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H raw JBBgH BSMB BMfl IB H M ■ ■ El ■ 9W The JVLaroon and C ray VOLUME III 19 4 6 y , V ' ' Published by THE STUDENT BODY • NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE DURHAM THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OF EDUCATIONAL SERVICE (g®K1PIES PREFACE The College — Its History and Setting Its Administration Its Faculty and Staff Its Students Its Glamour Its Student Organizations Its Athletics Its Future Patrons 5 11 15 19 45 50 74 79 80 Editors ' note: Owing to the delay in the procurement of the original covers for this publication, the padded cover design was impossible under present conditions. THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OF EDUCATIONAL SERVICE IP S 1 SP S S 3 Peace, war, and peace again have visited our campus during the last four years. Sport clothes and collegiate af- fairs were replaced hy uniforms and war. Where hoys left, wise men have returned to find that the buildings on the campus overlook the same walks and the same trees. Their concreteness has had no mark of war-time scratched on their surfaces. Still from the auditorium comes the singing of the choir for vespers. The bell is still heard — urging stu- dents to and from campus affairs. As individuals we func- tion, with responsibilities to our country through ourselves, as free people, not as slaves by blind and inflexible dogmas. Let us not forget that this freedom is created through- out sunlit streets of America, in our children ' s play, in the sound of church bells, and in the right to stand up in assem- bly and say the truth as we know it — So let us remember all this, and hope that some day people all over the world will also know the meaning of this word freedom. THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OF EDUCATIONAL SERVICE 3 Winter Scene of Main Entrance Looking Toward the Administration Build- ing — Entrance to Higher Education for Negroes in North Carolina. The College— Its Setting THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OF EDUCATIONAL SERVICE 5 FROM THE PAGES OF HISTORY By Joseph H. Taylor, Ph.D. Chairman Social Science Division, N. C. College When the Editors of the Maroon and Gray requested that I write a short historical sketch of the college for the 1946 edition, I suggested that the students and faculty might be interested in some account of the early activities of the school. As a result of two disastrous fires in 1925 valu- able records of the school were destroyed. How- ever, through the painstaking efforts of Miss Pa- repa Watson, the Librarian, there has been placed at my disposal the earliest available bulletin of the National Religious Training School. This bul- letin was issued in July, 1912, two years after the founding of the school. It therefore, is the chief source for the short story which follows. The National Religious Training School, which in later years was to become the North Carolina College for Negroes, was founded by Dr. James E. Shepard. The school began operation in July, 1910, with 130 students. The first regular term, the following October, began with an enrollment of 109 students. The first building was started in April, 1910, and by January, 1912, ten buildings had been erected on twenty-five acres of land one-half mile from the corporate limits of the city of Durham. This site ( the present location l was a gift largely of the white people of the city. One of the origi- nal buildings — Avery Auditorium — still stands on the campus. Within the short span of two years the grounds had been put into excellent condition; walks and roadways laid out; garden plots and terraces made; and a water system installed. The monetary valuation of the plant had grown from nothing on January 1, 1910 to over $100,000 two years later. There is listed in the 1912 bulletin a staff of twenty-one persons. There was one teacher each of English, History, Mathematics, Science, Music, Latin and Greek, Millinery, Domestic Science, Domestic Art, and Carpentry. Dean John Henry Moore and one assistant were in charge of classes in Religious Training and Bible. There were two teachers of commercial subjects. The Teacher Training Department had one superintendent and an assistant. The teacher of English was also in charge of physical training. There was a Regis- trar; a Business Director; a Matron. A leading physician of Durham taught classes in Physiology and Hygiene. Among the activities listed for the year 1912- 1913 were a missionary concert, a temperance concert, and public meetings under the sponsor- ship of the Y. M. C. A. and the Theological Fra- ternity. Old President ' s Hume, on site now occupied by the College Library. Students of the present generation will be par- ticularly interested in learning that the Christ- mas holiday for 1912 was December 25. The students of 1912-1913 celebrated Emancipation Day on January 1 by being excused from classes. Board and room cost $7.00 per month; tuition, $1.00 per month; boys ' washing, seventy-five cents per month. Considerable saving could be accomplished if the student paid by the term. For the fall term, from the opening to Christmas, the cost was placed at $25.00. For the spring term, from Christmas to the close of school, the cost to the student was $37.00. $25.00 would pay the expenses of a country minister for a six weeks ' summer session; $90.00, the tuition and board of a student for one whole term; $500 to $1,000, the salary of a teacher or professor for one year; while $10,000 would erect and equip a building. The 1912 bulletin devotes considerable space to the commencement activities of that year. Then, as now, the commencement speakers were of high calibre and attainment. The joint liter- ary societies were addressed by William H. Lewis, noted Negro lawyer of Boston, and assist- ant attorney-general of the United States. The regular commencement orator was the venerable Charles H. Parkhurst, pastor of the Madison Ave- nue Presbyterian Church, of New York City. Following Dr. Parkhurst ' s address diplomas were awarded to 8 students — 5 women and 3 men — from the Commercial Department. Certificates were also awarded in Penmanship. Sewing, and Millinery. The Durham Daily Sm?j, of May 23, 1912, had the following story about the commencement activities: With the band playing enlivening airs, the fe- male students attired in modest white dresses, with the male students carrying themselves in true military style, the campus of the National Religious Training School yesterday afternoon at 3 o ' clock was an inspiring scene. The occasion was the first class day and tree planting in the history of the young institution. Visitors from the various sections of the state and several other states were present and at the conclusion of the program visited the various departments having (Continued on Page 82) This is Avery Auditorium at N. C. College From this building the people of North Carolina have built a state institu- tion, the only Negro state supported Liberal Arts College in this country. Around this building have been built many buildings, classrooms, labora- tories, gymnasiums, dormitories, and a library. And many men and women have come to the buildings to spend their lives in a great work. Many have passed this symbol of the past and creation of the new, bent upon learning the way to a fuller life of usefulness. The building is old — The College is ageless, neither young nor old. For the people of North Carolina have willed that it shall be dedicated to the greatest of creative achievement — education of youth. THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OF EDUCATIONAL SERVICE 7 The Newi This is B. N. Duke Auditorium, center of community and college cultural and religious life. Campus That her students may study into the great field of science — the College Science build- ing is a meeting place for theory and practice in scien- tific achievement. The Senior Bowl — where common bonds between generations of students are held sacred. That her students may enjoy a homelike atmos- phere, beautiful dormi- tories for men and wom- en are maintained. Realizing the future problems of the home. The Practice Cottage gives to students actual experience in home man- agement and develop- ment. ACADEMIC FIELDS To give her students a broad preparation for good citi- zenship, the college otters courses leading to B. S. and A. B. Degrees in Liberal Arts courses. Here the student may delve into the social sciences and allied groups — history, political science, economics, phil- osophy, and psychology; sociology, home economics, edu- cation, commerce and public health. He may learn the ton- gues of other lands — French, German, Latin and Spanish. English becomes a major part of his training. The Fine Arts — music, dramatic art, and art — are taught. The pure sciences — botany, chemistry, mathematics, biology, and zoology are studied from the standpoint of theory aug- mented by practical laboratory experience. More than theory is imparted at N. C. College. It is a union of culture on one hand, and a broad general educa- tion on the other. From the undergraduate school, the road branches into the professional schools: law, public health, education, com- merce, science, or perhaps into the school of Library Science for special training. THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OF EDUCATIONAL SERVICE 10 The College— Its Administration THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OF EDUCATIONAL SERVICE 11 President James Edward Shepard, Ph.G., A.M.. D.D., Litt.D., LL.D. After thirty-five years in the educational service of his native state. President Shepard still retains the kind- ness and devotion to ideals which have endeared him to so many students and friends of North Carolina College. Deans Charles L. Holmes, A.B.. A.M Acting Dean of Men Administrative Officers Parepa R. Watson, B.S., B.Lib.Sci., M.S. Librarian The College-Its Faculty and Staff THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OF EDUCATIONAL SERVICE 15 1st row — left to right Alston, Charles S., B.S. Maintenance Supervisor Bailey. William Turner. B.S. Physical Education Jlue, Ila Jacquith, A.B., M.A. English 2nd row — left to right Boulware. C. Elwood, B.S., M.S. Mathematics Burke. Adele, M. R.N. College Nurse 3rd row — left to right Burnett, Beatrice M., LL.B. Assistant Registrar Butts, James R., B.S., M.S. Chemistry Cannady, Lizzie E., B.S.C. Secretary to Dean of College 4th row — left to right Cordice. E. Marion, A.B., A.M. Art Crooks. Mabel Bell, B.S. Commerce Davis, Christine R., A.B.. B.Lib.S. Circulation Librarian 5th row — left to right Davis. Lillian M. Dietitian Dent, Diana S., B.S., A.M. Home Economics Dickerson, Jane C, B.S.C. Secretary to President 6th row — left to right Dorsey. James E., A.B., Mus.B., M.A., Ed.D. Music Edwards, C. Ruth, A.B., A.M. Music Elam, Mamie Adams, B.S., M.A. English 1st row — left to right Elps, Alethia A., A.B., A.M. Home Economics Faggett, H.L., B.S., M.A. English Farrison, W. Edward, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. English 2nd row — left to right Franklin, Aurelia, A.B., B.S.Lib.S. Law Librarian Franklin, John Hope, A.B., A.M.. Ph.D. History Gillum, Ruth, Mus.B., Mus.M. Music 3rd row — left to right Ham, Mable Bennye, B.S. Assistant Secretary to President Hamlet, Dorothy, B.S., M.A. Commerce Hopson, Eloise, B.S. Assistant Dietitian 4th row — left to right Howard, Wesley I., L.T.C.L., FTC L. Music Hunter, Norvell W., B.S., M.S. Biology James, Lucy F., B.S., M.A. Home Economics 5th row — left to right Jones, Altheia House Directress Jones, Nan H. House Directress Kerr. Benina S. Canteen Assistant 6th row — left to right Kelly, Marjorie D., A.B., M.A. Education