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■•, X. i . ' 1 : mmm mmmm mmmimmmmssmmmsmm m Archives F. D. Bluford Library N. C. A T State University Greensboro, N. C. 27411 NC A a T STATE UMV. UBiWRy 3 0343 0355086 :;mm mmm --:m mmmmmm mmmm ■«■■« I - ' : ' mmM- Mk4i.imk m ' -,m!ikkki M mi 1 m ' j jumm ' •r lfmwmm ' t imf ' ' ' iw 1981 vf » f " ;j| I - The Dudley Memorial Building serves as adminisiraiive headquarters for the University. It is named to honour Dr. James B. Dudley, a former president of the institution. AYANTEE Vol. XXXVI North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Greensboro, N.C. 27411 t m mmmwmmm!m!m!!!wmm mMm m:!!mm ' . m Table Of Contents i ' m Pamela McCorkle. SGA president speaks at a press conference in reference to the Klan-Nazi not guilty verdict. Bobby Hopkins, special assistant to the presi- dent looks in. IS s o o H U D Q O H z Forest Knight is a cadet captain for Army KOTC (Reserve Officers Training Center). O Z O H Volleyball is one of our favorite sports. In addition to keeping the body in shape it IS also entertaining. On u :.. .,..:-,jy..,V.,,,,,,,;,. ,V mmmmm After finishing eating many of us like to sit around and chat. Students above are shown in WiMiams. o Oh Z O N O o Parl ing is often a problem even in the parking lots. Parking in a no parking zone is an even greater problem. ON o Oh s H The Aggie football schedule stands in front of our long av aited stadium. It features a picture of the finished building. N N o H O C 5 James Pitt better known as the " Freak Master " per- forms as DJ for many of our campus discos. ON OO w Ph w D H f H H 1. Keeping our campus clean is important, and so are the people who do so. 2. Mark and Ms. Miller at their usual daily debate. 3 Harold Hicks is often seen hanging out the window of Scott Hall He yells at every lady that walks by. (Apparently he likes gettmg cursed out.) 4. Going to class is not one of our favorite pastimes, but we try to show at least once every other week so it ' ll look good. i»ai»V«M9iWMWMW MOVIN ' ON UP 1 980 proved to be a prosperous year for construction. In addition to digging up the ground (below), several new buildings were added to our campus. Gibbs Hall (upper left) is a new branch of Hodgln Hall. It houses such majors as history, political science, graduate studies, sociology and social scrv-ices. Martina Hall (left) is oiu- Pliysics building and below is our new administration building in progress. ■ - 1 NORTH CAIiOUNA ||M H T STATE UNIVERSITY B ADMINISTRATION SUILDINO t..; . ' I ' ., ' -■ a!E£NS80sa «W i CABOUM " tieieutnuuiunsK.. ' - i MM ' mwi- miMmm Mk mMM AS THE DAY BEGINS . . . Starting the day in high spirits HB ■BBiPlr vifflwH IBi t. k H yia I Bl ' tflp H H| RM ' ¥■ - fl B ' ' The Tree of Knowledge Tlic tree of knowledge Is located beside Cooper Hall. Students can be seen hanj ing out beneath It bet ' een and during cUisses. It ' s called the tree of knowledge because of its expcitlse In social knowledge. It is also a ganie room and air conditioning on a hot sunny day. w m ' ' m x m m Mmmmmm m m mmmmmmmmmmmxM tmmmmmmm Registration . . . a test for patience Registration and prc- rcglstratlon arc courses In patience required every semester, . ftcr waiting at least an hour In line you find that you are either In tlie wrong line or they just ran out of cards. B - the time you finish rc-arranglng your schedule the next section you need Is closed. If you blow your cool you fall the course. .Just be patient and learn to wait forever and ever and ever. SO DOES THE STRUGGLE Getting " jacked up ' ' and a busy signal . . . typical characteristics of M " We Try to Prepare Ourselves for the Future EiS )ooking never ends Cramming, writing, reports and research . . . will It ever stop. Day In, day out students are seen rushing to the librar ' an hour before an exam or the night before a ten paged typed term paper Is due. There are Just some things In academics that seem to be forever present and forever the same. It seemed that ever ' night there was going to be a big basketball game or even- time you had to go out of town f the night, the next day you were having a big chemistry test or a big Englls test or both. Pop quizzes should have been a class by themselves. They pop- ped up all right, just after a fight wi ' your boyfriend or just after flunking ivslcs test. n 95 Years old and still doing it! Charle s M. Harris, a 95 year old musician entertained us at a " Rag- time-House " coffee break. The " Mastro " fascinated the audience. The event was sponsored by the Student Union Ad ison ' Board. ' Don ' t call us, we ' ll call you Don ' t call us, well call you is the traditional response from an Inter -lewer for a Job. . s we begin approaching that senior year, the question, " ' here do I go from here? " comes to many minds. Ap- plication after application, InterN-lew af- ter IntefAiew many of us receive that same response. Some of us are luck ' enough to be hired. For others the search goes on. . . . For We Know the Real Challenge is Yet to Come ■•■ ■■■■■■■■la wimm Yet We Always Make Time Backgammon . . a favorite and familiar game. All around campus students can be seen rolling dice and mov- ing little round pieces across a boxed board. They are usually pla 1ng either backgammon or " acce-ducee. " Backgammon came to campus a few years ago and has been a favorite game ever since. It often scr -es as an after meal " dessert " or a before meal " appetizer " . Many students like to end their day with a competitive game of backgammon or " acec-ducee. " •i™ilP«! " !iWW!P!WnHiW.ifty!!!iJii»J!.l " J.« ' , " " !)l » " l ' . ' ! ' lf ' J ' .lI ' . ' A ' U ' . ' |iV!,i!.il " -Mlli„H.. !, ' ■ OV ' XW J I I wmmrrw . mummmimmmm f y w ,6Miii WiBa3!iiav!«5. msmmdis ri«l«tgnn««u».u iu»«N3 P lillM ' fSPr S!! THE 1980-1981 AYANTEE IS mm mmmmmm ' mmwmmmmimmmmi m- ' ••} - v ? ' yff im mmmmmmmmmm mmam |J!lM«Jll81iiinjaiJ!.)«i;ii!!!!41LVmffl)LiW ' !|JU ' , " ff PROUDLY DEDICATED TO . . . Chancellor Lewis C. Dowdy DR. LEWIS CARNEGIE DOWDY DEDICATED HIM- SELF TO A CAUSE . . . (STRUGGLING) . . . AND THE SACRIFICE WAS GREAT! Mere Words cannot reflect the greatness of this man. Words cannot describe the devotion to duty and self- sacrifice that was necessary to build A T College from near obscurity to the glorious position It now occupies. Dr. Dowdy Joined the faculty here In 1951, and became President of A T College In 1964. It was a mere babe-ln-the-cradle, lacking In the modern curriculum, facilities, and equipment It Is possible that In many Instances It seemed Impossible, but this man did not stop because he foresaw the North Carolina Agricidtural and Technical State University of today. He in isloned the thousands of young men and young women who would pass through the University ' s doors with honor and dignity, and departing to serve humanity with the highest level of achievements. Dr. Dowdy has the kind of coiu-age possessed by cer- tain t pes of Individuals . . . Heroes. It is with matchless jov, with sincere appreciation and with profound pride that we dedicate the 1980-1981 AYANTEE Yearbook to vou, DR. DOWDY. L PP HL rWf;« 1|J»; " - ' ' ' ' ■ ' ' M II d IkX l . - ■■M Ir fl m H SL 1 ssmM H V ' " H f -1 jy " ' ' lJI F ---sQi- . A MM E -- — ' - ' " ' ji - H ■t __.,. J- ' iss . B — " ' ..J m mmmmsjMmmj JMSum. mm INTERIM CHANCELLOR DR. CLEON F. THOMPSON " .WW ' .W ' A ' fl!Hii! ' ,w.U!iH?ji iv ' i,! ' ' rKi.ur.y ' ;i;. ' ;r ' it. ' ' . ADMINISTRATION ' mmmmmmmm ff DR. LEWIS C. DOWDY NORTH CAROLINA AGRICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL STATE UNIVERSITY GREENSBORO 27411 (919) 379-7940 Office of the Chancellor It is my pleasure to congratulate the entire P ie Family on this the Ninetieth Birthday of this great Iftiiversity. Our Institution has, frc3m the beginning, discharged its herculean task and porsued its defying multiple mission with determination, devo- ticMi, coipassion and true courage. LiXe " A Tree Planted by the River of Waters, " it wojid not be moved fron its founding purpose. Like the " Rock of Gilbraltar, " A. i T. has remained steadfast in its objective to serve, through its students and graduates, as iirpregnable defenders of cur rights, symbolic and realistic expression of our culture, and eloquent testifiers of iimeasurable leadership oontriJxjtions in forging a land where justice vrould have no tarnish, opportunity would have no boundaries, vrtiere freedom wDuld have no limitations, vfhere equality would have no prescriptions and vhere fraternity wxild have no qualif i- caticn. This InstitutiOTi has opened its arms to the huddled masses, the dispossessed, the expressed, the hcpeless yearning for an opportunity, the deprived ones starving for a better chance and molded than into teachers, engineers, physicians, dentists, lawyers, social uorkers, accountants, nurses, scientists, scholars and astrraiauts who have taken their places in the froit line of our country, fighting to make this truly a new nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. After sixteen years working with every segment of the Aggie Family, as President and Chancellor, I will retire fron this post on June 30, 1981, with a leave of absence beginning November 1, 1980. The precious years MDrking with you in our ccnmon task to build a great University has been filled with the greatest manents of my life, and I am pleased that, together, we have been successful in so many of our goals. Mrs. Dcwdy and I express our deep arxS abiding gratitude to the entire Aggie Family for your support, your courage, but most of all for ycxir true love. We intend to stay here with you and enjoy even greater developments of our University. Thanks a million for all of your kindnesses shown to us ever the years. Lewis AND Elizabeth Cowdy A- CHANCELOR rmmmmmmmmm TBHrVT . lT — TTW- ADMINISTRATION Mrs. N ' lrginia McKee Assistant to the Chancellor Dr, Glenn Rankin Vice Chancellor For Academic Affairs Dr. Jesse E. Marshall ' ice Chancellor For Student .MTairs Dr. Quiester Craig .Acting ' ice Chancellor-Fiscal .Affairs Dr. .Mberl Smith Nice Chancellor For Development .And Universitv Relations ! iuU-J, ' W,VMI Jfl W m ADMINISTRATION % » Dr. Sulluan A. Welhorne Dean of Student Affairs For Ser ice Mr. William Gamble Director of Admissions Dr. Lucille J. Piggott Dean of Student Affairs For Student Life Mr. William Goode Dean of Students For Student Management .And Human Relations Dr. Robert Wilson Director of Counselina Ser ices t f.? ' fflMiftgs?a i Re . Ralph Ross Director of Religious ActiMties Mr, Leon V arren Director of Career Planning And Placement Center Mr. Roger McKee Director of The Memorial Student Lnion Mr. Charlie Williams Program Manager for Special Ser ices Mrs. .Anne Gra es-Kornega Director of International Student .Affairs A D M I N I S T R A T I O N 4 1 ill mmmm ' ' : ifi?s! immm wjmmm:: m ;mmwMm!: ADMINISTRATION . 22 . . Making Things Work Out m mmmm s ' ' m » • ' t 1 F j| H ' v rv ? i E ll ™ . , f Si- lAr 1. Mrs. Maxine Davis Director of Purchasing 2. Mr. Harold Lanier Director of Cooperative Education 3. Miss Alberta Dalton Director of Financial Aid 4. Dr. Rudolph Artis Director of Registration and Records % f i .WiV ■r mu p smmwmmTmss7!s ? !ms m ADMINISTRATION Mr. Thomas Boyd, Budget Officer Mr. Lee Andrews Special Assistant-Counsel Mrs. Ruth Gore Director of Academic Advisement Mrs. Doris Canada Director of Personnel Services Dr. Stuart Ahrens, Director of A T Space Shuttle Program Dr. Sarah Nelson, Self Study Director Dr. Richard Moore Director of Information Services ( I ifm ' Mf HiBMB W: ADMINISTRATION Dr. Willie T. Ellis Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dr. Bert Piggott Athletic Director Mr. Jonah Smith Bursar Mr. William Sheffield Intramural Director Miss Dorothy I. Bailey Director of Student Activities I 25 ■ ■i-i " ,r ' z-;-j ' ' ..i ' ,- ' - ism mm mmmmmt « f SCH00L5 %. 26 SCHOOL OF NURSING SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE Dr. Burleigh Webb, DEAN Mrs. N. W. Wynn, Dean §J.-:M i ii M4 i}i..WUUm,MM SCHOOL OF Dr. Frank White, Dean Dr. Frank C. Bell Chairman, Department of History Dr. Emory Sadler Chairman, Department of Psychology mm ' ' ' ' m mmmmmmi :mmiim.m ws ' mfsust. ARTS AND SCIENCES Dr. Arthur Hicks Chairman — Biology Dr. Frances W. Logan Chairman Department Social Services and Sociology Mr. Leroy F. Holmes. Jr. Chairman of Art Department Dr. Amarjit Singh Chairman Department Political Science 29 SBiiiHi! ' ft ARTS AND SCIENCES Dr. Tommie Young Chairman Educational Media GRADUATE SCHOOL Dr. Albert Spruill Dean Mrs. Hattie Liston, Director Community Mental Health Center SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Dr. William Craft Assistant Dean Dr. Winser Alexander Chairman of Electrical Engineering Dept. David Kleft Chairman of Mechanical Engineering Dept. ■MUta {■ • ' ' ■. ' ■ ' ■■ jvt»r ' i,miVf ' ' M -mHmdmmmj Wi mmmmmmmmm I SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS Dr. Wendell Jones Chairman, Department of Mathematics R Dr. S. Boyd Chairman of Accounting Department Dr. D. H. Pogue Associate Dean, Business Administration 32 Dr., k Dean of Business Dr Meada Gibbs t " -« n t-»-« i c Chairperson Business Education Administrative Services JZLC UnUITllCS fl| Dr. Quiesler Craig -it • . • - • " - . • • • . ' ' ..V. ' • • • School of Education %•-■ , C . ' ' -.Vli .- •l ' ' " Ci. •. " -■- Dr. Joseph Shaw Dean Ms. Dorothy Barnell Chairperson Secondary Education Curriculum 33 SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Mr. George Gail Chairman Industrial Education Dr. C. W. Pickney Chairman Industrial Education Technology Dr. Isaac Barnett Chairman Safety Driver ' s Education 34 IBHllii i ■ 4 F. D. Bluford Library N. C. A T State University Greensboro, N. C. 27411 Dr. Miriam Vick Chairperson of Elementary Reading Dr. Roy Moore Chairman of Health. Physical Ed. Recreation Dr. Henry T. Cameron Chairman Administration. Supervision Post Secondary Education 33 1S5S Our Aggie Staff Serves As A Great Asset in Our Struggle to Succeed SUPPORTIVE SERVICES iB 37 jx « vi } Mh miim mm.ii Mmi imimimmi . CAMPUS BOOKSTORE Mr. James Meachen, Bookstore Director Our Campus Bookstore is like a miniature department store. It serves the purpose of selling books and other school supplies needed by the students. Mrs. Lula Hall, Bookstore Mrs. Elvenor Butwe, Clerk ' ■«. v;i ;»(i! ■■: m: : i : i .•. " ..ill, (1K ' . iV . ' tt i- ■!■■■■■■■■■■ ' ZM CAMPUS SECURITY J. O. Williams Security Guard Donald Lindsay Fire Chief 39 i, . i. ' S It U ' m ;S!mmmK imm Miiiii ■ ' y dm. ' DORM COUNSELORS George Bonner Dean of Scott Hall C 40 Mrs. Mary Marks Vanstory Hall Ronnie L. Tate Alex Halev Hall £ mfnj ' V ' -- ' ' ' r ' ' : i ' w ir - TmfTW ' mr-fi ' v : J9ir ' ' . . ' i iMVJmiimxh wmmmmm imxmM:.mik:..MAU Student Health Services f - ' :iif»,f« iii-xm ' rnmnmiiaiatm ' immmu Hat a meal in the cafe " first thing in the morning and nothing worse can happen to you the rest of the day! 44 ■Mi 4 ,i5 JM!Ml ' llk.!-, L,. ' .. ' i, ' ' ;«W MOVIN ' ON 1. After a day like this, I need to get away from it all. 2. He . how about you and me getting together later tonite. Don ' t worry I won ' t tell anybody. i. Coming from classes after a long day of being bored to death. ) ?d ( rf ' iiii 45 K4JllS!rii!M!»!«WS!lffl,tm«f»»«!ii«i!«B THE NIGHT BEFORE FINALS T ' was the night before finals and ail through the house not a creature was stirring not even a louse. Chapters to be read and studied with care With hopes that graduation would soon be there. Instructors were nestled all snugged in their beds while visions of F ' s danced in their heads Above: The more we read the less we understand. Below: I know I ' ve only been here 9 hours, but I can ' t take it anymore. k MMiy IP jet I Hj.i-uvu i, ' if.; .i ' .ii:i JiOkMijaia Struggling for a passing grade The night before finals often turns out to be a ver ' hectic and burdensome time. It is at this time when you are reminded of all those chapters you should have read, but put off until tomorrow. The librarj ' amazingly is no longer a social academy but a place to study. You study all night for those exams you i-ill take tomorrow-. For some there are few, but for others there are many and the more exams the more headaches. Often the exam is pivotal, meaning an A or B, C or D, and if worse goes to worst an F. After laboring all night taking in all you can, you find that during the test your eyelids close and yoiir pencil fells out your hand. But that ' s all a part of the struggle if you want to receive a passing grade. 1. I think I finally have it. 2. I wonder where he hid the test. 3. You see Kevin, it ' s really not that complicated, you ' re just . . . f !W• ■: ' ■ •.■■ xmf:ff ■yim rIi •iM ' ■n■ ' ?■ J«r■m■ ' K mm.rA ' £SS■MSf f i.SaSBKf! KEEPING IN STEP ; ' S ' .u ,■-. --: 2? vr -SW ' J ' Keep In Step The stnujjJlc is on and it is no time to lie (lonnant. We step to the music and keep up with the beat. In the same way we must step on throiu h troubles and stay on our feet. Before we can step throutjh the halls of victorj-, step thn)Uiih fields of joy. and step throuf h the land of brotherhood. We must first keep in stej) with ourselves. mmmmBmmmm ' . RA riC j tir , BL jtmmm 49 i- ' ) i. mf ' tm, ' imnmmmmmMi ' i mmTJ mmn FRESHMEN YOUR DAY WILL COME In 1 1 mm K " W •f . ,s ' .JkKK jSsS attm JHBSHI K-l R A VkSViS Freshman Class Officers: (left — right) Linda Thompson. (Miss Freshman), Sandra Smims, (Secretary), Bobby Perara, (President), Brenda Cunningham, (Vice-President). Yvette Richards, (Treasurer) V ■ ' : . i f Adkins, Tona Fisher. Timothy Anderson, Derek Anderson, Slacey Archer. Cordell Austin. Gilberto A. riarber. Elton M. Alford, UeWayne Alston, Donnell Anderson. Gerald Anthony, Shan Austin. Darry! Avcoek, Brenda Baber, Michelle Bailey. Kalhy Bailey, Manila Bailhups. Darryl Baker. Cheryl A. Barnes. Diane Barnes. Valerie Barr. Mary Ann Baxter, I enora K Bean, Shawnette Beasley, Rohhin Bell. Walter S. Bells, Gregory Bennett. Brenda E. Breniley. Gregory Blackmon. Jackie Blackmun. Valerie Blue. Allen J. Boney, Montrena Boston. Donna Bowder. Juliette Bowden. Rohn Bowden. Donna Bo d. (jloria Bryant. Deirdre Brut. Dorain L. Britton. Reginald Brooks, Chris Brown. Cornell Bruce, Lonzella Buie. Kathy Burt. Janey Bussey. Belinda M. Butler. Stevie Butts, Derrick Caldwell, Karen D Caldwell, Sherrill Callands, Albert Cameron. Kathryn A. Cameron. Sharon D, Campbell, Alan T. Carr. Sonya D. Carrothers. Kevin D. Carter, Dennis Carter, Shah Cartwighi, Vondredi Chapman, Lillian M. gj__i___i_ii i Ttff mR TvWmfTm ' ' •Mmmimmmm Chasten. Craig S. Chavis, Mikey Cheatham, Rosa A. Cherry. Vvetie Clinton. Bryant Coleman. Fannie Coley. Terry Combo, Arrajah Connor, Debra Cooper, Brenda Cooper. Jeffrey Corniffe. Dandre Cousar. Kammy Cousar, Sharon D. Covmgton, Robert Cozart. Leamon Crank. Alisa Crews, Laura Crews, Lavenia Crowder. Leroy Crumb. Alice Cunningham, Brenda Cureton, Michael Cabuels. Michael Daniels, Teresa Davis, Antonia A. Davis, Deborah T Davis, Walter Dean. Roderick Deans, Carl Dew. Sharon F Diggs, Guna Dobson. Kimberly Dockery. Roger G Duckett, Karen A, Dukes. Vennda Dukes. Walter Duncan, Shawn Dunn, Renita Y, Dunston. Jacqueline Dupree. Alvm Dyer. Brian mt mm m m BBiH wmTmm!!W! ' T m Easlmond, Cathy I M Edwards, Alemia Etlioii. Lisa English, Sharon f ft Evans. Crystal D. S Evans, Dwayne Everett. Kalhy Fairley. Deborah Faison, Ricky Faulkner, Glendora Fields. Annie Fisher, Deborah Fisher, Timoth L Floyd. Valencia Ford. Marcia Forte, Shelia Foster, Andre L. Foster. Angela Foster, Rita Freeman, Tracey Fuller, Deborah Gaines. Genevieve Gaines, Niecy Gainey, Shirley Gardner, Pamela Gayle, Marcia Gilliam, Debra Godard, Gwendolyn Goode. Theresa Graham. Virous J, ■. ■• rre;m :m mwmw A ' wm. II lll|l I I, M|, Mill Graves. Monica Green. Angenetle Greene, Brenda Greene. John Gregory, Derric (iriffin, Karen Hairston, Alma .1 Haninck, Jewel A Harris. Bonita Hams, Susan Harris, Tracey Harrison, Michele Hawley, Sandra D Hayes. Janet Heath. C nlhia Hedgepeth. fclvis Herndon, Valerie Hicks. Beverelv Hill. Sandra K. Hill. Valerie L. Hodge. Tia Hood. Lacey Howell. Peggy J. Hughes, Michele Ingram. Darrell Jackson, Constance E Jackson. JelTery Jackson. Olin D. Jacobs. Debra Jacobs. Harry ©f f But . lways In The End Mam- rocks along my path I stumble and I faJl But will they ever hold me down I ' m sure they won ' t at all! Because IVe fallen many times Upon my searching face Only to stand up again , nd find my starting place! So what if people put me down Or laugh at me and such They don " t