North Carolina Central University - Eagle Yearbook (Durham, NC)

 - Class of 1952

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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1952 volume:

■ , . 1 f i ' l I 1 ; J ; (] ] 1 Mx; « -■■ . " ■ -i • • " .« -I n» 1952 : f . published by students of north Carolina college at durhant " r 1 1 h. 11. tluke ffii(fi(oi iii»i JAMES F. SHEPARD, Ph.G., A.M., Litt.D., LL.D. Founder of North Carolina College at Durham ALFONSO ELDER, A.B., A.M., Ed.D. President of North Carolina College at Durham D E D I CAT! N CAULBEUT A. JOXES. A.B.. A.M., History We humbly dedicate this 1952 Eagle to MR. CAULBERT JONES whom we shall always remember as an ideal teacher, stimulating scholar, generous friend — the true sage of the " sloping hills and verdant green. " » • Kir " Vi U S Acliiiiiiistiation, Faculty and Staff 9-16 Classes 17-66 Organizations and Calendar of Events for 1951 67-72 Honorary Societies 73-76 m student Activities 93-106 Graduate School of Library Science 107-108 Athletics 87-92 t r ' ia jfa " ' Main entrance to Chidley Hall Top — Classroom Building Center — James E. Shepard Memorial Library Bottom — Music and Fine Arts Building A II T find S T udininistration D E A N Albert E. Manley. BS., A.M.. Ed.D. Dean of College oj Arts and Sciences Albert L. Turner, A.B., LL.B.. A.M.. Ph.D. Dean oj School of Law Daniel E. Moore, A.B., B.S., Dean of School of Library Science AniMINISTRATinN James A. Cannon, A.B., B.D. College Minister Roger D. Russell. A.B., A.M. Counselor Ray Thompson. A.B.. A.M. Coimselor Totton Livingston Fulbright Phillips Johnson Strayhori FACULTY Parham. Marion Fletcher, William B. Wilson, Edward Handy, Christopher A.B., A.M. B.S., A.M. A.B., A.M. B,S., A,M, Art Art Art Biology Totton, Ezra Livingston, Omeda R. Fulbright. Stewart B. Phillips, Earl W. B.S., M.S., Ph.D. B.S.C., A.M. A.B., M.B.A. A,B„ M,B,A. Chemistry Commerce Commerce Commerce Clarke, Hazel V. Turner, John Johnson, Harold Strayhorne, Edward N B.S., M.S. B.S.C., M.Ed. B.S.C., M.S.C. B.S.C, M.B.A. Commerce Commerce Commerce ComJ?iei-ce HUTSON, Alaveta Pittman, Jcseph a. Brown, William H. Rush, Ruth A.B., A.M. B.S,, M.S.. Ed.D. A.B., M.S., Ph.D. A.B., M.Ed. Dance Education Education Education 1 2 Patterson Barksdale Lassiter Morgan Horry Flowers F A U L T Y Parker, James E. A.B., A.M. Education Patterson, Cecil L. A.B., A.M. English Horry, Ruth N. A.B., A.M., Ph.D. French Yancey, Maude B.S., M.S. Health Newton. Pauline A.B., A.M. English ARKSDALE, RiCHARD K A.B.. A.M.. Ph.D. English Flowers, Ruth C. A.B., A.M., Ph.D. French Gadsden, Ida B.S.. M.P.H. Health Harris, Julia A.B., A.M. English Lassiter. Wilma C. A.B. English Manasse, Ernest Ph.D. German Ellis, Edward B. B.S.. M.P.H. Health Blue, Ila J. A.B., A.M. English Morgan. Raleigh A.B., A.M., Ph.D. French Savage, Frazier C, A.B., A.M.. M.P.H. Health Dent, Diana S. B.S., A.M. Home Economics 13 Moflit Edwards Gillum Howard Hill John Eohmson Taylor McLcndon F A (; LI L T Y Reeves. Thelma B.S.. A.M. Home Economics Jones. Sybil M. A.B.. J.D. Law Edwards. Ruth A.B.. A.M. Music John. Robert A.B . A.M. Music Clement. Josephine B.S.. M.S. Home Econoviics McCoRMiCK. Harvey LL.D. Law GiLLUM. Ruth Mus.B., Mus.M. Music Robinson. William H. B.S., M.S.. Ph.D. Physics Cooper. Gladys B.S., M.S. Home Economics Brown. Marjorie B.S.. M.S.. Ph.D. Mathematics Howard. Wesley I. L.T.C.L., F.T.C.L. Music. Band Taylor. James H. A.B.. A.M. Psychology Moffitt. Marie B.S., M.S. Home Economics McCullum. Irving A B.S., A.M. Mathematics Hill, Samuel Mus.B., A.M. Music, Choir McLendon, John A.B., A.M. Physical Education 14 Walker Brooks Younge Hopson Taylor Hughley Himes King Weatherlord Banks Weston Boulware F A LI L T Y Walker. Leroy T. A.B., A.M. Physical Education Hopson, Raymond W. A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Physical Education Jones, Caulbert A. A.B., A.M. History Weatherford. Allen E. B.S., M.Ed., M.P.Ed., Ph.D. Sociology, Recreation Brooks, Virginia A.B., M.P.H. Physical Education Taylor, Joseph H. A.B., A.M. Ph.D. History King, Charles E. A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Sociology Banks, Arthur A.B., A.M. Political Science Younge, James B.S., M.S. Physical Education Hughley, J. Neal A.B., B.D., Ph.D. Economics Newton, I. Gregory A.B., A.M. Political Science Weston, Rubin A.B. History Towns. Rosse B.S., M.S.. Ph.D. Physical Education Himes, Joseph S. A.B.. A.M.. Ph.D. Sociology Rose. Alvin A.B.. A.M.. Ph.D. Sociology 30ULWARE. C. ElWOOD B.S.. M.S., Ed.D. JMnthematics 15 Top roil!.- Beal, Mabel S. A.B,, B.S. in L.S. Librarian Powell. Addie C. A.B., B.S. in L.S.. A.M. Librariati McGhee, Nathaline R. B.S.. B.S. in L.S. Librarian Wilson, E. Wanda B.S.. A.M. Assistant to the Dean of Women Dukes. Solomon BS.C. Assistant to the Dean oj Men Second row: Third row Barnhart, Thelma L A.B. Secretary to the President Wharton. Ruth Coleman, Mary M. BS.C. A.B. Secretary to Counselor Assistant House Directress O ' Neal, Vernese BS.C. Secretary Publicity Office Norman. Ruth G. A.B. Secretary Arts Bell. Elizabeth A.B., A,M. Secretary Home Economics CONYERS, JaCCIE BS.C. Manager Book Store Morrison, Julia BS.C. Secretary Hubbard, Gloria C. Secretary Foitrth row: White, William BS.C. Supply Clerk CuFFiE. James J. Artist Public Health 16 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Garland Watt President Bessye Lawrence Secretary Carrie Thomas Vice-President John Grant Raymond Oliver Business Manager SENIOKS ADDISON, DONALD Somerville, Mass. Kappa Alpha Psi. Biology ALLEN, IRA JEANETTE Physical Education Rougemont, N. C. ALLEN, VIRGINIA Sociology Montclair, N, J. AVENT, CARRIE L. Secretarial Science Nashville, N. C. Commercial Club, French Club, Dance Club, Y.W.C.A. BEARD, DOROTHY Franklinton, N. C. Alpha Kappa Alpha, Social Science Club. BELCHER, NATHANIEL Plymouth, N. C. Omega Psi Phi, Social Science Club. History History DeBERRY, MARGIE Durham, N. C. Delta Sigma Theta, Alpha Kappa Mu. BEST, WILBERT Clinton, N. C. Veteran ' s Club, Commercial Club. BRADSHER, EDNA W. Baltimore, Md. BRANDON, IVORY C. Roxboro, N. C. English Commerce Sociology Social Science Social Science Club, Alpha Phi Alpha, N.A.A.C.P., Inter- collegiate Council. ,• J i ■ SENIORS BROWN, CLEMENTINE Comvierce Littleton, North Carolina Ivy Leaf Club, Commercial Club, Y.W.C.A. BROWN, ELNORA V. Portsmouth, Va. BROWN, MARGARET Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Social