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Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Cover

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i X V NC A 4 T STATE UNIV LIBRARV 3 0343 0191454. RAIN ■I xsuanf to e- ' " as frota J? ' j t V expe ; «o, ; jiisii ' - ' ■ ' ■ 0) |5 MX.A TSTMEUNlVt GREENSBORO. N.C. 274r 9 BOWS 0° oV :VO . x . ca- PROSPERITY 0- eiarj ' skark C. 274]] . _ ' - ;2 ' . _Ba 35 « aii»«?..« ' ,ia!-ii2sst5 A NEW TMEUNIVER N.C. 27A1 •. " V?i-S ' , I ' VY,:. ' . ' - ' i V v: A4U H-MnUMUMMi lll1(l|HiilMi.ii " i, ii.i,i|ii, iii • - Ml ■■IP u N F O L D M E N T A NEW N.C. 27 11 1 fftllgilfimmgt Ml M I i m NATHAN SIMMS VICE CHANCELLOB FOS ACA- DEMIC AFFAIRS DR. ROLAND E. BUCK VICE CHANCELLOR FOR STU- DENT AFFAIRS DR, EDWARD B, FORT CHANCELLOR MR. CHARLES MC INTYRE VICE CHANCELLOR FOR FISCAL AFFAIRS DR. ALBERT SMITH VICE CHANCELLOR FOR DEVEL- OPMENT AND UNIVERSITY RELA- TIONS R E T I R E M E N T L U N C H E O N for Dr. Jesse E. Marshall— " THE MAN. " REFLECTING ON NOSTALGIC MOMENTS, THIS OCCASION WAS CENTERED ON ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF DR, I.E. MARSHALL- " THE MAN. " MUCH WAS SAID ABOUT HIS DEDI- CATED SERVICES, DEMONSTRATION OF UNIQUE SKILLS, ABIUTIES, AND [TECHNIQUES IN PLANNING, DE- VELOPING AND UTILIZING IN- GENIOUS WAYS AND MEANS OF i ORCHESTRATING HIGH QUAL- ITY PROGRAMS AND ACTIVITIES FOR STUDENTS, THE UNIVERSITY AND... ITS PUBLICS WITH MEA- GER FISCAL SUPPORT, BUT WITH VIGOR, BOUNDLESS ENERGY, OVERFLOWING WEALTH OF INNOVATIVE IDEAS, AN INDOMITABLE SPIRIT TO ACHIEVE AND TO EXCEL FOR STUDENT AFFAIRS. % Pass It On •-: :■ :.-- .it i3 ic( iiiiii t Sii,i iU j ' AGGIE FEST ' 84 ill ■Wi ■■ ' , AGGIE FEST ' 84 S.G.A. BANQUET ' 84 From the beginning, many students partici- pated in the efforts of their SGA leaders. Awards, trophies, and plaques, signed and documented by the President of SGA un- der the theme— " Uti- lizing New Strategies for Changing Times. " Mr. Brown ' s speech was overwhelmingly enjoyable. His theme of togetherness increased Our sensitivity to the events around us and desensitized us to oth- ers. In the Final Analysis Always Renienriber " To Utilize New Strategies for Changing Tinnes. " ' - " - t?«si The outgoing Miss A T — Brenda Cunningham give thanks to many persons for assisting her. James " The Artist " was most appreciative for plaque, presented by the SGA President. ■ mi «ti A smidl token for newly elected Officers of SGA. Adedamola Ekundayo, A true SGA officer is given plaque with a standing ovation. Justice Henry Frye gives oath to newly elected SGA offi- cers. Don ' t be surprise — if someone says to you — Smile, " I ' m an Alpha! " S ..■ ii ' .£i si -Mr-MiMi Af SUMMER ENRICHMENT CAMP SCHOOL I t i B ' fy fx-;A i, mAi mi Msmmmk s i O Eh u 3 r V • X O M M « O • TJ - CU C B 3 B i: -a o -o -CJ ■s-s a u a u « ■ 11 s « : u « « O -H 4 0 3 O -J Q ■ « a D ti ' 3 ' £ £ " I I Is £•6 58 3 T) S 2; .1 1 -• bO ij c u M o b. o a c (J v i o t (C Q t) b « u • m tj n u •a « [KM - u m u -itf u -ri V CO o ■ □ Q e -iM « O s h o • ■ " 1 if h « « • X -o ■ o ■ i O M K □ U X D -• X ■»- Bf M u V ■ u a = ; is B C □ m ■ at .c • -J u 8„ U M b t) h a ■g Q X I 5 ? 5 ■ ' i « u 3 a «3 Q CO « h -■ ■ 3 3 u u a ■ - U to B i4 Q 3 0tt 04JaiB«-a n b) u £ 5 J-o I : J « as = sS 8 £ I aaa g S « u « U -! Ey c ■ « i ■ -o » CO jj U 3 is i si t 8 BS d« Si I- " a El- I ■ St a c a tfl ■ c • c C u v- tit a U -9 r- B iris- E " =l 3 •J a p. X « a i- £ ■ k. « c • fl S a -H X X c -I do - u o. •-• B bo m •I Cl ti u U Q a « u u -H £ a c a c • • « - " u « 1 -n 4 B B M X O U -S « Oh w lA (A H « 3 = i ■a ■ u a w B w V B U . " fc H W ■ 01 a S .i U C (J sst: o u b X B «l ■ j X a X t-i o «) -» jr m MEET " N " GREET Banquet S •? rRESHMAN RECORD DISTRIBUTION A C T I V I T I E S UNTIL AUGUST :.l B««ge H K;nHB UB DR. EDWARD B. FORT : p- CHANCELLOR liiiMIMMIiliMaliM ' ' ' ■ " - ' ■■ ■■— EDWARD B FORT NORTH CAROLINA AGRICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL STATE UNIVERSITY GREENSBORO 27411 (9191 379-7940 December 7, 198A To the Editors of AYANTEE: The pursuit of excellence represents, for this administration a centerpiece of activity associated with the delivery of quality for our students. Our role as faculty, administrators, and other staff is that of insuring that we, within the confines of resources provided by the State, the federal government and the private sectors - insure the preparation of our students for careers. _ I want to congratulate the staff of AYANTEE for the tireless manner in which it has labored in the vineyard of production so as to complete this pictorial and narrative review of the accomplishments of our students and their University - during the past twelve months. This volume serves to highlight, for another year, the unique history of the largest histori- cally Black University in the State of North Carolina. It is strategies students - of endeavor programmati unnoticed we have, on challenges . that we are my fervent hope that as we continue to develop the programs, and delivery systems designed to " make a difference " for unity of thought will prevail as we march into the corridors constructed to guide our great University along a path of c excellence. The challenges of today ' s society do not go My role as this Institution ' s leader is that of insuring that this campus, the resources and personnel equipped to meet these And, it is because of the superbness of our faculty and staff , in fact, accommodating the University ' s mission. Again - we congratulate you and your colleagues for the contribution which you make in relationship to the goals of this great University. EBF:ejh Chancellor An Equal Offominuy Alftrmatut Action Employer A ConsmuCTt Insmuiim ol THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA iS B v.s- rTiSfesS igsisSsSi i i !! " ' r iki: «L% ' 1 ■ «li BLACK COLLEGE DAY PROGRAM HOLLAND BOWL 12 15 PM — 1 IS PM PRESIDING: Or Sullivan A Welborne, Jr INVOCATION Rev Ralph M Ross Director of Religious Activities THE BLACK NATIONAL ANTHEM Audience Accompanied by The University Band WELCOME Sybil Lynch, Miss AST Mr. James France, SGA President Dr. Roland E Buck Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs STATEMENT OF PURPOSE AND INTRODUCTION OF THE MAYOR Dr Edward B. Fort Chancellor GREETINGS Mayor John W Forbis SELECTION The Mass Choir INTRODUCTION OF SPEAKER Mr Dale Fisher Vice President Internal Affairs KEYNOTE SPEAKER Dr Wayman McLaughlin Professor, History Department REMARKS Dr McArthur Newell Chairman, Board of Trustees RALLY BENNETT COLLEGE Miss Karen Taylor, SGA President UNC-G NEO BLACK SOCIETY Miss Angela Taylor N C A T STATE UNIVERSITY Christopher McCauley THE ALMA MATER Audience Accompanied by The University Band I STUDENTS FROM OTHER COLLEGES AND UNIVERSI- TIES PARTICIPATE IN MARCH . . . BLACK DAY P .. -...... .-L.i,.. Jl UFT EVERY VOICE AND SING Life every voice and Sing Fill Earth and Heaven Ring Ring with the harmonies of Liberty. Let our rejoicing nse High as the Ust ' ning skies Let it resound loud as the rolling sea. 5mg a song, full of the Faith Thai the dark past has taught us. Sing a song, full of the Faith That the dark past has taught us Sing a song, full of the Hope That the present has brought us. Facing the rising sun of our New Day begun. Let us march on, till victory is won Stony the road we ' ve trod Bitter the chast ' ning rod. Felt in the days when Hope unborn had died. Yet with a steady beat, have not our weary feet Come to the place for which our Fathers ' sighed. We have come over a way That with tears has been watered. We have come treading a bath Through the paths of the slaughtered. Out of a dreary past Till now we stand at last Where the white gleam of our bright star is cast. God of our weary years God of our silent tears. Thou who hast brought us thus far on our way Thou who hast by thy might led us into the light Keep us forever in thy paths we pray. STATE CAPITOL RALEIGH, N.C. COLLEGE 84 ' |_MJj_j_i zssa ssss ass Bgi kL ' -i. ;c6;i«« ifeMa ««SA:!2 i TABLE OF Forward By Editor-in-Chief Rainbows Prosperity — Uniftld Page Retirement Celebration 1 Aggie Fest ' 84 2 SGA Banquet ' 84 4 Summer School 6 Freshmen Orientation Activities 8 Chancellor ' s Involvement 1 Black College Day 1 2 Dedication 1 6 Schools of Concentration 1 8 Agriculture Arts Sciences Business Economics Education Engineering Nursing Graduate CONTENT anessa McKenzie yantee Yearbook Df New Ment Page Secretaries 32 Total Individual Community Involvement 36 Freshmen Class 4 1 Sophon ore Class 54 Junior Class 66 Senior Class 76 Who ' s Who Among Colleges Universities 105 Administration 113 Air Force ROTC Staff 122 Army ROTC Staff 124 Students and Their Activities 126 Homecoming 154 Supportive Services 1 98 Sports 215 Educational and Cultural Events 232 Organizations 239 Programming Focus 302 Index 320 IS smfi ' mmmmmm THE AyAMTEE STAF UOiUWE Is OUR FACUiTI FOUOW(M( AGKICt ARTS S BUSIMESS « EDUC immi " ' ■ ' - ■ Jim mmmmmm ROUBiy DEDICATE ftEWBERS M THE :iEWCES ■COKOWtlCS BS. ' " " -»»■» . ' T -:-:f.. ' .?A£K ; iWMiii Sim M I: t ir ' mm 4 ■r » i 4,« Dr. Sidney Evans Agricultural Research Dr. Burleigh C Webb Dean Dr. Arthur P. Bell Chairman, Agricultural Education s c H O O L Dr. Daniel Godfrey Agricultural Extension Associate Dr. Harold Mazyck Chairman, Home Economics Dr. Samuel Dunn Chairman of Plant Science Dr. William DeLauder Dean i. IkLaf Mr. Leroy Holmes Chairman, Art Department Dr. Walter Wright Chairman, Chemistry Department Dr. Jimmy Williams Chairman, English Department MMIMWMiMMAdiM inLT ' ivTtipw(ic«nRn,T»a» Ka»C ' MW(WT ' Dr Bertha Miller Chairperson of History Department Dr. Wendell P. Jones Chairman, Mathematics Department Dr Clifford Watkins Chairman, Music Department Dr. Jason Gilchrist Chairman, Physics Department Dr. Amarjit Singh Chairman, Political Science Dr. Emory Sadler Chairman, Psychology Dr. Sarah Kirk Chairperson, Sociology Social Service Dr. Mary Tuggle Chairperson, Speech Communication Theater Arts .-. .1- -.■r,. ' .-.v er ' , - -. - ' A « ! -ft; »Wi ' K3 --iir Dr Mark Kiel Chairman, Accounting Dr. Georgia Bowser Chairperson, Business Administration ECONOMICS ■ ' ' .V.VV :,- ' t-u.-,: :- fti- ,ij fn ri 4-»»».T-tj™,-- Ti. " i 7: ' .:i,r ' .ir.yfViV ' .KTtimVi v.r? --. T«i.Hi Ji.v, ' iNiiliiiiiiiaiMiiiMHiiiiiM ft ♦ Dr. Meada Gibbs Chairperson, Business Education Administrative Ser- vices Dr. Samuel A. Woods Chairman, Department of Economics Dr. Danny Pogue Assistant Dean, School of Business and Economics E D U Dr Albert L. Walker Dean Dr. Dorothy P Barnett Assistant Dean Dr Henry T Cameron Chairman, Educational Leadership Policy Dr Bert Piggott Acting Chairman of Physical Education ' flTt t: v w 1 _■lV )A? aT.V»■ii W 6irii ■■■■■■■ni ■RM Dr. Wyatt Kirk Chairman, Human Development Services Mr. George Gail Chairman, Industrial Education Dr. Isaac Barnett Chairman, Safety Drivers Education Dr. Arlington Chisman Chairman, Industrial Technology Dr. Charles L. Hayes Chairperson, Curriculum Instruction i m lUUiMUi t«; ' : ;;« ;v SKfrifeftSrjiaioi43fe - Dr. Suresh Chandra, Dean o F E N G I N E E R I N G Dr. Tony Min — Chairman Mechanical Engineering Dr. Arup Mallik — Chairman, Industrial Engineering Dr. William Streat — Chairman, Architectural Engineering Write ' Mrs. Marietta Raines Dean W ' " s c H O O L Mrs. Helen McCullough School of Nursing Ms. Carrie Walden School of Nursing jT ifeisSsSK ybft ijSSi sfek ■ A BRIEF STATEMENT ABOUT THE DEAN Albert Westley Spruill was born on his parents ' farm on Route 1, Columbia, North Carolina. As a youngster, he developed a fondness for the great out-of-doors. Any setting augmented by the fantastic beauty of nature became his great obsession so North Carolina A. and T. State would grow on him as he entered the urban sector. He attended the public schools of Tyrrell County and graduated from the Tyrrell County Training School as valedictorian of his class. Upon graduation from high school, he was awarded the James Hardy Dillard Memorial Scholarship by the Southern Education Foundation in competition with students from seventeen South- ern states. In 1944, Spruill entered the North Carolina A. and T. State University (then Col- lege) where he had often come as a high school pupil to attend the annual meet- ings of the State Association of New Farmers of America (now FFA). Awed with the College, he made a commitment to live life to the fullest in the collegiate setting and held class presidencies, became involved in dramatics, religious life, and specialty organizations. When he graduated in 1949 as President of the Senior Class, Spruill was awarded the coveted Gate City Alumni Award presented annu- ally to the student rendering the most constructive service in interpreting the ideals of the college to the college community. Immediately after college, he served one year in the North Carolina Agricultural Extension Service as a county agent in Jones County, North Carolina. Spruill entered Iowa State College (now University) in 1950 and received the Mas- ter of Science from that school in 1951 in vocational education and technical journalism. He was employed briefly at Mississippi Vocational College (now Valley State) as director of agriculture. The next year, the Tyrrell County native was em- ployed at Tuskegee Institute as a teacher trainer in agricultural education. Tapped by Tuskegee for doctorate study and to return as head of the department, Spruill was awarded a General Education Board Fellowship to study at Cornell University. After completion of his course work for the doctorate in 1955, Spruill signed on at North Carolina A. and T. State as an instructor and subsequently climbed the ranks to professor of graduate education by 1961. He had received the doctorate degree in 1958 from " High Above Cayuga ' s Waters " , or Cornell University. From 1961 to 1970, Professor Spruill taught education courses in foundations of educa- tion, curriculum and research to both undergraduate and graduate students. In 1970, he was elevated to the deanship of the School of Graduate Studies where he continued to profess in his specialty in the classroom. A prolific writer and public speaker, Al Spruill has published in the Negro Di- gest, the Educational Forum, Negro Achievement Magazine, the Journal of Negro ; i», ' A i. Education and in the Proceedings of the Council of Graduate Schools in the Unit- ed States. He has edited for a number of years a free lance column in the Caroli- na Peacemaker titled " Looking In on Higher Education " . With specials to the Peacemaker, it is estimated that he has penned nearly 800 articles. In 1964, he wrote Great Recollections From Aggieland, a cultural history of North Carolina A. and T. State University, was honoree for the 1965 AYANTEE yearbook, the Fellowship Council Award, and numerous other honors. Iowa State University bestowed upon Professor Spruill its prestigious Alumni Merit Award in June, 1982. Dean Spruill is currently a member of the Black Conference of Graduate Schools, where he is president-elect, the Southern Conference of Graduate Schools which he has served as vice-president and president and now on the Committee on Is- sues and Policies and the Southern Association of Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities where he serves as secretary-treasurer. He is a member of the Council of Graduate Schools in the United States and is currently serving on the Task Force on Issues Relevant to Masters Degree Granting Schools. imaumAA ,:.-.. ? ' :fe:;ia jai;ai«««W 4ati m JO- . i ■■■MaHMiiaM rn li ■ «-,•: ;• ., ., .■. • ,if,t.v5c.j jifiS.«fe« . ; ,; . ' S! r;sff . iittmitiiaimimmUatmitmmtimtim SECRETARIES Mrs. Blondine Graham DeHuguley Service Center Ms. Beverly McCleod Registration and Records Ms. Marteena Wooten Student Life Mrs. Annie G. Foster Academic Affairs Ms. Peggy Smith Music Department Ms. Robin Brown Housing Operation ' ■ ' ■ P Mrs. Gail Barger Student Services Mrs. Nina Ingram Academic Affairs Ms. Veda Graves Payroll 33 fTTVi ' s y- ' y ' . - -r- T3J rrT?a ' SnSS;j53 3ESEK. SECRETARIES Ms. Peggy Oliphant Career Planning and Placement Mrs. Donna Bass Accounting Ms. Felicia Hooper Registration and Records sU r Mrs. Cecelia Cunningham Registration and Records Ms. Jacqueline Williams Counseling Services Ms. Bonita Winborne Registration and Records Mrs. Gladys Corbett Counseling Services Mrs. Lafreda McKie Institutional Research and Planning Mrs. Kay Harris Special Services IZ SECRETARIES Ms. Carolyn Crosson Student Affairs Mrs. Peggy Lett School of Nursing Mrs. Joan Flectcher DeHuguley Service Center Mrs. Mary AUyne DeHuguley Service Center Mrs. Gracie B. Potts International Minority Students Affairs Mrs. Barbara Miller School of Nursing Ms. Sharon Siler Career Planning and Placement Ms. Connie Pretlor DeHuguley Service Center Ms. Henrietta E. Largent Student Affairs ■ I illllMIWIIIHIIi iiuvw iMammimt nmi rTr m ■CMM-c L■n.■:f -r. ' i: T. :s. : i; XSyK:KS il ■:t: V.K 3IWii,fiVma! -— ' ■ — " " -■ ' . . 2E3 IB Community involvement. A pre-requisite for program- ming. mm « David! All-American — " DI " Engineering Subjects — too hard! Students enjoy International Dinner Mrs. Potts and students prepare table. Students avrait patiently. !T r ' ■■; ' I;.:-- OUR COMMUNITY On and off-campus — an ongoing social, religious, and political sys- tem. Moua ikMiW iMiaiiwiiiiiiMMiaiMMiBMiiiiiiaiiifitliiaiiiiiiMBaMai gliQ ■1 " IT IS NECESSARY TO LOOK FOR INFORMATION, IDEAS, AND THEORY THAT DEAL DIRECTLY WITH THE EMERGENCE OF ISSUES IN OUR COMMUNITY SET- TING. " iSI: mm r my M A. w g IW M " -x 1 w 1 m 1 H 1 iLui.. ' w 1 1 1 m WK sl 1 1 H 1 1 Community the Rainbow Development 1 a .VL i " v« ik 1 3« H i ■i .MvA iS - -:, t i! ....■:. - r-Ai- ' V: .■•,.J - ua.,.-iVUi.-J., ' u;,:,. FRESHMEN CLASS QUEEN Dionne R. Clark Miss Freshman HiMMMiaBlaaHliMaiaMliHHlMHiMHMIltaMaMHlH ' ■• ., ■.•»A .vS»■•I•;.V - ' .r ::: FRESHMEN CLASS PROFILES N F W E N D F O L D M E N T If y ai?