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Text from Pages 1 - 248 of the 1971 volume:

North Carolina Central University Durham, North Carolina • - I THE EAGLE IS NOW BLA CKER THAN EVER . EDITOR-IN-CHIEF-CAROLE BRADFORD EDUCATION Negro teachers like preachers give us daily features out of their lives and the past never relating but always crusading ideas that have come and past Then without deliberation We copy their dictation And hope that these facts we can grasp Then one day when we ' ve got our B.A. We see the real world at last And withdraw in contemplation at the real life situation And say " the world is just moving too fast " . Alvin Rush : 5! " " " ■ " S s ' M I ADMINISTRA TION President Albert N. Whiting President Whiting and Family President and Mrs. Whiting at The Coronation ■■ 4 • . ■ , ■» .- « i Mr. William Jones Vice-President for Financial Affairs Mrs. Hattie Scarborough, Purchasing Agent Mrs. Pauline Johnson, Bursar Mr. Brooklyn T. McMillan, Registrar ■ 9 m t mmm g W ss Shirley Green Assistant Dean of Women Mr. Charles Warren Assistant to Dean of Students Mrs. Alma Bigger - Dean of Women Mr. Holloway, Financial Aid Mrs. Covington, Secretary to Dean of Students Mr. McAdams, Financial Aid I; lit Wr. ?. Sm t i - Director of Cafeteria Mr. W. C. Black well - Financial Aid Mrs. Georgetta Parker - Student Loans and Collections Mr. G. R. Martin - Counseling Center ■ JB . b . K « .. M i. Mr. D. Witherspoon and News Bureau Staff wrw - ; " £ Dr. H. Fins - Health Education Dr. I. Jackson — Foreign Languages Dr. W. Howell - Sociology Dr. A. Soldi - Physics Dr. N. Johnson - Education wmmmmmmmammmmmmmmm I Ms M . «■ , w .. «• Dr. S. Fu bright - Business and Economics Dr. A. L. Phinazee - Library Science Dr. L. Igoe -Art Dr. T. Speigner — Geography Dr. C. Ray - English Dr. E. Tooton - Chemistry Dr. T. Cooper — Home Economics Dr. W. Patillo - Biology ■ _._.._. _ - m£ ■ Dr. E. Boulware - Mathematics Dr. L. Walker - Physical Education Dr. Umberger — Dramatic Art f Dr. Pruett - Music ■ Dr. Perry - Librarian A Mi 7 ' i 1 ■ L 1 1 I X 1 ■ FRESHMEN AM JUNIORS SENIORS Bolds. Melvin Bowers, Linwood H. Cain, Wingate Cook, Cecelia Craig, Gerry Dawkins, Lessie Elliot, Archie Ethridge, James B. Fitch, Milton Greene, Jackson Hayes, Roland lacovitte, Joseph Jett, Erstine 2- tk k Johnson, Paul Lewis, Romero Polly, F. Winston III Smith, D. Rexford Wilkins, Margaret STUDENT BAR A SSOCIA TION iffitittttttttittttffitti ■ Left to Right - Mable Minor, Secretary; Archie Elliott, President; Joseph lavocitti. Vice President; Raymond Sitar, Treasurer MOOT COURT TEAM _ . • . • • . - . LAW JOURNAL STAFF THE BARRISTER STAFF Left to Right - Roscoe Bryant, Sandra Turner, E. Rogers Stanston GRADUA TE STUDENTS Miss Graduate School - Beverly Washington Law Students Talking With Dean DeJarmon and Prof. Sampson w BLACK QUEEN Deep and dark is her skin. Black and kinky is her hair. Smooth and shaped is her body. Strong and determined are her thoughts. Warm and passionate are her desires. True and meaningful are her expressions. FEA TURES - QUEENS ■ § Standing left to right - Patricia Steward, Eleanor Mills, Alice Peebles, Sheila Evans, Barbara Wright, Gizette Webb, Margarete Avent, Alicia Elston, Ingrid Edmonds. Seated - Emma Mosby, Brendell Turner, Carolyn Brown mmwp Miss N. C. C. U. and her mother Dean Blue and Guests Have a Hearty Laugh Miss N.C.C.U. And The Men Of The Senior Class W w MISS NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL UNIVERSITY MISS BRENDELL TURNER CORONATION OF MISS NCCU B REN DELL TURNER BURLINGTON. N. C. OCTOBER 20. 1970 B. N. DUKE AUDITORIUM S.G.A. President Jerry Walker meets Jerry Butler ACTIVITIES 4 r Crowning of Miss Homecoming Crowning of Miss Alumni Jerry Butler and his Revue M SS HOMECOMING ALICE PEEBLES wt sty? _-,. " •_ •• ; If 3 MISS SEN OR MARGARET A VENT MISS JUNIOR ELEANOR MILLS -: ♦ ! M SS SOPHOMORE SHE LA EVANS M SS FRESHMAN CELEST NE RAMSEY 5 ' M I UK Miss Alpha Phi Omega Brenda Brown Miss Kappa Alpha Psi Gizette Webb Miss Phi Beta Sigma - Patricia Steward M ss 4 p ?a Kappa p 7a W ss De fa Sigma Theta Miss Gamma Sigma Sigma Miss Choir and Attendants Miss Baynes Hall Miss Eagleson Hall Miss McLean Hall Mr. Miss History and Social Science " ■■ff Dean of Students JAMES F. BLUE ORGANIZA TIONS STUDENT GOVERNMENT STUDENT GOVERNMENT MEETING ELECTION BOARD STUDENT COURT Campus 3 Echo Otis Jordan Editor-in-Chief CAMPUS ECHO STAFF M CLEAN HOUSE COUNCIL THESPIANS WOMEN ' S STEERING COMMITTEE GERMAN CLUB BAPTIST STUDENT UNION HEALTH EDUCATION CLUB BIOLOGY CLUB INTERNA TIONA L CL UB EX UMBRA EX LIBRIS ANNIE DA Y HOUSE COUNCIL EAGLESON HOUSE COUNCIL CHIDLEY HALL SOUL CLUB NURSE ' S CLUB PHYSICS SOCIETY CHEMISTRY CLUB MUSIC EDUCA TOR ' S NA TIONA L ' ■ ' ALPHA KAPPA DELTA ENGLISH CLUB Joan Travis Officers: President— William Hamilton, Vice-President— William James, Secretary-Claudette Grant, Treasurer- Roger McLean. PHI BETA LAMBDA ART CLUB I ■■KB t POLITICAL SCIENCE CLUB ALPHA KAPPA MU BETA KAPPA CHI SOCIOLOGY CLUB PSYCHOLOGY CLUB HISTORY CLUB STUDENT CONGRESS ACCOUNTING FORUM BAPTIST STUDENT UNION THE P.EM. CLUB ■kill th BIG SISTERS CHESS CLUB SPORTS 1971 " EAGLES ' TOP ROW (left to right) Joe Johnson, Charles Bellinger, Dennis Matthews, Dewitt Mobley, Stanford Tyson, Dwight Pettiford, Greg Brewer, Robert Holloway, Michael Galbreath, George Williams, Joe Harrell, Joe E. Barnes, Mike Carter, Alexander Jones, Jason Caldwell. SECOND ROW FROM TOP: Greg Richardson, Pete Quinn, Roderick Hodges, Woodrow Scrivens, Gordon Armstrong, Charles Bailey, Bracy Bonham, Harvey Clanton, Nathaniel Boyd, Richard Richardson, Russell Price, Anthony McElveen, Mahlon Williams, Ronald McNeil, Wayne Stewart, James Franks. THIRD ROW FROM TOP: James Sneed, James Smith, Raymond Coleman, Phillip Umstead, Nathaniel Glenn, Thomas Saxon, Perry Lattimore, Victor Morrison, Joseph Moore, James Pickett, James Johnson, Maurice Spencer, William Covington, David Morrison, Barness Cotton. BOTTOM ROW: Clifoton Herring, Walter Meekings, Ken Ingram, John Barbee, Herman Anderson, Benny Thompson (no longer on team), Garvin Stone, Ervin Allen, Jefferson Inmon, Otis Alston, Lee Earnest Johnson, Horace Bonner, LeRoy Jones, Van Carver, James Mitchell. Football was faces and feelings. For many it was the culmination of long months of practice and preparation for that exciting first performance. It was the first play of the game. It was a sense of spirit. KF vJrjB j ; L h • ¥£ ?«, 2 " v» fr Sh , . : E+. BASKETBALL NCCU Eagles ranked fourth in the CIAA Southern Conference. The team traveled to Greensboro for the tournament and was beaten by Norfolk State in a highly exciting game. The score for the Norfolk-NCCU game- NCCU-82 - 83 -Norfolk Vernon Allen Marvin Bass Lennitt Bligen Johnny Crump Harrison Davis Lewis Ellis Redden Leggett All CIAA Ronald McNair TEAM Ronald Phillips Allen Reddish Herman Scot t William Slade Paul " Sugar " Stroud Mahlon Williams Roger Washington Llewellyn Woods Coach Edmond " Coach of the Year ' CIAA William Slade dribbles down the court. Ronald Draper i E .arry 5 ac c ! TENNIS TEAM Burnett Davis I SENIORS ALLEN. EDWIN Economics ALLEN. MARION Business Ed ALSTON. BARBARA Sociology Pre- School ALSTON. CHARLOTTE Sociology Library Science ANDREWS. MARILYN Business Ad. Economics ARMSTRONG. WILLIE Accounting Economics ARRINGTON. GLORIA Business Ed ARTIS. TERRY Business Ed ATHENSON. MARGIE Clothing S Tex Chemistry AVENT. MARGARET English Library Science BAILEY. BE VERLY BAKER, ERMA Psychology Business Ed. Sociology Education BANKS. MARTHA Library Science BARCLIFF. JOYCE French BARR. MELVA English fll %M%La BARTLEY. BARBARA German 8 ASS. MARS Physical Ed BATTLE. ELEANOR Business Ed. BAUGHAM. MARILYN Home Economics Education BAYLOR, MAURICE Business Admmistratior BELL. CLENDA English BELL. GRETCHEN BLOUNT. FRANCINE Business Education Music Education Education BRANDON. PATRICIA Home Economics BRAXTON. JACQUELINE Preschool Education BREWER. JOHN Social Science BR IMAGE. BRENDA ■■ ' ' HjK j A BRODDIE. HERBERT Business Administration BROWN, BRENDA Business Education BROWN. CAROLYN English Library Science BROWN. CA THERINE Economics BROWN CLARENCE Sociology BROWN. PHYLLIS fit BROWN. EZELL BROWN. JO YCE Home Economics BROWN, LEWIS Business Admmisr, Economics .£• ££ BROWN. SANDRA Sociology BULLOCK. BETTIE BULLOCK. CAROLYN Business Education CHAPPELL. DIANE CHA VOUS. J J ANITA CHERRY. CY NTHIA CHILSOLM. LOUISE CLAN TON. LAVVRENCE Nursing Sociology Business Ed Political Sc. History History Education History PRESIDENT, CALVIN KEARNEY CLARK. LEONARD Geography Social Science CLEMONS. KENNETH Art COGDELL LINDA Library Science COLE. RONALD Spanish French Music COLEBURN LYNADA Sociology CLEGG, BRENDA English COLLINS, QUEEN Social Science COOPER. GLORIA COOPER, OTIS COOPER. SYLVIA Art Business Ed. Education Educa con CORRY. CLAYWARD CORRY, RITA Political Sc. Business Ed. History Education COTTON. ALEXANDER CO T TON. BETTY Sociology CREACY. JAMES Sociology Psychology CREOLE PEARLIE CRAWFORD. DOROTHY DANIELS VALERIA Sociology Psychology DA VIS. BRENDA DAVIS. EVELYN I Geograph y Library Science DAVIS. LEAVIE DEANS, LINDA WORRELL Political Sc Biology Sociology Educa tion DELBRIDGE. CECIL DENNING. MARY DICKENS. RENA V Business Ed DIXION. FANNIE O Home Economics Foods and Nutrition DIXON. WILLIE DOBSON. LINDA DOBSON. MARY DORTCH, EULES DRAPER. RONALD Sociology Home Economic Business Education Sociology Political Science Recreation Education Education Geograph y Business Adm DUPUY. AUDREY EA TMON. DIANE EATON. GLORIA ECKARD. BARBARA A EDWARDS. PATRICIA English Biology Music Home Economics Home Economics Education Chemistry Education Education PreSchool EDWARDS. PENELOPE EDWARDS, SHIRLEY ELLERBE, LAFAYE ELLIS, LEWIS ELLISON, ANNIE JANE Biology Nursing Sociology Geograph y Home Economics Chemistry Health Education History Education ELLISON, JAMES M ENGLAND. SY LVIA EVANS. PATRICIA H. FAISON, LINDA FARMER. JEANNETTE History Biology Home Economics Biology PreSchool Education Sociology Education Chemistry Education Chemistry Sociology FARRELL. BRENDA Sociology Geograph y FERRELL, RALPH FLOWERS. YVONNE Home Economics Pre-School Ed FORBES. CURTIS FORD, BRENDA Sociology Business Ed. Political Science Education FORNEY. CARL Business Admn FORNEY, 8ARBAF, Business Admn FRANKS, GLADIE Business Admn. FRAZIER SHERRILL FREEMAN. FAYE FREEMAN. MARIAN FRINK, PETER French Business Admn. Education Economics FISHER, HARLO Ma thema tics Spanish FULLER, ANNIE GARRIS. JESSICA History Sociology Library Science History GARRISON. TERRY GODETTE. ORA Political Science Sociology History Psychology GODLEY, DORIS Health Ed. Biology GOODSON, JOAN GORE, MIRIAM GORHAM, BENJAMIN GRANT, CLAUDETTE GRANT, KATRINA English Business Admn. Business Admn, Business Education Secretarial Science Library Science Economics Economics Education Library Science GRAY, VERONICA C GREEN. ARCHIE Chemis Mathen atics Biology 8, Education Ks ' - m Bm ? W l yb ■ - Bpr GREGORY. ROGER Business Education Education GRIFFIN, EDITH HALL, NATHANIEL GOODING, ELIJA Accounting Business Admn. Economics Economics CELESTINE BOONE, VICE PRESIDENT HAMILTON, DORETHA English Library Science HAMRICK. ANCANETTE HAMILTON. WILLIAM Health Business Admn. Recreation Education