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1 Ex J ibris PRESSES OF THE SEEMAN PRINTERY INCOPORATED DURHAM, N. C. The N. C. C. EAGLE Published by The Senior Class ot North Carolina College tor Negroes M AY, 1929 The N. C. C. EAGLE iJllma -JhCtitcr Hail to old X. C. C. The pride of our heart-. Fairest of all colleges We cherish each spot ( lid N. C. fight the fight for victory To Thee we will be true V-I-C-T-( l-R-Y spells Victory for you. The N. C. C. EAGLE Alfonso Elder 7V,m. Co .-. ,- of Liberal Arts: Professor Mathematics B.A. 1921, Atlanta University; M.A. 1924, Columbia Uni- versity; Graduate Work, Columbia University and Cambridge University. Tin- N. C. C. EAGLE zA Faculty Qroup Reading from left to right— First row: Miss Ethel H. Sanders, Instructor in Business. Miss Pauline Newton, Professor of English. Mrs. Lula H. Gomez, Dietitian. Miss Ruth ' " ,. Ri sh, Professor of Economics and Education. Miss Alii i .1. Hi stun, Bursar. Miss Ruth i. Smith. Professor of French Mr. C. Tinsley Willi-. Professor of Business and Ass ' t Bur: Mr. Clym A Lawlah, Professor of Biology. Mr. John E. Patterson, Professor of Chemistry and Physics. Dr. D. Ja( ksox Jordan, Professor of History. Dr. I Aim (.. O ' Kelly, Professor of Latin and Supt. of Buildings and Gr Mr. B. I). ( i.i in r. Vss ' t Profi Education. Mr, Carta C. Smith, Jr., Professor of Busines f Physics and Matin Dii .f Physical The N. C. C. EAGLE Officers of Senior Qlass Motto: " We Point the Way. " Class Colors: Lavender and Silver. Class Flower: Cream K President James W. Grimes 1 ' ice-President Fred Hargraves Secretary Esther P. McCall Treasurer Lillian Bullock Chaplain George L. Harper The N. C. C. EAGLE Lfssie Evelyn Anthony " less " Honors: Assistant Secretary of Class, ' 25; Miss North Carolina College; President of Le Cercle Francais, ' 27; President of Class, ' 28; Alumni Editor of The Campus Echo; Member of Eureka Science Club, ' 29. Although she does not wear the crown tins year, " Less " s because of he: •■Smile and the Roosevelt Hani liff " hooks Honors: Football team, ' 26; Football team, ' 27; Memb f the Eureka Science Club, ' 27- ' 28; Comic Editor i ' lass Annual, ' 2 " . Hunk " is our sunshine carrier. fie spreads che [r he hapi I ' .I ATHII E III II 01 K Echo; Treasurer of the Lyceum; ice-Presidi ill of ) C. A., ' 29; Treasun " Lil " is the one artistic member of tht Her mull., is: " 11.. it well or not at all. " NANI I ' .H LE CLAs . " BELLE " II. ,ii., is: Vice-President ..f Y ,W. C. A., ' 27; Ass. stain Secretarj of Class; Assistant Secretary of Y. VY C. A., ' 28; Chairman of Social Committee of Y. W. C. A., ' 28; As.,, i. m.i Secretarj of Class of ' 29, " Belle " is a re all that she does. eful easure, of Sunda) i Literan Soi ietj . ,.f Y. W. C. A.. ' 29. itn i Belle Everett " lift: „„s The Annie Daj Shepard Oratorical Prize, ' 27; .in ,,l I; Secretary of the Sun, lav School; Sec ,,l ill, ( horus, ' .. ' 7; Meinbei of V g Women ' s ul Council, ' 28; ice I ' , .sulci ,,f l.c Cercle Fran I,,: rracial Committee of Y. VY, C A.. ' 29. ■e " is little lint loud. m ( is, u Davis " songbird ' rs: Member of College Quartette, ' 16 ' 29; Presi Y M C A . ' 28l Prcsutelll ,,f I, lee Cluli. ' JS- ' J " . of College Chorus. ' 16 19 ill hath eh. The N. C. C. EAGLE Moses Freeman Honors: Trainer of Athletic Teams, ' 26 ' 29. line Spi is ' linhli ' i . fixing u j, |] u . In.vs an it In- 11 s to be a successful surgeon. We see r why lie slinulil nut achieve it. Clandessia ii; lliam Grimes business Manager of Clas Club, ' 27 ' 29. Council. ' 28; President of Clai ginia Club; Secretary of Utility Chill Football ami .if Virginia dent of Young Men ' s Student President of Vn of V. M. C. A. ' 29; Cha ittee of the Class Annual, ' J " Sterling Gordon Football Te " Beau " i: lie believes Frederic k Harcraves : ball fan. and a regular booste CHERRY RED sulti.l by am I George Leslie Wt ,if Class. ' 2S; Y. M. C. A- Gr in of Y. M. C. A., ' 27; Assist lulu School, ' 27; Assistant l.ibrari The Campus Echo, ' 28; Advis in; President of Student Body, nf Tile Campus Echo, iiimI. ' ' " . " Holgar ' s " hobby is conscien for bis thoroughness. To sho valuable quality the students positions of trust and honor. udy. This JONES VIRGIE ice-President of Class; Assistant Secretary ( iillen Literary Society; Captain nf Cirls ' am. ' 27; Secretary nf Sunday School; Treas- W. C. A.; Assistant Business Manager nf Echo. ' 28; Sncietv Editnr nf The Campus Reporter of Eureka Science Club; Reporter of li.i Club, typical gii ndcd. hard vvorke athle ' She HI TheN. C.C.EAGLE Queen Esther I 1 . M Call ' mac " Hon Wooic of V. rs: President ; President of W. C. A.; Vi te Editoi of j Board; Student Le e-I Student resident Treasurer ual Staff; uncil, ' 29. Counc i Utopi .f The Young 1 for Vice-P 1 S.ICIJ Womei Young cs.denl Club. Echo; ■s Ad- " Ma wonder " is the smart lul scholastic r . " .. member . d. Frenc f the cl h is her iss. an. hobby. has a LlXA Mae Russel fats ' Hun irs: Winner in Go Get It Contest of Campi, Echo -Fat is talk s " is a jolly good fellow at ng. Talking is the one th all time ng that s. Her hobby Harriet Marie Smith " marie ' Secretary of Class; Vice-President " i Literary Society; Secretary of Le Cei Culle Franc. use. _ ' 8; President of Countee Cullen Literary So t ; i hairinan of Program Committee of Le Cerclc mi tis; Secretary " i Utopia Social Club; Secretary of ass; Secret, rv of Y. W. C. A., ' 28; President of luntee Cullen Literary Society; Treasurer of Sunday hool ; Treasurer of Le Cercle Francais; Secretary ol W. C. A.j Miss North Carolina College. ' 29. Harriet ' s hobby is looking good. She too is a regular irl because she believes in the development of the whole elf. oler then tha the d accompanying title, Miss North Carolina College. USTIN M. Stitt " stitt " Honors: President ol mncil for Young Me Class. " J " ; Pn sidl nt n, ' ' 8; Student Cum Business Manager of . ' 25 ' 26, ' 27. ' 28. of Student :il. ' 28 ' 29: Class ' J-. ■,-,. ,.