know just who I am Or the - won ' t laugh as much I I ' m a man who ' s fallen down More times than you can count But always in the end — My horse I surely mount! Bv Charl ' s Conrad. Jr. James. Sharon Jeffries. Amelia Jenkins. Harris Jennings. Donald Johnson. Angela Johnson. Anlhony Johnson. Anzella Johnson. Gail Johnson. Jeffre Johnson. Launa M. Johnson. Noma L. Johnson. Orlanda Johnson. Rhonda Johnson. Ricky Jones. Algernon Jones. Cassandra L. Jones. DaMd Jones. Humphrey Jones. Jacqueline Jones. James Jones. Joey Jones, Kelvin Joyner. Rita Keitt. Kevin Killelt. Jeannetle King. Jov B King. Pamela Kirby. Milton L. Knight. Christeen Koonce. Larita % % lars. ■!?5fflPSf??WS Lash. Willie Lashley. Vanessa Laws. Darlene Lea. Alphonso Leak, Lydia R. Lewis. Bertina Lewis, Chance lewis. Gerald K, Lewis. Kathy Lewis. William Little, Berlinda A, Little. Betty E. Litile, Thomasine Lindsay, Ronnie Logan. Stacey A Long, Kim Love. Leslie Lovell, Candace Lowell, Raynor Lowery. Tim L, Lucas, Deborah Mackey, Keith Mainor, Karen Mallory. Millicent MarshalL Sandra Martin, Fentress Massenburg. Warrentla McClamb. Tonya R, Mc Mc ' ici iamo. I onya r., y 4cCollum. Slephannie McDonald. David W Nl McGee, Lasondra McGill, James t McMillan. Sandra McNair, Loren o Mebane, Tyrone Miller. June Miller, Lon Miller. Patricia Miller, Thelma Mitchell. Francine Miichcll. Palmer F. Mitchell, Tanya A. ■■m mmimm?mwmmi --: ' : , i! ' ; ' f; ' i.VJ.VItHuiii 4lVM; ' ftMi.fe,: " l, .,iili.! ' - . Modica. Tern M- Moore, Annelle Moore. Cher l Moore. Jerome Moore. Julius C. Moore, eronica Morgan. Irma Morgan. Maurice Mo e. Charles Muldrow. Shan Murphv. Karl Murph . Richard M. Murrell, Barbara D. Nance. CamiUe Neal. Daniel D. Nicholson. Jacqueline Nicholson. Linda Noble. Veronica A. Oglesby, Karen L. Owens. Fannie Palmer. Earl Parker. James Parnell, Wanda Parrotl. Pauline Parsons. Alice Palillo. Teresa Parlin. Ton Pa ion. GwendoKn Pa lon. Ronnie Peace. Karone Peaks. James Pearsall. Gars E. Pearsall, Phyllis K. 57 H m mmmmmmmmmmmmmf Penney. Vanessa Penney. Valerie Perrv. Tern Peterson, Kenneth Peltiford, Angela Pettttord. Deidre Pettiford, Tom B Peltil, Anlonio Preston. Kimberlv D. Phillips. Mar H Philhps. Robert Pickctl. Cilynts P Pierce. Robert Pinckney, Marc Piitman. Rinita Pittman, Rossie Powell. Lemuel Price. Elisha T Price. Gerald Pnthelt. Natalie L Propsl. Ray Purcell, Reginald Purcell, Rodney Queen. Shelia Randolph, Mary Ratiff. Cynthia Ray, James Redd. Jacquelyn Reid, Donald Reid. Marchella J. Richards, Valerie L, Richards, Yvette Riggans. Bonnie liiiTfll ■ 4ivV-. ' ' t ; iiiiBy.. T f . f Rile . Beverly Roberson. Jeffery Roberts. Michael A. Robbins. Angela L. Robinson, Agnes Rochelle. Manon Rodgers. Scouie Ross. Ramela Ross. Thurman Rowell. Anthony Rowel I. Tradena Roysler. Ruby J. Rucker. Ronald Saleem. Michael Sailers. Monica Scriven, Robert Setzer. Lisa Shackleford. Felix Shaw. Hilton M. Silver. Cheryl D. Simmons, Alonzo Simmons. Gloria Simmons. Gloria J. Simmons. Jeffrey Simms. Sandra Sledge. Michael Small, Ricardo Smith, Clifton Smith. Donald Smith. Enc Smith. Jonathian Smith. Margeiyn Smith. Timothy Smitherman, Rim Snuggs. Mirian Speas, Stephannie Stafford, kimberly A, Stephens. David Stewart. Sandra J. Swann. Dilthra Tavlor. Michael T3 lor. Randall i miT f m mmmmmm. mMmMmmmim :uW3 irawwMiffln INTRODUCING Taylor. Wanda Terry, Pamela Thomas. Demelna L. Thomas, Leonard T, Thompson, Douglas Thompson, Kalhy Thompson. Linda Thompson. Michael Thornlon. Deirdre Thread, Shirley Tillery. Donald Townsend, Sondra Townsend. Walter Truii. Kyle Tucker, Bonnie J Tyson, Carolyn Umslead, Bennie Vann. Alease N Wade, hdgar I. Wade, Stephannie M, Wagstaff. Lemuel Walker, Alealha Walker, Darfeil Watkins, Beecher M, Walkms. Johnie N, Wales. Millicenl Wcalherly, Lance Warrenetta Massenburg is a native of Loiiisbui , N.C. She is a graduate of Louisburg Senior High. One of Warrenetta ' s hobbies includes sewing and displacing her sewing abilities, which she so proudly did this past April in the " " Miss Jab- ber vock ' ' contest. Warrenetta plans to major in clothing tex- tiles and has a scholarship from the Delta Sigma Theta Sororit ' , Inc., of Henderson, N.C. Warrenetta is bom under the astrological sign of Cancer. WTien asked about A T she replies, " I am glad and honored to be a part of the Aggie family. " I m ' fe ii«-i V ' s ' a; UUtkt ' Wi .wawgaasMMMim .29 ■■■ ' mm!mmssT Wheeler. Ke in Whitaker. Bernita Whitaker. Pamela White. Eugenia M- Whitemer. Gregor Wiggins. Jerome Wilkerson. Christopher Williams. Betty Williams. Calhy Williams. Charles Williams. Glenda Williams, Kalnna Williams. Kelly Williams. Kenneth Williams. Larry Williams. Lonnelta K. Williams, Sara Williams. Vanessa Williams, Veronica Williams, Yowantha Williams, Yvonne Willis. Janice D. Willis, Vondeha Wilson. Calhe R, Wilson. Junior Wilson. Kerry D. Wilson. Mike Woods, Ronald Wooten. William Worie . Derek T Wrighl, Helena Wright, Shellya Wychc. Roscoe Wynila. Singletary Yates. George Yelverton. Clement I Bryant. Victoria L Commer. Valerie H, Diggs. Guna Evans, Salinder ' _ - ' Grant. Gretchen :lfiX;di r Ivey. Doretha J! ? ! aran j; .-,s«- ' 62 jmmim ilH Could it be ... is it possible . . .just maj ' be ... do vou think she ' s found it? WH 991 ■■MMi y!!.|j|yii iiMiMiiiM .,4„.,.iv ' )i; 65 .■ ' ■.mmw m S o p H O M O R E S Sophomore Class Officers Adams, Avanetta Allen, Debra Allen, Phenecia Almond, Dorothy Alston, Bernella Alston, Shari Andrews, Bruce Arceneaux, Gregory R. Archey, Eric Ashby, Alfred in, i wv mm Atwater, Tonja Autry, Tracy Barfield, Angela Barham, Eve Barnes, David Barnes, Marcenia Barrett, Belinda Belton, James Bess, Forsithia Best, Linwood Bethea, Rodney Bizzell, Terry Blake, Karl Blake, Michael Blackmon, Simone Blackstock. Sandra Blue, Phyllis Bodnck, Anthony Booze. Maria Borders, George Bowen, Maxfield Bradley, Veronica Brinkley. Carole Brooks, Marsha Brown, Dorothea Brown, Gary Brown, James il l ISl 67 s. ' --; Mkmmmm;§im Camp. Clayleniia Campbell, Barbara Campbell, Carey Candies, Ernest Carroll, Brenda Carter, Margaret Cason, Juan Coleman, Vicki Coles, Carleton Coley. Michael Collins. Floyd Combo. Belmda Cooper. Ronald Cornelius, Armeta Crawford, Tonya 68 Brown, Sonya Brown, Syreda Bruce, Diane Bryant, Joseph Bryant, Timothy Burns, Gene Bush. George Butler. Toni Butts. Gwen Burch, Stan Byrd, Carla Calhoun, Michael (lis. I n i ' : N ■ -ilvVii i?i .H« :i, .,a . Cunningham. Letilia Dacons. Edsel Davis, Mona Davis. Robin Degree. Virginia Dickerson. Jennifer Dilligard. Angela Di on. James Douglas, Anne Douglas. Karen Dunn. Mary Dunn, Natalie Dunn, Vallery Dunston. Lavel Edwards. Dale Edwards, Sandra Ellis, Keith Feasler, Seluyn Ferrette. Chandra Finch. William Flowers. Linda Forbes. Fergus Ford, Kathy Franklin. Patricia Franks. Vernon Fransoir. Antonio Fulmore. Latonia 69 ' " ! ' " " ■ . H.JIB i| Gaines, Sandra Gales. Carol Galmon, Tracy Gardner, Charlene Gates, Charles George, Daryl Gerald, Kermit Godard, Gregory Grady, Manwell Green, Derek Grate, Anthony Griggs, Mark Gray, Cheryl Griffin, Shelia Griffin, Shirley Grimes, Kenneth Grimes, Kenneth K. Hadden, Randez Hagins, Harriett Hales, Romas Harrell, Michael Harris, Bernard Harris, Michael Harris, Phillip Harris, Walter Harvey, Ray Hatley, Dwayne 70 mr Hayes. Bernard Headen. Michael Heggins, Sheila Hemingway. Stephanie Hill. Stroza Hines. Karen Holiday, James Home. Barbara House. Sheila Howard, Cynthia Huggins. Mike Huntley. Shirley Hunt, Sherry Jamison. Hazel Janifer, David Jenkins, Angela Jenkins, Shawn Johnson, Dennis Johnson. Gloria Johnson. Valerie Jones. Frederick I inn. Dawn Ingram. George Ingram. Jessica Jackson, Carmaleta James, Meta ■1 ' ' J njiiWJ Lewis, Michael Lewis, Vivian Lisane, Lorenzo Little, Lasonya Little, Shawn Lockhart, Freda Lockhart, W ' endel Lowe, Arlisa Lowe, Donna Lynch, Alvester Mack, Leroy Macdn, Baxter Maddox, Juanita Manley, Reginald Manning, Billie Jones, Mary Jones, Romona Jones, Tim Kelly, Jeanetta Kennedy, Gayle Knight, Jackie Knight, Joseph Knox, Kevin Lea, Alphonso Ledhetter, Julius Lester, Betty Lewis, Gerald 0 V U tM ill:- ] ' 72 McCauley. Zelda McCo , Job McDonald, Jacqueline •.4i.V feSTwKi T Mclver. William McMillian. Cheryl McNeil. Earl McNeil, Tracy McRae, Larrv McRae, Sheila Mickens. Emanuel Mickens. Prestina Middleton. Harve Miles, John Miller. Deiedre Millner, Brenda Minor. William Mitchell. Fa e Mitchell. William Mock. LeJeune Mock. Sharie Monroe, Diann P. Moody. Joyce D. Moore. Gloria Moore. Rochelle Moore. Rub .Vloore. Sharon Nelson. Eric Nixon. Gail W ICS. ...wwanOTM Packer, Garry Payne, Michael Pender, Harriet Perry, Teresa Phillips, Cheryl Phillips, James Picket, Ralph Pitman, Ruth Pollard, Nelson Powell. Virgi Price, Janie Price, Joe Pullen, James Raeford, David Ramseur, Ronald Ray, Carolyn Reddicfc, Ronald Rhodes, Clifton Richardson, Charles Riddick, Roger ' ONE IN A MILLION Nobles, Janice Oliver, Howard ft Gerald Williams is an 18 year old Sophomore Accounting Major from Washington, D.C. He chose to attend XCA T because he feels that the education offered here is comparable to aU other schools. Besides being an honor status stu- dent, Gerald is a member of the SUAB and also holds the office of Sophomore Class Treasurer. He loves socializing, plajing sports and just being himself, sweet, lovable, and innocent. Upon graduation his intended profession is to become a certified PubUc Accountant. .Vny girl says that a chance with Gerald would be " A Chance of a Life Time. " I T Roberts, Brenda Robertson. Tumette Robinson, Bill Robinson, James Robinson, Paiti Robinson, Tonva Rogers, William Rollins, Teresa Ross. Betty Ross, Janet Ross, TErence Roundtree. Marthea Ruffin. Ira Russ, Dawn Samuels, Carol O. Sanders, Raphael Saunders. .Avis Scivallv, JacCarlo Scott. Phyllis Scott. Shirley Seldon, Michael Sallars, Camelita Sharpe. Deborah Sharpe, Joseph Sharpe. Michael Siler. Clara Simmons. .Angela Simmons, Donna Simmons. Lorraine Singletary, Roger Singletary, Wanda Sledge, Keith Smallwood, Wanda Smelley, Michele Smith. Don Smith. Keith id ' Smith. Ricky Smith, Shirley Southern, Lisa Spears, Olando Springs, Boogie Spruill, Deborah Stallings, Niele Thomas, Henry Vann, Darryl Starnes, Vannie Thomas, Wallace Vincent, Wanda Stevenson, Jo A. Thompkins, Cheryl Waddell, James Susong. Charles Thompson, Rudolph Wade, Sharon Sutton, Danny Thompson, Therrall Wall, Denise Taylor, Ricky Thornton, Theodore Wall, Priscilla WalKTerrie Walton, Calvin Walton, Michael Watts, Debra Watts, Monica Weaver, James Webster, Yvette White, Gregory White, Mary Ann White, Reggie Wiley, Ronald Williams, Audrey 76 Kt;SfS S4Si;! »3 mm SMv wmsmm : i M iJ SfTX ' Tfc Jlliilaii Williams, Carol Williams, Gerald Williams, Tilda Wilson, Pamela WolTord, Dorothy Woods, Darnell Wouten, Carlton Wright, Brenda I Wyrick, Jerry Zachary, Laverne Zachary, Reitha Elder. Boris I HHimmiiiH LOOKING AHEAD Reitha Shave Zachary, a native of Hartford, North Carolina has come to A T to further her education in Early Childhood Education. She is a sophomore, and a ac- tive member of Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society. She plans to join the Air Force (ROTC) when she graduates. She enjoys partying, playing Softball, volleyball, and foot- ball. She is born under the astrological sign of Cancer (July 13). 77 m w m! mmmmm:TMmmmfmmimmM ll,l ' . ' lv!Vp ' J ' l!.i, ' T.r7 ' ' T " T7T ' ' " ! " ' " ' ' ' ' " " V ' r " " M 1 Tr. 8n ' ' O i fir- Climbing the stairways to n. : ' " If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Those who propose to favor freedom, and yet deprecate agitation, are men who want corps without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean ' s majestic waves without the awful roar of its waters. " Frederick Douglas , ' im: 1 Above right: Coolin ' out after classes. Below right; Waiting patiently for the game to start. m -mmmmmmmmmM..... . iSf=i MIiiIb ■iiMMl IHicSm SWMi ' i W«I: ' .tei,s, v. JOfBIUtJT JUf J ORS A VP COLUE ' riu 79 m if ' ' ' j im ' m,mwmM ' rWmi- CLASS OFFICERS Tnuly ■lohnson — Sccrctiin ' Elmer ( " illliani — Treasurer Kenneth Pierce — Vice-rresidcnt Antitnlo Anderson — I ' resi lent ¥- Alexander, Grover Alexander, Mark Anderson. Laurila Atwaler. Gerald D. Speech and Theater Arts Business Administration Business Administration Transportation Bailey, .lanet Clothing and TeMile,s Bailey. Lucy tarly Childhood Education Barnes. Kelvin Agricultural Business 80 Jrs :fg gSjggj|j ggs n mm noil !rs!?s ' ?irx Baylor, Kimberly Accounting Bazemore, Michael Business Administration Bell. Wanda Biology Bell, Warren Biology Bennett, Deborah Health and Physical Ed. Benson, Patricia Office Administration Best, Duruood Business Administration Biggs, Angela Accounting Biggs, Carolyn Mechanical Engineering Biggs, John Industrial Technology Bivens, Larry Transportation Blackwell , Dons D. Business Education BlackeU. Karen Speech and Theater .Arts Blanton, Kevin M. .Mechanical Engineering Blount, George Accounting Bouser, .Stephanie R. Speech and Theater .Arts Bradford, Haves J. Branch, Joseph Business .Administration Branch, Michael Bridges, Jennifer Mathematics Bright, Darryl .Accounting Brown, .Alton Business .Administration Brown, Kim Business .Administration Brown, Lauren Biology Pitt, James L. Industrial Technology Jr 81 j: ' ;, mi! mm mi ;m¥}i;!immmsmmmMmimw ■mmMmmmmmmmmt Brown, Raymond Mechanical Engineering Brown, Ricl y Mechanical Engineering Brown. Vicki K. Plant Science Brusler, Trudy Clothing and Textiles Bryant, Tecia Economics Bullock, Sidney Industrial Technology Bullock, Tyrone Engineering Mathematics Burch, Charles Accounting Burgess, Hazel Economics Burgwyn, Terry Industrial Technology Burns, Bridget Social Service Butler, Melba Nursing Callands, David Art Canadv, James L. Art Carnion, Rita Business Administration Carringlon, Sharon , Business Administration Carter, Deborah Business Administration Cash, Kelvin Mechanical Engineering Cherry, Sihon History Clark, Kenneth Business Administration Clark, Dolores Business Education Clarke, Yolanda Business Administration CTowney, Terrie Business Administration Cooper, Debra Business Administration Corley, Carrie D. Psychology Gotten, Annette D. Speech and Theater Arts Covington. Ellis Cowan, Bridgette Biolog) Cromartie. Tedd Industrial Engineering Culbreth, Teressa SociologN Dalton, Jennifer Education Daniel. Lynette Industrial Technology Daughert . Elaine Biolog) Daughert , Suzette Accounting Davis, Christopher Accounting Davis. Constance Nursing Davis, Darr l Davis. Deborah Nursing Davis. Jacob Health and Physical Ed. Davis. Kenneth L. EarK Childhood Education Business .administration " MR. COOL " Sleven Phdgen. born under the sign of Taurus is a 21 year old notive of U ' ashinglon. DC. Sleven chose A5-T because it has a highly reputablf background. " I like the closeness and friendly atmosphere the Aggie famii - projects. " said Ste en Ste en is a Sociology Maior who enjoys all sports His biggest ambition in iife is to become a detecti e Otherwise he just likes taking life nice, easv, ardsiou- Jrs 83 T m m mmrw, •mMmmimm i Pictured » Davis, Larry Doe, Betty K. Eccles, Craig English, Anthony Foster. Roger Recreation Recreation Business Administration Mathematics Animal Science Davis. Maxine M. Donna, Alick Edniond, Carol 1 uggart, .Solomon J. Fousl. Michele Dietetics English Accounting Business Administration Davis, Melissa Douthil, Valeria Edwards, Glenn Eaison. Earnest K 1 reeman, Kim Accounting Accounting Business Administration Speech Theater Arts Davis, Tyrone Dunn. Linda Edwards, Paula Fantroy. Denise Business Administration l-ood Service Nursing Accounting DeVane. Tuiiothy S. Duprec, jeirrey Ellison, Kal Feaster, Tyrone fearless Aggie Industrial Technology Business Administration Clothing and Textiles Architectural Engineering Animal Science S4 Jrs Sft ' i4 ' ' ' rfi mmmmmmi mmm J ! ' ;]k d. ; Wffl Freeman. Sheryl Business Administration Fnnk. Reeda Business Ed (Basic) Fuller, Bobby Accounting Fullwood, Dale A. Electrical Engineering Fulmore, Godfrey Architectural Engrg. George, Valerie Glover. Karen Gray, Annette Y. Grinnin. .Melvin Cloth Tex. Clothing Tex. Psychology Mechanical Engineering Gibson, Cheryl Gore. Howard Greene. Cassandra Gunn, Lucv Architectural Engrg. Business .Administration Business .Administration EarK Childhood Ed. Gill, James N. Graham. Debora Greene. Gregory Hall. Cheryl Business Administration Sociology Accounting English (Prof.) Gill. Ramona M. Graham, Tony Gregory. Lana 0. Hall. Gregory A. Biology (Prof.) Early Childhood Ed. Social Service GiUiard. Thomas Jr. Graves, James Grier. Jamie Hare, .Angela Industrial Tech (Elect) History (Prof.) Business Administration Economics Jrs ' S? lii f mm Harper. Juanna Child IX- cli)pmcnl Harris. Ucbhic .Speech and Ihealcr Arts Hams. Jarricl Psychology Hallley, Kennelh Prolessional Biology Haygood, Robert Indus Technology (Auto) Henderson, Cynthia Professional Biology Hicks. Ann Business 1 ducation High. Margaret Historv (Teaching) Hill. Darrell Professional Biology Hines, Herman Transportation Hope. Steven Psychology Hopkins, Bohhy Business Administration Horn. Lolita Speech and Theater Arts Huggins, Michael Architectural hngineering Jackson, Deborah Social Services .lenkins. Chester Political Science Johnson, Cheryl Social Services Johnson. Donald Accounting Johnson. Trudy Professional tnglish Jones. Janie 1 lectncal Engineering Jones, Tammy Professional tnglish Jordan, Margo .Sociology Judge. Roland Business Administration Joyner. Danta C lothing Textiles . . ...«..»m 1■0»■. .»- v- : " - - . n:x.-.|-S .V-f)M .lffmmM W 9BI Kejrnes. Kelvin Industrial Technology Kennon. Moore Professional Biolog) Kilimanjaro. Heidi A. Professional Bioloa King. Carole A- harly Childhood Education Social Services King. Constance L. Business Administration Kinses, Jannie Psychology Lamberth, Toni .Accounting Lawson. Lorrance E. Driver and Safety Ed. Llovd. Terrie Locus. Carl .Architectural Engineering Long. Belinda Psychology Long. Warneda Early Childhood Education Lowe. Ray D Electrical Engineering Lynch. Dwight D. Earh Childhood Education Lynch. Leo Electrical Engineering .Vladdox. Toni Business .Administration .Vlalloy. Ron Early Childhood Education .Manning. Ernest V. .Architectural Education .Martin. Adrena Nursins Martin. Jeffrey D. Business .Administration Mathews. Sam Business Education Mayes, Norm Industrial Technology .McArthur. Charles S. Political Science McCain. Angela Business Education r m TOUCH OF CLASS James Carrothers, a junior Business Management major from Charlotte, North Carolina has found a true home as an Aggie. In the 2 years he ' s attended A T he has tried to get an all around college life. His freshman year he was a member of the Marching Band and Baseball team. His sophomore year, he pledged Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, and was sophomore class Vice President. This year James says his concentration is more on his education, with an out- look toward graduate school. He has been on the Deans ' list since entering A T, and a starting pitcher on the baseball team. His hobbies include sports, music, and reading. He has a younger brother, Kevin, who also attends A T. McCallum, Charles Business Administration McCauley, Iris Nursing McCauley, Willie Accounting McCloud, Deborah Home Economics McConnel, Bernard McDuffie, Sheila Social Services McEachin Jr., Henry L. Art Mcintosh, Cheryl Psychology McMillan, Ella Speech Theater Arts McNeill, Joann 88 Jrs i ■S ! ' i ' rL ' J. ' i l( ; M McQueen, Michael Food Science McWilliams, Audrey Professional Biology Mims, Gregory Speech and Theater Arts Mitchell, Stanley E. Mechanical Engineering Montgomery, Rodney Professional Engineering Montgomery, Stacy Moore, Daryl Speech and Theater Arts Moore, Pam Moore, Verlinda Professional Mathematics Morrison, Kenneth Sociology Morrison, Osie Food Science Morrison, Sharlene Social Services Moten, Carmen Psychology Murphy, Yvonne Psychology Murray, Yolanda Neal, Chester Agricultural Education Nyagah, Ethan Industrial Technology O ' Neil, Cynthia Business Administration Outerbridge, Reginald Industrial Engineering Palmer, Maxie Accounting im Jrs 8 ' ) Victon ' is imininent in our struggle here. Three long years we ' ve struggled so far. Being subject to various in- fluences we have gone through many changes in our at- titudes, morals, and perceptions of Ufe. We have witnessed many Wcissitudes in the moves and values of this nation. We have seen the declination of awe held of this nation. We have gone through many societal changes endemic to our people. Although one battle of the struggle will be won when we leave here, it is imperative that we fight otu- battle here igorously, so that when we engage in the fierce battle awaiting us outside the Universitj ' we will arise as victors to the might ' struggle. CBR Payton. Linda Nursing Perry, Isaiah Mechanical hngineerlng Peterson, Lance Industrial Technology Pierce, Faye Childhood Development Pierce, Kenneth Business Administration Pitt, James Industrial Arts Education Pollard, David Industrial Arts Education Richardson, Larry Industrial Technology Richardson, William Mechanical Engineering Ro.seboro, Paul Art Sanders, Netta Professional English Saunders, Byron Architectural Engineering Sessoms, Andrea English Sharpless, James Industrial Technology Shaw, Denise Clothing and Textiles Shields, Tangela Business Administration iSSB y l Jrs aSOHHB dHi wm Two beautiful ladies stand by drcaminii of the day when they «ill be a queen, as they tjaze adniirintjly with their win- some sniUes. at the queens jjassintj by on the britjhtly colored and enibelUshed floats durini the honiecoming parade. 