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k: ' V m ■ ' ' : ' z (VJU - ( -- k I GS M . a... •. ai ' • ' « a -«i «« • t Robert Frank Jones, Editor Mrs. Alma F. Biggers, Advisor Mr. A. M. Rivera, Photographer Dr, M.m.m D Ttiorpc. Dcaii of Siudcnls Dedication There have been in all ages, in all civilizations, and in all cultures men who, in life, walk taller than those who walk beside them. In the microcosm of North Carolina College there is such a man. A man who continues to grow in " wisdom and stature " to us, who has carried our problems on his shoulders, and who has given us a gift we can never equal, " iaith in ourselves. " He has been patient and understanding when we cry of dissatisfaction. He knows how to talk with us with knowledge of our wants and needs because he knows us, the students! We, the students of North Carolina College, dedicate the 1965 edition of the ' Eagle ' to you. Dr. Marion D. Thorpe, Dean of Students, with admiration and love. The Family of Dean Tliorpc SEATED: Mrs. Thorpe, Marion D. Thorpe, Jr STANDING: Pamela, and Dr Thorpe. Pamela is proud to be holding her babv brother, De; This mjl -m t IS NCC What confusion! What confusion! Placement exams, SAT ' s, Psychological tests Extreme confusion! There ' s registration — long long lines Filling cards, paying bills, taking courses Nothing but confusion! Socializing — romancing the smoke and the noise The smoke glides along The noise increases crescendo Confusion! Life seems to be one of continuous lines Lines for the bookstore, dining hall, canteen But from lines of confusion We reach our goal — Learning. -:. . .. a.. M.;. mi. " ii i ■%■ I ' •• If ' I ' l: jfi ' i. " m Mm The pleasures of life are always remembered. Cheering; our teams is especially pleasurable. Christmas at home — With all the family To tell the news Th.Ti we are honor students — N.C.C. - productive of the most pleasing results. 7S, - %MMi — - V i TWBSx - H W . 5v ' ■ w « :i " ' " ' ' t ' - H ' :- ' :Hi ■.- ' ' ■ -i- ' Ii i iu: ji ' ' I ' a ' ■ ' u,f! I »,.. r. r I ' An evening of entertainment at N.C.C. Provides one with comedians. Jazz concertists, popular musicians Classical singers and dramatists. An evening of entertainment — Curtains! .», .. a. , a. »,» «i I jrJ )- i. L ... ... . . .. «.;. mi. mi mi «« IN MEMORIAM Students from N.C.C. That ' s why there is much concern When two of them depart. Their aspirations and contributions that were embedded in the school still live. Therefore, as you, Brenda, and you, Audrey, are gone, NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE pays TRIBUTE. The key to a successful future Is within our reach. The key is personified in Our founder, in students seeking knowledge. In our leaders — The key is manifested in visitors on campus Who have advice and information to offer The key is N.C.C. We can possess it! f W ;- ' It is said that he who loves — understands Love and understanding are always felt when they are present They are manifested through the advice of the counse- lors. They are present through the aid of instructors and stu- dents — The recipient of love and understanding is affected. And the giver is rewarded by smiles, by kisses, and by the glow of happiness in many eyes. Through love was N.C.C. founded — N.C.C. is the product of love. ' . _. . ' . »,L mi. mi, ' m.i t Frank Ballance exhibits tht spirit of Valentine ' f-- Day as he passes out candy to three of the girls in his heart, " L " f Dr. Willa B. Player, Bennett College, Dr. Benjamin Mays, Morehouse College, Dr. Stephen Wright. Fisk University-, Dr. Samuel P. Massle. X.C. College, Dr. Samuel Xabrit, Texas South- ern University, and Dr. Jerome Holland, Hampton Institute, enjoy a moment of fun during a meeting of college and university presidents. Smiles come out even in a bitter snow ball fight The nostalgic ring of N.C.C. ' s bell Tolls the awakening, the expectancy Homecoming — when the leaves turn their familiar rustic color Homecoming — when the graduates return to admire Alma Mater and the fighting Eagles. As traditional as school ' s opening in September Is the sight of knowledged rail sitters. And as traditional as Freshmen ' s beanies Are the lovers in the Senior Bowl. 4 ' 4 nlPji ' »it ' ' ' «r ' ' ' » |»M ? ,i The shorthand class displays its awards as it once again, placed 3rd in the 51st International OGA shorthand con- test. The nightly pinochle game pro -ides a wonderful excuse for not doing home work. m ' m mi - », -» -i •« - i -«? Jimmy Smith plays " Goldfingers " as the love talk stops. Edwin Roberts, our track hero, displays his collection of medals from Olyn pic Games in Tokyo. As the year rushes by and as man increases his knowledge and experiences — So does N.C.C. increase its scope academically and physically. No place should ever stand still and thus it is true with the Maroon and Gray — It grows. The ground breaking of the new women ' s dormitor) ' . i. .y .■ . " ■ ' • ' fe ir k NJoc»,TU Cao,oi. LlAOj. ' i.lS t T ' f sy Aw at i u ■■4. mi, m. •» mi % m • « The Addition to the Chidley Hall Dormitor -. DCDDD Contents For The Eagle DIIDIOD ADMIXISTRATIOX 23 LAW SCHOOL 33 SCHOOL OF LIBRARY SCIENCE 39 GRADUATE SCHOOL 43 UXDERGRADUATE SCHOOL 47 SENIORS 59 JUNIORS 91 sophomores 103 freshmen 113 honor groups 125 or(;anizations 131 beauties 159 GREEKS 175 SPORTS 185 . DVERTISEMENTS 194 a. ■ mi, m. -kw mi. «i$ i -««« ADMINISTRA TION Governor With very best wishes for a successful year, Sincerely, Dan Moore i -i ' mi -«? Board of Trustees Mr. Clarence C. Watkins, Attorney, M. Hugh Thompson, Mr, Clyde h. Shreve, Dr, J, M. Hubbard, Dr, J, R, Larkins, Dr, Samuel P. Massie, Dr Basconi Baynes, Chairman, Mrs, Harney Beech, Mr. Diilard Tcer, and Mr, W. W. Pierson, President Dr. Samuel Proctor Massic. Jr. President of North Carolina College at Durham • is mi »« Freshmen being greeted by President Massic at then- first leccption. The Massie children talk to Dr. Martin Luther King. Dr. Mrs. Samnel P. Ma! Academic Deans Dean of Undergraduate School Dr. Joseph A Pittman Dean of Graduate School Dr Helen G Edmonds Dean of Library Science School Miss Evelyn Pope Dean of La .- School Dr- Albert L. Turner General Administration Bursar ' s Office Mrs. Sudie H. Marrc r:= REV. Henry Elkuis, Director of the United Campus Christian Ministrv ' . Dr. J. Neal Hughley, College Minister M.. i ma a», • «i a " if t Dean of Students, Dr. Marion Thorpe ¥jm Dean of Women Louise Latham Mrs. Alma Biggers, Counselor; Mr. James Knight, Cuun lor; and Miss Evelyn Marshall, Secretary to Counselors. Miss Lcttie Evans, Counse- Mrs. Lucy . . Da dson, Dietitian : Miss Inez Coleman Nutritionist. Dr. Robert P. Randolph, college physician. SCHOOL OF LA W Dr. Albert L. Turner Dean of the School of Law _ . — . .: M. -i mi mi m «»« " ♦ Mr. Milton E. Johnson Mr. LeMarquis Dejarmon m iitMumm ' i Miss Aletlia Rease Mr. Richard E. Ball Mr. Daniel G. Sampson Third Year Class Paul S. Wallace. John H. Harmon, Ralph Frasier, John Wilkerson, and Frank Ballance. Paul Wallarc. left, and William Hill, rii;ht, disiuss jcl. oppo team of recruiters from the .New York Central Railway. m, m m. - ai -« - « Second Year Class S?J " S ' !iMi« 139 William H. Kliitt?. Rogers Davis, Norman Hendrickson. Eric MichauN. and Bernard Robinson. First Year Class Joseph Allen, Zolly Richbur,?, George Harris, Joeelyn McKissick. Woodro ■ Brown, Cha Griffin, Clifton Johnson, Marshal McCallum. Autji.stus Da is. Moot Court Team John H. Hai-mon, Frank Ballance, and Eric Michaux. Student Bar Association Eric Michaux, Frank Ballance, and Miss Joycclyn McKissick, STA DING: John Wilkc and Rogers Davis. m -, -». -i -i -« -« SCHOOL OF LIBRARY SCIENCE Today as never before the profession of librari- anship is calling for people who are prepared to work in all kinds of libraries with all of the various media of communication. May your work here in this institution be only the beginning of your train- ing. Strive to prepare yourselves in general educa- tion and professional education so that you can compete with the best prepared persons in the field of librarianship. Vhen you lea e these buildings and beautiful grounds, may you carry with you the will and de- termination to render ser% ' ice to children, young people, and adults in their search for knowledge for themsekes, and for the impro ' ement of hu- manity. To achieve the greatest amount of happi- ness in your chosen profession, you must keep up with all of the latest information in books, periodi- cals, and other medias so that you can pass this on to others vho seek your help. Remember that " The librarian ' s mind must have the scope of the encyclopedia, and the currency of the morning newspaper. " The faculty and the staff of the School of Libra- r ' Science join me in wishing for you success in your career. Sincerely yours, Evelyn B. Pope, Dean m - m4 •« m. mi, mi mji mf - t Mrs. Ann Jenkins, Mrs. Dorothy Campbell, and Miss Evelyn Pope Mrs. Josephine Mitchell, Miss Phillipa McNeil, Miss Martha Si.tzer, Miss Jennie Whitt. and Miss Cottis Lewis. Now where can that periodical be Those undergraduates would come in when I have other o k to do. ., •,. «,. -i mi mji mt -»« " . GRADUATE SCHOOL ► - -m " ,■ ' ■ s i- ■ i Dean of the Graduate School DR HELEX G EDMONDS Secretaries to the Graduate De Mrs. Ethel Howie Mrs. Helen Garner » a -•. m mi •« mi - « Graduate School Commerce Department Oneada Spurlock, Ruth Kennedy and Beulah Smith Juanita Pruitt, and James Tyson Graduate School Education Department Jeannette Eubanks, Carolyn Everette, Roosevelt Wright. Mardecla Dudley. Flos- sie Vareen. m - m s-m .%■ Graduate School Sociolo - Department James Saunders, ' eral Watson. Charles J. Robert Markhara. Graduate School Chemistry Department Dr. Ezra Totton. Malcolm Haith, Ma Reid. m. -i, -t. -i -i •« THE UNDERGRAD UA TE SCHOOL Dean of the Undergraduate School Dean Joseph Pittman while in a conference with Miss Diana Wilkerson. Art Department Mr. Joseph Drake, Miss Gail Hansberry, Mr. Robert F. Kennedy, Mr. Michael Sherker, Mi ' Mable C. Bullock. Commerce and Economics Departments ARCHWISE: Mr. Carl Smith, Mrs. Marion H. Thome, Mr. Raphael Thompsor Fulbright, Mr. John Turner, Mr. Joe Norman, Mrs. Lizzie Crews, Dr. James F. Albertha H. Fitts, Dr. J. Neal Hughley, Dr. Mary F. Suggs, Mrs. Sophia S. Brown. Education Department SEATED: Mrs. Bernice Wade, Mrs. Daisy Robson, Mrs. Octa -ia Knight, Mr. George Clarke, Mrs. Willa Br ' ant, Mrs. M. B. Lucas. STANDING: Dr. Charles Orr. Mr. George O. Phillips, Dr. T. J. Mayberry, Dr. Walter Brown, Dr. F. G. Shipman. Dr. Joseph McKelpin. Dr. Ray Thompson, Dr. William Brown. English Department SEATED: Dr. Sylvia Render. Mrs. Minnie Spaulding, Mrs. Alice Farrison, Miss Jean Norris, Dr. Ila Blue, Mrs. Mamie Elam. Mrs. Helena Heusner, Mrs. Pasty Perr ' , Mrs. Martha Lifson, Mrs. Clarctta Sampson, Mrs. Thomascnia Shaw. Miss Joan Edgerton. Mr. Henry Brooks, Mr. Sanicul Shumaker. STANDING: Dr. W. Edward Farrison. Dr. William Couch, Mr. Benjamin Lifson, and Mr. Harold .Alexander. m . a«„ m-. -i mii -« mi Romance Languages French Department FRONT RO]V: Mrs. Modirzadeh, Mrs. Brockiiian. rrs Himes, SECOND ROW: Mr, Melt- zer, Mr. Eaves. THIRD ROW: Dr. Bras, Mrs. Jczierski, Mr. Wright. Dr. Jackson, Chairman. Spanish Department lA SEATED: Dr. Jones, Dr. Carballo, Mrs. Jezierski. STANDING: Dr. Jackson, Chairman Mr. Mayber- ry, Mrs. Pondiella. Latin, German and Philosophy Departments SEATED: Dr- Ernest M. Manasse, Chairman, Mrs. Marianne Manasse, Mrs. Baerbel Cantari- no. STASDIKG: Mr. Dwight J. Harris and Mr. Le«-is Haymes. Health Education Departments SEATED: Mr. William P. Malonc. Mrs F. Savage, Mr, Brooklyn T. McMillion, Chairman; Dr. Howard M. Fitts, Mrs. L, E. Cannady. Secretary, 52 ■■4 • . -». -i " k -Si »i -»» 4 Kt V - . Home Economics Department SEATED: Mrs. Muriel B. Lievoy, Mrs. Elva P. Dejarmnn. Miss Jean Cooper. Miss Marguritc Edwards, Mrs, Paula Mack, Mrs. Gwendolyn Paschall, Mrs. Imogene M. Ford. Mathematics Department STANDING: Mr, Chavis. L. Renuick, Jr., Dr. Joseph Battle. Mrs . nnic S, Frasicr, Dr. Mar- jorie Brown, Chairman, Dr, C, E. Bouluare, Mr. John D. Harreil. and Mr. IrN-ing . . MrCol- lum. SEATED: Mrs. Martha B, Jones, Music Department fmmt SEATED: Dr. Robert John. Chairman. Miss Ccha Davidson. Mrs Constance .