-«J 5J :« »553 - «J Si,;Siia: Jeffery Alston Corwin E. Anderson Ariel Armstrong Anthony Atkins Willie Atwater Millicent R. Austin P!3? ; Stanley Austin Allison Ayers Sheena Baldwin Erick Barnes Kimberly Barnes April Barnett Dallas Bell Donna Bennett Juan Best Tychicus C. Best Sheila Black Leon Bostick Tabitha Bowen LaTrenda L. Boyd Karen Branham Cherry Ann L. Brathwaite Eric P. Bray Kenneth Bray Byron Brooks Charles Brooks Ernest G. Brooms Anthony M. Darryl Brown Deborah Brown Brown mi c Katura Brown Venetia Brown Tina Bryant Mary A. Bullock Lisa Y. Bumphus James Butler r ii: v » .v«: ' i:Kvi;K,r n3iA ' 2uir mftWEMfl(.at r.B«RBi«sfl ar» ■■■MaMlflMMllMMMIillMrMMIItMMWaaMHHMIilHHBniMIM PK3I ■laaMPBaM ■!rai Lisa Byrd Rodney Byrd Vivian Byrd James R. Campbell Darrell K. Carson Carrington R. Carter Marketa Chandler Alan D. Chaneyfield Leonardo Chapman Wendi T. Chisman Benjamin Clark Dionne R. Clark Gregory Clark Lonnie Cockerham Donza R. Cole Chris Coleman Bruce L. Collins Pamela D. Corbitt ► Michael D. Corey Stephanie Cousin Carl Crews Dovell Crews Devae Crockett Reuben Crummy s I V i. f Theora F. Cumbee Michele Dalton Perry Daniel Patricia A. Darby Alton Davis lanine Davis Pete Daye Dana Dean Byron DeGraffenriedt Douglas K. Dickerson Willie Diggs, Jr. % ' S?; ' Lajuan Doleraan Joanie Douglas Delois Dunk Wendell Dunston Annie P. Dupree Milton A. Earle Patsy F. Earle Keith Easter Kelvin M. Tyrelle A. Evans Vaughn Evans Thomas M. Faison Edwards Gary Farrar Paula E. Faulkner Anthony Ferguson Allen Finch Cheryl Fleming Curtis R. Fletcher Leroy Flow ers, Jr. John Foster, Jr. Angelia Foxx Lana L. Frazier Frederick E. Mark H. Freeman Freeman Karen D. Frink Christopher D. Julius Gamble Fuller, I Joseph Garner Steven E. Garvin Patrick Geddie Sarah A. Gill Sherry Gilmore James Glenn George Glover Dianne Goins Lyndell Goldson ■MflBHMBaMIH ■HHIHiililMMirii MilMliil L ■■ ' viCii vmv 9;.tr-A i. ' -ffir x ' fflii £m OTiaM).s»5 v5M«mNraffl IBP leaneiie Gould Cheryl Grant Karen D. Grant Gary Grantham Ann Green Clorena L. Grier wm m m Lisa Griffin Ingrid S. Hargett Morris Hargrove Vivian Harley Lisa Harmon Ila L. Harper Jonathan F. Harper Steve B. Harper Kathy Harris Lisa D. Harris Deirdre Y. Harrison Larry Hartsfield Morris R. Hayes loenna J. Headen Yvonne C. Headen Darlene C. Hedgepeth Monica A. Hedgepeth Edward L. Helm, Jr. Al Henderson Jeffrey L. Henderson Eric J. Henderson Kimberly D. Hendricks Veressa Hendrix Andrea Henry Timothy T. Hicks LaForest Hodge Mae Hodges Deena Holland Robin Holland Vincent E. Holland 47 ?i a i i .ti ' -SiS i iksmii ftlSt ' - il! -: Gary Holmes Byron D. Home Candace E. Hubbard JR. Hughes, Jr. John Hunter James C. Jackson, Jr. Michelle D. Robert L. Jackson Jackson Tessie Jamison Jonathan R. Jenkins Tanya Jennings LaFonda Jernigan Bond L. Johnson Timothy L. Vicki Johnson Carl F. Jones James Jones John H. Jones, III Johnson Kevin Jones Koketia M. Jones Meldan M. Jones Natalie L. Jones Sabrina L. Jones Cornelia Jordan Henry C. King Regina B. King Daniel E. Knight, Jr. LeGrand K. Langford David Langley Sylvia Lark Adrienne Leath Cassandra Ledbetter Nelson Lee Renard Lee Vanessa Legare Derrick Lennon ■IMMIMBMlili ■MfiU wmmmmiimmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I r ■ ' k. 1 k!k. Beverly Lindsay Pamela M. Little Stephanie L. Sharon Lockhart Bernita Mack Carla Macon Little Roslin Maddox Chuchy Maldonado Victoria Manning Constance Y. Mathis Nate Archie Chris Brooks Bernard McCargo Kelvin Taylor Kenneth Martin Melanie Martin Derrick Muldro Howard Oliver Smoothy Martin Marcus Holly Fredrick D. Mason William Mason, II Tonya McCall Timothy McClain $ Deneen McCray Brian McCullough Teresa D. McDuffie Bonnie McElrath Wanda Renee McGill Rico Mcllwain Daniel A. Cynthia McLean Shelia McNair Darrell E. McNeil Charlita Saltus Mcintosh, Jr. Annette McPhatter 49 MI-. MMi »x-.?i ' - i 2;ii.S MS!fete rik i-| ' , ' i! Lee McQueen Clemente McWilliams Sonya Medley Gwendolyn Medley Bernadette Merritt Jetfery Mills Ken Mills Charles Mitchell, Regina Mitchell Jr. William B. Mitchell Wanda Mitchell Denette Y. Moore Kimberly Moore Jeffrey D. Monroe Steven Monroe Nita Moss Shahidah Vicie Mumiord Muhammad Kesha Nash Cynthia D. Nelson Bryan Saunders Angela Newell Angela Nickelson Rodney E. Oakley Mark Oliphant Ryan O ' Neil Deborah Owens Alan Palmer Doug Palmer Karen Palmer Ernest T. Parker Laura Parker Tracey R. Pearson Lynn M. Perry Mary C. Perry Reginald Peterson so tmmtm ■M Ud mmmm mmmm Emanuel R. Pitt, Ir. Elbert Pittman, Jr Bernadette J. Polux Patricia Poole Allison Pope Jimmy Powell Valery Pratt Cynthia J. Pridgen Kimberly C. Pugh Charlene Pulley Charles Young Gordon Richardson Denise A. Richmond Vanessa L. Richmond Karen Roberson Francina Robinson Lecia Robinson Sophia Robinson William Robinson Doug W. Scott Simeon Ross Tracey Rubaine Eugenia C. Russ Rhonda Sanders I I i W. LaDeirdre Sanders Kenneth Sandiiord Kenneth Scales Richard Scales David Nelson Kabiralt Shabazz Leroy Sharpe, Jr. Ramona Shaw Irene Shipman Ingrid Shumate Juannetta Silver Addie Simmons aiiuj m jisj m 1 Carl Simmons Regina Sims Thurmond Simpson, Jr. Wanda Simpson Sherry D. Smalls Dwayne Smarr Gloria Smith Janice Smith Letty Smith Marsha Smith Skip Smith Woodrow Smith, Jr. Andrew M. Shirley Solomon Stephanie A. William T. Snipes Stafford Stanley Andre Starks Helena Staten hH Donna Stewart Britonia Stinson Leslie Stinson Angela Strange Ivan Stroud Glen Sylvester Elton E. Tabon, Jr. Felinda 52 Thompson Rodney Taylor Wanda Taylor Gerald W. Tharrington Larry Thomas Kimberly Thompson Patrice Thompson Marvin M. Beverly E. Threatt Thorton Victor Torain L sw-. iMt £Himi»UMjfaw.f..« raiW»l»Ni 3 ■MM immmmmm wHmmmm Jay M. Vestal Robert Walker Mack Walston John Ward, III Timmy Ward Anthony Washington Baron D. Watkins Valerie Watley Carolyn Webb Brian A. Webster Valerie Welch Irene Whitaker Patricia Whitaker Shenna Whitley Lawrence Wilder Angela Williams Carla Williams Maerena Williams Sheryl Williams Sylvia Williams Cedric Wilson M. David Wilson Michele Wilson Johnny Winters w w S Cynthia Womack Michael Woods Rosalan Woods Angela K. Wright Eric Reid I f Jennifer Youngblood 53 Bl BE liOfi ' r ' j;i£frv_ri-.:jii( i ' £- ' m SOPHOMORE CLASS QUEEN f I I Vicki G. Hinton Miss Sophomore y .: yiii: i iif a!:mi. ! yfA ' il -Mmii I SOPHOMORE CLASS Micheal Brunson JacqueMa C. Kearney wim ' mmm ' i •mmm Baron Allen Bernadette Allen Bernard Allen Maurice Allen Angela Almon Connie V. Alston Theodore Gayle B. Handy Patricia Dwight Armwood Patrick L. Artis Anderson Applewhite Applewhite Armstrong Derrick L. Karla Adkins Adrianne Carter Benita Alexander Tammy Alexander Stephanie M. Atkinson Bagley Joan Graves George Ballard James T. Barham, Juanita A. Barnes Michelle Barnhill Pamela Buncum Jr. Theresa A. Beatty Travis R. Bell Toya Bennett Sharon D. Bennett Vetia M. Bennett Selina Y. Best Tyjuana S. Best Myron P. Bethea Etolia Biggs Eartha J. Black Thea Blunt Lisa Boiling S7 a» ;-■_ .-. ' ' y,: eh P ' :iGfjSZmiiiiii mM Lisa J. Bond Anthony Bostic Selina Bracey Merita Bradley Alesia R. Bridges Darlene Brister Terrence L. Bronson Cedric M. Brown Charlene D. Brown Jeffrey D. Brown Prentice Brown Michael A. Brunson Kelvin K. Buffaloe Charles M. Bullock Valerie Bullock Linda Bumpass Christopher Bunn Karen Burt Faith Bynum Reginald Cann Otis Caldwell Tina Carroll Gary D. Clark Mildred V Cooper Lenora Covington Holly Cornelius Bonita Crandol Leon N. Crawford, Jr. Glenda L. CrockeH Fred P. Cuffy, Jr. Patrick O. Curry Connie Cutner Allen Davis Jacqueline V. Davis : ' v;v :w,N. .,vf,v fi. ' ».ir..v.5 . ' iMVk?u(wtisi.a»«-.v psv iPir .-? ' i ■««■■ Judy Davis Malea Davis Alanna C. Davis Trina Daye Jennifer DePass Kimbra Y. Dennis Rhonda Dodd Cynthia Dorssett Donyetta Drumgoole Paul Durham Lorraine Edwards Rudolph V. Edwards 7 Tina Edwards Yvette S. Estep Evetta Evans Chantal Fleming Charles Fletcher, Jr. Geanetia Fields Lisa Finger Daniel Ford Chris Foxx Beverly Fuller Darlene Fuller Terrence Funderburk Detrice Galloway Glenda F. Garner Stacey Garrick Sharon L. James A. Gatling Margaret D. Gaskins Gavin Levie George Melemie George Lucretia Glass Kelvin Godard Sylvia Goldston Romia Gore I . ; ' , ' ,TigW-itafriy ' : itfet Angela Gray Christie Gray Hardee Green Janet Gregory Charlita V. Hailey Angela Hairston Samuel Haith, Jr. Jessie Hall Sheba A. Hall Tonya Hamlett Leota A. Harding Leroy Hardy Sidney R. Hargro Tony Hargrove James Harris Martha L. Harris Bessie Harris Mamie Hawkins Margaret Hawkins Johnny Hedgepeth Valerie L. Herbin Walter Herring, III Lolita Hester Gregory Hill Vicki Hinton Christopher Hollis Deborah C. Horton James D. Howard Ann Howerton Toni Hunt Angela Ingram Andrianne Jackson David James Darnell larrett Lynn Jarrett mm ;uw KV■( ■ ■t " t Ii s . u vw tTMftut l ' «¥CT■. l »lltKVlA 1 «l « • «r leffrey Jennings Jennifer Johnson Otha D. Johnson, Marty V. Jones Bruce Jones III Lana Jones Lewis Jones Valerie Jones Jacquetta Kearney Edna Keaton Gary Kellogg Roderick Kelly Valerie O. Larkin Vernestine Phillip A Derrick Muldrow Evetta M Lawrence Michele Lennon Lauhinghouse Langston WWMWM Natasha Lewis Regina Lewis Bernice Little Gina Loften Pretrina Martin Tonya Lowe w M Dannie Martin Arnethia Mason Cleo Mason Erica Lowery Angela Manning Mildred Marie I I Derrick Maxwell Franklin McCain Stephen McCary Kerry McDonald George McCormick Linda McDuifie Gregory McGill Elliott McLaughlin Joy McLean Audrey McNair Christine McNeil Mitchell McNeil Ernest Melton William Merritt Candie Merriam Florestin© Mills Angela Milton Donna Mitchell C Athanson O. Monroe James Moore Michael Moore Valerie Moore Dwight Morgan Roger Moore Jackie Newman Marsha E. Oden Wanda Orr Valerie Outlaw Theresa Owens Kim Page Andrea Parker Derek Parker Janice Parker Paul Parson Kimberly Payne La rry Payne Augustine Payton Lawrence Perry Keith Paten Cynthia Peterson Derwin Peterson Lafayette Petty Sharon Pratt Robert Pompey Paul Powell WendeU Powell Darryl Ragland Sharon Ragland Staici Randal Kim Raynor Stephanie Reaves Erica Reid Ronald Rembert Howard Renwick Curtis Richardson Anthony Robinson Carlos Rockingham Bennie Roman Kenneth Rooks Ronald Roundtree 5S Charlita Saltus Bryan Saunders Stacey Scales Stephanie Scarborough Alan Scott Darryl Scott Mildred Seaman Yvette Shivers Temerial Simmons Dawn Smith Gregory Smith Rhonda Smith Bernard Snowden, Jr. Jill Solomon Sheila Allen Vernon Speller Walter L. Spencer Melomse Spinks fv -: ■-; ' : ■ , AiK i ? tJAS-£iat r Sharon Spivey Karol Stackhouse Twanda Staley Keith Starks Brenda Stewart Doris Stewart Alan Stovall Catherine Swan Sandra Talley Clinton Taylor Derrick Taylor Adrienne Thomas Kevin Thomas Martin Thomas Priscella Thomas Shirley Thomas Anthony Thompson Pete Thompson lames Thornton Parlyn Thurman Brent Tiramons Candace Todd Dennis Turner Betty Vincent Alvin Walker Beverly Watford Carlos Walker Darryl Wallace Gug Warfield Helane Warren Angela Washington Michael Waters Bonita West MHI ■liaHHaiBMlMMHaHHIHMMnMH i Sl f:.Vt Antionette White Derick White Eric White Darron Wiggins Cornelia Wilcox Lawrence Wilder Marcus Wilkes Sharon Wilkes Adrien A. Williams Angela Williams Anthony Williams Beverly Williams Carrie Williams Donna Williams Eric Williams Jeffrey Williams Kimber Williams Kristal Williams Stacy Williams Tracey Williams Barbara Reginald WUloughby WUloughby Emily Wilson Rodney E. Oakley iCaren A. Winsley Angela Winstead Paul A. Yates Cynthia Young Keith Wood Regina Young I : " " " " , -, ._;v. ' i.; V!: T ' : The pQR-f-ys oveR Q ■MIUMMaBaiU MHMMIIMIHMIMMHIIIIMIHriMMaiii 3S35 5rr Jii ' JUNIOR CLASS QUEEN i5i I ' I Deirdra M. Lewis Miss Junior 67 Bl T - .iMit.-:ii «fi? i ifcliSt: JUNIOR CLASS ON THE MOVE «l i Oliver W. Adkins, Nafe Admad Joseph M. Allen Angela Alston Michael Alston Jr. MfM stas ' . Reginald J. Alston Andre N. Anderson, III Karen Y. Arey Andre Artis Michael L. Austin Pamala W. Dalton 1. ' ..1! Beverly Autry Angela Bailey James E. Barnes Eail L. Barnes Lucy R. Basket! Beverly Bell Marceiyn Blakely Carolyn A. Blue Kirk V. Blumenberg Anthony W. Boddie Lorelle Bowie Sophia B. Brown Traci Brown Angela D. Bryant Roger M. Bryant Rosetta Blythe Sylria M. Bull Georgena M. Campbelll Terry Campbell Stella Canty Priscilla A. Carter Lee A. Chatman Mark D. Chavis, Jr. Edwina Chestnut Pamela P. Cooke Douglas V. Cooper Reginald W. Covington Jerry Covington Chris Dalton, Jr. Frances Ward ,j ggm Eric Griffin Katonya L. Davis Shelby Davis Wayne C. Davis Lovely M. Davsrson Jeffrey A. Dean Wanda Dennis Denise DePass Kimberly Dixon Daphney Douglas John Driver Amy M. Evans Jeffrey T. Feaster John Felder Bennie H. Felton Edmond D. Fisher Jacqueline C. Fuller Jacqueline Franklin Gerald Frazier Alma Garlington Dallas M. Galling Stacy S. Gay Bruce R. Gibbs Eva Gillis Veronica B. Godfrey Joann Gorham Patricia Graham Bonita Graves John Graves Andre Gray Gary Gray Johnnie R. Gray Judy C. Green Marva Elaine Grimes James Davis Leonard Griffin, Jr. Demetrice Gunn Quinton F. Hairston James L. Hall, Jr. Karen Humphries Linda Hardy Julian Hargrove Julius Hargrove Annette M. Harris Debra Harris Eugene Harris Lillie A. Harris Wanda Hart Hiram Harvin Elvis A. Hedgepeth LaTrenda A. Henry OUie L. Herring Teresa L. Hester Roy Hicks, IV Rebecca Hill Alma Hinton Mary G. Holloway Darlene D. Thomas B. Horton Darrell T. Horton Houston Sheldon L. Hunt Beatrice Michelle Anthony L. Jeffrey Johnson Michael A. Johnson Pemel C. Johnson Ivey Jackson Diane Jones Terrie D. Jones Phoebe Jones (J. Yvette Judkins Anita Key Graham B. Keys, Jr. it »s --j£ia3 :: ti?ya - ' y; tf.?t ?M;Aai{ James King Twyler M. Lamb Novella Latia Darnevy A. Law Ronald Lawrence Evangeline Leak Clifford Lee Darryl V. Lee Deidre Lewis Mario C. Lewis Michelle Lide Tracy Lindsay Margaret Little Beverly Dawn Livingston J. Maurice Livingston Adrianne Lowrie Beverly Mann Cassandra Manning Nseye Mara Melissa A. Marshall Angela Martin Frederick W. Martin Kimberly Maske Harrison A. M attocks, Jr. Jerry L. McMillan Teresa McNeill Gloria McQueen Wallace Means Dariene Mercer Gregory B. Metoyer Kenneth R. Miller Alkirdasi Mohammed Gwendolyn Moore Saundra Morehead Aaron Murray John Neal mmtm Kimberly Neal Mark Nonell Brenda Nowlin Lance A. OUivierre Tony Orr Rosita Penn Sherri Penn Phillip Perry, Jr. Wendy D. Peterson Stephanie Proctor Victor L. Ray Bobby I. Richards, Jr. Robert Richardson Daen Riviere DeNita D. Robbins Damon C. Robinson Valorie Robinson Willie I. Robinson, Jr. Kara Rochelle Reginald Salaam Tad Sanchez Norma D. Scales lames H. Sifford Toni Silva I; I Barbara Silver Ben Simmons Effie Simms Kule Sisko Marilyn D. Sledge Barry Smith Chrystal Smith Demetricus Smith Edward Smith Marcus C. Steiley, Lorraine Stew art Rhonda E. 11 Stewart 5 - ■aCr; ' -,a tAi. ' g. J?. ' .i A- .. Maurice Stokes Donna Strickland Tammy Suggs Anita G. Tapp Cynthia Taylor Vergie Thomas Sheryl Thompson Gloria R. Thornton Harold G. Troy, Sharla Tucker Jr. Carol Tyson Mary L. Umstead Brian G. Vanderpool Vonn Wade Ken Walker Alvin Walker Jodi F. Walston Gwendolyn Augborn Harry W. SaLena D. Teresa Watson Stephanie D. Donald Wester Regina M Washington, Jr. Washington Webb Weston B.X. White Denise Williams Cassandra Williams Dianiese M. Williams Paul Williams Darryl Wiley Pamela Wilkes Karen Witherspoon Keith Wood Elbert Wright, Jr. Gail L. Wright Gregory A. Young V4. h,:. .„-i. " - ' ;T ,;,f T.,;. -, V ' .:T :; iHHMIMlHllMHMHDMIIiMMnMH mB S naai FAMILIAR JUNIOR FACES PUMP IT UP, DAVE!!! i I ■J- AGGIE EMOTION!!! pa mmm SENIOR CLASS QUEEN I ' Js 111 ' MISS KAREN GRIFFIN 77 r SENIOR CLASS MOVING ON UP . . . Timothy Lake President, Senior Class i;. Kristal Feggins Vice-President of Senior Class Doris Person Secretary of Senior Class iiMllHi mmmm ■ ' ,■• lvi ,iSl f;iVV, ;-i Edward Agbo Joel O. Akomolafe Patricia Alexander Peter Alford Edward L. Allen Reginald E. Allen Gerald Anderson Ben Andrews Lisa Arrington Marlon Arrington Eric A. Artis Marvetta Artis Jackie Ashley Jacqueline Austin Fred Bacote 7? » - ' " ■ Timothy Bailey Alethea Baker Maxine Baldwin Reginald Banner William Barlow Delores A. Barlowe Diane Barnes Valarie Barnes Wanda Barns Kent Barter Harold Bennett Warren Berry Samuel Bethea Johnny Black Jacqueline Blackman Allen Blue ■M ttmam Jacqueline Bond Anyike Boniface Gregory Boone Toni Bost James Bowen, Jr. Raieal D. Boyd Irish Y. Boy kin fs ■Miq • L „ " A Y •i Constance Bradford Terry Bradshaw Clathilda Brewinglon Tony Brewington Walter Bright Do vain L. Britt Joseph Brown Myron O. Brown t P Thomas Brown : :n Steven Burke Glenn Burkett Dorothy Bullock Charles Burns rSS? ' i»r Derrick Butts Sharon Cameron Gregory Camp Harry Carter Ronnie Carter Glenn Carver Deborah Cheek Robyn Cherry Aaron Chestnut Avis Clark 82 iMMMMiilHMHall 2SS m wmmmmmm Linda Clark Wanda Clark Debra Coble Priscilla Cogdell Belinda Combo Alan K. Cook Alcin Cooper Bruce Cornelius 1). Linwood Cox Kimball Credele Laura Crews Troy Crosby Alice Crumb Mary A. Curry Judy Curtis Quenhn Currie 83 1 :- -- .iiii ii ! ■ Lenny K. Dark Pamela Davenport Alice Davis Brenda I. Davis Cloris Davis Helen M. Davis Kelvin O. Davis Loietta Davis Carl Deans Karen Deboise Lisa T. Deboise John W. Deese Donald DeGrafi Patrice L. Delt Earleen Deshield Linda C. Dickens ■■iMMUaMiBaiaMMaiBrtiiaMiiiaBaiiaailHaHMMMMHMM mmiii: i mm Chesley D. Dickerson Todd L. Dickey Tony M. Diggs Gregory L. Dillard Myrick C. Dixon Regina Dixon Samuel Doane, Jr. Michael Dosomie i ' i- A- •J Karen L. Dozier Pamela Dudley Donald J. Duggins Verinda Dukes Tyrone Dula Jana A. Duncan Cynthia Dunlap JacqueUne Dimston .. Lisa Dye Kokethie Edwards Gwen Farrington lason Felder Victor Fenner leffery Finch Dale Fisher Gina Fisher Charvetta Ford Felecia Ford Yvette Forney Rita Foster Christopher Fountain lames France Darrell I. Franklin Laura Frazier nMMtiMMririMiairilili ■■■■■■■■■■■■•■■■■■■■■■m ■HHi Abraham Frazier Tanya D. Frazier Wilma Freeman Esther Gadzama Sabrina Gaines Carla Gainey Harriet Gardner William Garner • I; ' Victor Gavin Earnest Gaymon Daryl George Brent P. Gerald Eria Gibson Desiree Giles Elaine Gill Randall Gillespie m »i :r " ' . ' ' : ' r 88 Clay Gloster, Jr. Mohammed Goni Emith L. Gore Glenn Graham IJt Priscilla Graves Robert Green Steven Gregory Karen Griifin Larry Hall Jewel Hamrick, III Anthony Hardie Gwendolyn Hardwick Michael Hardison Ingrid I. Harrell Crystal Harris Kim C. Harris ■MMMMHMitflilHlHMiitlMMHIi IMallMNil JgIS Tony M. Harris David E. Harrison Regina Hartsiield Sandra Hawley Anthony Hayes Priscilla Herring Gregory L. Hicks Stroza A. Hill .1: Angela Hilliard Claude Hines Cecil Hogue Jacqueline HoUowell Alicia Holmein David Holmes Danita Howard Shelton Howard 89 ii ma Vincent O. Howard Lisa A. Howze Garba Isa Victoria lackson t:r. Denise Jacobs David Janifer Darlene Jarvis Eric leiieries Monika L. Jeifers Lamont Jennings Derrick M. Johnson Melvin Johnson Fernandez Johnson Linda Johnson Otto B. Johnson Ricky Johnson - ' ■ ' C ' s " «Mv? 1 3 m ! w H H M 1 H Mf$ 1 w ■ i :Ji Rhonda Jolinson mr ib] 1 Wl mm Call lones Thomas Johnson Frederick Jones Troyling Johnson Jenniiei Jones Algernon Jones June Jones Lynn Jones Mary Ann Jones Terry Jones L 1 Thomas Ray Jones i William H. Jones, Jr. Cindy Jordan Donald L. Joyner Eslella L. Joyner 91 iF- jgfe 92 Sterling loyner Wendy A. Junious Curtis A. Keith Martha Keys tic lacqueline King Pamela King Christopher C. Kirkland, III Timothy Lake Gary Lee Jerome Lee Sherry Lester Earl Lett £ I li Glenn Lewis Tomie Lewis, Jr. L ' i Frederick K. Livingston Sammy Livingston miim HMHHMMHIHIifi IB mmmmm ■■■■■■■■i Kenneth C. Lowe Deborah B. Lucas Miller Lucky Janese Lynch Sybil Lynch Emmy Lyons Michael Mauney Gloria McAllister n. IS? • %: ' Pamelia McAdoo Princess McCaleb Christopher McCauley Jean McCombs Lasondra McGee Stella McGhee Willie Mcintosh Vanessa McKenzie ! -s -c:-5 ' T2«»v 3 i3 it . »4 Gregory E. McKnight Marilyn McLaurin June McNeil Derek McLendon , - lljl lit! l)c; I];: It.: Thomas Melton Rebecca Merrill lohn Miles Thomasina Mills Sharie Mock Terri M. Modica Joshua Olu Mogaji Habib Mohammed Charlie G. Moore Jerome Moore Mary L. Moore Stanley C. Moore iMMMMMHlMM mmm laaiB zj MH fma ..