1 ' i Sifford. Michael Smith. Chandra Smith, Leslie Spears, Andrea Stephens. Lorie Social Services Mechanical tngineering Sociology Accounting Home Economics Education Simmons. Marsha Smith. Gwendolyn Smith, Tyrone Speight, Levernard Slriggles, Robin Health and Physical hd. Early Childhood Education Political Science Political Science Busmess Administration Simons, George Smith, Jackie M. Smith, Valtroud Speller. Pearless .Slringtleld. Judy Professional Biology Busmess Adnimislralion Art Industrial Engineering Smilh, Angela Smith, James A. Business Admmislralion Electrical Engmeering IB .lrs, ' Q| f ' y ' rm ' immmwmmsi Suggs, Michael Tavlor, Jeffrey Terry, Linda Townsend. Geor ge Wade, Ira Accounting Speech Theater Arts Nursing Transportation Mechanical Engineering Suggs, TonI Taylor. Llewellyn Thomas, Carlton Tyson, Harold Walker. Valencia Social Services Professional tnglish Electrical Engineering Mechanical Eng neering Business Administration Summers, Elvis Taylor, Therman Thomas, Maevin Valentine, Carl Watford, Regina Recreation Industrial Technology Accounting Social Services Accounting Sutton, Orlando Teamer. Tracy Thompson, Dwight Vegas, Keith Watkins, Carayn Agricultural Science Accounting Business Administration Accounting Business Administration 92 Jrs mammm lau Washington. Roger White. Franklin Williams, Gerard Williams. Sharon Williams, Svlvia Social Services Professional Mathematics Home Economics Nursing Welch. Gregory Whitlev. LaVerne Williams. Jackie Wilson. Joseph Business Administration Speech Theater .Arts Business .Administration .Accounting West. Russell Wilder. Sandra Williams. Jamal Williams. Shelia Watkins. .Michael Business Administration Electrical Engineering History Industrial Technoloey Industrial Technology Whitaker. Lillie Williams. Eric Williams. Polly Williams. Wienwsck Watson. .Michael Home Economics Ed. Architectural Engineering Speech Theater .Arts Ps cholog .Accounting V ' . Jrs 93 isa i. iJi? ' ---t t! " ' .C ' ' ' -iyf ' -:?: viitWL ■ ' ■r.-f ,,t ' : " W ' tMr mmtmmmmmmfmmmmmf. Wilson, Vivian Wright, Anthony Business Administration Accounting Worth. Deborah Nursing Woodard, Timothy Wynn, Horace Professional Mathematics Business Administration LET ' S GO AGGIES! y4 .lr5 ■ ' - V ' iSflWl«5»fflJS Yesterday I Realized The years have come and gone As my youth became matured, Thus, half my journey ' s over For the struggles I endured. The sk ' now seems so wide For tomorrow I am free. The future and the world Are mv new found destinv. Looking ui the future Past problems seem so small- WTiy everyone I meet now I must conquer them all! So yesterday I realized The road won ' t be too smooth, Or if my walk is shakj ' Evcrj-thing I lose. But today 1 think I ' ll sleep Vnd stop my contemplating. For 1 just want to dream about- T« morrow I ' m graduating! Charles Conrad, Jr. Senior Class Officers A STRUGGLE YES! BUT VICTORY IS OURS Abrams, Norman Adams, Dawn E. Adkins, Dorinda bu t ' if ' r-r ' ;v ' - . ' ?t1 ' i,.hi i ' Alexander. Tyrone Seniors 97 Allen, John A. Anderson, Yvonne Anstead, Joseph Archer, James D. Armstrong, Donald B. Armstrong, Theodore III Artis, Theodore Asbury, Doris Avery, Mildred Ayinde, Tunde Badgett, Jean Bailey, Emily Bailey, Ronald Baines, Vanessa Baker, Adrian Ballard, Shirley 9S Seniors .- ' fi ,iie Banks. Teresa Barber. Sandra Barnes. Sharon Basnight. Terri Battle. David Battle. George Batts. Douglas R. Batts. L nn ood Bell. Lillian Bell. Mahlon Bellamy. Michael Bellamy. Oliver Best. .Andre Best. Denise L. Beathea. .Audrey Biaas. Norwood tas Seniors 99 " yr:- ' i:v:- ' A ' KJit?- 1 " wWm ' — ' :,yi ' :i,i.! : " i y!.i ' sii ' iii i ?„•.■ i VfXA- Bonner, Larry G. Boone, David E. Best, Alfred Bowman, Larry Boyd, William A. Bracketl, Ruby V. Bradford, Sheryl Bradley, Helen Brandon, Lorenzo Bralton, Debra Britt, Oreta Bromell, Martha Brooks, James Brown, Clinton Brown, Demietrice L. Brown, Jennifer lOO Seniors ■ ___| PkjK.ap ' TnmgiRTrrarannnrain iHliWStKa«IK ' «H.«MejigilHH IBBBH SBUIlWm ' l!Ui9!4U»j}Jiilji.Wl«i »;l.. Brown, Mary A. Brown, Ronald Brown, Vincent Brown, Wanda G. Bruinton, Sharon A. Bryant, Alton Bryant, Andre P. Bryant, Craig K. Burnett, Larry Byrdsong, Cedric Campbell, Barbra Canty, Ellen Carter, Alvin B. Carter, Cheryl E. Chambers, Carol Chance, Vanessa bs2 1 V ;;;:• l ; ' ' [Vi;■i■!y.v: ? :.(,; ;»l■. Seniors IOI m ' m ' fjy.: -m I ' 1 m I Chandler, Felicia M. Cliapman, Jacquelin M. Chesson, Frani ie Clark, Robert B. Clay, Robert V. Clayton, Orlice L. Clements, Sheila R. Clinton, Eric Cobb, Henry Coble, Carolyn Coby, Sharonee Cockrane. Priscilla Cofield, Freddy A. Cogdell, Levern Coggins, Anthony L. Cole, Charles D. 102 Seniors ■■ ' 1 I m Collins, Anthony Colvin, Myers Connelly, Calvin Corbett, Daniel L. Covington, James Cox, Teresa Cox, Todd Crews, Deborah L. Curley. Valerie Cuthbertson, Steven Davis, Barbara Davis, Charles Davis, Curtis Davis, Dennis Davis, Garry R. Davis, Ivora isa t?r i ' iTTTiW r " " iv ' -iniV ' . ' ;tM! {T ' . Seniors 103 ' - ' -.i m mm w mm ' mwmmm. mr mmm m mmmm nfmmmmm 1 ' ■ 1 liv I) Davis, Keith Davis. Paula Dawes, Stephanie Deane, Morgan 104 Seniors Deioatch, Delia S. DeBrew, Janie Dici erson, Doris R. Dixon, Yetta N. Dobson, Jacquelyn T. Dove, Deborah Dozier, Dennis E. Dozier, Edward Draughn, Clementine Duckett, Angela R. Dula, Don Dunlop, Ann ii»ts« : ' . .iM Dupree. John Durham. Coolidge Durham. Shelby Easelv. Crvstal Eatmon. Aubre Edmonds. Theresa Edwards, Cheryl Edwards. Diane Brown. Constance Ettson. Patricia Evans. Marcus W. Evans. Pamela Evans. Rock Faison. Sharon Faulkner. Alfred M. Faulkner, Brenda isaB Seniors 105 ■•iti- ' -fHgaf? im Fergerson, Connie Ferguson, Quill Finch, Sandra Finney, Virgil Fisher, Brett W. Flowers. Kenneth Forbes, Shirley A. Ford, Carey Ford, Ronnie Foskey, Kimberly Franklin, Leonard Franklin, Terence Franks, James Franks, Vincent Frasier, Gilbert Freeman, Thomas lUfc Seniors ism M ' ' - ' i ' ;V J. ' .Vf .V t ' ! .• ' «-J ' ■ Fryar, Gary Gadson. Darryll Gallishaw, Loretta Gardner. Vickie Garner. Sharenn Garrison. Harriett Garrison. Belinda Gatiing. Alfreda George. Glenda Gilliard. Bernard Girardeau. Emerson Godard. James Godfre . Be erly Goocharan. Ina Goodall. Luanna Goodine. Clarice USi Seniors 107 ■■ t m, Govan Catherine P. Green, Edna F. Grimstead, Gwenfolyn A. Haile, Donna Grady Paula Green, Gwendolyn Gross, Denyce Hail.Shelia Grant, Debbie Grice, Anthony Gwynn, Crystal Hardaway, James A Grant, Eddie Grier, Van Hackett, Loretta F. Lathon, Lisa 108 Seniors H m, Hi .■ ' -fl( Harding. Edward Jr. Harrell. Dwasne Harris, Craig Harris. Teresa Harrison. Deborah Hart. Susan Hatcher, Ailyne Hatfield. Vera Hayes, . nthony Hayes. Carl Henry, Janet Henrv. Janice Herbin. Sheila Hicks. Eddie Hicks. Harold Hicks. Jerial aa ■ -AKtr s ' = , ' j: .- .yj-v ' jjff: • Seniors 109 Hill, James C. Hill, Karen Hines, Sheila Hollingsworth, Edv ird Holoman, Maxine Hood, Walter Hopkins, Jean M. Horton, John H. Hoyle, Sharye F. Hughes, Stephanie Huntley, Michelle Inman, Linda Peay, Guss Jackson, Anthony D. Jackson, Meta Jackson, Pauline lO Seniors |||__ xfi!mi»hUa es «H8Mte».«9iSUSeW»IB{Bf{aa3!4«WSm i ' .. ' K]! ' »:K ViJl V. ,U : i ) ' 1 r ■ [ -■», ■ 1 1 ' ■ ' ■■J Jackson, Ronald L. James, Diane Jeffreys, Phildalia Jeffies, Kenneth Jenkins, Keith E. Jeter, April Jones, Albert Jones, Allison D. Jones, Audrey Jones, Gwendolyn A. Jones, Hope Jones, Melody Jones, Murphy Jr. Jones, Reanna Jones, Robin Jones, Sarah Seniors ! 1 1 .,; " TW ' -;Vi V-i ' • ' ! ' • . ' . ' ■■j 4 AK ' ■ ' Cf. ' .Wi ' ir,i, ' ' -y. ' - ■■:■:. mm : ' ' ' Vi ' - ' V ' ' ' UiiiiyiiiPiSW!. ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' ! ' ' " Johnson, Angela Johnson, Anthony P. Johnson, Brandon Johnson, Haywood L. Johnson, Maria Johnson, Patricia Johnson, Sharon Johnson, Teresa Johnson, Teresa Johnson, Wanda Joyner, Fran Judi ins, Cassandra Kay, JuHa A. Kee, James Keith, Myraette Kindle, Rhonda L. King. Ruth Kiniey. Robin Kinney, Gwendolyn C. Kiricsey, Michael L. Knight, Terri Knight, Valerie Lamb. Caronnia A, Lancaster, Michelle Lane, Michael Lanier, Hester C. Lassiter, Ava B. Lassiter, Sheila Lawrence, Zepia Lee, Charles Lee. Cheryl Lee, Regina M, lis i-U TTyyFif .T ' i iW. ' V " . . ' : ' y- ,i _ ' " " ' r-=: V Seniors 1 13 ■■■■■■I •■ mm mim)mmmf- mmx . ■ ■ ■■■•■lOT LeGetle, Tanya B, Leggette, Debra Lester, Brenda Lewis, James Lewis, Valerie Lilly, Dean Lipscomb, Lawrence Little, Ola Lockett, Michael Lucas, Felicia Lucas, Leon Lynch, Nancy Maybry, Ronnie Malichi, Randall S. Maness, Michael Mangum, Ronald Manley. Rhonda Mann. Marvin Marable. Elaine V Stanley, Rogers Marshall. Dorothy Marshall. Stanley Martin. Carol L. Martin. Elvin Martin. Sharon K. Martin. Tammy M. Martin. Wanda L. Mason. Bob McAllister. Robert McAllum. Thomas McCluney. Eddie McCorkle. Andrew V. Seniors 1 15 TTr :T ;T7r: -Er, ' . -.(.rr.,if. " fi ' ' ' im mm !Mmmm K mfmmmm fl I 1 K Zt McCorkle, Ricky McCoy, Sheila R. McCray, Wendy R. Mclntyre, Barbara McLaughlin, Annette McMillian, Jimmy McMillian, Kim McNair, John McNeill, Betty Means, Sharon Merrick, Linda Merritt, Fernando Merrill, Michael Middleton, Charlene Miles, Randy Miller, Hugh 1 l(i Seniors - a»f i Mills Jr., William O. Moore, Gladys Moore, Gregory S. Moore, Frederick R. Moore, Roy Moore, Thelma Morgan, Wayne Morton, Pamela Murchison, Lauretta Murphy, Phillip Nelson, Alphadella S. Nelson. Lorraine Nikazm-Zoia Norford, Derek Norris, Glenwood Obodo. Ike kx Seniors 1 17 :« ! " ;. 7 .i ' -.-t, !? .■■ ■■■■r.-i ii ' - ' w? -■■ mm ' m •mmt xmmimmrmmm ifmmtmmmmtmmt Oden, Kenneth Ore, Veradie L. Paige, Melvin G. Palmer, Melvin Parks, Lewvenia D. Parrish, Rici y Patterson, Clinton Pauling, Larry Paylor, Ricky Pearsall, Barabus C. Pearsall, Geneva Pender, Jacqueline Pennix, Lisa Perkins, Rosalind Perry, Gregory Perry, Robert I IS Seniors • w f Peterson. Sharon Phifer. Lonnie Pinchback. Dennis Pinnix. Angela Pinnix. Arnold G. Poppen. Maggie Poarch, Calvin Porter. Roslvn M. Poteat. C nlhia Powell. Debra Pratt, Delores Price. Henr Price. Sharon K. Pridgen. Michael Prioleau. Michael A. Push. Daniel rJ Seniors 1 19 ■,yrtt ' .- ■. ft ' . ' r r «;W .. ' i -v w - . ' ■ ■ mm ' ' fWmJsfm K Purcell, Vannessa Raeford, Sheila Raleigh, Annette D. Ramseur, Travis B. Reddick Savannah Reeves, Kevin M. Reubei, Harry Jr. Richmond, William Ricks, Linda Robertson, Sharon Robeson, Michael Robinson, Hallie Robinson, Shirley Rogers, Robert Ross, Randal Rountree, Sharon 120 Seniors iMMSKffi- r Rouse, Donald Royal, Gregory K. Royster, Joy D. Russell, Robin L. Sampson, Juliet Samuel, Deborah Sawyer, Christopher Settle, Donna Sharpe, William S. Shaw, Greta Shaw, Yvonne Sheppard III, Elijah Sherrod, E.L. Shoffner, Annah Short, Sammuel Simmons, Patricia Seniors 121 r.7J55WfW ' J ' fli ' -iii.M-, ' - .i ' lJW ' ' ' ' .J ' ; (•■ " i ' ' V m: mmmmmmmmmmmifi Sims, Sharon Singletary, Ricky Smaw, Inga Smitli, Chandra L. Smith, Deborah Smith, Grayiin Smith, Harold Smith, Janice Smith, Paula Smith, Randy Smith, Shiriean Smith, Sonya G. Snow, Sheila Sowell, Cheryl Spencer, Donna Spraggins, Yvonne 122 Seniors r— -r m Kl.v - »T I Stephens, Darlcne R. Stewart. Rub) Stewart. Tanya Stinson. Rosalind J. Stone. James Stout. Emma Stubbs. Wilmur Sturdivant. Karen D. Suggs, Michael Tanner, Wilfred Taylor, Larry Tavlor. Marilvn Taylor. Marion Taylor. William H. Teamer. Kathryn Tetterson. Timothy W Seniors 1 23 h£ 7t ;:■■.U y J7 ' - .i ' ;l ' .. ' tXilKlit - ■■ ' .j;iJ-T ; M? ' ' Wj ' -mmmwwm Thomas, Alvin R. Thomas, Nathaniel Thompson, Gail Thompson, June i:4 Seniors Thompson, Kathy Thompson, Lynda Thompson, Yvette Tobias, Sheila Toomer, Jacqueline Treadwell, Alton Trottis, Joe D. Searles, Karen Truesdale, Roderick Turner, Michelle R. Tyndall, Elton Tyree, James imiiiiiii HIHiHi ssf Vassor, Jacqueline Via. M.Cheryl Vincent, James M. Jr. Wade. Shirley Wa lker. Herman Wall. Alice Wall Earl Wallace. Josephine Wallace. Lenell Walton, Melvin Walton, William Warr, David Warren. Hidalgar Washington. Frederick Washington. Sandria Watson. William Seniors 1 25 m y ' i tii, - ' .Ti " - .?y ' iW;l ' ,, -J -. n;K.. ' " - } ' mmm - ' ' K ' imm mmm mi mmm I Webb, Dorothy Wheeler, Brenda Whitaker, William White, Karen A. White, Maxine V. Wilcox, Tonya E. Williams, Arlinda Winningham, Diana Williams, Doris Williams, Edna D. Williams, Helen Williams, John III Williams, Karen Williams, Karen Williams, Mark P. Williams, Pamela ■•■ -i Williams, Sandra K. Williams, Shirley Williams, Thatcher Williams, Yvonne D. Williamson, Shelia Wills, Martina Wilson, Antonia Wilson, Joann Wimbush, Brenda F. Withers, Joseph Woody, Ronald C. Wood, Theodore A. Ij Seniors 127 7n Mi ' i h ' f rmn ►t:-) ' .nxi-i ' ' ii« • ■■ WP Vc liavc ventured from afar, on a peqietnal (luest, tlirough the meandering roads of life. Ve have risen to tlie mountain tops, with our inner bciiu profusely inundated with the fruits of life; love, Joy and peace. Vc have descended into the valleys of malice and strife, faced with life ' s strufJijles. Strut tjles that challenfje us mentally, physically, socially, spiritually and emotionally. We will surely encounter many obstacles in the ame of life. But we must alwaN-s strug. le indefatigably. Xot to suffer the bitter taste of defeat, but to drink of the sweet cup of victors-. RBC III 128 __|__|||| ' mmmm SENIOR DIRECTORY Abrams. Norman Sanford, NC Industrial Technolog) Adab. Namah H. Greensboro. NC Plant Science and Technology Adkins, Donnda J, Roanoke Rapids. NC Nursing Agnew. Theodore Fayeltevjlle. NC Landscape Architecture Ahmed. Almohanadi Greensboro, NC Electrical Engineering Alexander. Tvrone B. Stanley. NC " Mechanical Engineering Alford. Donan D Georgeto n. SC I Electrical Engineering Archer, James D. Aulander. NC Industrial Technology Armstrong. Donald B. Greensboro. NC Industrial Technology Ariis. Gerald D, Kinston, NC Electrical Engineering Artis. Theodore R- Wilson. NC Mechanical Engineering Alwater. Alandros R. Plainfield. NJ Psychology Auyeung. Wai-Kuen Gif Hong Chemistry Avery. Mildred C. Cleveland, NC Phvsics Bivens, Larr Hamlet. Nc ' Economics Blackmon. Gary S. New Haven. CT Industrial Education Blackmon. Vincent J. Winston-Salem. NC Industrial Technology Biackwetl. Cora L. Reidsville. NC Home Economics Boddie. Ronald K. Nashville, NC Agricultural Education Bohnsack. Lois M. Greensboro. NC Accounting Bonner. Larry ' ashington. DC Electrical Engineering Bnckhouse. Tern A. Creswell. NC Nursing Bright. Kenneth O- Greensboro. NC Architectural Engineering Brinkley. Roy S. Littleton. NC Psychology Brut. Oreta D. Goldsboro. NC Mechanical Engineering Bromel). Martha J. Cerro Gordo. NC Sociology Brooks. James Charlotte. NC Industrial Technology Brown. Cheryl D- Greensboro. NC English I i g Alkobaisi. Issa A. Greensboro. NC Architecture Engineering Allen, John A. Longwood. Fl, Physical Education Ayinde. Tunde B. Lagos. NT Home Economics Badgetl. Anthony Reidsville, NC Business Administration Bonne. Berneita S. Weldon. NC Business Education Bonne, David E. Greensboro. NC Economics Brown. Clinton B, Atlantic City. NJ Electrical Engineering Brown. Constance D. Winston-Salem. NC Nursing iJ Allen. Johnny R. Eden. NC Industnal Education Mien. Robert ' . msion-Salem. NC Business Administration Mmalki. Ali S- Greensboro. NC Mechanical Engineering Aimuhanadi. Fahed H. Greensboro, NC Mechanical Engineering Alnajar, Kazem, H. Greensboro. NC Mechanical Engineering Bailey. EmiK E, StaiesMlle. NC Nursing Bailey. John M. High Point, NC Nursing Bailey. Ronald W. Statesville. NC Agricultural Education Bailey. Tony Greensboro, NC Physical Education Baines. Vanessa J. St. Paul. MN Business Administration Borders. Steve E. Greensboro. NC Mechanical Engineering Bost. Alfred J Greensboro. NC Biology Bracken. Ruby V. Greensboro. NC Biology Bradford. Sheryl L. Greensboro. NC Psychology Bradley. Helen Greensboro. NC Home Economics Brown. Joan C. Winston-Salem, NC Nursing Brown. Karen D. Raeford. NC Architectural Engineering Brown. Mary A. Greensboro. NC English Brown. Ricky Winston-Salem, NC Industrial Education Brown. Ronald T. Williamston. NC Industrial Education Alsuiaiti, Mohammed A Greensboro. NC lechanlcal Engineering Anderson. Carol A- Clarendon, Ja. Architectural Engineenng Baker. Ronnie K. Hope Mills, NC Industrial Technology Baldwm. Clarke W Roosevelt. NY Accounting Branch. Edna Potecasi. NC Psychology Brandon. Lorenzo D. Greensboro. NC Music Brown. Vincent K. Williamston. NC Electrical Engineenng Brunson. Henry L- Greensboro. NC Industrial Education I Auderson. Donald Mebane. NC Ph sics Anderson. Yvonne J- Grecnsboro, NC Speech Communications and Theater Aru Anstead. Joseph Castalia. NC Elementary Education Applewhite. Moms W. Walstonbury. NC Industrial Technology Ballard. Shirley A. Greensboro, NC Accounting Banks. Teresa Greensboro. NC Elementary Education Banner. Robert A. Greensboro, NC Business Administration Biggs. Norwood N. Washington. DC Business Administration Bratton. Debra Semore. NC Driver Education Brewington, Elton R- Goldsboro. NC Speech. Communications and Theatre Arts Brewington. Zola M Goldsboro. NC Nursing Bnckhouse. Donald L. Creswell. NC Agricultural Education Bryant. Alton O. Rieglewood. NC Mechanical Engineering Bme. Jr. Willie J Greensboro. NC Electrical Engineenng Bullard. Pegg J, Lumberton. NC Health. PE and Recreation Burke. Charles E, Matthews. NC Mechanical Engineering lai Senior Directory 1 29 K5n m mr mmm " 1 SENIOR DIRECTORY Burnett, Larry C. Dunn. NC Economics Burton. Darrvl Greensboro. NC Speech. Communications and Theatre Arts Byrdsong. Cedric L. Portsmouth. VA Electrical Engineering Camp. James B. Shelby. NC Animai Science Campbell. Barbara I. Greensboro, NC Accounting Canty. Ellen R Wilmington. NC Nursing Cardwell, Michael A. Greensboro. NC Business Administration Carrillo, Harold R. Charleston, SC Sociology and Social Services Carter. Cher l h Winston-Salem, NC Landscape Architecture Carver, Linwood M, Greensboro. NC Political Science Cales, Eric E. Durham, NC Industrial Technology Cathey. Melvm M Charlotte. NC Business Administration Chambler, Joyce M, Ahoskie, NC Sociology and Social Services Chance, Sallie W. Bethel. NC Accounting Chandler, Felicia Jamaica, NY Political Science Chandler, Juanita E. Lake City. SC Nursing Chavis, Valdez McLeansville. NC Architectural Engineering Chavis, Walter M. Greensboro. NC Sociology and Social Services Cheston. Frankie L, Chesapeake, Va. Elementary Education Clark. Marilyn Jacksonville, ' Ma Nursing Clark. Robert B. Fayetteville, NC Industrial Technology Clay. Robert B. Broadway. NC Landscape Architecture Clayton, Orlice L. Winston-Salem. NC Business Education Clifton, Timothy M, Wmston-Salem. NC Electrical Engineering Clinton. Eric L. Durham, NC Electrical Engineering Cloud. Cynthia L. Dallas. NC Elementary Education Cobb, Evelyn D, Mebane. NC Psychology Cobb, Henry Raeford, NC Business Education Coble, Carolyn D, Burhngton, NC Business Administration Cockrane. Priscilla A. Thomasville, NC Elementary Education Cogdell, Levern M. Fayetteville, NC Psychology Coggins, Anthony L. Windsor. NC Electrical Engineering Coleman, Janice M, Greensboro, NC Business Administration Coleman, Ronald Greensboro, NC Health, PL and Recreation Collins, Anthony D. Candor. NC Industrial Technology Conley, Linda A. Greensboro. NC Architectural Engineering Connelly, Calvin R, Linden, NC Art Cook. Lone B. Greensboro, NC Sociology and Social Services Corbelt. Daniel L. Burlington, NC Business Administration Cox. Daphne D. Goldsboro. NC Home Economics Cox. Teresa F. Irvinglon, NJ Nursing Cox. Todd Charlotte, NC