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MAROON AND GRAY PUBLISHED BY NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE AT DURHAM 1949 — » — » —■ . —-H —i. I I mmm The Maroon and Gray Volume VI.--1949 Entrance to the Sloping Hills and Verdant Green Published by The Students of North Carolina College at Durham m The Maroon and Gray Staff JAMES B. JAMES, JR. President of Student Council, a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and very active in many other organizations. Business Admini- stration Major and is destined for further study in Law. OLIVER C. FINLEY Editor-in-chief of the Maroon and Gray, mem- ber of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, and an active member of other campus organizations. A Business Administration major and destined to do study in the Field of Public Administra- tion. • . " . - « - Members of the Staff Swannie Moore ate Editor John Hobgood Advertising Manage Theodore Green HiHary HoUoway Photographic Editor Managing Editor The Staff at Work Humble we must be, if to Heaven we go; High is the roof there, but the gate is low. George Herbert 13 In Jflrmoriam DR. JAMES E. SHEPARD Founder and First President of North Carolina College at Durham, whose kind- ness and devotion to ideals endeared him to many friends throughout the Nation. 4] Dedication Miss Ruth G. Rush With great affection, we are pleased to dedicate this book to Miss Ruth G. Rush who for thirty-three years served our Alma Mater so faithfully as instructor and Dean of Women. The Maroon and Gray Staff of 1948-49 The moving finger writes; and having writ, i tears wash out a word of it. ■ all your piety nor wit shall lure it back to cancel half a line, nor shall your Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam 5 1 President of North Carolina College Dr. Alphonsa Elder A. B., M. A., Ed. D. Second president of North Carolina College at Durham, A. B., Atlanta Uni- versity, M. A., Ed. D., University of Chicago. Appointed president, January 20, 1948. This book is so like you, and we like it. For harmless Mirth, expressions, art and wit. That I protest, ingenuously it ' s true, I love this Mirth, Art. Wit, the Book and you. Roy C. Floud 16] President ' s OfBce Staff Cling fast to the hand which is leading you, though it be in darkness, though it be in deep water, you know whom you have believed. Infinite love, joined to infinite skill, shall plot the way through every strait and trail. J. Alexander 71 Deans DR. ALBERT E. MANLEY Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences DR. ALBERT L. TURNER Dean of the School of Law 8] The great that counts in this world is not talent, but faithfulness. Deans MISS LOUISE LATHAM Dean of Women PROF. JOHN L. STEWART Dean of Men Not what we think or say. but what we do. will have its effects upon the world. Let, therefore, the thinker do and the doer think. Rev. Rob Roy McNulty [9] V ' The Faculty Ruth A. Bibby College Nurse. R. N. Left, top to bottom C. Elwood Boulware, Mathematics. A. B., A. M.; Beatrice Burnett, Assistant Registrar, LL. B. ; Lizzie E. Cannady, Secre- tary, Dept. of Public Health, B. S.; Owen P. Cook, Chemistry, B. S., M. A.; Victoria Cordice Davis, Music, A. B., A. M. Right, top to bottom: Diana S. Dent, Home Economics. B. S., A. M.; C. Ruth Edwards, Music. A. B., A. M.; Clarence R. Elam, Commerce. B. Bus. A.; Alethia A. Elps, Home Economics. B. S. ; Stewart B. Ful- bright. Commerce. A. B., ' M. Bus. A. Below: Ruth H. Gil Law. A. B., LL. B. n. Music. Mus. B., Mus. M.; H. Wils d m Conscience is a sort of alarm clock to keep the soul from slipping too lo Some ' of us grow so accustomed to its sound that we do not need it. Chatfield Taylor 10 The Faculty Julia W. Harris English. A. B.. A. M. Left, top to bottom: Sudie A. HoUoway, Bursar. B. S. C; Wesley I. Howard, Music. L. T. C. L., F. T. C. L.; Ann E. Johnson, Library Science. A. B., A. M.; Benena S. Kerr, Ass ' t Supervisor of Canteen: James S. Lee, Professor of Biology. A. B.. M. S., Ph. D. Right, top to bottom: Omeda R. Livingston, Commerce, B. S. C, A. M.; William P. Malone, Health Education, B. S.; Joseph N. Mills, College Physician, A. B., M. D.; Ernest Manasse, German and Phi- losophy. Ph. D.; Irving A. McCo.luTi, Mathematics. B. S.. A. M. Below: John B. McLendon, Physical Education, Director of Phys. Ed.. B. A., M- A.; Jean McKissick McNeill, English. A. B. j Conscience and reputation are two different things. Conscience is due to yourself, reputation to your neighbor. St. Augustine 111] The Faculty J. Neal Hughley Professor of Econo- mics. A. B., B. D.. Ph. D. Left, top to bottom: Earl W. Phillips, Commerce, A. B., M. Bus. A.; Herman H. Riddick, Biology and Phys. Ed., B. S.; William H. Robin- son, Professor of Physics. B. S.. M. A.. Ph. D.; Hattie S. Scarborough, Assistant Bursar. B S. C; John L. Stewar t. Biological Sciences, A. B.. A. M. Right, top to bottom; Leroy R. Swift, Director, Student Health Service. B S , M. D., M. P. H.; Joseph H. Taylor, History and Govern- ment. Director of Sumnter School; Albert L. Turner, Dean of Law School. A. B.. LL. B., A. M.. Ph. D.; Allen Ericson Weatherford II, Phy- sical Education. A. B., A. M,. Ph. D. ; C. Tinsley Willis, Professor of Commerce, B. S. C. M. S. C. Greatly begin; though thou have tim But for a Une. be that sublime: Not failure, but low aim, is crime. Lowell 12 , " A •m.j, •mc -J s- mt m B. N. DUKE AUDITORIUM THE COLLEGE DINING HALL Misses Elizabeth White and Clementine Coley 14 Mr. William Jones Business Manager A view of the Senior Bowl Not how much talent have I, but how much will to use the talent that I have, is the main question. William Gannett 15 r- ■■J;toiWia?5K t !i j3ii5ioaifflSt- , I IT ! School of Public Health Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science In Public Health n It OFFICERS Left to right: W. Ruth Lynch, Chimney Rock, N. C, B.S., Teachers College, Fayetteville, N. C; Wm. A. Dari- ty, Chairman. Flat Rock, N. C, B. S., Shaw Univ., Omega Psi Phi; Willa L. Galloway, Sec. White Plains, N. Y., B. S..N. C. College. Left, top to bottom: Beatty, Eirdie M., Charlotte, N. C, A. B., Talli dega College; Ferguson, Alphonza R., Beaufort, S. C, B. S., N. C. College Kappa Alpha Psi; Jackson, Millicent B., Greenville, Mississippi, B. S. Alcorn College; Johnson, Davis, Jr., Fayetteville, N. C, B. S., Shaw Uni versity. Alpha Phi Alpha; Robinson, A. Chester, Vidalia, Georgia, B. S. Ga. StEte College. Right, top to bottom: Siimnons, Ernest C, Harrellsville, N. C, B. S., N. C. College. Kappa Alpha Psi; Smith, John F., Burgaw, N. C. B. S.. N. C. College, Omega Psi Phi; Thomas, Jesse I., Mexia, Texas, B. S., Praine View College; Williams, Walker C, Newnan, Georgia, B. S.. Ga. State College; Vines, Mattie E., Jackson, Mississippi, B. S., Touga ' .oo College. Not present when pictures were taken: Armour, Thomas M., Fayetteville, N. C. B. S.. N. C. College. Kappa Alpha Psi. J In darkness there is no choice. 16 School of Library Science Front Row, left to right: A. McAden Johnson, Instructor, A. B., B. L. S., North Carohna College, A. M. L. S., University of Michigan; Edna A. Lambeth, Durham, N. C, B, S. C, North Carolina College; Auldrey R. Hubbard, Freemont, N. C, A. B,, Bennett College; Alice P. Neely, Winston-Salem, N. C, B. S., Winston-Salem Teachers College; Sara L. Stroud, A. B., North Carolina College; Ethel B. Cobbins, Lexington, Mississippi, B. A., Tougaloo College; Evelyn B. Pope, Instructor, A. B., Shaw University, B. S. L. S., Hampton Institute, M. S. L. S., Columbia University. Second Row: Panzie K. Pannel, Philadelphia, Pa., A. B., Shaw University; Virginia F. Wilson, Martinsville, Va., A. B., Union University; Ola J. Turner, Sanford, N. C, B. S., Fayetteville Teachers College; Pearlean Moore, Philadelphia, Mississippi, B. S., St. Augustine ' s College. Third Row: Bennie L. Moore, Durham, N. C, B. S. C, North Carolina College; Robert E. Evans, Charlotte, N. C, A. B., J. C. Smith University; Benjamin F. Smith, Dean of Library School, B. S., Virginia Union University, B. S. L. S., University of Illinois, M. S. L. S., University of Illinois. Example is more forcible than precept. People look at my six days i I the week to find what I mean on the ; Cecil 17 » " •• " " I " " " Law School 18 Graduate School Graduates in Biology Left to right: Brown, Noah, Durham, N. C, Biology. B. S., N. C. College; Edmonds, Woodrow W., Tarboro, N. C, Biology, B. S., N. C. College; Hubbard, Thomas R., Durham, N. C, Biology, B. S., N. C. College; Jen- kins, Charles N., Shelby, N. C, Biology: Knuckles, Joseph L., Lumberton, N. C, Biology, B. S., N. C. College; Malone, Thomas E., Durham, N. C, Biology. B. S., N. C. College. Graduate in Public Health Graduate in History Adele B. Butts Durham, N. C. School of Public Nursing, R. N. Harlem School of Nursing. Clifton E. Simmons Goldsboro, N. C. History B. S., N. C. College. What ' s time? Man has forever. Robert Browning 19 Executive Committee You cannot recall the spoken word, yc 20 He that allows himself everything that is permitted is very near to that which is forbidden. St. Augustine History of the Senior Class The Class of 1949 came to this institution in the fall of 1945 with a great deal of expecta- tion. This was the beginning of a period that was to mark important changes in our ways of thinking and acting not only because we as a class were embarking upon a course of higher education, but also because the members of our class came from a number of states and had varied ideas and experiences. After becoming orientated into college life as freshmen, we elected our officers. Ransom Gadsden was our president, Irma Thorpe, secretary, and Mildred Lewis, chairman of the social committee. We might state at this point that Miss Thorpe was our secretary in the freshman and sophomore years, and is at pre- sent serving as assistant secretary of our class. Miss Lewis was chairman of our social com- mittee for the freshman and junior years. During our freshman year we sponsored a program for the student body, participated in the Red Cross Drive, and closed the year out with our Freshman Class Dance. During our sophomore year, Miss Emma Thompson served as president. She did a won- derful job. On February 14, the Sophomore Class Dance was held. Thus ended our second year at this institution. When we returned for our junior year, we were aware of the many tasks which were to be ours as members of the junior class. Such things as assisting the incoming freshmen and helping them to become orientated, and the sponsoring of the annual Junior-Senior Prom were jobs which we accepted willingly and at which we worked wholeheartedly. Under the expert guidance of our president, Mr. Samuel O ' Neal, we aided the freshmen, sponsored a Sunday School program, sponsored a float in the homecoming parade and gave the Junior- Senior Prom. The Prom, a black and white ball, was truly a memorable one. It is an oc- casion such as this that we will remember long after we have left this institution to go our separate ways. Then came September, 1948, the beginning of our last year here as undergraduates. Mr. O ' Neal was again elected as president; Fred- die Weaver, vice-president; Katie Avery, secretary; and William Thomas, treasurer. Miss Avery also served as secretary of our junior class. As seniors, we have become more and more aware of the fact that ours has been a long and tedious job. We realize how hard the struggle has been, how narrow the path and how long the journey. Sometimes the going got pretty rough, but we always comforted ourselves with the thought that against all storms we must keep our hearts high because it is better that way. Our adviser, Professor Charles L. Holmes, has served us well throughout our four years. Some of us will continue our education and others of us will secure jobs. However dif- ferent our future positions may be, we have at present one thing in common our uphold- ing of those things which we know to be right and our denunciation of those things which we know to be wrong. With this knowledge, we are a united class. Although we may have failed in some respects, we feel that through- out the years we have put our best feet for- ward for we always knew that no matter how tiring the burden and no matter how loudly we ever cried, ignorance could never success- fully demand the respect, opportunity, recog- nition and privileges which intelligence would eventually demand. And now as our senior year draws to a close, we are reminded of our motto, " Strive not to equal, but to excel. " We look forward to the future with hopeful and prayerful hearts. We trust that every member of our class will real- ize his highest ambition. With the help of the Almighty, we cannot fail. The thirsty dr [ 22 1 ' .A — « -» -««• •-■ ' ■ ik i» i« li 1 The Alma Mater " Dear Old N. C. C. " Words by Annie Day Shepard Music by Harry T. Burleigh The sloping hills, the verdant green, The lovely blossoms beautious sheen, Surround our college proud and gay. Where wave our colors Maroon and Gray, What matters it how far we roam. Our thoughts will oft return to home, And hearts will e ' er be true to thee. Our Alma Mater N. C. C. We ' ve gathered here to fit our lives, As from the darkness, light revives. So let us hail both night and day. Our glorious colors Maroon and Gray, We ' ll ever love and honor thee, For thou hast taught us loyalty, Then let our watchword service be. To Alma Mater N. C. C. You send us forth, with hearts of love. So like a blessing from above. And from the path we ' ll never stray Our dear Alma Mater Maroon and Gray, We ' ll work and fight, we ' ll win our way. When duty calls we shall obey, And may we e ' er return to thee Our Alma Mater N. C. C. CHORUS: Then Rah; Rah; Rah; For our colors so gay: Dear Old N. C. C. ' s Maroon and Gray. Thy Sons and Daughters will honor Thee Dear Old N. C. C. Reason to rule and merry to forgive; The first is law, the last perogative. Dryden [ 23 Class Prophecy Katie Avery — As secretary to the President of the United States and doing a very efficient job. Nathaniel Bond- -As executive secretary of the N. A. A. C. P. and considering the acceptance of the nomination for candidacy for the presidency of the United States on the Progressive Party Ticket. Esma Burgess- Doing extensive research into the Historical motives and significance of her mates at N. C. C. from 1944-1949. Mary Claytor — Yes, you guessed it. Still keeping check on Jimmie. Warren Coleman — Will he ever change? Jerry Coward — Still loud and wrong. John Ray DeVane Doing further study in psychcsomatics. Oliver C. Finley-- Sitting behind his ivory desk, and in his usual efficient manner, carrying on the affairs of " Finley, Inc. " Ransom Gadsden — Well, he ' s still living. Robert D. Glass — Portraying the pinnacle of perfection in his management of affairs as the Senator from Alabama. Theodore Green As chief executive of one of the largest corporations in the world. Samuel Hicks -Finding a cure for a common cold. James B. James, Jr.- Revolutionizing and admonishing the world with his theories of govern- ment. Charles " The Cat " Harrison — Looking admiringly on his lovely daughter and Janice. Richard Matthews — Doing advance research in nuclear fission. Mildred Lewis — Still taking her time to select a mate. Mildred Harris — Still refusing to believe that she will make a lovely wife. Senneta Hayes — Dean of Women at North Carolina College holding weekly conferences with the freshmen girls in order that they may be able to accept responsibilities when they become seniors. Jeanne Barksdale Still happy as a lark. Hermenia Fitts- Still improving that million dollar smile and insists on saying, " you are very nice, but. ... " Portress Wall Accepting all the credit for converting the " Killer. " Etla Dowdy- President of the World ' s largest export Dressmaking Corporation located in Puerto Rico with branch offices in New York and Goldsboro. Harry E. Thomas — Having the patient sit in the chair for dental work while he goes out to get something to kill the nerve. Samuel O ' Neal — Sitting up late at nights trying to figure out a way to help big business vio- late the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. Edwin D. Scipio — Getting rich showing enterprises how to evade income tax. Be a man ' s vocation what it may. his rule should be to do his duties perfectly, and thus make perpetual progress in hi; [ 24 ] Senior Class Officers Samuel O ' Neal President Freddie Weaver III Vice-Presiden t Katie Avery Secretary Prof. Charles L. Holmes Adviser William Thomas Treasurer Swift decisions are not sure. Sophocles Education has for