Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC)

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Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Cover

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v V NXx •J- ' j7:ilim ' ' g ' flTF UNIV ! tnOARV JliilllllliUilliiiillilliiiiiilliinilHitli ' " ' ! 3 0343 0315069 VOICES Pages 1 Dorothy Bailey Abdulla Hagey Edward B Fort 3 Roger McKee 4-5 Stroma Hill 6-7 8-27 Bobby Hopkins 28-29 Frank White 30-3 1 Miss A T 32-63 Lois Kinney 66-185 Sullivan Welborne 186-203 lesse E. Marshall 204-208 Nathan Simms 209-287 Sampson Buie 288-295 Lucille Piggott 296-309 Stephanie Debnam 310-323 STROZA 324- 28 ■.IJlKl l i ilB o ? »S C-- .C o d ? . pf- . ' - .. NOGU ? BAIV H ' ivykvijiiiv SANDKA MAKII NAI ' PIK, JUNIOR MARTINSVILLI, VA lARlY CHILDHOOD IDUCATION MARk AIDIN lOHNSON, SENIOR lAURINBURC, NC ARCHITIC TURAL ENCINfERINC ELIJAH STEWART, )UNI()R WINSTON-SALEM, NC ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING NORTH CAROLINA AGRICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL STATE UNIVERSITY GREENSBORO 27411 (019) 370-7040 EDWARD B. FORT Greetings : As Chancellor of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, I want to personally salute you on the occasion of the pub- lication of your annual edition of the " AYANTEE. " This outstanding pictorial and narrative review of the University ' s accomplishments for the past twelve months represents, for all of us, the continuation of a unique history in the life of a unique historically black university. For a year now, I have served as the leader of this great institution. It has been a time period filled with excitement, challenge, and the con- tinuing specter of developing those programs and procedures necessary as designed to insure the accommodation of this great University ' s mission. And this mission, in the final analysis, is what we are all about. Given the reality that the primary mission of this University is that of preparing its students for the advent of a career choice which will enable them to pursue a life of usefulness and productivity in this society of urban and rural heterogeneity - it will continue to be my responsibility, as Chancellor, to cast aside any and all barriers which would obstruct the path in front of us as we move toward the ongoing pursuit of academic excellence on this campus. You, in your own inimitable style, have done much to perpetuate the grandness of the " Aggie Spirit. " You have served as a bulwark of support for this institution which, within the decade, will celebrate 100 years of efficiency. It is my fervent hope that through the continued publication of " AYANTEE, " all of us shall be the beneficiaries. Sincerely your Edward B. Fo Chancel lor An Equal Op ' poTtumty Aftirmdtn.e Action Employer A Constituent nstitution 0 THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA PROGRESS THE A T D E D I C A T E D T O Before we take up the more technical side of our work, we would have you for a moment reflect upon campus situations and campus ideologies from the angles of dedicated and Dedication. An outstanding American Family came to A T one year ago-Dr Edward Bernard Fort, (dedicated to a cause) -The First Lady, Mrs, Lessie Covington Fort, (standing behind him) -Clark Fort the oldest son, and Leslie Fort, daughter -(clothed in dignity and worthy of affection). WE WELCOMED THE FORT FAMILY. As time progressed, Dr Fort coordinated and integrated a Fourteen-Point Program: CHANCELLOR ' S FOURTEEN-POINT PROGRAM 1 Maintaining the integnty of a predominantly Black institution 2 Restoration of the University ' s fiscal integrity through appropriate fiscal accountability procedures 3 Building an effective management team -1 Defining Nursing School options 5 Accommodation of growth in Schools of Engineering and Business and Economics and Division of Industrial Technology while maintaining integnty and growth potential of other Schools, including Arts and Sciences and Education 6. Full blown development of new programs in School of Agriculture 7. Revitalization of recruitment and retention strategies 8. Careful husbandry of resources and planning so as to insure success for new programs authorized for planning by General Administration 9 Careful examination of our Graduate Program potential, and a review of prospects potential for doctoral planning Increase emphasis upon the need for careful balance between continued development of needed remediation programs and the preservation of academic standards Campus beautification Compliance with Consent Decree Library facilities enhancement New program development strengthening via Title III funding Recognizing the necessity for appropriate development of other programs -School Deans, Department Heads, and Students were called together to share ideas. The continuity of Aggie efforts reached new levels of constructive usefulness. As the process of unfoldment continued. Chancellor Fort ' s Fourteen-Point Program throughout the year, made headway most rapidly and proved to be the centers of excellence Suffice It to say. Dr. Fort, you are a born leader. Your first year has been a brilliant demonstration of the applicability of North Carolina Agricultural And Technical State University and its goals- without a distinction between them. The University ' s growth and development, under your competent administration, is being re- corded as a significant contribution toward Higher Education It is our sincere hope that you will continue to accept the CHARGE seriously, for in our ludgment the impor- tant activities for the long-time well-being of this great University must not end. TO YOU CHANCELLOR FORT AND YOUR FAMILY, WE DEDICATE THE 1982-83 AYANTEE WITH SINCERE APPRECIATION AND WITH PROFOUND PRIDE. CHANCELLOR FORT AND FAMILY ; Sealed .... Mrs. lessie Covington Fort— Standing . . . L to R: Clark Fort, son— Leslie Fort, daughter— and chancellor Edward B. Fort. wm ' mjf L wnrni irp .!. Pj r i m DR. NATHAN SIMMS, JR. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Mrs. Annie Foster Secretary Mrs. Barbara hlunter Secretary DR. ). E. MARSHALL VICE CHANCELLOR FOR STUDENT AFFAIRS Ms. Carolyn Crosson Secretary Ms. Henriella Largent Secretary Cathy lones Secretary Marguerite Williams Secretary ■■ ' j s ' ' v f?! - ' -::-z m ' J Dr. Albert E. Smith Vice Chancellor for Development and University Relations Mrs. Shirley Frye Assistant Vice Chancellor for Development and University Relations Mrs. Shiriey Turner Secretary Dr. Dorothy Alston Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Administrative AHairs Mr. Lee D. Andrews Affirmalive Action Officer Dr. Rudolph Artis Director of Registration and Records Dr. Jewel H. Stewart Director oi Institutional Research Mr. Joseph Wriliams Director of Alumni Affairs " ■■ ' 4 ,f-A - Dr. Willie T. Ellis Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dr. Ronald Smith Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs Mr. Robert Kelly Director of Accounting Mr. lonah Smith Bursar Mr. Claybon Harris Director of Auxiliary Mrs. Paula leffries Budget Officer ' j Mrs. Doris Canada Business Manager Mrs. Maxine Davis Director of Purchasing Ms. Alberta Dalton Director of Student Financial Aid Mr. Orby Moss Director of Athletics Dr. Richard Moore Director of Information Services Mr. lohn Steele Director of Contracts And Grants Dr. ludge Kornegay Director of Housing Operations : jf fc • 5 - 1 y- :i ■i H jSr " ' H x_ 1 ■.„ . JL. m Dr. Sullivan Welborne, )r. Dean of Students for Services Dr. Lucille Piggott Dean of Students for Student Life ' : ' ::: m Dr. Robert WiUon Director of Counseling Services Mr. Leon Warren Director of Career Planning and Placement Rev. Ralph Ross Director of Religious Activities Mrs. Norma Pennix Director of Veterans Affairs Miss Marilynn Burnelte Director of International Student Affairs Mr. Charlie Williams Director of Special Services Mr. Roger McKee Director of Memorial Union Mr. Ralph Brown Director of Intramural Sports IN RECOGNITION OF Mrs. Virginia McKee Assistant to the Chancellor ■ ' •■ ■ -Vil-w fv - ' -- ■ ■ ■■■ ■ ' -SSf --. y r. A ;- -iiS " ■--i? M DR. BURLEIGH C. WEBB Dr. Harold Mazyck Chairperson, Home Economics Department Dr. Samuel Dunn Chairperson, Plant Science Dr. Daniel Godfrey Director of Agricultural Extension Service Dr. A. P. Bell Chairperson, Depl. of Agricultural Extension Ed. The Department of Agricultural and Extension Education prepares students for positions in educational fields in agri- culture and related areas including schools and colleges, ag- ricultural extension, business, trade and professional associ- ations, and government agencies. The Department administers a program approved by the State Department of Public Instruction for the preparation of teachers of agri- culture in the public school systems. The program includes courses in general education, professional education, and technical education. The program for Agricultural Education maprs leads to the bachelor of science degree In Agricultural Education. The department also offers the master of science degree in Agricultural Education. A G R I C U L T U R E Dr. Sidney Evans Chairperson of Agricultural Economics Rural Sociology iiiiiiiii rJ " f DR. WILLIAM DELAUDER DEAN— SCHOOL OF ARTS SCIENCES ,«eJ..v ,S DR. EMORY SADLER Chairperson, Psychology Departmenl X ' ■ . ' " •a ' %i V ' ' MR. LEROY HOLMES Art Curator DR. WALTER WRIGHT Chairperson, Chemislry Department DR. HtUN LEBIANC Chairperson, Foreign Language Department DR. CLIFFORD WATKINS Chairperson, Music Department SCHOOL OF ARTS Dr. Mary Tuggle, Chairperson Speech Communication Theatre Arts Dr. Bertha Miller Chairperson, History Department Dr. H. D. Flowers, II Director, Paul Robeson Little Theatre Dr. Wendell P. Jones Chairperson, Mathematics Department Dr. Amarjit Singh Chairperson, Political Science Department r Dr. Sarah Kirk Chairperson, Sociology Social Service Dr. Arthur Hicks Chairperson, Biology Department Dr. lason Gilchrist Chairperson, Physics Department AND SCIENCES s c H O O L O F B U S DR. QUIESTER C RAIG, DEAN SCHOOL OE BUSINESS ECONOMICS Mfl DR. GEORGIA BOWSER Chairperson, Business Administration N E S S A N D ECONOMICS DR. BASIL COLEY Chairperson of Department of Economics DR. MEADA GIBBS Chairperson, Department of Bus. Ed. Admin. Services DR. DANNY POGUE Assistant Dean — School of Bus. Economics s c H O O L OF E D U c A T I O N DR. S. lOSEPH SHAW DEAN— SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Dr. Marion Blair Special Assistant to (he Dean Dr. Wyalt Kirk Chairperson, Depl. of Ed. Psv. Guidance Dr. Marian Vick Chairperson, Dept. of Elem. Ed. and Reading Mr. Calvin Irvin Chairperson, Dept. of Health, Phy. Ed. Recreation DR. CHARLES W. PINCkNEY Director, Div. of Ind. Ed. Technology DR. ARLINGTON CHISMAN Chairperson, Depl. of Ind. Technology DR. HENRY CAMERON Chairperson, Dept. of Adm., Sup., Secondary Education DR. TOMMIE YOUNG Chairperson, Depl. of Media Education P ». % X £ DR. ISAAC BARNETT Chairperson, Depl. of Safety Driver Education DR. DOROTHY P. BARNETT Chairperson, Dept. of Secondary Ed. Curriculum m Dr. William Craft Assistant Dean, School of Engineering N E E R I N G Dr. Tony Min, Chairperson Department of Mechanical Engineering The School of Engineering otters a program of ad- vanced study leading to the Master of Science In Engi- neenng (M.S.E.). The central emphasis of the program IS interdisciplinary-breaking with the traditional departmentalized specialization Formal instruction is offered in several areas of engi- neering such as analog and digital systems, engineering mechanics, industrial operations, mechanical and electncal systems and structural engineering. Dr. William SIreat, Chairperson Department of Architectural Engineering 25 SCHOOL OF NURSING Mrs. Marietta Raines Acting Dean, School of Nursing Miss Carrie Walden School of Nursing Mrs. Helen McCullough School of Nursing Cheryl, it ' s only a Quiz! You don ' t understand Sir! Obviously the achievement of curricular goals will vai with each student individually- Some Students of high intelli- gence and good socio-economic background may assimilate a great deal. Others, less favorably endowed, will assimilate little Development of each student to his her greatest ca- pacity: This is the cnterion by which the University will be judged ; « :i -r»; -?.»-j;?a ' a --;?»» .;. l-... i»jiiiiiiwi ww— m FALL SEMESTER CONVOCATION " Let us not rest on this one moment of accomplished task, but let us continue to overpower the wrecking of ide- i alism and the inculcation of wrong human relations, " ' iU 4 ' mm N C N The CrownifiR of MISS " A T " 1982-83 The grealest impact of " Rare Essence — In Aggieland " will be on the family who work in offices, from the Chancellor down through the ranks of administrators, in- structors, professionals and clericals to the newest trainee in the Physical Plant. " Rare Essence — In Aggieland " in the future will lead lo behavioral changes, changes in the way people work and the way in which this University is organized and managed. We the students of this great University and community alike, have an unprecedented opportunity to participate in the revitaliza- tion of " Rare Essence — In Aggieland, " in shaping a campus that will provide a meaningful quality of life for us, for our children and their children ' s children. Miss " A T " l Hl-tii says it best and calls " Rare Essence— In Aggieland, " Fducdtion in the New Age. mmmam Monsieur and Madamoiselle of the Coronation (1) Football— Fifteen Hours Until We Get To Aggie Field (2) Pamela Robinson Robert Strickland (3) Bobby hlopkins — Special selection lo queen student body (4) Wally Bell sings " Aggie Football " Song (5) Marilyn Linney Sing " Friends in Love " (6) Miss " A T " Words of Appreciation (7) £ r- r-;i3» -- ' ' -f H ■ ' r- ' ' »1?W»- W ' ' ' i l ' »i. llWMilW— W— ■ 33 ■.-;.y- «J5»iJW ' " ;— ■ ' " V-v-iv«-.t, IBS PRESIDENT ' S RECEPTION INTRODUCTION OF MADEMOISELLES AND MESSIEURS Miss A T Photography Society Michelle Harrison Escort: Antonio Pettit Miss Agronomy Club Sonia Russ Escort: Richie Collins Miss Alex Haley Hall Karen Nelson Escort: Randy Harris Miss Aggie Pep Club Ingrid |. Harrell Escort: Lawrence Lawson Miss Air Force ROTC Brenda Cunningham Escort: Virgil Powell Miss Alobeaem Society Letitia Cunningham Escort: Theodore Younger MADEMOISELLES AND MESSIEURS «!