Industrial Education Crews. Deborah L. Greensboro. NC Animal Science Currie, Anthony Greensboro, NC Health. PE and Recreation Curtis, Carol R. Greensboro. NC Speech. Communications, and Theatre Arts Cuihbcrtson, Steven A, Morganton, NC Health, PE and Recreation Dalton. Ernest G. Madison, NC Art Dancy. L.E. Dudley. NC Speech. Communications and Theater Arts Davis. Barbara A. Charlotte, NC Business Administration Davis. Charles L Greensboro. NC Business Administration Davis. Cleola M. Raleigh. NC Home Economics Davis, Curtis E. Roanoke Rapids, NC Industrial Technology Davis. Dennis E Stanley, NC Industrial Education Davis, Garry R. Greensboro. NC Accounting Davis, Paula L. Belhaven, Conn Business Administration Davis, Phyllis E. Charlotte. NC Home Economics Davis, Stan Greensboro, NC Business Administration Dawes, Stephanie T. Roxboro, NC Agricultural Economics Deane, Morgan Cincinnati. OH Architectural Engineering DeBrew. Janie M. Scotland Neck. NC Business Admmistration DeLaine. Louis B. Clayton, NC Chemistry Dennis, Ada D, Frankford, DE Industrial Engineering Dickerson. Doris R. Greensboro, NC Business Administration Dill, Kenneth Bermuda Accounting Dillard, Keith L. Goldsboro, NC Industrial Technology Dixon. Lather Garner. NC Biology Dixon, Yetta N. Lenoir, NC Sociology Dorman, Lisa L. Baltimore, MD Mechanical Engineering Dove. Deborah Kinston. NC Physical Education Draughn, Clemetine Battleboro, NC Business Administration Dunlap. Annie M, Charlotte. NC Business Administration Dunston. Freda Greensboro, NC English Dupree, John M. Farmville. NC History Easley. Crystal D. Philadelphia, Pa. English Eason. Edward A. Greensboro. NC Economics Eatmon. Aubrey Middlesex. NC Speech Communications Edmonds, Leonard S. Greensboro, NC Mechanical Engineering Edmonds. Theresa D. Rich Square, NC Elementary Education Edwards. Belton M. Hillsboro, NC Accounting Edwards. Christopher Washington, DC Psychology I 130 Senior Directory ■ SSPf SENIOR DIRECTORY Edwards, Maurice L. Washington. DC Bio log) Ellioll. Victor New Bern. NC Business Administration Ellis. Eddie T. Henderson. NC Graduate Studies Elmore, Marshall M Greensboro, NC Physical Education Enoch. Jaycee Burlington. NC Sociolog) and Social Service Eshaghi. Falolah Greensboro. NC Electrical Engineering Ethridge. Louis Fayetteville. NC Electrical Engineering Evans. Marcus W. Fayetteville, NC Electrical Engineering Finne , Virgil A. Greensboro. NC Mechanical Engineenng Fisher. Breil W Detroit, Mich Mechanical Engineenng Forbes. Doris L. Neu Bern. NC Home Economics Forbes. Shirley A. New Bern. NC Accounting Ford. Asolde E. Greensboro. NC Architeclural Engineering Ford. Carnev Fairmont. NC Agricultural Education Ford. Ronnie D, Whiteville. NC Biology Foskey. Kimberely A- Greensboro. NC Elementar Education Gallowa . Pamela D. Greensboro. NC Sociology Gant. Cathy R. Greensboro. NC English Gardner. Wanda Goldsboro. NC Business Education Garner. Sharenn A, Greensboro. NC Psychology Garrison. Belinda Somerset. NJ Business Administration Catling. Alfreda R, Ahoskie. NC Elementary Education Cause, Lendred I. Shallotte, NC Biology George. Glenda Greensboro. NC Political Science Govan, Catherine D. Harnsburg. NC Physical Education Grad . Paula Y. Salem, Ma. Home Economics Graham. Wanda L. Newport. NC Home Economics Graham. Zeb L, Mt, Holly. NC Business Administration Grant. Debbie A. Hilton Head. SC Accounting Gram, Eddie F. Conway, NC Electrical Engineering Green. Edna F- Jackson. NC Industrial Technology Green. Gerr B. Jacksonville. Al. Phvsical Education Evans, Pamela M Oxford. NC Speech Communications and Theatre Arts Evans. Rocky M. Fair Bluff, NC Political Science Everette Jackie Ahoskie. NC Industrial Technology Faison, Barbara G. Greensboro, NC Psychology Faulcon. Eddie L. Littleton. NC Business Administration Faulcon, Rapheal D Littleton, NC Business Administration Faulkner, Brenda P, Greensboro. NC Home Econo mics Faza. Alexandra Greensboro. NC Biology Feaster. Tyrone G, Charlotte. NC Architectural Engineering Fellon, Janet O. Tyner. NC Nursing Fennell. Ph llis M. Ahoskie. NC Psychology Fcrgerson. Connie E. Maysville. NC Electrical Engineering Fo . Samuel G- New Bern, NC Industrial Technology Francis. Chester H. Bronx. N ' Safet) and Drive Education Franklin, Terence E. Greensboro. NC Electrical Engineering Franks. James W Greensboro. NC Industrial Education Franks, Vincent Greensboro, NC Accounting Freeman. Thomas F. Newport. Rl Electrical Engineering Fryar. Garry L. Greensboro. NC Music Fulton. Frenise R. Greensboro, NC Biology Funderburk. Karen Greensboro. NC Accounting Funderburke, Sandy R Charlotte. NC SociologN Gadson, Darryll T. Sumter. SC Electrical Engineermg Gallishaw. Loretta D. Orangeburg. SC Business Administration George. Reginald Whiteville. NC Business Administration Ghattan. Jauad Akbar Greensboro, NC Architectural Engineering Ghattan. Jauad Greensboro. NC Mechanical Engineering Gilliam. Walter Parmele. NC Accounting GiKard. Garru A. Greensboro, NC Busmess Administration Ginn, Mitchell C. Pocomoke. Md Business Administration Glover. Edwin C. Franklinville. NC Biology Glover. Pamelia Lattimore. NC Elementary Education Glover, Sharon D, Parmele, NC Elementary Education Godard. James A. Williamston. NC Elementary Education Goerner. Michael Greensboro. NC Landscape Architecture Goocharan. Ina 1 Greensboro. NC Business Education Green. Gwendolyn Henderson. NC Accounting Green. Martha P Greensboro. NC English Green. Shirle B. Greensboro. NC Accounting Greene, Curtis Garysburg. NC Biolog Greene. Debra L. Louisburg. NC Nursing Greene. Frank Greensboro. NC Mechanical Engineering Grice, Anthony E. Washington. DC Industrial Engineering Griffin. James Greensboro, NC Political Science Gwvnn, Crvstal B. Yancey ville. NC Elementar Education Hackeit, Loretta F. Richmond, Va. Music Hagans, Jace M. Greenville. NC Business Administration Haile. Donna C. Ocala. Fla. Political Science I lai Senior T ' :ectory I3l mmmmmmmmmmmm SENIOR DIRECTORY Hall. Charles A Winston-Salem. NC Safety Drive Educalion Hall, Elmira Greensboro. NC Architectural Engineering Hall. James Greensboro, NC Physical Education Halt. Sheila Raleigh, NC Nursing Hardaway. James Durham, NC Electrical Engmeermg Hardie. Tim Shallotte. NC Political Science Harding, Edward P. Garysburg. NC Accountmg Hardy. Malinda A, Garysburg, NC Mechanical Engineering Harper, Leonard M. Goldsboro. NC Architectural Engineering Harris. Angelina R. Greensboro, NC Nursing Harris. Teresa L. Norwood, NC Psychology Harrison. Ruby A. McLeansville. NC Home Economics Hart. Archillus L. Monroe. NC Agriculture Education Hart, Glenn O Wilmington. NC Elementary Education Hart. Susan M. Reidsville, NC Nursing Hatcher, Allyne L. Wadesboro. NC Nursing Hatfield. Vera L. Burlington, NC Business Administration Hays. Anthony Mullins. SC Political Science Hays. Carl A. Greensboro, NC Electrical Engineering Hedgepeth, Clarence J, Holhster, NC Physical Education Hedgepeth, Dewey S. Holhster. NC Physical Education Hemmatian, Mohammad A Greensboro, NC Electrical Engineering Henry, Janet Greensboro, NC Elementary Education Henry. Janice Greensboro, NC Elementary Education Herbin. Sheila Reidsville. NC Physical Education Herndon. Ellis W. Durham, NC Architectural Engineering Heyward. John L. Greensboro, NC Biology Hicks, Eddie Greensboro, NC Business Administration Hicks, Jerial A. Faison, NC Accounting Hildalgo, Warren C, Queens Vill, NY Psychology Hill. Karen E. Shelby, NC Biology Hines, Sheila Roanoke Rapids, NC Sociology and Social Services Hinson. Deborah A. Mount Gilead. NC Nursing Holder, Beverly V, Raleigh, NC Nursing HoUoman, Maxine R. Ahoskie, NC Psychology Holmes, Duane D Greensboro. NC Engineering Mathematics Horlback. Ann M. Charleston, SC Business Administration Horska. Steve Greensboro, NC Industrial Technology Horton, Janice L. Wilmington. NC Home Economics Hoyle. Sharye F, Charlotte. NC Home Economics Hunter. Marc N. Midway Park, NC Business Administration Huntley. Michelle A. Wadesboro. NC Home Economics Imafidon. Timothy O. High Point. NC Industrial Engineering Inman. Linda D, Chadbourn, NC Elementary Education Ireland. Eric J. Greensboro, NC Biology Irving, Brenda C. Durham, NC Elementary Education Irving, Lawrence Trenton. NC Industrial Technology Jackson. Anthony D. Washington, DC Electrical Engineering Jackson. Anthony Q. Landover. MD Biology Jackson, Meta M, Wilmington, NC Accounting Jackson, Pauline Wilson. NC Physical Education Jackson, Wanda G. Wilmington. NC Industrial Education James, Barby D. Greenville. NC Physical Education James, Cassandra Maple Hill, NC Nursing James. Diane Charlotte. NC Sociology and Social Service Jeffers. Susan D. Roxboro. NC Nursing Jeffreys, Phildalia Durham. NC Home Economics Jeffries. Kenneth M. Badin, NC Physical Education Jenkins, Gwendolyn Manson, NC Economics Jenkins, Keith E. Servern, MD Business Administration Jenkins, Stanley E. Greensboro, NC Psychology Jenkins. Veronica E. Spartanburg. SC Psychology Jeter. April A. Winston-Salem. NC Nursing Johnson, Anthony P. Roselle. NJ Speech, Communications and Theater Arts Johnson. Brandon F. Philadelphia, Pa, Electrical Engineering Johnson. Brenda K. Tarboro. NC Home Economics Johnson, Gerald L. Greensboro. NC Physical Education Johnson, Maria M. Henderson, NC Accounting Johnson. Mark A. Laurinburg. NC Architectural Engineering Johnson. Sharon E. Winston-Salem. NC Business Administration Johnson. Teresa A. Charlotte. NC Electrical Engineering Johnson, Vanesa A. Englehard. NC Speech Communications and Theater Arts Johnson, Wanda R- Hobgood. NC Political Science Jones, Aubrey D. Durham, NC Business Administration Jones. Carlton L. Durham. NC Industrial Technology Jones, Carroll L. Danville. IL Electrical Engineering Jones. David L. Research Triangle. NC Art Jones, Derrick W. Greensboro. NC Electrical Engineering Jones, Earleen M. Greensboro, NC Business Educalion Jones, Hope M. Fayetteville, NC Home Economics L12 Senior Directory -J SS . SENIOR DIRECTORY Jones. John E. Greensboro, NC Mechanical Engineering Lawrence. Zepia D, Rocky Mount, NC Business Administration Lynch. Nancy E. EnHeld. NC Nursing Martin, June L. Greensboro, NC Home Economics Jones. Melody D. Creswell, NC Business Administration Jones. Reanna Charlotte, NC Elementary Education Leach, Adriane D. China Grove. NC Accounting Leath, Verlyn W Burlington. NC Elementary Education Lyon, Ralph E. Lexington. NC Plant Science Technology Mabry. Ronnie Ayden. NC Mechanical Engineering Martin. Maria A- Greensboro. NC Business Education Martin. Tami A. Madison. NC Elementary Education Jones, Sarah C. Greensboro, NC Home Economics Jordan. Lloyd E. Roanoke Rapids. NC Landscape Architecture Jordan, Patti A. Greensboro. NC Sociology Social Service Joyner, William Greenville. NC Psychology Lee. Cheryl D. Williamston. NC Elementary Education Lee. Regina M. Henderson. NC Biology Legette. Debra R Fayetteville, NC Accounting Legette. Tanya B. Greensboro, NC English Mack, Bennie A. Greensboro. NC Accounting Mahoud, Hisham S. Greensboro, NC Mechanical Engineering Majette, Ricky M. Garysburg, NC Business Administration Maiichi. Randall Bennettsville, SC Business Education Martin, Tammy Gibsonville, NC Mathematics Mason, Bobby M. Hopewell. Va- Industnal Technology Matier, Peggy Greensboro, NC Elementar Education Maybin. Wille J. Newberry. SC Home Economics Judkins. Cassandra L. Yonkers, NY Home Economics Kee, James W. Garysburg. NC Economics Keith. Myraette M. Greensboro. NC Home Economics Kinley. Robin D. Florence. SC Nursing Kinney, Gwendolyn C. Cheraw, SC Speech Communications and Theater Arts Knight. Forrest Spring Lake. NC Business Administration Lamb. Caronnia A. Clinton. NC Nursing Lamb, Robert D. Randleman. NC Industrial Technology Lane. Frankie L. Greensboro, NC Sociology Social Service Lang, Jerry Charlotte. NC Mechanical Engineering Lannier. Hester G. Chatham. Va. Home Economics Lassiter. Derrick Durham. NC Electrical Engineering Lassiter, Shelia M. Ahoskie, NC Nursing Lester, Brenda K. Roxboro. NC Sociology Social Service Lewis, James A. Havelock. NC Accounting Lewis, Valerie M. Greensboro. NC Elementary Education Lilly, Dean W. Fayetteville, NC Accounting Lilly, Kenneth B. Albemarle. NC Physical Education Lindsay. Sandra A. Greensboro. NC Music Lipscomb. Lawrence A. Greensboro. NC Physical Education Little. George M, Washington. NC Speech Communications and Theater Arts Little. Ola D. Blounls Creek. NC Industrial Technology Littlejohn, William H, Raleigh. NC Industrial Engineering Locus, Carl Fayetteville. NC Architectural Engineering Love. William J, Gastonia. NC Industrial Engineering Lucas. Felicia L. Durham. NC Physical Education Malloy. Cvnthia L. Maple Hili. NC Nursing Maness, Michael B Biscoe. NC Speech. Communications and Theater Arts Mangum. Ronald L Portsmouth, Va, Engineering Mathematics Manley. Rhonda E, Cofield. NC Elementary Education Mann, Marvin B- Pantego. NC Industrial Technology Marable. Elaine V, Washington. DC- Business Administration Marbury. Cynthia A. Greensboro. NC industrial Technology Marrow. Angela Y- Hillcrest. Md. Nursing Marsh. Debra L. Greensboro, NC Accounting Marshall, Dorothy L, Dover. NC Sociology Marshall. Stanely J. Charleston, SC History Martin. Elvin M. Portsmouth. Va. Electrical Engineering Martin, Jesse L. Ruffm. NC Industrial Technology Maye, Patricia A. Warsaw, NC Business Education McCain, Lisa A. Fayetteville. NC Home Economics McCall. Ronald D. Linwood, NC Physical Education McCallum. Thomas A, Rowland. NC industrial Technology McCorkle. R. Ml, Holly. NC Accounting McDowell. Michele A. Greenville. NC English McElrath. Delannie F. Greensboro. NC Chemistry McElveen. David Q. Pope AFD Mechanical Engineering McFadden, Gavie Y. Elliott. SC Business Administration Mclntyre. Barbara A. Greensboro. NC Physical Education McLaughlin, Annette K. Danville, Va, Business Administration McMillan. Curtis E. Southern Pines. NC Physical Education McNair. John W. Jacksonville, NC Accounting f lim ' 11 Ik Senior Directory 133 ' ■ WW SENIOR DIRECTORY McNeill. Betly Clinlon. NC Sociology McRae, Lille J, Rowland, NC Psychology Means. Sharon R. High Point. NC tlementary Education Melvin. Solden P, Greensboro, NC Business Administration Merrick. Linda D. Easton, Pa. Psychology Merrill, Michael Fayelleville. NC Industrial Technology Middlelon. Charlene M. Brooklyn. NY English Miles. Randy L, Burlington, NC Business Adminislralion Miller. Hugh G Pink Hill, NC Industrial Education Miller, Larry D. Hookerton, NC Business Adminislration Minis. Billy J Jacksonville. Fl. Physical Education Mitchell. Ralph W. Walnut Cove, NC Business Education Mize, Lane A, Lexington, NC Plant Science Technology Monger, Pecolia Cumo, NC Home Economics Montford, Leonard Hubert. NC Electrical Engineering Moody, Doris A. Gaston. NC Biology Moody. Raymond M. Launnburg. NC Accounting Moore. Gladys Graham. NC Sociology Moore. James H. Lumberton, NC Agriculture Education Moore. Marilyn Rocky Mount, NC Business Education Moore. Roy N, Rose Hill. NC Electrical Engineering Moore, Terry A. Randleman. NC Industrial Technology Moore. Theodore L. Stedman, NC Electrical Engineering Moore. Theodrick L Stedman. NC Physical Education Moore. William D. Burlington, NC Sociology Morgan. Wayne F. Cambria. HTS Business Administration Morns, Phillip W Summerfield. NC Industrial Engineering Morton, Pamela M Yonkers. NY Mechanical Engineering Motlagh, Ali Greensboro, NC Electrical Engineering Murray, Terry K. Newhill. NC Nursing Naami. Abdula N. Greensboro. NC Architectural Engineering Neal. Isaac Washington. DC. Accounting Neal. Tereasa Greensboro, NC Elementary Education Melson, Lorraine Concord, NC Elementary Education Nghiem, Bach-Tuyet Burlington, NC Chemistry Noble, Rudolph Greensboro, NC Speech Communications and Theater Arts Noble. Theodore Greensboro. NC Political Science Norrell, Roger W Roanoke, Va. Busines s Administration Morns, Glenwood Kannapolis, NC Industrial Technology Ohado, Ike I Orange, NJ Mechanical Engineering Oden. Kenneth N. Beaufort, NC Chemistry Ogar. Ichire 1. Greensboro, NC Electrical Engineering Olang, Mohammad Newell. NC Architectural Engineering Ore, Veradie L Windsor, NC Industrial Technology Orsarh, Emmanuel Greensboro. NC Industrial Engineering Paige. Melvin G, Durham, NC Speech. Communications and Theater Arts Palmer. Dickye J. Hamlet. NC Architectural Engineering Palmer. Melvin C Sanford, NC Economics Parker. Kevin A, Winston-Salem, NC Business Administration Parker, Robert J Greensboro, NC Plant Science and Technology Perkins. Reginald T. Elizabethtown, NC Accounting Perkins. Rosalind M. Leiand. NC Sociology and Social Service Perry, David M. Morehead, NC Accounting Perry. Gregory K. Greensboro, NC Political Science Perry, Robert L, Banner Elk, NC Nursing Peterson, Sharon E. Tuskegee, Al Architectural Engineering Pettiford, Alvin A. Greensboro, NC Electrical Engineering Phifer. Lonnie B. Greensboro. NC Health, Physical Education and Recreation Phillips. James Q. Mebane, NC Industrial Technology Pinnix. Angela Burlington, NC Nursing Pippen, Maggie L. Tarboro, NC English Price, Sharon K. Bluefield, Va. English Pndgen, Michael Washington, D.C. Industrial Technology Pugh, Daniel B. Windsor, NC Industrial Technology Purcell. Vannessa L. Raeford, NC Chemistry Quinn, Cyril Trenton, NJ Business Administration Raeford. Shelia A. Fayetteville, NC Business Education Ray. Wildra V, Jackson Spring, NC Business Education Redding, William C. Sanford. NC Business Administration Reeves, Kevin M. Fayetteville, NC Mechanical Engineering Reid, James L. Burlington. NC English Reubel, Harry B. Raleigh, NC Sociology Ricks, Linda G. Tarboro, NC Nursing Ri kallah, Salim E. Greensboro, NC Architectural Engineering Robertson. Richard W, Greensboro. NC Mechanical Engineering Robertson, Sharon L. Proctorville, NC Elementary Education Robeson, Michael L. Kannapolis, NC Industrial Technology Robinson, Franklin M. Reidsville, NC Industrial Technology Robinson, Hallie E. Dunn, NC Accounting Robinson. Shirley L. Warrenton. NC Elementary Education l.U Senior Directory 9!m mmPim:i m ' . miSi SENIOR DIRECTORY Rochelle. Young Greensboro, NC Physics Roddey, Joey Greensboro, NC Music Scoll, Clarena Greensboro, NC Industrial Technology Scott, Michael R. Square, NC Agriculture Education Streater, Larry Troy, NC Agricultural Economics Stubbs, Wilmur Gibson, NC Home Economics Turrenline, Venice T. Greensboro, NC Psychology Tyndal. Elton Lumberton, NC Driver Education Rogers. Annie M. Durham, NC Nursing Rogers, Robert L, Greensboro, NC Mechanical Engmeermg Ross. Randal J. Charlotte. NC Elementary Education Ross, Renita C. Miami, Fl. Business Administration Rosser, Calvin P. Macon, NC Art Rosser. Constance Macon, NC Economics Rountree, Sharon F, Elm City, NC Home Economics Rouse, Donald R. Greensboro, NC Biology Rouse, Marvm L. Greensboro, NC Iridustrial Technology Rucker. Alvin Greensboro, NC Industrial Technology Rucker. Phyllis T. Greensboro. NC Nursing Russell. Robert W, Greensboro, NC Psychology Saccoh, Sharon Greensboro, NC Speech, Communications and Theater Arts Saffari, Mehdi Greensboro, NC Mechanical Engineering Salehaslaui. Shahiam Greensboro. NC Electrical Engineering Sampson, Juliet C. Washington, DC. Business Education Sanders. Katri G. Greensboro, NC Nursing Sargeant, Edward Greensboro. NC Political Science St. uddin. Lamar T. Grec " sboro, NC Electrical Engineering Sellers, Jacqueline V. Greensboro, NC Engineering Mathematics Settle. Donna J Winslon-Salem, NC Sociology Settle. Patricia A. Reidsville. NC Nursing Shanks, Vernon Greensboro. NC Business Administration Sharpe, Leon Fayetteville. NC Business Administration Snow. Shelia M, Littleton. NC Political Science Spivey, Elton W, Windsor, NC Business Education Spraggins, Yvonne E. Roosevelt, NY Engineering Mathematics Spruiell, Vincent L. Greensboro. NC Electrical Engineering Spruill, Catherine Burgaw, NC History Stanley, Felecia A. Tarboro. NC Nursing Stanley, Rogers D. Greensboro, NC Landscape Architecture Steele, Richard B. Salisbury, NC Art Stevens, Rosie A. Faison. NC Sociology Stewart, Ruby J. Dudley, NC Home Economics Stewart, Tanya D. Paris Island. SC Sociology Stout. Emma R. Asheville. NC Nursing Sua. D, R. Greensboro, NC Architectural Engineering Suggs, Michael G- Greenville. NC Industrial Education Tanner, Wilfred A. New Orleans. La, Electrical Engineering Tapp. Sharon Washington, D.C. Nursing Taylor. Bettye J. Oxford, NC Sociology Taylor, Edith D. Greensboro, NC Business Administration Taylor. Marilyn V. Roanoke Rapids, NC Elementary Education and Reading Taylor, Marion Kinston, NC Industrial Technology Taylor, William H. Kinston, NC Economics Teamer, Kalhryn L Eden, NC Elementary Education and Reading Thomas. Alvin Greensboro, NC Industrial Technology Thomas. Beverly R. Oxford, NC Business Education Troy. Michael D. Leland. NC Truesdale. Roderick D. Winston-Salem. NC Electrical Engineering Tsado, Samuel Greensboro, NC Architectural Engineering Tucker. Roscoe Winlerville, NC Accounting Turner. Benjamin Raleigh, NC Psychology Turner, Carol Roanoke Rpds. Biology Tyree, James A. Reidsville, NC Mechanical Engineering UYO Ekpenyong E. Greensboro, NC Architectural Engineering Vance. Pearlie M- Winston-Salem, NC Nursing Vassor. Jacqueline J. Garysburg, NC Accounting Vaughn, James R Reidsville, NC Physical Education Veale, Myra A. Lewiston, NC Elementary Education Via, Margaret C. Martinsville, Va. Agricultural Economics Vincent. James M. Reidsville, NC Electrical Engineering Wade, Shirley A Graham. NC Elementary Education Walker, Herman E. Newport, NC Mechanical Engineering Walker, Kenneth Salisbury, NC Psychology Wall, Alice N. Rockingham, NC Industrial Engineering Wall, Jenever E. Winston-Salem. NC Accounting Wallace, Josephine Charleston. SC Nursing Wallace. Lenell H. Durham, NC Psychology Walton. Melvin D. Garysburg. NC Physical Education Walton. William L, Beaufort. NC Economics Ward. Cheryl A. Greensboro. NC Physical Education i II r IS Wi ' iw: •{ .