•c " , lerome Nchikwo Karen Nelson Derrick Nobles Callie Northern rw u] m i Leon Nowlin Luke Oguntuase Donatus Okozor ' ■ ' t Ml Pandora Oliver Benson Onvoha Alexander Onzia Michael Opata Maria A. Owens Malinda Pagett James Parker Tamara Parker 95 BSSS . »:x. Wanda Parnell Gwendolyn Payton Ronnie Payton Valerie L. Penny " 3 lie Hi ' Frances Peppers Doris Person lames Person Nicole M. Peters Burnetta Phifer Robert Phillips Arthur Pinnix, Jr. Dwayne Pinkney Dennis Pinnix Mary A. Pitts Phillip Powell Rodney Powell 96 ma Andrea Price Elisha Tobias Price Douglas E. Price Dwayne Purdie Wayne Purdie Paul Quinchett Cassandra Raman Cressal Richard Angela Richardson Alvin Riddick Rosalie N. Roberts 1 5 ' Mi Anita D. Ramsee Cynthia Rankin lames Ray Louie B. Reid ,:-5 j; Sgig David Robinson Norma I. Robinson Natalie Rogers Jamilla Ross Teresa Rush Robyn I. Russell Monica Salters Ibi Sampson ..J{ II j I Kenneth Sanders Evelyn S. Scott Robin Sanders Karen P. Scott Barry Saunders Wayne Sellers 98 1 ? mmmmmmmmmm wmm mmmmmmm Angela Shaw Licia Shearer Robert Shepard Alicia K. Slier Cathey Slier Jeffrey Simmons Veronique Simpson Dawn Sims " in. ' 4 uandra M. Singleton William Sipee Gail Slade Dennis B. Smith Dwight Smith Keith Smith Margelyn Smith Melanie Smith •s i i :-s i%!2?«KS " i 111- • ■! ' Timothy Smith John Spicer Evelyn Stewart Apara Solomon Clyde Spiingiield, Ir. S. Bruce Sioweis Robin Solomon . 4 David D. Stephens James L. Stubbs, Jr. Stephanie Speas Blanchie Stevens Thomas Sturdavant Deidre Summey Linwood Swinson Kevin Taylor Michael Taylor 100 HHHIi riiMHii «■■■■■ «■■■■ Patricia Taylor Penny Taylor Darryl A. Thomas Demetria L. Thomas Barbara Thompson Lawrence Thompson Kim M. Tillman Stephcinie D. Tillman l Vincent Townsend David W. Tucker Mustapha Umar Mohammed Ulmaru David Umstead Joseph J. Ubani Jamie Valentine 101 (r-s -r; : :p - ?«2» jiii.- , Traci B. Van Field Yakubu Wakilbe Darryl D. Walker Karen Ward i .ji n.:: Maurice A. Warren Terry Warren leseph Washington Johnie N. Watkins Raymond Watkins Michael T. Weaver Richard Wells Tracey B. Whitaker Marchell Whitaker Ellis White Teresa White Stephen V. Wilder i I s Christopher Wilkerson Bertha Williams Darryl K. Williams Donna A. WiUiams Jo Ann Williams Reginald Williams Rodney R. Williams Wanda WLUiams i si Lorene M. Williamson Vondelia WQlis Tracey Wilson Belinda Wimbush Christopher Wood Anthony Woodard Natalie Woods Stephen Wordu gS£ili r lSSfe liSSM Sandra Wright Daniel Wynne Lawan Yakubu Ameen Yaro Deborah Yates Tina Yates Ui ' . F A R E W E L L Cynthia Young John Zellars, Jr. WtlilMiiifiiifliMi mnPM AMONG COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES I i I EARL WILLIAMS P - ri ' Jli M ' : I! Reginald Allen Marketing (Business Administration) " Discipline is the key to achieve anything you desire in life. " Marvette L. Artis Marketing Fashion Merchandising " Smile and the world will smile with you; share a smile everyday. " Maxine Baldwin Speech Theater Arts Mass com-i munications " What you are is God ' s gift to you and what you become is your gift to God. " N:: fel Derrick A. Butts Electrical Engineering " Always strive for excellence, will leave no room for failure. " DeBorah F. Cheek Accounting " Your hopes and dreams can be made into reality. " 106 Robyn Cherry ' Nursing j " When the going gets tough andl the roads are rough, always remem- ber to follow your dreams and you will find what ' s at the end of your rainbow. " Si 5 SfiSjt " • ' «SiSi ' -V Judy Curtis Accounting " It matters not how straight the gate or how charred with punishment the scroll, I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. " Carl Deans Computer Science " Proper planning is the tool success and happiness. " Hebrew Lathan Dixon, III Architectural Engineering " The fruits of labor will only be sweet if they are the product of hard work, perseverance and co- ordination. " I H ■ i- k r 1 m I U 1 1 Michael O. Dosumu Vocational Industrial Education " Education is the Best Legacy. " Pamela S. Dudley Political Science Transportation " Beauty is the rare essence of Life. " Dale W. Fisher Business Admin. Marketing " Lifes most frustrating moments can be subdued by hope and good cheer; be faithful, be persistent and success is sure to follow in what- ever you do. " ' M ' ' ' (11 in ¥mM ■1 lames France Industrial Technology " When life give you an " inch " take a " yard. " Darrell J. Franklin Economics " Education is a giit; that no one can take from you. It can make dreams come true and fantasies turn into realities. " Victor Sebastian Gavin Electrical Engineering " If you can feel the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds of distance run then yours is the earth and all that is in it and which is more you ' ll be a man my son. " ' Brent P. Gerald Art (Design) " If you can dream it you can achieve it. " Clay Gloster, Jr. Electrical Engineering " Never be satisfied of where you are in life, always reach for better, strive for exceUence. " Reginald L. Goodwin Engineering Physics " Those who strive bravely are never behind; for, their life ' s journey is in seeking mountains to cUmb. " . wianap David E. Harrison Political Science History " Faith in God, trust in your parents, dedicated hard work and service to those in need, are all factors oi Shelton Aranas Howard Architectural Engineering " Nothing is impossible if you forth an effort and try. " put Vincent O. Howard Mass Communications " To be all I can be in all my en- deavors. " ' Ill W Troyling R. lohnson Accounting " With the people you love beside you and the Lord in your heart, you can make it. " Don loyner Industrial Technology (electronics) " Success begins with a fellow ' s will, it ' s all in the state of mind. " Sybil Ilona Lynch Speech-Communication " If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears the sound of a different Drummer Let him keep pace with the music he hears. " mmr fHf lie Willie Flemon Mcintosh, III Electrical Engineering " I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. " (Philippians 3:14) Thomas R. Melton Industrial Art " If you fail to prepare you are pre- paring to fail. " Mary L. Moore Economics " Always strive for the best, and re-l member, " I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. " I Malinda G. Pagett Mechanical Engineering " To deprive oneself of knowledge is to stunt ones growth. " Ronnie Payton Computer Science " Strive to be the best that you can be, for it is the greatest accomplish- ment a person can gain. " Doris E. Person Professional English " Service to humanity greatest achievement. " m.. m ■ ' A wmmmm mmmmmmmmmm - n 11 J 1 i P Sandra I. Pettifotd Electrical Engineering " Moderation and accuracy in all things prevents unnecessary repititions. " Wayne T. Purdie B. A. (Marketing) " Success is not measured in phys- ical quantity but in intellectual achievement. " Roger Riddick Architectural Engineering " Striving to do your best never coining up short. " S ' l ' H: iii! Robin Sanders Accounting " There ' s always one more sacrifice, make it, and set even higher goals. " Melanie Smith Mechanical Engineering " Excellence is the key to success. ' Robin Solomon Computer Science " Be the best at whatever you do. ' Avayoni O. Somunmi Architectural Engineering " To achieve as much as I can. ' ill lis ii:i liji Ik Blanchie Machelle Stevens Food Science " If a task is once begun, never leave it till it ' s done. Be the labor great or small do it well, or not at aU. " Patricia Taylor Professional French " The world should revolve around your happiness, because happiness is like an Olympic torch that shines throughout the world. " k Lawrence H. Thompson, Jr. Accounting " Live life to its fullest potential. Don ' t look back on your life and have to say " when I could have, I wouldn ' t. Now 1 want to, but I can ' t. " Kim M. Tillman Economics " Work hard today for tomorrow will bring new promises. " Maurice A. Warren Accounting " When the funds are low and the debts are high, when you want to smile, but you have to sigh, when care is presing you down a bit rest it you must, but don ' t you quit. " L MRS. VIRGINIA MCKEE ASSISTANT TO THE CHANCELLO: DR DOROTHY ALSTON CIAL ASSISTANT TO THE ELLOR MR. BENJAMIN E. RAWLINS SPECIAL ASSISTANT TO THI CHANCELLOR— LEGAL COUNSEL , DR JEWEL STEWART DIRECTOR, INSTITUTIONAL RE- SEARCH AND PLANNING 1 - :i: M m " ' ffpw»pp " iiipipm WE SALUTE . . . MRS. CATHERINE BONNER Mr. Orby Z. Moss, Jr. Athletic Director makes presentation to Mrs. Catherine Bonner, Retiring Adnr inistration Assistant, January 1985. Husband George Bonner looks on along with Mrs. ' Virginia McKee, Special Assistant to the Chancellor. mm tSS SSS WE SALUTE . . . DR. S. JOSEPH SHAW ft- ' . ■111 ' I m f w Dr. S . Joseph Shaw Serverd as Dean of the School of Education for 16 years. A total of 42 years were spent in Education. m u FROM THE DESK OF . . . CHANCELLOR EDWARD B. FORT SOME SELECTED UNIVERSITY SPECIFIC GOALS FOR 1984-1985 . STRENGTHENING THE COMPUTER CAPABILITY OF THE UNIVERSITY . ENHANCEMENT OF CURRICULUM SUPPORT SCHOOL OF NURSING . BEGIN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING PROGRAM (Planning for Fall, 1985) . EXPANSION OF THE FRESHMEN STUDIES PROGRAM jj . START OF CHANCELLOR ' S EXECUTIVE SEMINARS FOR CAREERS ' ■ . DEVELOPMENT OF SEVEN NEW PROGRAMS :| . ESTABLISHMENT OF THE MATH SCIENCE CENTER ;{ . BEGINNING OF THE MENTOR PROGRAM . BEGINNING CONSTRUCTION FOR NEW ENGINEERING BUILDING . QUALITY ASSURANCE PROGRAM . PROPOSED CONSTRUCTION OF THE NEW LIBRARY . CONTINUED REVITALIZATION OF FISCAL AFFAIRS . INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT . STUDENT AFFAIRS ENHANCEMENT . FOCUS ON EXCELLENCE CAMPAIGN ?r. ..■■.:j , --.. .. — . . -- - -■. ■,..- ...- .-■■ — . — - — -...: --. ..A-L. . .. ADMINISTRATION MR PHILLIP MANSFIELD ACTING DIRECTOR, ACCOUNTING MR. CLAYBON HARRIS COMPTROLLER ACCOUNTING DR WILLIE T. ELLIS AFFIRMATIVE ACTION OFFICER MR CLENTON BLOUNT DIRECTOR OF ADMISSION DR. DANIEL GODFREY DIRECTOR OF AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION SERVICE DR SAMPSON BUIE DIRECTOR OF ALUMNI AFFAIRS MRS SHIRLEY FRYE ASSISTANT VICE CHANCELLOR FOR DEVELOPMENT AND UNIVERSITY RELATIONS MR ORBY MOSS DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS MR ANDRE JAMES DIRECTOR OR AUXILIARY SERVICES ADMINISTRATION MRS. PAULA JEFFRIES BUDGET OFFICER MR JONAH SMITH BURSAR MRS. RUBY JONES SALARY ADMINISTRATION M 1 ta ' 1 " 4 m 9 i w n. 1. MR. JOSEPH DAUGHTRY DIRECTOR, CAMPUS POLICE MR. LEON WARREN DIRECTOR OF CAREER PLAN- NING AND PLACEMENT CENTER MR. WILLIE MOORING ACTING COMPUTER SYSTEMS MANAGER DR RONALD SMITH DIRECTOR OF CONTINUING EDUCATION SUMMER SCHOOL MR. NATE HALL DIRECTOR OF CONTRACTS AND GRANTS MR HAROLD LANIER DIRECTOR OF COOPERATIVE EDUCATION MMMMHaMHMl ■■■■ mm iSffll " ADMINISTRATION 1 1 DP ROBERT L WILSON DIRECTOR OF COUNSELING SER- VICES DR. SULLIVAN A. WELBORNE, JR DEAN OF STUDENTS FOR SER- VICES DR. LUCILLE ] PIGGOTT DEAN OF STUDENTS FOR STUDENT LIFE MS. ALBERTA DALTON DIRECTOR OF FINANCIAL AID MS. SHARON RICHARDS DIRECTOR OF INTERNATIONAL AND MINORITY STUDENT AFFAIRS MR. RALPH BROWN DIRECTOR OF INTRAMURAL SPORTS DR. SANDRA ALEXANDER DIRECTOR, FRESHMAN STUDIES MRS. MATTYE REED DIRECTOR, HERITAGE CENTER DR. JUDGE KORNEGAY DIRECTOR OF HOUSING OPERA- TIONS fe ADMINISTRATION DR. MARVIN H. WATKINS DIRECTOR, INSTITUTE FOR RE SEARCH IN HUMAN RESOURCES DR. ALFONSO GORE DIRECTOR, LEARNING ASSIS- TANCE CENTER MRS. ALENE YOUNG DIRECTOR, LIBRARY SERVICES : ' ' ! o 1 B •a M ::i c DR. H D FLOWERS, II DIRECTOR, LITTLE THEATER MR. ROGER MC KEE DIRECTOR, MEMORIAL UNION MRS. LILLIAN COUCH DIRECTOR, PERSONNEL SEE VICES MR. LENNIE BEAMON DIRECTOR, PHYSICAL PLANT DR RICHARD MOORE DIRECTOR, PUBLIC INFORMA- TION MRS. MAXINE DAVIS DIRECTOR OF PURCHASING f5!?! ? ! !u3 7TSvoasSiF ADMINISTRATION 4 ♦■ n- . DR RUDOLPH ARTIS DIRECTOR OF REGISTRATION AND RECORDS REV RALPH M. ROSS DIRECTOR OF RELIGIOUS AC- TIVITIES MR CHARLIE WILLIAMS DIRECTOR, SPECIAL SERVICE I II I I ■ I I r :- ' i I MR. DREXEL BALL DIRECTOR, SPORTS INFORMA- TION MS. DOROTHY I BAILEY DIRECTOR OF STUDENT ACTIVI- TIES MR. JAMES ARMSTRONG DIRECTOR, UPWARD BOUND PROGRAM • ' ill MRS NORMA PENNIX DIRECTOR, VETERANS AFFAIRS MRS. EDITH DAVIS DIRECTOR OF PAYROLL DR. FLORENTINE SOWELL STAFF DEVELOPMENT COORDIN- ATOR in ..Jl DJi AIR FORCE R.O.T.C. STAFF Maj. George M. Sledge Recruiting Flight Instructor Lt. Col. Tate P. Williams Professor of Aerospace Studies Capt. Daniel A. Mcfadgen Commandant of Cadets Capt. Larry D. Spicer Administration Officer IlkLk " " " ■■SfflB? B Tsgl. A.B. Cook NCOIC foCo Ssgt. I.E. Scolari Personnel Actions K I 1 Ssgt. K.G. Miller Administration A r Mr. R.A. Williams Property Custodian ARMY R.O.T.C. STAFF 1!;: ' ii: lis; Major Warren F. Coppedge Cpt. Hazel L. Young Adjutant LTC Willie R. Skinne r Major Darryl D. Magee Maj Mariano Corpus MSII Instructor OIC Logistics r Captain Arthur G. Crawford M % -,» mk ' yU i ' " .z4 HK KM m fl Sgm George E. Morgan ■■ " -™ J .IIJ!)!A-.L.iiJ.tJ-...,. MSG Wilfred Saunders Operations NCOIC SFC Harold Wilson Admin. NCOIC SSG. Douglas Kothenbeutel Supply NCOIC ■1; ' ' 12S wmmmmmmmm STUDENTS AND True Education — obedience Everything is beautiful! TV Time— do not disturb! Hold on to your Anchor! gaas Time to be Alone — to think! Triad Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation Another Service Project, Steve? T H E I R A C T I V I T I E S ■MM MMMMMlMa dHlliil MMiiiMMiihMMMHaiMMiiiini SB vsmiiMPii m ' V " ! ' V VfB V kiV " . ' v ' wU ' ' «3A ' sl ' il ' -. . s ' -l: ' ! ' ' !. ' ' --. ' . ' . " -. ■ ■- ' STUDENT LIFE » ;- E- " - Part-time Yearbook Staff members Live in the beauty of today ' Cr ' ii; " , The future is my challenge! When in doubt . , The Promise of A new Dawn ,.... ' .a , .}m: " ' STUDENT LIFE The Rainbow ... In perfect Harmony. The Art ol the Rainbow! ::;ii iiji . It. " ' Only by determined endeavors. T he present is my Responsibility. - m Hk SB m STUDENT LIFE Hosseinian and Mohammed — comparing notes. Junior Class Officers — togetherness! ORGANIZATIONAL SERVICE Project . . . 129 1S5gti S lfif!IH«OT STUDENT LIFE 111;; ' .IJi " ' II mill i). ' I iiill! ID.. Faithful SGA workers. r !iY — ■yJ p ' i: -- - ' fcfl h v . J tec i-- ■ Prosperity The Rainbow shall be seen. Quiet pathos oi Life. STUDENT LIFE George and George Francis! WHERE ' S THE GIFTS HEBREW AND DERRICK? Peac e Be Still! f ,11 r B H l -- rm .„,. y IbH ' There was a rainbow round about the throne " A Time to Think! ' ' mmm STUDENT LIFE STEPPINGGGG! The joy of Life ' s unfoldment. ;!jr ' ' IIJ! „ ' ■I:: The Rainbow — Academics Extra-Class involvements Miss A T Friends V wfiT ' soar An Engineering conversation. We see you Gina! mmmmn fll " iiii " iiii " STUDENT LIFE Exploring new depths. A new unfoldment. ' i ' ' ' ' 4 i Way to go Vanessa — Get the job done! Science opens a new wonder. mmy ' i STUDENT LIFE 119:1 Jeffrey, the true leader. Devoted! Flashes of insight and vision. :;j|| ,.»,! I». i:i ' ' »:■! MEN OF ACTION! Individual Thanking, The HAPPY GIVER. MUMMfHkMillillMllaiMH V.OKA l-iri ' V.. MHMMUMBMMilHatfMHMHMMMM •sa STUDENT LIFE FAMOUS THREE, PLUS TWO. I! : •.,11 THE RAINBOW— SCIENCE AND ART. CAROLINE GETTING READY TO SERVE ISA DINNER i - .-j ' .-fii KtAi ..iiiE ' . ' --3 sk!- ' ' ' ™ STUDENT LIFE ! ! - 1 ' 1 " .»■■ ' : ciil: Hi: I;. ' I ' ::J1 lit,,, A FLOOD OF LIGHT POURED WE SALUTE wM - SPRING CONVOCATION, ' 84 ■!! . ' ■ -■ ' Xi ' ' ' , i ' ' ' f? ' S ' ' Si£iiiiMiiiiiii«M g jll iB STUDENT LIFE 3 LEAVING GRAHAM HALL SO EARLY? ATTENTION, TWIN! In Sx " ••■ FUTURE AGGIES LEARNING IS MULTIDIMENSIONAL LEARNING IS UNLIMITED I ' I li ;:JIE lU., LEARNING IS PERSONAL P - LEARNING IS FUN igjy mm mmmmnmt STUDENT LIFE ' Hi I ' M TOO HUNGRY TO TAKE A PICTURE. ■ h ID I ■■il IM.( fit STUDENT LIFE CHANCELLOR FORT GUESTS A-J-V and other Rainbows! WHAT IS A BAND WITHOUT SYMBOLS? THANK YOU DAVID! £533(0 A TOUCH OF CLASS WOMEN ' S COUNCIL— WC 140 MMM ilMllttiM i! " !in " " " i n " f STUDENT LIFE Jonathan A. Nesbitt, Robert L. Gordon, Lance Ollivierre, Jonathan Hampton David Pollard, Robert L. Gordon, Jonathan Nesbitt I T Jonathan Hampton David Pollard iiiS COMMUTER ' S LIFE ' It.;: ,.il 111 mmmmm HALL I ' m sleepy, hurry up with camera! »f Memorizing for my test. Relaxing after a busy day. r Oh hurry Barbara, with my hair! Janet has company — Merriam-Webster! STUDENT LIFE h I1JI IUl«. STUDENT LIFE MWUESE, ENJOYING THE BEAUTY OF THIS DAY. LOOKING GOOD MICHAEL. BLOW YOUR HORN TODD! ISH aw- cif; ■■it- II) «: life CAFETERIA STYLE . . t i WHICH TATOR ARE YOU? Hesitator Spectator Dictator Agitator Rotator Instigator Commentator IN RECOGNITION OF i; :X K.I ' PEDDIE SNIPES OUR HONORARY AGGIE •• pp wmm immimt ■aw ! ' From Books and Fashion STUDENT LIFE To Exercise! Flash, our Book Report is Due! A part of the Rainbow iii A T Kappas Service Project, St. lames Nursing Home A new unfoldment! 1, li; ' ,1(1 AGGIES IN ACTION!!! CREATING AND DISPENSING OF OPPORTUNITIES FOR HUMAN ACHIEVEMENT GO GET THEM TEAM, SAYS COACH FORTE. DECIDING UPON THE MOST VALUABLE COURSES OF ACTION, GO AGGIES . . . FATHER KNOWS BEST! RIGHT REVEREND? 17 X 38... AGGIE CHEERLEADERS IN MOTION. HATS OFF! ISO Wi M m, SI@H Wm Wm Jt .Ti B ' - tf Wi TWl J i ' w . P MH H 1S8rfl kS h, S fSEHl tmammwm JUSTICE IS THE ULTIMATE CRITERION, SAYS ANDREW YOUNG, STANDING WITH JAMES FRANCE, AND CHANCELLOR EDWARD FORT. A N D R E W Y O U N G :«, ' J i ' iiii ' ill DR. NATHAN SIMMS AND MRS. SHIRLEY FRYE, CHATS BEFORE THE PROGRAM. HURRY UP WAYNE! DECISION-MAKING IS ITSELF A SUBJECTIVE PROCESS THAT STRIVES TO RECONCILE THE INTERESTS OF MANY GROUPS AND INDIVIDUALS. ■•«. ( CONSTRUCTION School of Engineering »=;; III !: MflMiHS l.l ' JriJailJWjlj a ' -li uraagay. . ' i ' Jg ' -- j. i . ' tauT- r35i.? -syi ' i. SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW STANDS. A T . . . A Night View o£ Scott Hall JOY AND LIFE ' S UNFOLDMENT FOR MALE RESIDENCE STUDENTS •Ml ■I 1S3 i; ■ Ml STUDENT GO VERNMENT ASSOC I A TION NOR TH CAROLINA A T STATE UNIVERSITY GREENSBORO MMMMitffliiiaaHMiMilMMi 2BI iij piwwMwp ' " " ' " ' ' " ' ■■ ' ' ' w.mniim mm¥mmmmm NORTH CAROLINA AGRICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL STATE UNIVERSITY GREENSBORO Fall Convocation ' ' AGGIE PRIDE " Richard B. Harrison Auditorium Wednesday, October 3, 1984 10:00 A.M. is! nil ;lt THE VOLLEYBALL, CROSS COUNTRY, AND FOOTBALL TEAMS WERE INTRODUCED AT THE CONVOCATION. HEAD FOOTBALL COACH MO FORTE PREDICTED THAT THE FOOTBALL TEAM AND AGGIES WILL " DRINK FROM THE VICTORY CUP. " OTHER PLATFORM GUESTS WERE, CHOIRS AND THE UNIVERSITY BAND. DR. SULLIVAN WELBORNE ' S MESSAGE WAS INSPIRING, INFORMATIVE, AND PROVOCATIVE. " A TRUE AGGIE WILL DEFEND, SUPPORT, ENHANCE, PROTECT, ADORE, AND, MOST IMPOR- TANTLY WHEN THE CHIPS ARE DOWN, WILL STAND UP FOR A T. " HIS THEME BROUGHT THOSE IN ATTENDANCE A QUESTION . . . " WILL THE REAL AGGIE PLEASE STAND UP? " STUDENT LIFE NOW FELLOWS! IT IS OVER, PUT ON YOUR PANTS. FIVE ALIVE! 