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H NC A 1 T STATE UNIV. UBRARV n ■3 0343 0305462X J J % ml « - . " -..„ = r.rir .7rT vrKT:,r ' A 7 Tu;rtTty?.7:TTry ' Tprr xl?;l[■ ' v . va,m M ; ' •w■■ ' ■. ' ' (: t, " . ' JU?. Ta • h ■) wlg!1r Ml5 m i WllFTWISPriW i«{hiiyu.ii«i)iiti . fl T n I 1 1 1 The Challenge of University Sfcifns NORTH CAROLINA AGRICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL STATE UNIVERSITY AT GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA wr ?Wl«a!«SHTO«W««M«M VIH«IBMmMWi«! To Reach the Uureachahle Star " ' . htSllMM • " A i. ' •«• ■;, ' »• ' ••- MEzr ' £SMi i ' j ' . ' fii?frr ' s?, ' g ' 3i? ' u f7 ' ' ' y- ' ! FROM COLLEGE... ..-:-. ( f For the past seventy-five years, A. T. as a college has survived the changing times, changing ad- ministrators, changing quality of students, but has held steadfastly to its philosophy of meeting the needs of a progressive society. Six admin- istrators? John O. Crosby (1892- 1 896 ) . Dr. James B. Dudley ( 1 896- 1925), Dr. Ferdinand D. Bluford (1925-1955), Dr. Warmoth T. Gibbs ( 1955-1960), Dr. Samuel D. Proctor (1960-1964), and Dr. Lewis C. Dowdy ( 1964-Present) have stood at the helm and steered the course of the good ship " Aggie " through treacherous waters. There was always the goal of higher at- tainment ahead, and each successive captain has pursued this goal ten- aciously, improving curricula and facilities alike and upgrading the quality of its graduates, who have gone forth bearing the banner of A. T. College into the labyrinth of society. TO UNIVERSITY... The school year of 1966-67 saw the end of a name but not the ter- mination of a dream. On June 29, 1967. the Agricultural and Techni- cal College, by act of the North Carolina Legislature, moved up the intellectual stream, having its name and status changed from college to university, to become the North Carolina Agricultural and Techni- cal State University of Greensboro. With this change of name and status came new and greater challenges, more spacious and better equipped buildings, an increased and more qualified faculty, better prepared students, and new visions for the future. As a university, we forge ahead to greater heights in aca- demics, culture, patriotic endeavor, brotherhood, recreation, anl. most of all. service to mankind. Our hands reach ever upward and out- ward, lifting and gathering the " lost " in the maze of this atomic ase. " =«r.jia|lit ' - ' ' £i:tkjaimi THE CHALLENGE The challenges of our society have taken on many forms in accord with the complex era in which we now live. In a time so pregnant with change and social innovations, coupled with revolutions, one must he well equipped to adjust to the rapid rate of change and the ever-present challenge of acceptance or rejection. The degree of acceptance or the nuinner of rejection is based on one ' s ability to understand the problems that confront him. Today. as in the pasl. we are challenged academically; but the challenge is much greater now than it has ever been. With tremendous emphasis being placed on one ' s formal training in determining the type of job that he is able to get. along with his position and starting salary, it becomes increasingly important that one take seriously all of his academic endeavors. The academic challenge goes even further. Educational opportunities are now open to all who will take advantage of them, causing the field of higher trained individuals to expand to its fullest. Truly, we have been cast into an age of competition. Only the fit — those who qualify to meet the challenge— shall survive! Academic conquests serve to prepare one to reason for himself, to be able to recognize an existing challenge, and to have access to an operational knowledge of the tools necessary to meet these challenges. Moreover, in a time of such diverse activities, it is not enough for one to be qualified to meet only the academic challenge. Today ' s society presents other challenges that never cease to question one ' s ability to adjust to the times at hand and to meet the needs of an ever-changing society. We are challenged socially to meet the changes in social institutions that have existed unquestioned for centuries. These new mores that have grown out of these changing institutions have brought with them new and more complex problems to be answered by society. The problems of society attendant to these changes can only be solved by excellence of social standards upheld by its members. A. and T. State University is striving to instill in its students the superiority of values that will equip them, not only to adjust to the changes in society, but to help innovate various social changes that will benefit the whole of mankind, and to take the knowledge gained here and use it to solve the conflicts that swell like earthquakes to wreck our great society. Still other challenges exist to test man ' s knowledge and skills. Politics and economics present constant challenges to us in choosing qualified representatives who also have progressive ideas, especially in matters of civil rights, taxation, and foreign policy. Political and economic institutions are very closely related, and each has an influential elTect on the other. Therefore, it is necessary for man to have an appreciable knowledge of the concerns of both the political and economic system of the society in which he lives. One should plan through preparation to enter the realms of political life and become active rather than apathetic. For the fiber of the nation will be changed by those who are able to meet the challenge. Man lives because he has something to cling to, something that interests him. or because he believes in a supreme being of power. As man ' s technological and scientific knowledge increases, his spiritual beliefs are challenged and questioned for validity. There is increasing doubt in one ' s mind as to the role of God in his life. Questions such as. Is there or was there a God? " and " Is God dead? " constantly plague our society when man is only half educated. 7he University is fulfilling the need of training men to the extent that science and technology can be used to explain theology and to resolve many conflicts that have arisen between them in regards to the creation of the earth and man. Here at the University, we are engaged in a search for excellence and clarity that will enable us to accept the spiritual challenge with an open mind. No challenge has man so perplexed as the moral challenge. All of the challenges aforementioned have a decided effect on man ' s inner-self. With the advent of social, political, and spiritual changes, one is constantly confronted with the need to revise his moral code. Bui, in which direction should this revision flow — upward or downward? If one denies the existence of God, then he naturally has no concept of right or wrong; and he may sometimes act and react accordingly. The effect of changes in social institutions often drives one to wonder why he should adhere to any rules of society if they. too. shall at one time be changed and regarded as having been incorrect. The moral challenge too can be met by the academic, social, and personal otTerings of the university because it is geared to prepare a man to compete in a society of the highest technological skills so that he can stand erect, breathe, and swell with the confidence that he. the trained and educated man, is the supervisor of his soul and the director of his fate. In addition to refining its students and making of them well-rounded individuals academically, socially, spiritually, and morally, the University concentrates its efforts in the building of strong bodies and patriotic minds and hearts in its male population. These men go forth into life prepared to uphold the ideals of their country and to protect it from those who would destroy its way of life. This is accomplished through the Air Force and Army Reserve Officer Training Corps programs. Thus, the A. and T. State University prepares the whole man. Its five schools and two divisions are alt engaged in the finest preparation in their respective fields. Training is offered to meet all of the needs of society with competence. No one man is equipped to do so; but by training many men in different fields, the University sends forth into society a heterogenous aggregate with each member a specialist in one area but with the trained intellect to allow him to respect his fellowman for his skills and abilities. A University through whose doors men enter just men but leave great men prepared to face the oncoming tide of life with intellectual fortitude and ready to infiltrate the ranks of society is the A. and T. Slate University. The fruits of education are the music of life — let education be a challenge! WSS 1 I il nil 1 « I? il • -. n viv:-: i ' ln1sJ:. ■MtMl(MVlp:■ t •l ' - ■, •l ' ' U■l ' . H:llrI ' |yJ l4 . ' r i ' M(l| vf,lM1.•TO )«yfUjiyiMi ' ai)i«te ,„ 1968 AYANTEE Published By NORTH CAROLINA AGRICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL STATE UNIVERSITY Jack Canales Blake, Editor AYANTEE STAFF If you were busy doing good. And doing just tiie best you could. You wouldn ' t have time to blame some man Who ' s doing just the best he can. — Author Unkown. Each year the AYANTEE Staff has fol- lowed tradition in compiling materials for the annual. With a new working crew as well as a new advisor, multifarious ideas emerged; and at the point of a pen and the touch of the typewriter, these ideas have been depicted in the 1968 AYANTEE. Numerous hours of chaotic toil have been devoted to the task of bringing to the A. and T. family a collection of the more memorable events of 1967-68. We realize that we are not able to please everyone with these presenta- tions, but it is our desire to take care of the greater majority. WILLIE E. CURRIE, III AssocidW futitnr JACK C. BLAKE Etlilor-in-Chiff MRS C. H. COPELAND Ailiisor THE STAFF The staff is composed of Jack C. Blake. Editor-in-Chief: Willie Currie. Associate Edi- tor: Gloria Lyles. Secretary: Kenneth Graves. Military Editor: Lee M. Bruner. Sports Editor; Jacqueline Cuthhertson. Art Editor: Leonard Crosby. Rheuben Taylor, and WiUiam Craw- ford. Photographers: Gloria Lyles. Alveria McLaughlin, and Frankie Pauling. Typists. Other staff members include: Ronald Boyd. Kent Smith. Rene Cradle. Damon Thomas. Lillian Butts, and Linda Bass. The staff is also pleased and honored to have Mrs. Catherine Copeland as our new ad isor. It is our sincerest hope that you will find some phase of the 1968 AY.ANTEE suited to your individual taste. Gloria Lyles Lee M. Bruner. Jr. Sports Editor Jackie Culhbertson Art Editor Rheuben Taylor Photographer Kenneth Graves I Typisis — left to right: Gloria Lyles. Frankie Pauling, . heriu McLaughlin if i " ' :yjf,u:- Dear A. T. THE ALMA MATER Dear A. and T.. Dear A. and T. A Monument indeed! Around thy base with grateful hearts Behold thy students kneel. We bless the power that gave thee birth To help us in our need. We ' ll ever strive while here on earth All loyalty to yield. CHORUS With joy. with joy. dear A. and T. Thy students turn from thee. To spread thy trophies year by year From Dare to Cherokee. ( II ) Dear A. and T., Dear A. and T. The signet thou shalt be. Set by our own great Commonwealth, Proud boaster of the free; She " d have the record of her worth On granite not inscribed, Nay! Let the children of her birth Proclaim it by their lives. (Ill) Dear A. and T., Dear A. and T. Henceforth our aim shall be. By precepts wise and deeds more sure To bless the State through thee. The arts of industry to wield Against the idle foe, A harvest rich from ripened fields Of what thy students sow. ALUMNI WORKSHOP— More than lOO-alumni returned to the campus for a three-day Alumni Workshop in Fund Raisina. ,Mk wa■ y , ll ... x.»«.; » Tn jlllv ■;ylr|y;l l|t;l,IA:w■wyly flffl I.- " f 9 KtlM ' iliAB. DEDICATION The selection of Dr. Jesse Edward Marshall as the 1968 honoree by the Ayantee Staff is an expression of appreciation for his sincere and deep devotion as the ■■good dean " " He has indeed been a dean who, in the words of George Eliot. " " We must find our duties in what comes to us. not in what we imagine might have been. " " has performed his duties based upon his phi- losophy to direct or coordinate our program of student personnel services as a continuing exercise of identify- ing and remedying daily Hfe problems of students with focus on: 1. Developing all aspects of human individuality 2. Recognizing individuals uniqueness of each student 3. Providing experiences which complement the classroom experiences and related activities 4. Utilizing methods of relationships which are both educative and directed toward character develop- ment, rather than authoritative Born in Tuscaloosa. Alabama. Dr. Marshall has for years shown a continuing interest in education, in civic uplift, and in his country ' s welfare. Educationally, he has run the gamut of positions from science teacher to elementary school principal, to assistant high school principal, to Director of Freshman Studies Division, to Dean of Student Affairs. He is at present President of the North Carolina College Personnel Association, and holds membership in five other professional organi- zations. A scholar in his own right, he is a member of the Phi Delta Kappa Honor Society, having to his credit two major educational publications. " ■Problems of Adjustment of Freshmen Students " and " ' The Use of Test with the Academically Talented. " i His civic affiliations include the ' MCA and YW ' CA. the Boy Scouts, the Greensboro Control Center, the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce. During World War II. Dr. Marshall served his country as an enlisted man and a Commissioned Officer, and he presently holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Reserve. Dr. Marshall and his lovely wife, Mrs. Ruby C. Marshall, have two fine, talented children. Jessica Cordette and Miniford Clark. Fraternally, he is a member of . Ipha Phi .Alpha Fraternity. Dean Marshall joined the faculty of A. T. State University in .- ugi ' st. 1964. as Professor of Guidance and Dean of Students. Ever since, he has been actively engaged in helping the student develop himself to meet a world of great challenges and constant changes. Not always finding conditions ideal, he has held with J. Stuart Holden, " ■If we wait for ideally favorable weather for the sowing of the good seed — for the investment of our lives in the field of human need — we shall die waiting. ' " Thus, because of his untiring efforts in upholding the philosophy of the University by assisting students in the achieve- ment of inner stability and personal integration through self-discovery and self-direction, the Ayantee Staff is pleased to dedi- cate its 1968 publication to Dr. Jesse E. Marshall. Dean of Student .Affairs. m I CONTENTS THEME 2-5 DEDICATION. FOREWORD. 11 ADMINISTRATION 12-17 AC ADEM IC 18-43 CLASSES 44-11 7 ORGANIZATIONS 118-161 STUDENT ACHIEVEMENTS _ 162-171 STUDENT ACTIVITIES 172-181 MILITARY 182-195 QUEENS _ 1 96-2 1 1 SPORTS 2 1 2-229 10 nr ' , ' " i r m: ! : , , New Mathematics-Business Building FOREWORD ■i» a a . ■« S5j; li I j%. .! •• •• " ■■ 3.-, -iSa SI .a ir:- -iii j l si s: .i :i Scott Hall in the Winter In the past few years, our lives have been speeded up to such a pace that we are unable to take time for a lot of things. A hustle and a bustle to hurry up and live seems to be the trend. This new type of living is prevalent in all fields of work and play. We have reverted to the ancient idea of using symbols to represent the many activities expressed in daily living. As a result of this change, we use mottos, symbols, emblems, and trademarks to represent all aspects of religious, economic, political, and social endeavors. At every turn we are confronted with symbolism, be it a black and white handclasp or a picture of Uncle Sam in our daily newspaper. In searching for a theme for our yearbook, we found useful this recent trend of symbolism in illustrating the many facets of life at A. and T. State University. In this copy of the Ayantee, we have endeavored to incorporate the many activities in symbolic representation. Without a doubt, the foremost symbol of the spirit of A. and T. State University is our changing status from a College to a University, which is here symbolized by an advancement in the height of the goals on which our sights are directed. We have chosen as our symbol a ladder leading toward " The Unreachable Star " , ever mindful of Browning ' s admonition, " Ah, but a man " s reach should exceed his grasp, — or what ' s a heaven for? " The Ayantee Staff jyr;s amHnaBUMWMHWweifficmwfiiii ADMINISTRATION DR. GLORIA S( (II I Administrative Assistant to the President DR. GLEN F. RANKIN Dean of Academic AfTairs DR. DARWIN T. TURNF.R Dean of the Graduate School 12 T ' : ' ■l■ ; ' fr, ' 1• ' ■,•v, -1 ■:T Tr J ' f ' ■• i ' ] rawk ntf iwiMKVn«VH);it -x uh.U« : ' | ' ■lrmTO?lta!WlHWffHl!lmTOflM l llm»li lllmlHl Kli SffllHCT WWMttl.KMltl PRESIDENT ' S STATEMENT It is my great pleasure to extend to you congratulations upon your graduation. You will now join the caravan of " Aggies " ' who spread their trophies not only from Dare to Cherokee, but from here to Tripoli. While your challenges will be the greatest ever faced by any generation, your op- portunity to change the character of our society and to contribute to the elevation of our civilization will be immeasurable. I predict that the history you write by your deeds, which will emanate from your deep commitment and high aspiration, will prove to be the most important ever written and witnessed by the races of men. I, therefore, admonish you to keep the fires of intellectual curiosity burning so that the chain which now locks from man the unexplored ideas may be melted to release a well-spring of new knowledge to give our civilization renewed thrust toward the realization of the " Great Society. " I know that you will carry with you the consuming " Aggie " spirit which has always given our sraduates an incessant urge to seek continually the realization of a higher goal and to make a larger contribution to the realization of the " American Dream " . Lewis C. Dowdy President I ■,-..: i. Jft-)!.....!!. Tiimmimismmm ' mmm ' ffm iM- ; J» ' . J 5 IMsl«l» ' JlHf THE TRUSTEES At center ;ik I ..Ihii H. Frazier. Greensboro, chairman and Dr. Dowdy. Others from left to right are Dr. oiis liUman. High Point- Dr. A. A. Best, Greenville; David W. Morehead. Greensboro; E. E. Waddell. Charlotte, vice chairman; L L Ray Greensboro- J s ' Stewart, Durham; James Graham, Raleigh; W. B. Wicker. Greensboro; J. Mack Hatch, Charlotte; and Dr, Frontis W. Johnston Davidson ' BOARD OF TRUSTEES As students of A. T. State University, we are ever grateful to the members of the Board of Trustees for the many hour;; devoted to mak- ing the school an enjoyable place to live, study, and learn. Although they are seldom seen, we can witness the results of many of the fruitful deliberations. With the keen interest they pos- sess in the well-being of this institution, we have witnessed the emerging of a great college into a still greater University. ROBERT H. FRAZIER Chairman 14 , ' tf MTn, ' i,T-,Via ' ' 7 ' iX :OM?W ' T " ' ' tl " i ' ' ' - ' " ' 5:vr ' r.iT:i T!v:? ' ' ;r ' iSf. ' ' Jhv ■m ' immm ' Wmiiiiimwm V THE ADMINISTRATORS Through the educational channels di- rected toward successful endeavor, the ad- ministrators guide the destinies of almost four thousand members of the Aggie fam- ily. They work constantly to up-grade the curriculum, improve the facilities, expand the devoted and efficient faculty, and chal- lenge the potentialities of those who pass within the walls of this great institution. In times such as these in which we live, ad- ministrators such as these are needed; for into their hands are entrusted the lives of the future citizens of our great country. DR. THEODORE BUNCHE Director of Health Services WILLIAM H. GAMBLE Director of Admissions REV. CLEG M. McCO Director of the Chapel VANCE E. GR.A.Y Director of Fitiancial Aid 15 HARVEY R. ALEXANDER Business Manai cr RUTH GORE Director of Counseliriff ami Testing Services ELLIS F. CORBETr Associale Director of Planning Deveiitprneni DR. ROBERT S. BEALE Acting Registrar JIMMIE L BARBER Director of Housing jv , . ' , ■.» ;■: ( i T s ■.i " ' ' . ' i " i V fn. ii.N-T;riy;f MiMliMHil DR. F. A. WILLIAMS Dirccli ' of Pltinniiij, ' tun! Dcvclffpnienl ■m «mmw vm !!! :mvmmwSM ' SSMf-W ' ' ' ' »IIH,t|t»»Ki,»l Jl-l MRS LLCILIE PIGGOT Dean tif Wtinit ' il RICHARD E. MOORE Director of Public Infornialion ALBERT SMIIH Director. Mefiioriul Union 1. NEIL ARMSTRONG Director of Siirnnicr School W III IAN! U i.nuDt Dean ot A t i W. I. MORRIS Director of Placentent .Sen ici If- ■A 1 1: I STUDENT GOVERNMENT OFFICERS MARSH CAMPBEM, Student Government President NARVIAR CATHCART Student Government Seeretarv ■• s m HENRY McKOY Sludent Government Vice President 18 m . rji sx Virrnc ' y ' Ti v (f ' vtr7rrr:v- ' ' ' - ' rn ' f- ' " : ' yr: " WM ' wi»a»iii) Student Goxernment Reprc entati ' . eb. From Left to Right: Charles Ward. Freshman Class; Diane Bell. Freshman Class; Narvier Cathecart, Student Government Secretary: Ronald Boyd. Junion Class; Marsh Campbell. President; Joyce Lindsay, Freshman Class. STUDENT GOVERNMENT The members of the Student Government devote a great deal of time to matters pertaining directly or indirectly to the students. The spokesman of the group. Marsh Campbell, is a senior elected by popular vote and assisted by two representatives from each of the four classes. The group for this academic year worked diligently in finding ready .solutions for the many student problems which have appeared before them. Acting as the official student organization working in the common interest of the Student Body, the group strives to p romote the general welfare and interests of the A. and T. family. Among the worthwhile projects initiated by the Student Government for this academic year are the Resolution to the University Council and Faculty Senate urg- ing the adoption of an elective ROTC Program to replace the present compulsory one and the passing of an Open Housing Bill at the State Student Legislature. Other proposals are for the formulation of a Student Judiciary and the adoption of an- other food system — preferably the ticket system. We are indebted to these members for their earnest efforts to satisfy the entire student body. We congratulate them I 19 mmammimmmiem!mmmmtmmviimmmfmffmmswmmfmmmtm mmym,nmiviim $ 1 ' ' mr:]T,wfm " ;r:m!mm ' wniv mim mmmmmmmi , mmy v mmmmmm Academics u THE CHALLENGE TO CULTIVATE STRONG MINDS S S- " ' " A Utile learning is a dangerous thing: Drink deep, or taste not tlie Pierian Spring. — Alexander Pope 21 L. Richardson Pryer challenges the graduating class of 1967. Erwin France calls upon siuJents to " join in the search for excellence " at Founders ' Day Convocation. if OWUHMagHltiNIUH jH Left to right: Lt. Col. Herbert G. Parker, Professor of Military Science; Dr. Arthur F. Jackson. Dean, School of Education and General Studies; Dr. Darwin T. Turner. Dean. The Graduate School; Lt. Col. Samuel Massenberg, Professor of Aerosp:ace Studies; Dr. Burleigh C. Webb. Dean. The School of , griculture; Dr. Charles W. Pinckney. Director. Division of Industrial Education and Technology. Missing: Dr. Theodore Mahaffey. Director. Division of Business and Economics; Dr. Walter Daniel. Director. Curricul um Development Project, and Mrs. Naomi Wynn, Dean, School of Nursing. ACADEMIC DEANS Under the competent leadership of our academic deans, the Uni- versity advances the acquisition of knowledge and skill. Around this group of ablebodied men and women revolve an efficient faculty ded- icated to the pursuit of pedagogy. The course which they have charted is fraught with difficulties in the accomplishment of their goal; but no matter how rugged the course may become, they never abandon ship. With determination such as theirs, we have moved from the status of a college to that of a university, with all of the challenges appertaining thereto. 