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 - Class of 1962

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Text from Pages 1 - 134 of the 1962 volume:

' 1912 f r ' ' . f " m ■ k " il %:, " " ■ ' lit " ' ' ' ! ,jj .- J M jC ' ' Usi«dift i«W.ii«i;?SJi;w Published by the Students of NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE Durham, North Carolina « m , v i« . .,P ,m IlliimilMBiM Suiftlv. ine%itably, college days pass into semesters and into years and finally into the bitter-sweet moment of commencement when Alma Mater sends her sons and daughters into the broad world . . . Along the golden path are strewn the petals of four eventful ears. petals stined now and again by memories of early ambitions, of successes and failures, of friendships born and reborn. Our brief inoment amid " the sloping hills " and on " the verdant green " is now a vast kaleidoscope of these memories and of freshman beanies, science laboratories, night classes, professors. Thanksgiving Day games. Homecoming parades, meetings, examinations, grade-points, dances, cafeteria lines, and a hundred thousand name- less things to be re-kindled in future years. . . . The 1962 EAGLE is designed to record and to recall some of those memories, especially for members of the Class of ' 62. In future years, when those who now wear the Maroon and Gre shall be scattered in distant places, we, the 1962 EAGLE STAFF, invite them to turn these pages and re-live. I ayA QtMCC s i ms iM mi M Dr. Alphonso Elder President of North Carolina College at Durham As our world becomes smaller and more complex, we begin to realize the need for ex- cellency in our specific field. We become in- creasingly aware of the dire necessity to be able to cope with the everyday problems that will confront us in the outside world; the need to be able to think rather than just obey; to make decisions for ourselves, not merely fol- low along the path that has been decided for Here at North Carolina College, we have been blessed with the resources that could have enabled us to obtain the maximum in academic achievement. Whether these re- sources have been utilized to their fullest ex- tent is an individual concern. It is my hope for all of the students remaining within the fold of North Carolina College, that you take notice of this changing world and equip your- selves with the tools necessary for successful adjustment. To the 1962 graduates, I say the best of luck, ' our completion of college is an indica- tion of the job you can employ. Beware, there is more hard work to be done, and many dif- ficulties to be overcome in the future. There will be work, sacrifices, and privations to be endured. Remember that the prestige of graduation from college, North Carolina College, will be of tremendous value to you during future opportunities of responsibility and profit. Such opportunities would remain forever closed, saved for your college diploma. »:Mr.w . x. ;.a .-. .w. -..- .:-PW.T.; .-..;- ...v » Dr. George Kyle Dean of the Undercraduate School Mr. John L. Stewart Dean of Men Dr. William Brown Graduate Dean Mr. D. Eric Moore Dean of the School of Library Science Dr. Albert L. Turner Dean of Law School r v. :.M •ri-l- . D E P A R T M E N T H E A D S Distinguished Guests " We . . . Warm N- i ci : 1 f u I I I UIP 7 --- . ' • ■ jTmfUglfllgf -■:■ M M m mm The class of 1962. We are the seniors, campus " elder statesmen, " wise to academic ways. . . . Our journey began four years ago when we entered the gate, first saw " the bowl, " and waited disconsolately for our first word from " the one " back home. Through the years we ha e, we hope, left our imprint to inspire those who come hereafter. . . . In the steady progress toward our goal, we have worn the green, measured ad ' ance- ment step by step, learned to know each other better, and most of all, we ha e drunk at Wisdom ' s fount. . . . The journey ends. But in the after years, as I re iew these faces now known so well, I shall iccall with fondness. , , , My C s cdb NCC rrm ' " - ' - ' " - ' ■ " ■-■ " " - " -- •■ ALDRICH. THELMA, Bminesi Education; Law Club 4; Ivy Leaf Club 1,2: Commerce Club 1,2.3,4; YWCA 1,4; Eagle Staff 2,3,4. ANDREWS, ELSIE, Bmmen F.ducalk NA.ACP 4; WAA 4; Echo Staff 4. Commerce Club 2,3,4; YWC. 4; ARCHER, HORACE EUGENE, Chemistry; SNEA 4; Lampodas 2,3. ARMOND, CARRIE, Englnh; Echo Staff 2; Ivy Leaf Club 1; NAACP 4. ARTIS, ANNETTE LORENE, Food and Nutrition: Home iCIub 2,3,4; YWCA 4. BAKER. ALJOSIE, French Club 2; Social Science Club 1,2,3.4; I - - Leaf Club 1.2; . K. Sorority 2,3,4; Steering Committee 1,2,3,4; Student Congress 3; Welfare Committee House Coim- 3ALDWIN. DAVID M.. Englhh and Spanish; Dance Group 1,2.3.4; Choir 1.2; Thespians 1,2.3.4; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4. iALLARD. PRISCII.LA A.. Home Economics Education; Home Economics Club 1,2.3.4; Eagle Staff 3; Student Congress 3; House Council Member 4; Student NEA 4; Election Board 3. T BANKS, DOROTHY ELAINE, Biology; Ivy Leaf Club 2; AKA Sorority 2.3,4; NAACP 2; Student Congress 3; NEA 4; Senior Counselor 4; WAA 1,2. (not pictured} BARHAM, MAE FRANCES, Home Economics Education; Home Ec Club 1,2,3,4; Ivy Leaf Club I; AKA Sorority 2,3,4; House Council 2.3; Alpha Kappa Mu 3,4; Senior Counselor 4; SNEA 4; NAACP 4. BARNES, BETTY, Psychology; House Council 1.2; French Club 1,3.4; Psychol- ogy Club 3,4; YWCA 3,4; Psi Chi Honorary Society 3,4; Miss NCC 4; Miss Homecoming 3; Who ' s Who 4. BARR, CLAUDETTE, Busmen Education; NEA 4: AKA Sorority 2,3,4; Ivy Leaf Club 1 ; Commerce Club 3,4. BARROW, LAURA PARKER, Business Education; Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; NEA 4; Summer Echo 1. (not pictured) 3ATTLE, RUBY VIOLA, Home Economics Education; House Council 1; Band 1,2,3,4; Home Economics Club 1,2,3,4; VVAA 1; NAACP 1,2; YWCA 1,2,3. BAZEMORE, BARBARA GAIL, Biology; Band 1,4; N.E.A. 4; NAACP 1,2, 3,4; German Club 2,3,4; Band 1,4: Biology Club 2,3,4; Dormitory Civic Com- mittee 2; Dormitory Cultural Committee 4. BECK, JE. N, Co al Education; NAACP 2,3,4; C ' BELLAMY, DONNIE D , Political Science and History; Social Science Club 1,2,3,4; Political Science Club 1,4: NAACP 1,2, 3,4: Student Congress 1 : Pre-Law CHub 4: Men ' s Steering Com- mittee 4. BERR ' , EVA MAE, Mathematics; NAACP 1,2; French Club 1,2; Ivy Leaf Club 1; AK, Sorority 2,3,4; Senior Counselor 4: House Council 2,3; NEA 4. BETHEA, BRENDA J., 1 ; Delta Sigma Theta Council 2,4, -counting; Band 1.2; Pyramid Club ority 2,3,4; Commerce Club 4; House BLUEFORD, HATTIE, Sociology; Psychology Club 1,2,3,4; YWCA 2 ; French Club 1 ; N. ACP 2. BOLDEN, ARLENE, Bu Education; YWCA 3,4; Commerce Club 1,2,3,4. BOND, DAVID G., Sociology; Treasurer of the Senior Class 4; Shark Club 1,2; Men ' s Dormitory Government 3,4; Student Congress 4: Social Science Club 4; Psychology Club 2,3,4; NAACP 2,3,4. BOONE, JUNIUS, Chemistry; Basketball Team 1,2,3; Kappa Alpha Psi 4. BOONE. THOMAS A., Business Education; German Club 1,2; Commerce Club 2,3,4; Photography Club 1,2. BOWLING, ELLEN ELAINE, Social Sc ■ Social Science Club 1,2,3,4. BOWSER, THELMA, Sociology; YWCA 1.2,3,4: WAA 1,2: NAACP 1,3: House Council 1: Student Congress 3: Dance Group 1,2: Ivy Leaf Club 1,2: Sociol- ogy Club 3,4. BRIDGERS, DELORES JANET, Physical Educati, 2,3,4; WAA 1,2: YWCA 1,2. Band 1,2,3,4: Pem Club BROADNAX, JERLINE DELORES, Vocational Home Economia; Home Economics Club 1,2,3,4: SNEA 4: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority 2,3,4: NAACP 4; Pan Hellenic Council 3, BROW.V. ALICE ZEPORIA. Sociology: NAACP 3.4: Psychol- oev Club YWCA 1.2,3.4. BROWN. PHYLLIS MARIE. Sociology anil Psychology; Psy- chology Club NAACP 3.4: YWCA 1,2: French Club 2: Eagle Staff 1. (not pictured BUIE. ETHEL ELIZABETH, French and Spanish; French Club 3: Spanish Club 2: NAACP 2: German Club 1: Thes- pians 2.3.4: Law Club 3.4: Dance Group 2: Eagle Staff 1. BLLL0C:K. GWENDOLYN M Phv ' ical Education: Band 1. ►- 2.3: Delta Sigma Theta Sorori V 2 3.4: WAA 4: Pern Club 3, v 4 : Senior Counselor 4 : ■WCA 1 Pyramid Club 1. BULLOCK, RALPH BUNCH, GERALDINE, Buiinea Education; YWCA 1,2; Commerce Club 1,2, 3,4 ; NEA 4 : NA. CP 1,2: House Council 2,3,4. BURCHETTE, ELSIE S., Bu 2,3,4. BURNETTE, JOSEPH 14 Education: NA. CP 3,4; Commerce Club CAMERON, THOMAS LEE, Chenustry and Mathematics, Thespians 1,2; GermanClub 1,2: Sphinx Club I; Alpha Phi Alpha 2,3,4; Men ' s Steering Committee 2,3; Secretary of Alpha Phi Alpha 2,3,4; Echo Staff 1,2; Editor 2; Student Government 1,2. I CAMPBELL, BOBBY L., Con ■ Club 2,3. CAMPBELL, EDWARD CAPEHART, WILLIE E., Buiinesi Education; Shark Club 2,3; Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; NEA 4; Intramural Sports 4 ; NAACP 3. CAPLE. ANNIE DALE, Physical Education: Band 1.2,3,4; WAA 1,2.3; NEA 4; German Club 1.2; Eagle Staff 3. CARTER, K.ATIE L,. Biology: House Council 2; Biology Club 1,2,3,4; Archonian Club 2,3; NEA 4; NAACP 1. CLEAMONS. ISADORA. Bunnets Education: NEA 1; Com- merce Club 2; VWCA I ; NAACP 1. COLEMAN. HAZEL LEE. Buimcis Education; YWCA 4; • Club 2.3,4; House Council 2 ; NAACP 4. COLT, JAMES COMPTON, KELLY WAYNE, Political Science; Psychology Club 3,4; Steering Committee 1,2,3,4; NAACP 1,2,3,4; CCUN 4; Pre-Law Club 4; Political Science Club 2,4; Social Science Club 2,3. CONNELLY, MAGARET WINAFORD, Business; Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; NAACP 2,3,4; SNEA 4; Choir 1,2; YWCA 2,3,4. COOPER, DONALD, Mathematics; NAACP 1,2; German Club 1,2; Sphinx Club I; Alpha Phi Alpha 2,3,4; Math Club 2,3,4; Steering Committee 2,3,4; Student Government 2,4. COOPER, HELEN GENEVA, Business Education; Commerce Club 1,2,3.4: Y V ' C. 3,4: NEA 4; Spanish Club 1 : House Council 2. COOPER, WILLA CHARLOTTE, Public Health i Nurses Club 4. ng: V. . 4: Graduate COSTON, GLORIA, Chemistry: VWCA 1,2: NAACP 1,2; Secretary of the Senior Class 4: Ivy Leaf Club 2: Student Government 4: Echo Staff 4, COVINGTON. PRESTON, Business Admmistratu CKOSLAN, JOHN A., Accounting: NAACP 1,2.3.4: Tn of Student Government 4: Student Congress 4: Off-Campus Council 4: Commerce Club CROWDER. WILLIAM. Mus. Club 2: Omcea Psi Phi 3.4. Music Guild 2.3.4: Lampada DARDEN, JOYCE M. RIE, Psychology; Psychology- Club 1,2, DARK, GLORIA ELEANOR, Home Economics Education; Home Economics Club 1,2,3,4; ' WC.X 2: NE. 4: , rchoniaii Club 2: Band 3.4; House Council 4, DAMS. AUGUSTUS. Biology: Biolog ' Club 1.2.3,4; Scrollers Club 1: Kappa Alpha Psi 2,3,4; Eagle Staff 2,3. D.WIS, BEVERLY ELAINE, Music: Choir Band Student Con- gress 1.2.3: Ivy Leaf Club 2; AKA Sorontv 2.3.4: SNEA 4: MENC 3; Big Sister 4. DAVIS. ELLA CLAUDETTE. English: Choir 1: Band 1.2,3,4; NA. CP 1,2; French Club 2: English Club 4: h-y Leaf Club 2: AKA Sorority 3,4: SNEA 4. DAVIS, RUSSELL DOUGLAS, ANNETTE, Accounling: DUNCAN, MARVIN E., Mathematics; Sphinx Club 2; Pan Hellenic Council 3,4; Secretary 4; Alpha Phi Alpha 3,4; Co-Dean of Pledgees of Alpha Phi Alpha 3,4; Math Club 1,2,3,4; French Club 1,2; Student Congress 4. EDWARDS, JENNIE, Home Econo 2,3,4; NA. CP 3,4; YWCA 4. Education: Home Economics Club 1, EVANS, GLORIA DEAN, Biology; Biology Club 4; NEA 3; YWCA 2; NAACP 2. EVANS, WILLIAM P., Biology; NAACP 3,4; Who ' s Who 4; Lampodas Club 1; Treasurer 1; Choir 1,2,3,4; President — Vice President. FAIRLE ' , ELAINE, French; French Club 1,2,4; Spanish Club 4; Pyramid Club 2; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority 3,4; Big Sister 3 ; NEA 4. FARRINGTON, LILLIAN L., Physical Education; House Council I ; Pem Club 3,4; YWCA 4; WAA 3,4. FERRELL, CAROLENE, Business Educatu 2,3; Commerce Club 4. Group 1, FINNEY, JOAN D., Chemistry; YWCA 1; Zeta Phi Beta Sorority 2,3,4; Alter- nate Senior Counselor. GANTT, ALPHONSO M., Mathematics; Beta Kappa Chi; Scientific Society 3,4; Treasurer 4; Alpha Kappa Mu 3,4; President 4; German Club 2,3; Math Club 3,4; Who ' s Who 4. GARNER. WILLIE L., Physical Education; Football Team 2; Photography Club 3; PEM Club 2,3,4; Tennis Team 3,4; German Club 1,2; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4. (not pictured) GASTON, DOUGLAS DeFOREST, Biology; Biology Club 2,3,4; Shark Club 3,4; French Club 2,3,4; Student Congress 4 ; Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4. GEYER, BARBARA, Biology; Student Government 2,4: Ivy Leaf Club 2; . KA Sorority 3,4; NEA 4; Senior Counselor 4. GODETTE, DORIS A., Busmen Educatio NAACP4; YWCA 4. NEA 4; C GODWIN, MARY, Bminen Education; G 3,4; French Club I; NEA 4. Club 1,2,3.4; YWCA 1,2, GRAY, EDWARD, English; Student Government 1,2,3,4; Student Congress 2, 3,4; NEA 3,4; NAACP 1,2,3,4; English Club 1,2,3,4. GREEN. ELVIRA, Mu ic: Choir 1,2,3.4; AKA Sorority 2,3,4; French Club 4: Senior Counselor 2,3,4; Ivy Leaf Club 1; Class Parliamentarian 4; Dean of Pledgees 4. GREEN. JOE LEWIS, NAACP 1.2,3; Social Science Club 1; Band 1.2.3; Student Government 1.2. GREEN. WILLIE. Biology: Cho dent of the Crescent Club 3.4. ,3.4; Tennis Team 2; Presi- GRICE. PEGGY JEAN, Home Economies Education; Ho Economics Club 1,2,3.4; NAACP 4; Law Club 4. NEA 4 Y " F GRIER. ARTHUR NESBIT. Physical Education: Lettermen ' s Club 3,4; Foot- ball Team 1.2.3,4; Intr.imural Basketball 3,4; Shark Club 2,3,4; PEM Club 1,2,3,4. GRIFFIN, LEWIS H,, Chemistry; Crescent Club 2; Phi Beta Sigma 3.4. HALES. ALLIE MAE. Social Science; Social Science Club 1,2,3,4; NAACP 1,2, 3,4; MSM 1,2,3; WAA 1.2; Cheerleader 3,4; NEA 4; YWCA 2,4; Big Sister 3,4. HALL, EVELYN CHRISTINE, Sociology: Ivy Leaf Club 1 ; AKA Sorority 2,3,4; House Council 3; Student Congress 3; Senior Counselor 4. HALL, WILLIE, English; Choir 1: Feature editor Campus Echo 2; Crescent Club 2; Literary Editor Eagle 3: Pan HcUanic Council 3,4 :Managing Editor Club 2; Literary Editor Eagle 3; Pan Hellenic Council 3,4; Managing Editor Club 3; News Bureau Photographer 4. (not pictured) H. MMOND, WILLL- M, Biology: Choir 1.2: N ' E.A 4: French Club 1,2; Stu- dent Congress 1.2.3; Sphinx Club; Intramural Sports; Biology Club 1.2,3; Sun. School 1,2: N. ACP. HANKINS. WILBUR. Maihematics: Band 1.2.3 Club 1,2; Newman ' s Club 2.3,4; Student Go Psi Phi 2,3,4. Math Club 2,3.4; Lampadas ernment President 4; Omega HARGR.AVES, LELA. Psychology Club 1,2.3.4; NAACP 1.2,3,4. HARRIS. HERBERT LEON. Phy, al Education; Pem Club HARRIS. JANIE A.. Sonology; VWCA 4. HARRIS, JUNE LEATRICE. Commercal Education; Com- merce Club 1.2,3,4; Pyramid Club 2; Delta Sigma Theta 2,3, 4; Senior Counselor 4; French Club I; SNEA 4; NAACP 3,4; YWCA 3,4; Vespers Promotion 2.3; House Council 1.2. HARRIS. VIRGINIA D.. Buui merce Club 1,2,3,4: VWCA 1: Education; NEA 4: Con ench Club 1,2; NAACP I, HARRISON, CATHERINE, Buuness Education; YWCA 1 ; Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; AKA Sorority 2,3.4; SNEA 4; Senior Counselor 4: Ivy Leaf Club 1, 2; NAACP 1,2. HAVNES, MYRIAL ARVELLA. Music; Choir 3.4; Band 2.3: German Club 2,3; Music Educator ' s Club 2.3. m- ' HAZEL, MARGARET, Nursery School Education; Home Economics Club 1,2,3,4. HENDERSON, LYMAN BEECHER, Biology; Band 1,2.3,4; Photography Club 1,2,3; Men ' s Dormitory Council; Student Congress 2.4; Who ' s Who 4; President of Senior Class 4: Traffic Appeals 3.4; -Vice-President of Sophomore Class 2. HEREIN, SHIRLEY, Buunest Education: Commerce Club 2; NAACP 1, NE. 4. HILLI. RD. LESLIE, Chenustry: Shark Club 1.2; NAACP 1,2; Crescent Club 2. HINSON, ALFRED, Piychology; Photography Club 2,3; Shark Club 1,2,3; Psychology Club 1,2,3,4; Intramural Sports 1,2; Scrollers Club 4, HINTON, BARBARA, English; Spanish Club 1; SNEA 4; Off Campus Council 2; Big Sister 4; Home Economics Club 2. HINTON, MELVIN, Bwlogy: Crescent Club 3; Phi Beta Sigma 4; Pan Hellenic Council 4, (not pictured) HOFFLER, JOSEPH, Biology: Lampodas Club 1,2; Omega Psi Phi 2,3,4; Biology Club 2.3,4, Spanish Club 4; Shark Club 2; Intramural Basketball 3,4; Student Government 4. HOLMES, MELBA. Busme NA.ACP 2,4. HOWARD, CLINTON Club 4; NEA 4; HOWARD, MARGARET, Business Educatu pus Echo 2; Summer Echo 1 ; Choir 1. Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; Ca HUGHLEY, OXYNENIA, English: Wesley Foundation 1,2,3,4; Campus Echo 4 ; NEA 4. HUNTER, ELIZABETH. Biology: Biology Club 4; Ho 1,2; WAA 1. Council 2.4; NAACP ICARD, FRED, Malhemahcs: Math Club 3,4; German Club 1,2; Dormitory Government 3,4; Beta Kapa Chi 3,4; Intramural Sports 4; Student Govern- INGRAM, LARRY, Accou Beta Sigma 3,4; NAACP. Club 3,4; Crescent Club 3; Phi INMAN, CROSBY. Physical Education; Veter, German Club 1,2; Peni Club 3,4; NAACP 2,3 Club 1,2; Lampodas Club 1; itramural Sports. ISLER, MILDRED, Businen Education. Commerce Club 2,3,4; YWCA 1,2; NAACP 1,2; SNEA 4. JEFFERYS, SHIRLEY, Psychology; Pyramid Club 1 : Delta Sigma Theta So- rority 2,3,4; French Club 2; Social Science Club 3; Psychology Club 3,4; Pan Hellenic Council 4; Executive Council for Off Campus Women. V T JEFFRIES, SHIRLEY, Sociology; Eagle Staff 1,2; House Co cil 1,2; YWCA 1; hy Leaf Club I; Alpha Kappa Alpha rority 2,3,4; NAACP 1 ; Sweetheart of Alpha Phi Alpha 4. JOHNSON, JACK, Art; Campus Echo 1,4; NAACP 4. JOHNSON, JEAN, Biology; German Club 2,3. JOHNSON, PATRICIA, French: YWCA 2,3; French Club 1,2, 3,4; House Council 4; Eagle Staff 2,3; Campus Echo Staff 4; NAACP 1 ; NEA 4. JONES, ELIZABETH, French: French Club 1,2,3,4; President 2,3; Tr( 4; Off Campus Council 1,2,3,4; Vice President 3; Big Sister 3,4; Pyramid Club 1 ; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority 2,3,4; President 4; NEA 4. JONES, FLOSSIE, Business Education; House Council 3; Commerce Club 3,4; Student Government 1,2,3; NEA 4; NAACP 3; Summer Echo 1,2; YWCA 4. JONES, PATRICIA, Secretarial Science: YWCA 4; Comn Eagle Staff 4; NAACP 4: House Council 2. KEE, DORA, Food and Nutrition; Home Ec YWCA 1,4. Club 1,2,3,4; NAACP 1,4; KILBER, JAMES KIRKMAX. JANET, tion 1,2,3.4. YWCA 1 : SNEA 4 ; Vesley Methodist Founda- LAXGSTO.X. GLADYS, Biology; N. ACP 2.3.4: NEA 4. LEACH. . L RGL . Home E Club 4; XAACP 4: SXEA 4. Home Economics Club 1.2,3.4: La LEASURE, V ' OXXE. Biology: Gentian Club 1 : YWCA 4. LEXOIR. CATHVRX. Public Health Xur mg: Chi Eta Phi: WAA: XA.- CP: President of XCC Graduate Nurses ' Club. LLOYD. JEAX. Biology: Biolog - Club 2.3.4: SXEA 4. LLO ' D. VIVI. N, English: French Club 1: SNEA 4: Ivy Leaf C:lub 2: Alternate Senior Counselor 4: YWCA 1: Wesley Methodist Foundation 4 : Who ' s Who. LOFTON. ROBERT. Accounting: Men ' s Steering Committee 4: Men ' s Dormi- tory- Council 4; Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity 2.3,4 T Crescent Club 1: XA.ACP 3,4. LONG, CAROLYX. Englnh: Choir; French Club 4: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority 2.3.4: House Council 1.4: Pyramid Club 1. House President 4: French Club 4; NEA 4. LUCAS. AUGL ' STA. Buune i Education: Commerce Club 1,2,3,4: Pyramid Club 1.2: WAA 1.2: XAACP 1 : Dormiton- Committee 4. LYXCH. MARL N, Vocational Home Economics: XAACP 4: Home Econom- ics Club 1,2: President 3.4: Cimpus Echo 1,2,4; Summer Echo 1,2, House Council 3: XEA 4: Social Science Club 1. LYONS, IRIS, Malhemalus: Math Club 3,4; Ivy Leaf Club 1,: Alpha Sorority 2,3; French Club 4; Senior Counselor 4. McBEE, VALERIA, Foods and Nutrition: Eagle Staff 1,2; Sti ment 2,3 ; YWCA 2,3; Home Economics Club 1.2,3,4. . lpha Kappa McCOY, ALBENNY, Biology: Biology Club 4; NEA. McCOY. ARLENE, Business Education; Commer Youth Movement 3; NAACP 3,4; SNEA 4; Band I. Club 2,3,4; Methodi; J (% McCOY, WILLIAM. Accounting: Commerce Club 3.4; Student Congress 3.4; Lampodas Club 1.2; Omega Psi Phi Fraternity 2,3,4; German Club 1,2; E.igle Staff 4; N. ACP 1,2. McDonald, BEULAH, Business Education: 1,4; Archonian Club 2; Zeta Phi Beta Sorority 3,4; Counselor 4; NAACP 2,3; SNEA 4; YWCA 4. McINTOSH, TIMOTHY, Mathematics: Social Science Club 1.2; Men ' s Dormitory Government 4; Student Congress 1.4; Student Government Cabinet 4; Math Club 1,2,3,4; Lampo- das Club 1: Omega Psi Phi Fraternity 2.3.4; French Club; German Club 4; President of the Sophomore Class: Welfare Committee 4; Pan Hellenic Council 3,4. McNEILL. MATTIE. Sociology: Social Science Club; NAACP 1,2; ' I ' WCA 2; Eagle Staff 3; Vesper Committee 4. McNEILL, DONNIE, Sociology; President Ivy Leaf Club 2, Basileus Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority 4; Big Sister 3,4; President Off Campus Women 4; Student Government Cabinet 4; Thespians 2,3; Women ' s Steering Committee 4; President of the Alpha Kappa Delta National Honor Sociological Society; Off Campus Council 2,3,4. McNEILL. VIRGINIA. Phy Pern Club 3. al Educ WAA 3 ; Che ng Squad 3,4; MAGNESS, JOHN, Health Education and Biology: Intramural Sports, Biology Club; NAACP. MAINOR, MARTHA, Music; Band 1,2,3; Choir 1,2,3,4; Organ Guild 3; SNEA 4; Music Education Club 1,2,3; NAACP. MALLORV, CHESTER, Psychology: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. 2,3,4; Sphinx Club 1; Campus Echo 1,2,3; Eagle Staff 1; Student Government 2 : Student Congress 2; Pan HcUanic Council 4; Psychology Club 2,3,4: French Club 4; German Club 4; NAACP 2,3; Dormitory Advisory Committee. MANN, JAMES MARSHALL, EVELYN, Secretarial Science,- Pyramid Club 1; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority 2,3,4; Commerce Club 4 ; German Club 1. MARTIN, JAMES, Busineti Administration; Math Club 2,3: Commerce Club 3,4; Lettermen ' s Club 1,2,3,4; Student Government 1; Basketball Team 1,2, 3,4; Shark Club 2,3. MARTI.X. " . ' ONXE, Bunne Club 1,2,3.4; YWCA 4; Sum MELMN, DELORES, Musu Student Government 1 ; G Education , XE. 4 : Commerce iand 1,2,3,4: Organ Guild 1,2; an C;luh 1.2: Women ' s Student MILLS, H. TTIE. Commercial Education: SNEA 4; NAACP 2 : WAA 1 ; Commerce Club 2,3. MILLS, MARILYN, Biology: Biology Club 4; Miss Chidley H.ill 3: Miss Homecoming 4: .Mpha Kappa .Mpha Sorority 2.3.4: Senior Counselor 4: Ivy Leaf Club 1.2: SNEA 4: W. ' A 1.4: NAACP 1. MILLS, JESSIE, Biology: Pyramid Club 2; Delta Sigma Theta NAACP 2,3,4; House Council 2,4: Student Affairs Committee 3 Hall 4: NEA. MITCHENER, GLENNA, Social Science. rity 3,4; Chidley MOBLEY BETTY, Bu MONK, GLADYS, Health Education: Comn NAACP 1,2. Club 1; Dance Group 1,2: MOORE, BETTY. Biology. MOORE, TH. DDEUS. HiUcy: Sociology Club 1; Social Science Club 4; Dramatics Club 3 ; SNEA 4 ; NAACP. MURPHY, ANNIE, Home Economic : Law Club 4; Home Economics Club 1,2,3,4: YWCA 2,4; NAACP 2,3,4: SNEA 4; Methodist Student Organiza- tion 2,4. MURPHY, ROBERT L., Physical Education; PEM Club 1,2,3,4: President 3,4 Lettermen ' s Club 2,3,4; Lampodas Club 1; Baseball 1; Football Team 2,3,4 J.V. Basketball Coach 4; Athletic Committee: Men ' s Dormitory Council 1 Intramural Basketball 1.2,3,4; Recreation Director-Chidley Hall 4. MORRIS, EDGAR, Lampodas Club 1 ; Omega Psi Phi 2,3,4. NELSON, QUINCEY C. Business Education: Commerce Club ' 1,2,3,4: NAACP 1,2,3,4; YWCA 1,2,3.4; NEA 4; French Club | 1.2: Methodist Youth Movement 2,3. NEWTON. MAEBELLE TATE. English: SNEA 1,2.3,4: Cho 1.2: English Club 1,2; NAACP 1.2,3,4: History Club 1,: NIXON, VERNON, Biology: Biology Club 1,2, Scrollers Club 1; K.ippa Alpha Psi 2,3,4. NORMAN, FREDERICK M., NORWOOD, M.-KBLE, Spanish; Sp.anish Club 1; NEA 1; YWCA 1; NA.- CP 1, OUTLAW, CLIFFORD, Chemistry; Shark Club 1.2; Crescent Club 2,3; Phi Beta Sigma 3,4. {not pictured) PARKER, ERNEST, Biology; Biology Club 1,2,3,4; Scrollers Club 1; Kappa Alpha Psi 2,3,4. ■■■■■■■ PARKER, LAURA, Co PARKER, REBECCA. Physical Educaiwn: Photography Club 1: NAACP Pyramid Club 2: Big Sister 3. PATTERSON. COZETTE, Health Education; Social Science Club 1: Pyramid Club 1 : Delta Sigma Theta 2,3,4: Student Government 2: NEA 4. PERRY. BARBARA J. Munc: Cho Ivy Leaf Club 1; MEXC 3; Senio Guild 3. • 1.3: Band 2.3.4; AKA Sorority 2.3.4: Counselor 4: SNEA 4; SNEA 4: Organ PERR ' . BETT ' i ' . Spannh: Spanish C:kib: YWCA : NEA: So- ciology Club: Youth Methodist Organization. PERRY. WENDELL. Mathematics Lampodas Club 2: Omega Psi Phi 3.4; NAACP 2: Intramural Basketball 3.4. PETTI FORD. JOSEPH BERT Off-Ca nipus Men ' Cou. ril I 2.3.4; NEA 1 : Chairma 1 — Program Com mittee 2,4; S uden Congress 4 : Psychologj- C ub 4. PHILLIPS. BETTYE A., Bun ticK Edu catior .