¥j ' i -i:i- ' , .: Senior Directory 135 SENIOR DIRECTORY Ward, Lashun F. Carrboro, NC Ward. David L. Landover. Md. Electrical Engineering Washington, Fredrick Morehead, NC Political Science Washington. Sandria V. Pine Bluff. NC Sociology Watlington, Romulus T. Greensboro, NC Accounting Watson, Gilford E. Windsor. NC Industrial Technology Watson, Michael A. Greensboro. NC Accounting Watson. Sharon A. Greensboro, NC Elementary Education Watson. William Detroit. Mi Elementary Education Webb. Dorothy M. Roper. NC Nursmg Welch, David A. Winston-Salem. NC Industrial Engineering Wells, Jerris A. Greensboro, NC West. Rhonda T. Brooklyn. NY Business Administration Whitaker, William E. Battleboro. NC Driver Education White, James A, Clinton, NC Industrial Technology White. James R. Englewood, NJ Agricultural Engineering White, Maxine V. Hampton, Va. Industrial Engineering Whitted. Edith T. Durham, NC Business Administration Wideman, Lottayne Greensboro. NC Accounting Wiggins. Lester. Jr. Greensboro. NC Industrial Technology Wilcox. Tonya E, Roanoke Rapids, NC Business Administration Wiley, Deborah Burlington, NC Elementary Education Williams. Arlinda C. Wilhamston. NC Nursing Williams. Edna D. Oxford, NC Business Education WilHams, Helend Enfield. NC Economics Williams. James E. Rocky Mount. NC Landscape Architecture Williams. John Trenton, NJ Industrial Technology Williams. Karen Raleigh. NC Speech, Communications and Theater Arts Williams, Mark P. Cincinnati, Oh. Art Williams, Rufus E. Columbus. Ga, Biology Williams, Sandra K. Ferry. NC Elementary Education Williams. Shirley A. Rowland. NC Business Education Williams, Thatcher Pikeville. NC Physical Education Williamson, Shelia O. Yanceyville. NC Elementary Education Willoughby. Marvin D. New Haven. Ct. Industrial Education Wills, Martina Plymouth. NC Sociology Wilson, Antonia Kevin Rd . Md Wilson, Joann Bethel, NC Nursing Wilson, Randy T, Vallego, Ca. Architectural Engineering Wimbush. Brenda F. Oxford. NC Business Education Winningham. Diana Orrum, NC Business Administration Wiseman, Patricia A. Durham. NC Physical Education Withers, Joseph A. Ruffin, NC Physical Education Wood, Theodore A. Fayelteville. NC Electrical Engineering Woodard. Michael Greensboro. NC Economics Wood, Cynthia L. Winston-Salem, NC Nursing Woody. Ronald C. Washington. DC. Political Science Yancey. Karen P. Charlotte. NC Home Economics Yates. Calvin Kinston, NC Mechanical Engineering Young. Donna L. Burnsville. NC Elementary Education Young. Ernestine Goldsboro, NC Sociology Zarrabzadeh, Hossein Charlotte, NC Electrical Engineering 136 Senior Directory Hiiifi 111 ORGfiMIZ moNS immi ECONOMICS CLUB Front Row: Mr. Simmons Hazel Burgess Vanessa Mitchell Helen Williams— President Pam Mickens Bill Walton Back Row: James Key Dr. Coley Tyrone Davis— Secretary Dr. Jeong Pandora Robinson Dr. Morse Larry Bivens t[m.M L , . N. c. A. S. Randall Malichi NCAS Veda Stroud Vice President Lorraine Nelson President — Fletcher M. Purcell Advisor — Katie Dorsett Secretary — Doris Blackweli Publicity — Angela McCain Brenda Wimbush Ms. NCAS — Orlice L. Clayton BIOLOGY CLUB Biology Club Members: President — Barrington Ross Vice President — James Stone Larry Taylor James H. Pressley 139 ' wmmam THE ELMORE M. KENNEDY ANGEL FLIGHT m (Bottom left): Sharon Meighan, Marilyn Keith, Patricia Simms — Oper. Officer, Rennett Edwards — Dep. Commander (Bottom right); Carol Taylor — Comman- der, Bernella Alston — Compt., Jackie Hayes — Admin. Officer iMi ____ m £i im)d £;i !M li. . . . SQUADRON ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY f •Vr h Officers: (left to right) seated Jeff Dupree — Dep. Commander. James Godard — Comman- der, standing Jamal Williams — Infer. Officer, Lindberg Williams — Compt., Wanda Shar- pless — Admin, Officer, Avis Saunders — Chaplain. Carol Taylor — Oper. Officer (left to right) Peter Alford, Robert McAllister, Carole Brmkley. Dennis Johnson, Jimmy McMillian 141 sr ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA 142 JSKOf ORGANIZATION OF BROADCASTING STUDENTS Jfwm — Hv Vi Aquilla Parker, Annette Baker (Secretary). Sharon Colson (Sgt. at Arms). Aubrey Eat- mon (President). Annah Shoffner. Carl Valentine. Pamela Evans. Melvin Page. James Leuis. Gregory Mims (Treasurer). Debbie Harris. John Michael. Michael Maness 143 F O R E I G N S T U D E N T S ASSOCIATION 144 ____||||gy| SSRSSSu ! N.C. A T STATE UNIVERSITY Fl ! K Ih ' 1 Front Row: Alicia Croston, Aiemia Edwards, Jackie Dobson, James Thomas, Wallace Bell, George Tyson, Peter Falk, Litia Leak, Vickie Barsley. Valarie Hunter. Second Row: Adrea Richmond, Cathy Phifer. Bonita Edwards, Leo McEachern, Larence Lawson, Harris Jenkins, Tobias Price, " Candy " , Wanda Gardner, Linda Inman. Third Row: Alicia Crank, Leverne Whitely. Sandra Gilmore, Cheryl Via, Daryl Pass, Tim Bratton, Joyce Brake, Jannie Jones, Beverly Riely, Zelda Berryman. GOSPEL CHOIR n 145 GOSPEL CHOIR Gospel Choir prepares for big concert. OFFICERS James Thomas, Andrea Richmond, Cherly Via, Rex Smith. Second Row: Wanda Gardner, Pamela Glover, Tim Bratton, Cathy Phiper and Alicia Croston. iHiiiiii rt ' rrr mmms mmm iAy ' mmm .,, m am, ALPHA LAMBA DELTA OFFICERS below: Row I (left to right) Shawn Jenkins — Vice President, Michael Hamlin — President. Reggie Scales — Historian, Row 2 Roger Jef- feries — Secretary, Randez Hadden — Parliamentarian, Row 3 Charles Burch Jr. — Senior Advisor ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Row 1: left to right Vice President — Shawn Jenkins, Reitha Zachary, President — Michael Hamlin, Larcresia Faison, Parliamentarian — Randez Hadden, Anthony G. Hayes, Row 2 James Robinson, Nelson Pollard, Senior Advisor — Charles Burch, Berbert Byrd, Row 3 Historian — Reggie Scales, Charles Wood, Secretary — Roger Jefferies ETA KAPPA NU OFFICERS BELOW: L-R (row 1) Wilfred Tanner, Treasurer; James V in- cent, President; Jannie Jones, Vice- President. L-R (row 2) Timothy Wilder, Everett A. Drew Jr., Secretary, Dr. Harold Martin, Advisor. Sitting L-R, Wilford Tanner, James Vincent, Jannie Jones, Row 1 — Everett A. Drew Jr., David D. Smith, Warren Fenwick, Michael Washington, Gerald Williams, Michael Vaughn, Not pictured — Carol Taylor, Carl Hayes 147 Society of Manufacturing Engineers -- J J -. - " " ' i J -1 First Row: Ola Little, Devida Jacobe, Diana Lee, Dianne Brie, Shelia Williams, Albert Fairchild — Faculty Advisor, Second Row: Marcus Moore, Thomas Seagroves, Edward Hollingsworth, Alfred Davis, Third Row: Emmanuel Cole, Lynell Brown, Warren Best, Mike Sharp, Fourth Row: Julius Ledbetter, Robert HayGood, Willie Jackson. Socictj- of Mamifacturiiit; Engineers was sponsored on . T Stale I ' niversity by senior ehapler 82 in 19()5, as an organization for the a(haneenient of seientific knowledtje in the field of niannfaediring. (hir nienil)crs are serious stndents niajoriiifj in IiiduslriairechnolofSy and other related fields, who will work in various Professional fields to apply their knowledfje in the nianufaelure of products. Our activities are monthly joint niectinf s with the X.MT and the S. Iv. With prominate professionals also attendiiuf senior clmpter nieelinfjs. private business nieetiiifjs, beer and pizza parties and an annual picnic. H BROTHERS OF SOUL SOCIETY B O ss V I;... ■ ■-i -:r ' -v7: A 7W- . ' ■•■i.if i iHHill imm RECREATION CLUB First row: Ricky A. Paylor, Randal J. Ross, Brenda Miller, Frank Carr, Janice Ray. Deborah Dove, second row: Shirley Robinson, Michael Drummer, Shirley Hall — Ms. Phi Epsilon, Joe Withers, Patricia Govan — Secretary, James Hall — President, Gloria Johnson, Ronnie Womack, Lois Jones T L O C A i f ■,}i»mm-muiii ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING SOCIETY Officers President — N ' alerie Curley Vice-President — Asoide Ford Secretary — Vicki Coleman Treasurer — Alton Treadwell Advisor— Dr. W. C. Clark First ro«: L-R, Robin Jones, Tyrone Feaster. Zoia Nankasim. Sandra Garner. Valerie Corley, Vicki Coleman, Myrtle Bowen, Linda Williams, Dr. Clark, Second row: L-R, Melvin Quick. Myers. Colvin. Ray Casey, Valdez Chavis. Terrance Ross, Wayne Crowe, Eric Nelson, Harris Jenkins, Robert Johnson, Tim Stoddard, Carl Lows, Alton Treadwell. HEALTH CAREERS CLUB Health Careers Club Barrington Ross, James Stone (President), James Pressley (Vice-President), Lisa Greene. Early Williams. Larry Taylor. Juluis Moore. 151 mmmmmmm POLITICAL SCIENCE SOCIETY Larry Bowman — President, Donna Haile — Miss Political Science Society, Mildred Avery — Secretary, Wanda Williams — Treasurer, George Battle — Public Relations, Jim Hardy — Vice President, James Griffin — Parliamentarian. I . M llii- L-R, Donna Haile — Ms. Political Science, Larry Bowman — President, Mildred Avery — Secretary, Jim Hardy — Vice President, Wanda Williams — Treasurer, Felicia Chandler, George Battle — Public Relations, Gregory Perry, James Griffin, Quill Fergerson, Oliver Bellamy. Willie Legette — Advisor, Phung Nguyen — Advisor, Amayit Singh, Advisor, Samuel Moseley — Advisor 152 iMiiiiili Gamma T Delta Phi isQ, umnu W ■■■■■■■ i SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB 1 Ml U ( 1 ' 1 r ; 1! ■ 154 i a GRIOT SOCIETY STUDENT ALUMNI COUNCIL Student Alumni Council Elaine Daugherty — President. Donna Alick, Sanda Harrell — Nice President, Tris McCaule , Otis Har- vey. Deborah Davis 155 mmmmmmmmm CHARLOTTE L U B AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 156 i AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 1st row: Sandra Finch. Karen Murrell, Pamela Morton, Tyrone B. Alexander, Oreta Britt, Dennis Dozier, Theresa A. Hughes. 2nd row: Chance Lewis 111. Valerie Bryant. Virgil .A. Finney Jr., Herman Walker, James T ree. Brett Fisher, Martha Roundtree Herman Walker — Vice President, Sandra Finch — Secretary, James Tyree — Treasurer, Tyrone .Alexan- der — President 157 liiill NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY WW a L Members from right to left: Front row: President: Morris Applewhite, Vice President: Angela Duckett. Treasurer: Ola Little. Secretary: Shiela Williams, Second row: Anthony Cooper, Gary Edwards, Verddie Ore. Edna Green. Alvin Thomas. Third row: Ellen Spruill. Gregory Godard, Alfred Davis. Thomas Gilliard, Alvin Abraham, Fourth row: James Covington, Curtis R. Norris, Christopher T. Lawrence, James Sharpless. Fifth row: Robert H. Haywood. Lance Peterson, Mike Robeson, Anthony L. Artis, Michael A. Pridgen, Sixth row: Donald Williams, Charles Wood, Darrell L. Wall, David G. Perry, Stanley Moore Jr., Joshia Opata DURHAM CLUB p . mmmmmmmmm i B Groove Phi Groove Msssnwffi Jerry Perry (JP), Frank Wilson (Frank), Sherwood Bethea (The Woods), Kenneth Small (Smalls), Willard Hodgens (Rose), Egale Chapter Groover (NCCU Groover), Keith Royal (Smack Easy) Grove Phi Groove Poem In the beginning, Glorious Twas a day in ' 62 When fourteen brothers Proud and true Stood strong and proclaimed To all a decree To promote Brotherhood and Unity. They stood together and looked around For someone to share what they had found Looking to the stars to give a sign Grave images took shape within their minds Colors of black and white for all to see A shield to ward oflf the arrows of adversity With Unity of Spirit and Purity of Heart These ideas that gave Groove it ' s start To this I toast to each brother far and near To all that hold Groove Phi so dear. In memory of each Founder as they once stood I toast to thee, Sweet Brotherhood! Fortman Richardson Winston-Salem State University HONEY COURT IT ' S ALL GREEK TO ME AKA A A riz A A KA4J Z0B A r(t)r B I GREEK ORGANIZATIONS A(t)Q CD N QHJCt) n NTA KAHJ OBI 160 B IMIKM ■ atiiiMiaa w j.t. ' ? mmMii y;, m: im,,sm ' m ffi: PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL HH r ' k 1 I 161 W :m w ' ' ' ' ' )Z-iH:K- ' ' l( ' r: :;:, !: ' :n ' - . ' ■[.i , ■ ' .; ' ;; ' " ' ' .. ' ; ; i :,:,.i- W ' !S!!nm PHI BETA SIGMA IF iMM M lmmBSBm ' ' s f m m ' ' mmMrt i-mi ' MM f ' :ik: ' :4 t i ■aumitVMmmm ALPHA PHI ALPHA L-R Carl A Hayes. Ronald Z. Mangum, Gregory Ward. Henry L Midget I. Chuck Campbell. Eric J Ireland. Furreni Knight. James G. Wood. Kenneth Haltley. Norbert A. Hopkins. Keith Parker. Derek Nor- ford. Bobby Fuller. Torrence Lawson. Stanley E. Coleman Kneeling: Barrington Ross. Standing: Yolanda Murray. Rhonda Whitted, Faye Mitchell. Clare Siler. Carole Brinkley. Zelda McCauley. Warren Bell. Second Row: Isaac J Seal. Joan Haith. Jerome Love. .Anita Holiday, Robert Rogers. Third Row: Harolyn Coble. William Turner 1 T " H r 1 r V mU ' W ' i l iss«s ' i MMHH? ? ' am ■BSS ' fc.- m Spi S i ■ir " y W i 4 Wn m I or i 0 K ' mL " ' (1 -B- . Ji M r tn i9 .r-M i l[ L f Eflv nKlffl E nllllllll » m f IH pi S ' l Vi Ih I k 3 pi m7}M ililliilllHilMlil B J ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY, INC. i m.mmkm4mmv . ii m x. j ' A ' BETA EPSILON CHAPTER . . . BROTHERHOOD IN UNITY . . . Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., the first Intercollegiate Greek letter fraternity es- tabhshed for black college stu- dents, was organized at Cornell L ' niversit ' , Ithaca, New York, in 1906. The first unit of this national fraternit ' , organized by college men of . fro-. merlcan descent, was called Alpha Chap- ter. The fraternlt ' was bom out of the desire for maintaining close association and unified support for members of this small minoritN ' group, inasmuch as they were denied, for the most part, the mutual helpfulness which the ma- jorit - of students attending their university- regularly enjoyed. The seven, 1sionar - founders at Cor- nell, .Arthur Callls, Charles Chap- men, Eugene K Jones, George Kelly, Nathaniel Murray, Robert Ogle, and Vertner Tandy, labored in the years of severe economic stniggle and racial conflict in the I ' nited States. Despite their dif- ficulties of organization in this un- tried field of student life, the early fraternity pioneers succeeded in laying a firm foundation and remained steadfast in their goals pointing toward development of the fraternity ' s membership — tliat is the espousing of the princi- ples of good character, sound scholarship. Christian fellowship and the uplifting of himianit -, es- pecially the struggling black minority in the United States. Beta Epsilon Chapter, the local satellite of Alpha, continues to keep . lpha Phi . lpha FIRST OF ALL BLACK GREEKS! KAPPA ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY INC. The Alpha Nu Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi was founded here at A T on April 14, 1933, and has been a leader in Achievement for some 47 years. The Old School: Melvin Quick Anthony " TJ " Fred Moore Mike Lane Jackson The 8th Wonder: Theodore Armstrong James Lawrence David Pollard Jerome Stinson Keith Wynn — m THE 1980-81 NUPE TROUP T S The Subway 6: Harvey Tanner Stan Matthews Anthony Chestnut Harold George The 4 Comedians: Richard Martin Byron McCullum Kenny Clark Lew Dewitt The 80-81 Kappa Kourt: Lynnette Shields Davida Jacobe Susan Pettiford Brenda Roberts Angela Gaston Miss Kappa Alpha Psi wm James M., Vincent Jr., Basileus of the Mu Psi Chapter of OmegaPsi Phi Fraternity. On Xovember 17, 1911, sacred to all Omega Men, tlie Omega Psi Phi Fraternity was bom on the campus of Howard I ' nlverslty. Founders of tills first Greek letter Black fratemlt ' on a Black college campus were Edgar A. Love, Oscar J. Cooper, Frank Coleman, and Ernest E. Just The fraternity was founded with the belief that " Frlendslilp is essential to the soul " thus this became the fratemit ' motto. The cornerstones of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. are its four cardinal principles — Manhood, Scholarship, Perse- verance, and Uplift. Since its founding, Omega has grown from the Mother Chapter, . lpha, at Howard to some three hundred graduate and un- dergraduate chapters throughout the United States, and six international chapters which collectively claim nearly 60,000 Omega men. The undergraduate chapter on this campus is Mu Psi, founded here in 1927. Mu Psi has in its membership some of the finer men at A T. They serve the campus and community throughout the year with various social and sendee projects. CaSualilies of Omega .• m t r 1980-81 Officers Sff S gaB Salvage Six Trails-N-Tribulalions Kneeling: Rufus Williams. John Jones. Manuel Peace. Standing L-R: Lester Moore. Santoine Graham, bibow. EL. Sherrod. Edzel Ferguson. Tony Lawrence. Ricky Privette. Corey Lewis. James Vincent. James Hardaway. Duane. Cooling out «ith the brothers ofOmegaPsi Phi. MuPsi Chapter Farewell to fhe brothers of Ten Carat Gold. Corey Lewis, Rufus Williams and John Jones. " ' f ' ' p i " " pp ppniii I m mmm Ammm ' simm%m!msmmnmm .. :-a c.v... ift-:v -i-i ' Finer Womanhood of Zcta Phi Beta Sororln- Inc. Zeta Phi Beta Sororit - was founded at Howard Unlve s t ■ on January 1 6, 1920. Zeta Phi Beta ' exemplifies the highest standards of scholarship, up- lifting worthwhile projects on the campuses and within the com- munities; fostering the spirit of sisterly love and promoting Finer Womanhood The Zeta Alpha Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sororltv had Its beginning on July 1934 at -•Agricultural and Technical College In ' " cnsboro, North Carolina. - 1 , f fM «V BB — If mm . B a yi A r rtK-aatiMatwivtMiwwMKaiMwii m i.1 — •rmammmmmm. ' immm Mhmf, ■m o When it is time for business the men of Alpha Phi Omega really mean business. President Jerry Royall and Vice-President George Little get ready for a serious meeting. [Top L-R: Stephen Sharpe, Ross Pickett. Luren o ILisane. Orlando Sutton. Bottom L-R: Charles McCallum, Travis Phillips. Andre Jordan. Jerry Royall. ' m -x- ' m ' mmm -mitmim . m m ' ! ' mim. Sigma Chi Beta Chapter of Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc. " We ' re coming out! " Yes, the Twelve Nl lilliijjiiles, Fall 1980 plcdj?injj Une of Sigma ( " hi Beta liapler of Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc. are happy to be back on campus. Chi Eta ITii Sorority is a Nursing Sorority tliai has been revitalized on campus after being inactive lor a period of time. It emphasizes " Service for lliinianily, " and that is what we as nursing majors are striving lor. Vc are concerned with helping our fellow man. Yes, the Nursing ma)ors of N.CA T State Inlversily wants to let all fellow aggies know that we have re- turned strong and full of force! Ihc officers of Chi Eta Phi are: Tlie other members are: Delia Deloatch, Harriett (iar- rison, Donna Spencer, Michelle Lancaster and dall nionipson. If there are anv questions, please contact Shelia Tobias, Morrow Hall 373-9582. Thank You. Basllleus: SheliaToblas AnU-basileus; Darlenc Stephens (rramniateus: Angela Plnnex Epistoleus: .Joann Wilson Tamias: Nancy Lynch Dean of pledges: Vanessa Chance Historian: Karen Sturdlvant [ aa ' ' ■■t mmmxmmm ' A ' smnmmm ' m j ' ia: s;V.