Science Club, Dance Club. BROWN, SALEM A. Durham, North Carolina Alpha Phi Alpha. History Biology BUIE, JEAN BERNICE Philadelphia, Pa. Alpha Kappa Alpha. Biology BURGESS, CORINNE Commercial Education Raleigh, North Carolina Commercial Club. CALLOWAY, AMERICA Columbus, Ohio History CARR, DOROTHY Commerce Mount Olive, North Carolina Commercial Club, Pyramid Club. CHAMBERS, KENNETH Mount Gilead, North Carolina Kappa Alpha Psi, Thespians, Student Congress. Biology CLIFTON, CARNELLE B. Social Science Winston-Salem, North Carolina Alpha Kappa Alpha, Social Science Club, Student Congress. SENIORS COBB, LORETTA S. Mathematics Montclair, New Jersey Beta Kappa Chi, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Math Club, W.A.A., Y.W.C.A. COSTON, DOROTHY MAYE Burgaw, North Carolina Social Science Club. History COTTEN, GLORIA Home Economics Enfield. North Carolina Home Economics Club. COX, MARGARET Physical Education Trenton, North Carolina W.A.A., P.E.M. CRAWLEY, WILLIAM T., JR. Physical Education Montclair, New Jersey Lettermen ' s Club, Football, My Man Club. DAUGHTREY, JOYCE History New York, N. Y. Alpha Kappa Alpha, Y.W.C.A., Intercollegiate Council. DAVIS, HENRY Chemistry Whitakers, North Carolina Omega Psi Phi, Math Club. DAVIS, HILDA Commerce Castalia, North Carolina Commercial Club, Y.W.C.A. DIXON, ALETHIA Commerce Asheville, North Carolina Senior Counselor. EVANS, ALICE MAGDALENE Fayetteville, N. C. Delta Sigma Theta. MM SENIORS FAULKNER, MARY Mathematics Roxboro, N. C. Delta Sigma Theta, Beta Kappa Chi, Mathematics Club, Student Congress. FORTUNE. DOROTHY HELEN Home Economics Black Mountain, N. C. Alpha Kappa Alpha, Home Economics Club, Student Con- gress, Y.W.C.A. FOXWELL, ONEDIA W. Commercial Education Durham, N. C. Pyramid Club, Dramatic Club, Commercial Club. GASKIN, BERNICE Camden, S. C. Delta Sigma Theta. Pan-Hellenic Council. Sociology GIBBS, EDWARD L. Commerce Maysville. N. C. GRANT, GLORIA A. Social Science Windsor, N. C. Delta Sigma Theta, Intercollegiate Council, Y.W.C.A. GRANT, JOHN Chemistrij Rocky Mount, N. C. Beta Kappa Chi, N.A.A.C.P., Student Congress. GRANT, MARY LEE Social Science Winston-Salem, N. C. Alpha Kappa Alpha, Social Science Club, Student Congress. GRAY, MABLE Castle Hayne, N. C. Ivy Leaf Club. Social Science Club. HAILEY. ROBERT L. Wadesboro, N. C. Sociology Social Science SENIORS %f HALE, BLANCHE FRANCES Covimerce ' I » i» Roanoke, Va. Vc HENNESSEE, MARY Social Science . Mi Morganton, N. C. B V Delta Sigma Theta. B B HOLLAND, EVELYN M. Biology Knoxville. Tenn. Delta Sigma Theta, Student Congress, Student Welfare, Intercollegiate Council. HOLT, CHARLES E. Asheville, N. C. Band, Choir, Tennis Team, HUMPHRIES, NORMA D. Halifax, Va. Social Science Club. Biology ISHAM, CECELIA Social Science Biology Jacksonville, Fla. Alpha Kappa Mu. JACKSON, ALDEN W. Charlottesville, Va. Art Club, Y.W.C.A. JACOBS, GEORGE W. Bronx, N. Y. Lampodas Club. Pres. Veteran ' s Club, Choir. JERVAY, JOSEPHINE O. Garner, N. C. Pryamid Club, Choir. JOHNSON, CALVIN E. CHnton, N. C. Art Biology Biology SENIORS JOHNSON, IRENE ESTELLE Commercial Education Wendell, N. C. Commercial Club, Photographer ' s Club. JONES, BARBARA P. Washington, D. C. Delta Sigma Theta. Sociology JONES, WILLIE F. Biology Monroe, N. C. Sphinx Club, My Man Club, German Club, Football. JORDAN, CLARICE Music Winton, N. C. JORDAN, RALPH Physical Education Salisbury, N. C. Omega Psi Phi, Football, My Man Club, P.E.M. KING. FRANCES JEAN Oxford, N. C. Social Science Club. Social Science LAWRENCE, BESSYE D. Socia! Science Oxford, N. C. Delta Sigma Theta, Social Science Club, Pan-Hellenic Council, Student Congress. LAWSON, NOVELLA A. Commerce Woodsdale, N. C. Commercial Club, Pyramid Club. LEAKE, CELIA O. Commerce Wadesboro, N. C. Commercial Club, W.A.A., Y.W.C.A. LEAKE, DORIS M. Home Economics Reidsville, N. C. Home Economics Club. SENIOUS LONG, ERVIN GERALD Weldon. N. C. Y.M.C.A. Biology Chemistry LOVE, HOWARD J., JR. Gastonia, N. C. Alpha Phi Alpha, Pres. Pan-Hellenic Council, Student Congress. McCOY, PEARL Sociology Englewood, N. J. Ivy Leaf Club, W.A.A. McEACHIN, CECELIA P. Sociology Laurinburg, N. C. Alpha Kappa Alpha, Y.W.C.A. McQUILLER, HATTIE M. Home Economics Rock Hill, S. C. Pres. Home Economics Club, W.A.A. Biology MICHAUX, HENRY M., JR. Durham, N. C. Omega Psi Phi, Photography Club, Band, Tennis Team MIDGETTE, Onnie L. Durham, N. C. MITCHELL, CARMELLE Walnut Cove, N. C. Alpha Kappa Alpha, Commercial Club. MORTON, CEMORA E. Columbia, Tenn. Commercial Club. Biology Commerce Commerce MORTON, PAULINE Physical Education Halifax, Va. Dance Club, W.A.A., P.E.M. kJ: ' k SENIORS NICHOLS, SARAH Physical Education Greenville, N. C, Pyramid Club, P.E.M., W.A.A. NORMAN, CALVIN H., JR. Chemistry Jamaica, New York Pres., Student Government; Pres., Sophomore Class; Chan- cellor, Beta Delta Mu; Beta Kappa Chi, Alpha Kappa Mu, Chairman, Echo Advisory Board; Student Welfare Com- mittee; N.A.A,C.P.; Pan Hellenic Council. OLIVER, J. RAYMOND Biology Winston-Salem, N. C. Pres., Men ' s Dormitory Council; Pan-Hellenic Council, Business Mgr., Senior Class. PARKER, EVONNE N. English Fayetteville, N. C. Delta Sigma Theta, Alpha Kappa Mu, Thespians, Y.W.C.A. PAYTON, I. LYNETTE Physical Education Durham, N. C. Dance Club, W.A.A. PEELE, FRANCES R. French Ahoskie, N. C. French Club, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Y.W.C.A., Choir. PERRY, EDWARD C. Social Science Plainfield, N. J. Social Science Club, Kappa Alpha Psi. PHIFER, BERNARD EDWIN Social Science High Point, N. C. Kappa Alpha Psi, Social Science Club. PITTMAN, MARIE E. Durham, N. C. POTTER, ALPHONSO History Asbury Park, N. J. Lampodas Club, Football. SENIOKS POWELL, E. CECIL Social Science Wilmington, N. C. Feature Editor, Campus Echo: Dramatic Club, German Club, Social Science Club. PRICE, DOROTHY Biology Reidsville, N. C. Dance Club, Choir. PYGATT, EDWARD Chemistry Florence, S. C. Kappa Alpha Psi, N.A.A.C.P., Intercollegiate Council. REID, LEON P. Biology Fremont, N. C. RENWICK, LEWIS C. Statesville, N. C. Alpha Phi Alpha, Band. Music Mathematics REYNOLDS, FANNIE EVANGELINE Cofield, N. C. Beta Kappa Chi, Mathematics Club, Student Congress. RIVERS, MARY ELLEN Physical Education Charleston, S. C. Pyramid Club French Club, Intercollegiate Council, P.E.M. ROBERSON, ERMA English Castalia, N. C. Commercial Club, Y.W.C.A. ROGERS, NANCY ANN History Bristol, Tenn. French