Economics HAMLIN. JOYCE Psychology Sociology HARDING. RONALD Mathematics Bumess Admn HARDY. CYNTHIA Social Science Sociology HARRIS. ARTHUR Sociology Social Science HARRISON. DOSSIE Psychology Sociology HARRISON. WILLIE HAZEL. FRANK HENDERSON. EFFENUS HENLY. KAREN Psychology Sociology Biology Preschool Ed HESTER. CARRIE HESTER. DONALD HILL. ROBERT Sociology HILLIARD. ANNIE Business Admn Economics HILLIARD. STELL Home Economics HINTON. CATHERINE HOBGOOD. BETTY Sociology Business Education Educa ti on Educa ti on HOCUTT. SALL E Sociology Psychology HODGE. DENISE English HOLLAND. JACQUELINE Business Education HOLLOWAY, BETTY Business Admn. Economics HORTON, CERALDINE HORTON, PAULINE Library Science HUDSON. IRIS Accounting Economics JACKSON. DON Accounting Economics JACKSON. LYNETTE Business Education JACOBS. ETHEL Psychology Sociology HOLLEY, JULIUS HOPKINS. EVELYN Ma thema tics Business Admn tfWl HUFF, GEORGE Sociology HUNTER HOWARD f% AMES MAFICHYCO _ " " 5 JOHNSON. CARLTON JOHNSON. CYNTHIA JOHNSON, JAMES JOHNSON. PA TRICIA Accounting Pre-School Ed Business Admn. Business Admn Economics Education Economics Mathematics JOHNSON, THERESA JOHNSON YVONNE JONES. ALBERTA JONES. BELINDA JONES. CAL Biology Eng .sh Sociology Pol. Science Education Mathematics Library Science Psychology Business Adm JONES, DORIS JONES. EARL JONES. GER ALOINE JONES, MARY Busin Physical Ed Pol Science Sociology Business Ed Econc mlcs Education Sociology Spanish i tf% JONES. RICHARD JORDAN. CHERYL JORDAN. OTIS JOYNER. FRED KEARNEY. CALVIN Business Ed Accounting Economics Education Economics Economics Education KEYS. MARGARET KING, SAMUEL Physical Ed. LAWSON. GLADYS English Sociology ITTLE. CAROL KIMBER. JANICE KIMBLE, PRINCE Business Admn. History Education Political Science KING, BETTY Biology Chemistry KING. JOYCE Sociology English KIRK. DORIS Psychology Sociology LEGGETT. REDDEN LITTLE. JANIE ttri KNIGHT, PEARL V KNOX. CHARLES Physical Ed Education LACY, HATTIE Sociology Psychology LEGGETTE. PAULINE LEWIS. JOAN LINNEY. VALERIE Physical Ed Sociology Education Health Education LITTLE. JOHN Social Science Philosophy LOFTON. ETTA LOGAN, GERALD Sociology Health Ed Pre-School Ecucation Education ; LONG. ALMA Pre-School Ed M ALLOY, RAMONNA Home Economics MANGUM. JACQUELINE MANN. JAMES Pre School Ed Accounting MARTIN, GRANGER Psychology Biology MARTIN. NAT A Business Ed, MATTHEWS. DENNIS Accounting McGLOHON, BRENDA French Library Science McGRIFF, FREDERICK McLAUGHLIN. MARILf Physics Business Ed McLEAN. ROGER McNEIL, EDWARD MERRITT, SHERRY MILLS, RITA MILLS, ROSALINE MILLS. VELMA Business Admn. Business Ed. Pre-School Ed. Sociology French Economics Education Library Science Psychology Education MITCHELL, ANNIE MONK. JOHN MONK. MARCH ETA MOORE, EDWARD MOORE, GRACE Sociology Poh tical Science English Accounting Geograph y History History Psychology Econom,cs Biology MOORE, THOMASINE MOORE, VIRGINIA MORRIS, GWENDOLYN MOSBY, EMMA MO YE. CAROL Political Science History Sociology Biology Spanish Education Political Science Socal Science Chemistry E ducan on MURPHY. CLAYTON MURPHY. CLEO MURPHY. GWENDOL YN MURPHY INA MURRA Y. JAMES Sociology Biology Business Ed Psychology Physical Ed. Political Science Chemistry Education Library Science Education __U M NIXON JACQUELINE OFARROW. WILLIAM Sociology Art Education Psychology Education OVERTON. MARY PAGE. IDA English Psychology Sociology English PALMER. GARY Biology PALMITIER. OEIDRE Psychology PARKER. GEORGE Mathematics Chemistry PARKER. OLIVIA PATTERSON, BARBARA Political Science Business Ed English Education PATTERSON, BRENDALYN PAYTON. FLORENCIA Business Ed. Spanish Education Ecucation PEEBLES. ALICE PEELE. GLADUES History Physical Education Social Science Ed Education PEELE. PERCY PERNELL. FERNARD PERRY. GEORGIA L. PERRY, RHONDA English Library Science PHELPS. BETTY HHIFER, EMMA Health Sociology PITTMAN. JACQUELINE PORTERFIELD. JANICE Business Ad. Psychology Economics Sociology PRINCE. ROSE Psychology Pre-School QUICK. FREDERIC P RANKIN. DELBA Sociology Library Science RATLIFF, DENISE REED. PAUL ETTA RE ID. EVAN N GEL YRE REID. LAVERNE REYNOLDS. VIRGINIA French History Sociology Health Sociology German Library Science Psychology Biology History : LiLLL_ RICHARDSON. GLADYS RICHARDSON. JOHNNY History Political Science English Spanish UCHARDSON. ROSETTA RILEY. GERALD RITTER. ARTURA ROBERSON. SHERMAN ROBINSON. JOANNE ROBINSON. RONALD ROBINSON. YVONNE English ROGERS. SANDRA Sociology Psychology ROSENBORO. JENNIE English Library Science ROUSE. IVRA Sociology Psychology ROYSTER. BRENDA ROYSTER YVONNE Dramatic Art Sociology English Education Pre-School RUFFIN, IRENE Sociology SCOTT, ETHEL Sociology Psychology 1 m ■ m a " » " a ■■ SCOTT. PAMELA SEALEY. JOHN SHARPE. JAMES SHAW. MELVIN SHAW. POMULA Recreation Chemistry Political Science Political Science Home Economics Education Mathematics Sociology History Education ■-., 1 ritA SHEARIN. ROSA SHERROD. MA TTHEW SHILO. ANGELA SIMMONS. H ILL 1 AM SIMS. SALl Sociology Sociology Business Ed. Political Scier Psychology Political Science Psychology Education Sociology Education SKINNER. HELEN SLADE. WILLIAM SMALL. ETHEL SMITH. CHERYL SMITH. JACELYN Mathematics Physical Ed Mathematics Business Admn. Home Economics French Education Business Admn Economics Education SPEIGHT. RONALD Art Advertising SPAULDING. CARLTON SPRINGS. PATRICIA Political Science Psychology Geography Sociology SPRUILL. EMMA STANSBERRY. MILDRED STATON DORIS Biology STEEL. CHARDAYLE Business Ed. English STEPHENS. DAYLE Sociology Psychology STEVENS. CHARLES STEVENSON. SAUNDRA Sociology Home Economics Social Science Education STUBBS. DOROTHY English SUGAR. GLORIA Sociology Psychology SUGGS. GLORIA SWEATT. MARTHA Social Science TUCKER, LINDA TURNER. BRENDELL UNDERWOOD PAUL D PreSchool Ed WADE. GLADYS Mathematics Business Admn. WADE. PATRICA $ English WALDEN. DIANE Business Ed. WALKER, GARLAND F Health Ed Biology WALKER. JERRY Political Science _____ WATSON, INGRID WEAVER. LINDA WEBB. GIZETTE WEEKS. LOUISE WHITAKER. DIANE Spanish Pre-School Ed Psychology Business Ed Business Ed. German Education Education Education WHITE GLORIA WHITE, HARRIET WHITE, JAMES WHITEHEARST, PATRICIA WHITESIDES. SHIRLE Business Admn. Sociology French Sociology Art Economics Psychology Black Studies Library Science Education WHITTINGTON, JOSEPH WILLIAMS. DORCAS English WILLIAMS. ANITA WILLIAMS, CONSTANCE Business Ed Sociology Education Recreation WILLIAMS. FLOYD WILLIAMS, MARILYN Recreation Ed Business Ed Geography Education SECRETARY. ROSASHERIN WILLIAMS, MATTIE WILLIAMS, SHARON Sociology Biology Psychology Chemistry WILKINS, JACQUEL YN WILLIS, DONISON L Business Ed. Sociology Education History WOO TEN. JOHNNY F Sociology WORTHINCTON, EVANGELINE WRIGHT. DEBORAH Sociology Accoun ting Library Science Economics YOUNG. NANCY English Drama JOHNSON. WILHELMENIA Sociology WALKER. ERIC Psychology Sociology TREASURER, MILDRED STANSBURY 13 ■ pw Willie Armstrong Linda Britt V John Brewer Carolyn Brown Clarence Brown Estelle Collins A Betty Holloway Ethel Jacobs Richard Jones Brendell Turner In grid Watson p SPOTLIGHT ON SENIORS §r I JUN IORI ill i LEN BARBARA S ler Oty. N. C LLBN. NORTON Louisburg. N. C ALSTON, LARRY Sociology Mebane. N. C. ALSTON, PATRICIA Home Economics Louisburg, N. C ALSTON, VERGIE Sociology Louisburg, N C ANDERSON, ETHEL Charlotte. N C ANDERSON. EVELMA ANDREWS. SANDRA SUE ARNOLD, BOBIA English English Accounting Salisbury. N C Parmela, N. C Wilson, N. C. iuirf ji ART IS. OTELIA ATLES. JEAN BAILEY. LILLIAN BAKER, JOSEPH BAKER. PATRICIA Sociology English Economics Biology Physical Education Hertford. N C. Hempstead, N. V Nashville, N C Raleigh, N. C. Lumberton, N. C iytit k BAKER, VAN BALDWIN ALICE BARBER. CLARICE BARRINCTON. SANDRA BARTLEY. NATHAN C Accounting Business Admn Sociology Accounting Chinquapin, N C Winston Salem. N. C. Bear Creek. N C Elizabeth City, N. C. Edgecombe, N. C. 1 fc ' lh fc ft BATTLE, WILLIAM BELL. ALICE BELLAMY. LIZINIE BENJAMIN, JUA ITA BENNETT. EV ANGELINE Business Admn Business Admn Psychology Sociology Psychology Mt Olive, N C Halifax, N. C. Edgecombe. N C Forsyth. N. C. Baden. N C J " mjkL •■-!. BENNETT. DIANE Sociology Baden, N. C. BENNETT. THOMASENA BEST. ROSA Business Admn. Sociology BLACKWELL, ALBERT Accounting Nelson, Va. BLAND. BRENDA Nursing Nashville, N C. BLUE, MARILYN Business Ed. Lumberton, N. C. BOOKER. LAFREDA BORDEN. JAMES Education Political Science Madison, N. C Belhaven, N. C. BOYD. EMILY Sociology Aurora, N. C. DEBORAH CROCKER, VICE-PRESIDENT JR. CLASS BREWINGTON. STEPHANIE BRIGGS. BETTY Business Education Business Education Faison. N. C Asheville. N. C. (% n t t kitfk 4 , BROOKS. BRENDA Sociology Hillsborough, N. C. BROWER, MICHAEL Secretary Ed. Siler City, N C BROWN, ALFRED Accounting Durham, N. C BROWN. NANCY Ayden, N. C BROWN. SHELIA Pre-School Ed. Washington, D. C BROWN. SYLVIA Business Education Havelock. N. C BULLOCK, PATRICIA Fairmont. N C. BURREL. OLLIE Lounburg, N. C. BURT, CAROLEEN English BUTLER, CLAUDETTE Spanish Winston-Salem, N. C. CALDWELL. CARL Sociology Landis. N C. K k£ CANNADY. RUTH CATES, VAL JEAN Business Admn. Business Admn. Raleigh, N. C Hope Mills, N. C. CHAMBERS, SUDIE Business Admn. Raeford, N. C %+ MtLh CHAPMAN, CRYSTAL CHAPMAN JOICE CHAPPELL. PAMELA CHAVIOUS. MARION CHEEK, ULRICH A English Business Admn Sociology Sociology Political Science Kmston, N. C Cnlton, N C Clan ton, N C. Turkey. N. C. Weldon, N C. CLARK. LEONEL Physical Education . N C CL YBURN, WILLIAM CLINTON. EDDIE t Sociology Political Science Winston Salem. N C High Point, N. C. COLEMAN, JOHN C Psychology Coleman, N C COOPER. DA VID fcfci f COOPER WILLIAM CROCKER DEBORAH COMBO TON! CUNNINGHAM. JOHNSIE CURE TON. LINDA Accounting Physical Education Clothing Health Education Windsor, N. C. G rover. N. C Upper Marlboro. Md Virgilma. N. C Salisbury, N C J " »£ CURREY, CAROLE DANIELS, DONALD DAVIS, BURNETT DAVIS, LARRY Political Scie Louisburg, N C DAVIS. MARVA DAVIS SARAH M DAVIS, STELLA DAVIS. STEPHEN DE BERRY. STEPHEN E DELOATCH, MAR Sociology Business Admn. Sociology Business Admn Raleigh, N C Roxboro, N. C High Point. N C Marston, N. C Woodland. N C tot DEWITT. RONNIE DICKENS, JEROME Mathematics Political Science Tabor City, N C Tarboro. N. C. f- r jr DICKERSON. DEMETRIUS DIXON. SANDRA DODO. THOMl Psychology English Business Ed. Conway. N C Henderson. N. C Pilot Mr. N. C. DORSE Y. JU ANITA DORSTER. SHIRLEY DOWDY. JOYCE DOVE. TIMBER DYE, SONJA Home Economics Sociology Psychology Sociology Monroe. N. C Washington. N. C Kmston. N. C High Point, N. C. EDGERTON. SOPHIA EDMOND, INGRID EDMOND. UL YSSES EDWARDS BARB A 1A ELLIS, CLYDE Music Political Science Home Economics Charlotte, N. C Rich Square, N. C. Hamlet, N C Cherry Point, N. C. Weldon, N. C. ■■■■■■■■ I ELLIS. JAMES ELLISON, CARMEN Biology Business Ed. Weldon, N C Durham. N C ESTES. BRADIE Accounting Oxford. N C. FAISON. MABLB FAISON. WAVERLY FARRINGTON, PATRICIA FAUCETT. AMANDA FERGUSON. CLAUDE Sociology History Sociology Psychology Art Clinton. N C Clinton. N C Chapel Hill. N C Levittonn. Pa Lenoir. N C FULCHER. BONNIE Sociology Oriental, N. C GALBREATH. MICHAEL GARRETT. MICHAEL GARRISON, SALLY Business Admn. English Business Ed Fayetteville. N C. Rich Square. N. C. Bayboro, N