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,f_, .•■- .1 ' ;rf-i. r l 5 y »; .t v»% •v.;.;i " ' . V ' : - : •--a ' i Fn-. f ' i it. : lA T SPEC J COLL Ild J3914 JN7 (a95 ll971 ■ fX - M: ' ;v?-L ; •(•.,!.., s- ' Ji: ' .■ ' Id ■ . ' ■ ;, -. ' •■ ■■■- NC A 4 T STATE UNIV UBPARY 3 0343 0305463Y sarai North Carolina Agricultural And Technical State University Greensboro, North Carohna I Presents Volume XXVI Charles D. Evans. Editor-in-Chief Bennie McMorris, Associate Editor Mrs. Barbara Burgess, Advisor t Ui ' i ' ■■ ' ' ' " ! % n • I n ! 3 ! I I 5 till ft till Mnnnn Foreword The idea of individuality has assumed many arguments throughout society, and with time, scholars have devoted much thought to just what the individual is and how he becomes that individual. Theologists purport that the individual is the inner self expressed through some mystical evolution, and finally, through aware- ness of natural capabilities. Sociologists argue that there is no individual; for each of us have a predetermmed role which defines our function in whatever we do, and as such, it dictates who we are. Psychologists, philosophers, biologists and var- ied other esoterics have also sought to systematically prescribe the nature of the individual to some form of humanistic or scientific discipline. Individuality has become very much a search for identity, and just as this search has affected the thinking of the intellect elite, it has influenced the direction of the layman as well. In this regard, we at A T have been a distinct lot. We have not tended to systematically order our lives. We have wrestled with identity, and though we have felt a world-wide social influence, we have become a people who accept ourselves through values and reinforcements based upon the concept of self and existence. We are Aggies, and though others may cast us in all types of categories. We Are Somebody. I l.i} ' .! ' itU-jieva ' ' is?i«|. ' .jm» D? ' v i???Wi«K.5if» ' J,V. W(t5 Our roots become planted in early tall with school registration. With incessant lines, everything seems a matter of obscurity. Freshmen find complexity and a sort of strangeness. Upperclassmen find confusion. But this is only the first few days — a beginning. Soon complexity, strangeness and confusion dissolve. Aggie life be- comes routine. Classroom buildings come out of summer hibernation, and though thev do not become havens of studv. they become caught up in the manv and varying purposes of those who enter and leave them. Other buildings become places of social exchange. They too may not be havens of any sort, but thev hke- wise become functional in the lives of those who frequent them. These are Aggie people — a people conquering the struggle for indentity. Football season is underway. Somewhere else fo go, and something else to do. Whether the weather is mild or cold, sunny or rainy, the crowds gather in mass to cheer the Aggie team onward. Soon homecoming ventures upon us: coronation; pre-dawn: a parade and the game. The crowd is even larger. Friends, alumni, and even well wishers become part of the crowd. But they are all Aggies, and though the team may win or lose, we all learn to be confident in victory and to be proud in defeat. Basketball season is no different: for as Aggies we have learned to rally to the university ' s cause, and no matter what the outcome, we hold our heads high and continue to move forward. We find variety by doing much of whatever pleases us. There are special occa- sions, good entertainment: and moments of leisure. Making noise, loud stereos and televisions, ringing telephones, gossiping friends and throwing parties — all are means through which some monotony is broken. Whatever our form of relax- ation, it is not waste. We are Aggies, and to us every situation becomes an experi- ence — an emotional hberation or even a thought provocation. The pace of the classroom is never of question. Just as the weather brings fall to a sudden end. we find ourselves suddenly at the end of a semester. The returns are many. For some, it means acceleration to some higher level. To still others, it has been waste. Nevertheless, if it has been nothing else, the classroom has been the most challenging aspect of Aggie life. The instructor has been the mediator, bnng- ing with him knowledge and experience and the vital abihty to move the learning student into greater depths of knowledge. Grasping the many offerings of the classroom, the student is made a more complete person. His learning has not been all theory, listening and acceptance. So begins this volume of the Ayantee — the story of a people attempting to make education useful through practical experience and ultimately realizing that education seeks to develop rather than to alter the individual. Whatever he is upon entering here, he leaves as a man of virture and blessed with the ability to reason through interpretation, understanding and awareness. He is an Aggie, and he is somebody. NIGGUHS Constantly in the groove Digging the scene Acting mean Calm and cool Tenderlbot THE CHOICE OF LIFE I have but a day. To live or die To love or hate. Yet I now wonder. If it ' s too late To be good or Too early to say. William Cox ii ' ' w: S5S Let ' s blow the __ place up! Ain ' t nothing but a nod! Cheese-e-e-l Oh my gosh, wonder meat again! 10 ME Send me the moon, the stars and all of Earth ' s greatest possessions. Cover me with the respect of all mankind whether 1 be good or bad. Trv ' to understand not only who I am. hut also who I live to be. And ask not of me those promises that I wish not to tulfiU. For I belong, not as a group, but as an individual. Gifted with the mind and intelligence to be as I desire. Guided not by the instinct or the feeUngs of others. Rather bv the feehngs off-sprung by the inner soul .And inner mind. Tears, blood and laughter are my greatest possessions because this is why I live. Do me. the honor of letting me expenence them when and where I so feel. For my life is mme to live, to destroy and to share with whom I please. Dare not erase the path that I wish to set for my off-springs. Engraving into mv mind that I am wrong and that the Ufe I once led was wrong. It is my intention to give hfe one of its greatest treasures, self-expression. To let the inner man hve as he wishes, letting the w orld be a better place to hve. How lona can one hve in such a voluntanous world? Onlv God knows. But to each we can say that everyone who has lived as himself has had a happy and satisfying hfe. Satisfying not to others, but to himself because he has expenenced those joys that he desired. Satisfying because he has the knowledge of knowing that his hfe was for himself Ask not of me to read those books that I care nothing about. For deep within my mind I am able to intake those words that best fit my taste. Beseech yourself before try ing to intoxicate my mind with vour moral ethics. Whether vou should force your ideas upon me, or whether 1 have the right to accept them on my own. What I ask of you isn ' t much and requires no thought of you whatsoever. It ' s hke the animals that you just patiently wait until nature has taken its course. .• nd it ' s like the motorless planes that glide freely in the air. For all I want to be free; Free with no strmgs attached; To be simply as I want to be — ME! Edwin L. Gav 11 Women are the weaker sex. An old saying. Is it true? Long ago? Now is worn off the hex. Frankly, what can ' t we do? Cleaning, washing, and beirig a mother These are duties of another. Man, robot, take your pick. The woman now m the world ticks. If God " s plan was: Marnage to rear children Man to beget Children Woman to bear children But who to love and care for :hildren? Women, you ' ve been cursed! No longer are you gifted to be a Mother. You must work and compete with the other. - GEGE 12 MW Jfs ' F-Troop " 14 Room 222 ;i 7 ' V Underdog One Step Beyond 15 f ' M lJc Everybody . . . Get Involved . Get Up 16 ' ' Get Into It " 17 18 AGGIES in the streets of Harlem!! mmm 19 One Step Off Slowly, slowly tumbling down Gr;isping desperatelv to hold ground Fading helplessly with the speed of wings Recklessly fighting, weakening by the degree Trving so hard |U t to be tree Barbareouslv surging a last stand to make good Not so niv friends - no good Hilanouslv sickenins till nothins else matters at all Damn the whole mess, what the hell if I fall. Deawa 7 ' ' " ■SG- »• ;■ ■ ' ' ■:V - . »i N.. ■■ yiS-S. ' .l-. V - T . «. ' ■ " c- X ' I 20 21 Dear A. T. THE ALMA MATER Dear A. and T., Dear A. and T. (II) Dear A. and T., Dear A. and T. A Monument indeed! Around Ihy base with grateful hearts Behold thy students kneel. We bless the power that gave Ihee birth To help us in our need. We ' ll ever strive while here on earth All loyalty to yield. The signet thou shalt be. Set by our own great Commonwealth, Proud boaster of the free; She ' d have the record of her worth On granite not inscribed. Nay! Let the children of her birth Proclaim it by their lives (III) Dear A. and T., Dear A. and T. With joy, with joy, dear A. and T. Hence forth our aim shall be. Thy students turn from thee. By precepts wise and deeds more sure To spread they trophies year by year To bless the State throuah thee. From Dare to Cherokee. The arts of industry to wield Against the idle foe. A harvest rich from ripened liclds Of what thy students sow. ' wu mmm LIFT EVERY VOICE AND SING Lift ev ' ry voice and smg. Till earth and heaven ring. Ring with ihe harmonies of Libern . Let our rejoicing nse High as the Ust ' ning skies. Let It resound loud as the rolling sea. Sins a sons full of the faith that the dark past has taught us: Sins a song full of the hope that the present has brought us; Facing the nsing sun of our new day begun. Let us march on till victor, is won. Stonv the road we trod. Bitter the chast ' ning rod. Felt m the days when hope unborn had died; Yet with a steady beaL Have not our wear, feed Come to the place for which our father sighed ' We have come over a way that with tears has been watered; ' e have come, treading our path thro " the blood of the slaughtered. Out from the gloomy past Till now we stand at last Where the white gleam of our bnght star is cast. 23 V ' ' - ' .iif V ■■,: " r ll::v »» ' a £ !«=2 ■ -im:Xi . 9mmmm w«Sij Msii«Ris8tei i» «i«ii:»v ' , .i iviiii: !..■.. ■ iV " ' ' ' l ' ' - ' ' l ' V ' " ' -;! ' •■■ ■ ii, ' ' 1. 1 ... ' ,;,.. " " we, ■ ■ i -, " Ruskin once said that when we fail to praise a man who deserves praise, two said things happen; we run a chance of driving him from the right read for want of encouragement, and we deprive ourselves on one of the very happiest of our privleges, the privilege of rewarding labor that deserves a reward. " Therefore, let us give one whom we have admired, the patience, endurance, compassion, understanding, wisdom and concern that he has exhibited toward us. We will forever remain grateful to him for his ceaseless ef- forts and fierce control firmly imprinted in the lives of the foot- ball team. To draw no envy, COACH HORNSBY HOl ' fELL, on thy name, we remove you from all severe criticism and place you upon wreathe of honor and distinction. For you have displayed all these out- standing characteristics to mold your figure into being the dy- namic person we chose. So it is with deep gratitude and respect that we. the 1971 yearbook staff, dedicate this, the 1971 edition of the AYANTEE to one whom we all love, cherish and respect... 1 ■ i ' r iv]k.:tfii ' ' ' , ; " ■■•;■, ' :- v, ■■-:- ' ' ' : ' :- ' ■ I ' • .. ' :. ' " ' , ' . . ' : ' " ■■ i B ■ ' ■■■ ' ' -■ " -.■ .- ■ ' ■ ■ ' ■ ' ' ■ ' ' ' ' ' U: " :, ii !!ft. I Ecum iirGuiin c 1 Student iJ!ft ' ;aa«t«;»WBi?i?; ' av Beauty surrounded by Beauty Miss YMCA escorted by Moses Ramsey takes coronation stroll across the floor. Mr. Philly Dog poses for the ladies Gwen Burton gives the crowd an eye full. " Get it Gwen " Agnes Duston takes time out for a delightful pose. 28 Sandra and Pat wait tor the end. Miss 13 — College Curriculum takes her Final Scroll. Miss Kappa Alpha Psi performing. Miss Iota salutes the crowd. 29 Miss G I G steps high to give the Aggies her best showing. Miss Cheerleader, out of uniform ,, »,-r- Miss 13-College curriculum and Court smiJes for the camera Miss A T and Court wait for the parade to start Miss Physical Education 31 Mr. Sigma and his bad " ride " The Drill Team m Action A T Salutes Africa ' s Black Pearl 1 F3 ■ m ' B rihfl H; B ' ' s}. HB 11 Um I II ■1 ' II ■ H p 1- H Ravishing Beauties Personified Miss A T officially begins her reign with all the charm and grace of a queen. 33 34 35 4 : ' 38 Doin ' -It! The Manhattans ' Show and dance featuring The Manhattans, October 2, 1970 was one of many held in Moore Gymnasium. Arousmg the atmosphere with songs like " From Atlanta to Goodbye " . " If My lonely Heart Could Speak " and many more hits spirited the Aggies into a soulful mood. 39 T H Moving and Grooving — Shaking and Breaking J. B. " s GO-GO - GIRL!!! A legend of his own TIME 40 Mr. " Sex Machine " breaks out in a " Cold Sweat " UfiUiBBIIiBillia Wilben (Huff) Royal of Mu Psi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity presents Soul Brother Number One a plague in Recognition for his efforts to help Black people find themselves. " Right On. " o F S o u L J. B. ' s Band doing their thing with the " GRUNT " . 41 Wi-i-i-ild Man S T E V E Wild Man Steve Tina Williams sings, " I got a Thing. You got a Thing, when we get together we will do our Thing. " 42 Big Drums Daddy (center) works out with " Is that Black Enough for You. " T H E K O O L A N D Kool and the Gang funked up the whole campus with their magnificent " Funky Man " G A N G The show proved to be one of the most entertaining at the " Mighty T " . Pictured with Kool and the Gang is Angela Collins. " Miss Black Awareness " 43 The Del forties And The Modulations 44 Grooving Archie Bell And The Drells From Houston, Texas!! 45 The Wonderful World Of Black People 46 MU Other Notables Who Graced Our Campus Mahalia Jackson The Last PceLs Jessie Jackson Julian Bond 0. C, Smith James Farmer Ivan Dixon Reginald Hawkins Kenneth Gibson Chairman of the Board 47 Black, Black America Freedom, oh Freedom, where have you been hiding. The Blacks have been looking for you everywhere. We struggle from comer to corner to be free. But one day we dream of Black, Black America. The pride within us had shown no joy, which one day we shall overcome. We have been in the dark for years and years. finally we have the Ught. But one day we dream of a Black, Black America. Rose Marie Wilson mm Sister Angela Collins MISS BLACK AWARENESS 1970-71 o tiwla m- ' f i, ' :mmm?i fs The Inner Being Beyond the reachless bounds of man The uttermost self dwells unseen unheard. Burrowed into a state of safety and calm Waiting patiently to be found. Through the incompressible warps of never A glimpse, perchance, of the remarkable ever. Far great than the isles of eternity The self stands bold, untamed, running free Leaping over the sill notions of beings Daring to out do the wildest of dreams. Afraid, so afraid, under a pretext of boldness, Fumbhng, almost falling yet still on its feet. Tracing the paths of forerunners now gone. Trespassing into the forbidden zone. Not caring who gets hurt or scarred Laughing beastially at the once free, now barred. Damn the thing. Damn the thing!!! Many these sounds throughout the heavens ring. Damn the thing, Damn the thing!!! But what is it, the inner most being? Never to be heard, seen, touched for feeling? Damn the thing? How? Yet why? The whole bloody thing will make one cry. R m ■V -. ' ir:- -rimm Niggers Are Scared Of Revolution " But Niggers shouldn ' t he scared of revolution because revolution is nothing but change and all Niggers do is change. Niggers come in from work and change into pimping clothes and hit the street to make some quick change. Niggers change their hair from black to red to blond and hope like hell their looks will change Niggers kill other Niggers just because t ne didn t receive the correct change. Niggers change, change, change. You hear Niggers say, " Things are changing, things are changing, " Yeah, things, are changing. Niggers change into black Nigger things - black Niggers things that go through all kinds of changes — the change in the day that makes them rani and rave BLACK POWER! BLACK POWER! and the change that come over them at night as they sigh and moan white thighs! ooh, white thighs! . . . But when it comes for real change Niggers are scared of revolution. " — The Last Poets. 