North Carolina Central University - Eagle Yearbook (Durham, NC)

 - Class of 1963

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Text from Pages 1 - 140 of the 1963 volume:

mm- THE LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA THE COLLECTION OF NORTH CAROLINLANA C378 N86P1 r UNIVERSITY OF N,C, AT CHAPEL HILL llllllllllllllllllllli 00034010533 This book musf not be taken from the Library building. Form No. 471 THE STUDENTS OF PROUDLY PRESENT 1963 ra» ;. ' ¥;. - ' f } DR. ALFONSO ELDER, Preside North Carolina College 1948-1963 DEDICATION " Lives of great men all remind us We can make our lives sublime. And, departing, leave behind us Footprints on the sands of time . . . ' — Longfellow Truly Longfellow ' s words summarize beautifully the service Dr. Alfonso Elder has given to the college community. For fifteen years. Dr. Elder has been the initial force in stimu- lating student self-direction and in stressing that North Carolina College provide a first- rate liberal arts education. In creating an atmosphere for students self-direction. President Elder played a leading role in establishing such organizations as the Student Government Association, women ' s and men ' s assemblies, and the Student Welfare Committee. He also motivated student self-direction by appointing student representatives to such standing committees as the Lyceum, Religious Activities, and Forum. Dr. Elder further displayed a genuine interest in the students. For example, in his choice of a Dean of Students, he chose a young man, one whose youth granted him deep insight into the problems of students. President Elder has also fostered a special schol- arship fund for students who attain the " A " honor roll. In guiding the growth and development of North Carolina College into the great edu- cational institution it is today, Dr. Elder expanded the academic program of the college and assembled an outstanding faculty. And he has continually requested that the Legis- lature grant NCC the best possible equipment. To further strengthen the program of our liberal arts college. President Elder has encouraged educational choir and band tours and has contributed funds to enrich the programs of campus organizations. As of July, 1963, Dr. Elder — having announced his retirement early in November, 1962 — will no longer serve as President of North Carolina College. As a token of ap- preciation for his concern for the students and for his untiring service to our institution, the 1963 EAGLE is dedicated to Dr. Alfonso Elder. ADMINISTRATION -17- 1, CLASSES -21- ORGANIZATIONS ' -59- 8» r- ■ - ' ■— GREEKS -77- SPORTS -87- BEAUTY -95- Founder ' s Day " procession moves toward Duke Auditorium. Grace Wotts stars Thespians ' productit President Elder ond Dr. Irene Jackson ex- tend a cordial welcome to Vice-Premier of the Congo, Jason Senwe. r ' .-i Dr. William Couch, English professor, and a few majors pose after a discussion of Dostoyevsky ' s Crime and Punishment. " Miss Homecoming " waves to admirers du ing the Homecoming Parade. president Elder congratulates " A " honor .fS " M Rev. Henry Elkins and Dr, J. Neol Hughley inspect plans for " Religious Emphasis Week. " Noted author James Baldwin chats with NCC students following o press conference during recent visit to the campus. The 120-piece famed North Carolina Col lege Marching Band performs during half time at the Baltiomre Colts-Green Boy Pock, ers football game in Baltimore, Maryland With examinafion time near, students be- come more concerned about studying. " Pedro " Currington runs the winning TD for 3 victory over Allen University. North Carolina College com- rrerce students win Fifth Place, Class A, Collegiate Di- vision of the 49th Interna- tional Order of Gregg Ar- tists Shorthond Contest. J. V. Turner, Instructor, Second Ploce Winner, Teocher Di- Judge Juonita K. Stout relaxes after de- livering the principal address at the thir- teenth annual CO-ED WEEK END brunch. ADMINISTRATION DR. ALFONSO ELDER College President ' U AM SROVVN DR. MARION THORPE Dean of Law School, ALBERT L. TURNER Dean of Women, LOUISE M. LATHAM Dean of Men, JOHN L. STEWART I I Counselor, JAMES H. KNIGHT Counselor, MRS, L. D. EVANS DR. MARJORIE BROWN Mathematics DR. ROSE BUTLER BROWN Education DR. ALONSO DAVIS Psychology %1 DR. IRENE JACKSON Romonce Languages OR ROBERT JOHN DR. CHARLES RAY English rj.. PROF. BROOKLYN McMILLON Heath Education DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN L . DR. GWENDOLYN NEWKIRK Home Economics A. .JC DR JAMES TUCKER m DR. ALLEN WEATHERFORD Physical Education iMenj PROF. EDWARD WILSON MRS. WILLA W. LEWIS DR. EZRA TOTTON Physical Educotion (Women) Chemistry DR. JAMES LEE DR. ERNEST MANASSE Philosophy DR. JOSEPH TAYLOR Social Sciences CLASSES SENIORS 9 m u j ADAMS, CARNELL, " Accounting, " Commerce Club 2; Lettermen ' s Club 2; Football 1,2,3,4. ADAMS, EVERETT L., " Business Adm., " Bond 1,2,3,4; Compus Echo 4, Com- merce Club 3,4; NAACP 4. ALLEN, GRACIE A„ " Home Economics, " Choir 1,2,3,4; WAA 1; Student Gov- ernment 1; Alpha Kappo Alpha 2,3,4; Senior Counselor 4; NAACP 3,4; WHO ' S WHO ' S 4; Alpha Kappa Mu 3,4; SNEA 4. ALLEN, MAJELLE, " Nursery School Education, " Home Economic Club 1,2,3,4; NAACP. AMASON, LEANDER, " Physicol Education, " Pem Club; Intramural Bosketboil 1,2,3,4. AMEY, JOHN E., " Accounting, " Commerce Club 2,3,4; Crescent Club 3. ANDERSON, ANNIE L., " English, " English Club 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Eagle Staff 3,4; NAACP 3; SNEA 4. ANDERSON, BETTY L., " Business Educotion, " Commerce Club 4; Home Coun- cil 1,2,4; SNEA 4; Echo Staff 3; AKA 3,4; Newmon ' s Club 3,4. ANDERSON, MARY, " Health Education, " Health Club 3,4; SNEA 4; Psychol- ogy Club 3; Sunday School Hour 1,2,3,4. ARMSTON, LUCY H., " Secretarial Science, " Commerce Club 2,3,4; YWCA 4; NAACP 4. ARMSTONG, GWENDOLYN P., " Public Health Nursing, " Graduate Nurses- Club; American Red Cross; Chi Eta Phi. ARRINGTON, ELSIE, " English, " ECHO 1,2,3,4; WAA 1,2,3,4; English Club 3, 4; French Club 3,4; Religious Activities Committee 1,2,3,4; Pi Delta Phi 3, 4; SNEA 4; Senior Counselor 4; EAGLE 4; Pon-Hellenic Council 3,4; AKA 2,3,4; WHO ' S WHO. ASKEW, LORRAINE, " English, " House Council I; Bond 1,2,4; English Club 3, ' YWCA 3,4; NAACP 4; EAGLE 4. AVENT, JOHN, " Chemistry, " Thespians 1,2,3,4; NAACP 1,2,3,4; Men ' s Dorm tory Government 3,4; ECHO Staff 2; Junior Class President; Student Cor gress 2,3. AVERY, DAVID L,, " History, " Political Science Club 3,4; Social Science Clu 2,3; Intramural Basketball 3. BAILEY, HELEN D., " Sociology, " Vespers Promotion Committee 2,3; House Council 4; YWCA 3,4; WAA 2; Secretary of English Club 3,4. BALLANCE, FRANK W., " Political Science, " Social Science Club; Political Sci- ence Club; Pre-Lov Club 4; NAACP 3,4; Student Congress 4; 2,3,4. BANNERMAN, AZZIE L., " French, " NAACP 1,2; YWCA 2,3; French Club 4; Social Science Club 1; Spanish Club 4. BARBER, LIZZIE M., " Mothen BARNES, EMOGENE, " Hom, and Chemistry, " AKA 2,3,4. lomics, " Big Sister 3; Home Economics Clu BARNES, ROMAINE, " Business Education, " Commerce Club 3,4; SNEA NAACP 4; WAA 1,4; YWCA 3,4; Ivy Leof Club 2,3; Student Congress SENIORS BATTLE, JAMES A., " Business Adm. " NAACP 1; Thespians 1. BAHLE, GLORIA JEAN, " Business Education, " Commerce Club 2,3,4, Campus Echo 1,2; House Council 2,3; Senior Counselor (A); NAACP 4; Pyramid Club 3; NEA 4. BAYLOR, ERNEST L., " Physical Education, " Cheerleader 3,4; Basketball Man- ager 1,2,3; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Scrollers Club 3,4. BENNETT, WILLIE E., " Health Education, " YWCA 3,4; Health Cli raphy Club 3; House Council 2; WAA 2,3; NAACP 2,3,4. BETHEA, SHIRLEY, " Commerce, " Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; Choir BIGELOW, ISADORE B,, " Sociology, " Spanish Club 1,2; Sacic NAACP 2,3,4; Pyramid Club 2. BLACKMAN, EUGENE, " American History, " Band 1,2,3,4; Social Science C 1,2,3,4; Political Science Club 3,4; Soil Conservation Society 4. BLOUNT, ELOUISE, " Health Education " NAACP; WAA 2,3. BLOUNT, LULA J., " Secretoriol Science, " Commerce Club 2,3,4; YWCA; Ec Staff 4; NAACP 4. BLUE, BETTY J., " Business Education, " Commerce Club 3,4; House Counc Student Congress 2; SNEA 4. BOULWARE, BARBARA C, " European History, " Band 1; House Council Social Science Club 1,2,4; A.K.A. 2,3,4; Pan-Hellenic Council 3,4; Se Counselor 4; SNEA 4. BOYD, JOSEPHINE O., " Political Club " 3,4; Dance Group 3; Eagle Staf WHO ' S WHO 4. BROWN, CHRISTINE, " English, " Social Science Club 1; Echo Staff 2; English Club 3,4; YWCA 4; SNEA 4. BROWN, FRANCES L., " Sociology, " Social Science Club 1,2,3,4; Eagle Staff 2,3,4; NAACP 1. BROWN, HAYWOOD L., " Business Administration, " Commerce Club 2,3,4. BROWN, SHIRLEY M„ " Chemistry, " A.K.A. 2,3,4; NAACP 1; Eagle Staff 1. BRYANT, CAROLYN N., " English, " Band 1; English Club 3,4; Eagle Staff 4; Campus Echo 4; NAACP 4; SNEA 4. BRYANT, FAY G., " Business Education " NAACP 1,2,3,4; House Council Presi- dent 1,2; SNEA 4; Commerce Club 3,4; Young Democratic Club 4; YWCA BUCKNER, DOROTHY P., " Business Educotion, " Commerce Club 3,4; SNEA 3,4. BUNCH, RAYMOND " Sociology, " Psychology Club 2,4; Intramural Basketball 1,2,3,4. BURDEN, GRACIE D., " Secretarial Science, " NAACP 2; Commerce Club 1,2, 3,4; Eagle Staff 1; Campus Echo 3; House Council I; YWCA 2. PM SENIORS Big Sister 4; Geogrophy Club 4. , " WAA 1,2,3,4; PEM Club 1,2,3,4; m ci MS 9 BURTON, BEVERLY P., " Social Sci« BURNEnE, BARBARA, " Physical Edu House Council 1,2; YWCA 1,2. BYRDSOL, CLAUDIA, " Home Econoi YWCA 1,3,4. CALDWELL, SANDRA, " Commerce, " Pyramid Club 1,2; Commerce Club 1,2, 3,4; NAACP 3,4; YWCA 1. CAMERON, LINDA, " Chemistry, " Biology Club 3,4; Wesley Foundotion 2,3,4; YWCA 3,4; AKA 2,3,4; Sunday School 2,3; Senior Counselor 4. CAMPBELL, PATRICIA, " Sociology, " NAACP 4; Shark Club 1; Dance Club 1,3; Psychology Club 3,4; YWCA 2,3; Soil Conservation Society 4. CARMON, DANIEL, " General Science, " NAACP 3; Germon Club 1,2; Student Congress 3; EAGLE staff 2; Intromurol Sports 1,2. CARPENTER, MAE, " Sociology, " Archonial Club 1; YWCA 1; Library Science Club 4. CARTER, PAUL, " Biology, " Soil Conservation Society 4; 3,4. CASEY, PERMELIA, " Clothing and Textiles, " Home Ec Club 1,2,3,4; Ponhel- CHAVIS, RANDOLPH, " Physical Education, " PEM Club 3,4; Biology Club 3,4. CHERRY, LANA, " Secretarial Science, " Commerce Club 3,4; NAACP 1,2,3,4; WAA 1,2,4; EAGLE staff 4. CLARK, GLENDA, " Business Education, " Commerce Club 3,4; Echo Staff 3; Senior Counselor Alternate 4; NAACP 4; SNEA 4; AKMu 3,4; Who ' s Who CLAY, GERALD, " Biology Club 2,3; President 4; NAACP 3, German Club 2; Sunday School 1,2. COHEN, HARVEYETTE, " Physical Education, " Modern Dance Club 1,2,3,4; PEM Club 3,4. COLE, PHILLIP, " Business Administrotion, " Vice President, Men ' s Dormitory Gov. 3; Vice Pres. Senior Class; Student Congress 3; President, Men ' s Dormitory 4; Pres. Commerce Club 4; Varsity Basketball 3,4; Letterman ' s Club 3,4; Men ' s Dormitory Council 3,4; Cheerleader 2. COREY, BETTIE, " Home Economics Education, " Home Ec Club 1,2,3,4; NAACP 1,2; Vesper Promotion Committee 1,2,3; Yearbook Staff 1,2; YWCA 1,2. CULMER, VANNIE, " Psychology, " Psychology Club 3,4; DST 3,4; NAACP 1,2, 3,4; EAGLE Staff; Psy Chi. DAVID, MARGARET, " Sociology, " YWCA 3,4; House Council 1; Pyromic 2; Echo Staff 1; NAACP 1; NEA. DAVIS, KATHLEEN, " Biology, " Biology Club 1,2,3,4; Yearbook Staff D ENT, MARVIN, " Physi PEM Club 1,2,3; Gerrt Educati Club I; Varsity Basketball is 2,3,4. SENIORS DICKENS, CHARLES M., " Biology, " College Sunday School 1,2,3,4; Dormitory Cabinet 3,4; Biology Club 3,4; NAACP 3,4; Lampodas Club 3; Men As- sembly Steering Committee 3,4. DOBSON, CLARA V., " Psychology, " Social Science Club 1,2,3; Psychology Club 2,3,4; YWCA 3,4; NAACP 2,3,4; Choir 1,2. DOCKERY, CHRISTINE, " Business Educotion, " Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; Social Science Club 1,2,3,4; Campus Echo 1; Eagle Staff 2; Ivy Leaf Club 2, NAACP 2,3; YWCA 1,2. DREW, WATSON, " Biology " Biology Club 1,2,3,4; Sphinx Club 2; NAACP 1,2. DUNLAP, GEORGE T., " Psychology, " Psychology Club 2,3,4; Social Science Club 1,2,3; NAACP 2,3,4; Student Congress 4; Psi Chi 2,3,4; A A 3,4. DUNSTON, RUBY J., " Sociology, " House Council 2; Newman ' s Club 2,3; Psy- chology Club 4; Social Science Club 4; Modern Dance Group 4. DURHAM, JACQUELYN, " Home Economics, " Home Economics Club 1,2,3,4; YWCA 3,4; Spanish Club 3; NAACP 4. EATON, HERMAN R., " Health Education, " Health Education Club 2,3,4; NAACP 2,3,4. EDWARDS, ANNIE L., " Commercial Education, " Commerce Club 3,4; NAACP 4; YWCA 4; SNEA 4. EDWARDS, BILLIE P., " Physical Education, " PEM Club 3,4; WAA 2,3,4; NAA- CP 3,4; Dance Group 2,4; Senior Counselor 4; SNEA 4; DST. ELLIS, LUTHER T., " Accounting, " Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; Sphinx Club 1,2,3. ELLISON, HAZEL A., " French, " AKA 2,3,4; Yearbook 1,3,4; Echo 3; Steering Committee 1,2,3,4; French Club 2,3,4; English Club 3,4; WHO ' S WHO 4, Pi Delta Phi 3,4. ERWIN, JOYCE, " Sociology, " House Council 2,3; Choir 1,2; Shark Club 1,2; YWCA 3; Psychology 4. EVANS, FRANCES P., " Home Economics, " Home Economics Club 1,2,3,4; WAA 1; SNEA 4; AKA 2,3,4; Alpha Kappa Mu 3,4; WHO ' S WHO 4. FAIRLEY, AUDREY L., " Biology, " Eagle Staff 1,2,3,4; NAACP 1,2,3,4; Biology Club 4; AKA 2,3,4; Echo Staff 4, SNEA 4. FAISON, DOUGLAS E., " Physical Education, " Football Team 1,2; Lettermen ' s Club 1,2,3,4. FARMER, BARBARA A., " Psychology, " Psychology Club 2,3,4; Newman ' s Club 1,2,3,4; Ivy Leaf Club 2; House Council 2; Sphinxmen Sweetheart 2. FARRIOR, EDNA C, " Home Economics, " Home Economics Club 1,2,3,4; WAA 2,3; YWCA 3. FAUCEHE, BEHY L., " Home Economics, " Big Sister 3; SNEA 4; Home Eco- nomics Club 1,2,3,4. FELLERS, CARLTON E., " Accounting, " Commerce Club 3,4; English Club 3,4; NAACP 3,4; English Club. FIELDS, BARBARA E., " Secretarial Science, " Commerce Club 3,4; Big Sister 4; Off-Campus Council 3,4; NAACP 4; Eagle Staff 1,2,4. SENIORS ft 5 f FLYTHE, VIVIAN, " Heolth Education, " House Council I; NAACP 1,2; Health Education Club 3,4; WAA 2,3,4; PEM Club 2,3,4; YWCA 3,4; German Club 1,2. FOREMAN, GERALDINE, " Business Education, " Comm erce Club 1,3; Off-Com- pus Representative 1 . FOUST, SHIRLEY, " English, " Campus Echo 1; Germon Club 1.2; English Club 3,4; YWCA 3.4; SNEA 4. GARDNER, MAMIE, " Biology, " NAACP 1,2,3,4; Biology Club 3,4; Eagle Stoff 3,4; YWCA 4. CATLING, ELEANOR, " Biology, " Biology Club 2,3,4; WAA 1,2,3; President 4; AKA 2,3; Bosileus 4; Senior Counselor 4; Student Government 1,2,3,4; NAACP 3; " Miss Chidley Hall " 4. GAY, BARBARA, " English, " German Club 1,2,3; Spanish 1,2,3,4; English 3,4. GEORGE, SADIE, " Secretarial Science, " Commerce Club 3,4; WAA 2,3, ' Echo 1,2; YWCA 2,3,4; EAGLE Staff 1,2,3,4; Social Science Club 1. GILCHRIST, GURTHA, " Physical Education, " PEM Club 1,2,3.4; Health Educe tion Club 2,3.4, GILES, JESSIE, " English, " EAGLE Staff 1.2; English Club 3.4; SNEA 4. GILLIAM, MARY, " Physical Education, " AKA 2,3,4; PEM Club 2,3.4; WAA 3, 4; SNEA 4. GODWIN, ALICE, " Commerce, " Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; EAGLE 1,2.3; Echo 1,2,3; Student Congress 2; Dormitory Council 1; Dance Group 3. GOODSON, PHYLLIS, " English, " Women ' s Assembly Steering Comm. 1,2,3,4; President, Women ' s Assembly 4; AKA 2,3,4; SNEA 4; Senior Counselor 4; English Club 3,4; Dormitory House Council 2, United Compus Christian Min- istry 4; Who ' s Who 4. GORHAM, BERNICE, " Home Economics Education, " Methodist Student Organ zation 1,2; Home Ec Club 2,3; Soc. Sci. Club 1; Spanish Club 1. GREENE, ALVIN, " French, " French Club 4; Panhellenic Council 4; Bond 1 Pi Delta Phi 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; A A 3,4. GREEN, FRANCES, " French, " French Club 1,2,4; English 4. GREENE, MAXINE, " Secretarial Science, " Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; YWCA 2, 3,4; NAACP 2,3,4; Yearbook Staff 3,4; Library Science 4. GREENE, THOMASENIA, " Sociology, " Choir 1,2,3,4; Student Government 1,2, 3,4; NAACP 1,2; Sociology Club 4; Psychology Club 4; EAGLE Staff 4. GWYN, ROY, " Political Science, " Student Congress 3,4; Political Science Club 2,3; President 4; Pre-Low Club 4; Senior Class President; Band 1; A A 3,4. HALEY, VICTOR, " Biology, " Dance Group 1,2; NAACP 1,2,4; Biology Club 1,3. HALL, LEOLA, " Secretarial Science, " DST 2,3,4; Commerce Club 2; Yearbook Staff 4; House Council 3; Who ' s Who 4. HARDING, CHARLOTTE, " Psychology, " Psychology Club 3,4; NAACP 3,4; Choir 3; Soil Conservation Society 4; YWCA 3; Psi Chi 4, SENIORS HARDING, CLYDE, " Physical Education, " Intramural Sports, 1,2,3,4; PEM Club 4. HARMON, JOHN, " Political Science, " Soc. Sci. Club 1,2, Political Science Club 1,2,3; Pre-Low Club 4; NAACP 1,2; 2,3,4; AKMu 3,4. HARPER, ELIZABETH, " Business Education, " NAACP 2,3,4; Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; Newman Club 2,3,4; Yearbook Staff 2,4; SNEA 4. HARRIS, AUGUSTINE, " Commercial Education, " Shark Club 1; NAACP 1,2; AKA 2,3,4; House Council 2; Class Officer 3; Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; German Club I. HARRIS, BISHOP, " Physical Education, " Varsity Football 1,2,3 ,4; PEM Club 1,2,3,4; Letfermon ' s Club 1,2,3; SNEA 4; Football 2,3,4. HARRIS, JAMES, " Social Science, " Young Democratics Club 1; NAACP 2; Soc. Sci. Club 3. HARRIS, JANICE, " Sociology, " AKA 2,3,4; YWCA; NAACP 4. HARRIS, MARIE, " English, " WAA 1; Dormitory Committee 1; WAA 2; NAACP 3; YWCA 3; English Club 3,4. HARRIS, PRISCILLA, " Psychology, " Psychology Club 1,2,3,4; Thespians 1; AKA 2,3,4; Big Sister 3. HART, SIDDIE, " Physical Education, " WAA 2,3,4; PEM Club 3, Biology Club 1,2,3,4. HARVEY, DELORES, " Business Education, " Commerce Club 3,A cil 1; NAACP 4; YWCA 4. HAWKINS, JEAN, " Biology, " Biology Club 2,3,4; SNEA 4. Club 1,2, DST 3, ' HAWKINS, MARY, " Mathematics, " Choir 1; Bosileus, 3,4; German Club 2,3,4; Moth Club 2,3,4; Attendant to Miss NCC 4; Sweet- heart 3; Pres., Panhellenic Council 4; Student Welfare Committee 4; Sen- ior Counselor 4. HENDERSON, JOHN, " Sociology, " Campus Echo 4; Political Science Club; Social Sci. Club 1,2,3; NAACP; Student Government 2,3; EAGLE; Sports Editor 4. HENRY, FRANCES, " English, " Ivy Leaf Club 1,2; YWCA 3,4; WAA 3; English Club 3,4; SNEA 4. tion, " PEM Club 3,4; Health Club 3, ' WAA 2,3,4; Senior Counselor 4; Mi; ,2; DST 2,3,4; Thespian HERRING, FRANCES, " Physical Edut HICKS, HAZEL, " Biology, " AKA 3, ' Kappa Alpha Psi 4. HICKS, MABLE, " Psychology, " Choir Council 3,4; Senior Counselor 4. HICKS, RICHARD, " Physical Education, " Varsity Basketball 1; Varsity Football 1,2,3,4; PEM Club 1,2,3,4; Varsity Tennis 1 HINTON, OSCAR, " Chemistry, " NAACP 1,4; Science Club 4; Biology Club 4 HODGE, CORA, " Sociology, " Social Science Club 2,3,4; NAACP 2,3,4; Psy- chology Club 2,3,4; Psi Chi 3,4; Yearbook Staff 3; DST 2,3,4; YWCA 3,4; SENIORS HOLT, PATSY L., " Nursery School Education, " Choir 1,2,3,4; Home Economics Club 2,3,4. HOPKINS, WARDEU, " Business Administration, " Commerce Club 2,3,4; NAA- CP 2,3,4; Scrollers Club 3,4. HORNE, GLORIA D., " Sociology, " Student Congress 2; Dormitory Council 2; Pyromid Club 3; NAACP 2; Social Science Club 2. HOWELL, BARBARA J., " Business Educotion, " Commerce Club 1,2,3; Pre-Low Club 3; NAACP 3,4; EAGLE Staff 3,4. HOWERTON, AMERICUS J., " Art, " French Club; Fine Arts Club 1,2. HUEY, ALBERT, " Physical Educotion, " Vorsity Football 1,2,3,4; Leitermen ' s Club 2,3,4. HUGHES, JOANN, " Business Administration, " Commerce Club 4; YWCA 4. HUMPHREY, ANNE V., " Business Education, " Student Congress 2; Comme Club 1,2,4; SNEA 4; NAACP 2,3,4; ECHO Stoff 4; DST 2,3,4. HUNT, BETTY JEAN, " English, " WAA 1,2; English Club 3,4; NAACP 1,; SNEA 3,4; EAGLE Staff 4. HUNTER, JAMES W., " Biology, " NAACP 4; Shark Club 1,2; Tennis 1,2; Gei man Club 3; PEM Club 4; Intromural Football 1; Intramural Bosketbo 2,3,4. HUNTLEY, GENNIE L., " Sociology, " Psychology Club 4; Social Science Clu 1,2. JACKSON, M. WILLENE, " French, " French Club 2,3,4; Sponish Club 2,3, ' DST 2,3,4; Off-Compus Council 3,4; Pi Delta Phi 3,4; Pon-Hellenic Cour JACKSON, ROSETTA J,, " English, " Bond 1,2,3,4; 2,3,4; German Club 1,2,3,4; English Club 3,4; NAACP 1,2,3,4; YWCA 2,3; EAGLE Staff 2,3,4; ECHO Staff 3,4; Senior Counselor 4. JARMON, MACK A., " Political Science, " Band 1,2; Choir 1,2,3; Politicol Sci- ence Club 1,2,3,4; Pre-Law Club 4; Soil Conservation Club 4. JEFFERS, M. VELMA, " French, " French Club 3,4; EAGLE Staff 3,4; Ivy Leof Club 2; House Council 4; Women Chorus 4. JOHNSON, EMMA L., " Sociology, " DST 2,3,4; Psychology Club 2,3,4. JOHNSON, HATTIE C, " Business Education, " Commerce Club 2,3 4; NAACP 3; Spanish Club; SNEA 4. JOHNSON, MARJORIE H., " Biology, " E. E. Just Biology Club 1,2,3,4; Sharks Club 1,2; WAA 1. JONES, JOHN H., " Business Education, " Basketball 2,3,4; NAACP 2; SNEA 4; Commerce Club 2,3,4; Lettermen ' s Club 3,4. JONES, MAGGIE L., " Vocational Home Economics, " Home Economics Club 1, 3,4; YWCA 4; NAACP 4. JONES, ROMIE, " Biology, " Heolth Club 4; Sphinx Club 3; E. E. Just Biology Club 3,4. SENIORS JONES, SCARLETT B„ " Physical Education, " WAA 4; PEM Club 4; BancJ 1 ,- NAACP 4. JONES, THAD S., " Accounting, " Men ' s Steering Committee 1,2,3,4; Men ' s Dormitory Council 4; NAACP 3,4; Commerce Club 3,4, JORDAN, EMMA H., " Physical Education, " Ivy Leaf Club 2; AKA 2,3,4, WAA 1,2,3,4; Shark Club 1; NAACP 1,2; PEM 3,4; Student Congress 1,3. KEARNS, BLANDENA, " Psychology, " Psychology Club 2,3,4; Health German Club 2,3,4; Student Congress 3; Junior Closs Officer; SNEA KEITH, LARRY E., " Biology, " Biology Club 2,3,4. KELLY, ALICE L., " Nursery School Educolion, " Home Economics Club; ter 4; SNEA 4; NAACP 4. KENNEDY, GENE E., " Accounting, " Band 1; Commerce Club 2,3,4; Veterans ' Club 2,3,4. KERSEY, MARIE A., " Business Education, " AKA 3,4; Commerce Club 4; ECHO Staff 2; NAACP 4. KEYES, GLORIA K., " Secretarial Science, " NAACP 2,3,4; Commerce Club 1,2, 3,4; YWCA 2,3,4; Wesley Foundation 1,4; EAGLE Staff 4. KILPATRICK, CALVIN, " Health Education, " NAACP 3; Health Club 4; The: pions 1,2. KNOX, CHARLES, " Biology, " Sophomore Class President; Photogrophy Clu 1,2,4; A A 2,3,4. LANE, SUSIE M., " Mathematics, " House Council 1,3,4; House President ' EAGLE Staff 2; SNEA 4; NAACP 4. LAWRENCE, JOHN E., " Biology, " Biology Club 3,4; NAACP 3,4; Sphinx Club 2; SNEA 4. LAWRENCE, MARY R., " Business Education, " Shark Club 1,2; Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; EAGLE Staff 1,2; SNEA 4; WAA 2. LEE, MATILDA C, " Biology, " OST 3,4; YWCA 3,4; House Council 1,2,4; Soil LESTER, EVELYN F., " Sponish, " YWCA 4; Spanish Club 4. LEWIS, COTTIS M., " Secretarial Science, " Commerce Club 3,4; WAA 1, NAACP 4; Pyramid Club 3. LEWIS, JAMES R., " Chemistry, " Band 1,2,3,4; Photographers ' Club 2; Sphii Club 2; Student Congress 4. LEWIS, JANICE E., " English, " SNEA 4; NAACP 2; ECHO Sti YWCA 1,2,3; ECHO 1; NAACP 1,2. LINDSEY, VIRGIE R., " French, " French dub 1,2,3,4; Library Sc £ « 1 t. f f .a i 1 9 M. 9 wW i SENIORS WM.9. J5M LIPSCOMB, LAFAYETTE W., " Psychology, " Thespians 1; Pyramid 2,3; Psychol- ogy Club 2,3,4. LOMAX, BARBARA, " Psychology, " Psychology Club 2,3,4; NAACP 2,3; WAA 2. McCLINTON, MARY J., " French, " French Club 3,4; YWCA 3,4; Eagle Staff 2, Campus Echo 1,2; NAACP 1,2,3,4. McCORMICK, EDNA W., " Physicol Education. " McCOY, DOROTHY M., " Business Education, " C 34; NAACP 3,4; Germon Club 1; Eagle Staff 4 McCRAE, MILDRED Y., " Secretarial Science, " Co ,2,3,4; YWCA McDonald, MARJORIE, " Physic 3,4; WAA 2,4; Big Sister 4; McKENZIE, DELORES Y., " Music, " Germa Sweetheart 2; Miss Junior Class 3; " Mi- Band 1,2,3,4; SNEA 4. McKESSON, vera, " Sociology, ' ion, " PEM Club 2,3,4; Biology Club Council Off-Campus Women 3. nan Club 1,2; AKA 2,3,4; Sphinx VKA 2,3,4; Psychology Clu McKINNEY, WALTER A., " Sociology, " Choir 1,3,4; Shark Club 1,2; Student Congress 4; Psychology Club 3,4; Health Club 4; Sphinx Club 3; Social Science Club 2,3. McLEOD, LINDELL V., " Sociology, " NAACP 3,4; Social Science Club 3,4. McNAIR, COSTELLA, " Psychology, " AKA 2,3,4; Echo I; WAA 1, NAACP 4; Dance Group 4; Psychology Club 3,4 ; Eagle Staff 4. McNeill, BESSIE J., " Mathemotlcs, " Eagle Staff 2,4; YWCA 3,4; SNEA NAACP 4. McNeil, JAMES E., " Biology, " NAACP 3; Eagle Staff; SNEA 4; Biology Clu McPHAIL, JAMES O., " General Science, " NAACP. McRAE, PECOLIA, " Business Education, " Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; Echo 2; AKA 3,4; NAACP 4; House Council 3; SNEA 4; Class Officer 2, WHO ' S WHO 4; Senior Counselor 4. MARTIN, BERNICE G., " English, " AKA 2,3,4; Thespians 1; English Club 3,4; SNEA 3,4; Senior Counselor 4. MARTIN, LARRY L., " Biology, " Biology Club 1,2,3,4; Echo 3,4; Eagle Staff 4; NAACP 1,2,3,4; Social Science Club 3,4; Geography Club 4; SNEA 3,4. MASON, LILLIAN, " Biology, " Biology 2,3,4; Shark Club I; WAA 1,2. MILLER, EARL, " Physical Educotion, " PEM Club President 3,4; Letfermen ' s Club 2,3,4; Football Teom 1,2,3,4; Shark Club 1,2; SNEA 4. MILLER, FRANCES E., " Commerce " Commerce Club 1,2,3. SENIORS MILLS, EDITH M., " Business Education, " Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; NAACP 4; SNEA 4; Pyramid Club 1,2. MILLS, JESSE WM., " Biology, " NAACP 1; Student Government 4; German Club 1; EAGLE Staff 4; Biology Club 2,3,4. MITCHELL, DORIS H., " English, " Wesley Foundation 1,2,3,4; YWCA 1; AKA 2.3,4; EAGLE Staff 4; English Club 3,4; NAACP 2,3,4; SNEA 4; House Council 2. MITCHELL, TINEY D., " Health Education, " YWCA 4; Health Club ■ MOONEY, LUCY E., " English, " English Club 3,4; Thespians 3,4. MOORE, LINDA J., " Secretarial Science, " Band 1,2,3; Comrr MOORE, S. ANNETTE, " Physical Education, " WAA; Newman ' s Club; Health Club 3,4; Miss Physical Education 4. MOREHEAD, NATHANIEL W., " Biology, " Bond 1; NAACP 1,2,3,4; Student Congress 2.3; Pon-Hallenic Council 3,4; Biology Club 1,2,3,4; Shark Club 1; SNEA 4; Photographers ' Club 4; 2,3,4. MORGAN, ANNIE R., " Secretarial Science. " Choir 1,2,3,4; Band I; Spanish Club 3,4; Commerce Club 3,4; Archonian Club 3; Summer ECHO 2. MORGAN, ESTHER R., " Secretarial Science, " Commerce Club 3,4; Spanish Club 4; DST 2,3,4; Dance Group 3; Thespians I; NAACP 2,3,4. MOSER, MARILYN E., " Secretariol Science, " Student Congress I; Dance Group 1,2; YWCA 1,2,3; " Miss Sophomore " ; Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; NAACP 2, 3,4; " Miss Low School " ; Sweetheart of KA 3. MULLINS, JOHN H., " Health Education, " Intramural Sports 1,3; Health Club 3,4; German Club 1,2; NAACP 1,4. MURPHY, MELVIN L., " History, " Political Science Club 1,2; Newman Club 1,2,3; Social Science Club 1,2; Football 1. NEAL, JANET L., " Secretarial Science, " Commerce Club 2,3,4; NAACP 4; YWCA 1. NEAL, MARY JO, " Business Education, " Commerce Club 2,3,4; NAACP 4; SNEA 4; Alpha appa Mu 3,4; Pyramid Club 3. NOBLES. RAYMOND, " Physical Education, " Football 1,2,3,4; PEM Club; Let- termen ' s Club 2,3,4; SNEA 4. NOBLES, VASHTI, " Social Science, " Social Science Club 1,2,3,4; Politicol Sci- ence Club 3,4; YWCA 3,4; Senior Counselor 4. OGUERRI, OBINNA A., " Biology, " Newman ' s Club 3,4. OLLISON, BENJAMIN H., " Psychology. " OUTLAW, JOHNNIE, " Business Educotion, " Men ' s Dormitory Council; Men ' s As- sembly 3,4; SNEA 4; NAACP 3,4; Steering Committee. PALMER, JAMES L., " Accounting, " Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; Football 2,3,4; Lettermen ' s Club 2,3,4. 