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A i • J- ' ' mmmm mmm i : f- t»i « L 1L H, j i y ' - STATE UNIVERSITY OF GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA I Alt li ij f PA ULA M. DICKENS, EDITOR CONTENTS Alma Mater Greetings from the Chancellor Homecoming Queens Administration Organizations Greeks Non-Greeks Honor Societies Marching Aggies Sports Seniors Underclassmen Who ' s Who Student Government Association Alumni Entertainment ROTC Supportive Services Student Life Graduation AYANTEE Acknowledgements Memorial 3 4 6 22 32 42 56 68 78 84 88 142 198 212 222 232 238 250 260 270 298 306 327 328 ■ ' UTrdM litii ; T I i m rt I [iMMirfft " SFT-yVvSi v. a M i n mJftXiOn USWi 1 THE ALMA MATER Dear A. T., Dear A. A T., A monument indeed! Around thy base with grateful hearts Behold thy students kneel We Bless the power that gave thee birth To help us in our need. We ' ll ever strive while here on earth All loyalty to yield. CHORUS With joy, with joy, dear A. T. Thy students turn from thee. To spread their trophies year by year From Dare to Cherokee. II Dear A. A T, Dear A. A T. The signet thou shalt be. Set by our own great Commonwealth, Proud boaster of the free; She ' d have the record of her worth On granite not inscribed, Nay! Let the children of her birth Proclaim it by their lives. Ill Dear A. A T, Dear A. A T Hence forth our aim shall be. By precept wise and deeds more sure To bless the State through thee. The arts of industry to yield Against the idle foe, A harvest rich from ripened fields Of what thy students sow. Greetings To The Aggie Family From Lewis C. Dowdy, Chancellor Of North Carolina Agricultural And Technical State University I yfc- «; :fct- jbi m- - ' ' smm ' M mm .■5A • 7 IwJ Pr c. y ■i S -. C»-v5 V ' I-SV - ' • ' - ' m K c. 7 :mk ' k. m v-b v ' ■ ' r _ . lr ■■ik FALL SEMESTER CONVOCATION Noted civil rights activist and author Dick Gregory was the speaker for the 1974-75 Fall Semester Convocation. Ml sic was provided by the Concert Band, the University Choir and the Fellowship Gospel Choir Gregory addressed himself to the duplicity of government and news-gathering agencies, and warned about the danger of complacency in our fast-moving society. He admonished us to " THINK " before accepting anything we hear as truth. Telling it like it is . . He cares . DICK GREGOR Y ONCE IN A LIFETIM in E: THE GOOD TIMES , t t " i; M l— 1 i ' ' ' ' J i -i€ 22L!- , .rraw 1 ■ • - M im Tu ■v4 li - ■■ .-15 Miss A T. A. Michelle Burney. entered the " Sight Club " , the audience ' s response was overwhelming. Coronation 1974-75 was as emotional as it was successful. There has never been a coronation of such calibre at .4 T. and the change from the past year ' s motif was heartily welcomed. H ' itnesses to this spectacular event knew it was probably the best coronation ever It was truly a " Once In a Lifetime " experience. It was as if someone had turned back the hands of time. The scene was a 1940 ' s nightclub. That scintillating 40 ' s feeling pervaded the air. .Against this nostalgic background, elegant ladies and their escorts strutted proudly, flaunting out its perfectly designed to re-create the look and the mood of that bygone era. II !2 (Sm - V . ■». , [ l lfc . 1 - -.r fa- w i I 13 u k. i ii f I V ' A High-stepping bands, brightly decorated floats. beautiful queens, and many other marching units highlighted the 1974-75 Homecoming parade. 16 Scot! Hall ' s inierpreiauon of " The Good Times " . Internationa! students — unification of diverse cultures. I £ i£i feTSff ' f ' ' ' : T V EPhS M|A|| 1 B " aV p • Bx ' J i wy - ' . s 19 Wr y TjM A record crowd gathered to watch the A T Aggies meet the Morgan State Bears. The weather was unbelievable, warm and balmy. Everyone broke out his baddest outfits, and the band put on a dynamite show. Only one thing spoiled an otherwise perfect day — we lost the game. Alumni queens view Homecoming game. r. r • wii s mi ii SrVidtr ' kS . , :6-: .X »V " V ■rVr ' 9b 4 RflHi F • - , » 1 21 1, a i- ! l ' A . v. " It ' ' i P ' . ' iifiXfi fcv ' • e . ■ ' •: ' ?v t y Sf ■ii. ' .f f ' :: ' ' ' ' x. i - 1-3 ; i. .■Ta( ?: 1 J- 1 Wy .I K ;M-H m. 1 ' t ' - ' " ii ' « ' .i. . .v , s M- ' n •• h ' T ' fir « ' - •,v. ! S rt ' ' rf- ■j - 3fv l»v ■. . ' .u: ' •l. ( ' ' ?iii P. ' ,m: m tit hV ' 5 y. :?. ' ' ?:fl R3 4ii ' i ' iMi f ' J ' ?« « ; ■K s -- •t ' - ' r .», Kf i 15 ' •i%Vi. i «i ;V ., «k. Sf f ' ? :A, 1 ARLENA MICHELLE BURNEY: Profile The magnificent First Lady of the Student Body of A T State University for the 1974-75 term. Miss Michelle Burney, is a nat- ive of Ayden, N. C. and truly possesses the attri- butes of a queen. She is a Senior Business Educa- tion major and wishes to pursue a graduate studies in Vocational Education. Michelle is the daughter of Mr Mrs. J. C. Burney. The First Lady is a member Delta Sigma Theta Sorority as well as a member of the National Collegiate Association for Secretaries. Michelle has had extensive experi- ence in the duties and responsibilities of a queen, which have so well prepared her for her role as a gracious and versatile Miss A T. Dur- ing her freshman year she was chosen as an atten- dant for Miss Freshman. In her Sophomore year she was elected to serve as Miss Omega Psi Phi and served as an attendant to Miss Delta Sigma Theta her junior year. Michelle ' s duties range from being a member of the Homecoming Committee to membership on the Planning Committee. In her scarce and fleeting spare moments. Michelle enjoys swimming, modeling, skating and listening to music. While her smile enchants many, she loves to communicate with people and enjoy lending a helping hand whenever possible. With all this and more, this was indeed a " Once in A Life: The Good Times, " for Michelle. Miss Trilby Ball ' Junior Attendar ' iss L,aroi 1 Freshman Attendant f S LaValle Adams Miss Freshmi H V W H M m i ' li m I kfl K 1 1 [ •] IB P f fc ' i k1 Miss Junior Valancia j. . . iss Thiiike i 1 - -A ' il£? iiiHwy ff- ' - " - ■ • ■ " ■ ' •- - - ' -tf «■- A (5J Omega Psi Phi ( iiiji{dM fyiife f c. Miss. Esquire 4 .-ji ' 5. a ' i. J " ' I |V ' ? 5; | v ' ' ■ T y - rif. ' X Vi ' ' l r ,? ' i iWt, - ,-73-« M WK William H. Gamble Director of Admissions m ' ' . t H_ _ ' i- ' ' ■ ■11 v H B V B ' ' l B Hfej.j, VM J iiA . ;..A _ :„.J-,... £ " . Marshall Vice-Chancellor Student Affairs ■f Marshall Colston Vice-Chancellor For Development Lucille Piggott Dean. Student Organizations William Goode Dean, Student Management J. Neil Armstrong Director of Summer School I J V 34 Albert Spruill Dean of Graduate School Naomi Wynn Dean. School of Nursing r % » 1 ■M i - _ - " --v. -. - ' • ll Burleigh C. Webb Dean, School of Agriculture Suresh Chandra Dean. School of Engineering Quiester Craig Dean. School of Business Economics Matthew King Chief A ccoun lam Jonah Smith Bursar Anne Graves Foreign Student Advisor Eddie Hargrove Director of Veteran ' s Affairs George Armstrong Director of Special Services 35 JMBBI Cal Irvin Athletic Director Marvin Graeber Director of Physical Plant Sullivan A. Welborne Director Memorial Union Roger McKee W. I. Morris Assistant Director, Memorial Union Director Career. Planning. Placement Cleo M. McCoy Director Religious Activities ?6 Bin ford Con ley Director Librarv Services Jimmie I. Barber Director Off-Campus Housing Isaac Barnett Director Safety Driver Education Thomas C. Brezill Coordinator Student Affairs John M. Kilimanjaro Director Paul Robeson Theatre The I ma Vines Supervisor of Infirmary Joseph Faust Sports Informatio n Director Angus Small Director Computer Science Center Lawrence Munson Director Food Services Richard Moore Director Information Services 37 ■m Joe Williams Director Alumni Affairs William B. Neal Mililarv Science Thurmon L. Deloney Aerospace Studies B. W. Harris Chairman Adult Education Dept. Arthur P. Bell Chairman Agricultural Education Dept. Talmage Brewer Chairman Animal Science Dept. 38 William Streat Chairman Architectural Engineering Dept Leroy Holmes Chairman Art Dept. Art is Graves Chairman Biology Depl. Danny H. Pogue Meada H. Shipman Chairman Business Adminislration Depl. Chailrman Business Education Depl. William Delauder Chairman Chemislry Dept. Sidney Evans Chairman Economics Depl. Dor othy Prince Chairman Education Deparimeni Paul Gray Chairman Elecirical Engineering Dept. w q;em Jimmy L. Williams Chairman English Dept. K tiSBSi Waverlyn A ' . Rice Chairman Foreign Languages Dept. Harold Mazyck Chairman Home Economics Dept. Frank Bell Chairman History Dept. George Gail Chairman Industrial Education Dept. Andrew Williams Chairman Industrial Technology Dept. Wendell Jones Chairman Mathematics Dept. A. V. Sharma Chairman Mechanical Engineering Dept. Jimmie J. Williams Chairman Music Dept. Jason Gilchrist Chairman Physics Dept. f ' ■ m .,. r Amargit Singh Chairman Political Science Dept. Samuel Dunn Chairman Plant Science Dept. Emory Sadler Chairman Psychology Guidance Dept. Will Scott Chairman Sociology Dept. 41 ' • ' ; l ¥1 THJ 5 REGISTER Editor Michael Braye News Editor Rosie Stevens Senior Associate News Editor Patricia Everett Junior Associate News Editor Michael Hailey Business Manager Gregory Phillips Acting Advertising Manager Robert Beasley Office Manager Patricia Ingram Production Manager John E. Williams Sports Editor Blannie Bowen Feature Editor Mary Cropps Circulation Manager Doris Forbes Wire Editor Benjamin T. Forbes Chief Photographer Lance VanLandingham Distribution Manager Romeo Morrisey Advisor Mrs. Loreno Marrow m 44 STUDENT UNION ADVISORY BOARD S. U. A. B. The Memorial Union Advisory Board consist of ihe following members: Advisor Margaret Faust President A ' c V i Walters Vice Pres Don Mann Secretary AT m Childs Active Committee chairmen: Social Affairs Anthony Teel Cultural Affairs Randolph Blue Rules and Regulations Vanessa Duren Budget Committee Wyvonta Jackson Games and Tournament Roslyn Walker Minority Affairs Stephen Parker Puhlicilv Roosevelt O ' Neal 46 INSTITUTE OF ELECTRONICS AND ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS 1. m JLd m J- t X_! » 47 MEN ' S COUNCIL 48 WOMEN ' S COUNCIL 49 j?mt HOME ECONOMICS i : CLUB AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION 50 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CLUB 51 WMM mm ■■ TELCOA AMERICAN CHEMISTRY SOCIETY 52 VETERAN ' S ASSOCIATION 53 NORTH CAROLINA ACADEMY OF SCIENCE SOCIETY OF WOMEN ENGINEERS 54 DIGIT CIRCLE F»-»Mil NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ASSOCIATION OF SECRETARIES 55 ■ „ 4t m m ' i k w i 5 " ipV K ' v ' it i " ' ' ! fe ' i - - f f ' ' % ' ' L ? - 1: ' 4h - ' k- a j «- C ' ' it T,% ' • ■ ' ' ' ■ ' «K _ t-t rvt, - 9 f s . fh y w A . " V ; .! MA i f M •1 ' r-Mii$mi £3B8 IO iTA-U . MF ' ' E VAPPA AT PMA PS! OMEGA PSl SIGMA GAMMA RHO HA PHI ALPHA ' Hi BETA SIGMA ZETA PHI BETA ALPHA NU The Alpha Nu Chapter was founded April 14. 1933. The common goal of every member is ACHIEVEMENT. ' +-. T£xeioJOLS " OffcTTin; VOIWL The organization of the fraternity of Kappa Alpha Psi occurred when ten young men saw a need for a strong bond among the Black men at Indiana University. On the day of January 5. 1911. they formed this great fraternity. n Tf ' ' M f I P I hff " Oh Zeta Dear, We love thee and adore thee To thee we praise a life of loyalty And as we labor for thy honor, day by day We pray that God will guide us on our Way. " H 1 1 iwl l__ - ■ii. ' -H _ H. m ZETA PHI ■ BETA i Bl .i ' 1 S iWi 1 ' ;; , FOUNDED M«i!Mil u Li vi£ , . . From the past to the . . . )ED al 3 r.Ul m: M ? ■ - . ? 1 Left to right: Miss Alicia DeVane, Sandra Powell, Eularia Holly, Debera Cole, Mabel Evans, Vivian Roscoe, and Anita Caranough. Standing left to right: Elton McKenzie, Carlton Campbell, Gregory Spaulding, Gary Stephens. Dennis Best. Clarence Kornegay, Charles Simons. Abron Best, and Marvin Dorsey. Kneeling left to right: James Davis, Larry Cherry, Anthony Motley, David Jones, and Ben Taylor. THINKERS 72 GBTGKS OF ecuiGoce J yyZ ' w ' jya.-liA ' if . i ' iis From left to right: Maxine Roberts, Cassandra Thomas, Leanice Smith, Esia Glover, Debborah Shamberger, and Milsa Anglin. 73 Members of Swing Phi Swing Pictured Here: Denise Hoffier, Theresa Rose, Valeria Gantt, Michell Murchivson, Georgia Spaulding. Cynthia CoField, Vernessa Pauling, Alberta Hudson, and Earldine Scarborough. F O C L A O L W s H I FROM WORK DAYS . . 76 TO EVENINGS OUT. 77 ' - ' ' :-:V-; ' ' " ■ tKrm timMg t? a ALPHA KAPPA MU A K M ■ 80 BETA KAPPA CHI 81 H: PHI ALPHA THETA m ' ir 1 PI OMEGA PI 82 ALPHA CHI 83 ■-Tg nr o s W ANTONIO SHOFNER DONALD ADAIR LARR Y SPENCE THOMAS PEOPLES ING MAC.... «»,f«af P X»- . ' m j.. ; Ti x — . i ' 3 • K2 IS I Ji i«» :-MH-- ' --! SL- IH %1!JSI r X .