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. ' - v i tojj«»«S ) Editor, Edgar S. Crier Associate Editors, Sylvia D. England Carolyn M. Beat ty Advisors, Mrs. P. Lotchin Mr. H. L. Brooks TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 4 Features 10 Organizations 46 Sports 86 Administration 702 Student Life 772 Graduate 722 Seniors 728 juniors 760 Sophomores 782 Freshmen 202 Advertisement 226 FOREWORD when a student begins to take a look at his brand new copy of the " EACLE " , instantly he begins to look for pictures of himself, friends, roommates, and other close associates. With our 7968-69 theme, the staff plans to make this pro- cess easier by putting the emphasis on the facial expression. We hope you will look closely and observe our theme . . FOCUS ON FACES. FOCUS ON FACES OF FUN ■ ' ' ' ; .- t!«tf« J¥- ' m i .- FOCUS ON FACES OF DEVELOPMENT NCC is developing more and more each year. During the current year, we have w itnessed the construction of a Chemistry Building, Student Union, Women ' s Dormitory, Science Building, and Bowling Alley. NCC ' s boundaries have ex- tended and also the intellectual capacity of the students. As this process of development continues, it helps make NCC a growing society. FOCUS ON FACES OF SOUL SOUL . . . exactly what s tP Is it listening to the Supremes, dancing the Four Corners, or looking at a beautiful picture of Florence Ballard? Soul is self-expression revealing knowledge, love, and identity. People express " it " in various ways. Soul can be a feeling of great emotion or soul can be just a vague expression with a deep inner concern. FEATURES Editor, Amy Matthewson Assistants: Emma Mosby, Mary Thomas S NORTH CAROLINA -COLLEGE I BESSIE BECKWITH t m m mt. _ n. ..• Well Bessie, tomorrow is your big day. MISS HOMECOMING NORMA LEAK, a senior, is a Sociology major from Charlotte, North Carolina. She is affiliated with the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and is a Senior counselor. She was selected by the Football team and crowned October 26, 7968 during Homecoming festivities. MR. AND MISS CHIDLEY HALL NETTIE SHERROD AND CHARLES COUNCIL, bet, seniors and English majors, were chosen by the men of Chidley Hall. Nettie originates from Coldsboro and Charles from Bether, North Carolina. MISS SWANXMAN YVONNE DeCARLO FLOWERS, on maUng hom Catawba, North Carolina, n a Sophomore majoring in Phyncs. She is editorial assistant of the yearbook staff and was chosen by the men on Groove Phi Groove line. MISS EX UMBRA MISS BAND ALICE SHIPMAN MISS CHOIR MISS EAGLE LYNADA COLEBURN Who do you think you ' re kiddint - ' Plejsei Mii . Colohurn vmi nerci-p-n-t. MISS KAPPA ALPHA PS I JOCELYN CORDICE MISS SCROLLER JACQUELINE NIXON MISS ALPHA PHI OMEGA MISS TREFOIL SHIRLEY WATFORD RECINA GARDNER MISS GROOVE PHI GROOVE loAnne Challenger MISS aOa Mary Bentley MISS SPHINX Gloria White MISS LAMPODAS Anita Noble MISS OMEGA PSI PHI Betty Drumgold 0 " 4888 CHRISTMAS SING Winners of the Christmas Sing pose after receiving their trophies. President and Mrs Whiting receive gifts from Santa. Baynes Hall makei a remarkable showi ng at their first Christmas Old Senior Hall surprised the audience with their large repre- sing. sentation. u ' x % i i I I Chidley Hall competes for the first time and wins second place. Upperclassman Dorm competed although (hey had to practice at Resurrection City. The audience goes wild as the winners are announced. TURKEY DAY CLASSICS Workout Eagles! Mia NCC, Bessie Beckwith, standi with Miss A T, Shirley Smith, beside the victory trophy. •if v The majorettes turned it on at half time. The game was a tough struggle, although the Eagles were defeated 21 — 6. GREEK LINES The Pyramids turn it on as they " beep-beep " through Omega Day. The Delta Alpha Drunks! (Sissy and her gan " I want to be an AKA m my heart! " Grooving on a Friday Night. " PRESIDENT ' S INAUGURATION ijj,li.i, J, MJl|?!«!)»NU«lSpft!.y.» ' - ' ! " " " " " " ■■ -;--;fc » ' ■■ ' !!■ ' K S ' S PS Pi i Bascom Baynes and Alfonzo Elder are pictured together before the Inauguration began. Doug as alls presents Presi- dent Whiting with a set of luggage. Front row seats were available for President Whiting ' s Family. President of the Alumni Association pi sents President Whiting with a gift. EAGLE STAFF posing than HOMECOMING FASHION SHOW Yvonne Flowers, a Sophomore Physics major, models her fur trimmed coat along with her mod British pants, as she stops to pose for a picture before entering the stage. Sylvia (sissy) England really looking MOD swings back her leather coat to reveal a locelyn Cordice got nothing but eyes, and we wonder by looking at this picture why she got more whistles and applause. tAi L m%W mi m- .o«Sfm 9 mbm k IVlv H Wg} 1 :--jr-r.-| HB B X i f f H 9 P H m 1 Ai H Vy np V " - The Grand Finale, Margarite Davis, Sylvia England, Betty Drum- gold, and Yvonne Flowers take one last pause before leaving the stage. Lynada Coleburn modeled a swim outfit and really turned the audience on. r o THE LOOK " 68 HOMECOMING Miss Homecoming, Norma Leak, gives a charming smile for the " Eagle " camera with Presi- dent Whiting at her side and Bessie Beckwith and Alfred Whitesides in the rear. N.C-C. ' s drum major offers thai extra umph during halftime activities. Displays such as this typify the wmning spirit of the " Eagle " students and team . , . They really tell it like it is ' ! Alumni, reunited at homecoming, discuss the latest happenings and profile in the latest fashions and hair c o ' s Moses Burt, President of Alumni, greets Miss Alumni during half time activities. NCC ' s Alumni members keep their Alma Mater alive. Sock It To fm, EAGLES! Eagles ' majorette hard at work, backed by NCC ' s marching band. ii J5 y.A , ' . - i Number One SOUL MAN, lames Brown, entertaim NCC ituder}li. jamei awarded a $200 check to the Durham Defense Fund. Bessie Beckwilh poses backstage with two members of ihr Impressions. lames Brown breaks out in a COLD SWLAT during his soul perforn Peaches and Herb ■■Uniii-d " with Bessie Beckwilh and Edgar Crier ames really t all proud. iini; ( on here as he encourages the audience to SAY IT LOUD, because we ' re Gladys Knight the Pips pose after SOULIN ' to an audience of Soul Sisters and Brothers. Oops!!! There goes an eyelash! Gee lackie, you sure look tired. ENTERTAINMENT Inlruden pose with Sissy of Our Gang " Look at the Eagles. ' i - 1 1 cliff Nobles gets comfort after a hard ride the horse ' You make me feel tike a natural v " Here we go again. ' " Sweet Soul Music ' " The Vibratiomjoin the Eagle crowd " " A friendly laugh riever hurts. ' i. i,rK r The Pips hard at work. " " Would you believe, we sing too? " THE 7968 CORONATION OF MISS NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE. Miss Bessie Beckwith, a native of Raleigh, North Carolina, and a member of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority, was crowned Miss NCC on October 19, 1968. (Bottom right) Miss Beckwith smiles after taking a break from the receiving line. Her attendants are Patricia Meddling and Lillian Monk. On the stage also are some of the gifts she received. (Bottom left) President Whiting crowns Miss Beckwith as her attendants look on. tm. MISS N.C.C. CORONATION After being crowned Miss N.CC, Bessie Bectci ' smiles radiantly as she leaves the ceremony. During (he reception. President Whiting con- verses with Miss Sophomore, Miss junior and the Editor of the Yearbook. Bert Newton whispers sweet congratulat remarks to Miss Alpha Phi Omega, Shir Wattord, while Charles is away. William H.illv cni;.,!, ' , Miss Kappa Alpha Psi it ' s hers too ! . m his t.ivonte pastime with Jocelyn Cordice . . . Wonder At the reception Miss Goodwin is cordi ally greeted by President Whiting, Miss N.C.C. and Pres dent ol these. A. MISS NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE THE OLD AND THE NEW Delta power continues the queenship. SMILING BEAUTIES fern Matthewson — The Old ' Beck xiih- Ihv No Alumni preiident Moses Burt, President Whiting, and Alfred Whiteiides light the candles at the dedication ceremony. Or Neivson, president elect oi j. C Smith University, was our guest speaker. Dr Friday dedicates the New Student Union Building in honor ol Dr. Elder. Rev. Eaton gives a prayer at founder ' s Day Ceremonies Mr Whiting and honored guest attend Founder ' s Day Ceremonii STUDENT SPEAKERS Alfred Whitudei, S C.A. president tells it like it is about student part cipal on in school government- lames Vaughn, president of I ■ Umbra, talks to the freshr] class about the value of N.C.C literary magazine. Miss. N.C.C, Bessie Beckwith, gives the freshmen the scope on how it is to hold such a glamorous position. ■■ ' ; : A. •? V I Robert Spruil. C.A.S. president, speaks to freshmen on the importance of community activity. Esther Silver, president of Campus Echo, introduces the freshmen to the school newspaper. Our Yearbook Editor, Edgar Grier, uneasily expid why the yearbooks were not on time last year. ALPHA PHI OMEGA ANNIVERSARY The Alpha Phi Omega ' i celebrate ihetr first anniversary on NCC ' s campus with a strong voice. Bert Newton and Perry Massey discuss scu lptures at the Art show Alpha Phi Omega was founded in 1925 at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania, on December 76. Alpha Phi Omega ' s colors are Royal Blue and Old Cold. Alpha Phi Omega has more than 300 chapters chartered on college campuses throughout the United States. Miss Alpha Phi Omega, Shirley Watlord gives a big smile for her new brothers. Donald Edmonds gets carried away with a song. THE NEW BREED Greeks take the walk. Dragon Mouth Brown lights the rocket before the show. Grand ehll! With your bad sell, say it loud We ' re dogs ar)d proud. Up to it down to it " darr]n " the man that can ' t do it. 1 1 ■ ln M Bw!i l K. v 1 J f lulfnP 1 hH I . H 1 ull In ORGANIZATIONS Editor, Annette Peterson Assistants: Ann Brown, Sheila Allen, Barbara Bartit STUDENT GOVERNMENT 5? 6e ng President of the Student Government Asiociation this year has been an ex- perience I don ' t think I ' ll ever forget. It was a pleasure and a challenge to work with you these past nine months. As I look back I can think of many problems that I had while in office, but I can ' t complain though because I expected this when I was elected. I also think of the good times I had in office, because there were many more of them than problems, thanks to your support. Now that the year is coming to an end and my successor has already been elected I can ' t help but say with sadness, farewell. All the accomplishments that were made this year would have been impossible without your hard work and support. To the Sen- iors I say well done, to the ones we leave behind make next year and the years to come successful ones for the Student Body and the Student Government Association. You are the Student Body and without your support the Student Government can ' t succeed. Very truly yours, Alfred]. Whitesides, Ir. President I f wood Callahan, Attorney General, Ray Moose, Director of Public Affain, and Char es Sanders, Director of Campus Affairs discuss the new Student Code of Conduct. Being V ce President ol the Student Covernment Associa- tion has been a very learning and rewarding experience I ' ve enjoyed my work with the Student Senate, which can become the instrument 10 true student power on the campus. I encourage all students with an interest in stu- dent life to support the Student Senate. I could not leave office without thanking you, the students, for the opportunity you have given me to serve you and the college community. Without your steadfast support, I along with other Student Government Association mem- bers would have thought our work in vain. Thank you again To my successor, much luck. To you I pass the gavel thai holds the answer to student power Secretaries Gwendloyn Sennet, £ sie Cheatham, Michelle Michael, and Barhar. Dorsey surround Business Manager Melvin Bailey. Director of Coed Affairs, Judith Enoch, pausON from tedious work for a picture. STUDENT CONGRESS Student Congress, Officers prepare the business matters of the year Congress members. Princess Bowden, Tanada Nivens, Jerome Dickens, David Newton, Carolyn Tomfmson, Sandra Coles, Charles Saunders, Wilbert Myatt, and Clarence Cross listen attentively as presiding officer, Priscillia McNeil, introduces a bill. Congress members, James Avery, Charlene Thomp- son, Marion Weaver, Artie McKesson, Delmer Reed, Mildred Majctte, Richard Shannon, and Gary Palmer look on as Edgar Crier questions the proposed con- stitution. Congress members in a normal mood after hours of debating. PI DELTA PHI SITTING left to ni ht . Alice Lyons, Vickie Willutms, Brenda McClohorn. Dorothea ' McNeil. STANDING: Puitncia Harrington, Rhonda Mangum, Luebert Mary Lowe. FRENCH CLUB SITTING left to right: Gwendolyn Bailey, Vivian Austin, Luebart Barnes STANDING: Dorothea McNeil, Son a Dye, Evelyn Willis, Margaret King, Betty }o Street, Doretha Webb, Faye Freeman Rhonda Mangum, Alice Lyons. HISTORY CLUB 9 i SEATED BrijiiiJd Towmend, Geraldine Honon, Frankie Mc ntosh, da Cowans, C adys Matthews. Susan tills. Clara Small. STANDING: Cdward Underwood, Lena Atkinson. Percy Murray. Win- tred Young, Cheryl Wynn, Ronald Brown. Joyce Clayton. Patricia Kenner. SNEA SITTING; Virginia Moore. John Williams. Pat Dog- gette. Mary Cunter- STANDING: Dr. Hazel Box, advisor. Defara lanes, Luebart Barnes, Dianne Harper. Doris Thomas. Sandra Young. Janice Campbell. MEN ' S DORMITORY GOVERNMENT— SlATiD left to right, Ron- ald Brown, Edgar S. Crier, Tomie Patrick, Waller Grainger, STANDING, yames Eulwood, lohn Wardiworth, lohn Williams, Willie Armstrong, Percy Murray, lames Avery, Robert C Bell, Roger Oden, William T Haikins, Advisor and Charles Council, President. UURMIluK LOL ' NC L Of ANNIE DAY SHfP RD— SEATED left to right, Elnora Holmes, Connie Sharp, Miriam Darden, Vera Shaw, Carolyn Cheek, Carolyn Brown, LaEaye Ellerhe, Mary Gale. NCCS DANCE GROUP FIRST: Dons lones: SECOND; Marv3 Shoulars. Sandra Harris: THIRD: Sandra Stevenson, Renee Femister. Lynada Coleburn, Cassandra Griffin; FOURTH: Marilyn Williams, lame Craves, l ar- garel Hams, Wallerene Moorehead. FIFTH: Ka- tnna lones, Hilda Ceddings, Elvody Carson, Laura Hines, Vickie Clark, fvlargie Murray ALPHA KAPPA DELTA r m FIRST ROW: Kade McCullough, Bessie Beck- with, Delores Benton, Rosa Peebles, Burma Page SECOND ROW: yesse Mann. Berthia Avery, Barbara Avery, Mr. Himes. EX UMBRA STANDING, lelt (o r ghc iiliii3 lohmon. Betly lonei, fmma King, jamei Vaughan, Beverley Baker. Patricia Seward, John Brewer, Burtina Clenn, George Weaver SEATED: Doris Smith, Mary Davii, Sharon Williams, Norma Stewart, Dorsey Harris, CatI Stokeley, Dora Hinson, Cregor Hannibal, Melva Miner, Allan lohnson, Alvin Rush, Ann Taylor. CHEMISTRY CLUB Members include: Phyllis Carson, Milton Jenkins, Clinton Howie, Linda Clayton, Earline Armstrong, Jimmy Flowers, Spencer Simmons, Roddy Gaither, Kenneth McDaniels. Johnny Mannini:, Anmc ... Raymond Bullock CHOIR , : : A t , . FIRST ROW: Charles H. Gilchrnt. Director ol Choral Music, Linda Tucker, Carol Tatum, francine Blount, Anne Fuller, Lil- lian Monk, Marilyn Alston, Tropzie White, lame Lindsay, De- lores Mclnnis, Hilda Cilliard, Brenda Doub; SECOND ROW: LaRue Cunningham, Brenda Royster, Saundra Smith, Regina Gardner, Celestine Boone. Clvoyd Carson, Muriel Sharpe, Constance Williams, Mattie Williams, Dianne Harper, Linda Shaw, Melba Pulley, Merriam Drake, Marcheta Monk, Mary Hilliard: THIRD ROW: William Leach, Roger Gregory, Brenda Brooks, Gloria Eaton, Gene jarmon, Cynthia Bradley, Clinton Howie, Albert Barnett, Melvin Batten, Elazer Harris, Sally Sims, Theresa Harrington , Howard Hunter, Ronald Farney: FOURTH ROW: Richard Johnson, Victor Stone, lerome Cheek, Willie Harrison, Paul Taylor, Curtis Forbes, Archie Greene: FIFTH ROW: Malcolm Thompson. Donald Inman, Leonard Byers, Gary Madison, Charles Chapman, Joseph Andrews. BACK, Left to Right: William Moore, Steven Davis, lohn Jordan. Lenton Moye SECOND ROW: Pamela Hedgepeth. Michele Mitchell. Sophia Fdgerton. Linda Long. Leonee Clark. Ella Wilder. Cathy Potts. FIRST ROW: Sylvia Smith. Queen Marable, Brenda Sawyer, Carolyn Fields, lacquelyn Cave, lean Atlas. Ingrid Edmond. SENIOR COUNSELORS FIRST ROW: SEATED: (Left to Right) Mary Lowe. Iva Byrd. Latayetta Fullwood, Norma Leak, Patricia Brannon, Lillian Monk. Delores Benlley: SECOND ROW: STANDING: Eva Hall, Alma Maxwell, Katie McCoUough, Vadrienne Kellum, Shirley Freeman. Frances Majette. Diane Harper. Willie Privotle, Patricia Meddling. Delorei Bradley. Louise Gullatte. Frances Hanston. Ruby Richardson. NEW RESIDENCE HOUSE COUNCIL FIRST ROW: SEATED: (Left to Right) Dietra Cobb, Barbara Meeks. Vivian Hardy, Carolyn Bullock, Linda Higgen- bothun, Celestine Boone; SECOND ROW: STANDING: Shirley Hairston. Kay Dov Cynthia DeBerry. Ella Dennis. Linda Warrell. WOMEN ' S STEERING COMMITTEE FIRST ROW: SMrfD; (Left to Right) Vaneaa Walson, Cail Bagley, Carolyn Bullock, Frances Hairston, Linda Worrell, LaFaye Ellerbe, Pamela Smith, Mary Bentley. MEN ' S STEERING COMMITTEE tIKsl KUV ' lAltUdrll In l ii:hn tiigjr (..ner. I vs cs Ihmning, Daniel Blut OLD SENIOR HOUSE COUNCIL Otd Senior ' s House Council. SEATED: left to righl, Elhel Robinson, fie uah Bond, Ciena Arrington, Rosa Shearin. STANDING: Margaret Aveni, Melba Pul- ley. Sara Streeter. Faye Freeman. Mildred Slansberry. RUSH HALL HOUSE COUNCIL Rush Hall ' s House Council SEATED: left to righl, Myrttene Morris. Flora Waters, Charlene Thompson, Linda Brat. STANDING: Carol Kirh . Saundra )ounj. Rue Cunningham. Dale Knox, Ida Cowans CHEERLEADERS FIRST ROW: Brenda Cotten, Wallerine Morehead, Terry Artis, Lorrane Ward, Linda Robirison, Claudia Pearson, Marchyco lamei. Cynthia Cherry. SECOND ROW: Anne Cunning, Lynette Outlaw, Cecelia Mitchell, Rochelle Ander- son, Virginia Crigg, Jackie Mangum, Claudelte Butler, Linda Cureton. EAGLE CLUB FIRST ROW: Earl ones, Betty . Bullock, Gary Palmer, Sherry Merrill, Willie Harrison, Sylvia England, Ldgar Crier, lanice Porlerfield, Alan Johnson, Brenda Farrell SECOND ROW: Ann Mann, Deborah Crocker, Mable Faison, Joyce Williams, Marion Chavious, Eva Respas, Shelh Fpimsler, Norma Lt ik, Davie Stephens. Evesier Bailev, Lovie Hardy, lames Ceer, William Simmons THIRD ROW: Delmer Reed, Calvin Kearney, William F Manning, Willie Dixon, Nancy Young, Rutherford C, Chapman, Beverly Washington, Alonza Davis, Wil liam Hamilton, Arthur Harris, Algene Tarpley, Carlton lohnson, Bobby Spruill, David Cooper, lohnny Manning, LaFave Fllerbe UNITED CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Presideni— L ' ysses Downing, Secretary— Linda Wurel, Treasurer— Carrie Brown. Social Cha man— Linda K Brown DEBATING CLUB Memben include Ida Page, Gladys Richardson, Paul Robinson, Nathaniel HalL EX LIBRIS Members include Conelle Banki, Ronald Miller, Mr Rusiell Adams: Advuor. Dr Render, loan Clay- ion, Annie Carroll. Wilhemia johmon, lanice Kim- ber, Gwendolyn Murphy, Rachel Hawkins, Brenda Buie, and Linda Cannon. ENGLISH CLUB SEATED ON FLOOR: Eva Hall. Morma Leak. Bar- bara Hall. Berne Farmer. Sandra Andrews. Rhonda Perry, lame Lillle SITTING: Cynlhia Boitic. Dor- othy Slubbi. Dorothy Coney. Linda Hargrove. Kathlene Scruggs, Ruby Richardson. Stella Wil- liams. Annie Mitchell, loan Coodson. STANDING: Larry lohnson. Lennie Rosenberg. Henrice Hunter, Willie Privott. Edna Hollon, Charles Council. Rita Carr. Amanda Gwyn. Linda Tucker. Mable Minor, Ernestine Hill, Sandtord Taborn NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE THESPIANS GERMAN CLUB PSYCHOLOGY CLUB SEATED; left to right, Gcrir,j,lr Imnjni, Ivr.t,; 6.» ,-v, Valerie Townsel, STANDING: Vvtjnne Cross, Linda Cunn, Evelyn Willis, Brenda Cloud, Brenda Neely, Carolyn Cjniphr , i.lnn.i Walker, Mary Boykin, Gladys McKinzy, Evangeline Hollnway, Louise Gullate. NEWMAN CLUB Leil lo right Rev. Scher. Helen White, Prince Kimble. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION HOME ECONOMICS CLUB President— Barbara Watford, Lafetta Fullwood— Vice-President, Secretary— leannette Farmer. Treasurer— Selena Anderson, 2nd Vice-President— loyce Williams, Reporter— Gladys Rowe. HEALTH EDUCATION CLUB SEATED: Vivian Biggs, Lester Perrv, Mary Bentley, Margo John- son STANDING: Archie Green, Elven Sheann, Selma Sure, fanice Campbell, Wyoneila Duke, Mary Gunter, Phyllis Hester, Dons Thomas. Ronald lohnson. lean Watson, Pat Doggett, Tomi Thomas L ' ATELIER Lefl lo Righl: LeDell FIvnn. Franklin Bumell. Bobbv Innpy Emma Walker. Frederick Sunve , Claude Ferguson, Anthonv lav. and Ivev Fiaves.. ALPHA KAPPA MU Miss Sandra Wray, Mrs. Annie Isaac, Randolph Anderson, Mary .owe, Beverly Washington, Gait G Bagtey, Linda Kerr, Carol Watson, Patricia McNeil, Hattie Boney, Andrea Southhall, Car- rie Lowery, Henry Simmons, BACK ROW: Daniel Blue. Mary Bentley BETA KAPPA CHI STANDING; Dr. Patillo, Dr. Townes, Mr. Denny, Mrs. Annie Isaac, Miss Sandra Wray. SITTING: Annie Williams, Melvin Clayton, Phyliss Carson, Mary Lowe. OFF-CAMPUS WOMEN ' S COUNCIL t s SEATED, lett In righr Vich e Brown, Emma Moibv. lannie Parke, Kalrma Knox. STANDING: C zelle Webb, Martha Carrowav, Brenda Panenon, loan Clavton, Coitella Banks. MISS OFF-CAMPUS COSTELLE BANKS VETERAN ' S CLUB Prendenl of Velerjm Club, tjrnvii Broun, conlen uji i club member Officen of Veterans Club are President, fames! Brown, Vice president, Jerome Alexander: Secretary, George Pettiford; Treasurer, Sidney Travis: Social Chairman, lames Siler Miss IVIary Ann Wright, a senior from Henderson, N.C- has been chosen to reign as Miss Veteran for 7968-69- PHI BETA LAMBDA B HH 1 OfFIClRS: SEATED lell to right, Secretary. Dorothy Fleming. Bookkeeper, Eve Flippen, President, Ralph Lee, Vice President, Joyce McCriff, Advisor, Mrs. Launa lones. PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL FIRST ROW: seated e ( lo right; Daniel Blue jr.. Ethel L. Knight — Vice President. Gaylord McDougald — Collector of Grades, Dorothy L. Franks — President, Tressie A. Lucas — Corresponding Secretary SECOND ROW: standing; Phillip N. Henry, Carolyn O. Campbell, limmy Flowers, Andrea Southall, Cvester Bailey — Parliamentarian, Nettie R Sherard, Edward Johnson, Janet Wilkins, Clarence I. Ranson — Treasurer, Shirley Hairston, and William Cothran. G G A n V GREEK LINES IN ACTION Raise your hand and stomp your feet cause the A Phi Que ' s are here. •■ ■■1 1 im m m M a px:. fcH " " " " ■ «S| 1 H m k ' i :.: m -« ALPHA PHI OMEGA %i 1 i kik Charles L. Smith Bert Newton Hording Kirkley, Ir. johnny Koonce Albert S. Robinson Cienwood B. Ionian Nathaniel Scales Edgar S. Crier Perry Massey Clinton Howie lohn Brunson, II Bobby M. Wihon Larry C. McCallum Reginald Basden I 5: «) aTIS " mWH SW 1 ; -vrr Samuel L lones William H. Cay Leonard A. Byers Aaron Johnson Larry Johnson Clarence L- Cross Thomas Wilkins Sherman Wright William Abrams Clyde B. Davis Harry DW ' ashington. Jr. Robert Hill Donald Edmond Carney Pit Limes Pridgen %- twMh ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA Ivy Leaf Club: FRONT— Sandra King; Left to Right; Linda Brin, Linda Dowkins, Gloria White. BACK ROW Standing: Ingrid Watson, Marion Spaulding, Bobby I. Robinson, Doris Archier, Veronica Gray, Barbara Williams, Jacqueline Nixon. Officers, SEATED from left to right: Katie McCullough—Epis- toleus, Carolyn Campbell— Co-Chairman of Rush, Millicent Lit- aker—lvy Leaf Reporter, Tonya Thompson— Basileus, Patricia Meddling— Co-Dean of Pledgees, Nettie Sherard—Dean of Pledgees, STANDING: Dianne Harper— Chairman of Rush, Hilda Gilliard— Parliamentarian, Luebert Barnes— Tamiochus, Burma Paige— Anti-Basileus, Norma Leak—Grammateus, Bynetta McNeill — Anti-Grammateus, Doris Thomas — Chaplain. : Left to Right: Rosa L Peebles, Patricia Y. Morris, Dolhula B. Butler, Carolyn O Campbell, Faye Lewis, Thelma Craig, Patricia L. McNeil, Cvelyn C Sweatt, Hazel A. Sanders, Ellinor Lindsay, Queen Bell, Angela Boone, Linda f Cannon, yoan f Smith, Bynetta E. McNeill. SECOND ROW: Nellie Sherard, Yvonne Myers, Lubert Barnes, Hazel Tucker, Edna Holton, Priscilla Reid, Rosella Mercer, Evelyn Willis, Brenda Jenkins, Verna Smith, Debra Redden, Dorothea MchJeil, lanie Lindsay, Marva Shoulars. THIRD ROW: Burma Paige, Tonya Thompson, Norma Leak FOURTH ROW: Glenda Harris, Mary Lowe, Cynthia Hawkins, Millicent Litaker, Loraine Dunstan, Frances Maiette, Diane Harper, Dons Thomas, Delores Benton, Mary Bentley, Patricia Meddling, Marguerite Davis, LaRue Cunningham, Barbara Graham, Charlene Thompson, Hilda Gilliard. Sandra Pickett, Valeria Weeks, Katie McCullough, Tropzie White, Patricia Brannon, Eva Hall. ALPHA PHI ALPHA - " -• " f r,.-. SEATED Lett to Right: Daniel T Blue Ir —President. Richard I. Shannon— Treasurer, Clarence Ransom- Dean ot Pledgees, Claiborne A- Faison — Vice President, STANDING: Thoyd Melton—Secretary, Franklin Burwell— Financial Secretary FRONT ROW, Lett to Right Frederick i wood. McKinney Pickett, lohnny Rirh.ii ell, lames Ful- 1, and William O ' Farrow, BACK ROW: Ronald Curley, Idv, Wardsworth, and George Parker Allen, John Z ETA PHI BETA LINE ONE; (l-r) Bertha Avery, Mildred Terrell, Dorothy Franks, Scarlet Harvey, Barbara Avery, Mac e ine Hum. ROW TWO: Gladys Gibson, Janet Wilkiris, Phyllis Carson, Linda Caldwell, Shirley Freeman, Sherry Sherrod, not shown are Tressie Lucas, Flla Jones, and Veulah Jones. Archonians: SEATED (l-r) Brenda McLeod, Delnora Wilson, Carolyn McLean. STANDING Rhonda Martin, Mertis Brown, Doris Corbett, Patricia Stewart, and Cloritha Love. DELTA SIGMA THETA SEATED: ll-r) Brenda Doub, Vivian Harding, Michele Thurston, lune Martin, Marilyn Price, Belly Drumgold, Barbara Waters, lo Ann Ellii (STANDING:) Frances Hairslon, Ethel Knight, Linda Cunn, Joyce Grant, Helen Haskett, Shirley Hairslon, Alice Lawson, Miriam Darden, APEX: Cherry Vann, Nancy Watklns, Gwendolyn Bennett, Sherlane Adams, Audrey Harrison, Linda Kerr, Carolyn Dickens, Andrea Southall, Earlene Armstrong, Norma Brown. PYRAMID CH ' B ll-rl Salh ims. Ethyl lacobs. Davis, Terry Artis, Brenda Farrcll, Carol Tatum Noble. lanice l.tnhvns, l.,urn McCr. Elorincin Paylun, Ceiestine B ' GROOVE PHI GROOVE FIRST ROW: (Left (o Right) jerry Hall, Douglas Bolton, Leon Sanders, Stanley Allen, Tony Feims(er. SECOND ROW: Michael Spears, fames E. Smith, Joseph Pndgen. jess [. Marshall and Lonnie Paige Bj F ' " 1 E 1 ftMEIl 1 19 Floor position: less Marshall — Dean of Pledgees. SEATED from left to rigfit: Tony Feimsler—Vice Presi- dent. Stanley Allen— President, Leon Sanders — Sec- retary, and Douglas Bolton — Treasurer Left to Right: James Stevenson, Fred Davis, Frank Lions, Roger Wastiington, and Carl Reed. f f . . PHI BETA SIGMA SEATED left lo right: Milton lenkim, Richard Fields, and limmv Ballance STANDING: John faison, Maurice Baylor, William Cothran, Henry Bailev. Ronald Speight, Raymond Smith OMEGA PSI PHI FIRST ROW left to right Char es Ford, Gaylord McDougald. Robert Woods, lohn McCoy CENTER: fvesler Bailey BACK ROW: Leon Mullins, Fddie Warnetie. Allan Daniels, Winfred Sanders KAPPA ALPHA PS I SEATED Left to Righf Michael lohnson, William Baity, Prathon Thorton II. STANDING: f oyd W)7 iams, PhiUp N. Henry, Jay — }ay ohnson, David R. Newton, Rubv Sutton, and Edward }. lohnson Prathan Thorton — Strategus, Philip N. Henry — Vice Polemarch, William Baity — Polemarch, Michael Johnson— Keeper of Grades, and Ed- Inhn nii-Kerpi tan and Reparter. Records. Histor- Left to Right Willie Barnes, and Don Willie NURSE ' S CLUB CHESS CLUB BIOLOGY CLUB v m McLEAN HOUSE COUNCIL CAMPUS ECHO Alma Maxwell, Barbara Dorsev, Frances Majette, and Mike Garrett surround (he editor. Ester Silver, Campus Echo Editor, points out a friendly cnfic si SWIMMING CLUB 1 « m ». jLj Hf fl ' Jl ' sl A. ' jj jj B 1 A «J PiiJii| Swimming Club Officers are: Presn enf, Michael loin retary, Eugenia Laslon, Treasurer, Barry Alexander i, ' -l ' ir , ii ' nl. RusnLi Dj An expert diver exhibits h skill SPORTS Editor: Delmer Reed Aisislanti: Floyd Williams, lames Stevens FOOTBALL BACK ROW left lo rii;hl: Sanlord Tyson, Char e Cnmei, joe Sarnei, Harold Beatty, Lonnie Paige, Jerome Canit. Doug as VV 7- kenon, Harvey Clanlon. Ruisell Price, Sam 5 ng efary, loseph Harold, lames Smith, loe Smiih. Devone Bvnum. Thomas Camer- on, larva Martin. Mike Calbrelh, Gerald Alston SECOND ROW, Harvest Floyd, frank Simmons, lack lackson. Frank Bullock. Arnold Lee. Virgi Alston, [rvin Allen. William Royster. Rufus Marshall. Ollis Carson. Pete Quinn. Charles- Bellinger. William Thompson, George Smith. William Haymond- FRONT ROW; lames Copeland. Maceo McEachern. Herman Matthews. Willie Taylor. Moses Bryant. Walter Funderburke. Terry Cole. Michael lohnson. Ronnie Vpperman. Roger Foust. Thurman James, Julian Martin. Roy Anderson. Gilbert Smith. Otis Alston. Players listen to Coach yohnson. Our outitanding Football Spirit Leader. FOOTBALL Qu3rterbacks: 20 Herman Malhewi; 21 Waller Funderburk. and Jerry Cole. " Look, B- B. Sniilh, you ' re doing il all k " Here we come " , (he mighty EAGLE o Yense DouL ' ilk Ts,,n ' ; jnW Ruhjs tirsh.ill i fi s. ( to rolUnmt- hesd from A T ilhci pd_s.s reception. You ■iilly fabbii. I (old you not (o come in here, " yells Herman Matthews (W) Thurman fanes (T9) is on the run again as Doug Wilkerson (74), NCC ' s all American, pulls to block. " Man, let ' s get out of here, don ' t stand still, " says Tee Jones (19) and Roy Anderson. (24) BASKETBALL ROSTER 68-69 Number 57 44 41 34 31 40 35 43 22 45 32 30 25 33 15 Name Dorsey, Barry Huff, George Robinson, Dennis Byrd, Robert Pridgen, Joseph Sledge, William Humphrey, Stephen Brown, Henry Lee McCrimmon, Ronald Allen, Vernon Washington, Roger Ellis, Lewis Bass, Marvin Jones, William Williams, Bobby Captain Joseph Pridgen. joe Pridgen and outstanding center forward Dennis Captain and Co-Captain welcome new Coach. Roberson. Starting five lor North Carolina College; Ronald McCr mmon, Dennis Robinson, Joseph Pridgen, Steve Humphrey, and Barry Dorsey- Coach Br: Fayettevill and Coach fdmonds admire first place trophy 5reve Humphrey leaps in an tntra-squad game Dennis Robinson lays one up m bis 38 point rally while fimmy tones looks on Hump and Pndge rebound against }. C Smith. Too late Enoch, Pridge fires (wo more. jop Pridgen shoots from the corner after faking his man. OUTSTANDING IN SPORTS LEE DAVIS Lee Davjs, whom we are so proud of. is now playing with the New Orleans Buccaneers. He was captain ol N.C.C ' s Basketball team last year. Lonnie Page, a senior, stands proudly holding he as the Most Outstanding Player lor 1968 iphips Lonnic was also selected TRACK TEAM Back Row across: James Wilkerson, CImer Reed, Cyril Roberts Ror ald Draper, Robert Russell, Delmer Reed, William Baity Sylus May field, lames " Stevie " Stevensori From front to back ' Leon Sdnc ers. Curtis Hickman, lames Stewart, Lionel Urgan, Carl Reed Cfiarles Copeland, Floyd Williams, Harding Kirkley, Williarn SPORTS... SPORTS.. V- ' Past Eagle, Paris Lennon, is now hi- coach at a Virginia high ichool. Eagle action on the football field tike this raises rank in CIAA. James Pridgen, center, in action Steve Humphrey, forward guard, scores two points! ADMINISTRATION Editors: Roia Brachhaw, Yvonne Flower PRESIDENT WHITING President Whiting at hii desk as he pursues diligently that cause ol action which promises the greatest good lor the college. Its student body, and its staff. v President Whiting scans through the yearbook, while he has a lew minutes of leisure time. Even the president takes time out ol his busy schedule (o com- municate with the students " on the rail " . ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS Dean ol Men, Mr I L Lennon, addresses the men ol Chidley Hall. Dean of Women, Mrs. Alma F Biggers, former guidance counselor, enjoys her first year as dean. Special Assistant to the President, Dr. Leonard H. Robinson, always Vice-President of Financial Affairs, Mr. William Jones, conducts his wears a smile as he works diligently with his daily responsibilities. office with efficiency and with meticulous attention to the details of ,-- Financial Affairs. ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS Mr. Daniel Sampson. Dean of the Lav School, wears " a smile of wisdom " . fe-inho,fe.tK.h M !ii ' : t lsr, ft ! rv:r c o X! am 3Ja :amobJect Dr. Cecil Patterson, Dean of Undergraduate School, leaves his office for a bit of classroom instruction. Dr Helen C Bdmonds, Dean of Grad- uate School, fakes a break from her many duties. ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS Mr I- L. Stewart, Dean ol Students, takes a moment to profile Dean Stewart ' i Stall working ,i i . ;( — e t !o right are Mr. Warren, lacqueh lor the photographer. Bond, Mrs. Covenington, Peggy tdwardi and Asanthia Carr. Mrs. H. Scarborough, Purchasing Agent, keeps the school well supplied. Mr R P. Smith, Director of Food Services, sits in con- ference with a student about yesterday ' s ' ' WONDER MtAT " . ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS Mr. PrescotI, Director ol the Student Union, standi proudly in front Mn johmon begins her daily duties as Bursar of the College, of the newly constructed union. ■ a a, i :r-r-r7 Vii f " ' Mr McMillan, Registrar o North Carolina College, takes a five minute break after registering over 3,000 students. Mr. Whitterspoon, head of the News Bureau Staff, looks on as a member of his staff identifies a picture. ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS Rev. Hughley. College Minuter, talks happily with a student in his office. Rev. taton. College Minister, pauses to pose for an Eagle photographer after convincing two N.C.C. students that it ' s time lor reformation. H I » - r Mrs. Pope, Dean of the Library Science School, enjoys the new display of books . . - books . . . and more books. ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS Mrs. R [dmonds. Housing Director, and Mrs. B. Paige smile happily after placing all 3,000 students in dormitories or in homes in i city. Mrs. R. Johnson, secretary to Mr. Robinson, starts he day with a smile while setting up dates for use of B. Is Duke by campus organizations. tm Mrs. Thelma Smith (sittmg) and Mrs. t. Marable are never too busy lo stop and pose lor a picture, even though their duties as secretaries to the president are very time consuming ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS Secretaries to the Dean of Women, Mrs. G. C. Lawrence (Front) and Mrs. H. Jones (Back), prepare letters la send to all 2,000 girls - Secretaries to the Vice-President, J s n.ivrscnc Spf n ing) prepare (he requisitions to be signed by Mr. Jones. ul Ml-. ) Simmons (stand- Editor, Barbara Forney Aisistanf,, Sheron Long, Shelia Allen STUDENT LIFE Enthusiastic crowds such as this one reflect many facial expres- sions as they cheer the Eagles on to victory. During Freshman Orientation one of our Faculty instructors informs student about the core curriculum. During Mother-daughter, father-son week- end, college students are visited by their parents . . . Our editor is visited by his mother and sister. rr; ivm i »j «M ' J - fifliV f£lH •ir.JI )w:- r . - Student officials from the Echo and the Student Covern- ment welcome the Freshmen to NCC. Associate Editor of the " EAGLE " , Sylvia England takes time from her office chores to wander down by the pool. L— - (Vo one ces watting — even it the stsr ;_s Csrts Thomas, Gettini into the picture No matter what We are the Deka ' i D-U-C-K-S! Dianne Harper. Mm Senior, al the Coronafion Where are those girts go ngf " ? There ' s a boycott down town! Another game!!! Another cut - So what! ' Here she Is again, but i n ' l she grand this timei ' Kappa Sweetheart, focelyn Cordice poses in her tailor made hell bottoms. Frisky Lynada Coleburn caught in act of disturbing the editor ' s desk by the Eagle photographer. Alpha-Phi Omega Sweetheart, Shirley Watford, in the Union as usual, lumps in the art exhibit just to have her picture taken Deidre Palmitier gazes with glee as she thinks about her 3 8 average Say It Loud, Alpha Phi Omega is GRAND. Barry Dorsey, one ol the starting five this year traction, (for the girls) Freshmen girh really go wild in Physical Education 120. Oh Please Now! Alice Shipman seems to have (he same in(ere i as the other girls because thev all run to the same statue. Sylvia England, Miss Sophomore, casts a vote for herself in the Spring Election Amy Matthewson clowning as usual. I wonder where her shado Mary is ' ■WHAT ' S THE BIG IDEA THE GRADUATE SCHOOL Editor: Emma Moiby Aisiitant: Jacqueline Hairston THE STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION THE STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION OEEICERS Left fo nghi, William Proctor, Vice-Prendent- lames McNeil. Editor ol Law School Newspaper: R Lewti Ray, President: tesvc D.iwku Vincent Maltese, Editor ol Law Review. Left to Right: The Ljw School Newspaper Staff: George Manning, Photographer; Alfred ale. Book Review Edi- tor. Mrs. Cecilia Cook, Typist; lames T. McNeil, Editor; Joseph Arring- ton. Advertising Man. ager; lames Smith, Business Manager; Tim- othy Crawford. Feature Writer. FIRST ROW left lo right: Lessie Dawkins, Eu- gene Tyler, Margaret Wilkins, Joseph lacovitti, lames Foster, loseph Sampson, Erskin iytle, Henry Parker, Richard Martin. SECOND ROW: Charles Dennard, Cecilia Cook, Louis Kleiman, lohn Banks, iinwood Bowers, Mi- chael Gilford. THIRD ROW: Louis lordan, Wil- liam Proctor, Patrick Bryant, Thomas Samp- son, Roland Hayes FOURTH ROW; lames Ethridge, Carr Christian, Walter Ricks, Wayne Petleway- FIFTH ROW: Arthur Bridges, lerry Sawyer, Peter Smilde, Gerald Roper, Archie Elliott and Melvin Bolds. m - , w SENIOR CLASS. FIRST ROW left to nght: Richard Peterson, Patrick King, lames Smith, Alfred Lyie, Anderson Council, Vincent Maltese. SECOND ROW: Henry Gamble, M. H. Dudley, loseph Arrington, R Lew Ray, William Holli- day. THIRD ROW: Freddie Polhill, Ronald Pitts, lames McNeil, Timothy Craw- ford, Archie Eelton. FOURTH ROW: Mario de- Chabert, Roger Thurston, Ronald Barbee, lames Mack. FIFTH ROW: Mil- lard Blake, William Wil- liams. A TRIBUTE " Thou wilt not leave us in the dust " Thou madest man, he knows not why; He thinks he was not made to die; And thou hast made him; thou art just. " — Tennyson This edition of " The Eagle " is dedicated to a former law student, David Williams, a native Philadelphian, who was killed in a car accident in Fredricksburg, Virginia, while returning to school. David graduated from North Carolina College in 7966 with a B.S. degree in Psychology. He entered law school on the combine degree program in 1966, where he continued until his untimely death. David, better known to his many friends and acquaintances as " Stretch, " was a congenial, likable individual. He was active in law school, responsive to the needs of others, and receptive to wholesome fun. During the short span of his lifetime, he won a special place in the hearts of those with whom he came in contact, and enjoyed the warmth of friendship experienced only by a privileged few. It can be said with all respect and genuineness of heart that David left behind ideals, goals and warmness that will live forever in the hearts of his friends, classmates and family. A FAREWELL " Flow down, cold rivulet, to the sea; Thy tribute wave deliver: No more by thee thou steps shall be. For ever and for ever. " " A thousand suns will stream on thee, A thousand moons will quiver: But not by thee thou steps will be. For ever and for ever. " —Tennyson SEATED left to right: Thomasine Hardy, Phyllis Curry, William Cothran, Nancy Hill, Leugene Hill, Clifford Jack- C eo Davis, Marvette Pratt, Amela Taylor. STANDING: son, Lewis Ferebee, William Cheek, unidentified, Joyce leryll Johnson, Clarrice Carpentery, Sherry Sherrod, Jackson. SEATED Left to Right: Thomasine Hardy, Phyllis Curry, Cleo Davis, Marvette Pratt Amela Tay- lor. STANDING: Clifford Jackson and William Cothran SENIORS Editor, Mary Braswell Assistants: Virginia Crigg, Joan Jackson SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Elwood Callahan, preiidenl of the senior class, strolls proudly as Vice president of senior class, David Newton, profiles with his if it were his last march on that grand day — Graduation. " Kappa " charm. Secretary of senior class, Delores Benton, poses momentarily in the Eagle Camera. vt m " Radiating the charm and friendliness of an overworked senior is. Miss Sandra Coles, treasurer of the senior class. Abrams, William Sociology Social Science Adams, Sherland D. Business Admin. Economics Allen, Barbara j. Business Admin. Economics Allen, lanette C. Business Education Education Alston, Eugenia j. Physical Education Education Alston, Marilyn L. Art Music and Education Andrews, Henry M. Sociology Social Science Armstrong, Brenda A. Sociology Music Armstrong, Earlene Biology Chemistry Armstrong, Lenora Sociology Social Science Arp, Betty B. Home Economics Clothing and Textiles Askew, Virginia C. Business Education Education Atkinson, Lena M. Sociology Political Science Augustus, Carolyn Y. Accounting Economics Avery, Barbara A. Sociology Psychology Avery, Bertha A. Sociology Psychology Bailey, Ann C. Business Education Education Bailey, Melvin Accounting Economics Baker, James P. Biology General Science Baker, Julius O. Math Physics Baldwin, Charlie E. Ballow, Cor ys fi. Banks, Costelle L. Barnes, Willie Barnett, Albert P. Music 5oc o ogy Home Economics History Geography Education English Education Business Admin. General Science Beatty, Charlene Beckwith, Bessie Bell, Linda K. Bell, Maurice L. Bennett, Elanders Business Education Sociology Business Education Biology Secretary Science Education English Education Chemistry Library Science Bentley, Mary E. Benton, Delores D. Biggs, Vivian Bivins, John A. Bond, Beulah Health Education Sociology Biology Geography Geography Library Science Business Admin. Health Education History History Boone, Angela M. Business Education Eikiration Boone, Bettye I Drama Education The Eootball Gang clowns for the " Eagle " Photographer. Boone, Benye Sociology Psychology Boyd, Lana M. Secretarial Science Library Science Boykin, Mary S. Sociology Psychology Bracy, Carolyn Y. Nursing Education Bradley, Cynthia D. Music Education Bradley, Deloris A. Mathematics Education Brannon, Patricia E. Business Education Education Brewington, Carol yn E. Business Education Education Bright, Juanita Business Education Education Brooks, Brenda I. Music Education Brown, Jacqueline T. Sociology Psychology Brown, Norma C. Mathematics Education Brown, Victoria L. Accounting Economics Brown, Yvonne B. Physical Education Education Bryant, Percy L. Political Science English Burnette, Sheilda L. Clothing Textiles Art Byrd, Iva j. Sociology Library Science Bynum, Fredelia F. Physical Education Education Callahan, Elwood K. Political Science Philosophy Campbell, Carolyn O Psychology Sociology Campbell, Janice M. Campbell, Larry E. Carr, Luther Carson, Phyllis A. Carver, Brenda 1 Health Education Art History Biology Biology Education Geography Political Science Chemistry Chemistry Carver, Carolyn j. Sociology Psychology Cearnal, Gloria D. Sociology Psychology Cheek, Carolyn W. Health Education Biology Clark, Mary T. Business Education Education Clayton, Joyce D. History Social Science Clayton, Joan C. History Education Clayton, Melvin L. Biology Chemistry Cloud, Brenda j. Sociology Psychology Cobb, Liddie M. Dramatic Art Library Science Coefield, Tena D. Physical Education Education Coleman, Pamela j. Business Admin. Sncinlogy Coles, Sandra E. Secretarial Science Library Science Collins, Ethyl M. English Education Cooper, Patricia A. Business Education Education Copeland, Charles A. Music Education Corbett, Barbara I. Business Education Education Corbett, Doris R. Physical Education Education Council, Charles E. English History Coy, Wilfreda C. Art Education Cross, Clarence L. Sociology Political Science Dansby, Zenobia L. Business Education Education David, Clyde B. Mathematics Chemistry Davidson, Claudia M. Business Admin. Economics Davidson, Harvey A. Business Admin. Economics Davis, Mariah B. English Drama and Education Deberry, Cynthia C. Business Educaton Education Dickens, Carolyn A. Business Education Education Doggett, Patricia L. Art Education Doward, Cynthia Business Education Education Drake, Merriam P. Music Education Drew, Sarah L. Duke, Wyonella D. Ebron, Barbara T. Edwards, Evelyn P. Ellis, jo A. Accounting Health Education Art Business Education Math Economics Sociology Education Education Education ? Ellii, Susan Enoch, Judith W. Evans, Gloria S. Fain, Carolyn E. Eleming, Dorothy L H storv Sociology Sociology Biology Business Education Ceogrjphy Political Science Psychology Chemistry Education Miss N.C.C. is escorted by Robert Robinson and Harding Kirkley of Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. Ford, Gwendolyn C. hiealth Education Biology Francis, luanita L. Sociology Psychology Franks, Dorothy L. English Drama and Educatii Frederick, Gloria Political Science H storv Freeland, Theodore H. Accounting Economics Freeman, Shirley L. Mathematics Education Fullwood, Lafayetter . hlome Economics I Education Gamble, Catherine J. Physical Education Health Education Ceer, jamei W. Biology Chemistry George, Evelyn L. Preschool Education Sociology Gibson, Gladys A. Home Economics Edticalion Gilliard, Hilda L. Spanish Education Grant, Etta]. Mathematics Education Grant, Mable L. Business Admin. Economics Crier, Bobby L. Sociology Geography Gullatte, Louise A. Psychology Sociology Gunn, Linda N. Psychology Sociology Cunn, Vivian D. Sociology Psychology Cunter, Mary S. Health Education Education Hailey, William A. Business Admin. Economics Hairston, Frances T. Mathematics Education Hairston, Jacqueline English Library Science Hall, Eva M. English Education Hall, Maxine Psychology Sociology Harding, Vivian E. English Library Science Harrell, Kenneth L. Business Admin. Economics Harper, Altia D. German Education Harrell, Linda P. Psychology Sociology Harri s, Frances L. Business EcJucation Education Harris, Sandra M. Dramatic An Library Science Harrison, Audrey D. Psychology Sociology Harrison, William Sociology Psychology Harvey, Brenda j. Business Education Education Harvey, Robert L. History Psychology Haskett, Helen L. Business Education Education Henley, Phyllis I. Business Admin. Economics Hickman, Curtis E. Physical Education Education Miss Homecoming, Norma Leak stops to pose during Ann takes time off from her go-go-dancing to practice up on her archery, the coronation for Miss N.C.C. " wonder where Emma is? " r Hooker Brenda C. History Sociology Howie, Clinton R. Chemistry Mathematics Hunter, Willie I. Geography Business Admin. Hilliard, Mary F. Hines, Laura A. Holloway, Ora E. Holman, Elijah S. Holton, Edna L. Music Health Education Sociology Geography English Education Biology Psychology Biology Sociology Hunter, Henrice L. English Education Hunter, Julius A. Business Admin. Economics Mr. Alex Rivera, photographer for the staff, ad- mires Turner ' s Love Beads. Hyman, Lucretha D. Sociology Psychology Ingram, Rosetta M. Business Education Education Jackson, Carlon V. Nursing Education lackson. Earl