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Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Cover

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3 0343 0072262W 1. a BCtfFORD CTBRAR? IL C. A :T STATE UNIVERSai BREENSBORa NC 2Z411 rvmmmmmmam i?!;SiS£ ' ' ' ' ' ' ' «» -.rt- NORTH CAROLINA AGRICULTURAL TECHNICAL STATE UNIVERSITY AT GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA 27411 A YANTEE Table Contents 1 Dedication 2 Introduction 4 Homecoming 10 Academics 34 Classes 64 Supportive Services 154 Sports 168 Series of Features 212 Student Life 272 Editor ' s Epilogue ,. « -• »- . . . ' tv; Charles Freeman, Editor-in-Chief Wesley Boykin, Associate Editor Marcus Dukes, Business Manager Lewis Ramseur, Head Photographer Cynthia Woodard, Recording Secretary Marcia Purvis, Managing Editor James Wood, Ads Editor Miss Mitzi Bond, Advisor L o J WT t?? ' .7K ' J riliFSWM3WIin T ' ' T? ' I " ;ni» ' ;s ' ' ' RP.. ' irt)U " im |ii ™: THE 1978 AYANTEE IS DEDICATED TO... . . . an individual whose influence permeates all of A T. Twice weekly the results of her guidance fall into the hands of students, faculty and administration, informing them of happenings at A T. Few Aggies know of the role MRS. LORENO M. MARROW has played as English instructor and advisor to the A T Register for the past twenty-six years. The AYANTEE staff proudly dedicates this book to Mrs. Marrow and her contribution to North Carolina A T State University. I I Full Name: Mrs. Loreno Yolonde Mebane Marrow Undergraduate work: 1948 A T College Graduate School: New York University Home Address: 1204 Eastside Drive Greensboro, NC s w iSm. I WISH Stevie Wond Looking bac Was a little Then my Was for Chiistmifs ven though ' ould not were h by the day k on when I napf.y headed boy only wcrry we a get appy m Sneaking o ut the Tn hang mit best Greeted at the With boy though Tryin ' your Water to yo ir Thinkin ' it I ' f igh From whippih ' I wish those I wish those don ' t t e{ ning yotl eyts days dayi what would be my toy . ometimes thing th the wou6 i bring back door with those hoodlum friends of mine bc ck door I told you not to go outside to bring the your stop her behind could come back once more Why did thi e days ever have to go could come back Teaciiers sen.ds yciu to the principal ' s office down the hall You But i| wi fi those did thv. I those did thoke lVh Why grow urt and, leCuyi that kinda thityg ain ' t right I ' jhile you wife doinLii jt sure felt outta sigflt Why did tho e di s ever have Cause I love Brother says ' Bout you ptayifi ' doctor juuith that girl Just tt riigi Any.ning yot jwait in thh whole wide world Mdmh g ive s ' trade yb ' 01 money fbr Sunday School ■si or candy after church is through ' mdAin ' cigkYkttei and writing something rmsty on the nail (yoi nas boy) iayi dayi dttys could comemck once more ever hiave to go could come bac k once more d ys everj have to o " 4, m A «hW i ttV- m- .tt- " ' ,«. ' iM ' Top: ■ . . hanging out with those hoodlum friends of mine. Center left: Work and work! pi I : ' S ' WISH I wish those days could . I To float upon a breeze As I sing a song of free To live inside myself I wish that this was me To lean upon the sunlight As it bounces on the water To feel my life flow through me I wish that this was me To play among the flowers As I weave my thoughts alone To feel my hot blood racing I wish that this was me But I must not be flightly I must be brave and strong For to wish to be from nature Is a good place to belong Diana Anderson • I Aboue: An Aggie reunion Center right: Students doing last minute preparations for an exam. Right: Our very own, isn ' t it lovely, isn ' t it wonderful! .11- .■ ' L " 7 ' ?T-I7n ' t« wmn • t »ff •» m.a Left: " A touch of class! " Below: Which line is this (a) registration (b) cafeteria (c) pledgees (d) all of the above (e) none of the aboue I WISH the " Olde Aggie Spirit " would someday return. There is a nostalgic cloud bestowed over our campus. Many people feel the Aggie Spirit has gone down with the ages. It has gone down for those who have submit- ted, but not to the state that it can not be revived. We still possess the strong will, the determination, and the durability to stand up and say " I am an Aggie! " Our life can be em- braced, shaped, and molded into the person which we wish to become. Do not walk in the path of your fellow Aggies but, make a new path and walk full stride. Please, do not lean on our fellow man for support for he does not want to be held back; do not ask of him favors, for he is going to be somebody; and do not seek existence in him for he lives alone. He has his pride but most of all, he has that " Olde Aggie Spirit. " Still on the subject of class, this is one of the " classiest " rooms in Scott Hall. . . . come hack once more . . . Above: A beautiful site on a beautiful day. Above Left: Taking time out from work to play. Lower Left: A rainy night in . . . " Aggieland? " The capacity to wish is the thing which gives us our greatest pleasure in life. Wishing is a simple act that gives many of us so much happiness. Wishing is a process which involves wanting, desiring, and finally, getting. In or- der to really enjoy our materialistic values, it is obvious that a certain love for that object must exist. It has been said that we love those things that we worked hardest to acquire. If all we must do is just ask and receive the anx- ious, joyful pain of waiting and hoping is gone. Then, there would be no need to wish at all — and that is sad. Why did those days ever have togo . . . Left: All Weather Aggies Center Left: A touch of class is shown by Scott B. Below: Having a nightmare about becoming an NCCU Eagle When I WISH, people say, " why do you wish for that? It will never come true! " I smile and continue on my way. In my heart, I feel there is no limit to what can be wished for. I believe that one day, no matter how small or big my wish may be, it will come true. I know somewhere up above there is an answer, someone who cares and is listening to me right now. When I can see doors opening, the bright sun beaming, flowers blooming, and hear fresh water flowing, my wish has come true . . . God has smiled upon me. mum CONVOCATION r «»;- •» ' «%■ CORONATION I ' (Ms jSiiiSiUirmj 12 mar mOC- m ■m. ' ». ' m:-». t. _, ' -rT ' ' - ' V ' " - ' ' rrnw ' i-w!vv ' WRfHn mSf uiSS-. M- i 15 HOMECOMING PARADE ■41 mtf- akS- Wtf A ' lSi " ... i.lLj , ! m HOMECOMING GAME i ii MC !PIIE!S e ' -v.;-? . ' ■ " ' niii H r F . 11 23 25 THE BLUE GOLD V. J ' M B (1) Antionw Shoffner. Odell Shoffner. Walter CarLson, Thomas Peoples (2) " Marching Machine " (3) Trumpets 14) Majorettes (5) Boogie Nights . . . 16) Baritone (7) Pic- colo (8) Percussion 19) Swing Flags (10) Saxophone (ID Clarinets 26 MARCHING MA CHINE »♦ »• ' . 10 ■ 1 n ir « ■ jL i r, r 1 ' i 1 g 1 i B 0 jS- 1 nlli m Jj m 1 J m ■ Hj P r ■ K v n SP n -.i F ■ 27 ENTERTAINMENT Entertainment is a form of activity, that gives a person or group of persons pleasure of amusement. Eventually everything changes: time and people. As people change — so do their tastes. This is why we AGGIES, have chosen the following people and groups to appear on our campus. Strike up the band. Let the show begin . . . UNDISPUTED TRUTH 28 CROWN HEIGHTS AFFAIR. AALON I GRAND ILLUSION ■ F IK. ' W 32 MOTHER ' S FINEST MOTHER ' S FINEST is one of the newest and hottest groups appearing on the musical scene. Their first hit " Dis Go This Way, Dis Go That Way " , was a number one best seller on the record charts for several weeks. " On. Baby Love " and " Mickey ' s Monkey " are two of their most recent hits which they performed while at A T State. 33 A C A D E M I C S 34 ■ !ti ' ! ■I -. -i ■i : ' ' t ' f !? " .§1 i ' S V: r •:mr ss A C A D E M I C S 35 LEWIS C. DOWDY 36 Left to right: Mrs. Alice Scott, Chancellor Lewis C. Dowdy. Mrs. Lewis C. Dowdy. GREETINGS On behalf of the North Carolina A T State Un- iversity faculty, staff and Board of Trustees, I am pleased to congratulate you on the occasion of the publication of your annual University yearbook. As you know, the Ayantee is a very significant docu- ment, m that it contains sacred memories of some of the most pleasant and enduring experiences of your lifetime. The yearbook will become even more precious to you in later years, as you begin to reflect upon the meaning of these days which you now enjoy. This has been a most challenging and progressive year for A T State University, and our loyal and devoted students have played a major role in all that we have been able to achieve. We here at the University face the future with ex- treme confidence. We wish for those students who are graduating, a pleasant journey into tomorrow, and we hope that they will leave a distinguishing Aggie mark on society. To those students who will be returning to the campus for additional study, we ask your continued support in making North Carolina A T State University the finest educational institution in this nation. Yours trulv. Lewis C. Dowdy Chancellor Left to right: Coach Jim McKinley (foolball). Chancellor Lewis C. Dowdy, Coach Gene Littles (Basketball). 37 STUDENT AFFAIRS RIGHT: Dr. J. E. Marshall. Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs ABOVE: William Goode, Dean of Student Affairs Management and Human Relations RIGHT: Mr. William Gamble, Director of Admissions 38 ABOVE LEFT: Lucille Piggott. Dean of Student Affairs for Organizations and Development ABOVE: Dr. William Parker, Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs LEFT: Dr. Rudolph Artis, Director of Registration and Records 39 ACADEMIC AFFAIRS RIGHT: Dr. Glen Rankin, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs RIGHT: W. T Ellis, A.ssistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs ' y S i M " ■ .T " - « ,1 RIGHT: Neil Armstrong, Director of Summer School 40 DEVELOPMENT AND COMMUNITY R E L LEFT: Maxine Davis, Director of Purchasing ( ABOVE: Doris Canada, Director of Personnel Services LEFT: Joseph Williams, Associate Director of Development and Community Relations for Alumni Affairs RIGHT: Virginia McKee. Assistant to Chancellor BELOW: Dr. Albert Smith, Vice Chancellor for Development and Community Relations ABOVE: Matthew King, Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Affairs RIGHT: Dr. Theodore Mahaffey, Administration Assistant to the Chancellor f DIRECTORS LEFT: Dr. Dorothy Austin, Director of Title IX BELOW: Angus Small, Director of Computer Science Center wKi ABOVE: Vance Gray, Director of Student Financial Aid ABOVE: Gerard Gray, Director of Physical Plant 43 .v0J®».. RIGHT: Mr. Richard Moore. Director of Public Information BELOW: Mr. Sullivan Welbome, Director of Student Union ABOVE: Mr. Joseph Faust, Director of Sports Information RIGHT: Mr. Joseph Bennett, Director of ' ' Career Education i LEFT: Dr. Eddie Hargrove, Director of Veterans Affairs. BELOW: Rev. Cleo McCoy, Director of Religious Activities. = It .M V -- ABOVE: Jonah Smith, Bursar. ABOVE: Fred Jackson, Director of Accounting and Business. khmm mmmm mm RIGHT: Dr. Howard Robinson, Director of Research Administration BELOW: Mrs. M. McCoy, Director of Library Services ABOVE: Mr. James Wright. Director of Student Activities ABOVE: Mr. W. I. Morris, Director of Career Planning and Placement Center ■J LEFT: Harold Lanier. Director of Cooperative Education. BELOW: Mr. Edgar Sheppard, Bursar Accountant. LEFT: Mrs. Ruby Jones. Director of Contracts and Grants. ABOVE: Mrs. Audrey C. Lineberger. Administrative Assistant to Dean AIDP. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS . t f ., ' l. V: ' - i Dr. Meada D. Shipman, Chairman of the Department of Business. Education and Administration Dr. Danny Poque. Assistant To the Dean if Dr. Quiester Craig, Dean of School of Business And Economics f -« ' f Lly ' I Dr. Sidney Evans, Chairman of the Department of Economics : ' n.H i Dr. Ladella Hyman Chairman of the Department of Accounting I I Dr. H. Baily, Acting Chairman of the Department of Business Administration 49 SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Dr. Hat tie List on, Director of Community Mental Health Dr. Emory Sadler, Chairman Department of Psychology Dr. Frank White, Dean of School of Arts and Sciences ' :M y.- 50 U»aBttiaUiJ£ V iSinfSiEu£a.- c ' i «MflSSt«!IB»t«SJS1l«S.V Dr. Jason Gilchrist, Chairman of Physics Department 5 " ? A Dr. Frances Logan, Chairman of Sociology Department I Mr. Leroy Holmes, Chairman of Art Department 51 m Dr. Amarjit Singh, Chairman of Political Science Dr. Frank Bell, Chairman of History Department Department " mmrm, M • ' ' •ff Dr. Wendell Jones, Chairman of Math Department 52 Dr. Marion Blair, Assistant to Chairman of Education Dr. Wauerlyn Rice. Chairman of Department of Foreign Languages ' ' H m 53 Dr. Harold Mazek, Chairman of Department of Home Economics G R I C U L T U R E PORK CUTS fiirmi:-::? Dr. Talmage Brewer, Chairman Animal Science Department ._. ' I MrO dlfll l _y ■ H 1 Dr. Burleigh C. Webb. Dean of School of Agriculture M ' ' . Dr. Arthur P. Belt, Chairman of Agricultural Education Department Dr. Samuel Dunn, Chairman Plant Science Department Dr. Joseph Shaw, Dean of School of Education SCHOOL OF EDUCATION P .™ .--..iiiK f w .. i Dr. Roy Moore. Chairman of Department of Physical Education and Recreation Dr. Dorothy Prince, Chairman of Department of Education 56 Mr. Estell Harper, Faculty Advisor to Student NEA Dr. Fizzel Jones, Co-Ordinator of Student Teaching and Education Internships i Dr. William Lawrence, Chairman of Department of Psychology and Guidance i .r- ■ v; 57 IIIIMIIIIIIIIII IIIIlT ' ;«llllllil Dr. William Delauder, Chairman of Chemistry Department ) ' ' ) ?: ' Dr. George Gail, Chairman of Department of Industrial Education Dr. B. W. Harris, Chairman of Adult Education and Community Services Dr. Charles Pinckney. Chairman of Department of Industrial Education Technology Dr. Jimmy Williams, Chairman of English Department 59 SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING ri i " ■ Dr. Suresh Chandra, Dean of School of Engineering Dr. Winser E. Alexander, Chairman of Electrical Engineering Department t% 60 Dr. William A. Streat, Chairman of Architectural , Engineering ,_ ,fT!!MlM Department Dr. Reginald G. Mitchiner. Chairman of Mechanical Engineering Department ■M i 61 SCHOOL OF NURSING Mrs. Naomi W. Wynn Dean of School of Nursing h.. GRADUATE SCHOOL 11 Dr. Albert W. Spruill Dean of Graduate School 63 ' HHIi WK WI .■u CI L A S s E S 64 i.i:i:i:i!ii l!Ul!l!l!lllll!lI i!!l!;!i!l!