■ " .■, ' ■ ' :■ i:;i. ' ' perimenting with sci nt i tic appa- ster of the vfia Walton " eve " 11 rs; Director of ,tl • ..I i lass Song, Class .Music, ' . ' 6, , 21 29. . ' 28, ' - 1 ' ' ; Evelyn represents the class on all 01 i asions which call St. Julian Walker " smoke ' Honors: Center on Basketball Team; Halfback mi Foot ball Team; Pitcher on Baseball Team, ' _ ' S; Halfback on Football Team; Pitcher on Baseball Team; Athletic Editor of Class Annual. ' 29 " Smoke ' s " hobby is athletics. His classmates say. " When you want something well done, call on Smoke " :i2] The N. C. C. EAGLE Senior Qlass History In the year of nineteen hundred and twenty-five. North Carolina College for Negroes called for volunteers to fight in the fiattles that go on through life. There were forty-seven who heard the call and came to its aid. In order to impress the picture upon your mind I will call this group an army. The army was organized under the leadership of General George Leslie Harper who appointed James Grimes, Sergeant-at-Arms. We realized for an army to be of greatest efficiency it must be perfect in organization, and discipline; otherwise it is not available for highest utility in action. Therefore we were willing and anxious to abide by the rules and regula- tions of the camp, North Carolina College. Also, we learned that in order to do anything well, we must have an aim or motto. We took as our aim: " We point the Way. " It has been our aim to so point the way that others may be encouraged to enlist in our camp, and be trained, to fight in the battles of life. It was also our aim to so walk the path that if any army followed in our steps it would go right. In twelve months we had become as volunteers to our camp. The first army at Cam]), North Carolina College, lost quite a few of its sol- diers because of the following — and our army was reduced: 1. Physically unfit ; 2. Unable to compete ; 3. Responsibilities at home ; 4. Some disliked the leaders ; 5. A desire to go to other camps. However, some who disliked the leader joined the next group of volunteers who entered our camp. Xever-the-less in the course of the next twelve months some had realized their mistake and came back to the first army of the camp where they were received with much joy. We regret that some were too late finding their mistakes and were unable to rejoin us. strong magnet, drawing Eorty-twi Theii. C.C. EAGLE We were very glad to be able to draw from other camps four soldiers in our third year of training. We were told and made to see that for any army to be best disciplined it must be divided into groups gradually decreasing in size so that every portion must not only be commanded with facility, but clothed, armed, and fed; as a result, we have the following groups whose commanders were conscientiously appointed: Science and History L. M. Russel Mathematics and Science V. L. Jones History and English... F. Hargraves English and French E. P. McCall All the groups were under efficient instructors. We have been so drilled, disciplined, and armed that we formed a vast movable force for offenses and defenses in the battles of life. Xow we have been under training for a long period. We must face life ' s I attics with our banner and faith held high. ( )ur history is not complete, but we have j ust arrived at the place, where our deeds will be of greatest value. We, in the future, will win our most worthy battles. The N. C. C. EAGLE JPgst Will and Testament We, the Class of ' 29, while sound in mind and memory, realizing the uncer- tainty of our future careers and the nearby approach of our departure, do make and declare this our last will and testament. To the President we leave our pledge of allegiance, declaring that we will strive to do honor to him who has done so much for the education of young men and women ; and in the years to come we hope to aid in making this the best insti- tution in the Southland. We leave to the Faculty our hearty thanks and appreciations for helping us so faithfully along the hard pathways of knowledge. They have helped us in our difficulties and encouraged us in our successes. To the School we leave all of our frivolity, crudeness, dumbness as a proof of the miraculous changes which our contacts here have wrought upon our personalities. To the Junior (. ' lass we leave our places to be filled. They will not always be easy and discouragement will come, but in the end you will be repaid as we have been. Profit by our mistakes. Stand by ' Id X. C. C. and may it mean to you all that it has meant to us. We leave to the Sophomore Class our ability to study, hoping they will take in the things that the teachers try to give them. To the Freshmen (.lass we leave our ability to look deep so that when they have reached the Senior Class their loads will not resemble their green caps. George I.. Harper leaves the Presidency of the Student Body, Student Coun- cil, Editorship of The Campus Echo to Herman Reeves. " Pop " Long. " Shortie " Grimes, and " Smokie " Walker leave their athletic abilities to be divided equally among Marion Johnson. George Vinson, Charlie Alston, and Clarence Thompson. To Flossie Smith, Harriet Marie Smith leaves her vamping ability with the sincere hope that she will be more successful than she has been the past years. Lillian Beatrice Bullock leaves her two brothers. Sizer and Wilkins, to Floretta Sharpless and Annie Mae Ford. To Julia Mclver, Esther P. McCall leaves her old French books and the tre- mendous amount of knowledge obtained therefrom. Evelyn Walton and Oscar Davis leave their musical talents to Helen Baker and Robert fones. [is: The X. C. C. EAGLE Yirgie Jones leaves to all the girls who are interested in athletic her athletic ability. To Theressa Mae Benton, Nancy Belle Clay leaves her pleasing disposition and loving smiles, hoping that she will continue to control her temper and smile when all the world seems to go wrong. Mozelle Cundif leaves to I.ydia Faucet her poetic ability, sincerely hoping that she will some day become a great poetess. To George Busby, James Grimes leaves his position as Vice-President of the North Carolina College. In witness whereof, we the Class of ' 29 have to this, our last will and testa- ment, set our hands and seal, this the 26 day of March. 