23 wsmmtmK ' mi iu-:m mi ' Dr. Hurleiiih C . Webb Dc;in. School i Agriculture Hi Artis 1 ' . (iravpis C li.iiriniin Jl ' -p;M ' tiiiciit of Bioluffy A. P. Bell Chairman Agricultural Educiition Dr. W. L. Keiin.ity Clinirman Animal Industry 1 r. Huwarti R«binsr.n V hairinaii Inslitutf for Uesfavch Mr. B. W. Harris Chairman Extpnrii ' fl Services SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE Embracing the fundamental philosophy of the Land-Grant institution, the School of Agri- culture accepts the University challenge and status. It administrates a more than adequate program of instruction to meet the specific essentials of our rural-urban dichotomy. The objectives of the School of Agriculture are twofold: 1. To extend the frontiers of knowledge and the professional competences of its faculty and the academic proficiency of its students through organized instruction and re- search, and 2. To share its resources with its clintele through organized short courses, conferences, and related activities designed to meet special needs. FACULTY Friim Icfl lu nghi: kiiw I: K.ias I, Cjlte. Kul.i K. Vcrcc-i, Anne . Houcll . Doris B. Kw:isikpai, Allicilii J Wcbli, rv:i V, Moure, J. A. Williams Row 2: li. . Wcbli. IX-an. Kalyc G. Walson. Sara I.. James. Waller Sullivan, F„ Bernice Johnson, J. H. tlrier. Row .1: S. J. Dunn, A. M. Stevens, C " . A. Fountain. Row 4: W. H, Mitehell, A. Hill, Kalrina I ' orcher, N. M, ( hopra. Row . " i: W, L, Kennedy, J. W. R, Grandy, r P, McCleavc, A, P, Bell, H, S, Deems, T, li. Mcl-adden, E. Marrow, F, M. Madsen, C . (). Higginbotham, L, A, Yates, Row 6: T. Brev er. 24 Ei ' rasaffiniEiiaffKi ' i:) ' ' EtHiii tom 25 Weedology l n - Sc ing f 1 k ■ =.-31 L i-! T5 BH% ' M BfeNLP Pu B ' 1 ' 1 n v M Im i % ;.- -.■. . 1 ■■ " W jjutl k ■ H HH Working with the wings of a Dove Examininc a tractor Anatomy A chick examination Bioloiiical Science Lab hNWIUiSIHMIMiMDm ES A serious chemistrv student Looking at the inside Zoologv Bisecttna Meat Inspection •fXi mmmmsBi J. M. M;irteen;t Dean Ml l ' li} i.„ Ui-iuirtmoiit Ml A, Kifliantson IH-. H.-rlifrt Il. ' ii-h.-ii Mr, Hanlv Lis;t .ii. .Ii. Mr- L. H. HolniPB (■hainiiaii t ' hairniaii Chairman ChairmaTi P-AV m.-nt of KI.=Ttri ' al DopartiMciit nf Department ot Di ' partnieiit of Art KlItClIlrLTing Matheiiiiili. ' s ilechanical Enpineeriiig SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING In tlie School of Engineering, four and five-year courses of study leading to the Bachelor of Science degree are proposed along with professional courses required by the State Depart- ment of Public Instruction for the teaching certificate. The School of Engineering encompasses the Departments of Architectural Engineering. Electrical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Mathematics. Engineering Phy- sics, and Fine Arts. Frunl Row. from Icfl lo iighl; Dr. A, V. Sh;irnui. Mr. J. M. Diilla. Mr. Sl inlcy Ockers, Mrs. Fv:i Miller, Dr. Edwards. Mr. Paul Parker. Second Row. left to right. Mr. Richardson, Mr. Miohcner, Mr. Beatty, Mr. Holmes, Mrs. Rivers, Mrs. Cherry. Third row, left to right; Mr. Herher Heughen. Mr. Gerald Grey. Mrs. Willie ( . High, Mrs. Manuel, Mr. Sheperd Scott. Hoiirth row, left to right; Mr. Chih Hwaii, Mr. Paul E. I.eacraft, Mrs. Ihelnia Bradford, Mr. Ernest Sherrcd, Mr. William A. Street. Standing, left to right; Mr. H:irdv l.iston. Dr. Botros, Mr. Nathan Sanders, Mr. Cardo7a Mcf liUogh. Mr. David Hinton. De;m J. M. Martecna, Mr. Williams, Mrs. Elvir;i Sh;iw. Dr. Maria Dia ., Dr. Oclavia Diaz, 28 «lMiWJ«ii( aulWi,-»iiS» ' iiiiAifiif«ita(« H;M»;; ' i»ii I : i ' « .- -.,; - Math tutorinc session Engineering Physics Timing an experiment ' fximmimm!Bmmimm immimmm»fMwvmMm ' ,-, i . ii- ' .iimiiii:Ji;ivim; s Summer Interns of the Argonne Institute of rcehnoloiiy ; m Chemistry Lab Exper.enee Another Lab Experience 30 -;3fV ' fl ' .lV " T ' ' , , ' TTi[rr V ' . " ■£- " tft, •« - Enaineerina Phvsic Clas Ceramics Class Hydraulics Lab. Senior Electron Lab. •-® mm»m}wm«immmmwmfmvtmitm»ym ' myf)mmm »-i(mi% ' i ■J Dr, A. F. Jackson Dean School of Educ;ition and General Studies in. !iMi.,iii I ' nti.v Vctiiiy CliJiiriiiaii li.|.:irtnieiit of Ediicati Mi. U,,u,.iiI I ..,i-,.ll in. .|. liii ( i,.u(..i,l ChairiiKiii Ardiij, ' fli;iiriiiiiii bi ' partniuut i f Music Il |i;irliiietil of Kiiglisli I ' l N i!i " Hr. Will Scott I r, (ahiii Stevi-nBoii li.iinii.iii t ' hairman t ' liairiiiaii lir|iarliiiitit iif Uipartim-nt of Snci j| jj, ' .v Uepai Iiiiurit »f Psychology Foii-ij, ' !! Laiiiiiiagi ' s and Social Service SCHOOL OF EDUCATION AND GENERAL STUDIES The School of Education and General Studies in essence aims at a more educated society. The more educated a society becomes, the more the cultural integrity of that society needs to be preserved. Such preservation may best be attained, for example, by studying courses in- cluded in the several departments of the School — English. Music, Foreign Languages, Socio- logy and Anthropology. Health and Physical Education, Psychology and Guidance. Education, and. probably most important in today ' s politically-oriented society. History and Political Science. The progressive nature of the School of Education and General Studies is reflected in its newly instituted experimental program, the Curriculum Development Project. FACULTY . ' . i. w»i«! ' i 32 j " t " ' -: . ' ' ' TcYTTyv " ' ' ■■■ ' i lV.■J (v. : ' • : 5 T,• ll N ' ,Jv;t■K 1 ' (svnrTm mn ' mmmmm mm HiniKinities Class Physical Education Discussion Group Education Class Composition English — Outdoor Observation 33 Office of Education Last minute cram for T. A. Health Education Going over test papers for Healtli Education Piano Practice 34 -o. :. 7 " l1 ' .■V1Tm■ . " i ' ; ■■ i ivr ' . " T- .iL ' j(t; ' rirmff7: ' - ' . ' :n7«,L ' .i:ivi ' i ' iMni rl(n ■■ •f |» lft!l » f4 t(»Hix .rsfilJ l•l4f jt hi.M-iit.p iMi-j. ' i™ ; DR WALTER C. DANIEL DireclOr CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT PROJECT Bold but sound innovations in the teaching of the basic subjects which college freshmen usually pursue in the General College Program constitute the course of study for the 13-Col- lege Curriculum Program. In this venture. 13 predominantly Negro colleges — most of which are located in the South — have entered into an experiment which intends to lend significant direction in the areas of English. Social Studies. Mathematics, and the Science Survey. The project represents the largest single grant which the United States Office of Education has ever made to a specific project, with supporting funds from the Office of Economic Opportunity. the Carnegie Foundation, and the National Science Foundation. UAJ »Jg 3 — tlt Mi flE a F -__=3i JBHHj Br ' m MmM ffjM m " ■ l B x Z 1 W , mU V tO BM H t V H Hp ■■i En ' tfi j W 1 ' H - V l tt - V ' ' ■m. ■R urn H k;j Left to right; Mr. Benson. Mrs. Clark. Mr. Drake, Mrs. . rtis. Mr. Tubbs, Mr. Dean, and .Miss Cline. 3S f BWW«ra»S«WW»)! J»ll!K««!))M a««!a«»iW«?Wt Dr T Mahaffey. Ch;iirnian Division of Business and Economics Dr. JiKiiiK.i lale, Chairman DepailniciU ot Economics DIVISION OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS Upon graduation from the division of Business and Economics, the student should have developed; 1 . His potentialities for leadership, service, and ethical responsibility in business, government, and educa- tion. 2. An understanding and awareness of the social, economic, political, and human forces that underlie na- tional and international problems. 3. The incentive to pursue research and make worthwhile contributions to his field of specialization. 4. The desire to project his thinking and shape his future to include continuous education. 5. Principles and concepts necessary in the solution of business and economic problems, and. most im- portant, 6. Competence in the major field of specialization. Once graduation requirements have been completed, the student is then entitled to the Bachelor of Science degree in the following areas: Business Education, Business Administration. Accounting. Economics, and Secre- tarial Administration. At present, the construction of a modern mathematics building is nearing completion. The building is ex- pected to be the new headquarters for the Business and Economics Division. FACULTY t From left to right: Row I: Mrs. Dorothy C:imeron. Mrs. Vcdri Stroud, Mrs. Willie B. M,i o. Mrs, Riihye I. D;ivis, Mrs, Lillian Couch, Mrs. Katie G, Dorsett, Mrs, Louise Haith. Mrs, Doris Gardner, Row 2; Mr, William Amalley. Mr, L, A, Wise. Mr, Frank Crouch, Mr, Basil Coley, Mr, Irving Russell. Mr, Thomas Jefferson. Dr, T, Mahaffcy, ( hairman. Row i ' - Mr. Jerry Weston. Mr. Nalwar Gandhi, Mr. James Rizzi, Mr, Joseph Zahran, Dr, Sidney Lvans, Dr, Mahesh Jain, 36 W i Computer metnmmsamt i Dr. C. W. Pickney Head of Division Industrial Educ;ilion ;ind Technology Mr. A. W, Williams Industrial Technology DIVISION OF INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION AND TECHNOLOGY The Division of Industrial Education and Technology, with its headquarters in Price Hall, has as its major objective the teaching of both theoretical and practical aspects of twen- tieth-century industrial development. Offering a background in general studies as well as tech- nical, the School not only provides opportunities for education in the realm of technological development, but also attempts to fulfuU the ever-increasing demand for trade and vocational education teachers. 4 From left to righl: 1st Row: Mr. Major Holloway, Mr. J. F. Dawkins. Mr. Thomas Avery, Mr. N. Dr. C. V. Pincknev. Director 2nd Row- Mr. Marquis Cousins. Mr. Issue Barnett. Mr. Forest Parks. 3rd Row: Mr. Leon Hardy, Mr. John Morris. Mr. Lewis Richards, Mr. G. C Gail, Mr. James L. Jenkins, Mr. Andrew Williams. , .• 38 ;-.■; - " w..:-. Wood Carving Automotive Teclinology Industrial Education I Making sure tlie wood is smootli Mrs. Naomi W. Wynn Dean of Ihc School of Nursing SCHOOL OF NURSING The foui-year program of the School of Nursing not only encompasses campus work centered at Carver Hall, but also extends in practice to two area hospitals. L. Richardson and Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospitals. Although only fifteen years at A. and T., the School has developed markedly in its brief history. Understanding one ' s self and one ' s neighbor, the objective of the School of Nursing, results in a more mature interpretation of psychological and sociological problems that are continually present in societies. A more mature interpre- tation of society may result in a more matine society. FACULTY 4 Hrom left lo righi: Back row: Tiney H. (iarrison, Graee H. Diinlap, (.uhkI.iImi (olinore, Georgiana M. s Dean. Fronl row: Jiinia . .Icnkiris, Helen MeCullough, Mereiliih I ' arkei , liilia Spighl. 40 I lie H. Waltlen, Naomi Wynn. jt.- «.:-u..:-. »iii,iii.«. ,— . ( .7 If ' fA Holding on to helpful hands Class Demonstration 1 N» Studying the intestines It ' s pressure time! The (inal look through an exray niaehine 42 I I I ' I H ill Baby Care After one needle After a hard day at work 43 iMsaatssafflB:;? ' CI asses 45 r iimimm mi»m vmwmmfm )meM ' ifsi ,mii ' !iyjKi»i(i:m-: DR. DARWIN T. TURNER Dc ' un of the Gnuliiate School The Graduate School of the Agricultural and Technical State University offers a program of study leading to the Master of Science Degree. The degree program includes Elementary Ed- ucation. Secondary Education. Administration and Supervision. Guidance, and Chemistry as areas of concentration; for a Master of Science in Ed- ucation. Art and Physical Education are the major areas of concentration. Concurrent with the change from a college to a university, the Graduate School meets the chal- lenge by establishing its first Graduate Student Club whose founder is Miss Lugenia Rochelle. The " Courier " , a monthly newsletter, is also a product of the Graduate Student Club. GRADUATE SCHOOL Anderson. Evelyn B. Secondary Education Route 1. Box . 55 Reidiville. North Carolina Beailey, Jonathan Secondary Education P. O. Bo.x 14.1 Frogmore, South Carolina Blair. Carrie P. Elementary Education 1 109 Morris Street Greensboro, North Carolina Duncan. Elois Kennedy Elementary Education Route 1. Box 472 Winston-Salem. North ( arolina Ellerby. Melton Secondary Education Route 1. Box 1.14 Wadeshoro. North C arolina Elston. Edward. Jr.. Secondary Education 107 Depot Street Bluefield. Virginia Gills. Jessie J. Elementary Education 912 South Thirteenth Street Wilmington. North Carolina Candidates for the Master of Science Degree First Summer Session, 1967 Grant. Elaine Barrett Elementary Education 22. " ; Garfield Street Statesville. North Carolina Haag. Wayne Francis Secondary Education 2407 Stillwater Road Saint Paul. Minnesota Hatch. Donald Wilson Secondary Education Harrison Heights. Apt. A-12 Sunnyside. Washington Hillard. Robert Legree Elementary Education .SOS Sikes Avenue Wadeshoro. North Carolina Legrand. Norvella Elementary Education Route I. Box 46 Mt., North Carolina McRae. Robert Elementary Education Route 3. Box 2S5-A Wadeshoro. North Carolina Neeley. Olivia Chavis Elementary Education 100 Rich Avenue. N. E. Winston-Salem. North Carolina Rankin, Mildred R. Elementary Education 244 Monroe Street Statesville, North Carolina Shephard, Callie A. Secondary Education 301 North Randolph Avenue landrum. South Carolina Troy. Bernice P. Elementary Education Route 1, Box 257 Leland, North Carolina Turner. Jerry Wayne Secondary Education 702 Brookdale Drive Thomasy ' ille. North Carolina Wnlker. Howard E. Secondary Education Route 4. Box 19 Somerville. Tennessee Williams, Alice Gertrude Elementary Education Route 1. Box 206 Currie. North Carolina Williams, Raymond W. Elementary Education 1507 South Pitt Street Greenville. North Carolina ' Bailev. Eglon B. .1440 Carver Road Winston-Salem. North (arolina Dunlap. Barbara H. 2717 Ivy Avenue Winston-Saleni. North C arolina Candidates for Graduation Fall Semester, 1967-68 Ingram. Haltie N. 1621 East 21rd Street Winston-Salem. North Carolina McClendon, Moses C. 417 N. Dudley Street Greensboro. North Carolina Sledge. Sr., Thomas W. 615 E. Littleton Road Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina 46 ' ffr.v ' t ' CTr ' TO ' . " ; ir. ' iir! ' iv -. - -.. ' i»ti;yf t»ni ' .xmCTi8 Bioloav Lab m mmmtmMVfmmimvtiix-»m)nii:i. :miiiiy SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS JOHN HAKRINGION President of Scnittr Cla. s JESSIE WILLIAMS Secretary of Senior Class NATHANIEL POWELL ' iee President of Senittr Class kONAI.n A. HARRIS I ft ' ilMllVf of Scn ' ifir Class B? J] W ' " " i " " ' J 1 •• " O H H 111:; . » z3 1 ' v l r I Tfc rl ii — - Senior Class Representatives: Ernest Fulton and Henry Hipps SENIOR CLASS While this is truly an exciting time to be young and to look ahead to so many years of contact and enjoyment of the thrilling changes which are taking place in our political, social, and economical structure, we must never forget that these will be years which will demand more of the present generation. Both the challenges and the responsibilities are well worth our while. Already the class of 1968 has known what it is to be sought by a world which is calling with keen anticipation to those who are well prepared and who have taken intelligent advan- tage of the opportunities of their college years. The class can be commended for the good relationships and the high moral and cultural values which it has helped to impart to the tone of A. and T. State University. The members of the class are to be congratulated on their many contributions to the campus. They have let the A. and T. family know that they possess confidence that they will meet the challenges of life and will climb to goals of achievement in a manner which will make the University proud. 49 .;: ALMA .SIIEALICV ALiAMS X«vvark, Now Jersey Majiir: Art F ucation HWAA K. AliAMrS La(!range, N. C. Majnr; SocioIoK.v SM, IW ' I ' KIt " SdU ' V AIIA.MS l)n...kliri. X. V. Miijnr: itiiKiiicsK Ailiiiiiiistratiiiii HIl.lJAM IIKNUV AUAMS SlatesvilU-. N. C. Major: X.ici, l,.i;.v I iiiiM s (I iM IS sLs■ru Silir Cilv, N. ( ' . Maji-r: Clirmisdv KI:N a, AMOS Eimlfwuu.l, N. ' W .lelh, Major: Soiinlogy ii ' I M i IN I, N t imw .leiMV Citv, N, .1, M:.j.,r: Hinl,.t;v K:iVft(c Jll. ' , C, Majnr: KI.i tri.iiir KVKl. N i;. AlJAMS Mat ' on, Georgia Major: Nursintr SHIKl-KV .IKAN ADAMS Grpeiisburi). N. C. M;fjor: Sofial Welfare LlIAUlJi: I!. ADhl.Slt.N MeUa. Virt;iiiia Majiir: Asiirultural Kiliic-al iim FKKUKKKK DULUi AS AI ST()N Warientoii, N. C. Miijor: Business Ailiiiiniatratioii KIlWAKl) M. ANDKKSlJN Charlotte. N. t ' . Major: Ecnnoinics HAROLlJ AMIKKSO.N rhilatielphia, I ' a. Major: Business Eduoutinn KA ' IHl.KKN ASill ' OW U niriluii. N. r. Major: Serretaiial Si ' ieiire niHKI.IA KHNKSTINF. ASHI.KY Washington, 1 . C. l;ijor: Engineering Matlu ' inatics 50 .- - ■ .r i L)K IWWlil l - MMM «- .im.wj RtUINALI) STANLEY AVLRY (ireen ille, S. C, Major: SociuIog: - AKAH L. BAILhV N. (. ' . Home Economics Education COLLEGE DEGREE APPLICANTS m ELOIS BAKER BrookhTi, X. Y. Major: Sociology MARY EUSABETII BAKXR Greenville, X, C. Major: Biology AMLEL IJALIiWLN Uzark, AUbania Major: Sociologj- TATTIE E. BANKS Greensboro, X. C. Major: English SI11RLE AXN BARBER Trenton, X. C. Major: French EDDIE N. BARNE. Wilson, X. C. Major: Electrical Engineering INGRID P. BARRETT Fayette%ille, X. C. Major: Art Education I.uia.NZu BASKERVILLE Henderson. N. C. Major: History LYNDA DELDRIES BA.s Suffolk, Va. Major; Xur$in i-HARLEs D. BEX " XERMAN Riegelwood. X, C. Major : Mattiematies 51 WIl roN BKNxNETT, JR. (ireeiislioro, N. C. Major: Fine Arts ;K()R ;h: daviu bishop Asheville, N. C. Major; Music . li:i. l.N M. BENTLKV Xoanoke, Va. Major: Miisif Edupatioii IliA BERKV (. ' liarlntte, N. C. Wiijor: Bioliigy VOLAM) II HI.Al KLKDlliO Mubilu, Alabama Major: Sociology inssKI.I. I.KK BI.ACKWKI.l. Brown Suimiiit. N. L ' . Majnr: Business Adminislral ion I ' Al 1, KUtlERS BEST LaGrange, N, C. Major: Biulogy ■ iM K I. ANALAS HI.AKK t ' liarlestoii, S. (. ' , Major: Political Science CATHERINE A, BoNEV Mount, N. C. Major: PlngliGh U lU. S 1. KIM.KV BiMtM I -u ii , N. ;, Major; Auriciihunil E iiicat i-m S RI1. N BoRliKKS Sli.-lhy, N. C. Majnr: Biology Wn.l.lE JAMES Bill I.WAltK (li irlutte, N. C. M;ijiir : hnliistrial Arts Education WII.IJAM I A I.OR BuWENS Bt-lniunl, N. ll. Major: ELunuinics I.H.I.IE M E BOYKINS (. ' hiilui], N. C. I ' hvBical Kducation 52 HRl,Mi MAKI jlR M Norlolk, ir inia Major: Sociology !ll iM S KIM KEREKLEER BREWER Asheville. N. C. Major; Sociology ■■■■i V K , 11. UKIIWN Uoldsljoro. N. C- Major; Industrial Arts HIAKI.KS FKANKI.IN BHIIWN Cliarlott. ' , N. C Major; Ap-iciillural Economics JACyl EI.VN ARTKMA BKOWN Anderson. S. C. Major; Sociology .lllllN II. BKIIWN Wasliinston. D. C. Major; Social Welfare KdHKllI HUnU.N Oxfor.I. N. C. Major; Histor.v KdHERT BKCIWN. .IK. Winston-Saleni, N. C. Major: Accounting ■ MiNETIK DEVON BULLOCK Durham. N. C. .Major; Home Economics LILLIAN YVUN.NE BUTTS Elizabelh C ' it.v, N. C. Major; Nursing I ' llVLLls ANN BVERS Gastonia, N. C. Major; Sociology ( ' i)LiirrNKy annettk caldwell Wiiist.Mi-Salrm. N. (. ' . Major: Social Welfar .- MARSH miNAlJi ( AMl ' HKl.L Kiiiys M..iiiitiiiii, N. I ' . Mujni-: P.diticiil Srifiict ' ll KiRIA STKWAU ' I ( AULISI-E I. OS Angelps, C ' ;ilif. Major: Sociology 53 COLLEGE DEGREE APPLICANTS m ' lDtuf.miKo. iiki:m). .lovct: cakmichael WiliiiiiiKtnn, N. C. .Majitr: Business Education EDIIIi MAKfK I.ARVER Durham. N. { ' . M;..|or: Nursing .lAMKS L. ( IIAMIJEUS SpjirtanliiiiH, S. C Major: I ' l Iififal Science UHONA CHEKK Riiinseur, N. V. Major: Hnnic P ' iiiinn{ ' 8 Eihicatinii KlIlhL MAK (.liKISTMAS Ciuyton.-N. C. Major: Nursing I. AW KH ( !