■ ' ■ H« ' J Miss Alpha Chi Katrina Williams Escort: Slan Matthew Miss Alpha Kappa Mu Marsha Brooks Escort: Michael Jones Miss Alpha Phi Alpha June Jones Escort: Bowen Maxfield Miss Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Deborah Roberson Escort: Eric Archey Miss Alpha Lambda Delta Sherry L. Lester Escort: Fernandez Johnson Miss Alpha Phi Omega Louvern Johnson Escort: Orlando Sutton MADEMOISELLES AND MESSIEURS Miss American Society of Mechanical Engineers Marlhea Roundtree Escort: )ake |ordan Miss Army ROTC Vallerie Pringle Escort: lames Weaver Miss Business Administration Glenda Hill Escort: Raymond Smith Miss Architectural Engineering Angela Woodard Escort: James Per son Miss Biology Club Jacqueline McDonald Escort: Raymond Brown Miss Campus Police Rinita Pittman Escort: Dexter Hill MADEMOISELLES AND MESSIEURS Miss Charlotte Club Annette Howze Escort: Marvin Grier Miss Commuting Students Sherri Penn Escort: Jonathan Rogers Mr. Curtis Hall Oclavius Murphy Escort; Stephanie Edwards Miss Chi tia Phi Sorority Claudia Hughes Escort: Leiand M. McLaughlin Miss Cooper Hall Barbara Leak Escort: Warren Dorset! Miss Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Deborah Lucas Escort: Greg Dillard MADEMOISELLES AND MESSIEURS Miss Digit Circle Miss Drill Team Miss Durham Aggie Club Kim Smilherman Teresa A. Rice Tracy L. Wilson Escort: Gary Campbell Escort: Fergus Forbes Escort: Douglas Smith Miss Economics Miss Esquire Miss French Club Wanda Beatly Lorna Savage Patricia Taylor Escort: Roland Kinard Escort: Kenneth A. Morris Escort: Richard Taylor MADEMOISELLES AND MESSIEURS Miss Food Science Betsy Bishop Escort: Willie Grant Miss Gamma PHi Delta Sorority Sonya Eller Escort: Angelo McArthur Miss Georgia Connection |udy Curtis Escort: Ronnie M. Carpenter Miss Goldsboro Aggie Club Pamela Body Escort: Timothy Bryant Miss Gospel Choir Lydia Leak Escort: Allen Bagby Miss Graduate Chemistry Club Margaret Woodson Escort: Jerry Winfield MADEMOISELLES AND MESSIEURS Miss Graduate School Robin Willlanis Escort: John Rhodes Miss Holland Hall Veronica Noble Escort: Michael Horton Miss Home Economics Paula Fox Escort: Harold Haynie, t. Miss Groove Phi Groove Shelia Harvey Escort: Ronald Woods Miss Holt Kent Halls Phyllis Shaw Escort: )ames Tharrington Miss Industrial Arts Marcia L. Owens Escort: Marlon Harrington MADEMOISELLES AND MESSIEURS f Miss Institute of Electrical Electronic Engineering June McNeil Escort: Gerald Lewis Miss International Student Association Anne O. Martin Escort: Dayo Ekundayo Miss Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Vida Gersi Escort: Anthony Jackson Miss Institute of Industrial Engineering Valencia L. Floyd Escort: Everett Williams Miss lota Phi Thela Fraternity Patricia Ftunter Escort: Bruce Corneleus Miss Kappa Omicron Phi Shirley Smith Escort: Glen Hendricks MADEMOISELLES AND MESSIEURS Miss landscape Architect Christie Johnson Escort: Bill Benjamin Miss Metropolitan Area Association Shari Muldrow Escort: Eric Long Miss Morrison Hall Rochelte Moore Escort: Rudy Moore Miss Men ' s Council Vatarie Barnes Escort: )ohnnie Watkins Miss Michigan Renaissance Lynn |ones Escort: Claude Smith Miss Morr(»w Hall Carol Samuels Escort: Kelvin Thompson MADEMOISELLES AND MESSIEURS MISS NAACP Miss New Jersey Club Miss North Carolina A T laycees Robin Whitsett Karen Anderson Harriett D. Hagius Escort: Barry Saunders Escort: Al Jones Escort: Alvin Corbett Miss National Association oi Industrial Technology Ellen Spruill Escort: Wendall Matthews Miss North Hampton Halifax Aggie Club Cindy Vincent Escort: Gregory Taylor Miss North Carolina Fellows Cynthia Heath Escort: Timothy Drew MADEMOISELLES AND MESSIEURS Miss Omega Pst Phi Fraternity Tonya L. Grace Escort: Virgil Davis Miss Pan-Hellenic Council Joy Ballentine Escort: Victor Walls Miss Pershing Rifles Adrienne A. Burch Escort: Bobby Harris Miss Organizalion ot Mass Communication Natalie Dunn Escort: Roy Hicks Miss Pershing Angels Belinda Lewis Escort: Randall Malachi Miss Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Darlene larvis Escort: Micheal ChaHes MADEMOISELLES AND MESSIEURS Miss Phi Epsilon Karen Douglas Escort: Dewayne Myers Miss Political Science Pamela S. Dudley Escort: Terrence Anderson Miss Richard 6. Harrison Players Jannie M. Jones Escort: Gregory Hall Miss Phi Mu Alpha Miss Port City Aggie Club Miss Scott A Gloria Butler Pamela Robinson Tracy Dobbins Escort: Kenneth Brown Escort: Robert Strickland, III Escort: James Eranee MADEMOISELLES AND MESSIEURS Miss ScotI B Evelyn Martin Escorl; William Ellis Miss Shelby Aggie Club Karia Haynes Escort: Jewel Hamrick Miss Sigma Gamma Rho Mary Ann Burry Escort: Thomas Johnson Miss ScoK C Shanda Chance Escort: lynberg Williams Miss Sisters of the Brothers In Christ Taunya McCarty Escort: Alvenon Walker Miss Social Work Brenda Holmes Escort: Tony Glover MADEMOISELLES AND MESSIEURS Miss Society of Manufacluring Engineers Dianne Monroe Escort: Randolph Keaton Miss Society oi Women Engineers Saundra Gamer Escort: Stanley Coleman Miss Speech Pathology Ramona lames Escort: Benny Parker Miss Society of Physics Students Rosanne Alston Escort: Jeffrey Berry Miss South Carolina Aggie Club Sandra McCoy Escort: Walter McLaughlin Miss Student Alumni Council Mona Davis Escort: Herb Davis MADEMOISELLES AND MESSIEURS lOT H FJ %m [» . ' H Bv l l wM M m y ' I RT M ¥ M 1 H 1 1 E [5 5..:; ll 1 H ■ ■■ i ■■ Miss Student Cluster Alethea Baker Escort: Ron Bowden Miss Student National Education Association Addieleen Crocker Escort: Stanley C. Lewis Miss Student Union Advisory Board Anna Lisa Collins Escort: Antonio Anderson Miss Swing Phy Swing Alice Taylor Escort: Reginald Treadwell Miss Tau Gamma Delta Sorority Shirley E. Scott Escort: Dennis Pinkney Miss Teloca Shirley Griffin Escort: Horace Cates MADEMOISELLES AND MESSIEURS Miss Toaslmaslers Angela Biggs Escort: lerome Wiggin Miss Transportation Wanda Ruffin Escort: Jeffrey Moody Miss United Christian Fellowstiip Deborati Jenkins Escort: William Parker H H 1 Miss Vanslory Pamela Fuller Escort: lames Sifford Miss Women ' s Council Rosalind E. Pastell Escort; Lawrence Dowdy Miss Zela Phi Beta Caprice Washington Escort: Leon Nowlin Miss Zoe Barbee Hall Mademoiselle Debbie Shaw Escort; Monsieur Terry Lloyd MISS A «, T AND COURT 52 STUOENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION NORTH CAROLINA AGRICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL STATE UNIVERSITY GREENSBORO 27411 To bt a 2ue-e.n imam to ca io. to dOJiz. Mhe.n ■iomwm ' i hunt and me.di, a ( fLitnd to coAz wfcen iormom ' i, iod and nzeAA a imLie. to coJie. Mkzn iomejono. ' is doMn and nttdi, a tilt to CXIA.Z about youA ichool youA. alma matsA LjoaK d-iut tyifw duetto n to a big, boii boomZng MonJid ExceApt lom poejn MAAXt n by: Viam B uune. VzoA. fzLtoM Agg-iw- Ai Mc64 Nofith CaAotina AgfiyicuItuAol and Te.chnlcai State. UnivoAA y jJoA. tlie. 19S2-S3 ichooZ ytat, I have. zxpeAlznuzd timeA that oAe tnixZy undo Ag enable. I have. AeaZly { ouyid that to be a Queen, you have to be able to caxe Mhen iomeone -Li hiiAt, to gtve that much needed ismiZe when iomeone -ii down, and moit o{, aZZ to caAe about Month CaAotina AST State UniveAJ tty. Becoming MiAi AST Wixi once a imatt dAeam, but tlvii yeaA it tt a AeoLuty. Tiiij AeatUty atioioed me to iee the AOAe e icnce that exAj,t! , meaning the untty that -Li, pne ent in evefiy itAuggie that UoAth CaAotina AST makeyi to Aeach the higheA ptzim. I have tnuly dound the " RoAe Eaence in Aggieland " . To the -itudent body, I want to thank you (Jo-t making tluA dAeam come tAiie. I hope that you have expcAienced the tAue love wliich I have { ound 06 an Aggie ' . To Va. font, Adminti tAato Ai , Faculty and Sta d, and moit o(, att my { amdiy, I want you to atoayi fiemembeA that you have helped me make thid yeoA the gAexvte t oj alt, and I liave tAuly realized that I am Aggie boAn, Aggie bAed, and when I die, I uulZ be an Aggie dead. Much Love to the Aggie Family, Robin Mi,cheIZe VavZi MiM AST 19S2-19 3 ROOM 216 MEMORIAL UNION PHONE 379-7638 A CONSTITUENT INSTITUTION OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA. WILLIAM FRIDAY. PRES 53 IP R A n E 3 i 1 YEAR w mM t .,___ J, vr; ., ' !«i | VW m R: 91 1. MISS DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY 2. )UNE lONES !. MISS A T PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY 4. MISS ALPHA KAPPA MU 5. FUTURE AGGIES h. MISS FRENCH CLUB 7. VOTE PLEASE! 55 •JZ HOMECOMING Evelyn King sings, " I DON ' T KNOW IF ITS RIGHT " " THE FURIOUS ONE " " GET LOOSE, " says Evelyn HOMECOMING 5 W D-TRAIN WAITING FOR THE ••A ' TRAIN " CUTIE PIE " T H E B L U E A N D G O L D M A R C H I N G B A N D TROMBONES — Kneeling: Tammy Page and Leon Novlin Standing L lo R: Charles Winslow, Michael Rock, Van Newkirk, lerome Lee. |ohn Wilson, lames lohnson, Charles Brite and Ivan Hall DRUM SECTION — Front kneeling L (o R: Elbert Greene and Charles Nettles Front Row L (o R: Sheri Kendall, Wayne Sellars, Cla- rence Werl, Norman Hum- phrey, Derico McKeeler, Daryl Hamilton, Claude Cobb, Gregory Johnson, Malhew Shepard and Benne UnSlead Back Row L lo R: Kenneth Brown, Terrance Crump ton, Kevin Chestnut, Antonio Womack, Roderick Sturdivant, Anlh »ny McRae, Larry Wil- ams, Villian Graves and lames Farmer Km TT S Bi ' SJ 9 • ' V ■ . ' ■ .■■ f -« m mm . ■M ■■;r ' « ' WgL ojpi nR4 J@ - ' --. . - f W WK f. if m jA » JBHi ' t- ' - Sn BJP m w m i. ' C r ' i Vi DRUM MAJORS— L to R; Henry Midgett and Raymond Malthis MELODY BELLS— L to R: Jeannette Killet, Covina |eter and kirn Dob- son FLAG GIRLS — Kneeling L to R: Ruby Royster — Captain, Maxine Baldwin, and Vanessa Penny, Captain First Rov L to R: Andrea Somerland, Sharon Grant, Sandra Douglas, Jamie Bates, Pam Swinder and Marilyn McLaurin Second Row L to R: Sandra Haulem, Shelia Queen, Deborah Lu- cas and Annie Fields BARITONE— Kneeling L to R; Vickie Williams and Tim Fisher Back Row L lo R: Robert Moore, Troy Cros- by and Jeffrey Barber SAXOPHONES— First Row L to R: Mark Good, Todd Burke, Omega Cummings, John McPhail and Steven Jones Second Row L to R: Jimmy Wright, Robert Fairley, Willie Walker, Terrell Beny, Rodney Bell, Ron Slallings, Donald George, and Caprice Washington TUBAS— Sealed L to R: Ulysseus Johnson, William Barron, Greg Hillard, Lorenzo and Keyto Brown Standing I to R: Travis Powell and Bobby Young FLUTES— Kneeling: Hugh Lowe Slandrng L to R: Barbara Leak, Virge Thomas, Conslance Blackwell, Princess McCaleb, and Yolanda Bridges MAJO RETTES— L to R; Leartis Martin, Dee Evans, Darlene, Jack- ie Chestnut, Angie Cummings and Andrea Hill CLARINETS— First Row L to R: Rhonda Whittet, Tracie Coleman, Regina Hargrove, Sandra Blackslock Second Row L to R: Gloria Butler, Beverly Burke, Sharon, Lynn, Amelia Jones, and Marvin Ross Left to right — Group, Page M — Gwen Butts, Crystal Casey, Alemia Edwards, Mary Smith Standing — Wendy Peterson, Sherry Golden, Tanya Crawford, Barbara Silver, Beverly Hicks m _ g „ l_ Wt iC N.C. A T ARMY ROTC STAFF I fi 3;(lii;l « Ltc. W. R. Skinner— PMS Major Warren S. Coppedge Major Jesse ). Hinton Major Darryl D. Magee Captain John H. Bullock, |r. Captain Arthur G. Crawford Captain Perry M. Kissan 66 L lo R: Sgt. Major Morgan S.F.C. Murphy S.F.C. Havvley Sgt. Boling Mrs. G. Warren, Secretary Mrs. k. Schoeller, Secretary N.C. A T REGULATION DRILL SQUAD The Drill Squad practice for another first Place Competition. Jk, 1 L Bl ' i H ■Pl l L I P S T K4dfl| HJI fl H v.-. ...fl g p_ jC»J , »f Mg flj WB E H mm H ip A K W P HnE HBH ■HJH nHkV M 1 1 ' -T Tb E Hjr ' jf ' W ' ' . 1 KneelinR I lo R: Yvelle Websler, Teresa A. Rice, Tammie Lamb, leanetha Harrison, Patricia Williams Standing I to R: Fergus Forbes— Commander, Da- vid Rock, Shelby Williams, Sonya Stewart, Renila Burt, Charles Williams and Gregory Taylor 68 RETREAT CEREMONY lames Lawrence marching soldiers from one point to another. Ronald Woods waiting on line, while watching Dr. Fort present SFC Murphy Award — Other awards presented. The general purpose of the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) program at this institution is to procure and produce junior offi- cers, who through education, attitude, and inherent qualities are suitable for continued development as officers in the United States Army. LT. COl. TATE P. WILLIAMS MA|. ALBERT MITCHELL, )R. MAJ. GEORGE M. SLEDGE CPT. JOHN PRITCHETT CPT. DANIEL FADGEN CPT. LARRY D. SPICER MRS. LORETTA W. LEGRAND SECRETARY, AEROSPACE STUDIES i r. X j- Although flying is the primary mission ol the Air Force, it Is not the only job that has to be done In addition to the continuing need for flying personnel, there is always a need for scientific, engineering, and medical specialists (health pro- fessions), as well as management personnel But whatever an fvrp individual ' s speciality, the officer must also be an imaginative leader and a resourceful manager In helping to develop such officers. Air Force ROTC has as its mission to recruit, educate and commission second Lieutenants through a college campus program in response to Air Force requirements. •ffomi wKW m. m K m. N.C. A T STATE UNIVERSITY NMi ifa-. 1982 FOOTBALL SCHEDUL B ■1 r- ■ ■i «- NAME OF OPPONENT DATE PLACE VV-S State - Sept. 11 Away S.C. STATE Sept. 18 Home BETHUNE-COOKMAN Sept 25 Home HAMPTON INSTITUTE Oct. 9 Home DELAWARE STATE Oct. 16 Home HOWARD UNIVERSITY Oct 23 Away r MORGAN STATE 1 1 (HOMECOMING) Oct 30 ■ 1 Home » FLORIDA A M Nov. 6 1, 1 Away h N.C. CENTRAL UNIV. Nov. 13 ■• Away iSH L TENNESSEE STATE Nov. 20 Away TIME 00 P.M. 30 P.M. 30 P M. 30 P.M. 30 P.M 30 P.M. 30 P.M. 30 P.M. 30 P.M. 30 P.M. 74 . : 1 4 . ' : : NORTH CAROLINA A T 1982-83 Basketball Schedule DATE OPPONENT SITE Nov. 30 UNC-Wilmlngton Wilmington, NC Dec. 3 N.C. State Raleigh, NC Dec. 6 Miss. Valley St. Greensboro, NC Dec. 10-11 Aggie Classic Greensboro, NC (N.C, Central, Livingstone, Elizabeth City) Dec 17 Alabama State Montgomery, AL Dec 18 Jackson State Jackson, MISS. Ian. 8 Howard University Greensboro, NC )an. 10 Delaware State Greensboro, NC Ian 12 Tennessee State Nashville, TN Jan. 15 Bethune-Cookman Daytona Beach, FL Jan. 17 Florida A M Tallahassee. FL )an. 20 UNC-Wilmington Greensboro, NC Ian. 22 S.C. State Greensboro, NC Ian 26 Winston-Salem State Winston-Salem, NC Ian 29 Tennessee State Greensboro, NC Ian 31 LIniv MD-ES Greensboro, NC Feb 4 Howard Llniversity Washington, DC Feb. 5 Delaware State Dover, DEL. Feb. 7 Univ MD-ES Princess Anne, MD Feb. 9 Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA Feb 12 Florida A M Greensoboro, NC Feb. 14 Bethune-Cookman Greensboro, NC Feb. 16 Winston-Salem State Greensboro, NC Feb 19 ,, SC State Orangeburg, SC Feb. 24 - Alabama State Greensboro, NC Feb. 28 lackson State Greensboro, NC A M N C A T » Mr. Don Corbelt Head Basketball Coach lames Horace, Seale, Alabama Senior, 6 ' 6 " Wing j J B A S K E T |oe Lopez, Dakar, Senegal, West Africa Senior, 6 ' 7 " Center Warren Berry, Dayton, Ohio Senior, 6 ' 5 " Wing B A L L Tony Glover, Cincinnati, Ohio Senior, 6 ' 6 " Past Aniionne Collins, Saginaw, Michigan Senior, 6 ' 7 " Wing J luan Lanauze, Ponce Puerto Rico lunror, 6 ' 8 " Post Gardner CowelJ, Currituck, N.C. Freshman, 6 ' 7 " Post Warren Berry, Dayton, Ohio Sophomore, 6 ' 5 " Post I ».l limmy Brown, College Park, Ga. Freshman, 6 ' 2 " Guard Duane WiUiams, Awendow, S.C. Freshman, 6 ' 3 " Guard Curtis Echols, Rochester, N.Y. Freshman, 5 ' 10 " Guard If I k. ISf |oe Binion, Rochester, N.Y. lunior, 6 ' 8 " Wing Darryl Battle, Union Springs, Ala. lunior 6 ' 6 " Wing A Eric Boyd, Charlotte, N.C. Sophomore, 6 ' 4 " Guard Brian Booker, Saginaw, Mi lunior, 6 ' 2 " Guard WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL TEAM Isl Row— Left lo Right Michelle Baber, Pamela Benton, Sylvia Blackwell, Tammi Lamb, Marsha Simmons, Cynthia Green, Janice Willis. 2nd Row— Left to Right Flo Bethea, Gloria )ohnsan, Bonita Lowe, Cathy Grant, Denise Oepass, Kathy Brown, Lora Brown, Bonita Williams, Coach Spruill Denise DePass lanice Willis 32 A4arsha Simmons Michelle Baber Gloria Johnson Cathy Grant Cynthia Green Sylvia Blackwell 83 A AND T KARATE Dr. Gilbert Caslerlow, Instructor, Edward Allen, Reginald Goodwin, Raymond Smith, Harry C. Moore, Anthony Coleman, Vincent O. Howard, Bonita Casterlow (Little Girl), Sandra Graham, Andrita Graham (Baby), Ronnie Paylon, Terry Coley, Frankie Caslerlow, Danny Boston, J.C. Lacewell, Samuel Casterlow, Co-instructor r 5f AT IT ' S BEST 9 0i mifm ■ ' ■ " - ' ■ ' - ' ■ --•■ - ...,:-• - -y ' D I I ' r ' , ' 1.