North Carolina Baptist Hospital School of Nursing - White Matter Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC)

 - Class of 1969

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North Carolina Baptist Hospital School of Nursing - White Matter Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Cover

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-gL5g....4..a.4,.n . U.. ---1--'-+1-g,,,--41' -Y wi.. Q..-.L .1-mf1nv1-'--'-.:-.z:.-- The Students of North Corolino Baptist Hospital School of Nursing Present The . . . 'T ' ' , E X14 i i , , i Q . i 1969 WHITE MATTER , Aw 1 N-' ' 1 ,A ' w-il Up V ' Q. ,. . ...m f gmvgyp H. ' 649- - , "" H : .px'im...W f , . A , ,A ,L Q -if X fx., , I H- .gx jf- ' K 1" 'LL ,-W 1 . A , rf' ' .ff 4 cu- 1 Pl' JU' 'W .,- -'H ' " 1 "W K ' Y . . 1, .W . 1 -fa J , -. , - ,- . ,f x ' -A- I , 1 M X X 'xy ""' :-, 'L9- A r , 'W F 7 ,. - . . :: - M X A Q 1" X - ' J..-N..vf , six. 1 . , W w . 4 -1 A , , l Q-. ' .L . - X . v.:-magna: .N Q X, x 1 1 , - -N4 -' . -x . ., M mb 12151. NS., ' '.'3 -.6 2: 5 . 'N Ref 7 " V 'N ,, " -, -fl :' - 1 .-,idx y, F. I Y 'Jf ' 4' W ' ' ,: V ' N' 1 ,HQ W . - - .,f,"L:x,g: , L -waz: I ' f j W- . Wflfffm , , . 7' V 4'-I " .- . . - ,.,..,, 1 1 l A , ,W ,, . X, . V, :vw I -. .V- ',.l....-.:" -- I H24 F' N ,W J, Y 4 A W . 1- .f..,,- v .. -.g-if r M' ' VCQTIY ' 'Ac '7'f'f i1 . 1" W.. W..- ...,, , , , ... H" r A X Wx' ' ,.., 1x.,- ', . ,,A . - The North Carolina Baptist Hospital School of Nursing Winston-Salem, North Carolina CONTENTS: Academics Classes Activities E? our school the building of oll facets of life forever to be Cl port of our future cmd our present. 4 I7 'J' 'E gif? r- T., N I ? "-- Q. if '22 1.5, -J . -mg--:Q G ,,.,.-..Ei 'L A " ' W3 if-'Hi-gg 'fl :Y 'R' 5 ' ax , Zfggflgj' L 1751- : - fe- ,X N I , A V . --:v1:f.1,p:,,: d A l , .,.,4....- 5:30 AM Long corridors Observe, repor Record. Ask in order to Answer. Learn in order to Teach, 1' Words of the unspoken Sights of the unseen Fears of the unknown SEARCH SEEK STRIVE The impossible dream f lg v-.Q w ni , 4... . IW-Si. 19? ' ' x ,,.,,I,p, -., -11, .H " ' ' ' Y' Y If i X A ,N W". ' 1 U H ' Q A 4 N46 1 5 X F v 1 . 1.x . , ,,, V,-, ' 'U r 1 xp J? ' N , . ' V FV W N ' w .:.,5E-:x ' Y ,- ' l . X ' i. Y .f-A mg? 35gfa2,1,g1'f Q!-,H Z, Lx- ff' ,Ag .:-.a1,,f,. vu Campus life Six-thirty Vespers Convocation Informol get-togefhers Moments of Snotched leisure Empty moilboxes Room Check Linen Doy. Mp J'-LQ .ew vi .me - 'fwi sa E' -.- -em. fvgff--sew--1.-,, - ., 1, e ,.-,. . A. ,.. ,- -, , .. V ii- .,- .1 "vs1:,.-'- . r -V-M --4 , .Y , 13, 1, 4 75, lf .rin . sul - ' ' f-.pE3'i,J' ' f' " ' "'1ILFl-""'fI"1: E H"-'f1'i',5i'iHBK .-M . , . H195 ,J - - 2 '1- 4 ,fff'frit'N'5i53':'-' Working "extra" Ext. 261, Miss . One o'cIocks Closed Study Rooches, ants, etc Call downs Weekend trips HOME. 2--rfe:-' V L-112.11 W ' nil'-'EQ' lwnf I in i l 'i K f 1 . U. ,5 K I mil W4 '54 l iff nl: -gigs 1 . egg, rl-if-1 My ' L+ . KE , E . 'L 1 Y Q55 'l 5,-il i izi I' ilfl' I 1 1,15 , -iri'ig,.? :lil .all I. i-sw.. 'gi-'L -. Q3-.Q . W . ips- Q 'BL , 1 .6 E 'E-J fg ' 4 4 r 43 4 : :- S ' 'H 5 ' "ez: ITM ir We project ourselves cu ltu ro I ly, professional ly spi rituo I ly, for Self Constitution growth maturity wisdom os on individual GS G 'l'eGI'1'l- os o school- GS C l'lLlI'S6. Dedicated by the Senior Class to MRS. PATRICIA BEVIS 12 Academics Administration Mr. Alfred H. Broodheod Director of School of Nursing V "T""1--S A il l. f 5 1 -1 - ca I 1 'il i , fi .1 f ' ii 1 I i. Miss Bettie Boise . Associate Director of School of Nursing is i V, -..W , ,gf ' lik 7 . "L--t Mrs. Doris A. Lawrence, Miss Julio Vogler Secretaries 14 f'-'H' Mrs Helen Davis Mrs Roette Bryant not pictured Mrs Devue Holgbaur Mrs Emma Hardister Mrs Nell Hardrster, Mrs Kathleen Johnson Hostesses Mrs. Louise Spease, Mrs. Ella Brookes, Mrs. Nello Mae Penn, Maids A Residences Miss Jane Cox Director of Residence -fn .Q Mrs. Bettie Gregory Instructor of Anatomy and Physiology Dr. Gerald Esch, Dr. Thomas Olive Cnot pictured! Instructors of Anatomy Lob .- is . c Applied and Social Sciences If gi - -I V . 'Z' 9 :Y l 1:1 v . . but Mary, we con't call her Henry. I6 Mrs. H. C. Lauerman Instructor of Chemistry Chaplain Charles Wilson Instructor of Religion smell of formaldehyde fetal pigs twelve cranial nerves ,,4 . , L.. -. ii, 1, ti -"iii ' ' I - ,.4 Gram negative ld, Ego, Superego Biblical history. . I . -ar, , ,-, V - Vg 13 9- W ,. V: ii he-,Ve - , , - -2- I I - ' I , . . :mm I- it -5 5'llIllfRI . m I' IN53 A iv it iii ii ,- iii iii," 1 fi iv ' I'.l .L E r' .",v, t 1: "" ff Z. f,,t..' -5 'll III I-T' - ' ' 'III' ul ul H N. H III wx , g"'tI1u.i-3,, I 14' 1 . Dr. Richard Young Chaplain Richard McKay, Chaplain George Bowman, Instructors of Christian Ethics Dr. Raymond Wyatt Instructor of Microbiology I7 Instructor of Psychology 7.5. fy. .ass ' Dr. Howard Schwartz, Mr. B. P. Boyle Instructors of Sociology Q H1191 ,897--' , . ., fi, r Mrs. Cory Walsh Librarian Mr. Robert L. Stern Instructor of English Mrs. Jean Moore D Instructor of History of Nursing ' 0 ks., W. W Cultural norms Introductory English Overnight books IIFIOII IB I I Medical Surgical Nursing uv' Miss Carolyn Williams i Instructor of Nursing V I E l V KKZ53 F,.l,.5u-VAJm- . ., fe- 1 seg 1, if-H , 3,3 ?"' V r"'f',- iirr i i Qr l- 4- .Y I -4w-"- V z ,.,....,,,,z-, till: '-'fl ' 4" rf i, ,ix ,,,..: V , .A WL? .,., , : X 7- 1-ah: V 15- :yr ' ' Mx. , Ji, ..,-! N K . rf " ' fl. '7!fbi??iN'LJf.iff1 .g Q D- R r Mrs. Lenner Jefferies Instructor of Nursing p1 Q iii iii ii: - " V Q, Q, 1. iiiiffl 7 fl " , E , V125-A ' vu. Miss Carolyn Durham Instructor of Nursing Miss Anna Barbee Instructor of Nursing Mrs. Florence Riner Instructor of Nursing r Mrs. Billie Beard instructor of Nursing ,.4-K' --""A 1,-1 Mrs. Mary Stroupe Miss Ann Thomas, Instructor of Nursing Miss Bonnie Sparger Instructors of Nursing 20 Mrs. Patricia Bevis Instructor of Nursing 5.52235 ' Mrs. Rubie Robey Instructor of Diet Thera i Mrs. Mae Hiatt instructor of Nursing Miss Jane Honeycutt Instructor of O.P.D. ii . .WW M ' ,Jill ,JV .. , Y Jil .. iii iii 1 ,cg Endless lectures Weary facts. Unbelievable question, Unbelievable answer. py Patient as an individual 21 Friendliness to a lite Our future. .Ag ... .JW :V -, .fr ,. , 'SWL' ,'Jf.f1'jT1i,iLEJL 2,-4-L L E-4 ,1 ,..,, , - reg--,g.'i',.', -"l Va-li, .1 l'5'l -ff , I thu- "."1'9-- as-2' . , U, . Tifiiiliwf-2' 2 , me -it Hu l , ' -,sifffsi-:'i1i',vl,i I 'r "v'.Q'11':",,4T 5, sm,-.52.vl'1-5 if 1 , Q. ' 1 if vit. 7536332 'JW' . L V' t, HUT! If!