■; t l,AHKH Hfi.tlaiid Neck, N. C. Major : Agricultural Economics MAJOR l K(L AUlt ll-AKhE Salisi)urv. N. V. M:ijor: Political Science RONAI-I) II. LLAKKK Ahofikie. N. C, Major: Business Administration W u |ll I- I I.AKK iii.lj S,|iiLirc, N. C. MalliematicB ADDII:; LE UM:: LEM.MiLNS Wilmingtnn. N. ( ' . Major: Clothing . .vvr.iri. N, t , Major: Business A lininis(ni1ion VERNON i: LLOLI ' Winston-Salem, N. C Major: Physical Education lll: h ( ohi.k ti;ikl...rM. N, r, Miijor: Sociology .MMM Kl{ M MS ((Mill! Cliailolle, N. f. Major: Busin - s Ailiiiiin hal i 54 If ' i ioM» i: roi.E l.iMiimloo. N. c. Major: C ' iimi relii ' iiKi e Musin Educutiou N.w York Cily, N. V. Major: Social Welfare Jl.-- - .- ::!L: ' r;r::. ' . " i;j ' -.i! ' i ' i: imi.iiir,-i:r-n-i.-n ' ii wtm COLLEGE DEGREE APPLICANTS nltKSSIK M. t t»M h.N KARI.KNK KRANKTTE I ' lIX Hobbsville. N. C. Dover. N. C. Major: Home Economics Major: Home Economics fc-_ t B 41 f V r« B |L . B 0 " JV vv ' M t Fm wBfc ' " ' " - J M B iJS j bJf Dlm L «r " " B MJir V- mJh . tfnB HuNAiAi VANLE Lll.X Brooklj-n, N. Y. Major: Siicial Welfare 1 HUM AS K. tlMMIMiS Greensboro, N. C. Major: Emimmics JAt.t l. KI, .N AN-N ri THBERTSIIN Wiiiston-Sab-ni. N. t " . Major: Art Education [ajor: i. MAKIK DANIKI, Columbus, Ohio Business Administration MKllliAHAN M. UASHIAKI Iran Teheran Majnr: Atcricultural Hngineering RnBEKT DtBREW. .IR. Scotland N, ' ck. . f. Major: Businr ' is Aiiniinistratimi .IAMBS ANTHONY DEMI ' S •lackfionville. Fluriila Major: Business Adminittratiou HERSHEl. DKNo UKNM SARAH MARI1, N DfWn " SAMLKI, Al.l.KN (ireenshoro, N. C. Talx.r (. ' ilv, X. T. (ireenville. Major; Social WeUart- Major: Institutinnal Man.igeu i-nt Major: Soc 55 GLORIA JEAX DL ON Ayden. N. C. Jlajor: Nursery School Kiinb rtjiirfif-n E(!ucatkm HAUKV KKEUHK K DIXuN Biirlinglon, N. C Major; Industrial Arts Educatimi VERA DELUIS DIXt) I ' fachlaiid, N. V. Wujur. S.w.i;il Wi ' lfai KOBEliT .JAMES UOl.EMAN Columbus, Georgia Major; BueincBs Adniinistratiou HOBEUT EARL DiiNALD Anderson, S. C. -Majiir: Business Administration LACY I ' . DONAHUE, JK. (In ' ensborc), N, C, Major: Business Adininigtrati(.in BRENIlA .IKAN lull (;J AS F;iyrtt.-vill.-. .V. C. Maji)r: Nursing OEtlKfiE (.iENK lMli;i;i.AS Tlinniasville, N. r. Major : Business Administrat iut WAI.IEK .1 WIES T ' lH (;r, S Wasliinu ' tnn. D. V. Lij " i ' : IJiiMiieHs Atluiiiiietration DARLIS ARLIENIA iMIlTillT Winston-Saleni, N. (. ' . Major: Sot-iology RAI.I ' II M. IMIWE Wihiiini-t ' in. N, f. Majnr: llisttjry UUA I.. ItKISKEI.L Bartow, Flnrida Major; Social Welfan- lARL IJIM.AI ' Winst.m-Sak-m. N. C. Major: Sueiology MUM Kr. A I MOW hi It I Ash.-vill.-. N. ( Major: IJihli.rj 56 .1 MKs iii ' .Nin ' i:i iNS Hatha, . C. Majur; .Sufial Welfare (AHMIK l.KWIS Kr.MlIHE Shclln, N. I ' . Mujur: Soiiolugy iiiiiiiiiii MflHPIB " k- ANIHONV EARL ENOCH Newport News, Va. Majnr: Politiral Science THADDEUS DEVON EVANS Ahoskie, N. C. Major: Binlofry OStAK KAKKAK. .IK. Apex. N. C. Major; Fine- Arts DNSTANTINH IIICKS EVANS Durham, N. C. Major: Home Econiniiics DENNIS I.. KAIULEV Chapel Hill. N. C. Major: Fine Arts •AlltU lA ADRIENNE EVANS lirt ' fnshoro. N. C. Major: Biolopry •JEAN CAROLYN FAKRIOU Rose Hill, N. C. Major: Basic Business Education SHIRLEY ANN KARRIOR Ros.- Hill, N. C. Major: Home Economics Education ETHEL MAE FAUST Denmark, S. C. Major: Institutional Manngement COLLEGE DEGREE APPLICANTS . I.I.KN ATLKK FLCJCID (ofii ' lil. N. C. Majur: BiuluKy ILAUDIA F. FOS ' reR Rel.lsville. N. 0. Miijijr: Pre-ychuol Educatimi HAITVE FOSTER Iniii Station, N. C. MaJMi : Hume Economics Eilucalioii 57 I % m- i K lll ' :l. N fox i:iVcllsl.nlM. N. ( ' • MH.A IIS V KUEEMAN Nrwpi.n, Hli.i.i. ' Isl Hi.l hi|..i-: S,,..i„lnK, siiiin.i ' : ' ! iiti; E kueeman D..|cii, N. C. M ijiir: HubjiieHs Ailiniiiistratiuii (;ECIH(:E FHIIIAV, JR. WiHfittili-SaU ' Ill. N. (_:. Miijor: Efoiioiinc ' s ,IL].U S l,.,lll)SA ElilTZ lil;l IE .lEEEIOIIMIN ElillSI ' Major: Siicinlngy MiiikMill. ' , N. f. M,i|.,r S,„i(.l„i:y isMAii riiiisr ll..ll Hill. s. c. Maj ' ir: Mcrhanical EiidiinoriiiK EAH.NESr LEVEUN El l.TCIN Dliiii., N. V. Majnr: EroiKUiiits Ei; M ANNE iioSAEAM) (iAIlSllE.N (EMlllA AI.I.IAE i;AEIWCi:illl (;n-- ' Ii.sla ro, N. l_ ' . Sdiithf-rii I ' iiu-s, . C Majnr; Frenclt Majur: Niirsins MAVES AN_ I AIIUM.K (Jrt-fnvillc, N. C. Majnr: Snrial Wi-lfare .lusEEll LEE CAICIiE ' lT Iturliall), N. ( . Majnr: EliTtrical Einfiticerinp :i;(lK il ttlli;sSA r,. LOU N.» llrni. N. C. Majnr: Knelisli l:l■|l c EIN li] liEllUCE Ni« llnrn, N . ( ' . M:ijnr: Sniial Slndins El i: Ml i.NSIIN i:i:ilAl.lJ Mullnw, S. C. Majnr; Kcniiomics 58 f - ' •■ — S ' T-f -t: 1 WAI IKK KDWAKL) (ilLL. lit Kiiiiiiiipulis, . C. Majiir: Sociology riilStli.LA A. i;i,K.NN WiiisIoiiSalcrii, N. f. Himip Kfoiinmics Ediicatiun IlKl r JKAN UlMlDI.ETT Easi SpenciT. N. C. Majnr: Business Education .ll ' LIA ANN liORK Wilminstim. N. (. ' . Majnr: Business AJniinistralion MlltlAM KKI.ltiA ;i! II M Conway, S. ( ' . Majur; Accnunlinii S lt M KLIZABKIIl (JHAHAM llnse Hill. N. C. M;ij()r: NursiiiE COLLEGE DEGREE APPLICANTS I 1 lh:ms fashion ckant Greensboro, N. C. Major: Nursing AUl, 1,HH CHEENE Ori.-ntal. N. C. M;ijiir: Accounting EDNA HI Til i;UA ES Buriin lon. N. (_ ' . Major: Si ' iTclarial Scienc e nil II Mil ' KKANMJN tiKA ES LuMilierton, N. C. M;iior: Sociology DEHOUAH LaVKIJNK CltKENK Aiinain ' Iis, Maryland Majnr: Englit li I. Et II, H. liHIFK! in Raleigh, N. C. Jlajor; Industrial Arts 59 p ' ummvrw i! K. HKHBKUr KRIKFIN. III. Va«iiiTiatuii, II c, Mlljcir, I ' rr Mi ' .li.ini- KHNKSI ' i;l(IKKIX Builiiicl.jii, N. C. Maji ' r: History LVNN .io-lp;e c;rissett Supply, N. C. Major: Kfciiiontics (JWKNDOl.VN GL1NN Swaipsboro, (leorKia Major: Accoiinlinf; ANl ' HIINl IIKI, HAIU.STOS I.KE KIIIKI. HAMILTON I ' irio Hall. X. ( ' . .Maj..r: KiikHsIi Ilurliiipi, N. C. Major; KtikIIbIi STANLKV I1ANK.S Uepdersoii, N. C. Major: I ' syHi.iloEy DAVID EARL MAKDV ftreenville, N. ( ' . JLijor: Accounting II Hiiiili EldKNE LIAURELL Aolalnlrr, N. C. Iajoi ; Aiiiiiiat Science ( II Mil.KS ,1 II UdilS rclcrsl.iiri;, Va. Major: Arcliilccliiial Epuiliccril (LIN I UN !■ IMRUIS Charlollc. N. ( : Major: E, ..iioniics Sll R11N FRANCES II VRUIS Mollis. S. . Major: Social Welfare i;EliRV H II Mil SiilVolk. Va. .Major: I ' liv.sical Eilllcatiiill LKENIIKIS I.E M II MM Tarlioro, N. ( Major: SocioIoK.i 60 WILLI M Mil 11 IIAin EV l ' ;iiilej. ' o. . {•. .Major: . Lillicniatics EREll IIASKINS Lyiichburt;. Va. Major; Sociology U . ' _ ' _ 7 " — f " t . ■«•■■ " ».•■- • «••,;• I ' 1 1 PifcMBIf fWfl n ' !} ABBAmUfflHflfStflEllIFin vT?tiSKMr ROLAND RANDliLPH HAVKS Norfolk. Va. Major: Business Administration IVIAN VKHDNICA HAYES Charleston. S. C. Major: Business Aihiiinistration WILLIAM KAUL HKA I II Tarboro, N. I ' . Major: IniJuslrial Arts BERNRE UK KLLN Great Falls. S. C. Major: Business Education AIM lU R A. ilLNDKRStiN HendtTson, N. C M;iji r: Industrial Arts Education WM.ME YVONNE lIICCiNS t;ainesville, Florida -Major: Socinlotry I YNTHIA MARIE HEATH Br-lhaven. N. C. Major: Biology LAWRENCE I). HESTER Hillsborough, N. C. Major: Malliemattcs I, EARL HILL Scotland Neck, N. C. Major: Economics COLLEGE DEGREE APPLICANTS I t ( IIARLIK JACK HINTON. JU Raleijtl.. N. t ' . Majnr: Industrial Tecliiiulngy i;ahv mac Hiii.i.dWAV Asheville, N. C- Majiir: -Meclianical Engini ' eriiig KM, A 1 ' . HOLLOWKLL Winfall, N. C. Major: Nursing 61 i ■ ii i ' ilItItt.. ' i-J1. ' kifi ' j. ' a:k mi|{| ' , v iiiirsK. .tk. TillL-iy. N. C, Sl;ijiir: I ' lilitical Sfiriicc .1 :iH ' KI. N ALMI ' n niiW lt Willllilll, ' l(.Tl. (■ Maj " r: Siii-i:il W, ll;,n s WDK II.W I ' -. Ill CI Ci.TiislK.n.. N. C. Mai..r: Unulisli ! ;s KSIKLLV TUNAN IMICIIINS Fi.rt M.v.-rs. Flmi.i;, Major: Cli.tliitii, ' S ' 1 1 1 - « n { g ( I. M 111: I IK A. IUI1 (■|i;irli.llt. N. C. Mnjnl-: Ili.-lniv IIIAin r. lliU ' l , .lit. H. ' lh:.v™, N. ( ' . Mil M.illi. ' iimlic ' s HMiLi ' iilli IIU III I ' ,1 Wills Miirfii-csliiir.i, N r. l ' .lili iil S. ici i: i; isr uKiiiN w h jwiisoN M;irtiiisvill. ' . Vu. M; l.iiliistriiil Ails Kihinitinn .11. ii i!i.n .ii:nkin.s !• I..p . N. ' ■. - laj " i; nii»i.:il Ivliuali.iii SAMIKI. Si .IKNKINS]! Saliiii. N. C, -Milieu; Kiuii.iiniis 62 ICV. . i;l.l. K .M. .IllllXSOX Saiit.iiil, N. f. Mjijov: MjiDiL-iiiiitirs MAIiV LEK .KlIINSIIN WliislcTi Siil.lii. S. C. .Majcir: Kiii lisli JlWU. m:i «ti.l.tii i kitoityk. COLLEGE DEGREE APPLICANTS MKI.VIN NORMAN JoHN.SllN Savannah, tleorgia Mujiir: economics iKi;iNiA in)Krs .iiniNsu.N W ilniington, N. (. ' . Major: Nursing DAVID MUHKIS .lONKS. Mi. Scotlan.l Neck. N. V. Major: Imiustrial Electronics E ' iucatio W KHEN .lu.SEI ' H .MINES (Jrei nslioro, N. C. Majnr: Socinloffy SHIRLEV A. .luVC ' E Grueneburo, N. C Major: Secretarial Science WINSTON CHAKLKS .loNE l ' liilail.-l|)hia, Ta. Major: EIc -lrif;il EnKi ' i ' - ' -i ' int VIVIAN EAKLINE .]n NiCK Rocky Mount, N. C. Major: Eiiglisli W. KENNETH JUKUAN Savanna h, IJeorgia Major: Biolofjy WIIJ.IAM JLUKINS. .IK. Kiileigh. N. C. Major: Economics LK KUNON KEE Conway, S, C Majiir: Business Aiiiuinistratioii i HETT K .lAVNE KEEL (. ' liaiilumrn, N. C Major: Husiness Eilncalior JAMES THOMAS laMBLK (. ' reensboro, N. C. Major: Business Administration 63 I i.Ai i)H, .1 h.Miarr ( (H.OMnl s iv n;il 1 IM : 1 KMiniT TIINV F. LANIIIS Franklin, Va. Talbolii. N. V. III. iki 1. N. V. ( ' r-ci ' ihiionr. X. C ajur: l ' h sical Eiiucation Major: Biology M. J " ' - Mnsu- Mjijur: I ' liVfiioal Education K VAA ,. Hl: H l, M;l.i ' ; Crecnvillt. N. C. Major: Business Aduiinistratiiin niAUI.KS I.INWirdh I.AUSO liic ' V:i Major: H.-allli ,v rliiMiiil l-Jl.i.a ljnH|.;illA l.KAl ' H ll:il. it ' ll, N. I ' . Major: InslilolioiKil Maiiaefnient HI III KLLK. I.KA ' III Klon t ' olleue, N. C. .Major: ,Socio!ogy .SUZKT ' IE T. I.E« IS Brooklyn, N. V. Major: Eni lisli Boll:.!.., llo .lniiMislrati. .Ii; VN I ' M I.KIIK IJI ' .St ' dMH I ' levi-land. Ohio M:ij..r: IiksI itiilional Managenieiit KM, KEN K. LITTLE TlioniaBVlllp, N. C. .Major: Sociology M U .lE.NE l.lj TLI New London, .N, ( ' . Major: ClolhlnK SHELLS IIELIIKES LILLY Allwniarlc, N. C. Major: t ' lolllinK 64 LKMil I liilMAS I.IIM; L.niislinrt;, N. V. M:ij,.r: Biology NADMI T. l.dNIi Loiiisbiirg, N. C. -Major: ilonic Economics Education LINDA M. LOWERY WilininiTtOTi. N. t. Majur: Suciologj " ;Lu|£1A ,1. LVLES iiaffney, S. C. Major: Busine Education COLLEGE DEGREE APPLICANTS ' 1 Jl ' DV ANNE I.nWRANCE Winston-Salem. N. C. Major: Sociology BURNETT R. LVXCH Durham, N. C. Major: Political Science KKWK l f «l ' i;LAS I.VTLE Asheville. N. C. ilajor: Meclianical Engineering UMSTEAD MARTIN McADOO Greensboro, N. C. Major: Electrical Engineeriung ARTIilR TYRONE McCARROLL Charlotte, X. C. Major; Industrial Arts STKCHEN S. M.LLULLI Winston-Salem, N, C. Major: Industrial Arts I ' ATRICIA E. MtCOY Hampton, Va. Major: Sociologj- WILLIAM A. McCRARV Macon, lieorffia Major: Business Administration , llAULt-S RONALD McKu Wagrani, N. C, Major: History HENRY EDWARD McKOV Red -Springs, X. C. Major: Political Science 65 a«mm»mv mmmmw» " »W0-,f! !s ' Mm (.■AULA h. McLaughlin Charlotte, N. O. Major: Sociology MAROAKKT E. McLAWlKlRN Kiiiston, N, C. Major: Enfflieli GENE W. McLEAN Fayetteville, N. C. Major: BiiKiness Administration JAMES HOWARD McMA.STERS Staley, N. O. Major: BioloRy MAKSIIALL McNElL Fairmont. N. C. Major : Economics BETTY J. MASKE Rockingham, N. C. Major: History ROBERT VINSTON MELVIN White Oak. N. 0. Major: Sociology ;WENIII1LVN BEATRICE McRAE Hamlet, N. C. M;ijor: English IIIIVALL MdNTAQUE MACK West Point, Virginia M:ljor: History h . I Al ' QUKLYX ANNETTE MAJOR Charleston. S. C. Major: Nursing ' VERONICA ANN MASKE VVinston-Salein, N. C. Major: Aecountinp ORAtTE LaNELL MEBANE Farmville, N. C. Major: Sociology YVONNE ANTOINETTE MEDDLING (Irpensboro, N. C. Mnjor: crniintiiiK RAYMOND MHilS MITCHEM KiriKs Mountain, N. C. Vlujor Business Admin istratii..n 66 PATRICIA LaVERNE MOBLEY firoentihoro, N. C. Majur Engineering Mathematics ' .WENDOIYN INEZ MALONE Wilmington, N. C. Major: Sociology V V — » . , « , COLLEGE DEGREE APPLICANTS EDIJIE ALBERT MOURE HfrtforJ. N. C. -Major: Dairy ilanufacturing ROBERT FLLTON MOORE Greensboro. N. C. Major: Meehanica! Engineering WILLIAM MrKlNLEV MOREHEAD Pine Hall. N. C. Major: Business Administration llENRV LEWIS MORGAN Hamlet. N. C. Major: Eleetrieal Ensineering HELEN DEI.ORES MORRISON Raleifh. N .C. Major EnErlish aORlA .JEAN MORROW Birminshara, . labaiQa Major: Sociolo - MORRIS EDWARD MOSELV. IR. Rochelle. Georgia Major: BjoIo t.- .lAME.S ARMON NEWKIRK Norfolk. Va. Major: Bnsin.-ss Administration VALERIE REBECCA NEWKIRK Ilurham. N, C. Major: Social Welfare SHARON .iNN NORTHCUTT Asheville. N. C. Major: English ISAIAH DEWITT OGLESBY Granite Quarry, N. C. Major: Economics WILLLAM BELLAMY OLDS Scotland Neck, N. O. Major: Cbemiatiy 67 ' 4 31 LARRY LOUIS OHR Kings Mountain, N. C. Major: Business Ailniinistnitinn EUNUN I ' ACKER Clinton. N. C. Major: Knglisli ALVIN LEE PARKER Mt. Gilead, N. C. M a jor ; Agronomy VIRCIMA CAROLVX PAYLOR ■Roxboro, N. 0. Major: English ERNEST L. PKELE WillianistDn, N. C. Major; Busint-ss Adininistratiun CLARENCE LINWOOD PENDER Palmyra, N. C. Major: Agricultural Education WILLLVM THOMAS PERKINS Atlanta. Georgia Major: Atrri ' iiltural Enginrcring .lAMKS NiMROD PKRRY, JR. Raleigh. N. V. Majnr: Buttim-i B Aihninistration WAYNE U. PETERSON Alat ' liua, Floritia Major: Biology (. AROLE ANN PINKETT Oretnsboro, N. C. Major: Business Aiimitiistration HELEN M. I ' OWBLL ButTalo. N. V. Major: Sociology NAIHANUCL LEE POWELL Portsmouth, Va. Majnr: Er ' oni mic8 )N rK ODF.TT I ' RATT II VW 1 IIIIHNK 1.. rU()( TDK, II MARIAN I ' lCIl WIl.l.lK JIMOH UA.NUOLrii Diirliam. N. C. l-:i.«il..-tli VHy. N. C. liritton, N. 0. Mao-li-sflehl. N. C. Majoi ' ; Nursing Mtijiir: Ef ' onomica Major: English Majtir; Agricultural Eilucution 68 COLLEGE DEGREE APPLICANTS ANME BEATKRE RATLIFF Graham. N. C, Major : Sociology FEI.TllN S. RAV N vtoii Urove, N. C. Major: Agrit-uUural Education .IAME8 ERNEST REID. JR. Winston-Salem. N. C, Major: Mathematics JAMES WILLES RHODES touncil, N. C. Major : Economics BARBARA ANN KH HARDSUN Goldsl;oro. N. C. Major: Nursing IJARBARD DRL ' MMONI) RICHARDSU Winston-Salem. X. C. Major: Business Education SEVERfA RICHARDSON Wenrlell, N. C. Major: Air Conditioning Refricrati ' in Tef ' linolog ' FRANKLIN EARL UlCHMd Greensboro, N. C. Major: Economics Major : FRED T, RIDDK K. Mi. Winfall. X. r. Vocational Industrial Educati ' MAZELLE ROBERSON Henderson. X. C. Major: Biology JAMES MARCrs ROBINSON Gr.ensboro. N. C. Ma.iir: History THOMAS BRUCE RoBINSON Sparranburg. S. C. Major: Political Science 69 m»«!WiaiWWMHI»fl«»M !MWffiMim«MM;l».-. l .IH;.l KOV ALlvXANDEK RoDlJKKS St. Croi.v, Virgin Islands Major : Agronomy I.KoNAIilJ KARL KoVAl, Clinton. N. C. Major: Historj ' KKANK HU NKK, .11! Selma. N. L .Major: Klectrical Terhnol. iak ;aket uuzzkij-k Stanley. N. C. Major; Architectural Engiiief-ring LVIA KLAIM-: RUSH Albemarle, N. C. Major: Sociology LINUA (JAIL RUSSEI.L Durham. N. C. Major: English VlrluK .KtNES HI SSKI, KeidBVille. N. C. Major: Political ScieiicL- iKOHllK MAI rilEW .SANDERS Eden. N. C. ' »r: Vocational Influstrial Education HELEN lANTlIE .SEBASTIEN St. Thomas. Virgin Islands Major: Business Arlniinistration Hn)RL SELLERS Florence. S. C. Major: English SAMLKL L. SKIZEH Castonia, N. C Major: Mechanical Engineering INEZ ODESSA SIIANDS Dinwiddie, Va. Major: Accounting SHIKLEV LEE SHA.NNuN Elizabeth City, N. C. Major : Sociology (ONSTANCE TOILETTE SIIAW (•astonia, N. C. Major: Sociology 70 KE.N.NETH E, SHAW Cireenshoro, N. C. Major: BuHiness Adininiatration HAII IE I SIIEFKIELU Greensboro. N. C. Major: Biology HAROLD A. SIMM Paterson, New Jersey- Ma jor: Electrical Engineering KKBERT GLK.N MNl, LAIR Fa etteviile. N. C. Major: Accounting COLLEGE DEGREE APPLICANTS lHERVL ANN SLUAN Greensboro, X. C. Major: English KENNETH BERNARD SMALL Charleston. S. C. Major: Social Studies KMMEksoN RANDOLPH .■ Portsmouth. Va. Major; Economics LEONARD LEVON SMITH Shallotte. N " . C. Major: Mechanical Engineering sfLENTiN Joseph smith, jr. Hampton, Va. Major: Meohunical Engineering BRENDA JoVlL MnHERMAN Winston -Salem, N. C. Major: Nursing Lj EKN SOLoMnN Entield. N. C. VnKjr; Home Eoononiics Education VELMA JEAN SPEiGHT Kinston, S. C. Major : Accounting FREDA EVEIT Sf ' ENCEK Elizabeth City. N. C. Major: Home Economics Education WILLIAM T. SPENCER Henderson. N. C Major: Agricultural Economics 71 i «.wiw« wsv««i ' ' W-!ftiw w»M;w-;4 ' i;iw» ' ' « ■ mmsSiMWmmSiSSSsmmii rliVSTAL VKDA STKOUD Greensboro, N. C, Major: Music JUIIN EDdAK SPRUILL VVONNK STALLING ANNA ADKLLE STEELE WILLIAM GODFREY STEPHENS Greensboro, N. C. MaKTKilia, N. C. WimlBor. N. ( ' . (. ' omo. N. C. Majnr: Bushn ' ss Administration BiiHtiicsB Education Major: NursiiiK Major: Agricultural Economics 2M HuHH DKNiHil SUTTDN WiiiKt.m-Sal.-m. ,N. i ' . Majiir: Industrial Arts KAUSTINA STEVENSON VERNA LEE STOKES MARQUIS DELANO STREET WILLUM E. STHRKLANU Riegehvnoii. N. C. Greenville. N. C. Greensboro. N. C Clavton. Georcia Majnr: Biisiti ' Ks Education Major: Soeiologj ' Major: History Major; BioloB.v 1 1IEH L .111 SIHEU Siiarl:iiiliiir( , S. ( ' , Miijor: Enf ' iiiceiing M;itliiMiiatitK HENRY KAKL SI MI ' TER Myrtle Beach. S. C. Major: Art Education Al ilKE l.lll [SE SLI ' TON Witiston-Sal. ' ln, N. C. M;,ior: SoricdoKy SWLMJEJ.L SIITON Ml. Olive. N. C. Major: Industrial Education 72 UOLLIE KAl LKS SYKES I ' ortBniniith, V«, Major: Drafting Technology KEITH EUWIN TAl ' l " Cedar (Jrovc, N. C. Major: Electrical Engineering H_v;ivi ' n- ' MWir.u7Ci ' i. ;. ' mT-i;] JEAN CAROLYN TATUM Greensboro, N. C. Miijor: English KUANKI.IN ItlMISEVELT TAVLOK WalkiTtown. N. C. Major: AiLliitectiiral Engineering MAKIHA REBECCA TUOIU ' E Oxfonl, N. C. Major: Accounting COLLEGE DEGREE APPLICANTS LILLIAN RUTH THOMAS (Ireeiiwood, S. G. Major: Niirsin(? UirAKDO IlillMAS New York t ' ity, N. Y. !Major: Inrliistrial Arts Education HAROLD THOMPSON Rowland, N. C. Major: Airrioultural Education JANET JAOQUELINE TURNER Lawrence L. L, N. Y. Major: Physical Education KOV WELDOX THOMPSON Burlington, N. C. Major: History i;ERALD H. TOOTLE Scotland Neck, N. C. Major: History CLAYTON C. TOTTEN Greensboro, N. C Major: Business Administration LAWRENt E O. TUCKER Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Major: Social Welfare STANLEY TURNER Greensboro, N. O. Major: Physical Education 73 ■li ONNIK LAVKRN IV (irfensborn, . (. ' . Majnr: Social Vr-lf;in -IKWKL VV(JNN1 ' : VANS iJ.iklsboro, N. V. Miijor: Sociiil Welfan- WIM.IAM ANIiMiNV VrNtKNT (■reensboMi. N. C MHJnr; BiicinPK ; AiiminiBtratiim NANTY STKl ' HANIE WADDELL Stateti Island, New York Majnr: iirfiiii[j I I I, A VIKCINiA WAfiSIAFF Leiisburp, N. C Major: Business Educntiun ArNCKY W ' ARKKN WALKKH. , Haniptuti, Va. Major: Arihitectural Eiigincfrini: ill.OKIA .IKAN WALKER Asheboro, N. C. -Miiji r Business Administration HOWARD ROBERT WALLACE, JR, Hamlet, N. C. Major: Political Science AlllilE LeVONE WALLS Rockingham, N. C I;ijiir: Hrtme Eronnmics Education PATRICIA YVONNE WEBB Atlanta, Georgia Major : Economics BETIYE .IllYI ' E WARD M.mnt Olive, N. C. Majiir: Sorial Welfare BETTIE JEAN WAKHEN Winterville. N. C. Major: Business Education DAVID VVILTUN WASHINIJTON Vorktown, Va. Major: Electrical Engineering WIM.IAM LuldS WEBH Wmdaor. N. C. Major: Sociology 74 JAMES KUWAHI) WHITH Charlotte, N, C. Major: IJiology ( .M{1JI. N V.WK WILLIAMS Wilson, N. C. Major: Mathematics wm iHfimmmm mm COLLEGE DEGREE APPLICANTS Cl. HA MAKIK WILLIAM Washiii on, N. C. Major: Biolopy iUKL M. WILLLVMS York. S. C. Major: Enplish tVLLW MAKiK WILLIAM actlanfl Nr-ck. . C. Major: Social Welfare JESSIE M. WILLIAMS Pinetops, N. C. Major: Secretarial Science .InSEi ' H A. WILLIAMS. Tarboro, N. C. Major: BusiiiL ' ss Education JOSEPH C. WILLIAMS Kinslon. N. C, Major: Physical Education MATTHEW " WILLIAMS. Ill Newark, New Jersey Major: Business Administration NETTIE M. WILLIAMS Greensboro. N. C. Health and Physical Education IMV JUNIUS WILLIAMS Warsaw, N. C. Major: A icultural Economics Bf VELMA McCOINE WILLIAMS Warreiiton, N. C. Major: Secretarial Science NATHANIEL HENRY WILLIAMSON Sanford, N. C. Major: Biology WOODROW WILSON WINCHESTER Greensboro, N. C. Major: Business Administration 75 aSMfflJMHWISifJ JUAX FHAXCES WITT Ashehoro, N. C. Major: Sni-inl Wflfari- IJIANNK WUICUT Newark, New Jersey Major; History .lilSIOril HK.NUV ioNCUE HuiitcTKViUe, X. C. M;iliir ArclijIiTtilni! p;iij;iiieerili« AHTHl ' H .JAMES VOIM: WihiiiTiKton, N. ( ' . Major; Iiiiiustrial Arts IxiN clIIEiiOll ' , VdtM I ' hihi.lelriliui, I ' a. Major; Jieurioiiiics Elirm H. VllfNCElt Bri.oklm. N. V. Major. Kreiiuli -i cniA Farewell 1 ) llicsc Hulls 76 MEMORIAL He hung up his track shoes . . Joseph " Puff " " Cotton Senior Portsmouth. ' irginia Died— December 8. 1967. Let dissolution come when it will, it can do the Christian no harm, for it will be but a passage out of a prison into a palace: out of a sea of troubles into a haven of rest; out of a crowd of enemies, to an immumerable company of true, loving, and faithful friends: out of shame, re- proach, and contempt, into exceeding great and eternal glory. — Bunyan 77 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS JAMES JONES I ' lisiilcnt of Junior Class CHARLIE FLINT Secretary i f Junior Class WILLIE DRAKE ' ice President oj Junior Class RONALD BOYD Treasurer of Junior Class r From top to bottom: Donald Jones, Lolita Pazant, Nai iar Cathcart. Jo-Ann Little CLASS REPRESENTATIVES JUNIOR CLASS The great foundations of the A. and T. State University will be left in the hands of the junior class, the future seniors of the next school year. They will be left with the responsibi- lity to build on what has been strengthened by previous senior classes. The Aggie family is as one great body; but without the nucleus of a strong leadership by the upcoming seniors, the body can weaken and fall. Therefore, it is the endeavor of the junior class to commit their minds, hearts, and souls to carry out the standards, achievements, and goals passed to them by the graduating class of 1968. As juniors, strive to do the best; for by doing so the resuUs can be nothing but the best. I 79 T W JUNIORS Lynn Abrams Robert Adams Clyde Alexander Rondal Alexander Augusta V. Allen Glenda Alston Lottie Alston William Alston Stephen Anderson Barbara Andrews Helen Anthony Kathy Anthony Ostine Anthony Benjamin Arnold James E. Arnold Connie Baggett Edward Bailey James Banks Phyllis M. Banks Mary A. Barnes Kilfton Barrett Wendell Bartee Carlton Bass Frank Ivn L Bass JoAnn Beasley Gwendolyn Bell Linda Bell Thomas Bellamy Ernestine Bennett Deloss Berry Patricia Berry Prentiss J. Bess Verrena Blanton Thomas Blue Andrew Bonner Pat Boone 80 ■ " •. «.