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Text from Pages 1 - 232 of the 1967 volume:

RBBI n . . ' I ij -| • i » -■ -«ft -T- %.cMdJ ' , 1ipy Ml mam rHE EAGLE ' 67 Editor, Collins Baber Advisors, Gregory Kannerslein Henry Brooks ■M m ttiiErAAc.- ' ' J C c oreojor cf y ' ourieen hundred daos in a n e i ne nave we spent here, ■DaiJS Of sunshine, much rain and some snow. Daus mai irsi pJod ihrouah freshman orieniaiion, auicAen (nrouqn me Liopno- more and junior i ears, then race ihrouah me ' Graduate iRecorcf L- ' xams. IJaus that now seem onh a 6 Air. Daijs of dreaded finals ana mid-terms tnat now fade Se- cause there were so mani of them. Uhe unendina reports ana term papers that Aept one up until arau dawn, seen tJirouqn cigarette smoAe, appeared. Jne Aon a Aine at reaistration tAat dispfaijed a ' cAass cAosecA ' siqn at its end. jAie Aonq Aine in tAie caj-eteria onAij to he con rontea witAi t ie ' ' wonder meat ' aqain. L Sut some da lis do not pa e. C ome imaqes wiAA remain forecer. One rememoers the wati ner nair AooAed on t iat dat, " f ' f tAie watj one s roommate cried after sAie Aost Aier ' ' ' ' true Aooe " for tAie fourtA} time tAiat semester. 7t Ajo necominq dat Sequn witn a dawn dance, Aoud music, ana qroaqi participants. Z nd one rememoers tAie dai o pacAinq for tAie Aast time to qo fiome. jAie dat s, f}i tAieir sAieer numbers, wiAA aqain aae, Aeauinq an occasional imaqe of smaAA joqs ana acnievements. (Jur scope has been widened, if onAu for some, ju exposure to tAie coAAeqe community, i.le wiAA qrow, as we must, to survive, to maintain, yind tAiose we feaue heAiind wiAA qrow ancA f ' na C C a qrow- inq societu. 9 ' i TABLE OF IHE YEAR IN RETROSPECT 6 ADMINISTRATION 16 FACULTY _ 26 CLASSES 42 GRADUATE 44 SENIORS 50 JUNIORS 78 SOPHOMORES 94 FRESHMEN ORGANIZATIONS 108 126 STUDENT GOVERNMENT 128 PUBLICATIONS 132 DEPARTMENTAL CLUBS 136 HONORS 152 • GREEKS 157 RELIGIOUS 164 DORMITORY COUNCILS 166 , k CONTENTS FEATURES 168 ROYALTY 170 VISITORS 176 HOMECOMING 180 PERSONNEL 184 SPORTS 192 ADVERTISEMENTS • INDEX 204 a mmBmammm m NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE Extending its boundaries to the outermost corners . . . A GROWING SOCIETY Yet, reflecting a deep inner concern . . . I Ml in a search for outlets . . . i rr- [h • c ' m i . " . J " S e?? i ADMINISTRATION BOARD OF TRUSTEES CLOCKWISE: Dr. William H. Brown, Mrs. R. S. Ferguson, Atty. M. Hugh Thompson, Dr. J. M. Hubbard, Sr., Vice Chairman; Dr. J. R. Larkins, Secretary; Dr. Bascom Baynes, Chairman; Mr. William Jones, Atty. Clyde A. Shreve, Mr. BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Appointed by the State ' s chief executive, the Board of Trustees is the govern- ing body of North CaroUna College. They meet monthly and consider the constantly changing and progressing entity that is N.C.C. Chaired by Bascom Baynes who has held that post for more than 10 years, the Board ' s biggest job this year was that of finding N.C.C. ' s fourth president. The state legislature granted its request for funds to build a new chemistry and student union buildings, and made provisions for extending the college ' s acreage to provide room for the college ' s full growth potential. Clarence C. Watkins, Judge Marshall Spears, Sr., Dr. Helen G. Edmonds. ABSENT WHEN PICTURE TAKEN: Mrs. Eloise C. Beech, Mr, Robert Brown, Mr. J. Welch Harriss. VICE PRESIDENT OF FINANCIAL AFFAIRS Mr. William Jones :?ji!£s»@:ji;:6cii;;iaii i!m)»!J! )) INTERIM COMMITTEE LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. William Brown, Mr. William Jones. Chairman; Dr. Helen Edmonds. VICE-PRESIDENT: Considered by many to be the best of the state ' s Business managers, William Jones was appointed to the newly created post of Vice- President of Financial Affairs this year. The appoint- ment came just one year after he assumed the chairmanship of the Interim Committee. INTERIM COMMITTEE. With more than half a century of collective experience with North Carolina College, the Interim Committee did an admirable job of administrating during the absence of a president. The lights burned late as this triumvirate carried on their dual roles of Interim Committee members, Mr. Jones as Business Manager, Dr. Edmonds as Dean of the Graduate School, and Dr. Brown as Professor of Education. The most surprising thing is that even with all these duties, they all still had time to talk with and advise students. DEANS DEAN OF THE UNDERGRADUATE SCHOOL Stewart B. Fulbright DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF LIBRARY SCIENCE SCHOOL Evelyn B. Pope DEANS DEAN OF MEN Robert L. McAdams DEAN OF WOMEN Louise M. Latham ASSISTANT DEAN OF MEN Fred A. Burke DEAN OF STUDENTS John L. Stewart ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS FINANCIAL AIDS OFFICER Robert Blackwell DIRECTOR OF THE SUMMER SCHOOL Cecil L. Patterson DIRECTOR OF THE STUDENT UNION Thurman Prescott ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS LIBKARIAN Pennie Perry ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS DIRECTOR OF THE NEWS BUREAU Harold Alexander DIRECTOR OF THE PLACEMENT BUREAU William P. Malone DIRECTOR OF FOOD SERVICE Robert P. Smith Ih STUDENT PERSONNEL M I s L , v bx C SSi l Ji DIRECTOR OF HEALTH SERVICE Robert P. Randolph M.D. COLLEGE MINISTER J. Neal Hughley COUNSELOR James H. Knight COUNSELOR Alma F. Big-gers an FACULTY as FACULTY InstlucLji. Physical Edu Assistant Professor Milagros Carballo, a native of Ha Cuba, lectures her Spanish class. FACULTY Always accessible to his students, Mr, Brooks still finds time to be co-advisor to the ' 67 " Eagle " . Sophia Brown FACULTY jsrs Off the Field! Coach Stevens takes " time out " to prepa re his busy schedule for the upcoming season for the mighty Eagles! 4 .... .immB::.-ifi mKi :Jr.iiasi .m FACULTY Mrs, Marsh watches as her students perform one of the basic skills of the business world. Florence Evans FACULTY " We can no lonper make peace with mediocrity, we must now aspire to excellence. " Urging NCC ' s growing society on are instructors like Dr. Shipman, Chairman of the Education Department. «» FACULTY Instiuctoi. Phys- Ed One major interest of the colleg:e ' s administration is to train students in the world of music. Here, Charles Bowling in- structs some students in the basic musical instruments. Gregory Kannerstein Instructor. Entrlish FACULTY Instructor. Romance Lan Instructor. Biology iB mk Asst. Professor, Mathema One of the coordinators of the Leadership Conference in Capahosic. Virfrinia, was Mrs. O. Mervene Couch. Many students pot to know her better on their second trip thioufrh Social Science HO! FACULTY No student discussion of faculty is ever complete without the mentioning of Mr. Caulbert Jones. He is one of the campus ' most valuable non-conformists. ih iSm Ernest Mam Marianne Ma I ' i,,IV .s.M. Kill. FACULTY Gwendol n Newkirk Professoi Home Ec f M- " -f ' JH . f , Y Freshmen fear her, biolopy majors love her as Dr. Townes writes her way around the room. Alexander Okrsh FACULTY Tennis shoes, hobby sotks, sunglasses! Looking: more like a student than an instructor is Mrs Allison, a member of the Phys. Ed. faculty. t i FACULTY There, of course, must always be d beginning. Mrs. Miller, Chairman of the Nui-sin Department, is the first Negro appointed to the North Carolina State Board of Nursing. A-ist. [■infcs»..i. ! ' hy». Eel .y M:. J FACULTY Florence Rohn InstniflMi. En Aneleaurelia Soldi Konald Spainhuur .Hurt, II, Diamalic Ar Helping- his students In James Blue. Human Anatomy is physical education instructor, Mr FACULTY Chaiiman. Che Dr. Boulware, perhaps, exemplifies more than any other mem- ber of the faculty the ideal teacher-student relationship. His human and practical approach to the teaching of mathematics provides access beyond x -|- y = z. FACULTY t h " The Makings of an Artist " — Students Warren Froneberger and Winston Kennedy look on as Dept. Chairman Mr. R. F. Kennedy points out the finer lines of sculpture. CLASSES GRADUATE STUDENTS S TUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION: First Row: Inez Suitt Jones, Marvin Rux, Vice-Pres.; Augustus Davis, Pres.; Jay F. Hanley, Elvis Lewis. Second Row: Charles Barbour, Mar- shall McCallum, Henry Gamble, Jr., George Harris. Adornato. Joseph C. Law — Senior Barber, Charles L. Law — Freshman arnes, James E. History Baskerville, Eugene N. Biology Benton, Robert B. Blackwell. Doris B. Law — Freshman Library Science Bolden, James A. History Bowles. Robert W. Physical Education r GRADUATE STUDENTS Broome, Constance A. English Brown, Joseph S. History lirown, Woodrow V. Law — Junior C ' haiis. Harbara M. Library Science Coleman, Albert H. Biology Davis, Lenwood G. History ' •: i Dudley, Michael H. Law — Freshman Albert Leon Stanback, William Holliday. Ronald Pitts, Charles Houston James Mc- Neill, William Randall, Clifton Johnston, Robert L. Ray, James W. Smith, and Joseph Arrington. Duncan, James T. Law — Junior Evans, Ronald History Farmer. Hilda H. Library Science GRADUATE STUDENTS Felton, Archie C. Law — Freshman Gamble, Henry 0. Law — Freshman 5 . : -s Hanley, Jay F. Law — Senior Griffin, Charles W. Law — Senior Harris, Thoma Sociology Barbara Chavis and Doris Blackwell, Library Science students, catch up on some of the latest techniques. Hinton, Leslie E. Biology Holliday, William Law — Freshman Houston, Charles E. Law — Junior Hunter, Rachel M. Home Economics Jackson, James T. Physical Education Jeffreys, Harold L. Music GRADUATE STUDENTS Johnson. Clifton E. Law — Senior Jones, Inez S. Law— Freshman James Bolden, a member of Pi Gamma Mu History Honorary Society, relaxes between classes. King, Patricia E. Law — Freshman Land. Willie H. Commerce Lloyd. Clarence E. Biology McCallum. Marshall Law — Senior McCloud. Ernestine T. Library Science McLean. Lee M. Law — Junior McLeod, Lindell V. Library Science McNeill, James E. Law — Freshman Manning, Glenda F. French Manning, Herman C. Law — Freshman GRADUATE STUDENTS Marshall Wanda J. Matthewson, Glennie M . French Law — Freshman Pitts, Ronald J. Law — Junior Pointer, James E. History Midgette, Dwight P. Physical Education ' j l! m Polhill, Freddie Law — Freshman Ray, Robert L. Law — Junior Pippen, Patricia Y. Physical Education Randall. William C. Law — Freshman w ■ " 4 Reddish, Nora H. Home Economics Cecil McKeithan. a member of Phi Alpha Theta History Honorary Society, looks over the campus that he has attended for five years. Robertson, Paul J. French Rux. Marvin M. Law — Junior GRADUATE STUDENTS Smith, James W. Law — Freshman Stanback, Albert L, Law — Junior Federal i ' x|Kits, attorneys O ' Brien ami Wendt are shown discussing with faculty, students, and visitinj; Imal attorneys several points relative to copyright, trademark, and patent laws. Centrally located is Law School Dean Daniel Sampson. Thomas. Douglas Law — Freshman o Ward, William Physical Education West, Louise C. Law — Junior Williams, Clyde Biology Williams, David D. Law — Freshman Woods, Edward L. Biology ft .-. ' ' ' ►tL ' " " - ' SW . ' w SENIORS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Isaiah Tidwell Charlotte, North Carolina VICE PRESIDENT, left, John Banks, New Blmh, North Carolina SECRF;TARY, Brenda Siler, Siler City, North Carolina TREASURER, John Perry, Youngsville, North Carolina SENIORS Adams, Preston, Jr. Accounting-Econom Arrington, Anne W. English-French Addison, Kenneth N. Sociology-Psychology Alston, Rose M. Health Ed.-Lib. Science Wayne Petteway, Durham, examines a rock collection in Geography Department. k k .M ftk Alston, William T. Sociology-Recreation Atkinson, Clarence E. Health Ed.-Recreation Baldwin, Catherine Sociology-Psychology Baldwin, Janice L. Mathematics-German Banks, Franklin Jr. German-Education Banks, John H. Pol. Science-American His. SENIORS Banks, Willie M. business Ed. — Education Barnes, Annette C. Health Ed.— Lib. Scie Batts, Marie L. Beaks, James D. Physical Ed.— Education Geography— Physical Ed. Beathea, Elizabeth D. Business Ed. — Education These four girls added " oomph " to the Homecoming Parade for the Women ' s Athletic Association. Bigby, Gilbert A. Mathematics — Chemistry Blue, Donald K. Biology — Chemistry Blunt, Frankie R. Sociology — History Boney, Lonnie M. Business Ed. — Education SENIORS Boone, Deloris E. Mathematics — Physics Brinkley, Mollye J. Mathematics — Education Bryant, Gloria J. Sociology— Health Ed. Boone, James C. Biology — Chemistry Brown, Beverly D. Psycholopry — Health Boone, Resinald D. Health Ed.— BioloKy Brawley, Carolyn B. Home Ec. — Education Brown, Janet Broome, Stuart A. Accounting — Mathematics Health Ed. — Biology Burnette, Benton A. Burnette, Doris M. It ' s hard to look through a microscope with both eyes open Sociology — Psychology Business Admin. — Economics Isn ' t it, George . SENIORS Burt. Sandra K. English — Lib. Scienc Burton, Joan E. Political Sci.— History Butler. Theodore B. Ac-counting- — Economics Carlton, Rose M. Health Ed.— Lib. Science . Carr. Barbara F. Enulish— Lib. Scien Byrd, Walter R. Sociology — Psychology Carpenter. Brenda L. English — Lib. Science Carr, Bobbie D. Home Ec. — Education Dirt can ' t hide fr she knows. nti-tisificd Tide!! Eh. ask ' ■Phine " Vt Carroll. Harry A. Chemistry — Mathema Chadwick, Frederick R. Business Admin. — Economic SENIORS Cherry, Norma J. Spanish— Lib. Scienc Hk Clark. James B. Bus. Admin. — Pol. Science Clegpr, Edna E. French — English th Cooke, David B. iiolotjy — Chemistry Coleman, Samuel L. Physical Ed.