1 J ' ' ■■ 4 RUN RAM, THIS IS NOT A TOOTHLESS BULL DOG! A NEW UNFOLDMENT. m f MR. AGGIE 1984-85 MOVING ON UP TO SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE . . . ■it DC;: II ' I ' ;ii i it Model Unique Homecoming Fashion Show SSfiW? " ' ? " ' n mm m n " " EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL, IN ITS OWN WAY, SAYS ARTIS! SOMEWHERE OVER RAINBOW, WE SEE . . FOG, FOG, FOG! THE UNISON . . . THE PAST IS MY HERITAGE, THE PRESENT IS MY RESPONSIBILITY, THE FUTURE IS OUR CHALLENGE. " :AND IT SHALL COME TO PASS, WHEN I BRING A CLOUD OVER THE EARTH, THAT THE RAINBOW SHALL BE SEEN IN THE CLOUD. " Gen. 9:14 159 ttW ' 1f MISS CAROLYN CARTER MR. LAWRENCE M. DOWDY CORONATION NARRATORS. DWIGHT " MR. AGGIE " KILLING ROACHES, HA HA! I EVERY SUNSET BRINGS THE PROMISE OF A NEW DAWN. BRENDA CUNNINGHAM AND WILLIE MC INTOSH. SGA EXECUTIVE OFFICERS. JIMMY PERSON BAND MRS. FORT SMILES DURING CORONATION. ? ' ??7 9S " ' rP5 " ■ " WPPSW pw BARRY, USHER QUEENS ESCORTS. QUEENS ESCORTS OF THE CORONATION. t 1 lit 11(1 ' ' 11 I 1 ,1 REGINALD BANNER POINTS TO A NEW DAWN. THE GOSPEL CHOIR SINGS FOR A NEW DAWN IN AGGIELAND. MR JASON PETERS ESCORTS OUR MISS A T BY WAY OF SABERS. MISS BRENDA CUNNINGHAM GIVES CROWN TO OUR NEW MISS A T. , I ' KM ' [1!;!!; 4 tit c L A S S U E E N S VICKI HINTON, MISS SOPHOMORE Escort: Mr. Kelvin Farmer DIONNE CLARK, MISS FRESHMAN Escort: Mr. Willie Diggs DEIRDRE LEWIS, MISS JUNIOR Escort: Mr. Kelvin Davis KAREN GRIFFIN, MISS SENIOR Escort: Mr. lames Hall " Y- ' ' ' ' Tr 1 I " " ' ' T ■ " - " i.ifBi ii w ii Fw MARY PERRY, MISS FRESHMAN ATTENDANT Escort: Mr. Bernard Farrar STEPHANIE JONES, MISS SOPHOMORE ATTEN- DANT Escort: Mr. Percy Warren ANGELA MARTIN, MISS JUNIOR ATTENDANT Escort: Mr. Roderick Milliken MARVETTE ARTIS, MISS SENIOR ATTENDANT Escort: Mr. Edgar Edwards M I S S A T ' s A T T E N D A N T S •i iS! It 163 m r A NEW DAWN 0!;;; iiio! tic: BRENDA ASSISTS SYBIL IN ROYAL WALK. r V Bil I N A G G THIS IS THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL, THANK YOU FOR SHARING IT WITH ME. SYBIL SINGS TO THE AGGIE AUDIENCE. MISS A T, 1984-85. MISS SYBIL LYNCH. iil!H " W ' i ' " ' " " HBBBIB " WWW TF WWW )(,. ■r MISS A T 1984-85 SYBIL I. LYNCH h II! ' I ' ' :ii l! ' P. sir MISS AIR FORCE ROTC Angela T. Garland Escorted by William H. Garner u E E N S E S C O R T S 1 1 8 MISS ALEX HALEY HALL Mildred Cooper Escorted by Phillip Harris MISS ALPHA DELTA MU Norma Robinson Escorted by Gary Terry 8 MISS ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA Cindy Y. Jordan Escorted by Gregory Hicks u E E N S MISS ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Kathy L. Miller Escorted by Martin T. Thomas _E S C O R T m V S i 1 f 9 I MISS AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Constance Mathis Escorted by Thomas M. Faison 84 5 MISS ALPHA PHI ALPHA Kimberly E. Swanson Escorted by Clay Glosler MISS ARMY ROTC Jacqueline Blackmon Escorted by Timothy Lake 1i I ' ' iiio!: 0-.. MISS ASSOCIATION FOR COMPUTING MACHINERY Cynthia Dunlap Escorted by Keith Graham MISS BETA PSI Adrianne A. lackson Escorted by Paul A. Parsons u E E N S E S C O R T S 1 •!« 5 MISS BERTIE COUNTY Vondelia Willis Escorted by Willie Diggs, Jr. MISS BIOLOGY Natalie Rogers Escorted by Grover Bennett ■ MaMMAMai • MMMMMaMBM iMMMHnaMiiMHI SB ma ■IWWW MISS BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Robyn RusseU Escorted by D ' amata Thomas o u E E N S E S C o R T S 1 1 8 MISS CHARLOTTE CLUB Angela Gray Escorted by James France ;! " ' I MISS CHI ETA PHI Angela Shaw Escorted by Vincent Howard 8 MISS CURTIS HALL Merita Bradley Escorted by Rudolph Edwards, Jr. 1«9 id u. MISS DIGIT CIRCLE Renita Brewinglon Escorted by Ronnie Cooper J. 1 « f r -■ ' ■ X H 1 I u E E N S E S C O R T S MISS GAMMA PHI DELTA Vicki Forbes Escorted by Eugene Harris ,8 8 ' MISS DURHAM AGGIE CLUB Angela L. lohnson Escorted by Daniel Ford, III P MISS GARDEN STATE EXPERIENCE Tina M. Carroll Escorted by Calvin Chambers oifn fi ktumu VIBI MISS HISTORY MAGAZINE Monte A. Carr Escorted by Willie Diggs, Jr. MISS HOLT HALL Priscilla I. Everette u E E N S E S C o R T S 1 1 8 8 MISS HOLLAND HALL Damaris McClain Escorted by Andre Anderson, III MISS INSTITUTE OF ELECTRONICS ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Gloria Thornton Escorted by Jeffrey Feaster MISS INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Sherry Lester Escorted by Steve Sessoms u E E N S E S C O R T S 1 1 8 MISS INTRAMURAL SPORTS Monique Martin Escorted by Carrington Carter MISS KAPPA ALPHA PSI Sharyn Allen Escorted by Wilbert Artis 8 MISS KENT COURT Dynise D. Williamson 172 ,j M MISS MODEL UNIQUE Donna Shaw u E E N S E S C O R T S 1 1 8 MISS MORRISON HALL Marie Woods Escorted by David Wilson MISS MORROW HALL Rebecca Hill Escorted by Dwayne Purdie 8 MISS NAACP Lisa Dye Escorted by Edward Smith, Jr. m, t MISS NEW YORK UNLIMITED Linda Wade Escorted by lason Felder MISS PHILLY ' S FINEST Karen Mickens Escorted by Lawrence McCrae, Ir. o u E E N S E S C O R T S 1 V p li MISS N. C. FELLOWS Valerie Moore Escorted by Sidney Hargro MISS SCOTT-B Regina Dixon Escorted by Linwood Cox vm mmmmm MISS SISTERS OF THE BROTHERS IN CHRIST Belinda Johnson Escorted by Christopher Kiikland, III MISS TELOCA lanese Lynch Escorted by Dwayne Taylor u E E N S E S C O R T S 1 l9 98 84 5 MISS SOCIETY OF MANUFACTURING ENGINEERS Rita Foster Escorted by Roarke Wright MISS UNITED CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Patricia Graham Escorted by Deray Brame 175 mmm m MISS UNIVERSITY POLICE Christine McNeill Stand by: Willie Diggs, Jr. MISS VANSTORY Stacy Gay Escorted by Jerry Chapman ■ ; ' j: MISS WNAA 90.5 FM Alesia Powell Escorted by Jason Felder MISS YOUNG PEOPLE ' S DEMOCRATIC ASSOCIATION Jodi Walston Escorted by Creighton Barber MISS ZETA PHI BETA Wanda R. Williams Escorted by Anthony Braswell S8S5I SIHWWIP ' ff ' W ■• ! «W!W!tWWW!WW»W ' P. ' i m " .iJim " i ijii.i.hj j HOMECO .4 " ' (!;►: it. £J - m m wmmmmmmmm VEING SHOW ' 84 II r I Af I A At o o L I L L O T H O M A S 1 RECEPTION OF . . . {I , " !): . ml " •SJ in; it. ' W w mmmm IMISS A T S.G.A. ' I i4 ' INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION CORONATION II, VI Mr. Joshua Mogaji, President International Students Association Miss Sailaja Vallabha, Miss ISA 1983-84 CROWNING OF MISS ISA 1984-85 Miss Mildred Seaman, MISS ISA, 1984-85 Escort: Mr. William Sipee M mu tmi mmmifmi mmm mm ER " ' 91!IP ' !ii!liF MISS ISA, ISN ' T SHE LOVELY! CAROLINE FAZA, MISS lUNIOR AT- TENDANT ESCORT: Mr. Saleh A. Al-Abdullah HANDSOME ESCORTS REST WHILE WATCHING, MARY MAFUYAI, GRADUATE AT- TENDANT ESCORT: Mr. Patrice Loko MELODY OF LOVE ... MR. REGINALD CANN MR. DONALD GEORGE MR. JOSHUA MOGAJI DEMON- STRATED A LABOR OF LOVE FOR THE NEW MISS ISA, 1984-85. mwm - ■: ■. yi!- " . ' wsp sBi sjar mm it id it. . ' ■■■■ ' ' ' " Sa ' ■NiiiMiiiHli ■fiSEfiiiiiP!W ■■T5ST3S5S!ca!srr;?ss CROWD WELCOMES MISS A T AGGIES WAITING PATIENTLY FOR GAME NO. 1 IT WAS A MAGNIFICENT EVENT, JESSE. AGGIE STADIUM DRAWS CAPACITY CROWD TO HOMECOMING GAME. 185 ■p P9n " AGGIE CHEERLEADERS He ' ' " m 111 ■ K ;,n» -II Stephanie Diggs j r ' ' il;„.J..JLy...: ' ,Jiy,l! AGGIES 1 Rhoda Johnson Von Kennedy Kim Synum Stephanie Cousins ' • ' I wmw •r s.- ' k ?; v-:=yr, -...;. ' V-- _ - !i {r . .. .. -.-, pjaaaagi g v ;; " !: " ■ ' if, ::;k H O M E C O M I N G LET ' S GO ■Mi yMitl f mmmfffmm G A M E AGGIES!!! 1 9 8 4 : ' - V. - r- - X-a» l .•WKUm . ! mmmm J ' NO. NAME POS. HT. WT. CL. HOMETOWN 1 Anthony Best WR 6-0 170 FR Wilson, N.C. 2 Willie Levett K 5-10 170 FR Greenville, N.C. 3 Herbert Harbison WR 5-9 155 SO Shelby, N.C, 4 Tracy Napper QB 6-0 185 SO Orlando, Fla. 5 Tim Williams DB 6-3 200 SR Greensboro, N.C. 7 George Morrison P 5-9 170 SO Spring Hope, N.C. 8 Chris Barber DB 6-1 185 SO Winston-Salem, N.C. 9 Derrick Wootson K 6-3 223 SO LeGrange, N.C. 11 Alan Hooker QB 6-21 2 175 FR Liberty, N.C. 15 Alvin Grier OB 6-0 185 SR Miami, Fla. 20 Juan Jackson RB 6-0 185 FR Wilson, N.C. 23 Kenny Siler RB 6-3 200 FR Siler City, N.C. 25 Marvin Gilmore DB 6-0 185 SR FayetteviUe, N.C. 27 Todd Leak DB 6-0 185 JR Winston-Salem, N.C. 28 Darrell Best DB 6-0 185 FR Goldsboro, N.C. 29 Chris Harris DB 6-0 185 SO Washington, DC. 33 Kevin Jones DB 6-4 205 FR Atlanta, Ga. 35 Darin Fowler RB 6-0 180 SO Detroit, Mich. 37 Karey Gee FB 5-7 195 JR Wilson, N.C. 38 Jesse Jackson, Jr. RB 5-11 180 FR Washington, DC. 40 Robert Shivers FB 6-2 240 SO North Agusta, S.C. 42 Kevin Countiss FB 5-10 200 SO Pomfret, Md. 43 General Cannon DB 6-2 205 FR Richmond, Va. 44 Walter Reuben DB 6-0 185 SO Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 45 Stoney Polite RB 5-9 215 FR Atlanta, Ga. 46 Rayshawn Smith DB 5-9 190 JR Greensboro, N.C. 48 Tim Scott LB 6-2 210 SO Raleigh, N.C. 51 Russell Goode LB 6-2 225 SO Greensboro, N.C. 52 Landrick McClain LB 6-2 220 SR Wagner, S.C. 53 Ken Walton LB 5-11 215 SR Boston, Mass. 54 Ken Canion C 6-3 245 SO Atlanta, Ga 1 9 8 4 u mim m MMMMyiii Vi .li;..,i.JLy. 92 F O O T B A L L 55 leff Franklin LB 6-2 235 SO Melbourne, Fla. 56 Don Hunter LB 5-10 210 FR Greenville, N.C. 57 Pat Artist LB 5-10 190 SO Goldsboro, N.C 58 Johnny Coleman LB 5-11 190 JR Wilson, N.C. 60 Steve McCormick OG 6-2 235 IR Durham, N.C. 61 Gary Dillard LB 6-1 200 IR Greensboro, N.C. 62 Marvin Christian C 6-2 240 FR Richmond, Va. 64 Marion Haygood OG 6-0 235 JR Detroit, Mich. 65 James Jones LB 6-4 225 FR Laurinburg, N.C. 67 Bobby McCain OG 6-1 235 SO Semora, N.C. 72 Mike Blevin OT 6-4 265 FR High Point, N.C. 73 Stan Watts OT 6-3 260 SO Atlanta, Ga. 74 Kelvin Lee OL 6-3 265 FR Thomasville, N.C. 75 Ivan Chapman OT 6-4 250 IR Charlotte, N.C. 76 Carlos Judge OL 6-2 255 SO Detroit, Mich. 77 Darrell Cromartie LB 6-1 220 JR Raeford, N.C. 78 Larry Taylor OT 6-3 275 JR Burlington, N.C. 79 Frank Newman DT 6-2 231 SO Greensboro, N.C. 80 Bobby Blue TE 6-5 205 FR Southern Pines, N.C. 81 Travis Bell WR 5-10 175 FR Shelby, N.C. 83 Jessie Britt WR 6-4 201 SR Sunbury, N.C. 84 Warren Berry TE 6-5 240 SR Dayton, Ohio 85 Alan Palmer TE 6-3 225 FR Siler City, N.C. 86 Kevin Green TE 6-2 210 JR Newmark, N.J. 90 Ernest Riddick DL 5-11 240 SO Edenton, N.C. 91 Keith Black DL 6-1 ' , ' 2 240 FR Charleston, S.C. 92 Kerry Clark DL 6-6 220 SR Brown Summit, N.C. 93 Charles Harris LB 6-2 195 SO Weldon, N.C. 94 Rod Bell LB 6-1 210 SO Goldsboro, N.C. 95 Rodney Dickerson DL 6-3 270 FR Roanoke, Va. 96 Deangelo Bell OT 6-6 325 JR Greensboro, N.C. 97 John Thomas Dl 6-3 260 FR Richmond, Va. 98 Judas Best DT 5-11 250 SO Greenville, N.C ' li: 1 i ' tIJ THE 15 TRUE 192 34 . ' V ' " ' W ' ' . ' ' ' ' V ' V 4Sl ' ' ? )S ' ■MM HB iiUMHi iHiPi M 1 |yFs., m -; 5K mr-M 52 RAINBOW AGGIES fi NORTH CAROLINA A T STATE UNIVERSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 1984 J! 1984 NORTH CAROLINA A T AGGIES FOOTBALL SCHEDULE DATE OPPONENT SITE TIME Sept. 8 Winston-Salem State Greensboro, NO. 1 30 P.M. Sept. 15 S.C. State i-%:! ' ' Greensboro. NO. 1 39 P.M. Sept. 22 Delaware State Greensboro. NO. 1 30 P M Sept. 29 J.C Smith Charlotte, N.C. 7 30 P.M Oct. 6 Elizabeth City Greensboro, N.C. 1 30 P.M. (Homecoming) Oct. 20 Howard t I Washington. DC. 1 30 P M. Oct 27 Nov 3 Bethune-Cookman - " V. Southern --.,_ Greensboro, N C. Baton Rouge, La. 1.30 P.M. 7;00 P.M. Nov. 10 N.C Central i™..- -iJ Durham, N C. 1:30 P.M. Nov. 17 Tennessee State Nashville. Tenn. 1:30 P.M. ALL HOME GAMES PLAYED IN AGGIE STADIUM ■Pj mm fmmm HEAD COACH— MO FORTE i MAURICE (MO) FORTE IS REGARDED AS AN INNOVATIVE OFFEN- SIVE STRATEGIST AND A HARD-NOSED DEFENSIVE TACTICIAN. HE HAS A COMBINATION OF TRAITS WHICH HAS CARRIED THE PLAYER — COACH RELATIONSHIP TO A GREATER, MORE MEANINGFUL LEVEL OF RESPECT. 195 AGGIE FOOTBALL COACHES J ' ■: : . ' tit nit; ? -:;?: -« ' lack Eatinger, Offensive Line Rayford Petty, Defensive Back Stan Kearney, Defensive Line George Ragsdale, Running Backs Tom Bynum, Trainer : MJS :SSS ' ' HQ fPPipPfiia H P George James, Jr., Linebackers Kermit Gerald, Statistician Aaron Herring, Graduate Assistant Theron Thomas, Equipment Man- ager Roy Thompson, Strength Coach mm .HI j m mt rm UNIVERSITY POLICE Chief JO. Williams Officer Donald Lindsay Officer Wanda Givens Officer Lawrence Bopp Charles H. Jenkins ¥WW- : ' W f i mtmmm ' UNIVERSITY LAUNDRY ' id tit 200 MR. CRAWFORD, LAUNDRY OPERATOR ELLA WEES CROCKETT DEBORAH DEAN IMiii ■fSBlifSHl ' l ' Ti ' ' " ' PHYSICAL PLANT Mr. Prentiss Davis Information Vehicle Dispatcher ' % % Mrs. Mary O. Barbee Supervisor of Housekeeping Mr. Douglas Boone Grounds Superintendent Mr. Bobby Hopkins Occupational Safety Health Admin. iH •t tmmmm .1 ' ' ., I -Si. J " Sid FOOD SERVICE Mr. Calvin Williams, Director Mr John Lee, Assistant Director Joyce and Mrs. Hall Good FOODDDD Being Served. mf 9 m m9m mmmmmmmmm m BLUFORD LIBRARY Linda Williams, Moonok Kim, Rebecca Floyd, Sabina Alexander, Inez Lyons, Katherine Jarrell, Dorothy ( jLightford, Eula Hudgens, Belinda Daniels, Madgeline iNash, Martha Dick, Allie Thompson, Virginia ' Dawkins, Larietta Homer Lauretta Havner ' .11 Catherine Roseboro Connie Smith Dorothy Williams Felicia Troxler 203 RESIDENCE HALL I; J ' ' J! Linda Inman, Barbee Hall rrp. ? Ik James White, Cooper Fredonia Russell, Curtis 204 Addie Widemon, Holland Jackie Jones, Holt MHMilllHMiflillli fS " ■••v». tviv Si4;iVVf x-v :-:iij(,.» COUNSELORS Alicia Devane, Barbee Brenda Isaac, Vanstory Mary Smith, Morrow James Toon, Scott A Clyde Harris, Scott B Ronald Tate, Scott C in i ' - ' ■pi MEMORIAL STUDENT UNION Mrs. Gracie Finley Secretary Mr. Vernell Stallings Associate Director .1-. •h Mrs. Mattie Smith Program Director Mr. MihHord Marshall Assistant Program Director Mrs. Patricia Miller Receptionist Mr W.I. Kendall Mr. Fred Robertson Mr. Alonzo Rucker Mr. David Brown V.A iPi- ' Ji Mr. Elwood Edwards Mr. Clyde Bowden Mrs, Helen Waldrum CANTEEN Michelle O ' Neal Thelma getting things in order ' aSi!Jl?Sf y ' ' } ' : " " " ' BOOKSTORE Vondelia Willis Mr. James Meachem Director ' 11 If Mr. Jay Ray Purnell POST OFFICE Isaac Mack — Clerk Kermit Miller " ' I. Kermit, Lenora Isaac INFIRMARY MARIETTA DOUGLAS, HEAD NURSE SUSAN HOLMES, LAB TECHNOLOGIST -n Lus ' MARION CROMARTIE, STAFF NURSE PEGGIE WADDELL, STAFF NURSE i» CAMPUS BARBER SHOP !i:;i!V ■i • Mrs. Helen Donnell c A M P U S B E A 9 I S H U O T P Mr. Boz itttmmmtm f9m m mm maimmm mmf t m i mmf fm ■vpipnipfpa AFRICIAN HERITAGE CENTER fO A tlv) m ' Sir c Mrs. Pauline Neal o 1 u B N _ VMk S 1 E L djj O R S 1 J Dr. James Sibert f f Mrs. Marva Watlington 1 ' nl H 1 -1 irTx r B H ■ i l H H H w St % H ' H ■■■■ ■ ■QB 1 1 n i i t«J lk.v ' w . H i 1 mm " ' f " 5??.f¥ -,h , Mrs. Marylou Bowers Ms. Joyce Edwards ■aiii ■■■■mw i AGGIE V NORTH CAROLINA A T AGGIES 1984-85 MEN ' S BASKETBALL SCHEDULE t 1;! o R Dale Opponent Time November 2f. PAl METTO AV (E hibilion) 8:(» p.m. December 1 WINSTON-SALEM STATE 8:00 p.m. 5 al N.C Slale 7:30 p m. 8 MORGAN STATE 8:00 p.m 10 UNC-WILMINGTON 8:00 p.m 15 ac N.C Central 7:30 p.m. 18 at Georgia Tech 7:30 p.m. 28 29 San Juan Christmas Classic (A T, Georgetown, Tennessee State, Selon Hall) 7 9 p.m Jjnuart 5 at Virginia Tech 7:30 p.m. 9 APPALACHIAN STATE 8:00 p.m. 12 HOWARD UNIVERSITY 8:00 p.m. 14 DELAWARE STATE 8:00 p.m. 19 at Bethune-Cookman 7:30 p.m. 26 S-C STATE 8:00 p.m. 28 al Tennessee Slate 7:30 p.m. H at Appalachian State 7:30 p.m. Februan 2 NC, CENTRAL 8:00 p.m- 4 U MD.-EASTERN SHORE 8:00 p.m- 8 at Howard University 7:30 p.m. 9 at Delaware Stale 7:30 p.m- 11 at U Md.-Eastern Shore 7:30 p.m. 15 at Winston-Salem State 7:30 p.m. 18 BETHUNE-COOKMAN 8:00 p.m- 23 at S.C. State 7:30 p.m. 25 TENNESSEE STATE 8:00 p.m. March 2 at Morgan State 7:30 p.m. 7-9 MEAC Tournament (Philadelphia, Pa.) PRIDE liUSiii mn No. Name Position Ht. Wt. High School 01. Hometown 10 Brown, Jimmy Guard 6 ' 3 " 190 Lakeshore Sr. College Park, Ga 11 Williams, Duane Guard 6 ' 3 " 180 Lincoln So. Awendaw, S.C. 12 Sumler, Bobby Guard 5 ' 9 " 170 Morse Fr. San Diego, Calif. 14 Griffis, Thomas Guard 5 ' 8 " 14() Athens Dr. Fr. Raleigh, N.C. 20 Cale, George Forward 6 ' 6 " 190 Middletown So. Middletown, Del. 21 Cowell, Gardner Center 6 ' 7 " 225 Currituck Co. So. Moyock, N.C. 23 Gates, Arvis Guard S ' lO " 155 Williams Fr. Burlington, N.C. 24 Holton, Darryl Forward 6 ' 6 " 195 Central Fr. Thomasville, Ga. 25 Robinson, Lee Forward 6 ' 6 " 185 Scotland Co. Fr. Wagrum, N.C. 31 Williams, Don Guard 6 ' 3 " 185 Smith Fr. Greensboro, N.C. 32 Braswell, Mitch Forward 6 ' 5 " 200 Rocky Mt. Sr. Rocky Mt., N.C. 33 Williams, Claude Forward 6 ' 7 " 200 Charlotte Fr. Rochester, N.Y. 34 Boyd, Eric Guard 6 ' 4 " 185 Independence Sr. Charlotte, N.C. 44 Gaither, Mark Forward 6 ' 7 " 200 Decatur Sr. Decatur, Ga. 52 Davenport, James Center 6 ' 6 " 230 Sylvan Hills So. Atlanta, Ga. 53 Cox, Kenny Forward 6 ' 6 " 175 J. B. Hunt Fr. Wilson, N.C. 54 Stokes, Richard Center 6 ' 9 " 210 Morse Fr. San Diego, Calif. NORTH CAROLINA A T AGGIES 1984-85 la " H a. 5 A T BASKETBALL SNAP-SHOT VS WSSU t t« SMitt! l« JIMMY SHOOTS TWO IN THE HOOP! DON TAKES TIME TO TALK WITH DARRYL ABOUT A FEW INSIDE MOVES . . . WAY TO GO COACH, " BIGHOUSE " GAINES. LEAVE OUR MASCOT ALONE, OFFICER! HE ' S A NEW UNFOLDMENT . . . " Til i mimtfm m Take it, Brew! ,1,1). is " NORTH CAROLINA A T STATE UNIVERSITY WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL TEAM 1984-85 KNEELING (L-R) KIM ZACHERY, PENNY SAPPINGTON, ANGELA WINSTEAD. MIDDLE ROW (L-R) KARON WILLIAMS, YVETTE ESTEP, SHARON PRATT, MARSHA ODEN, CYNTHIA GREENE. BACK ROW (L-R) LILLIE HARRIS, CATHY GRANT, DENISE DEPASS, WILLY DRIVER, JENNIFER DEPASS 220 fWf PW W mif mmr mimf fm m m mmi mmmmm ' ' m WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1984-85 DATE OPPONENT SITE TIME Thurs. Nov. 29 UNC-Wilmington Away 7:00 P.M. Mon. Dec. 3 Bennett Home 7:00 P.M. Fri. Dec. 7 Western Carolina Home 7:00 P.M. Sat. Dec. 8 Morgan State Home 6:00 P.M. Fri. Dec. 28-30 Queens College Away TBA Sunday (Holiday Tourney) Tues. Ian. 8 Appalachian Home 6:00 P.M. •Sat. Jan. 12 Howard Home 6:00 P.M. Mon. Jan. 14 Delaware Home 6:00 P.M. Tues. Jan. 15 West Virginia Home 7:00 P.M. Sat. Jan. 19 Bethune-Cookman Away 6:00 P.M. Sat. Jan. 26 South Carolina St. Home 6:00 P.M. Mon. Jan. 28 UNC-Wilmington Home 7:00 P.M. Wed. Jan. 30 UNC-Charlotte Away 7:30 P.M. Fri. Feb. 1 Western Carolina Away TBA •Mon. Feb. 4 UMES Home 6:00 P.M. Wed. Feb. 6 UNC-Charlotte Home 7:00 P.M. •Fri. Feb. 8 Howard Away 6:00 P.M. •Sat. Feb. 9 Delaware Away 6:00 P.M. •Mon. Feb. 11 UMES Away 6:00 P.M. Thurs. Feb. 14 Bennett Away 6:00 P.M. •Fri. Feb. 15 Winston-Salem State Away 6:00 P.M. •Mon. Feb. 18 Bethune-Cookman Home 6:00 P.M. •Sat. Feb. 23 South Carolina St. Away 6:00 P.M. •Sat. Mar. 2 Morgan State Away 6:00 P.M. Thurs. Mar. 7-9 MEAC TOURNAMENT Phila. PA. Sat. •Denotes Doubleheader with Men ' s Team ?9S9iB MEMORIAL UNION HIGHLIGHTS :;;h J; a 5 ' m mmf m m m m WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL TEAM Assistant Coach Lori Erwin, Karon William, Kathy Graham, Veronica West, Irma Easton, Carmen Todman, Vivian Fuller, Coach Angela Williams, Sharline Schneider, Karen Grant la mmm. i (I. t;ti; « Jidt ' r. INTRAMURAL SPORTS Everyone is looking to see if basket is good! Aggies trying to keep fit! Taking time out to discuss plan. 224 MMllililllllMlii From the desk of the Di- rector . . . G. How to Enter an Intramural Sport Check the Memorial Union, Dining Halls, Moore Gym and Corbett Sports Center bulletin boards for intramural sports information sheets, which precede each sport for exact dates and time or activities. For all sports, secure entry blanks from the intramural office. . Check on the eligibility of your team personnel by consulting your intramural guidlines. , List the names, phone numbers and addresses of team members and have each player ' s signature as noted on the roster. V. Only individual and dual sports entries will be ac- cepted at the intramural office. Team entries will only be accepted at an entry meeting held before the start of that sport. Check the sports information sheet for the times and locations of these meetings. If you do not wish to organize a team but wish to play on one, contact any of the team coordinators. If you are unable to find a team coordinator, contact the intramural office. .o " ■fmr- s L I M N A S T I C S W E I G H T L I F T I N G 225 in MEN ' S BOWLING TEAM tide Hi!; f g i?i5! ' wimmmmmm Extra Class STUDENT LIFE Activities .,« If! i 1 1t " k Sure, this is a snow day. A rainbow of prosperity. Don ' t get me in trouble Robin! npiii ' ( ■ ■• ii mmm ' mmmmmmm mt mmmmmmmm STUDENT LIFE Viewing the rainbow, Vinson? John, unfolding. The TV went out Mama. Eric and Mr. Gilmore ' F- ' r- , Other SOCIOLOGY SOCIAL WORK Activities First Row — L to R Charlene Pulley, Estella loyner, Miss Sociology Social Work, LaSondra McGee, Jamilla Ross, Alfred Miller Second Row — L to R Norma Jean Robinson, Anita Ramseur, Teresa Hester, Tony Harris, President, Lynn Jones (not pictured) 230 k " ■MMMMaidi Other ICHIGAN RENASSIANCE Act ivities 19 HI ' is» L fS sfir : ' " s ■■■ w ' S ' i Msi m : m :i :, !m ' sm iMn s i : -A- ' ' " !tf!!l " N.C.A. T. STATE UNIVERSITY LYCEUM SERIES ' 84- ' 85 Dance September 30, 1984 Harrison Auditorium Vocal Concert November 13, 1984 Harrison Auditorium Nanette Beaiden Seth McCoy Drama February 10, 1985 Harrison Auditorium If Amiri Baraka Jazz Band March 17 th, 1985 Harrison Auditorium Lou Donaldson Company — A success- ful jazz performer who graduated from A T in 1948 Ensemble Concert April 14th, 1985 Harrison Auditorium Chalumeau Ensemble BLACK HISTORY MONTH ti h i ' •a JOHN O. CROSBY 1892-1896 JAMES B. DUDLEY 1896-1925 FERDINAND D. BLUFORD 1925-1955 WARMOTH T. GIBBS 1956-1960 OBSERVANCE SAMUEL PROCTOR 1960-1964 LEWIS C DOWDY 1964-1980 !»