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Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Cover

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v ' -r ;- - H - " . ; ' V " ■ ' ■ ■ ' ' ' ■if ■ , ■ ' ' " 7 ■ ' ' V ' V: V •J- - ' -.•. tn ' -.i. •. ' .■ , ' . yiy-i ' ' Mmi.iin :m ii m ' , ' iifj-,S!ims.Sii- ' - SpilullSiimSr. ' fTE UNIV UBflAHV ifflliil 3 0343 0312468 W9i mm ■a Archives F Bluford Library N C A T State University Greensboro. N. C. 27411 v.iin-[fi;,M-J :- iiimmif Mfr. ' iimf ' msimr .. ' TABLE OF CONTENTS THEME INTRODUCTION LOCATION 1 THE VEHICLE FOR A STRATEGIC LEAP INTO THE FUTURE 18 CLASSES 27 WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGE 99 GRADUATE SCHOOL 108 SCHOOLS AND COLLEGE 114 IN RECOGNITION OF 149 STUDENT LIFE 152 MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. TRIBUTES 168 BLACK HISTORY MONTH ACTIVITIES 170 FACULTY 186 SPORTS 192 SUPPORTIVE SERVICES 210 ORGANIZATIONS 236 HOMECOMING 312 INDEX 326 iHii :$ id . North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University is one of the two land-grant institutions located in the State. It is a comprehensive Uni- versity with an integrated faculty and student body offering degrees at the baccalaureate and Master ' s levels. The purpose of the University is to provide an intellectual setting where students in higher education may find a sense of identification, belonging. responsibility, and achievement that will prepare them for roles of leader- ship and service in the communities where they will live and work. In this sense, the University serves as a laboratory for the development of excellence in teaching, research and public service. The program of the University focuses on the broad fields of agriculture, engineering, technology, business, education, nursing, the liberal arts and NORTH CAROLINA AGRICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL STATE UNIVERSITY GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA 27411 Nostaglic Memories . XT S .? - C° " ee« « ' as established by an Act ratified by the General Assembly of ii ' •,, f • ' " .° " " " " ' - " " " ' ° " ege could receive funds provided by the Morrill Act in the Fall of 1890, it was necessary to make provisions for Colored students. The Board of Trustees of the A. and M. College in Raleigh was empowered to make temporary arrangements for these students, and the College operated as an Annex to Shaw University, in Raleigh, during the years 1890 through 1893. Dudley Hall 1893 ' The Vehicle For A Stategic . Leap , ST4 hmt Into The Future «»»« A group of interested citizens in thecity of Greensboro donated fourteen acres of land for a site and $11,000 to aid the construction of buildings. This amount was supplemented by an appropriation of S2,500 from the Geneal Assembly. The first building was completed in 1893 and the College opened in Greensboro during the Fall of 1893. The A. M. College Dr. John O. Crosby President (1892-1896) Memories Never Die Dr. James B. Dudley President (1896-1925) Female Students Attended From 1901 To 1906 In the year 1915, the name of the institution was changed to the Agricultural and Technical Col- lege of North Carolina by an Act of the State legislature. 1910 " MAr.NOI.lA CASTLK " — HOME OK DR. AND MKS. DUDI.KY AND THK SCKNK OF MANY Cni.l.KdK SOCIAI, AFFAIRS. 1 t FEMALE WERE AFFORDED THE OPPORTUNITY TO STUDY AT THE COLLEGE AGAIN. Dr. Ferdinand D. Bluford President (1925-1955) THE AYANTEE: NOSTAGLIC MEMORIES ... In 1939, the first Volume of the AYANTEE bearing 96 pages was published by the Senior Class. Officers were: Mercer Zimmerman Ray, Editor Mr Llewellyn A. Wise, Adviser. Dedication to: Indomitable Spirit of College Youth. The Publishine VOLUMNE II. Though leaflets were distributed which highlighted major events. Dr. Warmoth T. Gibbs President (19.56-1960) M Nostalgic Memories g L 1 jji l 1 Through Knowledge. They Gained Equal Rights. .lesse .lackson. .Ir. 1 I Dr. Samuel Proctor President (1960-1964) President ' s Reception For Freshmen r ADMINISTRATION . . . A Change in Command Dr. Lewis C. Dowdy, former teacher, dean of the School oC Educa- tion and General Studies and more recently dean of instruction on April in, 1964, assumed the presidency of the College. He replaces Dr. Samuel D. Proctor, who became president of the College in I960. Dr. Proctor, while on leave from the position, had served with the U. S. Peace Corps as director of the program in Nigeria, Africa and later as associate director. Dr. Proctor resigned in March to return to the Peace Corps. For twenty months, during the absence of Dr. Proctor, Dr. Dowdy served with distinction as acting president. During the period, our new president had gained valuable experience and a closer acquain- tence with both the needs and resources of the institution. The change of command was therefore less painful than would be normally expected in such an important transition. A T College was fortunate, indeed, to have within its family, two men of presidential calibre. Dr. Lewis C. Dowdy President Chancellor (1964-1980) 3 ji SI li II Dr. Sanuicl P. Massic. speaker at the Fall Coii- ocaiiiui, and Dr. Samuel D. Proctor, two great leaders at two fine colleges. riiiiMn.-r| III!!! ' ' ' i«t The Student Union Building President Dowdy Receives One Million Dollars On October 30, 1971, the General Assembly ratified an Act to consolidate the Institutions of Higher Learning in North Carolina. Under the provisions of this Act, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University became a constituent institution of the University of North Carolina effec- tive July 1, 1972. imoi riM Nostalgic Memories . 1964-1968 Student Activities Kjf mmmmtmum The New Stadium Anticipation for the 1981 Football Season was heightened with the completion of the new Aggie Stadium. After years of playing at Memorial Stadium, a sense of achievement is felt among all Aggies now that we have our own stadium. It is improvements like this, that make North Carolina A T a highly acclaimed university. — Michael D. Hardison ««J Dr. Edward B. Fort Chancellor (1981-Present) Nostalgic Memories . . . Works Have Been Molded In The Crucible Of Times. Nostalgic Memories . Way it Was! The Til 11 riU;ill ICilL lIOLLEliE (IF I (jrconsbflro, ll ' iirlli Ciiniliiiii Dr. Ralph J. Bunche with President F.D. Bluford and Dean W.T. Gibbs at 1951 Commencement Exercises. pM M A look At A T ' s Facilities. Extra- curricular Activities In The 60 ' s Sylvia Dean and Margie Graham are discussing Opera with " Porgy and Bess. ' At the Concert by Georgia Davis, Soprano — Alfonso Ev- ans, Ruth Streater, Miss Davis and Kelly Wyatt, accompa- nist. Charles Debose greets Gloria Davey, Coloratura soprano, at reception. y 12 A n A t T 1 c t ' ' s 9 6 s " Miss A. ( T. Hustess to C.I. A. A. Tournament. Dr. Morris Tynes, Religious Emphasis Week Speaker, with Family. 13 Mi ■M j l ij g Nostalgic Memories UNITED MENS CONGRESS The United Men ' s Congress has fur its main purposes to create a broader under- standing of the man ' s role in total living and seeks to set the code for voluntary compliance by those within its membership. We beat the Rams, Mchartley and Jackson hold the proof. Through knowledge, they gained Equal Rights 12 ilHi Nostalgic Memories . . Scenes from " Purlie Victorious " M.ike up Time Purlie ' s sister The " Purlie Victorious " Cast 15 j j£i T«0»D«A»Y 16 ■IMIMHHi These Are The Days Of Our Lives What a way to spend the day — with Friends. This young lady smiles at the Camera before enjoying a healthy breakfast. Aggie Quarterback, Alan Hooker, throws one of his many winning touch- downs of the Season! These students wait patiently to be served in Williams Cafeteria. Alan Hooker calls the signals during an Aggie Football Game. ■ ' -fe- i ' The Vehicle For A Strategic Leap BOARD OF TRUSTEES Thomas J. Elijah Marion " Rex " Harris Roy H. Harris Jesse Jackson Donald B. Lowe McArthur Newell William C. Parker, (Chairman) Elizabeth Randolph J. Dennis Rash Larry Sitton Priscilla P. Taylor Michael Brunson Otis E. Tillman Winston-Salem, North Carolina Fayetteville, North Carolina Greensboro, North Carolina Washington, DC Greensboro, North Carolina Greensboro, North Carolina Greensboro, North Carolina Charlotte, North Carolina Charlotte, North Carolina Greensboro, North Carolina Greensboro, North Carolina Greensboro, North Carolina High Point, North Carolina The Board Of Trustees MM Bill ' 2 Chancellor Edward B. Fort Into The Future ,.r ■■■4ii:.Mi.,v -H:. m Central I Dr. Nathan Simms, Jr. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dr. Dorothy Alston Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Administrative Affairs ■ 11 |V Mr. Charles Mclntyre Vice Chancellor for Business and Financ " S ' rtti : ' ' ' vtvr ' yj jjumiiii—j ..y.! ' s5l ,J ;„;W.: Administration Dr. Norman Handy Vice Chancellor for Development and University Relations Mr. Benjamin Rawlins Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Legal Affairs Dr. Roland E. Buck Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs . i .....,r u. .,.y ,j;, , ! Schools And College Deans Dr. Burleigh C. Webb Dean, School of Agriculture Dr. William DeLauder Dean. College of Arts And Sciences i Dr. Quiester Craig Dean, School of Business And Economics Dr. Albert Walker Dean, School of Education i 22 iiiHiiiHi Dr. Suresh Chandra Deaji, School of Engineering Dr. Beverly Malone Dean. School of Nursing 1 Dr. Albert Spruill Dean, Graduate School Dr. Earl Yarbrough Dean. School of Technolog - 23 A NORTH CAROLINA AGRICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL STATE UNIVERSITY GREENSBORO 27411 (919) 379-7940 EDWARD B. FORT CJuruxllor April 1, 1987 I Dear Aggie Students: On behalf of the faculty, staff, administration, alumni, and Board of Trustees, 1 wish to congratulate the Ayantee Staff for the superb vision, the extraordinary planning and the masterful implementation which you have exer- cised in producing another edition of this outstanding university annual. You have forged ahead, magnificently, in the pursuit of career goals despite those external challenges such as threatened financial aid cuts. I am confident that this magnificent record of student achievements and remembrances will long sustain you in years to come. This year has been one of Aggieland ' s finest in terms of the achievement of previously established goals and of maintaining our position as the foremost historically black university in the nation. The greatness of A T is not just a matter of bricks and mortar. It has come because of the commitment of outstanding professors and admini- strators . This greatness also has evolved because of you, the students who have elected to enroll here. This university ' s stance is platformed upon what you achieve in four years at A T, and it is also related to the kind of supportive alumni you will become after you leave your Alma Mater. As some of your nationally and internationally prominent forerunners have shown. Aggies are expected to excel. And so you will! Some of you and your fellow students will achieve heights unimagined just a few years ago. You will succeed because you are endowed with that intangible Aggie spirit which suggests that if you can dream it, have faith, and if you will dare it, you can make it a reality. I urge you to hold the banner high, and then pass it on to the brothers and sisters who so much are depending on you. The cause for which A6iT exists is just and we must all dedicate ourselves to moving this stately university proudly into the 21st Century. Sincerely , Edward B Chancellor i 24 kn Equal Opponumty I Ajfirnmui e Action Employer A CmM ruent mt.mi.on 0 THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA A T STUDENT ATTIRE IS ALWAYS VARIED FROM BUSINESS TO CASUAL TO ACTIVE WEAR. A HARMONIOUS DUO, MR. MISS GOSPEL CHOIR. " ANTICIPATION — AND MORE LINES. ' GOA ' G ' G ' I E ' S! THE AGGIES, DOING IT AGAIN ONE MORE TIME. SGA PRESIDENT, MICHAEL BRUNSON, HOLDS AN INTERESTING CONVERSATION WITH ROBIN BRITT. 25 tUatittiUmiiiitm Mmmi, GUAT E. CAN TROY A. KITE TAKING A MINUTE TO SOCIALIZE ON THE WAY TO CLASS THIS CHARMING COUPLE ENJOY EACH OTHER ' S COMPANY. LISA HORNER 26 BliiiiiHHiHiil m ■■ ■ " ' • ' ■ ' " ■ ' ■■ ' • ■ ■ ' ■ ' ' Freshman Class Officers Sarah Brown Vice President Stephanie M. Hitward Secretary Shera Johnson Treasurer David Hill President Cathy Lynn Smith Miss Freshman 28 nm ? Mjfeyv c— c We Are Aggie Born Diane Wisdom Dana Ada ms Bryan Allen John Allen Tonva Allen Anthony Alston Pamela Alston R ' lbby Andrews. Jr. ickie Anderson Stephanie Arnette Chelsea Arnold Stephen Bacote Rhonda Ballentine Lisa Banner Clinton Barber La ' onna Barne Melanie Barnes Patrick Barnett Beryl Battle Veronica Battle Glenna Batts Rori Batts Roverick Bell Tommy Bland Sean Blaylock Ray Boney Anita F. Bonner Antoinne Bowden Sandra Bowen Donald Bowman Courtney Bowser Stacy Bowser Melvin Bovd M Yvette Boyd Melissa Bracken Robert Bracken, III Brian Bragg Robert E. Brannon Renee Braswell Sandi Bratton Ronnie Briscoe Melony Broadnax Joanne Brockenberry Vincent Bronson Belinda Brown Geraldine Brown Jadine Brown Rodney Brown Roger Brown Sarah Brown Stephanie Brown Walter Brown Rodney Brunson Sonya Buford Mohammed Bukar Nancy Burgess Karen Burks Candace Burns William Burns Debra Butler Tammy Butler Kristen Butts Tanuelle Byrd Arlicia Campbell Barry Campbell Tony Campbell Terrelle Carney Kimberly Carrington Nichelle Carter Tracy Carter Cassandra Cason Michael Chaston Monica Chavis Clinton Childs Frederick Clarida Kevin Claxton William Clayton Jesse J. Coleman Richard Coley Gary Collins Leslie Conley 30 m mn Reginald Eadie Beverly Eccles Kenneth Edwards Lee Edwards Norman Elliott Lori Ellis Patrice L. Ellis Quintin Ellis Sharon Evans Kimberly Everett Andrea Karris Pamela Faulcon Greg Ferguson Jammie Ferguson Derrick Fitzgerald Morsi Flemming Jeff Flood Alan Floyd Tony Foreman Carla Forney Tonya Frazier Anthony Freeman Clinton Frost Ernest Fryar Jacqua Corry Regina Courts Regina Crowder Aretha Crutchfield Rodney Culbreth Jasmin Daniels Andrea C. Davis Lynn Davis Rodney Davis Rhonda DeBouse Valerie DeBrew Lisa A. Dillard Lloyd Dillard Reginald Dixon Tawanna Dixon Tim Douthit Arnold Drummer Vanessa Duhart Bobby Duncan Derrek Dunn Michelle L. Dunnarille Cassandra Durham Eugene Durham Tony Durham ■Frr%- 1 ■- ' £ ' ■...773:, ' JSf.fA£E .am 31 Vincent Gaddy Teresa Gaither Jeannie Gardner LaTrenda George Mark Gibson Harvester Gilliam Eric Gladney La-Daunya Glenn LaJaunya Glenn Jeanette Goins Dion Golatt Dawn Gooding Roy Goodlett George Gordon Tina Graham Eric Grant Cynthia Gray Herb Gray Shanna Greene Joseph Gross Monica Hall Derrick Hamlin Vanessa Hammonds Christina Y. Hardin Harriet Hardin Leslie Hardy Yvette Hardy Ronald Hare Michael Hargett Pamela Harrigan Andre Harris Kathy Harris Michael Harris Santina Harris Michael Harrison Lawrence Hawthorne Cynthia Hayes Kelly Hester Gary Hilliard Johnnie Hinton Jacqueline Holden Tisha HoUomon Bridgelte Holman Rhonda Holmes Jill Holt Derrick Homesley Charles E. Hooper. Stephanie Howard 32 m Travis Lamar Howard Paula Humphrey Yolanda Hunter Marc Ingram Lee Shawn Irvan Calvin Jackson Jeffrey Jackson Kimberly Jackson Tamuel Jackson Natalie Jacobs Linda James Sheila Jarmon Kenneth E. Jeffries Donald Jenkins James Jenkins Jiwan Jessup Tanya Johns Joycelyn Johnson miSMt Rodney Myers Archie Nance, III Michelle Newbold Anthony Newkirk Gregg Newland lliyasu H. Nyako Dapo Ola Aretha Oldham Darlene Osborne Karen Owens Kamala Parker Shelia Parker Anthony Pass Darryl Pass Shauri Pawley Tia Penn Maria People Apryl Perkins Chemia McCall Drew McCall Shandra McCloud Donald McClure Delinda McCorvey Ernie McDaniel Linda McDaniel Reginald McDonald Denise McKoy Marcus McKoy James McLean Benita McLear Kevin McNeal Jeffery Meyer Carma Miller Guardino Miller Jerome S. Miller, III Michael Miller Robert Minor Terrence Miton Paul Moore Sterling Moore Viearia Moore Greg Morris Monica Perkins Chris Perry James Peterson Donna Petree Janice Phason Todd Phillips Dennis Pinckney Theophilus Pinson Curtis Ponton Ted Poole Geno Powell Rosetta Pratt Rhonda Prillaman Dereck Rabun Jessica Rademaker Derreous Ransom Elwood Ratcliff Melissa Ratcliff Rita Reese Troynell Reese Craig Rhodes Tammy Rice Alicia Richardson Carla Robinson Michael Robinson Willie Robinson Lisa Rollins Andrea Ross Gracie Royall April Rush Catrice Russell McKinney Russell Stephanie Satterwhite Rebbie Scales Joseph Scott Monica Scott Tammie Sellars Freda Sharpless Dunyll Shropshire Twanna Sifford Terrance Simpson Williseen Singleton LaDon Smallwood Adreana Smith Angela Smith Edward Smith Kammal Smith Charlene A. Speas 35 .u.A r ,L. m... -j.: Tiffany Thompson Andrea Thorton Renee Thorpe Ponce Tidwell Reginald Tyler Demetrius Tyson Maria Upshur Darren Vanderball Kimberly Vanlue Marvin Vines David Wainaina Sabrina Walden Kiietti Walker Veronica Walker Fredrick Wallace Rumel Wallace Geoff Walton Charlotte Ward Sylvia Ward Toni Warren Dexter Watson Kim Welch Demetrius M. Wharton Fernando Wheeler Raymond Spencer Timothy Spicer Benita Springer Tonya StalHngs Avis Steele Theron Stevens Jerome Stevenson Kimberly Strayhorne Andrea Sutton Floyd Sykes Harold Syms Tinek Tate Dawn Tay Derrick Taylor Phillips Taylor Rodney Taylor Shirley Taylor Yulanda Taylor Renee Terry Janeen Thomas Sharee Thomas Tanya C. Thomas Dwight Thompson Kimberly Thompson ' ' tei»i 36 Brenda Wilson E. Diane Wisdom Timothy Worthy Brian M. Wright Alecia Whitaker Eunice White Frederick T. White Sylvia White Travis Whitehead Rhonda Whitted Ramar Wilburn Antonio Williams Cynthia Williams Kimberly Williams Tori D. Williams Mia Williamson A PART OF THE VEHICLE wM ,,r..,-.,!.;-.-.l,...i.... v!,i),. .-.-w;v -y-TT— : i Student is reading her most prized possession. Student Life Instructor and students preparing for assignments. PASS completed? Rev. Jesse Jackson, recognized as a humanitarian and crusader for justice. 38 p Kizziah Latting Student Life THE INDIVIDUAL MIND YES IT ' S TIME TO STOP THE WINE AND DINE AND BEGIN TO SPARE THE TIME FOR A PEACE OF MIND THINKING ONLY FOR THE WORLD ' S BEST YES WE MUST ALL COME TOGETHER TO PASS THE TEST A TEST THAT ONLY DETERMINES THE WORLD ' S BEST THE LEADER THE INDIVIDUAL by: Tony A. Ingram Jeffrey Winning Tevvy Washington Ellenor Tinsley Melba Edwards YESTERDAY IS DEAD AND GONE NO MORE TEARS AND PAIN OF HOLLOW YES, IT HAS PASSED ALL THE THINGS THAT I HAVE DARED TO BEAR IN LIFE ARE IN THE HISTORY ' S WIND NO MORE MORNING NO MORE EVENING NO MORE NIGHT FOR ALL OF MY LIFE HAS BEEN CAST AWAY FOR TODAY FOR TOMORROW WILL BE YESTERDAY, by: Tony A. Ingram 39 M wmmMi tiAii iimiiiiiiMiiim.Mm W ' lM ii mm mm Cmnse oToi K iifne _i_i Sophomore Class Officers Angela Whitter Vice President Bernadine Anthony Secretary Elflist N. Smith President Bridgette L. Gray Treasurer Bgmielle Simmons Miss Sophomore - ..», ..v,.:,,....«. ..».., 1 ' ;:d Scott Abdul-Salaam Tracey Adams Involaji Adekunle Sule Ali Kimberly Vanlue ■ Angela Alston Alysia Anderson Derek Anderson Geoffrey Anderson Daniel W. Andrews Bernadine Anthony Kelli Bannister Sabrina Beatty Sylvia Bellinger Joseph Berry Alvis Best Antonio Blackley Andrew Blizzard Tee Bradley Robin Braswell Michaela Brewington Henry Brooks Darryl Brown Edward Brown Harold R. Brown Daryl Buck Pamela Bumbrey Sheila Burch Rolanda Burnett Barbaraette Carr Stephen Carrothers Befesie Chance Marcie Chrisp PI Barnabus Coker Stephanie Council Michael Crenshaw Stephen R. Cromer Andrea Currence Belinda Currie i ' Gary Curry Kimberly Curtis Reginald Dalton Sandra Daniels Adrian Davis Paulette Dennis i IS James B. Diba Debbie DuBose Dahlia Dudley Tony Eadie Trent H. Edwards Jatana Ellis John D. Evans Sherie Ford David Forney Rashel Freeman Saundra Fry Maurice Gaines Lisa Gardner Terri Garrett Ronald George Renee Gilmore Tyrone Gorham Anthony Greenwell Cassandra Guinn Traci GuUick Timothy Gunter Regina Hairston Christopher Hall 43 A M ,. .v ...: y..v ,.a.,:r: ,f, -,a,v-,iv;..- Paula Hamilton Cassandra D. Hardy Patricia Hatch Freddy Hayes Lateefa Hayes Toni Heath Eric Henderson Antonio Hicks Joanna Hill Kimberly Hines Erikka Holmes Robin Howard Tara Humphrey Stephanie Hunt Carl Hunter George Hunter, III -I.G. Ibrahim Kevin Jackson Matthew James Keith Jenkins Stephanie Jeter Rodney Johns Angela Johnson Kimberly A. Johnson Kimberly L. Johnson Neil Johnson Kenneth Jones, Jr. Kevin Jones Leann Jones Samuel R. Jones Oscar Kelley Jerome Kelly Kirk E. Keyes Amy Lacewell Hans Lassiter i m -K an Lawson Sharon D. Leak Crystal Lee Veda Lewis Sabrina Lindsay Lisa M. Little Verschello Little Bonne Lovelace Wanda Lynch David Mason Chris Mauldin Angela McCuilough Patrice McGill -loseph J. McKenzie Angela McKnight Adrienne McKoy Vera McKoy Lori McLaughlin kl Cedric McLaurin Michael McLaurin Samantha McLeod Andre McMillan Herbert McNeal Brain McPherson David J. Miller Julius Miller. Ill Stacey Miller Derrick Mingo Kimberly Monroe Deneen Moore George Moore Sylvia Moore Jani Morning Sheila R. Mosely Ivan T. Mosley - ' Sm 1 45 Pooch Mosley Arthur Myles Kendrick Newman Angela Nicholson Louis Olney Keith O ' Neal Natasha Osborne Daphne Page Samuel Palmer Anissa Parker Maxine Parker Tiffany Parker Tanya Patterson LaSonya Y. Payne Robin Perry Lawrence Peterson Lawrence Philyaw Elle Pierce, Jr. Christopher D. Pritchett Dontie Pulliam Kawana Ragland Dossie Ransom Valderia Reaves Christine Redwood Wanda Reed Brenda Reid Ricky Rhoda Chip Rice James R. Ricks Elizabeth Rivers Cecil Robinson Randy Robinson Howard Rogers Carlton Russell Brian Scott 46 JUi in mm Shantha Scott Tawana Seets Ahmed Shehu Mikele Simkins Jill Simpson Felicia Singletary Mary A. Smith Santeena Smith Cherrie Speas Kenneth Steele Nichole Stephens Trebbie Stephens Valarie Stevens Marc Stokes Dancami Sucaimann Melinda Sutton Camille Thom Jean Pierre Thomas Karia Thomas Tracey Tinin Felisa Tolton Kevin Turner John Turner Glenda Waddell Wand Wall ■PI Tonya Washingtc f B J Carl Webster IC ' V 1 l Kimberlv Wells P«- Bb-fl 1 Angela Whitter SAl lEaAM H Chandra William W fj tt-J David Williams Jeffrey Williams Kimberly Williams Patricia N. Williair Sonya Williams A ISiL. ' . ■:■ ' rf-- ,.aiJ- , rt iv.atf„ a,iat,.i, Ursula Wright Thomas Yellock Travis Williams Tyrone Williamson Nina Winfield Myra Woodson Tina Wright iraiii iniiiiiiniii n AKA ' S AND IVEYS MEN OF THE RENAISSANCE COME BACK HERE! INTERNATIONAL DISPLAY. MMMk Student Life Arve Finstad Relaxing on a summer Day! R.P. Thomas Malea D. Davis 49 J .,, ■- ,,t .. ! ' 0:a ■:. .--,,..}m., ,uf..,i.j.. .„ . ,,. Junior Class Officers Cheo ' l M. Grant Vice President Benita Lewi; Secretan ' Charles A. Mitchell President Shahidah Muhammad Miss Junior 51 J m ■ i- ■;.-,- : ! !-i- :U :.:: . v; i r,i ,Xl ' ' . ■ », t ' ' ' ' iS ' - ' ' ::• ' m sfe . Michelle L. Robinson, Section EDITOR Bassam Abuhassira Audrey Alexander Stephen Alston Millicent Austin Stanley Austin David Mody Ayin Daniel Baker Sonya Baker Lateef A. Balogun Creighton Barber Sonja Bellamy Dan Bloodworth, II Mario Bonner Michelle Boyd Mary Brooks Deborah Brown Katura Brown Venetia Brown Gregory Burt Rodney Byrd m- LaRhonda Cain Leonardo Chapman Michele Cherry Yolanda Chestnut Donza Cole Bruce Collins Wendell Countess Stephanie Cousin Wayne Covial Theora F. Cumbee Patrick Curry Michele Dalton 52 i Janine Davis Vanessa G. Davis Wendy G. Davis Lewis Donovan Joanie Douglas PaUv Earle Tammy Edwards Carolyn Eure Renee Ferriabough Turia Frazier Carla Fulford Derrion Gibbs James Glenn Robin Coins Douglas Good Cheryl Grant Karen Grant Cher l Gray mas Michelle Hodges Kenneth HoUey Gar - Holmes Erwin M. Jackson Samuel Jackson AUyn Jones Carl F. Jones Natalie Jones Sabrina L. Jones Tracy Keels Kenneth S. Keys 53 j.- Jy, -M,lmi ti y. i M. ' ■M Britton Knox David Langley Rernard Lee Anthony Lindsey Doretha Livingston Shearon Lockhart Demetris Lumpkin Bernita Mack ( ' aria R. Macon ' hucky Maldonado Anthony McAdoo Renee McBride Timothy McClain Annette McPhatter Clemente McWilliams Francois Middleton Wanda Mitchell Jeffrey Monroe Tracii Moone Kimberly Moore Richard Moore William Moses Shahidah Muhammad Philips 0. Ojo Gayland Oliver Cheri Owens Charles Parker Ernest Pendleton William E. Pendleton Lawrence Perry Allison Pope Dudley Powell Arleen D. Richmond Vanessa L. Richmond LaVonda Rogers 54 ■i tt iiiii . ' kJU H ..,, Regina Powells Zachary Rumph La Deirdre Sanders Kenny Sandiford Kabirah Shabazz Lynn Shaw Michael Sheehan Waheed Shittu Addie Simmons Sherman Simmons Wanda Simpson Cassandra Smith Janice Smith Sohpia Smith Sharon Southerland Cathy Spence Sharon Spivey Karen Stanley Angela Steward Donna Stewart Glen Sylvester Adrienne Thomas Larry Thomas Freda Thompson Helen Thompson Fannie L. Truzy Kevin Tyree Alvin D. Wallace Robert Walker Helane Warren Sheena Whitley Clara Williams Jennifer Williams Karon Williams Krista S. Williams ' , ' ■: fe yt J Ci .. 4 55 .f:W.y-i: ti. ' U:.;. ' i -:i:.- ,.y mm Lorri A. Williams Sylvia Williams Cedric Wilson Derrick A. Wilson Michael T. Woods Veronica Wright Jennifer Youngblood A Part Of The " N " Memory THESE ARE THE DAYS BORN! AGGIES! BRED! A CONTINUEOUS PROCESS .™©i ) (5 f OUR COMMITMENT — STUDY! THE NEW ERA! 56 Hi . ' A.-;; ' -v ' :5,_. Student A AGNES UDOYE Dcpt. of Voc. Ind. Education Hometown, NIGERIA, Graduating Senior. L 1 f e 57 4 ,v-- ' -i! !Y, ' :-i. ' .:: i. ' . . ,ki-y. ANGELYN SURGEON GLENWOOD ALLEN, II SHIRLEY LOWE MICHELLE SMITH YOON LO SHARON MARSHALL f ' - " v A MOHAMMAD ESLAMIPOUR VIVIAN FULK BYRON SWINDELL 58 ■liiiiiWiiiiiiHiH f PsmiimNn vV - . 2 ' P |MALCOLfV AAROKl p. mm . ..r: -.;-ii. tr. rt,4 .:,:.,vv;- .,ii,i,S ' ' git, i iii. Senior Class Directory 60 Malcolm M Aaron 1925 Autumn Ridge Circle Silver Spring, MD 20906 Art Design Musta T. Abdul Rahman 19i:i Asheboro Apt. F Greensboro. NC 27406 Political Science Sami Y, Abdulghaftior 5515 W. Market Street. Apt. 70 Greensboro. NC 27409 Architectural Engineering Abdulkarim M. Abdulkar Box 7040 Faheheel. 81 Industrial Engineering Ahmed I. Abdulla PC Bon 21541 Greensboro. NC 27420 Architectural Engineering Ali D. Abdulla P-0. Box 20886 Greensboro. NC 27420 Electrical Engineering Muhamad G. Abdulla 2903 CotUge Place Apt. F Greensboro. NC 27405 Industrial Engineering Azeez 0. Abolarin 3511 HolU Chapel Road Greensboro. NC 27401 Agricultural Science (AE) Mohamed I. Abu-mustafa P.O. Box 898 Abu Dhabi. 