Club, Y.W.C.A., Intercollegiate Council. SCIPIO, DORIS JOAN Mathematics Chadbourn, N. C. Alpha Kappa Alpha, Alpha Kappa Mu, Beta Kappa Chi Mathematics Club. W«i. d SENIORS Home Economics SIMPSON, RUTHERLINE Asheville, N. C. Ivy Leaf Club, Home Economics Club, Band. SMITH. AUDREY DELORES Sociology Roselle, N. J. Alpha Kappa Alpha, French Club, Pan-Hellenic Council, W.A.A., Y.W.C.A. SMITH, ELIJAH Ayden, N. C. Commercial Club. Y.M.C.A. SMITH, EUNICE McCREE Mathematics Clarkton, N. C. Mathematics Club. Thespian Club, Ivy Leaf Club. SMITH. RUBY Y.W.C.A. Oxford, N. C. SMITH. WILLIAM R. Charlotte, N. C. Thespians, N.A.A.C.P. Biology Chem.istry SNIPE. OSSIE T. Mebane, N. C. STARR. LONNIE C, JR. Physical Education Kansas City, Missouri Scroller Club, Lettermen ' s Club, My Man Club, Football, Track. STEWART. RICHARD General Business Durham, N. C. STREETER. ELWOOD J. Chemistry Greenville, N. C. Omega Psi Phi, Beta Kappa Chi, Alpha Kappa Mu. SENIOliS TAPP, VIVIAN Durham, N. C. Commerce Commercial Club. TAYLOR, BUTLER, JR. Phijsical Education Newport News, Va. Lettermen ' s Club, Pres.; P.E.M., Football, Student Welfare Committee. THOMAS, CARRIE History Ahoskie, N. C. Alpha Kappa Alpha, Alpha Kappa Mu, Social Science Club, Student Congress. THOMAS, WILLIE CLYDE Badin, N. C. Band. THOMPSON, GLORIA R. Oxford, N, C. Delta Sigma Theta, Beta Kappa Chi. Biology Biology Music THOMPSON, PHYLLIS Lynchburg, Va. Dramatic Club, Intercollegiate Council, Choir, Glee Club. TOON, LILLIE Durham, N. C. TURNER, VIRGINIA B. Commercial Education Durham, N. C. Commercial Club, French Club, Y.W.C.A. WALKER, ANNA Statesville, N. C. Thespian Club, N.A.A.C.P., Choir, Glee Club, Band, Inter- collegiate Council. WALKER, JUNE ELAINE Commercial Education Burlington, N. C. Commercial Club, Photography Club, W.A.A. f -.- —1 ' • SENinUS WARLICK, ERNEST Physical Education Hickory, N. C. Football, Capt.; Basketball, Co-Capt.; Track, P.E.M., Letter- men ' s Club, My Man Club, Dormitory Council. WATERS, MILDRED D. Fremont, N. C. Senior Counselor. WATT, GARLAND Reidsville, N. C. Commerce History Omega Psi Phi, Social Science Club, Alpha Kappa Mu, Pres., Senior Class; Photography Club, Student Congress. WEAVER, ROBERTA A. Hampton, Va. Iota Phi Lambda, Commercial Club. WHITEHURST, MARY J. Durham, N. C. General Business Biology WILLIFORD, VANELY Physical Education Beaver Falls, Pa. WILSON, EMMETT Beta Delta Mu. Citra, Fla. Biology Social Science WINSTON, JUANITA ELIZABETH Chapel Hi ll, N. C. Dance Club, Social Science Club, N.A.A.C.P., Y.W.C.A. WOFFORD, MOZELLE Charlotte, N. C. WOMACK, MARY L. Washington, D. C. Alpha Kappa Alpha. Co7ninerce SENIORS WOOTEN, JOHNNIE MAE Durham, N. C. Commerce WRIGHT, MARY Sociology Winston-Salem, N. C. 31 IIINIOR CLASS OFFICERS Maurice McNeil President Winifred Tillery Vice-President Willie Claytor Business Manager Not Pictured: Sarah Watkins Secretary George Nixon Treas irer Mr. Caulbert A. Jones Adviser 32 J U N 1 h S ATWATER, James, Chapel Hill ALFORD, Annie, Lumberton ALLEN, Jesse, Durham ALLEN, Samuel, Bloomfield, N. J. ARMSTRONG, Dorothy, Rocky Mount ARMSTRONG, Georgia, High Point ARRINGTON, Greta, Rocky Mount BARNES, Joseph, Dunn BARNES, Mercedes, Durham BATTLE, Dorothy, Rocky Mount BATTLE, Joseph, Rocky Mount BEST, Bernice, Clinton BLAYLOCK, Elsie C, Durham BLUE, Julia, Linder BOULWARE, Thelma, Charlotte ii dil BROADNAX, Cleopatra, Seaboard BROWER. Walter, Greensboro BUFFALOE, Sophia, Garysburg BURT, Moses, Jr., Hillsboro CANADA, Bettye, Boston, Mass. CLARK, Roland, Hamlet CLAYTOR. Willie, Lynchburg, Va. COGDELL, Esther, Kinston COLE, Beulah, Durham COLE, Eulah, Durham COLEMAN, Alphonso, Gastonia COLEY, Hattie, Fremont CONNOR, James, Huntersville COWARD, William, Washington, D. C. CRUDUP. Dorothy, Zebulon JIINIOHS JUNIORS CRUTCHFIELD, Loraine, Siler City CUMMINGS, Elmer, Richlands CURETON, George, Newark, N. J. DARDEN, Delores, Durham DAVIS, Marian, Winston-Salem DUPREE, Arthrell, Farmville DYSON, Delores, Greensboro EDENS, Sadie, Durham EDMONDS, Ellen, Chapel Hill ELLIS, Katherine, Greensboro FARRAR, Celeste, Durham FLACK, Courange, Jr., Sanford FLOYD. Betty, Charlotte FOSTER, Eraser, Nampha, Idaho FREDERICK, Alma, Kenansville GOOLSBY, Helen, Belews Creek GORHAM, Marie, New Bern GREEN, Johnnie, Asheville GREENE, Hazel, Candor GREGORY, Chester, La Grange HOLLOWAY, Denette, Roxboro HARGETT. Osric, New Bern HARRIS, Exia, Roxboro HARRIS, Pauline, Rougemont HARRISON, Don, Nashville HARVEY, Ada, Durham HAYES, Ezra, Durham HEGGINS, Lois. Spring Hope HENDERSON, Gertha. New Bern GILLIARD, Nettie. Durham JUNIORS _.- .ma ib ■» »t « JIINIOKS HICKERSON, Paul, Elkin HILL, Glover, Jr., Sheffield, Alabama HYMAN, Dorothy, Durham JACKSON, Jean, Culpeper, Virginia JACKSON, Lacy, Gastonia JEFFERSON, Marjorie, Durham JOHNSON, Robert, Wilmington JONES, Dolores, Enfield JONES, George, Durham JONES, Juanita, Dehay Beach, Florida JONES, Myrtle, Willard JOYNER, Junius, New Bern JOYNER, Lossie, La Grange KING, Lottie, Woodsdale KNIGHT, Muriel, Greensboro LEAK, Martha, Pinehurst LEWIS, William, Warsaw LOGAN, Hannah, Etowah LYLES, Geraldine, Pomora McCORD, Gwendolyn, Ft. Lauder- dale, Florida McIVER, Helena, Sanford McKINNEY, Verdelle, Winston-Salem McLEAN, Veola, Southern Pines McNeil, Fred, Jr., Durham McNEIL, Maurice, Smithfield McQueen, Katie, Lumberton MARTIN, Dora, Warsaw MARTIN, Nettie, Sumter, S. C. MASON, Robert, Gastonia MATTHEWS, Thomasina, Wades- bora juNinus . _ . —... i. m,k »k M JUNIORS MERRITT, Lindsey, Durham MICHAEL, Otis, Asheville MOORE, Doris, Durham MOORE, Miriam , Elizabeth City MOORE, Oris, Ahoskie MOORE, Ruth, Latta, S. C. MORGAN, Jeanne, Kings Mountain MORGAN, Margaret, Durham MORGAN, Margaret, Boston, Mass. MURPHY, Elouise, Bladenboro NELSON, Margaret, Roxboro NUNN, Johnsie, Durham OLIVER, Lavetrice, Danville, Va. PARKS, Delores, Richmond, Va. PATTERSON, Dorothy, Durham POTTS, James, Winston-Salem PAYTON. Bessie, Durham PEACE, Ruth, Durham PENDARVIS, Gwendolyn, Durham PENDARVIS, Mattie, Durham PERKINS, Maude, Enfield PENN, Laura, Winston-Salem PERSON, Thelma, Cameron POWELL, Shirley, Charlotte PURDY, Ella, Bladenboro RAY, Ellen, Durham RICHARDSON, Doris, Durham ROBERSON, Gloria, Delray Beach, Fla. ROUNTREE, Ruthy, Durham RUEDEL, Evelyn, Durham J II N 1 n s J U N 1 h S RUSSELL, John, Laurinburg SEATH, Theresea, Durham SELF, Ruth, Durham SHAW, Vernice, Roanoke Rapids SHELL, Elizabeth, Winston-Salem SILER, Mildred, Siler