North Carolina Baptist Hospital School of Nursing - White Matter Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC)

 - Class of 1971

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North Carolina Baptist Hospital School of Nursing - White Matter Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Cover

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North Carolina Baptist School of Nursing and A Allied Health D ex 1970 White Matter 1971 L! . U 5 but ,JM HS 4 'n A ' -2-If I. it F 'I 5 ' ' , -. 5' , S, f ,,. A., . , .4. n ' 'SC' ' .r r .ft ax ", ' ..', A.. I 10. - Y-js. ' 'f ,uri Y a, .- LNQTQ 4 ff-' ' N. A 1 LJ 1 .s.- -A a . 15,1 Yi! 1 15 ' . ., f ,- -jO"'1r-.. . .5 . ---,fu-2' ff f ' , , :E J??7fv""'--iffh' ' A - ' 4 in N:-LN .. IV4, Ii X ., w Mew -H n . fr. . 1, ,wi -. . M- 1. ,.,, Af , 'Ng V.:-f : gd ' in , K . Q, . . ,Rf ,. J -V ily -3. -'34 ,J -,.f,:1,.,v.x ,l,'T , ,Q ,-, Urff- -,531 ' U. K X . ,-my: v - , ' -.:'.,,:" ' um ' - ' - : e 1 -, ' g,Q .A J' ,. ,Ag 3 11 . 3 ' r 'L' , X gf," .'.x'f . ' N , NH' K' 'usb " -' f ,X -' J' A ,I4i,.1V,, , , Ku I ,,,,,-. A 1 - . f. -I. xg , V .-.v-V ' - A , 1 . 'M ' . 5 V v . - ' I 5-V V' fp,-MSF . , ,pm 1 1 -yx 1, .A- ' , Q , , x ax . -nl '- In . A . S' A. V L '41, ., . , . . . -. Q -- .. 7' - fx v.-" uri' 1' -ffw-x . ' :UIQ '. V f ' 2 Q .,-sg .f,,,x'gV - ' ' W. 'gs . 1 4, v- '- , L 1 . ,L f if f , ,I , - tj V. ,.. ?4L- , l 'X ibqgii 1 . " ' -'f ' "1 ' 4 I I 3' 1 . , 4 ' ., . ' ' ' 1 I, fl' 1 , at ' :- 5. 4 -Q' " .fb 1 'h 1 ff. .,.. o .4 '- .xi Luxsllt 'Q A . 1, . f.- ,G s A . Af' 0 S La .9 'Y' il' A time to die: A time to kill And a time to heal A time to be born a time . . . a season Features. . . fall winter spring summer Classes . . . senior junior freshman Departments of Allied Health Faculty Clubs Ads Q if 1 1 X w HW R 1 X-Q1 1 , 1 1. 3 . , in f Q 1'I I . I 45 A. fif- v.' .dl if Q. . N, f , if' --4 , ,,, I :.:'f'fS?' sm, 'e ,., , ',l"'y. L s i P 3 I, 'N 'I E' A time to weep And a time to laugh A time to mourn And a time to dance. lnllh .vi I'-. i + NN I i JI 'I I 1 - I -r-'?r--"1- . . 1 1 ,, U. ., ., - -,..,.J-, ilix I A time to break down And a time to build up A time to rend A time to sew, A time to embrace And a time to refrain from embracing A time to keep silence And a time to speak. I I l --4 NY' ng, 's'L 4 Y li 1, ' wh! I ,,-irq-1. ..-L, - . . 0 Yi, A time to get And a time to lose: k Q A time to keep And a time to cast away VUE. nv Q J fn 1 3 -'Q'--LJ A time to love And a time to hate. A time of war And a time of peace That which hath been is now And that which is to be hath Already been. n-r'- 5-. 7 Although she is a fairly recent addition to our School of Nursing, we feel that she has helped our school progress more rapidly than it ever has before. She has imparted to us her knowledge, patience, kindness, interest, and friendship. She has dedicated to us her time and understanding and we, the senior class of 1971, dedicated the 1971 WHITE MATTER to NANCY TITUS. A S . . ,f 'L DEDICATION Mrs Nancy Titus A woman a nurse But most of all A friend li i ' 1 , Q .k I Ani'-,..t,xa4' .,,,. gl 7 1 J ya 'f , . LYT V4 5? N M fm :YN Aim!! ,N 5? E 57- I 15 ' H in W l N M HN W W M v .5 V r w ' E Ns! 1 :N ' n W AUTUMN . pi' , ' F gl, 'g 'JL 14 N J '1 . . fr G 5 4, 1 I 1, AIT H'- f' 1.1 -A 6. ..-1. 3 f. , 3,52 -F51 "., -, Q3 ,fi 44 Y e r . ff ' rr - I 7 fl! ,,-x Settlung unto a new home as confusmg but hopes and dreams that anse are well worth the trouble. It may look hopeless but things shape up with imagination, 20 J Rift- 1-5 " AF- I: - m.'1. ,A The freshmen ,unnors and semors are treated to a pncnnc durmg OVISTIIBIIOFI Rules, regulations and announcements are put up for the purpose ot all, The hospital gets ready for the new students as well as welcoming back the old. 14' x R. ll nts get ready for the h05DlY8l. Autumn brings harvest: Harvest is the time of Halloween, and a party l X-Q 4-5 ' 't ul. A 62135, f ...---U ,. L. - '15 , ir ' 1. ' K' L 'I l .vi 'NL lx ,A " hc' ' in 'i , lx 2 l ll X 1' K 4 . J: ,, , ll V s . K e A 't I IEA, QA 4 , '99 '- t egg -. ,l.' . l , , Q , I .1 vi' - l i V Y! en: -dlp J'- f' ' Y Q i' 'V . I I i ' N, ' 1 C I-Y! ts gy, .1 il' ' l , , v I' Qf "' r X A , K' 1. 'Ll 'A 1 . - Y,-" F 1 A , W ' l. ,. ., . 5 , , ,M f ,Q H ,, , ' f '. ll i., Z. ,Vi ' ne. Y Allied Health students, dressed for the occasion, enjoy entertainment and fellow ship. 24 I! F 15- Q' V N .1 ' x "' wa .s . gg. 'Q-5"f.S icq , I , .fr A D' F3741 K in I 1... e- t " vi 'ff The winners of the 1970 Halloween party receiving their prize. 25 Contestants are selected for the costume contest What a hard decusuon, Student Nurse Week: Governor Scott proclaims St schools over the fate. udent Nurse Week in the p Student Nurse Assocnatuon of North Carolma provides enlughtemng actlvuty and fellovvshup for nursing students vvnth monthly meetmgs. li VF' 'bib -' 'IE -'all' . Refresh ments, Refresh ments, Refresh ments' -C1 XA t., 'V ' 'px '!.' ffl'-J. ft' .X , A, V . , z I S511 "7 vff I Yi' ff f i.: fkhilir .yt V I! .V gli ' ?'i14-4 - ff' i Tye x. , gg -QL A 4 Yi 7 , . Hifi- 5 5" "? - , , 14? sf Y' U w ' -. 1' ' Z 1' ' W ", ' X Q ' 461 1 ff A f f: 744' 1 , , - 45.4 Q F 4' i ' H , . 31' ' Y I .. , A , .31 ' Th u f h d f q A H A 28 The Arr National Guard offers an excuting mp to and from Charlotte, v W I Xi 29 ' r 'r if r J N Wnnter Comes WINTER s N., I I -X Twin Castles begins to get ready for the Christ mas season. -A Christmas decorations go up everywhere. 32 The buuldnngs begun to shape up and look beaunful 'Q , .1 . - - Q ia .qu- ., - 1 L ,ggi V ' I W "I I I . I js.. . 