its object the formation of character. Herbert Spencer 25 r- i ; ' itei i i:-(B114ail t ' i; Senior Class Katie Avery 810 Colfax St. Durham, N. C. Business Administration Yearbook Staff, Delta Sigma Theta, Commercial Club Jeanne Barksdale 507 21st. St. N. E. Washington, D. C. Social Scj Ivy Leaf Club, Social Science Club Olivia Battle Route 3. Bo. 333 Nashville, N. C. Business Administration Y.W.C.A., Commercial Club Harry Walter Batchelor 50 Morningside Ave. New York, N. Y. Business Administration Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Veterans Club, Commercial Club Grady E. Bethel P. O. Bo. 804 Burlington, N. C. Physical Education Football, Track, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Lettermen ' s Club Frenc N.A.A.C.P., Windsor. N. C. Biology Lampodas Club 201 Gr Charlotte, N. C. Business Administration Sunday School Council, Inter- Collegiate Council, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Thes- pians, Y.W.C.A., Women ' s Council LiLLiE Mae Brown 1807 Pine St. rham, N. C. Willie Pearl Buffaloe s Administratio n Garysburg, N. C. mercial Club Commerce Sunday School, Commcrcia Club, Y.W.C.A. When duty ceases to be a pleasure, the 26 It ceases to exii ■lorman Dougia ' ■ ' MSKtBtBHSK r ' Senior Class Ernestine Bullock Route 1, Box 56 Timberlake, N. C. Secretarial Science Y.W.C.A., Commercial Club EsMA Carrie Burgess story Alpna Kappa Alpha Sorority Social Science Club, Y.W C.A., N.A.A.C.P. Helen Louise Chavis ■408 Third Ave. Y.W.C.A. Agatha Aurelia Cherry 515 Heckimer St. Brooklyn, N. Y. Music Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Sunday School, Choir, Phil- harmonic Society, Social Science Cl ub, Inter-Col- legiate Council Maggie C. Clarke Route 2 Scotland Neck, N. C. Home Economics Home Economics Club, Del- ta Sigma Theta Sorority, Y.W.C.A., Sunday School Mary Elizabeth Claytor 328 1-2 Fa Roanoke College Band, ( Club, Iota Phi La Pledge Clu . N. W iREW Belle Cobb 413 Ray St Durham, N. Com Commercial Club Warren Coleman, Jr. 1402 N. York St. Gastonia, N. C. Commerce mega Psi Phi, Y.M.C.A., ammercial Club, Art Club, aroon Gray Staff, Stu- dent Association Alexander M. Cotton 906 South St. Durham. N. C. Business Administration Scroller Club, Veterans, Commercial Club Jerry Coward 3638 llth St. N. W. Washington, D. C. Social Science Kappa Alpha Psi, Yearbook Staff, Football, Lettermen ' s Club, Pan Hellenic Council, Campus Echo Staff Earth shakes beneath them, and Heaven roars above. But nothing scares them from the course they love. Cowper 27 Senior Class ioRTENSE Crane 503 Price St. Durham, N. C. French Earline Gadis Cunning- cle Francais. Ivy Leaf Club 621 S. Myers St. Charlotte. N. C. Physical Education Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, W.A.A., Pem ' s Club, Y.W. C.A., Sunday School Creola Davis 474 Pine St. Darlington, S. C. Business Administration Commercial Club, Ivy Leaf Club, Maroon 85 Gray Staff Franklin D. Deas 120 Merriman St. Georgetown, S. C. History Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Social Science Club, Y.M. C.A. John Ray DeVane 714 Redcross St. Wilmington, N. C. Psychology French Club, Lampoda Club, Social Science Clul Robert L. Durrah 842 Camel St. Winston-Salem, N. C. Mathematics Mathematic Club, Y.M. Alpha Phi Alpha Fra- Gloria A. Edwards 258 Clifton Place Brooklyn, N. Y. Home Economics Home Economics Club, Y.W.C.A., Sunday School, Ivy Leaf Club Louise Marie Elliot Route 4, Box 250 Dunn. N. C. English Social Science Club, Y.W. C.A.. Sunday School Herman Leon Ellis 328 Matthews St. Durham, N. C. Business Administration Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Commercial Club, French Club, N.A.A.C.P., Student Oliver C. Finley 2304 Senate St. Columbia, S. C. Business Administration Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Y.M.C.A., Editor-in-Chicf of Yearbook, Commercial Club : lenses coloring the world with j 28 ] ; many hues. Emerson — « — ♦ - »- -.» HP Senior Class HERMEr «A FlITS w arrenton, N. C. Com me rce Student Cou ncil , Commcr WiLMOT GADSDE Jr. 1.2 Line St. rleston 25, S. C. Biology Choir, Male Glee Club, Track, Student Council Mamie Leigh Garrette 1300 Ward Street Greenville, N. C. Biology Sunday School, Y.W.C.A,, W.A.A., Ivy Leaf Club, Oliver T. 1502 Faycttevil Durham, N. logy Choir, Women ' s Glee Club Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Tennis Club W. Mance Gillam, Jr. 2190 E. 101 St. Cleveland, Ohio Biology Band, Lampada Club Robert D. Glass 414 Le ntgomery, Alabama Political Scie Pi Delta Omega Society, Fraternity Theodore R. Green 1110 Cornell Street Durham, N. C. i Administ Commercial Club, Sph Club, Yearbook Staff Carl Sylvio Galbreath P. O. Box 333 Fayetteville, N. C. Business Administration Football, Commercial Club Lauretta Hall 1012 Drew St. Durham, N. C. Commerce Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, W.A.A., Sunday School, Y.W.C.A. Samuel Henry Hall 1012 Drew St. Durham, N. C. usiness Administratio ed out, and Jocund Day stands tiptc : on the misty mountain tops: I must be gone and li Shakespeare ■ stay and die. [ 29 ] ..— .-« ■■ , Senior Class Eugene A. Harrington 621 Ma Durham. N. C. Physical Education PEM Club. Tennis Club Mildred Harris Route 2. Box 169 Apex. N. C. Commerce Co-nmercial Club, Y.W.C.A Samuel W. Hicks -!16 N. 6th. St. Wilmington. N. C. Biology Omega Psi Phi Fraternity John B. Hobgood 1012 Macon St. Kinston. N. C. Business Administration Student Council. Commer- cial Club. Yearbook Staff Mae Hazel Holden 823 East 9th. St. Winston-Salem.N. C. Social Science )cial Science Club. Phil- irmonic Club. Y.W.C.A.. ring Orchestra. Delta Sig- ma Thtta Sorority Hiliaby H Holloway Route 5. Box 3-14 Durham. N. C. i Administration Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. Pan Hellenic Council. Com- mercial Club. Band. Year- book Staff, N.A.A.C.P. Lloyd Howell Route 1, Box 3 Boomer. N. C. Biology Boxing, Dancing James Bland James. Jr 175 1-2 Davis Ave. Greenwich. Conn. Business Administratic Student Council. Social St; dards Committ Dormitory Cou Psi Phi Fratern Harold E. Johnson 125 Governor Street Paterson. N. J. ...w .v... £jusjness Administrati . " " " Sa A, ha Phi Alpha Fratern: " V Commercial Club Albert W. Jones 216 Witten St. Petersburg. Va. Physical Educatior Football. Baseball Whosoever is satisfied with what he does has reached his culminating point, he 30 Senior Class Bessie Reed Jones 216 Witten St. Petersburg, Va. Biology Thespians Esther P. Jones 121 North 1 Atlantic City, N. J Physical Ed Y.W.C.A.. W.A.A.. PEM Wilbur H. Keaton 1907 N. 13th. St. Philadelphia. Pa. Commerce Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Y.M.C.A., Student Council, Commercial Club Julius Francis Knight 423 Pearl St. Henderson, N. C. Physical Education Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, PEM Club James Milton Lloyd 804 Massey Ave. Durham, N. C. : Administration Scroller Club Sultan A. Mann ' Route 1, Box 3 Oriental, N. C. Mathematics Mathematics Club Katherine Macklin Route 1, Box 178 Scotland Neck, N. C. History Choir, Y.W.C.A., Social Science Club, Sunday School Richard B. Matthews 425 Virginia Ave. Petersburg, Va. Physics and Mathematics Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Ernest F. McAdams 615 Glenn St. Durha N. C. Choir Club, C.A., Tess Administration Glee Club, Scroller N.A.A.C.P., Y.M. , , „ . Social Science Club Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Robert McAdams 615 Glenn St. Durham, N. C. s ness Administration Glee Club To be or not to be: that is the question ' arms against a sea of trouble. ether ' tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Shakespeare [31 ] Senior Class Edwina McAlister Box 602 Fuquay Springs, N. C. Con r Thelma McDani 1021 Moreland A ' Durham, N. C. Com Commercial Club Lois T. McDonald Route 2 FayetteviUe, N. C. Home Economics lice Club, Choir, Sunday School, Cooley-Winchell Home Economics Club Adlena McGirt 623 Chestnut St. Camden, S. C. History Y.W.C.A., Social Science Club Bessie McIntyre 38 Cleveland St. Cheraw. S. C. Home Economics Home Economics Club, Choir Justin F. McNeil 138 South 5th. St. Smithfield, N. C. Biology Kappa Alpha Psi, Y.M.C.A., Band Evelyn Meredith 1615 E. 1st. St. Winston-Salem, N. C. Commerce Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Y.W.C.A., W.A.A., PEM, Social Standards Committee William Henry TON 184 Spring St. Charleston, S. C Physical Educati Football. Lettermen ' s PEM, Kappa Alpha F ternitv James D. Mizelle 210 N. Elm St. WiUiamston, N. C. Social Science Y.M.C.A., Social Science Club, Social Standards Com- mittee, Omega Psi Phi Fra- ternity Elaine Moore 1353 5th. Ave. Hickory, N. C. Sociology Student Council, Campus Echo, Omega Psi Phi Fra- ternity Good to forgive; Best to forget. Robert Browning 32 Senior Class SWANNIE HiLMETTA MOORE Box 1022 Fisher St. Exten- sion Elwood W. N Burlington, N. C. 306 E. Union St. Commerce Morganton. N. C. Thespians, Commercial Club, Scence and Physical Edu Y.W.C.A., Yearbook Staff, cation Women ' s Assembly Steering Lettermen ' s Club, Y.M.C.A., „.