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NC A S T STATE UNIV UBBARV BflsnifiilllP ' irfif! Ill liiihj 3 0343 0370421 U The Ayantee 1972 a t state university greensboro. n. c. heien butler, editor-in-chief thurman daniel, associate editor paula foster, business manager mrs. barbara burgess, advisor Volume XXVII rm ' iiit i ' P 4 I . mamBmam Forward As we grow and live each day, we go through changes that have different effects on different persons. For some, the change is gradual; and for some the change is so sudden that we are caught completely unaware. Part of the changes we go through comes through experience— experience with various, events persons, and places. Even though some experiences may vary in respect to kinds and effects, we still ex- perience anyway. Experience helps make us what we are — as a person or as a group — particularly the Aggie family. We, here in Aggieland, are a unique unit of a bigger, much more powerful group — The Black People. In this respect, our experience is also a unique one. Unique in the fact that we face completely different problems and we respond in completely different ways, for so much of our experiences come in conflict with the norms of another culture that we are expected to live by. This is how our experiences face us as a group of Black People. As a unique unit within that group, we function in many ways as a family. A family which may expe- rience many problems as we try, desperately a times, to function together in the many facets of university life. At times, our experiences may hinder or influence our actions as individuals, but again, we must realize that our experiences help us to grow and mature into the competent leaders of our beautiful Black race. In fulfilling our potentials as individuals, as members of the Aggie family, and as a group of Black peo- ple, our experiences are uniquely different from any other group of people. Our experiences make us what we are and what we will become. Our experience is A BLACK EXPERIENCE. This is Not My Country! by Martin Moore This country is not of me, because it has prostituted democracy. I lieeird tlie bells of Greedom rini;; but that did not mean a tiling. Our Freali White Fatliers, authors of Lilierty: yet tliey never wrote for me. On every American mountainside; just too many Black men have died. O ' beautiful, for spacious sky: still beneath you, my lirotlier die. Land of the Pilgrim ' s pride; land where white racism thrives. O ' Black brother lift Thy voice and sing; O ' Black brotlier lift Thy sword and swing. When courage flows in your veins; go out and make your enemies as lains. For us to live another day and night; we must all join in this fight. My country lis of Thee; suppression and misery. For the love of God and tlie love of Man; Brother of Black take your stand. ; . A nd from sea to shining sea, let thy mighty Black Struggle be! . " ' li ' tl ,■;,, i-,f; ;i 4 --f ? i D -. F. Williams i- ft ' " M -. Ellie Corhett Dedication No death is wholly natural, and no one dies merely of the burdens of the years — when thex die there is always left the memories of their presence. Two wonderful men have died and left us honors to remember them by. Their endless cooperation and assistance in working with the school can never he tor- gotten. Let us stop to pause for a few minutes at the dehumanization of the end of life, both for those who died and for those who live on and to the befogging of the minds of these two intelligent men whom we owe respect and honor. We. the 1972 Ayantee staff, dedicate this edition in memory of Dr. F. Wil- liams and Mr. E. Corbett. Campus Life At The Cop ing " Is The Th ing ' j ' - f Thai ■GRIT- A serious PLEA Gelling ihal ride coping thai " KISS ' ' 1 Coping a KOOL A break rum ihe hooks ' ' V Is Super Bad!!! . f ' i W ' ' Braiding thf BISH H ailinztor the " FLICK ' I Checking the Meal Slickers Praciuinguur tL.-iSTICIT) The ne ' " women ' s " dorm Going to the field We Are Forever ' ' Doing Something ' ' Gossipiyo ' -))£ EATISC Pretending lo " book ' ' Going lo I he bowling lane " n,l we have a lol ul lender loving care To Class •- SOWHERE " ' To ihe field " again " The Lane Aggies Are Always Going Places .... i Back lo i ' ansiorv To The Golf Course We Are Energetic We Communicate In Some Way All The Time Dig ' Em Getting Away From it All . . . •i.« 12 H 13 REDUCE SPEFD P HEfith Pi jC mm m- IIIIIIMIMIHIIilll - kj u ft.1 ■« se9 n sma ., n 3ri«aS3iif3 a ' f ' lit ' ll m k 19 rR ' 7f i - - ' K nnn ; % ' 377? „ :, ,,, r Tvr S i r 23 ■.iiiuti,ji.muiijiii»i..j,L.t«ii»u.ii.mjj.iiiij» «.g.p».ii .iiiiuii.ii«ii | f|f Black, Beautiful and Something More . X MMi x mrT aiassniiiisiaixnTTTWfy fj fjfig ll M ffllTBqimi REST AREA ENTER TAINMENT iivM.mniwcvtmKKris wni The Opels A Is () Mi. " The Opetls " appeared on a show wiih the Electric Express in Moore ' s Gym during ihe month oj October. They arenrulv a " Hlack Experience " to our Aggie Family. Their release. " ) on Know Thai I Love You " written hy Jimmy Steadmun. makes all oJ us eel that thev are really doing the do. Our brothers are front: Tom Smith. Center-Howard Jones, back: Jimmy Steadman. .Mian Loveti. and Raleigh Bryant .And indeed ihey do have .SOL I.. ' 28 The Electric Express The Elearu Express came to A T doing their hn ■The Real Thmg The gave a gram! perlormance w a verv en- thused crowd in Muure Gvmnasium Power lo these brothers from the ■city- ol Greensboro that plaved a verv ini- portant part in entertaining the Aggies. The latest release by the group is Where are von coming Jron, and this is what we want to know. They are the " REAL THING " warn " The 8th Day " " The Hth Day " performed Jor an exeited crowd January 22 in Moore ' s Gym. Thev sang " She ' s not Just another-Woman, " " ) ' on gotta Crawl, " and some had sounds from their latest alhum. Along with an out-oj-sight version of Marvin G aye ' s " Whats Going On. " 30 " What ' s Happening Brother? ' ' You ' ve Got to Crawl Before You Walk " Miss Ron Feaster Miriam Makeba, better known as " Queen Mother " graced the Aggie family with a performance that held the audience spellbound. The song which really put the audience in a Black mood was the - ' Click Song " , a syncopated version of an African folk song of joy. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMAN ' ' Miriam 33 Makeba " The f ' i ' ' Main Ingredients 99 34 BiUiPMPM Others Who Performed For the Aggies! " THE MOMENTS " " THE FIVE STAIRSTEPS " " DORIS DUKE " " THE WHAT-NOTS " " THE ICEMAN " JERRY BUTLER " THE CHILITES " " PONDEROSA TWINS " " THE STYLISTS " AND OUR OWN " The Majors " ( " Third Membrane " ) and " Mas20t Brain " 35 lO I ' S ' f w i i % ' ' ' -V: THE BLACK WOMAN ' S RETURN I saw Black woman: r : - " Dancing in the sun; : ;, .v Bathing in coot waters till day was done Acknowledging her beauty and covered with Black pride; strong and loving with Black man at her side (for she was home) I saw Black woman: Working in the sun; Slaving and laboring till day was done Serving till darkriess came; wherein she hid. till dawn, to begin the same. Her man and her were set apart; stripped of .soul and torn of heart. With no dignity and no Black pride; behind a white face she noiv did hide, (a long way from home) I see Black woman: Dying in the slum; Shooting and tricking, labelled a hum. Neglecting her children, haling her man: getting money any way she can. Her gods being duji and cocaine snort; having babies for sport. -; : : Without .self dignity, without self pride; underneath blonde wigs her Blackness hides. (far, far from home) . ;- Black man, this just can ' t be; You free her soul, sol can see: The soul of black woman: Rejoicing in the sun; Bathing in cool waters till day is done. And see Black woman: Acknowledging her beauty and covered with Black pride: strong and loving with Black man at her .side (YOU bring her home) hy Sister A. J. C wa BSa aKSsj ' Hai; Miss Pisces Miss Cancer »« Sister Denise Ryles Sister Gwen Brown Miss Taurus Sister Pat Coley Miss Scorpio Jit ' . •f- Miss Aquarius Sister Gwen Jeflferies Miss Libra Sister Oseye Bumey Miss Sagitarius i ' -l ' V Va , ' -i m:. I »-l x Miss Gemini Sister Beretiia Elkins Sister Paula Richardson Miss Leo Sister Lesly Threadgill Miss Capricorn Sister Louise Ferguson Miss Aries % -: ' P.] I X ' . Miss Virgo Sister Deborah Lavender _ _ Sister Charlene Anderson Mr. Black A wareness Brother Stephen Blake 43 Ricky Slaughwr A Rejlecliun hy Lijaiika Today I looked al your picture And il brought a rejlection. Remember how fast the lime flew ' ' The things we did. The things we knew, A nd what about How much it meant To be together? Smiles and laughter 1 quickly remember. Them a brief pain Stabs my memory. .4s quickly I forget Again The rejlection. fades The Aggie Men Making The Fashion Scene a ay man Holt 44 James McMillian Harvey Long 45 Marvin Jackson 33iSS ZCTBZ!S QUEENS 47 (Diss h Xi I I I I I 1 1 I I 1 ] S ] I I ] SisteO af Thompson 48 " A Black Woman, y f " A Black Beauty f f ' ' A Black Queen f f The manifestations of beauty are the mak- ings of every black woman, and Patricia Thompson is indeed a seed of this creativity. Pat, a business administration major from Charlotte, N.C. is the lovely daughter of Mr. Mrs. Curtis Thompson, Sr. She is a 1968 graduate of West Charlotte Senior High School. A true queen by nature, Pat was a former Miss Junior and Sophomore attendant to Miss A T. Presently Pat is a member of The Stu- dent Government Association, Tau Phi Theta Sorority, The Business Club and The Women ' s Council. In her leisure, she enjoys swimming, listening, to classical jazz, and sewing. Upon graduation, Pat hopes to enter into the world of fashion buying. Congratulations to you " Pat " for success- fully climbing the queen ' s ladder as one of A T ' s loveliest Black Women. 49 Sciiiur .tiieinhiiu - Sister Bernardelle CrawlDnl Black Women Freedom Junior A llendani - Sister Janice Morgan- These heauliliil Black women were chosen hv Miss A T. as her atle u iin; court. Ihey were superhud during cornation and other Honteconiing events. .More Power to each oj them Jur such a " had " showing 7 he representive of the uiphu- inore class is Sister Judy Pritchett 50 I- reshiiian . I ttcndani - Sister Eunice Shropshire Miss Senior Si ' .U ' r Ins Curl loll Chosen as the Senior Class Black Beauty. Sisler Iris Carllon has indeed shown her competency in every way as a Black Queen Iris is an active nieinher oj the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and other campus activities. She is a Social Service major from Warsaw, .V.C. To see her is to know her. just her smile is enough to make many, many friends. Miss Junior From the peak oj the highest mountain in .Isheville. A ' .C. Sister .4rlene Bell comes to you as Miss Black Junior. She is an Early Childhood Education major, engaged in nianv activities, including that lovely voice you can hear during haljtime at the football and basketball games. " She is our everything and everything is her " , sums up the Junior Class qualifications of their queen. Right On lor this charming Black Woman! 51 Sister .4 rlene Bell Miss Sophomore The cily of Ruxboro. N C. has ihi.s young Black woman as iheir " Black Experience " . Carolyn was the firs I Black homecoming queen al a predominately while high school during her senior year. Now she reign in Blackness as Miss Sophomore. ,4 Social Service major and active in the .Administrative Help- hers Club, Social Service Club, Student Leaders, and Sophist Society, she. too. is an interesting and friendly person to know. Carolyn is a perfect example of the Wonderful World of Black People. Sister Carol vn Cousin Miss Freshman " Hubie " as we call her. is from Maxton. V. C. Her jriendliness and charm is portrayed whenever she is around people and friends. She is a Psychology major and active in the SG.-i and Judicary Council on campus. The position of Miss Freshman is a deserving title for one of .Africa ' s Black Pearls. Huhie is a pearl to us and she proves to be one of the cutest we know at .4 T. 52 Sister Huberlelte Ellis Miss Kappa Alpha Psi Sisler Sherril C Union Miss Alpha Kappa Alpha Sisler Demelria Tucker Miss Delta Sigma Thela Sisler Barbara Williams ,, llr V Hr V K . Hfl 1 M. PI R?- ' ' H 1 ti t) MK V m 1 I ' Bi ' l p , %y, rt ' ' v B 1 ' iii rdV e Mi. ■ " Miss Alpah Phi Alpha Sisler Freddie Dawk ins Miss Phi Beta Sigma Sisler Karen Pallerson Miss Omega Psi Phi Sisler Ann Richardson mBom 1 1 Miss BOSS. Sister Dehra McRae Miss A Ipha Phi Omega Sislcr ) vniuie Hill Miss Greek Sister Linda Wright Miss Zetci Phi beta Sislcr Ozetia Jef revs M ts ijamma Sigiiiu Sigma Sister Jacqueline Bixine Miss I ' elran . issacialion Sister Betty Tyler l M m| i. Im K-- v A 1 Miss Epicurean Sisier Virginia Hill Miss Digit Circle Sisier Christine Cockerham Miss Future Alumni Sister .1 ndrena Brattun Miss FelluHship Gospel Chuir Sisier Barbara Turner Miss Economics Sisier H ' inifred Jenk ins Miss Esquire Sister Ester Dildv Miss Tail Phi Thela Sister Dorolhv Brooks Miss Men ' s Council Sister Ernestine Durham Miss Swing Phi Swing Sister Darnice Halt Miss Tail Phi Tail Sister Agnes Diinson Miss Ayantee ) earhook Sister Charlotte Underwood Miss Groove Phi Groove Sister Juan Hat kins Miss Adminislrative Helpers Sister Francine Kee Miss Home Economics Sisler Gilda Smaw Miss Women ' s Council Sisler Brenda Hanes Miss Charmetie Sisler Judy H ' ellinglon Miss . ' . CAS. Sisler Veronica Smilh Miss Physical Education Sisler Tonie Rorie tfVjNBnjMTTr i gE m ORGAN IZ ATI mmm May Best Secretary Government Student Rintuld if r Presiileiil James Hill Vice President Association Kehiii Jones I reels lire r To the Aggie Family, I want you to examine this word " realities " very closely. Sometimes I believe too many of us come into this academic setting, and forget about the realities of home. There is no need to my telling you that we are in a unique setting, that our race experience has been that of oppression; and that it is important for us to make our academic experience applicable to our realities. No. Isee no need in reminding you or informing you of this. I contend that we do know, its just that we ignore or don ' t want to remember those realities. Is it because the pain, the struggle, and the experience was too much of a burden? If so, then you have not learned about the basic ingredients that goes into life. That is. pain and struggle along with goodness of life, are necessities for a complete learning experience. I believe this poem expresses what each and every member in the Aggie Family should be about: THE ART OF ADVENTURE Create mental pictures of your goals, then work to make those pictures become realities. Exercise your God-given power to choose your own direction and influence your own destiny and try to decide wisely and well. Have the daring to open doors to new experiences and to step boldly forth to explore strange horizons. Be unafraid of new ideas, new theories and new- philosophies. Have the curiosity to experiment . . . to test and tr ' new ways of living and thinking. Recognize that the only ceiling life has is the one you give it and come to realize that you are surrounded by infinite possibilities for growth and achievement. Keep your heart young and your expectations high and never allow your dreams to die. Wilferd A. Peterson Ronald Ivey 61 THl4«5 REGISTER ' sr i ..,i«-. : ' ?? Editor-in-chief Ronald P. Topping Associate Editor Vernice W. Pippen Managing Editor Patrice Dunn News Editor Janet Jones Business Manager Weldon Washington Sports Editor Jacquline Glisson Fine Arts Editor Ruth James Literary Editor Linda King Circulation Manager Wanda Jones Production Manager Oliver Carson Chief Photographer Leonard Conley Faculty Adviser Mrs. Loreno M. Marrow. Staff Members: Ruth Allen. Blannie Bowen, Delois Brown. Micheal Brave. Deloris Collins. Ethel Evans Elizabeth Faison. Sandra Gillins. Edna Goodman. Dora Graham. Doreen Green. Constance Griffin. Brenda Hinson, Vickie Hinson. .