— Health Ed. ft Cordell, Shirley J. English— Frt-n.h HiM,-i;:,-l,H, I ' .aski ' thall, niayhe CorpeninK, Laura E. Ed. — Education Coston, Je.ssie Chemistry — Mathematics Cox, Doris J. Creed. Ceorue B. Home Ec— Chemistry Biology— Chem. Gen. Sci. SENIORS Learning by Osmosis .... and they said it couldn ' t be done! Dafford, Jessie Home Ec. — Education A • Dawkins, Dianne M. Business Ed. — Education Dixon. Paulette J. Health Ed. — Sociolojjy I)obt on. Celestine Secretarial Sci. — Lib. Sci. Dochery, William. Jr. French — Education .ii t Droughon. Judith A. History — Soc. Science Dudley. Elsie M. Psychology — Sociology Dudley, Eugene L. Geography — Sociology Dudley, Michael Business — Economics SENIORS DuKKin, Andre V. Health Ed. Biolop:y p m Duggrer, Judy M. Sociolop:y — Lib. Science Duncan, Rosalind L. French — Education Dunston. Marjorie Business Ed. — Education M Elliott, Thomas History — Education Ellis. Joyce F. English — Education Faison, Douglass Physical Ed. — Recreation Farrell, Walter C. Geography — Education k. Duncan, Daisy E. Psychology — Biology Edge, Carolyn D. English— Lib. Sci. Epps, Newman L. Business Admin. — Economics Duncan. Geraldine Business Ed. — Education Elliott, Lois A. English — Lib. Sci. Evans. Gloria A. Psychology — Sociology Farrar, Walter W. Faulkner, Royse D. Psychology — Sociology Health Ed. — Physical Ed. SENIORS k A A Felton, Mary J. Physical Ed.— Recreation dtw Foust, Linwood O. Geography — Soc. Sci. Fennell, Shirley A. Health Ed.— Lib. Science Froneberger. Diane L. Health Ed.— Lib. Science Finch, Quentine D. Business Ed. — Education Fuller. Russell D. French — Political Science Forte. Phyllis J. Health Ed.— Lib. Science i Galbreath. Elizabeth A. Mathematics — Gen. Science Gant. Patricia A. Business Ed. — Educatic Garrett. Celia E. — Latin .lames McAuIey balancing solutions for biolopy experiment. Gatling, Raymond E. Health Ed.— Recreation SENIORS Goldston, Rufus L. Political Sci.— Bus. Admin ' ::i, ff; jjdi Graham, Aaron R. Biology — Gen. Science (iraves, Lettie L. Eng:lish— Education Grady, Clara Y. Biology— Chemistry Green, Andrew N. Business Admin.— Math. i A Grier, Dorothy A. English— Education SENIORS Grier, Francina W. Historv Lih. Scienci W Hardy, Julia A. Spanish— Engrlish % Harris, Mozel W. Physical Ed. — Recreatio Hamilton, Murray Mathematics — Chemistry Harmon. Betty M. French — Lib. Science Harrison, Pattie S. Psychology — Sociology Hamm, Beatrice Secretarial Sci.— Lib. Sci. Harris, Clement E. History — Geography Hatley, Lonnie fi. Political Sci.— Geography Hampton, Carolyn business Ed. — Education Harris, Frances L. Music — Education Hawkins. Jacqueline B. Sociology — Lib. Science Hawkins. Jerry business — Economics Hayes. Floyd W. French — Pol. Science Hayes, Merrill I. Psychology — Sociology Haynes, Karen O. Sociology — Psychology SENIORS Heath, Greory E. Health Ed.— Education Henry, Patricia L. Psychology — Sociology Hexstall, Larry E. Health Ed. — Psychology Hill, Betty I.. Home Ec. — Education Applicants for Peace Corp Holman, Camilla J. English — Education Holt, Ella M . Sociology— Health Ed. Holt, Vernice A. Health Ed.— English Billiard, Wilma J. English — Education Horner, Cartine Secretarial Sci. — Lib. Sci. SENIORS First, you wrap your right thumb around Jackson, James, Jr. Accounting — Economics Jeffers, Rita L. Secretarial Sci. — Lib. Sci. Horton, William K. 3usiness Adm. — Economies Hunter, Albertine English — Psychology Ingram, Barbara J. Health Ed.— English Jessup, F nestine J. Business Ed. — Education Isler, Dorothy J. Dlogy — General Science Jones, Anna K. business Ed. — Education Jones, Carolyn Y. Jones, Viola E. Bu.siness Ed. — Education Psychology — Lib. Ed. Ed. Jones, Virgie C. Spanish Ed. — Education Johnson, Barbara French— English SENIORS Johnson, Thomas Geography — Education King, Leonard French— English Lawrence. Annie Leggett, Warren D. Accounting — Economics A dash of this — and a pinch of that Laws, Samuel L. Biology — Chemistry Lemon, Alice O. Lewis, Earl K. Home Economics — Education Political Sci. — Bus. Adn Lewis, Edith h;nglish — French Lewis, Mae J. Spanish — English SENIORS di 4 Locke, Barbara A. French — Library Science McAuley, James Biology — Chemistry McDonald. Gladys E. Business Ed. — Educatio Long. Hattie M. siness Ed.— Education McCall, Celestine V. Business Ed. — Education McKay. Andrew Sociology — History Lucas. Evelyn Business Ed. — Educatio M ( linton, Paul L. Histoiy —Social Science McLean. Gueen E. Sociology — English McAllister. Doris G. Secretarial Sci. — Lib. Sci. McCoy. Maggie D, Food. Nutrition — Chemistry McNeil, Alvin Geography — Biology McNeil, Charles L. Sociology — Geography McNeil. Mary J. Business Ed. — Educatio McNeil. Noel C. 3u.siness Ed. — Education McWilliams, Jannette L. Business Ed. — Education SENIORS Malloy, Alice F. Physical Ed. — Education Marshall, Natalie E. Mathematics — Physics Mizelle, Johnny E. History— Pol. Sci. Mercer, Navadia Business Ed. — Education Middleton, Evelyn J. English — Education Miller, Princess J. Home Economics £ Miller, Thelma J. Sociology — Health Mills, Victoria A. Sociology — Psychology SENIORS Samuel Thomas is shown addressing the college community during Homecoming festivities. Murphy, Ann M. English — Education Murphy, Carol D. Business — Education Neal, Danny P. Geography Biology General Science Neely, Ellen D. Psychology — Sociology Neverson, Eunice O. Psychology Library Science Newberne, Teamous L. Political Science — Economics Nicholas, Marshall Nickerson, Ronald M. Nobles, Helena Oliver I ' olon L. History — Biology Psychology — Sociology English Geography Physical Education SENIORS Page, Sandra J. History — English Perry, Raymond C. Political Science Social Science Pearce, Linda A. English — Spanish Not Pictured Payne, Josephine S. English — Education Petteway, Zoanne M. Health Education Physical Education Payton, Pearlie English — Education Phillips, Bernell, G. Health Education — Biology Perry, Josephine Spanish — Education Picott, Theodore Geography — Biology Polk Trinita Business Education — Ed. Porter, Barbara Spanish — Education " The Probation List and none of us made it! SENIORS Price, Lois D. Music — Education Purcell, John Health Education Sociology Ramsey, Evelyn J. Business Education f Randolph. Margie D. English — Library Sciem -ife I know I left a pack of nabs in here somewhere! Robertson, Mary L. English — French Regis, Pamela F. Reid, George W. Revell, Helen G. Rhoades, Samuel T. Spanish — Education History — Social Science BuS|iness Education Psychology Education Biology Education Ricketts, Jacquelyn M. English — Library Science Robinson, Maxine C. Business Education Education SENIORS Robinson, Prisoilla M. English — Library Science Roper, Gerald J. Geop:raphy — History Royster, Shirley M. French — Library Science Rowe, Lizzie M. Business Education Education Schenck, Marion L. Biology — Chemistry Scott, Bernard H. Accounting — Economics SENIORS Scott. Lynn T. Business Admin. — Economics Shaw. Ronald B. Biolog ' y — Chemistry Ik. ' k Shipman. Janie T. Spanish — Education Mr. Jones crowns Queen McLean. i A Shropshire, Billy D. Biolop:y — Geography Siler, Joyce B. Business Ed. — Educati Simmons, Jerry L. Biolopry — Chemistry Simpson. Roy L. History — Soc. Science Sims. Janet L. Sociology — Lib. Science SENIORS Slade, Dennis T. Biology — General Science Slade, Mazy D. Home Ec. — Education Smith, Barbara History — Social Science Smith, Carlotta L. Biology — Chemistry Smith, James W. Chemistry — Mathematics --, 1 Smith, Otis Chemistry — Mathematics Snipes, Gloria J. Spanish — French Spann, Larry B. Sociology — Psychology Speight, Lucius F. Business Admin. — Economic Spicely, Thomas L. Accounting — Economic Spruill, Merrion D. Chemistry — General Science Spruill, Robert D. Biology — Chemistry Priscilla always smiles — even when she has to work " late leave " on Saturday nights! SENIORS I Stafford. Rayann English — Library Scie A Sumner, Illawennette Business Education Taylor. John J. History — Education Thigpen, Franklin A. Accounting — Economics W Thomas, Samuel History — Pol. Science Thompson, Cora L. Home Economics Education Thompson, Rojulene English — French Thorne, Percy History — Geography SENIORS Turner , Joyce M. Physical Education Recreation Let ' s see now, boy in Chicago wants to meet girl in North Carolina, Dimensions: 38 . . . Turner, Shannon History — Political Science Turrentine, Haywood L. History — Geography Tyson, Ella E. French — Psychology Tyson, Johnny Biology — General Science ,»- ▼ W 4 . Vance, Edna L. Vance, Lovina Vaughn, Addie J. Wade, Barbara A. usiness Education Business Education English — Library Science Business Education Education Education Education SENIORS Wallace, Kathryn L. Chemistry — Mathematics Washington, Betsy A. Sociology — Library Science Watson, Shirley Psychology Political Science Wicker, Norris C. Social Science — Education H " Williams, Evelena L. Business Education Williams, Gail P. Sociology — Library Science K ' «g Williams, Georgia M. Business Education Education Williams, Gwendolyn T. Sociology — History Williams, Phyllis A. Sociology — Library Science First, he borrows my radio; now he steals my girl Wilson, Joyce V. Physical Education Education SENIORS Winston, Brenda S. English — Education Witherspoon, Charline Physical Ed. — Education H» ' l? ' i„?rfT ' ' ' " PresidenL camu.l, center, and Vice President Flovd Hayes, left, listen as Dr. Brown tallis about college policy. Womble. Waymon L. Woods, Velma A. Spanish — Geography Biology — General Science Young, Nettie V. Math — Physics 1 « Hall, Barbara History — Library Science Wray, Sandra Mathematics — Physics Wright, Alfred C. History — Sociology Maynor, Barbara English — Sociology Thomas, Bernadine Sociology — Psychology ' ' Ei • ., • • -• ' - m JUNIORS m mmmsmBmm JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Otto Kent Williamston, North Carolina VICE PRESIDENT Thurston Vick Kinston, North Carolina SECRETARY Annetti- Anderson Oxford, North Carolina I ' lii: sriti:i{ BL ' tty Wilsun Burlington, North Carolina JUNIORS Adams, Paula Alexander, Barry Allen, Janice Alston, Barbaroustine Alston, Mamie Anderson, Annette Armstrong, Audrey Arp, Betty Asbury, William Augustus, Carolyn Avent, Lillian Ballard, Herbert Baker, Nathaniel Barnes, Mavis Barnes, Nathaniel Baron, Walter Bass, Doris Beard, Paulette Batts, Gwendolyn Bell, Alonzo Bell, Lois Bentley, Emma Bell, Gwendolyn Bibby, Ernest Bingham, Glenda Blount, Mary Bobbitt, Mildred Boone, Sherle Boone, Steve Boyd. Doretha JUNIORS Brame, Elvynie Brame, Walter Brewer, Barry Bridgers, Grova Bristow,. Barbara Britt, Ilene Britt, Miriam Broadway, Lucille Bronson, Helen Brown, Earl Brown, Gwendolyn Brown, Johnnye Brown, Judge Brown, Julye Bullock, Judith Bullock, Rozita Bumette, Doris Burris, Sondria Byers, Judy Byrd, Frank Byrd, Judy Caldwell, Nancy Calhoun, Barbara Cameron, Betty Campbell, Larry Carr. Mary Carr, Geraldine Carter, Hattie Carter, La Vern Chaplin, Brenda JUNIORS Chapman, William Chavious, Catherine Chavis, Robert Cherry, Ethel Cherry, Lorraine Clark, Leonard Clark, Mary Cofield, Marian Coleman, Marocco Compton, Linda Conyers, Hilda Copeland, Charles Copeland, Larry Crowder, Gloria Curry, Alonzo Davis, Lee Davis, Lois Dawkins, Rosamuel Daye, Mary DeVane, Paulette Dinkins, Freidia Dove, Dorothy Drake, Annie Durant, Earl Durham, Bermadine Durham, Mary Eaves, James Edwards, Calvin Eggleston, James Ellison, Lilla JUNIORS ! Ennett, Ronald Enoch, James Evans, Alma Exum, Levell Fail-ley, Julia Farmer, Percell Fennell, Walter Fenner, Valeria Fisher, Christopher Forman, Barbara Forney, Marsha Foust, Vardrine Franklin, Gail Frazier, Doris Freeman, Anthony I I Froneberger, Warren Gaddy, Cornelia Galloway, Latrisha Gardner, Jean Gibbs, Lawrence Gibson, Jeanette Gilchrist, Grafton Gills, Douglas Gilmore, Anthony Gilmore, Gwendolyn Glenn, Claudine Glenn, Teresa Gore, Jennifer Griffin, Mae F. Griggs, Valjean ( JUNIORS Grimes, Ella Haith, Hunter Hales, David Hardy, Carolyn Hardy, Elaine Harper, Barbara Harrington, Phillip Harris, Kather Haugabrook, John Hawkins, Laverne Hendrick, Carrie Herbin, Betty Herring, Linda Hester, Mott Hinton, Yvonne Hodges, Reginald Holeman, Valor Holmes, Catherine Hopkins, James Horton, Johnny Horton, IVIargaret Howard, Barbara Howard, Charles Howard, Dorothy Howard, Elnora Howard, James Huges, Joanne Humphrey, Larry Hunt, Rosemary Hunter, Carol JUNIORS i Hush, Joey Jackson, LaVerne Jackson, Leroy Jackson, Lula James, Geraldine Jeffers, Jean Jefferson, Margaret Jervay, Thomas Jett, Ei-nestine Johnson, Charles Johnson, Hugh Johnson, Marvin Johnson, Melvin Jones, Alice Jones, Alice F. Jones, Cecelia Jones, Joyce Jones, Otis Jones, Peggy Jordan, Henry I Keck, Norma Kelly, Leo Kent, Willie Killens, Roy King, Brenda King, Mary Kinsey, Doris Kithcart, Phillip Klutz, Patricia Knight, Edward I JUNIORS 0| r 5 i£A A . - WA Knox. Katrina Knuckles, Helen Lawson, Cheryl Leary, Oliver Lee, Allen Lee, Dixie Lennon, Paris Lewis, Synice Lilly, Mae Lipscomb, Barbara Long, Mary Lowe, Franklin Lowery, Carrie Lynch, Luther Malone, Sylvia Manley, Lena Marable, Betty Marable, Barbara Marion, Geraldine Marlow, Betty Martin, Twana Matthewson, Fern Mattocks, Constanc Mattocks, Georgia Maxwell, Billy Maynor, Geraldine McAdams, James McClain, Delia McGorkle, Rita McGraw, Isaac JUNIORS Mclver, Geraldine McKiver, Mildred McKoy, Carolyn McLaughlin, Gloria McLean, Walter McMillian, Elnora Midg:ette, Alvin Mitchell, Berta Mitchell, Eddie Montgomery, Annii Moore, John Moore, Jocelyn Morgan, Patrica Montrey, William Moye, Scarlet Mullins, Beverly Myers, Naomi Neal, Carolyn Neal, William Nelson, Donetta Nicholas, Cora Page, Daphine Pankey, James Parker, Barbara Parker, Lois Parrish, Thomas Parrish, Vivian Peacock, Rose Peele, Demetrice Peppers, Shirley JUNIORS Perry, Bessie Perry, Geneive Phillips, Vernetta Pierce, Marvin Pigford, Linda Poteat, Tempie Pratt, Marvette Pullen, Eleanor Purvis, Susie Raynor, Joyce Reid, George Rice, Gail Richardson, Betty Richardson, Frankie Richardson, Thomas Riley, Margie Roberts, Charlotte Reddick, Albert Roberts, Gwendolyn Robinson, Betty Robinson, Dorothy Robinson, Peggie Rogers, Fontina Rogers, Marion Roseboro, Doris Royster, Gloria Rush, Rhonda Russel, Maxine Sadler, Edward JUNIORS Mt Sanders, Winfred Scott, Charles Sharpe, Rosa Sharpe, Shen-y Shaw, Dorothy Sherrod, Loretta Sherrod, Sherry Simmons, Clara Slade, Evelyn Small, Clara Smith, Dorothy Smith, Joyce Smith, Michael Snow, Linda Spaulding, Valerie Spicer, Carmelita Stacy, Gladys Stanley, Covia Stanton, William Stevens, Robert Stewart, Benjamin Stewart, Billy Stokes, Denyce Strayhorn, Gwendolyn Suitt, Reginald Summers, Helena Sutton, Faye