9 ? S SENIORS t« PARKER, ROBERT, " Biology, " Thespian Club 1.2; Biology Club I; Student Con- gress I; Junior Vorsity Basketball 2,3. PARRIS, ROBERT, " Political Science, " Track Team 1,2,3,4; Political Science Club 1,2,3,4; Collegiate Council for the UN 2,3,4; Notionol Delegote to the CCUN; Camera Club 2, Pre-Law Club 3,4. PAHERSON, COUNTRINA, " Health Education, " NAACP 1,2,3,4; Donee Group YWCA 4; Health Club 3,4. PERRY, GILA, " French, " French Club 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; YWCA 3,4. PETTIS, EUGENE, " Business Administrotion, " Soc. Sci. Commerce Club 2,3,4; NAACP 4. PINDLE, RICHARD, " Music, " Bond 3; Choir 3,4; A A 3,4; Student Government 2; Men ' s Chorus, Opera Workshop. PITT, ELISE, " Business, " NAACP 3,4; Commerce Club 4; YWCA 4; SNEA 4. POINTEY, JAMES, " History, " Politicol Science Club 4; Soc. Sci. 2,3.4; Photog- raphy Club 4; NAACP 1,2,3,4. PORTER, LAURESTINE, " Physical Education, " PEM 2,3,4; Pres., 4; Dance Group 1,2,3,4; Student Congress 3; Thespians 1,2. POWELL, DORIS, " Biology, " YWCA 3,4; NAACP 4; EAGLE Staff 4. RAMSEUR, CHRISTINE, " Sociology, " Yearbook Staff 2,4; DST 3,4; House Council 3; NAACP 3,4; WAA 2,4; Newman Club 1,2,3,4; French 2,3,4; SNEA 4; Sociology Club 4. REED, MARGARET, " Physical Education, " DST 3,4; PEM Club 2, WAA 3; House Council 1,2; Donee Group 2; NAACP 3,4. REID, CHARLOTTA, " Biology, " House Council I; Student Government I; Sec- retary, Student Congress 3; Senior Counselor Alternate 4; Bond 1,2,4. REID, THORNTON, " Biology, " NAACP 2, Shark Club 1. RICH, AMANDA, " Business Education, " Commerce Club 2,3,4; SNEA 4; Big Sister 3,4; AKA 4. Off Campus Council 3. RICKS, JULIA, " Biology, " SNEA 4; NAACP 4; WAA I. RIDDICK, JEAN " Biology, " German Club 2; Biology Club 3,4; YWCA 4; SNEA 4. RILEY, NORMAN, " Accounting, " Bond 1,2,3; Commerce Club 1,2,3,4. RILEY, ROBERT, " Psychology, " NAACP 1,2,3,4; Psychology Club 3,4; Psi Chi 4 ROBERTS, MARVA, " French, " Echo 1,2; EAGLE Staff 1,4; House Council I AKA 2,3,4; Senior Counselor 4; French Club 4; Miss Homecoming 4. ROBINSON, CONSTANCE, " Foods and Nutrition, " Home Ec Club 2,3.4; Sen ior Counselor Alternate 4. ROBINSON, HERMA J , " Business Education, " Commerce Council 3,4, Pan-Hellenic Council 3,4; SNEA 4; Sweethe ROBINSON, LAURAETTA, " French, " French Club 3,4; SNEA 4. ROSS, LUCINDA C, " Biology, " Biology Club 3, AKA 2,3, ! Staff 1,2; WHO ' S WHO 4. ROYSTER, CAROLYN, " Secretarial Science, " Commerce Club 3,4; YWCA 3. SANDERS, CHARLES W., " English, " English Club 4, NAACP 4, 3, SANDERS, LILLIE l„ " Social Science, " Social Science Club 1,2,3,4; Thespio 2; YWCA 2; House Council 2; SNEA 4; NAACP 4. SANDERS, MARY E„ " History, " House Council 1,2; AKA 2,3,4; YWCA 1,2, German Club 1,2; Sociol Science Club 1,2,3,4; Senior Counselor 4; Treas- urer of Junior Class 3. SANDERS, RUDOLPH C, " Biology, " Biology Club 3,4; Sphinx Club 2,3. SATTERFIELD, LAURA, " Biology, " Biology Club 1; French Club 1; German Club 4. SHAW, CLAUDETTE, " English, " Ivy Leaf Club 2; English Club 3,4; YWCA ' EAGLE Stoff 4; NAACP 4; SNEA 4. SHUFORD, MARIETTA A„ " Public Health Nursing, " Newman ' s Club 3, ' American Nurses Association 3,4; NAACP 4. SIBERT, JAMES, " Biology, " Biology Club 1,2,3,4; Student Congress 1; Sphin Club 1,2. SIMMONS, ARNETTA B., " Sociology, " DST 2,3,4; Thespians 2; NAACP 1,2; Psychology Club 3; Ho use Council 1. SIMMONS, YVONNE, " Business Education, " Student Congress 1; Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; AKA 2,3,4; German Club 1,2; ECHO Staff 1,4; Senior Coun- selor 4. SINGLETARY, MARIE A,, " Health Education, " YWCA 2,3,4; NAACP 4; PEM Club 3,4; Modern Donee Group 4; Health Club 3,4. SMITH, GLORIA J., " Psychology, " Psychology Club 3,4; Sociology ECHO Staff 1; YWCA 3; NAACP 1,2,3,4. SMITH, IVAN R., " Business Education, " Commerce Club 2,3,4; Men Committee 3. SMITH, JOEL C, " Biology, " Photography Club; 2,3,4. SMITH, WILHELMINA, ' Secretarial Science, " Commerce Club 3,4; YWCA 1,2, 3,4; WAA 3,4; EAGLE Staff 3,4. SMITH, WILLARD A., " Chemistry and Biology, " Scrollers Club. SNIPES, CARL, " Art, " Off-Compus Men ' s Council 4, Crescent Club 3; NAACP SENIORS SENIORS SOMMERVILLE, DORIS B., " Sociology " Bond 2; Psychology Club 4; Social Sci- ence Club 4; Attendant to Miss Senior 4. SPEIGHT, BRUCE C, " French, " NAACP I, Sphinx Club 1,2; Alpha Phi Alpha 3,4, Echo 1; French Club 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Student Congress 1. SPEIGHT, PHYLISS T., " Biology, " Biology Club 3,4; NAACP 4; SNEA 4. SPELLER, LESLIE CLIFTON, " Mathemotics, " NEA 4. SPIGHT, MARJORIE A., " French, " WAA 1,2; French Club 3,4. SPRUILL, JOHN K., " Accounting, " Student Congress 1,2; Commerce Club 1,2, 3,4; Sphinx Club 3. SPRUILL, WILLIAM L„ " Music, " Music Educators Club I, Sphinx 1,2; Bond 1,2, 3,4; Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity 3,4. STACKHOUSE, JEANEHE, " Biology " Biology Club 1,2,3,4; WAA 2,3,4; NAACP 4; SNEA 4. STACKHOUSE, LETICIA A., " Home Economics, " Senior Counselor 4; NAACP 4; Home Economics Club 1,2,3,4; Eagle Staff 3,4. STALLINGS, ARDETHA, " Biology, " Eagle Staff 4; YWCA 4; Biology Club 3,4. STANLEY, VESTEREE, " Biology, " Biology Club 1.2,3,4. STATION, CAROLYN T,, " French, " French Club 1,2,3,4; WAA 1,2,4; Spanish Club 3,4; German Club 3; Pi Delta Phi 4; SNEA 4. STEELE, LAURA V., " Sociology, " Dance Group 1,2; Social Science Club 1; Yearbook Staff 1; YWCA 3,4; NAACP 4. STEELE, SONJA L., " Psychology, " Health Education Club 4; Psychology Club 4. STEWART, ANNE M., " Physical Education, " PEM Club 1,2,3,4; WAA 4; Pyra- mid Club 1,2,3; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; NAACP 1,2,3,4; YWCA 3. STOKES, JOHN D., " Heolth Education, " NAACP 1,2; Health Club 2,3, ' STOKES, PHYLLIS R., " French. " French Club 1,2,3,4. SUGGS, HENRY L., " American History, " Scroller Club 3; Men ' s Dor Government 3; Social Science Club 2,3,4; Eagle Staff 4; Political S Club 3,4. SUin, MARIAN, " Biology, " YWCA 3,4; House Council 1,4; Summer Choir 2. SULLIVAN, SAMUEL, " Physics, " Football 1,2,3,4; Tennis I; Omega Psi Phi 2, 3,4; Athletic Committee 3,4; Class Officer 3. TATE, MARIE A., " Business Education, " NAACP 1; Shark Club 1,2; Ivy Leaf Club 1; Commerce Club 3,4; YWCA 4. SENIORS TAYLOR, CLARENCE, " Biology, " Varsity Basketball 3,4; Biology Club 1,2,3,4; 2,3,4, TAYLOR, WILLE, " Sociology, " Big Sister 4; Psychology Club 3,4; SNEA 4; Off-Campus Council 4. THOMAS, ROBERT, " Biology, " Biology Club 2; NAACP 2; Intramural Basket- ball 3; Student Congress 2. THOMPSON, MIRIAM, " Home Economics, " Soc. Sci. Club I; German Club 1; Home Ec. Club 2,3,4; Ivy Leaf Club 3,4. THOMPSON, ORGIE, " Physical Education, " PEM Club 2,3,4; WAA 2,3,4; House Council 3; EAGLE Staff 4; YWCA 3,4; NAACP 3,4. THOMPSON, WILLIAM, " Chemistry, " German Club 1,2; Band 1,2; NAACP 4; THORPE, YVONNE, " French, " French Club 2,3,4; Jr. Dance Group 3; Spanish Club 2,3,4; YWCA 3. THLJRMAN, GRETCHEN, " Music, " AKA 2,3,4; SNEA 4, MENC 1,4; Band 2,3; Fine Arts Club 3; Soc. Sci. Club I; Women ' s Chorus 4; German Club 2. TILLMAN, LOLA, " Business Administration, " AKA 2,3,4; Commerce Club 3,4; NAACP 4; House Council 1,2,3,4. TOOTLE, ALICE, " Political Science, " Political Science Club 3,4; Soc. Sci. Club 2,3. TOWNSEND, JESSE, " Business Administration, " EAGLE 1,2,3,4; Photography Club 1,2,3,4; Shark Club 1,2,3,4; Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; NAACP 1,2; Stu- dent Congress 3. TURNER, WILLIAM, " Biology, " Biology Club 3,4; Health Education Club 4; German Club 1,2. VERBAL, SIDNEY, " French, " French Club 2,3,4; Off Campus Men ' s Council 2,3,4; Men ' s Assembly Steering Comm. 4; EAGLE Staff 4; Pi Delta Phi 3,4; Who ' s Who 4. WALKER, JAMES, " Psychology, " Psychology Club 3,4; Soc. Sci. Club 1,2; AKMu 3,4; Psi Chi 3,4; Westminster Fellowship 3,4; Student Government Association 3,4; Student Welfare Committee 4. WARD, LENWOOD, " Commerce, " Commerce Club 2,3,4; NAACP 2,3,4; WATKINS, MARTHA, " Sociology, " Psychology Club 2,3,4; Soc. Sci. Club 1, NAACP 1,2; DST 2,3,4; Psi Chi 4. WHITE, FREDERICK, " Sociology and Psychology, " Choir 1, NAACP 1,2,3,4, Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Soc. Sci. Club 1; Psychology 1; Shark Club 1. WHITT, JENNIE, " Secretarial Science, " Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; EAGLE Staff 2,4; DST 2,3,4; NAACP 1,2,4; Omega Sweetheart 4; WAA 4. WIGGINS, DOROTHY, " Secretarial Science, " Commerce Club 3,4; YWCA 4 NAACP, EAGLE Staff 1; ECHO 3; House Council 2,3. WILCHER, SHIRLEY, " Chemistry. " WILKERSON, JANET, " English, " Dance Group 1,2; Germon Club 1,2; Hous, Council 1,2,3; AKA 2,3,4; Forum Comm. Member 3. fit SENIORS WILLIAMS, CHARLES, " Music, " Bond 2,3,4; Pres. 4; Choir 1,2,3,4; A A 3,4, WILLIAMS. MILDRED, " Secretarial Science, " EAGLE Stoff 1,2,3,4; NAACP 1,2, 3,4; Commerce Club 3,4; Ivy Leaf Club 3; AKA 3,4; ECHO 4, WILLIAMS, ODESSA A., " Secretarial Science, " Commerce Club 2,3,4; NAACP 2,3,4; YWCA 2,3,4. WILLIAMS, OTHELIA, " Biology, " Health Education Club 3,4; Biology Club 3,. NAACP 1,2,3,4; YWCA 1,2.3,4. WILLIAMSON, HUBERT, " Physical Education, " Varsity Basketball 3,4; Coptai of Varsity Basketball Team 4. WILLISTON, PATRICIA, " Social Science, " NEA YOUNG, MILDRED, " Music, " Band 1,2,3; Choir 3; YWCA 3; Women ' s Chon 4; SNEA 4; MENC 1,4; Fine Arts Club 3; Klavier Club 3. HOLLIDAY, WILLIAM, " History, " NAACP; Social Science Club 1,2,3,4. £§1 Senior class secretary Elsie J. Arrington and president Roy Gwyn JUNIORS JUNIORS Alexander, Lovest Baker, Quinton Baker, Thomas Borbee, Paul Boomer, Evelyn Brockett, Borbarc Broodie, Helen Brown, Rozena Burke, Tomel Burton, Judith Conody, Virginia Cheek, Gwendolyn Cherry, LaVeda Davis, Constance Davis, Rodger JUNIORS Degraffenreidt. Lu( Dillahunt, Barbara Dillahunt, Elvira Dillard, Wilhelrren Dixon, Sandra Dockery, Reginold Drew, Beverly Dudley, Mardecia Alfredo Edv ord Micho Evans, Brenda Everette, Carolyn Foirley, Chomnie Felton, Hattie Ferebee, Beatrice Fleming, Jocquelir Flowers, Melba Fortt, Glorius Freeman, Burnell Freeman, Douglo Fuller, John Gaither, Ronold Garrett, Bernice Geer, Patricio Ceroids, Betfye Gibbs, Douglas Groves, Judy Groy, Herman Green, Doris Griffin, Robert Griffin, Corolene Gripper, Lenon Guther, Verla Hoggins, Craft Haizlip, Ado Holls, Som Hordy, Shirley Horgrove, Edward Harrington, Borbar Horris, Micheal Hatchett, James Horvin, Shirley Hills, Geraldine Hawkins, Louise Hawkins, Phyllis Hayes, Deloris Hayes, Henry • 0® JUNIORS Holmes, Chorlesina Norton, Lyie Horner, Jeon Howard, Beatrice Hudson, JoAnn Hughes, Janet Johnston, Dori Jones, DeOlo Jones, Yvonn LoHuffmon, Donold Lossiter, Cloyce Lcwhorne, Josper Lee, Dorothy M. Lineberger, Adrian McCullough, Morgoret McDougold, Dolls Mcintyre, Wilma McMillon, Borbaro McMillan, Charles McMillan, Maxine McNeill, Phillipa Mothis, Estelle Massenburg, Stephe Merriweothers, Ernestine Mebone, Charles Miller, Monadell Milligon, Shirley Milton, Julius Mitchell, Toni JUNIORS Montague, Dorothy Murrell, Jomes Murrell, Potrici Palmer, Pearline Parker, Cleveland Patterson, JoAn Porter, Gwendolyn Powell, Lorette Reaves, Carolyn Rich, Cecil Richardson, Jame Robinson, Barbari Robinson, Jomes Robinson, LaVern Roogers, Janet Rodgers, Margaret Rogers, Martha Royster, Lois Sartor, Constance Saunders, Mottie Scott, Alma Scott, Courteney Sessoms, Arnold Simpson, Evelyn Singletory, Caro Slade, William Smalls, Virginia Smith, Johnny Smith, Warren JUNIORS Somerville, Edyth St. Clair, Collier Stephens, Norma Stroud, Jeon Sutton, Joseph Thornton, Mary Townsend, Margoret Vance, Dorothy Vann, Richard Vaughon, Richard Walter, Gerald Warren, Charles Washington, Shirley Weathers, Vir Whiteside, Dollori Wilkins, Richards Williams, Charl ' illiamson, Somuel Woodward, Frederick Woody, Cloretho Young, Leola SOPHOMORES V-. ' • ;;.»ai::nf -.■■ - m " m SOPHOMORES £ . . ' faL .. Mjk. 3Q!?f 5 Abernethy, Judy Albright, Verlie Allen, Corolyn Allen, Nannie Alston, Gloria Alston, Michael Alston, Rodrick Amos, Volinda Anderson, Viola Anthony, jolyquin Armwood, June Bacon, Joan Bailey, Wolter Baker, Bettye Baker, Janice Baker, Marsha Baldwin, Jessie Baker, Robert Baldwin, Stanley Bollard, Velma Bonks, Agnes Banks, Joyce Basnight, Phillip Bass, Rose Battle, Evelyn Battle, Phillip Barnes, Veronica Beatty, Deloris Beatty, Isiah Belcher, Joyce Bell, Burnette Bell, Roy Benjamin, Floyd Best, Sandra Blakely, Carolyn Blair, Kathynel Bledsoe, Maxine Bigelow, Ann Bingham, Audreylen Bobo, Earl Booth, Renee Bond, Dempsey Bond, Eva Bond, Willie Boyd, Carl Boykins, Geroldine Bowden, Audrey Bowling, Patricio Brocey, Wilhemer Bradley, John Bradley, Shirley Brogg, Cynthia Branch, Nathaniel Brandon, Cloreno Brewer, George Brickhouse, Mary Broadway, Bonnie Brooks, Carolyn Brooks, Delores Brooks, Laura Brown, Drew Brown, Joyce Bryant, Alfred Bryant, James Budd, Regina Bullock, Dorothy Bullock, Margo Bullock, Marion Burke, Gloria Burnette, Grace Burton, Vinston Butler, Jennie SOPHOMORES Butler, Louise Cole, Betty Cople, Rose Corpenter, Sarah Carraway, Diane Chaston, Helen Chavious, Helen Cheek, Jeanne Cherry, Shirley Cheston, Nettie Clork, ' Henry Clark, Lorenzo Cliette, George Cline, Robert Clodfelter, Mary Cobb, Adelaide Cobb, Hilton Compton, Mary Congelton, Margaret Cooper, Annie Cooper, Willie Costen, Arnold P .- . p f% p Crump, Janette Currie, Earl Daniels, Doryl Davis, Nathalie Dixon, Lola Dixon, William Dockery, Daisy Dorsey, William Dove, Velma Drake, Larry Dunn, Bobby Dupree, Edward Edwards, Jesse Egland, Elnoro Ellis, Lucy Enoch, Joybeelle Everette, Bernice Fair, Mary Poison, Flora Forrar, Andrew Forrar, Zulla Felton, Dione Fleming, George Fleming, Rose Flippen, Janice Flowers, Remintha Foushee, Marlou Fowler, Harold Fox, Hozell Frederick, Peorl Freeman, Alvin Froneberger, Brenda Freemon, Louise Fryer, Ado Fulmore, Johnnie Caddy, Roland Galbreith, Linwood Gorner, Olivia Gay, Richard George, Franklin .M£§L 0Q Irf -k.,i ri .. fs iMMik it £a?;£ll Ifi Pr OieQ at Mfft ?l £££ SOPHOMORES £ t£iSfit f f Jl ff f Gibbs, Bobby Gibbs, Fronceno Giles, Aretha Good, Elizabeth Goodson, Henry Gore, Alaine Gould, Darnell Grant, Gory Gray, Thelma Green, Celio Greene, Richard Gregory, Clifford Grimes, Shirley Gripper, James Gripper, Willie Guess, Anita Holl, Carol Holl, Froncine Hall, Jerry Hamlet, Williette Hardy, Lulo Harrell, Sampson Harrington, Dallas Horrington, Jomes Barbara Beverly Horgroves, Patricic Harvey, Richard Hoskins, Valeria Hatchett, Loretha Hatley, Elberf Hawley, Douglas Hayes, Bettye Hayes, Fulton Hayes, Teddy Hayes, William Henderson, Selena Henry, Jotters Gordon :s, Elizabeth Hinson, Marva Hobbs, James Hobbs, William Hogan, Peggie Holeman, Josephir Hoiemon, Patricia Holland, Brenda Hood, Linw ood Home, Dorothy Hoskins, Norma Howard, Geroldini Howell, Barbara Howell, Johnie M. Home, Jacqueline Hunter, Charles Hunter, James Hunter, JoAnne Irving, Edward Isles, Rose Jockson, Carolyn Jackson, Marian Jacobs, Ronald James, Linda Jenkins, Donald Geralds, Patricia Johnson, Bettye Johnson, Charles Johnson, Clementir SOPHOMORES John Robert Jones, Olivia Jones, Melvin Jones, Nyoko Joyner, Joyce Joyner, Joyce M. Keith, Staley Kee, Joyce Kelly, Barbara Kennedy, Linda ■ ing, KitI Mar Kluttz, James Knight, Mary Koonce, Edna Lane, Rufus Lamb, Joyce Lamb, Harmc Langley, Marvin Low, Carolyn Leathers, William Leatherberry, Regir Leach, Naomi Lee, Bessie Lee, John Lewis, Barbara Lewis, George Liles, Ellen Little, Hettie Little, Alphia Logan, Mary Logan, Irby Long, Daniel Lowe, Evelyn Lowe, Marva Little, Lovie Livingston, Paul Lowery, Norma Lyons, Juonita McCall, Cossondra McCallum, Marshall McDonald, Nancy McDougald, Annie . i .r . jfJk Mclntyr. McKenn McLean, Marshal McLeod, Ernest McLeod, Luther McNair, Robert McNeol, Walter McNeil, Ann McNeill, Lillie McNeill, Wilbert Mainor, Mae Ruth Mangum, Betty Mangum, Pearl Monley, Joyce Mar Martin, Aggie SOPHOMORES Mason, David Merritt, Ginger Minor, Shiela Mizelle, Richard Moore, Helen Moore, Lester Morrison, Adrien Morton, Beulah Murdocl , Carol Neely, Frances Nixon, Joyce Ootes, Will Oliver, Joyce Ollison, Carolyn Page, Beverly Page, Blonza Parker, Doniel Parker, Henry Parker, Patricia Parks, Gloria Pate, Buford Peace, Gwendolyn Peaks, Patricia Peebles, Neltine Peele, Cleoster Perry, Hermenio Person, Aquilla Pettiford, Barboi Phillips, Etherine Pigford, Barborc Pilgrim, Sandra Pippin, Patricic Pittman, Joyce Poole, Esther Pope, Marjarie Potts, Donald Powell, Jessie Powell, Louise " Pratt, Carolyn Privott, Frances Ramsey, Thomas Randolph, Brenda Reives, Elizabeth Richardson, Bobbie Richordson, Tyrone Ricks, Gwendolyn Robinson, Faye Rouhlac, Johnetta Russell, Carolyn Somuels, LaVerna Samuels, Sandra Sotterwhite, Shirley Saunders, Leola SOPHOMORES Sellers, Parthenio Sellers, Gwendolyn Scoles, Clark Sessoms, Clementint Sessoms, Delores Sessoms, Marvin Sessoms, Robert Shackleford, Mamk Shade, Clara Shorpe, Sylvia Sharpless, Mattie Shaw, Jeanette Shaw, Rufus Shiver, Morion Sloan, Brenda Smith, Beverly Smith, Ethel Smith, Hottie Snipes, Carolyn Spaulding, Pearl Spivey, Mary Stallings, Mary StofPord, Sandra Stonbock, Albert Stancil, Cornelius Stancil, Mildred Stewart, Beverly Stewart, Edward Stewart, Lucy Strong, Loretta Suggs, Thelmo Sullivan, Claude Sutton, Charles Sutton, Ruby Taborn, Joe Topp, Pattie Tate, Alfonso Tote, William Taylor, Barbara Taylor, Brenda Taylor, Julia Taylor, Otha Teachey, Margaret Terrill, Amos Thompson, Johnnie Timberloke, Portia Troxler, Sandra Turner, Alma Vance, Jonathan Vaughan, James Wallace, Thomas Word, Mary Watson, Annie Watkins, Arlene Watkins, Herbert Weaver, Garrett Weaver, Gloria Weber, Angelio Wesley, Emma West, Garland White, Gwendolyn White, Jacqueline White, Joan 1 SOPHOMORES Williams, Mary Williams, Naomi Williamson, Jerrye Willinghom, Alice Winsteod, Harold Wood, Chorles Word, Carolyn Worsely, Mamie Worsely, Shirley Worth, Christolena Worthington, Hildo Wright, Arletho Wyche, Roy Wynbush, Ruth Young, LaVerne Young, Jomes Younger, Lulo Reynolds, Helen Paige, Larr Powell, William Sophomore Honor Students Left to right: Gwendolyn Peace, Rose Caple, Dorothy M. Bullock FRESHMEN FRESHMEN Alexonder, Joyce Allison, Yvonne Anderson, Modine Bonks, Brendo Barber, Nancy Borksdole, Carolyn Barreft, Cloyton Barnes, John Boskette, Jonet R. Beotty, Catherine Bell, Beverly Bell, Chorlotte Block, Mayme L. Blount, Florence Blue, Audreo Bobbit, Ann Boddie, Alexonder Booker, Melvino Bond, Ester Bond, Lulo Bostic, Jomes Boyd, Alice Boyd, James Boykin, Andrea Bragg, Cubie Brewer, Norman Bridges, Hottie Briley, Kenneth Brinkley, Mellye Brinson, Lillion Brown, Betty Brown, Burmadeen Brown, Christionno Brown, Jimmie Brown, Moxine Browning, Brenda Cameron, Chorle: Carney, Mildred Chapman, Morshol Cheeks, Williom Chestnut, Wode Clyburn, Richard Colchough, Polly FRESHMEN Conner. Albert Covwin, Willo Cross. Bernella Curry. Hattie Daniels. Joseph Dark. Amondo Dovies. Zorio Davis, Corolyn Davis, Chorles Dovis, Jennie Dovis. Myrno Davis, Patricio Davis, Sondra Oaye. Porthenio Doye, Charles Dickey, Gracye Dickey, Linda Dickson, Marion Diggs, Jennifer Dildy, Jimmy Oockery. Jacqueline Oubose. Calvin Dudley. Elsie Dumas. Judith Dunbar. Mary Duncan. Ceroid Deon Duront. Sommy Ebron, James Edwards. Williom Elliot. Lois Ellison. David English. Dianne Euell, Valeria Evons, Borbora Evans. Patricia Foison, Willie Foucette, Evelyn Foulcon, Christine Faulkner. Borboro Foxio. Phillip Fenner, Gerald Fenner, Julia Ferrebee, Floyd Ferguson. Pauline Fields. Richord Finch, Quentine Finch, Willie Fitz, Dianne Fitzhugh, Jean Flemming. Betty Flowers. Carolyn Flowers. Louise Folk. Andrex Foster, Mildred Foy, Norma Frink, Samuel Freeman, Corol Francis, Vera Fulton. Beatrice Goffney. Wallace Goiney, Kotherine Gole, Joseph Goles, Rethemo Goles. Willie Gordner, Myrtle Catling, Pottie Causer. Oliver Geoffrey. John George. Christine George, Doris Gerald, Morgoret Gerald, Roeford Gibbs, Evander Gibbs, Stanley Gibson. Eleanor Giles, William Glenn. Furman Godfrey. Evo Goldston. Marvin Core. Annie Crohom. Smithly Gromling, Lester lllAl til a © 2 as Al 2 1 P 4iHB -3 ' z: a 1 A£ iJg t £1 FRESHMEN AM iii iM Grandy, Mildred Gwynn, Loretto Gwyn, Melba Hall, Elsie Hairston, Potricia Hardy, Carolyn Hardy, Lillie Hardy, Roso Harmon, Borbara Harris, Michel Harris, Nooh A. Harris, Olivia Harris, Patricio Harris, Thomos H. Harrison, Moudestyn Hart, Evelyn Harvey, Potricia L. Hatcher, Oliver Hawkins, Patricio Hoyes, Morgoret Hoynes, Karen Hoyward, Jocqeline Hoywood, Lenidos Hedgepeth, Margaret lighsmith, Clovdio Hollowoy, Alan Holloway, Freeman Holloway, Herbert Honeyblue, Joycelyn Hopson, Russell Horton, Rufus V. Jackson, Carolyn Jockson, Donnell Jackson, Eorl D. Jackson, John R. Jefferson, Doris Jeflerys, Harold L. Johnson, Artis M. Johnson, Clara Johnson, Raymond T. Knight, Gv endolyn FRESHMEN Lone, Vinilo Lash, Lindo Latter, Lorry G. Lotten. Leroy C. Lewis, Momie Lewis, Marcus Lereretle, Ido O. LipscoTib, Thonios L. McCall, Celestine V. McCollop, Cloudio McConts. Jerry W. McCorther, Trevathan McCloud, Wade P. McCormick, Sponolo L. McCraie, Jocqueline McCrimmon, Dorothy McDow. Jocquelyn McDuffie, James M. McGili, Barbara McKay, Alicia J. McKee, Fannie McKiver, Willord McLeod, Delia McNeil, Fronkie McNeill, Borboro McNeill, James P. McNeill, Rutha M. Mockey, Amondo Mollory, Joyce V. Mangum, Carolyn Motthewson, Jonice Motthewson, Glennie M. Means, Jackie L. Mebane, Cloro Melvin, George Mills, Amy Mills, Corolyn J. Miller, Bobbiette Mitchell, Charles Mitchell, Ed G. Mitchell, George Mitchell, Hervolene Mitchell, Jomes Mitchell, Judith Mizelle, Leon F. Mizelle, Williom E. Moody, Evelyn J. Moore, Joon Moore, Susanno Mottey, Elizobeth Mumford, Carolyn Nonce, William B. Nelson, Lillion L. Norman, Thomos E. FRESHMEN It SIMM Page, Gwendolyn Pearce, Dorothy Peorce, Mildred Pemberton, Alfred L. Pendorvis, Leroy Peques, Grace Perry, Joyce Leone Perry, Judy Perry, Millard D. Perry, Oliviro Petlis, Alonzo Pettis, Brendo Phillips, Edword Phillips, Helen Phillips, Joyce De Lore Pickett, Geneva Pierce, Evelyn Pighet, Gertrude Pilson, Linda Pitt, Jessie Pitts, Julian E. Platts, Linda A. Pope, Geroldine Pofeat, DeLocy Powell, Lillion C. Powell, Sandra Prince, Claudia Privette, Letricio Richards, Morgaret Ar Richardson, Barbara Richardson, Carolyn Richardson, Elsie Richardson, Jomes Ed Ricketts, Jacqueline Roberts, Patricia Robertson, Paul J. Robson, Sarah Rogers, William R. Sodler, Kenneth Sotterfeld, Milton Sellers, Michael H. Shorpe, Ernestine Show, Alfonzo Shepord, Leroy Sherril, Doris Small, Patricio Smith, Charles B. Smith, Eloise FRESHMEN Smoke. Yvonne Snuggs. Polrick C. Speoks. Robert B. Speose. Louise Spkely, Thomos Sotomon, Normandy Stoncil, Julio Stephenson, Bertho Stephenson. Emmo Stokes, LoVerdo Sutton, Reginold R Sutton, Norma Surrott, Johnny Swindell, Loretto Toylor. Mortha Toylor, Lucille Teochey, Potricio Thompson, Diane Thompson, Koy Thompson, Larry J. Thompson, Noncy Throckmorton. Nannie Toroin, Eunice L. Tuck, John E. Tucker, Veronico Voughan, Chorles Voughn, Jean Vines, Dorothy Virgil, Moxine L. Wolker. Leon Walker, Melvin Walker, Gloria Wall, Wenonio A. Word, Vynetto Worren, Linda Wotkins, Curtis Wotson, Gwendolyn White, Marlene White, Patricio White, Simeon White, Tereso Whiteheod, Ann M. Whitfield, Jocquelin Whiflock, Percy Williams, Annie Williams, Arthur Williams, Brendo Willioms, Cloudefte Williams, Howord Willioms. Jacqueline Williams. Jomes A. Willioms, Pottie Williams. Shirley Williams. Williom H. Williams. Cotherine Williomson, Rosa Wilson, Alice Wilson, Mottle Wilson, Williom J. Winchester, Angeliquc Witherspoon, Jonice Woods, Clifton Yorborough, Mory Young, Clarence E Young, Edith ikSLMlM Young, Moggie Suitt, Corolyn Precise movement by the brass section Spohomore contestant for " Miss Vol- ORGANIZATIONS ' ■P r:yis: STUDENT GOVERNMENT CABINET Vice-President Jomes Ferguson and President Lynwood Wolker make long-ronge plans for student activities. The Student Government affords opportunity to participate democratically in the gov- ernment of certain extracurricular activities affecting the entire student body of the In- stitution. Upon registration, each student becomes a member of the Student Government and is invited to participate in selection of representatives to the agencies which carry out appropriate governmental activities. ENGLISH CLUB President: Rosetfa Jackson Vice-President: Bernice Mai Secretory: Helen Boiley Treasurer: Annie Anderson The English Club aims to develop a degree of excellence among all English majors and minors so that they may be better prepared to stimulate interest and creativity in others. GERMAN CLUB President: Rosetto Jockson Vice-President: Barboro Walker Secretary: Mary Hawkins Spokesman: Joe Browner The Germon Club strives to stimulate interest in Germon culture and longuoge. AMIGOS de Iq CULTURA ESPANOLA President: Mildred Garrett Vice-President: Linwood Halemon Secretary: Flora Poison Treasurer: Carolyn Taylor Sgt.-At-Arms: Eugene Lowery Through correspondence, the Spanish Club promotes a close relationship between Spanish students of other countries. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS President: Frances Green Vice-President: Gilo Perry Secretary: Lyie Norton Treasurer: Bruce Speight Le Cercle Francois affords students an opportunity to acquire a knowledge of Fn its language and ALPHA KAPPA MU President: John Harmon Secretary-Treasurer: Glenda Clark Alpha Kcppo Mu, a notional honor society, comprises undergraduate students who hove earned 70 semester hours with a cumulative average of 2.3 or above. 1 1 p m w H m ■l lo president: M. Willene Jackson la secretaire: Hazel A. Ellison le tresorier: Alvin Greene Societe honoroire pour faire accroTtre I ' interet dans le langue, I ' histoire, et la culture de la France. SNEA The Student National Education Association provides opportunities for personal professional growth. President: Benjamin Morgan Vice-President: Kothen Wa Secretary: Dorothy Buckner Treasurer; Betty Anderson WHO ' S WHO These seniors, selected on the basis of academic achieve- ment and demonstration of certain desirable qualities, hove obtained one of the highest honors an undergraduate student can receive during his college years. B. SENIOR COUNSELORS . ' Senior counselors, elected each year by the sophomore ond senior women, orientate freshman women for dormitory and compus life. BIG SISTERS lig Sisters serve as guides and counselors to off-campus freshman women. f) ' ' ;,- • t WOMEN ' S STEERING COMMIHEE President: Phyllis J. Goodson, seated left. The Women ' s Steer- sembly such as the annual Christmas Sing, Coed Week-end, ing Committee spearheads the programs of the Women ' s As- and Mother-Daughter, Father-Son Week-end. MEN ' S STEERING COMMIHEE Chairman: Thod Jones, seated second from left. The annual Men ' s Day Program and an annual fund raising project are among some of the projects undertaken by the Men ' s Steering Committee. ' " YWCA President: Marian Suitt, Vice-President: Brenda King, Secre- tary: Mary Sanders, Treasurer: Helen Bailey. Through weekly meetings, campus and community projects and social activities. the YWCA seeks to enrich the lege. of the women of the Col- President: Quinton Baker, Vice-President: Morris Johnson, Jr., Secretary: Courtney Scott, Treasurer: Bernell Jones. The NAACP promotes good human relations on the campus and in the city of Durham. y|4 i., fVM OLD SENIOR HOUSE COUNCIL President: Claudine Daye Vice-President: Linda James Secretary: Dorothy Bullock Treasurer: Joyce Kee Reisdence Counselor: Mrs. C. L. Simpson - 1 The house council strengthens intellectual factors by promoting cultural, educa- ional, and social programs. RUSH HALL HOUSE COUNCIL President: Sandra King Vice-President: Carol Murdock Secretory: Diane Carrowoy Treasurer: Aretha Giles Residence Counselor: Miss C. Wilson The house council broadens the educational, cultural, and social aspects of through various programs during the school year. NEW RESIDENCE HOUSE COUNCIL President: Susie Lone Vice-President: Barbara Robinson Secretary: Evelyn Brown Treasurers: Betty Anderson, Frances Evans Residence Counselor: Mrs. B. Brown These young women initiate educotionol programs to broaden the intellectual curiosity among the students. CHIDLEY HALL COUNCIL President: Phillip Cole Vice-President: Chorles Taylor Secretary: Quinton Baker By providing opportunities for students to participate in the administrative affairs the dormitory, the men ' s dormitory government promotes wholesome group living. President: Laurestine Porter, Vice-President: Richard Wilkins, Secretary: Patricia Mur rell, " Miss PEM " Annette Moore, " Mr. PEM " Charlie Cox, Advisor: Mrs. I. Allison. PEM J CLUB ffb ' ' Through discussions and participation, the PEM Club strives for professional interest, attainment and knowledge, and an ex- cellence in practice of general and special physical education activities. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB President: Alvin Johnson Vice-President: Charlotte Harding Secretary: Doris Somerville Treasurer: Gwendolyn Lyons Advisor: Mr. C. James Dyer T3 T ' Investigating special projects, taking field trips to clinics and mental institutions are a few of the learning activities of the " Psy " Club. POLITICAL SCIENCE CLUB President: Charles Weeks Vice-President: James Robinson Secretory: Josephine Boyd Treasurer: James Williams In the areas of international, national and locol affairs, the Politicol Science Club aims for a thorough understanding of politics. 71 COMMERCE CLUB President: Phillip Cole Vice-President; Gene Kennedy Secretary: Lola Tillman Treasurer: Glenda Clark The Commerce Club stimulates students ' participation in promoting efficiency as interest in the field of business. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB President: Eleanor Tabor Vice-President: Mary Copi es Secretary: Marzella Addison Treasurer: Patricia Roberts S l , E ii r_ i Vm I li. V III r vTnr w • s v UiW r The Home Economics Club offers an opportunity to develop leadership, to promote good fellowship among its members, and to stimulate an intelligent interest in home economics. BIOLOGY CLUB President: Gerald Clay Vice-President: Marjorie Johnson Secretory-Treasurer: Jeonette Stackhouse The E. E. Just Biology Club of biology. , o medium of enrichment for those students in the field SOIL CONSERVATION SOCIETY President: Milo Jones Vice-President: Irmo Page Secretory: Vashti Nobles Treasurer: Archie Morrison, Jr. Advisor: Dr. Theodore R. Speigner The Society aims to creote in the students on awareness of mankind ' s dependence upon natural resources and to provide the opportunity for the development of nev ideas and attitudes in the fields of geography and conservation. THESPIANS President: Shirley Harvin Vice-President: Shade Green Secretary: Jeannjne Fitts Treasurer: Robert Porter Advisor: Miss M. Bohanon The Thespians Club encourages interest in dramatics and presents several plays each year. LIBRARY SCIENCE MINORS .1 H H i, i ' fk Mh % .■ .:% President; Barbara Hinton, Vice-President; Vergil Lindsey, Secretary: Phillipa McNeill, Treasurer: Mae Carpenter. President: Charles Williams Vice-President: Clinton Wilson Secretary: Patsy Holt Treosurer: Gilford Wingote Accompanist: Doris Green Director: Mr, Samuel Hill Mr. Samuel W. Hill, Director NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE CHOIR The 68-voice College Choir ploys an integral part in vesper services and in all formal college activities. SOPRANOS Willie Gales Ann Berry Brenda Froneberger Rosa Williamson Shirley Betheo Yvonne Withers Gloria Perry Patsy Holt Foye Robinson Joyce Davis Joyce Lamb Ellen Brinkley Gwendolyn Ricks Dionne Fitz Dolls McDougold Rutho McNeill Jacqueline Hoyward Evelyn Fousette Brenda Williams Veronica Tucker Jean Clowson Carolyn Baldwin Claudia Byrdsol Betty Redfern Joyce Man ley ALTOS Helen Phillips Velma Ballard Scottie Cunningham Courtney Scott Joyce Perry Brenda Randolph Beverly Smith LaVerne Samuel Rhodo Person Thomosenia Green Grace Allen Cloyce Lassiter Alexine Miller June Mabry Linda James Annie Morgan Metoka Pindle Irene McRae Willie Hodges TENORS Henry Dudley Richard Dickens Mack Jarmon Lincoln Quick Robert Howie James Ferguson George Brewer James Kogers Donald Duncombe Clinton Wilson Gilford Wingate BASSES Eugene Riddick James Wilson Walter McKinney Freddie Hicks Stephen Massenburg Moynard Jackson Richard Pindle Burnell Freeman Nathaniel Branch Charles McMillan Elmer McMillan CAMPUS ECHO Editor-in-Chief Guytanna Norton Managing Editor James Saunders News and Copy Editor Phyllis Harris Feature Editor Carrie Barnes Literary Editor Joycelyn McKissick Sports Editor John Henderson Columnist Hilton Cobb Cartoonist Willie Nash Business Manager John Stith Advertising Manager James Blake Circulation Manager Reginald Durante Advisor Miss Jean K. Norris GREEKS ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY Basileus Eleanor Catling Antl-Basileus Mary E. Sanders Grammetus Yvonne Simmons Epistoleus Betty Anderson Tamiochus Linda Cameron Dean of Pledgees Morvo Roberts Co-Dean of Pledgees Chinito Trotter Ivy Leaf Reporter Elsie Arrington Parliamentarian Audrey Fairley Advisor Mrs. Frances Eagleson ALPHA CHI CHAPTER DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER National Founding Date 1913 Colors Local Founding Date April 25,1941 Pledge Club Crimson and Cream Pyramid Club President Willene Jackson Vice President Virginia Dawkins Corresponding Secretary Leola Hall Advisor Recording Secretary Toni Mitchell Treasurer Jennie Whitt Sergeont-at-arms Foye Edward Mrs. L. Allison ZE- k PHI BETA SORORITY fi M I Basileus Mary Hawkins Anti-Basileus Roseffa Jackson Grammetus Herma Robinson Tan iochous Carolyn Staton Richard Heori , SIGMA .,, GAMMA GAMMA CHAPTER ALPHA PHI ALPHA President William D. Shanks GAMMA BETA CHAPTER - National Founding Dote December 4, 1906 Local Founding Date May 21, 1941 Number of Chapters 301 Colors Black and Old Gold KAPPA ALPHA PSI Polemarch .... Vice Polemarch Keeper of Records Keeper of Excheq Strotegus Dean of Pledi Historian Founded Local Founding Dote Number of Chapters Clarence L. White Thurmond Matthew Augustus Davis . Veron Nixon Richard Mapp Alvin Hill dUfein Council January 5, 1911 June 1, 1931 234 Colors Crimson and Creom OMEGA PSI PHI Basileus Samuel Sullivan Anti-Baslleus , r! TS Nathenial Vann . Nathenial Moorehead Chaplain . yr. .TT " . rv Edward Hargrove Keeper of Finance . Bernard Johnson Reporter Keeper of Peace . . Dean of Pledges . . Co-Dean of Pledges n¥i. John Harmon Clarence Taylor Joel Smith Reginald Durant Natiorlbl Founding Date r yf. November 17, 191 1 Local FdV ding Date 1 932 Number of Chapters . . - — , _ . . „„ fr:-t ' " 201 Colors TV . .... Royal Purple and Old Gold IVY LEAF CLUB President Dionne Riggs Vice President Gwendolyn Curiae Secretary Dorothy Bullock Reporter Gwendolyn White The Ivy Leaf Club is the interest group for Alpha Kappa Al| President Herbert Wolkins Vice President Marshall McCollum Secretary John Spruill Treosurer Michael Alston The Sphinx Club is the pledge club of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Gamma Beta Chop- PYRAMID CLUB President Shirley Sattlewh Vice President . . Beverly Crawford Secretary Orlene Burt Treasurer Corlene Griflfin f f i O The Pyramid Club is the " stepping stone " to membership in Delta Sigma Theta Soror- LAMPODAS CLUB President Richard Mizelle Secretary Alan William Chaplain Claude Sawyer Treasurer Joseph William Becoming a member of the Lampodas Club is the first step necessary to become an Omega brother. SPORTS .ivi i rT ' .i.-. i: ' a3faea i«5iB ' . ; ii .sjii :»i.3 • hlil Jk tJtJiii ' . DEFENDING CIAA CHAMPS - THE NCC GRID MEN OF THE GRiDiKC FOOTBALL COACH HERMAN RIDDICK A QUIN- AL TATE. lARTERBACKS L ID F DON THOMAS, DICt IT ' S FOOTBALL TIME AT O ' KELIY FIELDI HALFBACK CONNIE BOYKINS O. J. (WILLIAMS) HAS GOHEN AWAYI THE BIG END SCORED AGAINST IS ON HIS WAY TO PAY DIRT AS THE EAGLES CRUSHED MORRIS MARYLAND STATE. NCC WON 19-0. BROWN COLLEGE. 43-12. THE NCC CAGERS — " THE CIAA TEAM OF THE YEAR " ALBERT " TEE-BALL " CONNOR FRESHMAN GUARD SENSATION FROM WINSTON-SALEM, N,C. JOE " GUNNER " PARKER NCC ' S PHENOMENAL FORWARD. THE EAGLE BASKETEERS IN ACTION AT McDOUGALD GYM PETE JONES SNATCHES A REBOUND. NCC 72; ST. AUG. 62. TWO POINTS FOR " HO-DASH " DICK CLYBURN MAKES AN EAGLE SNOWBIRD. -TEE BALL " CONNOR BLOCKS A SHOT. THE MIGHTY EAGLE TRACK TEAM HENDERSON THE RELAY TEAM IS READY TO ROLL THE BEST SINGLES PLAYER IN THE CIAA, NCC ' S JOE WILLIAMS OF DURHAM, N.C. 1962 SINGLES CHAMPION COACH JAMES W. YOUNGE " MISS NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE " DELORES YVONNE McKENZIE Southport, North Co Music Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Senior Counselor Music Education Club . , ( 4 MISS HOMECOMING " MARVA ANN ROBERTS Bollimore, Morylond 1 4 I f Aa c jZy " M SS CHIDLEY HALL ELEANOR CATLING Biology Gorysburg, North Con 7T -2 »?t t L - . ;- ' U- t a £ ' mSS?H i,Elk S GtAk " HERMA JEAN ROBINSON Commercial Education Fayettaville. North Carolina C v33I«.-» Lji_ ' TSia-. " MISS ALPHA PHI ALPHA ' ' CONSTANCE LUCILLE BLACK Psychology Durham, North Corolii v.c :zy£ p i f % f " MISS KAPPA ALPHA PSI " HAZEL VERLENE HICKS Biology Spring Loke, North Corolii { r n ■ c. " MISS OMEGA PSI PHI " JENNIE CONNELLE WHITT Secretarial Science Virgilina, Virginia J i SWS ' " " ' ' F ' BSHA.AN ' ' ■■MISS JUNIOR- " MISS LAW SCHOOL " ' ' S, • Oa ' O. ■ o, ' f Nelline Peebles Hazel Ellison, Co-Editor Elsie Arrington, Co-Editor Carrie Barnes, Layout Editor John Henderson, Sports Editor Phyllis Goodson, Typist Pecolia McRae, Typist Maxine Greene, Typist Willie Nash, Art Editor Lana Cherry Gladys Poteot Ernestine Merriweathers Dorothy McCoy Costella McNair Manualyn Stowe Mottie Sharpless Hattie Singletary Bernice Martin Dorothy Wiggins 9 a t:.. A James Williams, Advertising Manager Ardefha Stalling, Typist Velma Jeffers, Typist Morva Roberts, Layout Annie Anderson, Literary Editor Josephine Boyd, Literary Pottie Baskette, Layout Mildred Williams, Typist Jesse Townsend, Business Manager 63 Carolyn Bryant Henry Suggs Priscilla Harris Leolo Hall Frances Privoft Frances Brown Yvonne Jones Carolyn Everefte Doris Mitchell Bessie McNeill Claudette Shaw Betty Hunt FACULTY ROSTER 5r, Alfcnso President of North Carolina College at Durham K.B.. Atlanta University; A.M., Ed.D., Columbio B.S., Hampton I versify. Augur, Sherwood Professor of Edu B.S., Wayne State University,- M.A., Uni ' of Michigan; Ph.D. University of Michigan. Bahlouli, Hosson H Visiting Instruc B.A , Un Boll, Richard E. lity of North Cor Con B.S., New York University; M.B.A., New York University; LLB., Brooklyn Law School. Blue, llo J Associate Professor of English A.B., A.M., North Carolina College at Durham; Ed.D.. University of Michigan. Blunt, Russell E Visiting Instructor in Physical Education A.B., Bluefleld State; Ed.M., Boston University. Bohonon, Mary L Assistant Professor of B.S., Purdu Minnesota. sity; A.M., Un .ity of C. Elwood Associote Professor of Mathematics B.S., Johnson C. Smith University, M.S. Univer- sity of Michigan; Ed.D., Columbia University. Bowie, Carol C Visiting Professor of Psychology A.B., Knoxville College; A.B., Oberlin College; A.M., Teachers College, Columbio University; Ph.D., University of Chicago. Bowling, Charles H Instructor in Music B.A., Alabama Stote College; M.A., North Carolina College at Durham. Brown, Floyd Assistant Professcr of Physical Education B.S., North Carolina College at Durham; A.M., Northwestern University; LL.B,, North Carolina College of Durham. Brown, Sophia Instructor in Commerce A.B., Spelman College; M.S.. North Carolina College at Durham. Brown, Walter M Associate Professor of Education B.S., North Carolina College ot Durham; AM., New York University; Ph.D., North Carolina Col- lege ot Durhom. Browne, Morjorie Lee . . Professor of Mothemofics, B.S., Howard University; M.S., Ph.D., University of Michigan. Browne, Rose Butler Professor of Education B.Ed., M.Ed., Rhode Island College; Ed.D.. Harvard University. Bush, Muriel M Visiting Instructor in French M.A., University of Edinburg. Butts, James R Assistant Professor of B.S., Virginia State College; MS , University Comerson, Charles Visiting Associote Professor of Public Heolth Nursing, M.D., Vonderbilt University; M.P.H., University of North Corolino. Corballo, Milogros Assistant Professor Bachiller en Letros, Instituto de la Hobono No. 1; Doctor en Filos Y Letros, Hovono University. Chonlett, Elisha T. . . . Visiting Instructor in French A.B., M.A. University of North Carolina. Chesson, Colvin W Visiting Instructor in , Commerce A.B., Eost Carolina College. Clork, Beatrice S Assistant Professor of French A.B., West Virginio State College; MA, Atlanta University, Clork, Vernon T Instructor in Biology B.S., Shaw University; M.S., North Carolina College at Durham. Cooke, Barbara L Visiting Instructor in Music B.A., Fisk University; Bachelor of Music, Fisk University. Cox, Jr., George W Visiting Instructor-in Commerce B.A., Morehouse College; MBA., New York University. Cross, Floyd M Assistant Professor of Public Health Nursing. B.S., Boston College; M.S., Boston University. Cumbo, Thelmo L Assistant Professor of Education B.S., North Carolina College ot Durhom; Ed.M., Boston University. Dalzell, John P Visiting Professor of Law A.B., University of Minnesota; LL.B., University of Minnesota Law School. Daniel, Walter C . . Assistant Professor of English A.B., Johnson C. Smith University; A.M., South Dokoto State College; Ph.D., Bowling Green State University. Davidson, Celia E Instructor in Music Mu.B., Howard University; MM., University of Michigan. DeJarmon, LeMorquis .... Associate Professor of Low A.B., Howard University; LL.B., Western Reserve. Edmonds, Helen G Professor of History A.B,, Morgan College; A.M., Ph.D. Ohio Stote University; LL.D., Morgan State College. Elom, Momie A. . . . Assistont Professor of English B.S., Hampton Institute; A.M., Cornell Univer- sity. Farrison, Alice Marie Instructor in English A.B., Bennett College; M.A., North Carolina College at Durham. Farrison, W. Edwa rd Professor of English A.B., Lincoln University (Po.i; A.M., University of Pennsylvonio; Ph.D., Ohio State University. Fillmore. Rebecca W Visiting Instructor in Psychology B.A., Acodio University; M.A., Toronto Univer- sity. Fitts, Jr , Howard M Associote Professor of Health Educotion. B.S., MS, PH., North Carolina Col- lege at Durhom; Ed.D, Teachers College, Columbia University. Fornoff, Frederick H Visiting Instructor in B.A., University of New Mexico. Frasier, Annie S Instructor in Mothemotics B.S., North Corolino College at Durham; M.S., University of Michigan. Fulbright, Stewart B Associate Professor of Commerce A.B., Lincoln University iMo. ' ; M.B.A., University of Chicago; Ph.D., Ohio State University. Furth, Adolphe Professor of Chemistry Ph.D., University of Vienna. Gontt, Samuel F Visiting Instructor A.B., LL.B., Duke University. Gehmon, W. Scott . . . Visiting Associote Professor of Psychology B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University. Gillium, Ruth H Assistant Professor of Music Mus.B., Mus.M., University of Konsos. Golonn, Stuart E Visiting Lecturer in Psychology B.A., Queens College; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. Goldman, Robert L Visiting Instructor in English A.B., Vonderbilt University; A.M., Duke Univer- sity. Goodson, Dorthy P Visiting Instructor in Education A.B., Show University; M.A., North Corolino College at Durham. Gould, Robert J Instructor in French B.Mus., A.M., University of Oregon. Green, Jonet M Instructor in English B.A., University of North Corolino; M.A., Columbia University. Harper, Sarah M. . . . Assistant Professor of Home Economics B.S., Tuskegee Institute; M.S., Teochers College, Columbia University. Horrell, Jr., John D Assistant Professor of B.S., M.S., North Carolina College at Durham. Horris, Mary J. ... Instructor in Home Economics B.S., M.S., North Carolina College at Durham. Harris, Dwight J Visiting Instructor in Philosophy A.B., West Virginia State College; MA., South- ern Illinois University. Hoyes, Afriko Fanzodo Instructor in Music Mus.B., Westminster Choir College; Mus.M., Westminster Choir College. Herrero, Monuel A Visiting Instructor in Spanish A.B., L ' Instituto de Lo Hobono, Cuba. 108 Hill, Samuel W Assistant Professor of Music Mus. B., Talladego College; A.M., Columbia University. Himes, Estelle .... Assistant Professor of French B.S., A.M., Ohio Stote University. Himes, Joseph S Professor of Sociology A.B., A.M., Oberlin College; Ph.D., Ohio State University. Hinrichs, Carl M Instructor in Dramotic Arts A.B., M.A., University of North Carolina. B.S., M.A., North Carolina College ot Durham. Horry. Ruth Naomi Professor of French A.B., Tollodego College; A.M., Howard Uni- versity; Ph.D., New York University. Howell, William H Professor of Sociology A.B., Johnson C. Smith University, M.A., Atlanto University; Ph.D., Ohio Stote University. Hughley, J. Neol Professor of Economics A.B., Morehouse College; A.M., Ph.D., Columbio University, B.D., Union Theological Seminary. Jockscn, Irene D Professor of French A.B., Spelmon College; Longue froncoise, Certificot, Etudes Superieures, Certificate, L ' Universite de Toulouse; L ' Enseignement du froncais o I ' entronger, Diplome, Docteur de L ' Universite de Toulouse. James. Lucy F State Itinerant Teacher- Trainer B.S., M.S., Teochers College, Columbia Univer- sity. Jenkins. Anne E. J Assistont Professor of Library Science. A.B., B.S. in Library Science. North Corolino College at Durham; A.M. in Library Science. University of Michigan. John, Robert W Professor of Music B.S., University of Wisconsin; M.Mus., University of Michigan; Ed.D., University of Indiana. Johnson, Erwin .... Visiting Instructor in Physical Educotion A.B.. North Corolino College ot Durham. Johnson. Milton E. . . . Associate Professor of Low. LL.B., North Carolina College at Durham. Johnson, Norman Associote Professor of B.S., M.S., Indiano Stote Teochers College; Ed.D., Imoversotu of Indiono. Johnston, Joseph M Visiting Professor of Education B.S., New York University; M.A.. Ph.D., Univer- sity of North Carolina. Jones, Coulbert A Assistant Professor of History A.B.. Howord University; A.M., Columbio Uni- versity. Jones, Martha Brett ... Instructor in Mothemotics B.S., Show University; A.M., North Corolino College ot Durham. Jones, Richard Instructor in Music B.S,, A T College of North Carolina; Mus.M., Northwestern University. Jones, Sybil Professor of Law A.B., Howard University; J.D., University of Chicago Low School. Kennedy, III, Williom J, ... Visiting Instructor in Commerce B.S., Virginia State; M.B,A., University of Pennsylvania; MBA,, New York University. King, Arnold K Visiting Professor of Sociology A,B„ University of North Carolina; A.M., Ph.D., University of Chicago, King, Charles E Professor of Sociology A,B,, Paine College; AM,, University of Michi- gan; PhD-, University of Chicago, Knight, Julius F, Visiting Instructor in B,S., M.S., North Carolina College at Durhom. Knight, Octovio B Assistont Professor of Education A,B,, Virginia State College; M.A., Hompton Institute. Koepke, Poul Professor of Music B.Mus., B.M,, Heidelberg College; A.M., Ph.D., Stote University of lowo. Latham, Louise M Assistant Professor of Education A.B., Show University; A.M., Boston University. Lee, Jomes S Professor of Biology A.B., Lincoln University (Pa.); M.S., Ph.D., Uni- versity of Michigan. Lewis, Willo Woods Instructor in Physical Education A.B,, Tillitson College; A,M., Boston University. FACULTY ROSTER livlngslon. Omedo R Asslitant Professor of 8.S., in Commerce. North Carolina College of Durham; A.M., New York University. McCollum, Irving A Assistant Professor of Molhemalics B.S., Morehouse College; A.M., Northwestern University. McColm, Mary E. . . . AssislanI Professor of Public Health Nursing B.S N., Georgetown University, M.S. PH., Univer- sity of North Carolina. McElroy, Onyrlo H Assistant Professor of Spanish Bachiller en Leiras, Teresiano College, Doctor en Filor Y Letros, Hovono University. McMillon, Brooklyn T AssislanI Professor of Health Education A.M., M.S.P.H., North Carolina College at Durham. Mock, Poulo B Instructor in Home Economics B.S. in Home Economics, Tuskegee Instltule; M A , Michigan Stole University. Mahoney, Klyda Assistant Professor of Physicol Educclion B.S., Howard University; M.Ed., Temple Univer- sity. Malone, Clarence C Visiting Instructor in Commerce A B., LL.B , North Carolina College at Durham Malone. Williom P Assistant Professor of Health Education B.S., M.S. PH., North Carolina College at Durham. Monosse, Morionne Instructor in German A B , A.M., University of North Corolino. Monosse, Ernst M. . . . Professor of Germon, Latin, and Philosophy Ph.D.. University of Heidelberg. Mayberry, Jr., Thomas J Assistant Professor of Education B.S., Alabama Slate College; M.S., University of Pennsylvania. Mebone, Mary E Instructor in English A.B , North Caroline College ot Durham; M.A.. University of North Carolina. Miller. Helen M Assistant Professor of Public Health Nursing R N.. University of Georgio School of Nursing; B.S.NEd.. Medical College of Virginia. M.S . Yale University. Mills. Edna R Instructor in English A.B., St. Augustine ' s College; A.M., North Carolina College at Durham. MolTitt. Marie C Stole Itineront Teacher- Trainer BS . Bennett College; M.S.. in Education. Cor- nell University. Moore, D Eric .... Assistant Professor of Librory A.B., Johnson C. Smith University; B.S., Colum- bio University; A.M., University of Chicago. Newton, Pouline F Assistant Professor of English B S., AM , Columbia University. Nixon. George S. ... Instructor in Social Science A.B,, North Corolino College ot Durham; A.M., Indiana University. Norman, Joe N Assistant Professor of Commerce B A., Philonder Smith College; MBA, C.P.A., Oklahoma University. Norris, Jeon Kennedy Instructor in English A.B., Prairie View A M College; AM.. Stole University of lowo; A.M.. University of Michigan Page. Mildred O Visiting Instructor in Heolth Education B.S., Shaw University; MS. PH., North Corolino College ot Durham. Porker, James E AssislanI Professor of Education A.B., A.M., Fisk University. Parker, Joseph S Instructor in Biology B S., M.S., North Carolina College at Durham. Poschall, Gwendolyn Instructor in Home Economics B S., MS, North Carolina College ot Durhom. Patterson. Cecil L Associote Professor of English A.B., Samuel Huston College; M.A., Ph.D., Uni- versity of Pennsylvonio. Potlillo. Jr.. Waller H Professor of Biology 8.S., Homplon Institute; M.S„ Ph.D.. Iowa State University. Poyton, William E Instructor in Chemistry BS, MS. North Corolino College ot Durhom Perry, Maud C Instructor in Physicol Educolion BS., Fisk University; MS., North Carolina Col- lege ot Durham. Perry. Palsy B Instructor in English A.B , A.M., North Carolina College ol Durham Phillips, George O Assistoni Professor of Education B Sc Ed . M Ed , University of Nebrosko. Piltmon, Joseph A Professor of Education A.B, Tollodego College; MS , New York Uni- versity; Ed.D., Columbia University. Pizarro, Dovid A Instructor in Music Mus B , Mus M , Yole School of Music. Pope, Evelyn Bennett AssislanI Professor of Library Science A B, Show University; B.S, in Librory Science, Homplon Instilule; MS. in Library Science, Columbio University. Roy, Charles A Professor of English AB, Show University; A.M., Ph.D., University of Southern Colifornio. Roy, Eva F. ... Assistont Professor of Psychology BS.. Show University; A.M., Columbio Univer- sity. Reuer, Eleanor G Instructor in Art BF.A, Womon ' s College, Universi ty of North Carolina; M.A., University of North Corolino. Riddick, Herman H Instructor in Biology B.S., North Carolina College at Durham. Sampson, Cloretlo S Instructor in English A B., Spelmon College; A.M., Allonta Univer- sity. Sampson. Doniel G Professor of Low A.B., Morehouse College; A.M., Atlonto Univer- sity; LLB . Boston University. Sonders. Arthrell D Assistant Professor of B.A,. North Carolina College ot Durhom; MA.. Indiono University. Sanders, Eorl A Assistant Professor of Music B.M.E., M.M.Ed., Roosevelt University. Sovoge, Feozier . . . Assistont Professor of Heolth Educolion A.B., Shaw University; A.M., Teachers College, Columbia University; M.P.H., University of Michigan. Shimm, Melvin G Visiting Professor of Low A.B., Columbia University; LL.B., Yale Univer- Shipmon, Furney George .... Professor of Education B.A., Livingstone College; M.Ed., Boston Univer- sity; PhD , George Peobody College. Smith, Benjomin F Professor of Psychology B.S.. Virginia Union University; BS.L.S., M.S. L.S., University of Illinois; AM, Ph.D., New York University, Smith, Carl W Instructor in Commerce B.A., SoinI Augustine ' s College; M.S., North Corolino College ot Durham. Smith, Cynthia P Visiting Instructor in French A.B., North Carolina College ot Durham. Smith, Poul M Associate Professor of Educolion B.A, Soint Augustine ' s College; B.L.S., North Carolina College at Durhom; M.L.S., University of Illinois; Ed.D,, Indiano University, Smith, Pearleno W Instructor in Education BS., MS,, South Corolino Stole University, Smith, Williom N Professor of Educolion BS, Alobomo Stole Teachers College; AM,, Atlonto University; EdO,, Indiono University, Spoulding, Minnie T Instructor in English A,B,, Howard University; A,M., North Carolina College ol Durhom. Speigner, Theodore R. ... Director, Resource-Use Educolion and Asscxiole Professor of Geography A.B.. Tolladego College; AM. Stole University of lowo; Ph.D.. The University of Michigan; LL.D.. Luther College. Stevens. Jomes Assistant Professor of Physicol Educolion B.S., Kansos Stole Teachers College; M.S., University of Southern California. Stewart, John I Assistant Professor of Biology A.B., A.M., Indiano University. Stith. Lorraine J Visiting Instructor in Commerce B.SC M.S.C., North Corolino College at Durham. Suggs, Mary F Associate Pro.assor of Commerce B.S.. Tennessee Slate University; M.S., Ed.D., Indiana University. Toylor. Jennie Douglass... Instructor In Physical Education A.B., Allonto University; Certificole In Physicol Educolion, Howard University; A.M., University of Michigan. Taylor. Joseph H Professor of History A.B.. Eastern Michigan College, A.M.. University of Michigon; Ph.D., University of Colifornio. Thomas, Ethelyne Visiting Instructor In Education A.B., M.A.. Atlanta University. Thompson, Raphael Instructor In Commerce BS. North Corolino College ol Durhom; MBA. New York University. Thompson. Roy .... Counselor-Trainer, Department of Educolion B.S. in Educolion, Alobomo Stole College; A.M., Columbio University Ed.D,, Michigan Stole College. Thomson, Alexonder L Visiting Instructor In Physics B,S,, University of Saint Andrews. Thorne. Morion H Instructor in Commerce B,S„ in Commerce, North Corolino College ol Durham; MEd,, Boston University. Thorpe. Morion D Assistoni Professor of Psychology B,A., M,A,, North Carolina College ol Durhom; Ph,D„ Michigon Stole University. Tomlinson, Russell F Visiting Professor of Psychology A.B., Knox College; M.A., University of Florida. Tollon, Ezro L Professor of Chemistry B.S., Knoxville College; M.S., University of lowo; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. Townes, Mory M Associate Professor of Biology B.S., M.S. PH., North Carolina College ot Dur- hom; M.S., Ph.D., University of Michigan. Townes, Rose Emile Professor of Physical Education B.S., Virginia Stole College; M.S., Dir. of P.E.D., Indiana University. Turner, Albert L Professor of Low AB, LL.B, Western Reserve University; A,M., Ph.D , University of Michigan. Turner, Alison M. . . . Visiting Instructor in French B A. Cambridge University, Englond; M.A.. Combridge University Englond. Turner, John V Assistant Professor of Commerce B.S. in Commerce, North Carolina College at Durham; M.Ed., Boston University, Underwood, Gerald I Instructor in Social Science A.B., M.A„ North Corolino College ot Durham. Wolker, Leroy T Professor of Physicol Education AB., Benedict College; A.M., Columbia Uni- versity; Ph.D., New York University. Walker, William J Visiting Instructor in Commerce A B., Atlonto University. Weotherford, Allen Ericson, II Professor of Physicol Education and Recreolion B.S.. Homplon Institute; M.Ed.. M.PE . Spring- field College; Ph.D., Pennsylvania Stole Uni- versity. Willioms. A. St.Cloir Instructor in Dramatic Art A.B.. Duke University; M.A.. University of North Corolino. Williams. George H Instructor in Biology BS, Johnson C Smith University; M.S., North Corolino College at Durham. Wilson, Edword N. ... Assistont Professor of Art A.B.. A,M,. University of lowo. Wurfel. Violet E Visiting lecturer in Polilicol Science A B.. Pomo College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Younge, James W Assistant Professor of Physicol Education BS., Virginia Stole College; MS., Indiana Uni- versity. 