D. Business Admin. Economics if T Jackson, Emma N. Business Education Education lames, George W. Sociology Philosophy lames, Nancy E. Sociology Spanish lenkins, Brenda L. Spanish Education lenkins, Milton L. Chemistry Gen. Science Johnson, Marge E. Health Education Biology lohnson, Richard Music Education lohnson, Dorothy L. English Education lordan, Clenwood B. Chemistry Biology t A lones, Carolyn E. Business Education Education lones, Ella D. Business Education Education lones, Samuel L. Geography Gen. Science lordan, Kenneth A. Geography Gen. Science loyner. Lacy L. Sociology History Kearns, Bobbie . Nursing Education Kellum, Vardreane C. Kilgore, Bernita Killian, Patricia D. Kinsey, Doris M. Kirkley, Harding Ir Sociology Home Economics Business Education Physical Education Mathematics Psychology Art Education Health Education Education Leach, Helen A. Businesi Education Education Leak, Betty M. Business Education Education Leak, Norma j. English Library Science Leath, Harold E. Economics Geography Lee, Ralph Economics Business Admin. Lewis, Earl R. Political Science Business Admin. Lindsay, Janie I. Sociology Political Science Little, Juarez D. Business Admin. Economics Lockette, Carolyn W. Sociology Psychology Loftin, Maggie L. English Library Science Love, Cloritha History Geography Lovell, MyrI E. History Sociology Lowe, Mary K. Mathematics French Lucas, Tressie A. Business Education Education McClaud, juanita M. Business Education Education McCorkle, Gloria E. Spanish Education McCullough, Katie I. Sociology Psychology McDowell, Harriet L. Business Education Education Mclnnis, Delores C. Preschool Education Music McKinzy, Gladys }. Psychology Sociology 1 McNeill, Bynetta E. Business Education Education McNeil, Priscilla E. Political Science History McPhaul, Diana C. Business Education Education McQueen, Arlene S. Physical Education Biology Art Majette, Erancis L. History Geography Malloy, Patricia A. English Library Science Mann, lesse A. Martin, lune P. Massenburg, John jr. Massey, Perry A. Maxwell, Alma j Sociology Sociology Music Geography English Psychology Psychology Education Sociology Education Myatt, Wilbert Meddling, Patricia A. Meeks, Barbara A. Melvin, Donnie W. Miller, Barbara Political Science English Sociology Mathematics Physical Education Sociology Education Library Science Physics Health Minor, Mable A. English Education Mitchell, lomarcel Physical Education Education Monk, Lillian j. Psychology Music Moore, Carolyn C. Business Education Education Moore, Linda L. Business Education Education Carolyn Tomlmson proudly stands in front ul tliv CreeA disftlavs, although she is none phi none. Moose, Ray S. Political Science Sociology Morrow, Rosiland E. Biology Chemistry Mundine, Mildred L. Business Education Education Murdough, Lynda C. Physical Education Education Murphy, jeannette i Health Education Biology Nance, jasper Business Admin. Economics Nee y, Brenda F. Sociology Psvchology Newton, David R. Business Education Education Paige, Burma j. Sociology Library Science Parker, Janice S. Sociology Psychology Peartree, Earleen Business Education Education Peebles, Rosa L. Sociology Social Studies Perry, Lestee Health Education Sociology Phillips, Garnetta C. Home Economics Education Pickett, Sandra L. Sociology Library Science Pitt, Carney L. Sociology Social Science Potter, Rachiord Social Science Sociology Pratt, Beverly E. Psychology Sociology Price, Marilyn V. Preschool Education Home Economics Pridgen, Joseph Recreation Physical Education Its a typical senior m c as Pulley, Melba D. Quick, Mary E. Secretarial Science Home Economics Library Science Clothing and Textiles Redden, Debra A. Reid, Charles j. Respass, Eve L. Richardson, Ruby L. Richardson, Thomas Business Education Chemistry French English Mathematics Education Gen. Science Education Library Science Physics virs. Blue always sits high when the Seniors come hrough the line to pay for their meals. Roberts, Charlotte Psychology Sociology Robinson, Ethel Drama Library Science Rodgers, Marion L. Secretarial Science Library Science Rodman, Linda M. Robinson, Helen Rogers, Eileen English Business Education History Education Education Political Science Samuda, Ricardo A. Sanders, Charles E. Sanders, Mae B. Scales, KateH. Scott, Jacqueline Spanish Chemistry Business Admin. Spanish Spanish Education Biology Economics Sociology Education Scott, Robert Economics Business Admin. Scruggs, Katherlene English Education Sharpe, Roenelle I Sociology Psychology Shaw, Vera A. Political Library Science Shelton, lane M. Business Education Education Sherard, Nettie R. Sherrod, Loretta L. Shivers, Bennie L. Silver, Esther Small, Clara L. English Preschool Education Business Admin. Political Science History Library Science Education Economics English Social Science Smith, France English Library Science Spruill, Robert E. Sociology Political Science Stephens, Douglas History Library Science Stephenson, Margaret E. Geography Mathematics Stewart, Jennifer T. Physical Education Health Education Stinson, Jesse O. Stokely, Gail L. Stowe, Sandra V. Sumner, Louetta Sweatt, Evelyn C Geography Sociology Psychology English Sociology Social Science Psychology Biology Library Science Social Studies Tennant, Gertrude Psychology Preschool Ed. Terrell, Mildred M. Biology Chemistry Thomas, Tomi C. Health Education Education Thomas, lames L. Health Education Sociology Thompson, Wylie j. Political Science Sociology Thorpe. Mary]. English Drama Tomlinson, Carolyn j. History Social Science Turrentine, George Mc. Geography History Toney, Eva M. Sociology Psychology Turner, Linda Business Education Education Turner, Sandra L. Psychology Sociology Vaughan, Phyllis C. Business Education Education Wade, Joyce C. Business Admin. Economics Walker, Elaine Health Education Psychology Walker, Gloria V. Sociology Psychology Waters, Barbara I. Business Education Education Miss Homecoming, Norma Leak, looks at one of her A.K.A. sisters clowning at the dinner table before she begins to enjoy a meal. Walion, Christine L. Psychology Sociology Watson, jean P. Health Education Education Webb, Doretha French Education 9 lA 1 Weeks, Valeria French Education West, Herbert L. Geography General Science White, John C. Music Education Wicker, Hazel C. Business Education Education Willis, Evelyn L. Psychology French Williams, Addle L. Health Education Education Williams, Carolyn E. Secretarial Science Library Science Williams, Sylvester C. Accounting Economics Williams, Yolanda Music Education Wilkins, Janet L. Music Education Wilkins, Thomas Business Admin. Economics Willis, LaVerneR. Accounting Economics Wilson, Bobby M. Wood, Dannie L. Woods, Robert L. Wright, Sherman Young, Carl S. Geography Sociology Biology Accounting Business Admin General Science Psychology Chemistry Economics Economics WHO ' S WHO Durham, North Carolina Elwood Callahan Emporia, Virginia Daniel Blue Lumberton, North Carolina H Rosa Peebles, jackion. North Carolina Alfred Whilendei Asheville, North Carolina Mary Bentley Thompion. Ceorg a E ter Silver Coldsboro, North Carolina Melvin Bailey Washington, North Carolin Frances Hairs(on on. North Carolina Carol Watson Wendell, North Carolina Linda Hargrove Rocky Mouni, North Carolina lanice Campbell Durham, North Carolina Frances Majette Murireesboro, North Carolina Bessie Bee (vv fh Raleigh, North Carolina ludy Enoch Newport News, Virginia A Barbara Averv Bethel, Slorth Carolina Harold Bealty New Burns, North Carolina Burma Paige Raleigh, North Caro- Elite Cheathatv Kitchell, North Carolina Mary K- Lowe Rockingham, North Carolin. Luehert Barnes Goldsboro, North Carolin Bertha Avery Bethel, North Carolina k Patricia Meddling Greensboro, North Caro in MHIicent Lilaker Winston Salem, North Carolin Priicilla McNeil Marion, South Carolina JUNIORS Editor: Ella Dennii Assistant: Constance Wilson JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS The Eagle camera gefs a (leetini glimpse of (he president of the Here a piUurv oi lames Avery, vice president of the junior class, junior class. Evester Bailey. ' ' f i M Alice Shipman, secretary of junior C »s , ( " u qudlilifs for her office. the valuable Charlene Thompion diiplayi the charm which awards her the office of treasurer of the lunior Class. Andrew, Audrey Hi- (orv Sociology Thurman ones, Roger f.iusr, jnd Gilbert Smith, high sfepping hdcks oi the Mighty Eagle Squad Adam ,, Pearly Allen. Rosella Allen, Stanley A sJon. Cora Alston, loan Sociology Home Economics Biology Home Economics Sociology Library Science Chemistry History Andrew , Joseph Muiic Education Archer, Doris Arrington, Orvis Ashworlh, Constance Atkmson, Dorothy Avent, Crela Sociology Business Adminis ration Soc o ogy Business Education Psychology Preschool Ed. Economics Library Science Education Sociology Avery, James Bagley, Dawana Bailey. Evester Bailey, Gwendolyn Baker. Michael Mathematics Mathematics Psychology French Political Science Geography Education Sociology Secretarial Science Sociology Balhnce, limmy Barnei, Betty Bartley. Mildred Basden, Reginald Bass, [dith Geography English Sociology Business Acyminisfrafion French History Library Science fconomics Geography ■rrr Battle, Ruth Baylor, Maurice Beatty. Carolyn Beck. Theodi Susjness Education Business Administralion Business Admin i .tration Sociology Education Education Recreation Social Science Bell. Queen Bell, Robert Bennett, Gwendolyn Bethca, Kenneth Biggen. lame Accounting Business Education Business Education Sociology Art Education Education Education Blue, Daniel Bond, dcijue vn Boney, Hattie Boslon, C eld Bowden, Har let Mathematics Business Education Psychology Sociology Sociology Chemistry Education Socio ogy Psychology hiistory fioyre, Brenc;.! Sociology Pwchology Breeden, Bezarah Business Administ Economics Brooks, Minerva Sociology Psychology Brower. Augusia V, Brown, Curds T. Brown. Mary M French Ccogrjp iy English Sociology Phyiical Education French Shirley Watford — Surely she ' s not crossing the verdant green on her way to class! Burnette. Dianne Business Admin. Math Burnette. Luther Z History Social Science JUL Burwell. Franklin D Art Geography ' ' El Butcher. Under A. Business Education Education Butler. Dolhula E. English Library Science Butler. Larry C Economics Business Admm £ Brown. Ronald A. Brown. Sandra K. Brunson, John E. Sociology 5ocio oKy Physical Education Social Science History Education IT ' ' ' :V Bryant. Delphine Bullock. Carolyn R Bullock. Mary A- Business Education Physical Education Business Education Education Health Education Education t} Burwell. Frederick W. Mathematics Physics Byers. Leonard A. Caldwell. Linda P. Business Admin. Sociology Economics Library Science iii Cannon, Linda F. Carney, Vauline Carr, Rita A. Carson, Elvoyd C. Cassidy, lames i. English Business Education English Physical Education Sociology Library Science Education Library Science Music Health Education cherry, Gloria E. Cheaon. Chnsline Chiles, Stephen W. Sociology Business Education Business Admin. History Education Economics Cooper, Barbara , Cox, Sandra E. Craig, Thelma 1 Accounting Psychology Erench Economics German Spanish Coley, Dorothy M. English Sociology Gates, Barbara j. Challenger, jo Anne Chapman, Charles L. Chavis. Sandra D. Cheatham, Elsie M. Business Education Sociology Mathematics Sociology Business Education Education History Chemistry Psychology Education Cook, Florence E. Sociology History Culbreth, Patricia A- Cunninghar Ji.LaRu •P Dardcn, Mirian iG Hcalth Education History Sio ofjy Binlngv English Chemistry Miriam IXirdfii busily prepares her lab exercise Davis. Brenda G. Davis, lames V. Davis, Marguerite f Davis, Marilyn 1. Davis, Ruth O. Sociology Political Science Psychology Mathematics Sociology Psvcho oKv Geography Socio ogy General Science Library Science Miss junior. Marguerite Davis, glows as she makes her entree during the coronation of Miss N.C.C. Davis, Terry A. Day, Mildred Dennis, Ella D Sociology Business Education Sociology Psychology Education Psychology Doub, Brenda K. Dove, Tryphenia K. Dowell, Pearl Sociology Political Science Psychology Psychology English Sociology Dragg, loe L. Drumgold, Betty A. Dunston, iorraine Edmond, Waller D, Edney, Hermine R. Geography Psychology Mathematics Political Science Pre-School Education History Sociology Education History Psychology Edwards, loan C Edwards, Kathleen Edwards, William H. Elder, Esther D. Eure, Selma M- Home Economics Business Education Accounting Recreation Health Education Education Education Economics Physical Education Biology unior are a vvavs on the move Luther is beini studiou while hi Inend rests after a hard day ' s work. Forney, Carl A. Accounting Economics frink, Carrie R- Buslnps-, Education Educaticyn Fnnk, Peter O. Business Admir Economics Ferguson, Dorelha Business Education Education M Forney, Ronald A. Business Admin. Accounting Fuller, Conne Business Education Education Farmer, fean M. Sociology Pre-School Education f ewe , Carolyn D. Accounting Economics Foster, Paulelte Business Education Education lithcr, Roddy f. fvans, Char es K. Ezzell. lames Faison, III. lohn R C Faison. Terry Faison, Treva A. English History Political Science Sociology Physical Education Education Social Science History Psychology Biology Faulcon, Anne P. Mathematics Education Fiippen. Evelynn A. Secretarial Science Education Foust, Roger E- Physical Education Education jrA Gantt, Jerome F. Physical Educatio Education Ceddings, Hilda Ctbhi, Ann Clenn, Josephine Cooding, Elijah Grady, Ernesti le Phyiical Education Business Education Sociology Business Admin slration Music Health Education Education History Economics Education Graham, James jr Biology Chemistry Graham. Meredith Health Education Biology Graham, Sadie Health Education Biology Craves, lame Green, Archie Greenlee, Michael Socio ogy Health Education Socio ogy HJsfory Education Psycho ogy Hagans, Roslvn Psychology Biology Hairston, John Hairston, Shirley Hall, Nathaniel lacquelyn Bond looks disgusi Soc o ogy Health Education Mathematics was fired from the EAGLE statt Social Science Sio ogy Chemistry -Ih nn.l- fui that -he b u. Mis Junior. Mar anle Fh, Omo d aitcrlhvCo is escorted by fw Alpha Higgmbotham, Linda ). Home Economics Con Science Ham. Percell Hamme, Larry £. Hampton, Earlene Hargrow. L inda C. Harrington, Margaret Sociology Psychology Accounting English Business Education History Biology Economics Spanish Education Harr ngton. Patricia A. Hams, Elazt rB. Harris, Clenda L. Hams, lasper L. Harvey, Scarlett A. Fren ch Sociology Psychology Mathematics Business Education Spar ish Recreation Philosophy 8io ogv Education Hawkins, Cvnlhia D. Hawkins, Rachel f. Hayes, Carolyn E Busme-s Sociology Nursing Education Psychology Education Henry, Philip N. Hester, Phyllis R Hicks, Wendell N Political Science Health Education Biology Social Science Biology Chemi .try Hili Carolyn A. Accounting Economic Hill, Robert L. Hillard, Carolyn L. Hinei, Faye C Hodnelt. Cheryl f. Holden. Patricia A Sociology Business Education English Socio ogy Home Economics Social Science Education Sociology History Education Holloway, Robert L. Howard. Linda 1 Howell, Gloria D. Hubbard, Barbara J, Huff, Phvlli A Recreation Business Adm Sociology Business Education English Physical Education Economics Psychology Education French Ijames, Dianne lackson, Clifford R. lackson Franklin B lackson, Samuel D, lacobs, Geneva B Business Education Nursing Music Accounting Sociology Education Education Economics Psychology lames, Cameron C lames, Ernest S. lay, Merriell A. lohns, Roger A. Johnson, Charles W. Biology Political Science Art Business Adm. Sociology Chemistry History Biology Economics Social Science lohnson, Deborah A. lohnson, Douglas L