„ Committee, Dance Group, sphinx Club, Football, Track j gpp Aiph, Iota Phi Lambda Sorority N.A.A.C.P Joseph S. Parker. Jr. Box 26 Bahama, N. C. Biology Band, Myrtle M. Peacock Princeton, N. C. Commerce Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Commercial Club, Y.W.C.A Samuel O ' Neal 215 Cedar St. Tuskegee, Ala. Commerce and Law Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Virginia Peters 219 Spooner Ave. Plainfield, N. J. Social Science Choir, Y.-W.C.A., Sunday School Council, N.A.A.C.P., Social Science Club, Glee Club Tabitha Pettiford Route 2 Spring Hope, N. C. Commerce Sunday School, Y.-W.C.A Commercial Club Mary Barbae 2224 Sanders St. Charlotte, N. C. Business Administration Commercial Club, Ivy Leaf Club, Y.W.C.A., Senior House Council Mattie Richmond 2306 Chautauqua St. Durham, N. C. History Rich gift of God; A year of time. Whittier Verona S. Shelton 141 Lenox St. Boston, Mass. Social Science Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Social Science Club 33 Senior Class Edwin D. Sciimc Box 314 Chadbourn, N. C i Administr. Student Council, cial Club, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity HiLBURN Sparrow 34 Central Ave. Montclair, N. J. Math Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Track, Lettermen ' s Club, Mathematics Club Marjorie Peggy Sparrow 34 Central Ave. Montclair, N. J. Social Science Y.W.C.A.. Social Science Club, Thespians, Ivy Leaf Club, W.A.A., Art Marie J. Speigner 2114 Otis St. Durham. N. C. Social Science Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Virginia Lane Stringfield Box 113 Willard. N. C. Home Economics Home Economics Club, Al- pha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Sunday School, Y.W.C.A., Student Association Effie C. Sutton 304 Popular St. Weldon, N. C. Sociology Veteran ' s Club, Social Charlie Tapp, Jr 1201 Hazel St. ercial Club irborne Tapp, Jr. ology ling Club Harry E. Thomas, Jr. 312 Oak St. Seneca, S. C. Biology Y.M.C.A., Kappa Alpha Psi tv. Yearbook Staff, N.AA.C.P. Frate William H. Thomas 1048 Central Ave. Baltimore, Md. Sociology :ial Science Club, Campus Echo, Yearbook Staff ■ not in the tents of your fathe Id is advancing; advance with 34 — ' « — !♦ — ' »■ - ' » Tr«a» ' " r J Wm - ' ' gMjv» «wisiiw Senior Class Emma Lee Thompson 122 Summit St. Newark, New Jersey Physical Education Y.W.C.A., W.A.A.. PEMs. Band, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Sunday School LoNNiE W. Thompson 805 Macklin St. Durham, N. C. Commerce Otis W. Thompson 909 East St. Kannapolis, N. C. Biology Omega Psi Phi IRMA Lane Thorpe Post Office Speed, N. C. Commerce Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Y.W.C.A., Commercial Club Mildred Thornton Box 172 Warrenton, N. C. Commerce W.A.A., Campus Echo, Del- ta Sigma Theta Sorority, Choir Walter Clarence Va Hook 1000 Second St. Durham, N. C, 5 Administrat Commercial Club, Cho Theresa L. Walker 1031 S. Duke St. Durham, N. C. Commerce Commercial Club, Ivy L Club QuiNTON K. Wall 628 E. Market St. Smithfield, N. C. Commercial Club, Band, Social Science Club, Dance Group, Y.M.C.A. Freddie Weaver, III 518 Seminary St. Gainesville, Florida Biology Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Student Council, Pan-Hel- le.nic Council Herbert E. Weaver 405 Brant St. Durham, N. C. Commerce Lampodas Club The most difficult of tasks to keep Heights which the Soul is competent to gaii Wordsworth [ 35 Senior Class Charles H. White 2613 Mass St. Gary, Indiana Physical EdL Football, Track, Kappa Al- pha Psi Andrew Healon Wi 1S08 Southern Ave. Elizabeth City, N. C Physical Ed Baseball, Football, Omegi Psi Phi Fraternity, Letter men ' s Club GussiLEE Frances Wil- liams 401 North Summit Ave. Charlotte, N. C. Commercial Club, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Samuel Williams Philadelphia, Pa. Ben F. Williamson 1213 Fayetteville St. nercial Club, Veterans ' Club Duty comes to us as something hard, i ; shrink frcm it. No one i [ 36 £n if he docs not feel his dutv is larger than himself. Dr. Alexander McKensie History of the Junior Class The freshman class of 1946 had one of the traditionally large classes on this campus. We showed an exceptional amount of iniative and spirit — exhibiting most of our ability in athletics, expecially in intramural events. Dr. Howard Wright, Professor of Psychology, was our adviser. Since we were not only freshmen in the sense that this was our first year at North Carolina Col- lege but also freshmen to each other, we changed class presidents every quarter. Harry (Trees) Taylor, was president for the first quarter; Herbert Love, second quarter; and Herbert Love was re-elected for the third quarter. During our freshman year, we learned that studying — the thing we had taken so lightly in high school - was to sadly interfere with our leisure and enjoyment periods. When we returned for our sophomore year, it was evident that a majority of us had really accomplished something. However, a number of our students did not return for the sophomore year. Our officers were Randolph Johnson, vice-president; Ollie Bowser, secretary; Clementine Coley, assistant secretary; and Either Mae Bryant, treasurer. Because our president-elect went home during the first quarter, Randolph Johnson became president. Our school term ended with the Sophomore Class dance. Upon returning to school this year, our junior year, we found that our class had grown even smaller. However, we had a number of new students who were transfers from other institutions. Our officers are the same as those which we had in our sophomore year with one addition — Robert Freeman is vice-president. We are now making plans for the Junior-Senior Prom of which we are the hosts. It is almost impossible to believe that almost three years of study have passed since we entered this institution. All the things we have learned are now a part of us. As we go on our way we will continue to be led on, as before, with the thought that upward lies our goal and we must climb and climb if we are to reach that goal. Had the Faith of the Heart been sufficient, God would not have given you mouth. Thomas Aquinas 37] ,. .. in ( ■! t Av i-«w I Junior Class William R. Johnson President Robert Freeman Vice-President OUie Bowser Secretary Esther Bryant Treasurer Jasper Y. Bell ■f, — aw. isn m a Selma, N. C. " y KSk - K Libscn C. Berry Wilmington, N. C. OUie Bowser 459 Luvay PI. N. W., Washington, D. C. js , ! ■ " ■ ' iWi ;! ' - -,% i Mable C. Bullock 17 P 412 Pekoe Ave., Durham, N. C. Wilfred H. Carter 810 Maple St., Bristol, Va. Vester Corpening 124 Wheeler St., Lenoir, N. C. Betty Claiborne 519 Martha St., Durham, N. C. Herbert H. Eaton P. O. Box 121, Creedmoor, N. C. ' liiM If you have built castles in the 38 Junior Class Robert E. Edwards 817 Pine St., Hamlet, N. C. Margaret L. Fowler 4002 Roxboro Rd., Durham, N. C. Robert C. Freeman P. O. Box 15, Harrellsville, N. C. William D. Gardner 133 W-113 St., New York, N. Y. Lee M. Goode Route 1, Box 43, Macon, N. C. Laura Grady 2209 Chautauqua St., Durham, N. C. Johnny M. HoUoway Route 5, Box 244, Durham, N. C. John F. McDonald Troy, N. C. Joseph T. Mitchell 1106 Fargo St., Durham, N. C. Winston R. Pearson 2019 Pine St., Portsmouth, Va. r ' - Junior Class Ida M. Rogers 582 South Side Ave., Bristol, Tenn. Collm Scott Rcute 3, Box 79, Enfield, N. C. Ulysses L. Sherard Post Cffice, Dallas, N. C. Floyd E. Washington 2310 Sylvaine St., St. Joseph, Mo. Albert E. Williams 138 Dice St., Charlottesville, Va. Emory W. Williams 349 College St., Ashville, N. C. Thomas L. Williams 611 Lincoln St., Kinston, N. C. E. Wynn