-' , f ,.-f-:- ,- -1:,'gnofgqi, ,tryna .1553 L,-v LL. 5 11541-..+l'f2fi ' X5 1:7 71'-:,'LI'T, -"I ' l' '-if 2- T ,gi ., 1 5- iii .fQ'-fi'-L "Oops, o hole in this sterile technique." - ' ' '. s..L1szei.4 J, "l, 2, 3, 13, l4, 15" 22 . ,LM-.f.:-..1,, Blinding lights Cold, clommy oir O.R.-Room 3 Panic! Strict, sterile technique Hemostot, honey. -n-textbook knowledge. "Babies," wet diapers, neol Core, Sitz baths. Benefitting others Ourselves I rics 's Sth Pediatrics Needles Tear-filled eyes Rewarding smiles IV's, TV's, GD's. Hovering, bewildered Families. Why? Miss Esther Tesh, Miss Ann Lore Instructors in Pediatrics .sh ae, .PN .51 Q is es - M me lb we AEE.: e All 45 as gl J' h A Ii-ff Q' , Ti lr R,-,gg . fl ,Vu V , --- -' L- ' 1' k ..:. rx W S is ,.- 5 is si' 1 V. , ,I ' r iwnfj, -4- My "-ii is-. ,M "The Hill" dread, anxiety confusion keys verbotims seclusion E.C.T., O.T., R.T. Thorazine "Paranoid" Spruill conference integration of caps, Friends. 26 Classes Freshmen iii FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: Mary Ann McNeill, President, Annette Jones, Social Chairman, Susie Gibson, Vice-President, Glenda Robinette, Treasurer, Brenda Stafford, Secretary. Linda Boyles Hickory, N. C. Gail Bricker Winston-Salem, Ann Brock Tryon, N, C. Susan Caldwell Statesville, N. Frances Chapman Swansboro, N. Joyce Charles Lexington, N. Kathy Conrad Lewisville, N. Janice Early N. C. C. C. C. C. Winston-Salem, N. C. Jean Faddis Winston-Salem, N. C. 28 Ka ren Benton Kathy Benton Greensboro, N. C. Dianne Blevins Marian, Va. Teachey, N. C. Lucy Bowden Burlington, N. C S 6 sv K Annette Franklin Winston-Salem, N. C. Pam Garrett Greensboro, N. C. Hilda Gibson Statesville, N. C. Susie Gibson Franklin, N. C. Cathie Hilton Thomasville, N. C. Delaine Hollar Wake Forest, N. C. Rita Hooper Pisgah Forest, N. C. Lucille Horn Winston-Salem, N. C. Janice James Moclcsville, N. C. 29 My girdle is killing mel Y Laura James Durham, N. C. Annette Jones Deenie Johnson Mt. Airy, N. C. Margaret Knight Elizabeth City, N. C. Asheville, N. C. X Nora Laws Mt. Airy, N. C. Brenda McClure St. Albans, W. VO Suzanne McCulley Asheville, N. C. Linda McNeely Valdese, N. C. Mary Ann McNeill Kay Metcalf Arlington, Va. Cynthia Michael McLeansville, N. C Ludy Mizell Windsor, N. C. Elaine Parker Caroleen N C T ...-.-...-1- , l , ..... .... C Suzanne Parker Candler, N. C. Pam Paschal Winston-Salem, N. C. Carol Peddycord Ti Patricia Pope Clinton, N. C. Janice Previtte Greensboro, N. C. Janice Ray Kernersville, N. C. Mary Ray Nakina, N. C. Cathy Rink Greensboro, N. C. Glenda Robinette Big Stone Gap, Va. 30 Winston-Salem, N. C Lewisville, N. C. me Dora Snyder Elkin, N. C. 5? .,- Carole Sparks T , Advance, N. C. Brenda Stafford Kernersville, N. C. Pat Sumrell Morehead City, N. C. Jessica Tucker Monroe, N. C. Barbara Westmoreland Thomasville, N. C. Sue Whitt Winston-Salem, N. C. Peggy Wilkins Elizabeth City, N. C. Mary Ann Williams Rocky Mount, N. C. Janice Wise High Point, N. C. Smile, Bobby, you're on candid camera! , V ' M: . Q . i r f Donna Angley Lenoir, N. C. Linda Baldwin Mt. Airy, N. C. Juniors K l 'N ' 111'- JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Carolyn Friday, Social Chairman Jackie Caudle, Secretary, Suzy Hastings, Treasurer Sue Crowder, President, Frances Sessoms, First Vice-President Pat Stephenson, Second Vice-President. 32 Belinda Blevins W. Jefferson, N. Lillie Burnette Casfalia, N. C. Peggy Campbell New Castle, Del. Jackie Caudle Polkton, N. C. Carol Cookman Dunn, N. C. Frances Cross Moravian Falls, N Sue Crowder Emporia, Va. Pat Dawkins High Point, N. C. .F it Jean Dixon Linda Frady Carolyn Friday Jan Griffin Rhona Hall Boiling Springs, N. C. Franklin, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Durham, N. C. Granite Falls, N' C- yr. i . 1, J, 1 'l l l Q, f . ly ,-f .H ' if -9 tt- t . . .. 1 ' . ...v Suzy Hastings Shelby, N. C. Sherman Hester Winston-Salem, N, C. W lt's cheaper this way! Libby Johnson Ronda, N. C. Trish Joyce Westfield, N. C. Ollie Kennedy Fayetteville, N. Phyllis Letler Tampa, Fla. C it X ,, F 9 45 . 9 . ' x 'Tr J V, I J L, i z 5.1 J A . ,. . I TGC i J T i i. . 11: ill, Y Melba Marshall Winston-Salem, N. C. Carol Nash Charlotte, N. C. Barbara Massie -in 34 7 i 1, ' ' Judy Morgan Salisbury, N. C - 7, F ,, i David Parrette Robbinsville, N. C. Zebulon, N. C Becky Petree Gastonia, N. C. Betty Phillips Spruce Pines, N. C Sandra Privatte Matthews, N. C. Marilyn Russ Leland, N. C. Lawana Sanders Cherryville, N. C. Phyllis Sawyers Fries, Va. Frances Sessoms Autryville, N. C. Lynn Sheets Yanceyville, N. C. Anelia Perry Mary Yount Hickory, N. C. ,43- ,, if E 5 35 Pat Stephenson Pittsburgh, Pa. Barbara Taylor Rural Hall, N. C. Judy Taylor Black Mountain, N. C. Gail Ward Sandy Ridge, N. C. "You've come a long way baby . . ." Seniors SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Sheila Lawrence, Social Chairman, Caro- lyn Naylor, Treasurer, Glenda Dal- ton, Secretary, Nancy Pease, Vice- President, Laura Huffman, Presi- dent. NANCY CORNELIA BERRY Charlotte, N. C. LINDA JOYCE COFER La Plata, Md. ,, j,,,, L1 BRENDA SUE COLANDREA Mt. Rainier, Md. DEBORAH JEAN COLLINS Elkin, N. C. Catatonic Stupor SARAH LOU COLE Rutherfordton, N. C. ELIZABETH ANN COPPLEY Lexington, N. C. REBECCA J EANNE COUCH Granite Falls, N. C. 