C GASH, LINDA Sociology Brevard. N C i CATLIN, YOLANDA CA TLINC, LAWRENCE GIBBS. ANNIE GIBSON. OLIVIA GORHAH t, REBECCA Psychology Psychology Business Ed Business Ed. Chemistn Simpson, N C Elubaeth City. N. C. Bayboro. N. C Asheville. N C Farmville N C W? 9 Fayetteville. N C GREEN. HER VON Geograph y Oxford. N. C GREEN, JNELVERA GRIGG. VIRGINIA English Psychology Bronx, N. V. Washington, D. C GRIMES. CHARLIE A1 A. V GUNTER, RITA Biology Sanford. N C. HALFACRE. XENIA HAMLETT. THELMA HARDY. BETTY HARDY. LARRY Sociology Sociology Business Admn. Business Ed. Durham. N. C Roxboro. N C Greensville, N. C. Red Springs. N. C H (fo Afclfcfcjk HARDY. MEL Ay den. N. C. HARPER. SHIRLEY Sociology Mt Olive. N. C. HARRELL, BEVERLY HARRELL, EDDIE French Accounting Windsor. N. C Scotland Neck. N. C. HARRELL. JOSEPH Mathematics Ahoskie. N. C HAYNES. RAVONNIE HAYNES. REVONNIE HEDGEPATH, PAMELA HEMINGWAY, PATRICIA HIGGS. LINDA Business Ed. PreSchool Ed. Sociology History Business Ed Whiteville. N. C Whiteville, N. C. Hallisten, N C Tabor City. N C Scotland Neck, N. C. HIGGS. SANDRA Scotland Neck, N. C. HILL. ERNESTINE HILL. MELISSA English Business Educavo Como, N C- Ahosk,e. N. C. HINES. WALTER Accounting Bladenboro, N. C. HINSON. DORA Wadesboro. N C HOBBS. HERMAN Goidsboro. N. C. HOLMAN. BARBARA Business Education Durham. N. C. HORTON. CARL Zebu on, N. C HORTON. MARGIE Sociology Pittsboro. N. C. President - Waver I y Fa son JOHNSON ALAN Philadelphia. Pa JOHNSON. DELORIS JOHNSON. ETHEL Sociology English Fountain. N. C. Scotland Neck. N C JOHNSON, TYRONE JOHNSON. WANDA Business Admn. Sociology Warrenton. N. C Wilmington, N. C. hdTAMkA ONES, JAMES JONES, JOYCE JONES. LENA JONES. PRESTON JORDEN. JOHN ccountmg English Pre-School Ed. Sociology Accounting ftgh Point. N. C Sanford, N. C Fuquay-Varma. N. C. Burlington. N. C High Point, N. C. tfc tjr KEARNEY. OTELI. Co field. N C KEENE. GLADYS Mathematics Ahoskie, N. C KEITH. JOSEPH Political Science Louisburg. N. C r% it KING. CAROL Sociology Warrenton, N. C. KINSEY. JOHNSON Mathematics Trenton, N. C. KNIGHT. ADDIE Sociology Tarboro. N. C KORNEGA Y. LINDA KRIDER, DIANN Psychology Sociology Km ston, N C E. Spencer, N. C. LANIER. DAVID LA SANE. SANDRA Political Science Health Education Wilhamston. N. C. Raleigh, N. C Charlotte. N C LEE. ARNESE English Tomahawk, N. C JTMH LEE. CHARLES LEE, FREDDIE Psychology Biology Rocky Mount, N. C Clinton, N. C LEWIS. FLOYD m V 1 fe ' fcC ?fc LEWIS. JOYCE Business Educatit Oxford. N. C LEWIS. LOUANNA Sociology Wagram, N C. LITTLEJOHN. MICHELE LLOYD. HAZEL Sociology Sociology Asheville. N C Riegelwood. N. C LONG. LINDA Henderson. N C LONG. SHARON Psychology Charlotte, N C LOVE. NAVADA Home Economics Pilot Mtn. N. C LOWE. BARBARA Sociology Warsaw. N. C LOWERY. VICTOR Sociology Baltimore. Md LUCAS. SHELBY Business Education Elizabethtown, N C IkllfclifcYfc LYNCH, MARCIA Physical Education Reidsville, N. C. MANGUM. LARRY High Pomt. N C MANLEY, WILLIE Accounting Margaretteville. N. C MANN. ANNIE Oriental. N. C MANUEL. DAVID Accounting Goldsboro, N C MARABLE QUEEN MARSH. ETRULA Business Admn. Sociology S Boston. Va Wadesboro. N C fctktf MASSEMBERG. DANIEL MASSEY. SYLVIA Political Science History Louisburg, N C Monroe, N. C MATTHEWS, BARBARA MATTHEWS, DENNIS MATTHEWS, ROXIE MAYFIELD, SILAS McCALLUM, SUSAN Business Admin. Accounting Chemistry Geography Home Economics Sanford, N. C Durham, N C Richmond, Va. Durham. N. C Silver Springs. Md McCOMB, CLENDA Mcdonald, celenzy MclNTOSH. FRANKIE McKINNEY ROSALINE McKOY. MARSHA E Chemistry Sociology H, story Business Ed Biology Castoma. N C Elliott, S C West Palm Beach, Fla Fayetteville, N C Oarkton. N. C McPHERSON, SANDRA McRAE, VERNAL McRAE. VIVIAN Home Economics Music Sociology Laurmburg, N. C. Shannon. N. C. Secretary, Vanessa Watson MERRITT. MARILYN MICKLE. ANDREA Sociology Sociology Raleigh, N C. Winston-Salem. N C. MIDCETTE, THOMAS M1LL1KEN. RAL Political Science An Washington. N C Pittsboro. N. C. h£M MITCHELL. ANGELA Psychology Supply, N C MITCHELL. CECELIA MITCHELL. ONNIE Home Economics English Jacksonville. N. C Louisburg, N. C MONROE. ALICE MOON. BENNIE Business Ed Accounting Laurel Hill. N C Linden. N J MORGAN. SHIRLEY Home Economics Cumnock. N. C MORRIS. BRENDA Business Admn. Roosevelt. N Y MORRISEY. ALLEN Business Ed. Warsaw. N. C. MORRISON. JAMES Statesvi le. N. C knit 1 ODE N. 8EA TRICE Business Ed. Blount Creek, N C OLDHAM. PATRICIA Business Ed. Hempstead. N. Y OUTLAW. LYNETTE PAGE. REATHA English Durham. N C PARKER. JESSIE Biology Murtmrsboro. N. C A 4k. RANDOLPH, JANICE REID. PHYLLIS Social Science Business Education Bolivia, N C. Winston-Salem. N C RHODES. JOHNNY Physical Education Ashevlle. N C RICE. DONNA Sociology Accounting Cleveland. N C Castaha. N C RICHARDSON. BARBARA Ak 4 4 m RICHARDSON PHYLLIS RICKS. WILLIAM Sociology Business Admn Wendell. N C. Sarboro, N C. BITTER. ETON Barton. Florida ROBERTS. WILLIAM Geography H ig h Point. N C |E5 ROBINSON. CLAUDETTE ROBINSON, ORG E Sociology Sociology Badm, N. C Bennettsville, S C Chapel Hill. N C PAYLOR. MARCELL Sociology Roxboro. N C PEARCE. GWENDOL Sociology Kenly. N. C Durham, N C 0% f% C5 PLEMMER. JACQUELINE POOLE. CHERYL History Sociology Tarboro, N C Washington, D C. POWELL. ERIC Warrenton, N. C POWERS, BETTY Business Admn 147 Roanoke Rapids. N. C. PRITCHARD, RONALD Business Admn. Gnmeland. N. C Z. TREASURER. BONNIE FULCHER ROBINSON. SYLVIA Geography Wilkesboro. N C RODGERS. CHANETTA ROUNDTREE. ANNETTE Health Sociology Wendell. N. C. Lucama. N. C. 47 RUFFIN. CYNTHIA RUSSEL L. GWENETH English Home Economics Rocky Mount. N C Oriental. N. C SANSBURY. SHIRLEY Business Ed Hope Mills. N. C SAWYER, BRENDA SCOTT. JULIA SCOTTON. DOROTH Music Sociology Home Economics Lumberton. N. C Rocky Mount, V. C. Siler City. N. C SEALEY. CYNTHIA SESSOMS, CEL A SHARROCK, SHIRLEY SHAW, MARY SHIPMAN. EUNICE Business Admn. Sociology Biology Drama Sociology Rose Hill, N C Ahoskie, A . C. Rich Square. N C Burlington. N C Whitevilie, N. C. 4Y ftt h « SIMPSON. RITHIA SINGLETARY, ALICE SMALL, JULIUS SMITH ANNABELLE SMITH. ARIMENTAL Home Economics Business Admn. Geograph y Business Admn. Home Economics Reidsville. N. C. Raeford, N C. Wilmington, N C Clayton, N. C Bayboro, N. C. ikt fck St SMITH. BARBARA A. SMITH. BARBARA E SMITH, EON A E SMITH. EMMA J SMITH, MARGARET E Sociology Sociology Biology Psychology Sociology Bolton. N. C. Vitgilma. N. C Selma. N. C Wmteryille, N. C. Clinton, N C IKk SMITH, SYLVIA J. Sociology Council, N. C SOLOMON, ALFONZA SOLOMON, SANDRA An English . N C Enfield, N C SPEARS. JUDITH E Pre-Schoot Durham. N C. STATEN. LUGRETTA M. Clark ton. N C STEELE, MARSHA Biology Cleveland, N C STEPHENSON. MARRIAN STINSON, THEORA I Pol i veal Science Grayburg, N C Holly Springs. N C STONER. WILLIAM B STRICKLAND. ELIZABETH F Sociology Business Education Salisbury, N C. Louisburg, N. C. STRONG. PEGGY J. STURDIVANT. DORIS J STURDIVANT. HUBERT SUMNER. QUENTIN Business Education Psychology Psychology Political Science Hamlet, N. C. Charlotte. N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Rocky Mount. N C. SWAIN, IRIS Sociology Washington, N. C. iTfcififc SWEATT. ERMAGENE SWEET, VINCENTL TANN, PEROUIDA TAYLOR. DAVID THOMAS. MAR Political Science Sociology Sociology Economics Psychology Garysburg, N C. Newark, N. J. Rich Square, N. C 149 Goldsboro. N C Durham, N. C. ■■■■i H THOMAS. PHYLLIS Political Science Durham, N C THOMPSON. BETTY Home Economics Winston Salem. N C. THORNE. GAMALIEL THORPE. GEORGE Mathematics Accounting Littleton. N C Oxford. N. C TOLES. MARION Business Admn Fayetteville. N. C. ifrfcjfe TROUBLEFIELD. BRENDA TRICE. JAMES Social Science Sociology New Grove. N C New Bern. N. C TROY. GWENDOLYN TURRENTINE. DAVID VICK, LINDA Business Education History Music Le and, N. C Bahama, N. C. Greensboro. N. C WATKINS DOROTHY WATSON. DIANE Chemistry Food Nutrition Charlotte. N C Harrellsville. N C WATSON. VANESSA WELLS. DEBRA Mathematics Sociology Washington. D C Asheville, N. C WERTS. JAMES Psychology Gastoma. N. C. WEST. BRENDA WHITE. HARVE Business Admn Political Science Havelock. N C. Tarboro. N. C. I TE. L INDA Accounting Carona, N Y WHITE. MONY Accounting Gaunen, N C WILDER. ELLA Franklin. N. C n " k WILLIAMS. ANNIE WILLIAMS. MILTON WILLIAMS. PAULA WILLIAMS. RITA WILLIAMSON JAMES Biology Sociology English Business Admn. Business Admn. Deep Run, N. C Littleton, N. C Chadboum, N C Newark. N. J. Clayton. N C WILLISTON. JOSEPH WILSON. GLEN Political Science History Gastonia. N. C. Eden, N C WITHERSPOON, Sociology Lenoir, N. C WOMACK. GAK Sociology Gastonia. A WOMBLE. EVA Business Educatio Bear Creek, N. C WOODS. EL Business Admn Kmston, N. C WOODLAND. BEVERLY WOOTEN. ESTE History Health Portsmouth. Va. Falkland, N C YANCY, JACQUELINE YOUNG. LINDA Business Education Vance, N. C. Oxford, N. C YOUNGBLOOD. ARL NDA CAMERON. ANDREA Mathematics Elementary Ed Hampton. Va Hampton. Va. ENOCH. JANE Sociology Burlington, N. C EVANS. SHIRLEY Home Economics Bridgeport. Conn SOPHOMORES Aldridge, Veronica Alexander, Carl Allen, Lurettle Anderson, Tanna Anthony, Maxme Austin, Roberta Bailey, Cynthia Bailey, Leroy Ballard, Selma Banks, Alfred Banner, Percell Battle, Mary Batts, Mary Beasley, Anita Be ton, Rosa Bennett, Margaret Biggs, Gwendolyn Birdsall, Birtrand Black, Ocheta Blackburn, Cynthii Bonds, Linda Boney, Jacquelin Boone, Carolyn Boone, Wanda Bowdy, Juanna Braswell, C eta President, Brenda Wagner Brower, Dorothy Brown, Pamela Brown, Terry Bryant, Gwendolyn Bryant, Jacquelyn Bryant, Joyce Bullock, Juanita Bullock, Linda Bullock, Veriene Burch, Paulette Burke, Julia Bynum, Carolyn Cameron, Annie Campbell, Ethelene Caraway, Linda Chambers, A ecu Collins, Jeanette Co lms, Karen Copeland, Nathaniel Corbett, Deborah Cox, An gel i a Coy art, Elva Craig, Xyzomema Crowder, Janice Crowder, Yerva Crudup, Jan James Whitaker, Vice-President ■ ' ' " ■ ' : Davidson, Louise Davis. Angela Davis, Juamta Davis, Patricia Daye, Shirley Demery, Deborah Dixon, Cart Do berry, Valeria Dorsey, Elvert Dowdey, Paulette Easter, Connie Eaton, Sandra Edmonds, John Ervm, Renda Evans, Bradford Evans, Sheila Finger, Patricia Fisher, Dorothy Fluitt, Larry Frazier, Sylvester Fullwood, Jerelmi Fullwood. Linda Gittens. Beverly Godwin, Barbar, Good, Lena Grange, Wiima Graves, Cynthia Griggs, Joyce tlfc W Gross, Douglass Hancock, Janice Harp, Betty Harris, Patricia Harris, William Harriston, Fannie Hawkins, Shirley High, Brenda Hill, John Holmes, Baleria Hubbard, Verti Hughes, Deborah Hull, Brenda Humphrey, Freda Hunter, Alfreda Ingram, Bobby Jeffers, Otis Jeter, Cassandra Johnson, Angela Johnson, Maurice Johnson, Sandra Jones, Fdwma Jones, Gail Jones, Larry Jones, Shirley Jordan, Joyce King, Geraldine King, Geraldine E. Knight, Dar ene Lee, Larry Lewis, Arlene Lloyd, Elaine Love, Glenda Love, Shiela Lynch, Elaine Lyons, Claude Lyons, Del ores Mamard, Yvonne Manning, Paulette Martin, Cynthia Massey, Mamie Mayo, Trinie Melton, Patricia Merritt, Erwin Mills, Carole Mims, Wylinda A Mitchell, Brenda ■L L Mitchell, McArthur ft T F Moore, Geraldine t ' w Moore, Marilyn V) Moore, Otelia Morton, Elaine Murphy, David Murphy, Lor is Myatt, Addie McClain, Patricia McCormack, James McClain, Ronald Lee McGhirt, Albertina Mclver, Kwajalein McMillian, Georgic