'J F Q vw- As all students vvork hard for theur buuldv .N Qwg-23 :ng to vvnn the annual decoration contest, 33 Nluslcvans from Wake Forest en- tertam students with therr versron of Christmas carols. a r Musuc and dancmg brnng enjoyment for all, Christmas Dance and Christmas Queens Court Candy for the winners of the building decoration contest, Muss Elarne Rrch IVIuss Ravetta Keener Mass Marsha Pearson Freshman Freshman Freshman A 1 ll"3'i 3 it 1 4 viii I 1,3 'UQIFJ Il al'1 Mass Chrrs Cantwell Nluss Wilma Cox Junior Not plctured are: Mrs' Duane Rouse Senior Mrs Jean Faddns Senior Junior Nluss Letha Smuth Junuor Miss Pam Garrett Senior 1970 Chrustmas Queen Wmter quarter marks the Half-way pomt for the jumors Thus brings celebration with their annual "Half- way Dnnnerf' 2 Winter quarter enables juniors and sensors to wear their caps with pride, 37 In vvlnter, there IS the fun, excutnng sport of basketball for the students as they particu- pate tn a city league meetlng another team weekly. I' I ln ,. Y 'Aa Xa 'Q' f '.i 72.8- ,WQ , ffm! I +21 Enthusiastic fans cheer their team on . . . .i g Annually, the students meet the faculty. Thus enables both sides to seek revenge as well as laughter and entertaunrnent. 39 .SW ,n -f was '55 as H.-' Q , F Qdfil .h .J I h I A, -11-P""" Wimer brings snow to Allred Health. However, studies go on. 40 r I ,-' 1 x.. ffm? IDI? MT GRA SS As always, nature prepares for sprung to fol- low vvunter Students prepare for sprung quarter, SPRING v V ,. ag 1 , 5 4' :.,. - 45 fl' ' :V A g ...V 1' , F - 3. .Q, H. . 5 vt ,,s... xr, K v -,K 1, 'dd 1- . 3 x . F I A I'-'X ' .uf , QN -. g"'h 5 U- ' A' .Qi ' "Q , ft" ' s -Q U' g ga s H, Q .A J ,. ,, , 3 G Q, 551, -A '- 53 The Student Nurse of the year for 1970-1971 is Susan Kaye Lawrence, One qualification for this honor is activity on campus. Susan meets this qualification adequately. She is a member of Student Council, class activities and Student Nurse Association of North Carolina. For many social activities, her talent at the piano and in singing are displayed with ease and beauty. Susan typifies the qualities of "Student Nurse of the Year" with integrity, honesty, professional poten- tial, friendliness and great concern for her patients as individual persons. Susan Lawrence is a student that Baptist Hospital School of Nursing can be proud to claim. r 'I' ln W- if V -Args 1:2 '- - Student Nurse of the Year 5 Each year, the junior class sponsors a weekend of activity and entertain- ment for students and guest, There is talent displayed, a Spring Follie Court chosen from representatives of each class and a Spring Follie Queen chosen each year from these contest- ants. The juniors are saluted for a fine 1971 Spring Follies Weekend. l i 1 5 1971 SPRING FOLLIES Entertainment vvnth and vvuthout talent us guven vvuih enjoyment of all 711. . 'Q ., .--. .N N? W s .- if ' , L. I f. ' 1 1. 11. S' -4. -1-C f ig. 1 ' . -- 'f"" . 'F 'ji 1-7 3 ,f .. ,..-' . :' f,T .' 1 I Miss Henrietta Mack Freshman Miss Debbie Culbertson Freshman Miss Connie Robinson Miss Paula Ross Freshman Junior x 1 Miss Shirley Siiver Junior Mrs. Ann Brookshire Senior Miss Janice Early Senior w-L, Miss Pam Garrett Senior I is Miss Vickie Fulp Senior 1971 Follies Queen MC, Chaplain Charles Wilson and Miss Pulp Easter brings activities as the Nurse's choir and mem- bers of the Department of Pastoral Care lead services in Davis Chapel. The new Seniors celebrate with their Black Band Supper. The end of the spring quarter brings the time for promotion. The members of each class, having met requirements, take another step toward their goal and dreams. i D, sprung quarter as fumshnng, there IS the tume fov nomnnatuons, campaigns and electrons for Student Government Assocuatuon, an am me Students enjoy a pscnuc supper and campaign entertaunment at Muller Park. 5 The new Juniors celebrate their progress with thelr corner Black 52 Band Tea Just think, one year down' That makes everyone happy. ---M. 11 , ,A 2 '-' . "f- -V - 7 - , ri .Qyg 4 , -L Nye, izixiv, its-'M' . res- .u,rr'k..zV- Q J: 9-. Ly E if K .K ,..,g, A " , 'lf-5 ' 'Q' . uf' -- '1' 'V' C We I . EX' C' ,T 4 F 3.' X pw -1.1, - ' Az-,,, ,ti ii I 7 ,g..-by ' f- -1 1 ' ' 1 ' .- - ,- r '- , ' I 1 . H r L, ,Q 411' , Il E 1 KY' . ' ' T 3-H.-K. Q" :'.. ' 'k. "Q - V I , fu Y :rf-:ffff , T, U 1 Hz IKE., Q, Q I X- I"fl'iel':5.3 1 ' i ll ' r ' , 53 .hjij-firxif. L1 7 N ,lu 'g,,,.. ak ,af ,e . N W ,N xt 4.5 . ,is v - .,.,...7.,--Q A-in ' ' "' '-'s. , l - 5 ., H' , -1 ' -X- x -I' iv ". 1 , '1 - H-F, v...-ji '-'5' -. W, V 'A' 117,-vfffifij A ,-. .-. Q ij K A"f' A W " 113'k 333'-L. . ,,':l-fl-xl, VM. .1-"mL 4 M.. . eff" , 1,Q" r.gA"- 1-. . S' -'K if Y if' -rg? . me--g:'11fi2.'::1 Q- f , 'r Now, a break to relax before summer quarter begms. 53 SUMMER Z k E 3 a 5 f I 5 j t 2 5 I I I ? I 9 1 , i I xx.. ,N . - it ' if: a Summer quarter funds students out for sunbathung In thelr Ielsurely tame Summer also funds students stall ln class, 'Qs ktl L 'P ... FIT' -- ' :Jr fn su 7.5 an ..0's nn' P V 1' ' A V X i. I .. Q --,.., u-.-...H HQ-- "' ,h . 