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1 ' STATE UNIV LlBfiAF a. 13. BLCfFORD OBRARY H. C A a fr STATE, UNiVtH rti iSREENSBORa NC 27411 7 n. n • K , 2003 AdHtBORO STREET GREErJSBORp, JiC 7406 North Carolina Agricultural And Technical State University At Greensboro Keith A. Graves, Editor-in-Chief Linzv Harrison, Associate Editor Stephanie WilHams, Managing Editor Brenda L. Adams, Executive Secretary Othello Shores, Advisor r. a BLUFORD OBRARH M. C. A (1- STAT£ UNIVERSBI KtEENSBORQ. NC 274U W. C A (Si :! STATE. UNIVtKSfSt BREENSBORO. NC 27411 f NC a 4 T STATE UNIV iiiiiirii ' " 3 0343 0072259 e. E). 61 H. a A SREE NSl 2003 AoHtBORO STREET GRlE| s_30Rg, nj_c. 2740s North Carolina Agricultural And Technical State University At Greensboro Keith A. Graves, Editor-in-Chief Linzy Harrison, Associate Editor Stephanie WilHams, Managing Editor Brenda L. Adams, Executive Secretary Othello Shores, Advisor N 7 It 7d M, C. A .T STATE UNIVtKSiai» SRtENSBORO, NC 2 1 TT " -k ' SH-mifli I lit AWWr.o ' t ■J ' - ' -.yn • ! I CONTENTS Introduction 4 Dedication 8 Student Life 10 Academics 24 Organizations 34 Queens 84 Administration 120 Student Achievements 138 Seniors 152 Underclassmen 172 Sports 204 ROTC 230 Ayantee 244 5 S S s 7 5 1i A 5 b 5 7 S ■ P i ■ 1 1 ■ 1 m - " •- ' .■ ' 1 1 H 1 ■ 1 1 1 1 1 Jjoii i l t»:i ' f, 1 1 H H 1 -.t|J H • p , 1 B - 1 ■ 1 H E ■iJi I [ ■ ■ 1 ■ - 1 1 k i 1 ■ H 1 K - " t - 1 k _ | 1 1 r SSki £iE ■ H i, JL b e s JL 5 5 7 I Mrs. Barbara Burgess Mr. Clyde DeHughley «» - -:- !? Mr. Benny Mayfield DEDICATION We cannot help but extol those who have served as our inspiration, instilling in us the desire to penetrate deeper into broader channels, making our presence known to the outer world. Words and space alone can never adequately transmit the deep appreciation, we feel for the qualitative services of Mrs. Barbara Burgess, Mr. Benny Mayfield, and Mr. Clyde DeHughley. Therefore, in grateful recognition for their time, talent and unwanted guidance, we extend our sincere apprecia- tion as we dedicate this edition of the " AYANTEE " to Mrs. Barbara Burgess, Mr. Benny Mayfield and Mr. Clyde DeHughley. Delores Young Miss Kat Benwittia Douglas Miss Senior Janice Gaye Miss Pan-Hellenic Council Joyce Hughes Miss AKA I r. 1 ■U||B Mt jj tttKtA SX £ mSmmi V »f Ronald Ross! What have you been sipping? Busy? . . . " Well Hello- Say What?! 12 On campus we have such invigorating events, as . . . Rapping . ■ ' W :;. «■ Profiling More profiling Counting chunk change 13 " ' JLr ' ' S Stylin ' . J .1 Getting Those Sugar Pills . . Scoping Some T.V. More Stylin ' Waiting to Grit i Fighting Off Cops????? W ,:-■■■ ■.:% ■ ' 1 Pt lSo 1 s8 H HI. Checking The mail list 16 Eating in Murphy Brown Punching with the marching Aggies Giving The Wrong Directions stretching your profile . Styling away from home J ft K I 1 w ■ w m 2i V ' ' ' 1 ' Vl Gambling . . . [ Curbing tine dog A litis . I I 4 Did he get the ball??? Miss that ball and I ' l Feeling lost wm ,■ rrr: — More profiling " B f fS f i Getting out assignments . Looking for the books that aren ' t there . . Eating peanuts praying . Freaking out running for Miss America r Show me the one who did it??? losing money confusion (5). " ? (5)!!?! JM| The School Of Arts And Sciences szz The School Of Nursing Mrs. N. Wvnn, Dean Noble Hall - .-41 ' " " ll IM Stt ft : . III III III " A ■ f The School Of Engineering Departments include: Architectual Engineering Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Dr. Reginald Amon , Dea I Cherr Hall The School Of Agriculture Dr. B. C. Webb. Dean Carver Hall (I The School Of Education Dr. S. J. Shaw, Dean H(jd 4iri Hall The Graduate School Darw in Turner. Dean Hines Hall The Division Of Business And Economics Dr. Theodore NKiludtev, Dean Merrick Hall The Division Of Industrial Education And Technology Dr. Charles W. Pinckne . Dean Price Hall i ORGAN iu;i nm ' •-- ' ill N.C. A T STATE U. " AGGIES " ' i ' P MILTON GLENN - DRUM MAJOR W. F. CARSON - DIRECTOR Hollls Pippin — Drum Major J. Williams — Director 36 Vernon Hatley — Pres. Mr. Albert Smith — Advisor c%om Jt _l_ -L. T n.C. h -G S ' Gh ' GZ co ' ncz ' R ' G cnom Dr. Howard T. Pearsal, Director Students have united from all departments of A T to partici- pate in ttiis ctioir. They sing music from Europe, Africa, and South and North America: but the choir has continually concentrated on the message of becoming aware of the joys, sorrows and hopes expressed by the Black people of America. Top soloists for this group are Annette Kitchen (soprano). Carolyn Mosely (mezzo so- prano), James D. Weston (tenor), Audrey Harris (tenor), and Mau- rice Scott (bass). Concerts for the A T are held at Easter and Christmas time before the students are allowed home for the holi- days. I X ZCOCh CCWB (Nnisiiii; Majors) Jackie Hunter, Alma Liinsford, Jacqueline Hunter, Connie Kelly, Helen HoUev, and La Verne Mizell. mocoev ccwb CDETi ' S cowncic HAROLD GLOVER - President lOOCDE ' S councic MARY KELLY - President 43 hSSOClhXilOV. standing: Tom Biernasz, Ken Payne, Donald Pierce, Bruce Johnson, Louis Williams, and Mark Nelson. Seated: Lillie Miller, LaVerne Bass, Georgina Holden, Lora Stoer, Delcine El- liotte, Joyce Eycke, and Yvonne Messa. i » W- e ' REETlSSO O SE UICB ' GUTS ' ROSA BRIGHT - President CDE(DO IA£ uniov. ©lerc cmci:e Mr. Heughan — Advisor ?•• i i ' ' WW Y SOBG •nl V W mrmttmrm k illllill) SOCIEtJ OIF Ch V Mrs. M. Diaz — Advisor NATIONAL ECONOMICS HONOR SOCIETY ' tm I ' L ■ ;, " PliVSlCS CCU ' B Dr. Maria Diaz — Advisor I . ACDE ICA S0CIBI5 OP ASSECD ' B£ ' i« 01 o ' Keh ' nizhXiio ' nhc ' P ' RESI ' DBTJUS B ' picu EATi cms (of DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA) r. . ' A V I VCOCk e oouE " Pjii 56 e oouE •E : " : ' -U. S ' ROt HB ' RS OF BOS 5S - » i V V ■ « v SOUC SOClZXiV B ' PERSHING RIFLES CO A CDE t BS 62 ' RAtJ ' PACK SOCIAL FELLOWSHIP 64 ■ .ff ' i ■» ■ -t- f ' : A ' PI A ' PI I 0CDE6 SERVICE FRATERNITY 66 M ' fc. ' .- yfea 4 6ACDCDA SieCDA SI SERVICE SORORITY 68 PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL 1)BE, President; (ienr e Rhvne KAM Vice President: D ii;ht Diivis n K$ Treasurer: Reginald Morton Secretary: Sandra Belcher ALG 70 KA ' P ' PA kC %h ' PSI I A « i a£. : •» t ■ -». • AiS-PI A K PW 7(i OBCX A SI6CDA i H Brfl T 0CDB6A -PSI -PI I 80 ZZZh " 9%! SBtJA 82 sSz Ss u Jitasism s?vl? ? l BM| ifl « ' .irX« JLs ■MMMiiawaiAataaHiaiBB •■■ aaip «■■ aaa Mvai __ -- T ' » ]f% . KTSiSSAiSKBS -PO I SEI A SieCDA 84 - v " V K| 1 V 9 i F K ' —wSB P lllll!! ' • ' IkJ P . i E i — 1 — 7?l ■ F " -a ' •• .,1 lO ' Gh " Pni t HB A S6 S iiL2!Sfae- ' ir -Wi kibUk i i -icc-sf r- . A1 " 1 , . 1 t. Mm.. m ii-- 7 1 . nK . . aife- i u B ' 4i 1 i; t i« n T-5rsr-p- Debbie Todd Miss Men ' s Council Jean Haggler Miss Charmettes wmmt ' Jacqueline Redding Miss . lpha Phi Omega 97 Linda Wright Miss Angel Flight JSK«tr- « fe5.« " .i!t ' J L- - MISS A T I Lillian Campbell is young, gifted and Black. She is a senior English major from Charlotte, N.C " , who entered A T in 1966 as a presi- dential scholar. She is a member of Angel Flight, Delta Sigma Theta and served as queen of the 6()5th Sfjuadron 1967-68. Never before has the University been represented by a fine young woman of high ideals for which Miss A T stands. n Riding on her float Miss A T makes her first appearance to the Homecoming festivities. r Lillian Campbell, as Miss A At T, represented A T at Morgan State ' s Homecoming. Sonnet To A Soul Sister by Leander Forbes I ' m in lo e - yev I ' m in Io e with even black woman I see And the hands that base rocked the cradle will now shape all histon. For too long now she has been suffering, in the fields and kitchen heat. Just to base clothes on her cbildren ' . back and have food for them to eat. They raped her bods and her mind in the brothel and on the sireet. Then placed a white woman in the black man ' s mind against which she did compete. .She tried to imitate this blue ;yed blond, true symbol of white bigotry. But the realization of a proud heritage brought about her identity. Vou ' ve been tortured oh, my darling, forced to live in dark despair. They made you to bleach your ebony skin and " frv " your natural hair. She walks with grace known only to queens and her equals are but few. And the thrill of her lips when they touch my lips are soft like the morning dew. True beauty is only skin deep with a lot unseen inside. But the inner glow of her undying lose is the source of the black man ' s pride. So now my sweet love, defile not yourself with the vanities of this land And may the fruit of your precious womb ripen into a MAN. Joyce White Miss Administrative Leola Sloss Miss AROTC ■:v;:t !j i ' ll Eddyce Dacons Miss Society of Lady Engineers 101 Claudia Raid Miss AFROTC iW U. u; K Radiant is trulv the word for the four girls who represent the class queens for the year 1969-70. Miss Jeanette Simpson native of Columbus, Georgia is the only new edition to the regal beauties. She found herself in the chair of Miss Freshman in October. Black is Iwautiful amplifies her flawless features. ex- ! H ikiuasA » Miss Senior, Benittia Douglas, gazes at the hori- zon and sees optimism for A T. She hails from Fa etteville. North Carolina, and majors in Office Administration. She truly represents the tradition of heautihil Black queens on our cam- pus. Cvnthia Congelton, Miss Junior, views her junior year as her banner ear. The title of Miss Junior has afforded her a closer attachment to her fellow classmates. Miss Congleton has tnilv been a pic- ture of Blackness during her reign. Barbara Williams, a native of Wallace. North Carolina, reflects black over her reigning ear as Miss Sophomore. She has found that not only does she need poise, personalit) ' , and chami, but must be aware of her role as a black woman. bi.