'lu -luv"-: iummn ,M ,.Tn,1.-an m. nnnw.mmlx ,kv NANCY LYNN CRATER Charlotte, N. C. MARY DEBORAH DIONIS Kinston, N. C. LINDA LEE EDMISTEN Boone, N. C. GLEN DA FAYE DAULTON King, N. C. SYLVIA DIANA EAST Belews Creek, N. C. LORETTA SITTON EDWARDS Mt. Airy, N. C. REBECCA ANN FORD Boone, N. C. JANICE SUE GOFF Mt. Airy, N. C. "Old maids"-anyone? "-1-I 1 ew gg'-'mai' 'rf if 0.94 T3 ...Q SQ'-J NANCY JANE GIBSON Gastonia, N. C, SUE LORRAINE GREEN Sf. Cloirsville, Ohio FRANCES JANE GROSE Harmony, N. C. CAROL JEAN GUNDLACH Johnstown, Pa. PHYLLIS CATH ERI NE HALL Christiansburg, Va. CAROLYN CH RISTI NE HEDRICK Greensboro, N. C. :HQEEW-,thx 5 ..,-.I f iaffniwv' 5 .,'L1A . 9. E as H. 1 rr w w 0 L if A MARTHA ELIZABETH HALL Salisbury, N. C. DORENE MARIE HAM Sparta, N. C. NANCY LORRAINE HICKS Siler City, N. C. SHEILA GAIL HIGHTOWER Thomasville, N. C. LAURA ELIZABETH HUFFMAN Hickory, N. C. LINDA LEE JOHNSON Apex, N. C. PAMELA J EANNE HOYER Danville, Vo. SHERYL KAY HUTCHERSON Rocky Mount, Vo. JACKIE JEANNE JONES Germonton, N. C. CYNTHIA JULIA MARIE KEETER Rocky Mount, N. C. -.1 SHEILA DENAE LAWRENCE Mt. Airy, N. C. BEATRICE LENORA LEITCH New London, N. C. T-o-o-Clongl-Oh-Ime!I-8 JOAN LEE MCGEE Stokesdcale, N. C. BETH FLORA MI DDLETON Boones Mill, Va. CAROLYN YVETTE NAYLOR Wilmington, N. C. 5- RUTH ELLEN , NEWSOM Winston-Salem, N. C. PATRICIA ANN PHILLIPS Marion, N. C. NANCY CAROLYN PEASE Boone, N. C. PATRICIA ANN PITTMAN Thomasville, N. C. VICTORIA ANN POWELL Fayetteville, N. C. LINDA GAIL SHARP Asheville, N. C. KATHY FRANCES STARLING Godwin, N. C. NANCY SUSAN RUSSELL Asheville, N. C. NANCY LYNN SHERRILL Troutmon, N. C. LINDA FAYE STARLI NG Mt. Airy, N. C. PHYLLIS LOUISE THOMAS Tazewell, Va. ROSEMARIE ELFRIEDE TINDALL Fayetteville, N. C. KATHRYN ADELAIDE VAN DYKE Greenville, N. C. LOLA JANE WRIGHT Franklinville N C E , I-ff . Z ' ' I n ' l.C , AW- .. V. , ---,' Senior Class Sponsors, Mrs. Patricia Bevis, and Dr. Courtland Davis Senior Superlatives 'ami-1i pfr.,-f .- V MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEEDQ Nancy Berry MOST TALENTEDg Nancy Russell MOST DEPENDABLEQ Sue Green MOST INTELLIGENTQ Joan McGee MOST PROFESSIONALQ Carol Gundloch 46 FRI EN DLI ESTQ Nancy Pease WITTIESTQ Sue Goff BEST ALL AROUNDg Deborah Dionis CUTESTQ Carolyn Naylor MOST ATTRACTIVEQ Deborah Collins 47 Families Jean and Eric Faddis with daughters Lori and Erica 3. gg Z., - 131 ,' V 'J fi 1 1. ' , 1 1' .ree z ' " ' Y vim: Loretta and Phillip Edwards -ni, Uri, . ., .- we .Age , Y i E A ,1 min B .LEE 1, awake-.--+P Becky and Billy Petree Joan and Ronnie McGee 'Q 'L- A , :vw:"I..-3":- Sue and Jerry Goff '1 5,-.. Nancy and Denver Hicks Nancy and Roney Crater Donna and Mike Angley Jane cmd Robert Gibson Phyllis and Charles Thomas ' 55321 l l, 1 43 l Gail and Donny Bricker Lynn and Doug Sheets 50 Ann ond Jerry Coppley Beth ond Steve Middleton cmd Scott 51 Bebe ond Terry Leitch Lucille ond Jock Horn with children Joyce, Bryon, Leigh, l l ' gi? ,.l gs ,T rn 'J-'Lf' ... ,fig ,.4 11, .w , I dl .uf ,,:q,i- , 1 1 'A 5 23 V: .,.35a:?1 : - 4 571' I :.,,.,.,-A.. ,,,, .I . 52 Activities Student Government Representing Ourselves Committee reports, Old Business, New Business. Councils. Entertainment. Vicki Powell, Student Government President Installation of Student Government officers: First row: J. Grose, D. Angley, D. Porrette, V. Powell, S. Green, J. Dixon, C. Hedrick, M. Russ, S. Goff, L. Huffman, P. Hoyer. Second row: S. Privotte, D. Dionis, M. Strickland, S. Crowder, B. Petree, C. Keeter, N. Russell, R. Newsom. 54 Pictured at a Student Council Meeting are: Sitting: Mrs. P. Bevis, N. Sherrill, M. McNeill, S. Privatte. Standing: V. Powell, M. Russ, S. Crowder, N. Russell, S. Green, N. Pease, D. Collins, D. Dionis, R. Newsom, C. Barefoot, Miss A. Lore, and D. Parette. Honor Council members ore: Sitting: N. Sherrill, D. Collins, P. Sawyers, and J. Taylor. Standing: N. Laws, D. Blevins, Miss C. Williams, M. Williams, J. Grose as chairman, Mrs. R. Robey, and P. Campbell. Becky Petree, Student Nurse of the Year 1969 Carol Gundlach, Student Nurse of the Year l968 The Student Nurses Choir with Mr. Fred Kelly, director and Miss Mary Joyce, pianist l l Dr. Courtland Davis speaks at a Christian Student Fellowship meeting Santa Filomena members are: Carolyn Naylor, Vicki Powell, Rosemarie Tindall, Nancy Berry, Nancy Russell, Deborah Collins, Carol Gundlach, Deborah Dionis 56 Publications by the White Matter annual staff and the Placebo newspaper YW- ---- - 14.1- - ---f- - L 1- , 1 V - ...- ,ix . . l it l Flash! Cropped pictures for Layouts. Meeting deadlines Selling ads Whew! February l5 Sheila Lawrence, Sweetheart Queen Class news Editor, Jackie Caudle, Assistant-editor. Contributors are G mouse Gibson, A. Perry, N. Berry, S. Green, R. Tindall, J. Campbell, Frady, J. James, K. Starling, R. Newsom, Lynn Sheets 57 I wonder if . . . Student centered - staff: Carolyn Naylor, Circulation Manager, Nancy SGH,-ical humor from Assisted Bewildered Freshmen- Meeting "Big Sisters" Campus life Facing the Future. .v N 0 in ,-.7 4, F as , ,fs 'xv' 45 x .1-'ai -X. 'ZZ v 5,5 .,, -1 kale "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven": idoscope of colors turning red, yellow, orange. Halloween who's, Football games. Atmosphere brisk, brittle. ???? .xi ig? -fr Z 359' Lili, 'lr' -R You forgot which pill? Mistletoe Giving and receiving Surprises Decorating units Rain and Mud, mud, mud! Crystal Snowflakes, producing Snowdrifts, icy Sidewalks Snowballs, sledding Med. students Worm drinks offering Comfort. 