109 STUDENT ROSTER Abernethy, Judy, 226 — 6th Avenue, S.W., Hickory, North Corolina Adams, Barbara D., 1301 Holman Street, Raleigh, North CaroNna Adams, Carnell, 515 Martin Street, Greensboro, North Carolina Adams, Everett L., 210 S. Main Street, Lowell, North Carolina Adams, Morzella, Rte. 1, Rowland, North Carolina Agnew, William C, 316 S. West Street, Salisbury, North Carolina Albright, Verlie A., Rte. 2, Box 14, Walterboro, South Carolina Alexander, Lovest Theodore, P.O. Box 14, Wise, North Carolina Alexander, Wilma Joyce, Rte. 2, Box 67-A, Henderson, North Carolina Alford, Aldino L., 1601 E. 11th Street, Winston-Salem, North Carolina Allen, Carolyn E., 1016 Plum Street, Durham, North Carolina Allen, Carolyn Louise, 614 Salisbury Street, Wadest-jro, North Carolina Allen, Grace A., P.O. Box 136, Badin, North Carolina Allen, Lucy Mae, Norlina, North Caroline Allen, Mayelle, P.O. Box 271, Spring Hope, North Carolina Allen, Shirley Jean, Rte. I, Box 93-A, Stem, North Carolina Allison, Yvonne Brendo, Box 342, Pinehurst, North Carolina Alston, Charlie, Rte. 2, Box 103, Scotland, Neck, North Carolina Alston, Genevee Venoid, P.O. Box 101, Moncure, North Carolina Alston, Gloria Worlun, P.O. Box 101, Moncure, North Carolina Alston, Hollis Francis, P.O. Box 261, Ramsuer, North Carolina Alston, Juan Whitled, P.O. Box 45, Hillsboro, North Carolina Alston, Jerome, P.O. Box 101, Moncure, North Carolina Alston, Lucy Moe, Rte. 2, Box 103, Scotland Neck, North Carolina Alston, Moxine Delores, Rte. 2, Whitakers, North Carolina Alston, Michael Leonard, 643 East Pine Street, Woke Forest, North Car. Alston, Rodrick Andrew, Rte. 3, Box 31, Jacksonville, North Corolino Alston, William Tomorrah, 1225 Pearson Street, High Point, North Carolina Amos, Terrel Roger, 600 W. 150th Street, New York, New York Amey, John Edward, 2116 Charlen Street, Durham, North Carolina Amoson, Leanden Defory, 1608 Clark Avenue, ' Vinston-Solem, North Caroline Ancrum, Joseph Howard, 2213 Foyetteville Street, Durham, North Carolina Ancrum, Louis Deloney, 2213 Foyetteville Street, Durham, North Carolina Anderson, Annie Lee, 204 Hoskins Avenue, High Point, North Carolina Anderson, Barbara J., 125 Johndy Avenue, Konnopolis, North Carolina Anderson, Betty L., 4116 Whitfield Avenue, Winston-Salem, North Carolina Anderson, Eli, 1829 Broodell Drive, Foyetteville, North Carolina Anderson, Nodine Norella, Rte. 6, Box 701, Charlotte, North Carolina Anderson, Mary Louise, 903 Buckett, Louisburg, North Carolina Anderson, Thomas S., 1003 Lyie Street, Reidsville, North Carolina Anderson, Viola I., 2408 N. Cherry Street, Winston-Salem, North Carolina Andrews, Elsie R., P.O. Box 51, Parmele, North Carolina Anthony, Jolyquin Cracinda, Box 6, Roper, North Carolina Archer, Joycelyn Cooke, 726 S. State Street, Raleigh, North Carolina Armwood, June Curtis, Rte. 2, Faison, North Carolina Armstrong, George A., Rte. 2, Gostonia, North Carolina Armstrong, Gwendolyn F., 1114 Hunter Street, Rocky Mount, North Carolina Armstrong, Lucy L., P.O. Box 17, Speed, North Carolina Armstrong, Loretta Montez, 804 Ridgewoy Avenue, Durham, North Carolino Arrington, Brenda Anette, Rte. 2, Box 175, Enfield, North Carolina Arrington, Elsie Jeon, Box 592, Raleigh Rood, Rocky Mount, North Carol. Arrington, Lillie M., Rte. 1, Box 209, Nashville, North Carolina Artis, Berry Jean, Rte. 1, Box 137, Aulonder, North Carolina Asbury, Robert F., 52 Chestnut Street, Concord, North Carolina Ashford, Nellie Rose, 1065 Amoores Chapel, Charlotte, North Carolina Askew, Lorraine, Rte. 1, Box 181, Aulonder, North Carolina Asmond, Bobby, 1313 House Street, Columbia, South Carolina Atkinson. Florence E.. Rte. 2, Box 85, Wolstonburg, North Carolina Attowoy, Robert, Rte. 4, Box 79, Mebone, North Carolina AtWQter, Ritho Julio, P.O. Box 921, Chapel Hill, North Carolino Austin, Muriel Ann, 270 Convent Avenue, New York, New York Avent, Ann Delois, Rte. 2, Box 151, Whitaker, North Carolina Avent, John T., Nashville, North Carolina Avent, Nora Jean, Rte. 1, Box 126, Pleasant, North Carolina Avery, David Louis, 207 Railroad Street, Smithfield, North Corolina Bacon, Joan Frances, 32 Harris Circle, Woterbury, Connecticut Bailey, Helen D., Route 3, Box 44, Enfield, North Carolina Bailey, Sandra N. Moe, 681 Greenboior Avenue, Hampton, Virginia Bailey, Walter Thomas, P.O. Box 221, Washington, North Corolina Boird, Stonley Vernie, 21 demons Street, Ashville, N. C. Baker, Barbara Delores, Route 2, Brevard, North Carolina Baker, Bettie Jean, Rte, 1, Box 141, Greenville, North Carolina Baker, Elease Elvo, 2525 Foyetteville Street, Durham, N. C. Boker, Ida Peral, Rte. 3, Box 185, Snow Hill, North Carolino Baker, Jonice Louise, Rte. 2, Box 267, Enfield, N. C, Baker, Marsha, 1014 Woters Street, Kinston, North Carolina Baker, Quinton, E., 1503-B West 5tn Street, Greenville, N. C. Baker, Robert David, P.O. Box 327, Fairmont, N. C. Baker, Thomas Gilbert, Route 1, Box 101-B, Rowland, N. C. Baldwin, Carolyn Runell, P.O. Box 104, Lake Woccomow, N. C. Baldwin, David McWolloce, 614 Stronach Avenue, Goldsboro, N. C. Boldwin, Jessie Debris, Rte. 3, Box 385, Whitesville, N. C. Bollonce, Frank William, Rurol Free Delivery 4, Windsor, N.C. Bollard, Velma Almotha, Route 1, Box 173, Gotes, North Carolina Banks, Agnes Carolyn, Rte. 2, Box 253, Clayton, N. C. Bonks, Brenda Moe, P.O. Box 32, James City, North Carolina Bonks, Doris Elizabeth, 90 Hartman ' s Mill Rood, Charlottesville, Va. Bonks, Joyce Ammey, 418 Pine Street, Lynchburg. Virginia Bonnermon, Azzie Lene, Route 1, Box 57, Maple Hill, N. C. Barbee, Doriee, Rte. 1, Box 164, Morrisville, North Carolina Borbee, Lizzie, Rt. I, Box 378, Rich Square, N. C. Barbee, Lovie, Route I, Morrisville, North Corolina Berber, Nancy Potrico, Rte. 2, Box 21, Wilkesboro, North Corolina Barber, Paul Andrew, 422 Henry Street, Durham, North Carolina Borco, William E., 942 Anno Street, Norfolk, Virginia Barksdole, Carolyn Morgaretto, 1 1 10 — Gray Avenue, Winston-Solem, N. C. Barnes, Carrie Leon, Rte. 3, Box 383-A, Matthews, N. C. Barnes, Clyde John, Rte. 2, Box 18, Monravion, North Carolina Barnes, Emogene, 902 Dupree Street, Durham, North Carolina Barnes, James Wesley, 1013 Willord Street, Durham, North Carolina Barnes, Joyce Morrieto, 902 Dupree Street, Durham, N. C. Barnes, Romoine, Rte. 1, Box 200, Elm City, North Carolina Barnes, Veronica, 333 Lincoln Drive, Foyetteville, North Corolina Bornette, Normon, 2307 South Roxboro, Durham, North Carolina Boron, Vernon Leon, 434 W. 27th Street, Winston Salem, N. C. Barrett, Jr., Clayton, 609 Boyte Street, Monroe, North Carolino Boskette, Jones Rose, Warren Plains Rural Station, Worrenton, N. C. Baskette, Pattie Morie, Warren Plains Rural Station, Worrenton, N. C. Basnighf, Phillip Eorl, P. O. Box 243, Roper, North Carolina Battle, Annette Delores, 1126 Beole Street, Rocky Mount, N. C. Battle, Emma Delores, Rt. 1, Box 178, Rocky Mount, North Carolina Battle, Evelyn Bernice, Rte. 2, Box 327, Rocky Mount, N. C. Battle, Gloria Jeon, 1 126 Beol Street, Rocky Mount, N. C. Bottle, James A., Route 2, Box 130, Whitakers, N. C. Bottle, Jonie Louise, Rte. 3, Box 325, Nashville, N. C. Battle, Moxine, Route 3, Box 340, Nashville, N. C. Bottle, Phillio Steven, Rte. 3, Box 340, Nashville, N. C. Bottle, Ruby Viola, 415 Albermorle Avenue, Rocky Mount, N. C. Bottle, Marie Lucille, 802 Fleming Street, Greenville, N. C. Botts, Mory Louise, Rte. I, Box 302 , Hampsfeod, N. C. Batts, Johnny Erwin, Rte. 1, Box 202, Hompsteod, N. C. Baylor, E. Leonard, 39 Grove Street, Rutherford, New Jersey Bazemore, Zelino C, 545 E. Park Avenue, Savonnoh, Georgia Baetty, Deloris Belle, Route 1, Box 301, Council, N. C. Baetty, Fannis Cotherine, 526 Cecil Street, Durham, N. C. Beotty, Isioh, 2612 Foyetteville, Durham, North Carolina Belcher, Joyce Janet, 354 Sunset Pork, Plymouth, N. C. Bell, Beverly Alyne, 1106 Downing Street, High Point, Carolina Bell, Burnette Deloris, P.O. Box 704, Warsaw, N. C. Bell, Charlotte Irene, Route 6, Box 523, Reidsville, N. C. Bell, Cynthia Morie, Rte. 7, Lexington, North Corolina Bell, Doris Marie, James City, North Carolino Bell, Janet, 902 S. Church Street, Mount Olive, N. C. Bell, Roy Amos, Rte. 1, Box 85, Clayton, North Corolina Bellamy, Donnie D., 955 Bell Fork Rood, Jacksonville, North Carolina Belle, Cyprian Eugene, 341 Midwood, Brooklyn, New York Belle, Melton Puliska , 606 Greensboro Street, Asheboro, North Carolina Benjamin, Floyd, 315 Lone, Brevard, North Carolina Bennett, Mory O., 538 Pine, Clinton, North Carolina Bennett, Wilson Delooch, 10 Cost 138 Street, New York, New York Bennett, Willie Ervin, Rte. 1, Box 313, Wadesboro, North Carolina Benton, Robert Boyd, 317 Pine Street, Smithfield, North Carolino Berry, Ann Camilla, 408 ' 2 East Finley, Lenoir, North Carolina Berry, Betty Elizabeth, Rte. 1, Box 414, Richlands, North Carolina Best, Sandra Jeon, 407 S, Virginia, Goldsboro, North Carolina Best, Sarah Bunson, 500 Bonch D., Goldsboro, North Carolina Betrond, Billy, 506 E. St. James Street, Torboro, North Carolina Bigelow, Ann Elizabeth, Rte. 1, Milton. North Corolina Bigelow, Isodore, Star Route, Yonceyville, North Carolina Bingham, Audrylene, 1001 LyIe Street, Reidsville, North Carolina Bishop, Charles, Rte. I, Box 308, Mufeesboro, North Carolina Bivons, Loretta Joyce 312 Mickle Street, Camden, New Jersey Block, Constance Lucille, 822 Ridgewoy, Durham, North Carolina Block, James Constondo, 105 Hillside Avenue, Durham, North Carolina Black, James Eorl, 1216 Sedgefield, Durham, North Carolina Block, Momye Louise, 513 Foirwood, Charlotte, North Carolina Blockmon, Edward, 805 E. Johnston Street, Smithfield, North Carolina Blockmon. Eugene, Rte. 5, Box 232, Clinton, North Carolina Blair, Kothynel Augusta, 208 W. Wolnut, Gostonia, North Carolino Blake, James, 936 Woodycrest, Bronx, New York Blount, Florence Marie, Rte. 2, Box 255, Aurora, North Carolina Blount, Lulo B., 601 Quarry Street, Raleigh, North Carolina Blount, Ruth Elouise, Rte. 2, Box 128 " 2, Faison, North Corolina Blue, Andrea Louise, P.O. Box 417, Jomesville, North Carolina Blue, Betty Jeon, P.O. Box 171, Wagrom, North Carolina Bobbitt, Ann Delois, Rte. 1, Box 93-A, Worrenton, North Carolina Bobo, Eorl, 634 Smith Avenue, Lexington, North Carolina Boddie, Alexander, Rte. 2, Box 125, Wendell, North Carolina Bolden, Jomes, 1329 E, 124 PI.. Cleveland, Ohio Bond, Dempsey Jr., Rte. 4, Box 224, Windsor, North Carolina Bond, Esther Moe. Rte. 4, Windsor, North Carolina Bond, Evo Dolores, Rte. 4, Box 224, Windsor, North Carolina Bond, Lulo Outlaw, Rte. 4, Box 224, Windsor, North Carolina Bond, Willie Ruth. 104 S. Cherry Lone, Windsor, North Carolina Booker, Melvino Kathleen, 571 Baltimore, Cromerton, North Carolina Boomer, Evelyn Lucille, Rte. 1. Box 111, Pontego, North Carolina Boone, James Steven, P.O. Box 154, Gorysburg, North Carolina Booth, Charlie Clinton, Rte. 1, Box 201, Plymouth, North Carolina Booth, Renee, 306 McDode Street, Chopel Hill, North Carolina Bostic, Jomes Edward, Rte. 4, Box 32, Washington Rood, Asheboro, N. C. Boulwore, Borboro Clyde, 1619 Shadymount Avenue. Winston Salem, N. C. Bowden. Audrey Yvonne, 287 Coming, Charleston, South Corolina Bowling, Clara Patricio, 1006 Thoxton, Durham, North Carolina Boyd, Alice Foye, P.O. Box 578, Roxboro, North Carolina Boyd, Harold Kent. 424 Granville Street, Oxford, North Corolino Boyd. James E., 203 Powe ll, Wilson, North Carolina Boyd, Josephine Ophelia, 1910 Pisgah Church Rood, Greensboro, North Cor. Boyd. Leon Corl, Rte. 2, Box 273, Grimeslond, North Carolina Boyd, Ruth S., 917 Plum, Durham, North Carolina Boykin, Andrea, 211 S. Wellons Street, Suffolk, Virginia Boykin, Connie Bernard, 959 Greensboro Street, Foyeteville, North Carolina Boykin, David J. 10 Boykin, Mary Geroldine. 123 W. Butler Street, Clinton, North Carolina Brocey, Wilhelmenia, 2410 Dallas, Durham, North Carolino Brodley, John Howord, 1406 King Street, Wilmington, North Carolina Bragg, Cubie Allen, Rte. 2, Chapel Hill, North Corolina Bragg, Cynthia Cassandra. 2I8S W. 6)h lane. HIaleah. Florldo Brome. Claudelte Carolyn. 916 Onslow Street. Durhom North Caroline Bronch. Nathaniel, 2930 BeachmonI Avenue. Norfolk. Virginia Brandon. Clarence Grover. Rie S. Box 382-A, Durham. North Corolina Brauner. Joe Henry. 214 W Willis. High Point. North Corolino Brewer. George Edword. 105 Dennis. Morgonton. North Carolino Brickhouse. Mary Eliza, Rte 2. Box 230B. Columbia. North Carolina Bridges. Eartha C . 3002 Bryant, Street, Durham, North Carolino Bridges, Delores Jonet. 908 New Bern. Raleigh, North Carolina Bridgers, George, 1012 Whitted Street, Durham, North Corolina Bridges. Hottie Virginia. 912 Red Oak Avenue. Durham. North Carolina Briggs. Rose Elaine. Rte I, Petersburg. Virginio Briley. Kenneth Earl. Durham. North Carolino Brinkley. Ellen, 1223 Murchinon Road, Fay, North Carolina Brinkley, Mollye Jeonne, Generol Delivery, Weldon. North Carolina Brinion, Usiie C , O ' Berry School, Goldboro, North Carolina Brinson. Lillian Virginia. Rte. 1. Box 35. Dudley. North Carolina Broodie. Helen Joyce. Route 2. Box 238 Elm City. North Carolina Brock. Roy June. 920 Goy Street. Wilson. North Corolina Broekett. Barbara A.. 219 Boyd Avenue. Greenville. North Corolina Bronson. Cloro Jane. Rte. 4. Box 265. Clinton. North Carolino Broodway. Bonnie Carol. Box 197. Ookboro. North Carolina Brooks. Carolyn Jeon. Rte I. Box 7, Roxboro. North Carolina Brooks. Delores. Rte. 2. Box 49. Ayden. North Corolina Brooks, louro Louise. Rte 1. Box 67. Jomesville. North Carolino Brooks. Mary Fronces. Rte I. Box 137. Piltsboro. North Carolina Brothers Rarboro Jean. 303 Robbins Avenue. Jomestown. North Carolina Brown, Alfrodio LoVerne, 613 Kidder Street. Wilmington, North Carolina Brown. Alidio. B., 30-H Ridgewoy, Durham, North Carolina Brown, Betty Jeon, P.O. Box 391, Bethel, North Carolino Brown. Brendo Roynette. 404 White Street, Winston, North Carolina Brown, Burmodeen Batiste, Rte. I. Box 197, Acme, North Corolina Brown, Corrie Moxine. Pelhom. North Carolina Brown. Christionno Sovonnoh. R. f. D. 3, Box 200. louisburg. North Carolino Brown. Christine. Rte. 1. Box 39. Council. North Carolina Brown, Drew Hollis, 5705 Girord. Philodelphio, Pennsylvania Brown, Elizabeth 1870 S. Alston, Durhom, North Carolina Brown. Evelyn. Box 109. Pleasant Hill. North Corolina Brown. Frances L., Rte. 1, Box 45, Winnabow, North Corolina Brown. Hayes Windley, 1407 Foyetteville, Durham, North Carolina Brown. Haywood Lee. Durham. North Carolina Brown, Jocquelyn, 401 Moline, Durhom, North Corolino Brown, Jimmie Lee. 204 Blount Street, Ayden, North Carolina Brown, Joyce Ann, 1010 fanning Street, Wilmington, North Corolina Brown. Louro E.. 1 18 Wilson Street, Williamston. North Carolino Brown. Lois Jeon, 708 Bailey Drive. Roleigh. North Carolina Brown. Minnie Elizobeth. Rte, 3. Mebone. North Carolina Brown. Oliver E., Apt. B-2, Cornwollis Rood. Durham. North Corolina Brown. Otis L.. 1204 Elvie Street. Wilson. North Corolina Brown. Rozena Marie. 401 Umsteod Street. Durham, North Carolino Brown. Shirley Moe, 206 Pilot Street, Durham. North Corolino Brown, Virginia Marie, Rte. 3. Box 200. Louisburg. North Carolina Brown, Woodrow, 1805 Concord Street, Durham, North Carolino Brown. Woodrow, 121 So. 12th., Wilmington, North Carolina Browning, Brendo Yvonne, 532 Dudley Street, Burlington. North Corolina Burnett, Froeek, 622 Dunbar Street, Durham, North Corolino Brunson, Carolyn Rebecca. 811 Center Street, Durhom, North Corolino Brunson III, Fred L., 1903 S. Alston Avenue. Durhom, North Carolina Bruton, Generol Finch, 505 Simmons, Durham, North Corolina Br ant, Alfred Earl, P.O. Box 71, Dover. North Corolina Bryant. Borboro Ann. Rte. 2. Box 301. Noshville. North Carolina Bryant. Carolyn Nodine, Rte. 1. Box 105. Dover, North Carolino Bryant, Fay. 619 E. Green. Wilson. North Corolino Bryant, Frederick, 1103 Juniper. Durham. North Corolina Bryont, Gwendolyn Annette. 1008 E Boker Street. Torboro. North Carolina Bryont. Lillie Ruth. Rte. 2. Box 78-A. Warsaw. North Carolina Bryant. Mary B . 301 Dewey Street. Goldsboro. North Carolina Buckner. Dorothy Pratt. 2209 Fitzgerald. Durhom. North Carolino Budd. Regino Merilyn, 308 S Leslie Street, Goldsboro, North Corolino Buie, Ethel E , Box 745. Homlet. North Carolino Buie. James M . 1820 N Graty. Philodelphio, Pennsylvonio Bull, Collin Deumphford. 615 Hornett Street, Wilmington. North Carolina Bullock, Dorothy Morie, 800 Bullock Street, Foyetteville, North Carolino Bullock, Lucious Graver. Rte 1. Rougemont, North Corolina Bullock, Morgo Delois. Rte 1. Box 289, Bohomo. North Corolina Bullock. Marion Adele. Rte 1. Box 44.A, Monson, North Carolina Bullock, Mory Gwendolyn. Middleburg. North Carolino Bullock. Selena. P.O Box 246. Foir Bluff. North Carolino Bullock. Vivion Burnell. Rte 2. Box 76. Foison. North Carolina Bunch. Raymond. 72 Hunter Street. Ossining. New York Burchette. Elsie Sessom. 218 N Graham Street. Chapel Hill. North Carolina Burden. Grocie D . Rte 1. Box 328. Aulonder. North Corolina Burgess, Romono Helena. 70 Bortlett Street, Asheville. North Corolino Burke. Glorio Jeon, Rte 2. Box 158. Hertford. North Corolino Burke. Tomel Dawson, 221 57th Street, N E , Woshington, D, C, Burnette, Albert T., Rte. 3. Durham. North Corolina Burnette. Barbara Jean. 228 N Groham. Chopel Hill. North Carolina Burnette. Joseph Perr . 303 McDode Street. Chapel Hill. North Carolina Burrell. OIlie W.. Louisburg. North Carolino Burt. Orleon Rose. PO Box 491. Fuquoy Springs, North Corolina Burthey. Essie Bullock. 376 Elmhurst. Highlond Pork. Michigan Burton. Alice Moe. Rte. 1, Leosburg. North Carolina Burton. Annie Moe. Rte 1. Morrisville. North Corolino Burton. Beverly Patricio. 510 Red Oak Avenue. Durham. North Carolino Burton. Judith Foye. 510 Red Oak Avenue. Durham, North Carolina Burton, Shirley Mae. Rte. 2. Hillsboro, North Carolino Burton, Vinston Jr . Rte. 1. Box 212. Virgilino. Virginia Butler. Jenny Lee, 1012 Kent Street, Durhom, North Corolino Butler, Louise, Rte. 1, Box 55, Clinton, North Corolino Butler. William. 1012 Kent Street. Durham. North Corolina Byers, Kenneth Frederick, 536 Green. Stotesville. North Carolino Bynum, Curtis G , 403 Hillsboro Street, Mount Olive. North Carolina Bynum. Marvin Sylvester, Rte. 1. Box 33. Chapel Hill. North Carolina Bynum. Myrtle Ann, 403 Hillsboro Street. Mount Olive. North Carolina Byrd. Waller Raymond. 1610 Alice Avenue, Greensboro. North Corolino Byrdsol. Claudia Fay. 1007 N Magnolia Avenue. Dunn. North Carolina Cogle. Richard Argrey. P O Box 543. Pinehurst. North Carolina Coin. Gloria Jean. 2133 Gerold. Winston-Solem. North Carolina Caldwell. Sandra. 729 Bardin. Clinton. North Corolina Cameron, Charles Edward. 1000 N King. Dunn. North Carolina Cameron. Chorles Williom. 720 Plum Street. Durham. North Corolino Cameron. Horace Roye, Rte. 5. Box 48. Durham. North Corolina Campbell. Duncon, 311 Sycomore. Oxford. North Carolina Campbell, Lloyd Reginold. 607 3rd Street. Weldon. North Carolina Compbell, Potricio Almedio. P O. Box 493. North Wilkesboro. North Carolino Conty. Freeman Douglas, General Delivery, Brevard. North Carolino Copehort. Willie Everett. I I 1 Umsteod Street. Durhom. North Carolina Cople. Portress Wall. Rte 1. Box 77. Wogrom. North Corolina Cople. Dolores Elaine. Rte 1. Box 9. Moruen. North Corolina Cople. Rose Marie. Rte 1. Box 9. Morven. North Carolina Conody, Virginia Lee. Rte. 1, Box 34. Rocky Point, North Carolino Cormon. Doniel E,. 914 Meores Street. Wilmington. North Corolino Corney, Mildred Earl, 22-A Corver Cts.. Kinston. North Corolino Corpenter, Moe Phillips. 1119 W, 14th Street. Winston-Solem. North Carolina Corpenter, Soroh Elizabeth, 442 W. 27th Street. Winston. Salem. North Cor. Corrowoy, Diane S,, 500 Beosley Street, Kinston, North Carolina Carroll, Hermenio Deloris, Rte 2, Box 35. Mocon. North Corolina Corter. Betty Carolyn. Rte 5. Box 186. Burlington, North Corolino Carter. Ernestine. Rte 1, Box 49. Rocky Point. North Carolina Carter. Maxwell G . 30 Brood Street. Monrovio. Liberia Corter. Poul M . 1 1 19 - 8th Avenue Dr S E . Hickory, North Carolina Corver. William Henry. 864 West Orange Street. Foyetteville, North Carolina Cosey, Permelio Evon, Box 41, Cullowhee. North Corolino Cotes. Joyce Ann. Rte. 2. Box 202. Roxboro, North Carolino Couley, Lorraine. 444 Bergen Avenue. Jersey City. New Jersey Couse, OIlie Moe, Rte. I, Box 162. Shollotte. North Corolina Coveness. Alfred Jerome. P O Box 104. Romseur. North Carolino Chambers. Helen Lucille, Rte. 1. Box 53. Morshville. North Corolina Chance. Glodys Louise. Generol Delivery. Pormele. North Carolino Chopmon. Harold Louis, 724 N. Glodden Street. Washington. North Corolino Chopmon. Joyce Minette. 916 High Street S E.. Goinesville. Georgia Chapman. Morsho Foye. Route 1. Box 253. Kinston. North Corolina Charleston, Edward Lee, 507 Price Avenue, Durham, North Carolina Chasten, Helen Delores, Route 2, Box 295, Rosehill, North Corolina Chavions. Helen Louise. P.O. Box 432. Hillsboro, North Carolina Chovis, Randolph, 2906 Lafayette Street. Baltimore. Morylond Cheek. Gwendolyn Ann, 706 Castle Street. Wilmington. North Carolina Cheek, Jeanne Rosolind, Box 123. Holifox. North Carolina Cheeks, William Henry, 813 Corver Street, Kinston. North Carolino Cherry. Bertha Ruth. Route 3. Ahoskie. North Corolina Cherry, Lono Turner, Route 1, Box 117, Windsor, North Carolina Cherry, Lovedo Elaine. Route 1, Box 268, Bethel. North Carolina Cherr . Shirley Ann. 535 S. Cumberland Street. Morristown. Tennessee Cheston, Nettie Greene, Route 2. Box 508. Trenton. North Corolina Chestnut. Wode Hampton. 805 Red Cross Street. Wilmington, North Carolino Clork, Annette E., Route 9, Box 962, Greensboro, North Corolina Clork, Glendo Louise, 409 N. Morket Street. Benson. North Corolino Clork. Henry Cloy, P.O. Box 47 Blodenboro. North Carolino Clork. Lorenzo Rey. P O. Box 47. Blodenboro. North Carolino Clorke. Alfonso. Wright Street, Burgon. North Carolino Clowson, Jean Carolyn. 3400 Little Hope Rood. Chorlotte. North Carolino Cloy. Gerald Lomont. OOl Cloyton Street. Pormele, North Corolina Clement, Samuel M., 448 W. 151 Street. New York City, New York Clements, Dorothy, 2844 Beechwood Avenue, Durhom, North Carolino demons. Eddy Kelly. Route 2. Box 244. Zebulon. North Corolina Clemens. Evelyn Ann. Route 2. Box 244, Zebulon. North Carolino Cliette. George Ernest. 706 S. 14th Street, Wilmington, North Corolino Clifton. Christine L.. I 1 16 E. 12th Street. Wilmington. North Corolino Cline, Robert Lee, 438 Third Street S.W., Conover. North Carolina Clinton. Clorks Edward, 918 Whitted Street, Durham. North Carolino Clodfetter, Mory, Route 3. Box 14. Lesington, North Carolino Clyburn, Richard Elliot. 1508 Englewood Avenue. Durhom. North Carolino Cobb, Adeloide Cossondro. 810 Eost Avenue. Raleigh. North Corolino Cobb. Hilton. Route 1. Box 179. Moddlesfield. North Carolina Cobb. Lalie Carol. Route I. Box 32. Dudley. North Corolino Coff, Terry Elizabeth, 713 Church Street. Chapel Hill, North Carolina Cohen. Horveyetle Inez. 4309 Morris Field Dr . Charlotte 8. North Carolino Colclough. Polly Ann. 1405 Lincoln Street. Durhom. North Corolino Cole. Betty Louise. Route 2. Box 285. Coleroin. North Corolina Cole. Olivio W., 410 Pekoe Avenue. Durham. North Carolina Cole. Phillip M.. 1507 Johon Street. Greensboro. North Corolino Coleman. Hazel Lee. P O Box 109. Brysm City. North Corolino Coley. Helen Deloris. Route 1. Box 41. FreemonI, North Corolmo Coley. Rosetto. 917-A Hugh Street. Goldsboro. North Corolino Collins. Carolyn Elizabeth. 2212 Elbon Drive. Wmston-Solem. North Corolino Collins. Mory Mogdolene. Route 3. Box 32. New Bern. North Corolino Compton. Kelly Woyne, 1144 Jackson Street. Burlington, North Carolina Compton, Mory Ann. P.O Box 22. Dedor Grove. North Carolino Conglelon. Margaret. 1301 West 3rd. Greenville. North Carolino Conner. Albert Russell. 305 W. 23rd Street. Winston-Solem, North Corolina 1 1 Cook. Jocqueline. 105 Delia Brook. Winston-Solem. North Carolino Cooke. Groce A . 1311 Rosewood Street. Durham, North Carolina Cooper, Annie Moe, Route 1, Box 155, Oxford. North Carolino Cooper. Carolyn Marie. 508 Woodland Street, Rocky Mount. North Corolina Cooper, Iris Newsome. Box 191 Ahoskie, North Corolino Cooper, Willie Edword, Route, Box 200, Windsor, North Corolina Copies, Mary Alice, Route 1, Box 52, Kinston, North Carolina Coppedge, David Leon, 800 Ellison Dr., Rocky Mount, North Carolina Cordice, Norman Heothersall, 2104 Fayetteville Street, Durham, North Car. Corey, Bettie Jean, 204 Hudson Street, Greenville, North Carolina Coston, Williom Eugene, Route 1, Box 404, Wallace. North Carolina Couch, Thomasine, Route 1, Box 289, Durhom. North Carolina Council, Mary Ann, 110 Merrit Mill Rd., Chapel Hill, North Carolina Covington, Ella Moe, Route 1, Box 382, Erwin, North Carolina Covington, Preston, 805 Simmons Street, Durham, North Carolina Cowan, Willa Stuart, 28 Clingman Avenue, Asheville, North Carolina Coward, Phyllis Courtney, 2307 S. Roxboro Street, Durham, North Carolina Cox, Charlie, 302 Rochelle Blvd., Kinston, North Carolina Craft, Samuel T., 505 Bunch Dr., Goldsboro, North Carolina Crowford, Beverly Jean, 3009 La Salle, Charlotte, North Carolina Crawford, Marvin C, 81 I Springdole Dr., Durhom, North Carolina Crawford, Joyce LaVerne, 1810 Rolling Circle, Durham, North Carolino Crockett, L. Alexander, 817 S. 12th Street, Wilmington, North Carolina Croom, Evangeline, Route 2, Box 446, Grifton, North Carolino Croslon, Emanuel, 1029 Pinkston Street, Henderson, North Carolina Croslan, John Arthur, 1029 Pindston Street, Henderson, North Carolina Cross, Burnella Jean, 1003 Whitted Street, Durham, North Carolina Crudup, William Chester, 410 Longfellow Street, Fuquay Springs, N. C. Crump, Jonette Marie, Route I, Durham, North Corolino Cue, Billie Moe, 315 Murphy Street, Durham, North Carolina Culmer, Vonnie C, 6200 Catherine Street, Philadephia, Pennsylvania Cunningham, Catherine, 14 Vernell Street, Asheville, North Carolina Cunningham, Scottie Mae, 1101 Duke Street, Greensboro, North Corolino Curington, Robert, 513 Boxon, Durham, North Carolina Curlee, Gwendolyn Therlene, 1127 W. Horah Street, Salisbury, North Cor. Currie, Nathaniel Earl, 1003 Elvie Street, Wilson, North Carolina Curry, Hottie Moe, 701 Lexington Avenue, Kingstree, South Carolina Curtis, Awonyo Rush, 1104 Mason Street, Durham, North Carolina DofFord, Gloria Ann, Rte. 1, Box 41, Rose Hill, North Carolina Daniel, Edna Marie, 316 Umsteod Street, Durham, North Carolina Daniels, Albert Rogers, 7-D Wabash Avenue, Durham, North Carolina Daniels, Doryel C, Rte. 4, Box 128, Durham, North Carolina Daniels, Hilda Jean, P.O., Winterville, North Carolina Daniels, Joseph, 28 Emerald Lane, Amityville, New York Darden, Myrtle Ruth, Rte. 1, Box 283-B, Ayden, North Carolina Dork, Amanda Joann, 461 1 Baux Mt, Road, Winston-Salem, North Carolina David, Margaret, 712 S. 12th St., Wilmington, North Carolina Dovies, Zaria Ann, Box 349, Monrovia, Liberia Davis, Anno C, 1575 E. 174 Street, Bronx 72, New York Dovis, Jr., Augustus Hughes, 1005 Poison Street, Wilson, North Carolina Davis, Charles Victor, 6Il ' 2 Elm Street, Durham, North Carolina Davis, Constance, 313 Sunset Drive, Chapel Hill, North Carolina Davis, Doris Marie, Rte. 2, Box 43-A, Franklinton, North Carolina Dovis, Fannie Carolyn, Warren Plains Rural Station, Warrenton, North Cor. Davis, Hottie, 404 ' 2 School Street, Goldsboro, North Carolina Davis, James Warren, 923 S, Main Street, Louisburg, North Carolina Davis, Jennie Victoria, 108 S. Pettigrew Street, Raleigh, North Carolina Davis, Joyce J., 347 N.E. Main Street, Rocky Mount, North Carolina Davis, Julio W., 11091 2 Cornell Street, Durham, North Carolina Davis. Kathleen, Rte. 2, Fuquay Springs, North Carolina Davis, Lacy Marie, 4916 Airport Road. Winston-Solem, North Carolina Dovis, Leroy, 223 Zeno Street, Formville, North Carolina Davis, Lydia Patricio, Rte, 1, Box 142, Eutowville, South Carolina Davis, Morion Priscillo, Rte. 5, Box 227, Oxford, North Carolina Dovis, Myrno Ann. 857 Marrow Avenue, Macon, Georgio Dovis, Notholoe Carole. 