¥ A r % . ■A0 FOOTBALL Hornsby Howell BASKETBALL Warren Reynolds WRESTLING Melvin Pinckney CHEERLEADERS Victor Karabin TRACK Murray L. Neely RIFLERY Kenneth Ellis TENNIS Matthew Brown -n ' ■■lllll I OUR CHEERLEADERS The Heart Of The AGGIE Spirit!!! BETTYE ■y. ' Vj BERYL CASSANDRA uiiiiniT 1 R B Obfr UiUt i ROBIN - CHARLENE . m D E " 1 rii Wf B J MM 111 B m if If 1 I E ' 9 WW ■ CHERYL i: f:Mims Horiishy Howell Head Coach Murray L Neely Offensive Line Coach Mel Groomes Defensive Secondary and Director of Scouting N. C. A T STATE UNIVERSITY FOOTBALL TEAM 1974-75 Hi ley Harris Defensive Coordinator George Wheeler Offensive Coordinator James Toon Defensive Line Coach Tom Byniim Trainer NO. NAME POS HT. WT CLASS 5 Ryan. Steve QB 6-1 175 1 6 .ilUiiiece. Gary QB 6-1 180 1 7 Stokes. Orsure Wray WR 5-10 175 2 9 Lilly. James WR 5-8 150 2 10 Turner. Elsworth QB 6-2 190 1 17 Anderson. Bernard DB 6-2 180 3 20 Holland. Glenn RB 6-0 185 1 21 Wallace. Eric RB 5-11 165 2 22 Mc Kinney. Herb RB 6-0 185 1 23 Ragsdale. George RB 5-11 185 4 25 Feaster. Dexter WR 6-2 195 2 26 Edwards. Michael DB 5-11 175 4 27 Hampton. John DB 6-2 185 4 28 McSeely. Michael DB 5-9 170 4 30 Taylor, Aubrey RB 6-3 220 1 32 Murphy. Thomas RB 6-0 185 3 33 Holland. Alfred RB 5-11 200 4 34 Scotl. Ronald RB 6-1 205 1 35 Barnhill. Howard DB 5-11 175 2 36 Bellamy. Terry DB 6-1 190 2 37 Brown. Ralph DB 5-10 180 4 43 Medley. William RB 5-9 180 4 45 McKie. Morris DB 6-3 215 4 47 Bell. Charles DB 6-1 180 3 48 Blue. William LB 5-11 218 3 51 .Aiken. Ronald C 5-11 235 2 53 Merrick. James DT 6-2 250 54 Pridgen. Daryl LB 5-10 185 55 Crosby. Joseph LB 6-3 215 56 Harris. George LB 6-2 210 58 Simmons. Jerome LB 5-11 187 60 Hariston. John OG 6-0 230 61 Porchia. Anthonv MLB 6-2 225 62 Wall. Gerrall OT 6-1 225 63 Bloomfield. Joseph C 5-11 214 64 Jones. Nolan OT 6-4 245 65 Roberts, Charles DT 6- 245 66 Nettles, Dwight DT 6-1 230 67 Pride. Clayton OT 6-3 250 69 Wilson. .Antonio DT 6-0 231 70 Simpson. .Maurice OT 6-3 245 71 Christian. Stanley OG 5-10 198 73 Brown. Wheeler DT 6-2 235 74 Brown. David OT 6-0 240 75 Boone, Arthur DT 6-3 240 76 King. Johnny C 6-2 228 77 Morgan. Ronald DE 6-3 244 78 Jackson. Jeffrey DE 6-3 240 79 Roberts. Greg DT 1 235 80 Jones. Willie LB 6-4 206 81 Holland. Jearold DE 6-3 235 82 Westmoreland. Rod WR 5-9 160 84 Henderson. Mike TE 6-4 225 85 Westmoreland. Stanley WR 6-2 190 86 Kendrick. Joe WR 6-1 185 87 Alston. Louis LB 6-2 230 88 Tuck. Ronald DE 6-3 245 89 Fuller. Rachon TE 6-2 225 90 Bennett. Walter TE 6-1 200 91 Bostick. Clinton LB 5-11 195 93 Coefield, Jeff WR 5-8 150 2 HOMETOWN Monch ' s Corners. S. C Houston. Texas Greensboro. N. C Norwood. N. C. Gaithersburg. Md. St. Matthew S. C. Roanoke. Va. Charlotte. N. C. Charlotte, N C Baltimore. Md. Charlotte. N. C. Newport News. Va. Valdosota, Ga. Bronwick. Ga. Washington. D. C. Asbury Park. N. J. Roanoke. ' a. Victoryville. Calif. Charlotte. N. C. Charlotte. N. C. Greensboro. N. C Charlotte. N C. Greensboro, N. C. Greensboro, N. C Charlotte. N C Monch ' s Corners. S. C. New York City Newark. N. J. Charlotte. N. C. Greenville, N C. Monch ' s Corners. S. C. Charlotte, N. C Monch ' s Corners. S. C. Rockingham. N.C. Rockingham, N. C, Greenville, S. C Roanoke. N. C Slier City, N C. Charlotte, N. C Shelby N. C Washington. D. C Lithonia. Ga. Baltimore, Md, Atlanta, Ga. Durham. N. C. Fayetteville, N. C. Franklington, N. C Atlanta, Ga. Spindale. N. C. Greensboro. N C. Roanoke. Va. Greensboro. A " . C. Canton, Miss. Charlotte. N C. Charlotte. N C Greensboro. N. C. Philadelphia. Pa. Greensboro. N. C. Jacksonville, Fla. Rockingham. N. C. Kinston. N. C. 95 North Carolina A T Ail-American Candidate ,. K.,ia fc ' 97 m mmmm Paul McKibbins Paul is considering a pro football career in the National Football League. 98 Leonard Reliford Reliford was one of the most graceful throwers in the conference. The Iacon,Ga. native is one of the new breed of versatile athletes, participating competitively in both football and basketball during his collegiate career. 99 100 He may very ire be the best all-around athletic performer in Aggie history. The Roanoke, la. native finished fourth his junior year among MEAC rushers, and second in punting his senior year. An All-American baseball pitcher, he uas tops among C.-L4 hurlers in strikeouts averaging 14.3 whiffs a game to go icith a 0.93 earned run average. 101 5 I wm ' i Artis Stanfield A speed merchant, Stanfield was All-MEAC as a junior racking up 336 yards on just 17 cati Excellent academically, the Burlington f l. C. natii flashed his athletic versatility as a baseball stando leading the nation in two categories, batting witi average and in stolen bases. 102 103 a Michael Edwards 104 John Hairston Hairston, a native of Charlotte, A ' .C, combined both quickness and strength for the Aggie interior line and was one of the best blocking guards for the pass in the MEAC. In " must " situations, the Aggies ran behind John for needed yardage. m mm % »« M m Hiiie i i itiiiit ii ' .«i i i B ' ' 105 i vh ■ ' ' kissm ist0Mimimm 106 S : • 107 J r ta i I Dwight Nettles A co-captain last fall, Nettles was the backbone of the tough Aggie defensive interior. The physical education major from Siler City, N.C. came to A T as a Navy veteran, and emerged as a real gridiron leader. His noteworthy ability as the Aggie place kicker will be missed. ' ,«BKtc3ii« 108 109 s I The I aldosta, Ga. native served as Aggie grid co-captain and earned his way to a first team All-MEAC berth last fall. He led the team in interceptions tvith six. John combined speed (4.6 in the tO) with a reputation for being one of the hardest hitters on the team. He trill be playing professional football next fall for the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League. no William ;;; if f -jmfM I I If U B L. Wk A ?i lU •fc Vince Butler Sinclair Colbert Lon Smith N. C. A T STATE UNIVERSITY BASKETBALL ROSTER 1975 No, Name Ht. Wt. Class P Home town 24 Boone. Dexter 6-6 185 3 F Richmond, VA 50 Buller. Vincent 6-4 200 3 F Winston-Salem. NC 40 Boulware. Gary 6-3 175 2 G-F High Point. NC 10 Blackwell. Arthur 6-4 180 2 G-F Detroit. Mich. 4 Chanmberlain. C. 6-3 180 1 G Jeanette, PA 52 Colbert. Sinclair 6-10 215 3 C High Point. NC 42 Johnson. Caleb 6-5 175 G Asheboro. NC 30 Johnson. Ronald 6-7 185 3 F Chester. PA 32 Parham. Stanley 6- 1 170 4 G Washington. D.C. 54 Reliford. Leonard 6-5 210 3 F Macon, G.4 12 Perry. Raymond 6-0 175 3 G Franklinton, NC 44 Smith. Lon 6-7 235 3 F Greensboro, NC 24 Spruill. Allen 6-5 185 4 G New Bern. NC 20 Sparrow. James 6-6 185 I F Brooklyn. NY 45 Barnes. Raymond 6-4 203 2 F Patterson, NJ TRAINERS: .Art Word and Chris .Allen 116 i Dexter Boone Ron Johnson Ray Perry N.C. A T STATE UNIVERSITY BASKETBALL TEAM 1975 1975 M.E.A.C CHAMPIONS " 3 out of 4 times ain ' t bad " 117 ' I SEN :rgg A % m North Carolina A T Ail-American Candidate A word from his coach, Warren Reynolds " In a one-on-one situation, he is unstoppable! On defense, I ' ll put him on the opposition ' s best. " 119 h 11 ? 120 B S I Bt I p l 1 l jHj kHI I HI fc i Ml I: ' I a - - LO LD D Coach Pridgen BUK P-iT ■ IT Ei ' ' UocE AM3 £- NUMBER POSITION HEIGHT CLASS Sylvia Deloalch 25 Guard 5-5- 4 Ronetle Soward 13 Guard 5 ' 2 " 2 Joyce Spuriell 22 Forward 5 ' 4- 4 Eva Patterson 23 Forward 5 ' 9 " 2 Debra Boyette 21 Forward 5 ' 7 " Ivey Moody 10 Guard 5-6 " Lee Conyers 20 Forward yg- Janice Hooker 11 Forward 5-8 " Pauline Callahan 12 Forward yy. Lesia Pinnex 14 Forward 5-7 " Jeanette Marks 30 Guard yy. Gail Davis 15 Forward 5 ' 4 " James Pridgen. Coach James Means, Assistant William Sheffield Scorer 125 Mclvin Fair Darnell Glover 1 1 126 Robert Brown Svlvesier H ' llkms NAME Charles Simmons Joseph Windley Rodney James Willie Middlebrook Roosevelt Hilton Russell L. Walker Larry A. Taylor Robert Brown Darnell Glover Melvin Fair Rodney Brewington Horace McDonald Steven Graves Sylvester Wilkins Eric Harris Arthur Boone Ike Smith Thomas Lucas Clinton Bos tic George Harris Anthony Fox Bernard Leake Kenny Maxwell CLASS 3 4 1 I 3 1 1 4 4 4 1 1 1 4 1 2 1 1 2 4 2 2 2 WEIGHT 118 126 126 118 134 126 134 134 142 150 150 150 167 158 142 HVY HVY 158 177 190 167 167 124 127 Enc Harris Horace McDonald Anthony Black Ike Smith Charles Simmons Sieve Graves DARNELL GLOVER AND MEL VIN FAIR IN ACTION! w - ' ' F ] ■ ■ MOMI VlSitO ' ' fe JL. ]29 GILBERT CASTER LOW | Instructor r- ' . f_ n " • ;_ - ' t » AL HOLLAND JOHNNY POMPEY EARNEST GASKINS ill 1: 0 FT R C ' " ' 4atiL_ ' - " 4 BR l . « »%« im)i THOMAS KIMBER WILLIE MORRISON KIRK CROOMES 4 f 9 ■.i«ES.rtU ' ' ' , a t- A o. NAMES 1 James Jeffries 2 Raymond Perry 3 Dexter Thompson 4 Marvin Dorsey 5 Kirk Groomes 7 Larry Taylor 8 Rodney Westmoreland 9 Willie Morrison 10 Patrick Matthews 11 Kenneth Smith 12 Thomas Kimber 14 Ralph Brown 15 Ernest Gas kins 16 Rodney Hairston 17 Al Holland 18 Keltz Summers 19 John Pompay 20 Alfonzo Hill 21 Samuel Fletcher 23 Crawford Cur ley Coach: Mel Groomes Manager: Cephus Kimble Statistian: Anthony Riley P 2B 2B C OF CF C SS-P 3B P-IB P P LF RF P P IB 2B P P 3B 135 V COACH GROOM ES (Above) WITH SENIORS AL HOLLAND, ERNEST GAS KINS, RALPH BROWN, PATRICK MATTHEWS AND RODNEY HAIRSTON. 3 V ?-.;;-ia: " V.,2x-? ' i m i A THLETIC A WARDS SPECIAL 1974-75 BASKETBALL Most Valuable Allen Spruill Most Improved. Sinclair Colbert Leadership Ronald Johnson Hustle Raymond Perry FOOTBALL Most Improved. James Merrick Most Valuable Alfred Holland Leadership David Brown Hustle Antonio Wilson BASEBALL Most Valuable Alfred Holland Most Improved. Ralph Brown Leadership Alfred Holland Hustle Raymond Perry WRESTLING Most Valuable Roosevelt Hilton Most Improved. Steven Graves Leadership Melvin Fair Hustle Charles Simmons TRACK Most Valuable Rickey Majette Most Improved. Byron Kearney Leadership Rickey Majette Hustle James Easter TENNIS Most Valuable Christopher Allen Most Improved. Tho mas Davis Leadership Ronald Piatt Hustle Terry Tyler RIFLERY Most Improved. Charles Gray Most Valuable Wilbert Stancel Leadership Owen Black Hustle Clinton Green BOOSTERETTES HIGHEST ACADEMIC A WARDS Baseball Rodney Hairston Basketball Stanley Parham Football Joseph Kendricks Track David Blue Riflery Owen Black Cheerleading Beryl Jones Wrestling Melvin Fair Tennis Ogden Harper i « i«w .j M 1 . ,4 :,:: - .Aaron. Joseph " Kappa Joe " Polilical Science Raleigh Ahruins. MiTu C olhing and Textiles Hartford. Conn. Atkinson. Marilyn English Education Peekskill. N. Y. Adkinson. Stephanie Home Economics Education Raeford .Albert. Nadine M. A Id ridge. Glenda Therapeutic Dietetics Art Education Fair Haven. N. J. Dudley Alexander. Charles M. .Alexander, Rose Alexander. Willie •Air- Allen. Christopher Business Administration French Education Recreation Recreation Charlotte Greensboro High Point Chapel Hill 144 Allen. John .M HI .Allen. Joyce Business .Administration Economics Henderson Raleigh Alston. Barbara Early Childhood Education Rocky Mount Ambrose. Franklin J. Anderson. David Anderson. Hosea. Professional Mathematics Psychology Political Science Bel haven Durham Jacksonville, Fla. Anderson. Norris Anderson. Vernon Anthony, Jackie Appling. Margi History Education Architectural Engineering Recreation Social Services Salisbury Philadelphia, Pa. Washington. D. C. Charlotte Arrington. Chand R. Clothing. Textiles Related Arts Apex Arrington, Norine Avery. Deborah Avery. Johnnie Nursing Office Administration Early Childhood Education Louisburg Greensboro Rock Hill. 5. C Bailey, Carolyn Bailey. Dorothy I. Bailey. Raymond D. Accounting Psychology Political Science Raleigh Winston-Salem Kingston. Jamaica 145 ill Baker. Dellon History Education Gales Baldwin. Lionell Business Administration Ashe bury Banks. Belly N. Office Administration Thomasville Banks. Mildred Political Science Raleigh Barber. Preston History Education Rock Hill. S. C Banner. Jesse C. Jr. Professional Biology Concord Barden. Bernard Business Administration Newark. N. J. Barksdale. William Business Administration Charlotte Barbee. Ivory Accounting Burlington Barnes. Donald M. Accounting Goldsboro Barnes. Frederick Political Science Greensboro Barnes. Larry Agricultural Education Wilson Batchelor. Marlon Psychology Tarboro 146 Battle. Dexter O. Sociology Littleton Battle. Lin wood E. Industrial An Education Littleton Batts, Dons J. Professional Chemistry Rocky Mount Bazemore. Evelyn Nursing Windsor Beard, Barbara Agricultural Economics H ' ilson Beasley. Deborah Clothing. Textiles Related Ar, Nashville Beatty. Teri P. Beck. Gretchen T. Bell. Carolyn Bell. Dottie V. Business Education Professional Chemistry Early Childhood Education Thomasville Greenville, S. C Durham Bell. Margarett J. Bellamy. Donald L. Bennett. Claudette E. Clothing. Textiles Related Arts Business Administration Sociology Greensboro Shallote Greensboro 147 Bcnneli. William C. Jr. Business Administration Wadesboro Bernard. Judy G. Early Childhood Education Bolivia Bernard. Teddy Agricultural Education Bolivia Beiheu. Deborah Early Childhood Education Fayetteville Biggs. Mary Professional Biology WiUiamston Bines, Eddie Black. Anthony Music Accounting Winston-Salem Red Springs Black Marietta " Charlie " Black. Owen " Duck " Blackmore. Jacqueline Nursing Political Science History Education Florence. S. C. Raeford Warsaw Blount. Donnie Art Education Englehard Blue, Randolph Business Administration San ford Bolden. C harlye L. Physical Education Homerville. Ga. 148 Booker. Deborah Nursing Winslon-Salem Booker. Saundra Tapp Art Education Greensburo Bostic. Gwendolyn Jackson Springs Bowden. Florence History Education Siler City Bowden, Rev. James E Community Mental Health Greensboro Bowden, Blannie Agricultural Education R lege I wood Boyd, Larry V. Art Design Man son Boyette. Evelyn Business Education Faison dshear. Elvena L. Bradv. Evelyn Brandon. Ken DeCarlo Brewington. Carlton " Goosey iness Administration Psychology Industrial Tech. Electronics Psychology ' die Hills Seagrove Durham Goldsboro Bright. Lula Broidy. Freddy L. Brooks. Otis Business Education Political Science Professional History Goldsboro Scotland Neck Gaston 149 Brooks. Paulelle Business Education Kings Mountain Brower, Dwight Business Administration Cameron Brown. Allen Business Administration Queens. N. Y. III I Brown. Anthony Business Administration Queens. N. Y. Brown. Brenda Nursing Greenwood. S. C. Brown. Cynlhta Accounting Hyattsville. MD. Brown. James A. Electrical Engine Manning. S. C. Brown. Jo Mar Nursing Washington. D. C. Brown. Joyce A. Psychology Weldon Brown. Phyllis " Phylly Bee " Professional Biology Williamston Brown, Joyce C. Business Education Roanoke. ' a. Brown. Larmont Psychology New Bern Brown. Ralph " Rap " Recreation Greensboro Brown. Randolph Mechanical Engineering Robersonville 150 I Brown. Robert Brown. Sandra " Sankie " Bryant. Barrion Political Science Professional Biology Political Science RobersonviUe H ' inslon-Salem Vanceboro Bryant. Horace " AH " Psychology Wilmington Bull. Curtis J. Professional Chemistry Kingstree. S. C. Bullock. Daniel Jr Business Administration Greenville Bullock. John H Jr. Political Science Manson Burnetie. Linda Burnette. Mae Frances Burnetie, Peter Bumev. A. Michelle Business Administration Business Education Industrial Technology Business Education Roanoke Rapids Graham Burlington Ayden Bumey. Josephus Burns. Sharon Political Science Professional Biology Ayden Fayetteville Burton. Margareii Nursing ■ Ifigh Point 251 It Buiier. Aijcrtn Electrical Engineering Washington. D. C. Butler. James Industrial Technology Washington. D. C Bynum, Sherlock Business Administration Rocky Mount Byrd. Janet Rowena Mechanical Engineering Aikcn. S. C Callahan. Pauline Physical Education Greenville, S. C. Caddell. Deborah Business Administration Robbins Campbell. Ricky " Trick " Accounting Bridgeport. Conn. Caldwell. Patty Early Childhood Education Thomasville Cannady, Brenda Professional English Raleigh Caldwell, Theodore Professional Chemistry Winston-Salem Cannon. Donna Early Childhood Education St. Petersburg. Fla. Carlos. Octavia Social Services Bronx. N. Y. Carlton. Daniel Jr. Agricultural Education Ml. Olive Carlton. Janice Lee Health d Physical Ed. Farmville 152 Carney. Belinda Carney. Gloria Health Physical Ed. English Farmville Newport News. Va Caihey. Denise Professional History Charlotte Cavanaugh. Anita Home Economics Education Whiteville Carter. Kenny B. Electrical Engineering Ha velock Chapman, Ruth Clothing. Textiles Related Arts Kinslon Chatman. Hallet C. Jr. Professional History Currituck Cheek. Emma Cheston. Theresa Clark. Rosa Clark. Sarah Early Childhood Education Clothing. Textiles Related Arts Nursing Political Science Brown Sum mi! Greensboro Roanoke. Va. Kinston Clinton. Ronald Business Administration Durham Cogdell. Wanda Colbert. Cortez " Chuck: Nursing Business Administration Goldsboro High Point 153 Colberi. Sinclair Business Administralion High Point Coleman. Anderia. D. Business Administration Charlotte Coleman. Shelia History Education Charlotte Cooke. Jerry C. Jr. Business Administralion Goldsboro Cooke. Percy C. Art Design Wake Forest Cooper. Elton M. Business Administration Lake City S. C Cooper. Linda Home Economics Education Garland Copeland. William Electrical Engineering Portsmouth, Va. Corbett. Joyce Social Services Hurdle Mills Corbett. Patricia Psychology Hillsboro Coston. Carolyn Early Childhood Education Rose Hill Council. Mary Home Economics Education Stantonsburg Council. Thomas Q. Industrial Arts Green vUle Cowan. Hugh Architectural Engineering Trout man 154 1 r Coward. .Uan ' U English Education Gainesville. Fla. Cox. Deborah Business Admmisiration Farm ville Crawford. Christine Professional English Greensboro Creecy. BUI Health Physical Ed. Hartford Crocker. Carolyn G. Psychology Greensboro Cross, Wandz Psychology Lexington Curley. James Professiona l Biology Greensboro Dailey Ralph Phillip Social Services Roanoke Rapids Dalton. Faye English Education Madison Daniels. Bobby " Rob " Business Administration Goldsboro Darden. ' eronda Business Administration Greensboro Darien. Khanyisilc E. L. Community Mental Health Tampa. Fla. Davis. Anzell Maurice Professional Biology Garysburg Davis. Bernudftte Early Childhood Education High Point 155 Davis. C eo a Clothing Textiles Raleigh Davis, Craig A. Business Administration High Point Davis. Geraldine Business Education Bladenboro Davis, Kenneth Business Administration Whileville Davis, Maudie History Education Tabor City Davis. Oakley Davis, Vernon Early Childhood Education Economics Greensboro Tillery Dean, Deborah D. Debnam, Henry Community Mental Health Electronics Greensboro Raleigh Degraphenreid, Robert History Ashe vi lie DeJurnetle. Frances Business Administration Greensboro 156 Deloalch, Sandra Psychology Ma rgareits ville Dickens. Joe Agricultural Education Tarboro Dickens. Paula M. Business Administration Roxboro r ■■■■ ■ ' 1:1 Vi Dixon, Sandra S. Dolbern: Boniia Danes. Peggy Chemisiry Early Childhood Educaiion . ursing Ayden Oak Ciiy Reidsville Dorsey. Marvin L. Business Administration Baltimore. Md. Dnskell Gayle Accounting Greensboro Driskell. Terry E. Early Childhood Education Greensboro Dubose. Dora E. Dudley. Carnell Dunn. Lee E. Jr. Dunn. Marylene Community Mental Health Psychology Business Administration An Education Pleasant Garden More head City Raleigh Snowhill Duren. Vanessa T. " Van " Durham. Lester H. Durham. Vivian Business Administration Soil Science Clothing. Textiles Related Arts Winston-Salem Goldsboro Mt. Olive 157 Ealon. Jesse Psycho log} ' Edseson. George Jr. Industrial A rls Sparianshurg. S. C Cynthia Edmond Psychology Atfapulgus. Go. I S Edwards, Cecilia Professional Chemistry Magarettsville Edwards, Joyce P. Business Education Jackson Edwards. Michael Industrial Arts Education Newport News, I ' a. Elkins. Beretha R. Business A dministration Mt. Vernon. N. Y. : Ellis. Gwendolyn M. Emory, Linda Ervin. Osaie Waddell Estes. Rohyn Early Childhood Education Early Childhood Education Physical Education Social Services Salisbury Ahoskie Morganlown Greensboro Evans. Michael L Evans. Priscilla Everett. Carolyn Early Childhood Education Business Education English Educatic Bronx, N. Y. Laurinburg Laurinburg 158 Eve re 1 1. Gail Exum, Gladvs Fair. Mel Nursing English Education Physical Education Goldsboro Tarboro High Point Faison, Alderman J. Political Science Clinton Faison. Mary B. Therapeutic Dietetics Clinton Faison, Renee D. Business Administration Rocky Mount Faison, Rose Nursing Garysburg Fanning. Marvin Farmer. David L. Farmer. Hazel S. Farmer. Jimmie Lewis Business Administration Business Administration Early Childhood Education Agricultural Education Chattanooga. Tenn. Greensboro Hall ax Wilson Farrow. Stephanie Felton. Keith E. Fenn. Anita Business Education Business Administration Social Services Raleigh Winlon Fayetteville 159 ' r uson. Daphne Ferguson. Frederick Ferguson. ' illie A. ro cssional Biology Economics Arciutectural Engineering iigh Point FayeileviUe Charleston. S. C. |:l ' Fields. Linda Fields. Lue Esther Flemming. Ronald S. Flemming. Ruby Business Education Sursmg Sociology Sociology Durham Henderson Salisbury Salisbury Flemons, Keith Flowers. Jesse Foote, Windell Lewis Forbes. Doris L. Industrial Technology Business Administration Accounting Clothing. Textiles Related Arts Washington. D. C, Lilesville Mocksville New Bern Forbes. Linda F. Ford, Cecil Ford. Marsha Business Administration Chemistry Clothing Textiles Stanionsburg Whiteville Richmond. Va. 160 Foushee Kenneih Political Science Fayetteville Foy. Brenda G. Social Services Mathews Frazier. Ronnie Electrical Engineering Charlotte Freeman, Dorothy V. French. Stella Frink. Brenda Frink. Harriet Professional Biology Early Childhood Education Earlv childhood Education Nursing Bell Arthur Graham Chadbourn South Port Funderburke. Jewell Social Services Mathews Gadsten. Constance Business Education Charleston. S. C Caddy. Betty Nursing Wadesboro Gaddy. LaVern Art Design Durham Gaines, Gwendolyn Nursing Vaux Hall. N. J. Gaines. Robert Gregory Accounting Wilmington Gaines. Varnell Mechanical Engineering Augusta. Ga. 161 it, Galbreaih. James Accouming Rcil Spring Garretl. Matthew Electrical Engineering Philadelphia. ' Pcnn. Garvin. Thomas E. Health Physical Ed. High Point Gil riore. Patricia Nursing Reidsville Gladman. Robert , Jr. Mechanical Engineering Augusta. Ga. 162 n i - ' . Glenn. George Agricultural Education Rougemont Glover. Benjamin L. Economics Oxford ' Bennie " Glover. Darnell Business .Administration Burlington Glover. Darrell D. Business Administration Atlanta. Ga. Gains. Deborah R Psychology Gastonia Coins. Sandra Early Childhood Ed. Ramseur Goodman. Edna Clothing Textiles Clinton Gordon. Craig A. Political Science Southern Pines Gram. Marian Office Administration Seaboard Graves. Charles R. Mechanical Engineering li ' aterbury. Conn. Graves. Melvin Jake Plant Science Brown Summit Green. Carolyn Social Services Belhaven Grt ' ent. Gennette Business Administration Bolton 163 Gregory. Floyd W. Jr. Grimes. George Grimsley. Ernest Physical Education Political Science Business Administration ni h Pom! Winterville Ayden Grinnage. Deborah Guin, Carmey Gunler. Jeraldine Hairston. L. Faye Health Physical Ed Business Administration Early Childhood Ed Psychology Wilmington. Del. Mathews Reidsville Bassett. Va. Hairston. John Hairston. Rodney Haiih. George Hall. Felton Industrial Arts. Educaiiun Business Administration Political Science Accounting Charlotte Martinsville. Va. Greensboro Whiteville Hall. Jeanne Hall. Yvonne Hamilton. Glenda Child Development Clothing. Textiles Related Arts Business Administration Greensboro Cleveland Trenton, N. J. 164 Hampton, John " Pukee " Recreation Valdosta. Go. Hannon. Barbara " Ben " ' Early Childhood Ed. Erig ewood. . J. Hansley. Gloria Community Menial Health H ' llmington Harding. Dexter Professional Biology Pleasant Hill Hardy. Phyllis Yvonne Business Administration Greensboro Hargis. Sharon Early Childhood Ed. Atlantic. City. -V Hargrave. Leathea B. Psychology Lexington Harper. Gail Business Administration Lenoir Harrington. Vickie Therapeutic Dietetics Portsmouth. Va. Harris. Carlton Accounting Williamsion Harris. George Business Administration Greenville Harris. Linwood Industrial Technology Winterville Harris. Mary B. Early Childhood Ed. Siler City Harris, William Business Administration ReidsviUe 165 Harris. WiUmm F. Jr. Harrison. Carolyn Hart. Otis C. Archiieclural Engineering Business Administration Political Science Salisbury Greenwood. S. C. Henderson Hatcher. Kalhy S. Hawes. Norma J. Ha why. Colonel L Hayes. Floyd M. Social Services Home Economics Ed. Business Administration Professional Biology Ml. Airy Augusta. Ga. Oxford Creed moor Hayes. Sandra Psychology High Pom I Haves. Sarah Haywood. Orriii Hay Hedgcpelh. Yvoiin Early Childhood Ed. Art Design Social Services High Poini Raleigh Halifax Henderson. George Jr. Business Administration Henderson Henry. Cathie .Inn Speech Theater Burgaw Herring. Carlleena Home Economics Ed. Waterbury. Conn. 166 Higgins. Vanessa Social Services li ' !ns!on-SaIcn7 Hill. Barbara Early Childhood Ed. Porismouih. I ' a. Hill, Brenda Clothing. Texriles Related Arts ii ' ashingion. D. C. Hill. Gwendolyn Child Development Asheboro Hill. Lawrence Douglas Business Adrninislration Faveiteville Hines. Ellis M Business Administration Granlsboro Hinton. Lemuel W. Economics Raleigh Hipps. iVilliam L. Agricultural Economics Chesterfield. S. C. Hoff. William B. J. Edgar ' ' Electrical Engineering Columbia. S. C Hodges. .Xfargueriie Psvchology Dudlev Holiday. Matilda Petrice French Education Wilson Holland. JoAnn Psychology Roanoke, Va. Holloway. Fayette Art Education Wilson 267 Hood. Gail Business Administration Greensboro Howard. Faye Business Education Kiiire i Howell. Vincent Wyalt Industrial Technology Shelby Huggins. Soma D. Social Services Ft. Barnwell Hunter. Fame a Political Science Charlotte Jackson. Deodra C. English Education Portsmouth, V ' a. Jackson. Joan E. History Education Charlotte Jackson. Robert Jr. Political Science Greensboro Jackson. Wyvonia Business Administration Winston-Salem Jejferson, Wayne Music Education Goldsboro Jeffries. Marva R. Nursing Milton Jeffries. Theresa Arnida Jenkins. Howard Le ■11 Jenkins. Jacqueline E. Political Science Political Science Business Education Greensboro Weldon Halifax 168 m fe ' Jenkins. James Jenkins. Patricia Jenkins, Ronnie Industrial Technology Psychohgv History Education Pi net ops Gretna, l- ' a. Winihlhfnv Johnson. Angela J ohnson. Beverly f. Johnson. Dale Johnson, John W. Jr Business Education Nursing Political Science Business Administration Reidsville Goldsboro Richmond. Va. McLeansville Johnson, Mary Clothing. Textiles Related Arts Winston-Salem Johnson. Sandra History Education Rex Johnson. Tonya Political Science Wilmington Johnson. Tilda Political Science Sanford Jones. Beryl Physical Education Portsmouth. Va. Jones. Delphine Early Childhood Ed. Wendell Jones. Douglas Mechanical Engineering Spartanburg. S. C. tm: 169 Jo)K ' s. Floyd T. Jones. Jean Jones. Kathleen " Kai Accounting Poliiical Science History Education Spring Lake Salisbury Washington. D. C. Jones. Kaihy Professional Biology Tabor City Jones. .Mary J. Social Services Salisburv Jones, Odell Social Services Greensboro Jones. Theodora .