60 Presenting the 1969 CHRISTMAS COURT Top, I-r, Freshmen: Deenie Johnson Cathy Rink Brenda Stafford, Maid of Honor Middle, Seniors Deborah Collins, Christmas Queen Laura Huffman Ruth Newsom Bottom, I-r, Juniors: Libby Johnson Jackie Caudle Belinda Blevins ii gf? . gg v 'Emi 'P. Me: E :js ...nk :J .15 I X :lW?.a'f" M iv'f,EiAN -sa-7 pf' N.f' ' fn, QQ: E Z 4 -fu Q , VN ,II y -L,, as if V ',. ,cgi M, A .f 72 Q Vx. 525,- : wffggaifgv 'six 8 .:., ,. X x-, w 2 'iff1,EiY7if 'I 1 1 L w Wx ,. ,, U I 1 ,Qi ' .,--fi E idx 5.253 " '1 -r- W -fri' - --Af W. :L-.naw -W.: , , W 1 v 2 i W gig-,1 ' N,-4 '1 -. ,gg x' ' I y f w .-. Candles Burning low. The Notations. Mingling of Scents, smiles, Suspense. A crown. Hearts fibrillating Bodies swaying Feet aching. uS5 4 62 X '22 f. 9: ! v . H155 L A '-:Qi f :gg 5:4 r, - . - .'.- D!! , Y ' x. . . - .4 ,A --A. - Tv' , ' A. H . J I 3- nu 9 ' .. 4, , 1 u .4 ' J , 'Km- i I I L Q, , 1 . L Q '- I L . I , c-4 ,,fY ' I u ' - , , 5 f V -' .N , ' ' ' - ' '2- f-- .. - s . , -.., , , - H' 1-J 7: -.. ,L 5. 9?-L.-'Yi 45 V 4,F.....,, V .MAJ AN.. -gm - ' 5 1 fL K -,T 2 A qi- .L lil. ,gg-51,.eg2:. f , 5 . -'f Teil l ,,:5 I. ' J.- , qxuiiff wp - 'gfrff' ,,.,,fgw-' ,Q W .V- Q UQ' N. Nia .L , in 1 ' 5 , .I3f'1:. ' , 'Af'--4' ", -V ., .lx ,-.Q j,-5,95 :fl .44 I sn., 'V1 3- .44 ' ' --M.,'e."",' sry " 441256-51,5 N.yjgn'..e1ff Q 51 .. E 1 -.jf EW' 'EE'-JA 1 HL V, ' I, , ,,-11tg.f.!: E-'gf,,. , . ' '33 ,gig I 1,'j1f Lf:':f , . A '- Ln wi , '52, 15 gli gg.. .. I - M- ff Q' fag: 4 .- zu .ik T "-f'Qf455.' ' l- , yy, ,5f:'5fgr,:',- Y , 'I , -..,--- . V, ggggjrq ,- A , i , N 13351 5. ,J - 'Mfg 5 f- fnff.-n2fs 4 U, ' my? .llg'QLL"j'ff, n --J. fe- f-,,-w .v w iq -"ge W4 . t ,,-' ,fm ,V . -.-1 :-11' If iv I ' 'HT' if-Y - 5.-'17f'f5 .allfw 1 'Z ,.4n:f, K' '-'. -,g" . 'yi-sg ,mf .-L . 255' '1 ' ,, 4 , , f,..f4, .x .... m.,-,!."3.' '-ir,,:: fair: 1 545: "':a.s. 'viii' - ,,-L -pm. "W" "LV N 'iw 1, . , --,ff -1 . I rm 'L ' .1 -'u k , 16. 'f 11, 5 15 ,av , l ', il" . 'lf' .. 291' - Q lf. . 3 v: , .55 i fn" -. . -M , .44 f PQ f f Ji- A 3 W? -- T1 f I i.: v 2-ggyiff 5" 3 15? El 5? r' .L.1!: u ..- u.. " -if-1'-.2 ' n 1 , . !. IA. q 1 4 J 1. 51 4 efff 421. .. 2,1 L w !,f"1 ' QI: J. I i T4 'K x x 'x M- 3 .Y - ' U 'v ., 'W-E, -i: - , ti x' S s a in A , y , ,, :N 5 ' .1 . as 'i ' Q -L jVl .51 "-- . . ink' 4. V D-.QS I K V- 1 w f f- Y ' if . inf- ' 1. fb i 1 Q f z ' 3 ' X 'if if , . f ' 1 :A ' The colorful Budding of Spring Scent of honeysuckle lmpotience for Worm days, Tennis, picnics, Follies, Grossy Sunboths, Elections, and the Junior-Senior Prom. "Tea for Two Not yet, Kathi! ,-' ,A 21, ,.: L P, I , "' ,1" f ,1 , . If ?.f, ,-' gf- ,--' ' , Mira , .,f"' H 'fa . 41, J f M.. :A ,, V . :EGU 1214-H 1' I. K , ..1,. H. "' 7 11- ...,,f f"'F +,,..,, .. TT? 1 ' " , 1--1-A i,..l: , 231' 5 w rw I 2 . . V . if ,ar L- -... ,, L N-4 , " Q55 I 1 1- . f -.vgkvj . by In .L +91 .,"I ,Q-, '-' filth D I VL ' ' . 'J 3 u 1 .L Here I is! V "Yeh, boss, this job will tak while!" 65 I 2522 , .. N . 1 ,.-sl N -., ' A 5 7 . v j , -. i '. me ' ' 1 . fe Q i 'If' Eff'-'.-ef 'i E '11 .A ' 5 K.. 1 .r ii , as ff B ' N b In .:.,l. vi i Q -I -r , . A, 1, Q, V ' ' 'I ' ' ' A am. A, , . 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M ' ' "'- f ' 2 4, ,Z V Y ' gg-2 , ' ww- ' L, i 1 A H Q 'fgagll 51 W , " 'Jr In A J , ' 4' f 1 R- -1.- -9 1 .fl-Li 5 ' ' I-aug. I uf. Q an. ' Q- vf '- ' nj f '. "-:nr 74336 6 w" 'L 3 . 1 I K 4 ' f' 'f,a,,,, 1 F F4 'A .Aww Q 9' QS, , .Q A' ,J Mx GS '4 Q 5' f' -Lv N ' 3-4 0 Q W if wifi-1 , A' ,. -',. . 1 5-'Bail A 2 nf. ma A In A, . '5V'g'?Q.lf':' ' ' P4 , W Q jf. l . L v-, '- ,T , wwf ' . H Q gi Tuff ' 1 , : ,. , .1 y - . V Y V v , L: I . 'f - f- , -. ' fl if 4 L' s ia? ' Q , 5 as-Al Fw re" ., ig: .nil-'V' WSH., ., 5 ab'-A fl 'ff ' .1 K 10' X51 IX ' v J 4- 'apr - -lug.,-Q.-' "saw ,g-,Q- w1::1 13, f q --Sw M ':?Efi, .VV , tiff 1 Aan , ,,, ., Y. .,,V, . .A V. ,H-,,,.-f, LH, . .,,,,,,., Vx, F Wi M. "W,jMgM.j M 70 ....f- YN d,'L,'s ,nr Graduation August phenomenon Assembled in Unparalleled enthusiasm Failures forgotten, Identification realized. Eager anticipation for the Future. At last the Ultimate: A Registered Nurse. Reader, this is our ad section. This annual could not have existed without the financial support of these firms who have been so kind as to buy adver- tising space. This annual costs roughly S6000 to produce and the school only contributes 351200 to this. The remainder of the cost, under the present system, must be found by diligent searching on the part of our busi- ness managers for firms willing to support us. For this reason we urge you to do business with our advertisers in preference to others - as these people have come through to help us when we needed them. 72 "Take it from me, boys, nursing "Yeah, we're nurses. What about lt?" school is not all work!" y a r . 5 A ,-. "Sock it to me sock it to me, sock it to me I 'll 5, ' "How long have you had these feelings of superiority?" "She took my bippy." 73 THE PHOENIX MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF HARTFORD. CONNECTICUT ANNOUNCES VVITH PRIDE THAT ROY H. GREENE, JR. HAS EARNED THE NATIONAL QUALITY AWARD FOR 1967 One of the highest honors which the life insurance fraternity can bestow, the National Quality Award attests to an underwriters out- standing service to policyholders in maintaining and extending the benefits of life insurance. 