■ Cot unerce Club 1,2.3.4: Th spi.m 1: StL dent Governi tent 2; Chf erleade r 3.4 PHILLIPS. BLONDINA, Commcjce. PRIDGEON. WILMA MARIL ' N. Sociology: Spanish Club 1,2; Ivy Leaf Club 1,2; AKA Sorority 2.3.4: House Council 1.4; Senior Counselor 4; Stu- dent Government 1.2.4; Welfare Committee 4; Who ' s Who 4; Alpha Kappa Mu 3,4; Psi Chi 3.4; Pi Gamma Mu 3.4; Alpha Kappa Delta 3,4; Psychology Club 2,3,4. PR ■OR, BETTYE TAYLOR. P i)( PEM Club 2.3,4. Ivy Leaf Club 2. ' -al Education: WAA 1,2; Thespi; Cheerleader 2,3; SNEA 4. QUICK, LINCOLN CORDELL, Bunnea: Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2, 3,4; NAACP 1,2,3,4. RAMSEY, MARIE Q.. Business Education: SNEA 4: Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; Echo Staff 4; N.AACP 1.4; VVVCA 1. REED, PEGGIE CHARLENE, Business Education; Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader 3,4; Spanish Club 1; NEA 4; Iw Leaf Club 1,2; . KA Sorority 2,3,4; WAA 1,2,3,4; NAACP 1 ; New Dormitory Committee 4. RIDDICK, CAROLYN, Buitness Educalu Vesper Committee 1,2; Spanish Club 1,2 NEA 4; Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; louse Council 2; Pyramid Club 1,2. RIDDICK, MARY EVELYN, General Science: NEA 4; House Council 1,4; German Club 1,2; Eaele Staff 2; YWCA 2,3,4; NAACP 3,4. ROBERSOX, lALA, C Club 1.2. -lal Education: NEA 1; Pv ROBINSON. ISAAC A., Sociology: Psychology Club 1,2,3,4; Social Science Club 1,2.3; Student Congress 2. ROBSON, MARGARETA. General Science: YWCA 2,3. NEA 4; NAACP 1.2.3,4; Student Affairs 3; Pyramid Club Echo Staff 2.3; Off -Campus Council 2. ROGERS. BRENDA ,IO •CE. Sociology: German Club 1. Dance Grou|) 2; Psychology Club 3.4; Sociology Club 4; Ch. RUFFIN, CAROLYN, Psychology: YWCA 1,2,3.4; Big Sister 4; Psychology Club 2,3,4. SAMPSON, EVA, Business Education: Commerce Club 1,2.3.4; Wesley Move- ment 1,2,3,4; YWCA 1,2,3,4; NEA 4; Culture Committee 1,2; Vesper Com- mittee 1. SCHOOLER, SHERYL, Psychology: Women ' s Steering Committee 1,2,3,4; Big Sister 3,4; Pyramid Club 1; Delta Sigma Theta 2,3,4; NAACP 1,2,3,4; Eagle Staff 1,2,3; Echo Staff 1,2,3; Thespians 1,2; German Club 1,2; Psychology Club 2,3,4; Psi Chi President; Inter-Collegiate Fellowship 1,2,3. SCIPO, LEON DELANE, Biology; Band 1,2.3,4; SNEA 4; Lampodas Club 3. j j« u , u ' - : , SCURLOCK, ALICETEEN. Physical Education; YWCA 2,3,4; WAA 4; NBA 4; German Club 1,2. SHARPE, TRUMILLA, Biology: Delta Sigma Theta 2.3,4; Biology Club 1,2,3. 4; NAACP 2,3,4; NEA 4; Pyramid Club 1; Student Government 3,4; Student Congress 1,2. SHAW, WILLIE A X, Home Economics Education: Home 1,2,4; SNEA 4; YWCA 1,2; NAACP 1,4. SIMMONS, S. DALLAS. Businas Administration: NAACP 1,2.3,4; Men ' s Dor- mitory Council 2,3,4; Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; Kappa Alpha Psi 2,3,4; Pan Hellenic Council 4. . W SMITH. CAROLYN. French 2.3,4; House Council 2.3.-1 2.4; NEA 4; Who ' s Who 4. Ivy Leaf Club 1,2; AKA Sorority Senior Counselor 4; French Club SMITH, CYNTHIA EREU.A, Health Education: ' C. 1, SMITH, DOROTHY PAIGE, Bi unfo Education: Co Clul. 3.4, Shark Club 1; NEA 4; House Council 4; YWCA 2. SMITH, HAROLD CHAUNCEY, Piycholoi y: Omega Psi Phi 2.3.4; Student Congress 2,3; Psychology Club 2,3,4; Vice- President 4; Treasurer Junior Class; Veterans Club; Political Science Club 4. SPEIGHT, BETTYE L, Biology: YWCA 1; NAACP 2; Off-Campus Council 1,2,3,4; Psychology Club 4. SPELLER. BENJAMIN SPRUELL, MARY L,, Buimcu Education: NEA 4. YWCA 4; NAACP 4. STARNES. EMIL ' l ' , Home Economics Education: Hon 3,4; NAACP 4; SNEA 4; Student Congress 2; Thespi; AKA Sorority 3,4. Club 1.2, 2; Ivy Leaf Club 3; STEELE, MARJORIE, Secretarial Science: Ivy Leaf Club 2 1,2,3; YWCA 1,2; NAACP 1,2,3; Choir 1,2,3,4. STITH, JOHN COURTLAND, Accounting; Eagle Staff 4; Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; Vice-President 3; President 4; Echo Staff Business Manager 3,4; Stu- dent Government ; Business Manager 4 ; NAACP 1 ; Phi Beta Sigma 4. an History; Social Sc STRATER, ELIZABETH MARIE, An Pyramid Club 1. SUITT, LARRY, Buuness Education; Echo Staff 4; Commerce Club 2,3,4; Phi Beta Sigma 3,4: NAACP 3,4; Eagle Staff 2,3. SUTTON, JESSIE M,, Clothing and Textiles; Home Economics Club 1,3,4; WAA 1,2.3; PEM Club 2,3; Shark Club 3; Intra- mural Women ' s Basketball 1,2,3; Eagle Staff 3.4: Editor of the Eagle 4: NAACP 4. TATE, ROSE E., Busineu Education; NAACP 1,2; Commerce Club 1,2,3; Student Congress 1; Ivy Leaf Club 1,2; House Council 2,3; AKA Sorority 2,3,4; Alpha Kappa Mu 3,4; Sen- ior Coimsclor 4: SNEA 4: Who ' s Who 4; Women ' s Steering Conim 4 ; Attendant to Miss NCC 4. TAYLOR, VICTORIA, Fienrh; Delt: Sister 3 ; NAACP 3 : Spanish Club 4. Sigma Thct,i 3,4; Big THAXTON, GLORIA, Business Education; 2.4 : NEA 1 : YWCA 1 ; NAACP 1. THOMPSON, DOROTHY FAYE, Sociology; Uy Leaf Club 1 ; YWCA 1 : Psy- chology Club 3; Phi Chi; NAACP; .-VKA Sorority 2,3,4; Student Congress. THOMPSON, IRENE, Home I 1,2,3,4; YWCA 3,4; NAACP 4. Education; Home Economics Club THOMPSON, SYLVIA, General Science; French Club 1; Pyramid Club 2,3; Delta Sigma Theta 3,4; Concert Committee 3,4. TODD, BARBARA ANN, Biology; House Council 1,2; Biology Club 2,3,4; Ger- man Club 2,3. w T TOLBERT, PEARLIE MAE. unery School Education: Home Club 3,4. TOOMER. CORENE. Home Economic! Education: Home Economics Club 1-4: hy Leaf Club 2: SNEA 4; House Council 2; AKA Sorority 2.3,4; NAAC P 4. TUCKER. DIXIE D . Bu;ine!s Educati, Eagle Staff 1.2,3: Ivy Leaf Club 2. NEA 4: Commerce Club 1,2,3,4; USHER, ELOISE. Accounting: Choir AKA Sorority 2.3.4: Secretary ' 3: Student Council 1,3; Newman ' s Club 3,4; Senior Counselor 4: Class Sec- retary 3: I -y Leaf Club 1. VALLET. B. RBARA A.NN. .S.-rio oci : YWCA 2.3: Psychology- Club 2.3.4. WALLACE. PAUL STARETT. Bu ,n,■ mcr.e Club 3.4: Lampodas Club 1,2 NAACP 2.3.4: Omcea Psi Phi 2.3.4. Admmislratwn: Com- ;ofial Science Club 4: WATFORD. .lEROLE.NE. Accounting: YWCA 1.2. O Club Pvramrd Club 2.3: Sunday School 1, W. TK1XS. GERALDIXE. Plu ical Education: Cheerleader : 4: Ciaptain 4: PEM C:kib WAA 1-4: Dance Group 1, 3.4: N ' esper Committee 2 : NEA 4. €l WEAVER. PRESTON WELLS, FLORENCE, Busines! Education; Student Methodist Organization 1,2: Secretary 1: Vice-President 2: Secretary-Senior Class: Secretary of SNEA 4: House Council 2,3; Senior Counselor 4: Commerce Club 1,2,3,4: Reporter 3,4: NAACP 1,2,3,4: Reporter 1: Student Congress 4; Eagle Staff 2,3,4; VWC.4 2; Vesper Promotion 2.3: Class Secretary 4: Secretary- NE. 4: Secre- tary of Sun. School 2,3. WHITAKER, JAMES, Business Education; Omega Psi Phi 2,3,4; Lampodas Club 1 ; Commerce Club 4: Photography Club 2,3; Spanish Club 1,2. WIGGI.NS, DAVID LEE, American History. SNEA 4; Men ' s Steering Commit- tee 4; Echo Staff 4; Band 1,2,3,4; President 3; Choir 2,3; Social Science Club 4. WIGGINS, JAMES A., Piychology; Choir 1; Football 2; Psychology Club 2,3,4. WILKERSON, JAMES T, Physical Education; PEM Club; Shark Club; NEA; NAACP; Intramural Football 1,2,3. WILLIAMS, JEFFREY, Malhematics: Football 1,2; Math Club 3,4; Intra- mural Sports 2,3,4; Lettermen ' s Club 2,3,4. WILLIAMSON, EMMA L., Secretarial Sc Staff 3; Band 1,2,3,4. Commerce Club 1.2,3,4; Eagle WOOTEN, WILLARD, Che nd 1,2,3,4: NEA 1. WILLIAMSON. MARY ALICE. Muuc and French: Pyramid Club 1; Choir 2.3.4; Band 1.2; Music Club 1.2.3; Who ' s Who 4; Delta Sigma Theta 2,3.4; Sweetheart of Omegas 4; NAACP 2,3,4; Organ Guild 3; French Club 4. WILLIAMSON. PRESTINA. Dramatic Artu Zeta Phi Beta 2, 3,4; Thespians 2,3,4; NEA 4; House Council 1,4. WILSON. WILLIAM EARL, Bwlogy and General Science: Who ' s Who 4: Beta Kappa Chi 4; NA. ' VCP 1.2,3,4. WITHERS, ■VO NE v.. Sociology: Choir 1.2,3,4; Dance Group 3.4; Social Science Club 2,3.4: Student Government 2, 3; Off-Campus Council 3: NAACP 4; Law Club 4: YWCA 2,3; Psychology Club 4. WRIGHT, DELORES, Physical Education: PEM Club 1,2.3.4; Delta Sigma Theta 2,3,4; YWCA 4. WRIGHT, SHIRLEY, Home Economics: Home Economics Club 1,2.3,4; Ivy Leaf Club 2,3; AKA Sorority 3.4; NAACP 4; Band 1 : NEA 4 SCOTT, ELEANOR G., Sociology: Club 1. Choir 1 and 2: Ivy Leaf Club; NAACP: YWCA; Eagle Staff. Jm imM FIRST ROW: Allen, Carolyn. Allen, Gracie, Alston, Charles, Al- en, Baldwin, Daisy, Banks, Alice, Bannerman, . 