-1 -- 1, J,, „, ||j[ ,e The Enforcers Ac Ts karate team Is the best, with the many kicks and throws each play- er exemplifies expertise. B O W L I N G Kneeling: Mjrgrel Woodson, Bernadelle Dunlap, Nicole Peters. Standing: Selena Bowe, Sabrina Gaines, Sandy McBride, Sandy Culbreath Bernadelte Dunlap Nicole Peters Sabrina Gaines Kneeling: Ben McCarter, Earl Svvinson, |uan Cason. Standing: Dann Thomas, George Ingram, Cleve Garrison, Gregg Briggs, Bonnie Gibson M ■ , E K N S ' w R E S T L First Row, Kneeling: Brian Raleigh, Tony Greg, Alan Cooper. Marvin Grier, Coach Melvin Pinkeney. Back Row, Standing: Dennis Pinnix, lames Mosley, John Green, Mike McGlenaton N G 8 2 8 3 Donna Scales V o L L E Y B A L L An t ' la V illiams Sitting: Sharltne Schneider, Vemita Canaday, Donna Scales. Standing: Felicia Ford, Juliette Bowden, Angela Williams, Cuach Lyons Lenny K. Dark 90 Far Right Standing Coach Lyons A RECORD YEAR Yvette Webster MEN ' S TRACK FIELD Left to Right — Kneeling Tim Nixon, Dawayne Dixon, William Ellis, Ulysses Henry, Danny Fritz. Left lo Right Standing )oe Brown, Hubert B. Gooden, Walter Courman, Michael Dixon, Ed. Smith, |ames Harris One more mile lo go Home Siretth •»« ■, •,: • ■- •». Michael Dixon Hubert B. Codden On vour mark " Wait up Joe " Do it tor life The Aggie men ' s track and cross country team has contmued it ' s success. Each year has brought added success. WOMEN ' S TRACK AND Mamie Wilson Vickie Hayes CROSS COUNTRY Cathy Graham A T ' s women track and field are hard working young women. With each year building a reputable team which will leave its track for others 95 AGGIE STEPPERS Sherri Penn, Leslie Kerr, Stephanie Diggs, Denise Smilh, Demelrice Gunn Co-captain— Leach Hatch, Captain— loycelyn Sanders 96 i , INTRAMURAL YOU GUYS! " PLAY FAIR , SAYS COACH BROWN. FLAG FOOTBALL IS ONE OF MANY SPORTS SUPERVISED BY THE INTRAMURAL DIRECTOR, COACH RALPH BROWN. MORE FOOTBALL fl Jf I OMEGA PSI PHI, " LOOkING GOOD " FRANK WHITt SAID, " PLEASt START THE GAME. " _ ftW i ! -; - SSSSS - - 7£. ' t:jSl l T. S HI ' .- ri l - " --I... .ir w JBV H rft fti B W _ UH 103 « ' ■«■ ' ■ « -li k w Department ot Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering: equipment on top of Graham Hall has been installed for testing solar cells (which convert sunlight to electricity) under concentrated sunlight and high temperature conditions. LEARNING ASSISTANCE CENTER DR. ALFONZO GORE Creating alternative perceptions. A closely related view of the ctynamics ot conflict is offered in the ideas developed by Mrs. Hodge. The Learning Assistance Center is organized to provide special services to students who need assistance in strengthening their reading communication and computational skills. The objective of this program is to help each enrollee to develop a foundation for completing his or her college career The program provides special classes in English, reading and mathematics It offers tutorial services and helps the enrollees to develop study skills. Early English scales done by Africans Statue represenled Dogon culture, mythology being the key to understanding the symbolization. Bead-work picture from Nigeria, mask from Zaire Mrs. Reed, director of Heritage Center, and students working on history project. Articles of faith from Ethiopia NC cobs and cotton U.S. pottery on " bounouch ' by Thomas Day, Milton, NC (18S0-1957) GETTING INTO THE s w I N G O F A G G I E Will you hurry up?! The show is in ten minutes! " Girl, if you ' re hungry, go to the cafe and eal. ' I would advise you not to make that move " Hey! You ' re going the wrong way, " explained Dr. Fort •• " »., -, THE QUEEN AND HER COURT A RECORD YEAR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS CORONATION THE QUEEN ' S ENTRANCE OFF CAMPUS LIFE SERIOUS PHRASES Dear Keith, BILL ' S ,J GAS " V. a s It ' s almost limi ' for Dallas! vS v H.B.O. 90 PHONE Donna, Sher l, Ms. Legrand, Susan, and Stephanie rejoice over a happy ending Umm, so that ' s how it works . , . Well, only three more pages to go . " Now tomorrow night you wash and I ' ll dry. ' The pre-dawn dance was full of excitement and anticipation. Aggies and fellow Aggies were anticipating a fruitful and enjoyable homecoming 1982-83. m Pre-dawn breakfast is held once a year during homeconning week. After the pre-dawn dance students are eager to eat D ns $ A Z 1] K - B K J A 2 A B $ v. 2 K A $ 7 A $ B P A 2 a U, $ B A K A Z $ B 2 7 ! P A 2 e K A A J A 2 7 P $ B 2 THE LOVELY FACES OF ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA Alpha Beta Epsilon Chapter Phi Alpha fraternity, inc. . . . THUS ALl OTHERS ORIGINATE Alpha Phi Alpha Fralernity, the Mrs! inlercollegiate Greek letter Fraternity established for Black college men was or- ganized at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York in 190( . Beta Epsilon Chapter, the local satellite of Al- pha continues to keep ALPHA PHI ALPHA, FIRST OF ALL BLACK GREE KS! EXECUTIVE BOARD A A Ron Parlrick, Chaplain, Donald Smith, Recording Secretary, Tony Allen, Treasurer, Henry Midgetl, President, Gregg Ward, Vice-President, MaKfield Bowen, Corresponding Secretary, Victor Gavin, Sergeant of Arms Parlimenlarian, Norberl Hopkins, Dean of Pledgees. William Pass — Historian Introducing the Brothers of the Beta Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., 1982 Chapter of the Year in the Stale of North Carolina. The lovely Nile Queens of Alpha Phi Alpha (seated) |une {ones. Miss Alpha Phi Alpha 1982-81 I to R: Charlotte Feasler, Miss 1906, lanet King, Miss Beta Epsilon, Lisa Lilly, Miss Seven jewels, Wendy Spears, Miss Sphinxman. SPRING " 80 " THE ROUGH RIDERS FALL " 81 " . " MURPHYS LAW " Roger Singleldry, Herbert kinzey, Maxfield Bowen, Gregg Dillard Henry Midgell, Norberl Hopkins I SPRING " 82 " PIECES OF ' EIGHT A A Derrick Bulls, Donald Smith, Victor Gavin, Eric Nelson, Ron [ Patrick, David Tucker, Carl Deans. FALL " 80 " SPARE CHANGE Tony Allen, Gregg Ward, Bobby Fuller, Stanley Coleman, John Burnett, Tor- rance Lawson. THETA ■ _!.; , ■ ■ m ■ P m El w kL fifi f • ] 5 K- ' i r»i r H " - feg y 1 P w T f ■ - m T7V ' T f " . JL. Kneeling I to R: Jackie Redd, Salinder Evans, Alleen Oliver, tslher Highes, Donna Simmons, Lois )ones Standing L to R: Tracy Teamer, Deborah Lucas, Deborah Sharp, Toni Monroe, Brenda Carroll, Deborah Davis, Cynthia Reavis, Cheryl Gray, Jackie Blackmon. COURT AS© HISTORY OF THE DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC At the Inception of Delta Sig- ma Theta in 1913 at Howard University, the Founders envisioned an organization of college women pledged to serious endeavor and community service These youthful students demonstrated a vital concern for social welfare, academic excellence, and cultural enrichment. Today Delta Sigma Theta is a public service Sorority, dedicated to a program of sharing membership skills and organizational services in the public interest. In 1930, Delta Sigma Theta was in- corporated as a national organization. The record of incorporation is filed in the Congressional Library in the Office of the Recorder of Deeds in Washington, D C. THE ALPHA NU CHAPTER OF KAPPA ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY INC, iHpEHgiqi Harvey Tanner, Dewayne Alford, Kenneth Burnett, Rudy Thompson, Richard Martin, Zeke Simmons, James Carrothers, Mike Griffin, Stan Mathews, lames Lawrence, Reginald Perkins, Anthony Chestnut, Bob Giles, Jerome Stinson, David Pollard, Richard Brown, Charles Keemer, Anthony Jackson, By- ron McCoMum OFFICERS: David Pollard, Polemarch, Gerald Williams, Vice-Polemarch, Waller Davis, Excheuer, Jerome Slinson, Keeper of Records, Charles Keemer, Strategus VITA CERST— MISS KAtBernice Everell, Miss Phi Nu Pi Demetrius Martin, Crimson Creme Quinta Stocks, Miss Alpha Nu Irish Boykin, Miss Diamonds Natalie lohnson. Sweetheart New Orleans Bound!!! The Alpha Nu Chapter was founded on April 14, 1933 at N, C, A T State University. The Alpha Nu Chapter has been an intricate part of student aca- demic, social and political life at A T Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, founded on January 5, 1911 at Indiana University, with the ideals of achievement in every field of human endeavor has placed an unquenchable thirst in all its members throughout the decades The fraternity seeks to raise the sights of youth and stimulate them to accomplishments high- er than might otherwise be realized or .even imagined OMEGA PSI PHI FRATERNITY INC. MU PSI CHAPTER " T 17, 1911, Mcred to all Omega Men, the ' ' " • ir,i„,r.,.v, vvis born on the campus of How- of this first Rreek letter Black irai»Tnii nn ,i iii.i, . ' ilgar A Love, Oscar I CfMnw-f I if ju i The I he corn- ft kiir r .iTi ' y. IfK are its ...4, ■..„.,...„, vhip. Persever- . e lis founcimg, Onega has grown from lapleis which lonvj Ciur, Mm Omrgji Pti Phi Demelrius Patton, Miss Mu Pm Irma Codira, Miu Purple Passion Toni Dew, Miss CoUen Delq;hl B OFFICERS I to R: President Ronny Terry, I Vice-PresidenI Bernard Gooden, II Vice-President George Vital, Secretary lames lohnson, Parlimentarian, Anthony Braswell. Kneeling: Treasurer Gary Brown. Remains of the Night Starkers Fall ' 80 L to R: Ronny Terry, Gary Brown, George Vital Left Front: Veronique Simpson, Cathy Terry, Luta loyner, Jackie Ashley, Darlene )arvis. Miss Phi Beta Sigma Jacqueline Russell, Angela Wil- son, Regina Mitchell, Tracy Dobbins. lAMES lOHNSON, GERALD ATWATER, RONNY TERRY, MIKE NORTON, CHRIS MC CAULEY, JIM- MY MC DONALD, ANTHONY BRASWELL, MICHAEL CHARLES, BERNARD COODER 1 m ' vm J K ■-.i ' l r l, § Z mm m L TO R jACQUELIN S. RUSSELL (MISS BLUE) DARLENE D. lARVIS (MISS PHI BETA SIGMA) lACKIE L. ASHLEY (MISS WHITE) ALOBEAM SOCIETY Alobeam Society Silling: )ames Brown, Leitia Cunningham, Melvin Keilh, Sonya Brown, Nelson Pollard. Deborah Fuller, froni Row: Keilh Smilh, Mrs. Helen Kennedy, Pam Robinson, Waller Davis, Gregory B. Whilener, Cynthia Parson, Patricia Mill- er, Selwyn Feaster, Cynthia D. Heath, lacqueline Timberlake, Charles |. Washington, Kalrina R. Wil- liams, Curtis Keith, Roger )efferies, |r. Gerald A. Williams, Milton L. Kirby, Gregory L. Warren. Back Row: Bruce R. Andrews, Derric Gregory, Calvin G. Howard, Ricky L. Wall, Angela R. Biggs, Tangela D. Shields, Melvin Parker, Ms. I. Robinson, Advisor, Antonio Linney, Torrance lawson. Senior Class Sitting: Angela Biggs, )ackie Timberlake, Sonya Brown, Letilia Cunningham, Pam Robinson, Katrina Williams, Tangela Shields. Isl Row: Keith Smith, Selwyn Feaster, Nelson Pollard, Gerald Williams, Bruce Andrews, |ames Brown, Antonio Linney, Charles Washington, Torrance Lawson, Roger leffries, Melvin Keith. Executive Board (silting) Deborah Fuller, Vice-President, lames Brown, President, (standing) Torrance Lawson, Cynthia Parson, Waller Davis, Leilhia Cunningham, Selwyn Feaster, Milton Kirby. lunior Class: Patricia Miller, Cynthia Parson, Cynthia Heath, Deborah Fuller, Walter Davis, Gregory Whitener, Derrick Gregory, Milton Kirby, Ricky Wall, Melvin Parker. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ASSOCIATION Front Row: Peggy Howell, Clifton Rhodes, Millicent Mallory, Angela Davis, Deborah Barrewell, Denise Gaines, Wanda Singlelary Second Row L to R; Jackie Withers, George Ingram, Leo Lynch, Sherrill Caldwell, Dr. Nkonge. Third Row L (o R: Linwood Best, Cheryl Gray, Karen Duckelt, Brenda Roberts, Lalonia Fulmore, Glenda Hill, Lydia Leak, Glenn Lewis. Top Row L to R: Leroy Mack, Garland Mack, Terri Wall, Jackie Blackmon, Toni Jacobs, Curtis Brantley, Durwood Norris Best, Kimberly Dobson, Pamela Gardner, Fred Bacote, Timothy B ryant. OFFICERS: President, Denise Gains Vice-President, Toni Jacoby Queen, Glenda Hill Attendants: Cheryl Gray, Treasurer Pam Gardner, Sec- retary Wanda Singletary Editors — Clifton Rhodes, Ndoma Ogar, George Ingram. 0 p9ff Kneeling: Claudia Hughes, Sandra Blackslock, Mirian Snuggs 2nd Row: Phyllis Bellon, Pamela Whilaker,] Hokey Morgan, Shelia Griffin. 3rd Row: Shirley Scott,] Shirley Griffin, Lona Kelly TOGETHER FOREVER AS ONE, CHI ETA PHI SORORITY, INC SIGMA CHI BETA CHAPTER . . . R lo L: Rick Thornton, President, DeCarIa Brown, Treasurer James Isaac, Vice-President, Tracy Wilson, Secretary and )ames Tharringlon Second Row: Gloria McAllister, Andrea Adams, Mary Unstead, Pamela luslice, Denise Wil- liams, Glenda Harrison, Regina Dixon Third Row: Mack Eubanks, David Umslead, T.S. Garrett, Sheyla Bridges, Robin Solomon, Angela Moore, Jacqueline Hollowell. Fourth Row: Paul Perry, Alvernon Walker, Earl McNeil DURHAM AGGIE CLUB OFFICERS; R to L: Rick Thornton, President, Treasurer, DeCarla Brown, Vice-President James Isaac, Secretary Tracy Wilson and James Tharringlon. North Carolina Agricultural And Technical State Jaycees Picture 1 L lo R: Ronald Rucker, Public Relations Direclor Vicki Coleman, Vice-Presi- deni, Michael Eure, President, Michael Rock, Membership Director, H. Diane Hagins, Miss A T State Jaycees, Michael Black, Vice-President Mgmt. Development jaycees . . . Building Tomorrow Today Why Not Join The Jaycees Today! f Wi|Wf|if| B H V - 1st Row L to R: Mithael Rock, Vicki Coleman, H. Diane Hagins, Tonya McLamb, Keilh Mallison 2nd Row: Michael Curelon, Greg Crawford, Alvin Corbell, Ronald Ruckers, Darlene Bealty, Mack Alexander N O R T F H E c[ R ? ' I N A EXECUTIVE BOARD EXECUTIVE BOARD Front to Rear— President Nelson Pollard, Parliamentarian Sherrill Cald- well, Miss N.C. Fellows Cynthia D. Heath. Vice-President Selwyn A. Feaster Front Row L to R: Selwyn Feaster, Sherrill Caldwell, Cheryl Moore, Patricia Miller. Second Row L to R; Doris Person, |une McNeil, Nelson Pollard, Roger [efferies, jr. Third Row L to R: Derric Gregory, Charese Baker, Gregory Whitener, Cynthia Heath, Maxfield Bowen. TAU GAMMA DELTA SORORITY INC " ILLUMINATING THE PATHWAY " Introducing . . . The ladies of Tau Gamma Delia Sorority, Inc. Alpha l ella Chapter. These ladies represent the precious PINK BLUE thai has indeed returned to life on the campus of N.C. A T State University. The line that began this great come-back was, ih« Ivvc (jtnis who pledged FALL, 1981; Brenda Moore and Shirley Scotl. To keep it going, the next line consisted of Miss Jennifer Harding, SPRING, 1982. Backing them up all the way are their helpful sisters of the Grad Chapter, Epsilon Omega. UNITED CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP UNITED CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP (sealed eH to right) karone A. Peace, Fred S. Bacote, Gwendolvn V. Pavlon, Greg Codard, Thomas lohnson, Taunva McCarty, James Brame, Vernal Alford, III, Michael Vaughan, Beverly Short, George BlounI, Jr., Michael A. Washington. Jerome K. Williams, Darrell S. Hill, Matthew Brooks, Jr. Standing first row lett to right: Subrenia Moore, Elaine Kendall, )ohniecia Hampton, Wanda Barnes, Mary Ann Barr, Doris Hayes, Patricia Gra- ham, Karen Streater, Eartha Black, Michelle A. Ford, Cheryl Moore, Alice Parsons, Pamela Hemingway, TaWanna Gra- ham, Rochelle McNeil, Mrs. Patricia Smith, Angela L. Owens. STERRING COMMITTEE: Todd Lewis, Roger Bryant, Joseph Bryant, Gregory Goddard, Taunya McCarty, Mrs. Patricia Smith, Advisor, Angela L. Owens, Mary Ann Barr, Gwendolyn Payton, Darrell Hill, Raymond |. Hawkins, William Park- er, Gerald Lewis, Chaplain Ralph M. Ross, Advisor. w o M E N S ' c o u N c I L L lo R: Treasurer Pamela Glover, Public Relations Shelia Heggins, Secretary Peggy Howell, President Marcenla Barnes, Vice-President Pamela Gardner, Assistant Secretary Warrenelta Massenburg, Partimentarian Kim Dobson. O F F I C E R S LADIES OF AGGIELAND PURPOSES OF WOMEN ' S COUNCIL AT NORTH CAROLINA AGRICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL STATE UNIVERSITY; To recommend policies, regulations, and adjustments pertaining to affairs of women students To aid in developing competent leadership. To encourage good scholarship and personal develop- ment. To promote cultural, social, recreational and educational activities for women students. 