City SMITH, Blaine, New York, New York SMITH, Blanche, Goldsboro SMITH, Doretha, Durham SMITH, Julia, Miami, Florida SPEARS, Evangeline, Hallsboro SPEIGHT, Alma, Durham STARR, Dorothy, Kings Mountain STATEN, Charles, New Bern STEPHENS, Claud, Fayetteville STEPHENS, Theodore. Hendersonville STEWART. David, Badin STONE. Minnie. Pittsboro SUTTON. Clarence, Newport News, Va. SUTTON, Huras, Goldsboro SUTTON, Ruth, Southern Pines SWANN. Edna. Durham TEAMER. Joseph. Salisbury TEMPLEMAN, Malcolm. Orange. N. J. THOMPSON. Cleon. Bennettsville THOMPSON, Esther, Durham THOMPSON, James, Wilmington TILLERY, Winifred, Morehead City TONKINS, Peggy, Greensboro TOWNSEND, Jacqueline, Durham J u N 1 n s _ _ . c Bk mi mk jiiNini s WALKER, Jeanette, Gastonia WEAVER, Pearl, Raleigh WELLS, Christine, Elm City WHITAKER, Lena, Enfield WHITE, Margaret, Aulander WHITTED, Earl, Jr., Goldsboro WIGGINS, Olovia, Middlesex WILLIAMS, Clarice, Norfolk, Va. WILLIAMS, Marie, Durham WILLIAMS, Minnie, Princeton WILLIAMS, Ruth, Macon WILLIAMS, Winifred, Durham WILSON, Margo, Biscoe SAWYER, Roland, Elizabeth City sni ' HovinnE class OFFICEUS Raymond Bell President, Katherine Caldwell Vice-President Caroline Perry Secretary Not Pictured: MiCHEAL HiNTON Treasurer 44 _ _ . . ' . MA mtk. MH Kt Top ro c: ABRAHAM, Darlina, Charlotte; ADAMS, Calvin. Hamlet; ALEXANDER, Francis, Spartanburg, S. C; ALFORD, Nellie G., Bladenboro; ALLEN, Ethel, Durham. Third row: BARBER, Garland, Wilkesboro; BARBEE, Mar- garet O., Durham; BARNES, Christine, Elm City; BARNES, Jeanette, Kenly; BARNES, Jacqueline, Danville, Va. Second row: ALLEN, Thomas R., Blanche; ARRINGTON, Anita J.. Enfield; ARRINGTON, Vera L., Enfield; ARTIS, Willye L, Nashville; BAILEY, Eugene. New Bern. Fourth row: BELL, Raymond. Evanston, 111.; BEVERLY, Os- car, Winton; BLANKS, Martha L., Clarkton; BLUE, Eula, Southern Pines; BLUE, Gloria L., Goldsboro. 45 SOPHOMORES SOPHOMOHES Top row: BLYE. Rosetta. Durham: BRANDON. Dorothy, Semora; BREWINGTON. Patsy D., Clinton; BRYANT, Lucy M., Roper; BRYANT, Margaret J., Moncure. Third row: CARTER, Alice A., Aynor, S. C; CASON, Joseph, Albemarle; CASTERLOW, Esther, Rich Square; CHEEK, Robert, Durham; CHRISTIAN, Gwen- dolyn, Albemarle. Second row: BULLOCK, Ernestine, Manson; BULLOCK, Lin- wood v.. Rocky Mount; BURCHETTE, Ernestine, Warren Plains; CALDWELL, Kathryn, Gastonia; CARLTON, Delores, Durham, Fourth row: CLARKE. Louise, Enfield; COLE, Maurice, Chapel Hill; COOPER, Joyce, Gastonia; COOPER, Law- rence, Winston-Salem; COUNCIL, Beulah. Hamil- ton. _ _ i. :.a : atk Mk k snrHnvinhEs Top row: CRUMBLIN, Charles, Winston-Salem; CUFFIE, Helen, Elizabeth City; DANCY, Olivia R., Rocky Mount; DARDEN, Velma D., Washington, D. C; DAVENPORT, Lelia, Leaksville. Third row: DOE, Jolethia B., Raleigh; DOUGLAS, Walter, Hamlet; DOVE, Etta, Trenton; DUNN, H. Law- rence, Hookerton; EASON, Alice L., Durham, Second row: DAVIS, Irmenia, Mount Olive; DAVIS, Samuel, Salisbury; DeJOURNETTE, Charles, London Bridge, Va.; DICKENS, Irene, Scotland Neck; DIXON, Ivan N., New York, N. Y. Fourth row: EDMONDS, Gloria, Henderson; EDWARDS, Iris, Fayetteville; EGERTON, Clarke, Jr., Durham; ELLIS, Loucilla, Durham; EVANS, William, Con- cord, Top row: DAIRYMPLE, Evelyn, Durham; ELLISON, Fan- nie, Durham; EXUM, John C, Stantonsburg; FAISON, Martha A.. Clinton; FELTON, James N., Hertford. Third roiv: GILMORE, Kittye, Fort Mill, S. C; GLADDEN, Anna M., Thomasville; GOOLSBY, Lavanuel, Belews Creek; GRIFFIN, Wade, Greensboro; GRIGGS, La Vie, Reidsville. Second roiv: FLOOD, Dudley E., Winton; FREEMAN, Cora, Tarboro; GADSDEN, Richard E., Winton; GAR- NER. Naomi, Rockville, Md.; GARRETT, Ann, Greenville. Fourth row: GRISSOM, Emma L., Butner; GRISSOM, John E., Butner; HAIRSTON, Peggy, Kernersville; HALL, Laquitta, Ahoskie; HARGETT, Ruth, Wil- liamston. SOPHOVinhES 48 Top row: HARRIS, Emma J., Greenville; HARVEY, Floyd W., Hertford; HEMBY, Mary E., Durham; HOL- LAND, Barbara, Roanoke, Va.; HOLLAND, Robert Lee, Apex. Third row: JACOBS, Alfonzia, Burgaw; JAMES, Althea, Camden, S. C; JAMES, Lorraine, Ahoskie; JAMES, Louise, Wilmington; JAMES, Lucille, Wilmington. Second row: HOLLO WAY, Josephine, Goldsboro; HOLLO- WAY, Lilly, Durham; HOWARD, Lois V., New Bern; HOWELL, Hilda, Hickory; HUDSON, Marvin, Durham. Fourth row: JAMES, Thomas N., Jr., Henderson; JENKINS, Lenolia, Rich Square; JENSEN, Shirley, New York, N. Y.; JOHNSON, Abraham, Henderson; JOHNSON, Aillene, Supply. 49 SOl ' HOMORES SOPHOMORES Top row: JOHNSON, Charles W., Elizabeth City; JOHN- SON, Mary Belle. Kannapolis; JOHNSTON, Bar- bara, Dover; JONES, Elsie, Henderson; JONES, Herdasine, Hamlet. Third row: KELLY. Barbara, Troy: KNIGHT, Mary H., Henderson; KOONCE, Essie B., Kinston; LASH, Camilla, Winston-Salem; LEDBETTER, Gloria, Hamlet. Second roni: JONES, Juanita, Delray Beach, Fla.; JONES, Wilton R., Bladenboro; JORDON, Bernice, Sea- board; JOYCE, Janet, Durham; KEARNEY, Mildred, Warrenton. Fourth row: LEWIS, Charles, East Flat Rock; LEWIS, Eliza- beth, Darlington, S. C; LEWIS, Katie L., Durham; LOMAX. Corine. Greer, S. C: LONG, Francis, Durham. SUrHUMOUES Top row: McADEN, Joan, Bridgeport, Conn.; McCASKILL, Doris, Durham; McCOY, Geneva, Dover; McCOY, Norma C, Durham; McDOUGALD, Barbara, Durham. Third row: MALLETTE, Edith, Wihnington; MALLOY, Dorine, Raeford; MIDDLETON, Richard V., War- saw; MILLER, Clara, Benham; MILLS, Cecelia, Spartanburg, S. C. Second row: McDOUGALD, Dorothy, Lillington; McGHEE, Sarah F., Henderson; McLEAN, Helen, Southern Pines; McMILLAN, Lillie, Dunn; MACK, Irene G., Wilmington. Fourth roiu: MILLS, Helen, White Plains, N. Y.; MITCHELL, Joan S., Rocky Mount; MITCHELL, Savannah A., Plymouth; MORGAN, Gwendolyn B., Wins- ton-Salem; NIXON, Katie, Wilmington. Top row: NOBLES, Francine, Greenville; PARKER, Frank F., Bahama; PAYNE, Arthur, Winston-Salem; PAYNE, Clarence, Hillsboro; PAYTON, William E., Greenville. Third row: POOLE, Rosia E., Graham; POWELL, Harold, Hendersonville; RICHARDSON, Vernetta, Dar- lington, S. C; RIDDICK, Lucradia, Murfreesboro; ROBINSON, Leonard, Durham. Second row: PERRY, Carolyn, Plainsfield, N. J.; PERRY, Gor- don R., Durham; PERRY, Willie B., Elizabeth City; PHELPS, Patsie, Rocksboro; PIPPIN, Emma B., Bowling Green, Ky. Fourth row: ROYSTER, Katie, Semora; SAUNDERS, Alice, Newbern; SAUNDERS, Annie M.. Farmville; SAUNDERS, Natalie, Bridgeport, Conn.; SAW- YER. Bernice, Ahoskie. SOPHOMORES 52 ' L. ...,. . ai