512 Live Oak, Beaufort, North Carolino Davis, Rogers, Rte. 2, Box 181, Warrenton, North Carolina Davis, Rosrue Jr., 1313 Frozier Street, Winston-Salem, North Carolina Davis, Ruth A., Rte. I, Box 78, Clayton, North Corolino Davis, Sondro A., 601 Walnut Street, Wilmington, North Carolina Dowkins, Virginia Nodine, 219 Southside, Asheville, North Carolina Dovis, Willie Russell, 231 1 Rockquory Rood. Raleigh, North Carolina Dovison, Len Arthur, 1126 N. Roxboro Street, Durhom, North Carolina Doye, Chorles Edward, Rte. 1, Box 1 12-A, Durhom, North Carolina Doye, Charles Elvin, 3021 Angler Avenue. Durham, North Carolina Doye, Cloudine McKenzie, 314 Todd Street, Durham, North Carolina Doye, Josephine Anderson, Rte. 2, Rougemont, North Carolina Doye, Porthenia, Rte. 2, Box 123, Oxford, North Carolina Doye, Vivion, Rte. 2, Box 123, Oxford, North Carolina DeBerry, Sims Everett, 1315 Wendell Avenue, High Point, North Carolina Deck, Jim McCoy, Rte. 3, Box 78-A, Zebulon, North Corolino DeGraffenreidt, Lucille, Rte. 2, Pittsboro, North Carolina Deforme, Victoria Amanda, 830 W. 45 Street, Savannah, Georgia Dennis, Dolores, 329 Union Avenue, Mt. Vernon, New York Dennis, Richelieu William, 914 Dayton Street, Durham, North Carolina Dent, Marvin S., 700 E. 156 Street, Bronx, New York Devone, Geneva Odessa Moore, 214 So. 12th Street, Wilmington, North Cor Devillors, Donald Edward, P.O. Box 456, Do rien, Georgia Devone, James Milton, 509 Fowler Avenue, Durham, North Corolino DeVone, Vernon Howard, 310 Court Street, Jacksonville, North Carolina Dickens, Charles M., 1218 Clark Street, Greenville, North Corolino Dickens, Richard Bernard, Rte. 2, Box 199, Windsor, North Carolina Dickey, Linda Koy, Rte. 3, Box 6, Mebone, North Corolino Dickson, Marion Odessa, 104 Hillcrest Avenue, Lenoir, North Carolina Diggs, Thockeroy Jonifer, 1940 East 3rd Street, Winston-Salem, North Car. Dildy, Jimmie Lee, 104 Lincoln Street, Formville, North Carolina Dillohunt, Barbara J., Rte. 2, Box 355, New Bern, North Corolino Dillahunt, Elvira L., Rte. 1, Box 168, Pollocksville, North Carolina Dillord, Allen, Fayetteville Road, Durham, North Carolina Dixon, Lola Foye, Rte. 2, Box 319, Ayden, North Carolina Dixon, Sandra Jean, Rte. I, Box 190, Woodsdole, North Carolina Dixon, William Arthur, 313 N. Eost Street, Kinston, North Carolina Dobson, Cloro Vena, Rte. 1, Magnolia, North Carolino Dockery, Christine, Rte. 1, Box 6, Lourinburg, North Carolina Dockery, Daisy Moe, Rte. 1, Box 6, Lourinburg, North Carolina Dockery, Dwight Kenneth, 3547 N. Conlisle Street, Philodelphio, Penn. Dockery, Jacqueline Morie, Box 93, Trenton, North Carolino Dorsey, Jr., William, 415 Seover Street, Boston, Massachusetts Dove, Velma G., 601 Beech Avenue, Kinston, North Carolino Dowdy, Debris, Box 1 13, Aberdeen, North Carolina Drake, Lorry, Rte. 1, Box 43, Maxton, North Corolino Droughn, Mary Louise, 608 Baker Street, Torboro, North Carolina Drew, Allen Wesley, Fayetteville, North Carolina Drew, Beverly, Cooper, Rte. 3, Box 400-AA, Whifeville, North Corolino Drew, Wofson, Jr., Rte. 1, Box 264, Rich Squore, North Carolina Dubose, Calvin Dennis, 1124 E. 26th Street, Winston-Solem, North Carolina Dudley, Evelyn Cornelia, 307 Pekoe Avenue, Durham, North Carolino Dudley, Elsie Marie, Rte. 2, Box 82, Aurora, North Carolina Dudley, Henry Earl, 18 E. Mitchell Wooten Courts, Kinston, North Carolino Dudley, Mordecia V., Rte. 2, Aurora, North Carolina Dudley, Thelmo Lealtrice, Box 13, Bayboro, North Corolino Dumas, Judith Ann, Rte. 5, Box 264-F, Durham, North Carolina Dunbar, Mary, Rte. 2, Box 54. Fletcher, North Carolino Duncan, Gerald Dean, 148 Blonton Street, Asheville, North Carolina Duncan, Jomes Tyrone, 1518 A Fleming Street, Greenville, North Carolina Duncan, Marvin, 151 8-A Fleming Street, Greenville, North Carolino Duncan, Robert Terrell, 148 Blonton Street, Asheville, North Carolina Duncombe, Donald, 2402 Red Ook, Durham, North Corolino Duncombe, Norma R., 2402 Red Oak, Durham, North Carolino Dunlop, George Thomas, Rte. 2, Box 73, Wodesboro, North Carolina Dunn, Betty Delores, 911 S. Alston, Durhom, North Carolino Dunn. Bobbie Lee Jr., Box 341, Burgaw, North Carolina Dunston, Ruby Jean, P.O. Box 75, Method, North Carolino Dupree, Edward Alexander, 18-B McDougold Terroce. Durhom, North Corolino Dupree, Marvin Roselle, Rte. 3, Kenly, North Carolina Ducant, Sammy Lee, I 16 E. Holly Street, Rocky Mount. North Carolino Durante, Reginald V., 1615 Von Buren Avenue, Chorlotte, North Corolino Durhom, Jocquelyn, Rte. 4, Box 70, Mount Olive, North Carolino Eorp, Adelaide Dovis, 231 1 Rocky Quarry Rd., Raleigh, North Carolino Eoson, Allen Washington, 416 Caswell Street, Smithfleld, North Corolino Eaton, Hermon Randolph, Route 2, Box 135, Oxford, North Corolino Ebron, Jr. James Lee, 202 Greenfield Blvd., Greenville, North Corolincr Edens, Jr. Thomas Charles, 357 Pine Street, Hamlet. North Carolino Edmonds, Rebecca P., 1903 Cecil Street, Durhom, North Carolina Edmonds. Vivian Austin, 510 E. Umsteod Street, Durhom, North Carolino Edwards, Annie Lois, Route 1, Box 207, Stontonsburg, North Corolino Edwards, Billie Foye, 1421 Coldwell Street, Gostonio, North Carolina Edwards, Charles Jockson, 3155 Sunset Dr., Chapel Hill, North Corolino Edwards. Jennie Marie. Route I. Box 378. Torboro. North Corolino Edwards, Jr. Jesse, Route 1, Box 54, Chapel Hill, North Corolino Edwards. Shirley Moe, Route 1, Box 378, Torboro, North Corolino Edwards, Jr. William Morgon. 502 S. Mo untain Street, Cherryville, N. C. Eglond, EInoro, 51 I George Street, Durham, North Carolina Elliott, Lois Ann, 217 Jomes Street, Brevard, North Carolina Ellis, Alfredo Holmes, 1110 Alomonce Rd., Greensboro, North Carolina Ellis, Edward Bernard, 738 E, Rockspring Street, Henderson, North Carolina Ellis, Lucy Moe, P.O. Box 252, Stontonsburg, North Carolina Ellis, Luther T., Route 2, Box 302, Clorkton, North Carolino Ellis, Michael Bernard, P O. Box 26, Warrenton. North Carolina Ellison, David Phillip, 519 Nelson Street. Durhom, North Carolina Ellison, Hazel Antoinette, 519 Nelson Street, Durhom, North Carolina English, Dianne Levy, 456 Huger Street, Charleston. South Corolino Enoch, Joy Bell, Green Level Rd., Burlington, North Carolino Ensley, Donald Edward. Route 1. Box 178, Belhonen, North Carolina Erwin, Joyce Priscillo, 327 W. Concord Street, Morgonton, North Carolina Euell, Valerie Jean, 2105 Davidson Avenue, Bronx, New York Evans, Barbara Ann, 914 S. Main Street, Louisburg, North Carolina Evans, Brendo Delores, 213 College Street, Winnsboro, South Corolino Evans, Earl Marshall, 3030 Lake Dr., Durham, North Corolino Evans, Frances Pocohontos, Route 2, Box 38, Williomston, North Corolino Evans, Patricio Ann, Route 1. Box 148, Morrisville, North Corolina Evans, Patricio Arlene. 701 Rochester Street, Durhom, North Carolina Evans, Patricia Gale, Route 2. Box 193, Newton, North Carolina Evans, Robert Jomes, 1618 Ell Street, Winston-Salem, North Corolina Everette, Bernice, Route 1, Box 67, Pinetops, North Carolino Everette, Carolyn, Route 1, Box 172, Smithfield, North Carolina Fair, Mary Emmo, 32 Grail Street, Asheville, North Corolina Fairley, Audrey Lee, 8-A Wabash Avenue. Durham. North Carolino Foirley, Chonnie Lorene, Rte. 1, Box 307, Maxton, North Corolino Faison, Douglos Edword, 521 McKoy Street, Clinton, North Corolina Poison, Flora Jean, 5-E Wabash, Durham, North Carolino Faison, Willie Mock, P.O. Box 334, Seoboord, North Carolina Fanning, Mock, 1004 Fanning Street. Wilmington, North Carolina Former, Borboro Ann, 905 N, Word Boulevord, Wilson, North Carolina Forror, Andrew. Rte. I. Box 63. Mount Holly. North Carolina Forror. Zullo Mae, Rte. 1, Box 338, Apex, North Carolina Forrinqton, Jr., Walter Jomes, 1314 Glenn Street, Durham, North Carolina Forrior, Edna Corol, Rte. 1, Box 34, Burgaw, North Carolina Foucette, Betty Hayes, Rte. 1, Morrisville, North Corolino Faucette, Evelyn Marie, 407 Brant Street, Durham, North Corolina Foulcon, Christine Yvonne, P.O. Box 311, Littleton, North Corolina Faulk, A. Marie, 1408 Fayetteville, Durham, North Corolina Faulkner, Borboro Jeon, P.O. Box 57, Macon, North Corolino Foxio, Philip Mork, 269 56th PI,, N.E., Washington, D. C. Felder, Johnnie, Rte. 1, Box 88, Hamlet, North Corolina Fellers, Corlton Edward, 813 E. Horgett Street, Raleigh, North Carolina 112 Felton, Diana Denzimore, 409 E. 13th Street, Scotland Neck, North Corolina Felton, Hottie E., Box 97, Hertford, North Carolina Fetiner, Gerald T., Rte. 1, Box 26-A, Columbio, North Carolina Fenner, Julio Dean, Rte. 1, Box 239, Scotland Neck, North Carolino Ferebee, Beatrice, Rte. 1, Box 165, South Mills, North Carolino Ferebee, Floyd Clifton, Rte. 1, Box 165, South Mills, North Carolina Ferguson. Jomei E. II, 97 Blonton Sireet, Ajhevllle. North Carolina farguson, Pauline. 604 AorriJon, WinitonSolem, North Carolina Ferguson, Robert Lee, 1 19 Harrington, Lenoir, North Carolina Fields, Barbara Elaine, 710 Plum Street, Durham, North Corollno Fields, Richard Kelly, 1113 E. llth Street, Winslon-Solem, North Corollno Finch, Willie. Jr.. P.O Box It 8. Middlesex, North Corolino FIteh, Betty Ann. 817 Henry Avenue. Chorlotlevitle, Virgniio Fitch. Jerome Henry, 516 Hodge Street, Wilson. North Carolina Flm. Gladys Zenobio, Rie 3, Box 104, Littleton, North Corolino Fill, Audrey Dione, PO Box 342. Warrenton. North Corolino Fill, Jeonnine, M., P.O. Box 342, Worrenlon. North Carolina Fllzhugh, Jean Lorraine, 350 Gales Avenue, Brooklyn, New York Flonogon, Tony Emerson, Rte. 2, Box 65, Seven Springs, North Carolina Fleming, Beny Jeon, Rie. 3. Box 281, Wilson, North Carolina Fleming, Emmo Jean. 318 E. Lee Avenue, Woke Forest, North Corollno Fleming. Jocquelyn. 723 W. Fisher, Solisburg, North Carolina Fllntall, Celestlne, 620 Cecil Sireet, Durhom, North Carolina Flinloll, Virglnio. 277 W. 150 Street, New York, New York Flipper, Janice Adele. 612 Pork Avenue, Brielle, New Jersey Fksod, Merrill McCroe. CoHeld. North Corolino Flowers. Carolyn Elaine. 1810 Kentucky Avenue. Winslon-Solem, North Carol. Flowers, Louise, Rie. 1, Box 217, Teochey, North Corolino Flowers, Melbo Evelyn. Rie. 1, Box 48. Wodesboro. North Corolino Flowers, Remilho Winifred, Box 276, Cloremont, North Carolina Floyd, Catherine Delores, 806 Carroll Street. Durhom. North Carolina Floyd. Gosnold Norwood. Rte. I. Box 3. Foirmont. North Corolino Flythe, Essie Vivion, P.O. Box 281, Conway, North Corolino Fogg, Grocie Ann, Rte 3, Box 54, Louisburg, North Corolino Fogg, Joseph Broley, F-1 Atlonlic Street, Durham, North Carolina folk, Andre Deidre, 219 Church Street, Boone, North Corolino Forbes. Borbora Diane. 910-A Lincoln Drive. Goldsboro. North Corolino Foremon. Geroldine. South Main Street. Formville. North Corolino Foremen, Peggy, P.O. Box 34. Falkland, North Corolino Fortt, Rose Morie. 104 W. 3rd Sireet. Weldon. North Carolina Foster. Mildred, Rie. 1. Mocksville, North Corolina Fouskee. Morlou Jeon, P.O. Box 163, Chopel Hill, North Corolino Fcust, Howard H. Jr.. 709 Meridon Avenue, Burlington, North Carolina Foost. Shirley Ann. 500 E. Webb Street. Mebone. North Corolina Fowler, Bertino Ann, 539 Nelson Street, Durhom, North Corolina Fowler, Harold Frank, 540 Nelson Street. Durham. North Carolina Fox, Hoiel Moe, Rte. 1, Botlleboro, North Carolina Foy, Norma Wondo. 369 Decolur Street. Brooklyn. New York Francis, Vero Lene, 817 Whiltier Ploce, Washington, DC. Franklin. Soroh Morie. 4002 Booker Street. Durhom. North Corolino Fronks, Ruth Eloine, 706 Oronoke Rood, Woterbury, Connecticut Eraser, Evon Henry, 2101 Modison Avenue, New York 37, New York Frosier, Ralph Kennedy, C-2 Atlonlic Street, Durham, North Carolina Frailer, Shirley Ann, 1604 S. Roxboro Street, Durham, North Carolina Frederick, Pearl Doris, P.O. Box 998. Southern Pines, North Carolina Freemon. Burnell. 17 Oro Street, Asheville, North Corolino Freeman, Corol LeJeune, 819 E. Horgell Street, Raleigh, North Corolina Freemon, Louise Vonesso, Rte. 1. Box 126-C. Erwin, North Carolina Freeman, Lydio Ellen, 1451 N. 55 Street, Philodelphio, Pennsylvonio Freeman, Vance. Rte. 1. Box 99. Loke Lure, North Corolina Frink, Somuel Horrey, 301 Queen Street, LoGronge, North Corolino Froneberger, Brendo Morgueriie. 610 S. Linwood Street, Goslonio. Nor. Cor. Froneberger. Kenneth, Rte 2, Box 408, Gosfonio, North Corolina Fryor, Ado Geroldine, Rte. 5. Box 540, Clinton, North Carolina Fulford, Anne, 2309 Dondridge Drive. Raleigh. North Carolina Fuller. John Fred, Rte. 2, Box 320-A, Henderson, North Corolino Fulmore. Johnnie W., Rte. 2, Box 322, Clorkton, North Corolino Fulton, Beatrice N., Rie. 2, Box 313, Kernersville, North Corolina Fuhwood, Allen Wesley, 412 Bonchelle Street, Morgonlon, North Carolina Goddy, Rembert Arthur, 2427 Olondo, Charlotte, North Corolino Goddy, Rolond Cordell, Rte. 3, Box 255, Wodesboro, North Carolina Goiney. Kolherine. 905 E. Edgerton. Dunn, North Corolino GoitKef, Richord Arlen. 125 Hill Street, Lenoir, North Corolino Goilher. Ronald Spencer, 1 17 Reddick Street, Williamston, North Corolina Gole, Joseph Henry, 941 Main Sireet. Willimonlic, Connecticut Goles, Willie Volorio. 308 Douglos Street, Lourinburg, North Corolina Gollowoy, Ceroid. 812 So. 8th Street. Wilmington. North Corolino Gomble. Henry Oonnell, 806 Juniper Street, Durham. North Corolino Gardner, Bobby Louis, 700 Best. Greensboro, North Carolina Gardner. Mamie Grier. 1031 Biddle Sireet. New Bern, North Carolina Corner. Olivio Shirley Ann, 301 Red Oak, Durhom, North Corolina Garrett, Mildred Bernice. P O Box 4, Leosburg, North Corolina Gorrison. Tiney. Rte. 4. Box 328-10. Burlington. North Carolina Colling. Eleonor, Box 83, Gorysburg, North Corolino Catling, Pollie, Rte. 2. Box 29, Conwoy, North Corolino Gay, Borboro Ann, Rte 1, Box 156, Founloin. North Carolina Goylor, Julie Cordon, 7 Church Sireel, York. South Corolino Coylord. Nothoniel. 327 Flushing Street. Burlington. North Carolina Coynor. Zeno E.. 630 Atlantic Avenue. Rocky Mount. North Corolino Geer, Potricio Ann, 19 Rector Sireel, Asheville, North Corolino Geoffrey, John M., Dorivo Morkcl Centre, P.O. Box 131, Thiko, Kenyo George. Christine Grey, Box 136, Lewislon. North Carolina George, Doris Jeon, Rte. 3, Bishopville. South Corolino George. Franklin Rudolph. 403 W Columbus. Whifeville. North Corolino George. Sodie. Rte 2. Box 202, Whileville, North Carolina Ceroids. Betty Jeon. Rte 1. Box 300. Rowlond, North Corolino Ceroid. Morgoret Ann, Rte. 1, Box 226-B, Orrum, North Corolina Gerald, Nannie Peorl, 433 Moore Street, Foyetleville, North Carolina Ceroid, Roeford Godfrey. Box 274. Tobor City. North Corolina Ceroid. Woller Rufus. Rte 1. Box 138. Goldsboro. North Corolino Gibbs. Bobby Edword, 501 Meodow Street. Woynesville. North Corolino Gibbs. Douglos Purcell, 462 Bryson. Woynesville, North Corolino Gibbs, Evonder f Lein, 2607 N. Cherry, Winston-Solem, North Corolino Gibbs. Froncesceno. P.O. Box 1 1 4, Jacksonville, North Carolina Gibbs. James, Rte. 1, Engelhard, North Corolino Gibbs, Stanley S , 509 Bobb Street, Woynesville, North Carolina Gibson, Veroneco Ingrid, 413 Cecil Street, Durham, North Corolina Gilchrist, Gurlha, 608 Myrtle Avenue, Rocky Mount, North Carolina Gilchrist, Thomas Curtis, P.O. Box 32, Wogrom, North Corolina Giles, Aretha Moe Bell, 1511 Pender Street, Roleigh, North Corollno Giles, Ethel Jeon, 2505 While Ook Drive, Durham, North Corolino Giles, Jessie Peorl. 2505 While Oak Drive, Durham, North Carolina Giles, Jr. Williom Henry, Route 238 Box 319, Lockey, Virglnio Gilliom, Mory L., Lokeview Drive, Burlington, North Carolina Cinyord, Horris Morion, 235 Dunleilh, Winslon-Solem, North Corolino Glenn. Bobby Roy, Route 2, Box 399, Gaslonio, North Carolina Glenn. Gurmon Eugene, 1907 S. WInget Sireet, Goslonio, North Corollno Gobs, Relhema, 308 Douglas Sireel, Lourinburg, North Corollno Godfrey, Eva Vermel, 2708 Norfolk Rood, Suffolk, Virginia Godwin, Alice Ruth. Route 1, Box 325, Roseboro, North Corolina Goffrey, Wolloce Henry, 1512 Ckork Avenue, Winslon-Solem, North Corolina Golden, Curtis, 301 North Sireel, W. Colo, South Corolino Goldslon, Morvin, Route 2, Box 143-A, Romseur, North Carolina Gongs, Sondrio Leigh, 407 Teel Street, Durhom, North Carolina Good, Elizobelh Courtney, 1434 Dellabrook Road, Winslon-Solem, N. C. Goodson. Henry Anihoney, Wendell, North Corolino Goodson, Phyllis Jeon, Box 4055, Winslon-Solem, North Carolina Goodwoler, Joseph Alexonder, 283 EosI 169, Bronx, New York Gore, Aloine, Box 98, Foir Bluff, North Carolina Gore, Annie Eorlene, Route 1, Box 157, Supply, North Corolino Gore, Mary Smith, P.O. Box 573, Soulhport, North Corolina Groham, Barton, W., 59 Forest Sireel, Boston, Mass. Gorhom. Bernice, P.O. Box 111. Wogrom. North Carolina Graham. Smilhly Cleo, P O. Box 172. Mognolio, North Carolina Gramling, Lester Jr., Route 2, Box 70, New London, North Corolina Grondy, Joe Louis, 608 Greene Street, Elizabeth, North Carolina Grondy, Mildred Dione. Route 4, Box 249, Windsor, North Corolina Graves, Judy Morcelette, Route I, Box 268. Reidsville. North Corolina Grant. Gory Rudolph, Route 1, Box 30, Halifax. North Corolino Grant, Helen, 720 Plum Street. Durham, North Corolino Grant, Leon Orlient, 14C Mitchell Woolen Courts, Kinslon, North Corolino Groy, Thelmo Joyce, 602 Oak Sireel, Kinslon, North Corolino Greene, Borboro Jeon, P.O. Box 15, Gorysburg, North Corolino Greene, Celio A., P.O. Box 199, Avondole, North Corolina Greene, Cleo Richord, P.O. Box 97, Elizobethlown, North Corollno Greene, Doris Frink, 225 Gorfield Street, Slolesville, North Carolina Green, Frances Anne, 1302 South Sireel, Durhom, North Corolino Green, J. Moxine, 1907 Julia Avenue. Henderson. North Carolina Green, Naomi Josey, 1302 South Street. Durham. North Corolino Greene, Raleigh Fronklin, P.O. Box 241. Oxford. North Corolina Green, Shade Adolph, 312 Tcnn. Avenue. N.E., Woshinglon, D.C. Green, Thomosenio. 1518 Pickard Street, Greensboro, North Carolina Gregory, Clifford Dewey, 313 W. Front Street, Oxford. North Corolino Grier, Doris Jeon, Rte. 1, Box 238, Belmont, North Corolina Grier, Robbie Colene, 1414 Caldwell Street. Goslonio. North Carolina Griffin. Corolene, 1401 Sedzefield Sireel, Durham, North Corolina Griffin, Charles W.. 406 Dogwood Sireel, Fuquoy Springs, North Corolina GriflTin, Robert Earl, P.O. Box 202, Fuquoy Srpings, North Corolina Grimes, Jomeseno M., 1702 W. 4lh, Greenville, North Corolino Grimes, Jessie Moe, 1402 Colonial Avenue, Greenville, North Corolino Grimes, Shirley Louise, Box 364, Bethel, North Corolino Gripper. James Koiser, 309 Vail, High Point, North Carolina Gripper, Lenon Louis, 212 Short Voil Sireel, High Point, North Corolina Gripper, Willie, 210 West Willis. High Point, North Corolino Grisson, Willie E. P.O. 549, Bulner, North Corolino Guess, Anilo Rose, Route 1, Box 266, Morrisville, North Corolino Cunn, Brendo J., 21 17 Chalmers Street. Durham. North Corolina Guthrie, Edna, 313 Lir dsay Sireel. Chapel Hill, North Carolina Gwyn, Melbo Lee, Route 6, Box 278, Mount Airy, North Corolino Gwyn, Jr. Roy Roosevelt, 3320 New Wolkertown Rood, Winslon-Solem, N. C. Gwynn, Lorello Cloriene, Route 1, Box 173, Yonceyville, North Corolina Hoggins, Crefl T., 71 1 Collage Sireet. Foirmont. North Corolina Hoirslon, Ever Lee, Route 2. Box 15, Advance, North Corolino Hoirslon, Patricio Cecelia, 71 1 Clork Sireel, Oroper. North Carolina Hoith, Silos Williom, 118 Lone Sireel, Mebone, North Corolina Hoizlip, Ado Louro, 211 Price Street, High Point. North Corolino Holey, Victor Lee, Route I, Box 9, Rich Square, North Carolina Hall. Carol Jeon, 1509 New Bern Avenue. Roleigh. North Carolina Hall, Elsie Jeon, 1 108 Catherine Creek Rood, Ahoskie, North Corolina Holl, Francine Marilyn, 208 West 4lh Sireel, Plymouth, North Corolino Hall, Jerry Horold, 524 Bonford Avenue, Woodbridge, New Jersey Holl, leolo, 304 Martin Street, Chorlotle, North Corolina Hamilton, Corolyn Yvonne, 3424 Sheridonville, Ft Dix, New Jersey Homlel. Willielte, 310 N. Wosh Avenue. Reidsville. North Carolina Hamlin. Robert Leroy. Route 1. Box 112. Rice. Virginia Hommonds. Fermon Bernord. 1503 I si Sireel. Winslon-Solem, North Corolina Hondy. Jimmy Tyrone, 668 Lexington Avenue, Brooklyn 21, New York Horden, Borboro Jeon, Route 1, Box 6 Rich Square. North Corolino Horden. Henry. Jr . 3539 Delochoise Sireel. New Orleons, Louisiono Hordin. Thomos Cephos, 556 Corver Sireel, Konnopolis, North Corolino Hording, Chorlotle Elaine, Box 83, Aurora, North Corolino Hording, Clyde Williom, Route 2, Box 282, Oxford, North Corolino Hording, Roso Morie, Route 1, Box 95A. Stem. North Carolina Hardy, Corolyn RoxieLee, 502 College Street, Graham, North Corolino Hardy, Lillie Peorl. Route 4, Box 37, Greenville. North Corolino Hordy, Lulo Ann, Route 3, Box 455, Mount Olive, North Corolino Hardy, Mildred Delores. Route 2, Box 266, Enf.eld, North Corolina 113 Hardy, Shirley Moe, Route 2. Box 266. Enfield. North Corolino Hargrove. Edword Arnold. 1 1 5 Coy Sireel. Rocky Mount, North Carolina Horgroves, Patricio Ann, 1702 Noble Street, Durhom, North Corolino Horlee. Flora E., 1204 Gotling Sireet, Roleigh, North Corolino Hormon, Borbora Jeon, Route 3, Bo» 165 Winds-or, North Carolina Harmon, John H., Route 3, Box 165, Windsor, North Carolina Harney, Richard Cofield, 530 Shepord Street, Elizabeth City, North Carolina Haroge, Elins S., 1 1 10 Thoxton Avenue, Durham, North Carolina Horper, Elizabeth Corolyn, 807 Morstellor Street, Wilmington, North Carolina Horrell, Sampson E., P.O. Box 261, Ahoskie, North Corolino Harrington, Barbara Jean, Route 1, Cameron, North Carolina Harris, Augustine Wotlington, P.O. Box 1291, Reidsville, North Carolina Horris, Barbara Jean, 6 East Wabash Avenue, Durham, North Carolina Harris, Beverly Ann, 1 17 Chauncey, New Rochelle, New York Harris, Bishop Thomas, 635 North Street, Fayetteville, North Carolina Harris, Brenda Joyce, Glascock Street Extension, Raleigh, North Carolina Harris, Charles Edward, 1926 Cecil Street, Durham, North Carolina Harris, Don, 326 Whitten Avenue, Henderson, North Carolina Harris, Doris Jean, P.O. Box 83, South Mill, North Carolina Horris, Eddie Eugene, 805 Elizobeth Avenue, Albemarle, North Corolino Harris, James Taylor, 603 Martin Street, Durham, North Caroline Harris, James Wilbert, P.O. 51, Lewiston, North Carolina Harris, Jonice, Route 1, Box 288, New Hill, North Carolina Harris, Kenneth Wayne, 505 Corrington Street, Durham, North Carolina Harris, Moroom Lee, P.O. 172, Louisburg, North Carolina Harris, Morie, P.O. Box 26, Lilesville, North Carolina Harrison, Moudestyre, Atlantic Avenue, South Norfolk, Virginia Harris, Michael William, 516 South East Street, Raleigh, North Carolina Harris, Noah Alfred, Route I, Box 17, Elm City, North Carolina Harris, Olivia, Church Street 606, Wilkesboro, North Carolina Harris, Patricio J., Route 2, Box 503 Willkesboro, North Carolina Horris, Phyllis Antoinette, Mil Perkins Street, Greensboro, North Carolina Harris, Priscillo La Rhue, 821 Lawson Street, Durham, North Carolina Harris, Sylvester, 703 Corrington Street, Durham, North Corolino Harris, Thomas Henr , 424 Watson Street, Raleigh, North Carolina Hart, Evelyn Ruth, Route 1, Box 141, Bahama, North Carolina Hart, Siddie Mildred, Route 2, Box 348, Rocky Mount, North Carolina Hortsfield, Robert Richard, P.O., Bunn, North Carolina Harvey, Delores, Route 1, Box 50, Halifax, North Carolina Harvey, Patricio Lynn, 318 W. Market Street, Hertford, North Carolina Harvin, Shirley Ann, 1001 Hall Street, Wilmington, North Carolina Haskins, Valeria Novon, Route 1, Box 117C, Erwin, North Corolino Hatcher, Oliver Jerry, Route 2, Box 194, Mt. Airy, North Carolina Hatchett, Loretha Matleen, Route 2, Box 108, Kenbridge, Virginia Hatley, Elbert Sylvester, Route 3, Box 139, Apex, North Carolina Hauser, Velma P., 1336 Lincoln Street, Winston-Salem, North Carolina Hawkins, Jean Audr , Route 1, Box 302, Murfreesboro, North Corolino Hawkins, Louise M., Route 2, Box 314, Louisburg, North Carolina Hawkins, Luna Marie, 901 Scout Drive, Durham, North Carolina Hawkins, Loru Ann, 923 South Main Street, Louisburg, North Carolina Hawkins, Patricio Ann, 520 Winder Street, Henderson, North Carolina Hawkins, Phyllis Gwendolyn, P.O. Box 667, Maxton, North Carolina Hayes, Bettye Jo, P.O. Box 51, Elm City, North Carolina Hayes, Debris, P.O. Box 531, Sneads Ferry, North Carolina Hayes, Teddie Narver, Route 5, 496B, Durham, North Carolina Hayes, Fulton D., Route 1, Box 233A, Rose Hill, North Carolina Hayes, Henry Clifton, Route 1, Box 180B, Warrenton, North Carolina Hayes, Margaret Anne, P.O. Box 46, Burgow, North Corolino Hayes, William Louis, 6075 Mangum Street, Durham, North Carolina Haynes, Karen Doreene, 367 Tower Street, Union, New Jersey Hoyword, Jacqueline Louise, 98 South 1 6th Street, Eost Orange, New Jersey Hoyword, Roland, 2312 W, Nicholas Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvanio Hoywood, Leonidas D., 1027 Oberlin Road, Raleigh, North Carolina Headen, Borboro Ann, 123 S. Grohom Street, Chapel Hill, North Carolina Heorn, Richard Thomas, 77 Holland Avenue, Ardmore, Pennsylvanio Hedgebeth, James Edgar, 213 E. Gale Street, Edenton, North Carolina Hedgepeth, Margaret Marie, Route 1, Box 419, Nashville, North Carolina Heggs, Rhea Thereso, 204 W. Green Street, Fronklinton, North Corolino Hemmingwoy, Theodore, P.O., Rains, South Corolino Henderson, John Baxter, 818 Cotton Grove Road, Lexington, North Carolina Henderson, John Henry, 113 Booker Avenue, Lexington, North Carolina Henderson, Lois Green, 26155 S. Roxboro Street, Durham, North Carolina Henderson, Selena Jeanne, 2615 S. Roxboro Street, Durham, North Carolina Henry, Frances Amanda, 219 E. Nelson, Mount Olive, North Carolina Henry, Mottye Belle, P.O. Box 324, Burgaw, North Carolina Herndon, Chorsie J., 2002 Otis Street, Durham, North Corolino Herndon, Judy, 49 S. Herman Street, Boston, Massachusetts Herndon, Modge Marie, 712 Fowler, Durham, North Carolina Herring, Froncinio, Route 1, Box 202, Gorlond, North Corolino Herring, Morion Faye, 415 Cornwollis Rood, Durham, North Carolina Hester, William Robert, 820 Ridgewoy Avenue, Durham, North Carolina Hewitt, Nodyne, 406 Hamilton Drive, Goldsboro, North Carolina Hicks, Jr. Donnell, 1425 Maplewood Drive, Durhom, North Corolino Hicks, Freddie General, 515 Elder Street, New Bern, North Corolino Hicks, Hazel Verlene, Box 27, Spring Lake, North Carolina Hicks, Moble Pauline, 306 Front Street, Oxford, North Carolina Hicks, Margaret Elizabeth, Route 3, Box 181, Louisburg, North Carolina Hicks, Richard, 538 Clyde Street, Rocky Mount, North Corolino High, Viola Clementine, 519 S. Haywood Street, Roleigh, North Corolino Highsmith, Claudia Moe, P.O. Box 638, Elizobethtown, North Corolino Hill, Alvin Henry, 509 Spouding Street, Fayetteville, North Carolina Hill, Bettie Marie, 917 Arnold Street, Asheboro, North Carolina Hill, Floyd, 908A Carver Drive, Goldsboro, North Carolina Hill, Fred Allen, 213 Libenio Street, Fairmont, North Carolina Hill, Geroldine E., Route 1, Box 21, Chinquapin, North Corolino Hill, Gloria A., 405 Formosa Street, Durham, North Carolina Hill, Gordon Eugene, 1009 Des. Street, Kinston, North Carolina Hill, Joyce, Route 1, Box 21, Chinquapin, North Carolina Hill, Judy Marie, 727 E. Salisbury Rood, Asheboro, North Carolina Hill, Morjorie E., 515 Cecil Street, Durham, North Carolina Hill, William G., 105-04 29th Avenue, E. Elmhurst 69, New York Hilliord, Wilmo Jean, South Sycamore Street, Weldon, North Carolina Hines, Elizabeth Jackie, 101 15 Eost Shme Street, Kinston, North Corolino Hines, Theodoshio Thorpe, 2106 Owens Lane, Raleigh, North Carolina Hinson, Alfred Lee, 520 Ellwood Street, High Point, North Corolino Hinson, Morva Ann, Route 1, Box 17-B, Mt. Gilead, North Carolina Hinton, Amelia Bell, 2331 Newton Street, Greensboro, North Corolino Hinton, Barbara Nell, 605 Homeland Avenue, Durham, North Carolina Hinton, Jeon Elizabeth, 706 Pickett Street, Durham, North Corolino Hinton, Leslie Eorl, Route 6, Box 311, Durham, North Corolino Hinton, Oscar Thomas, Route 2, Box 179, Gates, North Corolino Hobbs, James Douglos, 1018 ' 2 Woiwright Street, Wilson, North Corolino Hobbs, Ralph Stevens, 434 E Elm Goldsboro, North Corolino Hobbs, William Devon, 310 Reid Street, Wilson, North Corolino Hobson, Wilton Warner, 307 — 8th Street, Monroe. Louisiana Hodge, Cora Louise, 1 1 10 Armistead Street, Rockinghom, North Corolino Hodge, Doris Leono. 