-J. Business Administration Charleston, S. C. Joyner. Lavetta Recreation Rocky Mount Justice. Lenis Industrial Technology Durham Kearney. Gloria Business Education Franklinlon Kearse, Carolyn Business Administration High Point Keenheel. Mark Kelly. Daphne Sociology Business Administration Philadelphia. Penn. Greensboro Kendricks. Joe Recreation Charlotte Kilgorc. Charles Professional Biology Greenville. S. C. Kinnard. Linda Physical Education Greenwood. S. C. King. David Business Administration Durham King, Johnnie Polirical Science Fayeiteville ■ Lacewell. Eddie Agricultural Education Riegelwood Landy. Gwendolyn Early Childhood Ed. Aiken. S. C. Langsion. Lal ' erne Xursing Suffolk. Va. Lassiler. Charlie Art Design Gales Lazier. Carol Business Education Miami, Fla. Leath. V ' erlyn Early Childhood Ed. Burlington 171 ' ' I 1 1! i Leonard. Douglas LeSane. John L Political Science Music Rocky Aft. Chad hum Lewis. Agatha Psychology Elizabethlown Lewis. Malcolm L. Architectural Engineering Winston-Salem McAllister. Virginia Business Administration Jacksonville McCain. Marcella Community Mental Health Greensboro McClease. Darlene Home Economics Ed en ton McClure. Eddie History Education Charlotte McCorkle. Joan History Education High Point McCoy. Clarella Child Development Greensboro McCoy. Gloria Business Administration EairmonI 172 McCov. Henrv P. Jr. McCrav. Sandra McCrae. Dorotfn Business Administration Business Education Art Education Hampton. V ' a. Phmfield N. Durham ■ McCullough. Greta Art Education High Point McDonald. Brenda Home Economics Education High Point McDow. Barbara McDowell. Frank III ursing Mechanical Engineering Raleigh Greensboro McGill. John Mclnnis, Gloria Mclver, Dianne McKeithan, Dana Agricultural Economics Business Education Earlv Childhood Education Recreation Gastonia High Point San ford eH- Rochelle. N. Y. ' ■ I McKibbins. Paul Recreation Atlanta. Ga. McLamb. Betiv Jo McLean, Brenda M. English Education Business Education Clinton Raeford 173 I I McLean. Cvnthia McLean. Juaniiu McLean. Thurman Muih Eduiutton ursing Psychology Linco nlon Luunnburg Dunn McLean. H ' illic E Social Service Dunn McLeod. Alan Business .Administration Laita. S. C McXcil. Anthony History Dunn McScil. Robert Junior Political Science Laiia. S. C. McPhatici . Barbara Mcpherson. Mar ene McRae. Carl McRae. Delores " Dee Dee . ursing Early Childhood Education Business Administration Business Admintslralion Raeford High point Rowland Booklyn. N. Y. i " Muck. Alfred Mann. Johnny Mann ess. Phillip Speech Theatre Arts Business .4dminntratio i Recreation Svaard. Switzerland Louisburg Washington. D. C. 174 Manns. Donald Hislorv Education Braddock, Pa. Marcellus. Ceai H. Ill Early Childhood Education High Point Martin. Anne Clothing. Textiles Related Arts Greensboro .Martin. Jesse J. Martin. John K. Martin. Kathv Martin. Melva R Social Services Physical Education Clothing. Textiles Related Arts Economics Eden Henderson Baltimore. Md. West field Martin. Mitchell Mason. James E. Jr. Matter. Peggv Mathews. .Angela C. Accounting English Earlv Childhood Education Psvchologv McLeansville Gaston ia Sedalia Jacksonville. Fla. Mathews. Michael Mathews. Patrick Mattison. Sharon C. Electronics Recreation Earlv Childhood Education Queens. N. Y. Miami. Fla. Washington. D. C. 175 Maxwell. Barbara Sursing . cn-pori Xews. Va. Mays, Angela V. Social Services Tarboro Means. James " Squirrel " Recreation Cleveland. Ohio Mcbane. William Eric Business Administration Greensboro Medley. William L. Physical Education Charlotte Melton. Mavis Ann Early Childhood Education Ahoskie Mickens. Brenda " Mickey ' ' Nursing Goldsboro M tiler. Mary Accounting Philadelphia. Pa. Miller. Michael R Economics Los Angeles. Cal. Miller. Tyrone H. Professional English Greensboro Milton. Paul Business Administration Gibsonville Mitchell. Catherine Community Mental Health Greensboro Mitchell. Ray Business Administration Baltimore. Md. Mitchell. Roland Horticulture Ahoskie 176 Mitchell, Ve iita Nursing Martinsville. Va. Monger, Marion Professional Chemistry Murfreesboro Monroe. Richard A. Architectural Engineering Laurel Hill Montford. Rosa Business Administration Jackson ville Moore. Arthur D. Professional Biology Dunn Moore, Bryant M. Professional Chemistry Kenansville Moore, Charlsie Art Design High Point Moore. Deborah A. Moore. Jacqueline Clothing. Textiles Related Arts Moore. Nadine " Sis " Business Administration Columbus. Ga. Moorehead. Pamela Nursing Eden Morgan. Bowanna English Education Greensboro Morgan. Dennis Political Science Reidsville Morrison. Shelia Social Services New Hill 177 Murphy, feriice Business Administralion Godwin Murphy. Thomas Physical Education Ashbury. N. J. Nance. Clayton B. Physical Education Greensboro Nance. Lloyd G. Business Administration High Point Nash. Cassandra Physical Education Greensboro Neal. Tony C Business Education Greensboro Neely. Horace B. Business Administration Greensboro Nettles. Diane W. Business Administration Moncure Newsome. Carolyn K Home Economics Education Ahoskie Newton. Herbert Political Science Launnburg Nichols. Janet E Therapeutics Dietetics Fairmont 178 . ob es. Larry R, Oakman. Laurence " Philly Que- O ' Bridu!. Harold VB Industrial Arts Education Social Services Industrial Education Kinston Philadelphia Pa. Roxboro Oliver. William Agricultural Education Clinton Owens. Alexander III Political Science Danville. V ' a. Owens, Donald R. Art Design Clinton Palmer. Sammie L. Accounting Wilmington Parham. Stanley Recreation Washington. D. C Parker. Ava Early Childhood Ed Jackson ville Parker. Demetrice L Art Education Kinston Parker. Jerry A. Biology Tar bora Parker. Mack B. Chemistry Ml Gilead Patrick, Imogene Sursing Hamlet Patrick, Ivonia Pro fessional Biology Greensboro 179 ! " ; PalruK-McDoKald. Pamela frctuh Ediicution Bronx. . y. Patterson. Marilyn Patterson. Michael ' ' Perk Man Sursing Business Administration Ham let Ashevi le Patterson. Millon Patterson. Rubin L. Peace. Joyce Penny. Ronald G. Political Science Professional Biology Social Services Eccnomics Troy Lenoir Durham Raleigh Perkins. Elretha J. Perkins. Harry Perry. Carolyn Clothing Textiles Economics Accounting Eden Leland Raleigh Peterson. Ella Business Administretion Belhaven Phillips. Jerry Lewis Business Administration Franklinlon Pickens. Deborah Business Administration Winston-Salem Pierce. John . Jr Professional Chemistry Williams ton 180 i Pinkney, Janice Business Education Rocky Ml. Pinson, Loretta G. Nursing Pills. Vanessa Nursing Philadelphia. Penn. Powell. Tonya Office Administraiion Whiteville Plummer. Charles Political Science Baltimore. Md. Pratt. Eunice Early Childhood Ed. Easton. Pa. Pippen. Lindora Home Economics Education Tarboro Poe. Henry J. HI Math Charlotte Pratt. Michael History Education Charlotte Pollard. Lin wood Economics Raleigh Preston. Carl W. Nursing Martinsville. I ' a. Price. Phillip Price. Wallac Industrial Technology Recreation Wendell Siler City Pndgeon. Chauncey " P.P. ' Political Science Raleigh 181 Pugh. P. J. Business Administralion Grcemboro Quarles. Shirley Nursing McCormick Ragsdale. George E. ' Rags " Recreation Baltimore. Md. Randolph. Naomi Psychology Bolivia Rankin. Gloria Nursing Stalesville Rasayon. Niyanakoko Psychology Wilson Ray, Dorothy Community Mental Health Greensboro Rector. Sherri Therapeutic Dietetics Winston-Salem Reddrick. Corliss Nursing Durham Rasberry. Dorothy History Education Farmville Rhodes, Carl History Education Chicago. III. Rice, Michael Art Design Winston-Salem Richardson. Linda Nursing Castalia Richardson. Paula Speech Theatre Arts Chicago, III. 182 A Richmond. Barbara Richmond. Paincia A. Psychology Greensboro Richmond. Phyllis Business .4dminisiranon Mebane RiddicL Rhynda Industrial Arts Powellsville Ridley. Jarkiolent Early Childhood Ed. SorfolL I ' a. Robinson. Angela Speech Theatre Arts Greensboro Robinson, Brenda Clothing Textiles High Poi nt Riggsbee. Stephanie Early Childhood Ed. Washington. D. C. RMOtriion. Cart R. Accounting Raleigh Robinson. Delila L. Professional Biology Roseboro Roscoe. I ' lvian D Professional Math Gatesville Rodgers, Linda S. Rodgers. Rosalyn Rodgers. Broderick E. Professional English Social Services Mechanical Engineering Siler City Greensboro Raleigh 183 ' it i Rone. Angela Nursing Char lor te Roundlrce. Wilhum Professional Biology Winierville Rouson. Kalhy L. Social Services Greensboro Rowell, Jackie Y. Nursing Durham Rowland. Tyrone D. Industrial Technology Durham Royster, Cynthia Nursing Durham Rujfin. Velvet Social Service Raleigh Ryles. Denise A. Therapeutic Dietetics Washington. D. C Sadler. Ronnie Business Administration Gastoma Sampson. John L. Industrial Technology Philadelphia. Penn. Sandidge. .ihmid Professional History Pitlshuri;. Pa. Saultcr. Cynthia D. Saunders. Lou Saunders. Wdlie B. Jr .Accounting Professional Biology Psychology Raleigh High Point Winston-Salem 184 i Savage Charles Seabrooks. Thelmu Sessions. Barbara A An Design Food Admiiustruiion A ursmg IVhilcville Bridgeton. S. J. - fw Haven. Conn. Seward. Reneiia Nursing Andrews. S. C. Sharpe. Lonnie Jr. Mechanical Engineering Elm City Sharp ess. Marilyn R. Business Education Jacksonville Shaw. Clarence M. Jr. Political Science Wilmington Sheffield. William Recreation Rocky Ml Shepard. Deborah D. Social Service Greensboro Shropshire. Eunice D. Home Economics Education Charlotte Simmon. ' i. .Aaron D- Busmess Administration Kins ton Simmons. Dallas Simmons. Dwight Simmons. Jack HI Business Administration Economics Art Design Ml. Olive Whiteville High Point 185 Sitn non . Jo ' cphinc Early Childhood Ed. Washington. D. C. Simmons, Margurt ' i Rose Professional Biology Greensboro Singletary. Barbara D. Busmess Education White Ville Small. Pamela Early Childhood Ed. Williamston Smith. Barbara M. Math Education Eden Smith. Debra C Early Childhood Ed. Lei and Smith, Dewey W. Business Administration Winterville 186 Smith. Ophelia Business Education Rocky. Mt. Smith. Princess Clothing. Textiles d Related Arts Lin coin ton Smith. Rex Health Physical Education Bayboro Smoihe rson. John Political Science Concord Snipes. Roger E. Agricultural Education Chapel Hill Soulhcrland. Wihoiua Social Service Jackson ville Spaulding. Clifton C. Agricultural Education Clark ton Spaulding. Georgia Elementary Education Clark ton Spearman. Lawrence " Toto " Mechanical Engineering Nigeria. West Africa Spells. Irish D. Nursing Selma Spells. Marvin Economics Fremont Spivey. Shirley Sociology Wilson Spruill. Joyce Physical Education Greensboro Spruill. R. LaVern Stallings, Linda Starks. Cheryl Renee ' Pure Math English Education Business Administration Williamston Williamston Philadelphia. Penn. 187 Slaion. Ins Social Service Tarboro Sic vart. Howard C. Psychology Greensboro SlricK and. Gladys Earlv Childhood Ed. Fair Bluff Strickland. Roger Social Service Graham Slroman. Berdclla Psychology Marston Summers. Retha Business Administration LaG range Surgeon. Ronnie " Surge Political Science Greensboro Sutton. Rosanell Community Mental Health Greensboro Tal ord, Sylvia English Education Salisburv Taylor. Dallas L. Industrial Arts Ahoskie Talion. Ronnie Business Administration Greensboro Taylor. Rebecca Electrical Engineering Mt. Airy Tale. Ronnie Psychology Greensboro Teel. Anthony " Sportie " Professional Math Greenville 188 Teel. Sheila Early Childhood Education Greenville Terry. Robert H. Jr. Thigpen, Rochelle Professional Biology Chemistry Wilmington Thomas, Ann Music Education Bennetisville. S. C. Thomas, Donnell Accounting Gaston Thomas. Doris Psychology Thomas, Frances Business Administration Greensboro Thomas. Gaynell Home Economics Education