Swann, Arthur TagEart, Brenda Taylor, Alva JUNIORS Taylor, Anthony Taylor, Frances Taylor, Hazel Taylor, John Taylor, Percy Taylor, Thelma Teel, Yvonne Thigpen, Cressie Thompson, Iris Thorpe, Fern Todd, Mary Towe, Joseph Townsend, Joyce Turner, Frank Vick, Lumus Virgil, Cheryl Walker, Janice Walker, Joseph Walker, Nathaniel Wallace, Clara S Wallace, Sandra Walden, Jo Ella Watson, Irene White, James White, Joan White, Priscilla Wiggins, Christopher Williams, Annie Williams, Brenda Williams, Burnette JUNIORS ROW 1 Wilson, Annie Wilson, Betty Wilson, Corliss Wilson, Dorothy Wilson, Gwendolyn ROW 2 Williams, Christine Williams, Delores Williams, Frances Williams, Franklin Williams, Shirley t ROW 3 Williamson, Odell Wright, Barbara Wright, Stanley Wright. Wilhelmina J I SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS m PRESIDENT Charles Miller New Bern, North Carolina SECRETARY Delores Benton Winston-Salem, North Carolina TREASURER Harvey Davidson Charlotte, North Carolina SOPHOMORES Abrams, William Adams, Sherlane Alexander. Patricia Allen, Barbara Allen, Janette Alston. Eugenia Alston. Marilyn Anderson, Albert Anderson. Angela Anderson, Selena Andrews, Henry Armstrong, Brenda Armstrong, Earlene Armstrong, Lenora Askew, Virginia Atkinson. Lena Austin, Barbara Avery, Barbara Avery. Bertha Avery, Roberta Bailey, Melvin Baity, William Baker, Julius Baldwin, Brenda Banks, Costelle Banks, Martha Barber, Louvenia Barbour, Coleman Barneau, Leigh Barnes, Leubert Barnes, Willie Barnett, Albert Barrett, Barbara Beatty, Harold Beckett, Deborah Beckford, Beatty Beckwith, Bessie Bennett, Elanders Bentley, Mary Benton, Delores Biggs, Hazel Blair. Janice Blake, Linda Bobbitt, Clyde Boone, Angela Boone, Bette Bowden, Marcel Bowe, Curtis SOPHOMORES Boyd, Lana Boyd, Shirley Boykin, Mary Bradley, Cynthia Bradley, Deloris Branch, Patricia Brandon, Ferdonia Brannon, Patricia Brewington, Carolyn Bright, Juanita Brooks, Williams Brown, Bette Brown, Brenda Brown, Christal Brown, Douglas Brown, Jacqueline Brown, Mertis Brown, Norma Brown, Victoria Brown, Yvonne Bryant, Lester Bryant, Moses Bryant, Patricia Bullock, Hattie Bullock, John Bullock, Mary Bumphus, Treby Burgin, Bruce Burnett, Louise Burnett, Shelia Butler, Arnold Butler, Mary Butterfield, George Bynuni, Francine Bynum, John Byrd, Iva Cambell, Janice Cambell, Carolyn Cannon, Kay Carlton, Emily Carney, Annie Carson, Phyllis Carr, Luther Carter, Lucille Carver, Carolyn Cary, Landon Chassen, Irene Cheeks, Mary SOPHOMORES Childers, Norma Clark, Annie Clayton, Joan Clifton, Hazelene Cloud, Bi-enda Cobbs, Aggetha Covington, Annie Covington, Lillie Coy, Wilfreda Crisp, Percy Cross, Clarence Crumpton, William Cruz, Adriena Cureton, Ronnie Curtis, Catana Daniel, Allan Dansay, Zenobia Davidson, Claudia Davidson, Harvey Davis, Alonza Davis, Brenda Davis, Clyde Davis, Edna Davis, Kenneth Davis, Mariah Davis. Sarah Deberry, Cynth Denning, George Deward, Cynthia Dickens, Carolyn msmmmm SOPHOMORES . . 1 dMStm i««Bi Dingle, Bessie Do get, Patricia Dorham, John Douglas, Ronald Drake, Merriom Drew, Sarah Duke, Wyonella Ellis, Bobby Ellis, Jo Ann Ellis, Susan Enoch, Carl Enoch, Lynda Enoch, Judith Evans, Gloria Fain, Carolyn Faison, Mary Fearington, Clementine Ferguson, Rosetta Ferrine, Robert Fitzgerald, Thomas Fitzpatrick, John Fisher, Geneva Fleming, Dorothy Flowers, Jimmy Forbes, Marilyn Ford, Gwendolyn Foreman, Marie Foster, Betty Fousher, Deborah Foy, William Francis, Jacqueline Franklin. David Franks, Dorothy Freeman, Rosetta Freeman. Shirley Fuller, Charles Fuller, Juanita Fullwood, Lafayettei Funderburk, Jether Gamble, Catherine Garrett, James Gatheright, Ollie George, Evelyn Gibson, Gladys Gilliard, Hilda Good, Emma J. Goodrich, Cynthia Graham. Flossie SOPHOMORES Graham, Hazel Grandison, Adiienne Grant, Etta Grant, Mable Greer, James Gregory, Lorene Grier, Bobby Grier, Dianne Griffin, Fannie Gullate, Louise Gunn, Linda Gunn, Vivian D. Gunter, Mary Hall, Annie Hall, David Hall, Eva Hall, Maxine Hairston, Frances Hanime, Carolyn Hand, Ida Harding, Vivian Hargett, James J. Harper, Altia Harrell, Linda Harris, Mollie S. Harris, Selena Harris, William Harrington, Harriet Harrison, Audrey Harriston, Jacqueline Hart, Brenda Harvey, Brenda Harvey, Robert Hayes, Joseph M. Haskett, Helen Haynes, Jaspei ' Heath, Shirley Heggins, Juliann Henderson, Sula Henley, Phyllis Hickman, Curtis Hill, Andrea Hill, Dorothy Hilliard, Mary Hines, Laura Hines, Patricia Holloway, Ora Holman, Elijah SHBHHl SOPHOMORES Holmes, Rosetta Holt, Peggy Helton, Edna Hood, Carol Hooker, Winfred Howard, Pecolie Howie, Clinton Hubbard. Joyce Hudson, Segrid Hunt, Madaline Hunter, Willie Hyman, Lucretha Ingram, Helen Ivey, Joan Jackson, Carolyn Jackson, Emma Jackson, Freda Jackson, Penelopi Jackson, Stanley James. George James, Nancy Jarmon, Gene Jeffries, Alice Jenkins, Brenda jt ' ) W w Jones, Carolyn Jones, Jean Jones, Samuel Jordon, Barbara Jordon, Burnell Jordon, Kenneth Joyce, Mildred Joyner, Lacy Kellum, Vardreane Kendall, Yvonne Keyes, Nelson Kilgore. Bernita SOPHOMORES Killian, Patricia Kirkley, Harding Knight, Ethel Knight, Randolph Lay, Irene Leach, Helen Leak, Bettie Leak, Norma Leatherberry, Earl Lee, Ralph Lennon, Annette Lewis, Charles Lewis. Ronald Lindsay, Janie Litaker, Millicent Little, Juarez Lloyd, Shirleen Locke, Dorothy Long, Naomi Lovell, Myrl Lucas, Althea Lucas, Tressie McCoUum, Larry McClaud, Juanita McCollough, Katice McCoUum, Ida McClure, William McDouglad, Grace McDowell, Harriet McEachern, Maceo McKeithan, Jimmy McKesson, Bessie McKinzy, Gladys McKinnon, Robert McNair, Georgerette McNeil, Priscilla McNeill, Bynetta McPhaul, Dianne McQueen, Arlene Majette, Francis Malloy, Patricia Mann, Jesse Manning, Carolyn Martin, Bronetta Martin, June Maryland, Jo Ann Mason, Frank Massie, Perry SOPHOMORES ,55 5 Maxwell. Alma Mayo. Maurice Meddling, Patricia Meeks, Barbara Melvin. Donnie Miller. Carolyn Miller. Charles Mills, Carolyn Minor. Mable Mitchell, Carolyn Mitchell, Ingrid Mitchell, Jo Marcelle Mitchell, Patricia Monk, Lillian Monroe, Velma Montg:omery, Leslie Moore, Agrippi Moore, Linda A. Moore, Linda M. Morgan, Ida Morrison, Carol Morrison, Lynda Morrow, Rosaline Mosby, Milledge Mosley, James Mumford, Joseph Murdough, Lynda Murphy, Joan Murphy, William Myatt, Wilbert Nance, Jasper Neal, Gwendolyn Neal, Herman Neely, Fannie Nesbitt, Leenola Newkirk, Gary Newkirk, Mary Newman, Thelma Newton, David Newton, Linda Nixon, Vivian Norwood, Carrie Paige, Brenda Paige, Burma Paige, Lonnie Parker, Annie Parker. Charles Parker. Ronald SOPHOMORES Parker, Janice Pai ' ker, Rossetta Patterson, Barbara Patterson, Dennie Peebles, Rosa Person, Willie Peterson, Brenda D. Peterson, Lavern Phillips, Garnetta Phillips, Nettie Pickett, Sandra Pearce, Edmond Pitt, Carney Pratt, Beverly Pressley, Fortune Price, Marilyn Pridgen, Joseph Prince, Wilma Pulley, Melba Ramseur, Geraldine Randolph, Barbara Ratliff, Carnella Ratliff, John Redden, Deborah %. Reddick, Eleanor Reid, Charles Respass, Eva Rhue, Gayle Richardson, Ruby Richmond, Oveda Richo, Clementine Roberson, Elaine Robinson, Alice Robinson, Ethel Robinson, Jackie Robinson, Patricia Rodman, Linda Rogers, Carolyn Rogers, Ella Roman, Mary Rouse, Ivra Ruffin, Josephine Rux, Karen Samuda, Ricardo Sanders, Charles Scales, Bernard Scales, Kate SOPHOMORES Scott, Beverly Scott, Robert Scruggs, Katherl Shaw, Vera Sherard, Hannah Sherard, Nettie Silver, Esther Sims, Hattie Sims, Helen Small, Clarence Small, Shelia Smith, Francell Smith, George Smith, Gwendoly Smith, James Smith, Joseph Smith, Warren Snipes, Samuel Solomon, Linda Springs, Jo Ann Spruil, Robert Standi, Clifton St. Clair, Clara Stargell, Sandra Stephens, Douglas Stephenson. Margaret Steward, Juanita Stinson, Jesse Stowe, Sandra Sutton, Rossie Sweat, Evelyn Tanner, Patricia Tapp, Jerry Taylor, Patrica Taylor, Willie Tennant, Gertrude if ' itA Terrell, Mildred Thomas, James Thomas, Tomi Thompson, Glennete Thompson. Jennifer Tillet, Joseph Timberlake, Richard Tomlinson, Carolyn Townes, Albert Tucker, Victor Turner, Linda Turner. Sandra SOPHOMORES Tuck, Barbara Uppernian, Ronald Vann. Sherry Vaughan, Phyllis Vines, Betsy Waddy, Melvin Walden, Ernestine Walker, Ashley Walker, Elaine Walker, Gloria Walker, Larry Wall, Kathryn Waters, Barbara Watford, Barbara Watkins, Euella Watson, Christine Watson, Hilda Watson, Jean Watson, Magnoria Watson, Marie Watson, Pearlie Webb, Doretha Webb, Gloria Weeks, Valeria Welch, Ellen West, Herbert Whitaker, Jane White, Gerald White, John White, Marilyn SOPHOMORES i l - A Williams, Virginia Williams, Yolanda Willis, Evelyn Willis, Laverne Willis. Linwood Wilson, Alberta Wilson, Bobby Wilson, Joyce Wimbush, Deidre Winston, Emma Womble, Brenda Woodard, Gloria Woods, Danniel Woods, Peggy Woods, Robert Wright, Sherman Wright. Lewis Wynn. Faye Yelverton, Patricia Yelverton, Janice Young, Carl Young, Pearl Cearnal, Gloria Cheeks, Carolyn Dowtin, JoAnn Dopree, Phyllis Scott, Ann Shelton, Jane Quick. John D. Majett, Cora t ' i ' .,, .c%; i$; ' ■ ! ' ■? • - % «k ' ' t:. ■P W! rf f liiT m .M 1 III FRESHMEN FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Percy Peele Williamston, North Carolina VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Kenneth Peele illiamston, North Carolina Blondell Wiggins Williamston, North Carolina Edgar Grier Belmont, North Carolina FRESHMEN FIRST ROW Alexander, Archie C. Alford, Bobbie J. Allen, Betty J. Allen, Judith G. Allen, Rosella D. Allen, Stanley L. SECOND ROW Alston, Cora B. Alston, Joan E. Alston, Larry Q. Anderson, Earlene C. Anderson, Randolph Andrews, Audrey M. THIRD ROW Andrews, Joseph C. Anthony, Hilda R. Archer, Doris M. Armistead, Eloise Arrington, Orvis Artis, Barbara J. FOURTH ROW Ashworth, Constance M. Atkinson, Carolyn L. Atkinson, Dorothy A. Autry, Helen J. Avent, Greta L. Avent, James L. FIFTH ROW Badget, Annie M. Bagley, Dewana G. Bagley, Tony F. Bailey, Evester B. Bailey, Gwendolyn T. Bain, Erastus SIXTH ROW Baker, Beverly A. Baker, Michael E. Ballance, Jimmy Banner, Kenneth W. Bannerman, Patricia A. Barber, Louis S. SEVENTH ROW Barnes, Janice C. Barnes, Mattie P. Barnes, Betty L. Baron, Dothula E. Bartley, Mildred R. Basden, Reginald EIGHTH ROW Bass, Edith W. Batten, Melvin Battle, Roy L. Battle, Ruth M. Baum, Jackie L. Baylor, Maurice N. NINTH ROW Beard, Brenda M. Beatty, Carolyn M. Beck, Theodis Bell, Queen E. Bell, Robert C. Bennett, Gwendolyn L. FRESHMEN Bennett, Thomas E. Berry, Clarence E. Best, Decorious P. Bethea, Kenneth M. Biggers, James C. Bizzell, Preston Black, Harold T. Bland, Barbara S. Bland, Beverly M Blanks, Teresa E. Blue, Daniel T. Blue, Devonne C. Bond, Jacquelyn A Boney, Hattie E. 3ooker, Lee .W. Boston, Cleta M. vden, Harriet .1. Boyce, Brenda M. Boyd, David H. Brandon, Otis P. Braswell, Mary R. Braswell, Ronnie Braxton, Jacquelin Breeden, Bezarah A " ik h, Roy E. Burke, Carol L. Burnett, Luther Z. Burnett, Will H. Burnette, Dianne Burt, Willa J. ell, Franklin D. Frederick W. Bus!;, Margaret A. Butcher, Linder A. Butler, Larry G. Byers, Leonard A. FRESHMEN Cannady, Marilyn L. Cannon, Linda F. Carney, Charlotte F. Carney, Vauline Carr, Rita A. Carroll, Wayne C. Carson, Ollis Carter, Danny R. Carter, Ernest G. Carter, Waymon M. Carver, Kenneth R. Carwell, Hosie Cassidy, James L. Cathey, Barbara J. Challenger, Jo-Anne Chance, Gwendolyn M. Chance, William B. Chapman, Alice F. Chapman, Helen C. Chapman, Mary L. Chavis, James M. Chavis, Sandra D. Cheatham, Elsie M. Cheek, Thaddeus J. Cook, Florence E. Cook, Lavonia A. Cooper, Barbara J Corry, Rita L. Cox, Sandra F. Craig, Thelma J. Cross, Yvonne Culbreth, Patricia Cunningham, LaRue P Darden, Miriam G. Davidson, Mildred D. Davis, Barry G. dm FRESHMEN Davis, Brenda G. Davis, Fred J. Davis, James V. Davis, John H. Davis, Linda L. avis. Marguerite E. Davis, Marilyn J. Davis, Patricia A. Davis, Ruth 0. Davis, Sadie L. Davis, Terry A. Davis, Valorie A. Day, Mildred DeCosta, Richard E. Dennis, Ella D. DeVane, Pamela S. Dickson, Joseph L. Diggs, Gwendolyn A. Dixon. Garnetta L. Dove, Tryphenia K. Doward, Gwendolyn Dowdy, Jean C. Dowell, Pearl M. Dragg, Joe L. Drumgold, Betty A. Dunn, Joyce S. Dunston, Lorraine Eaddy, Rachel L. Ebron, Eleanor V. Eckard, Barbara A. Edgerton, Theresa A. Edmond, Walter D. Edney, Hermine R. Edwards, Jacqueline I. Edwards, Joan C. Edwards, Kathleen Edwards, Peggy A. Edwards, Penelope J. Edwards, William H. Ellis, Sylvia H. Evans, Arthur L. Evans, Charles K. %%% mm Ezzell, James Faison, John R. Faison, Terry Faison, Treva A. Farmer, Jean M. Farrior, Lauretta Faulcon, Annie P. Feimster, Shelby J. Ferguson, Doretha Ferguson, Mary Y. Fewell, Carolyn D. Fisher, Rosetta FRESHMEN " ) Forbes, Ellenois Ford, Gilbert C. Ford, Margaret A. Forney, Carl A. Forney, Lovettia M, Forney, Ronald A. Foster, Paulette Foust, Roger E. Frink, Carrie R. Frink, James H. Fuller, Corine Fullwood, James Fulton, Ernestine L. Gaither, Carol L. Gaither, William A. Galloway, Dallas L. Gantt, Jerome F. Geddings, Hilda A. Gentry, Norman L. George, Melva L. Gibbs, Ann B. Gillespie, Elvira Glaze, Ruby J. Glenn, Josephine Glenn, Lyndia F. Gooding, Elijah Goodman, Bettie A. Goodman, Thomas J. Gowans, Ida Lee Gracy. Eugene Graham, James E. Grange, Jimmy H. Granger, Walter Grant, Katrina C. Graves, Audrey M. Graves, Janie Y. Graves, Mildred Y. Green, Archie L. Green, Charlotte L. Greenlee, Michael W. Grier, Edgar S. Gurley, Ronald C. Hadden, Sharon M. Hagans, Roslyn L. Hairston, George H. Hairston, Jerald R. Hairston, John R. Hairston, Shirley S. Hall, Nathaniel Ham, Percell Hamme, Larry E. Hampton, Earlene Hargrove, Linda G. Harold, Ronald J. FRESHMEN 11 Jl O Am ii ii ii Harper, Eidia S. Harper, Eunice R. HarrinRton, Edna T. Harrington, Margaret Harrington, Patricia A. Harris, Elazer B. Harris, Glenda L. Harris, Goldie I. Harris, Jasper L. Harris, Robert L. Harris, Willie E. Harris, Barbara J. Harshaw, Virgrie M. Harvey, Scarlet A. Hawk, Patricia A. Hawkins, Cynthia D. Hawkins, Queen E. Hayes, Carolyn E. Hayes, Floyd M. Hayes, Ivey Henderson, Bonnie Henderson, Jackie A. Hendrx, Warren H. Henry, Philip N. Herring, Diana