- Uen. Mrs Mar- ie Pittman. Librarian, Mrs. Neil K. Wiseman. Mrs. Ruth Gillum. STANDISG: Mr. David Pi- zarrum, Mr. Earl A. Sanders, Dr. Paul Koepke, Mr, Charles Bowling, and Mrs. Richard Jones. Nursing Department m . -i... -fc -i -i - - -«« " ' S Physical Education Department SEATED: Mrs. Jennie Taylor. Mrs. Maud Perry. Mrs. E. Lavonia Allison, and Mrs. Elizabeth Brown. STANDING: Dr. Ross Townes. Mr. James Younge, Dr. Leroy Walker. Mr, George Quictt, Mr. James Blue. Dr. . " llen E. Weatherfnrd. Chairman. M. James Stevtns. and Mr. Irwin H.ilmes. Biology Department SEATED: Mrs. Ozie Brt berg, Mr. John L. Steua Sccretan Dr. Walt! Mr Vernon Clark. Dr. Nell Hirsch- - Mrs, Caroline Turkcr, and Mr K, Chemistry Department The Chemistn faculty. Mr, James Bulls, Dr .rman Padnos, and Dr. Ezra Totton. looks . students go through an experiment. Physics Department Miss Ethel Han-ey and Dr Paul Sikora. m-i. ■i.-iw —i mi. -jf mt ■-»» « » Geography Department Mr, James W, Clay, Mrs, Elsie Simniuns, and Di Thcndme R Spei.gner. Chairman History Department Dr. Earlie E, Thorpe, Mr, Caulbert Jones. Mrs, . m1elle5c Kennedy, Mrs. G. C, Lawrence, Sec- retary, Mr, John Wendt, Mrs, O, M, Couch. Mr. George Nixon, and Mr, Gcral.d Underwood. Sociology Department Mrs G. C Lawrence, Secrclarv, Dr. William Hn cll Mr; E C Wil Political Science Department Mr. William Marty Dr. Violet E. Wurfel Chairman Mr. Thomas Seism m . ■»,.-.. -» -i -J( " ♦ - ' ♦..• ' SENIORS Claudine Dayc, Secretary, Joseph Williams, Treasurer, Brenda Froneberger, Vice-President, Clark Scales, President. ABERXATHV. Judy, Health Education; Library Science Club 3,4; Health Educa- tion Club 2,3,4. ALLEN. Ellis L-, Sr., Business Admin- istration: Commerce Club 3,4. ALBRIGHT, Verlie A., Chemistry; Del- ALSTON. Rodrick A.. Physical Educa- ta Sigma Theta 2,3,4: Pyramid Club 1; ,;„„. acP 4; Social Conversation So- NAACP 3; Library Science Club 3,4; j y 34. g ia, Science Club 3; PEM Secretary 3; Chemistry Club 3; Yearbook dub 3 4 Staff 4. AMOS, Terrell R., Physical Education: PEM 1,2,3,4; Lettermen ' s Club 2,3,4; Track Team 1,2,3,4. ANDERSON, Viola I., Psychology YMCA 1,2,3,4; Psychology Club 2.3,4 Newman Club 1,2,3,4; House Council 2 NAACP 1,2,3,4. ANTHONY, Jolyquin, French; Pi Delta Phi ; Student Congress I ; Ivy Leaf Club 1 ; Alpha Kappa Alpha 3,4; SNEA 4. ARCHER, Zenobia, Health Education; Dance Group 4; WAA 3,4: YWCA 2,3,- BAILEY, Walter, Sociology; Psychology 4; NAACP 1,2: Health Club 3,4; House Club 2,3,4. Council 1. B. CON, Joan, Sociology; Home Eco- nomics Club 1 ; Spanish Club 1 : Newman Club 1,2,3; House Council 1,2; Pyramid Club 1,2; NA. iCP 2: YWCA 3,4;; Social Science Club 4. BAKER, Barbara D. Club 3,4. Biology; Biology BAKER, Marsha P., Sociology; Canter- bury Club, Psychology Club, Geography Club. BELL, Roy A., Physical Education; PEM Club; Varsity Ball 1,2; NAACP 2,3; In- tramurals 3,4. BALLARD, Velma A., Music; Pyramid Club 1 ; SNEA 4; MENC 2,3,4; Choir 1,- 2,3; Band 3,4. BELLE, Cyprian, History; Echo; Scrollers Club; NAACP. Campus BANKS, Agnes C, Sociology; Psychology Club; English Club; NAACP; House Council. BANKS. Doris : Commerce. BANKS, Joyce A,, Biology: House Coun- cil; Student Congress; Pyramid Club; Delta Sigma Theta; Spanish Club; NAACP. BELCHER, Joyce J., Home Economics; BATTLE, Evelyn B., Home Economics; Home Economics Club 1 ; American Home Economics Club 1,2,3,4; Band 3,4; Home Economics Association, Treasurer Sp iior Counselor 4; NAACP 1 2, President 3. BELL, Burnette D., Business Education; Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; NAACP 1,2,3,4 Student NEA 4. BATTLE. PHILIP, Biology: Alpha Phi Alpha 3,4. BENJAMIN, Floyd, Biology; Vice-Chair- man of Men ' s Steering Committee 4: NAACP 1,2; Biology Club 3,4; Sunday School 1,2; Intranmral Basketball. BOYD, Leon, Biology; Biology Club 4;SNEA3;NAACP2. BEST, Sandra J., Psychology; Choir; bRIGGS, Rose; Psychology; Psychology Geography Club; Psychology Club; Can- ci b terbury Club. BINGHAM, Audr lene, Biology. BL.MR, Kathynel A., Music; Women ' s Chorus 2,3; MENC 2,3,4; Band 2,3; Ivy Leaf Club 1,2; AKA 3,4; House Council 1; Or.gan Guild 4; SNEA 4. BOBO, Earl., English; English Club 1,2,- 3,4: Vicc-President-President of English Club 3; French Club 1.2,3,4: Sunday School 1,2,3; Class Director 3: Men ' s As- sembly Steering Committee 4. BOND, E ' a D., Social Science; Social BUWDEX, Audrey, Physical Education; Science Club 2,3,4; Psychology Club 2,3; PEM Club 2.3,4: V. . 2.3.4; Canterbu- Geography Club 2,3,4; SNEA 3,4; Soil T 1- Conservation Society 2,3,4; NAACP 2. BOWLING, Clara; Music. BOOTH, Renec: Sociology; Sociology Club. 2 m t. i ' •■ ■■ ' » ■■ i " -i ' f " ' ' BROADWAY, Bonnie C; Physical Edu- cation; PEM Club 1,2,3,4; Sunday School 1,2,3.4; Student Congress 1; Dance Group 1,2,3; Senior Counselor; WAA 1,2,3,4; Canterbury Club 1,2,4. BROOKS, Dclores; French; French Club 2,3,4: Pyramid Club 2; Delta Sigma Theta 3,4; Pi Delta Phi French Honor- ary Society 3,4; Senior Counselor 4. BROOKS, Carolyn; Busi BROOKS, Laura L.; Mathematics; Al- cation. - pha Kappa Mu; Beta Kappa Chi; Dean ' s List; Mathematics Club; Ger- man Club. BROWN, Brenda; Physical Education, BROWN, Drew; Biology. BROWN, Jacquelyn D,; Business Educa- tion; Commerce Club 1,2.3.4; SNEA 3,4. BROWN, J: Omega Psi Phi 2,3,4, Business Education: BUDD, Reglna M.; Business Education; Pyramid Club; Delta Sigma Theta; Commerce Club; Band; SNEA. BROWN, Lo BULLOCK, Dorothy; French; House Council; Senior Counselor; Alpha Kappa Alpha; Alpha Kappa Mu; Pi Delta Phi; Student Congress. j -■ ..• ■• J » ; • ■ ' ■ i « BULLOCK, Marge. Biology: BioIog - Club 3,4: Baptist Student Union 3,4. BURKE, Gloria J.. English: English Club 1.2: Library Science Club 4: House Council 4; NAACP 2. BULLOCK. Marian . .. Sociology-: Psy- BURTON, Vinston, Geography; Geogra- h loff ' Club P Club 2 ; Soil Conservation Societj- 2 ; " ° N. ACP 4. BUTLER, Louise. Sociology: Psychology- Club 1.2,3.4: Social Science 4: English Club 2; House Council 4: W.W 1,2: N. . CP 1.2. BYRDSOL Claudia, Choir 1,2,3,4; Home Economics Club 1,2,4: Y.W.C.A 1,3,4, Camera Club 3, CALE, Home : ? Economics; !.3,4: NAACP CAPLE. Delores E, Sociology: Health CARPENTER, Sarah, French: I t Leaf Club 3.4: XAACP 1.2: YWCA 1: Cam- Club 1,2: French Club 3,4; Pi Delta Phi pus Echo 2: Sunday School 1,2. 3,4: Spanish Club 2. CAPLE, Rose . L. Biolog -. Chemistry; Sunday School 1.2: NAACP 1: Secretary Sophomore Class: Student Congress 2; Student Government 3,4; Eagle ' s Staff 4; Ivy Leaf Club 1.2: Alpha Kappa Mu 3- 4; Whos Who 4: Alpha Kappa Alpha 2, 3,4. C.ARRAW. Y, Diane S, English; En- glish Club 3,4: French Club 3,4; Pi Del- ta Phi 3,4; House Council, President 1; Delta Sigma Theta 3,4: Senior Council 4: Miss Senior 4: House Council 2. CHAPMAN, Haiold L., Accounting Commerce Club 1,2,3.4; NAACP 1,2,3,4 CORE 3,4; Student Government 2 Campus Echo 1,2; Eagle Staff 2; Photo graphy Club 3. CHEEK, Jeanne R Club, President 2; Treasure: ans 2, Choir 3,4; Womei Committee 1,2,3,4; House C English: English Lsurer 3; Thespi- Stcering ncil 1,2,4; Student Congress 4: Pyramid Club Delta Sigma Theta 2,3,4. COOPER, Annie; French. COOPER, Willie E,, Hi tor)-; Omega Psi Phi, Political Science Club, Athletic Commission, Student Government. NAACP. CHESTON, Nettie G., English; Pyramid Club 1; Delta Sigma Theta 2,3,4; Hon- ors Group 1,2,3,4; House Council 2,3; Senior Counselor 4; English Club 2,3,4; SNEA 4. CLARK, Henry C. English; English Club; German Club; Men ' s Steering Committee; Welfare Committee; Forum Committee; Sunday School. CLEMOXS. Club. Delia H. Nursing; Nurses CONGLETON, Margaret F., History; NAACP 2.3; Social Science Club 2,3,4; Political Science Club 2,3. COBB. Adelaide; Sociology, COOK. Jacqueline: Health Education. COLSOX, Ja H . Chemistry, Biology. .«. .-, . :m ■% m 4. COTTON, Maiv F., History; So Science Club 2.3,4: Wesley Foundai DAYE, Josephine, Home Economics: American Home Economic s Association: YWCA. - -♦ CCRRIE. Xathaniel E., Business Admin- istration: Baslcetball 1: Business Manag- er. Student Government: Business Man- ager, Campus Eclio: NAACP 3,4: Com- merce Club 2,3. DECK, Tim, Physical Education. DANIELS. Daryle. Mathematics DANIELS. Hilda. History. DAUGHTRV, Wanda J,. Business Edu- cation: Campus Echo 1: Simday School 1,2: Commerce Club 1,2.3,4: XAACP 2,- DAVTS, Nathalae C, English: English Club 2.3.4: Library Science Club 4: SNEA 4. D.- YE, Claudine M., Mathematics: Al- pha Kappa Mu 3,4: Beta Kappa Chi 3,- 4: Alpha Kappa Alpha 2,3,4: Tam- iouchos 4: House Council, President 1,2; Vice-President 3; Senior Counselor 4; Mathematics Club 2,3,4; Inter-Religious .Activity Committee 3; Student Congress 2.3.4: Secretary. Senior Class; SNEA 3; Treasurer: German Club I ; Election Board 2. DAVIS. Linda, French. DAVIS, Marion P., Histon ' . ■ i. " ■ ' ((. «•» •» " ' ? . ' ..r DEVANE, Vernon H., Physical Educa- tion; Scroller ' s Club 2: Kappa Alpha Psi 2.3.4: Spanish Club 2: PEM Club 4; In- tramural Basketball 3.4. DOVE, Velma G., Psychology: Psycholo- gy Club, Pyramid Club, Delta Sigma Theta. Geography Club, Wesley Founda- DUXCAN, Tyrone. History. DUX , Betty. DUW, Bobbie L., Sociology, Canterbu- ry Club 3.4; Thespian Club 2,3.4; Psy- chology Club 2,3 ; Health Education Club 2,3,4; Geography Club 4. DUPREE. Marvin R,, Accounting; Com- merce Club: Intramural Basketball: Stu- dent Government, Treasurer; Dormitory Council. DURANTE, Reginald V.. Geography, Lampodas Club. Omega Psi Phi, Ex- change Editor. Campus Echo, Geography Club, Biology Club; Soil Conservation Society. EALAND, Elnora. EVANS. Earl M.. Chemistry: Chemistry Club, NAACP, Intramural Sports. ENOCH. Joy B. Social Science: French Leaf Club 2; Political Clu 1,2; Iv Science Club 2,3; Social Sc 4; Sunday School 1,2. EVERETTE, Bernice, French; French Club 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2; SNEA 3,4. FAISON, Flora J., Spanish; Spanish Club 1,2, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4; Commerce Club 1,2; SXEA 4; English Club 3; Alpha Kappa Mu 3.4 FERGUSON, Mai7, Music; MENC 3,4; Women ' s Choir 3,4; Organ Guild 4. F. RRAR, Zulla, Business Education; Iv-v- Leaf Club 1,2; Alpha Kappa Alpha 2,3,4; Commerce Club 1,2.3,4; Sunday School 3; Who ' s Who 4; Senior Counse- lor 4; Eagle Staff 4; Student Govern- ment 3. FITCH, Jerome H., Physical Education; Varsity Basketball 1,2.3,4; PEM Club 2,- 3,4; Political Science Club 2.3; Letter- men ' s Club 2,3,4; Intramural Basketball Program Assistant 4. FLOWERS, Remitha; Business Educa- tion ; Commerce Club : Eagle Staff. FOREMAN, Peggy J„ Business Educa- tion; Commerce Club 2,3,4; Spanish Club 1.2; Pyramid 1; Delta Sigma Theta 2.3,4; House Council 3; Senior Counse- lor 4. FOUSHEE, Marlou J., Health Educa- tion; NAACP 1; House Council 1,2; Health Club 2,3; Band 1,2,3. FRANKS, Ruth; Health Education. FREEMAN. Louise: Business Education. FREENLXN, Alvin ; History ' , FREEMAN, Lydia; Physical Education. m-i- mk mi, — i •» ••; ' -« - FROXEBERGER, Bienda M., English; Choir 1,2,3,4; Pyramid Club 1.2; Delta Sigina Theta 2.3,4; Vice-President, Sen- ior Class 4; Miss X.C.C. Choir 4; .