95 Mechanical Engineering Andrea A. Adams 403 N. Elizabeth St-, Apt. B Durham. NC 27701 Computer Science Karia D, Adkins 1908 Newsome Drive New Bern. NC 28560 Psychology Samuel D. Agaldo ECWA Church ZAB Jos, 62 Voc. Ind, Ed. (Elec Ind.l Damian K Agusi 2309 McConnell Road Greensboro, NC 27401 Architectural Engineering Hassan B Ahmadi 3432 Wichta Place, Apt. H Greensboro. NC 27405 Electrical Engineering Clifford A. Akotuah 4302 Parker Street. Apt. G Greensboro. NC 27408 Electrical Engineering Mubarak A. Al-Ahmad 108 Tall Oaks Drive Greensboro, NC 27408 Architectural Engineering Mohammed N Al-Bakir 5515 W. Market Street, Apt. 616 Greensboro. NC 27409 Architectural Engineering Fawzi E. Al Furaih P.O. Box 2833 Safat, 52 Architectural Engineering Mahmud A Al-Hashimi P 0. Box 3380 Safat, 81 Industrial Engineering Adel M. Al-Khalifl 719B Greenhaven Drive Greensboro, NC 27406 Architectural Engineering Ahmad A, Al-Mozafer P Box 396 Doha, 55 Architectural Engineering Waleed A. Al-Sandi 802 E- Cone Blvd. Apt. E Greensboro. NC 27405 Mechanical Engineering Tammy V. Alexander Route 2. Box 30 Columbia. NC 27925 Dietetics Idi A- Ali F 40 Mari Watirwu Bi Biu. 62 Voc, Ind, Ed, (Elec Indl Andre D. Allen PO. Box 127 Ansonville. NC 28007 Computer Science James Allen 610 Franklin Blvd. Greensboro, NC 27401 Computer Science Terry L- Allen 2194 Nevada Street Lumberton, NC 283.58 Clothing and Textiles Angela Alston 203 Country Road Weldon, NC 27890 Business Administration Barbara A Alston 1007 Dillard Street Greensboro. NC 27403 Accounting Bruce C Alston 1616 Eastwood Avenue Greensboro. NC 27401 Engineering Physics Michael L. Alston 516 Onndo Drive Durham, NC 27713 Business Administration Khaled J. Altini Mechanical Engineering Rosa L, Ames 2704 Patio Place Apt. A Greensboro, NC 27405 History (Professional) Olubavo D Amodu B 89 Avowe Street Ikere-Ekiti. 62 Agricultural Ed. Andre N. Anderson 4243 Dinglewood Avenue Charlotte. NC 28205 Mechanical Engineering James M. Anderson U Woodstream Ln., Apt. F Greensboro. NC 27410 Mechanical Engineering Patricia Armstrong Route 4, Box 562 Georgetown. SC 29440 Nursing Tonv Artis 610 Frankhn Blvd. Greensboro. NC 27401 Computer Science Wilbert C Artis 2518 Sharpe Road Greensboro. NC 27606 Electrical Engineering Malthew C Arukwe Industrial Engineering Mohammed A. Ata PO Box 21183 Greensboro, NC 27420 Mechanical Engineering Michael T. Atkins 1429 Milton Street Spring Lake, NC 28390 Business Administration Sharroella Atkinson 2529 Spring Garden Street Greensboro, NC 27403 Mechanical Engineering Stephanie G Aughenbau 4811 Woodcock Drive Greensboro. NC 27406 Nursing Michael L. Austin 700 Liberia Street Winston-Salem, NC 27107 Engineering Mathematics Akrem I. Awad P.O Box 21.362 Greensboro, NC 27420 Architectural Engineering Peter N Awute NCA T Murphy Hall Apt. 22 Greensboro, NC 27411 Voc. Ind Ed. (Elec, Ind.) Michelle D, Baber 1117 Orren Street, NE Washington. DC 20002 Industrial Technology (Manufacturing) Craig Backman 3700 Flint Sireet, Apt. K Greensboro. NC 27405 Computer Science Lonng U. Bacon 2617 Yancewille Street Greensboro. NC 27405 Mechanical Engineering Kabiru T. Badamasi P 0, Box 12848 Kano, 62 Agricultural Education Angela D, Bailey Route 11, Box 351B Statesville. NC 28677 Occupational Safety Health Cynthia R Bailey ' Winston-Salem. NC Professional Theatre Olgo D Baker 808 Allison Drive Scotland Neck. NC 27874 Accounting Donna Baldwin Greensboro, NC Professional Theatre Marvin L. Ballard 1719 Ann Street Wilmington, NC 28403 Industrial Technoloby (Electronics) Reginald D, Barbee 120 Merrilt Mill Road Chapel H.ll. NC 27514 Industrial Technology (Auto) Creighton R. Barber 1079 Dekalb Avenue Brooklyn. NY U22I Architectural Engineering Arthur T. Barham 222 S. Mendenhall Street Greensboro, NC 27403 Mechanical Engineering Eric F, Barnes Eastside Homes, Apt 73 Tarboro. NC 27886 Industrial Technology (Electronics) James 0. Barnes Route 9, Box 431 Reidsville. NC 27320 Music Leshawn R. Barnes P.O, Box 21733 Greensboro, NC 27420 Industrial Engineering Michelle H. Barnhill 1009 West Fifth Street Greenville. NC 27834 Accounting William A. Barrow 1307 Rotherwood Road Greensboro. NC 27406 Music Education Rickey C Bass 313 E. Market Street Greensboro. NC Speech Frederick D Battle P.O. Box 228 Statonsburg. NC 27883 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Charlie E Batts Route 7, Box 133 Rocky Mount. NC 27801 Industrial Technology (Construction) Larry D Batts 802 Fleming Street Greenville. NC 27834 Computer Science Lisa P Baynard 1900 Mavfair Avenue Greensboro, NC 27405 Biology (Teaching) Darlene Beattv Route 1, Box 39 Winnabow. NC 28479 Mechanical Engineering Russell Beaty 802 W 25th " Street Winston -Salem. NC 27105 Computer Center Deangelo L. Bell 1029 Pearson Sireet Greensboro, NC 27406 Health and Physical Education Timmy C. Bennett 508 Savannah Street. Apt. D Greensboro, NC 27406 Business Administration Gregory A. Bentlev 107 Tall Oak Drive, Apt B Greensboro, NC 27408 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Jeffrev D Berry 200 Daniel Street Greensboro, NC Biology (Professional) Mary D Best Route 11, Box 354 Goldsboro, NC 27530 Early Childhood Education (K-3 Terry L. Beat Route 2. Box 522C Greenville. NC 27834 Agricultural Science (Animal Science) Tyjuana S, Best 307 S, Carev Street LaGrange, NC 28551 Dietetics Elinor F Blackwell 717 Abington Drive Greensboro. NC 27401 Industrial Engineering Albert B Blake 1701 Earle Street. Apt. G Charlotte, NC 28206 Mechanical Engineering Harvey W Blakeney 2000 Belcrest Drive " Greensboro, NC 27406 L ' ndecided (Undergraduate) Carolvn A. Blue Route 1. Box 132 Cameron. NC 28.326 Binlogv I Professional) Joseph G Bnbbitt 2110 Freeman Street Winston-Salem, NC 27107 Transportation Anthony W Boddie Route 2. Box 163 Knightdale, NC 27545 Industrial Engineering Terrell A Bonev P Box 53 Wallace. NC 28466 Music Education Daniel Boston. Jr. Route I. Box 369 Roper. NC 27970 Electrical Engineering Raymond M. Bottoms 702 Westchester Drive, Apt H High Point, NC 27260 Business Administration Eric F Bowden 1614 Lincoln Street Greensboro, NC 27401 Accounting Rohn A Bowden PO Box 15! Dudley, NC 28333 Industrial Engineering Penelope J. Bowie 318 W. Montcastle Drive Greensboro. NC 27406 Accounting Gregory B. Bowman 771 Caribuo Road Asheville. NC 28803 Industrial Technology (Construction) Rafeal D Bovd 6837 Radial Drive Fayetteville, NC 28301 Industrial Technology (Construction) Ronald E. Boyd 6513 Schaffer Place Fayetteville. NC 28304 Industrial Technology (Manufacturing) Michael P. Boykin Route 2, Box 216 Clinton. NC 28328 Industrial Technology (Manufacturing) Selina Bracev 4234 United Street, Apt. J, Greensboro. NC 27401 Art, Design Marcia D Bradley 1016 Dewev Street Greensboro. NC 27405 Music Merita I Bradlev PO, Box 191 Potecasi, NC 27867 Speech Janice D Branch 3.527 Lvnhaven Dr , Apt. A Greensboro. NC 27406 Transportation Pamela C Branch 1(X)5 Marietta Avenue Norfolk, VA 23513 Early Childhood Ed. (K-3) Donald M Braswell 1025 Hazelwood Drive Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Business Administration Patrick F Brinson P.O Box 1773 Tifton. GA 31793 Mechanical Engineering Reginald S Britton .504 Uzzle Street Durham. NC 27713 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Billv M. Broach, Jr. 4013 Mcintosh Street, Apt, F Greensboro, NC 27407 Accounting Roval S Brooks 1412 Staples Street. Apt. Washington. DC 20002 Business Administration Alita D. Brown 1210 Drew Durham. NC 27701 Health and Physical Education Angelo J. Brown 93 Simons Street Charleston, SC 29403 Mechanical Engineering Brenda G Brown Route 4. Box 449A Charlotte, NC 28208 Industrial Arts Education David P Brown 1728 Thurmond Street Winston-Salem. NC 27105 Electrical Engineering Deanna L, Brown 1606 Pinecroft Road, Apt C Greensboro, NC 27407 Transportation Frederick L. Brown 2820 Crest Street Durham, NC 27705 Electrical Engineering Larrv D. Brown 319 Clav Street Roxboro, NC 27573 Industrial Engineering Marvin L. Brown P 0. Box 505 Tarboro. NC 27886 Political Science Raymond E Brown 1305 Elm Street Tarboro. NC 27886 Business Administration Reginald K Brown Route 2, Box 194 Windsor. VA 23487 Business Administration Rhonda L Brown 532 Madewood Road Lynchburg. VA 24503 Agricultural Science (Animal Science) Richard A, Brown 1206 5th Avenue Charleston. SC 29407 Industrial Engineering Ronald E. Brown 111 Henderson Street Williamston, NC 27892 Computer Science Sherne D Brown 3902 Habn ' s Lane. Apt. F. Greensboro, NC 27401 Safety and Driver Education Tanya D Brown 144 N Camberon Avenue Winston-Salem, NC 27101 Business Administration Theodore V Brown 1554 W 29th Street Los Angeles. CA 90007 Music Education Deborah A. Browning 1705 Richard Street Greensboro, NC 27401 Business Administration James B Bryant 622 Bessemer Circle Fayetteville, NC 28301 Speech Kathv R. Buie Route 4, Box 122 Fairmont. NC 28340 Accounting Lisa A Buie Route 4, Box 122 Fairmont, NC 28.340 Computer Science Sylvia M Bull 720 Wood Street Kingstree, SC 29556 Transportation Ulysses M, Bunch P.O. Box 363 Windsor. NC 27983 Architectural Engineering Janice L Bunting 305 E Montcastle D Apt. Greensboro. NC 27406 Accounting Kenneth L, Burgess Route 3. Box 216 Kingstree. SC 29556 Agricultural Education Brian K Burnette 8 Miller Avenue Tarrytown. NY 10591 Electrical Engineering Carev E Burnette 2206 Bvwood Road Greensboro. NC 27405 Electrical Engineering Renjtta Burt Route 1. Box 217 Whiteville. NC 28472 Computer Science Rupert D. Burton 211 Hampton Drive High Point. NC 27260 Accounting Duncan A Butler 1802 Woodmere Drive Greensboro. NC 27405 Music Education Patricia A. Butler 2306 Bothwell Street Greensboro, NC 27401 Accounting Shelia D Byers Route 1. Box 136D Bessemer City, NC 28016 Social Work Angela M Bynum 2014 Worth Drive Wilson, NC 27893 Computer Science Faith F Bvnum Route 2, Box 126 Snow Hill. NC 28580 Computer Science George A. Cale 205 Crawford Street Middletown, DE 19709 Business Administration Georgena M Campbell 875 Boynton Avenue, Apt. 6A Bronx, NY 10473 Industrial Technology (Manufacturing) Malcolm L Campbell Route 1. Box 134 Franklinville, NC 27248 Mechanical Engineering Carolyn T Canada 415 E, Lindsay Street. Apt A Greensboro. NC 27401 Business Education (Basic) Reginald A Cann 220-A N Booker Street Greensboro. NC 27401 Agricultural Science (Animal Science) Eric J Carmichael 6833 Ardleigh Street Philadelphia. PA 19119 Industrial Engineering Karen A. Carpenter 704 Arlington High Point. NC 27260 Mechanical Engineering Tina M Carroll 28 Fom Place Jersey City, NY 07305 Business Administration Sheila L, Cash Route 1, Box 22 Morven, NC 28119 Chemistry (Professional) Allen D. Cason P.O, Box 213 Winton, NC 27986 Mechanical Engineering Juan D Cason 3042 Woodfin Place Winston-Salem. NC 27105 Accounting Timothy E. Caviness 2529 Spring Garden Street. Apt. Greensboro. NC 27403 Business Administration Darnell C Chambers P.O. Box 63 Milton, NC 27.305 Agricultural pconomics Terry L. Chance 1108 S. Clinton Dunn. NC 28334 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Wendell G Chaplin 2821 Yancevville Sireet, Apt. Greensboro, NC 27405 Business Administration Glenn W Chapman miiii HMi msss 3909 LaGrange Drive Greensboro, NC 27406 Mechanical Engineering Margaret S Clark 313 Eden Terrace High Point. NC 27263 Nursing Quinton A. Clav 342 Clav Road ' Roxboro, NC 27573 Mechanical Engineering Timothy N. Clifton 812 Crawford Street Winston-Salem. NC 271UI Electrical Engineering David L- Clinton 920 Lorain Avenue Durham. NC 27704 Accounting Tvra C Clymer 504 O ' Connor Street Greensboro, NC 27406 Speech Claude C, Cobb. Ill 826 Ridgewav Avenue Durham. NC 27701 Accounting Douglas W. Coffev 2005 Monterey Street Charlotte. NC 28216 Transportation Arnold A. Cole 224 Wavne Avenue Goldsboro, NC 27530 Electrical Engineering Johnnie R Coleman 3100 Carolina Circle Greensboro, NC 27411 Health and Physical Education Renee Coleman 1308 Bluford Street Greensboro. NC 27411 Art. Design Duane 0. Coley 205 Winslow Circle Goldsboro, NC 27530 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Terry 0. Coley 205 Winslow Circle Goldsboro. NC 27530 Mechanical Engineering John E. Collins 106 Tall Oaks Drive, Apt. F Greensboro. NC 27408 Electrical Engineering Richie Collins Route 1. Box 75 Jacksonville. NC 28540 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Paige A, Comer 3895 North Main Ext. High Point. NC 27260 Agricultural Science (Animal Science! Douglas V Cooper 907 Florida Street. Apt, E Greensboro. NC 27401 Electrical Engineering Mildred V. Cooper 0205 Cooper Hall Elm City, NC 27822 Social Work Alvin Q Corhett P.O Box 1241 Wilson. NC 27893 Mechanical Engineering Perry W Cornelius 118 Auden Drive Greensboro, NC 27406 Electrical Engineering Barbara L, Cotton 1283 MetropoliUin A Atlanta, GA 30316 Mechanical Engineering Cassandra B. Cotton 919 Corbitt Drive Weldon. NC 27890 Accounting Calvin A, Cowan Route 2, Box 195A Aulander. NC 27805 Electrical Engineering Gardner Cowell Route 2, Box 153 Moyock, NC 27958 Vocational — Industrial Wayne W Cox Route 2. Box 23 Roper, NC 27970 Mechanical Engineering Michael K. Craghead 1118 Squirrel Hill R Charlotte, NC 28213 Computer Science Daniel D. Crandol 726 McMillan Drive Tarboro. NC 27886 Electrical Engineering Tonva A Crawford 1203 Lvle Street Reidsville, NC 27320 Electrical Engineering Karen D Crawley 603 Edmunds Street South Boston, VA 24592 Business Administration Darrell F. Cromartie P Box 83 Raeford, NC 28376 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Vincient A. Crowder 9219 Barcroft Lane Charlotte, NC 28216 Electrical Engineering Maliq R Culbreath P.O. Box 20062 Greensboro. NC 27420 Electrical Engineering Ephraim 0. Dada 6 Alhaji Alaka Street Lagos. 62 Voc Ind. Ed. (Construction) Jennifer D. Dalton 108 Durham Street, Apt. A Greensboro. NC 27401 Nursing Edward J, Dancausse 5208 Lawndale Drive Greensboro, NC 27405 Industrial Engineering Raymond Darby 6531 Venture Drive Fayetteville, NC 28304 English I Professional) Gerald H Daugherly 30 Bailv Road Yeadon, PA 19050 Electrical Engineering Alicia M Davis 121 Otis Drive Winston Salem, NC 27105 Speech Anthony D Davis Route l ' . Box 195F Clarkton. NC 28433 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Cloris P Davis 537 Orange Street Fayetteville, NC 28301 Business Administration Douglas J, Davis P.O. Box 1095 Albemarle, NC 28001 Recreation Administration Herbert J Davis Route I, Box 6 Havelock, NC 28532 Industrial Technology (Electronics) James V. Davis 703 Lake Avenue. Apt A Spring Lake. NC 28390 Business Administration Judy E Davis 207 Lincoln Street Henderson, NC 27536 Art, Design Katonga L. Davis 611 Martin L King, B Apt, Newark. NJ 07102 Nursing Ronald A, Davis 3412 Winchester Drive Greensboro. NC 27406 Architectural Engineering Shelby G Davis Route 2, Box 184 Norlina. NC 27563 Industrial Technology (Construction) ' I ' olanda L Davis 616 Martin Drive Kinston. NC 28501 Business Administration Harrv G, Davis, Jr 1739 ' Grevmar Drive __ Waikertown, NC 27051 - — ' Agricultural Science (Lab. Animal Science) Patricia A Deans 209 Revere Drive. Apt. 61 Greensboro, NC 27407 Business Administration Blaine L Deas 8 Pratt Street Charleston. SC 29407 Mechanical Engineering Karen DeBearv 1534 Lincoln Avenue Sharon Hill. PA 19079 Mechai ■al En .ngineering Jaime K Degala 98 Waverlv Street Providence. HI 02907 Mechanical Engineering Kimbra V Dennis 32 Gaston Street Dorchester. MA 02121 Computer Science Michael S. Denlev 4200 Maybrook Drive. Apt. E Greensboro. NC 27405 Engineering Physics Jennifer N DePass 286 Locust Avenue Uniondale. NV 11553 Business Administration Georges I Dib 2509 Sherwood Street Greensboro, NC 27403 Electrical Engineering Mary E. Dick 1424 Rock Creek Dairy Whit ett. NC 27377 Nursing Todd L Dickey 55 Seymour Avenue Newark, NJ 07108 Computer Science Celeste Dimery 12902 142 Street Jamaica, NY 11436 Electrical Engineering Bilari F Dirkwa 1041.1 Palmetto Street Greensboro. NC 27405 Agricultural Education Reginald S. Dolopaye 12 Cooper Clinic Monrovia, 75 Architectural Engineering Tracie L. Donnell 1610 Pichard Street Greensboro. NC 27401 Economics Michael B, Donovant 904 Summilt Avenue Reidsville, NC 27320 Accounting Daphnev Douglas Route L Box 196 Wagram. NC 28396 Industrial Engineering Brenda F Draughn Easlside Homes. Apt. 96 Tarboro. NC 27806 Electrical Engineering Gregory Dudley 63 Miami Pontiac. Ml 48053 Electrical Engineering Clav Duffel 1905 15th Avenue Altoona, PA 16601 Accounting Mary R. Dunlap P Box 226 Ansonville, NC 280(.)7 Social Work Kerry A Eans Route 11. Box .359 Goldsboro. NC 27530 Mechanical Engineering Leonard S, Edmonds P.O. Box 21334 Greensboro, NC 27420 Mechanical Engineering Billy E- Ednngston 503 Albemarle Avenue Rocky Mount. NC 27801 Industrial Engineering William R Ellis 2645 Englehardt Charlotte, NC 28216 Business Administration Maxlyn L- Ellison 118 Stadium Drive Eden, NC 27288 Biology (Professional) Mohamed R Elmelhem PC Box 7193 Greensboro, NC 27417 Undecided (Undergraduate! Darrvl A Elow 30 Hammond Street Roxbury, MA 02119 Architectural Engineering Pius C Elumeze 22 Elumeze Close Ogwashi, 62 Agricultural Education Thomas P, Eshun 1230 Westside Drive Greensboro. NC 27405 Industrial Engineering Yvette S, Estep 17700 Eagle Harbor Road Aquasco. MD 20608 Biology (Professional) Charles O. Etoroma 32(XI Yancevville Street. Apt Greensboro, NC 27405 Industrial Technology (Manufacturing) Michael A Eure 1007 Sullivan Street Greensboro, NC 274 01 Industrial Engineering Evetta P Evans 1407 Willshire Drive Aberdeen. MD 2KX11 Engineering Mathematics Harold R Evans 853 Campanella Lane Raleigh, NC 27610 Computer Science Joan M Evans 1800 Prince Albert Drive Greensboro. NC 27405 Clothing and Textiles Michael W Evans 4505 Lawndale Drive. Apt. D Greensboro. NC 27405 Industrial Technology (Manufacturing) Pnscilla J Everette 316 Russell Drive Tarboro, NC 27886 Accounting Robert A Fairlev, Jr, P.O. Box 185 Maxton, NC 28364 Agricultural Education Ricky N. Faison Route 5, Box 14IBB Clinton, NC 28328 Agricultural Education James , Farmer Route 4, Box 131 Roxburo. NC 27573 Industrial Technology (Electronics) John W Felder 714 Mcpherson Street, Apt A Greensboro, NC 27405 Business Administration Bennie H Felton 601 Gillespie. Apt B Greensboro. NC 27401 Speech GeanetLa S. Fields 424 Powel! Street Henderson, NC 27546 Business Administration JoniLa A Fields 1908 Circleview Drive Greensboro, NC 27406 Business Administration Dametre K Fisher 2344 Lake Avenue Fayetteville, NC 28301 Business Administration Edmond D. Fisher Route 2, Box 361B Fayetteville. NC 28301 Computer Science Keith T Flovd 8422 Lasalle Blvd Detroit. MI 48206 Electrical Engineering David Folk, Jr. 2 Spnngndge Cl.. Apt. C Baltimore, MD 21207 Electrical Engineering Vicki D. Forbes 115 Thorne Drive Rocky Mount. NC 27801 Architectural Engineering Charvetta Ford 605 Cedar Street Wadesboro. NC 28170 Child Development James N. Ford 6442 Emien Street Philadelphia, PA 19119 Speech Jarnice L Ford 3210 Fendall Avenue Richmond, VA 23222 Accounting Kathy A Ford 303 Montrose Drive, Apt. C Greensboro, NC 27407 Early Childhood Education (K-3) Nicky R, Foster 1996 Landover Drive Clemmons, NC 27012 Electrical Engineering Yolanda M, Foster Route 1. Box 154 Kittrell, NC 27544 Electrical Engineering Tamara A. Foulks 1901 Belden Drive Greensboro, NC 27405 Administrative Services Christopher F. Foxx Route 1. Box 517 Robbins, NC 27325 Transportation Raymond B Franklin 711 Chestnut Street, Apt. C Greensboro, NC 27405 Electrical Engineering Abraham Fraiier PO. Box 14563 Greensboro, NC 27415 Electrical Engineering Gerald O. Frazier Route 1, Box 49C Havelock. NC 28532 Mechanical Engineering Karyn B P ' razier PO. Box 14563 Greensboro, NC 27415 Business Administration Pamela Frederick P Box 122 Warsaw, NC 28398 Early Childhood Education (K-31 Jesse Freeman P O Box 74 Maury. NC 28554 Industrial Technology (Construction) Aaron E, Freshwater 504 Brown Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Electrical Engineering Daniel C Fntz 6135 Webster Street Philadelphia. PA 19143 Architectural Engineering Jacqueline C. Fuller 509 Bart Street Raleigh. NC 27610 Industrial Technology (Manufacturing) Detnce L. Galloway 914 Lesley Place Reidsville, NC 27310 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Anthony H. Gardiner 1906 Iverson Street Temple Hills, MD 20748 Psychology Josef Gardner 1709 Colgate Drive. Apt. B Kinston, NC 28501 Electrical Engineering Tessie M Gardner 3525 N, Elm Street, Apt M, Greensboro. NC 27405 Social Work Angela T Garland 1314 Stout Street Burlington. NC 27215 Biology (Professional) Donald L. Garner 502 W. Florida Street, Apt, D Greensboro, NC 27406 Industnal Engineering Pamela A Earner Route 1. Box 34E Garysburg, NC 27831 Industrial Technology (Manufacturing) Sheha B. Garner Route 7, Box 568 Asheboro, NC 27203 Electrical Engineering Tauwana J Garrett 826 Brandon Road Durham, NC 27713 Computer Science Denise D. Gaskin 1904 Kinsman Road Greensboro, NC 27406 Art. Design James A. Catling Route 3, Box 253 Pocomoke, MD 21851 Mechanical Engineering Stacy S. Gay 74 Peters Avenue Hempstead, NY 11550 Computer Science Earnest T. Gavmon 2422 Bvwood Road Greensboro. NC 27405 Psychology Karey E, Gee 1907 Lipscomb Road Wilson. NC 27893 Industrial Technology (Auto) Levie George Route 2, Box 90 Whiteville, NC 28472 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Melanie T. George 3126 Elizabeth Avenue New Bern. NC 28560 Accounting Terrance A, Gerald Route 6. Box 536 Hillsborough, NC 27278 Accounting Mohammad R. Ghahramani 803 Englewood Street, Apt. F Greensboro. NC 27403 Agricultural Science (AE) Eiraj Ghahremani Electrical Engineering Ali Ghavimi 1205 Arlee Street. Apl K Greensboro, NC 27401 Mechanical Engineering Bruce R G.bbs Route 2, Box lUA Pantego, NC 27860 Industrial Technology (Electronics) David M, Gibbs 1418 Dorsey Street Greensboro, NC 27407 Electrical Engineering Donna T Gilchrist 12 Mullis Court Greensboro, NC 27405 Social Work Ramona M, Gill 3206 Riverhurst Drive Fayetteville, NC 28301 Art. Design Cynthia C. Gillespie 1903 C Ryan Street. Apl. C Greensboro, NC 27405 Business Education (Basic) Saretha L, Glaspie 1613 Hargett Street Jacksonville, NC 28540 Biology (Professional) Dennis J. Glover Route 1. Box 319F Hope Mills, NC 28348 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Kelvin W. Godard Route 3. Bos 485 Williamston, NC 27892 Industrial Technology (Manufacturing) Hilda Coins 401 Stewart Street Greensboro, NC 27401 Electrical Engineering Annie B. Goldston PO Box 21485 Greensboro, NC 27410 Social Work Marcus A. Goodlett Rout 2. Box 180 Moore, SC 29369 Computer Science Claudette L- Goodwin 821 West 25th Street Winston-Salem, NC 27105 Agricultural Science (Lab Animal Science) Philesha M, Gough 520 Clinton River D Mt. Clemens. MI 48043 Industrial Technology (Manufacturing) Victoria E. Grady P O Box 1003 Durham. NC 27702 Biology (Professional) Kathy L. Graham 2634 Atlantic Street Durham, NC 27707 Speech Tawanna F Graham 215 N. Wright Street Raeford, NC 28376 Child Development James C. Grantham 60 Park Street Bridgeport, CT 06608 Business Administration Aubrey L. Graves Route ' l. Box 315B Gibsonville. NC 27249 Agricultural Science (AE) Bonita K, Graves 411 Pine Level Drive Siler City. NC 27344 Dietetics Dennis W. Gravitte Route 4, Box 507 Graham, NC 27253 Electrical Engineering Gary L Grav ■2400 Farlev Place Hillcrest Hg. MC 20031 Health and Physical Education Johnnie R, Gray 131 N, Cameron Avenue Winston-Salem. NC 27201 Electrical Engineering Hardee Green Route 7, Box 106 Oxford. NC 27565 Voc. Ind. Education (Construction) Cynthia D. Greene Route 1, Box 127 Bayboro, NC 28515 Computer Science John C, Greene 1408 Bacon Street Durham, NC 27707 Industrial Technology (Construction) Paul D. Greene 2403 Cottage Place Greensboro, NC 27408 Electrical Engineering Cindee D Gregory 4057 Cedar Grove Cre Chesapeake. VA 23321 Computer Science Steven G. Gregory 1034 Micott Drive Hampton. VA 23666 Accounting Kevin S. (jrier 2202 Apache Street, Apt. D Charlotte, NC 28213 Electrical Engineering Farhad Hafezi 2617 Yanceyville Street, Apt G Greensboro, NC 27405 Agricultural Science (AE) 61 MMHaHli m rf ' .; : !y .UV, :iei,a¥ m Mkkt,- 62 Markus A. Hager Roule 5. Box 262 Kings Mountain. NC 28086 Business Adnimistralion Angela M. Hairslon 1030 Treadway Court Winston-Salem, NC " 27107 Accounting Karen B. Hale 205 Montcastle Drive, Apt, B Greensboro, NC 27406 Architectural Engineering Clifton H, Hall Route 6, Box 535 Greensboro. NC 27405 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Keith D. Hall Route I, Box III Riegelwood. NC 28456 Industrial Technolog ' (Electronics) Virginia C, Hall 3101 Alderway Street. Apt. C Greensboro, NC 2740 Health and Physical Education Brett M. Halsey 3104 Bernard Street Greensboro, NC 27405 Mechanical Engineering James T Ham, Jr 219 E. Washington Street LaOrange NC 28551 Electrical Engineering Riley A. Hamilton, III 7811 Harwood Place Springfield. VA 22152 Industrial Engineering Janet A. Hamlett 408 Savannah Street. Apt A Greensboro, NC 27406 Mechanical Engineering Karl C Hampton 5855 Old Oak Ridge Road Greensboro. NC 27410 Business Administration Leota A. Harding Roule I, Box 148 Pleasant Hill, NC 27866 Accounting Julian B. Hargrove 1639 Lincoln Drive Shelby, NC 21850 Accounting Julius B Hargrove 1639 Lincoln Drive Shelby. NC 28150 Accounting Zainudin Haron 13 Road 14 60 Petaling Jau. 21 Electrical Engineering Annette M. Harris 1114 E- 2nd Street Siler City. NC 27344 Clothing and Textiles Clement Harris 1632 Minurva Drive FayetteviUe, NC 28301 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Darrell D. Harris Route 1. Box 101 Snow Hill. NC 28580 Music Dawn R. Harris 1210 Claiborne Street Richmond, VA 23220 Transportation Shawn R, Harris Route. Box 502-B Wilkesboro. NC 28697 Industrial Technology (Const.) Eugene Harris, Jr. P.O Box 194 Architectural Engineering Gary B. Harrison Roule I, Box 275 McLeansville, NC 27301 Computer Science Lee A- Harrod 108 Carver Road Jacksonville. NC 28540 Architectural Engineering Leah J. Hatch 5505 Beaumont Drive Durham, NC 27707 Social Work Lisa A. Hawley 304 N. Horner Blvd. Sanford, NC 27330 Psychology Jeff T Heath 16 Contentea Street Greenville. NC 278. ' i4 Mechanical