• CLEON F. THOMPSON 1980-1981 (INTERIM) EDWARD B. FORT 1981 -PRESENT A T STATE UNIVERSITY CHOIR Dr Samuel Barbee Director EXTRA CLASS AND ACADEMIC PURSUITS Mr. Miss University Choir 236 LCVl -,-,VtfV HI MEMORIAL CELEBRATION FOR Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929 - April 4, 1968) Richard B. Harrison Auditorium January 15, 1985 - 10 A.M. Ms. Sybil Lynch, Presiding THE LEGACY OF KING PRELUDE Paula Harrell INVOCATION jajnes Isaac Student Minister SCRIPTURE 2 Timothy 4; 1-8 (RSV) Steve Sessoms Student Minister MUSICAL SELECTION The University Choir " Way Over In Beidah Lan ' " by Hall Johnson " An Interview With King " James France SGA President Chaplain Ralph M. Ross Director of Religious Activities AN ORGAN TRIBUTE TO KING Paula Harrell " A Medley of His Favorite Songs " Instructor of Music MUSICAL SELECTION Tlie UCF Gospel Choir " Love Lifted Me " A DRAMATIC PRESENTATION. . Richard B. Harrison Players " LETTER FROM BIRMINGHAM CITY JAIL " MUSICAL SELECTION A T Fellowship Gospel Choir " I Am Thine " REMARKS Dr. Nathan Simms Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs " A Candlelight Tribute " The United Christian Fellowship " Lift Every Voice and Sing " The Audience POSTLUDE Paula Harrell ■■« mm J. - ,•« i - . ■ 1 viik»i v . -:mmm % id ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Freshman Honor Society L-R (Seated) larnice L. Ford, Lolita S. Hester, Sharon B. Spivey, Kathy Miller, Miss Alpha Lambda Delta, lacquetta S. Kearney. (Standing) Sidney Hargro, Vice-President, Tamara E. Long, Treasurer, Lynn Poindexter, Adrianne Jackson, Hope Wilson, President, Stephanie Reaves, Connie V. Alston, Valerie E. Moore, Parlyn D. Thurman, Historian, Carlus A. Hicks ALPHA DELTA MU National Social Work Honor Society Lynn Jones, Anita Ramauer, Norma Jean Robinson, Dr. Sarah Kirk, Tony Harris, Dr. James Johnson 240 mm HiWi ' M msamasssamBBm AGGIE TOASTMASTERS Dr. Mark Kiel, Chairman, Accounting Dept., Lucy Richardson, Sec, Toastmasters, Kimberly Raynor, Stephanie Proctor, Sherri Penn, Kenneth Owens, Gregory Howard, Educational Vice Pres. Back — Demitri Stockton, Adminis- trative Vice Pres., Deborah Cheek, Treasurer, Michael Harris President, Angela Coley, Cynthia Rhett, Michael Crittendon, Jacqueline Franklin, Richard Burgwyn, Dr. Gibbs, Advisor. AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Dr. A. P. Bell, Advisor, Terry Best, Vice-Pres., Rodney White, Treasurer, Gale Wells, Sec, Marlow Arrington, Presi- dent, Rochelle White, Service Chairperson, Sheldon Hunt, Reporter, Dr. Walter Taylor, Advisor m-- : saffi! j?«3,« AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS ASSOCIATION Kneeling: Christopher Walson, First Row — L to R Adewale Majeko Dunmi, Iris Faison-Moses, Sisko Kule, Alicia Guzman, Padmaja Sajjala Second Row-L to R Norma Marsh-Kasiah, Victor Agbu, Jose Nevado, Grey Yongosi, Jo- seph Matthew, Julia Sidelmik, Stephen Frimpong, Dr. Alton Thompson, Bernadette Polux Third Row — L to R Phile- mon Ndevtapo, John Owens, Charles Kambavwa, Kamukenji Katende Iris Faison-Moses, Sec for Research, Marsh-Kasiah, Research Assistant. Dr. Alton Thompson Acting Advisor, Norma Mock, Department Sec, Norma T3BI wsmsaBSBSP AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS Front Row (R-L) Malinda Pagett, President, Darlena Stockton, Karen A. Winsley, Roslin Maddox, Lisa Lilly, Lisa White, Wanda Parnell, Rodney Campbell, Herman J. Williams, Rajinder S. Chauhan, Advisor. Top Row (L-R) Shakur Williams, Darnevy Law, Carmen Sidbury, Jeff Heath, Andre N. Anderson, Trea., Gregory A. Young, Sec, Karen Sidbury, Vice-Pres. ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL Front Row (L-R) Charvetta Ford, Sec, Vondelia Willis, Vice-Pres., Lisa Whitaker, Treas., Dr. Gladys Blue, Advisor. Back Row (L-R) Annetta Dougless, Darlene Jarvis, Fernandez Johnson, Dorothy Debose, Kathy Ford, Mary Pitts 243 iBn i BETA GAMMA SIGMA NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 1st Row — Laverne Carter, Vice President, Troyling Johnson, President 2nd Row — Wanda Clark, Sergeant at Arms, Dr. Dong Jeong 3rd Row — Dr. Abdussalam Addus, Dr. Katie Dorset!, Dr. Frank Kauder, Secretary Advisor, Dr. Meada Gibbs, Dr. Jack Hulbert CHI ETA PHI Right to Left — Wanda Turner, Valerie Barnes — President, Robyn Cherry, Janese Lynch, Miriam Snuggs, Angela Shaw, Stella McGhee wasmm CHARLOTTE CLUB " O-C. L-R Andre N. Anderson, President, Angela Gray, Miss Charlotte, Denise Richmond, Ressie Harris, Wanda Simpson, Vanessa L. Richmond, Beverly Threatt, Katura Brown, Damaris N. McClain, Shalley Lawrence, Daniel D. Neal, Vice-Pres., lohnie N. Watkins, Kevin L. White, Eric B. Griifin, Alvin D. Wallace, PR., Dee Cee, III Thomas B. Horton, Trea., Frank McCain, Deon Howard, I. ALMA MATER Dear A, and T., dear A. and T., a monument indeed, Around thy base with grateful hearts behold thy students kneel. We bless the power that gave thee birth to help us in our need, We ' ll ever strive while here on earth all loyalty to yield. REFRAIN With joy, with joy, dear A. and T., thy students turn from thee To spread thy trophies year by year from Dare to Cherokee. Dear A. and T., dear A. and T., the signet thou shaft be Set by our great old commonwealth, proud boaster of the free; She ' d have the record of her worth on granite not inscribed — Nay, let the children of her birth proclaim it by their lives. Dear A. and T., dear A. and T., henceforth our aim shall be, By precepts wise and deeds more sure to bless the State through thee; The arts of industry to wield against an idle foe. A harvest rich from ripened fields of what thy students sow. 245 g « DATA PROCESSING MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION L-R Jeffery Pointer, President, Mark Bottoms, Bobby Richards, Sharon Richardson, Treasurer, Kim Raynor, Vice- President, Bruce Stowers DIGIT CIRCLE L-R . . . Carolyn Hedgepeth, Mary Umstead, David Scott, Ronnie Cooper, President, Troy L. Coleman, Thurman Ross, Treasurer, Wanda G Williams, Adriane Lowrie, Ronnie Payton, Jerry McMillan, Benjamin M. Williams, Victor L. Ray, Brent Timmons, Renita Brewington, Miss Digit Circle, John Spicer, Eria Gibson, Dr. Gilbert Casterlow, Ad- visor, Alicia Holman, Vice-President ■MM ■MMMMiailMMl IBS ■HliSreSR ' ' W wmssmmm DURHAM AGGIE CLUB ' (. L-R ... . Gregory Home, Darlene Mercer, Treasurer, Tina Bryant, Miss Edgecombe, Alyce Vixal, Vice-President, Elbert Pittman, Jr., Keith Graham, President, William Dickens, James M. Umstead, Darryl Hussey, Lewis A. Parker, Brad S. Howell, Mrs. Clara Harris, Advisor EDGECOMBE AGGIE CLUB L-R ... . Rhonda E. Stewart, President, Mary Umstead, Secretary, Dwayne A. Lowe, Treasurer, Priscilla Thorpe, Anthony L. Poole, Daniel Ford, Charles T. Williams, Vice-President, Timothy McClain, Derrick Lennon 247 ELECTIONS COMMITTEE .III L-R .... Sharon Hazel, Barry Booth, Lathan Dixon, Chairman, Michael Brunson, Joy Teel, LaTonya Wade ETA KAPPA NU ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING HONOR SOCIETY L-R ... . Timothy Drew, David Gibbs, Michael Holt, Raymond Franklin, Rick Jones, Robin Anderson, Dan DuRant, Renee Thornton, Felicia Drew jSrfiS S ' wmmmmm jlSBSrKSSS SKHIHK Ss FOOD SCIENCE CLUB JLJ4 Kevin Fuller, President, Michelle Stevens, Vice President, Dr. C.W. Seo, Adviser, Linda Hardy, Secretary, John Miles, Treasurer, Dalanice Bow man, Member. GARDEN STATE EXPERIENCE Stephanie Tidwell, President, Donna Stewart, Stephanie Little, lodi Waltson, Vice President, C. Wright, Tina Carroll, Miss New Jersey, Chucky Maldonado, Edward Allen, Derek Freeman, lames Etheridge, Z-Man, Naim Starks, David James, Timothy sanes. 250 GROOVE PHI GROOVE L to R- Tyrone Smith Taft Turner, III Howard Oliver Ruebin Rhodes Shawn Utsey Thurston Groves Mark Granville Frank Carpenter .M .Ml Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship, INC. and Sweetheart Club L to R— Wanda Williams Vera Spellman Mary Holloway Wendy Peterson Tommy McNeill Regina Murphy Selina Bracey Darlene Browning Tonya Oliver ■H •sm HISTORY MAGAZINE L-R .... Ms. I. Blackmore, Advisor, Patricia Whitaker, Assistant Editor, Monte Carr, Miss History Magazine, Curtis Richardson, Editor, Dr. D. Benson, Advisor, Alvin Thompson, Alfred Waddell, Dr. H Patrick, Advisor, Renard Lee, Managing Editor, Tony Williams, Graphic Editor NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY L-R . . . Tony Brewington, John Driver, Will Lockhart, Rita Foster, James Brame, President, Lynn Jarret, Miss NAIT, Delano Duke, Evelyn Stewart, Secretary, Vernon Royster, Vice-President, Myron Brown, Treasurer, Gregory Boone IP ¥ NIGERIAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION ■: Michael O. Dosumu, President, Benson I. O. Onuoha, Financial Secretary, Veronica K. Ezekegbu, Vice President, Donatus O. Okozor, General Secretary, Mustapha Umar, Treasurer NORTH CAROLINA A T STATE UNIVERSITY COUNCIL OF PRESIDENTS L-R Ronnie Payton, Michael Dosumu, Vincent O Howard, Vondelia Willis, Willie Mcintosh, Roger Bryant, Victor Gavin, Vice President, Sandra I Pettiford, James Brame, Vanessa McKenzie, Derrick A. Butts, Reginald Allen, Doris Person, Willie Diggs, Jr., lames France, Vernon E. Royster, Kevin T. Fuller, Maurice A. Warren, Brent P. Gerald, Kelvin O. Davis, Hebrew L. Dixon, 111, Clay Gloster, Jr President, Curtis Richardson, David E. Harrison B " rnmm m. PHI ALPHA THETA INTERNATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY IN HISTORY L-R .... Alvin Thompson, President, Robert T. Holmes, Secretary, Alfred Waddell, Vice-President, Anthony Motley, Treasurer, Dr. James Nutsch, Advisor PI MU EPSILON MATHEMATICS HONOR SOCIETY Bader H. Al-Khunaini, Ronnie Payton, President, Gloria Phoenix, Instructor, Dr. Gilbert Casterlow, Advisor, John L. Spicer, Sec-Treasurer, Shearon Brown, James A. Meeks 253 .«J n ' ' SISTERS OF THE BROTHERS IN CHRIST BIG 1st Row — Eartha Black, Belinda Jackson, Patricia Graham, Subrenia Moore, Wanda Barnes, Mrs. Patricia Smith, Advisor, Anita Graham, 2nd Row — Rev. Ross, Advisor, Felecia Drew, Sandra Pettiford, Camela Overby, Thomas Horton, Hope Jones, Willie Mcintosh SOCIETY OF MANUFACTURING ENGINEERS Ist Row— Vernon E. Royster— President, 2nd Row— Evelyn Stewart — Vice President, John Driver— Treasurer, 3rd Row— Rita Foster— Miss SME, James Brame, 4th Row— Tony Brewington, Gregory Boone, 5th Row— Myron Brown 2S4 mmmtm Hiifil wsmmmimmm Hr SOCIETY OF PHYSIC STUDENTS SOUTH CAROLINA AGGIE CLUB ' J ? Li First Row — L to R Vanessa Legare, Okarsamaa L. Brooks, Veressa Hendrix, Sherry Smalls, Treas. Second Row — L to R Karen D. Grant, Stacey Middleton, Caroline Freeman, Terry Campbell Third Row — L to R Cornell Brown, Timothy Geathers, Anthony Robinson Fourth Row — L to R Troy Dawson, President, George Glover, Patsy F. Earle, Miss South Carolina, Orlander Myers, Rodney S. Washington Not Pictured: Merchelle Murray, Secretary, Selena Washington, Ray " Bird " Harris, Duane Williams, Sammy Livington msmsdm0::j ' gif ;r ::i ■ ' 5 i! STUDENT SPACE SHUTTLE PROGRAM lll|l3lMUiJlfi«i " ■ " • ■ ' L-R ... . Franklin Hooker, Brian Burnett, Jonathan Hampton, Jeff Feaster, Dr. Ali Abul-Fadl, Dr. Kumar Punwani, Newman Graves, Saundra Flowers, Donald Anderson, Charles Flemmings, Vernon Royster, John Perkiai, Dr. S. Ahrens, Arlisa Flemmings, Wayne Crighton, Jerry Lang, Dejuan Stocks, Michael Danty, Michael Roberts, Bruce Alston, Ken Steen, Michael Long, Reginald Goodwin, Eric Nelson TAU ALPHA TAU ENGINEERING HONOR SOCIETY 256 L-R ... . Troy C. Dawson, Secretary, Margelyn Smith, Vice-President, Hebrew L. Dixon, III, President, Shelton A. Howard, Derrell Dunn, Vernal Alford, III, Derrick D. Miller WMii SliiHH»!!RiiiP SYMPHONY BAND Under the direction of Dr Johnny Hodge and Mr, Jimmy Williams TELOCA L to R Martha Keys, Secretary, Quanda Singleton, Treasurer, Robyn Cherry, President, lanese Lnych, Ms TELOCA, Stella McGhee, Vice President, Wanda Turner, Alicia Scott, Patricia Armstrong, Angela Shaw, Miriam Snuggs, Lin- da McDulfie, Bernadette Allen, Balerie Barnes Cm n ■n BRUCE STOWERS, SUSAN GETHERS, TAMIE LEWIS, WANDA MC GILL, L. GERARD TOWNES DR. WILSON, ADVISER, LISA SETZER, PRO- GRAM SOCIAL DI- RECTOR, GREGORY CAMP, PRESIDENT, LISA HOWZE, SECRE- TARY, ALAN WEINEF, ADVISER, FELIX SHACKLEFORD REAL R H O E P S I L O N RANDALL PONDER, lEFF NIXON, SHELBY DAVIS, KENNETH KIRK CHRISTOPHER NDUKWU, NATA- LIE PARKER, JOHN DEESE, JOVANKA RICHARDS, NOEL STEWART, II ESTATE MMMM MVHHPII mmm. m ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING SOCIETY ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERS DO IT ALL NIGHT LONG Left to Right First Row Randall Harris, David Robinson, Mark Norrell, Chris Onyemem, Letitia Robinson, Marcus Staley, Sandra Walker, Jeffrey Hender- son, Barry Booth, Anthony McFadden. Second Row Robert Melton, Harry Washington, Eugene Harris, Allan Finch, Andrea Spool, Kent Baxter, Derwin Peterson, Creighton Barber. Officers: L to R Marcus Staley, Vice President, San- dra Walker, Treasurer, Mark Norrell, President 259 ,»jri ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY, INC. ■n B H 9 r . i ' ' B ■ ' Bg H 3 Lc- i l HH R ' v ylJH fc- i , iJPir — MMf j JIq I ■M ■H 3I Hi Hi L to R President, Angela Respus Vice President, Angela Coley Recording Secretary, Tonya Graves Treasurer, Janet Thomas Corresponding Secre- tary, Brigitte Coles Ivy Leaf Reporter, Angela Shaw M ■f ' id " 0 WEO 260 ■Mi ■MHM ■iii!iP " l!P " " TANYA GRAVES TRAGI BROWN JENNIFER JONES VENITA BROWN MIRIAM SNUGGS ROBIN SANDERS TONIA DEW LISA DYE TERRI MODICA MARVETTE ARTIS ANGELA COLEY ANGELA SHAW TINA CARROLE ANGELA RESPUS CINDY JORDAN SYBIL LYNCH mm ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY, INC. The object of Alpha Phi Alpha is to stimulate the ambition of its members; to prepare them f or the greatest usefulness in the cause of humanity, free- dom and dignity of the indivi- dual; to encourage the highest and noblest form of manhood to aid down-trodden humanity in its efforts to achieve higher social economic and intellectu- al status; thus creating a most unforgettable motto " First of all servants of all, we shall tran- scend all. " We, the brothers of Beta Epsi- lon, the reigning National Un- dergraduate Chapter of the year, have worked endlessly in supporting a program that has upneld the aims and aspira- tions of our great fraternity. Ci J ■4 lis- Seated: Candic Merriam, Kin Swanson (Miss Alpha Phi Alpha), Donetta Young, Standing: Simona Ross, Mildred Moree, Karen Branhart, Cheryl Grant i fmtmmmgggmgmm. ■■■MM ftSM ■MP " Milton Shaw, Donald Joyner, Christopher Morris, Jamie Valetine, Carlus Hicks, Marlon Arrington, Craig Joseph, Markus Hager, Spring ' 84 Inquisition L to R: Todd Corley, Avery Williamson Fall ' 84 Innovators James Bumey, Fall ' 83 Con- tioversy Maurice Warren, Clay Gloster, Spring ' 83, 9 to 5 L to R: David Harrison, Ulysses Johnson, Fall ' 82, Triology L to R: Victor Gavin, Derrick Butts, Eric Nelson, Spring ' 82, Pieces of eight : ' 5? S? ? : mn ALOBEAM SOCIETY M All to " ;« " 5 3 .,! I First Row, L to R Assistant Advisor, Mrs. Mamie Okeke, Corresponding Secretary, Tamara Long, Re- cording Secretary, Sherri Penn, Stephanie Proctor, Ms ALOBEAEM, Kim Raynor, Vice President, Deborah Cheek. Second Row, L to R Assistant Advi- sor, Mr. Jerry Thorne, Treasurer, Ronald Sellers, President, Maurice Warre n, Mr. ALOBEAEM, Jamie Valentine, and Advisor, Ms. Ida Robinson • M IMJVV B H V B Hr:::7mm k k ' ' ■ ' " ' ' " ill 1, ■ . f ii( ' ; ' |iT- rl 1 264 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY L to R Melvin Jones Wanda Orr Steve Straughn Sonya Stewart Stacy Williams Lt. Col. T.P. Williams (Seated) 26j mr- BETA ALPHA PSI L to R: First Row: Dr. Helen Kennedy, Curtis Keith, Linda Johnson, Wanda Clark Second Row: Troyling Johnson, Deborah Cheek, Darryl Williams, Laverne Carter Third Row: Edward Peterson, Co., Vivian Bloom, Derrick Nobles ■H ;i t m ' A f i H 1 Officers: Troyling Johnson, Co-Vice President, Derrick No- ble, Treasurer Wanda Clark, Secretary, Edward Peterson, Co- Vice President, Laverne Carter, President B A 5 S MM iiMaMIMlH ■SHi PPPRIiPipiPP BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ASSOCIATION Left to Right lovanka Richards, Fred Bacote Angela Womack, Wayne Sellers John Deese, Bruce Stowers, Rosita Penn, Rodney Powell, Sterling Joyner, Dale Fisher, Claudia Bynum, Marcetta Stacks, Anita Vir- gil Executive Board Sterling Joyner, Treasurer, Mrs. Ray, Adviser Dale Fisher, Parliamentarian, John Deese, President Anita Virgil, Assistant Secretary, Bruce Slower Not Pictured, Robyn Russell, Secretary BAA wmmmmimi pimm m f ' ' ' wif ' W K- DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY INC. The Ladies of Distinction History of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. History of the Deha Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. at the inception of Delta Sigma Theta in 1113 at Howard University, the Founders envisioned an organization of college women pledged to serious endeavor and community service. These youthful students demonstrat- ed a vital concern for social welfare, academic excellence, and cultural enrichment. To- day, Delta Sigma Theta is a public service sorority, dedicated to a program of sharing membership skills and organizational services in the public interest. In 1930, Delta Sigma Theta was incorporated as a National Organization. The record of incorporation is filed in the congressional library in the office of the Recorder of Deeds in Washington, D.C. COURT L to R: Maxine Baldwin, Gina Fisher, Miss DST, Penny Taylor MiiiaHMaiiaain ■MMHiil ij,x: :: mumrn Spring ' 83 Wanda Ceres, Gwen Farrington, Patricia Taylor, Gina Fisher, Doris Person, Yvette Forney, Lisa Humpries, Maxine Baldwin, Kokethia Edwards. D S T Spring ' 84 Marilyn Sledge, Tammie Page, LeArtis Martin, Pa- mela Dudley, Penny Taylor, Cathy Terry, Stella Canty. 