Louisburg Thomas. Neddie Clothing Textiles Linden, S. J. Thompson. Joseph D. Business Administration Fairmont Thompson. Oglatha Early Childhood Education Raeford m Thompson. Rosa Early Childhood Education Rowland Thorne, Jacqueline Professional Math Rocky Ml Thorne. Jerry .Accounting Rocky Ml. 189 Torrence. Vivian D. Trouth. Evelyn Tuck. Ronald Business Adminisiration Nursing Accounting Gas ion ia Washington. D. C. Philadelphia. Pcnn Tucker. Lennard D. Turner, Nancy Political Science Nursing Winsion-Salcm Greensboro Tyler. Bettye Office .Administration Columbus. Go. Tyson. Annie Professional Math High Point Tyson. Jackie History Education Farm vllle Tyson. Lizzie, M. Psychology Farmville Tyson, Phyllis Early Childhood Education Farmville Underwood, Jacqueline Business .Administration Warsaw Vanstory. Pnscilla B. Social Service Roxboro Vines. James .4. Agricultural Education Tarboro Wade. William R. Art Education Columbia. Md. 190 Wagner. Davida Math Education Winston-Salem Walden. Brenda Business Education Weldon Walden. Marlcne Professional English Ramseur Walden, Tony Professional Biology Garysburg Walker. Patricia G. Professional Biology Atlanta. Ga. Walker, Wanda Nursing Kinston Wall. William H. Jr. Industrial Technology Greensboro Wallace. Myron A. Political Science Greensboro Walston. Melvin Business Administration Ayden Walters. Riley B. Business Administration Los Angeles. Calif Washington. Angela E. Early Childhood Ed. Charlotte Watkins. Synihia V. Business Administration Greensboro Watson. Robert E. Business Administration Gaston ia Watson. Roderick V. Business Administration Washington. D. C. 191 Wcbh. Delon ' s West. Rozcna Speech Theatre Arts Psychology Weldon Hallsboro H ' hlrc. Darlyn Social Service Farm VI lie H ' iggi ' f . HueJonJ. i. Professional Biology Sun burg H ' t liams. Barbara Health Physical Ed. Enfield Williams, Betty Political Science Louisville, Ga. Whiteside. Dairyl Whiteside. Gail Wideman, Raeford Art Design Accounting Mechanical Engineering Greensboro Spindell Spariansburg. S. C Williams. Clijford Industrial Arts Education Roseboro Williams. Dwe Speech Theatre Arts Durham Williams. Edward D. Professional Math Norwalk. Conn. Williams. Gus Professional English New Bern 192 Williams. Jane G. Williams. Janice Williams. Lionell Psvchology Nursing Business .Administration Holly Springs Wilson Raleigh Williams, Pauline Early Childhood Education Chad bo urn Wilson. Wayne Physical Education Washington. D. C. Williams. Ruihie " Godmother " Social Service Ayden Williamson. Martena Early Childhood Ed. Lawn dale Windley. Joseph E. Health Physical Ed. Denver Colo. Wilson. Antonio Physical Education Shelbv Wingate. Dorothy Winston. Jimmie Psvchology Economics Wwsion-Salem Creedmoor Wise. Warren C Construction Technology Columbia. S. C. Withers. Sandra L Child Development Rujfin Womble. Kathy Professional English Siler City 193 Woods. Margarel Woods. Shelia D. Word. Arthur Jr . Clothing. Textiles d Related Arts Social Studies Recreation Newport News. Va. Durham Alexandria. Va. Wortham. La Verne Wright. Bertha Social Service Art Design Oxford Cheraw, 5. C Wright. Cassandra Early Childhood Education Marion. S. C Wright. Juliet K. Home Economics Ed. Marion. S. C Wright. Lydia Social Service Winston-Salem Yancey. Mary Professional English Oxford Young. Bettye Business Administration Greensboro Bland, Tony 194 Coleman. Phyliss Math Greensboro Jones. Arlene Business Administration Henderson Lewis. Marilyn Raleigh Lewis, Reginald f. Agricultural Education Rockv Ml Lilley. Donald Art Design Hobbsville Linney. Arlease English Education Greensboro Littles, Joseph Accounting Greensboro Locke. Ivey History Education — - Gatesville Lockhart. Joyce Y. Business Administration Cheraw. 5. C. Lynch. Melvin Physical Education La Grange McSeil, Anthony History Education Dunn SENIOR CLASS Perry. Maurice Art Design Franklinton OFFICERS 1975 Jackie Tyson. President Petrice Holiday. Vice-President Vanessa Duren, Treasurer 195 i I and remember The Closest to perfection a person ever comes is when he fills out a job application form. f UP i , M L ysi - ■ 1 ffi P ' J ,| ' aVi il jSrlm, jl n l jffll wvi B i l ' .5 »; u r- j » i5 m ,S 4 . ' »V Ri ?» « Xi ARC » a ««« ■- « ' » « 1 « i---- " , acs « ' 4 -■xi v . — 9 ■•» " !f ■m 49 ' » , ■ f St iifiS f »•■ -1 ' •«p- ; " .-• -»•?, ■ « StJ .i ■ ■•Tr. • ' :4 »«- •%i., » »m i ' " •■ . :• -.. " -• » Hi- sa. =.- •- •fflia K ' ' .V « 2s; ■ «?3.! a ' ' " ■■4 B -•r •Ear r-w ' - -W - ifsyei ' TtJ Si, ' .i -; v ■V ' -- li S; " ;,fj0 . y JUNIORS Adkmson. Michael Anderson. Joe Angltn. Milsa Armstrong. Minnie Atkins. Brenda Bagby. Carl Bailey. Rose Baldwin. Phyllis Ball. Trilby Bannerman. Elaine Barrett. Thomas Bell. Elizabeth Bell. Kevan Bell. Shelia Bennett. Unas J. Benneit. Walter Berry. Rose Berry. I ' elta Best. Dennis H. Blakely. Colette Blount. Larry Boiling. Deana Boone. Dexter Borders. Butch Boyette. Barbara Annn Boyette. Deborah Boykin. Barbara Bridges, William C. Brodie. Betty Broome. Phyllis Brown. David Brown. Hattie Ruth Brown. Shelia D. Brown. I ' anessa Bruton. Sharon L. Bute. Carolyn Bullock. Earl Bullock. Thelma G. Byrd. David Cabe. Tyrone Caldwell Jerry Caldwell. Michael Caldwell. Vanessa A. Cannon. Necie Capel. Judy A. Capet. Karen Carney. Lionel Carter. Ronald Chalmers. I ' anessa Chapman. Sybil . adtne Cherry. Larry Christian. Brenda Christian. Stanley Clanton. Sharon Clark. Phyllis Cobb. George Coefield. Jeffrey Cook. Carolyn Cotton. Byron Cowan, Tongia Craig. Bernice Crisp, Jackie Crulchjield. Sandra Daughlry. Larry Davis. Lynette Davis. Robert Dave, Gary Dicks, Ernest Jr. Dula. Eleanor Dunn. Linda 2CX) Durham. Shangri-La Eatmon. Deneia Edgar. Teresa A. Edmond. Cynthia A. Edmond, Rose Ann Edwards. Barbara Edwards. Eugene Evans. Munel C Falh. Jessie A . Fogg. Margareii Ford. Pal French. Joseph Fuirell. Mary Gainev. Michael Gar ret I. Emanuel Garrett. Sandra George. Jackie Gore. Hilda V. Cover. Eva Graham. H ' lllie Gray. Shirley Green. Tern Griffith. Osbey F Jr. Hagans. I ' elma E. Harden. Patricia Hardison. apoleon Jr. Hardy. Paul Harrell. Teresa Harris. Deona Harris. Illona Maria Harris. Roderick Hartsfield. Leroy Hatton. Katy Mozelle Hawkins. Deborah L. Hedgepeth. Vincent Henry. I ' edesa " Dee " Highsmith. Gwendolyn Hill. James Hill. Lawrence Hill. Miriam Hilton. Hilda Mae Holmes. Robert L. " Cron Howard. Beverly Howard. Donna Isles. Shauras R. Ivey. Pam Jackson. Yvetie Jennette. Millicent C. Johnson. Cheryl D. Johnson. Gwendolyn I ' . Johnson. Ralph C Johnson. Samuel Jolla. Charles Jones. Cedric Jones. Douglas E. Jones, Elaine Jones. Faye B. Jones. Larry D. Jones. Jeanette Jones. Regina C Jones. I ' elma n T. Joyce. Bobby L. Kelley. Bonita Kelly. Carolyn Kingwood. I ' ivan Kite. Louvenia Knox. I ' anessa G. Krider. Tony M. Leak. Stephanie Leake. Karen Mavia 201 Lewis. Susan C Ltggins. Walter L. Lindsay. Gwendolyn A Livingston. Ruihie Logan. Marshall Longs. Ernes! Lone. Calvin f ' ' . Lowery. Cornnc . f McAlister. Kathv L. McCaulev. Sandra Y Mclllwam. Linda P McKenzie. Elton C .McKoy. Glinda L McLean. Susan McLeod. Jtmmy McSatr. Debbi McSeil. Seretta McRae. Audrey T. P. Mack. Ruthie Macon, Arlinda F. Mangum. Ted L. Manley. Anita Man ley. Rita Matter, Elaine May field. Yvonne Means. Lacardo Middleton. Yvonne A. Midget!. Sandra Miller. Moseroy Miller. Patricia .liintz. Carolyn Mittman. Phyllis Mooney. Toney C. Moore. Edward Moore. Elmer C. Motley. Leon C Mettles. Sandra L. Nowell. H ' llliam O ' Neal. Roosevelt Oden. Curtis Outlaw. Gladys Paige. Michael Parker. Joseph E. Patterson. James D. Peace. Marcia F. Pearson. Anthony Perry. Charlie Powell. James B. Pridgeon. I ' clancia Propst. Jimmy Raeford, Satidra Reaves. Lydia N. Reddick. Larei Rice. Gloria Rieves. Beverly Riggsbee. Stephanie Robertson. Joyce B Robinson. Arnold " Zip Robinson. Henrietta Rogers. I ' ennie Rountree. Nellie Russell. Jake Saddler. Mickey B. Saunders, Keith Saunders. Louis Scale- . Joanne A. Scott. Charles Searles. Philli Shamherger, Deborah Simpson. Jocelyn 202 Sk ' dge, Barbara Smith. Diantha Sniilh, Kldinc T. Smith. Rosa .U Smith. William T Jr. Spells. Cassandra L. Spencer. Wynona Slebbs. Kelvin C Steele. Franklin Stinson. Dannetti Stock. Fredrick Stokes. Onsure H ' ray Sykes. Dclores Taliaferro. Judy Tale. Juliet Terrell. Carl S Thomas. Cassandra Thomas. Larry Thompson. Cynthia Threatt. John Tillev. Marv D. Timmons. David Tolson. Patricia Toney. Judy Evelyn Townes. .4metra ( ' Townsend. Shirley Troy. .Andriea L. Trov. Martishie Tucker. I ' lrgil H ' ayne Turrentine. Barbara Upchurch. Cicero D. Vincent. Phylli Walker. Brendalynn C Walters. Charles Ware. Onzlee Watkins. Paulette Watson. Charles n ' eathers. Deborah IWdlhen. Richard ii ' est. Brenda J. White. Evelyn Whitley Ella Williams. Frederick Williams. Harold Hilhams. John E. Williams. Johnnie Williams. Lois .4. Williams. Peggie J. Williams. Marsha Williams. Romcll Williams. Rosalyn Wilson. Jerry Wi ' odard. Veronica P. Woods. BUI III Woodson. Margaret .4. Woodward. Russ Wright. Pier .4ngeh 203 Freshman class officers — Patrisha Rice. Sharon Barnes, Landra Deblon. and Donovan Stevenson. Sophomore class officers — Tony Tyson, president: William S. .Allen, vice-president: Pat McKoy. secretary: Jerome Hairston. treasurer: Belinda Harris. Miss Sophomore. c L A O F F C R 204 Junior class officers — Cassandra Thomas, president: Mary Tyson. Denise Johnson: Eleanor Davis. Miss Junior SOPHOMORES Abney. Patricia A. Adams. Nyla Adams. Roderick Albnlton. Judy A ford. Morris Allen. Charles Alston. Thomas Anders. Y ' vonne Anderson. Bruce J. Andrews. Faye Armstrong. Brenda Arterbury. Phillip C. Badger. Darlene Bailey. Robin Bailey. Valerie Banks. Brenda Barnes. Deborah Barnes. Richard Barr. Sorris Beatlv. Marva L. Bell. ' Durwood Bell. Joyce Bennett. Barbara Bennett. Nelson B. Best. Abron J. Black. Barney Black well. Carl ice Blackwell. Gad Blount. Archie Blount. Vickie Boulware. Gary Brinkley. Walter Brockman. Denyse Brooks, Constance Brown. Ann Brown. Florence Brown. Georgette T. Brown. Hubert Brown. J. C Brown. Shelia Burton. Cynthia A. Burton. Yvonne Bryant. Gwendolyn Came. H ' mie Campbell. Carlton E. Carter. Anthony Carter. Tony Chapman. John G. Cheek. Warren M. Clapp. Stvvia Clark. Paulette Clarke. Randy Clayton. Darlene Corbett. Sandra Cotton. Cynthia Crandell. Bobby Crawford. Begin a Cropps, Mary Crisp. Janice M. Currie. Glenda Daniel. Terry Daniels. Cynthia Davidson. Dons Davis. Gregory Davis. Gwendolyn Davis. Jackie R Davis. Patricia Dawkins. Johnny Deloarch. Michael Deloney. Thurman 205 Doggcn. Louis Jr Dozit-r. Bt ' Uy Dunn. Morns J Dupree. Hun null Duren. Paulu Edmond. ' crona Evans. Mubel Furr. Margart ' itf R Fuukon. Culhy Fuulkner. Darlenu Fields. Cluylon Floyd. Marcus Forbes. Benjamin Foster. Alice Foxx. Tensa Franks, Gwendolyn Friday. Boyce George. Michael Gibhs. Yvonne Gibson. Linda Gilliard. Gerald Glenn. James Glenn. Kobie Glenn. Michael Glover. Diune Glover. Launne Glover. Phyllis Graham. Debbie Graham. Tony E. Gray. Anna Green. Clinion Green. Vanessa A. Green, Vickie Hailey. Michael Hairston. Belty Harrington. Huynood Harris, Belindu Harris. Charles Harris. Juanita Harris. Sharon Hawkins. Terence Henderson. Christopher Hill. Tony Hooker. Ivey Hoi ley. George H ' Hopkins. Jacqueline Horton. Deborah Howard. James Hughes, Tinsley Jr Hunter, Paul Hutchings. Janice Jackson. Shelia James, Connie Jeffries, James Jr Jenkins. Marilyn Johnson. Caleb Johnson. Harry Johnson. Jeaneita Johnson, Jerry Johnson. Ricky Jones. David Lee Jr. Jones. Dentse Jones. Everette A. Jones, Savannah Jones, Vivian Jones. Walton Jones. Willie Sue Kearney, Bobby Kearney, Byron LaSane, Denita 206 Lewis. Andre Lewis. Marvin Lewis. Slarletle Devoi Lockley. Chandra Logan. Frances Lowery. I ' erlyn McCormick. Dennis McCoy. Janei McElralh. Delannie McFadgen. Daniel McGriff. Clarke Magoo . fcKe vin. Russell McMillian. Joyce Macon. Josephine Mangle. I ' elma D. Mangum. Ronald Marable. Sidney Martin. Bennett Massenbur . Ivan L. Meek. Denise Mickens. Lloyd Miller. David Miller. Junius Mitchell. Dwight Moore. Sonja M. Montgomery. Angelia Morgan. .Alfred Jr. Motley, .inthonv Murrell. James Myrick. Dianne Nearon. Darrell Newsome. Kathleen Newsome. LaMont Nichols. Mike Nicholson. Gloria Jean Sunnaly. Anna Parker. Glender Parker. Kenneth Parsons. Glennie Parsons. Lou Etta Patterson. Eva Patterson. Lemuel Patterson. Shelia Pavton. Dorothy Perry. Howard R- Perry. Tessa Phillips. Vincent Phipps. Andre Ptnnix. Hilda Poe. Lester Ponton. Beatrice Price. Denece Raeford. Cynthia Rainbow. Sheree Rhodes. Kathie Rice. Cahonor Roberts. Gregory Robinson. Linda Robinson. Rosa Rush. Carrie Saulters. Lou Ann Sawyer. Denize Scott. Brenda Scurlock. Kay She I ton. Leon Silver Sylvia Sinclair. Timothy Smith. Constance Smith. James Smith. Leanice 207 Smith. Sepoiia Smith. Phillis Smith. Robin Slade. Ross Spellfr. I ' irgmia Spratt. Sylvia Sprutli. Curia Spruill. Paula