Petersburg. Va. Samuel B. Yett 95 Water St., Morristown, N. J. History of the Sophomore Class We enrolled in North Carolina College in September, 1947. Under the supervision of the Class of ' 49, which at that time was the Junior Class, we elected Robert McKnight as our president; David Martin, vice-president; Doris DeLaine, secretary; Marion Jacobs, assistant secretary; Curtis Lynch, treasurer; and Clarence Mutts, business manager. During our freshman year we sponsored a float in the homecoming day parade. George McKinney was elected later in the year to serve on the Chapel Planning Committee. The freshman year ended with our class dance. We returned to school in the fall of 1948 with our newly elected officers taking charge. They are Ruben Weston, president; Robert McKnight, vice-president; Doris DeLaine, secretary; Louise Cutchin, financial secretary; George A. Moore, treasurer; George McKinney, business manager; Clarence Mutts, assistant business manager; Jack Porchee, sergeant-at-arms; Wil- liam Brown ' ee and Calvin Hughes, representatives to the Student Council; and Ada Hannar, reporter. Because our adviser. Dr. Howard Wright, accepted a position at another school, we had to select a new adviser. After expending considerable thought on the matter, we chose Dr. Helen G. Edmonds, instructor in the Department of History. Dr. Edmonds has really done herself proud as our adviser, and it was under her supervision that we gave a program in B. N. Duke Auditorium on February 19, 1949. The purpose of this program was to present various students of the sophomore class to the other members of the student body. With two more years ahead of us, we resolve to do all we can to make our class one of the greatest classes of this institution. what man believes he will do; and if he has no Faith to guide his practice and impel him to action, he will only drift, and i drifted into a good useful life. 41 ffMSSiXiiiiSajVE; ' pmsis-iim:mi im:im i s m md Sophomore Class Reuben Weston President Robert McKnight Vice-President Doris DeLaine Recording Secretary Louise Cutchins Financial Secretary George A. Moore Treasurer J Left to right: George Bacon, Cleve ' .and, Tenn.; James R. Best, Philadelphia, Pa.; Myrtle Tee Boykin, Parkersburg, N. C; Bertha Ree Boykin, Parkersburg, N. C. Left to right: William J. Brownlee, Camden, S. C; Barbara Chambers, New York, N. Y. Louise E. Cutchins, Raleigh, N. C; Freddie Douglas, Hamlet, N. C. Left to right: Thomas V. Dawson, Wilson, N, C; Margie DeBerry, Durham, N. C; Reginald W. Dalton, Wilmington, N. C; Eddie Rhue Garris, Vanceboro, N. C. not do a great deal, but that this fact does not excuse us fn [42 ] ■ .-.. ;.T« «w!»ii»w .T, " .w«H :..; Sophomore Class Left to right: Ada Hannar, Burlington, N. C; James B. Harris, Wadesville, N. C; Whitted Hart, Asheville, N. C; Major S. High, Zebulon, N. C. Left to right: Sadie Marie Hood, La Grange, N. C; Calvin C. Hughes, Ocala, Fla.; Edith O. Lee, New York, N. Y.; Davis B. Martin, Durham, N. C. Left to right: George E. McKay, Durham, N. C; Johnnie Parker, Elm City, N. C; Elbert O. Robinson, Elizabeth City, N. C; Wil lam M. Scott, Seneca, S. C. Left to right: Frederick D. Smith, Selma, N. C; Lois E. Tomlinson, Clayton, N. C; Bernice Hunter Turner, Raleigh, N. C; Richard C. Webster, St. Joseph, Mo. Left to right: Rubin F. Weston, Winston-Salem, N. C; Herbert Wheeless, Spring Hope, N. C. Wilburn K. Wright, Washington, D. C. In all our lives, though time is given us to eat, drink, sleep, work and play, there is no 144 ] History of the Freshman Class We enrolled in North Carolina College with a record-breaking class of approximately four- hundred pupils, who came from homes as far North as Massachusetts and as far South as Florida. Although we soon became familiar with life en this campus, we must admit that at first our classification was quite obvious as it was not unusual to hear an upperclassman remark, " You must be a freshman. " Our first program and test for co-operation was the Freshman Talent Night. On that night we proved both to the upperclassmen as well as to the other members of our class that we pos- sessed quality as well as quantity. It is almost impossible not to mention the sincere hospitality that was shown to us by the other classes, faculty, etc. They gave dances for us and sponsored sings and other means of entertainment which really instilled in us a sense of college spirit and loyalty to this great insti- tution. Our counselor, Mr. R. D. Russell, has shown sincere interest in us. Without him our class as a whole would not have progressed academically or socially as much as it has thus far. Our officers are James Wright, president; Miss Dorothy Brooks, vice-president; Miss Gloria Grant, secretary; Miss Isabel Gates, treasurer; Stroy, Student Council Representative. Under the leadership of our officers, we sponsored a jeep float in the Homecoming Parade on which were four steps. These steps represented four years of college life, showing that we are looking upward. Now that we are well established here at North Carolina College, we are con- scious of the strong ties of love and friendship that hold us all together, and we resolve to always be loyal to our school and to ourselves by performing all our tasks as best we can in the remain- ing years of our college life. Four things come not back— the spoken word, the sped arrow, the past life, the neglected opportunity. Hazlitt [ 45 1 .• " » }.. ' [• «: Freshman Class James Wright President Dorothy Brooks Vice-President Gloria Grant Secretary Isabelle Gates Treasurer Left to right: Rciland Alston, Durham, N. C; Arvill Bradford, Pensacola, Fla.; Thomasenia Brown, Durham, N. C; Leola Belle Cheston, Trenton, N. C. Left to right: Margaret Cox, Trenton, N. C; Mary Faulkner, Woodsdale, N. C: Rita Barbara Francis, Pensacola. Fla.; Inez Drummond, Asheville, N. C. Left to right: Dorothy Fortune, Black Mountain, N. C; Annie Elizabeth Greene, Durham, N. €.; Esther E. Greene, Trenton, N. C; Pearl Jenkins, Durham, N. C. Do not dare h I 46] ntention toward which vour living shall be bent. Mean to be something with all your might. Phillip Brooks Freshman Class Left to right: Annie B. Holman, Mebane, N. C; Mary Hennessee, fc- Midway Park, N. C; Evelyn M. Holland, Knoxville, Tenn. Left, top to bottom: La Ruth Rea, Baltimore, Md. ; Gerald E. Long, Weldon, N. C; Dorothy Mahoney, Charlotte, N. C; Paul R. Mason, Durham, N. C- Eva McDowell, Henrietta, N. C. Right, top to bottom: Pearlie Mae Stephens, Maxton, N. C; Lillie Catherine Jones, Durham, N. C; William Frank Jones, Monroe, N. C; Ralph Jordan, Salisbury, N. C; Willie J. Lanier, Robersonville, N. C. [47 ] iz.- -tAi " ; •iiy ' ni. nv m. Freshman Class Top to bottom: Henry M. Michaux, Durham, N. C; Alice Faye Oliver, Burling- ton, N. C; Elna Richardson, Durham, N. C; James Cald- well Thompson, Cherry ville, N. C; Anna L. Walker, Statesville, N. C. Top to bottom: Robert Minor, Durham, N. C; James R. Paige, Windsor, N. C; Elijah Smith, Ayden, N. C; Virginia B. Turner, Durham, N. C; Charles Womack, Durham. N. C. Bottom: James L. Wright, Charlotte, N. C. I 48 almost a second Nature. Plutarch Voting Time at North Carolina College Students flock to polls to cast their ballots on election day. Results of Mock Election, Truman won a majority. Conviction, were it ever so excellent, is worthless till it converts itself into conduct. Carlyle 49 I • ? «. M " i flSj 1 Art Department 50 mm Publicity Department .. ' Mr. Tuck, publicity director, dictates the latest news as Mrs. Spaulding, secretary, takes it down. Alumni Department M. S. Johnson, Alumni Secretary, interviews Miss White, student, who will be ready for placement in June, 1949. Looking back is more than we can sustain without going back. Cecil 51 S? g S 5fe; Health Center W • Sl Health Department Each student is given a physical examination when he enters North Carolina College. Records are adequately kept by the efficient staff of Physicians, Nurses, and Technicians. The easiest person to deceive is one ' s self. Bulwer Lytton 52 ■ »(w wiw!i!W a!g«6,.r..i- jn. i mwii » - N. C. College Chapter of N. A. A. C. P. OFFICERS Nathaniel Bond President Freddie Weaver III 1st. Vice-President Gladys McGill 2nd. Vice-President Everett L. Goldston 3rd. Vice-President James L. Rainey Recording