MA mk mi ' i ■ ' ■■■i » Top row: SAWYER, Roland E., Elizabeth City; SCATH, Everett L., Lenoir; SHOFFNER. Mary R., Liberty; SIMMS, Nathan, Jr., Winston-Salem; SMITH, Laura, Rougemont. Third row: SPRUILL, Thelma, Pikeville; STANBACK, Doris, Troy; STEPHENS, Marguerite, Hendersonville; STEWART, Lovie, Apex; STOWE, Milton H., Durham, Second row: SMITH, Harry, Rocky Mount; SMITH, Hassie, Hurdle Mills; SMITH, Herman W,, Fayetteville; SPEIGHT, Ruth, White Plains, N. Y.; SPELLER, Charles K., Tarboro. Fourth row: STREETER, Bennie, Greenville; SUGGS, Nannie H., Snow Hill; TAYLOR, Delilah E., Warsaw; TEELE, Hutie, Everetts; THOMAS, Barbara, Burlington. SOPHOMORES 53 sorHOMnuES Top row: THOMPSON, Joe H., Winston-Salem; THORPE. Marion D., Durham; TORRENCE, Edward M., Jr., Charlotte; TUCKER, Daielette, Monrovia, Li- beria; WADE, Hazel, Cedar Grove, Third row: WHITE, Augustus, Hertford; WHITE, Elizabeth, Durham; WHITE, Harold, Gary; WHITE, Oscar M., Durham; WIGGINS, Sarah, Winfall. Second row: WALLACE, John H., Ill, Wilmington; WAR- RINGTON, Samuel, Morristown, N. J., WEAVER, Elsie E,, Ahoskie; WEBBER, Delphyne E., Winston-Salem; WESSON, Annie, Windsor. Fourth row: WILKINS, Fredderick L., Spring Hope; WIL- LIAMS, Geneva, Dunn; WILLIAMS, Ollie A., Kinston; WILLIS, Mainer, Littleton; WOOD- BURY, Gloria, Delrav Beach, Fla. _ _ L M mA ■ ! «kk l Top row: WRIGHT, Beulah B., Henderson; WRIGHT, Harvey, New York, N. Y.; VANN, Archie, Jr., Newport News, Va. Second I ' ow: YANCEY, Howard B., Burlington; ZIM- MERMAN. Carrie J., Walstonburg. SOl ' HOMOKES FRESHMAN CLASS OFFIOEUS Carl Bell President Gloria Highsmith Vice-President Yvonne Scruggs Treasurer Not Pictured: Audrey Flower Secretary Mr. R. D. Russell Adinser 56 _ . M . n m tmk. FRESHMEN ADAM, Antenor ADAMS. Cornelia N. ADAMS, Evelyn ALEXANDER, Marie ALLEN, Joseph ALSTON, James ASHE, Faye ATWATER, Samuel BAILEY, Delmar BAILEY, Edna B. BAILEY, Florence BAILEY, Nettie BALDWIN, Verline BALLARD, Rachel BARKER, Alberta EARNER, Carolyn BARNES, Doris BARNES, Oreta BARON, Tamara BATTLE, Margaret BAULKNIGHT, Loretta BEAN, Cordelia BECKWITH, Delores BECTON, Samuel BELL, Karl BLACK, Jessie BLACKNELL, Jerline BOONE, Romaine BONNER, Donald BOWSER, Percell 57 FRESHMEN BOYD, Vergie BRASWELL, Russell BRIDGEFORTH, Gwendolyn BROADNAX, Barbara BROWN. Erma BROWN. Frank BROWN, Leathie BROWN, Mayola BROWN. Oliver BRUCE, Doris BUFFALOE, Annie BUNCHE, Jean BURNETTE, Evelyn BURNEY. Myra BURWELL. Delores BUTLER, Bobbie BUTLER, Mallie CALHOUN, Lee O. CAMERON, John CAMERON, Vivian CAMPT, Douglas CHARLES, Willie CHAVIS, Pansy CHERRY, Jewel CLARK, Benjamin CLARK, Christine CLOSE, Minnie COLEMAN, Cloteal COOPER, Barbara COOR, Alberta COPELAND, Deloriese GOTTEN, Claytease COUNCIL, Sallie COURTNEY, Jimmie CRAIG, Geneva CRAWLEY, Walter Wm. DAKERS, Dorothy DANCEY, Catherine DANIELS, Mildred DAVIS, Rose DeLAINE, Lee DRAUGHN, Willie DUDLEY, Rudolph DUNN, Freddie EDMONDSON, Mary EDWARDS, Mary ELLIS, Anna ENOCK, Bettye ETHRIDGE, Eunice EVANS, Jerome FAGON, Barbara FAULKNER, Ulysses FEASTER, Deborah FIELDS, Louis FORD, Margaret FLAMER, Audrey FOUNTAIN, Lois FREEMAN, Lillian GALES, Nancy GERALD, Leroy FRESH MEM r 59 FHESHMEN HOLLOMAN, Eunice GLOVER, Gladys GORHAM, Dorinda GRAHAM, Dorothy GRAHAM, Robbie GRANT, Horace GRAY, Ramona GREEN, Dorethea GREEN, Pattie GREGORY, Elaine GRIFFIN, George HOLLINGSWORTH, Pocahontas HALL, Gertrude HAMILTON, Margaret HARGROVES, John HARRIS, Ann HARRIS, Elizabeth HARRIS, Laura HEADEN, Katye HEDSPETH, Shirley HENRY, Virginia HERNDON, Jeanne HICKS, Doris HIGHSMITH, Gloria HILL, Ernestine HILL, Sadie HINTON, Dorothy L. HODGE, Elsie HOGAN, Delores HOLLAND, Gilbert U 60 FRESHMEN HOLLOWAY, Viella HORNE, Hattie H. HASEAR, Alyce HUGNES, Sallie M. ISLER, William E. JAMES, Rose C. JERMAN, Velma M. JOHNSON, Carolyn JOHNSON, Charles JOHNSON, Daily JOHNSON, Ernestine JOHNSON, Helen JOHNSON, Lenora JOHNSON, Sheal JONES, Bernice JONES, Carol JONES, Harvey JOYNER, Robert KECK, Alma KELLY, Jesse L. KELLY, Leroy KELLY, Shirley KEYES, Norvella KING, Henry KILPATRICK, Lossie LATHAM, Rosa LEACH, Reva LEE, Lillie L. LENNON, Margarie LEWIS, Frank 61 FRESHMEN ISA LEWIS, Margaret LOVE, Archie W., Jr. LOVE, Jane E. LYON, Juanetta P. McCOY, Georgia McCRAE, Clara McCULBOUGH, Mattie L. McLEOD, Annie L. McMillan, Estella McNeil, Sara McNeill, Cora L. McPHERSON, Virginia McRAE, Annye R. MACK, Ludell MAJETTE. Mollie MARTIN, Catherine MARTIN, Isacc MASON, Matthew MASON, Virginia MASSEY. Reese MATTHEWS, Juanita MAULTSBY, Sylvia MAUNEY, Lonnie MAYE, Catherine MAYES, Ruth MEETZE, Iredella MELTON, Hildegarde METZ, Betty MIDDLETON. Alfreda MILLNER, Mary FRESHMEN MITCHELL, Gladys MITCHELL, Virginia MONK, Mary MOORE, Bertha MOORE, Gertrude MOORE, Jesse MOORE, Lucy MOORE, Reiiee MORGAN, Gladys MURDEN, Maglena MYLES, James NICHOLSON, Gaynella NORRIS, Austina NORWOOD, Hilda J. NORWOOD, Mary ODOM, Lucy PAGE, Alice G. PAIGE, Mary L. PALMER, Elliot B. PARKER, Ethel PARKER, Ethel L. PARKER, Jarie PASTEUR, Evelyn M. PATE, Emma PATTERSON, Juliet PATTON, Mae F. PEARSON, Beulah PEELE, John PETERS, Dolores PRIDGEN, Morris D. 63 FRESHMEN PULLEY, Howard RAY, Joseph J. RAY, Regina REESE, Mattie Jo RIVERS, Gilbert F. ROBINSON, Beulah ROBINSON, Sophia ROGERS, Joseph ROGERS, Lassie ROUSE, Willie RUSH, Virginia SAUNDERS, Catherine SCOTT, John SCOTT, Mable SELF, Carolyn SHARPE, Vernola SHAW, Blanche SHAW, Peggy SINGLETARY, Kathleen SMITH, Courtney SMITH, Lois SMITH, Rudolph SNEED, Fred STANLEY, Odessa STEWART, Nettie STROUD, Mary L. STUBBS, Delores K. SUGG, Jeanne SUGGS, Minnie SWAIN, Vivian 64 FRESHMEN TABOR, Leonard A. TATE, Hazel TAYLOR, Hattie Joyce TAYLOR, Ida TAYLOR, Lee H. TERWELL, Mary H. THOMPSON, Martha 1. THOMPSON, Ruth THORPE, Clarice E. THURMAN, James M. TURNER, Cleopatra VANCE, Glinola VINCENT, Ellen VINES, Frances WAITERS, Freddie WALKER, Fontella WALKER, Madelyn WALL, Helen WALTERS, Hubert E. WARD, Earnest WARD, Horace G., Jr. WATERS, John WATKINS, Luredean WELLS, Rose WHITAKER, Marian WHITEHEAD, Bernice WHITWORTH, Gladys WHITWORTH, Odell WILKINS, Dorothy WILLIAM, Gloria 65 FRESHMEN WILLIAM, Winifred WILLIAMS, Bobbie WILLIAMS, Eleanor WILLIAMS, Eurydice WILLIAMS, Hazel M. WILLIAMS, Nina WILLIAMS, Olivia WILSON, Betty L. WILSON. Wailiam J„ Jr. WITHERS, Pegga A. WOOTEN, Johnny WRIGHT, Esther M, WRIGHT, Julian YOUNG, Marian SCRUGGS, Yvonne 66 ORGANIZATIONS (111(1 Ocileiulcir of Events for 1951 COMMERCIAL CLUB Danielette Tucker President