55 i mEi ' y ¥iWmNi i mwf ' i.s■ " !Jf: M, i;i■ Black Beauties liSfv i e ' M ii::MM mm For iis All mML Seasons l ' M Mli ' : ] Ernestine Durham Ann Richardson t H■ ■H■!:■A Winter Yvonne Martin Regina McChelfor V ' . ' T7?T " T " ' Mdifa Spring J yi 1 J 1 w t ' ' ' ' jS E ? 3 B P?E? 1 Carolyn Cousin 13, Summer ] 1 i 1 ' 1 1 1 ; il- r 1 H Ji 1 y ... ! p| .v;i:|B| r ill " J wBHBUBBK T-t " ' fr?Slw! ? l!f Bfl - ■ Lovey «= ' ' " ■ 1 : ' ■ " ' ! hi. ™ 1 Ij|i|gj , TmuramiiilJKiSKffiiSV. ' iarJ wi.i :il)a.™! Jr ' Wil!i n ' ! :r,v:)|( ,l,.: -.-•: -ifikfl H ' " ■■■- - :— i-L . ■ Li in .-.,..._:.iBi . J t rVV « J ' f U -iNi -. i;;;,--:-r-,:mva. ' t.,mr--: s-.- . - mmmmmmm i: " 3?!K;;; ' . QUEENS Miss A T Sister Pearl Brown M A N Y M O O D O A R There are white pearls - there are blacks pearls and then there is Pearl Brown. The reigning queen of the A T State University student body is an atffactive 5 ' 6 " senior of Hartford. Connecticut. Bom in Amencus. Georgia but having spent a great deal of her hfe in Hartford. Pearl is a graduate of the Thomas-Snell Weaver High School in Han- ford. Al A T. Miss Brown is an acuve member of the Delta Sigma Thela Sorority, the Student Government Association and the Business Club. Pearl is majonng in Business Educauon at A T. Following graduation next June, she hopes to attend graduate school at die University of Hartford, then launch a teaching career. She enjoys sports, creative dancing and hstening to all kinds of music. 63 iiL i«-?i:;J«S Daring and lovely Sister Sandra Belcher represents the Senior Class. It was certainly hard without a doubt 10 let this beautiful young lady go. for she was her class " first queen and their last. Sister Sandra is a resident of Martinsville, Va, She is a business administra- tion major and an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Truly Sandra represents the tradition of beautiful black queens on our campus; but these words aren ' t enough. We would like to sum up her personality in the poem below . Miss Senior Sister Sandra Belcher To; Sandy " You ' re a very lovely person who cares how others feel — Your warm, out-going nature is pan of your appeal. No wonder people like you and It isn ' t hard to see Why the phrase ' a lovely person ' Describes you perfectly. " 64 Sister Painaa Thompson, a resident of Charlotte, N.C., reians as the Beautiful Black Miss Junior Ambitious-minded. talented Pat is " a perfect example of our Black women- At A T. she is a Business Administration major and is engaged in many campus cumculum acimties. Along with these. Pat is a member of the just organized Tau Phi Theta Soronty. " More Power " to the Junior Class for choosing such as sweet, deserving Black Queen to represent them. Miss Junior 4 • -4 ' J ' 1.1 7 65 Miss Sophomore Sister Doreen Green Sister Doreen Green chosen by her class as their Black Queen possesses the true qualitites of a beautiful black woman- Doreen hails from Mamaromch. New York. Doreen is majonng in Art Education. She participates in the Fellow- ship Gospel Choir, and is an active worker in S.O.BU, We are very proud of Doreen and feel she along with all our queens uphold our theme " We Are Somebody. " 66 Miss Freshman Sister Gloria Ann Rogers Attractive Gloria A- Rogers portrays the title MISS FRESHMAN. Glona IS a native of Greensboro. N-C and an English maior here at A T This IS trulv a honorable beginning for Glona. We wish she and her class the best of luck at T. The eyes of man are upon YOU. 67 Miss Groove Phi Groove Sister Gwendolyn Lovett Miss Phi Beta Sis Sister Delois Col ,ma ins Miss Cheerleaders Sister Debra West 68 Miss Alpha Phi Alpha Miss R.O.T.C. Sister Donna Pearman Miss Men Council Sister Betty Miller Miss Zeta Phj Beta Sister Constance Odom Miss Veteran Association Sister Evelyn Tanner 69 Miss Physical Education Sister Sandra Baggs Miss Delta Sigma Theta Sister Inza Howard Miss Agricultural Education Sister Gwendolyn Burton Miss Economics Sister Paula Calloway 70 Miss Administrative Helpers Sister Bonnye Newkirlc Miss Harrison Players Sister Jimmye Walker Miss Charmette Sister Gwendolyn Street Miss Curriculum Development Sister Dorothy Parker 71 Miss Brother of Soul Society Sister Linda Wright iHnninisnHBnBnii Miss Alpha Kappa Alpha Sister Patricia Yancey Miss Kappa Alpha Psi Sister Sharon Gattltng Miss Pershing Riflelette Sister Vastle Gaffney 72 Miss Iota Phi Theta Sister Gwendolyn Gales Miss Omega Psi Phi Sister Gkma Rodgers Miss Teloca Sister Leonetta Williams Miss Tau Phi Tau Sister Jeanette Simpson 73 Miss Gamma Sigma Sigma Sister Brenda Divers Miss Ay an tee Sister Maridelll Blackman Sister Maridell Blackman. a Social Studies major from Lancaster. South Carolina, was chosen by the members of the AYANTEE Staff as our own MISS AYANTEE. Always smiling. Mandell adds a pleasant atmosphere whenever she is with us. As our layout editor, she has served her position well. As our beautiful queen, she is one whom we feel will always be our MISS AYANTEE. To A Wayward Sweetheart My love for you was like a red hot fire Ever burning with tender loving care. My life was lived for you my dear So happy was I when you were near. You were the breath of my life, The strength to ray frail body against man ' s strife. All things of earth in the reach of my hands Became soley yours at your only demand. Was I so unkind? So thoughtless? So untrue? Did I not rack heaven and earth to prove my love for you? What about the precious moments shared between just we. Such moments I wouldn ' t trade for all the perils in the sea. But when I saw you walk down the street; In a strange endeavor of other men to meet, My love changed to a ravishous fire That filled me with envy, anger, and I Like other love stricken men. Plotted of some evil that caused me to sin. But now that I have let you go I have found peace with my sinful soul. Yet I remember the days ' s forlorn When you were my love, but my love you ' re no more. .; Merceda Perry n Miiimmmmm ORGANIZATIONS Student J Government Matthew Simpson SGA President Association 78 Gail Thomas SGA Vice-President Jovce Lindsay SGA Secretary William Hubbard SGA Treasurer Dune Dean Inza Howard Student Lesislators Veda Fish Cunis A. Deloaich William Cox Sharon Graves Juha Harrelsboro Ronnie Quick Arnene Hamson Jerr - H. Palmer John Hemphill Ronald B Td Michael Pern. Larry S. Hinton Clarence Jones Ronald Jones Fred Greene Bennie McMoms Chester Randolph Joe Lindsay Diane Dean Opheha Boone Alexis Br anl LaiTs Gallowav Patricia Shelion Patricia Fuller Diane Jones Rosa Graham Mar. Mack Andian Right Portia Pomer 79 Co W. F. Carson — Director Ronnie Quick - Drum Major Mollis Pippin - Drum Major 80 .7 r 1J a. -.5. S. ' i ■ ' ' I •J ! 1 ' i w V 1? Sigma Rho Sigma The Sigma Rho Sigma Honor Society was founded by Dr. T. E. McKinney and Dr. W ' armoth T. Gibbs. Its founding emerged from a need to bind students of so- cial science together after their studies. Some of the purposes are to encourage studv. promote research and recognize achievement in the field of social science, to promote professional growth and development among members and to work together on problems of mutual interest. 83 THt f7 REGISTER Ed.Ior-in-Chief Hillurd B Hincv Jr. Associale Editor Vernicc Wright Managing Editor Jannette D. Bell Business Manager Weldon Washington News Editor Ronald Topping Sports Editor Paul Jones Fashion Editor Jackie Corpening Production Manager Oliver Carson Chief Photographer Leonard Conley STAEI MEMBERS. Beverly Kelly. Linda Merrill. William L, Johnson. Clarence D. RoherLson. Jact|uline Glisson. Ruth James. Janet Jones. George Johnson. David Brown. Larry Lewis, Douglas McMillian. Jr.. Lorna Mines. Juanite Williams. Cohen. N. Greene. Thomas Conway, Reggie Delour. Palrice Dunn. Wanda Jones. Jovce Hams, and Drusilla Dunn. 84 Pershing I Rifletts 85 Women ' s Council The purpose t fthe Women ' s Coliiki! is id recommend polieies. regislralions and adiiislmenl perlainmc to affairs of women students. Men ' s Council 86 The purpose of this organrzalion is lo promote a heller underslanding of human relations among memhers of ihe university family It provides a vehiele through which the male population can better the campus. Assembly Of Organization Presidents The Assembly of Organizalion President better know as AOOP, is an assemblage of organization presi- dents directed toward the promotion of a closer relationship between the organizations on campus It was formed to provide unity, cohesiveness and orgamzational harmony between the various organiza- tions on campus to raise funds through dances. mo ies and other activities for charitable coniribuuons. Memorial Union Advisory Board To present the expressed feelings and concerns of the student bodv on matters of policy and program to the Executive and Staff of the Union and to promote and sponsor Union Programs. 87 Campus Girl Scouts The Campus Girl Scouts provide .in opporlunily for atllege girls to indennrv with Girl Scouts and to provide ser ice lo the Llm ersitv ciMiiniunilv. N.C. Fellows Program The purpose of the NC. Fellows Prosrani (whose funds are provided bv Ihe N ( ' Leadership Insuiule;) is 10 contribute to the development til luture leaders lor business, edueational. Lii ' vernnienlal, and other prtilessional organizations. 88 msm Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society To Foster schoLirshin and acddemic excellences. Presidential Scholars Club To promole closer relationship among Presidential Scholars un ihn campus 89 Society Of Lady Engineering The purpose is lo develop a better and closer understanding among (he lady engineers on campus. American Chemical Society To promote the advancement of chemistrv m all fields. 90 Animal Science Association The purpose of ihis dub is o encourage leadership among those siudenb inter- ested in the siudv of animal saence. Agricultural Education Association The organizaiion li orienied toward meeting the professional and personal needs of Aj-Ed. majors, bevond formalized class expenence. 91 Student National Education Association $ To promote personal ami professional growth through the development of leadership skills is the purpose of the Siudent National Education Association. The club also fo- cuses on programs of professional associations ai the stale and local levels. Architectural Engineering Club 92 he fwrpose of this organization is (n promote the general welfare of its members bv providini ihc medium of exchange of ideas between architectural students of the world. YMWCA The purpose of the YMWCA is lo promote a spint oj Christian felloKship among students and societv. Secretary ' s Club r» • »-».° M-«iT: The purpose of this organization is to provide for the professional development of its ntembers bv practical experience and the exchange of educational and social ideals. 93 Administrative Helpers Club The Adniin- Helpers purpose is to a-ssisl with adniinistralivc help during registration and at anv time help IS soliLited. Charleston Club The purpose of this i.luh is tt) develop brotherhvx d and to bring together the students Ironi the Charleston area 94 Teloca Club The Teloca Club ajds m the developments of student nurses as trulv democratic atizens by broadenmg their horizons as mdividuals and members ol a 2roup Wesley Foundation This organization is designed to provide religious and social activities for Methodist Students. 95 mem Interfaith Coordinating Council . vii li iVri ' f.s- ( A t; medium fur moral anJ religious i rowih; focuses at lent ion upon the reai values of our spinmal hcniai e lhrou) h fellowship, siudv. and worship loi eiher: to ijne puhlu reco nilujn lo individuals and i;n up whose unselfish, deduaied serviee eoninhuie lo ihe welfare of the L ' niversin. University Sunday School 96 The of the University Sunday Sehool is to rywlivale students to .set moral standards for the Univer- sity, to develop Christian eharaeler and ereativity. and to develop wholesome Christian fellowship. Society Of Physic Students Veterans Association The purpose is lo promote academic and social excellence among A T Veterans. 97 i . ill . : 1 P 1 r ii HP H IT r ' ■ w 7 i w« ft ' - V :w 4S . V , :P ' - ' - mW " 11 1 Esquire Senice Fellowship nas esiabli !heii at A and T in 1 69. Since its begin- ning, the members of this fello ship have devoted much to the development of an elite oroanizcaion and to worthy service in the community and on the campus. Through the development of membership skills, the Espuires have trained many iourt? men for the responsibilities of leadership, service, and lovaltv. This is e.x- emplified bv the projects which have been implemented by the Esquires. The most noteworthy has been their campus beautipcation project. WiiUc Mac Snuilli - Mi s E. ' .quirc Esquire Service 99 Fellowship .-S , . ■ u i? yiM The Epicureans iS an elite service and social order for men which was founded al A and T in 1967 by several male siudenis from Durham, N.C. The organization was pri- marily established to give students from Durham an opportunity to perform constructive tasks while, at the same time, developing an " esprit de corps ' " which would leatl to a closely knit group of men from the same city working together with the same goals. Much of the activity of the Epicureans has been centered around the recruitment of students from Durham and its surrounding areas through counseling, securing and distri- buting information, and sponsoring service and social functions. The Epicureans is a young organization, and although it has been extremely active, much of its operation is built around pro ected plans for future implementation. These plans include open membership for all students without residency requirements, the es- tablishment of chapters on college campuses throughout the state, and several projects for campus heaulification and renovation. VIN U M iFLE Al C ' V EPICUREANS 100 namsa ' ?PI?W!R5P ' Rat -Pack 2 3 John Caesar Z Lance Richardson . Spencer Wilson 4. Douglas Me Hardy A Washini ton Hargrove ThunuLs Arnnirong 7. Leroy Canlee H. Lafayette Arlis 9. Raminl Kntghi Queen Brenda Ridley 7i W i Queen Ponsiana Womack Queen Gloria Hall 103 mmmmm r " % §A ' IW lll ilMMwX WWl . ., , ,. ZOB AKA GREEKS 105 A4 n Trefoils U ' - The Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha are men inieresied in scholar- ship, men inieresied in the pursuit of knowledge; men who because of iheir desire to learn, have set themselves apart from the average and hme dedicated themselves to the sciirch for the unknown. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity was founded on December 4. 1906, on the campus of Cornell Universilv, Ithaca, N. Y. With the distinc- tion of being the first Greek letter fralernilv for Black college men, more than 45.00() brothers have been initialed into the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity since its founding. Beta Epsilon Chapter was ded at A and T on March 2S, 1929. Alpha ' s mollo: " First of servants of all. we shall transcend all " has inspired the men bers ' eta Epsilon to strive to convert this principle into a description, chapter ' s concept of awareness is demonstrated in its campus itificalion project, Voter Registration Drives. Alpha Founders Day Banquet, and the .Annual Alpha Ball. ILPHA A (DA . Tyrone Leake 2. Cohen Greene .?. Richard Baits 4. Visitor Charles Moore Marvin Dalton Kenneth Rodgers David Edwards 9. Visitor JO. Visitor , Donald Bell 12. Fred Goodlell 13. William Cox 109 Siffl Bb Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorohtv was founded at Howard University in Washmgion. D. C. in January. 1908 as ihe first Greek letter sorohtv for Black college women. Alpha Phi Chapter was founded at A and T on January 18, 1932 and is destined as a function of the founding principles to which il is dedicated: to cultivate and to uphold high scholastic, cultural, social, ethical and moral standards. The sorors of Alpha Phi strive daily to promote finer sisterhood through manv worth- while projects to make the sorority motto a way of life and not just a thought. Some of the activities with which the chapter has been involved are Thanksgiving Foixi Drives, scholarships. .Annual Founders Day. Annual Spring Cotillion, and work with the retarded and the culturally deprived. ' Strength Through Sisterhood " h ' .- ■t-axr .: " She may he an Omega Sweelhearl. Or a lireamgirl of . She may wear a Kappa diamond. Or her love a Sigma he. Bill if she wears the Delia symbol Then her first love is DST " Delia Sigma Thela is bolh inlerrmial and miernaiional. Firsi founded al Howard Universiiy m IVLl Delia has wilhslood ihe lesis of challenge and lime as a public service organization. Further emphasizing the principles of the sorority - high cultural, intellectual and moral ideas - .Alpha Mu Chapter of Delia Sigma Thela was founded at .A and T in I .12. .Alpha Mu has mainlained high regard for educational achievement through the development of member, ship skills and through Ihe many aclivilies il has sponsored. In the Greensboro community, the chapter hai been extremely aetive through Voter Registration Drives and volunteer .u-mce with the underprivileged and the sick. Several of the other activities which the chapter has undertaken are Ihe Delta Ball, the Jab- herwock. and the Sweethearts ' Court He extend you greetings from the idealistic realms of Omega. First founded at Howard Universitv in 191}, we now find ourselves worldwide in our union of men of like attainments and achievements and making our daily lives exemplary of the Four Cardinal Principles - " Manhood. Scholarship. Perseverance, and Uplift " . Mu Psi Chapter was founded at N.C. A T State University in March. 192Z Up- holding the principles upon which the fraternity was founded, the chapter has been firm m its efforts lo bring together young men of the same aspirations to form eternal friendships and to develop a desire for achievement in all endeavors. Although a social fraternity by origin, the activities of the chapter have become so diversified as to include an Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive, a scholarship fund for two nuile Aggies, sponsorship of city youth in YMCA. voter registration. Omega Na- tional Achievement Week, and countless other activities. Social activities of the chapter which has gained eminence throughout the eastern coast are Omega Mardi Gras and Que CIA.4 Cabaret which are annual affairs. o M E G MU PSI P S I P HI ' ■ S W 1 Kappa Alpha Psi " Upon Indiana soil we lav our foundation Kappa Alpha Psi shall be our creation. Lei us build brother hood wherever we o Until campus after campus will Kappa men know. Teaching men to achieve shall be our rule The world our stage, achievement our goal. And so here, now we meet, unhappy though free .4s our burning souls cry. ' Lord. I see Fraternity ' . " Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity was founded on January 5. 1911 at In- diana Vni versa y in Bloomington. Indiana. A Ipha Nu Chapter was founded al A and T m I9J3 with intelleciual. cultural and social achievement as the fiindamenial purpose. Maintaining a high standard of Greek life, the men of Alpha Nu have followed through with a strong background of leadership and par- licipation. Among the chapter projects are Kappa Kids, Voter Regis- tration Drives, Community Building. Top 25 Freshmen Award, Found- ers Day. Kappa Weekend, and the Kappa Scholarship Award 116 ' ni •: r n ' ttW » ll ILV. ' hlTIk. It ' s All m 4 . n ' -: iUl ilamsimiiAAm Mii KiM»m Zeia Phi Beta Sorority was founded at Howard University, in 1920, H ' M iini ion. DC It was the first suroniy to he identified us a sister-group to a fraternity. Since its founding. Zeia has been dedicated to the ideals of sisterhood through scholar- ship and service. Striving to carry out its principle aims — finer womanhood, scholarship and religion - the sorority has undertaken many projects. These include Finer H ' oman- hood Week. Youth Conferences, and the Prevention and Control of Juvenile Delin- CjUCOiV On campus. Zcta Alpha ihapler has mnttnucd i " exemplify the goals of the sorority. Many of its most noteworthy projects include volunteer work, scholarships, food drives. Annual behiitanie Ball, and the Zeta Blue and White Ball. " Oh Zeta Dear. We love thee and adore thee To thee we praise a life of loyalty And as we labor for thy honor, day by day We pray that God will guide us on our way. " 119 I p-4 £, f PHI BETA SIGMA " THE YOLTH SHOWETH THE MAS AS THE MORMSG SHOHETH THE DA V Phi Beta Sigma Fraiemin was founded at Howard L ' mversity in I9I4. A II real men must have convictions bv which thev live and which ihey allow to direct their relationships with mankind Eta Chapter was established in 1915 ai A and T with this principle as its fundamental belief. Through the vears. lis members have initiated many many programs of cul- ture, service and education. On the international level, the fraternity has im- plemented its program through business, social action, and educational activi- ties. On campus, the chapter has maintained esteem through leadership, ability, and steadfastness. Of the many activities of the chapter, the most outstanding are the Blue and White Ball, campus beautificaiion. Christmas and Thanks- giving Food Drives, and commniuniry service projects. 121 Groove Phi Groove 123 Brothers Sisters Tau Phi Tau J ■. ' .■-li-A-r ' , Cti " ;! ' ? . • • ■». 124 Tau Phi Theta ito G A M M A SIGMA S I G M A 125 ' ' Iotas y Iota Phi Theta David Dublin, Jr. President 126 NGA GEMTS LTD. iC i President James Chern Advisor: Mr, J, F. Wnght, II 127 The Charming . . . Charmettes Charlotte Pazant - President Miss Marguerite Porter - Advisor 128 Pershing Rifles William McPherson — President Major A. McMillian — Advisor 129 III -.--- ■ 7Ti : r v.T ' ,.rT .T7rrr.- :i,h,:,: ' : ■■. ■ i ' ' : ' ., - i ' ' ' ■ ■■ -.r ■■lv ' ji ' ; . ■■ ;!K-. :;i ' -i-!: ' ..::.v ' :i( aa es fe ' :. -:-.: ' ' ' ' ' H K ' - ' -SH HHB ' ■ i l •ti ' - ' - ' - ' - ' • AuiUUttUiUiUWIiiBaatf SPORTS ' C ' M ' ' f .ti SUPERBAD AGGIES!! Humpty-Dumply Lilly says, " I need help, can ' t Do it ALONE. " Up-Up And Away 132 t= ' Don ' t let the Green Grass Fool Ya .!! Melvin Holmes All-American; All CIAA; North-South All Star 133 1 -■i Jfzt -Jij _.- J T-t lJi " .,jj 5 J ;--- ■ ' i!|! » s.;c- L. ■ ' . m Defensive Buck Doug Westmoreland HORNSBY HOWELL Head Football Coach A T State University l OOTBALL SIAIF ELVIN GROOMES Assistant Coach ■lESJ. MURRAY NEELY Assistant Coach WILLIE JEFFRIES Interim Head Coadi STAN JACOBS Student Assistan; WYLIE HARRIS Assistant Coach MATT BROWN Assistant Coach a ' -.3, •r ss ' - u ' f " Sip 4 • - " S 3 ■ End Willie Wright Smags One Against Maryland State. Freshman barefoot punter James Cunningham in action. (THE DEFENSE IS THE THING A T Starters) ip: Ralph Coleman and Hen lilacknall (S2). Hotloni: I.esler Moore and ' illiam W ' ideman (75). 136 . X INTRODUCING . . . Back Row . . . Sandra, Debra. Loretta and Connie Front ■ ■ Teri, Phyllis, Janice, Ponsiana!! Our Cheerleaders LET ' S GO AGGIES!! LETS GO AGGIES!! LETS GO AGGIES!! 137 The bo Co 138 Teams ! Freshmen Basketball All- CIAA William Harris 139 Elmer Austin AGGIE FIRES OVER EAGLE! Forward Bobby Parks scores on a jump shot against arch rival NCCXj. The Aggies dumped their opponent 79-71 at home. Elmer Austin goes for 2 more below! What you say AGGIES?? Can We Do It . . . Do It . . . Do It . . . Again Beat Em Beat Em Beat Em Again! ! ! Sophomore guard Al Carter is a big asset to the Aggie team. Al shows his high arch free throw against another hard-to-fall defender Shaw Univ- ersity. Again, the Aggies crushed the Bears by a margin of 6 points. The Aggie Cagers showed superb ball handling against tough Eliza- beth Cits in a crucial CI. A contest at home. The almighty AGGIES downed the V ' ikings 114-96. Go Aggies Go! ! Better known as the Big " 0 " . Tom Blackman contributed much talent during his last year on the Agaie Squad. Here, he makes a beautiful basket against SouthenTtjniversity. fmj The giant men for the AGGIES!! " Chuckv " Evans and Walter " Bird " Anderson Slick ball handler June Harris twists for two points against defender Mike Gale of ECSU. d Wrestling Team Wylie Harris - Coach 142 Tennis Team : NOT PICTURED James Dixon Kim Poe IS r M f CAPTAIN: Adolph Plait Oscar Hans liiiiiiiiiiii ' 3 S Rov Moore Corbett Johnson Barton Sudderth Edgar Ligon A T State University Karate — Do Ronald McNair - Head Instructor William Perry — Assistant Instructor 144 Track Team Curtis Thompson — Captain Hurdler ■J i ' - ' «» " ' . Sprinters 146 Irack leam Arnold Gaskjns 147 Ste e Parson Baseball Team Coach Groomes George Lima Steve Parson 1 Army R O T C Cadel receives award from Lt. Col. William V. Graves as Maj. McMiUian looks on F ipn.iiiiii iii.i.ii|i Pershing Rifles 148 • ' ► 1 Battalion Staff Bushmasters Headquards Company Leadership Platoon k Scabbard Blade Oulslanding Militan Students R O T C Air Force f-y Advance Cadets 150 Air Force ROTC Cadre 151 WHO ' S WHO Matthew Simpson Eddyce Dacons Irene Luckey Charlene Sdth 152 C i Shirley Belk IN AMERICAN William Locke Cohen Greene Walter Glover Ronald Robbins Joseph Levister 153 Donald Thompson Carolyn Mosley COLLEGES pni nimHiiMM Lillian Jean Reddick w ■r fs I i ■ ' ■kX y Joyce Lindsuy 154 Carol J McKinnon Gail Thomas UNIVERSITIES Patricia Harrison Richard Balls Pearl Brown William Cox Waller Foster 155 m H MH H r J m 1 Willie J. Jackson Alexander. Mary J. French Anderson. Bruce Accounting Allen. Joseph Industrial Arts Alston. Debra D. Accounting Anderson, Alton Rav Professional Biology Bailey, Waher Psychology Baldwin. Jr.. Lynn Mechanical Engineering Barclay. John Business Adminislralion 158 Butchelor. Harvey L. Agricultural Economics Banks, Vincent Accounting Barber, Linda Carol Business Administration Batts, Richard E. Political Science Belcher. Sandra Bus. Administration Bess, John D. Physical Ed. Belk. Shirley French Bell. Jannette D. Math Education When thorns have choked the last green thing we loved and we have said all that there is to say. when love that moved us once leaves us unmoved then men like us may come to have a day. Arna Bontemps Bennett. Charlotte A. Economics Bethea. Barabra Faye Economics Bass. FrankUn Irving Mechanical Engineering Blackman. Thomas F. Bus. Administration Blount. .Ir.. Fred Industrial Technology 159 Bovd. Larry Bus. Admmislration Biggs. Billy E. Psychology Boykin. Brenda Social Service Brown. David L. Professional Biology Broome. Ronnie I. Art Education Browne. Ruthcna Social Services Butler. Harry Sociology 1 1 Brim. Lillie V. Enalish Bright. Rosa Home Economics Education Bristol. Delphine Sociology Butler. Stanley V, Bus. Admimstration 160 Brim, Wayne M. Economics Brown. Clarence W. Accounting Bynum. Donald R. Accounting Byrd, Lewis Ronald Reokio Psychology Caldwell. Lorenzo Bus. Administration Caldwell. Harold Lee Art Design Campbell, Gwendolyn S. Accounting Calloway, W. R, Agric. Engineering Thev tell us to tbrget Democracy is spurned. Thev tell us to forget The Bill of Ri ghts is burned. Three hundred years we slaved. We slave and suffer yet: Though flesh and bone rebel. Oh. how can we forget Our human rights denied? Oh. how can we forget Our manhood crucified? When Justice is profaned And plea with curse is met. When Freedom ' s gates are barred. Oh. how can we forget? Melvin B. Tolson r. Carelock. Robert L. Industrial Technology Cherry, James " Mobile " Electronics Cash, Broady B. Electrical Engineering Carr, Alfred Bus. Administration 161 Casterlow, Jr.. Gilbert " Cass " Math Education Clark. Shirley M. Social Service Clanton, III, Odell " Butch " Professional Biology I am darkening with song I am hearkening to wrong; I will be black as blackness can. The blacker the mantle the mightier the man. My purpl ' ing midnights, no day dawn may ban. W. E. B. DuBois Collins. Angle Child Development Conway. Jr., Thomas E. H. Agncultural Education Cooper. Dianne Home Economics Ed. 162 Counts, Clarence W. Political Science Corbett. Jacqueline Soaal Services Cottman, Geraldine Biology Council. Frances Deloise Business Administration Cox, WiUiam H Accounting Cumberlander, Jessie C. Electrical Engineering Cumberlander. Lula Nursing Cummings. Joan Annette Business Education Davis, Jennifer H. English Davis. Iiis LaVeme Biology :- s Hi I 1 Davis, John R, " JD " Political Science Davis, Omeba C. Business Education Candiff. Larry W. Bus. Administration Daniel, Linda Joyce French Dawkins, Booker T. Engineering Physics Dacons. Eddyce Patricia Engineering Math Dalton, Marvin Harrison Political Science Dawkins, James F. Engineering Math Dean, Diana Dorothie Sociology Deloatch, Curtis Alvin Political Science Deese, James E. Business Administration Dixon, Earnesteen Business Education Divers, Brenda Sharon Nursing DeFour. W. Reginald Art Design DeGraphenrid, James A. Political Science Beyond plants are animals. Beyond animals is man. Beyond man is the universe. Jean Toomer Dobson, Michael B. Political Science Dorton, Marcia History Drayton, Cynthia C. Child Development Dublin, Jr., David W. Professional Physics DuBose. Jo.sephine Home Economics Dudley. E. Dale Business Education Duncan. Belinda Social Senices Duncan. Stephen V. . n Design Dwnght. Earle Business Administration :M ' Dunson. Brenda Child Development Dver. John F. Music Education Eason. Eric Professional Bioloav Eaton. Flovd D. Business Adimnistration Evans. Charles Delom Business Administration Evans. Dorothy E. Economics Ezzell. Alfonso Professional Biology Farrington. Emma J. Business Administration I am tired of work: I am tired of building up somebody else ' s civilization Fenton Johnson Farrow. Michael " 8th Wonder " Political Science Faulk, Billy M. Business Education Fisher. William Accounting Foshee. Stanley K. Political Science Industrial Technology Art Design Gaffney. Vashti L. Child Development Frasier. Maxine LeVeme Professional Bioloav Gains, Clarence L. Industrial Arts Ed. Gaskins, III. Arnold G. Mechanical Enaineerina Math Gay, Edwin L. Economics Gethers, William Busmess Administration Gibson, Jr., Edward M. Accounting Gillespie, Dorothy