa Cordell, Dons Corpening, Shelia Council, Beverly Cowan, Denise Craig. Kooki Crewe. Pamela Cromartie. John Crooms. Allison Cunningham, Sam Daniels. Herbert Davidson. Vinesee Davis. Curt Davis. Lora Davis. Lydia Davis. Terry Dawson. Bernard Daye. Bernice Daye. Wayne Dempsey. Cynthia Dewberry, Judy DeWitt, Cynthia Dickens, Jeanette Dingle, Denise Dingle, Dennis Dockery, Sharon Dodd, Maude Donnell, Felita Dowdy. Darrell Drayton. Shelia DuBose. Cynthia DuBose. Danielle Dunston, Judith Edmonds. Ronda Edwards. Casandra Edwards. Denise Edwards. Sheena Elder. Cathy Elliot. Dexter Elliot. Shehah Epps. Cynthia Evans. Barbara Evans. Patricia Evans. Patricia Everett. Lorraine Farmer. Ernestine Fassor. Thelma Faulcon. Gary Fields, Joseph Fields, Roenell Firms, Sue Floyd, Michele Ford, Karen Fox. Valerie Frederick. Bernice Fulford. Jerry Fuller, Clyde 55 Freshmen Gabriel, Gwen Gabriel. Marva Galbreath, Randy Gamble. Albert Gatling, Angela Gay, Gary George. Reggie Gilmore. Valerie Gleen. Berkley Glover. Johnnie Goffington. Sandra Gore. Alan Gornett. Barbara Gowans. Jacqueline Graham. Glenda Graham. Jimmy Grandy. Rita Grange, Darrick Gray, Joy Grier. Linda Green. Renee Green. Robert Green. Wanda Griffon. Sharon Hackney, Gwendolyn Hall,Celina Hall. Viornette Ham. Donald Hardin. Stephanie Hardy. Woodrow Haroling, Hyacinth Harper, Jerry Harris, Debra Harris, Denise Harris. Jacqueline Harris, Jo Ann Harrison, Karen Harrison, Ovetta Hart, Marcia Hart, Shirley Hawkins, Deborah Hawkins, Joyce Heath, Deborah Hedgebeth, Nflarvm Hedson, Eva Hemby, Lula Henderson. Bonita Henderson, Ruby Hempstead. Joseph Herring. Vincent Hicks. Melinda Higgs, William Hightower, Linda Hilderbrand, Sharon Hill, Carrie Hilliard. Margaret Hodge. Dee Holloway. Veronica Holman. James Holmes. Antoine Hood, Cheryl Hooks, Vera Hoover, Tick Houge, Cynthia Houston, Len y Howard, Victor Howell, Sylvia Huff, Karen Hughes. Robert Hunt, Charles Huston. Debra Hyman. Shirley 56 f ?£ Freshmen ' s:)t Hyman, Sondra Ingram, Carrie Isler. Ins Isler, Patricia Jackson. Joe James. Deborah James, Lorraine Jenkins. Petronia Johnson, Bonnie Johnson, Deborah Johnson, Denvia Johnson. Janice Johnson. Leslie Johnson. Linda Johnson, Rodney Johnson, Sandra Jones, Amanda Jones, Collette Jones, Carol Jones, Ernest Jones, Jacqueline Jones, Jessie Jones, Marian Jones, Ole Mae Jones, Phillip Jones, Warnyene Jordan, Rulane Joyner, Shelia Kearns, Marva Kearny, Carolyn Kee, Beverly Keith. Anita Kelly. Pearlie Kennedy. Clara Kinney, Charma Lacewell, Pegge Lane, Mamie Lanier. Jerry Latham, Avis Lawrence, Rita LavKSon, Anthony Lee. Harriet Lee. Tammie Lew is. Josa Lewis. Linda Lewis. Michele Lineburger. Denise Lipscomb. Barbara Little. Janet Little. Naomi Lotton. Mae Long. Brenda Lunsford, Theodolia Lynch, Avon Lynch, Even Maddox, Cynthia Manage, Loretta Mare, Janice Martin, Debra Mason, Delores Mason, Jack Matthews. Jeanette McCabe, Rosemary McClean. Armatha McClean. Marolyn McCorkle. Marie McCullers. Portia McCullough. Ricke McDowell. Elaine McKeaver. Jewell McKibbins. Andrea McKinley. LaJoan 57 Freshmen McKinney, Dara McKoy. Earl McKoy, Edna McLaughlin. Anita McManus. Gwendolyn McMillian. Wanda McNair. Nadine McNeil, Anthony McNeil, Betty McWilhams, Catherine Melson, Teredo Mercer, Joseph Michaux. Kathy Mickle. Eliza Miller. Michael Mills, Edna Mmtz. Sadie Mitchell. Jocelyn Mitchell. Judith Modica, Evangeline Monroe, Shirley Moore. Alvester Moore. Vickie Moore. Wanda Morgan, Cassandra Morgan. Cathy Morton, Donna Mosley, Michael Moten. Juarez Mumford, Jean Murphy, Angel Murray, Donna Neally, Jimmy Nelson, Deborah Nesbit, Keith Nesmith. Dianna Newman, Carol Norman. Jacqueline Norman, La Juan Norrell, Cynthia Page, Aduffie Pearson, Marlyn Perkins. Joycelyn Perry. Jo Ann Perry. Omar Perry, Virgie Peterkin, Betty Peterkin, James Pettiford, Sandra Phillips. Vivian Phipps. Wiley Pigford, Betty Pigford. Cheryl Pittman. Theresa Pone. Edward Poole. Joyce Pope. Rebecca Powell, Beverly Powers, Herlene Pndgen. Myron Raeford, Scarlett Raeford, Valorie Ramsey. Cavell Ramsey. Valda Reaves. Ruby Reese. Ethel Reid. Barnette Reid. Felita Reid. Melinda Reynolds. Gail Richards. Rosalind Richardson. Annetee 58 gC ' ff Freshmen Richardson. Kay Richardson. Louis Riche. Jerri Ricks. Karen Roberts. Debbie Robinson. Michael Robinson. Vernon Robinson. William Roseboro. Tammera Ross, Andri Ruptherford. Dana Saddler, Beverly Sanders. Cynthia Sanders, Phyllis Sanford, Edward Satterwhite. Milton Saunders. Amelia Saunders. Michael Scott. Deborah Scott. Gail Scott. Ronald Scriven. Rodney Sellers. Theotis Sessoms. Alisa Shaw. Kevin Shepard. Veronica Shouse. Lynn Sidberry. Cassandra Sliver. Celestine Simpson. Cynthia Simpson. Eric Sloan. Darlene Sloan. Jeanette Sloan. Kimberly Smith. Angela Smith. Carrie Smith. Christopher Smith. Mark Smith. Maurice Smith. Morris Smith. William Scares. Vanessa Southerland. Jackie Spikes. Phyllis Spivey. Bettie Stanback. Alice Stanback. Eric Stanton. Calvin Stanton. Joseph Steed. Concetta Stewart. Evette Stewart, Yvone Strawberry, Vicky Streeter, Donald Strickland. Janice Stubbs. James Suber. Herbert Sumpter. Angela Tabor. Paula Tate. Steven Tatum. Arlene Taylor. Hattie Taylor. Mary Taylor. Naomi Teel. Jo Ann Teel. Pamela Thompkins. Renita Thompson. Ronda Thompson. Sharon Thorne. Theresa Tillery. Delorse Tillman. Clayton 59 Freshmen Tunstall. Beverly — - Turner, Nancy Tyson. Brenda Tyson, Gloria Vane, Joan H Vereen. David T|hk Vines. Dorothy - Walker, Anita Walker, Ava 1 . Wall. Debra Wallace. Gary Ki I Ward, Gloria w Warren, Evelyn Wastiington, James vV Watkins, Samuel ' a ' V Waugh, Yma fclW : f fffff White. Alphonso White, Regina Whitted, Vivian Wiggins, Felicia Wiley, Diana Williams, Albert Williams, Connie Williams, Debra Williams. Greg Williams. Gwendolyn Williams. Jerome Williams. Joyce Williams, Preanis Williams, Sharon Williams, Thomas Williams, Tyronne Williams. Valton Williams. Wayne Williamson, Clea Willoughby. Jackie Wilson. Clendon Wilson. Deana Wilson, Fred Wilson. Kenneth Woodard. Robbie Woods. Cheu Woodson. Deborah Wright, Barbara Whitaker. Tilda Wilson. Andrew Wooten. Anthony Worrell. Cynthia Yarborough. James Yarborough. Miriam Young. Vanessa Beatty.Celestme Bobbit. Phyllis Brown. Wanda Bryant. Sadie Caldwell. George Culbreth, Cathy DeBerry. Mary Fields. Lendell Foster. Betty Garnett. Barbra Hackney. Barbra Havis, Jacqueline George. Jamie Jordan. Vernon Kennedy, Gale McNair, Willie Moore. Janice Newkirk. Dennis Newkirk, James Passor, Thelma Peay, Greta 60 ►a-H Sophomores Adger. Eileen Akers, Debbie Alexander, Chuck Alfred, Phyllis Allen, Cathy Alston, Alvin Alston, James Anderson, Sharon Andrews, Theresa Arrington, Easter Asbury, Calvin Askew, Thelma Atwater, Kathy Autry, Reginald Ayscue, Mildred Ballen, Jacqueline Battle, Vivian Batts, Ruth Baucum, Sharon Beamon, Rose Beatty, Brenda Beckwith, Carmar Bell, Marcus Bennett, Audrey Bennett, Cynthia Best, Barbara Bigelow, Sherril Birkhead, Kathy Balackwell, Franklin Blue, Gloria Bolden. Marilyn Bostic, Evelyn Bowser, Lula Boyd, Karen Bradshen, Jacqueline Brandon, Debra Bratcher, Bernice Bridges, Michele Britt, Brenda Brochington, Irving Brooks. Wanda Brown, Angela Brown, Connie Brown, Shirl Bryant, Debra Bryant, Myron Bryant, Sadie Bryant, Sandra Sophomores Buck, Lori Bullock, Audrey Bullock, Bernis Bullock, Shirley Burke, Deborah Bynum. Cathy Cabarrus, Carlton Cam, Beverly Caldwell. Phyllis Campbell, Dale Campbell, Phyllis Canter, Reggie Carmichael, Jewell Carpenter, Cathy Carter, Janet Carter, Reginald Chambers, Betty Chandler, Phyllis Chapel, Oliver Cheek, Darlene Chestnut, Tina Chestnut, Kitty Clarke. Nikita Clay, Barbara Clay, Debra Clay, Denise Clemons, Colette Clyburn, Warren Cokley. Bertia Council, Gloria Courts, Rhonda Cozart, Angela Crawford, Anthony Cromartie, Cynthia Daniels, Ray Davis. Ivory Davis. James Degree, Donald Dillard, Michael Dingle, Janice Dixion, Alfred Dortch, Grace Dravghn, Bettie Dubar, Marva Dumas, Carolyn Dunn, Debra Easley, Raquel Edwards. Charles gr | m A K t " r 0 ' H H . 