269 GAMMA PHI DELTA i L to R: Vickie Forbes, Alyce Vital, Mrs. Fredonia Russell, Adviser, Linda McDuffie, Angela Milton, Cynthia Haith, Anti Basileus Individual Shots 1st, Linda McDuffie, Secretary 2nd, Angela Milton, Fundraising Chairperson 3rd, Alyce Vital, Treasurer 4th, Vicki Forbes, President ■MM iHHMMMHi iSS MIP INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION !! i- |n||9 ■ ,u t H 1 tafz i m rii 1 ' ' • T » 1 ■ ■ li :: ' t L-R Catherine D. Swan, Corresponding Secretary, Esther W. Gadzama, Treasur- er, Edward Agbo, Special Adviser to the President, Ms. Sharon Richards, Adviser, Joshua O. Mogaji, President, Sailaja Vallabha, member, Sikiru A. Shoderu, Chairman, Social Committee; Mildred Seaman, Miss ISA, Augustine Lamosai, General Secretary. L-R Jannet Garraway, Catherine D. Swan, Sharon Richards, Adviser, Joshua Olu Mogaji, President, Alisia Garraway, Mildred N. Seaman, Gracie B. Potts, Sailaja Vallabha. Standing L-R Terrance Garraway, Usman Mustapha, Au- gustine Lamosai, David Sesay, Kudu Mohammed Tifin, Oladipo O. Oni, Iheemacho Emeka, Esther W. Gadzama, Sikiru A. Shoderu, Gernus O ' Connor 271 r- mm INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ELECTRONIC ENGINEERS Secretary, Rena Fisher Treasurer, Timothy Drew President, Felecia G. Drew Miss IEEE, G. Renee Thornton 272 ■MHMm iMMMHMiaiBHMHlHMMaMBMMl mBB ■PHP P L to R: Jeffrey Feaster, Clay Gloster, Derrick A. Butts, Rena Fisher, Sec- retary Elham Makram, Advisor, Gail Chalmers, Eartha Black, Lenart Clark, Jaime T. Mitchell, Alvernon Walker, Ben Johnson, Timothy Drew, Felicia Drew, Dr. Harold L, Martin, Sr., Jerry Barnes, Aaron E. Freshwater, G. Renee Thornton (Miss IEEE), deAndre Cornilfe 273 ■ ' S - ' i m KAPPA ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY INC. i Yo Baby Yo! The Alpha Nu Chapter was founded on April 14, 1933 at NC A T State University. The Alpha Nu Chapter has been an intricate part of student aca- demic, social and political life at A T. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, founded on January 5, 1911 at Indiana University, with the ideals of achievement in every f ield of human endeavor has placed an unquenchable thirst in all its members throughout the decades. The fraternity seeks to raise the sights of youth and stimulate them to accomplishments high- er than might otherwise be realized or even imagined. K A $ V n Legacy — The Alpha Nu Tradition still lives on ■■■■■ail .•t) - :» i.7- .- -.i.iLi. ' C-ti.-v-tfj; Jonathan Nesbitt-Polemarch mB THE CALAMITY 10 FALL ' 84 275 MS Sa-SJff -. ' rr-;] » 1 ii] IBTiSiiR ' li ' :..-i !ixil lm mamsm ,i«Sfe.. ' ;.. " ' TOS ' . ' w!4!:i. ' t.. ' ivv Avi, «. ' . ' - ;:-i«-.v ' ■flOZA HILV NA SUMPT ' 277 ' iSi5ae!ftS!ffi9«-«3 S5 ' «?F? " -T? ' :S N. C. FELLOWS L to R— Seated: Jacquetta Kearney, Marvette Artis, Dale Fisher, Sybil Lynch, Shaunne Thomas, President Valerie E. Moore, Queen, Sidney Hargrove, Escort fit Fellow " " wmmmmmmmm PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL ■ m ' jm M: " . John McPhaul, Vice President Royal Brooks, Treasurer ikjMf x « aujA:jk ' 7A).i 01 i B W ' SSIF » ■ - ,.)M_ ' d| H HiT bHHHm; K i , - ■ " ' " iitir... Steven Picott, President 279 SE SB sss??;? .-? »5 PERSHING RIFLES Hardee Green " Droopy. " Gerald Singleton " Gangster, " James V. Davis " Houdin, " OUie Herring " Unknown, " Tim Nixon " Snagglepuss, " Reggie Allen " Hoodlum, " Kenny Waller " Kingpin, " Kenny Finner " Gizmo, " George Jackson " Dark Vador, " Timothy Lake " Dread, " Clawson McNeill " Newport. " T PSB Sweetheart, Michelle Jackson, Yvette Boyd, Queen, Claudia Bynum, Almena Mayes, Evetta Barnes, Sheena Baldwin, Mareena Williams. MMM m mmmmmm ■lIKIiWH YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS L to R Chrystal Stephans, Parlyn Thurman, Stroza Hill, President lames Campbell, Anna Sumpter, Treasurer, lovanka Richards Not pictured: David A. Pollard, Business Coordinator, Noel Steward, Vice President, Beverly Threatt, Secretary M THE FASTEST WAY TO REACH THE TOP IS TO START THERE. (OWN YOUR OWN BUSINESS!) POLITICAL SCIENCE CLUB L to R: Parliamentarian, Douza Cole Secretary, Lisa Dye Adviser, Amarjit Singh Vice President, Victoria English President, David Harrison if ' A i l First Row, L to R: Maria Morse Jennifer Youngblood Lisa Dye Pamela Corbitt Victoria Sonya Medley Second Row, L to R: Curtis Williams Mandell Jackson Donza Cole Amargit Singh Johnny Hedgepeth Phung Nguyen David Harrison 282 ■MMMMMMH !?,!??Si? jS ' i f ' ' !Wi m T if ' A PHI BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY INC. L to R: Anthony Braswell, John McPhaul, Vann R. Newkirk, James Johnson, (Standing), Kenny Williams Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., was founded at Howard University in 1914. The purpose of the fraternity is to promote the cause of black people through brotherhood, education, big business and community service. This is exemplified in our fraternity motto. " " Culture for service and service for humanity. " The men of Sigma speed no- bly on their way. Queens: L to R: Shelia Smith, Valeria Watley IHiiliiiHHI Kenny Williams James Johnson Vann R. Newkirk Anthony Braswell John McPhaul tammaaeims s ' issfsi im ' - - SIGMA GAMMA RHO, SORORITY INC. Kim Tillman, President Dynamic Duo, Fall ' 82 Wonder Woman Stephanie Diggs Spices of Life, Spring Candy 3 83 I ' id L to R: Stephanie Diggs, Kim Tillman, Mamie Wilson, not pictured Shirley Thomas, Jackie Ashley, Valerie Penny, Vanessa Penny " Look to the rainbow and follow your dream. " Mamie Wilson Glowing Trio, Fall ' 84 A Touch of Elegance LOOK TO THE RAINBOW AND FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS " ■■Mi IMHHHIHHI K! ■ ' ! M- sstssfSEScSa oiS SitSsr L to R: Kristal Feggins, Hilda G. Wills, Rhonda Johnson, Verinda Dukes, Vicki Forbes, Darlena Stockton, Patricia Pennix, Melanie Smith, Valerie Warren, Emmy Lyons S.W.E. L to R: Verinda Dukes, Treasurer, Rhonda Johnson, President, Darlena E. Stockton, Secretary, Melanie Smith, Vice President : - ..■.■.A tmm ' ' i ,n Society of Women Engineers PHILLY ' S FINEST OFFICERS: L to R Angee Respus, Vice President, Perry Johnson, Pub- licity, Karen Mickeus, Queen, Ed- ward Jordan, Parliamentarian, Dana Dean, Secretary, " Top, Marlow Arrington, President is. i L to R Sheila Frasier, Sonji Brinson, Denise Taylor, Michelle May, Lisa Finger, Veneatrice Jackson, George Ballard, Angee Respus, Vice Presi- dent, Marlon Arrington, President, Terrence Bronson, Octavia Green, Dorvell Crews, Karen Y. Mickens, Queen, Andrew L. Lofton, Edward Hughes, Jonathan White, Perry Johnson, Dana Dean, James Butler, Rita C. Foster, Eddie Jordan, Erwin Brown, Jim McMillan, Ryan O ' Neal, Walt Cooper, Tracy A. Cephas MMi MM Ii.iv;j:i mm mmoBBsm ■ :A UNITED CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP ir 1 If w First Row Fred Bacote, Lee Christian, Ir , Arleatha DeBerry, Laurice Lavone Brown. Carla Macon, Patricia Graham, Claudia Bynum, Wanda Barnes, Charlene Pulley, Princess A McCaleb, Venetia Brown, Valerie Moore, Tom M Hunt, Eartha Black, Adnanne Jackson, James Brame, Helane Warren, Mrs Patricia Smith, Adviser Second Row Christopher Holhs, Chaplain Ralph M Ross, Thomas B Horlon, Parlyn Thurman, Derek Booker, Paul A Parsons, Darryl M Wallace, Willie Mcintosh, Debara Jenkins, Felecia Drew, Gerald Kent Lewis, Daniel E Knight, Jr , William O Parker, John Lyon, Gerald Williams, Desiree Drew, Darlena Stockton, Kathy Harris L to R Kalund T McKain, June R McNeil, Subrenia R Moore, James Isaac, III, Second Row Chaplain Ralph M Ross, Anthony R. Spinks, Bernard Grant L to R Eariha Black, Patricia Graham, Lovely M Dawson, Princess A McCaleb, Mrs Patricia Smith, Adviser, Valerie E Moore, June R McNeil, Adnanne lackson Second Row Willie Mcintosh, Fred Bacote, Christopher C Kirkland, III, Darryl Wallace, Chaplain Ralph M Ross MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE UNTO THE LORD! G O S P E L H O I R w WOMEN ' S COUNCIL Purpose of Women ' s Council To Recommend Policies, reg- ulations, and adjustments pertaining to affairs of Wom- en Students. To aid in developing competent leader- ship. To encourage good scholarship and personal de- velopment. To promote cultur- al, social, recreational and educational activities for women students. THE LADIES OF WOMEN ' S COUNCIL 1 ' i! L to R lanei Thomas, Janet Thomas, Miss Women ' s Council Angee Respus, President, Kim Payne, Vice President, Faith Byrd, Secretary, Angela Alston, Treasurer i l . T VPHPiplMli ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY, INC. L to R: Sonia Russ, First Anti Basileus, Linda Johnson, Basileus, Wanda Williams, Phylacter, Miss Zeta Phi Beta, Vanessa McKenzie, Grammatues Tamias L: Linda Johnson, Fall ' 82 The Four Steps of Reality R: Wanda Williams, Spring ' 84, Quantity of four quality of more. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. was founded at Howard Uni- versity on January 16, 1920. Zetas exemplifies the highest standards of schola rships, up- lifting worthwhile projects on campus and within the com- munities; fostering the spirit of sisterly love and promoting finer womanhood. The Zeta Alpha Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. had its be- ginning on July 16, 1934 here at A T. L: Sonia Russ, Fall ' 83, Two ways to wisdom. R: Vanessa McKenzie, Spring ' 84, The terrible two minus one. i R H NEW ENGLAND AGGIE CLUB l Sydney Smith, Ms. NEAC Derrick A. Butts, Pres. Tony McFadden, V-Pres. Jackie Bond Treas. Angelite Bacon, Sec. Jackie King, Parliamentarian Sydney Smith STUDENT UNION ADVISORY BOARD Kelvin Davis President S.U.A.B. Members Executive Board 293 n COMPLETE AWARENESS FOR COMPLETE COMMITMENT " ■■H 4 Doris Person, Editor-in-Chief THE A REGISTER Published w «kly during th school yvor by North Corollna Agricultural and Technical Stat Univwrslty ttudvntt. To rocolv Th« AAT Register, s«nd $9.50 for on« yoor or S17 for two yaort to Th« AAT R«glst«r, Box E-25. North Carolina AAT Stot University. Cro«nsboro. N.C. 27411 to cov r moiling and handling costs. Editor in Chief Doris Person Monaging Editor Dwoyne Pinkney News Editor Frances Word Bustness ' Ad Monoger Derek McLendon Head Typist Shebo Hal) Art Editor Malcolm Aaron Circulotion Manager . Pann Dudley Distribution Manager Phil Powell Advisors Charlene Middleton ond Benjamin Forbes Represented For National Advertising By COMMUNICATION ADVERTISING SERVICES FOR STUDENTS (CASS) Malacom Aaron, Head Artist Pamela Dudley — Circulation Manager m Jay Hall, Head Photographer F Derek McLendon Frances Ward Sheba Hall, Head Typist .wdHSfl wt m n 1 ■r t THE AJ 1 iLaEi! 9 registJ 1 The Dedicated STAFF «M " STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION James France President TAKING AIM ON PROGRESS 27« - " ■ a ] i;w%;jj ' tCs? ' i i 4sjf sC ■ Dale Fisher Vice President Internal Affairs Darrell Franklin Vice President External Affairs 1 ■IP ■ : 1 H f , , ■ .1 h t: ! , ;5 « ' -: fflSPS ■i S t u d e n t S e n a t e Secretary Chats with Brent " I ISBSB Tl IB K John E. Collins Attorney General Herbrew L. Dixon February Program Coordinator Ulysses Johnson, Jr. Treasurer 29» ' §mms -- «■ THE AYANTEE Si ■J mmmmm i s ' ; iM »tW ». v -j- . ,} ■■■ . ' A wn K f f ' T t strj f FRIENDLY FACES ON CAMPUS EA ftakTV H H R fl Brjtifl K ' uPV I k ' H H j i 8 A WARM HELLO IV -Vi-T L scy ' n. ' : ! STUDENT LIFE Mascot takes a moment of silence X, Tim Glenn 4 The officers of Vanstory Hall Robin hard at work! A memorable occassion! ■MM tmmmmm ■,• sivvV W3: -C .V ' ix .i: T STUDENT LIFE i N . 1 .J KL m 305 m STUDENT LIFE 1 i » T u J m m lS ' iSS:::Mim! i) !! ' !iii ■ ' H B!S5 s1!s f!■.; r= i s» ' ' mm A Edward O Agbo PMB 85 Bida, Nigeria Vocational Industrial Educa- tion Joel O Akomolafe 911 Circle Drive Greensboro. NC 27405 Vocational Industrial Educa- tion Patricia N Alexander 3206 Trent Street Greensboro, NC 27405 Peter A Aliord Vmeland, NJ Mass Communication Edward L Allen 495 E 29th Street Paterson, NJ Industrial Technology (Automotive) Reginald E Allen 850 Columbus Avenue New York. NY 10025 Business Administration (Marketing) Gerald Anderson Box 323 Route 2 Severna Park, MD Industrial Technology (Manufacturing) Ben Andrews Route 1. Box 394 Bethel, NC 27812 Business Administration Lisa M, Arrington 411 Atlantic Avenue Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Clothing, Textile Fashion Merchandising Marlon Arrington 7931 Gilbert Street Philadelphia, PA 19150 Agricultural Education Eric Artis 1013 Aycock Street Wilson, NC 27893 Industrial Technology (Elec- tronics) Marvetta L Arlis 2518 Sharpe Road Greensboro, NC 27406 Marketing Fashion Merchandising Jackie Ashley 829 S Dalton Street Bostonia, NC 28052 Clothing Textile Jacqueline Austin 403 Greenfield Blvd Greenvelle, NC 27834 Dietetics Fred S Bacote Route 1, Box 22 Parkton, NC 28371 Business Administration Karyn B Bailey Route 2 Box Apex, NC 27502 Marketing Timothy L Bailey 315 Winston Street Greensboro, NC 27401 Accounting Aletha A Baker Route 1, Box 284- A Louisburg, NC Business Administration (Management) Maxine Baldwin 308 Whiteville, NC Speech Theatre Arts Mass Communication Reginald A Banner 2508 Druid Hills Drive Winston-Salem, NC 27105 Political Science William Barlow 299 SuHon Street Perth Amboy. NJ 08861 Mechanical Engineering Delores A Barlowe 335 Wal ston Street Tarboro, NC 27886 Transportation Diane Barnes Route 7, Box 238 Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Child Development Valarie D. Barnes 406 V2 N Carolina Street Goldsboro, NC 27530 Nursing Wanda L Barnes Route 1, Box 326- A Scotland Neck, NC 27874 Child Development Kent S Baxter 490 W Walton Blvd. Pontiac, Mich 48055 Architectural Engineering Harold V Bennett 1355 W Sedgefield Drive Winston-Salem, NC 27105 Industrial Technology Warren Berry 4919 Becker Drive Dayton, Ohio 45427 Recreation Administration Samuel L Bethea, Jr 118 Elmore Avenue Englewood, NJ 07631 Electrical Engineering Johnny Black 3761 Whitfield Drive Winston-Salem, NC 27105 Industrial Technology (Elec- tronics) Jacqueline Blackman 3650 Kinghill Drive Business Administration (Mktg. Man.) Allen Blue Rte P O Box 205 Linden, NC Electrical Engineering Jacqueline Bond 270 Sunshine Circle Bridgeport, CT 06606 Psychology Amyike Boniface Port-Harcourt, Nigeria Vocational Industrial Educa- tion Gregory L Boone Rte 5, Box 395 Mebane, NC 27302 Industrial Technology (Elec- tronics) Tom R Bost 808 Hidden Glen Drive Charlotte, NC 28210 Computer Science James L Bowen, Jr Rte 2, Box 101 A Riegelwood, NC 28456 Accounting Eric A Bowens Spring Lake, NC Mass Communication Rafeal D, Boyd 6837 Radial Drive Fayetieville, NC Industrial Technology (Con- struction) Irish Boykin 704 McLamb Drive Fayetteville. NC 28301 Mass Communication Constance Bradford Jersey City, NJ Business Administration Terry G. Bradshaw 1923 Drexel Drive Greensboro, NC 27405 Clothilda Brewington 803 Orchard Street Goldsboro, NC 27530 Computer Science Tony A, Brewington Rte, 1, Box 27-B Parkton. NC 28371 Industrial Technology Walter Bright 1245 Angora Avenue Yeadon, PA 19050 Engineering Mathematics Dovain L Britt 3884 Barkwood Drive Winston-Salem, NC 27105 Electrical Engineering loseph Brown 9V2 F Street Charleston, SC 29403 English Myron O. Brown 2112 G Citadel Ct. Kannapohs, NC 28081 Industrial Technology (Elec- tronics) Thomas D. Brown 2 Lakepoint Ct Greensboro, NC 27406 Mass Communication Ira Brunson 669 Charlotte Street Hamlet, NC 28345 Mechanical Engineering Steven Burke 940 E Charles Street Matthews, NC 28105 Safety Driver Education Glenn D Burkett P O Box 212 Irmo, SC 29063 Business Management Dorothy J Bullock P O Box 34 Manson, NC 27553 Electrical Engineering Charles A, Burns 510 Edward Street Fayetteville, NC 28301 Derrick A Butts 15 Parker Drive East Lyme, CT Electrical Engineering Sharon Denise Cameron Rte Box 36 Cameron, NC 27226 Economics Gregory D Camp 3608 Seaman Drive Charlotte, NC 28210 Business Administration (Marketing) Harry James Carter 909 Van Norden Street Washington, NC 27889 Industrial Electronics (Elec- tronics) Ronnie L Carter 631 E. Main Street Winterville, NC 28590 M. (Electronics) Glenn Carver Rte. 1, Box 135 Hope Mills, NC Computer Science Deborah F. Cheek Warrenton, NC Accounting Robyn Cherry 5247 Kenilworth Avenue 304 HyattsviUe, MD 20781 Aaron W Chestnut 3207 Bullock Street Savannah, GA 31405 Mass Communication Avis Sheryl Clark 801 Daleview Court Greensboro, NC 27406 Business Administration (Mgmt) Linda Paulette Clark 1206 Chalmers Street Durham, NC Industrial Engineering Wanda G Clark 1914 Drexmore Avenue Greensboro, NC 27406 Accounting Debra A Coble 600 South Eighth Street Mebane, NC 27302 Business Admin (Management) Priscilla Cogdell Rte 7, Box 182A Whiteville, NC 28472 Industrial Technology (Mftg) Alan K. Cooke 723 Rayhut Street Burlington, NC Accounting Alan Cooper 108 St Luke Street St Louis, MO Physical Ed Health Adm Bruce B Cornelius 3550 Shade Rd, Plaza Macon, GA 31211 Electrical Engineering Linwood Cox Rte 3, Box 201 Mt Airy, NC Accounting Kimball F Creale 401 Scott Street New Bern, NC 28560 Mass Communication Laura Anita Crews Rt Box 323 Rocky Point, NC 28457 Troy V Crosby Hampton, VA Industrial Technology (Elec) Alice M Crumb P O Box 832 Elizabethtown, NC 28337 Sociology Mary A Curry 3942 Broadview Drive Charlotte, NC 28210 Business Administration (Management) Judy L. Curtis Accounting Quentin T, Currie 706 Hines Street Spring Lake, NC 28390 Art (Design) Art (Painting) Lenny K Dark Rte Box 143 Staley, NC 2355 Business Administration (Marketing) Pamela Davenport 877 Margaret Place Atlanta, GA 30310 Early Childhood Education Alice Davis 106 Dixie Street Roanoke Rapids, NC Business Administration (Marketing) Brenda J. Davis 45 Radar Circle Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 Clothing, Textile Fashion Merchandising Cloris Davis 537 Orange Street Fayetteville, NC 28230 Business Administration Helen M Davis Route 11, Box 305 Chapel Hill, NC Early Childhood Education Kelvin O. Davis PO, Box 13 Merntt. NC 28556 Safety Driver Education Loretta Davis PO Box 312 Norhna, NC 27563 Early Childhood Education Carl Deans 116 Center Street Wilhamston, NC 27892 Computer Science Karen DeBoise 7 Shepard Street Worcester, MA Laboratory Animal Science Lisa T DeBoise 85 Valley View Lane Worcester, MA Laboratory Animal Science John