Professional Biology Godfrey, Floyd Political Science 167 Gilberux. Jerome Mechanical Engineering Graham, Rosa Ann Business Education Glover, Walter R. Accounting Graves, Sharon Art Greene. Cohen N. Engineering Math Griffin, Horace Accounting Hall, Marvin Political Science Hammond, Margaret Political Science Hankins, James J. Drafting Hams, Acie History Gray. Laurie Business Administration Griffin, Edwina V. Nursing Hairston, Larry E. Art Design Hairston, Linda Home Economics Edl I scattered seed enough to plant the land in rows from Canada to Mexico but for mv reaping only what the hand can hold at once is all that I can show. Arna Bontemps 168 Harris. Alvis Art Harris. Arnett Art Harrison. Jacqueline Nursing U Uim Harris. Joyce Ann History Harrison, Patricia Child Development Harrison. Ross History Hawkins, Phyllis Art Harrison. William S Industrial Arts 7 Hayes, Harriette Child Development Herring, Annie L. English Henderson, Martha A. Math Education 169 Hill, Dwight Accounting Hilliard, Alfonzo Professional Biology Hobson, Hughes S. Economics Hines. HiUard Professional Physics Hobbs, Milwood Lee Accounting HoUis. Robert D. Accounting Holloway. James E. Agricultural Science , I would go back to darkness and to peace. But the great western world holds me in fee And I may never hope for full release While to its alien gods I bent my knee. Claude McKay Howard, Inza E. Social Services Horry, Nancy Nursing Howell. WiUiam M. Industrial Education Howell, Meddie C. Social Science 170 Hughes, Robert E. History Education Hubbard, Wilham " Rapp Brown " Business Administration Hunter. Manin D. Art Design Jackson. Jr.. James A. Industnal Technoloav Jackson. Willia J. English Jackson. Bobbv Econontics Jackson. Beulah F. Irbv. Ernest -D D " Business .A.drmnistration Jackson. MvTtle P. Social Ser ices Jackson. Martin Accounting Jackson. Marvin E. Business .Adrmnlstration James Darlene Business Administration Jenkins. Clifton " Webb " Business Adrmnistration 171 Jarratt, John F. Business Administration Sv Jones. Elaine Sociology Jones. Leroy Aoricullural Education V Jones, Lesilie Industrial Education Jones, Patricia Institutional Management Johnson, Charles " Chief Jones, Lewis Jones, Paul L. " P J " Political Science i Johnson. Margaret A. Social Services Jordan, Roy Johnson, Marva Johnson. Willie Political Scieiice Joyner. Willie J Social Services Accounting Math Kelly. P. Gayle Enalish Kearney. Paul D. Industrial . ' Vrch. For 1 was bom. far from mv nati e clime. Under the white man ' s menace, out of time. Claude McKav Kellv. Connie Deloris Nursma Kilgdre. Ronald Professional Bioloav Kelley. Micheal Economics Killian. Carolyn E. ■Accountina Kirkland. Doris Ann Soaal Services Kirkland. John L. Industnal Technology Kirby. Betsy Diann .Accountina Knott. Diane J. Business Administration Lane. Brenda English Lane. Ulysses " Dempsey " . nimal Science Ljnev. II, Marion L. Political Science Langston, Von Heinz History Lawrence, Ellis E. Industrial Education Lawson. Mae Nursing Lawrence, Robert Im Business Administration Leake, Tyrone Social Services Leary. Dan L . Accounting Lee, Donna M. Office Administration Leggington, Elaine Business Administration Levister, James F, " Philly Dog Social Services Levister, Jr.. Joseph Industrial Technology Lima, George Economics Lima, Cara Penn English Lloyde. Marion Agricultural Science Lowe, Valeria E. French Lunn. Jeanette Enghsh Lindsay, Joyce A. Child Development Love. Wilham R. History Luckey. Irene Social Services Little, in, Sylvester Political Science Littlejohn. Vivian Biology You and I may go to Harvard, we may go to York of England, or go to Al Ahzar in Cairo and get degrees from all of these great seats of learning. But we will never be recognized until we recognize our women Elijah Muhammad McClease, Clarence A. Economics McCorniick. Anvelica Business Education McCrimmon. Phostenia Business Administration McDowell. Thelma English McNair. Ronald E. Professional Physics McPherson, William H. Physical Education McKinnon. Carol Joyce English McNeal, Cora Nursing Mangum, Veronica L. Basic Business Education 176 McCullen, Albert Agricultural Science McCoy. Joyce Business Education McLean, Dorothy B. History Education McNair. Carl S. Industrial Technology Blessed is he who expects nothing for he shall not be disappointed. Harlem Proverb Margan. Jr., Clarence C. Professional Biology Martin, Doris Ann Accounting Martin. Harvey A. Business Admin. Martin. James " Jimmv " Electric Technology Martin. James W. Chemistn. Massey. Jack E. Political Science Meeks, Barbara Child Development Maye, Dorothy I. Vocal Music Melts. Evelyn Benzena Math Midgette. Anthony L. , ' ccountine 177 Mills. Kelly Bruce Professional Biologv Miles, Lizzie Carol Home Economics Ed. Miller, Anita L. Nursing Mitchelle, Lafayette Political Science Moment, Doris Business Administration Millner, Johnie Industrial Technology Mitchell, Bernard Eugene Agricultural Education Monk, Jr., William Political Science Monroe, James A. Economics Monroe, Lauristeen Basic Business Ed. Montgomery, Nadine Business Administration Vf 178 Moore, Carolyn Ann Social Services Moore, Carolyn L. Nursing ' Moore. Henr. ' English Morrison, Gloria J. Business Education Moore, Martin D. Professional Physics Moore, Tierra Accounting Mosley. Carolyn MusicEducation Murphy, Ronald Electncal Technology Munford. Carrie M. Business Education Murph, Issac Mechanical Engineering Nisbett, DeAnna . ' ccountin2 Ni.xon. Keith Anthonv Electncal Technology Norman, James S. Historv ' We shall not always plant while others reap The golden increment of bursting fruit. Not alwavs countenance, adject and mute. That lesser men should hold their bother cheap: Not everlastmgly while others sleep Shall we beguilde their hmbs with mellow flute. Not always bend to some more subtle brute; We were not made eternally to weep. Countee Cullen 179 Outen. Arvelle B. " Butch " .Architectural Draftina Parker. Dorothy A. Physical Education Parker, WendelJ Industrial Technology Parker, John H. Business Administration Payne, Ronald L. Physical Education Patterson, Edward Economics Philbps, Charles " ChaCha " Math Education Phillips, Aurlander Electrical Engineering 180 i I Pazant, Charlotte Enghsh Pierce, Barbara J. Music Education Philhps, Kenneth E. Engineenng Physics Piggott, Daniel Athell Math We wear the mask that grins and lies. It hides our cheeks and shades our eves. This debt we pay to human guile; With torn and bleeding hearts we smile. And mouth with myriad subtleties. Paul Laurence Dunbar Praham. Diana Accountina Quick. Emanuella Nursing M fs 1 " H ) ' f i . y Plummer. Francine Social Services Pope. WilUam I. Industrial Technology- Porch. Wesley R. Industrial Technolosv Powell. Shantell Psychology r ' Quick. Shirley Social Services .vln i Raper. Emma J. Busmess .Admmistration Ramsey, Isaac H. Political Science Ramsey. Moses H. Agricultural Economics 181 Ray. Mar ' in Darnell Economics Redd. lona Marie Professional Biology Reddick, Lillian Jean Sociology Reeves, George T. Business Administration Reid, Dennis Ray Music Education ' Reid, Roy L. Professional Biology Rhodes, Malinda D. Math Richardson, Carolyn Business Education Richardson, Charles Engineering Physics Richardson, Helen T. Accounting 182 Richardson, Henry G. Agricultural Education Richardson, Joanne EngUsh Rinehart, Robert E. Business Administration Roach. Katie Gadson Nursing 1 I Rodgers, Kenneth G I Art Design Roberts. Leslie " Prettv ' Physical Education Robinson. Christie Bioloav Like men we ' ll face the murderous, cowardly pack. Pressed to the wall, dyuig. but fighting back! Claude McKav Robinson, Jr., Esley Economics Ross, Paul L. Busmess Administration Rowland. Joseph Accountmg Savage. Richard History 183 Shank. Richard Anthony Professional Biology Russell. Patricia Home Econonucs Ed. Ryan. Milton A. Business Education Sharpe. III. Isiah R. Biology Sherrill. Ruby English Simmons. Linster Business Administration Simon, Deborah Business Administration Simpson. Robert W. Business Administration Sims. Vale T, Accounting Slade. Geraldine Sociology Simpson. Matthew " ' Barnabus " History I would go back to darkness and to peace. But the great western world holds me in fee. And I may never hope tor full release While to its alien gods 1 bend my knee. Claude Mckay Spalding. Vernon L. Business Admmistration Spinks. Gwendolyn English Small. Walter Political Science Smith. Amelia F. Nursing Smith. David R. Industrial Technology Simon, Deborah Business Administration Smith. Jean B. Business Education tat: Smith. Joan Business Administration Smith. Jones C. Biology Smith. William B. Business Administration Somerv ' ille. Aionza Busmess Administration Smith. William A. Accounting Staley. Sandra C. Nursing Stitch. Charlene Social Services Strickland. Anthony Economics Summers, Richard Business Administration Strickland. Brenda Social Services Tabb, Ronald W. Accounting Thompson, Cunis Business Administration Taboume, Benjamin Art Design Tanner, Evelyn Clothing Terry, Michael Q. Political Science Thomas, Gail Sociology 186 Thompson, Glenda English Thompson, Jasper J. Business Admmistration Tate, Octavis Accounting Thomas, Damon Roger Accounting Thompson, Donald O ' Neal Music Education Thompson, Kenneth Business Administration Thomhill, Brenda J. English Turner. Lucirene Nursing Turner, Michele I. Sociology Underwood. Mary Chemistry VilUnes, Valerie F. Social Services Walker. Tony Business Administration Walls, Leslie Social Services Waddell, Dennis W. Industnal Electronics % Wall. Jonette M. Busmess Admmistration Watkins. Lee Francetta Accounting Watson. Robert B. Accounting Watson, WendeU M. Professional Biology Watt. Julia Sociology Watson. Jr.. William Industrial Arts Education Watts. Danny E. Political Science Weston. James DeVeaux " Don Quixote " Music Education Watts, Patricia A. Business Education West. James M. Industrial Technology Whitaker. Otto Business Education White. Albert Lopez Accountmg White. Bernard Biology White. III. Edwin M, Economics White. Jr., James Agncultural Education White. Wallace Gerald Business Administration Whitfield. Remonia T. Home Economics Education VMiitehurst. Wilfred . rt Education Williams. Clementine EnsLish Williams. Dan Political Science WiUiams. Deborah Economics Williams. Jasper Professional History ' Wilson. Benjamm C. Art Design Wilson. Janet Marie SoCTologv Wingate. . undrey .Aaricuttural Economics Wilson. Patnaa A. Nursing Withers. Claire P. .Accounting Withers. Wavine Industrial Technolo2: ' ,, ' --mm Child DevelopjTient Womack, William D. Economics Woodard, Paulette Office Administration Woolfolk, James Industrial Technology Wright, Jacquelyn " Sunshine " Psychology I Wynn, Varona L. IVlath Education Yancey, Patricia Business Education Yelverton, Thurman Busmess Administration Young, George Engineering Math 1971 1971 Senior Class Officers COHEN GREENE. President; INZA HOWELL. Secrelar ; WILLIAM COX. Treasurer 191 5T(lS. ra?li!p,- mm:. ' ' i!i;j ' ' ' .i !- ' ' ' V; ' .i - ' t ' iti ' :i f JLch. ' fj . .7.r:.:P, ■ ■WrXK v.. .vi. ' .v " i ir:- ■ vt;;!:i;iv ' ' ■.f liliV. l-Mi u lli|e||i| SFWi AOJ ' ' ; J ' j ' ' i-- ' ' ' 5Rv-ir ■ ' . ' ji: JUNIORS affig BHil I Junior Class Officers Kevin Jones. Treasurer. Emma Pemberton. President. R .ri. Secretan I.. i .-PreMdeni. Winifred Albert. 195 What to the American slave is your Fourth of July? I answer: a day that reveals to him. more than all other days in the year, the gross mjustice and cruelty to which he is the constant victim. To him your celebration is a sham; your boasted liberty, an unholy hcense; your national greatness, swelling vanity; your sounds of rejoicing are empty and heartless; your denunciation of tyrants, brass-fronted impudence; your shouts of liberty and equality, hollow mockery: your prayers and hymns, your sermons and thanksgivings, with all your religious parade and solem- nity, are to him. more bombast, fraud, deception, impiety and hypocrisy — a thin veil to cover up crimes which would disgrace a nation of savages . . . Frederick Douglass 196 Wirifred Albert. Jr. Joan Alexander Edward Armstrong Nellie Armstrong Craston Artis Jeanine Austin 1114 Sandra Baggs Beverly Bailey I Thomas Bain Gwendolyn Baldwin Dwight S. Barber Deborah A. Bamette Shirley Battle Leon Batts Donald Belle 197 Ephnam Bennett Barbara Jean Bethea Ruby Blount Nancv Bond Thomas Boone John Bouncer Don Boyd Douglas Boyd Raymond Boyd Janet Brantley Benjiaman Briggs Dorothy Brooks John Morris Brown Nannie Brown Thomas Brown Yvonne D. Brown Gan ' Bn,ant Lomonier Brvant Theodore Bullock. Jr. Vickie Burke Gwendolyn Burton Linda Butler . llan Byrd Carl. A. Byrd Theotis Calloway Kay Campbell I Slll ' ' Malachi Chapman Leander Canady Iris Carlton Melvin Carver Elia Chambers Irma Chandler Raymond Cobb Dorra Cole Nettie Collms Leonard Conley Billy Ray Cooper 200 Harmon Cooper, Jr. Jell " Copeland Wayne Cox Bernadette Crawford Kenneth Crosby Brenda Crowder Garland Curtis If 4 Thurman Daniel Andrew Davis Calvin Davis Freddie Dawkins Jean Dillard Wilbert Douglas Williams Dudley Agnes Dunston William Eaton David Ebron Ernest Edgeworlh Robert Eggleston Vivian England ' Dale Evans m mk Harry Evans 1 WF Robert Faison Barbara Feemsler S: Glenn Fennell 1 , — 201 ■■■■5ia Jo Carol Friday Larry Galloway Sharon Galling Ruffin Gill Gerald Gadelle ;Uv.u m Karen Ferguson Vincent Ferguson Charlie Florence Charles Forrest Sterhng Franks James Galbreath Aarow Garrett Eleanor Gilchrist Joyce Glaise Bonnie Gore 202 ZLt rj ' - Bernard Graham Watler Gray Ray Lee Graves Ruby Graves Lenwood Grimes ■ Minnie Gunter Robert GwT,n Adrinna Harper Brenda Harper Janice Harns Randia H. Harris Rov R. Harris Charlie R. Har ev Nathaniel Ha es Linda Hemingway Ronald Henr E. Bradford Herbin James R. Hill Robert Holden 203 Brenda Holh Helen Holly Ulysses Hooker Richard Hylton Cheryl E. Jefferson Keith Jenkins 204 Winitred Jenkins Charles Jenette Helen Jessup Juliette Jones Kevin Jones Robert E. Jones. Jr. William Jones Glons Jovner Corbett Johnson Armond Kane Francine Kee James Kelly Mary Kelly ll Clarence Kennedy Shirley Leach Freddie Leath Mary Lee Michael M. Lennard James Levister AHce Liggins Nicodemus Long Ronald Lovelace Raymond Lynn, Jr. Ronnie Mcllwain Barredell McLawhorn Emmett McNeill 206 i Nathaniel Marable Earl Martin Lessie Martin Shanolia Martin Glenna Mayo Lavern Mizell Joshua Moore Raymond Munford Edgar Murphy Bonnye Newkirk Constance Odom Lorraine Odom Shelly Owens Audrea Parker Eric Parker Brenda Patton Edwtna Patton 207 Lester Patrick " Breeze " Hope Pickett La Quitta P. Pierce Mollis Pippins Donnie Phillips Arlie Ponds Freya Powell Beverly Rickerson Dorothy Riley Gloria Rodgers Rachel Rowe William Screen Darnell Sharpless Billy Simmons Eddie Shaw Pauletle Siler Freddie Simons Gregory Simmons James H. Simpson Gerald Smith Kenneth Smith Nickalai Smith Sylvia Smith 208 Charlotte Sweeney Irma Talberl Ronnie Tate Lam N. Taylor Frances Terry Pat Thompson Edward Treadwell William R. Tvnes Mary Vareen Doris D. Vincent Beanie Walker Jimmve Walker Juane Watkins Bernard White LaRetta Walker Wesley Walker Joyce Warren Napoleon Warren Cathv Watkins Linwood White Donnie Whitehead Barbara WiUiams Eddie Wilhams. Jr. George Williams Jerry Wilhamson Diane Wilson Joseph Wise Linda Wnght Ralph L. Woods, Jr. 209 I i ' ' ' ■ ' m X { ' V.i ' ' - " - ■ I-;. SOPHOMORES Sophomore Class Officers Mii-he;il Coleman. Prcsideni; Roderick Hinlon, Vicc-P ' residcnl 212 A Wise Fool Perhaps In the kingdom of Kool. there once live a Fool Who directed his life b the Golden Rule. And while