McSwain, Helen Neal, Paulette Newton, Mary Odom, Cherry Osborne, Helen Oxendine, Patricia Peoples, Aldophus Patrick, Evenlyn Payton, Hilda Q % W ft Peppers, Regina Peterson, Avartsse Pierce, Donald Ponder, Linda Porter, Debra Pridgen, Jacquelu Radcliff, Melvin Ramey, Orelia Rathff, James Reid. Gail Richardson, Annie Richardson, Joyce Richardson, Kaye Richmond, Mary Roane, Phyliss Roberson. Sandra Robinson, Sandra Rowe, Kaye Russell, Evelyn Sauders, Ruby Saunders, Donierce Scott, Richard Shearin, Pocahontas Sherrod, Sheryl Shipman, Eunice Shropshire, Celesh Slade, Alice Slade. Larry Smith, Barbara Smith, Danny Smith, Evelyn Smith, Freda Smith, Rena Sneed, James Spease, Laverne y Sp vey, Samathia Spicer, Demetra Stephens, Barbara Stovall, Valerie Sturdivant, Hubert Taft, Pansey Taylor, Julia Taylor, Karen Thomas, David Thomas, Harvey Thomas, Peter Thompson, Roberta Thorpe, Paul Timilic, Vivian Todd, Gwendolyn Toodle, China Turner, Jacqueline Vann, Jacquelyn Vereen, Mae Walker, Keifer Walton. Beverly Washington, Carol Webb, Br en da Wh i taker, James White. Patricia Whiteside, Hazel Williams. Joan Williams. Lynette Wifloughby, Helen Wilson. Velma Witherspoon, Adnenne Witherspoon, Latha Worthington, Francis Young, Linda Young. Robert C 9 5 £f f Secretary, Jean Crudup i M9 FRESHMEN Adcock, Mona Alexander, Clarice Allen, Cassandra Allen, Lequitta Alston, Etna Alston, Herman Alston, Joseph Alston, Rov Alston, Theresa Anders, Eunice Andrews, Williard Applewhite, Margie Armstrong, James Armstrong, Lois Artis, Sandra Aultmon, Aaron Autry, Shirley Badgett, Rhonda Bailey. Lorraine Baker, Jeannette Baldwin, Sybil Baldwin, Wanda Ballard, Linda Barnes, Evelyn Barner, Robert Barnes, Ruth Barnett, Lottie Beasley, Glennie Beatty, Ronald Bellamy, Sheha Bennett, Barbara Bennett, Lewis Bernard, Cynthu Berry, Janet Best, Deborah Best, Julia Biggs, Carl Black well, Gordan Blaylock, Norma Bond, Joan Bonner, Carol Booker, Jackie Boone, Aldridge Boyd, Gwendolyn Boyd. Stellyne Boykin, Mary Boykin, Pearly Bo wen, Deborah Bowie, Patricia Braswell, Roscoe Bntt, Geraldme Bntt. Lorraine Bntt, Nina Brown, Brenda Brown, Dora Brown, Lincoln Bryant, Beckalene Bryant, Patricia Bryant, Renee Bullock, Leslie Burnette, Lottie Burnette, Patrick Burton, Carl Butler, Norman Byers, Handey Byrd. Carolyn Caldwell, Gwendolyn Campbell, Glen Camngton, Marylene Carter, Gertrude Carter, Gilda Cauthen, Sarah Charles, Cynthia Chjtm.m, Lois Coburn, Veronit Cole, Ins Coley, Judy Cope and, Cassandra Cotton, Hilda Cox, Gwendolyn Cox, Gwendolyn M. Craig, Gregory Craig, Roger Crawford, Brenda Crisp, Zefma Crudup, Mary Crump ton, Karen Daniels, Del ores Cunningham, Prattsie Currie, Carolyn Dalton, Rodessa Daniel, Carolyn President, Milton Le Daugherty, Beverly Davis, Audrey Davis, Calvin Davis, Constance Davis, Darlene Davis, Gwendolyn Davis, La Verne Davis, Marilyn Davis, Patricia Dawdell, Arva Daye, Ellen Daye, Mary Daye, Sherwin Debro, Carolyn Debs, Eugene Delse, Delores Dickens, Rosa Dickerson, Sarah Dixon, Jacqueline Dixon, Joyce Dixon, Rosa Dolisin, Charles Dortch, Thurman Douglas, Patricia Drakeford, Floyd Dunn, Marian LESLIE BULLOCK, VICE-PRESIDENT Durant, Regma Durham, Dwight Durham, Glen Eborn, Mary Ebron, Dons Edwards, Barban Edwards, James Enoch, Ronnie Epps, Harold Escoffery, Dents Evans, Carolyn Fames, Linda Fairley, Cora Farmer, Mary Faulkner. Mary Fayton, Patricia Feaster, Gloria Fields, Leonard Fields. Phyllis Fisher, May Fleming, Vera Fleming, Wanda Flowd. Shorn Forriest, Paula Forriest, Veronica Foster, Gloria Foster, Rosa Foust, Leonard Fox, Gwendolyn Frazier, Ira Gabriel, Willie Gamer. Elaabeth !■ Gal away, Brenda George, Arnold Gibbs, Priscilla Gill, Jackie Gilhspie, Gail Gillespie, Lavonda Gi more, Sharon Glenn, Dons Godette, Frances Godette, Lavine Goldston, Ronald Gooding, Jacquelyn Gore, Lillian Gould, Ophelia Graham, Marty Gray, Francinea Grey, Gwendolyn Gray. Phylhs Green, Helen Green, Theresa Greene, Marva Greene, Mary Grier, Carol Gunn, Sandra Gwynn, Joyce Gwynn, Wanda Hail, Barbara Hall, Herman Hall, Kenneth Hall, Patricia Hamilton, Jill Hamilton, Mary Ann Hamm, Carolyn Han field, Justine Harding, Deborah Hardy. Aifredia Hardy, Larry Hardy, Sheilia Harris, Brenda Harris, Calvin Harris, Sharon Harrison, Carl Harrison, Rhonda Harry, Loretta Hasty, Lewis Hatley, Flora Hawkins. LaVern Hawkins, Luvenia Hayes, Catherine Hedgepeth, Belinda Hednick, Ida Heggins, Edward Henry, Katenda Henry, Yvette High, Carolyn Hill, Benjamin Hill. Wandra Hilliard, Lou-Cynthu Hinton, Edna Hobgood. Charlie Holland, Vicki Holt, Linda Hopkins, Linda Hood, Pamela Horner, Rometta Norton, Edith Horton, Geraldme Horton, Teresa Howard, Abigail Huddleson, Cecilia £g£ Hunter, Francine Hunter, Judy Ingram, Gloria Ingram, John Isley, Joyce Jackson, Gwendolyn Jackson, Lynette James. Antionette James, Karolynn James, Linda James, Patty James, Sheila Jeffenes, Christophe Jeffenes, Jeanie Jeffenes, Linda Jeffenes, Theresa Jenkins, Brenda Jenkins, Ethel Jenkins, Ernest Jenkins, Sylvia Jessup, Grady Jin wright, Marva Johnson, Clarence Johnson, Clarice Johnson, Gladys Johnson, Johnson, Nafiskas Jones, Antoinnette Jones, Dianne Jones, Jacqueline Jones, LaVonne Jones, Maurice Jones, Sylvia Jordan, Lovena Jordan, Calvin Jordan, Melvera Joyner, Janie Kearney, Artine Kearney, Craig Kearns, David Kee. Kay Francis Keed, David Keith, Joyce Kilgore, Sandra King, Patricia Knox, Wendellyn Lee, Patsy Lee, Ronald Lewis, Jacqueline Little, Done Little, Rhonda Little, Tamela Lofton, Stephenie Lunsford, Gloria Madison, Linda Manuel, Eleanor Marable, Anthony Martin, Cassandra Martin, Hoyle Martin, Lenora Mason, Sandra Matthews, Amy Mayes, Patricia McAurther, Sy vt McCollum, Malcolm McCleod, Rochelle McCoy, Elsie McCullers, Phyllis McGlohon, Howard McKoy, Joyce McNair, Ronald McNeill. Norma Mebane, Mary Medlm, Barbara Mernt, Wendy Miller, Marlene Mills, Larry Mills, Maggie Mills, Willie Mitchell, Elsie Mitchell, Fred Moore, Cassandra Moore, Dorothy Moore, Lynn Moore. Paulette Moore, Sandra Momsson, Derick Mullen, Brenadette Murphy, Annette Murphy, Burnette Murphy, Floyd Murphy, Patricia Newsome, Joan , Odessa Newsome, Priscilla Nixon, Robert Nixon, Wanda Oates, Jacquelyn Oates, Jean Ollison, Margaret Parker, Craig Patrick, Jacqueline Patterson, Diane Patterson, Karen Peace, Delores Pearson, Annen Pearson, Regmt Peddy. Patricia Perry, Deborah Perry, Earl Peterson, Hazel Peterson, Roderick Pierce. Linda Pierce, Mary Pmchback, Konza Pomter r Audrey Poole, Cathy Porter, Judy Portis, Karen Powell, Anita Powell, Michael Proctor, Evelyn Quick, Jessie Ragsdale, Rwan Ramey. Cleota Ramey, Mable Randolph, Leon Ratcliff. William Rayner, Genita £ P Secretary, Gwendolyn Boyd Reid, David Reid. Dojuan Richardson, Betty Richardson, Gwendolyn Richardson, Herbert Richie, Kristy Roberts, Willie Robinson, Bertha Robinson, Laura Robinson, Regena Robinson, Suzette Robinson, Whelma Robinson, Willie Ross, Lyndon Royal, Belinda Royal, Wanda Rudd, Sylvia Sampson, Douschka Sanders, Brenda Sanders, Linda Scott, Vernetta Scotton, Rebecca Sharp, Permi la Sharpe, Amelia Shearin, George Shearn, James She ton, Wanda Shoulders, Edna Shropshire, Denise Silver, Patricia Silver, Paulette Simmons, Barbara , Simpson, Patricia Skeens, Sudie Small wood, Clabe Smith, Evelyn Smith, Jennifer Smith, Larkin Smith, Pleasant Smith, Robert Smith, Rosemary Smith, Vema Maie Spence, Faye Spencer, Charlie Spencer, Maurice Stafford, Wanda Stanley, Garry Stout, Michael Stevens, Willard Stevens, Carol Stewart, Archibald Stoner, Kmdnck Taylor, Marion Terrill, Hazehne Thomas, Marva Thompson, Charmai Thompson, Connie Thompson, Warren Toland, Margo Tomhn, Diann Torram, Deborah Trice, Vivan Troublefield, Janie Tupponce, Antoinette Turner, LaFayette Turner, Teresa Twited, Beryl Vann, Thesalonian Vaugh, Juanita Vines, Brenda Vmsen, Brenda Vinson, Kenneth Walker, June Walker, Mary Ann Walters, Octavia Ward, Naomi Ward, Peggy Warren, Muriel Washington, Betty Watson, Rosita Wells. Carolyn West, Joe Whitaker, Helen White, Deborah White. Pamela Whitmore, Glow Wiggins, Harvey Wiggins, Linda Wiggins, Will Wilkerson, Leonard Willey, Wanda Williams, Bessie Williams, Betty Williams, Camilla Williams, Charles Williams, Florence Williams, Helen Williams, Henry Williams, Linda Williams, Lula Williams, Marion Williams, Patricia Williams, Shirley Williamson, Readie Wilson, Larry Wilson, Mary Jo Windley, Sandra Winstead, Delia Wise, Cynthia Woodard, Joyce Wooden, Lee Wooden, Valerie Woodward, Sylvia Worsley, Sabina Worthington, Bertha Wright, Susie Yancey, Mary ry Freshman C ass — Stelfyne Boyd Miss Student Union Barbara Eckard Miss Swanksmen — Beverly Dees It mm W ss fx Umbra Evelyn Proctor Miss Trefoil — Saundra Roberson James Brown m m ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA Bill mi! Basileus Linda Britt, Ann Basileus Gladys Richardson, Grammateus - Mary Epistoleus — Lynette Ledbetter, Tamiochus — Iris Hudson, Ivy Leaf Reported Barchff, Co-Dean of Pledgees - Jacqueline Nixon, Co-Chairman of Rush - Veroni Chaptain - Otellia Kearny, Parliamentarian - Gloria White. Brown, Ami grammateus - Rosalyn Mills, Ingnd Watson, Dean of Pledgees - Joyce i Gray, Chairman of Rush - Carolyn Brown, ALPHA PHI ALPHA TAUPHI DELTA SIGMA THETA HI President fffre Jacobs V. Pres Shirley Sharrock Secretary Gwendolyn Dixon Asst. Sec Darie Leak Treasurer Diane Whi taker Chaplain Sharon Long Reporter Barbara Wright Dean of Pledges Ce estine Boone Co Dean Barbara Eckard Dale Stephens OMEGA PS PHI ,-» ' M .•-. " • " - ski s ■• - ' . Officers: Basileus - Harold M. Fisher, Vice-Basileus - Curvin Chance, Keeper of Records - James Fisher, Keeper of Finance — Clyde Ellis, Social Chairman — Bobby Foy. KAPPA ALPHA PSI iiuiiTifiwiiiiTOiipiiiiiiiiJiiniiii ' Pi ' i ALPHA PHI OMEGA - ZETA PHI BETA mwmmmmm mmtm mmmm m m mm mmmmWHmmmm tf " • «• r. - PHI BETA SIGMA PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL President — Gary Graham Vice-President — Lewis Ellis Secretary — Ingrid Watson Treasurer — Linda Britt GROOVE PHI GROOVE rjii MNG GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA President - Catherine Brown, Vice-President - Pauline Horton, Secretary - Cladie Franks, Treasurer - Elizabeth O ' Neal McEachin, Social Chairman - Cheryl Jordan INMEMORIAM Maurice Nelson Baylor was born in Paulsboro, New Jersey. In 1965 he received his diploma from Paulsboro Senior High School where he was active and outstanding in football and wrestling. After graduation he entered North Carolina Central University and joined the varsity football team. In addition to being a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, he was Treasurer of Gamma Gamma Chapter. During his senior year of his college days, he became a member of the newly formed wrestling team. Maurice met his death in an automobile accident on January 7, 1971 after attending a basketball game. " Thou will not leave us in the dust " Thou madest man, he knows not why; He thinks he was not made to die; And thou hast made him: thou art just. " Tennyson B V ART WORK BY WILLIE NASH FORMER NCCU STUDENT PYRAMIDS ACRONIAN a M TREFOIL TRY ADS SCORPIONS SWANXMEN TOURING CHOIR BEGINNERS CHOIR Director - Mr. C. Gilchrist HONORED GUESTS THE PLA CEMENT BUREA U NCCU ' s Career Counseling