1929. Seal Nancy Belle Clay (Testator) CLASS OF ' 29 [16: The N. C. C. EAGLE Trophecy of the Qlass of ' 29 After having had fifteen years of great success in the business world and growing tired of the regular routine of work, I deeided to take a leave of absence. It had always been one of my greatest desires to travel and visit the many places of interest in the world. Now what was 1 going to do with a whole year to do just what I choose? The first thing that arose in my mind was that I bad the chance to do the thing that 1 wished for most, travel. Just think of traveling for twelve long months. What a delightful thing! In the fall of 1 ( »44. 1 set sail from the port of New York City on the Marie for continents abroad. While visiting in Paris, 1 was attracted by this notice in front of the Grand Opera House: " Oscar Davis, America ' s famous tenor, will sing tonight. " This name sounded quite familiar and attracted my interest at once for I had a classmate of that name, who had been noted for bis talent while in col- lege. Of course I attended the recital and to my pleasant surprise found out that it was none other than my classmate, Oscar Davis, who bad won fame and distinction as America ' s second Roland Hayes. Upon visiting the continent of Africa, the work being done for the nations there impressed me very much. It was remarkable to see the great improvement in the jungles of Africa. Enquiring who was at the head of this great movement I was told, " Miss Mozelle Cundif, now Mrs. Romeo Redding. " She was con- tinuing her good work of helping others and now she was the most outstanding missionary in Africa. After traveling in several countries and viewing interesting plans, I boarded the steamer, Lucille, for my return to New York harbor. While on deck one beautiful evening, whom should I see but Evelyn Walton and Irvin Barcliff. They were married now. Evelyn had spent a year abroad having her melodious voice trained while her husband. Barcliff, had received his Ph.D. from the Sorbonne in Paris. They both seemed very happy. Several days were spent in New York City. During my stay there, I visited the Abyssinia Baptist Church. To my surprise George Leslie Harper was occu- pying the pulpit. He had been a conscientious worker and now he was pastor of the largest Negro Baptist church in America. His success was due somewhat to bis wife. Esther P. McCall, for she had earnestly helped George in all of his undertakings, giving him courage when his strength was almost exhausted. Mrs. Harper was one of the instructors of French in the Wadleigh High School. My next trip was to Boston. Here 1 discovered another member of the Class of ' 29, Miss Lillian Bullock; now the owner of a large dressmaking establishment. She had married a noted physician and was very successful. TIicN. C. C. EAGLE Leaving Boston, 1 took an airplane to Chicago. When I arrived there, hun- dreds of people were gathered around the landing station. What was the meaning of this large crowd? The answer was St. Julian Walker, the noted aviator, had just returned from a trip around the world; lie had made the trip in the shortest time mi record. hile in California. I saw Nancy Belle Clay. She had made her debut on the stage, as a dancer. Site had attained great fame over night and was acclaimed by the public as the greatest in the land. Stopping in Washington. D. C, I made a visit to Howard University. While -trolling on the campus 1 met I.essie Anthony. She informed me that she was teaching Biology in the Science Department of Howard. Bidding I.essie good-bye. I walked up the avenue and met little Beatrice Everett. She had been offered the chair of English in Harvard University but failed to accept because of her interest in po litics. She was as active as ever in fighting for women ' s suffrage. Arriving in Richmond, Virginia, I found James Grimes, President of the Grimes Memorial School, lie had not forgotten bis earlier training received at N. C. College for in a talk given by the President to his students, he stressed the necessity of keeping the rules and regulations of the school, a statement often heard in the talks of President Shepard. From Richmond. Virginia, 1 went to Atlanta. Geori well represented here also for John Francis Long was and Moses Freeman and Austin Stitt were prominent sur . The (. ' lass of ' 29 was ■ of tlie leading dentists ms in the City Hospital It bad always been my desire to visit that great school. Tuskegee Institute, founded by Booker T. Washington. To my great surprise 1 found Fred Mar- graves had taken the place of Richard Carver and was doing great work in the scientific world. M " course, a visit would have to be made to Florida, the land of flowers. I.ina Mae Russell lived there. She had acquired great wealth by the manufacture of her hair preparation and toilet articles. My trip would certainly not be complete without visiting my Alma Mater, which was now North Carolina University. To