M. Hester, Essex L. Hester, Phyllis R. Hicks, Dwigrht L. Hicks, Wendell N. Higrginbotham, Linda J. Higgs, Clinton Hill, Bettie J. Hill, Carolvn A. Hill, Robert L. Billiard, Carolyn L. Hines, Faye C. Hines, Grace D. Hines, John W. Hodnett, Cheryl E. Hoggard, Sandra Holden, Patricia A. Holding, Daniel Y. HoUoway, Bettv L. Holloweil, Daisy B. Holloway, Robert L. Holmes, Robert N. Holt, Vanessa L. Holton, Gwendolyn J. Hooks, Linda F. Hopkins, Vernell Home, James E. Howard, Benjaniir D. Howard, Charles L. Howard, Dnrsena A. FRESHMEN Howard, Linda J. Howard. Mattie L, Howard, Richard E. Howard, Saundra D. Howard, Shelia L. Howell, Gloria D. Hubbard, Barbara J. Hutcheson, Teresa G. Huff, Phyllis A. Hundley, Paulette A. IJames, Dianne Ingram, Donald R. J ik i Innis, Marion G. Jackson, Charles J. Jackson, Franklin B. Jackson, Samuel D. Jacobs, Geneva B. James, Cameron G. James, Ernest S. Jarmon, James J. James, Lynell I. James, Teresa H. Jay. Merriell A. Jenkins, Viola A. Jerkins, Mary A. Johns, Roger A. Johnson, Beverly D. Johnson, Charles W. Johnson, Cynthia Johnson, Deborah A. Johnson, Dougflas L. Johnson, Edward J. Johnson, Frank M. Johnson, Gerelene Johnson, Larry B. Johnson, Malcolm L. Johnson, Mary R. Johnson, Patricia A. Johnson, Phyllis Johnson, Reg-ena L. Johnson, Robert L. Johnson, Semora Johnson, Yvonne M. Jones, Audrey Jones, Barbara A. Jones, Ben A. Jones, Beverly Y. Jones, Bobby E. Jones, Carolyn M. Jones, Clarence L. Jones. Dallas E. Jones, Doris A. Jones, Hollis R. Jones, Isabella L. FRESHMEN Jones, Jimmy B. Jones, Joyce M. Jones, Marilyn F. Jordan, Alice C. Jordan, Deborah L. Jordan, Esquire D. Jordan, Velnia L. Joyner, Carver P. Kearns, Carolyn A. Kearse, Brenda E. Kee, Johnnie M. Kelly, Wesley I. Kerr, Linda F. Killian, Dorothy J. Kimber, Terry A. Kimble, Prince U. Kimbroup:h, B. Gregory King, Garey W. King, Sandra A. Lacy, Clytemnestra Lane, Harold T. Lassiter, Leonard L Lassiter, Victoria Lawhorr, Marie A. mm Lee, Julian A. Lee, Lealer A. Leonard, Louise Lewis, Claretha Lewis, Martha F. Lindsey, Carrie Lindsay, EUinor R. Little, Bernestine L. Llovd, Robert L. Lofton, William A. Lofran, Gerald D. Lucas, John L. Lunsford, Ruth Lutz, Helen J. Lyles, Mae K. Lyons, Alice L Lyons, Evelyn D. McAdoo, Harold A. McClain, Gloria G. McClary, Lana L. McConnell, Aljuana L. McCormick, Bennie P. McCoy, John T. McCrary, Cynthia A. FRESHMEN iii il McCray, Patricia C. McCree. Laura C. McCrimnion, Mattie L. McDaniels, Kenneth L. McDonald. Frances L. McDonald, Willie C. McDougrald, Mildred E. McDougald, Neil A. McDowell, Lewis McEuchern, Fredrick D. McFadden, Juanita G. McGriff, .loyce A. Mclnnis, Fairley W. Mclver, Barbara J. McKoy, Patricia A. McKenzie, Gloria F. McKenzie, Loscie M. McKesson, Artie M. McKoy, Willie L. McLain, Larry R. McLaughlin, Cassandra McLean, Carolyn H. McLean, James M. McLean, Patricia A. McLeod, Brenda C. McMillan, Francina McMillan, Hazelleen McMillian, Helvnn McNeil, Charles E. McNeill, Charles E. McNeil, Dorothea McNeill, Geraldine E. McNeil, Milton E. McNeil, Patricia L. McPhatter, Henry L. McKay, Brenda H. McKay, Judy M. Madison, Gary Majette, Mildred D. Malloy, John F. Manley, Jacqueline L Manning, Johnny L. Mapp, Melbourne A. Marks, Cladrie L. Marlowe, Phil E. Marshall, Jess L. Martin Ardell Martin, George K. Martin. Rhonda J. Massenburg, Ruth Mathews, Herman W. Matthews, Janice Mathews, Michelene Mathis, Carolyn FRESHMEN Matthewson, Kenneth E. Maultshy, Drucilla Maxwell, Mildred L. Mayfield, Willian T. Maynard, Joseph A. Medley, Joyce M. Merritt, Marvin L. Melton, Lloyd P. Metz, Margie E. Miah, Carol L. Middleton, Daisy M. Miller, Patricia L. Mills, Edward L. Mitchell, Dal A. Mitchell, James M. Mitchell, Zelodis M. Moore. Arthur L. Moore, Arthur M. Moore, Edward E. Moore, Geneva Moore, Gwendolyn D. Moore, LaVerne D. Moore, Lois F. Moore, Myra D, Moore, Susan L. Morris, Patricia Y. Morris, Vera M. Morrisey, Evelena Morrison. Linda D. Morrison, Virginia L. Moye, Doris L. Murray, Percey E. Myers, Carol Y. Myrick, Jacqueline Neal, Lynwood E. Neal, Mary D. Nelson, Elva A. Nelson, Gloria H. Nelson, Louisa D. Newkirk, Carmella Newton, Bert D. Newton, Margaret J. Norwood, Edward T. Norville, Essie M. Nowlin, Brazzilia Nunn, Larry W. Oden, Roger K. O ' Farrow, William E. O ' Neal, Janet Owens, Brenda E. Owens, Juanita Page, Yvonne W. Parker, Betty M. Parker, Eulis S. © FRESHMEN Patrick, William N. Payton, Hazel R. Patterson, Lewis A. Patterson, William G. Peele, Kenneth J. Peele, Percv A. Penn, Ramona J. Peterson, George E. Pettiford, George A. Pickett, McKinnev L. Pitt, Frances B. Pittman, Ethel J. Pittman, Jacqueline Phifer, Emma J. Poole, Faye J. Poole, John Jr. Powell, Lynford M. Pridgen, James C. Purnell, Theresa A. Pugh, Elizabeth Y. Pugh, Charles B. Quinn, Pete Ragland, Janice E. Ragsdale, Crystal M. Rainey, Arnettle Ramseur, Betty J. Ramey, Willie Ramey, James V. Ratliff, Hazel L. Reavis, Odess M. Reid, Levora Reid, Mildred V. Reid, Priscilla M. Reid, Talulla L. Reid, Willie L. Respass, Harry D. Rhinehardt, Pamela A. Rhodes, Barry C. Rice, Ronald F. Richardson, James Richardson, Jeanette M. Richardson, Linda K. Riddick, Larry B. Riddick, Ronald F. Riddick, Rosa Riley, Gerald Rivens, Vera M. Robbins, Henry B, Roberson, Constance B. Roberson, Eula L. Roberson, Jacquelyn Roberson, James D. Roberts, John M, Roberts, Rita M. FRESHMEN Robinson, Barbara J. Robinson, Churchill E. Robinson, Diana Robinson, Irpne L. Robinson, Linora D. Robinson, Luciella Robinson, Madeline V Robinson, Paul L. Rolle, Cornell L. Rose, Herman R. Roseboro, Jacqueline Ross, Chester L. Royall, Cassandra R. Royster, James E. Rovster, James C. Rucker, Ronald W. Rudd, Sandra T, kussell, Carolyn M. Russell, Robert S. Sanders, Aaron B. Sanders, Hazel A. Sanders, Leon Sawyer, Joseph C. Saxon, E. J. Scales, Burl N. Scantlebury, Terence M. Scott, Donnell Scott, Gerald Scott, Jacqueline R. Scott. Janice M. Scott, William F. Scruggs, Roslyn E. Scurlock, Leon M. Sellars, Isaac D. Sessoms, James W. Seward, Patricia A. Sexton, Alfred L. Shannon, Richard I. Sharpe, Brenda V, Sharpe, Connie L. Sharpe, Larry M. Sharpe, Lottice C. Shaw, Linda G. Shaw, Naomie C. Shearin, Elvin Shipman, Alice M. Shiver, Jacqueline D. Shoulats, Marva M. Siler, William A. Silver, Saint J. Simmons, Angela D. Simmons, Henry T. Simmons, Spencer L. Simmons, Walter W. I FRESHMEN Simms, Catherine Sims, Terest N. Singleton, John C. Skinner, John W. Smith, Andrea J. Smith, Aurelia L. Smith, Charles L. Smith, Dollie F. Smith, Dora M. Smith,Evelyn J. Smith, Jeania C. Smith, Geraldine Smith, Joan E. Smith, John E. Smith, Lynwood H. Smith, Sadie R. Smith, Sherwood E Smith, Verna L, dMm Snow, Zylpha M. Salomon, Annie P. Speigrht, Brenda F. Spicer, Lydia Spryill, Bobby E. Spruill, Linda B. Stanard, Richard N. Stanley, Rhoda L. Starnes, Bettye R. Steed, Junious 0. Steele, Wilford M. Stevens, Carol M. Stewart, Norma L. Streeter. Sara E. Sumler, Edith U. Sutton, Ernestine D. Sutton, Rosa M. Sutton, Robert A. Swain, Constance L. Swann, Beryl V. Sweatt, Lois J. Svkes, Alice M. Sykes, Elizabeth L. Taborn, Sanford E. Tate, Joseph F. Tate, Saunders L. Tatum, Carolyn R. Taylor, Gloria J. Taylor, Linda F. Teamer, Gail S. Thomas, Doris R. Thomas, Lee E. Thompson, Charlene M. Thompson, Lillie E. Thornton, Prathon TiUery, Alma F. FRESHMEN Toatley, Evelyn L. Toney, James E. Townes, Isiah J. TroUinger, Laural L. Tucker, Hazel L. Tyson. Anpreline A. Underwood. Edward M. Underwood, Paul D. Vanhooke. Charlie L. Vauffhn, Thomas W. Vernon, Thomas Waddell. Sandra K. Wade, Patricia A. Walden. Diane Walker, Emma Jea Walker, Jimmy L. Wall, Gary E. Walters, Leroy Waltz. James R. Ward. Alma L. Ward, Geraldine Ward, Herman R. Ward, Joe A. Wardsworth, John C. Washington, Harry D. Waters, Diana Waters, Flora M. Watkins, Jackey C. Watkins. James H. Watkins. Nancy J. Weaters, Carolyn Weaver. Bruce G. Weaver. George E. Weaver, Linda D. Weaver, Marvin J. Weaver. Raymond L. mkdk . Welch. Paulette Wells, Myron T. Wesson, Barbara J. Weston, Linda L. Whidbee, Eva D. White. Alonza White. Carolyn L. White. Claytee D. White. Helen L. White, Helen R. White. James C. White. Marilyn L White. Melvin F. White, Tropzie Whitney, Maxine L. Whitted, Jackie R. Wicker, Bennie M. WiRgins, Blondell F FRESHMEN Wilder, Phyllis J. Williams, Annie B. Williams, Annie E. Williams, Audrey A. Williams, Barbara A. Williams. Brenda L. Williams, Carrie L. Williams, Constance A. Williams, Denierice L. Williams, Floyd E. Williams, .Jennifer L. Willis, Joan E. Williams, John A. Williams, Joyce F. Williams, Lillian L. Williams, Magnolia Williams, Margaret L. is, Marilyn Wright, Orville I. Young, Cora E. Young. Wilfred C. Engram. Diane Ingram. Garris Gregorie. EUenora Patterson, George Peguese, Ruby Reid, Alyce » % H Jv Hi i i r 1 ■ • (£ I 1 4 i i " n ' it p ' i ti f » " k • ' ' r ' Jr » ! Ur mJ ■ X ' ORGANIZATIONS STUDENT GOVERNMENT STUDENT GOVERNMENT — .. ' mAM l r HL ' -3C- wm K H k N- - rj CABINET MEMBERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Franklin Williams, Director of Community Relations; Sherle Boone, Director of Campus Affairs; Charles Scott, Director of Inter-Collegiate Affairs; Bernard Clark, Director of Public Relations. CABINET MEMBERS, Bernard Scott, Treasurer; Betty Harmon, Director of Co-ed Affairs. STUDENT CONGRESS Seniors Isaiah Tidwell John Banks Joyce Siler John Perry Sherman Frederick Jeffrey Borden Colon Oliver George Re id Derrick Staten Bernard Scott Kenneth Addison Betsy Washington Juniors Willie O. Kent Thurston Vick Annette Anderson Betty Wilson Lee Davis Grova Bridges Ada Williamson Dwight Yarborough Arthur Swann Thomas Parrish Samuel Criss Naomi Myers Milton Fitch Sophomores Charles Miller, III Patricia Washington Delores Benton Hai ' vey A. Davidson Christal Brown Carl Enoch Brenda Peterson Jackie Brown Bertha Avery Gladys Gibson Carolyn Cheeks Barbara Meeks Freshmen Percy Peele, II Kenneth Peele Blondell Wiggins Edgar Grier Sadie Davis John Faison Bettie Goodman Arthur Moore Christal Ragsdale Alice Shipman Kenneth Shivers Dollie Smith Beverly Washington STUDENT WELFARE COMMITTEE LEFT TO RIGHT: Charles Griffin, Vernice Holt, Tommy Lizzie Cruz, Vardine Foust, Mrs. Barbara Chavis, Mary Porter, Mrs. Couch, Walter McLean, William Malone, Mrs. Hawkins, Betty Harmon, ZoUie Richberg. WOMEN ' S STEERING COMMITTEE LEFT TO RIGHT: Mildred McKiever, Julia Mack, Barbara Barrett, Carolyn Bullock, Vernice Holt, President; Ella Tyson, Barbara Howard, Gayle Baggley, Ingrid Parrish. MEN ' S STEERING COMMITTEE LEFT TO RIGHT STANDING: Edgar Grier, Percell Farmer, John Massenburg, Daniel Blue, Salter Edmund. SEATED: Earl Brown, Walter McLean, President; Ulysses Downing, James Tony. CAMPUS ECHO EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Floridian Aaron Graham reads his latest edition of the school ' s monthly newspaper. THE ECHO ' S STARTING STAFF. LEFT TO RIGHT: Grova Bridges, Leggett, Business Manager; Christyal Brown. Brenda Hart. Felix Graham, Editor; John Mizelle, Reporter; Brenda Carpenter, Typist; THE COLLEGE NEWSPAPER Reporter; Linda Weston, Secretary; Linda Moore, Typist; Warren PoUey, Circulation Manager; Charles Stokes, Reporter; Aaron Joyce McNeil, Proofreader. BUSINESS MANAGER Warren Leggett EDITORIAL BOARD, Yearbook Editor, Baber in one of his less violent moods meets with the division editors. Left to Right are: Winston Kennedy, Art Edi- tor; Minnie Roberson, Graduate School Editor; Cornelia Gaddy, Faculty Edi- tor; Barbaroustine Alston, Co-Graduate School Editor; Janice Blair, Occasional Freshman Editor; Marvette Pratt, Miss Eagle; Pamela Regis, Senior Editor; Valjean Griggs, our vanishing Junior Class Editor; Linda Zoellner, Introduc- YEARBOOK STAFF SECRETARY, Evelyn Lucas, the ed- Roy Bunch, and Yvonne Ferguson, official " Yearbook Onlooker, " watch as Editorial itor ' s ri ht hand, begins another mile Assistant Edgar Grier checks Freshman files, of type. BUSINESS MANAGER, James Jackson, poses for a moment toward the end of his second year as the Y ' earhook ' s " money man. " tion and Administration Editor; Eileen Rogers. We haven ' t figured out just what Eileen Rogers did or does. Not shown are, Gwendolyn Gilmore, Feature Editor; Wayne Ferrar, Sports Editor; Harvey Davidson, Sopho- more Editor. YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHER, Dwight Yarborough. EX UMBRA L ' ATELIER LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW: Ellis Jones, Co-Editor; Kenneth Addison, Editor; Winston Kennedy, Betty Beckwith, Douglas Stephens; MIDDLE ROW: Letition Johnson, Gloritha Love, Romola Corbett, Daphne Page, James Vaughan, Gregory Kannerstein, Advisor; FIRST ROW: Sadie Smith, Sandra Page, Henrice Hunter, William Foy, Barbara Corbett. I,KI ' T TO RIGHT: Winston Kennedy, Franklin Burwell, James Vaughan, Rodney Cooper, Warren Froneburger, Mr. Mitchell, Advisor; Fredrick Burwell, William Harris, Dorothy Shaw, Larry Campbell, Francis Williams, Marvette Pratt, James Pointer, Bessie Beckford, Carlton Cloyd. THESPIANS BOTTOM ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Ollie Gatheright, Liddie Cobb, Harriet Williston. SECOND ROW: Walter Brame, Shelby Feimster, Juanita Lawson. Franklin Banks, Lee Thomas. THIRD ROW: Walter Norflett, Linda Kerr, Advisor, Mr. Ron Spainhour, Patrick Faucett. STANDING: Leslie Montgomery, Ronald Jacobs. Leticia Johnson. EX LIBRIS Advisor— l)r Sylvia Lyon.s R.-ndt-r OFFICERS: President — Grova Bridgers; Vice President — Aaron Graham; Secretary — Brenda Carpenter; Treasurer — William Chapman; Asst. Sec. — Janice Blair; MEMBERS: Thurston Vick, Luebert Barnes, Ruby Richardson, Joyce McNeil, Janice Parker, Calvin Edwards, Yvonne Kendall, Joyce Bolden, Lorriane Hayes, Ingrid Parrish, Patricia Bryant, Marilyn White, Nancy James, Deborah Redden. 