Secretary W. Hermenia Fitts Corresponding Secretary Alexander Arrington Treasurer For an impenetrable shield, stand inside your self. [ 53 ] i K Vi im Annie Day Shepard House Council • !T «1 Rush Hall House Council OFFICERS Doris Hayden, President; Angela Marchena, Vice-President ; Foye Honeycutt, Treasurer; Doris DeLaine, Secretary; Vermette Spivey, Civic Chairman; Louise Cutchin, Social Committee Chairman; Lillian New Kirk, Program Committee Chairman; Gladys McGill. Bulletin Board Chairman; Barbara Chambers, Hostess. Every principle contains in itself the germs of a prophecy. Coleridge 54 ] Senior Dormitory House Council OFFICERS Mary B. Ray, President: Mamie L. Garrette, Secretary: Tobitha Pettiford, Treasurer; Senetta Hayes, Civic Committee Chair- man: Maye Holden, Social Committee Chairman: Mary D. McLean, Program Committee Chairman; Blossie Winborne, Pub- licity Committee Chairman. Social Science Club OFFICERS Franklin Deas, President; Esma C. Burgess, Vice-President; Grace V. Solomon, Secretary; Johnny W. Barnes, Chairman, Pro- ressive Committee; Dr. Theodore Speigner, Adviser. I 55 1 The College Choir OFFICERS Albert E. Williams President Myrtle Boykins Secretary Robert McAdams Vice-President Benjamin Siler , Treasurer Miss Ruth Gilliam. Director Mrs. C. Ruth Edwards. Vo In the day of prosperity, be joyful, but in the day of adversity, consider. Ecclesiastes 7:14 56 The Band OFFICERS Jasper Y. Bell Willis Stewart President Charles Holt Secretary and Treasurer Mr. Wesley I. Howard . Sergeant-at-arms Albert E. Williams Director Assistant Director A sip is the most that any mortals are permitted from any goblet of delight. A. B. Alcott 57 Drum Majorettes Drum Le Cercle Francais OFFICERS Clyde R. Collins, President: William Staten, Vice-President: Willie Anderson, Secretary: Hezekaile Morris, Treas son, Miss LeMarre, Advisers. Dance Group Cooley-Winchell Home Economics Club £S wK kiuti SKi -V H H ' A m. ' M @ft§ W 1 ■fl U HNvB RS 5 aS KKf ' . jB B0 l nililllCkjJ L. 1 OFFICERS Lillie Martin Presiden t Eddie R. Garris Vice-Presiden t Geraldine Hartley Secretary Lacy Mitchell Treasurer Diana S. Dent Adviser Motto: We Lift As We Climb Colors: Green and Yellow Flower: Yellow Rose 60 Commercial Club OFFICERS Oliver C. Finley , - President Hiliary H. HoUoway Vice-President Julia E. Morrison Secretary Edwin D. Scipio Treasurer Stewart B, Fulbright Sponsor nsistent man believes in destiny, a capricious man in chance. Ben Disraeli 61 Student Council OFFICERS James B. James, Jr. Mary McLean Lydia White Edwin D. Scipio . . Nancy Howell . . . . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer and Business Manager Corresponding Secretary Intelligence and courtesy not always I 62 1 nbines; often in a wooden house a golden room we find. Longfellow Social Standards Committee OFFICERS James B. James, Jr., Chairman: Lydia B. White, Secretary. Mathematics Club OlhLl Kuuut Matthews, As: Pittman, Advi OFFICERS I, Pic idt nt. Louise Cutchins, Vice-President; Hilburn Sparrow, Treasurer; Stlui,ii FLi uson, Secretary; Richard •f Secretary. Sallie Butler, Publicity Officer; John Caldwell, Business Manager; Prof. C. E. Boulware, Dr. j. A. [ 63 1 mm mmmm Steering Committee of the Men ' s Women ' s Assembly Dramatics Club (Thespians) Swannie Moore, President; B. Vernese Boulv Grimes, Reporter, OFFICERS Vice-President; Isabella Gates, etary; Mab ' .e Bullock, Treasurer; Charles vy •rvt ' wvtti v«r:;-.t»ttt Young Men ' s Christian Association OFFICERS Thomas L. Williams President George F. McKenney Vice-President M. Elliot Mabry Secretary, Recording Oliver C. Finley Corresponding Secretary Wilbur F. Keaton Treasurer James Rainey Ass ' t Corresponding Sec ' y Ulysses L. Sherrad Business Manager C. A. Alston Adviser Committee Chairman Colors: Red, White, and Blue Motto: Doing Things in a Christian Way Not alone to know, but to act according to thy knowledge. For action was existence given thee; thy actions determine thy worth. [ 65 1 r Campus Echo Staff OFFICERS Libson Berry, Clathan Ross ■ . . . Co-Editors Perry Gilliard Associate Editor William Thomas Business Manager Warren Coleman Advertising Manager William A. Tuck Adviser Do what your hands find to do, but don ' t reach out and take work that does not belong to you and which was never intended for you. [ 66 1 Young Women ' s Christian Association OFFICERS Emma Thompson Presiden t Dorothy Peed Vice-President Irma Thorpe Secretary Lillian Perry Treasurer Lois Tomlinson Ass ' t Secretary Miss Alice Wanzer Adviser 67 j ' jj y ' ■ S ' T ' Zi ' r T: Alpha Kappa Alpha-Kappa Alpha Psi Joint Banquet Lampodas Club of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Dance NM " MI " AAi: QKA Ai;A HE I ' l ' KEAII EMV IIO MZWL eCC.liU I ' LW l,iH.OI,$V VG lijQFliS Kt,, V NXr Mr AAS QKA Ai:A BE PP KSAH EMY HO rZWZ eCGRU M ' LW iT,i.i.QL V VG loQFHS FioW Ai:A HE GREEKDOM NNT MP AAl QKA UZWZ 0GGIU xr MP AAi; LZ ' I ' Z eCGIU yXP MP AAi; tiKA Ai;A X ' .Z rZWZ 0CGHU WLW imrUI. ' tV NNP MP AAS QKA AXA HE IZ ' PZ eCGRL ' ' I ' LW T„M.(JP I V NXP MP AAS QKA Ai:A HE PP KEAII EMY IIO I ' l ' KEAII ?;my no VG qiQFUS FciiW PP KEAn EMY no ' G (oQFUS FiuW PP KEAII EMY IIO HIIQE IIOYT eCXD Su.X HHQE IIOYT er.xD ScpX HHQE IIOYT HC.XD SioX HHQE IIOYT (-)C,XD ScpX HHQE IIOYT eCXD SmX HHQE IIOYT 0CXD SmX HHQE IIOYT r ■■ fc ss,w " v " r.a®»vSs»S !; ' SitSfifi? The Pyramid Club of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority f f4 e © " " OFFICERS Evelyn M. Holland President La Ruth Rea Vice-President Bemice Gaskin Secretary Alice Evans Ass ' t Secretary Gloria Grant Treasurer Motto: To attain all that is noble is oar goal. Colors: Green and White A man should lose no time about getting down to earnest work in life. Robert CoUyer 70 bS! 5 ItHmm T S!ISiia iji Kl-feal S? ' Sii 9l.! ». t 4i6ii ' M ' J V His „N Hi, - w M Alpha Lambda Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority I OFFICERS Mary Doris McLean Presiden t Doris Alene Hayden Vice-President Earlene Cunningham Recording Secretary Clementene Coley Corresponding Secretary Geraldine Hicks Treasurer Bennye Vernese Boulware Journalist Maggie C. Clarke Sergeant-at-Arms Maye Hazel Holden Chaplain Philippa Page Dean of Pledges Mable A. Dupree Co-Dean of Pledges Motto: Intelligence is the Torch of Wisdom. Colors: Crimson and Rose Flower: Violet National Membership: 11,000 Local Members; 31 Pledges: 38 National Publication: Delta Journal Year Founded: 1913 Place Founded: Howard University [ 71 ] _ " f " jT : cf,w -«5j {jjj| e ste S S Si SIc Ivy Leaf Club of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority OFFICERS Dorothy Brooks President Brenda Sheeby Vice-President Jean Buie Recording Secretary Avrill Bradford Corresponding Secretary Audry Smith Treasurer Barbara Brisby Reporter I 72 ] If you have something to say, True and needed, yea, or nay, Say it. From Uplands of Cod ' fcsi!e ' aSMW ' wit " fet(£iS«M iW!i Alpha Chi Chapter —Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority OFFICERS Esma C. Burgess Basileus Mable Bullock Anti-Basileus Irma Thorpe Grammateus Gussilee Williams Epistoleus Mildred Lewis Dean of Pledges Emma Thompson Co-Dean of Pledges Kathryn Whitaker Tamiochus Agatha Cherry Parlian entarian Virginia Stringfield, Myrtle Peacock Ivy Leaf Reporters Colors: Apple Green and Salmon Pink National Publication: Ivy Leaf Year Founded: 1908 Place Founded: Howard University Life always take character of its motive. J. G. Holland 73 Iota Phi Lambda Sorority OFFICERS Evelyn Doris Meredith President and Dean of Pledges Mary Virginia Byrd Vice-President Orilla Gay Treasurer Mrs. Omeda R. Livingston Adviser Colors: Green and White Motto: Seeking greater opportunities through increased efficiency. They that love mirth let them heartily drink. Tis the only receipt to make worrows sink. Ben Johnson 74 . ,ii!affi£,«Mt£:3 ta{i ISilsSfelE :iKi)fiaB«isJ .ESi;JsKa ' ' ' ' V ' S ' " ' Vi.w i ' v SPHINX CLUB OF ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY OFFICERS Floyd Washington, President; Willie Stewart, Vice-President; Winston Pierson, Secretary: Jaccie Conyers, Treasurer; Walte Brown, Chaplain. Colors: Black and Gold ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY, Inc. OFFICERS Leroy Kirksey, President; Richard Matthews, V,ce -President.