lohnson, Edward 1. lohnson, Frank M. lohnson, Semor English Health Education Business Chemistry Business Educat Library Science Physical Ed Economics Mathematics Education lohmon, Yvonne M. lanes, Brenda t. lones, Doris A. Mathematics Business Education Physical Education Biology Education Health Education Imogene Wslker is busv u;th her sculpture. Here, she dispbv her taient and taste in modern art tones, lames f . lordan. Alice C- lordan, Deborah L Psychology Home Economics Ed. Business Sociology Education Education Kearns, Carolyn A. Kearse, Brenda E Physical Education 5ooo ogv Education Preschool Ed Keels. Mildred l Biology Kelly, Wesley I. Sociology Psychology King, Emma I. Sociology Afro-Am. Studies ■dil kn a change-Sign Sadie Smith relaxes while waiting for the beginning III the plav " The Imaginary Invalid " h : Lawrence, Gloria A. laws, Chertyn A- Leach, William R. Leach, Woodroe Lee, Julian A. Psychology Business Education Accounting Political Science History Sociology Education Economics History Political Science Lee, Lealer A- Lewis, Martha f Lewis, Permella W. Lindsay, Lllinor R. Lindsey, Carrie U Business Education English Business Education English Home Economics Education Library Science Education Library Science Education Lofton, William A Lowe, Grace V. Lyons, Alice 1. Lyons, Evelyn D. McAdoo, Harold A Geography English French History Business Admin. History Library Science English Library Science Education Mcclain, Gloria G. McClary, Lana L. McCoy, John T. McDaniels, Kenneth L. McDonald, Willie C Business Education Music Accounting Chemistry Chemistry Education Education Economics Geography Mathematics McDowell, Lewis McFadden, luanita C. McCriff, Joyce A. McKesson, Artie M- McKoy, Judy M. Psychology Sociology Economics Sociology Health Education Health Education Psychology Business Psychology Biology McNeill, GeraldineE. Business Education Education Majetie, Mildred D. Soaologv History T?Tt3T Martin, George K. Malhemaiici PhysiCN-fcyucadon McNeil, Patricia L. Business Admin. Malhemalici Marlin, Rhonda I Psychology Engliih Mddhews, lanicc History Social Science Jtk ivson, Kenneth f . Admin McPhatter, Henry i. Physical Education Biology Manago, Franklin j. Biology Chemistry Manning. Johnny i. Chemistry Geography McLean, Carolyn R McLeod. Brend aC McMillan, Hazelteen McNeil, Charles E. McNeil, Dorothea Business Psychology French Geography French Education English Library Science History 5ocio ogv Madison, Gary 1 Political Science I Spanish Mathews, Herman W. Business Admin. Economics The gang slops to pose lor . every day visit to the library picture betoft ' making ihi Mayfield, William T Physical Education Health Education Myrick, Jacqueline Hiitory Sociology Newton, Bert D. Sociology Htilory Mitchell, lames M. Moore, Edward E Moore, Laverne D. The young lady Sociology Accounting Business Education face her day ' History Economics Education ' ith the big smile seems to be ready to Moorehejil. Walter •ne f. Kiorrii, Myrtlelene T. Morris. Patricia Y. Murray, Percy E. Myers, Carol Y Physical Education Psychology English History Biology Education Sociology Library Science Political Sc. Chemistry Nelson, Elva A Psychology Sociology Nelson, Cloria H- Pre-school Ed Education Nelson, Louisa D. Business Education Education Newkirk, Velma I. Accounting Economics Nowlin, Brazzilia Biology Chemistry Oden, Roger K. Political Science History O ' Farrow, Willian Art Education Education Page, Yvonne W. Parker, Betty M Parriih, Theodoiia 1. Patterson, George W. Penn, Romona j. Bus ness Education Biology English Political Science Business Education Iducalion Chemistry Sociology History Education Pettiford, George E. Pickett. McKinney L Pitt, Frances B Pittman, Ethel). Poole, Faye] Bio ogy Business Education Sociology Sociology Sociology Chemistry Economics History Preschool Education Psychology Powell, iynlord M- Pugh. Elizabeth Y, Qumn, Pete Ramseur, Betty 1. Ransom, Clarence 1 Accounting Music Physical Education Pre-School Geography Economics Education Health Education Library Science Mathematics Reed, Ahce F Reed, Delmer Reid, Priscilla M. Reid, Talulla L Respass, Harry D. Physical Education Political Science Accounting Accounting Business Adm. Education Business Adm Economics Economics Economics d ' A Rhodes, Barry C Rice, Ronald F Richardson, Linda K. Rivens, Vera M Robbms, Henry B -Accounting Political Science Psychology Mathematics Accounting Economics Geography Sociology Chemistry Economics Gloria Lawrence and Bert Newton spend a quiet ev knowledge quotient. )ing m (he library increasing then Robinson, Linda D. History Education Roberts, Rita M. Robinson, Irene i fng ish 5ocio ogy Music Library Science Ro e, Cornell L. Psychology Sociology Royall, Cassandra R. Business Education Education Royster, lames E Mathematics Science Rucker, Ronald W. Sociology Geography Sanders, Aaron B. History Political Science Sanders, Leon Recreation Physical Ed. Scales, Burl N. Scott, Donne Scott, Gerald Scott, lacquelin C. Scott, William E. Music Political Science Business Admin. Sociology Physical Education Education Philosophy Education Library Science Health Education Scruggs, Roslyn E. Scurlock, Lv }U M. Seward, Patricia A. Sexton, Alfred L. Shannon, Richard 1. Nursery School Ed. History Sociology Business Admin. Accounting Psychology Education Psychology Economics Economics Sharpe, Connie i. S iarpe, Lottte C- Sharpe, Muriel A Sociology Health Education Preschool Ed. History Sociology Sociology Yh Walter Edmonds and Thelma Craig take a quick glance Shaw, Linda C- Shaw, fslaomi C- Shearin, Elven at their notes and find that thev did not flunk the test Music Soc o ojjy Health Education alter all. Education Psychology Physical Ed. Shipman, Alice tvl. Shoulars, Mars a M Simmons, Spencer L. Slade, Marvarene Smith, Aurelia L. Music Nursery Education Chemistry English Business Education Education Psychology Mathematics Dramatics Education Smith, Charles L. Smith, Dolhe E Smith, leaniaC. Smith, loan E. Smith, Verna L Geography Geography History Socio ogy Sociology Education History Library Science History Psychology Snow, Zylpha M. Southall, Andrea L. Speight, Brenda F. Spruill, Bobby E. Stewart, Norma L Business Education Biology Business Accounting Health Education Education Chemistry Education Economics Psychology Streeter, Sara f. Sumler, Edith Li Swain, Constance L. Swam, WHIiam S. Skyes, Elizabeth L Physical Education Physical Education English Business Admin. Biology Recreation Education Library Science Economics Chemistry Thomas, Doris R. Health Education Education Thomas, Lee Edward Thompson, Charlene M. Thompson, iillie E. Thornton, Prathan Tonkins, Willia Drama Mathematics Sociology Sociology Mathematics Educatio n Library Science Psychology Social Science Economics Townes, Isaiah J. Townsel, Valerie D. Trollinger, Laural L Physical Education Psychology Secretarial Science Health Education Education Library Science Tucker, Hazel L. English Library Science Tyson, Angeline A. Sociology Psychology Underwood, Paul D. Accounting Economics Underwood, Edward M. Vanhooke, Charlie L Vernon, Car W. Walker. Emma 1. Ward, Alma L History Political Science Accounting Art Design Physical Education Sociology Music fconomics Education Recreation Ward, Ceraldine Wards worth, John C Washington, Harry D. Watford, Shirley A. Watkins, Ellenois Business Education Biology Political Science Home Economics Business Education Chemistry Business Admin. Education Education 4 - i%. Watkins, lames H Watkins, Nancy 1. Watson, Carol A. Weathers, Carolyn Weaver, Ceorge E Socio ogy Biology English Business Education Political Science Soc a Sc ence- Chemistry Sociology Education English Weaver, Linda D Preschool Ed. Health Weaver, Marion . Political Science Business Admin. Weaver, Raymond i. Accounting Economics Wesson, Barbara I. Socio ogy Psychology Whidbee, Eva D Home Economics Education White, Alonza White, Marilyn 1. White, Tropzie V. White, Melvin E. Whitney, Maxine L. Political Science Home Economics English Accounting Business Education History Education Library Science Economics Education Washington, Beverly White, Carolyn Williams, Marilyn Williams, Barbara Williams, Demerice Biology English Business B o ogy Sociology Geography Sociology Accounting Physics Preschool Uucation Williams, loyce Home Economics Education Margie Metz and Esther Elder en oy a lull di rsc iuin li Williams, Sheila English library Science Willis, Herbert Business Admin. Education Winder, Michele Sociology Psychology Witherspoon, Barbara Secretarial Science library Science Wooten, Johnny Sociology Education Worthington, Gloria Sociology Preschool Ed. A Wright, Alton Wright, jean Harrint, Drama Sociology English Education Library Science Erench Howell, Chineta Sociology Psy chology McCabe, Nezettia Sociology Psychology SOPHOMORES Editor: Deidre Palmitier Assistant: Janice Porteriield Alien, Edwin H. Allen, Marion D. Alston, Barbara A. Ahton, Vivian Andrews, Marilyn D. Armstrong, Willie E. Arrington, Gloria I. Ar is, Terry 5- Atkmson, Margie D. Avent, Margaret P. Bailey, Henry R- Baker, Erma D. Baker, Yvonne Barclifi, Joyce E. Barnes, Carolyn I. Barr, Melva C. mtm Bass, Marvin BarOey, Barbara Bass, Patricia B. Battle, Eleanor R. Ifi Baugham, Marilyn Y. Becklord, Kalherine Bell, Clenda Bloomfield, Helen I. Blount, f ve yn M. Blount, Francine f. Boone, Celestine Boone, Margaret I. Booth, Anita Bostic, Cynthia W Bradshaw, Rosa M Branch, Calvin S. Brandon, Patricia D. Braiwell, Elizabeth A. Brimage, Brenda V. Britt, Linda I. Brothers, Grace C. Brown, Carolyn A. " Brown, Catherine Brown, Clarence Brown, Linda K. Brown, Lewis M. Brown, Mary F. Brown, Mary I. ki mk Bryant, Eliza K. Bullock, Bettiel- Bullock, Carolyn M. Bullock, Mary A. %%i Bumphus. Sandra L- Burney, Amte L. Burton, Irma F Buller. Maxine Bynum, Faye C I L S Byrd, lama N. Byrd. Martha Cam. Phy Z s f Campbell. Judy C. Campbell. Rita N. Canty, Larnie I. Carter, Deloii K Casterlow. Brne-it T. Chambers. Margratha V. Chappell, Diane Charles. Brenda E Cherry, Cynthia F- Clanton. Lawrence H. Clark, Frank H. Clayton. Lmda A Coleburn, Lynada F. Cooper, Barbara I. Cooper, Cloria A. Coleman. Ronald Bf rr H Miss Sophomore, Sylvia England walks down the aisle during the coronation cere- monies. Cooper, Otii jr Cooper, Sy v a A. Correll, Bobby L. Carry, Clayward C Cotten, Brenda D. Cotton, Betty A. Cotton, Henry A. jr Crawford, Dorothy F. Creacy, James W. Credle, Pearllne Crews, Hilda M, Dalton. Martha f. Daniels, Linda O Davis, Barry Davis, Brenda F. Davis, Gloria S. Davis, Leaviel. jr. Denning, Mary C. Dickens, Renay A. Dixon, Gwendolyn V. Dixon, Willie A. Dobson, iinda F- Dorsey, Barry S. DuPuy, Audrey L. Reigning as Miss Kappa is (he charming Miss locelyn Cordice- Early, Earline Eason, Carol }- Easterling, Annie }. Eatmon. Diane Eaton. Gloria L. Edwards. Patricia L- Ellerbe, LaEaye Ellis, Everdel! Ellis, Lewis S. England, Sylvia D. Faison, Linda D Farmer, Jeannett Farrell, Brenda }. Feimster, Clara R. Ferguson, Cheryl A. Ferrell, Ralph L 4 Fisher, Gloria f- Flowers, Yvonne D. Forbes, Curtis R Ford. Brenda A. Forney, Barbara W. Foy, Bobby E. Franks, Gtadie M. Frazier, Sherrill }. Freeman, Faye Y. Freeman, Marian G Fryar, Patricia M. Fuller, Annie B. Gale, Mary L. Gardner, Regina A Garrison, Terry E. Glenn, James L. Graham, Carey E. Grant, Claudette M. Grant, Kalrina C. Cray, Veronica C. Gregory, Roger R. Gregory, Toney Y. Gnfiin, Edith M. Gwyn, Amanda L. Hairston, jerald Flail, Barbara A. Hall, Carltse M Hamilton. William E. Hamlin, Joyce C. Harding, Ronald N- Hardy, Cynthia D Hardy, Lovie F. Harris, Arthur Harris, Patricia A. Hatch, Primos f Heggie, Dorothy !. Heili, Sharon S. £Li Henderson, Efienus Henley, Karen i. Hilliard, Annie K. Hilliard, Stella R. Hines, lohn W. Hinton, Catherine Hinton, Leverne Hobgood, Betty L. Hodge, Denise A. Holland, Jacqueline A. Holley, lulius P. Holman, Bobby I. Holmes, [Inora Holmes, Raymond Mc. Hopkins, Evelyn V. Home, Cdyihe D Home, Roosevelt Horner, Betsy A. Horton, Geraldine Horton, Pauline Hoskins, Velma A. Hudson, Iris L. Huff, George T. Hunter, Deborah A Jackson, Cheryl A. lackson, Don F. Jackson, Lynette D. lacobs, Ethel D. lames, Marchyco L. lames, William K. jervay, Paul R lohnson, Cynthia E. lohnson, Dardanella lohnson, Patricia A. lohnson, Roberteen Johnson, Wilhelmina lones, Calvin C. lones, Dallas f. Reignmg as Miss Trefoil for 1968-69 charming Miss Regenia Gardner. tones, Deborah C Jones, Dorothy M. tones. Earl F tones, Katrina D tones, Richard E. tordan, Muriel t toyner, Fred L. Kimber,lanicet. ncaid, Carolyn E. ng, BeflyA ng, loyce L ng, Margo E. King, Samuel E. Knox, Charles E Lane, Belly I. Lawrence, Bobby R. Lawrence, tosie L. Lawson, Gladys R Leggelte, Paulette D. teggede, Pauline D. Lewis, toan M. Linney, Valeria C. Lillle, Carol A. Little lanieM. Lloyd, Robert L. Lolton, Etta L. Lollon, Patricia Lynch, loan Mack, David L. Major, Melva F. Manley, Mary E. Marlow, Hazel Manhall, Rulus Martin, Granger R. Martin, Joyce E. Martin, Nata F. Matthewson, Amy L. Matthewi, Brenda I McCain, Peggy D. McCants, Loris McClain, Marvia L McComb, Frances I McCuller, Alomo f mM McEachern, Mary C. McClobon, Brenda P. McCriff, Frederick E. McLaughlin, Marilyn A. McLean, Roger A. McMillan, Edith A. McNeil. Edward McNeil, frank W. Merntl, Sherry U. Meyers, Eric i. Miller. Hosea fr. Miller. Walter H. Mills, Velma L. Mines, Melva E. Monk, Marcheta A. Moore, Arthur L. Moore. Grace P. Moore. Thomasine I Moore, Virginia L. Moshy. Emma L Moye. Carolyn Murphy. Clayton A. Murphy. Cleo Murphy. Gwendolyn Murray, fames C Murrell, lacqueline M. Nelson, lames Nelson, Patricia A. Neville. Hilda D. Newkirk. William A. Newsome, Vickie A- Noble. Anita f. Obie, Rachel A. O ' Connell, June M. Page, Ida R. Palmer, Gary P. Palmitier, Deidre i. Parker, George Parker, Olivia P. Parrott, LaMaurice I Paylon, Florer cia }. Pearson, Claudia 5. Peebles, Alice F. Peoples, Linda A. Perry, Beverly D. Perry, Elmira Perry, Elvira D. Perry, Mattie L. Perry, Rhonda G Peterson, Mary A. Phelps, Betty I. Pointer, Gloria I- Miss Jacqueline Nixon, " Miss Scroller Porterfield. lanicc Powell, Waller Price. Ruaell S- Quick, Frederick P Rankin, Delba i. Reddick, Martha E Reed, Pauletta Reid, EvannC Reid, Mildred V. Reynolds, Virginia D. Richardson, Gladys . Richardson, johnny H. Ritter, Artura C Roberts, Wayne R Robinson, Joanne L. Robinson, Paul L. Robinson, Ronald D. Robinson, Yvonne I. Rodgers, Janet L. Rogers, Sandra F. Rosenboro, Jennie V. Rowe, Gladys M. Royster, Brenda M, Rufiin, Irene Russell, Robert S. Russell, Stephanie L. Sampson, faye f. Saunders, Creacy A. Scott, Ehlel M Sea ey, }ohn W. Sharpe, William E Sharpe, lames H. Shaw, George P. Shaw, Melvm R. Shaw, Pomula L. Shearin, Rosa E. Sherrod, Manhe Shilo. Angela I. Simmons, Willian Sims, Lauretta A. Sims, Sally L. Skinner, Helen L Slade, William T. Smith. Dons . Smith, Evelyn I Smith, lacelyn W Smith. Raymond W. Smith. Robert R Smith. Sandra K. Smith, Sharon L Smith. Verlendia A. Snuggs, Thelma L. Somerville. Elizabeth A Spaulding. Carlton A Spaulding, Marion B Speight, Ronald E. Springs, Patricia A. Spruill. Emma I Stafford, Clarence D Stanley, Ellon Stamberry, Mildred O Staton, Doris M. S(ee , Chardayle Stephens, Dayle E Stevens, Charles C. Stevenson, James E. Stevenson, Saundra E. Stewart, lla P Sweat, Martha L. Slubbs, Dorothy Street, Betty I Sutton, Robert A. L , duk Tarpley,Algene Taylor, Paul G Taylor, Vvonne Thomas, Larry Thomas, Mary E. Thompson, Mary L. Tilten, Ceraldine D. Townsend, Brenda I. Tuck, Linda I. Tucker, Linda I. Turner, Brendell K Troxler, Patricia Y. Vinson, Mildred f . Wade. Gladys C Walker, jerry L. Walker, Shirley Wall, Gary E. Ward, Pearline Washington, Annie P. Washington, Roger D. Watford, Veronica