4 11 .' . . .fm N , . ' fQ.Cxf'T' - ly fr 3'P 'x3n?f ' 5 ' - X---V' - Summer quarter gives the new sensors a change nn studies as If enables them to branch out In specualues 57 Summer quarter begins the acrnvlzy of baseball for siudents, The team IS coached by Blll Mel- ton as they play games weekly. I QI At last Graduatnon A day when dreams become realny The Sensors then leave. The new Semors and Jumors have a break and N.C. Baptist Hospital School of Nursing prepares for another year, I 1 X. r Q Q 5 fl lung SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Susan Caldwell President Pam Garrett Vice-President Janice James Treasurer Brenda lVlcClure Social Chairman Linda Boyles Secretary CLASS OF 1971 "' - Dr. Richard Patterson Class Sponsor . I ., lVIrs. Loretta Edwards, RN, B,S. Class Advisor 60 ix Karen Ruth Benton Greensboro, NC. Q- F rnendluest Pam Garrett Mary Kathy Benton Teachey N C ig -a f"! if 4- Most Lrkely to Succeed Glenda Robunette 1 pax-s. Gail Tucker Bucket Winston Salem, N.C. Ann Brock Brookshure Tryon N C -LX A Lunda Duane Boyles Susan Ninnda Caldwell Hlckory N C Statesvnlle N C 61 BX Q L ,,,,,. is "" Joyce Ethel Charles Janice Lee Early Jean Wilkins Faddis Lexington, N.C. Winston Salem, N.C, Winston Salem, N.C L. A -r .J 0- Annette Lee Franklin Pamela Lee Garrett Susie Vernice Gibson Winston Salem, N.C. Greensboro, N.C, Franklin, N.C. Venera Delaine B d s ff d HOME' 'en 3 Ta 0' c0ncord,N.c. Nlost Attractive 62 Z' I I Q- 5 1 Rita Anne Hooper Lucille Barkley Horn Mary Ray Jacobs Pisgah Forest, N.C. Winston Salem, N. C. Winston Salem, N C Q' 3- Janice Geneva James Laura Louise James Kay Aldeen Johnson Nlocksville, N.C, Durham, N.C, lVIt. Airy, N.C Earline Annette Jones Elizabeth City, N.C. 63 'L 11 if 5 . 9Plk.tQ5 I. Sw.. Cutest Kay Metcalf - J Barbara Westmoreland Jones Winston Salem, N.C. Pamela Paschel Kimel Winston Salem, N.C. 5--' . . I can't look ahead to the future and l'm too old to run home to the past lVlcKuen Most Talented Carole Parris Linda Faye McNeely Valdese, N.C. .Um-- Brenda Joyce McClure St. Albans, W. Va, 64 v 6. Margaret Knight Asheville, N.C. X Sandra Kay Metcalf Arlington, Va. , I I .al j 1- .-J "it',., ,l M bm. X - A- .FL 2 x L Ludy Nlarie lVl izell 4.2" 1-ff! qfi Cynthia Rae Michael McLeansvilIe, N.C. .njy Windsor, N,C. Co X T' -L,,,.a.. ha -:Z -fl - - - I' 'J' 1'- . T3 I ff.,- Carole Sparks Parris Winston Salem, N.C. . . For every star that falls to earth a new one glows. For every dream that fades away a new one grows. . . . So while my heart is still believing l'll say goodbye." -lVIcKuen Wittiest Sue Whitt Nlary Ann Phillips by Carol Anne Peddycord Lewisville, N.C. Winston Salem, N.C. ff? !'Xi wg-. 65 Patricia Lynn Pope Clinton, N,C. Ls Q i Janice Nell Ray Cathy Elaine Rink Glenda Faye Flobinette Kernersville, N.C, Greensboro, N.C. Big Stone Gap, Va. fx A Nlost Dependable Nlost Intelligent Mary Jacobs Karen Benton Bb 1' Dianne Blevins Rouse Lucy Bowden Scott Brenda Sue Stafford Clemmons, N.C, Clemmons, N.C. Kernersville, N.C. 66 Sue Ellen Whltt Peggy Ann Wnlkuns Mary Ann Wllllams Woodbrldge Va Ellzabeth Cnty N C l Most Professional Best All Around Margaret Knight Ludy lVllzeII NOT PICTURED ARE Linda Baldvvun Reynolds Lynn Turner Sheets Patrucua Ann Sumrell Winston Salem N C Winston Salem N C Wlnston Salem N C 67 Ns Margie Williams, Pres., Paula Ross, lst Vice-Presidentg Shirley Silvere, 2nd Vice-President: Barbara Wood, Sec.: Beth Lesley, Treas Beth Currier, Social Chairman. CLASS OF '72 i Miss Carolyn Durham, Advisor lVIr. Dan Keels, Sponsor l-1 ll: iQ , ,. alll.: il!! ..- lhii .-, iii :IS 4143! lH1 X ii! " fn 311 ' :hal Q' 1:3 - . lui! --I IU: it E- 1 1:3 lil- Xs int hd, f . S I-il "1 nf' 58 7- wf Avy 3, 3 985' LX 'gs FX 'NL 4' Q. Betsy Arey Kathy Ayers Cathy Bard Wanda Bradburn Paula Britt Chris Cantwell Mary Lynn Copeland Wilma Cox Lynn Cranor Linda Daniels Jane Davis Jeanne Ervin 'K"r- as , ,--X 'N 7 X Joy Blackley Danny Cockman Beth Currier Debbie Ferris QN gf- 01"Tx Ls 95' fin--. gm L3 - -Y -'-' rv-f---M l 12'--1 l-ernanda I-Iovvers Sandy Fulk Vickie Fulp Sue Goins Anne Gray Libby Hampton Gretchen Harrell Cathie Hilton Fran Holder Ruth Lynne Hunnings Karen Hutcherson Barbara Joyce Dianne Godwin Nancy Henson Peggy House Rachel King T' 5 70 vp T' W xv Tm Wx S' Y f -MS'-K " F X nv Fontame Klrk Susan Lawrence Beth Lesley Sandy IVIcDovve.I Sandy Moore Cindy Morton Terry IVIustaan Jeanneane Parsons iv 71 BP p f 3' 2 0x , Donna Purdy DeDe Riggs Paula Ross Evelyn Shelton Qs ml-1' lu Y: Fred Sherrer Ellen Shoemaker Shirley Silver Donna Smith RR 72 ,. l -x gk '15 e-- m C...y Lea Smith Letha Smith Richard Snovv Beverly Spencer Nancy Taylor Sharon Thompson Carol Tom Paula Tucker Jill Turner Fran Walker Margie Williams Katie Williamson Barbara Wood Joyce Young is I G -5- 5 1' ., ,- -y V ut, . ,sw-. , , an , 'rf'-gS,i .f -ff s, 75Q Df?-if2- V , i.-,5 +?wf'?1.fw'-- ' f Eff? if i I Ill! Q Freshman class officers enjoy a game of pool. Officers are left to right: Syd Wooten, Reporter, Dartene Vice President, Donna McLeod, President, Rayetta Keener, Treasurerg Henrietta Mack, Secretary. FfESh Class of '7 3 man Class sponsor, Dr. Glenn Clark Freshman X, , 74 Whitaker, class advisor, Mrs. Bonnie Woodruff X-. Nlarrled student Paulette Gardner funds tame I0 her busy schedule to spend precious hours vmh son Chrus Evil' Campus lrfe gets to students Terr: Salter Wanda Ledfurd Vlckl Berrler Karen Clodfelter and Ann Stanley stake out I0 bathtub 'SE' no bw' 1. ug- KT fx 75 Kathy Allen Nancy Allen Wanda Bagby Demse Ball Duan Bean VICKI Berruer Jeamne Beshears O s ' F -5, ll nj I ' 4' 6 R- " 5. l Q . I , X X awe, , ..r,. - - l V I ll - ' V . ll A.. jr e N 5 - - Q Q- e r X xx , lv X V . Jane Blair Debbie Breedlove Nancy Carmichael Beverly Cato Linda Clark Caren Clarke Karen Clodfelter Mary Anne Clontz Chris Coley Sharon Cook Bobbi Corbett Debbie Culberson Susan Culler Liana Daniels Priscilla Davenport Anita Davis if fir X- QR X. N ' XR l X .1 lfn We Strive for Professionalism 1 1-rfhl Q WH l fl? 76 ire fx Dons Dew Phyllrs Eanes Mnrnam Eddnns fi in Thnnk my harr rs too long' Who sand nurses can t have long han? Kay Farrington Demse Furr Sue Gammons Paulette Gardner 77 .1 -Nr:-'. 'v gs Ve- Diane Green Juanita Harrell Phyllis Hennings Pat Hilton 63 Becky Hodges Takeeta Holland Jackne Holloway Sv X ' Judy Howard M fi ' l x - X Jayne Roberts, llke so many others, manages to "lounge" continuously. S-'LZ 4 f"""-Q., -.Qt -ff 3 L in-u1q.I'3'3,1 ',. nc! 1 i - ,4 . Jw. v ,K lu , x"" '14, ' H .RH vi .U , f '- gn . x 5. 