- — r: ' ' -v-, , - rTi ■ Si .I PS5rt ,-. Maceo Smith Miss Physical Education IU4 Charlotte Pazant Miss Richard B. Harrison Players Pat Hopkins Miss Omega Psi Phi 105 Mary Hayes Miss Phi Beta Sigma • Joyce Hughes Miss Alpha Kappa Alpha 106 W Carolyn Price Miss Gamma Sigma Sigma wmmm r. -•■ —— ' —- " ■ - mmt Connie Wiggs Miss Curriculum Development l »V.v 107 Glenda Ward Miss Veteran - 3 7 i -H A T students wear what makes them feel better or what- ever confirms their self-image The Campui Thing; Army and Safari Jacket f The Maxiumun of ta ihion 11(1 The Mini-mun of fashio B e hi : Profiling " Mod " Styles The Dashild III Jackets that shine cling yet function Phot.) hv Jack M,kl THE ALVIN AILEY DANCE THEATRE 112 rrU ■ Photo h Jack Mitchel Miquel Godreaii, a man whose exuberance and muscle control surpassed that of an acrobat, held the audience spellbound from beginning to end with a choreographical dance known as " Incars. " Two other dancers, Linda Kent and Bobb ' Johnson, added an intensifying ballet — " Poem " . " Luckie " , " Stoned Soul Picnic " and " Poverty Train " were songs done by a quintet of dances that combined sorrow with laughter on and off stage. The final and more soulful act of the company related to the American egro from Revolutionary War times until the present. V V t- -; 1 ' I Seth McCoy, a fomier student of A T, returned to give the stu- dents the worth of his singing. Music is one of the main centers of this campus and Mr. McCoy proved it with his rich tenor voice. Haramhee Singers brought the style, rhythm, and language of Africa . . . From the opera centers of the west to the land of the east . . . I and the beautv of being Black. BmBB Dino, Howard, Al and Jerome arc the Opels. The Delfonics vvere here on two occasions. The second occasion brought a group who formed two weeks before the performance and matched many veterans in the music business. Each, coming from different .smgiiig groups, coml)ined together to he known to the stu- dents as the Opels. The Versatile Gents made an appearance that same night to tell the storv of an African princess called Nva, in the song ' You blow mv mmd. With them came Miss Veronica ' Feaster to sing a couple of songs on her own and with the Gents. The Majors are an instrumental group composed of A T students Most, il not all, major in music and are known widely on the East coa,st. hey have been featured on shows with other performers such a.s the Delfonics, Gladys Knight and the Pips and Slv and the Familv Stone. 1 ruly, they are an artistic group. The Last Poets are what they call themsehes. They came from .Shaw University to stay on campus for a few days and recite poetry for students in the Memorial Union. iMihtant and aggressive, these men told it like it is, was and will he for Black people. ¥ Their names are Randv Cane, Wilbur Hart and William Hart and thev are the Delfonics. Cool, calm and soulful are the words for these gentlemen. The quiet moves and the pain, when they cry out say, " Didn ' t I blow your mind this time; didn ' t Vr The Homecoming weekend brought alumni, friends and enemies, from all parts of the country, to A 6f T. Charles Moore gymnasium became the center of activities with the coronation, Pre-Dawn and post- game dances. The Delfonics — taking a break. The Appreciations were here for the Pre-Dawn Dance only to make the lively festivities livelier. NINA SIMONE . . . She is the woman who wants no funny business. Her music is to the heart and straight to the point as when she tells us about being ' young, gifted, and black. ' ' Stevies makin " love to vour ol ' lady while she was at the Ste ie Vonder show, ' He rapped on his harmonica with ' Alfie ' - - - V charmed the ladies with ' Ma Cherie Amour ' . . . and whomped on hi- electric organ only to leave the audience begging for more. fsgait ADMIN ■ - f ] %i ■■ H ' " 3 H I ' 1 J 1 J mF M A.- " T; - ' iir ' ' :• . ?ii -jy.t y B Dr. Lewis C. Dowdy President rz. Board Of Trustees The men on the Board of Trustees are, standing: Mr. Rob- ert H. Frazier and Mr. Howard C. Barnhill. Seated: Dr. Frontis W. Johnston. Mr. George Sockwell. .Mr. L. L. Rav, . lr. W. B. Wicker, .Mr L harles W Philhps. Dr. I.euis ( Dowdy, Dr. Otis E. Tilhnan, Dr. . ndreu . . Best, .Mr David W. Mnrehead and Mr. John S. Stewart. We are honored to have Mr. John S. Stewart head the Board of Tnistees. He is the first Black man to hold this position in T ' s history. J Mr. Hichaid Moore Rev. Cleo McCoy Mr. Marvin Craeher Dirfildr I.I I ' i.I.Ik Inlnnnadiii Dirfilnr (il the Chapel 124 SiiptTiiileiKlt ' iit of Biiikiiiij s and Cruunds Mr. W. I. Morris Director oi Placement Mrs. Ruth M. Gore Director of Counceling and Testinij 125 LTC. William G. Goocle Dean of Men SHAB ' i Mr. Kllis Corhett Dr. Theodore Biineh Mr. Albert Smith Ass,K.ialc l:)irecl(ir, Pliiniiini; And Ofveliip.iicnt Dir«l.)r, Health Servites, Memurial Union :. . 126 Mr. ' ance Gray Financial Aid Officer Mr. William Gamble Director of . dmissions 127 Mr. }. Neil Armstrong Director of Summer School I f Mr. John Ziei ler Business Manager Dr. Glenn F. Rankin Dr. F. A. Williams Dean of Academic Affairs Director, Planning and Development 12S Mrs. Lucille Piggott Dean of Women Mr, B. C. Crews Acting Librarian Mr. Jimmie Barber Director of Housini:; 129 Mr. Benny Mayfield Mr. P. D. Boone " ? " Assistant Dean ut Student Affairs Dean uf Sccilt Hall 130 Turtle of Barnes Hall 3 I Dr. Jesse E. Marshall Dean of Student . " Ulairs K Dr. Gloria Scott Director. Institutional Research 131 Mr. Ken White Admissions Hands clasped behind his head, Eddie Evans vacates Scott Hall after invasion. 132 I North Carolina National Guard troops rush Cooper Hall while students are suffering from tear gas inhalation. 133 ■Hi- ' ' to ■ m ROADBLOCK! 134 i National Guard stands read for action. 135 mm A,..,- All power to the Black people Visions of being ' Snoopy ' who had visions of being the ' Red Baron ' . . . I @ .% " ?! w Hilliard B. Hines, Jr. Editor-in-Chief Frankie Pauling Associate Editor Jimmy L. Newkirk Business Manager THM ' REGISTER " Complete Awareness in times for Complete Commitment. " THE RECISTER STAFF o OJ c D CD S I 5 . dCJP WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVEF?SITIES AND COLLEGES f " Ik rw Keiniit Waddell History 142 Reginald Morton Business Administration I I Thurman Hampton Political Science 143 Dvvight Davis Ph ' sics i Ba i Merl Code Mathematics 144 Charles Worth Accounting J Joe L. Anderson Economics 145 Thomas Sherman Electrical Engineering Ji ■SI James Cooper Economics 146 Marniciue Foster Nursing ' ■ ' ' ' • ' ' ■ ' • ■« t Robert Watson Mechanical Engineering 147 Savannah Craig Physical Education ,.mai i ' , •j: snv »fmvmiieyiy vT Il Harold Glover Economics 148 Joseph Richeson Agricultural Education I I Ora Strickland Xursin " 149 Kenneth Stith Accounting Resinald Morton Treasurer Jovce Lindsey Exec. Secretary ' 1 ! ' ' ii ' i ' 1, 1 j ' William J. Hubbard MEMBERS of STUDENT LEGISLATURE Larry Kay Shirlev Stevens ' , Richard Powell Claude Johnson Dorothy B. McLean Kenneth Alson Alexander Hilliard Gwendolyn Lawson John Fletcher Larry Southerland Diane Dean Alton Rogers, Jr. David Mallette, Jr. Jacqueline Wright Albert White, Jr. Johnny Burton Katie Graham Alton Anderson Willie Manning Rebecca Chapman Roderick Wright Walter Foster Yvonne McKoy Ronald Murphy Aona Harrington Joan Pipkins 1 James Parks Barbara Calloway Patricia Conrad Shannon Whitted 150 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Vincent McCullough, President Nelson Johnson. Vice-President I 151 M ■! . ■Sic f - VtC!i yJ I r SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Kermit Waddell is busy in his office performing the duties of a competent president of the Senior Class. Under his leadership the senior class sponsored shows and other social events to aid the university foundation. Kermit is a history major from Charlotte, North Carolina. He plans to attend law school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 154 m I Oscar Beale Vice-President Herman Fulton Treasurer 155 I I I I,.., . 1 ,1 l7M: - . .