my great delight, Virgie L. Jones was assistant to Prof. Alfonso Elder as instructor in Mathematics. She bad re- ceived her Ph.D. from the University of Indiana and now she was assisting the instructor, who had given her the foundation for the realization of her ambition. IS J The N. C. C. EAGLE Walking up Fayetteville Street, I met Sterling Gordon and Clandessia Green. Sterling was athletic coach at Hillside Paris High School and Clandessia Green was head nurse at the Lincoln Hospital. Twelve months having expired, it was time for me to retrace my steps to my native home, New Bern, N. C. Gee! it had been a pleasant and wonderful experi- ence to visit these many places of interest, and to see the great achievements made by my classmates. Even though it had been a pleasure to leave home, it had been a greater pleasure to return and have a little rest and peace after the jostle of a year of traveling. I decided to take a week to get myself in the attitude for work in the office, but before 1 hardly had time to remove my coat and hat, the telephone rang. Who was that, I wondered? Answering the phone I received the message that I was needed immediately at the office, come at once. With hat and coat in hand. 1 jumped in my roadster and rushed to the offices of the firm. Harriet Marie Smith. The X. C. C. EAGLE 0ass " P, oem There ' s a place in our hearts For Dear X. C. C. There are ties that will ever Hold fast Flames of love kindled here In the future ' ll shine clear And warm our hearts with Thoughts of the past. We have toiled day by day Seeking; knowledge and truth We ' ve endeavored to follow the gleam Seeking standards of worth To judge the gifts of the earth That we may select only Those worthy of esteem. Now we come to the end l If this part of our road To the future our faces we turn To new tasks and fresh conquests hir efforts we bend With our hearts heating high And our eyes on the goi id Hir service to man we lend. So fare thee well Dear Alma Mater Let us breathe this fond Farewell Mid heartfelt scenes of Joy and Battle May we again Bid thee farewell. MOZELLE CUNDIF, [20] The N. C. C. EAGLE Qlass Song of 1929 FAIR N. C. C. Fair N. C. C. our loved school we ' re loath to depart Many happy days have we spent here Inspiration and fellowship dear to our hearts Have filled our days with high hopes and good cheer Thou hast taught us to cherish high ideals and seek To make our lives both noble and full What we are in the future we ' ll owe to thee Alma Mater our dearlv loved school. Fair N. C. C. we ' ve come to the end of the road With a smile we must say farewell Thy precepts and ideals we ' ll keep in our hearts Where fond memories of thee ' ll ever dwell O Gray and Maroon to thee we ' ll be true And these colors we ' ll never forget However for we will be loyal to you Alma Mater our dearly loved school. FvELVN LUCRETIA WALTON. [21 The N. C. C. EAGLE Hours of J gughter How Is Tins For a Toast? I Ie who goes to bed and goes to lied sober. Falls as the leaves and dies in ( Ictober ; But he who goes to bed and goes to bed mellow. Lives as he ought to do and dies a good fellow. Boss: Don ' t drink that stuff, Rastus. The wood alcohol will make you blind. Rastus: ( Ih, dat ' s all right, Boss, [ ' se seen everything. Senior: What ' s that freshman so stuck up about? Soph: Sh ! Haven ' t you heard? They say he gave the football captain the measles. He: Honestly, Honey, you ' re the first girl I ' ve ever loved. She: Gosh, you must think 1 don ' t realize it. " Wonder why blushes creep over girls ' faces. ' ' " " Because if they ran they would kick up too much dust. " The Professor Thinks So Anyway The trouble with some students is that they write things down in their minds and lose their heads. " Do you believe in heredity? " " Absolutely, that ' s how 1 got all my money. " He: I never knew love would be like this. She: Neither did 1. 1 thought there were more flowers and candy in it. He : Will you marry me? She : I ' m afraid not. 1 te : Aw, come on, be a support. Slicker Smocks Mother: I simply can ' t afford to buy you a new slicker every week! Collegiate: But, Ma, I gotta be in style and have my girl ' s picture on it. [22] The N. C. C. EAGLE They had rumbled along for some miles, and the road became rockier and bumpier. " I sav, " said the absent-minded professor at the wheel. " I believe I have lost my way. " " Oh, but lames. " said the absent-minded professor ' s wife, " Are you sure you brought it with you ? " Proud Father: Don ' t you think it is about time the baby had learned to say " Papa " ? Mother: Oh no, 1 hadn ' t intended telling him who you are until he is a little stronger. Waitress: You look awfully sleepy, son. What ' s wrong? Fresh: Somebody told me if 1 waited in front of Comwell Hall I ' d hear the college yell, and it didn ' t say a word all night. Abie: Papa, vat is science? Abie ' s Papa : My, bow could you be so dumb! Science is dose things vat says, " No Smoking. " Professor: What causes the seas to be salty? Wise Student : The perspiration of the fish. She: Sweetheart, you are not sick, are you? He: No, hut I ' d hate to yawn. Employer: I hope you don ' t sit and attend your thumbs when I ' m not in the office. Stenog : Oh, no, I have my embroidery, Mr. James. " Does your husband go out much at night ? " " I don ' t know. I ' ll have to ask him the next time I see him. " " here are you going to eat ? " " Let ' s eat up the street. " " Aw, no; 1 don ' t like asphalt. " Him: Men of ray type are not running loose. Her : Of course not, that is what the police department is for. Man in Dentist ' s chair: Whew, my head aches terribly. Dentist (absently) : Yes, yes, I ' ll fill it in just a moment. [23] The N. C. C. EAGLE Fresh : I wouldn ' t touch that girl with a ten foot pole. Wise Soph: Neither would 1. I ' d use my hands. In luiving booze be careful Where and how you spend your jack ; You are only living here this once, And the storks can ' t bring you hack. " Hey, this milk is colored! " " Sure, this is the blue grass country. " Son wires Father: " Dear Father, 1 am in city and broke, and have no friends. What shall I do? Abe. " Father wires Son: " Dear Son, make some friends quick. Your father. " Professor: How many times have 1 told you to come to class on time? Student: 1 don ' t know. I thought you were keeping score. Sunday School Teacher : Now children, you must never do anything in private that you wouldn ' t do in public. Sammy: Hurray! Xo more baths ! " I have a suit for every day of the week. " " Let ' s see them. " " This is it. " She: inly the brave deserve the fair. He: ( Inly the brave will take them. " May 1 kiss you? " " What do you think I am waiting for, a street car? " Senior: I ' ll give you a hundred dollars to do my worrying for me. Fresh : ( ircat ! Where ' s the hundred ? Senior : That ' s your first worry. So Tkue The trouble with college graduates i that they talk about all kinds of bonds, except the bond of matrimony. Wife: You beast ! Husband: You animal trainer! [24] The N. C. C. EAGLE Judge: This officer states that he found you two fighting in the middle of the street. Defendant: The officer has misled you. When he arrived we were trying to separate each other. The Country ( iirl : Is that a rooster crowing? City Fellow: No, those are hens saying their. " Now I lay Me ' s. " " My father says that he thought nothing of studying five hours a night. " " Well, 1 don ' t think so much of it myself. " First Student : Are you a letter man ? Second Student: No, Sir. She might want to, but 1 don ' t letter. " What did you have for lunch? " " Three guesses. " " No wonder you are so hungry. " Worried: Doctor, I ' m afraid my goldfish has eczema. Doctor (after examination) : Don ' t worry. Mrs. Smith. It ' s only on a small scale. " Are you a college professor! " " Well, just about the same as one — I ' m curator at the museum. " It Was That Kind of a Town " hat dn you saw gang. Let ' s paint the town red tonight. " " Yeah, let ' s. It won ' t take much paint. " It Does Think " When I go to college. " said a little high " schooler. " " I am going to call myself ' minutes ' because minutes always pass. " Mary: My husband wanted me to wear cotton hose. Molly: The brute! I hope you shot him, dearie. Buyer: Hey! These gloves are about six sizes too small for me. Salesman : Well, didn ' t you say kid gloves? " M ' friend. I want a room on the shecond If . " " lint, you are Mr. Brown, ain ' t you? We have you registered as occupying Room 008. " " Thash perfectly correct, ol ' boy, but 1 jush fell out of it. " [25] 1 TheN. C. C. EAGLE " That fellar has a lot of nerve to lie flirting with me! " " Where is he? " " Sitting behind me. " Young Jimmy: I ' apa, do von know anything about girls? Papa : What do yon mean ? Young Jimmy : A couple of girls walked home from school with me today and 1 was wondering as to their intentions. Custom Officer: Shame on you, smuggling in that European liquor. Have you no patriotism? Don ' t you want to see our home industries protected? She : I ' m a little hoarse. lie: 1 knew you wasn ' t a lady. " Gee! Mom. a truck just ran over pop and mashed him all over the pavement. " " Arthur, how often have 1 told you not to tell me such things when I am A Mathematical Xiohtmare The secant flutters all about, The scarlet tangent sings : The blooming polygons are pink. Ami sphere-- are mi the wing. Fierce propositions roam the woods. And cosines fill the air With music sweet: bright hexagones Are growing everywhere. The octagon sits on its nest I n keep the quadrant safe And warm, until it hatches out A quadrilateral waif. When fall is here, and love is warm; Matriculations mate ; The quadrant to the sextant sings And rhombuses rotate. — Northwestern Purple Parrot. " 1 am a third assistant movie director. " " Yes? " " Yea. " [26] i ri i r i Ci r r Ti r The N. C. C. EAGLE " My father is a professor. " " i Hi. yell? " " Veh. " " And what does he do for a living? " He: Have you ever been kissed by a big, strong, handsome man? She: No, could you lix it up for me some night ? " Say, that fellow Oscar was so lubricated last night that he sold the postoffice. " " Well, why so down in the mouth about it? " " Because 1 bought it. " Pupil : Is it correct to walk down a hotel corridor i n your pajamas? Teacher: That depends on the pajamas. At the Sanitarium " Hello, how ' s your nose? " " ( Hi. shut up. Mohammet. " " So ' s mine. It ' s these blamed spring colds. " Student (to elderly aunt): Let ' s walk down. Aunt Melinda. I want you to see our football field. Aunt Melinda (trying to please) : ( )h. how sweet; I ' ve always been anxious to see a field of footballs in full bloom. Sign on Drug Store: Take home a brick, you may have company. Teacher: The word alimony, dear pupils, is merely a contradiction of " all his money. " " Does the coach have the team under control? " " Does be? Say, every time be gets a headache everyone on the varsity takes an aspirin. " " I lave you any religion? " " I certainly have. I am a very devout atheist. " College Student (having surrendered bis seat) : I beg your pardi Co-ed: 1 didn ' t speak. Student: I ' m sorry. I thought you said, " Thank you. " The N. C. C. EAGLE Ball Player: We gave the umpire fifty bucks to let us win the game. Friend : And still you lost ? flayer : Yeah — the umpire was crooked. Definitions Democracy is an overgrown infant bawling for the moon which it does not want. Popularity is a pleasant visitor