11 'L L X J..-ro, 78 J ,.., 9 ,lby J F . 9 '?f' XX x K fx 1-x We Strive for Health X is Q-'n lb ,u 79 Q Kathy Ivey Cathy Johnson Sharon Johnston Rayetta Keener Nlargretha Kellarn Sandy Krrk Jane Lancaster Wanda Ledford Jane Love Brenda Luffman Marty Lumrs Henrnetta lVIar:k Anna Moore Gay Moore Kathy Moore Numa Nelson Married student, Bonuta Patterson, and son, Greg, Halloween party. uv o "German st le" to 9 V Bonita Newton 1 , X Lorrame Owenby Q . -17' hr -4 u-lui! N. 41. Freda Page Er Karen Parks 80 I ia, 'P' X A. Sh .,- .W R Y- ! , ,MQ llc, . 4,1 I? X 'xi 6.333 tav- x Barbara Payne Marsha Pearson Sandy Pendley Saundra Perry Crystal Prultt Llnda Reed Elame Rnch J- ' 7 Jayne Roberts Connie Robinson Ann Hooker Lynne Rose Terr: Salter Cathy Samuel Karen Seale Joanna Self Dawn Sharnel Darlene Shlrecliffe Shelley Slngletary Bonita Smoot Cathy Stansbury Ann Stanley Janet Sutton Tamara Swaringen Carol Taylor Gail Thibodeau Maria Toler Lim Transou Temple Troy Ann Tucker Marcia Turner Sally Van Vaulkenburg Judy Wallace 65 Q"-" ' N Sally Van Vaulkenburg Syd Wooten an DIVISION OF ALLIED HEALTH f -1 5 T151 , ,. r , -gil' f - ul , B, Z J 1 . V r X w Q, I V . 1 X ' I Betty Adkins A - Qiig rr i f e fx, .Q H , w Ll .qq Dnanna Bobo R A D I O L O G I C 'E X T E C H N 0 L O G Y S. K, ,i,A pn. , ,4- i' Q, 1,. f 'Mx K 0- un, 1 B X f X ,sg Xl 'r i Penny Barefoot ur.. Brenda Baron B 1- A - 'e Karen Butler 85 L 7 Karen Cannon 1. in Richard Cannon Janice Crabtree Pam Faircloth ., u I r 1 Kathy Harris 86 s Susan Harrison ' f n-jf Pat Hege N1 ,f Joyce Hiatt , V i x x u 'Hifi' .XV I X Y 'Y-X . . his J Y H hx ,f, 4 X! N X IIN Donna Hines HP .-J.,---N f Y . "FS, X 87 K A fl- ' -'Hnwf f - V . .. ig, Claudette Honeycutt Joanne Honeycutt Margie Joyce Eloine Kirkland Janie Manning n ,, 123' I Debbie McDaniel . - V .,.,.-- -T ,,.. . e.:gmj,, 'f'Vm?'w'g-2' ' sr' ,,.... Linda Meade Dale Michaelis 88 is ' 99 y A '54 Jan Orrell Jamce Parsons 'Sl' 1 X Dale Savage x v i ,ww , . " ,- P ....- . Ir- ' if I .Kuff K y Ayling -,'.,. . Af! .Q-'24 hge. . J kC II 5- 1 .4 z all Wm 90 rah Nlabe 1. 1 'ig' S -. , A5 x .i was ,Tw T r A- .J Q2 Q Q ' ng .-L f r J .L ' -1 nn- , XA A A W 5 x 1 1 1. A, ,J , ax ki Gantt John Gildersleeve Ralph Lee .-'ind 24 5 1 ' A U1 I . ' sf, ' lf? A b Q f I ..' ' Y: I f x r .4 , Q if .rg 'P K , rm- flux - Q- ri V . 9 r , Deborah NIcCray ,- rf- . ,P , X r I ,, N x '1 Michael Miller Victor Rios i- 92 Florence Scobie X K aux if-'J ' X 1 A s'-' 'X K , Lo s Szymonsk X. V. XJ 7' Ann Taylo 9 Vw! gf! o.oPx. x Mary Blair T NUCLEAR MEDICINE 'v E' Queen Cooper iii' E4 Judy Golightly 94 Peggy Bowman "7 Debbie Gallagher Eloit Johnson '1 v ,E Nl x Q , .Q .. I ,, .r' ,4 Anne Joyce air s yy, LN Scott Snyder SJ . .. . .Q I-,f .t:'Z"3L .1 rm ,Q--Q. - ' , Y- fx, f If I, 1 1 Pam Stamey 'fi .Q . 2 r . Debbue Talbert 'i'Wf" -1' ' 'V W 'Q sf "Fr, 1 .f ' fl, , I N r .5 r , 9 3' , Barbara Bennett Richard Cornwall Graham Evans Margaret Flagler I 4 re X f Yvonne Greenlee Reima Hargrove - , , I C,-N L-'V ' I. G G Gale Harkness David Lawson 96 J seph Level mW 'P U,-.,'. ' Q xv. ., J. . 4 x x A Rachei Turbyflll Van Benthuysen Ut 1 CI ' . , 1 RV : 'Pi' 35 . ug- X . 'W' .tk f ,.'.- 1 : xx'X -'V 5 V James Wells N ff' E N .5 -1-' f . Lf ' J 4: Alhyix W ' 'fa - A. w az! 4 y , be .i A f 5 61' S U Dorothy Basham T R Willa Beamer H FORS E E S S I 4. " A iii A X X Q v, Q Cathy Briggs Louise Douglas A. -J 1 Sue Goff Yetta Hardy Peggy Jones .VV F--M Rf 1342, f 'FX w . Q Q' 1 , Bob Smith 1.-5 7 --. Mary Taylor 0' u P 5 1 x Diane Thomas Paula Finch MEDICAL RECORDS xvj fl f x..L CYTOTECHNOLOGY . Qs Kathy Shoun 101 ADMINISTRATION Y ' sz 1 Dr Glenn R. Clark, Jr, Director of Biosciences Mrs Catherine B, Bowman Registrar, School of Nursing and Division of Allied Heaith Programs I C 9 . 'rf ' 5 ---'LEX' if X jlyff .- - ' 39 I V J fr Liv, :ir I Miss Jane Cox I I Direcior of Residences, School of Nursing M55 Carown Durham Director of Admissions, School of Nursing Instructor - Fundamentals and Medical-Surgical Nursing I 102 lVIr, C IVI, Lane Mr, Dan E. Keels, Jr. Audio-Visual Coordinator DITSCYOY of Student Affanrs and Counseling f . .Lv X M lo Q1 X I' ,xx ' .. . V l lv 55' . 1 I I l Fr Q :pi f 9 . . Y 1. 2 Y - ' ' I X ,I l , 'll' P' W- 2 - , . .1 Nlrs. Pat Luka Financial Secretary, School of Nursing and Dnvnsion Mrs Ffances H, Owen Of Alhed Healih Programs Durector of Flecruitlng, School of Nurslng and Dlvlslon of Allred Health Programs 103 5 . 4 Dr. Le Land E. Powers Miss Cheryl Schran Director, Dlvlslon of Allued Health Programs: Darector, PhY5" Librarian cian's Asslstant Program Mrs. Nancy E. Tltus LEADERSHIP IS... X wr 1' .., V 1-y .-1 Chaplain Charles F. Wilson Dlrector, School of Nursmg Chaplain to Students 104 -1' i I I . A , . ' f I 1 f , X 1 'X i ' I Y ? I S . nr' Mrs. Carolyn Ashburn MISS Sadle Ba" I ey Coordinator - Fundamentals and Medncal-Surgical Nursing I 'USWUCTOV ' OUSTEYNC NUVWI9 SCHOOL OF NURSING FACULTY ...qw H RTA. Miss Anna Mae Barbee Mrs. Patricia Bevis Instructor - Fundamentals and Medical-Surgical Nursmg I l"'5U'UCt0' ' Med'C3"SU'Q'C'3' NU"S'f19 105 J ' XJ .-f"4JxVV X jj , .Q,.f-'- s-J I n r "-u i. X 1, I -. 'V' "' ' -7 Q V , 1- .SST -' if-1"':"' '-, ' -' --1 52253, " Nlxss Clara Burton Nlrs. Sheula Clarke Instructor - Fundamentals and Meducal-Surgical Nursung I Instructor - Peduatrnc Nursing ' I Mrs. Jane Rampuna Mrs. Loretta Edwards Instructor - Medical-Surgical Nursing IHSTFUCIOV - Operating Room Nursing 106 Is- ...1 7 fi , - .5 cr 4 - , . 'f , my 'N S. k t ...