--id Air ' - ' i ' j ' -il- -r- ' ■ . ' .al ' a Su«ii!Evr ' r.T: KS Adams, Brenda L. Roariiiti River, N,C. BiisiiK ' ss Education Andersnti. Joe Lewis Charli.tte. .C:. Economics Allfii. AKin Miami, Fla, Arch. Engr. Armstrong, Terrv Gastonia, N.C. Accounting Alexander, Aijuilla Greensboro. N.C. Accounting Bailey, Avonne Accomac. Va. Home Economics Alexander, Walter Concord, N.C. Eng. Math. Bailey, Johnnie Winston-Salem, xN.C. History . Iford, George Winston-Salem, N.C. Art De: sign Barhovir. Jessie Raleigh. N.C. Pro. Biolog - Barnes. Edna (Conway. . .C. Biology Education i 1 Bass, La Verne Reidsville, N.C. Music Education Battle. James (;rferivillf, S.C. Histnr Beale, Oscar Winston-Salem, N.C. History Bell, Ralph Concord. N.C " , Mech. Engineering M ' Belle, Barbara i Grfenslxiro. N.C. HuMiir-ss Education Berger, Elizabeth Chatham. Va. Sociology Bethea. Mullie Ann -Mnllins. SC Business Ixliiiatioii Blackwell, Brenda Detroit, Mich. English Blanton, Verrena Pittsburgh, Pa. Sociology Blue. Thomas East Orange. N. J. Business Boomer. Lossie Pante o. N.C. Office Administration Bo« les. Shelie Martins ille. Va. Business Education Bovkin. Patricia Garland, N.C. Nursing Britton. Marcia Chicago. 111. Home Economics E .i Broadna.x, Vondia Eden. N.C. Child Development Brower, Da id Cameron. .N.C. Histor ' Brown. Felton . rro!ton. ' a. Industrial . rts Ed. BrowTi. John Fa ette ille. N.C. Histor Brown, Linda C- Greensboro. N.C. Chemistrx Brown. Resinald BroMTi. ' eni Bullock. Rose Burrew. Gloria Bmh. Juanita Richmond a. Pantego. . . C. Wilson. N.C. Greensboro. .N.C WinterMlle, N.C Bus. . dni. Bus. . dm. Clothino Bus. . dm. Prof Enalish Bvers. Gloria Callowa . Josette Greensboro, N.C. Charlotte. N.C. Business Education Nursing Campbell, Barbera Trenton, N.J. Business Education Campbell, Lillian Charlotte. N.C. English Cannon, Lo ie . urora. N.C. EngUsh n jWJlA " 4 Ci ■ . " ■-v. ' ?« 7J»J Ceaser. Ca-Sandra Clhavis. Edward C:herTv. Shelia L Mt. Ain. X.C. Raleigh. . C. Greenville, N.C. Pro, Bioloi - Economics Biolo v Chrisco, Jacqueline Ashhoro. ' .C. Chemistry y m Clark. Janie Java. Va. History C;lennn(ins, Lawrence (Cleveland, Bernice Code. Merl Collins. Estell Colvin. Thelma Haleitih. ,C. Greensboro. N.C. Seneca. S.C. Charlotte. . C. Dunn, N.C. Accuuntinti Sociology ' Mathematics Psych oloj Social Service Ojne. . nthony 0. Cooper. Gerry Cooper. Sadie ( orbett. Marilyn Counts, Claryce Favettevdle. N, C:, Brooklyn, N.Y. Kin stree. N.C. Burlington. N,C. Winston-Salem. N.C Bus Adm Industrial Tech. Bus, Adm. Social Service Bus. Adm. Oaig, Savannah Charlotte. N.C. Pliysital Education Crisp, Mary Mebane. N.C. Social Service Crittonden. Wallsena East Elnihurst, N.Y. Socioloi Cromartie, Pete Shannon. N. C. Psvcholofiv Art Desii n Dasher. Almedia K. Dave. Fa e Delinam. .Malcolm Dickens. Dora J. Miami. Fla. Greensboro, .N.C. Raleigh. N.C. Tarboro, N.C. Physical Education Biolo v ' Political Science Business Education Diogs. Willie II WaEefield. Va. Eng. Math Dixon. Edwadard Douglas Benittia Dowd , Reginald Dula. Lesllie M Engrani. George Washington. D.C. Bus. A( i. Favetteville. N.C Washington. N.C. Lenior, N.C, Da tona Beach, Fla Secretanal Science Pohticaf Science V ' oc. Industrial Ed, Bus. . dm. Epps. Barbara Weldon. N.C. CTR.. . Evans, Vivian ' . Lynchburg, S.C. Nursing Everson, Percy A. Disputanta, Va. . ccounting E.xum, Addie Kenly. N.C, Child Development Faison. Alfreda Whiteville. N.C. Business Education Fenner. Wendell Columbia, N.C. Agr. Engineering Ferguson. Horace ' ilmingtQn. .N.C. Psych olog - Ferguison. Tampra Racfford, ' a. Phvsical Education Fields. Jimmie Seven Springs, N.C. Economics Floyd. Bonnie Miami. Fla. Business Education Fonvill. Ersking Pantego, N. C. Eng. Fiird, (;ar ' Foster. Mamique Riithertorclton N.C. Salem, Va. Bm ' .- Adni. Nuriin Fox. Rachel Fulton. Herman Greensboro, N.C. Kingstree, S.C. Social Service Bus. Adm. m Gadsden, Kunald Gaskill. Nelson Greensboro. N.C. Hampton, Va. Eng.-Math. Chemistrv Gav. Janice M. Chattanooga. Tenn. Business Education Roll call CrcKkett? HE R-H-El! Gadson, Evelvn Gadsden, Ronald Mavsville. N.C. Greenslxjro, N.C Economics Eng.-Math Gilmore. Delores Reidsville. N.C. Nursing (ilover. Harold Oxford. N.C;. Economics (ireene. Solomon Midville, Ga. Industrial Ed. Graves, Keith Favetteviile. N.C. Political Science Graves. Ketuieth Favetteviile, N.C. Electronics (iraves, Huliert Mebane. N.C. Bus. . din. ma L ■ Greene. Thelma Petersburg. a. Accounting Grant. Claudia Newborn, N.C. Social Service Gram. Bettv Kenans ille. N.C. Nursing i Hager. Thomas D. Rockingham. N.C. Music Education The finaliv made it out. Scnp, Schenck. and Precious. Hairston. .- gnes Martins ' !lle, Va. Home Economics Hairston. Man ' High Point. N.C. Home Economics S I Hard . Emily M. Jackson, N.C. Physical Education ir Harrington, . ona Washington, D.C. Phvsical Education Harrington. Jerr L. Durham. N.C. Bus. . dm. Harrington. Patricia Dxirfiam, N.C. Sociology " Harris, Thomas S. LvTichburg, Va. Bus. .Adm. Harrison. Willette F. Georgetown, S.C. Prof. Biolog)- Harper. Priscilla Fannville. N.C. English Hawk. Carol " n Shelby. N.C. ' Bus. Adm. Hawkins. Walter Louisburt;, .C. Mech. Engiiieerinti Herhiii. RoI ert Reidsville. N.C. Mathematics Heniande . Metto D. Port of Spain, Trinidad Electronics Hester, Brooks Wilson. N.C. Sociologv Hill. James Ahoskied N.C, Aj;r. Economics t Homl. Mattu- Lancaster. S,(;. Economics Hudson. Rudj er ( olnmlms, Ca. S(xioloj;v Vc Hillman, Kathleen Hohson. Arthur Hollinjjsworth. Judy V Washington, D,C, Hampton. Va. Favetteville, N.C, II ' Social Science Bus, Adm. Home Economics Hiiiihes. Billv Cireensboro, N.C. Phvsical Education Humphrey. Clara Anderson, S,C. C hild Development Hood. John Lagrani e. N.C. Psych olog . Humphrey. Vivian Carner. N.C. Social Service Ingram, Calvin Maxton, N.C. I Accounting Ingram, Charles (Greensboro, N.C. Business Jackson, Paulette Bronx. N.Y. Child Development Jackson. Rebecca Baltimore. Marvland Political Science 1 -■• Vv 1 Jackson. TTieodore Wilson, N.C. S(jciology Si James. Clifton D. . hoskie. .C, Agr. Education Jeffries, Terrv Cedar Crove. .C. Accounting Jeterl, Marie Spartanluirg, S.C. C.TR.A. Johnson. Barbara Jackson. N.C. Business Educatiot Johnson. Leon Reidsville. N.C. Sociology- Johnson, Linda Greensboro. N.C. . gr. Education Johnson, Ra Reidsville. N.C. Agr. Education Jones, David Durham. N.C. Political Science Jones, Evelvn Q. East Orange, N.J. Biologv Jones, Florence D. Winston-Salem, N.C. Physical Education Jones, Frankie Burlington. N.C. Biology -Animal Sci. Jones, Ciloria Y. Petersburg, Va. Histor Jones, James H. Greensboro. N.C. Social Sciences JoMier, Johnny Greensboro, N.C. Physical Education Kelly. Barbara Waterbur , Conn. Nursing Kelly, Calvin M. C hinquapin. N.C. Bus. A dm. Kelly. James Newport News, Va. -Accounting Kinson, CaroIvTi P. Raeford. N.C ' Business Education Lawler, Anneve Camp Lejeune, N.C. Accounting Lawson, Gwendolyn Roxboro, N.C. English Lean ' , Sammue! Lewis, Charles Lewis. Tom Charlotte. N.C. LewislMirg. N.C. Hillsboro. N.C Economics Physical Education Economics Lewis, Wilhelmenia Goldshoro, N,C. Accounting Littlejohn, Doris Edenton, N.C. Home Economics Ed. ' i ! ■• ' I: J ' u Macklin. Sherrion D. Heidsvillc, N.C. Business Education Maedel, William Washington. D.C. Bus. Adm. Mainer. Hilda Greensboro, N.C. Bus. Adm. Malloy, Wilbur Laurinburg, N.C. Biology . Lirshall. Dannie Cheraw. S.C. Bus. . dm. Martin. Jacqueline Reidsville. N.C. Sociology ' Mason. Paula Charlotte. N.C. Mathematics Mason, Robert Henry Newsoms. Va. Electrical Eng. Malhis, Eddie Magnolia, N.C. Biology McClettic, Vickv Charlotte. N.C. ' Economics McCoy. Johnny Fairmount, N.C. Home Economics Mc ' Crininion. Cail Mclntvre, Loiiella McKov. Harvev III Wilsim. N,c;. Hill Crcsl Heights. Md. Raeford. N.C. Hiis. Adm, Psvchdiogv Bus, , dTn. McLawhom. Melvin Greenville, N.C. Political Science K ' ' M McMillan. Howard Favette iUe, N.C. Political Science McMiIhan. William B. Sprinslake. N. C. Act. Education MtSwain. Lawrence C. Kings Mountain. .C. Politic-al Science Mebane, Joyce Greensboro. N ' .C. Biolog Vlerritt. Paulette Jackson ilIe, Fla. Social Service Miller. Katherine Kenans Tlle. N.C. P ' lectric-al En . Miller. Ullie Raleish. N.C. English Miller. Wanda P. Washington. D.C. Social Shidies Mitchell. . nn Greensboro, N.C. Historv Mitchell, Norma Martinsville. ' a. Business Education ■I Ul Moonev. Linda Sanford, N,C. Sociolo ' Moore. Elaine ' est Palm Beach. Fla. Home Economics Ed. Moore. Mildred Blouts Creek. N.C. Math Education Moran. Linda Elizabeth Cit . N.C Sociolog " Morgan. Brenda S. Raleigh. N.C. Bus. . dm. Morrison. Chester Ma.xton. N.C. Industrial Tech. Morton. Reginald .M. Rock- - .Mount. N.C. Bus. . dm. Murphv. Elbert .McLeans ille. N.C. Accounting Napier. Claudette Elizebethton. Tenn. Office Adm. Newborn, Mar. Grifton. N.C. Biolog ' ' I Nicholson. Annie Maxton. N.C. Sociology Parker, Charles Ml. r.ilead. N.C. Bus. Adm, Oliphant, Bernard Ashville. N.C. Business Education