9 ■LjCjr wD " W W iJ ' ' Ik TiS ■ , ' « - flk tfi T -i , .m vT Sophomores IL . ■ ' h Edwards, Lafayette Edwards, Sandra Eggleston. Carol Elliott, Anthony Elliott, Pattie Ellis, Monica Farrior, Audrey Farrior, Patti Farrow, Brenda Fennell, Vickl Ferguson, Sonja Ferrell, Wanda Fields, Lendell Fletcher, Dana Fletcher, Ronald Flowers, Vanessa Ford, Cherylen Foreman, Delilah Foster, Janet Franklin, Letitia French, Wllma Gadsden, Alan Gardner, Willie Garner, Brenda Garrett, Michael Gibbs, Kenneth Giles, Leo Glenn, Robert Godwin, Beverly Gooding, Larry Goodman, Charlotte Gore, Dedra Green, Joe Green, Karla Hackney, Barbara Hall, Inez Hamlett, Pearlie Hanna, Renee Hardy, Andrea Harrell, Anthony Harris, David Harris, Linda Harris, Yvonne Hayne, Phyllis Hedgepeth, Eugenia Henderson, Howard Herring, Judy Hewett, Robert 63 m. Sophomores Hill. Brenda Milliard. Lenora Hinton. Calvin Mines. Celeste Mines, Jackie Holloway. Jams Mope. Kathy Mopkins. Micheal Home. Barbara Houston. Jonathan Howard, Vickie Hunt, Tommy Ingram. Loretta Irby. Joyce Jackson. Paula Jackson, Ronald Jeffries, Charlene Jenkins. Sherri Johnson. Darrell Johnson. Demetrius Johnson. Donald Jones, Althea Jones, Darlene Jones, Micheal Jones. Ronita Jones. Veronica Jordan, Jacqueline Jordon. Charieese Joseph. Doris Joyner, Sheila Kearns. Wanda Keith. Linda Kent. Dianne King. Rosemary Kornegay, Ronald Lacewell, Joe Lacy, Joyce Lamarr, Tanya Lambertson. Deborah Lamp, Annie Lassiter, Elaine Law, Shelia Lea. Charlene Leacraft. Paula Lewis. Stephanie Lindsay, Sherri Lipscomb, Connie Liverett, Deborah Sophomores Lowe, Jerome Lucas, Linda Lucus, Sherwood Lunsford. Yvette Lynch, Sharon Lyons, Melinda Mackey, Vivian Manning, Mahetta Martin, Garry Mason, Theresa Mathews. Emogene Mathls, Linda McClam, Roscoe McClelland, Karen McCollum, Trudi McCorkle, Patrice McKayhan, Paulette McKlnney, Jo Anne McKinney, Vernette McKoy, Phyllis McLaughlin, Peaches McNaIr, Warren McNeil, Samuel McNeil, Maggie McPherson, James McQultter, Deborah McSwaIn, Pamela Medlin, Frederick Miller, Margaret Miller, Steve Minga, John Mingo, Angela MInter, William Montague, Gloria Moody, Dennis Moore, Evelyn Moore, Gloria Morrison. George Morrison, Michael Muldrow, Alfred Murphy, Verdelle Nash, Tamara Newkirk, Audrey Nowell, Garnette Page, Debroah Parker, Gloria Patterson, Angela Patton, Sharon 65 Sophomores Peebles, Amelia Perry, Cheryl Phillips, Ronald Pickett, Wanda Pinckney, John Plummer, Durwin Poteat, Linda Powell, Calvm Powell, Marchelle Powell, Mary Pridgen, James Pugh, David Pulley, Jimmy Pyant, David Quails, Sophronia Ransome, Dwight Rasberry, Mary Ratcliff, Clarence Reid, Joseph Reynolds, Vicki Richardson, Joseph Richardson, Stanley Riddick, Loretta Riddle, Deborah Riley, Brenda Roach, Patricia Roberts, Nathania Roberts. Venita Roberts. Wanda Robinson, Althia Robinson, Marvin Ross, Gregory Rush, Gwendolyn Scarborough, Debbie Scotton, Richard Sessoms, Alisa Shaw, William Shuford, Bettina Silver, Corlis Simmons, Debra Skinner, Ruth Slaughter, James Smith, Brenda Smith, Chandra Smith, Debra Solomon. Vertella Speight. Melinda Speller. Carolyn 66 ' v ' , ' Sophomores Springfield, Regina Stancil, Lillis Stanley. Mary Steele, Wanda Stephenson, Genneva Stokes, Jack Strong, Stephanie Suiter, Cathlene Sutton, Ronald Swindell, Olymphia Talley, Theresa Tapp, Alecia Taylor, Amelia Taylor, Feasta Teagle, Kevin Terry, Barbara Theus, Robin Thomas, Angela Thompson, Frances Thompson, Jennifer Thompson, Ken Thompson, Mary Thorpe. Andre Tilford, Sheree Tobias, Artie Torain, Nancy Totton, Benita Trye, Alton Turner, Joyce Vinson, Joyce Waddell, Gregory Waldo, Rosalyn Wall, Lavelle Ware. Ella Ward, Audrey Washington, Jinkie Washington, Joe Warson, Cynthia Webb, Roland Wells, Joan White, Brenda White, Debra White, Delores Whitehead, Lenzola Wilder, Felecia Wilfong, Micheal Williams, Beverly Williams, Cicero Sophomores Williams, Felecia Williams, Lisa Williams. Maude Williams. Nina Williams, Sharon Williams, Wilbert Wilson, Billie Wilson, Carlton Wilson, Donita Wilson. Denice Woods, Phyllis Young. Patricia Adams, Loretta Artis, Elizabeth Bell, Kelvin Bennett, Pheon Brook, Karen Bright, Jacqueline Carson. Mary Cheek. Carl Cherry. Stephanie Cooper. Cornell Cooper. Terrence Corbett. Keith Council. Candice Courts. Regina Curry, Mason, III Curtis, Gloria Dancy, Frances Daniels, Bernice Davis, Glendora Davis, Vanessa DeBerry, Ervin Deloatch, Barbara Dicken, Anita Edmundson, Kim Edwards, Carl Evans, Dianne Fennell, Alvis Floyd, Denise Ford. Valerie Gaddy. Claynetha Gardner, Serial Gilmore, Barbara Gorham, Allen Graham, Dean Granison, Jacqueline Hamilton, David 68 Sophomores McCoy, Tanya McGrill, Jimmy Mcllwain. Jennifer Madden, Mike Martin, James Mebane, Cynthia Moore, Gary Musgrave, Sharon Noreen, Kenan Overky, Janette Parham, Edith NOT PICTURED Ratcliff, Clarence Robinson, Michelle Robinson, Elwood Robinson, Lettie Sanders, Deborah Sanders, Dorothy Shaw, Linda Sinclair, Mary Smith, Delores Smith, Melba Suber, Alice Swann, Katrena Tatum, Lisa Vanderhurst, Mike Walker, Mamie White. Shelton Williams, Constance Williams, Larry Wiggins. Roosevelt Woods, Cathy Wooten, Delorse Richardson, Elaine Harp, Keith Hawes. Phyllis Hewitt, Monty Holliday, Debbie Holloman, Ruth Holmes, Reginald Hopkins, Velma Howell, Sharon Phifer. Joyce Potts, Leon Hunter, Delores Hunt, Sheilah Ingram, Victor Jenkins, Angeline Jennings, Kim Powell, Beverly Johnson, Lofae Johnson, Samuel Jones, Colise Jones. Joyce Jones. Wanda Kelly. Janice Kendall. Denise Keyon, Frances Lambert, Shelia Leadbetter, Cecilia Lee, Ora Lemon. Michael Lentford, Jessica Little, Henry Prince, Travis Rainey, Debbie McClain, Milton McClain, Thomasine McClod,Kent Juniors Adams, Pamela Alexander, Mary Allen, Freddrick Alston, Alfred Alston, Anna Alston, Carolyn Anderson, Norman Armstrong, Angeline Arrington, Elder Avery, Edith Badgett, Annette Baker, Angela allance, Margaret Ballard, James Ballard. 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Dempsey " History Capricorn Wanda Joan DeVane Business Education Cancer ies Marshall Dillahunt Dennis Dixon Gwendolyn Dockery Martha Dockery Political Sciences Geosraphv Elementary Ed. History Aries- Aquarius Aries- Scorpio Kary Vincent Dodd History Scorpio Regina Y. Donnell Elementary Education Cancer Sharon Donnell History Leo Gwendolyn Dorsey Health Education Aries La Verne Maria Douglas Political Science Sagittarius Cheryl Louise Douthit Sociology Pisces Hazel M. Dozier History Taurus , Connie Dunlap Business Administration Virgo Brenda Dunn Gloria Lonetta Dunn Carol Renee Eaglin Ernest B. Eason Historv Business Administration Elementary pjducation Biolofjy Aquarius Cancer Taurus Aries Gladys Marie Eaton Elementary Education Leo Lillian Edge Carolyn Edwards Marsha Michelle Edwards Home Economics Business Administration Nursing Aquarius Cancer ■ w m mi vl k t ,_ " UK Wanda Yvette Edwards Pre-Physiotheraphy Gemini Vivian M. 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Freeman Mathematics Gemini Thelma Ann Gales Ophelia Eugenia Garmon Dandra Garrett Judie S. Gentry History Bioldgv Biology Biology Capricorn Libra Virgo Aries Bobbie Gibson Cecelia J. Glenn Biology Gemini Marlene Glover Elementary Education Cancer Linda Gail Goolsby Elementary Education Cancer 1 1 t., ' i Gwendolyn Gorham Elementary Education Aries Deloris F. Graham Biology Aquarius Donna J. Graham Accounting Virgo Elvira D. Graves Accounting Leo John Irving Green, Jr. Elementary Education Aries Rodney K. Green Accounting Pisces Roy Grisson, Jr. Business Administration Pisces Bebra Ann Guin Home Economics Gemini Debra K. Hall Linda J. Hall Toni Hall Mildred Hardy Public Administration Business Education Physical filducation Business Administration Pisces Pisces Virgo Scorpio Janice Harper Sociology Libra Paula D. Harrell Music Libra Marilyn E. Harris Business Administration Gemini Walter L. Harris Accounting Sagittarius Arie A. Hayes Elementary Education Sagittarius Larry S. 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Peace Business Administration Sagittarius Theodore Wylie Pearson Criminal Justice Taurus Carlene Peele Cattrual Perry Dwight D. Perry Jocelyn F. Perry Biology Health Education Biology Sociology Virgo Aries Taurus Aries Nathan Perry Bertenna Person Michael Pharr Victoria Ann Pherribo iness Administration Business Administration Economics Elementary Education Libra Pisces Scorpio Virgo nda Pickett Eugene McKinsey Pierce Denise R. Pipkin Pamela Vauline Poston English Business Administration Business Education Business Administration Leo Scorpio Scorpio Virgo Gloria A. Potts Jacquetta Powell Joyce E. Powell Daisey Quick Accounting Elementary Education Clothing Textiles Psvchologv Capricorn Pisces Taurus Scorpio Samuel Lee Quick Louis A. Quinn Dinah Ragland Wayne Rainey Biologv Biologv Nursing Business Administration Aquarius Pisces Capricorn Cancer Patricia J. Rawling Elementary Education Scorpio Robert G. Raynor Public Administration Cancer Sandra F. 