2zlene, Barnes, Emo- ston, Genevie e. Anderson. .Annie. .Anderson, Bettye. SECOXD gene. Barnes, Joyce. FOURTH ROW: Barnes, Romaine, Barbee, ROW: Arrington, Elsie. Askew, Lorraine, .Attaway, Robert, .Avery, Harriett, Barber, Charles. Barfteld. Dorothy, Battle. Gloria, Battle, David, .Avent, John, Bailey, Catherine. THIRD ROW: Bailey, Hel- James. Baylor. Lenard Blount. Lula Blount. Ruth Bclhea. Shirley Blackman. Eugen Blue. Betty Boone, Patri FIRST ROW: Booth, Charles, Bouleware, Barbara, Breathett, den, Gracie, Burke, Fred, Burnetle, Barbara, Burton, Alice, Burto George, Brown, Alfreda, Brown, Christme, Brown, Emma. SEC- Beverly, Butler, Roland. FOURTH ROW: Byrdsol, Claudia, Cat OND ROW: Brown, Frances, Brown, Shirley, Bryant, Carolyn, Bry- eron, Linda, Campbell, Duncan, Campbell, Patricia, Carmon, Da ant, Faye, Bunch, Raymond, Jr., Burch, Eula. THIRD ROW: Bur- iel, Carson, Lester. FIRST ROIV: Cole, Phillip, Colson. Nettie. Corey, Betty, Couch, vin, Dickens, Charles. Dobson. Clara, Dockery. Christine, Drew, Dcloris. Council. Mary. Currington. Robert. SECOXD ROW: Dan- Gloria FOURTH ROW: Drew. Watson, Dudley, Thelma, Dunlap, icls. . ddie. Daniels, Gloria, Davis, . nna, Davis, Kathleen, Davis, George, Dunn, Xelda, Dunston, Ruby, Durham, Jacqueline. Ruth, Daye, Josephine. THIRD ROW: DeBerry. Jean, Dent, Mar- Eaton. Herman Edwards, . nnie EUisc n. Hazel Erwi 1. Joyce t ' 9m Eduards. Billie 1 Ellis, Luther Evans, Frances Fairle , .Audrey FIRST ROW: Fagins, Etta, Farmer, Barbara, Farror, Faydene, Far- rier, Carole, Fields, Barbara, Flythe, Vivian. SECOND ROW: Fos- ter, Archer, Foust, Shirley, Catling, Eleanor, Gay, Barbara, George, Sadie, Gilchrist, Goethe. THIRD ROW: Giles, Jessie, Gilliam, Mary. Godwin. .Alice, Goodson. Phyllis, Goss FOURTH ROW: Grant, Gladys. Gi Greene, Alvin, Greene, Maxine, Greene, Kenneth, Graham, Dorothy Crier, Mamie Guthrie, Edna Hammond, Tho , Ray , Victor Harding, Clyde Harper, Caroly FIRST ROW: Harris. Augustine, Harris, Bishop, Harris, Carolyn, Shirley, Henry, Francos, Herrint, Francinia, Hicks, Hazel, Hicks, Harris, Janice, Harris, Marie, Harris. Pricilla. SECO D ROW: Mabel, Hill, Lucy. FOURTH ROW: Hinton, Oscar, Hodge, Cora, Haney, Delores, Hawkins, Jean, Hawkins, Mary, Hayes, Thomas, HoUoman. Cora, Holt, Patsy, Howerton, Americus, Hughes, JoAnne. Headen. Barbara. Henderson. John. THIRD ROW: Henderson, uf ' ■ ' ■ ) M Humphrey, Ann Hunt, Bettye Jackson. WiUene James, Raymond Hi ntley. ,! • nny Jac kson. Ro sctta JeFfers, Vclma Johnson , Doris FIRST ROW: Johnson, Elizabeth, Johnson, Emma, Johnson. Gwen- Kersey, Mane. Keyes, Gloria, Kilpatrick. Calvin, King. Brenda. dolyn, Johnson, James, Johnson, John, Johnson, Majorie. SECOXD Knox, Charles. FOURTH ROW: Lane, Susie, Lawrence, John, ROW: Jones, Magclla, Jones, Scarlet, Jones, Th,id S., Jorden, Em- Lawrence, Mary, Lee, Matilda, Lee, Odell, Lester, Evelyn, ma, Justice, Gloria, Kelly, Alice. THIRD ROW: Kerns, Blondena, is, Coliice ax, Barbara McDonald, Marjor McKenzie, Yvonne McClinlon, Mary McCoy, Dorothy McKessin, Vera McKinney, Wake FIRST ROW: McKoy, Dorothy. McN ' air. Costella, McNeil, Bessie. ler. Earl. Mills, Jesse. Mills. Maxine. Mitchell, Doris, Mitchell, Tiny. McNeil, James, McRae, Mildred. McRae. Pecolia. SECOND ROW: FOURTH ROW: Moore, . nnette. Moore, Linda, Moore, Lyn- McPhatter, Bernice. Magett. Lizzie, Martin, Bernice, Martin. Larry, wood, Moorehead, Nathaniel, Morgan, .Annie. Morgan, Esther. Mason, Lillian, Mayor. .Mice. THIRD ROW: Means. Elaine, Mil- Moser, Marilyn Neal, Janet Nicholes, Marshall Nobles, Vashti Ncal, Mary Jo Newton, Larry Outlaw, Johnni Owen, Jo Ann J - Pi 1 j j jg F ?5T ROW: Parker. Annie, Parris, Robert. Perry. Gila, Perr ' . John, Person, Rhoda, Peterson. Sara. SECOXD ROW: Phillips. Mae. Prichard. Ernestine. Pridgeon. Savannah. Porter, Laurestine. Powell. Doris. Ramseur. Christine. THIRD ROW: Ranson. Chester. Reed. Marg.iret. Reid. Chalotta. Reid. Thomlon, Ri.h. . n.and.i. Rich, Linda, FOURTH ROW: Reid. Delores. Rirks. Pearline. Rid- dick. Jean. Roberson. Marie, Robinson, Herma Jean, Robinson. Laiirietta. Ross. Lucinda Saunde Saunde Charles Mary Rvan. Alfred Saunders. Rudolph Satterficld. Laura UliSI ROW: Scott, Nancy, Scotton, Ada, Scttler.s. Tmch,,, SImw, Eleanor, Smith, Gloria, Smith, Joel, Sinith, Wilhamenia, Smith, Wil- Claudelte, Shaw, Evelyn, Shaw, Mary. SECOND ROW Shirley, lard, FOURTH ROW: Snead, Norma, Snipes, Carl, Solice, Elaync, Faye, Silbert, James, Simmons, Clara, Simmons, Curtis, Simmons, Speight, Bruce, Speight, Majorie, Speight, Phyllis. Willie, Simmons, Yvonne. THIRD ROW: Singletair, Marie, Smith, Spruill, John Stackhousc, Jeanette Stanley, Vestei Steele, Laura Stackhouse, Lcticia Stallings, Odctta Steele, Sonnya Stewart, Anne ►1 nl U FIRST ROW: Stewart, Clarence, Stewart, Helen, Stokes, John, Thompson, Mirian, Thompson, William, Thornton, Traccy. Thorpe, Stokes, Phyllis, Suggs, Henry, Suitt, Marian. SECOND ROW: Sul- Billy, Thorpe, Mary. FOURTH ROW: Tillman, Liola, Townsend, livan, Sammy, Summerville, Doris, Sutton, Nathaniel, Tate, Mane, Jesse, Turner, Julia, Turner, William, Verbal, Sidney, -inrent. Mae. Taylor, Willie, Thomas, Robert, THIRD ROW: Thompson, Faye, FIRST ROW: Wiggins, Dorothy. Wilke rette, Williams. Mildred, Williams, O SECOND ROIV: Williams, Valeria, W Shirley, Williams, Lai ■ssa, Williams, Otheli: Alton, WiUiarr n, Betty, Williamson, Huhert, Willougby, Harrison, Wilson, Ulys- s. THIRD ROW: Wood, Floyd, Young, Mildred, Lenard, Jose- We Bought Books . Studied And Danced, During Our Days at N.C.C Oj3bu(ytGA K.iKi gs,?fe:, ' 8a ayi-if ' ' r a£ ' r: ' jg- j».as ' ii! ' ' : ' -- . ' -a ' a FIRST ROW: Adams. Helen, Addicks. Eugene. Addison, Mar- zella. .Mston. Maxine. .Alston, . nnie. .Anderson. Barbara, . n- thony, ' era. Archer. Lena. SECOXD ROW: Avent, Nora. Baines, Jo Ann. Baker. Ida. Baker, Quinton, Baker, Thomas, Baldwin. Carolyn. Barbee. Paul. Barnes. Carrie. THIRD ROW: Barton, Vickie. B.iskette. Pattie. Bass. Queen. Baten. Sylvester, Battle, Jam, ROW: Batts. Johnny. Bennett, Mary, Berry-, Bettye, Berwell, Rog- er, Best, Barbara. Blake. James, Blue, Joyce, Blue, Katie. FIFTH ROW: Boomer. E elyn, Boone, Franklin, Boyd, James, Boyd, Thomas, Brockett, Barbara. Broodie, Helen, Brooks, Saundra, Brothers, Barbara. SIXTH ROW: Brown, Evelyn, Brown, Otis, Brown, Rozena. Bro n. Ronald. Browning, Jacquelyn, Bryant, CvnthK Do Ali( FOURTH Lilli. Burke. Tomel. FIRST ROW: Burt, Orlean, Burton, Judith, Bynum, Marvin, Campbell, Reginald, Canady, Virginia, Carrol, Hermenia, Car- ver, Edith, Chamblee, Rclla. SECOND ROW: Chance, Gladys, Cheek, Gwnedolyn, Cherry, LaVeda, Clark, Annette, Cobb, Ma- rie, Coley, Helen, Coley, Thelma, Conyers, James. THIRD ROW: Cooper, Beverly, Cooper, Iris, Copeley, Mary, Cowan, Vernelle, Curlee, Gwendolyn, Cunningham, Scottie, Dafford, Gloria, Dancy, Oleothia. FOURTH ROW: Darenpart, Mable, Davis, Barbara, Davis, Constance, Davis, Doris, Davis, Doris Ma- rie, Davis, James, Davis, Joyce, Davis, Lena. FIFTH ROW: Da- vis, Rogers, Daye, Vivian, Dent, Reginald, DeBcrry, Everett, De- Graffenreidt, Lucille, Dillahunt, Barbara, Dillahunt, Elvira, Dillard, Wilhelmenai. SIXTH ROW: Dixon, Sandra, Dawkins, Virginia, Dockery, Dwight, Dudley, Marcelcia, Dula, Virginia, Dupree, Marvin, Dunstan, Norma, Eaton, Anna. imSI Rdiy Edens, Thomas. Evercttc. Carolvn. Edwards. J.iniri-. Ellis, . lfreda. Ellis. Eduard. Ellis, Michael. Evans. Brcnda. Fairlcy. Chamnie. SECOSD ROW: Fclton. Hattie. Fcr- hce. Beatrice. F.nch. Doris. Fuch. Jerome. Fats. Gladys. Fitz. Je.mnie. Flowers. Melba. Fleming. Jacqueline. THIRD