140 PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY Seated . . . Teresa Perry 1st Row . . Anthony Young, Troy Davis, Secretary, Harold M. Tison, President. Kayode Abimola 2nd Row . . Michael Whitaker, Mr. William Peeler, Advisor, Dale Fulwood STROZA AND KELLY HAVE ALMOST BECOME EXPERT PHOTOGRAPHERS. HATS OFF FOR " A RECORD YEAR. ' ARNOLD AIR J. GEORGIA CONNECTION GEORGIA CONNECTION Isl Row: Yvelle Richards, President 2nd Row: Deborah Barnwell, Treasurer, ludy Curtis — Miss Georgia 3rd Row: Verinda Dukes, Pam Davenport, Shirley Taylor 4th Row: Lisa Lilly Secretary, Natalie Dunn, Ronnie Terry, Barbara Cotton 5th Row: David Harrison, Chris Wilkerson, Loring Bacon, Greg Young, Morris Daniels 6th Row: Chance Lewis, III Parliamentarian, Frederic Brown, Sherod Martin 7lh Row: David Tucker, Vice President, Randal Ponder, Michael Elliott, ESQ. Angelo McArthur NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY Nalional Association of Industrial Technology 1st Row: Scoltie Mitctlell, Larry McRae, Mosby B. Watkins, Cecelia E. Greene, Ronald Rucker, lynnette Daniel, Wendell Matthews. 2nd Row: Dennis Johnson, Julius Ledbetler, Dwayne L. Wall, Robert E. Seriven, Ellen Spruill. 3rd Row: Dwight L. Smith, Jeffrey Finch, Clifton Smith, Gary Terry. r ' OFFICERS: Wendel Matthews, Special Assislanl, Ulen Spruill, President lynnelle Daniel, Vice President, Scottie Mitchell, Sec. Tre. Ellen Spruill, Miss NAIT GROOVE Center Shelia Harvey Miss Grove Pht Groove Left Jonita Fields, {Miss Black) and Secretary Right Sylvia Taylor (Miss White) Left Bonita Garrettson Right Denise Jackson, President Left DeCarIa Brown, Treasurer Right Tracy Boyce Back Wanda William Miss Groove Phi and Court NCA T FELLOWSHIP GOSPEL CHOIR Row 1 L lo R: Alisa Hunter, Lovely Dawson, Salinder tvans, Cecelia Greene, Peler Altord Row 2: Zelda Berryman, Robin Dixon, Angelia Randolph, lackie Ashley, johnny Black, Terry Slalon, Turnelte Robertson, Evelyn Peterson, Willette Davis, Stephalyn Cherry Row 3: Lorrance Lawson, Torrance Lawson, Sandra Morehead, Jackie King, Eushama Randolph, Karen Dozier, Elzora Weeks Lydia Leak, Miss Gospel Choir p o L I T I C A L S C I E N C E S o c I E T Y OFFICER ' S STAFF SIGMA GAMMA RHO SORORITY Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. was organized in 1922 on the campus of Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. Sigma Gamma Rho is a nonprofit collegiate sorority dedicated to the encouragement and promotion of high scholastic attainment, community service and improvement of the quality of our lives and the society in which we live. Sigma Gamma Rho has grown to represent more than 21,000 members in more than 275 alumnae and undergraduate chapters in the U.S., Africa and Bermuda. INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING L to R Row 1: lames Massey, Karen Dixon, Michael Hamlin, Verinda Dukes, Harold Mercer Row 2: Reggie Scales, Valincia Floyd, Melanie Raiford, |oy Teel, Marvin Morrow, Jr., Carelton Coles, |r., Charlie Blakeney Row 3: Michael Taylor, Michael P. Black, Darias Randolph TRANSPORTATION CLUB L to R Gronna |ones, lames Waddell, Jr., Linda Thompson — Historian, Wanda Ruffin — President, Belinda D. Combo — Secretary, Herman Hines, Carol Gales II ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING L lo R Row 1: kellis Nobles, Linda Carley, Lisa M. Lilly Wynilia Singlelary, Rose Royster, Myrtle Bovven, Angela Woodard, Valerie Warren, Rhonda Campbell, Roger Riddick Row 2: William Milchell, Vemon Clement, Eugene Harris, Rico Mack, Mark )ohnson, lames Person, Marcus Slaley, Slan Coleman, Byron Saunders i ALPHA KAPPA MU t L lo R Therrall Thompaon— Prts.. katrina Williams— Corresponding Secretary, Sonya Brown— Recording Secretary, Marsha Brooks— Miss Alpha Kappa Mu, Rose Rogers — Treasurer, Selwyn Feaster — Vice Pres., Julius Ledsetter, lames Brown, |r., Isaiah Perry BIOLOGY CLUB _fj ' ■. ■—■——!«■ L !o R Row 1: Cheryl Thompkins, Claylena Camp, Angela Robbins Row 2: Bernard Hayes, Timothy, Jones Row 3: Jacqueline McDonald, Julius More, Demelria Thomas BROTHERS-IN CHRIST AND SISTERS OF BROTHERS IN CHRIST L to R Row 1: Beverly Short, Hope Jones, Taunya McCarty, Rev. Ross, Advisor Row 2: Jerome K. Williams, Leo Lynch, Jerry Wyrick, Greg Godard DIGIT CIRCLE L lo R Row 1: Cherri WaUton, T. ). Carnelt, Bonnie Tucker, Anthony English, Bertina lewis. Sheila Moore Row 2: Dr. W. Smith, Angela Artist, Turnette Robertson, Jennifer Bridges, Lawrence Williams, Dr. Casterlow Row i: Matthew Brooks, Pomoraniz Sutton, Thurman Ross, Robert Williams, Kent Wil- liams FOOD SCIENCE CLUB L to R Row I: Alice Hester, Pres., Osie Morrisey, Secr.-Treas. Row 2: Jackie Washington, Machelle Steyens Row 3: Frankie Casterlow, Reporter, Robert Robinson, Vice Pres. 152 INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INC. L lo R Row 1: Taunya McCatly, Maurice Mzwinila, Sharm Logan, Rochelle McNeil, Charles Flemmings Row 2: lames Brown, jr., Michael A. Washington Row 3: Darryl Alexander, Greg Godard, Eslher Hughes, Michael Vaughan, Maxfield Bowen, Warren Fenwick Row 4: Leonard Griffin, Mack Brown, Derrick Bulls, Richard Kuehn, Michael C. Smith, Alvernon Walker Row 5: Dr. Samuel White, Dr. Harold Martin, Cedric Byrdsong ETA KAPPA NU iJ? -■Sro L lo R Row 1: Michael A. Washinglon, Esther Hughes, Maurice Mzwinilar, Michael Vaughan Row 2: Michael Smith, Mack Brown, Maxfield Bowen, Charles Flemmings, Richard Kuehn Row 3: Dr. Harold Martin, Alvernon Walker, Warren Fenwick Row 4: Dr. Samuel White, Dr. Hashen Anwari, Mr. Eamet Sherrod INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION I to R (Kneeling) JuvvadJ S. Rao, Gernus O ' Connor, Sridhar Chilukuri, Collin R. Burrell, Saraschandra B. Chilukuri, Mohammad Ahmad (Standing) L to R: lanaka Edirisinghe, Penmasia A. Raju, Rakesh Tiwari, Kabiru A. Shotobi — Treas., Christopher I. Onyemem — Pres., Anne O. Martins — Queen, Olmuyiwa B. Fayehun — Parlimentarian, kian Zamegar (not pictured) PI TAU SIGMA L to R (Sitting) Calvin Rooks, Valerie Bryant, Dr. Sharpe, Advisor (Standing) L to R: Manuel Peace, David Campbell, Isaiah Perry, Anthony Hayes, Byas Glover S. C. AGGIE CLUB L lo R Row 1: Raymond Brown, Hilton Shaw, Sherrill Caldwell, Karen Bennell, Sandy McCoy, Cynlhia Middleton, Lois Weston, Milton Phillips Row 2: Henry Sumpter, Frank Gilbert, letfrey Walker, Rico Mack, Roy Brown, Terrence Anderson Row 3: Barry Green, Jonathan Lambrighl, Byron Saunders, Rodney Cheeseborough, Dwayne Evans METROPOLITAN AREA ASSOCIATION L to R Row 1: Daryl Watson — Vice Pres., Sheila Queen — Secretary, Shari Muldrow — Ms. M.A.A., Pan Christian — Pres., Michelle Baber — Treas., Karen Taylor — Reporter Row 2: Mal colm Aaron, Rodrick Long, Vondelia Willis, Eric Long, Glaceria Brown, Donna Athias, Kevin G. Hanna, John Neal, Sonya Sullivan, Theresa Thompson, Kevin Taylor, Don Wellman, )esse Miller HHH GOLDSBORO AGGIE CLUB L to R (Kneeling) Norris Best, Greg Dillard, Terry Colcy Second Row: Morris Best, Mike McKinzie, Patricia Williams, Renee Holloway, Frances Ward, Marilyn Davis, William Jones Third Row: Scoltie Rodgers, Willie Hodge, Denorris Watson, Sterling )oyner, Mike Coley MICHIGAN RENAISSANCE ' - ' s I r ?T 1 .i 1 _, f. BUiil ftK itSt . — C, ' .-,._ .. ' .-■] 4 L ' - ■ m Wn- ' ,!•» ■ji rja L (o R Row 1: Gregg Crawford, Kimberly Stafford, Greta Jackson — Secretary, Lynn )ones — Miss Michigan Renaissance Row 2: Richard Martin — Presi- dent, Angela Hall, Samuel Warren, III, Gloria Johnson Row 3: Kevin Smith, Lawrence Harrington ■■ NEW JERSEY CLUB L to R Row 1: Charles Thomas — Treasurer, Gwendolyn Hardwitk— Public Relations, Maurice Taylor— President Sharon Sharpless — Secretary, Antoinette Harell — Public Relations, Tony Hayes — Vice President Row 2: Sheldon Hunt, Eciward Allen, Lanee Weatherly, lames Etheridge, Joseph Clark, Karen An- derson — Miss New jersey, Temple Pattishall, Clifford Holmes, |odi Walton — Miss Blue, Diana Logan, Gary Edwards, Justine Rush — Miss Gold, Tina Yates SPEECH PATHOLOGY AUDIOLOGY CLUB L to R Row 1: Antoinette Harrell, Phyllis Blue, Rinila Pittman, Eaye Mynck, Kamona Jones Row 2: Rickey Bass, Rose Bennett, Anna Robinson, William Cameron Yolanda Headen SOCIETY OF WOMEN ENGINEERS L to R Row 2: |ulie Peterson, Vicki Coleman, Cecelia Greene, Malinda Pagetl Row 2: Gregg Crawford, Darlene Bealty, linda Williams, Saundra Garner, Valencia Floyd TELOCA 4 L lo R Row 1: Phyllis Bellon, Hokey Morgan, Claudia Hughes Row 2: Pamela Whitaker, Shirley ScotI, Robyn Cherry, Stella McChee, Shirley Griffin STUDENT HOME ECONOMICS CLUB L to R Row 1: Donna Darden, Paula Fox, Sherry Hurl, Janet Woods, Sandra Hill Row 2: Laura Crews, Lillie Whitaker, Mkhele Smelley, Chandra Ferette, Yowantha Williams KAPPA OMICRON PHI L (o R Row 1: Karen Clover, Michele Smelly— Presidenl, Shirley Smilh — Miss Kappa Omicron Phi, Tracey Aulrv — Vice Pres., jane Walker, Advisor Row 2: Chandra Ferette — Treasurer, Kim Hackett, Sonova Williams, Sandra Hill — Reporter 159 ALPHA DELTA MU ws-vtw L lo R Stephanie Saunders, Rose Rogers— President, Toni Monroe— Treasurer, Alice Parsons, Mrs. Christine Boone, Advisor ECONOMICS CLUB If L to R Row 1: Dr. A. Khan, Marsha Brooks, Wanda Beatty— Queen, Sharon Cameron— Secretary, Dr. leong Row 1: Michael Blake, Chris Walson, Eve- lyn Burney — Pres., Milton Phillips— Vice Pres., Tracie Donnell, Dr. Morse ALPHA CHI HONOR SOCIETY L to R Row 1: Sandra Blackmon, Rose Rogers, Therral Thompson, Tangela Shields, Row 2: Shirley Scoll, Marsha Brooks, Michele Smelley, Toni Mon- roe Row 3: Michael Blake, Vernal Alford, Robert Haygood, James Brown WILSON RUSSELL ENSEMBLE jL to R Row 1: Vernal Alford, III, Pianist Row 2: Michelle Ford, Karen Bennett, Beverly Riley, Cedric Brown, Alfred Faulkner Row 3: Gerald Lewis, Michael Lewis, William Parker HISTORY CLUB Left lo Right: Dr. Stephen Alston (Advisor), Darryl Hurst, Darnevy Law, Ulando B. Speas (Treasurer), Zeke Simmons, Anthony Norman (Vice President) HISTORY MAGAZINE Left lo Right: Darryl HursI, Zeke Simmons, Olando B. Spears (tdilor), Laveme Carter, Marcus L. Williams, Standing — Dr. DavJd Porter (Advisor) LE CERCLE FRANCAIS L to R Sealed: ane sa Morgan, Jean Wardrick — Treasurer, Belty Williams Standing: Richard Parker — Vice President, David Harris — President, Kevin Glenn — Program Director Advisor: Dr. Helen G. LeBlanc MASS COMMUNICATION CLUB SUPPORTIVE % S eOOKST E LIBf Rr I UTT SHOPS CAMR S (NFlR(MftRr PCST SECURITY CFFICE %A 0 rf - ' CAMPUS BARBER SHOP Mrs. Donnell William Cameron Mark Woods Mrs. Donnell Mark Wonders it he should look in the mirror or stick to reading. CAMPUS BEAUTY SHOP Mrs. Hardy Mrs. Clemmons in action. Mrs. Esther Clemmons 165 wmmm m INFORMATION DESK Finley, Grace Miller, Patricia CAMPUS POST OFFICE miiaarf: Mack, Isaac Wilson, Ben Supervisor ( onr.i() U ' ona B. RESIDENCE HALL COUNSELORS Anne Simpson Alicia Devane — Barbee Hall Jacqueline Lindse Addie Wideman — Cooper Hall 167 h ■ Ih Dean Ingram — Kent Court Dean Hastye, III— Scott Hall Dean Tate— Senior Hall Dean Toomes— Scott Hall Dean While— Scott Hall Dean Stinson — Curtis Hall Dean Brame— Curtis Hall 0i I i Wanda Clemmons— Holland Hall Mrs. Margaret Moore — Halland Hall JCki- Margo lordan— Barbee Hall Linda Inman — Barbee Hall Laverne Zachary — Cooper Hall H Olah Cotes Ladies take a break for Antonio! Phyllis relaxes while food is cooking. The ladies stop in for an after class break. BOOK STORE Susdn Gozo Gwendolyn Knighl Donald Kendle Mr. Meachum Mrs. Hall James decides Ihe ball is too small Students amazed by Ihe score Ladies play Rames too!! I ' ll calch on one day Gary studies the ball well. STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES Mrs. Clay, Secretary : -- r» .TeclBiloitSTAl Mrs. Waddell — Staff Nurse with patient Mrs. Holmes — Lab Technician mm I t « k CAMPUS LAUNDRY Mr. A. S. Crawford, Supervisor Ellawees Crockel Deborah Deans Toni Maddox Deborah Deans Toni and Deborah shows the future aggie how l o work the presser. Students Look for these Faces tor Help! LIBRARY STAFF DIRECTOR OF LIBRARY SERVICES Mrs. Alene C Young CAMPUS POLICE Joseph E. Daughtry Campus Police Director lames Franks, J.O. Williams. William Queens % Milch Milchell Fearless Speller Anthony Hayes lames More William Johnson Linda Willis Mrs. Louanna Waddell William Johnson Jeff Clark VERNAL ALFORD, III ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING TO PURSUE A CAREER IN STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING TRACY MICHELLE AUTRY HOME ECONOMICS TO OBTAIN A MASTERS DEGREE IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION MARCENIA LYNEASE BARNES CHILD DEVELOPMENT ASPIRING A CAREER AS A 2ND LT. IN THE USAF ELLEAN ). BERRY ANIMAL SCIENCE RECEIVE A PhD IN ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGY MARSHA CONNIE BROOKS ECONOMICS MY CAREER COALS ARE TO BECOME A TOP CORPORATE MANAGER IN AN INSURANCE COMPANY. T ' i r - -. ERIC S. BROWN SPEECH (MASS COMMUNICATION) ASPIRE TO BECOME A PROFESSIONAL lOURNAllST JAMES BOYCE BROWN, JR. ACCOUNTING TO BE A PRIVATE ACCOUNTANT WITH A REP- UTABLE INDUSTRY JOHN J. BROWN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (BANKING FINANCE) ASPIRE TO BECOME A LAW PROFESSOR AND SECURE AN APPOINTMENT AS A JUDGE OR MEMBER ON A REGULATORY AGENCY SHAWN P. CHESTON ENGINEERING PHYSICS TO OBTAIN A Ph.D IN PHYSICS AND EVENTUALLY BECOME A NOBEL PRIZE RECIPIENT. LAWRENCE WINSTON CHURCHILL HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION (SPECIALIZING IN SPORTS MEDICINE) PURSUE A MASTERS OF SCIENCE DEGREE IN SPORTS MEDICINE AND TO PURSUE CERTIFICATION AS A PHYSICIAN ' S ASSISTANT ROBIN M. DAVIS BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (FINANCE CONCENTRATION) MOTTO: BEING YOURSELF WILL TAKE YOU A LONG WAY. NANNETTA Y. DURNELl MASS COMMUNICATIONS TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL ANCHORWOMAN OR PRODUCER AT A TELEVISION NETWORK SELWYN A. FEASTER ACCOUNTING TO BECOME A CPA WITH A MBA LEADING TO THE ESTABLISHMENT OF MY OWN ACCOUNTING FIRM. CHARLENE P. GARDNER ART EDUCATION AND DESIGN TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL COMMERCIAL ARTIST SHIRLEY GRIFFIN NURSING TO COMPLETE MY B.S. IN NURSING, BECOME A REGISTERED NURSE AND IN THE FUTURE, OBTAIN A MASTERS DEGREE IN SURGICAL NURSING RANDEZ X. HADDEN INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY (ELECTRONICS) MOTTO: HARD WORK AND DEDICATION ARE ESSENTIAL TO SUCCESS. fitlrW ' -i ivW ' V :- MICHAEL W. HAMLIN INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING TO SOMEDAY OWN MY OWN ENGINEERING FIRM OF TOP BLACK ENGINEERS ROBERT H. HAYGOOD, |R INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY TO BECOME A PROJECT MANAGER BOBBY R. HOPKINS BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MY CAREER