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' ' 5 |J|j ' [j ' m 1 H l V ' l-y Not Pictured Felton Wooten Bertha Worthington Danny Worthy Terry Worthy Public Administration Earlv Children Education Physical Education Business Administration Aries Libra Virgo Leo ■ f K .;; F ▼Il - ' - 1 V. d Brenda Wright Business Administration Sagittarius Jacqueline Yardborough Business Administration Leo Sonja Youngblood Clothing Textiles Taurus Ester Williams Getting in To it! Tea for two -n- Three for two! J y This is last weeks dessert!! ©mo© Miss North Carolina Central University Charlisa Davis DeEdgra Fozard ATTENDENTS Linda Jackson Li And Behold A Queen Is Crowned . . . Miss NCCU, She wears a crown and title unlike all others. She is truly " The Es- sence Of You " . The smile she carries upon her face is the glow that makes NCCU shine. The beginning — Mrs. Keck, Miss NCC of 1929 to now, Miss De- Edgra Fozard, Miss NCCU of 1975. Can you tell the difference? At NCCU, there is unlimited Beauty!!!!! MissCriminal Justice LaVern Douglass B w -p H 1 1 Miss Kappa Omicron Phi Juanita Turner Miss Alpha Phi Alpha Linda F MissTau PhiTau Brenda Dunn Miss Spanish Club Lawanda Lawson Miss Rush Hall Eledner Arrington 1 Miss Phi Beta Lambda Sharon Smith Miss Future Business Educators Marilyn Kinsey Morris iss English Club Melinda Davis r Miss Alpha Kappa Mu Gloria Potts MissSphinxman Marilyn Coy Miss Alpha Angel Wanda Robinson Miss Alpha Kappa Alpha Althea Jeffries Miss Delta Sigma Theta Felicia McKoy Miss Sigma Gamma Rho Sharon Daniels Miss Zeta Phi Beta Kwina Davis Miss Phi Beta Sigma Marguerite Bazemore Miss Nu Gamma Alpha Ronita Jones Miss Kappa Alpha PsI Kismet Freeman Miss Omega Psi Phi Vernolda Mack Miss Alpha Phi Omega LaVerne Williams MissExUmbra DIanne Evans MissChiEtaPhi Cathy Badgett Miss Annie Day Shepard Stephanie Hardin ■■• ' ' W-l if ' Jif MissC T WilhsBusinessClub Vertella Solomon Mr MissKilabectu Walter Davis Margie Lilley Miss Latham Hall Wanda Simpson Miss Eagleson Hall Sharon Anderson ic«- MissChidleyHall Sandra Redmond Miss tcho Cynttiia Bennett MissFreshman Beverly Powell Miss Sophomore Tanya McCoy ■iJIIH wryi ' m aM SEkB IbI W- 9 ' f ' . I " The Essence of You " — the reflection of that which is you in relation to fashion. Fashion has gone through many different changes. Very short afros .... coats with fur ... , slinky gowns . . . , mouton coats like grandma used to wear . . . , of course the long and short of it. Let ' s not forget the " LEATHERS " . Men are in the swing of things too. There ain ' t nothing finer than a man m a suit being " CLEAN " . Even at night we must be fashionable, you can ' t go to bed looking " SHAKEY " ! And no fashion show is complete without entertainment which " CENTRAL " IS full of. j P Gotta get away! Gotta get away! Now ticket te ' S ' On a natural high. the story of campus hfe . . . waiting. Getting Down At The Show! f Wm J li v ' 1 f Jj . v.» H 1 1 H NCCU VS SCSC The war between the Eagle and the stunted Bulldog, who stooped so low as to enter Eagleland, was fought on that well known field of O ' Kelly. The famous battle took place on November 1. 1975 at 1:30 p.m. This famous battle attracted people from all over the world. (It was a sm to disturb this Eagle and all his family.) This mighty bird swooped down from atop his moun- tain onto the battle field and prepared to meet his opponent. The whistle blew for the battle to begin. The strategy of the generals was the same. The battle began to see-saw back and forth across the field. The Eagle would deliver a mighty blow, the crowd would go up in an uproar, the Bulldog would come back with a counter attack that made the crowd go up in boo ' s. All of a sudden the Eagle was in a deadlock, nowhere to go, nothing to do. The crowd relaxed while the Eagle returned to the top of his mountain to make plans for the second half. After the half time discussion, the Eagle came from his mountain with a new look, which showed in the second half kick-off. Third quarter the Eagle clipped the Bulldog ' s tail shorter than it already was, then he plucked his left eye out with 2 minutes left in the third quarter. In the be- ginning of the fourth quarter, the Eagle was really fired up. He plucked the Bulldog ' s other eye out, by the end of the fourth quarter, the Bulldog had lost his life and the Eagle was victorious again. Able to fly faster than a speedy 747. Able to leap the highest mountain, and stronger than any other bird that flys. Eagles 6 — Bulldogs 3 m ---.-r-- -1-- .. In The Spirit Of The Eagle Dale Pelsey Freshman From Fayetteville, N.C. Sing ' s Lift Every Voice — •-, :_ " _ fe- - ■ Z . ' f v.. Vl fl -4tvX3i . ' -i.; ' .2te. ' r , ' - » - RONNIE RAY His 44.45 victory in the Pan-American 400 meters was a big one to Ron Ray. It not only gave him his first major international gold medal, but perhaps more importantly, it also marked Ron Ray ' s return to world-class quarter-mihng. It has been a long, uphill grind from a high school record 45.8 440 as a prep senior in 1972. His first two years at North CaroHna Central University were marked by frustrating injuries and a disappointing stall in what he knows should have been a world class career. The 1975 season was a httle better, as he won the NAIA title in a near PR 46.04. But at the NCAA he ran last in his semi and didn ' t even try the AAU, he kept training through, and got a big break when a spot came open on the US mile relay team for the match against West Germany and Africa. Ray was called in and he responded with a 46.6 lead-off on the 3:02.4 world record. Then he cut his best to 45.42m in taking the Pan-Am Trials. He wanted to run 44.8 at the Games, he said. He did even better, zipping 44.45, fourth-quickest automatic time ever (only the first three in the ' 68 Olympic final are faster) to best last year ' s No. 1, Alberto Juantorena of Cuba. He finished off a stellar comeback anchoring the US 1600 relayists to victory. .. ----• ' 4 AlcorrtMV The football team presents a portrait of a former player to tiis family during tialftime of tfie Delaware State garni in wfiicfi tfie Eagles were victorious 16-14 Melvin, Stanley Harrell, John Melvin, Stuart McCleilan, Robert, McCray, Glenn Swann.Tony Mclver, Timothy Fitts, David Pledger. Vincent Roper, Edward Monroe, Floyd Bass. Glendale Caldwell. David Lee. Robert King, James . • . «ir,. . .. NCCU Track The Best Track Record OfAny Black College 30 National Titles 8 Olympic Winners 77 All Americans In the beginning, from a very meager start in 1947 wtien two attiletes had to exchange track shoes to compete in consecutive events, the North Carolina Central University thin dads have risen to a point of international prominence in track and field- This rise to national and international prominence was marked by a number of high spot performances by NCCU athletes. Don Leek, started the process by winning the AAU |unior indoor hurdler title in 1947 Lee Calhoun, continued the hurdling tradition by winning a series of outdoor and indoor titles with the crowning achievement of NCCU ' s first Olympic gold medal in 1956in Melvourne. Australia Calhoun repeated his 1 10 meter hurdler victory in 1960 to become the only back-to-back winner of that event. In addition to winning numerous conference and regional championships and thirty national championships. NCCU has had at least one representative in every Olympic Games since 1956, Charles Foster is presently the world ' s best hurdler and should continue NCCUs Olympic representation In 1956 Lee Calhoun won the gold medal for the 1 10 meter event in Melbourne He repeated in Rome in 1960 In 1964 Ed Roberts won the bronze medal in the 200 meters in Tokyo, Japan Ed Roberts and Norman Tate represented the USA and NCCU in Mexico in 1968, In 1972 in Munich, Germany. Larry Black won the silver medal for the 200 meters and the gold for the 4X100 Relay Julius Sang won bronze medal for the 4X400 Relay and Robert Ouko was a finalist in the 800 meters and a gold medal winner in the 4X400 Relay. „..„ NCCU ALL AMERICAN CERTIFICATE WINNERS yf?f f " .. EVENT SEL 1956 Lee Calhoun 1957 Lee Calhoun 1957 Lee Calhoun 1959 Lee Calhoun 1959 Walter Johnson 1959 Vance Robinson 1959 Vance Robinson 1960 Walter Johnson 1961 Walter Johnson 1961 Walter Johnson 1963 Norman Tate 1963 Norman Tate 1963 1963 Norman Tate 1964 Norman Tate 1961 Norman Tale 1964 Norman Tate 1964 Norman Tate 1964 Norman Tate 1964 Edwin Roberts 1964 Edwm Roberts 1964 Edwin Roberts 1964 Edwin Roberts 1964 Andrew McCray 1964 Andrew McCiray 1964 Andrew McCray 1965 Norman Tate 1965 Norman Tate 1965 Norman Tate 1965 Norman Tate 1965 Edward Roberts 1965 Edward Roberts 1965 Edward Roberts 1966 Edwin Roberts 1970 Jimmy Howell 1970 Ron Draper 1970 Larry Black 1970 Larry Black 1970 Larry Black 1970 Ron Draper 1970 TokiWill.ams 1970 James Steward 1970 Larry Black 1970 Ken Thompson 1970 Ron Draper 1971 Melvin Bassett 1971 Larry Black 1971 Ron Draper 1971 Melvin Bassett 1971 Jerry Monroe 1971 Larry Black 1971 Ron Draper 1972 Melvin Bassett 1972 Larry Black 1972 Charles Foster 1972 Jeft Horsley 1972 Robert Ouko 1972 1972 Larry Black 1972 Jetf Horsley 1972 Charles Foster 1972 Julius Sang 1972 Melvin Bassett 1972 Robert Ouko 1972 Julius Sang 1972 Larry Black 1973 1974 Charles Foster 1974 Robert Ouko 1974 Charles Foster 1974 Melvin Bassett 1974 Larry Black 1974 Julius Sang 1974 Melvin Bassett 1974 Charles Foster 1974 Melvin Bassett 1974 Robert Ouko 1974 Julius Sang 1974 Larry Black 1974 Charles Foster CD— College Division 220 Dash 440 Dash 440 Dash 440 Dash Triple Jum Long Jump 100 Meters Dash 200 Meters Dash 100 Meter 200 Meters 400 I H 440 Intermediate 440 1 Hurdler Triple Jump Long Jump Triple Jump Triple Jump 220 Dash 220 Dash 100 Dash 100 Dash 440 Relay 440 Relay 440 Relay 440 Relay 440 Relay 440 Relay 440 Relay 440 Relay 440 I H 220 Dash llOMHurdI 100 M Dash 800 M Run 440 M Run 440 Relay 440 Relay 440 Relay 440 Relay eRela 120 HH 440 I Hurdler 440 Relay 440 Relay 440 Relay 440 Relay One Mile Relay One Mile Relay One Mile Relay One Mile Relay NCAA AAU NCAA AAU NCAA NCAA NCAA AAU NCAA NCAA NAIA NAIA NAIA NCAA-CD NCAA-UD NCAA-CD NCAA-UD NCAA-UD NAIA NAIA NAIA NAIA NCAA NCAA NAIA NAIA NCAA NCAA NAIA NAIA AAU NAIA NCAA NAIA NCAA NAIA NAIA NAIA NCAA-CD NCAA-UD NCAA-CD NCAA-CD NCAA-CD NCAA-CD NCAA-CD NCAA-UD NAIA NAIA NAIA NAIA NAIA NAIA NAIA NAIA NAIA NAIA NAIA NAIA NAIA NAIA NAIA NAIA NAIA NAIA NAIA NCAA NAIA NAIA NCAA NCAA NCAA NCAA NCAA NCAA Track Team .