|j.! liiii ilililililW III; :;i,i !i!i!ili!i:i!r iiiiiiiWi " l!t!l!l!l!l!!!i!i!! :i;iX ' ii!i;i nmi i ii ■t ' ' i ' P ' : " ; ' i ' !i ' i t i ' lllll ' ■ ' !ill!i!l!l!i!l!!!ll ' lllli!!! ■It SI r ,K ■llilliT I ' tll ' i ' - ' i ' l ' i ' t ' tF t I, i; I ; « m i , ! ' ;!; vmI- ' i, ' ;t,Li!i ' 1 ,1S ii 65 CLASS OFFICERS if ' .I Faye Foster — Vice Pres. ■ George Waddrell — Treasurer ■, Michelle Huntly — Secretary ■ ' " ' j ' »« to ' - : ?. - Stephen L. Lipscomb, Pres. Sheron Newkirk, Vice-F es. Trenna Ross. Secretary Carla Walker. Treasurer Carol Carr, Miss Sophomore 66 K2lBtt«I«:dVtt HI« " M»f»«!l«lM«« -. Bonnie Newman — Treasurer Wesley ' Boykin — Vice Pres. Not Pictured Lila Washington — President Rosalyn Tucker — Miss Junior Steven Jones Andrea D. Wiley Cheryl Howard Delilah Perkins 67 Adams, Donna L. Adams, Sandra Akintunde, Ganiyu !il s E N I R S Alexander, Donnie Allen, Dennis Allen, Donald L. Alliniece, Gary D. Alston, James E. Alston, Laraine Alston, Robert Alston, Willie Mae $.nderson, Diana 68 Andrews, Sylvia L. Armstrong, Morris G. Artis, Gerals D. Artis, Mildred Ashe, Sue Avery, Sharon Ayscue, EarlJerome Bacoat, Isaac Badgett, Anthony Bag by, Carl Baker, Sidney Baker, Verlie Mae 69 Balmer, Sylvia J. Barber, James B. Barber, Joel Barrier, Alvin Z. Barnes, Sharon L. Barrett, Brenda J. Buskerville, Elaine Baskett, LorettaA. Basnight, Alma Bass, Archie B. Battle, Jacqueline M. Batts, Vandalia 70 Baxter, Joanita Bazemore, Alverina R. Bazemore, Sandra Beamon, Rita Beasley. Robert Beau ford, Genoris Becton. Marihn K. Bell, Debra L. Bell. Leon Benbow, Robert S. Bennett, Linda Bess, Feldon 0. !i« 72 Bethea. Murray Biggs, Wanda Black, Michael A. Black mon, David R. Blake, Esau Blakely, Donna L. Blakeney, Maderia A. Bond, Carl Kent Bond, Charles W. Bond, Wayne T. Bonelli, Selma L. Boney, Erma mm Boone, Carson M. Boone, James A. Bowe, Joyce L. Bowles, Michael Boyd, Jamie H. Bradley, Vanessa S. Branswell, Edwin Brewington, Rodney L. Britt, Barbara Brooks, Joyce Brooks, Julia A. Brown, Anthony B. Brown, Cheryl Brown, Nathaniel H. Brown, Peggy Brown, Reginald F. Brown, Tommy L. Brown, Vivian D. Brown, Wanda J. Brown, Wheeler Bryant, Ronald W. Bryant, Warren A. Bryson, Pamela Burden, Evonne Burner, Sherry D. Butler. Owen B. Burnette, Cassandra Byrd, David H. Byrd, Donald R. Byrd, Michael Cade, Cordelia E. Caldwell, Venessa Cameron, Robert Carmon, Marvin C. Carney, Trina L. Carrillo, Harold R. Carter, Tony Carter, Wilda N. 76 Chalamira, Patricia M. Chandler, Juanita Cheek, Warren M. Cherry, Pamalin Christler, Laurene Claggion, Madeline Clark, Duane A. demons, Patricia A. mmmmmmmmmmammammF k Copeland, Sharon L. Core, Annie Corpening, Eugenia Gotten, Rexford E. Cobb, Myrtle Coe field, Reginald Cole, Charles Cone, Harry F. Conway, A tcheson T. Cook, Lorie Cooper, Judy Denice Coor, Antonio Coulter, Euette Council, Tony L. Courts, Rhonda F. Crawford, ReginaA. Crowder, RomonaL. Cundiff, Bernie Cunningham, Cynthia A. Curry, VeroniaA. Curley, Anthony M. Curtis, Lloyd Curry, Riley K. Dacons, Pierre W. Ill ' lU 78 wsmmmmmsrmm Dalrymole, David C. Dalton, Cassandra Dalton, James C. Daniel, Terry L. Da ugh trey, Sharon Y. Davidson, Doris D. Davis, Chandra Daason. Sharon Debnam, Zandra S. Dinkins. Rodney Dixon. Bobby Dixon, Mabel A. ■■ -K -J i 79 Dixon. Roland Dobson, Rebekah Doster, Tommy Dowdy, Gloria D. Dukes, Marcus L. 80 Dula, Carolyn Dula, Robert A. Dunn, DeRome 0. Dunn, Sandra Gale Dunston, Freda D. Dupree, Lois D. Durant, Jerome Durham, Karen :f English, Kathleen Evans, Anthony Evans, Carl W. Durham, Loretta Eason, Patricia A. Easter, James Jr. Ebron, David E. Edmundson, Willie Edwards, Bobby A. Edwards, Michael Elamin, DenardA. 81 m 82 Everett, Carolyn A. Faison, Peggy Fearrington, Brenda Farrior, James R. Felder, Leona Felder, Telana A. Ferguson, Morris Fields, Reginald L. Fleming, Ernest Ford, John Fordham, Francine G. Foust, Larry WMI Foye, Cheryl Fransis, Tina Freeman, Charles Freeman, Judy Garner, Pamela M. Catling, Mable Gibson. Kathy A. Gillispie, Cynthia C. Fuller, Earlene Fuller, Sharlene Gainey, Michael Gallop, Anthony Q. 83 Glenn, Nelson W. Glover, Diane Glover, Henri 84 Glover, Iris Glover, Phyllis E. Gore, LaRhonda Gorham, Charles M. Graeber, Carmelina Graham, Wilbert Grant, Gloria Grant, Mary Ann Grant, Millicent Graves, Angela Graves, Stephen Gray, Dennis Green, Catherine Green, Johnathan Green, Vickie Greene, Darrell 85 i!!; b ' l w Hairston, Donna M. Hall, Alice Hall, LaVernek Hamer, Wayne Hamilton, Kenneth Hammonds, Christopher Hardy, Audrey L. Hargrove, Augusta Harper, Sheryl Harrell, Shelia L. Harris, Illona M. Harris, Sherry C. Harris, Wanda m. m Holiness, Carol Holland, Glenn Hollingsworth, Phyllis M. Harrison, Cheryl Y. Hawkins, Herman Heath, Gloris Heckstall, Vanessa Henderson, Johnnie M. Herbin, Faye Hines, Meta L. Hinnant, Eugene ' J ' Howard. James Howze, Robert L. Hunt, Victor M. Hunter, Janice Hunter, Johnny 0. Hunter. Sharon Hunting, Toni R. Jackson. Jeffery L. Houpe, Ronnie L. Howard. Carson C Howard, Cheryl Holt, Anthony B Hooker, Janice Jackson, Otis Jacobs, Wyoma Jaithan, Linda James, Maxine James, Rodney Jefferson, Brenda Jenkins, Carolyn D. Jenkins, Michael A. ! 1} ' i ' li ■it Johnson, Patricia A Jones, Emanuella Jones, Steve L. Jones, Walton I. Jordan, Phelix R. Jordon, Lynda Judkins, Ronald Kalemela, Kaprasio T. Keith, Jeannette Kellam, Calvin L. m Kelly, Gayla R. King, Ernest B. Kinlaw, Sandra D. Knight, Harry Lee Kopyta, George Lambs, Genevieve R. Langley, Sharon Langston, Elmer L. 91 Lester. Waldo Lewis, Walter Lindsay. Jacqueline K. Lipscomb, Yolanda Little, Henry L. Livingston, James Locklair, Lyvone Long, Frederick Love, William B. Lowe, Bobby J. Lucas, Millinese , Luckey, Althea I 92 Lynch, Patricia A. Maddox, Kitty S. Mack, RayArm Mabinton, Roupa Major, Mercedes Makwaia, Benezetti N. Malfy,RoseL. Marks, Jeanette Marshall, Susan C. Marshall, Wilma Martin, Robyn G. Mason, Estella 93 ill Mason. Valerie R. Ma tier, Michelle 94 Maye, Janet McAdoo, Judy Marie McMall, Mitchell McClelland, Joanne McClinton, Ruby J. McCombs, Williams McCoy, Joy D. McCutchen, Patrica A. McDonald, Horace G. II McDougald, Sandra F. McEachin, James H. McGirt, Thelma Z. Mclver, Amanda L. McKenzie, Darrell McKesson, Elsie McKesson, George 95 !id Melchor, Gary Melvin, Pierre Middlebrooks, Willie 96 Miller, SheillaD. Minor, Kathleen L. Mitchell, Ricky R. Mitchell, SheliaL. Mitchell, Willette Mob ley, Charles R. Montgomery, Angelia Moody, Doris A. nniiini . v- i m Murphy, Reginald Murray, Glinda Florence Murray, ObueltJ. Moody, Glen J. Moody, Ivy Morgan, Carol Moore, Edith LaVerne Moore, Olympia Moses, Larry B. Mosley, Yulonde Murphy, Myrlin L. 97 I •! :l Murrell, Jennifer Murrell, Katrina Murrill, Brenda Myers, Pereeder Neal, William J. Nesbitt. Valerie K. Newkirk, Margie L. Nichols, Virgil Noah, Marco Seth Norman, Betty Norman, Millicent L. Oamen, Edward E. mam ■■ ■ Odunsi, Modupe Oliveira, Janice O ' Neal, Franklin E. Outlaw, Marie Owens, Patricia A. Pace, William Page. Gwendolyn Y. Pair, AlvinJr. Parker. David Parker Randy L. Parsons. Glennie B. Part low, Mary L. 99 % ' • ' ill ill fiii w ■H Kw ' ' ' Y H K WV r V- ' Pas ley. Rose Peoples, Mary erkins, Delilah . H Perry, Charles Perry, Howard Peterson, Larry Peterson, Lillie G. Phipps, Andre C. Piatt, Katrina Pinnix, Kenneth M. Pratt, WiUie ' Pride, Clayton Pridgen, Dory I Pulley, Pamela Purvis, Sherry L. Quick, Reginald Quick, Ronnie M. Rascoe, Merinder M. Ravenell, Karen Raynor, Elma Redic, Hestella Reed, Evelyn A. Reid, Linda G. Reid, Norbert L. ' 111 HI f,li Richardson, Alden Richardson, Deborah Richardson, Joanetta Richardson, Michael 0. Riggs, Cleasther Riley, Bryan Rivers, Cynthia L. Roberts, Vincent Robinson, Charlene Robinson, Denise Rorie, Ramona I m " i Scott, Michael Scott, Ronald J. Scott. Wilhelmina Rose, Rouena Rosser, Clarine Rountree, Melinda Russell, James C. Russell, Kelvin N. Russell, Robert Saunders, Colin Scales, Anna 103 II ill Ik III Sharpless, John C. Shaw, Shelby Shears. Willie Ann Simmons, AngellaA. Simmons, Cecil Simmons, Charles Simmons, Donnle Sims, Germaine Sinclair, Thomas E. Small, George L. Smith, Anthea S. Smith, Goldie M. 104 tef Smith, Donna C. Smith, Elaine Smith, Gail Smith, Gregory D. Smith, Jamie Smith, Kenneth Smith, Linda Faye Smith, Manzell Smith, Marilyn Smith, William A. Smitherman, Tony R. Snipes, Marian R. Spence, Larry W. Springs, Craven Springs, Israel Spruill, Ellen L. i! ■■jii I) 1 1 I ' ll ' ill !itii Squirewell, Jinny M. Stanback, Helen M. Stepp, Forrest Stevenson, Charles A. Stevenson, Robert L. HI Steward, Cynthia E. Stocks, Frederick Street, Victor L. Sturdiuant, Kenneth Sty r on, Ricky S. Tann, William D. Tate, Faye Tate, George Taylor, Edgar R. Tylor, Gloria A. Teshome, Melaku T- A E " - ■1 1 V Jf 1 i; Teteka, Assefa Thomas, Elaine Thompson, Alma Thompson, Avis L. Thompson, Brenda Thompson. Charlie Thompson, Harry R. Thompson, Malcolm Thome, Patricia L. Thornton, Matilda A. Thornton, Ronnie A. Tucker, Milton E. Turner, Craigavon Turner, Demetrice Turner, Serena Turner, Stephen A. ' .11 ' iiiii Turrentine. Barbara H. Tyer, Terry W. Vaughn, Cynthia Vines, Morris Eugene Walker, James L. Walker, PriscillaA. Wallace, Alekseil Wallace, Phillip R. Ward, Bernice Ward, Shelton R. Washington, Michael A. Waterson, Beryl Watford, Kathy D. Watson, Angela Watson, Cheryle F. Watson, Joyce V. Weaks, Dennis J. Weaver, Brent Weaver, Flora Weaver, LaVeme D. Webb, Jacqueline Whitaker, Dorothy E. Wells, Mamie R. Whitaker, Rose A. West, Mozine D. White, Marilyn Westmoreland, Radney D. Widemon, Lattayne Wig fall, Jerry- Wiggins, Joe R. Wilder, Gale Evette Wiley, Andrea D. ' if iiiii ' Hi ' 1)1 ' ii Mil Wiley. Terry B. Williams, Deborah A. Williams. Ervin R. Williams. Gloria Williams, Matthew Williams. Patricia Williams, Shericca C. Williams. Vernon A. Williams, Virginia Williamson, Arthur S. Williamson, Charles Wim.bush, Constance Witherspoon, Vanessa Womack, Earl W. Wo mack. Leon Woodard, Cynthia Woods, Horace Woods, Mark H. Wooten. Charlene Wright, Angela Yarbrough, Kevin Yates, Gwendolyn Yeal, Mary Zigbuo, Seilami con t ' iiii SENIORS Who ' s Who Among Students In American Universities And Colleges r! ! ii II . , Myrlin Lee Murphy DeRome 0. Dunn Ezekiel Nathaniel Jones, III Patricia A. Johnson 112 iimi Gloris Heath William Dewavne Lvles Willie Ann Shears Charles 0. Simmons Wanda J. Brown 113 ' It lit :;i!t ill " 111. Charles E. Williamson Yolanda Lipscomb Ivy Jean Moody Earnest Fleming Jeanette Marks 114 m mmmmmmm, imes Bernard Barber manda Lorraine Mclver ' erry Wendell Tyler James Rufus Farrior, Jr. Victor M. Hunt 115 m Edith LaVerne Moore Michael Anthony Jenkins Earlene Fuller Archie Bernard Bass Janet Maye 116 Milton Earl Tucker Peggy L. Brown • m. ' . ?VK , :fm - -1 Andrea Denise Wiley Katrina V. Piatt Deborah Richardson ,.- Barbara Turrentine A-i f r Herman A. Hawkins m m- 117 Sharon LaVerne Copeland Amanda Lorraine Mcluer Tony Carter Felton 0. Bess Anthony M. Curley Warren A. Bryant, Jr. Tony Graham V . : iiu jjk.. ' . m L " STRr ■V.A . 118 JUNIORS}Mi m Best. Linda Bivens, Melvin Black. Sheila Blackuelt. Diann Boone. Carroll Boone. William Booth, Sharon Boothe. Jessena Agnea. Theodore Anderson. Shevon Austin. Lmda Austin. Wayne Baggett. Marilyn Baines, Vanessa Baker. Wanda Banks. Gwendolyn Bargeron. Rosaline Barhamy, Larry Barksdale. Shang Barnes, Kevin Barnes. Preston Bass. Joan Baucom. Patricia Becton. John Belton. Barbara Berry, Lillian Best. Andre Best. Lee m Boyd, Clementine Boyd, Wayne Boykin, Evelyn Boykin, Wes Brady, Rachael 0. Branch, Steve Brandon, Tresavon D. Britton, Torrence Brown, Abbie Brown, Denise Brown, James Brown, Veta Brown, Videtta Bruinton, Wanda Burk, Larry Burnette, Donna Burnette, Kathy Burton, Brenda Bynum, Deames Cannon, Arthur R. Capehart, Peggy A. Cardwell, Michael Carmichael, Clinton Carter, Edward Cherry, Mary Clay, Robert demons, Danny Clifton. Timothy Cooper, Audrey Cooper, Darlene Cope land, James D. Council, William Courts, Debra Craig, Catherine 120 Crowder, James Cummings, Iris Curry, Arthur Davis, Andrew M. Daiis. Cnstal DoL-is. Curtis Davis. Phyllis Debreu. Akin Dennis, Ada D. Dilligard. Claudette Dob , Laurence Dodson. Beth Dorsey . Rosalyn Doughty, Herbert Douglas. .Aniece Dudley. Effie Duncan. Cheryl Dunn. Katrina Dunn, Vera Eason. .Anthony Eason, Lyvonne Eduards, Herman Edwards. James Eduards. Maurice. Jr Epps. Lester Eruin, Wdliam Evans. Earlene Everett. Jackie Faison. Ins Farrior, Gail Farrow. Cathy E. Ferrell. James Fields. Wanda Flowers. Rand m Forbes, Felecia Fouler. Echheci Foiworth, Gregory Fuller. Dory I 121 .1 " [.III J Fuller, Sandra Fulton. Gwendolyn Funderburke, Sandy Gainey. Sylvia Gause, Lendred German, Darrell Gibbons. Shirley Giles. Antoinette Giles, Robin Gilmore, Anthony 122 Gilmore, Delores Gilmore, Janice Goode, Joyce Gordon, Richard Gore, Randy Graham, Zeb Grandy, Peggy Grant, John Green, Marcella Greene, Diane Griffin, Baxter Hailey, Artansy R. Hairston, Carole Haith. Thaddeus Hall, Jaruis Hall, Maude A. Hall, Reginald Hammond, Constance Hargrove, Rosalind Harris, Donnie R. Harris, Janet Y. Jeter, Timothy Johnson. Carolyn Johnson. Delia Johnson. Larry Johnson, Lawrence Harris, Phyllis Harrison, LaDonnells Hawkins, Calvin Hawkins, Deborah Hawkins, Esaiah Headen, Karen Henry, Beverley Herring, Linda Hester, Frances Hester. Ulysses Heyward, John Higgins, Mara High, Debra Hines, Anthony Hines, Pamela Hinton. William Hood, Arthur Houston, LaVerne Howie, Carolyn Hunt, Sharon Hunter, Gloria 123 Jones, Carta Jones, Elois Jones, Murna Jones, Stanley Jordan, Brenda Kapp, Anthony Kasiah, Norma Kearney, Wanda Kelley, Myron Keltv, Sandra Little, Deborah Littlejohn, William Lloyd, Ronald London, Edward Long, Debra D. Lyons, Alice Malone, Bernard Marable, Terrence Marable, Wanda Marshall, Darrell 124 Martin, George Martin. Gwendolyn Martin, James B. Martin, Jure Martin, Keith Mason, Geraline Massey, Tyrone Mat his. Earl McCormick, Rodney McCoy, Rodotphus Moore, Teresa Morgan, Cisco Morgan, Milton Morrison, Haywood G. Moye. Clarence Murphy. Joe Murray, Cauldia Murray, Cetestine Neal, Rosalyn Newkirk, Chiquita Newman, Bonnie Oden, Lisa Newman, Charles Oden. Virginia Nicholson, Jacquelyne Oglesby, Linda Norman, George Paige, Melvin Parker, Ann Parker, Wanda Parks, Darayl Payne, Angelo Perry, Arrelia Perry, Jewell Perry, Vickie Phillips, Island Pollard, Vernessa Pompey, Michael Pope, Anthony Pope, Wanda Price, Debra Priest, Thomas Quinn, Cyril Rainey, Carlton Ramseur, Tony Renfrow, Issac Renshaw, Elizabeth Rhodes, Latrice Richardson, Florence Richardson, Francis Roach, Sandra Roberts, Beverly 126 HVH mmmsm Robinson. Clarence Robinson. George Robinson, Mary Rodgers. Lurania Rose. Bryandt Ross, Virginia Ross, Viiian Rucker. Phyllis Samuel, Aratino Sander. Keith Sanders. Tonya Scales, James Scarborugh. Eduina Scott. Bonnie Scott, Reginald Scotton, Jesse Sharp, Laiem Sharpless, Marcus Shau, Christene Simmons, Kennel Simmons. Linda Simons. Kirkland Simpkins. Jacquehn Sims. Jeffery Smith, Berlin Smith, Deborah Smith, Gregory Smith, Wanda Smith, Wayne Spelter, Catherine Spiiew Elton Sprui ' ll. ML S.