Lee, James Sumner, A.B., M.S., Ph.D. Biology McLendon, John B., B.S., A.M. Physical Education OJ " AM 1st row — left to right Manassee, Ernest Mortiz, Ph.D. German Mills, Joseph N., B.S., M.D. College Physician Moffett. Marie. B.S.. M.S. Home Economics Morgan, Raleigh, Jr.. A.B.. A.M. French 2nd row — left to right Neal, Ernest. B.S., M.A. Sociology and Economics Newton, Pauline, B.S., M.A. English Oglesby. Isador Boyd, B.S., A.M. Commerce Pope, Evelyn B.. A.B., B.Lib.S., M.S. Library Science 3rd row — left to right Riddick. Herman H., B.S. Biology, Physical Education Robinson, William H„ B.S.. M.A., Ph.D. Mathematics and Physics Rivera, Alex, A.B. Assistant Publicity Director Scarborough. Hattie S., B.S.C. Assistant Bursar 4th roui — left to right Swift. Leroy R., B.S., M.D., M.P.H. Director of College Health Taylor. Jennie Douglas. M.A. Public Health Education Taylor, Herman L., A.B., M.S., LL.B. Department of Law Taylor, Joseph H.. A.B.. M.A.. Ph.D. History 5th row — left to right Turner, Benner C, A.B.. LL.B. Department of Law Walton. Queenabelle Anita, A.B., M.A. Physical Education Walker. Leroy T.. B.S., M.S. Physical Education Willis. C. Tinsley, B.C.S.. M.C.S. Commerce 6th row — left to right Wright, Howard E.. A.B., M.A Psychology Woodson, Geneva Cross, B.S. Secretary to Dean of Women Young, Percy, A.B., Ed.M. Education The College-Its Students THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OF EDUCATIONAL SERVICE 19 SCHOOL OF LIBRARY SCIENCE Chambers, Eula Elizabeth Winston-Salem, N. C. B.S., Winston-Salem Teachers College Mathefson, Ruth Greensboro, N. C. B.S., Bennett College Gaston, Doris Gwendolyn Elm City. N. C. B.A., North Carolina College Sisk, Ida Sigmon Asheville, N. C. B.S., North Carolina College GRADUATE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Ervin, Marie Washington, D. C. B.A.. North Carolina College History Holt, Franklin B. Youngsville, N. C. A.B., Shaw University Secondary Education Yokley, Charles W. Winston-Salem, N. C. B.S., Winston-Salem Teachers College Elementary Education THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OF EDUCATIONAL SERVICE Graduate School of Public Health (Top) Barbee, Georgia Williams Chapel Hill, N. C. B.S., North Carolina College (Left Column) Floyd, Sankie E. Goldsboro, N. C. B.A., Bennett College M.A., Columbia University Kenion, Annie Mae Warsaw, N. C. B.S., Fayetteville State M.A., Atlanta University Rowland, Beulah Virginia Durham, N. C. A.B., North Carolina College Turnage, Velma L. Farmville, N. C. B.S., Elizabeth City State i Right Column) Jackson, Oscar R. Jackson, Mississippi B.S., Tennessee State College Lee, Isabel Ambrose Indianola, Mississippi A.B., Clark College Morris, Thelma Spellman Elizabeth City, N. C. B.S., Elizabeth City State Walker, Mabel Lee Clarksdale, Mississippi B.S., Alcorn A. M. College SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President McDaniel, A. T„ Jr. Rock Hill. S. C. Major: Biology. Omega Psi Phi; Y. M. C. A.; Pan-Hel- lenic; Health Council; Intercollegiate Council; Clique; Lions Mouth. Vice-President Richard, Ethel 315 So. 7th Street, Wilmington. N. C. Major: Social Science. Social Science Club; Y. W. C. A.; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Corresponding Secretary Eaton, Katherleen Delois P. O. Box 121, Creedmoor, N. C. Major: Commerce. Commercial Club; Sunday School; Y. W. C. A.; Dramatic Club. Secretary Caldwell, Mary Elizabeth Route 5, Clinton, N. C. Mathematics. Alpha Kappa Alpha; Commercial Club; Y. W. C. A. Treasurer Wilson, Dorothy Gwendolyn 800 E. St. John Street, Goldsboro, N. C. English. Delta Sigma Theta; Y. W. C. A.; Pan- Hellenic. Business Manager Williams, Della Route 1, Raeford, N. C. Social Science RAMS Club; Y. W. C. A.: Sunday School; Ivy Leaf; Social Science. You are what the world needs, SENIORS! The Senior Class of 11)4(5. Proudly we say this phrase: and equally proud are we of your four years at State. In these years you saw many changes in classmates, on the campus, and in the nation. As freshmen, you heard war declared and saw our men leave for the service. And in the four years of war and sorrows, we saw your smile and behind those smiles courage; for hardly a one of you was not affected directly by the war — and many of you had rela- tives overseas. Now the world calls you as adults, and we look back on your four college years with gratitude of what State did for you. We hope that your stay on the campus was to live up to the highest of State traditions, its understand- ing, the development of priceless friendships, and the development within you of character, ideals and dreams. We regret that you leave us, but we are anxious for you to put to use the knowledge gained. And though you be scattered across the country, we look forward to your hasty return. SENIOR CLASS First column Alexander, Margaret Gileece Commerce 709 East Eleventh Street Charlotte. N. C. A. K. A.; Commercial Club; Y. ' C. A. Benton. Juanita Social Science 2803 Schooley Avenue, Norfolk 2, Va. Y. W. C. A ; Social Science Club; Li- brary Club. Second column Barnes, Ethel Mae Home Economics 1209 Greenleaf Street, Goldsboro, N. C. Cooley-Winchell Home Economics Club. Bolden, Albert Commerce Reidsville. N. C. Kappa Alpha Psi; Commercial Club; Y. M. C. A.; Echo Staff. Bowie. William C Jr. General Science 1215 Tea Street, N.W., Washing- ton. D. C Y. M. C. A.; Kappa Alpha Psi; RAMS Club. Bryant. Georgia Leatrice Commerce 601 W. Thomas Street, Rocky Mount. N. C. Commercial Club; Y. W. C. A.; R. Club; Echo Staff. Burton. Mattie Douglas Chemistry 504 Dupree St.. Durham. N. C. Pyramid Club; Y. W. C. A. Chavis, Elouise McRary Home Economics Box 215. Ahoskie, N. C. .•ramid Club; RAMS Club; Y. W. ; Cooley-Winchell Club. Branchcomb. Ethel Lee History 719 Henry Street. Norfolk. Va. Y. W. C. A.; Social Science Club. Burnett. Clara Lee Commerce Box 323, Pittsboro, N. C. Carrington, Mildred Beatrice Commerce 317 Mineral St.. South Boston, Va. Maroon and Gray; Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A : Commercial Club; Ivy Leaf; Forum; Echo Staff. Cheston, Etta Belle Commerce jute 1. Box 35, Trenton. N. C. C. A.; Commercial Club. SENIOR CLASS (Top row) Cooke, Nellie Ruth Chemistry 200 W. Enterprise St., Durham. N. C. Edwards, Josie Mae Mathematics 390 Woodlawn, Avenue, Buffalo, N. Y. Alpha Kappa Alpha; Alpha Kap- pa Mu; Y. W. C. A.; Commer- cial Club. I Bottom row) Creuzot, Hortense Elaine Commerce 1523 Gen. Ogden Street. New Orleans. La. Alpha Kappa Alpha; Commer- cial Club; Y. W. C. A.; Forum; W. A. A. Goodman. Theodosia Fitch Social Science 609 Columbus Avenue, Boston, Mass. Social Science Club; French Club; Y. W. C. A.; A. K. A. Crews. Virginia Social Science 1602 E. 14th Street, Winston- Salem, N. C. RAMS Club; Y. W. C. A.; Social Science. Grier, Hattie Laurine Home Economics Rt. 4, Box 490. Charlotte. N. C. Cooley-Winchell Club. Davis, Alice Garfield Social Science 319 Marsh Street, Beaufort, N. C. Alpha Kappa Alpha; Social Sci- ence; PEMS; W. A. A. Harris, Carrie Margaret Commerce Rt. 2, Box 169, Apex, N. C. ' , W. C. A.; W. A. A.; Commer- cial Club. Drumwright, Iva Commerce Rt. 1, Box 10, Woodsdale, N. C. Commercial Club, Y. W. C. A. Henderson, Edythe Gene Physical Education 1637 Dora Street. Knoxville, Tenn. Y. W. C. A.; PEMS; W. A. A. Pyramid Club Edwards, Doris Lee Chemistry 1104 Moreland Avenue Durham. N. C. Y. W. C. A. Henderson. Jessie C. Commerce 1505 Club Blvd.. Durham, N. C. THIRTY-FIVE YEARS O F EDUCATIONAL SERVICE SENIOR CLASS i (Top row) Hickman. Margaret Commerce Boardman. N. C. . C. A.: Commercial Club, Jones. Katie Mable Commerce 719 Red Cross Street. Wilmington. N. C. Commercial Club; Ivv Leaf Club; Y. W. C. A. (Bottom row) Hightower. Lauretta Drusilla Social Science 2900 S. 18th St.. Arlington, Va. Social Science Club; RAMS Club; Choir; Ivv Leaf; Y. W. C. A. Jones. Odessa Louise Commerce Rt, 3. Pembroke Road, New Bern, N. C. ' . W. C. A.; Choir; W. A Sunday School. Holland. Alice Annette Physical Education 1730 College Street. Knoxville. Tenn. ' . W. C. A.: PEMS; W. A. A.; Health Council; Delta Sigma Theta. Kearney. Cynthia Dillard Commerce 19 West Green Street, Franklin. N. C. Y. W C. A. Jeffers, Eliza Mae Home Economics Box 77, Roxboro, N. C. Y. W. C. A.; Art Club; W. A A.; Home Economics Club; Pyra- mid Club. Kennedy - , Bernadine Louise Social Science 37 Ashe Street, Charleston, S. C. Social Science Club; Y. W. C. A. Jones. Grace Inez Commerce 503 Alvin Street. Goldsboro. N. C. Keyes, Mutter Louise Commerce 213 E. 5th Street, Washington, N. C. Jones. Hattie Plummer Home Economics O. Box 53. Warrenton, N. C. Knight. Hilda Leslie English 29 Draper Terrace, Mont- clair, N. J. Commercial Club; Y. W, C. A.; Commercial Club; Y. W. C. A.; Y. W. C. A.; Coolev-Winchell Pyramid Club; Y. W. C. A; Echo Pyramid Club. Cheering Squad. Staff; Maroon and Gray Staff. THIRTY-FIVE YEARS O F EDUCATIONAL SERVICE SENIOR CLASS ( First row) Lamfley, Estelle Mae Physical Education Box 132. Lillington, N. C. PEMS; Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A. Lyles, Daisy Lee Physical Education 812 Grace Street, Wilming- ton. N. C. . A. A.; PEM; Y. W. C. A. McCain, Catherine Elizabeth Commerce 2204 Chatauqua Street, Dur- ham, N. C. Choir; Commercial Club; Phil- harmonic Music Society; Sun- day School Council; Women ' s Glee Club; Y. W. C. A : Li- brary Club; Art Club. McDougald, Arona Moore Mathematics 609 Fayetteville Street, Dur- ham, N. C. Y. W. C. A.; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil. McMillon, Brooklyn Thomas History 53 Chester Avenue, Newark, N. J. Omega Psi Phi; Y. M. C. A.; So- cial Science Club; Vet Club; Year Book Staff. Editor-in- chief. Malone, Edithe Alma Physical Education 1609 Merrick Street, Dur- ham, N. C. Y. W. C. A.; PEM. (Second row) Lee, Creola Home Economics 421 Fewell Street, Rock Hill, S. C. Ivy Leaf; Cooley-Winchell Home Economics Club. McAllister, Silas C. Commerce 204 Dunstan Street. Durham. N. C. McDonald, Marcia Commerce 7440 New Gentilly Highway. New Orleans, La. l. K. A.; Y. W. C. A. McDuffie, Florence Edna Home Economics 403 Evins Street, Spartanburg, S. C. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Y. W. C. A.: Cooley-Winchell Home Economics Club; Choir. Mack, Daisy Laverne Belle Commerce 921 East Stonewall Street, Charlotte, N. C. Commercial Club; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Mathis, Geraldine Deloris Social Science 603 Sherman Street, Badin, N. C. Social Science Club; Y. W. C. A.; Choir. SENIOR CLASS (Top TOW) Middleton, Roberta Home Economics 415 South George Street Goldsboro. N. C. Home Economics Club. Odom. Geraldine Vera Commerce Box 828, Pinehurst, N. C. Pyramid Club; Y. W. C. A.; Choir; Commercial Club; Ma- roon and Gray Staff. I Bottom row) Moore. Doris Eugenia Social Science Rt. 1. Box 40. Castle Hayne, N. C. Social Science Club; Pyramid Club; Y. W. C. A. Page. Pearl Chemistry 205 Umstead Street, Durham, N. C. Pyramid Club, Moore. Antoinette Marie Physical Education 608 East Ninth Avenue. Hickory, N. C. Choir; PEM; W. A. A .: Y. 1 C A Perkins. Lettice Leigh History Route 2. Box 8. Jacksonville. N. C. Social Science Club. Morris. Margie Camilla Commerce 415 North Davidson Street, Charlotte, N. C. Y. W. C. A.; Pyramid Club; Commercial Club. Phillips, Helen Elizabeth Commerce 901 Beatties Ford Road, Charlotte. N. C. . W. C. A.; Commercial Club. Neal, Eunice Elizabeth English Rt. 1, Box 86. Leland. N. C. . K. A Sorority; Y. W. C. A. Plummer, Mary Bridges Home Economics Prospect Avenue. Weldon. N. C. Home Economics Club: Ivv Leaf Club. Nimmo, Mabel Inez History 314 West First Street, Greenville. N. C. Art Club; College Choir; Y. W. C. A.; Social Science Club: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Maroon and Gray Staff. Plummer. Ruth Naomi Commerce Prospect Avenue. Weldon, N. C. Commercial Club; Choir; PEM. THIRTY-FIVE YEARS O F EDUCATIONAL SERVICE SENIOR CLASS (Top row) Pride, Carolyn Rebecca Commerce 1804 Riggs Place, North West Washington, D. C. Maroon and Gray Staff. Saunders, Annie Mae Physical Education 1410 Curry Avenue, Winston- Salem, N. C. W. A. A.; PEM; Y. W. C. A. Pyramid Club. (Bottom row) Robinson, Carlotta Gwendolyn Commerce 11 Madison Avenue, Asheville, N. C. Commercial Club; Pyramid Club: Y. W. C. A. Scarborough, Edythe Fullwood Zoology 1406 Fayetteville Street, Durham, N. C. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Choir; Y. W. C. A. Robinson, Marcell Virginia Physical Education 11 Madison Avenue, Asheville, N. C. Y. W. C. A.; PEM; W. A. A. Scott, Miriam Gold Commerce 306 Brazil Street, Goldsboro, N. C. Y. W. C. A.; Dramatic Club. Rogers, James Russell Commerce 15 Sassafras Street, Asheville. N. C. Commercial Club; Band. Simmons, Bernice Home Economics 400 Park Avenue, Apt. 4 C, New York, N. Y. Home Economics Club; Pyramid Club. Rush. Evelyn Christine Commerce 511 Lawson Street, Durham, N. C. Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A.; Delta Smith, Annie Day Social Science 605 Johnson Street, New Bern, N. C. Sigma Theta Sorority; Com- Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Y. mercial Club. W. C. A.; Social Science Club. Saddler, James Daniel Biology 84 ' , 2 Clingman Avenue, Asheville, N. C. . M. C. A.; Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; Student Forum; North Carolina College Play- ers; Cheer Leader; Maroon and Gray Staff. Smith, Mattie Shannon Commerce 441 West Green Street, Danville, Ky. Commercial Club; Y. W. C. A. THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OF EDUCATIONAL 29 SERVICE SENIOR CLASS (Top to bottom — left) Spaulding. Norma Amelia Chemistry Cape May Court House, N. J. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Y. W. C. A.; Beta Kappa Chi; Glee Club. Suitt, Inez Cleopatra Chemistry 111 Umstead Street, Dur- ham, N. C. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Beta Kappa Chi Thompson, Gwendolyn, Opal Home Economies Rt. 6, Box 18, Burlington, N. C. Home Economics Club, Y. W. C A.; RAMS; Choir. Unthank, Maurice H. Chemistry 5545 Wyalusing Avenue, Philadelphia. Pa. ' . W. C. A.; Glee Club; Choir; Lampadas Club. Watson, Euclid Edcar Mathematics 1946 Greenlead Drive, Norfolk. Va. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity; Y. W. C. A.; Sunday School Council; College Choir; Men ' s Glee Club. (Top to bottom — right) Street, Clifton Joe History Post Office Box 621, Sanford, N. C Thompkins, Allene English 516 North Sixth Street, Wilmington, N. C. Y. W. C. A. Troublefield, Zoe Dell Commerce Box 698, Chapel Hill, N. C. Commercial Club Wallace, Kathalene Lillian Social Science 147 Key Road. Portsmouth, Va. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A. Walston. Woodrow W. Commerce Route 1, Pinetops, N. C. . M. C. A.; Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity; Commercial Club; Men ' s Glee Club, SENIOR CLASS (Left) Weston, Nola Jeanne English Post Office Box 621. Tarboro, N. C. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; " ! W. C. A.; Choir. (Top — right) Williams. Joseph B. Biology 2504 Connecticut Street, Gary, Indiana. Pan-Hellenic Council; Y. M. C. A; Basketball Team; Lion ' s Mouth Club; Kappa Alpha Psi; Art Club. (Bottom) Williams. Willie F. Physical Education 905 Whitted Street. Durham. N. C. PEM; Varsity Basketball; Letter Men ' s Club; Varsity Football Trainer; Intramural Football Coach; Swimming Squad. THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OF EDUCATIONAL SERVICE JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Shepard, Samuel Augustus, Philadelphia, Pa. Alpha Phi Alpha; Vice-President Student Forum; Y. M. C. A.; Varsity Basketball; Social Science Club: Dramatics. Vice-President Glovef, Julius Thaddeus. Charleston, S. C. Sphinx; Y. M. C. A.; Dramatics Club; Cheer Leader. Secretary Chavious, Alice Mae, Hillsboro. Alpha Kappa Alpha; Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A. PEM; Choir. Treasurer O ' Bannon. Fannie Rosalind, Durham. Alpha Kappa Alpha; Band; Beta Kappa Chi. Almost a big frog in the State puddle— you JUNIORS As Juniors you returned this year depleted in number hut determined to carry on in the spirit of the class of 1947. We missed many of you, but en- joyed meeting others who did return to State this fall, and we welcomed those of you who transferred into our ranks from other schools. And we miss those boys who have left for the Service or who graduated ahead of you. as a result of summer study. As Juniors you are an in-between-class, you are not yet the top class on the campus, and neither are you new. We look forward to the time when you will become campus leaders. Already you are going through a training period. As a class you should have solidarity that comes from your thinned ranks and your months of living together. Now. as you begin to realize that the last year of your college life is ap- proaching, you should endeavor to make the greatest possible contribution to the college, to the community, and to yourselves. JUNIOR CLASS 1st row left to rig it: Albritton. Marian Blanche, Franklinton, Choir. Social Science Club. Pyramid Club. W. A. A Intercollegiate Council Y W. C. A., Campus Echo; Alsbrooks, Rosemary. Monroe, Ivy Leaf Club, Y. W. AChor Andrews Everette, Brooklyn. N. Y., Commercial Club, Y. W. CAW A. A.; Artis, Mary Louise Wilmington, Alpha Kappa Alpha. Y. W. C. A., W. A. A.; Atkinson David Harold Chester, S. C Varsity Football Team (Co-Captain), PEM. 2nd row, left to right: Barfield. Richard Leo, Mt. Olive Sphinx Club, Y. MCA. Bland Rose Delores, Goldsboro; Boswell, Emma Louise, Wadesboro, Commercial Club, Bowden, Mable Luc :ile, Clinton. Pyramid Club. Y. W. C. A., Commercial Club; Bowser, Lola, Washington, DC.. Economics iClub, Choir. 3rd row leit to right: Branchcomb. Edna Alma. Norfolk. Va.. Social Science. Pyramid. RAMS; Cheek Esther Bettie Warrenton Y. W. C. A., W. A. A., Library Club; Clark, Carthena, Pantego. Social Science Y, W = C. A., W a ' a Ivy Leaf RAMS; Clarke, Marv Magdalene, Fayetteville, W. A. A., Choir, Pyramid, Social Science, Band- ' Collins, Lillian, Camden, S. C. Pyramid, PEM. Y. W. C. A.. W. A. A. 4th rou , left to right. Dendy Cor- nelia. Bronx. N. Y.. Social Science, Ivy Leaf, RAMS, W. A. A.. Y. W. C. A.; Dunlap, Ruby Kaye. Winston-Salem Commercial Club. PEM. W. A. A.. Y. W. C. A.; Edmundson. Ethel Lee, Baltimore, Md., Y. W C A Social Science W A. A.. Campus Echo, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Literary Book Club; Flowers. Charles Herbert. Wadesboro, Veterans Club; Gathings, Doris LaVerne. Rock Hill, S. C, Ivy Leaf Club. W. A. A.. Y. W. C. A.. Sunday School Council. 33 JUNIOR CLASS 1st row, left to right: Gattis. Cornelia Ruth. Durham; Gavins. Daisv Lee. Wilmington, Social Science Club; Gill Carolyn Elizabeth. Raleigh. Y. W. C. A., W. A. A., Delta Sigma Tlieta; Gill, Thelma Marilyn, Winston-Salem, Choir. Commercial Club. Y. W. C. A.; Goldston. Leon E.. Durham. Lampados Club, Band, Social Science Club, Campus Echo Staff. 2nd row, left to right: Graves, Ella Savannah. Burlington, Y. W. C. A., Ivy Leaf Club, W. A. A.; Gray, Herbert Arthur, Durham, Kappa Alpha Psi, Y. M. C. A., Commercial Club. Social Science Club, Mgr. Football Team; Greenlee, James Alfred, Asheville, Varsity Football, Y. M. C. A.. Sphinx; Hatch, Ernestine Eliza- beth, Durham; Hoggard, Juliet, Ahoskie, Choir. Commercial Club. 3rd row, left to right: Jones, Joseph Whitfield, Durham, Sphinx Club, Choir, Y. M. C. A.. Men ' s Glee Club; Jenkins. Clifford. Durham, Polemarch, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity; Campus Echo Staff. President. Student Forum, Maroon and Gray Staff; Love, Ella Louise, Concord, Y. W. C. A.; McDaniel. Dorothy Allyn. Durham, Choir, Music Club, String Quartet; Minga Audrey Elizabeth. Spring Hope. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Y. W. C. A.. Library Club, Beta Kappa Chi. 4th row left in right: Mobley, Eva Erlene, Monroe, Y. W. C. A., Choir, Commercial Club; Moore, Elizabeth Castle Hayne, Y. W. C. A . W. A. A., Commercial Club, A. K. A.; Morgan, Dorothy Ann. Knoxville, Tenn., Social Science Club, Y. W. C. A.; Nimmo, Roswell C, Greenville. Omega Psi Phi, Y. M. C. A.. Social Science Club, Choir; Nixon, Addie Larnese, Wilmington, Y. W C. A.. Commercial Club, Ivy Leaf. 34 JUNIOR CLASS I, " , Mr ««« : Oliver. Celia Mae. Burlingron. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Y W. C. A.. Choir. Social Science Club; Page. Margaret Louise. Durham. Pi K w A ' A n Cc , ' " ' ; " C W u m c f ' ld ' " ; Y « ■ A. Delta Sigma Theta, Commercial club. Pierce. Geneva. W.lmington. Y. W C A.. Ivy Leal Club. W. A. A. Quick. Curtis. High Point. Sphinx ( lub (President). Choir. Dramatics. Y M C A 2nd rmt Lit i„ rtghr Richards Polls Oliver Wil mington. Cooley Wmchell Home Economics Club. RAMS. Y. W C. A.; Robinson. H Louis, Durham Veterans Club Omega Psi Phi Fraternity St Jacobs Mary Prances, Jacksonville, Florida Ivy Leaf Club Y W C. A, W. A. A.. PEMS. Library Club. Sunday School Council; Simmons. Ernest, W.n.on, Kappa Alpha Psi; Smith Gladys. L Rich Square Y, W, C A RAMS, Coolcy-Winchell Home Economics Club 3rd row, U„ ,o r, K „: Sm„h. Myrtle Lee, Garland, r ' feliiru, r« Home Economics Club, RAMS. Spaulding, Ruth Annette, Durham, Dtamaocs, Taylor. Ins Mane, Henderson, Y. W. v 4 ' r V a i, i, . V , S d U Fa™ K " " ,,rm " -lub; Thorpe. Edsvard, Durham, Kappa Alpha Psi; Todd, Katherine Louise, Bryn Mass,, Pa , Pyrimid, L W ,, " ( " ' l " ' " UIU|1 ..- " ' ' ' " " ' ■ ' ' ' " " " ' T " C %P° ' " - Philadelphia, Pa., Delta Sigma Theta, Y. W. C, A.. W. A, A. Choir, Women ' s Chorus. Pl. IS V. Id. m III. i C,a,nsv ,lc, Fla Commercia Club alker. Mane Goldsbor,, V Ys I A I ,.„,„„ real I lub . Wham,,, . K„,h M, ..... , Grecnshoto J-Vc ,„ ' , . Ub ; y „ ,„S A . ' X Y A . A - PEMS ' J unior EdlI ° r - MAROON and GRAY Yearbook, C.u,,p„, Echo; White Dons Elizabeth Winsron-Salem Ivy Leaf Club; Winborne. Fannie Willie Winds. Y. W. C. A,. Ivy Leaf Club. Social Scie. dell, Commercial Club. £■ F - ™ ' A - ,vy Lraf Club ' RAMS Co.les-W .... lull Home Economics Club, Whitley, Demence Betnice. Selma. ! Club; Woody. Artmise Marie. South Boston, Va., Y. W. C. A., Commercial Club. W. A. A.; Young. Lula G . Wen- SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Eppes, Harold Thomas, Asheville . President Hoggard, Olga E.. Philadelphia, Pa. . Vice-President King, Margaret A., Montclair, N. J. Secretary Chafin, Elaine Lillian. Lynchburg, Va, . Ree.-See. Morrison, Julia Ruth, Statesville . Corr. See. Turner, Allayne Claire, Durham . Treasurer Simmons. Clifford, Goldsboro . . Bus. Manager You know your way around now! Sophomores You have conic hack to " Dear Old N. C. C, " hut this time as sophomores, ever conscious of the new responsibilities which you must assume. Your work began witli the arrival of freshmen in September. Those of you who carried bags and trunks last year, became guides for tours of the cam- pus, gave advice to freshmen, and assisted in cheering the homesick fresh- men. You started the year with a wonderful feeling because you were sopho- mores and no longer the " babes in arms " ' of dear old State. You could now show the freshmen how to behave as you had been so painfully shown the year before. You feel that you know the " ins " and " outs " of college life, and you were ready and willing to let everyone know it. SOPHOMORE CLASS 1st row, left to right: Alexander. Doris Evangeline, Portsmouth, Va.; Allen, Mae Neal, Norwood; Austin, Vivian Louise, Durham; Baynes, Alexzenia, Newburgh, N. Y.; Beatty, Clara Belle, New Bern; Bell, Elizabeth Sarah, Durham. 