Engineering Benson E Hedima 3110 Utah Place. Apt. B Greensboro, NC Mechanical Engineering William B. Heggins 1303 Bringle Perrv R Salisbury. NC 28144 Agricultural Education Hossam A. Helmi P.O Box 6731 Greensboro, NC 27405 Mechanical Engineering Rayford L. Henderson 4695 Indiana Avenue Winston-Salem, NC 27106 Accountin g Peter C. Hendricka 337 Marshall Greensboro, NC 27401 Business Administration Frank L. Henry 4308 Gorman Terrace. SE Washington, DC 20019 Landscape Architecture Frederick D, Henry 2703 Worth Drive Wilmington, NC 28401 Electrical Engineering Sharita A Henry 1107 Indo Place Landover. MD 20785 Biology (Professional) Robert 0. Herbin 3814 Mizelle Road. Apt. G Greensboro, NC 27405 Business Administration Patrice Herndon 105 Ridley Avenue Oxford, NC 27565 Early Childhood Education (K-3) Howard M. Herring 2211 Golden Gate Drive, Apt. Greensboro, NC 27405 Industrial Technology (Auto.) Lolita S. Hester 662 McAdams Road Hillsborough, NC 27278 Accounting Mervl R- Hester 702 Park Avenue. Api. B Durham, NC 27701 Industrial Technology Teresa L. Hester PO Box 185 Mebane, NC 27302 Social Work Carlus A. Hicks 1425 Maplewood Drive Durham. NC 27701 Industrial Technologv (Electronics) Dewavne L. Hicks Route 2, Box 290 Spring Hope, NC 27882 Industrial Engineering Clarence L Hill 3400 Cambridge Road Durham. NC 27707 Architectural Engineering Dwavne K. Hill 5646 W. Market Street. Apt. E. Greensboro. NC 27409 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Badawi M Hindiyeh h Hiltin West. Apt. H Greensboro. NC 27409 Mechanical Engineering Gerald L. Hinnant 1608 Lincoln Street Greensboro, NC 27401 Computer Science Rudolph V. Hinnant 1608 Lincoln Street Greensboro, NC 27401 Music Education Vicki G Hinton 716 Star Street Rocky Mount. NC 27801 Accounting Nadine D Hodges Route 1. Box 157 Oxford. NC 27565 Computer Science Deborah G. Holland 1502 Guest Street Greensboro. NC 27405 t ursing Marv G. Holloway 104 Howell Street Greensboro, NC 27834 Professional Theatre Jacqueline E. Hollowel 2911 Kanewood Drive Durham, NC 27707 Biology (Professional) Bassam F, Homsi 2420 S. Hoiden Road. Apt. B Greensboro. NC 27407 Industrial Engineering Derrick W Hood 6221 Old Coach Road Charlotte. NC 28215 Electrical Engineering James F Hooks PO. Box 117 Winterville, NC 28590 Safety and Driver Education Donald W Hopkins 7!5 Bryant Street Goldsboro, NC 27530 Social Work George A. Horrison PO Box 514 Spring Hope. NC 14902 Industrial Technology (Auto.) Darlene D. Horton 68 Dartmouth Avenue Providence. HI 02907 Electrical Engineering Darry T, Howard Route 4, Box 216 Oxford. NC 27565 Agricultural Education James J. Howard Route 3, Box 101 Littleton, NC 27850 Electrical Engineering Alfred L. Howard, Jr. 1429 Charleston Avenue Portsmouth. VA 23704 Industrial Arts Education Brad S. Howell Route 1, Box 615 Tarboro. NC 27886 Mechanical Engineering Cathy L, Humphrey Route I, Box 217 Saint Pauls, NC 28384 Administrative Services Karen L. Humphries 105 Turner Street Thomaaville, NC 27360 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Sheldon L Hunt 732 N, Lord Street Southport, NC 28461 Agricultural Education Darrvi Hussey P.O Box 767 Pinetops, NC 27864 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Dina I Hyatt 143 Steeple Chase Greensboro, NC 27406 Accounting Chuks H. Ihesinulo Town Schl, Amuch Nkwerre lsul, 62 Voc. Ind. Ed (Construction) David Ingram Route 3, Box 324-A Launnburg, NC 28352 Architectural Engineering Tony A Ingram Route 1. Box 220A Kinston. NC 28501 Industrial Arts Education James Isaac 1002 Onslow Street, Apt. B Durham, NC 27705 Computer Science Shaharudin B. Ismail 3100 Utah Place, Apt, E Greensboro, NC 27405 Electrical Engineering Beatrice M, Ivey Route 2, Box 310 Halifax, NC 27839 Business Administration Francis Iweanya 1036 Sullivan Street, Apt. F Greensboro, NC 27405 Voc. Ind. Ed. (Elec. Ind) Hatim N. Jabaji P.O Box 21393 Greensboro, NC 27420 Architectural Engineering Adrianne A. Jackson 1632 Boros Drive FayetteviUe , NC 28303 Accounting Ambrose H Jackson P Box 67 Sedalia. NC 27342 Mechanical Engineering Rufus S- Jackson 5501 Viewmont Drive Charlotte, NC 28215 Mechanical Engineering Pamela G Jacobs Route Box 207 Hampstead. NC 28443 Sociology Shirlene J. Jacobs 4307 Vincent Street Greensboro, NC 27405 Bilogy (Professional) Mubammed Jallo 1007 Palmetto Street Greensboro, NC 27404 Industrial Arts Education David C, James 607 Fifth Avenue. Apt. C Greensboro, NC 27405 Broadcast News Mario A. Jardine 1706 Maplewood Lane, Apt, B Greensboro, NC 27407 Industrial Technology (Const ) Norma L. Jarrett 9 White Drive Neptune, NJ 07753 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Sherrod T, Jefferson 2604 Sourwood Court Raleigh, NC 27610 Electrical Engineering Rex E Jeffries 1707 Broadway Drive Graham. NC 27253 Electrical Engineering James L. Jeffries. Jr. 2706 Patio Place, Apt. G Greensboro, NC 27405 Chemistry (Professional) Anthony Jenkins Route l ' . Box 169 Woodland. NC 27897 Computer Science Patricia A. Jenkins 1004 W. Florida Street Greensboro, NC 27403 Accounting Vanessa L. Jennings 301 S, English Street Greensboro, NC 27406 Computer Science Anthonv Johnson 800 Cooper Road Raleigh, NC 27610 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Donna M, Johnson 1215 Nerio Drive Portsmouth. VA 23701 Biology (Professional) Gregory L. Johnson PO Box 8713 Durham. NC 27707 Industrial Engineering Jerrold T Johnson 114 Laurel Greensboro. NC 27411 Electrical Engineering Kathy L. Johnson 1432 Ardmore Drive, Apt. Greensboro. NC 27401 Computer Science Keith V, Johnson 220 Littleton Road Lillleton. NC 27850 Voc Ind Ed, (Drafting G) Leola S. Johnson Route 1. Box 111 Erwin, NC 28339 Industrial Technology (Manufacturing) Michael A. Johnson Route 3. Box 396 liunn. NC 28334 Comp uter Science Thomas E Johnson 310 Mineral Springs Louisburg, NC 27549 Voc, Ind Ed. (Manufacturing) Ulvsses Johnson 722 Dwain Drive FayetteviUe, NC 28305 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Amelia D, Jones 528 E. Horah Street Salisbury. NC 28144 Business Administration Andrea M Jones 1141 37th Street Newport News. VA 23607 Accounting Bruce B Jones Route 1, Box 283B Fountain, NC 27829 Architectural Engineering Frederick B. Jones 909 E, Vernon Road Green City, PA 19150 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Larry C. Jones 412 Stedman Street, Apt, M Green City. NC 27401 Electrical Engineering Luther L Jones 1724 Grant Avenue Winston-Salem. NC 27105 Economics Robert L. Jones 304 S. Leslie Street Goldsboro, NC 27530 Accounting Rodney A. Jones 1708 Maplewood Lane, Apt, H Greensboro, NC 27407 Business Administration Sandra Jones 2819 N. O ' Henry Blvd. Greensboro, NC 27405 Computer Science James G, Jones, Jr 324 East Vance Street Launnburg, NC 28352 Undecided (Undergraduatel Tony D. Joyce Route 1 Sandy Ridge, NC 27406 Mathematics (Teaching) Gus J. Kalogiros 4314 Princeton Street Greensboro, NC 27406 Economics Jerry T. Kaylor 832 Willow ' Street Reidsville, NC 27320 Electrical Engineering Timothy P Keady 506 Guilford College Road Jamestown. NC 27282 Electrical Engineering Dewintus A Kearney 636 W. Rock Spring Henderson, NC 27536 Industrial Engineering Victor B. Keen 102 Farmwood Drive Kernersville, NC 27284 Electrical Engineering E.K Keller 415 Garden Street Sanford, NC 27330 Clothing and Textiles Karen E. Kelly 3406 Cranbrook Drive FayetteviUe, NC 28301 Chemistrv (Professional) Julia N Kendall 3606 Lynhaven Drive, Apt. D Greensboro, NC 27406 English (Teaching) Joel B. Kennedy Route I, Box 440 Lexington, NC 27292 Computer Science Winfred S Kenner 105 E. Watkins Street Augusta, GA 30901 Mechanical Engineering Leslie C. Kerr 1004 Lincoln Street Greensboro. NC 27401 Computer Science Anita R. Key 242 Division Ave., NE Washington, DC 20019 Architectural Engineering Graham R Keys, Jr Route 6, Box 2(X) Washington. NC 27889 Industrial Engineering Mark E Kithcart 3700 Flint Street, Apt. L Greensboro. NC 27405 Terrence L Knight 1018 Lyndon Circle Newport News, VA 23605 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Keith A, KouLsky 7050 Caindale Drive Greensboro, NC 27409 Mechanical Engineering Twyler M Lamb Route 4, Box 304 Hillsborough, NC 27278 Business Administration Novella Latta Route 4, Box 430 Hillsborough, NC 27278 Business Administration Darnevy A. Law 432 Chestnut Street Aberdeen, MD 21001 Mechanical Engineering George W Lawrence 704 Richmond Avenue Burlington. NC 27215 Agricultural Education Norman S Lawrence 1851 Colony Drive FayetteviUe, NC 28301 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Ronald K Lawrence, Jr. Route 6, Box 50 B Mt Olive. NC 28365 Accounting Jerry L. Lea 613 Marcia Lane Rockville, MD 20851 Industrial Technology (Construction) Barbara A, Leak P Box 153 Gibson, NC 28343 Clothing and Textiles Evangeline Leak 407 Madera Avenue Laurinburg, NC 28352 Clothing and Textiles Leander T Leak Route 5, Box 394 Winston-Salem. NC 27107 Business Administration Clifford Lee 900 W. Sumter Street Florence. SC 29501 Industrial Technology (Manufacturing) Jerome E. Lee 69 Peters Avenue Hempstead. NY 11550 Biology (Professional) Sheldon Lemav Route 3, Box 389-H Oxford. NC 27565 Landscape Architecture Marvin M. Lennon 3201 Courtland Drive Durham, NC 27707 Architectural Engineering Bertina Lewis P.O. Box 703 Mt. Gilead. NC 27306 Accounting Mario C Lewis Route 4. Box 150-B Louisburg. NC 27549 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Regina Lewis 344 Woodstock Drive Atlanta. GA 30331 Business Administration Tomie Lewis 2406 Loch Place Greensboro, NC 27405 Business Administration Lisa M Lilly 3617 Jonathan Circle Augusta, GA 30906 Mechanical Engineering Donald E Lindsay 7705 Landis Drive Brown Summit. NC 27214 Safety and Driver Education Geroge D. Lipovan 616 East Lake Drive Greensboro, NC 27401 Electrical Engineering Cecelia M. Lockhart P.O. Box 222 Garysburg, NC 27831 Sociology Alonzo D. Long 423 Jenkins Street Burlington. NC 27215 Business Administration Clinton J. Lowery 919 Lincoln Street Greensboro, NC 27401 Electrical Engineering Adriane Lowrie 325 P Street, SW, Apt. 513 Washingtoii. DC 20024 Computer Science Keith E. Mackey 708 Bluford Street Greensboro, NC 27401 Computer Science Kilby D Majette 8015 Gales Road Suffolk, VA 23437 Agriculture Technology (Plant Science) Cynthia L. Malloy Route 1, Box 96AA Maple Hill. NC 28454 Social Work Yusuf 0, Mamudu 14 Grey Street Lokoja, 62 Voc. Ind, Ed- (Elec, Ind.) Ivory C. Mann 1500 Rosewood Avenue Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Accounting Phillip E, Mark 1907 Northbrook Drive Charlotte, NC 28216 Architectural Engineering Sonja L Marshall 201 Stone Post Road Charlotte, NC 28210 Art, Design Angela R. Martin 2222 Adams Street Columbia. SC 29203 Business Administration Demetria J. Martin 4233 Farlow Drive Greensboro. NC 27406 Business Administration Pretrinia M Martin Route X Box 250T Eden, NC 27288 Accounting Sherod Martin 319 Hugh Street, West North August. SC 29841 Industrial Technology (Manufacturing) Robert M. Martin, Jr. 4105 Queen Beth Drive Greensboro, NC 27405 Electrical Engineering Arneathia E Mason 4719 Sudsbee Lane Walkertown. NC 27051 Business Administration Cleo A. Maaon Roule 1. Box 3 Manaon, NC 27553 _||||_| Business Administration Ravmond A Mathis 1400 Young Mills Road Greensboro. NC 27406 Architectural Engineering George E Matier HIT Kingston Road Greensboro. NC 27-105 Safety and Driver Education Daniel F. Mauldin Route 1. Box 240 A Siler City. NC 27344 Business Administration Delissa F, McAdoo 1112 Willowbrook Road. Apt Greensboro, NC 27403 Chemistry iProfessionaii Cassandra D McBr de 1302 Alamance Church Road Greensboro. NC 27406 Adminstrative Services Franklin E. McCain 8201 Reames Road Charlotte. NC 28216 Business Administration Randv McCallum P.O. Box 666 Maxton, NC 28364 Electrical Engineenng Stephen L McCar -Hend 33 Mercer Avenue Wilmington, NC 2S403 Mathematics (TeachingI Tbel R. McClain. Jr. Route 1, Box 73 Smithfield, NC 27577 Computer Science Blanche E McClean 2108 Pear Street Greensboro. NC 27401 Computer Science Tijuana L. McCluney 707 Castle Oaks Court High Point. NC 27260 Accounting Steven W, McCormick 616 Cecil Street Durham. NC 27707 Health and Physical Education Marion D McCuilough 2209 Lakeland Road Greensboro, NC 27406 Political Science Anlhonv W. McFadden 1903 Chospv Hill Road Bridgeport, CT 06606 Architectural Engineering Calvin J. McGill 2221 Main Avenue Newton, NC 28658 Health and Physical Education Tracv L. McKenzie 5324 Sandstone Drive Fayetteville. NC 28301 Speech Jav W McLean 1320 V. Andrews Avenue Henderson. NC 27536 Mechanical Engineering Keith E McMaslers 1602 Hooks Street Greensboro. NC 27401 Accounting .Audrev McNair 1018 Landau Road Fayetteville. NC 28301 Business Education (Basic) Mary A McNeil 411 E Tnnlv Avenue. Apt Durham. NC 27701 Chemislrv iProfessionah Shelia M ' McNeil PO Box 541 Robersonville. NC 27871 Accounting Christine A McNeill Route 1. Box 171G Marston, NC 2836.3 Business Administration David L McNeill 507 Woodlawn Street Asheboro. NC 27203 Business Administration Mark D McNeill Route 3. Box 5515 Ruther Flen. VA 22546 Electrical Engineering Roslyn E McNeill 1604 Maplewood Lane. Apt D Greensboro. NC 27407 Accounting Tonv C McWilliams P Box 592 Enneld. NC 27823 Computer Science Anthony M Meadows 2202 Cook Road Durham. NC 27713 Accounting Michelle V Mebane 2302 Bolhwell Street Greensboro. NC 27401 Business Administration Loai A. Mehanna P Box 20886 Greensboro. NC 27410 Electrical Engineering Robert J. Melton Route 1, Box 208 Gstesville. NC 27938 Achitectural Engineering Jacqueline Mercur,- 1100 West 32nd Street Riviera Beach. FL 33404 Clothing and Textile William H Merrill 6441 Kincross Avenue Fayetteville, NC 28304 Mechanical Engineering Timothy S. Mever 724 Creek Ridge Road. Apt 3 Greensboro. NC 27406 Electrical Engineering Karen Y Mickens 2111 North Camac Street Philadelphia, PA 19122 Early Childhood Education (K-3J Kathv L. Miller 1417 North 23rd Street Richmond. VA 23123 Accounting Rosemar ■ Miller P Box 906 Bi coe. NC 27209 Earlv Childhood Education lK-3) Roderick E. Milliken 2506 Aster Drive Greensboro. NC 27401 Computer Science Angela V Milton Route 1. Box 36A Atkinson. NC 2 421 English (Professional! Latonva Minor P Box 35 Edward, NC 27821 Biology (Professional! Sabrina V Mitchell Route 1. Box 1430 Bolton. NC 2 423 Bilogy (Professional! Stephanie C Mitchener 1702 Lincoln Street Greensboro, NC 27401 Computer Science Exlna S Mock Summerlree Lane. Apt 15C Greensboro. NC 27406 Landscape .Architecture Maurv J. Moffitt 1007 N 6th Avenue Siler City. NC 27344 Industrial Technology (Electronics! Khalid A Mohammad P Box 20886 Greensboro. NC 27420 Mechanical Engineering Taher Montazeri 806 Aladdin Street Greensboro. NC 27407 Electrical Engineering Jefferv E Montford Route 1. Box 197 Hubert. NC 28-539 Child Development Angelia V. Moore 430 West 26th Street Winston-Salem. NC 27105 Architectural Engineering Lester C Moore 1029 Palmetto Street Greensboro. NC 27405 Industrial Technology (Manufacturing) Orlander V Moore Route 6. Box 427-C Kinston, NC 28501 Electrical Engineering Valerie E Moore Route 1. Box 40 _ _ Blounts Creek. NC 27814 Economics Vondra D Moore 441 Crescent Avenue Burlington. NC 272!. Clothing and Textiles George L Moore. Ill Rvegate Drive Pleasant Garden. NC 27313 Industrial Technology (Electronics! Kav C. Morgan 415 Whip O Will Wav ReidsviUe. NC 27320 " Business Education (Basic) Christopher D Morris P Box 754 Kinston. NC 28501 Business Administration Donna W Morris 4607 Brynhurst Drive Greensboro, NC 27407 Accounting Thane V Morrow Route 1. Box 45 Hurdle Mills. NC 27541 Music Hani R Mubarak P Box 45 Safat, Kl ' Industrial Engineering Lauren L Mulraine P Box 9415 St. Thomas. VI 00801 Earlv Childhi od Ediucation iK-3l Regina K Mumford 334 Burlingate Drive. Apt D Greensboro. NC 27407 Industrial Technology (Construction! Ronald Murphy Route 2. Box 680 McLeansville, NC 27301 Architectural Engineering Angela K Murray Route 1, Box 950 " Beaufort, NC 28516 Industrial Engineering Marvin R Murray 250 37th Place. SE Washington. DC 20019 Electrical Engineering Dwavne K Myers 3705 Phillips Pk. Drive Greensboro. NC 27401 Accounting Ahmad M. Nape 1447 McKnighi Mill Road Greensboro, NC 27405 Mechanical Engineering Wade C Nash 1801 Curry Street Greensboro. NC 27406 Speech Christopher I Ndukwu 600 DeWiit Street Greensboro. NC 27401 Business Administration Floyd D Newkirk 321 Cumberland Street, Apt. A Greensboro, NC 27401 Art. Painting Jacqueline E. Newman Kirkman Street Liberty. NC 27298 Industrial Technology (Electronics! Cynthia D Newton 3512 Renee Drive Sanford, NC 27330 Chemistry (Professional! Kenneth C. Newton Route 7. Box 258 Sanford. NC 27330 Industrial Technology (Construction) Loan H. Nguyen 808 Summit! Avenue Greensboro. NC 27405 Computer Science George W Norman 361 Montrose Street, Apt Greensboro. NC 27407 Business Administration Mark A Norrell 3602 Garland Avenue Richmond, VA 23223 Architectural Engineering Kecia O ' Neal PO Box 224 Belhaven. NC 27810 Business Administration Clyde F OQuinn 2404 Dartmouth Drive Fayeltevilie. NC 28304 Eiecirieal Engineering Stanley J Oaklev Route 3. Box 237A Burlington. NC 27215 Mechanical Engineering Felix Oboh 1820 McCormick Street. Apt D Greensboro, NC 27403 Industrial Technology (Construction! Marsha E. Oden 505 Marsh Street Beaufort. NC 28516 Industrial Engineering Godwin C. Odu 85 Victoria Street Port Harcur, NI Voc Ind Ed (Manufacturing) Ernest N Oguejiofor NO 7 L ' gwauaji Street Enugu, 62 Voc Ind. Ed (Construction! Victor O Ogunsemowo 1827 McCormick Street. Apt F Greensboro. NC 27406 Business Administration Bamidele Ojerinde Govt Tech College Okitiduda. 62 Vtji., Iiul. Ed (Construction) Lance A Ollivierre a32 Wheeler Hill Drive Washington. DC 20032 Architectural Engineering Emmanuel I Omile B.6 Greensboro, NC 27411 Architectural Engineering Akinlayo 0. Omojola 7 Oyedele Street Lagos. 62 Business .Administration Rafiu A Onibudo 3741 Oakwood Drive. Apt E Greensboro, NC 27407 Architectural Engineering Tonv L Orr 5912 Bridlewood Lane Charlotte. NC 28205 Industrial Technology (Electronics! Wanda L. Orr 9089 Fairview Road Charlotte. NC 28212 Business Administration Mark F Overbv P O Box 431 Fair Buff. NC 28439 Business Administration Marcia R Owens 709 West 22nd Street Wilmington. DE 19802 Biology (Professional! Raymond C Owens 3812 Muell Road. .Apt. E Greensb- ro, NC 27408 I ' ndecided ( Vndergraduaie) Kenneth L Page 2460 Morningside Drive Burlington, NC 27215 Electrical Engineering Willard E Palmer 2710 Azalea Drive Greensboro, NC 27407 Electrical Engineering Elliot B. Palmer. Jr. 437 Sunnvbrook Road Raleigh. NC 27610 Accounting Natalie D Parker 1920 Carlton Avenue Greensboro. NC 27406 Business Administration Monate L. Parks 4201 Belfleld Drive Greensboro. NC 27405 Business Administration Ashokkumar B Patel 2386 Hiilford Drive Burlington. NC 27215 Electrical Engineering Jiiendra S Patel 3211 Lardner Road Greensboro. NC 27405 Computer Science Olivette S. Patterson 3500 Merrill Place Charlotte. NC 28216 Psychology- Augustine E Payton 154 Craven Terrace, Apt- 5 New Bern. NC 28560 Psycholog ' Gloria D Peay 1105 Duke Street Greensboro. NC 27405 Business Administration Angela D Pendleton 1005 Alamance Church Road, Apt Greensboro. NC 27406 Agricultural Science (Lab Animal Science! Charles K Pendleton 801 Dana Place Greensboro, NC 27406 Electrical Engineering Frances S. Pendleton 801 Dana Place Greensboro. NC 27406 Transportation Ronald D, Perrv 6110 Clandge Road Camp Springs. MD 20748 Mechanical Engineering Phillip M Perry. Jr P Box 304 Franklinton. NC 27525 Industrial Technology (Electronics! Jason W Peters 310 S. Main Street Danville. VA 24541 Mechanical Engineering Steven D Picott 8326 Bellaviola Terrace Ft. Washington. MD 20744 Industrial Engineering Lynn A Poindexter 1713 Joplin Avenue Richmond. VA 23224 Accounting Donald D Polk 1424 Stafford Street Monroe. NC 28110 Computer Science Robert Pompev. Jr. 708 Girl Scout ' Road Kinston. NC 28501 Accounting Michael A Powell 2021 Mavwood Street, Apt C Greensboro. NC 27403 Mechanical Engineering Paul D Powell Route 2. Box 153 Whilakers. NC 27891 Electrical Engineering Travis . Powell P Box 274 Princeton. NC 27569 Industrial Engineering Sharon D Pratt 116 Camellia Court Rocky Mount. NC 27801 Transportation Sheila E Queen 1007 Smithville Street Annapolis. MD 21401 Electrical Engineering Vincent L Quielt 1702 Alfred Street Durham. NC 27713 Electrical Engineering Dawud M Quwaider 5 Hiltin Place. Apt H Greensboro. NC 27409 Computer Science Sharon D. Ragland Route 6. Box 341 Hillsborough, NC 27278 Accounting Joyce Lynn F Raker Route 12. Box 144 Lexington. NC 27292 Landscape Architecture Charles M Ramseur 3201 Dawnshire Avenue Charlotte. NC 2821$ -Art, Design Marvin L Randall P Box 1668 Williamsburg, VA 23185 Undecided (Undergraduate) Angelia Randolph Route 2. Box 112 Bolivia. NC 28422 Transportation Stephanie G. Reaves P Box 273 Chadbourn NC 28431 Computer Science Ellis S Redd 817 Bridge Street Eden. NC 27288 Industrial Engineering Lillie M Redfearn 2730 Event! Street Greensboro. NC 27401 Broadcast News Pamela E Reid 3040 Cricketeer Drive Chariotte. NC 28216 Accounting Paula A- Reid 9 Cvpresswood Court Greensboro, NC 27405 Computer Science Angela D Respus 2835 N. Ringgold Street Philadelphia. PA Nursing Walter N Reuben. Jr, 607 5th Avenue. Apt. B Greensboro, NC 27405 Industrial Engineering Cecil J. Richardson 405 Spicewood Drive Greensboro, NC 27405 Electrical Engineering Robert E, Richardson Route 1. Box 22 Robersonvill. NC 27871 Computer Science Melvin M. Ridley 2356 Seaboard Road Virginia Beach, VA 23456 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Robert E Rivers Route I. Box 3.14V Wadesboro. NC 28170 Industrial Engineering Denita D Robbins 141X1 Paxton Court Greensboro. NC 27405 Business Administration David Robertson 208 Hav Street High Point. NC 27260 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Barbara M. Robinson 5019 Summit Avenue Greensboro. NC 27405 Nursing Debra L Robinson 219 Pearson Street Clinton. NC 28328 Computer Science Joseph J Robinson Route 1. Box 308A Harrells. NC 28444 Recreation Administration Lawrence H Robinson 6124 Conaway Drive Fayetteville. NC 28304 Electrical Engineering Letitia C Robinson 121 Fischer Avenue Fredericksburg. VA 22401 Architectural Engineering Valorie S Robinson Route 1. Box 79 Wallace, NC 28466 Business Administration Jonathan B. Rogers 2504 Byron Place Greensboro. NC 27405 Electrical Engineering Benjunioe Roman 220 N. Booker Street. Apt. C Greensboro. NC 27401 Computer Science Marvin A Ross 16i " 4 an Buren Avenue Chariotte, NC 28216 Safety And Drive Education Teresa L Sapp 505 Munster Avenue Greensboro. NC 27405 Computer Science Hamid Sarraf-Bank 1623 Glenside. Apt. B Greensboro. NC 27405 Agricultural Science (AE) Harvey J Saunders Route ' l Pennv Road High Point, NC 27260 Industrial Technology (Construction! Lorna Savage 154 Burgess Place Passaic, NJ 07055 Electrical Engineering Leonard C Saxton 300 Woodvale Place Charlotte. NC 28208 Computer Science Alan M Scott 1708 Broadland Avenue Columbia. SC 29203 Health and Physical Education Darrvl L. Scott Route 3. Box 61A Enfield. NC 27823 Industrial Technology (Manufacturing! Marva G. Scott 1873 Ivy Hail Road Charleston. SC 29407 Sj eech Nkanyezi V. Sebina P.O. Box A -9 Greensboro. NC 27411 Agricultural Education Cheryl Y. Self 308 Milburn Street Greensboro. NC 27406 Industrial Engineering Wendy R Sellers 1909 Finlev Street Greensboro. NC 27406 Electrical Engineering Ronald K Sellers 2850 Belhabara Road Winston-Salem, NC 27106 Accounting Steven L. Sessoms Route 1, Box 75AA Ahoskie, NC 27910 Industrial Engineering Reginald L Sharple s 304 Cole Drive Jacksonville. NC 28540 Computer Science Donna Shaw Route 1. Box 273 McLeansville. NC 27301 Clothing and Textiles Milton B Shaw 906 N Morris Street Gastonia. NC 28052 Accounting PhyllU G Shaw Route 1. Box 369 Riegelwood. NC 28456 Industrial Technology (Manufacturing) Kevin L. Shelby 18 St. Joseph Court Oroton. CT 06340 Electrical Engineering Marv A. Shelton 2225 ' Tillman Avenue. Apt. Greensboro. NC 27405 Business Administration Sylvia A Sbepard P.O. Box 235 McClellanville. SC 29458 Nursing Earle E Sheppard 210 Woodnell Street. Apt. G Greensboro. NC 27405 63 r- .o-,. ' ..v. „J.. .. „, 64 Computer Science Elaine V Sheppard 2H.K) Hunlers Ridge D Pleasant Garden, NC 27313 Computer Science Earnest E. 1325 Alamance Church Greensboro. NC 27406 Agricultural Science (Lab Animal Science) Joan L. Shields 311 E, 18th Street Scotland Neck. NC 27874 Accounting Yvette D Shivers Route 2, Box 1080 Littleton. NC 27850 Business Adminiatration Derrol C. Shuford P O, Box 294 Granite Quar. NC 28072 Industrial Engineering Barbara L. Silver P Box 97 Sedalia, NC 27342 English (Professional) Jeremy C Simmons 1627 Moore Street Raeford. NC 28376 Architectural Engineering Temerial A Simmons 900 Tuscarora-Rhems New Bern, NC 28560 Economics Stephanie C Simon 705-B Greenhaven Drive Greensboro. NC 27406 Music Education Hazel M. Sink 4651 Paradise Lane Winston-Salem, NC 27101 Electrical Engineering April L. Smith 1413 Douglas Street Winston-Salem. NC 27105 Business Administration Barrv D. Smith 119 Lakeview Terrace, Apt A Greensville. NC 27834 Industrial Engineering Dawn M. Smith 612 Calhoun Street Clinton. NC 28328 Psycholocigv James A Smith 103 Ellen Drive Hamlet, NC 28345 Electrical Engineering John E, Smith 909 Circle Drive Greensboro , NC 27405 Electrical Engineering Kaven Y. Smith Route 1, Box 226 Eden, NC 27288 Industrial Technology (Manufacturing) Keith M Smith Route 1. Box 537 Erwm. NC 2H339 Architectural Engineering Merwyn K, Smith Route 4, Box 378 Goldsboro, NC 27530 Industrial Technology (Manufacturing) Myra Y. Smith Rf.ute I, Box 616 Erwm. NC 28339 Social Work Rayshawn L, Smith 2303 Madre Place Greensboro. NC 27406 Computer Science Rhonda L. Smith Route 3. Box 543 Piltsboro, NC 27312 Social Work Svdney R Smith 4401 Belfield Drive Greensboro, NC 27405 Undecided (Undergraduate) Veda L. Smith 2500 Tuxedo Wav High Point. NC 27260 Industrial Technology (Construction) Veda V Smith 1235 Batple Street Greenville, NC 27834 Dietetics William E Smith, II Huffine Mill Road McLeansville, NC 27301 Landscape Architecture Fxiward W Smith. Jr 41-B One River Oaks D Greensboro, NC 27409 Early Childhood Education (K-3) Kim D Smitherman 2523 Manchester Street Winaton-Salem. NC 27105 Computer Science Monica B Solomon 39 Quail Hollow Road, Apt J Greensboro, NC 27401 Psychology Allie G. Sparrow Route 1. Box 186 Havelnck. NC 28532 Dietetics Karen A Spencer Route 2, Box 48 Columbia. SC 27925 Food Science Peter J Spinarski 1811 Walker Avenue Greensboro, NC 27403 Mechanical Engineering Anthony R Spinks 4608 Ravmond Street Greensboro, NC 27405 Transportation Elitrous F. Squires 1606 Pineeroft Road. Apt, C Greensboro, NC 27407 Industrial Technology (Manufacturing! Salid Srishord 1110 E Main Street Thomasville, NC 27360 Mechanical Engineering Twanda M Staley 4134 Carnation Drive Winston-Salem, NC 27105 Economics Mavnard R. Stalter, Jr. .3402 Northampton Drive Greensboro. NC 27408 Electrical Engineering Angela L Stanley 877 Bedrock Drive Fayetteville. NC 28303 Business Administration John A- Staton 301 W 6th Avenue Red Springs. NC 28377 Industrial Technology (Construction) David L. Stephens 3116 Uuh Place, Apt B Greensboro. NC 27405 Accounting Gerald L Stevenson 2301 Wintergreen Avenue District Hgt, MD 20747 Industrial Technology ■ (Electronics) Lorraine Stewart P Box 872 Wadesboro. NC 28170 Early Childhood Educatum (K-3) Sonya V. Stewart-McRae 5626 Weslow Willow. Apt, 2 Greensboro. NC 27409 Electrical Engineering DeJuan D. Stocks 603 Fitzgerald Drive Kinston. NC 28501 Computer Science Darlena E. Stockton Route 5. Box 587 Reidsville. NC 27310 Mechanical Engineering Maurice Slokes Route 1, Box 183 Merritt. NC 28556 Agricultural Education Roderick Sturdivant 2 Pyracantha Court Greensboro, NC 27405 Mechanical Engineering D R Sua Lamco Yeke Aliberia, Liberia Architectural Engineering Sultan H Sultan 2920 Cottage Place. Apt. D Greensboro, NC 27405 Industrial Engineering Inger H Swimpson 409 Massachusetts Avenue Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Biology ( Professional) Pamela S Swindler 3938 Hahns Lane, Apt. A Greensboro, NC 27401 Computer Science Lynn W Tatrti P.O. Box 117 Kime R Climax, NC 27233 Nursing LamonI Taylor 913 S nth Street Wilmington. NC 28401 Architeclural Engineering Joy D Teel 312 Pollock Street Beaufort. NC 28516 Industrial Engineering Paul A Terrell P.O. Box 20951 Greensboro, NC 27420 Mechanical Engineering Cathy J Terry Route 1, Box 221 Maxton, NC 28364 Mathematics (Professional) Shelby A Terry Route 1. Box 221 Maxton. NC 28364 Nursing Kevin L Thomas Route 2. Box 16A East Bend. NC 27018 Business Administration Shirley A Thomas 2731 Piedmont Circle Winston-Salem, NC 271(J5 Accounting Rudolph Thompson 140 Moore Brooklyn, NY 11206 Electrical Engineering Verl R Thompson P.O. Box 1204 Pembroke. NC 28372 Mechanical Engineering Cynthia O Throckmorto 1107 S. Alston Avenue Durham, NC 277ni Computer Science Parlyn D Thurman 804 Medio Road Fayetteville, NC 28303 Biology (Professional) Stephanie J. Tidwell 39 Poplar Street Passaic. NJ 07055 Economics William B. Timmons 4104 Davis Street Jacksonville. FL 32209 Industrial Engineering Bonnie S, Todd 2505 Lakeshore Drive Greensboro, NC 27404 Electrical Engineering Roy E Townsend P.O, Box 1243 Kerneraville. NC 27284 Industrial Engineering Jacquelyn A Trisvane 113 Suffolk Street Pr .viden.e. Rl 02908 Electrical Engineering Reginald L Truesdale 4130 Carver Road Winston-Salem, NC 27105 Computer Science Clifford G Tucker 1805 Marion Street Greensboro. NC 27403 Computer Science David W Tucker 4620 Shoshonee Trail College Park, GA 30349 Industrial Engineering Fleming Turner 1616 Maplewood Lane, Apt F Greensboro, NC 274(.17 Business Administration Michael R Turner 4706 Brompton Drive Greensboro. NC 27407 Electrical Engineering Carol A. Tyson 1508 Futrelle Drive High Point, NC 27262 .Speech Robert A. Vandyke 1KJ3 N. McKinlev Champaign, IL 61820 Engineering Physics Sylvia C. Vanhook 2305 Bonaire Lane Greensboro, NC 27405 Accounting James E. Vann Route 4, Box 249C Clinton. NC 28328 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Jorge B, Velez 14520 Tabebuia Lane Miami Lakes. FL 33014 Biology (Professional) Cynthia Vincent 209 Circle Drive Garysburg, NC 27831 Industrial Technology (Manufacturing) Anita L Virgil 113 Chloe Drive Fayetteville. NC 28301 Business Administration Latonva R Wade 4108 Lord Jeff Drive Greensboro, NC 27405 Industrial Engineering Alexander W Walker Route 5, Box 517E Burlington. NC 27215 English (Teaching) Berdenia P Walker 2108 Teedee Street Raleigh. NC 27610 Electrical Engineering Carlos L. Walker 6124 Sania Fe Drive Fayetteville, NC 28303 Computer Science Vance A Walker 1209 Stephens Street Greensboro, NC 27406 Voc Ind. Education (Drafting G| Brenda L. Wallace IH Hunt Club Road, Apt D Greensboro NC 27410 Computer Science Michael D Wallington Route 3. Box 773 Madison. NC 27025 Accounting Obed B. Walson 1508 Autumn Drive, Apt. A Greensboro, NC 27405 Architectural Engineering Jodi F Walston 189 N 11th Street Newark, NJ 07107 Business Administration Angela T Ward P O Box 274 Rich Square. NC 27869 Computer Science Gregory Ward 7 Derrv Road Hampton, 46 2.3663 Mechanical Engineering Helane T Warren 1513 Maggie Street Fayetteville, NC 28.303 Architectural Engineering Valerie C. Warren P.O Box 1184 Easley. SC 29640 Architeclural Engineering Debrann D Washington 940 Dandndge Drive Fayetteville. NC 28303 Nursing Ha rry W Washington. Jr. 15311 Edgecombe Avenue Fayelleville, NC 28301 Architectural Engineering .lacob J Watkins Route 1, Box 52 Maple Hill NC 284.54 Computer Science Anthony E Watson 114 Arc ' hdale Drive Durham. NC 27707 Mechanical Engineering Dnorris 1, WaUon 510 Hamilton Drive (Joldsboro. NC 27530 Music Education Rodney M. Watson 807 Yosemitc Circle Durham, NC 27713 Industrial Engineering Valorie R, Webb 1130 Quaker Road Waynesb.iro. GA 30830 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Christopher L Webley 31 Coligni Avenue, Apt. 3B New Rochelle, NY 10801 Electrical Engineering Patsy A Webster Route 1, Box 27 Madison. NC 27025 Business Administration Gale A, Wells PC Box 24 Teachey, NC 28464 Agricultural Education Lisa R Wells 58563 Chennault Drive New Haven, MI 48048 Business Administration Bonila D West 3108 Heitman Drive Winslon-Salem. NC 27107 Social Work Clarence T West 3108 Heitman Drive Winston-Salem, NC 27107 Electrical Engineering Marie F Wheelous 625 Allen .Street Enfield, NC 27823 Accounting Eric K Whipple Route 2, Box 190 Norlina. NC 27563 Architectural Engineering Antionelte M White Route 2. Box 326B Halifax, NC 27839 Clothing and Textiles Clarence D White Route I. Box 2-A Manson, NC 27553 Undecided (I ' ndergraduate) Denise B While Route 1, Box 177-A Elon College, NC 27244 Electrical Engineering Lisa N, White 1014 Victoria Blvd. Hampton, VA 23661 Mechanical Engineering Rodney M White Route 2, Box 386 Hillsborough, NC 27278 Agricultural Education Linda F, Whitley Route 5. Box 33C Clinton, NC 28328 Sociology Robin M Whitsett 5298 Yanceyvilie Road Brown Summit. NC 27214 Child Development Cornelia T Wilcox Route 1, Box 342C Roanoke Rapid, NC 27870 Business Administration Sandra K Wilder 511 Peyton Drive, Apt B Raleigh, NC 27601 Business Administration Sharon E, Wilkes Route 1, Box 4 Pinetops, NC 27864 Business Administration Dwavne K Wilkins 3608 Crestndge Drive Charlotte. NC 28210 Business Administration Bobby L Williams 110 Astor Court Goldsboro, NC 27530 Industrial Technology (Mdiuilattoring) Cassandra Williams 180 Shelter Street Rochester, NY 14611 Accounting Charles Williams Whiteville, NC Denise Williams 306 Powe Street Durham, NC 27705 Biology (Professional) Diane L Williams 2116 Everitt Street, Apt B Greensboro, NC 27401 Biology (Professional) Donna M Williams 1617 Woodridge Avenue Greensboro, NC 27405 Business Administration Dor.ilby R Williams Route 2. Box .378 Henderson. NC 27,536 Electrical Flngineering Eric Williams 321 W Vandalia, Apt, C Greensboro, NC 27406 Architectural Engineering George H Williams 1625 Leggett Road Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Electrical Engineering Leon H Williams 9236 Edgevale Drive Charlotte, NC 28216 Computer .Science Michael L. Williams .3403 Calumet Place Greensboro, NC 27405 Undecided (Undergraduate) Todd V. Williams 1319 Lincoln Street Elizabeth City. NC 27909 Business Administration Tracey R Williams Route 2. Box 175A Wallace. NC 28466 Accounting Avery N Williamson 417 Whitaker Street Enfield, NC 27823 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Hilda G Wills 1107 12th Avenue Augusta, GA 30901 Electrical Engineering Eric L. Wilson 211 Middle Street Smithfield. VA 23430 Industrial Technology (Electronics) Hope M Wilson La [ 121 , VA 23950 ntir Mamie M. Wilson 1 Durante Place Durham, NC 27704 Health and Physical Education Randy T Wilson 1618 Summit Avenue, Apt D Greensboro, NC 27405 Architectural Engineering Sharon R. Wilson 439 New Castle Avenue Dover, DE 19901 Accounting Angela T, Winslead 304 Owens Street Roxboro, NC 27573 Accounting Rodney Q Wofford 2804 Raleigh Avenue Winston-Salem. NC 27105 Industrial Engineering Darvl M Woodard 2410 Bel Air Forest Wilson, NC 27893 Industrial Technology (Manufacturing) Vincent W Woods 1214 Chaplin Street, SE Washington, DC 20019 Economics Nina M, Wooten 1103 Morningside Drive Kinston. NC 28501 Psychology Reginald Worthington P,0 Box 376 Winterville, NC 28590 Agricultural Science (Lab. Animal Science) Norman M Wright 26IX) Houston Avenue Richmond, VA 23222 Electrical Engineering Pamela K Wright 1236 S Eugene Street, Apt Greensboro, NC 27406 English (Professional) Elbert Wright. Jr, Route 2. Box 452 Timmonsville, SC 29161 Electrical Engineering Gloria K. Wynn 1214 Water Street Greensboro, NC 27401 Speech Jerry W Wyrick Route 1, Box 96 Plowfie McLeansville, NC 27301 Business Administration Ayorinde Yeye-Odu 1031 Dewey Street Greensboro, NC 27405 Agricultural Education Gregory A Young 3630 Cameron Drive Augusta, GA 30906 Mechanical Engineering Lenora D. Young Route 3. Box 152 Warrenton, NC 27589 Computer Science P Zeigler 1908 Drexmore Avenue Greensboro, NC 27406 Industrial Engineering Roderick A. Ziglar Route 2, Box 273 Eden, NC 27288 Industrial Technology (Manufacturing) Sami M Zitawi 3232 S. Holden Road Safat, 52 27407 Mathematics (Professional) Mahmoud A Zubaid 717 Greenhaven Drive, Apt E Greensboro. NC 27406 Architectural Engineering Senior Class Section Editors Monica is a freshman from Bronx, New York. Her major is Professional Theatre. Her future goals are to become a professional songstress, and possi- bly work in the business management field in theatre. Monica ' s hobbies are singing, dancing, reading plays, and composing lyrics. Her organizational participation includes the Ayantee Yearbook Executive Board Committee as Senior Editor, The Richard B. Harrison Players of Paul Robeson Theatre, and T-MAC (Theatre Management Assistance Core). Monica has also been actively involved in many of the freshman activities that have occurred on campus this year. Monica Scott Clemente is a junior from Enfield, North Carolina. His major is Business Administration Agricultural Economics. Clemente believes in uplifting as we climb. His hobbies are many but they all revolve around people interaction and public relations. He is presently a member of the National Agri-Market- ing Association, University Senate, Students United to Free South Africa, Men ' s Council, and North Hampton Halifax Club. Clemente McWilliams 65 :-y:rtii ii«»h ' U .rxK.; a- i A MmmfiitiitiMsMk, , •• ■ i m Senior Class Officers Lisa R. Wells Vice President Russell P. Beaty Secretary — Not Pictured Darnevy A. Law President David C. James Treasurer Debra Robinson Miss Senior 1986-87 66 ' r ' .-JT. fT ' " mmsm MALCOLM AARON KARLA ADKINS OLIVER VV. ADKINS. JR. SAMUEL E. AKAGU TAMMY V. ALEXANDER IDI A. ALI TERRY ALLEN ANGELA ALMON BARBARA ALSTON BRUCE ALSTON JEANINE ALSTON SHON ALSTON OLUBAYO D. AMODU ANDRE N. ANDERSON. Ill DARVIN ANDERSON PATRICIA ARMSTRONG 67 DWIGHT ARMWOOD WILBERT ARTiS MICHAEL AUSTIN PETER N. AWUTE TANYA D. AYSCUE MICHELLE BABER LORING BACON STEPHANIE BAGLEY ANGELA BAILEY OLGO BAKER STEPHANIE BALAAM MARVIN L. BALLARD MELVIN BALLARD ERIC BARNES KIMBERLY BARNES MICHELLE BARNES 68 -;-T " t ; ■•y-- ; • " ' ' 1 ' ? ' ; ' -TV ' rv ff ' - wp!r -: ' -; sy:;? r (ff? in B-,viy f I ' i .vi ' -ii- ' jri ' - MICHELLE BARNHILL RUSSELL BEATY NATALIE BELCHER VETIA BENNETT SELINA BEST TYJUANA S. BEST CHERYL BLAKE LISA BOLLING KAREN BONABY MARK BOTTOMS ERIC BOVVDEN ROHN BOWDEN LATHERIO BOYD R.E. BOYD SELINA BRACEY LISA BRADFORD 69 1 fat ' , ,-- -, •-■, ,-. ' :i ' -i ri v:tUi: A!. ;,i:,iii MERITA BRADLEY FREDERICK BROWN RONALD E. BROWN ROYAL BROOKS JANICE BRANCH JEFFREY D. BROWN Jwm. STACEY BROWN JAMES BRYANT, JR. ALESIA BRIDGES RAYMOND BROWN DARLENE BROWNING KATHY R. BLUE DARLENE BRISTER REGINALD K, BROWN OKARSAMAA BROOKS LISA BLUE 70 iBm ' ' }l:ifi: l ' ' i ' l ' C3iiS ' !iT ' I ' J ' ■ " ' v l ■ ' ■ . ' ? ' " . ' ' l ' ff. " ' -T F ' ' :; " i ■r ._ » j-i SYLVIA M. BULL GARY BURNETTE FAITH BYNUM KAREN CARPENTER LINDA BL ' MPASS DUNCAN BUTLER TINA BYNUM TINA CARROLL KENNETH BURGESS PATRICIA BUTLER REGINALD A. CANN SHEILA CASH (Ul DONNA BURKE SHEILA BYERS ARNOLD CAPERS JACQUELINE GATES 71 i ■X ii ' . ' A i.Ali :MM,jmiim M , ;, ; TRACY CEPHAS WENDELL CHAPLIN EDWINA CHESTNUT GARY CLARK TYRA CLYMER CLAUDE C. COBB, III RENEE COLEMAN TERRY COLEY DOUGLAS V. COOPER MILDRED V. COOPER BARBARA COTTON WAYNE W. COX BONITA CRANDOL DANIEL CRANDOL TONYA A. CRAWFORD KAREN CRAWLEY 72 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (1 ■PW«MH t ?.; ' ' 5 i ' ' i. ' M?it 7.:;! ' ;j-:.- ' ! iV CONNIE CUTNER JENNIFER DALTON VALERIA DALTON GERALD DAUGHERTY CLAYTON DAUGHTRY ALANNA DAVIS ANTHONY DAVIS JACQUELINE DAVIS JUDY DAVIS KATONGA L. DAVIS SHELBY DAVIS YOLANDA DAVIS SANDRA DEAN KIMBERLY DEANS STEPHANIE DEANS 73 r ■ ' ii!iUf!v ' w::iijiif ' i.M,m!m! mi Is ! KIMBRA DENNIS JENNIFER N. DEPASS RITA DILLARD BILARI PAUL DIRKWA KIM DIXON MARY DUNLAP DANNY DUPREE PAUL N. DURHAM KERRY BANS LINWOOD EDWARDS. JR. TINA EDWARDS WILLIAM ELLIS YVETTE ESTEP EVETTA EVANS MICHAEL EVANS PRISCILLA EVERETTE SHiiiiiiliiHiaili n STEPHANIE FAULKNER JEFFREY FEASTER DAMETRE K. FISHER EDMOND FISHER DAWN FORBES VICKI FORBES JARNICE FORD GERALD FRAZIER AARON FRESHWATER DAWN FRIEND DETRICE GALLOWAY PAMELA GAMER ANGELA GARLAND T.J. GARRETT JAMES GATLING STACEY GAY r ' i ' .:.:,- M; ' : ' U iivi m„ i ;f MMail:Vi:i ■. ERNEST GAYMON LEVIE GEORGE MELANIE GEORGE BRUCE GIBBS WILLIE GILBERT DENNIS GLOVER KELVIN W. GODARD ANNIE GOLDSTON SYLVIA GOLDSTON ROMIA GORO VICTORIA GRADY KATHY GRAHAM JAMES GRANTHAM ANGELA GRAY HARDEE GREEN CINDEE GREGORY 76 ii9H JANET GREGORY ANGELA HAIRSTON KEITH HALL LEDTA HARDING ANTONIO HARGROVE DAWN HARRIS JAMES HARRIS MARTHA HARRIS RITA HARRIS SHAWN HARRIS MAMIE HAWKINS SHARON HAZEL JEFF HEATH JOHNNY HEDGEPETH FRANK HENRY LOLITA HESTER ai 77 i frif ' , ,a- ■ :- ' - ' ' ' ' y ' ' - W ' i CM» ; -r ' :i£v: ' i!!,$ M;Mm mi TERESA HESTER CARLUS A. HICKS DWAYNE HICKS JOSEPH HICKS GERALD HINNANT VICKI G. HINTON MARY HOLLOWAY DERRICK HOOD DARLENE HORTON DARRYL T. HOWARD JAMES HOWARD BRAD S. HOWELL CATHY HUMPHREY MICHAEL HUMPHREY SHELDON HUNT DARRYL HUSSEY 78 ■laiiBiiiiiii wr DINA HYATT C.H. IHESINULO ANGELA INGRAM TONY INGRAM MICHAEL ISLEY BEATRICE M. IVEY FRANCIS IWEANYA ADRIANNE JACKSON ROBIN JACKSON RUFUS JACKSON DAVID JAMES DARNELL JARRETT NORMA JARRETT SHERROD JEFFERSON PATRICIA JENKINS JEFFREY JENNINGS 79 i mk r i , - " . -■■ { ■ V P! » -iV:r:iv: -iM,iA m!M i ! L: JERROLD JOHNSON KEITH JOHNSON RHONDA JOHNSON ULYSSES JOHNSON, JR. ANGELA JONES TERRY JONES VALERIE ALICIA JONES JACQUETTA KEARNEY KAREN KELLY ANITA KEY TERRENCE KNIGHT EMMANUEL KOLO PHILLIP LANGSTON DARNEVY LAW ALEXANDER LEACH BARBARA LEAK 80 " " " SHKi SiH SHELDON LEMAY SHARON LESLIE NATASHA E. LEWIS REGINA LEWIS LISA LILLY BERNICE LITTLE JACQUELINE LITTLE CLINTON LOWERY ERICA LOWERY ADRIANE LOWRIE KILBY MAJETTE CYNTHIA MALLOY YUSUF MAMUDU MILDRED MAREE FREDERICK MARTIN PRETRINIA MARTIN 81 i m a BjjBSBmS Sa tit. • Siit Aii V i ' ■ji fA-Az- ' i MHirS ' iiM i ' j t-- . SHEROD MARTIN ARNEATHIA MASON CLEO MASON FRANKLIN MCCAIN KERRY L. MCDONALD GREGORY MCGILL JAY MCLEAN JOY MCLEAN CORANETTA MCMURRAY SHELIA MCNEIL CHRISTINE MCNEILL DAVID MCNEILL WARREN MCNEILL, III ANTHONY MEADOWS WILLIAM MERRITT, JR. STACEY MIDDLETON 82 Bl ALFRED MILLER KATHY L. MILLER RODERICK MILLIKEN ANGELA MILTON JENEEN MINGO LATONYA MINOR ANGELIA V. MOORE JAIRUS B. MOORE JAMES MOORE VALERIE E. MOORE CARLA MORRIS CHRISTOPHER MORRIS JACQUELYN MOSES REGINA MUMFORD ANGELA MURRAY 83 u a . riAf ; , u-.ii a,i ' imM:m f , :4..,, JACQUELINE MURRAY MARVIN MURRAY JACKIE NEWMAN MARSHA ODEN GODWIN ODU ERNEST OGUEJIDFOR BAMIDELE OJERINDE LANCE OLLIVIERRE W M:m- 1 r RAFIU ONIBUDO CLYDE O ' QUINN WANDA ORR RAYMOND OWENS THERESA OWENS HANDY PACK KIM PAGE MONATE PARKS 84 BT " PAUL PARSONS OLIVETTE PATTERSON KIMBERLY PAYNE LARRY PAYNE AUGUSTINE PAYTON LINVVOOD PEGUES ANGELA PENDLETON CHARLES PENDLETON FRANCES PENDLETON PHILLIP M. PERRY. JR. KEITH PETEN TERRY PHELPS REGINA PIERCE LYNN POINDEXTER REGINALD POWE SADONNA POWELL 85 a £L, -)y.i«aMfe ' - «.i ::ji4.»ij ' 5; „ v;y, i, SHARON PRATT SHARON RAGLAND LILLIE REDFEARN ELEANOR PRICE STEPHANIE 0. REAVES ERIC REID SHEILA E. QUEEN DEIDRE D. REDD PAMELA REID VINCENT QUIETT ELLIS REDD ANGELA RESPUS WALTER REUBEN, JR. TESCA T. RICHARDSON ROBERT RIVERS, JR. DENITA ROBBINS 86 B 1 LETITIA ROBINSON VALORIE ROBINSON BENGJUNIOE ROMAN SONIA ROUMELL - ' ; i ' m m RONALD ROUNTREE FELICIA SAMPLE LORNA SAVAGE STACEY SCALES DARRY SCOTT MILDRED SEAMAN NAMESAGANG SEKWATI WENDY SELLARS REGINALD L. SHARPLESS PHYLLIS SHAW KEVIN SHELBY EARLE SHEPPARD ■an i iH iiai v: ' - iV ■■■■■■■■■■■I YVETTE D. SHIVERS DERROL SHUFORD TONI SILVA BARBARA SILVER TEMERIAL A. SIMMONS JENNIFER SIMS APRIL L. SMITH BARRY SMITH DAWN SMITH EDWARD W. SMITH GREGORY SMITH JAMES A. SMITH KAVEN SMITH KEITH M. SMITH RHONDA SMITH VEDA SMITH 88 " r ■? ' ' " Vf ?: ' ' nw y r-ti;!ip,. T- r MMJ- -■ !. -.: , ,» ' • r. -iiv. ; VEDA V. SMITH OLUSEGUN SOGUNRO MONICA SOLOMON ALLIE SPARROW KAREN SPENCER ANTHONY R. SPINKS MELONISE SPINKS MARCETTA STACKS k !! TWANDA STALKY GERLAD STEVENSON BRENDA STEWART LORRAINE STEWART CHARLENE SUMLIN ANGEL YN SURGEON KIMBERLY SW ANSON INGER SWIMPSON 89 1 ■ ■■.i;i. a jsg1 .W.tSKV ' IiW- ' V J.;i.!V.:. ■1v ' ,|i.-51I 3;aiv «i. PAMELA SWINDLER SHIRLEY THOMAS WILLIAM B. TIMMONS JOY TEEL CYNTHIA THROCKMORTON JACQUELYN TRISVANE ■P FAWN THOMAS PARLYN THURMAN REGINALD TRUESDALE KEVIN L. THOMAS STEPHENIE TIDWELL BETTY VINCENT CYNTHIA VINCENT TWANA VINCENT LATONYA WADE BERDENIA WALKER 90 - : ,g•l ?- ' r . ' l --l ' t y ■ 1yK »: ■3jJl 1 ; MICHAEL WALLINGTON JODI WALSTON KINDREA WALSTON ANGELA WASHINGTON BEVERLY WATFORD JACOB WATKINS JEFFREY J. WATSON VALORIE WEBB PATSY WEBSTER LISA WELLS INGRIDA WEST MARIE WHEELOUS EVELYN WHELESS ANTIONETTE WHITE KEVIN L. WHITE LISA WHITE 91 ., ' ,.- ' .-i : ' ii..iir ¥.; ■ ' i :r- : ■: itm ' -ViV ' -S:y:JJ m LISA WHITMORE CORNELLA WILCOX SHARON WILKES ANGELA WILLIAMS BOBBY WILLIAMS CASSANDRA WILLIAMS DENISE WILLIAMS DONNA WILLIAMS DOROTHY R. WILLIAMS GEORGE WILLIAMS KIMBER WILLIAMS MICHELE WILLIAMS MICHELLE WILLIAMS TRACEY R. WILLIAMS DYNISE WILLIAMSON ERIC L. WILSON jg ' iT ' ' ' rfff. ' n?»TO?tg,iir ' ;(«-: vir ' ™ig;im vMT.-.a w;mMm. Mi HOPE WILSON SHARON WILSON ALFRED WIMBERLEY ANGELA WINSTEAD VINCENT WOODS AYORINDE YEYE-ODU GREGORY A. YOUNG RODERICK ZIGLAR The Alama Mater!! Our Blue And Gold Dear A. and T., dear A. and T., a monument indeed, Around thy base with grateful hearts behold thy students kneel. We bless the power that gave thee birth to help us in our need, We ' ll ever strive while here on earth all loyalty to yield. REFRAIN With joy, with joy, dear A. and T., thy students turn from thee To spread thy trophies year by year from Dare to Cherokee. Dear A. and T., dear A. and T., the signet thou shalt be Set by our great old commonwealth, proud boaster of the free; She ' d have the record of her worth on granite not inscribed — Nay, let the children of her birth proclaim it by their lives. Dear A. and T., dear A. and T., henceforth our aim shall be. By precepts wise and deeds more sure to bless the State through thee; The arts of industry to wield against an idle foe. A harvest rich from ripened fields of what thy students sow. 93 w.ft.a ' KRR ' Vi ' Dr. Lucille J. Piggott Dean Of Student Development 1986-87 D e d 1 c a t e d T o 94 ■-m.- ' n ' ,:ia!Km. ■ .■ K ' lf- ' vmuiLn ' y Dr. Lucille J. Piggott hails from Alton, Illinois and has been associated with North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University since 1950. As a speaker, published author, workshop presenter, leader in numerous organizations, including honor and professional, listed in six WHO ' .S WHO volumes. Dr. Lucille J. Piggott has served the University, the Community and our State well. For these contributions, we dedicate the 1986-87 AYAN- TEE Yearbook to her. " THE GREATNESS OF A WOMAN, CAN NEARLY ALWAYS BE MEA- SURED BY HER WILLINGNESS TO SERVE. " 95 mmmm lr-•l . :■■;J HT " «v■ ' :■ ' lW» ' ? ■.■■ ., .; ' ;■■v;- ' .)yy.l.:■jlt ' ;;■f j RICHARD PRYOR AND HIS DOUBLE (upperleft)... COMMUNICATES WITH STAFF AND STUDENTS WHILE FILMING ON OUR CAMPUS. DR. ALBERT SMITH PRESENTED EDI- TIONS OF THE AYANTEE YEARBOOK AND A PLAQUE. 96 Richard Pryor ' s Visit To A T .Mr .jr.- •■-..- t ]i- lLi....-t.-i..iii.i. ' .T iiLmHnn iM«iiiHH.-i., i ' -?j-. «?. ' ■ Barbara Ostler Student Life James Walter, Jr. 85-86 Marta Hicks Charles Take Time Out. Jeffery George Rubv Bennett James Tavlor Mildred Patterson Julia Redding Stephen Hudson 97 STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS Although, student activities are found at various levels of the University, the area of Student Activities serves as the principal administrative oversight agency for all Recognized Student Organizations. The area supports and foster the concept of total student involvement in programs and activities as an educational vehicle and developmental opportunity for both organizers and participants. Regardless of the kind or type of program selected by students, the chief objectives of which we constantly advocate are leadership, followership, initiative, intelligent obedience to constituted authority, and participation. Activities are processed through a variety of strategies which includes intensive programming instructions from the student organizational hand- book, social event forms, finiancial developmental goals, decision-making grid, and student activities transcript. Once activities are determined, a project activity plan is developed. In an effort to assist students to maximize their potentialities, a great deal of programming is done within the facilities of the Memorial Student Union, Academic Facilities, Moore Gymnasium, and Aggie Stadium. It is recognized that a truly logical student activities program must have many constituents for the development of insight and the massive collection and analysis for which students may approach the ideals of mastery, and the attainment of breadth of outlook and understanding in the field of human culture as a whole. Many thanks to Mrs. Marteena B. Wooten for the supervision and leadership of Who ' s Who implementation. A Strategic Leap Into The Future 98 i r. = ' rs f t- ivvi -i ■-• ' ■ ' ' ' " ii ' --■ ' i iiiiiial J Who ' s Who Among Students In American Universities And Colleges...l986-87 99 - ■ ■ ! g g .: ' ■r ' ■ -wm Karia D. Adkins Tammy V. Alexander ■ ■■ Terry L. Allen Olubayo Dejo Amodu I ■ Andre N, Anderson Patricia Armstrong 100 ,!; jSiiS «lsSs4si a£a S;i ■I ' Tyjuana S. Best Deanna Lynn Brown w m,. ■ ' fnnm Cary Eugene Burnette Barbara Cotton »« ' ? ' ■rs Evetta Evans John Wesley Felder ■ Dametre K. Fisher Detrice Galloway « 9 Victoria E. Grady Hardee Green ■■ " i ' fTi ■ - " « a r, i fi-f- j Lolita S. Hester Carlus A. Hicks 102 ' ! , " ■ ■•■ ;I S Hvgi 4 i S[■■i. : ' fegS? . va teV ■=iifri ' ftii A t Adrianne A. Jackson i fSBiWi IIS — - " rM m, II ■ B p I ;iM. ..-, Darnevy A. Law Kerry Lewis McDonald f ---• ;;. gy b k HiiiiiB H..jki m f 1 Karen Mickens 103 IBifi Stephanie G. Reaves Christopher D. Morris ■ YSi Angela Pendleton Charles K. Pendleton " ■ •- ' • r ur Valerie E. Moore 104 ■. 5 ' iJ .S .a K■ j ' .■ g5 S jg ' -■■ .V: ,■.-■-,:;. .fSxSK -.- -s. - -■ I !■■■■ i IU! " BB II t ; ' . ' - :, I. Twanda M. Staley Inger Hope Swimpson Pamela A. Swindler Cvnthia Throckmorton r ■ Sj ' Jr " " ) l Stephenie Tidwell William B. Timmons 105 mammm ■ ffll ■ ' Si, Latonya Rochelle Wade Berdenia P. Walker Jacob Jerome Watkins Hope Wilson WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES 106 iit gSi M ilMt fe; : GARY E. COLLINS JACKSONVILLE, N.C. RONDA R. ROTEN KERNERSVILLE, N.C. IRENE .J. BOONE GREENSBORO. N.C. WITH THE SHARING OF IDEAS, AND A VARIETY OF ACTIVITIES COUPLED WITH CONSTANT DIALOGUE EN- HANCED OUR EFFORTS AND PROGRAMS AS WE SOUGHT TO TAKE A STRATEGIC LEAP INTO THE FUTURE. WE FASTLY ADOPTED AN UNDERSTANDING AND RESPECT FOR VARIOUS VALUE SYS- TEMS BY DEVELOPING GREATER KNOWLEDGE, AND APPRECIATION FOR STUDENT LEADERS AND PARTICI- PANTS. CHRISTOPHER DURHAM BURLINGTON, N.C. CLARENCE L. HILL DURHAM, N.C. DEBORAH MYERS CHARLOTTE, N.C. ALISON BYNGMAN GREENSBORO, N.C. KEVIN MCNEAL BALTI.MORE, MD. ■ ■.: A.