7 VICE PNESIDFZNT AND ANAGER OF AGENCIES Qualified for the Second year The Evolution of a Physician Dean Meads we did hear ln September, our first year. Tense and worried and nervous, too, We wondered if we would pull through. First, there were Bo and McCreight, Who taught anatomy just right. Do know this and know that. We pondered where we were at. Suddenly, January was here. Our first exams did appear. Oh! Oh! Did I survive? lt's great to be alive! Some confidence we did have In good ole bio-chem lab. In microbiology we did find, Antibodies were the cure every time. Phase l was over our evolution. We then made one resolution: To swim, golf or whatever fun Until our second year had begun.' September had come once aguin, And the three P's hit us with a grin. In physiology and! pharmacology we did receive- Many handouts, would you believe? Many autopsies we did partake, Thus, reports we did make. ln pathology we did learn Those multiple choice questions were of great concern In surgery we did see How everyone was busy as a bee. Now that we have given our first shot, We feel that we can do a lot. Exams are drawing nigh, So wives heave a sigh. Feed him at the appointed hour, Or else his mood will sour. Dedication and fortitude medicine does demand, ln him and in her-go hand in hand. Perry Vandyke lSophomore wifei We've put regional service on a new plane Piedmont Airlines jets to cities like New York, Atlanta and Asheville from nearby Smith Reynolds Airport. The jets are new 737s, with more big cabin comfort than any other short-distance jetliner. From Wiriston-Salem, you can enjoy Piedmont service to over 50 cities in the care of expertly trained professionals. They know service isn't measured in miles. That's why they go a long way to please you. See your travel agent or call 767-5222 for reservations. PIEDMUN T AIRLINES DY-DEE SERVICE c Antiseptic Diaper Service V l Diaseptic Process 1 Sole Distributor of Baby Talk Magazine in This Area - 187 Waughtown St. Phone 724-5563 Oldest - Largest - Best Norfolk General Hospital, Norfolk, Virginia if Sixteen fully approved rotating internships- Residencies, fully approved, in Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, Radiol- ogy, Pathology, General Practice, Pediatrics, Plastic Sur- gery, and Urology - Over 550 beds -- 100 bed children's hospital-254k admissions clinic status-Complete teaching program, medical library and apartment house for married interns-Selective rotations available - Salary 59,600-510,800 Per Year. Planned Business Interiors For Further Information: 918 Burke Street Telephone 723-1723 Director of Medical Education Norfolk General Hospital Norfolk, Virginia 23507 76 EDlTOR'S NOTE On this, the eve of our final deadline, I find myself a little sad, because this annual is not what we had hoped. We started with several tremendous ideas about how our annual should be-but faced with realities we have had to drop them. Some have been retained and I would like to proudly point them out. This is one of the few annuals published jointly with another schoolg the education and philosophy of the schools are different so we chose to dram- atize this with the double covers. We felt that we had more Ithan one faculty member to honor because of their con- tributions to our education so we instituted "The Gray Matter Cites", to point out six others besides Tim Pennell who are worthy of special note. The organization of this ook is not around a "theme" other than the development f our class into physicians-this book is really just for emory's sake. Another new thing is the opinion pages where we have tried to gather some thoughts about this -'nedical school from its students. Today's medical student reflects the trend of the na- ion's students to be involved in this society and not to be solated into medicine alone. John Kloss and John Gregg ave pioneered involvement in our local schools. Others ave gone overseas. We would have loved to print short ssays about the draft, financing medical school, and efforts f students to help guide their own education but few were illing to contribute and I did not feel that I could accu- ately represent this class. What of the future of the annual at this institution? , for one, do not advocate a continuation of the present ituation. We, the annual staff have invested many hectic ours in this "the last of the thankless jobs". There are ours which should have been spent studying-but once e accepted this task we had to see it through. I wish to hank Ray and Hoyle for their dedicated efforts. l propose hat following yearbooks be short, with all photos of stu- ents and faculty members submitted free of charge to he annual staff, and with exclusion of the various para- edical personnel and graduate students unless their groups ubmit their pictures so that the editor can edit rather than rite the annual and so that medical students will not have o take countless Cgo ahead, try to count every picture in his book that we had to takell pictures. As mentioned in he ad section the medical school pays one-fifth the cost of e annual and expects the medical students to scrounge p the remainder by selling ads and make enough profit 8005 to pay the quarter's tuition for the editor and one usiness manager. Such ci philosophy is not in the best terests of the students who attend this fine school. I ention this in hopes that should the annual continue at is institution, future editors will have better, clearly de- ned, conditions in which they can create a book for their lass. The annual is worthy of being continued here. l'm a photographer and would-be poet who has enjoyed e photographic and creative aspects of this ordeal but ouIdn't do it again for anything. I think we can be proud at we have created something unique. PEACE! Dan Broadhead I4 March 1969 IS M551 l I ? ,I 4 ,HL-'.x',, . , 78 . -4. W, l, ili ii W l l M I 55 To Robert W. Prichard, our own special Flying Fickle Finger of Fate award because he represented to us those reactionary forces who persisted in involving many hours of our limited time in what we considered basically uneducational laboratory procedures. This award is given in hopes that he will amend his ways! Stay tuned for our next week's show when the award will go to the Student Publications Committee for requiring "e J'.'cational" senior papers. 79 'Q HQ Who says medical students con't have fun? ,- L gli A Paul Hamrick, Sr, Paul Hamrick, Jr. COIVIPLIMENTS OF THE BAPTIST HOSPITAL SODA SHOP Sclndwiches - Cold Drinks - Mogozines-Coffee Completely Modernized to Serve You Better The Students' Hangout aan---Y W ' I 'll "Hey, we're both off tonight' "O, K, kid, SMILE 82 CAROLINA MEDICAL ELECTRONICS, INC. ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER OF THE SQUARE WAVE BLOOD FLOWMETER Complete research and clinical instruments Outputs for recorder or oscilloscope or tape Instantaneous and direct flow readings. Pulsatile and mean output from each channel. Sensitive to forward and reverse flow. Single and dual channel available. Wide range of probes. P. O. BOIX 307 KING, NORTH CAROLINA 27021 AREA CODE 919-PHON'E 983-5-I32 O This sure is a hard way to make AOA. Compliments of .I ELEGTIIIIIIIG WIIIILESALEIIS 839 Burke Street Phone 725 87 I I YOUNG-PHILLIPS SALES CO. 134 Spruce St. Winston-Salem, N. C. 27lO8 I9l9J 725-4275 Your Graphic Kodak 0 Polaroid ' Ansco ' Simmons Durst ' Bessler ' O Arts 8. Prof. Photography Supplier 3M Co. Colortran Brown Dealers for Many Others Darkroom Layouts Technical Service Service After the Sale To all those graduating at Bowman Gray School of lVledicine, and to those whose successful studies ensure their progress toward that same goal, one sincere word: Winston-Salem Journal and Sentinel A NEW MEDICAL FACILITY FOR WINSTON-SALEM . MEDICENTERlWinston-Solem W. First St. A MEDICENTER IS AN EXTENDED CARE FACILITY FOR PATIENTS WHO DO NOT NEED TREATMENT IN AN ACUTE GENERAL HOSPITAL, BUT ARE NOT WELL ENOUGH TO GO HOME. PURPOSE OF THE MEDICENTER IS TWO-FOLD: 0 IT RELEASES HOSPITAL BEDS FOR PATIENTS WHO NEED HOSPITAL CARE. O IT REDU-CES HEALTH CARE COSTS TO THE PUBLIC. CARE IN A MEDI- CENTER IS ABOUT ONE-HALF OF THE HOSPITAL COST. THIS NEW MEDICENTER, SCHEDULED TO OPEN IN THE SPRING OF I969, WILL HAVE 231 BEDS. IT WILL HAVE ATTRACTIVE ROOMS, TELEVISION IN ROOMS, ELEC- TRONIC NURSE CALL SYSTEM, BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOP, NURSES ON DUTY AROUND THE CLOCK, PHYSICAL THERAPY ROOM, CHAPEL, HOBBY ROOM AND OTHER FEATURES. IT WILL BE A NICE PLACE TO GET WELL. MEDICENTERlWinsi'on-Salem W. First Street, Winston-Salem, N. C. Telephone C9191 85 ,I . 3""""-Ti-Q- I i - -H f.'Iaf:!5'gL"'- J U 'O s-' 'W' ' fi?J .'Nix S Q" "' - . ,' ' U I JA .-N - f"a4-, f 0 , il .m F' cg ' 5 453, , l x 'ff M .Q Q e n a e E, .fl ,...,. .... Q A LH- P r . Mg 5 QII :' :aww 5 '-M5-TSLZZULIY A Y? ' ' I X4 V K I I X E. I I ' 1 ,- 'E XX X - .W K I RTE--,Our QW W! , , .sl ' , ,. F: 1 WIFTQW I. ,k .' 5. 'I . f'I -EI1iIIlI'II'fiINW1F2lu1 I gimgi l AD?:gIdIHguu , ,A ... ' .X prggn , ii .I 0" " K4-L.. Ai, 'J ' ' -I .,5.,.-v FREIGHT LINES, INC. Swmqhww ,i j . lv 8 -A GENERALOFHCE: 'ummm wamng- gglfw-I- P. 0. BOX 612 I WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA I 1 'I gQ:i,. G' ' fty.:.,I.5i'I ,Q , ' Z! , X, ,., , LL 'vlu 'I ' 4 A I Spaghetti for supper? FAMILY MEDICINE PROGRAM Approved three-year program lincluding intern- shipl in FAMILY MEDICINE, closely affiliated with University of North Carolina School of Medicine. Our program offers: I. Broad experience in internal medicine, pedia- trics, and community medicine. 2, Maximum continuity in relationships with selected families, whom the resident serves as family physician. 3. Sufficient electives to permit individual pro- gram planning. 4. Competitive salaries and benefits. 5. Emphasis on education. Also available are approved residencies in internal medicine, pediatrics, and pathology. For further information write or call: Chief, UNC Teaching Programs Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital 1200 N. Elm Street Greensboro, N. C. 27405 Telephone 919-275-8292 FLOW MOTORS, INC. 425 Corporation Parkway 723-3524 -ff' . ' I .. -: X5 XR .- 44 - --52.4 V-QJ .lla U, -X, fi A,:...- r. .. .u-5.4. W- ,h . . . , . ' - it nf ' ru, . -- -1- ---- e--- z .. 87 HAUSER Free Pick-Up and Delivery Corner Hawthorne and Magnolia Office723-9673 Home-725-0802 Party Supplies - Tools - Furniture Appliances - Hospital Equipment TV Sets-Rollaway Beds When you think of renting-Think of Hauser Ssvlbzifv ,Q JO H N WA DS WO RT H 5 ei Certified Hearing Aid Audiologist E, 5: THE HEARING AID CENTER PHONES Tl' fbfbw-V 'T 411 N. MARSHALL ST. OFFICE 724-9569 'k WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. HOME 765-5584 HAYWORTH-MI LLER FUNERAL HOME 3315 Silas Creek Parkway 724-I525 - "A chip off the ol' block." Compliments of TAVERN ON THE GREEN REVOLUTIONARY NEW WELCH ALLYN FIBER OPTICS OTOSCOPE X ,.. 5 - f CQDSGQDIHTUG In this utterly different oto- In addition, the OTOSCOPTIC scope, light is transmitted fiber optics otoscope has a through 3,000 optical glass fib- large maneuverable magnify- ers within the wall of the ing lens, and will fit any speculurn, emanating as a bril- Welch Allyn handle. liant ring of clear light at the NO, 235 OTQSCOPTIC' fiber distal end. This results in: 0 Unobstructed vision O Increased illumination O No specular reflection optics otoscope, complete 326.50 CDoes not include battery handlej CHE TE "CAROLINAS' HOUSE OF SERVICE" R Winchester Surgical Supply Co. Winchester-Ritch Surgical Co. 200 S. Torrence St. Charlotte, N. C. 421 W. Smith St. Greensboro, N. C. We don't know much about toxicology, or bacteriology, biochemistry or biology. But we do know how to satisfy your banking needs. That's why we're the South- east's leading bank today. Put us to the test. Wachovia Compliments of your SAMA LIFE PROGRAM CONSULTANTS RICHARD E. "DICK" DYSON 253 Olson Street, Suite IOO Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27103 765-7647 ' SYXNES0, Are you a real doctor? G is M9 THE MINNESOTA MUTUAL GALLINS VENDING CO. INC. Esiablishod1947 nnmo Eaumsn 724-6327 HVIGEHEH Z325'Iiki25 Ii'5'I'H'S2i?5IIi'I'cE I ZSIIEEEPEIISURME CQMPANY mme.-nz,i.l.m,,,,,, 2!fgLiIf'Bl:5TT55 Underwriters of the N xJI5ggrgOFFEE Student American Medical Association ggggo 02326 Life and 'Disability Insurance H0 F0 rograms l ' 715 STADIUM DR. 89 X-RAY SALES AND SERVICE COMPANY IOO7 Burke Street Phone 724-9114 Exclusive Distributor of Siemen's -X-Ray Equipment in North Carolina WINSTON-SALEM SAVINGS AND 'LOAN ASSOCIATION , xg gX,w.s:,. 