- Harold Johnson. Secretary; Wilbur Keaton, Treasur Gilliard, Business Manager; Albert Williams, Chaplain; Samuel Williams, R obert Durrah, Deans of Pledges; Mr. Williai lone. Adviser. Colors: Black and Gold Motto: First of all. service to all. We transcend all. Lampodas Club of Omega Psi Phi, Inc. OFFICERS William L. Torrence President Elwood Streeter Vice-President Wilburn Wright Secretary Henry Michaux Treasurer Ray DeVane Chaplain Clyde Collins Serjeant-at-Arms Calvin Yarborough Discipline Committee Chairman James Stroy Projects Committee Chairman Prof. Charles Ray Adviser Colors: Blue and Gold So act, that your principle of action would bear to be made a law for the whole 76 c z , w..... OFFICERS xf nJitP ' ' « (« " f;;,R°bert D Glass, Vice-B s.leus.- W.lUam R. Johnson, Keeper of Records and Seal- Olr Keeper of Finance; Otis Thompson, Chaplain; Freddie Weaver III, Dean of Pledges Colors: Purple and Gold Motto: Friendship is Essential to the Soul. [ 77] r 5S, sa?;3; ' . afS ' .msswx-s Scroller Club of Kappa Alpha Psi OFFICERS Robert F. Hill President Walter L. Hill Vice-President Edward C. Perry Secretary Charles S. Harrison Treasurer Phillip Bamhill Chaplain Colors: Red and White Not a reader-of-trash young girl; Not a cheap-jewel flash young girl; Neither flippant nor lax, Nor a chewer of wax, A marvel of sense young girl. A quiet and pure. A modest, demure. And ever discreet. We too seldom meet A really queen-like girl. 78 ■ m Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity 1st. row, left to right: R. Freeman, H. Holloway, Jerry Coward, W. Middleton, E. Mabry, H. Ellis. ?nd. row: J. Holloway, J. McNeil, J. Parker, M. Webster, A. Seate. 3rd. row: B. Smith, R. Webster, W. White, A. Walker, H. Thomas, J. Bowling. 4th. row: R. McAdams, C. White, S. Holloway, L. Petty, D. Martin. OFFICERS Robert C Freeman, Polemarch; Hiliary H. Holloway, Vice-Polemarch: M. Elliott Mabry, Keeper of Rec- ords; Herman L. Ellis, Exchequer; Jerry Coward, Strategous; William Middleton, Lt. Strategous; John M. Holloway, Historian; Prof. Stewart B. Fulbright, Prof. John L. Stewart, Advisers. Colors: Crimson and Cream Motto; We all drink from the same Canteen in Kappa Alpha Psi. 79 mmmmmmamm N. C. College Library 180 1 E. Women ' s Glee Club Men ' s Glee Club 81 ' r jff ' Vr? ' W? ' ' , " Miss Homecoming of 1948 82 y Hf tg m mimim Class of 1949 Class of 1950 Miss Hermenia Fitts Miss Ollie Bowser FM £ Class of L K " M s 1951 V jB fe ' ' KH- l—j Miss Barbara Chambers Class of 1952 1 Miss Mary Hennessee 1 R i sports At North Carolina College Fight, Team, Fight 85 ] Football Team and Coaches iMS in At home or away It ' s the Maroon and Gray Queen and Attendants Over us shall you reign I 86 ] ' bii»ti Captain William (Mink) Middleton Tennessee Bound 87 As the Sports Season Changes Coach Johnny (Lil Coach) McLendon Basketball Team of North Carolina College 188] : a6ls4 ttinu«i alWJSiSa«6 »J,lS.a4lf5«iOtSStefc5!i Thomas (Fox) Ramey Basketball Men Captain Harold (Wildman) Hunter and William (Bill) Young Baseball Team and Coaches As Spring steps in, so does Baseball at North Carolina College And remains until the dawn of Graduation Day. 90 Hi mmm L.dlas iSwuBnSiitott ttia i iwS ' ' ' i ' - ■ ' " " ' Campus Candids Wm . Bernie and Avrill Oh yes! Bill and Mary Once upon a time Richard and Jenny Reminiscing Robert and Rita Remember Snaps titiertisicrs Best Wishes- J. R. Bagwell Co. Oil Burneis — Stokers — Plumbing — Heating — Air Conditioning 320 Holland St. Phone N-195 Durham. N. C. Books of All Puhlishers — New and Used — The Book Exchange At Five Points Textbooks for All Your Courses Union Insurance Realty Co. 814 Fayetteville Street Durham. N. C. Dial J-6521 For expert property management, repair and building service . . . For all types of insurance coverages — call the " Union. " " Your Interests Arc Atu-ays Protected " H. M. MICHAUX, Secretary-Manager BUY — Better Fruits and Vegetables from Durham Fruit and Produce Co. Incorporated Durham. N. C. CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS As you go out — and return — make COLLEGE INN Your Meeting Place " The Meeting Place for Collegians and Friends " Drinks — Sandwiches — Confections — Smokes " BILL " JONES. Proprietor ;. 2aa%i itt9«a■(Qlr£ U£iJ r ;(h:i£« MORRIS PLAN BANK LOANS SAVINGS CHECKING ACCOUNTS Member F. D. I. C. Compliments — BULL CITY BARBER COLLEGE 408 E. Pettigrew St. Durham, N. C. A. C. ARTIS and G. P. HOLLOWAY Directors Smartness and Individuality for a Versatile Wardrobe Our Party, Classroom and Date pa Dresses are among the Seasons ' Leading Fashions. M7asliwn V»__ LADIES OUTFITTERS DURHAM. N C, Congratulations to the Graduates ROYAL CLEANERS Incorporated PHONE L-7981 538 E. Pettigrew Street Durham, N. C. Congratulations to the Senior Class DUNBAR REALTY INSURANCE CO. Congratulations and Best Wishes ALLAN ' S JEWELERS Compliments ROSE FURNITURE CO. 106 W. Parrish St. Phone L-5431 BEST WISHES, SENIORS P W FOUNTAIN GRILL All Kinds of Sandwiches and Fountain Service " Come and Let Us Serve You " Props.: E. C. PRATT and J. W. WALLACE 1228 Fayetteville Street Phone N-44I1 BEST WISHES. SENIORS Service Printing Company Printing — Engraving Service First -:- Satisfaction Guaranteed PHONE N-7462 .504 E. Pettigrew Street Durham, N. C. Underwood Leads Again — " Manual and Electric Machines " New DeLuxe Model with the New Gray Non-Glai ' e Finish and Rhythm Touch Keyboard. ROWE TYPEWRITER CO. PHONE N-3901 109 ' 2 Morgan St. Durham, N. C. Barrett Specification Roofing Ruberoid Asbestos Roofing BUDDPIPER ROOFING COMPANY CONTRACTORS — MANUFACTURERS — DISTRIBUTORS ROOFING, WATERPROOFING, SHEET METAL WORK Slag and Gravel Roofing; Tin. Tile and Slate Roofs; Tar Concrete Floors; Skylights, Ventilators, Cornices, Gutters, Downspouts, Vent Ducts, Asphalt Shingles, and Roll Roofing PITCH— AND— FELT— WATERPROOFING Phone F-2121 Durham, N. C. Congratulations CLAUDE HULL FLORIST 21.- Mangum St. Phone R-194 Best Wishes BALDWIN FURNITURE EXCHANGE 540 E. Pettigrew St. Compliments QUALITY FOOD MARKET -,2nii Pettigrew St. Tel. R-82.5 UNIVERSITY MOTORS, INC. Authorized Sales and Service Dodge — Plymouth and Dodge " Job-rated " Trucks 806 West Main Street Durham, North Carolina Compliments of W. C. LYON Company, Inc. Wholesale — Retail Hardware and Mill Supplies TO NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE— Sincere congratulations for a grand job well done and all good wishes for continuing your excellent work. The Made-Rite Bakers MADE-RITE Congratulations — To the Graduates: 117 E. Main Street Sty e Shop, inc. Durham, N. C. Exclusive fashions Phone J-4971 YOU ' LL FIND COMPLETE OFFICE SERVICE A T DURHAM OFFICE SUPPLY 105 W. Parrish Street Tel. L-919 JOHN H. HARRIS, Colored Representative Crosley Refrigerators Zenith Radios Kimbreirs, Inc. 126 W. Parrish Street PHONE J-3781 QUALITY FURNITURE PUBLIC HARDWARE, INC. Hardware. Paints. Varnishes, Oils, Glass and Farming Implements TELEPHONE J-.3281 111 E. Parrish Street Durham, N. C. To the Class of ' 49 The Acme Shoe Repair Institute, Inc. Extends to YOU Its Best Wishes W. F. SHELLEY, Director " Traiiiiiu the Mind cnnl Hands " 532 E. Pettigrew Street Durh am, N. C. Scott and Roberts Durham ' s Foremost Cleaners Plant: 733 Foster Street 702 Fayetteville St. 710 E. Main St. 302 N. Mangum St. 810 W. Main St. We invite you to use our cold storage vault facilities for furs and other valuable garments that will be out-of-season during vacation time. Compliments of UZZLE MOTOR CO. Foster Geer Sts. PHONE N-191 CADILLAC and OLDSJIOBILE Authorized Sales and Service General Repairs on All Makes of Cars Good Luck to the Grads KAPP ' S MEN ' S SHOP, INC. -The Shop for Sti te " HABERDASHERY — CLOTHING Telephone J-9601 1 07 E. Main Street Durham, N. C. Fancy Ices Sherbets Phone L-903 Ice Cream Specialists Durham Ice Cream Company, Inc. Fast Frozen " Blue Ribbon Ice Cream " ' ■Today It ' s Thrifty to Buy Quality " Durham, N. C. Blocks Punches Congratulations, Seniors 37c Current Dividends All Accounts Federally Insured Up to $5,000.00 Mutual Building and Loan Association " A Thrift and Home Fina)icing Institution " Durham, North Carolina Representative People of Durham Shop for Quality Merchandise at Durham ' s Best Store Since 1886 Main Street at Corcoran Diamonds Jewelry Watches GIFTS FOR EVERY OCCASION Jones Frasier Company Registered Jeweler, American Gem Society Durham ' s Outstanding Jewelers Telephone L-917 121 W. Main St. Dep. Nat ' I. Bank Bldg. MELLOW MILK — «— ' Xream in Every Drop " —•— DURHAM DAIRY A Most Pleasant and Prohtahle Place to Shop Durham ' s Shopping Center Greetings and Best Wishes from Our Entire Personnel Johnson Motor Co., Inc. Dial l-lcS41 — J-1 191 S26 E. Main Street " UNIVERSAL BUICK SERVICE " Compliments of CASH FURNITURE CO. Complete Home Furnishings Convenient Terms 222 Riggsbee Ave. Phone N-4941 GEORGE W FERRELL Your Watch Is Valuable For repairs, trust skilled repairmen 8 Clock-makers. -F cs-f C u .