Parker, Lois East Orange. N. J. English Owens. anc ' Colnnibia. N.C. Political Science Paviie. William E. Hendersonville, N.C. Biology Petty. John A. Va. Beach, Va. Business Ass. Perry. Harold Frankhnton, N.C. Bus. Adm. Phelps. Leonard Orange, N. J. Political Science Perry. Inez Raleigh. N,C. Nur iing Perry. W ' tslev U ' ayneshoro. Va. Ind. Tech. Peterson, James , Fayetteville, N.C. Accounting Pickett, Jessie Price, Carolyn Pride, Nann JackMinville. N.C. Buffalo, N.Y. Hampton, Va Business Education Child Development Bus. Adm. Pridgen. Jovce Rieselwood. N.C. Cf.R.A. Randolph. Xonvood Bolivia. N.C. Biolo Ramsev. Lucv Ra , Reginald Roxboro, S.C Fa ette ille, N.C Sociology Biologv ' It ' s a terrible business — eating Reed. Ronald Cincinnati. Ohio Mech. Eng. Ree es. Lawrenc-e A UTiite Plains, NY. Bus. . dni. Reid, John Charlotte. N.C. Sociolog Richmond, . ndrae Greensboro, N.C. . ccounting Roberson, Valeria S. Greensboro. N.C. Bus. .Adm. Robinson. L Tine Indianapolis. Ind. Bus. , djn- Rodgers. Walter Ross. Nina Rouse. Reginal Roval, Wilbur Hertford. N.C. Greensboro. N.C. Snow HiU; N.C. New York. NY. Social Service Business Education Agr. Education Sociolog) St. Mark. Patricia Charlotte. N.C. Bus. Adin, Scales. Johns Siler. Rosa Simms, James H, Jr. Sims. Shirleen Madison, N.C. Siler Citv. N.C. Newark, N.J. . shville. N.C. EnsineerinK Math Home Economics English Prof. English • Sherrod, Bettv Wilson. N.C. CJhild Development Sloss. Leola Smith. Bettv G. Smith. David L innsboro, S.C. Wilmington. N.C. Tnrkev. N.C, English Clothing Agr. Science Smith. Frostenia C reenshoro, N. C. Nursing Smith. Maceo Favetteville. N.C. Health ik Phy. Ed. Smith. Merlene Tapp Cirecnsboro, N.C. Home Economics Ed. Speru. Hobert New York. N.V. Bnsiness Education Sprnill, Bettie Pantego. N.C. Sociology Slallwortli. Wilson .New Brunswick, N.Y. Bus. Adm. Stamps. Edith P. Heidsville. N.C. !-i.siness Education Stewart, Vernon N. New Brnnswick, N.J. liistorv St )ki- . Annie liainscnr, KXl. Bnsiness Education Strickland. Ora Mt. Airy. N.C. Nursing Taylor, Reginald Hamlet. N.C. Historv J r Thomas. Man Patricia Thompson Johnny Thome, Geralene Tilhnan, Pamela A. Tonev, Patricia Rae Ford, N.C. Sanford. N.C. Elm City. N.C. Charlotte, N.C. Hamlet, N.C. Business Education Agr. Education Physical Education Social Service Bus. . dni. ? Todd, Debbie Totten, Rev. Arthur Townes, Delcine Turner, Diane Turner, Juanita Leurston. N.C. Greensboro, N.C. Fayetteville, N.C. WashiniTton, D.C. Littleton. N.C. Sociolog - History Social C.T.R.. . Home Economics Turner, Pauline N. Wilkesboro, N.C. Social Service Underwood, Larrv Jr, Vanlne. Lillie Vincent, Margaret Vines, Phuinner Wilson, N.C. Cireensboro, N.C. Hoftman, N.C. Halei h. N.C, Mechanical Tech. Nursing Economics Industrial Ed. 4 Waddell. Kennitt Washini on, Brenda Washington, Sandra Charlotte. N.C. Plvmouth, N.C. Fellsmere. Fla. Histor child Development Accounting Watson. Cordon Winston-Salem, N.C. Bus. Adm. Watson, l.Hida Durham, . .C. Nursing I f Watt, Malinda Reidsville, N.C. Weatherspoon. Joyce Cireenshoro, .C. Child Development Wesley, Cheryl Akron, Ohio Sociolui v Weston, James D. C!!harIeston, S.C. M us it- West. Gerri St. Albans. N.Y. Sociology % Wheeler, Edward Winston-Salein, N.C. Economics White. Cecelia Manticoke, Md. Engineering Math White. Floyd Carrolton, Va. Industrial Arts White. William Charleston, N.C. Electrical Eng. Whitted. BrsTida WashingtoTi. D.C. Psychology Williams, Alle,. Arlington. Va. Industrial Electronics NVilliams. Judy Ayden. N.C. English Williams, Lewis (::hari(ittesville. Va. Bus. Adm, Williams, Robert I. Orlando, Fla. Political Science Williams. Sandra Chadbourn, N.C. Business Education Willis. Enlie Wilmington, N.C. S ' kf ' iology Wilson. Calvin A. Blackston e. Va. Voc. Indiistruil Ed. Worth, C:harle Raleigh. N.C. Accounting Wright, James Clastonia, N.C. Bus. . ilm. Young. Delores Washington. D.C. Nursing l Yoli mean. I ' licle Sam wants me? It can ' t he that iiood, can it? Very interesting. It ' s simple. . ll you have to do is walk and pra that your pants don ' t fall down. Think, iiirl. THIXK! UNDERCLASSMEN V Jackie Corpening Sec. Freshman Class . ) Micheal Coleman Vice-President Freshman Class Walter Glover Treasurer Junior Class . .■ Eric Cox President Sophomore Class 174 Armond Kane Vice-President Sophomore Class OFFICERS Tramelia Brvant Recording Sec. Soph. Class Bernard Graham Treasurer Sophomore Class Linda Wright Corresp. Sec. Soph. Class Matthew Simpson President Jmiior Class 175 Edward Cole Vice-President Junior Class ABRAHAM. Isaac Hichiiiond, Va.. Soph. ADA.MS. Geor 4e Biooklvn. .N.Y.; Jr. ALFORD JR.; Eli Anch()ia 4e, . laska. Jr. ALFORD, Levi . nchorasje, , laska, Jr. ALFRED, Diane ' Trinity, N.C., Fr. ALLEN, Belinda Washington, D.C., Fr, . LLEN, Bennie Oxford, N,C„ Fr, ALLEN, Gladys Louisburg, N,C,, Fr. . ' KLLE.X, James .Spartanburg, S,C.. Fr. ALLEN. Joseph Greensboro, N.C, ALLEN, Mary Thelnia Laurinbiirg, N.C., . dv. Fr. ALLEN. Peggv Raleigh. N.C.VFr, ALLEN, Richard Badin, N.C.. Fr. ALSTON, Chervl Franklinton, N.C., Fr. AL.STON, Debra Littleton. N.C., Jr. AMAKER, Ellen Colnnibia. S.G., Soph. AMEV. Linda Phila.. Penn., Fr. ANDERSON. Bruce Fountain Inn. S.C.. Jr. ANDERSON. Hosea Jacksonville. Fla.. Soph. ANDREWS, Reatha Robersonville, N.C, Fr. ARMSTRONG. Brenda Sarasota, Fla.. Fr. ARMSTRONG, Edward GatesviUe, N.C., Soph. ARMSTRONG, Milton Elm Gitv, N.C., Fr. ARMSTRONG. Nellie VV ' illianiston. N.G.. Soph. ARTLS. Craston Fremont, N.C.. Soph. ATCHSON. Charles Spartanburg. S.C., Soph. ATGKINSON, Joanne Raleigh. N.C., Fr. ATWATER. Oliver Raleigh. N.C., Soph. B.A(X;ETT. Marion Autrvville, N.C., Fr. B. C;GS. Sandra New Rochelle, N.Y., Soph. BAILEY, Walter Walnut Cove, N.C., Jr. BALDWIN, Gwendolyn Nomian, N.C., Soph. BANKS, Vincent New York, NY.. Jr. BARBER, Iva Trenton, N.C.. Fr. BARBER, Linda C. Trenton, N.C.. Jr. BARCLAY, Deborah Phila., Penn., Jr. BARNES, Lula Farmville, N.C., Jr. BARNETTE, Deborah Ro.xboro, N.C., Soph. BARTON, Johnnv Ashville, X.C. Fr. BASS, Marie Reidsville, N.C.. F BATTLE, Shirley Rockv Mount, N.C., Soph. B. TTS. Leon Rocks ' Mount, N.C., Soph. BE. LE, . ntoinette Sharon Hill, Pa., Fr. BEST. Brenda LaGranije, N.C., Fr. BECtON, Joel Beaufort, N.C., Fr. BECTON, Johnetta Morehead Citv. N.C., Soph. BELCHER, Karen Martinsville, Va., Soph. BELCHER. Sandra Martinsville, ' a., Jr. BELK, John G. Win[;ate, N.C., Soph. B£LL, Arlene Ashville, N.C., Fr. BELL, Frank Newport News, Va., Fr. BELL, Jannette Concord. N.C., Jr. BELL, Linda Burgaw, N.C., Fr. BELL, MariKn L. Jackson. N.C ' ., Fr. BELLINGER. Benjamin ' i Phila., Penn., Fr. BELTON, Geraldine Salisburv, N.C, Fr. BENNETT, Ephriam Edisto Beach, S.C, Soph. BERRY, Augustus Washington, DC, Soph. BESS, " john Washington, D.C., Jr. BEST, Mae Clinton, N.C. Soph. I • BETHEA, Barbara McColl, S.C, Soph. BETHEA, Murra Newark, N.J., Jr. BI.NG, Donald Wappi listers, N.Y. Soph. BLACK, Sandra W. Washington, DC. Soph. BLAKE, Stephen San Francisco, Calif., Fr. BLACKMAN, Marv Dell Lancaster, S.C, Fr. BLACKMORE, Barbara Warsaw, N.C., Fr BLAKEN ' EY, Vera Kannopolis, . .C. Fr BLACKWELL, Garrv .• nderson, S.C, Fr BLOUNT, Fred Engelhord, N.C, (r. BOND, Nancv Willianiston, N.C, Soph BOONE, Thomas Gates, .N.C, .Soph. BOYD, Don Man.son, N.C, Soph. BOYD, Douglas Ellerbe, N.C., Soph. BKAME, Claudia Durham, N.C, Fr, BRATTON, Andrena Charlotte, N.C Fr BRATLON, Donald Winston-Salem, N.C, Fr. BRIDGES, James D. Durham, N.C, Soph. BRIGGS, Benjamin Kinston, N.C, Soph. BRIGHT, Ethelvne Bennettsville, S.C. Fr. BRIGHT, Rosa Hamlet, N.C Tr BRIM, Wavne Pitsboro, N.C BRIME, Lill Martinsville BRLMMER Jr. e Va., Jr. C Godfrey New Bern, N.C, Soph BROIDY. Freddie .Scotland Neck, N.C. Fr. BROOKE. Gregory Murfreesboro. N.C., Soph BROOME, Angie .Sandy Ridge. N C Fr BROOME, Ronnie Sandy Ridge, N.C Ir BROWN, David L. ' Reidsville, N.C Jr BROWN, Deiois Blair, S.C, Fr. n ' iiiriiiriaia BROWN, Eddie Trenton. N.C., Soph. BROWN, John M. Scotland Neck, N.C.. Soph. BROWN, Nannie Henrv, Va., Soph. BROWN, Yvonne Evergreen, N.C.. Soph. BROWN, Yvonne Delores Richmond, Va., Soph. BROWN, Vale Fuquav-Varima, N.C., Jr. BRY. NT, . lvin M. Columbia, N.C., Fr. BRYAN, Bonnie Vanceboro, N.C., Fr. BRYANT, Andrew Favetteville, N.C., Fr. BRYANT, Gail New Bern, N.C., Soph. BRYANT, Harold New Bern, N.C., Soph. BRYANT, Lamonier Winterville, N.C., Soph. BRYANT, Robert Morganton, N.C., Fr. BULLOCK, JR., Theodore Warrenton, N.C., Soph. BUNCH, Melvin Pantego, N.C., Jr. BURKE, Victoria Hobbsville, N.C., Soph. BURRELL, Raymond B. Loni.sburg, N.C., Fr. BURTON, Brenda C. Greenville. S.C., Fr. BURTON, Gwendolyn Fuquaw, N.C., Soph. BUTLER, Helen Clinton, N.C., Fr. BYRD. Jennifer Burlington, N.C., Fr. BYRD, Ronald Green.sville, S.C., Jr. CAESAR, John H. Winston-Salem, N.C., Fr. CALDWELL, Dorothv Rockhill, S.C, Soph. CALLOWAY, Theotis Auburn, Ala., Soph. CALLOWAY. Wallace Richmond, Va., Jr. CANADY, Leander Kinston, N.C., Soph. CAMERON. Lewis Cameron, N.C., Fr. CAMERON, Charles