901 E. Mortin Street, Raleigh, North Corolino Hodges, Theresa, 620 Colfox Street, Durham, North Corolino Hodge, Willie Mae, P.O. Box 564, Worsow, North Carolina Hoffler, Doris Moe, 602 Bunnels Avenue, Elizabeth City, North Carolina Hogon, Peggie Lee, 606 Cameron Avenue, Chapel Hill, North Corolino Holden, Walter H., 408 Lakeland Street, Durham, North Corolino Holeman, Lorry Bennon, 4120 Angier Avenue, Durham, North Corolino Holemon, Linwood Mcduffie, 4120 Angier Avenue, Durhom, North Corolino Holeman, Peter, 905 Pickett Street, Durham, North Corolino Holland, Brenda Joyce, 613 Hickory Street, Durhom, North Carolina Holley, Lester, Box 420 Lakehurst Rood, Brown Mills, New Jersey Holley, Robert Henry, 7085 Alston Avenue, Durham, North Corolino Hollidoy, William Edward, 1308 W 3rd Street, Greensville, North Carolina Holloway, Alon Robenson, 876 N. 50th Street, Philodelphio, Pennsylvonio Hollowoy, Freeman Rogers, 3310 Duke Lone, Durham, North Corolino Holloway, Herbert Bullock, Route 5, Hamlin Rood, Durham, North Carolina Holloway, Mottle Lue, P.O. Box 402, Maiden, North Carolina Holmon, Josephine, Route, Box 89, Bohomo, North Carolina Holeman, Patricio Jeon, 907 Glendole Avenue, Durham, North Corolino Holmes, Charlesino, 801 Grove Street, Foyetteville, North Carolina Holmes, Johnny, Apt. 4A Lawson Street, Durham, North Carolina Holmes, William McCroy, Route 2, Box 158-A, Farmville, North Carolina Holt, Margaret Ruth, 915 S, State Street, Raleigh, North Carolina Holt, Patsy Lee, 1113 Moody Rood, Greensboro, North Carolina Holt, Stevlin Michael, 209 Pekoe, Durham, North Corolino Honeyblue, Joycelyn Carole, 31 1 Elm Street, Williomston, North Corolino Hood, Lenword, Route 1, Box 1 16, Vorino, North Carolina Hophins, Warden, 302 Hoisted Street, East Orange, New Jersey Hopson, Russell Bernard, Route 1, Box 78, Tobb, Virginia Home, Barbara Jean, Route 2, Box 285, Rocky Mount, North Carolina Home, Delois Jacqueline, 157 Leiand Avenue, Ploinfield, New Jersey Home, Dorothy Judith, 157 Leiand Avenue, Ploinfield, New Jersey Home, Gloria Carroll, 825 1st Avenue West, Hendersonville, North Carolina Horner, Jeon Marie, Route 2, Box 130, Spring Hope, North Corolino Horton, Guytonno M., P.O. Box 475, Pittsboro, North Carolina Norton, Lyie Henderson, 102 Woodlawn Street, Lenoir, North Carolina Horton, Napoleon Lewis, Box 336, Chapel Hill, North Carolina Hoskins, Norma Gail, 714 South Washington Street, Shelby, North Corolino Houston, Charles Edward, 61 Washington Street, Tuckahoe, New York Howard, Beatrice, Route 2, Box 54, Aulander, North Carolina Howard, Geroldine, Route 1, Box 23, Kittrell, North Carolina Howard, Gloria Jean, 107 Dellobrook Rood, Winston-Solem, North Corolino Howell, Barbara Jean, 531 Mechonic, Foyetteville, North Carolina Howell, Barbara Jeanne, 920 Lincoln Drive, Goldsboro, North Corolino Howell, Jonnie Moe, Route 2, Box 35, Robersonville, North Carolina Howerton, Americus Jeralene, Route 1, Box 133, Monson, North Corolino Howley, Douglas, 512 Nelson Street, Durham, North Carolina Howie, Robert Edward, 16 Fenix Street, Concord, North Carolina Hudson, Gossie, 304 Sycamore Street, Oxford, North Carolina Hudson, Joonn, 2218 Edgar Street, Fayetteville, North Carolina Huey, Albert, 904 Dupree, Durham, North Carolina Hughes, Janet Marie, 904 Holly Street, Rocky Mount, North Corolino Hughes, Joonn, Route I, Box 1 10, Milton, North Carolina Humphrey, Anne Victoria, Route 1, Box 49, Semoro, North Corolino Hunt. Betty Jane, 89 Ookdale Street, Brevord, North Carolina Hunt, Jr. C. D., Route 1, Box 196, FronVlinton, North Corolino Hunter, Charles Wesley Jr., 2210 Vow Dyke Drive, Raleigh, North Corolino Hunter, James Edword, 706 May Road, Durham, North Corolino Hunter, Jomes W,, 114 Eccles Street, High Point, North Corolino Hunter, JoAnn Deloris, E-32 Wash. Terr,, Raleigh, North Carolina Hunter, Wilmo Carolyn, Route 4, Box 39-A, Wilson, North Carolina Huntley, Gennie Lee, P.O. Box 55, Lilesville, North Carolina Ingram, Ocie Magdalene, Route 1, Box 79-B, Providence, North Corolino Irving, Edward Leroy, 1023 S. 13th Street, Wilmington, North Corolino Isles, Rose Marie, 325 Todd Street, Belmont, North Corolino Isley, Geroldine, Hg. Btry, 4th Msl. Bn. 71st Arty., Ft. Hancock, N. J. Jackson, Carolyn Sue, Route 2, Box 588 Hoffman Rood, Gostonio, N. C. Jackson, Donnell, Route 2, Box 108-B, La Grange, North Corolino Jackson, Eorl Douglas, P. O. Box 732, Marion, North Corolino Jackson, Fletcher Leon, Route 1, Box 266, Fronklinton, North Carolina Jackson, John Ronald, 601 Madison, Fairmont, North Carolina Jockson, Lloyd Marion, P.O. Box 274, Snow Hill, North Carolina Jackson, Moe Corolyn, P.O. Box 95, Mill Spring, North Corolino Jackson, Morione Willene, 604 Price Avenue, Durham, North Carolina Jockson, Mounard Holbrook, 1927 Cecil Street, Durham, North Corolino Jockson, Rosetta Jeon, 1403 Jackson Avenue, Winston-Salem, North Corolino Jockson, Sue Elizabeth, 604 Price Avenue, Durham, North Carolina Jacobs, Ronald Wallace, 2309 Chautauqua Street, Durham, North Corolino Jacobs, Rotho Moe, Route 2, Box 79, Hillsboro, North Corolino ... James, Easter Marie, 320 Grant Street, Bodin, North Carolina Jomes, Linda Ann, 1402 Dunbar Street, Greensboro, North Carolina James, Moser Thomas, 1222 Berkeley Street, Durhom, North Carolina Jorman, Charles, 1600 Cedor Grove, Kinston, North Corolino Jormon, Mack Alexander, Route 2, Box 350, Trestop, North Carolina Jeffers, Velma, Route 3, Box 71, Roxboro, North Carolina Jeffarson. Laura E.. Route 5, Bok I3IA. Hendervjn. North Carolina Jefferson, Doris Moble. Route 5. Box 1 31 -A Henderson, North Carolina Jofferye. Shirley Yvon, 1214 Merrick Street, Durham, North Corolino Jefferys, Harold Leon, 515 W. 20th Street, Winslon-Saiem, North Carolina Jenkins, Carol Lombord, Route I, Box 332, Colerain, North Carolina Jenkins, Constonce Olivio, 1502 Fayetteville Street, Ourhom, North Corolino Jenkins, Donald M , 751 Showmuf Avenue, Roxbury, Massachusetts Jerolds, Emily Potricio, 300 Josper Street, Fayetteville, North Corolino Jernigan, Eddie Roy, Route 2. Box 60, Tupelo, Mississippi Jeter, Henry, 1202 Cornell, Durham, North Corolino Johnson, Alvin Sidney, 1 109 Red Cross Street, Wilmington, North Corolino Johnson. Arils Mae, 507 Bollard Street, Florence, South Carolina Johnson, Betty Jeon, P O Box 495, Yonceyville, North Caroline Johnson, Clara Frances, 109 School Street, Roxboro. North Corolino Johnson, Clemeline, Route 3, Ek x 446, Loulsburg, North Corolino Johnson, Clifton Earl, 626 Church Street, Williomston, North Carolina Johnson, Doris Lee, Route 1, Box 97, Supply, North Corolino Johnson, Doris Marie, Route I, Box 236, Pelhom, North Corolino Johnson, Dorothy Moe, 530 Nelson, Durham, North Carolina Johnson, Douglos, Route 1, Box 114, Bolivia, North Corolino Johnson, Eloine Delores, 609 Quarry, Raleigh, North Corolino Johnson, Edward Forror, 328 N. Alexander Street, Mount Holly, North Corolim Johnson, Emmo Louise, 4317 Word Rood, Durham, North Corolino Johnson, Faydeon Morgoret, 2503 Crest Street, Durham, North Carolina Johnson, Corl Winston, 156 Purdy Street, Buffolo, New York Johnson, Harold, 1507 Shipp, Norfolk, Virglnio Johnson, Hottie Cloro, 1413 Crest Street, Charlotte, North Corolino Johnson, Helen A., 206 Moline Street, Durham, North Corolino Johnson, Herbert R., 813 S. Sumner Street, Selmo, North Carolina Johnson, James Bernord, P.O. Box 474, Burgow, North Corolino Johnson, Juonlto Leonle, 16125 — 22nd Ct , Opolocko, Florida Johnson, Lizzie Moe, Route I, Box 201, Shollotte, North Corolino Johnson, Morjorle Hope, 108 Holifox Street, Louisburg, North Corolino Johnson, Jr. Morris Willioms, Route 4, Box 6, Konnopolis, North Carolina Johnson, Royword Thomas, 161 1 Merrick Street, Durham, North Corolina lohnson, Jr. Robert McKnighl, 202 Corning Street, Chorleston, South Carolina lohnson. Ruby A., 1611 Fayetteville, Durhom, North Corolino Johnson, Thomas Eugene, Route 2, North Carolina Johnson, Wllliom Cecil 1318 E, First Street, Winston-Solem, North Caroline Johnson, Zebulon Gladys, Box 97, Supply, North Corolino Jones, Alberto Louise, 405 McDode Street, Chopel Hill, North Corolino Jones. Alelse Wheeler, 305 N. S. Street, Mount Airy, North Corolina Jones, Alice Morie, 410 Dudley Street, Sonford. North Corolino Jones, Annie 8., P.O. Box 462, Forsyth, Georgia Jones, Arnell, P.O. Box 72, Ponlego, North Corolina Jones, Borboro Potricio, Box 21B-A, Servern, Maryland Jones, Barbara J., 728 E. Avenue, Henderson, North Carolina Jones, Bernell, P.O. Box 72, Pontego, North Carolina Jones, Bobby Ray, Route 2, Box 95, Roper, North Corolino Jones, Brento Louise, 214 N. Graham, Chapel Hill, North Carolina Jones, Colvin Otto, Route 2, Box 165, Enfield, North Carolina Jones, Carolyn Inez, Route I, Box 108, Turkey, North Corolino Jones, Cotherlne D., 1221 Vance Street, Rocky Mount, North Carolina Jones, Delford A., 107 E. Lee Street, Clinton, North Corolino Jones, Deolo Edwino, 130 N. Grohom Avenue, Winston-Solem, North Corolino Jones, Edno Lucille, 828 Murray Street, New Bern, North Corolina Jones, Elbridge Bernard, 2714 Magnolia Street, Portsmouth, Virginia Jones, Corolyn Horvefte, 924 Plum Street, Durham, North Carolina Jones, Oracle Lee, 103 Verbena Street, Durham, North Corolina Jones. Jocqueline Kocenia, 4934 Bragg Boulevord, Foyettevllle, N. C. Jones, John H., Route 1, Box 394, Cory, North Carolina Jones, Joyce Lee, 801 S. Wilson Avenue, Dunn, North Corolino Jones, Moggie Lene, Route 1, Box 338, Roseboro, North Corolino Jones, Mory Lewis, Route 1. Box 191, Bohomo, North Corolino Jones, Melvin McArthur, 1200 Hanover Street, Durhom, North Carolina Jones, Mllo Montellus, P.O. Box 252, Worrenton, North Corolina Jones, Nancy Moe, Route 3, Box 90, Hillsboro, North Corolina Jones, Nyoko Gladys, Route 2, Box 14. Mocon, North Corolino Jones, Romie, 656 N. Brooklyn Street, Philodelphio, Pennsylvonio Jones. Robert Frank, Route 1, Box 284, Norlino, North Corolina Jones, Robert Louis, BOB Wobosh. Durhom. North Carolina Jones, Ruby Helen, Route 2, Box 358, New Bern, North Corolino Jones, Sollle M, 213 Dokwood Street, Folrmount, North Corolino Jones, Scarlett Borle, 103 West Cotton Street, Formville, North Carolina Jones, Thod S., Route 3, Box 233, Williomston, North Corolino Jones. Von Roger. Route 2. Box 186, Enfield, North Corolina Jones, Welton Edgar, P.O. Box 72, Ponlego, North Carolina Jones, Wllliom Guslov, 708 South Street, Durhom, North Carolina Jones, Yvonne, Route 1, Box 386, Trenton, North Corolino Jordon, Corole Ann, P.O. Box 63, Ridgewoy. North Corolino Jordan. Clarence Richord, 163 V. Street, Concord, North Corolina Jordan, Emma Hlldo. 204 Colemon Street. Rocky Mount. North Carolina Joseph. Mildred Marie, Scotland Avenue, Baton Rouge, Louisiono Joy, Henry Jr., Apt. 408 Ridgewoy, Durham, North Corolino Joyner, Joyce Marie, 502 Gronfield, Blvd , Greenville, North Corolino Joyner, Patricio Ann, P.O. Box 68, South Port, North Carolina Justice, Jr Owen William, 213 Lowson Street, Durham, North Carolina Justice, Rocptt, Jr , Route 6, Box 154, Roleigh, North Corolino Kane, Arteno Rhomoldo, 186 Pork PI, Yeodon, Pennsylvania Keorney, Eddie Lee, 726 Andrews Avenue, Henderson, North Corolino Keorns, Blondena, 4213 Morns Street. Chorlotie, North Corolina Kee, Joyce Ann, 621 Boston Avenue, Elizabeth City, North Carolina Keith, Lorry Edward, 813 Rome Street, Durhom, North Corolino Keith, Stoley Brodley, 102 N. Fisher Street, Raleigh, North Carolina Kelly, Borbora Jean, Route 1, Box 4F, Clorkton, North Corolino Kelly, Dougle Ml. Box 323, Carthage, North Corolina Kelley. Joon M., 36 Camp Street, Woterbury, Connecticut Kenion, Eckerd B . 4425 Word Rood. Durham, North Corolino Kennedy, Gene Edward, 416 E. D. Street, Newton, North Corolina Kennedy, Linda Carol, Route 1, Box 40, Rocky Point, North Carolina Kersey, Marie Agnes, Route 1, Corn , North Corolina Keys, Evelyn Elaine, Route 1. Box 133, Blount ' s Creek, North Corolina Keyes, Gloria Koye, Route I, Box 133, Blount ' s Creek, North Carolina Keyos, Hilton Moyo, Route I, Box 25, Jamesvllle, North Carolina Kidd, Rose Mario, Route 1, Box 159, Gorysburg, North Corolina Klllion, Annie Belle, Box 412, Brevard, North Corolina Kilpotrick, Colvin, 38 Huntington Street, Asheville, North Corolino King, Earlond MocRoy, Box 2, Pleosontville, New York King, Robert Louis, Route 6, Box 309, Durhom, North Corolino King, Sandra Elaine, 1410 Oak Street, Winston-Solem, North Corolino King, Thomos Junior, Route 6, Box 309, Durham, North Corolino Kinsey, George A., Route 2, Box 59, Aropohoe, North Carolina KIrby, Lois Cotherlne, Box 131, Badin, North Corolino Kitfrell, Marjorie Groy, 80 Main Street, Hovelock, North Corolina Kluttz, Jr James William, P.O Box 91, Lilesbille, North Corolino Knight, Gwendolyn Morvis, 312 W. Front Street, Oxford, North Carolina Knight, Mory Alice, 404 Wogner Street, Torboro, North Corolino Knox, Charles David, 1411 Rosewood Avenue, Durham. North Corolina Knox. Hozel Ann, Route 4, Box 315, Konnopolis, North Carolina Knox, Ruth Shirley, 141 I Rosewood, Durhom, North Corolino Koonce, Edno Carol, Route 1, Box 387, Kinston, North Carolina Kyle. Gregory Pride, 903 Southern Blvd., Durham, North Corolina Kyles, Josephine, P.O Box 357, Glenmora, Louisiono Lamb, Mormon J., 402 ' j Walker Avenue, Elizobeth City, North Corolina Lomb, Joyce Noomi, 605 E. Woshington Street, Suffolk, Virglnio Lambeth, Elaine, 310 Pekoe Avenue, Durhom, North Corolino Lombeth, Perry Eorl, 310 Pekoe Avenue, Durhom, North Corolina Lone, Howord, 3205 Summer Street. Philadelphia, Pennsylvonio Lone, Susie Moe, 206 Penn. Avenue, Reidsville, North Corolino Lone, Vinlta Lo Verne, Rte. 3, Box 588, Raleigh, North Carolina Lorkins, Sandra Diane, 300 Porrish Street, Raleigh, North Corolino Lash, LIndo Arlene. 605 25th Street, N.W., Winston-Solem, North Cor, Lossiter, Cloyce M., 520 Cecil Street, Durhom, North Carolina Lotto, Borbora, 201 W. Alton Street, Durham, North Corolina Lotten, Leroy Cloyton, 15 Corondolel Street, Chorleston, South Cor. Lowrence, John Edword, 1210 Berkeley Street, Durham, North Corolino Leo, Ruzie Lewis, Rte 1, Box 5, Blonch, North Corolino Leoch, Modge Rosolee, 306 Morrison Street, Asheboro, North Corolino Leok, Norman Eugene, 307 Eugene Street, Corrboro, North Carolina Leory, Phyllis Jean, 305 Codilloc Street, Greenville, North Corolino Leatherberry, Doniel Henry, P.O. Box 232, Oxford, North Carolina Leotherberry, Reginald, J., 104 Worren Avenue, Oxford, North Corolina Leothers, Willie Mourice, 1010 S. Alston Avenue, Durhom, North Car. Lawrence, Annie Suson, Rte. 1, Box 15, Murfreesboro, North Corolino Lee, Bessie Jane, Rte. 1, Box 82, Tomahawk, North Corolina Lee, Curtis Gene, Rte. 3, Box 630, Mt. Olive, North Corolina Lee, Dorothy Moe, 800 Price Avenue, Durham, North Corolino Lee, Elizobeth Annette, 2217 Bedford Avenue, Roleigh, North Carolina Lee, Ishom D., 106 Peorson Street, Durham, North Corolino Lee. Lucy Nell. 126 Mill Street, Williomston, North Carolina Lee, Morjorle C, 212 ' 2 S. 13th Street, Wilmington, North Corolina Leeper, Potricio Ann, 215 Reid Street, Belmont, North Corolino Leslie, Charlie Lee, P.O. Box 373, Rowland, North Corolino Lester, Evelyn F., 1913 Asheboro Street, Greensboro, North Corolino Lfcverettc, Ido Olivio, 400 Dunbor Street, Lexington, North Carolina Levingston, Poul L., Rte. 1, Box 118, Worsow, North Corolino Levister, Virglnio M., 905 S. Main Street, Louisburg, North Corolino Lewis, Annie Ruth, Rte. 5, Box 186, Henderson, North Corolino Lewis, Borboro A., Rte. 1, Box 273, Bottleboro, North Carolina Lewis, Borboro Jeon, 900 Rodey Avenue, Chorlotte, North Corolina Lewis, Cottis Moe, Rte Box 265-A, Pinetops, North Corolino Lewis, Earl Rodgers, Rte. 2, Box 248-A, Ahoskie, North Corolina Lewis, Jr., Elvis, Rte. 5, Box 186, Henderson, North Corolina Lewis. Evorio. Rte. I. Box 36. Blodenboro, North Carolina Lewis, George W., Rte. 2, Box 248A, Ahoskie, North Corolino Lewis, James R., 621 Loach Street, Asheboro, North Corolina Lewis, Janice E., Rte. 1, Box 182, Littleton, North Corolino Lewis, Momie L.. P.O. Box 696, Blodenboro. North Corolino Lewis, Mamie S., 1622 ' 2 Fayetteville Street, Durhom, North Co ' rlino Lewis. Jr., Marcus E., Rte. 3, Box 326, Ml. Gileod, North Corolino Lewis, Mory Annette, Rte. 4, Box 56, Chester, South Corolina Life, Lois Anita, 2007 Albany Street, Brunswick, Georglo LIghtsey, Molveo J., 510 Alston Avenue, Durham, North Corolino Liles, Ellen V., 78 Comp Johnson Rood, Monrovia, Liberie, Africa LIndsey, VIrgie R., Rte. 3, Box 170-A, Nashville, North Corolino Lineborger, Adrienne D , 2309 Booker ,Avenue, Charlotte, North Corolino Lipscomb, Lofoyelte Williams, 4308 Word Rood, Durhom. North Carolina Lipscomb, Thomas Lovell, 4308 Word Rood, Durhom, North Corolina Lltoker, John ijr.-, 525 LIberlo Street, Winston-Solem, North Carolina Little, Alphlo L., Rte. 1, Mill Spring, North Corolino Little, Lovie J., 109 Franklin Street, Addor, North Carolina Lofton, Robert Earl. 6641 Lincoln Drive, Philodelphio, Pennsylvania Logon, George Wosh , 618 Mossey Avenue, Durhom, North Carolina Logon, Irby Dovid, 212 Moher Street, S W, Atlonto, Georgia Logon, Mory Jane, Rte. 1, Box 237, Belmont, North Corolino Lomox, Borboro, Rte. 3, Box 40. Wodesboro. North Corolina Long, Doniel James, 1710 S Alston Avenue. Durham, North Carolina Long, Morvo Louise, 713 Vail Street, New Bern, North Carolina Lovell, Morjorle R , Box 429, Oxford, North Carolina Lowe. Aubrey F.. 901 Brook Avenue. Suffolk, Virglnio Lowe, Comllle B., 1030 E. 17th Street, Winston-Solem, North Carolina Lowe, Evelyn, Rte. 2, Box 493, Roanoke Ropids, North Carolina Lowe, Morvo Jeon, Rte. 1, Box 333, Enfield, North Carolina Lowery, Eugene Raymond, 58-B Wabash Avenue, Durham, North Carolina Lowery, Normo S., P O. Box 67, Stovoll. North Corolino Lowronce, Donald E , 731 Aloxonder Street, Winston. Salem, North Cor. Lucas, Carolyn J., 613 N. Roxboro, Durham, North Carolina Lucas, Helen D., 421 Clyde Street, Rocky Mount, North Corolina Lunceford, Robert L., 719 Atlantic Avenue, Rocky Mount, North Corolina LaHufFman, Donald W., 348 Gillespie Street, Fayetteville, North Car. Lyde, Mary JoAnn, 1027 Rosedale Avenue, Durham, North Carolina Lynch, Jannie Carolyn, Rfe. 2, Box 176, Enfield, North Corolino Lynch, Joe Lee, 105 Horrington Street, Red Springs, North Carolina Lynch, Julie M., Rte. 1, Box 183, Hollister, North Corolina Lynch, LaFerne, Rte. 1, Box 39-B, Oak City, North Corolina Lynch, Naomi Sue, 2309 Lincoln Street, Durham, North Corolino Lyon, Bonita J., 609 27th Street, Butner, North Carolina Lyons, Brenda E., 590 Maple Street, Lexington, North Carolina Lyons, Emmett H., 809 Umstead Street, Durham, North Carolina Lyons, G«(en E., Rte. 1, Box 279, Bahama, North Carolina Lyons, Julio Deon, 803 Elm Street, Tarboro, North Carolina Lyons, Juonito E., P.O. Box 357, Bethel, North Carolina Latter, Lorry G., 337 Kings Drive, Charlotte, North Carolina Leach, George D., Rte. 1, Box 70-A, Shallote, North Corolino Lee, Borbara J,, 5-H Wobash Avenue, Durham, North Carolina Lee, John, 223 East End Avenue, Durham, North Carolina Lee, Matilda C, Rte. 1, Box 269, New Hill, North Corolina Little, Hettie Mae, Rte. 2, Box 152, Rockingham, North Corolino Lofton, Moses, 71 1 East Vernon Avenue, Kinston, North Carolina Maofo, Evoene V., 1800 Fayetteville Street, Durham, North Carolina Mabry. June L., 2901 Arcadia Avenue, Portsmouth, Virginio Mack, Carlton T., 1400 Berkley Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia Mockey, Amondo Lucille, 727 F. Street, Newton, North Corolino Madkins, Claudia A., P.O. Box 175, Yonceyville, North Caroli na Mogness, John K., 121 1 E. Main Street, Lincolnton, North Carolina Moinor, Mae Ruth, Rte. 1, Box 224, Rose Hill, North Carolina Mollory, Chester D,, Route 3, Hertford, North Corolino Mollory, Joyce V., Rte. 3, Hertford, North Carolina Molone, Margaret H., F-2 Atlantic Street, Durham, North Carolina Mongum, Carolyn M,, Rte. 1, Box 137, Apex, North Carolina Mangum, Pearl Lee, 805 Glendole Avenue, Durham, North Corolino Monley, Joyce, 626 Harvey Street, Kinston, North Corolino Manning, Ted Lewis, 137 Edgewood Street, Baltimore, Maryland Marrow, Jean, General Delivery, Stovoll, North Carolina Marrow, JoAnn, 202 E. Corp., Durhom, North Carolina Morshall, Bobbye Alexander, Rte. 2, Box 209, Troy, North Carolina Marshall, Ethel M., 613 Dunbar Street, Durham, North Carolina Marshall, Jimmie W., 212 Dogwood, Fuquay Springs, North Carolina Mortin, Aoron B., 819 West Street, New Bern, North Corolino Martin, Aggie M., Rte. 1, Box 13, Hovelock, North Corolino Martin, Bernice, Rt. 1, Roanoke Ropids, North Corolino Martin, Eddie E., 525 E. Moin, Dallos, North Corolino Martin, Lorry L., Rte. 1, Box 164, Aberdeen, North Carolina Martin, Mary A., 125 Gollowoy Street, Leaksville, North Carolina Mask, III, Jomes W., 505 Seaboard Street, Hamlet, North Corolina Mask, Robert S., 505 Seoboord Street, Hamlet, North Carolina Mason, Eorl L,, 1406 Club Blvd., Durham, North Corolino Mason, Jr., David, 608 Craig Street, Chapel Hill, North Carolina Mason, Lillian E., Rte. 4, Raleigh, North Carolina Mason, Lenda, 1018 S. Col. Rood, Louisburg, North Corolina Moson, Peter E., 601 Thissell Street, High Point, North Carolina Mason, Pinky Rose, Rte. 1, Box 105-A, Skipper, Virginio Mason, William L., 138 W. 3rd Rood, Morristown, Tennessee Mossenburg, Minnie E., Rte. 1, Box 320, Henderson, North Carolina Mossenburg, Stephen H., 712 Andrews Avenue, Henderson, North Corolino Matthews, Edward T., P.O. Box 846, Greensboro, North Carolina Motthews, Jeonette, Rte. 1, Box 38, Godwin, North Carolina Matthews, Wode, 309 Pennington Avenue, Lexington, North Corolino Motthewson, Glennie M., P.O. Box 107, Tarboro, North Corolina Motfhewson, Jonice C, P.O. Box 107, Tarboro, North Carolina Mothis, Estell E., P.O. Box 107, Tarboro, North Corolino Meadows, LoFonto J., I I 16 Scout Drive, Durham, North Carolina Meons, Elaine, Rte. 1, Box 85, Ellerbe, North Carolina Means, Jackie Lou, 2306 McConnell Rood, Greensboro, North Carolina Mebone, Charles T., Rte. 3, Grohom, North Corolina Mebone, Cloro L., Rte. 3, Graham, North Carolina Melvin, Christy E., Rte, 4, Box 31, Clinton, North Corolina Melvin, George, 713 N. 1 1th Street, Wilmington, North Carolina Melvin, Harriett Ann, 2125 Cheek Rood, Durham, North Corolina Mensoh, Stonislons B., 74 Randall Street, Monrovia, Liberio Merritt, Ginger Inez, Rte. 2, Box 344, Clinton, North Carolina Merritt, Mortho, Rte. 1, Box 285, Worsow, North Carolina Merriweothers, Ernestine, 710 E. Elm Street, Goldsboro, North Carolina Michoux, Henry M., Jr., 1300 Rosewood Street, Durham, North Carolina Milford Jr., Bennie L., C-39 Hoverford Street, Durhom, North Carolina Miller, Barbara Jean, Rte. 1, Troutmon, North Corolino Miller, Bobbiette, 2017 Lincoln Avenue, Winston-Salem, North Corolina Miller, Earl, 406 Lewis Lone, Kinston, North Corolino Miller, Frances E., Rte. 4, Box 157, Kinston, North Carolina Miller, Monadell M., Rte. 3, Box 245, Matthews, North Corolino Miller, Rebecca A., 1610 Fayetteville Street, Durham, North Carolina Miller, Thelmo Lee, 423 N. Dovis Street, Kinston, North Carolina Milligon, Shirley, 623 So. Myers Street, Charlotte, North Carolina Mills, Amy Virginia, Rte. 1, Box 450, Winterville, North Carolina Mills, Corl T., Rfe. 2, Box 13, Spring Hope, North Carolina Mills, Carolyn J., Rte. 3, Box 177, Rocky Mount, North Corolina Mills, Delores M., Rte 1, Box 203-B, Morrisville, North Carolina Mills, Edith Moxine, Rte. 2, Box 129, Enfield, North Carolina Mills, Jesse W., 521 So. 8th Street, Wilmington, North Corolino Milton, Julius W., Rte. 1, Box 231, Gibsonville, North Corolina Mincey, Marjorie, 1209 E. Nosh Street, Wilson, North Carolina Minor, Edna Foye, 503 Gomain Avenue, Chapel Hill, North Carolina Minor, Shelio Ann, 1 104 Forgo Street, Durham, North Carolina Mitchell, Charles, 4) 1 Pine Acres, Smithfleld, North Carolina Mitchell, Charles R., 913 Onslow Street, Durham, North Corolino Mitchell, Ed Stonley, Rte. 1, Box 96, Dover, North Carolina Mitchell, George K., Rte. I, Box 354, Greenville, North Carolina Mitchell, Hervolene V., Rte. 1, Box 119-B, Blanch, North Carolina Mitchell, James Irving, 161 Middlefield Street, Hartford, Connecticut Mitchell, Joseph O., 4343 Euright Street, St. Louis, Missouri Mitchell, Judith LoQuiences, 916 Plum Street, Durham, North Corolino Mitchell, Mildred V., 913 Onslow Street, Durham, North Carolina Mitchell, Tiney Delores, P.O. Box 563, Costolio, North Corolino Mitchell, Toni Lofrino, Box 224, Winton, North Corolino Mitchell, William B., 413 Church Street, Salisbury, North Corolino Mizelle, Leon F. Rte. 1, Box 127, Robersonville, North Carolina Mizelle, Richard K., 201 N. Elm Street, Williamston, North Carolina Mizelle, William E., Rte. 1, Box 119, Robersonville, North Corolino Montogue, Dorothy L., Rte. 1, Box 12-A, Elizobethtown, North Carolina Montague, Sheryl Diane, Rte. 4, Zebulon, North Corolino Moody, Evelyn Jean, J.O. Box 225, Garysburg, North Carolina Mooney, Lucy Elizabeth, 205 Wilson Street, Rutherfordton, North Carolina Moore, Dorothy Moe, 1303 Sedgefield Street, Durham, North Corolina Moore, Helen Marie, P.O. Box , Severn, North Corolino Moore, Jesse Jr., P.O. Box 28, Potecosi, North Carolina Moore, Joan, Box 537, Oxford, North Carolina Moore, Lindo, 504 Linden Street, Fairmont, North Carolina Moore, Marion C, Dunn Street, Durham, North Carolina Moore, Soroh A., Box 26, Apex, North Corolina Moore, Milton E., P.O. Box 514, Robersonville, North Corolina Moore, Susanna, Rte. 1, Box 34-A, Blanch, North Carolina Moore, William Henry, Jr., 1215 Macon Street, Kinston, North Carolina Moorman, Robert E., 522 N. Dunleith Avenue, Winston-Solem, North Cor. Morehead, Nathaniel W., 1506 Boundary Street, High Point, North Cor. Morgan, Annie Ruth, 113 Bragg Street, Raleigh, North Carolina Morgan, Benjamin C, Rte. 1, Box 93-A, Chopel Hill, North Corolina Morgon, Esther R., 106 W. Enterprise Street, Durham, North Corolina Morgon, William A., Rte. 1, Box 312, Pollocksville, North Carolina Morris, William Lee, 191 Forest Avenue, Macon, Georgia Morrison, Archie, Jr., Rte. 2, Box 41, Aberdeen, North Corolino Morton, Beuloh Moe, Rte. 4, Box 227-B, Oxford, North Carolina Moser, Joyce H., 1309 Kenly Street, Salisbury, North Carolina Moser, Marilyn E., 1309 Kenly Street, Salisbury, North Corolina Moses, Irmo J., 703 S. O ' Henry Blvd., Greensboro, North Corolino Moss, Motfie, E., General Delivery, McAdenville, North Carolina Motley, Elizabeth J., 706 West Avenue, Oceon City, New Jersey Motley, William H., 1 OA Lowsonville Avenue, Reidsville, North Carolino Mullins, John H., Rte. 7, Box 194, Reidsville, North Carolina Mumford, Carolyn J., 621 Thompson Street, Kinston, North Corolina Murdock, Carol A., 417 George Street, Goldsboro, North Carolina Murphy, Melvin L., 1 8-F M.W. Cts., Kinston, North Carolino Murphy, Peggie A., Rte. 3, Box 106, Noshville, North Carolina Murray, Mary L., 3105 College Street, Savannah, Georgia Murrell, James W., Rte. 3, Box 242, New Bern, North Corolina Murrell, Potricio A., P.O. Box 43, Pollocksville, North Carolina McAdams, Robert Louis, 304 W. Proctor Street, Durhom, North Carolino McAllister, Lillion J., P.O. Box 1631, Lourinburg, North Carolina McArthur, George Henry, 506 Nosh Street, Durham, North Corolina McBroom, Moudie L., Rte. 3, Box 93, Hillsboro, North Carolina McColl, Cassandra V., 1432 School Street, Stotesville, North Carolino McCall, Celestine V., 1432 School Street, Stotesville, North Carolina McCallum, Marshall, Jr. 73 Toft Street, Asheville, North Carolina McCants, Jerry W., 504 Oddfellow Street, Sanford, North Corolina McCarter, Eddie Lee, 905 Pitt Street, Ayden, North Carolino McCorther, Trevothon N., Rte. 1, Box 225, Mt. Airy, North Corolina McCloin, Arnold G., 41 Smith Street, Durham, North Carolina McClinton, Mory Jane, 204 Hudson Street, Greenville, North Carolina McCloud, Wade P., 1110 N. 9th Street, Wilmington, North Carolina McCormick, Edno W., Rte. 3, Box 488, Durham, North Corolina McCormick, Sponola L., Rte. 3, Box 488, Durham, North Carolina McCoy, Dorothy Mae, 510 Bloden Street, Wilmington, North Carolina McCrae, Mildred Y., 605 Romsey Street, Durham, North Carolina McCray, Andrew, 735 Inman Avenue, Colonio, New Jersey McCray, Jacqueline A., 407 Threodgill Street, Wodesboro, North Carolino McCrimmon, Dorothy M., Rte. 2, Box 227, Lourinburg, North Carolina McCullough, JoAnn, 510 Dutch Avenue, Mt. Holly, North Corolino McDaniel, Nettie Ruth, K. 13 Washington Tere., Roleigh, North Corolina McDonold, Marjorie, Rte. 1, Box 16, Godwin, North Carolina McDonald, Nancy Lee, 701 Pine Street, Hamlet, North Carolino McDougal, Annie Louise, Rte. 1, Box 316, Apex, North Carolino McDougol, Dolls, 711 E. Cumberlond Street, Dunn, North Carolina McDougold, James W., 606 Roilrood Street, Dunn, North Corolina McDougle, Leon, Holly Oak Rood, Shelby, North Carolina McDow, Jocquelyn P., 295 Forest Avenue, Mocon, Georgia McDufTie, James M., 806 Powell, Winston-Salem, North Carolina McFarlond, Claudette, 520 E. 90th Street, Chicago, Illinois McGill, Barbara Ann, Rte. 2, Box 296, Lourinburg, North Carolina Mclntyre, Fronces P., 707 Orange Street, Wilmington, North Carolina Mclntrye, Wilmo C, 419 Eric Street, Durhom, North Carolina McKee, Fannie Jane, 40-A Lumbee Homes, Lumberton, North Corolina McKenzie, Delores Y., 407 N. Howe Street, Southport, North Carolina McKesson, Vera J., 405 Rocky Ford Street, Morgonton, North Carolino McKinney, Walter, 100 Lee Circle, Reidsville, North Carolina McKinnon, John M., 615 Troy Street, Durham, North Corolina McKissick, Joycelyn D., 1123 N. Roxboro Street, Durhom, North Carolina McKithon, Cecil, 809 Islee Street, Goldsboro, North Corolina McKiver, Willord Jr., Rte. 4, Box 295, Durham, North Corolina 1 ' 6 McKnight, 111, John C, 809 Gray Avenue, Winston-Solem, North Carolina McKoy, Alicia J., Rte. I, Box 8-R, Elizobethtown, North Carolina McKoy, Morgoret G., 113 Chose Street, Foyetteville, North Carolina McLaughlin, Horry E., 1211 Wilksboro Rood, Salisbury, North Carolino McLaughlin, John B., Jr., 1709 S. Benbow Rood, Greensboro, North Coroli Mcleod. Dello Mae. 112 St. George Street. Southport. North Carolina Mel eon. Cee J.. Rte. I. Box 244. Holly Springs. North Corollna McLeod. Undell V.. 262 Henley Street. Southern Pines. North Carolino Mcleon. Lee Marshall. lOOJ Coledonia Rood. Lourinburg. North Carolina Mcleod, luther. Rte I. Box 46. Lourinburg. North Carolina McMillan. Barbara Ruth. 309 Middle Street, Rocky Mount. North Carolina McMillan. Charles T , 909 E Collier Drive. Foyetleville. North Corolino McMillan. Elmer P.. 909 E Collier Drive. Foyetteville. North Carolina McMillan. James. 