« ' --»,)i-- H ll»-. aifl- The Graduate School Dr. Albert Spruill Dean 122 Gibbs Hall Ganiyu A. Akintunde Industrial Education (Electronics) Najim Abdul-Hadi Al-Abdullah Electrical Engineering Vernon R. Alford, Jr. Administration Education Robert W. Anderson Adult Education Abdulkadir Balogun Industrial Vocational Education Renee Barnwell Biology Gwendolyn L. Bass Human Resource Sherrie M. Blevins Biology Ibrahim D. Bori Chemistry 108 limc M m mmmHi : Mkt if : Shirl Brown Human Resources Counseling Carolyn Burns Human Deveiupment and Resources Carolyn Campbell Early Childhood Education Phyllis Cole Adult Education Jacquelyn B. Covington Guidance and Counseling Yvonne Dewar Counselor Education Evelyn L. Donnell Human Development and Resources Shirley R. Douglas Adult Education Sharon K. Eberhardt Early Childhood K-4 Melba J. Edwards English Leresa Fail Counseling Agency Veronica M. Ford Adult Education 109 ' ' . jiwaifUGh ' . " Mmmmofoav no Terence Garraway Engineering (General) Michael J. Gibson Biology Shirley V. Haglar Adult Education Stanley Harding Agricultural Economics Beulette Yvonne Hooks Biology Sale Jibrin Imam Vocational Industrial Education (Electrical Ind.) Eunice Isley Human Resource Guidance An nette D. Jones Biology Pretlo V. Knight Biology Linda Whitley Lea Human Resources Ann DuBose Little Early Childhood Education Mary J. Madden Guidance .? ' , " ' •■ i C i%%SI4 . . WS fe5;Ai4S j Taunya McCarty Electrical Engineering Roger Reynolds McLean Agency Counseling Rosa S. McRae Human Development and Resources Kathryn T. Miller Human Resources Karen Y. Monroe Reading Education Bobby Moore Adult Education Theodore Noble Adult Education Ambrose Nwagbarajl Agricultural Economics Hezekiah Oladokun Ogunlae Industrial EducationA ' oc. Rosemar ' M. Outlaw English Alan D. Parker Historv Virginia M. Parker Counseling Education ■ jy tL-a-iiWMi ! -aiBr(: xr .aff ' rrwiM B W ' t " P - Hilton Maria Shaw Personnel Agency Counseling Education Terri Spears Guidance and Counseling Freda J. Talley Guidance and Counseling Torrey Tellefsen Social Sciences Sandra L. Totten Adult Education Alfred C. Waddell History Wardy Omar Weans Adult Education Starletta Y. Williams Biology Robin D. Wynn Biology Samaila Yakubu Voc. Industrial Education (Computer) Mark S. Yokley Youth Services Counselo Larry Donnell Yon I Adult Education 112 . t. k al -f. . lfcS4tefela Marvin Christian is overjoyed with another Aggie Victory! Johnny Lakel Snaith, Computer Science, Clinton, Marvland. Student Life ■• Elflisl Smith. Bernadine Anthony. Angela Whitaker, Bridgette Gray. 113 ufHiSjev i A-rrM ' ! ! tx-y ism Agricultural And Technical State University . . . Schools And College Of Arts And Sciences 114 4 ' ,(;, ' !W(»SSsa il5 ss; k:5 v ' . Assistant Deans J Dr. Ethel Taylor Assistant Dean College of Arts And Sciences Dr. Danny Pogue Assistant Dean School of Business And Economics Dr. Dorothy Prince Barnett Assistant Dean School of Education Dr. William J. Craft Associate Dean School of Engineering 115 School Of Agriculture Philosophy and Objectives. The School of Agriculture embraces the funda- mental philosophy of the Land-Grant Institution and it accepts the obliga- tion to provide a program of resident instruction, research and extension. It administers to the general needs of an interdependent rural-urban society and to the special needs of those who desire and benefit from instruction in agriculture and home economics. The objectives of the School of Agriculture are twofold: (1) to develop the academic proficiency to its students through organized instruction and re- search and (2) to share its resources with its clientele through organized short courses, conferences, and related activities designed to meet special needs. Dr. Richard D. Robbins Chairperson — AERS Dr. A. P. Bell. Chairperson AEE Dr. George A. Johnson Chairperson — AS 116 Vf if ' rs ' m ' ' , ' £:Li ' :: -• ' " - ; ' Dr. Harold E. Mazyck Chairperson — HE Agricultural Economics And Rural Sociology Agricultural Education And Extension Animal Science Home Economics Plant Science And Technology flkj Bv af _ t Jr 1 j J K£ ' ! Dr. Samuel J. Dunn Chairperson — PST 117 mamk College Of Arts And Sciences Mr. Leroy F. Holmes, Jr. Dept. of Arts Dr. A. James Hicks Dept. of Biology Dr. Walter Wright Dept. of Chemistry Dr. Jimmy L, Williams Dept. of English Dr. Helen C. LeBlanc-Disher Dept. of Foreign Languages Dr. Peter V. Meyers Acting Chairperson, Dept. of History 1 »k Dr. Wendell P. Jones Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science Dr. Jason Gilchrist Dept. of Physics The College of Arts and Sciences intro- duces the student to many fields of human interests and assists him in acquiring knowl- edge in the field of liberal arts and sciences. Its primary aim is to provide a liberal and professional education intended to prepare the student to perform in a wide variety of employment situation. In fulfilling its pri- mary purpose, the College endeavors to pro- vide opportunities for the student to acquire the knowledge, perceptions, values, and skills needed for personal development and social usefulness. It also strives through its formal curriculum and co-curriculum pro- grams to achieve the following objectives: 1. To provide courses in general education for all students. 2. To provide courses of instruction for in breadth and in depth studies in the hu- manities, natural sciences and mathe- matics, and the social sciences. 3. To provide an opportunity for the stu- dent to acquire the tools or methods with which to gather, analyze, and eval- uate information as well as the skills to communicate his thinking to others. Dr. Clifford E. Watkins Dept. of Music Dr. Amarjit Singh Dept. of Political Science 4. To provide the opportunity for individ- ual creativity and development through research and other activities which in- spire creativity, self-discipline, and self- criticism. 5. To provide an academic base on which individuals may enter graduate areas of specialization. Dr. Emory Sadler Dept. of Psychology Dr. Sarah V. Kirk Dept. of Sociology and Social Work Dr. Mary M. Tuggle Dept. of Speech Communication and Theatre Arts ■ 119 m School Of Business And E c o n o m 1 c s DR. MARK KIEL, CHAIRPERSON DEPT. OF ACCOUNTING A primary goal of the School of Business and Economics is to develop business leaders who are capable of coping with new technoligies and social progress. Associated with this goal is a commitment to the objectives of quality instruction, research, professional development, and to program and service for the communi- ty, state, and nation. The School of Business and Economics also serves to perpet- uate a general understanding and appreciation for the interrelationships of the national as well as world environments. The scope of the School ' s programs includes curricula based primarily upon key concepts and skills necessary for decision-making and problem-solving roles in business, industry, government, and education. DR. .JAPHET NKONGE, ACTING CHAIRPERSON DEPT. OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 120 . :.]i Mm MEMmmiifs M Dr. Meada Gibbs, Chairperson Dept. of Business Education and Administrative Services Accreditation . . . THE UNDERGRADUATE BUSINESS PROGRAMS OF THE SCHOOL OF BUSI- NESS AND ECONOMICS ARE ACCREDITED BY THE AMERICAN ASSEMBLY OF COLLEGIATE SCHOOLS OF BUSINESS (AACSB). " Dr. Basil Coley, Acting Chairperson Dept. of Economics 121 H Dr. Henry T. Cameron, Chairperson Dept. of Educational Leadership And Policy s c h o o 1 Of Dr. Charles L. Hayes, Chairperson Dept. of Curriculum And Instruction E d u c a t 1 o ri The School of Education provides curricula for students to prepare for teaching careers in the elemen- tary and secondary schools of the state and for other professional careers in industry and government. The programs of study are planned to enable students to attain competence in both specialized and general areas of Education. The School of Education includes the following departments: Curriculum and Instruction; Educational Leadership and policy; Human Development and Services; and Health, Physical Education and Recrea- tion. L 122 DR. WYATT D. KIRK, CHAIRPERSON DEPT. OF HUMAN DEVELOPMENT AND SERVICES Education Quality DR. DEBORAH J. CALLAWAY, CHAIRPERSON — DEPT. OF HEALTH PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND RECREATION 123 mmBsm School Of Technology Dr. Robert B. Pyle, Chairperson Dept. of Industrial Education Initial admission of students to undergraduate degree programs is based on general admission require- ments of the University. Admission, retention, and state certification of students in Industrial Teacher Edu- cation programs are based on policies described under the School of Edu- cation. Community College and Technical Institute graduates and other trans- fer students may be admitted to un- dergraduate Industrial Education programs with advanced classifica- tion by submitting credentials to the University Admis sions Office for in- dividual assessment. Maximum transfer credit from Associate Degree programs is 62 semester hours or ap- proximately Junior status. Dr. Walter E. Dukes, Chairperson Dept. of Industrial Technology Dr. Isaac Barnett, Chairperson Department of Safety And Driver Education 124 ,.g lJ Vv al i X ' tf ■ -ite«sB l: :: A- School Of Engineering Dr. Peter Rojeski. Jr.. Chairperson Dept. of Architectural Engineering Dr. Kenneth H. Murray. Chairperson Dept. of Civil Engineering The School of En- gineering grants bachelor of science degrees in architec- tural, electrical, in- dustrial, and me- chanical engineering. The programs are ac- creditation by the Accredation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc. (ABET). New Bachelor of science programs in- clude chemical engi- neering beginning August, 1985, and civil engineering be- ginning August, 1986. The School also offers the mas- ter of science degree in engineering, ar- chitectural engineer- ing, electrical engi- neering, industrial engineering and me- chanical engineering. Dr. Franklin G. King. Chairperson Dept. of Chemical Engineering Dr. Harold L. Martin. Chairperson Dept. of Electrical Engineering Dr. Arup K. Mallik. Chairperson Dept. of Industrial Engineering Dr. Tony C. Min. Chairperson Dept. of Mechanical Engineering ■ 125 School Of Nursing -- MRS. MARGARET C. WARREN ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR The program offered by the School of Nursing is accredited by The North Carolina Board of Nursing and the National League for Nursing. The School of Nursing is an agency member of the National League for Nursing in the NLN Council of Baccalaureate and Higher Degree Programs, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing and the Southern Regional Education Board Council on Collegiate Education for Nursing. jm DR. VIRGINIA ARMENTROLIT ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR MRS. HELEN B. MCCULLOUGH ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR The objectives of the Nursing Program are designed to provide learning experiences that will assist nursing student to: (1) Integrate knowledge from liberal arts and the sciences as a foundation for nursing practice; (2) Fulfill the functions and responsibilities of the professional nurse; (3) Continue ' professional and personal development. 126 t-.y »; The Graduate School Dr. Albert Spruill Dean Graduate education at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University was authorized by the North Carolina State Legislature in 1939. The authorization provided for graduate training in agriculture, applied science and allied area of study. An extension of the graduate program, approved by the General Assembly of North Carolina in 19,57, provided for enlargement of the program to include teacher education as well as such other programs of a professional or occupational nature as might be approved by the State Board of Higher Education. The Graduate School of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University offers advanced study for qualified individuals who wish to improve their competence for careers in professions related to agriculture, applied science, education, science research, technology, the humanities and the social sciences. Such study of information and techniques is provided through courses of study leading to the Master of Science degree and through institutes, workshops, and individual courses designed for those who are not candidates for a higher degree but who desire advanced work in certain fields of study. Second, the Graduate School provides the foundation of knowledge and of techniques required for those who wish to continue their education in doctoral progr ams at other institutions. Third, the Graduate School assumes the responsibility of stimulating and encouraging scholarly research among students and facultv members. For additional information write to: The Dean of the Graduate School, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, Greensboro, N.C. 27411 127 H MH F.D. Bluford L 1 b r a r y 128 ' ?: •: • . ■ .jfni- ' u.: ■■;. L i „ i . f :ri,i to, ■. ' ' .: . ' ■ vj J,l; S ' ■ ' iiiiafe j vW!ii 5j ■» -,:-- .S " J - - ' la- Library Staff 129 ■ Army ROTC LTC BENJAMIN FOSTER, JR. BATTALION COMMANDER CPT. HAZEL YOUNG ENROLLMENT OFFICER MRS. TAMMY WHITFIELD PERSONNEL CLERK GT. MAJOR JOHN SCOTT BATTALION SGM. SSG DOUGLAS KOTHEN BEUTEL SUPPLY NCO MSG. JAMES HAYES OPERATIONS NCO 130 viH ' J " v :;«ii.M i, ' ' avta.i -- =v MAJ. DARRYL MAGEE OPERATIONS OFFICER SSG. MICHAEL O ' NEAL ADMINISTRA- TIVE NCO CPT. MICHAEL GUYTON ADJUTANT CPT. DAVID MAJ, MARIANO GDETZE CORPUZ LOGISTICS EXECUTIVE OFFICER OFFICER CPT. ROMEO MORRISEY ASSISTANT OP- ERATIONS OFFICER 131 ■m. ' -m Air Force R T C CPT. CURTIS S. DRIGGERS CPT. ANTHONY HARDIN SSGT. STAN KING Campbell Hall 132 •ifc: %»■ ' i .V K■, : ; ia;i ati i ? lA■i ' -.AV O T ■ tC ia-i MRS. LORETTA LEGRAND SECRETARY SSGT. A.B. COOK CPT. JUDY ADKINSON-KIRK Dept. Of Aerospace Studies LTC. JOHNNY W. WILLIAMS 133 Dr. Sandra Alexander. Director The Freshman Advisement And The objectives of the Fresh- man Advisement and Learning Assistance Center are to pro- vide opportunity for underpre- pared students to: (1) achieve competence in communication skills during the freshman year in reading writing, speaking and listening through a com- prehensive, personalized in- struction program. These stu- dents may advance at their own rate of speed through a careful- ly tailored series of educational experiences under the tutelage of their Mentors; (2) achieve competence in computational skills during the freshman year in basic college mathematics by subjecting themselves to a se- ries of remedial, computational, and problem-solving experi- ences that are structured and monitored by faculty to insure skill development. Students will be permitted to work coop- eratively and independently and proceed at their own rate until mastery of computational skills has been achieved and re- alized by the student. Students in the freshman class will be taught collectively and or indi- vidually how to study and suc- ceed in a college program. Basic concepts of studying will be taught, such as budgeting one ' s time, how to study for examina- tions, how to organize and take notes, and the psychology of taking tests and passing them in various disciplines. The center is also responsible for coordinating the advise- ment program for freshman students and undecided majors. ,%I5: ' •. ia-ij a ' -- ' ' ' " " ■ ' ■ ,-r .-f ' X ' T ' jim - Learning Assistance Center Staff 135 Mrs. Virginia McKee Assistant to the Chancellor Dr. Willie T. Ellis, Associate Vice Chancellor — Academic Affairs 136 ' ?: : ■ «:«. Dr. Ronald 0. Smith Director, Continuing Education and Summer School Mrs. Doris D. Canada Assistant Vice Chancellor And Business Manager Dr. Rudolph Artis Registrar Dr. Clenton A. Blount. Jr. Director. Admissions Mr. Marvin Watkins Director, Research Administration Dr. Sullivan Welborne Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Dr. Lucille J. Piggott Dean of Student Development Mr. Leon Warren Director, Career Planning and Placement Dr. Robert Wilson Director, Counseling Services 137 J .- 1 , V % ' -% ' 4 Mrs, Sharon R. Martin Director, International and Minority Student Affairs Mr. Charlie Williams Director, Special Services Mrs. Linda Bowling Director. Health Services Mrs. Norma Pennix Director, Veterans and Handicapped Student Affairs Mrs. Dorothy I. Bailey Director of Student Affairs Mr. James Armstrong Director, Upward Bound ■im mk. Rev. Ralph M. Ross Assistant Dean of Student Development Mr. Ralph Brown Director of Intramural Sports Mr. Roger McKee Director. Memorial Union 138 f .- " v : ' t. .yi MtikUith -A 4}i- ' - -r ■ fr v,- ' i,;.-inr Mrs. Paula Jeffries Assistant Vice Chancellor For Business and Finance and Comptroller • ICCIE MttDC Mrs. Alene Young Director Of Library Services Mrs. Alberta Dalton Director, Student Financial Aid Mrs. Rubye Jones Salary Administration Mr. Phillip Mansfield Assistant Comptroller and Director of Accounting Mrs. Lillian M. Couch Director, Personnel Services Mr. Joseph Daughtry Director, Police Services Mrs. Maxine Davis Director, Purchasing Mr. Andre James Director. Auxiliary Services 139 IHIIMMMii Mr. Lennie Beamon Director, DeHuguley Service Center Mr. Jonah Smith Treasurer Mrs. Shirley T. Frye Assistant Vice Chancellor for Development and University Relations r T Dr. Richard Moore Director. Information Services Dr. Sampson Buie Director. Alumni Affairs Mr. Orby Moss Director, Athletics Mr. Harold L. Lanier Director, Cooperative Education Mrs. Edith Davis Director, Payroll Dr. H.D. Flowers, II Director Of Paul Robeson Theatre Dr. Jewel Stewart Director. Institutional Research Planning Mr. Drexel Ball Director. Sports Information ' t Mr. Nathaniel Hall Interim Budget Officer Mr. Willie Mooring Director. Computer Center 141 m .■srsssmmsum On Behalf Of . . . Student Government Association We Honor Mrs. Shirley Frye For Best Supporter Of Students Mrs. Shirley Frye, Assistant Vice Chancellor For Development Univ. Relations H2 7. - V , -J- l!.. ' .:l.. .- .jiii.iLU- North Carolina A T Alumni i i ' - Halifax NorthHampton Alumni Chapter 143 Class Reunion 1986 — I ' s and 6 ' s (Coorc nators) L to R — Seated — Mrs. Carolyn Rin hardt, Ms. Pamela Stubbs, ' 66, Dr. Dor thy Alston, ' 61, Mrs. Mary Haynes, NAM NOT AVAILABLE, Mrs. Debra Shar burger Barrett, ' 76 Standing — Mr. Lindsay E. McCleese, ' 5 Mr. Clinton Etheridge. ' 41, Mr. Erne Buggs, Mr. James Thornton, ' 51, Ms. Co Rhodes, ' 71. Aggie Alumni 144 :. ' J lii i ' - ii - r ti ' W - ' - ' " ' ■-- --V A; j! ;■ »v Alumni Weekend ' 86 L to R — Dr. James J. Gooch, Mrs. Jessie Barnes, Ms. Cheryl Sloan, Mr. James Slade. Sports Hall of Famers L to R — Mr. Helburn " Bud " Meadows, Mrs. Catherine Bonner, Dr. William Bell, and Mrs. Bell. 145 ammmmm Students And Their Activities At A T Nostalgic Memories . . . The Vehicle For A Strategic Leap Into The Future! 146 ■l iMMlfi- iSifei-. i=a: Student Body Election FACILITATING THE ELECTION PROCESS. THROUGH INTEGRATION OF IDEAS AND CENTRALIZATION OF THE PROCESS, THESE FORM THE CORE OF THE ELECTION. EACH CLASS POLE IS DESIGNATED BY COLOR WITH A VOT- ING MACHINE AND POLE MONITOR. MANY STUDENTS CALL THE ELECTION PROCESS, " THE CAMPUS MEETING, " SINCE IT IS THE GET-TOGETHER FOR THE STUDENT BODY. THE ELECTION PRESENTS AN UNEXCELLED OPPOR- TUNITY FOR DEVELOPING DEMOCRATIC PROCEDURES AND ATTITUDES. THE POLE IS OPENED FOR VOTERS FROM 6:00 A.M. TO 6:30 P.M. VOTES ARE COUNTED AND TABULATED. THE RESULTS OF THE COUNT ARE CERTIFIED TO THE APPROPRIATE CANVASSING OFFICERS WITH THE FOLLOWING DATA TO BE ANNOUNCED ONE HOUR AFTER THE POLE CLOSES: NAME AND WINNER OF VARIOUS SEATS, NUMBER OF RESPONDENTS IN EACH OFFICE GROUP, THE TOTAL RESPONDENTS FOR EACH CANDIDATE, SPECIFIC TIME AND PLACE FOR A RUN-OFF, IF NECESSARY. Results . . . Michael A. Brunson President, SGA Carlus Hicks Vice-President Internal Affairs Albert B. Blake Vice-President External Affairs Jacquetta C. Kearney Secretary, SGA Bengjunioe Roman Treasurer, SGA Zachary F. Rumph Attorney General Stephenie J. Tidwell Miss " A T " Esther M. Woods Appointed Chairperson, Judiciary Council Mark E. Oliphant Chairperson, Nominating Committee David Hill President, Freshman Class Sarah L. Brown Vice-President, Freshman Class Stephanie M. Howard Secretary, Freshman Class Shera D. Johnson Treasurer. Freshman Class Cathy Lynn Smith Miss Freshman Elflist N. Smith President, Sophomore Class Angela Whitter Vice-President. Sophomore Class Bernadine Anthony " T " Secretary, Sophomore Class Bridgette L. Gray Treasurer, Sophomore Class 1 Banielle Simmons 11 Miss Sophomore Charles A. Mitchell -i- President. Junior Class 1 Cheryl M. Grant Vice-President, Junior Class F Benita Lewis Secretary, Junior Class i William B. Moses Treasurer, Junior Class 1 Shahidah Muhammad Miss Junior Darnevy A. Law President, Senior Class • Lisa R. Wells Vice-President, Senior Class Russell P. Beaty Secretary, Senior Class 1 ■- Kevin Thomas Treasurer. Senior Class Debra Robinson Miss Senior 1 ■-: If There Is No Struggle There Is No Progress. 147 iiliiiiiiMHM m Snow! Snow Snow . . . No, Don ' t Throw That Snowball . . . Instead — Let ' s Make A Snow Man And Woman! 148 M Sl Wi ' ' ' ' - ' " ■■ ' ' • 149 ■liiMii - - " ■ ' ' " ■- Mr. Douglas Boone, Superintendent of Building and Grounds Mr. James Enoch, Superintendent of Skill Trades 150 -iia«Si5aiiliii.L_ii_ Staff Appreciation Day Sponsored By. . . Personnel Services MR. JING YOON, A TRUE FLOWER ARRANGER -- " " a ' I Hats Off . ■ vma,, .. . Sneak Preview Who ' s Who ■■■ 111 Angela Garland Among Students In Kay Neal I 152 r Olubayo Dejo Amodu American Universities And Colleges Karla D. Adkins Tammy V. Alexander Terry L. Allen Olubayo DeJo Amodu Andre N. Anderson Patricia Armstrong Tyjuana S. Best Raymond M. Bottoms Deanna Lynn Brown Cary Eugene Burnette Barbara Cotton Jaime Kahue Degala Evetta P, Evans John Wesley Felder Dametre K. Fisher Vicki D. Forbes Detrice Galloway Josef Gardner Angela Garland V ' ictoria E. Grady Hardee Green Janet Gregory Lolita S. Hester Carlus A. Hicks Vicki Georgene Hinton Angela L. Ingram Adrianne A. Jackson Kevin F. Johnson Darnevy A. Law Stephen Henderson-McCary Kerry Lewis McDonald Robert J. Melton. Jr. Karen Mickens Valerie E. Moore Christopher D. Morris Angela Kay Murray Kay Neal Angela D. Pendleton Charles K. Pendleton Stephanie G. Reaves Angela Respus Robert Rivers. Jr. Elaine V. Sheppard Olusegun Agboola Sogunro Twanda M. Staley Inger Hope Swimpson Pamela A. Swindler Cynthia Throckmorton Stephenie Tidwell William B. Timmons Clifford Tucker Anita Virgil LaTonya Rochelle Wade Berdenia P. Walker Angela Ward Jacob Jerome Watkins Hope Wilson Gregory Alan Young 153 nmm .ifyfiFtfT-w Honors Day Convocation Wednesday, March 19, 1986 Charles Moore Gymnasium PRESIDING: Miss Angela Coley PRELUDE University Symphony Band INVOCATION The Reverend Dr. Maurice T. Wilson Minister Bethel A. ME. Church GREETINGS James Tharrington SGA President Debara Jenkins " Miss A T " THE OCCASION Dr. Nathan Simms, Jr. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs SELECTION " O Fortuna " University Choir Carl Orff INTRODUCTION OF SPEAKER Chancellor Edward B. Fort ADDRESS Dr. John Slaughter, Chancellor The University of Maryland at College Park REMARKS Chancellor Edward B. Fort SELECTION " Masque " University Symphony Band W. Francis McBeth RECOGNITION OF GUESTS HONOR STUDENTS FROM AREA HIGH SCHOOLS s HONORS PRESENTATION College School Deans AGRICULTURE Dr. Burleigh C. Webb ARTS AND SCIENCES Dr. William DeLauder BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS Dr. Quiester Craig EDUCATION Dr. Albert Walker ENGINEERING Dr. Suresh Chandra NURSING Mrs. Margaret Warren ALMA MATER Audience, Band, Choir POSTLUDE University Symphony Band iiillliiaitiSaiaiiSi;— ii- Sigma Chi Theta Mrs. Sandra Hicks, Advisor .i-j NCATSU Jazz Ensemble Dr. William C. Smiley, Director :j,- , ,va« i.ri.. Students Enjoying Casino Sponsored By: Student Union Advisory Board » • ' I Annual Aggie Fest ' 86 Sponsored By: Student Life Student works hard in space shuttle lab. Reggie listens attentively for instructions i Our yearbook adviser always need pictures, pictures and pictures. . Larry takes a break in the student union after class from industrial technology electronics. 157 ■ P ' Jiuinir f s,,iaiy iV, OPERATION SANTA CLAUS " HO HO HO " Operation Santa Claus was started four- teen years ago here at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State Uni- versity by Hattye H. Liston, an Associate Professor of Psychology. Liston utilized the project as an activi- ty of the Psychology Club, which she formed for Phychology majors and all other interested persons, regardless of their major. Operation Santa Claus allows students to collect clothes, toys and accessories (whether they are new or used) that are in good condition for males and females of all ages. The gifts will then be labeled, wrapped, and given to the residents of Butner Hospital in Butner, North Carolina. With assistance from various social clubs, fraternities, and community groups, many students enjoy this activi- ty. There is a lot of sharing and caring to go along with each wrapped item. Television and press coverage are the media that recognize the efforts of these willing students. Liston says, " we all en- joy this activity very much, and we feel like we are carrying out the spirit of Christmas by reaching out to someone in need. A happy holiday season to all HO HO HO! " Operation Santa Claus 158 . : ,iM tsm c . ■XA f -.- j n,. ■M The 95th Annual Commencement Of The North CaroHna Agriculture And Technical State University Program Presiding: EDWARD B. FORT, Chancellor PROCESSIONAL: " Fanfare and Processional " (POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE) Universily Symphonic Band (Arranged by James D. Ployhar) johnny Hodge, Conductor INVOCATION D , u K« n Ralph M. Ross Assistant Dean of Student Development GREETINGS FROM THE UNIVERSITY.. ph h d c Edward B. Fori Chancellor GREETINGS FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA CD. Spangler President MUSICAL SELECTION ... , " Soon -Ah- Will Be Done " (by W.lliam Dawson) Sam BaVbe Cond uc, " : INTRODUCTION OF SPEAKER . .„ Edward B. Fort Chancellor COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS riir, p u r, , Clifton R. Wharton, Jr. Chancellor, State University New York System MUSICAL SELECTION: " The LorcTLiveth " James F ThnSr ' ' n ' ° ' ' Author Unkown (arranged by James E. Thomas) ' ' ° ' " ' ' ' ° " ' ' ' ° ' CONFERRAL OF HONORARY DEGREES AND SPECIAL RECOGNITIONS Edward B. Fort Chancellor PRESENTATION OF COMMISSIONEES ... „,„:, ,- Benjamm F Foster, Jr Professor of Military Science Johnny W. Williams Professor of Aerospace Studies SENIOR CLASS PRESENTATION .. w , , Craig M. Joseph President, Senior Class MUSICAL SELECTION ,, . . " America The Beautiful " (arranged by James D.PIoyhar, JornnySe ' CoTducTor RECOGNITION OF HONOR GRADUATING STUDENTS Nathan F Simms, Jr Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs PRESENTATION OF CANDIDATES FOR DEGREES Nathan F Simms, Jr. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs CONFERRING OF DEGREES ,„ Edward B. Fort Chancellor INDUCTION OF GRADUATES INTO THE NATIONAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION: James Gooch President, National Alumni Association, Inc. •THE ALMA MATER BENEDICTION... Ralph M. Ross Assistant Dean of Student Development RECESSIONAL: " Fanfare and Recessional " ,, , c u r, . (by James D. Ployhar) ,n nn H 7 " r " ' h " " ' " ' Johnny Hodge, Conductor RECEPTION TO FOLLOW IN EXHIBITION HALL 159 ■MiHiiai .v.. :»,J 1!, ... ' .)iM4i .:i ■■ ■ I ■ J Student : Union lyusssL --V Advison H A K M J I Board 55 SUA P IT i - 1707 - MlRkNCE Or cfc. ' FY AMD CHAfeivi Coronation Of Miss Suab Angelyn Surgeon 160 j - ' i i ' --, ' 7ii a .-t; :.J;; - ;;. Students And Their Activities 161 im »i, - ag.iVTBwa va.-, tii j|| »-i UNIVERSITY D ¥ SATURDAY, November 8, 1986 THE DAYS ACTIVITIES INCLUDE . . . 8:30 AM-11:00 AM— REGISTRATION AND INFORMATION FAIR Corbett Sports Center •ACADEMIC MAJORS ' EMPLOYMENT TRENDS •SPECIAL DEMONSTRATIONS 9:00 AM-10;30 AM— CAMPUS TOUR School of Agriculture • College of Arts and Sciences • School of Business and Econo- mics • School of Education • School of Engineering • School of Nursing • School of Technology • School of Graduate Study • Air Force and Army ROTC . . . and the . . . Library • Radio Station • Housing Operations • Health Center • Residence Halls • African Heritage Center • Computer Center 11:00 AM-12 NOON — Lunch (Complimentary) F, A. Williams Cafeteria SPECIAL ATTRACTIONS 12 NOON-12:45 PM— Student Group Performances 1:15 PM — Greetings by Chancellor Edward B. Fd 1 :30 PM — (Complimentary Ticl ets) Football Game (A T vs. Delaware State) HALFTIME ACTIVITIES INCLUDE . . . The Sports Hall of Fame Awards The A T Marching Machine 162 m ■ ■ ' ' :i :i- y J iUii ' l Li ' , va i ' A Strategic Leap Into The Future . . . Our Students These Are The Days 1 9 8 6 •• » ' rii 163 - ' ' -■■ ' ' " • ' ' ' ■ " ' " " ' Tin-f ' tf V ' AICit . Freshman Orientation Activities Covacus Many Thanks To Peer Advisors Talent Show PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS WERE: EVERETT SIMMONS MONICA SCOTT JIMMY WILLIAMS FRED WADDELL GARY PATTERSON AMANDA PATTERSON CYNTHIA WILLIAMS FELICIA HOLIDAY KENNETH RUSSELL RON LANE FRANK BAILEY JLTLIO HUTTO DERECK RABUR DIANE WISDOM SEAN BLAYLOCK LAJUANA GLENN LLOYD DILLARD DERRICK FITZGERALD JEFF BLAIR JAY COLEY NIKKI CARTER SARA BROWN MONICA HALL TERRI MCMANUS KEITH EDWARDS STEPHENIE TIDWELL I 165 ?gr .ii(y : y ».;Mt,i,. I From Spiritual, Rock, Rapping To Modern Dancing! 166 J)Mjiib£ iMJ : - ' . " . " ' ■V. ' ■ ' - ■ ■-■- ' ■ ' ■ ' • ' ' ■■ ] ' -• Student Activities Preparation Insures Success! 167 ■H . K...!»at»... Tif jir ;i,»a. . j.g,M J - A MESSAGE FROM CHANCELLOR EDWARD B FORT Dear Felhw Aggies, Today wc observe I he birfhdov of a man who in his lifetime did imnicasinahle good. Contrary to the quote of Shake- speare, the good of Martin Luther King, Jr. has not been interred with his bones, but IS remembered each tinw we galiier for this celebration; each time we commit ourselves to his philosophy arid precepts. As we participate in the programs designed to commemorate one of the greatest Americaris to live, may we seek to widerstand and measure the full value of his con ribu ions to the peoples of this world regardless of class, color or con- dition. " Living The Dream of The Late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. " (For Universal Peace with Justice, Human Rights, Social And Economic Progress For All Peoples.) Let Freedom Ring! SIX CHALLENGES: THE KEYS TO THE PHILOSOPHY OF DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. 1. To develop a rugged sense of somebodiness by asserting a majestic sense of worth (or all to hear and see. 2. To work passionately (or group identity, group unity, group trust and reconciliation by forming a power- ful united front. 3. To make individual and collective contributions to the life of our nation through a commitment to excellence. I. To eradicate the last vestiges of racism by uniting around powerful action programs. 5. To eliminate the isolation of the " black middle class " from the underpriviledged by having the " black middle class " assume the role of leadership to benefit the masses. 6. To be ever mindful o( enlarging the whole society by giving it a new sense o( values as we seek to solve our problem. Dr. King ' s concept lo enlarge the whole society by redetiniiig its sense o( values was indeed a noble dream which pitied the objective o( the civil rights movement against every established institution in America, in- cluding the national government. Even though the importance of voluntary compliance with basic notions of decency and fair play have been recognized, if Dr. King ' s quest for equality for minorities in America is to be realized, then we must continue his work of resurrect- ing the Constitution of the United States, piercing the veil of compassion of hardened segregationists, and rekindling embers of dreams of the oppressed; thus, we must continue to meet challenges which he has set for us. 168 A SALUTE IN MEMORY OF THE LATE I Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. January 15, 1929 — April 4, 1968 Program Participants Were: EnllX ' mZfZn " T " ' T " J " " - ' P ' " . " " " ' ' ' ' ' ' ■ E-- " Simmons, Mr. Michael Brunson, The New Dimension Convocation And Candlelight Vigil 169 .. gv.ra.i»- a»i-.i.ay -;yK. BH » The Afro-American and the Constitution Colonial Times to the Present THE DIVISION OF STUDENT AFFAIRS BLACK HISTORY MONTH COMMITTEE uw i , v-;--t i ?,rife, " . . :: The Afro -American And The Constitution The Honorable Carl Stokes Lecturer Colonial Times To The Present Sponsored By SGA And Miller Brewing Company 171 ,-r,- ,--.„.- .ni„ jyr.:. nj ll . I Dr. Alvin Poussaint, an Associate Profe ssor of Psychiatry and Associate Dean for Student Affairs at Harvard Medical School, this respected scientist and social activist has studied every aspect of interpersonal relationships as they affect minorities in America today. He is a script consultant for the " Bill Cosby Show. " . ' i ■■ Sponsored By The Student Union Advisory Board Dr. Alvin Poussaint Lecturer SCRIPT CONSULTANT FOR THE " BILL COSBY SHOW S72 Sponsored by . . . The Student Government Association And Miller Brewing Company Rev. Ralph Abernathy Lecturer 173 l , r¥- ' - ' -. -V l ' - ' -«-, ' WmT, ' lttf.Al!JM - , ' . -,M9!-. . Lyceum Series Lou Donaldson. . . Jazz Other Artists " Beyond the Darkness, " A Sociological Drama By: Leonard Jerome Watkins Newark Boys Chorus 174 Displays, Tests And Literature Senior Class, Junior Class, Sophomore Class And Freshman Class On The Works Of Carter G. Woodson 1875-1950 A Disseminator Of Information On The Constitution And Father Of Black History I- 175 -3 C C : H H TO ■a 3- O C 5 o 3- D _. o- o- 3 : -I ► 2 •a g - o ■S, o E in E ro- 3- S " " y: 3 ' O o 5 :3- m E Q 3 o c TO ro O D i rt) D K „ D O " ' - 3 « CTlQ 3- n Q D in O 3 3- ■ O ro ro 3 P - rt) E 3 2 D ft) ■a S ° ! " E " " . 3- 5 o- =i D Co 5 § ' 3- 5 O Q ( ) c — ID 2 C 3 ' rt E -■ n e m o Q C f E w ._ a. 3- TO ft) ft) n. -» o c 3 o- o 3- D t - " Tl -H Co -J rt) D 3- - _-? D IQ Q n 3 5 ' ? n 3- f - fO CO ro fS -a § D. o 5 ' 3 c- 3 W 3 -g == « 3: 3- -S, o- ft) f ) ft) r- ' E « 1: 3 D ■ " ft) tQ c 3 Co 3 O 03 - C l ft) O 9 o 3-03 3- ft) r- IT t- - o c ft) « " 1 en -, O 3- 5 C fl5 O ' P 3-W " -03 f 1 3 f? ' 3 D 53 H - 3 ' == ft fi, g_ ft) 3- D fo a. ? C ) n 3- 03 3 o 3 3 f ) J) 03 o- ft) H i o o I Co - V n■ ' :v ' J2ii ; aA - - ' -V - ■ - -• ' " i. ' . ' : -: .-..Jin. Department Of History Afro-American History Montli Activities February 1987 The Afro-American and The Constitution: Colonial Times to the Present " February 4. 1 987 The Inaugural Lecture of The Warmoth T. Gibbs Lecture Series In honor of Dr. Warmoth T. Gibbs, President Emeritus North CaroHna A T State University The speaker: The Honorable Henry E. Frye Associate Justice, the North Carolina Supreme Court " Blacks, the Constitution and the Struggle for Equal Opportunity. ' February 11. 1 987 Dr. Wayman B. McLaughlin Professor of Philosophy North Carolina A T State University " The Constitution: ' Crest-Jewel of Discrimination. ' " February 18. 1 987 Sylvester Daughtry Greensboro Chief of Police " The Constitution and Minority Law Enforcement Personnel " Multiple Choice Test " Trivia Bowl " IB Hi o C Hi CD CD 178 Jt -gVi ' tv .- ' MJ- n ' iijiaa ' Syi ' . . ' .,.■•■ Future Aggies 179 An Honorary Aggie Shoarin Dlila Snipes " Peedie " Happy Birthday " Peedie " May 10, 1983 The A T Family ,180 Strategic Leaps . . . The School Of Business And Economics DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SPRING SEMESTER BUSINESS SEMINARS The Department of Business Administration is pleased to invite you to its Spnng Seminars, The seminars will be held in Merrick Hall Auditonum on the campus of North Carolina Agncultural and Technical State University For information call or wnte Japhet H Nkonge, Chairman, Department of Business Administra- tion, 315 Merrick Hall, Phone; (919) 334-7656 Understanding the Implications of ttie New Tax Law Dr. Robert Howard Tuesday, January 27, 1987. 7:00 p.m. Hundreds of newspaper articles have appeared recently about the new tax law. but many persons are still unclear about what it will actually mean to them at tax time This seminar will identify the major changes In the law and evaluate their impact on the average family. Towards A Maturing (Vlarketing Concept: The Missing Necessary Ingredient in American Style Management Dr. A. Coskun Samli Wednesday, February 25, 1987, 3:45 p.m. Although the marketing concept was developed in the fifties by the US- companies, many claim that the marketing concept has be- come a burden on the Amencan economy However, it is really possible that the marketing concept still is not understood well, and, therefore, is not implemented properly. Dr. A Workshop on Entrepreneurship Robert Howard. Dr. A. Coskun Samli and Guests Saturday, February 28, 1987, ALL DAY Memorial Union Ballroom The dream of many people today is to achieve total financial independence by owning their own businesses This all-day work- shop will present several successful entrepreneurs who will discuss all aspects of starting, developing, and managing a successful enterpnse, Underdeveloped Markets of the World: What Is the West Missing? Dr. A. Coskun Samli Thursday. March 26. 1987. 3:45 p.m. A took at the world markets indicates that about two thirds of all of the world markets are described as have nots Why is it that most of these countnes cannot get their act together and get their economies out of poverty ' Some cntical solutions will be presented to overcome the world poverty The role of business will be dis- cussed within this context The Real Estate Appraisal Process Dr. James Brown Thursday. April 9, 1987 3:45 p.m. A discussion of the fundamental steps a fee appraiser must con- sider in estimating the value of specified real property Topics will include: defining the problem, collecting data, conducting the market, cost, income, and gross rent multiplier appraisals: and reconciliation. A discussion of current appraisal issues of interest will follow. Balanced Budget, Deficit Spending, Fiscal Responsibility, and Other Theories: What Do They Mean to a Marketing Executive Dr A. Coskun Samli Thursday, April 16, 1987. 7:00 p.m. Todays marketing executive has a major role in the overall social responsibility of business. It is very critical to understand the direction of the national economy for survival and prospenty of the firm, A non-conventional explanation of some of these concepts will be presented and will be tied into the development of marketing strategies. Dr Samli holds a bache- lors degree in accounting and economics from the Istanbul Academy of Com- mercial Science, an MBA I from the University of De- I troit. and a doctorate in I marketing from Michigan State University, He has held numerous fellowships and lectured extensively He is active in many professional associations and IS a prolific author of scholarly works Dr. Samli is currently the L. J Buchan Distinguished Professor of Marketing. Dr Howard has an MBA in finance from the University of Chicago and a doctorate j in finance and real estate »- tjJI ' ram Ohio State University l t ' s certified as an insur- L h " 3 " ce broker and a securi- .. A ties representative, Dr, Howard has strong business experience and has published in this area He is currently an Associate Professor of Fi- nance, Dr Brown received his bac- calaureate and MS degrees from the University of Ten- nessee and doctorate from the University of Georgia. He has broad experience in designing and teaching real ■ estate courses He is a li- censed real estate broker and is active in several professional societies, Dr Brown has a strong record of scholariy publica- tions. He IS currently an Associate Profes- sor of Business, 187 im Construction For The i- i m m9 mmi School Of Engineering Before 182 jaferiaeiaKa ::;■ " . ' ■■ ; ■■■o--r,J:ii After ... The School Of Engineering Architect ' s Rendering Of Proposed $8.5 Million Engineering Building __ 183 Half-Time (Football) Ceremony With Chancellor Fort . . . WSSU A Strategic Leap Into The Future These Are The Days Of Our Lives 184 -r-iaa ' --; ' ' - . -r. .-J ! Illl • Itk Denita Robbins 185 a I SCHOOLS COLLEGE Agriculture Business Education Engineering Graduate Nursing Technology Arts And Sciences m 1 ' Biiiiisiilii is 186 " •E. " " - " ' • ■ ' • The Following Pages Represent Only A Few Faculty Members. . . DR. SIDNEY H. EVANS AGRICULTURE RESEARCH DR. DANIEL GODFREY AGRICULTURE EXTENSION MISS ANNETTE .JONES. INSTRUCTOR BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT 187 F DR. ROBERT MERS MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT MRS. S.T. WILLIAMSON DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY MISS LOUISE LEARY BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT DR. OLEN COLE, JR. DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY MR.WILLIAM MITCHELL BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT DR. JAMES NUTSCH DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY 188 •► • •r " " ?• ■• v aKy-i: -t : Jr4.- . ' . ' ' i ' ' ' j{si " ' i ' ' - ' ' A ' - ' ■■■ -,- . ' t. ' -.yN ' ' : s MR. JOSEPH WILLIAMS PHYSICAL EDUCATION DR. CHARLES BAILEY, JR. ED. LEADERSHIP POLICY 1 ir K i DR. J.E. MARSHALL DEPT. OF HUMAN DEVELOPMENT AND SERVICES DR. VIRGINIA ARMENTROUT SCHOOL OF NURSING COACH MEL GROOMES HEALTH. P.E. RECREATION 189 DR. ANWAR KHAN ECONOMICS MS. E. HAIRSTON ENGLISH MS. ANNIE HEREIN ENGLISH 190 •;r:«ft-.-7 ' v ici JS-: -, ' . -. DR. VALLIE GUTHRIE PHYSICAL SCIENCE DR. BERT PIGGOTT PHYSICAL EDUCATION DR. T.G. CLARKE MATH DEPARTMENT DR. MICHAEL SIMMONS ECONOMICS DR. J. BENJAMIN ECONOMICS 191 L to R Back — Kathy Graham, Corine Colbert, Maria People, Erma Easton, Jennifer Williams, Veronica West. Front — Jasmin Daniels, Richelle Davis, Alita Brown, Renee Emerson. Not Pictured: Lori Gilmore, Coach, Lawrence Peterson, Manager, Volleyball Team I 1986 1987 ' J«a a ' ' ' ■ !:J js«v» M. ■ tv { ■ llf «S , «; ' . ' ■ ' . Vi -m. -.- ■-f: .ife- - ' if»i i MR. JACK EATINGER OFFENSIVE LINE MR. GEORGE JAMES LINEBACKER Assistant Coaches And Support Staff MR. STAN KEARNEY DEFENSIVE LINE I MR. GEORGE RAGSDALE RUNNING BACKS MR. RAYMOND PETTY DEFENSIVE BACKS MR. THOMAS BYNUM HEADTRAINER MR. ROY THOMPSON STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING MR. THERON THOMAS EQUIPMENT MANAGER 193 rifa Ki lK -■■.■■-tji-A tfi-yJnv .SJs; -J- Football . . . 1986 PROTECTS Mr. " H " RoUo. left Bell 56 — McCain 67 The Pride Is Back! COACH MO FORTE 195 Football Team ,■- ' ?fl f »-:»■ % All- - American Candidates ALAN HOOKER — JUNIOR ERNEST RIDDICK — SENIOR 196 •r :•!?- ' ■•= ' " ' v ' •?■ -■.J ARa ' - ' - ' " - ' - - ■ i-ti itt iaai: NORTH CAROLINA A T STATE UNIVERSITY 1986 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE DATE OPPONENT SITE TIME Sept. 6 Fayetteville State Fayetteville, N.C. 7:30 PM Sept. 13 Winston-Salem State Greensboro, N.C. 1:30 PM Sept 20 S.C. State Greensboro, N.C. 1:30 PM Sept. 27 Morgan State Baltimore, MD. 1:30 PM Oct. 4 J. C. Smith Charlotte, N.C. 7:30 PM Oct. 11 Mississippi Valley (Homecoming) Greensboro, N.C 1:30 PM Oct. 25 Howard University _ Washington, D.C. 1:30 PM Nov. 1 Bethune-Cookman Greensboro, N.C. 1:30 PM Nov. 8 Delaware State Greensboro, N.C. 1:30 PM Nov. 15 N.C. Central Durham, N.C. 1:30 PM Nov. 22 Appalachian State Boone, N.C. 1:00 PM ALL HOME GAMES IN AGGIE STADIUM Football Schedule 1986 Alan Hooker 11 i Vernon Davis 41 197 B a Mi - ' _i M flBB k £7 s r k e IP ' 1 t b Hp a 1 1 MR. DON CORBETT c o a c h No. 1 . . . Aggies 198 :-«g-«.r- V ■•? ' .iAlit ti: ' ! ' ' ' ■ •■ ' -;■ ' ■ ' ' ' ii;3H.{ isiSai: ' si " ' --v ' . . ■ - . • . -f . ' . v . " . ■— — -ju ' Basketball Team Front Row — L to R — Thomas Griffis, Corvin Davis, Charles Ricks, Lloyd King, Travis McRae, Charles Howard, Don Williams, Rodney Bowens, Arvis Cates. Back Row — L to R — Elrico Harris, Team Manager, Donald Corbett, George Cale, Claude Williams, Zachary Hooks, Nolan Hill, Jeff Ellis, Kenny Cox, Lee Robinson, Carlton Becton. C XJh T ' 199 ifeMMUHHfa Basketball Schedule NORTH CAROLINA A T STATE UNIVERSITY 1986-1987 MEN ' S BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1 DATE OPPONENT SITE TIME ( DECEMBER Mon. 1 UNIVERSITY OF DETROIT Home 7:30 Fri. 5 WINSTON-SALEM STATE Home 7:30 Mon. 8 Tennessee State Away 8:00 Fri. 12 VIRGINIA UNION Home 7:30 Sat. 13 NORFOLK STATE Home 7:30 Sat. 20 Southern University Away 8:00 JANUARY Mon. 5 Coppin State Away 8:00 Sat. 10 HOWARD UNIVERSITY Home 8:00 Mon. 12 MORGAN STATE Home 8:00 Wed. 14 Georgia Tech Away 8:00 Sat. 17 Bethune-Cookman Away 8:00 it Thur. 22 TENNESSEE STATE Home 7:30 V J Fri. 24 BETHUNE-COOKMAN Home 8:00 Tues. 27 Winston-Salem State Away 8:00 1 Sat. 31 DELAWARE STATE Home 8:00 FEBRUARY I: Mon. 2 MARYLAND EASTERN SHORE Home 8:00 Wed. 4 Coastal Carolina Away 8:00 i- Sat. 7 Maryland Eastern Shore Away 8:00 Mon. 9 Delaware State Away 8:00 Wed. 11 SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY Home 7:30 Sat. 14 South Carolina State Away 8:00 Mon. 16 COASTAL CAROLINA Home 7:30 Wed. 18 COPPIN STATE Home 8:00 Sat. 21 Howard University Away 8:00 Mon. 23 Morgan State Away 8:00 Sat. 28 SOUTH CAROLINA STATE Home 8:00 t Mar. 5-7 MEAC Tournament Greensboro .0. m ) " ' ' " M JJI-.4 ufl-aa am ■ ata ■a. -- icr A ' ' ' |[ e MUc ' teii 200 -■iigRiCigiSS 1 9 8 6 8 7 NO NAME POS HI WT 10 Corvin Davis G 5-10 175 11 Lloyd King G 6-4 185 12 Arvis Gates G 6-0 160 14 Thomas Gritfis G 5-8 150 20 George Cale G 6-6 187 21 Charles Howard F 6-2 175 23 Don Corbett G 6-5 185 24 Rodney Bowens G 6-2 170 25 Lee Robinson F 6-7 195 31 Charles Ricks G 6-2 175 32 Kenny Cox F 6-7 180 33 Claude Williams F C 6-7 205 34 Carlton Becton F 6-6 185 44 Don Williams G 6-3 185 52 Travis McRae F 6-5 180 53 Jeff Ellis C 6-S 190 54 Zachary Hooks C 6-8 200 55 Noland Hill F 6-8 210 CL So. So. Jr. Jr. Sr. Fr. So. So. Jr. Fr. Jr. Jr. So. Jr. Fr. Fr. So. Fr. HIGH SCHOOL Scotland Co. Sussex Central Williams Athens Drive Middletown Fike Southeast Lee County Scotland Co. Smithfield Hunt Charlotte East Carteret Smith Glenn Hills Bassick Sewanhaka Richmond HOMETOWN Laurel Hills. N.C. Waverly, Va. Burlington. N.C. Raleigh. N.C. Middletown. Del. Wilson. N.C. Greensboro. N.C. Sanford. N.C. Wagram. N.C. Smithfield. Va. Wilson. N.C. Rochester. N.Y. Beaufort. N.C. Greensboro. N.C. Augusta, Ga. Bndgepon, Conn. Elmont. N.Y. New York. N.Y. Men ' s Basketball Roster B a s k e t b a 1 1 Aggies Rock The House! TIM ABNEY ASSISTANT COACH 201 ib Women ' s Basketball Team KIM ZACKERY, LYNETTE RAMSEUR, PAULETTE DENNIS, SHELIA RIVERS YVETTE ESTEP DEIDRA CHEEKS, KIM BROADNAX, ANGELIQUE SATCHEL, LAWANDA SOUTHERLAND, KIM WELLS, SHAR- COACH TIM ABNEY 202 ; - ; ' i- _ ■,,. | Ki 4 :iiMk S : =r =± ■:.; xar ' 1986-87 Women ' s Basketball Schedule 1986-87 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL SCHEDULE NOVEMBER 28 WEST VIRGINIA STATE Home 7 00 29 Nonh Carolina Central Away 6 00 DECEMBER 2 WINSTON-SALEM STATE Home 700 4 UNC . Charlolte Away 7 00 8 UNC - WILMINGTON Home 7:00 10 WESTERN CAROLINA Home 7:00 20 CAMPBELL Home 7 00 JANUARY 5 Coppm State Away 6 00 8 East Carolina Away 7:30 10 HOWARD Home 5:30 12 MORGAN STATE Home 5:30 17 Bethune-Cookman Away 5:45 22 UNC - Wilmington Away 700 24 BETHUNE-COOKMAN Home 5:30 28 UNC - CHARLOTTE Home 700 31 DELAWARE STATE Home 5:30 FEBRUARY 2 MARYLAND - EASTERN SHORE Home 530 7 Maryland - Eastern Shore Away 5 30 9 Delaware State Away 6:00 12 Campbell Away 7 30 14 Soutri Carolina State Away 6.00 17 Winston-Salem State Away 7:00 18 COPPIN STATE Home 5:30 21 Howard Away 5:30 23 Morgan State Away 6:00 28 SOUTH CAROLINA STATE Home 5:30 MARCH 5-7 MEAC Tournament in Greensboro _ NC 203 ibMii Intramural Male Female Co- curricular Activities ■:l ri l ■i - j ' :i ' V ■ ,,,Vt{yL tiL y ■ - : •:vJ.■A: ■ . _ Recreational Swimming Weightlifting Volleyball Archery Skating Tennis Tag Football And Much More. Stop By The Gym Daily 11 • •• K Faculty And Staff Invited Group And Individual Sports COACH RALPH BROWN. DIRECTOR 205 gsmaMM Intramural Sports At Its Best i; II ' 206 •?t.«fi:, 5 ' -f - . : i ' £iS Mms H: ::m i,:i i:ii : i i.:: -•vn l Female And Male Bowling Teams (WOMEN ' S BOWLING TEAM) L to R Back Row — Tonya Stallings, Kelli Harris, Couch Vernell Stallings. Front Row — Donna Williams, Darlene Davis, Jackie Newman (Captain). CONFERENCE MEMBERS: North Carolina A T. Appalachian State, North Carolina State, North Carolina Central, and University of North CarolinaChapel Hill. (MEN ' S BOWLING TEAM) L to R Back Row — Ted Brown, Joe Wilkerson, Mike Alston. Brent Timmons, (Captain), Coach Vernell Stallings CONFERENCE MEMBERS: North Carolina A T, Appalachian State, North Carolina State, North Carolina Central, and University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. MKiiii 207 Track Team 208 ■:,S ' --yS ' . ' . (Sprinters I Joanell Kellman, Ruth Morris. Sherri Campbell, Shonda James. (Jumpers) Melvin Ballard. (. ' LL MEAC IN- DOOR OUTDOOR) Derrick Homesley. h-an Mosley. Ernest Canada. Rovoan Hooker. Ixchel Campbell. Pamela Duggins Wendel Countess. Carl Chapman. Derrick Ho- mesley. Melvin Ballard. Curtis Porton. T r a c k Supportive Services sAhcAfcaja • ife ' iii ' fftiMt Campus Book Store MR. JAMES MEACHEM DIRECTOR ltL . MANAGER MR. H. WILLIS % c e. 211 mm damm m Mi Hair Styling Salon -SSL. ti ' J ;;3 Cuts And Styling Salon Memorial Union Snack Bar 212 .X |i ■ ' }V ... 1 fT 1 M mmt ;. r - 1 1. i 1 " « • ! n 1 k. ■ Food Services MR. L. DEVOR DANDY DIRECTOR OF FOOD SERVICES MRS. MATTY E. BLOUNT MISS JOYCE QUICK SECRETARY 213 Memorial Union Staff t Mr. Vernell Stallings Associate Director Mrs. Mattie Smith Program Director Mrs. Grace Finley Secretary Mrs. Patricia Miller Receptionist II Mrs. Gloria Feimster Secretary Mr. Willie Kendall Security Mr. Elwood Edwards Games Supervisor Mrs. Helen Waldrum Supervisor Housekeeping 214 siCiuiSi .- i%f MR. CLYDE BOWDEN ASSISTANT GAME SUPERVISOR REV. DAVID BROWN MAINTENANCE STAFF 0-. MR. ALONZO RUCKER MAINTENANCE STAFF Wm MR. GEORGE CARTER MAINTENANCE STAFF MR. CLEO JORDAN MAINTENANCE STAFF M!P|J MR. FRED ROBERTSON MAINTENANCE STAFF MR. MIHLFORD MARSHALL RECREATIONAL AIDE Memorial Union Staff 215 AHMUiilbH iii •• «s Health Services DR. CHARLIESE DEAN SEBASTIAN HEALTH CENTER MRS. SUZON HOLMES I MRS. MARIETTA DOUGLAS, RN MRS. MARIAN CROMARTIE. R.N.C., MSN MRS. JERLINE STATON, R.N. 216 MR. BARNEY BLACK MRS. MARY BARBEE Physical Plant MR. LENNIE BEAMON, DIRECTOR I MR. MILTON W. CARDEN MR. RON GALES 217 M it Physical Plant H •, C- ' It- • H 218 ■;iailt vbaj ata j.i i ' S ' fST7 , i:A- . s; ....Jt- ■ . . ■ ■ - ■ -f . V m-. -xBt ' ' Hard At Work Mary Stoneman Sherman Wadlington Leonard Griffin 219 riii ' ■- ' ■ ' ' " " ■■ Counseling Services Mrs. Pamela Valadez Dr. James Sibert Mrs. Mary Lou Bowers Mrs. Marva Wattlington I Mrs. Carlotta Baxter 220 L at j;- ' ' p ' - " i ' ' ' ■ - v■ " ! t ' : T.;ft i■s ' ¥ ' . v. Housing Operations Jacquelyn Davis-Baxter Assistant Director for Residential Administration Mavis Brimage Area Coordinator JILui Alicia DeVane Residence Hall Director Gamble Holt Hall David Dunlap Residence Hall Director Scott Hall " A " Patricia Foster Residence Hall Director Vanstory Hall rifa 221 Edith Holmes Assignment Clerk Charles Ingram Area Coordinator i:3 .1 V ' ' Linda Inman Residence Hall Director Morrison Hall Luvater McKoy Assignment Clerk Fredonia Russell Residence Hall Director Curtis Hall Linda Hunter Secretary 222 At!i .£i!ji ri i ' ' -- - ' ' i " i i t ' y-t;r " ' . ■ -- T . l ' - -Na Housing Operations Frederick Stocks Residence Hall Director Scott Hall " B " Ronnie Tate Residence Hall Director Scott Hall " C " James Toon Assistant Operations and Facilities Manager Ronald Vines Residence Hall Director Halev Hall James White Residence Hall Director Cooper Hall Addie Widemon Residence Hall Director Holland Hall Joe Williams Operations and Facilities Manager 223 rife! University Police Row 1 1-r Sgt. Franks, Sgt. Slade, Chief J.O. Williams. Lt. Graves. Officer Feaster, Officer Jenkins. Row 2 1-r Lt. Brooks, Officer A. Williams, Officer M. Williams, Sgt. Moore. Officer Bopp. Row 3 1-r Lt. Winston. Lt. Lindsay. Sgt. Lewis. Officer Ruffin. Officer Turman. Officer Tucker. Officer C. Robinson (not pictured). Lt. A. Knight Residence Hall Supervisor Lt. Detective Nelson 224 ' iS t a ' - ' ' v- - -■ ' ■ ' " i - ' ' to ' y ;K-;! l ' v ' - ' - . i ' t ' ■ ■ - . - . -f i ' r . m .- --j- ei b 1 1 ' ,llo:i r A Bt Mr. A.S. Crawford. Manager Ms. Deborah Dean Ms. Toni Powell Laundry And Post Office Teamwork In Action Mrs. Leona Bunker says that a daily plan and strategy must be conceived for efficient mail delivery. 225 African Heritage Center Mrs. Mattve Reed, Director Articles of faith from Ethiopia NC cobs and cotton. 