-Mice Hobbs. Betty Holeman. Jawnita Hollingsworth. Mary EeGrand George Johnson. Lance Van Landingham. Larry V. Lewis. Deborah McRae. Mildred Medley. Ethel Morrison. Gregory Phillips. Janice Smith. David Psrvill. Jr.. Roise Stevens. Marjorie Strong. Dirk Thomas. Cassandra Wvnn. 63 Women ' s Council Purpose; To recommend policies, registrations and adjustment per- taining to affairs of women students. Men ' s Council Purpose: To promote a better understanding of human relations among the members of th e University family. It provides a vehicle through which the population can better the campus. Administrative Helpers Purpose; To assist with Administrative Help during registration and at any time lielp is solicited. Also process I.D. cards. 65 IfflJ fUliililHWIM HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Purpose: To provide jor professional developemeni uj college home economics students. TELOCA CLUB wwwiwnr. Purpose Aids m the developments of student nurses us trulv democratic citizens by hroademng their horizons as individuals and members of a grmip- AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Purpose: Tu promole ihe advancement oj chemistry in all fields WESLEY FOUNDATION v„ --ii Purpose: To provide religious and social activities Jur Methodist students. m II TBOBa Bmmmmmmu BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CLUB The Business Adminislralmn DepartmeiU has approxiinalelv 600 sludeiu majors of whiim ISO are females ll is one ot the lastesl growing deparlmenls uj the University. Stiidenis majoring in Business Ulminislration are able to secure well-paying and responsible positions either with business Jirms or with the Slate or Federal Government Dr A. Smart and Mr J. . konge are the Advisors 68 ACCOISTISG CLLB Purpose: To make its members more presislanl in thought within the areas oj accounting through pariicipa- lion in club junctions. NCAS 69 fldJltaillUM«MBUUI.IIJlMJI,. tl|iUJ[B|m SOCIETY OF LADY ENGINEERING kllJll ' 1 W Purpose: To develop a belter and closer understanding among lady engineers on campus. PRESIDENTIAL SCHOLARS CLUB Purpose: To promote closer relationship among Presidential Scholars on this campus. lEE CLLB Purpose Scienlijlc. literary, and educational ENGI EERL G SDEG Purpose: To Provide funds Jor the individual engineering society. Want Is " What s Happening ' ' NOW LEFT TO RIGHT: Fave Howard. Hivdiiniii Herring. James H righl. and Mike Powell. The liHOI.E IIII (i " FRONT: H ' woiiiiia. .loan drahani. Kailn Henrv. Denise R les and Shelia H ' duin. BACK: llonc ihoniu . Raymond Rally. Mike Powell. Mike Conyers. Wayne MeCleiey. and Ruhard Howard Our Campus Radio Station Richard Houard and Denise Ryles during the i ZZ get together. Fave, W Wonnia. Shelia and Kath tid things up around the station. Everybody can learn something from somebody sometime!! Joan. Wayne, and .Antone doing their thing for the .Aggies, uhile on the air. WA NT c H A N N E L 62 L.A. Mike, and Raymond " Breaking Down ' 73 i I Union Advisory Board To present the expressed feelings and concerns of the student bod on matters of polie and program to the Executive and Stall of the L ' nion and to promote and sponsor L nion Programs. Advisor; Mrs. Mar Jefferies 74 Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society Purpose: To Foster Scholarship and academic excellences. North Carolina Fellows Pro2ram The purpose uf the N.C. Fellows Program (whose funds are provided by the X.C. Leadership Institute is to contribute to the development of future leaders for business, edu cational governmental, and other professional organizations. 75 M ' f A T University Choir NX " . A T. State L ' niversil ' s choir is rated as one oftlie hesi m the USA. The appear in many campus programs, including Vespers, Christmas Concert, Con t)cations and Graduations. Dr. Howard Pearsaii is the Director. 76 The Pentecostal Fellowship 1 he • ciienil piirpiise ol ihc Fen I ecu ' ' I al hvllmwhip is lo iiniiilaic ami Dmilvaic chnsnan principles- Specijically. the purpose i lo provide a sueia-religioii oriianizaiion hn- sliulents who embrace the Fenieeosial Faith- Advisors: Mrs. Margaret L. Evans and Mrs. Maniie W illianis. 77 The Economics Club Purpose: To make ii.s members more presishiiu in ihoughi wilhin the area of Eeonomies uiij parlicipalion in eluh junetions. 78 Fellowship Gospel Choir Purpose: To carry the Gospel in song throughout the nation. The choir has appeared several times during the year on campus and a number of out of town visits. 79 ' ' m ' $ ? 80 Does This Look Familiar? 81 DAfJGER f H£:fib f ' kt.b Crossing The PAN HELLESIC COLSCIL BURNING SANDS!! 86 Mil Psi Chapter was founded ai AC ' - A J Stale Lniversitv in March. t92 . L phulding the Principles upon whiih the lraternit was uunded the chapter has been Jinn in its ejjurts to bring together young men uj the same aspirations to form eternal friendships and tn develop a desire for achievement in all endeavors Social activities of the chapter which has gained eminence throughout the eastern coast are Omega Mardi Gras and Que CIAA Cabaret which are annual affairs. 91 ms am KPSlRkll! Kappa Alpha P i Fralerniiv ivas founded on January 5. 191 1 ai Indiana Lniversiiy in Bluaniingion. Indiana- Alpha u Chapter was founded at A T in 1933 with inlelleciual. cultural and social achievement as the fundantental purpose. Maintaining a high standard oj Greek life, the men oj Alpha . u have followed through with a strong background of leadership and participation. Among the chapter projects are Kappa Kids. I ' oler Registra- tions Drives. Community Building Top 25 Freshmen I wards. Founders Day. Kappa Weekend, and the Kappa .Scholarship .A ward. Phi Belli Siiiiiiu Fniiciiiil u( IhuihIciI al Umuinl I iiivcT ' iu ill I ' N ll real men nun have Kimiclmn h u j i i lhe live uihl wliieli lliev ullnu In ilireel llieir relii- liiin hip Willi iminkiiul Kla Clnipier uir e ' iiihin heil in I ' ll al let 11 ; ' pnneiple a ' luihlaiiienial heliel Uti C ' anipir. llie Jiapier lia niainlaineil e leeni ihroiigh leailer hip. ahilin. ami ueaiHa iiie ' 01 llie main ihliMlie III llie Jiapier. ihe nin l niilMuiuling are ilie Blue and While Ball, eanipir heaiiiiliealinn. Cliriuiini ' ami I liank t;i III}; IdihI Driven, ami enniniiinilv erriee pni eeh. 98 99 YIELD. ■ ■■ Sf r -!? " ' " " ' r " ' -f? ' ' .? " ?73] ' : ' ' M ' W " : NONGREEKS 101 ' ■ ' rfmiii ' »i mvmiK miii -«»-. k ( I SOS ;. ' .■•? f . m 1 i s 107 ttammm MM ma BLACK MEN WE ARE They say we ' re ignorant, superstitious and Black And like our fathers, scared to fight hack; Many years have passed — we ' ve been treated like toys And our Black men have been labeled " boys. " With poor jobs, little money and scarce food. Very few Blacks are in non-violent moods: Little Willie .foe begs for food for his mouth. Yes, little Willie Joe. he lives in the South. But soon it all will come to an end And Willie .loe and I will be Black men again. The Black man has suffered a tremendous fall, beginning to stand — stand pretty tall. It ' s true we ' re ignorant, superstitious and Black But unlike our fathers, we are fighting back: Black men we are . . . but for you " boy.s " we ' ll be But damnit you remember — We ' ll Die To BE FREEH by Rickey Reed 108 AQUARIUS This is the dawning of the age of . . . Black existence in once white domains of complete Black Power of destroying straightening combs of leaving the ghetto of less Paris originals of European culture reddance of leaving the pot of darkening cream of moving on up of telling it like it tis of states Blackly United or in other words . . . This is the dawning of the age of REVOLUTION!! — Tenderfoot 109 Sisters and Brothers of Soul Society Right on!! 113 " ' ' - " ' " " ■ ' ' " " ' ' ' ' ' nfhtfffi vi iinyi MiiiymiiAiHijgfli m ' ■ ■ ' ? ' ' 7 ' W5nriFrry»:si» ■■ WHMiff-i " 5 ,0 ,ffl.ww«8Blfifoi .i jam ■ 117 mmmmumm lllll]IMlll[I[lilMLHLII.IJIUIJmillllll.lHMHH | Esquire 121 lULijinimmuMi 122 123 AuPPEHY SPOR TS 125 la siirT h ma gmrngsmm Hf Vt Ben Tatum Defensive Tackit William Hargrave C ' ornerback North Carolina DeQuinoey Davis Defensive End ED HARRIS ntlensivp Tackle Co- Captain A T James Cunningham Defensive Baek Reggie Strickland Defensive End Ray Pettiford Offensive End Dan Coleman .Guard Maurice Williams Defensive Back Carl Collins Defensive End 126 AGGIES 5k RKliaid Hnltoii Riinnini Baek Mike Warren Defensivp Back IIk.iius Anthony Defensive Back n Vork Glover Defensive Bark Albert NesbiU Linebacker BEN BLACKNALL .inehacker Co-Captain Arthur Brown Guard I.onnie I.eo. ' ard Tackle fh.irlc, MiddlctDn = I, inker IJa id Lewis Center Willie Wright End Mlliani Wideman Dclrnsive End 127 uiiMMi ' immimf Former Aggie athelele. HIvin Bethca. returns to Aggieland ' " Here, he is pictured with Dr. Dowd on the steps ol Dudley Building, Belhea is now pla ing with the Houston Oilers. Aggie in the Makings 128 GROOMES NEELY JACOBS JEFFRIES BROWN JONES AGGIE FOOTBALL STAFF Ptrsons attending the annual Sprint; Football Game at A T last April, saw- towering Hornsby Howell wearing more smiles than usual. At first thought, it could have been that anything that Howell saw in the spring game represented an improve- ment over last season. It could be that he was looking ahead to the ' 71 season when his Aggies could put it all to- gether. In just four seasons. Howell has estab- lished himself as one of the nation ' s outstanding young coaches. He revived the Aggies ' sagging football fortunes his first year and has had representa- tive teams since then. He has vowed there will be no more seasons like last yeai ' s 4-6 showing. Eacn year brings new challenges to Howell and this time it ' s A T ' s be- ginning play in the newly formed Mid- Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC). Howell ' s approach to football coach- ing is based on probably the best train- ing available. As a youngster of 12 back in his native Athens. Ga., he watched with interest how Wally Butts operated as the University of Georgia ' s famous coach. Little did Howell dream that some- day he himself would become some- what of a celebrity in the game. In his first season as head football coach at North Carolina A T, Howell guided the Aggies to an impressive 8-1 record. His fired up team knocked off na- tionally-ranked Morgan State and Florida A M on successive weekends. For his success, Howell that season was selected as " Coach of the Year " by the Central Intercollegiate Athletic As- sociation (CIAA), the 100 Per Cent Wiong Club of Atlanta, the Pittsburgh Courier and NAIA District 26. Actually Howell ' s father was athletic trainer at the University of Georgia. Hornsby spent a lot of time hanging around the fieldhouse . ' When he was 12, he was good enough to become an assistant trainer for the Bulldogs. Howell played high school football at Burney Harris High, then became a starting tackle at Atlanta ' s Clark Col- lege in 1945 under coach Charles Mc- pherson. After one year, Howell de- cided to enter A T where he became one of the Aggies ' all-time great cen- ters. He was head fo otball coach at Jordan Sellers High, Burlington, North Caro- lina from 1950-53 before returning to A T as head trainer. He left Greens- boro for a year in 1961 to become train- er at Southern University. Upon return- ing to A T, he was made an assistant in football and basketball. As a trainer, Howell has also worked lor the Cleveland Indians and the Greensboro Baseball Club. CAL IRVIN Athletic Director Veteran coach Melvin H. Groomes came to A T in 1955. Mel ' s baseball teams at A T have won ten CIAA titles in 17 seasons. Matt Brown was an assistant under former mentor Bill Bell starting m 1946. B ' rown was a star quarterback on the HORNSBY HOWELL Head Coach Ohio State University team that went undefeated. Matt is noted for the tricky antics which he passes along to Aggie Quarterbacks. Coach Neely carries the big respon- sibility for developing the strong in- terior line for which the Aggies are noted. Now in his 21st year at A T, Neely has done an outstanding job in main- taining the Aggies ' front line defense. He believes in tough, hard play. So do his players. Willie E. Jeffries, a former successful South Carolina High School footbali coach, is assistant line and defensive coach at A T State University. Jeffries played tour years of football as a center at South Carolina State. Stan Jacobs will be remembered for a long lime as having been one of the all-time great quarterbacks to play for the Aggies. A native of Orangeburg, S. C. Jake began his college career at S ' . C. State, entered the Army after a .year with the Bulldogs. 129 Now Aggies are Doin it! a ' 7- ' " and Always ' ' Aggies On The Move ' The year, 1971 . a memorable, e.xciting football season, the challenging A T team, ventured out into a new gridiron competitive world — the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (ME AC). A T, formerly a member of the CIAA, entered a new conference, but the competition, the strategy, and the game of foot- ball was still the same. It was a season of games played under cloudy skies, falling rain, on muddy turf, flesh and bones colliding, increased pressure for winning, and indefatigable efforts for scoring all added up into the Aggies sum of a 6-4-1 impressive record. In the year of ' 71 . the Aggie gridders were victorious over Delaware State meeting them for the first time on the turf, as well as being trumphant over the CIAA competitive teams they played. Labelled as " the Minutemen " and the " stonewall defense " . in regards to their rallying second half game performances and keeping the opponents away from the endrone. the Aggies exemplified the spirit of the MEAC. Another praising act of the Aggies part, is that three team members were drafted to pro teams for next season. They are Willie Wright for the Oakland Raiders. Lonnie Leonard and Ralph Coleman for the Dallas Cowboys. We congratulate each of them and hope them the best of luck. Another Aggie achieve- ment for some of the Aggie family. 