D. Watson, Andre L- Watson, ingrid f. Walls, Ronald P Webb, Gizetie Webb. Sadie M. Weeki, Patricia A. Whilaker. Diane f- White, Arlinda C. White, Barbara I. While. Gloria A. White, Harriet f. White, lames £. Whitter, Willie L. Whinington, loseph I. Williams, Constance Williams, Dorcas A. Williams, Mattie M. Williams, Sandra L. Williams, Sharon R Willis, loan e. Williston, Thomas H. Wilson, Aundel L. Wilson. Constance L Wilson. Delnora M- Wilson,lohnnyR Wood, Ann L Worrell, Linda f. Worlhington, Evangeline Wright, Brenda I Wright, Deborah R Yarborough, Fay D. Young, Nancy A Kirk, Dons Sophomore Preiident Gary Palmer, s(ro s across campus Secretary, Carolyn Kincaid, pauses be- tween classes Treasurer, Ethel lacobs, looks over ihii before starling the dav FRESHMEN Editor: Lynada Coleburn Assistants: Mary Thomas, Marv Manlev Adams. Sandra K. Ale ander, Nancy C Allen, Barbara }. Allen, Horfon C. Allen, Sheila F- Ahton. Vergie E- lerome Dickens. Presiden l,H kini-sn,nlolh-ituj! " Princess Bowden, secretary of the fresh class, on her way to fvlath Brovver, Micheal Jhoma Brown, Alfred Aster Brown, Anne f arie Brown, John Lewis Brown, Nancy Lee Brown, Sheila T. Brown, Sylvia Ann Brown, Sylvia Annette Bullock, Patricia Burgin, Wayne M. Burrell, Ollie Worth. Burt, Caroleen Butler, Claudette Bynum, Hattie Byrd. Derek L Caldwell, Carl Frank Caldwell, Reginald Hunter Cannady, Bobby Lee Cannady, Ruth Aljean Carlton, James C. Carpenter, Delores Cates, Val lean Cave, lacquelyn Delois Challenger, Ldythe Chamberlain, Peggy Joyce Chambers, Suddie Deloris Chapman, Crystal Chapman, f inner Alonza jr. Chapman, joice Marie Chappell, Pamela Constance C iavious, Marian i Cheek. Ulrich A- Cherry. Calvin W. Clark, Leone A. Clinton. Eddie 8. CIvburn. William £ Coble. Mary M Coleman. John C. Coleman, Willie Coo ey, Wanda R. Cooper. Ad die Cooper. David L. Cooper, William M. Covington, Connell Crocher, Deborah Croston. Richard E. Crowder. Linda M. Cumbo, Benjamin E. Cunningham, lohn Cureton, Linda . Curry. Carole D Danieli. Saundra Davis. Burnett A. Davis, Emma N. Davis, Larry A. Davis, Mary Davis. Marva Davis, Stella Davis, Stephen H. Dandridge, Mary A. Daniel, Donald D Dare. Timber Davis. Mary A. Davis. William F Deherry, Stephen f. Deloalch. Mary DeWitt. Ronnie R Dickens, Jerome Dickerson, Demetrius L- Dockerv, Mary A- Dorsey. Barbara C Dorsey, juanita E. Doster, Shirley Carol Firch. treasurer ol the Froshnuir C ass, re- laxes in the union while recovering from a hard day ' s work. Ellis, Peggy i. Ervin, Janet E. Estes, Bradie }. Evans, Donnie W. Evans, John E. Exum, Donald R- fairley, jimmie E. Faison, fohnni L. Faison, Mable C. Faison, Waverly M. Farhngton, Patricia A Farrington, Saundra Faucette, Amanda i. Fields, Carolyn A- Fergunson, Claude E. Finch, Carol }. Flood, Ronald C Flov ers, Linda j. Foster, Deidra F. Franklin, Doris M. Freeland, Larry W. Frye, Elaine Fryar, Susan K. Fulcher, Bonnie L. Gaither, Lynn D- Gale, Allan C. Galbreath, Michael C Garrett, Michael W. Garrison, Sally Garner, Patricia A. MKM Halfacre, Xenia I. Hamlett. Thelma L. Hardy, Betty R Hardy. Larry K. Hargroove, Odell B. Harp. William L Harrell. Beverly Harrell, Eddie L Harrell, Joseph A. Harris. David L. Harris. Doretha Harris, loyce E. Harrington, Elorarine Harrison, Cornelia Harper, Shirley R Harvest, Alphonsus f- Hawkins, Melvin E. Hayes, Janice Havman, Sherry Hayman, Daniel Haynes. Ravonnie Haynes. Revonnie Hedgspeth. Janice M. Hedgpelh, Pamela Hedrick, Mai Troy Hemingway, Patricia Hemphill Paul f . Hicfes, Emma L. Higgi, Linda I. Higgs, Sandra Hill, Beverly C. Hill, Ernestine Hill, Melissa Hilliard, Dollie R. Hilliard, John K. Hines, Walter R. iones, lames Jordan, )ohn lames, Lendell lames, lanice lefieries, loe lohnson, Alan lones, Carolyn lones, Lena lones, Obadiah lones, Preston lones, Rita lohnson, Tyrone lohnson, William Kearney, Otelia Keith, Joseph Kmard, Patricia Keys, Sylvia King, Carolyn Keene, Gladys Kinsey, lohnny Knight, Addie Knots, Lula Kornegay, Linda Kudin, Diann Lanier, David LaSane, Sandra Lattimore, Vera .awrence, Benjamin Lawson, Hester tawson, Lottie Littlejohn, Michele Llo yd, Hazel Long, Linda Miss Freshman, Tanada Nivens, enters B.N- Duke at the Coronation. Long, Sheron Love, Nevada Lowe. Barbara Lowery, Charles Lowery, Victor .ucas, Shelby Lynch, Marcia Mangum, loslyn Mangum, Larry Manley, Willie Mann, Annie Manning, William Manuel, David Marable, Clynda Marable, Queen Marsh, Ctrula Marshall, Harold Mason, Gladys Massenburg, Daniel Massey, Sylvia Matthwes, Barbara Matthews, Franklin Matthews, Roxie Mayfield, Silas McAdams, Emma McCall, loyce McCallum, Susan McComb, Glenda McDonald, Celenz McDonald, Pearl Mcintosh, Frankie McCm, Gerald McKinney, Roseline McKoy, Marsha McLaughlin, Shirley McLean, Alice McLean, Gwendolyn McLeod, W;7son McMasters, Clifford McNeil, Linda McNeil, Susan Mcpherson, Sandra McRae, Vernal McRae, Vivian McQueen, Brenda McWilliams, Lois Dora Hinson, Miss ExUmbra, enjoys the Student Union Art Exhibit. Mekon, Delois Mickle, Andrea Midgette, Thomas Millen Linda Milligan. Esther Mills, Eleanor Milliken, Ralph Mitchell, Angela Morgan, Constance Morris, Brenda Morris, LeRoy Morrisey, Allen Morgan, Shirley Morrison, lames Moye, Lenton Moye, Priscilla Mullen, Arvin Mullen, Cynthia Murchison, Edgar Myatt, Kay Myers, Talbert Newberne, Patricia Newton, lames Neverson, Pamela Oden, Beatrice Odom, lames Oldham, Patricia Outlaw, iynette Page. Reatha Parker, Brenda Parker, lessie Parker, LaQuitta Parks, Elizabeth Parrish, Marvin Patrick, Tomie Patterson, Bernadine Patterson, lacquelyn Patterson, Kenneth " i " ' ' - ■ ' Wl Paylor, Larry C. Paylor, Marcelh Pearce, Gwendolyn Peebe, Lillian D Pennington, Brenda D. Perkins, Brenda Peterson, Kelsey Pettilord, Barbara Pettiford, Shirley itt, ludyth Phifer, Trez R, Plemmer, lacqueline Poole, Cheryle Pope, Mark Powell, Eric W Powers, Betty R. Pritchald, Ronald L. Quick, Margaret Randolph, lanice f. Rankin, Charles W Reid, Phyllis Rice, Donna } Rhodes, lohnny L. Rice, Theron M Rich, Willie I. Richardson, Barbara I. Richardson, Fred A. Richardson, Phyllis A. Ricks, William L. Ritter, [ton Rivers, Coretta D. Rabbins, Brenda J. Roberts, Willie L. Robinson, Claudette Robinson, Mozell Robinson, Orgie L. Robinson, Sylvia Rogers, Chanetta I. Rouse, Suzanne R. Royster, Bernadine Roberson, Tinie Rucker, Judy L. Puffin, Cynthia A. Russell, Cweneth D. Sansbury, Shirley Sawyer, Brenda E. Scott, Barbara Scott, lulia A. Scotton, Dorothy I. Sealey, Cynthia ). Sessoms, Celia Sharrock, Shirley Shaw, Mary N. Shipman, Edna N. Shipman, Eunice D. Shipman, Marvin E. Silver, Larry C Simpion, Melinda Simpion, Rilhia Singletary, Alice I. Small, Julius A. Smallwood, Frankie Smith, Annabelle Smith, Arimental B. Smith, Barbara A. Smith, Barbara E. Smith, Edna f. Smith. Emma I. Smith, C asco Smith, Howard Smith, Kenneth W. Smith, Lizzie Smith, Margaret E. Smith, Mosej. Smith, Stanley R. Smith, Sylvia Solomon, Alfoma Solomon, Sandra Spears, ludith E. Spellman, Saundra Staten, Lugretta M. Steele, Marsha Stephenson, Marrian Stevens, Lillian A. Stevenson, Justine D. Stoner, William B. Strickland, Elizabeth F Stinson, Theora I Stocks, loyce Strayborn, Charles I. Stroman, Willie E. Strong, Peggy I. Sturdivant, Dons Suggs, Michael A. Sumner, Quentin T. Klk t Swann, Harvey j. Swain, Iris D. Swealt, Ermatene Sweed, Rayvon Sweet, Vincent L. Taborn, Linda Tadlock, Thelma Tann, Perquida 7 " a(um, Ronald W. Taylor, Anne Taylor, David f. Thomas, loyce Thomas, Mary I. Thomas, Phyllis A. Thompson, Betty D. Thomfyson, jewel A. Thome, Gamaliel Thorpe, George W. Thorpe, Kathryn C. Toney, Emanuel Towles, Marion E. Trice, lames T. Troy. Gwendolyn D. Turrentine, David F. Washington, Delores F. Washington, Gloria Watkins, Dorothy A. Watson, Diane C Waf5on, Janice West, Brenda M. Werts, lames A. Westbrook, Roger Walton, Ethel Y. ' M lM White, Harold White, Harvey L. white, Linda D White, Monyal. Whitney, Mary L. Wilder, Ella D Williams, Annie C- Williams, Geraldine Williams, Harold L. Wtlltams, James F. Williams, Joyce R. Williams, Milton Williams, Paula Williams, Rita M. Williamson, lames M. Williston, Joseph B. SWMi .tit Jf Winston, Sherwin I. Witherspoon, William Womack, Gail L. Womble, Eva Woods, Elijah Ir. Woolen, Esther M. Wooten, Hilda I. Wyrick. Adrian B Yancy, Jacqueline Yarn, Pamela Yelverton, Cynthia Young, Linda Younge, Alissa D. Caldwell, Carl Dodd, Thomas Mines, Walter Hobbs, Herman Lee, Freddie Matthews, Dennis Merritt, Marilyn EinSS !SE k M EAGLE YEARBOOK This year has been a great ex- perience for me and the people pictured under me have con- tributed greatly to the produc- tion of this " Eagle " . I would also like to thank all the other staff members who contributed to this GRAND 1969 publication. )d y JZ(M Miss England always smiles when she works, does. She served as Associate Editor. vhich she hardly eve Carolyn Beany, Associate Editor drops She is a junior majoring in Chemistry. to have her picture taken. I have always enjoyed work- ing with yearbooks, but with Mr. Crier as Editor, I have been overwhelmed with the amount of fun and enjoyment we have shared together. I worked with a lovely staff and the advisors couldn ' t have been better. freshman Class Editor, Lynada Coleburn, always rambling in something is caught in the act. Lynada is also MISS EAGLE. Copy Editor, Carolyn Campbell, relaxes Feature Editor, Amy Matthewson, smiles, before she begins to prepare the remaining although she really is disgusted with all the pages. work that is assigned to her. Student Life Editor, Barbara Forney, listens to her duties Irom Associate Creek Editor, Bessie Farmer, prepares letters to send to all Fraternities anil Editor. Miss England. Sororities concerning their pictures. Organization Editor, Annette Peterson, is on Sports Editor, Delmer Reed, prepares lay- junior Class Editor, Ella Dennis, compiling her long walk across campus from building outs for sports. We wonder if the track team the lunior pictures, pauses for a break to building to organize and supervise pic- will get more space this year, ture taking. f a and Constance . . . " You have a responsibility ' " Is it worth the trouble. ' " To help a lazy staff member Is a waste of time. " Mary Braswell learns how to touch type with the help of her staff members. " Do it right this time. " " I wonder if this isn ' t a belter way. ' K WHr JAa ' M ' iM ,i i .i .i ,i ,i A n i .U ' o problem here, Carolyn g ves the orders and Bert takes them. Business Manager prepares records lor that monthly check. Staff members getting their work schedule. Copy section hard at work on all those " damn " pictures! Staff members browsing over their mistakes. What ' s the big joke he EAGLE STAFF fl y. mtr- i Business Manager, Michael Curtis, checks his books for the monthly reports due in the Ofiic of the Dean of Students Secretary, Anita McLaughlin, always concentrated on doing her work and being sarcastic with the Editor. Yearbook Sports Section work compiling pictures. nbers pose for picture after hard Well, after all the HELL we ' ve caught, don ' t you think we deserve a drink ' Johnnie Walker Red and Hot Dogs for a Grand Staff, not to mention the Bacardi Sissy is holding. Deidre and Janice look with smilei and relief at the last layout pages. We wonder, will we meet our Deadline EDITOR ' S PAGE The Editor in one of his usual spots as a concerned instructor calls him about his many absences from class. After a hectic day the editor calls his sweef " old lady " for some much needed encouragement. The editor " cheeses " for the camera as he pretends to be working EDITOR ' S EPILOGUE Have you ever anempled to do the impoisihle Well ihii year I did. I accepted the task of being Editor ol the Yearbook and promised to have it completed on time. This was difficult because of the many conflicts that were involved in the contract and because of the pressure of the teachers. The lack of interest at home was a tremendous let down. I would though like to thank my aunt, Mrs. Ann Miller for her interest in the publication and my teachers who kept congratulating me, even though I received 20 ' s in their classes. This was a great help to me. When I enrolled at " NCC " , had a dream to hold a lop ranking office before I left. I finally made it and those who helped me will never know how much I love them for it. I must men- tion their names: Mrs. Marian Covington, Sadie Smith, Barbara Cathey, Carolyn Flowers, Sylvia lingland, Bessie Beckwith, and last hut not least. Fern Matthewson. I enjoyed it all from working with Lynada Coleburn on Freshman pictures, to working with my Business Manager, Robert Bell, with Financial matters. It I assume the position of Editor for next year, I hope co-operation will be the same and that my staff will be as helpful and fun- filled as this year. At times I felt like saying— it all and forget the whole damn publication, but thoughts of how I could make this a grand publication changed my mind. I hope, that after receiving your copy, each student and faculty member will write down your suggestions for improvement and give them to a staff member. We appreciate criticisms as much as compliments because we know we have been a grand staff and we couldn ' t have done better. With this I say I hope each of you en oy this 1969 Edition and our theme. " FOCUS ON FACES ' : I look back over the difficult times with the administration, the 20 ' s in class, and I laugh. I loved the surprise party my staff gave me Homecoming, although I was in no condition to enjoy it. I was totally surprised at some of the things my staff had done for me. lanice and Deidre always seemed to drop in at the right time. 5i5sy and her tired jokes kept me going and I thank her for that. My Business Manager ' s seldom visits to the office made my day complete. I really loved it all. I know the Student Union is tired of me blasting my Supreme ' s albums, by Florence, Mary, and Diana. I ' m glad they didn ' t complain. We invite all of you to join our staff next year I must also congratulate Lynada Coleburn for being " Miss Eagle. " You ' ve made a lovely " Miss Eagle. " Most of all my very special thanks to our President, Dr Albert N. Whiting, for his extra guid- ance and encouragement when things got out of hand. My other two special friends. Amy and Mary, who would only come over to drag my nose away from the grind stone to make me keep them company at dinner. The trip to the AMERICAN YEARBOOK COMPANY was an experience I ' ll never forget. The convention at the Waldorf-Astoria was very educational. It ' s really been a CAS and I enjoyed every minute of it. rp AMERICAN Photographic Services ' THE TIFFANY OF SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHY ' SERVING THE SOUTHEAST BLACK AND WHITE AND NATURAL COLOR P.O. Box 508 Durham, N.C. Phone (919) 596-2178 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1969 COM FORT 21 AIR CONDITIONING HEATING SHEET METAL CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1969 SERVICE PRINTING COMPANY 504 East Pettigrew Street Telephone 688-2394 Durham, North Carolina 27701 @ " House of Quality Printing ' OFFSIT LITTIRPRESS DURHAM DRUG COMPANY " Service To The Sick " 330 West Main Street Durham, North Carolina Phone 682-3475 GEORGE ' S PIZZA PALACE COMPLIMENTS OF FISHER FUNERAL PARLOR 2500FavettevilleSt. Durham, North Carolina Dial 682-3276 or 682-5283 ELIIAH 1, FISHER, III— CLASS ' 61 " THREE CHEERS FOR SONNY ' S " FIRST IN STYLE " 329 W Mam St, Durham, N.C. MARK-HAMILTON STACY-ADAMS BOTANY PANTS SUITS SHOES Shirts— Ties COMPLETE TLIXEDO RENTAL SERVICE Painting and Papering Contractors Durham, N.C. 27707 Phone: 688-2338 215 Morris St. Best Wishes Class Of 1969 from ' eCHLeggetl Durham ' s Family Fashion Store 75 Complete