others did shout, and with arrogance pout — He sought to rind what things were trulv about. While some cursed to the core a simple school chore. He studied Black power. Jehovah, the War. With reports of " God ' s Dead " in the back of his head. He drew forth his Bible and fervently read: " In the last dav shall come a minoritv sum. saving — " Where is He? " Well avoid them — thev ' re wrong. When the door of time close on the chance for their souls. In the bottom of Hades thev ' U pav for their shows. Is Hanoi insane! ' Is Ni.xon a King? V ' ill . gnew esentuallv wreck e er thins Who made these People of Flower! ' Hurrah for Black Power I Oh Father in heaven — is this our last hour? What a reasonable sight — an expensn e moon flight While the Po ert Program mav tail - is it right? Should Red China come in ' ! ' Uould she then be our friend? If w ' e let her come with us and the U.N.? Red China I said ' ! ' W ith Ho Chi at its head? Us Blacks would sure rather be Black than be red! With overpopulation now plaguing each nation. How can we save ourselves in this tight situation? Too angr the slums, too shak the calm - Let us end it all now with one gigantic bomb I — Nancy Boond 213 If.f Bruton, Patricia Bryan, E. Gail Bryant, Andrew Bryd, Jennifer Butler, Helen R. Burton, Brenda Caesar, John H. Calloway, Barbara Campbell, Howard Cannon, Patricia Carney, Ann Carson, Connie Cato, Ciesta Channelle, Jackie Chapman, Rebecca Allen, Belinda Allen, Casaundra Allen, Mary T. Alien, Richard Alston, James Andrews, Vickie Armstrong, James Barton, Johnny Beasley, Clmton BeU, Frank Bell, Marilyn L. Bellinger, Jr., Benjamin Belton Geraldine Best, Brenda Bethea, Gail Blackwell, Garry Blake, Stephen Blakeney, Vera Blue, Brenda Bratton, Donald Bridgers, Sarra Bright, Ethelyne Broadnax, Reggie Brooks, Emma Brown, Lillian kii a. 214 Chapman, Shirley Clark, Alvin Cole, Ricky Coleman, Michael Colev, Patricia Colvin, Veronica Conyers, Michael Cook, Shirley Corpening. JacqueUne Crandell, Jacobs Dahon, John Daniels, Charles Daniels, Shirley Daughtry, James Davis, J. J. DeVone, Reginald Daye, Charles Devine, Vet Dildy, Esther Dillahunt, Leamon Dobson, Reba S. DonneLl. LaBonnie Dunn, DrusiUa Dunn, Milhe Dunn, Patrice £f AZt i S.S.M T Durant, John Durham, Willie E. Early, John Elkins, Beretha Ephrain, Preston Fagan, Benjamin if Fatrley, Bennie Faison, Hattie Flemings, Ronald 215 Fletchter, Tern Flowers. Sandra Flowers, Teddy Foster, Bryant Foster, Cheryl Franklin, Bruce Ford, Ovedia Fuller, Betty Fuller, Denise Fuller. Martha Gaither, Janie Galloway, Denisel Gardner, Linda Garland, Larry Gary, Sharon Gatlin, Phyllistine Gibbs, Karen Gibbs, Marece G. Glenn, Mary Glisson, Jacqueline Glover, Janice Graham, Ernest Grant, Rosena Graves, Irene Graves, Mary Graves, Pearletta Graves, Shelby Greene Evangeline Greenfield, Lafayette Greogory, James Gunther, Elvira Gwynn, Brenda Hagwood, Charles Hamilton, Marvin Hankins, Freddie Hannah, Kathy Hargrove, Juanita Harper, Gail Harris, Kenneth Harris, Sherman 216 Haywood, Larry Henrv. Linda Herbin. Audrey Heuth. Auron Milliard, Alexander Hines, Linda Hines, Mar ' Hinton. HI. Larry S. Hinion. Rodenck Hobbs. Alice Hollingworth, Juanita HoUoway. Glona Hooker. Cutns Horper. Jr.. Charles .A.. Hughes, William Hunter. Jr.. Limuel Huntley. Frances Jackson. Doris James. Judy James. Ruth Jeffries. Linda Jeffreys. Ozetta Jenkins. Lloyd Jennmgs, Micheal Johnson. Constance Johnson. George Johnson. Melvin Johnson. Thomas Jones. Bobby Jones, Janet Jones, Laurrissa Jones. Robert Jones. Wanda Joyner, Gad Joyner, Phylhs Joyner, Randolph Kelly. Juanila KeUy, BeverlN King, Linda Knight, Stella 217 Lane, Bernard Larkins. Sylvester Lee, Evans Lee, WiUie Lewis, Elizabeth Linney, Ray Linton, Julia Little, James Loodholt, Stephine Lofton, Roger Long, Harvey Long, Lucretia Lylas, Larry McClellan, Julius McConnell, Constance McCoy, Paula McCoy, Raymond McCoy, Wyman Mclntyre, John Mclntyre. Richmond McKoy, Yvonne McLawghin, Tommy McLean, Sarah McMichael, Jr., Otis McNeill, B. T. Mallette, David Martin, Harold L. Martin, Yvonne Maye, John Moore, Jeromiah Morrison, Ethel Morton, Stevern Motley, Norris L. Medley, Russell M -H-.i 218 Merriweather, Arlene Mills. Kenneth R. Mims, Peggy Mitchell. Pam Morton. Floyd Mueller. Warren Murchison. Marilyn Murph. Ronald Murrill. Louise Nance. Lloyd Ormond, Felton Oxendine, Johnny Oden. Gloria Page, Morgan Parker. Constance Richardson. Benita Richardson, Lance 7 Rhodes, Bessie Ross, Emma Rouse, in, Wilham H. Rowland, James 219 , f -.N Ruffin, Debra Russell. Gregory Sampson. Robert Saunders. Dannie Scotl. Eugene Shandus. Lola Shaw, Eddie Shaw. James Shaw. Lonnie Shaw. Margaret Sheiffield. Thomas Smaw. Gilda Smith. Carol Smith. Jesse Smith. Roy Smith. Sharon Smith. Sharon A. Smith. Vivian Southerland. Larry Sparks, Emily Stewart. Deborah Taylor. John O. Templeton. Juanita Thaxton. Juanella Thomas, Ivory Thompson, Deborah Thompson. Lenwood Thorpe. Avis Toomer. Willie Spears, Doris Speight, Sharon Spruill. David Stallmgs. Annette Steverson. John T •4 .Vr 220 Torrence. Michael Tucker. Cvnthia Turner. Jr.. Samuel Vines. Columbus Wall. Marshall Wallace. Terr Walls. Bertram Ward. Glenda Waters. Gail Waters, Susan Watlington. Terr. Watson. Maurice Watson. Willie Webb. Bettie Whitlev. Connie Wiggs. Constance Wilkins. Steven Williams. Carson Williams. Jacelvn WiUiams. Jo Ann Williams. Linda Williamson. Shirley Wilson. Spencer Wilson. Willie Womack. Ponsiana Woods. Gordon Worthy. Elaine Yelverton. Walter Mittman. Marjone p tffk . ) 221 f !A ' ;ir,) vi ' r ' mwA ' ip?fip;iv (i j H Black Men We Are They say we ' re ignorant, superstitious and Black And like our fathers, scared to tight back; Many years have passed we ' re been treated like toys And our Black men have been labeled " boys. " With poor jobs, little money and scarce food. Very few Blacks are in non-violent moods; Little Willie Joe begs for food for his mouth. Yes, little Willie Joe, he lives in the South. But soon it all will come to an end And Willie Joe and I will be Black men again. The Black man has suffered a tremondous fall. But he ' s beginning to stand - stand pretty tall. It ' s true we ' re ignorant, superstitious and Black But unlike our fathers, we are fighting back; Black men we are . . . but for you " boys " we ' ll be But damnit vou remember — We ' ll Die To Be Free!! — Rickey Reed 224 Freshman Class Ojficers Ben McNair. VICE-PRES.: James Paten. PRESIDENT; Edith Brown. TREASURER; Prescilla Keel. SECRETARY 225 Blair. Woodrow Blakeney, Johnnie Bolton, Sharon Boone, Wilhani Best, Cecila Adams, Debbie Allen, Malinda Allen, Patric ia Alston, Dorothy Alston, Lillie Anderson, Robert Andrews, Billy Arnette, Phyllis Artis, Lamont Bailey, Joe Baldwin, Carey Barrett, Royce Beattie, Gerald Beatty, Nancy Bell, Mary Best, Hazel Beathea, Wilhe C. Black, Anthony Blackman, G. Randi Blackwell, Rex ■ ' -m Branch, Jerry Braswell, Wanda Braye, Michael Brim mage, Robert Bripom, John Briscoe, Jacqueline Broadnex, Ronald Breeden, Hattie Brockington, Charles Brooks, Jr., Robert L. Brooks, Quentin Brown, Asa Brown, Editha Brown, Ernest Brown, latnice 226 Brown. Shelia Brown, William Buie. Linda Bullock, Jr., Odie L. Burnette, Marilyn Burton, William BurweU, Nell Bush. Harvey Butler. James Butler. Samuel C. Cooper, Morgan Cousin, Carolyn Covington, Lila Cowan, Hugh Crawford, Bonnie Crawford, Clarence Crenshaw, Jeannette Cunningham. James Curley, Sharon A. Cofield, Cynthia M. 227 Davids. Michael Dawson, James Dickens, Gail Dixon, Billy Dixon, Linda Driver, Frances Dudley, Sandra Dunn, Jacqueline Eastman, Willie H, Edwards, Vivian EUerbe. Carl Evans. Larry Faison. Dianne Ferguson. Sybella Ferguson, Willie Fleming, Ronald Foster, Paula Foxder, Brenda Fraizer, Benila Freeman. Luebell Fuller, Donald Fuller, Patricia Gaines, Varnell Gales, Alvester Gales, James Garrett, Garry Gatling. Archie Gay, Ronald Gerald. Philemon GiUms. Sandra Gilmore. Rudy Gilreath. Eric Gladman. Jr.. Robert H. Gloover, Jean Goines, Cheryl Govrdine, Archie Graham. Dora Grant. James Graves, Thomas Hall, Gloria tfJ 228 Hammie, Linda Hardy. James Harrington. Gwendolyn Harris. Brenda Hams. Jacquelyn Harris. Jannie Harris. Kenneth Harris. Leonard Harris. Selma Hart. Otis Harvey. Linda Hayes. Lorey Haynes. Sandra Headen. Thomas Hemingway, Mary Herring. Bernard Hictcs. Bernard J. Hines. Gerald Hinsey. James Hinson. Billy m imt i f% f St -f if Hinson. Brenda Hinton. Madvlin Hinton. Cornelius M. Hodges. Lionel Hoff. WiUiam Holt. Wavman Holton. Richard H. Hood, Arthur Hooper. Tyrone Hubbard. Mvra Huntlev. Micheline Hunter. Dennis Hunter, Douglas Irving. Eileen Jackson. Melvin Jacobs. Johnnie Jacobs, Thomas James, Ellison James. Juanita JetTerson. Gwendolyn 229 Jeffries. Machone Jenkins, Mary Jones, Benjamin Jones, Diana H. Jones, Douglas Jones, Frances Jones, II, Leonard Jones. Robert Jones, Sylvia Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Kathy Johnson. Sarah Kornegay. Clarence Kenon, William Keel, Priscilla I London, Harvey Lucas. Jean Lucas. Leon Lacewall. Marion McAllister. Dorothy McCIoud. Andre McCoy. Gloria McCoy. Frances McCrae. Cassandra McDonald, Diane 230 McDonald. Yvonne McKeithan. Earlene McKie. Arimenta McKinnon. Willie McKnioht. Winston McKov. Marsha McLean, Herman McLeod, Alan McMillian, Jr.. Douglas McPhaul. Mary McWiUiams. Larry Mack. Mary Mann. Ernestine Martin, Cornellia Martin. Harold Massenburg. Marcella Mathis, Gregory Mayo, Leon Medly. Darryl Merritt, Cheryl Miller, Betty Miller, Caryn Miller, Regina Mitchell, Delores Mitchell, Yvonne Mizelle, David Monroe, Amos Montague, Carhon Moore, Brenda Moore, Herbert Moore, John Moore, Patricia Morris, Greg Morrison, Rosetta Moses, Brenda Mouzon, Augusta Mudd, Patricia Murphy, Natalie Murphy, Sylvia Murphy, William i WM. 231 Murray, Betty Murrell, Mike Nann. Maurice Neal, Bert Newkirk. Fiorelta Norman. Larry Ogunlela, Vincent B. Page. PhilUp Page. Vertie Parker, George Parker. Melvin Patten. James Patterson, Milton Payton. Jacqueline Penn. Larry Peoples. Lawrence Perry. Trib Pinckney. Carolyn Pope, Anthony Price. Elizabeth Price. Pamela Pridgeon, Gregory Philhps. Harvey Phifer. Sheha Quick. Ronny Quick, Fred Rice, Revia Richards. Sharon Richardson. William Riviere. Jose Rogers. Erode rick Rogers, Gloria Russell, Clarice Savage. Thomas 232 Schoolfield. David Scoti. Patncia Scurrv. William Seabrook. Edward Shaw. Shervl Shelton. Patricia Shepard. Shvann Sherod. Mana Sinclair. Joe Singleton. Linda Simmons. Brenda Simpson. Yvonne Skeens. Kathr n Slade. Loretta Slade, Sandra Sligh. LaMonte Smith, . nnette Smith. Jacqueline Smith. Janice Smith. Jr.. James t J S S f Smith. Phylhs Smith. Sandra Smith, eronica Speight. Rosalisd Spells. Andrei Spells. Irish SpruiU. Elijah Staggers. Wilson Stallmgs. Ernest Stancil. Michael J. Stanles. Gwendolyn States. Issac Steverson. Bruce Still. Preston Stokes. Larr ' Stovall. Betty Strayhorn. Linda Streeter. Scarlett Strong. Marjorie Sudderth. Barton 233 Summers. Johnny Summers. Mary Ann Thomas. Larry Thomas, Robert Thompson. Ronell Thorpe. Yvonne ToUver. George Toliver. James Tripp, Johnnie Troy, Terry Tucker. Mary Tynes. Kevan Underwood. Alan Vann, Wilbert Varnedae, FrankUn Vines, Sheneel Waddell. Viola Wallace. Frank Wallace. Myron Walston. Sabra Washmgton, William C. Watson, Denise Wearring. Lucretia Webb, Barbara Wellmgton, Judy White, Ardrey Whitley. Larry Wideman, Raeford Wilks. Carolyn WiUet. Cutis Williams, Brenda Williams, Charles R. Williams, Denise Williams, Martha Williams, Nelson Williams, Sharon Williams, Wagman Williams. Willie Williamson . Phil Willis, Gail 234 Anita Wrisht Juliet Wright Sharon Winstead Kipling Wilson BARNABUS WELCOME AN EAGER FRESHMAN TO A T 235 WiUiam Wright Gwen Scales The Time Is Now 236 Generation Philosophy See how ihe run. Sticks., bottle;., knives, guns- Hii. break, crush. Doctrines and plans lor a new tomorrow. Listen, understand, or die. die. die. " Is your Soul on Ice ' " ' " Frozen by ve.irs of death ' " " Will tomorrow restore it ' ' " " HurPv. world, no lime is yesterda), " " Yesterday is dead. Wake up. World. We have something to say. Stop. Hear us. Accept us- A change is coming tomorrow. We are it. Prepare tor us. bv Lijanka 237 " ™ ™ Board Of Trustees Mr, John S. Slewarl Head of the Board ol Trustees. Other Members Of The Board Mr, Robert H, Fra icr Dr Frontis W Johnston Mr L, L Ray Mr t harles W Phillips Dr Otis E, Mr, David W Morehead Mr. Howard C, Barnhil Mr, George Soekwell Mr W, B Wicker Dr, Lewis C, Dowdv Dr , ' ndrew Best 240 Mrs. Lualle Piggot Dean of Women Mr. Alben Smilh Director. Memonal Umon Athletic Director Mr. Vance Gras Director of Financial . id 241 LTC Wilham Goode Dean of Men Dr. Gleen Rankins Dean of Academic Afl ' airs 242 Mrs. Ruth Gore Director of Counoling and Testing Mr. William Gamble Director of Admission Dr. J. E. Marshall Dean of Students Affairs Mr John Ziegler Business Manager Mr. Benny Ma 1ield Assistant Dean of Student Affairs 243 ». y ; _ Our President Dr. Lewis C. Dowdy 244 Telephone 273-1771 NORTH CAROLINA AGRICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL STATE UNIVERSITY Greensboro 27411 Office of the President June 6, 1971 TO: Members of the 1971 Graduating Class GREETINGS : It is a pleasure to extend warm congratulations to you as you reach this important milestone in your life. The Class of 1971 will now join the caravan of " Aggies " in making their contributions to give our civilization renewed thrust toward the realization of a " Great Society. " During your undergraduate years here, I sincerely hope that you have been consumed with a burning desire to utilize your full talents in an attempt to extend the frontiers of freedom and opportunity for all people to inestimable pro- portions. This task can be made easy if you will remember, as you leave the University, to keep your talents sharpened with an incessant desire for learning, a continued search for truth and a firm belief in the goodness of man. As you join the many graduates of this great University, it is my prayer that your achievements will be eminent, your contributions to society will be immeasurable, and that the prestige of North Carolina A. T. State University will be heightened by your determination and accomplishments. I am confident that the 1971 graduating class will meet these challenges with success, carrying with it the " Aggie Spirit. " Kindest regards. Yours truly. ' ■ tewife President 245 MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT OF THE STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Dear Student Body Since it ' s founding in 1892, The Agricultural and Technical College of North Carolina, now the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University has grown from a one building institution of learning for Negroes into a multi-million dollar cradle of Black Power. It is often at time quite con- fusing, however, in our struggle to acquire an education, the pro-or-cons of blacks school (white owned) versus white schools. The black college has been asked to do too much with too little for too long. The country as a whole, and I ' m thinking here of those who have both the resources and the obli- gation to support higher education, has taken the black college campus for granted. The black college have accomplished much in the past. Maybe we were unable to accomplish all we set out to do at the moment, and in this time we may not accomplish as much in the future as they have accomplished in the past. Black college suffer greatly, unable to acquire top flight educators and they must operate off budgets