-Mpha Kappa Mu 3.4; Pi Delta Phi 2,3; French Coub 1.2: Senior Counselor 4; Student Congress 1,4; English Club 3,4; Presi- dent ' s Committee On Books 4; Sunday School 1,2. GORE, . ' Maine, Home Economics; .Amer- ican Home Economics .Association ; Bap- tist Student Union, SNE.A. GR.ADY, Sandra E., Bu siness Education G.WIBLE, Henr, ; Bus iness .Adn linistra- Commerce Club 3,4; Thespians 3,4 tion. YVJCA 4. G.ARXER. Olivia S. A., French; French Club 2.3.4; Spanish Club 4. G.WLES, Verne; Xursing. Dramatic Art. 1 «;; V GODETTE, Ethel; Business Education. GIBBS, Bobby E., Biology; Biology Club; V B .Alpha Phi Alpha, Treasurer, Vice-Presi- dent; Sphinx Club, Presid ent; X.AACP. GOOD, Elizabeth C, Business Educa- tion; Commerce Club; Women ' s Athletic Club, Biology Club. GILES, Aretha M., Spanish; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Honors Program 1,2,3; House Council 2; Ecumenical Study Group 4; ' Women ' s Chorus 3; SNEA 3,4; NAACP 3; Debating Society 4; Sunday School 1,2,3,4. GRANT. GaiT. Dramatic Art. HAIRSTOX. Ever Lee. Business Educa tion; Commerce Club; Campu Echo 3,4; XAACP 1,2. GRAXT, Helen; Xuising; Xur; Dance Club. HAITH, Malcolm. Chemistry; Kappa Alpha Psi; Intramural Basketball; Chcm- istrv Club. GRAY. Thelma J.. Physical Education PEM Club 1,2.3,4: Health Educatioi Club 4; WAA 2,3.4; Baptist Student Un ion 3.4: Band 3.4; VWCA !. GREEX, Celia. GREEN ' E. C. Richard, Physical Educa- tion; Student Congress 1,2: Band 2,3; Varsity Basketball Team 3.4: PEM Club 1,2,3,4, (;RIMES, Jessie M., Secretarial Science; GREGORY, Clifford D., Health Educa- Band 1.2,3; Library Science Club 2,3; tion; Band 1,2,3,4; Health Education Commerce Club 2,3; XAACP 2,3,4, Club 3; Psychology Club 4. GRIPPER, James; Geography. GREGOR ■. Lewis P.. Business Admin- istration; Commerce Club; Political Science Club. HALL, Carol J., Sociology; Alpha Kap- pa Alpha 2.3,4: Ivy Leaf Club 1,2; Stu- dent Congress 3,4; House Council 1,2,4; Echo Staff 2; YWCA 1,2, HALL, Jerry; Psychology; PEM Club 2,- 3;, Track 1,2,3,4. HALL, Francine, English; English Club HAMLET, Williette, Physical Eriuca- 3: Ivy Leaf Club 1; Alpha Kappa Alpha tion; WAA 2,3,4; PEM Club 2,3,4; 2,3,4; N.AACP 1, NAACP 4; Biology Club 3; YWCA, HARDEN, Barbara J., tion; PEM Club 1,2,3, Sunday School 1. Physical Educa- ; WAA 1,2,3,4; HARDIN, Thomas C„ English; Lampo- das Club; Omega Psi Phi; English Club, HARDY, Lula A., Business Education; Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; English Club 1,- 2, SNEA 4; Campus Echo 1,2. HARGRAVES, Patricia A, Secretarial HARRIS, Barbara J., Spanish; Spanish Science; Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; Library Club; French Club; Big Sister. Science Club 4. HARRELL, Sampson E., Biology; Biolo- gy- Club 2,3,4. HARRIS, Club. rly; Spanish; Spanish , _ HARRIS. Donald G., Business isti-ation: Commerce Club 2.3 Club 1. .Admin- Shark HARRIS. Phvllis A. English: Campu Echo. Thespian Club. HARRIS. John. Biology HASKIXS. ' aleria X. Business Educa- tion: Big Sister 3.4: Commerce Club 1.2,- 3.4: I - - Leaf Club 2: Alpha Kappa Mu 3.4: SXEA 4: Who ' s Who 4, HAWLEV. Douglas M,. Social Scienc Social Science Club: Geography Clu NAACP: Intramural Sports. HAYES. Betty J. Busin ess Education Commerce Club .2,3,4: Student Gov ernment 4, HAYES, Fulton D, Congress 2,3 : Stude Student Welfare Co Psi Phi 2,3,4. History; Student t Go ernment 3; miittee 3; Omega HEXDERSOX. John, Sociology. HEXDERSOX. Sclen Club 2.3.4. French; Fri HICKS. Frederick C. Biology: Sphmx Club 1: Choir 1.2,3,4; Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity 2,3,4: Student Congress 2,3; Pan Hellenic Council 4, HILL, .Alvin, History: Scrollers Club 2; Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity 2,3,4: Dean of Pledgees 3: Social Science Club 4; Pan Hellenic Council 2,4. m - mk, •■■ . " i " •» " " i i i HILL. Joyce. Seer etari al Science: Corn- merce Club: Cai npiis Echo: Library Science. HORNE, Dorothy J.. Sociology: Delta Sigma Theta 2,3.4: Pyramid Club 1. Psy- chology Club 1,2,4: Social Science Club 1.2: N. .XCP 1,2,3,4; Co-Dean of Pledgees 3 : YWC. 1. HINSOX. Marva, French; French Club HOUSTON, Charles E., Philosophy; 2,3,4: Senior Counselor 4; Ivy Leaf Club Student Welfare Committee 3; Kappa 2,3; .Mpha Kappa Alpha 3,4; Library Alpha Psi 2,3,4; Pan Hellenic Council 2; Science Club. President 3; Intramural Basketball 2,3,4; World University Service 3. HODGES. Theresa. Busine Commerce Club 2.3,4; NA.ACP. Educatio SNEA HOGAX, Peggie L,. Sociology: Band 1,- 2; Psychology Club 2.3.4: hy Leaf Club 2; N.AACP 3. HOLLAND. Brenda J., Home Econom- ics; .American Home Economics .Associa- tion 3,4: SNEA 4. HOOD, Lenwa rd. Sociology; Health Ed- HOLM.AN. Josephine, Mathematics; ucation Club, Social Science Club; Mathematics Club 2,3,4: German Club NAACP. 4. HORNE, Delois J., Nursery School Edu- cation; Delta Sigma Theta 3,4; Pyramid Club 2; NEA 4; Home Economics Club 3,4; Attendant to Miss Law School 2; Miss Lampodas S%veetheart 3 ; Attendant to Miss Homecoming 4; Maid of Honor to Miss NCC 4; SNEA 4: Social Science Club 4; NAACP 2,3,4, HOLMAN, Peter. ..• » d-m HOWELL. Barbara, English. JOHXSOX, Herbert. Binlog,-; Binlogy Club 3.4; Geography Club 3.4; Soli Con- senation Society 4: XA.ACP 2.4: Intra- mural Sports 1,2. HL.N ' TER. Charle Geography Club ology: Biologv and JOH.NSOX, M. Biology: German Club 1.2; Pyramid Club 2,3; Biology Club 2,3,4; . lpha Kappa Mu 3,4; Beta Kai pa Chi. HUXTER, Jo.Xnn, Spanish. IRVlXr pha Kapf Mathi Eduard L., Mathematic: ■a Mu; Beta Kappa s Club, German Club. : Al- Chi; JACKSOX. Carolyn. French; French Club 1,2,3,4: Pi Delta Phi 3,4; Pyramid Club 1: Delta Sigma Theta 2,3.4; XAACP 2.3: Sunday School 1,2: House Council 2: Wesley Foundation 4: YWCA 3,4. JOHXSOX. Betty J.. Bu tion: Commerce Club 1. Student Union 2.3.4. Educa- J- ' IES, Linda A, English; Pyramid Baptist ' ' ' ' ' ' • ' = ' ' = ' S ' S ' " ' " " ' ■ ' ■ ■ ' ' ' ' h° ' ' ' 1.2.3,4; Pan Hellenic Council 4; House Council 2,3; Senior Counselor 4, JOHNSON, Clifton E„ Lampodas Club 2,3,4; Omega Psi Phi 3: Campus Echo 4; Student Bar ,A5sociation- JETER, XAACP; C, Accounting; Commerce Club; In- Mi. ■Hi. -I- -ai k - -I «»« - t JOHNSON, Morris, Sociology. JOHNSON, Thomas, Chemistry, Pho tography Club 4. JOHNSON, Robert, Sociology. JONES, Aleise, English; English Club, Library Science Club; Orchestra; Con- cert Band; Marching Band; NEA; Ger- man Club; NAACP. JONES, Nyoka, English. KEE, Joyce, Sociology, House Council 2; NAACP 1 ; Pyramid 2; Psychology 3. KEITH, Mary, Physical Education. KELLY, Barbara, Commercial Educa- KIDD, Rose, Business Education; House tion. Council 1,2; Commerce Club. KENNEDY, Linda C, Home Econom- ics; Vice-President Home Economics Club 1,2,3,4; Baptist Student Union 2,3,- 4; NEA 3,4; NAACP 1,2,3; Sunday School 1,2. KING, Sandra E., Home Economics; Ivy Leaf Club 1,2; Alpha Kappa Alpha 2,3, 4; Band 1,2; Student Congress 3,4; New- man Club 1,2; Home Economics Club 4; Student Government Nomination Com- mittee 2; House Council 1; President 2,4, Secretary 1,3. ,» . m. m ;•« -«t» 3« KNTGHT. Marv, English. LARKINS. Sandra. Social Science L. MB. Jnyce N., English; Choir 1,2,3; P)Tamid Club 1 : Delta Sigma Theta 2.3,- 4; English Club 2,3; Librar)- Science Club 2,3,4; NA.- CP. L.- UGHLIN, Betty L.-WV, Carol -n A,, Secretarial Science; Commerce Club 2,3,4; P -ramid Club 1 ,- 2; Library Science Club 3,4; Delta Sig- ma Theta 2.3,4; NAACP 1,2. LEACH, George, Historj-; Lampoda Club 4; Social Science Club 3,4. LEARV, Phy SXEA 2,3.4. LEE, Bessie J., Physical Education; PEM Club; WAA; Wesley Foundation; Dance Group. LEWIS. Barbara A. English; English Club 2,3,4; Alpha Kappa Alpha 2,3,4; Ivy Leaf Club 1,2; Senior Counselor 4; SN ' E.- 4; Library Science Club 4: Hon- ors Group 1,2,3.4. LEWIS, Annie R,, Secretarial Science; Commerce Club 1,2,3.4; Dance Group 1,- 2,3,4; Eagle Staff 1; Library Science Club 3,4, LEWIS, Barbara J., Mu LEWIS, George. Physical Education- LEVINGSTON, Paul, Physical Edu tion; PEM Club 2,3,4; Sphinx Club 2. MAINOR, Mae R., History; Senior Counselor, Campus Echo, Social Science Club, NAACP; Committee On Traffic Appeals. MANGUM, Pearl, Physical Education; PEM Club 2,3,4; WAA 1,2,3,4; Health Club; AAHPER 3,4. LILES, Ellen V., Business Administra- tion; Ivy Leaf Club 2: . ' Mpha Kappa Al- pha 2.3,4: Canterbury Club 1,2,3,4; House Council 2.3; Commerce Club 2,3,- LITTLE, Alphia L., French; Methodist Student Movement: French Club; Span- ish Club: Women ' s Chorus: Alpha Kap- pa .Alpha. LITTLE, Lovic, Biology 1,2,3,4; NAACP 1,3,4: Su 2,3. Biolog) ' Club iday School 1,- LOWE, Mar ' a, Business Education. LOGAN, Irby D., Psychology; Photogra- phy Club, President 3,4; Baptist Student Union, President 4; Student Government 1,2,3.4; Political Science Club 2; NA.ACP 1,2,3,4; Sphinx Club 2,3; Can- terbury Club 1,2,3; Psychology Club 1,2, 3,4; English Club 2,3. LYONS, Brenda E., Accounting; Com- merce Club 3,4; French Club 2; NAACP 3,4. LOGAN, Mary J., Psychology; Ivy Leaf Club 2; Alpha Kappa Apha 2,3,4; Miss Kappa Alpha Psi 3; Psychology Club 3; N.AACP 3; Senior Counselor Alternate 4; House Council 2; Miss NCC 4. MANLEY, Joyce, Sociology; Home Eco- nomics Club 1 ; Choir 4 ; French 1 . McLEAN, Lee M., Political Science; Po- litical Science Club 2,3,4; NAACP 1,2; Lampodas 1.2; Social Science 3.4: Ome- ga Ps Phi 2.3.4; Pi Gamma Mu 4; CCUN 3.4. MARROW, Jean, English; French Club; English Club; SNEA; German Club; NAACP. McINTYRE. Frances. MASON, Pinky, Business Administra- tion; WAA 1; Commerce Club 2,3,4; English Club 4; NAACP 3,4. MAYE, Charles C, Health Education; N. ACP 1,4; Health Education Club 3,4; Shark Club 1 ; Methodist Student Move- ment 3,4; Crescent Club 2. McBROOM, Maudie L., Health Edu tion; Health Education Club. McDOUGAL, Annie L., .-Accounting; Commerce Club 1 ; English Club. McCALLUM, Marshall, History; Wesley Foundation 1 ; Sphinx Club 1 ; Political Science Club 2,3; Student Court 3; Men ' s Dormitory Council 3,4; Pre-Law Club 2; Alpha Phi Alpha 2,3.4; Student Bar Association. McFADDEN, Patricia. Business Educa- tion. McDonald, Nancy. History; Social Science Club 1.2,3; Library Science. 4 mt, M«, .ai •a «» -» " «« . ' ' ♦.. ' " ' McNAIR, Robert, Physical Education, PEM Club 1,2,3,4; Intramural Basketball 1.2,3,4; N. . CP 3,4; Intramural Volley- McNEILL, Lillic, Biology; Alpha Kappa Mu 3,4; Biology Club 1,2,3,4; Beta Kap- pa Chi 3,4; . lpha Kappa Alpha 2,3,4; Big Sister 3,4 ;SNEA 3,4. McNEIL, Ann M., Health Education; McRAE, Julia I.. English; Alpha Kappa Health Education Club 3.4; PEM Club Alpha 2,3,4; Choir 2,3,4; Eagle Stafl ' 1; 1,2,3,4; WAA 3,4; Women ' s Chorus; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Big Sister 3. N.-K. CP3.4; YWCA4. MERRITT, Ginger I., Secretarial Science; Commerce Club; Library Science Club. MILFORD, Bennie L., Commerce Club; NAACP. Accounting; MILLER, Thelma L., Sociology; Health Education Club; Newman Club. MILLIG. N, Shirley, Accounting. MITCHELL, Carolyn. Business Educa- tion, MINOR, Shelia, Psychology. MIZELLE, Richard, Psychology; Lam- podas Club 1,2: Omega Psi Phi 2,3,4; English Club 2,3; Psychology Club 3,4; Intramural Basketball 2.3,4; Pan Hellen- ic Council 3,4. MOORE. Helen. Phv MORRISON, . ichie, Geography. MOORE, Lester V.. Political Science; Political Science Club, President 1,2,3; Collegiate Council for the United Na- tions, Regional Director 1,2; Omega Psi Phi Fraternity 2,3.4; Student Court 1: Student Congress 1 ; Student Govern- ment, Coordinator, Intercollegiate AfTairs 1; Pan-Hellenic Council 1,2. MORTOX, Beulah, French, t MURDOCK, Carol A., Commerce; Py- ramid Club. Delta Sigma Theta; Dormi- tory ' Vice-President: Student Congress; Pan-Hellenic Council, Commerce Club; SNEA, Dormitory-, Chairman at Large. XEELY, Frances, English; House Co cil 4; English Club 4. i NICHOLS, Woodrow V., Geography; Geography Club; NA.ACP; Lampodas Club; Football Team; Gamma Theta L psilon; Soil Conservation Society. 9. NIXON, Joyce, Health Education. P.AGE. Beverly A,. Home Economics; Baptist Student Union 2,3,4; Pyramid Club 1.2; Home Economics Club 1.2.3,4; NEA 3; Sunday School 1,2; NAACP 1,2,- OLIVER. Joyce. Psychology. PAGE, Blonza, Music; Pyramid Club 2; Delta Sigma Theta 2,3,4; Women ' s Cho- rus 2,3,4: Band 3.4: Music Educator ' s Club 3.4; Senior Counselor 4. mi mi, m. -» m - - «»« PARKER, He J. Biology; Biology Club 1; Choir 1,2; PILGRIM, Sandra, Nursery School Edu- cation; Pyramid Club 1; Delta Sigma Thcta 2,3,4; N. ' XACP 2; House Council 2,3,4; Home Ernnomics Club 3,4; SNEA PIPPEN, Patricia Y,, Physical Educa- PARKER, Milton, Physical Education, tion ; PEM Club 2,3,4 , WAA 2,3,4. PARKER, Patricia A., Business Educa- tion; Ivy Leaf Club 1,2; Alpha Kappa Alpha 3,4; Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; Stu- dent Congress 1; Eagle Staff 4; House Council 4; SNEA 4; Sunday School 1,2. day School 1,2. PATE. Buford, Sociology. PEACE, Gwendolyn R., English; WAA I; Women ' s Chorus; Orchestra 1,2 Band 2,3; Alpha Kappa .Alpha 2,3,4 House Council 3; Alpha Kappa Mu 3,4 Student Congress 4 ; " Miss Chidley Hall ' 4; Senior Counselor 4. PHILLIPS, Etherine, English; English Club 2,3; Thespians Club 2,3; NAACP 1,2,3; Library Science Club 4; SNEA 4. PEEBLES, Gloria N., English; Ivy Leaf Club 1,2: Alpha Kappa Alpha 2,3,4; " Miss Sophomore " ; English Club 3,4; Library Science Club 4; House Council 4; Eagle Staff 3,4; Attendant to " Mi« Eagle, " PIGFORD, Barbara J., EngHsh; New- man Club 1,2,3,4: NAACP, 1,2,3,4; So- cial Science Club 2,3,4; Political Science Club 2; English Club 2,3,4; Pi Gamma Mu 4; SNEA 3. PEELE, Cleaster, Psychology; Cho " Miss Law School. " PITT, John a-. Physical Education; PEM Club 3,4: Intramural Sports 3.4: Sunday School 1,2,3. RICH. RDSON, Band; Social S Psychology Club. Clara. Sociology; cnce Club; N. . CP: PITT t. ' N, Joyce L., Sociology: Sociolo- gy Club 1 ; Biology Club 1 ; French Club 2.3; Psychology 2; SNE. 3. RICHARDSON, Winifred A., Psycholo- gy; Women ' s Steering Comiriittee 1,2.3,- 4; Ivy Leaf Club 1 ; Alpha Kappa Alpha, Basileus 2,3.4; Psychology Club 2.3,4; Alpha Kappa Mu 3.4: Psi Chi 4: Pan- Hellenic Council, Secretary 3, President POTEAT, Geraldine, Bioloigy: PEM Club 2.3.4: XAACP 2.3: WAA 2.3; Biol- ogy Club 2,4: Health Club 3.4; YWCA 2.4. POWELL. Patricia. Health Education. PR. TT, Carolvn F,. French; French Club; Spanish Club: Off-Campus Execu- tive Council; Big Sister. REIVES. Elizabeth A.. Sociology; Psy- chology Club 2.4; Ivy Leaf Club 