131 Coach Howell siving advice Go Aggies Go! ' I »y " ' « ■ ' w fWr ' m ' ' 4 ,t; ' SSfc a j Ki n n gtw ! .f - 133 s Angle Inihrigali Connie McConell Lorella Slade Sandy Hayes Carol vn Cos Ion 134 •t -• m % r -m • » i IN ■ ' 4. Ponsiana Womack Janice Morgan Donna Peannan Freshman Cheerleaders 135 Deborah H ' esl ' " ■ ' ° ' ' ™ ' " X ..,. Road Victories • - V ™, Road Victories o ' i- .« ' v» .« ' Y 00 0 c, v c,vt ' o A vV aV - - V ir S 13 5 CLr O C 5g» Cager Milton Nunnally ve Q § Named MEAC Player of the Week I ♦ • S o .o it i e« ' « t . ■6 o ggies Win At Home And Away Aggies! ME AC Favorites 137 ■www— Aggie Cagers The " Whole " Team Coach Cal Irvin Assistant Walter Reynolds Captain Elmer Austin Co-captain Al Carter 138 Elmer " Flute " Austin Milton " Milt the stilt " N ' unnally William " June " Harris The Walter " Bird " Anderson James " Outlaw " Starting 139 Five Count-down 1, 2, 3 . . . 10!! You Give, Now!! Aggie Wrestling Team The Aggie grapplers in their I ' urst full arsit season have come around quite ueil and are highly rated in the Mid Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC). Coach Pincknes states " ' m a fundamentalist first of all. and it takes a lot of work to mold a 90 per cent freshman lorden squad into a top con- tender. " Even though they are young. Pinckney has plenty of talent to work uith in Bernard Herring, a city champion from Wilmington. Deluare. Dan Coleman, a heavyweight state high school champion from Baltimore. Mar land. Mel Fair, a 150 lb. state champ from High Point. N. C. Andrews and Craig Davis, are 160 pounders from the same school. Coach Pickney. a 26 year old Health and Physical Education instructor from Glassboro State College uon district and regional honors in wrestling. His agressive team has become the pride of the A . T student body, as near capacity crowds have enjoyed the actionm of clean college wrestling. 141 Karate- Dojo The A T State University Karate team was organized in 1965 by Robert Wagner, a student at that time. The DOJO strives to develop the minds and bodies of its members through the material art. The Karate Dojo. a separate entity on campus is open to all students. Through the years the team has developed and maintained high standards for its mem- bers. It has studied all the aspects of karate; that is. karate as a self-defense, sport, art and philosophy. In more recent years the Karate-Dojo has competed and placed in many karate tournaments in the eastern part of the United States. President William E. Perry Head Instructor Lawrence McSwain Asst. Instructor Marvin Hamilton Advisor Charles Creech Academic Advisor Gilbert Casterlow. Jr. 142 Our Majorettes -•»i.v i: V v " - Doin ' itto " KG " ! ' I I MfiT ; 144 Intramural Department The Intramural Department of A T has been an asset to the school in having students participate in numerous sport acti ities. Some competitive sports are football, basketball. o!leyball. pool, bowling, roller skating, and rifletrey. A new addition to the department is the AGGIETTES. a women basketball team. They play a regular season and also participate in tournament pla . The team is coached hy Tyrone Bolden and the entire department is under the super ision of VIr. R. McKee. .AN ACTION SHOT BETWEEN THE AGGIE FRESHMEN AND INTRAMURAL .ALL-ST.A.RS THE GIRLS WARMING UP BEFORE A THRILLING GAME Blackness Part A T a- ' Aiil.v:JjiliVvv ' , ' -itV j[ ' - ' I . ■JH, ' (• •- r We look at things . . . L . . From Both Views . . 1 ' iOf ii a ESEajsssssassssra From the " Motherland " : C-; " ' ' -si!iiiia siMaiiM t;v; H«ims « i.Ba»«nm ig ttiSSg;BS i ii m. •■ 1 -- ■ ■ ■- 3S3S3!asa I -TjitiSa iaMi] •2h t a. •- «- ». ms ssmssmsm Freshman Class Officers President: James McMillan. lice-Presideni: ' ieki Slunli ant. . ol Shown. Secretary. Patricia Jenkins and Treasurer. Ronald Penny 157 HHB Adams. Martha A lexander. Charles Allen. Christopher .Ulen. John .Allen. Joyce Allen. Ruth .Armstrong. Frances .Arringlon. Sorine A very. Deborah Bailey. Raymond Baker. Delton Baker. Diane Baker. Lynn Baldwin. Micheal Banmerman. Carol Barnes. Carlos Batls. Doris Bat Is. Eddie Bailie. Linwood Baylor. Michelle Beard. Barbara Bell. Dotiie Bryant. Barrion Best. Arthur Belhea, David Belhea. Micheal Belhea. . eina Billman. Frankey Black, Marietta Blounl. Dannie Boddie. Timothy Boone. Janice Boyetle. Evelyn Brandon. Ken Bradshaw. Mary Bridgers. William Bridges. Jasper Bright. Lula Brooks. Cedric Brown. Jo Mar % ' .W ■ 158 Brown, Phyllis Brown . Joyce Brown Joyce Burch. Elizabeih Burnetie, Linda Burner. Arlena Burton. PrisciUa Burner. Josaphus Burrell. Ronald By num. Harvey Callaham. Paula Cannon. Donna Carlos. Octavia Carney. Belinda Carter, Patricio Cavanaugh. .-inita Ceasar. .4 uluro Chatman. Hallel Clark, Sarah Coleman. Charles w f f f i Coleman, . aihamel Collins. Martin Cooper. Ronald Copeland, Hilliam Corbeit. Patricia Corbilt. Edwin Coston, Carolyn Council. Mary Covington, Myra Coward. Mary a Crawford. Christine Crayion, Vernell Creasman. Richard Dailev. Ralph Dalton. Linda Davis. Cleola Davis. Geraldine Davis, Lucy Davis. Maudie Mae Davis. .Michael 159 4 k f 11 Fields. Linda Flemuns. keilli Forbes, Linda Ford. Roherl Foster. Carolyn Freeman. Diirolhv Frink. Harriei Fuller. William Funderhurke. JewatI Gaines, Roherl Gary. Patrick Gatewood. Olivia Galling. Peggy Gerald. Marcelle Glover Darnell Goodman, tnnie Graves. Rufus Green. Charles Grier. Curtis Grinnagc. Deborah Davis. Vernon Dawson, .Annette Deloatch, Sandra Dickens. Paula Dickens. Joe Doggeti. William Dolberry. Bunita Dunes. Peggy Dunn. Lee Dunn, Marvlene Dunslon. Minnie Duren. Vanessa Fbrun. Mable Edwards, Melvin Fstes. Robvn Everett. Carolvn Evans. Michael Faison. Rose Faison. Mary Farrow. Waller f ' i 160 Grimsley. Ernest Gwynn. Toni Hairslon. Rodney Hailh. Thadduus Handv. Eric Harrington. ' iLkie Harris. Lin wood Hatcher. S athx Hayes. Sarah Hennigan. Cynthia Heniry. Cathie Herndon. Jackie Hill. Pernella Hinton. Lemuel Holloway. Fayeiie Hyman. Clara Innian. Lloyd Isley. Carlyle Jackson. Joan James. Anneita -v f .f f s i m w £C f.CJ Jefferson. l ' a ne Jenkins. Jacqueline Jennings. Laronica Johnson. Otto Johnson. James Johnson. .Margaret Johnson. Robert D Johnson. Sandra Johnson. Tilda Johnson. Torraine Jones. Anthony Jones. Christopher Jones. Kathleen Jones. Kathy Jones. .Arlene Jones. Peggy Kearney. Gloria Kemp. Philip Kinard. Linda King. David i 161 " " " ' " f, ? f Mariin, Melva Maliison, Sharon Maxwell . Barbara Means. James Mebane. Eric Mens. .Alvin Miles. Barrry Miles, Patricia Miller, Warren Mitchell. Ma ine Mizzell. Lennart Muore. Nadine Morehead. Herman Morehead. Pamela Mosley. Joseph Mountain. Vivian Murphy, Mertice Mushatt. Luci McCoy. Katha Mclnnis. Gloria i I -• , King. Linda Langston. Lai ' erne Lassiler. Charlie Lee. Helen Lee.J ' - ' nnie Mae Lettough. .Audrey Lewis. Marilyn Lewis. Reginald Lide. Marvin Lillv. Shirley Little. Joseph Lockhari. Debra Lowe. Josetla Maberv. Chervl Madden. Charles Madden. Mary Madden. Mary L. M add ox. Willie Malone. Thomas Manlev. Terri -.- 7 ' •■ f.f £ 162 Mclnolsh. Iris McKeilhan. Dana McLamb. BeiiyeJo McRae. Brenda . eill. William . ellles. Diane .NVvi fti . Jeanene . eHion. Herbert . ichols. Janice O ' Brianl. Harold Owens. Alexander 0 ens. Donnald Parker. Demelrice Parker. Sarah Patterson. Rubin Patlon. Debra Pearson. Julius Perkins. Harry Perry. Dwight Pelerkin, Rocky i 7 P . ' " : X w f ,, ' f f Peterson. Ella Pickens. Deborah Pippen. Lendora Poster. James Pollard. Linwood Powell. Joseph Powell. Ladeen Powell. Rpnald . Pratt. Micheal Price. Harry Pridgeon. Chauncey Pulley. Shirley Puryis. Quincey Ray. Earnest Ray. Thomas Redding. Marilyn Richardson. Paula Richardson. Linda Riggsbbee. Stephanie Rise. Micheal 163 Ruljin. Velvet Ryles. Denise Sauher. Cynthia Sessions. Barbara Shropshine. Eunice Simmons. Reginald Simmons. Margaret Smart. Calvin Smith. Walace Smith. Wanda Smother. John Snowden. Riihina Speight. Helen S larks. Cheryl Stevens. Leconca Stevenson. Lerov Slewart, Howard Strong. Grant Summers. Retha Taljord. Sylvia Tapp. Saundra Tale. Steven Teel. Sheila Terrell. Louis Terrv. Dariel Terry. Susan Thomas Donnell Thomas. Edward Thomas Heddie Thomas. Somdra Thompson. Lenwood Toonier. Dehra Trouth. Evelvn Tuck. Ronald I urncr. Glen WJ 164 Turner. Joseph Tyson. Phyllis i ' incenl. Eunice I ' incenl. Kaihy H ' alden. Brenda U ' alker. Pairicia H ' alker. Wanda Wallers. Rilev H ard. .4 nnie if alson. Roderick Watson. Bernard pi Watson. Phil I R- J Watson. Pamela m-- Weaver. James J. Bfr7 Webb. Deloris . ' - ii ' hile. Brenda fk ll ' hile. Darlvn 5 Whiteside. Gail « -5 Whitaker. Thomas 1 Wiggins. Deborah s t § H ' illiams. Betty liilliams. Beverly Milliams Darnell illiams. Howard H illiams. Pauline M ' illiams. Roney Williams. Shirley y illiams. Wanda H ' illianson. Martena H ' ilkins. Evelyn H ' ison. H ' ayne L. li ' ilson. Sheila tf ' ingate. Dorothy il ' inbush. Deborah H ooten. Bettv Worrell. Rachelle Wright. Cassandra Wright. Lydia fi ' ynn. Jeffery ) ' uung. Bellye 165 TH MK SOPHOMORES -i-7- fAli ' ! " J,A 167 »«»1fH " ■ « ' ilV ' -«i J ' -tSiT ' g. .««.«a« K.r. m: Sophomore Class Officers President — Bert Neal Vice President — Joe Lindsey Secretary — Ph ilis Smith Treasurer — Wavman Holt 168 Adams, Dehhie Allen. Patricia Alslon. Dorothy E. Aiidrt ' ws. Billy Alkins. Albert Baggeil. Larry Ball. Aaron Barrow. Mayota Beasley. Don Beljield. Bobby Bell. Mary Best. Hazel Bishop. Tessa Blackman. G Randi Blacknian. Priseilla BUukwell. Rex Blakeney. Johnnie Blair. H ' oodroH Balden. Sharon Bos I. Cecelia 0m ft f ' S - (■ ' . ,t f f f i • I t f f f Branch. Jerry Branch. Sylvia Braswell. Wanda Brister. Millicenl Bristow. Sandra Broadna . Ronald Ray Brockinglon. Charles Brooks. Quenlin Brown. Beverly Brown, Edilh Brown. Haywood Brown, lalrice Brown. Shelia Brown. William L. Bryant. Janice Bryson. John Bute. Linda Bullock. Jr.. Odie Biinn. Julius Burton, tl itliani 169 mmssm_ - a c f. V»ryA Cook, Coriiie Cooper. Michael M. Correlt. James Courrnev. Annie Cousin. Carolyn Cuvingliin. Lila Cox. Linda Cox. Warren Crowder. Jr.. Samuel Curlew Sharon Cullino. Hollie Dansherry. Robert Davis. Earnest Davis. Michael Davis. Robert DeLoatch. Joyce Demeryl. Richard Diggs, .Alexis Diggs. Vivian Dixon. Billy f Burnelle. Marilyn Burwell. .Sell Bush. Harvey Butler. James Butler. Samuel " Tom ' Byrd. Janet Bvnum. Ronnie Caldwell. ) ' vonne Callahan. Jesse Cannon. Larry Carlton. Gaylord Cannon. Clifton Carter. Sarah Carver. Connie Cash. Tony Chambers. Julius Chavis. Kenneth Clark, John F Clinton. Sherrell Coleman. Sharon 170 Dixon. Linda Drake. Charles Drumgoole. George Dudley. Sandra Dudley. Steven Dula. William Dunn. Jacquoline Dupree. Lauia Ealon. Bernard Edwards. Vivian Ellerbe. Carl Ervin. Ralph Evans. Harvey Faison. Diane Ferguson. Sybella V Fleming. Cynihia Ford. Beverly Foster. Paula Firday. .Mary Fuller. Patricia - v. ! f £ f O 1 1 fi Gay. Ronald Gillins. Sandra Gilrealh. Eric Glover. Theresa Jean Goines. Cheryl Goodman. Edna Gourdine. .Archie C. Graham Bobby Graham Dora Graham. Joan Grant. James Graves. Charles Gray. Joyce Hairslon. Kenneth Hardin. Jo.-i nne Harper. Milton Harris. Clyde Harris. Jacquelyn Harris. Jannie Harris. Jr.. Hilliam F. 171 Huiuer, Deiiiii.s Hiinl ev. Micheliiw Ingram. Dandle Irving. Eileen Jacksun. Marlha Jaccjhs, Thonias X PH James. Kinsev Jeljerson. Gwendolyn fcj w Jenkins. James E. ' James. LaSimia r ! Jenkins. Mary Johnson .A ngeline Johnson Calvin S Johnson Frank Johnson Joseph Johnson Mary Johnson Veroniea Jones. Clarenee Jones. Everelle Jones. L •onani Han. David Harvev. Linda Hayes, l.orey Hayes. Monleal Henderson. Vicki H end rick. Alfred Herring. Bernard Herring. David Herring. It ' vvonia Higgins. Belly Hill. I ' irginia Hinson. Brenda Hinlon. Larry D. Hinlon. Madylin Holeman. Belly Holmes. Derick Hopkins. Diana H or Ion. James Howard. Fa ye Hudson. Lawrence t% f 172 Junes. Sorniii Jones. Patricui Jones. Robert E Jones Sharon Jones. Sylvia Kay. Reginald Kneel. Priscilla Kornegay. Clarence Lacewell. Marian Lamberih. Marcus Lamherih. Marvin Latlimore. Pal Lavender. Deborah Lee. Cvnihia Leniur. John W V ' ' I yzK f V V Lynch. Melvin McCrae. Cassandra McCulliim. Marie McCoy. Gloria McKeithan. Earlene McKie. .Arimenta McLaughlin. Sterling McLean. Herman McLeod. .Alan McMillian. Douglas. Jr. McMilliam. Larry Mc. ' air. Gavle McRae. Carl Mack. James Mack. Mary Martin. Harold Mason. William Mayo. Deborah Mayo. Leon Meadows. Johnny 173 ,«..,«»»««.».«»««. .«» f f ' Nelsdii. Bernice Xi ' Hkirk. Barbara .McIioImjii. Michelle Page, I ' eriie Parker, George M Parker. Ruk Pallerson. Karen Pavlon, Jacqueline Peele. John Pender. Larrv Penn. Larry Perkin.s. Roo. ' ievell Perry. Rasa Pinckne , Car(Ayn Piiiiier. Flela I ' linds. ( laretii e Price. Pamela Pridgenn. iiregnrv Quick. Ireiierick Quick. Ronnie " l- -J- V Medley. Darryl Mickens. Brenda Miller. Caryn Miller. Belly Mizelle. David. Jr Motiroe. .Amos D Monlague. Carllon Moore. Herherl Moore. John Moore. Palriee Moses. Brenda Morrison. Rosella Mouzon. .Augusia Murell, Ulrie .Murphy, Mel in .Murphy, Saialie R Murph , Roy " Dulemile ' Miirphv, Ronald Murphv. William Murray. Belli 174 Race. Reginald Randolph. Maiiie R ichards. Sharon Richerson. Sandra Rogers. Deborah Ross. Gay Russell. Clarice Russell.. Dora Russell. Edwin Russell. } ' veiie Scoli. Patricia Scan. Wilhemina Scurry. William Seabrook. Edward Jr. Shellon. Pat Shepard. Shyann Sherman. Doris Sherman. Dorothy Short. Cornelius Simpson, Patricia f f» " tv . .ii i J i w » Simmons. Gale Sinims. Jerome Simms. Mc Arthur Singtelary. Patricia Skeens. Kalhrvn Slade. Loretta Smith. Annette Smith. Janice Smith. James Smith. Jacqueline Smith. Phyllis Smith, William Spease. Florence Spells. Irish Speight, Rosalind Spencer. Charles Spruill. Elijah Staggers, Wilson Stanfield, Artis Stanley, Gwendolyn 175 p li ' alsldii. Suhra H ' alluii. lltniic H ' allaci ' . Uincnuc Wallace. Myron a u.shi nglon. Mildred ii ashinglon. I hciulore Washington. W iltiani Wellington. J tidy ll ' hite. Elvira Whitest. Beverly iggins. IDhi Wilkes. i ' arol n Willel. C iirtn II illiann. C harles II illiunn. Daphene llilliam. ' .. harlene Williams, (ileiuhi Williams. I.eiiiietlu li illiams. Marvin II illuiim. I ' alnciu % €) V ' A ' Ji ' - Iw . I Slates. Isaae Stephenson. I yronoe Stevenson. Bruce Stevenson. Denise Stokes. Larry Stovall. Keriust Strong. Mar orie Siininier ' . Mary .-inn Taylor. Charlie Thorpe. ) vette Thorpe. ) vonne 1 Oliver. James Toomer. Melviii Torrence. Michael Tripp. Johnnie L nderwood. illen - ' arnedoe. Tranklm I inceni. Kav Waddell. Milion Walker. I ' hvllis Off 176 vs f ft 5 li ' illiaiDS. Ronald H ' illiains. H ' ayman W ' ittiamson. Phil Wilson. Kipling Wojjord. Benny Worrell. Donnie Wright. Anila Wright. Juliet ) arn. Leon ) oung. .Annioniette 177 ■° ' ' ' " " " Ea :»:i mi y, ! S h ' V J, r ' ' - . i ' . K Sia im ;?wt.;!