who always leaves in the morning. infinity is a floorless room without walls or ceiling. Literature is the voice of a hundred billion souls crying in the darkness for an explanation. College Girl : Father, who was it who said. " Two live as cheaply as one " ? Father: 1 don ' t know, daughter, but lie never bought dinner for a couple of elephants. Difficult Customer: I don ' t think you ' ve properly fixed this silencer yet. It keeps on going, " Phut, phut, phut. " Garage Man : I ' ll have another look and see what I can do. Is there anything particular you ' d like it to say instead ? Chemistry Teacher: What was the first nitride? Frosh : Paul Revere ' s. Lady From Town: Why do you go over the potato field with such a heavy roller? Peasant : Because I want to grow mashed potatoes this year. Doctor: What is your profession? Patient (pompously I : I ' m a gentleman. Doctor: Well, you ' ll have to try something else; it doesn ' t agree with you. Father : Why were you kept in at school ? Son: I did ' nt know where the Azores were. Father: In the future just remember where you put things. First Drunken Student : Whatcha doing? Second Drunken Student : Got to get these rocks together. 1st D. S. : Why don ' t you push the little one to the big one? 2nd D, S.: Xaw, the big one ' s closer to the little one? The N. C. C. EAGLE A Mormon Wedding Preacher (to groom) : Do you take these women to he your lawfully wedded wives ? Groom : I do. Preacher (to brides): Do you take this man to he your lawfully wedded husband ? Brides : We do. Preacher: Some of you girls there in the back will have to speak louder if you want to be included in this. ' hiii] y: Say, young man, do you know who I am? Wise Soph : I don ' t know, guess I do. Vampy : Well, I want to go home. Wise Soph : Go ' head, I don ' t care. Nothing But the Truth " Honest. Judge, I can ' t tell a lie. I did it with my little hatchet in a moment of temporary insanity. " Of Course Diner : What ' s special today ? Waiter: What we couldn ' t get rid of yesterday. Teacher: Give me a sentence with the wind anticipating. Student : He spent the night in drinking, gambling, anticipating. He: Life without you would be an awful void. She: Why don ' t you say hell and be done with it? " What made you so exhilarated last night ' ■ " . " Rushing through the ether. " " Flying. " " No, drinking beer. " What ' s the Rush? He: Every time I kiss you it makes me a better man. She: Well, you don ' t have to become perfect in one night. Teacher : What is Boston noted for? Johnny : Boots and shoes. Teacher: Correct. And Chicago? Johnny: Shoots and booze. Getting Away With Murder The meanest man in the world: He shaves in bis wife ' s presence just so as be can get away with making faces at her. [29] TheN. C. C. EAGLE " Baseball Team of 1929 First row — Left to rigr, Clarence Thompson Theodore Stroud t hi irge Vinson Bennie Hawkins William Moore J. Francis I .ong :cond row — Left to right : St. Julian Walker Roberts Nicks James ( rrimes Emmet Caldwell Marion Johnson The N. C. C. EAGLE Football 1927-1928 In the fall of ' 27 the College was blessed with the entrance of several new athletes, who had much experience before they came to its. This season our practice started early, and it was seen in this pre-season training that we had a good team, in the making. This season we went serenely to the football champion- ship of the state, so decisively did we defeat our opponents that there was no dis- pute in awarding the championship cup. Some of our defeated opponents were Livingstone College, Brick Junior College, Kitrell College, St. Augustine College, and Johnson C. Smith University. So successful had been this campaign that we made an application for entrance into the Colored Intercollegiate Athletic Asso- ciation. In the association meeting which was held early in January we were accepted with little opposition. Football 1928-1929 The fall of ' 28 found us as infants in the Colored Intercollegiate Association ; however, it is true, we had already played a season of basketball and baseball as a member. This fall we entered into the campaign with much zest and pep 1ml it was short lived, for in our first encounter, which was against Virginia State, we were defeated 13 to 0. This was not our only defeat; we suffered several. We were defeated by A. T. College, Hampton, Virginia Seminary, anil Virginia Union University. This was considered as the worst season the College had seen for a long time. The N. C. C. EAGLE ' Basketball 1928-1929 The basketball season of ' 2S found us members of the Colored Intercollegiate Athletic Association. It was in basketball that we started our campaign in the Association, and our tirst encounter was with Hampton Institute of Virginia. At the hands of Hampton ' s Warriors, we suffered a most disastrous defeat. We played several other institutions, hut it seemed that we were unable to cope with them. Siime of the worst defeats were suffered from Lincoln University, Shaw University, and Hampton. We had a wonderful aggregation of girl hasketeers, and would have had a tine team to represent the Institution, hut fate was against them. They were only able to participate in very few games; however, in the these few games, they dis- played much skill mi the floor and won every game they played by a decisive score. The season of ' 29 opened with even man, new and old, ready to venture again on the basketball held of battle ; fate, however, played the better hand and we were unable to have a team to represent the school. This was heartrending to many players for they had turned out in large numbers with a determination to win games. Although our spirits were dampened we did play intramural basket- ball. In these