137 PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS CLUB STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Robert Heard, Advisor, Charline Witherspoon, Faye Malloy, Faye Archer, Secretary; William Cheek, President; Janice Felton, Vice-President, Norma Childers, Mrs. Allison, Advisor. LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED ON FLOOR: Ray Currence, Faye Archer. FIRST ROW: Linda Weaver, Phyllis Wilder, Janice Ragland, Mary Collins, Edith Sumler, Carrie Brown, Mae Brewster, Bernard Holloway, Detria Cobb, Hilda Getting, Brenda McKoy. SECOND ROW: Advisor, Lorraine Jones, Norma Childers, Lena Manley, Doris Jeffers, Nancy Caldwell, Katie Johnson, Fredelia Bynum, Eugenia Alston, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Blaine Roberson, Janice Felton, Zoanne Pette- way, Faye Malloy, Charlie Witherspoon, Mozelle Harris, Cynthia Kent, Bettie Hill, Hazel Pryor, Joyce Turner, Joyce Wilson. FOURTH ROW: James Sessoms, Clarence Ransom, James McPhatter, William Gaither, Harold Black, James Patterson, John Brunson, Issiah Townes, Ronald Upperman. FIFTH ROW: Terry Cole, Harold Beatty, Bobby Gadsen, Curtis Hickman, Willie Taylor, Maceo McEachern, Lonnie Paige. Linwood Willis, Larry McCallum. SIXTH ROW: William Cheek, Lewis Ferebee, Tommis Porter, Melvin Johnson, Anthony Taylor, Barry Alexander, Walter Funderburk, Thomas Cameron. SEVENTH ROW: Douglas Faison, Jesse Pratt, Harry Geter. Edwin Roberts, Leroy Brown, Edwin Jones, Samuel Coleman, George Logan, Stanley Gibbs. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Fredelia Bynum, Katie Johnson, Linda Weaver, Jeanetta Gibson, Gwendolyn Ford, Ellenora Gregorie, Eileen Roger, Gwendolyn Diggs, Janice Walker, Carolyn Miller, Barbara Miller, Glenette Thompson, Mrs. Taylor, Advisor. KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Janice Felton, Faye Malloy, Helen Simms, Joyce Turner, Phyllis Wilden, Patricia McRae, Charline Witherspoon, Patty McGray, Fay Archer. SWIMMING CLUB SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barry Alexander, Farily Mclnn- iss, Geraldine White, John Singleton, Eileen Rogers, Marion Inniss, Marilyn Davis, Edwin Jones, Clementine Richo, Rosada Davis, Michael Johnson, Terry Hale, Eugenia Alston, Sara Streeter, Albert Anderson. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Gladys Gibson, Bobbie Carr, Maggie McCoy, Treasurer; Mazy Slade, Secretary; Carolyn Brawley, Vice President; Gwendolyn Harrington, President; Cora Thompson, Barbara Eckard, Joyce Williams, Anna Parker, Delores Williams, Audrey Armstrong. ON FLOOR LEFT TO RIGHT: Rosetta Holmes, Geraldine Ramseur, Jennie Suggs, Barbara Watford, Bettina Perry, Velnia Louise, Alice Sykes. STANDING: Zenobia Dansby, Yvonne Teel, Kathryn Lilly, Garnetta Phillips, Selena Anderson, Ernestine Richard- son, Paulette DeVane, Alice Jones, Jennifer Williams, Veula Jones. Princess Miller, Joyce Newton, Jean Dean, Betty Arp, Ada Williamson, Jessie Dafford, Virginia Williams. Sherry Sherrod, Rosella Allen, Doris Bass, Eva Whrdbee, Alice Jordan, Katrina Grant, Rosetta Fisher, Linda Thompson. NURSE S CLUB ,U II i-. 61 ' • ( tl . I » B ! U_ I I t.. STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Jacqueline Lewis, Gwendolyn Jones, Constance Jones, Cora Jones, Eris Russell. SEATED: Gladys Lattimer, Treasurer; Iris Edwards, Secretary; Juanita McCullough, Vice President; Louise Royster, President. STUDENT N.E.A. J.t-HU- STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Rojulene Thompson, Shirley Cordell, Snooky Blick, Pearlie Payton, Joyce Ellis, SEATED, Iris Thompson, Alice Jones, President. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB CLOCKWISE: Gloria Evans, Secretary; Helen Sims, Phyllis Williams, Ernestine Nicholas, Carolyn McKoy, Vice President; Dianne Neely, Beverly Scott, Mr. James Dyer, Mavis Best, Treasurer; Shirley Watson, President; Walter Byrd, Carolyn Carver, Ora HoUoway, Lois Parker, Eunice Neverson, STANDING, Samuel Rhodes, Larry Spann. POLITICAL SCIENCE CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT. BOTTOM ROW: Fred Green, Treasurer; Clarence Hardy, President; Lonnie Hatley, Dwight Yarborough, Shannon Turner, Secretary; Mr. Adams, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Vardrine Foust, James Page, Joan Burton, Ernest Gilliam, Jeffrey Borden, Milton Demons, Barbara Calhoun, Floyd Hayes III, Irma Turker, Shirley Watson, James Etheridge. FOURTH ROW: Russell Fuller, Earl Lewis, Ernest Jett, Brenda Hart, Charles Vanhook, Derrick Staton. FIFTH ROW: William Fov. James Clark, Teamous Newberne. John Letherdge, Leonard Clark. TOP ROW: Charles Clark, Roger Reddick, Walter Brame, Charles Howard, Vice President; Sneaky Blick, Grover Bridges. FOREIGN STUDENTS ASS ' N LEFT TO RIGHT: Zahria Dempster, Liberia; Franklin Lowe, Panama; Edwin Roberts, Trinidad; John Geoffrey, Kenya; Saka Dean, Liberia. HISTORY AND SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB STANDING: Adrienne Cruz, President. SEATED Eileen Roi;,.]s, .Minrin- Kc.l.eisnn, Treasurer; Lena CLOCKWISE: Annie Burnette, Margie Temple, Betty Atkinson, Vice President; Haywood Turrentine. Robinson, Cecil McKeithan, Jean Glaze, Annie Drake, CONSERVATION CLUB SEATED: Gene Kithcart, Theodore Picott, Robert (lliver, James Beeks. STANDING: Cecelia Steppe, Stevenson, Eugene Dudley, Feliz Polly, Walter Farrell, Linwood Faust, Mr. Burton, co-advisor; Mr. Hamburg, Paul Bennette, Thomas Johnson, James Williams, Colon co-advisor; Billy Shropshire. BIOLOGY CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED: Hurbert Hulinp, Danny Neal, Brenda Davis, Secretary; Bobby Henderson, President; Adrienne Grandison, Stuart Broome, Mr. Ehrhardt, Advisor; Hunter Haith. FIRST ROW: Alice Lawson. Miriam Britt, Lois Davis, Mary Daye, Dorothy Isler, Linda Weston, Lucille Broadwav, Christyal Brown. Teresa Blanks, Resada Davis, Miriam Darden, Linda Grantham. James McAuley. SECOND ROW: Earl Hinton, Leroy Rorie, David Coppedgre, HoHs Jones, Ernest Brevard, Walter Fennell, Willis Burton, Gloria Williams. GEOGRAPHY CLUB LEFT TABLE, CLOCKWISE: Eugene Dudley, Walter Farrell, Danny Neal, Robert Stevens, Felix PoUey, Cecelia Steppe, Theodore Picott, James Beek, Charles McNeil. Haywood Turentine, Colon Oliver, Norman Sanders. RIGHT TABLE, CLOCKWISE: Leo Young, Harold Leath, George Turentine, Douglas Bolton, Beryl Williams, Thomas Johnson, Gene Hatley, Beulah Bond. Linwood Foust, Gerald Roper, Wayne Petteway. Billy Shropshire. LEFT TO RIGHT. STANDING: Byron Kirkley, Eugene Kithcart, Paul Bennett, Jimmy Williams, Mr. Burton, Co-advisor; Mr. Hamburg, Co-advisor; Hunter Haith, William Reid. CHEMISTRY CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT BOTTOM ROW: Jessie Coston, Sandria Burris, Kathryn Wallace, Lucille Broadway, Marion Spruill, Unidentified, Rosa Sharpe, Constance Robbins, Michael Smith. SECOND ROW: William Stanton, Winfred Saunders, Ernest Bibby, David Coppedfre, Bobby Henderson, Robert Sanders, Glenwood Jordan, John Williams, Otis Smith, Walter Weathers, John Taylor. MATHEMATICS CLUB STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Rufus Beckwith. Winfred Saunders, Nettie Young, Mariam Coefield, Sandria Burris, Dolores Bradley, Loretta Sherrod, Ralph Rutherford, Willie Kent, John Taylor, Margaret Stevenson, Norma Brown, Joann Ellis, Joyce Grant, Glenda Bingham, Frank Byrd, Elizabeth Galbreath, President. SEATED: Gloria Pitt, Brenda King. Jessie Coston, Secretary; Molly Brinkley, Treasurer; Marsha Forney, Judith Bullock, Katherine Wallace, Shirley Freeman, Norma Brown, Francis Harrison. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS STANDING: Barbara Johnson, President. FRONT ROW: James Eaves, William Staton, William Chapman, Fern Thorpe. SECOND ROW: Mr. Bougard, Advisor; Barbara Lark, Floyd Hayes, Valoria Fenner, Leonard King. EL CLUB ESPANOL 2j QQ ?i STANDING LEP T TO RIGHT: Franklin Lowe, Kate Scales, Judy Byrd, Walter Brame, Shirley Giles, Dorsena Howard, John Durham, Paulette Beard, Valoria Fenner, Linda Pierce, Carlen Gausney. SEATED: Janie Shipman, Minnie Roberson, Gloria Snipes, President; Milagros Carballo, Adviser; Cressie Thigrpen, Vice President; Virg:ie Jones. DAS DEUTSCHE KLUB : s: iS ' - » . s .a 6« (1 SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Dianne Burnette, Clova Simmons, David Newton, Janet Baldwin, Loraine Dunston. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. Ernst Manasse, Dell Mitchel, Edgar Grier, Tony Feimster, John Masenburg, unidentified, unidentified. " NCC IN THE NEWS " REPORTERS Lcvell Exum and Thurston Vick take a " station break " from their work as " NCC In The News " commentators. Sponsored by the College ' s News Bureau, the . ' 5 minute news program heard Tuesday and Friday of each week is in its second year on the air. 1 HH it i d iU Hit Band Members Instruments Jimmy Balance Sousaphone James Biggers Alto Horn Stuart Broome Bass Drum Christyl Brown Majorette William Brown Trombone Benton Burnette Tenor Saxophone Jeanette Burnette Majorette Lillian Chadwick Clarinet Elizabeth Cook Clarinet Sylvester Davis Sousaphone William T. Davis Trumpet James DeBerry Snare Drum Richard DeCosta Alto Saxophone Barbara Eckard Majorette Walter Flack Clarinet Deborah Foushee Flute John Fozard Snare Drum Valjean Griggs Baritone Melba Gwyn Trombone Sharon Hadden Clarinet Jasper Haynes Baritone Francis Harris Bells George Hatcher Drum Major Claudia Highsmith Clarinet Winfred Hooker Sousaphone Larry Humphrey Tenor Drum Angelyn Hoskins Majorette Donald Ingram Trumpet Gloria Jones Bells James Jones Trumpet Beverly Johnson Majorette Peter Joyner Bass Drum Audrey Jones Clarinet Franklin Jackson Clarinet James Kimball Alto Horn Jomarjorie Jamison Clarinet Cynthia McCrary Flute John McCoy Trumpet Perry McFadden Baritone Gloria McKenzie Clarinet Band Members Instruments John Malloy . Clarinet Joel Maxwell Snare Drum Alex Patterson Sousaphone Willie Person Sousaphone Edmond Pierce Alto Saxophone Lois Price Cymbals Clementine Richo Snare Drum Paul Robertson Sousaphone Ronald Robertson Baritone Constance Roberson Flute Patricia Rush Alto Horn Edward Sadler Sousaphone Bernard Scales Trombone Nathaniel Scales Trumpet Vera Shaw Clarinet Alice Shipman Clarinet Lewis Skelton Trumpet Andrea Smith Flute Sandra Stowe Flute William Staton Trumpet Jesse Suggs Tenor Saxophone James Toomer Trumpet Valerie Townsel Clarinet Archie Thomas Sousaphone John Thorps Tenor Drum Charlie Vanhooke Tenor Saxophone Melvin Wall Tenor Saxophone Nathaniel Walker Trombone Joseph Walker Alto Saxophone John C. White Trumpet Fred Williams Trumpet Harry Williams Trumpet Marlene Williams Clarinet Yolanda Williams Trumpet Janet Wilkins Bells Roy Street Drum Major Eugene Gracy Alto Saxophone Larry McLain Trumpet NCCS MARCHING CONCERT BAND V ' - g .jj BAND DIRECTOR Richard H. Jones N.C.C. CHOIR BASSES. FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: George Reid, John White, Percell Farmer, Daniel Blue, Donald Edwards, Lenard Byers. SECOND ROW: Charles Chapman, Richard Johnson, Albert Barnett, Joseph Andrews, John Massenburg. THIRD ROW: Archie Green, Warren Froneberger, Reginald Suitt, UUysees Dowing, Melvin Batton, Jerome Cheeks. TENORS, FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Clinton Howie, Gary Madison, Tony Forney. SECOND ROW: Paris Green, Jackie Baum, Gene Jarmon. THIRD ROW: Gilbert Ford, Lennox Thompson, James Eaves. FOURTH ROW: Ronald Miller, James Eagleston, Walter McLean. ALTOS, FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Leigh Barneau, Theresa Har- rington, Katie McCollough, Brenda Doub. SECOND ROW: Pamela Devane, Dianne Harper, Phyllis Forte. THIRD ROW: Vernice Holt, Lillian Monk, Hazel Saunders. SOPRANOS, FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Hazel Graham, Jeanette Gibson, Bynetta McNeil, Johnnie Wells, Audrey Harrington, Janie Lindsay, Clytemnestra Lacy. SECOND ROW: Rethema Gales, Carolyn Tatum, Brenda Brooks, THIRD ROW : Elvoyd Caison, Cam . r. |i| ' -i Francell Smith, Lois Price, law, Lynthia Bradley, Merriam Sharpe, Loweiy, Vernetta Phillips. WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN LEFT TO RIGHT: Carolyn Edge, Floyd Hayes, Natalie Marshall, Sandra Wray, Betty Harmon. LEFT TO RIGHT: Carolyn Mumford, Leonard King. Elizabeth Galbreath. COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES LEFT TO RIGHT, BOTTOM ROW; Gloria Snipes, Judy Dugger, Ella Tyson, Mary McNeil. TOP ROW: Robert Sanders, John Williams, Ray Currence. LEFT TO RIGHT: Edna Clegg, Warren Leggett, Nettie Young. BETA KAPPA CHI HONORARY SOCIETY SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Kathryn Wallace, D elores Boone, Dr. Maiy Townes, Elizabeth Galbreath, John Williams, Mr. Nettie Young, Natalie Marshall, Annie Issac. STANDING: David Denny, Sandra Wray, Mr. John L. Stewart, Otis Smith. ALPHA KAPPA MU HONORARY SOCIETY feH:St5iStr FIRST ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Annie Issac, Natalie SECOND ROW: Rohtrt Sanders. Ella Tyson, Elizabeth Marshall, Nettie Young, Delores Boone, Georgia Williams. Galbreath, Sandra Wray, Kathryn Wallace. PHI BETA LAMBA lota Tau Chapter FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerry Hawkins, President; Majorie Duston, Secretary; Dorothy Fleming; Hugh Johnson, Vice President. SECOND ROW: Helen Robinson, Patiina ((.