----- L-. ,r. " : Tennis Anyone? GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM ROSTER Brenda McKoy Annette Edgerton Yvonne Perkins Janice Tate , Pat Roach " ' Pat Hall Cassandra Sidberry Valerie Winfield Cheryl Foy Deborah Gibson Clarisse Dunn Girl ' s Volleyball Team GIRL ' S VOLLEYBALL TEAM Tina Chestnut Danette Henry Denvia Johnson Janice Strickland Clarice Dunn Vernette McKinnon Angela Thomas Margaret Ballance Sandra Shuler —Coach Wrestling Team Virginia State 19 J.C. Smith 13 Wilberforce 4 St. Paul ' s 52 Hampton 25 Lincoln Univ. 32 Virginia Union 13 Shaw Univ. 27 0pp. NCCU 0pp. Lincoln Univ. 13 7 S.C. State 6 Bluefield 6 7 Morgan 20 St. Paul ' s 19 Virginia State 14 Howard Univ. 27 Delaware ShawUniv. 18 Tennessee 18 J.C.Smith 13 27 J.C. Smith A T 7 West Virginia 14 Shaw Univ. 20 A T 33 1930 Virginia Union St. Paul ' s St. Paul ' s Virginia State Lincoln Univ. Lincoln Univ. Shaw Univ. Shaw Univ. A T A T J.C.Smith Hampton Ins. 24 Livingstone A T Morgan 26 Va. Union 12 St. Pauls Hampton Ins. 7 Virginia State Bluefield 7 J.C. Smith ShawUniv. Morgan 47 Howard 7 A T 7 J.C.Smith Bluefield Hampton Ins. 26 St. Augustine 25 ShawUniv. 6 St. Paul ' s 7 Howard Univ. A T 1935 NCCU Hampton Inst Bluefield 26 St. Augustine 6 Shaw Univ. 9 St. Paul ' s 6 J.C.Smith A T 7 Bluefield 14 St. Paul ' s 9 St. Augustine Virginia Union 7 ShawUniv. 13 J.C. Smith A T 1938 NCCU Lincoln Univ. Bluefield ShawUniv. A T 6 J. C. Smith 13 St. Paul ' s 19 St. Augustine Opp. Opp. Opp. 13 Bluefield 6 St. Pauls 14 Howard Univ. 29 ShawUniv. J.C.Smith 6 A T 1941 NCCU 9 Bluefield 66 St. Paul ' s 36 Lincoln Univ. 16 Shaw Univ. 9 J.C. Smith 9 A T Va. State 6 Morris Brown 1942 Va. State Bluefield J.C.Smith A T Fayetteville Kentucky 12 Delaware 34 Winston-Salem 23 Bluefield 34 Va. Union TAAF 54 ShawUniv. 47 A T Virginia St. 1946 NCCU 85 Fort Jackson 32 Delaware St. 19 Bluefield 26 Winston-Salem 6 A T 13 Va. Union 14 Tennessee 6 ShawUniv. 29 J.C. Smith 1947 Delaware Va. Union West Va. Va. State Tennessee Morgan J.C.Smith Shaw Univ. A T Opp. 6 6 6 Opp. Opp. Opp. 1950 St. Aug. Delaware Va. State ShawUniv. Tennessee J.C. Smith West Va. A T 9 St. Aug. 1 Hampton Inst Va. State 3 Maryland St. 6 Tennessee 4 J.C. Smith 9 West Va. A T NCCU 31 St. Aug. 25 Hampton Inst 7 Va. State 7 Maryland St. Tennessee 47 J.C. Smith 19 West Va. 15 A T Opp. Opp. Opp. St. Aug. H ampton Inst. Va. State ShawUniv. 7 6 7 6 Tennessee J.C. Smith West Va. A T Florida A M 7 13 67 Opp. Opp. NCCU Opp 25 St. Aug. 28 Hampton Inst. 12 Va. State 6 7 Maryland St. 7 3 Tennessee 13 38 J.C.Smith 6 40 West Va. 13 7 A T 6 19 Tennessee 6 Delaware 1955 S.C. State NCCU Opp Morgan St. 13 18 St. Aug. 6 Va. State 12 40 West Va. 6 Tennessee 6 6 Va. State 6 West Va. 7 Maryland St. 36 J.C.Smith 27 Shaw Univ. Shaw Univ. 12 26 S.C. State 7 A T 6 7 A T 7 _ . . Uf NCCU Opp Florida 28 6 Morgan St. 6 7 St. Aug. 6 33 Va. State 13 7 Maryland St. 7 12 S.C. State 26 38 Bluefield 7 20 A T K NCCU 9 Morris Brown 27 Morgan State 33 St. Aug. 35 Va. State 7 Maryland St. 13 Shaw Univ. Bluefield A T Florida A M 1958 NCCU 6 Morris Brown 28 Allen Univ. 14 Morgan State 26 St. Aug. 33 Va. State 26 Maryland State 20 Shaw University 38 Benedict Col. 18 A T 1959 Morris Brown Allen Univ. Morgan State St. Aug. Va. State Maryland State Shaw University Benedict College A T Opp. 7 16 12 14 Opp. 24 6 Opp. 13 13 NCCU Opp 8 Morris Brown 6 15 Allen Univ. 15 Morgan State 25 22 St. Aug. 28 Virginia State 14 8 Maryland State 27 31 Shaw Univ. 32 Va. Union ,, 14 1961 13 NCCU Opp 19 Allen Univ. 6 21 Morgan 14 St. Augustine 6 Va. State 6 Maryland State 26 Shaw Univ. 31 Morris Brown 21 20 Va. Union 7 13 A T 1962 Allen Univ. Morgan State St. Augustine Va. State Maryland St. Shaw Univ. Morris Brown Va. Union A T 1963 13 Allen Univ. 25 Morgan State 7 St. Augustine 19 Va. State 20 Maryland St. 20 Shaw Univ. 28 Morris Brown 14 Va. Union 6 A T 1964 25 Allen Univ. Morgan State 25 St. Augustine Va. State Maryland State Shaw Univ. 26 Morris Brown 20 Va. Union A T 1965 Allen Univ. Morgan State St. Aug. Va. State Maryland St. Shaw Univ. J.C. Smith Va. Union A T 1966 Allen Univ. Morgan State Ky. State Va. State Maryland St. Shaw Univ. J.C. Smith Va. Union A T 1967 Allen Univ. Morgan State Ky. State Va. State Maryland State Shaw Univ. J.C.Smith Va. Union A T NCCU 21 Livingston 7 Morgan State 32 WinSalem 22 Maryland State 60 Shaw Univ. 34 J.C. Smith 60 Va. Union 6 A T NCCU 31 Livingstone 34 Morgan 63 Win-Salem 14 Maryland State 20 Va. State 49 Shaw Univ. 28 J.C.Smith 12 Va. Union 28 A T Opp. 15 21 12 15 6 6 7 6 6 NCCU Opp Alcorn A M 27 15 Morgan State 54 7 Va. State 21 62 Win-Salem 7 31 U. Md. E. Shore 14 32 Shaw Univ. 34 J.C. Smith 55 14 Va. Union 13 A T 7 ecu 1 POPP 14 Elon « K 7 19 Livingstone 10 8 Morgan State 23 34 Delaware 3 7 U. Md. E. Shore 21 S. C. State 12 14 J.C. Smith 18 42 Howard Univ. 18 14 A T 13 NCCU Opp 29 Win-Salem 6 41 Elon College 21 47 Livingstone 13 29 Morgan State 7 10 Delaware 14 42 U.Md.E. Shore 20 43 S.C. State 29 J.C. Smith 8 14 Howard 13 9 A T 7 1973 Winston Salem Florida A M Alcorn A M Morgan State Virginia State Delaware State Opp. 27 23 52 21 UMES 20 3 S.C. State 24 7 J.C. Smith 15 10 Howard 7 7 26 16 A T State 6 14 24 34 19 1974 ■ w NCCU Opp hm . ° Savannah State 27 Winston Salem 7 12 Alcorn State 14 Opp. 13 Morgan State 3 2 14 Virginia State 3 21 7 Delaware State 12 16 UMES 7 7 3 South Carolina State 21 8 21 Johnson C. Smith 7 6 17 Howard University 17 6 29 N.C. A T State 18 NCCU Opp 30 Savannah State 27 Winston Salem State 10 7 Alcorn State 54 20 Morgan State 20 16 Delaware State 14 14 UMES 6 South Carolina State 3 14 Johnson C. Smith 22 7 Howard University 41 18 N.C. A T State 39 J. L. Alston, Athletic Director Pep Squad Cheerleaders o o Q mmltf SMff Chancellor and Mrs. Albert N. Whiting 1. Mr. William Jones, Assistant to 2. Mr. Dallas Simmons. Assistant Chancell to Chanc 1. Dr. Leonard Robinson, Vice-Chancelor for Aca- demic Affairs. 2. Mr. George Thorne, Vice-Chancellor for Finan- cial Affairs. ■a ' -v - 1. I. W.Knight — Comptroller 2. M. Creed — Director of Admissions 3 P.Johnson — Bursar 4 B.McMillion — Registrar 5 J. W. Davis — Director of Auxiliary Enterprises 1 W. Pattilo — Biology 3 C. Orr Secretary — Director of Summer Session 2 S. Hughley — Library 4. H.Miller — Chairman Department of Nursing 1. Infirmary staff 2 V.Rogers — Switchboard Operator 3 R. McAdams — Assistant Director of Financial Aid 4 S. Harrell — Director of Healtti Service 5 J.Gibbs — Grants Officer 6 L. Merritt — Director of Career Counseling Placement 7 W. Blackwell — Director of Financial Aid 8. R. Smith — Director of Food Services 3 R. Thompson, F. Applegate, S. Smith. R. Murphy — Account- ing 4 D. Spellman — Business 5 6 V. Maafo — Economics 7. R. Ball — Business Economics 8 M.Tolton — Economics at: w. m: _ . 1 (1st row) M. Brown, P. Mack, E. Massoglia (2nd row) E. Rice, G. Oaschall, I. Ford — Home Economics 2 M. Ducan A. Jermundson — Education 3 4 P. Scagnelli — Psychology 5 C. Alcorn — Education 6 H. Box — Education 7 J. Knight — E ducation 8 B. McCloud — Education 9 B. Nixon, A. Davis, M. Knight 10 T. Hogan — Economics 11 J. Rothenberg — Political Science 12 0. Knight — Director of Special Education 13 T. Mayberry — Education 14 G.CIar — Education 15 16 G.Choudhury — Political Science 17 C. Brown — Education 18 J. Srol(a — Political Science - Psychology 18 N.Caine — History G. Nixon, D. Addison, D. Bishop — History C. Jones — History C. Joyner, R. F. Kennedy, M. Thompson, P. L. Mason, N. Pendergraft — Dramatic f Art G. W. Reid — History L. Norfleet. R. Umberger. P. Singletary, S. Smith D. Addison — Sociology Donald Byrd C.E.King — Sociology 1 Academic Skills Faculty 2 E. Williams — Sociology 3 (1st row) P. Koepke, E. Davison, E. A. Sanders, L. P. Pruett, J. T. Mitchell, G. Leonard! (2nd row) C. H. Gilchrist, M. G. White, B. L. Cook, W.T.Williams 4 C. Slappy — Sociology 5 F. Scherer — Sociology 6 S. Rogers — Nursing 7 B.Jones — History 8 W. Robinson — History 9 L. Lipscomb — Director of Academic Skills i ei 1 H. Armand — Chairman — Modern Foreign Language 2 H. Holman, C. Sampson — English M. Mellawn — English G. Fiawoo — English P. Perry — English E. G. Evans C.Ray — English R. Bougard 1 H. Brooks — English 2 W.MarleMe — Philosophy 3 T.Shaw 4 A. Sanders 5, I. Blue — English 6 R. Neubauer 7 (left to right) R. Bougard, E. R. Daniels, D. Aualle, N. P. Ward- ropper, M. Carballo, J. E. Harrington — Modern Foreign Lan guage 8 M.Witt — English 9 A. Sanders — English J. R. Butts — Chemistry 6. D. Wiseman — Biology R. Izydore — Chemistry E. Totton — Chemistry H. Kim — Physics J. Parlier 8. J. Dutta — Physics 9. A. Carli — Chairman — Physics 1. 