-.-» «, • JUNIORS Ethelrine Bowdcn Ronald Bowden Ronald Boyd Thomas Boyd Willie Boylvin. Jr. Thermon Bradslier A. Patricia Brandon Kenneth Brandon Clarence Brantley Winnie Breeden Sula Brewington Marcia Britton Ernest Britt George V . Brown. Jr. Luther Brown Anthony Bryant Joyce Bryant Lee Monticello Bruner. IT Marjorie Buchanan Ann Burnett Levonia Burnett Annie L. Bumey emedia Burt Edward Burton Freddit Bush Samuel Butler Flora Bynum William L. Bynum Gevonia Byrd Jovce Bvrd Brenda J. Cagle Constance Caldwell Carolyn Caldwell Mark Donald Campbell Marion Carter Rosa Carter 0 .f(f ©90 81 JUNIORS Faye Gates Narviar C. Cathcart William Cata Evelyn Cheek Maurice Cherry Jacqueline Chrisco Clarence Claggett Barbara Clair Diane Clark Janell Clarke Kenneth Clinton Haven Cockerham Robert Cohens Judy A. Cole Donzella Coleman Delores Cooke Mary Cooke James E. Cooper Jerry Cooper JoAnn Cowan Carol Crawford Arnold Crocker Bobby E. Cromarta Larry Crowder ■■ Cleon Currie Willie E. Currie. II Henry Dalton Newman Dalton Cecil Daniels Elfreda Daniels Mike Daniels Arthur Dark. Jr. Ernest H. Dark John Davis Peggy Davis William Davis 82 JUNIORS Elizabeth Dawson Marcia Dawson Josephine Dean Herman DeBose John W. Deloatch Joyce Delotch Helen DeWitt JoeHester Diggs Willie Diggs Ruby Dickens Chester Dixon Steven Dixon Vinser Dixon Clementine Donahue Earlton Donnell Moses Douglas Robert L. Douglas, Jr. Jessie Dove Fan nie Dowdy Willie Drake James Drayton John Drumgoole Leslie Dula Haywood Dunlap Daniel R. Dunn Lawrence L. Dunn Carolyn Dupree Chrystal Dupree Minnie Dupree Lee W. Dye Donald Earle Dianne Edgerton Jean Edrington Matthew Edwards David R. Ellison, Jr. Danny Ervin 83 JUNIORS Nevander Evans Woodrow Evcrette Mavis Exum Dora Farrior Glenn Farrish Billy Faulk Freddie Faulk Vester Faulk Paul Faulkner Joyce Fields Robert E. Fields, Jr. James Finger Wanda Finley Clarence Fisher John Fletcher Charley Flint Bonnie Floyd Leander Forbes LaForest Ford Barbara Foster Elizabeth Foust Eula Foust George Foxworth Georae Frazier James E. Fuller Ray Fullwood Evelyn Gadson Marian Gailes Sandra Gaines Lewis E. Gallant Matt Garris Barbara Galloway Joyce Galloway Maridee Galloway Earl Gardner Ronald J. Gardner 84 MWutvKiNiHirngMmsinmiwtinwi ' H ■ " imtriv . ' ijw-.iimmn JUNIORS Mary Geddie Margaret D. Gerald Roosevelt German Olevia Gibson Sylvia Goldwire Flovd Goode Josephine Goode Philistine Goode Patricia Goodlet Terry Gordon Barbara Graham Carrie Graves Michael A. Graves Yvonne Greene Janice Guthrie William E. Guy Naomi Hagwood Roger Haiah Dennis Hairston Mary Hariston Robert Hamilton Henry Hanler Elbert Hannah George Harberson Woodrow Harding James Hargraves Elnora Harper William Harper Willie Harrell Jerry Harrington Curds Harris JearHne Harris Myria Harris Ronald P. Harris Lottie Harrison William Harrison 85 JUNIORS ' 1 iti Michael Hart Ann Hauscr Milton Hearne Geraldine Henderson Gloria Herring Tony Herring Bernard Hicks Terrance Hicks Avis Hill Barbara A. Hill Donald L. Hill Moses E. Hodnett Curtis Hoggard Judy Hollingsworth Pred D. Hollman Leonard Holmes Bernard Holt Larry Holt Jimmy Howard Malcolm K. Howard Wilma Howard William Howell Clayton Hudson Charles E. Huff. Jr. Linda Hughes Nora L. Hughes Mary Humphcry Arlanders Hunter Delia Hunter John Hunter Sinithie Inman Brenda Jackson Jacquclin Jackson Margaret Jackson Jessie James. Jr. John C. James 86 JUNIORS Helen Jamison Harr ' Jeffreys. Jr. Allen Jennings Alda Johnson George H. Johnson Johnny C. Johnson Kenneth Johnson Mary Johnson Shelia L. Johnson Thomas Johnson Barbara Jones Donald Jones James E. Jones. II Julia Jones Ralph C. Jones Julia Jordon James Joyner LaYerra Jovner LaSandra Keeye James Keith Linda Kelly Johnnie Kelly James Kindrick John H. Knight. Jr. Jerry Komegay Barbara Lacewell James Lanier Queen Laws Gwen Lawson Patrick Ledbettwe Charles F. Lee Darleen Leean Prince Legree Brenda Letman Robert H. Lewis Magnolia Lilly rip " -r w a 87 r JUNIORS (5 A| Yvonne Lima Phillip Lindscy Curtis Link Jo Ann Little Lorinzo Little Charles W. Littlejohn Doris Littlejohn Frederick Lockley Glenda Lowe Edna Luckey Christina Lyles Richard Mack Eugene Maddox Dorothy M. Majette Vivian Martin Dorothy Mason Robert Mason Jerome Massenburg Calvin Matthews Mary Matthews Frosten ' a Maye Arlene P. Meadows Annie Miller James Miller • ' Kathyrn Miller Harry Millner Janice Mills Valerie Mills Bennett Mitchell Claudia Mitchell James P. Mitchell Michael Mitchell Zella Mitchell Commodore Monk Lucilla Monroe Eugenia Moore 88 JUNIORS Robert L. Moore, Jr. Yates Moore Linda Moran ' alter Morgan Antionette Morris Cvnthia Morris Arnold Mungin Arnold Murphy Roya Murphy Dorothy McCants Zenobia McCracken Brenda McCov Gerald McDaniels Dorothy G. McFarlin Levira McGill Willie McGriff Wayland McKenzie Robert McKnight Roy Z. McKnight James McKoy Alveria McLaughlin Leonard McLaughlin James T. McLawhorn. Jr. Marilyn McLean .Arthur McMillan Westly McPhatter Dottie Newell Richard Newkirk Japhet Nxonge Cora Nichols Joe Mitchell Nichols Maggie Oliver Rebecca Oliver Clarence Page Kenneth Page Ernest V . Pallan. Jr. O0§ 89 JUNIORS Steven Parham Frances Parker Freddie Parker Georgia Parker Linda Parker Eugene Parsons Allen Partee William Partee Ernestine Y. Patterson Lolita Pazant Douglas Pierce Sammy Pearson Donald Peela Julius Peele William Pemberton David Penn Leslie Perry Wesley R. Perry Flossie Phillips Doris Pickett Francena Pinckney Mamietla Pinnix George Pitchford Milton Pittman Allen Pope Joseph Porter Doris J. Posey Wesley Powe. Ill Vera Price Odena Pugh Brendal Randall Eleanor Reese Zeb S. Regan, Jr. John Reid Thomas Reid Rov Rhodes 90 li JUNIORS Milford Rhodes Ann Riggsbee Barry Roberts Frederick Roberts Carl Robertson Joanne Robinson Randolph Robinson Syrell Robinson Walter Rodgers Coleman E. Rodgers Ronald Ross Cynthia Rousseau Annie Ruffin Barbara Russell Milton Ryan Brenda Saddler Alfred Schenck Jerr ' Scott Sylvia Shelton Johnnie Shepard Margaret Sherrill Margaret Shivers James Shoffner Craig Sills DeOuincey Sills Rosa Siler Velma James Simmons Thomas F. Sims Carolyn Simpkins Jimmie L. Slade Annie Sloan James SmalKvood Barbara J. Smith Bettye Smith Chenita Smith Maielyndal Smith 91 JUNIORS Margaret Smith Randy E. Smith Sherrill Smith Shirley Smith Verncsee Smith Victor Smith William Smith Rodenia Snow Sherwood Spells Thomas L. Spence Curtis Spencer Eugene G. Spencer Kenneth Spencer Willie Spruill Dianne Stafford Pompey Stafford Steven Stafford Tommie Stephenson Brenda Stewart Jerry Stimpson Malcolm Stocks Connie Stokes Gladys L. Streater Alonzo Street Ronald Struthers Edwin Sykes. Jr. Jacqueline Tate Ronald Tate Cynthia Taylor Kenneth D. Timmons Robert Thomas Delores Thompson George Thompson Kennicth F. Thompson Robert Thompson McLean Tobin 92 JUNIORS Shirley Tompson Susanna T. Tucker Christine Turner Joan Turner Bemice Vincent Eula Wade Charles E. Walden Claudia Wall Robert Wallace Brenda Waring Darr l S ashington Harry Washington Evon Watford Larry J. Watkins Phillip Weeks Eugene Wells Phyllis Wells John D. White Johnny White Kenneth White Samuel Wigfall Rodrick Wilbon Annette Williams Dave Williams Edgar W. Williams Herman Charles Williams Raymond Williams Raymond Q. Williams Vemethia Williams Alfreda Willis Calvin Wilson DeiDrie Wilson Richard Wilson Ella Mae Winford V ' erdair Wingate C nthia Womack § ' ■ ft iM 93 JUNIORS Walter Woodard. Jr. Leo Woods, Jr. Ruby Woods Shirley Woods Jacqueline C. Wright Joseph E. Wyatt William A. Wyche, Jr. Elvvood Wynn Deborah L. Wyrick James Yarborough Jerry Yarn Dolores Yergin Juniors — The Fire Works of Life have just begun 94 a MEMORIAL He Rested His Pen Larry Wrenn Sophomore Greensboro. North Carohna Died— March 8. 1968. I weep for Adonais — he is dead! O weep for Adonaisl though our tears Thaw not the frost which binds so dear a head! Oh. weep for Adonais — he is dead! Wake, melancholy Mother, wake and weep! Yet wherefore? Quench within their burning bed The fiery tears, and let thy loud heart keep Like his. a mute and uncomplaining sleep! Peace, peace! he is not dead, he doth not sleep — ■ He has awakened from the dream of life — He lives, he wakes — " tis Death is dead, not he; Mourn not for Adonais — Thou young Dawn. Turn all thy dew to splendor, for them thee The spirit thou, lamented is not gone! E.xcerpt from " Adonais " by Shelley 95 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS LAWRENCE C. McSWAlN President AONA HARKINCrrON Scvivuiry 1i " mt If 1 . j S- ' l fif STFRl.ING WHITE-: icc-PrcsiiU ' ul JAC QUI I.IM MAKIIN Irca.surcr F3!wiw(iw«lWiV-» ' R;; ' i;fu»3 ' ' i liHHmliMAHMIIIIBIIII Seated: Helena While. Slanding left lo right: Marvin Whitley, Keith Ci CLASS REPRESENTATIVES H.uold GItner. SOPHOMORE CLASS Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the things you have to do when they ought to be done, whether you want to or not. However, early as man ' s training begins, it is probably the last lesson that he learns thoroughly. Too often what we read and profess becomes a part of our libraries and our vocabu- laries, instead of becoming a part of our lives. Now that we are Sophomores, we have tried realistically to decide our course of action for the future. While we perhaps have not learned our lesson thoroughly, we have realized that the most important thing is not always knowing what should be done, but doing the necessary things when they ought to be done. After our first frustrating days, we are still full of optimism and youthful idealism. In the course of our demolishing of traditional standards and ideas, we are only trying to bring about those things which are more compatible for the life we want to gain in society. We do not wish our careers to end abruptly because of our inabilities to cope with the standards set by past generations. As Sopnomores, probably the three most important words to us are, ■ " Do it now! " 97 HI SOPHOMORES Brenda Adams OliNer Adams Carolyn Adkinson Walter Alexander George Alford Alvin Allen Joe Anderson Waller Anderson Rhawn F. Andeson Florence Anthonv Terry Armstrong Edward Artis Paul Best Sharon Best Molly Bethea Margaret Bineent Vincent Bolden Shirley Bonds William Boston Carlton Boiijai Freddy Atkinson Calvin Ashhurg John C. Ashley Russell Bacon Shelia Bowles Lossie Bowen Calvin Boykin ' , Patricia A. Boykin £ Fred Black Brenda Blackwell Larry L. Blackwell George Blanchard Melvin Bailey Roland P. Bailey. Jr. John Barclay Charlie Barnes Donald Barnes Filna Barnes Jessie Barbour Lawrence Barrett 1 averne Hass Lawrence Bass James Battle Sharim Batten Oscar B. Beale McNiel Beamon NLitthew Beatty Ralph Bell Ronine Bell Fli ahelh Berger Debbie Berke Harold Berry Clyde Blount Gloria Buck Rose Bullock Clayton Bullock Gloria Burns Juanita Bush Michael Bushrod Harry Butler Lorraine Butler Jimmy Branch Harry Britt, Jr. David Brower Felton C. Brown John Brown Paul Brown Patricia Brown Vera Brown Bennie R, Brooks Arnold Bryant Linda Bryant 9S Gloria Byers Phyllis Caldwell Josetie Calloway Wallace Callo vav Mar ' Crisp Marlha Crockett Peter Cromarlie Jerald Cross Barbara Campbell Lillian Campbell lla Joyce Cannady Lovie Cannon Shirley Crothers Jesse Cumberlander Franklin Cummings Brady Cureton Odis Carmon Thaddeus R. Cates Ca ' Sandra Ceasan Patricia Chalmers MIS Edward Chavis Tommi Childs Odell Clanlon Janie Clark Hattie Curtis Joseph Daniels Dwight Davis Glenn Davis Henry Davis James E. Daye John Davis Shirley Davis Clarence O. Clarke Brenda Cloud Virginia Cofiels Zenobia Cofield Velma Davis Booker T. Dawkins. Jr, Pat DeBerr Phillip DeBerry SOPHOMORES f» a Patricia Coleman Ronald Coleman Benha Collins Da e Collins Ronald Deshields Alphonza Dickens Ira Dixon Simon Randolph Doctor Estell Collins LeRoy Collins Thelma Cohin Anthony O. Cone Exuni Donnell Benittia Douglas Reginald Do»J George Dunn Virginia Connor James Cooper Marcellous Cooper Alexander Corbeti Deborah Durham Donald Ebron Eugene Ebron Howard Edwards Z%ii Marilyn Corbett N ' elnon Cotton Jesse Cox Savannah Craig Rasmond Edwards belcine Elliott Barbara Epps Janice Evans 99 I SOPHOMORES Vivian Evans William C. Fvans Percy A. Everson, Jr. William E. Ewing Ronald Gadsden Evangerlene Gilmore Dacid Glaspie Cicraldine Gleaves Addie Exuni Janice Gay Sandra Fair Alfredia Faison Shelton Glenn Harold Glover Elijah Goff Melvin Goode Bernila Faison Haywood Faison Lennie Faison David Fashion James Goodson Booker T. Goodwin Rohena Gorham Bettie Graham Douglas Faulkner Elijah Faulkner Tampra Ferguson Tyus Few Robert Grant Hubert Graves Keith Graves Kenneth Graves Jimmy Fields Harrison C. Finley Wendell Finner Diana Floyd Patricia Graves Solomon Greene Thelma Greene James Greyr Stanley Flythe Hrkine Fomville Hezekiah Foreman. Jr. Archie Ford Cornell Grier Horace Griffin Paul Gwynn Thomas Hager Gary Ford Lewis Forney Stanley Foshee Mack b. Foster Agnes Hairston Julius Hairston James Haley Vernon Hatley Marnique Foster Willis Foster Queen Foy Ronald I.. Franks Thurman Hampton Doris Hardy Michael Hardy Pricilla Harper Richard Henry Freer, HI Herma Fuiton Willie Funnye LeRoy C. Gaither Elizabeth Harrcll Aona Harrington Patricia C arol Harrington Alice Harris 100 a SOPHOMORES Belty Harris Betty J. Harris Charles Harris Ross Harrison Edward Hurdle Hazelene Hush Hurbert Ijames Milton Iniiram Willette Harrison Willie F. Harrison. Jr. Jacqueline Harshaw Walter Hawkins Beulah Jackson Gayle E. Jackson Phillip Jackson Rebecca Jackson Veronica Hayes Charles E. Heard Constance Henderson Joe-Ann Herbert Eugene Jamerson Archie James Clifton James Sylvia James Brooks E. Hester Jessie Hewett Arlene Hich Thomas Hilliard Kenneth Jamison Willie Jefferson Terry Jeffries Marie Jeter James R. Hill Jimmy N. Hill Kathleen HiUman Carolyn Hines Charles E. Johnson Donald Johnson Joyce Carolyn Johnson Leo Johnson Arthur Hobson Melvin Holloway Thomas E. Holloway Walter Holt Linda Johnson Ray Johnson Sylvester Johnson David Jones Mattie Hood John W. Hood Harvey A. Hopkins Suzanne Hopkins Elaine Jones Florence D. Jones Frankie T. Jones Gloria Jones Ronald Horton Roger Hudson Annie W. Hunt Willie G. Hunt, Jr. Jimmy W. Jones Joyce Jones Louis Jones William Jones Johnny O. Hunter Marvin Hunter Micheal Hunter Suzette Hunter Betty Jordan Gedell Joyner Johnn ' J. Joyner Marion Joyner 101 It SOPHOMORES I Wilbert Joyner Mary Kaylor C alvin Kelly James Kelly l.inda Martin Melvin Mason Beverly Mebane Paillette Merritt James C. Kelly A I Joyce King Brenda King Mary King Evelyn Metis Herman Mewhorn Rebecca Miles Curtis L. Miller Cynthia Kyle Harry Ladson Brenda Lamberson Cornelioiis Lamberth Lillie Miller Tyrone H. Mille Wanda Miller Eddie Mims Anna Langston Shelia Laughinghoiise Eleanor Lawrence Samuel Leary B. Gayle Mitchell Norma Mitchell Thomas Jarvis Mitch Tony Mitchell Naraye A. Lee Harvey D. Le Grant Marian Levy Charlie B. Lewis Lauristeen Monroe David Montgomery Carolyn Moore Clark Moore lorn lewis Wilhemena Lew is James M. Liles Lizzie Lilly Donnie Moore Henry J. Moore Hoyle Moore Imogene Moore James L. long, Jr. Kenneth W. Long William Love Victor Lovick Mildred Moore Patricia Moore Robert Moore, Jr. Shirrell Moore Sara Lyies William Macklin Sharon D. Macklin Wilbur Malloy Eddie Morant John Morrow Reginald Morton C alherine Moyer Theresa Manuel Shirley Marsh Dannie Marshall Jacqueline Martin ■I ' l; Edgar Buster Murphy. Isaac Murphy John Murphy James Murrcll 102 mfm SOPHOMORES Melvin M ers Roderick W. Myers Patricia McAllister Claudia McCov Johnny McCoy Joyce McCoy Vicky McClettie Gail McCrimmon Lois Parker William Parker VVindell Parker William Payne Tony Penn Leonard Phelps Joe Pigford Bobby Pickens Lonella Mclntyre Sterling McLaughlin Melvin McLawhorn Howard McMillian Jessie Pickett Donald Pierce Linda Pope Cynthia Poston William McMillian Barbara McNair Chester L. McRae James L. McRae Beauford Pressley Carolyn Price Kenneth Price Lawrence Price Nathaniel McRea Claudette Napier Robert Nelson Mary Newborn Annil Nicholson Lori Oglesbv Bernard Oliphant EuEene O ' Neal Jasper Ormond Carrie Orr Nancy Owens Nancy Price Ann Pride Nann Pride Leevern Pridgen Jovce Pridcen John W. Quick Bernice Ramsey Lucv Ramsey George Pemberton Norwood Randolph John Rankin Reeinald Rav Harold S. Reed James Peele Judy Peterson Inez Perry James A. Peterson Ronald V. Reed Stanle Regan Rickey Reid Pete Revels James Paige ickwell Palmer. Jr. Charles Parker Hortense Parker Malinda D, Rhodes George Rhvne Joseph Richardson M. Rosita Robinson 103 SOPHOMORES ■;5! SlLinley Rohinson N;ilh;ini;il Rorie C nthia Ross Nina Ross Patricia Slaton C harles Stephens Robert L. Stevens Dre el Steward RemnalJ Rt iise Wilherl L. Royal John W. Scales Cornelia Schoolfield Karen Scipio John A. Scott Thomas Scott Alvin Shepherd Elaine Stewart Vernon Stevsarl Kenneth Slilh Ora Strickland Reginald Taylor Rheiibin Taylor Gerald Terrell Vick C. Terrell Loretia Siler Thernian Simmons Shirleen Sims Leola Sluss Donnie Terry Alexander Thomas Alfred A. Thomas. Jr. Allen G. Thompson Amanda Smith David Smith David Smith Joseph L. Smith Jesse Thomas Joseph Thomas Patricia Thomas Barbara Thompson Joyce Smith Kent Smith Maceo Smith J haddeus Smith Johnnie Thompson Gearlene Thorne Julius Tillery Pamela Tillman C laudette SneUing Paula Soweil Harry Spellman Moultre Spencer Lorraine Timmons Van Tindall Debbie Todd Patricia Toney Hetty Spruill Joann Spruill Patricia St. Mark Annie Staley Fdilh Stamps MeKin Stancil 1 reasa Stanley Tammy Slark Daniel Topping Enman Torrence Mary Trapp Diane Turner Pauline Turner Vivian Umphrey Mary Underwood Ethel Vick 104 mm wnmiiKnm SOPHOMORES Pkimmer Vines. Jr. Kermilt Waddell Melvin Walden Michael Wallace Bobby Williamson James Williamson Eulis A. Willis Clifford Wise Booker T. Wasfiington Sandra Washington William Walkins Gordon Watson Wilmeth Wilson Billy Wilson Alvin Jerome Winecoff Charles Woodard Linda Watson Robert T. Watson Algeles Webb Elizabeth Webb Amos Woods. Jr. Jasper Woods Charles Worth James Wright Leslie L Webb. Jr. V ' vonne Weeks Pauline Welborn Major Wells Willard Wright Willie Yeargin Raymond Young James Weston Edward Wheeler Samuel Wheeler Albert Whitaker Albert White Elliott White Floyd D. White Helena White Joyce White Sterling White Harry Wilkerson Alfred Williams Dianne Williams Dorothy Williams Eugene Williams Ciloria Williams Gregory J. Williams Ophelia Williams Robert L Williams. II Sandra Williams 105 ! FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS RIC HARD SHANK Fivsiiii ' tu of hifshnum Clas. Standing, KASINA HOWELL Cf rn ' . pt)mlii i Sccrvtaiy Sealed. DIANA BELL Record in Sccrclury MARVIN JACKSON ' U-c Prcsulcnl. Freshman Class RONALD BIRD 1 rvasnrir, t-rtwhinan Class mrm HfHipRMIHn From Sandr; left to righl: Sitting: Vivian Litllejotin. (icradine Horlon. Clementine Herring, Joyce Lindsay. Diane Bell. Standing: Charles Ward. 1 Belcher Waller Glover. CLASS REPRESENTATIVES FRESHMAN CLASS Wide-eyed and inspired, but in a state of utter confusion and bewilderment, the fresh- men arrived on the Campus in September, finding themselves standing in never-ending lines during their registration. After a hectic day of deciding at the last minute what to major in. the freshmen started getting themselves acquainted with the campus and meeting new friends. A few, the ones who had never been away from home before, practically gave up in tears with the comment. " What ever made me leave home? " Adding to the frustrations of their newly acquired college lives, they awaited the arrival of the upperclassmen and the dread of their own first days in classes. Relieved at finding their adjustment to college life a little easier than they had imagined, the freshmen found themselves getting involved in the many facets of college life. They joined clubs and settled down to studying. After going through the changes college life takes one through, they are now enjoying college life as they are accepted as a part of the Aggie family. 107 FRESHMEN fililiii Floria Aldridge Gloria Allen Joseph Allen Valeric Allison Katnna Bonaparte Ophelia [ioone Kenneth Bosiiek Isaac Bovsers Dehra Alston Vivian Alston Bruce Anderson Arnold Arrington Larry Amngion Gladys Avery Vincent Banks Jesse Banner Walter Bailey Johnnv Baker Lvnn Bladwin William Barbee Janice Barnes Linda Barber Deborah Barclay l.ula Barnes Marvin Barnes Richard Baits Sandra Belcher Shirley Belk Jeanette Bell Yvonne Bell Otha Belvin Oclphine Bristol Paul Berke Barbara Bethea Murry Bethea Billy Biggs Larry Boyd Dixie Brea eale Rosa Bright Lillie Brim Wayne Brim Robert Broadnax Charles Brown Clarence Brown Ronnie Boome David Brown Jerome Brown Leander Brown Pania Brown Pearl Brown Vale Brown Jerry Bryant Aileen Bullock George Bullock Melvin Bunch Arnold Burnett Ronald Byrd Lorenzo Caldwe Carlin Canady Brcnda Cardwe Louis Carpenito Gilbert Casterlov d Ben Cato Deloris Cave Thomas Blackman. Jr. Linwood Blanchard Fred Blount, Jr. Bernadene Bolden Martha Chapman Thomas Childs Shirley Clark Donald Cobb 108 Rn». 7i« 4wnn iAiiLvr)f;rji«»MtAtfH nmi :ifyff iM-ir.:. ! in riir ' ifiMniH FRESHMEN M . ivgi % Mary Cogdell Anthony Cochran Sabra Cochran Quincy Coleman Omeba Davis Carol Daniels James Degraphenreid Percy Degraphenreid Johnnie Colley Angle Collins Betty Colson Cynthia Congleton Curtis DeLoatch Dorothy DeLoatch Kerry DeVaughn Eva Dickens Jannie Connor Rosetta Connor Thomas Convsay Vickie Cook Brenda Divers Eamestine Dixon Bobbi-Elta Dobson Allison Dockery Billy Cooper Dianne Cooper inlhrop Cottingham Geraldine Cottman Joseph Durham Mary Durham Pearson Dubar Stephen Duncan Frances Council Clarence Counts Carolyn Cousin Otis Coward William Cox Irene Cradle Bernice Crump Leietha Culbrelh Joan Cummings Larry Cundiff Brenda Curtis Eddvce Dacons James Deas Linda Daniels Alicia Davis Anita Davis Beverly Davis Ins Davis Jennifer Davis John Davis Don Dunsion John Dyer David Dublin. Jr. Belinda Duncan Mf Donald Dunston Wihelmena Earle Eric Eason Flovd Eaton David Edwards Carolyn Elder George Ellis George Epps Charles Evans Eddie Evans Mary Evans Stephanie Everett Doroty Evans Brenda Ewing Alfonso Ezzell Fredric Fairlev 109 FRESHMEN 555.7-- v : .