Theodore Stephens Vice-President Elizabeth White Walter Douglas.. Secretary .Treasurer FRENCH CLllh Kathryn Caldwell President Doris Brown Vice-President Donald A. Bonner Secretary Margaret Battle Treasurer HOME EonNOMins niUR Ruth Sutton President Dorothy Brandon Secretary Ratherlene Simpson Vice-President Herdersine James Treasurer Miss D. S. Dent Adviser MATHEMATICS CLUB Henry Davis President Dr. Elwood Boulware Adviser 69 MY MAN CLUB C. Staten, R. O. Mason Co-Presidents K. Becton F. James - Chief Spokesman C. Crumblin Charles A. Ray Adviser ..Secretary .Treasurer SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB Chester Gregory President Mable Gray Secretary Earl Whitted Vice-President Frances Peele Treasurer Caulbert a. Jones Adviser VETERANS CLUB George Jacobs President Ezra Hayes Secretary John Slade Vice-President Harry Wilson Treastirer Y. w. (;. A. Kathryn Caldwell President Gwendolyn Morgan Secretary Elizabeth Shell Vice-President Sarah Watkins Treasurer E V E N T S 1952 72 HONORARY SOCIETIES WHO ' S WHO MWOm STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVEIiSITIES AND OOLLEOES First row: Daughtery, Joyce: Dixon, Alethia; Grant, Gloria; Haywood, Gwendolyn. Second rouv Isham, Cecelia; Love, Howard; Peele, Frances; Wooten, Johnnie. Third rouv Reynolds, Fannie; Scipio, Doris; Streeter, Elwood; Thomas, Carrie; Norman, Calvin. Not pictured: Ray, Bcrlie. Election to Who ' s Who Among Students in Ameri- can Universities and Colleges is one of the highest honors a student can receive during his undergraduate years. Only those who have demonstrated integrity of character, able leadership in extra-curricular activi- ties, and superior academic achievement are eligible for nomination. In recognition of these qualities, of their service to the college community, and of their spirit of co-operation exhibited by their participation in the advancement of the educational aims of North Carolina College, their biographies will appear in the 19, ' 51-52 edition of Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. 74 ALTHA KAIM»A Mil DeBerry, Margie Parker, Evonne Isham, Cecelia Thomas, Carrie Scipio, Doris Streeter, Elwood Daughtery, Joyce Watt, Garland, President Norman, Calvin Miss McLean, Sponsor Not pictured: Ray, Berlie These seniors, members of Alpha Kappa Mu, Alpha Kappa Mu, in conjunction with other will graduate in June with highest honors. Their honor societies and the Student Government, membership in this national collegiate honor offers aid in a tutorial system for first-year stu- society exemplifies their superior academic dents at North Carolina College, achievement. 75 BETA KAPPA CHI Top row: Streeter. Elwood. President; Reynolds. Fannie: Cobb, Loretta, Secretary: Faulkner, M.iry; Thompson, Gloria; Boykins, Bertha. Second row: Boykins, Myrtle; Oliver, Leo Lovetrice; Grant, John; Norman, Calvin; Jones, George; Freeman, Robert. Third row: Roberson, Gloria; Stevens, Claude; Addison, Donald, Battle, Joseph; Morgan, Jeanne; Love, Howard: Scipio, Doris: Dr. J. S. Lee, Sponsor. Not pictured: Lewis, William; Templeman, Malcolm; Watkins, Sarah; Wilson, Hilton. Beta Kappa Chi is an honorary scientific society founded at Lincoln University, January 31, 1923, with the aim of bringing together the scholars of the natural sciences. Membership in this society bears testimony to the fact that these students have discovered and followed the ideas of their predecessors which have led to their exhibiting persistent effort, scientific curiosity and objective thought in their experimental endeavors. These are the scientific masterminds who will play decisive roles in shaping tomorrow ' s world. PAN HELLENIC nOllNCIL GREEKS ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY OFFICERS Top TOu reading left (o ripht: Moses C. Burt, President; Howard Love, Vice-President; Ivery Brandon, Corresponding Secretary; Salome Brown. Recording Secretary. Bottom rouv George W. Jones. Treasurer-Dean of Pledges; Dr. Joseph A. Pittman, Adviser. Those members not pictur ed are as follows: Albert A. Greenlee. Henry A Swain. Carlos E. Battle. Top rou-. reading left to right: Walter Brown. Oberon Hodge. James Macon. Bottom ron ' : J. Jermaine Matliews, Richard Mathews. Lewis Renewick. 78 ... -ffw j». -f DELTA SIGM V THETA Evelyn Holland. President Gloria Grant Treasurer Gloria Roberson Vice-President Nettie Martin Parliamentarian Bernice Gaskin Recording Secretary Barbara Jones Dean of Pledges Bessye Lawrence Corresponding Secretary Evonne Parker Co-Dean of Pledges ADVISERS Mrs. Della Fulbright Miss Wanda Wilson 79 KAPPA ALPHA PSl Chambers. Kenneth, Polemarch (under scroll): Harrison, Don, Vice-Polemarch; Stephens, Theodore. Keeper of Records; Phifer. Bernard, Lieutenant Strategus; Pygatt, Edward, Chaplain; Addison, Donald; Allen, Samuel; Coward, William; McNeil, M. Chevalier; Siler, Benjamin; Smith, Albert; Smith, Wil- liam. Members of the Fraternity not pictured: James Carter, Monte Crumpler. Wilbur Davis, Edward Haines, Samuel Logan, Davis B. Martin. Elton Morris. Malcolm Templeman. Aaron Seate, Melvin Spencer, J. B. Taft, James Seawell, Keeper of Records; George Starlee, Strategus; Walter Reynolds, Robert Freeman. 80 TAII PSI CHAPTER OF OMEGA PSI I ' HF FRATEHNITY Winifred Tillery, Basileus; Henry Davis, Vice-Basileus: Roland Sawyer. K. R. S.; Claude Stephens, Chaplain- Jessie Allen, Reporter; Garland Watt, Parliamentarian: Nathaniel Belcher, Dean of Pledges: Raymond Oliver ' Keeper of Peace: Junius Joyner, Keeper of Finance; Adviser; Mr. Earl W. Phillips 81 ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA Carrie Thomas, Basileus; Jean Morgan, Anti-Basileus; Jean Buie, Dean of Pledges: Audrey Smith, Co-Dean of Pledges: Carmelle Mitchell, Grammateus; Olovia Wiggins, Epistoleus; Doris Scipio, Tamiochus: Advisers: Miss Josephine Pope, Mrs. Elizabeth Young. BETA DELTA 1 LI Calvin Norman, Chancellor: Chester Gregory, Vice-Chancellor: Clarence Sutton, Scribe: James Connor, Bursar: Emmett Wilson, Dean of Pledges; Adviser: Mr. John McLendon, 82 iVY LEAF CLUB Savannah Mitchell, President: Exia Harris, Vice-President; Helen Goolsby, Secretary: Lillie Hollowa.v, Treasurer: Joan IVIitchell, Corresponding Secretary; Cleopatra Broadnax, Parliamentarian. Advisers: Miss Josephine Pope, Mrs. Elizabeth Young. SCRULLERS Harvey Wright, Preside)!!,- Fred McClaren, Vice-President; Fred White, Treasurer: Joe Thompson, Record- ing Secretary: Frank Parker, Sergeant-at-Arms. LOMEP V PLEDGE CLIIR Elizabeth Shell President Ossie Hargett Assistant Secretary Roberta Weaver Secretary Esther Thompson Treasurer LAM POD AS OLUh LiNDSEY Merrick President Abraham Johnson Marion Thorpe Vice-President George W. Jacobs Elmer Cummings Secretary William Bulow Treasurer — Chaplain ..Parliamentarian 84 PYhA Min MLEIHiE CLLIh Francine Nobles President Danielette Tucker. __ Treasurer Willie Artis Vice-President Althea F. James.