intramural games the Seniors made the best showing. So ended our basketball career. [32] The N. C. C. EAGLE ( )fficers of Senior Commercial Club President..... Mr. W. 1!. M k ' ice-President. - - - ...R. L. Suggs Secretary .. Ethel Alston Treasurer Sadie Mi kike Reporter Catherine Ruffin TheH. C. C. EAGLE Senior Commercial Qlass 1928-1929 Allen. Dorothy Elizabeth Alston. Ethel Mae Claiborne, Reginald Lawrence I )a i-. Joseph Edward Davis, Wiley Leroy I )ixon, ( Hivia Blanche Ethridge, Sallie Aurelia Fair, iladys Dorothy i ireen, Nannie iertrude I [andsome, 1 )qcia Mary [ones, Margarette Hazel Mi iore, Sakie Frances Moore, William I [enry Mel .aurin, Bennie Page i Mrs.), Lillie Ki 1 1 1 1 1 . Catherine Louise Roberson, Samuel Suggs, Rother Thoman, Josephine Augusta [34] The N. C. C. EAGLE Annual Staff Business Manager...... Austin M. Stitt Assistant Business Manager Beatrice B. Everett Assistant Business Manager Roosevelt I. Barcliff Assistant Business Manager - .Virgie I.. Jones Treasurer - Lillian B. Bullock Editor-in-Chief .....( Jeorge L. Harper . Issistani Editor Esther P. McCaix . Idi ' ertising Manager James W. ii;i i i:s Assistant Advertising Manager - Lessie E. Anthony [35; The N. C. C. EAGLE Qampus Scho Staff Sport Editor Herman- Reaves Editor-in-Chief - George L. Harper . Issistant Editor Robert Jones Assistant Business Manager Frederick Dove Secretary.... Ethel Alston . II a hi ni Editor.. - Lessie Anthony .Issistant Advertising Manager Wiley Davis . Idvertising Manager Henry W. Mi hire Business Manager ....Joseph Davis Treasurer Esther P. McCall Society lid it or Virgie i.. Junes (. ' tir rent Editor Blanche Croom [36] The N. C. C. EAGLE Junior Qlass President- ... - GEORGE BuSBY ' ice-President Blanche E. Croom Secretary Anne E. McAdden Assistant Secretary Otelia Spaulding Treasurer Mrs. Mary L. Newby Reporter Robert L. Jones 137] The X. C. C. EAGLE The Sophomore Qlass Officers President Herman R, Reeves ' ice-President Marion Johnson Secretary T helm a C. Gilmer Assistant Secretary Mrs. Merlia H. Brewington Treasurer Irene E. Smith Business Manager Em mftt Caldwell Reporter Helen E. Baker [38] TheN.C. C. EAGLE Freshman (lass OFFICERS President - John Cam pbell I ' n e-President Herman Riddick Secretary Robbie Goodloe Treasurer Phillip Lewis Reporter Robert Griffin [39] The X. C. C. EAGLE Student Qouncil George Harper, President Queen E. P. McCall Robert Jones Austin Stitt Floretta Sharpless Ki.i.en Junes Robbie Goodloe [40] The N. C. C. EAGLE (V Qercle Francais Established October 192( i The aim of Le Cercle Francais is to stimulate an interest in France and thing French, and to provide the members with an opportunity to gain facility in the us of the French language. Officers President Q. Esther McCall ' ice-President Beatrice Everett Secretary T helm a C. Gilmer . issistant Secretary Julia McIver Treasurer Harriett M. Smith Chaplain Herman R. Reeves Pianist.......... Otelia Spaulding Assistant Pianist Catherine Johnson ! Annie M. Ford C. Sulla Drew- Herman R. Reeves Chairman Literary Committee Ethel M. Humphrey Chairman Social Committee Ann E. McAden Reporter Thelma C. ( Iilmer Sponsor Mademoiselle Smith [41] 77ir X. C. C. EAGLE The Qountee Qullen J iferary Society The purpose of the Countee Cullen Literary Society is to promote an interest in and an appreciation of literature. It gives its members opportunities for literary culture and increased facilities in expression. i Ifficers I ' rcshlcnt Harriet M. Smith ' ice-President ..Mrs. Mary L. New by Secretary Ann E. McAden Treasurer Mozelle Cundif Reporter Thelma C. Gilmer Chairman of Program Committee Julia McIykr Chairman of Social Committee. .... George D. Vinson [42] The X. C. C. EAGLE Commercial Club Officers President William Moore 1 ' ice-President.. - Reginald Claibi is i Secretary Ethel Alston Assistant Secretary Dorothy Allen Treasurer..... Mrs. Lii.lie Paige Reporter Benxie McLaurin [43] 77 r N. C. C. EAGLE ( (fficers I ' resident Wiley Davis ' ice-President George Busby Secretary ...Marion Johnson Members T. Mallary F. Dove W. Davis R. Jones C. Thompson B. Hill S. Drew C. Alston A. Teele C. Suggs J. Wertz R. Newkirk F. Smith [44| i r:- .- . ' = r :- r -- " -- c : -- ; " i i i i S TheN. C.C. EAGLE The T. W. C Association The purposes of the Y. W. C. A. is to promote Christian growth and char- acter; to promote aggressive Christian work by and for students; and to train its members for Christian service both in college and after life. Officers President Miss Vera Bruner I ' ice-President , Miss Lillian Bullock Secretary Miss Harriet Smith Assistant Secretary. - Miss Irene Smith Treasurer .Miss Mozelle Cundif [45] ThcX. C. C. EAGLE Young zJftfens Christian Association Officers President - Emmett Caldwell ' ice-President Clarence Thompson Sen etary Suggs Treasurer Sulla Drew Pianists Bruce Hill, Robert Newkirk Chairman of Program Committee - - ...George I.. Harper [46] The N. C. C. EAGLE Eureka Scientific Qlub Purpose: To promote an interest in natural and applied sciences. ( Ifficers President..... J, y. Bonds Vice-President Helen Baker Secretary.... ..Marion Woods Assistant Secretary Blanche Croom Treasurer A. M. Stitt Reporter Virgie Lee Junes The X. C.C. EAGLE Advisory Board Bennie Hawkins Robert Jones Sulla Drew Herman Reeves George Harper Marion Johnson [48; ThcN.C. C. EAGLE Debating Team J. Whitted Bond I [erman Reeves Wh son Bf dsher Charles Alston Alice Smith Genevieve Smith Edwin Spaulding ] [elen Fraser [49] The N. C. C. EAGLE Snapshots [ SO ] Autographs [51] o c The photographs in this Annual produced by the RICHARDSON STUDIO 2051- Main Street Durham, X. C. Formerly The Ramsey -Kah Phone F-8431 We Build to Please E. D. BARNES S )N Contractors and Builders 707y, Fayetteville St. Phone L-S491 DURHAM, X. C. BOYKINS Ladies ' and Cents ' Tailoring Will. L. Boykins. Prop. DURHAM. X. C. 71.? Fayetteville St. Phone I.