Departments TOMLINSON CO., INC. PLUMBING, HEATING and INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES SIXTY-THREE YEARS OF SERVICE 400-402 PEABODY STREET DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA PHONE 684-0261 Compliments of FIKE ' S CROWN SERVICE CENTER 2525 Fayetteville Street Durham, North Carolina Phone 682-9891 Compliments from B G GRILL 2514 Fayetteville Street Durham, North Carolina Ben Robinson — Prop Phone 682-8871 Barbeque Chicken Hoidogs CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! Graduation is an achievement of which you can be justly proud. It is also a fearful time as well as a happy one for the future is full of un- certainties. The road to success may take you in many different directions before reaching its end. One way to gain success is through a career in life insurance. Few, if any, businesses in America offer a wider variety of employment than does the life insurance industry. North Carolina Mu- tual offers over 50 job categories from which to choose. Lawyers, doc- tors, executives, salesmen, managers, accountants, technicians, steno- graphers, clerks, typists, and food service workers are all in our employ. Whatever your field or specialization, there could well be a rewarding career for you at NCM. « NORTH CAROLINA MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY MUTUAL PLAZA DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA 27701 Save on your textbooks Buy at THE BOOK EXCHANGE FIVE POINTS PHONE 682-4662 We have a large stock of new and used textbooks for all your courses at a great savings See us before you buy Compliments of ROSCOE GRIFFIN SHOE STORE 114 W. Mam Street THE HOME OE GOOD SHOES OLIVETTI— UNDERWOOD PRODUCTS AUTHORIZED AGENT ROWE TYPEWRITER COMPANY 417 North Mangum Street Durham, North Carolina 27702 (919) 688-2306 COMPLIMENTS OF SCARBOROUGH HARGETT FUNERAL HOME, INC. 1888-1969 DEPENDABLE, CONTINUOUS AND EFFICIENT SERVICE 522 E. Pettlgrew Street Phone: 688-3597 688-3417 Compliments of SHAW DECORATING CO., INC. 1520 Guess Road Durham, North Carolina Phone 286-7521 Congratulations to the Class of 1969 MECHANICS AND FARMERS BANK Durham, Raleigh, Charlotte, North Carolina Established 1908 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1969 rnA ;T to roA T ' n. COAST TO COAST you Don ' t Hove fo Be on Heiress to Look Like a Million 113 WEST MAIN ST. DURHAM, N.C. Compliments from THOMPSON ' S ESSO SERVICENTER 2425 Fayetteville Street Durham, North Carolina Phone 682-1433 Kenneth Thompson, Prop. Complimi-ntiOl BILTMORE HOTEL and GRILL 332 1 2 East Pettigrew Street Durham, North Carolina " Lath " Alton — Manager Mrs Lillie Edwards — Reservation Clerk Reservation Phone 688-2071 682-9780 Congratulations to the Class of 1969 COLLEGE INN 1306 Fayetteville Street Durham, North Carolina 4 1 2 PER ANNUM PAID AND COMPOUNDED 4 TIMES A YEAR MUTUAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION PHONE 688-1308 112 Parrish Street Durham, N.C. BARNES GULF SERVICE Gas— Oil— Washing— Lubrication -Groceries Phone 682-4076 Highwav55 —P.O. Box 882 Durham, NC- Co Tipliments of Your NEIGHBORHOOD STORE Corner ot Fa etteville Dupree Sts. Durhan 1, North Carolina Compliments of Durham Sandwich Company Sandwiches Cakes — Pies 3026 Roxboro Road Durham, North Carolina Telephone 477-2196 UNION INSURANCE and REALTY COMPANY THREE COMPLETE LINES OF SERVICE REAL ESTATE— INSURANCE- PROPERTY MANAGEMENT ' Where your interests are always protected. Telephone 682-1133 or 682-1134 814 Fayetteville Street Durham North Carolina Compliments of COMMERCIAL EQUIPMENT, INC. . Better machines for better business 1015 West Main Street Durham, N.C. Phone 688-7347 Phone 682-3575 " A BUSINESS WITH A SOUL " SPEIGHT ' S AUTO SERVICE THEODORE and CHARLIE SPEIGHT, Props. Corner Pelligrew and Fayetteville Sts. Durham, N.C. 27701 to the graduating class Durham Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Durham, North Carolina Senior Women Beautify your table with Sheer elegance . . . Chinaware Silverware Crystalware Cookware Congratulations Seniors From INTERNATIONAL HOMES Box . . . 591 Hutchinson, Kansas 67501 SENIOR DIRECTORY Abrsim, William 204 Walnut SI. Union, S-C. Student Congress. Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity Adami, Sherlane D 4T4 N- Greenwood Ave Wimton Salem. N.C. Delta Sigma Theta Soronty. Phi Beta Lambda, [aglei Club. Allen. Barbara Route 1. Box 275 Blanche. NC Baptist Student Union 4. Phi Beta Lambda 4. Allen, lanette C 2n Lincoln St S.W Concord, N.C 28025 Phi Beta Lambda, Eaglei C ub Alston, Eugenia 1. 529 Newton Ave. Camden, N.j. PEM Club 1.2,3,4: W.A.A. 1,2,4; Swimming Club 1,2.3.4. Alston. Marilyn L 1707 Texas Ave. Richmond. Va. Choir 3,4, Yearbook Staff 3. Art Club 3,4. Andrews, Henry M. PO Box 51 Parmele, N C Armstrong, Brenda A. 221 Church St. Mullins, S.C. 29574 Campus Echo 1; Psychology Club 2,3,4; Eagle Yearbook 3. Armstrong, Earlene Route 4, Box 166 Rocky Ml, N.C 27803 Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. House Counselor: Baptist Stu- dent Union Armstrong, Lenora Route 1, Box 305 Rocky Point, N-C 28457 Pentecostal Fellowship Arp, Betty B PO Box 432 Pembroke. NC V ce President of NEA 3: Home Economics Club 1,2,3: W A A 2 Askew, Virginia C Route 1, Box 157 Windsor, N.C Delta Sigma Theta Sorority: Phi Beta Lambda Club, House Council Atkinson, Lena M. 2523 Curley Road Princeton, N C. History Club 2,3,4, Political Science Club 3,4. Augustus, Carolyn Y. 302 North 7lh St Wilmington, N.C. Avery, Barbara A. PO Box 327 Bethel, N.C 27812 Avery, Bertha A P.O. Box 327 Bethel. N.C 27812 Bailey, Ann G. PO. Box73 Walnut Cove. N C Phi Beta Lambda 1.2.3. Baptist Student Union. Bailey. Melvin P O, Sox 227 Washington, NC Baker, lames P Route 2, Box 136 Enfield, N.C Baker, Julius O Route 2, Box 136 Enfield, N.C. 27823 President of Math Club 4. Baldwin. Charlie E 611 Craig SI Chapel Hilt. NC Band: Phi Beta Lambda. Ballow, Corlys B. Route 1. Box 7 Roxboro, N.C. English Club Banks. Costelle L. Route 3 Roxboro, N.C. Phi Beta Lambda 1,2,3. Off- Campus Women Association 1. 2,3,4; Baptist Student Ltnion 1 Barnes, Willie 902 Dupree St. Durham, N.C Choir, History Club. Barnett, Alben P Route 1, Box 190 Kings Mountain, NC Choir; Men ' s Steering Comm.; Geography Club Beatty. Charlene Route 1, Box 84 Tomahawk, N.C. Women ' s Choir. Phi Beta Lambda: Baptist Student Union Beckwith. Bessie M 748 Bunche Dnve Raleigh, N.C 27610 Bell, Linda K Route 7. Box 346 Lexington, N.C 27292 Bell, Maurice L 606 E. Church St Smithfield, NC Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity- Bennett, Flanders Route 1, Box 514-B Wadesboro, N.C 28170 Bentley, Mary F 1054 Pine St Thomson, Georgia 30B24 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Health Club 3,4, Library Sci- ence Club 3,4 Benton, Delores D 2215 Manchester St Winston Salem, NC 27105 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority: Treasurer of Alpha Kappa Delta-National Honor Socio- logical Society, Member of Student Congress 2,4. Biggs, Vivian PO Sox 464 lamesville, N.C 27846 Biology Club 3,4; Health Club 4 Bivins,lohnA. 115-34-170 St. lamaica 34, N Y. Track Team 1,2, Geography Club 3,4; Conservation Club 4. Bond. Beulah B Route 4, Box 282-1 Windsor, N.C. Boone, Angela M. 64 Cypress St. Charleston, S C. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Boone, Bettye J. PO Box 154 Garysburg, N.C. Thespian Club. Boyd, Lana M. Route 1, Box 2 Manson, N.C 27553 Phi Beta Lambda C ub. Boykin, MaryS. Route 1, Box 103- A Bolton. NC- 28423 House Council 1; Psychology 2.3.4. Eagle Staff 3 Bracy. Carolyn Y. 72 Copeland St Boston. Mass. 02119 Nursing Club Bradley. Cynthia D 1406 King St Wilmington, N.C 28401 NCC Choir 2,3,4: Penti Fellowship 1,2,3,4: ME N C 3.4 tal Bradley, Deloris A. 326 W Liberty St. Marion, SC 29577 Math Club; Echo Staff. Senii Counselor Bran , Pain 504 5a ceo St. Be mom, N.C 28072 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Phi Beta Lambda: Eagle Club Brewington, Carolyn E. PO. Sox 723 faison, N.C 28347 Student Congress; Student Government. Clerk-Student Court Bright, luanita Route 3. Box 17 Fuquay-Varina. N.C National Education Association Brooks. Brenda I 616 Price Ave Durham. N C 27707 Choir 7,2,3,4. Brown. Jacqueline T. 576 Second St. Darlington, SC- Class Representative 1,2. Psy- chology Club. Brown, Norma C 47 7 DunslanSt Durham, NC- Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Math Club 2,3.4; Pan-Hellenic Council Brown, Victoria L 1306 South St. Durham, N C 27707 Delta Sigma Theta Sorority 2,3, 4: Echo Staff Member 2, Phi Beta Lambda 4. Brown, Yvonne B. 123 Moultrie St. Charleston, S.C. PEM Club 2,3,4; W.A.A. 2,3,4; Newsman Club 7. Bryant, Percy L. 507 Holloway Dr. Kinslon. N.C Choir 1,2, English Club 2,3; Pre-Law Society 4. Burnette, Sheilda L RED 3. Box 45 Mebane, N.C 27302 Home Economic Club; House Council 1. Byrd. Iva I. 405 Floyd 51. She fay, N.C. 28750 Senior Counselor. Swimming Club. Bynum, Fredelia F. 1004 S George St Farmvitle. N.C 27828 PEM Club 7,2,3,4, WA.A 1.2, 3,4 Callahan. Elwood K Route 2. Box 26 Kenbridge. Va. Political Science Club; Student Government Association; President Senior Class. Campbell. Carolyn O 1523 Newland Rd Charlotte. N.C 28208 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority: Psychology Club. Yearbook Staff Campbell, lanice M 512 Lakeland St. Durham, N.C 27701 Health Education Club 2,3,4; Big Sister " Off Campus Wom- Campbell. Larry E. 7276 Chalmers St. Durham, N.C An Club 2,3,4. Baptist Student L!nion 7,2 Carr, tutheryr. Roule7,Box285-A Oak City, N.C Carson, Phyllis A. 124lohndyAve. Kannapolis, NC. 28081 Biology Club 2, Chemistry Club 1,2,3, Zeta Phi Beta So- rority 3,4 Carver, Brenda I 1405-H Lakeland St Durham, N.C 27701 Student Government Member. Carver, Carolyn Route 3, Box 36 Durham, N.C. Psycho ogy Club 1,2,3,4: News- paper Staff 3: Big Sister 4. Cearnal, Gloria D- PO Box 757 Hillsborough, N.C. Psychology Club 2: Methodist Movemeryt- Cheek, Carolyn W. R(. 7, Box 63 Kittrell, N.C. W.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Health educa- tion Club 3,4. Clark, Mary T. 643 Vine Street Roanoke Rapids, N C. Choir, Phi Beta Lambda, Chess Club. Clayton, loyce D. Rl. 2, Box 256 Rougemont, N.C. Student N. [.A. 4. Clayton, loan C Rr 1, Box 122 Timberlake, N.C. Phi Beta Lambda 3,4, Baptist Student Union 4; Pres. of Off- Campus Womens Association 4. Clayton, Melvin L. 618 Philmont St. Durham N.C. Chemistry Club, Marching Band. Cloud. Brenda I. 89ClineCt.S.W. Concord, N.C. Echo 1, Eagle Yearbook Staff 3. Psychology Club 2,3,4. Cobb, Liddie M. 908 Thompson St. Kinston, N.C. Delta Sigma Theta; N.C.C. Thes- pians 1,2,3. Coefield, Tena D. 1450 Clay Ave. Bronx, N. V. Pern Club, Swimming, Dancing. Coleman, Pamela I. 23 Rose Ave. Hempstead. N. K Coles, Sandra E. 172-10 Amelia Rd. St. Albans, N. Y. Treasurer of Senior Class, Student Congress 3. Collins. Ethyl M. Rr 7, Box 13 Macclesfield, N.C. Mathematics Club 3.4; English Club 4; B$U3,4. Cooper, Patricia A R(. 7. Box 45 Bayboro.N.C. Baptist Student Union, Phi Beta Lambda, Eagle Club. Copeland, Charles A. 17 Mecklenburg Ter. Raleigh. N.C. Choir 1,2,3,4. String Ensemble 1,2; Athletic Committee 3. Corbett, Barbara I. Rl 7.Box9-C Elizabelhtown, N.C. Phi Beta Lambda, Baptist Stu- dent Union. Corbett, Dons R. Rl 7,Box9-C Elizabethlown, N.C. W.A.A. 2; PemClub3. Council. Charles E. Rt. 5, Box 340 Creenville, N.C. English Club 2,3,4; Ex Libris 2.3; Drama Club 2. Coy, Wiltreda C. 187 3 Sullivan Rd St. Albans. NY. An Club. Spanish Club. Coed Affairs Committee. Cross. Clarence L. Rt. 2. Box 214 Gates. N.C Student Congress. Alpha Phi Omega Dansby. Zenobia L. 1123McCeeSt. Greensboro, N.C. David. Clyde B. Rl 7, Box 700 Warrenton. N.C. Alpha Phi Omega. Davidson. Claudia M 506 N Race SI Slalesville. N.C. Phi Beta Lambda 2.3.4. Davidson. Harvey A. Rl 6. Box 789 N-8 Charlotte. N.C Class Treasurer 1.2. Year Book 2,3,4, Phi Beta Lambda 2,3,4. Davis, Mariah B. Rl. 4, Box 259 Louisburg. N-C- Women ' s Choir 1.2; English Club. Campus Echo Staff. Deberry. Cynthia C. 1375 VVende Ave. High Pom!, N.C Phi Sela Lambda. Dickens. Carolyn A. 611 Vanderbilt St. Greenville. N C Delta Sigma Theta. Phi Beta Lambda 2,3.4. N.E.A 4. Doggett. Patricia L. Rl. 7, Box IS Landrum, S.C. Health Education Club 1,2,3,4; B5U, Thespian. Doward. Cynthia 824 Ellison Drive Rocky Mount. N.C. Phi Beta Lambda. Student NEA. WAA. Drake. Merriam P Rl 2. Box 138 Rowland. NC Women ' s Choir 1, Choir 2,3,4; MENC3,4. Drew. Sarah L. Rt. 1. Box 264 Rich Square. N.C. Baptist Student Union 1 Duke. Wyonella D. 98 Waterbury Parkway Peekskill. N. Y. Health Club 2,3,4; Miss Law School 2; Miss Health Club 3 Ebron, Barbara T. Box 1595 Smithfield. N.C. Art Club 2,3,4; History Club 1, Social Science Club 7. Edwards, Evelyn P. Rt. 1. Box 318 Chapel Hill. N.C. Phi Beta Lambda. Ellis. 10 A 102 Pershing Ave. Weldon.N.C. Delta Sigma Theta. Math Club 2, 3.4. Ellis. Susan 1110 Alamance Rd. Greensboro, N.C. History Club. Science Club, Student NEA. Enoch, Judith W. 70 Shoe Lane Newport News, Va. Political Science Club. Eagle Club. Sociology Club. Evans. Gloria S. Rt 7 Mimosa Drive Durham. N.C. Psychology club 1,2.3.4; Eagle Club 4 Fain. Carolyn E 601 Calloway Drive Raleigh. NC Ivy Leal Club 1, Biology club 3.4. Eleming. Dorothy L. Fleming. Judy 203 Lodge Sr. Durham, N.C Flowers. Timmv D. 321 E. Maple Si Mount Olive. N.C Alpha Phi Alpha. German club. Chemistry club Ford, Gwendolyn C. 2222 Ludlow Drive Charlotte. N C. Health Ed. Club 2.3.4; WAA 1. 2: Bio ogy Club 1.2. Francis, juanita L. 75 North Munn Ave. East Orange. N. . Franks. Dorothy L. 6811 Wnghtsville Ave. Wilmington. N.C. Zeta Phi Beta. Pan-Hellenic Council. English Club. Ereeland. Theodore H. 309 Pilot St. Durham, N.C. Freeman, Shirley L. Rt. 2. Box 308 C arklon, N.C Mathematics Club, Zeta Phi Beta. Methodist Student Move- Fullwood. LaFayetter Rl. 2, Box 390 Burgaw, N.C. Home Economics Club. Senior counselor. Dormitory Culture Committee. Gamble, Catherine I. 806 juniper St. Durham, N.C. Tennis Team, WAA 1,2,3,4. Greer, James W. 313 Dunstan Durham, N.C. Eagle Club, Marching Band George, Evelyn L. Box 136 Lewiston, N.C. N.CH.E.A. Gibson. Gladys A. Box 548 Row and, N.C Zeta Phi Beta, Home Economics Club 1,2,3.4; Student Congress Cilliard. Hilda L. 74 Huntington SI. Asheville. N.C Alpha Kappa Alpha, Choir 1.2,3, 4; Spanish Club 4. Grant, Etta A. 2111 Concord St. Durham, N.C. Cheerleader 7, Delta Sigma Theta 2,3,4; Math Club. Grant. Mable L. Box 99 Murfreesboro, N.C. Phi Bela Lambda. Baptist Stu- dent Union. Crier, Bobby t. 706 W. Harnson Ave. Caslonia, N.C Geography Club, Conservation Club, Gamma Theta Upsilon Gultatte, Louise A. 325 Martin St. Shelby. N.C. Psychology Club, Com. of Aca- demic Policies. Gunn, Linda N. 1005 Gillette Ave. Durham, N.C. Delta Sigma Theta, Psychology Club. Pan-Hellenic Council. Gunn. Vivian D. 713 Grant St. Durham. N.C. Psychology Club 1.2,3,4. Gunter, Mary 5. Rl. 1. Box 82 Pelham.N.C. Health Ed. Club. Baptist Stu- dent Union. National Educa- tion Assoc. Hailey. William A. Rl. 7, Box 487 Roseboro. N.C. Phi Beta Lambda, Campus Echo. Hairston. Frances T. 101 Washington Ave. Lexington. N.C. Delta Sigma Theta 2.3.4; Math Club 2.3.4. Pyramid Club 1 Hainlon, Jacqueline Box 37 Walnut Cove. N.C Ingliih Club 4; Library Science Club 3,4; Yearbook StaH 4 Hall. Eva M- Rl.2 Fremont, N.C Alpha Kappa Alpha, fng jsh Club, Senior Counselor Hall, Maxine HOB Catherine Creek Kd Ahoikie.N.C De tj Sigma Theta 2.3,4: Band 1,2, Biology Club 1,2 Harding, Vivian E. Rl. 7, Box 181 Stem, N.C. Delta Sigma Theta, English Club, Library Club, Harrell, Kenneth L. Box 261 Ahoskie, N.C Phi Beta Lambda 1,2; Geography Club 2,3,4; Conservation Club. Harper, Altia D 6727 Jordan Dr Harnsburg, Pa Alpha Kappa Alpha. Choir, German Club. Harrell, Linda P. 718 East First St. Ahoskie, NC Delia Sigma Theta, Band 1.2; Biology Club 1,2. Han ,Fran Rl. 7, Box 73 Bear Creek, N.C. Harris, Sandra M. RI.3, ObieDr Durham. N.C Dance Group. Thespians. Harrison. Audrey D. Rl 3, Box Nashville, N.C. Delia Sigma rhela, Choir, Psychology Club. Harrison. William Rt 2. Box 1S5 Richlands. N.C. Psychology Club, yearbook Staff Harvey. Brenda I. 1777 HattieAve. Winston-Salem. N. C Phi Beta Lambda. Psychology Club. Harvey, Robert L. 605 Richmond Ave Burlington, N.C Haskell, Helen L 3114 Madison Ave. Newport News. Va Delta Sigma Theta. Phi Beta Lambda. Henley. Phyllis I. 201 Bridge SI. Euquay-Varina. N.C. Hickman, Curtis F. 5S6 Marcy Ave. Brooklyn, N. V. Physical Ed Majors Club: Track 1,2. Hillard, Mary F. 1401 Beauty Ave Raleigh, N.C. Choir 2,3.4. MENC 3, Women ' s Chorus Hines, taura A. Box 318 Rocky Ml, NC. Health Club 3. Drama Club 2. Dance Company 4 Holloway. Ora £. 