-i Stevens. Alfreida Stevens, Rhonda Stewart, Raquel Stover, Patricia Sutton, James C. Wall, Patricia Walter, James Walb, Linwood Walton, Margaret Ward, LaShun Ward, Shelton Watkins, Daphney Watkin.s, George Watson, Beans Watson. Gloria Watson, Patricia Wayne, Max Weaver, Joseph Webber, Tracey Wesson, Valerie 128 West, Rhonda Westmoreland, Delanor Whitaker, Edith White, Fredda White, James Whitley, Linda Wiley, Carl Williams, Gwendolyn Williams, James Williams, Keith Williams, Williamson, Regina Willoughby. Marvin Wilson, Frank Wilson, Johnny Wilson, Robert Winborne, Bonita Woodard, Robert Wright, Nathaniel Younger, Brenda Trotman. Leale Henderson, Zenoa Booker, Robyne Wimbish, Cassandra Tate, Faye Tatum, B Faye Tatum, Michael Taylor, Cynthia Taxlor, Kenneth Taylor, Lloyd Taylor, Luther Thigpen, Bemetta Thomas, Carol Thomas, Cathy Thomas, Diane Thomas, Vincent Thomas, Yvonne Thompson, Gwendolyn Thurston. Donnie Toney, Sandra Tucker, Joyce Tucker, Rosalind Turner, Deborah Underuood, Priscilla 129 s p H M R E S Acker. Antoinette Adams. Angela Adams. DeWanda Adkins. Docinda Alexander. Mary Alford, Dwayne Allen. Eith Alston. Corine Alston, Robert E. Ambrose. Steve Anderson. Shirlene Applewhite, Morris Armstrong. Patricia Arthur, Gwendolyn Backus. Aubrey Bailey. Donna Baker. Rosalind Banks. L ysses Bar bee. Herbett Barber, Howard C. Barnes. Walters Baskins, Sharon Becton. Christine Becton, Norma Bigelow, Linda Blackman, Gary Blackmore. Rosalind Blackmon, Samantha Boney, Velma Bonner. Stephanie Boone, Bemetta Boone, Carlton Boone, Gail Boyce, Donald Briggs, Gregory L. Britt. Oreta 130 wmm Brooks. Avelino Brooks. Teresa Brown. Constance Brown. Debra Brown. James Brown. Karen D. Brown, Paula Brown, Penelope Brown, Rufus Bryant. Alton Bryant. Carlton Bull. Cassandra Bullard. Peggy Bullock. Annie L. Bullock, Deborah Buncum. Delvin L. Burke. Charles Bu rke. Karen Burton, III Darryl Butler. Charles L Byrd. Florma Cain. Jacqueline Caldwell. Glenn Camp. Jr. James Canty. Ellen R. Carlton, Edward Carr. Carol Carr, Sandra Carter, Cheryl Carter. Renita! Carter. Yvonne Casterlow. Samuel Chance. Sallie Chapman. Landis Chapman. Shirley Chasten, Priscella 131 Curtis, Carol Dailey. Carlo Davis, Gwendolyn Daye, Lamont Cyprian, Matthew Dauis, Charles Davis. Nolan Daye. Marcus Cutler, Cynethia Davis, Eddie Davis. Phyllis DeBerrw Michael Daniels, Josette Davis. Emma Davis. Robin DeWitt.AmyK, h ' l: iiiili Chavis. Cheryl Clinton, Eric Cooper. Annie L. Chavis. Stanley Cobb. Sheila Cooper, Veronica Cheatham. Brcnda Coble. Shirley Cox. Christine Cheston. Sterling Cochran, Tony Cox. Daphne Clayton, (luy Coles. Steven Craig, Clyde Clayton. Joanne A. Coley. Cynthia Crank. Richy demons, Edward Cooke Culbreth. Angela 84t l i f Deloney. Cheryl Deru ' in. Williams Deubern. Maria Dillard, Keith Dixon. Carolyn Dixon. Nagatha Dungee. Clyde Dunican, Glenda Durham. Gerald Dyer, Michael Earle. Christopher Eaves, Patricia Eaves. Wilma Edmond, Freda Edmond. Theresa Edward. Chris Edwards. Marc Edwards. Wayne Eldridge, Veronica Elliot. William Ellis. Carolyn Ellis. David Enoch, Jaycee Evans. Bryan Evans, Marcus Evans. Ron Falice. Brenda Fulmore. Barbara Farrington, Shelia Farrish. Sherylre Faulon, Gary A, Faulcon. Rephael Fields, Yvonne Fishel, Donald K. Fleming. Tem ' A Floyd, Alfreda Foard, Bemaddette 133 Green, Sandra Greene. Frank Hall, Cynthia L Greene, Anita Griffin. Pattie Hall, Reginald Greene, Derwin Grimes. Joseph N. Halt. Sheila Foy, Sondra Frazier. Henry Frazier, Lone Gamble, Debra P. Gaines. Carolyn Gardner, Tessie M. Gause. Anthony Gilliam. Walter Gilmore, Detricia Glenn, Lodean Graham. Delton Grant. Eddie Green, Cornell Green. Virginia Hallums, Carolyn Harris. Thomas E Hanes, Derrick Harrison. Vat rie Hannon. Kevin Hart, Glenn Hardison. Gary T. Hassell. Elwanda Hams. Deborah Hawkins, Dale Harris, Eliza Hawkins. Wanda Hams, Frances Hayes, Ray smsrasffls Hedgepeth, Clarence Hedgepeth, Dewey Heggins. Issac Hickman, Cynthia Hickman, Wesley Hicks. Gloria Highsmith. Juanita Hill. Johnny Hinton. Cynthia Hodges. Willard Holding. Sandra Holmes. Keith Hooker. Carl Horton. Juaria Howard, Dorwin L- Howell. Eric Howie, Denise Hughes. Gladys Hunton. Michelle Irving, Lawrence Jackson. Pauline Jackson. Wanda Jacobe. Davida James. Anthony James. Barby James. Cassandra Jones. Joseph Janett. VernetteA. Jarvis, Victor Jaudon. Jacqueline Jeffers, Susan Jeffries. Vanessa Jenkins. Larry Jenkins. Pam Jenkins. Patricia Jenkins. Stanley Jeter. April 135 Johnson. Debra Johnson, Ella Johnson. Gerard Johnson, James Johnson. Judith Jones, A Ian Jones. Carlton Jones. Eluyn Jones. Norman 136 Jones, Heanna Jones. Robert L. Jones, William Joseph. Vanessa Kee, James W. Jr. Kee. Loretta Kelly, William King. James T. Kinney. Penelope Kirkpatrick. Roger Lamb. Allen Lamp, CaronniaA. Lankford, Charles Lassiter. Shelia Lawson. Joanie Leach, Adriane Leak, WyonaL. Leggett, Warren Lewis, Corey Lewis, Myra Lewis, Valerie Lilly, Kenneth Little. Ronald Lloyd, Bridgeman Lockhart. Lansing Lofton. Charles L. Lunsford. Joseph Lyles, Arden K. ' mi m , M; iHiai Lynch, Nancy Mallory, Mary Marshall. Stanley J. Lyons. Man Mangum. Ronald Martin, Eric Lyons, S ' elUe Mangrum. Bomta Martin. Elcin M. Lytch. Demetris Marble. Ronnie Martin, Jesse Mabn.. Protean Marbury. Cynthia Mason. John Mahatha. Wayne Marrou. Angela Mattheus. Kenneth Maye. Patricia Majette. Michael Marrow. Gregory Mauney. Leonard McCorkle. Pam McCullough. Vincent McElrath. Lloyd McKay. Paul McEachem, Kandi McFadden. Gayle McLaughlin. Nathaniel McLakrm, Deborah McLean. Ann McLaurin. Delores McLeod. Karen McMillan, Terry McNeil, Cheryl McNeil. Angelia McNeill. Betty 137 I Merritt. Michael Middieton, Sheri Miller, Larry Miller, Queen Miller, Wrenn Mitchell. Charles 138 Mock, Bennie Montague. Rodney Montford. Billy J. Moody. Belinda Moody. Keith Moody. Raymond Moore. Daphene Moore, Dexter Moore. Gwendolyn Moore, Jerome Moore, Roy N. Moore, Theodore Moore, Theodrick Moore. William 0. Morgan. Edrena Morrisey, Gwen Moses. Leon Mouzon, Minnie Move. Gwendolyn Murphy, Bernadette Murphy, Beverly Murphy. Jacqueline Murphy. Shirley Murray. Millicent Nelson, Anthony Newkirk. Sharon Nixon. Anita Noble. Bobby Norris, Glenwood Nottage. Valerie mmmsm Fierce. Rhonda Pinder. Constance Pinnix, Constance Pittman. Sabrina Pittman. Shirley Pitts. Carol Porter. Roslyn Powell. Debra Pratt. Lillie Reynolds. Kathleen Roberson. Recell Robertson. Amanda Robeson, Mike Robinson, Franklin Rogers, Robert Obodo. Ike Oliver. Wayne E. Overby. Louise R. Parker. Kevin Ptirker, Sabrina Parrish. Ricky Paschal, Janice Patterson. Clinton Pearsall, Ann Pender. Danny Perry, David Peterson, Marcinia Peterson. Sharon Pickett, Judy Price. Linda Pridgen. Michael Purvis, Marcia Ragland. Anita Ramseur. Franklin Reeves. Blanche Reeves. Kevin 139 ; Si It I? Rollins. Teela Roseborough. Manue Ross. Trenna Rountree, Sharon Rouse, Donald Rouse, Marvin Lee Royal. Joseph Samueb. Leroy Sandres. Willie Scarboro. Patricia Scott. Clifton Sharpe. Reginald Shaw. Donna Shaw. Yi ' onne Sheff, Bonnie Shelton. Darrell Shelton. Mark Simmons. Belinda Simpson. Clifford Sinclair. Dwayne Skinner. Karen Smallwood. Cheryl Smith. Bing Smith. Chandra Smith. Deborah Smith. Justa Scares, Diana Smith. Linda Solomon. Alma Smith. Patrice Spain. Robert Smith, Regina Speed, James Smith, Tyrone Spells, Vanessa Smith, Vicki Spraggins, Yuonne 140 m mmi Stanley. Beverly Stanley. Rogers Statum. Audrey Steadman. Joseph Steele. Keith y Steele. Richard Stephens, Mighica Steton. Demeteria Steveson, Kathy Stoddard. Timothy Stnngfeild, Vanetta Strong. Linda Suggs. Carolyn Sumpter. Trudi Tapp. Sharon Tate. Kenneth M. Taylor, Bettye Taylor. Jeffery Taylor. Marion Taylor. Marthalene Taylor. Wayne Thomas. Larry Thomas. Olatunde Thompson. Bettie Thompson. James Thompson. Kathy Thompson. Sheila Thorne. Larry Tillery. James Townes. Tossa Timmons. Dorothy Townsend. Twyla Tinsley. Annie Treadwell. Alton Todd. Darrell Trotter, George 141 Troy. Monica Tucker, Regina Truesdale. Roderick Tugade, Joel T. Turnage, Wayne Ture. Velma Tyson, Mary Tyson. Melvin Vaughn. Gregory Vaughan. Christopher Walker. Carta Walker. Cheryl Walker. Debbie Walker, Edwina Walker, Herman Walker. Joyce Wall. Earl ' Walters. Pamela Ward. Cheryl Watson. Alexis Watson. Gilford Watson. William Webber. Patricia Welis. William West. Johnnie We. ' try. Michael White. Cynthia White. Maxine Whit ted. Edith ill! Wideman, Samuel Williams, Arlene Williams, Callie Williams. Darian Williams. Delphme Williams. Frankie Williams, Williams. Williams. Williams. Williams. Phyllis Rosa M. Rufus Sheliah Thatcher Williams. Yvonne 0. Williamson. Michael Wills. Martina Wilson. Richard Wimbush. Alfreda Womack. Dwight Wood. James Wood. Judson Woodard. Linda Woods. Cvnthia L. Wooten, Waunda Yancey. Patrice Young. Beverly Young. Cynthia Zollicoffer. Lula 143 FRESHMEN ■u l!f m ' i vi Adams. Dawn Anderaon. Slecen K Bailey: Enoch Battle. Davi d Bell. Wallace Bidgood. Cardora Boyd. William A Bridges, Edna Akms, Crystal D Andermn. Yvonne Batley. Ronald Batts, Douglas Bellamy. Derrick Biggs. Norwood Boyette. Ralph Briscoe. John Alexander, Re gie Anstead. Joseph Baker. Dora Baynes. Melt in Bellamy. Oliver Bivens. Larrv Branch. Anthony Bruinton. Sharon Alford Vernal Archer. JameR Banks. Thresa Beard. Mantyn Bembry.JamilaL Blackwell. Rufus Brundon. Lorenzo Bryant. Alomo Allen.John Armstrong. Chiqita Barnes. Celester Bell. Marcyne Benjamin. Luther Blount. Dennwi Breu ' tnglon. Chthitda Bryant. Andre Allen. Johny Ai ery Mildred Basmght. Tern Belt. Rodney Bennett. Judith B Bonner. Larry (! Brickhouse. Terri Bryant. Craig Brooks, Angela Brooks. James Brown, Angettne ■rown, Keith Broun, La Juan Broun. Lamunt Broun. Mark Iroun, Ronald Brown. Wanda G Bumpers. Patricia ■urton. Michael Cade. Walker Callands. David Calloway. Michael Chesson. Frankte L Cobb. Henry Cofield. Freddy Cole. Emanuel Cook. Steuen IS. Alfred Coble. Carolyn Cogdell. Levem Cole. Mae Cooks. Kandee Cothbertson. Allen Dai Coggtns. Anthony Coleman. Broderick - iaybrook. Michael Copeland, Michael Coit, Dennis Collins. Cheryl D Cooper 11. Donne 11 Cox. Teresa Davis, Paula Davis. Russell K Dawes, Stephanie Dawkina. Jeweim Dean. Tommie L DeBrew, Janie DeVane. Timothy DeVone. Sylcia Dickerson, Letia Dill. Kenneth Dobson, Jacquelyn Douglas. Michael Doue. Deborah Dozier, Dennis Drew. Cary Duckett. Angela Dukes. Gail Dunlap. Ann Durant. Wehthia Durham. Shelby Dyer. Wilbur Easley. Chris Eatmon. Aubrey Edwards. Cheryl Enoch. Felix Epps. Forise Epps. Michael Ethridge. Camille Evans. Audrey Evans. Pamela M Eyre, Michael Faison. Ruth Faison. Sharon Faulk. Crystal Ferguson. Etzel Ferguson. QuiH Fields, Vanessa Fleming. Myra G Flowers, Kenneth Forbes. Shirley Foskey. Kimberly Foster, Faye Foster, Roger Franklin. Leonard Franks. James Franks. Vincent Frazier. Eric Freeman, Darrell Fryar. Garry Fulp, Anthony Funderburk, Karen Fantory, Keith Gadsden, Franks Gaitltard. Eric Gaillshaw. U ' jretta Gardner, Vickte Garrett. Brenda Garrison. Belinda Garrison. Harriett George. Glenda Giikesson, James Gill. Anthony Gill, Stephen Gillespie, Randall Gilliard. Bernard GtoL-er. Doris Glover. Pamelia Godard. Jarnes Goodall. Luanna Goode. John Gooding, Clarice Govan. Potncia Grady. Paula Y Graham. Erron C Graham. Santoni W Grant. Debbie Green. Delton L Green. Edna Green. Edward M Guynn. Crystal Hackett. Loretta Hall. James D Hall. Silas Hammue. Johnny Harding. Edward Hardaway. James A Harley. Anthony Harreli. Carolyn Harris. AUert Hams. Floanne Ha Tts, Vincent Harrison, Deborah Harrison. Donald Harrison. Leon Harrison. Zma ■ Hatcher. Elizabeth Hatfield. Vera Hawkins. Leslie 147 Hayes. Anthony- He ad en. Myron Henry, Janet Henry, Janice Herbtn. Beuerly Herndon, ' aomi Hicks. Jerial A Higgirui, Dehah Hill, Karrn Hill. Th,jfna.s Hines, Shelta HolUngstiarth, Edward r Holluman, Maxine Hollouay, Johnnie Hopkins. Wendell Hughes. Lashann Huntley, Michelle Hyatt. Andre Inman. Linda Ireland, Donna Innng, Brenda a -jk htey. Rebecca Jackson. Arturo Jacobs, Donna Jenkins, Byron Jenkins, Susie Johnson. Sharon Jones. Audrey Jones Melody JacMxon, Anthony D Jacksnn, Metta James, Michael Jenkins. Byron Johnson. Angela Johnson, Teresa Jones, Connie Jones Hay Jefferson, Audrey Jenkins. Guendolin Johnson. Fruncis. Jr Johnson, Wanda R Jones. Gwendolyn Jones Ronald Jeffnes, Kenneth Jenkins, Keith Johnson, Michael Jones, Allison Jones. Leander Jones Theola I mm mm mi m m McAllixter. Cynthta McAllister. Robert McCavley. Wtihe R McCluney. Eddie Jones. WiUtam Kelly. Samuel Kmght. Billie Lathan. Lisa Lester. Brenda Lunsford. Sharon Manning. Carl Jordan. Judy Keyser. Sharon Krught. Valerie Lee. Cheryl Lewis. Judith Lynch. Rosa Marable. Elaine Joseph. Ketth Ktnard. Roland Lancaster. Mtchelter Lee. Kim Yamhang Little. Douglas L nn. Dwight Marshall, Dorothy Josey. Nancy Kindle, Rhonda Lane. Claude Lee. Regina Little. Ola Mack. Janice Martin. Laura Judkms. Cassandra King. Charles Langston. Bessie Legette. Tanya Lockett, Michael Manley. Deborah Mason. Bobby Joyner. Fran King. Ruth Lasstter. Ammie D Leggette. Deborah Love. Jerome Kemp. Arthur Kinney. Gwendolyn Lassiter. Aue Lennon. Zimbahst Lucas. Leon ' :X:j;+.Xv4K!r:4 ' , McCormtck. Sylvia McDowell. Shirteen McEachern, Richard McKoy. Pinda McLean. Charles McMtlUan, Jimmy Meachum. Sylvia Means. Sharon Mek-in, Eluard Merritt, Rid-. Middlelon. Charlene Middleton. Navarro Miller. Hu h MiUer, Miltun Mills. Brian MilLs. Wilham Mttner, Duane K Mims. Billv Mitchell. Charlie Mitchell. Jarme Mitchell. Marc Mitchell. Sharon MUelte. Adrian K Monk. Mary M Moore. Alphonso Moore, Denice Moore. Marcus Moore. Warren Moorehead. Georgie Morgan. Anita M Morgan, Kenneth Morton, Pamela Morton. Steven Murchiiton. Lauretta Murray. Wendell Neal, Harold James Nelson. Atphadelh Nelson. Lorraine Newman. Janet Neu-some. Gordon Norris. Curtim Oden, Kermeth Olden. Andre 150 Ore. Veradie Outlaw, Gregory Owens. Cedrte Padgett. Oils Palmer. Dickye Parker. Donna Robinson, Monty Robinson, Shtrley Rogers. S(eve Barring ton Ro al, Gregory Russell, Kathi G ! ' irker, Edward I ' lirker. Robert I ' arker, Trevor Parks, LeWL-enta Parsons, Patnciu Patterson, Karl Pay lor, Denise Pay lor, Ricky Pearsall. Geneva Pelzer, Barbara Pender. Jacqueline Perkins. Rosalind Perry. Cedric Pettiford. Susan Petty, Melvin Picken . Angela Pinchback, Dennis Pinmx, Angela Pmnix. Arnold Pitt. James Pointer, Sandra Pbllard. David Poteat. Cynthia Pulley-, Margie Quarlei. Micheal Raeford. Sheila Ratney, Angela Ransome. Jessica Ray, Michael Ray. Wddra Reid, Paulette Reubel, Harry Revell, Andre Reynolds, Mono Rhodes, Terry Richardson. Larry Richmond. Andrea Richmond. Reginald Ricket, Kenny Rilev, Judith Rtcks, Linda Robertson, Sharon Robinson. Halite 151 Russell, Law Russell. Robiny Sadler, Dorothy Sampson. Juliet Shields. Bdly Shoffner. Annah Short, Jr Samuel Simmons, Mattie Stmmorui, Patricia 152 Simp.ton, Richard Smith. Jacqueline Smith. Vickie Steu-art. Tonya Sturdwant. Karen Talley. Phillip Terry, Janice Singletary. Ricky Smith, Janice Smith. Virginia Stewart. Terry Summers, Crystal Taylor. Dennis Thomas, Clarkston Smith, Barry Smith. Johnny Snoui. Sheila Stokes. Alvtn