1,2; So- cial Science Club 2; House Committee Member 1. PRIVOTT, Frances L, English; Eagle Staff 2.3,4; English Club 2,3; Thespians 1,2,3; Echo Staff 1,2; Student Govern- ment 3; Sunday School 1,2; Commerce Club 1,2,3. RICHARDSON. Bobby. Biology: Alpha Kappa Mu 3,4; Who ' s Who 4: Beta Kappa Chi 3.4: Biology Club 2,3,4. RANDOLPH. Brenda. History: Liijran- Science Club 1.2.3: Choir 1.2,3.4; Alpha Kappa Mu 3,4: Phi Alpha Theta 4; Uy Leaf 1.2; Alpha Kappa Alpha 2,3,4; ■•Miss Junior " 3. a;;: ; •.; ..: m M mt a: m m m t. 4 " « RICKS, Guendolyn F., Psychology; Psy- chology Club; Sunday School; Ivy Leaf Club; Alpha Kappa Alpha: Big Sister; Choir. ROBERSON. Gloria E., Health Educa- tion; Biology Club 2,3,4; Health Club 4. RIGGS, Dianne M., Mathematics; Ger- man Club 1; Math Club 2,3,4; Honors Class 1,2,3; Ivy Leaf Club 2; Alpha ROBERSOX, Naomi, Kappa Alpha 2,3,4; Alpha Kappa Mu 3,- tion. 4; Beta Kappa Chi 3,4, Secretary 4; Junior Class Vice-President 3; Student Congress 3,4; Senior Counselor 4. ROBERTS, Helen E., Sociology; Library Science Club 3,4. ROBINSON ' , Faye L., Business Educa- tion; Choir 1,2,3,4; Pyramid Club; Delta Sigma Theta 2,3,4; NEA, " Miss Lam- podas " ; " Miss Omega. " ROSS, Tommie, Music; Music National Educators 3,4; Alpha Phi Alpha 3,4; Choir 3,4; Sphinx Club, Treasurer 3. ROUSE, Myra D., English; English Club RUSSELL, Carolyn A., Business Educa- 2,3; Library Science Club 2,3,4; SNEA tion; Commerce Club: French Club 4; Student Government 2. Library Science Club; Psychology Club; Pyramid Club ROYSTER, Elsie, French. SAMPSON, Dianne, Home Economic American Home Economics Associatii 1,2,3,4; Echo Staff 3; Yearbook StalT Wesley Foundation 2. SAMUELS, Bonita, English; Library Science Club 3,4; English 4; Ivy Leaf Club 1,2; Sunday School 1,2. SANDERS, Michael S., Biology; Sc Club 2; Kappa Alpha Psi 3,4. SAMUEL, Essie L, French; French Club S. ' TTERWHITE, Shirley, Business Edu- 2,3,4. cation; Commerce Club 2,3,4. SAWYER, Claude E., Mathematics; Mathematics Club; German Club; Lam- podas Club; Omega Psi Phi. SCALES, Clark E., Chemistry; Vice- President, Freshman Class; Men ' s . ssem- bly Steering Committte 1,2,3,4; Chidley Hall Dormitory Council 2; Lampodas Club 3,4; Omega Psi Phi 2,3,4; NAACP 1,2,3; Sunday School 4; Ecumenical Study Group 3,4; Traffic Appeals Com- mittee 3,4; Biology Club 3,4; Chemistry Club 4; Campus Echo; President. Senior Class. SELDEN, Robert, Chemistry; Lampoda Club 2; Omega Psi Phi 3.4. SELLARS, Gwendolyn, Physical Educa- tion, PEM Club 1,2,3,4; WAA 3,4; AAHPER 3,4; Dance Group 1. SESSOMS, Clementine. Biology. SESSOMS, Robert, Science Club 3,4. History; SHARPE, Sylvia A., Chemistry ' ; Ivy Leaf Club 1,2; Alpha Kappa Alpha 2,3,4; German Club 1,2; Thespians 1,2; Mathe- matics Club 3; Chemistry Club 3,4; House Council 1,2; Women ' s Steering Committee 1,2,3,4. President 4; Attend- ant to " Miss Chidley Hall " ; Welfare Committee 4; Forum Committee 4; Pres- ident ' s Committee On Books 4; Pan-Hel- lenk Council 3: Wesley Foundation 1,2.- 3; Sunday School 1.2. m mi, «■,.. ■■)» Ah " •% " 4 f SHARPLESS, Mattie R., Business Edu- cation; Eagle Staff 1,2,3,4; Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; Ivy Leaf Club 1,2; Alpha Kappa Alpha 2,3,4; SNEA 4; Sunday School 1. SMITH, Hattie M., Histoid; Social Science Club 4; Psychology Club 2; Pi Gamma Mu 4; Phi Alpha Thcta 4; Bap- tist Student Union 3. SHIVER, Ma cation. ion. Nursery School Edu- SMITH, Lcnuood, Biology. Biology Club, Photography Club, Band. SIMPSON, Hazel, English; Library Science Club 2,3.4. SLOAN, Brenda D., Commerce; Alpha Kappa Alpha; Library Science Club. SMITH, Anita G., English; NAACP 1,2,- 3,4; English Club 2,3,4. r «« Psychology. SMITH, Barbara, History; Social Sc Club 2,3,4. SMITH, Ethel E., History; Social Science Club 2,3,4; Political Science Club 3; NA.. CP 1,2,3,4; SNEA 3; Pi Gamma Mu 4; Westminister Foundation 1,2,3. SMITH, Bcxcrly A,, Sociology; Psycholo- gy Club 3; Choir 1,2,3,4; I%t Leaf Club 1,2; Alpha Kappa Alpha 2,3,4; House Council 1; Attendant to Miss Alpha Phi Alpha 3; Attendant to Miss Kappa Al- pha Psi 3; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Miss Homecoming 4. «•■ a s ' SPIVER " ' , Mary A.. Business Education; Commerce Club 1.2,3,4: Echo StafT 1; Eagle Staff 1; SNEA 1. SPIVEV. M.irv M.. Physical Edu SUGGS, Thelma, English: English Club 2,3,4; Sunday School 1,2; Canterbury Club 2,3,4; Library Science Club 4. SUTTOX, Charles E., Biology; Biology Club 3,4; NAACP 1,2,3,4; English Club 2,3,4; Student Government 3; Student Congress 1,2,3: Echo Staff 1,2,3,4; Hon- ors Department Reporter 1.2,3, Exchange Editor 4: Baptist Student Union 2,3,4, Vice-President 3.4; Board of Directors, United Campus Christian Ministry 3.4: SNEA 4; Men ' s Off Campus Committee 2,3; Honors Program 1.2,3.4; Statistician and Student Assistant 3,4. STANBACK. Albert L. Che: Band: Math Club; Omega Psi Phi podas Club. STANBACK, Charles R, Chemistry; Math Club: Chemistry Club: Band. STANCIL. Mildred. Secretarial Science C y STEWART. Beverly A.. French: Pyra- STANCIL, Turner, Psychology; Band 1 - mid Club 2: French Club 2.3.4: Spanish - ' ■ Psychology Club 1,2,3: Baptist Stu- Q 4 dent Union 1,2,3,4.. STEWART. Lucv M.. French; French Club 2,4: Ivy Leaf Club 2; Alpha Kappa Alpha 2.3,4. STEELE. Richard, Biology. ■•,1 •,.«■ . m «Jk • m4 SUTTON, Ruby Z., Physical Education; PEM Club 1,2,3,4; WA. 2,3,4; NAACP 2. TAYLOR, Barbara J., History; French Cluli; Big Sister; SNEA; Westminister Foundation- TATE, Ethel, Business Education; Cora- TAYLOR, Otha; Biology; Basketball 1, merce Club 2. 2. TAYLOR, Phyllis A,, French; French Club 3,4, Assistoant Secretary, French Club 4; Pi Delta Phi 3,4, Recording Sec- retary 4. THOMPSON, Johnnie A Commerce Club 4; Eagle terbury Club 1. ' .., Commerce; Staff 1; Can- TROXLER, Zandr, istration; Commerce S., Business Admin- TURNER, Alma L., Political Science; TURNER, William, Accounting; Corn- Political Sceince Club 2,3,4; Library merce Club 1,2,3,4; Intramural Sports 1,- Science Club; NAACP; Wesley Founda- 2,3,4.; Manager, Track Team 1,2,3; tion; Delegate to CCUN 2. NAACP 1,2,3,4; Scroller ' s Club 2. TURNER, Levi, Accounting. WALLACE, Thomas, Sociology; Band 1,- 2,3,4; Sociology Club. f WALKER, Harmon. Commerce : Student Government I; XEA 1.2; Campus Echo WATKIXS. Herbert L. Mathemafcs Mathematics Ck.b: Alpha Phi Alpha Alpha Kappa Mu; Beta Kappa Chi Pan-Hellenic Council; Student Congress Att. General WARD, Anthony R. Business Admin- ' - TSOX, Annie L,, Biology-; Sunday istration; Commerce Club; Intramural ' ' " ' " ' ' -• Biolog,- Club 2.3.4: Ivy Leaf Basketball. Club 1,2; Baptist Student Union 2.3,4; Secretary 3,4; fEA 3,4; NAACP 2.3,4. WE.WER. Gloria L., Health Education; Health Education Club 4; Biology Club 2,3,4; Canterbury Club 4; Eagle Staff 3,- WHITE. G -end..lyn. Business Educa- tion; Band 1.2.3; Ivy Leaf Club 2; House Council 1.2; Commerce Club 1,2,- WHITE. Jacqueline. Secretarial Science; Commerce Club 1 ; Band 1.2,3,4. WHITEHEAD. Winnifred, History; Biology Club; WAA: Thespian; Social WILLIAMS, Allie; Science; NAACP; — Science. Geography Club. WILLIAMS, Allan J,. English; English Club 2,3,4; Election Board 3,4; SNEA 3; Lampodas Club 2; Omega Psi Phi 2,3,4; Student Government 3,4. WILLIAMS. Brenda V . Home Econom- ics; Home Economics Club 1,2,3,4; SNEA 4; NAACP 4. WILLIAMS. Isaac VV., Physical Educa tion; PEM Club; Geography Club: Nev man Club; Intramural Sports. WILSON ' , James, D., Music; Band 1,2,3, Vice-President 4; Choir 1,2,3, Vice-Presi- dent 4; MENC 3,4; Intramural Basket- ball 2,3. WILLI.XMS, James M., Physical Educa- WOOD, Charles E.. Physical Education; t,on; Sunday School 1,2,3; PEM Club I.- pg club 2,3,4; Health Education Club 2,3,4; Geography Club 2,3; NAACP 1,2; 4. i t amural Basketball 1,2,3.4. Social Science Club 3. WILLIAMS, Janette. WILLIAMS, Joseph, Geography; Lam- podas Club 1; Dormitory Council 3,4; Soil Conser -ation Society 3,4; Pan-Hele- nic Council 4; Class Treasurer 3,4; Stu- dent Government 3,4; Geography 3,4, President; Dormitory Cabinet 1,2,3,4; Vice-President, President; Omga Psi Phi 2,3,4; Mr. Chidley Hall. WILLIAMS, Mary C, Psychology; Ivy Leaf Club 1,2; Alpha Kappa Alpha 2,3,- 4; Student Congress 2,3,4; Psychology Club 2,3,4; Biology Club 3; Thespians 2; Women ' s Chorus 2,3; Grand Marshall, Homecoming Parade 4. WILSON ' , Bessie A., Secretarial Scienc WAA 1; Commerce Club 1.2.3,4; Libr ry Science 3,4; NAACP. WILLIAMS, Naomi, Health Education; Health Education Club; Home Econom- ics Club; National .Association For Nur- sery Education. WILSON, Clint WILLIAMSON. Jcrryc D.. Mu: MENC Club 3,4; Women ' s Chorus 1,2 4; Klavicr Club 1; Studi.. 313 Pi; Club 2.3. WORSLEY, Mamie L., French; French Culb 2,3,4; Spanish Club 4; Pi Delta Phi 3,4; Treasurer, Off-Campus Women Council. DUPREE, Edward, Sociology; Psycholo gy Club 3,4; Sociology Club 4. WORSLEY, Shirley. CORNER, Gwendolyr WORTHINGTON, Hilda R, Bu Education; Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; SNE. 4; Pyramid Club 2; Delta Sijma Theta 2.3,4; . " . . CP 1,2.3: Echo Staff 1, T. YLOR, Brenda, WYCHE, Roy; Physical Education. WYNBUSH, Ruth, Sociology; Baptist Student Union 2,3,4; Social Science Club 2; Sunday School 1,2,3; N. ' ACP 1,- 2. YOUN ' GER, Lula G., French; French i.,v.MnrD oi ■ du • i cj „. , _,.„.. , , „, , W NDER, Gloria, Physical Education; Club 2; Pi Delta Phi 3,4; Ivy Leaf Club pn-M o q , i», a a i n i i r u j i ,, ' ■ ' ,.,„,, PLM 2,3,4; WAA 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader 2,- 2. .Mpha Kappa .Mpha 3,4; English Club „ 2. ZIMMERMAN, Willie R., Sociology; Canterbury Club 1,2,3,4. YOUNG, Leola, Art; WAA 1,: leader 2,3. imm :i!)i)mim 4 •«« - ♦ - ' ♦ JUNIORS Esther Bond, Secretary; Eddie Martin, President; Charles Clinton. Vice-President: Vi Roach, Treasurer. Agnew, W, Albert. l Alston, J. Alston, L. Alston, W. Anderson, M. Arrington, L. Bailey, S. Banks, B. Barber, N. Barksdale, i Barrett, C. Barnes, J. Baskette. J. Batts, M. Batts, M. Battle, A. Battle. E. Battle, M. Beatly. C. Bell, C. Bennett, W. Benton, R. Blount, F. Boddie, A. B,.nd, E. Boone. J- Bostic, J. Boyd. A. Bragg, C. Brake, Y. mi m mt, m- Mk • m4 Bridges, H. Briley, K. 1fc. i vn, C. ™, J. vn, M. Browning, a. Bryant, M. Bull. C. Bullock, J. Burnettc, N. Burton, A. Byers, K. Byrd, W. Cameron, C. Carney, M. Carter, C. Carter, E. Carter, E. Carver, W. Chapman, J. Chavis, B. Cheeks, W. Clawson, J. Clemens, E. Clifton, C. Cobb, L. Cobb, T. Colchough, Coley, R. Collins, C. Collins. M. Connor. A. Copper, C. Coppcrage. D. Cowan, V, Curtis, .A. Davis. J. Davis, M. Dave, C. Dildy, J, Dubose, C. Dudley. E, Dumas. J. Duncan, G. D. Durant, S. Edwards, S. Edwards, W, Elliot, L. English. D. Euell, V. Faison, W. Faucette, E, Faulcon. C, Faulkner, B. Francis. V, Fenner, G. Fenner, J. Ferber, F. Fields. R. Finch, Q, Finch, W. Fitzhugh, J. Fleming, B. Floxvers, C. • M. m. ■•, «X " t« " ' ' ' Foy, N. (;alc Gale Gales, W. Gardner, M. Causer, O. Geoffrey. J. George, C. George, D. Gibbs, E. Gibbs, S. Giles, W. Glenn, F. Godfrey, E. Gore, A. Graham, A. Gramling, L Green, N. Grier, D. Gricr, R. Gwynn, L. Gwynn, M. Hall, E. Hairston, P Hardy, C. Hardy, L. Harmon, B Harris, M. Harris, N. Harris, O. Harris, P. Harris, T. Harrison, 1 Hart, E. Harvey, P, Hatch: Hawki Hayes, O. Hayes, M. Haywood, L. Herdon, J. A. Herring, M. F High, V. Highsmith, C. Hinton, L. Hollovvay, M. Hopson, R. Horton, R. Howard, G. Hunter, W. Ingram, O. Jackson, D. Jefferson, D. Jefferys, H. Jenkins, C. Jessup, E. Johnson, A. Johnson, C. Johnson, Jones, A. Jones, C. Jones, J. Jones, J. Jones, V. Kane, A. Keys, E. Knox, R. Lane, V. «., m-t, -». -» - - »■ i Laughlin, B. Lawrence, A, Leach, M. Leeper, P. Lewis, E. Lewis, E. Lewis, M. Leverette, I. Lipscomb, T. Litalier, J. Long, M. Lowe, C. Lucas, H. Lynch, C. Lynch, J. Lyons, J. McAllister, McCall, C. McCollop, C. McCants, J. McCarther, T. McCloud, W. McCormick, S. McCrommon, D. McDow, J. McDuffie, J. McGill, B. McKey, A. McKiver, W. McKnight, J. McNeil, F. McNeil, J, McNeill, R. Mackey, A. Mallory. J. Mangum, C. Martin, E. Martin, M. Mason, L. Matthe son, J. Mattewson, J. Matthcwson, G. Means, J. L. Mebane, C. Melvin, G. Mills, A. Mills, C, J, Mitchell, M. Mitchell, C, Mitchell, E. Mitchell, G. Mitchell, H, Mitchell, J. Mitchell, M. Mizelle, W. E. Moody, E. Moore, S. Moses, J. Mottley, E. Nelson, L. Nixon, D. Xcrnian, T. Orr, W. Peace, R. Pcarce, D. Pendarvis, L. Peques, G. Perry, J. L. — . — -. m.. «.. • -i», ■ ' •» Perry, O. Pettis, B. Phillips, H. Pierce, E, Platts, L. A Pnpe ivelik, S. nee. C. vette, P. Purcell, J. Quick. E. Rainey, M. Raincy, P. Ray, A. Rice, D. Ricliards. M. Richardson, I