- fo; ' -V - The Ladies of . Vogue Sorority Inc. Debbie Grant Sheila Raeford Kathy Teamer Diana Winningham mmm m PERSHING RIFLES In 1894, the National Honorary Society of Pershing Ri- fles was founded in the name of Its founder. General John J. Pershing. This R.O.T.C. affiliated fraternity is dedicated to the ideals of manhood and leadership. The piupose of the Pershing Rifles is to foster a spirit of friendship and cooperation among all members sharing common interests and goals while developing and maintaining a high degree of professionaUsm in all activities. Pictured left — Melvin D. Walton (S-3). Felix Forbes, Paul I. Corry, Ross Farrington, David Raeford, Michael Drum- mer (S-l), Standing: Douglas R. Batts (Capt. President). Thomas E. Harris, Raphael Sanders (xo V. President). William Richardson, Jr. (S-3), Not pictured — Robert Clay (S-4), Byron Saunders (S-2), Tommie Dean, Randy Robm- son, Milton Grady, Donald Harrison. PERSHING ANGELS Tracy Brown, Gwen Barnes, Susan Jeffers, Denise Ward, Belinda Lewis, Ella McMilliam, Beverly Bell, Patricia Moore, Robin Dessaure, Not pictured — Janet Burk, Vanessa Williams, Cathy Martin, Jewel Dawkins, Debbie Shan- Pershing Angels was founded in 1964. We arc a separate organization from, but yet We ' re Coming Out ■ij Lad of Alpha Kappa Sorority, Inc. — Alpha Phi Chapter (leri-right| Ballishaw, Iv BCozetta Roundtree, Wendy Wigfall, ffll Blmll, Deborah fflHMiff vllis Davis, Cynthia Parker, Oreta Britt, Janet Pinckney, Ruth King, Yvette Thompson, Valarie Curley. Carole King. Elaine Daughtery, Hallie Robinson, Maxine Jones, Ann Horlback, Dianne Edwards, Yvonne Spraggins. O fALPH UPP LPHAl ALPHn| B HHH ' ' ' ' ' Y ' 3 sisterhood of wom en seeking to better everyone. As the oldest Black women ' s sorority, ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA stresses the ideas of finer womanhood, scholastic achievement and service to all. Ann Horlback, Yvonne Spraggins. " I think when I shall come to die there will be no need for tear nor sigh, for once Tve been an AKA life owes me naught I ' ve lived my day. " 1 7 mmmt I BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST EJ ' JUJLJI |ffl|Hpi ... .b .V., ....tU K;.:., ' .. i£ A T ' s Own Radio Station . . . WNAA 90.5 FM I 179 SGA PRESIDENT Pamela McCorkle Mt. Holly, N.C. - ' ' » - " S.-- ' ' - - ' W- SGA Officers: left to right: Bobby Hopkins. Sheryl Paslor. Pamela McCorkle, Jerome Neal. Regina Lee. Michael Eure. Bobby Hopkms: Special Assistant to President Gregory Marrow — Entertainment Director 181 iPiiHMRBMi t m ■1 Mr. Clarke Baldwin Vice-President Regina Lee — Secretary Michael Eure — Attorney General W»ii Ji .■v. ' l! K; W.iA ■.. T: ;;. ' ' t,:i = ff! ' SGA Struggles for Justice . . . Aubrey Eatmon, President of XOBUS (National Organization of Black Universities and College Students) speaks at a press con- ference. The press conference was concerning the Klan-Xazi trail and its not guilty verdict. Aubrey used a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. " In justice am-where is a threat to justice ever ' vhere " Pamela McCorklc SGA President and Bobby Hopkins, special assistant to the president, were also a part of the panel. 183 ir - ' " ■■■■■■■■■■i TH REGISTER COMPI.r.n, AWARI.M SS lOK COMl ' ll li: (OMMIIMI.NT " III L Ml M MBI K NdRI M ( AKOI INA l,Kll I I I I KAI i, I 1 CIINU AL S I A I 1 IM I RSm . (.Rl f NSltOKd, NC IR4 Editor-In-Chief Richard B. Steele Salisbury, North Carolina . ;M ' Ufi) ;..- .-■j :..A riW ... ■ ■:: . . . .In The News The A T Register Published cwice »eeki during Che school ear b sludenls of Morlh Carolina Agricultural and Technical Stale lni ersit . Edilor-In-Chief Kichard B. Sleele| Managing Editor Thomas Harris News Editor Michael Fairley .Associate News Editor Trud.v Johnson Business . d Manager William J. Love Sports Editor Raymond Moody Production Distribution Manager Eric Ireland Head Typist Tracey Galmon Entertainnment Editor Tony Moore .Art Editor Fearless Speller Chief Photographer Harold Tyson Circulation Manager Phyllis Fennell Advisor Mrs. Loreno M. Marrow MT Michael Fairley Ne ss Editor Mrs. Lorena Marrow .Advisor 1 II ' .. Thomas Harris Managing Editor 185 u, M nmiMaHaaHMWHK X-tra; X-tra . . . Read all about it!! William Love Business Ad Manager HvA ii Trud) Juhriion Associate News Editor Eric Ireland Production Distribution Manager 186 Raymond Moody Sports Editor Harold Tyson Chief Photographer MHHIHIBMHH STUDENT UNION Andre P. Bryant President MRP ,m mimmm ii i i u ■ ' r i ls. . ' ,. ■■: . j gWIMBi ADVISORY BOARD Officers Andre P. Bryant President Ivora Davis Vice President Jerial Hicks Recording James Vincent Treasurer James Hardaway Social Affairs Chairperson Janet Brool s Publicity Chairperson Stephanie Hughes Minority Affairs Chairperson Savannah Reddick Cultural Affairs Chairperson Lucy Bailey Decorations and Environment Chairperson Henry Cobb Rules and Regulations Chairperson Mark Shelton Senior Artist Not pictured Molietta McBride Corresponding Secretary Michael Suggs Games and Tournaments Chairperson L. i. 1. ' ■ % I 1 r s u A B m 189 , Left pix: Lanee Weatherly, Beverly Godfrey, Arnold Pin- nix, Dawn Ifill. Bottom pix; William Mclver, Jannie Jones, Arnold Pinnix, Cynthia Bailey. THE RICHARD B. HARRISON PLAYERS 190 Ij ljteij v SCENES FROM MULATTO History of the Theatre The Richard B. Harrison Players were named for a former instructor of dramatics and cloca- tion. Richard Berr Harrison, a black Canadian, Harrison served A T College during the early thirties and resigned to take the role of " De Lawd " in the prize winning Broadway plav THE GREKX PASTl ' RES by Marc Comiclly. His skillful and masterfid portrayal of God brought international recognition to Mr. Harrison, and critics feel certain had he not been stricken with a mortal illness, his fame would have been notable for more than this soHtarj role. The college, recognizing the contribution of Mr. Harrison to , merican Theatre, has named its dramatic organization and its auditorium in honor of him. Previous directors of the Richard B. Harrison Players were: J. Perc Bond. B. X. Roberts (1944-45). Pearl Garrett Bradlev (1945-47). Roy Howard Brown (1947-49). Sylvester Freeman Clarke (1950-57). John Marshall Stevenson (1952-58). Sandra Bowen Motz (1958-62). Dr. John M. Kilimanjaro (1962-81). Outstanding graduates of the professional theatre program include Lorey Hayes (summa cimi laude) 1973 who is currently starring on Broadway at the Cort Theatre in the drama " HOME " : Deborah Williams (cum laude. 1975). staff member Illinois State Reperton.- Company and M.. .. Southern Illinois University-, . lfred Mack (cum laude. 1975). M.F„ . Catholic Uni- versity-. . rtist-in-residcnce. Smithsonian In- stitution: Elliot MofBtt (1977): MA.. Xew York Universit . , rtistic Director of Theatre. Fayet- teville State Univcrsit% and many others. -Vnnual observances are Awards Xight Ban- quet. Play Festival of the Xational Association of Dramatic and Speech , rts (X.YDSA) which members some 100 traditionally black colleges and universities and Black Studies oi aniza- tions at white administered institutions in the Far West, North and Eastern United States. JK ■-■y.-j.iV.:.i7Xf! wmiF Society of Automotive Engineers «i I Front row: L-R: Jackie, President, Advisor: Mr. Rankin, Student Advisor, William Singletary, President; James Roseborough, Vice President; Michael Merritt, Treasurer. Second row: Joe Holloway, Emanuel Cole, James Sharpless. Back row: Lance Peterson, Carlton Jones. DELTA NU ALPHA Delta Xu Vlpha Fraternity was for- mally oi aiiized in 1945. Chapter 229 ATSr came into existence at North Carolina A T State Universitj- in 1978. Delta i u Vlpha was founded on the prin- ciples of Education and is a continuing learning process with its objectives serv- ing the member, the chapter, and the fratemitj- alike. Each year the fratemitj- grows. There are now approximately 200 chapters with over 10,000 members across the nation with representatives from even. ' state in the union. DNA OFFICERS President — David E. Boone Vice President — Melvin Palmer Secretary — Rachel Willis Treasurer — Larry Bivens Historian — Larry Burnette Board of Directors Luther Wiggins Travis Ramseur Henry Price Advisor Professor Lee Plummer J ' . . . -J ' - ' vttfiffilitimijtifefc. : ftii!|e; ' ia!i ;:..:. -MSm OMECOMING ' 80 ' HOME- COMING ' 80 ' HOMECOMING! ' 80 ' HOMECOMING ' 80 ' HOMJ COMING ' 80 ' HOMECOMING I ' 80 ' HOMECOMING ' 80 ' HOME- COMING ' 80 ' HOMECOMING Homecoming ' 80 was an event uneasy to forget. Sunday night began the week of ac Mtles with gospel music by oiu- FeUo vshlp Gospel Choir. On Monday wc were enter lined with a parade of faslilon sponsored by Studio IV, Ltd. The Intematlons Coronation with Miss Ina Goocharan as their reign took place on Tuesday. The Unlversltj ' Convocation took place on Wednesday morning, and we all got t sleep late. Thiu-sday night sen-ed as the most talked about event, the coronation of iss A T. Tlie all night dance lasted until 5 o ' clock a.m. Mter the Jam, students hiuTled to WUllams Cafeteria for a pre-dawn breakfast Back to the rooms for a qtilck nap, then up again for the parade at 10 o ' clock Saturday morning. Kick-off time was at 1:30 p.m. with a 52-0 defeat. In our favor. After the game fans rushed over to the frater- knlt ' plots for a step show. Next came dinner over at a friend ' s house -viiii traditional cliltterUngs. The show turned it out with Fatback, SOS band, Jean Carne, and Tv- ' ' annual Aggie family worship ser 1ce wltli Rev. Gilbert Caldwell as p ake rought the entire week of events to a close. A whole week of Fun! Fuu .mmmmSBtamn immmmn.. m. i .i i)miti . ' .■ av.U mrfi X.. ■ -.: :. . ;■: . C - • " ' . - 9 V kI ' HBBk A H A -JS Kr " " ' w m R f H. ' 1 r ■ O M E C O M I N G ' 8 195 ' f; Jflry; ' : ' - J!Bf«V;tltHlillMM- Something Out of the Blue Sometlilng out of the blue . . . and gold, i place with challenge sen-ed as theme fa the coroiuitlon of Greta Shaw, Miss A T Tlie event was held In Corbcrt Sports Cen- ter. Dar l Burton broke out with a welcom- ing, " Tliis Is It. " Tlie first act Included Alicia Croston and Kevin Smith singing " Born Again. " Tlic theme was an attempt to transit the " Aggie Society " , from tlie traditional to the modem. Scenes from " . in ' t M lsbeha in " ' ! were used In the second act, showing pastl aggies preparing for a homecoming danceJ DesiJite technical difficulties the show ' went on. The parade of organization queens was one of the main attractions. Last but not least was tlie entrance of Miss A T ' s Court followed by xMiss A T. Left: Miss Air Force ROTC, Alida Croston and her escort Cadet Lt. Col. Robert B. Clark III, Det. 605th AFROTC Wing Commander. Middle: Miss International Students, Ina Goocharan and her escort Mr. Alexander Chege. Right: Miss Curtis Hall, Kathy Taylor and her escort Mr. William Sharpe. :96 fW ?KflB£«SaHmna!»|{(»«KX!! mi . . And Gold, A Place With Challenge!! per left: Miss Alpha Kappa Alpha, Ann Horlback and her ort Mr. Jerome Love. Upper right: Miss Nat . Collegiate Assoc, Mr. Randall Malichi. Lower right: Miss Phi Epsilon. Shirley Hall and her escort Mr. Donald Harrison. Lower left: Miss Holland Hall, Felicia Chandler and her es- cort Mr. Christopher Blackman. i ' [MMMM imMWTT HOMECOMING 198 Steppin ' Out Tlic homecoming parade was held Saturday morning to highlight the pregame actUitles. The weather was nice so things were starting out in our favor. Despite the slight delay the spectators waited patlcndy. Many floats, decorated cars, motorc -cles, and lots of prett - girls (even the not so prett - girls looked prett ) rode by. Drill teams and marching bands were an added attraction. The communit - as well as various organizations on campus struggle to make the Homecoming Parade a success. L 199 « Wll rrn W ' W ' WWff, .mmmmmmxmMMi! HOMECOMING GAME I A T- Delaware State Homecoming game for the Aggies wasn t a t -plcal A T football game In 1980. A T had been following a pattern In recent games by pla ' lng Impressively for three quar- ters, then easing up and allowing Its opponents to rally. But Saturday ' s game against the Hornets saw A T do otherwise. The Aggies were led by an attack where only one player, run- ning back Danny Thomas, scored more than one touchdown In; their 52-0 rout of Delaware State. Thomas was also the leading rusher In the game. Thomas picked up 147 years In 24 carries. His effort allowed A T, which was leading the NCAA-IAA in rushing before the game, to pick up 453 yards In total rushing. Wa anon Pitts and William Watson also contributed 91 and 85 yards rushing, respectively. A T received a good defensive effort Saturday. The Aggies allowed Delaware State only 105 and 85 yards rushing and pass- ing. Delaware State quarterback Samuel Warren siunmed things up well after the game. " They had a super scouting report because they were ready for eventhing we threw at them, " Warren said. " Our major problem was containing their outside linebacker " (Frankle Chesson). A T scored points In every quarter Saturday. After Aaron Herring ' s 33-yard field goal, Waymon Pitts ducked and darted for a 28-yard touchdown run. In the second quarter, Danny Thomas bolted over from one-yard which gave the Aggies a 17-0 halftime lead. The Aggies scored 21 points in the third quarter. First, William Watson ran for 15 yards for the score. Then Coach McKlnley sent In quarterback Roland Myers, who responded by tossing a 12- yard strike to Billy Mtais for a score. Next, Danny Thomas powered over from three yards out Going into the fourth quarter, A T ' s lead was 38-0. A T chalked up 14 points in the fourth quarter on a six-yard run by Joey Rufiln. The win Improved the Aggies ' record to 5-1 overall and 2-1 In the MEAC. They ' re off to their best start In eight years, and much of the team ' s success can be attributed to the consistent play of the of- fensive line (Operation Push), which is led by tackles Cory _ fmf i as? yA . ' ■. t mmwi We ' re Looking Good Together . . . . ' SJ SSK ?? X2 ■ " ' ' ' ' " ' -- - ml ' Looking Good . . . Looking Good!! r-. - ' r.r ' ■-■ ' ■: ; .;■ .... ' . ..■ " . ., " ' 1- i ' m immik jhr THEBANDSWERE TOO HOT ...And So Were The Fans Man in Fatback mellows the house while blowing his horn. Lady in SOS wipes her sweat after a heavy performance. Tom Brown and the gang rockin; Fatback Band grooving the JMP ' - Member of SOS grooves the house with one Strumming the bass with SOS. Talking to Heatwave crowd, lady of I out during intei hot and ready to go fans LIL mmmmmmm m mmmtm mm ' 2M;i iMMi( M -m MM Nuff Throwdown (1) Tighten up on your Back Stroke that Good Stuff!!! (2) . . . Go for it sister!!! (3) Let ' s get it on big boy!!! Looking for 206 (1) That girl can sing ya (2) Charlie Says . . . Check out my good and plenty. (3) Was That All It Was? . . . Jean Came proved there ' was much, much more. (4) Tom Brown cutting up with his Jamacian Funk. : -.dti .J k. ' v ' vnr wmwiM tmmmmm mmmmmm ,.. :..,j.h l, l| P fpPpi|ip|piJ CHANCELLOR DOWDY SPEAKS AT HIS LAST HOMECOMING CONVOCATION NuniwHWHmiWHUmM ii • - sp r - ji fw ljpfr p vjiiiiy.:.;!jii ' , ' y:i!!i MISS A T Greta Shaw Hometown: Fayetteville, N.C. Major: Fashion Merchandising (1) Upper right and middle right: Greta at coronation (2) Upper left: Greta discusses coronation plans with Fran, Senior At- tendant Cathy, Junior Attendant (3) Lower left; Greta smiles pretty for the photographer (4) Lower right: Greta on her float in the Homecoming Parade ;Svl ' r VC ■ ■ :-- . . . AND COURT iss Junior Atlenc Cathy Jackson ' f ' rmmiWmWW mr f mmmmmm imffi IPii; %iitsiiitii«iiiMaKa. Ki« :. ' ' , ' »?ifl! Shirley Huntley Miss Barbee Hall Business Administration Lilesville, N.CJ Susan Jeffries Miss Army ROTC Nursing Roxboro, N.C; m 9 Ir 1 H — ' " Hi fwM it jj 1 5L-i W % Debra Cooper Miss N.C. Fellows Business Administration Niagara Falls, N.Y. ratny Fhiter Miss Fellowship Gospel Choir Mass Communications Kannapolis, N.C. .• uiB i m«rMnmmMliniWflUUWili! ii ' :A;fefet vMifcH iJit ;i 1 • ' : ' ' ' : ;si . . Karen Reynolds Miss Alpha Phi Alpha Professional English Teresa Banks Miss Zeta Phi Beta Early Childhood Education jreensboro. N C f n . :4 ' IJi|p| 1 STs U. I B 3 H ' ■ ' . ' i Ol Miss Alpha Kappa Alpha Nursing Charleston, S.C. Raefl Miss Vogue Sorority Business Education Fayetteville, N.C. 213 r ' " ' !;}? -■t;S-,;«r- ' ' y ' ■ " ' ' " ' ' " ■ iiSlfM)lkfl!liHKIIM!i«iliaR«i! ' %» « : . ' . ' (l)Joan Haith Miss American Chemical Society Chemistry Greensboro, N.C. (2) Shelia Hall Miss Nu Gamma Alpha Nursing j Raleigh, N.C. , (3) Beverly Godfrey Miss Richard B. Harrison Players Professional Theatre Pembroke, N.C. (4) Demetriece Brown Miss Pan-Hellenic Council Clothing Textiles Greensboro, N.C. (5) Angela Duckett Miss Groove Phi Groove ■ Industrial Technology I Electronics Washington, D.C. ' •; ' «■•■«??» ,rtj .»T. " « " ' »s;i M ' mti!!ih tisiK«fi» %MmB ra - - Atfe,.!i;W.viv- . -vk.. ,0 ' ' r .. h.. i. ■ MAmm », i :iv£ , -..:s ' i ' , im Karen Murrell Miss American Society of Mechanical Engineers Mechanical Engineers Trenton, N.C. Gail Brown Miss Home Economics Home Economics Education Burlington, N.C. Kathy Thompson Miss National Association of Industrial Technology Industrial Technology Poughkeepsie, N.Y. jwenaoiyn Grimstead Miss Business Ad- ministration Business Admin- istration |rginia Beach, Va. .d-ST " 215 Carol Taylor Miss Angel Flight Electrical Engineering caloosa, Ala. fcj iV%t pOH m Em p Hj bH fll tafl U HB P B v l k- M Bfc B Bl M KiHh 1 ' t t u I MJ mmmUmHSSS Valerie Bryant Miss Society of Women Engineers Mechanical Engineering Cleveland, Oh. Gwendolyn Lynch Miss Omega Psi Phi Physical Therapy Gwendolyn Jones Miss Student Clusters Activity Council Business Administration Sandford, N.C. Jerial Hicki Miss Alpha Kappa Min Accounting] Faison, N.C.J 1-. • -i raf Valerie Miss Student National Education Associi Early Childhood Educj Rocky Mount, IffPfW Gloria Phillips Miss United Christian Fellowship Speech Pathology Rocky Mount, N.C. Gwendolyn Green Miss Alobeam Society Accounting Henderson, N.C. |Gamma Sigma Sigma ng Springs, N.C. Jannic Kinsey Miss Psi Chi Psychology Trenton, N.C. Pamela Evans Miss Organization of Broadcast Students Speech Communication Theatre Arts Oxford, N.C. wmmm Ww: ■ " WW mmimi ffl SS ttKI!llimti«SliMt» ' «l»Mr i ' A»A »i _ Orlice Clayton Miss National Collegiate Association Business Education n inaton-Salem. N.C. Connie Ferguson Miss Institute of Electrical Electronic Engineers Electrical Engineering Maysville, Nj Miss Political Science Society Political Science Ocala, Fl. Miss Sigma Gamma Rho Business Administration Durham, N.C. Carol Brinkley Miss Black Gold Electrical Engineering Brooklyn. N.Y. |(5) Pauline Jackson Miss Delta Sigma Theta Art Design Wilson, N.C. 219 ' Wimnmmmmmimmgi ' -f ' ' !- .mmm . Lctitia Cunningham Miss Pershing Rifles Accounting Wav Cross, Ga Donna Simmons Miss Sophomore Child Development .High Poi ■ 1 1 Hk -V i ? 4 1 « ' ■ r4 w ' ■1 ' ; U ' f-tJ K.- 4 liiS _:P ' •£q Melody Jones Miss Alpha Chi Honor Society Marketing Creswell, N.C. Franciscan Meeks Miss Food Science Food Science Shelby, N.C. tMwmwHMi»aw lS ;aM®SS . ' lv« ;; Ai! !::.;:v:i:-;i:: ' J!i ;Mli ' ' «-ii?i ' (riCv ' : ' , ' .;.. ' !? ' ' f:fei ' Jish Monica Graves Miss Campus Police Security Major Undecided jibsonville, N.C. Heidi Kilimanjaro jMiss Beta Kappa Chi Honor Society professional Biology jreensboro, N.C. Vanetta WooTloll Miss Lambda Mu Psi ursing olumbia, S.C. - ' i Mollietta McBride ' ' s Student Union Advisory Board j Mness Education ' Wagram, N.C. B |H HT _, ix J m ' m ' ' ym " mv B MB M n H I. 1 ft E -k m lona Vines " Miss Junior Banking Finance Washington, D.C. i m mm¥ Diedra Brown Winston-Salem Aggie Club Child Development Winston-Salem, N.C Gwendolyn Kinny Miss Esquire Speech Pathology Cheraw, S.C. Linda Thompson Miss Freshman Mass Communications Harrisburg, Pa. . .wnt«mua itmi wmiinim ' iitiWDWAUinit4))lttttta9iii: k;M ' !?i ' i: lJ. ' ' ' ' ?i ' k|- ' , ' gi!i ' Miss Curtis Hall Early Childhood Education Rochester. N.Y. arlene Carlton iss Scott Hall — B Social Science aliace, N.C. ihirley Hall iss Phi Epsilon ealth Physica " ucation ring Hope, N.C. Miss Wesley Foun- dation Professional Biology Shelby, N.C. Stephanie McCollum Miss Brothers of Soul Society Biology Pre-Med Fayetteville, N.C. i I 223 " ' wmnWF ' i ' PPffil illffilllM»tMHIIItKa !lMr ««Wi Karen Brown liss Architectural Engineering Architectural Engineering Mary Ann White Miss Morrow Hall Business Admi nistration ireensboro. Doris Asbury Miss Association of Childhood Educat Early Childhood Ed ancord, N.C. ion I ucation J Kim Williams Miss American Institute oC Industrial Engineering Industrial Engineering Alexandria, Va. H m pi 3 m . m Tfacy Johnson Miss Speech Pathology Audiology Club Speech Pathology Greensboro, N.C. WoffS ' -iBfyftnt Miss Animal Science Animal Science Washington. D.C. |a. i€F-..i C ... ......... ...... J.....:y ■■?« .