Summers. William Taylor. Llewellyn Thomas. Michoel Smith, Gary Smith. Shirlean Spaulding. Witlie Stone. James Sutton. Harry D Teamer. Kathyrn Thomason. JoAnn Smifh. Gloristean Smith. Timmte Spivey. Penny Strong. Randy Swann, Cindy Tenney. James Thompson. Valarie I Torain. Delia TroClie. Joe Tucker, Vanessa A Turner. Timothy Vincent. Ronald Wallace. Johnny R Washington. Michael Westbrook. Eric Wiley. Clarence Williams. Stanuyck VVif ifrs, Joseph Wynn. Orlando Waddell. Geroge Wallace. Lenell Wat son. William H7ii(a er, William Williams. John Williamson. Shelia Wood. Teddy Yance. Clinton Wade. Shirley A Walton. Bill Webb. Dorothy M Wilbert. Inoram William. . Richard L Wilson. Joann Woodard. Judith Yancey, Michelle Waiters. Mckinley Ward, Dennis Webster. Kathy Wilcoi. Tonya Williams. Sandra Wilson. Karen D Wood . Ronald Yarborough. George Wall. Darren Washington, Charlene Webster. Sandea Williams. Cednc Williams. Shu-ley Wimbush. Brenda Wynn. Keith Young. Valerie 153 r )-; ' f ' T !i! h :v • -.:■ • ' »r ?mmsi!A i— 2: s.x3h- » . Nancy Young Residence Supervisor Curtis Hall 2. Clyde Harris Dorm Counselor Scott Hall 3. Callie Pettiford Dorm Counselor Copper Hall 4. Wanda Cross Dorm Counselor Zoe Barbee Hall 5. Charles Ingram Dorm Counselor , Scott Hall 6. Anne Delrow Dorm Counselor Curtis Hall 1 2 mP 156 II T . Addie Widemon Dorm Counselor Cooper Hall 2 Ronnie Tate Dorm Counselor Senior Hall 3. May Tillman Dorm Counselor Zee Barbee 4. Phillip Boone Dorm Counselor Scott Hall 5. Mary Smith Dorm Counselor Gibbs Hall 6. Maria Wallington Dorm Counselor Zoe Barbee 157 Wim mk 1. Fredonia Russell Dorm Counselor Morrison Hall 2. Patricia Corbett Dorm Counselor Gibbs Hall 3. Gloria Williams Dorm Counselor Gibbs Hall 4. Christine Mitchell Dorm Counselor Holland Hall 5. Margaret Moore Dorm Counselor Morrison Hall 6. Brenda Isaac Dorm Counselor Holland Hall I ■ 1 158 1. Joseph Williams Residence Administrator Scott Hall-A 2. -James White Residence Administrator Scott Hall-B 3. Laura Thornton Director of Cafeteria 4. George Bonner Residence Administrator Scott Hall-C •5, ABehind the Scenes View into food preparation in Williams Cafeteria. I ' 1 t i II . James Meachem. Director of the Bookstore ' !i •-!l 2. Arlington W. Chisman V 3. Marian Vick i! 4. Dr. Isaac Barnett Safety Driver Ed. Hi N. % i p ARMYR.O.T.C. N.C.A. T STATE UNIVERSITY Major Bobbie E. Chavis S.Sgt. John T. Ainsivorth Captain Larry R. Whittington Captain Reginald Hill i 163 Sgt. Major Johnny K. Davis AFROTC 165 l; liMi i., V » ' ' ? ' ' ' - ' • f ' -.i. Jif ' ' ■.:...;:■ ? -:,.i .« . v: ;v II! n| ' ■ {| lU, I ' t llli jji : , f; . ' ,1 :.iH:it W-,. ' 166 IMdBilll lilt •»«-»C. 167 It ' ■Zi ' ' if. i1 ' Y: 5 P R T S 169 . --- ' JLf ' Front Row: Debra Browning. Florence Richardson. Charlene Robin.son. Middle Row: Judy Westmoreland. Robin Dixon. Cheryl Ward. Back Row: Debbie Richardson. Art Statum III. and .Angela Watson. m •ffi JUST THE BEGINNING This year marks the beginning of North Carolina A T football under the direction of Jim McKinley. one of the most respected young coaches in this country. Annually, the aggies are rated among the nation ' s top small college powers, but McKinley has added a dimension to the University already proven program by taking on NCCAA Division I schools and intersectiona games with other top rated teams Always among the best, A Twill con- tinue to be exciting, entertaining and ex- cellent. McKINLEY ACTION!!! i:miti 17? t Name Agnew, Ted AUiniece. Gary Alston, Johnny Jr. Black, Bruce Board, Dwaine Briggs, Kevin Brown, Wheeler Byers, A Idrick Calloway, Mike Cardwetl, Mike Carr, Frank Cherry, Ron Chessons, Frankie Coit, Dennis Currie, Tony Davis, Emmanuel Douglas, Eric Duncan, Anthony Edison, Thomas Fisher, Marcus Frazier, Thomas Gamble. Larry Gerringer, Carl Green, Berry Harris, Lon Hart, Archie Harvey, William Hawkins, Calvin Hill, Emerson Holland, Coy Holland. Glenn Hyatt, Andre Inman, Glenn Jackson, Jeff Johnson, Gerald Jones, Nolan Jones, Terrence Jovner, William Kelly, William Lewis, Pat Lowe, Oscar Lynn, Dwight McCall. Don Mims, Billy Montiero, Jesse Nelly. Larry ' Nibbs. Lucien Norrell, Roger Olden, Andre Pride, Clayton Pridgen, Darryl Quarles, Mike Ramsey, Lucious Richardson, Scott Ricks, Earl Riddicks, George Scott, Ron Small, George Smith, Greg Spicely, Don Steadman, Joe Taylor, Warren Thomas, Allen Turner, Ellsworth Underwood, Mike Ward, Lamont Warren, Thomas Washington, Willie Watson, William West brook, Eric Williams, John Wooten, Roland Ht. Wt. 6-3 200 6-1 185 5-11 171 5-10 165 6-5 235 6-3 240 6-2 255 6-2 230 5-10 235 5-10 190 6-0 180 6-0 195 6-1 185 6-2 195 6-1 190 6-3 230 6-0 225 6-4 229 6-0 203 6-1 175 5-10 175 6-1 205 6-2 225 6-3 220 5-7 165 5-10 170 6-4 255 6-0 199 6-5 250 6-5 255 6-0 185 6-1 250 6-0 215 6-3 230 6-0 185 6-5 250 6-3 212 5-10 190 5-11 175 6-3 235 6-6 260 6-5 215 6-0 188 6-4 215 6-1 250 5-11 195 6-7 275 6-2 205 6-0 190 6-3 245 5-10 201 6-2 245 6-3 262 6-1 185 5-11 175 6-3 227 6-2 215 6-3 250 6-4 252 6-2 232 6-2 235 6-3 250 6-3 200 6-1 191 6-0 235 5-7 149 6-0 185 6-2 238 6-2 190 6-1 180 6-4 220 6-1 225 Class Pos. Hometown Soph WR Fayetteville, N.C. Jr. QB Houston, Tx. Frsh. RB Siler City. N. C. Jr. WR Buena Vista, Va. Jr- LB Union Hall, Va. Frsh. DT Gates Sr. OT Baltimore, Md. Soph. OT Mooresville, N.C Frsh. LB Detroit, Mich. Soph. LB Greensboro, N. C. Frsh. WR Charlotte, N.C. Frsh. RB Plymouth Frsh. DB Chesapeake, Va. Frsh. DB Rocky Mount, N.C. Soph. DB Greensboro, N C. ■Jr. C Weldon Soph. OG Chester, Pa. Frsh. TE Detroit. Mich. Soph. LB Spring Lake Soph. DB Los Angeles. Calif. Soph. WR Siler City, N. C. Frsh. TE Richmond, Va. Frsh. C Gibsonville. N. C. Frsh. LB Jacksonville, Ala. Frsh. WR Dayton. Ohio Soph. QB Monroe. N.C. Soph. OG New Bern Jr RB Grimes land Frsh. OG Sulfolk, Va. Soph. DT Roanoke. Va. Sr. RB Roanoke, Va. Frsh. OG Detroit, Mich. Soph. LB Fayetteville, N.C. Sr C Atlanta, Ga. Soph. DB Greensboro, N. C. Soph. DE Greenville. S.C. Soph. LB Roanoke, Va. Soph. RB Greenville, N.C. Soph. WR Florence, S.C. Frsh. OT Chicago, III. Soph. OG Greensboro, N. C. Frsh. TE Pittsboro. N. C. Soph. DB Los Angeles, Calif Frsh. TE Jacksonville, Fla. Soph. DT Wilson, N.C. Soph. LB Gastonia. N. C. Jr. DE St. Thomas, V.L Soph. LB Roanoke. Va. Frsh. QB Detroit, Mich. Sr. OG Charlotte, N.C. Sr. LB Newark, N.J. Frsh. OT Chesapeake. Va. Frsh. OT Middletown. Ohio Frsh. DB Thomasville, N.C. Soph. DB Greensboro, N.C. Frsh. OT Gates. N.C. Sr. RB Garden City, Kansas Jr. LB Raeford. N.C. Sr. DT Atlanta. Ga. Frsh. DT Petersburg. Va. Soph. DE Charlotte. N C. Frsh. DT KaLsmazoo, Mich. Soph. WR Raeford, N.C. Sr. QB Gaithersburg, Md. Soph DE Wilson, N.C. Frsh. K-WR Tarboro, N.C. Soph. DB Greensboro, N.C. Soph. OT Wilson Frsh. QB Detroit, Mich. Frsh. DB Charlotte, N. C Frsh. LB Dayton, Ohio Soph. LB Greensboro, N.C. m ' 4H i ■ m 173 ir sjffir; xr TT ..MJI » ' - TwW i ' : ■ . . : ■ -v ' - ' ' .--■ ' .,.- ■ ivic. ' ' jn I RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! mi m 175 ' »y. v - ' 176 I -• 1 m_ 4i4 ,rx- ns: GIRLS ' TRACK AND FIELD 178 mmtmrni KARATE (Left to right) Head coach; Gene Littles, Assistant Coaches; Joseph Buggs, Not Pictured: George Felton, Assistant Coach. 180 I WRESTLING Front row: Steve Graves, Rodney James. John Ford, Back row: Amos Ferguson, Lee Jones Lester Epps, Ronnie Brower, Darryl Drew, Kevin Barnes, Willie Locke, Theodoric Moore, Trainer. 182 s m S -: 184 1 185 - ■ " g k ,„_11 - _ mmmh I I 186 V AGGIES OF 1977-78 Left: 12 — Kim Butler. Freshman. 6-1 Guard. ' Philadelphia. PA. Bottom Left: 20 — James " The Bird " Sparrow, Junior, 6-6 Guard, Brooklyn, NY. AGGIES GET DOWN 189 Right: 12 — Joseph Browner, Freshman, 6-0 Guard, Washington, DC. Lower Right: 25 — Willie Robinson, Junior, 6-3 Guard, Charlotte, NC. 190 I Below: 15 — Charles Thompson, Freshman, 6-2 Guard, Durham, NC. ' - - -- ' !L, T I J Above: 11 — Willie Tyson. Freshman, 6-1 Guard. Rocky Mount, NC. 191 32 -L. J. Pipkin, Junior, 6-9 Forward, Laurinburg, NC. ■ « 21 — Harold Royster, Freshman, 6-8 Fonvard, Yonkers, NY. " . ri ♦a, 9 J - ' 35 — Keith Davis, Sophomore, Forward. 193 Above: 34 — Melvin Palmer, Sophomore, 6- 11 Center. Sanford, NC. Top Right: 45 — Steve Cassell, Junior, 6-7 Forward, Charlotte, NC. Right: 54 — Cleveland Smith, Senior, 6-8 Forward, Spring Valley, NY. 194 24- Marvin Brown, Junior, 6-8 Forward, Philadelphia, PA. 195 tsf m6m ' eiim ivwyi • ' ' - ' . tVAw.Viiiv ' . i 196 mW ' Mi iim Hi I • i , ' . ' .• 1 1 ' mittt{il I- I . Ar V 197 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL ON THE MOVE Participating in only its second full season on the intercollegiate level, the North Carolina A T State University women ' s basketball team, under the guidance of Joyce Spruill. captured the attention of perennial state powers with its exciting brand of play. The Aggiettes completed the 1976-77 campaign with impressive 19-4 overall record and a second place finish in the highly competitive NCAIW Division HI. Spruill. who doubles as the Director for Women ' s Athletics, was so pleased with the program ' s progress that she decided to move to Division U status. " I am very pleased with the progress we have made here at A T in the past two years. " Spruill said. " Much of the credit has to go to the high schools who are not putting greater emphasis on women ' s programs and especially basketball. " Returning for the 1977-78 season is 5-8 front court star Cheryl Armwood. who may be one of the best all-round players in the state. As a freshman last season, she averaged 12.8 points and pulled down 10.7 rebounds before a crippling injury just prior to the state championship playoff. Charlene Henderson is a 5-7 guard who brings excitement to the fans. Henderson averaged better than 13 points per game last season and like Arwood. is just a sophomore. Other top returners include guards Mamie Jones who has exploded into an offensive player as well as one of the best defensive players in the state, and Ivy Moody has given the Aggiettes the most consistent outside shooting this year. Her defense has increased even the past 3 years. She has contributed leadership to the team. Spruill is also confident that Greensboro native. 6-2 La Verne Williamson will provide much of the inside strength needed to play the center position. Deborah Williams 6-1 from Gastonia. and Michelle Blanding 5-8 Freshmen from Kingstree, S.C. has given the Aggiettes more outside shooting and rebounding power. " We will be playing a much tougher schedule this season with opponents like Wake Forest. South Carolina State. University of North Carolina- Greensboro, and High Fbint College, " Spruill said. JL i ]4 x= (Bottom row) Left to Right, Daphne Lee, LUlie Pratt, Ivy Moody, Janice Hooker, Vickie Gardner. (Top) Left to Right, Barbara McPhail, Charlene Henderson, Deborah William. ' !, LaVerne William.son, Renee Alford, Cheryl Armwood, Michelle Blanding, Mamie Jones, Not pictured. Tammy Garner, Trina Graves. 199 AGGIETTES B 200 f ' • ' imimm l E ,m ' ' 6 ' ' -- k » 202 c N T. A G G I E z«r U. i " ' i! GET OFF A. T. itr W ' 207 VOLLEYBALL 208 Front row (left to right) Karen Dickerson Cynthia Young Sheron Foster Robin Williams Cheryl Deloney Alice Lxons m- ifiif iim-mci F E A T U R E S v : ' ' ii«is7 ' »r ' V .?-? .■ ' t. ' mm 1 ; i.j j: i is t« he a part (if the North Carolina A T Stale I ' niieri r. Once yim ' ve met anAmie. there will mil he amilher. o 6pm an AaH ' e yiiu ' ie just encountered an elen and lime yiiu ' ve heen at the Angle hiime yiiu can ain. In taking a hrief moment. m Ihanh ytiu ' s are ' you for your friendship and xupporl Moreover, m atlon lies in my heart for vou nlliunnn me to bt )f reprr rnlinfi uu tin vour Mis iirth Cnrnlina A ity. " Dehorah Ann Richardson 21 yrs old Major — Business Marketinn Home — Willinghorti. Neu ' Jersey Daughter of — Mr. Mrs. Cicero Richardson. Jr. Drganiiations Achlecements: Freshman year — Member of Aloheaem Swiety fAccounting Club). Cheerleader. De.ilgned Ayantee T-Shirls. Sophomore Year — Miss Sophomore. Cheerleader. Pep Club Member. Aloheaem Society Club Member. Soflball Team. Junior Year — Miss Mu I ' si (Omega Psi Phi). Cheerleader. Softball Team. Student Counselor. Business Administration Club. Senior Year — Student Coun.ielor. Who ' s Who. Cheerleader. Aggie Express. Student dovernmenl Cabinet Member B ■I H 1 ren Ravenell. | Wo, NC 1 1 ting Major H •borah Wiley H ire, MD M Childhood Education Major tore H h-icia Maye H t, NC M i Education Major H 1 ■ 1 MissA T Attendants and Escorts 1. Donny Simmons 2. Sam Ferguson 3. Terrence Marable 4. Bill McComb 1 ■ Oml ' iw MFr£M m ft H B ' WL, 4 i ifc- - — H Xlft „ i4K 9 Hl ' ' 1 , Ij ' a iMik M Miss Black North Carolina Angela Watson IWish... I Were The Queen of the Class Wilhelmina Scott Miss Senior Ahoskie, N. C. Speech and Theater Rosalind Tucker Miss Junior Hickory, N. C. Business Administration Carolyn Carr Miss Sophomore Charlotte, N. C. Luanna Goodall Miss Freshman Greensboro, N. C. Social Service . Pamela Highsmith Muss Omega Psi Phi 2. Ouida Foster Miss Swing Phi Swing 3. Pereeder Myers Miss Tau Phi Theta 4. Trina Carney Miss Future A lu mni 5. Patrical Lynch Miss Arnold Air 6. Phyllis Harris Miss Economics 7. Karen Charily Miss Phi Beta Sigma • • • Everyone Would Smile - . ,- w :11 . jh r % ' V ' t ' , ' pji ' : ' : ' ' w k K iJ 1. Alpha Kappa Mu MissJacquline Lindsay 2. Alpha Kappa Alpha Miss Lotayne Widemon 3. Administrative Helper Miss Patricia Owems 4. Business Adm inistra tion Miss Aleksei Wallace 5. PiEpsilon Miss Cynthia Young 6. S.N.E.A. Miss Robin Giles 7. Esquire Miss Charlene Fuller 8. American Chemical Soc. Miss Antonia Wilson 1V ,U T , 1. Senior Dorm Miss Ann Murray 2. Recreation Miss Linda A ustin 3. Curtis Hall Miss Peggey Capepart 4. Air Force R.O.T.C. Miss Karen Jones 5. Army R.O.T.C. Miss Laveme McKay 6. Delta Sigma Theta Miss Terry Worrell 7. Women ' s Council Miss Evelyn Reid 8. Cooper Hall Miss Beborah Clement Basic Class . . . . Animal Science Miss Angela R. Rainey 2. Holland Hall Muss Patricia Watson S. North Carolina Fellows MLss Joanie Lawson 4. Ayantee Yearbook Miss Ann Pearsall 5. Gamma Sigma Sigma Muss hy Jenkins 6. Men ' s Council Miss Regina Lee 7. Civitan Miss Robin Russell . I.E.E.E. Miss Deborah Roberson 2. VanstonHall Miss Ray Ann Mack 3. Miss Jackie Richardson 4. Miss Cheryl Broun I .5. Richard B. Harrison I Miss Ja m ila Bembry ■M 6. Aggie Express Miss Jackie Dobson 7. Scott A. Miss Angela Monroe 8. Scott B Miss Deborah L. Hawkins msmyx 1. Miss Gibbs Hall Lynn Woods 2. Miss Zoe Barbee Hall Lattice Rhodes 3. Miss Phi Mu Alpha Beryl Waterman 4. Miss Alobeam Society Tanya Mitchell 5. Mi sASME Regina Richardson 6. Miss Safety Drivers Education Gwen Thompson 7. Miss Sigma Gamma Rho Zerita Hadden 1. Miss Zeta Phi Beta Gail Smith 2. Miss University Choir Bonnie Sheff 3. Miss Pershing Rifles Bettye Taylor 4. Miss Veteran ' s Association Audrey McRae 5. Miss Groove Phi Soul Rhonda T. West 6. Miss Kappa Alpha Psi Robin Dixon ti:; ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA The Alpha Phi Chapter of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority was founded January 12, 1932 on the campus of the Agricultural and Technical College, Greensboro, North Carolina. The founders were Sorors Carrie Kelley, Ruth Hull, Mumell Graves, Constance H. Marteeha, Josephine B. Ware, and Hattie Wright. The Sorors of Alpha Phi stress " service through all mankind. " (Right to Left) Valerie Nesbitt, Dean of Pledgees; Lottayne Widemon, Miss AKA; Doris Davidson, Patricia Stover, Wanda Brown, Epistolus; Donna Blakely, Anti-Basileus: Patricia Owens, Basileus; Gwendo.y Thompson, Diann Blackwell, Grammateus; o iu Gloris Heath, Tamiochus. ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA Ksiateakfei?;- $ Lt ' ft 1(1 Rifiht — Aluin Bonner, Ronald Mangum, Jcie Wigf ins, Willie McKoy. H. Brian Riley, Jerry Wiufnll, Jeff Gaston, ALi ' HA PHI ALPHA KAP fmWmwrnlmmwAmst miaiw wMiftiWK Mmami MkHi 1st Row — SU ' fc Jones. Ronnie L. Houpe, Ronald Lloyd. Alcin Clark. 2nd Row — Ron Knight. Mckin Quick. Percy Williams. Pierre Uacons. Frank Green. 3rd Row — Mike Davis. Charles Cole, Bernard Martin THE TWELFTH AMENDMENT FALL 77 - -.. UGHT - Annu- Dcu harry. Jl J977-7H Robin Dixon. Mii Grant. Tcssic Gardner, Erans. A KAPI ' .A .ALPHA PSl I 1977-78 I r : TWELFTH AMENDMENT FALL 1977 .neeung L,ejt to nigntj, Melba Pridgeon, Ruby McClinton, Cheryl Duncan, Joan Bass, Emanuella Jones, Sharon Barnes, Cheryl Howard, Karen Durham, Delannie McElrath — President (Second Row Left to Right) Sheryl Harper, Tanya Mitchell — Treasurer, Jessica Carney — Corresponding Sec, Sylvia Andrews — Recording Sec. , Marilyn Baggett — Custodian, Patricia Johnson, Connie Turnage, Diane Brown, Sherry Purvis, Trina Carney — Financial Sec, Willa Powers, Deborah Browning — Vice- President (3rd Row Left to Right) Andrea Wiley, Deborah Brown, Tanya Joyner, Aleskei Wallace, Cyntfua Woodard, Georgia Davia, Jernice Lea, Cynthia McMurray — Parliamentarian, Deborah Carlson — Chaplain. DELTA SIGMA THETA « PHI BETA SIGMA mim im PURPLE CONVENTION II li ' Ensn B Business NU GAMMA ALPHA Left to Right — Frankey Pittman — President, Luther Speed — Vice President Lonnie Jones, Walter L. Edmond, Ewin Solomon, Richard Chester Townsend Jr. Scottie J. Kerns, David Gibson, Secretary, Nathanie Lyles Jr., Greg Knox Treasurer. Sigma Gamma Rho Left to Right — Zerita Hadden, Edith L. Moore, Amanda Mclver, Goldie Smith, Jessena Boothe. any (Left to Right) — Kneeling, Cynthia Clark, Francine Fordham (Standing, Duane A. Clark; Brenda Chitum; James Brown; Thomas Harris; William Richardson; Herbert Doughty; Bettye Taylor; Ronald Flippln; Mickey Gilliam; Chiquita Newkirk; Robert Clay; Marcus Floyd; David Wheller. J ei8» ' ffiW i»K ' .»«?it«ii« Swing Phi Swing Left to Rif ht — Cathy Green; Susan Marshall: Ouida Foster: Denise Littlejohn; Rhonda West: Antionette Giles: Kathy Watford: Racquet Steward: Linda Oi ' lesbv: Arminta Foushee: Rosilvn Tucker. 3 1 1 ■1 i • ■; ;■ Mr " s s s s a TAUPHITHETA •ww r ' «4T.l ' C- " IBMSi vtSU! PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA FRATERNITY OF AMERICA. INC. tMA The primary purposes are: I. To encourage and actively promote the highest stan- dards of creativity, performance, education, and research in music in America. 2 Develop and encourage loyalty to the Alma Mater 3. Foster the mutual and brotherhood of students of music. 4. To develop the truest fraternal spirit among its mem- bers. 5. To instill in all people an awareness of music s impor- tant role in the enrichment of the human spirit. Founded: October 16. 1896 A T ' s Chapter: Iota Beta — April 6, 1972 (Right to Left) Pointing Picture — Ernest Fleming. Hugh Prwette. Curtis Lloyd. Calvin Jackson. Eric Scott Wilbur Evans. Glen Caldwell. Kevin Hanmn. Keith Martin. Turner Battle. PHIMUALPHA - .,i5Jir Azt.-: A yj Mfc- STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION ' ■H S r» m Officers; AloBeae (Left to right) Corresponding Secretary ■ Ann Shears, Parliamentarian — Donald R Byrd, Secretary — Barbara Turrentine, President — David H. Byrd, Treasurer — Janie Boyd, Vice President — Leon Bell. t. ' J; 1 --— LOVE, jH PEACE, m UNITY ' ■! m.wfT ' JJWi 1 BROTHER- j HOOD 1 G$S Bl{fti ' RWia! S.lJiMikf:-:.jl ;£r ia £Sn!£ PAN- ' HELLENIC COUNCIL • t»4aiv t%m.if f nmA Inion Adv isory Board President: Madeline Claggion Vice-President: Donna Scott Secretary: Kim Childs Assistant Secretary: Mary Thompson Treasurer: Wanda Hairston Chairpersons: Mr. Chester Bobo, in Mr. William Smith Ms. Laverne McKay Ms. Juanita Chandler Mr. Terrance Marable Mr. George Gore Mr. Dallas Miller Ms. Karen Skinner Mrs. Margaret A. Faust; Advisor (Standing left to right) Gregory Foxworth, Eric Martin, Raymond Khaalig, Dorwin Howard, Janice Coleman, Anthony Curly, Annie Bullock — Secretary, Wayne Hamer, Karen McLeod Reginald Murphy, Sherwood Harris; President, Reginald Roundtree, HarvisHall. (Sitting left to right) Joanie Lawson, Goldie Smith. Sabrina Parrer, Vanessa Bradley, Kelvin Buncum; Treasurer, Jessend Booth, Edith Moore, Marcia Purvis, (Not Pictured) Jasminius W. R. Grandy, IV; Vice-President, Dr. W. C. Parker, Jr. — Director. BIOLOGY BIOLOGY CLUB 1st row (left to right) Darrell German, Marcia Purvis, Doris Moody, John Heyward, Anthony Jackson, Denise Brown, Gloristean Smith OFFICERS Nate Brown, Shericca Wil- liams, Marica Purvis, Dar- rell German. 2nd row (left to right) James Livingston, Myrlin Murphy, Shericca C. Williams, Celestine Murray, Karen Hill, Va- nessa L. Joseph. 3rd row (left to right) Kenneth Pinnix. Nate Brown, Jud- son B. Wood, Jr., Calvin D. Jackson. 1st row (left to right) Rogers Thomas, Clarke L. McG riff , James McEachin, Ronnie Quick, Franklin Ramseur, Ronald Long, Lawrence Johnson, Larry Neill 2nd row (left to right) OFFICERS: Ronnie Quick, President ; Larry Neill, Vice-Pres- ident; Secretary- Treasurer, Lawrence Johnson. 250 A T STATE UNIVERSITY MALE SINGERS Il - -.. ■m- ' £ ■H V E T E R A N : .4 ' r- ' ' ■• ' ;. • •-- .- .-j ' - OFFICERS (left to right) Elmer Langston, Secretary- Treasurer; Johnnie Nance. Public Relation and Human Developer; Pam McRae. Veteran Queen; George Lewis, Parliamentarian; Jerrv Murray President. Gerald Harley, Byron Jenkins, Glenn Norris. Aaron Gotten, George Lewis, Johnnie Nance. Ar- metrius Goins. Jerrv Murray, Pam McRae, Rob- bin Dow tin, Elmer Langston, Alvin DeBrew. Garcia Thompson, Lester. Roger McComb, Carl Man- ning. 251 SOCIAL SERVICE 1st row (left to right) Marcus Sharpless, Patricia A. McCuthan. Diane Dowries, Jackie Murphy. William Elliot. James Madden. Walton Lewis. Jr. .3rd row (left to right) Pamela Carlton, Evelyn .Smith, Linda Clark, Mary Higgins. JoAnn Halsey, Mabel Dixon, Barbara Cun- ningham. 4th row (left to right) Debra Bell, Pamela Pulley, Rita Beamon, Judy Cooper. Caroline Wong. Brenda James. Front row: Waldo C Lester. R K. Smith. Cloria Grant. Parliamentarian. Deme- trice Turner. President; Beth Dodson. V ' lce- President; Margaret Hemingway. Secretary: Shelton Ward. Reporter: Wright Ratford. Trea- surer. Ins Carlton. 2nd row Heft to right) Rosahnd Perkins. Vanessa Bradley. Sharon Hunt, Martha Bromell. Irene Williams. Andre Phipps. 3rd row (left to right) Bar- bara Cunningham. Mabel Dixon. JoAnn Halsey. Mary Higgins. Linda Clark. Evelyn Smith, Pamela Carlton. 4th row (left to right) Frances Logan. Toby Bryant, Gloria McNeill. Vivian Brown, Joyce M. Vaughan. ,5th row (left to right) D Johnson, F. Ahmed. J C Murray Front row (left to right) Sherry McKiver. Clarence H edgepek . Bobby Edwards. Glen Holland. Second row (left to right) Brenda Walker (Presi- dent). Lavern Harris, Ellen Sprill, Linda Austin, Evelyn Boryn, Christain .Shaw (Secretary). 252 RECREATION ht row (left to right) Aluin DeBrew, Janie DeBrew, Debra D. High, Secretary: Deborah A. Thomas, President: Lillian D. Berry, Treasurer: Yuonne Thomas. 2nd row (left to right) Robert Kearney, Treasvon, D. Brandon, LaShaun F. Ward, Cassandra F. Winbish, Lynne B. Gwyn, Frances Smallwood, Demeteria Staton. 3rd row (left to right) Franklin Ramseur, EarlJ. Auscue, Laurence Doby, James Arrington, Arthur Hood, James Ferrell, Richard Steele. 4th row (left to right) Of- ficers not present, Charles Gorham, Vice-President. A R T AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY ■ y vi. - r 1st row (left to right) Lynda Jordan, Peggy Faison, David Pollard, Toni Wilson. 2nd row (left to right) Arthur M. Stevens, Advisor, Robert Darrell Turner, Lawrence J. Gaskin, Ruben W. McElrath, Felton L. Smith. 3rd row (left to right) OF- FICERS: Secretary, Lynda Jordan, President, Peggy Faison, Ruben McElrath. mi 253 PEP CLUB TRANS AGGIE EXPRESS IS GOING TO GET YOU! BEARS BISON BULLDOGS EAGLES HAWKS AND HORNETS 254 BUSINESS I n i ' fs 1 Si A 1 OFFICERS: President. Reginald Quick: Vice- President. Katrina Murrell: Secretary. Sheila Harrell: Treasurer. Aleksei Wallace: Parliamentarian. Clinton Littlejohn, Sgt. Of Arms. Anthony Johnson. 1st row (left to right) Clin- ton Littlejohn. Sidney Baker, Katrina Murrell. Merinder Rascoe. Karen McLeod. Sheila Harrell. Romania Crowder. Anthony Johnson. Reginald Quick. 2nd row (left to right) William Smith. Margaret Brown. Anthony M. Curley, Deborah Richardson. Alphadella Nelson. Carolyn Dula, Sylvia Andrews, A. Kirk Lyles, Ray Hayes, Gary L. Kersey. 3rd row (left to right) Perry Lawrence, Shelby Shaw. Owen Butler, Aleksei Wallace, Glenda Duncan, Gwendolyn Jones, Cynthia Vaughn, Henry Little, Ar- tansv Hailev, Jamie R. Smith, D. H. ' Pogue. m ANIMAL SCIENCE OFFICERS: Joel Barber, President: Virgil Nichols, Vice-President: Denise Brown, Secretary: Charles Bocholls, Treasurer: Sharon Spurlock, Reporter: Phi Piaski, Parliamentarian. MUSIC EDUCATIONS NATIONAL . . I (left to right) Beryl Waterman. Ernest Flemming Curtis Lloyd, Eric Scott, Wilburn Evans. Jodolphus Parks. Turner Bat- tle, Larry Thomas, James McNeil, Glenn Caldwell, Ronnie Quick, Katrina Piatt, Sharon Copeland, Loretta Hackett, An- dre Hinton. TELOCA • !T 1st row (left to right) Jackie Webb, Mary Pugh. Teretha Moore. 2nd row (left to right) Mrs. Carrie H. Walden (advisor), Cordelia E. Cade — President. Juanita Chandler — Treasurer, Deborah Pierce. w . ! I: ii ■¥» 1 1st row (left to right) Merinder Rascoe, Jaqueline Lindsay, Sharlene Fuller, Earlene Fuller. 2nd row (left to right) David H. Byrd, Priscilla Walker, Yolanda Lipscomb. Aleksei Wallace, Charles Williamson. 3rd row (left to right) Donald R. Byrd, Tony Carter, Julia Brooks, Milton E. Tucker. I it ' ' ALPHA KAPPA MU (left to right) Mary K. Benbow. Thetma Lee, Patricia Scarboro, Elvira Mangrum, Beverly Henry, Elaine C. Smith, Linda Bennett, Willie Mae Alston, Dr. Jack Hulbert. a I P I (left to right) Juanita Highsmith, Jeanette Marks — Historian, Beverly Henry, Elaine C. Smith— President. Deborah L. Lit- tle—Treasurer. Veda S. Stroud— Sponsor. 258 GRIOT SOCIETY OF P. O.E. T. (left to right) Regina Duren. Glenda Black. Catherine Speller — Sec- retary-Treasurer, James Farrior — PR, Annah Shoffner, Olen Cole. Jr. — Advisor. Rickie G. Gadi- son — President. Keith B Tyler. Patricia Eason — Vice-President (not pic- tured). C.A.N.C.A.S. (left to right) Robert Curtis McKoy— President. Marilyn A. White. Lynda M. Jordan. Myrlin L. Murphy, R. Darrell Turner. David A. Pollard. Lawrence J. Gaskin. Atvin Barner—Vice- President. 259 FOOD SCIENCE ht row (left to right) Dr. C. W. Seo. Club Advisor: Roger L. Lirkpatrick. President: Joseph Royd. Vice-President: Patricia A. Lynch. Reporter: John Afolayan. Secretary: Bryan J. Evans, Treasurer. 2nd row (left to right) Judith S. Riley. Pecolia Monger. Michael A. McQueen. Michael B. Rax. Alvin Fodfrey. Br ' ian K. Mills. Parliamentarian. Luther Taylor. Presi- dent: Joseph Grimes. Vice-President : Don Ellis, Parliamentarian: George L. Wathins. James E. Williams. Gregory S. Moore. Eric Jordan. Cheryl Carter. Rogers Stanley, Treasurer: Agnew. Theodore LANDSCAPE ARCHITURE 260 1H UNITED CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP . 1st row (left to right) Michael Benjamin (President). Mary Veale (Vice-President). Shirley Murphy (Secretary). Gwen Morrisey (Treasurer). 2nd row (left to right) Gloristean Smith. Cheryl Brown. Carolyn Dixon, Shirley Chapman. Vanessa Joseph. Cynthia Hall. Freda Roun- tree. Phyllis Williams, Glenda Standi. Evelyn Reed. 3rd row (left to right) Allen Girardeau. Ronnie Ford. James Jacobs. Donnie Thurston. Joseph Coleman. Michael DeBerry. James Dunlap. Donald Rouse. Elton McKenzie. Rev. Richard S. Thomas. Sheila Maxwell. Secretary; Dr. S. J. Duwn. Advisor; Donna Ramsey. Rascoe Alston, Roland Kinard, Larry Moses, President; Leon Moses, Cary Faulcon, Wahb (J Alaga. Reporter; Jerome Parker. Richard Gordon, Treasurer. .- ,«- - AGRONOMY 261 WOMEN ' S COUNCIL 1st row (left to right) Denise Brown, Corresponding Secretary: Jacquelyn Johnson, Secretary: Tanya Joyner, Treasurer: Sherry Purvic. President. 2nd row Ann Parker, Vice-President of Morrison Hall, Evelyn A. reed. Miss Women ' s Council: Doris D. Davidson, President of Zoe Barbee Hall, Juanita Chadler, Gibbs Hall. Beverly Murphy, President, Holland Hall. Not Pictured: Madeline Claggion — Program Chairman: LaVerne Hall — Awards Chairperson: Wanda Brown — Vice-President: Gloria Watson — Publicity Chairperson: Cynthia Rivers — Presi- dent-Vanstory: Patricia Stover — President-Cooper: Pam Brison — President-Curtis. ALPHA CHI HONOR SOCIETY deft to right) Patricia Johnson. Jeanette Marks. Katrina Piatt. ■Janet Maye. Wanda J Broun. Myrlin L Murphy. Priscitla Walker. Sharon L Copeland (Delegate) Yolanda Lipseomh ( Vice-President), hy Moody. Aleksei Wallace. 2nd rou- (left to right) Michael A. Jenkins. William J Murray. James B Barber, Tony Carter. Milton E Tucker. Charles Williamson (no picture). Hent Baird. Vincent Blackman. Morris Carey. Vame Courts, Aarom Daye, Derome Dunn. James Farrior. Ernest Fleming. Earlene Fuller. Sharlene Fuller. Carmelina Graeber. Sabryra Hamilton. Gloris Heath. Harvey Hilder- brand . M ax in e James. (Secretary ). Carolyn Jenkins. Israel Springs. Jacqueline Webb. Masarn Williams. (Treasurer), Evelyn Wooten. m i DIGIT CIRCLE 1st row (left to right) Ivy Moody. President: Virginia Oden, Vice-President: Janet Maye, Secretary: Larry Peter- son. Treasurer. 2nd row (left to right) Jacqueline W. Reaves. Betty McNeill. Samuel Casterlou . Sheila Guion. Cheryl Wa t son , Carson Howard. Trudi Sumpter. Guen Momsey- 3rd row (left to right) ( harles Giel. Advisor: David Parker. William J. Murray. Murray Bethea. Wilbur Smith. Advisor 1st row (left to right) D. K. Jeong, Brenda Foster. Georgia Davis. Phyllis Harris. Kelvin Russel. Jessena Boothe. Norma Kasiah. Ricky Woods, Jerry Murray. 2nd row (left to right) Darrell McKenzie. Cecil Simmons. Melaku Teshome. Kirkland Simons. Genoris Beauford, Hayward Humphrey, Gregory Foxworth, Herman J. Posey, Jr. E C N M I C S ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING 264 1st row (left to right) Cleveland Harding — Secretary. Donn Booker — Student Advisor. York Thorpe — Treasurer, Keith Person — President. 