designed to destroy the potency of the black college. Yet in the face of all that is wrong, there are lurking advantages to be gained by attending a black college. One only needs a shovel to dig them up. The advantages often lay buried beneath the two top priorities which are To Turn and to be Turned Lily White. Struggling below this huge pile of nothing lies the opportu- nity to meet and know black people from all over the country. It is not unique for the black student to gather that unity that comes from being with black people and a concern for what black people ought to be about. Are black colleges doing all that they could be doing for the black student? To be truthful. I will have to admit it is not, but it is doing a hell-of-a-lot more than any other institution in this country today. If there is a possibility of liberation then it ' s will be with the black college campus. Yes, my fellow students if we are to be liberated it will be through the black college, the North Caro- lina A T State University is and will serve as our liberator. We must face, come to grips, and protect and defend our charished, A T. We Aggies, are a proud and noble lot and we must not allow white American to sever the black head from the black body, that is to disperse elite blacks and thus make it diflicult for the black masses to have qualified and commit- ted black leadership. We must fight-off white America ' s attempts to crush black consciences. Let us be true to ourselves. Let us be true to our people. Let us be true to A T. Aggie born, Aggie bread, and when we die. Lord Knows we will be Aggie Dead. I have the honor and privilege to remain your fellow Aggie affectionately forever faithful, Matthew Simpson Charles D. Evans EDITOR-IN-CHIEF The Ayantee Staff Mrs. Barhara Burgess ADVISOR BcnnicMcMorris ASSOCIATE EDITOR Sharon Speight Manaaina Editor Thurman Yelvenon Assistant Manafiina Editor Alhen L. White Business Manager Oscar Beale Student Consultant Vvetle Devin Helen Butler Secretaries Rodney Wanng Chief Pohotographer Mandell Blackman Layout Editor Douglas McMillian. Jr Sports Editor Linda Amey Art Editor SSSOSHI : ' Ronald Buck International Editor Debra West Entertainment Editor Arnold Gaskins Photographer t -- Reggie Defour Art Editor YvuniK- Hill and Barton Suddcrlh Copy Editors Tlmrnian Daniel Greel Editor Sharon Winsiead Exchange Editors Ciail Dickens Exehanae Editors Dennis Hunter Military Editor Thomas Conway Photographer Cohen Greene OTHER STAFF MEMBERS Sands Hall . Idea Editor xMicheal Reliev Valeria Lowe Johnie Milner Juanella Thaxlon Ronnie Quick Sharon Smith ' l;ii rfe-H;: ;i ■uyi jAii ■«BtmilW«(!)f(« ' , " . 1 " , , ' Wii P0, V,- ' : ?v:i Gwendolyn Steele Alton Fields William Roane Donald Davis James Johnson Gerald Beattie Ellie Corbett DEATH MAN ' S PRAYER mm When Death lay me still; Let them that hated me, Not vanish from thou sight. Let them that cherished me,° Live ever to be free. Let them that ridiculed me Carry the burdens of life. Let thgm that loved me. Live to save humanity. Let them that had hope for me, Find peace and happiness to endure. Let them that failed with me. Eat the fruits of success. Let them that lived with and after me. Live not in a world of Delusion, Creating false Illusions, that will Lead to no concrete Conclusions. - William Cox Epitaph when thai cxprtssion becomes a Many individuals have come to think o ' frecdtun as a measurable quahiy controlled by some social or political force. In others, freedom is an overt action through which an individual expresses his will in view ol ' ccrtam prescribed laws which allow members o ' a stKicly lo live as thcv desire when it is not inlVmycnt upon the desires or the wills of others in that siK-iely. or when that expression becomes a function ot another member ' s action. In an age Nuch as ours, freedom must be thought ol as an an. It cannot be measured in terms of cer- tain prescriptions iir as some tangible attribute of institulionali ed forces. Freedom is the ability lo think It IS a mental L|uality which can only be restricted by an individual ' s attitudes. Through this, a person realizes he can do all of those things which he wishes to do and many things he never realized were possible. Kor this reason, the l 7l Ayantec SlaH has tried to bring hi you a yearbtntk that reflects the moiids, modes, and thinking of the campus as it now protects iiselt to those who comprise it. to the surround- ing communities, and to the world. Our opponuniiics arc abundant and meaningful, and as we end this volume, we hnd hope in the thought that all who have viewed this yearboc lasting philosophy which will give direction and ' ' " ' trends that (loal by each day. Before cU)sing. I wish lo give special appreciaiion to those who have worked wiih the stafl ' . and through some kind gesture, have encouraged us lo do our best With deepest sincerity, we express grati- tude to Jimmye Walker. F ' arnesiine Durham, larrv Butler Jerry Palmer. Miss Portia Hart. Matthew Simpson and Pearl Brown who have asked so little and did so much. who have worked wiih the stafl ' . and QgsJ C.j J Charles 1) l:vans Editor m-ChicI Senior Directory ALEXANDER. MARY J. 5IW Boolh St. Salisbury, Md. French French Club. SNEA. NAACP. Geographical Club. Honorary member of A T Veteran Club ALLEN. JOSEPH PAYTON 3935 Freeman Mill Rd Greensboro, N, C, Industrial Arts Army ROTC. Scabbard and Blade, University Concert Choir ALSTON. DEBRA DEAN Route 2, Box 284 Littleton, N, C, Accounting Delta Sigma Theta Soronty, GUTS. AccounUng Club, Women Council ANDERSON. BRUCE Box 338 Fountain Inn. S,C, Accounting ALOBEAEM Society. Council Student Leeislauve. Men ANDERSON. ALTON RAY 310 N 4th St. Smithlield. N.C. Biology (Professional) Biology Club BAILEY. WALTER P,0 Box 73 Walnut Cove. N.C. Psychology Psychology Club BALDWIN. LYNN Route 2, Box 44 PitLsboro, N.C. Mechanical Engineering BANKS, VINCENT 187-19 Libery Ave. Hollis. N.Y. Accounting lota Phi Theta Fraternity BARBER. LINDA CAROL Route 2, Box 317 Irenton, N.C. Business Administration BARCLAY, JOHN 2643 Naylor Rd. S,E. Washington, D.C. Business Administration Esquire Service Fellowship BATCHELOR. HARVEY LEE Route 4, Bo 178-A Louisburg. N.C, Agricultural Economics Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Men Council BATTS. RICHARD EARL Route 2, Box 49S Rocky Ml., N.C. Political Science Alpha Phi Alpha. Army ROTC. National Society of Scabbard and Blade, Sigma Rho Sigma, Social Science Honor Society BELCHER. SANDRA V. 1011 Roundabout Rd. Martinsville. Va. Business Admmistrauon Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Women ' s Council, B.A. Club. Student Government. Miss Senior, Cluster Ass,, PTI Group of Business BELK. SHIRLEY 1620 Pvron St. Charlotte, N.C. French Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society. French Club. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority BELL. JANNETTE DIANE Route 3, Box 164-A Concord, N.C. Mathematics Ed. Admin-Helpers Service Club. Alpha Kappa Mu. Kappa Delta Pi. Digit Circle. The Register, SNEA BENNETT. CHARLOTTE A. 429 N. Allen Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa Economics Economics Club BESS. JOHN D, 5024 12th St. Washington, D.C, Physical Education BETHEA, BARBRA FAYE Route I, Box 448 Magnolia, N.C. Economics Women Council, Baptist Student Union, Economics Club BIGGS, BILLY E. Route 2, Box 512 Williamston. N.C, Psychology Co-op Advisarv Education Program, Psychology Club, OtT-Campus Club. Men ' s Council BLACKMAN, THOMAS F. 134 Molon Si. Tuskegee Inst., Alabama Business Administration Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. A T State Univer- sity Varsity Basketball Team Co-Captain BLOUNT, FRED Route 1. Box 145 Engelhard. N C. Industrial Tech, Society Manufacturing Bowling League Engineers. AF-ROTC. BOYD. LARRY 3103 More House Si. Columbus, Ga. Business Adminislrauon Kappa Alpha Psi, Armv ROTC BOYKIN. BRENDA 241(1 Nth Ave. New York, N.Y. Social Service Pershing Rjflette. Women Council. GUTS BRIGHT, ROSA LELIA Route 2, Box 129 Hamlet, N.C. Home Economics Ed. N.C. Home Economics Club BRIM, LILLIE VIOLA Route 3. Box 65 Martinsville. Va. English NCTE. SNEA. Women ' s Council BRISTOL. DELPHINE R. 212 Rankin St. Lenoir, N.C. Sociology Gamma Sigma Sigma. S.G.A. Research Committee, Usher Board. Draft Counselor. Mountaineer Club BROOME. RONNIE ICELAND Route 1, Box ]S Sandy Ridge, N.C, Art Education Kappa Delta Pi, Art Circle BROWN, CLARENCE W. 305 South Span Sueet Thomasville. Ga. Accounting BROWNE, RUTHENA K. 103 Iremont St, Thomasville, N.C. Social Service BUTLER, HARRY 52 Liberty St. Sociology BUTLER, STANLEY VAUGHN -322 Mvrtle Ave. Scotch Plains, N.J. Business Administration BROWN. DAVID LEE 707 Burnett St. Reidsville. N.C. Professional Biology Biology Club, Register, French Club BYNUM, DONALD R. 731 Essex St. Brooklyn. N.Y. Accounting Choir. Accounting Club BVRD. LEWIS RONALD Route 10 Blassingame Rd. GreenMtle. SC. Psvchologv Student Legislator. Richard B Hamson Players CALDWELL. HAROLD LEE 808 Barnwell Sl Thomas ille. N.C An ( Design I Pershing Rifle. . T Gospel Choir. Social Affairs Comm,. Homecoming Comm- CALDWTLL. LORENZO 504 .Andrew. Si Greensboro. N.C. Business Admimstration President — Curricular Development Program CALLOWAY. W. R. 1302 Dubois A e Richmond. ' a. .Architectural Eng. -Architectural Eng, Soaely. Engineenng SDEG CAMPBELL. GWENDOLYN S. Route 2. Box 295 Shelby N.C. Alobeaem Society. Women ' s Council CARELOCK. ROBERT L. 153 Bnsiol St- Springfield. Mass. industnal Technology President Bowling Comm. CARR. ALFRED 1611 Cheseapeake PI. Phila.. Pa Business Admimstranon CASH, BROADY P. Route 4. Box 25; Amhersu ' a. Electncal Engineenng CASTERLOW. GILBERT Route 1. Box 314 Rich Square. N.C- Mathematics . lpha Phi Omega. .-Mpha Kappa Mu. Kappa Delta Pi CHERRY, JAMES B. Route 1. Box 74 Hallsboro. N.C. Electronics Nu Gamma Alpha, A T Karate Club. Wrestling Team, Ass. of Organizational Presidents CLANTON, ODELL DELANO Bowmore. .Alabama Professional HislorN Nauonal Honorar Society ' of Pershing Rifles, ROTC Officer ' s Club, History Club CLARK, SHIRLEY M. 93 Batles Farm Dnce Brockton. Mass. Social Ser ' ice COLLINS. ANGIE 185 Taylor Dr Apt 30 Bridgeport Conn. Child Development Home Economics Club COOPER, DI.ANE Route 3. Roxboro. N.C. Home Economics Club. Club Librar Club. Women " ; CONGLETON. C ' NTHIA 5 Edgerton Terrace East Orange. N.J. Child Development Cheerleaders. Counal Home Economics Club. Women ' : CONWAY. THOMAS E. H. 1005 Bickett Blvd. Louisburg. N.C .Agncultural Educauon AOOP. F.A,AC. Omega Psi Phi. Register Staff. Avantee StalT CORBETT, J.ACQUELINE 42 1 Homestead .Ave. Mount ' emon, N. ' V ' . Social Service Women ' s Council, .Administrative Helpers Service Club COTTMAN. GERALDINE Route 1. Box 35-C Princess .Anne. Md. Biologv Biologv Club, Women ' s Counal. .AOOP COUNCIL. FRANCES DELOISE Route 6. Box 350 Greenville. N.C. Business .Administrauon COUNTS. CLARENCE W. 2556 Fairchild Rd. Winston Salem. N.C. PoliDcai Science Omeaa Psi Phi Fratemitv- PoUtical Saence Oub, Men ' s Council CO.X, WILLIAM H. P.O. Box 533 Farmville. N.C. .Accounting Alpha Phi .Alpha. University Council. Student Legis- lature, Senior Class Treasurer, Pan-Helenic Coun- al. .Accounung Club. Men ' s Council CUMERL. NDER. LULA B. 410 S. Walnut St. Farmville, N.C. Nursing Te-lo a CUMBERL.AND, JESSE C. Route 3. Box 119 West Pomu Ga. Electrical Eng. IEEE Societ - CUMMINGS, JOAN ANNETTE 504 Wiwd St. Gibsonville. N.C. Business EducaUon N.ACS, Tutonal Club. NSE.A. Women ' s Council CUNDIFF. LARR WAYNE 7517 Blair Rd. N.W. Washington. D.C. Business Administration DACONS, EDDYCE PATRICIA Route 8. Box 516 StalesviUe. N.C. Engineenng Math Digit Circle. Concen Band. Society of Lady Engi- neers. .Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Miss Soaety of Lad Engineers DALTON. MARVIN H. RRISON PO Box 184 Walnut Cove N.C. Pohtical Science .Alpha Phi .Alpha Fraternity. Inc .. Pan-Hellenic Council. Political Science Club DANIELS. LINDA JOYCE 1915 B Norcott Circle Greenville. N.C. French Le Crecle Francais. Gamma Sigma Sigma, Women ' s Council DAVIS, IRIS LaVERNE 106 N. Orion St Kinston. N.C. Biology Biologv Club. Women ' s Counal DAVIS. JOHN R. Route 1. Box 28 " Latta. S C Political Science Veteran ' s Oub. Political Science Club DAVIS. OMEBA C. 144 Holtzclavv St Canton. N.C. Business Education Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority. ' WC.A DAWKINS, BOOKER T. Route 7. Box 416 Gaffney, S.C. Engineering Physics s.p ' s. DAWKINS. JAMES F. Rt 6. Box 164 A B Eng Math Math Club DEAN DIANE DOROTHIE 15 Gracel St Bloomfield. NJ. Sociology " Alpha Kappa .Alpha Sorority, Snident Government Legislator, Administrative Helpers. Pan-Hellenic Council, Women ' s Council. Senior Class Soaal Chairman 255 DEESE. JAMES E. Ri I. Box 509 Davidsoa N.C. Business Adminislratit n Alpha Phi Omega Fralernit). Men ' s Council DEFOUR. REGINALD W. 2255 5th Ave. New York. N.Y. Art (Design) Omega Psi Phi Frai Inc.. Social Affairs Commillee. Pubhcitv Committee for Union Ad is(.)rv Board, Cartoonist for the A T Register De GRAPHENRElD. JAMES A. 155 Chunns Cove Rd. Asheville N.C Poliiical Stience Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity DELOATCH CURTIS ALVIN Rt 2. Box :00 A Conwav. N.C Political Science Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc.. Men ' s Council. Po- litical Science Cluh. University Choir. Student Leg- islative Assembly. ROTC Officer ' s Cluh DENSON. BRENDA 14 Wavne Ave Orange. N.J Child Development Administralive Helpers. Home Economics Cluh DIVERS, BRENDA SHARON 21 10 Hanover Ave N.W Roanoke, Va. Nursing Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority TeliKa Nursing Club Dl.XON, EARNESTEEN K5.1 Halsey St. Brooklyn N.Y. Business Education Gamma Sigma Sigma. National Collegiate Associa- tion of Secretaries, Business Cluh DODSON, MICHAEL B. 4307 Mohne Ave Columbus, Ga. Political Science Gospel Choir, Political Science Cluh DORTON. MARCIA 1XK.()4-I(V4 Ave. At, Albans L.I,, New York History DUBLIN, DAVID WILLIAM 2213 S, Oakland St. Arlington, Va. Professional Physics Iota Phi Theta, Society of Physics Students. Track Team A T Stale University Marching Band DuBOSE JOSEPHINE S24 Taylor St N E Washington, DC. Home Economics DUDLEY, DALE E, -50 Paladmo Ave a 14 F New York, N, ' Business Education Choir, Phi Beta Lambda, SNEA, A T Chpl. NAACP, National Geographical Socielv, Honorarv Member of A T Vet Adm, DUCAN. STEPHEN 15700 N.W, |7th PI. Miamh Fla, Art (Design) DUNCAN. BELINDA 1541 Ea-st 24th St. Winston Salem. N.C Social Service Admin- Helpers. NFSSW, National Federation of Student Social Workers DYER, JOHN F. 1X23 Calloway Dr N.W. Atlanta. Ga Music Education Band. ROTC EARL, DWIGHl ' 15 Stephens St, Greensboro, N.C. Business .Administration EASON. ERIC 224 Baker St, Savannah. Ga. Professional Biology Biology Club EATON, FLOYD O. PO, Box 316 Creedmoor. N.C. Business Administration Alpha Phi Omega. AF-ROTC Drill Team EVANS. CHARLES DELORN 55} Decatur Street Brooklyn. New York Business Administration Avantee - Editor-in-Chief. Vice-Pres Admin- Helpers. Assembly of Organizational Presidents. YMCA, Pres. Collegiate Jaycees. Student Leader. Men Council FAAC. Phi Beta Lambda. Tri-Slate Club. Registar EVANS, DOROTHY E. 140 13th St S,E. Washington, DC. Economics Econ. Club, Women ' s Council. Union Baptist Student EZZELL, ALFONSO 138 County Rd. Mt, Olive. N.C. Prof, Biology FARRINGTON. EMMA JOYCE Route 1. Box 131 Moncure. N C. Business Administration Charmetle S x:ial Club FARROW. MICHAEL L. Mcrntt Mill Rd. Chapel Hill. N.C, Political Science Groove Phi Groove. Baseball Team Co-Capiain. Dean ' s List FAULK. BILLY M. M5 Madison St. Fairmont. N.C. Business Education Esquire Service Fellowship. NEA FISHER. WILLIAM 1727 Willow Rd, Accounting FLETCHER. DARYEL EUGENE 14602 Linden Blvd Jamaica 36. L,l, N. ' Recreation Groove Phi Groove. Student Body Basketball Team FOGGIE, JOYCE ANN 2720 Shoretair Dr Winston Salem. N.C Admin, Helpers. National Horn ciation Economics Asso- FOMAN, JACQUELINE DELAINE 2526 Abelwood Rd Charlotte, N.C Mathemaucs Digit Circle, SNEA FOSHEE, STANLEY K. 3322 Alden Place N,E. Washington, D.C. Political Science Pol. Sci. Club FOSTER. CLAUDIA 476 Mizpat Rd Nursing Kappa Epsilon. Women Council University Choir. Teloca. Alumni Chapter FOXX, EDDIE F. Star Route Slier City. N.C, Industrial Technology Esquire Service Fellowship FRASIER, MAXINE LaVERNE 660 Rulledge Ave. C harleston. S.C. Professional Biology Biologv Club, Charleston Club, Women ' s Club FRAZIER OSCAR L. IUI2 Avalon Rd. Greensboro. N.C. Art (Design) Art Circle GAFFNEY, VASHTI L. 114.44.180 St St, Albans. N.Y. Child Development GUTS. Pershine Rifletle. Women ' s Council 256 ASKINS. ARNOLD G. 1332 Wallace St. Philadelphia. Pa. klechanical Engineenng Jrolhers of Soul Societ . Baseball learn. Swimming Team. Intramural Swimming, . vaniee Staff 3AY. EDWIN L. (17 S. George Sl -armvnlle. N.C. Bconomics Economics Club. Fellowship . ssL Comm.. 3ETHERS. WILLIAM j66 Cdeman Bhd. rharleslon. S.C. Business .