Stancil. Wilbert Stolon. Francf Stevenson. Lynellc Stoner. Linda Strickland. Audrey Stroud. Michael Swinson. Milzi Thompwn. Marhta Thi ' mp ' icn. Rachel I hrope. Claudia Thrower. Rachel B. Tomlin. Marvin Trow Sandra Turner. Elaine Tyson. Tonv Vat I. Seth ' Venters. Anthony Verdell. Lovetia Vil ines. Andre Walker. Roslvn Ward. Kalhy H ' arren. Aaron H ' ashinglon. Stephanie Walkins. Charles H ' aikins. Deborah Weeks. Rupert III Wells. Mamie Westmoreland, Rodney White. Carolyn Whiteside. Davetta Rena Wiggins. Willie Wilson. Jeanelta Williams. Jesse Williams. Marv Williams. Raymond Williams. Vernon H ' iirslcy. Audrey Jean li ' righf. Emmell Wri hl, Robvn Yates. LeDyke 208 FRESHMEN Adams. Jerome Allman. Rose Assefa. Teieka Augborn. Rose f. Baird. Henli Ba mer, Sylvia Barber. Bernard Barnum. Dennis C. Bazemore. Alvenna Bazemore, Sandra - Beady. Robert Becton. Wayne Berry. Wayne Blakeney. Maderia Booker. Ronald Boone. Carson Boone. Dianne Boyce. Corvette Bridges. Herman Brown. Deborah Y ' vette Brown. Vivian Byrd. J. Randall Cathey. Melvin Chandler Juanita Cherrv. Pamelin Cole. LaVern Ruth Collins. Daniel V Compton. Wilham Cook. Lone Cotten. Reginald Vann Coiien. Rexford E. Covington. Abby C. Cowan. Darry L. Curry. Keith Dalton. Renna Daye. Aaron Debnam. Chandra " Star " Dowdy. Gloria Diane Evans. I ' anessa Everett, Carolyn Eairley. Stanley Faison. Peggy Fearrmgton. Brenda Felder. Telana Fields. Hugene Jr. Flamer. Dwight Fordham. Francine Freeman. Josephus Frvar. Thomas Garner. Pamela Gerald. Alma Gibbons. Darlene Gill. Marilyn Gillespie. ' ida Gilliam. Judy Gilmore. Gerald Glover. Ins Gooch. Charles E. Gore. LaRonda S. Gorham. Charles Graham. Theodora Sylvia Gram. Gloria J. Gray. Edmund D. Green. Jonathan Greene. Blowdine Guylon. Guy Gwynn. Evelyn Hairston. Donna Haith, Keith Hall. Dale 209 Hall. La Verne Hall. Valerie J. Hardy. Audrey Harrell. Sheila Haywood. Cecilia Hecksiall. Vanessa Hester. Ulvsses Hines. .inlhony DeCarise Holiness. Carol Holioman. Gail Holloman. IVillw E- Holmes. Lamar Hooker. Janice Hunier. Lvnda Hyhon. Genevieve Jnman. Darry Jefferson. Brenda Jenkins. Carolyn Johnson. Eddie Johnson. James M. Johnson. Patricia Johnson. Raymond B. Johnson. Ronda Lamour Jones. Ezekial " Zeke " Jones. Joseph R. Judkins. Ronald Dewhitl Kidd. Donald Kimball. Teiji orman Knighl. Carver E. Knox. Gregory Lambert. Deborah Langley. Sharon Denise Lawson. Ronald Leath. Kenneth R. Livingston. James Lyies. Dewayne McClelland. Joanne McKay. Debra Louise McNeil. I ' ickie Mack. Ray Ann Marks. Jeanettc Martin. Robvn Gail Mason. Valerie Renee Massey. Evelyn H Maye. Janet Miller. Sheila Mitchell. Helen R. Mitchell. Oleaihia Shelia Mittman. Paul Moody. Ivy Moore. Edith I Morrison. Raymond . Muganda. Donald Murphy. Myrlin Murrell, Katrina Murrell, Terry Murrill. Brenda Myers. Pcruder Nichols. Lynda Outlaw. Mane Owens. Palricia Parker. Delano Perkins. Delilah Person. Keith Peterson. Larry Peterson. Lillie Glay Pettijord. .Marian Piatt. Katrina Vontelle Porch. Fannie Powell. Eric 210 l l 9 Aggies a! the training table. Quick. Melvin Keith Radclijfc. Annette Joyce Raiford. Wright L. Reed. Evelyn Ren row. Isaac Rivers. Cynthia L. Rogers. Debbie Savage. Jackie T. Scott. Frank Shears. Willie Ann Sheppard. ' irgtnia Simmons. Charles Sims. Germaine D Smith. Elaine Catherine Smith. Marilynn Soloman. Wanda Springs. Craven Squires. James Jr. Stephens. Robert Stevenson. Robert Steward. Cynthia Elaine Thomas. Keith L. Thompson. Jeanette Thorne. Patricia Thorpe. York D. Timmons. Garry Townsend. Richard Tyler. Terry I ' atls. Alton Vance. Pearlie H ' alker. William Wallace. Aleksei Wallace. Phillip Washington. Robert Watson. Joyce i ' . Weaver. Flora Wiley. Andira Williams. Carmen Tijuana Williams. Ervm Williams. Iris F. Williams. Thelma D. Williamson. Gwendolvn Willis. Tony Womack. Leon Woodard. Sherry Zigbuo. H. Setlami f 211 r j .1 ! 212 2JS fi K 1 1 ' ■Hjl -1! T ' t H AlP B ' ■ Franklin Ambrose Delton Baker Doris Baits Jacqueline Blackmore 214 I ' Blannie Bowen Evelyn Bovette Alice Brit! Otis Brooks 215 ..f . A. Michelle Btirnev Breiicia Cannadv r Linda Cooper Brinkley Fiiulcon 216 i Jewel Funderburke Robert Glad nan Bennie Glover Kathv Hatcher 217 I Orrin Haywood M. Pel rice Holiday Pamela Hunter Howard Jenkins 218 Patricia Jenkins John Kerns Charles Kilgore Mitchell Martin 219 I I 1) ! Barbara McPhatler John Pierce Eunice Pratt Vivian Roscoe 220 Lonnie Sharpe ♦t- Rochelle Thigpen I Evelyn Trouth Jimmv Winston ■25 • • t if. • ft ' TTis:- " fw Evans Carl Rhodes 221 •.,- " •, ■» o- v llht v f a ' B v pi fTc II j2 5 a hHHHI H r ji r H - ' » f iL m ; « " 1 " c Al I ! !• ■ I B E N N I E L. G L O V E R P R E S I D E. N T i Student Government Association North Carolina Agricultural Technical State University Offices: Memorial Union Phone: 919 379-7766,-7767 Mail: Greensboro, North Carolina 27411 Executive Branch Fellow Students: There is something for us, as students, to pay attention to. Here recently the struggle for equality has come to he rendered in the real terms of the struggle for survival. We must acknowledge the fact that we are approaching the end of an era in this nation ' s history, and if we are to see well the dawn of the new one we must help to envision it and be prepared to act in it . There is some baggage to carry over into this new era, but it is up to us to pack this baggage with education, common sense, and experience if we are to survive. As students we need to be mentally precise and discriminating and define our- selves individually and collectively within the whole sphere of Time , Place , and Circumstance ; and therefore project ourselves and our fellow Blacks also. Each of us has a lineage of strength among Blacks and other men. Our job now is to work to seek out this lineage of strength and commence to build upon then. Therefore as leaders of tomorrow let us be as spirits and aspire; as soldiers let us defend and militate; as workers let us bear, as athletes let us be whole, as ministers and physicians let us lead; as " businessmen let us be business like; as scholars, let us be aware and sound; as educators let us be about the leading out; as politicians let us govern, let us legislate; as artists let us create; as philosophers let us comprehend; as humans let us endure; as a people of this nation of people let us fullfill. An era is ending, and an era is beginning. The task before us is growing daily, but let us as leaders of tomorrow rise to the occasion. Sincerely, Bennie L. Glover, President Student Government Association EXECUTIVE: Bennie L. Glover S.G.A. President A Constituent Institution of Ttie University of North Carolina, William Friday, President LEGISLATIVE: Linwood Pollard S.G.A. Vice President JUDICIAL: John Kerns Attorney General Ronald G. Penny Commissioner 225 I ! LEADERS IN TIME OF CRISIS RONALD PENNY COMMISSIONER FOR STUDENT RIGHTS School of Veterinary Medicine A T Increases Fees Student Rights Co-Ed Visitation Food Service Threatens Strike Political Science Students Revolt Campus Security State Increases Tuition . . . 226 The Vice-President of the Student Body shall perform the duties of the President in the event of his absence or incapacity, and he shall act as the Speaker of the Student Legislature and shall forward all legislature acts to the President within three days of their passage. Linwood Polland-Vice President Speaker Of The Student Legislature 227 The purpose of the Student Government is to serve as the official student organization to act in the common inrerests of the student body. OFFICE OF THE TREASURER RUTHIE J. WILLIAMS - TREASURER The Treasurer of t he Student Body shall disburse all monies appropriated by the Student Legislature and serve as Ex-Officio member of the Finance Committee of the Student Legislature. Accurate records are kept and are open to the Student Body for viewing, and a publication of financial statements for the executive staff are processed periodically to aid in disbursing monies and planning of activities. This year activities included the Homecoming festivities: attendance to state and local meetings on matters regarding Higher Education: grams to Gospell Choir, .4 T Marching Band. International Students: Aggie Day Champions: free movies for the Student Body: various cultural activities: memorial tribute to Mrs. Zoe Barbee and Reggie Strickland: and numerous other activities. 229 f . " •■•■■•;. I " , •••••;. " ■•• • •■j.i ' (»; - " 5 ASSISTANT TO PRESIDENT - BRINKLEY EA ULCON SECRETARY - EA YE HOWARD 230 4 We express our gratitude to: Patricia Harden Patricia Miller Colonel L. Haw ley Janseen Pollock Theresha Lynch Paula Dickens Donald Lawerence Rose Bailey Delores Tilley Deona Harris Ollie H. Johnson and the entire Aggie Family for helping us in making our operation a success. Bennie L. Glover — President Ruthie J. Williams — Treasurer John Kerns — Attorney General Brinkley Faulcon — Presidential Assistant Lin wood Pollard — Vice President Faye Howard — Secretaiy Ronald Penny — Commisioner for Students Rights Brenda Cannady — Press Secretary Michelle Burner — Miss. A T 231 I ! Joseph D. Williams Director Of Alumni Affairs ' I li Richard Moore, an A T Alumnus, now serves as Director of Information Services here on campus. 234 Memoriam: LINN I A FEN NELL LONG Linnia Fennell Long, class of 1962, died on March 28, 1975 of a sudden illness. Mrs. Long was the reigning Miss A T Alumni. She wore her crown proudly and possess- ed enormous zest for life. The entire Aggie family mourns this great loss. 235 RETURN TO AGGIELAND REAL OFTEN THE CALENDAR This IS our history: A T was founded in IS91 as an Agricultural and Mechanical College. Dr. John O. Crosby served as ihe college ' s firsl president from 1892-1896. A T Alumni Association was founded in 1910 and now numbers over 13.000 members. THESE ARE OUR GOALS — OUR OBJECTIVES 1. To support A T University through Alumni Giving and in whatever way needed. 2. To provide information to alumni concerning their .4lma Mater and fellow alumni. J. To provide service and assistance to fellow alumni when ever needed or requested. ■4. To provide events for fellowship of I he alumni body with reunions, homecoming and chapter socials. ANNUAL PROGRAMS AND EVENTS 75 January 25. W75 — E.xecunve Council Meeling — Winsion-Salem. N. C. February 27. J975 — MEAC Basketball Tournamcni Begins — Baltimore Civic Center. Baltimore. Maryland March I, 1975 — Executive Committee Meeting — Baltimore. Md. March 15. 1975 — Mideast Region Spring Con- ference — Philadelphia, Pa. April 5. 1975 — Sortheast Region-Spring Con- ference — Philadelphia. Pa. Aprd 12, 1975 — Southeast Region-Spring Con- ference — Greenville -— Spartanburg, South Carolina April 19. 1975 — Midwest Region-Spring Confer- ence — Indianapolis. Indiana May 2. 3. 4. 1975 — .Alumni Weekend (Reunion classes O ' s 5 ' s) Greensboro. A ' . C May 2, 1975 — 8:00 p.m. — Annual Meeting May 3. 1975 — Annual .Meeting (continued) Class Reunion Events — .Annual Awards Banquet May 4, 1975 — 1 1:(X) a.m. Commencement — Greensboro Coliseum 1:00 p.m. Chancellor Reception June 21. 1975 — Executive Council Meeling June 30. 1975 — End of Fiscal Year Deadline for Hall of Fame Nominations July 12. 1975 — H ' estern Regional Conference Los Angeles, California September 1. 1975 — Deadline for Miss A T Alumni Nominations September 26. 1975 — Executive Council Meeting — Sport Hall of Fame October 3. 1975 — Mideast Region-Fall Confer- ence (Caucus) October 4. 1975 — Alumni Headquarters Royal Villa-Aggie-Bull Classic Football Game — A T vs. Johnson C Smith — Aggie — Bull Ball October 17. 1975 — Homecoming — Alumni Head- quarters Royal Villa — Hilton Inn October 18, 1975 — Homecoming — Football Game .A T vs. Maryland Eastern-Shore — Greensboro. N. C October 19. 1975 — Alumni Worship Service — Richard B. Harrison .Auditorium — Campus October 24. 1975 — Northeast Region-Fall Con- ference (Caucus) October 25, 1975 — Northeast Region-Fall Con- ference November 8. 1975 — Midwest Region- Fall Confer- ence — St. Louis. Missouri November 22. 1975 — Alumni Headquarters Royal Villa — Executive Committee Meeling Football Game: A T vs. N. C Central Aggie — Eagle Ball December 6. 1975 — Southeast Region-Fall Con- ference — Miami. Florida 236 Miss Gate City Alumni at Homecoming Coronation. NATIONAL OFFICERS Eugene H. Preston. Jr.. President 13219 Brackley Rd. Colesville. MD 20904 Tel. (W 301 384-4589 B. H. Thornton. Treasurer 1315 South .4lston .Avenue Durham, JVC 27701 Tel. (H) 919 682-2224 Jimmie I. Barber. 