-ifa: SMi ' f m ■ ' ' . ' tf ' . - ' K;; S i ' -.;W( j;i h (i J J i! r. OiHi, ... y-li ijv-if r.V;;,: :; lik:; JUNIORS i iiiiliZL,:, : jiirlMififfiTF ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' Junior Class Officers LEFT TO RIGHT: John Mave, vice-president; Stephen Blake, president; Lorna Hines, secretarx . Not shown. Gres Johnson, treasurer. 180 f l: liLfmi ,d , Beanian. John t ' (♦ Bellon, Geraldine A i Allen. Casandra Allen. Mary .Mien. Maxine .Allen. Peggy .Alston. Cheryl .Andrews. Vickie A rmslrong. James .Atkinson, Joanne Bell. Frank f Seaman. Larrv Belhea. Gail Belhea. Willie Blackmore. Barbara Blackwell. Garry Black well. Mike Blake. Stephen Blakenev. Vera Blue. Brenda Bodie. Candice 181 mSOBB Boone. Hebrew Boom. J acq lie! in Boothe. Larry Bradley. Joan J . Brallun. Virginia Brig u. hUhelxne Brown. Delois Brown. Earl Brown. Elva Brown. Larry J i ' " " i. Brown. Lillian Bryan. Barbara Bryan. E. Gail Burns. Linda Burrell. Raymond Burton. Brenda Buller. Helen Bytium. Senlhia Byrd. Jennifer Caine. Cassandra Cannion. Bui :iA V Carney. Ann Caio. Ciesia Chanelle. Jackie Chapman. Rebecca Chapman. James Chapman. Shirley Clark. Joyce Cole. Fred Cole. Michael Colev. Patricia Collins. Del or is Collins. Janice Cook. Shirley Crandall. Jacob Crosland. Donnie Dullon.John Daniels. Shirley Dawk ins. Brenda Dav. Charles Devine. Vet Diggs. Tony 183 " ' " ■ " ' ™ ' " " ' ' E l 4 , (IVA »■■ . . Dunn. Drusilla Dunn. Patrice Durham. Ernestine Edwards. Leroy Elkins. Bereiha Evans. Elhel Fagan. Benjamin Faison. Haliie Faison. Sidney Faulkner. Keith u.t. u Finger. Herbert Fletcher. Teri Flowers. Sandra Flowers. Reddy Fort, Sheila Foster. Brynat Franklin. Burce Fuller. Beltye Oaither. Janie F. Oarrv. Sharon O f Gihhs, Marece E. Gibson, Edward Glisson. Jacquline Grant. Rosena Green. Doreen Gwvn. Hrenda Hall. A udrey Hall, Sandy Hannah. Kath Hewett. Donald R . il 184 Hill. ) ' vonne Hilliard. Alexandre Hine.s, Lorna Hinlon. Kenneth Hinion. Larrv Hiinllev. Frances Hojjler. Denise Holiday. Linda Hollingsworlh. Juanila Howard. Cleopatra Jackson. Doris Jacobs. Gearldine James. Ruth Jejfreys. Ozetta Johnson. Melvin crjs a Y I k I M IL t % t .j iis M k ■ m Jones. Bohhy Jones. Janet Jones. Luncinda Joyner. Gail Jovner. Phyllis Kearney. Willie Kelly. Juanita King. Phil Knight. Stella Lark ins. Bernard Latham. Brenda Lehis. Elizabeth Long. Harvey Long. Lucretia Lucas. Leon 185 Lyon. Leonard McCoy. H ' yman Mc nlyre. Richmond McKoy. Regina McLean. Sarah McMichael. Otis McRae. Deborah Malterson. Lvdici Mills, Kenneth Minnicks. Mary Morrison. Ethel Murph. Ronald Murrill. Louise I ewsome. Malinda Oden. Gloria V f) .Jr V b 1 ,...,. „,.,A j Oliver. Wanda Oxendine. Johnny Parks. William - ' Paltishall. Jackie ' " j Perry. Michael !k Jii 23r i Pierec. Sandra Porter. Dorothy Porter. Michael Priiill. Regional Piilliiini. Louise Quick. Joyce Randall. Donald Reid. Claitdiu Rhodes. Bessie Rice. Cvnthia 186 Rinehan. David Rubersun. Harry Rorie. Toni Rowland. James Saunders. Donnie Saunders. Lula Scon. Eugene Scolt. William Shaw. James Smallwood. Theresa J Smaw. Gilda Smith. Bruce Smith. Roy Smith. Sharon .-). Smith. ) vonne V V ,V -Xt Southerland. Larry S tailings. .Annette Stewart. Deborah Sutton. Sorma Taylor. John " g ff Tv, J $ Templeton. Juanita Thaxton. Juanella Thomas. Tummie Thompson. Deborah Thorn hill. Barbara nT- Thorpe. .A vis Threadgill. Lesly Tucker. Cynthia Tucker. Sarra Turner. Samuel 187 BBIHI IRr « f» e.- U W ' inhorne. l.iniJu Zullicu Jer. Fuye I ' ines.Jr.. Calumhus H ' aring. Rudnev H eaks. Linda yi ' eeks, Gail H- ' hile. Indiana I Williams. Beverly Williams. Jo. Ann Williams. Juanila Williams. Robert Williams. Linda Williamson. Jocelyn Williamson. Shirley 188 OLD FAMILIAR FACES by Meiceda Perry In the mirrors of my mind I see. Focusing to a picture clear Old faces that were dear to me Back many, many a year. My boyhood days as were spent with John Roaming through forests deep: Or in the streets wlien the scorching sun Burned both our head and feet. And Levi, when we use to race Through the streets at twilight hour: Sucli joy found we in the common place: Such joy as I miss now. Thomas, how clear the urshers of time reveal thyself to me: Back to back as we fought our foes; Hand and hand on the stormy sea. And sharing many, many a bloody nose. Yes. as I grew up I can vividly see In the hallways of my mind. Old faces that were dearest to me Once upon a time. Mother as you comforted me When sadness had me down: Father as you played with me When none of my friends was around. Donnie as we wooed the girls Be it night or day: The rovers, were we known in our world. Malandering everx da . My Brothers and my Sisters as we so joyously played, in the garden: It was such a beautilul place. But then we had to ask pardon Of our parents who caught us with haste. The forest, the street at twilight hour. The garden where I once roamed: Are blurring fast beyond my power. Are fading, and now they ' re gone. Now. time has once more darkened the glass And the hallway doors are closed: And the old familiar places receded to the racks In the closet of my mind for storing. But as I think of the many years that are forever in the sea of time gone. The old familiar faces still linger on. 189 Senior Class Officers President — Emma Pemburton Vice President — William Dudley Secretary — Debra Barwette Treasurer — Fabette Smith 192 1 - Oliver E. Adwaler Business Administration ! Winifred Albert Early Child. Ed. Eli Alford, Jr Mathematics Willa Anderson English Ed. Ruby Archie Early Child. Ed. Edward Armstrong Business Admin. Nellie Armstrong Business Admin. Thomas L. Bain Sociology Gwendolyn Baldwin Social Service Shirley Battle Clothing Textiles Dwight Barbee Physical Ed. Freddie Batts Social Service Larry Barber Professional English Ronald Barnes Sociology Econ. Alfonzo Beatty Accounting Johnetta Becton History wsmm mmam mmmmmm Karen Belcher English td. Bernard Boddie Mae Best Social Service :a:= Tyrone Bolden Recreation Douglas M. Boyd Business Admin. Lynnda D. Boyd Early Child. Ed. X J V5I ; 1 u Janet Brantlev James Bridges Business Admin. Prolessiona 1 French Barbara Belhea Social Service Reubin Boolcert Electrical Tech. . :. ■V William Blakely Physical Ed. Thomas L. Boone Prof. Chemistry Raymond Boyd Music Education Vivian M. Boykin English 194 Benjamin Briggs Accounting Godfrey Brimmer Business Admin. Barbara Broadnax Social Service Vermelle Brockington Business Ed. Doroths Brooks An. Design Patricia Brooks Political Science Eddie Brown Economics John Brown Accounting Nannie Brown Social Service Patricia Brown Nursing VV 1 Yvonne Brown EarK Child. Ed. Yvonne M. Brown Social Service Gary Bryant Business Admin. H Pierre Bryant Electrical Engineering Lamonier Bryant Political Science Tramellia Bryant English Ed. Theodore Bullock. Jr. Business .Ndmin Cassandra Burden AccoLintina mmmmmmm Larry D. Bulter Political Science V 7 i Linda C Butler Mathematics Ed. Gwendolyn G. Burton Clothing Textiles v Yolanda Burwell Social Service Allan M Byrd Business Admin. Carl A Byrd Business Admm. Stuart A. Cain Social Service Leander Canady Art Design Lolita J. Cannon English Education James Canty Business Admin. Kay P. Campbell Art Design Iris Carlton Social Service Alfonza L. Carter Recreation Melvin Carver Art Design Cynthia L. Ceaser 196 English Gerald Chance Pure Mathematics Jeany D. Cobb Psychology -% Donna J. Cole Business Education Raymond T. Cobb Art Design ■it: Ralph D. Coleman Recreation Christine Cockerham Mathematics Ed. James C. Cradle History Education Eddie S. Cogdell Social Service Bernadetta Crawford Therapeutic Nutrition A y. 4 Theodore Crocker Business Admin ' i Pamela J. Daniels French Stanley Cunningham Economics Thurman Daniel Mathematics hd. Garland Curtis Business Admin. Vann F. Dacons Industrial Technology A -H Paul T. Davis Accounting Freddie Davvkins Accountmg wma rai am Lavonell Dawson English Education Charles E. Delaney Physical Education Wilbert D. Douglas Electrical Eng. David E. Ebron Social Service " Robert Eggleston Economics Jean R. Dillard Nursing W Sandra L. Dorn English Education William Dudley Social Service Agnes Dunson Social Service Shelia Durden Psychology Costel Evans Business Education Tommie L. Fair Pure Mathematics IJIioi .. haisuii Industrial Tech. Robert Faison Economics James A. Felton Jr. 198 Professional Biology -3 fc-«r - 4 iltlr j Glenn Fennell Electrial Eng. Karen R. Ferguson Social Service Charles E. Forrest Business Admin. Jo Carol Friday Social Service Vincent Ferguson Professional Biology Lindell Foster Music Education ' Mattie L. Fulton Psychology Daryel E. Fletcher Recreation Jacquelyn V. Foust Business Education James E Gadson Art Design Charlie L. Florence Economics Sterling Franks History Education V I Charles M. Galbreath Agricultural Eco. Quila Gales Home Economics Ed. Joan Gantz Sociology 199 Cecelia Garrett English Lawrence R. Gateuood Agricultural Eco. a v« si " Eleanor Gilchrist Business Admin. Ruffin Gill Jr. Agriculture Eco. Charles L. Gilmer Business Admin. Joyce E. Glaise History Howard Gillespie Jr. Professional History William I. Goins Jr. Physical Education Zollie W.O.Gill Business Admin. Phyllistine Goode Graduate Student Fred C. Goodlett Industrial Tech. Bernard Graham Industrail Ed. Don P. Graham Accounting Bonita G. Graves Social Services Melvine L. Graves Office Adnin. Ruby L. Graves Art Education Angela Greene 200 Accounting Annette Griffin Child Development Lenwood Grimes Electronics Brenda Harper French Education Janice Harris Nursine Claude F. Harrison Recreation Ronald Hamler Accounting v y Charles Harris Economics Rander H. Harris Accounting QuinnillaO. Harrison Nursing % ' J Linda Handon Professional Historv Clayton W. Harris Business Admin. Ray Rodgers Harris Industrial Tech. Belynda Hart Business Admin. Ronald X. Harill Business .Admin. Fred Harris II ProfessionBiology Trudy Harris Political Science Charlie Harve Business .Admin. uummumuBin I i Mary C. Hayes Child Development Nathaneil W. Hayes Political Science Linda Hemingway English Education Regina Henry Math Education Ronald O. Henry Business Admin. Cynthia Hicks English Cassandra F. Holden Business Admin. Earl BHerbm Accounting James R. Hill Business Admin. V Brenda Holly Accounting XT n V ' Lynda Herring Accounting Charlie E. Hines Accounting 202 Helen Holley Nursing James Herndon Political Science Joanne Hines French Ulysses Hooker Art Education k Helen Jessup Howell Business Education Bruce E. Hunter Accountina Genell Hunter Social Service LaMaurice Hunter French Paul V. Huntle Accounting J Patricia Jenlcins Business Education I Sylvia Johnson English Education i J l Ronald Ivey History Winifred Jenkins Economics i . Wadaren Johnson Accountins Angella James Accountmg David F. Johnson Business Admin. Cher l E. Jefferson Business Admin. Larry Johnson Drafting Technology 203 William L. Johnson Professional History Barbara H. Jones Business Admin. mammsmmmf m .i: mm Burrell F. Jones Hislor Education Juliette Jones Policial Science Larry E. Jones Business Admin. Nancy Jones Political Science William Paul Jones Economics Mary Ann Joyner Social Studies Joe Louis Keen Biology James D. Kelly Eleclricial Eng. I Armond R. Kane Mechanical Eng. . i Ninetta J. Kelly Professional English Francine Kee Psychology Mar Y. Kelly Chemistry V M •V yji Audrey L. Kcnned Clothing Textiles Clarence, Kennedy Social Service Freddie J. Kev Business Adiiiin. Franklin B. Kirby Accountint! M Janice M. Knight Art Education Gwennvslla Lamberth Nursing tVi Loretta M. Lambert Professional Biologv Gwendolyn Leach Accounting Shirley A. Leach Professional Biology Larry M. Leu is Business Admin. Carolyn L. Lee Social Service Walter L. Leu is Industrial Tech. ri V I Mary A. Lee Nursing Alice Liggins Accounting Marian L. Levy Professional Historv W illiam J. Locke Architectural Eng. Gloria Logan Earlv Childhood Ed. Vivan Logan Speech Theathre Ed. Charman L. Lundy Business Education Raymond L nn. .Ir. Business .Adniin. Carolyn J. McAllister Business Admin. Raymond C. McCall Professional Biology Mary McGuire Nursing John H. Mclver, Jr. Electronic Eng. t. ' ' Nathaneil Marable, Jr. Barbara Martin Business Administration Professional Biology a Mildred Y. McKinley Business Admin. David S. McAlpin Sociology Willie A. McKoy Professional History Shanolia A. Martin Social Studies Emmett J. McNeill Art Education Brenda Mason Professional English N Jacqueline Mason Social Service Mildred Maxwell Business Admin. 206 Glenna V. Mayo Social Service Raymond E. Ma ych Music Education Henr F. Mebane. Jr. Political Science Linda J, Merritt English Education Gregor Mial Accounting A-V Doroths Miller Business Education James Miller Health, Ph Ed. ri Barbara Moore Business Education Leory Miller Mathematics Beverly Moore Nursing [.v -fl i ' i Linda G. Miller Mary Mills English Education Economics Business % f% " W xl hpf ' ■i- ' - ' ( I V 1 H. B. Moore Irvin Moore. Jr. Art Social Service Roy Moore Political Science Shirley Moore English Verence Moore Phssics Charles R. Morgan Business .-Xdmin. moBm mm Savoynne Morgan Psychology r» ' Bonnye K. Newkirk Accounting Marvin Moris Business Admin Lorraine Odom Mathematics Ed Milton Nunnally Recreation Winston Odom Industrial Arts Ed. ' - Shirley Morrison Business Education Richard A. Olds Recreation Admin. n Shelley V. Owens Music Education Samuel Mosely Political Science -, Constance Odom History Education Andrea Parker Professional Chemistry Eric W. Parker Business Admin. Bobby L. Paris Recreation Admin. Malachi Parson, Jr. Business Admin. Lester Patrick Business Admin. Dorothy D. Patterson Social Service BrendaC. Patton Social Service Edwina Louise Patton Business Admin. 