2nd row, left to right: Blue, Jesse S.. Durham; Bradlev, Carrue Evangeline, Wilmington; Brame Annie Belle, Henderson; Brown, Josephine, New Bern; Buchanan. Sarah Magdalene. Durham; Buffaloe Willia Pearl Garysburg. 3rd row, lejt to right: Clarke, Virginia O., Scotland Neck; Clark. Anna Marie, Greenville, S C ; Cole, Thomas, New York. N. Y.; Coles, Mary Boyed, Richmond. Va.; Cooke, Oteliz Catherine, Weldon; Cotten Verna Maude, Enfield. 4th row, left to right: Cotton, Alexander McMillian, Durham; Crews, Lizzie Mae New- ark, N. J.; Cumbo. Thelma Lorraine, Raleigh; Daniels, Laura Jannie, Durham; Davis, Beatrice Priscillin, Hen- derson; Davis, John Arthur, Durham. 5th row, left to right: Davis, Richmond Wilbur, Jr., Wise; Daye Mary Louise, Bahama; Dean, Daisy C, Lynchburg. Va.; Dean, Gloria Louise, Miami, Fla.; Durden, Vera La Verne Lufkin, Texas; Edwards, Andrew Belle, Durham. SOPHOMORE CLASS ■I 1st row, left to right: Fields. Sudie Mae. Durham; Fowller, Rubv Marie. Winston-Salem: Foster Ozie Dowdell East Hartford. Conn.; Flowers, Makey Phynella. Catawba; Floyd. Freddie W. III. Gainesville, Fla.; Gibson Willie Evelyn, Miami. Fla.: Graham, Dorothy Mae, Laurinburg. 2nd row, lelt to right: Graham Nettie Elizabeth Durham: Harding, Malinda Cloytee. Garysburg; Hargrave. John Lewis. Wilmington; Hargraves Sarah Ann Como; Harris. Gladys Mae, Oxford: Haskins, Ruth, Durham. 3rd row, left to right Hicks Griselda Verona Hartwell, Ga.; Hilliard, Susan Ann, Nashville; Holman. Shirley Barbara, Jackson. Michigan ' Home Alta Mae ' Rocky Mount; Jay. Velma Ruth. Roxboro: Jones, Dossie Henry, Durham. 4th row. left to right: Johnson Alta- mai Owceta, Hartsville, S. C; Jones, Elburneise, Wilson; Jones. Izona, Goldston; Jones Myrtha Lee Frank- lin; Lane. Jessie. Mount Olive; Little, Roy Lea. Yanceyville. 5th row, left to right: Lovick Emma Lee Pantcgo- Long. Macie Victoria. Durham; Lyon, Mabel Lee. Durham; Macklin, Ernestine, Scotland Neck " Marone Evelyn Amanda. Durham; Manson, William II. Williamston. SOPHOMORE CLASS 1st row. left to right: Marsh. Pauline Reese, Durham; McAdams, Robert Lewis. Durham; McDonald. Elease Mae, Durham: McKoy. Viola Elizabeth. Wilmington; McWilliams, Bettie Mae, Enfield: Miller. Richard Allen, Kansas City, Kansas. 2nd row, left to right: Mills, Lillian Beatrice. Spring Hope; Montague. Clara. Franklinton; Moore, Gladys Juanita, Durham; Moore, Mary Amelia, Charleston. S. C; Murrell. Fannie Cecilia. Winston-Salem; Mur- rill, Dorothy Hall, Greenville; Newton. Thelma Susan. Laurel Hill. 3rd row. left to right: Nichols, Astria Kather- me, Lyerly, Ga.; Nichols. Doris Faye. Lyerly, Ga.; Page. Kathryn Alice. Durham; Plummer. Artis. Durham; Pul- ley, Jesse Mae, Durham; Richard, Lauretta, New Bern. 4th row. left to right: Robinson, Cora Mae Creedmoor; Rogers. Myrtle Electa, Holly Springs; Ross, Lloyd Huey, Durham; Sellars, Vergie Virginia, Burlington; Sessoms, Lucy Mane, Harrellsville; Skinner, Mary Elizabeth. Oxford. 5th row, left to right: Small, Mae Hazel Fairmont; Smart, Robert, Jr.. Darlington, S. C.j Spivey, Mary Loucille, Wilson; Steele, Musa Ethel. Rockingham; Strick- land, Fay Lucille, Asheboro; Stroud, Elouise Imogene, Durham. SOPHOMORE CLASS 1st row, left to right: Taylor, Johnnie Mae, Henderson: Thompson, Gwendolyn Tabatha. Saint Paul: Treadwell, Maggie Matilda, Durham; Valentine, Mary Lou, Winston-Salem; Wall, Janice, Wagram; Wallace, James Thomas, Winston-Salem. 2nd row, left to right: Waller, William DeHomer. Durham; Whitley, Julia Faye, Williamston; Whitehead, Mabel, Wilson; Wiggins, Ramola Lula. Durham; Whitted, Ruth Edris, Raleigh. W. Va.; Williams, Dorothy Cornelia, Washington, D. C. 3rd row, left to right: Williams, Ruby Joan, High Point; Pittman. James Everette, Rocky Mount. THIRTY-FIVE YEARS O F EDUCATIONAL SERVICE FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Gadsden, Ransom Wilmot, Jr. . Charleston, S. C. Bynum, Beatrice V. . Thorpe, Irma Lane Speed So new, but soon so wise — Freshmen The Freshman Class of 194(5 entered State with high aspirations of achievement and success. You, as a class felt that you possessed the potential qualities necessary to carry you through the four years of your college ca- reer. During Freshman Week, you received from your advisors, the faculty, and the staff, invaluable aid which helped you to become better adjusted to the new phase of your life. With their assistance you easily leaped the hurdles of registration and placement tests. The next weeks wevv filled with studying and quizzes in preparation for the first quarter examinations. After these tests were completed, Christmas and vacation loomed foremost in your minds, and in almost no time you boarded the train for home and holiday fun. As a Class, to be graduated in 1949, you must uphold and strengthen the aims of North Carolina College and during the next three years you must make the most of your college careers. College is a grand place anytime, but when it ' s State with a Freshman Class like yours, the outlook for 1949 is very consoling. THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OF EDUCATIONAL SERVICE FRESHMAN CLASS }M $ a . Top row, left to right Allen, Thomas Aaron, Durham. Alston, Hodgie Ella, Louisburg. Anderson, Kelly D , Winterville. Barbe, Julius Harrison, Durham. Barnes, Nettie Elizabeth, Mac- clesfield. 2nd row, left to right Bethel. Grady E., Burlington. Brewer, Margaret Lee, Norwood. Brownlee, Gwendolyn Vernetta, Camden, S. C. Bonds, Thomas Francis, Windsor. Boulware. Bennye Vernese, Charlotte. 3rd row, left to right Cherry, Acatha Aurelia, Brook- lyn, N. Y. Cook, Joyce Rachelle, Durham. Coward. Jerry Leon, Washing- ton, D. C. Crocker, Mary Magdaline, Hills- boro. Crawford, Marun Claiborne, Durham. 4th row, left to right Cunningham, Earline Gadis, Charlotte. Davis, Creola, Darlington, S. C. Dewar, Allie Alberta. Fuquay Springs. Dowdy, Etla Donovan, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Edwards. Gloria Annie, Brook- lyn, N. Y. 5th row, left to right Elliott, Louise Marie, Dunn. Fitts, Willie Hermenia, Warren- ton. Elliott, James Marilyn, Durham. Freeman. Robert Clarence, Har- nellsville. Garrette, Mamie Leigh, Green- ville. 6th row, left to right Gay, Orilla Mae, Southern Pines. Gill, Louie Adenia, Wake Forest. Harris, Robbie B., Greensboro. Hedgepeth, Christine Esther, Durham. Hicks, James Edward, Wilming- ton. THIRTY-FIVE YEARS EDUCATIONAL SERVICE FRESHMAN CLASS Tow row, left to right Hobgood, John Bryant, Kinston. Holden, Mae. Winston-Salem. Holloway, Hiliary Hamilton. Durham. Jenkins, Frank, Charleston, S. C. Jones. Esther Elizabeth. Atlantic City, N. J. 2nd row, left to right Jones, Bessie Louise, Durham. Joyner. Charlye Mae, New Bern. Lewis, Mildred. New York. N. Y. Long, Annie. Yaneeyville. Long, Marie, Hillsboro. 3rd row, left to right MeGee, Evelyn Beatrice, Phila- delphia, Pa. McGirt, Adlana Miriam, Cam- den, S. C. McLean, Mary Doris, Southern Pines. McLean, Ora Lee Cornelius, Bunntwel. Macklin. Katherine. Scotland Neck. 4th row, left to right Martin, Dorothy Anne, Madison. Mason, Elmer. Durham. Miller, Mary Cooper, Snow Hill. Mitchell. Joseph, Durham Nicholson, Helen, Littleton. 5th row, left to right Nicholson, Catherine, Littleton. Nixon, Ella Marie. New Bern. Norwood, Vivian Jannette, Dur- ham. O ' Kelly. Irene Elizabeth, Chapel Hill. Parker, Joseph Samuel, Jr., Ba- hama. 6th row, left to right Pearce, Albert, Wilmington. Peed, Dorothy Anne, Hampton, Va. Peters, Virginia. Plainfield, N. J. Pettiford, Tabitha. Spring Hope. Powell, Allene M., Rocky Mount. £$ ?£ £ f J f a § f f 9 THIRTY-FIVE YEARS O F EDUCATIONAL SERVICE FRESHMAN CLASS Q t k , - ' [Li ■■ r Top rou;, le t to right Price, Mary Charolet, Montclair, N. J. Randolph, Louis, Washington. Rogers. John William, Durham Ross, Lennon Alan, Durham, Solomon, Grace Velma, Smith- field, 2nd row, left to right Sparrow, Marjorie Louise, Mont- clair, N. J. Speed. Janie Ora, Fuquay Springs. Speight, Theresa Mae, Triadel- phia, W. Va. Thomas, Dorothy Lee, Rocky Mount. Thompson, Elizabeth Sweetie, Durham. 3rd rotu, left to right Thompson. Emma Lee. Charlotte. Torian, Glossie Cofean, Cedar Grove. Turner. Edith Bernard, Warren- ton. Underwood. Lillie Mae. Fayette- ville. Underwood, Lillie Mayfield, Fa- yetteville. 4th row, left to right Thompson, Oitis W., Kannapolis. VanHook, Clarence, Durham. Wall. Daisy Elouise. Madison. Wall, Portress, Wagram Warren, Coleman, Jr., Gastonia. 5th row, left to right Whitaker, Kathryn, Whitakers White, Cornell Kenneth, Wil- mington. Wiliams, Gussilee Frances, Char- lotte Windbone, Blossie Lee, Windsor. Clarke, Maggie Causie. Scotland Neck. 6th row, left to right Watson. Henry, Jr., Smithfield Dean. Daniel Franklin. George- town. Ray, Mary Barbara, Charlotte. THIRTY-FIVE YEARS O F EDUCATIONAL SERVICE The College— Its Glamour THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OF EDUCATIONAL SERVICE Miss Eliza Mae Jeffers Class of 1946 Phoro by Grahai Miss Ruth Spaulding Class of 1947 Miss Pauline Marsh Class oj 1948 Miss Margaret Stewart Class oj 1949 The College- Its Student Organizations Organizations have always been a stimulus for achievement. To us as individuals, they otter an opportunity for self-improvement and advance- ment. More important than that, these organizations otter us chances to form lasting- friendships with the people with whom we work. They give us confidence in our work — confidence that helps us push ahead with new ideas and improved talents. The importance of these organizations can never be underestimated in its benefits to the individual or to society. It is through or- ganizations that individuals can bring out new plans and ideas for the prog- ress of civilization. Very tew of us can achieve success alone. The older we become, the more we realize the truth of this statement and recognize the importance of having an organization to act as a goal and later to act as a helping hand to our fu- ture activities. It is the right of every individual to be able to join an organ- ization to which lie can give his ideas and from which he can gain incentive for further achievement. We get out of them what we put into them; and from them we can obtain much in the way of friendships, confidence in our- selves and our accomplishments, and inspiration for our present and future work. THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OF EDUCATIONAL 50 SERVICE Young Women ' s Christian Association 1st row left to right: Whitaker, Peed, Solomon, Winborne, Daniels, Brown, Love, Johnson Ervin M; 2 ' ,d r °V- l g to r ' l : R " sh, Snipes. Sessoms. Clarke. Cherry, Edwards. Peacock. 3rd rou . left 1? „ 9 i? u " ' l riCe - W i lams - Sparrow. Lewis. Jackson. 4th row, left to right: Hicks, Clark, Hilliard Hoggard, Walker, Hams, zth row. left to right: Edmundson. Holden. McGirt. Merridith, Wall Price ' Thorpe Thompson 6th row, left to right: Griffin, Gill, Jones, Thompson. Sellars McGlahon Jay Taylor " " ' U " 9 ' MUrriU ' Graham ' D - Graham. N.. Clark. Bowman, Foster Strickland Y. W. C. A. CABINET MEMBERS— 1945-46 President. . Evelyn Rush Worship Committee . . . Vice-President— Chairman of Membership q P nrT itte i ' ' ' V o , ' ,• ; theI Edmunds ° " Public Affairs Committee Secretary — Chairman of Publicity TrS l " 6 ™ ■ ■ ■ ■ «■ ' Mar y Caldwell Social Service Committee Treasurer — Chairman of Finance Committee . . . . Lanier Shearin Social Committee . . Doris Trice Bertie Ervin Vivian Austin Delia Wiliams FACULTY ADVISORS Dean R. G. Rush Mrs. M. A. Elam Miss P. Newton Miss P. Watson Miss Q. Walton THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OF EDUCATIONAL SERVICE Young Men ' s Christian Association OFFICERS William C. Bowie . President Adam T. McDaniel V.