-.nad Mrs, Lona Evans IVInss IVIuIdred Floyd Instructor - IVIedlcaI-Surgical Nursrng Instructor - Obstetric Nursing ll M,,.,.ff'X w , 2 MW-""" Q' ' '. ,- 7 X -P4 H ,A 'X I Q 'fair . '32 W O , N ' " I 4 v " I - V! ,, New N Q x - I . I . Q A I If 1,3 I , ui f, ,Z fI I br- 7 Mrs. Cecile Hutchins Mrs. Mary Knmght Instructor - Gperatnng Room Nurseng Instructor - Fundamentals and Medical-Surgical Nursmg I 107 5 IA. lm m ,J 'Y I Ak . . , 9 I A I F ,f..s.zff' Mrs. Patricia MacMurdo Instructor - Outpatuent Nursing Mrs. Eddie Lloyd Instructor - Medical-Surgical Nursing p it - 1 I F, "' "' ' I I 'v I In - .. i , ri - ,I I4 I 5 4 4 K I . . -I ' 2 r - Q. . -J If a X' I Q . , . .D ' 2 r an ' r ,K V ' ' ! J. Mrs. Martha Moore Instructor - Materna I Child Health X Mrs. Linda Melton Mrs. Mary Lou Moore Coordinator - Maternal Child Health Instructor - Medical-Surgical Nursing 108 , SE I , A 1' ,- fl .6 LQ? I Q, ! l Nlrs. Bonnue Platt Mm' Ilene Morrison Actrng Coordinator - Nledlcal-Surgucal Nursing Instructor - Nleducal-Surgical Nursmg , sf -' l Mrss Rebecca Powell Instructor - Nleducal-SurgrcaI Nursrng Mrs' Mary Ben Stroupe Instructor - Dlsaster and Emergency Room 109 i ul 2 ' I X i Mrs. Sandra Taylor i . ' - Miss Ann Thomas Instructor - Fundamentals and Medical-Surgical Nursing I Instructor - Fundamentals of Nursing .4 if fit X . ' ME Mrs. Ruth Valois Instructor - Nutrition and Diet Therapy - t i T. Mrs. Bonnie Woodruff Instructor - Fundamentals and Medical-Surgical Nursing I n I it 1 VWQ- N i n Axff' I' Mrs. Sandra Woolweaver Instructor - Medical Surgical Nursing 110 cg gr A , . IVIISS Harriet M. Amrnann MISS A nne Bingham instructor ID Bloscuences TEHCWHQ Assrstant - Sociology CORE CURRICULUM FACULTY 9: "r fi' F' f li! Ku Chaplann George W. Bowman Ill Mr, Stuart M. Caudull Instructor - Psychology and Christian Ethics In Socuety, Asslstantlnstructorun Brosciences School of Nursing 111 "'i. 1 Dr. Glenn R. Clark, Jr. Director of Biosciences 6 bf' rf ' J lw 1, I 'fy E f A - V"' 1I'.,d .fi X , my lVlr. Dennis L. College Assistant Instructor in Biosciences X lVlrs, Nancy Dennis Teaching Assistant - Clinical Pathology 'M E7 Nlrs. Mary B. Lauerman Teaching Assistant - Math and Chemistry +1 vit ' .'.' EW' Vi' Instructor - Chaplaun L. L. McGee Chrustlan Ethacs In Society, School of Nursing The Reverend Jacob A. Vnverette Teachung Asslstant - Enghsh x .. .. 1' - :., A .1 .,. Mr James Parham Teaching Assrstant - Furst And '13 4 ,, 31 , W' -.4 f 'Qi' " .X w .-in K w WWY, .. 'f ,,,, .ku Q 'Y AY I .. W KN. .I 5' me Ef'-'s"5?.....wL s ' fi ' I ' 1 I 'f f'zz,1:f?:l-: Y! - x . r , , 5 ' 'TSX , 2 A., V web' so .ci 1 M X. -L s Q... IVIr F, Clay Watts Teachnng Assistant - Physacs N .- l'Z ' -g. -. - -- -.-4 -W- , nivisioixi A X. N or ,.. ALLIED T- HEALTH P' PROGRAM ,A FACULTY , Mrs. Patricia H. Breedin Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Physician's Assistant Director, Program in Cytotechnology Assistant Program Dr. Katherine H Anderson Mr, Billy J. Brown Chief Therapist, Program in Inhalation Therapy sf: 'N Y Q . 1, N 7 x B X if Mr. Thomas Clapp Miss Shirley S. Crump Acting Technical Director, Program in Inhalation Therapy Assistant Director, PYOQVBIT1 in Af19STh95ia f0" NUTS?-'S 114 1 ,T !'I X X X -mai .' Nil' J' , llc, .- E - , Dr. Zelma A, Kalmns Dr, Thomas H. Irving Medvcal Dlrector, Program In Cytotechnology Meducal Director, Program ID Anesthesia for Nurses and Proa gram an Inhalatuon Therapy .,.' Y ,J I rf fa 2,14 5,-f' S - 5 ,, , 1 f 8 l I 'i k vu 1 Y 1 1- Dr. James F. Martin Medical Durector, Program In Radiologic Technology Mrs. BONNIE G- MBSEHCUD Director, Program In Medical Record Admnnustratlon 115 Dr, Douglas Maynard Medical Director, Program in Nuclear Medicine Miss Vicki Young v I Mrs. Phyllis D. Newport Assistant Director, Program in Nuclear Medicine .v Assistant Di -np ps. Dr. Robert W. Prichard Medical Director, Program in Medical Technol L 1 Mr Wilburn R. Pope rector, Program in Inhalation Therapy w- Assistant Director, Program in Medical Technology .1 ,g 1 1 Q ' ff Mr. Clyde F. Ritchie, Jr. 09V Assistant Director, Program in Radiologic Technology 116 Ll ll .f-Z' Mrs. pony C Story Mrs. Barbara G, Volk Assrstant Durector, Program IU Medrcal Record Admnnrstra Teachrng Assistant, Program In Radlologrc Teohnolngy teon Q ,,., 4' Q xl 1 Mrss Helen P. Vos Director, Program rn Anesthesia for Nurses 1 'Dx T" "Nea Mrs, Rolene D. Ward Mrs. Jan Howell Assnstant Drrector, Program In Fladlolognc Technology Instructor - Resprratory Care 117 3:51 'OUR FRIENDS UT 'f .df uf' 00. afn, .111 " .1 Q al' 1 v',,'T." ' 'ual If w be ""'..:.'.-- ' -QD 4 e f VJ: ' f' if-f, 1 , . -5. -- 'X 14 !' , C, A, W- 'Irina ,. . , . NR '-:fgg..'j-..-Y X - '4' ,i ' i'4fg 'Hg 1- --L -...1.1g,,. H ,ff , A .. l:.g",, X.r,y,,f1 ..,. A- , ,H ,-.,. -y:I's,..f a 3. A A ' i 119 STUDENT COUNCIL The Associated Students -Q 3 I ff I F SEATED: Kathy Shoun, Joanne Honeycutt, Margie Williams, Linda Meade, Mary McLambg STANDING: Dan Keels, Yetta Hardy, Dean Beamer, Graham Evans, Mike Whitted, Scott Snyder, John Giidersleeve. ABSENT: Donna McLeod, Susan Caldwell, Don Joiner. OFFICERS President ...,. ......... . . . Graham Evans Vice President . . . . . .Scott Snyder Secretary-Treasurer . . . . . . Mary McLamb Social Chairman . . . - IVISVQIC WIHIHYTIS Recreation Chairman . . . John Gildersleeve House Chairman , , . . .Joanne Honeycutt Advisor .,,,,, ...... D an Keels 120 Q .4 . bm, v 'IJ-','j.'., 'g-'E-5-'5 " ,' I T 'fa - -- f . . r l Q .O - Q P1 - -1 4 - Q r Q... n E-, I Student Council members enjoy playing - , basketball on a retreat at Tanglewood. Team Effort?? 