- Sgt.-at-Arms Gloria Edmonds... Secretary Gale Mack Assistant Secretary Mrs. Bella Fullbright. Adviser 85 FOOTIJ VLL TEAM ' » ?v ii ' iv f» ' ' .r _. r-e% r»Ci ' - - ■ »« _— . — k. _ I, B 59. 65 OOAOHES Herman H. Riddick, Head Coach; James Younge, Assistant Coach; Benjamin Whaley, Assistant Coacli; Haywood Allen. Assistant Coach; Angier Lawrence, Assistant Coach. RAME SHOTS J. C. Smith U - Eagles 35 Tennessee 6 Eagles 7 West Virginia Eagles HASIiETBALL TEAM Donald Lipscomb, Joseph Battle, Carl Bell, George McQueen, Fred McClaren, Malcolm Robinson, Jay Peter- son, Charles Barrick, James Epps, Rawlings Walton, Harvey Hartley, Edward Hanes, William Lowrey, Charles Harrison, Sam Jones. Ernest Warlick. Jay Peterson Co-Captain John McLendon Coach Ernest Warlick Co-Cap(ai» 90 in A oil Leroy Walker Coach 91 BASEBALL ANIJ TENNIS enjaniin Whaley, Coach sfn Lejt to right: George Jones, Carlton Dotson, James Younge, Coach; Troy Weaver, Rober Weaver. 92 STUDENT ACTIVITIES STUDENT LIFE Bottom lejt: Greetings from President of Stu- dent Government. Top right; Freshman Dilemna. Center right: Freshman Sightseeing. Bott( m right: Homecoming Float. DANCE GROUP The Dance Group is one of the most colorful of the cultural organizations. It has for it ' s pri- mary purpose " Production. " With this in mind the club sponsors classes Tn choreography and form in which the students are able to better their techniques, create new dances and see pro- fessionals perform. Alveta Hutson, a former member of the Kather- ine Dunham dance group, is director. OFFICERS President _ Peggy Morgan Vice-President . Ivan Dixon Treasurer __ Floyd Harvey Director Miss A. Hutson 95 BAND AND MAJORETTES Geraldine Lyles, Delores Carlton. Helen Woodard, Bessie Payton. 96 THESIMANS . J-Vt The Thespian Club is composed of students interested in the drama. It ' s well-rounded pro- gram provides experience in acting, stage craft, play writing and directing. Under the direction of Miss Mary Bohanon, the club presents to the community one production each quarter. Mr. Stanley Ferber designs the sets. The top three Thespians, ( Berlie Ray, Arthur Wright and Anna Walker ) received scholarships from the Rockefeller Foundation to Western Re- serve Universitj ' . OFFICERS President .-- Ivan Dixon Vice-President --Martin Golar Secretary Berlie Ray Treasurer Harvey Floyd Publicity Manager Anna Walker Business Manager Arthur Wright 97 TH£ ART (UIJLn The purpose of the art guild is to serve, out- side of the classroom activities, as a means of introduction to the many related aspects and fields of art. Lectures and discussions, illustrated with slides and projects, cover some of the events for the year. This is a student organized and administered group. Advisers to the art guild are members of the art staff. The guild is open to art majors and minors. OFFICERS President. Alden Jackson Treasurer _ Evelyn Bernett Vice-President Matthew Mason Adi ' iser..... M. C. Parham Secretary Vermelle Spivey Adviser E. Wilson Adviser W. Fletcher 1 CAMPUS ECHO Peggy Morgan Editor Moses Burt Contributing Editor Lorraine James Business Manager James Atwater Copy Editor Marion Thorpe Managing Editor Yvonne Scruggs News Editor CAMPUS ECHO Campus Echo At Work STUDENT WELFARE OOMMITTEE Calvin Norman GcorKc Jones Carrie Thomas Savannah Mitchell Not pictured: Melvin Spencer FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. A. L. Turner, C iniriiinii Dean Louise Latham Dean John Stewart Mr. Cecil Patterson Mr. Edward Wilson Dr. W. H. Brown Rev. J. A. Cannon STlinENT (iOVERNMENT CABINET Calvin Norman George Jones Edna Swann Chester Gregory Prcsicietit Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Willie Claytor Carrie Thomas Raymond Oliver Public Relations Officer Business Manager Attorney General Not pictured: Peggy Morgan, Editor, Campus Echo 100 STUDENT CONOHESS MEN ' S nORMITOMV COUMC ' IL Top: Raymond Bell, Elwood Streeter, Willie Claytor, Calvin Norman. Center: Ernest Warlick Winifred TiUery. George Jacobs, William Payton. Bottom: Raymond Oliver, President Not pic- tured: James Sewell, Irvin McKnight, William Blulow: Adviser Dean J L Stewart ' 101 SENIOR DORMITOhY COUNCIL Anna Walker, President; Blanche Hale. Vice-President; Carmelle Mitchell. Secretary; Mable Gray, Treas- urer: Phyllis Thompson. Irene Johnson. Mary Grant, Gloria Cotton, Hattie McQuiller. JUNIOR IJORMITGIU COLINCIL Ruth Sutton. President: Geraldine Lyles. Vice-President; Dorothy Battle, Secretary: Jeanne Morgan. Treas- urer; Vernice Shaw, Delores D.vson. Marie Williams, Ruth Williams, Dennctte HoUoway, Muriel Knight. 102 SOPHniYIOKE nnRMITOHY OnUNOIL pt L?,!f ' e ' to right: Rebecca Murray Helen McLean, Cora Freeman, Savannah Mitchell, LaVie Griggs, President. Second row: Carolyn Perry, Bennie Streeter, Patsy Brewington, Lorraine James, Kathryn Cald- FUESHIVIAN DOKMITOIU (;OUN(;iL President, Hattie Taylor; Vice-President, Doris Brown- Secretary Rnhhfp rrah-.,,-,- t, , Witheres; Asst. Sec. Pansy Chavis; Claytease Cotton MolWMaTetteTamar r - Moore. Gloria Highsmith Barbara Fagan, Nancy Lawhorn, gyj a MaXbv udre Flam Barbara Cooper, Lilliam Freeman, Orela Barnes. ' uuiey riamer, i ' aye Aske, 10.3 SENIOR OnilNSEinRS Joyce Daughtrey, Evelyn Holland, Dorothy Fortune, Audrey Smith, Jean Buie, Loretta Cobb, Mildred Waters, Doris Scipio, Frances Peele, Carnelle Clifton, Cecelia McEachin, Aletha Dixon. Wn V1EN ' S STEEhlNH COMMITTEE Evelyn Holland, President: Elsie Weaver. Secretary: Audrey Smith, Senior nl Lnrge; Vivian Stewart, Goldie Herndon. Doris Brown, Yvonne Scruggs. 