W, Deese Rte 1, Box 1560 Davidson, NC 28036 Business Administration Donald X. Degraff St Thomas, Virgin Islands Political Science Patrice L Dele Box 121 Numan Gongola State, Nigeria Earlene DeShield Monrovia, Liberia Early Childhood Education Linda C Dickens 122 McDaniel Street Enfield, NC 27823 Social Work Chesley D Dickerson 142 Andes Drive Danville, VA 24540 Accounting Todd L Dickey iii m 55 Seymour Avenue Newark, NJ Computer Science Tony M, Diggs P.O Box 224 Laurmburg, NC 28352 Business Administration Gregory L. Dillard 501 King Drive Goldsboro, NC 27530 Mechanical Engineering Myrick C Dixon Rte 1, Box 251 Riegelwood, NC 28456 Soil Science Regina Dixon 919 Elizabeth Street Durham, NC Accounting Samuel H. Doane, Jr. P-O, Box 7093 St. Thomas, Virgin Islands 00801 Vocational Industrial Educa- tion Michael O. Dosumu P.O- Box 3323 Lagos, Nigeria Vocational Industrial Educa- tion Karen L. Dozier 153 Hillcrest Avenue Southampton, LI., NY 11968 Dietetics Pamela S. Dudley P-O, Box 124 Edward, NC 27821 Political Science Transporta- tion Donald J. Duggins Rte- 2, Box 503 Fayetteville, NC 28301 Industrial Technology {Elec- tronics) Verinda Dukes 5218 Westbrook Street Union City, GA 30291 Tyrone Dula 308 Penley Court Lenoir, NC 20645 Art (Design) Jana A. Duncan Winston-Salem, NC Business Administration (Management) Cynthia D- Dunlap 5408 Apt. B Double Oaks Road Charlotte, NC 28206 Computer Science Jacqueline Dunslon Rte. 1, Box 287-D Spring Hope, NC 27882 Political Science Lisa Dye 99-03 205 Street Hollis, NY 11423 Political Science Kokethia M. Edwards 304-C Lindsay Street Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Business Administration (Marketing) Gwen Farringlon 6 Berkley Road Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Marketing Jason G. Felder 33-43 108th Street Corona, NY 11348 Professional Physics Victor Fenner 420 Franklin Street Enfield, NC 27823 Agricultural Education Jeffrey Finch 1506 Ballymena Reidsville, NC Industrial Technology (Manufacturing) Dale W Fisher 2344 Lake Avenue Fayetteville, NC 28301 Business Administration Gina Fisher 328 Branch Street Reidsville, NC 27320 Business Admin Banking Sl Finance Charvetta Ford P O Box 622 Wadesboro, NC 28170 Child Development Felicia R Ford 1508 Textile Drive Greensboro, NC 27405 Industrial Technology (Mfg ) Yvette Forney 1810 S Benbor Road Greensboro, NC Marketing Management Rita C. Foster 5011 Upland Street Philadelphia, PA 19143 Industrial Technology (Mfg.) Chris Fountain 206 Hunter Ct Jacksonville, NC Electrical Engineering James France 416 Swanson Street Martinsville, VA 24112 Industrial Technology (Mfg) Darrell Franklin 360 Lexington Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11216 Economics Laura I Frazer 390 Old Lancaster Road Sudbury, MA 01776 Nursing Abraham Frazier 2118 E Bessemer Greensboro, NC 27405 Electrical Engineering Tanya D Frazier 3516 A Lynhaven Drive Greensboro, NC 27406 History Wilma Freeman 1000 Beaumont Avenue Greensboro, NC Early Childhood Education Esther W. Gadzama Bomo State, Nigeria Agricultural Education Sabrina Gaines 1851 Robin Court Severn, MD 21144 Business Administration (Marketing) Carla R, Gainey 834 Abilene Road FayeHeville, NC 28303 Mass Communication Harriet Gardner 16 Van Borea Street Greensboro, NC Nursing William H Garner Rte 1, Box 158 A Parkton, NC 28371 Physical Health Education Victor S Gavin 2017 Fairmont Road Lumberton, NC 28358 Electrical Engineering Daryl A George 2110-28 First Avenue New York, NY 10029 Industrial Technology Brent P Gerald 2507 Byron Place Greensboro, NC 27405 Art (Design) Erica L Gibson 225 Raleigh Road Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Computer Science Desiree Giles 213 Deforest Avenue Bridgeport, CT 06607 Accounting Elaine S. Gill 665 E 6th Street Plainfield, NJ 07060 Industrial Engineering Randall B Gillespie 504 Uzzle Street Durham, NC 27713 Electrical Engineering Clay Gloster 1251 Creek Drive Annapolis, MD 21403 Electrical Engineering Mohammed A. Goni P O. Box 258 Borno State, Maiduguri Industrial Ed. Vocational Emith L, Gore Route 1, Box 102 Fair Bluff, NC Agricultural Education Glenn T Graham, Jr. 1006 Rexdale Street Fayetteville, NC B.A. (Management) Priscilla Graves 5713 Craven Road Brown Summit, NC 27214 Clothing, Textile Fashion Merchan. Robert L Greene, II 2617 S, Kramer Avenue Tucson, Arizona 85713 Mechanical Engineering Steven G Gregory 1034 Micott Drive Hampton, VA 23666 Accounting Karen Griffin 3908 Kickory Tree Lane Greensboro, NC 27405 Economics Larry Hall Route 1, Box 104 Plymouth, NC B.A. (Finance) Jewel A. Hamrick, III 506 East Graham Street Shelby, NC 28150 Mass Communication Anthony R. Hardie Route 1, Box 62 CharloHe, NC 28459 Transportation Michael D, Hardison 605 Winchester Drive Jacksonville, NC 28540 Electrical Engineering Gwendolyn V Hardwick 418 Springdale Avenue East Orange, NJ 07017 Business Administration Ingrid J Harrell 112 David Street Tarboro, NC 27886 Dietetics Crystal R Harris 1408 N 3rd Avenue, N.E Slier City, NC 27344 Business Administration Kim C Harris 612 Spruce Street Sanford, NC 27330 Industrial Technology Tony M Harris 1902 Elton Drive Goldsboro, NC 27530 Social Work David E, Harrison 818 Colson Street Valdosta, GA 31601 Political Science Regina Hartsfield Route 5, Box 511 Louisburg, NC 27549 Agriculture Economics Busi- Sandra Hawley Route 4, Box 394 Oxford, NC 27565 Computer Science Anthony Hayes 5 Eppirt Street, Apt 26 East Orange, NJ 07018 Industrial Technology (Electroniics) Priscilla A. Herring 530 Governors Road Wilmington, NC 28405 Industrial Technology (Elec- tronics) Gregory L Hicks 2809 Broadview Drive Huntsville, Alabama 25810 Political Science Stroza A Hill 48 South Avenue Beacon, NY 12508 Architectural Engineering Angela D Hilliard Route 3, Box 207AA Enfield, NC 27823 Business Administration Finance Claude Hines, Jr 100 N. Lincoln Street N-3 Hampton, VA 23669 Biology Cecil A. Hogue Fayetteville, NC Industrial Technology Jacqueline Hollowell 2911 Kanewood Drive Durham, NC 27707 Professional Biology Alicia Holman 873 Rankin Street Winston-Salem, NC Professional Mathematics David Holmes Route Box 160-C Harmony, NC 28634 Horticulture Donita Horton Portchester, NY 10573 Recreation Administration Shelton A Howard Route 2, Box 92-AA Murfreesboro, NC 27855 Architectural Engineering Vincent O. Howard 2514 Graham Street Portsmouth, VA Mass Communication Lisa A. Howze 3734 Fieldcrest Drive CharloHe, NC 28210 Business Administration (Marketing) Victoria Lynn Jackson 2812 New Hope Road Raleigh, NC 27604 Agricultural Economics Denise Jacobs Route 1, Box 345 Rich Square, NC David Janifer 4543 S, Dakota Avenue, N.E, Washington, DC 20017 Architectural Engineering Darlene D, Jarvis Mt Airy, NC Home Economics Child De- velopment Eric Jefferies 1840 Blain Street High Point, NC 27262 Industrial Education Moniva L. Jeffers 2921 Driftwood Drive Durham, NC 27707 Industrial Technology (Mfg.) W Lament Jennings Route 1, Box 563-1963 Mebane, NC 27302 Industrial Technology (Mfg.) Derrick M Johnson 155 Barbour Rd Smithfield, NC 27577 IT. (Electronics) Melvin R. Johnson 2900 Eldorado Road Fayetteville, NC 28306 Industrial Technology Fernadez Johnson P.O Box 495 Yanceyville, NC Early Childhood Education 2 Linda Carol Johnson 1330- A Beaumont Avenue Burlington, NC 27215 Accounting Otto B, Johnson, II 1912 Trentwood Place Charlotte, NC 28216 Electrical Engineering Ricky Johnson Route 5, Box 362-E3 Fayetteville, NC 28301 Industrial Technology (Elec- tronics) Rhonda D Johnson 1796 B, Belle Drive Anna, MD 21401 Mechanical Engineering Thomas C, Johnson 904 Bunche Drive Raleigh, NC 27610 Social Work Troyling R. Johnson Baltimore, MD Accounting Algernon Lachey Jones ■ ' ' m J ' -fri:jlK ' SiSP ' S ' ' I: 324 So Center Street Orange, NI 07050 Electrical Engineer Carl Matthew Jones Route 1, Box 280- A Sunbury, NC 27979 Business Administration (Banking Finan ) Frederick B Jones, III 909 Vernon Road Philadelphia, PA Industrial Technology (Elec- tronics) Jenniler Elizabeth Jones 2935 Bainbridge Drive Wmston-Salem, NC 27105 Business Administration June A Jones 3204-A Lawndale Drive Greensboro, NC 27408 Business Administration (Marketing) Lynn Michelle Jones 4947 Mississippi Courl Jacksonville, Florida 32209 Sociology Social work Mary Ann Jones 121 Harris Street Roxboro, NC 27573 Computer Science Terry Jones 300 Summit Avenue Kingston, NC Mass Communications Thomas Ray Jones 303 Pine Shoal Drive Snow Hill, NC 28580 Industrial Engineering William H Jones, Ir 1 105 Crawford Street Ext Goldsboro, NC 27530 Electrical Engineering Cindy Yvette Jordan Box 29 Spring Branch Road Murfreesboro. NC 27855 Mass Communications Donald Leon Joyner Route 1, Box 156 Kittrell, NC 27544 Industrial Technology (Elec- tronics) Estella L. Joyner 1808 Battle Drive Greenville. NC 27834 Social Work Sterling Joyner 1302 S John Street Goldsboro, NC 27530 Business Administration Wendy Ann Junious 918 South 14th Street Wilmington, NC 28401 Industrial Technology (Mfg ) Curlis A Keith 2119 Tuscaloosa Street Greensboro, NC 27401 Accounting Martha M. Keyes Route I, Box 282 Blounts Creek, NC 27814 Nursing Jacqueline King 234 11, White Street Danbury, CT Business Administration Pamela King 5925 Hil-mar Drive Forestville, MD 20747 Industrial Engineering Christophre C. Kirkland, III 310 Mt Veron, NY Industrial Technology (Elec- tronics) Gary D Lee 709 73rd Street Newport News, VA Industrial Technology (Elec- tronics) Jerome E, Lee 69 Peters Avenue Hempstead, NY 11550 Professional biology Sherry L Lester Route 2, Box 344 Roxboro, NC 27573 Industrial Engineering Earl M Lett 39 W Goodale Battle Creek, MI Occupational Safety Health Glenn Lewis 493 Champlain Avenue West Hempstead, NY 11552 Marketing Tomie Lewis, Jr 71 Bailey Avenue N Bay Shore, NY 11706 B A Management Frederick Livingston 746 Goodyear Drive Spring Lake, NC 28390 Business Administration Sammy Livingston Route 2, Box 412 Georgetown, SC Industrial Technology (Manufacturing) Kenneth E Lowe Box 289-B Rt I Enfield, NC 27823 Political Science Deborah B Lucas 5208 Clay Street, N,E Washington, DC Electrical Engineering Miller Lucky, Jr 625 Grant Avenue Plainfield, NJ Professional Theatre Janese Lynch Route 2, Box 195 B Enfield, NC 27823 Nursing Sybil I. Lynch 348 E 27th Street Paterson, NJ 07514 Speech Communication Emmy Lyons Battleboro, NC Electrical Engineering Michael D Mauney 437 Rte 3 Kings Mtn. 28086 Computer Science Gloria A McAllister Durham, NC Child Development Pamelia J, McAdoo U-G Huntley Ct Greensboro, NC 27406 Early Childhood Education Princess A, McCaleb Baton Rouge, LA Professional Mathematics Christopher R McCauIey 517 Hillsborough Street Chapel Hill, NC Professional English Jean McCombs 315 Eden Avenue Lumberton, NC LaSondra McGee 1633 North Trade Street Winston-Salem, NC 27105 Social Work Stella McGhee Rt I Box I72-AI Semora, NC 27343 Nursing Willie F, Mcintosh Rt 12, Box 225 Morganton, NC 28655 Electrical Engineering Vanessa McKenzie 51 Pleasant Way Montclair, NJ 07042 Dietetics Gregory E McKnight 1015 Penrose Lane Charlotte, NC 28210 Clothing Textiles Marilyn McLaunn 720 Dwain Drive FayeHeville, NC 28305 B A Management Derek K McLendon 2503 Ponderosa Drive Greensboro, NC Speech Theatre June McNeil 1926 Riverside Drive A I Trenton, NJ 08618 Electrical Engineering Thomas R Melton 1505 Avalon Road Greensboro, NC 27401 Industrial Art Ed Rebecca Merrill Route 1, Box 465 Pelham, NC 27311 Professional English Secon- dary Ed John Miles 410 Denton Street Durham, NC 27713 Food Science Thomasina Mills Rt 4, Box 22 Littleton, NC 27850 B A Shane Mock 3014 Bon Air Avenue Winston-Salem, NC 27501 Landscape Architecture Tern M Modica P O Box 603 Robersonville, NC 27871 B A Marketing Habib Mohammad Bello Badir, PO Box 61 Azare State, Nigeria Agricultural Education Charlie G Moore Route 1, Box 720 Plymouth, NC 27962 Computer Science Jerome Moore Rte 1, Box 65 Whitaker, NC Art Design Mary L, Moore Rt 1, Box 257 Blounts Creek, NC 27814 Economics Stanley C Moore 731 Goodyear Drive Spring Lake, NC 28390 Industrial Technology Con- struction Jerome N Nchikwo Anambra State, Nigeria Industrial Ed Technology Daniel Neal 1001 Bobby Lane Charlotte, NC 28211 Industrial Tech (Construc- tion) Karen Nelson 103 Swan Creek Road Forf Washington, MD Derrick D Nobles 102 Secrest Street Kinslon, NC 28S0I Accounting Calli M Northern 112 Faulk Street Williamston, NC 27892 Psychology Leon Nowlin 303 McArthur Street Goldsboro, NC 27530 Mechanical Engineering Luke Oguntuase I3I-3809-45lh St S W Calgary, Canada Industrial Engineering Donatus O Okozor State Education Commission Enugu, Nigeria Vocational Industrial Educa- tion Pandora S Oliver 200 Rusty Lane McLeansville, NC 27301 Dietetics Benson Onuoha 911 Circle drive Greensboro, NC 27405 Vocational Industrial Educa- tion Alexander Onyia Anambra State, Nigeria Industrial Education Michael Opata PO. Box 21 Dodowa, Ghana Industrial Technology (Elec- tronics) Maria A Owens 170 Schaefer Street Brooklyn, NY 11207 Accounting Mahnda G Pagett 1511 Bluford Street Greensboro, NC Mechanical Engineering James O ' Hara Parker 214 Allendale Drive Greenville, NC 27834 Transportation Tamara Lynn Parker 102 Madison Street Frederick, MD 21701 Business Administration (Marketing) Wanda C Parnell 625- A S JarroH Street Florence, SC 29501 Mechanical Engineering Gwendolyn Vernessa Payton P O Box 334 Winlerville, NC 28590 Early Childhood (K-4) Ronnie Payfon 304-D Carriage House Apts Enfield, NC 27823 Computer Science Valerie Lea Penny 1601 Hunter Street Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Early Childhood Education Frances Peppers 3811 Barkwood Drive Wmston-Salem, NC 27105 Electrical Engineering Doris Person 301 Collins Dnve Enfield, NC Professional English lames Person Rt 2, Box 245 Franklinton, NC Industrial Engineering Nicole Michelle Peters 1204 Holly Oak Road Odenton, MD 21113 B A Management Burnetta Phlfer 1507 Leroy Avenue Kannapolis, NC, 2 Professional Biology Ll Robert Landers Phillips 970 Cornet Circle Fayetteville, NC Mechanical Engineer Arthur L Phinx, Jr. 2612 Fondly Road Wmston-Salem, NC 27105 Clothing Textile Dwayne L Pinkney 3411 Vineyard Rd 06 Winston-Salem, NC 27103 Professional English (Journalism) Dennis Pinnix Rie 5, Box 265-F Hilldale Street Burlington, NC 27215 Physical Education Mary A. Pitts Route 3, Box 401 Enfield, NC 27823 Early Childhood Education Phillip Antonio Powell 869 Ellison Drive Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Industrial Engineering Rodney Powell Rte 2, Box 127-B Candor, NC 27229 Business Administration Karen Denise Pratt 820 Bowerwood Drive Thomasville, NC 27360 Business Administration Andrea Michelle Price 808 W Church Street Williamston, NC 27892 Industrial Technology Elisha Tobias Price, Jr Rt. 4, Box 385 Eoen, NC 27288 Industrial Technology Douglas E Price 91 Boerum Street Brooklyn, NY 11206 Mechanical Engineering Dwayne Purdie 515 Terry Circle Fayetteville, NC 278304 Business Administration Wayne Purdie Fayetteville, NC Business (Marketing) Paul O Ouinchett, Jr Whitaker, NC Industrial Technology (Elec- tronics) Cassandra W Roman 711 Moore Drive Lexington, NC 27292 Business Administration Anita D Ramseur Rt 8, Box 769 Henderson. NC 27536 Social Work Cynthia P Rankin 2CX)2 Belcrest Drive Greensboro, NC 27406 Business Administration James N Ray Rt 2. Box 3-13 Newton Grove, NC 28366 Industrial Engineering Louie B Reid P O Box 564 Granite Quarry, NC 28072 Industrial Engineer Cressal Richard 3601 Sell wood Road Wmston-Salem, NC 27405 Communication Angela F Richardson 512 Bank Street Mt Pleasant, SC 29464 Child Development Alvin Riddick P.O Box 192 GatesviUe, NC 27938 Industrial Arts Rosalie N Roberts 1 200 Center Church Road Eden, NC 27288 B A Marketing David Robinson 117-36 219th Street Cambria Hgts , NY 11411 Architectural Engineering Norma J Robinson P O Box 747 Ellerbee, NC 28338 Sociology Social Work Natalie Rogers 120-29E Alcott PI Bronx, NY 10475 Professional Biology JamiUa Ross Box 202 Wagram, NC 28396 Social Work Sociology Teressa L Rush P O Box 269 Norwood, NC 28128 Speech Communication Robyn J Russell 1804 RankinmiU Road Greensboro, NC 27405 Business Administration Monica A Baiters 3 Tyler Road Milford, CT Computer Science Ibi Sampson Jolnkrama River State, Nigeria Industrial Education Kenneth G Sanders Raleigh, NC Industrial Technology (Con- struction) Robin Sanders 1404 Davis Road Greensboro, NC 27401 Accounting Barry H Saunders Rt 1, Box 240 Sanbury, NC 27979 Speech Communication Theatre Arts David W Scott 212 W. 129 Street, Apt 12C New York, NY 10027 Computer Science Evelyn S Scott 1205 Hazelnut Dnve Raleigh, NC Early Childhood Education Karen P Scott 7424 Carroll Avenue Takoma Park, MD 20912 Home Economics Education Wayne Sellers 144 Freeman Avenue East Orange. N] Business Administration Lisa D Setzer 245 North Burgher Avenue Staten Island, NY 10310 B A Marketing Angela Shaw 702 Shambrey Street Fayetteville, NC Nursing Licia Shearer 3637 Alaska Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45229 Mass Communication Robert Shepard Rt Box 26B-C Hampstead, NC 28443 Computer Science Ahcia K Slier 1103 E 11th Street Siler City, NC 27344 Administrative Services Cathy D Siler Route 2, Box 559 Siler City, NC 27344 Early Childhood Education Jeffrey B Simmons 32 N 18th Street East Orange, NJ 07017 Industrial Technology (Mfg ) Veronique Simpson Gastonia, NC 28053 Social Services Dawn Sims 4102 Glendale Road Dale City, VA Speech Pathology Quanda M Singleton 1836 Gola Dnve Fayetteville, NC 28301 Nursing Williams N Sipee St Peters Church Rivers State, Nigeria Vocational Industrial Educa- tion Gail Slade 4105 Hampshire Drive Greensboro, NC 27405 Speech Communications Dennis B Smith 6059 Kennedy Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45213 Industrial Technology Dwight L Smith 207 S Mickley Avenue Bessemer City, NC 28016 Industrial Technology (Elec- tronics) Keith Smith 216 Lance Street Murfreesboro, NC 27855 Professional Theatre Margelyn Smith 403 Penry Road Greensboro, NC Industrial Engineering Melanie Smith 6507 East Ledge Cincinnati, Ohio 45227 Mechanical Engineers Timothy Smith 218 Nicholson Road Wmston-Salem, NC 27107 Industrial Technology (Elec- tronics) Apara Solomon Nigeria Industrial Technology Robin Solomon Durham, NC Computer Science Stephanie R Speas 421-C Montrose Drive Greensboro, NC 27407 John Spicer 3005 Rosedale Ct Baltimore, MD 21216 Computer Science Clyde Springfield, Jr. 2404 Skyland PI, SE Washington. DC 20020 David D Stephens Rt. 1, Box 50 D Wagram, NC 28396 Accounting Blanche M Stevens 308 Oak Street Smithfield. NC 27577 Food Science Evelyn Stewart 37 You St , N E. Washington, DC Industrial Technology (Mfg) S. Bruce Stowers 21 Newell Avenue Trenton, NJ Business Administration James L Stubbs, Jr 950 Clark Street Southern Pines. NC 28387 Mass Communications Thomas Sturdavant 710 Bell Fork Road Jacksonville, NC 28540 Professional Biology Deidre Summey 2934 Bon Air Avenue Winston-Salem, NC 27105 Biology Linwood W Swinson Rt 4, Box 489 Snow Hill, NC 28580 Electrical Engineering Kevin P Taylor 216 Casleton Terr, Largo, MD 20772 Agriculture Business Mar- keting Michael Taylor Apt 5-B Colony