(.per. John Perry, Telle Reid, Sandra LaRosa TMIRI) ROW: Fannie Griffin, Joyce McNeil, Claudia Davis, Shirley Heith, Ralph Gilchrist. FOURTH ROW: Betty Brown, Cynthia DeBerry, Trebv Bumphus, Carolyn Dickens. FIFTH ROW: Joyce Sil ' er, Carolyn Williams, Leonard Thompson, Harvey Davidson, Kenneth Harrell. PI DELTA PHI LEFT TO RIGHT: Ella Tyson, Leonard King, Barbara Johnson, Pearlie Payton, Edna Clegg, Sandra Wray, Floyd Hayes III. m PSI CHI HONOR SOCIETY LEFT TO RIGHT: Ella Tyson, Carolyn McKoy, Mavis Best, Gloria Evans, President. GAMMA THETA UPSILON 1 k .y r Gamma Pi Chapter STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. James Hamburg. Advisor; William Reid, Thomas Elliott. Eugene Dudley. James Williams, Robert Stevenson. Paul Bennett. Felix PoUey. Mr. Burton, Advisor. SEATED: Theodore Picott, Gene Kithcart. Charles McNeil, Colon Oliver, Walter Farrcll, Danny Neal. PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL TOP ROW ACROSS: Geiif Dudley, Fern Matthewson, Shanon Turner, Shirley Watson. LEFT COLUMN DESCENDING: Thomas Elliott, Dorothy Grier, Evelyn Lucas, Brenda Taggart, Bobbie Carr, Latricia Galloway, ' Betty Harmon. RIGHT COLUMN DESCENDlN(i: Isaiah Tidwell, Otto Kent, Ray- mond Perry, Paul Bennett, Ernest Gilliam, Floyd Hayes III, Demetrice Peale. President Betty Harmon Secretary Demetrice Peel Treasurer Isaiah Tidwell Keeper of Grades Fern Matthewson ALPHA KAPPA- ALPHA Alpha Chi Chapter LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW SEATED: Feme Thorpe, Queen McClean, Patricia Rush, Julia Hardy, Hilda Gilliard, Edna Clegg, Gloria Snipes. Brenda Peterson, Brenda King. SECOND ROW SEATED: Eunice Neverson, Mary McNeil, Bynetta McNeil, Barbara Marable. THIRD ROW SEATED: Shannon Turner. Yvonne Hinton. Alma Evans. Gloria Evans, Edna Vance, Ann Murphy, Judy Dugger, Pamela Regis, Glenda Bingham, Cheryl Lawson, Julye Brown, Georgia Mat- tocks, Julia Fairley, Janice Lindsey. STANDING: Addie Vaughn, Valeria Weeks, Lovina Vance, Janice Baldwin, Norma Keck, Ella Tyson, Barbara Harper, Brenda Carpenter, Phyllis Williams, Barbara Maynor, Dorothy Grier, Rosetta Bullock, Sanda Wray, Dianne Harper. Gloria Pitt. Chervl Virgil. Shir- ley Watson, Rosa Sharpe, Gwendolyn Bell, Lilla Ellison, Val- jean Griggs, Katie McCollough, Brenda Chaplin, Iris Thomp- son, Ray Anne Stafford, Burma Paige. Officers Basileus Dorothy Grier Anti-Basileus Edna Vance Grammateus Georgia Williams Tamiochos Phyllis Williams Epistoleus Lovina Vance Dean of Pledges Julia Hardy Alpha Kappa Alpha ALPHA PHI ALPHA Gamma Beta Chapter STANDINC; LEFT TO RIGHT: Michael Smith, Charles Mc- Neil, Thomas Elliott, Frederick Chadwick, Marvin Johnson, Allen Lee, Henry Jordan. SEATED: Albert Coleman, Grafton Gilchrist, Covia Stanley, Cressie Thigpen, John White, Thomas Johnson, Rosamuel Dawkins, Willie Otto Kent, William Chap- man, Raymond Perry. Officers President Raymond Perry Vice President Willie Otto Kent Corresponding Secretary . . . William Chapman Recording Secretary Covia Stanley Treasurer Thomas Johnson Dean of Pledges Thomas Elliott Co-Dean of Pledges Cressie Thigpen Historian Rosamuel Dawkins DELTA SIGMA THETA Alpha Lambda Chapter BOTTOM ROW: Demetiice Peele, Anna Jones, Quentine Finch, Joyce Ellis, Marvette Pratt, Geraldine Jones, Betty Harmon, Viola Jones. SECOND ROW: Frances Harrison, Lois Davis, Maejetta Lewis, Gwendolyn Strayhorn, Edith Lewis, Gwendo- lyn Gilmore, Carolyn Edge, Pearlie Peyton, Nettie Young, Mildred Mckiever, Virginia Askew, Cherry Vann, Margaret Stevenson, Harriet Williston. TOP ROW: Bessie Perry, Joyce Grant, Joanne Ellis, Maxine Hall, Margie Randolph, Evelena Williams, Celia Garrett. Helena Nobles, Dixie Lee, Bessie Beckwith, Natalie Marshall, Roujelene Thompson, Carolyn Dickens, Victoria Brown, Norma Brown, Dorothy Shaw. Officers President Betty Harmon Vice President Barbara Howard Secretary Edith Lewis Corresponding Secretary Dixie Lee Financial Secretary Carolyn Edge Assist. Financial Secretary . . . Helena Huntley Dean of Pledges Gwendolyn Gilmore Ocit Sigma Thett OMEGA PSI PHI Tau Psi Chapter SEATED LEPT TO RIGHT: Wilton Ragland. Johnny Tyson, Robert Woods, James Jackson, James Sanders, Curtis Bowe, Johnny Brown, Willie Taylor, Owen Williams. STANDING; Paul Bennett, Winfred Saunders, Phillip Kithcart, Walter Farrell, Donald Potts, Floyd Ferebee, Isiah Tidwell, Eugene Dudley, Warren Froneberger, James Williams, Edwin Jones, George Reid, Joel Maxwell. Officers Basileus Paul Bennett Vlce-Basileus Winfred Sanders Keeper of Records and Seals. . . .Isiah Tidwell Keepei- of Finance Phillip Kithcart Dean of Pledges Eugene Dudley Co-Dean of Pledges James Williams Reporter Walter Farrell OMEGA PSI PH KAPPA ALPHA PSI Alpha Kappa Chapl-er LEFT TO RIGHT: P;al|ili I ' lii. r, Ernest Gilliam, J. Tyrone Duncan, Benjamin Moultrie, William Baity, Douglas GiUis. Floyd Hayes III, Luther Lynch, J. Leroy Rorie, James Eaves, Archie Felton. Polemarch Ernest Gilliam Vice-Polemarch __ Benjamin Moultrie Keeper of Records Douglas Gills Keeper of Exchequer Floyd Hayes III Historian and Reporter _ Luther Lynch Dean of Pledges J. Leroy Rorie l a|.|ta l|tli;i T-i ZETA PHI BETA Gamma Gamma Chopt-er SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Wilson. Evelyn Lucas, Gwendolyn Taylor, Carolyn Jones, Maxine Robinson, Annie Wilson. STANDING: Brenda Taggart, Maureen Williams, Bobbie Carr, Ada Williamson, Corliss Wilson, Ella Jones, Tressie Lucas. Basileus Evelyn Lucas Anti-Basileus Gwendolyn Taylor Grammeteus Carolyn Jones Tamiochous Maxine Robinson Co-Dean of Pledges Brenda Taggart !iiilB?MTl!ftl CANTERBURY CLUB STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Harriett Williston, Father E. N. Porter, Advisor; Marvette Pratt. SITTING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gwendolvn Brown, Annette Anderson, Grafton Gilchrist, Patricia Morgan, Frankie Blount. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION LEFT TO RIGHT: Arnette Avery, Uoris Corbett. John Perry, Ilene Britt, Annette Avery, Sylvia Malone, Lacy Joyner. PENTECOSTAL FELLOWSHIP Identification not available at time of publicati( WESLEY FOUNDATION LEFT TO RIGHT: Millicent Lattaker; Mary Robinson, treasurer; Annie Drake, President; Emma Jackson; Rev. John Chappell. RESIDENCE COUNSELORS SENIOR COUNSELORS, SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Norma Cherry, Jacqueline Hawkins, Carolyn Edge, Joyce McNeil, Edna Vance, Brenda Carpenter. STANDING: Queen McLean, Jessie Costen, Barbara Maynor, Dorothy Grier, Pearlie Peyton, Lavonia Richardson, Judy Dugger, Helena Nobles, Ella Tyson, Margie Randolph, Elizabeth Bethea, Rojulene Thompson, Shirley Cordell, Lovina Vance, Jean Middleton. ■rvB mm mm flwKm 1 ! MENS DORMITORY GOVERNMENT, SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Milton Jenkins, Wade Johnson, David Hall, Ronald Brown. STANDING: Daniel Blue, Edgar Grier, Herbert West, Ernest Gilliam, Billy Pridgen, Vice-President; Perry Massey, Treasurer; Franklin Thigpen, Secretary. OLD SENIOR DORMITORY COUNCIL, STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Shirley Moss, Priscilla Robinson, Kathryn Wallace. Brenda Siler, Addie Vaughn, Janet Simms. SEATED; Velma Woods, Diane Neely, Rita Jeffers, Faye Malloy. RESIDENCE COUNSELORS ANNIE D. SHEPARD DORMITORY COUN- CIL, SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Barrett, Carolyn Campbell, Carolyn Miller, President; Alice Jeffries, Secretary; STAND- ING: Carolyn Hamme, Diane Harper, Ester Silver, Louise Gullatte, Ida Williams. NEW RESIDENCE DORITORY COUNCIL, STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Jennifer Gore, Joyce Raynor, Gwendolyn Brown, Ada Williamson, Barbara Lipscomb, Silvia Malone. SEATED: Mary Todd, Mildred Babbitt. RUSH HALL DORMITORY COUNCIL, STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Virginia Askew, Vice President; Lubert Barnes, Betty Foster, Kate Scales, Secretary; Valeria Weeks. SEATED: Deborah Foushee, Janice Yelverton, Judith Enock, President. wimm i Ha tam mkmmmiam { nil FEATURES Miss North Carolina College Queen McLean Miss Homecoming Jean Middleton Miss Law School Wyonella Duke Miss Alumni Patricia Johnson Miss Sophomore Bessie Beckwith Miss Junior Fern Matthewson Miss Senior Lavonia Vance Miss Band Patricia Rush Miss Choir Miss Eagle ™ ' y ' ° " Miss Campus Echo Ahirvctte Pratt Karen Haynes : • .- L Miss Kappa Alpha Psi Fannie Griffin -I Miss Omega Psi Phi Helena Huntley A vi j_ - , n Miss Alpha Phi Alpha Dorothy Grier Mr. and Miss Chidley Hall Billy Pridgen and Josephine Perry B mmmmmBBm NCC PRESIDENT-ELECT During the mid-winter meeting of NCC ' s Board of Trustees, Dr. Albert Whiting, Dean of Morgan State College in Maryland was appointed President. A few weeks later Dr. Whiting paid an official visit to the campus to address the faculty, staff and student body. The pictures shown on these two pages are from a reception held the night before the address. (RIGHT) Whiting greets Assistant Professor of French Thomas Pinson. In background are William Jones and Helen Edmonds of the College Interim Comm ittee. (BELOW) Student Government President Sam Thomas v. Dr. Whiting, Graduate Dean Helen Edmonds, Board Trustees Secretary Thomas Larkin. (ABOVE) Dr. Whiting chats with two students. (PICTURE LEFT) LEFT TO RIGHT: Undergraduate Dean Stewart Fulbright, President-elect Albert Whiting, Graduate Dean Helen Edmonds, Professor of Education William Brown, Interim Committee Chairman William Jones, and Dean of Students John L. Stewart. WHITING VISITS THE CAMPUS Students Bertha Avery, Sandra Page, Gail Stokely meet Dr. Whiting. During reception Whiting accepts refresh- ments from Dietician Lucy Davidson while Food Service Director Robert P. Smith and Nutritionist Inez Coleman look on. Yearbook Staff members Karen Rux and Mary Butler interview Whiting. Student Party Chairman Raymond Perry listens attentively. VISITORS TO OUR CAMPUS Many distinguished guests were hosted by NCC ' s family this past year. Guests that extend the ideo- logical and cultural range from Vice President Hubert Humphrey, Governor Mooi-e, Author John O. Killens, Maryland State Legislators Victorine Adams and Lena K. Lee to Athlete Wilt Chamberlain, Stanford Student Government President David Harris, to Black Power Advocate Stokely Carniichael. Only a few of our distinguished guests are pictured below. (RIGHT) Principal speaker for the 19th Annual Founders Day convocation was Vivian W. Henderson (RIGHT), President of Clark College, shown here with Clyde Shreve of the College ' s board of trustees. (BELOW) Interim Committee Chairman William Jones chats outside the new cafeteria with Phelps-Stokes Fund President F. D. Paterson and John P. Davis, Cooperation College Development Program member. The occasion was NCC ' s scholarship fund symposium held in November, 1966. - -,1 r ;• ' ,- «. ' « » Va I i ' Ji Lady Sarah Lou Harris, wife of the Guy:iii,-.s. ' X the UN chats with some geography students. Vic Huggins, one of North Carolina ' s noted artists, explains his work to viewers at one of the Lyceum programs. THESPIANS STAGE BUSY YEAR The North Carolina College Thespians ' offerings The Happy Journey Wilder this year include the following plays: Riders to the Sea Synge The Boor Chekov The Artificial Young Ladies Moliere The Twelve-Pound Look James Barrie The Zoo Story Albee Curse You, Jack Dalton Wilton Bracen Hello from Bertha Tennessee Williams Fumed Oak Noel Coward 99 wp k ti Hr H s pi i ' ' WM sli M ' la r K J W ■ v IBbi 1 H m HOMECOMING " 1966 " MISS NCC CROWNED CAPAHOSIC LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE The Moton Conference Center at Capahosic, Virginia, was the scene of NCC ' s first Leadership Conference. More than forty stu- dent leaders, administrative, and faculty members boarded a bus Friday, October 14 for a weekend of seclusion and talks. Chaired by Student Government Vice-presi- dent Floyd Hayes and Social Science Instructor 0. Mervene Couch, the conference provided an important opportunity for dif- ferences to be aired. The daily conferences inter- spersed with refreshment and recreation periods provided in- sight in both the traditional student-faculty-administration re- lationships and problems indig- enous to NCC. There were small group discussions and caucuses where individuals made known their feelings about the Code of Student Conduct, student hand- books, and administrative policies in general. No great solutions were found at Capahosic, nor were any ex- pected. Capahosic did signal the arrival of an era of new admin- istration and faculty concern with students and student groups. Capahosic lit a candle of hope toward more workable communi- cation among these three groups. f TURKEY DAY CLASSIC AN NCC VICTORY tou?hrtnSn°n! ! ' lv " ' " ' ' T u ' " ' .Z ' Funderburke ' s 3 yard Two NCC (jridiron champs break up A T ' s last ditch efforts touchdown pass made the difference in the A T, NCC to score in the Thanksgiving Dav Classics. NCC retained the Bull-Eagle trophy by beating A T, 12-6. yearly rivalry. gn BUSINESS OFFICE ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER, George Thorne ACCOUNTING, Edward L. Billups PURCHASING AGENT, Hattie Scarborough PURCHASING AGENT ' S ASSISTANT, Ruby Bolding FOOD SERVICE SUPERVISORS NUTRITIONIST, Inez Coleman DIETICIAN, Lucy Davidson HEALTH SERVICE NURSES NURSES, LEFT TO RIGHT, Charlotte Tucker, Ruth Bibby, Hattie Dillahunt, Helen Jones, Elizabeth Sellars. SECRETARIES SECRETARY TO GRADUATE DEAN, Helen Garner SECRETARY TO UNDERGRADUATE DEAN, Josephine DeNard FACULTY SECRETARY, Marion Spaulding SECRETARIES SECRETARY TO PRESIDENT, Thelma Smith SECRETARY TO PRESIDENT, Emma Marable SECRETARY TO VICE-PRESIDENT, Davesene Spelln SECRETARY TO VICE-PRESIDENT, Janice Fisher nn CANTEEN MANAGER, Norwood Pearson BOOKSTORE MANAGER, Edna Harrington SECURITY OFFICERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Samuel Scott, Eddie Williams, Phillip Marable. L 5 m ( F SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR, Virginia Rogers DATA PROCESSING CENTER, Marshall Leak, Carolyn Cates, Sarah Hall BURSAR ' S OFFICE, LEFT TO RIGHT, Joyce Smith, Jean Taylor, Pauline Johnson. DORMITORY DIRECTORS, SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Claytae Watson, New Residence " 400 " ; Carrie Simpson, Annie Day Shepard; Annie Hampton, Annie Day Shepard; Constance Broome, Honor House; Fannie Elliott, McLean Hall; Frankie McNeil, New Residence " 400 " ; STANDING, Shirley Green, Rush Hall; Mildred Wilson, New Residence Hall; A. Jeanette Smith, New Residence " 400 " ; Louise Latham, Dean of Women; Beatrice Brown, New Residence Hall; Lou S. Barnes, Off-Campus Counselor; Katie Davis, McLean Hall; Alice Belton, Old Senior Hall. FOOTBALL COACHES— LEFT TO RIGHT, Robert Heard, Line Coach; James Stevens, Head Coach; George Quiett, End Coach; Elijah Johnson, Backfield Coach. m JLM FOOTBALL u i.. i ' i:ftf S FOOTBALL ROSTER Number Name Position Number Name Position 53 Allen, Ervin C 24 Johnson, Michael HB 39 Alston, Vergil HB 66 Jones, Edwin G 28 Anderson, Roy B 61 McEachern, Maceo G 67 Beatty, Harold G 90 McLeod, James E 30 Blackman, Robert HB 89 Martin, Julian E 85 Bullock, Ben E 20 Mathews, Herman QB 80 By num, Devone E 38 Oliver, Colen HB 74 Byrd, Herman T 72 Porter, Tommie E 