-SIS Florence Farrior Paris Favors, Jr. Henry Fennell Gaii Ferguson Deborah Fields Sally Fitzgerald Horace Flemming Joyce Foggie Jacqueline Foman Bickett Fort Claudette Fort Milton Foster Phyllis Hawkins Harriette Hayes Henry Hayes Mary Hayes Erwin Haynes Lillian Ha?ell Doris Headen Jacquelyn Heath Martha Henderson Charles Henry Robert Herbin Joseph Herrera Eddie Fox Byrdene Franklin Maxine Frasier Oscar Frazier Clementine Herrin Mary Higgs Francine Highsmil ' Sara Hill Harry Friday Fdward Hale Lawrence Hail Margaret Hammonds tiM Virginia Hardy Sallie Hargrove Ricardo Harley Sharon Hairston F.lvenor Hariston Linda Hairston Milton Harpen Alvis Harris Ronald Hailh Roney Harris Arnett Harrison Gaylc Harrison Alfonso Hilliard Hiiliard Hines Portia Hmnant Mil wood Hobbs Erick Hodges Thomas Hoggard Bobbie Holloway Henrv Holloway Robert Holloway Mahlon Holmes Jean Holston Geraldine Horton Willie Hopkins Gwendolyn Howard Inza Howard Lois Howard Jacqueline Harrison I inzy Harrison. Jr. Patricia Harrison Elizabeth Hawk Cecilia Howell Donna Howell Kacina Howell William Hubbard 110 M Mamie Hudson Robert Hughes Archie Hunter Ann Hunter EJwin Hunter Genell Hunter Earnest lrb Bohhv Jackson Carolyn Jackson Emma Jackson James Jackson Jean Jackson Michael Kelley Connie Kelly Walter Kenon Carolyn Kilian Betsy Kirby Larry Kirby Doris Kirklin Melton Knight Marvin Jackson Myrtle Jackson Darlene James Milton James Trevia Jefferson Clifton Webb Jenkins Ronald Jenkins Traci Jenkins David Johnson Emma Johnson Fredia Johnson Margaret Johnson Mar a Johnson Patricia Johnson Lewis Jones Margie Jones Paul Jones William Jones Barbara Joyner Jesse Joyner Willie Joyner Paul Kearney Joe L. Keen Gloria Kee e FRESHMEN Marion Laney Carolyn Lanier Robert Lawrence Tyronne Leake Phillip Leigh Lonnie Leonard Joseph Levisler Roy Lew is Q " Ql Bobbj Lilly George Lima Joyce Lindsay William Little Vivian Littlejohn Marion Lloyde Thomwell Long Helen Lowe Valeria Lowe Irene Luckey Suzanne Lunnerman Lorenzo Lyons Julie Lindley James Gadson Katie Gadson Vashti Gaffnev Charles Galhreath Arnold Gaskins James Gavin Phyllis Gerald 111 FRESHMEN ■] William Gethers l-.JwarJ M, Gibson jcronie Gilbeaiix Gillespie Doris Moment Nadine Montgomery Elvie Moore Emaniiella Moore Walter Glover Floyd Godfrey Isaiah Golden Gary Goodman Doris Moore Lester Moore Tierra Moore Tyrone Moore Claudia Goodson Liicretia Goodwin Waller tiorham, Jr. Rosa Graham Charlsea Morgan Anthony Moses Carolyn Mosley Jacquelyn Morris Laukie Gray David Green Tamara Greene Norma Greenlee Gloria Morrison Leroy Moser Dorothy Moye Larry McCalhim Willie Grimes Lea Gwynn Veronica Manglim James L. Martin Earlean McCoy Mazel McCoy Panlette MeConnaughey Roscoe McCormack Jesse Martin Robert Martin Al Mason Catheryne Massey Phostenia McCrimmon Albert McCullen Irnia McCullotigh Thelma McDowell Jack Massey Eddie Mathis Alphonso Matthenson John Mayo Larry McGill Douglas McHardy John Mclver Charles E. McKellar Barbara Meeks Liz?ie Miles Linda Miller Benard Mitchell Carol McKinnon Vaugh McKoy Michael McKoy Dorothy Mcl-ean 2M aFayettee Mitchell Anita Miller Keuy Mills Ronald Mills David McMillan Carl S. McNair Cora McNeal Charles McNeal 112 l iWWrvVWVvri ' tMWmtAtiH msmmim ppapppHHf FRESHMEN Shirley McNeill Ron ild MeN;iir William McPherson Jimmy Nc kirk Barbark New some Walter Newlon Keilh Nixon Vickie Nixon Carole Norman George Norman James Norman Linda Northcutt 1 f Michael Proctor Isaac H. Ramsey Moses Kamsev Ralph Roval Lillian Reddick Roy Reed George Reeves Mittie Reves Carolyn Richardson Charles Richardson Helen Richardson Henry Richardson Arvelle Outman Earnestine Owens Joanne Parham John Parker James Parks Vanilla Parker Steve Parson Frankie Pauling Joanne Richardson Dennis Reid Shirley Roberts Bernice Robinson Christine Robinson Esley Robinson David Rodgers Kenneth Rodgers Aaron Patterson John Payne Charlotte Panzant Lorenzo Pearson Cora Penn Charles Phillips Kenneth Phillips Ronald Pickett Barbera Pierce Veida Pierce Daniel Piggott Francine PUimmer William Pope Wesley Porch Robert Porter. Jr. Ronald Powers Fran Rogers Paul Ross Matthew Rovise, Jr. Patricia Russell Andrew Ryan Kennay Sarratt Barbara Sarratt Richard Savage Alonzo Scott Walter Scott Karen Scruggs Richard Shank Isiah Sharpe. HI Leon R. Shaw Linda Shaw- Mary Shaw ; I I ;■ I • I ' i 1 113 FRESHMEN ji Gracher Shelton Waller Shepard Leroy Shephard Charles L. Sheppard Mattie Speight Gwendolyn Spinks Patricia Spring Earnest Spruiil Ruby Sherrill William Sidberry Linster Simmons Deborah Simon Roberta Squiruell Sandra Staley Doroles Steadman Berna Stephens Matthew Simpson Robert Simpson Geraldine Slade William Smart David Stiles Calvin Strawder Wilma Street Anthony Strickland Willie Maw Sniaw Amelia Smith Anthony Smith Deborah Smith Brenda Strickland Richard Summers Alvin Suitt Linda Swann Charlene Stith Andrew Small David Smith Elliott Smith Gwendolyn Smith Henry Smith Jacquelyn Smith Jean Smith Raymond Sye Shirley Quick Octavis Tate Jerry Taylor Tharmon Telverton Michael Terry Anthony Thomas Collis Thomas Joan Smith Nokama Smith Ronnie Smith Thomas Smith Damon Roger Thomas Gail Thomas Kenneth Thomas rhelma Thomas Voydee Smith. Jr. William Smith William Smith Alonzo Somervil lommy I homas C urtis Thompson Donald Thompson Earnest Thompson Gail Sparrow Vernon Spaulding Jennifer Speas Joe Speight Glenda Thompson Jasper Thompson Kenneth Thompson Linda Thompson 114 • j m, m FRESHMEN Brenda Thornhill Alice Turner Charles Turner Liicirene Turner Joseph Wilkerson Veronica Wilkes Alfred Williams Arthur Williams Willie Tripp Leon Troy Bernard Troxler Leslie Walls Cedric Williams Clarence Williams Clementine Williams Dan Williams Pamela Wall Tonv Walker Charles Ward, Jr. DeNard Ward James Ward Jonette Wall William Ward James Ware Deborah Williams Dorothy Williams Eva Williams Sandra Williams Ronald Willingham Alonzo Wilson Benjamen Wilson James Wilson Francette Watkins Harold Watkins Judy Watkins Wendell Watson, Jr. Johnnie Wilson Norman Wilson Patricia Wilson Aundrey Wingate Julia Watt Patricia Watts Cheryle Wesley Kenneth Wheeler Otto Whitaker Albert While Barbara White Bernard White Clara Winstead Warren Wise Albert W. Withers Claire Withers Ronald Wynecoff Kenneth Woods Samuel Woods Herman Woolfolk James White Wallace White Remonia Whitfield Winfred Whitehurst Mitchell Wooten James Woolfork Ashby Worrell Mary Worthy Sywanda Whitlev Wordell Wigfali Brenda Wilkins Walter Wiley Marion Wrenn Jacqueline D. Wright Jacquelyn Wright Winfred Wright IIS I 3 FRESHMEN Roderick Wright Sandr:i J. Wright Kenneth Wyrth Varona Wvnn a Patricia Vaughn Valerie ViUines Patricia ' ancey George Young i4 A4!S ■ikv ' ' v!!vC - v:% ' " 116 »■ lET MEMORIAL He laid down his gavel Gurney Cole Brown Freshman Rocky Mount. North Carolina Birth— July 19. 1949. Died— January 15. 1968. — A TRIBUTE TO GURNEY BROWN There was a face so filled with cheer, It was wonderful to have it around. A warm, friendly face we held so dear Was the face of Gurney Brown. There was a figure we loved to see Walking the campus ground, A tall, stately young man was he. The figure we called Gurney Brown. There was a personality that couldn ' t be beat. A rare thing to be found: A personality so dear and sweet Was the one of Gurney Brown. Gurney. you taught us the happiness That must come from deep inside: You taught us the wonderful bliss Of just being alive. The heart and fisure and personality, too. The face we loved to see Has now made us feel so blue Because they ceased to be. The faces that once had held a smile Now are heavy with a frown: The tears we shed will flow awhile Because we all loved you, our precious Gurney Brown. Emanuella Moore 117 m-i. Organizations THE CHALLENGE TO FOSTER UNDERSTANDING ,,, -a«= ;. ' ' • ' " » ), r. ' X " ■ i " We are born for cooperation, as are the feet, the hands, the eyelids, and the upper and lower jaws. " — Marcus Aurelius Its HONOR SOCIETIES ALPHA KAPPA MU The Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society was founded in 1937. It has as its purpose the promotion of high scholarship, encouraging sincere and zealous en- deavor in all fields of knowledge and service. It also promotes a high order of personal living and develops an appreciation for scholarly works and scholarly endeavor in others. President: Lee A. House Advisor: Dr. V. C. Stroud ti. PHI BETA LAMBDA Composed of business administration and business education majors, its members can obtain firsthand information and experience in their related areas of study. The activities sponsored by this group provide a closer acquaintance of the techniques of business. President: John Harrington Advisors: Mrs. Katie Dorsett Mrs. Wendall L. Haith i «k ' . II ■ ' • ' 1; ' I- « ■ I ' !1 ' SIGMA RHO SIGMA The Sigma Rho Sigma Honor Society was founded by Dr. T. E. McKinncy and Dr. Warmoth T. Gibbs. Its founding emerged from a need to bind students of social science togethier after their studies. Some of the purposes are to encourage study, promote research and recognize achievement in the field of social science, to promote professional growth and development among members and to work together on problems of mutual interest. President: Major Clark Advisors: Dr. Warmoth T. Gibbs Mr. T. A. Clark KAPPI PI Kappa Pi, National Honorary Art Fraternity was installed at the University in 1962. Membership is open to art majors of high scholastic standing. Its purposes are: To promote art interest among college students. To bring art departments of various schools closer together. To stimulate higher scholarship. To recognize potential professional ability. President: Mrs. Carole T. Stevens Advisor: Mr. Leroy Holmes, Jr. RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS SUNDAY SCHOOL The campus Sunday School is conducted to contribute to the spiritual needs of the students, to develop within the student a mature sense of values, to develop within him a better understanding of the Bible and Bibical references, and to develop within the student a broad outlook on the world based on the spiritual values. President: Curtis Brantley Advisor: Dr. Albert W. Spruill CANTERBURY CLUB Representing the Episcopal Church, the Canterbury Club has as its purpose to focus attention upon the great values of our spiritual heritage through fellow- ship, study and worship in a group. The Episcopalian students find that this or- ganization allows them to share the mutual spiritual interest in the academic community. President: Reginald Kent Advisor: Mr. Howard Pcarsall Y ,. wm wm ■pp ■pf PENTECOSTAL FELLOWSHIP The Pentecostal Fellowship seeks to form a fellowship of able students embracing the Pente- costal faith. Fellowship attempts to bring about an atmosphere of fellowship and love. President: Nathaniel Williamson Advisors: Mrs. Margaret Evans Mrs. Barbara Hunter WESLEY FOUNDATION Chiefly composed of Methodist students, this organization provides religious and social activities for the students of the Methodist denomination while away from their home churches. President: Donald Earle Advisor: Rev. William Brown 123 CULTURAL ORGANIZATIONS BAND nt i ■ The " pride and joy " of Aggicland is its famed 130- piece marching band. The popular music, exciting march- ing steps, skillful formation — all thrilled thousands as the band made appearances at home and away. The band has risen to become one of the ranking college musical organizations today. Under the directorship of Mr. Wal- ter F. Carlson and Mr. J. J. Williams, assistant, the band can and does perform with perfection, maneuvers from the formation of the traditional A and T to a satellite orbiting in space. MAJORETTES This is the corps of majorettes who led the A and T State University Marching Band when it took the field for football games. With new and varied routines for each game, they really gave the audience a show to be proud of, having had the opportunity to have seen them perform with much grace and skill. 124 mssmmmmsm. P ' ' WP ' F " " " ' ' ' fcu » Walter F. Carlson, Jr. Director of Bands « . II 3: ' ■i Ho ; I ' 1. ' CONCERT BAND ' ; The A. and T. State University Choir THE CHOIR The A. and T. State University Choir con- tinued its stride toward excellence during the past year. Expressing cheer and deep meaning through artful vocal music was one of its pri- mary objectives which it undertook and exe- cuted nobly. In addition to regular appearances at vespers, its activities were highlighted by the Christmas Concert, the Male Singers " Concert, the Spring Concert, Easter Concert and the annual tours of the North and South. The choir was directed by Mr. Howard T. Pearsall, chair- man of the Music Department and accompained by Vincent Knight. Top Soloists — Barbara Cobb-Soprano and James Weston-Tcnor MALE CHOIR FEATURED SOLOISTS; Left to right: Mr. Howard Pearsall. director. Barbara Cobb. James Chestnutt, James Cox, and Shirley DeBose. 127 m RICHARD B. HARRISON PLAYERS M The drama society of the Agricultural and Technical State University offers its members experience in writing, staging, and directing plays as well as experience in acting. The opportunity is advantageous, not only to those who are interested in the theatre, but also to those who, at some time in the future, may be asked to direct a play. The Players have as their purposes to present dramatic productions on campus and provide an outlet for students interested in all phases of the theatre arts, to sponsor exchange productions with other colleges which bring plays to our campus. President: Willie Randolph Advisor: Dr. J. M. R. Stevenson Scenes from Day of Absence 128 »HHM 1 ■■■■ 1 - 731 THE DANCE CLUB The A. and T. State University Dance Club had an outstanding year. Its performances were well received, its renditions were up to top level and its members enjoyed the activity. A young crew, organized under the direction of Mrs. Elleanor W. Gwynn. developed rapidly and demonstrated outstanding skill. THE WORKING AYANTEE STAFF JACK C. BLAKE Eililor-in-Chirf WILLIE E. CURRIE. Ill Associate Eclilor GLORIA LYLES Sccrclury of llw Aycmlcc Skiff ♦■» MRS. COPELAND uil ixi r ami llw Eilim 130 ■Miiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiil Ayantee Staff — Left to right — Alvera McLaughin, Willie Currie. Lillian Butts. Jack Blake. Ruben Taylor. Gloria Lyles, Frankie Paulina, and Lillian Bass. Jackie Cuthbertson. .Art Editor 131 pm REGISTER STANLEY JOHNSON Editor PRINCE LEGREE Associate Editor From left to right: Ronald Boyd, Nancy Wuddell. Mrs. L. M. Marrow. Advisor. REGISTER STAFF Take one Aggie, multiply him by three thousand, add four years of college education, fun, activities, and culture. Strain off the activities, mix with printer ' s ink, add tons of paper and you have the Register — the student news- paper. Produced weekly by an efficient staff, headed by Stanley Johnson, the publication serves as a source of news for the entire student body. 132 im, «A -y:i.,., •_• . ' .. iiB!5iiiiiKiiimj,yiJ !,,L,. j; ' ) : " !jj.. ' .:.,- ,;,. j STAFF From left to right: Richjird Newkirk. Gracie Mebane. Ida V. Sellars annnnaQ=i " The Register Staff RADIO STATION W.A.N.T. N Opcr;iting under the motto, " We will take what we have and make what we WANT, " the staff of WANT Radio Station has continued to provide the A. and T, community with cultural and social entertain- ment. The station provides the opportunity for interested students to receive job training and practical ex- perience in radio production and engineering. To the Student Body, WANT provides entertainment in the areas of popular music on the William McMillian Show from 8:00 to 9:00 Monday through Thursday; Rock ' n Roil music on he Soulfinger Show with Ty Miller and the Doctor Dug Show with James Thome from 4:00 to 5:45 Monday through Thurs- day; and classical music on the Light Classical Showcase with George Saunders and James Williams from 9:00 to 10:00 Monday through Thursday. For the jazz enthusiast there is the Wonderful World of Jazz with Stanley Hanks during the hours of 7:00 to 8:00 Monday through Thursday and 11:00 to 12:00 noon on Saturdays. The faculty finds WANT to be a convenient source for the purpose of supplementing classroom instruction through the presentations of lectures and discussions. The station, following the trends of the conventional broadcasting station, carries news (both local, national, and campus) as well as the current checks on the weather. Special features and editorials are also included in the log. This year the WANT Staff is under the direction of Mr. David Jones. Mrs. L. B. Kinney serves as the Director of Broadcasting. 134 --I ' JF fVimM. ■ ;». •: -.i;-i, •-:..■«■. »w, m mmmmmmmm- mf mmni fm " i From left lo right: James Thorne. Chervil Suber, Stanley Hanks, Virginia Rodgers and Patricia DeBerry 135 ACADEMIC ORGANIZATIONS ' 1 1% ARCHITECTURAL CLUB The purpose of the Architectural Cluh is to promote the general welfare of the students by: Coordinating Cluh functions with those of the American Institute of Architects. President: Reginald Whitsett Advisors: Mr. William Streat Mr. Gerald Gray % THE ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING ASSOCIATION The purposes of the Electrical Engineering Association are to give know- ledge, theory and practice in electrical engineering and applied fields and the professional development of the student. President: Harold Sims Advisors: Mr. George Beatty Mr. Ernest Shcrrod y ' ' ;»:.. -w.-- .- ,- ..- «. .. mm iJPMlJt iiil ■ ' -- -: ' DEBATING SOCIETY The purposes of the Debating Societ are to stimulate and presene inter- collegiate debating and public speaking. President: David Smith Ad -isor: Mr. E. R. Day HISTORICAL CLUB The purpose of the Historical Club is to create a wider interest in Historical Matters among the History- and Social Studies Majors. President: Gerald Tootle Advisor: Dr. Frank White 137 PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS CLUB The purpose of this organization is to enhance the attitudes and knowledge of the Physical Ed- ucation Majors. President: Thomas Bailey Advisors: Dr. R. D. Moore Mr. T Trice N . i ■jElMlif:! GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY The furthering of geographic interest on the university campus and scheduling of field trips in an effort to broaden the minds of those students terestcd in geography arc the aims of the Geographic Society. President: Ralph Dowe Advisor: Mr. T. A. Clark the 13« mmmmmmmrm ' ' l AMERICAN SOCIETY OF TOOLS AND MANUFACTURING ENGINEERS The American Society of Tool and Manufacturing Engineers was founded in 1932 and established on this campus in 1963. The purpose of this organization is to promote and enhance the science of tool and manufacturing engineering. It advances the scientific knowledge in the field of tool and manufacturing engineer- ing which encompasses all phases of engineering related to manufacturing, and the means and methods of applying such knowledge in practice and education. President: Ouentin Smith Advisor; Mr. R. A. Williams ART CIRCLE The Art Circle is a student professional organization for those majoring or niinoring in the field of fine arts. Its purpose is to develop further interest in the visual arts through study and application. President; Mrs. Alma Adams Advisor; Mr. Leroy Holmes. Jr. 139 ECONOMIC CLUB To create a desire in econdiiiics, to provide inspiration, to ensure confidence and to promote the devekipment of intelligence so as to ensure that each economic major and iirnor will be better prepared. President: Lawrence Clark Advisor: Mr. B. G. Coley FUTURE AGRICULTURISTS OF AMERICA The Future Agriculturists of America was founder in 1927 with the purpose of developini; and encouraging leadership among those students interested in agriculture. It also trams young men to becrmc teachers of vocational agriculture. President: Clarence Pender Advisors: Dr. A. P. Bell Dr. John McClelland 140 Tt ' immmmmmmmr- wmf mm n WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The purpose of this organization is to promote and sponsor the Women ' s Intramural Program. Helping those who want to learn certain sports and create an understanding of sportsmanship on the field, in the pool, or in the gymnas ' um is an- other of the purposes of the Women ' s Athletic Association. President: Joyce Fluellen Advisor: Mrs. E. Compton TELOCA CLUB The Teloca Club co-operates with the Student Nursing Association of North Carolina and the National Student Nurses Association by providing a medium by which the nursing students of A. and T. and the district can meet and discuss problems of a similar nature. In this manner they keep abreast with the most recent issues con- cerning nursing. Teloca also stimulates an interest in professional and educational advancement of nursing. President: Frostenia Maye Advisors: Mrs. C. H. Walden Miss J. Jenkins 141 u INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION The Iiitcinatuiiial Students ' AsMieiatloii was established to serve the hiterests of the international students on this campus. They strive to establish better under- standing and closer relations between the foreign students and others. President: Joseph Toniniy Advisors: Miss G. Holmes Mr. B. Coley i GREENSBORO UNITED TUTORIAL SERVICES The Greensboro United Tutt)rial Services, better known as GUTS, was established in cooperation with UNC-G to tutor elementary and high school stu- dents in subjects in which they showed signs of weaknesses. GUTS further proposed to motivate these students to the point that they desired to better themselves in- tellectually. President: George Pitchford Advisors: Mrs. Anne Graves Miss Gloria Battle 9nss mfi From Lefl to Right: Thomas Clarke, Jack Blake. Anthony E ' .och. Lawrence McSwain, Willie Drake. Charlie Flint. Henry McKoy, President, Patricia Mobley, Barry Roberts. James Rhodes. William Cheek. Curtis Harris. Ralph Dowe. ASSEMBLY OF ORGANIZATION PRESIDENTS The Assembly of Organization Presidents, better known as AOOP. is an assemblage of organization presidents directed toward promoting closer relationships between the organizations on campus. Each month AOOP is entertained by President Dowdy in monthly dinner chats to discuss various issues on campus. .AOOP is composed of the various organizational presidents, numbering approximately 100. It was formed to provide unity, cohesiveness and organizational harmony between the various organizations on campus, and to provide a closer relationship between the organizational presidents and the University President. Dr. Dowdy. AOOP took on the task of raising S3. 