1 -4 Emma D. Permberton Historv Education Leon J. Penny, Jr. Professional Biology Mereda Perry Phvsical Education Donnie Phillips Historv Education Marvis Verree Phillips Psychology I V , Richard R. Pickett Political Science .Arlie Ponds Social Service Brenda .4. Porter French Education Robert W. Porter, Jr. Political Science James R. Pridgen Social Service Calverne Purvis Political Science 209 Carnell Randall Business . " Ndmin. . mozetta Rattiff Math Education jBgs Sm BBS Mildred Y Reid English Education S) Margaret Robinson Earl Childhood Ed. f» Doroth Riley Art Design Milton Robinson Professional Histors Rila Roseboro Art Design Melvin Rouse Music Education " %- ' ' . ¥ Rrc-nda Saddler Earlv Childhood Ed. Ha el L. Scotl Mathematics Ed. Ml I ' J Gratchen M. Roberson Nursing Gloria F. Rodgers Social Service Rachel T. Roue Accounting U N 1 , Shirely Roberts Social Service 210 Maurice Scott Music Education Joyce M. Rogers Mathematics Sidney A. Russell Indus. Art Education Patricia M. Sessoms Histors .1 Sharon . Sessoms Earh Childhood Ed. Alfred D. Sharpless Economics Fa e Shepherd Professional Histor James E, Simpson Business Admin. Gerlad B. Smith Social Service PauletteSiler English Education James H. Simpson Business .Admin. Patricia . Smith English Education Leon R. Shau Ph sical Education Patricia G. Shelton Math Education Phillip Simmons Business .Admin. k Guendolvn Sims .Art Design Bernard Simpson Mechanical Eng. 1 Willie M. Smau Busine ss Education 211 Silas Smith. Jr. Economics Math S lvia D. Smith Nursing ■ Marie M. Paulding Enslish , l George L. Suggs Histor tducation Reginald Taylor Psychology Sharon A. Spencer Business Admin. Larry A. Sulton Hislors Education Walter L. Taylor Business Admin. Calvin M. Stevens Industrial Tech. Gregory D. Stoddard Music Education J. Terry Taylor Professional Psychology Mildred Thornhill Homes Education n 1 arr N. Taylor Busmess .Admin. Pat Thompson Business Admin. Thelma E. Thomas Child Development Vinson Thompson Professional Biologv 212 Helen Tomlinson Political Science Leon Toms Political Science Edward Treaduell Professional Biology « V Franklin C. Turner Speech Theater Willie Wade An Design CaroKn M. Tucker Psvcholoax Leander C. Turner, Jr. Business Admin. Beanie E. W alker Nursing Demetria Tucker Sociolog Dar l Lmstead Electronics Jacqueline Walker Ps choloa Deloris Turner French Education J Mar Vereen English Education I Jimm e C. Walker Professional English LaRetta U alker Music Education W esle Walker Electronic Tech. Donna L ii ' arren 213 Home Ecunijniic EJ Jo ce E. W arren Comprehensii.e Bus. Ed. mat Michael .irren Recreation Cath Watkins English Education Napoleon L. W arren Professional History Juane A. W atkins Clothinu Textiles Booler V ashinatnn wv Brenda Y. Watkins Psychology . 1 v •..- . - Roscoe E. Watkins Economics William R. Watson Industrial Arts Linuood White Business Admin. li Vickie Whitsett Art Education Cathaleen Whitlington Nursing Linnie Wiggins Accounting Earl iVl. W llbl ll Agriculture Economics Annie R. Windle Psychology 214 Curtis E. Wiley Economics Joseph Wilkcrson Electronic Tech. Barbara illiams Business Education Eddie W illiams. Jr. Electrical Tech. Linda A. illiams Accounting Richard P. Wilson Ph sical Education Willie Wright Business .Admin. .Maurice V illiams Business Admin. A .Mberl W . W ithers Industrial Tech. .i George D. W ilUams .Accounting Ma.xine Williams Earh Childhood Ed. Bernard J. itten Economics -v. 4 .A Eleanor C. V oods Ralph L. oods Sociology 215 Indus. Electronics Jimm Williams Economics Diane Wilson .Accounting Deborah A. Wra P.E., Health Recreation Linda V right Clothing Textiles S f Brenda Best Psychology Etta Joyner Accounting Jackie Sheppard Economics John P. Hightower Psychology Ella McNair Social Service Ora Geraldine Smith Professional English Romana Holden Art Education Edith Parham Business Admin. John Wooten Business Admin. Kelvin Jones Accounting Walter Scott Business Admin. Edwin Worth .■ rt Education Lois V. Young Nursing 216 Mary Young Art Education Gwendolyn D. Brown Psychology Brenda Brooks Edwin Worth Barbara Williams Who ' s Who P Karen Fcrgerson 217 Larrv Sutton mmmmmmmmmwAimism n BHHHiH Enuua Pemenlon Caluin Stevens Venu ' ll Baiilv In American Patricia ihompsan 218 Joe Keen Thunni Bootw C hnsinic Cni_ kcrlnint Lcandi ' r Cauihl Colleges ¥ Lorraine Oihiiu 219 Rdiudd Ivev Ravniond Mazvck Sidney Russell . aiinie Brown Edward Tread we II Universities Xalhanlel Haves 221 Mae Best EB Bmmmmi .r Crj . R. O. Thornton PAS Mai. D. C. Thomas. Jr. TSiit I. C. Cooper. Jr. TSgt J. L. Givcn.s Mrs. N. C Pcnni.x Capl. T. P. Williams 222 Capt. G. J. Cmw Mr. R.A. Williams Arnold Air Society Precision Drill Team 1 yj 1 1 I Dinino In A man and Ins magnificent flying machine Flight Instruction Program (FLP 1971 -72) Piiming Ceremony (A cadet Becomes a lieutenant) vmmmammm ARMY 224 Z r e .. t ROTC 225 ARMY ROTC 226 Crnlhia J. Brown Miss " B " Company Theresa Jefferies (Miss ROTO ST- W ' m P wA ' J m k hI K. d K BS 227 1 Darnel! Dalton Miss Bushmaster Vickie L. Harrington Miss " A " Company J ti Our President Dr. L. C. Dowdy 230 Telephone 273-1771 NORTH CAROLINA AGRICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL STATE UNIVERSITY Greensboro 27411 Office of the Pbesident November 4, 1971 GREETINGS : I am very happy to extend congratulations to you as you reach this memorable period in your life. The Class of 1972 will be in our memory because of the new experi- ences and changes that all of us have faced. During the four years that you have been students at this University, I hope that you have been consumed with a burning desire to utilize your full talents in an attempt to extend the frontiers of freedom and opportunity for all people to inestimable proportions. The task will be easy if, as you leave the University, you will remember to keep your talents sharpened with the desire for learning, a con- tinued search for truth, and a firm belief in the goodness of man. As you join the thousands of graduates of this great University, it is my prayer that your achievements will be eminent, your contributions to society will be immeasurable and the prestige of the University will be heightened by your accomplishments. I have full confidence that the 1972 Graduating Class, carrying with it the " Aggie Spirit, " will meet these challenges with success. Kindest regards. Yours truly, t e r d Lewis C. Dowdy President LCD n 231 m m Dr. G. Rankin Dean of Academic AtTairs Mr. John Zeigler Business Manaaer Mr. Jesse Marshall Dean of Student Affairs Mr. J.M. Marteena Dean of " Administration Mr. V . Goode Dean of Men Mrs. Lucille Piggott Dean of W omen Mr. ancc Gra Director of Student Financial .Aid 234 Mr. Benn Ma field Assistance Dean of Student Affairs Mr. S. W ' elborne Director, Memorial Student Union Mrs. M. Jefferies Proaram Coordinator 235 nmm i Mr. CoIsUmi Planning Development Mr. James Meachem Manaiier Mr. Richard Moore Direclor. Public Inlormalion a Tlw holiday season is once more around. A time for families lo unite. But have you thought of our loved ones hound. On foreign soil — ; a foreign fight. It ' s hard to conceive a festive scene. In trendies dug in Vietnam. All they have is a fruitless dream. Courtesy of Uncle Sam. To you our brothers are these M ' ords. Which we now speak and hold so true. Although our arms cannot embrace vours. Our hearts will always he with ou. by Patricia Ann Colev 237 THE TIME HAS ARRIVED by Patricia Ann Coley The beauty of black has no limit we know, We are aware of our heritage and outwards we show. But this is not enough black people must see For blackness alone won ' t bring liberty. The time has arrived for us to unite,. To gather our forces in union and fight. Our goal it is common — Our purpose is clear. To win for our people a freedom so dear. 239 i NURSERY 240 lUJMLMBII SCHOOL 241 Super -bad Freshman P-2 V » rt.- l«» l !ss3srasa KfljKFaKfaT.47 ' ffM i; i? - ' END CONSTRUCTION Addtnglon. Danny Alston. Ann Alston, Robert Anderson. Ella Anthony. Jacquelyn Appling. Margie Bailey. Andre Baldwin. Henry Barber. Preston Barnes. Deborah Barnes. Larry Barrett. Olivia Balchelor. Marlon Bates. Jewel Battle. Dexter Bovkin. Michael Braddock. Delrdre Brady. Evelyn Bright. Rena Brooks. Paillette Brown. .Allen Brown, Anthony Brown. Brenda Brown. Cynthia Brown. Dwight Brown. Jean Brown. McCoin Brown. Randolph Brown. Robert Brown. ' arnetia Bryant. Horace Bull. Curtis Burne) . Oseye Caddell. Deborah Cannon. C. Reed Capers. Mildred Carlton. Janice Carney. Gloria Cathey. Denise Christie. Joseph Clark. Rosa Clay. Randy Cochran. Terre Colbert. Sinclair Coleman. Shelia Collins. Tyris Cooper. Donald Cooper. Sandra Corbetl. Joyce Corlev. Lovetl Cox. Deborah Craig, Joan Creecy. Bill Culbreth. Kenneth Curle . James Dalton. Elizabeth Davis. .Anzello Davis. Patricia Deck. Barbara Desper. Edward Dula. William Duncan. .Avis Eaton. Jesse Edward. Curtis Edwards. Michael Faison. Winnie Farmer. Jimmy Farrow. Slephaine Felton. Keith Ferguson. Daphe 245 S ' t.f f f Gains. John Gram, Marian Greene. Gennelle Hagan.s. James Hairslon. Fave Hall. Fellon Hall. Ruben Harding. Dexter Harris. George Harris. William Harrison. Carolyn Hedgepelh. ) ' vonne Henderson. James Herring, Carlleena Higgins. Vanessa Hill. Barbara Hill. Brenda Hill, Gwen Hill, Valerie Hilton. Hilda Mae ' i t f A X I, Exam. Gladys Finklea. Rudolph Fleming. Sheliah Flowers, Jesse Ford, Cecil Forte. H ' indell Foy. Brenda Fragier. Ronnie D. Franklin. Gerald French. Stella Frink. Brenda Gadsden. Connie Gains. Sandra Gaskins. Ernest Gerald. Emily Gerald. Michael German. Jejjery Gibbs. Frankie Gilliam. Michael Gilmore. Patricia fe 246 Hinnanl. Hilluim Holland. Joan Hood. Margaret Huggin. i. Sonia Hunler. Pamela f f ' • r Jackson. Deadra A gm Jackson. H ' yvonie 1 HiH James. Thea 1 H - Jenkins, .- llon _«? Jenkins. Howard L W Jenkins. Patricia Johnson. .Angelia Johnson. Dale Jones. Delphine Johnson, Gloria Johnson. Patsy Johnson. Tonya Jones. Berryl Jones. Mary Jones. Theodora { i . Joyner. Cecilia Kornegay. Juanita King. Jo Kard Kidd. Mary Kellv. Robert Keith. Larry Kearse. Carolyn Kearney. Rochon Kearney. Jr . Robert Lewis. .Agatha Landy. Gwendolyn Lacy. Jerry Morrison. Sandra Morgan. Dennis Moore. Deborah Moore. Carol Moore. Bryant M. Moore. Barbara Moody. Therman Moody. Esther 247 . © Nash. Cassandra Nesbitt, Joyce Nichols. Janet Nobels. Larry Oakman. Lawrence Oglesby. David Oliver. William Parker. . va Parker. Joseph Parker. Mack Parker. Mis hie Patrick . hnogene Patterson. Michael Patton. tit. Richard Peace. Joyce Perry. Jr . Robert Petty. Gail Phillips. Polly Pierce. Jr.. John .Mebane. Umega Monroe. Charles Monger. Marion Mitchell. V ' enita Mitchell. Michael Mitchell. Linda Millhouse. Rueben Miller, Jerome Miles. Jacqueline Melton. Mavis McPatter, Barbara McLean. Juanita McLean. Cynthia McKoy. Debra McKan. La erne Mclver. Dianne McCoy. Greg McClease. Darlene Maxjield. Jerry Massey. Marcel Martin. Renee s. i 248 I Pinkne . Janice Piiiman. licior Puts. Jerolene Poe. Henry Pollock. Jansen Pratt. Eunice Quaries. Shirley Rasherry. Dorothy Rattley. Florence Rector, Sherri Richmond, Phyllis Riddick, Rhynda Roberson, Esther Rogers, Marva Rousseau, .Alan Ruundtree, H ' illiani Rowlett, Denise Russell, Richard Sadler, Ronnie Savage, Charles i T? Scarborough, Mary .Ann Scurry, Jeffery Sessoms. Lesier Seward, Renatta Sharpe, Lonnie Shaw , Juanita Sherman, Bernard Sherrod, iValler Simmons, Dwight Simmons, Lew Small. Pamelia Smith. Debra Smith. Dewev Smith, Joseph Smith, Princess Smith, Reginald Smith. Ruth Snipes. Roger Southerland, Wilsonia Speller, Patricia 249 Squirewell. Sandra Slalvn. Iris Sievensun. Enola Sirater. Henriella Streeler. Suzanne Strickland. Roger Cuoper. Berdella Siroud, Reesie Slubbs. Thelma Sutlun. Elaine Tyson. Jackie Tuck. Jr.. William Toney. Joyce Thorne. Jerry Thorne. Jacqueline Thompson. Rosa Thomas. Linda Thomas. Gaynell Thomas. .Ann Thigpen. Rochelle Wade. William Walden. Marlene Walden, Tony Wall. William Wallace. Jackie Walser. Paula Walters. Keith Walton. William Washington. Angela Washington. Salalhiel Watson. Ann Watson. Robert Eric Weaver. James J Whithside. Darryl Williams. Barbara M£ 250 Williams. Donald Williams. Gus Williams. Janice Williams. Lionet Windley. Joseph Wingale. Darnell Wimbish. Betynda Woods. Margaret Word. Jr.. .Arthur B Worlhan, LaVerne Wright. Bertha Yancey. Mary Yates. Fennell sm W ■ .r :. Y i f 251 nn 252 Tlnimian Daniel Associate Editor Paula Foster — Business Manager Yvonne Hill — Managing Editor Sharon Winstead — Asst. Managing Editor Louise Murrill — Corresponding Sec. Charlotte Underwood — Recordins Sec. 253 Gail Dickens Copy Editor Charles " Pete " Morgan Greek Editor Juanella Thaxton Literary Editor Walter Scott Art Editor 254 Mmm Not Shown: Idea Editor — Jo Ann Williams Sports Editor — Douglas McWilliam Military Editor — Dennis Hunter Freshman Class Editor — Torraine Johnson Photographer — Arnold Gaskins Sandra Hall — Entertainment Editor Class Editors Elivira White Ronnie Quick Clarice Russell 255 Photographer Tobie Whitted V 5- i J ' ■ I . ' " «Rt% ' ' fkl! I A 256 Piiinling by Leander Canady ■III.., II II IIJIJUIMI WHEN IT COMES DOWN by El Hajj Malaam A nd it was beautiful, Simply, majestically, dynamically, totally beautiful. So marvelous in measures. Even lliose wlio were ready found it hard to comprehend. The revolution had come down, A nd the brothers and sisters were out-of-sight. Tlie day of its arrival. Came as any other day, Calm, pleasant, .serene. But .something in the air was different. Tlwugh tlie temperature was high, A feeling of wintry cold came upon tlie beholder. No birds sang. No wind blew. The sky laid hued and majestic. With all the fire of a billion-century existence. Everything was calm. But isn ' t it always quiet before the storm Suddenly. As quickly as the new day had begun. The land seemed ablaze with battle. The sun. The sun burned brighter. Seeming invevitably on It ' s way towards a super-nova Blood flowed like the great rivers, Blood, fire, agony, pain, confusion. Fell upon the land. Made her cry. then moan, then scream try to retaliate, and then she died. WE HAD WON. Conquered the oppressor, conquered the master race. Won lilieralion, A nd as we .stood, Enjoying the ecstasy of the accomplishment. The universe once again became calm. The birds sang. The air was totally perfumed the scent of freedom. And us we stood, joined in black unison. Knowing that this was our land. Upon the flagpole we hung the red, black arui green. We began what was to he a new life. And as we witnessed her waving in the warm wind. Tlie sun marked a new era of freedom. Freedom from oppression, bigotry, and fear. Our Man Behind the SCENE! To those of you who don ' t know him or never had the pleasure of meeting the witty and talented photographer Stan Hanks, " our man behind the scene " , you just don ' t know what you ' ve missed. To Stan from the staff, we give you our sincer- est thanks for your all out effort to make this year ' s yearbook a great success. Without your talent and equipment, this book would be filled with blank pages. Again thank you. HIS EQUIPMENT AND LIGHTS, SMILE YOU ' RE ON CANDID CAMERA!! 