2nd row (left to right) Marcus Crowder. Melvin Quick. Colin Saunders, Paulette Breeze, Avis Johnson. Sharon Peterson, Sherwood Harris. 3rd row (left to right) Ted Patrick, Timothy Stoddard, Bill Majors, Warren Cheek. Tony Carter, Samuel Degraffenreaipt, Morgan Deane, Hugene Fields, SOCIETY . E. E. E, 1st row (left to right) Lori L. Davis — Secretary. 2nd row (left to right) Tinimie Smith. Island Phillips, Michael Jenkins. 3rd row (left to right) Barry E. Brooks. Willie Rax ford. Alvin Pettiford. Milton ' E. Tucker. Earl H. Martin. 4th row (left to right) Carlton Auant. Larry Bonner. Fred Debnam. Reginald Withers. Andrew M. Davis. Donnie L. Thurston. Barr - Edmond. AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION m m 265 PHYSICAL EDUCATION (left to right kneeling) Michelle Reynolds, Tucker Vanessa. Karen Wilson. Cynthia Young. Ann Pearsall, Jacquel Perry. 2nd row (left to right) Gwen Perkins. Cecil Perry. Ricky Peivette. Cassandra Judkins. Doug Hall. Elliott Laws. Kenneth Jeffries. John Ford. 3rd row (left to right) Doug Stiff. George Martin. Kenneth Mongan, Ronald Colemsin. Shirley Robinson. Gayla Kelly. Michal Delia. OFFICERS Cassandra Judkins — Secretary Doug Stiff — President John Ford — Senior Advisor Ann Pearsall — Treasurer (Kneeling) Cynthia Young— Miss Pi Epsilon 266 OFFICERS ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY : ' ' - i »- r ' i) • • JL:£.»- 77S- . ' T 267 GAMMA PHI DELTA Literary Circle Standing (left to right) Diann Blackwelt Wesley Boy kin (Treasurer) Edna Vincent (Vice-President) Back row (left to right) Evelyn Reid Sandra Toney Marguerite Porter Front row (left to right) Patricia (Jwens (President) Constance Hammond Kneeling Teasa Reid 268 LITERARY CIRCLE MENS COUNCIL 1st row (left to right) (President) Richard Gordon, (Vice- President) Richard Williams, (Treasurer) Greg Morrison (below), Not pictured (Secretary) Roger Foster, Scott Sec- tion A President , Edward Melvin Wk i " 269 _», ' h .!1 5 vm: ' T- ' •■■!)! i J. ,;IU . V •— r ' ■% .■ f-J y T 7; . Jt f . ,- j; ' - ' 1 , 7- f ' I s T U D E N T L I F E 271 ?ti. Xi sw» ,i iU- ' Jay-i!fiM 273 PLEDGING 4 Wfwm r f ■■,3Ra ;v =. 279 7 ' -s «J " SS ' A.-- 7{dyiy 3 Ml[ 280 111 tnm XTl mA iP= t: taa. - i»«.tw «« B,-x aw- _ I5 .S 283 .t ' fv|SP jKt ' 2C»- ■ . : ' -■. " ■ - ; • ' • 284 285 A d W t i f t.ti 287 288 -,c ,Ct? 289 t —. r ' 291 IN MEMORY OF OtM I Dr. Artis Paris Graves Dr. Artis Paris Graves, Chairman of the Depdrt- ' - ment of Biology at North Carolina A. T. State Un- -- wersity for 27 years, died August 11, 1977. He had i 7r. retired from the University, June 30, 1977 He was born September 23, 1907, in Hiawatha West Virginia, the third son of Mr and Mrs. Peter ' ■ ' Graves. Dr Graves If ita-, successful college athlete at Bluefield StateVColleg , Bluefield, West Virginia, then he earned the Ph.D. degree, in Embryology from the State University of Iowa, Iou;a.City, Iowa. After earning thLi degree, he gave up a .successful football coaching career to become a dedicatrd teacher and administrator. During his tenure at A. T., the Biology faculty in- creased from f urrtiembers to fourteen, and the num- ber of biology - ajprs increased from 75 to mdre than 300. It is estithat -mer the years Dr Graven taught more than 2,300 biology riiajors at A. T. ' Dr. Graves wqs an avid researcher in science. He . was able to publishmany articles in scientific%urndk and periodicals : , r . ' ' . ' X- ■ • Dr Graves ' ivas an in.spiration-tp his stud .in the, classroom, laboratories, as iveli as, in oui ' of ' class scholary pursuits. ' Having tbken an All- encan athlete and, " a -I atiphal Championship : Pootball Coach, he c ' on r nP is intS-fisi in athletics ' nd out- d()()f%f orts. St M ,.. vC 4 ■•-v.; ' «! ' Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that ,„ believeth in me ' , though he ipere ' dead, yet shall he ' live: ' ' ■ , St. John 11:25 294 L)fLIGENT AGGm Andrew W. Williams Williams f , Sdcqueline JaaJbs uas orn tn f New York, Pennsylvania. -When ' - h mother diedf she moved (o Jaoncure. ' North Carolina. This is wh ' she attended elementary J andSiigh school. " - At N rtfi Wood-Pittsboro High . School, Miss Jacobs was a bus iii id riuer, Sunday school leader, treasurer of the future Homemakers of America, and the Most Outstanding Senior of the National Honor Society. Miss Jacobs was pursuing an education in Accounting here at A. and T. State University. She was a member of the Accounting club, the North Carolina Fellows Program and she worked at Burger King. She also attended Sunday School while being a student at A. «. and T. Hfc , Mi s Jacobs was btuglved in an ' aiitomobile accident on -July 30, 1977. and shs. expired August 7, 1977. She was funefalized at Mount Baptist Church in Monqure ' on Aetgu;st ' 13 1977. Andrew W. Williams, Chairman of the Department of Industrial Technology at A. and T. State University and a nationally l- prominent industrial education teofher. died in his home after a lengthy illne . A certified manufacturing engineer, he, was the husband Qf ,Mrs. Jacquelin. ;- . ' t father of Josep%, .A. district attorn : of •ectrhing at A. andfT.. in ; student at the univi r-.ity ' JJri •f ' ' the intt.rriational award §iv n by . lean Soctrty of Manufai furing _ .. £. ' ' ' ' ■k in manufacturing . 1. Williams held the ' ■ ' s degrees from A. Vy.. Navy in World It mber ofy)megaffsi ' Pfli , . . (rr ' enshoro Board of Healing E.-aminet-l, the nmeric Society for,_ Te.- tins ■ JHJ.rf Materff£, thfi ' Natijbnqi. Association of Industnai V U olo and ' the Defen r Preparednes Ass kiation:. He ' wa -a deacon of St. Jcynes fVe; 6 fen ». Chur,ch. : ;;■ ' ' ' l- - ' Besides his wife arudfscfn here, he is sur- vived by another son, Warren K. Williams Cincinnati, Ohio and a daugflter, Mrs. J., Veronica Biggins, AdarUa. i-i -,„ •«W " --- • ' K ' fcWV - " - m m T H E M A I N S T R E A M F A T 296 If f f {,■ . « y f l ' i X ' - i " % . mrrTi 1 ' I ? T if E M A I N S T R E ' . A M . F A T 297 i ., v;--v ' L TheA T Register , i.. ' ■ hMfi } .0 ,i " „f ' » • lb 1 Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor News Editor Associate News Editor Business Manager Advertising Manager Production Manager Acting Entertainment Editor Sports Editor Chief Photographer Circulation Ma nager Distribution Manager Head Typist Advisor Maxine McNeill Margtret Brown Catherine Speller Sheila Williams Robert Beasley Charles Perry Terrene e Ma ra b le Lanita Ledbetter Archie Bass William Love Pamalin Cherry Rocky Evans Larry L. Jenkins Mrs. Loreno M. Marrow James Barber, Alverina Bazemore, Anthony Boyd. Denise Brown, Dennis Bryant, Joyce Covington, Glenda George, Donald Graves, Joycelyn Holley, Johnny Hunter, Wilbert In- gram, Derrick Jones, Sophia Knight, Jerome Lamb, Nellie Lyons, Gwen Manley, Patricia Maye, Camillia McClain, Gwendolyn Morrisey, Cauldia Murray, Pereeder Myers, Bonnie New- man, Rudie Noble Jr., Marie Outlaw, Mary Par- tlow, Delilah Perkins, Keith Person, Janice Pugh, Linda Smith, Vickie Smith, Vanessa Spells, Richard Steele, Annie Stevenson, Craig Turner, Carlo Walker, Joyce Watson, Flora Weaver, Leslie Whitfield, Karen Williams. 299 I -y. : . .1 ANOTHER AGGIE STANDOUT . HENRY F RYE STATE LEGISLATURE STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT — TONY GRAHAM 302 STUDENT G VERNMENT Pierre Melvin Public Relations ,{ - t Clark Mc Griff Assistant to the President lllllilMP Mike Davis Attorney General 305 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF WESLEY BOYKIN A S S c I A T E E D I T R 307 BUSINESS MANAGER Marcus Dukes Marcia Purvis MANAGING EDITOR 308 ■ I ,i -.•■■i ■ vJ " , RECORDING SECRETARY Ij ' ' iJ ,r ' p . :t - Cynthia Woodard x - . ■;;m •| ! ; w- ' -.,:,-. i.. s .- V -V James Wood ADVERTISING EDITOR :¥r-? !fe 5 - 309 PHOTOGRAPHER Lewis Ramseur, Head Photographer Right, Joe Grimes Gilford Watson ■ n-l --- - - ' ' ■- 1 J V 4 ii dr.- Kii 4i ' - " ills ,;: ... ■V- i 310 ' :?,:, .V " ' Oenise Littlejohn Glenda Tate CLASS EDITORS Jessena Boothe George Waddell James Archer Patricia A. Owens feresa Peterson 312 ARTIST James Farrell Charles Newman I ■ i rd vv, . ' . ),- ADMINISTRATION EDITOR .ptflit f )f ti f ' ;;, J nsi? (V=.-- ;;•:. William Watson 313 ENTERTAINMENT REPORTER k SCHOOL EDITOR k t-xi i .- Angela Monroe Dorothy Webb Melody Jones The dynamic hard working AYANTEE staff ! ORGANIZATION EDITORS 315 Adams. Donna L. Clothing. Textiles. Fashion Merchandise Greenville. NC Cancer Adams. Sandra B Business Administration Fayetteville. NC Scorpio Akintude. Dennis A. Industrial Technology (Elec.) Ede, Nigeria Cancer Alexander. Donnie Professional Hiftroy Hartford, Conn Cancer Allen. Dennis A. Psychology Charlotte. NC Pisces Allen. Donald Lee Political Science Rose Hilt. NC Cancer Alliniece, Gary D. Recreation Houston. Texas Aries Alston. James E. Art Design Greensboro. NC Pisces Alston, Laraine Home Economics Ed Warrenton. NC Cancer Alston. Robert D Animal Science North Babylon. NY Taurus Alston. Willie Mae Business Education tComp) Littleton. NC Taurus Anderson. Diana Psychology Greensboro, NC Sagittariuti Andrews. Sylvia Business Administration Bethel. NC Libra Armstrong, Morris G. Agricultural Education Elm City, NC Sagittarius ArtLs. Gerald D Electrical Engineering Kins ton. NC Pisces Artis. Mildred Business Administration Philadelphia. PA Aquarius Ashe, Mattie S. Political Science Reidsville, NC Aries Avery. Sharon D. Psychology Morganton. NC Leo Ayscue, Earl Jerome Art Design Warrenton. NC Sagittarius 316 Bacoat, Issac Earl Animal Science Fayetteville. NC Leo Badgett. Anthony Business Administration Reidsville, NC Virgo Basby. Cart E Mechanical Engineering Charlotte. NC Baker. Sidney A. Business Administration Greensboro. NC Taurus Baker. Verlie Mae Early Childhood Ed. Corapeake. NC Pisces Balmer, Sylvia J Early Childhood Ed. Seaboard. NC Cancer Barber. James B. Prof. Biology Trenton. NC Gemini Barber. Joel. W. Animal Science Trenton. NC Capricorn Bamer. Alvin Z. Chemistry (Prof.) Roanoke Rapids. NC Cancer Barnes. Sharon L. Speech and Theater Arta Rocky Mount, NC Gemini Barrett. Brenda J. Home Economics Ed. Farmville. NC Pisces Ba. ' ikerville. Elaine Business Administration Henderson. NC Aquarius " " ■■■ ' ?- Baskett. Loretta A. Child Development Warrenton. NC Gemini Basnight. Alma Nursing Virginia Beach. VA Gemini Bass. Archie Bernard Speech Communication Mount Olioe. NC Virgo Battle. Jacqueline M. Nursing Goldsboro, NC Aquarius Batts. Vandalia D. Health and Physical Ed Rocky Mount. NC Libra ■ Beamon. Rita Social Services Clinton. NC Sagittarius Bazemore. Sandra M Early Childhood Education Windsor. NC Libra Beamon. Rita Social Services Clinton. NC Libra Reaslev. Robert Business Administration Edenton. NC Libra Beauford. GenorLs Labor Economics Industrial Relations Jamestoun. SC Aries Becton. Marilyn K. Nursing Asheville. NC Sagittarius Bell, Debra Lynn Faison, NC Social Service Capricorn Bell, l on Accounting Hamlet, NC Gemini Benbouf. Robert S. Accounting Miami. Florida Leo Bennett. Linda K. Business Education Wadesboru. NC .Aquarius Bess. Felt on Farmville. NC Political Science Libra Bethea, Murray Math Education Newark, NJ Capricorn Bethea. Sheilia 1407 Wayside Dr. Greensboro. NC Pisces Biggs. Wanda Nursing Witliamston. NC Capricorn %t % ' Sf Baxter. Juanita Community Mental Health Psychology Greensboro. NC Beremore, Alvenina R. Nursing Windsor, NC Libra Black. Michael A. Political Science Charlotte. NC , M nr- Capricom -- . WW . 1« ' " ' ' ™ Blakely, Donna L. Accounting Jacksonville. Florida Virgo Blackmon. David R. Agricultural Education Clinton. NC Pisces Blacke, Esau Mechanical Engineering Durham. NC Virgo Blakeney, A. Maderia Early Childhood Education Norwood, NC Leo Bradley. Vanessa S, Social Service Jacksonville, Fla, Taurus Bonev. Erma R. Rose Hill. NC Social Studies Aquarius Bond. Carl Kent Agricultural Education Windsor. NC Aries Bond. Charles W. Psychology Newark. NJ Leo Bond. Wayne T. Animal Science Edenton, NC Pisces Bonelli. Setma L. Administrative Services Long Branch. NJ Aquarius Boone. Carson McCoy Business Administration Garysburg, NC Virgo Boone, James A. Social Studies Greensboro. NC Scorpio Bowe. Joyce La Verne Early Childhood Education Murfreesboro. NC Taurus Bowles. Michael Business Administration Martinsville. VA Sagittarius Boyd, Janice H. Accounting Greensboro. NC Leo Braswell, Edwin K. Political Science Wilson. NC Aguarius Brewington. Rodney L. Nursing High Point. NC Sagittarius Britt. Barbara Clothing, Textiles i- Related Arts Goldsboro. NC Sagittarius Brooks. Joyce Administrative Service Charlotte, NC Libra Brooks. Julia A. Social Services Gaston. NC Aquarius Brown, Anthony B. Industrial Tech (Electronics) Pant ego. NC Aquarius Brown. Deborah Y. Murfreesboro. NC Business Administration Finam Libra Brown. Nathaniel. T. Biology Professional East Orange. NJ Scorpio Brown, Peggy L. Home Economics Ed. Lexington, VA Libra Brown. Reginald F. Business Administration Washington. DC Taurus Brown. Tommy LaRoi Early Childhood Reidsville. NC Capricorn Brown, Wanda Early Childhood Ed. Bolton, NC Gemini Brown, Vivian Deronne Social Service Greenville. NC Virgo Brown. Wheeler Health Physical Ed. Baltimore. MD Taurus Bryant. Ronald W. Physical Ed. New Bern. NC Scorpio Bryant, Jr. Warren A. Social Service San Bernandino, CA Pisces Bryson. Pamela Nursing Rock Hill. SC Aries Burden, Evonne Nursing Goldsborrj Aquarius Burner. Sherry D. Community Psychology Jacksonville, NC Aries Bumette. Cassandra Community Psychology Durham. NC Scorpio Butler. Owen B. Business Administration Charlotte. NC Pisces Byrd, David H. Accounting Asheville, NC Virgo Brown. Cheryl Administrative Services Durham. NC Gemini Byrd, Donald R. Accounting Asheville. NC Virgo Byrd, Michael A. Accounting Greensboro, NC Gemini Cade, Cordelia E Nursing Philadelphia, PA Virgo Caldwell. Vanessa Ps cholog Rock Hill. SC Taurus Cameron. Robert E Clothing Textiles, Related Arts Broadway. NC Virgo Carman. Marvin C Industrial Tech (Manufacturing) Snou Hill. NC Aquarius Carney. Trina Letita Business Education Greenville. NC Aries Carrillo. Harold Sociology Charleston. SC Libra Cash. Malris V. Btism. ' ss Ed. (Comp) Peach land. NC Sagittarius Ciirter, Tony E- _ Architectural Engineering HoUister, NC Scorpio Carter. Wilda N. Psychology Henderson, NC Aquarius Carver, Linuyjod M, Political Science Elizabeth City, Ni Virgo Chalamira, Patricia M Food Nutriuion Iringa. Tanzania Virgo Chandler, t uanitoii Nursing Lake City. SC Cancer Cherry, PaniaUn Early Childhood Ed Wlnxi- or. NC Taurus Cheek, Warren M Architectural Engineering Warren ton, NC Capricorn Christler, Laurene Early Childhood Eti White Plains. NY Aquarius Clnggion. Madeline Atlanta. GA Nursing Scorpio I Cole, Charles Thomas Physical Ed. Physical Therapy Lexington. NC Sagittarius Cone. Harry F. Political Science FayeCtecille. NC Capricorn Conway III, Atcheson T Accounting ■ Louisburg. NC Gemini Cook, Lorie B. Social Services New York. NY Libra Cooper, Judy Denice Social Services La Grange, NC Leo Coor. Antonio Recreation Goldsboro. NC Leo Copeland, Sharon L Music Education Suffolk. VA Virgo Core, Annie D. Communitx Psychology Goldsbor;. NC Virgo Corpening, Eugenia G Early Childhood Ed Lenoir, NC Leo Cotten Rexford E. Agricultural Ed Oak City. NC Virgo C ulter Evette K. Bufineis Ed. ' euton, NC lemuH Council Tony L Mechanical Engineering Fa ettevHle, NC Gemini Courts Rhonda F. Accounting Greensboro, NC Libra Crawford. Regina A Business Admuustration Jamaica. NY Leo Crowder, Romona L. Business Administration Chmlotte. NC Libra Curr ' , Veronica A Early Childhood Ed Gastonia. NC Sagittarius Dacons, Pierre W. Health Physical Ed, Statesville. NC Leo Dalrymole. Jr . David Calvin Industrial Tech.