■i ' .iiV o -:f i:i ■Hi 225 JUM AIR FORCE ROTC y j I ' iif iiffrrf " A ■JLtttdirs in till 4tf fori c blue ytana firm iltntt uoitr tnitftif fLfcei far beuona tne meaioiriiu place no ceiuntf on ifoiir licit ht ' 4ccefjt reiponiinililu neier run auitu Ujelermination u ill Jfc ifou fhrfju lt to another aatf ' fforti sliaU ifOH at Ha If s if ice never lit it )on tne Cfrouna f ieiiiiant in uoiir offtimiitn Let notnintj fio ' ci ifoti aoun Sieri-iee to uoiir feflote man uoit muit renaer at alt times Honor shall he i on f erred ufion t ott nr f ha racier he iithltn rnSfjire others to ifo on to uitiatfS ao their best f- riae ana aiqnitu imfyentfe itffon tfour mind to never gtie less than best WiC 333 227 wmk mmmm AKMYROTC Major Leonard Worthington Ll. Col. Charles Jackson Professor of Military Science SFC George Beach briefing troops Captain Douglas Key dl Hup Two Three Four, Hup »m ' ii- ' -JiV-v:irj ' iAi}t ' ' i- ' mi millllllill ■■■■■■■■ • i .:r ' J SHSfflraS gjq " VJ! i y.o.-3::r j l STUDEMT 231 wmmmmm mm The Classroom STRUGGLE . . Where does it end E 1. Just what we need after a hard days work . . . more work! 2. He said a quiz, not a book! 3. Now class, quit gripping. 50 chapters really isn ' t all that bad. saciL ' iaun waaiiBmmi ' ix i mL;- waai.iv, fiy!i.A.: ' , - ■ ' ■f i-: - .l --.----■ • ff . Or does it ever? Every day it ' s the same ole " , same ole " . One stupid assignment after the other. Mthough its suppose to be is difficult to understand wh nou ' II ever need to know e = mc- after graduation. And worst of all ou ha ' e to pretend the information that seems greek is mteresting. Well some of us do and others of us make fun of the teacher to stay awake. Plus there ' s always the brains that know every- thing. Some say it ' ll all be over at graduation. Others say . . . what ' s a graduation? STOP! . . . right where . Hanging out during exam week. . Corrupting vulnerable minds. . Telling lies. . Cheating on tests. . Bugging people. . Fooling around in the dorms. . Cutting out on your honey. . Getting high and going to classes. . Playing with peoples emotions. . Cutting class. . Making I ' un of your teachers. . Being mean to your roommate . Leaving trays on the table in the cafeteria. . Sleeping in class. Say what! Can ' t stop? ■fc ' y - ig{Mamwii4 ' :. ' ' - ' «!jK imajjy When I ask you to listen to me and you start giving me ad- vise, you have not done what 1 asked. When I ask you to listen to me and you begin to tell my why shouldn ' t feel that way, you are trampling on my feelings. When I ask you to listen to me and you feel you have to do something to solve my problem, you have failed me, strange as that may seem Listen! All I ask is that you listen, not talk to or do — just hear me. Advice is cheap; 20c will get you both Dear Abby and Billy Graham in the same paper. ' can do for myself; I ' m not helpless — Maybe dis couraged and faltering, but not helpless. When you do something for me that I can and need to do for myself, you contribute to my fear and inadequacy. But when you accept as a simple fact that I do feel what 1 feel, no matter how irrational, then I can quit trying to con- vince you and can get about this business of understanding what ' s behind this irrational feeling. When that ' s clear, the answers are obvious and I don ' t need advice. rrational feelings make more sense when we understand what ' s behind them. Perhaps that is why prayer works, sometimes, ne.xt in line lor some people — because God is mute, and He doesn ' t give advice or try to fi, things. He just listens and let you work it out for yourself. So please listen and just learn me. And if you want to talk, wait a minute for your turn — and I ' ll listen to you. Could You Just Listen? . . 235 mmuummmmmuammmmmmmm TO EVER YTHING THERE IS A SEASON A time to Kick A time to Reflect A time to Reach A time to look Forward and a time to every purpose under the Heaven A time to Work A time to Eat A time to Play A time for Caution Yesterday is but a dream . . . . . . and tomorrow is only a vision 238 Bl But Today Well Lived, Makes Every Yesterday A Dream of Happiness And Every Tomorrow A Vision of Hope The man who never made a mistake A great number of otlierwise well-qualified men never seem to rise above a certain level. They seem to have a deatlily fear of ever being wn)ng. They never want to make a decision because the ' never want to make a mistake. If it is your goal in life to be known to your associates as the man who never made a mistake, then be prepared to be known also as the man who never really accomplished verj- much. Today, make a few- decisions on your own. They may be right or they niaj- be wrong. But you made them — and tomorrow your boss may also give you a raise. -lo ST " pimmMsatmviwiMa iji ' gjfe; S!|i :-i !i i. ' !itiijJl :-;,;;i;:.fe g yj g At, i jg xV- y jj i M gl jijT : WHO ' S WHO 1. Edward P. Harding Jr. Garysburg, N.C. Accounting Motto: All that I am and all that I can ever be, I owe to my mother. Joan Wilson Behel, N.C. Nursing Motto: Reach for the highest star. 3. Helen Darlene Bradley Pawling, New York Psychology Motto: Life is what you make it, so live it up. mil HI _ ; V i_V j Among American Colleges and Universities 1. Gregory Kenneth Perry Somerset, N.J. Political Science Motto: The past is gone, remember it; The present is here, deal with it; The future is coming, prepare for it. 2. Beverly Godfrey Pembroke, N.C. Speech Communication and Theatre Arts Motto: Whenever you ' re at the end of your rope tie a loop and hang on. 3. Maria M. Johnson Henderson, N.C. Accounting Motto: Live for today because tomorrow ii promised. --■ " H rmiJkr l.i fi ' 3 ' I r ' Anthony D. Jackson Washington, D.C. Electrical Engineering Motto: " Go for the gusto " " Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the sky " Michelle Antionette Huntley Wadesboro, N.C. Fashion Merchandising Motto: When you give of yourself, give to the best of your ability and nothing else will matter. Janaka Edirisinghe Greensboro, N.C. Industrial Engineering 244 fi« ! 1iMl«sM S? !ESW« s;S§ :iPM aiteaife : ' ! vaVv m ak, - ' i riaiimiaik ' i. ■ Janice Marie Coleman Greensboro, N.C. Accounting Motto: To Iceep God first in everything I do, and en- courage others. Faison, N.C. Accounting Motto: " Be yourself but be Unique " iicnara H. Steele Salisbury, N.C. Art Design Moltor: Strive to be somebody; follow your dreams ... but express your individuality. 245 ii Vi ' ' ! ' M r K WWW James A. Hardaway Columbus, Ga. Electrical Engineering lotto: Good things come to those who have patience through hard work. Melody D. Jones Creswell, N.C. Marketing Motto: " Strive for success but live for happiness. ' i liffiunn. Sheila A. Tobias Hampton, Va. Nursing Motto: " Service for humanity. " i • X . 1 N, % K» f i.v. 1 V S«tB»51 MJ?!aS Robert Benjamine Clark III Fayetteveille. N.C. Industrial Technology Motto: " Give no less than Juliet Caro Washington, D.C. Business Motto: Strive for success Ethel B. Guynn Pelham, N.C. Social Services Motto: All things are possible if you believe. ai- -,w. ?))» ,tfil ' »j;iV ' ■, ;,;, James M. Vincent Jr. Reidsville, N.C. Electrical Engineering Motto: Don ' t worry about anything that you can ' t do anything about. Vanessa S. Chance Clinton, N.C. Nursing Motto: " Service for Humanity " Carol L. Martin McLeansville, N.C. Home Economics Motto: Keep smiling and the world will smile back. K.s M ' Mi s»mm ' r Sv:5 ' , Mv mm . Rickejl ' Singletary Raefo ' d, N.C. Industhai Arts Education Motto: No battle is won without a strugg Timothy Milton Stoddard Clinton, S.C. Architectural Engineering Motto: Strive for one ' s own belid Jesse Carlton Thompson Jr. Greensboro, N.C. Agricultural Extension Education Motto: " Agriculture all over this Aggie land. Wanda Campbell Clarkton, N.C. Home Economics Education 249 Larry Anthony Bowman Greensboro, N.C. Political Science Motto: " It is better to open your eyes and say you don ' t understand than to close your eyes and m Y° " . .don ' t believe. " Barbara I. Campbell Greensboro, N.C. Accounting Motto: Be the best that 1 can possibly .550 Elton Leavon Tyndal Greensboro, N.C. Safety and Drivers Education Motto: Live each day to the fullest because tomorrow is only a dream. Jacquelene Pender Wilson, N.C. Mass Communications Motto: Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it. iram«. ' vniwni B! Oifft«»»l«M«M«(!i M vMiWiiMiiteiJJ MiUfeJa ?: ' Ronald Portsmouth, Va. Electrical Engineering Motto: " When I get to the top, It ' s time to reach ithe other brothers and sisters ' teMtfliMfL-iyyiltMii-, • ' SI 1 Debbie Ann Grant Hihon Head Isl., S.C. Accounting Dereck Chalres Norford Bermuda Animal Science Motto: Work hard at Whatever you do, and your rewards will be many. ■I Franklie L. Lane Greensboro, N.C. Social Service Motto: Where there is a will, there is a way. 251 .iff- ■!W " Mmmm. Clinton Brown Atlantic City, N.J. Electrical Engineering Motto: Meet the Challenge % rvonri? Salem, Clothing Textiles, and Fashion Merchandising Motto: " When you ' re young, gifted and Black you ' ve got to keep reaching because the rainbow is not enough. " Oliver T. Bellamy Jr. Wilmington, N.C. Political Science Motto: Man is more convinced by the depth of his convic- tion than by the reason of his logic. J «. .a ojSjMajisntfWSiuawMiii ■kmiM ' -.i James Antonio Godard Williamslon, N.C. Early Childhood Education Motto; " Let no man stand in your way Oreta Delores Britt Goldsboro.N.C. Mechanical Engineering Motto: " In Obtaining your goal sm Sarah Coles Jones ] Newport News, Virginia Fashion Merchandising Motto: " If each of us would make it our business tc spread peace, love and understanding, this would b much better world in which to live. " Valerie Curley Greensboro, N.C. Architectural Engineering Motto: " Live each day to the fullest so on tomorrow we shall not regret : one moment of our decisions yesterday Tanya D ' Lyane Stewart Parris Island, S.C. Social Services Motto: " Settle for nothing less than best. ' Aubrey Eafmon Micclesex, N.C. Speech and Theatre Arts iiil ;i :. -, i .? » ■■■■■i Digit Circle Math Club OFFICER: Dr. Wilbur L. Smith (Senior Advisor), Dr. Gilbert Casterow (Advisor), Norman D. Jones (President), Lewvenia Parks (Vice-President — not pic- tured), Timothy L. Woodard (Treasurer). Jen- nifer L. Bridges (Secretary), Ma.xaine L. Jones (Univer- sity Senate Rep. — not pic- tured), Brena Cunningham (Miss Digit Circle — not pic- tured). Dr. Gilbert Casterlow (Advisor), Tammy M. Martin, Bonnie Tucker, Malinda Pagett, Clemence Dube, Ronnie Cooper. Lawrence Williams, Janet Pinckney, Jennifer L. Bridges (Secretary), Thurman Ross, Ha el M. Jamison, Reginald L. Goodwm, Timothy L. Woodard (Treasurer), Tim J. Smith, Norman D. Jones (President), Andre Johnson, Michael Troy. Dr. Wilbur L, Smith (Advisor). NOT PICTURED: Rosyin Porter, Yvonne Spraggins, Quintin James, Hussein Islami, Gloria Corbett. 2% i oi IHKsinwvJi fmmiimi:mmmm ' mA ' -,,,.,Mm OFFICERS: Ronnie Ford George Blont Antoninette Moore Gloria Phillips Rev. Ralph M. Ross Andrea Richmond Joseph Bryant UNITED CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP 257 ■HHHIiiliiiiiiHiHill ■ WOMEN ' S COUNCIL Women ' s Council is an organization composed of on- campus women. They sponsor several events throughout the year for the young ladies. Some annual events include the Christmas dance, dorm parties and speakers throughout the year. Their primarj ' purpose is to recommend policies, regulation and adjustment pertaining to af- fairs of women students at North Carolina A T State Unlversitj ' : (a) To aid in developing compe- tent leadership, (b) to encourage good scholarship and personal development, and (c) To promote cultural, social recreational and educational acti ' ities for women students. This organization is open to all on-campus students paying annual dues. p " . -, L ' JiiSlS Mm B i, ' , ' . )mivmin mi.- - THE ALPHA CHAPTER OF (L-R) Clinton Patterson, Theodore Moore, Roger Williams, Teddie Cromartie, Alton O. Bryant, Michael Troy A M 4J !!!;•• LAMBDA MU PSI (L-R) Clinton Patterson, Alton O. Bryant, Teddie Cromartie, Theodore Moore, Roger Williams, Michael Troy 259 mmmiuaimigm ■■■■■I ALOBEAM SOCIETY - . Future Accountants of America Officers OFFICERS — (L to R) Corresponding Secretary — Cynthia Howard; Assistant Treasurer — Therrall Thompson Ms. Alobeaem Society — Gwendolyn Green Vice-President — Charles Burch President — Ed Harding Recording Secretary — Jerial Hicks Treasurer — Barbara Campbell Parliamentarian — Debbie Grant Robin M. Davis, Therrall Thompson, Benita Whitaker, Barbara Campbell, Natalie Fields, Cynthia Howard, Lacresia Faison, Gwen- dolyn Green, Jerial Hicks, Angela Biggs, Debbie Grant, Charles Bruch, Maxie Palmer, Joseph Wilson, Dean Lilly, Edward Harding 260 " im m msmmmim:ivf :i ! :- ' A. vs . ' ) i .»i ' S:ia Business Administration Club • w wt Future Business People of America B.A. Club First row: L-R, Earl Wall, Carolyn Peed, Edith D. Taylor, Renita Ross, Tammy Jones, Gwendolyn Grimstead, Constance L. King, Doris Dicker- son, Diane Edwards, Doris Williams, Ann Dunlap, Cynthia O ' Neil. Second row: L-R, Dr. Robert Howard, K. Gregwali, B. Mondie, L. Wallace, Dr. Bailey, Kermit Gerald, Alton Brown, Oscar Jeter, Walter Gilliam, Keith Jenkins. hirst row: Farone Williams, Harold Hicks, Japhet Nkonge (Advisor), Craig Harris, Eric Long, James Gill, HL Second row: Kevin A. Parker, Catherine Tucker, Annette Mclaughlin, Jackie Blackmon, Audrey Jones, Shirley Ballard — President, Juliet Sampson, Mildred Richardson. Hallie Robinson, Barbara Davis, Shelia Heggins, Valencia Walker, Gwendolyn Jones, Audrey Beathea, Jackie Williams, Yolanda Clarke. Third row: Camilla Ross, Melody Jones, Larry Grif- fin, Timothy J. Fogarty, Levon E. Wilson, Hallie Robinson, Alvin Vinson, Richard Martin, Sandra Reeves, Tangela Shields, Valerie Young. B.A. Court — Audrey Jones, Gwendolyn Grimstead, Jackie Blackmon. 1 ' 1 261 j. _, ,.„ - , ,.,.,Vj,, , ' ' wmmMi -im f:.Ar :,M ' l - r iihJM ;:iEM ' i Introducing . Shelia M. Snow Editor-in-chief Political Science Littleton, N.C. Being a yearbook editor is not an easy job. It is a time consuming task with unlimited responsibilities. Often it is necessary to take work home. However Shelia always finds time for relaxing and explaining things to others when they dont understand. 5 m«Sv:P!?!3Sffl7S »3SSf? is The 1981 AyanSe Staff Associate Editor Industrial Technology Fayetteville, N. C. J i " I thank God for my parents, whom I love so dearly. My mother, ahrays standing with a warm encouraging heart, taught me to love and respect others. My father, a proud man, instilled within me a since of pride and confidence which enabled me to be an in- itiater of progress rather than an idle participant I thank my parents for Ih-ing a life that showed me that God was a manifest power — not a latent or nonexistent one — that he would inter% ' ene in time of need if you would onlj ' ask and ' elieve. " B E N J A M I N E C L A R K III U. m WMiS e mmmmKimsmmtm tt mKm mma tmaaiui i!f:mM i-kkmMxmM mmrMiEMm Managing Editor Sibon Cherry Professional History Robersonville, N. C n 264 tvSah ' ta!]M}tl.VR:Jfet! :;. ai riA-.xu V,k:- i..-.a-!:.-sA«ai|t Secretary Asst. Secretary Annette Raleigh Accounting Greensboro, N. C. Gwen Davis Early Childhood Charlotte, N. C. ■ mmmm!?!r: Mmmmmmmmmxwmm Head Typist Carolyn Coble Business Administration Burlington, N. C. Head Photographer Dale Fullwood Industrial Technology Omaha, Nebraska : ' j0SS5S;«» ' ' Mtsifiss}a lli ■:?j: :Vfe fetf.!tf. aVri ° J., i■ i ' ife: ' taS l;-s1la! fr " m Pandora Y. Robinson Durham, N.C. Junior Class Administration Mari Shelton New Yorl City Head Artist A Y A N T E E (§!■ Storza Hill Brooklyn, N.Y. Photographer Rose Robinson Durham, N.C. Who ' s Who, Senior Class Antonio Pettit Greensboro, N.C. Photographer 267 IBlHiiiailiiliiiiiiHIIIiiH m mi mmmmm mmmmmmmimmmammmBm Walter Townsend Fayetteville, N.C. Staff Raymond B. Kelly Jr. Newark, N.J. Photographer Wanda Singietarry Raleigh, N.C. Staff Charlene Gardner Goldsboro, N.C. Sophomore Class James Covington Hamlett, N.C. Supportive Services Franklin Hooker, Jr. Durham, N.C. Photographer 268 i K iaa t -iiyiiiat .-; .ak :;v aa . y.ifc. ' ah . ..-.. ja |: George Battle Littleton. N.C. Student Life Pamela Gardner Goldsboro, N.C. Freshmen Organization Jamal Williams Winston-Salem, N.C. Staff Anthony Jackson Washington, D.C. Organization Sports Janie Kinsley Trenton, N.C. Staff John Williams Trenton, N.J. Staff !:: ;■. if ' t • I ' r t ■t 269 m mjsmmismimaiu BmBmmmmM m rmmmmmw mmmi:mwmmmmm Hi .NK " " StS ' Douglas McCullough Greensboro, N.C. Photographer Veronica Nobles Greensboro, N.C. Staff THE 1980-81 AYANTEE STAFF Harry Jacobs Riegelwood, N.C. Staff Ms. Dorothy Bailey Yearbook Advisor 270 B North Carolina Agriculture and Technical State University Sharon Watkins George R. Waddell Marcus Dukes Aggies Cheerleaders . . . Number 1 Pat Mercer Alyssa Debnam (Co-Captain) 4 mmn xmssa hjWteii?; " " ' VJ fc. ,. a:;;.--. .■.; _ " ; ;, ■ja tl -shl ' j ' mt I H. M mji BUSSBsamaaamiam m mmmmmw wm . Ti m ' m Hiiliiiill The Athletic Struggle The skill of an athlete is pursued by his great en- durance. It requires a lot of time and energy. Many hours of hard work are put into practice and days on the road. Often the trip takes more than one day or night, causing the athlete to miss classes. Upon returning the work must be made up in addition to added assignments. Throughout the season the athlete makes many social and academic sacrifices. Vacations are cut short and even off season he still has to keep in shape. It Is quite a struggle trying to stay on top in sports, at the same time make good grades and keep up with the happenings. However most Aggies manage to conquer them all! 274 K-,.?:MHw,iffi«i8illW«Smka»MMSa2m i!!SffiSftl;3! r?!fl SIM1S!!S15Si5|ffiSS§SS 275 ■■■■li wasxBm GIRLS BOWLING TEAM: Angi, Co Co, Tanya, Sonya. B O W L I N G T E A M 276 -J BOWLING TEAM: Eric Williams, Mil e Payno. George Jogram. Win Henderson. Mike Watkins. Juan Corson. James Griffin, Coach Starling. 277 ■■P AGGIE " Headed for the Big Time? " In year ' s past the Aggies have had some great baseball teams, and this year is no exception. The Aggies are led by Coach Melvin " Big 10 " Groomes who has been coaching baseball here at A T for more than 15 years. The Aggies are returning some outstanding players from last year ' s team. In the outfield the Aggies are led by Junior Captain Michael Drumrlght from Ba ' ' ille, N. J., Senior Stanly Jenkins from AshevUle, X. C. and Sophomore Godfrey Fubn ore from Westwood, N. J. If Drumright and his co-horts in the outfield stay healthy, it can spell trouble for many of the A T opponents this year. In the infield the ggies return Herbert Jackson, Michael Myers from Columbia, S. C. and John Marshall from Lakcwood, N. J. The Aggies return (5) five outstanding pitchers in Frankle Braithwaite from St. Thomas, Virgin Island, Kenneth Carpenter from Raeford, X. C, Tony Llnney from Greensboro, X. C, James Carrothers from Charlotte, X. C, and Anthony ' T. J. " Jackson from Washington, D. C. Jackson is the top reliefer on the Aggie pitching staff and may be called on to move into the starting rotation this season. Tlie Aggies also have some outstanding Freshmen in die likes of catcher Frank Drumrlght who will almost be a svue shot for the starting Job behind the plate. Roake Wright, a freshman from Cincin- nati, Ohio also will be an aid to the Aggie pitching staff. The heading of this story really tells it all, that the Aggie ' s are definitely headed for the Big Time. The ball players . . . ready for the Big Time. 278 .Jte te tai ' vy;;).:;.. BASEBALL r ' We Are Family x % The pitching Connection . . . J. C. and T. J. THE TEAM LEADERS: Ton Linne , James Carrothers, Anthony " T. J. " Jackson, Frantcie Braithwaite. Michael Drumright. m GIRLS ' VOLLEYBALL Coach Vivian Fuller, Charlotte Harris, Lorie Erwin, Terra Singleton, Charlene Young, Manager; Gwen Jenkins, Trainer; Deborah Dove, Sheila Herbin, Teresa Goode, Juliette Bowden, Cassandra Judkins. (Not Pictured) Annette Yancey. 