6 V.Clark — Biology 2, E.V.Laube — Biology 7 V. Fluellen — Biology 3 A. Soldi — Physics 8 C. R. George — Biology 4 N.S.Mueller — Biology 9 5- M. M.Towns — Biology 1 M.Brown, I. McCollom — Math 6 C. Beasley — Nursing 2 R. Hughes -Math 7 McGloran, A. Butts, M. Hawkins - HeaH 3 P. Conkhn- Nursing Education 4 L. Williams 8 C. Shafroth - Math 5 C. Renwick-Math 9 R. Horry - French . M ' .. m . MiTT _ . •. 8. University Security 9. J. Harrell — Director of Data Pro cessing Center Matin E.Young — Payroll Clerk Geography Departrnent 13. R. Flemming — Career Counseling Placement W Recruiter J. street D. Jones — Sec. Cafeteria H. Garner — Sec Graduate Dean W. James L. Smith — Internal Auditor J. Tapp — Sec Infirmary M. Guy — Sec- Undergraduate Dean 6 Bursars Office 7 V. Wilson G. Parlier — Sec. Vice-Cfiancellor for Financial Affairs 8 D. Williams — Sec Vice-Cfiancellor for Academic Affairs 9 E. B. Becton — Student Loan 1 E. Osier — Sec. Auxiliary Enterprises 2 Mr. J. Phinazeet Secretarial Staff — Biology 3 G.Atkins — Sec 4 G. McMaster — Sec. Counseling Center Students 5, B.Hawkins — Sec. Personnel 6 M. James J. James — Sec. Atfiletics Phy. Ed. 7 A. Rease, T. Harley, E. Young, A. Little, L. McCoy C. Warren — Personnel Staff 8 J. S. Mack — Sec History Dept 9 M. Spaulding, D. Eurquhart, M. Harrison J. White — AIDP Staff r: !j GlTi OirmMnmntmrn ' its o ; . . KAPPA KAPPA PS TAU BETA SIGMA -.-K J 1 2 T T ft-: li f r «. mt ' m " n ff - » . PL ,r • . ' • ' ;•■- . i ' . " ■■J- :c% ' ►V SiU ' m " « " ' • .; ' ft, ' . t- A r » ' ■i- Cn •Nl4 .. • v I o ' ' • -. : .- i ' r ' " : . • V t ' , i ' ' . CL rL.---:J5»L-_ Itllllililllllllllllllllll iiiiyiiiiiiiiiiHiiiii iiiiiiff IIHIIIt iiiiiir..™,.... , . ' ' M © GROOVE PHI GROOVE CAR GROOVE PHI SOUL PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL (Not Pictured) SIGMA GAMMA RHO ■-ix-r 1 U ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA AKA 6 - ? I IV Cjt •■ " ■• n» . F»H Of ' iM C fT SA u f .4 ' ? -: -- n V t . " • ' i a: y ' i mi- ■iC ' HHS I S E ' w 7 ■ l l . I ' fl pT Ht ' i C K ' HT HSl H . ' .M ■■ ■■W «i. 1 f 0 4 yi ift LU C ) Q S T iHi f T ALFONSO ELDER George Logan, III — Game Room Mana- ger: Lou S. Barnes — Assistant Program Director: Thurmin Prescott, Jr. — Direc- tor; Marion L. Clark — Secretary: Fred- erick W. Wright — Program Director. STUDENT UNION ALFONSO ELDER Bowling Team L-R. William Gray, Joseph Whiting. Larry Mason. Candy Council, Frank- lin Blackwell. Myron Barnes, Tandra Johnson. NOT PICTURED: Mark South. Derick Smith. Leon Grimes. Eric Roberson. Wayne Sowell. Marva Spann, Karen Miller. Betty McNeil. Deborah Robinson. Tracye Ham- mond, Phyllis Johnson, Esta Segars, Cassandra Horton. William " DC " Gray — Men ' s Bowling Team. Ranked 20th in nation among collegiate bowlers in 1974-1975. STUDENT UNION STUDENT UNION I r ■ ■ , •§ MBJPsI SBifSB f - ' P A Ml SPRING FESTIVAL iiyA V m ' M v « II m b. ■• H» S lU II pi s ■ " x:.: : I- oOLLJcr A. Q. q I CL LU ? i LL. c O I LJ I— c )c )00 — l O ! " ?r SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Sam Robinson Vice President Linda Manago Secretary Dinah Ragland (Not pictured) Treasurer Chenita Newton Miss Senior Brenda Lee JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Theresa Graham Vice-President Lavern D. Williams Secretary Charletta Stewart Treasurer Marilyn Harrison Secretary Karia Ballard Miss Junior Phyllis Parker ■• ' ■ ' -«« ' » ' ' « WJ !«j« jg„ , % ' --Ink i Fvi! ' ' |-re|-| I ' j VliC FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS WOMEN ' S STEERING COMMITTEE SGA ELECTION BOARD IVAN DIXON PLAYERS DANCE GROUP THE 1975-76 EDITION OF d P M KS i 3]fc»ll KS S£ g ! S S SlSB %Tvf WW WiTfn (fff fIjnfpW -• - - •■-r.f " THE NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL MARCHING EAGLES NCCU TOURING CONCERT CHOIRS = e ri -l -M y NATIONAL MUSIC EDUCATOR ' S ASSOC. STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATOR ' S ASSOC. Linda Lynch Associate Editor Vernard Leak Business Manager Ronald Kornegay News Editor Sabrina Clarli Lay-out Editor Sandra Callendar Speak-out Editor Dennis Forbes Fashion Editor - L " . - _ Martha Knight Prose Poetry Editor Calvin Crawford Sports Editor Virgil Brown Cartoonist Jackie Nines Circulation Jackie Marshall Head Typist Carlos Harris Fine Arts Editor PENECOSTAL FELLOWSHIP VETERAN ' S CLUB OFF CAMPUS CLUB GUESS WHO? j jtJA- H ' ■■as ' .K EX UMBRA Terry Richardson, Editor-in-Chief Co-Editor Larry Lovette Poetry Editor Mona Bryant Art Editor Larry Lovette Photographer Willie Gay Secretary . . . Oianne Evans Advisors Mr. Richard Turner and Mr. Charles Joyner j ' sifj ' ' ' BAYNES HALL COUNCIL CHIDLEY HALL COUNCIL f EAGLESON HALL COUNCIL RUSH HALL COUNCIL PEMCLUB LATHAM HALL COUNCIL MEN ' S SPEAKER ' S FORUM ENGLISH CLUB SPANISH CLUB if!. NATIONAL STUDENT BUSINESS LEAGUE CO-OP CLUB FUTURE BUSINESS EDUCATORS PHI BETA LAMBDA BUSINESS CLUB Not Pictured CRIMINAL JUSTICE CLUB Not Pictured POLITICAL SCIENCE CLUB .1 Xi T.R. BAINES SOCIETY OF PUB. ADM CHEMISTRY CLUB PSYCHOLOGY CLUB GEOGRAPHY CLUB C.A.JONES HISTORY SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB HOME ECONOMICS CLUB NURSING CLUB ALPHA ANGELS KAPPA KITTENS •. " iV ». •. m. m ». HEALTH MAJORS CLUB PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS NROTC GAMMA THETAUPSILON ALPHA KAPPA MU ALPHA KAPPA DELTA KAPPA OMICRON PH WHO ' S WHO WHO ' S WHO WHO ' S WHO Linda Ashe Maxine JoNner WHO ' S WHO Angela G. Holmes Van Lowery, Jr. Ola Hill 280 Dennis Forbes L m, m . mn, wt . a. a. j. _ WHO ' S WHO WHO ' S WHO Pamela Suggs WHO ' S WHO Amy Felicia McKoy THE EAGLE STAFF 76 PHOTOGRAPHERS: JOE TAFT (LEFT) RONALDCOPELAND (RIGHT) FAYEMIZZELL BUSINESS MANAGER AUDREY HENDERSON OFFICE MANAGER LULA BOWSER FRESHMAN EDITOR V ' » w 1 WENDY FREELAND GREEK SOCIAL ORGANIZATION EDITOR -■ .i i j. NADINE O.BROWN EDITOR-IN-CHIEF REGINAWHITELY WHO ' S WHO EDITOR MAXINEJOYNER SENIOR EDITOR STAFF MEMBERS THE EAGLE Staff sees the LIGHT. Faye Mizelle Brenda Britt Clea Williamson Wilbert Williams Maxine Joyner Angela Holmes Mary O ' Neal Barbara Lyons Audrey Henderson Minnie Williamson Lula Bowser Iris Revelle Ronald Copeland Joseph Taft Wendy Freeland Vinesee Davidson Sandra Johnson Cheryl Mann Lynn Crump Joyce Scarborough Judy Beathea Gladys BIythe Robin Peaks Yvonne Graham Brenda Pickett Jean Mumford Melba Smith Deborah Scott Marilyn West Vellna Speight Nadine Brown Vickie Howard Wllma Allen Barbara Stephenson Marilyn Harrison Venlta Roberts Vivian Simmons Wanda Bridges Edith Avery Marian Johnson Hattle Taylor Linda Best Doris Johnson Margaret Williams Angela Kinsey SENIOR DIRECTORY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Albany. Judy 421 Walnut Stteel Hendersun. N. C. Albritlon, Hyman Delvoya 501 N. Davis Street K.nstim.N, C. Allbiooks, James I :0 Green Street Gibsun.N C- Allen, Linda 1205 Harris Drive tlizabethCity. N. C- Anderson. Brenda 409 Green St Burlinfl..n.N C. Anderson, Debbie P O Bux 73 Rowland. N. C Armstrong. Avis 209 Colleton Road Raleiph. N C. Armstiong.Carletta 15 C IslcsPark Apts. Chapel Hill. N C. A he, Linda Rle 1 . Box 343 B Roanoke Rapids. N, C- Avery, Helen 101 6 Caldwell Street Greensboro. N. C, BBBBBBBBBBBBBUBBBBBB Badgett. Cathy 208 Lamberth Street Reidsvillc, N C Baird. Deborah 621 Mam Circle Roxboro, N C Baldss-in. Ldward 819 Ashlc Street I jyelleville. N. C, Bamgbala. T. A. Lapos-Niperia West Africa Bannerman. Kalhye P O. Box 627 Burfaw. N C. Bannerman, Rciha Rte. 1 Box 196 Ivanhoe. N C BaCtJc. Cheryl 1020 Sandona Circle Rocky Mount. N. C, Baxter, Curtis 307 S. 1st Ave. Coatcsville. Pa. Bazemore, Gloria Rte. 3. Box 114 Windsor. N C Beamon, Deboy Rte. 2. Box 34 I arson. N C Bellamy. Franklin 8920 N.W 16th Ave. Bellamy, Kalhcrine P. O Box 302 Whilakets. N. C. Bell, Alonzo 4216(;arretl Rd,. Apt. D2 Durham. N. C. Bell, Maglon Rte. 1. Box 157A Tar Heel. N C, Bennett, Belinda 4116 Lord Jeff Dr Greensboro. N. C, Berryman, Deborah P O- Box 24 Ohvia. N C Bethea. Judith P. O- Box 653 Roscboro. N. C. Blackwell, Joyce Rte. 2 North Park Roxboro. N C Blackwell, Juanila Rte, 5. Box 74 Henderson. N C Bladen, Anastrasia 1210Morreene Rd, Apt, 1 Durham. N,C- Blyth, Gladys Rte. l.Box 90 .Murlreesboro. N C. Bond, Michele 919 S 7th Street Wilmington. N C, Boone, Carrie Rte. 2. Box 495 B Roanoke Rapids. N, C. Bowser, Cameron P 0- Box 251 Ahoskie.N C Bowser, Gerald Rte l.Box 365 Rich Square. N C, Bowser, Patricia 324 I irst Street Ahoskie. N, C- Biadshaw, Aubrey 905 Apple Street C, Braswell, Ethel 711 W Chestnut Street Goldsboro. N. C. Brawley, Barbara Rte. 2 Box 340 Mayes Rd. Huntersville. N. C. Breeden, Angeala 307 Monroe Ave, Hamlel, N, C, Bridges, Deborah 2708 Chamber Street Lumbcrlon. N, C, Bright, Darry 33CLawson Street Durham, N, C Goldsboro, N, C, Bfitl, Wilhelmina Rte. 1 Box 22 A Roxboro. N C, Broadnax, Wendell P, 0. Box 414 Seabord. N, C Brooks, Awilda 817 Dwain Drive layettcvillc. N.C. Brook.s, Regina Rte. 2 Box 195 Pittsboro, N. C. Brown, Brenda