ROW: Freeman. Bi.rnett. Freeman. Douglas. Fuller. John. Gaither. Ron- ald. Grav. Herman. Cieer. Patricia. Geralds. Bettye. Gibbs. Doug- las FOURTH ROW: Graves. Judy. Green. Doris. Greene. Joyce, Griffin. Robert. Gripper. Lenan. Grissom. Mary. Guther, Verla, Haggins. Craft. FIFTH ROW: Haizlys, Ada, Halls, Sam. Hardy. Shirley, Hargrove, Edward, Harrington, Bar- bara. Harrington, Warren. Harris, James, Harris, Micheal SIXTH ROW: Horton. Gytanna. Horton, Shirley, Harvin, Sh ley, Hatchett, James. Hawkins, Louise, Hawkins, Phyllis, Hayes, Deloris. Hayes, Henrv. FIRST ROW: Hiiuon, Amelia, Hodge, Doris, Hodges, Theresa, Holmes, Mamie, Holt, Margaret, Home, Jean, Horton, Lyle, Hudson, JoAnn. SECOND ROW: Hughes, Janet, Islcy, Geral- dine, Ivey, Carine, Jackson, Sue, Jacobs, Bernice, James, Easter, James, Mildred, Jcfferies, Lassie. THIRD ROW: Jeffijis, Ethel, Jenkins, Carol, Jessups, JoAnn, Johnson, Doris, Johnson, Elaine, Johnson, Gladys, Johnson, Raymond, Johnson, Ruby. FOURTH ROW: Jones, Benjamin, Jones, Catherine, Jones, DeOla, Jones, Milo, Jones, Robert, Jones, William, Jones, Yvonne, Joyner, Car- olyn. FIFTH ROW: Keyes, Hinton, Killian, Edward, King, Al- bertha, Kinscy, George, LaHuffman, Donald, Lassiter, Clayce, Lauhan, Jasper, Leatherbeny, Daniel. SIXTH ROW: Leboa, Herbert, Lee, Peggy, Lee, Ola, Lightesy, Malvia, Lilly, Harold, Lineberger, Adrian, Lonest, Alexander, Lynch, LaFerne. w m j s §£ HKSl KUlV: McClary. Beverly, McCullough, Margaret. Mr- Donald, Brenda, McDonald, Dolls, Mclntyre, Wilma, McLeod, . nnie, McMiUian, Charles, McMlllian, Maxine, SECOND ROW: McNullins. Barbara, Malry, June, Massenburg, Stephen, Mathis, Estele. Melbane, Charles, Miller, Monadell, MiUi- gan, Shirley, Mitchell, Toni. THIRD ROW: Monta.gue, Doro- thy. Moore, Ethel, Moore. Rosetta. Moses, Joyce, Moss, Mattie, Murphy, Peggie, Murrell, James, Murrell, Patricia. FOURTH ROW: Newsome, Ida. Nixon, Mcrvain, Norris, Shclia, Ormond, . ' Mma, Owens, Lola, Page, Irma, Page, Jacueline, Palmer, Mari- etta. FIFTH ROW: Palmer, Pearline, Parker, Barbara, Parker, Cleveland, Parker, Cynthia, Patterson, Eleanor, Patterson, JoAnn, Perkins, Carol, Perry, Barbara. SIXTH ROW: Perry, Silvery, Phillips, Mary, Pipkins, Odell, Porter, Gwendolyn, Poteat, Gladys, Powell, Loretta, Prioleau. Hermione, Ramsev, Leak. FIRST ROW: Randolph, Evelyn, Randolph, Helen, Rankins, Gloria, Reaves, Carolyn, Reeves, Deloris, Reid, Celeste, Robin- son, Barbara, Robinson, Harry. SECOND ROW: Robinson, James, Robinson, LaVerne, Rodgers, Janet, Rogers, Carolyn, Rogers, Francis, Robers, Margaret, Rogers, Martha, Royster, Lois. THIRD ROW: Ruffins, Rose, Saunder, Mattie, Scales, Thomasene, Scott, .Mma, Scott, Courtney, Sessons, Arnold, Shanks, William, Shepard, Carolyn, FOURTH ROW: Shervill, Anne, Simmons, Billie, Simpson, Evelyn, Singletary, Carolyn, Smalls, Virginia, Smith, Betty, Smith, Charles, Smith, Johnny. FIFTH ROW: Smith, Warren, Sneed, Gale, Somerville, Edyth, Spencer, Henry, Spinery, Marva, Spruill, Lindbergh, Stargell, Marva, Stevenson, Edna. SIXTH ROW: Stephens, Norma, Street, Roy C, Slreetcr, Dorothy, Stroud, Jean, Sutton, Joseph, Sutton, Verna, Tate, Charles, Taylor, Barbara. FIRST ROU- Taylor, Bessie. Taylor, Lillian, Thompson, Mil- V ' ernaline, Walts. Billy. Warrell. Betty, Weathers, ' irginia, dred, Thompson. Shirley. Thorne. George. Thornton. Mary. Til- Webb. Fannie, Webb. Mary. Weeks, Charles, White, Douglas, lery, Cornelia. Townsend, Margaret. SECOXD ROW: Trotter, FIFTH ROW: Whiteside, Dallieree. Whitting:ton, Helen, Wiggins, .Mma, Turner, Evelyn, Vance, Dorothy, Vann, Nathaniel, Carrie, Wilkins, Richard. WiUiams, Annette, Williams, Annie, Vaughan, Richard, Vinson, Patricia, Vercen. Tlallie, Wall, Williams, Ccceha. Williams, Daisy. SIXTH ROW: Williams. Kathen. THIRD ROW: Walker. Barbara A., Walker, Mable, Frances. Williams. James. Williamson. Samuel, Wilson, Bessie, Walker. Flossie, Walter, Gerald, Ward. Nrelvin. Warren, Charles, Wilson James, Wilson, Phyllis. Woodward. Fredrick. Woody, Warren. Jes sie. Washington. Shirley. FOURTH ROW: Watson, Claretha. FIRST ROW: VVray, Barbara. Wright, Paul, VVynn, Frances, Wynder, Gloria. Young, Leola, Bryanny, Gloria, Crutchfield, Louise, Garrett, Bernice. SECOND ROW: Holmes, Charlesina, Montague. Dorothy. H.ll. Geraldine. Hilliard. Gladys Marie. H: Hard. Marian. Jarmon. Charles. Rich. Cecil. Richardson, Jauu THIRD ROW: Milton, Julius W.. Henderson. Irene D. fm iMm T TTTT FT Crj O CO. j; ,, ' , -, ;,....:,,m f HW f ? ! FIRST ROW: Aliernclhy, Judy. Adams, Barbara. Albright, Vcr- bf-, Allen, Carolyn, Alston, Gloria, Alston, Jcrncdia, Alston, Mi- chael, Alston, Rodrirk. SECOND ROW: Anderson, Viola, An- thony, Jolyquin, Armwood. June, . sbury, Robert, . ' tkinson. Flor- ence, Avent, Ann, Bacon, Joan, Baker, Battye. THIRD ROW: Baker, Janice, Baker, Marsha, Baldwin, Jessie, Ballard, Rosalyn, Ballard, Vclma, Banks, Agnes, Banks, Joyce, Barnes, Veronica. FOURTH ROW: Basly, Walter, Basnight, Phillip, Bass, Rose, Battle, Evelyn, Bcatty. Deloris. Belcher, Joyce, Bell, Biirnette, Bell, Roy. FIFTH ROW: Benson, Ronald, Best, Sandra, Bigclow, Ann, Bingham, Audrylene, Blair, Kathynel, Blakely, Carolyn, Bledsoe, Maxine, Bohn, Earl. SIXTH ROW: Bond, Demsey, Bond, Eva, Bond, Willie, Boone, . ' Knnie. Booth. Renee, Bowden, Audery, Bowling, Patricia, Boyd, Carl. SEVENTH ROW: Boy- kins, Geraldine, Bracey. Wileinenia. Bradley. John, Bradley. Shir- ley, Branch, Nathaniel, Brewer. George. Brickhouse. Mary, Broadway, Bonnie. Pi FIRST ROW: Br ooks C irolyi , Brooks, Delores, Brooks, Laura Brown, Joyce, Bro un. Loi . Brc wn. Minnie, Bryar t. . lfred Bry- ant, Ja mes. SECOXD ROIf; Budd, Regina, Bu Hock. Do rothy Bullock Dorothy, Bullock, Ian, es, Bullock. Margo Bullock. Mar- ion, Bu rke, Gloria Bu net e, G ace, THIRD ROW: Burton Ma- bel. Burton, Vinston. Butler. Louise, Gales, Bettye, Caple, Rose. Garpenter, Sarah. Carrauay. Diane, Chasten, Helen, FOURTH ROW: Ghavious, Helen, Ghavis, Donald. Ghcek. Jean, Cherry, Shirley. Gheston. Nettie, Clapp. Willie, Glarke, Henry, Clark, Lorenzo. FIFTH ROIV: Cliette. George. Gline. Robert, Clod felter. Mary, Cobb, . deline, Cobb, Hilton, Colton, Bessie, Comp ton, Mary, Gongelton. Margaret SIXTH ROW: Cook. Jacquc line. Cooper, . nnie. Cooper, Willie, Copeland. . nnette. Costen .Arnold. Costen, William, Cotton, Peggie, Crauford, Beverly SEVEXTH ROW: Crauford, Colell, Crump, Janctte, Currie Earl. Daniels, Darje ' , Daniels. Hilda, Daughty, Wanda, Davis Julia. Davis, Nfarion. li ' rs mirfw- H .1 ' Jt 1 H FIRST ROW: Davis, Nathalac, Dayc, Claudine, DcVane, Ver- non, Dixon, Lola, Dockery, Daisy, Dorsey, William, Dove, Velma, Drake, Larry. SECOXD ROW: Dunn, Bobbie, Dupree, Edward, Edwards, Evelyn, Ellis, Lucy, Enock, Joybell, Evans, Patricia, Everett, Bernice, Fair, Mary. THIRD ROW: Faison, Flora, Fai- son, Jerry, Farrar, .Andrews, Farrar, Zulla, Felton, Diann, Flem- ing, Rose, Flipper, Janice, Flowers, Remintha. FOURTH ROW: Floyd, Benjamin, Foreman, Peg -, Fortt, Rose, Foushcc, Marlow, Fowler, Harold, Fox, Hazel, Fredrick, Edna, Freman, Alvin. FIFTH ROW: Freeman. Louise, Froneberger, Brenda, Fryar, Ada, Fulmore, Johnie, Gaddy, Roland, Galbreith, Linwood, Gar- ner, Olivia, Gay, Richard. SIXTH ROW: George, Franklin, Ger- ald, Nannie, Gibbs, Bobby, Gibbs, Francesena, Giles, Anetha, Goodson, Henry. Goodson, Theodore, Gore, Alaine. SEVENTH ROW: Gore, Carolyn, Gould, Darnell, Grant, Gary, Gray, Thel- ma, Greene, Cclia, Grenne, Cleo, Gregory, Clif ford, Grimes, Jamesena. 