-Pres. Euclid E. Watson Secretary James T. Wallace Treasurer Elane Moore Chaplain Seated first row, left to right: Freeman, Richardson. Jones, Glover. Watkins, Bowie, Moore. Watson, Gray, McDaniel. Seat- ed, second row, left to right: Bethel. Deas, Manson, Gadsden, Henry. Bridges, McNeil, Wal- lace. Third row, standing: Wel- lington, Maddex, Randolph, Lit- tle, Williamson, Hinton, Pippin, Holmes, Coleman, Bond, Britt. Byrd, Hatfield, Alston, Advisor. " Y " BASKETBALL TEAM Left to right: Watson, Manager, Holmes, Britt, Coleman, Henry. Byrd, Bridges, Bethel, Johnson. Wallace, Manager. Williams. J B., Coach. SUNDAY SCHOOL 1st row, left to right: Harding, Small, Thompson, Coley, Steele, Thompson, Daye, Pierce, Dowdy, Snelling. Moore, Johnson, Jones, Eaton, Simmons, Albritton, Glover. 2nd row, left to right: Gadsden, Boulware, Su- perintendent; Blue, McLean, Alston, Morrison, Cherry, Adams, Hicks. 3rd row, lejt to right: Thompson. McWilliams, Jones. Clark, Harris, Alexander. 4th row, left to right: Valentine, Jacobs, Foster, Williams, Clark, Fitts, Boulware, Capell, Leatherwood, Williams. 5th row. left to right: Gary, Clark, Stringfield, Beattie, Watson, Allen, McFadden. 6th roio, left to right: Neslon, Whitley. Harrison. Garret. THIRTY-FIVE YEARS O F EDUCATIONAL SERVICE HEALTH COUNCIL Seated, left to right: Adell Burke, R.N., Alethia Elps, Faculty Advisors; Hattie right: Carrie Kirk, Annette Holland, Adam T. McDaniels, Katherine Todd. 3riley. Standing, left to THIRTY-FIVE YEARS O F EDUCATIONAL SERVICE COMMERCIAL CLUB 1st row, left to right: Murrill, Dorothy; Alexander. Margaret; Bullock, Florae; Robinson, Carlotta; Mor- ris, Margie; Peed, Dorothy; Williams, Gussie; Ray, Mary; Hickman, Margaret; McCain, Katherine; Phil- lips, Helen; Jones, Odessa; Plummer, Naomi; Turner, Edith. 2nd row, left to right: Woody, Marie; Dunlap. Ruby; Pate, Celestine; Nixon, Addie; Andrews, Everette; Bryant, Georgie; Walker, Marie; Bow- den, Mabel; Gibson, Evelyn; Dean, Gloria. 3rd row, left to right: Cheston, Etta; Carrington, Mildred; Whitehead. Mildred; Gill, Thelma; Caldwell, Mary; Bridges, Herbert; Jones, Grace; Coleman. Warren; Eaton, Katherleen; Jones, Katie; Clark, Bernice; Graham, Nettie; Odom. Geraldine. COMMERCIAL CLUB OFFICERS Katherleen Eaton President Georgia Bryant Vice-President Margaret King Secretary Geraldine Odom .... Correspotiding Secretary M rgaret Alexander Treasurer Mrs. M. B. Crooks Advisor Mr. C. T. Willis Advisor Mrs. D. Hamlet Advisor THIRTY-FIVE YEARS O F EDUCATIONAL SERVICE COOLEY-WINCHELL HOME ECONOMICS CLUB 1st row. seated, left to right: Lucy Sessoms, Catherine Midjette, Etta Dowdy. Ruth Spaulding, Roberta Middleton, Fannie Winborne, Myrtle L. Smith. Creola Lee, Bertha Melvin, Elma Lovick, Elburnice Jones. Gwendolyn Thompson, Lillie Dixon. 2nd row, left to right: Virginia Clark, Dorothy Snipes, Doro- thy Ricks Womble. Gladys Smith, Otelia Cook, Austria Nichols, Alveria Arnold, Maggie Clark, Theresa Speight. 3rd row. left to right: Miss Diana S. Dent, Advisor; Gloria Edwards, Mary Valentine, Doretha Fields, Mae Hazel Small, Julia Gary, Florence McDuffie, Dorie Mouney, Shirly Holman, Mary Price, Mattie Barbee, Evelyn Sherald, Francess Rush. Myrtle Jones, Miss Altheia A. Elps, Faculty Advisor. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS Myrtle Smith President Mrs. D. Ricks Womble Vice-President Gladys Smith Secretary Lucy Sessoms Assistant Secretary Polly O. Richards Treasurer THIRTY-FIVE YEARS O F EDUCATIONAL SERVICE SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB 1st row, lejt to right: Arcelia Bryant. Jean Barksdale. Virginia Peters, Hattie Bri ' .ey, Celia O ' .iver, Alice Davis, Demerice Whitley, Carthenia Clark, Ethel Branchcomb, Twilda Daniels, Marjorie Sparrow, Mildred Lewis, Katherine Whitaker, Grace Solomon. 2nd row, left to right: Joseph H. Taylor, Advisor; Lila Bishop, Mayfield Underwood, Hubert Robinson, Katherine Macklin, Charles Robbins, Ethel Edmund- son, Carrie Kirk, Clifton Street, Daisy Dean, George Porter, Sara Stroud, Blanche Albritton, John Hope Franklin, Advisor. Back row, left to right: Virginia Sellars, Griselda Hicks, Doris Moore, Daisy Gavins, Adlena McGirt, Kathalene Wallace, Doris Nochols, Annie Hairston, Naomi Caple, Ernestine Floyd, Cora Robinson, Annie Stone, Carlotta Thompson, Lettice Perkins, Geraldine Mathis, Lauretta Hightower, Cornelia Dendy, Virginia Crews, Inez Nimmo, Theodosia Goodman, Delia Wiliams. SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS Ethel L. Edmundson President Ethel Richard Vice-President Kathleen Wallace Secretary Alice Davis Treasurer Edna Branchcomb Chairman, Program Committee Dr. J. H. Taylor Advisor Dr. J. H. Franklin Advisor Mr. E. E. Neal Aduisor THIRTY-FIVE YEARS O F EDUCATIONAL SERVICE RAMS CLUB (REAL ARTISTIC MATES) Seated, left to right: Doris Rogers, Lucy Daye, Carthenia Clarke, Georgia Bryant, Fannie Winborne, Myrtle Smith, Polly Richards, Geraldine Odom. Standing, left to right: Mariorie Sparrow. Lauretta Hightower, Marion Cordice, Advisor; Virginia Crews, James Hicks, Dorothy Womble, Cornelia Dendy. Delia Williams. RAM (REAL ARTISTIC MATES) OFFICERS Della Williams President Virginia Crews Vice-President Cornelia Dendy Secretary Georgia Bryant Assistant Secretary Lauretta Hightower Treasurer James Hicks Business Manager Miss Marion Cordice Advisor THIRTY-FIVE YEARS O F EDUCATIONAL SERVICE " PEMS " PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS AND MINORS 1st row, left to right: Ruell Blair, Anne Saunders. Naomi Plummer, Lillian Collins, Richard Miller, Doris Trice, Edythe Henderson. 2nd row, left to right: Grady Bethel, William Aiken, Annette Holland, Charles White, Claude Downy, Mary St. Jacobs, Grace Coley, Paul Humphery. 3rd row, left to right: William Blackshear, Alice Davis, Rubye Dunlap, Ernestine Macklin, Mae Neal Allen, Doris Alexander, Marie Moore, Daisy Lyles, Marcell Robinson, Mary Lou Spivey, Estella Lampley, Miss Walton, Advisor, Percy Jones. 4th row, left to right: Charles Holmes, Eldridge Byrd, Elmer Mason. Kenneth White, James Greenlee. PEMS OFFICERS (Physical Education Majors and Minors) A. Annette Holland President Alice G. Davis Vice-President Ann M. Saunders Secretary Richard A. Miller Treasurer Edythe Henderson Reporter J. B. McLendon, Jr Advisor L. T. Walker Advisor Miss Q. A. Walton Advisor Mrs. W. T. Bailey Advisor The PEM Club is a relatively new organization on the Campus. This association composed of Physical Education Majors and Minors was organized in the fall of 1945. Its function is to develop the individual socially, morally, and physically, and by so doing interest others in the field of physical education. The present membership enrollment is approximately 75 and with an ever increasing de- mand for physical educators, participation in this field is advisable. With a splendid advisory committee composed of Coach J. B. McLendon, Coach L. T. Walker, Miss Q. A. Walton, and Mrs. W. T. Bailey, the PEM Club shows promising qualities for becoming one of, if not the most outstanding organization on the campus. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION n i " 1st row, left to right: Anne Saunders, Annette Holland, Lillian Collins, Doris Trice, Edythe Henderson. 2nd row, left to right: Blossie Winbone, Mae Neal Allen, Rubye Dunlap, Mary St. Jacobs, Allene Powell, Mildred Thorrington, Mildred Lewis, Grace Coley. 3rd row, left to right: Ruth Wharton, Doris Alexan- der, Ernestine Macklin, Marie Moore, Daisy Lyles, Mary Lou Spivey, Marcell Robinson, Mamie Garrett, Doris Gathings, Estella Lampley. Miss Walton, Advisor. W. A. A. OFFICERS ( Women ' s Athletic Association ) A. Annette Holland President Daisy L. Lyles Vice-President Doris Gathings Secretary Ann M. Saunders Treasurer Edythe G. Henderson .... Recording Secretary Miss Q. A. Walton Advisor Mrs. W. T. Bailey Advisor The W. A. A. is an organization of which one becomes a member by maintaining a " C " average. The governing body is a board of directors elected by popular ballet. By cooperating with W. A. A. ' s all over the country we try to further a spirit of sportsmanship, interest in ath- letics and physical well-being among college women. The association sponsors major, minor and individual sports, in addition such activities as dancing, swimming and hiking. Awards are made on the basis of points which are earned by participation in the activi- ties over a period of four years. The W. A. A. is a member of Negro Women ' s Intercollegiate Athletic Association which is composed of Colleges having an intramural program for women. Each year the N. W. I. A. A. sponsors seasonal sport days at which times representatives from the college W. A. A. ' s come together and participate in sports with awards given to the winning color team. This has been a favorable year for the Women ' s Athletic Association, and as more young women become interested and the enrollment increases the prospects for a greater future organ- ization are indeed very bright. N. C. COLLEGE PLAYERS Scene from the " Song of Bernadette " one of the two major dramatic offerings of the N. C. College Play- ers for the current school year. VETERANS CLUB An informal group of veterans who have returned to the campus to continue their education. At the pres- ent time over seventy-five veterans are enrolled in the different divisions of the College. THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OF EDUCATIONAL SERVICE 61 THE NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE CHOIR Dr. James E. Dorsey, Director,- Catherine McCain, President; Ruth Morrison, Secretary; Mary Burney, Accompanist. THE NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE BAND Fannie O ' Bannon President Emma Thompson William Waller Vice-President Joseph Mitchell Mabel Whitehead .... Secretary and Treasurer Justin McNeil Wesley I. Howard, Director Corresponding Secretary Assistant Band Director Custodian THIRTY -FIVE YEARS OF EDUCATIONAL SERVICE FRENCH CLUB Seated, left to right: Turner, Hargraves, Nixon, Hardison. Macklin, Graham. Joyner, Ruffin., left to right: Thorton, Gill, Murrell, Rawleigh Morgan, Advisor; Robins, Goodman, Fitts. OFFICERS Adenia Gill President Theodosia Goodman Vice-President Hermenia Fitts Secretary-Treasurer Mr. Rawleigh Morgan Advisor THIRTY-FIVE YEARS O F EDUCATIONAL SERVICE BETA KAPPA CHI 1st row: C. E. Boulware. James S. Lee, W. H. Robinson, Herman Riddick. 2nd row: Norvelle Hunter, faculty mem- bers, Samuel D. Bryan, Mary Caldwell, Audrey Minga. 3rd row: Fannie O ' Bannon, Norma Spaulding. Inez Suitt. OFFICERS Norma Spaulding President Eva Ellington Treasurer Inez Suitt Secretary Dr. J. S. Lee Advisor Pictures not available: Mary Burney. Robert S. Beale, James R. Butts, Edith Scarborough, Mattie Burton, Carrie Bradley, Mable Whitehead, Ruth Whitted, Ernest Simmons, Joe B. Williams, A. T. McDaniel, Jr., James Saddler, Geneva Pierce, Arona McDougald. THIRTY-FIVE YEARS O F EDUCATIONAL SERVICE Gamma Beta Chapter — Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity " First of all. Servants of all, We transcend all. " 1st row: Aiken, Coles, Edwards, Epps. 2nd row: Saddler, Shepard, Waller. Not shown: Lankford. OFFICERS Mack Aikens President Samuel A. Shepard Vice-President James D. Saddler Secretary Thomas Coles Treasurer Mack Aikens Sphinx-Master Harold T. Epps . . Associate Editor oj Sphinx National Chapters 145 National Members 7,463 Local Members 8 Pledgees 6 Colors Black and Gold National Publication The Sphinx Year Founded 1906 Place Founded Cor?!e!l University SPHINX CLUB-ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY J st rou;: Barfield, Davis, Glover, Greenlee. 