and Placement Bureau serves as a crossroad for graduating seniors, graduate students, law students and alumni as they begin to make plans for the transition from the classroom to the " world of work. " In addition, a full-time career counseling program is offered for students, staff and faculty relative to employment oppor- tunities in various types of business, industrial, educational, govern- mental and private employing sectors. More than 500 representatives from throughout the United States visit the Career Counseling and Place ment Bureau during the academic year to conduct interviews with prospective candidates for employment with their respective firms. Part-time job placement counseling is also avail- able for students desiring part-time work while enrolled in sessions. Placement Bureau Staff-SEATED: Ruth Broadnax, Sandra Mason, Angela Johnson, Ernestine Hill, Brenda Ford, student clerical assistants. STANDING: Mr. Clarence Jones, Career Coun- selor; Mrs. Renora Alston and Mrs. Barbara Lassiter, secretaries; Mr. Lindsey Merritt, Director. Mr. Randal Rogers, administrative assistant, and Mrs. Vernita Walker, Graduate Counselor Intern- NOT SHOWN. Industrial Representatives Conduct Interviews for Western Electric Com- PRESIDENT, DIRECTOR OF PLACEMENT, CHEMISTRY DEPT CHAIRMAN VISIT GRADUATES ON JOB Dr. Albert N. Whiting, center foreground, is surrounded by six NCCU graduates during an industrial visit to E.I. du Pont de Nemours Company ' s Kinston Plant. LEFT SEATED, Frances T. Hairston, ' 69 programmer; RIGHT, SEATED, John T. Wil- liams, ' 69, chemist; STANDING, left to right: Kathryn L. Wal- lace, ' 67, chemist; Robert L. Moore, ' 68, chemist, supervisor, manufacturing; Merrion D. Spruill, chemist, ' 68, Dacron research; Lillie Hardy Jenkins, ' 68, business education, cashier ' s office. BACKGROUND: Dr. E.L. Totton, L.A. Merritt; J.A. Barbee, Personnel Supervisor, DuPont. 7k THE STUDENT UNION Director — Mr. T. Prescott The Bowling Alley The Eagle ' s Nest The Pool Room rl As Editor-in-Chief it has been an exciting year. In the fall of 1970 North Carolina Central University witnessed it ' s first Black Coronation and many other firsts. The decision to revise the EAGLE and pull away from " The Traditional " yearbooks was founded in the Black Enlightenment. Therefore, Young, Gifted and Black was chosen as the theme because it signified a new awakening for this 1971 edition. Many nights were spent scheduling organizations, rescheduling organizations, reading copy, and checking layouts. I was fortunate in having a staff who could withstand the pressure. Our aim was at enlightenment, not popularity. I thank my staff, Dean James Blue, and so many others that to name them it would take pages. In conclusion I have enjoyed editing the 1971 EAGLE. The book is designed for you. I hope you find it as interesting as we tried to make it. Carole Bradford Editor-in-Chief designed the cover and the majority of the art work included in this 1971 edition of the Eagle. William O ' Farrow - Art Editor Vanessa Watson — Associate Editor Carmen Ellison - Freshman Section ™ Allen Morrissey — Business Manager SENIOR DIRECTORY DIRECTORY LEN. BEATRICE Alpha Phi Alpha, ALLEN. ERVIN 1004 Akron Drive Durham. N. C. ALSTON. BARBARA Rte 4. Box 354 New Bern. N C Home Economtcs Club, Sociology Clu, ALSTON. CHARLOTTE 1 129 Merrick Street Durham. N. C Sociology Club. L ibrary Club ANDREWS. MARIL Y, Bo 664. Hwy 117N Wallace. N. C French Club. SNEA. ARMSTRONG. LARR P Box 325 BARTLEY. BARBARA 121-0 Oak Drive Englm AFB. Florida Student Union Cultural Committee. Eagle Club. German Club. Eagle Staff. Thespians Club. Student Faculty Comm. Storrs. Connecticut BASS. MARVIN Route 4. Box 89-B Oxford. N. C Varsity Basketball. Basketball ARMSTRONG. WILLIE Rte 1. Box 344 Elm City. N. C. Alpha Phi Alpha. Accounting Forum. Phi Beta Lambda Cultural Reading Commit- tee. Men ' s Dormitory Govt ARRINGTON. GLORIA Rte 3. Box 191 Enfield. N C Ph, Beta Lambda ARTIS. TERRY 1008 Branch Street Goldsboro. N C Delta Sigma Theta. Cheerleader ATHENSON. MARGIE Rte 2. Box 85 Walstonburg. N C. SVENT MARGARET BADGETT. ANNIE Rte 1. Box 2809 Reidsville. N. C BAILEY. BEVERLY Rte 3 Box 44 Enfield. N C Sociology Club, Ex Umbra BAKER ERMA Rte. 2. Box 33- A Spring Hope. N C BANKS. MARTHA 1812 Fayettev.lle Street Durham, N C English Club. SNEA BARCLIFF. JOYCE 3lOPersse Street Elizabeth City. N C French Club. Yearbook Staff, Forum Committee. Alpha Kappa Alpha. Student BARR. GARLAND 641 Atlantic Avenue Rocky Mount. N C. BARR. MEL VA BASS. PATRICIA BATTLE ELEANOR Route 4. Box 49 A Battleboro. N C Student National Educ Phi Beta Lambda BAXTER. EMMA 1136 South 26th Street Philadelphia. Pa. BAUGHAM. MARIL YN P O Box 24 Eluabethtown. N. C Home Economics Club -counting Forum p au 641 BARRETT. SHELTON 906 Lmwood Avenue Durham. N. C. BEARD. BRENDA P O Box 274 Holly Springs. N C. BELL. GIL DA BELL. GLENDA Route 1. Box 254 A Hillsborough, N. C. Off-Campus Women BELL. GRETCHEN 1500 Green Street Durham, N C Ph, Beta Lambda BREWER. BRENDA 1 14 Masondale Avenw Durham. N C BLOUNT FRANCINE 716 Latta Street Raleigh. N. C Member of The Touring Choir BOND. SYBIL 1l07Scranton Circle Durham. N. C. BOOKER. LEE Route 3. Box 72 Fuquay Vanna. N C BOONE. CELESTINE BOONE MARGARET Route 1. Box 117 Conway. N C BOOTH. ANITA 306 Mc Dade Street Chapel Hill. N C Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Club. Senior Counselor BOSTIC. CYNTHIA Route 1. Box 130 Jackson Springs. N C English Club. SNEA. Cultun Program BOWE. CURTIS 3310 G Glasson St. Durham. N C BOWE. MARY 3310 G Glasson St Durham. N. C BRANCH. CAL VIN Route 1. Box 107 Woodland. N C. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Political Club, Pre-Law Society BRANDON. PATRICIA 2611 Atlantic Street Kannapohs. N C. Home Economics Club. Judical Welfare Committee. Ex Umbra BRASWELL. ELIZABETH ANN 711 West Chestnut Street Goldsboro. N. C Ph, Beta Lambda BRAXTON. JACQUELINE 7432 Diven Street Norfolk. Va. SNEA. SGA. ? Economics Club BREWER. BARRY BREWER. JOHN 578 Oakwood Street Pittsburgh. Pa Club. SNEA Baptis BRIMAGE. BRENDA Rt 3. Box 262 New Bern. N. C English Club. SNEA Alpha Kappa Alpha. English Club. Pan Hellenic, Big Sister. Thespians. SNEA. Hamilton Watch Award Committee BRODDiE HERBERT 9 West Gleen Street Franklmton. N C BROWN. BRENDA BROWN. CAROLYN 900 Oaklawn Drive Barton Polk. Fla. Alpha Kappa Alpha. SNEA, Eagle Staff. Echo Staff. Miss Junior. English Club. Attendant Miss NCCU BROWN. CATHERINE P O Box 583 Laurinburg. N C Gamma Sigma Sigma. Phi Beta Lambda BROWN CLARENCE 327 Roosevelt Street Laurinburg. N. C Alpha Phi Omega. Alpha Kappa Mu. Alpha Kappa Delta. Sociology Club. Under- BROWN DAVID 2124 Charles Street Durham. N C BROWN. EZELL 926 Dacan Avenue Durham N C BROWN. JOANNE 713 Grant Street Durham. N C BROWN. JOYCE Rt. 1 Box 140 Holhster. N C German Club. SNEA. Club. American Home BROWN LEWIS Route 1. B wood. N C Kappa Alpha Psi. Ph, Beta La BROWN. LINDA 415 Pilot Street Durham. N. C BROWN. MARY 1202 Elvie Stree Wilson. N. C. Health Club. Sociology Club BROWN. SANDRA 1114 Ward Street Greenville. N C Sociology Club. Eagle Club. German Club BRUNSON. ALICE 211 South Blvd. Clinton, N. C. BRYANT. MARY 213 E Dewey Street Goldsboro. N. C. Phi Beta Lambda. Newman Club. SNEA BULLOCK, BETTIE JEAN Rte 3. Box 197 Henderson. N. C BULLOCK. CAROLYN Rt. 4. Box 129 Oxford, N C. BULLOCK, HATTIE Rt. 3, Box 106 BULLOCK. MARY Route 1. Box 52 Battleboro, N. C. BULLOCK. RAYMOND 1 13 South Haywood St Raleigh, N. C. BUMPHUS, SANDRA Rt 2, Box 108 Chapel Hill, N. C BURNEY. AMIE 4608 Patrick Avenue Wilmington. N. C Sociology Club. Student Durham. N C BURT. GERALDINE 1 124 Jackson Street Durham, N C BUTLER. MAXINE Route 1. Box 55 B Clmton. N. C. Home Economics Club. Eagle Staff BYNUM, FAYE 503 Whi taker Street Enfield. N. C Psychology Club, German Club. Ea Dormitory Council BYNUM. GEORGE Rt 1, Box 80 Chapel Hill. N. C BYRD. DAISEY 642 South Mebane Street Burlmgton, N. C BYRD. JAMES JR 405 Floyd Street Shelby. N. C. PEM Club. Alpha Pi Alpha. Pan Hellenic CAMPBELL Rt. 3. Box 1 s Echo. Psychology Club CAMPBELL, RITA 217 N. Whined St Hendersonville. N C. Eagle Club DIRECTORY CANTRY. LARINE 707 Grace St Wilmington. N. C CARLTON. EMILY Rt. 1. Box 90 Chapel Hill, N C CARROLL. ARNIE Rt. Box 5 Watha. N. C. CARTER. DELOIS 1227 S- F ant St. Anderson. S. C CARVER. KENNETH 1405 H Lakeland St. Durham. N. C. CASTERLOW, ERNEST Rt 1, Box 320 Rich Square, N, C. CHAMBERLAIN. RONALD Rt. 8 Crestview Dr Durham. N C. CHAMBERS. MARGRATHA 820 N. Graham Ave. Winston-Salem. N. C. PEM Club, Women ' s Athletic CHAPPELL. DIANE 507 Pine St Smithfield, N C. Ex L ibra Club CHARLES. BRENDA 704 E Commerce St. High Point, N. C CHAVIOUS. JUANITA A 603 Macon Street Augusta. Georgia CHERRY. CYNTHIA PEM Cheerleader, Yearbook Staff CHILSOLM. LOUISE 92 Morris St. Charleston, S. C. CLANTON. LAWRENCE 1614 Dunbar St. Greensboro, N. C. Football Team, S.G.A., f Club. History Club. Wrestli CLARK, FRANCES 204 Simmons St Sanford. N C. History Club, Fellowship COLEBURN. LYNADA 5233 Locust St. Philadelphia, Pa. Tau Phi Theta, Dance Club COLLINS, QUEEN 330 Dobb St Hertford. N. C. Delta Sigma Theta, Alpha Theta Mu. His- tory Club Electoral Board, Pyramid Club. SNEA CONNER, ALBERT 613 BermceSt. Durham, N. C COOPER. GLORIA COOPER. LENNIS 1407 B Evelyn St. Durham, N. C. COOPER. OTIS Rt. 2. Box 53 Walnut Cove. N. C. Alpha Phi Omega, Art C COOPER. SYLVIA 627 Oak Road Hillsborough, N. C. COPELAND, LARRY 718 1st Ave West Henderson ville. N. C CORRELL. BOBBY 3831 Sawyer St Winston-Salem. N. C. CORRY, CLAYWARD L Rt. 1, Box 111 Kings Mtn.. N. C. Phi Swing. Socia CLARK, FRANK 304 Lanier St. Oxford. N. C CLARK. LEONARD 1623 Alice Ave. Greensboro, N. C. Phi Beta Lambda, Social Science Club. Georgraphy Club. Political Science Club CLEGG. BRENDA 2016 S Alston Ave Durham, N. C Delta Sigma Theta, Off-Campus Women ' s CLEMONS. KENNETH Rt. Box 344 Zebulon. N. C Art Club CLAYTON. LINDA Rt 1. Box 122 COFIELD. LEROY 65 S Huntington A Boston. Mass COGDELL, LINDA 719 Liberty St. Durham, N C History Club, Unit COLE, RONALD 55 Dayton St. Durham, N. C. College Choir. Museum Collegiurr guage Club CORRY, RITA Route 2. Box 361 COTTEN, BRENDA 712 E Baker Street Tarboro. N. C COTTON, ALEXANDER P O Box 403 Spring Hope, N C. Accounting Forum. Phi Be COTTON, BETTY P O Box 183 Seaboard. N. C COX. DORIS Box 146 Winlerville, N C CRAWFORD. DOROTHY 408 Robmwood Street Gastoma. N C CREACY. JAMES 1008 James Street Sanford. N. C. Alpha Phi Alpha Era Club; Sociology Club CREOLE. PEARLIE CREWS. HILDA Route 1. Box 48 Kmghtdale. N. C. DANIELS. LINDA Route 1, Box 1838 Warren ton, N. C DAN ELS. VALERIA J Route 3. Box 49 Green Durham. N. C 27707 Chorus. NCAE. Sociology Club DAVIS. ANN K 2136 Lincoln Hgts. Charlotte. N C. 1V S. BRENDA DAVIS. EVEL YN I P O. Box 33 Oxford. N. C. Geography Club DAVIS. GLORIA DAVIS. LEAVIE Box 146 Pantego. N. C. Student Government. Who ' s Who. Political Science Club, Pre Law Society. Band. Swimming Club DEANS, LINDA WORRELL Route 2. Box 159 Dudley, N. C Zeta Phi Beta, Beta Kippa Chi, Women ' s Steering Committee, Biology Club DELBRIDGE. CECIL Star Route Box 54 Roanoke Rapids. N C Kappa Alpha Psi. Geography Club, Gam- ma Theta Upsilon, Political Sci Club. Pan Hellenic