513 Nelson Street. Durhom. North Carolina McMiilion. Maxine E . I 14 East Street. Wilson. North Carolina McNoir. Coslella. 906 S. Foyetteville Avenue. Dunn. North Corolino McNair. lula M . 907 Scout Street. Durham. North Carolina McNeol. Walter F . 509 Duproe Street. Durham. North Corolino McNeil. Frankie Lois. 421 French Street. Charlotte. North Carolina McNeil. George M.. 106 Booker Street. High Point. North Corolino McNeil. James E.. 704 S Roxboro Street. Durham. North Corolino McNeil. Wilberf, Rte. 5. Box 46-A. Durham. North Corolino McNeil. Virginia D.. 704 S Roxboro Street. Durhom. North Carolina McNeill. Borbora Ann. 1010 N, Loylon Avenue. Dunn. North Carolina McNeill. Bessie J . Box 133. Vorino. North Carolina McNeill, J. Scorlett, 1908 Foyetteville Street. Durhom. North Corolino McNeill, James P. Rte I. Box 133. Vorino. North Corolino McNeill. Lillie Rte. 1. Box 384. Erwin. North Carolino McNeill. Mory Elizobelh. Rte 5. Box 46-A. Durham. North Carolino McNeill. Mattie loVerne. Box 133. Vorino. North Corolino McNeill, Phillipo C, 1212 Cora Street, Durhom. North Carolina McNeill. Rutha Mae. 710 North Magnolia Avenue. Dunn. North Carolina McRae. Pecolio. R.F.D 2. Box I75B. lourinburg. North Carolina McQueen. Harry C . 2 Avon Rood. Asheville. North Carolina Nosh. Willie Leo. 24 Gaston Street. Asheville. North Carolina Neol. Wendell M.. 1409 Sedgefleld Street. Durhom, North Carolina Nobles. Raymond. Box 77. Bellorthur. North Corolino Nunn. James William. 121 W, Cornwollis Street. Durham, North Carolina Oates, Carolyn J , 210 McGirt ' s Bridge Rood. Lourinburg, North Corolino Oates. Charles Lee, B-30 Washington Terrace, Raleigh. North Carolina Ootes. Will. 210 McGirt-s Bridge Rood. Lourinburg. North Carolina Ollison. Ben H.. Rte. 1. Box II7-A Boyboro. North Carolino Ollison. Corolyn L . Rte. 1, Box II7A. Boyboro. North Corolino Oliver. Joyce. 114-52 Mexico Street. St. Albons 12. New York Orr. Willis A.. Rte 3. Box 372. Matthews. North Corolino Outlaw. Johnnie. Rte. 2. Box 276A. Ahoskie. North Carolina Owens. Joonne. 24 Weaver Hill Rood. Asheville. North Corolino Owens. Lola Mae. Box 642. Roseboro. North Carolina Page. Blonzo G.. Rte. 2. Box 60 Apex. North Carolino Poge, Christine S., 927 Plum Street. Durham. North Corolino Page. Gwendolyn J., 1317 Gleen Street. Wilmington. North Carolina Page. Irma J.. 300 Cecil Street. Durhom. North Carolino Page. Jocqueline M.. 411 S. 13th Street. Wilmington. North Carolino Poige. Lorry Fuller. Stor Route. Silver Citv. North Corolino Polmer. Peorline L., Rte. 1, Box 56B, Worrenton, North Carolina Parker, Alice Marie, Rte. I, Box 250, Aurora. North Carolina Parker, Annie Lois, Rte. 2, Box 153. Gorlond. North Corolino Parker. Borbora Jeon. Rte. 5, Box 50 . Durhom, North Carolina Parker, Cleveland A., 1910 N. 23rd Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Parker. Cynthia Ann, 610 Ookland Avenue, Torboro, North Carolino Porker, Daniel H., Rte. 2, Box 438, Richlonds, North Corolino Parker, Ernest Joseph, 803 McCoy Street, Clinton, North Carolina Parker, Henry Jockson, Rte. 4. Box 532, Woshington, North Carolina Porker, Joseph, Rte. I, Box 272, Aulonder, North Carolina Parker, Mory Annette, I 10 Vine Street, Roonoke Ropids, North Corolino Porker, Milton Elwood, 315 St. Dovid Street, Torboro, North Carolino Porker, Potricio Ann, 803 McKoy Street, Clinton. North Carolina Porker, Robert Louis, 309 N. Dovidson Street, Chorlotte, North Cor. Parks, Gloria Mae. Rte. 3, Box 320, Goldsboro, North Corolino Porllow, George A., 2116 Pinkeny Station, Gostonio, North Corolino Porris, Robert Henry, 177 Hilliside Street. Boston, Mossochusetts Pote, Buford B., 1204 W. Main Street, Rock Hill, South Carolina Potterson, III, Alex, 420 Lincoln Street, lourinburg. North Corolino Potterson. Countrio, Rte. 4, 105, Kinston, North Carolina Peyton, Mildred Bright, 1008 S. Benbow Road, Greensboro, North Carolina Peoce, Gwendolyn Recio, Rte. 2, Box 127, Virgilino, Virginia Peace, Rebecca Eugenia, 318 Whitten Avenue, Henderson, North Cor. Pearce. Dorothy Lee. P.O. Box 667. Kenly, North Carolino Peorce, Mildred. P.O. Box 667, Kenly, North Carolina Pearson, Floyd Michoel, 125 Devon Street, Boston, Massachusetts Peorson, Glorio Jeon, 128 Prospect Avenue, Weldon, North Carolina Peebles, Gloria Neltine, 910 Oberlin Rood, Roleigh, North Corolino Peele, Cleoster, 1305 Washington Street, Washington, North Carolino Pegues. Groyce Helen, Rte. 2. Box 376, Norwood, North Carolino Pelson, Lindo Ann, 430 Kopp Street, Mt. Airy. North Carolina Peltis, Eugene, 1421 Main Street, Charlotte, North Corolino Pemberton, Alfred Louis, Rte. 2, Box 171, Mt. Gileod, North Carolina Pendorris, leroy Leon, 366 Euclid Avenue, N. Augusta. South Corolino Perry, Ello Wilder. 804 E. Cabarrus Street. Raleigh. North Corolino Perry, Gilo Virginio. 2712 Drewry Lone, Winston-Solem, North Corolino Perry, Gloria Anne, 1 102 Morelond Avenue. Durham. North Carolina Perry, Hermenia Morie, Rte. 3. Box 80, Worrenton, North Carolino Perry, John W., 606 Rosenwold Street. Burlington. North Carolina Perry, Joyce Leone, 1 102 Morelond Avenue, Durhom, North Carolina Perry, Judy Marie. Rte 4. Box 44-A, Ahoskie, North Carolina Perry, Millard D., Post Office, Eogle Rock, North Carolina Perry, Oliver, Jr , 7 Dover Street, Charleston, South Carolina Perry, Oliviro, 711 Asphalt Rood, Kinston. North Carolina Perry, Paul Judson, 1401 Sedgefield Street, Durhom, North Carolino Perry, Silvery Koy, Rte. 2. Box 1 1. Snow Comp. North Corolino Person, Aquillo Vivian, 1003 Dunbar Street, Greensboro, North Carolina Person, Rhoda M., 1003 Dunbor Street, Greensboro, North Carolino Peterson, Joonne Cotherine. Box 143, Gorlond. North Corclina Pelorion, Sarah Inell, Rte. I, Box 43, Council, North Carolina PeltUord, Borboro Ann, 415 Dupree Street, Durhom, North Carolino Pettis, Alonzo, 2524 Me. Crorey Avenue, Chorlotte, North Carolina Pettis, Brendo Kay, 310 Tood Street, Belmont, North Carolina Petwoy, Corlton Howard. 1 00 1 Elvie Street. Wilson, North Carolina Phillips, Edward Melee. 1921 S. Winget Street, Gostonio, North Gostonio, North Con Phillips, Etherine. Rte. Box 334, Bottleboro, North Corolino Phillips, Helen Louise, Rte. 3, Box I 10. Lenoir, North Corolino Phillips, Joyce Delores, 911 S. George Street. Formville. North Carolina Phillips, Mory Louise, 520 E. 9th Street. Chorlotte. North Carolina Pickett, Genevo Doris, Rte. 1, Box 337, Chinquopin, North Corolino Pierce, Evelyn Augusta. Rte. I, Box 75, Jomesville, North Carolina Piersowl, Billie Curry, 509 Simmons Street, Durham, North Corolini. Pigford, Borbora Jone, 503 Thompson Street, Kinston, North Carolina PIghet, Gerturde, Rte. I. Box 316. Rowland, North Carolina Pilgrim, James, 836-3rd Avenue, West, Hendersonville. North Carolina Pilgrim, Sandra Jeon, 836 — 3rd Avenue, West, Hendersonville, North Cor. Pindle, Metoko Welch, P.O. Box 133. Halifax. North Corolino Pindle, Richord Alphonso, Stole Teachers College. Foyetteville, N. C. Pipkin. Odell, Rte. 3, Box 225-A, lourinburg, North Carolina Pippen, Patricio Yvonne, 538 Nelson Street, Durham, North Carolino Pippin, Jomes Tell, 909 Plum Street, Durham, North Carolina Pitt, Elsie Jean, Rte. 2, Box 16, Elm City, North Corolino Pitt, Jessie Irene, Rte. 2. Box 16. Elm City, North Corolino Pitt, Johns Brown, 91 1-A Elm Street, Torboro. North Corolino Pittmon, Joyce, 601 Dupree Street, Durham, North Carolina Pitts, Julian Edward, 716 E. 2nd Street. Charlotte, North Corolino Plotls, Linda A,, 1632 Toylor Avenue, Charlotte, North Carolina Plummer, Carolyn E., 713 Bacon Street, Durhom, North Carolina Poe, Alfred Alvin, 1522 Boundory Street, High Point, North Corolino Pointer, James Evons, D-4 Mutual Court, Durhom, North Carolina Poole, John Esther, Rte. 1. Box 198-A. Roxboro. North Carolina Poole, Wonjo Norman, 6206 Spruce Street, Philodelphia, Pennsylvonio Pope. Geroldine, 421 •2nd Street, S.W,, Hickory, North Carolina Pope, Morjorie Nettie, Rte. 1. Box 175. Como. North Corolino Porter. Gwendolyn Maxine. 303 Shottolon Drive, Winston-Solem, North Cor. Porter, lourestine, 212 Borbourville Street, Tollahossee, Florida Poteat, DeLacy Pearl, Rte. 2, Box 142, Cedar Grove, North Carolina Poteat. Geroldine. Rte, 1, Box 119. Blanche, North Corolino Poteot, Glodys. Rte. 1. Box 119. Blanche. North Carolina Potts. Wolter Donald. Colcus Pork. Dorchester 21, Mossochusetts Powell, Doris Eliobeth, P.O. Box 573, Brown Summit, North Carolino Powell, Jesse Groy. 404 N. Reid Street, Wilson, North Carolina Powell, Lillion Coravestta, Rte. I, Box 6, Macon. North Corolino Powell, Lorette, 709 Plum Street, Durhom, North Carolina Powell, Sandra Mae, 305 Jackson Street, Lynchburg, Virginia Powell. William. 404 N. Reid Street, Wilson, North Carolina Pratt, Frances Ann. 914 Whitted Street, Durham, North Carolina Price, Hersey H., 1017 N. Main Street. Wadesboro. North Carolina Price. James Authur. 837 Rich Avenue, Winston-Solem, North Corolino Pridgen, Savonnoh Joon. Rte. 1, Box 377. Acme, North Carolino Prioleou, Hermione C, 36 S. Washington Street, Sumter, South Carolino Privette, Letricio Joyce, 343 St. Nicholas Avenue, New York, New York Privott, Frances Louise, Rte. I, Box 13. Cofield, North Corolino Proctor, Curtis Allen, Jr., Rte. 5, Box 171. Elizobeth City. North Cor. Pruitt, Juonita S.. 26 Balfour Street, Dorchester, Massachusetts Pulley, Mory Ruth, 29 Jordan Street. Asheville, North Corolino Purcell. John Wesley. 225 W. 133 Street, New York 30, New York Purnell, Joyce Corolyn, 413 Stewortsville Rood. Lourinburg. North Cor. Quick, Lincoln Cordell, 1207.A Moss Street, Charlotte. North Carolina Quick, Eleose, P.O. Box 62, Luorinburg, North Carolino Poge, Beverly Ann, Rte. I, Box 32, Burgow, North Carolina Roglond, Wilton Edword, 1923 N, M. Street, So. Boston, Virginia Roiford, Christopher Clyde, P.O. Box 755, Burlington, North Corolino Rainey, Minnie Lee. Rte. 1, Box 37, Cedar Grove. North Carolina Pomseur, Christine Delores, 2106 Colson Street, Greensboro, North Carolina Romsey, Chorles A., Jr., Box 195, Como, North Carolina Ramsey, Leah Evelyn, Box 272, Pittsboro, North Carolino Romsey, Thomas Irving, Rte. 2. Box 155, Mocon, North Carolina Rondolph, Brendo Froncine, 2717 Woodrow Avenue, Richmond, Virginio Randolph, Evelyn, Rte. 1, Box 147-D, Fairmont, North Carolina Randolph, Helen, Rte. I, Box 147-D, Fairmont, North Corolino Roney, Porta Marie, 1905 Cypress Avenue, Virginia Beach, Virginio Rankin, Gloria Marie, 216 Reid Street. Belmont. North Carolina Ronsom, Chester Douglos, 1202 Colfax Street, Durham. North Carolino Ronsom. Lillion Foye. 1202 Colfax Street, Durham, North Carolina Rotliff, Shirlyon A., Rte. I, Box 207, Lilesville, North Carolina Rowlinson, Virginia Lee, 233 Windley Street, High Point, North Corolino Roy, Amenthio, 89 Cornegie Avenue, Eost Orange, New Jersey Roy, Ernestine, A-3 Mutual Drive, Durham, North Corolino Roy, Trivelene A., 2113 Concord Street, Durham, North Corolino Reaves, Annie Carolyn, Rte. 1, Box 96, Bolivia, North Carolino Reddish, Noro Helen, 51 1 Usher Street, Durham, North Corolino Redfern, Betty Jo, 1918 Baxter Street, Charlotte, North Carolino Reed, Day F., Jr., 1 18 Mosondale Avenue, Durhom, North Corolino Reed, Morgoret, 310 W. 118 Street, New York, New York Reid, Chorlotto A., 106 E, 2nd Street. Lexington. North Corolino Reid, James, Jr., 3308 Apex Rood, Durham, North Corolino Reid, Olivia Walker, Rte. 5, Box 131, Henderson, North Carolina Reid, Thornton C., P.O. Box 365, Rich Square. North Corolino Reid, Williom Lee, Jr., 522 Huron Street, Konnapolis, North Corolino Reid, William M., 205 Todd Street, Belmont. North Carolino Rewes, Elizobeth Ann, 331 Church Street, Sonford, North Coroliiso Reynolds, Helen Morie, Rte. I. Box 337, Lucomo, North Carolino Reynolds, Murphy Lester, RD I Irving Avenue, Millville, New Jersey Rice, David W., Jr., P.O. Box 195, Gorysburg, North Corolino Rich, Amondo Cecelio, 915 Gront Street, Durhom, North Carolino Rich, Cocll Jerome, 319 Webbs Lone. Kinston. North Coroino Richards, Morgaref Ann, P.O. Box 496, Havelock, North Carolina Richardson, Barbara Ann, Edgecomb Meadows, Tarboro, North Carolina Richordson, Barbara J„ 833 W. 7th Street, Winston-Salem, North Car. Richordson, Bobby Lee, Rte. 1, Box 220, Knightdole, North Carolina Richardson, Carolyn J., Rte. I, Box 165, Apex, North Carolina Richardson, Clara S., Rte. 1, Box 180, Wendell, North Carolina Richardson, Elsie Mae, Rte. 1, Box 180, Wendell, North Carolina Richardson, Horace T., 609 E. Spruce Street, Wilson, North Carolina Richardson, James Edward, 112 Courtland Avenue, Asheville, North Cor. Richardson, James M., 811 Mebane Street, Durham, North Carolina Richardson, Winifred Ann, 524 George Street, Durham, North Carolina Ricketts, Jacquelyn M., 114 Lincoln Court, Raleigh, North Carolina Ricks, Gwendolyn F., P.O. Box 20, Tarboro, North Carolina Ricks, Julia Pearlean, Rte. 1, Box 170, Wilson, North Carolina Riddick, Eugene, Rte. 1, Box 136, Gotesville, North Carolina Riddick, Jeon, Rte. 1, Box 320, Murfreesboro, North Carolina Riggs, Dianne M., 1367 Kenwood Avenue, Camden, New Jersey Riley, Norman A., 10 Carolina Street, Charleston, South Carolina Ritter, Brendo Lee, 723 Frank Street, Asheboro, North Carolina Roach, Vivian Maxine, Rte. 3, Box 446, Elizabeth City, North Carolina Roberson, Gloria E., Rte. 4, Box 354, New Bern, North Corolino Roberson, Noomi, A., 412 N. Elm Street, Williamston, North Carolina Riley, Robert Louis, 3015 Deerbern Drive, Durham, North Carolina Roberts, Helen E., Route I, Box 211, Cottageville, South Carolina Roberts, Morva Ann, 110 Riddick Street, Williamston, North Carolina Roberts, Patricia Dean, 907 Holt Street, Lexington, North Carolina Robertson, Paul J., Rte. 1, Box 14-K Piedmont Ave., Colonial Hgts., Vo. Robertson, William Allen, 1012 S. Person Street, Raleigh, North Carolina Robinson, Barbara J., 313 N. McDornell Street, Charlotte, North Carolina Robinson, Berry Lee, Rte. 2; Box 238, Whiteville, North Carolina Robinson, Billy Gene, 102 N. Tarboro Street, Raleigh, North Carolina Robinson, Clarence, Rte. 2, Box 153, Goldsboro, North Carolina Robinson, Constance M., 1201 E. Baker, Street, Tarboro, North Carolina Robinson, Faye LaJeune, 407 S. Center Street, Goldsboro, North Corolino Robinson, Hermo Jean, 829 Amye Street, Fayetteville, North Carolina Robinson, James, Rte. I, Box 1 1 8-B, Scotland Neck, North Carolina Robinson, John William, P.O. Box 251, Spencer, North Carolina Robinson, Louraetto, 203 Brookwood Avenue, Rockingham, North Carolin( Robinson, LaVerne, 112 Halifax Road, Louisburg, North Carolina Robinson, Shirlyn D., 115 South East Street, Smyrna, Delaware Robson, Sarah Anita, Rte. 2, Box 259, Littleton, North Carolina Rogers, Bernard R., 51 I Liberia Street, Winston-Salem, North Carolina Rogers, Bettye Ford, Rte. 6, Box 145, Durham, North Carolina Rogers, Harold T., 16 Va lley Rood, Port Washington, New York Rogers, James, M., 1311 Fargo Street, Durham, North Carolina Rogers, Janette Decoe, Rte. I, Box 4-A, Woke Forest, North Carolina Rogers, Margaret E., 1213 New Bern Avenue, Raleigh, North Carolina Rogers, Martha Delores, P.O. Box 23, Caraleen, North Carolina Rogers, Randal Moore, 604 Gray Avenue, Durham, North Carolina Rogers, Sandra A., 1 15 Dunstan Street, Durham, North Corolino Rogers, William R., 206 Purvis Street, Garner, North Carolina Ross, Lucinda Conway, Rte. 2, Box 49, Macon, North Corolino Ross, Tommie L., Rte. 2, Box 7-B, Formville, North Carolina Roulhac, Johnetto, 515 E. Baker Street, Ahoskie, North Carolina Rouse, Myro Delores, Rte. 1, Box 175, Kinston, North Carolina Rowe, Dillord Eugene, 1748 E. Nosh Street, Wilson, North Carolina Rowland, John Thomos, 1 106 W. Proctor Street, Durham, North Carolina Royal, Jacqueline, Rte. 2, Box 262-A, Enfield, North Carolina Royall, Doris Foye, Rte. 3, Box 623, Mt. Olive, North Carolina Royster, Elsi e Lorene, Post Office, Bullock, North Caroline Royster, Lois Jean, Rte. 1, Box 95, Nashville, North Carolina Royster, Maxine, Rte. 1, Prospect Hill, North Corolino Ruffin, Anthony R., 1706 E. Pettigrew Street, Durham, North Carolina Ruffln, Benjamin S., 710 Carroll Street, Durham, North Carolina Rush, Randall, Route 1, Box 24, Trinity, North Carolina Rushing, Donald Lewis, 614 English Street, Monroe, North Carolina Russell, Carolyn Anne, 2200-23rd Street, N.E., Winston-Salem, North Cor. Sampson, Dianne, 416 Ferrell Street, Clinton, North Carolina Sampson, Dorothy V., 204 W. Oakland, Sumter, South Carolina Samuel, Essie Inez, Apt. 1-B McDougold Terrace, Durham, North Corolino Samuels, Bonito, 421 E. Webb Street, Mebane, North Carolina Samuel, LoVerne, 919 Ferrell Avenue, Winston-Salem, North Carolina Sanders, Calvin R., Rte. 1, Box , Selmo, North Carolina Sanders, Charles W., Rte. I, Box , Selmo, North Carolina Sanders, Geroldine E., 807 Glenn Street, Durham, North Carolina Sanders, Lillie Inez, Rte. 1, Box 74, Garner, North Carolin a Sanders, Mary Ellen, 567 Charlotte Street, Hamlet, North Carolina Sanders, Michael S., 812 East Market Street, Smithfleld, North Carolina Sandler, Kenneth D., Rte. 3, Gostonio, North Carolina Sartor, Constance Ann, 1016 Kent Street, Durham, North Carolina Sotterfield, Laura, 804 Palmer Street, Burlington, North Carolina Salterfleld, Milton, Rte. 1, Box 22B, Oxford, North Carolina Satterwhite, Shirley Ann, 1208 C.C. Road, Ahoskie, North Carolina Sounders, James, Rte. 1, Box 78, Sunbury, North Corolino Saunders, Mottie Marie, 503A Saunders Place, High Point, North Caroline Saunders, Willie R., 2206 Fitzgerold Avenue, Durham, North Carolina Savage, Barbara L., Rte. 1, Box 2I-A, Hobgood, North Carolina Sowyer, Cloude Edword, P.O. Box 155, Resper, North Carolina Seales, Clark Edward, Box 582, Worrenton, North Corolino Schley, William McK., Jr., 1447 N. Cherry Street, Winston-Salem, N. Cor. Scott, Alma Annette, Box 246, Halifax, North Carolina Scott, Courtney C, 537 W. 1st Street, Weldon, North Carolina Scott, Elenor G., 506 N.J. Avenue, Atlantic City, New Jersey Scurlak, Lorry G., 926 Berkeley Street, Durhom, North Carolina Scurry, Betty Show, 416 Eric Street, Durham, North Carolina Selden, Robert M., 2601 Middle Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia Self, James Louis, 1919 Noble Street, Durham, North Carolina Sellars, Evelyn P., P.O. Box 4, Bynum, North Caroline Sellers, Sandro Y., 606 S. Endor Street, Sonford, North Carolina Sellers, Gwendolyn L., Box 41, Denmark, South Carolina Sellers, Michael H., 109 Lyon Drive, Durham, North Carolina Sessoms, Arnold Roy, Rte. 4, Box 107, Ahoskie, North Carolina Sessoms, Clementine, 204 Ookwood Street, Fairmont, North Carolina Sessoms, Delores, Rte. 1, Box 241-A, Coleroin, North Carolina Sessoms, Marvin C, Rte. 1, Sims, North Carolina Sessoms, Robert Levi, Rte. 1, Sims, North Carolina Sewell, Louise L., A-10 Washington Terrace, Roleigh, North Carolina Shade, Clara Mae, Rte. I, Box 268G, Morgonton, North Carolina Shanks, William D., Rte. 7, Burlington, North Carolina Sharpe, Armitto, Box 71, Powellsville, North Carolina Shorpe, Ernestine, Rte. 1, Box 25, Macclesfield, North Carolina Sharpe, Sylvia Ann, Rte. I, Box 143-A, Stotesville, North Carolina Sharpe, Turmillo, Rte. 1, Box 25, Macclesfield, North Carolina Shorpless, Mottie R., Box 180, Hompsteod, North Carolina Shaw, Alfonso, 901 Seagull Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland Show, Cloudette, Box 204, Kenly, North Carolina Shaw, Janette Ruth, 894 W. Orange Street, Fayetteville, North Carolina Shaw, Rufus, 212 West 129th Street, New York, New York Shealy, Janice Louise, 112 N. John Street, Goldsboro, North Carolina Shepard, Carolyn Sodine, 2109 S. Church Street, Rocky Mount, N. Cor. Shepherd, Leroy, 1214 Merrick Street, Durham, North Carolina Sherill, Annie Laura, Rte, 1, Box 278, Huntersville, North Corolino Sherrill, Doris Louise, Rte. I, Box 278, Huntersville, North Carolina Shiner, Acquillo, 7 So. 8th Street, Wilmington, North Corolino Shiver, Marion Anderson, Rte. I, Box 133, Rocky Point, North Carolina Shuford, Marietta Aurora, 611 6th Street, W. Palm Beach, Florida Sibert, James Edward, Rte. 1, Box 46, Trinity, North Carolina Simmons, Arnetto B., P.O. Box 806, Manteo, North Carolina Simmons, Barbara Ann, Rte. 1, Box 19-E, Plymouth, North Carolina Simmons, Billie Jean, Rte. 1, Box 180, Pollocksville, North Carolina Simmons, Spurgeon Dallas, 1401 Fayetteville Street, Durham, North Car. Simmons, Yvonne, 734 State Street, Raleigh, North Carolina Simpson, Evelyn Jean, 1201 Battle Street, Greenville, North Corolino Simpson, Roy L., 426 Respoos Street, Washington, North Carolina Simpson, Willie W., Rte. 1, Box 268, Pantego, North Carolina Sims, Bobby Lee, 908 Moson Street, Durham, North Carolina Sims, Eulo Pearl, Rte. 3, Box 300, Smithfleld, North Carolina Sinclair, Margaret Home, 506 Sikes Avenue, Wodesboro, North Carolina Sinclair, Reece Blair, 506 Sikes Avenue, Wodesboro, North Corolino Singletary, Hattie Foye, 500 Fairmont Road, Lumberton, North Carolina Singletory, Marie A., 1 120 E. 4th Street, Winston-Salem, North Carolina Singleton, Eli, 1201 Jackson Street, Durham, North Carolina Sizer, Roylond V., P.O. Box 104, Romseur, North Carolina Skinner, Carolyn Jeon, 2212 Apex Hwy., Durham, North Corolino Skinner, Joe Willis, R.F.D., 3, Hertford, North Carolina Slode, William Cola, Rte. 2, Box 114, Conway, North Carolina Sligh, Richard Ellis, 1457 N. Main Street, Winston-Salem, North Carolina Sloon, Brendo Dionn, 909 W. 20th Street, Winston-Salem, North Carolina Smoll, Patricio Ann, P.O. Box 267, Roper, North Carolina Smalls, Virginia Lee, 41 Woods Place, Method, North Carolina Small, William T., 512 Cecil Street, Durham, North Carolina Smith, Barbara Ann, 825 Green Street, Willmington, North Carolina Smith, Beverly Ann, Rte. 5, Box 792, Greensboro, North Carolina Smith, Bruce Murphy, 826 Goshen Street, Oxford, North Carolina Smith, Charles Bertron, 2035 Willard Street, Gory, Indiana Smith, Charles Leon, 719 Plum Street, Durham, North Corolino Smith, Cloretto Royall, Rte. 1, Box 139, Creendmoor, North Corolino Smith, Earl, 309 N. Haywood Street, Raleigh, North Carolina Smith, Eloise, 3121 Dearborn Drive, Durham, North Carolina Smith, Ethel E., 525 Wilson Street, Plymouth, North Carolina Smith, Evelyn Viola, R.F.D. 5, Box 283, Oxford, North Carolina Smith, Frank Allen, 2112 Fayetteville Street, Durham, North Carolina Smith, Geroldine, Rte. 3, Box 116, Liberty, North Carolina Smith, Gloria Jean, Cherry Hospital, Goldsboro, North Carolina Smith, Gwenoese O., Rte. 3, Box 5, Snow Hill, North Carolina Smith, Hattie Marie, Rte. 1, Box 134V, Clarkton, North Carolina Smith, Hilda Gray, Rte. 2, Box 22, Snow Hill, North Carolina Smith, Ivan Roy, Rte. 2, Box 127, Rocky Mount, North Carolina Smith, James Howard, P.O. Box 67, Godwin, North Carolina Smith, Joel Carroll, Rte. 1, Box 278, Fayetteville, North Carolina Smith, Johnny Nowell, Rte. 3, Box 259, Selma, North Carolina Smith, LeEtta Eloine, P.O. Box 75, Durham, North Carolina Smith, Lenwood, 1802 Noble Street, Durham, North Carolina Smith, Nathan Owen, 1515 S. Alston Avenue, Durham, North Carolina Smith, Rudolph Verdi, 2582-B Caledonia Circle, Fayetteville, North Caroline Smith, Warren Julian, 300 Fondly Rood, Winston-Solem, North Corolino Smith, Wilhelmino, Rte. 1, Box 391, Turkey, North Carolina Smith, Willard, 301 S. 7th Street, Smithfield, North Carolina Smith, William Henry, Rte. 5, Box 264, Oxford, North Carolina Smith, William S,, Rte. 1, Box 258, Pelhom, North Carolina Smoke, Yvonne Marie, 512 ' 2 E. Proctor, Durham, North Carolina Sneed, Gale M., Rte. 4, Box 20-A, Henderson, North Carolina Snipes, Carl Thomas, 43-C Ridgewoy Avenue, Durham, North Carolina Snuggs, Doremus David, 233 Center Street, Albemarle, North Corolino Snuggs, Patrick Charles, P.O. Box 763, Albemorle, North Carolina Solomon, Normandy, Rte. 3, Box 358, Enfield, North Carolina Sommerville, Doris B., 609 Delony Drive, Raleigh, North Carolina Somerville, Edythe, Warren Plains Station, Worrenton, North Carolina Spoulding, Aaron L., 1608 Lincoln Street, Durham, North Carolina Spoulding, Pearl Allentine, 500 E. 13th Street, Scotland Neck, North Cor. Speaks, Robert Bernard, 1612 S. Roxboro Street, Durham, North Carolina Speose, Glodys Louise, 925 Toft Street, Winston-Solem, North Carolina Speight, Bruce, 912 Willow Rood, Greensboro, North Carolina Speight, Dennis James, 412 E. Piedmont, Durhom, North Carolina Speight, Phyllis Teretho, Rte. 1, Box 69, Walstonburg, North Carolina Speller, Leslie Clifton, R.F.D. 4, Box 223-A, Windsor, North Carolina Spencer, Henry Lee. General Delivery. Lllesville, North Carolina Spicely, Thomoj LaV., Rie. I. Box 99, Wiljon. Virginia Spight, Marjorie Allen, 122 Wyoming Rood, Ajheville. North Corolino Spivery, Mary Alice, S06 i Pender Street, Roleigh, North Carolina Spivey, Mory Modeline, 18 Gates Avenue. Monlclair. Now Jerie y Spruill, John L.. 1008 Fleming Street, Greenville. North Corolino Spruill, Williom L , 106 Luther Street, Greensboro, North Corolino Stockhouse. Jeonelte, Rte, 3, Box 140, Foirmont, North Carolina Stockhouse, Loticio Ann, Rte. 1, Box 107, Foirmont, North Corolino Stocks, fronces Louise, 25 2 Lane Street, Durham, North Corolino Stoflord. Sander Olivia, 1303 Wendell Street, High Point, North Corolino Stollings, Ardetho, Rte. I, Box 261, Chinquopin, North Corolino Stollings, Mary Ann, P O. Box 234, Nashville, North Carolina Stonbock. Albert Leon, Jr., P.O. Box 81. Hlllsboro, North Corolino Stoncil, Julio Moe, Rte. I, Brulonville, Candor, North Carolina Standi. Mildred Woll, 103 Lincolnlon Street, Rockinghom, North Corolino Stancil, Turner Comelus, 178 Spring Rood, Rocky Mount, North Carolina Stanley. Able Lee. Rte. I. Box 38. Foirmont, North Corolino Stonley, Vesteree Eunice, Rte. I. Box 102. Ash. North Corolino Storks. Phyllis Jean. 2505 Lone Street. Durham. North Corolino Stornes. Fronklin Eugene. 