2nd row: Jones, Quick. OFFICERS Curtiss Quick President James Greenlee . . Corresponding Secretary Julius Glover Vice-President Richard Barfield Treasurer Whitfield Jones .... Recording Secretary John Davis . . Chaplain — Business Manager 65 IVY LEAF CLUB OF ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY 1st row, left to right: Steele. Musa; Williams. Delia; Marsh, Pauline: Woody. Marie. 2nd row, left to right: Cherry. Agatha; Iris Taylor; Pierce, Geneva; St. Jacobs, Mary; Allen. Mae Neal: Plummer. Mary; Murrill. Dorothy; Nixon. Addie; Carrington, Mildred. 3rd rote, left to right: Winborn, Blossie; Elliott. Dorothy. 4th row, standing, left to right: Taylor Lillian; Lee. Creola; Clark, Carthenia; Asbrook, Rose- mary; Thompson, Carlotta; Gathings. Doris; Dendy, Cornelia; Crews, Virginia; Hightower, Lauretta; Win- borne, Fannie; Gill, Thelma; Wharton, Ruth; Green, Athalia; Whitley, Demeris. OFFICERS Mae Neal Allen President Katie Mabel Jones Vice-President Cornelia Dendy Secretary Addie Nixon Assistant Secretary Katherleen Eaton Treasurer THIRTY-FIVE YEARS O F EDUCATIONAL SERVICE Alpha Chi Chapter — Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Standing line, left: Janice Wall, Mabel Whitehead, Allayne Turner, Audrey Minga. Standing, right: Alice Chavious, Carrie Bradley, Mary Burney. Seated, center: Elizabeth Moore, Ruth Whitted, Ruby Fowler, Mary Caldwell. Theodosia Goodman, Eunice Neal. Seated, left: Elizabeth Bell, Frances Rush, Alice Davis, Margaret King. Seated, right: Celia Oliver, Shirley Holman, Margaret Alexander, Mary Artis. Seated on floor, left to right: Daisy Mack, Fannie O ' Bannon, Josie Edwards, Hortense Creuzot, Thelma L. Cumbo, Mary Valentine, Marcia McDonald. OFFICERS Hortense E. Creuzot Basileus Fannie O ' Bannon Anti-Basileus Mary Caldwell Grammateus Frances Rush Epistoleus Audrey Minga Tamioehus Celia Oliver Parliamentarian Alice Chavious Dean of Pledges Alice Davis Co-Dean of Pledges National Chapters 166 National Members More than 6,000 Local Members 29 Number of Pledges 34 Colors Apple Green and Salmon Pink National Publication Ivy Leaf Year Founded 1 908 Place Founded Howard University THIRTY-FIVE YEARS O F EDUCATIONAL SERVICE SCROLLERS CLUB 1st row, left to right: Henry Watson, Thomas Johnson. Robert Freeman. Paul Humphrey, Claudius Downs. Seated, left to right: James Wallace. James Bolden, Herman Blackshear, Charles White. Louis Randolph, Leon Coward. Elmer Mason, Percy Jones. Standing, left to right: Robert McAdams, Eddie Hanns, Justin McNeal, Silas Spears, Eldridge Bird. Alvin Norris, Quinton Walls. Louis Hancock, William Henry. Ruell Blair, William Middleton, Herbert Bridges, Alexander Cotton, Richard Miller. OFFICERS Joseph Mitchell President Lewis Hancock Vice-President Richard Miller Recording Secretary Percy Jones Corresponding Secretary Henry Watson Treasurer Herman Blackshear Chaplain James T. Wallace Club Reporter Leon Coward Sergeant-at-Arms THIRTY-FIVE YEARS O F EDUCATIONAL SERVICE KAPPA ALPHA PSI— ALPHA KAPPA CHAPTER 1st row: Bolding, Bowie, Bryan. 2nd row: Davis, Gray, Jen- kins. 3rd row: Maddex, Simmons, Thorpe. 4th row: Wal- ston, Williams. Not shown: McDougald. OFFICERS Clifford Jenkins .... Polemarch Everett Maddex Vice-Polemareh Albert F. Bolden Keeper of Records Ernest Simmons Exchequer Herbert A. Gray, Jr Strategus Edward Thorpe Vice-Strategus Number of National Chapters 58 Local Members .13 Colors Crimson and White National Publication . . . Kappa Alpha Psi Journal Year Founded 1911 Place Founded Indiana University PYRAMID CLUB OF DELTA SIGMA THETA Seated, left to right: Elaine Chafin, Margaret Page. Mattie Burton, Margie Morris. Edythe Henderson. Maggie Clark. Annie Saunders. Bernice Simmons. Lauretta Richard. Seated, 2nd row: Lillian Collins, Edna Branchcomb. Altamai Johnson, Pearl Page, Hattie Briley, Geraldine Odom. Nellie Cook, Valorie McLean, Alene Coley. Olga Hoggard. 3rd row. kneeling, left to right: Hazel Mae Holden. Vivian Austin. Bertie Irvin, Mary Clark, Hilda Knight. Doris Jackson, Grace Jones, Hortense Madison. Standing, left to right: Blanche Albritton, Eloise Chavis, Hermenia Fitts, Katherine Todd, Ethel Branchcomb, Adelena McGirk, GrLselda Hicks, Gwendolyn Robinson, Mabel Bowden, Gwendolyn Brownlee, Doris Moore, Ozie Foster, Lettice Perkins, Marion McGhee. Mary McLean. Marie Walker, Pollie Richards. OFFICERS Othelia Cook President Gwendolyn Robinson Vice-President Olga Hoggard Treasurer Elaine Chafin Secretary Vivian Austin Reporter THIRTY -FIVE YEARS O F EDUCATIONAL SERVICE Alpha Lambda Chapter — Delta Sigma Theta Sorority 1st row: Edythe Scarborough, Dorothy Wilson. 2nd row: Inez Suitt, Inez Nimmo, Annette Holland. Eliza- beth Gill. 3rd row: Norma Spaulding. Ethel Richard. 4th row: Ethel Edmundson, Doris Trice, Annie D. Smith, Arona McDougald, Nola J. Weston, Evelyn Rush, Celestine Pate, Kathelene Wallace. OFFICERS Ethel Edmundson President Inez Suitt Vice-President Celestine Pate Recording Secretary Evelyn Rush Corresponding Secretary Annette Holland Dean oj Pledges Arona McDougald Treasurer Dorothy Wilson Journalist National Chapters 1 44 National Members 2,881 Local Members 17 Pledges 4g Colors Crimson and Cream National Publication Delta Journal Year Founded 1908 Place Founded Howard University 71 LAMPADOS CLUB Seated, left to right: Franklin D. Deas. Lloyd Ross, James Hieks. Jessie Blue, Douglas E. Moore, James Sanders. 2nd row, left to right: Herman Hatsfield. Wilman Britt. Thomas Band. P. A. Richardson, Ran- som Gadsom, J. C. Hinton, Nathaniel Aikens, Grady Bethel. Standing, left to right: William Manson, Leon Goldston, William Hardin, Stroud Williamson. Eugene Thelfair, Kenneth White, Charles Holmes. John Pippino, Harold Polite. William Booker, Charles H. Flowers. OFFICERS William Manson President Grady Bethel Vice-President Harold Polite Secretary Nathaniel Aiken Assistant Secretary Stroud Williamson Treasurer Frank Deas Chaplain THIRTY-FIVE YEARS O F EDUCATIONAL SERVICE OMEGA PSI PHI FRATERNITY TAU PSI CHAPTER 1st row, left to right: Atchison, Floyd, Garrett. 2nd row, left to right: Jackson. McDaniel, McMillon. 3rd row, left to right: Nimmo. Pittman, Robinson. 4th rou , left to right: Simmons, Thompson, Watson. Not shown: Braithwaite, Saddler. OFFICERS A. T. McDaniel, Jr Basileus Freddie Floyd Vice-Basileus B. T. McMillon Keeper of Records and Seal Rowsell Nimmo .... Keeper of Finance O. R. Jackson Chaplain C. Simmons, Hubert L. Robinson Dean of Pledges Number of National Chapters . . 144 Number of National Members over 6,000 Number of Pledges 26 Colors Purple and Gold National Publication Oracle Year Founded 1911 Place Founded .... Howard University Athletics At North Carolina College J. B. McLendon Head. Division of Physical Education Basketball North Carolina College began its bas- ketball back in the 20 ' s and with no gym- nasium and few arrangements for prac- tice and games, was able to do but little. With the College ' s entrance into the C.I. A. A. in 1927 added emphasis was placed on the sport but not until the gym- nasium was built in 1935 did basketball become a popular sport. In 1939. the Eagles with a freshman team, the tallest team in the country, broke into the first division of the Con- ference for the first time. In 1940 they advanced to the runner-up position in the Conference and in 1941 won the first Conference Championship in the school ' s history and National rating as No. 1 team. Then for every year since, the team has finished either 1st or 2nd in the Con- ference winning the runner-up position in ' 42, ' 45 and Championships in ' 43, ' 44, and ' 46 and the State College Champion- ship six consecutive years. The National Collegiate Athletic Association has ranked the Eagles in the top twenty teams of the Nation for the past four years. " ' The Eagles Fly High " is a well- known slogan and one which shows the achievement of the teams of the past 8 years for they have ranked first in of- fense, first in defense, and first in games won for those periods. Good sportsman- ship is the password for all the Eagles and no team in the country takes the floor without the knowledge that a fighting North Carolina College Eagle Team will meet them in defense of their many laurels. Football of N. C. College The football teams of North Carolina College have made history; some of it as early as 1919, when one of its teams took part in what is considered as the 1st foot- ball game under lights for Negro Col- leges. North Carolina College on the heels of several very successful baseball seasons entered the Colored Intercollegiate Ath- letic Association in 1927. won its first conference football game in 1931 and fin- ished in the first division for the first time also. Again in 1935 and 1939. 1940 and finishing in first place in 1941 placing several men on the All-Conference and All-American teams. World War II reduced the number of players, made materials scarce and travel difficult, but the college took part in the 1st Annual Capital Classic in Washing- ton, D. C. before 18,000 fans, placed one player on the All-American team and took pride in one who established the drop-kick record for the Conference. No football in 1943 and 1944 made a come back in 1945 doubly difficult but a selected freshman coach with an all-fresh- man team put N. C. College in the 3rd place with only one conference loss. This team returned to the Capital Classic ' s 4th annual game. The fine calibre of men who have di- rected the football teams, the fine calibre of the men themselves, their determina- tion to excel has earned for the " Eagles " the name of " Good Sportsmen, " and a reputation for hard, clean, competition and a command of respect from all teams everywhere. Women ' s Intramural Athletic Program Inspired by the Physical Education Majors, an active intramural program consisting of basketball, Softball, archery, swimming, and many other sports headed the program for the year of ' 46! The highlight of this program was the participation of each class in a basketball tournament which aroused keen competi- tion and thrilling exhibitions of skills and techniques enjoyed by the student body. The annual Sport ' s Day held in May was a colorful and competitive event. This program composed of major and minor sports, enabled every young wo- man to take an active part. For the first time in the history of North Carolina College complete track and field events were ottered. This proj- ect was conducted, planned, and executed by Senior Physical Education Majors. The superb condition and skill of the par- ticipants afforded strong competition and the spectators marveled at the tech- niques demonstrated so expertly and with such noble sportsmanship. CHEERING SQUAD Left to right: Georgia Jones, Julius T. Glover. Vivian Austin, James D. Saddler, Hermina Fitts. 75 MAROON AND GRAY STAFF OF 1946 1st row, left to right: Brooklyn McMillon, Editor-in-Chief: Mildred Carrington. Assistant Editor; Harold T. Epps, Administratii ' e Assistant: Isador B. Oglesby, Faculty Advisor; Inez Nimmo, Senior Class Editor; 2nd row, lejt to right: Ruth Wharton, Junior Class Editor; Elaine Chafin, Margaret King. Co-Sophomore Editors: Margie Morris, Faculty Editor: Lauretta Hightower. Art Editor. 3rd row, left to right: Olga Hog- gard. Sophomore Editor; Carolyn Pride, Margaret Alexander, Geraldine Odom, Business Staff Assistants; Clifford Jenkins. Advertising Director. 