88 Cameron, Thomas E 84 Quinn, Pete E 26 Carson, OUis HB 25 Ramey, Willie HB 36 Carrington, Ben FB 82 Robertson, Roosevelt E 22 Cole, Terry QB 63 Robinson, Roselle T 73 Davis, Kenneth E 64 Royster, William G 86 Dockery, Arthur E 31 Shropshire, Billy FB 62 Fitch, Milton E 70 Singleterry, Sam G 84 Foust, Linwood E 81 Smith, George E 34 Foust, Rodger HB 23 Smith, Gilbert HB 21 Funderburk, Walter QB 51 Smith, James C 71 Gantt, Jerome T 35 Stanton, William FB 27 Gibbs, Stanley HB 37 Taylor, Willie HB 29 Howard, Richard HB 33 Upperman, Ronald HB 64 Jackson, Alton G 32 Wilson, Leslie HB 52 Johnson, Charles C 77 Wright, Lewis E FOOTBALL FINAL SCORES Allen University 15 N. C. C. Morgan State College 21 N. C. C. Kentucky State College 12 N. C. C. N. C. C. N. C. C. N. C. C. N. C. C. N. C. C. N. C. C. 31 Virginia State 12 Maryland State 28 Shaw University 28 J. C. Smith 12 Virginia Union 12 A T BASKETBALL BASKETBALL F lOSTER FINAL SCORES Number Name Position Date Game NCC OPF 40 Ronny McCrinnon Guard Dec. Dec. 1 3 Fayetteville State College Virginia State 87 65 65 66 51 Michael Hayes Guard Dec. 5 J. C. Smith 80 104 22 Bryan Kirkley Forward Dec. 10 Shaw 90 84 33 Billy Rose Guard Dec. Dec. 12 15 St. Augustine ' s Winston-Salem 83 96 69 115 30 Roy Killens Guard Dec. 19 Georgetown College 65 71 32 Willie Sinclair Guard Jan. 3 Hampton Institute 68 71 Jan. 4 Virginia Union 68 73 35 George Outlaw Forward Jan. 7 Virginia Union 86 74 13 Robert McKinnon Forward Jan. 9 St. Augustine ' s 69 97 41 Dennis Robinson Forward Guard Jan. Jan. 14 28 A T Winston-Salem 53 68 73 75 34 Lee Davis Center Jan. 30 Morgan State 69 52 31 Joe Pridgen Center Feb. 2 Virginia State 57 80 44 Paris Lennon Forward Feb. Feb. 4 11 A T Hampton 60 59 69 73 43 Daniel McClain Forward Feb. 13 Morgan State 73 71 Feb. 16 Fayetteville State College 94 85 Feb. 18 J. C. Smith 78 73 Feb. 25 Shaw 64 62 i} Vf ' ft) ' BASKETBALL BASKETBALL TRACK ft. STANUINC. LKl ' T TO RIGHT: Coach WUUc Waul, William Beatty, Hardin Kiikley, James Wilkerson, Kenneth Harold, Robert Russell, Percy Crisp, Linell Eargen, Tony Westbrook, Spencer Simmons, James Ramsey, Will Burnette. SEATED: L.ta c IukIiikI.. Uubert Harvey, Nelson Keyes, Ronald Hickman, Charles Copeland, Floyd Williams, Leon Sanders, Carl Reid. liiw«v5Wi 4Si;i: iJw:,r -- v-«. : ;: . - . m »■ «ij4e» ' s.ii: ' , ' . : 5 A ' » ' ' • ' - fflSM 0$ ADVERTISEMENTS— INDEX mmmmm wm mmmmi m msm Wh Widen your horizons! 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PLUMBING, HEATING and INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES SIXTY-THREE YEARS OF SERVICE 400-402 PEABODY STREET DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA PHONE 684-0261 SENIOR DIRECTORY Adams, Preston. Jr. 2280 Sedgefield Street Miami 39. Florida Addison, Kenneth N. 26 Arlington Koad Burlington, Mass. Alston, William T. 2900 Fayetteville Street Durham, North Carolina Amos, Verlia J. Rte. Box S04-A Booker St. Durham. North Carolina Anthony, Paul S. 407 Decature Brooklyn. New York Archer, Fay P. O. Box 133 Winton. North Carolina Armwood. June C. 416 Charles Street Goldsboro. North Carolina Arrington, Anne W. Rte. 3, Box 6-H Nashville, North Carolina Atkins, LaFell 212 Fowle Street Raleigh, North Carolina Atkinson, Clarence E. Rte. 2, Box 209 Robersonville, North Carolina Baldwin, Catherine Rte. 1, Box 461 Fuguay-Varina, North Carolina Baldwin, Janice L. 709 Langford .-Avenue High Point, North Carolina Banks, Brenda Mae P. O. Box 32 James City. North Carolina Banks. Franklin Jackson, Jr. 32 3 Winthrope Avenue Millen, Georgia Banks, John H. 701 WUliam Street New Bern, North Carolina Banks. Willie M. Rte. I, Box 100 Belcross, North Carolina Barbee, Paul A. 422 Henry Street Durham, North Carolina Barnes. Arnette C. 90S S. Martin Street Elizabeth City, North Carolina Barrett, Clayton, Jr. 609 Boyte Street Monroe, North Carolina Battle, Phillip Steven Rte. 3, Box 392 Nashville, North Carolina Batts, Marie Lucille 802 Flaming Street Greenville, North Carolina Baylor, Ernest T. 2408 Dallas Street Durham. North Carolina Beaks. James W. 409 S. 2nd Street Seneca, South Carolina Bennett, Paul E. Rte. 1, Box 326 Wadesboro, North Carolina Bethea, Elizabeth D. P. O. Box 653 Roseboro. North Carolina Bigby. Gilbert A, 5025 Longbrook Circle Winston-Salem, North Carolin Bitting, Paul E. 1816 Kentucky Ave. Winston-Salem. North Carolin Blackman. Normondy S. Rte. 3. Box 195 Enfield, North Carolina Blue, Donald R. 1 1 1 South Reid Street Wilson, North Carolina Blunt, Frankie R, 1202 Rosewood Street Durham, North Carolina Bonaparte, Delores 1807 Fayetteville Street Durham. North Carolina Boney, Lonnie M. Rte. 1. Box 296 Teachey. North Carolina Boone, Deloris E. 213 Corbun Street Durham. North Carolina Boone. James C. Rte. 1, Box 117 Pendleton. North Carolina Boone, Reginald D. P. O. Box 154 Garysburg. North Carolina Borden. Jefferv P. 1366 Tyman Place Bronx. New York Bragg. Cubie A. 212 Rogon Road Chapel Hill, North Carolina Brawley, Carolyn B. Rte. 2, Box 134 Rowan, North Carolina Breathett, George R. 1901 Finley Street Greensboro. North Carolina Brewer, George E. 205 Dennis Street Morganton, North Carolina Brinkley, Mollye J. General Delivery Weldon, North Carolina Broome, Stuart A. 215 8th Ave. Drive. S. W. Hickory. North Carolina Brown, Bernard L. 1300 Malberry Avenue Charlotte, North Carolina Brown, Beverly D. 5 Wall Street Charleston, South Carolina Brown, Carrie M. Rte. 1, Box 229 Pelham. North Carolina Brown. Janet Rte. 2, Box 31 Roper, North Carolina Brown, Jimmie L. 204 Blount Street Ayden, North Carolina Brown. Leroy A. 1228 Heidth Street Columbia. South Carolina Brown, Ronald H. 401 Moline Street Durham, North Carolina Bryant, Gloria J. P. O. Box 152 Winterville, North Carolina Burnette, Annie P. RED 3, Box 26 Warrenton, North Carolina Burnette, Benton A. 901 Chalmers Street Durham, North Carolina Burton, Joan E. 129 Bridge Street Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina Butler, Theodore B. 1212 Meares Street Wilmington, North Carolina Byrd, Herman C, 1347 29th Street Newport News, Virginia Byrd, Walter R. 109-A Durham Street Greensboro. North Carolina Cardwell. Gloria D. F-1 Atlantic Street Durham, North Carolina Carlton, Rose M, Rte. 2, Box 573-L Mt. Olive, North Carolina Carpenter, Brenda L. Rte. 2. Box 90 New London, North Carolina Carr, Barbara D. 502 Maury Street Wilson, North Carolina Carr, Bobbie D. Rte. 1, Box 15 Chadbourn, North Carolina Carroll, Harry A. Rte. 2, Box 321 Enfield, North Carolina Carver, William H., Jr. 864 W. Orange Street Fay, North Carolina Chadwick, Frederick R. 522 E. Blount Street Kinston, North Carolina Cherry, Norma J. 509 Griffin Street Goldsboro. North Carolina Clark. James B. 1111 29th Street Newport News. Virginia Clegg, Edna E. 106 Baldwin Terrace Hampton, Virginia Cloyd, Carlton L. 1801 Leggett Road Rocky Mount, North Carolina demons, Evelyn A. Rte. 2. Box 252 Zebulon, North Carolina Coleman, Samuel L., Jr. 1600 Boundary Street High Point, North Carolina Compton, Mary P. O. Box 22 Cedar Grove, North Carolina Cooke, David B. 615 Lawson Street Durham, North Carolina Cooke, Lawrence E. 200 W. Enterprise Street Durham, North Carolina Coppedge, David L. 800 Ellison Drive Rocky Mount. North Carolina Cordell. Shirley J. 900 Gay Street Rocky Mount. North Carolina Corpening, Laura E. Rte. 7, Box 129 Morganton. North Carolii Creed, George B. 1 306 Rosewood Street Durham. North Carolina Croslan. Emanuel. Jr. 1029 Pinkston Henderson. North Carolin Currence. Ray H. 304 Reid Street Lowell, North Carolina Dafford, Jesse M. Rte. 1. Box 41 Rose Hill, North Carolina Davis, Julia W. 4108 Baker Street, Rte. 3 Durham. North Carolina Davis. Augustus H. 1005 Faison Street Wilson. North Carolina Davis. Charles V. 710 Philmont Durham. North Carolina Davis. Clark B. 317 Charter Drive Wilmington. North Caroli Davis, Lydia P. Rte. 1. Box Eulawville. South Carolin Dawkins. Dianne M. 617 Mill Road Charlotte. North Carolina Greensboro, North Carolina Dixon, Paulette J. 243 Folk Street Lenoir. North Carolina Dobson. Celestine Rte. 1, Box 128 Magnolia. North Carolina Dockery. William, Jr. Rte. 1. Box 6 Laurinturg, North Carolina Douglas, Annette 640 Rayon Avenue Charlotte, North Carolina Draughon, Judith A. 1 15 Blount Street Fayetteville, North Carolina Dudley, Elsie M. Rte. 2. Box 82 Aurora, North Carolina Dudley, Eugene L. 83 Roberts Place Roosevelt. New York Robersonville, North Carolin; Duggins, Andre V. Rte. 1. Box 30 Coden, Alabama Duncan, Daisy E. 204 North Wheeler Street Winston-Salem. North Carolii Dunston. Margorie Rte. 3. Box 52 Louisburg, North Carolina Ebron, Norris L. 202 Greenfield Blvd. Greenville, North Carolina SENIOR DIRECTORY Edge, Carolyn D. 517 Henry Street Rocky Mount, North Carolir Edwards, Janice C. 601 Nelson Street Durham. North Carolina Edwards, Shirley M. Rte. 1, BoK 496 Tarboro, North Carolina Elliott, Lois A. 217 James Street Brevard, North Carolina Elliott, Thomas A. 1110 South Church Street Mount Olive, North Carolina Ellis, Joyce F. 918 Washington Street Wilson, North Carolina Evans. Patricia A. Route 3, Box 409-D Durham, North Carolina Evans, Gloria A. 619 Price Avenue Durham, North Carolina Ewing, Gwendolyn I. 610 Greensboro Street Asheboro, North Carolina Faison, Douglas E. Rte. I, Box 206 Garland, North Carolina Farrar, Walter W. 1728 North Main Street Mount Olive, North Carolina Farrell, Walter C. 512 South Coleman Street Raleigh, North Carolina Felton, Mary J. 811 Price Street Elizabeth City, North Carolir Fennell. Shirley A. 201 West Piedmont Avenue Durham, North Carolina Finch, Quentine D. Rte. 3, Box 498 Wilson. North Carolina Forte, Phyllis J. P. O. Box 554 Smithfield, North Carolina Foust, Linwood O. Rte. 3, Box 327-B Charlotte, North Carolina Fowler. Harold F. 208 Moline Street Durham. North Carolina Francis. Vera L. 817 Whitter Place. N. W. Washington, D. C. Frederick, William S. 106 Best Street Road Warsaw, North Carolina Froneberger, Diane L. Rte. 2, Box 408 Gastonia, North Carolina Fuller, Russell D. 628 Harrison Street Reidsville, North Carolina Galbreath, Elizabeth A. Rte. 2, Box 123 Red Springs, North Carolina Gale, Joseph H. 206 Selvin Avenue Raleigh, North Carolina Gales, Rethema 308 Douglas Street Laurinburg, North Carolina Gant, Patricia A. 308 W. 14th Street Winston-Salem, North Carolina Garrett. Celia E. 12 Fair Street Asheville. North Carolina Gatewood. Carmen Rte. Box 512 Wadesboro. North Carolina Gatling, Raymond E. P. O. Box 83 Garysburg, North C arolina Geter. Harry L. 719Cliffside Street High Point, North Carolina Gibbs, Stanley 509 Babb Street Haynesville, North Carolina Gibson, Veronica T. 301 Moline Street Durham, North Carolina Giles, Gladys 2505 White Oak Drive Durham, North Carolina Gilliam, Ernest 904 Shepard Avenue Rocky Mount, North Carolina Goldston. Rufus L. Rte. 1. Box 373-A Siler City, North Carolina Grady, Clara Y. Rte. 2, Box 231 Dudley, North Carolina Graham. Aaron R. 1031 14th Street South St. Petersburg, Florida Graham, Amy L. 728 Walnut Street Laurinburg, North Carolina Grant, Milton R. 2111 Concord Street Durham, North Carolina Graves, Lettie L. Rte. I. Box 154 Pelham. North Carolina Green. Andrew N. 10 East 126 Street New York. New York Green. Paris W. 1509 Summerville Circle Raleigh. North Carolina Grier, Dorothy 106 W. Harrison Avenue Gastonia. North Carolina Grier. Willie F. 1031 Biddle Street New Bern, North Carolina Griffin, Charles W. 406 Dogwood Street Fuquay-Varina. North Carolina Haith. Cornelia A. Rte. 3, Box 184 Mebane. North Carolina Hall, Mary E. 304 Martin Street Charlotte. North Carolina Handy. Jimmie T. 108 Manchester Street Wilson. North Carolina Hardy. Clarence C. Rte. 1, Box 55 Edenton, North Carolina Hardy. Julia A. 17 Carneige Avenue East Orange, New Jersey Harmon, Betty M. Rte. 3, Box 139 Windsor, North Carolina Harris, Clement E. 701 Royal Street Method, North Carolina Harris, Frances L. 1622 W. Trade Street Charlotte, North Carolina Harris, George W. 1500 Floyd Street Lynchburg. Virginia Harris. James W. P. O. Box 51 Lewiston. North Carolina Harris. Mozel W. Rte. 2. Box 85 Rougemont. North Carolina Harris. William B. 603 Martin Street Durham. North Carolina Harrison. Pattie S. Rte. 3. Box 31 Roxboro. North Carolina Harvey. Patricia L. 318 W. Market Street Hertford. North Carolina Hatley. Lonnie G. Rte. 3, Box 139 Apex, North Carolina Hawkins, Jacqueline B. 1607 Nichilas Street Henderson. North Carolina Hawkins. Jerry Rte. 2. Box 12 Conway. North Carolina Hayes. Deloris Rte. I, Box 265 Sneads Terry. North Carolina Hayes. Floyd W., Ill 3990 Hepburn Avenue Los Angeles. California Haynes. Karen D. 367 Tower Street Union. New Jersey Henderson. Bobby M. 305 Red Oak Avenue Durham, North Carolina Hexstall, Larry E. 1605 Camellia Drive Elizabeth City, North Carotin Higgins. Harold L. 1508 Concord Street Durham. North Carolina Hill. Betty L. P. O. Box 67 Garland. North Carolina Hill. Howard D. 405 Formosa Avenue Durham. North Carolina Hilliard. Leslie A. Rte. 3, Box 395 Durham, North Carolina Hilliard, Wilma J. 928 Sycamore Street Weldon. North Carolina Hobbs, James D. 503 Viola Street Wilson, North Carolina Holman, Camilla J. 811 Colfax Street Durham. North Carolina Hollidav, Patricia A. 1009 Simmons Street Durham, North Carolina Holt, Vernice A. 915 S. State Street Raleigh, North Carolina Horner, Carstine Route 2. Box 130 Spring Hope, North Carolina Howard, Gloria J. 107 Dellabrook Drive Winston-Salem. North Carolir Hickman. Ollie M. Route I. Box 250 Shallotte. North Carolina Hunter, Albertine 200 Halifax Road Rocky Mount. North Carolin Ingram. Ocie Route 1, Box 7-A Providence, North Carolina Issac. Annie B. 213Corbun Street Durham. North Carolina Jackson, Brenda E. 1015 Fairview Street Durham, North Carolina Jackson, James R. 400 Grove Street Oxford. North Carolina Jefferson. Doris Route 5. Box 131-A Henderson. North Carolina Jeffers. Rita Route 3. Box 56 Roxboro. North Carolina Jeffries. Clarence I. 512 Amos Street High Point. North Carolina Jefferson, Margaret 1918 McConnell Road Greensboro, North Carolina Jefferson. Laura E. Route 5. Box 131-A Henderson. North