000. 00 this year for the A. and T. Scholarship Foundation Fund. This S3000.00 is to be matched by the Sloan Foundation and other foundations, thus creating a large sum for scholarships for worthy students. Through dances, talent shows, movies, and donations. AOOP was able to achieve its goal. OFFICERS President: 1st Vice President: 2nd Vice President: Secretary: Committee Chairmen: Henry McKoy Lawrence Clarke Gurncy Brown (deceased) Charlie Flint James Rhodes Jack Blake Patricia Mobley Marsh Campbell 143 NORTHEASTERNERS ' CLUB Formerly known as the Albe- marle Club, the Northeasterners ' Club has as its purpose to pro- mote scholarship among students of that area who attend this Uni- versity. President: Matthew D. Jar- niond. Jr. Advisor: Mr. R. D. Artis CHARMETTES The purpose of the Charmettes is to improve personal appear- ance, personalities, academic, social, and technical advancement of the young women at the A. and T. State University. President: Martha Rogers Advisors: Marguerita Porter Mrs. Lucille Piggott CHARLESTON CLUB The Charleston Club has as its purposes to form an atmosphere of social and intellectual compa- tiblity, inspire academic achieve- ments, and provide for the common good of all. and to secure the benefits of a higher education. They strive to develop brotherhood and to bring together the students from the Charleston area. President: Kenneth E. Clinton Advisors: Mrs. P. Holloway Miss M. Porter 144 ,., ' J5 j- " P " ' i!f?lB!Pf!IW5;5 ' ' ! " ! ' !lvt lUll.. ' ;- , ' .i ' ■ ■ ' ■ ' J. . GROOVE PHI GROOVE " Upon Morgan State ' s soil they laid our foundation; Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship, Inc. was their creation. " On October 12, 1962. sixteen dedicated young men, with the idea of showing through social functions a small degree of the greatness in men who excel, not only in academics, but in athletics and fine arts as well, organized themselves to achieve this purpose. The Aggie chapter was founded on the A. and T. campus, October 14, 1967. The chapter members numbered thirteen. They too have adopted the idea of stressing finer manhood, fostering fellowship and brotherhood, while depictins excellence in academics, athletics, and the fine arts. The chapter here is led by Mr. Frederick Robinson, while Mr. E. A. McCoy serves as an advisor. 145 ij L J £ ' N ' OFF-CAMPUS CLUB To promote unity between the off-campus and campus students is the primary puiposc of the Off-Campus Club. It also acts as a representative of the poinions and attitudes connected with off-campus students. President: Carolyn Donnell Advisor: Mr. Jimmie I. Barber LETTERMEN ' S CLUB The Lettermen ' s Club is an organization composed of athletes who have by their superior performance earned the varsity monogram. They have banded to- gether for the mutual benefit oi all. and for the protection of the long and honored position of the Aggie athlete. President: Willie Holmes Advisors: Mr. Ernest McCoy Mr. Jerry Kimbnnigh 146 i s IffRT •% ■ RAT PACK SOCIAL FELLOWSHIP The Rat Pack Social Fellowship was founded in 1966 by fourteen male students of N. C. A. and T. State University. The Rat Pack is the first fraternal or fellowship organization started on the campus of A. and T.; since, there have been several chapters of Rat Pack formed on other college and university campuses. The primary purpose of the Rat Pack is to create, promote, and instill the concept of true brotherhood throughout a man ' s total being. This purpose shall not cease to be perpetuated within the bounds of this fellowship; nor will the group be content to develop a fractional or " one-sided " individual, but to aid in the molding of the character of the whole man. OFFICERS Divine Rat. (President): Charles Woods King Rat. (Vice President): ...., Barry Roberts Cheesekeeper (Treasurer): John W. Powe. Ill Recorder Rat (Secretarv): John Jones ' .V i -i %- 147 t THE PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL The Paii-Hcllcnic Council guides the activities of the social Greek letter organizations. Serving as a centralized governing body, the Council seeks to pro- mote activities of mutual benefit to its member organizations. Activities sanctioned by the Council are mtendcd to promote deep fraternal relationships among the students. E.xcrting influence in every walk of Greek life at A. and I., the Pan-Hellenic Council serves as the law making body and control center for fraternities and sororities. ■ . 4 President: l ichard Womack Advisor: Dr. J. E. Marshall 148 4 .. m fci ■«-. «., •;... • ' •■,. ■ msumti i G R E E K S PLEDGEES These are they who have set their sights on Greekdom and have launched forth to cross the " biirning sands " to reach their goal! Pledgees all to fraternal groups which emphasize finer manhood and womanhood, cooperative understanding, high moral standards, and intellectual ex- cellence, they push forward to overcome the obstacles which might hinder those of less integrity and fortitude. Forward, hoi The Pvramids The Lampodas The Crescents The Archonians The Scrollers 149 ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY Zct;i Phi Bct;i Sorority was founded in 1420 on the campus of Howard University. Washington, D. C. It is the first sorority to he identified as a sister-group to a fraternity, that of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. Zeta Alpha chapter strives to carry out the principal aims of the national chapter — finer womanhood, scholarship, and reli- gion. To promote these lofty ideals on which it was founded, the Zctas of Zeta Alpha chapter adopted as one of their major pro- grams. " Finer Womanhood Week " . This year ' s group is under the leadership of Miss Marilyn Simpson, President. Mrs. N, Wynn and Miss A, Thompson are the advisors. 150 r •vi,- ' A...-L •;• -■■ EJT " •giimm PHI BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY " A past to cherish, a future to fulfill. " With these words, the ideals of Eta Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity was established on this campus. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity was founded in 1914 with the whole- hearted belief that " The youth showeth the man as the morning showeth the day. " The Sigmas proclaimed to the world their motto — " Culture for Service and Service for Humanity. " The idea is implemented through its bigger and better business, social action, and educational programs. Mr. Robert Moore serves competently in the capacity of Presi- dent, with Mr. C. Howell and Mr. Niel .Armstrons; as advisors. r Q A f:? 151 OMEGA PSI PHI FRATERNITY The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, founded at Howard University in 1911, has as its aims the four cardinal principles which all Omega men strive to live up to: Manhood. Scholarship, Perser- verance. and Uplift. The members of Mu Psi chapter, established in 1927 on the A. T. campus, are still unyielding in their efforts to uphold these ideals. The principal purposes of Mu Psi chapter arc to bring young men having the same aspirations together to form enduring friendships and to develop an " " espirit de corps ' " leading to great pride in achievement of members of similar organizations on campus in scholarship, athletic contests, and other activities. The president for the year is Mr. Jerry Scott. Advisors for the group are Major Robert Porter ;uid Captain Gene Turner. ...r-- 9R mmmmmmm : •N«1 DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY Delta Sigma Thcta Sornrity, now entering its 55th year, has had an illustrious history upon whieh to reflect. Delta first sprouted its roots on the campus of Howard University, Washington, D. C. in 1913. Under the auspices of twenty-two young women, the Sorority chose as its purposes high cultural, intellectual, and moral ideas. It is presently an interracial as well as an international organization. Alpha Mu chapter endeavors to establish, maintain and en- courage high cultural, intellectual, and moral standards among its members. It also strives to promote and encourage achievement in education. The local chapter is headed by Mrs. Agnes Green and Mrs. Nan Manuel, advisors; Miss Vivian Joyner is president. 153 i ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY January 16. mOK provided the setting tor the first Negro sorority. Alpha Kappa Alpha was founded on the eanipus of Howard University, Washington. D. C, with the purposes being to eultivatc and uphold high scholastic, cultural, social, ethical, and moral standards. Adopting the same purposes. Alpha Phi chapter was founded on the campus of A. T. State University on January 12, 1932. The sorors of this chapter continue to pursue their founders ' purposes and endeavor to stress high scholastic ideals as well as finer wonianhooil. This year Alpha Phi chapter has Mrs. Carole Pinkett as president. The advisors are Mrs. Alfreda Webb and Mrs. Hattye Liston. 154 Ti mi ' m..- M, « ' «. ■i .ir ALPHA PHI ALPHA The Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity was founded on December 4. 1906, on the campus of Cornell University. Ithaca. New York. Beta Epsilon chapter of .Mpha Phi Alpha was established at A. T. on March 28. 1929. Alpha, the oldest of the pre- dominantly Negro fraternities, strives to promote scholarship, to render worthwhile service to humanit). and to do manlv deeds. Beta Epsilon is lead by the competent Richard Womack. with Mr. A. Stevens and Dr. J. E. Marshall as advisors. 155 ' a Arn .ifm KAPPA ALPHA PSI ' The Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity was founded on the campus of Indiana University, Bloomington. Indiana, on January 5. 1911. Alpha Nu chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi was established at A. and T. in 19, 3, by seven students. They had as their funda- mental purpose intellectual, cultural, and social achievement. The chapter continues to work toward the accomplishment of these ends. Alpha Nu chapter strives to maintain a high plane of Greek life, to encourage student leadership, and to promote a high scholastic standard throughout the University. The chapter is under the leadership of Walter McLarty. Dr. Robert Beale. Mr. Bert Piggott, and Mr. E. Graves serve as advisors. i 156 Tu -t:- im Wik] GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA SORORITY Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority was organized January 1, 1953. The Sorority serves to develop friendship among all races and creeds through working side by side to achieve one common goal; " Service to Humanity " . The A. T. chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma was organized on May 14. 1959. Since then its members have given service to the University and the Greensboro community unselfishly. The chapter proposes to make available to A. T. University women an organization dedicated to the development of a wholesome personality while striving to improve the communitv through ser- vice to humanity. President of this year ' s group is Miss Willette Lowther. Mrs. Mavis Brimaue is advisor. 157 ALPHA PHI OMEGA FRATERNITY The Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity was founded Deeeniber 16. 1928. at Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania. The Fraternity has as its purposes to assemble college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Laws, to develop friendship, promote service to humanity, and to further the freedom that is our national, educational, and intellectual heritage. Kappa Psi chapter of Alpha Phi Omega was established on the A. T. campus in 1952. The chapter is dedicated to rendering service to the A. T. University community aiul the youth of the city of Greensboro, as well as to the nation. Mr. William Cheek serves as the President for this year; while the chapter has Dr. W. Rice as advisor. 158 T:. -i- ' -.:- i, •.• •-•«-■ ' -. 4M «i|i l CAMPUS SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS UNITED MEN ' S COUNCIL The United Men ' s Council has as its aims to promote a better understanding of human relations among the members of the college family. It provides a vehicle through which the population can better the campus. President: Curtis O. Harris Advisors: Mr. Phillip Boone Col. William Goode WOMEN ' S COUNCIL The Women ' s Council, composed of the oung ladies of the Universitv who serve as dormitory counselors, have as their aims to aid in developing competent leadership; to encourage good scholarship and personal development:!© promote cultural, social, recreational and educational activities for women students. Thev further strive to recommend policies and adjustments pertaining to affairs of women students at .A. and T. State University. President: .Audrey Sutton .Advisors: Mrs. Lucille Piggott Mrs. Mavis K. Brimase 159 USHER BOARD The University Usher Board is com- posed of young ladies who give their services faithfully during the many programs presented during the year. President: Clementine Donohue Advisors: Mr. Leroy Holmes Mrs. Mavis K. Brimmage YOUNG WOMEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION 1 he YcHing Women ' s Christian Asso- ciation is formed to build a fellowship of girls devoted to the task of realizing in our common life those ideals of per- sonal and social living to which we are committed by our faith as Christians. President: Naomi Long Advisor: Mrs. Marylou Bowers YOUNG MEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION The aim of the Young Men ' s Christian Association is to provide Christian leadership for men of the school and recreational activities dur- ing leisure time. President: Kennieth Thompson Advisors: Mr. Jinimie I. Barber Mr. Alonza Baldez - " ' ■ 160 S , «».- «-.• •»..• ' m-i « ■;— . ' :. ' I1Y!4 ' .? 1 ! ' .fyi? ' _l« ' « ' l.»f Hf HIW1ir St ' .. ' H !.mfft ' ll ' IW »LKVlfc11 !l:,IJllJU,-:JlvA4l..-i. m m ••4 ADMINISTRATIVE HELPERS The purpose of the Administrative Helpers is to assist with administrative tasks during registration and at any time additional help is solicited. President: Bobby Baskin Advisor: Mr. Hubert Gafkin 5ft? 161 STUDENT ACHIEVEMENTS k] ; THE CHALLENGE TO SUCCEED l«. :- ' " ' h ■J r X " Success should be a journey, not a destination " . — Denison Review 163 MAKSH C AMPBELl. Hrcsiilfill dl Ihf Sliiihiil (iini rutin III I ' AIRICIA MOBLY A ma a. aiul I SHARON HARRIS Miss Senior JOHN W. HARRINGTON rri ' sitlcnt iif Sciiiur Class 164 f . % ' ' , ' ' wk ' ■».■■ ' !■■ ' « . ' jfMd MmjmmMMiM vi ' " ,., ' u!.-: ■ y . iA MAJOR CLARK Social Science OUTSTANDING SENIORS THOMAS ALSTON Cheniisirv AUGHN BRIDGES Business 165 ELVIN BETHEA Sports THOMAS BREWER StnioUti y MICHEAL D. STREET Mililarv UMSTEAD McADOO Engineering 166 i ' Jr; .-■■ i ' . ' :iv. •i " •• . -i.. ' •■•»- ' - 9izr k] OUTSTANDING SENIORS ERNON PACKER Foreii;n Language JEAN LIPSCOMP Best All- Around ANTHONG D. HAIRSTON English CAROLS N Will lAMS Mathematics 167 w H O 5 s w H O (1) Jiimes Rhodes — Economics. (2) From left to right: Lee A. Ho;;se, Jr. — Political Science, M irgaret E. McLawhorn — English. John W. Harrington — Accotmting. (3) From top to bottom: Patricia Mobley — Engineering Math, Stanley John- son — English, Cheryll Suber — Engineering Math. 14) From left to right: William Olds — Chemistry, Brcnda Smitherman — Nursing. Henry McKoy — Political Science. (5) Victor Russell — Political Science. (6 ) Top to bottom: Vivian Joyner — English, Anthony D. Hairston — English. Helen Morrison — English. (7) Veronica Maske — Accounting. IN AMERICAN COLLEGES mrnaw w ' (II From Left to Right: Marsh Campbell — Political Science. Marquis D. Street — Histo ry. (2) Crystal Veda Stroud — Music Education. (3) Left to Right: Richard Womack — Political Science. Hattye Foster — Home Economics Education, Lemont Mathis — Animal Science. (4) Vaughn Bridges — Business. (5) Emmerson Smith — Economics. (6) Robert Sin- clair — Account. (7) Larry Orr — Accounting. (Pictures not shown) . rnette Bullock, Kathleen Bradshaw, Alia Coston, Agnes Y. Holmes, Virginia D. Johnson. Carole Pinkett, Barbara Richardson. Cheryl Sloan, Velma Speight. Audrey Sutton. AND UNIVERSITIES Miss Naomi Long (center), senior Home Economics niajtir. is presented scholarship by Ladies ' FacLdt ' Club at the University. M:iking the presentation is Mrs. Harvey Johnson, chairman of the scholarship committee. Watching is Mrs. Alfonso E. Gore, a member of the organization. HIvin Betha took time out from his contract negotiations with the Houston Oilers to win the shot and disiis in the recent Florida A. and M. Relays. Bethea. an ALI.-NAIA performer in track, receives trophy as " Outstanding Performer in the Meet " from Jake Gaither. athletic director at Florida A. and M. Arnold Murphy, keeper df records tor A. and T. chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity (left), presents certificate of achievtjment to Miss Irene Luc key. tup freshman student during the current session. (Others honored were Pearson E. Dunbar. Jr. (second from left): and Miss Margaret Hammond. Looking on is Larry Crowder. as- sistant keeper of records. Newly inducted members of the Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society chapter at the University were honored. Shown from left to right (back row) are Dr. Glenn F. Rankin, dean of academic affairs; Mrs. Anne Graves, chapter sponsor; Miss Sandra Carlton, Miss Geraldine Hagwood. Anthony D. Hairston. Miss LaVerne Joyner, Miss Willie Mac Leach, Thomas Brewer. Larry E. Davis, and Miss Vivian Joyner. Kneeling are Miss Dorcas Bradley. Curtis Spencer, Miss Hattye Foster, Miss Margaret McLawhorn. Miss Levira Mc- Gill. Miss Dorothy H. Armstead. and Charles Keck. 170 £ ' 7 " i- .: " i.« i. ' •.-••- •• - ' ■■ - F -Ml Freshman students who have been awarded full academic scholarship to A, and T. State University by the University ' s National Alumni Association. Receiving their awards were Miss Vicki Nixon, (second from left); Albert McCullen. Miss Clarie Withers, Miss Emanuella B. Moore, and Samuel A. Woods. Presidential Scholarship Scholars Senior Nursing majors are commissioned into the U. S. Army. Left to right are: Brenda Smithermann, Lillian Bass. Jacquline Major, Onnie O. Platl. Doris Johnson, and Brenda Douclas. Elvin Bethea and friends, after he signed to play with the Houston Oilers. 171 n. . «-.- ' -,■ • ,-•.•-«-. • ,. ■JMMH ' » mr ir rimmrrtTarTT Student Activities « i- - ' . ' s r xi ' I THE CHALLENGE TO DEVELOP A WELL-ROUNDED EXISTENCE The Three Graces " A talent can be cultivated in tranciuility; a character only in the rushing stream of life. " — Goethe 173 linif Out lor u student Three " chicks ' " in the snow Aggies enjoy a full and well-rounded life at A. and T. State University. Campus life is centered around the many activities that serve as tension outlets to relieve mental fatigue. A pleasant atmo- sphere of social endeavor always prevails on campus, in the dorms, at social affairs, and in the Student Union. Aggies really have an intra-campus relationship that is admirable. Serious busniess — courting! The intellectual road is a lonesome road 174 t ' .-J I.HT ' i ' i. ;-l .;.% t.V ' ,4L-T ,UTiV..% ' ' " Juli Ul f-n: •V : m,- s ■ ' fs mmmmmimmrm A Tl. Vv,_. Canteenology Mobile Plaza The addition of the Memorial Union to the university campus gave the student body a social gathering place to beat the rap of academic engagements. The Union has become the university recreation center. Its offerings are many that range from the viewing of color television to bowling. Of- ferings of the Student Union are suited to the taste of each indivi- dual student. Union three Union Gap 175 Hcrd ' ein up, movc ' m out We have stood in many lines and faced many trying events, but we did not give up hope. We have endured tor the sake of what the future holds for those who are qualified to meet the challenges today ' s society. Registration Frustration White Power in Reverse 176 UiLu JUM.-tMyi-id-: - a Um-m-m. good Profiline The beat aoes on Mv forever came today Looking at what? 177 w HOMECOMING 1967-68 Homecoming Pre-dawn D;incc in Moore ' s Gym. m i t ' ' WMm % We iust started!!! Well, I am glad that float is finally finished! didn ' t get my license this way 178 ti s? ' mmmmmmm!mwwm rTTT, m What do I do now, when it cuts off??? Believe it or not. it ' s an officer ' s hat!!! Oh! I didn ' t see it!!! A few of us have the spirit!!! » " 9 ' M ■4 ARMY! ARMY! ARMY! 179 Have a Coke Almost The first and only Touchdown!!! Praise Him!!! «y •. ■ •-■ W- ' m .■ •«. -. V ' : UWAJ: " JiMll«iy!iicl ,4_LJ -I - M:: :. -raa Let ' s make this erne count 13 Time Out! Mr. Drummajor takes the field!!! 181 ■I , Jli «5DBnL f The Military v. 4. K: :« • N fj ' THE CHALLENGE TO NUTURE PATRIOTIC ENDEAVOR i ' ■.k t ' •Patriotic talk is no proof of patriotism. Anyone can wave a flag. The real patriot lives his patriotism in everything he does. " —Major General John M. Devine 183 Lt. Col. Herbert G. Parker— PMS ARMY R.O.T.C. The Army R.O.T.C. Program presents a four year military pro- gram designed to produce competent commissioned officers at the completion of this course of study. The Department of Military Science and Tactics provides a program of instruction which aims to produce junior officers who have the qualities essential to their development as officers of the Army of the United States. The program aims to lay a foundation for intelligent citizenship within the student and to impart within the student a basic military knowledge which will benefit him and his country. Brigade Staff: C Col. Marquis Street — Brigade Commander " » ' ' 184 i " v ■ •i . " li ■•..