280 =SP: I: i September 16 St. Augustine Away September 18 Gullfonl rsc-c 6:30 Home September 23 Mars HIU WCU Away September 24 High Point College Elon Away September 25 l-NC-C Gardner-Webb Away September 29 Shaw Away October 1 rsc-G Bennett 630 Home October 2 NCCU Elon Away October 7 Wake Forest I ' nlversitv- Away October 10-11 NCCU Im-ltatlonal October 14 Lenoir Rh -ne Away October 15 Greensboro College Away October 16 Guilford Away October 21 Wake Forest Universitv- 6:30 Home Winston-Salem State Universit - October 23 Pembroke State Univ. St. Augustine Away October 27 High Point College eao Home October 28 North Carolina Central 6:30 Home October 30 Winston-Salem State Away November 3 Pembroke State Univ. Catawba Home November 4 rsc-G Away November 5 St. .Andrews 630 Away November 11 UNC-A Awav November 13-15 STATE TOL-RNAMENT MARS HILL 28 - ? ?fi f a) ' , tiiw " ! ' i s a fr jm i ismij i ' M m TRACK AND FIELD SENIORS: Quill Ferguson, Kenneth Jefferies Coach Wilson, Carl Blake, Chris Woodard, Herbert Gooden, Leon John. Mel Pinckney, Head Coach. William Woolen, Chris Lawrence, Dan Fritz, Charles Richardson. 282 mi:iMimii SS tit; ■:y; i:: iiki: ' ;i i, sri•h CROSS COUNTRY . . . MEMBERS: Coach Wilson. James Kennedy, Carl Blake. Chris Woodard. Kenneth Jefferies, Timothy Nixon, Quill Ferguson. Dan Fntz, Charles Richardson (Not Pictured) Frank Carpenter, Rufus Brown. WINNERS OF MEAC CHAMPIONSHIP mwam mmmsm 283 mmBsm miiiiHiiP WOMEN ' S TRACK AND FIELD Chandra Ferrette, Yvette Richards. Vickie Gardner. Gwen Jenkins, Janice Ray, Janice Morrow, Peggy Bullard. ;.Ai? ' ta ' x.;feli«ia -;i fe ' JtVlJi.V. .ti . V ' feA ' K! .ti, ' .;iia!l ■■; ' ' ■; Going up for two (2). T i ' ■■• u He called another foul on ME?? WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL Winston-Salem State Rams seems to have an Aggiette blocked in. WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL . . . get over there! ' Pass the ball, Please! " 286 lUi ' di mam miil.ii:i . . Taking It To The Hoop!! Ki ' -. ' ' l. ' X ' y - ' t. ' i - .■f -.,(W-i.--,S.p . ■F AGGIETTES " Take that, its just for you, 441 " Jump Ball, Jump Ball. Get it. Get it! ' I ' m tired, what about you? NORTH CAROLINA AST STATE UNIVERSITY WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1980-1981 AGGIETTES Nov 18 Johnson C Smilh . Away Nov 21 ShawUniv Away Nov 22 FayeneviMeSt Home Nov 25-26 Elon Invilalional Elon Dec 1 Elon Coll Elon Dec 2 ■Winslon-SalemSl Home Dec 5-6 Aggietle invtiational Home (A T.Bennet1, J C Smith, Fayetteville) Dec 9 ' GuillofdColl Home Jan 9 Pleillef Coll Home Jan 13 Fayetleville St Away Jan 14 High Poinl Coll Away Jan 16 ' J C Smith Home Jan 17 ' BennetlCoH Home Jan 19 Campbell Coll Home Jan 21 N C Central Durham Jan 23-24 SC Stale DBL HD Away Jan 26 Elon College Home Jan 27 Western Carolina Away Feb 2 N C Central Home Feb 4 •HighPoinl Home Feb 6 UNC-Asheville Home Feb 10 GuillOfdColl Guillord Feb 13 Gardner-Webb Coll Home Feb 17 ' Western Carolina Home Feb 19 UNC-Charlofle Away Feb 25-28 NCAIAW Division II , , Away Slate Basketball Tournament Coach Joyce Spruill •Denoles Double Header Wilh AST Men Baskelball 288 k ' ii ;immii ---Mjys(k : . ■ ' Shirley Hall " Dedicated Student and Athlete! " ir t Shirlej ' Hall ' s first exposure to organized sports was her ninth grade year in school. She attended Southern Xash Junior High School and played for the school basketball team. She was a forward and here began her participation that continues through this day. Shirlej ' was voted Most Valuable Player and lead the team in scoring and rebounding. Shirley came to A T in January ' 1978 and has played varsit - basketball for three years and softbaU for two years. In basketball she started all three years and was chosen to be the team ' s captain this year. Her in- dividual high rebounding was 22 against North Carolina Central and best point output was 31 points against Bennett College. In Softball Shirley started every year. In 1979, A T women won the State Championship in Softball. She was left-fielder for that team and was voted to the All- Tournament team. Shirlej ' is majoring in Health and Physical Education and hopes to teach and coach when she earns her degree. She enjoyed A T and has made many new and wonder- ful friends from throughout the state and countrj ' . The fans and student bodj- has supported her and the team with a great deal of enthusiasm. 289 rrW ' - ' mm KARATE TEAM . . . Ready for 290 mm-. ..( li:V(yi 4i|ife.MAvilM!.i ' .i MsJZ 7 WOMENS SOFT- BALL LEFT: Returning Players Cheryl Edwards. Yvelle Webster, Deborah Dove, Patricia Govan, Shirley Hall. BELOW: Eugenia White, Cheryl Edwards, Yvette Webster, Bernadette Dunlop, Pauline Parrott, Rhonda Crawley, Deborah Dove, Denise Ward, Pat Govan, Tona Adkins, Shirley Hall, Deborah Bennett. Jackie Smith, Coach: Vivian Fuller. 291 m mmfA -m ftm m mx,:,,,,, w 1. A slam dunk!! 2. Royster makes a point from the foul line. 3. Chicken puts it in for 2 pts. 4. ... and another. ' m:: ■mmmm%)umim:Ki ' mi K- iAi- ' !iitiki- ' i,V) -x mi Mi ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST! AS AGGIES OUTLEAP THE OPPONENT Hey, Where ' s the ball? LET ' S GO! LET ' S SCORE! LET ' S WIN! Aggies struggle for the ball. m7psmsim»v IT vBsssmsm mm ! £ 4? e B fj SSi: Sj j» B S , t- asiSJeWWWHJSWXSBSKJ. ' RHWJSSBfiaiSSffiaMliSfiim ' jV. • i£ g» a fc_ wmm AGGIE FOOTBALL COACHES First Row: Rick Franz, Jim McKenley, Ron Beard Second Row: Keitli Jones, Roger Busweil, Darwin Valentine AGGIE FOOTBALL Roster VI ■ I N.C. A T State Universitj Football Roster 1 ri No Name POS HGT WOT C No Name POS HGT W GT 1 iTy Aaron Herring K 6-0 200 48 Kelvin Davis LB 6-0 210 2 3 Ron Lawrence DB 5-11 172 i 49 John Ledbetter LB 5-10 181 1 4 James Jenkins P 5-11 197 50 Donald Spicely QL 6-1 217 3 5 Roland Myers QB 5-10 175 ' 51 Roy Sheppard LB 6-1 230 3 6 Travis Kelly DB 6-1 ISO 53 Ken Walton LB 5-11 210 1 7 Eric Westbrook DB 6-0 174 54 Michael Peppers LB 6-2 212 1 9 John Williams DB 6-0 174 Nf Richard Small LB 5-11 192 1 Maurice Montgomery DB 5-10 170 56 Dennis Sobers DL 5-10 214 1 12 William Watson Wayne Yates QB QB A 1 1 an 57 58 EarlLott Mike Quarles OL 6-0 220 1 D-i 5-11 loU 177 OL 6-0 239 4 Pl4 Thomas Johnson QB 5-11 177 59 Levertus Jones OL 6-2 231 3 15 Kevin Robinson DB 6-0 185 61 Fred Livingstone OL 6-1 221 1 16 Ron Woods WR 5-10 180 62 John Hall OL 6-0 228 1 17 Archie Hart QB 5-11 165 64 Clifton Britt OL 6-5 254 4 18 Erick Holioway DB 6-0 161 65 Nate Collins OL 6-3 250 3 19 Brian Macon WR 6-: 17S 66 Issac Poole OL 6-1 244 1 20 ayman Pitts RB 5-8 169 67 Correy Junkins OL 6-4 227 3 21 K2: Glenn Burkett Danny Thomas DB RB 5-11 6-1 180 170 68 69 Gerald Atwater Mike West OL OL 6-4 6-5 228 262 3 3 1 ' ' FrankieChesson LB 6-0 200 70 AllentonSilcotl OL 6-1 248 2 124 Greg Boone TE 6-2 195 72 Kenny Wallace DL 6-2 223 1 25 Frank Carr WR 6-0 PO 73 Maurice Bryant OL 6-2 260 2 26 Dennis Colt LB 6-1 203 74 Alfred Hart OL 5-9 200 1 27 Mike Joyner LB 6-2 215 75 Cullen Cook DL 6-2 236 2 Joey Lewis DB 5-11 165 1 m 76 Thomas Boone OL 6-2 232 3 - Richard Grif lis DB 5-10 163 %L ,77 Robert Strickland LB 6-2 217 3 30 Michael Jones RB 6-1 179 W 78 Andre Hyatt OL 6-1 224 4 31 David Janifer DB 5-10 186 79 Randolph Ponder DL 6-6 257 2 34 Randolph Mitchell WR 5-11 157 80 Billy Mims TE 6-4 231 4 32 Cleotis Johnson 81 John Ogburn DL 6-3 260 3 ... 36 Johnny Alston RB 5-11 191 85 i ' i Rainey TE 6-2 187 1 1 - 39 Anthony H dy LB 5-11 191 87 David McMillion TE 6-2 199 2 Joe Clyburn DB 5-9 170 90 Leslie Blackburn DL 6-6 230 4 40 Mike Fluthe RET 5-11 184 91 Norton Majors OL 6-4 256 4 42 Perry Foggie RB 5-11 178- 92 John Myles DL 6-1 234 2 44 Charlie Sutton RB 6-1 212 93 Gerry Green DL 6-3 234 4 46 Edward Dozier DB 5-11 138 T 94 Michael James LB 5-11 194 2 47 Joey Ruffin RB 6-2 " hi 1 -94 James Williams DL 6-7 260 3 imm m mmmm m 299 pii iPiiMy ii ' iiS Jki s mri sssBsm m AGGIES Shutout EAGLES, 37-0 In Gold Bowl By Wade Xash There was a degree of concern from the Aggie coaches about how serious the players would be in their rematch with North Carolina Central. But it took only 3 minutes and 22 seconds to remove that thought and A T went on to shutout the Eagles 37-0 in Richmond, Va. The Gold Bowl was supposed to be Central ' s chance for revenge but it onlv proved the Aggies ' earlier dominance was no fluke. In the first contest the Eagles were destroved by Roland Myers, Waj-mon Pitts, Cleotis Johnson, and Frank Carr. On this occasion it would be the Aggie Defense, William Watson, Cleotis Johnson, Billy Mims, and Central ' s abilitj- to turn the ball over deep in its territorj ' . Wflliam Watson directed the opening 78-yard drive in six plays. Watson scored on a two-yard ruiL The Aggie defense had a tougher time catching the coaching stafi " for the traditional throwing in the showers than they did stopiring the Eagles. The defense controlled the line of scrimmage and allowed onh ' 62-yards rushing. The longest run for the Eagles was a 12-yard scramble by QB Ken Pugh. The Aggie defensive front kept pressure on both Eagle quarterbacks for 51-j-ards in sacks. Norton Majors, Leslie Blackburn, Gerrj ' Green, John Ctobxim, James WiUiams, and Randall Ponder destroyed Central ' s offense at the point of attack. Dennis Coit, Frankie Chesson, Eric Westbrook, Kc •in Robinson, Joe Clybiu-n and everj ' one else that played struck fear in the Central receivers forcing dropped passes and fumbles which the Aggies turned into quick scores. Kevin Robinson, Frankie Chesson, and Richard Griffis contributed with an interception a piece and the defense regis tered a two-point safety, sacking Central ' s Charies Yuille in the endzone. The Aggie offensive line cleared the way for 306 yards rushing. Wflliam Watson hit Bilh- Mims for a 43 yard touchdown pass and Roland Myers passed to Frank Carr for a score. Cleotis Johnson and Charlie Sutton both rushed for touchdowns. A T established a school record of 9 wins for a season, break- ing the old record set in 1968 when Homsby Howell ' s squad won the National Black CoUege Championship with an 8-1 record. Senior WiUiam Watson was named the Gold Bowl ' s Most Valuable Player Saturday and it ended an outstanding season for the talented quarterback. m 1 . Greta Shaw, Miss A T takes part in the Gold Bowl festivities 2. Donald Spiceley — making his move. 3. William Watson prepares to pass the ball. 4. Lets go Aggies! m ■imis i. 303 WRESTLING TEAM First Row: Michael McClendon, Ray Burton, Donnel Austin, Allen Cooper, Tony Ray, Dennis Pennix, Frank Carpenter, Coach Mel Pinkney 2nd Row: John Greene, Claude Heinz, John " J " Worth, Ellis White, Anthony Braswell, Chucky " Mac " ' McArthur 3rd Row: Jaines Mosley, Tyrone Butler, Robby " Puddyman, " Melvin, Roscoe Wyche, Marvin Grier Barry Venerable 4th Row: Managers — Nutt, Slade, WiUiams, Mr. " D " Hall y Doug Hall, John Worth, Frank Carpenter Slam Phi Slam: Bottom Row: Frank " Yak " Carpenter, John " J " Worth, Tony " Jack Frost " Ray, Chuck " Skywalker " McArthur, Roscoe " P-Coletrain " Wyche, John " Baby Hulk " Greene, Allan " Missouri " Cooper llHE33afc.ii;i ' iMWMfi »w;¥imim«viiS! !P11B5K »J!R ' ! .¥ffl«t ' B Sm ' MS AGGIES . . . SMILE, " You ' re On Candid Camera! " The spell of Cherry Hall. SOMETHING TO SMILE ABOUT Being an Aggie is really something to smile about. Folks from all over are right here. They come from many various parts of the worid; and they still end up here at A T. With such cultural varieties, being a member of the Aggie Family is something to be happy about — so SMILE AGGIES! Getting then A T ' s BLUE AND GOLD MARCHING MACHINE 6t l)femttMaMS44l.v«iij;iirt .vytyaif; ;f M - 307 ? ;nif ff!tmmmms Mfii M 1 ' ' A T AGGIES MARCHING MACHINE ... On the Move! 308 i!i2iSa Jr»-JJ|ii I is . . . Getting Down . . . " fS 2 2 STUDENT LIFE When it ' s Time to Work, Aggies get Serious and Struggle On. Above — Dexter Good work on drafting assign- ment. Left — The ladies don ' t feel ke being bothered. So why don ' t you take that camera and . . . ' v ' ?k%!)s nsira9B: $«e)§ s nE@ a!siBiKaBs jB P? mmmmmmm OffCampus Left — Raymond Kelly takes time to complete the unpleasurablt task of busting suds. Lower Left — Fred Moore, after a satisfying meal, kicks off hii slioes to whisper sweet nothings to some lady over the phone. Below — Sheila Hines in a state of disenchantment upon finishinj the last scrap of food in the house. Bottom — Leonard Jones having reveries of . . . HiUBUSfll »xA£ «mtti»f aS3»iHlSi ' :!» 4t Kii£ l ' JittS 3?JE S3KaMS H?n 5SffiP3 ffi«5 l«l|HHigpr Life . . .a Struggle Valerie Johnson and Stroza Hill engage in a few relaxing moments watching the television. TTie cost of ofif campus li ■i g is skj-rocketing with the rapidh ' increas- ing inflation. Room and board for campus stu- dents is 684.50 per semester. Off- cam- pus students pay between 8175 and 8250 a month for rent on a two bedroom apartment without utilities in- cluded, and 8275 — 8325 with utUities included- Food ranges from 30 to 50 dollars a week. If you find yourself in a bind wondering where your next meal will come from just sit down and watch a little television or listen to a little music, and everj-thing will be alright Valerie Bryant puts on a lit- tle music to help pass the time away. REGISTRATION . . . m i iMmmmmmmsmmiiii mmm mimitiimm ' ' i m mm i- mimmim s s A Financial Struggle Registration is where it all begins. The long lines, with the pushing, the tired feet and the eternal waiting. The wrong lines, as you find out after finally getting to the cashier who cheerfullj ' steers you to the back of another waiting Une. The worn ' lines you get from waiting in the long lines and the wrong lines. It ' s a hassle and a struggle. Initiation one might call it An unpleasant link all students share. The money floating from hand to hand all for the furthering of one ' s education. It seems like there should be a better wav . . . I 1. " I don ' t care how long you ' ve been waiting. This Hne is ready to close! " 2. " I can ' t help it if it wasn ' t on the computer print out. You still owe us S300.00. " 3. " My fifth time in line ... I hope I ' m finally in the right one. " 4. " It look ' s like the lines are getting longer instead of shorter. " 5. " You mean its still not correct? " 6. " Money! Money! ' Money! ... " Look at all this bank. " 315 mmmmmmm AGGIES TOGETHER PROTEST KLAN-NAZI NOT GUILTY VERDICT Who Says Justice Is Blind And Can Not See When She Tilts The Scales On Folks Like Me! 316 The Struggle For Our Freedom Seems As Endless As The Sea Though She Often Roars And Rumbles Yet Quietly Ignores Me! ' la ?1 i fA1 «;iWVl-JjM(riKV;M«,J; : ' .5j4,iM. 317 ' -j i t fm mmm BLACK COLLEGE DAY ' 80 BLACK COLLEGE DAY ' 80 II The .r. A T State Universitj.Vggie Family iwrlicipated in the reWtalization of interest in the 108 ' raditiiinally Dlaek eollefjes in order to draw attention to the threat ol their continued existence. Approximately 800 members of the Aggie family jouniyed to Washington. I).C. on Sej)- lemb ' er aOtli. 1 )8() for the Black College Day " HO demonstration and march. Singing chants like " The . ggies Run ITils City. " (jive Me an " A " .... " Give me that " old Aggie Spirit " " and etc.. I " he Aggies marched victoriimsly shoulder to shoukler. arm in arm dow n Pennsylvania . ve. to awake the nation and arouse its attention to the great ])red(miinantly Black institutions like . T. ()ver2() thimsand pairs of marching feet sliunmed against the D.C. concrete after rous- ing and uncharacteristically short speeches were delivered such as Pam McCorklc ' s (SGA President). It took many days of rallj-ing in Holland Bowl, T ' a])pearances. radio lecturing, and newspaper «riteiips for the . ggie family and the other 107 predominantly Black institutions to openly support the objectives of saving Black colleges. I ' he point was made when the mass of students gathered at the Ellipse and moved uj) Peimsylvania ,Vve. to the steps of ( apitol Hill. Ilie hearts were touched when Dick (jregorv told how integration must never mean licpiidation of Black colleges. .Minds were opened when lOnv Brown of Tony Brown ' s ■ loiimal told of lu)w we must reverse the trend of era licating Black Colleges, while marching biuids and bass drums massaged the hearts. Had you been there, you would have seen how in strength, there is unity and how unity is . 1 . Vou would know, and no one would be able to tell you dilTerently; Black College Day " 80 was an important and successfxd event. ol only was Black College Day " 80 in Washington. 1).( . on tliat bright sunny day a success, but Black College Day ' 80 was just tlic beginning — and nothing can stop us now! Bobby Koydel Hopkins, Special .Vssistant to the S(i, President BLACK COLLEGE DAY ' 80 BLACK COLLEGE DAY ' 8C 318 LACK COLLEGE DAY ' 80 BLACK COLLEGE DAY ' 80 1 ' I (P.I BLACK COLLEGE DAY ' 80 BLACK COLLEGE DAY ' 80 319 mmmmmmmmmmm Ai3 IT ' S ALL A What a bore PART OF THE " AGGIE LIFE " Pledging, Jammin ' and hangin ' out in Cooper Hall. mmrrs i,- A mim:ii- CAMPUS SECURITY SAYS ■« 321 mmm mm jimmm sm Ml A T Alumnist Jesse Jackson Exhorts Students To Fight Indefatigably through Life ' s Struggles And to Never Lie Dormant! I am somebody I am somebody My mind is a pearl I can learn anything In the World Respect me Protect me Never neglect me Down with dope Up with hope I am somebody ' ■ " • ' ' ' ' • I am somebody A T, A T, A T Jackson Speaks on the Presidential Candidates October 1980, Jessie Jackson • 4sited A Ts campus for a board of Trustees meeting. The main issue on the agenda was a discussion on the chancellorship which had been left vacant by Chancellor L. C. Dowdj- ' s early retirement. The announce- ment of his early retirement came as a shock to some, although there had been rmnors asserting that his abdicta- tion was near. WTiile on campus Jackson made an appearance in front of WUliams Cafeteria to address the student bod ' . He presented his ' iews on the upcoming presidential election, stressing the importance for blacks to become politically astute. Charac- terizing Congressman John Anderson as half a candidate and Ronald Reagan — Who subsequently won the election — as a Right wing extremist and jingoist, attempted to win support for the incumbent President Jimmy Carter. He also pointed out the need for Blacks to remain tenacious in their struggle to presence their institutions. 322 ... !riT3::aMi3MKiiiPM MBRWRtWVP ' MTOSimiJEimsSHmiW In Loving Memory of Vernon VanDyke Day, better known to his friends as " Kook ' " , was born July 27, 1960 in Alamance County, North Carolina. He was the son of Ms. Eva Day. ffis life ended suddenly at the age of 19 years, while he was plajing recreational basketball. Prior to his death, Kook ' was a sophomore transpor- tation m or. He attended N.C. A T State University August 1978 — April 3, 1980. Kooly was loved deariy by all who knew him. " When I must leave you for a little while, Please do not grieve and shed wild tears and hug your sorrow to you through the years, But start out bravely with a gallant smile; And for my sake and in my name Live on and do all things the same. Feed not your loneliness on empty days, But fill each waking hour in useful ways, Readi out your hand in comfort and in cheer And I in turn will comfort you and hold you near; And never, never be afraid, be afraid to die, For I am waiting for you in the skyl P EflL 323 ' T wmm p " Who said the food wasn ' t good? " vMmsMiiaimk mMi-mfm mmsBS mmmfsmsmmmsmimmJs:: AGGIE LIFE ... On The Yard A T AGGIES . . . .ti«;RV S!«i Csii.H»S»l ' - ' yjti«, , .v. K«iJ Hangin out in the Student Union The Memorial Union senes as the leading social academy on campus. It is a place of fun and games, dining, studying and last but not least — socializing. Many various activities such as dances, gathering, and important meetings, (like the guy who sits next to you in class), take place in the union. The Memorial Union is our favorite hang out. JUST CALL IT . . I I I I 1. Harold Tyson tries for the corner pocket. 2. For the fifth time Norman. " If you want a soda — buy you one! " 3. " Hey, could you lend me a dime. " 4. " No Chester, Chuckle has it all wrong ... as usual, " explains Mike. 44 UNIONIZING " K ' 327 S5555 THE STRUGGLE GOES ON! Where does it end? or . . . Will it ever? 1. Yolanda Lee practices her flute as she sits surrounded by her numerous awards and accomplishments. 2. Carlos Scivally shows off his artwork to Johnice. 3. " Lighten up, it ' s freezing down here. " 4. " I ' ll s peak next time ... I promise! " 328 Rooted in the community Greensboro National Bank Greensboro. North Corolina member foic -j yaMitsvyuiS ;PM8iS; iiy;fe3ii i i ' ay. I I mmmmm i l»,iasMi»4iMi!aMiflM!i i I I i m ' wm nma m mmm mm MMSi te flF immimOiii m Archives F. D. Bluford Library N. C. A T State Universify Greensboro, N, C. 27411 iv t.s. I I I I 4f MA V- .- fef ■: ' ■ ,: ■ ' ' -, ' , ' " .y " if 7 ' ' X V ' i - ' A: :uf ,• - ,1 ; ' ' , , !I5 S i AP I 41 , %■ : ' ' ■ ■ ' ;S } ■■■! ' ' !y (( ' ■ V i i ( ' f 1 i il: i f Ji.:. hLr...iJi .., .,iiiiilL: ' i:v„; „■.„.,

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