Carolina Jessup. Ernestine Route 1, Box 25 Summerfield, North Carolina Johnson, Barbara J. 302 W. Enterprise Street Durham, North Carolina Johnson, Juanita 16125 N. W. 22nd Court Miami, Florida Johnson, Mary A. Route 1, Box 338 Oriental, North Carolina Johnson, Thomas 408-An. Rk. S. E. Lexington. North Carolina Johnson. Wade Route 4. Box 313-A Greenville, North Carolina Jones, Ana R. Route 1, Box 105 Garysburg, North Carolina Jones, Carolyn 714 Highway 87, North Spring Lake, North Carolina Jones, Edwin C. 101 North Rocheel Blvd. Kinston, North Carolina Jones, Gloria J. 2121 Jennings Street Charlotte. North Carolina Jones, Gracie L. 103 Verbena Street Durham, North Carolina ■■■■■■1 SENIOR DIRECTORY Jones. Gwendolyn 817 Ridgway Street Durham, North Carolina i W. Star Route Box 83A Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina Jones, Loretta 514 College Street Columbia, South Carolina Jones, Viola 43 Bartlett Street Asheville, North Carolina Jones, Vergie Route 1. Box 322 Hamlet, North Carolina Jones, Valjean 1925 Cecil Street Durham, North Carolina Jordan, Catherine L. 310 W. Front Street Oxford, North Carolina Kent. Cynthia J. 1016 College Street South Boston, Virginia Kimball, James D. 811 South Center Street Hickory, North Carolina King, Garland M. 800 South George Street Goldsboro, North Carolina King, Leonard 1303 Hyde Park Avenue Durham, North Carolina Kirkley, Byron L. 272 Division Avenue, N. E. Washington, D. C. Knuckles, Sandra 1518 Rosewood Street Durham, North Carolina Larkins, Sandra 300 Parrish Street Raleigh, North Carolina Laughlin, Betty K. Route 2, Box 242 Trinity, North Carolina Laws, Samuel 1016 Pierce Street Washington, North Carolina Lawson, Juanita Route 3, Box 71 Roxboro, North Carolina Leach, Ethel T. S3S Shepard Street Burlington, North Carolina Ledbetter, Theresa K. Post Office Box 43 Parkton, North Carolina Leggett, Warren D. 1228 Berkeley Street Durham. North Carolina Lemon, Alice O. Box 38 Merritt, North Carolina Lewis, Mae K. 1012 North 8th Street Wilmington, North Carolina Lipscomb, Mae F. 4308 Ward Road Durham, North Carolina Lloyd, Clarence E. 716 Warren Street Williamston, North Carolina Locke, Barbara Route 1, Box 125 Winterville, North Carohna Logan, George W. 618 Massey Avenue Durham. North Carolina Long, Hattie M. 42 3 Jerkins Street Burlington, North Carolina Route 1. Box 228 Spring Lake, North Carolina Marshall, Natalie E. 613 Dunbar Street Durham, North Carolina Martin, Lillian F. 2609 Fandly Street Winston-Salem, North Carolina Mason, Pinky R. Post Office Garysburg, North Carolina Massey, Alexander B. 1627 Thurmorid Street Winston-Salem, North Carolina Maynor, Barbara A. 801 W. 3rd Avenue Red Springs, North Carolina McAllister, Doris G. 203 Walton Road Mid Park, North Carolina McAuley, James C- Route 6. Box 1224 Sanford, North Carolina McCauley, Victor L- 217 N. Graham Street Chapel Hill, North Carolina McClinton, Paul L. 1125 West 5th Street Greenville. North Carolina McCollum, Marshall J. 704 Buffalo Street Shelby, North Carolina McCoy, Maggie D- Route 1. Box 121 South Mills. North Carolina McCullough. Juanita 1 1 5 South Erving Avenue Mick, North Carolina McKoy, Andrew 1018 Coleman Street Raleigh, North Carolina Mclver, William, Jr. Route 4, Box 295 Durham, North Carolina McLean, Queen E. 212 Baldwin Avenue Red Springs, North Carolina McCloud, James E. 725 York Street Sanford, North Carolina McNeil, Charles Route 2. Box 44-B Lillington, North Carolina McNeal. Alvin R. Route 2. Box 266 Kinston. North Carolina McNeal. Ernie Post Office Box 131 Clayton, North Carolina McNeal, Mary J. Route 9, Box 312 Charlotte, North Carolina McNeill, Noel L. 1273 Penna Avenue Southern Pines, North Carolina 2306 McConnell Road Mebane, Robert L. 1407 Wendell Avenue High Point, North Carolina Mittleton, Evelyn Route 1, Box 104 Tabb, Virginia McDonnel, Gladys 2908 Kanewood Drive Durham, North Carolina Miller, Thelma J. Route 1, Box 312 Colerain. North Carolina Mills, Delores Route 1. Box 203-B Morrisville, North Carolina Mills. Victoria A. 147 Finley Avenue Lenore. North Carolina Mizelle, Johnnie E. Route 1, Box 127 Robersonville, North Carolina Montgomery, Betty L. 827-A Orange Street Fayetteville, North Carolina Montgomery, Kenneth 153 Drew Road Williamsburg, Virginia Moore, Juanita 404 East Umstead Street Durham, North Carolina Morgan, Charles L. 907 Windsor Street Monroe, North Carolina Moss, Shirley M. P. O. Box 283 McAdamville, North Carolina Mountain, Annie S. 519 Julian Street Greensboro, North Carolina Mumford, Carolyn J. 621 Thompson St. Kinston, North Carolina Murrey, Hamilton 704 Lanning Street Hendersonville. North Carolina Murrell. Doris J. 415 East Pilot St. Apt. C-6 Durham. North Carolina Neal. Danny P. 312 Todd Street Belmont, North Carolina Nealy, Ellen D. 7 3 East 6th Street Gastonia, North Carolina Nelson, James J. 708 Swan Street Wilmington, North Carolina Neverson, Eunice O. Route 2, Box 208 Disputanta, Virginia Newell, Loretta Y. Box 261 Roanoke Rapids. North Carolin Nichols, Marshall N. Box 280 Hallsboro, North Carolina Nickerson, Ronald N. 2805 Fayetteville Street Durham. North Carolina Oliver. Colon L. 810 Silk Lone Fayetteville. North Carolina Page. James T. 321 Lincoln Drive Fayetteville, North Carolina Page, Sandra J. 307 ' j Bell Street Durham. North Carolina Paiker. Daniel H. 71 1 Massey Avenue Durham, North Carolina Pate, Buford B. 1204 W. Main Street Rock Hill, S. C. Patterson. Alec 420 Lincoln St. Laurinburg. North Carolina Patterson, Fermell 1110 Deep Creek Road Fayetteville, North Carolina Payne, Josephine S. 1500 East Avenue High Point, North Carolina Payton, Pearlie M. Route 2. Box 95 Farmville. North Carolina Pearce. Linda A. 602 Wright Street Wilmington, North Carolina Perry, John C. Route 1. Box 88 Youngsville. North Carolina Perry, Josephine 47 Franklin Street South Bound Brook, New Je: Perry, Paul J. 1510 Earl Street Durham, North Carolina Perry, Raymond C. Route 2. Box 185 Norlina. North Carolina Pettis. Bobby D. 608 W. Fremont Avenue Charlotte. North Carolina Pettis. Brenda K. 310 Todd Street Belmont. North Carolina Phillips. Burnell G. 4602 Ward Road Durham. North Carolina Picott, Theodore 1336 29th Street Newport News. Virginia Pierce, Ralph B. Route 1, Box 45 Paulsboro, North Carolina Pitt, Gloria J. 1018 Liberty Hill Road Kinston, North Carolina Pointer, James C. 411 Lee Street Durham, North Carolina Polly. Felix W. 28 Mountain Street Asheville. North Carolina Porter. Barbara J. S-H Wabash Avenue Durham. North Carolina Potts, Walter D. 3 Coleus Park Boston. Mass. Pratt. Jesse H. 1209 Hyde Park Avenue Durham. North Carolina SENIOR DIRECTORY Pridgen, Billy R. Route 3, Box 400 Snow Hill, North Carolina Purcell, John W. 2171 Madison Avenue New York, New York Quick, John D. 3251 Cumberland Road Winston-Salem, North Carolina Ramsey, Evelyn J. P.O. Box 804 Pittsboro. North Carolina Ramsey, Thoma I. Route 2, Box 155 Macon, North Carolina Randolph, Margie D. P. O. Box 4 Falkland, North Carolina Ray, Amenthia C. 89 Carnegie Avenue East Orange, New Jersey Regis, Pamela 1818 Broaden Drive Fayetteville, North Carolina Reid, William L. 522 Huron Street Kannapolis, North Carolina Revell, Helen G. Route 2, Box 98 Selma, North Carolina Rhodes, Samuel T. SHE. Divine Street Dunn, North Carolina Richardson, Barbara 3001 Main Street Tarboro, North Carolina Richardson, Carolyn Route 1, Box 165 Apex. North Carolina Richardson, Emma B. 512 Price Avenue Durham, North Carolina Richardson, Levonia Route 2, Box 475 Louisburg, North Carolina Richburg, Zollie 8831 Zodiac Drive Cinn.,Ohio Ricketts, Jacqueline 114 Lincoln Court Raleigh, North Carolina Roberson, Elaine B. 1702 Afred Street Durham, North Carolina Roberts. Edwin A. P. O. S. Trinidad, W. I. Robertson, Mary L. Route 2. Box 34 Raleigh. North Carolina Roosevelt, Robertson 300 Woodbury Avenue High Point, North Carolina Robinson, Maxine C. 829 Amye Street Fayetteville. North Carolina Robinson, Priscilla M. Route 4, Box 451 Goldsboro, North Carolina Roper, Gerald J. 339 Huguenot Street New Rochelle, New York 204 Center Street Albemarle, North Carolii Rouse, Ann A. Route 2, Box 151 Whitakers, North Carolin Ro M. Route 1, Box 57 Taylorsville, North Carolina Royster, Shirley M. 601 Oakwood Avenue Durham, North Carolina Rush, Patricia Post Office Box 87 Norwood, North Carolina Rutherford, Ralph A. 318 Yancy Street Marion, North Carolina Sadler. Kenneth D. 517 Hawkins Road Gastonia, North Carolina Sanders, Norman C. 908 S. State Street Raleigh, North Carolina Sanders, Robert D. 220 Sellings Street Clayton, North Carolina Sapp, Sauren B. Route 2, Box 60 Four Oaks, North Carolina Scarborough, Clara S. 1802 S. Alston Avenue Durham, North Carolina Scott, Bernard Post Office Box 27 Winton, North Carolina Self, James S. 1919 Noble Street Durham, North Carolina Shade, Shirley J. 519 Mathew Street Durham, North Carolina Shanks. Bettie C. Route 7, Box 225 Burlington, North Carolina Sharpe, Charlotte 132 Softus Street Leaksville, North Carolina Shaw, Robert B. 205 Bradshaw Street Fairmount, North Carolina Shaw, Rufus C. Route 1, Box 168 Pollocksville. North Carolina Sherrill, Eva M. RED, Box 34 Relews Creek, North Carolina Shropshire, Billy 1175 Clarkson Street Charlotte, North Carolina Siler, Joyce B. Route 2, Box 149 Siler City, North Carolina Simms, Janet S. Box 461 Henrietta, North Carolina Simmons, Jerry L. 1602-13 Devereaux Street Goldsboro, North Carolina Simpson, Roy L. 426 Respass Street Washington, North Carolina Slade, Dennis T. 430 Church Street Williamston, North Carolina Sligh, Richard E. 8 30 Bess Street Newberry, South Carolina Smith, Barbara J. Route 2. Box 133-A Summerfield, North Carolina Smith, Carlotta L. Route 1, Box 85 Warsaw, North Carolina Smith, Hilda G. 202 S. William Street Farmville. North Carolina Smith, Otis R. 410 E. Main Street Williamston. North Carolina Snipes, Gloria J. 2-D Sima Street Durham. North Carolina Spann. Larry B. 30-D Ridgeway Avenue Durham, North Carolina Spears, Arthur E. 2412 Red Oak Avenue Durham, North Carolina Speight, Lucius F. Route 4. Box 63-B Wilson, North Carolina Spicely, Thomas Route I, Box 99 Danville, Virginia Spruill, Merrion D. 204 Workman Street Goldsboro, North Carolina Spruill. Robert D. 106 S. Luther Street Greensboro, North Carolina Stafford, Ray A. 1303 Wendell Avenue High Point, North Carolina Slaten, Derrick R. Route 2, Box 310-B Clarkton, North Carolina Staten, William Jr. 1633 Fountain Street Rocky Mount, North Carolin Still, Wendell S. 357 Ross Street Danville. Virginia Stokes. Laverda Route 1, Box 185 Merritt, North Carolina Strong, Robert F. Box 325 Ellenboro, North Carolina , Slla ette 626 44th Street Newport News, Virginia Sweet, Constance J. 450 Street Nicholas Avenue New York, New York Taylor, Gwendolyn 615 Frink Street Fayetteville, North Carolina Taylor, John J. 810 Oxford Street Greensboro, North Carolina Taylor, Joyce D. B-8 College Plaza Durham, North Carolina Thigpen, Franklyn 908 Henderson Avenue Fayetteville, North Carolina Thomas, Bernadine 2330 North Cherry St. Apt. A. Winston-Salem, North Carolina Thomas, Samuel V. 525 Gates Avenue Brooklyn, New York Thompson, Cora L. 635 Voodland Avenue Rocky Mount, North Caroli Thompson, Rojulene 550 Reid Street Kannapolis, North Carolina Thorn, Percy 429 Durmout Avenue Brooklyn, New York Tidwell, Isaiah 1S22 Vinton Street Charlotte, North Carolina Turner, Joyce M. Route I. Box 156 South Mills. North Carolii Turner, Shannon Route 3, Box 131 Warrenton, North Carolin Turrentine, Haywood Route 2, Box 143 Durham, North Carolina Tyson, Johnny L. 1300 Battle Street Greenville, North Carolin; Vance, Louina Route 3, Box 297 Rutherfordton, North Carolii Vaughn, Addie J. 5 32 Orr Road Charlotte, North Carolina Virgil, Maxine 33-55 14th Street Long Island, New York Wade, Barbara A. 209 Nelson Street Durham, North Carolina Walker, Leon 936 Perry Avenue Augusta, Georgia Wall, Melvin 3115 Clearview Drive Charlotte, North Carolina Wallace. Katherine Route 2, Box 361-B Mount Olive, North Carolina Waller, Willie H. Post Office Box 5 64 Warsaw, North Carolina Washington, Betsy A. 312 Dunstan Street Durham, North Carolina Washington, Patricia 2315 Olando Street Charlotte, North Carolina Watkins, Curtis Post Office Box 116 Badin, North Carolina Watson, Shirley 3029 Fayetteville Street Durham, North Carolina Whitehead, Winnie A. 809 Fayetteville Street Durham, North Carolina Wicker, Norris C. Box 357 Goldston, North Carolina SENIOR DIRECTORY Wiley, Gaynell A- Route 1. Box 172 Yanceyville. North Carolina Williams, Harry G. 106 Hartley Street Lenoir, North Carolina WiUiston, Harriet E. 725 Falls Street Gastonia, North Carolina Woods, Velma 1209 N. Boyce Street Gastonia. North Carolina Williams, Benjamin A. F-7 Washington Terrace Raleigh, North Carolina Williams, Jean 209 Mallard Avenue Durham, North Carolina Wilson. Joyce V. 231 Rosemont Avenue Kannapolis, North Carolina Wray, Sandra R. 121 Masondale Avenue Durham, North Carolina Williams. Evelena L. 1009 S. 10th Street Wilmington, North Carolina Williams. John T. Route 3, Box 349 Rocky Mount, North Carolina Winston. Brenda Sue Route 7, Box 207 Lexington, North Carolina Wright. Alfred C. Route 1. Box 327 Norlina, North Carolina Williams. Gail P. Route 2, Box 367 Ne vton Grove, North Carolina Williams, Linda D. Route 1, Box 9-A Scotland Neck. North Carolina Witherspoon, Charlin 171 S Monument Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Wright, Alfreda J. 731 North Morris Street Gastonia, North Carolina Williams, Georgia M- 426 Murchison Road Fayetteville. North Carolina Williams. Phyllis A. 38S Millwood Drive Spartanburg. South Carolina Witherspoon, Ernest J. 547 Homeland Avenue Durham, North Carolina Young, Leo W. 1486 E. 118 Street Cleveland, Ohio Williams, Gwendolyn T. Route 3. Box 173 Enfield, North Carolina Williamson, Mary S. Route 2, Box 205 Clinton. North Carolina Womble, Waymon L. Route 1, Box 144 Goldston, North Carolina Young, Nettie V. 512 Ottawa Street Durham. North Carolina 1 11 IHS - - o -a - 9 7 .. a. a. W. ■■. o «ir msi BBmsam am

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