121 .i 'fiill ' ,-"KY x x- Flx l l X l i Student Welfare Members are. BACK ROW, Jane Cox, Janice James, Sandy Moore, Irene Morrison, Loretta Edwards, Dan Keels. FRONT ROW, Nancy Taylor, Ruth Valois - chairman, Jackie Halloway. STUDENT WELFARE COMMITTEE Student Welfare committee has many functions. This committee plans the health and recreation pro- grams for students. It also maintains channels of communication relatedto health and recreation. Along with this, the Student Welfare Committee also recom- mends revisions of school publications related to student welfare. An example is the handbook. Finally, the Student Welfare Committee evaluates and recommends changes in health and recreation pro- grams. MEMBERS Mrs. Ruth Valois, Chairman Mrs. Ilene Morrison Mrs. Eddie Lloyd Mrs. Loretta Edwards Mrs. Bonnie Woodruff Miss Jane Cox Mr. Dan Keels Mrs. Lucille Horn Janice James Sandy Moore Nancy Taylor Jackie Holloway Kay Metcalf ITI Il-I o 3+ CD Z OJ Q. cn -l o 3 'cs 7 o 4 cn CD Fl' C Q. cn D Fl' Cf 5' 'l' l ! I L0 few, ,f., s. H stein? In Helping to integrate the social activities, such as the Allied Health and Nursing Halloween party, was one duty of the Student Welfare Committee. MEMBERS OF STUDENT-FACULTY COMMITTEE Representatives Coordinate Programs Students discuss current problems with Mrs. Titus and Miss Cox Under the chairmanship of Carol Tom, the Stu- dent-Faculty Committee held their meetings the second Wednesday of each month. Composed of various advisors, chairmen, presidents, directors and a chaplain, the committee attempted to coordinate relationships between various student and faculty groups. Its main function was to serve as a forum for faculty and students to discuss problems and make suggestions in the areas of curriculum and extra- professional activities. Chairman .,..,..... Director of Sch. of Nsg. . . Chaplain ,......... Director of Residence . . Freshman Class Advisors , , Junior CIassAdvisors . . . Seniors Class Advisor Student Council Advisor . . Chairman of Stud.-Welfare . President of Freshman Class President of Jr. Class .... President of Sr. Class . . . President of SGA .... V.P. of SGA ..... . Chairman of Honor Council Chairman of Social Comm. Chairman of House Comm. . . . . Carol Tom .Mrs. Nancv Titus .' . Charles Wilson . . Miss Jane Cox . . Mrs. Woodruff Mrs. Taylor . . .Miss Durham Mr. Dan Keels Mrs. Edwards . . .Mrs. Ashburn . . . . Mrs. Valois . .Donna McLeod . Margie Williams . .Susan Caldwell Mary Ann Phillips . Brenda Stafford Danny Cockman . . Karen Benton . . Kay Metcalf . . .Ludy Mizell -F- Representatives Chris Cantwell, Lorraine Owenby, and Fran Holder listen as the group discusses the proposed check on the length of student uniforms. -gu- flu.- Paula Tucker stands as she and Nancy Henson listen to Joy Blackley read a list of calldown offenses for the past month. House Members Revise Rules of Dress HOUSE COMMITTEE The House Committee is a governing body that works closely with the Director of Residences to maintain and uphold good conduct in theyresidence at all times. Its main functions are keeping a record of all call-downs, being in charge of the Christmas deco- rations inthe units, and checking uniforms as deemed necessary. MEMBERS Gail Bricker Peggy House Nancy Taylor Paula Tucker Nancy Henson Joy Blackley Richard Snow Jr. Representative Chris Cantwell Fran Holder Sue Whitt Sr. Representative Lorraine Owenby Freshman Representative Karen Seale Ludy Mizell Chairman 4 Chairman Ludy Mizell displays her ever present smile and good humor which Nancy Taylor meditates over a problem before the committee. Santa Filomena lnducts Six fi . a if ...f .5 if 5 M. 2 " t 'Tiff' l . V' A .l g i . ij.,:. Z 2 f ffflflx I l i X Santa Filomena members Mary Ann Williams, Glenda Flobinette, Annette Jones, and Karen Benton pose before a stained glass window of Davis Chapel Mary Ann Williams, Susan Caldwell, Glenda Flobinette, and Mary Ann Phillips appear surprised but happy immediately following their induction into the organization. 125 SANTA FILOIVIENA Members are chosen from the rising Senior Class and are publicly tapped by the old members. Each candidate must have made some contribution tovvard the betterment of the School of Nursing. She must have demonstrated superior nursing abilities and her scholastic record must be 1.5 quality points or above throughout the first two years. Santa Filomena strives to promote better nursing and higher nursing standards. MEMBERS Karen Benton Susan Caldvvell Annette Jones lVlary Ann Phillips Glenda Robinette Mary Ann Williams Morton, Lesley to Hold District Offices 'V President Cindy Morton packs away Christmas boxes for soldiers in Vietnam. Under the enthusiastic presidency of Cindy Mor- ton, the N.C.B.H. chapter experienced one of its most active years. It participated in various district work- shops, district talent shows, and district meetings. Several girls represented the school at the state con- vention and three representatives were sponsored to the national convention in Texas. During Student Nurse Week, Cindy Morton visited Governor Bob Scott, along with other school presidents. At the conclusion of her term, Cindy was chosen district president, along with Beth Lesley as secretary and Miss Ann Thomas as district adviser. All three repre- sented Baptist in the elections. ,i Girls from every hospital in the district of Forsyth County assemble in Baptist's Allied Health Auditorium for one of their monthly meetings. I n -f v,,,v- IKOQ ll s F i 'of' . A surprise by the camera causes a startled Katie B. Reynolds delegate to spill her punch. Miss Ann Thomas, the newly elected district adviser, rests against the television as she converses with fellow members waiting in line for refreshments. SNANC members thoughtfully