1st ' ice-President 815 Ross Ave. Greensboro. JVC 27406 Tel. (H) 919 272-4632 Henry E. Frye. Parliamentarian 1920 Dre.xmore .4 venue Greensboro. AC 27406 Tel (H) 919 275-2147 James A. Long. 2nd Vice-President 20 N. W. 89th Street Miami. FL 33150 Tel. (H) 305 758-5388 (O) 866-0211 Mrs. Carrye V. Kelley, Historian 219 Beech Street Greensboro. NC 27401 Tel. (H) 919 272-6742 Mrs. Veda Stroud. Recording Secretary 1301 Stephens Street Greensboro. NC 27406 Tel (H) 919 275-4456 Joseph D. Williams. Sr. Director of Alumni Affairs 1712 Harrison Avenue Winston-Salem. NC 27105 Tel (O) 919 379-7583 237 SgaJSffiK l:; i-s ys » m 1 v ftC w S 1 1 I !: 240 --ri- J : I I MIRACLES COMMODORES 242 i I I »»- " J FOUR STEPS BEYOND I N D E P E NDENTS THE M A J O R S j BLACK HEAT 244 B. T. EXPRESS BOHANNON ila Zt 245 BLUE MAGIC 246 H i ' 1 a K L A 247 I I, I 248 ROD RODGERS DANCE CO. DESCENDANTS OF C A R L I MIKE AND PHOEBE R O W A N 249 ..•• . « - ' •■. 4 - •ri. - w » » . -». ' , ' ZV ' " " " " ' ffj® ' - ifS iiS - s . ' ' I ' - x. ' ;i;-;;b? -tf ' ::vr« ■« :ias f m .. AIR FORCE ROTC .. ' _ I - -» 4 , [ .. - .l- : 252 253 Working, studying. 254 learning, and finally achievement. 255 ARMY ROTC 256 257 259 I I -5 .k i B SB P T Bl wfe Evans alias " Harry-0 " . Cynthia Cole alias " Christie Willie Harton alias " Alexander Love " . Mundy " . Mr. MacMillian. head of Campus Security. 262 Willie Brooks alias " Dr. Watson " . Barbara Copper alias ' Tepper " . L. Q. Moore alias " Barney Phite ' f John Griffin alias " Sherlock Thomas Carter alias " Barney Holmes " . Jones " . Johnny Marable alias " Shaft " . 263 El i! 5 4 W. W. Mitchell alias " Charlie Chan " . Arthur Word alias " Mannix ' Roosevelt Raines alias " Joe Fri- day " . I Joseph Daughtry alias " Quick- draw McGraw " . Andrew Small alias " Cannon " . Lynn Winston alias " Columbo ' 264 Larry Lewis alias " McCloud ' Conrad Latimore alias ' " Kojak " . Daughtry on duty. 265 LAUNDRY STAFF •••ViV-: ' . ' .- . ' - ... ' ;;;. . ?. Dillard Mrs. E. Corbett Miss Beulah Gant T ■• k Mrs. Mattie Gooch Mrs. Alice Howell Mrs. Mary Long 266 Mrs. A. Hymati Mrs. Dorothy Lanier Albert Crawford B L U F O R D a L I B R A R Y 267 t I J 11 I liUIHI ' WW 268 COMPUTER c n C n I ' I • ' ■Bl l|!l!j]||||B|i|;ill|ljjj]|||i!!Iljil llililllWill ' iiiiiiii : ' : 11 " III Ml jiliiiii ' illiiiiliiiiiiiiili , III.:!:: lillilllll II 274 275 I wma ' w At Play 279 280 281 283 4 ■M-: ■ ;. |g _, v « ' ai: ' 288 ; r i V VICTORY WAS OURS 289 WE ARE RESIDENT STUDENTS!! 291 292 . ' f. i t i 4 !l . _ ,.jt 294 t S!«U S ' . « i. Aggie born, Aggie bred When I die I ' ll be an Aggie I 301 i ;:! COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER VERNON E. JORDAN, JR. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL URBAN LEAGUE 302 303 i I 1 1 304 305 PWI i ' • ■ r y v- 1. i PAULA M. DICKENS Editor in Chief " .«» »» ' uftfc Mfln»w r I A.- 7« - f,SMP»- M. PETRICE fWtl i Y Associate Editor ! ! 1! f I I;! [I |:j ' i ii i WAYMON HOLT, Business Manager Sports Editor iiniii mn Sl Z $m l§: Jj liiiiiiiif li JIL si ill! [ill u: " PTC 11 112 f 8!f II 1 ill urn I rjt s. Business Manager, Waymon Holt, and Photographer, Douglas Jones check photo assignment. While below, Geraldine Scarborough decides on which pictures to use on her layout. J o Y C E B R O W N, MANAGING EDITOR l 312 Staff members: Above Sadine Moore and Paul Dickens Below Ruthie Williams and Vanessa Duren. I II Staff members: Above Charles Salavage, Below Jack Simmons. 314 Staff members: Above Craven Springs, Below Rilev Walters. 315 EH -.- 1 ' •AV " - -- -Nio- Jt A ' lC ' iS? ' ? ■ i " i c p N ; - ' y ; Above Mr. Thomas Brezil, yearbook advisor, helps staff members to decide on the quality of pictures to use. While, below Rachel Thrower, Sophomore Editor, does last minute typing for her section. 316 THE AYANTEE STAEE EDITOR Paula M. Dickens ASSOCIATE EDITOR M. Petrice Holiday BUSINESS MAS ACER Waymon Holt MAXAGIXG EDITOR Joyce Brown HEAD PHOTOGRAPHER Douglas Jones PHOTOGRAPHERS: William Tuck Vincent Howell Raymond Darby Ronald Booker William Weathersbee ARTISTS: Charles Savage Jack Simmons Daryl Whiteside TYPISTS: Ruthie Williams Geraldine Scarborough Nadine Moore SEXIOR EDITOR Vanessa Duren JUMOR EDITOR Jacqueline George SOPHOMORE EDITOR Rachel Thrower FRESHMAN EDITOR Keith Curry SPORTS EDITOR Craven Springs LITER A R Y EDITOR Milsa Anglin COPY EDITOR Marva Shearod PROOFREADER Fayette Holloways 317 r M UNDER GRAB UA TE DEGREES CONFERRED 318 CANDIDATES FOR DEGREES ASSOCIATE OF SCIENCE IN COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH Freddie R. Fuller Constance D. Lane Jamesie R. Sutton Albert Atkins, Jr. James E. Avent, II Anthony N. Black Donald R, Bratton Cynthia J. Brown Ernest L. Bundy Alfrema H. Chambers •Gayle F. Driskell BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ACCOUNTING ' Robert G. Gaines Andrew B. Glenn, Carlton Harris John M. Jones ' Joseph L. Littles MitcheIl A. Martin Marv E. Miller Jr, Frank B Morris, Jr. Sammie L. Palmer Jansen C. Pollock §Cynthia D. Sautter Melvin F. Shelton " Jerry Thorne Charles L Woods, Jr BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN AGRICULTURAL BUSINESS (AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS) Barbara A. Beard john W. McGiU BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION Larry D. Barnes Jimmie L. Farmer Reginald M Lewi.; n " prT r r " , 2 ' .° ' ' - ' " " ' " Willi " r Earl oTver ?oe W. Dicke ' ns V ' ' ' " ' ' ' " ' ' " " ° " Spaulding BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE (ANIMAL SCIENCE) Daniel F. Abidoye jEnoch B. Koney BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE {PLANT SCIENCE) Lester H. Durham Melvin J. Graves BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE (SOIL SCIENCE) §Roger J. Leab BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY (PLANT SCIENCE) Wilhe F. Faison BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING Willie A Ferguson James E, Mason, Jr. Anthony C. Pinnix Sandra E, Hayes Percy E Cooke Lavern Gaddy §Orrin R. Haywood. Jr. Robert R. HoUoway, Jr. BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ART (DESIGN) Charlie S. Lassiter, Jr. Donald R Lilley ♦Donald R. Owens Maurice C. Perry Michael H. Rice Charles N. Savage Darryl A. Whiteside Bertha M. Wright Donnie Blount §Saundra T Booker " " -William Brooks Marylene D. Dunn Curtis R. Gibbs BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ART EDUCATION Timothy 0. Hicks Alvan L Fayette HoUoway Ronald 0. Neely -Demetrice L. Parker Robinson Glenda M A. Smith William R. Wade Larry W. Whitley ' Cum Laude " Magna Cum Laude §Summa Cum Laude m-] 319 320 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH SCynthia M, Adams James F. Bowden Deborah DeVaughn Dean Dora E DuBose Gloria J Hansley Catherine M. Mitchell §Dorothy M. Ray Demarest Spencer ' Jamesie R. Sutton BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION Betty J. Adams Irene T. Aldridge Barbara J Alston Johnnie M- Avery ' Doris P. Bennett Deborah J. Bethea Jacqueline E Boone Gwendolyn Bostic Patty L Caldwell Donna Y. Cannon Emma F Cheek Carolyn A. Coston Oakley Davis Bonita A, Dolberry Terry E Driskell Gwendolyn N. Ellis Linda Emory Joseph M. Ferguson Stella L. French Brenda A. Frink Verlon G Godard Sandra L Goins ■Jeraldine D Gunter Sharon R. Hargis Gloria M, Hargrove " Mary B Harris Sarah L. Hayes Jacquelin M Heath Barbara A Hill Lorraine Hughes Gwendolyn James Delphine Jones ' Gwendolyn Landy Minnie L- Laws SVerlyn W. Leath -Marilyn P. Lewis Dianne Mclver Marlene Y. McPherson Cecil H Marcellus. Ill Peggy A. Maticr Sharon C. Mattison Mavis A. Melton Ava M. Parker " Eunice Pratt Jarkiolene Ridley Stephanie A. Riggsbee Josephine Simmons Pamelia D Small Debra C. Smith Gladys M Strickland Shelia C Teel Oglatha Thompson Rosa M Thompson Phyllis S Tyson Angela E. Washington Pauline D. Williams Martena Williamson Betty L, Wooten Cassandra M, Wright SJoyce E Allen Vernon W Davis Rosalyn L Dean SBrinkley A Faulcon Frederick A. Ferguson Bennie L. Glover BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ECONOMICS • " Lemuel W Hinton Leonard B Hood William C Johnson ' John C Kerns Melva R. Martin Joseph G. Morris SRonald G Pennv " Chi Fai Pun John L. Seibles ■ ' ■Jimmie L. Winston Israel D Bcnbow, Jr. James A Brown Aljerin L Butler, Jr ♦Kenny B Carter BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Robert K Leung Victor V Leung Otis McMichael. Jr. Rebecca A. Taylor Ronnie D Frazier Matthew Garrett, Jr. Curtis Grier Junius M Holland William E Copcland. II Steven Dukes Keith T Jefferson Melvin L. Johnson Thomas D. Washington Rov N Williams BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ENGINEERING PHYSICS Murriel E. Crawford §Brenda F. Cannady Christine Crawford Deadra C Jackson ' Willie L Middlebrooks. Jr. BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ENGLISH Tyrone H Miller Bowonna F Morgan Linda S. Rodgers Avery K. Simmons Virginia W. Smith Marlene L. Walden Kathy L Womble Mary I Yancey BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ENGLISH EDUCATION Marilyn A. Ackinson Linda C Banner Tony L Bland §Alice M. Britt Marva 0. Coward Linda F Dalton Carolyn L Everett " ' ■Gladys Exum ' Rochon A Kearney Alease L. Linney Bettye J. McLamb Phyllis W Sanders Myrtle B. Soloman Linda V Stallings §Svlvia E Talford §Rosc M. Alexander ' Cum Laude BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN FRENCH EDUCATION Matilda P. Holiday •Pamela McDowell " Magna Cum Laude §Sunima Cum Laude I ■ BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN Richard L Griffin John C. Pickens, Jr. INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY (CONSTRUCTION) John L, Sampson, III ' Warren C. Wise BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY (ELECTRONICS) David A. Covington Henry W. Debnam Keith M. Flemons Watson E. Foster, Jr. Lamont Sligh WUliam H. Wall, Jr. BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY (ENGINE POWER) David H Boyd Calvin D. McDowell BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY (MANUFACTtJRING) Robert W. Brimmage, Jr §Eric D. Evans Douglas A Hunter James R. Davis Earl L. Harris BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN MATHEMATICS Franklin J. Ambrose Edith G Brown I. Jean Lucas ' Vivian D. Roscoe Virginia M Singletary Ruth L Spruill Anthony Teel -Annie G. Tyson BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN MATHEMATICS EDUCATION Phyllis C. Coleman Cynthia B. McLean Charles H. Phillips Barbara M Smith §Davida S. Wagner BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Narendra B. Amin AJvin J. Barnes Randolph Brown Dextrv ' E. Campbell Varnell Gaines ' Robert H. Gladman, Jr. Douglas Jones Herbert A Moore, Jr. Rodney W. Norman Napoleon Richardson §Lonnie Sharpe, Jr. Bernard Simpson " ' Lawrence W, Spearman •Raeford L. Wideman Phil A Williamson Alexander Flemings Alford E Johnson, Jr. BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN MUSIC EDUCATION Bernice A Nelson Linda D. Thomas Verna B Simpson BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN NURSING Olive V. Armwood Norine Arrington Cynthia E. Barr Evelyn L. Bazemore Marietta A Black -Brenda L. Brown Jomar L. Brown §Dorothy M Burns §Margaret B. Burton Mildred G. Capers Rosa J. Clark Wanda J. Cogdell Gail A. Everette Rose Faison Bonita A. Frazier Betty L. Gaddy Gwendolyn L. Gaines Melba R. Gibson Denice C Gills Patricia D Gilmore Sclma V Harris Wyvonia C. Herring •Linda M Houston Beverlv M Johnson Mary A Kidd ' LaVerne Langston Marcia A, Lindsay Debra L Lockhart Juanita McLean " •Barbara G. McPhatter Barbara A. Maxwell Brenda F. Mickens Corliss J Parson Imogene Patrick -Loretta C P inson Carl W. Preston Shirley A. Quarles " •Gloria K. Rankin Bessie M. Rhodes Linda L Richardson Angela M. Rorie Jacquelyn Y. Rowell Cynthia A. Royster Barbara A. Sessions Renetta Seward Benjamine L. Thomas •Evelyn B Trouth Nancy B. Turner Wanda G. Walker Janet G. White ' •Janice M. Williams Leonetta F Williams Mary C Haynes Janice M. Nichols BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN OFFICE ADMINISTRATION Tonya L Powell Bettye L. Tyler t ' -V BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN PHYSICS •Lloyd J. Generette •Cum Laude •Magna Cum Laude §Summa Cum Laude w w 321 ' M- BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BIOLOGY Jesse C. Banner, Jr. Mary 0. Biggs Calvin J. Boykin Phyllis H. Brown Sharon L. Burns Bobby E Cromartie Anzell M. Davis Daphne C Ferguson Dorothy V Freeman Gerald Godette Floyd McArthur Hayes Carolyn M. Henderson Mary Ann Johnson Kathy J. Jones SCharles J. Kiigorc Ricky R Majette Arthur D. Moore Harold A. Nichols Jerry A. Parker Ivonia L. Patrick ••Delila L. Robinson •William E. Roundtree Horace W. Sanders Lou D. Saunders Margaret R. Simmons Patricia L. Singletary • ' Rochelle A. Thigpen Tony L. Walden Patricia G. Walker Robert H. Woodruff BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Charles M, Alexander John M. Allen. HI William Barksdale Eddie J. Batts Ronald F Benjamin William C. Bennett, Jr. David W. Bethea Morgan R. Blue Elvena L. Bradsher Lynda W, Breeden Charles E Broadie Allen P Brown Anthony P Brown Shelia A. Brown George E Bruner Arthur J. Bryson Daniel Bullock, Jr. EUizabeth Burch Linda F, Burnette Sherlock Bynum Leon Carmon Stephanie Carter Charles W Chambless James D Chapman. Jr. Cortez