GOAL IS TO BECOME A POLITICAL LEADER IN THE AREA OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND CONGRESS ■■•A ' .W.V.V ,■•• ' •V■ ' ' V.,. ' .V ' v CYNTHIA M. HOWARD BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MOTTO: NO MATTER HOW DARK THE BEGINNING, ONE WHO STRIVES CAN REACH THE SUN. THERESA A. HUGHES MECHANICAL ENGINEERING TO BECOME A BIO MEDICAL ENGINEER lULIUS LEDBETTER INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY TO OBTAIN A MASTERS DEGREE IN EITHER ELECTRONICS OR BUSINESS ALVESTER LYNCH, JR. OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH MOTTO: I FIND THE GREAT THING IN THE WORLD IS NOT SO MUCH WHERE WE STAND, BUT THE DIRECTION IN WHICH WE ARE MOVING. BILLY ). MANNING ART EDUCATION TO BECOME A VERY SUCCESSFUL COMMERCIAL ARTIST WHILE TEACHING ART AT THE COLLEGIATE LEVEL JOB S. MC COY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MANAGEMENT) MY CAREER COALS ARE TO LEARN THE NECESSARY SKILLS REQUIRED IN ORDER TO BE A TOP CORPORATE MANAGER. I ALSO HOPE TO • ' ■ " ' ■MY OWN BUSINESS ONE DAY. TONI I. MONROE SOCIAL SERVICE TO PURSUE A CAREER IN WIDE-RANGE LAW, WHICH I PLAN TO ATTEMPT NEXT FALL. MY OVERALL OBIECTIVE IS TO BECOME A VERY DISTINGUISHED DEFENSE ATTORNEY. CHRISTOPHER I. ONYEMEN ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING TO BECOME A PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER, OWN A SUCCESSFUL ENG INEERING FIRM AND HELP THE DEVELOPING PROCESS IN NIGERIA MANUEL V. PEACE MECHANfCAL ENGINEERING MOTTO: THE RACE GOES NOT TO THE SWIFT OR THE STRONG, BUT TO HE THAT ENDURES TO THE END. NEISON W. POUARD ACCOUNTING TO REACH MY FUUfST POTENTIAL IN THE ACCOUNTING PROFESSION, AND TO RECEIVE MYCPA JAMES A. ROBINSON PSYCHOLOGY TO BECOME AN ENGINEERING PSYCHOLOGIST ON THE Ph.D LEVEL. ROSE MARIE ROGERS SOCIAL WORK TO GET MY AMSTERS IN SOCIAL WORK AND PURSUE A CAREER AS A MEDICAL SOCIAL WORKER CALVIN E. ROOKS MECHANICAL ENGINEERING MOTTO: BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE! DEBORAH M. SANDERS PROFESSIONAL ENGLISH TO BECOME AN EDITOR AND PUBLISHER OF A NEWSPAPER REGINALD SCALES INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING TO USE MY ENGINEERING SKILLS TO THE FULLEST TO EARN A MANAGERIAL POSITION IN THE COMPANY OR FIRM THAT I AM WORKING FOR MICHELE DIANE SMELLEY FASHION MERCHANDISING 1 5 . ' -° ' ' OWNER OF MY OWN JUNIOR SPORTSWEAR GARLAND DARRYL SMITH BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MANAGEMENT) MY CAREER GOALS ARE TO BE AN OUTSTANDING CAREER AIR FORCE OFFICER, AND TO SOME DAY MANAGE MY OWN BUSINESS MICHAEL G. SMITH ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING TO BECOME A CHIEF EXECUTIVE OF SOME MA- JOR CORPORATION SUCH AS EXXON OR IBM. THERRALL J. THOMPSON ACCOUNTING MY ASPIRATION IN LIFE IS TO BECOME ONE OF THE GREATEST ACCOUNTANTS IN MY FIELD OF SPECIALTY ■.f;-Vvr. i ' fc:T4(V;3 - -tr W ' X ' isAniJ ifm »V. ' ' ' ' f ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' , JSM WILLIAMS, AUDREY L. SPEECH TO SOMEDAY OWN AND OPERATE A RADIO STATION, AND NEWSPAPER PUBLISHING CHAIN THAT WILL INFORM AND EDUCATE THE PUBLIC WILLIAMS, KATRINA R. ACCOUNTING SPRUILL, ELLEN L. INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY TO BECOME A PLANT MANAGER WITH A MAJOR CORPORATION SMITH, SHIRLEY CLOTHING, TEXTILES FASHION MERCHANDISING TO OWN MY OWN RETAILING STORE SHCOT, AILENTON ZACHARY, REITHA EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL SPfclAL EDUCATION TEACHER IN AN EDUCATIOr INSTITUTION s p o N s o R E D B Y O L D E E N G L HOWARD JOHNSON CONCERT " ' iONHA iElYOU Sing Howard Sing! " SO FINE " The Sense of Sound Students entered from Right to Left! Epislemological Dualism S H 8 Students acting as both — creative and interpretative Artists. A Never-ending Venture . UNDER THE CONGLOMERATION OF PRESSURES HUMAN INTEREST HUMAN ACHIEVEMENTS HUMAN POSSIBILITIES A CLASSIC EXAMPLE OF THOROUGH GOING DETERMINISM STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE OFFICERS n82-83 Bobby R, Hopkins President Keith B. Mattison Vice-President lnternal Vickie Coleman Vice-President External Cami 11a Ross Secretary Manuel V. Peace Treasurer Franklin P. White Attorney General Robin M, Davis Miss " A T " Curtis Brantley Chairperson--Judiciary Council Cheryl Gray Chairperson- -Elect ions Commi ttee Constance Benjamin Chairperson--Nomina ting Committee FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS Steven R. Jones President Daryl M. Woodard Vice-President Yolandra S, Garrett Secretary Aaron Evans Treasurer Donna L. Strickland Miss Freshman SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Arthur M. Wooding, II President Rubye B. Oakley Vice-President Prise ilia Graves Secretary Timothy Drew Treasurer Angela F. Richardson Miss Sophomore JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Deirdre Thornton President Cynthia D. Heath Vice-President Deborah L. Fuller Secretary Bernita A. Whi taker Treasurer Wanda C. Parnell Miss Junior SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Phyllis M. Fennel I President Clifton Rhodes Vice-President Vivian R. Lewis Secretary Ray Lowe Treasurer Pamela Y. Christian Miss Senior PRESIDENT: BOBBY HOPKINS DRAWING UPON THE RICHNESS WITHIN— THIS GREAT UNIVERSITY, I BELIEVE, WILL CONTINUE TO BE, MORE THAN EVER BEFORE, A PLACE OF BEGINNINGS FOR HUNDREDS OF VOYAGES OF EXPLORATION AND DIS- COVERY, EACH UNIQUELY DESIGNED BY AND FOR EACH NEW STUDENT. ! T . 1 ( ! i ! 1 1 t i . - 1 ji m i l a ATTORNEY GENERAL A.G. STAFF frank White sitting Latonya Fulmore, Patricia Draughn Standing Frank White, Ruby Thompson, Greg While, Chris McCauley MISS A T ROBIN DAVIS STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Sealed: Darlene Beady, Diane Hagins, Vicki Coleman, Cabinel Head, Tanya McLamb, Tonicllen Silva Standing: Mike Daniels, Sleven )ones, Willie Mcintosh, Myron Brown, William McDonald, Thomas Johnson, lonalhan Rodgers Manuel Peace Treasurer Camilla Ross Secretary Vicki Coleman Vice-PresicJenl Internal Affairs Keith B. Mattison Vice-President External Affairs Yvelte Richardson Entertainment Director STUDENT UNION ADVISORY BOARD Mona Davis President Left to Right; Mona Davis, Pres., Fentress Martin, Treas., Shelia Haggins, R.S., Desiree Steadman, Publicity, Diana Partlow, Social Affairs, Crystal Culbreth, Minority Affairs The Student Union Advisory Board, through committee structure, has the following spe- ic responsibilities: . To present the expressed feelings and concern of the student body in matters of policies and pro- grams to the staff of the Union. To set the guidelines by which committees shall or- ganize and develop their programs. To set the guidelines by which committees shall es- tablish their annual program budgets. ' . To review possible recommendations for revisions of all annual programs and program budgets sub- mitted by committees. i. To consider the desires of alumni, faculty and friends of the University as they relate to their use of the Union during the on-going school year and on special occasions. I. To establish and administer a General Program Fund lo be available for use by committees in emergency situations and upon request. Utilize Recognized Channels For Change. Kevin Davis, Anna Collins, Michael Whilaker, Curtis Brantley, Mona Davis, Denise S Logan, Otis Harvey, Leon Lyons 193 R G I T R Tony Moore Alice Hester, Reporter Malcolm Aaron, Artist Michael Thompson, Reporter Doris Person, Reporter )eff Nixon, Reporter Kalhy Thomp- son, Reporter Roy Hicks, Photographer Denter Irwing, Circulation Terra Singleton, Reporter John Zellars, Circulation Valarie Hill, Reporter Frances Ward, Reporter . ' ; ' ■.•■vV l ' t ' W ' !- " Nannetta Durnell, News Editor Audrey L. Williams, Managing Editor Dexter Irving, Circulation Manager Deborah M. Sanders, Business Ad Manager Sandra Stewart, Head Typist Mr . Loreno M. Marrow, Advisor 1982-83 BAND DAY A RECORD YEAR AYANTEE E D I T O R N C H I E F HOBBIES: AYANTEE YEARBOOK 83 PHOTOGRAPHY DRAWING BUILDING DESIGN MARTIAL ARTS BOWLING PLAYING DRUMS. •• ijk 1 - isr m Stgt SgSm i. ' -: I S £SwM H ZODIAC SIGN " LEO " ■■v. , IN ARCHITECTURAL ENG STROZAHILL ; -i!t-iitvA»-« BROOKLYN, N.Y BEACON, NY. GREENSBORO, N.C YEARBOOK 1983 SPEECH THEATER-ART: RAYMOND B. KELLY JR. HENDERSON, NC NEWARK, N I TRINCTON, N I r fe ' .r« ' . ' v. ' ,-i!«8K. ' ' .-;» ■ »■■ UJ s. a O PAMELA GARDNtR ADMINISTRATIVE HELPER LAYOUTS MAJOR: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION HOME: GOLDSBORO, NC DORIS D. MONGER ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY MA)OR: ACCOUNTING HOME: COMO, NC 3 U CHERYL GRAY SPORTS EDITOR MAIOR: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MARKETING) HOME: C OLUMBIA, SC CLASS: SENIOR SlEPHANIl I. DIBNAM HEAD ARTIST MAIOR: ART (DESIGN) HOME: RALEIGH, NC CLASS: SENIOR mam CHARUNE GARDNER ADMINISTRATIVE HELPER BEVERLEY RILEY HOMECOMING EDITOR PAMELA SERIDA DUDLEY ADMINISTRATIVE HELPER lAYE GEORGE ADMINISTRATIVE HELPER VANESSA MC KENZIE ADMINISTRATIVE HELPER ROBIN M. VVHITSETT ADMINISTRATIVE HELPER 201 LORbNt M. WILLIAMSON ADMINISTRATIVE HELPER TONI MONROE ADMINISTRATIVE HELPER REGINA HARTSHELD ADMINISTRATIVE HELPER BILLV MANN ARTIST SHtRVL THOMPSON PHOTOGRAPHER KRISTAL j. FEGGINS PHOTOGPHER JAMES ALLEN PHOTOGRAPHER JAMES HALL PHOTOGRAPHER KAREN DOZIER ADMINISTRATIVE HELPER ANGELS CAREER GIRLS IN AN AGGIE WORLD MS. DOROTHY BAILEV YEARBOOK ADVISER 1 9 8 2 C H R 1 S T M A S P A R T Y ' L l ri ■ |K j B- ' H mi V n ■ nqsHB SPACE SHUTTLE PROGRAM 82-83 ALL STUDENTS WOULD LIKE TO OBTAIN ONE OR MORE OF THE FOLLOWING . »• •. :j r .;«r- ' WL5 ft ! _JIU-J X » Aaron, Malcolm Adams, Andrea Adkin, Oliver |r. Allen, Terry Alslo, Angela Alston, JeanJne Alston, Roxanne C. Anderson, Andre N. Arey, Karen Y. Artis, Andre Ausbron, Gwendolyn Baggelt, Michelle Bailey, Angela D. Barnes, Annette Barnes, James E. Banner, Kecia Barber, Creighton Barron, Todd Baskett, Lucy Bass, Lasona Balls, Charlie E. Batts, Larry Bell, Beverly Bell, Anthony E. Bell, Gary Benjamin, Peira Best, Mary D. Best, Terry Black, Eartha |. Black, |ohn L. 210 Blake, Albert R. Blue, Carolyn BMhe, Rosetta Boddie, Anthony W. Balden, Reginald F. Borders, Alvin Bouluare, Faith Bov ie, Lorelle Boykin, Carlton Bovkin, Regrna Brite, Charles Brooks, Kim L. Brown, Brandon Brown, enita Brown, Kerry Brown, VV B. Brown, Rhonda C. Bryant, Kelvin Bullock. Valeria Busk, Kenneth Campbell, Terry Canty, Stella Carter, Barbara Carter. James Carter, Priscilla A. Carter, William Chance, Shanda Chance, Sonia Charles, B rank Chatman, Lee v Cherry, Stephalyn Clark, Guy Clements, Vermon Coleman, Anthony Coley, Angela L. Cooke, Pamela Coombs, Brenda Cooper, Douglas Cooper, Mildred Cotton, Cassandra Covington, Reginald W. Critlendon, Micheal Cunningham, Gwen Dark, John Davis, Alicia M. Davis, Edward Davis, Harry Davis, Herb Davis, Kalonya Davis, Shelby Davis, Stanley Davis, Yolanda C. Dawson, Lovely DeCasIro, Errol R., Jr. DeGala, |immy Deloatch, Clyton Deloach, Paula Dicken, Bevedy Dixon, Herbert Lee Dobson, Gina l£ ' €% Doe, Betty Jean Dodd, Thaddens )r. Douglass, Daphynie Drew, Felecia Drumgolo, Darryl Dupree, Danny A. Elow, Darryl Evans, Aaron Evans, Amy Fairley, Robert Feaster, Jeffrey Felton, Bennie Fenderson, Jerry Fisher, Damian Fisher, Edward D. Fisher, Jonathan Franklin, Jacqueline Frazier, Gerald Freshwater, Arron Fuller, Jacqueline Gadden, Mattie Garrett, Yolandra Galling, Marie D. Geralo, Natasha Gibson, Bonnie Glenn, Kelvin Glover, Dennis J. Godfrey, Veronica Golden, Lynda Gordon, Richard Grag, Gary G raham, Cynthia Patricia, Graham Grant, Bernard Gregory, Richard Gunn, Demelrice Hairston, )acob Hairslon, Quinlon F. Hall, lames Ham, James |r. Hanna, Kevin Hargrove, lulius Hargrove, Julian Harmon, Michael Harris, Annelte Harris, Crystal Harris, Debra Harris, Deryl Harris, Eugene Harris, Kenneth Harris, Sylvia Harris, Todd Hemingway, Pamela Henry, la ' Trenda Herndon, Patrice Hester, Teresa Hicks, Dewayne Hicks, luanita Higgins, Tammy Hill, Rebecca L. KS MM ii% ' K PI « » r ii JK w v I P ' aV 1 f Krs «7 V ' K - iPy, m 11. fl Hinlon, Alma Hiram, Harvin Hodge, Linda Horton, DelJse D. Morton, Thomas Houston, Darrell Howard, Alfred L. Jr. Howard, lames |r. Howard, Marie Hughes, Katrina Humphrey, William Humphries, Karen Hunt, Sheldon L. Ivey, Beatrice lack, Paul lackson, Donald Jacobs, Neville |r. lelks, George leffries, lames lohnson, Cedric lohnson, Monique lohnson, Paul D. lohnson, Sharona lohnson. Sheila lohnson, Yoleasa Jones, lames lones, Phoebe lones, Steven lones, Terrie Judkin, Cada Kearney, Dewintas Lamb, Tvvyler Lash, Vernice LassJIer, Willie Latia, Novella Lauren, Ralph Law, Darnves Laws, Robin C Lawrence, Ronald Leak, Evangeline Lee, Clifford Lee, Darryl LeGrande, Saundra LeMay, Audrey Lennon, Lorna Lewis, Deirdre Lewis, Mario Lide, Michelle Lillle, Tim A. Little, Martha Livingston, Jerry Lloyd, Felix Logan, Diana Logan, Kelvin Lowery, Carolyn Lowrle, Adriance Madden, Toria Manning, Cassandra Martin, Angela R. Martin, Ellrsa i J m Martin, Evelyn Martin, Frederick Martin, Shelly McCain, Sheila McClain, Laudrick O. McCoy, Robertha McCray, Kevin McDaniel, Allard McLaurin, Rosemary McNeill, Teresa McPhaul, lohn McQueen, Gloria McWilliams, Tony Mercury, Jackie Metoyer, Gregory Miller, lesse Miror, LaTonya Mitchell, Regina Mitchell, Vickie Mixen, Melvin Moody, Kathlyn Moore, Gwendolyn Moore, Oilander V. Moorehead, Saundra Morrison, Vermon M. Moye, Richard Murphy, Dwight Murray, Rozelle Mulraine, Lauren Mumford, Regina Mullocks, Harrison A. |r. Neal, Kimberly Neal, lohn Robert Neal, Wiley III Norma, Delacy Munnally, Gwendolyn OaMey, James Olliviere, Lance A. Orr, Tony Owens, Kenneth Owens, Marcia Pace, Ginger Page, Tammie Palmer, Deloris Parker, Gary Palel, Shailesh Payton, Wallace Penn, Rosila People, Napaleon Perkins, Andrea Perry, Threall Peterson, Evelyn Peterson, Wendy Phillips, Maurice Pickins, Bill Jr. Picolt, Feley Poteal, lacqueline Proctor, Stephanie Randolph, Algelica Randolph, Eushama Raynor, Kim Redd, Ellis Reuben, Walter |r. Richardson, Robert Rivers, Robert Robbins, Denita Robinson, Letila Robinson, Thomasina L. Robinson, Valerie Rochelle, Kara Rock, David Rodgers, Lisa Royal, Camella Russell, Angela Sanders, )oycelyn Scott, Joy Sessoms, Steve Sharpless, Reginald L. Shepard, Matthew Silen, Alicia Silver, Barbara Simmons, Ben Simms, Effle Sledge, Marilyn Smith, Darlene Smith, Demetrius Smith, Edward W. Jr. Smith, Michael Smith, Myra Smith, Veda Smith, Wilbert Soloman, Debra Spears, Wendy Spinks, Anthony Staley, Marcus II Stephenson, Evelyn Stewart, Rhonda Stewart, Sally Spencer, Dana Stinson, Sherry Strickland, Donna L. Stokes, Maurice Suber, Carlton Suggs, Tammy Swindler, Pam Tapp, Anita Taylor, Anita Taylor, Cynthia Teel, |oy Tharrington, )ames Thomas, Carl Thomas, Danny Thomas, Maria M. Thomas, Sharlenne Thompson, Darryl B. Thornton, Gloria Renee Timmons, Ronald Townsend, Ray E. Trisvave, Jackie Troy, Gene Tuesdale, Reginald Tucker, Michael Tucker, Sharon Tyson, Carol Umpslead, Mary Upperman, Susan Vanderpool, Brian VanDyke, Robert Vinson, Dana Wade, Alethia V. Wade, LaTonya R. Wafford, Rodney Walden, Patricia Walker, Berdenia Walker, Dwayne Walker, Sonya Walston, lodt F. Ward, Frances Waters, Gregory Watson, Belinda L. Watson, leffrey Watson, Kellie Watson, Teresa Webley, Christopher Wells, Charles Wells, Lisa West, Bonita West, David Jr. Westmorelane, Melanie Whisonant, Kevin White, Brian K. While, Bruce Xavier White, Lisa White, Rachel F. Whittinglon, Ryan Wiggins, Booker Wilkes, Pamela Wiley, Darryl Williams, Bobby Williams, Cassandra Williams, Curtis Williams, Darryl Williams, David Williams, Denise Williams, Dianiece Williams, Marcus Williams, Pamela Williams, Velletta Williams, Zina Winslaw, Charles L. II Witherspoon, Karen Woodard, Darryl Woodard, Ronald Womble, Rodney Worsley, Sharon Wright, Elbert |r. Wright, Gail Wright, Teresa Wynn, Michael Young, Gregory Young, Kurtis Zeigler, Patrice Young, Kurtis Zeigler, Patrice 223 " The Thinker " " It will be belter in the morning. " " Think I ' m smiling now, wail until this leg heals! " fe " Are you sure? " ' . ' ■ : ■ " .V.