1 : Ji ik l FIRST ROW: Grimes, Shirley, Gripper, James, Gripper, Willie, Guess, Anita, Hall, Carol, Hall, Francine, Hall, Jerry, Hamlet, Williette. SECOND ROW: Harden, Barbara, Hardin, Thomas, Hardy, Lula, Hargroves, Patricia, Harney, Richard, Harnell, Sampson, Harrington, Dallas, Harris, Barbara. THIRD ROW: Harris, Beverly, Harris, Donald, Harris, Doris, Haskins, Valeria, Hatchett, Loretha, Hatley, Elbert, Hayes, Fulton, Hayes, Bettye. FOURTH ROW: Hayes, Teddy, Hayes, William, Hedgepeth, Julia, Henderson, Selena, Hicks, Freddie, Hill, Alvin, Hill, Gor- don, Hill, Joyce. FIFTH ROW: Hines, Elizabrth, Hinson, Mar- va, Hobbs, James, Hobbs, William, Hogan, Peggie, Holeman, Josephine, Holeman, Patricia. Holland, Brenda. SIXTH ROW: Hood, Linwood, Hornc, Dorothy, Hoskins, Norma, Howard, Ger- aldinc, Howell, Barbara, Howerton, Hattie, Hunter, James, Hunt- er, JoAnne. SEVENTH ROW: Irving, Edward, Isles, Rose, Jack- son, Carolyn. Jackson. Marion, Jacobs, Ronald, James, Lauretta, James, Linda. Jenkins, Donald. FIRST ROW: Jeralds, Patricia, Johnson, Bcttye, Johnson, Charles. Johnson, Clementine, Johnson. David, Johnson, Doris, Johnson, Douglas, Johnson, Herbert. SECOND ROW: Johnson, Morris, Johnson, Mary, Johnson, Robert, Jones, Aleise. Jones, Delford, Jones, Melvian, Jones, Nyoka, Joyner, Joyce. THIRD ROW: Joyner, Joyce M., Kea, Joyce. Keith, Stanley, Kelly. Bar- bara, Kennedy, Linda. Kidd, Rose, King. Garland, King, Sandra. na, Knight, Mary, Lamb, Harmon, Lamb, Joyce, Lane, Rugas, Langley, Marvin. FIFTH ROW: Law, Carolyn, Lawson, Ger- aldine. Leach, George, Leach, Naomi, Leatherberry, Reginald, Lee, Bessie, Lee, John, Lee, Lucy. SIXTH ROW: Lee. Melvin, Lewis, Annie, Lewis. Barbara, Lewis, Barbara J., Lewis, George, Liles. Ellen, Little, Hattie, Little, Hettie. SEVENTH ROW: Lit- tle, Lovie, Logan, Irby, Logan, Mary, Long, Jacqueline, Long, FOURTH ROW: Kittrell, Majorie, Kluttz, Ja Koonce, Ed- William, Lowe, Marva, Lowery, Norma, Lyons, Bonita. FIRST ROW: Lyons. Brenda, Lyons, Juanita. Lucas, Caroly: Lucas, Helen, McCall, Cassandra, McCallum, Marshall, M. Donald, Nancy, McDougal, Annie. SECO D ROW: Mclnty Frances, McKenney, Margie, McLean, Marshall, McLeod, E nest, McLeod, Luther, McN ' air, Robert, McNeil, . ' Sinn, McNeil Lillie. THIRD ROW: Mainor, Mae Ruth, Malone, Gwendolyn Mangum, Betty. Mangum, Pearl, Manley, Joyce, Marrow, Jean Mason, David, Mason, Peter. FOURTH ROW: Mason. William Melvin, Gloria, Merritt, Ginger. Milford. Benny, Miller, bara. Miller, Irene, Miller, Thelma, Mizelle, Richard. FIFTH ROW: Mills. Carl, Minor, Shela, Montague, Sheryl. Moore, Hel- en, Moore, Lester. Morton. Beulah, Morrison, .Adrienne, Morri- son, Archie. SIXTH ROW: Murdock, Carol, Neeley, Frances, Nelson, James, Nesbitt, John, Newby, Nannie, Nichols, Wood- row, Nicholas, Ann, Nixon. Joyce. SEVENTH ROW: Gates, Will. Ollison. Carolyn, Page, Beverly, Page, Blonza, Parker, Cas- sandra. Parker. Daniel. Parker, Henry. Parker. Patricia. SQfttQi FIRST ROiW Parks, Gloria. Pate, Butord, Peace, Gwendolyn. Peaks, Patricia, Peebles, Neltine, Peele, Oleaster, Perry, Mclvin. Person, Aquilla. SECOiXD ROW: Pettiford, Barbara, Phillips, Etherinc, Piggie, Joan, Pigford, Barbara, Pilgram, Sandra, Pip- pin, Patricia, Pittman, Joyce, Poole, Esther. THIRD ROW: Pope, Majoric, Potts, Donald, Powell, Alexander, Powell, Jesse, Powell, Louise, Privott, Frances, Pratt, Carolyn, Ramseur, Nettie. FOURTH ROW: Ramsey, Thomas, Randolph, Brenda, Ran- kins, Paula, Reives, Elizabeth. Richardson, Bobby, Richardson, T Tone, Richardson, VVmilred. Riggs. Dianne. FIFTH ROW: Ricks. Gwendolyn. Roberson, Naomi. Roberts, Helen, Robinson, Faye, Roulhac, Johnetta, Rouse, Myra, Royal, Virginia. Royster, Elsie, SIXTH ROW: Rush, Raymond, Russell, Carolyn, Samp- son, Anita, Sampson. Dianne, Samuels, Bonita, Samuels, La Ver- na, Samuels, Sandra, Satterwhite, Shirley. SEVE TH ROW: Saunders. Leola. Savage. Barbara, Sawyer, Clyde, Scales, Clark, Schumpert. LaVernc, Selden, Robert, Sellars, Parthenia, Sellers, Gwendolyn. n rs FIRST ROW: Sessoms, Clementine, Sessoms, Delores, S Marvin, Sessoms, Robert, Shackleford, Mamie, Shade, Clara, Sharpless, Mattie, Sharpe, Sylvia. SECOND ROW: Shaw, Jeanette, Shiver, Marian, Simmons, Feretia. Sloan, Brenda, Smith, Beverly, Smith, Ethel, Smith, Hattie, Smith, Jasper THIRD ROW: Snipes, Carolyn, Spaulding, Pearl, Spratley Jean, Stafford, Sandra, Stallings, Mary, Stanback, Albert, Stan cil, Mildred, Stancil, Cornelius. FOURTH ROW: Stewart, Bev erly, Stewart, Edward, Stewart, Lucy. Strong, Loretta, Stowe Manualum, Sug,5s, Thelma, Sutton, Charles, Sutton, Ruby FIFTH ROW: Sullivan, Claude, Sykes. William, Tabom, J Tate, Alfonzo, Tate, William, Taylor, Brcnda, Taylor, Julia Teachery, Margaret. SIXTH ROW: Terrell, Amos, Thompson Johnnie, Thornton, Garland, Timberlake, Portia, Troxler, Zan- dra. Turner, Alma, Vance, Jonathan, Vaughan, James. SEV ENTH ROW: Wallace, Thomas, Watkins, Frances, Watkins, lene, Watkins, Herbert, Watson, Annie, Weaver, Garett. Weav Gloria, Webber, Angelia. ■iiiiii iM .. 4 ' «: .. . tfakk. .d . . MM . .. ' ' :qsik. aiax, 1 FIRST RUIV: Wcstly, Emma, White, Gwendolyn, White, Jac- qucline. White. Joan, White. Marion, Wilkes, Willie, Wilkins, Marion, Williarr s, . dams. SECOND ROW: William. Allie. Wil- liams, Brenda. Williams, Carolyn, Williams. Harold, Williams, Wayne, Williar ns, James, Williams, Mary, Williams, Joseph. THIRD ROW: Williams. Marvin. Williams. Naomi. Willamson, .lerrye, Willingh im, .Mice. Wilson. Clifton. Wilson, James, Wood, Charles, S ' ord, Carolyn. FOURTH ROW: Worsley. Mamie, VVorsh-y, Shirl V, Worth, Christalena. Worthinnton, Hilda, Wright. .Mctha, Wyche, Haywood, Wyche, Roy, Wynbush, Ruth. FIFTH ROW: Young. George. Younger. Lula, Young, James, Amos, Valinda, Baldwin, Stanley, Beatty, Isaiah, Brown, Drew, Crawford, Marvin. SIXTH ROW: Dixon, William, Edwards, Jesse, Evans, Frasier, Flemming, George, Frederick, Pearl, Ful- more, Rosa, Good, Elizabeth, Harrington, James. SEVENTH ROW: Hawlcy, Douglas, Henry. Jatters. Hunter. Charles, Leath- ers, William, Levingston, Paul, Lons, Daniel, McNeil, Wilbert, Mitchell, Charles. FIRST ROW Mitchell, Joseph; Ross, Tommy; Taylor, Otha; West, Garland; Whitehead, Winfred; Winstead, Harold; Young, LaVern. (mji AMm . . . have been a mixture of academic and extra-curricular acti itic ;. The bell on the Southern hill tolls the end of each class day. . . . Beyond are the long evenings of fun and relaxation, hand-in-hand strolls along the much trodden pathways, snack-dates in the Canteen, and social hours in dormitories. . . . It is impossible to imagine college without student organizations, politicians large and small, the Student Congress, Spring elections, " the Greeks " and their strange " pro-lines " and stranger initiation rituals. . . . We await each month the arrival of the Campm Echo, with its thoughtful obser- vations on campus life. Caught in the maelstrom of e ents, we wonder how we keep the pace of endless, challenging, enjoyable memorable student activities. . . . ETI III wsf- vy-fnt., ' : " " ti:i , ' ' , ■i ' iis . ' I ' . " jl :: ' : ' i : ' ' if- The 1962 EAGLE is now a tangible object, and the many tasks connected with making it your book are just memories. As North Carolina College has progressed and expanded, the EAGLE has been no idle on-looker. Now that all the work is done, we can stand back and look at the book — complete. We leave the 1962 EAGLE with you for whom it was created with the hope that the memories enfolded in these pages will remain long after the new North Carolina College is no longer new. May you have many pleasant memories as you recall the events that you have experienced through the years. Sincerely yours, yitAy u. 4 O-tx-. .c. ' Jessie Sutton, Editor SPORTS EDITOR ETHEL BUIE Co-EDITOR LARRY NEWTON BUSLNESS NLWAGER JESSE TOWNSEND Y E A R B O o K LAY-OUT MANAGER HAZEL ELLISON 1 ADVISOR P LEAZER S T A F F 4119 ROSTER EDITOR THEI.MA ALDRICH TYPING EDITOR FLORENCE WELLS ■i4« W2«:ifi ' «i mm magm ' ■ Student Government Cabinet Student Congress Men ' s Dormitory Cabinet New Dormitory Council Kajjfi».. ,iii?f.g . ' !;;flatia-i ' «- " y¥ !y ? ' - ' y;;i -a Political Science Club fit, Social Science Club -f-- " f fc , 1. .. , J, . t . -.» German Ciub u )|. " s-n .li.