survey the refreshment table ' 1 'rw' 1. Q ,,-- -wr' ' A beautuful and sunny day at Fludgecrest provudes the back ground for frrsbee throwung and body bronzrng by statewrde CSF members CSF ers Contribute 'NSU 'IFN 1,59 Dr Tum Pennell an organizer of the well baby clrnac greets some CSF members who are helpmg to staff the clrnuc for that Tuesday evenrng T7-"7 I Soon after thenr arrival the three CSF members admlre the beauty of the assembly grounds and antlcrpate a weekend retreat of fun to Well Baby Cllnlc Partrcnpants ,OID together for some athletrcs on the lawn of the beautuful Rldgecrest Assembly CHRISTIAN STUDENT FELLOWSHIP Chrlstlan Student Fellowship IS a non denomlna tlonal rellglous organszatlon for students of the School of Nurslng and the Dlvrslon of Allred Health Its arm IS to plan actuvltles for all students such actlvltnes as planned by the students themselves It IS associated wlth the Baptist Student Unuon I . . I' , . . . , I I3 so g , 4 N .7 E , ' 1,5 I, I ,." 'J 1 Q 4. " ...,. ., F ,K I 'f ' 9.-333 - I hr' 1 gf- Q 127 .1 After a tiring work day, council members take a moment to relax and exchange ideas prior to the beginning of a Tuesday meeting, Closed Study Changes Initiated by Council The governing body of the Student Council is composed of the following: President, First Vice-Pres ident, Secretary, Treasurer, and Chairman of all com- mittees along with presidents of each class and two representatives of each class. Specific powers and duties of the council shall be the making and carrying out of all rules and regulations necessary to fulfill its dutiesg enforcement of the provisions of the Consti- tution and By-Lawsg establishment and supervision of committees deemed necessaryg the making of recom- mendations to the Faculty Committeeg the promo- tion of worthy activities and approval of orders for disbursement of all funds of the Associationg acting as a judge in all cases concerning social and house regu- lation. 8 CSF President Richard Snow and second Vice-President Danny Cockman watch intently as the council discusses the possible penalty for an honor code violator. isa Honor Council Rules on Numerous Cases 5...-. Honor Council President Karen Benton reviews the matters of business before the council members. Q Glenda Flobinette presents a viewpoint as fellow representa- tives Patricia Pope and Diane Godwin listen on. bl' r Ji Z 1 . A me fl Senior members Margaret Knight and Brenda Stafford listen intently and with amusement as the president presents a case to the council to discuss. HONOR COUNCIL The main function of the Honor Council is to promote the Honor system within the campus struc- ture therefore protecting the integrity of the student community and the rights and reputation of the indi- vidual student. The effectiveness of the Honor Code, however, depends upon each individual student. MEMBERS Seniors: Margaret Knight - treasurer Patricia Pope - secretary Dianne Rouse Juniors: Letha Smith Diane Godwin Jill Turner - Vice chairman Freshmen: Sandy Kirk Elaine Rich Nida Webster Karen Benton Advisor: Mrs, Morrison Chairman: White Matter Expands Book Size g l N-LESS, Nao," - V' t N PICTURED LEFT TO RIGHT are some of the students who worked on the annual, Kathy Allen, David Lawson,NIargie Joyce, ' Sydney Wooten, Sandy Pendley, Debbne Gallagher, Ann Joyce, Mary Ann Clontz, Ann Rocker. STANDING: Dan Keels, Advisor " ,I 130 i I Under the editorship of Rita Hooper, the 1971 White Matter attempted to upgrade its quality by the addition of color and a larger number of pages. Stu- dents from the various nursing classses as well as the Allied Health division contributed much of their free time towards making the annual worthwhile. This was the first year that the Allied Health and Nursing School had united in their effort. During Rita's spring affiliation at Dix Hill in Raleigh, co-editor Jane Davis did much towards coordinating the final preparation and preparing the book for mailing to the publishers. Dan Keels and Linda Melton senfed as annual ad- visors. ,., -rv- LBYOUt-9diIOf, Marv Lynn Copeland and Co-Editor Jane Davis consult a reference book on proper layout form. Ruta Hooper acted as editor of the 1971 White Matter. 131 Phillips Heads Active Student Government Student Government Association consists of three bodies: the Student Council, the Honor Council, and the student body. The Student Government aims at the creation of a wholesome spirit and the promotion of the general welfare of the students, School of Nursing, and the hospital community. Freedoms with which students are entrusted are guaranteed by a sense of responsibility in upholding them. First Vice-President Brenda Stafford officiates over a Student Government meeting held to discuss and nominate candidates for the 1971 '72 Academic year, SGA OFFICERS President ............... Mary Ann Phillips . . . Brenda Stafford . . .Danny Cockman lst Vice President . . . 2nd Vice President . . Secretary ....... . . . Glenda Robinette Treasurer ........ . . . . Susan Lawrence SNANC Chairman ...... . . Cindy Morton . . Richard Snow . . . Kay Metcalf . . Karen Benton . . .Ludy Mizell . . Rita Hooper Co-Editor of White Matter . . . . Jane Davis Placebo Editor ........ . . . Carole Parris Senior Class Representatives ......... Sue Whitt Mary Ellen Jacobs Junior Class Representatives . . Mary Lynn Copeland Fernanda Flowers Freshman Class Representatives ..... Beverly Cato Miriam Eddins Christian Student Fellowship . Social Chairman ....... Honor Council . . , House Committee ..... Editor of White Matter . . . Senior Class President . . .... Susan Caldwell Junior Class President . . . . . Margie Williams Freshman Class President . . .Donna McLeod Student Faculty ...... .... C arol Tom Associated Students . . . . . Margie Williams Advisors ....... . . .Mrs. Taylor Mrs. Ashburn i ' v QGX I ' r. gf' sf R,- .