-i ST tMr! . fo 6 I Q VI fm !w; dsmsA i u lix g v _ ' aJ is- " RISING STARS Allen, Reginald Anderson, Joe E. Anderson, Pamela Bacole, Fred Bacole, Morris 226 Bailey, Karvn Baker, Alethea A. Baker, Sharon Baldwin, Maxine Ballard, Frederick Banner, Reginald Barlow, Delores Barnes, Jennifer Barnes, Michael A. Barnes, Michael Beagles, Jay Benjamin, Constance D. Beverhoudt, Celita Biggs, Kelvin Bilvetta, Thomas Bittiny, Barbara Black, Paul Blount, LaRose Bond, Jacqueline Bost, Toni Bowens, Eric Boyd, Rafeal Boyd, Ronald Bovkin, Irish Bradley, Alphonso IM« tF ' kP . Bradsher, Arlene Bright, Waller Burnett, Debra Charles, Roderick Clifton, Sylvia Brame, |ames BritI, lessie )r. Burney, lames A. Cheek, Deborah F. Coble, Debra Brent, Gerald Bryant, Roger Burton, Rupert Cherry, Robyn Cogdell, Priscilla Brewinglon, Tony Bullock, Dorathy Campbell, Georgena Clark, Avis Coleman, Anlhoney Bridges, Yolanda Buncum, Althea Carter, Harry |. Clark, Kerry Coley, Terry O. Collins, )ohn Crosby, Troy Deans, Patricia Ann Dobbins, Tracey Dye, Lisa Collins, Teresa Curry, Mary Ann Dickey, Todd Donnell, Tracie Edwards, Christine Covington, leannine Curtis, )udy Dillard, Angela Dozier, Karen Ellis, Debra Credle, Kimball Dailey, Carlotta Dixon, Myrick Dudley, Pamela Everett, Kyle Criss, Dianne D. Davis, Mary Doane, Samuel Jr. Drew, Timothy Farrington, Gwen 229 Fedster, Charlotte Ford, Charvetta Fuller, Kevin Garner, William Grant, Sharon Ferguson, Louis R. )r. Ford, Felicia Fuller, Pamela Garretl, Tauwana Graves, Priscilla Fisher, Dale Ford, Michelle Gainey, Carla Gibson, Kevin Green, Kevin Fisher, Frank Forney, Yvette Gaither, Wanda Goodard, Carl Green, Elbert II Fisher, Gina Frizzell, Keith Gamer, Donald Graham, Vanessa hiamplon, Eric fit £ WMi ' m. Hampton, Johviecia Harris, Tony Hendricks, Reginal D. Hooks, James Ingram, Tonya Hargrove, Regina Harris, Wallis Hicks, Roy Horton, Danita Isaac, Daniel Harper, Gregory Hartsfield, Regina Holloway, Andrea Renee Howard, Calvin Isaac, fames III Harrell, Ingrid Hedgepath, Patrice Holman, Alicia Howard, Vincent Jackson, Angela Harris, Diana Hemingway, Lawerence Holmes, David Howze, Annette Jackson, Greta 231 «■■»■■■ |ame , Debra ). larrett, John larves, Darlene D. lohnson, lames lohnson, Linda Johnson, Louvern Johnson, Natalie Johnson, Otio B. Ill Johnson, Reginald Johnson, Thomas Jones, Carl Jones, Darryf K. Jones, Edward L II Jones, Jennifer Jones, Rick Jones, Thomas Ray Jordon, Cindy Joynes, Slerling S. Kearney, Maurice Keith, Curtis Kemp, Anthony Key, Anita King, Jacqueline Lacy, Raymond Lake, Timothy Lawson, Stephen Lea, )erry Leak, Barbara Lee, Carietta L. Leftwich, Cecil Lester, Sherry Leverick, |oAnn Little, Edwin E. Jr. Little, Tracey Lowe, Dwayne A. Lybrand, William Lyies, Wallace Lynch, janese Lynch, Sybil Lynn, Steven Lyons, Emmy Magette, Darryl Majette, Reggie L. Malone, Everett V. N4ar1in, Demetria Martin, Russell Maske, LaRon Mauldin, Daniel McAllister, Anthonv McAllister, Gloria McCombs, leannie Mckenzie, Tracy Means, Wallace Moye, Charles Norggins, Wandy Y McCray, Peler McKissie, Timothy Miller, Annette Murdock, Donna Nesbitt, Jonathan McDaniels, Rosalyn McLaughlin, Allison Mitchell, Emma Murphy, Desiree Nelson, Karen McGee, Slella McLean, Scott Moore, Charlie Murphy, Octanius Owens, Maria A. Mclnlosh, VVillif til McNeill, Warren Moore, Douglas V. Morrell, Mark O ' Neal, Michelle Oakley, Ruby Payne, Alvin Pettiford, Robert Ramseur, Monty Reid, Louie Patterson, Julian |r. Peppers, Frances Pitts, Mary Randall, Marvin Reid, Roland Pattishall, Temple Person, Doris Powell, Rodney Rankin, Cynthia Respus, Angela Parker, Deborah Peters, Nicole Rahming, Lloyd Ray, Antonio Richards, Jovanka Parker, Richard Pettie, Phillips Raleigh, Brian Ray, Richard Richardson, Angela 235 ilMNHP Richardson, Todd Ross, Gregory Russ, Sonia Sellers, Ronald Sifford, James Roberts, Rosalie Ross, Marvin Russell, Roby Sellers, Wayne Siler, Kathy Robinson, Norma Rucker, |ody Scales, Norma Shaw, Angela Simmons, Nancy Robinson, Ray )r. Rush, lustine Scoll, Evelyn Shellon, |erry Simpson, Veronique Roddy, Tony Rush, Teresa Scoll, Karen P. Shepard, Earl Sledge, Keith Smith, Alexis Smith, Tanya Streater, Karen Taylory, Richard Thorpe, Steven Smith, Denise Smith, Yolanda Summey, Deidre Terrell, Deborah Tillman, Stephanie Smith, Keith Smith, lohn Taylor, Gregory H. Thonias, D ' Amata Trakas, Chris Smith, Lisa Spicer, )ohn Taylor, Kevin D. Thomas, |anet R. Umstead, Davie Smith, Phyllis Springfield, Clyde Jr. Stinson, Donna Taylor, Monty Thorton, Eric Valentine, lames MS f Wooding, Arthur Worthington, fl P B Wright, Sandra Walker, Sandra Warren, Maurice Warren, Valerie Water, Ernest Watson, Daryl Weaver, Michael Whilaker, Tracey While, Teresa Wilder, Stephen Williams, Benjamin Williams, Bertha Williams, Gillis B. Williams, Terrance Williams, Wanda Williams, David Williamson, lorene Wilson, David A. Wilson, Beveriy Wills, Hilda Wilson, Marchetle STUDENT LIFE nmMHH Allen, Phenecia A. Arnani, Julian Austin, Darryl Baber, Michelle Ba by, Alan Bailey, Mersha Baldwin, Harold Barber, Ellon Barretl, Robert Bartlett, Hope Baxter, Lenora K. Bean, Shawnette Beatty, Darlene Beatly, Wanda Bell, Walter JUNIOR SIGNATURES ■BiilililliH Bells, Gregory Bennett, Mildred Best, Dexter Black, Johnnie Blakeney, Charlie R. fflf Blue, Arthur L. )r. Boney, Morteena D. Boswell, Morris Bowen, Maxfield Bridges, Jennifer Britlon, Reginald Brooks, Kelvin Brooks, Matthew )r. Bryant, Patricia Burke, Anita M. Burt, Janet Butts, Derrick A. Caldwell, Karen Calloway, Kelvin M. Cameron, Sharon Carmichael, Eric Cason, Warren Casterlow, Gloria Chism, Patrick |. Clark, leffery Codey, Keith Cosby, Kelvin Covington, Thomas Cozarl, Leamon Crank, Arlisa Crews, laVenia CunninRham, Brenda Cureton, Michael Daniels, Michael Davis, Helen Davis, Walter Deans, Carl Deese, )ohn Dennis, Michael W. Evans, Donald Evans, Dwayne Evans, |oan Evans, Salinder Dillard, Greg Dixon, Doris Dixon, Regina Dobson, Kim Ducket, Karen Duncan, Shawn Dunn, Kelvin Easlmond, Cathy Edwards, Marilyn Elliot, Lisa Ellison, B.E. English, Anthony English, Sharon Etheridge, James B. Evans, Angela HHPS Everett, Kathy Fairley, Deborah Faison, Ricky Felder, Jason Fields, Annie D. Fisher, Timothy Fleming, Caria Floyd, Valencia Ford, Marcie Foster, Rita Fountain, Christopher France, James Freeman, Tracy Fritz, Daniel Gaines, Todd Gardner, Pamela Garland, Janice Gavin, Victor Gibson, Cheryl Gilbert, Frank Goodard, Gregory Greene, John Guye, Artfs Hacket, Trace Hardison, Michael Harris, Susan Harrison, Michele Harrison, Renee Hawkins, Waller [ones, Kelvin kellv, Elisa kendall, Myra killelt, ]eanettd Hawley, Saundra Hemingway, Stephanie Hightovver, Bryon Hili, Glenda Hill, Sandra Hills, Stroza A. Hill, Valerie Hughes, Lashoor Humphrey, Edna Igoni, Abisebi Ingram, Jeff Isaac, Leander A. Jackson, Denise lackson, lames |r. lackson, Jeftery B. Jacobs, Debra E. lanifer, David lenkins, Rhonda Johnson, Curtis Johnson, Noma lohnson, Orlando T. Johnson, Ricky L. )ones, Gronna Jones, Joey lones, Karen 245 HMHiniV King, |ov King, Pamela Kirby, Milton Kirkland, Christopher C. Knight, Douglas Lawrence, Constance Lee, Tony Legrand, Tommy |r. Leit, Earl M. Lewis, |oe Liles, John Little, Berlinda Little, Tonia Lockhart, Will B. Logan, Stacey Long, Alonzo Long, Teresa Love, Leslie M. Lowery, Tim Lucas, Deborah Lyons, Lionel Keith, Mackey Mainor, Karen Martin, Fentress Martin, Ulysses III Massenburg, Warrenetta Massey, )ames Matthews, Wendel Maxwell, Linda McArthur, Angelo McBryde, Cassandra McDonald, William M. McCee, laSondra McKenzie, Vanessa McLaughlin, Catherine McMillan, Sandra McNeil, Tracy Miller, Franklin Miller, Patricia Mitchell, Palmer F. Moore, Cheryl Moore, )ulius Morgan, Vanessa Morris, Kenneth A. i MBM Morrow, Anthony Moye, Charles Muldrow, Shari Murrell, Barbara Neal, Daniel Nelson, Eric Newkirk, Vann Nicholson, Jacqueline Nowlin, Leon O ' Neil, Cynthia Owens, Fannie Parker, O ' Hara Parker, Tony Patillo, Teresa Patton, Demetrius Payne, Michael Paylon, Ronnie Peace, Karone Peak ., lames )r. Pearsall, Garry E. Penny, Vanessa L. Perry, TerrJ Perry, Zollie III Peterson, |oseph Pettiford, Regina Petti ord, Toni Pettit, Antonio Phillips, Milton Pickett, Glynis Piltsman, Rossie Powell, Lemuel Ragland, Harold Rainey, Yul Ramseur, Anita Redd, lacquelyn Reid, Beverly Richards, Valerie Richards, Yvette Riley, Beverly Robbins, Angela Roberson, |etf Roberts, Bryan Robinson, Anna M. Rochelle, Marion Rock, Michael Roger, Lance C. Rogers, Natalie Rogers, Scottie M . W vf Rogers, William Rooks, Calvin Ross, Thurman Rouse, Anthony Rucker, Ronald Russell, jacquelina Scn en, Robert Shaw, Hilton M. Shaw, Milton Shepard, Robert Sidberrv, Pamela Silver, OIlie Simmons, Gloria Simmons, Zeke Sledge, Michael Small, Ricardo Smith, Charles Smith, Clifton ). Smith, Donita Smith, Stanley E. Smitherman, Kim Speus, Stephanie Stephens, David Stephenson, Carlton ■ Stevens, Blanchie M. Stevenson, Derrick Taylor, Ricky Taylor, Shirley Terry, Gary Terry, Pamelia Thomas, Carolyn S. Thomas, Demetria L. Thomas, Joseph L. Thompson, Barbara Thompson, Kyle Thompson, Michael Thornton, Deidre Todman, Carmen Torrence, Alicia Townsend, Sandra Toyner, Roslyn TruitI, Kyle Tucker, Bonnie Tucker, David W. Tuner, Wanda VanField, Traci Wall, Dwaync Wall, Ricky Ward, Cynthia Washington, lackie Washington, Sheldonia Walkins, Beecher Weatherly, Lanee 250 Week , Elzora D. Wheeler, Kelvin Whitaker, Bernita A. Whilaker, Tony While, Greg Whitener, Gregory Whitselt, Brenda Wiggin, lerome Wilderson, Christopher Williams, Cathy Williams, Charles Williams, Donald Williams, Donna Williams, Earl Williams, Johnny III Williams, Leonard Williams, Malrnda Williams, Sandra Williams, Sarah Williams, Sharon Williams, Vickie Willis, Vondelia Wilson, John Wilson, Randolph Wilson, Renee Woodard, Angela Woods, Ronald Wyrick, lerry Yelverton, Clement 251 THE MEMORY OF THE SENIORS Over the years, thru the loys and the pain. The joys will still always remain. All the friends we made thru the years, Sharing our laughter and our tears. We may leave but we will never forget. All the accomplishments we achieve and set. How we struggled in our homework and life. To make everything perfect, to make it just right. Indeed the good times have covered the bad. When we leave, we just might be sad. Sad to have come so far, leaving many things behind. But glad to have made it and learned how to survive. As we walk out in today ' s world right now. We will have the experience and know-how. But these advantages are not enough. Competition in the job market will be tough. We ' ve come a long way we know. But we still have a long way to go. Mary Ann )ones Front to back Pam Christian — Class Queen Clifton D. Rhodes — Vice President Vivian Rene Lewis — Secretary Ray D. Lowe, II — Treasurer ■HiH pT .„..-....,; R. it m H i ' |_ -. N ■ r ll - M I at. 1 - . iifl f-m ■ ' 1 1 ..,. Hf S v.. -iB n w ,4Hh . AkPA, Vidnr OntyeBuchi Alfnrd, Vernal Andrews, Bru e 1 . Alwaler, Tonja Alt ' xanritT, (t ' TV Alkk, Donna Arey, Kenneth Aulry, Traty Michelle Alexander. Mark Almond, Dorothy t. Artis, Angelia 1. Bailey, |anel Alexander, Sandra Alston, les ie Ashby, Alfred Baker, Reginald Bdllard. |a Barham, tve Marie Baxtell, Sandra Bennett, Karen Ballou, Viola Barnes, David Beamon, Jeffrey Bennett, Rose Bannister, Deborah Barnwell, Deborah F. Bell, Wallace Belton, James S Barber, Jeffrey Barrett, Belinda Bennett, Grover Belton, Phyllis Berry, Ellean Bethea, Rodney Blackmon, Simone Renee Bogans, lames Bess, Forsilhia E. B ' RRV Angela Biackstock, Sandra L. Body, Pamela BesI, Durwood Bird, Caria Blake, Michael Anthony Boyd, Gina Best, Linwood Blackmon, Arlene P. Blue, Phyllis LaVelle Bratton, Timothy 1 H Brewinpton, Ceasar Brinklev, Carol Brodie, Keith Brooks, Marsha C. Brown, Eric Brown, Fredrick Brown, Gar Wayne Brown, James Brown, James B. Brown, Kenneth Brown, Kim Brown, Raymond Brown, Shirley Brown, Sonja Brown, Svreda Bruce, Lonzella O. Bryant, Joseph Burnt ' , Gene Butler, Sandra E. Camp, Claytenna A Bryanl, Mclver Burns, Tonya Butts, Arthur O., )r. Campbell, Carey Bryant, Timothy Butler, Gloria Butts, Gwendolyn A. Capehart, Willie R. Bryant, Valerie Butler, Lawson L. Caldwell, Vernon Carmon, Fletcher Carroll, Brenda Carry, Margaret Carter, Margaret Calhrell, Brian H ip r H x 7 ._ - 1 Chavis, Mickey Cheslon, Shawn Pralrice Chestnut, Anthony Chestnut, Jacqueline Christian, Pamela Coble, Harolyn Kay Coles, Carleton D., )r, Collins, Nathaniel Cook, Everett Cooke, Terrie Cooper, Anthony Cooper, Brenda 259 Cooper, Debra L. Collen, Annette Gotten, lames Covington, Elli , Jr. Covington, [esse Crawford, Tanya L. Crocker, Addieleen Gaylore Crouch, Erich G. Cunningham, Letitia Curry, Wanda Dalton, Jennifer Daniel, Lynnette Davis, Deborah Davis, Larry D. Davis, Mona Davis, Robin M. H He% " H M k. Jm Davis, Violet ). Degree, Anita Dilegard, Angela Y. Dubose, Dorothy A. Dave, Felicia R. DeLaine, Louis B. Doe, Georgia Lynelte Dunn, Natalie Dean, Gregory |. Delaine, Richard Douglas, Karen Dunston, Theardis L. Debnam, Stephanie L. Deveaux, Kelvin Draughn, Patricia Durnell, Nannetta Edwards, Gary tdwards, Sandra G. Eller, Sonja T. Emodogo, Paul Enoch, Sandra Smith Eubanks, Mark T. Evans, Cheryl D. Faye, Myrick Feasler, Selwyn A. Ferrt ' lU ' , Chandra Forges, Felix Forbes, Fergus Ford, [Ronald Forle, Sheila M. Foster, Antonio W. Foster, Charles .!