Cameron, N.C., Soph. CAMPBELL, Howard Mullins, S.C Fr. 179 CAMPBELL, Ka Frances Spartanburg, S.C., Soph, C.ARDWELL, Brenda Reidsville, N.C, Jr. CARLTON, Iris Warsaw, N.C, Soph. CARNEY, Ann Tarboro, N.C, Fr. C:ARVER, Melvin, Dvirham, N.C, Soph. CASPER, Edward Kelford, N.C, Soph. CASS, Broadv Amhurst, N.C., Jr. CASTERLOW, Gilbert Rich Square, N.C, Jr. CATO, Ciesta Winston-Salem, N.C, Fr. CATS, Jackie Ro.xboro, N.C, Fr. CHAMBER, Bernerd Keniersville, N.C, Soph. CHAMBERS, Elia Marshville, N.C, Soph. CHANDLER, Maurice Detroit, Mich., Fr. CHAPMAN, Aaron Sali.sburv, N.C, Soph. CHAPMAN, Malachi Salisbury, N.C, Soph. CHAPMAN, Martha Kinston, .N.C, Jr. CHAPMAN. Rebecca Kinston, N.C, Fr. CHERRY, Charles Greenville, N.C, Jr. CLARK, Shirley Winston-Salem, N.C, Jr. CLOWE, Garnett Linden, Va., Fr. COCKERHAM, Christine Greensboro, N.C, Soph. C:OGDELL, Marv SaintPaul.s. N.C, Jr. C:OLE, Donna Reidsville, N.C, Soph. COLE, Frederick Favetteville, N.C, Fr. COLLINS, David Wilmington, Del., Jr. COLLINS, Nettie Charlotte, N.C, Soph. COLSON, Bettv Wingate. N.C, Jr. COOPER, Dianne Roxboro, N.C, Jr. C:OOPER, Garry Mt. Vernon, N.Y., Soph. COOPER, Harmon Winston-Salem, N.C. Soph. 180 COOPER. John RockvMoimt. N.C.. Fr. COOPER. Leonard W ' arrenton. N.C.. Fr. COPEL. ND. Jethro Whalewille. ' a.. Soph. CORLEY. Jerome West Pahii Beach. Fla. CONLEY. Leonard Maxton, .N ' .C. Soph. Soph, CONR.AD. Patricia Mt. . irv. .N.C, Jr. CONW AY. Thomas Lewisburg. N.C. Jr. CONYERS. Michael . tlanta. Ga.. Fr. CORPENLNG. Jacquehne Granite Quarrv. N.C. Fr. COTT.NLW. Geraldine Princess . nne, Md.. Jr. COVIEL. Valencia Belhaven, N.C. Soph. CO.X. Eric Philadelphia. Pa., Soph. COX. Va -ne Griffon. N.C. Soph. CR. DLE. James Portsmouth, Va.. Soph. CR. IG. . udrey . iken, S.C. Fr. CR. NDELL. Jacob Tarboro. N.C. Fr. CR. VFORD. Bemadette .Marion, S.C. Soph. CROWDER. Brenda Goldsboro. N.C. Soph. CROW DER. Oscar Washington. DC Jr. CUNDIFF. Larry Washington. D.C., Jr. CUTHBERTSON. Jerr Morganton, .N.C. Fr. DACONS. Eddvce States-ville, N.C.. Jr. Dacons, Vann Statesville, N.C. Soph. DAIRS. Calvin LaGrange. N.C Soph. DALTON. John Walnut Cove. N.C. Fr DALTON. .Mar%in H. Walnut Cove. .N.C, Jr. DALTON. Weldon Mocksville. N.C. Fr. DANIELS. Linda Greenville. N.C, Jr. DANIELS. Shirlev Raeford. N.C. Fr. DAUGHTRY. James Newtonboro, N.C, Fr. 9 t © © C " f? (?•• © 181 iyi DAVIS, Andrew Whiteville, .C;., Soph. DAVIS, Carrie RiK-k Hill, S.C, Soph. DAVIS, Cvnthia Spartanhiiri;, S.(;., Fr. DAVIS, Jennifer Tillerv, N.C., Jr. DAVIS, Iris Kin.ston, N.C., Jr. DAVIS, Linda Petersburg, Va., Fr. DAVIS; Paul T. Roanoke Rapids, N.C., Soph. DAVIS, Ronald C reensboro, N.C., Fr. DAVIS, Vickie Clanton, N.C., Fr. DAWKINS, Freddie Greensboro, N.C., Soph. DAWSON, Lavenell Newbem, N.C., Soph. DEAN, Diane Detroit, Mich.. Jr. DEESE, James Concord, N.C., Jr. DEGRAFFENREID, Percy Carthage, N,C., Jr. DELOATCH, Curtis A. Conway, N.C., Jr. DETOUR, Reginald New York, N.V., Jr. DEV.WE, Jinimie Philadelphia, Pa.. Fr. DEVONE, Reginald Famiville, N.C., Fr. DICKENS, Len Scotland Neck, N.C., Fr. Dices, Sharon Mathews. Va., Fr. DILLAHUNT, Leanion New Bern, N.C., Fr. DILLARD, Jean Reidsville, N.C., Soph. DOCTOR, Davicl Beaufort, S.C, Fr. DOSTER, Gwendolyn Fayetteville, N.C., Fr. bOWD, Elizabeth Ashboro, N.C.. Soph. DRAYTON, Jacqueline Warsaw, N.C., Fr. Dl ' DLEY, Herbert LaC;range, N.C., Fr. DUDLEY. William Lagrange, N.C., Soph. DUNCAN, Belinda Winston-Salem, N.C., J DUNCAN. Stephen Miami, Fla., Jr. 182 P DUNX. Millie Raleigh, N.C., Fr. DUNSOX. Agnes New Bern. X " C., Soph. DURHAM, Ernestine Mt. OHve. X.C, Fr. DURHAM. Joseph Mt. Olive. X.C. Jr. DYER. John . tlanta, Ga.. Jr. EATON, Floyd Creedmoor, X.C Jr. EDBROX, David Greenville, S.C.. Soph. EDGEWORTH, Ernest Gharlotte, X.C., Soph. EDWARDS, Lerov T.. Suffolk, Va., Fr. ED ARDS, Rufiis Siler City, N.C., Fr. EGGLESTOX, Robert Canton, X.C., Soph. ELDER, Carolyn Winston-Salem, .N.C. Jr. ELKIXS. Beretha Mt. Vernon, N.Y.. Fr. ERVIX, Kenneth Morganton, X.C, Soph. ERVIX, Robert Morganton, X.C. Soph. I. I U iJl EVANS, Charles Wallace, X.C, Jr. EVAXS. Costel Manson, X.C, Soph. EVAXS, Harrv New York, X.Y.. Soph. EZZEL, . lfonso Mt. Olive. X.C, Jr. F. C R, Benjamin Plvmouth, X.C, Fr. FAIRLEY. Bennie Red Springs, N.C, Fr. FAISON, Hattie Clinton, N.C, Fr. FARRINGTON, Emma Moncure, N.C. Jr. FARROW, Micheal Chapelhill. N.C, Soph. FAUCETTE, Diane Burlington, N.C. Fr. FEEMSTER, Barbara Sharon, S.C, Soph. FEGGINS, James Robinsville, N.C, Fr. FENNELL, Glenn Winston-Salem, N.C. Soph. FERGUSON, Vincent Favetteville, N.C, Soph. FISHER, Darnell Roanoke, Va., Soph. 183 FLORENCE. CRSTlie Hillslioro, N.C., Soph. FLOWERS. Bobbv ' ilmint;ton. N ' .CJ.. Jr. FLOWERS. Haze Wadesboio, N.C.. Soph. FLOWERS. Sandra Favetteville, N.(;., Fr. FLOWERS, Teddv Raeford. N.C., Fr. ' FLOWERS, Vernel L. Wadesboro, N.( ' .. Soph. FOWM. N, JaqueUne Charlotte. N.C., Jr. FORREST. Charles Mt. Airv, N.C.. Soph. FOSTER, Bryant Levvisburg, .C, Fr. FOSTER, Chervl Warsaw. N.C., Fr. FOSTER, Lynda Lenior. N.C.. Fr. FOUST. John M. Sedalia. N.C.. Fr. FOXX, Eddie Siler Citv, N.C.. Jr. FRANK, Jacob Chadburn, N.C.. Fr. FRANKS. Sterling New Bern, N.C.. Soph. FRASIER, Maxine C;harleston, S.C, Jr. FRIDAY, JoCarvl Hickory, N.C.. .Soph. FRY, R, Charles Greensboro. N.C., Fr. FULLER. Betty Henderson, N.C ., Fr. FULTON, Mattie Kingstree, S.C. Soph. FULTON. Shirle Kingstree. S.C, .Soph. GAFFNEY, Vashti St. Albans. N.Y., Jr. GAITHER. Janie Kannopolis, N.C:., Fr. GALBREATH. Charles Redsprings. N.C., Jr. GALBREATH. James Redsprings. .C... Soph. GALES, Gwendolyn Henderson, N.C. Fr. GALES, Julia Ramseur, N.C .. .Soph. (.ALLOP. Von jean Elizabeth Citv. N.C, Soph. GARDNER. Linda Queens, NY.. Fr. GARLAND. Larrv Milton, N.C, Fr. ' 184 GARNER. Mary Gaston, N.C, Jr. G. RY. Sharon L. Roanoke Rapids. N.C. Fr. G.XSKINS. . mold Philadelphia. Pa.. Jr. G. TE VOOD. Rondel L. Wadesboro. N.C.. Soph. G. TLING. Sharon W ' aterburv. Conn.. Soph. GE. TER. Helen Greensboro, N.C.. Fr. GER- LD. PhvUis Mullins. S.C.. Jr. GILCHRIST. Earl H. Raeford. N.C. Soph. GILCHRIST, Eleanor Richmond, Va.. Soph. GILCHRIST. Gloria Richmond. Va.. Fr. GILL. Ruffln LewisbnrCT. N.C. Soph. GILL. Timothv Wake Forest. N.C. Fr. GILLESPIE. Doroths Raeford. N.C. Jr. GILLIS. Mar in Danville. Va.. Soph. GILMORE. Shirlev Salisbury. N.C. Soph GL. ISE, Jovce Danville. ' a.. Soph. GLEN.N. George W ' inston-Saleni. N.C. Soph. GLENN. Mary Greensboro. N.C.. Fr. GLISSON. Jacqueline Sumter. S.C. Fr. GLOVER. Janice Greensboro. N.C, Fr. GLOVER, Malcom Bluford, S.C. Soph. GLOVER, alter Shelbv, N.C, Jr. GdODE. Brenda Macon, N.C. Soph. GODETTE. Gerald Beaufort. N.C. Soph. GORH. .M. George Greenville. N.C, Soph. GORH.WL Walter Wa-shington. .N.C. Jr. GR. H. M. Bernard Rock Point. N.C. Soph. GR. H. . 1. Don Rahwav. .N.Y.. Soph. GR H. M. Melissa Kingsfree, S.C, Jr. GR. H. M. Woodi Inglewood, Calif., Soph. 185 i CRANT, Rosena Kaniiopdiis, X.C, Fr. CRAVES, Gayle Roanoke, Va., Soph. GRAVES, Irene Reidsville, N.C., Fr. C;RAVES, Ra L. Reidsville, X.C., Soph. CRAVES, Ruby Riiffln, .C., Soph. C:RAV, Bertha Kinston, .C., Jr CREEN, Angela Vashington, ' D.C., Soph. GREEN, Doreen New York, N.Y., Fr GREENE, Cohen N. Bolton, N.C., Jr. GREGORY, James H. Elizabeth Citv, N.C., Fr (.RIFFIN, Constance Fuqau, N.C, Fr. GUNTER, Minnie Tarboro, N.C, Soph. HAGWOOD, Charles Eden, N.C, Fr. HAILEY, John Ma.xton, N.C, Soph. HAIRSTON, Gregory Walnut Cove, N.C., Soph. HAIRSTON, Elvenor Clenimons, N.C, Jr. HALE, Edward Roanoke, Va., Jr. HALL, Marvin Elizabethtown, N.C, Jr. HALL, Sandra W ' a.shington, D.C, Fr. HAVflLTON, Marvin Spindale, N.C, Fr. HANNAH, Donald Asheville, N.C, Fr. HARPER, Brenda Jacksonville, N.C, Soph. HARRIS, Alfred Turke , .N.C, Soph. HARRIS, C;harles V. Greensboro, N.C, Soph. HARRLS, III, Fred Favetteville, N.C, Soph. HAIUUS, Janie (Jreensboro, N.C, Fr. HARRIS, Rander Winterville, N.C, Soph. HARRIS, Roy Scranton, N.C., Soph. HARRIS, Sherman Scranton, N.C, Fr. HARRISON, Linzy Asheboro, N.C, Jr. JMLM I ! HARRISON, Patricia Asheboro, X.C, Jr. HARVEY, Charlie Gates, X.C, Soph. HATCHER, Helen Hampton, Va., Soph. HAYES, Harriette Chester, S.C, Jr. HAYES, Nathaniel Lenior, N.C., Soph. HE.MINCWAY, Linda Dnnn, X.