-Q, Prior to SGA elections the various candidates prepared skits and presented them at an election rally. Here Rachaei King and Susan Lawrence amuse the audience with their antics. SGA Sponsors Astrology Program For Students TJSN -S Mrs, Nancy Titus, director of the school of nursing, lifts her daughter up for a better view of the electional picnic activities. 133 'S i In the absence of Presldent Mary Ann Phrllrps furst Vuce President Brenda Stafford presents the councll vvuth orders of new busnness I, 55 V'--, 1 ' lf Q.' X1 r ... Q f , .A N ah-',,...'-g. I ...L SNANC Presldent Csndy Morton dnscusses the pros and cons of rntervrsutatuon as Treasurer Susan Lawrence looks on '4"I9' J Q., 'P Junior class Presvdent Nlargle Wrllnams enllghtens her fellow councrl members on plans for her classs upcornrng Sprung FOHIES 134 Q N. .. 'Y . -. , , . -' I4 r u . ...f X . I . , ,K , an e a " 1 I I .-6 V Q , V. K 5 -Q e: -A lb' ' ' K 2, -S .' ADVERTISEMENTS THE PRICELESS INGREDIENT FOR OVER 100 YEARS N INSPIRATION FOR GREATNESS SOUI B B COMPLIMENTS OF WYMAN H. HAIGLER GAF CORPORATICN X-Ray Products Compliments of Homer Lee Jarvis, Jr Compliments of A H , Q. , Q55 ' 5111 I 1, . CARESS FLOWER S H O P .1 '7 . 'Hn'-, Cloverdale Plaza Shopping Center A X' 724-7479 STEVE'S ITALIA RISTORANTE 112 Oakwood Drive 723-4626 1 if "Specializing in Italian and American A' Food" 1 Hours 11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. wi? ' ig 137 CLOVERDALE SHELL Don Poplin 8L Stan Day All Types of Minor Repairs and Tune-ups 2020 Cloverdale Avenue Winston-Salem. North Carolina 725'9626 ffl 'll fi PXQ Jewelry TEM PLE and Gifts 115 S. Hawthorne Rd. Phone 725-2902 HERFFJONES Class Rings 0 Graduation Announcements 0 Awards Caps and Gowns 0 Diplomas Yearbooks Compliments of P. O. Box 8 Taylorsville, North Carolina 138 N Y ly of X X l : 5 'l i l 2 fllfff l 2 25 f l ll 5 A , Z , i qQ Q 5 V I H -5 S35-vi E XSS li X X X No year Q is complete without the Winston -Salem Journal and Sentinel Morning Sunday Evening BOBBI'I'I'S PHARMACY IN REYNOLDS BLDG. IN NISSEN BLDG. Phone 722-1135 Phone 722-6129 AT HAWTHORNE 8L LOCKLAND Phone 723-1867 SURGICAL APPLIANCES CONVALESCENT SUPPLIES Winston-Salem N.C. Mademoiselle Beauty Salon Compliments of HOLLADAY SURGICAL SUPPLY, INC. 926 West Fourth Street Phone 722-5196 Winston-Salem, N Beshear's Pennyrich Salon CLOVERDALE KITCHEN Cloverdale Plaza Shopping Center Hours: 7am 'til 10 pm Monday thru Saturday We feature a complete and varied menu that's sure to please . . . Come and See! Sandwiches Seafood Lunches ,.... Steaks Italian Dishes Broiled foods 7 varieties of Pancakes 140 PROFEXRAY DIVISION OF LITTON INDUSTRIES Radiographic, Fluoroscopic Equipment. Accessories, X-Ray Film. and Supplies 5039 Country Club Road Winston-Salem, North Carolina 4,2 1 i'. I Cleaners Launders O Reynolda Manor 0 281 S. Stratford Road 0 501 E. Third St. 0 745 Corporation Parkway 0 Parking Level Wachovia Bldg Compliments of THE BUENA VISTA SHOP, INC. 246 S. Stratford Road Winston-Salem, N. C. QR- ,I c KJ ,5 . ' I fi I" , ..l4:!f-'V' 142 , .wir - 7 . ' - -W .lar r u -A M' ,,glQ- ti' ' Q- Ear I' '-'Q 51. 'C' U 4 gh! I 'eb11."7,,2s.q55, !f7'J.P?v-' we h 11 - .- ix I, A' if 'X' ' 'QE-earlier., X 73. 6' -,,t a gnu 'ET v-.' 1-3 .XJ " . Ff'-ef-s.+5+ ,me L1 439- L' f lf , A- Qi X-RAY SALES 81 SERVICE Siemens X-Ray Equipment 1007 Burke Street Winston-Salem, North Carolina 143 READ'S UNIFORM CENTER 411 N. Liberty Street - 722-1139 and 723-0341 - Thruway Shopping Center Nurses 0 Lab Coats I Lingerie 0 Hosiery 144 qh-quasi THE UPJOHN COMPANY Jlm Arnold Reprebematlve Box 146 Lewlsvllle North Carolma f 145 A time, A place, For Everything There is. , . lr, 1 . KJ A f ilk ZMVQNQ E I 'lv 'M ,-, o ,A ,V 'J 'L'-.4 xy 'r 41 5 , iff I 150 N N Q- X' .if I .I f 4i" I As the pages of this 1971 White Matter finally come to a close, the story of our school ends for another year. We hope to have told our story through our theme "A Time For Everything" and to have given you the realization that the dreams you hope for yesterday are quickly and silently slipping by today. l would like to thank several people who have made this yearbook possible, whose valuable and dedicated work con' tributed much to its formation - Jane Davis, Mary Lynn Copeland, Ann Rooker, Kathy Allen, Syd Wooten, Mary Anne Clontz, Ruth Lynn Hunnings, Sandy Pendley, to mention only a few. Dan Keels also spent much of his time in the coordination of the book with the students in Allied Health. l express much gratitude to Dave Marshburn, our representative from Delmar, whom I feel sure thought many times we were hopeless. ln closing, l would like to leave with you this though, Whether you are graduating or whether you soon will be. I feel it expresses our duty not only as a nurse but also as a real person: Hold high the torch, you did not light its glow. 'Twas given you by other hands, you know. 'Tis yours to keep it burning bright. Yours to pass on when you no more need light For there are other feet that we must guide And other forms go marching by our side. Their eyes are watching every tear and smile And efforts which we think are not worthwhile Maybe, perhaps are the very thing they need. Actions to which their souls will take most heed, So that in turn they'll hold it high and say, "l saw another carry it this way." Hold high the torch: you did not light its glow. 'Twas given you by other hands, you know. 152 I lu. r .-.J

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