Colbert Anderia D Coleman Linda D. Cox Kenneth Davis Robert A Davis Gordon H Dean Frances DeJurnett Robert M DeVaughn Paula M Dickens G Vernon Donnell Lee E Dunn. Jr. •Vanessa T. Duren Larry W Evans Jane B Everett Renee D Faison Denise D. Galloway Emily C. Gerald Darnell S Glover Gennette Greene Ernest T. Grimsley Rodney Hairston Edward B. Hale, Jr. Phyllis Y Harding Carolyn Harrison George Henderson. Jr. Lawrence D Hill Dwight L Hicks Ellis M. Hines Wyvonia A Jackson Calvin S. Johnson John W Johnson, Jr Mamie A. Jones Sylvia D. Jones Theodora A Jones Daphne A Kelley David A. King Aleca G. Larson Joyce Y. Lockhart Johnny L. Mann David J Meachem Gloria McCoy Alan J McLeod Ernest L McNeil Delores McRae Paul N. Milton Rosa C. Montford Patrice B. Moore Johnnie A Morton Stevern C Morton Diane W. Nettles Raphael A. Ogbolu Grover L. Payne Ella L. Peterson Hovte D. Phifer, Jr. Shelia M. Phifer Bobby S. Pickens Jerrv F Pugh Phyllis D Richmond •Ronnie J. Sadler McElroy Sarter, Jr. Aaron D. Simmons Jerome R Simpson Calvin A Smart Dewey W Smith Elfreda L Smith Andrei G Spells Wilson M Stallworth. Freda J Stanley Retha Summers Robert H Terry. Jr, Frances E. Thomas Johnnie E. Tripp, Jr, Jacqueline Underwood •Joseph E. Urieto Jacqueline D Wilkins Clyde L. Williams. Jr Lionel M Williams William E. Williams Jerry Woods Bettye M. Young Jr. Frank Bright Geraldine Davis BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BUSINESS EDUCATION (BASIO Constance P. Gadsden Barbara D Singletary Gloria J Mclnnis BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BUSINESS EDUCATION (COMPREHENSIVE) Rachel C Baskerville Carolyn Q Batts A Michelle Burney Patricia A Chambers Linda J Fields ••Peggy J. Catling Lottie F. Howard •Toni C Jarrell Jacqueline E. Jenkins •Gloria J Kearney Mary J LeGrand Sandra J McCray Brenda J McLean Nadine Moore Janice Pinkney Marilyn R Sharpless Opheiia Smith George T Towns. Jr. Brenda K Walden BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN CHEMISTRY §Doris J Batts Gretchen T. Beck Curtis J. Bull ' ••Theodore LaVern Caldwell ••Sandra F. Dixon •Cecilia D Edwards •Cecil S. Ford " Marion Y Monger ' Bryant McKoy Moore Mack B. Parker John H. Pierce, Jr. Paul G. Reid. Jr. ••Rochelle A. Thigpen Donnie L Whitehead •Cum Laude - ' ••Awarded Posthumously •Magna Cum Laude §Summa Cum Laude 322 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN HEALTH AND PHYSICIAL EDUCATION Beverly J. Allen ♦Charlye L. Bolden Pauline L. Callaham ••Janice L. Carlton Belinda F. Carney Preston L Cottman •Osaie W Ervin Melvin J. Fair Thomas E. Garvin •Deborah L. Grinnage Billy E. Hughes Linda J. Kinard •Clayton B. Nance Patricia A. Poteat Frances C. Reid Ralph C. Royal Lonnie D Shaw Rex R. Smith Barbara J- Williams Antonio Wilson Wayne L. Wilson Joseph E. Windley Joseph T. Abron •Otis M. Brooks Denise D. Cathey BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN HISTORY Hallet C. Chatman, Jr. Balenthia G Holmes Gwendolyn Jefferson Herbert D. Sandidge BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN HISTORY EDUCATION ♦Norris Anderson §Delton R. Baker Preston B Barber " Jacqueline Y. Blackmore Florence A. Bowdcn Isaac E Buckner, Jr. ' Shelia D. Coleman §Maudie M. Davis Robert E. Degraphenried Vernedia B. Dobbins •Jeffery F German Thaddeus Henderson Donald R. Hewett Brenda R Isaac Joan E. Jackson Ronnie Jenkins Sandra Johnson Hiawatha Y. Jones " Carl V. Lennon Ivey R. Locke •Eddie M. McClure, Jr. •Joan McCorkle Anthony J. McNeill Donald Manns Robert L Perry, Jr. ••Michael P. Pratt Dorothy J. Rasberry SCarl Rhodes " Jackie E. Tyson Mildred C. Washington BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN HOME ECONOMICS WITH MAJOR IN: CHILD DEVELOPMENT Nancy Z. Adger Jeanne N Hall Gwendolyn D. Hill Claretta McCoy Stephanie S Prather Revia C. Rice Sandra L, Withers CLOTHING TEXTILES. AND RELATED ARTS §Margaret J. Bell ••Shirley J, Blackmon Theresa E. Cheston Cleola M. Davis Barbara K Deck Vivian A. Durham Edna P. Goodman Yvonne A. Hall Brenda K. Hill Man,- L. Johnson Anne L. Martin Kathy D. Martin Jacqueline C. Moore Elretta J. Perkins Brenda J Robinson Sheryl F. Shaw Princess L Smith Heddie Thomas Geneva Vines Margaret J, Woods Nadine M, Albert •Mary B. Faison •Vickie L. Sherri L. DIETETICS Harrington Rector Denise A. Ryles Thelma M. Seabrook; Anita Cavanough ••Lynda D. Cooper Mary H, Council Shirley A. Farrior HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION Norma J. Hawes Carlleena A. Herring Darlene McClease Carolyn Y. Newsome Lendora Pippen Gaynell L Thomas Angya B Turner BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN INDUSTRIAL ARTS EDUCATION Linwood E Battle Michael W Edwards Thomas Q Council John R. Hairston Edwin A. Crocker Larry R. Nobles George Edgeson, Jr Harold L. OBriant Rhynda G Riddick Dallas L. Taylor BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY (AUTOMOTIVE Trevor A. Hampton Glen Mark, Jr. •Cum Laude •Magna Cum Laude §Summa Cum Laude 323 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN POLITICAL SCIENCE Hosea Anderson Raymond D. Bailey Mildred E. Banks Frederick E. Barnes Arthur L. Best §Owen H. Black Johnny L Bouncer Freddie L Broidy Robert Brown, Jr. Barrion B Bryant James A Caraway Steven W Chalmers Sarah V. Clark Charles E Corrv William H. Doggett Alderman J. Faison Glen E Figures Frankie W. Gibbs Floyd C. Godfrey Craig A. Gordon George W. Grimes George M. Haith •Pamela A. Hunter ' •Carolyn I. Ingram ' Robert Jackson, Jr. Theresa A. Jeffries ••Howard L. Jenkins, II Tilda M. Johnson Tonya L Johnson Alma J. Jones Johnnie B. King, Jr. •Linda G King Robert J McNeil William A McSwain Ronald L. Mangum Willie N. Morrison Michelle E. Murchison James F. Murphy Herbert L. Newton Alexander Owens, III •Willie R. Perry, Jr. Chauncey F. Pridgeon Earnest M. Ray Gary J. Riviere Charles E. Smith John H Smotherson Ronnie H. Surgeon §Lennard D. Tucker Myron A Wallace Cynthia D White SAlice D. Williams Betty J Williams BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN PSYCHOLOGY David L Anderson Phyllis A Arnette •Curtis L Bailey Evelyn M. Brady Carlton Brewington ••Huberlette E Chambers Patricia A. Corbett §Jo Ann Covington Carolyn G Crocker Wanda D Cross ••Cynthia E Dean Sandra M. Deloatch Edwin C Dudley WUIiam N Dula Jesse L. Eaton Violet L. Farrar Patricia A. Foster Deborah R Coins Ernest L Gooding Lydia F Hairston Leathea B Hargrave Elizabeth L Hawk Sandra E Hayes Robert L Hester, Jr. Margarite Hodges Joann Holland SPatricia A Jenkins Jesse M. LaSmith Helen D. Lee §Denise R. Leonard Agatha S. Lewis Thurman C. McLean Naomi Randolph Joseph 0. Stokes Doris A Thomas ijLizzie M. Tyson Betty A Warren Cynthia L. Watson Roscna West Marlon B. Whitehead Jane G Williams Dorothy L Wingate ijClaudia D Young Chrisopher Allen LaMonte B Armstrong Tyrone Bolden Elijah H Griffin. Jr. BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN RECREATION Dcatrice L Joyner Joseph H Kcndrick, III Philip A Maness James V Means William A Scurrv Artis L. Stanfield George W. Thomasson, James A. Toon Jr. BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN SOCIAL SERVICE Sonja Maria Adger Margie A Appling Rodney Bright ♦Priscilia S Burton Octavia M Carlos Benjamin H Caruthers, Jr. Terric L Cochran Velma J Corbett Dwight C Durden Robyn Estes Lorenzo Ferguson •Brenda G. Foy ••Jewell D Funderburke Carolyn F. Greene Callie T Hammond SKathy S Hatcher •Yvonne Hedgepeth Vanessa D Higgins Sonia D. Huggins Marquita E Ingram ■ " Mark S. Keenheel Carolyn O Lloyd Jesse J. Martin ' ■Angela V. Mays ' Shelia K. Morrison Laurence C. Oakman Joyce E. Peace Polly R Phillips Ronald E. Piatt DeForrest B. Pratt Ronald E Richardson Rosalyn B. Rogers Gay A Ross Kathv L Rouson Velvet D Rutfin Deborah D Shepard Wilsonia L Southcrland Iris J, Staton Darlvn F White Ruthie J Williams LaVerne A Wortham Claudette E. Bennett Ruby A. Fleming BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN SOCIOLOGY Ronald S. Fleming SShirley A. Spivey Cathy V. Johnson BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN SOCIAL STUDIES Michael E. Lee Shclia D Woods ' Alfred G. Mack BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN SPEECH AND THEATER ARTS Dwight G. McCray Paula O. Richardson BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN SPEECH AND THEATER EDUCATION Tyris R. Collins Delores A Webb ♦Deborah E Williams Cathie A. Henry •Cum Laude ♦•Magna Cum Laude §Summa Cum Laude 324 Hazle Reid Crawford HONORARY DEGREES DOCTOR OF LAWS James E Townsend, Jr Elizabeth D Koonlz Vernon E. Jordan. Jr. CANDIDATES FOR COMMISSIONS AS SECOND LIEUTENANTS IN THE UNITED STATES AIR FORCE James A. Caraway. Pilot Preston B. Barber. M ss 7e Launch Officer Tony L- Bland. Educaiion Training Officer •James A. Brown. Pilot Robert Brown. Personnel Officer Dextry E. Campbell, Pilot Vernon W. Davis. Penoitnel Officer Lavern Gaddy, f mile Maintenance Officer Curtis R. Glbbs Television Production Officer Frankie W. Gibbs. Miss. e Launch Officer Craig A. Gordon. Missile Launcft Officer Shirley Green. Air Intelligence Officer Ellis M, Hines. Administration Management Officer Robert Jackson. Jr.. Navigator Cadets Comniissionea July 31. 1974 Preston L. Cottman. Missile Launch Officer Cadet Commissioned December 19. 1974 Robert E. Dagraphenreid. Security Police Officer Cadets Commissioned May 4. 1975 " Yardley M. Nelson. Air Traffic Control Anthony C. Pinnix. Civil Engineering Officer Jerry F. Pugh. Pilot John H. Smotherson. Pilot Robert H. Terry. Pilot Dvora C Thomas. Dietii,an-Nutritionist W ' llliam R Wade. Navigator William H, Wall. Missile Launch Officer James Weaver. Education Training Officer Elliott J. White. Pilot Darryl A. Whiteside. Launcli Ollicer Joseph E. Windley. Personnel Service Ollicer CANDIDATES FOR COMMISSIONS AS SECOND LIEUTENANTS IN THE UNITED STATES ARMY UNITED STATES ARMY RESERVE APPOINTMENT AND BRANCH Cadets Commissioned July 26, 1974 Robert L. Brooks. Jr. Armor Calvin S- Johnson. Field Artillery James Chapman. Ordnance Jesse M LaSmith. Military Intelligence Lovett M. Corley. Infantry - Cadets Commissioned December 18, 1974 Herbert L. Newton. Signal Corps Earnest M. Ray. Infantry Jerome R Simpson. Armor Richard L, Griffin, Armor ' Junius M. Holland. Signal Corps Johnnie A. Morton Cadets Commissioned May 4. 1975 Eddie J Batts. Field Artillery Frederick Ferguson. Field Artillery David W Bethea. Infantry Melvin J. Graves. Signal Corps Owcn H- Black. Branch Unassigned George W- Grimes, Military Intelligence Otis M. Brooks. Air Defense Artillery Robert J McNeil. Infantry Edwin C Dudley. Medical Service Corps Carl Rhodes. Branch Unassigned ' Lawrence D. Hill. Infantry Keith T. Jefferson. Signal Corps REGULAR ARMY APPOINTMENT AND BRANCH Cadets Commissioned May 4. 1975 Jesse J. Martin. Adiutant General Corps William E. Roundtrcc, Medical Service Corps RECOGNITIONS AND AWARDS The Elihue A. Barden Award to the Mechanical Engineering student in the junior class, maintaining the highest scholastic average and who exemplifies high moral character. This award was established by his widow. Gregory Lee Curry The Florence Nightingale Award, given by the Woman ' s Auxiliary to the Greensboro Medical. Den- tal and Pharmaceutical Society to the most promising junior in the School of Nursing. Yvette Marie Jackson KHALIF TEMPLE it 144, AEAONMS, PHA SCHOLARSHIP Charnetta L, Jones The Merrick Award to the graduating senior for all-round excellence in Industrial Arts. Linwood E Battle ' Distinguished Military Graduate Bennett College University of North Carolina — Greensboro 325 A CKNO WLEDGEMENTS We extend our sincere thanks to the following persons and agencies for their help in assist- ing the A YANTEE Yearbook Staff this year . . MA TTHEW KING (Budget): MAXINE DA VIS (Purchases); ROBERT LA WSON (Plant Rep: Photography): WILLIAM TUCK (Photography): TED WATTS (Sports Illustration): DARYL WHITESIDE (Cover): JACKIE BROWN (Immense Assistance: Correspondence): JOE FA UST (Passes): UNIVERSITY STUDIOS: CAROLINA CAMERA. INC.: CAMERA WORLD. INC: the STUDENTS ofA T: and to RICHARD M. NIXON (For Resigning) Again, Thanks P.S. Special Thanks to Sticky Fingers. 327 IN MEMOR Y OF OUR BELOVED AGGIES: Mrs. Zoe Parks Barbae Asst. Professor: English Humanities Newark, New Jersey Mr. Theodore Caldwell Senior: Chemistry Major W iston- alem, North Carolina % Miss Enid Ferguson Junior: Nursing Major Fayetteville, North Carolina Mr. Martin Holt (retired) Superintendent University Farm Superintendent Building Grounds Instructor: Blacksmithing Graham, North Carolina Mr. Gerald M. Marteena Dean of Administration Professor: Engineering Marietta, Ohio Dr. Gordon Saddler Chairman: Political Science Professor: Political Science Elkhorn, West Virginia Mr. Reginald Strickland Graduate — Recreation Major Athlete: Football Thomasville, North Carolina 328 ; ■ mwm m I wK ' 11 1 1 « " liil " i i «fi " V " II i • " i

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