(Autom.otive) Durham. NC Leo Dalton. Cassandra Early Childhood Ed. Walnut Cove, NC Dalton, James C. . • Arrhttectural Engineering Win3ton-Satem. NC Aries Daniel, Terry L. Bu. ' iiness Administration Fayctteville, NC Virgo Daughtrey. Sharon Y. Nursing Suffolk. VA (irmint Davidson. Doris D Mechanical Engineering Charlotte. NC Libra Davis. Chandra Dietetics Philadelphia. PA Capricorn Dawson. Sharon Ann Political Science Fayettevtlle, NC Gemini Debnam. Zandra S. Nursing Raleigh, NC Gemini Dinhins. Rodnay A. Psychology New York. NY iTaurus Dixon. Bobby Mass Communications Safety Drivers Ed. Lenoir. NC Aquarius Dixon. Mabel A. Social Services Lenoir. NC Aries Dixon, Robin G. Art Ed. Winston-Salem, NC Cancer Dukes. Marcus Lee Grant Professional Psychology Manpower Raeford NC Virgo Dula. Carolyn Business Administration Lenoir. NC Anes Dula. Robert A Physical Education Lenoir. NC Libra Dunn, DeRome O Mechanical Engineering Whitsett. NC Leo Dunn. Sandra Gale Psychology Ay den. NC Sagittarius Dunston, Freda D English Mass Communication Spring Hope. NC Scorpio ,, Dupree. Lois Dean Early Childhood Ed. Falkland. NC Pisces Durant. Jerome Industrial Engineering Sellers. SC Gem ini Durham. Karen A Early Childhood Ed. Mt Olive. NC A nes Durham, Loretta Recreation Mt Olive. NC Aquarius Eason. Patricia A Political Science Greensboro. NC Sagittarius Easter. James Jr Health Physical Ed. Charlotte, NC Ebron, David E. Industrial Ed. Farmville. NC Gemini Edwards. Bobby A Recreation Whiteville. NC Sagittarius Edwards. Michael H. Industrial Tech (Electronics) Jacksonville, NC Libra Euans. Carl W. Political Science Morganton. NC Taurus Evans. Wanda G Business Administration Raleigh. NC Virgo Evans. Wilbur C Music Education Jacksonville. NC Virgo Faison. Peggy R. Professional Chemistry Clinton, NC Sagittarius Farrior, James R Jr Professional Histor ' Rose Hill. NC Pisces Faulcon. Gwendolyn D. Early Childhood Education Littleton. NC Gemini Feamngton, Brenda Nursing Chapel Hill. NC Virgo Felder, Leona D- Business Administration Lenoir. NC Pisces Felder. Tetana A. Electrical Engineering Washington. DC Libra .. Fleming. Ernest Music Education Greenville. NC Pisces Ferguson, Morris W. Agricultural Education Lenoir. NC Sagittarius Fields. Reginald L Business Administration Hobgood. NC Libra Ford, John L. 4 ,J - Physical Education Montclair. NJ Scorpio Fordham, Francine G. Nursing Brooklyn. NY Leo Foust. Larry Industrial Arts Education Greensboro, NC Scorpio Clark, Duane A. Sociology Laurens. SC Aries Clemmone. Patricia C. Chemistry Durham. NC Scorpio Cobb. Myrtle Early Childhood Ed. Greensboro. NC Taurus Coefield. Reginald Health Physical Ed Concord, NC Scorpid Cundiff. Bemie D. Early Childhood Ed. Winston-Salem. NC Gemini Cunningham, Cynthia A. Early Childhood Ed. Gastonia, NC Libra Curley. Anthony M. Business Administration Greensboro. NC Gemini Curry. Riley Keith Agricultural Science Lexington. NC Capricorn Dixon, Roland M. Goldsboro. NC Industrial Technology Cancer Dobson, Rebekah J. Professional History Dobson, NC Aquarius Doster, Tommy Physical Education FayetteviUe. NC Libra Dowdy. Gloria Diane Business Administration Sanford. NC Aquarius Edmundson. Willie G. Agriculture Ed. Rocky Mount. NC Aquarius El-Amin, De Nard Ansari Architectural Engineering Greensboro. NC Aquarius English. Kathleen Political Science Greensboro. NC Scorpio Euans, Anthony Health Physical Education FayetteviUe, NC ' Virgo Foye. Cheryl R. Business Administration Goldsboro. NC] Leo E Francis. Tina A. Professional Biology Morganton. NC Sagittarius Freeman. Charles Psychology Windsor. NC Cancer Freeman, Judy M. Early Childhood Education Marion, NC Sagittarius Fuller. Earlene Accounting Raleigh. NC Virgo Fuller. Sharlene Accounting Raleigh. NC Virgo dainey. Michael V. Political Science Fayetteville. NC Leo (iallop. Anthony Q Industrial Technologv Elizabeth City. NC ' Virgo Garner. Pamela M Early Childhood Education Greensboro, NC Leo Gatlm . Mable R Art (Design) Ahoskie. NC Leo Gibson. Kathy A Clothing Textiles Southern Pines, NC Sagittariu. ' Gillispie. Cynthia C. Business Education Basic Mt Oltoe. NC V: Virgo i Glenn. Lucious Industrial Technology Durham. NC A n es Glenn. Nelson W. Accounting Greensboro. NC Cancer Glover. Diane Home Economics Education Henderson, NC Scorpio Giouer. Henri Business Administration Raleigh. NC Aquarius Giouer. Iris Nursing Greensboro, NC Taurus Ghwer. Phyllis E. Home Ecomomics Education Bayonne, NJ Capricorn Gore. LaRonda S. English Education Spring Lake. NC Gemini Gore. Pamela L- Professional English Winston Salem. NC Libra Gorham. Charles M. Art Education Greenville. NC Cancer Graeber. Carmelina A. Administrative Services Kannapolis, NC Virgo Graham. Wtlbert B. Animal Science Spring Lake. NC Libra Grant, Gloria J. Social Services Seaboard, NC Scorpio Grant. Mary A Business Administration Whitakers. NC Taurus Grant. Millicent E Early Childhood Education Statesville. NC Sagittarius Graves. Angela L. English (Educational) Reidsuille. NC Libra Graves. Stephen D. Physical Education Mrhane. NC Stit:ittarius Gray. Dennis A Sprech Theatre Arts Fayetteville. NC apricorn Green. Catherine Nursing Charleston. SC Capricorn Green. Jonathan Physical Education Charleston. SC Capricorn Green. Vickie R. Recreation Oxford, NC Virgo Greene. Darrell L. Nursing Louisburg, NC Libra Greene. Geraldine Nursing Dover, NC Sagittarius Griffin. Bonitd H Early Childhood Education Greensboro, NC Sagittarius Gunn. Walter. J. Mechanical Engineering Greensboro, " " ' Capricorn Hairston, Betty L. Business Administration Lexington, NC Libra Hairston, Donna M Early Childhood Education Winston Salem. NC ' Virgo Hall, Alice Early Childhood Education Beuiauille. NC Leo Hall, LaVerne K Nursing Danville. Virginia Aries Hamer. Wayne Business Finance Jamaica NY Aquarius Hamilton, Kenneth D Business Administration Spindale. NC Pisces 318 Hamilton. Sabryna A Political Science Greensboro. NC Gemini Hammonds. Christopher J. Winston Salem. NC Mechanical Engineering Pisces Hardy, Audrey Nursing Jovk on. NC ' irgu Hargrove. Psychology Townsville. NC Aquarius Harper. Sheryl L. Early Childhood Education Greensboro. NC Sagittarius Harrell, Sheila L Business Administration Ahoskie. NC Aries Harris. Illona M. Recreation Washington. DC Libra Harris. Sherry C. Accounting Charlotte. NC Libra Hams. Wanda S Business Education Kelford. NC Capricorn Harrison. Cheryl Y. Early Childhood Education Brooklyn. NY Libra Haukins, Herman A III Electrical Engineering Henderson. NC Gemini Heath. Gloris Business Education Goldsboro. NC Heckstall, Vanessa -« »a- Nursing Windsor. NC Cancer Henderson, Johnnie M. Agriculture Education Manson, NC Libra Herbin. Faye L. Nursing Greensboro, NC Pisces Hines. Meta L. Early Childhood Education Elizabeth City, NC Taurus Hinnant, Eugene Industrial Technology Greensboro, NC Virgo Holiness. Carol Sociology Danville. VA Sagittarius Holland. Glenn R. Recreation Roanoke. VA Gemini Holtings worth, Phyllis Nursing Barstow. CA Pisces Holloman. Gail Business Education Ahoskie. NC Aquarius Holt, Adriene C. Nursing Princeton, NC Scorpio Holt. Anthony B. Business Administration Salisbury. NC Pisces Hooker. Janice L. Political Science Albermarle. NC Cancer Houpe. Ronnie L. Professional Biology Statesville. NC Aquarius Howard. Carson Mathematics Education Murfreesboro. NC Cancer Howard, Cheryl Early Childhood Education Gamer. NC Leo Howard. James D Agricultural Education Murfreesboro. NC Leo Howze. Robert L. Accounting Mobile. Alabama Cancer Hunt. Victor M. Agriculture Education Man son, NC Capricorn Hunter. Janice L Clothing Fashion Merchandise Morganton, NC Leo : Hunter. Johnny ( Speech Theatre Arts Durham. NC Hunter. Sharon M. Early Childhood Education Charlotte. NC Virgo Hunting. Tone R Business Administration Asheville. NC A quarius Jackson. Jeffrey L. Business Administration Atlanta. GA Aries Jackson. Otis Leuon Health Physical Education Nashvdle. NC Aquarius ' acobs. Wyoma Early Childhood Education Ha mpstead, NC Libra James. Mixine Accounting Windsor. NC Libra James. Rodney Health Physical Education Greensboro, NC Taurus Jathan. Linda P Art Education Paul Island. Jamaica W.I. Taurus Jefferson. Brenda Accounting Edgefield. SC Scorpio Jenkins. Alice M. Nursing Charleston. SC Sagittarius Jenkins, Carolyn D. Home Economics Education Tarboro. NC Virgo Jenkins. Michael Anthony Electrical Engineering Murfreesboro, NC Capricorn Jones, Emanuella Business Education Laurinburg, NA Virgo Jones. Ezekiel Professional Biology John s Island. SC Capricorn Jones. Joseph R Agricultural Education Snow Hill. NC Aries Jones. Steve L. Social Science Education Ahoskie. NC A ries Jones. Jr. Walton Irving Mechanical Engineering ■ ■ Greensboro, NC ' ' Taurus Johnson. Anthony Business Administration Burlington, NC Aquarius Johnson, Aris C. Architectural Engineering Washington, DC Scorpio Johnson, Gregory E. Speech Theatre Arts New York. NY Libra Johnson, James M Political Science Elizabethtown. NC Cancer Johnson. Ollie H Business Administration Oxford. NC Aries Johnson, Patricia Ann Roanoke Rapids. NC Speech Theatre Education Taurus Jordan. Lynda Mane ■■■, fYofessional Chemistry ■-] Boston. MASS ■ Virgo Jordan, Phelix R Transportation Goshen. NC Leo : Judkiris. Ronald Deivhitt Business Administration Raleigh, NC Aries Kalemela. Kaprasio T. Plant i cience Mwama. Tanzania Libra Keith. Jeannette Child Development Plymouth. NC Gemini Kellom. Calvin L. Business Administration Madison, NC Capn corn Kelly. Gayia R. Health Physical Education Greensboro. NC Libra King, Ernest B. Industrial Technology Ruffin, NC Cancer Kinlaw, Sandra D. Business Education JacksonuUle. NC Taurus Knight, Harry Lee . Political Science ■ Greensboro, NC Gemini Knpyta. George Mechanical Engineering Green.shoro, Sagittarius .. Lamb, Genevieve R. «- •.- Nursing ■ ' ' Raleigh. NC Sagittarius Langley, Sharon D. Business Education Whiteuille. NC Sagittarius Langston. Elmer L. Plant Science Wilson, NC Virgo Lash. Gloria D. Home Economics Education Walnut Cove, NC Virgo Lawrence. Perry C. Business Administration High Point, NC Leo Lipscomb. Yolanda Political Science Winston-Salem. NC Gemini Lindsay, Jacqueline K. Community Psychology Greensboro. NC Gemini Little. Henry L Business Administration Durham. NC Pisces Livingston. James L. Professional Biology Greensboro. NC Virgo Locklair. Lyvone Nursing Indian Springs, NC Capricorn Long, Frederick E. Political Science Greensboro. NC Aries Love, William B Health Physical Education Charlotte. NC Capricorn Lowe. Bobby J Health Physical Education Eden, NC Libra Lucas, MilUnese Health Physical Education Selma. NC Libra Luckey. Althea Early Childhood Education Stanley. NC Aries Lynch. Patricia A. Therapeutic Dietetics Wilson, NC Cancer Mabinton. Roupa Chris Mechanical Engineering Yenacioa. Nigeria Cancer Mack. Ray Ann Nursing Charleston. SC Scorpio Mackey. Katherine G Psychology Black Mountain, NC Capricorn Marshall. Susan Home Economics Education Bridgeport. CONN Scorpio Marshall. Wilma Professional Biology Greensboro. NC Sagittarius Martin. Robyn G. Early Childhood Education VViVwf on -So em, NC Leo Mason. Estella L. Nursing MaysLille, NC Libra Mason. Valerie R- Nurstng Brooklyn. NY Lipra Matthews. Fronita A, Community Psychology Greensboro, NC Cancer May. Michael T. Nursing Ft. Meade. MD Taurus Maye. Janet Professional Mathematics Ayden. NC Leo McAdoo. Judy Marie Home Economics Education Efland. NC Aquarius McCall. Mitchell Industrial Technology Laurel Hill. NC Libra McClelland. Joanne -f;. English Education ,S Chapel Hill. NC t Sagittarius McClinton. Ruby J. Business Education Camden, SC Leo McCombs, William Jacob Art Education. Art Design Charlotte. NC Aquarius McCoy, Joy D. Psychobgy Greensboro. NC Virgo Mclver. Amanda Lorraine Professional Biology Sanfurd. NC Pisces McKesson. Elsie M. Business Adminustration Marion. NC McKesson Jr.. George N Political Science Morganton. NC Pisces McKnight, Barbara A- Early Childhood Education Louisburg. NC Taurus McKoy. Robert C Professional Chemistry Four Oaks. NC Pisces ..