■Administrative Men ' s Council. Business Club. Student Legislative, harleslon Club GILBEAUX. JEROME TO Scon Sl Asheville. N.C, Mechanical Engineering GIBSON, EDWARD M ATTHEW 121 Cannon St. Charleston. S C. Accounting GILLESPIE. DOROTHY Rte I. Box 137-C Red Spnngs. N.C. Biologv (professional) Biolog Club GLOVER. WALTER R. Rte- I. Box 185 Ellen boro. N.C. Accounting Mens Council. AOOP. AF-ROTC. Omega Psi Phi Fralemitv. Pan Hellenic Council. .Accounnng GODFREY. FLO D 937 Elon Ct Norfolk. Va. Political Science Political Saence Club. Intramurals Sports As.scx:ia- non GOINS, CL. RENCE L. 512 N. Ridge Sl Danvill. Va. Industrial .Arts Education GRAHAM. DI.ANNA Box 324 NewporL N.C. .Accounting GRAHAM. ROSA ANN Rte. 2. Box 324 NewporL N.C. Business Education Student GovemmenL Women ' s Counal. SNE.A. NCSA GRAVES. SHARON 1048 Blackalore Pittsburgh. Pa Art Art editor (Yearbook). Registor (Fashion editor). Art Circle GRAY. LAURIE 437 N.W. 15 Terrace Fort Lauderdale. Fla. Business .Admmistranon Angel FlighL Women ' s Council. P Tamid Club GREENE. COHEN NATH.ANIEL PO Box 12 ' ) Bolton. N.C. Enaneenng MathemaDcs .Alpha Phi Alpha Frat; Senior Class PresidenL Vice President AOOP. Smdent Leader. A T Register. President Digit Circle. Vice President Librar, .Assts. Club. University Council GRIFFIN. EDW INA V. 167 Pearl Sl Palerson. NJ Nursing Teloca. Band. Pershing Riflettes. Charmettes HAITH. RONALD S. 2101 E. 1st Sl Winston-Salem. N C. ,Accounun2 .Alpha Kappa Mu. AOOP. ALOBEAEM Societx. Presidential Scholars HALL. M.ARRl P.O. Box 923 Elizabethtown. N.C. Pobtical Saence National Ass. of Poliucal Scienlists. Men ' s Council. Reporter of Political Science Club HAMMAND. MARGARET Box 118 Winterville. N C Pobncal Science .AK.A. .Alpha Kappa Mu. Societx- Political Science Club. Draft Counselors of Southeast HANKINS. J.AMES J. 606 South 14th Sl Building Conslniction VeL Club H.ARRIS. .ACIE 126 Pelmont Ave Long Branch. NJ. Historv HARRIS. ALVIS Route I. Box 322 Oxford. N C. An .Art Circle. Nu Gamma .Alpha. Gents Ltd.. Memonal L ' nion HARRIS. JOYCE ANN Route 1, Box 322 Oxford. N.C. History Karate Club, Registor, SO- BOSS, Hisiors Club HARRISON , RNETT 915 E. Commerce Sl Bridgeton, N.J. ■Art 257 Nu Gamma Alpha. Gents Ltd.. Administration Helpers, Smdent Legislauon, Student Union .Advi- sorx Board. ,Art Circle HARRISON. J.ACQUELINE LaVONNE Route 3. Box 3 NashMlle, N.C. Nursing Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Alpha Kappa Mu. Teloca. Women ' s Council FLARRISON, PATRICIA ANN Child Development Aneel FhshL Student Union .Advisory Board, Delta Sisma Theta Sorority, Women ' s Council, Univer- sit Council. .AOOP, ,Administrative Helpers HARRISON, ROSA 1260 Sterling Place BrookhTi, NY, History HisloiA Club, Photograph HARRISON. WILLIAM S. 1260 Sterling Place Brooklyn. N,Y, Industrial ,Arts H-MRSTON, LARRY EDWARD 115 Lowxy Rd. Winston-Salem, N.C. An Design Nu Gamma Alpha, Gents Ltd., Union Publicity Board H.AIRSTON. LINDA 1209 Myrthe Rd. Home Ec. Ed. AK.A. Home Ec. Club HAWKINS, PHYLLIS Y, •!129 Georgia Ave N.W. Washington, DC, Art .Angle FlighL Art Circle H.AYES, HARRIETTE 135 Mill Sl Chester, S C Child Development HENDERSON. MARTHA A Route 2, Box 117 Whitakers, N.C. Mathematics Education Digit Circle, Women ' s Council, SNEA HERRING. ANNIE L. 44 Burton Sl Waterbury, Conn. English Education 13-College Cumculum HILL. DWIGHT M, Route I, Box 103-B Columbia. N.C, .Accounting .Accounlina Club .jSgnggwaig ' Jg ' iiw ' MILLIARD, ALFONZO Route 3, Box 29 Professional Biology Arnold Air Socictv. Biology Cluh HUBBARD. WILLIAM J. 1212 Cedar Sl New Bern. N.C. Business Administration Alpha Phi Omega. Student Government Ass.-Treasurer, Y.M.C.A.. Men ' s Council, Union Advisors Board. University Council HUGHES. ROBERT EARL Route 1. Box 217 Pilot Mountian, N.C. History Education HUNTER, MARVIN DOUGLAS 736 Pcnn Ave Rocky Mount. N.C. Art (Design) Omega Psi Phi Frat, HOBBS, MILWOOD Route 3, Box 92 Blackstone. Va, Accounting Omega Psi Phi ALOBEAEM HOBSON, HUGHES SAUNDERS 118 Liberty Ave. Richmond. Va. Economics Elon Cluh HOLLIS, ROBERT D. 543 Marshall Ave Birmingham. Alabama Accounting ALOBEAM Club. A T Veteran Club HOLLOWAY, JAMES EDWARD Columbia. N C Agncultural Science Agronomy Club HORRY, NANCY 704 51st N.E. Apt. 402 Washington. D.C. Nursing Women ' s Council. Teloca Cluh. Charmelte Social Cluh. Games and Tournament Commillce HOWARD, INZA E. 2107 Rand PI. N.E. Washington. DC Social Service Student Government Ass.. Sigma Rho Sigma Na- tional Honor Society. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Yearbook Staff. GU.T.S.. W.imen ' s Council. Na- tional Federauon of Student Social Workers. Rifle Team. Secretary of Junior Class. Secretary of Se- nior Class HOWELL, MEDDIE CECELIA 1216 Frank Si Ext. Rock Hill,,S.C Social Service Angel Flight, Richard B. HarrLson Players. Women ' s Council. W-A-N-T Service Staff. Karate Club HOWELL. WILLIAM MACON Route 2. Box 86 Midland. N.C. Vocauonal Ind. Ed IRBY, ERNEST " DEE DEE " 917 Jacob Rd. Route 10 Greensville. S.C. Business Administration Men Council. Yearbook Staff IRVING, BASS FRANKLIN 917 Hilltop Blvd. Reidsville. N.C. Mechanical Engineering ASTME JACKSON. BEULAT F. P O. Box 229 Winterville. N.C. Biology JACKSON, BOBBY Route 3 Box 314A Gastonia, N.C. Economics Air Force ROTC, Alpha Kappa Mu. Omicron Delta Epsilon. Economics Club JACKSON, JAMES A. RFD. 1 Box 4 Delaplane. Va. Industrial Technology Rifle Team. Men ' s Council. ROTC JACKSON, MARVIN 825 Va. Beach Blvd. Va. Beach Va, Business Administration Vice-president Freshman Class. President of Soph- omore Class. Swimming Club JACKSON, MYRTLE P. Route 3. Box 485 Kinston. N.C. Social Service JACKSON. WILLIE JEAN 312 Small St, Thomasville. N.C. English Education President - Baptist Student Union. Women ' s Council. Student-National Educauon Ass.. National Council of Teachers of English. Sunday School JAMES, DARLENE Route 2, Box 122-A Ahoskie, N.C, Business Administradon Women ' s Council JARRATT, JOHN F. Route 2. Box 153 Petersburg, Va. Business Administration Soul Interpn e Auto Club JEAKINS, CLIFTON W. 1879 Taborwood Cir Chas., S.C, Business Administration JOHNSON, CHARLES " CHIEF " P,0 Box 401 Walnut St, Rowland. N.C. Professional Biology Biology Club. Pre Med Club. Men ' s Council JOHNSON, CHARLES ROBERT 616 Williams St Clinton, N.C, Elec, Eng. University Concert. Marching Band, University Track, Cross Country Team JOHNSON, MARGARET A. Route 5. Box 138 Sanford. N.C, Social Services Women ' s Council JOHNSON, MARVA 21st James PI, Brooklyn, NY, Social Service GUTS, Administrative Helpers. Pershing Riflettes, Student Society of Social Workers JOHNSON, WILLIE E. 54 Centre Ave, New Rochelle. NY, Accounting ALOBEAM Society. Men ' s Council JONES, LEROY P.O. Box Tarloro, N.C, Agricultural Education Agn- Education Club. Men ' s Council JONES, LESLIE L. 1016 Taussing PI. N.E. Washington. DC. Industrial Ed. JONES, LEWIS M, 1010 William St. New Bern. N.C. Art Education Men ' s Council, Art Circle JONES, PATRICIA Star Route Box 22 Murfreesboro. N.C. Institutional Management Home Economics Club. Choir JONES, PAUL LAWRENCE 6-E Carver Courts Kinston. N.C, Social Studies Kappa Alpha Psi Frat.. National Honorary Society of Pershing Rifles. Army ROTC. Sports Editor A T Regi.ster. Staustiaan Football. Basketball Faculty Athletic Committee JORDON, ROY Beaufort, N.C, Political Science SOBU. Africian Cultural Center, Malcolm . Liber- .ition University. GAPP 258 JOYNER. WILLIE JEFFERSON Roulc :, Box 216 Courlland, Va lpha Phi Omega. Math Club. Men ' s Council, .AOOP KEARNEY, PAUL D. Roule I, Box I Manson. N.C, Industrial .Arts KELLY, GAYLE B. 1443 Eads Si. N.E. Washington, D.C. English Aggiokind Junior Affihates of English Teachers, SNEA KELLEY. CONNIE DELORIS 568 Stratrteld Rd Bridgeport Conn. Nursing Teloca, GUTS KELLEY, MICHAEL JUNIOUS ?( i:th St, Newport News. Va. Economics Omicron Delta Epsilon. Economics Honor Society. Economics Club. Mens Council, Student Organiza- tion for Black Unit ' . Student Government KILGOR, RONALD Route 2. Box tA New Lander. N.C. Biology Alpha Phi Omega, Choir, Biology Club, AOOP, WANT. GUTS. Inier-Fratemal Council KILLIAN, CAROLYN ELAINE Hickory. N.C. Accounting Accounting Club KIRBY, BETSY DIANN Route 3. Box 194-A Kenly. N.C. Accounting ALOBEAEM Societv, Women ' s Council KIRKLAND. DORIS ANN 396 Bynum Ave. Rock Hill. S.C. Social Service AKA. Women ' s Council. Richard B, Harrison Play- ers. WANT KIRKLAND, JOHN LOUIS i:W Mona St. Kanhapalks. N.C. Industrial Tech. Society of Manufactunng Engineering. National ss, of Industrial Technology. N.C. A T Slate eteran Ass, K.NOTT, DIANE J. 1343 Washington Ave. New York. N.Y. Business Administration Women ' s Council, Intermural Sports LANE, BRENDA L, 17b Rutland Rd Brooklyn. N V Professional English LANE, ULYSSES 4226 Wyalusing Ave PhUa., Pa. President of Brothers of Soul Society, Member of Animal Science , ss. AOOP LANE, WILLIAM ROLAND 10716 South Loomis Chicago, Illinois History Men ' s Council, Football, Weightlifting Club. Wres- tling Team LANGSTON, VON HEINZ 21347 Wyoming Ferndale. Mich, History SNEA LANEY. MARTIN Charlotte. N.C. Political Science LAWRENCE. ELLIS EUGENE Route 2, Box 201 Edenton, N.C. Auto Club. Men ' s Council. Technician Club LAWRENCE, ROBERT IAN 163 Spanlding Dr. Rocky Mount, N.C. Business Administration Omega Psi Phi Frat.. Band LAWSON, MAE IW5 Joyce St Greensboro. N.C. Nursing LEAKE, TYRONE 1520 E. 22 St. Winston-Salem, N.C. Social Serxice Alpha Phi .Alpha Frat.. Social Service Club LEARY, DAN L. Rt. 2. Columbia, N.C. Accounting ALOBEAEM Club. Men ' s Council LEE, DONNA M. 45 W. 132 St New York. NY. Office Administration LEGGINGTON, ELAINE 2305 Amos St. Columbus, Ga, Business Administration Business Club. Women ' s Council LEVISTER. JAMES F. " PhiUy Dog " 2329 N. Colorada St. Phila.. Pa. Social Service Basketball Team 259 LEVISTER. JOSEPH W. 727 Daniel St. Henderson. N.C. Industrial Technology Presidential Scholars Club. Scabbard Blade. A T Collegiate Jaycees. .Alpha Kappa Mu Honor ScKiety. National Ass. o( Industrial Technology. Administrative Helpers. Men ' s Council. Army ROTC LITTLE, SYLVESTER Wadesboro. N.C. Pohtical Science History Club LITTLEJOHN. VIVIAN 8 Lincoln Drive Biology (Education) SNEA. Biology Club. German Club. Student Government LIMA. CORA PENN Route 6. Box 255 Martinsville. Va English NET A. Junior Affiliate of Teachers of English LIMA, GEORGE S. 64 Charles St. East Providence Economics Economics Club. Letterman ' s Club. Baseball Team Co-captain LINDSAY, JOYCE A. PO. Box IIW Laurinburg. N.C Child Development Delta Sigma Theta. Gamma Sigma Sigma. S.G.A. Secrelarv. Women ' s Council LLOYDE. MARIEN Route 1. White Oak. N.C. Agricultural Science Animal Science Ass,. Men ' s Council LOFTON. ROGER 840 Henley St. Saw. Pines. N.C. Business Administration Soul Inlerpnze Auto-Club LOWE, VALERIA ELIZABETH 18 Fairland St. Boston. Mass. French Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Angel Flight. French Club. CUTS, LUCKEY, IRENE Route I. Box ll-A Stanley. N.C. Social Service Alpha Kappa Mu. AKA. Campus Goal Girl Scout. Advisory Committee to the Dean oi ' School of Arts and Science LUNN. JEANETTE Route 2 Arlington. S.C. English Ed. Jr. Affiliates for Teachers of English McCLEASE. CLARENCE A. P.O. Box 4y: Fdcnton. N,C Economics Economics Club. Bowling Team Mccormick, angelica d. 613-A Woodhup, St High Poini. N.C. Business Education McCOY, JOYCE MARIE Wl Homestead Ave Hampton. Va Business EducaUon SNEA McCRIMMON, PHOSTENIA 501 Madison St. Fairmont. N.C " . Admmislration Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Women ' s Council. Pan-Hellenic Council. Sunday School. Yearbook Staff. McCULLEN. ALBERT Route 4. Box .MX-B Mount Olive. N.C Agricultural Science Animal Science Ass.. Presidential Scholar. Tau Phi Tau. Men ' s Council McDowell, thelma .M4 W Camel St English Junior Affiliate ot Nauonal Council of Teachers of English. Student NEA. Presidential Scholars Club McKINNON, CAROL JOYCE XHH Stanton Rd. S.E, tt?,i Washington. D.C. English Angel Flight. University Choir. Women ' s Council, Memorial Union Advisory Board, SNEA. NCTE, Union Social Affairs Committee McLEAN. DOROTHY B. Route 2. Box 296 Lillington. N.C. History Educauon Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. History Club. Women ' s Council McNAIR, CARL S. PO Box 1?2 Lake City, S.C. Industrial Technology National Ass., of Industrial Technology, Society of Manulactunng Engineers. Student Union Advisory Board. Administrative Helpers. Omega Psi Phi McNEAL, CORA H. 2 Berwyn Ave. Durham, N.C Nursing YMCA. Teloca. Baptist Student Union McPHERSON, WILLIAM HOWARD 737 Edgefiill Rd Fayettevtilc. N ( ' . Physical Education Army ROTC. Pershing Ritles MANGUM, VERONICA L. Star Route .1 Yanccwille. N C Basic Business Education Charmettes StKial Club. National Collegiate Ass., of Secretaries, Student Nauonal Education Ass. MORGAN. CLARENCE CARLYLE 304 Patlon Ave. N.W. Roanoke, Va. Professional Biology Biology Club. Treasurer MARTIN. DORIS ANN Route I Iron Station, N,C. Accounting Presidential Scholars Club, Phi Beta Lambda, Ac- counting Club MARTIN, HARVEY A. 1205 Curtis St. Greensboro, N.C. Business Administration MARTIN, JAMES LEMUEL Route 10 East Jacob Dr. Greenville. S.C. Electrical Tech. Esquire Service Fellowship. Gospel Choir. YMCA Club, Industrial Tech, Club MARTIN. JAMES WILLIAM Route 1 Iron Station. N.C, Chemistry Presidential Scholars Program, American Chemical Society MASSEY, JACK EDWARD 1800 Kenncsaw Dr, Charlotte. N.C, Pohtical Science Political Science Club, Draft Counselor MEEKS. BARBARA 2ll l7th St. S.E Washington. DC. Child Development Home Economics Club, YMCA METTS, EVELYN BENZENA Route I. Box 106 D Winnsboro. S.C Mathematics Digit Circle. Usher Board MIDGETTE, ANTHONY LEE Route I Box 65- M Englehard. NC Accounting ALOBEAM. Men ' s Council MILES. LIZZIE CAROL Route 3. Box 49 LaGrange, N.C. Home Ec, Ed Delta Sigma Theta Sororitv. Women ' s Council. Angel Flight. Future Alumni Ass.. Sunday School, American Home Economics Ass.. Interfaith Coordi- nating Counal. AOOP. Religion Affair Comm. MILLER. ANITA LOUISE 5IS Lansing