Richardson, Rickcttc. J. Roach. V. Robertson, Robinson, B. Robinson. B- Robinson, J. Robinson, S. Robinson, S. Rogers, B. Rogers, S. Rogers, W. Roue, D. Royal 1, D. Roystcr, M. Sadler, K. Satterficld, M. Sellers, M. Sellers, S. Sharpe, A. Shaw, A. Shealy, J. Shepard. L. Shcrrill, D. Simmons, B. Simpson, R. Sims, E. Small, P. Smith, C. B. Smith, E. Smith, E. Smith, L. Smith, N. Smith, S. Smith, W. Speace, L. Spicely, T. Solomon, N. Stephenson, B. Stephenson, E. Stokes, L. Sutton, N. Sutton, R. Swindell, L. Taylor, L. Thompson, K. Thompson, L. Thompson, N. Toraine, E. Tuck, J. Tuck, H. Tucker, V. Tyler, M. Vaughn, C. Vaughn, J, Vines, D. Virgil, M. Walker, L. Walker, M Wall, W. Ward, V. Warren, L. Watkins, C. Watkins, M. Watson, G. Welton, A. White, G. White, M. White, P. White, T. Whitfield, J Whitehead, Wilder, M. Wiley, G. Williams, A. Williams, B. Williams, C. Williams, H. Williams, J. Williams, J. Williamson, R. Wilson, M. Wilson, L. Winchester, A. Witherspoon, J, Wooten, R. Wright. F. Yarborough. M. " ' oung. C. Young. E, Young, M. Cunningham. C. Davis. C. Frankhn, S. fjS Stop a ' idc! Im goin to the Junior Class dance early. mm4 ■» ai k. " )» " A « °- SOPHOMORES Joseph Sampson, president; Sandra Knuckle Adams. P. Addison, K. N. Alsbrooks, B. J. Alsbrooks, G. Amey, T. Amos. J. Anderson, C. . nthony, L. A. Archer, F. Austin. P. Bailey, M. Baker, J. P. Baldwin, J. Banks, J. Banks, W. Barnes, -A. Beeks, J. Belcher, R. Bell, D. Bell, L. C. Bell. R. Bennett, B. Bennett. P. E. Bethea, E. Bigby, G. A. Bitting, P. Blue, D. R. Blue, R. A. Blunt, F. Boone. J. Boone. R D. Boney. L. Borden. J. P. Branch, C. Brauley, C. vn, B. L. vn. C. vn. J. Burnette. D. Bullock, P. Butter, B. Byrd, H. C. Calducll. R. Campbell. L. Cannon, C. Carlton. R. Carol!, H. Carpenter, B. Carr, B. Chadwich, F. Chasten, D. Cheek, C. Cheeks, W. A. Cherry, N. Christopher, M. Clark, E. A. Clegg, E. Cloyd, C. L. Coleman, S. L. Cole, C. Coley, G. Copper, D. Cordell, S. Corpening, L. Costner, E. Costnor, J. Cox, D. Crews, J. Currence, R. Dafford, J. M. Davenport, M. Davis, A. Davis, A. Davis, G. Davis, J. Davis, M. Davis, R, L. Davis, V. Davis, W. Dawkins, D. Dawkins, S. DeLorne, J. Demery, C. E. Dickens, M. Dickerson, W. Dixon, P. Dobson, K. E. Dockery, W. Draughon, J. Dudley, C. Dudley, M. H. Duncan, D. Duncan, G. Dunston, M. Durant, L. Edge, C. Edge, J. Edwards Elliott, 1 Ellis, J. Epps, N. L. Far; W. Farrell, W. Faulkner, R. Felton, J. Forte, P. France, A. Froneburger, D. Fuller, R. D. Galloway, S. Galbreath, E. Gant, P. Garrett, C. George, F. Geter, H. Gilchrist, H. Goldston, R. Goodwin, B. Goss, G. Grady, C. Graham, P. Grant, C. Grier, D. Grier, F. Griggs, M. Graves, L. Greene, A. E. Green, A. Green, P. W. Grimes, P. Hall, J. Hampton, C. Hardy, C. Hardy, J. Harper, N. Harmon, B. J Jtt. Harris, L. Harrison, P. S. Hauscr D Hawkins, J. Hawliir s. J- Hayes, F. W. Hayes, M. Heath, G. Hexstall, L. E, Higgin 3otham, J Higgons, H. Hill, M. Hill, B L, Hill, M Hoke, B. Holloway, K. Holt, V Holman , F. Horton, D. Horton, M. Horner, C. Horton, P. Hoirard A. Hunter, A. Hunt, N. Hymes, T, Ingram, B. Ingram, V. Isler, D Jackson, B. Jackson, C. Jackson, J. James, J James, J Jefferies, R. Jones, E. Jones, B. Jones, C. Jones, R. Johnson, F. Johnson, R. Johnson, T. D Johnson, T. Johnson, W. Jones, A. Jones, B. Jones, G. Jones, G. Jones, G. Jones, H. L. Jones, V. Jones, V. Jordon, K. Keith, M. Kimball, J Kirby, H. L. Kirkley, B. L. Langford, G. Laster, R. Laxvson, J. Lee, R. Lemon, A. Lewis, D. R. Lewis, E. Lewis, M. J. Lewis, O. Lipsey, C. Long, H. Lows, S. L. Lucas, E. McAllister, I McAdoo, A. McAuley, J. McClain, D. W. McClain, Q. McComb, M. McPhatter, B. McCloud, J. McClullough, N. McKay, A. McKoy, G. McKenton, P. McLean, R McLendon, McNeal, A McNeil, C. McNeil, J. McNeil, N. McWilliams, J. Mallory, E. Mallory, F. Marrow, D. Marshburn, P. Mattocks, M. R. Maynor, B. Mebanc, R. L. Mclvin, R. I ., ai . m- «,. •» • «■» ■♦ »•»- Merritt, L. Midyctte, C. C Middleton, E. Milner, R. Mitchell, M. Mizelle, J, E. Mills, C. Mongomery, K. Moore, N. L. Moore, R. L. Morgan, C. L. Mashburn, R. Moss, S. Murchinson, C. Murphy, A. Murphy, R. Murray, B. Murray, H. Murphy, E. Murphy, L. Murphy, C. Neal, R. Neal, D. P. Neal, N. Neely, D. Neverson, E. Newleme, T. Newell, L. Nicholson, E. Nickerson, R. Nixon, M. D. Nobles, H. Oliver, C. Page, S. Payne, J. Payton P. Pearce, L. Perkins, M. Perry, J. C. Perry, J. Perry, R. C. Petteway, Z. Pickett, M. Pickett, Pierce, I Pitt, G. PoUey, I Polk, F. « ell, O. ell, W. N. Pridgen, B. R. Pugh, S. Ramsey, E, Randolph, M. Reed, R. N. Regis, P. Reid, G. Rhodes, S. Richardson, Richardson, Robertson, B. Robertson, M. Robinson. M. Robinson, P. Rogers, B. Roper, G. J. Ross, C. Rowe, L. Royster, S. Rush, B, Rutherford, R. A. Sapp, L. Saunders, G. 1 Saunders, P. Saunders, R. 1 Schenck, M. Sessoms, B. I. Shade, ! Sharpe, Shaw, E Shropsh: Siler, B, Simmons, J. L. Sims, J. Sloan, W. R. Sneed, V. Smith, B. Smith, B. Smith, B . Smith, D. Smith, J. W. m M —fc «■» " fc -« ' 0 Smith, O. Snead, B. Snipes, V. Snow, J, Span, L. Speight, L. F. Spicer, C. V. Spnvill, M. Stafford, R. A Stewart, W. Stolen, D. Strong, R. Styron, B. Suitt, J. Summer, I. Sutton, D. Sutton, E. D. Sutton, R. Sweet, C, Taborn, H. Taylor, B. Tayler, E. Taylor, O. Taylor, G. Tharrington, Thickpen, F. Thomas, D. Thompson, C. Thompson, J. Thompson, R. Thompson, W. Thornton, B, Thropc, J. Thrope, T. Tidewell, I. Turk, J, J. Turner, J. Turner, S. Turrentinc, Tyler, C. Tyson, E. Tyson, J. L. Underwood, Vance, E. Vance, L. Vaughn, A. Vaughan, S. E. Vines, E. Wade, J. Walker, G. F. Wade, B. Wall, R. Wallace, K. Washington, B. Washington, C. Whitaker, M. White, H. White, H. Wicker, N. Wiggens, G. WUson. J. Williams, F. Williams, G. Williams. G. Williams. G. Williams. J. T. Williams, L. Villiamson, C. Winston, B. Witherspoon, C. Womble, W. Woods, V. Word, D. Wray, S. ' Wright, A. Wright, A. Wright. C. Wright, M. Branch, J. Oliver, V. Young. N. Carrion, M. FRESHMEN Annie Wilson, Secretary; Shirley Barfield. Tn Hunter, President. Enoch, Vice-President; Howard Adams, P. Alexander. B. Allen, J. Allen. W. . l5ton. B. .Alston, H. Alston, M. Anderson, A. . rmstrong, A Arp, B. Artis. D. Arrinton, O. Asbur -, W. .Ashecraft, B. Atkins, J. .Augustus. C. .Avent, L. Bagley, O. Baird, M. Baird, R. Baker, N. Baldwin, C. Ballard. H. Bank, A. M. Banks, J. Barfield, S. Baron, W. Barnes, M. Barnes, N. Barnes, W. Basken-ille. A Bass, D. L. Battle, C. Batts, G. Baxter, E. Beard. P. Beatty, C. Beatty, R. Bell, A. Bell, G. Bell, L. Bell, L. Bentley. E. J. Berry, B. Bibby, E. Bingham, G. Blount, M. Bobbitt, M. Boney. R. Boune. S. Bo«ser, R. Boyd, D. Brane. W. M. Brewer, B. Bridges, G. Briggs, S. Briston, B. Britt, I. L. Hd Broadway, L Bronson, H. Bro vn, C. Brown, G. Brown, J. Brown, J. Brown, L. Brown, M. Brown, S. Brown, S. F. Bryant, D. Bryant, E. Bryant, P. L. .illock, J. alluck, R. ir ' cs, P. Burris, S. Burwell, H. Byers, J. Byrd, J. Byrd, J. Byrd, F. Caldwell, N. Calhoun, B. Cameron, B. Campbell, L. Cannady, C. Carr, G. Carr. M. Carter, H. Chadwick, G. Chaplin, B. Chapman, W. Chappell, D. Chappell, G. Chavious, C. Chavis, B. Cherry, E. Cherry, L. Clairbomn, J. Clark, L. Clark, M. Coefield, M. Coleman, M. Collins, W. Commers, P. Compton, L. Cooper, J, Conycrs, H. Copeland, C. Copeland, L Cowan, M. Crowder, G. Curr ' , A. Davis, C Jr Davis. L. O, Davis, L. JL I. Da M. Daye, J. Daye, M. Dejarmon, A. DeVonne, P. Dinkins, J. Dixon, J. Dixon, M. Dixon, S. Dove, D. Drake, A. Dunn, D. Durant, E. Durham, B. Durliam, D. Durham, M. A. Early, S. Edward, B. Edwards, C. Edwards, M R, Eggleston, J. Ellerbe, D. EIHson, L. Ennett, R. Enoch, J. Evans, A. Exum, L. Fairley, J. Farmer, P. Felton, M. Fehon, S. Fennel, W. Fanner, V. Ferebee, L. Fisher, C. Fitch, M. Flowers, E. Foman, B. Forney, M. Foust, V. Foyc, G, Frankhn, G. Frazier, C. Frazier, D. M. Freeman, A. Froneberger, V Gaddy, C. Galloway, L. Gardner, J. Gardner, V. Games, K. 3LiL Gayles, R. emeralds, B., Gibbs, L. Gibson, J. Gidali, G. Gilchrist, G. Gills, D. C. Gilmore, A. Gilmore, G. Glenn, A. Glenn, C. Glenn, C. Glover, A. Glo D. Gore, J. Graham, D. Graham, L. Gramling, L. Green, S. Griffin, F. Griggs, V. Grimes, E. Haith, H. Hales, D. Hall, M. H.imle,, J. Hardy, C. J. Hardy, E. Harper, B. Harper, T. O Ha ■mgto Harrington, G. Harrington, P. Harris, K. Harris, P. Harris, VV. E. Harrison, J. Harriston, C. Hart, R. Haugabrook, J. Hawkins, L. Hayes, D. Hendrick, C. Hendrick, T. Herbin, B. Herring, L. Hester, M. Hines, G. Hinson, J. Hintersay, D. Hinton, A. Hinton, J. Hinton, R. Hodges, R. Hogan, T. Holeman, V. Holmes, C. Hopkins, J. Hurton, J. Horton, M Kingberry, A. Kinsey, D. Kirby, C. Kithcart, P. Klutz, P. Knight, E. Knight, S. Knox, K. Knuckles, H. Lane, J. A. Lanier, A. Lawrence, B. Lawrence, J. E. Lawrence, L. G. Lawson, C. Leary, O. Lee, D. Lee, D. Leeper, L. M. Lennon, A. Lennon, P. Lewis, S. Lilly, M. C. Lindsay, A. M. Lipscombe, B. Little, T. Lloyd, M. Long, A. Long, F. Long, M. Lowe, F. Lowery, C. Lyons, P. Lynch, L. Marion, G. Malone, S. A. Mangum, E., Jr. Manley, L. Mapp, R. Marable, B. Marable, B. Marion, G. Marlaw, B. Marshall, T. Martine, T. Mathewson, F. A Mattocks, C. Mattocks, G. Maxwell, B. Maxwell, M. McAdams, J. E. McClain, D. McCoy, B. McCoy, B, McDaniels, G. McGill, L. McGraw, L E. Mclber, G. McKiever, M. McKoy, C. McLaughlin, G. McLawin, M. McLean, VV. D. McLean, W. N. McMillian, E. McNair, J. McNeill, C. Melton, R. C. Mercer, N. Merritt, D. Middekown, B. Midgette, A. Miget, A. Miles, B. Miller, B. Miller, C. M. Milligan, L. Mitchell, A. Mitchell, B. Mitchell, B. Mitchell, C. Mitchell, E. Montgomery, A. Moore, C. Moore, J. Moore. J, Morgan, D. Morgan, P. Morton, D. Moser, M. Montrey, W. Moye, S. Myers, N. Myers, S. Mullins, B. Neal, C. Xeal, W. Nelson, D. Newton, J, Nicholas, E. OXeil, C. L. Page, S. Paige, B. Pankey, J. Parker, A. Parker, B. Parker, C. Parker, H. Parker L. Parrish, T. Parrish, V. Parrott, J. Peacock, R. Peele, D. Peppers, S. Perkins, A. Perry, B. Perry, G. Perry, L. Perry, M. liLl Perry, N. Phillips, V. Pierce, M. Pigford, L. Pingle, B. Poteat, T. Pratt, M. Pratt, S. Pretty, P. Pullan, E. Purvis, S. Quick, M. Raynor, J. Reese, G. Rhodes, C. Rice, G. Rice, R. Richardson, B. Richardson, F. Richardson, T. Riley, G. Riley, M. Rivas, L. R.vers, J. Roberts, C. Roberts, G. Robertson, B. Robinson, D. Robinson, H. Robinson, P. Roddick, A. Rogers, F. Rogers, F. Rogers, M. Roseboro, D. Ross, S. Royster, G. Rush, R. Russ, F. Russell, E. Russell, M. Sadler, E. Sanders, M. Sanders, M. Sanders, W. Scott, C. Seals, B, Seawll, G. Sharpie, B. Sharpe, R. Sharpie, S. Sharrod, V. Sha D. Sherrod, L. Sherrod, S. Shiver, E. Simmons, C. Simmons, G. Sims, M. Sligh, M. 1 1 t L. Turner, F. Vandiver, J. Vick, L. T. Virgil, C. Wade, J. VValdcn, J. I Walker, F. Wallace, B. Wallace, C. Wallace, L. Walace, S. Walker, J. Walker, J. Walker, N, Walker, V. I Waltower, P. Watkins, L, Watson, I, E W, Weathers Weaver, A. Westley, C. White, D. White, F. White, J. White, P. Whitehead, R. Whitfield, W. A. Wiggins, C. Wiley, W. Williams, A. Williams, B. Williams, B. Williams, B. Williams, C, Williams, D. Williams, D, M. Williams, F. Williams, F. Williams, F. Williams, J. Williams, J. Williams, M. Williams, M. Williams, O. Wilson, A. S. Wilson, B. L. Wilson, C. Wilson, D. Wilson, G. Wilson, P. Wilson, P. Winfred, S. Winston, R. Wooten, Y. Wright, B. Wright, W. S. Wright, W, ' arborough, B. J i k iL Freshman Honor Group ' a " W HONOR GROUPS Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities Rose Caple — Mon-en, N.C, Lester Moore — Xorfolk, Va-, Di: Riggs — Camden, N.J. - 51 = = %- ' k i Fulton Hayes — Rose Hill, N.C, Claudine Daye - Durham, N.C, Herbert Vattins — Lexington, N C Gwendolyn Peace - - Virgilina, " a,, Wiiiiricd Ricl-.ards. — Dtnnham, N.C, Zulla Farrar — . pex, N.C Dorothy Bullock — Fayetteville, N.C., Wil- lie Cooper — Windsor, N.C.. Frances Pri- vott — Cofield, N.C, Janet Rogers -- Wake Forest, N.C, Clarl Scale renton, N.C , Brenda Froneberger — Gastonia, X.C. Valerie Haskins — Erwin, X.C-. Jackie Ho Plainfield, N.J., Lillie McXeill — Erwin. N.C. Rose E. Briggs ■ — Petersboro, Va. Laura Brooks — Jamesville, N.C. Drew Brown — Philadelphia, Pa. Charles Cameron — Durham, N.C. Hilton Cobb — Macclesfield, N.C. Flora J. Faison — Durham, N.C. Josephine Holman — Durham, N.C. Annie McDougal — Apex, N.C. Janice Matthewson — Tarboro, N.C. Barbara Pigford — Mount Olive, N.C. Brenda Roudolph — Richmond, Va. Bobby Richardson — Knightdale, N.C. Alpha Kappa Mu Alpha Kappa Mu, an honor society for egg heads at N.C.C.. is to encourage and reward