104 MISS OKTH (JAIiOLINA (JOLLEQE MISS LA VIE GRIGGS One of the loveliest and most widely photo- graphed coeds in N, C. C. History— truly a South- ern Belle. OKEEK OlIEENS BERLIE RAY Omega Sweetheart SAVANNAH MITCHELL Scroller Sweetheart MARY BELL JOHNSON Beta Sweetheart CARRIE THOMAS Alpha Sweetheart SCHOOL OF LlliRARY SCIENCE GRADUATE SOHOOL OF LIBRARY SCIENCE Pope, Evelyn !.S. in L.S.. M.S. in L.S. Library Science JcjHNsoN. Ann I.S. in L.S.. M.S. in L.S. Library Science Boykins, Bertha Boykins. Myrtlo Fowler, Rubye Kilpatrick. Helen Thompson, Carlotta Burgess, Essma Renolds, Walter YEARIUIOK STAFF Our special thanks go to Mr. Edward Wilson for the long nights, tedious efforts, and artistic talent he voluntarily gave to help make this Yearbook possible. With deepest gratitude, we tender our sincere appreciation. THE EXECU- TIVE BOARD OF The 1952 Eagle. BOARD OF EDITORS ADVERTISING STAFF C. Bell A. Garret M. McNeil G. Watt K. Chambers M. Templeman A. Walker H. Oliver E. Streeter C. Thomas M. Michaux S. Mitchell G. Jones, Manager L. Merritt J. Atwater M. Blanks C. Gregory Treasurer COPY STAFF J. Morgan, Editor Carrolyn Perry Bernice Jordon Kathryn Caldwell EXECUTIVE BOARD C. Norman, Chairman Mr. C. A. Jones, Advisor Mr. S. B. Fiilbright, Financial Adviser We are extremely indebted to the following persons who ' s sacrifices of time and energy played such an important part in the makeup of " the book: MRS. RUTH NORMAN, MRS. EDNA SWANN, MR. JAMES PARKER. LUCKIES TASTE BETTER! Verified evidence proves LUCKIES BEST-MADE OF ALL FIVE PRINCIPAL BRANDS! nent the above bar graph curofe y and reliably depicts the relat quality al rfiese brands. It I ' s oi r conclus that lutliy Strike is the besl-mode ol th ■ brands. " (Signni I Froehling 4: Robertson. Ii You get fine tobacco in the cigarette that ' s made better — that ' s why Luckies taste better! Remember, L.S. M.F.T.— Lucky Strike means fine tobacco . . . fine, light, mild, good-tasting tobacco. There ' s no substitute for fine tobacco — and don ' t let anybody £ Syil jr tell you different! ' ' SO Be Har py-GO LUCKTi Conpratitlations In the i rudualiufi Class of ' i2 from CHRISTIAN-HARWARD FURNITURE COMPANY 11!;-12() West Pariisli Stivct Montgomery Aldridge aii and I ' u.iiey SHwls PIk.iu ' 6185 Durham, North Carolina FRIGIDAIRE U. S. ROYAL MAYTAG GILLETTE " Home Fiinils ii ' is for 54 ) cdrs " RCA AUTO-LITE Telt ' j)h()ne: 5-181 Durham. North Carolina TELEVISION RECAPPING Congratulations to the Graduatino Class of ' 52 MECHANICS FARMERS BANK DURHAM — RALEIGH Member vj the Fet enil Dejxtsit Insurance Coritoralion RESOURCES OVER $5,000,000.00 DUKE POWER CO. .4 Complete Electric Service Oflice Buililiiip (Corner Maiiguiii and I ' arrisli Streets Tel. 2-151 DURHAM, N. C. CALL US FOR PARTY REFRESHMENTS For Ic Cream — Parly Blocks — Fruit Punch — Sherbets. Etc. ROYAL ICE CREAi COMPANY ' l Royal Deliuht in Every Bite Ciiiners Roxboro and Dowd Streets Phone 2-9481 Durham. North Carolina (.onipUnieulH THE THE THE BOYS ' SPORT YOUNG SHOP SHOP MEN ' S SHOP DIAMONDS WMCIIKS JEWKl.HY Gifts for Every Occasion Jones Frasier Company Rei istcrrfi jcitt ' lri . Aniriivan Gem SociclY Dl l!IIA rs OITSTANDIW; JEWELERS Telei.lii.iie 4-917 121 V. Main Street Dep. N Uidiial Bank Bids A Most Pleasant and Profitable Place to Shop sQj ej fo. Compliments of THE PEABODY DRUG COMPANY Wholesale Druggists 305 Pettigrew Street Durham, North Carolina FREE DELIVERY PHONE 0.3330 NEIGHBORHOOD STORE W. H. McLaughlin, Crop. " A Complete Stock of Top (Jutdity Foods and Other Goods " 1619 Fayetteville Street DURHAM. N. C. For Personal Flimer Service Ccdl 1 -965 pDuVal Hackett ' - ' FLORIST 117 N. Mangum Street D. C. MAY CO PAINTING CONTRACTORS Wholesale and Retail PAINT AND WALLPAPER Phone 6-727 315-318 Morgan Street DURHAM. NORTH CAROLINA TOP TO BOTTOM that means New Plastic Tape New Plastic Cord All Metal Top and Bottom Bars Tilt Cords Can ' t Slip New Plastic Tassels Flexaliim Spring Tempered Aluminum Slats The Perfect Venetian Blind Custom Made Entirely 8HAAV ' 8 VENETIAN DURHAM. N. C. BLINDS Phone 8-1161 £kc fe i£:- Durham ' s Best Store Since 1885 SPECIALIST IN SOIM) SERVICING. MUSIC. TELEVISION. AND ELECTRICVL DECORATIONS CARDOZA McCOLLUM ELECTRICAL ENGINEER 336V2 E. Pettigrew Street 1 ' . 0. Box 1001 Durham, N. C. PHO NE 4-5371 or 9-2460 If No Answer Call 6-3611 Save on your TEXTBOOKS fhiY at THE BOOK EXCHANGE FIVE POINTS PHONE 2-6941 We ha e a large stock of New and Used Textbooks for all your courses at a Great Saving SEE US BEFORE YOl ' BUY Eslahli.shed 1904 PRINTING COMP. VNY BOOKMAKING -:- ADVERTISING PUBLICATIONS -:• COMMERCIAL. BANK AND FACTORY FORMS. AND ENGRAVING 124 W. Parri-h Sln-el Di Rii x i. N. C DURHAM TYPEWRITER COMPANY Authorized Sales and Service Agency for REMINGTON RAND PRODUCTS 205 Foster Street P. 0. Box 1349 DURHAM. N. C. Congratulations, Seniors from Durham ' s Headquarters for Insured Savings Home Loans MUTUAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION 112 West Parrish Street DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA Complete Pest Control Surety-Bonded Termite Control ' HONE 2-7471 612 E. Geer Street Cmplirnents .if SERVICE PRINTING CO. I ' RINTING (,ml ENGRAVING Seri ' ice First — Sntisjaction Guaranteed 504 E. Pettigrew Street Phone 5-7462 Durham, North Carolii a Best Wishes- NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE CANTEEN SCHOOL SUPPLIES, COSMETICS SUPREME FOUNTAIN SERVICE Everything to Fit the Student ' s Need and Pocketbook THE CANTEEN STAFF Mrs. D. A. Turnkr, Mgr. PHONE 9-3121 Roadside Invitation To Drive Refreshed HIGHWAY Continuous Quality Cttntinuous Price HUGHES EQUIPMENT COMPANY Office and Shovvi onm : 244 North Wrenii Street llli;il I OINT. NORTH CAROLINA CHURCH, SCHOOL and INSTITUTIONAL FURNISHINGS TELEPHONE 6981 Mailiiii ' Address: P. O. B„k 162!; Durham ' s Most Exciting Store We Came Along to Say Mrs. 0. T. E. L. Easter C. R. Staidjack C. E. Payne Miss M. 0. Bullock A. E. Eisher We are liappy that we were selected as Official Photographers for THE EAGLE The Staff STANBACK STUDIOS Dl HHAM. NORTH CAROLINA CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! Your Alma Mater is more than proud to have had you as students during youi ' college career. Your presence here has made a definite contri- bution to the happy Christian atmosphere that is so evident at North Carolina College at Durham. Your scholarship attainments have also added to the wonderful record which the college has enjoyed for many years. As you join the ranks of the alumnae we are confident you will measure up to the finest and best. NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE AT DURHAM Durham, North Carohna ALPHONSO ELDER President AUTOGRAPHS AUTDGRAPHS

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