■0- ■ McGirt. Thelma Z Business Education Lumberton. NC Gemini McNeill, Glorii Social Service LiUmgton. NC Cancer McNeill. Maxine English Education Fayetteville. NC Aries McRae. Anthony L Industrial Technology (MFG) Morven, NC Aries Melchor, Gary Michael Political Science Trenton, NJ Virgn Me I u in, Pierre A ccounting Favetteuille, NC Gemini Matter, Michelle R. Early Childhood Education Greensboro. NC Taurus Middlebrooks. Willie Jr Physical Education High Point. NC Aries Miller. Shedla D. Business Education Miami. FLA Pisces Montgomery. Angelia Theresa Professional Biology Chattanooga. TENN Virgo Moody. Dons A. Professional Biology Gaston. NC Virgo Moody, Glen Jr Bust.iess Administration Roanoke Rapids. NC Pisces Moody, hy J Professional Mathematics Roanoke Rapids. NC Libra Moore. Oiympia Home Economics Education Spring Hope. NC Libra Moore, Edith LaVerne F ofessional Biology Blounts Creek. NC PLsceS Morgan, Carol Early Childhood Education Asbury Park. NJ Sagittarius Moses. Larry B. Agronomy Rich Square, NC Leo Mosley, Yuhnde Early Childhood Education Greensboro, NC Scorpio Murphy. Myrlin L. Professional Biology Newton Grove. NC Virgo Murphy. Reginold M Industrial Technology New Bern. NC Aquarius Murray, Glinda Florence Early Childhood Education Rose Hill, NC Virgo Murray, Orbuelt J. Ecomomics Transportation Rose Hill. NC Libra Murray. William Jaruis Engineering Mathematics Rose Hill. NC Sagittarius Lawson. Ronald R. Animal Science Roxboro. NC Aries Laws. Elliott S. Health Physical Education Whiteuille, NC Taurus Leake. Valerie B. Accounting Winston-Salem. NC Capricorn Lester. Waldo C. Social Science Winston-Salem. NC Leo Lewis. Jr Walter Social Services Lamar. SC Pisces Maddox, Kitty S. Business Administration Asheuille. NC Scorpio Major. Mercedes Exirly Childhood Reidsville. NC Libra Makwaia Benezetti N Agricultural Engineering Tabora, Tamaniz Cancer Malfy, Rose L Community Psychology Goldsboro. ' NC Capricorn Marks, Jeanette Business Education Roanoke Rapids. NC Leo McCutchen, Patricia A Social Services Greensboro. NC Cancer McKenzie. Darrell C. Economics Whiteuille. NC Virgo McDonald. Horace G. II Health Physical Educatiot Asheuille. NC Scorpio McDougald. Sandra F. Nursing Red Springs. NC Aquarius McEachin. James H. Early Childhood Education Red ' Springs. NC Libra Minor. Kathleen L. Nursing North Hills. PA Scorpio Mitchell. Ricky Business Education Awlanter, NC Leo Mitchell. Shelia L. Business Administration Greensboro, NC Taurus Mitchell. Willette Diane Sociology Greensboro, NC Capricorn Mobley. Charles Rodney Business Administration Tabor City. NC Sagittarius Murrell. Jennifer Denise Early Childhood Education New Bern. NC Aquarius Murrell, Katrina K Business Administration Trenton. NC Taurus Murrill. Brenda Professional Mathematics Wilson. NC Aquarius Myers. Pereeder Psychology Bbunts Creek. NC Capricorn Neal. William James Mechanical Engineering RiegelwQod. NC Aries 319 Nesbitt, Valerie K Nursing Splma. NC Aquarius Newkirk, Margie Lee Earh Childhood Education Kelly. NC Pisces Nichols, Virgil B. Animal Science Hallsboro. NC Aquarius Noah. Marco Seth Gyunnah Agricultural Education- Extension Ktomhoi. Tanzania Aquarius Norman. Betty J. Nursing Mount Airy. NC Aries Norman, Millicent Lorraine Professional English Asheville, NC Virgo Oamen, Edward Ehizojie Dairy Manufacturing Nigeria Scorpio Odunsi. Modupe Animal Science Nigeria. W Africa Olweira. Janice D Psychology Greensboro, NC Virgo ' T eal. Franklin E. Industrial Technology{ Electronics) Zebulon, NC Pisces Outlaw, Marie Child Development Windsor, NC Aquarius Owens, Patricia A. Professional English-Mass Media Newport News, VA Virgo Pace, William J Electrical Engineering Greensboro. NC Gemini Page, Gwendolyn Yuette Home Economics Ekiucat Fairmont, NC Capricorn Pair, Alvin Jr Business Administration Emporia, VA Aries Parker. David Mathematics Maple Hill, NC Aries Parker. Randy L. Industrial Technology Kinston. NC Aquarius Parsons, Gtennie B. Social Services Charlotte, NC Capricorn Partlow, Mar L. Professional English-Mass Media Shelby. NC Libra Peoples. Mary A. Early Childhood Education Greensboro. NC Taurus Perkins. Delilah Early Childhood Education Stokes. NC Scorpio Perry. Charles Professional History Nashville. NC Taurus Perry. Howard R. Architectural Engineering Washington. DC Cancer Peterson. Larry Mathematics Education Clinton. NC Cancer Peterson. LUlie G. Early Childhood Education Belhaven. NC Scorpio Phipps, Andre C. Social Services Littleton. NC Leo Pmnix. Kenneth M Professional Biology Reidsville. NC Leo Piatt, Katrina Music Education New Rochelle, NY Gemini Posley. Rose M. Early Childhood Education Springfield, MASS Taurus Pratt. Willie Accounting Morven. NC Aries Pride. Clayton Earlv Childhood Education Charlotte. NC Scorpio Pridgen. Dan. I L- Recreation Newark. NJ Virgo Pu Uey, !Piimela 0. Social Service Spring Hope. NC Virgo Purvis. Sherry L. Nursing Fayetteville. NC Cancer Raynor. Elma Community Psychology Goldsboro. NC Gemini Redic. Hestetla Business Administration Charlotte. NC Capricorn Reed. Evelyn A- Nursing Reidsville. NC Pisces Reid, Linda G Community Psychology Greenville, NC Aquarius Reid. Norbert L. Recreation Baltimore, MD Libra Richardson. Alden Health Physical Education Burlington. NC Aquarius Richardson. Deborah Ann Business Marketing Analysis Willmgboro, NJ V ' rgo Richardson. Joanetta Business Education Washington, DC Cancer Richardson. Michael O. Industrial Technology Goldsboro. NC Pisces Riggs, Cleasther Psychology New Bern, NC Virgo Riley, Bnan H Electrical Engineering Aiken. SC Virgo Rivers. Cynthia L. Nursing Moncks-Corner, SC Pisces Roberts, Vincent R. Health Physical Education Edenton, NC Capricorn Robinson, Charlene Nursing Greensboro. NC Pisces Robinson. Denise Early Childhood Education Bethlehem. PA Pisces Russell. James C. Industrial Education Norlina, NC Aquarius Russell. Kelvin N. Econom ics Burlington. NC Sagittarius Russell. Robert miliam Community Psychology Greensboro, NC Virgo Saunders. Colin V Architectural Engineering Freeport. Bahamas Gemini Scales. Anna M. Clothing Textilei , Eden. NC Sagittarius Scott, John Michael Business Admin LSI rat ion Albermarle, NC Virgo Scott. Ronald J Industrial Technology Garden City. Kansas Scorpio Scott, Wilhelmina Speech Theatre Education Wmton. NC Virgo Sellers. Barbara B Business Education Durham. NC ' , James echanic(il Engineering Elm Citx. NC Aquarius Sharpless. John C Jr. Industrial Technology Maple Hill, NC Aquarius J Shaw. Shelby J Business Finance BurUngton. NC Leo Shears, Willie Ann AccourUtng Greensborn, NC Sagittarius Simmons, Angella A- Busmess Administration HarrelLsuille. NC Aquarius Simmons. Cecil K. Economics Whiteville, NC Cancer Small, George L. Business Administration Winnsboro, SC Sagittarius Smith. Anthea S. Art Design Bladenboro. NC Pisces Smith. Donna C Nursing Mount Airy. NC Gemini ' ■ Smith. Elaine Catherine T Business Education (Comprehensive) n, Charleston. SC Virgo f Smith, Gail Business Administration Smithfield. NC Taurus Smith. Go, Biology Magnolia, NC Capricorn Smith. Gregory DeWayne Business Administration Atlanta. GA Scorpio Smith. Jamie R Business Administration Greensboro. NC Virgo Smith. Kenneth P. Health Physical Education Bassett. VA Aquarius Smith. Linda Faye Histors ' Education Aurora. NC Capricorn Smith. Manzell Health Physical Education Badin. NC Capricorn Smith. Marilynn V. Early Childhood Education Hendersonville. NC Virgo Smith. William A- Business Administration Kinston. NC Capric orn Smitherman. Tony Roy Business Administration Winston- Salem. NQ: Snipes. Marian R. Therapeutic Dietetics Slier City. NC Libra 320 Quick. Reginald Rose. Rowena Simmons. Charles Spence, Larry W. Business Administration Early Childhood Education Accounting Recreation Greensboro. NC Jersey City. NJ Charlotte, NC Dunn. NC Cancer Aries Scorpio Leo Quick. Ronnie M. Rone. Ramotw A. Simmons, Donnie T. Springs, Craven Music Education Early Childhood Education Political Science EngUsh Education High Point. NC Winston-Salem. NC New Bern. NC Washington. DC Scorpio Gemini Libra Scorpio Rascoe. Merinder M Rosser, Clarine Sims. Germaine Springs. Israel Jerome Business Adminustration-Finance Early Childhood Education Accounting Psychology Windsor. NC Littleton. NC Greensboro, NC Greensboro. NC Aquarius Cancer Capricorn Taurus Rauenell. Karen LaVerne Rountree, Melinda Sinclair, Thomas E. " Spruill, Ellen LaJune Accounting Nursing Architectural Engineering Recreation Greensboro, NC Roduco. NC Newport News. VA Greensboro, NC Capricorn Capricorn Gemini Squirea-etl. Jimmy M. ' ChUd Development Greensboro. NC Thompson. Alma Boyd Nursing Union. SC Virgo Cancer tanback, Helen M. Nursing Rockingham, NC Capricorn Thompson. Avis L. Political Science Greensboro. NC Aries Stepp. Forrest E. English Black Mountain, NC Sagittarius Stecenson, Charles A. Psychology Greensboro. NC Taurus Stevenson. Ill Robert L. ■Ps ' chohgv Salisbury. NC Pisces Steward, Cynthia E. ' Business Administration Asheville. NC Sagittarius Stocks, Frederick Business Administration Red Springs, NC Capricorn Street. Victor L. Accounting Florence. SC Aries Sturdivant, Denneth Professional Biology Badin. NC Gemini Styron. Ricky S. Business Administration Oriental, NC Scorpio Tann. William D. Industrial Technology Winton, NC ' Sagittarius Tate, Faye Nursing Burlington. NC Virgo Tate, George Barron Health Physical Education Morgan ton. NC Taylor. Edgar R. Business Administration Ahoskie. NC Libra Taylor. Gloria A. Psychology Ometoe. NC Aries Teshome, Melaku Agricultural Economics Asebe Teferi, Ethiopia Scorpio Teteka. Assefa Mechanical Engineering Addis Ababa. Ethiopia Aries Thomas. Elaine Community Psychology Durham. NC Scorpio Thompson, Brenda Business Administration Greensboro. NC Cancer Thompson. Charlie E. Business Education Lewiston, NC Sagittarius Thompson, Harry K Business Management Anderson. SC Scorpio Thompson. Malcolm Political Science Social Studies Danville, VA Gemini Thome. Patricia L Business Administration Columbia. MD Cancer Thornton, Matilda A. Business Education (Basic) Enfield. NC Gemini Thornton. Ronnie Anthony Electronics Elizabeth City. NC Libra Tucker, Milton Earl Electrical Engineering Winterville. NC Libra Turner, Caraigavon Political Science High Point. NC Taurus Turner, Demetnce Social Services Hillsborough, NC Aries Turner, Serena E. Business Education Jacksonville. NC Cancer Turner, Stephen Anthony Political Science Sanford, NC Aquarius Turrentine, Barbara H. Accounting Greensboro, NC Pisces Tyler, Terry W. Accounting Newport News, VA Capricorn Vaughn, Cynthia Business Administration Charlotte. NC Virgo Veale, Vary E Health Ph sical Educati Windsor. NC Pisces ,, Vines. Morris Eugene Health Physical Education Tarboro. NC Taurus Walker, James L. Professional Biology Atlanta, GA Sagittarius ' :■■ Walker, Priscilla A. Therapeutic Dietetics Windsor. NC Sagittarius Wallace. Aleksei L. Business Administration Yanceyville. NC Libra Wallace. Phillip R. (Business Administration Hamlet. NC Aries Ward, Bernice Psychology Stantonsburg. NC Aries Ward, Shelton R. Social Services Chadvourn, NC Sagittarius Washington. Michael Agricultural Education Cameron, NC Taurus Watford. Kathy Earh Childhood Education Winton, NC Scorpio Waterman, Beryl Music Education Greensboro, NC Capricorn Watson, Angela Health Physical Education Greensboro. NC Aquarius Watson. Cheryl F Professional Mathematics Jamaica. NY Leo Watson. Joyce V. Earh Childhood Education Windsor. NC Scorpio Weaks. Dennis J. Political Science Concord, NC Sagittarius Weaver. Brent V. Accounting Washington. DC Pisces Weaver, Flora R. Psychology Coleram. NC Virgo Weaver. Laverne D. Nursing Washington, DC Caprtcnm Webb. Jacqueline Y. Nursing Houston, Texas Virgo Wells. Mamie R. Business Education Greenville, NC Virgo West. Mozine Social Service Roanoke Rapids, NC Cancer Westmoreland, Rodney Health Physical Education Greensboro. NC Virgo Whitaker. Dorothy E. Nursing Baltimore. MD Virgo Whitaker, Rose Bf .-iin ' si Administration Scotland Neck. NC Cancer White. Manlyn Biology Chester. SC Capricorn Wideman. Lottayne Greensboro, NC Leo Wigfall. Jerry Professional Chemistry Charleston. SC Aquarius Wiggins. Joe R Professional Chemtstn, ' Rocky Mount. NC Leo Wilder. Gale E Business Administration Washington. NC Sagittarius Wiley. Andrea D Home Economics Education Linden. NJ Libra Wiley: Terry Business Administration Rutherford ton. NC Gemini Williams, Deborah Busmess Adminustration Greenville. NC Sagittarius Williams. Ervin English Education Clinton. NC Cancer Williams, Gloria Nursing Morrisville. NC Sagittarius Williams. Gloria Jean Guidance Counseltnf West Palm Beach. Florida Williams, Matthew Psychology Durham. NC Capricorn Williams. Patricia Nursing Greenville, NC Gemini Williams, Shericca Professional Biolo gy Greensboro. NC Aries Williams, Vernon Industrial Technology High Point, NC Aquarius Williams. Virginia Business Administration High Point. NC Aquarius Williamson. Arthur Business Administration Sedalia. NC Taurwi Williamson. Charles Agricultural Education Wilmington. NC Sagittarius Wimbush. Constance R. Psychology Henderson, NC Cancer Witherspoon, Vanessa G. Socuil Service Lenoir, NC Capricorn Womack, Earl Health Physcial Education Roxboro, NC Aries Womack, Leon Physical Education Roxboro. NC Taurus Woodnrd, Cynthia Early ( hildhood Education Willard. NC Pmces Wood-,. Horace ; Early Childhood Education Green- horo, NC Pisces Woods M tt « Greensboro NC Sagit tanus Wooten, Charlene Child Development Falkland. NC Libra Wright. Angela Business Administration Wallace. NC Capricorn Yarbrough. Keven Industrial Arts Education Red Bank. NJ Pisces Yates, Gwendolyn Nursing Smithfield. NC Sagittarius Zigbuo. Seilami H. Mechanical Engineering Nengbehn, Nimba County Liberia, West Africa 321 A D S FOR«ALWEA er FOlflilALWE Rj RENTi 2005 EAST MARKET STREET GREENSBORO. N C 27401 (919) 272-0755 VARIETY DISCOUNT HOUSE 1402 E. Market St. Phone 373-9713 Mrs. Dorothy Parker — Proprietor GIGOTS BOUTIQUE THE STYLE HEADQUARTERS OF THE UNIVERSITY CITY Located in Northeast Shopping Center next to Eckerds Drug. Latest Fashions for Men and Ladies. Three piece suits, leathers, dress and casual slacks, jeans and shoes. FREE SAME DA Y ALTERATIONS Phone: 373-0709 We know where you ' re comin ' from. We can help get you where you ' re goin . Greensboro National Bank 100 S. Murrow Blvd. (919) 273-0802 • Member FDIC 323 Compliments of AMERICAN FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION of GREENSBORO 701 East Market Street Greensboro, North Carolina Phone (919) 273-9753 WRECKER SERVICE ©PsdlDs Snatcher ALL TYPES OF MOTOR REPAIRS TUNE UPS • BRAKE • SHOCKS N.C. INSPECTION STATION 373-9220 IF NO ANS. DIAL 274-3938 I VHIV llff ' JMUfT AVE. PICK-UP • DCLiven 324 CompUments of WESTERN WEAR BLUE BELL, INC. GREENSBORO. N. C. L. wm PATRONS t J.irFAULCQN Mrs. Shirley Turner Mrs. Margaret Faust -« f Mrs. Helen Waldrum Mrs. Grace Finley T H A N K S T Mrs. Carolyn Crocker 327 mmmmasm EDITOR ' S EPILOGUE As the final deadlines are being met, I find myself loss for words in expressing the fun, the friend- ships, and the headaches that accompanied my editorship of the 1978 AYANTEE. It has been a task- fulfilling job and I have enjoyed the experience immensely. A year of continuous prediction is now over and we recall the hours, days, and nights of work as only a memory. Capturing significant emotions and experiences was one of the greatest challenges of my life. I would STAFF: Brown, Boothe, Evans, Hard, like to thank Theresa Peter Wesley Boy kin, Peggy Cape hart, James Ferrell, Melody Jones, Monroe, Charles Newman, Pugh, Marcia Purvis, Tate, Cynthia Woodard, Webb, William Watson, George Waddell. My utmost thanks is ex advisor, who endured our swers to our many prob also goes to Dr. J. E. Mar Mrs. Maxine Davis, Mr. Wright, Mrs. Carolyn drum, Mr. James Flack, the entire AYANTEE son, James Archer, Denise Carlton, Bryant, Jessena Marcus Dukes, Marcus Joseph Grimes, Eric Gail- Denise Littlejohn, Angela Patricia Owens, Mary Lewis Ramseur, Glenda James Wood, Dorothy Gilford Watson, and tended to Mitzi Bond, our mistakes and provided an- lems. Deepest appreciation shall, Mr. Matthew King, Joseph Faust, Mr. James Crocker, Mrs. Helen Wal- Mr. Willima Mock, and a special thank you to Joe Decatur, who served us as not only a sales representative of Delmar Company but as a true friend to the staff. In the 1978 AYANTEE we have tried to create and to capture the essence of student life. We hope that as you reminisce through this annual, it will be a pleasurable experience. Thank you very much. Charles Freeman, 78 Editor-in-Chief 328 •i •»■• mr •;,- m, 3« « [sm wmmmmammm ' 4 4 - ' " ' « L Wooden- ih,,..,. f»n 3 F. D. BLUFORD LIBRAKV M. C. A ' T STATE UNIVERStA» •?RFENS80R0. NC 274H

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