■ •»-■ •».- ■ ' •_ . E iSiiiiiyiuiiJi. .!- v» ' luu- ' .. " M R.0. 1 .C. Band: C Lt. Fredrick Lockle — Commander CADET OFFICERS CLUB 18S m Pershing Riflettes Pershing Rifles 185 i " v ■ ,■ i ' •.-• ■ ' ■»■- ' _- iIl i Ti immjiiiyir r smmm k}}l ■ ' ' ■■- ' mi - " 1 : Scabbard and Blade Su Bushmasters 187 Military Police: C, Ll. Robert Hiibh;iid— C oinniandcr Army Queens receiving candy on Valentine ' s Day 188 4C1 Commissioned Officers: Left to right: Robert McNair. Shedrick Williams, and Charles Waring. Lt. Col. William V. Gra es. ne Deputy PMS, recei es his Aggie Bulldogs from his wife. Rifle Team I8y W9 m Professor of Aerospace Studies l.t. Col. Samuel D. Massenburg AIR FORCE R.O.T.C. As this nation ' s primary source of deterrent strength, the United States Air Force is more powerful than at any time in the history of aerospace power. Its officer corps is better educated, more versatile, and has a higher degree of professionalism than ever. To keep it that way, the Air Force must continue to commission new officers who are able to meet challenges and become successful leaders and managers. Again. A. and T. State University is meeting and answering another challenge with intellectual fortitude. The drill field, the classroom, the flight classes — all serve to mold the cadet into a useful citizen prepared also to defend his country with honor. C ;alic Sl;i(i — Il-II to nghi; M:i|iii I , F. Hu.wii. Major D. E. Malloy .iiul C ,ipl. (Icnc ( . ruiiier. «i .-• •»• •-,.-■- Bi . ' j " ajyii j!yi.uij.i... ■ 0,1 ,,,k.. :.. i 605th Wins Staff Color Guard Angel Flight 191 Cadet Officers Club Flight Instruction Program Arnold Air Society 192 fr -• " 1 Elbert R. Booker. Jr. receives his bars. Drill Team Clensy R. Roney, Jr. receives his bars. 193 ' FORCE t .aid hasc Msii.iiKin iiip to I .mglcy An hone Hase. Virginia. A good time was had by ( ( ,ipt, ShoffiK ' i tominaruls Ins llijilil. i B ' " ' 5 « Leadership I.;iht r;iU)ry — A lypical Thursday atlermntri lor ihc Aygic men. 194 ; " •»: s: . , ••■ ' - •••-•-. W M Ud sau " w i • 1- It nu. l h. plav of ihe only touchdown at Homecoming. If he makes a touchdown. Ill eat m hat!! 195 196 V ■ ' ,- A - .,. •v - ■«-■-.■ B! c J!! " v ' MfMMci kL_ -»M Queens THE CHALLENGE TO CHERISH STATELINESS AND BEAUTY " She walks in beauty, like the night Of cloudless climes and stary skies; And all that ' s best of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and her eyes. " — Lord Bvron enus de Milo MISS A T « Miss Patricia 1 .1 Xlihc MnhiiN ' •iCI Miss A. and T.. Patricia Mohley and her court. Left to right: Cheryl Har e . Mary Johnson, Edith Younger and Eddyce Deacons. Miss A. and T. «ith Miss N. C. C. displaying the Bill — Eagle Trophy. MISS A. T. The charming and attractive Patricia La Verne Mobley. of Greensboro. North Carolina, served graciously as the queen of the A. T. student group during the 1967-68 academic year. Elected to the high post last spring. Miss Mob- ley possesses all of the qualities important to the position ... a pleasing personality, statuesque phy- sique, high academic achievement, and a high, very high, sense of responsibility. She has been an inspiration to us all. She is a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Computer Club. Student Government. Assembly of Organization Presidents (AOOP). Digit Circle, and Women ' s Council: and she has been elected to Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities. She majored in engineering math- ematics with physics as a minor. Pat is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Mobley of 855 Burbank Street. Greensboro. North CaroUna. Miss A. and T. at Thanksgiving Claassic MISS • SENIOR Possessing beauty and intelligence is Sharon Harris, the reigning Miss Senior. Admired by all and cherished by many. Miss Harris is a social welfare major who hopes to obtain a Master ' s Degree in psychology so that she may help man to live with himself with the absence of personal conflict. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Carter who reside in Hallis. New York. Miss Harris was Miss Junior during her junior year. She wore her crown with such dignity and poise that she succeeded herself to reign over her senior class, even in a more admirable fashion than she did her junior class. A i M 200 , J -. •,- .. •.. - •«- . w s wmmr MISS JUNIOR With a pleasing personality and much charm that she greets everyone. Miss Joe Ann Beasley holds the title of Miss Junior. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Willie E. Beasley of Laurens. South Car- olina. Miss Beasley is a nursery school and kin- dergarten education major who sews and reads for relaxation. She is Commander of the Elmore M. Kennedy Squadron of Angel Flight and she also holds the title of Miss 601st Group of the Air Force ROTC. 201 r Miss Wanda P. Miller, who is Miss Sophomore, is a very .sophisticated, congenial, and poised young lady. She is fa.scinated by modern dancing, bowling, and interesting literary works. A member of the Student Government and the Sophomore Class Advisory Board is the initiative and com- petent Miller. She has a pleasing personality and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Mr. and Mrs. James Miller of Washington. D. C. are her parents. 202 MISS SOPHOMORE ji ' KOTiiSwe. ' v: " tiCI MISS FRESHMAN The freshman class is well represented by Miss Sandra Belcher, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Belcher of Martinsville. Virginia. She enjoys singing, dancing, modeling, listening to jazz records, and playing the clarinet. Miss Belcher is a very friendly person who beheves that life is too short to permit sorrow and misery to overshadow happiness and joy. She loves people and likes to watch and study their reactions. Miss Belcher is majoring in business administration because she is aspiring for a managerial job in government. She came to A. and T. to meet the challenge of obtaining a thorough and representa- tive education. 203 I I m nmitsir. ' j ' .vtJiu, B I Miss k;ipp;i Alpha Psi Miss l arh.ira Eggleston Miss Delta Sigma Theta Miss Helen Morrison Nii i[ilia Kappa Alpha Miss Cynthia Moore QUEENS Miss Alpha Phi Alpha Miss Sandra Carlton Miss Omega Psi Phi Miss Shirley Rtilherford Miss Alpha Phi Omega Miss Margaret Gerald J -V • ■ V i, m- i mmmmm. n Miss Groove Phi Groove Miss Pearl Brown Miss Swanxman Miss Tamara Greene QUEENS Miss Charlesion Club Miss Maxine Frazier Miss Gamma Sigma Sigma Miss Vera DUon Miss Phi Beta Sigma Miss Fannie Dowdy Miss Off-Campus Club Miss Katie Sellers Miss Usher Board Miss Julia Jones Miss United Men ' s Congress Miss Debbie Todd Miss Electrical Engineers Miss Catherine Miller QUEENS Miss Administrative Helper Miss Jean Lipscomb Miss Geographic Society Miss Brenda Young Miss V. M. C. A. Miss C Icmentine Donahue i. m. Miss Charmette Miss Verna Stokes Miss Political Science Mis ( .irne Roberts Miss Karate Miss Patricia Wilson QUEENS Miss Economics Club Miss Marilyn McLean Miss Newman Club Miss Irma Coullough Miss Phi Beta Lambda Miss Shirley Joyce I| I Miss Letterman " s Club Miss Mary Harris Miss Air Force Miss Jean Bradley Miss Baptist Student Union Miss Mary King QUEENS Miss Angel Flight Miss Barb:ir;i Camphell Miss Richard B. Harrison Players Miss Linda Moran Miss Army ROTC Miss Linda Lowery " " Mmm M Miss First Battalion ROTC Miss Virginia Massey Miss Scabbard and Blade Miss Brona Cheek Miss Pershing Rifles Miss Shirley Smith QUEENS Miss 606lh Squadron Miss Barbara Jones Miss Arnold Air Society Miss Joyce Johnson Miss Army ROTC Band Miss Naomi Long I f Ml s hO.Mh Wing Miii Margaret Wallace Miss 604th Squadron Miss Barbara Camnbell Miss bUlst bquadron Miss Addie Exum QUEENS Miss 603rd Squadron Miss Carrie Roberts 1 • kt Miss Army KOIC 2iul Haii.ilion Miss Ora Driskell Miss Army ROTC xi Batla lion Miss Lorinzo Little iL . HOMCOMING PARADE (1) Miss Delta (2) Miss Omega {}) Miss A. and T. and her coun (4) Miss Phi Bela Beta Lamda (5) Physical Education Majors (b) Miss Senior Class 17) Miss United Men ' s Council (8) Miss Off-Campus (9) Miss Sophomore 110) Miss Junior (11) Army R. O. T. C. Queens. • i n ■,.v« . m smx s!± i!!Ml«..d i..... .--!-i- - ' »i Sports %,. " x., THE CHALLENGE TO PERPETUATE MANLY COMPETITION ■■ t t. ' ' ■ - 4 r ! ,v is the Law of the Yukon, that only the Strong shall thrive: That surely the IVeak shall perish. and only the fit survive. " — R. W. Service 213 V 1! gtnirn 1i»TJrfijiiVU-iM TVtn.irailfmHt. ' ffil ■ „. ; - , THE COACHING STAFF The aim of the coaching staff is to make major con- tributions to the objectives of education through the medium of physical activities. It hopes to achieve this goal by selecting and conducting activities with an eye toward the development of organic fitness for a healthful life, neuro-muscular skills for work and the wise use of leisure, basic knowledge for occupations and safety, and appreciations, attitudes, and standards of conduct for living in a modern democratic society. L.M.B. Left lo right: Coach Bert Piggot and Assistant Coach. Hornsby Howell. Head Coach Bert Piggott, Miirry Neely, Hornshy Howell, W. Harriston, and Paul Swann. 214 viLl I ' I ' i -I »JJ aif f %9 9 t«S f I I I I I ARSITV FOOTBALL TEAM FOOTBALL TEAM Contrar ' to its expectations, the A. T. State University Football Team suffered another dismal season. Following its first disappointing defeat by Tennessee A. I., the Aggies tied J. C. Smith, and ended its season record with four wins, four losses, and one tie. As in the past, the Aggie team was full of enthusiasm and the usual Aggie spirit, determined to set a record-breaking season, but fate just wasn ' t on their side. Always looking forward, the Aggie team envisions a more favorable season next year. With the skill and talent they possess, it just has to be a " winner " ! FOOTBALL SCORES A T OPP Tennessee .A I 35 J. C. Smith University 6 6 Norfoll State College 14 17 Maryland State College 14 2.S Winston-Salem State College .■ 4 6 Morgan State College 20 7 Florida A. M. University 6 63 Virginia State College 22 6 North Carolina College 19 6 215 FOOTBALL TEAM IN ACTION Winslon-Salem State VS A. and T. State Lliii ciMty Nuilulk Stale Lulkac S A. aiij 1. SiaiL- University Morgan State College VS A. and T. State University 216 •«t4c| BASKETBALL Cai Irvin. head coach, had numerous problems, but once the squad " jelled " , it exceeded expectations of the most staunch Aggie fan. 217 Ready for Action Carrying the Aggie Banner Abroad! SCORES OPP. A T OPPONENT SCORE 78 North Carolina College 62 85 North Carolina College 65 97 Shaw University 67 95 Shaw University 64 83 Livingstone College 60 108 Livingstone College 67 79 Elizabeth City State 77 86 Elizabeth City State 104 80 Kentucky Wesleyan 105 89 Akron 73 81 St. Augustine 87 1 08 St. Augustine 84 83 High Point College 79 1 11 Fayettcville Slate 85 156 Fayetteville State 90 50 Winston Salem T. C. 49 8 1 Winston Salem T. C. 120 79 Elon College 66 85 Johnson C. Smith 63 66 Johnson C. Smith C.LA.A. 55 80 Winston-Saleni 67 48 X ' irginia Union 90 132 Norfolk State 134 BASKETBALL The N. C. A. and T. State University basketball sqtiad exhibited tremendous practical ability on the court this year. Coach Irvin and other mem- bers of the staff steered the Aggies to a season of I 7 victories and 6 inevitable losses. A feature attraction in Aggieland is the A. and T. State University ' s highly-rated basketball squad. Though not successful in defending its CIAA visi- tation conference title, the squad enjoyed a suc- cessful season. Winning or losing, tlie hearty Aggies gave the spectators an evening of thrilling excitement as they maneuvered the ball from the center to the basket to score repeatedly. 218 BASKETBALL " Carl looks up to Teddy " Soapy on the charge " " Everybody seems to be looking the wrong way except A. and T. ' s Jimmy Staggs. ' 219 BASEBALL TEAM At the beginning of the 1967-68 season, the A. and T. State University Baseball Team was not up to its usual pace. There are high hopes, however, that this season will be better than the previous year ' s. The captain for this season is Lloyd W. Lightfoot. Mr. Mel Groomes serves as the Coach for this year. From left to right: David Jones, Ronald Bowdcn, WiKon Slallworlh, and John Quick. DATE OPPONENTS GAME SITE March 29 M arietta College Greensboro March 30 Marietta College Greensboro April 3 Hampton Institute Hampton, Va. April 4 Norfolk State Norfolk. Va. April 9 St. Augustine Greensboro April 13 Shaw University Raleigh April 16 Howard University Greensboro April 19 Fayetteville State Greensboro April 20 Delaware State Greensboro April 23 Fayetteville State Fayetteville April 27 Shaw University Greensboro April 28 Winston-Salem Winston-Salem April 30 St. Augustine Raleigh May 3 Howard University Washington, D. C. May 4 Delaware State Dover, ' Del. May 8 Winston-Salem Greensboro m The Baseball Team 220 ' . ' T L i;i ' !i " .cr « i. m- liAi iiijia a«ui».,«iL vj ».« TRACK TEAM At long last there appeared at the beginning of the 1968 track season a brand new enthusiasm for the sport. More aspirants reported for winter drills than ever before, and almost everything was looking up. Coach Neely was working with a small, but talented squad, which could continue its winning ways. With the enthusiam shown by the members, it is hopeful, and quite possible, that the track team will be as successful as it was last season. Elvin Bethea Henry Hipps I m ■y» Coach gives a pointer! i TRACK SCHEDULE SCHOOL DATE North Carolina College March 3, 1968 Florida A. M. Colleae March 16, 1968 North Carolina College March 19, 1968 Hampton Institute March 30, 1968 Fayetteville State April 6, 1968 Virginia State April 20, 1968 Pennsylvania Relays April 27, 1968 Duke University May 3, and May 4, 1968 C.I. A. A. Championship May 10, and May II, 1968 A.A.U. at Carolina May 18, 1968 J " v ' •V i. .- W smmm miffl mm mf mfm TRACK BATON KXCHANGE: From left to righl: D.i kI Si PRACTICE STARTS: From left to right: Coach Necly, t uriis Thompson, Seyon Harold I " Girl talk " INTRAMURAL SPORTS The interest in intramural sports has grown very high at A. and T. State Uni- versity since it began a few years ago. Many organizations on the campus par- ticipate in the year-round intramural ac- tivities, and the exciting softball and football games have really become " tops. " In the last several years the com- petition has been keener than would be expected for intramural participation. All the games are very well played and quite intense during the hard fought battles. The primary function of intramural sports is to promote as broad and as competitive a recreational program as possible within the physical education set-up. A. and T. students participate in intramural sports on a voluntary basis and display their talents to the best of their ability. " Where ' s the b. Kenneth White, Director of Intramural Sports, awards trophy. LILM JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Junior Varsity Basketball Team In the season of its initial participation in competitive sports, the junior varsity enjoyed repeated successes. T he enthusiasm and talent exhibited by the team is indicative of successful varsity endeavor in the coming years. ■..• , »■ :W Dr. William Bell. Director of Athletics, possesses the ' ■all-seeing " eye where the athletic program of A. T. State University is concerned. Ever on the alert for students with athletic prowess, he entices these talented youths to join the aggregate of Aggie athletes who bring honor to the institution. During his years of service here, he has watched with pride the development of Aggies in varied sports as they completed their successful ventures here and went forth to join the ranks of the professionals. 22B .-» Tx •t, •l. ' EEZ " amm : iiL 15 (■at nn ■ i . iJte-ia . Tennis Team ready — for a cood season TENNIS TE.NNIS TEAM SCHEDULE DATE TIME OPPONENTS G. iME SITE March 26. 196S 4:00 p.m. University of N. C. at Greensboro U.N.C.-G. April S. 1968 00 p.m. Johnson C. Smith Greensboro April 5. 1968 00 p.m. Elizabeth City Elizabeth City April 6. 1968 00 p.m. Hampton Institute Hampton. ' a. April 19. 1968 00 p.m. Hampton Institute Greensboro April 22. 1968 00 p.m. Elizabeth City Greensboro .April 24. 1968 00 p.m. Johnson C. Smith Charlotte Mav 1. 1968 00 p.m. St. .Augustine Greensboro Mav 3. 1968 00 p.m. St. .Auijustine Raleigh May 6. May 9. 1968 CICC Te nnis Tournament .A. V. Williams Coach of Tennis Team 227 LUwiirJ Ai)ds.i " Min, C ' aptiiiii i . ■ ' ' ♦ 1 — - TENNIS TEAM The 1968 version of the Varsity Tennis Team got off to a roaring start by defeating UNC by a score of 7-1. Last year the team finished fourth in the conference. All of last years players returned, and they are hoping and striving for a much better season this year as this issue of the AYAN- TEE goes to press. A larger squad, with improved coaching and facilities, has the campus buzzing about the glowing prospects which face the team and Head Coach Andrew Williams. It appears that A. and T. will once again join the powers in the tennis world. « n 228 ; ' ' i " ;i; ' " kA The Karate Team THE KARATE CLUB The origin of Karate dates bacl more than a thousand years. Ka- rate was first introduced to the Japanese in 1922 by Funal eshi. Karate was started at A. and T. State University in September. 1965. In the past two years, the club has become a member of the Official Organization of the United States Karate Associa- tion. Today Karate is the ultimate exercise for health, sports, and self-defense. Much cred ' t is due to Edwin S nimons. Instructor, and Wilton Bennett and James McKoy, As- s stant Instructors for helping to create the image of Karate at A. and T. 229 EDITOR ' S EPILOGUE Not all facts or events have been recorded since the beginning of time, but we of the yearbooi staff have tried to leave nothing of importance in the happenings of ■ " Aggieland " during the past year unrecorded. We have attempted to encompass as many facets of campus life as possible so that this may be an enjoyable yearbook for the entire Ayantee body and others. The staff have attempted one of the greatest tasks in the history of the Ayantee yearbook, to embrace all areas of campus activity, including faculty, freshmen, and sophomores. We felt that the faculty plays an important role in student life — that of elevating the student body to a higher level of learning — We salute them! Furthermore, the freshmen and sophomores comprise the major portion of our stu- dent population; and some, through no fauh of their own. may fail to reach junior and senior status. The publication of a yearbook requires the cooperation and hard work of all people concerned with or affected by its publication. Thus, we owe our gratitude to the A. and T. family at large for making the publication of this 1968 momento of the University activities possible. As is true with any publication, there are those who deserve special recognition — Dr. Marshall, who gave us the liberty of pursuing many new ideas: Mrs. Copeland. our new advisor, whom the staff hold dear to our hearts: and Mr. Holmes, who contributed his artistic ability to our ideas and added suggestions for lay-out and art work. Finally, the yearbook staff and editor sincerely hope that you will find the perusal of the pages of this annual pleasurable, both now and in future years, as ad- ministration, faculty, and students pursue new goals to which we are challenged by University Status. " To Reach The Unreachable Star " . Jack Canales Bkake, Editor i.. « ,- »■ ' •: I rUJ. ja Mi HONORED FOR SERVICE Dean Samuel C. Sniiih DoiKikl A. Adams once observed tluil, " To give real service, you must add somctliing which cannot he bought with money, and tliat is sincerity and integrity. " Such was the addition of Dean Samuel Cooper Smith as he ollered himself unstintingly in the service of A. T. State University for more than a quarter of a centurv. Dean Smith joined the faculty in 1441 and became Dean of the School of Industries (formerly Technical Institute) in ' 1951. In this position, he was instrumental in the advancement of the Schoi l of Industries anil the training of able young Americans who have taken their places in the onrush of a highly technical society. Perhaps one of the outstanding reasons for his success at A. T. was his versatility, for he was a person of many interests and endeavors — a churchman, a teacher, a supervisor, a civic leader, and a friend of colleagues and students alike. Indicative of his adaptability and skill is his participation in civic and educational affairs. He served as ' chairman of the initiat- ing team for Project Uplift from 196.3 to 1965; was appointed to the Major ' s Committee on Hmplovment of the Handicapped in 1964; to the Governor ' s Advisory Committee on Manpower Development and Traininu Act in 1964; as Co-organizer of the American Youth Industrial F.ducation Association in 1949, to mention only a few of ' his past activities. Currently, he is a member of the Building Committee of the North Carolina Teachers Association, A. T. University Alumni Association, American Vocational Association. National Indust rial Arts As.sociation. American Technical As- sociation. American Society of Tool and Manufacturing Engineers. Negro College Conference, and the Greensboro- ' Guilford County Inter-racial Commission and Citizens Association. As a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, he received his 4(l-year plaque in 1965. In all of these endeavors, he has been inspired by his lovely wife Angeline. To his work at A. T. State University, Dean Smith brought the influence of his knowledge, skill, and wide associa- tion to bear, for which the Ayantee Staff and the entire A. f. fajiiily and Alumni express profound gratitude. S32 ' GONE FISHING ' Allison Gordon Allison Gordon, who parlayed a S3. 