(;.. Soph. HEMPHU.L, John Philadelphia. Pa., Soph. HENDERSON, Martha Whitakers, N.C., Jr. HENRY, Charles Danville, Va., Jr. HENRY, Ronald Favetteville, N.C., Soph. HEREIN, E. Bradford Reidsville, .N.C., Soph. HICKS, Thomas Winston-Salem, N.C., Fr. HILL, James R. Durham, N.C., Soph. HILL, Yvonne . .sheboro, N.C., Fr. HINES, JoAnn Washington, D.C., Soph. HINES, Loma Rockv Mount, N.C., Fr. HOFFLER, Denise Teaneck, N.J., Fr. HOLDEN, Robert Wendell, N.C., Soph. HOLLAND, Ralph Columbus, Ohio, Fr. HOLLEY, Helen Windsor, N.C., Soph. HOLMES, Thomas East Orange, .N.J., Soph. HOOKER, Ulysses Plvmouth, .N.C., Soph. HOUGHE, Micheal Morehead, N.C., Fr. HOWARD, Cleopatra Washington, D.C., Fr. HOWARD, Inza Washington, D.C., Jr. HOWELL, Cecila Rock Hill, S.C, Jr. HUBBARD, William New Bern, N.C., Jr. HUDSON, Jessie Tarboro, N.C., Soph. HUGHES, Robert Pilot Mts., N.C., Jr. HUMPHREY, James Charlotte, N.C., Fr. 187 HUNDLEY, Ernest Cortland, Va., Soph. HUNT, Ernestine Creedmoor, N.C., Soph HUNTER, Archie Spartanburg, S.C. Tr HUNTER. Genell Kings Mts., N.C. Ir HUNTER, Jeanita Zelnilon, N.C, Fr. HUNTER, Lininel Roekv Mount, N.C, Fr HUNTLEY, Frances Elizabethtovvn, N.C Fr HUNTLEY, P. Vincent Wadeshoro, N.C, Soph. HYLTON, Richard Martinsville, Va., Soph. n BY. Ernest Greenville, S.C, Jr. JACKSON. Doris ' inston-Salem, N.C. Fr JACKSON, Jean Thomasville. N.C, Jr. JACKSON, Myrtle Kinston, N.C, ' Jr. J.ACKSON, Phvlhs Reidsville, N.C., Fr. JAMES, Angela Jainesville, N.C, Soph. JAMES. Darlene Ahoskie. N.C. Jr. JAMES, Ruth Ape.x. .N.C. Fr. JARRETTE. John Pettershurg. Va.. Fr. JEFFERSON, Cheryl E. Whiteville, N.C, Soph. JEFFRIES, Linda CIreensboro, N.C, Fr. JEFFREYS. Ozetta Burlington, N.C, Fr. JE.NKINS, Patricia Rockv Mount, N.C, Soph JENKINS, Winifred Kinston, N.C, Soph. JOHNSON. Charles Roland. N.C, Jr. JOHNSON, Corbett Clinton. N.C, Soph. JOHNSON. Larry Trenton, N.C.. Jr. JOHN.SON, Marva Brooklyn, N.Y. Jr JOHNSON. Paul Rowland. N.C., Soph. JOHN.SON, Robert .Morehead, N.C, Fr JOHNSON, Svlvia St. Petersburg, Fla Soph. JOHNSON. Thomasina Lillingingtoii, N.C., Fr. JOHNSON. William Charlotte. N.C., Soph. JOHNSON, Willie New Rochelle, N.Y.. Jr. JONES. Bohbv Rowland, N.C.. Fr. JONES. Howard Spartanburg. S.C., Soph. JONES . Janet Fuquau. N.C.. Fr. JONES. Kevin Ahoskie, N.C., Soph. JONES. Lerov Tarboro, N.C. Jr. JONES, Lewis New Nern, N.C. Jr. JONES, Linda Maysville, N.C, Fr. JONES. Lucinda Greenville. S.C, Fr. JORD. N, Edward Manson. N.C, Fr. JORDAN, Lisa Mason, N.C, Soph. KANE, , rniond Philadelphia, Pa., Soph. KEARNEY, Paul Manson, N.C, Jr. KEE, Francine Portsmouth, Va., Soph. KEEL. James Chadburn. N.C. Fr. KEEN. .Andrew Martinsville. Va., Jr. KEEN. Joe Martinsville. Va.. Jr. KELLEY. Connie Bridgeport, Conn.. Jr. KELLEY, Micheal J. Newport News. Va., Jr. KELLY, Mary Fayetteville, N.C, Soph. kEN. N, Janice Chinquapin, N.C, Soph. KENNEDY, Clarence Rockv Point, N.C. Soph. KIRKLAND. John Kannopolis, N.C. Jr. KNIGHT, Janice Tarboro, N.C, Soph. KNIGHT, Stella Tarboro, N.C. Fr. LaGARDE. Gale Teaneck. N.J.. Jr. LANE, Bernard Snowhill, N.C. Fr. LANE, Brenda Brooklyn, N.Y., Jr 1S9 LANE, Ulvsses D. Philadelphia. Pa.. Jr. L.WVRENCE. . rthur Queens, N.Y.. Soph. L.WVRENCE, Robert Rockv Mount. X.C. Jr. LE. CH, Shirley Kaleinh. N.C;., Soph. LE.4TH, Freddie Burlington, N.C, Soph. LEE, C arolvn Roanoke, Va., Soph. LEE, Norris Pittslioro. N.C, Fr. LEE. Willie Madison. N.C, Fr. LEt.CINGTON. Elaine Columbus. Ga., Jr. LEIGHTON. Celeste Brooklyn. N.Y.. Soph. LEON.-VRD, Micheal Marion, S.C;., Soph. LEW IS. James Bartow. Fla., Fr. LEWIS, Roy A. Roanoke. Va., Jr. LKJCINS, Alice Burlington, N.C. Soph. LIMA, George G. Providence, R.I.. Jr. LINDSAY. Joyce Lauringburg. X ' ... Jr. LITtLE. Evelvn Scotland Neck ' , N.C. Fr. LITTLE. James Rarford, N.C, Fr. LITTLEJOHN, Vivian Gaffnev, S.C. Jr. LLOYD, Marion White Oak, N.C, Jr. LOADHOLT, Stephanie Brooklyn, NY., Fr. LONC;, Linda Burlington, N.C, Soph. LONG, Lucretia Durham, N.C, Fr. LUCAS, Barbara Washington, DC, Soph. LUNi)Y. C:harman Roanoke Rajiids. N.C ., .Soph. Ll ' XN, Jeanette Darlington. S.C., Jr. LYNCH. Thomas Lynchburg, Va., Fr. LYNN, Raymond Elizabeth City, N.C, Soph. LYONS, Lorenzo Tarboro, N.C, Jr. MARBLE. Nathaniel Henderson, N.C, Soph. MARTIN. Barbara Woodland. .C.. Soph. . 1. RTIN. James L. Greenville. S.C.. Jr. M. RTI . Robert -New Bern. N.C.. Jr. M. RTIN. Shanolia W ' estfield. . .C.. Soph. M. RTIN. Yvonne Sharon Hill. Pa.. Fr. M. TTERSON. Lvdia BrookUii. N.Y.. Fr. . l. tTHE S. . lphonso Durham. N.C.. Jr. M. TTHE S. Comeha Roxboro. N.C.. Fr. M. . ELL. Mildred Statesville, .N.C. Jr. M. YE. John Greenville. N.C. Fr. M. YO. Glenna Winston-Salem. N.C.. Soph. M. ZY " CK. Raunond Charleston. S.C.. Soph. McAllister. Caroi -n Pamplia. S.C.. Soph. Mc. LPI. . David Linden. N.J.. Soph. . kC. LLL ' M. Benjamin Rowland. . .C.. Fr. McCOY. Paula Winston-Saleni. .N.C., Fr. McCOY. W man . uCTusta. Ga.. Fr. McCOY. Rasmond .Augusta. Ga.. Fr. McCRIMMON. Phostenia Fairmont. .N.C, Jr. McCULLEN. .Albert Mt. Ohve. N.C., Jr. McCULLEN. Edward Mt. Olive. N.C. Soph. .McILU WIN. Ronnie Charlotte. N.C. Soph. McINTOSH. Charles Columbia. S.C. Fr. Williamston. N.C. Jr. .McKOY. Yvonne Four Oaks. .N.C. Fr. McL.AUGHLIN. Tommv Danville. " a.. Fr. McL.AWHORN. Barredell Greenville, .N.C. Soph. McLE.A.N. Dorothy Lillington. N.C. Jr. McMlLL.AN. David Favetteville, N.C. Jr. McMORRIS. Bennie .Asheville. N.C, Fr. 191 r W Ifw ' ' 3 TT % 1 McNAIR, Carl Lake Citv, S.C. Jr. McNAIR. Ella Favetteville. N.C., Soph. McNEIL. Booker T. Favetteville, N.C., Fr. McNeill, Emmett Raleigh, N.C., Soph. McNeill, Shirley Laurenburg, N.C., Jr. MEDLEY, Mildred Roanoke, Va., Soph. MERRITT, Linda Warsaw, N.C., Soph. MERRITT, Wanda Jacksonville, Fla., Fr. .MILES, Lizzie LaGrange, X.C., Jr. MILLER, Anita Raleigh, N.C., Jr, MILLER, Dorothy Hanipstead, . .V., Soph. MILLER, James T. Kannopolis, N.C., Soph. MILLER, Ma.xine Raleigh, N.C., Fr. MILLIKEN, Mildred Greensboro, N.C., Jr. MILLS, Kellv Winterville, N.C., Jr. MILLS, Mary Jacksonville, N.C., Soph. MINNICKS, Mary Stony Creek, Va., Fr. MiTC:HELL, Juanita Reidsville, N.C, Fr. MITCHELL, Lafayette Petersburg, Va., Jr, MITCHELL, Snzanne Charleston, S.C, Soph. MITTMAN, Maijorie Mt. Airy, N.C, Fr. MIZELL, Laverne Cohinibia, ,N.C., Soph. MONTFORD, Charleen Jacksonville, N.C, Fr. MONTGOMERY, Jeremiah Philadelphia, Pa., Soph. MONTGOMERY, Nadine Winston-Salem, N.C, Jr. MOORE, Beverly Blonnts Oeek, N.C, Soph. MOORE, Carolyn Washington, D.C., Jr. MOORE, Charles Alfred Washington, D.C;., Soph. MO()RE, Gwendolsn Washington, D.C, Soph. MOORE, Jeremiah Winston-Saleni, N.C, Fr. 192 I I MOORE. Jimmie Raleisrh. N.C.. Fr. MOORE, Marie Clarkton. N.C.. Soph. MOORE, Tierra Y. New Bern. N.C.. Jr. MOORE, Verence Pittsboro, N.C.. Soph. MOORE. Vernon ' arsaw. X.C. Fr. MOR.W. Charl es EUzabeth Citv, X.C, Fr. MORG.W.Savoynne Rockv Mount. N.C.. Soph. M0RG. - . Sheila Washington. D.C.. Fr. .MOSLEY. Robert Kinston. N.C.. Soph. MOSLEY. Samuel Oriental. N.C.. Soph. MOLNT. IN. Lawrence . hoskie. N.C.. Fr. MOYE, Dorothy LaGrange, N.C.. Jr. -MURPHY. Edgar Kinston. N.C.. Soph. MURPHY. Raymond Kinston, N.C.. Soph. MURPHY. Ronald Orangeburg. S.C.. Fr. NEWKIRK. Bonnye K. Ivanhoe. N.C.. Soph. .NEWKIRK. Jimmy L. Ivanhoe. N.C.. Jr. NEWSOME. Carl Savannah. Ga.. Soph. NICHOLS. Harold Hallsboro. N.C.. Fr. ODOM, Constance Los Angeles, Calif., Soph. ODOM. Winston Gatesville. N.C.. Soph. ODUM. Larraine Rockv Mount. N.C., Soph. OUTER, . rvelle Gastonia, N.C., Jr. P. GE, JR., James . . . hoskie, N.C., Jr. P. GE, Morgan Newport News, Va.. P. L.MER. Jerry Richmond. Va.. Fr. P. L.MER. Michele Raleigh. N.C. Fr. P. TRICK. Lester Winterville. N.C Soph. P. TTON. Brenda Chester, S.C., Soph. P. TTON, Edwina L. Waynesville, .N.C, Soph. 15 O i PARHAM. Edith Vale, Va., Soph. PARHAM, JoAnn Bartow, Fla.. Jr PARKER, Andrea Hock Hill. .S.C, Soph PARKER, Dorothy Ro. boro, , .C. Jr PARSON, Steve Biiffaloe, X.Y., Jr. P. ULING, Frankie Winnsboro, S.C. Jr PAY.N ' E, Ronald Charlottesville, Va Jr PAZANT, Charlotte Beaufort, S.C, Jr. PEELE, Jacqueline Aho.skie, .C., Soph. PENN, Cora .Arlington, Va., Jr. PERRY, Linwood Raleigh, .N.C., Soph. PERRY, Martha Henderson, XC, Fr PERRY, Merceda Sali.sburv, N.C., Soph. PETERSON, Deborah Warsaw, N.C., Fr PETTAWAY, Joyce Snow Hill, N.C ' Soph. PETTEWAY, Robert Beaufort, S.C, Soph. PHARR, James Concord, N.C, Soph. PHILLIPS, Aurfander Portsmouth, Va., Jr. PHILLIPS, Donnie Greenville, N.C, Soph. PHILLIPS, Marvis Charlotte, N.C, Soph, PLUMMER, Francine Washington, D.C, Jr. PICKETT, Hope Oxford, N.C, Soph. PIGGOTT, Daniel Whiteville, N.C, Jr. PINNIX, Anthony Reid.sville, N.C, Soph. PIPPINS, Hollis Jackson, Miss., Soph, PORCH, Wesley R. Rockv Mount, N.C, Jr. PORTER, Donald Favetteville, N.C, Fr. PRICE, Stephen Washington, D.C]., Fr. PROUT, Vivian, Brooklyn, N.Y., Jr. . PRl ' NTli-, Bettye Rocky Mount, Va., Soph. " m HLi yi si I PURVIS. Wilhelmena Gibson, N.C., Soph. QUICK, Shirlev Hamlet, N.C.. Jr. R. MSEY, Chervl Oxford, N.C., Fr. RAMSEY, Moses Chatani, Va., Jr. R. .NDOLPH, Chester R. Pintops, N.C., Fr. RANDOLPH, Clinton Greenville, N.C., Fr. REDDICK, Lillian Savannah, Ga., Jr. REDDING, Jacqueline Jacksonville, N.C., Soph. REED, Mildred St. Petersburg, Fla., Soph. REEVES, George Kannapolis, N.C., Jr. REID, Claudia Raleigh, N.C., Fr. RENARD, Robert Columbia, S.C., Soph. RICE, Cynthia Winston-Salem, N.C.. Fr. RICHARDSO.N, Ann Mount Airy, N.C., Fr. RICHARDSON, Benita Lawnside, N.J., Fr. RICHARDSON, Carolvn Charlotte, X.C, Jr. RICHARDSON, Charles Waxhaw, N.C., Jr. RICHARDSON, Joanne Fieldale, Va., Jr. RICHARDSON, Lance Reidsville, N.C., Fr. RIDDICK, Shelby Portsmouth, Va., Soph. RIRBY, William Clayton, N.C., Fr. RHODES, Bessie Winston-Salem, N.C., Fr. ROBERTS, Diane Salisbury, N.C., Fr. ROBERTS, Leslie East Orange, N.J., Jr. ROBERTS, Shirley Kings Mtn., N.C., ' jr. ROBERTSON, Clarence Proctorville, N.C., Soph. ROBINSON, Christine