-.y«; -!N? 6- ' :. Franklin, Patricia Fuller, Bobby Garnetl, Shari Gilkerson, James Franks, Gary Fullmore, Lalonia Gaston, Angella Gill, Anthony freeman, lohnny Fullwood, Dale Austin George, laye Glover, Anthony Freeman, Kim Gardner, Charlene Gerst, Vida Glover, Pamela Goodt-n, HerbtTl Graham, Oavid Griffin, Shelia Faye Hatkelt, Kimbedy Goodman, Kerry Grale, Anthony Braden Griffin, Shirley Hadden, Rander Goss, Ronald W. Gray, Cheryl Grimes, Kenneth Ha ins, Diane Grady, Norman Greene, Cecelia Grimes, Kenneth Lee Haith, Wanda C. 1 ? Hall, Gregory Harrell, Michael Hartsileld, James Hayes, Anthony Hall, Gregory Kelvin Harrell, Sandra ). Har e , Derrick Hayes, Doris Hamlett, Barbara A. Harris, Michael E. Harvev, Ra Havgood, Robert H Hamlin, Michael Harris, Phillip Harvey, Shelia Headen, Lynetle Hc nins, Sheila Ht-k ' tn, Robert Herring, Howard Hester, Alite Hines, Herman |erome Hines Michael Hodges, Willie Holmes, Brenda Holmes, Clifford R. Hooker, Franklin Hooper, Carol Hope, Sleven Hopkins, Norberl Horfon, Phillip Horton, Trudy Howard, Cynthia Howell, Cyril Hurl, Sherry E. Jenkins, Angela Johnson, Gloria Howell, Norris Ingram, George H., |r. lennings, Twanda )ohnson, Michael Humphrey, Norman L. Ingram, Jessica Ie(er, Covina Johnson, Michael E Huntley, Shirley Jacobe, Toni Johnson, Dennis W. Jones, Cynthia |. Joni ' s, Jacqueline lones, Kamona ludfte, Roland Kelly, leannetta lone- , Karen lones, Rudy Keith, Ellis Knight, Jacqueline lones, Kaltie lones, Timothy Keith, Melvin L. Knight, Vicky Lynn |one , Loi Jones, Vanessa Kelley, Lana lanier, Micahel Lanier, Patricia Lavison, Torrance Lester, Betty Linne , Anionic Lavkrence, Christopher Leak. Alberta Lewis, Belinda Linn , Annie Lawson, |erome Ledbetter, Julius E. Lewis, Michael Long, Eric Lawson, Lorrance Ledbetter, Kimberly Lewis, Vivian Lopez, loseph Lucas, Calvin Macon, Porter |., Ill Manning, Billy |oe Martin, Richard Lynch, Alvester Maddox, juanJIa Marshall, |ohn Matthews, )ohn Mack, Leroy Mallory, Palrkia Martin, |ody Matthias, )ohnny-Ayim Nyian Mack, Rico Malone, Ray Martin, Kalhy McCarty, Tuanya A. McCauley, Zelda M. McCormick, Cynthia McCoy, Georgetia McCoy, lob Samuel McRae, Larry McDonald, lacqueline McDougal, Amy McMillan, Cheryl D. McNeil, tarl, Jr. Mercer, Harold Miller, Belinda Millner, Brenda Mims, Gregory Mitchell, Francine Mitchell, Scottie Mock, Sharie Monroe, Diann Moore, Annelle Moore, Patricia Morehead, Karen Monroe, Toni Moore, Brenda Kay Moore, Sharon Morgan, Hokey Neal Monlgomery, Slacey Moore, Daryll Moore, Tonoah Morrisey, Osie Moody, leffrey Moore, Gloria Moor, Tony Morrow, Levelda Morrow, Mar in Nixon, Vangeline Page, Renila Parson, Ten Neal, Angela Ogburn, |ohn, II Parker, William Partlow, Diana Neal, Derrick Oseni, Alliyu Parks, Norma Payton, Linda Nixon, Gail Outerbridge, Reginald Parsley, Vickie Peace, Manuel Perry, Teresa D. Toppers, Phillemon Pitkney, Dennis Pierce, Debra PiRford, Michael Pollard, Nelson Pope, Darrell Powell, Virgil Ramsey, Anthony Q. Randolph, Darius Ray, Carolyn Reavis, Cynthia Reece, Tony Reed, Sandra Reid, Cynthia Renthrow, Sharon Rhodes, Cliflon Richardson, Thomas E. Riddick, Wayne Roberson, Deborah Roberts, Brenda Robinson, Billie E. Robinson, lames Robinson, Rosemaria Rochelle, Ramona K. Roddy, |oe Rogers, Kenneth Rogers, Ronald Rogers, Rose M. Rogers, William Ross, B. M. Camilla Ross, Janet 275 Roundlref, Marlhea Sanders, Deborah Scott, Phyllis Sessoms, Donita R Roysler, Maurice Sanders Stephanie Seagars, Helena Sharpe, Deborah Ruffin, Wanda Saunders, Avis Seldon, Michael Shields, Tangela Samuel, Carol O. Scales, Reginald Sellars, Carmelila Shokes, Jacqueline 276 Silcoll, Allenton Singletary, Wanda Smith, Don M. Smith, Shirley Siler, Clara Sledge, Keith Smith, Garland D. Sounders, Bryon Simmons, Angela M. Smallwood, Wanda Smith, Keith Soulherland, Lynneli Simmons, Lorraine Smelley, Michelle D. Smith, Ricky Earl Southern, Lisa Sprinj s, Harold L., )r. Stevenson, JoAnne Taylor, Sheila Thompson, Linda Spruill, Ellen Sulton, Orlando Thomas, Henry, )r. Thompson, Therrall Slarnes, Vonnie Swann, DJIthra Thompkins, Cheryl Tolten, Norma lean Sleadman, Desiree Tanner, Harvey Thompson, Fred E., Jr. Truernier, Paul vines, Gloria Wall, Darryl Wardlow, Michael Webster, Yvette Vital, George Wall, Terr! E. Washington, Charles Welch, Gregory D Waddell, lames C, Jr. Walker, Alvernon Watkins, Michael R. Werts, Louis Wade, Sharon Wallon, Michael Weaver, James C. Whitaker, Beatrice White, Daniel Williams, Audrey Williams, Gwendolyn Williams, Lindberg, |r White, Franklin P., |r. Williams, Carol L. Williams, lames Williams, Sonova Whiteside, Dwayne Williams, Constance Williams, lames Williams, Tilda Wilder, Sandra Williams, Gerald Williams, Kalrina Williams, Wrenwyck Wilson, Pamela Yarborough, Terri Wofford, Dorothy Younger, Theodore Woodard, Tammy K. Zachary, LaVerne Wright, Clarence Zachary, Reitha Black wilh dazzling blue, a winning choice for Junes busy campus life, -ong-sleeve sweater, $27; pleated skirl, $29 — botfi in acrylic knit by Present Company Cardigan in mohair and nylon by Esprit, $59. »June s favorite fiookups? Soft, nubby textures that really work together. Like this showl-collar vest in wool, acrylic and polyester, $40. Ruffle-collar cotton blouse, $39. Cotton corduroy tapered- leg pants, $44. All by Esprit. For more information, see page 132 Hailing from Long Island, N.Y., June is a sophomore at North Carolina A T State University. After graduating with o degree n accounting, she plans to con- tinue her education both ' in and out of the classroom. " My life is an ongoing education, " says June. " I may change subjects, but I ' ll never rgg je arning. " 1982 Essence 77 WE ' LL BE CLAD WHEN THE DAY IS OVER " FALL 82 LINES: A FEW MORE MILES TO CO DR. A.W. SPRUILL Graduate education at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University was authorized by the North Carolina State Legislature in 1939. The authorization provided for graduate training in agriculture, applied science and allied areas of study. An extension of the graduate program, approved by the General Assembly of North Carolina in 1957, provided tor enlargement of the program to include teacher education as well as such other programs of a professional or occupational nature as might be approved by the State Board of Higher Education, OBJECTIVES OF THE GRADUATE SCHOOL The Graduate School of North Carolina Agricultural Technical State University offers advanced study for qualified individuals who wish to improve their competence for careers in professions related to agriculture, applied science, education, science research, technology, the humanities and the social sciences. Such study of information and techniques is provided through courses of study leading to the Master of Science degree and through institutes, workshops, and individual courses designed for those who are not candidates for a higher degree but who desire advanced work in certain fields of study. Second, the Graduate School provides the foundation of knowledge and of techniques required for those who wish to continue their education in doctoral programs at other institutions. Third, the Graduate School assumes the responsibility of stimulating and encouraging scholarly research among students and faculty members It IS expected that, in the course of their studies, graduate students (I) will have acquired special competence in at least one field of knowledge; (2) will have developed further their ability to think independently and constructively; and (3) will have developed and demonstrated the ability to collect, organize, evaluate, and report facts which will enable them to make a contribution in their field of study. BALDWIN, ElZENIA READING EDUCATION WHITEVIILE, NC BELL, BENITA P. CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT GREENSBORO, NC CLARK, ALISON READING EDUCATION LAURENS, SC DUNN, DEROME O. ENGINEERING WHITSETT, NC ELLINGTON, BARBARA A. AGRICULTURE ECONOMICS CHARLOTTE, NC GRAY, QUINTIN AGRICULTURE ECONOMICS WILLIAMSTON, NC CRICE, ANTHONY t. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING WASHINGTON, DC HEDRICK, WANDA BURNS ELEMENTARY EDUCATION LIBERTY, NC HUGGINS, GLADYS READING GRADUATION GREENSBORO, NC HUNT, WILLIE G. SOCIAL SCIENCE WINSTON-SALEM, NC IMAFIDON, TIMOTHY O. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING NIGERIA JACKSON, ANTHONY " T) • ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING WASHINGTON, DC POWELL, WILLIAM 5. GUIDANCE EDUCATION HIGH POINT, NC RHODES, JOHN EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY GUIDANCE GREENSBORO. NC WATTANATHORN MANUSRUNCSRI AGRICULTURE ECONOMICS BANGkOK, THAILAND WILLIAMS, ROBIN CHYRECE HEALTH, PHYSICAL EDUCATION RECREATION GREENSBORO, NC WILSON, ANTONIA Z. CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT BALTIMORE, MD WOODSON, MARGARET A. CHEMISTRY COLUMBIA, SC 03 u OD O u U ' c S 3 C C o OJ O c £ 3 in C o n z H v " E OJ o =3 03 0; D. ,0 OJ CQ X) OJ O c ■13 1— E £ -Q 1 1 n3 E C 0; 03 5 a 2 C Zl ■D ' 03 tn E c l7 ,C 00 c 03 X aj " O OJ c Q. 0) X) 3 c OJ 0) ■5 1— C c OJ c 03 OJ c T3 o c E 3 E E u 01 " 2 01 c OJ 00 OJ OJ OJ 00 OJ oe LT) ,0 a; c TJ 03 E o 00 03 ■a tj OJ 03 " 0 Q ae Q tA ' S 01 " OJ u uu -C 00 c 0: c 03 a. 00 c c OJ OJ SO j= x: ty E ■ _c OJ Q. V a -D o E " iX E 03 c oi OJ Oj OJ 0; c C D _c _3 D OJ 03 C CQ ■a c 03 a; 3 g 03 X c tTi _c: c Q i D 00 c 00 c: ,0 u OJ 5 ■0 OJ _0J 03 u OJ c 03 O Q. 3 c a; Oj OJ OJ JZ u TO 01 H ■ 03 D E - 01 03 00 13 03 ID O u T3 00 c D £ D 03 OJ =J C c u u 1— Z OJ O u OJ c g 1— 1— 0) OJ 5 E =3 03 E Q. JZ OJ -C OJ Q. OJ 1- 0) U H- OJ Q. Q. c .£} J A N U A R Y 1 5 T H I HAVE A DREAM I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today. I have a dream that one day . . . little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls and walk together as sisters and brothers . . . When we let freedom ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all Cod ' s children, black men and white men, jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to |oin hands and sing in the words of that Old Negro spiritual, " Free at last ' Free at last ' Thank Cod almighty, we are free at last! " -Dr Martin Luther king, |r. AN OUTSTANDING AMERICAN HERO 1929-1968 SUPREME COURT JUSTICE HENRY E. FRYE 1953 . . . A T GRADUATE B.S. IN BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE SUMMA CUM LAUDE 1959 . . . UNC LAW SCHOOL GRADUATE ID. DEGREE WITH HONOR Whl . . . APPOINTED ASSISTANT U.S. ATTORNEY (first black in N.C.) 1%5-67 . PROFESSOR OF LAW N.C. CENTRAL UNIVERSITY 1970 . 1981 ELECTED TO N.C. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES (First black this century. Served in the House until, 1980. APPOINTED TO N.C. ADVISORY BUDGET COMMISSION. ELECTED TO THE BOARD OF N.C. MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. 1972 FOUNDED GREENSBORO NATIONAL NATIONAL BANK— served as its President until 1982. ELECTED TO THE N.C. SENATE APPOINTED TO THE N.C. SUPREME COURT (FIRST BLACK) V DR. BERT PIGGOTT NORTH CAROLINA A T STATE UNIVERSITY VS NORTH CAROLINA STATE THE ALMA MATER Dear A, T,, Dear A. T., A monument indeed! Around thy base with grateful hearts Behold thy students kneel We Bless the power that gave thee birth To help us in our need. We ' ll ever strive while here on earth All loyalty to yield. Chorus With |oy, with joy, dear A T. Thy students turn from thee To spread their trophies year by year From Dare to Cherokee. Dear A. T., Dear A. T. The signet thou shalt be. Set by our own great Commonwealth, Proud boaster of the free; She ' d have the record of her worth On granite not inscribed, Nay, Let the children of her birth Proclaim it by their lives Dear A. T., Dear A. T Hence forth our aim shall be. By precept wise and deeds more sure To bless the State through thee. The arts of industry to yield Against the idle foe, A harvest rich from ripened fields Ol what thy students sow. GENERAL INFORMATION North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University HISTORICAL STATEMENT North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University was established as the A. and M. College for the " Colored Race " by an act of the General Assembly of North Carolina ratified March 9. 1981. The act read in part: That the leading object of the institution shall be to teach practical agriculture and the mechanic arts and such branches of learning as relate thereto, not excluding academical and classical instruction The College began operation, ' during the school year of 1890-91, before the passage of the state law creating it. This curious circumstance arose out of the fact that the Morrill Act passed by Congress in 1890 earmarked the proportionate funds to be allocated in bi-racial school systems to the two races. The A. and M, College for the White Race was established by the State Legislature in ' 1889 and was ready to receive its ' share of funds provided by the ' Morrill Act in the Fall of 1890, Before the college could receive these funds, I however, it was necessary to make provisions for Colored students, i Accordingly, the Board of Trustees of ! the A. and M. College in Raleigh was empowered to make temporary arrangements for these students, A plan was worked out with Shaw University in Raleigh where the College operated as an annex to Shaw University during the years 1890-1891, 1891-1892, and 1892- 1893 The law of 1891 also provided that the College would be located in such city or town in the State as would make to the Board of Trustees a suitable proposition that would serve as an inducement for said location, A group of interested citizens in the city of Greensboro donated fourteen acres of land for a site and $11,000 to aid in constructing buildings. This amount was supplemented by an appropriation of $2,500 from the General Assembly The first building v as completed in 1893 and the College opened in Greensboro during the fall of that year In 1915 the name of the institution was changed to The Agricultural and Technical College of North Carolina by an Act of the State Legislature The scope of the college program has been enlarged to take care of new demands The General Assembly authonzed the institution to grant the Master of Science degree in education and certain other fields in 1939. The first Master ' s degree was awarded in 1941. The School of Nursing was established by an Act of the State Legislature in 1953 and the first class was graduated in 1957. The General Assembly repealed previous acts describing the purpose of the College in 1957, and redefined its purpose as follows: " The primary purpose of the College shall be to teach the ,Agricultural and Technical Arts and Sciences and such branches of learning as related thereto, the training of teachers, supervisors, and administrators for the public schools of the State, including the preparation of such teachers, supervisors and administrators for the Master ' s degree. Such other programs of a professional or occupational nature may be offered as shall be approved by the North Carolina Board of Higher Education, consistent with the appropriations made therefor. " The General Assembly of North Carolina voted to elevate the College to the status of a Regional University effective luly 1, 1967. On October 30, 1971, the General Assembly ratified an Act to consolidate the Institutions of Higher Learning in North Carolina. Under the provisions of this Act, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University became a constituent institution of The University of North Carolina effective luly 1, 1972. Six presidents have served the Institution since it was founded in 1891. They are as follows: Dr. ).0. Crosby, (1892-1896), Dr lames B. Dudley, (1896-1925), Dr F.D. Bluford (1925-1955), Dr. Warmoth T. Gibbs (1956-1960), Dr Samuel DeWitt Proctor, (1960-1964), and Dr. Lewis C. Dowdy, who was elected President April 10, 1964 Dr Cleon F. Thompson, Jr., served as Interim Chancellor of the Institution from November 1, 1980 until August 31, 1981. Dr. Edward B. Fort assumed Chancellorship responsibilities on September 1, 1981. PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVES OF THE UNIVERSITY North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University is one of the two land-grant institutions located in the State. It is a comprehensive University with an integrated faculty and student body offering degrees at the baccalaureate and master ' s levels. The purpose of the University is to provide an intellectual setting where students in higher education may find a sense of identification, belonging, responsibility, and achievement that will prepare them for roles of leadership and service in the communities where they will live and work. In this