St. Raleigh, N.C. Nursing Teloca. Charmettes. Women ' s Council MILLNER. JOHNIE R. 715 Morehead Reidsville. N.C Industrial Tech. Administrative Helpers, National Ass. of Industrial Technologists, Yearbook Staff MILLS, KELLY BRUCE Route I. Box 400- A Winterville, N.C. Professional Biology Biolog Club, Men ' s Council, Digit Circle MITCHELL, BERNARD EUGENE Route 4. Box 20S Ahoskie. N.C Agriculture Education MITCHELL, LAFAYETTE EUGENE Weaver Ave. Petersburg, Va. Political Science Political Science Club MOORE, CAROLYN ANN 2818 Nogales St. Corpus Christi, Texas Social Service Campus Gold Girl Scouts. Curtis Hall Dormitory Council MOORE, CAROLYN L. 704 51st St. N.E. 402 Washington, D.C. Nursing Teloca. Women ' s Council, Band MOORE. HENRY JUNIOR 1000 Ross Ave Greensboro, N.C. English Alpha Phi Alpha Prat. MOORE, MARTIN D, Route I. Box 1 )-B Plymouth, N.C. Professional Physics Kapp.i Alph.i Psi. Society of Physics Students MOORE. TIERRA 2(101 Oak Drive New Bern, N.C. Accounting Accounting Club MONK, WILLIAM GASTON P O. Box 548 Ball Arthur. N.C. Political Science MONROE, JAMES A. Route 4. Box 403 Fayettevillc. N.C. Economics Economics Club. Officers Club. Bushmasters 260 MONROE. LALRISTINE Route I. Box i30-E Clarklon. N.C. Ba5,ic Business Education Charmetie Social Club. Women ' s Council. Student Government Ass- MORRISON. GLORIA JEANME 511 S Kla At Stalesville. N.C. Business Education MOSLEY. CAROLYN 106 S. Hospital Sl Greenwood. S.C. Music Education Univei m Choir MOVE. DOROTHY I. Route 3. Box 2(.W LaGrange. NC. Vocal Music College Choir MUNFORD. CARRIE MAE 1613 McKinle Ave New Bern. N.C. Business Education NCAS MLRPHY. LSSAC E. 3 4-D Richard Greene Kinston. NC Mich. Engineenng MURPHY. RONALD Route I. Box IIS Toanhoe. N.C. Electncal Technologv Nu Gamma . lpha NISBETT. DEANNA 1143 East 219 St. Bronx. N.V. .Accountins Women ' s Council. ALOBEAM NIXON. KEITH ANTHONY 808 .Martin St. Smithfield. N.C. Electncal Technolo2 Societv of Manufactunng Engineers. Air Force ROTC Fhing Program. Universitv- Bowline League NORMAN. JAMES SAMUEL Route 4. Box 536 Martinsville. Va. Historv Kappa .Alpha Psi. History Club OUTEN. ARVELLE B. 707 S. Vance St. Gastonia. N.C, .Architectural Drafting National Manufaaunng Engineers. Track Team. Karate Club PARKER. DOROTHY ANNE Route 2. Box = Roxoboro. N.C. Physical Education Vice-President Phvsical Education Club. Gymnastic Club PARKER. JOHN AURLEY Route 3. Bo 329 Mt. Gilend. N.C, Business .Administration PARKER. WENDELL 907 Dewy Sl. Greensboro. N.C. Industrial Technology Iota Phi Theta Fral.. Inc.. G " mnas[ics Club. Men ' s Counal PAYNE. RONALD L. Route 4. Box 125 Charlottesville. Va. Phvsical Education Football. Basketball. Track Swimming PAGANT. CHARLOTTE P O Bo 82 ! Beaufort. S.C. English N.C.T.E.. L ' sher Board. .Administrauve Helpers. Charmettes. Delta Sigma Theta PATTERSON. EDWARD PO. Box 941 Henderson, N.C. Economics PATTERSON. IDA M. 5i: North .Main SL Blackstone. % ' a. Clothing PHILLIPS. ALRLANDER noO HickoiT. St. Portsmouth. Va. Electncal Engineenng Omega Psi Phi Frat.. Inc. PHILLIPS. CHARLES K. P O. Box % Landis. N.C. Math Education Nu Gamma .-Mpha. Ltd. GenLv . ' OOP. Math Club PHILLIPS. KENNETH EUGENE 20( 4 N Bentalon St. Balnmore. Mar.Iand Engineermg Physics Iota Phi Theta Frat dents SPS. Socnet of Ph 5ics Stu- PIERCE. BARBARA JEAN 1:20 South 7th St. Wilmington. N.C. Music Education Choir PIGGOTT. DANIEL . THELL Route 1. Box 185 WhiteviUe. N.C. Mathematics President of Mathematics Club, SNE. ' . Member of Teacher Educauon Counal. Nu Gamma .Alpha Frat.. Inc. Gents Ltd. PLLMMER. FRANCINE L. 910 Delapittd Place N W . Washington. D.C. Social GL ' TS. Women ' s Council. Intramural Sports POPE. WTLLIA.Vl I. 1:7- 3rd .Ave. S.W. Hickorx. N.C. Industrial Technology Sec S.M E PORCH. WESLEY R. 908 S- Washington Sl Rocky MounL N.C. Industrial Technology Bowling Team POWTLL, SH. NTEL 2749 W. 23rd Sl Bklyn.. N.Y. Child Development Women ' s Council. French Club. Club Home Economics QUICK. EM.ANUELLA 150.S Blulbrd Sl Greensboro. N.C Nursing Teloca Club. Student .Advisory Committee. Nursing DepL. Richard B. Harrison Plavers QUICK. SHIRLEY .AN ' N PO Box %4 HamleL N.C. Social Service R.AMSEY. IS. . C H. 6472 Knox R. Norfolk, Va. Political Science R AMSEY. MOSES H. Rte, 2. Box 284 Chatham. Va. A2- Econ. President of YMCA. Vice Pres. Esquires. Men ' s Counal. UCCM RAPER. EMMA J. P.O. Box 262 Thomas ille. N.C. Business .Administration RAY. MARVIN DARNELL 1608 Richard Sl Economics Administrative Helpers. Economics Club. Marching Band. Off-Campus Club REDD. lONA MARIE 217 3rd Ave. South Birmingham. .Alabama Professional Biology BiologN ' Club REDDICK. LILLIAN JEAN !04 Norton Street Sociologv Gamma Sigma Sigma. AOOP. Secretarv of Veter- an ' s Gub. S.G -A. Research Committee 261 REEVES. GEORGE Route I. Box % M Kdnnapolis. N.C. General Business Admmislralion Men " i Council REID. DENNIS RAV 71 l-A Clapp Si. Grecnshoro. N.C. Band ( Marching. Concert, Slagei REID. ROY L. IU09 L.igan Si. Biolo Biul.iL " , Cluh RHODES. MALINDA D. 320 Wcsl F(,urlh St. Washinglon. D C. Math Dish Circle. SNE. ' RICHARDSON. CAROLYN L I72JI Irma Si. Charlotle, N.C. Business Education Nalional Collegiate Ass., of " Secretaries RICHARDSON. CHARLES ROGER Route 2. Box 29 D Waxhaw. N.C. Engineering Physics Alpha Phi Omega. Sixielv of Phvsics Students RICHARDSON. HELEN THORNE Route 2, Box 309 Nashville. N.C. Accounting Alobeam Society. Women ' s Council. Diuit Circle, Presidential Scholars Club RICHARDSON, HENRY GORDON Route 3, Box 97-A PitLsboro. N.C. Agncultural Education National Society of Pershine Rifles. A2 Ed Club R.O.T.C. Officers Club RICHARDSON, JOANNE Route I, Box 876 Fieldale. Va English (EducaUon) RINEHART, ROBERT E. 107 Westmoreland St. Beckley. Wcsl Va. Business .AdministraUon ROACH. LATIE GADSON Route 6. Box 319 Sumter, S.C. Nursing Telcoa. Women ' s Council ROBERTS. LESLIE 62 Sanford St East Orange. N J. Physical EducaUon Iota Phi Theta, {iaseball, Basketball. Eooiball ROBINSON. CHRISTINE DELAIS Route I. Box 2.S2 Norlina. N C Biologx Biology Club. French Club. SNEA, German Club ROBINSON, ESLEY A. PO. Box III Trenton. N.C. Economics YMCA. Econ. Club RODGERS, KENNETH GERALD 1402 Washington Ave. Slier City. N.C. Art (Design! Alpha Phi Alpha. .An Circle. Men ' s Council ROSS. PAUL L. Columbm, S.C. Business Admmislraiiun Arnold Air Societv. Track Mang. ROWLAND, JOSEPH 526 N. Cooper St. Clayton, N.C. Accounting ALOBEAM Society RUSSELL, PATRICIA ANN Route 1, Box 206 Warrenton, N.C. Home Economics Education Home Economics Club, Women ' s Council RYAN. MILTON A. Route I. Box 93 Edenlon. N.C. Business Education Phi Beta Lambda. GUTS. Men ' s Council SAVAGE, RICHMOND 21 Winchester St. Waterbury. Conn History Iota Phi Theta SHANK. RICHARD ANTHONY .sis Bclvedre Circle Kings Mt.. N.C. Professional Biology Omega Psi Phi Fraternitv SHAPE. ISIAH ROOSEVELT Route I, Box 274 Rocky Mt., N.C Biology Co-Captain Baseball Team. Men ' s Council. Digit Circle, Biology Club SHERRILL, RUBY M, 325 Lee Ave English Women ' s Council, Administrative Helpers, Educa- tion Club oi English Majors SIMMONS, LINSTER Route 3. Box 209 New Bern, N.C. Business Adminislr.iiion 262 SIMPSON, MATTHEW LEON 920 So loth St Wilmington. NC History Kappa Alpha Psi, Presidential Scholars, President Student Government Association. AOOP, Men ' s Council, 13-College Curriculum SIMPSON. ROBERT W. 2222 Edgar Street Fayetteville. N.C Business .Administration Pershing Rifles SIMS. VALE T. 601 Dogwood Street Fuquay-Varina. N.C. Accounting Women ' s Council. Accounting Club SLADE, GERALDINE Box 14, Swanquarters, N.C 13-College Curriculum SMALL. WALTER DAVID 71 S North 10th Street Wilmington. N.C. Advanced ROTC. College Choir, 13-College Curri- culum, Draft Counselor, Political Science Club SMITH. AMELIA F, 19 Pleasant Day Montclair, New Jersey Nursing TELOCA, Women ' s Council Karate Club SMITH, DAVID R. 701 Kentucky . e. Hampton. Virginia industrial Technology Baseball Team, ASTME Lettermen ' s Club, Alpha Phi Alpha Fralernilv SMITH. JACQUELYN E. Route I, Box I S3 Pollocksville. N C Business Administration SMITH, JEAN B, Greensboro, N.C, Busmess Education Student National Education Association. NCSA SMITH, JONES C. Route I. Box 386 Aurorn. N.C, Biologv SMITH, WILLIAM ARTHUR 1122 Baltimore Avenue. High Point, N,C. Accounting Accounting Club. YMCA. Yearbook Start " . Student Veterans Club SMITH. WILLIAM B. -162 S Kerr Ave Wilmington. N.C, Business Administration AFROTC. Flight Instructor Program SOMERVILLE. ALONZA 2023 Mullord Sireei Business Adminisiration SPAULDING. VERNON L. 2110 McConnell Road Greensboro. N.C. Business AdministraUon Choir. Wesle Foundation STALEY. SANDRA C. 2926 Knox Place S E Washington. D.C. Nursing TELOCA. Women ' s Council. YWCA. Newman Foundation. W.A. Karate Club STITH. CRARLENE 303 N. Lvne Street Rockv Mount N C Social Sciences XS ' isconsin Group. Women ' s Counal. ' VC-A. GUTS. Circle Development Program STRICKLAND. ANTHONY VV. 129 Church Street Cla.iiIon. N.C. Economic:v .Mpha Phi .Mpha FratemitN STRICKL.4ND. BRENDA General Deliver. Fair Bluff. N.C. Social Services Alpha Kappa .Alpha Sororitv. .Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Societv. .Administrative Helpers. Campus Goal Girl Scouts TABB- RONALD V. 1020 Dewey Street Greensboro. N.C. Accounting Alobeam Society TABOURNE. BENJ.AMIN Phila.. Penn. Art Design Black Student Liberation Fronts T. KNNER. EVELYN 345 .Amherst Street East Orange. New Jersey Clothing. Textiles .A Related . rts Program Chairman of Women ' s Counal. Home Economics Club TATE. OCTAVIS Route 1. Box 445 Mebane. N.C. Business .Administration TERRY. MICHAEL Q. 51 Broad .Ave. Trenton. New Jersey Pohucal Science Lenerman Club. Varsity Rifle Team THOMAS. DAMON ROGER 323 .Ashley Ave . Charleston. S.C. .Accounting SG.A. Co-chairman of THOMAS. GAIL 108 John Street Florence. S.C Sociology Vice-President of .Afro-Sleeping THOMPSON. DONALD ONEIL 1 " Jenkins Stteet Sumter, S.C. Music Education The University Choir THOMPSON. GLENDA E. P O Box 505 Burlington. N.C. English .Alpha Kappa .Alpha Sorority. .A T Register " 68. Junior .Affil. THOMPSON. JASPER J. Route 1. Box 164 Parkton. N.C. Business .AdministraUon Men ' s Council THORNHILL. BRENDA JEAN ri5 Dunbar Sueet Greensboro. N.C. English SNE.A. NCTE. .Alpha Kappa .Alpha Soronty . A T Register THOMPSON. KENNETH " KT " Kappa .Alpha Psi Fraternity. Inc. Business .Admin- istraUon TURNER. LUCIRENE Route 3. Box 602-C Raleigh. N.C Nursing TELOCA TURNER. MICHELE IRENE " TIGER " 402 N. Conn. .Ave. .Atlantic City. N.J. Sociology TLLINES. VALERIE F.AYE Route 1. Box I6 ' -.A Hurdle MiUs. N.C. Social Sen ' ice Women ' s Council WADDELL. LENNIS L. 4 ' 05 Midwood Ave Baltimore. Md, Indusmal Electronics Swimming Team WALKER. TONY Route I. Box 419 Mebane. N.C. Business .Adminisuauon Men ' s Counal. Business Club .Accounung Club WALL. JONETTE M. 1 14 Grove .Ave. Rockmgham. N.C. Business .Administration I3-College Cumculum. Business .Administration Organization WALLS. LESLIE S. l ' ? Park Blvd. Camden, New Jersev Social Services V ATKINS. LEE FRANCETTA 212 South Harns Greensboro. N.C. Accounting W.ATSON. ROBERT BRADFORD 23U Pineland .Ave. Cla ton. N.C. .Accounting Accounting Club. Dnil Team WATSON. WENDELL M. 6t)l Bumning A e- Southport. N.C. Biolog (Professional) Band WATSON. WILLIAM ROBERT 35-F McDougal Terrace Durham. N.C. Industrial Arts Education WATT. JULIA 2 ' ' Saratoga Saeei AshevillerN.C. Sociology Women ' s Counal WATTS. DANNY EARL n02 W. Third Street Greenulle. N.C. Political Science WATTS. PATRICIA ANN 1336 Manland Ave. NE Washington. DC. Business AdministraUon SNEA. GUTS. Women ' s Council WEST. JAMES M. Route 1. Box 235 Rose Hill. N.C. Industnal Technology ASTME. Sou! Enterprise .Automotive Club. Tech- no!og WESTON. JAMES DeVEAUX 34 Chapel Street Charleston. S.C. Music Education Universm- Choir. Concert Choir Male Singers. Charleston Club WHITAKER, OTTO IRWIN 1 1 16 N. Greenwood Street Scotland Neck. N.C. Business Educauon Men ' s Council. L ' niversitv Sundav School. National Slate Association of Secretanes Student National Teacher ' s Assoaation 263 5 _» Admin Helpers. Puhhcitv Chair WHITE, JR., ALBERT LOPEZ 1:1 Bailev Street Chester. S.C, Accounting The AYANTEE-Business Mger. Student Leader Men ' s Council. Student Legislature. Student JudicKir , Universitv Council Accounting Club WHITE. BARBARA ANN Route :. Box 321-A Clarkton. N.C- Zcta Phi Beta Sorority. Administration Helper. TELOCO University ' Choir, Women ' s Council Nursing WHITE. BERNARD LS55 Nostrand Ave. Apt. lA Brooklyn. N.Y. Biology Biology WHITE. Ill, EDWIN M. 839 Ross Ave- Greensboro, N.C Economics Economics Club. YMCA WHITE, WALLACE GERALD Route I. Box 221 Como. N.C Business Administialion National Society of Scabbard Blade. Administra- tive Helpers. K.arate Club WHITEHURST, WILFRED THOMAS 9 } William Street New Bern. N C. Art hduealion WHITFIELD. REMONIA F. Route I. Box 84 LaGrane. N.C. Home Economics Education Home Economics Club. Women ' s Council. BTLL Angel Flight WILLIAMS, CLEMENTINE Route I. Box 76 LaGrange. N.C English Women ' s Council. BTU. NCTE WILLIAMS. DAN P.O. Box 401 Conover. N.C. Political Science Political Science Club. Vets Club WILLIAMS, DEBORAH L. R,D :. Box .16 Phillipsburg, N,.l Economics Secretarv of Economics Club. Women ' s Council Club. BTL: WILLIAMS, JASPER 29 Seaman Street New Brunswick. N.J Professional History WILLIAMS. WALTER 19 North Ohio Ave. . ' Atlantic City. N.J. Social Service Society ol Black Liberation. SOBU WILSON, BENJAMIN C. PO Box 188 Kannapolis. N.C. Ari Design ESQ. Track Team WILSON. JANET MARIE m N Highland Street Gaitonia. N.C. Sociology Sigma Rho Sigma Recognition Society. Delta Sigma Theta Soronty, Women ' s Council. YWCA. GUTS WILSON, PARTICIA ANNE 7i)} South Harding Ave. Kannapolis. N.C. Nursing TELOCA. Karate Club WITHERS. CLAIRE PATRICIA Route 1. Box 67 Ruttin. N.C Accounting Alpha Kappa Mu Honi r Society Administrative Helpers. A T Register. AOOR ALEOBEAM Societ Presidential Scholars WITHERS, WAYNE Route 1. Box 61 Ruffin. N.C, Industrial Technology SME. NAIT. A T Veterans Association WINGATE, AUNDDREY 309 Asphalt Rd Kinston. N.C. Agncultural Economics Estjuire SeAice Fellowship. YMCA. Inter-laith Coordinating Council WOMACK, EARLENE sol Llovd Street Tarboro. N.C Child Development Women ' s Council. Home Economics Club WOMACK. WILLIAM DEXTER 3:4 Bradley Rd. Danville. Va. Economics Economics Club. Groove Phi Groove Scxrial Fel- lowship WOODARD. PAULETTA 907 Park Drive Henderson. N.C. Ortice Administrauon NCAS. Women ' s Council WOODS, KENNETH W. Route 1. Box 82-A Lensburg, N.C. Accounting ALOBEAEN Society. Men ' s Council WOOLFOLK, JR., JAMES W. 1 14 W Harrison Ave Gastonia. N.C. Industrial Technology Pershing Riflers. National Society of Industrial Tech Ma|ors. Society of Manufacturing Engineers. WRIGHT, JACQUELYN LORETTA 405 N.W. 20th Ave. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla Psychology Psychology Club. .Alpha Kappa Alpha Soronty, Women ' s Coun, WYNN, VARONA LAKOY P.O. Box 366 Hunterville. N C Mathematics Educauon Digit Circle, Women ' s Council, Sunday School, SGA YANCEY, PATRICIA Route . . Box 168 Henderson, N.C. Business Education AKA Soronty, NCAS, SNEA. Women ' s Council YELVERTON, THURMAN D. Route 3. Box ?l 1 Snow Hill. N.C, Business Administration Alpha Phi Omega. Men Council. AOOP. Univer- sity Council. Curriculum Development Program Judiciary Board. AYANTEE Staff YOUNG, GEORGE W. 1906 E. 26 Su-eet Winston-Salem. N.C, Engineering Math Alpha Kappa Mu. Math Club 264 ■ m f ' f ' '

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