4th row. left to right: Hilda Knight. Proofreader; Vivian Austin. Organiration Editor. Not shown: Ransom Gadsden. Freshman Editor, James Saddler, Circulation Editor: Clarence Vanhook, Bookkeeper. The College-Its Future What is the future of such a college after 35 years of service? Will it help shape the future destiny of the State and Nation? Will it send forth men and women to become great educators, musicians, scientists, or artists? That depends upon the students themselves. The Col- lege can provide the tools with which to build the world of the future — the rest depends on the student. The tradition of achievement will rest partially upon the students. The future of the College and the future of its students go hand in hand. The editors of the Yearbook express their appreciation to the following: Lynchburg and Durham Engraving Company for printing plates. Photo- graphs throughout were made by Carlin Graham. Freshman class pictures by Stanback Studio. The book was printed by Christian Printing Company, Durham, N. C. NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE fOR PEGROES Durham, North Carolina A Lemlitifi Southern Education Institution Fall Term Opens September 19, 1946 THE CLYDE F. HOEY ADMINISTRATION BUILDING Courses offered include: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Home Economics, Commerce, Retailing and Salesmanship, Library Science Department of Law Department of Public Health Department of Library Science Graduate Courses Romance Languages, Science, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Education, English, Elementary Education, Economics, Home Economics, History For further information address: Dr. James E. Shepard, President North Carolina College for Negroes Durham, North Carolina What North Carolina College Offers . GENERAL INFORMATION The North Carolina College for Negroes is situated on a fifty-acre tract of land about two miles from the busi- ness district of Durham. About fifteen of these acres are used for the main campus. The remaining acres are in woodland with their natural scenery and beauty. BUILDINGS Administration Building. The Administration Build- ing, erected in 1929, houses the Administrative offices, the post office and classrooms. There is also in this building an assembly room with a seating capacity of 200 and eight music practice rooms. B. N. Duke Auditorium. Over nine hundred comfort- able seats, splendid acoustics, and a handsomely curtained stage combine to make the Auditorium a fit setting for the different types of excellent programs which the Col- lege provides for its students and friends. Conspicuous among the appointments of this beautiful building are a concert grand piano and Hammond electric organ. The Gymnasium for Young Women. A spacious gymna- sium equipped with modern apparatus, showers and lock- ers, makes possible a well-rounded program of indoor athletics. New Gymnasium and Swimming Pool. The new gym- nasium will seat 2,200 people and the beautiful swim- ming pool is of regulation size. The Practice Cottage for Senior Home Economics stu- dents is one of beauty and comfort. It is equipped with the conveniences which one will meet in any modern home. It is truly named " Practice Cottage, " for here one learns " by doing " the things which have been taught for four years. Residence Halls. Five modern dormitories, two for men and three for women, furnish comfortable living quarters for the boarding students. In the dormitories is every modern convenience, making available the comforts of the well-appointed home. Bath rooms with hot and cold water are located on each floor. Each room is provided with two single beds, a spacious study table, and other substantial and attractive furniture. Large living and recreation rooms add to the general comfort. Each room has floors of polished oak and two large closets. The fur- niture is modern and attractive. The New Science Building has been erected and equip- ped at the cost of $185,000. The ground floor is devoted exclusively to Biology. The first floor is occupied by the Department of Home Economics with its show windows, model kitchens, nursery room, dining and reception rooms, and well-appointed sewing room. The second floor is occupied by the Department of Physics. The equipment in this laboratory is modern and includes apparatus for elementary and advanced work. The third floor is devoted to Chemistry. It is fitted with modern equipment for graduate and undergraduate work. The College Refectory. The quality of the equipment of the large attractive refectory is in keeping with that of the other buildings. Steam tables, a special refrigera- tion plant and other modern appliances make possible the preparation of wholesome, palatable meals. Art Room. In order to develop an appreciation for the beautiful, the Institution maintains an art room in which there are over $500 worth of the finest Medici Prints of the paintings of the great masters. LIBRARY The College Library contains 28,969 volumes, exclusive of unbound periodicals. The library of the Law School is an independent unit of over 12,430 volumes. The library of the School of Library Science is a special collection of 2,606 volumes. Approximately 300 current periodicals and 30 newspapers are received regularly. STUDENT WELFARE Social The social program is planned so as to have each indi- vidual develop as an intelligent and cultured person. So- cial affairs are provided by the institution, by faculty members, and by groups of students. Students ' social affairs for any quarter must be regis- tered in the Office of the Dean of Women within ten days after the beginning of the quarter. The individual or group registering for social affairs will be notified of the calendar after its approval. Physical Education and Athletics The institution employs a physical education director for men and two directors for women, thus affording every student a thorough course in physical training un- der expert supervision. The type of training for each student depends upon the student ' s needs and physical development. Tennis courts are provided by the athletic association, which may be used by both male and female students. Intercollegiate games in the major sports are engaged in with teams in the North Carolina Conference, the C.I.A.A., and other conferences. These games and activi- ties are under the supervision of the athletic council, consisting of faculty, alumni, and student representatives. The teams are trained by skilled coaches for values which come from exercise, bodily control, physical and mental alertness, and the principles of fair play. LECTURES AND CONCERTS The college seeks to increase the cultural advantages both of its students and faculty, and of the community. To this end distinguished scholars and men outstanding in public affairs, both State and National, are invited to deliver lectures and addresses. The college sponsors a concert season annually during which it presents out- standing vocalists, instrumental artists, and musical or- ganizations. PATRONS George L. Tally Lawyer Julian Perry Mr. Ernest R. Burnette Miss Mary J. Leak Mr. Foy Tyler Mr. Douglass Harrison Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hightower C. W. Cheston A. H. Jones T. A. Flowers J. W. Rhodes Miss Ellen B. Cheston Mrs. Hazel Dove Mr. Arthur Street Dr. and Mrs. P. P. Creuzot Mrs. Geneva Cross Woodson Gwendolyn Moore Mrs. Eddie Phoenix Mr. D. P. Highley Mr. James Barnes Dr. and Mrs. E. O. Peters Carolyn Pride Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Carrington Miss Sus ' e V. Carrington Mrs. E. C. Gerst Luther M. Montague Ulysses Cozart I. B. Oglesby Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Atkins Mrs. Ophelia M. Alford Mrs. Nora Smith Mr. and Mrs. Noble Johnson Mrs. James G. Buckner Mr. Jerome Odom Mr. Olivier Stewart S Sgt. Robert Stewart Mr. Zarlie Covington Mr. and Mrs. Zephynee Covington Mr. and Mrs. James Ryals and Family Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Lampley Miss Mildred Jones Miss Ruth Ford Mrs. Etta Dukes Mr. Frank C. Owens Miss Mattie Posey Mr. James Blue Miss Maggie Jones Miss Beatrice Carney Mrs. Katherine Manion Mr. Clifton Johnson Mrs. Rufus Ransom Miss Florence Staten Mr. Johnnie Goins Mr. Lends Ransom Mr. Lee Poey Mr. Guy Foster Mr. Leander Mcintosh Mrs. Georgie McRae Mrs. Willie Lindsey Mr. Isaac Williams Mr. Martin Kendricks Mr. and Mrs. Hazel Cagle Miss Eva Walker Mr. James Harris Rev. T. B. Thompson Rev. A. R. Burch Mr. Lacy Rush Mrs. Maggie Brown Mr. and Mrs. Percy Gray Mrs. George Odom Rev. and Mrs. R. I. Robinson Mrs. Corine W. Potts Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Neal Mrs. Hilda H. Fountain Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Edwards Miss Anna R Honablue Mr. Otis Buffaloe Mrs. Willie M. Staats Mr. A. C. Cofield Mr. W. G. Spaulding Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Bailey Dr. Frank J. Spellman Mr. Hubert Potts Mrs. O. Perkins Mr. D. A. Spicer Miss Beatrice A. Moore Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Clark Mr. Walter Wallace Mr. Bill Edwards Mr. Jesse McCain Miss Anna McCain Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Williams Miss Katie Kearney Miss Mary F. Kearney Miss Sara O. Crosby Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Chavers Mrs. Caudy M. Pugh Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Moore Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Cheston Rev. E. M. Hill Mr. Lewis T. Christmas Mrs. Lasse Alston Miss Betty Brazil Dr. William A. Anderson Gerald Underwood Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter Jones Mr. Robert Wood Mr. and Mrs. Peter Leftwich Mr. George Ray- Miss Henrietta Duckett Mr. Roosevelt Duckett Mrs. Flossie Ray Mrs. William H. Humphrey Mr. N. Theo. Mitchell Miss Sarah Germany Miss Hattie Melchon Miss Dorothy M. Andrews Mr. Philip Pessin Mrs. E. S. Conyers Miss Harriet Abernathv Mr. Ro ' and L. Allison Mr. Talmadge B. Hogre Mr. Paul J. Watts Mr. Roger W. Kiser Mrs. Lillie Moore Mr. Rawleigh Hilton Mr. Lou Heath Rev. R. M. Pitts Mr. Warren Ray Mr. George Ray Mrs. Lucille Rudisill Evans and Sons. Cleaners Dr. J. A. Tinsley Mrs. Bernice Oubre Rann Mr. Charles J. Ford Mrs. L. S. Herring Mr. and Mrs. Smith Britt Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. McGill Mrs. Sarah A. Crews Mrs. J. J. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Foster Mrs. Eleanor Lawrence Miss Ruth Kearney Mrs. Blanche S. Talbert Mrs. Johnie M. Love Mrs. V. P. Barringer Mrs. Mary Lewis Mrs. Katie Smith Mr. Alex Smith Mr. and Mrs. Harris Pritchart Mrs. Nita Burke Mrs. Eva Moore Mrs. Daisy Ray Mrs. Tessie Ray Mrs. Flossie Goodes Mrs. Alice Gilchrist Mrs. Beatrice Wilson Miss Peggv Dowling Lt. J. E. Halsey Miss Greta J. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Steve Moore Mr. James Wallace Rev. B. C. Bryant Mr. Wilbur Staats Mr. George Shipman Mrs. Katie Telfair Rev. Mavnor Rev. J. W. Wiley Mr. Louis Little Miss Mary Jones —FROM THE PAGES OF HISTORY— (Continued from Page 6) exhibits. The exhibits are above the average, and justly place the work of the school equal to that of the best Negro institutions of learning. What was the original purpose of the National Religious Training School? The following facts are set forth in the bulletin under the heading. THE SCHOOL NEEDED: To justify the existence of any new enterprise for the general welfare of mankind it is always necessary to demonstrate that there is a situation demanding the inauguration of such an effort. The following facts are sufficient to prove the need of the National Religious Training School: 1. There are 30.000 Negro ministers in the United States. Of this number accurate statistics show that onlv 10 per cent are trained, hence the appalling fact — 27,000 untrained ministers large- ly controlling the destiny of 10.000,000 people. Negro ministers exert a most profound influence over the race. No educational scheme for the permanent uplift and betterment is worth while that does not take into consideration the active leaders of the race. 2. The permanent uplift of the race must come through moral and religious training. The charge that the young Negro is not as reliable as the old Negro is due to the fact that religion played the most important rjart in the life of the slave, and as a result, he could always be depended on and never betrayed the trust. He was always faithful. These qualities must again become racial assets, if we are to raise up a trustworthy citizenship. 