South Hill, Va., Soph. ROBINSON, Esley Trenton, N.C., Jr. ROBINSON, Margaret Greensboro, N.C., Soph. ROBINSON, Milton R. Fayetteville, N.C., Soph. RODGERS. Clearence Hertford, N.C., Fr. RODGERS, Gloria W ' illiamston, N ' .C, Soph. RODGERS, Kenneth Siler Gitv, N ' .C, Jr. RODGERS, Joyce Pendleton, N.C., Soph. ROSS, Edward C. Glarkesville. Va., , ROSS, Emma Gharlotte, N ' .C., Fr. ROSS, Gavel Gastonia, N.C., Fr, ROWE, Rachel Washington, D.C ., Soph. RUSSELL, Cynthia Win.ston-Salem, N.C., Fr. RUSSELL, Sidney . . South Hill, Va., Soph. RY. N, Andrew Sunburv, N ' .C, Jr. SAMSON, Robert Clinton, N.C., Fr. SAMPSON, Donald Greenville, S.C., Fr. SANDIDGE, Herbert Pittsburg, Pa., Fr. SAUNDERSON, Donnie L. Ivor, Va., Fr. SCOTT, Eugene Mocksville, N ' .C, Fr. SCOTT, Hazel Enfield, N ' .C, Soph. SHANK, Richard Greensboro, N ' .C, Jr. SHARPE, III, Lsiah R. Rocky Mount, N.C, Jr. SHARPLESS, Alford Chinquapin, N,C., Soph. SHAW, Eddie Riegelwood, N ' .C, Soph. SHAW, James Riegelwood, N.C, Fr. .SHELTON, Patricia Sharps, Va., Soph. SHEPHERD, Robert Fa ' etteville, N ' .C, Jr. SHEPPARD, Jackie Kinston, K.C, Soph, SHERRILL, Gary Troutman, N ' .C, Fr. SHERRILL, Ruby Lincolnton, N ' .C ., Jr. SILER, Paulette Siler City, N ' .C, Soph. SIMMONS, Ervin Jacksonville, N.C, Jr. SIMMONS, Gregory Westerly, R.I., Soph. 1 SIMMONS. Juanita Washington. D.C.. Soph. SIMS. Gwendolvii Spartanburc;. S.C.. Soph. SL. DE. " Stanley Henderson. N.C.. Jr. SLO.W. Reba Masnoha. N.C.. Fr. S " M. LL, Walter. M. Wilmington. N.C.. Jr. SMITH, . melia Montclair. .J.. Jr. S.MITH. Deborah Greensboro. X.C.. Jr. SMITH, Edward New Haven. Conn SMITH. Gerald Rockv Point. N.C. S.NilTH. Joan Martinsville. ' a Soph. . Soph. Jr. SMITH. Ronald Greenville. N.C.. Fr. SMITH. Ronnie Wilmington. N.C.. Jr. SMITH. Rov Charlotte. N.C. Fr. SMITH. Sharon Favetteville, N.C. Fr. SMITH, illiam High Point. N.C. Jr. SF.ARKS. Emily Winston-Salem. N.C. Fr. SPEIGHT. Sharon Washington. D.C. Fr. SPLNKS, Gwendolyn Greensboro. N.C. Jr. SPRLTLL. David Roxobel. N.C. Fr. ST. LLINGS. . nnette Monroe. ' a.. Fr. STE. D.M. N. Delores J. Charolette. .N.C. Jr. STEELE, Gwendolvn Greensboro, N.C. Soph. STEVENS. Calvin Faison, .N.C. Soph. STEVENSON, John, Philadelphia. Pa.. Fr. STEVENSON. Patricia Winston-Salem. N.C. Fr. STODD. RD. Gregory Clinton. S.C.. Soph. SUITT. Thomas W. Durham. N.C. Jr. SIMMERS. Richard Tumersburg. N.C. Jr. S AIN. Lillie Garland. N.C, Soph. T. NNER. Evelvn Orange, N.J.. Jr. M. M. M Wf ,1 ' ctll gggg TAYBRON, Svlvia Rockv Mts., N.C., Soph. TAYLOR, Debra Roxboro, N.C., Soph. TAYLOR, Larry Favetteville, N.C., Soph. THOMAS, Dorthea Manassas, Va., Soph. THOMAS, Renee Philadelphia, Pa., Soph. THOMAS, Thelnia Lvnchburg, Va., Jr. THOMAS, Tommie Favetteville, N.C.. Fr. THOMAS, Vernon Raetord, N.C., Fr. THOMPSON, Cnrtis Charlotte, N.C., Jr. THOMPSON, Deborah Winston-Salem, N.C., Fr. THOMPSON, Glenda Burhngton, N.C., Jr. THOMPSON, Harry Georgetown, S.C., Soph. THOMPSON, Patricia Charlotte, N.C., Soph. THOMPSON, Roosevelt Chadboum, N.C., Fr. THOMPSON, Vincent Garland, N.C., Soph. THORNHILL, Barbara Greensboro, N.C., Fr. THORNHILL, Brenda Grensboro, N.C., Jr. THORPE, Avis Tarboro, N.C., Fr. TOPPING, Ronald Winston-Salem, N.C., Fr. TREADWELL, Edward Garland, N.C., .Soph. TRUITT, Fred Favetteville, N.C., Fr. TUCKER, Cynthia Hampton, Va., Fr. TUCKER, Demetria Hampton, Va., Soph. TURNER, Barbara Greensboro, N.C., Fr. TURNER, Deloris Martinsville, Va., Soph. TURNER, Franklin C. Norfolk, Va., Soph. TURNER, Lucrene Raleigh, N.C., Jr. TURNER, Samuel Halifax, N.C., Fr. TYSON, Napoleon Farmville, N.C., Fr. UNDERWOOD, Harold Goldsboro, N.C., Jr. VAUHGAN. Patrica Murfreesboro. N.C.. Jr. ' erdell. Averdell Salisburv. N.C.. Fr. ILLINES. alerie Roxboro. X.C., Jr. Vines. Columbus Greenville. N.C.. Fr Vinson, Gloria Greensboro. . .C., Fr. Wadelin ton. Cherrie Greensboro. N.C.. Soph. WALKER, Beanie Hillsborough. N.C.. Soph. ALKER, Jinimye C. Roanoke, Va., Soph. WALKER. BettN Wilmington. N.C.. Jr. WALKER. John W. Greenville. S.C.. Soph. WALKER. Larette Reidsville. N.C.. Soph. WALLACE. Terr Williamston. .N.C Fr. WALLS. Bertram Chadboum. N.C, Fr. ARD. Glenda Raleigh. N.C, Fr, WARREN, Donna Clinton, N,C„ Jr„ WARREN. Joyce New Bern. N.C.. Soph. WASHINGTON. Linda Ann Piedmont. S.C.. Fr. WASHINGTON. Weldon Clinton. N.C.. Fr. WATKINS. Cathy C. Reidsville. .N.C Soph. WATKINS. Francetta Reids ille. N.C. Jr. W ATKINS. Juane -N. Wilkesboro. N.C. Soph. WATSON. Angela Chatham, ' a.. Soph. W ATSON, Maurice Durham, N.C, Fr. WATSON. Robert Clavton. N.C. Jr. WATSON. JR.. illiam R. Durham. .N.C. Jr. W ATT. Damice Asheville. N.C. Fr. WATT. Julia -A.sheville. N.C. Jr. WATTS. Patricia Washington. DC. Jr. WEBB. Bettie Ann Roper, N.C, Fr. WEST. Debra Richmond, Va., Fr. WEAVER, Rolanda Favetteville, N.C Fr WHEELER, Robert Wavnesville, N.C., Soph WEST, Micheal Newport News, Va Fr WHITE, Alliert L. C;hester, S.C. Jr WHITE, Blondenia Charlotte, N.C, Fr. WHITE, Indiana .Morehead Citv, .N.C, Fr WHITE, Linwood Manson, N.C, Soph. WHITE, Yvonne Teaneck, N.J., Soph. WHITFIELD, Renionia LaGrange, N.C, Jr. WHITEHURST, Wilfred New Bern, N.C, Jr. WHITLEY, Micheal Washington, D.C, Soph. WHITLEY, Swanda M. Raleigh, N.C, Jr. WIGGINS, Eloise Rockv Monnt, N.C Fr WIGGINS, Linnie Scotland Neck, N.C, Soph. WILEY, Turner Madi.son, N.C, Fr. WILKINS, Steven W ' inston-Saleni, .N.C, Fr. WILLIAMS, Barbera Wallace, N.C, Soph. WILLIAMS. Eddie Wilson, N.C, Soph. WILLIA.MS, Edra Hamlet, N.C, Soph. WILLIAMS, Gloria Elms City. N.C, Jr. WILLIAMS, Linda Chadbourn, N.C Fr WILLIAMS. Janice Hampton, Va., Soph. WILLIAMS, Jimmv Jamaica, NY., Soph. WILLIAMS, Juanita High Point, N.C, Fr. WILLIAMS, Linda Martinsville, Va., Soph. WILLIAMS, Maxine Clinton, N.C, Soph. WILLIAMS, .Sanndra Smithfield, N.C, Jr lAMS. Shi lev WILLI, ' Bolton, N.C, Fr. WILSON, Lawrence Sumter, S.C, Fr. WIMBISH, Maurice Lynchburg, Va., Soph. W INGATE, Aundrey Kinston. N.C.. Jr. WISE. Joseph Washington, D.C.. Soph. WITCHER, Sandra Roanoke, ' a.. Soph. WITCHER, Claire Riiffln, N.C.. Jr. WITHERS. Wavne Riiffin, N.C.. Jr. ' WITHERSPOON. Roberta Gibson. N.C Soph. WOMACK. Ponsiana Danville. ' a.. Fr. WOODARD. Paillette Henderson, N.C Jr. W OODS. Gordan Winston-Salem. N.C Fr. WOODS. Samuel New. Bern. N.C Jr. WRIGHT. Jacquelvn Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Jr. WRIGHT. Linda Wallace, N.C Soph. W RIGHT, Roderick Whiteoak, N.C Jr. VANCEV. Patricia Henderson, N.C Jr. YOUNG, Lois Raleigh, N.C, Soph. ZEIGLER. Denise Amitvville, N.Y.. Fr. ZdLLICPFFER. Fay Newsome, ' a.. Fr, ! W " How little I have gained, How vast the unattained. " - WTiittu E IS Archie Ford still acts like a freshman. We can still laugh at small things SPOT ■ k Underclass women still like to style. Some luniors don ' t know how to act when first ad- mitted to Brown Hall. Boosting the Aggies to Victory iHMIMMi L SHOTS Underclassmen can still enjoy snowlial! fights. Enthusiasm is the word for these three freshmen. -Man, this is the life!. ' ' I don ' t know where the Union is. ' This is the ■Bold Cold One. ' Jk. i he Aggies . . . •k " n p " ■ ■ ' The Joy and the Sorrow of Athletics ' The Strain i? v flRiJnR AWwTS " ' Football The " Aggies " return for another season . . . and football fever is in the air . . . out of sight mini-skirts go flirting about . . . it ' s party time . . . the team travels . . . bus loads follow ... a hell of a team. ■ Most students don ' t know about what takes place betore a game . . . practice for execution . . . coaches getting last minute details together . . . players relaxing, but not relaxing . . . the game . . . and finally all that work paying off . . . it ' s hell, but they love it. I P " _%- . c , tl |j TSM i rr BiJttuin (;i-v, Cit ' iiL ' Mairison, Ilnoiiuis Blue, Lorenzo Pearson, |. |. Davis, Gary Bryant, lerome Turner. Second Row: Claude Harrison, Melvin Holmes, Edward Harris, David Lewis, Arthur Brown, Henry Walker. Third Row: Dequincey Davis, Edward Ross, bltve )ackson, |ohn Andrews, Daryle Cherry. Fourth Row: Larry Bolton, Reginald Triplin, Willie Wright, Charles Middleton, Albert Nesbit. Co-Captain All CIAA Melvin Holmes 272 i T 27: :■¥ i L 9 Bottom Row: Virgie Sampson, George Suggs, lames Humphrey, William Henderson, William Wideman, Ralph Coleman, Maurice Williams. Second Row: Billy Gaines, Douglas Westmorland, Benjamin latum, Kenneth Lee, difadM Freddie Hunter, Lester Moore, Osceola Hicks. Third Row: Gerald Fitzgerald, Dempsey Bryant, William Hargraves, Turner Wiley, Carlton Yates, Richard Olds, Merl Code. Co-Captain All American Merl Code 273 Head coach, Hornsby Howell and assistant William leftries Any body can get up and say he ' s a coach . . . but it takes a real man to be a coach. Here are the ' brains ' and the men behind the fightin " Aggies " . Assistants: Ronald Payne, Wylie Harris, Murray Neely, Malt Brown, and (not pictured) Mel Croomes. ' W a BASKETBALL Up and down the court . . . Wind Sprints . . . Water! Water! . . . No more wine, I promise coach . . . Sore muscles . . . winning . . . CIAA time . . . beautiful Black women . . . out of sight team. 215 rsj 9« » Team starts off smoking . . . Goes to the hip city . . . Kills Lmcoln . . . troubles begin National ranking . . . bottles on the court . . . No more ranking . . . Make it to tournament . . . That ' s all . . . Try one more " gin " . . . Well we ' ll get you next year, you " gonky. " Cdl Irvin, Head Coach — Basketball it - This is the man ... he shouts . . . has nice little conversations with the officials . . . betcha ' won ' t mess with him . . . better show than team, sometimes ... he inspires and perspires . . . nice man to meet . . . been here a long time . . . gonna be here even longer ... a truly dedicated man ... a winner. 