258 The Last Word . . . We ' ve strived for a year to complete our trip through a " Black Experience " and now that it has ended, I hope it has been one of sheer enjoyment. Now that you ' ve started your engine and read the road signs, I hope that they ' ve guided you to a safe destination. Here ' s hoping that the road signs supplied by the Ayantee Staff has been meaningful and have served to give you a smooth tour of our year ' s successful highways and byways of A T route 1971-1972. Knowing black people and how they think was a big part of my job. It proved to be an interesting jour- ney for the staff and me because in planning the tour route — we sought and found a learning experience at- tainable for us all. We routed and re-routed in an attempt to provide the necessary materials for a pleas- urable tour. Special thanks goes to my deserving advisor Mrs. Barbara Burgess, who was always there to help guide us over the rough spots. Gratitude and appreciation is also extended to Kelvin Jones, Mr. Welborne, Brenda Hanes, Eunice Shropshire, Ron Ivey and Jimmy Hill. To all of my brothers and sisters who ' s names I did not mention, thanks for your co-operation which kept me on the right road to a successful STOP. LOVE, LIBERATION AND PEACE.. Your sister in Blackness, JU f?. cJie»u Helen R. Butler Editor-in-chief K :; i _ ' SENIOR DIRECTORY ALBERT, WINIFRED DIANE 81 Jackson Street Fair Haven, New Jersey Early Childhood Education Women ' s Council 4 yrs.. Vice President Holland Hall, Tau Phi Theta Sorority-Historian, Social Committee Union Advisory Board-Chairman, Secretary Junior Class, junior Class Executive Committee, SNEA, Religious Life Committee, Home Economics Club, Tri-State Club ALFORD, ELI JR. 1003-K Arbor Drive Greensboro, N. C. Mathematics Mathematics Club, Veterans Club ANDERSON, WILLIA CHARLENE 708 Raleigh Street Oxford, N.C. English Education French Club, SNEA, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Alpha Kappa Mu, University Concert Choir, Phi Beta Kappa, Presidential Scholars Club ARCHIE, RUBY DELOIS 12 Railroad Avenue East Spencer, N.C. Early Childhood Education Tau Phi Theta, Women Council, SNEA ARMSTRONG, EDWARD L. P.O. Box 131 Gatesville, N.C. Business Administration Men ' s Council ARMSTRONG, NELLIE M. Route 2, Box 77 Williamston, N.C. Business Administration Y.M.C. A., Women ' s Council ARTIS, CRASTON McCARTHY Route 1, Box 44 Fremont, N.C. Accounting Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. ATWATER, OLIVER E. 912 S. East Street Raleigh, N.C. Business Administration Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity, Inter- Fraternal Council BAIN, THOMAS L. 937 Lark Court Fayetteville, N.C. Sociology A.F.R.O.T.C. Commander, A.F.R.O.T.C. Staff BALDWIN, GWENDOLYN GAIL P.O. Box 34 Norman, N.C. Social Service Student-Faculty Forum, Women ' s Council, Social Service Club BARBEE, DWIGHT SHELTON " Birdman D " Rt. 3, Box 150-A Durham, N.C. Physical Education Vice-President-Epicureans, Inter-Fraternal Council, Physical Education Club, Epicurean Social Fellowship BARBER, LARRY " Bookie D " 1466 Maplewood Drive Durham, N.C. Professional English Epicurean Social Fellowship, A T Register BARNES, RONALD LEWIS 401 S. Walnut St. Farmville, N.C. Sociology Economics Kappa Alpha Psi, Economics Club BATTLE, SHIRLEY 889Crotona Park N. a4G Bronx, N.Y. Clothing, Textiles Home Economics Club BATTS, FREDDIE Box 551 Burgaw, N.C. Social Service Administrative Helper, A.F.R.O.T.C. Advisor BEATTY, ALFONSO R.I, Box 160 Leiand, N.C. Accounting Register, R.O.T.C, Accounting Club, Men ' s Council BECTON,JOHNETTAA. 1202 Fisher Street Morehead City, N.C. History Teaching Women ' s Council, History Club, Ghospel Choir, SNEA BELCHER, KAREN RECINA 501 Armstead Ave. Martinsville, Virginia English Education SNEA, Women ' s Council, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Fellowship Gospel Choir, NCTE, Teacher Education Council, Religious Life Committee, Register Staff, Band BEST, MAE H. Rt. 2, Box 339 Clinton, N.C. Social Service Secretary of S.G.A., Administrative Helpers, Women ' s Council, NFSSW BETHEA, BARBARA JEAN 598 East 23rd Street Paterson, New Jersey Social Service Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Kappettes, Alpha Kappa Mu, Faculty and Student Forum, Campus Gold Girl Scouts, Women ' s Council BLAKELY, WILLIAM II 1104 Kitt Place Raleigh, N.C. Physical Education Omega Psi Phi Frat. Inc. BOLDEN, TYRONE 7204 Port Cleveland, Ohio Recreation S.C.A. Attorney General, Union Advisory Board, Vice President Baptist Student Union, Basketball Team, Baseball Team, Intramural Sports Board 260 BOOKERT, RELBIN B. 1618 Columbia College Dr. Columbia, S.C. Electrical Technology National Association of Industrial Technologists, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering BOONE, THOMAS L. Rt. 2, Box 238 Gates, N.C. Professional Chemistr American Chemical Society, Men ' s Council, University Senate, Future Alumni Ac- tivities Committee, AOOP, Administrative Helpers Service Club, Health Careers Club BOYD, LYNNDA D. 107 Bunch Blvd. Portsmouth, Va. Earlv Childhood Education Student SEA, Home Economics Club BOYD, RAYMOND 6 Roberts Road Hampton, Va. Music Education Band, Presidential Scholars Club, North-South Student Exchange Club, Religious Life Committee, Rat Pack Social Fellowship BOYKIN, VIVIAN M. 1701 West Va. Ave. N.E. Washington, D.C. English SNEA, Women ' s Council BRANTLEY, JANET CARRIE 384 Broughton Ave. Bloomfield, New Jersev Economics Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Y.M.C.A., Women ' s Council, Economics Club, Lniversitv Concert Choir BRIDGES, JAMES D. 1503 Lakeland St. Apt. =C Durahm, N. C. lota Phi Theta Fraternitv, Administrative Helpers, S.C. A. Elections Committee, Dormitory Judicial Council, R.O.T.C. BRIGGS, BENJAMIN MEEKS 505 Knob St. Kinston, N.C. Accounting Tau Phi Tau, Yearbook Staff, Men ' s Council, Interfraternal Council, Interfaith Council, Newman ' s Club, AOOP, Advisory Board, Home Coming Committee BRIMMER, GODFREY J. " Romie " 920 Elm St. New Bern Business Administration Omega Psi Phi Fraternitv, University Bowling Team BROADNAX, BARBARA F. Rt. 2, Box 31 Sharon, S.C. Social Service ,Mpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Women ' s Council, Social Service Club, 13 College Curriculum BROCKINGTON, ERMELLE 90b W. Marion St. Florence, S.C. Business Education NCAS, Student NE.A, Campus Cold Girl Scouts, Presiden- tial Scholars Club BROOKS, DOROTHY 1315 0rvisSt. Charlotte N.C. Art Design Art Circle, Tau Phi Theta, Cartoonist for SOBU BROOKS, PATRICIA TAPP 101 53rdSt. S.E. Apt. =3, V ashington, D.C. Political Science Political Science Club BROWN, EDDIE McKINLEY Rt. 2, Box 176 Dover, N.C. Economics Administrative Helpers Club, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity BROWN, GWENDOLYN DeVONNE, 501 W. 14th St. Greenville, N. C. Phvschology Swing Phi Swing Social Fel- lowship, Inc., Psvchology Club, V omen ' s Council BROWN, JOHN MORRIS Rt. 2Box159-B Scotland Neck, N. C. Accounting Tau Phi Tau Fraternity, Assistant Secretary for Tau Phi Tau, Alobeam Society, Presidential Scholars, 2 yrs. BROWN, NANNIE SUE Rt. 1, Box 106 Henry, Va. Social Service Alpha Kappa Mu, Social Service Club, University Sunday School, Student Faculty Forum, Women ' s Council BROWN, PATRICIA FAYE 1028WilkersonSt. Apt. n, Greensboro, N.C. Nursing Teloca, W.AA BROWN, YVONNE DOLORES 3011 Edgewood Ave. Richmond, Va. Early Childhood Education Women ' s Council, SNE.A BROWN, YVONNE M. P.O. Box 34 Evergreen, N.C. Wisconsin Group, Kappatte Social Club, Women ' s Council BRYANT, CARRY N. 1401 W. 7th Chester, Pa. Business Administration Football .Athletic Club, Lettermens Club BRYANT, H. PIERRE 1614 Washington St. New Bern, N.C Electrical Engineering I.E.E.E. BRYANT, JRAMELLIA Rt. 1, Box 395 anceporo, N.C. English Education Campus Gold Girl Scouts, Women ' s Council, SNEA, Junior Affiliate of NTE 261 !Bj3a E!B3ras BRYANT, LAMONTER " Stickman " P.O. Box 143 Winterville, N.C. Political Science Political Science Club, Men ' s Council, R.O.T.C. Drill Team, Karate Club BULLOCK, THEODORE JR. R. 2, Box 165-GC Macon, N.C. Business Administration Tau Phi Tau Fraternity Inc. BURCHETTE, MARVIN ELLIS Rt. 1,Box79 Warrenton, N.C. Electronics Technology BURDEN, CASSANDRA 413 Norcum Circle Portsmouth, Va. Accounting Presidential Scholars, Women ' s Council, Alobeam Society BURTON, GWENDOLYN GAIL Rt. 1, Box 36-ATugway Varina, N.C. Clothing Textile Related Arts Women ' s Council, Home Economics Club, Jr. Jaycettes, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority BURWELL, N. YOLANDA 450 Hazelhurst Ave. Richmond, Va. Social Service Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Campus Gold Girl Scouts, Administrative Helpers, Future Alumni Activities Committee, Sociology Club BUTLER, LARRY D. 2800 Gilmer Ave., N.E. Winston-Salem, N.C. Political Science Men ' s Council, Dormitory Council, Vice-President of Senior Men ' s Dorm, A. R.O.T.C. Officers Club, Assistant Instructor of Photography, A. R.O.T.C. Drill Team, Admmis- trative Helper, Student Leader, Yearbook Photographer, Political Science Club, French Club BUTLER, LINDA CAROLYN P.O. Box 463 Liberty, N.C. Mathematics Education Women ' s Council, Tau Phi Theta, Social Committee, Union Advisory Board, SNEA, Digit Circle, Hall Council of Holland Hall BYRD, CARL ANTHONY 2901 Cooper Court Wilmington, N.C. Business Administration Esquire Service Fellowship, University Concert Choir CAIN, STUART ALLEN 5532 Jefferson St. Phila., Pa. Social Service Omega Psi Phi Fraternity CAMPBELL, KAY FRANCES 680 South Liberty St. Spartanburg, S.C. Art (Design) Alpha Kappa Alpha, Alpha Kappa Mu, Memorial Union Advisory Board, Art Circle, Lyceum Committee, Presiden- tial Scholars, AOOP CANADY, LEANDER Rt. 3, Box 489 Kinston, N.C. Art (Design) Memorial Union Advisory Board, Esquire Service Men ' s Council, Kappa Pi Honorary Art Fraternity CANNON, LOLITA JANINNA 605 Jordon Park St. Petersburg, Fla. English Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society, Women ' s Council CANTY, JAMES 915 So. 13th St. Business Administration Esquire, University Choir CARLTON, IRIS Rt. 1,Box234 Warsaw, N.C. Social Service Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Pan-Hellenic Council CARTER, ALFONZA L. 729FayetleSt. Martinsville, Va. Recreation Basketball Team, Lettermen Club, National Parks Recreation Society CARVER, MELVIN J. Rt. 3, Box 36 Durham, N.C. Art (Design) Epicureans Social Fraternity, Art Circle CEASER, CYNTHIA L. Rt. 1, Box 154 Roanoke Rapids, N.C. English (Teaching) Black Arts Dance Theater, Women ' s Council, Student Leader, National Council of Teachers of English, Student NEA, University Choir, University Dance Group CHANCE, GERALD 1108 S.Clinton Ave. Dunn, N.C. Pure Mathematics Scabbard and Blade, Digit Circle COBB, JEANYA D. 826 Ridgeway Ave. Durham, N.C. Psychology COBB, RAYMOND THOMAS 3406ArellenCt. Baltimore Md. Art (Design) Art Circle, North-South Student Exchange Club, Dance Group COCKERHAM, CHRISTINE 747 Jennifer St 14 Math Education Digit Circle, SNEA, Gospel Choir, Dance Group, Women ' s Council COGDELL, EDDIES. Detroit, Mich. Social Service COLE, DONNAJEAN Rt. 3, Box 201 Reidsville, N.C. Basic Business Education National Collegiate Associa- tion For Secretaries, Student National Educational Associa- tion, Women ' s Council COLEMAN, RALPH D. 124 Phyllis Coins Spartanburg, S.C. Recreation Football, Track Team, Men ' s Council 262 COLLINS, NETTIE 1405 Cunnings Ave. 2 Charlotte, N.C. Social Service Women ' s Council, Tau Phi Theta CRADLE, JAMES C. 1912 Green St. Portsmouth, Va. History Education Varsity Bowling Team, History Club CRAWFORD, BERNADETTE EDWINA 5917 Ellsworth St. Phila.,Pa. Therapeutic Nutrition Wesley Foundation, Women ' s Intramural Sports CROCKER, THEODORE 120Traxton Ave. Portsmouth, Va. Business Administration Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity CUNNINGHAM, STANLEY 3031 Greenway Ave. Winston-Salem Economics Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Marching Band CURTIS, GARLAND W. (Curt) 1021 Saint James Street Richmond, Va. Business Administration Tau Phi Tau Fraternity, Inc. DACONS, VANN F. Rt. 8, Box 451 Statesville, N.C. Industrial Technology Manu- facturing, Phi Beta Sigma, Band, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Science Club DANIELS, PAMELAJANE Rt. 2, Box 344-B Turnity, N.C. French Women ' s Council, SNEA, French Club DANltL, IHURMAN P.O. Box 123 Bullock, N.C. Math Education Men ' s Council, Digit Circle, Omega Psi Phi Frat., Judiciary Tri- bureal, Ayantee Staff DAVIS, PAUL THORNTON Rt. 2, Box 116 L. Hleton,N.,.C. Accounting Men ' s Council, Alobeaem Society DAWKINS, FREDDIE Rt. 6, Box 164- A8 Greensboro, N.C. Accounting Alobeam Society, A T State University Gospel Choir, Women ' s Council, Executive of Junior Class, FAAC DAWSON, LAVONELL Rt. 2, Box 339 New Bern, N.C. English (Education) SNEA, Alpha Kappa Mu DELANEY, CHARLES EDWARD Rt. 3 , Box 208 Williamsburg, Va. Physical Education Physical Education Ma- jors Club, University Bowling Team, Golf Team, Baseball, Memorial Union Student Advisory Board DILLARD, JEAN R. Rt. 3, Box 235 Reidsville, N.C. Nursing Women ' s Council, Teloca DORN, SANDRA L. 46 Miller St. Asheville, N.C. English Education DOUGLAS, BOYD Rt. 1,Box198-A Ellerbo, N.C. Business Education Phi Beta Sigma, A.R.O.T.C. Officers Club DOUGLAS, WILBERT DeVan 2712 Minnesota Ave. S.E.Washington, D.C. Electrical Engineering Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Karate Club, Men ' s Council, News Paper Staff DUDLEY, WILLIAM " Do-Right " Rt. J, Box 90 La Grange, N.C. Social Service Vice-President Senior Class, AOOP, Men ' s Council, F.A.A.C, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity DUNSON, AGNESS 502 Brown St. New Bern, N.C. Social Service University Senate, Tau Phi Theta Sorority, Women ' s Council, Student Faculty Forum, Social Service Club. DURDEN, SHELIA 705 Shaw Road Fayetteville, N.C. Psychology Angel Flight EBRON, DAVID earl 202 Greenfield Blvd. Greenville, N.C. Social Service EGGLESTON, ROBERT EARL 32 Hillside St. Canton, N.C. Economics Economics Club, Math Club, Wine Drinkers of America ERWIN, WADE WILLIE Rt. 7, Box 246 Burlington, N.C. Art (Design) EVANS, COSTEL Rt. I, Box 194 Manson, N.C. Basic Business Education Esquire Service Fellow- ship FAIR, TOMMIE LEE 6003 Powell St. Winston-Salem, N.C. Pure Mathematics Math Club FAISON, ELLIOTT LANIER Rt. 5, Box 247-H Clinton, N.C. Industrial Technology 263 Gospel Choir, Student Leader, NAIT, Administrative Helper, EOF FAISON, ROBERT LEMONTE Rt. 1, Box 71 Faison, N.C. Economics Administrative FHelper, Men ' s Council Fellowship Gospel Choir, Economics Club FELTON, JAMES A. JR. Rt. 1, Box94-A Winton, N.C. Professional Biology Senior Class Executive Committee, Biology Club FENNEL, GLENN 3181 Woodfin Place Winston-Salem, N.C. Electrical Engineering FERGUSON, KAREN R, 1703 Taylor St. Lynchburh, Va. Social Service Women ' s Council, Social Service Club, Campus Gold Girl Scouts FLETCHER, DARYEL E. 146-02 Linden Blvd. Jamaica 36, N.Y. Recreation Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship Inc., Student Body Basketball Team FLORENCE, CHARLIE L. P.O. Box 457 Hillisborough, N.C. Economics Men ' s Council, Economics Club, Karaiee Club FORREST, CHARLES EDWARD 740 Worth St. Mt. Airy, N.C. Business Administration Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity FOSTER, LINDELL MILLS 315-D Cumberland St. Greensboro, N.C. Music Education Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority A T State University Choir FOUST, JACQUELINE VANESSA 424 Dudley St. Greensboro, N.C. Comprehensive