« ' ,i 1 a fe ' fit French Club Home Economics Club yn A u ' ■Mr ' " flW ' - ' ' J Graduate Nurses Club Commerce Club i " - ' .r US ' " a? aTiiTv Tailor ' r Bi »;; «tfr « »?6?r ' Psychology Club liiiiiiiiiiiiiiii a I, Men ' s Dormitory Council ■B ' k. firxMiVli " : fj ■ ' -fi i Rush Hall Dormitory Council Senior Counselors A S 4 mA-t ' _ K ; Big Sisters D wmmm Men ' s Steering Committee K ft ■ I- " iVi V ?- i J a ■ ' t i « a ii r i • ' ?•■ i Women ' s Steering Committee i ' Vi - -V- - - ■ r. Off-Campus Men ' s Council ' „fc .- ' f?,. «- ' f r ;:- Z ' jrzLTMjT ' . Off-Campus Women ' s Council « English Club National Education Association Jl » » 4 A I ' 5. 61 .3, Lettermen ' s Club YWC A PEM Club ■ r - Women ' s Athletic Association ' " b li ' ft B " ■■■ If ■ ( ' _- »i —V- l! S ii B . «■, T ' ' fF 1 ' ( " 1 L fii • . i-. - . - - ' In ,s, , fe 1?!: it c .j4.-H . - n pa _5!i 4 3 Alpha Kappa Mu Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities Thespians While We Sat and We Practiced the Watusi Have a Slice Sir! . . . i S i a . ' ' ; ' •l:;tlH? i: ? £ll ' J :•J ■a ■ i:j:■f (jmL of pe Kiij «ViK w5«4i ■V«iVWlH.:■ ;;ii!;s«ss;t|:».t (Ai.u »« . lijDftyS KfcNCC . . . recall the notion, no doubt true, that beauty is a commodity of abundance at Dear Ole NCC. . . . Not mere skin-deep kind but beauty of soul as well as temperament, loscly lasses from many places, lovely, lovely NCC Girl. . . . Each club has its Queen, duly crowned, and we recall the s|)!endid coronations. . . . Queen of this and Queen of that. . . . But above all, it is THE QUEEN that we remember, our queen, the lovely NCC Girl. M ' ::irii.i » ' .-i i. .r ' ' ' j , ' :tww ii ' v s j Miss North Carolina College Miss Bettye Barnes Miss Homecoming Miss Marilyn Mills Miss Eagle Miss Florence Wells :w; Kik»i:j9 ' «u«!HiK«»!H wM( Miss Chidley Hall Miss Mary Jessie Mills y.Ma8!i»g:a«y! M ri ' ia «jft.vij w.M -.j Miss Phi Beta Sigma Miss Mary Hawkins y Miss Alpha Phi Alpha Miss Shirley Jeffries liiiiiiiaiiniiiiHiM Miss Omega Psi Phi Miss Mary Alice Williamson : ,r »iKm im,M v:!i ' iii, --MiViii»As:-K . Miss Kappa Apha Psi Miss Marilyn Moser lAti ' ytfJi. ' ' iXJilS ' .• ' ■ " ■ ' ■ ' y ' V ' ' r? ' ■ ' " :!■■?;. ' ? ' ' ' V PO We who cheer our teams in both ictoiy and defeat " also ser e. " . . . Our teams, the Mighty Eagles! Powerful on the grid-iron, cunning on the court, majestic with the raquet, and thrilling on the cinder paths. . . . Our teams, the Mighty Eagles! Several of our " Saturday heroes " lia c caught the attention of |)rofessional teams, and soon we will see them, our familiar classmates and Iriends, on the grid-iron via national television. Mighty Eagles. . . . Standouts? Yes. But we most remember all " oin boys " as an Eagle team, the tense struggles on the field of play, the anxious moments, torrid pace of battle, the uncertain outcome, the second hand mo ing inexorably toward time for the final gun. . . . There were victories and defeats, all dear, but most memorable perhaps was the Thanksgiving Day ictoiT o er A T College in Greensboro. I saw it during. . . . My Days ofcMCC ifMifi ' f : yyfMii ' ' M ' !-f ' i! p ' ' ' (f- ' :V:m ' - -. i. .ypy j25 !!ii;l ' 2 " . " ?ll?ST ! ' " ' ■ ' ;. ' v3 T E N N M Basketball l ., !!J! i: ' ' ;■t g g!:I 7 -;:I : g ' - T■ ' M!t msm ii ' mt r %- I. .1 aSi ' . ' ' f f « ' ' " ' ' ;y- ' . ' . ' .. ' ?i v V ' ' i ' mk 1 rVr i : ill ' lA ' ii j. iOgi ' ::! I »i J ■».♦. «». M » ' j f . i« » .». • ,»• ' .«« in i Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Gamma Beta Chapter Xational Founding Date December 4. 1906 Local Founding Date Mav 21. 1941 Xumbcr of C:haptei ' s 310 Colors Black and Old Gold Pledge Club Sphinx C:lub OFFICERS President Edward Johnson ' ice-President Charles Barber Recording Secretary Donald C:ooper Corresponding Secretan- Charles Da -id Knox Treasurer Charles Saunders Dean of Pledgees Jessie Moore Chaplain . , . - Chester Malloiy Historian William Criidup ' " • ' .iTs t?, .;! -i . ft.? ..s ii a.? .5 tf " i I ' .■ " -V -K A ' ■? . ' I;.ir , ft. ' a .s-sb! li ,| in .sj " : f r % ' ' ' " ' -- ' ' ■•- ' ■?■ ' ' ' i " is ' R ' ;U. ' S ,- ' S :! It .. ' r . ' _ |: - ' «!:_. " VU. r-UV , ._ ' S- Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Alpha Chi Chapter National Founding Date January 16, 1908 Local Founding Date February 23, 1932 Number of Cha]jtcrs 254 Cloiors .Salmon Pink and Apple Green Interest Group Ivy Leaf Club Basilcus Donnie Rose McNeil Anti-Basileus Eleanor Gatling Grammetus Claudette Barr Epistoleus Yvonne Simmons Tamiochus Hazel Ellison Dean of Pledgees Elvira Green Co-Dcan of Pledgees Marva Roberts Ivy Leaf Reporter Barbara Boulware Chaplain Aljosie Baker Parliamentarian Augustive W. Harris ADVISOR: Mrs. Francis Eagleson Man Ann Hawkins. Basileiis Hemia Jean Robinson, Gramnietiis Beulah McDonald. Chaplain Kosetta Jackson. .Anti-Basileus Jerlinc Broadnax. Tamias Miss E elyn Pope, . d isor i At f: I Archonian Club Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Gamma Gamma Chapter " Our cause speeds on its way " National Founding Date 1914 Local Founding Date May, 1960 Colors Royla Blue and Vhite Pledare Club Crescents g 0 ' ' i Outlaw Stith W ! ' y 7 ) 1 S !!SY ' ' !- ' ' V:WM V II ' SUM. 1 . ?■ ' ! ISO ! a =., Its.. fi.B i . J i ' . la .. ' .»« t Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Tau Psi Chapter National Founding Date Novcmlx-r 1 7, 191 1 Local Founding Date 1932 Number of Chapters 201 Local Membership 32 Colors Royal Purple and Old Gold Pledge Club Lampodas Club OFFICERS Basileus Edgar Morris Vice-Basilcus James Whittaker Keeper of Records and Seals Timothy Mcintosh Keeper of Peace Samuel Sullivan Keeper of Finance Clayton McCoy Chaplain William Crowder Reporter Nathaniel Morchead Dean of Pledgees Harold Smith Co-Dean of Pledgees Joel Smith Advisor: Dr. C. A. Ray R Sii a f e i f c lii iiiiii _ i Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Alpha Lambda Chapter National Founding Date 1913 Colors . . . , . Local Founding Date April 25. 1941 Pledge Club Crimson and Cream Pyramid Club President Elizabeth Jones Vice-President Willene Jackson Corresponding Secretary June Harris Recording Secretary Vera Bnant Financial Secretary Ester Morgan Treasurer Brenda Bethea Journalist Elaine Fairley Custodian Faye Edwards Chaplain Amette Simmons Sergeant-at-arms Trumilla Sharpe Dean of Pledges Mable Hicks Co-Dean of Pledges Shirley Jeffries Parliamentarian Sher ' l Schooler Ad isors Mrs. Olivia Cole Mrs. Owen Cook Mrs. Edwina Williams i-s(?H ) " ' Wy MP ?f ' MWiit " ? «txr:! i. . fcb, feu r. « " la » ' a " ! ' l » I. ,,■«■ .1 Kappa Alpha Psi Polcmarch Richard Mapp Vice-Polcmarch Linwood Keith Keeper of Records Augustus Da is Keeper of Exchequer Veron Xixon Stratci us Earnest Parker Dean of Pledgees John Perry Histnnan John Lawrence Alpha Kappa Chapter Founded Januaiy 5. 1911 Local Founding Date June 1. 1931 Number of Chapters 234 Colors Crimson and Cream iaft6?s .jiJvwiv Kappa Dogs ' ii- ' r ' j- ■■ ' ' ■ f ' ' - Scrollers Worms Ivies Pyramid Club ■ r ' Lampodas Club IE iJt J: ' S " gi5g : ' ' :iJii Sigma Dogs f .8=1 -». ' » ' T«. « . S.1 ' 1 « ' ? I. Tf. ■::; I iri r " W i ' wn ' r « f q k " n Sphinx Club [ly i K TQ I 1 n FAMILY ECONOMICS » k T CHILD DJ There ' s Nothing Like Help from an Instructor ' and from Books ' for Better Results W :i) W ' f; ' - ' ' - ' y: ) i. ' ' ' ' ' ,fi ' i ? V!i II DURHAM ' S ORIGINAL 1 HR. MARTINIZING, INC. Downtown 5 Points Durtiam, N.C. FOR THE BEST IN DRY CLEANING AND SERVICE WE DO ALTERATIONS 4% Annual Dividend Rote MUTUAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Phone 684-0153 112 W. Parrish Street Durham, N.C. COMPLIMENTS OF THE STANBACK STUDIOS 1710 Fayetteville Street Durham, North Carolina A Most Pleasant and Profitable Place to Shop BELK-LEGGETT CO. Durham ' s Shopping Center r?,1 ■

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North Carolina Central University - Eagle Yearbook (Durham, NC) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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