2723 Cheek Rd Durham. N.C. Psychology C ub 7,2,3,4 Holman. Elijah S. 224 Linden Ave. Oxford. N.C. Geography Club. Conservation Club Hollon, Edna L. 87 7 High St Ayden. NC. Alpha Kappa Alpha 2.3.4: Sen- ior Counselor. English Club 1, 2,4. Hooker, Brenda C 207 Sixth St. Plymouth, NC- HisloryClub. Horton, Lee Ir. 2806 Fayetteville St Durham, N.C 27707 Howard, Pecolia A. Route 2. Box 54 Aulander. NC. 27805 Howie. Clinton R 703 E Horah St. Salisbury. N C Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. Men ' s Sleenng Commillee, Chemislry Club. Hunter. Henrice L. 13610 Corby Rd. Cleveland, Ohio Ex-Umbra 3; English Club 3,4 Hunter, lulius A. 123RhueSt. Ahoskie, N.C. Hunler, Willie PO BoxS72 Clayton, N C Hyman, Lucretha D 802 Hill St Chesapeake, Va 23324 Ingram, Rosetta M. 707 West yrinily Ave. Durham, N.C Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority: Phi Beta Lambda. Student Na- tional Education Associalion, lackson, Carlon V. 928 Anderson Rd. Greenville, S.C. Nurses ' Club. lackson, farlD 479 Hudgids St iWarion, N C 28752 Phi Beta Lambda Jackson, Emma N. 617 Thomas Ave. Aberdeen, N.C. 28375 Methodist Youth foun dation; Phi Beta Lambda, Campus Echo lames, George W. 194 Linion Si. lerseyCily, N . Sociology Club. lames, Nancy E. 201 Middle SI. Coldsboro, N.C £xl.ibris2 lenkins, Brenda L. 1315 N DunleilhAve. Winston Salem, N.C. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Alpha Kappa Mu. Spanish Club. lenkins. Milton L Rt 2, Box 520 Roanoke Rapids, N C Chemistry Club, Crescent Club, Dormitory Council Johnson. Margo £. General Delivery Valdese, N.C Health Education Club. lohnson. Richard D 854 N. 47th SI Philadelphia. Pa Choir. lohnson, Dorothy L. 027 Main Circle Roxboro, N.C English C ub 2.3.4. Jones. Carolyn E. 30-8 Ridgeway Ave. Durham, N.C Phi Beta Lambda 2,3,4; Echo 2,3 Jones. Ella D. 714HWV 87N. Spring take, NC Zeta Phi Beta, Phi Beta lambda 2,3,4, Pan Hellenic Council 2. lones, Samuel Leroy Box 115 Trenton, N.C. Geography Club, Conservation Club, Alpha Phi Omega Jordan, ClenwoodB. Box 185 Powel sville, NC Alpha Phi Omega, Chemistry C ub, 8SU lordan, Kenneth A. Route 1, Box 170 Pollocksville, N.C. Gamma Theta Upsilon, NCC Band, Geography Club (oyner, tacy I. 416 WhitakerSt. Enlield, N.C. Baptist Student Union Presi- dent 4 Kearns, Bobbie I- Route 1. Box 21 Trimly. N.C Nurses ' Club. Kellum. VardreaneC. 1809 East Third St Winston Salem. N.C. 27101 Student Court 1, House Coun- ci 2,3. Senior Counselor 4 Kilgore, Bernita 2501 LaSalleSt. Charlotte, NC. 28208 Home Economics Club. I 242-8th Ave. Dr. S.W. Hickory, N.C. 28601 Choir 1,2,3,4 Kinsey, Doris M Route 1, Box 77 rrenton, N.C 28585 Canterbury Club 1,2: PEM Club 2,3,4: WAA 2,3,4. Kirkley, Harding Jr 261 8 Bancroft St. Charlotte, N.C. Math Club, Track Team; Alpha Phi Omega fraternity Knight, Ethel L. 1302 Baker St Tarboro, N.C Delta Sigma Theta, Pan-Hel enic Council, English. Knight, Rudolph 512 Edmondson Ave. Tarboro, N.C. Phi Beta Lambda, Canterbury Club Uwson, Alice L. 1533 Mass. Street Gary, Indiana Delta Sigma Theta. Biology Club, Chemistry C ub. Lay, Irene 302 Pilot Si Durham, N.C History Club, Social Science Club, Phi Alpha Theta. Leach, Helen A. Box 362 Pittsboro, N.C- Phi Beta Lambda, College Choir. Leak, Betty M. Rt. 1, Box 587 Raelord, N. C. Echo, Phi Beta Lambda, Thespian Club. Leak, Norma . 28071.aSalleSt. Charlotte, N.C. Alpha Kappa Alpha, English Club, German Club. Leath. Harold E. Rt 4 Box 42 Windsor, NC. Gamma Theta Upsilon, Phi Bela Lambda- Lee, Ralph 183 N. 16th St East Orange, N.J. Lewis, Earl R. 1207 East Mam St. Murlreesboro, N. C Political Science Club. Lindsay, (anie 320 E South St. Raleigh, N.C Alpha Kappa Alpha. Choir, Po- litical Science C ub Little, luarez D 319 Gladden St Washington. N.C Locketle, Carolyn W. 241 Oliver Ave. Trenton. N.I. Loftin, Maggie L. Box 25 Efhnd.N.C Love, Cloritba RFD 626 Valentines, Va. Dance Group, History Club, Geography Club. Lovell, MyrI E. 24 CPL McTernan St. Cambridge, Mass. Lowe, Mary K. 318 West End Blvd Madison, NC Alpba Kappa Alpha, Phi Delia Phi, Malb Club. Lucas, TressieA. Rt. 1, Box 228 Spring Lake, N.C. Zela Phi Beta, Student NBA. McClaud, luanita M. Rt. Box t49-A Swan Quarter, NC. Phi Beta Lambda, Student NEA. McCorkle, Gloria E 26-D Hillcrest Apts. Asheville, N.C. Spanish Club. Baptist Student Union Minor, Mable A. Rt. 1, Box 75 Chapel Hill, N.C English Club, Mathematics Club Mitchell, jomarcel 178-45137 Ave Springfield Gardens, N. Y. PEM Club, Miss junior. Monk, Lillian , Rt. 2, Box 264-D Aboskie.N.C Choir, Psychology Club Moore, Carolyn C, R( 7, Box 457 Mebane, N. C. Phi Beta Lambda. Mann, esse 114 Oakmont Circle Durham, N.C. National Sociology Honor So- ciety. Martin, lune 630 Lewis St. Columbia, S,C. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority 2,3, 4: Pan Hellenic Council 3. Massenburg, John 2003 Waters Dr Raleigh, NC Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity 3,4; College Choir 1,2.3,4; German Club. Massey, Perry 910 East Edgerton Street Dunn, North Carolina Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity, Gamma Theta Upsilon Honor Society. Geography Club. Maxwell, Alma P. O Box 528 Coals, NC Campus Echo, English Club Myatt, Wilbert 2812 Newark Drive Raleigh. N.C. Political Science Club. Campus Echo. Sociology Club Meddling, Patricia 504 Callan Drive Greensboro, N.C. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, House Council. Meeks. Barbara 1347 N. DunleithAve. Winston Salem. N.C. Campus Echo, Library Science Club, Student Government Association. Moore, Linda A. 858 Camel Ave. Wins(on-Sa em, NC. Phi Beta Lambda. Moose, Ray 5. 1309 Cedrow Ave. High Point, N.C Morrow, Rosiland E Rt. 2, Box 321 Hillsborough, N.C Delta Sigma Theta Mundinc. Mildred L Box 101 Trenton, N C. Phi Beta Lambda. Eagle Club. Murdougj, Lynda C 172-09 Amelia Rd. St. Albans, N. Y. French Club. PEM Club, Stu- dent Congress. Murphy, jeannette B. Rt 1, Box 49 Rocky Mount. N.C Health Club. Biology Club. McCullough. Katie I 1148 Hickery Lane Rock Hill, S.C Alpha Kappa Alpha, Choir, Al- pha Kappa Delta National So- ciology Society. McDowell, Harriet L. Box 772 Elizabethtown, N.C. Phi Beta Lambda. Mclnnis. Delores 816 Leak Street Rockingham, N.C. N.C.C. Choir. McKinzy, Gladys J. 414 South Seminole Ave. Fort Meade. Florida Psychology Club. Methodist Student Movement, SNEA. McNeill, Bynetta P a Box 6 Clarkton.N.C. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Phi Beta Lambda 2,3,4, Choir 2. McNeil, Priscilla 714 Middle St. Marion, S.C. Political Science Club 1,2.3.4; Student Government Associa- tion Who ' s Who. McPbaul, Diana P.O. Box 484 Rowland, North Carolina Phi Beta Lambda 3,4. SNEA 4. McQueen. Arlenes 2012 Powhatan St. Richmond. Va Art Club. Dance Group, PEM Club. Majette, Francis 1319 New Street Murlreesboro, N.C. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Phi Alpha Theta, National Hon- or Society in History. Malloy, Patricia Rt. 7, Box 333-A Budington, N.C Student Congress. Melvin, Donnie Rt. 2. Box 256 Autryville, N.C. Eagles Club 1,2; Mathematics Club 2,3,4. Miller, Barbara P.O. Box 11 Cramerlon.NC. Women ' s Athletic Association 1,2.3.4; PEM Club. Nance, jasper 815ClendaleAve Durham, NC Phi Beta Lambda. North Caro- lina College Choir Neely, Brenda Faye 208 West Granite Ave. Castonia, N.C. Psychology Club Newton, David Bridgeton Pike Millville. New jersey Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, German Club, Phi Beta Lambda Paige. Burma 1 Nash Terrace Raleigh. N.C Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Pan Hellenic Council, Ex-Umbra. Parker, Janice Route 2. Box 304 Beulaville,N.C. Psychology Club 1,2,3,4; CAS Peartree. Earleen 310PantegoSt. Belhaven. North Carolina Canterbury Club. Phi Beta Lambda. Peebles, Rosa P.O. Box 362 lackson, N.C Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Alpha Kappa Delta Perry, Lestee P.O. Box 371 Kenly, N.C. Campus Echo, Health Education Club, Men ' s Dormitory Council. Phillips, Garnetta 2318 Coubte Oaks Road Charlotte, N.C Home Economics Club 2,3.4; French Club 1,2 Pickett, Sandra 506 N. 11th Street Morehead City. N.C Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Library Science Club. Psychol- ogy Club. Pitt, Carney 1004 Stokes Ave. Rocky Mount, N.C Social Science Club, Sociology Club, Alpha Phi Omega Fra- ternity Potter, Rachford 1191 Madison St. Brooklyn. New York Pratt. Beverly Rt 7. Box 511 N. Rd. Durham. N.C Psychology Club Price. Marilyn 113 N. Hunter St. Danville. Virginia North Carolina College Choir, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Home Economics Club. Roberts, Charlotte 907 Holt Street Lexington. N.C Honors I. Pyramid Club 1. Psychology Club 1.4. Robinson, Ethel Route 1. Box 172 Scotland Neck. N.C. Rodman, Linda M. 326 Pierce Street Washington, N.C English Club. Robinson. Helen Route 6 Monroe. N. C Rogers, Eileen 1241 N Redfield St. Philadelphia, Penn 7975! Art Club. Swimming Club, WAA Samuda. Ricardo A. 415 Lafayette Ave. Apt. 4E Brooklyn. N.Y. 11238 Scroller Club, Spanish Club Newman Club Sanders. Charles E. 526 Lincoln St. Kinston.NC Chemistry Club 3.4; Campus Echo 4; Directory of Campus Affairs—SCA 4. Sanders. Mae B. 806 Star St. Rocky Mount, N C Honors I, WAA 1, Phi Beta Lambda 4 Scales. Kate H. 1239 Central Ave Bridgeport. Conn Spanish Club 1.2.4; House Council 2, Alpha Kappa Mu 4. Scott, Jacqueline B 94 Gate Avenue Montclair, New jersey Spanish Club. Scott. Robert 75 Tillinghast St. Newark. N.I 07108 Scruggs, Katherlene Koule 6, Box J4 Chatham, Va Psychology Club, English Club. Methodist Student Movement. Sharpe, Roenelle 6. 7607 Lincoln S(. Kinstun, N.C.iasm Shaw, Vera A. 426 jerkins St. Burlington. N.C Tennis Team. Secretary ot Po- litical Science Club 2.3.4; Ma orette Shelton. jane M Route 7, Box I-(7 Swanquaner. N.C Phi Beta Lambda 3,4. National Education Association 4. Sherard. Nettie R. 207 Herbert 5t- Co c sboro, NC Alpha Kappa Alpha, Pan- Hellenic Council, English Club. Sherrod. Loretta L. Route!, Box 80 Hobgood, N.C. 27843 Mathematics Club 3,4. Shivers, Bennie L. 721 Ford St Burlington, NC Phi Beta Lambda. Silver, Esther 407 Wayne Ave Coldsboro, N.C. 27530 Campus Echo, Student Welfare Committee, Political Science Club Small, Clara L. Route 2, Box 139 Plymouth, N.C. Chemistry Club 1,2, History 5oc Sc Club 3,4, Pi Gamma Mu 3,4. Smith, Francelt 108 First Ave. Benneltsville. SC. 29512 Spruill, Robert E. V-iai Craven Terrace New Bern, N.C. Stephens, Douglas Route 1, Box 56 Newman Rd. Pelham,N.C. Ex Umbra, History-Social Sci- ence Club, Political Science Club. Stephenson, Margaret E Route 1, Box 29 Pendleton, NC Delta Sigma Theta Sorority 2, S.-f; Mathematics Club 2,3,4; Geography Club 3,4. Stewart, Jennifer Terasa Post Office Box 377 Ing er, N.C 27507 Health Education Club 4, Swimming Club 4, Women ' s Athletic Association 4. Stinson. esse Owen Route 1, Box 75 Cikkt Springs, N.C President of the Conservation Club; Member of Gamma Theta Upsilon 4 Stokely,GailL. 230 E. 102 nd Street Apartment 11 A New York, New York 10029 Student Congress 3, Student Government Secretary 2, jun- ior Class Secretary 3. Stowe, Sandra V, 929 Taft Street Winston-Salem, N.C. 27105 Band 1,2,3,4; Psychology Club 3,4. Sumner, Louetta Route 3, Box! Enfield, North Carolina English Club 3,4. Sweatt, Evelyn C PO Box 27 Garyshurg, NC. 27831 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority 3,4 Tennant, Gertrude 5-D lee Walker Heights Apart- ments Asbeville,hlC. 28801 Psychology Club 2,3,4, Method- ist Student Movement 3,4, Home Economics Club 4. Terrell, Mildred M. 423 Fulton Street Burlington, N.C Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, College Choir 1. Thomas, Tomi Carolyn P O Box 281 Creedmoor,NC 27522 Health Club 2,3,4. Thomas, lames L. 159-20 Harlem River Drive New York, New York 10039 Intramural Basketball 1,2,3.4; Health Education Club. Thompson, Wylie j. lie Old Mill Rd Rockville Center, N. Y. Thorpe, Mary I 122 Union Street Rocky Mount. N.C Member of Thespians Tomlinson. Carolyn I 119-22 178th Place St Albans. New York 11434 History Club. Secretary of Forum Committee 3. Senior Class Representative 4. Turrentine. George McDuffie Route 2. Box 188 Durham. N.C Geography Club. Gamma Theta Upsilon. Toney. Eva M. 1205 Meares Street Wilmington, N.C. Women ' s Affairs Committee. Tun . Linda 119 E Federal Street Burlington. N I Phi Beta Lambda. Turner. Sandra L 1331 N. Main Street Winston-Salem. N.C. 27105 Vaughan. Phyllis C 1004 E Main Street Murfreesboro. N.C. 27855 Phi Beta Lambda Wade. Joyce C P O Box 433 Whitakers. N C Honors Program I. Women Athletic Association, Phi Beta Lambda 4. Walker. Elaine 779 Park Drive Henderson. N C. Walker. Gloria Vernice Route 3. Box 103-A Littleton. N C Psychology Club Waters, Barbara 520 S Breazeale Avenue Mount Ohve. N.C 28365 Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Phi Beta Lambda. Watford. Barbara A. 189-10 Dormans Rd. St Albans, New York Home Economics Club 2,3,4; History Club 3 .Chri Wats: 2906 Sprucewood Driv Durham, NC Psychology 2,3,4. Watson, lean P Route 1, Box 70 Harrellsville. NC 27942 Health Education Club 3.4. Baptist Student Union 4, Library Science Club 4 Webb. Doretha Route 1. Box 102 Scotland Neck, N C. Mathematics Club 3.4, French Club 4. Baptist Student Union 4 Weeks, Valeria 302 Talems Lane Elizabeth City, N C Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, West, Herbert Lee, jr. Box 52 Warrenton, N.C. 27589 White, lobn C Route 6, Box 41 Statesville, NC Wicker, Hazel C 116 Nelson Street Durham, N.C Phi Beta Lambda Wilhs, Evelyn LaVerne 2516 Burns Street, S E Apartment 104 Washington, DC 20020 Psychology Club, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Campus Echo Staff Williams, Addie Lindsay 412 Shoffner Street Greensboro, N.C. Williams, Carolyn E Post Office Cooleemee, N.C 27014 Phi Beta Lambda Commerce Club. Williams, Sylvester C. 621 Cecil Street Durham, N C Phi Beta Lambda Commerce Club Williams, Yolanda PO Box 431 Chadbourn, N.C. Band 1.2,3,4. Wilkins, lanet L. Route 3, Box 188 Enfield, NC- 27823 Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Band, Pan Hellenic Council. Wilkins, Thomas Route 1, Box 428 Louisburn, North Carolina 27349 Phi Beta Lambda Club, Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity, Men ' s Assembly Steering Com- mittee 3,4. Willis, LaVerne Rose J7 9-J0 777P ace St A bans, N V, 77434 Wilson, Bobby McClain Route 1 , Box 209-C Warrenton, NC. Geography Club, Gamma Theta Upsilon Honor Society. Wood, Dannie Leon Route 1. Box 19-B Sims.NC Woods, Robert L 3721 Manchester Drive Charlotte, North Carolina 27707 Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Pan- Hellenic Council Wright, Sherman Route 2. Box 199 Autryville.NC. Alpha Pbi Omega Fraternity. Voung, Car S PO Box 351 Tuskeepee, Alabama Phi Beta Lambda Commerce Club.

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