Business Education FRANKS, STERLING L. Rt. 3, Box 274 New Bern, N.C. History Education History Club, Student NAT. Education Association FIRDAY, Jo CAROL 636 First Ave. S.E. Hickory, N.C. Social Service A T Gospel Choir FULTON, MATTIE LOUE 609 Adams St. Kingstree, S.C. Psychology Pershing Riflettes, Wesley Foundation, Women ' s Council GADSON, JAMES EDWARD 407-H Cottage Grove Greensboro, N.C. Art (Design) GALBREATH, CHARLES M. 211 Baldwin Street Red Springs, N.C. Science Co-op Student Administration Helper Co-op Advisor Committee GALES, JULIA P.O. Box 37 Ramseur, N.C. Home Economics Education Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Home Economics Club Student Leader GANTZ, JOAN 4017 Watauga Drive Greensboro, N.C. Sociology Harrison Players GARRETTM, CECELIA 217 West Dunbar St. Greensboro, N.C. English Education Presidential Scholars Women ' s Council National Council of Teachers of English Student National Education Association GATEWOOD, LAWRENCE R. Rt. 1, Box 319 Wadesboro, N.C. Agricultural Economics Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Agricultural Economics Agricultural Ed. Association Economics Club Intramural Sports GILCHRIST, ELEANOR 3105 Lamb Avenue Greensboro, N.C. Business Administration Tau Phi Theta Sorority Women ' s Council GILL, RUFFIN Route 4, Box 60 Louisburg, N.C. Agriculture Economic Men ' s Council Economic Club GILL, ZOLLIE W.O. 16East River Rd. Louisburg, N.C. Business Administration Veteran Club GILLESPIE, HOWARD 1849 Sedg Wick Ave. Bronx, N.Y. Professional History Advance ROTC GILMER, CHARLES L. 206 Scientific St. Jamestown, N.C. Business Administration GLAISE, JOYCE E. 146 White St. Danville, Va. History Delta Sigma Theta History Club SNEA Pan Hellenic Council Women ' s Council COINS, WILLIAM I. 2738 Crescent Lane Gastonia, N.C. Physical Education Physical Ed. Majors Club Intramurals GOODLETT, FRED C. 7A Croce Avenue Greenville, S.C. Industrial Technology Alpha Phi Alpha (Vice Pres.) Pan Hellanic Council AOOP SME 264 GRAHAM, DON P. 1629 Columbus Place Rahway, N.C. Accounting ALBEAM lota Phi Theata GRAHAM, JAMES BERNARD Route 1. Box 283 Rocky Point, N.C. Industrial Education Brothers of Soul Society Yearbook Staff Intramural Committee Men ' s Council GRAVES, BOMTA GAYLE T439 Orange Ave. N.W. Roanoke, Va. Social Service GRAVES, RUBY LEE Route 1. Box93Ruffin N.C. Art Education YMCA-YWCA Art Circle GRAVES, MELVINE L. Route 1, Box 315 Gibsonville, N.C. Office Administration Women ' s Council GREEN, ANGELA VERA 1724 Webster St. Ne E. Washington, D.C. Accounting Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Aolabeam Society Charmette Social Club GRIFFIN, ANNETTE 1401 Kingston Rd. Greensboro, N.C. Child Development GRIMES, LENVVOOD 808 Ctor Ave. Baltimore, Md. Electronics HAMLER, RONALD 1800 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. Accounting Football Basketball Track Lettermens Club Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society American Association of Accountants Phi Beta Lambda HANDON, LINDA D. 704-56th Place N.E Washington, D.C. Professional History HARRILL, RONALD XAUER 824 Frederick St. Shelby, N.C. Business Administration lota Phi Theta Fraternity Men ' s Council HARRIS, CHARLES WINSTEAD 17 Sheiffield Ave. New Haven, Conn. Economics Groo e Phi Groove Economics Club HARRIS, CLAYTON W. 328F CumberlansCt. Greensboro, N.C. Business Administration Army ROTC HARRIS, FRED 1822CascateSt. Fayetteville, N.C. Professional Biology Biology Club Health Career Club HARRIS, JANICE 616 Greensboro St. Lexington, N.C. Nursing TELOCA Women ' s Council HARRIS, RANDER H. P.O. Box 378 V interville, N.C. Accounting Alabeaem Society National Society of Black Accountants HARRIS, ROY ROGERS Rt. 1, Box 150 Sevanton, N.C. Industrial Technology SME NAIT HARRIS, TRUDY J. 603 Martin St. Durham, N.C. Political Science Political Science Club HARRISON, CLAUDE FELTON 412 Stedman St. Apt. S Greensboro, N.C. Recreation Football Track HARRISON, QUINNILLA O. V arren Plains Warrenton, N.C. Nursing HARPER, BRENDA KAY 1620HargettSt. Jacksonville, N.C. French Education French Club HART, BELYNDA V. 1212-18thSt. NE Washington D.C. Business Administration HARVEY, CHARLIE R. Route I, Box 353 Gates, N.C. Business Administration Administrative Helpers Club Future Alumini Activities Committee Universitv Choir, Men ' s Council HAYES, NATHANIEL W. 203 Arlington Circle Lenoir, N.C. Political Science Men ' s Council Gospel Fellowship Choir Phi Beta Sigma Frat. ArmyR.O.T.C. Drill Team Administrative Helper Future Alumni Ass. Student Handbook Committee Freshman Orientation Comm. Homecoming Committee, Univ. Judicial Tribunial. MARY C. HAYES 407 Banks St. P.O. Box 7 Marietta, N.C. Child Development Zeta Phi BetaSororitv Women ' s Council NAECY. LINDA HEMINGWAY Routes; Box 290 265 Dunn, N.C. English Fellowship Gospel Choir, Women ' s Council HENRY, REGINA 1220 28th St. Newport News. Va. Math Education Delta Sigma Theta, Administrative Helper, Math Club HENRY, RONALD O. Rt. 1, Box 300 Spring Lake, N.C. Business Administration HERBIN, EARL BRADFORD Rt. 6, Box 532 Reidsville, N.C, Accounting Wesley Foundation, Accounting Alobeam Society HERDON, JAMES R. P.O. Box 516 Lincolnton, N.C. Political Science, Political Science Club HERRING, LYNDA DARNELLE 1501 Julian St. Greensboro, N.C. Accounting Accounting Club, National Ass. Black Acct. HICKS, CYNTHIA 515 Elder St, New Bern, N.C. English NCTE., Student N.E.A., Women ' s Council HILL, JAMES 521 Burlington Ave. Durham, N.C. Business Administration S.C.A. Vice President, Kappa Alpha PsI, Arnold Air Society Air Force R.O.T.C. HINES, CHARLIE 1000 Curtis Rd. Suffolk, Va. Accounting Ye ' arbook Staff HINES, JOANNE 726 Fern PI. N.W., Wash., D.C. French Majorette, Tau Phi Theta Sorority HOLDEN, CASSAUNDRA F. 516 Peyton St. Raleigh, N.C. Business Administration Women ' s Council HOOKER, ULYSSES 207 Sixth St. Plymouth, N.C. Art Education HOLLEY, BRENDA 240-11th St. S.E. Wash., D.C. Accounting Delta Sigma Theta Sorority HOLLEY, HELEN L. Rt. 2, Box 485 Windsor, N.C. Nursing Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Wesley Foundation, Teloca HOWELL, HELEN JESSUP Rt. 4, Box 433 Mt. Airy, N.C. Business Education (Basic) Student National Education Association, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, National Collegiate Association for Secretaries (President), Women ' s Council, Capus Coal Girl Scouts HUNTER, BRUCE E. 176 Johnson Ave. Newark, N.J. Accounting lota Phi Theta HUNTER, GENELL 505 West Parker St. Kmgs Mountain, N.L. Social Service Women ' s Council HUNTER, LaMAURICE 107Lovette Rd. Lumberton, N.C. French R.B. Harrison Players HUNTLEY, PAUL VINCENT P.O. Box 701 Wadesboro, N.C. Accounting Phi Beta Sigma Frat., Men ' s Council, Intramural Football, Basketball, Accounting Club IVEY, RONALD 320 Stuyvesant Ave. Bklyn, N.C. History (Teaching) President of S.C.A., Omega Psi Phi, AOOP JAMES, ANGELA Rt. I, Box 22 Jamesville, N.C. Accounting Women ' s Council JEFFERSON, CHERYL E. Rt. 2, Box 370 Whiteville, N.C. Business Administration Women ' s Council JENKINS, PATRICIA 716 Virginia St. Rocky Mount, N.C. Business Education (Basic) Wowmen ' s Council, GUTS JENKINS, WINIFRED 18-12 Mitchell Wooten Cts Kinston, N.C. Economics Economics Club, Tau Phi Theta, Women ' s Council JOHNSON, DAVID E. 169Bunche Blvd. Wilmington, Delaware Business Administration Veteran Club JOHNSON, LARRY P.O. Box 123 Trenton, N.C. Drafting Technology JOHNSON, SYLVIA 2612 14th TH Ave. So. St. Petersburg, Florida English Kappa Delta Pi, Women ' s Council, Newman Club JOHNSON, WADAREN " Corbett " 616 Williams St. Clinton, N.C. Accounting Brothers of Soul Society, Association Committee 266 Di JOHNSON, WILLIAM 2900 LaSalle St. Charlotte, N.C. Professional History Scabbard and Blade, A T Register, Army R.O.T.C, Association of Organization President JONES, BARBARA HILL 193 Lake Cole Rd. Midway Park, N.C. Business Administration Women ' s Council, Administratiye Helpers, Gospel Choir JONES, BURRELL F. JR. 1222PineridgeSt. Pittsburge Pa. History (Education) History Club, Admin. Helpers, President of Senior Men ' s Dorm JONES, JULIETTE E. 313 Cherry St. Dothan, Alabama Political Science Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority JONES, KEVIN A. Rt. 3, Box 133 Ahoskie, N.C. Accounting Omega Psi Phi, S.G.A. Treasurer, V.P. Alobeaem Society, Senior Class Executiye Board, Student Adyisor to Placement Center JONES, LARRY E. 212 E.Lee St. Raleigh, N.C. Business Administration Student Legislator, Pan Hellenic Council, Kappa Alpha Psi JONES, NANCY BOND P.O. Box 31-Vanderveer Station Brooklyn, N.Y. Political Science Alpha Kappa Mu, Presidental Scholars Club, Karate Club, Political Science Club, Rifle Team JONES, WILLIAM PAUL JR. 2824 Denyiew Lane Charlotte, N.C. Economics Alpha Phi Omega, R.O.T.C, Band, Econ. Club, Karate Club, Wrestling Team JOYNER, ETTA Rt. 1,Box122-APeudleton N.C. Accounting Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Alobeam Society, Women ' s Council, Intramurial Sports JOYNER, MARY ANN Rt. 2, Box 216 Courtland, Va. Social Studies Women ' s Council KANE, ARMOND R. 186 Park Place Yeadon, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Brothers of Soul Society, American Society of Mec- hanical Engineers, AOOP, Intra-Fraternal Council, Co-op Program KEE, FRANCINE 2609 Dahlia St. Portsmouth, Va. Psychology Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Administratiye Helper, Alpha Kappa Mu, Pan- Hellenic Council President KEEN, JOE LOUIS Rt. 1, Box 156 Ridgeway, Va. 24148 Biology (teaching) Biology Club President, Student NEA KELLY, MARY Y. P.O. Box 994 Fayetteyille, N.C. Chemistry Administrative Helper, American Chemical Society KELLY, NINETTA JOYCE 927 Glenn Ayenue Winston-Salem, N.C. Professional English Women ' s Council KELLY, JAMES D. P.O. Box 994 Fayetteville, N.C. Electrical Engineering IEEE, Presidential Scholar, N.C. Fellows Program KENNEDV. AUDREY LAVERNE Rt. 1, Box68-A Rocky Point, N.C. Clothing Textiles Related . ' Xrts Home Economics, Section Leader, Women ' s Council KENNEDY, CLARENCE Route 1, Box68-A Rocky Point, N.C. Social Service AcScT Veterans Assoc, Ayantee Staff, Cape Fear Club, NAACP KEY, FREDDIE J. 2414 Machine Winston-Salem, N.C. 27105 Business Administration KIRBY, FRA NKLIN B. KIRBY 506 Witaker St. Chapel Hill, N.C. Accounting KNIGHT, JANICE MARIE 801 Lloyd Street Tarboro, N.C. Art Education Women ' s Council, GUTS, Art Circle, 13 College Cirriculum LAMBERT, LORETTA M. 9 Loretta St., New Brunswick, N.J. Professional Biology Asst. Secretary-Biology Club LAMBERTH, GWENNELLA O. 701 Florida Street (east) Greensboro, N.C. Nursing Teloca, Student Advisory Committee (Nursingj, Red Cross Nursing Committee LEACH, GWENDOLYN 1225 Summint Ave. Portsmouth, Va. Accounting ALOBEAM Society, Women ' s Council LEACH, SHIRLEY A. Route 3, Box 530 Raleigh, N.C. Professional Biology Biology Club 267 LEE, CAROLYN LaVERNE 2309 Mass. Ave. N.W. Roanoke, Va. Social Service LEE, MARY ALICE 528 W. Broad St. Westfieid, N.J. Nursing Teloca, Pershing Riflette, Tri-State Club, Kappette LEVY, MARIAN LaVERNE 8007Callison Dr. Gle n Allen, Va. Professional History Bowling Team LEWIS, LARRY M. 3502 White Chapel Rd. Greensboro, N.C. Business Administration lota Phi Theta Fraternity LEWIS JR., WALTER L. 17 Mimosa Crescent Hampton, Va. Industrial Technology Groove Phi Groove LIGCINS, ALICE MARIE P.O. Box Box 4121 Burlingyon, N.C. Accounting Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, ALOBEAEM Society, Women ' s Council LOCKE, WILLIAM J. P.O. Box 1-A, Rt. 1 Gatesville, N.C. Architectural Engineering Administrative Helpers 1,2,3,4, 5, Phi Beta Sigma Frat., Architectural Engineering Society 1,2,3,4, 5, Future Alumni Activities Committee, Pan Hellenic Council, Army ROTC, Who ' s Who in American Colleges Unlversity-1971 LOGAN, GLORIA DELORES 1203 West Horah St. Greensboro, N.C. Early Childhood Education Tau Phi Theta, Women ' s Council, SNEA LOGAN, VIVIAN BEATRICE 2619 Davis St. Raleigti, iN.C. Speech Theatre Education Modern Dance Group, Women ' s Council, Richard B. Harrison Players LOVETT, ALLAN " AL " 114-04 207 St. St. Albans, N.Y. Electronics Yearbook Staff, Brothers of Soul Society LUNDY, CHARMAN LARUE Roanoke Rapids, N.C. Pres. -Swing Phi Swing, Student NEA, National Collegiate Association for Secretaries, Fellowship Gospel Choir, Student Coun- selor, Women ' s Council, Basic Business Education LYNN JR., RAYMOND 616 Bunnells Ave. Elizabeth City, N.C. Business Administration Presidential Scholar, Intra- mural Football, Pres-Phi Beta Sigma Frat., AOOP, Pan Hellenic Council, Men ' s Council, Bowling Team, Karate Club McAllister, carolyn j. Rt. 1,Box210 Pamplico, S.C. Business Administration McALPIN, DAVID S. 715 Union St. Linden, N.J. Sociology Student Government Ass. Election Committee, S.G.A. Judiciary Council, Wiscon- sin Group McGALL, RAYMOND C. 730 West " M " St. Erwin, N.C. Biology (Professional) Presidential Scholar Club, Biology Club, Scabbard and Blade, Men ' s Council McGUIRE, MARY 2012 Sharonbrook Dr. Greensboro, N.C. Nursing Teloca, Women ' s Council, Red Cross (Instructor), Piedmont Tuberculosis Respiratory Asst. MclVER, JR., JOHNH. 