Council DENNING. MARY 815 Martin Street Smithfield. N. C. 27577 Political Science Club. Delta Sigma Theta. Cultural Program Reading DICKENS. REN AY 211 Cadillac Street Greenville. N C SNEA. Phi Beta Lambda. Delta Sigma DIXION. FANNIE O Route 3. Box 38 Durham, N. C. AHEA DIXON, GWENDOLYN V Route 3, Box 190 Burlington. N C Delta Sigma Theta, Sociology Club, Stu- dent Union Committee DIXON. WILLIE P. O. Box 745 Warsaw. N. C Sociology Club. Alpha Phi Omega DOBSON. LINDA DOBSON MARY 1202 Rickert Street Statesville, N C DORTCH. EULAS 1016 Drew Street Rocky Mount. N. C. Geography Club, Men ' s Dorm Council Sociology Club, Conservation Club Route 7. Box 548 Goldsboro. N. C 27530 Ex Libns. Campus Echo. Cult Program, English Club DURANT. ROBERT J 2A HillcrestApts. Asheville. N. C. EASTERLING. PAULETTE 1809 Pnxc hard Place Durham, N. C 27707 Biology Club, Beta Kappa Chi EATON. GLORIA 206 Mill Road Oxford. N. C. Choir. Alpha Kappa Alpha. Lyct ECKARD. BARBARA A. 204 3rd Ave SW Hickory. N. C. Majorette. Delta Sigma Theta. Home Economics Club EDWARDS, PATRICIA L. 1008 S. Mam Street Farmville, N, C Home Economics Club EDWARDS, PENELOPE 813 Pine Street Hamlet, North Carolina EDWARDS, SHIRLEY 1785 Townsend Avenue Nursing Club ELLERBE. LaFAYE Box 243 Pmehurst. N C. Big Sister, Eagle Club. Sociology Club, Health Club, Steering Committee. Alpha Kappa Delta. Thespians. Traffic Court ELLIS. EVERDELL Rt 5. Box 314 Whiteville. N. C ELLIS. LEWIS 314 Brand Whitlock Toledo. Ohio Gamma Theta Upsilon, Geography Club, Conservation Club. Basketball Team, Sphinx Club, Alpha Phi Alpha ELLISON. ANNIE JANE 332 Douglas St, Launnburg, N. C. Home Economics Club ELLISON. JAMES M 408 Douglas St. Launnburg. N C. ENGLAND. SYLVIA Rt. 2. Box 308 Claremont, N. C. Thespian. Biology Club ERRELL. RALPH 378 Darby Rd Danville. Va. EVANS. PATRICIA H 114 Bamhill Street Durham. N. C. Home Economics Club FAISON. LINDA P O Box 82 Kenansville. N. C 28349 Beta Kappa Chi Scientific Honorary So- ciety. EE Just Biology Club, Biology Stu- dent-Faculty Curriculum Committee. House Council FAISON. TREVA A 521 McKoy Street Clinton. N. C. FARMER. BESSIE 8. 1622 S Church Street Rocky Mount, N C. FARMER. JEANNETTE FARMER. JEANETTE 901 Gay Street Rocky Mount. N. C. FARRELL, BRENDA 512 South Coleman St Raleigh, N C. Delta Sigma Theta. Alpha Kappa Delta, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Sociology Club. Conservation Club FEIMSTER, GLORIA 1 101 Clay Street Statesville. N C FERGUSON. MARY P. O. Box 291 Pmehurst. N. C FIELDS, ARNOLD W Route 4. Box 150 Henderson, N. C. FISHER. HARLO Rt. 2. Box 49 Richlands, N. C. Omega Psi Phi. SGA, Spa Club DIRECTORY FLOWERS, YVONNE Box 314 Claremont, N. C Home Economics Club FORBES. CURTIS Rt 2. Box 208 Ay den. N. C Ex Libra. Choir, Sociology Club. Cultural Program, Committee, Student-Faculty FORD, BR EN DA Box 591 Warsaw. N. C Phi Beta Lambda. SNEA FORNEY, CARL 117 Belmont Rd Belmont, N. C FORNEY, BARBARA 407 Woodlawn St Marlon. N C 28752 Campus Echo. German Club FORNEY. LOVETTIA M. FOY, BETTY 3324 C Glasson St Durham, N. C FOY. BOBBY Rt 1, Box 329 Maysville. N C. Club Council. Omega Ps Phi. Math FRANKS, CLADIE Rt J. Box 4 5 Pollocksville, N. C. Gamma Sigma Sigma. Phi Beta Lambda, Eagle Club. Big Sister FRAZIER. SHERRILL )418WaddellSt Charlotte. N. C Spanish Club. Alpha Kappa Delta, Alpha Kappa Alpha. Campus Echo. Sociology Club FREEMAN. FAYE FREEMAN. MARIAN 2601 Roslyn Ave Charlotte. N. C. French Club. Spanish Club. House Coun FRINKS. CARRIE Rt. 3, Box 114 Bladenboro. N. C GORE. MIR1AII GRAHAM, GAREY Rt I. Box 95 Bolton, N. C GRANT, CLAUDETTE GRANT. KATRINA Box 474 George. N. C Phi Beta Lambda GRAY, VERONICA 901 Catherine Creek Rd Ahoskie. N. C. Chemis try Club. Mathema tics Club, Physics Society. Thespian Club, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Health Education Club GREGORY. LORENE Rt. 1, Bon 303 Mt Holly, N. C GREGORY. ROGER 102 25 185 St Hollis. N. Y Choir. SGA. Phi Beta Lambda GREGORY. TONEY Rt 5. Box 286 Oxford. N. C 27565 Phi Beta Lambda. Student Union Cc tee, Accounting Forum GRIFFIN. EDITH 618 Roanoke Ave. Elizabeth City, N. C Pi Delta Phi, Alpha Kappa Mu Society, Student National Educati FRINK. PETER O 103 Armstrong Dr. Jacksonville. N. C. FULLER. ANNIE 8 Club. Delta Sigma GARRIS. JESSICA Box 3 Rich Square, N. C GARRISON. TERRY Box 243 Bayboro. N C Alpha Phi Omega. Poht GODETTE, ORA GODLEY. DORIS Rt 2. Box 264 Greenville. N. C 27834 Health Education Club. Biology Club GOODING. ELIJAH JR Kmston, N C Phi Beta Lambda. Men ' s Speaking Forun GOODSON. JOAN GUNN. WILLIAM L 1005 Gillette Ave. Durham, N. C GYANT. MICHEAL E 2402 Dallas St Durham, N C HALL, BARBARA Route 2. Box 144 English Club. Ex . SNEA. Eagle Clu, HALL. CARLISE Route 2, Box 274 A Ahoskie. N. C. Home Economics Club. Modern Dance Club HALL. NATHANIEL Route 4. Box 68 Lumberton, N. C Phi Beta L HAMILTON. DORETHA P. O Box 1917 Goldsboro. N C SNEA. French Club HAMILTON. WILLIAM 402 Cragmont Road Black Mountain, N C. HAMLIN, JOYCE 5301 Elderbank Street Charlotte, N C Yearbook Stall. German Club HAMRICK. . 315 Anthon Shelby. N C HARDING. RONALD AffDV. CYNTHIA D HARPER. BEVERLY 7043 S. M ch,gan Chicago, Illinois HARRINGTON. HARRIET W New York Avenue Southern Pine. N C HARRINGTON, PHILLIP L 36 Franklin Hill Avenue Dorchester. Mass. HARRIS. ARTHUR 116 Hunter Street Wilhamston. N C. Eagle Club. Sociology Club HARRIS. CAROLYN P. 421 Lakeland St Durham. N. C HARRIS. MARGARET E Route 3 Obie Drive Durham. N. C. HARRIS. PARTICIA Route 2, Box 11 New Bern, North Carolina Ex-Umbra. Psychology Club HARRISON. WILLIt 1804 Amos Street Reidsville. N C. Choir, Math Club. Eagle Club HOBGOOD, BETTY Route 4. Box 324 Oxford. N. C. Phi Beta Lambda. SNEA HOLLAND. JACQUELINE 301 Wesley St Carrboro, N C SNEA. Phi Beta Lambda HOLLAND, RUTH 702 Westover Road Goldsboro, N. C. HOLLEY. JULIUS 711 Walker Ave. Elizabeth City, N. C. Band, Homecoming Committee. MENC HOLMES. ELNORA Route 1, Box 120 Maple Hill. N. C Home Economics Club. United Christian Fellowship, History Club, Sociology Club HOLMES. RAYMOND Tau Phi Tau Fn HOLLOWAY. BETT 904 Beverly Street HATCH. PRIMOS 1102 Bright Street Kmston. N. C. HAZEL, FRANK D. 406 Carver Street Beaufort. N C Phi Beta Lambda Club. Advertising Manager. Campus Echo HENDERSON. EFFENUS P O. Box 171 Dudley. N. C Psychology Club. Biology Club. Who ' s Who. Tau Phi Tau. Student Congress. Echo Staff, Ex Umbra, Commencement Planning Comm. HENLEY, KAREN Route 3. Box 313 Mount Gi ead. N. C History Club. Sociology Club HESTER. DONALD HICKS. WENDELL N. 416 N 6th St Wilmington. N. C HILL. ROBERT L 3838 Maple Ave. Los Angeles, Calif. Alpha Phi Omega Frat. Pre Law Club. Sociology Club, Political Club, Conser vation Club HILL I A RD, ANNIE Route 3, Box 508 Raleigh. N C. Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority. Phi Beta Lambda. Business Club, Baptist Student HINTON. CATHERINE 831 Hadey Road Raleigh, N. C. HOCUTT. SALLIE P O Box 1 Middlesex. N. C Ex Ltbns, Sociology Club. Psychology Club. Thespians, A Ipha Kappa Delta. Alpha Kappa Mu, Tau Phi Theta. Under- graduate Council HODGE. DENISE 2008 Bntton Street Greensboro. N C Thespians. SNEA. English Club Campus Echo. Eagle Staff HOLLOWAY. ROBERT L 1022 North Street New Bern, N C. Football Team HOPKINS. EVELYN Route 1, Box 239 Pmetown, N. C Math Club. Physics Sc HORNE, ROOSEVELT 419 Jackson Street Badm, N C HORNER. BETSy HORTON, GERALDINE Route 2. Box 131 Colen Gamma Sigma Sic HORTON, PAUL Route 2. Box 13 Coleram, N. C. History Club. Ga HUDSON. IRIS Route 2, Box 74 Arapahoe. N C. Phi Beta Lambda. Alpha Kappa Alpha WAA, Accounting Forum. Big Sister HUFF. GEORGE Route 4. Box 342 Sanford. N. C. Health Club. Sociology Club. Groove Ph HUNTER, HOWARD J. JR 123 Rhere Street Ahoskie, N C Choir, Gospel Chords. Art Club JACKSON, DON 443 W. Market St Newark, N J EAGLE staff. Thespians. TauPhi Tau JACKSON, JAMES 600 N Ohio Ave Atlantic City. N J. JACKSON. LYNETTE 924 Gray Ave. WmstonSalem, N. C. Alpha Kappa Alpha. Phi Beta Lambda. SNEA. Big Sister JACOBS. ETHEL Route I, Box 218 Burgaw. N. C. V. Pres. Freshman Class, Treas Soph Class. V. Pres. Jr. Class. Delta Sigma Theta. Psychology Club. Big Sister DIRECTORY JAMES. MARCHYCO 1 031 93 rd Street Niagra Falls, N. Y Cheerleader, H,story Club, WAA JAMES, WILLIAM K. 227 Faulk Street Wtlltamston. N. C. Phi Beta Lambda. Accounting Forum, Men ' s Speaker Forum JERVAY. PAUL 1 1 15 East Davie Street Raleigh. N. C JOHNSON. CARLTON Route 2, Box 439 C Roanoke Rapids, N. C Alpha Phi Omega. Accounting Forum, Eagle Club. Band, Phi Beta Lambda. Pho- tography Club, German Club JOHNSON. CYNTHIA E. P. O. Box 2 Falkland, N. C. AHEA, HEA, SNEA JOHNSON. JAMES JR. 1500 Baxter Street Charlotte. N. C Band. Phi Beta Lambda JOHNSON. PATRICIA JOHNSON, THERESA 217 Lamer Street Oxford. N C HEA, Student Faculty Advisory Comm., Foreign Language Planning Comm., SNEA. Eagle Staff JONES, MAURICE D. 121 1 A Fargo Street Durham. N. C JONES. RICHARD 807 East Wash. Ave. Kmston, N C. Tau Phi Tau. Photography Club, Eagle Staff, Campus Echo, Ex Umbra, SGA JOHNSON, T HELM A JOHNSON. WILHELMINA Route 1. Box 68 Supply, N. C Sociology Club, Ex L ibns Club JOHNSON. YVONNE M 2022 Newland Road Charlotte. N. C. Biology Club, A Ipha Kappa Mu, Kappa Chi. Big Sister, SNEA JONES. ALBERTA P Route 2, Box 371 Princeton, N C. English Club, Ex Libns Club. SNEA JONES. ANNIE L. 700 Alabama Ave. Carrboro, N. C JONES. BELINDA LOUISE Route 6, Box 156 Chapel Hill, N C JONES. CAL VIN JONES, DALLAS EARL Route 2. Box 387 Franklmton, N C. Phi Beta Lambda. Campus Echo Staff JONES, DEBORAH 1311 Southern Ave. Elizabeth City. N. C. JONES. DORIS A. 2214 Tuscaloosa St. Greensboro. N. C. Dance Group. PEM Club JONES. EARL Route 5. Box 455C Burlington. N. C. Eagle Club. Sociology Club. Pre Law So- ciety, Political Science Club. German Club. Alpha Phi Omega JONES, GERALDINE 1307 Columbia Ave. Plamfield, N. J. House Council, Spanish Club JONES. MAR TEL R. 4934 Bragg Blvd Fayetteville. N. C. JONES. MARY A. P. O. Box 514 Warren ton. N C. Gamma Sigma Sigma, Phi Beta Lambda, SGA. Off-Campus Women ' s Council Ashe N. C. . CHER Y JORDAr Route 1. Box 169 Pollucksville. N C. Gamma Sigma Sigma, Phi Beta Lar SNEA JORDAN. JOHNETTA R. College Plaza Apt. B3 Durham. N. C. JORDAN, MURIEL 346 Carver Park Murfreesboro, N C. JORDAN. OT SS. 803 E. Grand Ave. Rocky Mount, N. C. Campus Echo, Accoun ting Forum, eran ' s Club, Student Welfare Comm. JOYNER. FRED Route I. Box 316 Farmville. N C. History Club. Pres , Senior Class. Ex Libns. Men ' s Speaker Forum, Eagle Club, SNEA, EAGLE Staff, Campus Echo. SGA KEYS. E. MARGARET 1313 New Street Murfreesboro, N. C Alpha Kappa Alpha. French Club. Pi Delta Phi. SNEA KIMBER. JANICE Route 5, Box 403 Burlington, N. C. Phi Beta Lambda. EAGLE Staff KIMBLE. PRINCE U 505 B Homeland Ave Greensboro. N C Alpha Kappa Alpha. Beta Kappa Chi K NCAID, CAROLYN Route 2. Box 248 A Morganton. N C. KING, CAROLYN Route 2, Box 159 Dudley. N. C KING, JOYCE 2504 Fitzgerald Dr Raleigh, N. C Alpha Kappa Alpha. EAGLE Staff. Ger- man Club. Sociology Club. Thespian Club. English Club KING. SAMUEL 328 Melrose Drive Concord. N. C PEM Club KIRK. DORIS A. 2136 Lincoln Hgts Ct. No. 1 Charlotte. N C. Psychology Club. CAMPUS ECHO Staff KNIGHT. MARTHA S 709 Burlington Ave Durham. N. C. KNIGHT. PEARLY