Rte. 2 Box 491 C Racford. N, C Brown, Harrison Rte, 7 Box 282 Sanford.NC. Brown, Jerome 4216 Garrett Rd, Durham. N, C Brown, Katrina Rte, 2. Box 415 A Durham. N, C, Brown, Nadine 3406 55th Ave Apt, 203 Hyattsvdle. Md, Blown, Sharon 406 Church Street ThoraasviUe. N. C. Brown, Sharon 1258 West Sedpelield Drive Winston-Salem. N C. Brown. Yvonne 1813 North Brook Drive Charlotte. N. C. Brunson, Scarlett 901 Corona Avenue Durham. N,C, Brunswick, Phyllis 2709 Edwards Avenue Spring Lake, N. C. Bryant, Judy Route 1. Box 61-A Englehard. N. C, Bryant, Mona 302 Pilot Street Durham, N. C. Bryant, Sharon 1303 East Shine Street Kinslon.NC, Bryson, Roxre P. O, Box 262 Old Fort.NC, Bute, Benita 311 Moline Street Durham. N, C Bullock, Lou 2905 Pomeroy Rd, S.E. Washinglon. D C, Bullock, Paulelte Rte. 2 Box 165 GG Warrenton. N. C. Butler, Cornelius 901 S, W, Blvd, Clinton. N, C, Byrd, Martha 1315 Morreene Rd Api 14-K Durham, N. C. Byrd, Rick 3901 Pomeroy Drive Winston-Salcin. N, C, CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Caldwell, David, Jr. Rte. 8 Box 147 R.ipers Rd. Chapel Hill. N ( CarmichacI, Eugene 512 Boundary La, rayetlevillc. N C Carr. Peggy 412 DuBBinsUr. Kinston. N, C Chapman, Jean Rte, 2 Box 433 Grifton.N, C. Charles, Sandra 1814 MaddoxSt. Richmond. Va. Ahoskie.N, C Cheek, Penny Rt, 2 Box 187-C Warrenton, N, C, Chestnutt, Willie 372 Seymour Ave. Newark. N.J Qay, David 417 Alpha St, Charlotte, N. C. Cogdell, Matthew 1610-B Deep Creek Rd Fayetteville, N, C, Coleman, Margaret 104 Harper St, Garner, N. C. Coley, Phyllis 408 Gregory St, Ox lord. N.C. Comer, Stanley Rte. 4. Box 155 Oxford. N C. Cooke, Roy, Jr. P, O, Box 18037 Durham. N.C, Copeland, Ronald 61 Shelton Avenue New Haven. Connecticut Copeland. Vatara Box 251 Ahoskie. N C Cotton. Thomasina 1218 L, 19th Street Winston-Salem. N C, Covington, Ter 903 S. Plum Street Durham, N. C, Crawford. Avis 1003 Hawkinstown Road Salisbury. NC Cress. Kevin P, O, Box 214 Pmehurst. N, C, Crowder. Elliott 3506 Merrill PI. Charlotte. N. C. Curry, Paula 1917 Keith Dr, Gastonia. N, C, DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Daniels, Ahmad-George 188-32-218thSl. New York. N. Y, Daniels. Linda 1 25 Barbee Ave. Zebulon.N.C, Daniels, Sharon Rte, l,Box 309 Roanoke Rapids. N, C, Davenport, Emma 513 Madison Street Plymouth. NC Davenport. Tyrone Oakdale Acres Clinton, S.C, Daves. Carolyn 507 East State Road Warrenton, N. C, Davis, Charles Morgantun, N. C. Davis. David P O. Box 19646 NCC.U, Durham. N.C, Davis, Edward 4-C Lawson Street Durham. N.C. Davis, Maria 1714 South Alston Ave, Durham. N.C, DeVane. Wanda 802 S, 16th Street Wilmington. NC. Dillahunt. Movies Rte, 2. Box 344-A New Bern. N C. Dixon. Dennis 212 East Grand St, Rocky Mount. N.C. Dockery. Gwendolyn 313 Edens Street Lumberton. N. C. Dockery. .Martha Rte, 3. Box 351-A Durham. N C, Dodd. Kary Rte, 2. Box 123-A Pilot Mtn.. N. C, Donnell. Regina 2519 Pear St. Greensboro. N, C, Donnell. Sharon Rte. ].Box435-D Huntersville. N C, Dorsey. Gwendolyn 228 Rock HUl Rd, Asheville.NC, Douthit, Cheryl Rte. l.Box 7200 LewisviUe. N. C, Dozier, Hazel Rte, l.Box 52 Havelock, N. C. Dunlap, Connie 19-11 SIma St, Durham. N, C, Dunn, Brenda 6200 Fox Rd. Raleigh. N. C. Dunn. Gloria 2300 Shannon St. Raleigh. N.C. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Eaglin. Carol Eason. Ernest 1432 Wabash Street Durham. N, C, Eiaton. Gladys 206 Mill Road Oxford, N, C. Edge. LUIian 513 East Thomas Stn Rocky Mount, N, C, Edwards. Carolyn 2513 Firelight Rd. Raleigh. N.C. Edwards, Marsha 3 10 Crest Drive Chapel Hill. N, C. Edwards. Wanda 813 Pine Street Hamlel. N, C, Ellis, Vivian 305 S, Caldwell Aven Newton, N, C. Ellison. Willie 2509 N- Duke Street Durliam. N. C. Rt. 3, ' Box 190-A Wake Forest, N. C. Eure, Denise Rte 1, Box 553 Suffolk. Va. Evans, Arthur 2423 Miriam Circle Durham, N. C Evans, Beverly 901 Chalk Level Rd,. Apt- M-7 Durham, N. C. Evans, Kimberly Rt. l,Box 279-A WhitevUle, N. C. FFFFFFFFFFFFFrrprFFFF Farland, Arletha Route l.Box 36-A Beulaville.N. C. Farmer, Cecelia 1092 Essex Place Fayetteville, N. C. Faucette, Rosalind 807 Hawkinstown Rd, Salisbury. N. C. Felton. Melvin, Jr. 403 Piney Greene Road Jacksonville. N. C. Ferebee. Sylvester Rte. 1. Box 9 South Mills. N, C, Fields, Paul 216 Patterson Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Fitts, David 525 West First St. Weldon. N. C. Fletcher, Calvin 16 Park Ave. Colcheston,Conn. Forbes, Dennis 701 Williams St. New Bern, N.C. Foreman, Patricia Rte. 2, Box 311-DD Scotland, Neck, N. C. Foster, Maiy P. O. Box 774 Zebulon, N. C. Foster, Preston 466 Charles St. Statesville, N. C. Fozard, De Edgra 109 East Weaver St. Durham. N. C. Frasier, William 702 Friendly Rd. Eden. N. C. Freeman, Sylvia 907 Borders Terrace Greensboro. N. C. GGGGCGGGGCGGGGGGC Gales, Thelma 2901 Wakelorcst Highway Durham. N. C. Garmon, Ophelia Rte. 4. Box 32-C Wmdsor. N. C. Gentry, Judie Rte. l.Box 422 Dodson. N. C. Gibson, Bobbie 523-B Barton St. Durham, N. C. Glenn, Cecelia P.O. Box 1705 Durham, N. C. Glover, Marlene 507 S. Elm St. High Point. N. C. Goolsby. Linda Rte. 3. Box 37 Mocksville. N. C. Gorham. Gwendolyn P. O. Box 71 Falkland. N C. Graham, Deloris Rte. 2. Box 480 Hubert. N. C. Graham, Donna P.O. Box 1207 Laurinburg, N. C. Graves, Elvira Rte. l.Box 490 Yanceyville. N. C. Green, John, Jr. 4124 Monticcllo Ave. Bronx, N. Y. Green, Rodney 138 Exlon Ave. Trenton. N. J. Grisson, Roy, Jr. 3221 Lurting Ave. Bronx. N. Y Guin, Bebra 1521 Rock Hill Church Rd. Matthews. N. C. HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Hall, Unda 22 Lincoln Terrace Raleigh, N. C. Hall, Toni 2408 Otis St. Durham. N. C. Hardy, Mildred HUE. Holly St. Rocky Mount. N.C. Harper, Janice 1 18 County Rd. Mt. Ohve. N C. Harrel, Paula 2509 Janet St. Durham. N. C. Harris, Marilyn 428 Lakeland St. Durham. N. C. Harris, Walter 1334 Cameron Ave. Winston-Salem, N. C. Hayes, Arie 522 W. Young Ave. Henderson, N. C. Height, Larry 521 Calloway Street Raleigh, N. C. Helton, Darius Charles 8611 Viola Dr. Charlotte. N. C, Henderson. Betty P.O. Box 482 Red Springs. N. C. Higgs, Rita Jarvis, Sheila 37 Lundy Ave P. 0. Box 262 Lawnside.N. J. Dobson. N- C. High, Edward II Jeffers, Althea 1709 Patton Ave. Rte. 1 Box 103-A Durham. N C. Blanche. N. C. Hill. Ola Jeffries. Jackie 4410Birkland Dr. Rt. 5 Box 246-B Charlotte. NC Burlington. N. C. Hines, Richard Jennette, Doris 803 S. 7th St. 805 Holloway St. D Wilmington. N. C. Durham. N. C. Hodge, Linda Johns, Pamela 1605 Canal St Rt. I Box 6 New Bern. N.C Hallsboro, N, C. Holloway, Shirley 1-3 Corn wallisCt. Johnson, Carl 615 Fastest. Durham. N. C. Kannapolis. N. C. Holmes, Angela 11 10 Stout St. Johnson, Cornell Bldg. 8 Apt. 2-C Harris Fayetteville, N. C. McKeesport. Pa. Holmes, Pauline Johnson, Deborah Rt. 1 Box 120 227-A Tiffany Ct. Maple Hill, N. C. Fayetteville, N. C. Holmes, Roslyn 107W. 28th St. Johnson, Gloria 189 Blueberry Place Winston-Salem. N. C. Fayetteville. N C. Howard. Jeffrie P Box 641 Johnson. Phyllis P Box 511 Roseboro. N. C. Warrenlon.N. C. Johnson. Tandra Howard, Matilda 227-A Tiffany Ct. Rt. l.Box 328 Fayetteville. N. C. Kittrell. N. C. Johnson. Vickie Howell, denser Ehzabethtown. N. C. motisst Tarboro, N, C, Johnson, Wayne 118 Trotter St. Howell, Paula Roxboro, N.C- P.O. Box 1232 Lumberton, N. C. Jones, Alva 1011 E.Caswell St. Hubbard, Cynthia Kinston.N.C- 609 VannSt Durham. N C Jones, David, Jr. Box 1 1 Hughs. Daisy Henrico, N. C. Rt. 1 Box 1 10-A Milton. N- C, Jones, George 622 Beah St Hughes, Retta Rl. 1 Shiloh. N.C. Rocky Mount. N. C. Jones, George E. 350-65thSt. Apt. 14f Humphrey, Bertha Brooklyn. N. Y. Rt. l.Box 376 St. Pauls. N, C, Jones, John Rt- 1 Box 509A Hunter, Tim Raleigh. N.C. 105 Davidson St. Kings Mtn.. N. C. Jones, Kenneth 7220 14th St. NW Hyatt, Vergil Washington, D. C. 213 3 Syracuse Dr. Charlotte. N. C. Jones, Maryland 834 E, LenoisSt JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ Raleigh. NC Jackson. Linda Jones, Rosslyn 131 Trotter St. P. 0. Box 487 Roxboro. N. C. Bethel. N. C. Jackson, Velma Jones, Vanessa 3300 Richmond Henrico Turnpike 208 Anaheim St. Richmond. Va. High Point. N, C. Jackson, J. Wesley, Jr. Jordan. Alvernon 281 Richardson Rd.N.W. Rt- 1 Box 6 Atlanta. Georgia Manson. N C. James, Qydette Jordan, Bernice 310 W. Main St. 310 W. Front St. Plymouth, N. C. Oxford, N.C James, Leadon Joyner, Daniel Rt. 3 Box 148-A Rt. 2 Box 273 Ahoskie, N. C. Conway. N. C. James, Lendell Joyner, Maxine 1501 S, Roxboro St. 603 Maple St Durham, N.C. Ahoskie, N. C- KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK Kennell, Janet 1214 Lakeland St. Durham. N. C. King, Linda D. 410 Pme St. Rocky Mount. N. C. Kirk, Justin Keith 118 Smith Ave. Lexington. N. C. Knight, Julius P., Jr. 2501 Dallas St. Durham. N. C. Knotts, William Harvey, II 719 Wall St. Sandford, N. C- LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLI Land, Reginald E. Route 2. Box 392 Wilhamston. N. C. Lanier, Linda J. Rte. 2 Box 277 Snow Hill. N. C. Lassiter, Pamela Althea 306 Troy St, Ahoskie, N. C. Lassiter, Shirley