0 - Q ,.v...f., 2 - .. - 3 51- ., ...N , , ,Q,..-mf , "'Vf4coaWQY 115 West Third Street and Thruway Shopping Center 1889 1968 Congratulations From BRENNER STEEL Lentz Transfer and Storage Co. 200 Brookstown Avenue Winston-Salem, N. C. Phone 722-4114 Agents of Allied Van Lines World's Largest Movers I wish Gordon wouIdn't bring that alarm clock COURTEOUS - DEPENDABLE Taxi Service DIAL 722-7228 BLUE BIRD CAB CO., INC. All Units Air-Conditioned SHORE BROTHERS Wash Polish Ti res Tubes Accessories Lubrication SERVICE Corner First 8. Hawthorne FIRST FEDERAL Savings and Loon Association Comphments of 230 N. Cherry Street AND PIPE COMPANY Winston-Solem, N. C. Winston-Salem, North Carolina Home Loans lnsu red Savings L1 THE SPECIALIST 9 in car care service 9 In automotive products, including long mileage Super Shell gasoline graft long lasting Super Shell Motor I 0 In famous brand tires is your Shell dealer. Take your car by soon for a check up! "Service Is Our Business" PINE HALL BRICK P"0'ie723'3604 uanty oil HAWTHORNE ROAD 5 BARBER sHoP Zzkd Z Gifts-Sporting Goods-Toys "It Pays To Look Well" Men's Clothing-Appliances l Save Time T A-E, T Y Make An Qtek rect ourself Photographic Supplies Appointment A , To the Best . Records and Radios t Television C. C. CRANFILL Downtown - Thruway 107 S. Hawthorne Road Dial 722-6548 Winston-Salem, N. C. g sis o , ,, trr, it ,T ,. Hee' N. A. King Esso Servicenter Open 24 Hours a Day TIRES BATTERIES ACCESSORIES Road Service 1510 West Ist St. Cars Called For and Delivered 10049 ABOVE COST ON NEW TIRES TO DOCTORS, MEDICAL STUDENTS, HOSPITAL AND MEDICAL SCHOOL STAFF WASHING WAXING GREASING RECAPPING 92 43' rf dick anderson travel service 315 WEST FIFTH STREET. VVINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA TELEPHONE 723-5541 AIRLINE AND STEAMSHIP TICKETS CRUISES o TOURS FACTS BUSINESS EQUIPMENT, INC. Office Equipment, Machines and Supplies Distinctive Interior Design Service 639 W. Fifth St. Winston-Salem, N. C. Phone 724-2496 I wonder what's for dinner? THE FORMAL HOUSE 239 W. Fifth St. Sales and Rental of Formal Wear Phone 725-5150 . Winston-Salem's No. I Barber Shop 9 Barbers to Serve You 4 Barbers by Appointment 5 THRUWAY BARBER SHUP E Phone PA3-5280 McPHAIL'S, INC. - China - Fine Jewelry - - Silver - Gifts - 410 N. SPRUCE Phone 724-4417 VANCE'S ARDMORE PURE SERVICE l5OO W. First St. Phone PA 5-9559 Winston-Salem, N. C. HENRY VANCE Compliments of TOP HAT FORMALS 432-34 N. Main St. "Formal Rentals" Formal Wear Rentals and Sales .ln front of Downtown Garage Congratulations to the Class of I969 KELLY MACHINE COMPANY NORMAN STOCKTON, INC. WEST SALEM CENTER BARBER SHOP TUTTLE LUMBER COMPANY 1721 Stadium Drive S. E. Phone 723-4318 - P.O. Box 4595 Winston-Salem, N. C. Looks like a blank to me. gpglfrncl. One of the best things about growing up in this area is that you never have to leave it. Because its economy is growing by leaps and bounds, producing new iob opportunities in both business and agriculture. Too, you'll find technical and higher education facilities second to none. So, come graduation time, stick around. You won't find a better place to live, work and play. N Duke Power iw? CLOVERDALE APARTMENTS. INC. ARDMORE TERRACE. INC. REYNOLDA MANOR APTS. EFFI IENCY ON AND TWO BEDROOM APARTM NT FURNI HED AND UNFU Nl I-IED OFFICE: 2 M LR E PH WINSTON SA M C 723 2 I 72 1721 I I I I Joe Mickey, C.L.U. IEEE, is John Bremer, C.L.U. Berk Ingram, C.L.U. Randy Cary MAY WE OFFER YOU OUR 52 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE WITH THE MASSACHUSETTS MUTUAL THROUGH SINCERE, COMPETENT INSURANCE SERVICE AND ADVICE? ALL FORMS OF LIFE INSURANCE 'k 'k 'k 'k 1? 'k WI NSTON'-SALEM OFF ICE I20I WACHOVIA BANK BUILDING WI NSTON-SALEM, N. C. 725-8724 1' 725-8725 uAssAcHus:'r'rs uuvuu. U L FE INSURANCE COMPANY 'V' n N sms Ll Insurance Service Company 0 M. E. Miller, Charles Miller 8. Stuart MiIIer :E ALL TYPES OF GENERAL AND PROFESSIONAL INSURANCE n! ,f, --- -'FT an Phone: PA 2-7I87 .'--- "5 I ' ,. ,,, 2, .f" lI I'v.,v 'E IIEILL!"-:I 230 N. Trade St. Winston-Salem, N. C. -.fin EF- .I' ' f I I 'IF-15'-JH'-I I 1-1 .2 ,s SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Established 1903 I6 WEST THIRD STREET Thruway Shopping Center GEORGE SHIPP TRAVEL Airline Tickets, Steamship Tickets Cruises and Tours Hotel Reservations Tailored Itineraries 308 West Fifth Street Winston-Salem, N. C. Telephone 723-5594 Cable Address: Shiptravel 95 Compliments of GEORGE W. KANE, INC General Building Contractor 603 Jefferson Standard Building Greensboro, N. C. 27420 ill, SMITH'S GARAGE I 727 Northwest Blvd. N.w. COmp"me"'S of D. C. Uunel Brewer, Owner 5AM'5 GOURMET Motor Tune-up-Broke Service Lower Mall, Thruway Shopping Center Specializing in Volkswagen Service HANES HARDWARE 8. FURNITURE CO STANDARD -, g g sAviNGs AND LOAN ASSOCIATION savings - L oqns io wesr Third sheer Ph 723-0511 Ha! For the THIRD TIME! one SERVICE! That's what you get at COLLEGE-HOSPITAL BRANCH Checking Accounts I I.. Home I mprovemem Loans Savings Accounts Travelers Checks Personal Loans Bank Money Orders MO LM FIRST UNION NATIONAL BANK Monday through Friday 9 to I and 3 to 5 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 97 0GLER SERVICE FUNERAL DIRECTORS DIAL 722-6101 I20,South Main Street Winston-Salem, North Carolina BELK-STEVENS COMPANY "Home of Better Values" WALGREEN'S DRUG CO. City BEER Delivery Service ICE COLD BEER DELIVERED TO YOUR HOME BY H- 5- DAVIS-OWN' 131'-15 H THE CASE OR HALF CASE lr? Ir :-'g on KEG f-DX-if 1 n-, Q. -'- Q: ' In The cffy and suburban Areas 'AS' CURB SERVICE we cnsn 'ro ,MOTEL suzsrs UML Maries, wennmss AND 722 2774 commsncuu. mcrucs - I 725-1481 D3bi'Es'iI'SD5E?ffs'RL'E'?T5i'ZrTEs N ' AND CHAI-i1PAGNiES ' 908 BURKE ST. WE ARE REPUTED TO HAVE i ONE OF THE MOST COMPLETE OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK SELECTIONS IN THE STATE 9 A. M. TILL 11:45 P. M. - All Types ol Beverages lc d Compliments of BENNETT LEWALLEN DIV. OF HAV-A-TAMPA CIGAR CORP. HOLLADAY SURGICAL SUPPLY, INC. KN loaf' sf 1 Q.. -F if ef, ..2:2:Q' gi-52 f -Af' ,.f--F" "' -F.