M. P O. Box 531 Madison. Florida KNOX. CHARLES P O. Box 3 1 Cleveland. N C. PEM Club, Gospel Chords. Band. BSU, SGA KOONCE, JOHNNY N 127 Craves Terrace New Bern. N. C. LACY. HATTIE 222 South Street Roxboro. N. C. Psychology Club, Sociology Club. Off LANE, BETTY 613 Hamston S treet High Point, N. C. LAWRENCE. JOSIE P. O Box 714 Robesonvil e, N. C. LAWSON. GLADYS 1 13 Johnson St. Roxboro, N C. English Club. SNEA, Reading Program LEACH WOODROE Rt. 1, Box 75 LEAKE. DONALD 3324 New Walkertown R, Winston-Salem. N. C. LEARY, OLIVER Rt 1. Box 118 Vanceboro. N. C. LEGGETT. REDDEN 1001 Trade Street Washington. N. C Basketball team LEGGETTE, PAULINE P. O. Box 649 Lumberton, N. C. LEWIS. CLARETHA Rt. 1. Box 303 Bladenboro, N. C. LEWIS. JOAN Rt. 3. Box 125A Ahosk.e. N. C. PEM Club. WAA. Intramc LINNEY. VALERIE 2310 Ford PI. Greensboro. N. C Sociology Club. Choir. Thespian. Club Student A Chords Libns. Cultural Board. Gospel LITTLE. CAROL P. O. Box 672 Robersonville, N. C. French Club, SNEA, Spanish Club. Big LITTLE, JANIE Rt. 1. Box 292 Slokes. N. C. History Club LITTLE. JOHN P. O. Box 375 Hertford, N. C Student Faculty Committee. Philosophy Club LOFTON, ETTA 1 13 E. Hillsboro Street Mi Ohve, N. C Alpha Kappa Alpha LOGAN. GEORGE 618 Mussey Avenue Durham, N. C LOGAN. GERALD 201 King Street Hertford. N C. Yearbook staff. Health Club LONG. ALMA 423 Jerkins St Burlington. N. C. Home Economics Club LUCAS. DORIS Rt. 1. Box 2308 Spring Lake. N. C. LUNSFORD. LINDA 1502 E. PettigrewSt. Durham, N. C. LYONS. FRANK 104 Wall St Burlington. N. J MACK. DA VI D 700 Darby St. Raleigh. N C MAJOR, MEL VA 1726 L. St. N. E. Washington, D. C. MALLOY, RAMONNA Rt. 6. Box 64 Chapel Hill, N. C. Home Econom ics Club, O ff- Campt Women MANGUM, ERNEST Rt. 1. Box 400A Boham, N. C MANGUM, JACQUELINE 901 Chalmers St. Durham. N. C. Home Economics Club. NSTA. Oi Campus Council. Off-Campus Big Sister MANN, JAMES 409 Charles St. Goldsboro. N. C MARROW. JOSEPH 839 Parkway Dr. Henderson, N C MARTIN. GRANGER Rt. 3, Box 74 Mount Olive, N. C. Alpha Phi Alpha. Men ' s Dormitory Gov- ernment. Campus Echo. Who ' s Who ' s. Psi Chi National Honor Society. Biology Club. Psychology Club MARTIN. JOYCE Rt. 1. Box 177 Havelock, N C. Mathematics Club. Physics Society. Phi Beta Lambda MARTIN. NAT A P. O Box 384 Pmehurst. N. C SNEA MASON. FRED 407 Ottawa Ave. Durham. N. C. MATTHEWS, BRENDA Rt 3 Walnut Cove. N. C. Band, Phi Beta Lambda, Accounting Forum. Swimming Team MATTHEWSON. AMY L. Rt 1. Box 42 Tarboro. N C. Alpha Kappa Delta, Alpha Kappa Mu. Eagle Staff, Psychology Club. Sociology Club. Treas. Junior Class McADOO. HAROLD A. Rt. 8. Box 430 Durham. N. C. McCLAIN. MARVIA P. O. Box 162 Fuquay Vanna. N. C. Art Club, Campus Echo McCOMB, FRANCES 504 Oakland Street Gastoma. N C. AHEA, SNEA McCULLERS, ALONZO Rt 2. Box 748 Clayton. N C McCULLERS, ANNETTE 1516 Cross Link Rd. Raleigh, N. C. English Club, Eagle Staff McDONGALD, NEIL 436 Swan Sl .N. C McEACHERN, FREDERICK 1007 S Alston Ave. Durham. N. C McEACHIN, ELIZABETH 258 E Graham St. Max ton, N. C. Gamma Sigma Sigma. Alpha Kappa Delta. SGA, Sociology Club McGLOHON, BRENDA 204 Richard Ave. Ahoskie. N. C Band. Pi Delta Phi. German Club. French Club DIRECTORY McGRiFF. FREDERICK 2025 Edison St Charlotte. N C Physics Society. Math Club. Photography Club. Beta Kappa Chi MclNNIS. DELORES 816 Leal Street Rockingham. N C. Mclaughlin, marilyn P O. Box 1 28 Goldston. N. C Tau Phi Theta. Phi Beta Lambda. French Club. Student Congress Yearbook Staff McLEAN. ROGER Rt l. Box 86 McLEODS. BRENDA 602 York Street San ford, N C. McMillan, hazelteen 1818 J McMillon Lumberton. N. C McNA R. GEORGERETTE 906 Fayett Ave Dunn. N. C. McNEIL. EDWARD 129 Holly Street Lumberton. N. C 28358 McNEIL FRANK Rt 1. Box 460 H,gh Point. N. C. McNEIL. WILLIAM 832 Berwyn Durham, N C Veterans Club, H, story Club. SNEA McPHATTEN. HENRY P. O Bom 442 Wagram. N. C j Sigma Sigma. Phi Beta Lambda MILLER. ANNIE P Box 814 Hamlet. N. C. MILLER. HOSE A 3216 Clearview Dr Charlotte. N. C. MILLER. PATRICIA Rt. 1. Box 18 Warsam, N C MOORE. ARTHUR 1705 Washington St. New Bern. N C MOORE. EDWARD 603 Gladden St Washington, N. C MOORE. GRACE Rt 1. Box 282 Warsaw. N. C 28298 Geography Club. Gamma Theta Upsilor Conservation Club. Senior Counselor Stu MOORE. THOMASINE 211 Vail Street ■ligh Point, N. C Swing Phi Swing MILLS. VELMA P O Box 52 Elm City. N C Swing Phi Swing MINES, MEL VA 20 Err Tay Homes Wilmington, N. C. MITCHELL. ANNIE Rt. 1. Box 94 Bartleboro. N C Sociology Club, History Club MITCHELL. ZELODlA Rt 1. Box 192 Blanche. N C. MONK. JOHN Rt 2. Box 10 Warsaw. N. C Poht ? Club. Pre-Law Soc. ? Club. Veterans Club MONK MARCHETA Rt 2. Box 264 D Ahoskie. N, C. 27910 MOORE. VIRGINIA Rt. 4. Box 277 Red Springs. N. C. SNEA. History Club. Political Science Club MORRIS. GWENDOL YN 9 15 Cedar Street New Bern. N. C Sociology Club MORRISON. WILLIAM Rt 1. Box 292 Aberdeen. N C MORTON. WILLIAM 1939 S 8th Street Camden, New Jersey MOSBY, EMMA Rt 3. Box 30 Durham. N. C MOYE, CAROLYN 749 Fitzgerald Dr Raleigh. N. C. Delta Sigma Theta. Spanish Club MURPHY. CLAYTON Rt 1. Box 265 Willard. N C. 28478 Alpha Phi Omega. Sociology Club. Politi- cal Science Club MURPHY, CLEO 304 D Richard Dr Kmston. N. C. MURPHY. GWENDOLYN 8600 Viola Dnve Charlotte. N. C Phi Beta Lambda. Ex Libns. Yearbook Staff MURPHY. IN A 5024 Call Place No 102 SE Washington. D C. MURRAY. JAMES Rt 2. Box 121 Rose Hill, N. C PEM Club. Gymnastics MURRAY. PAULINE Rt 1. Box 980 Beaufort. N. C. Political Science Club. Swing Phi Swing NELSON, PATRICIA 4 1 Marbledale Rd Tuckahoe, N. Y. Sociology Club. History Club NELSON. JAMES P O. Box 194 Stovall, N. C Art Club NEWBY, CHERYL Star Rt. Box 24 Wmfall. N. C Home Economics Club NEWSOME. VICKIE 512 S Massey Street Selma. N. C Delta Sigma Theta, Student Faculty Ad visory Committee. Sociology Club. Cul- tural Committee NEWTON. BERT 1805 N Marshall Street Philadelphia, Pa. Alpha Phi Omega. Spanish Club, History Club. Psychology Club Rt 3, Box 166 NIXON. JACQUELINE 1414 Hoffler Street Elizabeth City. N. C. Alpha Kappa Alpha OB E. RACHEL Rt 2. Box 153 Woodsdale. N C. OFARROW, WILLIAM 809 Van Norden Street Washington, N. C Art Club. Ex Umbra. Alpha Phi Alpha OVERTON. MARY 2901 Apex Rd. Durham, N. C English Club. Choir, Ex Umbra PAGE. IDA 415 Cecil Street Durham. N C. Delta Sigma Theta, Psychology Club Debating Club. House Council irbook Staff. Psychol- PALMER. GARY 3107 Wickham Avenue Newport News, Va. Tau Phi Tau, Biology Club. Photography Club, SGA. Tennis Team PARKER, HENRY 1714 Athens Avenue Durham. N. C. PARKER. OLIVIA Star Rt. Box 8 Murfreesboro. N. C PATTERSON. BARBARA 518 Elmira Avenue Durham. N. C. Phi Beta Lambda, Big Sisters. Campus Echo Off-Campus Club PATTERSON, BRENDALYN 518 Elmira Avenue Durham. N. C Phi Beta Lambda, Off Campus Club, Big PAY TON. FLORENCIA 711 NickolesLane Norfolk, Va. Spanish Club. Delta Sigma Theta. SNEA Student Congress German Club. Thespian PEELE. PERCY 104 Center Street Wil iamston, N C SNEA. Student Court. Religious Activi Committee. History Club. Political Scie Club PEELE. GLADUES Rt. 1. Box, 195 Plymouth, N. C PEM. Intramurals. NCAH. PER PEOPLES, LINDA 15 North 7th Street Newark, N. J. PERRY, BEVERLY Rt. 1. Box 105 PERRY, ELVIRA 3016 DePaul Ct Charlotte, N. C. PERRY, GEORGIA P O. Box 371 Kenly. N. C. History Club. House Council, BSU PERRY MATTIE Rt. 2. Box 272 Franklmton, N. C PERRY. RHONDA Rt 1. Box 60-A Wendell, N C English Club, French Club, SNEA PETERSON, MARY 1516 Cross Link Rd. Raleigh, N. C. PHELPS. BETTY 1206 Pearson Place High Point, N C Spanish Club PHIFER. EMMA Rt 2. Box 137 Cleveland. N C. Ex Umbra, Health Club, WAA. BSU PHILLIPS. DONALD 512 Cecil Street Durham. N C PHILLIPS. OTTO 706 Plum Street Durham. N. C. PITTMAN. JACQUELINE 1200 E Holly Street Rocky Mount. N. C. Phi Beta Lambda POINTER. GLORIA Rt 2. Box 287 A Roxboro, N C PORTER, WILLIAM 1818 S Mam Street Rocky Mount, N. C PORTERFIELD. JANICE 5005 Brown Street Philadelphia, Pa. Tau Phi Theta, Psychology Club. Year- book Staff POWELL. WALTER PRICE. ROBERT PRICE. RUSSELL 1331 D Street N.E Washington, D. C PRICE. ROSE 29 B Lawson Street Durham. N C Delta Sigma Theta. Pan QUICK. FREDERIC QUINN. PETE P 0. Box 81 Trenton, N. C. RANKIN, DELBA 508 Chapel Street Chapel Hill. N. C Sociology Club Durham, N C French Club. German Club, Le Circle REED. PAULETTA 208 Hunter Street Wilhamston, N C Band, Delta Sigma Theta, Student Con- gress. History Club. Big Sister REID, EVANN 1302 Mario w Street Wilson. N C Thespian Club, Tau Phi Theta. Sociology Club. Campus Newspaper REID, LAVERNE 702 E Nash Street Wilson, N. C Health Education Club. Thespian, Biology Club. Eagleson Hall House Council !T DIRECTORY REYNOLDS. VIRGINIA 212 Hayes Street Ahoskie, N C Delta Sigma Theta, Student Congress House Council, Sociology Club RICHARDSON, GLADYS Rt. 6, Box 563 Rock Hill, S. C. Alpha Kappa Alpha, Alpha Kappa Mu, Pi RICHARDSON, JOHNNY 1115 Dock Street Wilmington, N. C Alpha Kappa Mu, Political Science Club. Spanish Club, Ex Libns. Pre-Law Society. Student Congress RICHARDSON. ROSETTA Rt 1. Box 96- A Middlesex, N C. SNEA, Choir. Home Economics Club Yearbook Staff R CHEY. VERA 3804 Oak Park Rd. Raleigh, N. C. RILEY, GERALD 3235 Dearborn Drive Durham, N. C. RITTER, ARTURA 2208 Gif iam Lane Raleigh, N. C Spanish Club, SNEA, Thespians, Yearbook Staff, Eagle Club. Alpha Kappa Alpha RIVENS, VERA Rt. 1, Box 75 Davidson, N C. ROBERSON. SHERMAN P. O Box 12 Colon, N C Campus Echo, Accounting Forum ROBERTS. WAYNE 324 Fourth Street High Point, N. C ROBINSON. MARIL YN Rt 5, Box 266 Burlington, N. C. ROBINSON, PAUL Rt 2, Box 249 Wilkesboro. N C. ROBINSON. RONALD 1 107 Stephens Street Greensboro. N. C Swimming Team. PEM Club ROBINSON. YVONNE 710 Church Street Wilmington, N. C English Club RODGERS, JANET 165 Goodwin Ave Newark, N. J. ROGERS, SANDRA ROMAN. MARY 6 W Hemstead Street Lexington. N. C ROSENBORO, JENNIE Rl 1. Box 135 Ay den, N. C SNEA. English Club, Ex Christian Fellowship ROUSE. I VRA Rt. 1, Box 279 LaG range, N. C House Council ROWE, GLADYS Rt 4, Box ISA Wilson, N. C ROYSTER, BRENDA 103 Overbrook Dr. Rocky Mount, N. C. Choir, Gospel Chord ROYSTER, JAMES Rt 1. Box 153 Virgilma. N. C ROYSTER, YVONNE 2103 S Roxboro Street Durham, N. C Sociology Club, Home Econo RUFF, DONALD 130 S. French Blvd. Asheville, N. C. RUFFIN. IRENE P O. Box 156 Kelford, N. C RUSH, VICKI P O. Box 801 Pmehurst. N. C RUSSELL, ROBERT 137 8 171 Street Jamaica, N Y. SANGHAUI, MADHUKUMAS 251 Cumberland Street Harrnburg, Pa SAMPSON, JIMMY Rt 5, Box 32 SAUNDERS. CREACY SCALES, BURL P O. Box 284 Madison, N. C SCALES, LOUISE SCOTT, BEVERLY 249 Lincoln Street Statesville, N. C. SCOTT. ETHEL 617 McRae Street Wilmington, N. C Sociology Club SCOTT. GERALD Rt. 3. Box 373 Enfield. N C. SCOTT, PAMELA 66 Barclay Street Newark, N. J Tau Phi Theta. Thespian Club, PEM Club Yearbook Staff, Student Congress, Swimming Club SEALEY, JOHN Rc 2. Box 183-A Rose Hill, N. C. SESSOMS, JAMES Rt. 4, Box 107 Ahoskie. N C SEWARD. PATRICIA 603 N 7th Street Wilmington. N, C SHARPE. JAMES 1014 Butlers Lane Elizabeth City, N. C. SHARPE, WILLIAM 232 Park Avenue Rocky Mount, N. C. SHAW. GEORGE Rl 1, Box 382 Riegelwood. N C SHAW, MEL V IN 307 Country Club Rd Jacksonville, N. C. Political Science Club. Prt SHAW, POMULA Rt 4, Box 61 Burlington, N. C