-s Work " lOS VV. Parrish St. Durham, N. C. STEWART ' S Distinctive Women ' s Apparel 206 West Main Street Durham, N. C. CONGRATULATIONS Public Service Co. of N. c, Inc. The Gas Co. 310 E. Main Street Durham , N. C. Compliments of the — Durham Typewriter Company Authorized Sales and Service Ag-ency for Remington Rand Products 123 Oranse Street Durham, N. C. Compliments of THE DURHAM SUN and ©uiljam iWorning l rralli r Compliments of Home Savings Bank Durham. N. C. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Students and Faculty Are Welcome to Visit NEIGHBORHOOD STORE 1619 Fayetteville Street Dial 9-3330 " Just a Whisper Off the Campus " A complete line of groceries, fresh meats, vegetables and confections. Central Electric Shoe Shop We Make Old Shoes Like New SERVICE WHILE YOU WAIT S15 Fayetteville St. Durham, N. C. W. W. McDaniel, Prop. Compliments of The Peabody Drug Company Wholesale Drugg-ists 305 Pettigrew Street Durham, N. C. Congratulations and Best Wishes JOHNSON H. RAY SONS FUNERAL DIRECTORS THE RECORD BAR Popular and Classical Records Corner of Church Parrish Sts. Tel. J-9981 PROVIDENCE LOAN OFFICE 116 N. Church St. Durham, N. C. For Personal Flower Service Call L-96.5 DuVal Hackett FLORIST Stores: 117 N. Mangum Street and Washington Duke Hotel Lobby D. C MAY CO. Contractors Painters -:- Decorators Paperhangers Wholesale and Retail Paint and Wallpaper PHONE R-727 315-318 Morgan Street Durham, N. C. Duke Power Co. A Complete Electric Service and Street Transportation Office Bldg. Corner Manguni and Pai-rish Streets Tel. F-151 Durham, N. C. ' M W m ) ,Mr l epsi-Cola Company, Long Island City, N Y. Fraiichised Bu ttler: DURHAM PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. 305 South Street Durham N. C. Compliments of Mechanics farmers dank Durham — Raleigh Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Resources Over $5,000,000.00 Congratulations to the Graduating Class of ' 49 from Christian - Harward FURNITURE COMPANY 118-120 West Parrish St. " Home Furnishers for 49 Years " Telephones: N-181— N-182 Durham, N. C. Compliments LONG ' S FLORIST 501 Fayetteville St. Dial L-1293— F-5672 Best Wishes HOLMES CLEANERS Pettigrew St. Durham, N. C. CONGRATULATIONS WILLIAMS BEAUTY SHOPPE 714 Fayetteville St. I ' hone 9-13fil Cong-ratulations Seniors of 1949 —LET US SERVE YOU— Durham District Office North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company 606 ! i Fayetteville Street W. L. COOK. Manager ' No Home Is Complete Without North Carolina Mutual Policies " Durham ' .s Olde. ' -t and Most Reliable Pawn Brokers FIVE POINTS LOAN CO. (Established 1928) We Are Licensed and Bonded For Loans See Us at 339 W. Main Street at Five Points Compliments of TAPP ' S GROCERY MARKET lOO.-J Morehead Ave. Durham, N. C. ESTABLISHED IN 1904 CHRISTIAN PRINTING COMPANY Effective Printing Distinctive E) igraving Telephone R-781 124 WEST PARRISH STREET • DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA FOR Prescriptions Ice Cream Sodas Cosmetics Candies Smokes See or Call Garrett ' s Biltmore Drug Store Prescription Service 9:00 a.m. until 11 p.m. Two Registered Druggists Dial L-0961 Y. D. GARRETT, Pliar. D., Prop. We appreciate the opportunity to extend congratulations to the Seniors of ' 49 The Berry Company Incorporated Dial N-6294 401 Ramsey Street Specialists in all types of building and con- struction work. We invite the opportunity to talk over your building problem with you. Wholesale Retail People ' s Fruit Produce Market If it grows we have it Once . . . Always 333 West Main Street Durham. Nort h CaroUna _ — We Deliver the Goods — Phone L-979 HOT ROASTED PEANUTS AT ALL TIMES W-Ai iMetitMmifBVkti : Drink the Milk That ' mk COUNTRY f FRESH . . . from the farm . to milk plant . . to you . . . DIAL L-901 for Home Delivery Golden LONG MEADOW DAIRIES PasleurlzecL Sirif Products Continuous Quality Continuous Price Complete Banking Service Since 1888 The fidelity Bank Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ' Plan the years ahead today . . the Home Security way " One of North Carolina ' s Leadi)iy Compmiies HOME SECURITY Life Insurance Company Home Office: Durhf.m, N. C. Bascom Baynes, President Geo. Watts Hill . . . Chairman of the Board ' Your Bank . . . for Today and Tomorrow ' 45 YEARS OF SERVICE Durham, North Carolina Branches in Apex, Cooleemee, Creedmoor, Hillsboro, Mebane and Wake Forest Serving You Since IMl Co llege Grill 416 Lawson Street Phone J-021S Sandwiches Sodas Dinners Lunches Music J. Elwood Smith, B.£ 5., M.A., Man.iger Paul Johnson, Proprietor COMPLIMENTS The j The Young Boys ' j Sport j Men ' s Shop Shop Shop SCARBOROUGH HARGETT Funeral Directors " A man may suffer without sinning, but he cannot sin without suffering " 522 E. Pettigrew St. Durham. N. C. Office Phone J-3721 — Res. Phone J-3722 Best Wishes to the Class of ' 49 Boykins ' , the Tailor and Cleaner Phone 9-1264 715 Fayetteville Street Durham. N. C. SPEIGHT ' S AUTO SERVICE Wrecker Service — Tire Repairs and Recaps Wheel Alignment and Balancing " Sec Vs fur Your Motor and Chassix Cleaning " Theodore and Charles Speight, Owners Phone R-2571 Cor. Fayetteville Pettigrew Sts. Durham, N. C. ■i HIHP YOU CAN BE SURE IF IT ' S— W stinghouse Central Electrical Appliance Co. Headquarters for Westingliouse Appliances SALES SERVICE 123 E. Parrish St. Durham. N. C. BELL SUPER SOFT BREAD Bell Bakeries, Inc. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1949 Home Modernization and Supply Company Paint — Wall Paper — Plumbing — Hardware — Rooting Electrical Supplies " We Specialize in Repairs " Phone J-4821 We Also Do New Construction 614 Fayefleville Street Compliments of Durham Business and Professional Chain ' Where Biikiimss People, Professional People mid Customers Meet " Compliments of Palace Barber Shop ■•We Have Served the Public Since 1910 " — Treat Yourself to the Best — 121 S. Mansum Street Tel. R-4171 Mrs. J. W. Herndon Lucas, Prop. Compliments of The Orange Prints hop Chapel Hill. N. C. Best Wishes LUCAS CAFE " See Vs for Good Home-Cooked Meals " 1 Drinks Candies Smokes Cakes Beer 122 S. Mangum St. Tel. Herman Lucas, Prop. F-2502 FOR YOUR ANNUAL . . . Your photographer must have a skilled organiza- tion which will maintain highest standards of quality and render efficient service with friendly cooperation. FOR FIVE YEARS . . . The Maroon and Gray has turned to us for photog- raphy. Graham Studios CARLIN P. GRAHAM, Proprietor " Photos of SMperh Quality " 1203 Moorehead Avenue Phone N-2583 Durham, N. C. Cardoza McCollutn Electrical Engineer Office: 3.36 i i E. Pettigrew St. P. 0. Box 1001 Durham, N. C. Specialist in Sound Servicing, Music, Television, and Electrical Decorations " We Do the Difficult Imniediatehj — The Imponftiltle May Take a Little Time " Phone L-.5371 or 9-2160 If no answer call R-3611 l S muoi 1923 The Orange Printshop 1949 In the 26 years that the Orange Printshop has been in business it has made many faithful friends, who have chosen to bring all their printing needs to us, because they have found that every job is handled with neat, attractive workmanship and prompt, courteous service. We take pride not only in the quality of our printing but in the privilege and responsibility of belonging to a profession without which there would be no accurate record of the past, no wide exchange of ideas, and no progress. Every printing job is important to us, and whether yours is small or large it will be printed with care in every detail to make it " just what you want. " Our greatest satisfaction is in satisfying you. The Orange Printshop Printers of Maroon and Gray r mm ' Ji ' tllliB il llimil B MWilii il W WiSW ' feMii ' jKaSKiBtffS! ?

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