P. O. Box 283 Seaboard. N. C- Utham, Shelia D. 1805 B W. 3rd St. Greenville. N. C. Lawrence. Annie B. 513 Waco St. Charlotte. N. C. Lawson. Donna R. Route 5.80x78 Ro.xboro. N. C. Lawson, Lawanda Faye 4313 DenfieldSt. Durham. NC. Lea, Marvin Allen Rte. l.Box 266 Blanche. N. C. Leach, Norma J. Raleigh, N. C. Leak, Vernard Ray Rte. 4 Box 497 Rockingham. N. C. Lee, Brenda Joyce 1801 Newcastle St Charlotte. N. C. Lee. Helen Diane Rt. 7 Box 325-E Reidsville. N. C. Lewis. Barbara Jeanette Route 1 Box 206-A Whitenlle, N. C. Lewis, Diann 125 Halifax St. Louisburg. N. C. Lewis, Doretta Route 2 Box 94-AA Enfield. NC Lewis, Michael Allen 628 Market St. Lancaster. S. C, Lightford. Brenda 2001 S. Benbon Rd. Greensboro. N.C. Ligon. Cheryl L. 812 Hadley Rd. Raleigh. N. C. Lilley, Linda P Box 473 Jjmesville.N.C. Lilly. Margie Mane Roule I Bo 3 Parklon. N C Lindsay. James, Jr. |823Soulli WuipcrSl Durham. N C Little. Kenneth L. Rle. 2Box 192 New London. N C- Little. MaiUyn Elizabeth 2832 Botany Si Charlotte, N C, Uoyd. Ronald Lee 9U2Catona Ave Durham. N C Uoyd. Vera Maxine P O Box 2054 IkndersonvUle. N C Locust. Gwendolyn C Rl. 2 Box 382 Gnfton. N C. Logan. Patricia J. 431 N Meridian St. Rutherlordton. N.C. Loney. Eddid Lee 5400 Evanshive Drive Charlotte. N-C. Lovette. Lawrence G-3 Atlantic St. Durham. N.C. Lowery. Lillian P O Box 433 Dallas, N C Lowery. Van Montez 2614 Rachel Street Charlotte. N. C Lyles, Harrolde Hybernia 4410 Swift St. Greensboro. N.C Lynch. Linda Darnelle Route 3, Box 205 l.nlield.NC Lyons. Geraldine 2208 Dallas St. Durham. N C Lyons. Geraldine 402 Pekoe St Durham. N C MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Mack, Vernolda Lee Rt. l.Box 349 Pollotksville. N, C- Major, Parthenia D. Rt, 2 Box 74 : Oxford, N. C, Malloy, Jocelyn Hope 1253 Apple Street Burlington. N C, Manage. Linda F. 2973 Ridpc Avenue Charlotte. N, C. Mangum, Aiwanda Jewel Route 1 Box 137 Apex, N.C. Manlcy, WUIiam T. 14 South PettigewSt. Raleigh. N.C. Mann, Fay Fonda Rte. 2 Box 275-B Spring Hope. N, C, Manning, Paul 504N, WallersonSt, Kings Mountain. N, C. Manns, Reginald Andrew 915 Sharpest. Eden, N.C. Maiable. Aretha Lois Rte. 3 Box 326 South Boston, Viipinia Marsh. William H. 815 B Lexington Ave. Atlantit City, N.J. Marshell. Jacqueline Rte- 2 Box 523 Knightdale.N-C, Martin, Avis Lester 412 East Piedmont Ave, Durham. N,C, Mattison, Sophelia P O. Box II Garner, N. C Maxwell, Charliese Ellen 2810 LaSalleSt Charlotte, N. C. McCauley, James 2404 Dallas St. Durham. N.C. McCoy, Brenda 316 Pine St, Smithneld.N.C McCullers, Jlilda M. Rt. 1 Box 413 Knightdale. N. C, McDaniel, Tannis Geneial Delivery Seaboard. N. C. McDonald, Terry Rle.9 Box4l5-B 1 ayettcville, N C McGill, Pearl 115 W CornwalhsRd Durham, N.C Mclnnis, Barbara Carolyn 908 ArmisteadSl, Rockingham, N C, Mclver, Bryant D. 321 W. Bay St, Warsaw. N C Mclver, James Michael 103 S Court Sl- Jacksonville, N. C. McKoy. Amy Felicia 215 JaspeiSt rayetleville, N C McMillian. Sandra Kaye 637 Maxie Loop Spring Lake.N (■ McNeU, Shelia 4924 Lakeview Rd, Charlotte. N, C. McRae, Gloria 407 N 9th St. Dillon. SC. Means, Deletes Laverne 831 Oak St. HendeisonvUlcN. C. Michaux, Manly 1220 Rosewood St. Duiham.N.C, Milligan, Antionetle 410 Pilot Apt, A-1 Durham. N. C. Millet, C ' Lavrcn Christine 155-61 115th Rd, Jamaica, N, Y, Miller, Elaine 1820LarkinSt. Greensboro. N. C. Miller. Gloria 7591 Remington Ave. Durham. N, C. Millet, Sammuel 3207 Apex Hwy. Durham, NC Miller, Vanessa M. Rutherlordton, N. C. Mills, Rita Ann 506 Liberty Hill Kinston.N. C. Mims, Jacqueline Anetta 1505 Kingston Dr. Kannapolis, N. C. Mims, Kenneth W. Rl 1 Box 121 Reidsvillc, N. C Mitchell, Audrey 913 Onslow St. Duiham. N, C, Mitchell, Brenda LaVen Route I Box 192 Blanche, N.C. Mitchell. Carolyn Fayette Rl. 2 Box 264 Ahoskie, N, C Mitchell, Robin 6521 Hidden I ores! Charlotte. N. C. Mizelle, Faye Amanda Route 1 Box 119 Coerield,N C, Moore. Allen l618CummingsAve, Apt. Charlotte, N.C, Moore, Marilyn 70S Cumberland St, Raleigh, N. C Moore, Tony 1917 Wood Dale Terrace Charlotte, NC Monk, Joanna Rt, I, Box 154 Lucama, N. C, Morgan, Dorothy Rt. l.Box 299 P nficld, N, C. Morris, Marilyn l-i Atlantic St. Duiham.N.C. Murchison, Vickie Rt. 11. Box 666 Sawfoid.N.C, Murrell, Beverly 430 West 24th St. Winston-Salem. N, C. Muwell. Steven 1412Princse Avenue Huntington, West Virginia NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN Nelson, Brenda 1537 N. 62nd St, Philadelphia, Pa. Newton. Chenita 605 Connon St. Ml, Olive. N C. Nicholson, l-andis Stat Route Box 52 Littleton, N C. Niskey, Lawerence, Jr. Glenwood Ave. Easton, Maryland pppppppppppppppppppppppp Pace, Gloria 4216GarretteJ16 Durham, NC. Page, Ruth Rt 3. Box 60 St Pauls, NC- Paige, Jeanette Box 192 Robersonville, N, C. Pan key, Harris 211 W. 3rd St, Mt Vernon, N, Y Parhams, Janet 166 Rennet Ave, Newark, New Jersey Parks. Catherine 1907 Elton Dr, Goldsboro, N. C Parks, Sylvia Rte, 2. Box 237 Wilkesboto, N, C, Parrish, Cerrell 123 Kitt Drive Jacksonville, N, C, Patrick, Evelyn P, O, Box 411 Vanceboro, N, C, Peace, Cheryl 2804 E, PetteprewSt. Durham, N, C, Pearson. Theodore Jr. 1942WillmoreDr. Charlotte. NC. Peele, Carlene Rte, 2. Box 553-C Williamston. N. C. Perry, Cattrual Rt. 2, Box 497 Wendell, N, C Perry. Dwight 2929 Driftwood Drive Durham. N. C Perry, Jocelyin 6244 Magnolia St. Philadelphia, Pa, Perry, Natham Rt,3 Warrcnton, N, C. Person, Bertenna 1312 N, Alston Stieet. N, E, Slier Cily.N,C, Pherribo, Victoria 522 N Nash St. Hillsborough. NC. Pickett, Brenda Rl l.Box 164-A Burgaw, N, C, Pierce, Eugene 1611 Duke Uni Durham. N, C, Pipkin, Dcnise P O. Box 101 Wagram, N C, Poston, Pamela Route 2, Box 445-1 lourOaks, N. C. Rd, 8-G Paula Apt Potts. Gloria 511 Honey wood Ave, Charlotte, N, C. Powell, Joyce Rte, 3, Box 171 Tarboro, N. C Powell, Jacquetta 409 Gillespie St, Fayetteville, N, C- QOQOQQQOOQOQQQQQOQQQ Quinn, Louis P O. Box 81 Tienton,N.C- Quick, Daisey 432Cionly St, Laurinburg, N. C. Quick, Samuel, Jr. 88 Wvoming Road AshevUle. N, C RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Ragland, Dinah 1723 Erie St, Washington. D. C. Rainey, Wayne 146 Sheltty St, Rochester. N Y, Raynor, Robert P.| 38 Craven Terrace Durham, N.C, Rawlings, Patricia 516 UzzleSl, Durham, N, C, Redmond, Sandra Rte. 2, Box 302 Pinelops. N C. Reid, Sherry 2506 Kroll Court High Point. N. C. Revelle, Robert Rle. l.Box 5 ' .1 Ahoskie. N. C. Richmond, Vickie Box 373 YanceyvUle.N. C, Rice. Reginald 362Pursley St Macon, f3eorgia Richardson, Terry 115 Dock St. Wilmington. NC, Riggs, Saundra Rt, 3, Box 343-B Durham, NC. Riggins, Rcdahlia P O, Box 121 Bolton, N C, Robinson, Ray I 107 Wildewood Rd, Durham. N. C, Robinson, Marie P O, Box 4 25 Rowland. N C. Robinson, Raymond, Jr. 108 High Ave, S,W, Concord, N C, Robinson, Sammy 1707 Maryland Si. Lumberlon, N C. Robinson, Wanda Rte, 1, Box 42 Euquay-Varina. N, C, Rogers, Cynthia 109 Ringling Street Durham, N, C, . . _ _»« _ _ , _ Rogers, Thomas P 0. Box 101 K.ttrell. N. C. Smith. Barbara Rte. l.Box 285 Grifton.N C, Summer, Alton Route l,Box 148-A Halifax, N. C. Wallace. Maxine 118 Taylor Avenue High Point. N. C. Williams, Paul P. Box 224 Burgaw, N. C. Russell Smith. Crheryl Sivinney, Jancie Walls. Terry Williams, Quantella GibsonvUle.N. C. P.O. Box 435 Rte. l.Box 287 154 Alabama Avenue 404 Suburb Street Jamesvrlle. N. C. Rockingham. N. C. Hempstead. N. J Rocky Mount, N. C. Ruben. Denise 555 E. Ritlenhouse St. Smith, Chester Skyes, Larrie Walker. Gwenetta Wilson, Elois Philadelphia, Penna. SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 2217 Trade St. Rte. l.Box 9 304 Fulton St. Route 1, Box 270 Greensboro. N. C. Gasburg, Va. N. Babylon. N. Y. Ahoskie. N.C. Wilson, Kathy Smith. Qifton TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT Walker, Joyce 1114 Walden St. 1507 Harnell Street Apt. 13 P. 0. Box 572 Sanders, Claudia Sanford, N C. Tabor. Reginald Durham, N. C. Franklin. N.C. 323 Gray Avenue 110 Hollins Drive Durham. N C. Smith, Derek Salisbury. N C. Walton, Qyde Winstead. Sonja 3230 Sargent Drive Charlotte. NC. 3120WoodhneCourt Rte l.Box 22-A Sanders, Linda Tate. Janice Ralergh,N. C. Roxboro, N. C 4401 Birl(dale Dnve 400 Tussey St. Charlotte, N. C. Smith. Josephine Lexington. N. C. Ward, Joyce Winston. Brenda 520Pichard St P O. Box 89 441 Parnell Drive Sanders. Patricia Greensboro, N. C. Tate, Thomas Lake Waccamaw, N C. Raleigh, NC P, 0. Box 121 829 South Williams St Cove City, NC Smith. Robert Caston.a, N C. Warren, Shelia Woodard. Belinda 1 Brown St. P.O. Box 582 P.O. Box 122 Sanders, Velvaline Thomasville, N. C. Taylor, Deborah Roseboro. N C Holly Springs, N C P. Box 1333 Rte. 2. Box 229-1 Smithfield, N, C. Smith, Ronald Wallace, N. C Watson, Shelta Route l.Box 148 Camden. N.C. Woodruff, Linda Rte. 1. Box 83 1434 Wilksboro Rd. Savage, Charles Garysburg, N. C. Taylor, Gwendolyn Salrsbury. N C Rt. 1, Box 591 2216CaroniaSt. Rich Square, N. C. Smith. Sharon Charlotte, N. C. Watson. SUrr 119 Ghent St. Windsor. N. C. Woods, Cynthia 1200 Morgan St. 2933 Reid Ave. Scales, Garry