Home Economics Club. Coronation Com mittee, Tau Phi Theta, House Council SHEARIN. ROSA Rt. 1, Box 47 Garusburg, N. C Sociology Club, Student Congress. Delta Sigma Theta SHILO, ANGELA 204 N Pender Street Wilson N C SNEA SIMMONS, CATHERINE 502 Queens Rd. Gastoma. N. C. SIMMONS, WILLIAM 1914 Double Oaks Rd. Charlotte, N. C Political Science Club, Pre Law Society Yearbook staff. Sociology Club SIMS. SALLY 713 Wa kup Avenue Monroe, N C Delta Sigma Theta. Psychology Club SKELTON, LEWIS P. O. Box 301 Littleton, N. C. SKINNER, HELEN 515 C Street Elizabeth City, N. C Tau Phi Theta. Mathematics Club French Club. Pi Delta Phi, French National Honor SUGGS. GLORIA 6 14 Dunbar Street Durham, N. C SOMERVILLE. ELIZABETH SPA UL DING, CARLTON Rl 2, Box 225 Clark ton. N C. Political Science Club, PreLa Geography Club SPEIGHT, RONALD Rt. 1, Box 399 Snow Hill, N C Phi Beta Sigma. Photo Club Public Corr. Club, SPRINGS, PA TRICIA 227 Carothers Street Charlotte, N. C Psychology Club. Sociology Club SGA Campus Echo SPRUILL. EMMA 1601 Harper Street Rocky Mount. N. C History Club STAFFORD. CLARENCE 704 Arlington Avenue High Point. N C STANSBERRY. MILDRED Rt. 2. Box 151 Halifax, N C Phi Beta Lambda, Delta Sigma Theta Stu dent Congress, Thespians. Women ' s Steer 9 Con : Senior Class Trt SLADE. WILLIAM P O Box 187 Enfield. N. C Basketball Team, PEM Club, SNEA SLIGH, RICHARD 513 Martha Street Durham, N. C SLOAN, WILL I AM 2909 Beechwood Dr. Durham, N. C SMALL. ETHEL l215Sumper Street Durham, N C Mathematics Club SMITH. CHERYL 725 Holloway Street Durham. N. C. STEEL. CHARDAYLE 418 Booker Street Durham, N C Phi Beta Lambda. SNEA STEVENS. CHARLES 308 Oak Street Smithfield. N C STEPHENS. GEORGIA 312 Po we Street Durham. N C Home Economics Club. Yearbook Staff STEVENSON. SAUNDRA SMITH, ROBERT 149 Street Montclair, N J. SMITH, RAYMOND 410 E Pilot Street Durham, N. C STEWART. PATRICIA Rl 2. Box 390- At Fairmont, N. C. Zeta Phi Beta. Phi Beta L STEWART, WILLIAM 809 Van Norden Street Washington. N. C STREETER. SARA 2C Mitchell W%n Cts Kingston. N. C Rt. 1. Box 186 Touring Choir. String Ensemble SMITH. SHARON 112 Park Avenue Englewood N J. Yearbook Staff. Pre Law Society SNEA STUBBS. DOROTH History Club. Tau Phi Theta SMITH. SHIRLEY Rt. 3. Box 126 Ahoskie. N C. SMITH. VERLENDIA Rt 1. Box 394A Erwm, N C Eagles Club. Phi Beta Lambda. SNEA SNUGGS. THELMA Rl 5 Dunn, N. C. Home Economics Club. French Club, Sister. Campus Echo, SNEA SOGAR, GLORIA 305 St. James Aven, Suffolk, Va. SWEATT. MARTHA P O. Box 27 Garysburg, N. C. Swing Phi Swing TABORN, SANFORD TARPLEY, ALGENE Rt. 5, Box 206 Burlington, N. C Alpha Phi Omega, Eagle Club, Sociology Club DIRECTORY TATE. LINDA 1 129 Mernck Street Durham, N C. Art Guild. Campus Echo TATUM, LESTER 903 Bennett Street Greensboro. N. C Health Club TAYLOR. PAUL 108 N. 30th Street Wilmington. N C TAYLOR. GLORIA 1509S. RoxboroStrt Durham. N. C. TAYLOR. YVONNE Rt. 2. Box 241 Norlma. N. C Campus Echo. Bapti Thespians. SNEA THARPS. JOHN THOMPSON. MARY 707 Marsh Street Thomasville, N. C. English Club. SNEA. Ex Libns, Unite Christian Fellowship. Cultural Readir, Program THOMAS. MARY P O Box 217 Windsor , N C THOMPSON. KENNETH THOMPSON LIL Rt. 9. Box 24 Goldsboro. N. C Kappa Alpha Psi. Political Science Club, Pre Law Society. Sociology Club. Geog- raphy Club. Conservation Club TOWNSEND. BRENDA 525 E 11th Street Goldsboro. N C Club. Campus Echo. Sociology Sigma Sigma, Spai TUCK. LINDA Rt 4. Box 227 . N. C TUCKER. L INDA P. O. Box 78 Huntersville, N. C. Touring Choir, Tau Phi TURNER, 8RENDELL 1010 Madison Street Burlington. N. C M IS $ NCCU. Gamma Sigma Sig UNDERWOOD, PAUL Rl 1, Box 316 Fayetteville. N. C. VAUGHN. JACQUELYN P O. Box 235 Roxboro. N C VAUGHAN. SAMUEL 611 Winder St. Henderson, N. C VINSON. MILDRED 2 14 Seldon Dr Charlotte. N C Psychology club WADE. GLADYS Rt. 1. Box 373 Enfield. N. C Delta Sigma Theta. Judiciary Board, Ger- man Club. Mathematics Club, House Council, intramruat Sports. Kappa Court WADE. PATRICIA P. O. Box 504 Lancaster. S C. English Club. SNEA, House Council WALDEN. DIANE Rt 2. Box 258 Apex. N. C. WALKER. DORIS 1007 Akron Ave. Durham. N. C WALKER. ERIC 779 Park Dr Henderson. N. C WALKER. GARLAND 1 19 Holtxclaw St. Canton. N C. Health Education Club. Biology Club WALKER. JERRY 512 Brooks Ave. Elizabeth City, N. C. Political Science Club. Baptist Student Union, Student Government Assn. Student WALKER, JULIE P O. BOX 82 Durham. N. C WALKER. MAXINE 403 Saint Paul Dr. Raeford, N. C Phi Beta Lambda WALL. MELVIN 3115ClearviewDr. Charlotte, N. C WARD. ALMA 928 E. Henry Street Linden. N J. WARD, PEARLINE 717 East Vance Street Wilson, N. C. WARD. SHIRLEY 45 " C " Lawson Street Durham, N. C. Math Club WASHING TON. ROGER P. O. Box 74 Cope. S. C. Groove Phi Groove, Pre-t Political Science Club. Baske WATSON. ANDRE 6124 Conaway Dr Fayetteville. N C. WATSON. INGRID 3911 13th St.. N.W. Washington. D. C A Ipha Kappa A Ipha. SNEA . Modern Dance. Ex Umbra, Eagle Club. Spanish Club, German Club. EAGLE Staff. Pan WA TSON, L INDA 1 13 W. Thomas Stree Rocky Mount. N. C. WEAVER, LINDA WEBB. GIZETTE 720 S. Buchannan Rd. Durham. N. C Delta Sigma Theta. Psychology Club, Mis Kappa Alpha Psi WEEKS. LOUISE 202 W. Alton St Durham N C SNEA WHITAKER, DIANE Rt 1. Box 236 Whitakers. N C Delta Sigma Theta. Eagleson Hall. v. pres. Phi Beta Lambda, SNEA, Spanish Club. House Counselor WHITE, ARLINDA 212 Purvis St. Garner, N. C. WHITE. BARBARA 712 Old Cherry Point Rd. New Bern. N. C WHITE. GLORIA Rl 6. Box 41 Statesville, N C Alpha Kappa Alpha. Phi Beta Lambda Choir, Gospel Chorus, Thespians. Studen Congress WHITE. HARRIET 16 White Ave. Asheville. N. C WHITE. JAMES 1505 Stef ford St. Monroe, N. C. WHITE, JAMES 1515 Rosewood Sl Durham. N. C. Science Club WHITESIDES. SHIRLEY 1 13 Leggett Rd. Rocky Mount. N. C. Delta Sigma Theta. An WH TTINGTON JOSEPH 248A Wilson St Lenoir. N. C. Art Club WIGGINS, BLONDELL 600 N. Sycamore St. Wil iamston. N C. WILKINS. JACOUEL YN 827 Ridgeway Ave. Durham, N. C. PreLaw Society. SNEA WILLIAMS. CONSTANCE 124 Jones St. Morganton. N. C Choir. Tau Phi Theta. Gospel Choir WILLIAMS, AMOS 621 Cecil Sl Durham, N. C. WILLIAMS, ANITA B 1 Comwallis Rd. Durham, N. C Delta Sigma Theta, Phi Beta Lambo SNEA WILLIAMS, DORCAS P. O Box 363 Spring Hope, N. C Alpha Kappa Alpha. SNEA, Band. Engli. WILLIAMSON MAGGIE 949 E 223rd Street New York. N Y WILLIAMS. MARILYN 195 Taylor Dr. Bridgeport, Conn. Co-captam Cheerleaders. Cho. Athletic Association. Phi Beta WILLIAMS. MATTIE 103 Williams Street Hamlet. N C Choir. Ex Umbra. Gospel Chords WILLIAMS. SHARON 1240 Berkeley Street Durham. N. C. Biology Club. Chemistry Club, Phy Club, BSU. Ex Umbra WILLIS. DON SON P. Box 28 Madison, N C. Sociology Club. Kappa Alpha Psi WILLISTON. THOMAS 725 N Falle Street Gastoma. N. C. WILSON, AUNDEL 27 Max Street Asheville. N. C. Tau Phi Tau WILSON. DEL NORA Rl 3. Box 652 Mount Olive. N. C. WILSON. JOHNNY Rl 5. Box 539 Washington, N C. English Club, French Club. Campus Echo. Cultural Reading Committee, Ex Libns WILSON. LEWIS 15 Lawson Street Hempstead. N. Y. WILSON, RUTH 13 E Walker Rd. Hampton. Va. Gamma Sigma Sigma, Thespian. Ex Libris WINSTEAD. RACHEL 2207 Fayetteville St. Durham. N C. Health Club WITHERSPOON. BARBARA C41 Logan Homes Concord. N. C WOOD. ANN 1310 Scott Street Murfreesboro, N. C. BSU. WAA. SNEA. AHEA. Campus Echo. Psychology Club, Home Economics Club, Interpretive Reading WOOTEN. JOHNNY 720 Rk. Ck Ch Rd. Washington. D. C. WORTHINGTON, EVANGELINE P O. Box 109 Wmterville, N C. Sociology Club WRIGHT. BRENDA 713 N. Morris Street Gastoma. N. C. WRIGHT. DEBORAH WRIGHT. ORVILLE 648 Rowland Street Henderson, N. C. YOUNG. NANCY Greensboro. N C. Tau Phi Theta. Thespians. Gospel Chords, Homecoming Committee DVERTISEMENTS Hehasalot of future ahead of him. Maybe. He ' s seven months old and counting on you — to hold him, love him, help him take his first step and say his first word. You can do all these things. But, when it comes time to plan for his future, you may need some professional help. Your North Carolina Mutual man knows what it takes to get the job done. He ' s an Achiever. Everyday he works with achievers like you, who want something more for their family. And their children ' s future. With the right kind of planning any goal can be met. There ' s no maybe about it 8 NORTH CAROLINA MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY MUTUAL PLAZA An equal opportunity employer Alabama Michigan ■ California New Jersey District of Columbia • Georgia • • North Carolina • Ohio Pennsylv Tennessee • Virginia Illinois • Maryland nia • South Carolina MECHANICS AND FARMERS BANK Durham, Raleigh Charlotte, N. C. Your Friendly Full Service Bank Resources over $24,000,000 Member: FDIC An Equal Opportunity Employer COMPLIMENTS OF GEORGES ' PIZZA PLACE At Five Points— Durham Our Specialty Is " GOOD TASTE " in Food — Service — and Atmosphere Compliments of SHAW DECORATING CO., INC. 1520 Guess Road Durham, N. C. Phone 286-7521 Phone 682-3575 SPEIGHTS AUTO AND FUEL OIL " A Business With A Soul " THEODORE CHARLIE, Props. speedy road service— Towing— Day and Night Service Compliments of THE YOUNG MEN ' S SHOP AND BOY ' S SHOP Downtown and Northgate Durham, North Carolina JEWELRY-MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS-CLOTHING INSTANT LOANS ON ANYTHING OF VALUE 122 E. Main St. Durham, North Carolina Phone 682-2573 THE CHICKEN BOX HOME OF BROASTED CHICKEN AND THE MOST COMPLETE SEAFOOD LINE INTHIS AREA " Quick Delivery Service " Two Locations: Duke University road Telephone No. 682-5697 3019 Fayetteville St. 489-2304 It ' s the real thing. Coke. JOSEPH RAYMOND MEN ' S WEAR The Latest in Men ' s Fashions and Tuxedo Rentals Telephone: 682-8845 345 W. Main St. Durham, N. C. UNION INSURANCE AND REALTY COMPANY Three Complete Lines of Service REAL ESTATE-INSURANCE- PROPERTY MANAGEMENT " Where your interests are always protected. " 814 Fayetteville St. Durham, N. C. 682- 11 33 or Phone 682-1 134 r Save on your textbooks Buy at THE BOOK EXCHANGE FIVE POINTS PHONE 682-4662 We have a large stock of new and used textbooks for all your courses at a great savings See us before you buy TONITA ' S WEIGH " Where Fashions and Elegance are the Same " 105 E. Chapel Hill St. Durham, North Carolina Congratulations to the Class of 1971 Mutual Savings and Loan Association 1 1 2 West Parrish Street Durham, North Carolina Best Wishes Class Of 1971 from Durham ' s Complete Family Fashion Store 75 Complete Departments Compliments of GLADSTEIN ' S The House of Fashions We Appreciate Your Patronage DURHAM DRUG COMPANY " Service to The Sick " 330 West Main Street Durham, North Carolina Phone 682-3475 Painting and Papering Contractors Durham, N.C. 27707 Phone: 688-2338 215 Morris St. COMPLIMENTS OF SCARBOROUGH HARGETT FUNERAL HOME, INC. 1888-1971 DEPENDABLE, CONTINUOUS AND EFFICIENT SERVICE 919 FayettevilleSt. Phone: 682-1111 TOMLINSON CO., INC. PLUMBING, HEATING and INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES SIXTY-THREE YEARS OF SERVICE 213 Broadway St. phone 682-0491 Durham, North Carolina CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS THE YEARBOOK STAFF All CIAA selected player seventh from left Redden Leggett-NCCU B BASKETBALL TEAM

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