accomplishments among the students of all fields of study at the college. SEATED: Edward Ining, Rose Caple, Lillie McNeil, Lizzie John- son, Bobby Richardson. STANDING: Dorothy Bullock, Winifred Richardson, Brenda Froneberger, Herbert Watki] Brenda Randolph, Claudine Daye, Gwen Peace. Beta Kappa Chi Beta Kappa Chi, the honor society for students of science and mathematics, has strived to present its members with the opportunity to acquire competency m the principles of the material sciences and mat hematics as well as emphasizing coopera- tion with fellow Americans. SEATED: Man- Batts, Rebecca Peace. Patricia Hawkins, Ernestine Watkins. Sharpe. STANDING: Fred Wright, Christine Faulkner, Edward ardson. Irving, Lillie McNeil, Drew Brown, Claudine Daye, Herbert Lizzie Johnson, Ferman Glenn. Laura Brooks, Bobby Rich- Pi Delta Phi Societc honororie pour faire accroitrel I ' interet dans la langue, Thistoire, et la culture de la France. ■ IS t an ' .a I •» » « H It . I mm SEATED. Diane Carraway, Lula ' uunyci, S mdui Iv- cis, Sandra Bailey. Mae Carolyn Jack- son, Margaret Hayes. STANDING: Mamie Worsely. Delores Brooks, Eugene Riddick, Rsoa Williamson, Hilda Conyers, Mary Martin. Phi Chi Phi Chi, a national psychology honorary fraternity, stim- ulates interest and promotes scholarship in psychology. SEATED: Charles Smith, Michal Harris, Thomas Harri STANDING: Yvonne Allison, Madge Leach, Rose Brlggs, Wii ifred Richardson, Virginia Flintall. Senior Honor Group Dr. Sylvia Render, Advisor: Charles Houston, Barbara Lewis, Nettit Cheston. .Mian Vi Junior Honor Group Lacy Alston. Leroy Latten. Sandra Rogers, Rosa Williamson, Mr. B. M. Lcfson. Adv Charles Clinton. Patricia Hawkins, Viola High. Harold Jefferys, Carolyn Cooper. ORGANIZA TIONS YOUTH ' S BILL OF RIGHTS 1. Stand by us, not over us. Give us the feeling that we are not alone in the world, that we can always count on you when we are in trou- ble. 2. Make us feel that we are loved and wanted. We want to love you, not as a duty but be- cause you love us. 3. Train us by being affectionately firm. You really will achieve more with us through pa- tient teaching than punishment or preaching. Say " no " when you feel you have to, but ex- plain your rules, don ' t merely impose them. 4. Bring us up so that we will not always need you. Teach us how to take on responsibility and become independent of you. We will learn this faster and better if you will let us ques- tion you, your ideals and standards. 5. Don ' t act shocked when we do things we shouldn ' t. It is going to take us time to learn how to grow into life properly. 6. Try to be as consistent as possible. If you are mi.xed up about what you want from us, why shouldn ' t we be mixed up too in what we give you? 7. Don ' t try to make us feel inferior. We doubt ourselves enough without you confirming it. Predicting failure for us won ' t help us succeed. 8. Say " nice work " when we do something really well. Don ' t hold back the praise when we de- serve it. That ' s the way to spur us on. Taken from the November issue of, " The Journal of Religious Education of The African Methodist Episcopal Church. " My Fellow Students, Your heritage as a student is to seek l no vledge. Your heritage as a human being under God is to seek truth. And your heritage as a citizen is ser ice. It is my hope that North Carolina College helps you to understand these things. And it is my fur- ther hope that the student go ernment also calls you to these high ideals. The old always gives way to the new but the change need not alwaxs be for the better. It is up to us to make it so. The same advice applies to our college. Resolve now to make the world a better place through personal responsibility and devotion to truth. Life is a ward in our charge and the results are our own doings. As I take my leave, I ha ' e the high hope for you that JcfTcrson had for his young nation — that given to truth you will make the right decision. Thank vou for allowing me to serve as the President of the student body. Hilton Cobb Hilton Cobb President of SGA Student Government Officers: Jolin Perry, Charles Daye, Irby Logan, Nathaniel Currie, Hilton Cobb (standing) Lester V. Moore, and Marvin Dupree. Student Congress Student Welfare Committee My fellow Students, With prudence in our dealings, determination in our efforts and dedication to our tasks we must strive for an im- proved North Carolina College. Only then can we, in truth, exemplify the spirit that has long characterized the Eagle. Only then can we feel the greatest pride for the Maroon and the Gray. Only then will we reap maximum benefit from our stay here. Let us now go forth to set a new height in student achievement. Charles Daye inn The present general function of the .Student Welfare Committee is to help the Office of the Dean of Students to coordinate the efforts of all groups, offices, and individuals sharing the responsibility for building a rich program of non-academ- ic student life. The Committee has authoritv to act for the Dean of Students on all matters pertaining to non-academic student life so long as it operates within the general policies of the institution. The five large areas of student life embraced by the Student Welfare Commit- tee are (1) student organizations, (2) financial support of non-academic student activities, (3) non-academic student rec reation, (4) non-professional student health services, and (5) social discipline. Women ' s Steering Committee Students who are cliosen from the various doniiitories and troni tlic otT campus com- mittee, work with Dean Latham in helpina; to plan the acti%ities for the women ' s stu- dent body. Senior Counselors Senior Counselors arc elected each year by the sophomore and senior sirls. Their purpose is to help orientate freshman eirls to college life. Big Sisters assist in counseling otT-rampus freshman women. Big Sisters Members of the New Residence House Council are junior-senior women who work with Mrs. Brown and Miss Wilson in helping to initiate educational programs to broaden the intellectual curiosity among the students. New Residence Hall President — Sandra King, Vice President — Ida Leverette. Secretar ' — Viola High, Treasurer — Joyce Banks, Counselors — Mrs. B. Brown. Miss Wilson. Old Senior House Council Old Senior house counselors work with Mrs. Watson to broaden the educational, cultural, and social aspects of life through various procrams durinc the school vear. Rush Hall These sophomore students work w ith Mrs. Polk to initiate educational prosrrams to broaden the intellectual curiositv anions the students. Men ' s Steering Committee The purpose of the Men ' s Steering committee is to work with, the men students ' personnel staff in planning and promoting the pro- gram for each assembly and such major undertakings as the annual Father ' s Day weekend and fund raising projects. Men ' s Dormitory Committee The responsibility of the members of the Council is to work with men students " personnel staff in matters pertain- ing to the welfare and train ing of men students in the dor- mitor ' . Commerce Club The aim of the roniiiierrr club is to promote interest in commer- cial work and to ciiscuss topics of interest in the business world. President — Glennie Matthc %son, Vice President — Secretary - Louise Freeman, Adv Mrs. Sophia Brown. O. 4- T TP A The student N.E. A. is dedicated to the enrichment of those participating in activi- kj iUUt flL 1 . J-L . L . ties related to their future vocations. The structure of this program is to give these program is to gi ' e these future teachers an awareness of the importance of de eloping a stronger and more competent professional group. French Club This group, composed of French majors and minors, seeks to enrich one ' s knowledge of French culture and custom s. Health Education The Health Education group is composed of majors and minors and other persons interested in promoting health and welfare of a community. Biology The E. E. Just BiologA- Club a medium of enrichment for those students in the field of biolog -. Through field projects, discussions, and seminars, the club s;i cs the students a first hand knowledge of new haoDenings in the field of biology-. PRESIDENT Rachel Gerald VICE-PRESIDENT Leon Boyd SECRETARY Ester Bond TREASURER Carolyn Carter Geography Club The Geography Club is open to majors and minors in Geography. The Club is vi- tally concerned with advancing the status of geography as a cultural and scientific discipline for studv and investigation. It ]5romotes special interests in the field through projects, seminars, discussions and by providing guest speakers during the academic term. OFFICERS 1964-1065 President - Joseph Willian Roue: Second ' ire-President Vire-President - Dillard Grippcr; General Secretary — Johnny Holmes: Corresponding Secretary — Woodrow M. Ni- chols. Jr. ; Treasurer — Archie Morrison : Adviser — Dr. Theodore R. Speigner. Math Club The club encourages interest in tlic field of math by offering stimulating discussions for the group. OFFICERS: President — Edward Ir ' ing, Vice-President - Herbert Watkins, Secretary -- Claudine Daye, Advisor — Mr. John D. Harrell. Psychology Club Taking field trips to mental institutions, viewing psychological films and investi- gating special projects, are some of the many activities that the psycholog) ' club en- gages in. OFFICERS: President — Virginia Flintall: Vice-President Vivian Roach ; Treasurer — Jeffery Bordon. Judith Mitchell; Secretary D. Eric Moore Library Science Club The D. Eric Moore Library Science Club seeks to stimu- late the students interest in reading books and the correct use of the librar)-. When these things have been achieved, the club feels that it is well on its way of giving its members those tools that a librarian must possess. OFFICERS President Verlie Albright Vice-President Mary Knight Secretary ' Sarah Stanley Assistant Secretary Nathlae Davis Treasurer Etlierinc Pliillips Reporter Carol Ti La v Political Science The Political Science Club seeks to encourage its members to participate in voter registration; poll observation: student legislatures; anci meetings with state, national and interna- tional affairs. OFFICERS: Prcsidem - Lester V. Moore, Vice-President — Charles Daye, Secretar - - Sha- non Turner. Women ' s Athletic Association The purpose of the Women ' s Athletic Association is to provide opportunities for par- ticipation in various recreational activities, and to promote interest in women ' s ath- letics. This purpose is accomplished through an extensive intramural program in- cluding competition in both individual and team sports. OFFICERS: President — Willetc Hamlet; Vice-President — Carol Freeman: Seer Ruby Sutton; Assistant Secretary ■ — Olivia Perry; Treasurer — Thelma Grav. r 4 «V «? «. . L ' ' y ... j ' . i G . - «li ' PEM Club Through discussions and participation the PEM Ckib strives for professional inter- est, attainment and knowledge, and excellence in practice of general and special physical educator activities. Miss PEM CLUB Gwendolyn Sellers OFFICERS: President — Bobby Johnson; Vice-President — Ruby Sutton; Treasurer - - Bon- nie Broadway; Secretary — Audrey Bowden ; Assistant Secretary — Bessie Lee; Advisor — Mrs. L. Allison. Home Economics Club The Cooley-Winchcll Home Economics Club ofTei-s the club members an opportunity to de eIop leadership, to pro- mote good fellowship among its members, to stimulate an in- telligent interest in home economics. President — Jacqueline Jones, Vice-President Watson, Treasurer — Evelyn Battle, edy, Secretary Thespians The Thespian Club encourages interest in dramatics and presents several produc- tions during the school year. The organization senes dual purposes as a laboratory or- ganization for the Department of Dramatic Art and as a community theatre. Partici- pation is not limited to students in the department, but the club uses actors and tech- nicians from all departments of the college. President — Br tant Secretarv - :e M. Smith, Vice-President — Gary Gr Marv Bailev, Treasurer — Rvifus Hnrt nt. Secretary Norma Sutton, Assi liss Marv Bohanon The Dance Group The Dance Group is a recreational group tliat attempts to promote an interest in modern, foil;, social, and tap dancina; among the students of the college. The Dance Group ' s interpretation of a Negro Spiritual. The Eagle Urcnda lirouning A«.., lalc- lAiilnr fPV- —ocr.D-aZi. LeEtta Smith Business Manager James Jackson, Ads Manager, goes over the advertising report with Jackie Atkins and Remintha Flowers, % % The Eagle Staff The Greeks Staff: Carolyn Coo- per, Greek Editor, gets aid in preparing layouts from Margret Tyler, Madge Leach, and Lucille Broadway. Graduate School Editor. Diane VVUkerson, left and Law School Editor Barbara Taylor, right, prepare the photo- graphy schedules for their sections. Organization Editor, Viola High, standing, points out rough spots to Er- nest Bibby, Christine Clifton, and Al- ice Jones. Sports Editor Issac Williams, and staff assistants Wayne Farrar and Ray Cu rence, go through the Undergraduate School Editor Angelique Winchester discusses class layouts with An- nette Anderson, Mattie Wilson and Ernestine Carter. Campus Echo A L L Charles Clinton Editor Nathaniel Earl Curric Business Manager The award winning Campus Echo staff tal es til out in order to participate in a friendly snow fight. The Campus Echo Staff N E W S P A P E R Baptist Student Union As a member group of the United Cain]3us Christian Ministry the Baptist Student Union offers opportunities for study, service, and sorsliip to all members of the cam- pus community. Westminister Foundation The Westminister Foimdation provides opportunities for serious study, for or- ship, for dialogue with students from otlicr campuses, and for participation in vork and service projects. Canterbury The Canterbury Club, a member group of the United Campus Christian Ministry, is open to all desirinc; to participate in its program of disciplined study, worship, and service to college and community. Pentecostal The Pentecostal Fellowship, a part of the United Campus Christian Ministry, offers opportunities for study, worship, and senice to all members of the campus community. Wesley Foundation As a member group of the United Campus Christian Ministry the Methodist Stu- dent Movement-Wesley Foundation provides opportunities for disciplined study, worship, service projects, and dialogue with students from other campuses. Our Father, We do thank Thee humbly for being so ver ' kind to us. You have given us strength, wisdom, and we hope understanding of our fellow students. Let us say and do the things that Thou would have us do. Let us encourage others and love all mankind. In Jesus name we pray, Amen. This lovely beauty, who is queen of North Carolina College, hails from Bel- mont, North Carolina. Miss Logan is a se- nior psychology major and is planning to specialize in child therapy after gradua- tion. A member of Alpha Kappa Alplia .Sorority and Miss Kappa Alpha Psi of 1963, she is active in many school activi- ties. Miss Logan enjoys reading, dancing, and tra ' eling. Miss North Carolina College Miss Mary Jane Logan Miss Smith, friendly. ' i acious, and oharniina;, adorns North CaroHna College as Miss Homecoming. Majoring in Sociology, she plans to attend graduate school after she re- ceives her degree this year. When not busying herself with duties as a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and other college organizations. Miss Smith enjoys dancing, swimming, and reading. She is a native of Greensboro, North Carolina. Miss Homecoming Miss Beverly Smith Miss Law School Miss Linda Wilson Enchanring Miss Wilson lost her case when she vas found guilty of being Miss Law School. She is a junior Health Educa- tion major from Bur- lington, North Caroli- na. Her favorite pas- times are swimming, reading, and sewing. Jean Fitzhugh Miss Alpha Phi Alpha The Alpha Phi Alpha men saw the charm and beauty that Miss Fitzhugh possessed and chose her as their Sw eetheart. She - is a junior Nursery School Education major from Brooklyn, New York and a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. She enjoys s% im- niing and playing tennis. ■ |fev - ■ -Tf 1 r flSPttif ».-. ' r ' Kj I 1. 1-: r,. Miss Omega Psi Phi Miss Faye Robinson The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity men chose this poised and lovely creature as their sweetheart. Miss Robinson is a senior Business Ed- ucation major from Wayne, North Carolina and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. In her leisure, she enjoys reading, music, and dancing. Miss Campus Echo Miss Joyce Hill Miss Hill, a senior sec- retarial science major and an active member of tlic Campus Echo was chosen by her co-workers as their beauty. Miss Hill, is from Chinquapin, North Carolina and en- joys dancing, reading, and swimming as some of her favorite pastime ac- tivities. Miss Senior Miss Diane Carroway Selected by the se- nior class as being their " favorite " beau- ty is Miss Diane Car- roway, an English ma- jor from Kinston, North Carolina. Miss Carroway is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and partici- pates actively in other campus activities. Miss Carroway enjoys reading and dancing. Miss Junior Miss Joyce Jones This lovely young lady hails from Dunn, North Carolina and was chosen by her classmates as Miss Junior. She is a French major and an active member of Al- pha Kappa Sorority. Miss Jones enjoys dancinsr and reading. Miss Sophomore Miss Lovina Vance Miss Vance is a lovely sophomore Business Edu- cation major from Rutli- erfordton, North Caroh- na. She was chosen by her classmates to repre- sent them as their queen. She is a member of Al- pha Kappa Alpha Soror- ity and enjoys reading, art, and dancing. Miss Freshman Miss Edith Turner Miss Turner, a native of Huntsville, Alabama and a Secretarial Science major, was spotted and chosen as queen of tlie freshmen class. She is interested in reading, swimming, and danciiiE;. i ' t r Miss Rosemary Hunt Miss Band Miss Hunt liails from I ock Hill, South Carolina and is a fresh- man Business Education major. Because of her talent and charm, she was chosen Miss Band. She enjoys dancing and music. ( Miss Choir Miss Brenda Froneberger This talented young lady who possesses such a melodious voice was cho- sen Miss Choir. Miss Froneberger. an English major from Gastonia, North Carolina, is an honor student. She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta -Sorority and en- joys singing, of course. GREEKS President Winifred Richordson Vice President Evander Gibbs Secretary Linda James Keeper of Grades Carolyn Murdock Treasurer Lester V. Moore Parliamentarian Fran!-: I;.illain i- m Basileus Winifred Richardson Anti-Basilcus Rose Caplc Gramnietus Zulla Farrar Epistoleus Brenda Sloan Tamiochus Claudine Dave Dean of Pledgees Man- Catherine Williams Co-Dean of Pledgees Carol Jean Hall I 7 Leaf Reporter Man.- Logan Advisor Mrs. A. F. Biggers ■ Ivy Leaf Club s x- r. ' A i % " 99 9 99 « MX i Jv 0.r President Herbert Watkins Vice President Willie M. Faison Rec. Secretary Phillip Battle Corn Secretary Paul Robinson Treasurer Bobby E. Gibbs Historian Tonimie Ross Dean of Pledgees Marsall McCollum Co-Dean of Pledgees Freddie G. Hicks Alpha Phi Alpha Omega Basileus Joseph Williams, Jr. Vice Basileus Clark Scales Keeper of Records Lester Moore Keeper of Peace Lee McLean Keeper of Finance Claude Sawyer Chaplain Bernard Rogers Reporter Thomas Hardin Dean of Pledgees Willie Cooper Co-Dean of Pledgees Melvin Walker ' f f f f f f n Basileus Frances Mclntyre Anti-Basileus Maxine Robinson Grammetus Gwendolyn Taylor Tamiochous Carolyn Jones Advisor Miss Evelyn Pope Mr. v: -1 Vernon H. DeVane Polemarch Michael Sanders Vice Polemarch James Boone Keeper of Records Jonathan Vance Keeper of Exchequer Alvin H. Hill Dean of Pledgees Samuel Craft Co-Dean of Pledgees Charles Huston Reporter Historian Tyrone Duncan Strategus Miss Kappa . l|)ha Psi Lampados Club Pyramid Club SPORTS James Stevens Herman H. Riddick ai SJSS ? - ' .-.. ' i " . t •]fc|yi4A»: James Younge George Quiett Floyd Brown 1 J Hv J l ' , 5iCltV X X- -; Halfback Woodrow Nichols goes in for a pointer. ,. — --- -s. — - QB William Reid signals touch- down as halfback Billy Alsbrooks scores. Maryland State blasts through the line of the Eagles. Billy Alsbrooks tries to get away from the hard rush- ing Hawks. Cornell Gordon and Billy Hayes, right, meet with the officials. Staley Keith and James Price watch as A T KC. College Ted Manning shows form that has made him the leading scorer in N.C, College history. Manning goes in for another two Curtis Watkins and his soft jumpe Bryon Kirkley breaks up play in game with Hampti Paris Lenon drives for two against Un Carl Barnes moves for ball. Lee Davis grabs one. Daniel McCiain puts one up. OUR ALMA MATER " Dear Old N-CC. " Annie Day Shepard Harn- T. Burleigh The sloping hills, the verdant green The lovely blossoms ' beauteous sheen Surround our college proud and gay. Where -ivave our colors Maroon and Gray What matters it how far we roam. Our thots will oft return to home. And our hearts will e ' er be true to thee. Our Alma Mater N.C.C. Chorus Then Rah! Rah! Rah For our colors so gay! Dear Old N.C.C. ' s Maroon and Gray Thy Sons and Daughters will honor thee. Dear Old N.C.C. You send us forth with hearts of lo e So like a blessing from abo e, . nd from the path we ' ll ne er stray Our dear Alma Mater Maroon and Gray We ' ll work and fight, we ' ll win our way, When duty calls we shall obey. And may we e ' er return to thee, Our Alma Mater. N.C.C. She patronizes these ADVERTISERS, so, why don ' t you? A D V E R T I S I N G BEST WISHES FROM THE Administration, Faculty, and Staff NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE . . . Continuing the Pursuit of Excellence CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1965 COAST TO COAST ' You Oon ' l Have to Be on Heiress to Look l lce o Mi lion 113 WEST MAIN ST. DURHAM, N. C. Compliments of Durham Sandwich Company Sandwiches Cakes — Pies 3026 Roxboro Road Durham, North Carolina Telephone 477-2196 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1 965 COM FORT AIR CONDITIONING HEATING SHEET METAL 2704 Chapel Hill Blvd. Durham, North Carolina Telephone 489-9131 COMPLIMENTS OF UNIVERSITY MOTORS, INC. MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT Dodge Builds Tough Trucks UNIVERSITY MOTORS, INC. n 806 W Mom Slreel .«« " S ' A DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA THE COLLEGE INN CyO( DART CUSTOM 880 1306 FAYETTEVILLE STREET OLIVEHI — UNDERWOOD PRODUCTS DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA AUTHORIZED AGENT PHONE 681-2137 ROWE TYPEWRITER COMPANY 417 North Mongum Street Durtiam, North Carolina 27702 (919) 681-8926 Events that Memories are made of — So often demand Pictures by - -4|BRr l ( P.O. Box 1247 PHONE 682-3071 Durham, N.C. There ' s a NORTH CAROLINA MUTUAL Policy for every need ♦RETIREMENT FAMILY POLICY ♦HOSPITALIZATION EDUCATIONAL ENDOWMENT ♦MORTGAGE REDEMPTION ♦WHOLE LIFE ♦COMMERCIAL ACCIDENT HEALTH Future Home North Carolina Mutual i« LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, Durham. North Carolina - JUlM- -= BE A GOOD CITIZEN REGISTER and VOTE! COMPLIMENTS OF Congratulations to the Graduating FISHER FUNERAL PARLOR Class of 1965 61 Mobile Avenue From Durham, North Carolina Dial 682-3276 or 682-5283 GANN MACHINE SHOP INC. ELIJAH J. FISHER, III — CLASS 61 Electric and Acetylene Welding Portable Equipment Anywhere — Any Time General Machine Work 1 HOUR SERVICE Lathes — Mills — Shapers — MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY — — RADIO DISPATCHED TRUCKS — State Certified Steam Boiler and Pressure Vessel Repairing OPEN 6:45 A.M. to 7:30 P.M. DAILY 309 South Alston Phone 682-91 51 Dial 682-1566 Ask For Extension 09 WEAVER ' S CLEANERS 1212 Fayerteville Street Durhom, North Carolina Compliments of NELLO L TEER COMPANY Trust Building Equipment Office Purchasing Agent Phone 682-6191 Roxboro Rood Phone 477-2721 117 EAST MAIN ST. VJ. DURHAM. N. C. £ DnL-ritina uou to i££ our :JV£.vj jai.nioni. COMPLIMENTS OF GARRETT ' S BILTMORE DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTIONS OUR SPECIALTY 332 East Pettigrew Street Durham, North Carolina Phone 688-1961 COMPLIMENTS OF DURHAM CIGAR CANDY COMPANY, INC. WHOLESALE DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA A MOST PLEASANT COMPLIMENTS OF AND GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE PROFITABLE PLACE TO SHOP 204 Morgan Street Durham, North Carohna Ti n T u BelK:leggett| PIEDMONT FURNITURE CO. OF DURHAM SHOPPING CENTER We have served you for 53 years and hope to continue to serve you. BEST WISHES FROM THE FASHION HOUSE OF CONGRATULATIONS FROM JL - Moin at Corcoran COMPLIMENTS OF DOWNTOWN AND LAKEWOOD COMMERCIAL EQUIPMENT, INC. . . . Better machines for better business , ' ■ ' 1 1015 West Main Street Durham, North Carolina Phone 684-0462 COMPLIMENTS OF ROSCOE GRIFFIN SHOE STORE 114 W. Main Street THE HOME OF GOOD SHOES PROVIDENCE LOAN OFFICE 106 East Main Street Durham, North Carolina Phone 682-4431 UNION INSURANCE and REALTY COMPANY THREE COMPLETE LINES OF SERVICE REAL ESTATE — INSURANCE — PROPERTY MANAGEMENT " Where your interests are always protected. ' Telephone 682-1 1 33 or 682-1 1 34 814 Fayetteville Street Durham North Carolina BARNES GULF SERVICE Gas — Oil — Washing — Lubrication — Groceries Phone 682-4076 Highway 55 — P.O. Box 882 Durham, N,C, Phone 682-3575 " A BUSINESS WITH A SOUL ' SPEIGHT ' S AUTO SERVICE THEODORE ancJ CHARLIE SPEIGHT, Props. Comer Pettigrew and Fayetteville Sts. Durham, N.C. 27701 Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1964 DURHAM DRUG COMPANY " Service To The Sick " Free Delivery 330 West Main Street Durham, North Carolina Save on your textbooks Buy at THE BOOK EXCHANGE FIVE POINTS PHONE 682-4662 We have a large stock of nev and used textbooks for all your courses at a great savings See us before you buy COMPLIMENTS OF ROBERTS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 709 N.C. NATIONAL BANK BLDG. DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA 27701 TELEPHONE 684-0301 4% PER ANNUM PAID AND COMPOUNDED 4 TIMES A YEAR MUTUAL SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION PHONE 684-0153 1 1 2 PARRISH STREET DURHAM, N.C. TOMLINSON CO., INC. PLUMBING HEATING and INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES SIXTY-ONE YEARS OF SERVICE 400-402 PEABODY STREET DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA PHONE 684-0261 W. C. LYONS CO., INC. COMPLIMENTS OF SERVING DURHAM FOR SEVENTY-THREE YEARS D. C. MAY COMPANY HARDWARE — PAINT — ARTIST SUPPLIES PAINTING and DECORATING INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES COME ALIVE!! YOURE IN THE PEPSI GENERATION COMPLIMENTS OF iif m SHAW DECORATING CO., INC. gg0tm 15 20 GUESS ROAD DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA PHONE 286-7521 Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. 