sense, the University serves as a laboratory for the development of excellence in teaching, research and public service. The program of the University focuses on the broad fields of agriculture, engineering, technology, business, education nursing, the liberal arts and science The major objectives of the University as approved by the faculty in 1977 are as follows: 1 To help students to improve their communication skills 2. To assist students in developing their power of critical thinking 3 To aid students in developing self-confidence and a positive self-image 4. To assist students in developing indepth competence in at least one subject area 5. To insure adequate career preparation for students that will enable them to lead productive lives 6. To develop innovative instructional programs that will meet the needs of a diverse student body 7. To develop and maintain undergraduate and graduate programs of high academic quality and excellence 297 I 4 Dr. Sampson Buie Director oi Alumni Affairs Drexet Ball Sports Information Director Dr. Romeo Brion Comptroller and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Affairs PHI SIGMA ETA 982 X- From left to rigtit— Seved Ali Yelirangian— Iran, Patrick Walson— Nigeria, Nantol B.T. Siman-Nigeria, Murali K.K. Deduiri, India, M.A. Burnette, Advisor, lanaka Edirisinghe, Founder and President— Sri Lanka, Rakesh V. Tiwari, India, Ikectiukwu C. Onvemem, Secretary— Nigeria, Herbert Nwankvvo, Nigeria, Maurice O. Mzwinila, Botswana, Hanumaiah L. Gowda, India— Marie A. Fredrick, India and Collin R. Burrell, Treasurer— lamaica— Members not in picture are Ebrahim A. Al-Nuaimi— Qatar, Avsen AriTurkev, Golgen Bengu— Turkey, Clemence Dube, Zimbabwe, Adadamola G. Ekundayo— Nigeria Amair Qurestii— Pakistan, V. ). Ranchander— India, Allluri Ravindra — India 299 ERA OF PROGRESS ACADEMIC FACILITY WE NEED OUR ID. CARDS TO MAN. -„ -ti , -«■■ Ready for Class Assignments. Chillin Out After Registration DR. RONALD MC NAIR £ t WMm The self is found where there is personal awareness, reflective thinking, ethical and aesthetical discrimination, apprecia- tion for all mankind Ron McNair has possessed all of these qualities of self, McNair is one of the nation ' s first three Black Astronaut candidates. Edolphus Towns, a 1956 graduate of A T State University, became the first A T graduate ever to be elected to Con- gress. Towns won tfie 11th Congressional seat from Brooklyn. A native of Chadbourn, N. C, Towns majored in Sociology at A T. Towns is currently the first black to serve as Depu- ty Borough President of Brooklyn LL- - z a. X LU I I y 5 9 o o U I 1- O X u o z 5 o Q Z u z I z z o z 306 1 BLACK HISTORY MONTH OBSERVANCE THE STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION AND THE POLITICAL SCIENCE SOCIETY PRESENT n, 9o ?» BLACK POLITICS IN THE 80 ' S Featured Speaker: H. M. " Mickey " Michaux STUDENT UNION BALLROOM 1 N F T R H 1 E E N S n T L U Y n E F N A T C E U S N I O N -r ' ifi MRS. PATRICIA MILLER MR. ROBERT HARDY PUBLIC SAFETY OFFICER ; 4 -:) MRS. CRACIE FINLEY MRS. CARRIE DRAKE MRS. HELEN WALDRUM 1982-83 LYCEUM PROGRAM SUNDAY, OCTOBER 31, 1982 8:00 P. M. HARRISON AUDITORIUM GOLDOVSKY OPERA THEATRE Puccini ' s La Boheme in English Boris Goldovsky, Artistic Direc tor FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3, 1982 8:00 P. M. HARRISON AUDITORIUM MAYA ANGELOU, AUTHOR, LECTURER WrjJNESDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1982 | 8:00 P. M. HARRISON AUDITORIUM 1. EASY MOVING COMPANY SUNDAY, APRIL 10, 1983 8:00 P. M. HARRISON AUDITORIUM ANDRE CAMERON, VIOLIST March 1983 S M T W T F S 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 K rtU b J . ?_! SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY 1 093 272 »a EASTER SUNDAY 094271 EASTER HOLIDAY 095 270 5 FKHIHn - AHC 1 00 «.,-3:00 rm INIVtR ' .ITV FAC; LTV SENATE MEETING 100,266 10 Mu.sic Depi. Electronic Music Concer t Facul ty Recital - HA 2:00 pm - Until 101 ' 264 11 CENTRAL APMIMSTRATION MEETrSC 102 263 ia PRt-RECISTRATION FOR FALL BEGINS Graduatt Club Meeting 107, 258 MU51C Dept. Unlv. Choir Concert rjt . iam Barber 1:00- J:00 ptn-HA In tern.-, t Siudtnt s Vol Icyb l 1 ( " .ume - M(. JAl lONAI. LIBPAKV MUNTH 108 257 IB NATIONAL LIBRAKI MONTH CENTRAL ir.MINISTIlATrON MhETINn 109 256 IS NATIONAL LIBRAHy MONTH 1 14.- A P.tCOftl ' T Xfi rKF 61 i 115 250 ss r.STRAl ci lMSTRATION IMG 1 16 249 S6 WEDNESDAY THURSDAY EXHIBIT - AHC 9;00 ara-3:00 pm EXHIBIT - AHC 9:00 am- 3: 00 pm FHIDAY 1 GOOD FRIDAY PASTER hCLIDAYS BEGIN Interna r. J onal Students iOCCER £XHiB!TION LXHIBIT - AHC :0G aa-l:00 pc APRIL SATURDAY Outdoor Fair ( !n co- operatiot: with SCA . Forcigh Students in Plednont Hegion) 2:00-5:00 pni Away International Students ricnic Cook-Jut 12:00-5:00 pr. Music I ept. NC Cultural Arts Coal it ion SyrT posiun 0:00-10:00 pa-HA 13 1 16 rR£-S.£C:STRATION FOR FAi: STRATION- FOB FNt-SE.GliTRATIUS FOR Fall EXHIBIT - Art- ' 9:00 ara-3:00 i AIR FORCE ROTC PICNIC ARMY ROTC PICNIC SO S1 NAli . ' SA„ LIBRARY MONT.-. EOARD MEETING Board Routn Dowdy Adninlscracion 31dg. IBRARi MONTH IBRARi MONTH DISTRISLTION OF 1953 AVANTEF YEARBr-OKS IBRARY MONTH 120 245 27 30 AiR FORCE ROTC-DISING ARMY ROTC-ilMS. GRa: £5 LhVF FOR oraix;atinc sti.-dests iktramirai 5p0rt5 PRfKRAM EN: 5 NATIONAL TEACHER EXAM (Speciality Area) MHA 8:10 aa INTERNA " TLA, S lONAL STT ' DEST P i CHAT " - Mli HISTORICAL LIFE Life! I know not what thou art. But know that thou and I must part; And when, or how, or where we met I own to me ' s a secret yet. Life! we ' ve been long together. Through pleasant and through cloudy weather; Tis hard to part when friends are dear- Perhaps ' twill cost a sigh, a tear; Then steal away, give little warning. Choose thine own time; Say not good night -but in some brighter clime Bid me good morning. ANNA LETITIA BARBAULD fM :{ T3I a ■■■■ Travis Kelly April 1, 1962 October 30. 1982 319 DO NOT STAND AT MY CRAVE AND WEEP, 1 AM NOT THERE, I DO NOT SLEEP, I AM A THOUSAND WINDS THAT BLOW, I AM SUNLIGHT ON RIPENED GRAIN, I AM THE GENTLE AUTUMN RAIN, WHEN YOU AWAKEN IN THE MORNING ' S HUSH, I AM THE SWIFT UPLIFTING RUSH OF QUIET BIRDS IN CIRCLED FLIGHT, I AM THE SOFT STARS THAT SHINE AT NIGHT, DO NOT STAND AT MY GRAVE AND CRY, I AM NOT THERE, I DID NOT DIE, I AM WITH YOU EVERYWHERE. IN MEMORY OF MR. ALBERT FAIRCHILD An Industrial Technology Instructor IN MEMORY OF BORIS MVUSI The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: He leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name ' s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for Ever. PSALM 23 Boris was born December 26, 1960 in Port Elizabeth — South Africa. MAJOR: Architectural Engineering N G T O R E A L I Z E A R E C O R D Y E A R Joyce Maddox Arthelia Lomax Margaret |. Simmons Bonita Winborne Cashier ' s Ortice Cashier ' s Cashier ' s Office Data Entry Clerk Tina Hayes Computer Programmer Joyce Quick Food Service Roberta Brulon Agricultural Extension i Wanda G. Meekins Student Financial Aid Glenice Troxler Speech Department Kathy Schoeller Army ROTC Barbara H. Pitlman Purchasing Harriet F. Davis Television Studio Mary Hastye Accounting Venelia L. Fisher Agricultural Economics Mary Shanks Plant Science Technology Betlye McNeil School of Bsuiness Economics Gail Steele Educational Media Linda A. Davis School ot Engineering u O o 5 X O Z O z I Nettie C. Rowland loyce W. )ones Information Services Minnie Donnell Physics Department 323 A SUMMING UP Sometime ago, I was deeply gratified and moved by the confidence expressed by my adviser in appointing me to the position as Editor-ln-Chief for our 1982-83 Ayantee. Questions were directed to me regarding my ability in facing trouble with courage, disappointment with Aggie spir- it, triumph with humility, comprehending campus news, pining together imprinted images and printed words, and turning same into recorded sounds Well, that made me think, then and later, about academic matters to which this incident was related " It helped me realize that there is no sense in my attempting ever to flee from circumstances and conditions which cannot be avoided but which I might bravely meet and frequently mend and often turn to good account. " My mind immediately focused on a " Biblical episode related in the First Book of Kings, in which the Lord appeared to Solomon and declared that He would grant him one request. " Solomon responded: " O Lord, grant unto me an understanding heart . . " Combining the wisdom of Solomon and the patience of a saint with the hide of a rhinoceros and the stamina of a bull, my reply was " Yes " to each question, my adviser asked. Because of understanding, we have produced a quality yearbook with much joy and happiness. However, joy and happiness are never complete unless they are shared. In that respect we were indeed fortunate to have the follow- ing persons lending valuable time and extending worthwhile contributions: ARMY R.O T.C. DEPARTMENT AYANTEE EXECUTIVE BOARD ANGELA BIGGS DAVID BROWN BARI DAVIS ROBIN DAVIS MONA DAV IS CARRIE DRAKE GRACIE FINLEY YOLANDRA GARRETT MICHELE HARRISON BOBBY HOPKINS CURTIS lOHNSON RAYMOND KELLY, )R. MERIAL MILLENDER IKECO PORTEE W.H. PEELER HELEN WALDEN MIKE WHITAKER FRANKLIN WHITE The material in this book is presented with brevity in such a way that there is a balance between each activity. These pages which we regard as symbolic of the dignity and prestige of this great University will forever be remembered. To our new Chancellor, Dr. Edward B. Fort and Family, we hope that you will enjoy your first yearbook. To the Aggie Family, we have tried to provide a fellowship of adventures — Here is a great symbol of the 1 known, but we leave behind an even richer symbol ot the unknown. In the final analysis, this yearbook is meant for Name With Aggie Spirit and Pride. Lt Stroza Hill Editor-ln-Chief 32S INDEX Academic Facility: 301 Administration: 8-16 African Hentage Center: 108-109 Aggie Personalities: 292-293 Aggie Spirit Lifter Divider: 59 Aggie Steppers: 96-97 Air Force: 70-71 Alma Mater: 296 Alobeaem Society: 130 Alpha Chi Honor Society: 161 Alpha Delta Mu: 160 Alpha Kappa Alpha Soronty, Inc.: 118-119 Alpha Kappa Mu: 150 Alpha Phi Alpha: 121-122 Alumni Representatives: 288-289 Architectural Engineering Society: 150 Army R.O T.C.: 66-67 Arnold Air Society: 142 Appendix: 324-325 Ayantees Past and Present Editors: 313 Ayantee Staff: 198-203 B Band Day: 197 Band University: 60-63 Barber Shop: 165 Basketball (male): 78-79 Basketball Coaches: 80 Basketball Continued: 294-295 Basketball Schedule (female): 82-83 Basketball Schedule (male): 77 Beauty Shop: 165 Biology Club: 151 Black History: 308 Bluford Library: 175 Bookstore: 171 Bowling (female): 86 Bowling (male): 87 Breakfast (Pre-Dawn): 115 Brothers In-Christ Sisters of the Brothers In-Christ: 151 Business Administration Association: 131 Campus Police: 176 Canteen: 170 Chancellor ' s Letter: 3 Cheerleaders: 64-65 Chi Eta Phi: 132 Classroom Settings: 27 Coaches, Football: 76 Coaches, Basketball (male): 80 College Life Divider: 104 Convocation: 29 Coronation: 30-31 Counselors (Residence Halls): 167-169 D Dance, (Pre-Dawn): 114 Dates to Remeber: 314-315 Dedication: 6-7 Delta Sigma Theta Sorority: 122-123 Digit Circle: 152 Durham Aggie Club: 133 Calendar of Events: 3 C 14-315 Economics Club: 160 Era of Progress: 300 Eta Kappa Nu: 153 Fairchild, Albert: 320 Female Basketball : 82-83 Female Basketabll Schedule: { Food Science Club: 152 Food Services: 177 Football: 56, 74-75 Football Coaches: 76 Football Schedule: 73 Freshmen Class: 210-222 Freshmen Class Divider: 209 French Club: 163 Friendly Faces: 310-311 Games Room (Memorial LInion): 172 General Information: 297 Georgia Connection: 143 Goldsboro Aggie Club: 156 Graduate School Divider: 284 Graduate School Representatives: 285-287 INDEX (CON " r.) Memorial Poem: 318 Memorial Union Information Desk: 166 Memorial Games Room: 172 Graham Building (top of): 105 Memorial LInion Supportive Staff: 318-319 Groove Phi Groove:: 145 Metropolitan Area Aggie Club: 155 Michigan Renaissance: 156 H Miss " A T " : 32 Health Center: 173 Miss " A T " Letter: 53 Helping to Make A Record Year Secretaries: 322- Martin Luther King, )r.. Observance: 290-291 323 Mr. Aggie: 33 History Club: 162 Mvusi, Boris: 321 History Magazine: 162 Homecoming: 28-58 Honorees, Int. Students: 299 1 N National Association of Industrial Technology: 144 New lersey Aggie Club: 157 Important Dates: 298 N. C. A T State University Fellowship Gospel Other Activities: 298 Choir: 146 Inaugural Ball: 1 N.C. A T State University Location Sign: 2 Index: 326-328 N.C. A T State University Regulation Drill Squad: Information Desk: 166 69 In-Recognition of: 17 North Carolina Fellows: 135 International Students: 111 „ — International Students Association: 154 Intramural Divider: 98 O Intramural Sports: 99-103 Off-Campus Life: 112-113 Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineers, Inc.: Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.: 126-127 153 New York Chapter: 126-127 Institute of Industrial Engineers, Inc.: 149 Organizational Divider: 116 I laycees: 134 Outstanding Contributors: 292-293 lunior Class: 241-251 P junior Class Divider: 240 Pan Hellenic Council: 117 K Parade: 54-55 Kappa .Alpha Psi, Inc.: 124-125 Phi Beta Sigma: 128-129 Kappa Omicron Phi: 159 Photographic Society: 141 Karate: 84-85 Ph Tau Sigma: 154 Kelly, Travis: 319 Political Science Society: 309 Portions of A T ' s Historical Record: 316-317 L Post Office: 166 Laundry: 174 President ' s Reception (SGA): 35 Learning Assistance Laboratory: 106-107 Lyceum: 312 Q Queens: 36-52 M Male Basketball: 78-79 Queens Reception: Male Basketball Coaches: 80 Male Basketball Schedule: 11 Mass Communication Students Association: 163 R Memorial Divider: 320 Register Staff: 194-196 INDEX (CONT.) Residence Hall Counselors: 167-169 Registered Organization: 298-299 Richard B. Harrison Players: 140 R O.T.C. Army: 66-67 R.O.T.C. Trick DnII Team: 68 Teloca Student Nurses Association: 158 The A T Aggie Life: 4 Track Field (male): 92-93 Track Field (female): 94-95 Transportation DNA Club: 149 U United Christian Fellowship: 137 Schedule Basketball: 17 Schedule Football: 73 Schools: 18-26 Security: 176 Senior Class: 254-281 Senior Class Divider: 253 Senior Class Officers: 253 Senior Class Poem: 252 Sigma Gamma Pho Soronty, Inc.: 148 Society of Women Engineers: 158 Softball (Women): 90-91 Sophomore Class: 226-238 Sophomore Class Divider:225 South Carolina Aggie Club: 155 Summing It Up: 324-325 Supportive Services Divider: 164 Speech Pathology Audiology: 157 Spring Semester Events: 288-289 Sports Divider: 72 Student Life: 4-5, 110-113, 186-187, 204-208, 223- 224, 239, 282-283, 302-307 Student Government Association: 188-191 Student Home Economics Association: 159 Student Union Advisory Board: 192-193 Tau Gamma Delta Sorority: 136 Volleyball: 89 W Who ' s Who: 178-185 Wilson Russell Ensemble: 161 Women ' s Council: 138-139 Women Softball: 90-91 Wrestling: 88 Yearbook Staff: 198-203 SPECIFICATION 1982-83 AVANTEE was printed by Inter-Collegiate Press of Shawnee Mission, Kansas. The Pioneer Program carries 9 sizes, including 4,500 books, 328 pages with an Embossed over. End COVER, End liners. Headband, 128 pages of natural color within 16 flats, use of spot color within color flat and 45 Record. E na .1 I

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