226 ' Li:? ? . J ltiaClS :i--»- ' t ' VT ■ V-aaaKaiSjia i S ' i ' - . l i ' . ' ' V. • .. . i - . - ■ ' ■h . y ,li-:-: - Bi V Masks from Mali and Zaire; Camel saddle from Ghana Medicine man statue from Cameroun ,vs- tS. 227 mk iM Mrs. Brenda Petty Ball Business and Finance Office Mrs. Queenie Bannerman Personnel Office Mrs. Gail Barger Student Affairs Ms. Dinah Brame Business and Finance Office Mrs. Virginia Brown Personnel Office Mr. Annie P. Caldwell Personnel Office Ms. Faye M. Caple Student Affairs Ms. Gloria Casterlow Registration and Records Office Mrs. Gladys Corbitt Counseling Office Mrs. Carolyn Crosson Student Affairs Office Mrs. Cecelia Cunningham Registration and Records Office Mrs. Carrie H. Drake Student Activities Office V Mrs. Kay M. Harris Special Services Office Mrs. Joyce Harrison Academic Affairs Office Ms. K. Renee High Business and Finance Office Ms. Felicia S. Hooper Registration and Records Office Lt g£ i; £ a _iii S±! ii; __ _ i!U-A. Ms. Mary Ingram Cashier ' s Office Mrs. Deborah Livingston Registration and Records Office Mrs. Sharon B. Martin Registration and Records Office Mrs. Shirley Medley Cashier ' s Office Ms. Ester Johnson Personnel Office Ms. Arthelia Lomax Cashier ' s Office Mrs. Crystal McCombs University Foundation Office Ms. Wanda G. Meekins Financial Aid Office mi Mrs. Idella M. Jones Development and University Relations Office Ms. Terri D. Long Human Development and Services Office Ms. Beverly McLeod Registration and Records Office I f V- - Mrs. Gayle Parker Counseling Office Ms. Maurice Joyner Registration and Records Office Mrs. Ada Madkins Accounting Office 1 Ms. Jacqueline McMillan Development and University Relations Office t Ms. Brenda Patterson Registration and Records Office 229 Mrs. Grade B. Potts International Minority Students Affairs Office Ms. Cornelia M. Powers Holland Hall Residence Office Ms. Karlene Prince Psychology Office Ms. Ernestine Purnell Business Manager ' s Office Mrs. Audrey Riddick Budget Office Ms. Lori Thompson University Foundation Mrs. Onnie Whitelow Chemistry Office Mrs. Nettie Rowland Public Information Services Ms. Linda Waddell Admissions Office Mrs. Viola Williams Academic Affairs Office Ms. Brenda Savage Budget Office Mrs. Patricia Wall Student Affairs Mrs. Bonita Winborne Registration Records Office Mrs. Janice E. Taylor Legal Affairs Office Ms. Velma White Chemistry Office K|||M 1 i Mrs. Marteena B. Wooten Student Development Office 230 :j.aaRjz:i!:£aai- Supportive Staff Ms. Lolita Chavis Personnel Office Mrs. L)ulurt- Djvi Financial Aid Office Ms. Gloria Hughes Admissions Office Linda Harper, Dorothy Martin, Mary Mims, James Rice, Sharon Martin, Brenda Searcy. Accounting Office ' Mm u fe i miin . L ■N A j Mr. Scott Hummel Accounting Office Mrs. Nina Ingram Academic Affairs Office Ricky R. Jackson Financial Aid Office -ws : Mr. Thomas Jefferson Personnel Office Ms. Brenda Jones Registration and Records Office Mrs. Henrietta Largent Student Affairs Office 231 iia mam Mr. Leon Lucas Admissions Office Supportive Staff Mrs. Dorothy Martin Accounting Office Mr. John F. Smith Admissions Office Mrs. Chri.stine ( ' . Shelton Business and Finance Office Chiquita McAllister, John Steele, Lavonne Matthews, Randolph Robin- son, Carolyn Watlington. Contracts and Grants Office I ' an.lyn Calilvvell, Lenora Bryant, Yvonne DeWar. Chancellor ' s Office 232 Carolyn T. Canada, Glenice Robinson, Sandr Gotten Academic Affairs Office Marguerite Williams, Herbert Stauffer, Carol Simrel Auxiliary Services Rhea Flores, Deloris Thompson, Evelyn H. Gales, Theresa M. Melton, Andrea Robinson. Purchasing Office Ms. Ardie Stewart Registration and Records -k- ' Mi ' : Murphy Hall Student Services Center Ms. Joyce Edwards Assistant Director Career Counselor Ms. Pegg ' Oliphant Coordinator of Scheduling Ms. Sharon Siler Secretary Career Planning And Placement Center Mr. Leon Warren Director 233 Getting ready for a test! Way to go! Academic pursuit Scott scans before class. Way to go! Academic pursuit s t u d e n t President Brunson takes time out of his busy schedule to lend a helping hand What a friend! f e r Victory smiles upon those who anticipate changes not upon those who wait Marcus ' 2.34 If we must wait to be convinced - well wait until tomorrow, we ' ll have steak! Alpha pjjj Mu Gene Fahy and Joe O ' Conner takes time out for a smile! aa Patrick and Ponce DeLeon standing guard at 204. 235 fi MMi m msm o ..aat fe i ' ' t " ' -•■i ' ■ v»-. " i. ' fey-;7i ' ' f i i ' f , -■ History Club Advisers - jJr- -»4 k. Nigerian Students Association The Executive Committee Nigerian Students Association D ' °, Olusegun Sogunro. Pro Pius Elumeze, Treasurer. Ephraim Dada. Vice President. Peter .Xwute. President. Dejo .Amodu. General Secretary-, Paul Uirkwa. r inancial becretarv. 237 " -■ Regal Spendor In Aggie Land . . . Organizational Queens TaWana Sects Vernita White, Association for Childhood Education Lisa Cole, Miss Charlotte Leslie Conley, Miss Agricul- tural Education Karne Stewart, Intramural Sports Cheryl Self, Alpha Pi Mu AUie Sparrow, Food Science Nicole Stephens, History Monica McLaughlin, Na- Myraetta Keigh, Miss Te- (Industrial Engineering Club Club tiunal Society of Black En- loca Honor Soc.) gineers Brenna Abbott, A T Fel- lowship Gospel Choir Tammy Edwards, Morrow Freda Sharpless, Jackson - Hall ville Aggie Club LaVerne Frazier, Campus Claire Galloway. New En- Security gland Aggie Club 238 ' 4S?k ' tV " ' - ' ' -- ' - -- ' ■■■ ' " - - ' V - Berdenia Walker. Miss I-E.E.E. Evetta Lawrence. Miss Per- shing Ritles Wanda Holmes. Architec- tural Engineering Society Charissa VVooten. Mid- West Aggie Club Rhonda Smith. Sociolog - Social Workers Club Felicia Sample. American Kim Brown. Political Sci- Cheraical Society ence M. Maria Shaw. Graduate Donna Stewart. Scott Hall- School B Wendy Hendon. Fayette- ville Aggie Club .-» C»- Be%-erly R. Williams, Amer- ica Society of Mech. Engi- neers Connie Alston. Association Sonja M. James. Holt Hall Carrie Williams. Warren -Monee McGuire Rena for Computing Machinery Co. . ggie Club sance 239 Terri Neal. Digit Cii Cheryl Gray, Alobeaem Kaburatu Lawal. Nigerian Selina Best, Goldsboro Ag- Arneathia Mason, Cooper Student gie Club Hall Brenda Brown. Industrial Education Profession Asso- ciation Marcia Tucker, Tidewater Aggie Club Lynette Lyons, SNEA Maria Byrd, Landscape Ar- chitecture Sheila Nixon. Morrison Hall Beverly Jolly, United Christian Fellowship Choir Yolanda Davis, Sigma Gam- ma Rho Janice Goodson, Agricultur- al Engineering Pam Swindler, Alpha Kap- April Smith, Curtis Ha pa Alpha Sorority 240 - j T fiV1V T ■ - i , " . ' ' i i ! J ;-. -h ' , iV - - - . . ' . - , " s . ,w - Cornelia Wilcox, Society for Angelia M. Fox. Miss Scott Betty Vincent. Miss Mali- Bernadine Anthonv, Miss Helane Warren Miss Advancement of Manage- Hall-C fax Northampton Aggie Vanstorv Brothers In Christ ment Club I Sharon B. Spivey. Bertie Augustine Payton. Army Natalie Carter. University Valerie Warren. Society of Dawn Smith Psvchologv Aggie Association ROTC Choir Heating Engineers Club Yolanda EUerbe, Kappa Al- pha Psi Karla Adkins. Psi Chi Tammy Nichols. Society of Karen Branham. Men ' s Okarsamaa Brooks. Pan Women Engineers Council Hellenic Council 241 A «l ' ry.Tinr,-K ' -j VM;i Shekethia Wiggins, Edge- combe Aggie Club Janice Branch, Transporta- tion Cheryl Blal e, Chi Eta Phi Pamela Bumbrey, Student Aretha Oldham, Speech Pa- Home Economics Associa- thology tion Dawn R. Davis, LeCercle Priscil Everette. Vogue Sonya Burney. Industr.a, Lynette Bryant. S.sters of Andrea Drumgold, Gospel Technology the Brothers In Christ Messengers Debra Craves, NDE Jina Harris, Phi Beta Sigma Karen Norwood, Eta Kappa Sylvia Bellinger. Zoe Bar- Carta Macon. Industrial Nu bee Hall Engineering 242 •?:«? ' - : ' «v •; Saundra Fry, Alpha Lamb- da Delta Andrea Sydnor. Philly ' s Cheryl Grant. Physical Tracy Riller, New Jersey Lori A., Williams, Holland Finest Education (HPERl Experience Hall Princess Spinks, Biology Club Jacqueline Holden. Scott Valerie Melton, Alex Haley Deanna Brown, Delta Sig- Jodi Walston, Women Hall-A Hall ma Theta Sorority, Inc. Council The present: A PART OF THE VEHICLE FOR A STRATEGIC LEAP INTO THE FUTURE WE WILL ALWAYS BE MINDFUL OF OUR NOSTALGIC MEMORIES. 243 A m a P (T CO " . O O 3 3 c 2 p 3 o CfQ O o 244 ,.u;-y. ■;- • . c-- £aJ3iLts:uw; ' -- " •■ ■ - - Student Judiciary Council Seated — L to R, Esther Woods, Melonise Spinks Standing — L to R. Milton Earle, Willie Wood, Ricky Hyatt, and James Howell. Esther Woods. Chairperson Milton Earle Melonise Spinks Willie Wood «l James Howell Rickv Hvatt m 245 Bg V -! ' 4--j;Vrei. ' .•,■■ •, ' r ' - ' ' ' j ' ' ' W ' ' ii Vision First Undergraduate Pan-Hellenic Summit First Undergraduate Pan-Hellenic Summit Sponsored by Ihe Division of Student Affairs North Carolina Agricultural Technical State University 1986 246 ALPHA PHI AIJ H,. ALPHA KAPPA AU ' HA KAPPA A1.PHA PSI (IMK(;a I ' SI PHI DKLTASK.MATHKTA PHI RKTA .SI ;MA ZHTA PHI BLTA s|(;mai;ammarhii Administrative Helpers Jesse Jackson, Jr Cathy David Friends a Dave " — Mr P 247 ■H lf " " ' . ' •»ii ' rv.:ux- r:rAViS ' :i Administrative Helpers Ricky Bradley Adv. Senior Everett Simmons Junior Missy And Jessica 248 Wilbur Artis Senior ■■ ' 1 ,:-vv: yv«.-4 ■ v i- njit r - fr i ? ' .--ot. -. tiHlt mm — 33 = — = 15 • 3 — S ' - " " 3 ■,1:3 -.2 = 3 ' 3- si 3 2 i irl == 2 ' -r- : = 3 s: ' " i ?- Si? i ' 13 CO V X 3- ■ jr r 5 " 3 — i 3 =r » ?? 7 t; - CO - »5 cr O CD X O o CO o o (D ri- 249 KH IKffiSiii ■XiTliirf J AVlXi ' mtta American Marketing Association L to R - Row 1. Dawn Friend, Wanda Orr. Caria Morris, Tina Bynum, Karen McK.nnon, Veronica Wright Row 2: Frank McCain, Regg.e Brown, Latherio Boyd. Dr. WUIiam Wilkinson. Reggie Poe. Agricultural Education Association L to R L t: - D " ; :!- !:t i " t i ' ' - ' - ' - ' - ' ■ ' ' ' ' - ■ ' - " -■ -- »--■-• — Rear — Dr. Larry Powers III 250 Agricultural Economics Club American Society Of Mechanical Engineers L to R — Lisa White. Karen A. VVinsley. Renee Williams, Kathy A. Winsley, Ricky Dixon, Jaime DeGala, Lisa Lill. Moses Dlamini, Anthony Berry, James R. Ricks, Darnevy A. Law, Cedric Dobson, Gerald 0. Frazier, Earl Moore, Charles A. Englebert, Andre N. Anderson, Sidney Hargro, Dr. Owusu-Ofori, Faculty Advisor, James Gatling. 251 m y M " -- ' ' ' ■ ' • ' ' (•■ ' iir ' Tyvji -ii Beta Gamma Sigma •,.fi ' Danny Pog urDr. ' SyrvL Bembt. ' ' ' ™ " ' ' ' " " " " ' ' ' " " " ' " " ' " ' ' ° " °™ ' - " ' ' ' ° ' - " " ' ' " ' " ' = ' " - ° " ' ' ' " ' ' " - ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Eta Kappa Mu rh " f ' D J ' ' ■f ' l ' ' President, Josef Gardner, Treasurer, Perry Cornelius, Kevin Shelby, Vice President, Thomas M. Faison, Peter Voorbroud Charles Pendleton, Charles T. Brooks, Brian K. Burnette, Elbert Wright, Jr. Cary E. Burnette, Denise White, Secretary, Clyde O ' Quinn, William A. Bower, Maynard R. Statler, Jr., Frederick L. Brown, Jacquelyn Trisvane, Timothy S. Meyer, Dennis Gravitte, Bardenia P. Walker. 252 ■ni iIaaEiit xfi a ' ' ' - ' - ' ' ' " ' •• ' ' Ate a j iiJj ■• - ' ■ - ' • . ■ - ■ l ■ ' , — - " x -; Chemical Engineering S o c 1 e t y L to R Albert Moore. Ill, Secretary, Victoria Johnson. Krystal Williams. Wanda Hill. Jasmin Daniels. Row 2 — George R. Mayo, Jr. President. Collins R. Geter, Treasurer, Dawn D. Hockaday. Rhonda L. DeBouse. J. Michelle Gardner, James B. Nolen, Jr.. Anson Ryan, Jack C. Sharpe. Jr. Row 3 — Dr. Frank King. Department Chairman. Veda E. Lewis. Vice President. Lori R. Ellis. Veronica Walker. Tenia Thompson, LaMonte Adams, Terrv Sanders. Dr. Tevfik Bardakv, Advisor. 253 " ' - ff ' i -JirW ' : -■ ' ;?g r ? ' " -- ' " - ' ' t ' - yT ' tP ' r " ? ?l mam ■f-MtiiwiJTir.TTr.rVKfjU jC- ' irnm ? !;. ' Data Processing Management Association Standing: Kevin Burns. Tyrone S. Williamson. Digit Circle L to R Sheppard, President. Irene Whitaker. Vicie Mumford. Brenth Timmons, Linwood F. Coward, Michael A Jones Sh ir. R n p " r • " u ' i ■ ' f ' r-v. f thy Y. .Spence. Connie Alston, Terri A. Neal, Queen, Karen Stanley Treasurer Kahirah Shabbazz, Russell P. Beaty. W. I,. Smith. Adv.sor. Kerry McDonald. Vice President. NOT PICTURED: Stephanie Rekves Jacob Watkins rT ' t wmii- ■: a ? l ' ' a■C C ■j ,aM -» B V» ,v ; ■,V;■ . ' -, it, 1 - •- ' - ' ' . xat- Durham Aggie Club m L to R Jay Vestal, Vice President, Zavier N. Nichols, Secretary. Derek Parker, President, Derrick 0. Lennon, Treasurer, Dwight A. Thompson, Parlimentar- lan, larleashia M. Mack, Sargent of Arms. Gospel Messengers Second Row First Row — - Reggie Holiday. Paul Parson. Daniel Knight, Gerald Williams. Rick Galloway. Leroy Smith, Kaven Smith, Chris HoUis, Kenneth Edwards. m 255 •T -, ' . " - ; ' ' ' i ' ■;J7 f ' ' ' 7 " ? ' ' J- J -; ' .If iM1t ' V. ' f J ' . T. tf.A Alpha Tau Alpha (Xi Chapter) ' K it L to R First Row — Ronnie Troy President, Gale Wells, Secretary, Uarrvl T, Howard, Vice President. Second Row — Rodney M. White, Parliamentarian, Larry D. Hartsfield, Charles K, Ward, Jr., Reporter, Francis O Walson Third Row — J. W. R. Grandy. Ill, Larry Powers, Dr. A. P. Bell, Adviser. Biology Club 256 ,.:.aaEittaj£atei -i,--f h, »it ' Halifax Northampton Aggie Club L to R — Row 1: Wanda Lynch, Darry Scott, Vice President, Melissa Hawkins, Secretary, Earnest Carter, Treasurer, Betty Vincent, Miss Halifax Northampton, Renard Lee, President, Angela G. Nicholson. Row 2: Sharon Evans. Kim Jenkins, Patricia Peterson, Miss Northampton, Hazel L. Taylor, Teresa A, Belfield. Clara Williams, Shearon Lockhart, Cornelia Wilcox, Shelley Thomas. Miss Northampton, Hazel L. Taylor, Teresa A. Belfield, Clara Williams, Shearon Lockhart, Cornelia Wilcox, Shelley Thomas, Miss halifax, Monica A. Hedgepeth. Keith Johnson. Industrial Education Professional Association 257 mm • " ' " ' " - " " " " ' " Mid-West 3 " - -f I f L to R (Seated) Aggie Club 258 .. l.v.Nauin ' » ;sji i-Ki. ' J .t K.tHlifS! . ::tS: ' - ' .1, The Karate H o 1 t N " H a 1 1 G y m 259 Jii m Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematical Honor Fraternity ' " rnffnrH T! ' ,! ; ' ' v " ' ' ' p ' ' !, " " " Pho " ' ' -; J q " « " ta Kearny, Secretary, Angela Ward. Jacqueline Little, Stephen McCary Hend. Clifford Tucker, Vice President, Kerry McDonald, Brent Timmons, Dr. Gilbert Casterlow Faculty Advisor New England Aggie Club L to R _ Bottom: -. adle r. Ter, A. Neal. D Adams, Lisa Rollins, Secretary, Darryl Elow, Claire Galloway, Queen, Joanne BrocUenbery, Top: Curtis Robinson, Paula Robinson. Kindrea Walston, Kevin Shelby, President, Sheena Whitley, Alison Headly, Treasurer, Brian McPherson. 260 -•li- ? J ' L ' . ■ ' ■!liiii«liaXfMB» ' Capital City Connection Aggie Club L to R Frist Row — Tony Gunter, Bernadette Merritt, Kelly Watkins, Lisa Dupree, Curt Hooker. Second Row — Sonya Moore, Sylvia Williams. Kim Williams, Michelle Boyd. Donza Cole. Third Row — Phillip Langston, Tony Perry, Michael Robinson, Jim Holt, Yolanda Cole, Pam Blues Fourth Row — Fizgerald. Trevis Wiggins, Betrand Wilder, Elflist Smith, Myron Fifth Row — Ronnie Niles, George Chun, Mike Harrison, Charles Mitchell. D.C. Crew A Unique Breed Of Men mrnm mrnm m mmm w ' wrn - " K ' iRf ' Pre-Vet Club L to R Rhonda Brown, Ray Culpepper, Treasurer, Felicia Wright, Norris Flagher, Standmg: AngSela Pendleton, Pres.dent, Paige Comer, Vice President. Pi Tau Sigma L to R Vice " p ' re " Went, DrLt " l ' sTa™?d ' vis ' or " " " ' " " " ' ' ' " ' ' " ' " ' ' ' ' ' " " ' « ° " " ' P ' ' - ■ " " " " - - V, R.cky Dixon, 262 .;- ;, a . ' ' i c w,v -! ■ ' i ' J,!;|ity- -, ,a ' v:-Ju-- A The A T Photographic Society 263 Mm Eta Kappa Mu First Row Second Row ■• " " S;;:i5, " :K,a..°:°w.iS " ' ' " " • " ' ■ ° " " ° ' " " " - " " " ■ " ' ■ " " ■ ■• ' • ' ' ■-■• ' ■ ' - ' -- ' y " ,..»., Ti»„,hy m„„, d..™. New Dimension Gospel Ensemble L to R — Fra, Wi InrO plS, P eTd e ' nt.Tnce H l stn . ° ' " " - " ' ' " ' ' ' ' " " " ' " ' ' • " ' " ' " " ' " " ■ - " - " ' - ' S ' - " J " " " .v. Pa.l A. Parson, 264 tH--»»ftT;iar.-.a-v- j - ;v Sociology Social Workers Club L to R First Row — Gloria LeGrand. Charlene Pulley. Sheila Byers. Teresa Hester. Second Row — Alfred Miller. President. Donald Hopkins, Treasurer, Bessie Autry, Parliamentarian. Mary Dunlap. Rhonda Smith. Queen. Stephanie McCorkle, Anita Blue. Vice President, Michael Covey, Secretar -, Janet Gregory. Tau Beta Pi Architectural Engineering Honor Society 265 I- jr Student Home Economic Society L to R Botto. Row - G.e.a_Osb„rne, Anci.ea Pe.y, Wendy Davis, Tv.uana S. Best,, Re,en,a Ca„pbe„. Te„. AHen, Treasurer, Dt. Rosa M.ddle Row - Vve„e B.own, Te., McManus, Lana P.a.e. Ve,.a Buie, Woods, M,.e Ha.ison, Cha ane Bell, Cassand.a Alston Deana Back Row - Pamela Blue, Tracy Massey, Wh.t.e.ore, Ca™en Houston, LyneC.a B.yan., Allie G, Spa„ow, Son, Sykes. National Society Of Industrial Technology Ifij Y m •a m It) III 1 fr,1 iji w Id 1 m m ■ ' 1: !l J M ■j k ' llij H Second Row - sZa D Burne: m " s NAIT ' cuH h ' " ' . ' ' " r ' " " " p ' " ' ' " " . " 7 ' ™ " ' ' ' ' - " ' «-» « ' G ' " " ' Third Row T„r I T- 7 ' 7. , • ' " " " ' Lev.e George, Parliamentarian. F rth r1 Rh rr r ' " ' ' i •7 " - ' " - ' " g Chairman, Carolyn Woodson, Reporter, Idi A, AH. f ourth Kow - Rhonda Games, Lnc L. Reid, Jerome L. Kelly, Artist, fifth Row - Harold Maree, Shawn R. Harris, Walter Lennon. nd Vice President. t .; 0-. -- " T T 4 ■P H •■ ivJ ... r _ ._., nEB n l HD -1 ' .d Hjj fcl " ' ■ x i-.-;l University Choir 267 r.- ■■■«,■!;■;. ' ' ' ijjg " ■ ' : ' ■ ■ ' ■ ' , ' v r5???v ;!T ' 7 ' n« ' « " Warren County Aggie Club L to R Brown, J. Cassandra Alston, Pamela A. y ' l M.r..n P Zt ' jZltZ: ' Student Life . . . Nostalgic Memories t 268 New England i | J;! V i. .v. asi ; -- _ V ■,,,--- . Architectural Engineering Society Alobeaem Society " " " Crelw rtV ' Mis " AlTbe ' r ' " ' ■■ ' ' " " ' ' " " " " " ' ' ' " ' ' " ' ' " " ■ ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' " - ' P " ' " ' ' " " ' " -f- . Corresponding Secretary, Standing: -es Butl r. Pr siden Robert Pompey. Anthony McAdoo, Mr. Alobeaen,. Wi.Ma. Mitchell, Vice President, Ms. Ida L to R :70 B:::n;;, H;l c t , b:H: ' .s,:: r:, " inV ;::;:;!::;; " - " - " - ■ ' " -■ - - " • " ' " ' ' - " - ----- -. ia ?,ron mL ' s. " „y McAdd r™ " ' ' " " ' " ' " ' ' ' ' ' " ' " " " ' ' " ' " ' ' - ' " ' ff - - " ■ " • ' " ■ -.ene Eayes, Row 4. Chiqnita Crawford, Kathy Harris, Hope Wilson, Shelia McNeil, John Ward, III, Robert Pompev Jr James E Butler III L,taStl " C trs Rrd7Gra ' :::ti?l, ;n " B ' M,. heT. " - " ' - ' «--- WHHa ' c ' l ' o ' be. sj ffiffi fiia ' )a; JX. ' fiSfii8iEi£ !si Groove Phi Groove Dwane Burns. Reubin Rhodes, The Queen. Taft Turner, Michael Troutman. Jack Frust. We are the Brothers of Groove Phi Groove Get on Board! Just like " Ice " . Look out! G-Phi on the Move. " Our Beautiful Queen " . 271 " JT. « Os r,,yi r;,,;rt. 3«- B» ' «ieiHa» l ' ,; 1 v an •■ ' ft:- i Institute Of Industrial Engineers ■ " — (t 7q 2 " =r £ c. r ' - col D? 3- o-B Q 2 = - 3 O " TO D. CD to ' ,, 3- n » _.B re " 3 re ,5 -a 3 ti3 CL re S .ft t " T- TO 3 5 5 2.TO » • = S C 3- n t to O B ■ O 2 cc 3 ?. Pg 2. = , r CD 5 o re ? = • S " re 2= r 2 g S = ' " 3 3 g vi (ti :2 as 3 ft. PJ (Xi T O! o. ■ B 5 ' ■ " ;TO ' g ' ::3 B P- £ E r- 0-33- re TO 2. re B " ; S £ i ■2- 3; M " I rti £- - ■ 3- o B B O- S re B Bio 3 re r- :? 3- B = 3 I 3 »- 3 " S 3 3- re re re 3. ' - " ? n O • 73 ■• B 8- S 3 o S- re o S B £ - = =0 5. re 3 re r r re 3 3 H» B E ™ j S S 3 J K K S 2 = » c; ? — S: 3 3 2b 3 re] 2 B CI- C 2 » -• Q. [T re B 3 KTO re ' ■ 3 5 3 35r = 11 -3 re C - -I 3 B c- re bit: o re B re T3 -1 cr 3 " r? J 03 B S B - 2. = 3 a CL 3. a re re re re B g - " n c 3 C m ' t " re 03 = ?r O 3. 3 X B ai ■ ■ _ Ci- B 2 Q-TC P re B - O CSC TO 3 C 3- S; 3 re ■ T -■ :«-■ 3- -. 3—2- m — ■ " B S 2 " °- tq ' 3 cr E 2:; oi rx H) ; C: H) m to rj ;i 3 - o Hi w W o ST CD CO 273 mmm ' " " " ' " TiS iiaaiifaf!?a fl aiKS«i; Top left to Right . Maxwell Butler, Publicity Chairperson. Lolita Hester, President, Charles Brooks, Parliamentarian. Bot- tom 1-r Kimberly Swanson, Recording Secretary, Kimberly Paine, Treasurer, Shirley Thomas, Corresponding Secretary, Vice- President (not pictured). A S ® 1986 1987 A A A K A Pan- Hellenic Council -» ■-• " »; ■.■?». . ;.vji - MISS PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL OKARSAMAA BROOKS K A 2 r p 274 V! ,. -iSWm t ■ ? i! Jri ■a V Y,i■ ' T »i K1 . - , , . ■t- ALPH4 PC, Beta Alpha Psi Beta Alpha Psi 275 ' db -):iti " : :rM :f.iv: ' , LAMONTE ADAMS CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Alumni S c h o 1 a r s CHERYL GRAY ACCOUNTING JOCELYN HAIRSTON ACCOUNTING TONYA MANN ACCOUNTING CORETTA POOLE ACCOUNTING KEVIN SHELBY ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING CYNTHIA WILLIAMS ACCOUNTING 276 ' . . " S«jf ! iiei,CT.-t y -: -:feii-« t ' its Hollan(i Residence Hall Ladies Of North Carolina A T State University 277 %9mi Officers Of The Association Mr. Tunde Alyeru, President Sonia Roumell Miss International Students Association Escort: Mr. Reginald Wallace I s A Carolina Faza-Wallace, Miss ISA 1985-86 Coronation 1986-87 278 ;,.i5 Nji .- i ji-v.-ty v;fci ' w!ifc ' i-..- ' 4 ' jj:: " j- Le Cercle Francais Le Cercle Francais Km ' ■-- ' ■ " " ■- The National Society Of Black Engineers L to R — Don Wellman, Parliamentarian, Monica McLaughlin. Queen, Shahidah Muhammad, President, LaTonya Wade, Vice President. Robert Melton, Treasurer. Not Pictured: Dina James, Secretary, Natasha McQueen, Industrial Relations, Kimbra Dennis, Co-Secretary, Sheila Queen, Program Chairman. L to R First Row — Eric Algood, Connie Alston, Monica McLaughlin, Queen Shahidah Muhammad, President, Rhonda Murdock, Marian Whitted, Marcus Staley. Second Row — Kammal Smith. Darryl Williams, Sean Blaylock, Victoria Man- ning, Jeff Henderson, Reshetta Roberts, Teri Neal. Third Row — Brent Timmons, Don Wellman, Parliamentarian, Claude Dunston, Carlton Russell, Anthony Bostic, James Ricks, Darrell Smith. Fourth Row — Alfred Leak. Wayne Covial, Ardie Ferrell, Rob ert Melton, Treasur- er, Thomas Stanley, Brian Scott, Richard Johnson. n. L to R First Row — Monica McLaughlin, Connie Alston, Rhonda Murdock, Shahidah Muhammad, Terri Neal, Victoria Manning, Marian Whit- ted, Reshetta Roberts. Second Row — Anthony Bostic. Claude Dunston, Alfred Leak, James Ricks, Kammel Smith, Sean Blaylock, Thomas Stanley, Brent Tim- mons, Carlton Russell, LaTonya Wade, Don Wellman, Marcus Staley, Brian Scott, Darryl Williams, Ardie Ferrell, Jeff Henderson, Robert Melton, Eric Algood, Wayne Covial, Richard Johnson. b L to R — Shahidah Muhammad, Rhonda Murdock, Reshetta Rob- erts, Marian Whitted, Victoria Manning, Terri West, Connie Alston, Monica McLaughlin. Second Row — Robert Melton, Marcus Staley, Brian Scott, Alfred Leak, Claude Dunston. Thomas Stanley. Sean Blaylock, Don Well- man. Wayne Covial. Richard Johnson. Third Rqw — Carlton Russell, Ardie Ferrell. James Ricks, Anthony Bostic, Darrell Smith, Kammal Smith, Darryl Williams, Eric Algood, Jeff Henderson, Brent Timmons. 280 i rM3 ts - k -V Hi; ' --- -■ V; ■ ' ■- . - - ■V-a; ' - ' -Lji - N. C. A T Fellowship Gospel Choir L tu R First Row: Karen Porter, Sylvia Ward, LaTrenda George. Kim Buie, Claudia Bvnum, Victor Torrain, Alan Bagby, Stephanie Arnette. Tanya Jennings. Carla Macon. Second Row: Vicki .Jackson. Staici Randle. Ingrid Hargett. Allison Pope. Fred Mason. William Mitchell. Al Henderson, Saundra Morehead. .Jodi Walston, Laurie Martin. Third Row: Loretta Avery, Tracey Underdue, Walthea Yarbrough, Bert Poole, Phillip Langst. Jerome Watkins, Valerie Peterson, Kim Sessoms. Monee McGuire. Fourth Row: Carma Miller, Sabrina Jones. George Glover. Larrv Payne. Wendell Powell Bennie Butler. Anita Hudson, Cathy Spence, Jennifer Riddick. dib . :-4f-ry ' .j-. mmmmi 7h Ayantee Yearbook S t a f f : ■ MM V ' lUm .MA , ' 1 lli . 1 JM n Judy Davis, Editor. Angela Eaddy, Editor, Sonja Marshall, Editor, Bonne Lovelace, Managing Editor, Joseph Wilkerson. Head Photographer, Jeffrey Blair, Public Relations, Arnold Mazyck, Photographer, David Miller, Public Relations. Calvin Nelson, Delivery, David White, ID ' s. Apryl Perkins. Events, Tracy Cephas, Layouts, Reginald Dixon, Supportive Services, Andrew Lofton, Photographer, Alphonso Hall, Office, Mrs. Carrie Drake, Secretary and Mrs. Dorothy . Bailey, Adviser. PICTURES FOR FIVE ADDITIONAL STAFF PERSONS HAVE BEEN INCLUDED IN CLASS SECTIONS. 282 vU?-! ■ ■crttUryiJ agjsi ' a:-.- J . ' . _ Nostalgic Memories The Vehicle For A Strategic Leap Into The Future BhH d M ttiSK ' ' ■ ' ' - ' ' V Student Cluster Activities Council L to R Standing — Cyrus Blackwell, Parliamentarian, Darryl Wil- liams, Sgt-at-arms. Seated — Evelyn Denise Wheless, Treasurer, Audrey Alexander, Vice President, Eugenia Toca- McDowell, President. Kathy Harris, Sec- retary. I. vj,-. L to R Standing — Jacob Watkins. (jary Harrison, Not Avail- able. DeJuan Stocks, Brian Wall, Reginald Sharpless, Russell Beaty. Seated — Lenard Saxton, Darryl Smith. 284 L to R Back Row — Darryl Williams, Jacqueline Little, Brian Wall, Connie Alston, Reginald Sharpless, Evetta Evans, Byron Scott. Front Row — Elaine Sheppard, Darryl Smith, Jacob Watkins. L to R Standing — Elaine Sheppard, Shei- la Cash, Robbin Morris, Lisa Brad- ford, Veronica Wright. Kimbra Den- nis. Stephanie Reaves. Martha Harris. Seated — Cheryl Gray. Evetta Ev- ans, Connie Alston, Terri Neal. ivl;Nffl ' .a; CTrfv; vyi ' - ii aaai:aija Transportation Club L-R Joe Hicks, Deanna Brown. Dawn Harris, Sylvia Ball, Mrs. Deborah Underwood, Dou ' las Coffev (Back Row) Chris Fox, Dr. Glissen. Dr. Addus, Dr. Benjamin. Dr. Obeng. Dr. Rivers. Dr Coffev Toney Spinks. iS " LR Chris Fox. Sylvia Ball, Francis Pendleton, Douglas Coffev Joe Hicks Deanna Brown. Dawn Harris. Mrs. Deborah I ' nderwood. Dr Obeng Dr ' Addus, Dr. Glissen, Tony Spinks, Dr. Coley. Dr. Rivers L-R m Chris Fox. Secretary. Sylvia Ball, Vice President, Francis Pen- dleton. Treasurer, Douglas Coffey, President. 285 JKl .-IM ' -V ' -A- ,, : Winston Aggie Salem Club I, tn R — Keith Easter, Chris Fuller, I ' am Brumbrey, Kenneth Rocker, Kim Townsend. Marvin Lindsay, Angela Hairs ton, Sherman Sim- mons, April Smith, Rita Scales, An- gel ia V. Moure, Rodney A. Byrd, Marce Elijah, Nina Mumfield, Ke- vin Jones, Niichael Fulton. Jasmin Daniels. L to R — Kenneth Dodd, Tammy Thompson, Clinton Barber, Douglas Good, Darrell A. John- son, John H. Jones, III, Tracy Carter, Clarence Z. West, Paul N, Durham, Rodney Wofford, Eric Caesar, Rodney Taylor, Jerome Scott Miller. III. Ivan T. Mosely, Carla Morris, Willie Hampton, III, Vicantay Huling, Francina Robinson. 286 ' . ' al tefcaaMia ffiiaa-ABiai - -n -,- ■ ;:j ;v -i--jB.- L to R — Michelle Jackson. B.J. Polux. Annetta Dudley, Donna Alston Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. 