218 ■miiHii L Bottom row: Nathan Pettus, Vernon Walker, Daryle Cherry, Esroy Watts, William Buckinham. 2nd Row: Alton Fields, William Harris, Tom Blackman, Tyrone Bolden, Marvin Morris, Lonnie Klutz, Coach Hubbard 3rd Row: Coach Irving, Al Carter, Milton Nunnaly, Glover, Chuck Evans, Elmer Austin, Davis Greene. KARATE Chop-Chop Calvin McSwain heads the lineup of this deadly and sur- (jrismgly beautiful art. Self-defense is the name of the game which calls tor the control of the mind as well as the body. Started in 1965, this team has grown in reccjgnition on campus and other sch jols. ,. 2! L. Calvin McSwain, Instructor m L I ' ll show you but you must go from there ... on your own . with deadly hands . . . quicker than the eye . . . obser e . watch the after shave . . . hall! ... the Far East never had it so good. RIFLE TEAM 1 I ' .I I ' M They use .22 long rifles and position themselves standing, sitting, kneeling or prone . . . Ite l £j|lfQLl ' A f reload on the firing line i tjM m • y ' - Sgt. W. Willis, Jr. - Coach Because of the individuality ot the sport and its closed quarters, the rifle team is not a well patronized sport; but here are some students who find marksmanship interesting. » Distance 50 feet or more girls allowed. f ' €j i i ' ' I if Pitcher, Wilson Stalsworth BASEBALL Outfielder, Johnny Thompson HM P. ' Coach, Melvin Groomes Bottom Row: Artis, Larry lohnson, Mike Conyers, David Smith, Wilson Stalsworth, Michael Farrell, Arnold Gaskins, Johnny Thompson. 2nd Row: Robertson, Tyrone Bolden, Bernard Chambers, Kent Smith, Steve Parsons. 3rd Row: Jonden, Charles Middleton, )oe Smith, George Tima, Gregory Simmons, Fitzgerald, Matthew Gerald. Nation ' s past time . . . sore arms, sore legs, sore butts . . . champs last year ... a repeat, I hope for this year . . . striiirike one, yer out!l . . . hey ump, you crazy or something . . . one, two, three! Shout the referee . . . four, five, six! Kill the S.O.B. . . . expect a whip . . . just hope we can beat those " gonkies " this year . . . That ' s all folks . . . team hasn ' t even played yet . . . wish I could see in the future . . . No. I?? Track team has run in one track meet at the time of this printing . . . Did pretty good down at Florida A M . . . Seyon Harrell one of best in nation . . . who ' ll be our next spaceman? . . . better eat your wheaties so you ' ll be a strong boy . . . Whosh goes our opposition . . . Swoosh!!! Swish!!! Swooosh!!! go us, I hope . . . New record in 100 yd. dash, 9.1 seconds . . . pretty good, huh . . . well, we ' ll find out pretty soon . . . Seyon Harrell Coach, Murray Neeley and team , 1,; .•::: — tr j ' a " ' Dig that big muscle man . . . throw that shot put, honey! . . . look at those nuts kneeling on the grass . . . " ol " cool " Buck " and his profile . . . hey, why are those two guys running at us . . . what are those two guys doing with that spear ... we ain ' t in Africa . . . hey, that ' s that " bad " foot- ball player . , . just hope they ' re as bad on the field as in practice . . . peace . . . 227 A T JgO A T 14 A T 20 A T 14 A T 37 A T 9 A T 21 A T 20 A T 28 .Football South Carolina State . Johnson C. Smith . . . . Norfolk State Maryland State Winston Salem State Florida A M . .,. ..; Virginia State ' . " ' - Morgan State . . North Carolina Central i A T - lorida A M Cam ■High Point College ' ' Hampton Institute Delaware Sta ' Hovvard Univer.sijv Hampton Institwt Noff6lk Slate |l F etteville State ' Winston Salem St Norfolk State St. Augustine Col Winston Salem St, Shaw University High Point College Shaw University Maryland State Delaware State Howard University St. Augustine College ■■ Fayetteville State Tournament C.I.A.A. Championship District Championship Elon College U.N ' ' -■ ■ 76 St. Augustine ' 88 Fayetteville Sti " " ' n Universi A T ' 102 Johnson C, S. M ■ j A T A T »A T A T N T i T T Ut 61 North Carolina . . 132 Johnson C. Smith 76 Winston Salem 82 Shaw University 84 Livingstone 115 Eli .4fc ht City . . . 74 €fbn C6 liege lid Fayetteville State 82 Delaware State 76 Maryland State 79 Elizabeth City . . . , 72 Elon College . . . r. 72 ' Guiford College . . i ' -: s.fey.Tat ' .a ' tji«- ,5ST-y.-?. ■ . track Schedule - A T tiorida A M R Hampton Relayl Nor h Carolina Centr Fayetteville Statfe Pennsylvania Relays Virginia State Johnson C. ith C.I.A.A. Channpii " District Char WM.KKRiJ U URBON I REMINISCING A T, had a very good sport ' s year . . . Football team lived up to expectations, Merl Coole makes all-American team for his excellent defensive play on the football team . . . We have a fine spirited pep band to cheer us on . . . and our basketball team was also good but it had its ups and downs . . . We now lay our pen to rest and hope that the Aggies can do as good or better next year . . . Amen!!! -■ Battalion Staff C Lt. Col. Reginald Ray. CO C Maj. Carlton Boujai — Deputv CO C Maj. Johnnv Thompson — S3 C Capt. David Brower - SI C Capt. Peter Wabbenhorst - S4 C Capt. Joe Anderson — S2 C Capt. Keith Graves — So 1 w Leadership School Staff C Maj. Herbert Tiller . Commandant Leola Sloss - Miss Armv ROTC Cadet Queens Company A C Capt. James Wright. CO Company B C Capt. James Page, CO j maa t • a 1 A Hffl Company C C Capt. Terr Armstrong, CO Headquarters Company C Capt. Joe Pigford. CO Drill Team C Capt. Bernard Oliphant, Commander Pershing Rifles C Lt Col. Reginald Ray Pershing Rifles Captain E ami iiHUi Officers C:lul) Joe Anderson — President Roscoe McC ormick — Vice President Scal)bard Blade C Maj. Johnny Thompson. Commander Biishniasters C Capt. WilHam B. McMillian, Commander iHHiiHii 5 Distinguished Militan Students Left. Cadet Anthony O. Cone receives his DMS award from Lt. Col. ' iniam Goode iRet.i. Dean of Men. ll Lt. V.ul Rcibcrt O. Thornton Professor of Aerospace Studies Air Force KOTC Cadre Jl ' ' T::?-? : Miss AFROTC, t:laiidia Keid. chats with Lt. Col. Thornton and C Lt. Col. Ray Johnson diiriiii; tin- drill period. i est: •N ..„ ,J- mm W ing Staff C Lt. Col. Ray L. Johnson. Wing CO J- t- . rfT ■»-- r - • . . " J m r= p% 1 II i ] - - inn .i 602nd Sq. Co C Capt. Bennie Brooks. CO N!l5t Squadron Co C .Maj Levi Williams. CO isi 603rd Stjiiadron 5 C Capt. Thaddeiis Gates, li CO I « 6(l4th Squadron CO C Maj. Robert Watson, CO J z: at . w iinii tINI 605th C Lt Col. William Stevens, CO I lied Kiiiders Drill Team C Sqt. Seamon Larson, Commander I Air Police C Capt. Donald Pierce, CO aSWU .fc- 1 " i HOLIANO MALL Ariiiikl Air Societv C Lt. Col. Ra Johnson, Commander C Mai. Roht-rt Watson, President Flight Instniction Program . C Capt. Thomas Sherman, CO mam " The Ultimate Goal Michael Wallace is standing tall as his gold bars are pinned b Janice Ingram. If Linzy Harrison, Associate Editor Keith A. Graves, Editor-in-Chief - i2 ' ;:yMa! !i!tk 244 Brenda Adams, Executive Secretary OB Stephanie Williams, Managing Editor MeKin Walden, Chief Photographer Sharon Gra es, Art Editor Leonard Conlev, Photographer II Well this is it! The edition that reflects a tiring but rewarding year. It should be used as a mirror, as ' ou perceive vour relationship to A T dining the past vear. The compilation of this year ' s Avantee was through the eff orts of several persons. I feel that they merit a very special " thank vou. " iVIanaging Ed. Linzv Harrison — Assoc. Editor Stephanie Williams Brenda Adams — Executive Secretary Melvin Walden — Chief Photographer Dwight Davis — Photographer Vondia Broadnax — Asst. Managing Ec Archie Hunter — Sports Editor Roscoe McCormick — Military Editor Sharon Speight — Layout Editor Sharon Graves — Art Editor Charles Evans Albert White Iris B. Carlton With this list of names in mind, it is hard to forget the manv other persons who donated their time and services. Basically there is one lesson which is gained through working together as we did and that is unified effort. Without this we wouldn ' t have made it. So I say again, this is it! Sincerely yours. jti .Sf »-o Keith A. Graves Editor-in-Chief in Memory Of Willie Ernesl Grimes Charles Allen - ' .ji harles Russell Ward Edward Earl Mathis TVlrs. Millicent Keene Joetta Melinda Douglass jEfSfflW .i7. LiBRAR? - : rATE. UN! ' " " ' - »FFNS!FJORO. NC ?74.1

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