1239 Tucker St. Greensboro, North Carolina Electrical Engineering Alpha Phi Fraternity, Inc. McKINLEY, MILDRED V. 608 Bailey Drive Raleigh, N.C. Business Administration Women ' s Council Modern Dance Group McKOY, WILLIE A. Rt. 3, Box 274 Red Springs, N.C. McNAIR, ELLA 1382 Teukesbery Place N.W. Washington, D.C. Social Service Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Guts, Sociology Club McNeill, jr., emmett j. 319 S.Tarboro Road Raleigh, N.C. 27610 Art Education Art Circle, S.N. E. A. Black Arts Repretory Theater MARTIN, BARBARA Rt. 1, Box 191 Woodland, N.C. 27897 Professional Biology Biology Club, Women ' s Council MARTIN, SHANOLIA ANN Rt. 2, Box 86 Westfieid, N.C. Social Services Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Pan-Hellenic Council, Women ' s Council, Women ' s Athletic Ass., Angel Flight. MASON, BRENDA JOYCE 320 N.Fisher St. Raleigh, N.C. Professional English Women ' s Council MASON, JACQUELINE REDDING 105 Court St. Jacksonville, N.C. Social Service MAXWELL, MILDRED LORAINDOYE 1207 Sterling Street Statesville, N.C. 268 ram Business Administration Women ' s Council MAYO, CLENNA VANESSA 1349A Underwood Ave. Winston-Salem, N.C. 27105 Social Service Tau Phi Theta Sorority, Dorm Section Leader, Women ' s Council MAZYCK, RAYMOND EDWARD 2 2 Sheppard St. Charleston, S.C. 29403 Music Education Band, Woodwind Ensemble, Clarinet Quartet, Charleston Club MEBANE, JR., HENRY FRANKLIN Rt. 7, Box 6 Roselake Drive Greensboro, N.C. Political Science MEDLEY, MILDRED A. 2026 Rorer Ave. S.W. Roanoke, Va. 24016 Professional History Delta Sigma Theta Sorority History Club, SNEA, Administrative Helpers, Register, Future Alumni Assoc. MERRITT, LINDA JEANETTE Rt. 1,Box155-C Warsaw, N.C. English Education SNEA, Wesley Foundation MIAL, GREGORY D. 539 E.Lenoir St. Raleigh, N.C. Accounting Administrative Helper ALOBEAEM Accounting Club MILLER, DOROTHY CAROLYN 93 Union Ave. Hempstead, N.Y. Business Education (Comp) Kappette Social Sisterhood, SNEA MILLER, JAMES THOMAS (HONDO) SOOCopelSt. Kannapolis, N.C. Recreation lota Phi Theta Fraternity Basketball, Swimming MILLER, LINDA G. 2114 Randall St. Greensboro, N.C. English Education A T Register, Yearbook Staff MILLER, LEROY SOOCaulder Ave. Spartanburg, S.C. Mathematics Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., University Band, AOOP Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society, Men ' s Council MILLS, MARY CORNELLIA Rt. 1, Box 76-B Jacksonville, N.C. Economics Business Administration Economics Club, Gospel Choir, SNEA MIZELL, MARVA LAVERNE Rt. 1, Box114A Columbia, N.C. Nursing Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Socie- ty, TELOCA, University Senate, Women ' s Council University Usher Board MOORE, BARBARA Rt. 1, Box 51 Chocowinity, N.C. 27817 Basic Business Education Women ' s Council, SNEA MOORE, BEVERLY J. Rl. 1, Box 22 Blounts Creek, N.C. Nursing Karate, Women ' s Council TELOCA, Red Cross Instructor MARABLE, JR., NATHANIEL Rt. 4, Box 152 Henderson, N.C. Business Administration Administrative Helpers A T Chapter of the Junior Chamber of Commerce Esquire Service Fellowship MOORE, H. B. Rt. 2, Box 252 Clarkton, N.C. Art MOORE, IRVIN, ]R. 903 Day Ave. Burlington, N.C. Social Service Wisconsin Group, Social Service Club, Dean ' s List MOORE, ROY D. 1105 Ross Ave. Greensboro, N.C. Political Science Brothers of Soul Society, Tennis MOORE, SHIRLEY Rt. 2, Box192-A Faison N.C. English MOORE, VERENCE DONALD 1850 Mississippi St. Gary, Indiana Engineering Phvsics Brothers of Soul Society, Physics Club, Faculty Senate, Men ' s Council, Karate Club MORGAN, CHARLES R. " Pete " 1145 Blair St. Portsmouth, Va. Business Administration Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Pan-Hellenic Council, Yearbook Staff, AOOP MORGAN, SAVOYNNE DIANNE 913BealSt. Rocky Mt., N.C. Psychology Psychology Club MORRIS, MARVIN 2215 E. 79th St. Cleveland, Ohio Business Administration Intramural Sports Varsity Basketball MORRISON, SHIRLEY DELORIS Rt. 1„ Box 265 Pamplico, S.C. 29583 Business Education (Basic) Women ' s Council SNEA MOSELEY, SAMUEL Rt. 1, Box 254 Oriental, N.C. Political Science Political Science Club, Students Interested In Legal Studies 269 NEWKIRK, BONNYE KAUNITA Rt.1,Box166 Ivanhoe, N.C. Accounting Administrative Helpers Club, Alobeam, Society, Women ' s Council, AOOP NICHOLS, EDITH ORNETTE 2207 Tuscaloosa St. Greensboro, N.C. Nursing Women ' s Council NUNNALLY, MILTON 7 No. Old Church St. Petersburg, Va. Recreation Varsity Basketball, Letterman ' s Club ODOM, WINSTON Rt. 1 Box 81 Catesville, N.C. Industrial Arts Education ODOM, CONSTANCE H. 724 Wilmington Blvs. Wilmington, Calif. History Education Zeta Phi Beta, Women ' s Council, History Club, Administrative Helpers ODOM, LORRAIN 521 Thomas St. Rocky Mount, N.C. Mathematics Education Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Dorm Section Leader, SNEA, Digit Circle, Gospel Choir, Women ' s Council OLDS, RICHARD 309 Avenue H Darlington, S.C. Football Team, Kappa Alpha Psi OWENS, SHELLEY V. 584 Williams Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. Music Education Tau Phi Theta Sorority, Marching and Concert Bands ARHAM, EDITH L. Rt. 1, Box 19 Yale, Va. Business Administration Women ' s Council, Alobeam Society, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, GUTS PARKER, ANDREA 409 Fewell St. Rock Hill, S.C. Chemistry (professional) A.G.S. PARKER, ERIC WILLIAM Rt. 2, Box436-A Jacksonville, N.C. Business Administration Vet Club, Student Rep. to Faculty Seanate, Business Dept. PARKS, BOBBY L. 627 Neway Dr. Castonia, N.C. Recreation Administration Letterman ' s Club, Basket- ball PARSON, JR. MALACHl 2308 Acron Rd. Greensboro, N.C. Business Administration PATTON, BRENDA CAROL 104EhilichSt. Chester, S.C. Social Service Women ' s Council, Tau Phi Theta, Social Committee of Union Ad- visory Board, Hall Council of Holland Hall PATTON, EDWINA LOUISE 440 Bryson St. Business Administration PATTERSON, DOROTHY D. 31 Harrison St. Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Social Service Administrative Helpers, Women ' s Council PERRY, MERCEDA Rt. 4, Box 836 Salisbury, N.C. Physical Education A T Gospel Choir, Phi Beta Sigma Frat., Air Force ROTC Drill Team, P.E. Majors Club, Men ' s Council, Pre-Med Club, Pan-Hellenic Council, Track Team, Karate Club, Intramural Sports Club PEMBERTON, EMMA DIANNE 109 Lincoln Ave. Lexington, N.C. History Education Social Committee, Religious Life Committee, Women ' s Coun- cil, President-Junior and Senior Class, Tau Phi Theta, AOOP, History Club, SNEA, Hall Council-Holland Hall, Editor of History Newslet- ter PENNY, LEON J. Professional Biology Alpha Phi Omega Frat., Biology Club, Karate Club PHARR, JR. JAMES L. 250 Georgia St. S.W.Concord, N.C. Vocational Industrial Ed. SME, NAIT, University Band PHILLIPS, DONNIE L. 1005 Ward St. Greenville, N.C. History Education PHILLIPS, MARVIS VERREC 715WilksRd. Columbia, S.C. Psychology PICKETT, RICHARD R. 533 Russell St. Fayetteville, n.c. Political Science Political Science Club, Newman Club, STILS, Army ROTC PONDS, ARLIE Rt.1, Box 340 Oriental, N.C. Social Service PORTER, ANNE BRENDA 1316 Moretz Ave. Charlotte, N.C. French Education Delta Sigma Theta Sorority French Club Future Alumni Activities Kappa Delta Phi Honor Society Presidential Scholars Club Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society University Choir University Orchestra PORTER, ROBERT WILLIAM 307 Warren Street Spartanburg, S.C. Political Science Men ' s Council Assistant to the President Political Science Club 270 PORTICK, LESTER P.O. Box 99 Winterville, N.C. Business Administration PRIDCEN, JAMES R. P.O. Box 531 Nashville, N.C. Social Service PERVIS, CLAVERNE 853CrotonaPk. Bronx. N.Y. Political Science RANDALL, CARNELL 1705PichardSt. Greensboro, N.C. Business Administration Off-Campus Club, Veterans Association RATTIFF, AMOZETTA 206 Wood Ave. Kannapolis, N.C. Math Education Women ' s Council, Adminis- trative Helper, Digit Circle REED, MILDRED YVONNE 1729 Queen St. So. St. Petersburg, Fla. English Education Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Kappa Delta Phi FHCnor Society, Women ' s Coun- cil RILEY, BOROTHY BELENDA 1121 Orange St. Wilmington, N.C. Art Design Art Circle, Tau Phi Theta, Chairman of Coronation, Dec- oration Committee ROBERSON, GRATCHEN M. 10601 Fanlkner Ridge Circle Columbia, Maryland Nursing, Women ' s Council, Teloca, Red Cross Instructor ROBERTS, SHIRLEY RILLA 111 N. Watterson St. Kings Mountain, N.C. Social Service Women ' s Council, Social Service Club ROBINSON, MARGARET R. lOOOHacketlSt. Greensboro, N.C. Early Childhood Ed. Kappette Social Organization ROBINSON, MILTON R. 590 Hasty Loop Fayetteville, N.C. Professional History AFROTC, Rifle Team, Rat Pack Social Fellowship, Band, Administrative Helper RODCERS, GLORIA F. Rt. 2, Box 538 Williamston, N.C. Social Service Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Y.M.C.A., Pan-Hellenic Council, Women ' s Council, Miss Omega Psi Phi- ' 70- ' 71 ROGERS, JOYCE M. Rt. 1, Box 42 Pendleton, N.C. Mathematics Charmette, Administrative Helper, Digit Circle, Wo- men ' s Council ROSOEBORO, RITA 3726 Blandwood Dr. Charolette, N.C. Art (Design) Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Usher Board, Religious Life Committee, Art Circle ROUSE, MELVIN Rt. 2, Box161-A Snow Hill, N.C. Music Education Band ROWE, RACHEL THERESA 4531 EadsSt. N.E. Washington, D.C. Accounting Tau Phi Theta Sorority, Women ' s Council RUSSELL, SIDNEY A. Rt. 1, Box 150 Norlina, N.C. Industrial Art Education University Sunday School, Administrative Helper, University Senate, U.C.C.M. SADDLER, BRENDA A. Rt. 6, Box 164-C Greensboro, N.C. Early Childhood Education A.H.E.A., N.A.E.Y.C, A.C.E.L., College Usher Board, Ebonies SCOTT, HAZEL LORETTA Rt. 3, Box 371 Enfield, N.C. Mathematics Education SNEA, Digit Circle, Women ' s Council SCOTT, .MAURICE P.O. Box 27 Winton, N.C. Music Education University Choir SCOTT, WALTER 176 Flint St. Asheville, N.C. Business Administration Kappa Alpha Psi Frat., Yearbook Staff-Art Editor SEESSOMS, PATRICIA M,AVIS Rt.2, Box 415 Wilson, N.C. History Education History Club, Women ' s Council, Administrative Holpers, Greensboro United Tutorial Society SESSOMS, SHARON Y. East Orange, N.J. Early Childhood Education Women ' s Council, Home Economics Club SHARPLESS, ALFRED DARNELL Rt. 1,Box365 Chinquapin, N.C. Economics Administrative Helpers, Economics Club SHAW, LEON R. 311-D Regan St. Greensboro, N.C. Physical Education SHELTON, PATRICIA G. P.O. Box 86 Sharps, Va. Math Education Digit Circle, Women ' s Council, Student-NE.A, Kappettes 271 SIMS, GWENDOLYN 246 Oakland Ave. Spartanburg, S.C. Art (Design,) Alpha Kappa Alpha, Women ' s Council, Art Circle SIMMONS, PHILLIP Rt. I, Box 338 John ' s Island, S.C. Business Administration SIMPSON, BERNARD 37 Booth Ave. Farmingdale, N.Y. Mechanical Engineering Phi Beta Sigma Frat. Inc., Men ' s Council SIMPSON, JAMES E. 412Stedman St. Greensboro, N.C. Business Administration Veterans Club SIMPSON, JAMES H. 414 Vanstory St. Fayetteville, N.C. Business Administration Army ROTC, Bowling League SHEPHERD, PAVE 557 Greenbrair Ave. Hampton, Va. Professional History Women ' s Council, Tau Phi Theta- President, History Club, Tau Phi Theta Board of Trustees, AOOP SILER, PAULETTE 1215 N.Siler Mills Rd. Siler City, N.C. English Education SNEA, Women ' s Council SMAW, WILLIE MAE Rt. 2, Box 91 Chocowinity, N.C. Business Education Fellowship Gospel Choir Baptist Student Union SMITH, GERALD B. 644 Lafayette Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. Social Service Brother ' s of Soul Society, Yearbook Staff SMITH, PATRICIA A. 1419 A Ave. Rocky Mount, N.C. English Education SMITH, SILAS JR. 1419 A. Ave. Rocky Mount, N.C. Economics and Mathematics Economic Club, Math Club SMITH, SYLVIA DARNELL Rt. 1,Box113 Boyborl, N.C. Nursing Gospel Choir, Women ' s Council Teloca, Hayes Taylor YWCA SPAULDING, MARIE MOORE Rt. 2, Box 229 Clarkton,N.C. English (Teaching; Wesley Foundation, Inter Faith Co-o ' dinating Council SPENCER, SHARON A. 110-27 197 St. Hollis, NY Business Administration STEVENS, CALVIN M. Rt. 2, Box 226 Faison, N.C. Industrial Technology Veterans Ass., National Ass. of Industrial Technology STODDARD, GREGORY D. 106 S. Sloan St. Clinton, S.C. Music Education SUGGS, JR. GEORGE LEE 614 Dunbar St. Durham, N.C. History Education Football Team, Epicurean So- cial Fellowship, Letterman Club, History Club, NEA SUTTON, LARRY ALBERT Rt. 1,Box241 Clinton, N.C. History Education History Club, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, NEA TAYLOR, J. TERRY " O. )ay " 1965 Madison Ave. Apt. 2 New York, N.Y. Professional Psychology Groove Phi Groove, SGA, Psychology Club TAYLOR, LARRY N. 213 Temple Ave. Fayetteville, N.C. Business Administration Arnold Air Society TAYLOR, REGINALD SHERMAN 2823 Wellington St. Richmond, Va. Psychology Senior Class Ex jcutive Committee, Psychology Club TAYLOR, WALTER L. 1809VarnumSt. N.E. Washington, D.C. Business Administration lota Phi Theta THORNHILL, MILDRED 1715 Dunbar St. Greensboro, N.C. Home Ec. Education Home Ec. Club, Exchange Student THOMAS, THELMA E. 1500 Cunningham St. Child Development Women ' s Council THOMPSON, ARLENE MERCEDES 5001 S. Dakota Ave. N.E. Washington, D.C. Art Education Art Circle, Self Study Program THOMPSON, PAT 3008LaSalleSt. Charlotte, N.C. Business Administration Miss A T1971-72, Miss Junior 1970-71, Sophomore Attendant to Miss A T 1961- 70, Miss Women ' s Council, Tau Phi Theta Sorority, Volley Ball Team, Dorm Section Leader THOMPSON, VINSON D. 2449 High Ave. Vestal, N.Y. Professional Biology Brother ' s of Soul Society, Yearbook Staff TOMLINSON, HELEN 923 Vance St. Greensboro, N.C. Political Science 171 WHITE, LINWOOD Rt. I, Box 39 Manson, NC Business Administration Esquire Service Fellow- ship, Administrative Helpers Club WHITSETT, VICKIE 2402 Bothwell St. Greensboro, NC ' Art Education Art Circle WHITTINGTON, CATHALEEN F. P.O. Box 190 Crisfield, Maryland Nursing Teloca, Red Cross Instructor, YWCA, Women ' s Council WIGGINS, LINNIE Rt. 1,Box204-A9 Scotland Neck, N.C. Accounting NABA, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc., Pan Hellenic Council WILEY, CURTIS E. 706 Chandler Ave. Burlington, NC Ecomonics Economics Club, Political Science Club, German Club, Student Organization for Black Unity, Men ' s Council WILKERSON, JOSEPH, JR. 409 Mapleshore Dr. Chesapeake, VA Electronic Technology Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, National Honor Society of Scabbard Blade, National Association of Industrial Technology, U.S. Army R.O.T.C, Rifle Team, Student Legislation, R.O.T.C. Officers Club WILLIAMS, BARBARA A. General Delivery Wallace, NC Business Education Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, YWCA, NCSA WILLIAMS, EDDIE JR. Rt. 3, Box 243-EE Wilson, N.C, Electrical Technology Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, (V. President) Men ' s Council, Industrial Technology Socie- ty, Pan-Hellenic Council WILLIAMS, GEORGE DUDLEY Rt. 2, Box 394 Warsaw, NC Accounting Alobeam Society WILLIAMS, JIMMY 109-34 153 St. Jamacia, NY Economics Tau Phi Tau WILLIAMS, LINKA DARNELL 600 Third St. Martinville, VA Accounting FAAC, Alobeam Society, Women ' s Council WILLIAMS, MAURICE 11 Hedden Terrace Newark, NJ Business Administration Varsity Football, Groove Phi Groove Social Fellow- ship Inc., Lettermen ' s Club WILLIAMS, MAXINE 311 Turlington St. Clinton, NC Early Childhood Education Administrative Helpers, Women ' s Council, SNEA WILSON, DIANE 1730 N. BouvierSt. Phila., PA Accounting A T Gospel Choir, Campus Gold Girl Scouts, Women ' s Council, Alobeam Society WILSON, RICHARD 1434 Taylor St. N.W. Washington, DC Physical Education PE Club, Spanish Club, Men ' s Council, Football, Scrollers Club of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity WIMBISH, EARL M. 2218 Poplar St. Lynchburg, VA Agriculture Economics Phi Beta Sigma, Everclear Club WINDLEY, ANNIE R. Rt. 5, Box 58 Washington, NC Psychology A T Gospel Choir, Intra- mural Team VOUNG, LOIS VIRGINIA 1315 Bethel Rd. Raleigh, NC Nursing Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Student Leader YOUNG, MARY 3551 East 154th St. Cleveland, Ohio Art Education Women ' s Council, Art Circle, SNEA BODDIE, BERNARD CARLTON 7205 Hawthorne St. Landover, Maryland Sociology HAMILTON, WARREN 185-02 Galway Ave. Psychology Groove Phi Groove end of tape rmf pgys-r9 273 iSJBSSSSSfRWB Sf W dtSB fFMfi9 Df1HSF? Autographs ♦ Autographs PEACE POWER and RIGHT ON! I h

Suggestions in the Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) collection:

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