305 South Street Durham, N.C. Congratulations to the Class ot 1964 SERVICE PRINTING COMPANY 504 East Pettigrew Street Telephone 681-2039 ® Durham, North Carolina, 27701 " House of Quality Printing " OFFSIT LfTTIRPRESS Processed by DURHAM DAIRY PRODUCTS Incorporated Durham, N.C. A Division Of BEATRICE FOODS CO. General Offices • Chicago, Illinois to the graduating class Durham Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Durham, North Carolina ONE-STOP FOR QUALITY BUILDING MATERIALS WEST DURHAM LUMBER CO. ■ Reservoir; | • £ X 0 a CMT O CtMFUS - ; c e c £ 3109 Hilltboro Road 3 a LOCATED OPPOSITE CITY RESERVOIR W. Main Street Congratulations to the Class of 1 965 MECHANICS and FARMERS BANK Durham, Raleigh, Charlotte, North Carolina Established 1908 Resources December 31, 1964 over $17,000,000.00 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Seven Up Bottling Company Compliments of RUTH GORDON FASHION 1 1 8 East Main Street Durham, North Carolina Take home 7-Up. It ' s got the sparkle that swings ... the taste that ' s Iresh and frisky ... the quenching power to make thirst quit 7UP...where there ' s action! 321 West Geer Street Durham, North Carolina Compliments of BILTMORE HOTEL and GRILL 332V2 East Pettigrew Street Durham, North Carolina " Lath " Alston — Manager Mrs. Lillie Edwards — Reservation Clerk Reservation Phone 682-9780 Compliments of CHICKEN BOX 410 South Roxboro Street Specializing in foncy Seafood and tfie world ' s finest eating Broasted Chicken Delivery Service Telephone 682-5697 682-5698 Compliments of CAMPBELL VENDING SERVICE INC. Your Local Independent Full Line Full Service Vending Machine Operator Quality — Service — Integrity Phone 682-1 204 Night Day 540 Foster Street Durham, N.C. Hugh Campbell, Operator Compliments of B. F. GOODRICH TIRE SALES Durham, North Car Compliments of Your NEIGHBORHOOD STORE Comer of Foyetteville Dupree St. Durham, North Carolina Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1965 From SCARBOROUGH HARGEH Funeral Directors 522 East Pettigrew Street Durham, North Carolina Compliments of BORDEN BRICK and TILE COMPANY Manufacturers of Structural Clay Products Durham — Goldsboro — Sanford Phone 383-3721 Res. Phone 383-3722 Best Wishes From DURHAM SPORTING GOODS CO. 201 E. Chapel Hill Street Durham, North Carolina Your Sports Equipment Headquarters Compliments of FIKE ' S CROWN SERVICE CENTER 2525 Foyetteville Street Durham, North Carolina Phone 682-9891 Compliments from THOMPSON ' S ESSO SERVICENTER 2425 Foyetteville Street Durham, North Carolina Phone 682- 1433 Kenneth Thompson, Prop. NCC 56 Compliments of Ornamental Construction Company 618 Foyetteville Street Durham, North Corolina Patrons Alexander. Mr. Mrs. Harold — Durham, X.C. Allen. Mrs. Constance G. — Durham. N.C. Alstuii. Mr. C. E. — Burlington. X.C. AKton, Mr. Joseph — Washington. D.C. .Alston, Mr. Mrs. Lathrop — Durham, X.C. Alston, Mr. William — Vashington, D.C. .Anderson, Miss .Annette — Oxford. X.C. Anderson, Miss Chanlene — Oxford, N.C. .Anderson. .Mr. Mrs. James — Oxford. X.C. Armstrong, Mr. Mrs. Issac — Jacksonville, X.C. Arrington. Miss .Alice B. — Washington, D.C. .Arrington, Mr. Mrs. Albert L. — Xashvillc, X.C. A.shford, Mrs. Callie — Durham, .X.C. .Asmond, Mrs. Janie — Columbia, S.C. Autor, Mr. Kent — Durham, .X.C. Baldwin, Mr. Melvin — Burlington, X.C. Battle, Mr. .Mrs. Hcnrv— .Xashville, X.C. Battle, Mrs. .Sally — Xashville, X.C. Benton, Miss Juanita — Durham. X.C. Beech, Mrs. Elouisc — Kingston, X.C. Biggers, Mr. Mrs. J. C. — Durham, X.C. Biggers, Mr. Mrs. S. P. — Durham, N.C. Bingham, Mrs. Elizabeth — Biulington, X.C. Brinkley, Miss Delores — Dinham, X.C. Brooks, .Mr. Mrs. Henry L. — Durham, X.C. Brown, Mrs. .Alice — Durham, X.C. Brown, Mrs. Beatrice — Durham, X.C. Brown, Mr. Mrs. Lcroy A.,Sr. — Columbia, .S.C. Browning, Annebelle — Bm-lington, X ' .C. Browning, Mr. Larry — Burlington, X.C. Browning, Mr. Lewis — Burlington, X ' .C. Browning, Mrs. Ruth — Burlington, X.C. Browning, Mr. Mrs. ' ernon — Burlington, X.C. Mr. I.lmcr — Dinham. X.C. Cash, Mrs. Barbara — Burlington, X.C. Chandler, Mrs. Dilsic — Burlington. X.C. Charleston. Mrs. ' i ian — Dinham, X.C. Clark, Mr. Herbert — Burlington. X.C. Clark, Miss NLary — Roanoke Rapids, X.C. Clinton. .Mr. Richard — Burlington, X.C. Cobb. .Mrs. Oleathar — Goldsboro, X.C. Compton, Mr. Eugene — Burlington, X.C. Cooke, Dr. Mrs! David — Durham, N.C. Cooper, Mr. John — Thomas ille, X.C. Couch, Dr. Mrs. William — Durham, X.C. Da is. Miss Odessa — Washington, X.C. Denny, Mr. Mrs. David — Durham, X.C. Dillard, Mrs. Lucinda — Burlington, X.C. Dillard, Mr. .Arthur — Burlington, X.C. Elder, Dr. .Mrs. Alfonzo — Durham, X.C. Ellison, Mr. Samuel, Jr. — Burlington, X.C. Fitzgerald, F " lorence — Durham, X.C. Fitzgerald, Mr. Mrs. William — Durham, X.C. Foust, Mr. Mrs. Howard, Sr. -Burlington. X.C. Freeman. Mr. . Lark — High Point, X.C. Fuller. Miss Alta . L — Burlington. X.C. Fuller, Mrs. Bcrnice — Burlington. X.C. Fuller, Mrs. Joan — Burlington, X.C. Gant, Miss .Minnie — Burlington, X.C. Garrison, Mr. Edward — Burlington, X.C. Gibbs, .Mrs. Odessa — Waynesville, X.C. Glenn, Mr. Mrs. Maurice — Durham, X.C. Coins. .Mr. Marshall — Burlington, X.C. Coins, Mr. Benjamin — Burlington, X.C. Gray. .Mrs. Doris — Burlinyton. X.C. Gray, Mrs. Marv John — Burlington, X.C. Gray, .Mr. Villie — Burlington. X.C. Graves, Mr. Otis — Burlington, X.C. Graves, .Mr. Preston — Burlington. X.C. Gricr, Mr. Mrs. James C, Jr. — Belmont, X.C. Hackett, Mrs. Odessa — Burlington, X.C. Haith, .Mrs. ALarv S. — Burlington. X.C. Halev. Mr. Mrs. William — Durham, X.C. Hall, Mrs. Mildred — Burlington, X.C. Hall. Mr. Percy L. — Durham. X.C. Hansberry, Miss Gale — Durham, X.C. Hargroves, Mr. i: Mrs. Fred — Durham. X.C. Hargrovcs, Mr. .Mrs. William — Durham, X.C. Harris, Mrs. Barbara — Burlington, X.C. Harrison, Mr. Lorcnza — Washington, D.C. Harrison. Mrs. Pauline — Whitakers. X.C. Hawkins, Mrs. Gladys W. — Durham, X.C. Hawkins. .Mrs. . Labely — Henderson, X.C. Henderson, Mr, Earldine — Washington, D.C. Henderson. Mr. Mrs. Thomas — Washington, DC. Hickcy, Mrs. Xcttie — Durham, X.C. Horton, Rev. .Mrs. L. G. — Chapel Hill, X.C. Howell, Mrs. Roberta E. — Oxford, X.C. Hnghley, Mrs. Sadie — Durham, X.C. Hunter, Mr. Daniel L. — Belmont, X.C. Ireland, Mr. .Archie — Burlington, X.C. Ivey, Mrs. Lucille L — Burlington, X.C. Jack.son, James — Thoma.s ille. X.C. Jefferies, Mrs. Juanita — Burlington, X.C. Johnson, Dr. Mrs. Charles — Durham, X.C. Jones, Mr. Mrs. Emanuel — Durham, N.C. Jones, Mr. William — Durham, X.C. Jones, Mr. Robert Frank — Oakland, Calif. Kcarnes, Mr. William — Thoma.s ille, X.C. King, Mr. Charlie — Burlington, X.C. Kirkpatrick, .Mrs. Bettyc — Burlington, X.C. Knight, Mr. Elbert — 7-A CCLS Unit-APO-Ncw York Knight, Mr. .Mrs. William — Norfolk, ' a. Patrons Lash, Mr. Mrs. James E., Sr. — Vin.ston-Salcm, N.C. Lewis, Mrs. Mamie — Durham, N.C. Lillv, Mr. Harold — Brookhn, N.Y. Lynch, Mr. Mrs. Toggic — Enfield, N.C. icConneyhead, Mr. Clcatucs — Burlington, N.C. McCurdv, Mr. Lorenzo — Thomasville, N.C. McDougald, Mrs. R. L. — Durham, N.C. McRae, Mr. Clyde — High Point, N.C. Madden, Mr. Raymond — Biulington, N.C. Malone, Mr. irs. William — Durham, N.C. MarroNv, Re -. Mrs. D. J. — Durham, N.C. Marrow, Mrs. George Ralph — Burlington, N.C. Marable, Mr. Mrs. Phillip — Durham, N.C. Massie, Dr. Mrs. Samuel P. — Durham, N.C. Matthews, Mrs. Carrie — Oxford, N.C. Matthewson, Mrs. Mary W. — Tarboro, N.C. Mayberry, Dr. Thomas — Durham, N.C. Maynard, Mrs. Emma — Burlington, N.C. Means, Mr. Mrs. Rudolph — Greensboro, N.C. Midgctte, Mr. Elwin — Durham, N.C. Miller, Mr. Mrs. Lerov — Durham, N.C. Mills, Mr. Charlie — Rocky Mount, N.C. Mills, Mr. Mrs. Charlie, jr. — Rocky Mount, N.C. Mills, Miss Fannie B. — Bronx, N.Y. Mills, Hattie — Bronx, N.Y. Mills, Mr. James C. — Bronx, N.Y. Mills, Lillic Marie — Rocky Mount, N.C. Moody, Mr. Mrs. Alexander — Washington, D.C. Moody, Mr. Thaddeus D. — Washington, D.C. Moody, Mr. Mrs. George E. — Washington, DC. Moore, Mrs. Annie NLae — Burlington, N.C. Moore, Mrs. Lossie — Burlington, N.C. Moore, Miss ' ictoria — Durham, N.C. Moore, Mr. Worth — Burlington, N.C. Nash, Mrs. Georgia — Burlington, N.C. Nickerson, Mr. Ben V. — Burlington, N.C. Nixon, Mrs. Helen — Burlington, N.C. Nixon, Mr. James — Biulington, N.C. Peace, l v. Samuel, Jr. — Burlington, N.C. Peace, Mr. Mrs. Eugene — Henderson, N.C. Pearson, Atty. Mrs. W. G. — Durham, N.C. Peddy, Mrs. Norma — Durham, N.C. Perry, Dr. W. R. — Burlington, N.C. Pinnix, Mr. Alvis — Burlington, N.C. Pinnix, Mr. John A. — Burlington, N.C. Pitt, Rcy. Mrs. John B. — Tarboro, N.C. Platts, Mr. Mrs. Jerome — Charlotte, N.C. Poles, Mr. Mrs. Shirley Braxton — Washington, D.C. Richard, Mrs. Jake — Thomasville, N.C. Richards, Mr. Mrs. David — Burlington, N.C. Sellars. Mrs. Tcmpic — Biulington, N.C. ScUars, Miss ' irginia — Burlington. N.C. Scarborough, Miss Hattie — Durham, N.C. Scott, Mr.s. L H. — Oxford, N.C. Shivers, Miss Mary — Burlington, N.C. Smith, Mr. Mrs. Lee — Durham, N.C. Stephenson, Mr. Mrs. Wallace H. — Washing- ton, D.C. Stewart, Dean Mrs. J. S. — Durham, N.C. Suggs, Miss Mary F. — Durham, N.C. Suitt, Mrs. E a — Durham, N.C. Swift, Dr. Mrs. LeRoy — Durham, N.C. Tapp, Mr. Mrs. William — Durham, N.C. Taylor, Miss Ethel — Durham, N.C. The Record Bar — Durham Chapel Hill Thomas, Dr. Mrs. James — Durham, N.C. Thomas, Mrs. Myrtle — Durham, N.C. Thomas, Mrs. Robert — Durham, N.C. Thompson, Mr. Mrs. ClcaxcrF. — Cedar Gro e, N.C. Thompson, Mr. Garwood — Burlington, N.C. Thomp.son, Mrs. Helen — Burlington, N.C. Thorpe, Dr. Mrs. Marion — Durham, N.C. Thorton, Mr. James — Red Bank, N.J. Toler, Mrs. Polly — Oxford, N.C. L nderw ood, Mr. Gerald — Durham, N.C. ' aughn, Mrs. Christine — Burlington, N.C. Vincent, Mr. Johnny — Burlington, N.C. Valker, Miss Linda — Burlington, N.C. Walker, Mr. Moultrie — BurHngton, N.C. Walker, Mrs. Myrtle — Burlington, N.C. ashington, Mrs. Jessie — Burlington, N.C. Watkins, Mrs. James — Louisville, Ky. Watkins, Mr. Jerry — Burlington, N.C. Watson, Mrs. Freda — Durham, N.C. Whitaker, Mr. E. O. — Burlington, N.C. Wiley, Mrs. Lois — Burlington, N.C. Williams, Mrs. Edwina — Durham, N.C. Williston, Dr. Mrs. T. H. — Gastonia, N.C. Whitted, Mr. Fred — Burlington, N.C. Willis, Mrs. Ruth — Burlington, N.C. Wilson, Miss Mildred T. — Durham, N.C. Wilson, Mr. Mrs. Walter — Burlington, N.C. Norris, Miss Jean — Durham, N.C. Byrd, Mr. Claiban — Durham, N.C. Ea.son, Mrs. ' . Lucille — Durham, N.C. Haith, Mr. Mrs. Vaxton — Durham. N.C. Little, Mr. Franklin — Wadesboro, N.C. Bolden, Charles — Columbia, South Carolina Autographs -vac- - - jc -

Suggestions in the North Carolina Central University - Eagle Yearbook (Durham, NC) collection:

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