3. The increase of crime can be traced to a lack of religious training. The moral law must be su- preme. A man must be so taught that the law within will restrain him from cheating, stealing, killing and dishonesty. 4. There is no similar institution; it conflicts with none now established. It is non-sectarian and is open to all faiths and creeds. 0i U eJie ?s Jim MontouRe Moan That is, the first time we get a depend- able tip that there is NEWS up there of special interest to our readers. Wherever there is worthwhile news of peculiar interest to our readers, we ' ll send a man. Recently GUIDE reporters have been in Genoa, London, Monrovia, Belfast, Manila, Marseille, Tunis, San Francisco, Accra, Rome — all places where there was a BIG story with a NEGRO angle. And that ' s why every week over 70,000 Negroes buy the GUIDE in addi- tion to their daily papers . . . and read it column by column for the news that wasn ' t in the dailies. ® (B, 5MH Contractors Painters -:- Decorators Paperhangers Wholesale and Retail Paint and Wallpaper 315-318 Morgan Street— Phone J-5321 Durham, N. C. CONGRATULATIONS N. C. COLLEGE ON 35 YEARS OF SERVICE Congratulations and Best Wishes Mutual Building Loan Association " A Thrift and Home Financing Institution " Durham, North Carolina Compliments of The Peabody Drug Company Wholesale Druggists 305 Pettigrew Street Durham, N. C. TOPS FOR QUALITY Pepsi-Cola Company, Long Island City, N. Y. Durham Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company 305 South Street Durham, North Carolina Congratulations Seniors!! B. C. Woodall Company J. A. Woodall, President Sporting Goods, Bicycles and Toys " Playthings " Wholesale and Retail 135-138 E. Chapel Hill St. Phone J-6451 Durham, N. C. MORRIS PLAN BANK The Bank for the Individual LOANS Automobile Personal Real Estate Bank Rates are Less Drink KRUEGER BEER and ALE Bottled In Durham 2 Compliments of Wbt ©urfjam t § un and Surfjam jHormng Heralb Congratulations We, of Christian-Harward Furniture Company, take great pleasure in extending- to you. Dr. James E. Shepard and associates, our heartiest congratulations for the untiring work you have so faithfully performed in behalf of higher edu- cational opportunities for your fellow man. Through your determination and untiring ef- forts, the people of Durham and North Carolina have seen the North Carolina College for Ne- groes grow from naught to one of our largest and finest institutions of higher education. Again we congratulate you and look forward to vour continued success. Christian-Haruuard furniture Company 118 West Parrish Street Durham, N. C. Congratulations and Best Wishes . . » ; !Ufc!IITIEID DEPARTMENT STORES, CO. " Durham, 5vC C. ■ £. J. 6vans, Pres. Compliments of W. C. LYON Company, Inc. Durham, N. C. Phones: L-946-7-8 The Bakers of ENRICHED iJMade - %ite BREAD AND BISCUITS Congratulate the N. C. C. N. on its 35 years of great good to its people and the community. Wholesale %etail People ' s Fruit and Produce Market If it grows we have it Once Always 333 West Main Street Durham, North Carolina We Deliver The Goods Phone— L-979 Compliments of Une imerican Uobacco Co. Diamonds .-. Jewelry . . Watches Qifts For Every Occasion JONES FRASIER CO. Durham ' s Outstanding Jeu ] elers THE CHICAGO DEFENDER is your publication because . . . It pr ovides you with the most interesting features. It brings to you the latest news — on the international. national and local scenes. It leads your ti ht for first- class citizenship. Tell your folks about the Chicago Defender and consider it a pai •t of your regular equipment after you have completed your school program. THE CHICAGO DEFENDER " Over Forty Years of Service " 3435 Indiana Avenue Chicago (16), Illinois Compliments of J. P. McGuire Construction Company Paving Contractors Durham, North Carolina Compliments of Broadway Sandwich Co. 2 Compliments of Thomas Howard Company Wholesale Grocers Durham, N. C. Fancy Ices Sherbets Phone L-90 3 Ice Cream Specialists Durham Ice Cream Company, Inc. Fast Frozen " Blue Ribbon Ice Cream ' ' Today It ' s Thrifty to Buy Quality Durham. North Carolina Blocks Punches " Congratulations " from the Depositors National Bank Durham. North Carolina • • Enjoy ' " One-Stop Shopping " ' at B elk-Leggett Co. Durham ' s Shopping Center • • For Prescriptions Sodas Candies Ice Cream Cosmetics Smokes see or call GARRETTS BILTMORE DRUG STORE Prescription Service 9:00 a.m. until 11 p.m. 2 registered druggists Dial L-0961 Students and Faculty are Welcome to visit The Neighborhood Store 1619 Fayetteville Street " Just a whisper off the campus " • A complete line of groceries, fresh meats, vegetables and confections Dial L-3173 Congratulations Class of 1946 We join with the students and faculty in celebrating the 35 years of service rendered by your institution Union Insurance Realty Company 814 Fayetteville Street Durham, N. C. Dial J-6521 For expert property management, repair and building service. . . . For all types of insur- ance coverages — call the " Union " • • H. M. Michaux — Secretary — Manager. Congratulations Seniors as you go out— and return Make College Inn Your Meeting Place " The meeting place for collegians and friends " Drinks — Sandwiches — Confections — Smokes — Beer " Bill " Jones, Proprietor We are proud to share in the Achievement of N. C. College Visit our fish market and new grocery-market Smith Fish Grocery Store 718 Fayetteville Street Dial— R-3491 or L-7861 Mr. and Mrs. Freeman M. Smith, Proprietors " This is Your Store " Imx • Firmly planted thirty-six years ago in the good earth — which God in- tended that all human life should enjoy to the f ullest-THE PITTSBURGH COURIER has become a voice tor over 13,000,000 oppressed peoples. Ever fighting tor complete religious freedom, economic freedom and social freedom, THE PITTSBURGH COURIER will continue to champion the cause for which we have been so dedicated. HOMEUfTHE PITTSBURGH COURIER VH 9 . iii i urn ma Wk z. " :Jli ' - 1 III ill 111 m Where all 13 Editions of THE PITTSBURGH COURIER are published. This modern newspaper build- ing, complete in every respect, rep- resents an investment of more than a half- million dollars. HOME OFFICE: 2628 CENTRE AVENUE, PITTSBURGH 19, PA. Compliments of Mechanics Farmers Bank Durham — Raleigh Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation PLAN NOW . . . For A Successful Career Have you ever asked yourself these questions: Ten, fifteen, twenty years from now — will I be traveling the road to success, or will my school- ing mean little to me in the way of advancement? Oft times a financial background is just as essential to success as a diploma. In planning your future, be sure to consider the importance of adequate financial backing. A life insured is a life secured. For you, it may mean the differ- ence between success or failure. — Let Us Serve You — Durham District Office North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Co. 606 ' 2 Fayetteville Street — W. L. Cook, Manager " No Home is Complete Without North Carolina Mutual Policies " And best wishes for the future to the Senior Class of , 46 Durham ' s One-Stop Shopping Center PHONE J-7961 THOMAS BOOK STORE Gifts - Stationery - Office Supplies Greeting ( ards for all Occasions Corner Corcoran Chapel Hill Streets Phone J-2331 Durham, N. C. cJLsona ( ffleaaoi ow dairies Best Wishes To The Class Of 1946 TTL DEPARTMENT STORES Dependable Merchandise Reasonable Prices PROGRESSIVE STORES " Home of Better Values " Quality Groceries-Fruits-Vegetahles Bottom Prices Durham Stores Located — 712 Fayetteville Street, E. D. Mattox, Mgr. 600 Roxboro Street, M. C. Hessee, Mgr. 510 Pettigrew Street, W. M. Burton, Mgr. " Refresh yourself " , Durham Coca-Cola Bottling Co. West Main at Milton Avenue Congratulations Class of 1946 Best Wishes N. C. College on 35 Years of Service miLLER BRunson Corner Main and Gregson Street %eddy Kilo-watts Says: . . . | FARADAY | Meet My Folks ' Yes, these men are the ancestors of elec- tricity . . . they have contributed much to living in years gone by and will have a di- rect effect on the life of everyone in the fu- ture. Whatever your peacetime plans . . . de- pend on electricity for convenience and power. Duke Power Company Serving the Piedmont Carolinas Crosley Refrigerators Zenith Radios Kimbrell ' s, Inc, 126 W. Parrish Street Phone J-3781 Quality Furniture for- Personal Flower Service Call L-965 DuVal Hackett FLORIST Stores 117 N. Mangum Street and Washington Duke Hotel Lobby Durham. N. C. KNOW YOUR BANKER BETTER Sound, Experienced Banking Service Since 1888 J IDELITY Sank • Member Federal Reserve System • Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Dairy Products With " Quality You Can Taste " • • Durham Jjalru J. roaucts Durham Engraving Company Telephone L-7881 220 E. Parrish Street Durham, N. C. Manufacturing Photo-Engravers Make the Years Ahead Secure - With HOME SECURITY Life Insurance Pritchard-Bright Company " Tomorrow ' s Styles Today " Civilian and Military Apparel Washington Duke Hotel Building Civilian Durham, N. C. Army Navy Congratulations Class of 1946 Roscoe-Griffin Shoe Company Home of Good Shoes Congratulations Class of 1 946 The Book Exchange CB ' S World News — United Press — Associated Press Congratulations Class of 1946 with a pledge to give the finest radio has to offer " Durham ' s Own Station " W DNC Durham, N. C. 1490 on your Dial WDNC 1490 ON YOUR DIAL COLUMBIA NETWORK Compliments of Friends of the Institution in Raleigh and Winston-Salem, upon 35 Years of Service N. C. Compliments of HOME INSURANCE 212 ! 2 Corcoran Street AGENCY John A. Buchanan, President Durham, North Carolina In A New Dress From (blizaoetri s You ' ll be an eye-full for him 321 W. Main Street Stewart s Distinctive Women s Apparel • 206 West Main Street Durham, N. C. Phone L-6491 Clothes Tailored For You UNION TAILORING SHOP Ladies ' and Gents ' Tailor Cleaning, Pressing and Altering a Specialty Next to Mechanics and Farmers Bank 112 Parrish Street Durham, N. C. The Young Men ' s Shop Main at Church Your Shopping Center iPiaassiPEiB CHRISTIAN ESTABLISHED 1904 sisroia wisia MEN OF VISION A great newspaper is more than a me- chanical process. It is the brainchild of men with vision. Fifty-four years ago, when John H Murphy, Sr. founded the AFRO AMERICAN, he knew the importance of establishing a pattern which wojld insure a successful future Through the years, these principles have remained unaltered. John H Murphy, Sr. knew that a newspaper is a servant of the people — a mirrcr re- flecting the day by day history-making events in the lives of its readers Though times change, our editorial and business responsibilities to our readers will not. We will always remain faithful to the traditions of Journalism We promise our million readers a newspaper worthy of the confidence of the entire family We shall strive to continue making |ob op- portunities for the men and women gradu- ating from our institutions for higher learn- ing Positions that are commensurate with the time, the money and the effort which make these graduations possible THE AFRO AMERICAN NEWSPAPERS BALTIMORE • WASHINGTON PHILADELPHIA • RICHMOND • NEW JERSEY fiTM foMGYi AUTOGRAPHS Hhhk3 ■ HI H m m ■ ■ ■ iffl» H KM ■ H g| Bk? IBIS £ Mb : 1 1 w y, I El SS6 IE II Utf HE Ipjuflw! H3 H IraraHni HI fflH WxWmm mBBKSMm i W rS ffifff iHHH wkfflk m jam wmBBSHm S2 HH EVA wJSSi SHBm wmmMma rani |M| 3otIto!»£bS8h8hIS£BI HHH A SSwrali On 00 N SgJssSSSSSS 00 §11 Bun 0A3C igSSSiSB

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