Village New Bern, NC 28560 Industrial Engineering Patricia I Taylor 104 Martin Avenue Hempstead. NY 11550 French Penny S Taylor 115 Linda Loop Jacksonville, NC 28540 Mass Communication Darryl A Thomas 1812 Oakwood Avenue Lumberton, NC Health Physical Education Demetria L Thomas 3511 Barnes Avenue 6G Bronx, NY 10467 Professional Biology Barbara Thompson Rt 2, Box 363-A2 Franklinton, NC 27525 Industrial Technology (Mfg.) Lawrence H Thompson, Jr 2930 Sprucewood Drive Durham, NC 27707 Accounting Kim M Tillman 801 Leggett Road Rocky Mount. NC 27801 Economics Stephanie D Tillman 703 Powell Street Winston-Salem, NC 27107 B A Marketing Leonard G Townes 90 Manhattan Avenue White Plains, NY B A Management Vincent E Townsend 6551 Venture Road Fayetteville, NC 28306 Speech Pathology David W Tucker 4620 Shoshonee Trail College Park, GA 30346 Industrial Engineering Mustapha Umar 801 Homeland Avenue Greensboro, NC 27405 Industrial Arts Ed Mohammed Umaru PO Box 61 Azare Bauchi State, Nigeria Vocational Industrial Ed David R Umstead 5808 Craig Road Durham, NC 27712 Industrial Technology Joseph Usani UGEP-Cross River State Nigeria Industrial Education Jamie Valentine 1205 Battle Greenville, NC Accounting Traci B Van-Field 1253 Stokes Street Danville, VA 24541 Industrial Technology Yakubu Wakilbe R.E.B. 1178 Maidugori, Nigeria Industrial Education Darryl D. Walker 706 Sarazen Drive Fayetteville, NC 28303 Accounting Karen R Ward 95 Lantern Lane Rochester. NY 14623 Psychology Maurice A Warren 302 Coventry Rd North West Hempstead, NY 11552 Accounting Terry M Warren 1914 B Evans Drive Greensboro, NC 27401 Child Development Joseph Washington 36 B Lytch Street Laurinburg, NC Art Design Johnie N Watkins 3513 Merrill PI Charlotte, NC 28216 Electrical Engineering Raymond Watkins Rt 1, Box 485 A High Point, NC 27260 Industrial Technology (Mfg.) Michael T. Weaver New Bern, NC Political Science Richard A Wells Rte 3, Box 25 A Mt Olive, NC 20365 Industrial Technology (Mfg ) Tracy B Whitaker 113 South 5th Street Smithfield, NC 27577 Laboratory Animal Science Marcell D. Whitaker Rl 2, Box 85 Battleboro, NC 27809 Dietetics Ellis While 417 George Washington Hwy Chesapeake, VA 23323 Industrial Technology (Automotive) Teresa White 650 Gates Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11221 Computer Science Stephen V Wilder 605 Creekway Drive Winston-Salem, NC 27104 Speech Communication Christopher D, Wilkerson 122 Horton Drive Augusta, GA 30901 Industrial Technology (Elec- tronics) Bertha Williams 732 Luther Dnve Goldsboro, NC 27530 Clothing Textile Darryl K. Williams 2955 Gieenway Avenue Wmston-Salem, NC 27105 Accounting Donna A Williams 841 Cadogan Avenue Orlando, FL 32811 Clothing, Textile Fashion Merchandising JoAnn Williams Rt 4, Box 120 Littleton, NC 27850 Political Science Reginald Williams 5018 Apt 10 Hunt Club Rd Wilmington, NC Industnal Technology (Elec- tronics) Rodney R Williams 600 Harns Street Goldsboro. NC 27530 311 li ill B A Management Wanda G Williams 3404 North Main Street Tarboro, NC 27886 Computer Science Lorene M Williamson Route 7, Box 206 Burlington. NC 27215 Dietetics Vondelia E Willis Lewiston, NC Child Development Tracey Wilson Durham, NC Speech Theatre Arts Belinda L Wimbush 22 College Avenue Annapolis, MD 21401 Christopher M Wood 200 Riverbend Road Ft Washington, MD Accounting Anthony Woodard Rt 1, Box 277 Lucama, NC 27851 Mechanical Engineering Natalie A Woods 1420 Wayside Drive Greensboro, NC 27405 B A Management Stephen Wordu Gov ' t Tech College Box 921 Port Hartcourt, Nigeria Vocational Industrial Educa- tion Sandra B Wright Route 2, Box 197 Enfield, NC 27B23 Fashion Merchandising Daniel Wynne 140 Ron Spring Drive Williamsburg, VA Professional Theatre Ameen M Yaro Nigeria Agricultural Education Lawann A Yakubu PO Box 5214 Kano State Nigeria Vocational Industrial Educa- tion Deborah Yates Rt 1, Box 294- A Whiteville, NC Early Childhood Education Tina Yates 9 Terrace PI Belleville. NI 07109 Clothing, Textile Fashio Merchandising Cynthia Young 2704 Patio PI G tt Greensboro, NC Recreation Administration John Zellars, Ir 171 Meade Avenue Passaic, NJ 07055 Professional Speech i Theater Arts PIX— 1. CINDY JORDAN 2. ROBIN RAMSEY 3. MWUESE MAGEN 312 B " Li n FRYE SWORN IN . , . 4 CONTINUOUS LEADERSHIP OF HIGH QUALITY Veteran North Carolina political leader, Associate Justice Henry E. Frye, first black member elected to the North Carolina State Supreme Court, enjoyed a busy weekend. Frye, who lives in Greensboro and who is a graduate of A T State University, was sworn in as an associate justice for a term of eight years. He polled more than a million votes in last November ' s election to win the posi- tion. He had originally been appointed by North Caroli- na Governor James B Hunt to complete a term of Justice Phil Carlton. Frye was sworn in before a crowd of relatives and friends gathered in the Old Guilford County courthouse. Administering the oath was US District Court Judge Richard C. Erwin. Superior Court Judge W, Douglas Albright presided over the ceremony. Frye, a native of Ellerbe and also a graduate of the Uni- versity of North Carolina Law School, was a major par- ticipant in the inauguration of Jim Martin as the new governor of North Carolina. Frye swore in members of the council of State, including Agriculture Commissioner Jim Graham and Attorney General Lacy Thornburg. Frye is the most successful black politician in the history of the state. He served six terms in the N.C House of re- presentatives and one term in the N.C. Senate. In addi- tion, he chaired the Judiciary Committee in both House and Senate and the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee on Education. He also served on the Adviso- ry Budget Committee. k mm ■ E -? -. 5ii ' i:i ' iK i i ,jj ' S Henry his two sons Henry wife, Skirley 31S ' sesss i sii ' r . mmmamm 19 SPORTS HALL OF FAME 84 i COEFIELD HODGES KNOX ALDON COEFIELD, a uUn of Eiojian, NC, Mnwd ioiir mtUj laMns In iootlwll during Ua cuMt ai AAT. H wai namad captain o( tha 19S8 tMm. a yaai later, ha raUinad that lola and halpad toad tiw Aqgiaa to tha Ontral Inlrooitoqiate Athtotic Cooiaranoa (CIAA) Champioo- ■hip. Coaftold want on to anjor an aquall; mccaaatul caiaar aa an AAT giadoate. Soon ailar Ui giadnatioii, ha waa namad athtotic diiactor for tha City oi Ghvanibcto. Ba bald that poaitico in two y—n and afterward bacama haad iootball coach at Logan High School oi Coaiocvd, NC. Aiter baing naowd Logan ' s athtotic dtractor in 1963, Coafiald baoama haad ioolball coach at Cooooid High School in 196S. Ha bald that poaitian ior ona yaar baiora h- »-t..q haad baakal- ball coach and rh a irm an oi tha dapartmamt oi phyiioal aduoaHco at Barbar-Soolia Collaga, alao 01 Conootd. Coa ald iriu lUll raaidaa in Coooocd ia cunotly iootball and track coach at Waal Charlotte High School in Charlaite, NC. GEOBGE " BIG CHT ' OBEEN atarrwl in baaaball ior ionr ym inm 1937 to 1940, altaniating aa a calchar and aacond h aaa m an, Hia aoooaaa at AAT waa tha aitamalon oi a •landoni piap ca- raar at HawUnt High School ci Warranton, NC, whara ha tolterad in baaaball. t -fc «» ||. ioot- ball and waa captain d tha baaaball laam. Aftar a tool oi duty in tha Unitad Stataa Army, Graan bagan teaching phyaical adncation in tha pnblic ichool ayilam in Nawport Nawa, VA in 1946. Four yoara laiar, ha waa namad adnoatian apacialiat ior tha City at Nawport Nawa. Graan alao waa a CIAA oliicial in iootball, hattatball and track ioi a nnmbai oi yvaia. In 1972, tha Nawport Nawa School Board hooorad Ghaan with a " Gaocga S. Graan Fiald Day " in laoog- nitioa ior hia work with apacial childran. SAMUEL HODGES, IB., «riu livaa in Groaoaboro, NC, mada a aigniiicanl oontribation to tha 1937 aqnad that caplniad tha CIAA niaitatiaa ehampicaahlp. Hodgaa ptoyad two Inipmalia yaais aa a ionrard. Hodgaa haa baan astramaly activa in civic and ocmmuntty organiiatioaia daring much oi hia pmi aa alnn i l caraar, haTing hald mambarahip in tha Boy Soonia oi Amarica, tha YMCA and tha Graanaboco Batardad Citiiana Aaaorlation. Ha waa raoogniaad aa " Sania Citiaan oi tha Month " in 1977. Hodgaa alao haa i cal pnhUnationi to hia cradiL BEV. JESSE lACKSON waa gradnalad irom AAT in 1964. Aa an Aggto iootball pUyar, ha bniU a rapntation aa a atandoot paaaar and mrmar with projoond toadarahip ability. Thaaa atbibotaa gainad ioc him tha ' ■ " ' " ' ' " - and laapact irom hia toaniimtoa and claaamatoa; and, ha waa alactod praaidant o tha Stndant Gorammant Aaaociatiaa. Aiter toaving AAT, ha bacama a ralnad aida ci tha late Dr. Marlto Lntbar King, Ir. in Chicago, IL. Jaokaoo, a ohampinn ioi hnman rlghta, ia tha ionndar oi Oparatioa PUSH (Fa qda Unilad to Sa?a Hnmaniiy) in Chicago. lackacn moat raoantly mada a aariona bid iot tha Damocratto nomlnatiwi in tha Praaidant oi tha Unitod Stalaa and ia a mambar oi tha AAT Board oi Tniitoii Hto anooaai ia onparallad in tha annab of tha hiatory oi AAT. GEOBGE KNOX waa a kay ptoyar on CIAA Champianahip baaaball taama in 1947 and 1948. Hto itolding wizardry and batting ability aamad him ionr oonaac u tiTa Taraity laltan. Ha alao daimad back-to-back cooiaranoa honors. Tha ra d pla n t ci a b a chal o r oi adanoa dagraa to phyaical adncation and hiatory irom AAT to 19S0, Knox aanad aix yaan aa a taachar and ooach to tha Wanao County School Syitom. In 1956, ha waa namad principal at B.A. Clamant High School Ha haa baan principal at Waat Bowan Junior High School sinoa 1969. Knox alao haa baan tha ra cip ian t d tha AAT Diatinguiahad Sarrioa Award. Ha onrrantly raaidaa to Landto, NC. BOBEBT LEE WATKINS had a brilliant iootball. baaaball and boxing. caraar, itarring to thraa apcria ior tha Aggiaa, including Aa a ioolball •landont, Watkina ptoyad sto diiiaranl r " - Ha waa a qnarlarback, punt ratum ■parlaliit, oomarback, saiaty, tight and and datanatva and. In 1946, ha captainad tha Aggiaa aa wall aa niMiminij hoDorabla «i wHrt« AIX-CIAA at daianaiva and. Ha alao captainad tha boxing laam during tha 1946 laaaom. Earliar to hto AAT caraar, to 1941, Watkina won tha middtowa dght diviaion to tha Tri-Slato Na- tional AAU Boxing Toumamant, hald to Graanaboio and indndad North Carolina. South Caroli- na and Virginia. Hto victory to tha tooxnamant »am him a bazth to tha — wwtHwl oi tha na- l toumamanL GREEN JACKSON WATKINS Watkina raaidaa to BlonmiialH, CT and haa hald tha poaiiion oi Diiaolax ci Social Sarvioaa in Bloomiiald ainca 1971. 31« - :: ' . SPORTS HALL OF FAMERS Jo HoweU BaakclbaU Harold Gbean Special HoBone Rom Lm Sow«11 P rk«r i 1981 MwlCode Football Richard " Dickie " Wattmoraland Football Eft ll " Aoe " Haipw Baak«tball Hoziuby Howvll (Coach) Football Special Honone Mn. CathariiM Bonnw 1982 EmMt Canada Bajeball Marvin B. Gra«b«r Ba— ball loa E. Gbier mt»b ill Clifton aNeal Hovrall Football Calvin C. Irvin (Coach).... Baakatball Matlhmr Atkina Shot Football 1983 Comall Gordon Football ChMter Bradley FoolbaU Emaal Buggt Football Waliw Grandy BaMbaU Howard Ron Baieball MatthMT Wingate Jamaa Evans 1971 lamM " Hotm " Lane Football Charlaa U. DeBany Football Earl " Dutch " Clark Football Sam Bruce Football Jim Neely Baakatball J.D. Smith Football Al Attlea BffkiHbtill 1972 C.L. Raiiord Track Thomas Alston Baseball Walter Hamilton BoxinQ lohn Walter Maye, Sr Football Arthur Stalum Football Robert " StonewaU " Jackson .Football 1973 Sherwood " Sukie " Thompeon Football Helbum " Bud " Meadows.... Baseball Joseph " Big Joe " Williams...FootbaU William " Cutter " Gould. Football 1974 James " Blue " Earley Football J. Niel " Mez " Armstrong ....Baseball Robert " Bob " Komegay Football 1975 Rmiwitmi l 3. Jng " Douglass Football Harold " Pete " JeweU Football Wm. M. " Big Bill " BeU (Coach) Football Walter " Ivory Joe " Hunler...FootbaU William " Red " Jackson Football 1976 Julius M utin Tennis Thomas E. " Pecky " Conway Basketball Bert C. Piggott (Coach) FootbaU Edward Martin Baseball 1978 Roy " Rocky " Wright Boxing Bill " The Toe " Blakely FootbaU Rev. Joseph O. Foster Football Ralph " Botch " Wooden ...Basketball Roy " Sneaky Pete " Gearring Football Hubert ' " Smoking " Simmons V ' ttN II Jack ' The Flash " Gibson Football 1980 Elvin Bethea Football Tommy Day Football Mel Phillips FootbaU John Dillard FootbaU Joe Cotton. BasketbaU C.C. Griffin FootbaU Allen Lynch Wfft ,ll 317 (K«T?si!?rarjiw«=«Eaaa!B!saaB9»i=5«Kffi»ij ' Ba f. ' 5 4 B? - ■;ja«sSiSi;i viv. ai ' I i assssEi j-rjfx: ■ THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES [ Carson Bain Elizabeth W. Cone Thomas J. Elijah Don Lowe Jesse Jackson James C. Johnson Robert A. Kraay Paul Locklear McArthur Newell, (Chairman) James France William C. Parker Elizabeth Randolph James D. Rash Otis E. Tillman Greensboro, North Carolina Greensboro, North Carolina Winsto-Salem, North Carolina Greensboro, North Carolina Washington, D.C. Greensboro, North Carolina New York, New York Pembroke, North Carolina Greensboro, North Carolina Greensboro, North Carolina Greensboro, North Carolina Charlotte, North Carolina Charlotte, North Carolina High Point, North Carolina imi mifmmmmmmimmmmmmm INDEX A T CHAPTER OF RHO EPSILON, 258 A T REGISTER, 294,295 ACTIVITIES, 9,156,78 ADMINISTRATION, 113-121 AGGIE FEST, ' 84 4,5 AGGIE TOASTMASTER, 241 AGGIES IN ACTION, 150 AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION, 241 AGRICULTURAL ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION, 242 AIR FORCE ROTC STAFF, 122-123 ALUMNI AFFAIRS, 313-317 ALMA MATER, 245 ALOBEAEM SOCIETY, 264 ALPHA DELTA MU, 240 ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY, INC , 260,261 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA, 240 ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY, INC. 262,263 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS, 243 ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING SOCIETY, 259 ARMY ROTC STAFF, 124,125 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY, 265 ARTS SCIENCES SCHOOL OF, 20,21 ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD ED INTERNATIONAL, 243 AYANTEE YEARBOOK STAFF, 300,301 BAND SYMPHONY, 257 BAND UNIVERSITY, 177 BARBEE HALL, 143 BARBER BEAUTY SHOP, 212 BASKETBALL, 216,221 BETA ALPHA PSI, 266 BETA GAMMA SIGMA NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY, 244 BLACK COLLEGE DAY, 12,13 BLACK HISTORY MONTH OBSERVANCE, 234,235 BLUFORD LIBRARY, 203 BOOKSTORE, 209 BOWLING MEN, 226,227 BUCK, ROLAND E., 01 BUILDING CONSTRUCTION, 152 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, 267 BUSINESS ECONOMICS SCHOOL OF, 22,23 CAMPUS BARBER BEAUTY SHOP, 212 CANTEEN, 208 CHEERLEADERS, 186,187 CHANCELLOR FORT, 1 1 CHANCELLOR ' S LETTER, 10 CHANCELLOR ' S LONG RANGE GOALS, 116 CHARLOTTE CLUB, 245 CHI ETA PHI, 244 CHOIR UNIVERSITY, 236,237 CLASS QUEENS, 162 COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT, 36-40 COMMUTER LIFE, 142 CONSTRUCTION SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING, 152 CONTENTS TABLE OF, 14,15 CONVOCATION FALL, 155 CORONATION INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS, 182,183 CORONATION OF MISS A T, 160-165 COUNSELING CENTER, 214 COUNSELORS RESIDENCE HALL, 204,205 COURT OF MISS A T, 163 DATA PROCESSING MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION, 246 DEDICATION, 16 DEHUGHLEY, 201 DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC., 268,269 DIGIT CIRCLE, 246 DIRECTORY SENIOR, 307-312 DURHAM AGGIE CLUB, 247 EDGECOMBE AGGIE CLUB, 247 II INDEX II -H i EDUCATION SCHOOL OF, 24 EDUCATIONAL CULTURAL EVENTS, 232 ELECTIONS COMMITTEE, 248 ENGINEERING SCHOOL OF, 26 ESCORTS QUEENS, 166-176 ETA KAPPA MU ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING HONOR SOCIETY, 248 EXTRA-CLASS ACTIVITIES CONTINUE, 228-231 FACULTY, 16,17 FAMILIAR JUNIOR FACES, 75 FASHION SHOW, 158,159 FORT, EDWARD B., 01,11 FOOD SCIENCE CLUB, 249 FOOD SERVICES, 202 FOOTBALL, 190-197 FRESHMEN CLASS, 41,43,46-53 FRESHMEN CLASS QUEEN, 42 FRIENDLY FACES ON CAMPUS, 302,303 FUTURE AGGIES, 138 GAMMA PHI DELTA, 270,271 GARDEN STATE EXPERIENCE, 249 GRADUATE SCHOOL, 28,29 GROOVE PHI GROOVE, 250 HALL OF FAME, 316,317 HERITAGE CENTER, 213 HISTORY MAGAZINE, 251 HOMECOMING GAME, 188,189 HOMECOMING PARADE, 184,185 HOMECOMING SHOW, 178,179 INFIRMARY, 211 IN RECOGNITION OF, 114,115,148 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION, 182,183, , 271 INTRAMURAL SPORTS, 224,225 INSTITUTE FOR ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC EN- GINEERS, 272,273 JESSE JACKSON, 02 JESSE E MARSHALL RETIREMENT OF, 01,1 JUNIOR CLASS, 66,68-74 JUNIOR CLASS QUEEN, 67 KAPPA ALPHA PSL MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR TRIBUTE, 238 MCINTYRE, CHARLES, 01 MEN ' S BOWLING TEAM, 226,227 MEMORIAL UNION, HIGHLIGHTS ON BOWLING, 222 MEMORIAL UNION STAFF, 206,207 MR AGGIE, 157 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF INDUSTRIAL TECH- NOLOGY, 251 N C A T STATE UNIVERSITY COUNCIL OF PRESIDENTS, 252 N C. FELLOWS, 278 NEW ENGLAND AGGIE CLUB, 292 NEW YORK UNLIMITED, 276,277 NIGERIAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION, 252 ORGANIZATIONAL UNFOLDMENT, PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL, 279 PERSHING RIFLES, 280 PHI ALPHA THETA INTERNATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY, 253 PHI BETA SIGMA, 284,285 PHILLY ' S FINEST, 288 PHYSICAL PLANT, 201 PI MU EPSILON, 253 POST OFFICE, 210 POLITICAL SCIENCE SOCIETY, 282,283 PRE-GAME ACTIVITIES (HOMECOMING), 185 QUEENS ESCORTS, 166,176 QUEEN FRESHMEN CLASS, 42 QUEEN JUNIOR CLASS, 67 QUEEN SENIOR CLASS, 77 QUEEN SOPHOMORE CLASS, 42 MM K! £TWs: s V ' ' tkj:k: r2 u INDEX RESIDENCE HALL COUNSELORS, 204,205 RECOGNITION, 114,115,148 SCHOOLS, 18-31 SCOTT HALL NIGHT VIEW, 153 SECRETARIES, 32-35 SENIOR CLASS, 76,78-104 SENIOR CLASS QUEEN, 77 SIGMA GAMMA RHO, 286 SISTERS OF THE BROTHERS IN CHRIST, 254 SMITH, ALBERT, 01 SOCIETY OF MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING, 254 SOCIETY OF PHYSIC STUDENTS, 255 SOCIETY OF WOMEN ENGINEERS, 287 SOPHOMORE CLASS, 54,56-65 SOPHOMORE CLASS QUEEN, 55 SOUTH CAROLINA AGGIE CLUB, 255 SPORTS, 215 SPORTS HALL OF FAME, 316,317 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION, 296-299 STUDENT ALUMNI COUNCIL, 30 SGA BANQUET ' 84, 4,5 SGA HOMECOMING RECEPTION, 180,181 STUDENTS THEIR ACTIVITIES, 126-151 STUDENTS SPACE SHUTTLE, 256 STUDENT UNION ADVISORY BOARD, 293 SUMMER SCHOOL, 6,7 SUPPORTIVE SERVIES, 198-214 SYMPHONY BAND, 257 TAU ALPHA TAU ENGINEERING HONOR SOCIETY, 256 TELOCA, 257 THE TOTAL INDIVIDUAL, 36-39 UNITED CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP, 289 UNIVERSITY BAND, 177 UNIVERSITY CONCERT CHOIR, 236,237 UNIVERSITY LAUNDRY, 200 UNIVERSITY OFFICIALS, 01 UNIVERSITY POLICE, 199 VICE CHANCELLORS, 01 WOMEN ' S COUNCIL, 290 WOMEN ' S VOLLEY BALL TEAM, 223 WHO ' S WHO AMONG COLLEGES UNIVERSITIES, 105-112 YOUNG, ANDREW, 151 YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS, 281 ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY, INC , 291 323 1 h r- «■ ' ■■H 4 mm ¥ RAIN jsuanf fo i iFH " ' ff about ® ' - " y . V expe,, wam BOWS of I .V z! J vf co lui vO ' o co ® ' outage dreams ; ,,.e J PROSPERITY

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