-4721 C. H. SHEPARD, M.D. Physician and Sun con N. C. Mutual Annex Bldg. DURHAM, X. C. VIRGINIA UNION UNIVERSITY Richmond, Virginia Summer Session opens June - ' 4. Winter Session opens September 16. We offer Standard College and Theological Courses. The College courses give a thorough prepara- tion for the activities of life or for advanced pro- The Theological courses offer a first class prepa- ration for the work of the Gospel Ministry. ( lur Graduates are Leaders. Full information furnished on request The Grade of Service rendered at the McLaurin Funeral Home lifts burdens from the shoulder of the bereaved family which are irksome at such times. McLAURIN FUNERAL HOME 1108 Fayetteville St. Telephones F-07S1 J -0971 DURHAM, N. C. BELK ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Dry Goods, Notions, Shoes. Millinery, Clothing and Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear .Main through to Chapel Hill Street Durham, North Carolina . [52] Autographs [53] " " C. W. KENDALL Dealer In Dry Goods, Millinery and Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear 103 East Main Street We Solicit " Good " Charge Accounts BILTMORE DRUG STORK, INC. Everything in the Drug Line Toilet Articles, Patent Medicines, Cigars, etc. " Do ii the Biltmore Way " ' hone L-0961 East Pettigrew Street DURHAM, X. C. WONDERLAND THEATRE DURHAM, X. C. The Theatre of Quality Amusements Cool in Summer — Warm in Winter Phototone, the World ' s greatest Amplified Music Matinee every day 3:30 — Show continuous until 11 P. M The Best in Pictures CITY ELECTRIC SHOE SHOP ■ 520 East Pettigrew Street Durham, X. C. " We do the Best when Best is Dime. When better Shoe Repairing is Done, We Do It. " W. W. McDaniel, Proprietor [54] . Autographs " zJtiCechanics and Farmers ' Bank Durham and Raleigh, N. C. Resources nearly $800,000.00 C. C. Spaulding - -..President R. L. McDougald Active. Vice President J. L. Hughson ...Assistant Cashier T. D I ' arham Manager Real Estate Real Estate, Trusts, Savings, Insurance. Commercial Sorrell Hardware Company, Inc. 113 W. Parrish St. Agents For John I -ucas Paints Estate Heatrola Clipper Clad Ranges Tip Top Stoves and I [eaters ami Russell and Erwin Builders ' Hardware . Autographs [57] " " MARTHA WASHINGTON CANDIES In Plain or Fancy Boxes. Made Fresh Every Day A Gift that Meets Every Demand Visit L ' s i Iften Martha Washington Tea Room 122 Easl Main Street Durham. North Carolina Fidelity Surety Bonds Accident Health Insurance Southern Fidelity Surety Company DURHAM, N ik III CAR( (UNA W. G. Pearson. President L. Wilhoite, Ti A. Moore Shearin, Sccreta DON ' T WAIT— TI M )RR( W MAY BE T( l( ) LATE Consult your brokers todaj on ANY LINE OF [NSURANCE REAL ESTATE F.i i US RENTALS Union Insurance Realty Company 809 Fayetteville St. Durham, N. C. Telephone r-6521 II. M. Michaux, Sec.-Mgr. HIGH STANDARD Prescription Work and Reliable Service make our store best for your trade in our line. C. E. King Sons 109 Market St. V V Autographs " V e BLOCKS FANCY ICES ANY COLOR FRUITS FLOWERS ' ' I L U E R I B B ON " ICE CREAM " n its favor — By its flavor. DURHAM ICE CREAM CO. , IXC. DURHAM. N. C. Dial L-963 SHERBETS PARADISE PUNCHES PUDDINGS PH( )NE9S9 P. ( ). B( )X 96 I . H. SMITH Real E Hate, Rents and Insuranc NEW BERN, N. C. • D " Ci iv of Enchanting Waters " [60] " " THE NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE FOR NEGROES Formerly the Durham State Normal School Offers the following courses THE LIBERAL ARTS COURSE Leading to the A.B. Degree and offering sufficient work in Secondary Education to enable students to secure High School Teachers ' Certificates, Class A, and High School Principals ' Certificates at the completion of the course. THE SCIENTIFIC COURSE Leading to the B.S. Degree. THE COMMERCIAL COURSE Leading to B.S. in Commen 4 YEARS) h consists of men and women from the best colleges and universil id meets the requirements of the North Carolina College Conference. Fall Session opens Sept. 17, 1929 For catalog and Further information address THE N( IRTH CAR! )LINA C ILLEGE FOR NEGRI lES James E. Shepard, President Durham, X. C. THE ROYAL KNIGHTS OF KING DAVID " Pioneer in Negro Business " 1885-1929 FRATERNAL INSURANCE For the Whole Family Certificates $250.00 to $1,000,00 Benefits Paid in 1928 Over $62,000 VV. G. Pearson, S. G. S. Hume ( Iffice, Box 606 L. Pearson, S. G. M. I urham, N. C. Compliments of R. Ah CANTS ANDREWS Attorney and Counsellor at Law DURHAM, N. C. [61 . 1 B Fine Shoe- Rebuilding ( l " K EXPERIENCE IS AT YOUR CALL Hats Cleaned and Blocked It assures that every part of funeral Clothes Cleaned and Pressed will be carried out with an ease of manner, that onlv long experience Phont L-4934 makes possible. i lui Motto, " Service " Scarborough 8c Hargett R. H. PRICE Funeral Directors 714 Fayetteville St. Phone J-3721 F. F. SH( )E C ). MR. BEN PITT CM j Hot Barbecue The home of good shoes Served at all hours 116 East Main St. 801 Fayetteville St. PA 1 RONIZE THESE ADVERTISERS 1 HEY ARE WORTHY OF YOUR SUPPOR 1 " . [62] TO THE GRADUATE A Life Insurance Policy is the other Diploma you need. It insures the invest- ment you have made in Education. INSURE WITH North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company Durham. North Carolina C. C. Spaulding — President The Bread Used in this School is Made by Paschall ' s Bakery Try Some on Your Table : For Sale by Your Grocer— Plant 121 A . Duke St. Paschall ' s Baker Durham, N. C. V [ 63 1 r DURHAM ? GREENSBORO GEORGE W. KANE zm tm General Contractor WINSTON-SALEM ROXBORO c :

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