-P" ' Y f" . N,---" J . i 1 1,57- CONGRATULATIONS to the class of '69 West I:OUl'I'I'1 STFEEI' Winston-Solem, N. C. Follow the arrow - S AY flume A .sara co. STATLER Mm 8. BOYS' FASH.oNs HIILTON moles' sponrswsmz , llNN To Follow the Fashions - W. Fourth at Cherry St. Reynolda Manor Shopping Center lFormexly Voyagerl College Village Shopping Center NORTH cARoL1NA's NEWEST High POW, N- C- LARGEST AND FINEST WINSTON-SALEM GREENSBORO Marshall 8: High Sts. 830 W. Market St. on 1-40 Compliments of RALEIGH 1707 Hillsborough sf. ECKARD'S DRUG STORE Downtown Thruway FOR THE BEST IN ACCOMMODATlONS Northside Parkway Plaza STAY. .. STATLER HILTON INN Rey"0'da Mano' 99 Where research marks the path for tomorrow's medicine sea, The upionn comounv. Kali TEMP Diamonds - Watches - Charms and Pierced Ear Rings, Too Watch and Jewelry Repair and Engraving Ring Re-Styling - Stones Replaced 115 S. Hawthorne Rd. PA 5-2902 LE JEWELRY AND GIFTS ANDREWS SUMMIT PHARMACY 1214 Reynolda Road Winston-Scilem, N. C Compliments of PET MILK COMPANY BOBBITT DRUG STORES IN RE Phone 722-1135 YNOLDS BLDG. IN NISSEN BLDG. Phone 722-6129 AT HAWTHORNE 81 LOCKLAND Phone 723-1867 SURGICAL APPLIANCES CONVALESCENT SUPPLIES WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. mcg, moavcurw 246 Thruway Shopping Center Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27103 Phone 725-8519 Open 9 'til 9 Monday thru Friday -'til 5:30 on Saturdays 100 WM. CLEANERS LAUNDERERS E tk .4 , , gg -511' Lieiaheu get, aim. 1 1353 .ig- 551' r .Au- .I . .n Robin Hood at Polo Rd. Reynolda Manor 281 S. Stratford Road 501 E. Third Street 745 Corporation Parkway Or Dial 722-6196 for Pick-Ufp and Delivery - 2' F225--1:1 :mst "It's from MontaIdos" P Three Little Words With a World of Meaning MONTALDUS Winston-Salem, N. C. DAVIS 200 W. 3rd SI. 724-8326 Professional Liability Insurance MEDEARI.S STAMP and PRINTING CO. 430 N. Main Street CUNINGHAM FURNITURE COMPANY 1204 S. Stratford Rd "WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE Phone 765-3160 101 QOOJOQQA tothe TOMMY ARRINGTON, INC. l5-'18 S. Main Street Your General Electric Headquarters Appliances Stereo Television 7250569 G'ANZIE The Young Fashionables Favorite Shop Thruway Shopping Center Se CLOVERDALE KITCHEN NOW OPEN rving Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner In the All-New Cloverdale .7 Hours: Plaza Shopping Center 7 a.m. 'til 'IO p.m. Monday thru Saturday .pit Ill their Lkfef 1-1 . V. X- if iff, We feature a complete and varied menu that's sure to please . . . Come and see! SERVING QUALITY FOODS AT POPULAR PRICES Sandwiches Lunches . . . Steaks 7 Varieties of Pancakes Seafood in .'i"T?', x A - Italian Dishes Broiled Foods 1 l i . i i 'gi V F i graduating I A Qffrljjx I 0, gi ,GLASS SW A WC! AXK xxxxxx X K l N wa ffffflf ,waxy li rrippprrlpp M S g 5591" r 5 T. y 5 I is I ml, N7 K lui if 'e.e A t 029' X in llll u it Y .lea ,Q 5711215 i I lllll n. K ,tr - ll!! S, mil. y N 1' ,lfglliy . ' ' - S hx 1:5 rl ll Did they have to take away my phone privileges too? 4 so Compliments of NCBH BARBER SHOP Across from the cafeteria Congratulations From HOTEL ROBERT E. LE Corner of Fifth and Cherry Streets Winston-Salem, N. C. Compliments of BROWN-ROGERS DIXON "The Best Place to Get lt" WINSTON-SALEM'S OLDEST AND LARGEST HARDWARE Hardware - Sporting Goods Photographic Supplies Trade, Fifth, and Cherry Streets 722-1112 THE CLINIC SHOE for young women in white DAVIS SHOE DEPARTMENT I i- .- ll-. --'-1 DOWNTOWN I TVRUNNAV BHOPPWB CENTER J - .si A V. 1 4 , 155.2-if l .JE 'K' ' l i . I -' , I 7 Q V , I Vg, 'I " .fr 'r is gag, N ll Wigs by VAN South's Largest Wig Dealer Columbus, Ga. Burlington, N. C. 22 13th Sl. 1809 N. Church Si. JONES BAKERY, INC. If your hair isn't becoming to you, You should be coming to us. 214 N. Trade St. 723-5539 "Maybe if you pulled on his feet," "TelI that nurse on third main . . ." I. . l A 3 I 3 A ffiz-aY:e7!fi1,l V! X M1 V: I . A -131.71 : l I I 'af '.'i ala! '1 -2 ii:'!ZfA ' :jf l X I ' u w 3, I f Y 3:5 I-T it l . 'l 1 l 7 ' - . First I added one part Royal Crown, then two ports greasy kid . . ." 4 Compliments of FARMER'S DAIRY BAR Stratford Center WHITE MATTER STAFF as E ss, isffeifa J i l I 1 l I KV, Cynthia Keeter Donna Angley Editor Assistant-editor ' Advisor: Mrs. Patricia Bevis Linda Frady Anelia Perry Jan Griffin J udy Taylor Libby Johnson Nancy Sherrill Carolyn Friday Suzy Hastings Lawana Sanders Sheila Lawrence Business Editor Lillie Burnette Peggy Campbell Phyllis Sawyers Ollie Kennedy Carol Cookman Pat Dawkins Betty Phillips Becky Ford Janice Early Pam Garrett

Suggestions in the North Carolina Baptist Hospital School of Nursing - White Matter Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) collection:

North Carolina Baptist Hospital School of Nursing - White Matter Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


North Carolina Baptist Hospital School of Nursing - White Matter Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


North Carolina Baptist Hospital School of Nursing - White Matter Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


North Carolina Baptist Hospital School of Nursing - White Matter Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


North Carolina Baptist Hospital School of Nursing - White Matter Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


North Carolina Baptist Hospital School of Nursing - White Matter Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 110

1969, pg 110

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