306 S. Roy Street. Gostonio. North Carolina StCloir. Collie W., R.F.D. Box 386. Woshington. North Corolino Steele. Louro Virginlo. Rte. 7. Box 28A. Stolesville. North Corolino Steele, Richard Collins, 1007 Whitted Street. Durhom. North Corolino Steele. Sonja Louise. 2212 Chautauqua Avenue. Durhom, North Corolino Stephens, Edno Moe. Rte. 1. Box 56, Como. North Carolina Stephenson. Bertha Rosetto. Rte. 2. Box X-10. Greenville. North Carolina Stephenson. Emma Lee. Rte. 2. Box 55. Conway, North Corolino Steworl, Anne Marie. 1 14-33 167 Street. Jamaica 34. New York Slewort. Beverly Ann. Rte. 1, Box 132. Apex. North Carolina Stewort, Clarence Milton, 10-H Toylor Homes, Wilmington, North Corolino Steward. Edword Henry, 303 W. Virgil Street, Whiteville. North Corolino Stewart. Harvey Lee, 1060 Lindsay Street, Greensboro, North Corolino Stewart, Helen, Rte. I, Box 2. Apex. North Corolino Stewart. Lucy Moe, 1 103 S. Lee Street, Ayden, North Corolino Stewort, Williom, 509 Dupree Street, Durhom, North Corolino Stith. John C, 431 S. 49th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvonia Stokes, John David. Rte. I, Box 448, Bethel, North Corolino Stokes. Lovender. Rte. 1. Box 185, Merritt, North Corolino Stokes, Phyllis Ruth, Rte. 3, Box 1. Selmo. North Carolina Stone. George Ernest. Box 294. Pittsboro, North Corolino Stroler, Elizabeth Marie. Rte. 5. Box 343. Oxford, North Corolino Street, Roymond Corl, 137 N. West Street. Fuquoy Springs, North Carolina Street, Roy Cheeks. Jr., 137 N. West, Street. Fuquoy Springs. North Corol. Streeter, Joseph Jomes. Rte. I. Box 378, Rockingham, North Corolino Strong, Loretto Marie, 1927 Bunker Hill Road, N. E.. Washington, D.C. Stroud, Jeon Corolyn, Rte. 3, Box 297. Durhom. North Corolino Suitt. Carolyn Voshti, 502 Groy Avenue. Durham, North Corolino Suggs, Henry, Box 82, Winterville, North Corolino Suggs, Thetmo, Rte 2, Box 249, Ayden, North Corolino Suitt. Morion. Box 315. Butner. North Carolina Sullivon, Cloude Edwords, 521 George Street. Durham, North Corolino Sullivan, Somuel, 818 Fontono Street, Charlotte. North Corolina Summers. James Lee. 2300-23 Avenue. Noshville. Tennessee Surrott. Johnny Lee. 203 Caldwell Street, Morgonton, North Corolina Sutton. Chorles Edward. 1802 E. Pettigrew Street. Durham. North Corolina Sutton. Joseph Ray, 207 Pope Street, Enfield, North Carolina Sutton, Norma Jeon, 633 E. Woshington Avenue. Kinston, North Carolina Sutton. Reginold Roy. Rte. 2. Box 267-8. Kinston, North Corolino Sutton. Ruby Zell. Rte. 1. Box 533. Kinston, North Corolino Sutton, Verna Lee, Rte. 2. Box 94, Aropohoe, North Carolina Swindell, Loretto Belle, Rte. I, Box 143. Blounts Creek. North Carolina Topp. Pottie Moe, Generol Delivery. Rougemont. North Carolina Tote. Alphonzo, 237 Windley Street, High Point, North Corolino Tate, Marie Ann, 1001 Piedmont Street, Reidsville, North Corolino Tote, Norman Whitoker, 304 Hoisted Street, Eost Oronge, New Jersey Tote, Williom Reed, 410 W. Concord Street, Morgonton, North Corolina Toylor, Barboro Jean, Rte 5, Box 519A-1, Durhom. North Corolina Toylor, Bessie Bernice, Rte. 2, Box 157, Lillington, North Corolino Taylor. Boyd Spencer. 306 Powe Street. Durhom, North Corolina Toylor, Brendo Joyce, 1622 Fayetteville Street, Durhom, North Corolina Toylor. Corolyn Jeon. 1420 Hunter Street. Rocky Mount, North Corolino Toylor, Chorles L , 89 Mopledell Street, Springfield, Mossochusetts Toylor, Clarence G., Box 7e-A Loke Rood, Creedmoor. North Corolina Toylor. Lillion Pearl, Rte. 1, Box 116, Pontego, North Carolina Taylor, Lucille Frances, Rte. 2, Box 78-A, Creedmoor, North Carolina Toylor, Mortho C. 81 1 Ridgewoy Avenue. Durhom, North Corolino Toylor. Mortho Patience. 120 Foushee Street. Pittsboro. North Corolina Toylor. Otho. 1 106 Cole Street. Durham, North Corolina Toylor, Phyllis Ann. 120 Foushee Street, Pittsboro, North Corolino Toylor, Thomos B , 1509 S Roxboro Street, Durham, North Corolino Teochy, Morgrefte E , Box 307. Teachey. North Corolino Teochey. Ruth P.. 224 W. Walter Street. Whiteville. North Corolino Thoxton. Borboro Jeon. 807 Umsteod Street. Durhom. North Corolino Thomas. Donold 1421 E. I 1th Street. Winslon-Solem, North Corolina Thomas. Robert Allen. 1009 N. 8th Street. Wilmington. North Corolina Thompson. Clyde. 724 Tower Hill Rood. Kinston. North Corolino Thompson. David. 804 Elizobeth Street. Durhom. North Corolina Thompson. Diono. Rte. 2. Box 242. Cherryville. North Corolino Thompson, Edgar T.. Jr.. 1406 Fober Street. Durhom. North Corolina Thompson. Irene L.. Rte. 2. Box 8-A, Foison, North Corolino Thompson, Jacqueline L , 1406 Fober Stree», Durhom, North Corolino Thompson, Jeon L., P O. Box 1558, Durham, North Corolino Thompson. Johnnie Moe. Rte. 2. Box 323. Beuloville. North Corolino Thompson. Koy Nicholas. P.O. Box 243. Rocky Mount. North Corolino Thompson. Lorry James. South Mills. North Corolino Thompson. Lawrence Howell. 1-2 Cornwollis Ct.. Durhom. North Corolino Thompson. Miriam Adeloid, Rte. 2, Box 100. Foison. North Corolino Thompson. Noncy Delols. P.O. Box 207. Pilot Mountoins. North Corolina Thompson. Orgie Foye. 1400 Horgetl Street. Jacksonville, North Corolino Thompson, Sondro Elaine, 816 Center Street, Durhom, North Carolina Thompson, Williom. 1409 C. Avenue. Rocky Mount. North Corolino Thornton, Herbert, 405 Bernice Street, Durham, North Corolina Thornton, Mory Lee. Rte. 7. Box 285. Roleigh. North Corolina Thornton. Oglotho, 405 Bernice Street, Durham. North Corolino Thornton. Woller Harris. P.O. Box 172. Worrenton. North Corolino Thorpe. Zeother Yvonne. 507 S Alston Avenue. Durhom. North Corolina Throckmorton. Nannie M.. Rte 2. Box 123. Virgllino. Virginlo Thurmon. Gretchen Hollye. P O Box 72. Hollsboro. North Carolina Tillery. Doris A.. Rte. 1. Box 133. Tillery, North Corolino Tillman, Lola Moe, 309 F Richord Green Homes, Kinston, North Corolino Timberloke. Portlo. 901 Boykin Avenue. Sonlord. North Corolina Toomer. Joseph Williom. Jr.. 2208 Fitzgerold Avenue. Durhom. North Corolina Tootle. Alice Turner. Rte. 1. Box 212. Newport. North Corolino Toroin. Eunice L.. Rte. 2. Box 534. Elon, North Carolin a Townsend. Jesse Lee. 1816 N. Williom Street. Goldsboro. North Corolino Townsend. Margaret V.. 69 Madison Avenue. Asheville. North Corolino Townsend. Shirley Douglas. 310 Monroe Avenue. Hamlet. North Corolino Troylor. Glorio E.. 1314 South Street, Durham, North Carolina Trotter, Almo Chinito, Rte. 2, Box 158, Raleigh, North Corolino Troxler, Zondro Sue. 705 W. Cedor Street. Gibsonville. North Corolina Tuck. John Edword. II. 403 Lowson Street. Durham. North Corolino Tucker. Irmo Jeon. 904 Mason Street. Durham. North Carolina Tucker. Veronica Elizabeth Turk. Hellen Dorothy, Rte. 4. Box 55. Durhom. North Corolino Turner. Almo Louise. 519 S. Mongum Street. Durhom. North Corolina Turner, Evelyn Morie. Rte. 3. Box 131. Worrenton, North Corolina Turner. William Leon. 1609 Foirview Avenue. Willow Grove. Pennsylvonio Turner. Williom Milton. 2207 Roberts Street. Roleigh. North Corolina Turrentine. Henry Duke. Rte. 2. Box 121. Chopel Hill. North Corolino Tyson. Jomes Eorl, 103 Hines Street. Farmville. North Corolino Tyson. Luesto. P.O. Box 268. Winterville. North Corolino Umstead. Albert. Jr. 434 Bornhill Avenue, Durhom, North Corolino Umsteod, Vertino Howkins, 434 Bornhill Avenue, Durhom, North Corolino Vonhook, Earlie, Jr., 3I7V2 Dowd Street, Durhom, North Carolina Vonce, Dorothy Moe, Rte. 2, Box 297, Rutherfordton. North Corolino Vonce, Jonathan. Rte. 2. Box 297, Rutherfordton, North Carolina Vonn, Nothoniel. Box 170, Gotes, North Corolino Voughon, Chorles L.. Generol Delivery. Enfield. North Corolina Voughan. James Edword. Star Rte., Box 161, Murfreesboro, North Corolino Voughon, Richord I., 611 E. Windes Street, Henderson, North Corolino Vaughn, Jeon Edno, Rte. 2, Box 277, Rocky Mount, North Corolino Verbal. Annie Lois. 416 E. Pettigrew Street. Durhom. North Corolino Verbal. Sidney J.. 416 E. Pettigrew Street, Durham, North Corolino Vereen, Flossie Louise, Rte. 1, Box 119, Supply, North Corolino Vines. Dorothy Jean, Rte. 1, Box 338, Bethel, North Corolino Vinson, Moe F., Rie. I. Box 126. Prospect Hill, North Corolino Vinson, Potricio Ann, 803 S. Alston Avenue, Durhom, North Corolino Virgil. Maxine Luetto. 33-55 14th Street. Long Islond, New York Wolker, Barboro Ann, 2511 Street, Durhom, North Corolino Walker, Emmo Dixon, 505 Wilson Street, Plymouth, North Corolina Walker, George Edword, 263 Holtzelow Street, Canton, North Corolina Wolker, Gloria Jeon, 442 Loach Street, Asheboro, North Corolino Wolker, James Lynwood, 252 Cope Feor Court, Foyetteville, North Corolino Wolker, Louro, 1103 Ann Street, Wilmington, North Corolino Wolker, Leon, 936 Perry Avenue, Augusto, Georgio Walker, Melvin Russell, 502 Corver Drive, Lexington, North Corolino Wolker, Willie, Rte. 1, Box 7, Pikeville, North Corolino Woll, Kothen, 1345 Midway Rood, Rockingham, North Corolino Wall, Wenonia Ann, 1345 Midwoy Road, Rockinghom, North Corolino Wolloce, Andrew Allen, 114 Willister Street, Foyetteville, North Corolino Wolloce, Poul S., 315 S. 6th Street, Wilmington, North Carolina Wolloce, Thomas Bernord, 404 Greenwood Avenue, Winston-Solem. North Cor. Woller, Morgoret Louise, 1027 Morelond Avenue, Durhom, North Corolino Wolton, Addie, 1004 Sedgefield Street. Durhom. North Corolino Word. Anthony Rondolph. 806 ' i Wilson Street. Torboro. North Corolino Word. Lenwood Eorl, Rte. 4. Box 560, Washington, North Corolino Word, Mory L., 1209 Queen Street, Wilson, North Corolino Word, Vynetta Patricio, Rte. 4, Box 560, Woshington, North Corolina Word, William, 928 E Henry Street, Linden, New Jersey Warren, Chorles R.. Rte. 5. Box 210. Burlington. North Carolina Washington. Austin D . 312 Dunston Street, Durham, North Corolina Woshington, Debris Conslello, 312 Dunston Street, Durham, North Corol. Washington, Shirley Elizobeth, P.O Box , Kenonsville. North Carolina Washington. Will. 312 Dunston Street, Durhom, North Corolino Wotkins, Catherine, 1 105 Linwood Avenue, Durhom, North Corolino Wotkins, Curtis, 505 Shermon Street, Bodin, North Corolina Wotkins, Herbert Lee, 516 N Railroad Street, Lexington, North Corolina Wotkins, Jonnette Arliene. 2 Gettysburg. Greenville. South Corolino Wotkins. Martha. Rte. 2, Box 148-A, Rockinghom, North Corolino Wotkins, Ruby Toborn, 1824 S Alston Avenue, Durhom. North Corolino Watson, Annie Lee, P.O. Box 513, Foirmont, North Carolina Wotson, Gwendolyn Eloise, Rte I, Box 70, Horrellsville, North Carolina Watson, Vernoline, P.O Box 124, Hobgood, North Carolina Wotts, Billy Louis, 412 Chomber Street. Stotesville. North Corolino Watts. Grace DeBoroh. 618 Quorry Street. Roleigh. North Corolino Weothers, Virginia, 1610 S. Benbow Rood, Greensboro, North Corolino Weaver. Garrett F.. Ill Cole Street. Corrboro. North Corolina Weover. Glorio Lynne. 310 Price Avenue. Durham. North Corolino Webber, Angela, 2656 Olondo Avenue, Chorlotte, North Corolina Weeks, Charles Franklin, 404 Queen Street, Beaufort, North Corolino ll9 Wefls, Jonnie Thomas, Rte. 1, Box 67, Teachey, North Corolino Welton, Archie C. Rte. I. Box 235, Hertford, North Corolino Werts, Rufus, 513 N Word Street, Gostonio, North Corolino West, Gorlond Fronklin, 1 15 Kelly Street, Mt. Olive, North Carolina WWtoker, Jomes Douglas. Rte 1. Box 91. Enfeld. North Corolino White, Cecelia Ann, 121 W. Chestnut Street, Durham, North Carolina White, Douglas Hughes, Apt. 9-F Mitchell Woofen Cts., Kinston, North Car. White, Estella Moffett, 600 French Street, Charlotte, North Carolina White, Frederick, Jr., 9F Mitchell Wooten Cts., Kinston, North Carolina White, Gwendolyn, 220 Simmons Street, Sonford, North Carolina White, Gloria Mae, 919 Nunn Street, New Bern, North Carolina White, Hardy, Jr., Rte. 1, Box 110, Greenville, North Carolina White, Jacqueline, 200 Simmons Street, Sonford, North Carolina White, Joan, Rte. 3, Box 6, Mebane, North Carolina White, Marion T., Jr., P.O. Box 391, Chatham, Virginia White, Morlene, 220 Simmons Street, Sanford, North Carolina White, Patricio Ann, Rte. 4, Box 212, Sumter, South Carolina White, Simeon Meadows, 9F Mitchell Wooten Cts., Kinston, North Carolina White, Theresa Marie 824V ' 2 Queen Street, New Bern, North Carolina White, Willie Laurence, 554o McKinley Street, Detroit, Michigan Whitehead, Ann Marie, Rte. 1, Box 283-D, Nashville, North Carolina Whiteside, Dollieree Y., Rte. 1, Box 21, Loke Lure, North Carolina Whitfield, Jacqueline, P.O. Box 163, Hertford, North Carolina Whitley, Daniel Miller, P.O. Box 371, Chapel Hill, North Carolina Whilock, Percy, Jr. Rte. 6, Box 269, Mt. Airy, North Carolina Whitt, Jennie Connelle, Rte. I, Box 138, Virgilina, Virginia Whitted, George Scott, 409 Cornwollis, Durham, North Carolina Whitted. Mary Elizabeth, 30 D. Ridgeway Avenue, Durham, North Carolina Whittington, Helen Carolyn, Rte. 2, Box lll-B, Rowland, North Carolina Wicker, Floyd, P.O. Box 173, Goldston, North Caroline Wiggins, Barbara Williams, 1 106 Scout Drive, Durham, North Carolina Wiggins, Dorothy Jean, Rte. 1, Box 187, Hookerton, North Carolina Wiggins, James Andrew, 506y2 E. End Avenue, Durham, North Carolina Wiggins, Marion Albert, 1712 Sherman Avenue, Durham, North Carolina Wiggins, Withro Herbert, 100 E. Enterprise, Durham, North Carolina Wilcher, Shirley Ann, 47-H Dayton Street, Durham, North Corolino Wilder, Minnie Carolyn, 638 Warren Street, Williomston, North Carolina Wilds, Gertie F., 406 Hamilton Drive, Goldsboro, North Carolina Wiley, Goynell Arvista, Rte. 1, Box 172, Yanceyville, North Carolina Wilkerson, Curtis T., 1304 Pender Street, Roleigh, North Carolina Wilkerson, James Thomos, Rte. 1, Box 318, Oxford, North Carolina Wilkerson, Janet E., 211 Wilmington Road, Fayetteville, North Carolina Wilkerson, John Henry, 4500 Beaufort Farms Road, Horrisburg, Pennsylvania Wilkins, Marion Lucille, Rte. 1, Box 242, Enfield, North Carolina Williams, Allan Jerome, 642 Warren Street, Williomston, North Carolina Williams, Allie L., 219 Purvis Street, Garner, North Carolina Williams, Anne N., P.O. Box 26, Middlesex, North Carolina Williams, Arthur, 305 A. Davis Street, Kinston, North Carolina Williams, Brenda Rubeno, 1260 Augusta Avenue, Augusta, Georgia Williams, Brenda Victoria, N. Main Street, Mocksville, North Carolina Williams, Carolina Elaine, R.F.D. 1, Box 432, Trenton, North Corolino Williams, Carrolyn N., 1404 Rosewood, Durham, North Carolina Williams, Catherine, 1005 E. Davie Street, Raleigh, North Carolina Williams, Cecelia Emogene, 502 Crootan Street, Belhaven, North Carolina Williams, Charles Clarence, 16 Esther Street, Pontioc, Michigon Williams, Charles Nolan, 106 HartLgy Street, Lenoir, North Carolina Williams, Clorence Freeman, 610 N. Roxboro Street, Durham, North Carolina Williams, Cloudette, Rte. 3, Box 146, Enfield, North Carolina Williams, Edgar Clinton, 510 Martha Street, Durham, North Corolino Williams, Ellen Lee, Rte. 1, Box 17, Wade, North Carolina Williams, Frances G., 110 Mary Street, Fayetteville, North Carolina Williams, Gloria, 516 W. Rosemory Street, Chapel Hill, North Carolina Williams, Goler, Jr., 2507 Otis Street, Durham, North Carolina Williams, Howard, 809 Colfax Street, Durham, North Carolina Williams, Ira, 501 Umstead Street, Durham, North Corolino Williams, Isaac Wayne, 6-B Lumbee Homes, Lumberton, North Carolina Williams, Jacqueline Hozell. 1 100 Hood Avenue. Fayetteville, North Carolina Willioms, James Addison, 716 Bradley Avenue, Torboro, North Corolino Williams, James Alfred, 2507 Otis Street, Durham, North Carolina Williams, James McArthur, Rte. 2. Box 201, Richlonds, North Carolina Willioms, James Williams, 621 Cecil Street, Durham, North Carolina Williams, Jeffrey Wilson, Rte. 1, Box 73, Snow Hill, North Corolino Willioms, John Henry, 409 E. Piedmont Avenue, Durham, North Carolina Williams, Joseph, Jr., 633 Elvie Street, Wilson, North Carolina Williams, Lourette H., 4308 Word Road, Durham, North Carolina Williams, Luther, Jr., 507 Dunbar Street, Durham, North Corolino Williams, Martha Jane, Rte. 2, Box 485, Ayden, North Carolina Williams, Mary Catherine, 1 1 1 34 Superior Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio Williams, Mildred Ann, 621 Cecil Street, Durham, North Carolina Williams, Noomi, Rte. 1, Beuloville, North Carolina Williams, Odesso Arlino, 802 Hampton Drive, Elizobeth City, North Carolina Williams, Oscar J., Jr., 2203 Apex Hwy., Durham, North Carolina Williams, Othelio, Rte. 4, Box 248, Mocksville, North Carolina Williams, Pottie Louise, 3007 Corprew Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia Willioms, Oscar R., 309 W. Elm Street, Goldsboro, North Corolino Williams, Ralph Nopoleon, 801 W. Pine Street, Goldsboro, North Corolino Williams, Shirley Jean, 1716 Cedar Lone, Kinston, North Carolina Williams, Wade Thomas, 1215 Peorson Street, High Point, North Corolino Williams, William Henry, Jr., Rte. 1, Box 45, Magnolia, North Carolina Williamson, Catherine, 2104 Belcrest, Greensboro, North Corolino Williamson, Charles Wesley, Jr., 441 Winder Street, Henderson, North Car. Williomson, Hubert Gordon, 93 Wood Street, Woterbury, Connecticut Williamson, Jerrye Delois, Rte. 2, Box 89, Clinton, North Carolina Williomson, Prestino, 1604 E. I9th Street, Winston-Solem, North Corolino Williamson, Rosa Moe, 819 Maple Street, Charlotte, North Corolino Williomson, Samuel, Jr., Rte. 2, Box 205, Clinton, North Carolina Willinghom, Alice Moe, Rte. 1, Box 181, Sims, North Carolina Williston, Mary Kotherine, 725 N. Falls Street, Gostonia, North Carolina Williston, Patricio Anne, 725 N. Falls Street, Gostonia, North Carolina Wilson, Alice Marie, Rte. 1, Box 313, Middlesex, North Corolino Wilson, Ann Maglene, 804 Elizobeth Street, Durham, North Carolina Wilson, Bessie Annette, Rte. I, Box 326, Dollos, North Carolina Wilson, Clinton Granville, 400 S. Rood Street, Elizabeth City, North Car. Wilson, Dorothy Jean, 129 Spearman Street, Lumberton, North Carolina Wilson, Henry Andrew, P.O. Box 46, Southern Pines, North Corolino Wilson, James David, 124 Harrington Street, Lenoir, North Carolina Wilson, James W., P.O. Box 82, Macon, North Corolino Wilson, Leroy Augustus, Jr., P.O. Box 158, Hobgood, North Corolino Wilson, Linda Foye, Rte. 1, Burlington, North Carolina Wilson, Lonnie L., 1512 Hyde Pork Avenue, Durham, North Corolino Wilson, Mottle Bollard, 704 So. 16th Street, Wilminoton, North Carolina Wilson, William Earl, 12 E. Dorothy Drive, Durhom, North Corolino Wilson, Williom Jackson, 801 S. Roxboro Street, Durham, North Carolina Wimberley, Cliffornia Grady, 721-A S. East Street, Roleigh, North Carolina Winchester, Angelique, 309 Bennett Street, Greensboro, North Carolina Wingote, Gilford D., Pest Office, Maiden, North Corolino Winsteod, Harold Berkley, Rte. 4, Box 60, Durham, North Corolino Withers, V. Yvonne, 3314 Sutton Drive, Charlotte, North Corolino Wi therspoon, C, 547 Homeland Avenue, Durham, North Caroline Witherspoon, Janice Adrienne, 1137 Mono Drive, Charlotte, North Corolino Wood, Charles Edward, Rte. 2, Box 631, Wilson, North Carolina Woods, III, Clifton, Rte. 4, Box 108, Charlotte, North Corolino Woods, Edward, 612 Mortho Street, Durham, North Carolina Wood, Floyd Steele, P.O. Box 65, Cleveland, North Carolina Woodord, Booker, T., 1303 Marlow, Wilson, North Carolina Woodord, Fredrick Stephen, Box 359, Butner, North Corolino Woodword, Mary Taylor, H-1 Cornvallis Ct., Durham, North Carolina Woody, Claretho, Rte. 1, Box 92, Bahama, North Carolina Wooten, Ralph G., P.O. Box 1 1 I, Lo Grange, North Carolina Word, Carolyn E., 407 Newlin Street, Roxboro, North Corolino Worsley, Mamie Louise, 708 S. Mangum Street, Durham, North Corolino Worsley, Shirley, 1215 N. Greenwood Street, Scotland Neck, North Corolino Worth, Mary Christoleno, Rte. 1, Box 315, Chapel Hill, North Corolino Worthington, Hilda Reine, P.O. Box 278, Winterville, North Corolino Wroy, Joseph Stanley, 512 George Street, Durham, North Corolino Wright, Arleotho, 139 Holly Street, Lumberton, North Carolina Wright, Fred Jr., 706 Fori Rood. Shelby, North Carolina Wright, Lois Moe, 1006 Drew Street, Durham, North Corolino Wright, Paul Lawrence, 1 6-A Daniel Brooks, High Point, North Corolino Wright, Willie, P.O. Box 52, Lincolnton, North Carolina Wyche, Roy Lee, Rte. 1, Box 43. Vorino, North Corolino Wynbush, Ruth, 811 Greenleof Street, Goldsboro, North Carolina Wynder, Glorio L.. Box 494, Cheriton, Virginia Wynn, Frances Carolyn, General Delivery, Oak City, North Carolina Yorborough, Mary Alice, Box 40, Middleburg, North Carolina Yotes, Peggy Inell, Rte. 1, Box 1 12, Bayboro, North Carolina Yotes, Vivian, 2508 Atlantic Street, Durhom, North Carolina Young, Clorence Edward, 701 E. Divine Street, Dunn, North Corolino Young, Edith DeVoe, 210 - 16th Street, S.E., Woshington, D.C. Young, George T homos, Box 235, Holifax, North Carolina Young, James Walter, 2747 W. North Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland Young, Loverne H., Rte. 2, Box 163, Nashville, North Carolina Young, Leola, 3 Routh Ct., Greensboro, North Carolina Young, Maggie Jane, 3 Routh Ct., Greensboro, North Corolino Young, Mildred Angelio, 1235 Kohler Avenue, Charlotte, North Carolina Younger, Lulo Grace, Rte. 2, Box 583, Grifton, North Carolina Zimmerman, Willie Roslyn, 106 McBeth Street, Union, South Corolino Fortt, Glorious Moye, 104 W. 3rd Street, Weldon, North Carolina Greene, Gwendolyn Ardelle, 619 Dupree, Durham, North Corolino Lennon, Rod, 15-26 H. R. Drive, New York, New York Mitchell, Doris Helen, 121 Daniel Street, Greensboro, North Corolino Nance, William Bennett, Route 1, Box 1 10, Gorlond, North Carolina Neol, James Fori, 312 Todd Street, Belmont, North Carolina Neol, Janet Leotrice, 619 E. Green Street, Wilson, North Carolina Neol, Mory Jo, 354 7th Avenue S. W., Hickory, North Corolino Neely, Frances Anniebell, Route 3, Box 28-E. China Grove, North Corolino Nelson, Bernice, Route 5, Box 122, Sanford, North Carolina Nelson, Calvin Lewis, 715 Magnolia Street, Sanford, North Corolino Nelson, Ernestine, Elizabeth, 508 Matthews Street, Durham, North Corolino Nelson, Jomes Julius, 708 Swonn Street, Wilmington, North Corolino Nelson, Lillian Loretto, 715 Magnolio Street. Sondford, North Corolino Nesbitt, John Wesley, 211 West Noble Street, Selma, North Corolino Newsome, Eorline, 640 Cemetery Street, Wilson, North Corolino Newton, Daniel Lincoln, 1980 Pork Avenue, New York, New York Newton, James Elwood, Route 1 Bridgeton Pike, Millville, New Jersey Newton, Lorry, 109 South 12th Street, Wilmington, North Carolina Nichols, Woodrow Wilson, 324 South West Street, Salisbury, North Caroline Nipper, Isabelle Williams, 800 Newcombe Road, Roleigh, North Corolino Nixon, Doris Jeon, 1936 St. Mark Street, Charlotte, North Corolino Nixon, Joyce Yvonne, 704 Queen Street, Wilmington, North Corolino Nixon, Morsholl Craven, P.O. Box 181, Smithfield, North Carolina Nixon, Vernon Roye, P.O. Box 181, Smithfield, North Corolino Nobles, Voshti, Route 1, Vonceboro, North Carolina Norman, Doris Jean, Route 2, Box 127, Plymouth, North Carolina Norman, Thomon Edward, 3207 Hawkins Place, Charlotte, North Carolina Norwood, Moble Morgoret, 1005 Foirview Street, Durham, North Corolino Norwood, Williom, Route 1, Box 21, Fronklington, North Carolina ADVERTISEMENTS B WiA i! mM pSZ y! M W I IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 1963 EAGLE An Institution which encourages with enthusiasm the pursuit of excellence. NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE AT DURHAM Dr. Alfonso Elder, president Compliments of Compliments of STORR SALES COMPANY PEABODY DRUG COMPANY Office Equipment ond Supplies 305 W Pelligrev» Street 1732 North Boulevard Durham Raleigfi, North Corolina North Corolino THE FASHION GOODWILL CLUB 129 East Main Street Durhom, North Corolina For your finest entertainment We specialize in oil types of campus clothing. Sports Wear, Formals, Coats, Suits Durham, North Carolina and Wedding Apparel 1 Hour Service - Monday thru Saturdoy - Compliments of Drive-In Service Electronic Control - Rodio Dispatched Trucks - B. J. ROSE FURNITURE COMPANY Open 6:45 A.M. to 7:30 P.M. Daily Dial 106 West Parrish Street 682- 1566 WEAVERS CLEANERS Durham, North Corolina 1212 Foyetteville Street Durhom f ' y ?1 PROVIDENCE LOAN OFFICE j 106 East Mam Street a Sk — Durham, North Caroline 1 - fteT H Meat Products H 682 4431 Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1963 MECHANICS AND FARMERS BANK Durham — Raleigh — Charlotte Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Resources over $11,000,000 Current Compliments of your Annual Dividend Rate F. W. WOOLWORTH STORES 4% MUTUAL SAVING AND Downtown and Lakewood Shopping LOAN ASSOCIATION Phone 684-0153 Center 112 West Parrish Street Durham, N.C. 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Code of Ethics at 1 To price our products and A To provide facilities, per- NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE AT DURHAM our services fairly, based sonnel and stock of re- upon our costs, plus a placement ports, ade- reosonoble profit. quote to properly service Congratulations and Best Wishes 2 To allow fair and reason- ' vehicles we sell. able prices for used ve- 5 ° ° ' ' ° eh represent fiicles offered in trade. ° " d advertise our mer- 3 To properly inspect and cfiandise and services, service oil vehicles before 6 ° ' " - " ish the lowest fi- delivery to our customers. nonce and insurance charges consistent with COLLEGE PLAZA LANES sound business. 3128 Foyetteville Street JOHNSON MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Durham, North Carolina 328 East Main St.-eet Durham, N.C. N.C. Dealer No. 680 Buick Since 1914 1- Two fine stores to serve you at two convenient locations DOWNTOWN ».. ' ' DURHAM, N.C NORTHGi EST WISHES COLLINS LAWNMOWER SAW SERVICE 3545 Cheek Road North Carolina Meet Your Friends at THE COLLEGE INN 1306 Fayefteville Street Phone 681-2137 Compliments of 1963 EAGLE STAFF Sfil Q (Zt vU Cs-eMi d d Ji - SONNY ' S 116 South Mangum Street Durham, North Carolina " First in Style and Price " TUXEDO RENTAL SERVICE Italian Style Shoes Hats Suits and Sports Coats Sport and Dress Shirts LIGGETT MYERS TOBACCO COMPANY Among the Liggett Myers brands there is a quality cigarette to satisfy every taste . . . filter, non-filter or menthol. The uniform high quality of these fine cigarettes accounts for their world-wide popularity. COMPLIMENTS OF THE STANBACK STUDIOS 1710 Fayetteville Street Durham, North Carolina Phone 681-2117 Res. 489-9598 Tuning Repair Service RENOWN MUSIC COMPANY W. Howard Rambeau Proprietor Story and Clark Cable Shoninger Kranich Bach Gulbransen Thomas Pianos Organs 125 East Main Street Durham, North Carolina A Most Pleasant and Profitable Place to Shop BELK-LEGGEH CO. Durham ' s Shopping Center Save on your textbooks Buy at THE BOOK EXCHANGE Five Points Phone 682-4662 We have a large stock of new and used textbooks for ail your courses at a great savings See us before you buy MAINTENANCE SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. Building Maintenance Materials Manufocturing Chemists P.O. Box 498 Huntersviiie, North Carolina Phone 875-6514 Q URE %, 3 ATISFACTORY DURHAM SQUARE CLUB •The Souths Finest Club ' We cater to private parties of all types 611 Fowler Street Durham, North Carolino Compliments of DURHAM CIGAR CANDY COMPANY, INC. Durham, North Carolina Compliments of GARREn-PARKER DRUG STORE 702 Foyetleville Street Phone 682-1715 Prescriptions our specialty Cosmetics Sundries W. P. Wimberley, Reg Ph. Phone 681-2039 AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS

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