287 ■ki ' ■ ' ' - " - ■- ' • ' -•ff. ' 7ty:--v -yr,wj« ' BiT3 «Wr»Rf fti4 ' - ' ; Student A T Register Newspaper L to R First Row — Linda Bumpass, Esther Woods. Back Row - Carl Crews, Ursula Wright, Warren McNeill, Marcelvn Blakelv Bennie Felton, Barbara Silver. Linda Bumpass, Editor-in-Chief Esther Woods, Managing Editor Warren McNeill, News Editor 288 s t a f f Carl Crews, Production Manager. Ursula Wright, Entertainment Editor. S il Bennie Felton. Distribution Manager. Marcelyn Blakely, Staff Writer. Barbara Silver, Staff Writer. 2B9 JKm iiSim •.■: i i£HVi TfjUfM t if ' y :M t ' ' :■ Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. L to R — Audra Force, Sharon Goodson, Michelle Baker, Vice President. Tanya Graves, President, Patricia Armstrong, Evetta Evans, April Hinson, Andrea Turnage, Angela Garland. Ambitious, Kind, Always a Lady — Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. In 1908, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority became America ' s first Greek Letter organi- zation established by and for Black women. Today, nationally and locally, Alpha Kappa cultivates and encourages high Scholastic and ethical standards, promotes unity and friendship among college wom- en, alleviates problems concerning girls and women, maintains a progressive interest in college life and serves all mankind. Standing — L to R (Queens) — Sheila Cash, Patricia Arm- strong Sitting — L to R — Pamela Swindler, Miss AKA, Kim Pa.vne. Spring " 84 " L to R: Tanya Graves, Brenda Nowlin. 1st Row 2nd Row Harvey. Back — L to R L to R - L to R Spring " 8.5 " Karen Mickens, Kim Payne, Angela Garland. - Shaunne Thomas. Patricia Armstrong, Evetta Evans, Warnetta - Sheila Cash, Vibeka Hicks, Karen Burt. 290 : lj: iL- £ii " - ' ■ ■ -- - frr- : , ' ' - r - ' t. Fall " 86 " L to R — Kimbra Dennis, Frances Keel, Lynn Jarrett. Lenice Webb. Audra Foree, April Hinson. Annie Dupree, Sharon Good- son, Melanie George. c:: :=3 A4i Chapter. Fall ' 86 — " Who ' s The Boss " ? " Happy Halloween " f 291 Mm jg f a HIGH FLIGHT 0, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth, And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings; Sunward I ' ve climbed and joined the tumbling mirth Of sun-split clouds, and done a hundred things You have not dreamed of — wheeled and soared and swung. High in the sunlit silence, hovering there, I ' ve chased the shouting wind along, and flung My eager craft through footless halls of air Up, up the long delirious burning blue, I ' ve topped the windswept heights with easy grace. Where never lark or even eagle flew; And while with silent lifting mind I ' ve trod The high untrespassed sanctity of space. Put out my hand and touched the face of God. Student Space Shuttle Program By John Gillespie Magee Jr. ■ , ■ •■ ' ■fzit.ii If ' ' - it L to R Buck Row — Dr. Stuart Ahrens, Chris Webley, Dr. Jerry Bennett, Mr. Wayne Crigler, Eric Nelson, Franklin Hooker. ' -J Middle Row — John Perkins, Dr. Vallie Guthrie. Jonathan Hampton, Jeff Feaster, Jaime Degala, Brian Burnette. Front Row — Toni Lamberth, Kelvin Brooks. Ronald McNair 1950-1986 gj -: ■ i vja- ,iSif:;vifvjkav ' t rV i: The Image Makers Etched In Gold Fall ' 1987 — 18 Cold L to R — Bridget Wall, Parliamentarian, Vicki Hinton. Finanical Secretary, Lolita Hester, Treasurer, Jill Solomon. President, De- anna Brown, Recording Secretary. Inger Swimpson, Vice Presi- dent. A DELTA 2 SIGMA THETA At the inception of the Delta Sigma Theta in 1913 at Howard University, the founders envi- sioned an organiztion of college women pledged to serious endeav- or and community service. These youthful students demonstrated a vital concern for social welfare, ac- ademic excellence and cultural en- richment. Today Delta Sigma Theta is a public service sorority, dedicated to a program of sharing membership skills and organiza- tional services in the public inter- est. In 19,30, Delta Sigma Theta was incorporated as a national or- ganization. The record of incorpo- ration is filed in the Congressional Library in the office of the record- er of deeds in Washington, D.C. Spring 1985 Pyramid Club Fall ' 86 294 ilA ' iil£l: £ ' y : - ' ■ r t-rt ' = -_ i ' - ' -. ' V-.- Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Miss DST and Court L to R — Miss Crimson, Vicki Hinton, Miss Delta Sigma Theta, Deanna Brown, Miss Creme, Inger Swimpson, Miss Alpha Mu. Lolita Hester. Nation Officer Bridget Wall Regional Representative Spring 1985 . A Small Part Of Alpha Mu t! 295 Wi ' - ' j at •■ « - ' ?- ivf?E-. ' ■ " :? • : r.r-KK7=» " B sairi=«aati4« ' j «f_.rt ' iw«»v ' 1986-87 Chapter Officers " The Shield " 1986-87 National CHAPTER OF THE YEAR— THE ALPHA NU CHAPTER OF KAPPA ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY, INC. No Greater Than KA 296 Polemarch And Miss KA Fraternity •FIVE ALIVE " SPRING 86 HISTORY The Alpha Nu Chapter was founded on April 14, 1933 at NC A T State University. The Alpha Nu Chapter has been an intricate part of student academic, social and political life at A T. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, founded on January 5, 1911 at Indiana University, with the ideals of achievement in every field of human endeavor has placed an unquenchable thirst in all its members throughout the decades. The fraternity seeks to raise the sights of youth and stimulate them to accomplish- ments higher than might otherwise be realized or even imag- ined. " 12 DELAYED REACTIONS " FALL 86 mmmmff ' - mm « ' m ' ' m . ' Bf.t-.. GvYj:7rt ' rM-ae yijnjk M ¥i i ' fmM - ' I ' 2nd Annual Valentine ' s Miss Stephanie Tidwel Miss A T 1986-87 Ball Sponsored By The Student Union Advisory Board 298 " A Strategic Leap Into The Future " Student Government Association TO THE STUDENT BODY, WORDS CANNOT CON- VEY THE RESPECT AND TRUE FRIENDSHIP I HAVE FOR EACH OF YOU FOR ALLOWING ME TO SERVE AS YOUR PRESIDENT OF STUDENT GOV- ERNMENT ASSOCIATION FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR 1986-87. CONTINUE TO TAKE STRATEGIC LEAPS... MANY THANKS TO THE FACULTY AND STAFF FOR ASSISTING SGA. CHANCELLOR FORT AND ADMINISTRATION — WHERE WOULD WE LEAP WITHOUT YOUR GUID- ANCE AND SUPPORT ' THANK YOU. ■ MICHAEL A. BRUNSON 299 ' m. - s iji cvy .-- vd!SBWt» ' rtife!a jw-; 3r;w ' .iW , Student Government Association 86-87 SGA Officers — 86-87 Michael Brunson, SGA President Carlus Hicks, Vice President Internal Affairs Albert Blake, Vice President External Affairs 300 r Zachary Rumph. Attorney General James Moore, parliamentarian A S t r a t e g 1 c L e a P I n t o T h I e F u t u r e Jacquetta Kearney. Secretary Thomas Staneiy, President Special Assistant 301 mgsH gjWgwg ■? 85« -«f ' ' »- ' - ' 7 ;i ' ' ' :w i(; «?« i!rr a « sf- ' . I ijtw :--vaw:v.ti ' rtj ysy i -i: ,i;;;; ' ii I! TYRA CLYMKR PRESIDENT ' EMINENCE OF STUDENT, ENLIGHTMENT . THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS " Student Union Advisory B o a r d ANGELYN SURGEON VICE-PRESIDENT NICOLE STEPHENS PATRICE McGILL 302 . S ifflg i E g Mi ri-.r ' -. ■_ . AA . MEMBERS APRIL BACKMON JAMES HARRIS TRAVIS HITE MELVIN JONES KEITH LATTEN MICHELLE LL ' CAS PATRICE MCGILL FRANCOIS MIDDLETON ARTHUR MVLES REGGIE POWE DENITA ROBBINS NICOLE STEPHENS ANGELYN SLRGEON SABRINA WHITAKER TRACY WILLIAMS 303 Mm - ' - Tfj ' f.jswas ' v;- :i ' r-r,:-:tf;yi ' j-ff: i :r m rt_ -aBt1i=.!i .i!vi- it«lS)ej« »i ,S ' .i ■V 1. Lerov Brown 2. Bill Harrell 3. Darryl Williamson 4, Myles Harris ■I- J.J- P 7. Spring 86 — Blue Mafia Phi Beta Sigma 8. Sigma Doves Vkrm 1 B . ■gB B ■ ikkK .III:--;; 5. Michael Turpin 6. Timothy Caviness ' ' ySi .m Jil:yi ' ' mI: i£W -■■■-■- ■• ■ ' ■ - - j " 1. James Jarman 2. Mike Johnson 3. Vincent Holland 5. Sheldon Hunt 4. Nate Sullivan 6. Bvrone Black 9. Unpredictable ' Fraternity 7. Greg McFadden 10. (7 — Suns Of Darkness) Inc. r I I 85- 8. Donza Cole 305 " - ' ' " v-ifi! ■ ' . ' .— -- ' :,v» ™i-r» dl r ' ■--■t ' yj.uHvifiiiltfiSh ' -titl ' I ' t ' Jii Pershing Rifles L to H Sitting — Evetta Lawrence. Dennis Carter, David Pickens. Charles Roseboro. Legrand Lang- ford. Terrance Body. Fred Battle. L to R Kneeling — Michael Carter, Evetta Lawrence. Standing — Myron Hewitt. Kevin Butler, Charles D. Roseboro, Terrence Body, Legrand Langford, David Pickens, Rodney Johns. Line Name; Nine Lords of Thunder. Hardee Green, Commander L to R Kneeling — Dennis Carter, James Davis, Fred Battle. Standing — Reese Harris, Neil Johnson, Aaron Evans, Keith Parker. Daniel Fritz, Derrick White, Eric White, H. Vaughn Evans, Harold Batts. Kevin E. Bearden, Charles D. Roseboro, Rodney Johns, Terrence Body, David Pickens, Myron Hewitt, Kevin Butler, Legrand Langford, Michael Carter, Evetta Lawrence. Not Pictured: Tim Royster, Ronald Brown, Yvonne Breece. L to R — Vaughn Evans, Reese Harris, Neil Johnson, Dennis Carter, Aaron Evans, Kevin Bearden, Keith Parker, Myron Hewitt, Harold Batts, Daniel Fritz, Eric White, Derrick White Line Name: " Knights of Lighting " . aaffl ' f ' W« " ? i l ■- « sV-i; - fcjiw ;vie s:ia Council WOMEN ' S COUNCIL This is the organization of the Women students designed to promote cultural, social, recreational and educational activities for women; to recommend poli- cies and adjustments pertaining to affairs of women students at North Carolina Agricultural And Techni- cal State University; to aid in developing competent leadership, and to encourage scholarship and person- al development. i 307 - ' ■■ ' y(P ajuj J (■l-. ' =«H.JM««n»».5tliteB:!K ' ,t;t - S)t- Women ' s ■it., P Residence For Women Students 308 .- MMmiiSl ' liW yttik ' K-A ■A- .!ri .. i:s h . - , Young Entrepreneurs, Inc. • MEMBERSHIP NETWORK •REFERRAL SERVICE •GUEST SPEAKERS L to R — Joseph Wilkersun. Jr., President. Chiquita Crawford, Trea surer, James Hall, Jr., Vice Presi dent, Duanne D. Hoffler, Advisor, J-R, Williams, Recording Secretary. Not Pictured: Danielle Simmons, Secretary. • OWN YOUR OWN BUSINESS • 1 ' - r MJ .- B 1 v n ■ ■ 1 I 1 mSI H mMl- i 1 L to R — Tony Ingram. William Boyd, Darnevy Law, Howard Mar- tin. Jr., Adrienne McKov, Vernita White, David Hill, Travis Williams, J. Rodney Campbell, Michael Woods, Not Pictured: Kevin Ed- wards, Robert Carter. L to R siding. The Committee Chairman, Michael Woods, Pre- .r . o IS TO START THERE " :THE FASTEST WAY in ' ' - W I I i S 309 mf-- ' -?: ' m -r- - vi ! • ■■,--tKxj jf ' ■ 75¥ ' ' " ?-? ' i ' " ' " ' aw.! ' j .v,-. ' ««ai««M;i ' 3:i,5aK4»K«ril ;.t»JSfl. 1986 Fall Students Urged To Uphold Tradition Of Excellence Mr. Kelvin Buncum Former SGA President Convocation 310 i-, ?jSC ' rt ' ' ' f- 5CTY- --i-: l ' ;tfi; iV--;:t ' - - v -,-, smm . mmmmmm m : m Special Convocation M L K The Memorial ... In Memory Of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Chancellor Fort And Miss A T — Stephenie Tidwell " SSSE HSSP SS SSSiSS B Mr. Jesse Jackson, Jr. Remembering The Dream and Gives A dynamite Introduction for Rev. Crider. Rev. Tyrone Crider Keynote Speaker I 311 ,» ' f ' ■ ■ h }s ■■ ' -. ' i ' ' ■ ' ' ' ' ' ' - ' ' - ' ■yfr ' ' -■ " Tv; ' -.-;: . ' : ' ;;:f?: - " ' -- sm,: ...« -?5 ' -i« v,-( «jii ;,i«- t;;i4.Mj.t«jij854aiiS»iSigaii,{ , % %, ' : ? ; ' - , ' t. s 5i ! % 1 9 8 6 f ] Homecoming Candlelight Vigil SGA President, Michael Brunson and other SGA officials pause to give thanks. It was believed that this portion of the Homecoming Candle light Vigil would posit strategies to keep " AGGIE PRIDE " and " SPIRIT " on a true course. Throughout the program, audience feedback and participation proved to be worthwhile. The President of ISA acknowledged the efforts of SGA. Advisors attending were Mrs. Dorothy Bailey and Dr. Wayman McLaughlin. ? ' ?? ti?awr ' " ' ' iV ' ' ir ' ij3By • " • ' ' ff ' i " , ' ;y.iv« -!j;«i» ' ;»» i-ikji«««Biai; ' Sia fli-s5!t:,.i!it ' ,«iBBiiaitaSi-.l., " Regal Splendor In Aggieland ' " A DEDICATION FROM STEPHENIE TO THE STUDENT BODY OF NORTH CAROLINA AGRI- CULTURAL AND TECHNICAL STATE UNIVERSITY. " v ?S,.UM ' :fclS ' -%K ' ' s ' «W;l ii.-jv.- V .% », ' Stephenie Jervl Tidwell Miss A T 1986-87 ■•REGAL SPLENDOR IN AGGIELAND " NORTH CAROLINA AGRICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL STATE UNIVERSITY A Senior Honor Student In Economics Profile of Miss A T 1986-87 Stephenie Jeryl Tidwell Born — March 24. 1965 Hometown — Passic, New Jersey Parents — Ponce and Marva Whitley Tidwell. Sr. Brother — Ponce DeLeon Tidwell. Jr. She is a 1983 Graduate of Collegiate Preparatory School where she participated in many extracurricular activities and always had her eyes set on Aggieland. Coming from a family of Aggies, a father who was a 1963 Architectural Engineer-Graduate and a mother who in 1962 earned a degree in Sociology and Social Work. She was groomed toward Aggieland. Miss A 1 ' 1 1 9 9 8 " 8 6 7 f-- Cf ' - ' y f ' i -r- ' - ' - ie ' ■■ -Pp ' - ' :. ' :■ ' ■ ' -}■■ ■r-_f ' ' --}= - IMJ. : ' r( , t i ,-.i fc•Ml»3l:;:ii;( i1r«i«y r» MHIBiii aa»At:, A QUEEN INDEED, OUTGOING MISS A T 1985-86, COURT OF MISS A T 1986-87, CHANCELLOR FORT, AND OTHER PARTICI- PANTS SHARE IN THE EXCITE- MENT OF " REGAL SPLENDOR IN AGGIELAND. " K H ■ P f9 KM .Mii Mim - -!i! .m i W: : ■ - jn - t -! MISS JUNIOR MISS SOPHOMORE Shahidah Muhammad Cathy Lynn Smith Danielle Simmons Debra Robinson Coronation Of Miss A T 1986-87 CHANCELLOR AND MRS. FORT ENJOYS THE CORONATION ALONG WITH PARENTS OF MISS A T. MR. MRS. PONCE TIDWELL. BROTHER AND FRIENDS. . I MISS FRESH.MAN MISS SENIOR " " T, ' ! ' ' ' ' !? | " -.rt: ' ■ ' ■«t ' ' ' ' ' -jA ' - ' ' f-,yff ' ' ' - J! yi r " 1. .M v .awr(.-ili J + ' « .ii. ' .4 U mOifAiTSiaiBml - P ' . 318 . iia !i ;, t.i!. ' atfa--j CTW --iv jr. £ 319 Homecoming Football Game . . . PreCame Activities Toss of Coin Intniductiun Offensive Play Participants uf Miss A T, 1986-87 Polite receives Hooker ' s I ' ass! DKFKNSE . . . SACK! 320 mmn mrnm mmm MS ' mim miiiiiM - . . ;, .■,. ' 7y; ;A.-, i. n i Homecoming ' 86 " A Strategic Leap Into The Future! S G A Cherrelle UTFO BB Q Band Trouble Funk 321 : ap- ■ jijm ' ' ' w ' fW ' ' ' W ' } " ' ww ?f 1 .■ ...-: j«- ,-,- ' -. ir-i;-A t,-r». it-««k - M S7: Pv PAST The movement of an ACT in 1891, fastly developed into an organized body of knowledge which allowed young men young women to embark on challenges such as; academic careers, accounting, administra- tion, agriculture, airforce, anchor personalities, army, astronaut, authors, congressmen, enterpreneurship, equal right, football and basketball coaches, jazz, opera singers and musicians, judge, lawyers, local, regional, state, national and international representatives, major league baseball and basketball, ministers, physicians of medicine and dentistry, U.S. of America presidential candidate, theatre careers, university chancellors, presidents, and vice chancellors. If there was any subject in which one might expect a relatively fixed mass of information for students, it would be that which deals with the past. Though, in its fullest meaning, the word " past " includes the whole paraphernalia of nostalgic memories of — insignificant and significant events. No doubt, each memory of the A. T. history is fleeting, precious and unique. But some stand out as memories of beginnings, for which courses are set to shape the vehicle for a STRATEGIC INTO THE FU- TURE. Only a few historical epochs have been included in the 41st Edition of the AYANTEE. Other significant accomplishments have, out of necessity, been excluded because of a lack of space and time. Those students who wish to delve more deeply into Section one should consult the bibliogra- phy at the Ferdinand D. Bluford Library (Archives). PRESENT .Our beloved North Carolina Agricul- tural And Technical State University continues to be a stalwart model of higher education. It is conceived with seven schools; Agriculture, Business, Education, Engineering, Graduate, Nursing, Technology and one college; Arts and Sciences. g Each generation of Aggies — enjoys a vast hoard of ' blessings, (AGGIE SPIRIT ... and AGGIE PRIDE). With fresh acquisitions, these gi fts Aggie Spirit and Aggie Pride, are transmitted to each person with the chalice of opportunity to move forward — for their contributions of all kinds will be molded in the cruci- ble of times. The current student body is establishing its own experience which will become a precious memory as its members progress toward graduation and beyond. Four years from now, we hope that we can say that each of you matriculated for advanced study, right here at your own Graduate School. Learn your cam- pus, and know what your motive is for attending. For where there is no purpose, pressures become danger- ous. As you matriculate, there will be many persons who will share in the planning stages as well as in the 322 . ' !i] ? ;;M athJfi i.m -]■■ HV tftf»} a ■ .- a -. execution of the manifold tasks connected with your great undertaking. As we learn, sing and use excerpts from our be- loved ALMA MATER which identifies the location of our University, we are dramatizing the description of typical Aggies by the use of the Theme, NOSTAL- GIC MEMORIES: THE VEHICLE FOR A STRA- TEGIC LEAP INTO THE FUTURE. Throughout the years. Aggies have been known to be tenacious in spite of varied circumstances. Furthermore, mem- bers of the Aggie family continue to maintain a strong, effective network of pride which encircles the globe as we serve in a myriad of noteworthy endeavors. Homecoming along, brings to our campus unique feelings of nostalgia for our alumni, faculty and friends as they reflect on exciting days of yore. We pay tribute to them for keeping this meaningful tra- dition alive and glowing. We challenge each person to keep A. T. strong by making his or her best contributions to the positive image of a University which is concerned about peo- ple. A. T. is great — we applaud each of you for making it this way. FUTURE , Whether we accept the Biblical account or the Dar winian theory of man ' s origin makes no difference, for so long as we know and understand PROVERB 29;18 " Where there is no VISION the People Perish. " Our beliefs are in order for the future. AGGIES will join hands and help those who are already here to perpetuate the real challenge of higher education. This great University will be deter- mined on the basis on conceptualization and operationalizing of a decision making process involving all. WE WILL MOVE FORWARD! ir-:, k le 1 " 3 ,1 • ' M ■j!or: ' ' |r m 323 • .- -- w ' ,w.,..,. , i, ,, -, ,,y. ,£ fw ,«;, ,{ ;,. jijR,. 039; 324 .m.j«i K5j v,t.i ;Aatf ' .J : -y 4 ; - !.t .)i? ® I P I - ir«- ar ' - ? ' ■■ . . ■.-•«w» .wwAOBr riaR-r»i;r Inde X A Pari uf the vehicle, 185 A T Register. 288-289 Abernalhy. Ralph. I7:J Ahney. Tim 202 Adminislration, 137-lAl Administration Divider. 136 Administrative Helpers. 247-248 After (The School .f Engineering). 183 Agri -Economics Club. 251 Agri-EducatiDn Association. 250 Agricultural School of, 116-117 Airforce. ROTC Departmenl of Aero Space Studies, 13; Alexander, Sandra, 134 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.. 290-291 Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society. 249 Alpha Phi Mu. 2.35 Alpha Tau Alpha. 256 Alobeaem Society, 270 Alston, Dorothy, 20 Alumni Affairs! 143-145 Alumni Scholars. 276 American Marketing Association. 250 American Society of Mechanical Engineers. 251 Annual Commencement, 159 Architectural Engineering Society. 265 Army ROTC Departmenl of Military Science, 1,10-131 AssisUnl Coaches and Supportive Staff, 19.3. 201 Assistant Deans, 115 Ayantee Yearbook Staff, 282-283 B Baskelball Assistant Coach, 201 Basketball Head Coach Don Corbelt, 198 Baskelball Schedule, Snap Shots, 200 Basketball Team, 199. 202 Beta Alpha Psi, 275 Beta Gamma Sigma, 252 Biology Club. 256 Black History Month Committee. 170 Bluford Library Staff, 128-129 Board of Trustees, 18 Boone, Douglas. 150 Brown, Ralph. 204-206 Brunson, Michael. 299 Buck, Roland E., 21 Buncum, Kelvin, .310 Business Economics School of, 120-121 Campus Bookstore. 211 Candlelight Vigil. 313 Capital City Connection, 261 Career Planning and Placement, 233 Central Administration Staff. 20-21 Chancellor. Edward B. Fort, 19 Chancellors Letter. 24 Chemical Engineering Society, 253 Cherry Hall. 324 Coaches Assistant. 193 College of Arts Sciences. 118-119 Commencement. 159 Conslruclion for Ihe School of Engineering (Before), 182 Corbetl, Don Basket ball Head Coach. 198 Coronations: International Students Association, 278 Miss A T, 314-317 (238-243) Student Union Advisory Board. 160 Culs and Styling Salon. 212 D Data Processing Management Association. 254 D.C. Crew. 261 Dedication, 94-95 Delta Sigma Thela Sorority, Inc., 294-295 Digil Circle, 254 Display. Test and Literature (Senior Class. Junior S..phomnre Class), 175 Donaldson, Lou, 174 Durham Aggie Club, 255 •; Edgecombe Aggie Club. 255 p;ducation School of, 122-123 Kleclion Student Body, 1-17 Engineering. School of, 2!j Kniich, .lames. 150 Ela Kappa Mu. 264 Ftinillv, 1H7I9I Family Divider. 186 Fall Convocalion, 3Hi Firs! Ibidergraduale Piin Hclle Food Science CUd). 256 Football Head c .ach -Mo ' - F . Football Schedule, 197 Football ' IVam. 196 Freshman Advisement. 134 Freshman Class, 29-37 Freshman Class Divider. 27 Freshman Class Officers. 28 Freshman Orientalitm Aclivitie Future Aggies, 179 Fulure I ' resenl. 323 326 ;iaSitiiM aa;jMaa jfe i ri Gospel Messengers, 256 Graduate Schuol. 108-112. 127 Groove Phi Groove, 271 H Hair Slvlins Salon. 212 Half-Time Ceremony. 184 Halifax Nt rthampti)n Ag ie Club. 2.t7 Hands Across A T Benneit, 176 Handy. Norman. 21 Head Football Coach, -Mo " Forle. 195 Health Services. 216 Heritage Center, 226-227 History Club, 2:I7 History Departmenl Aclivitiesr. 177 Holland Hall. 277 Homecoming Divider Highlights, :112 Homecoming Football Game. 320 Homecoming Parade, :J18-:119 Homecoming Show, 321 Honors Day Convocation. 154 Housmg Operations. 222-223 Index. 326-328 ]n Memory Of, 325 In Recognition Ol, 149-1,50 International Students Association, 278 Intramural Sports, 204-206 Institute of Industrial Engineers. 272 Introduction, 1 Jazz Ensemble. 155 Junior Class, 52-56 Junior Class Divider. 50 Junior Class Officers. 51 Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. Inc., 296-297 Karate Club, 259 Karate with Future Agt;ies. 178 Laundry, 225 Learning Assistance Center, 135 LeCercle Francais. 279 Location. 1 Lyceum Series, 174 M Martin Lulher King, . Mclntyre, Charles, 20 Memorial Union Snack Bar. 21: Memorial Union Slaff, 214-215 Mid-West Aggie Club. 258 Miss A T, 314-317 Tributes. 168-169 A Name Index: Bluford. F.D. Crosby. J.O. Dowdy. Lewis C. Dudley. James B . 3 Fort. Edward B , 9. 19 Gibbs. W T. 4 Proctor. Samuel, 6 Thompson. Clenn. 9 National Society of Black Engineers. 280 National Society -if Industrial Technology, 266 North Carolina A T Fellowship Gospel Choir. 281 New Dimension Gospel Ensemble. 264 New England Aggie Club. 260 Newspaper. 288-289 Nigerian Students ARsociation. 2:;7 Nostalgic Memories. 2-16 Nursing School Of. 126 Organizational Divider. 2.16 Organizational Queens, 239 Pan-Hellenic Council. 274 Pan-Hellenic Summit First I ' ndergraduate 246 Parade. 318-319 Past Present. 322-323 ■■Peedie " 180 Pershing Rifles. 306 Phi Beta Sigma Fralernily, Inc . 304-305 Physical Plant Staff. 217-219, Lucille .1 . 94-95 Pi Mu Epsilon Math Honor Society. 260 Pi Tau Sigma. 262 Post Ornce. 225 • Pi ' ussainl. Alvin. 172 327 ■m Qiieen.s Organizational. 2;i8-24. ' ! Rawlins. Benjamin. 21 Refjal Splendor In ARgieland Queeni , 2.18-243 Reed. Malive. 22fi Richard B. Harns-m Players. 27:1 ROTC, Airfort-e Departmenl of Aero .Space Studies. i:i2-13:J ROTC Army Department of MiliUry Science. 1H0-13I Salons. 212 School Deans. 22-2.1 Agriculture. B.C. Webb Business and Economics. Quiester Craig Education. Albert Walker Engineering, Suresh Chandra Graduate. Albert Spniill Nursing. Beverly Malone Technology. Earl Yarbrouf School cif Agriculture, II6-II7 School ol Business and KonnomKs. 120-121 School nf Education. 122 12 School { Engineering. 125 School of Nursing. 126 School of Technology. 124 Schools and College Divider, IH College Dean Delauder. William. Colleee of Arts and Sciences Second Annual Valentine ' s Ball. 298 Secretaries. 228-2.30 Senior Class, fi7-93 Senior Class Directory, 60-64 Senior Class Divider. .59 Senior Class Officers, 66 Senior Class Section Editors. 65 Sigma Chi Theta. 155 Simms, Nathan Jr. 20 Snap Shots. 197. 200. 201 Sociology Social Workers Club. 265 Sophomore Class. 42-48 Sophomore Class Divider. 40 Sophomore Class Officers. 41 Special Convocation, . ' ill Special Honors, 142 Sports Divider. 194 Staff Appreciation Day, 151 Slokes. Carl. 171 Strategic Leaps The School of Business and Economics. 181 Student Cluster Activities Council, 284 Student Home Economics Society. 266 Student Government Association President. 299. 300-:»1 Student Life: 25-26, 38-39, . 7-58. 107. 113. 146-148 152-153. 156-1.58. 161. 167, 234-235-268 Student Judiciary Council. 245 Student Space Shuttle Program. 292-293 Student Union Advisory Board. 298. .103-303 Supportive Services Divider, 210 Supportive Staff. 193, 231-232 Symphony Band, 244 T Talent Show, 165-166 Tau Beta P. 265 Technology School of. 124 The A T Photographic Society, 2G3 The Food .Science Club. 2.56 The Freshman Advisement And Learning Assistance Center. 134-135 The Industrial Education Professional .Association. 2, ' 7 The 95th Annual Commencement of North Carolina Agricultural And Technical State University. 1,59 The Vehicle For A Strategic Leap Into the Future. 18 Theme. 1-16, 18. 163 These Are The Davs of our Lives, 17 Ticket Office. 211 Tidwell, Stephenie. 314-;n7 Track Team, 208-209 Tran ' purtalion Club. 285 I! I University Choir, 267 l- ' niversilv Dav, 162 Universilv Polite. 224 Volleyball Team, 192 H ' Warren County Aggie Club, 268 Who ' s Wh . Among Students In An And Colleges, 99- 106 Winston Salem Aggie Club. 286 Women ' s Basketball Team Coach. 1 Women ' s Council .308-.309 Women ' s Schedule, 203 Yearbook Staff. 282-283 Yoon. Jing. 151 Young Entrepreneurs. 307 7.t.- a Phi Beta Sororily, Inc. ' 287 328 ,-. «k ■ m : ' iM ' i3Sfegisa - £it ifc fcaa:i--V - . i -. juar T ' Ti rn-T-.TTi — -mf " iH !iim . a! ! ' J ' jgvy -!:--iH ' 4,a rt a :, s-: ' iC I w I JL ' I ! ( V ( i ,. ) , f ' ' ' : ■■ ) ) f n ■ ] 1 ' ■ I " k 1 1 w N .. i ' { J ' ' ' : ' tv; ■ 1 V n. ■ ' i ' ' Vv: ■ - ■ V ? ' N ' ' - ' ' ' . • y i ' » ■■(.! ■V

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