Fayetteville, N. C. Taylor, Michael Charlotte, N C. 607 Truman St. 616 DawsonsSt. Weaver. Linza Eden,N C. Sneed. Mildred Wilmington, N.C. 528 Catherine Street Wooten. Felton Pinewood Estates Box 48 Ahoskie. N. C. 1729 Dunbar Street Scott, Baron Greenvrlle, N. C Taylor, Mildred Greensboro, N.C. 516 Second Ave. New Bern.N. C. Speight. Velina 123 Bergen St. Newark, New Jersey West, MarUyn Route 1 , Box 3-C Worthington, Bertha 605 Meadows Lane Havelock, N. C. Route l.Box 356-BB Scott, William Kinston.N.C. Terry, Ronald Mutfreesboro, N C. P. Box 162 Claikesville, Va. Spell, Sara 191 6-B Norcott Circle 51 Broad Avenue Trenton. New Jersey Westcott, Carolyn 400 Rippling Stream Road Worthy, Danny 1 1 1 W. Lincoln Street Sidbeiry, Freddiick Greenville, N, C Thompson. Alton White. Robert Gastonia, N. C P.O. Box 102 Route 2. Box 254 P. 0. Box 55 Rocky Point, N. C. Wilmington, N. C. Spence, Laurann 711 Washrngton St. Blounts Creek. N. C Worthy, Terry 709 Barnwell Street Silei, LoweU Goldsboio, N. C. Elizabeth City, N. C. Thompson. Cynthia 928 Beaumont Avenue Greensboro. N. C Whiteside, Pamela P. 0. Box 344 Thomasville, N. C. Spencer, Audrey Rutherlordton, N. C. Wright, Brenda Simmons, Donna 608 Pine St. Route l.Box 173 622 Peedin Avenue Selma, N C. Simmons, Henry Clinton, NC, Squires, Janice 27 13 Charles St. Thompson. Joseph 176 Spring St.. S.W Concord, N. C Whitley, Regina Route 1 , Box 5 Maxton, N. C. Louisburg, N. C. YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY 5621 Anderson Street Charlotte. NC Dufham, N. C Thompson. Lutitia Durham, N C. Wiggins, Vonee 1505 Springbrook Drive Yarborough, Jacqueline Rte 4, Box 112 Stancil. Evelyn Rocky Mount, N. C. Goldsboro. N. C Simmons, Philip Jr. P O Box 364 Tomlin, Carol Route 1, Box 223 Robersonville. N. C. 912 S, 7th St. Wilder, Glenda Youngblood. Sonya Whiteville. N C Starivant, Herbert WUmington, N. C. 709 ' i Pine Street Beaufort, N. C. Rt l.Box 22 York.S. C. Simon. Eleanor 616Salisbury St. S.W. 1315 Morreene Rd. 28-L Wadesboro. N. C, Tomlinson, Rita Wilkerson, Charellita Durham. N. C P 0. Box 2163 534 Langdon Street Stark, Shelia Sanford. N C Fayetteville, N.C. Sinclair, Robin 335 Lincoln Drive Fayetteville. N. C. 286 Salem St. S.W. Concord. N.C. Staton, Annie 106 Morrison St. Trice, Roselyn 910 LawsonSt. Durham, N. C. Wilkins, Brenda Route 2, Box 196 Roxboro, N. C. Singletary, Carolyn Williamston, N. C. WUIiams, Adriel Rt. 2. Box 5 UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Route 2, Box 150 Claremount, N. C. Steele, Benjamin 1306 E. Washington St. Ushry. Judy Roxboro, N. C. Singletary, Cornell Rocktngham, N C. Rte l.Box 167 Williams, Alice Rte. 1, Box 231 Merritt.N. C. Route 2, Box 165-A WhitevUle, N. C Stephens, Ruben Robersonville, N C Silver, Larry 232 West Second St. Tabor City, N. C. WVVVVVVWWVVVVVVV Williams, Carolyn Rt. l,Box 206-A Littleton. N. C. Stone, Gerald 1633 Seabrook Road Vick, Delorise Rte. 4. Box 178 Wilson, N C. Route l.Box 258 Henderson, N. C. Slade, Lunnelta Fayetteville, N.C. Williams, Clarence P. 0. Box 824 Victor. Wade P. Box 433 Route 1, Box 139 ElonCoUege. N. C. Stovall. Orlando Scotland Neck, N.C. Small. Wanda Goldsboro. N. C. Wliitakers. N C. Williams, Elaine Route 2, Box 29 Stroman. Willie Rte. 1, Box 17 Plymouth, N, C Gastonia. N. C WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW New Hill, N. C. Smith, Arthur Suddreth. Fred, Jr. Wallace, Diane Williams, Eriine 2205 South Alston Avenue 335 Eastview Place N W 2816 Gilmer Ave. Route 2, Box 383 Durham, N. C Lenoir, N. C. Winston-Salem. N. C. Walstonburg.N.C. Smith, Barbara Suggs, Pamela Wallace, Linda Williams, Gregory 291 Rte. l.Box 222 1873 Broaden Drive P 0. Box 193 1506 Elm Drive Vitgilma. Va. Fayetteville, N. C. Everetts. N. C. New Bern, N C. — BEST WISHES GRADUATING CLASS OF 1976 IMAVAL RESERVE OFFICER TRAINING CORPS HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY TO NCCU, ITS STAFF, STUDENTS, AND GRADUATES, WE WISH NCCU THE BEST OF EVERYTHING IN THE FUTURE IVY ROOM RESTAURANT DELICATESSEN GOURMET SHOPPE PARTY STORE 1000 W. MAIN STREET DURHAM, N.C. Ph. 688-6041 EAT-IN TAKE-OUT FREE PARKING ScPHOTO SHOPPE 1 107 W. MAIN STREET Ph. 688-5188 — 688-2178 STEREO MART 217 W. MAIN ST. DOWNTOWN DURHAM records, tapes, accessories Black history in America, esson in aclTievement. Despite oppression, injustices, and some dreadful moments in history. Black America has ac- complished a lot to be proud of. This is a tribute not only to our people, but also to a country where it became possible. We all know that our problems aren ' t over. They ' re still faced everyday, hi ghettos, in business, in schools, arid in the minds of men and women. But at North Carolina Mutual, we ' re confident even these barriers will soon ' men come down. What will do it is the strong spirit our people have always had. And a desire to achieve by working together. Let ' s remember our heritage. Re- member the achievements as well as the hardships. Then use this as a les- son in how to build a stronger, more unified America. NORTH CAROLINA MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA 2770I People working together to achieve together. Best Wishes GRADUATING CLASS OF NAVAL RESERVE OFFICER TRAINING CORPS CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to the GRADUATING CLASS OF 1976 from the 1976 EAGLE YEARBOOK iNadine Owen Brown Editor-in-Chief lovcc Scarborough Associate Editor VJfSsen WiUtan; istctnt Editor DiEJiimes F. Blue " Advisor 1. E. Green — Assistant to Comptroller 2 H. Davis — Sec Vice-Chancellor tor Student Affairs 3. 4 E. Yarborough — Sec. English Dept 5 E. Oavis — Sec. Pub. Relations Office 6 E. Marable — Sec. Assistant to Ctiancellor 7 J. Parker— Sec Assistant to Ctiancellor 8 R. Green. L. Knight, S. Cutts, L. Streeter, M. Justice, P. Porter — Accounting Office 9 N. Smith, J. Brodie, E. Deck — Development Office 296 1 L.Fike 2, T. Smith — Adm Asst To Chancellor 3 M. Hawley — Sec Assistant to Undergraduate Dean 4 E. Woods — Sec. Assistant to Undergraduate Dean 5, V. Samuel — Data Processing 6 P. Bingham — Sec Residence Operations 7. E.McKinnon — Sec. Alumn, Affairs 8. B.Hamn — Sec. Student Teachers 9. R. Johnson O. Williams — Sec. Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs ■ fit dt Ji ie i Sf Sf ' St ' ■)!( ftf ' if nl( ' if fSf ' if ' Sf fSr ' if ' if »if if if ' if ' if ' if ' if ' if »S if ' if fif ' if ' if fif ' if ' if ' if ' if ' if ' if « ¥ •» Honorable mention Persons of Honorable Mention are those students who have been selected and recognized as being among North Carolina Central Univer- sity ' s most promising campus leaders. The criteria is based on stan- dards in conjunction with those applicable to Who ' s Who Among Students In American Colleges and Universities (I.e, the students academic achievement, service to the community, leadership in extra currlcular activities, and future potential). Karia Ballard Roger Eugene Davis Sandra Eggleston Theresa Graham Audrey Henderson Kevin LeMonn Holt Ernest Richard Howell Jr. James Henry Kearns Martha Knight Brenda Jackson Larry Farrell Lewis Danny Ray Meachum William Overton Joyce L, Scarborough Frances Williams Dear Friends, My job has ended, but the memories will always be in my mind. I will re- member the good times along with the bad. Being Editor-in-Chief of the Eagle Yearbook is an honor. I thank you for placing your trust in me. Being Editor is also a very hard job I believe this was probably the hardest job I ' ll ever undertake. I don ' t think anyone realizes just how much time and effort goes into a publication of this size I only wish I could begin to tell you, because you wouldn ' t believe it. The staff and I tried this year harder than ever to capture the true expres- sions of life here at N.C.C.U. We may not have done it, but we at least tried and it is always better to have tried and failed than to never have tried at all. I only have one thought that I would like to leave to you, and that is: No matter where you are or how far you roam don ' t just pass through this life with nothing having been accomplished, but make a dent, leave some type of a mark on the world to let it be known that you were here. I was here, I made my mark through you, the 76 ' Yearbook. Now what about you? My heartful thanks go to Dr. James Blue and Mrs. Marion Covington for co- operating with me. Mr. Donald P. Addison, for pushing me. My husband, Joe Brown for loving me. My closest friends for putting up with me. Max Ward, Delmar, for training me. My staff, for working with me. You, the students for needing me. Without all of you, I would have failed. - In the Spirit of a Eagle l JjytdU iQ:ij ,n Nadine Owens Brown Editor-in-Chief " This publication neither practices nor condones discrimination, in any form, against students, employees, subscribers, advertisers, or applicants on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, or handicaps. " l; " « " • •? ' " •. • « ••• • . h -, •. • ' -. .. vimm

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