00 a month scholarship into a 38-year career as postman at A T State Uni- versity, has gone fishing. i u u Gordon ' s recent retirement robbed A T of a devoted employee approaching a legend. Known and loved by thou- sands of students over the vears, he lost no time in seeking out his rod and reel. " Retirement is fine. " ' chuckled Gordon in an interview at his home. " hen my time came. I decided to go. No use in hogging the road. " . When Gordon left his tiny seaport town of Southport. N. C. for college back in 1922. A T was just " three buildmgs and a barn. " " In those days, " he said, " each county gave one scholarship of S3. 00 per month to a oungster gomg to college, and I got the one in my county. The fees then were som-th ' ncr like S20.00 a month. " Although not officially appointed postman until 1929, G rdon said he " started fooling around with the mail as early as 1923, under the late President James B. Dudley. " I remember one time 1 lost a special delivery letter and had to pay for it. That taught me a lesson I shall never forget. " Gordon specialized in business courses at A T, picking up his degree in 1929 after sandwiching m stmts as a newsboy and secretary in the college ' s Mechanical Arts Department. Even though he was an excellent student in typing and shorthand. Gordon sa ' d that after he started handling mail, he never really considered taking any other kind of job. " In that kind of job. you are always meeting people. " said Gordon, " and you have to be friendly. ou just can t get angry, and you just can ' t expect to do an eiaht-hour job and go home. And that seemed to be his personal code of ethics. His was always a ready smile; and long after the office had closed, he would hang around to deliver a telegram or special which meant so much to a student on a shoestring budget. Gordon was also a whizz at rememberine names. " The only time I nearly got thrown was the year I had the five William Smiths, two of them in the same town and all of them in the same general area. " The only thing that " saved me was learning the addresses from where they received mail. They were nice if I made a mistake. " Five different presidents headed A T during Gordon ' s working years. The present administrator. Dr. Lewis C. Dowdv, recalls the " wise counsel " given him over the years by Gordon. Gordon is married to the former Avvie Morrow of Winston-Salem. Mrs. Gordon teaches elementary school and their 21 -year old daughter, Charmion, is a junior at A T. Having trudged many a mile in his years at the college, Gordon said he " still doesn ' t believe in riding much. " His daily walk and the fishing will keep him pretty busy. Richard E. Moore SENIOR DIRECTORY 1 . ADAMS. ALMA SHEALE1 154 So. 8th Street Newark. New Jer ey Major: Art Education Activities: .Art Circle, Kappa Pi, Tri-State. Student S.E.A, ADAMS. BILL1 E. Route 2, Bo .M)() LaGrange, N. C, Major: Sociology ADAMS. EVELYN G. 2242 Anthony Terrace Macon. Georgia Major: Nursing ADAMS. SHIRLEY JEAN L ' ' 02 Kingston Road Greensboro. N. C. Major: Social Welfare Activities: Women ' s Council. Sociology Club ADAMS. SYLVESTER •SOAP ' V " 81 N. Portland Ave. 9A Brooklyn. New ' ork Major: Business Administration Minor: Accounting Activities: Basketball Team, Leltermen ' s Club. Phi Beta lambda. Tri-State Club ADAMS. WILLIAM HENRY Route 2. Box 102 Statesville. N. C. Major: Sociology Activities: Sociology Club ADDISON. CHARLIE R. R.F.D. 115 Melfa. Virginia Major: Agricultural Education Minor: Biology Activities: F.F.A., Vo-Ag Teachers ' Organizaton, Student N.E A. ALSTON. FREDERICK DOUGLAS P. O. Box 507 Warrenton. N. C Major: Business Administration ALSTON. THOMAS CURTIS Rle. .1, Box LW Siler City. N. C. Major: Chemistry Minor: Mathematics Activities: Lettermcn ' s Club. American Chemical Society AMOS, KEN A. -121 Liberty Road Englewood, New Jersey Major: Sociology Minor: Psychology Activities: Track Team. J.V. Baskcth;ill, Phi Groove Social 1-cllowship Tri-State Club, Groove Army Blade ANDERSON. EDWARD M. 2608 LaSalle Street Charlotte. N. C. Major: Economics Minor: Psychology Activities: Tennis Team, Distinguished Military Student, ROTC. Charlotte Club. Economics Club. Sc;ibhard and Military Society ANDERSON. HAROLD 60.15 Nassau Street Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Majttr: Business Education Activities: Tri-State C lub. Richard B, Harrison Players ANTHONY, MARVIN L. .162 Johnston Avenue Jersey City, New Jersey Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Activities: Biology Club. Lrench Club ARTIS. JAMES A. 721 Chadwick Street Fayetteville, N. C. Major: Electronics Activities: Distinguished Military Student. Scabbard and Blade. Cadet Welfare Council, Cadet Officer Club, Bushmasters ASHFORD, KATHLEEN Route 5, Box } Clinton, N. C. Major: Secretarial Science Activities: Phi Beta Lambda. Secretaries National Collegiate Association for ASHLEY, OTHELIA ERNESTINE 150.1 Olive Street. N.E. Washington. D. C. Major: Engineering Mathematics Activities: Digit Circle, Women ' s Council, Dee Cee Club AVERY. REGINALD STANLEY 207 Douthit Slreeet Greenville. S. C. Major: Sociology Minor: Psychology Activities: Debate Club, Pershing Rifles Drill Team BAILEY, SARAH L. 110.1 N. Church Street Charlotte, N. C. Major: Home Economics Education Activities: Kappa Epsilon, Charlotte Club BAKER. ELOIS .141 Kings Ird Walk. Apt. 4E Brooklyn. New York - Major: Sociology Activities: Off-Campus Cl ub BAKER. MARY ELIZABETH 1111 West Third Street Greenville. N. C. Major: Biology Activities: Biology Club, Student N.E. A. BALDWIN. SAMUEL P. O. Box 85 0?ark. Alabama Major: Sociology Activities: Sociolgy Club BANKS. PATTIE E. 2207 New Castle Road Greensboro. N. C. Major: English BARBER. SHIRLEY ANN P. O. Box 12 1 Trenton. N. C. Major: French Minor: English Activities: Who ' s Who. French Honor Society. French Club, Stu- dent N.E. A. BARNES. EDDIE N. Route 4. Box 109 Wilson. N. C. Major: Electrical Engineering Activities: Scabbard and Blades, Army ROTC Officers ' Club, Engineering Association BARRETT. INGRID P. 1897 Cascade Street jT Fayetteville. N. C. Major: Art Education Minor: English Activities: Art Circle. Student N.E. A. BASKERVII I E LESLIE LORENZO Route 1. Box 150 Henderson. N. C. Major: History Minor: Geography Activities : Alpha Phi Omega. Nation;tl Geographic Society. His- tory Club BASS. LYNDA DELORIES 1510 Freeney Avenue Suffolk. Virginia Major: Nursing Activities: Administrative Helpers, Teloca. Register Staff, Budget Committee-Student Union, Tidewater Club. AYANTEE Staff BENNERMAN. CHARLES DEWITT Route 1. Box I II Riegelwood. N. C. Major: Mathematics Minor: Economics Activities: Cape Fear Club. Pentecostal Fellowship, Math Club. Off-Campus C lub, Administrative Helpers 2.14 Air Society. Biology Club. United Men ' s Con- BENNETT. WILTON JR. 1801 .Autumn Drive Greensboro. N. C. Major: Fine Arts Activities: .Art Circle. National Society of Scabbard and Blades. Karate Club BENTLEY. .MELMN M. 1001 Fairfax .Avenue. N.W. Roanoke. Virginia Major: Music Education .Activities: .Alpha Phi .Alpha Fraternity BERR ' i ' . IDA Box 65. ' -C Brown ' s Road Charlotte. N. C. Major: Biology- Minor: Chemistry Activities: Biology Club. Explorers Club. Sunday School BEST. PAUL ROGERS Route 2. Box 37 LaG range. N. C. Major: Biologv Minor: Chemistry .Activities: Arnold gress BISHOP. GEORGE DAVID 25. S. French Broad Avenue .Asheville. N. C. Major: Music Minor: Education .Activities: Marching Band. M.E.N.C. BLACKLEDGE. YOLANDA D. 710 Elmira Street Mobile. .Alabama Major: Sociology Activities: Sociology Club BLACKVVELL. RUSSELL LEE Route 1. Brown Summit. N. C. Major: Business Administration __ Activitiese: Phi Beta Lambda. Off -Campus Club. Geographic Society BLAKE. JACK CANALES 101 Bogard Street Charleston. S. C. Major: Political Science Minor: Psychology .Activities: Student Government, Geographic Society. Charleston Club. Political Science Club. .AOOP. United Men ' s Congress. Judi- ciary Board. Editor-in-Chief of AV.ANTEE BONE-i ' . CATHERINE A. 504 M rtle .Avenue Rocky Mount. N. C. Major: English Minor: Spanish Activities: GUTS. NCTE. Spanish Club. Women ' s Council. NAACP BOONE, DOUGLAS McKINLE ' i Route 1. Box 117 Conway. N. C. Major: .Agricultural Education Minor: .Agricultural Technology Activities: FF.A. National ' o-.Ag Teachers ' .Association BORDERS. SUE SARIL iN Route 2. Box l.vVB Shelby. N. C. Major: Biologv Minor: Chemistry .Activities: Biologv Club. .American Chemical Society. Student NE.A. Richard B. " Harrison Plavers BOULWARE. WILLIE JAMES 1627 Russell .Avenue Charlotte. N. C. Major: Industrial Arts Education .Activities: Rifle Team. Lettermens ' Club BOWENS. WILLIAM TAYLOR .3 17 Elm Street Belmont. N. C. Major: Economics Activities: Economics Club. United Men ' s Congress BOYKIN. LILLIE MAE 1 19 Vinson Street Clinton. N. C. Major: Physical Education Activities: Physical Education Major ' s Club. Women .Athletic Association BRANCH. BREND.A M.ARIA 1538 Virginia Beach Boulevard Norfolk. Virginia Major: Sociology Activities: Tidewater Club. Spanish Club. Sociology Club. Art Club. BREWER. THO.MAS ROCKERFELLER 5 Turnland .Avenue Asheville. N. C. Major: Sociology Minor: History- Activities: Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society, Sigma Rho Sigma. Alpha Kappa Mu. United .Men ' s Congress, Sunday School. Uni- versity Choir. .Aggie Bowling League BROWN. CARL H. Route 3. Box 7S-D Goldsboro. N. C. Major: Industrial .Arts Activities: Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. Industrial .Arts .Association BROWN. CHARLES FRANKLIN 2008 Quenteine Street Charlotte. N. C. .Major: .Agricultural Economics Minor: Business Activities: Economics Club BROWN. J.ACQUELYN ARTENIA 1413 S. McDuffie Street Anderson. S. C. Major: Sociology Minor: History- Activities: .Alpha Kappa .Alpha Sorority. Pan-Hellenic Council. Women ' s Council. Sociology Club BROWN. JOHN H. 463 Orange St.. S.E. Washington. D, C. Major: Social Welfare Activities: Football Team, Lettermen ' s Club, Sociology Club, Dee Cee Club BROWN, ROBERT P O. Box 32 Oxford, N. C. Major: History Minor: Psychology Activities: History Club. Off-Campus Club BROWN. ROBERT JR. 9.S0 E. 21st Street Winston-Salem. N. C. Major: .Accounting Activities: United Men ' s Congress. Phi Beta Lambda BULLOCK. ARNETTE DEVON Route 5. Box 166 Durham. N. C. Major: Home Economics Education .Activities: Wlto ' s Who. Women ' s Council. Kappa Epsilon Society. Student NEA BUTTS. LILLIAN " AONNE Route 2. Box 464 Elizabeth City. N. C. Major: Nursine Activities: Teloca Club. Pershing Riflettes. A " ' -ANTEE Staff BVERS, PH ' ' LLIS ANN 802 N. Pryor Street Gastonia. N. C. Major: Sociology Minor: Social Welfare .Activities: Charlotte Club. Sociology Club. N.A.ACP CALDWELL. COURTNEY ANNETTE 703 Barbara Jare .Avenue Winston-Salem. N. C. - - " Major: Social Welfare Minor: Psychology .Activities: Women ' s Council CAMPBELL. MARSH RONALD 516 Belvedere Circle Kings Mountain. N. C. Major: Political Science Minor: Historv- .Aclivities: Who ' s Who. ROTC Merit .Award. Student Govern- ment President. Greensboro Interracial Council. ROTC Advanced Corp. Political Science CARLISLE. ICTORLA STEWART 5003 Pickford Street Los .Angeles. California Major: Sociology Activities: .Alpha Kappa .Alpha Sorority. Women ' s Council 235 Honor Society, NCAS, CARMICHAEL, BRENDA JOYCE 613 South Sixth Street Wilmington. N. C. Major: Business Education Minor: Secretarial Science Activities: Pi Omega Pi National Bus Phi Beta Lambda. Pershing Rifletles CARVER. EDITH MARIE Route 3. Box 39. Hanson Road Durham. N. C. Major: Nursing Activities: Teloca Club. Administrative Helpers Club. Budget Committee-Student Union. Durham Pacesetters Club. C. M. Van- story Hall Ctmncil CHAMBERS, JAMES L. Apt I 14 Phyllis Corns C ourt Spartenburg. S. C. Major: Political Science Activities: GUTS. Political Science Club. Adv:inced Army ROTC CHRISTMAS. ETHEL MAE Route 2. Box 383 Clayton, N. C. Major: Nursing Activities; Teloca Club CLARKE. LAWRENCE EDWARD Route 1. Box 1 16 Scotland Neck. N. C. Major: AgriciiitLir;il Economics Activities: Economics Club, AOOP, SDEG. FFA Business ;inil Economics Soniriiv. M:ilh ( lub. Women ' s CLARK, MAJOR LEONARD 400 Shaver Street Salisbury. N. C. Major: Political Science Minor: History Activities: Sigma Rht) Sigma. Mimicipality Summer Administr;i tive Intern, Alph:i Phi Alph:i Fraternity. Political Science Club Geographic Society CLARKE. RONALD D. 802 E. First Street Ahoskie, N. C. Major: Business Administration Activities: Arnold Air Society, Phi Betii L;mthda CLARK, WYOMIE P, Route I, Box 151 Rich Squ:ire. N. C. Major: M;ithematics Activities: Alpha Kappa Alpha Council, Student Counselor CLEMMONS, ADDIE LAVONE 917 S. 14th Street Wilmington, N. C, Major: Clothing Minor: Art Activities: Cape Fear Club, Home Econtimics Club COULTER. JOHN E, JR 18 Ervin Avenue Newton, N. C. Major: Business Administration Activities: Phi Beta Lambda CLOUD, VERNON E, 1031 East 17th Street Winston-Salem, N. C. Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology Activities: Cieographic Society, Off-C;uiipiis Club. Physic:il Edu- cation Major ' s Club. Biology ( lub COBLE. BENNY P. O. Box 178 Oakboro, N. C, Major: Sociology Minor: English Activities: GUTS, dent Government, R, Student NEA. United Men ' s Congress. Stii- Westminister Fellowship. AYANTEE Staff. University Choir. Male Singers COCHRAN. JIMM " ! FRANKLIN 2. ' i3t) Home Drive Charlotte. N. C. Major: Business Adminislr;ition Activities: Phi Beta L:imhda. Charlotte Club, mitlee-Student Union, Men ' s Council Persctnncl Com- COLE, RAYMOND E. Route 2, Box 302 Lillington, N. C. Major: Business Education , ' ctivities: Phi Beta Lambd:i, National Collegiate Association for Secretaries, Wesley Foundation COOPER. RONALD 544 West 1481h Street New ' ork. New York Major: Social Welfare .■ ctivities: Marching Band. ' MCA COSTEN. ODESSIE M. Route I. Box 137 Hobbsville. N.C, Major: Home Economics Minor: Institutional Management Activities: Administrative Helpers, Student Ciovernment COX, EARLENE FRANETTE Route 1. Box 113 Dover. N. C, Major: Home Economics Activities: Kappa Epsilon Society, Women ' s Council, Student NEA COX, RONALD VANCE 1315 President Street Brooklyn, N. Y. Major: Social Welfare Activities: Arnold Air Society, Chess Club CUMMINGS, THOMAS E, 15 12 Hooks Street Cireensboro, N. C. Major: Economics Activities: Economics Club. Off-Campus Club. Pentecostal Fel- lowship. Army ROTC Drill Team CUTHHERTSON, JACQUELYN ANN 845 Haywood Street Winston-Salem. N. C. Mr ' jor: Art Education Minor: English Activities: Art Circle. Afro-Americ;in Club. Off-Campus Club DANIEL. A. MARIE 1480 Brentnell Avenue Columbus, Obit) Major: Business Administr:ition Activities: Women ' s Council. Wesley Foundation. Phi Beta Lambda DASHTAKI. MEHRABAN M, Iran Te heran. Iran M:ijor: Agricultural Engineering DEBREW. ROBERT JR. Route 2, Box 77-A Scotland Neck. N. C. Miijor: Business Administration Activities: Phi Beta Lambda. United Men ' s Congress. Sunday School. Business Economics SDEG, Union Bowling League DEMPS, JAMES ANTHONY 4851 Booker Street Jacksonville. Florida Major: Business Administration Activities: Phi Beta Lambda DENNIS. HERSHEL DENG 402-D North Pearson Street Greensboro. N. C. Major: Social Welfare Minor: Business Educiilion Activities: NAACP. Sociology Club. French Club. Newman ' s Club DEWITT. SARAH MARIl ' i N Route 1. Box 167 Tabor City. N. C. Major: Institutional Man;igcment Activities: Kapp;i Epsilon Society. Simd:iv School. B:iptisi Student Union DILLARD. SAMUEL Al 1 FN 57 Cypress Street Greenville. S. C. Major: Sociology Activities: Univcrsitv Choir. United Men ' s Congress, Sociology Club DIXON. GLORIA JEAN 310 High Street Ayden. N. C. Major: Niusery School Kindcrg.trten Eilucation Activities: Student NEA, Women ' s Council, Kappa Epsilon Society RBHB mm. Wi p m DIXON. HARR " ' FREDERICK Route 3. Box 190 Burlington. N. C. Major: Industrial Arts Education Activities: Industrial Arts Association, Unilcd Men ' s Congress Rifle Team DIXON. VERA DELOIS 142 East Park Avenue Peachland, N. C. Major: Social Welfare .V ' tivities: Gamma Sigma Sigma. Sociology Club. Grand Dragons DOLEMAN. ROBERT JAMES 1021 Adair .■ venue 19 Columbus. Georgia Major: Business Administration Activities: Swimming Team. Register Staff. I_ellerm:m ' s Club DONALD. ROBERT EARL 1207 W. Franklin Street Anderson. S. C. Major: Business Administration Minor: General Business Activities: Phi Beta Lambda. Nation. li Gciigiaphic Society DONAHUE. LACY T. JR. Route 5. Box 794 Greensboro. N. C. Major: Business Administration Activities: Marching Band. Concert Band DOUGLAS. BRENDA JEAN 1626 Murchison Road Fayetteville. N. C. Major: Nursing Activities: Teloca. Commissioned 2nd Lt. Army Niuse DOUGLAS. GEORGE GENE P. O Box 321 Thomasville. N. C. Major: Business Administration Activities: National Geographic Society. Phi Beta Lambda. .Alph.i Phi Alpha Fraternity. United Men ' s Congress. Student Govern- ment DOUGLAS, WALTER JAMES _ - 1.379 Alabama Avenue. S.E. Washington. D. C. Major: Business Administration Activities: Rifle Team. YMCA, Dee Cce Club. United Men ' s Congress. Letterman ' s Club. The Chimes. Singing Group DOUTHIT. DARLIS ARDENIA 2060 Thurmond Street Winston-Salem. N. C. Major: Sociology Activities: Winston-Salem Club. Women ' s Coimcil DOWE. RALPH M. 1422 ' , Ardmore Street Wilmington. N. C. Major: History ■Activities: Afro- .American Club. Geographic Society, History Club. Sigma Rho Sigma DRISKELL. ORA L. S7() Maple Avenue B:irtow. Florida Major: Social Welfare Activities: Geographic Pyramid Club DUNLAP. CARL I.ViS 22nd Street. N.E. Winston-Salem. N, C. Major: Sociology Activities: Veteran ' s Club DURANT. MICHAEL ANTHONY 2 A Hillcrest Asheville. N. C. Major: History Activities: History Club. COSA, United Men ' s Congress, YMCA, Vesper Advisory Board EKINS. JAMES HENRY Route 1. Box 256 Walha. N. C. Major: Social Welfare Activities: Sigm:i Rho Sigma. United Men ' s Congiess. ' MCA ELMORE. CARMIE LEWIS 408 Carolina Avenue .Shelby. N. C. Major: Sociology Activities: Letterman ' s Chib. Y ' MCA. Lhiited Men ' s Congress, Sociology Club, Football Team Spanisli Club. Sociology Club. Society. Florida Club. Library Club. ENOCH. ANTHON1 ' EARL 70 Shoe Lane Newport News. Virginia Major: Political Science Activities: Political Science Club. United Men ' s Congress, Big Brother ' s .Association, Afro-American Club EVANS, PATRICIA ADRIENNE Route 7. Box 149 Evans Court Greensboro. N. C. Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Activities: Biology Club. Explorer ' s Club EVANS. THADDEUS DEVON Route 3. Box 129 Ahoskie. N. C. Major: Biology Activities: Biology Club. Professional Officers Corps. Movie Com- mittee. Air Force Welfare Council FAIRLEY. DENNIS L. Route 3. Box 352 Chapel Hill. N. C. Major: Fine Arts Activities: Art Circle. YMCA. Richard B. Harrison Players, Reg- ister Staff, Student Union Advisory Board FARRIOR, JEAN CAROLS N Route 2. Box 325 Rose Hill. N. C. Major: Business Education Activities: National Collegiate Association for Secretaries, Phi Beta Lambda FARRAR. OSCAR JR. Route I. Box 338 Apex. N. C. Major: Fine Arts Activities: Art Circle FARRIOR. SHIRLEY ANN Route 2. Box 325 Rose Hill. N. C. Major: Home Economics Education Minor: Chemistry Activities: Sunday School. Women ' s Cotincil. Kappa Epsilon FAUST. ETHEL MAE Route 2. Box 121 Denmark. S. C. Major: Institutional Management Activities: Sunday School. K:ippa Epsilon. Baptist Student Union. Pentecostal Fellowship FLOOD. ALLEN ATLEE General Delivery Cofield. N. C. Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Activities: Biology Club. .American Chemical Society FOSTER. CLAUDIA F. Route 5. Box 476 Reidsville. N. C. Major: Pre-School Education Activities: Kappa Epsilon. Choir. Rockingham-Stokes County Club. Women ' s Coimcil FOSTER. HATTYE Route 1. Box 519 Iron Station. N. C. Major: Home Economics Education Activities: Who ' s Who. Kappa Delta Pi. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Student NEA. Usher ' s Board. Sunday School FOX. RACHEL ANN 335 West Lee Street Greensboro. N. C. Major: Social Welfare Activities: Sigma Rho Sigma. Off-Campus Club FREEMAN. PAMELA TINA 26 Thomas Street New Port. Long Island. N. ' . Major: Sociology Activities: Tri-State Club. Women ' s Council. Library Club. Ger- man Club. Geographic Society FREEMAN. SHIRI E IRENE Route 1. Box II Delco. N. C. Major: B ' ' siness Administration Minor: Economics Activities: Wesley Foundation 237 FRIDAY, GEORGE JR. 1505 East 8th Street Winston-Salem. N. C. Major: Economics Activities: ' iMCA. Spanisli Cluh. Economics Cluh. Swimming Team, Student Union Games Committee, Winston-Salem Club, Off-Campus Club FRITZ. JULIUS LaROSA It 1.1 Fourth Street Columbus. Georgia Major: Sociology Minor: Psychology Activities: Geographic Scx-iety. Scrollers Club, I he Chimes FROST. BRUCE JEFFERSON Route i Mocksville. N. C. Major: Sociology Activities: Sociology Cluh FROST. ISAIAH Route 1. Box ll)l-B Hilly Hill. S. C. Major: Mech;mic;il Engineering Minor: Mathematics Activities: American Society of Tool Manufacturing. Fnguicers. United Men ' s Congress FULTON. EARNEST LEVERN 1 mix East Harnett Street Dunn. N. C. M:ijor: Economics Activities: Register Staff. AFROTC. Economics Club. Student Ciovcrnment. Arnold Air Society. Flight Instructional Program, Wesley Foundation. United Men ' s Coimcil. AOOP GADSEN. FRANKYANNE ROSALAND S()9 English Street Greensboro. N. C. Major: French Activities: Pi Delta Phi. French Club GAI.BREITH. CLAUDIA ALGENE 2.V ' Mech;mic Street Southern Pines. N. C. M;ijor: Nursing Activities: Teloca Cluh GARDNER. MAVIS ANN 1215 Davenport Street Greenville. N. C. Major: Social Welfare Activities: Women ' s Council. Sociology Cluh GARRETT. JOSEPH LEE 42S Sowell Street Durhimt. N. C. Major: Electrical Engineering Minor: Mathematics Activities: Electrical Engineering Association. M;ilhcmatics Club. YMC A. United Men ' s Congress. Pershing Rifles. Army Drill Team GAYLOR. GEORGIA ODESSA Route .1. Box l New Bern. N. C. Miijor: English Minor: Psychology Activities: University Choir. YWCA. NCTE. Baptist Student Union. Simd;iy School. Student Coimsclor GEORGE. DEBORAH L. 2 I IIS Duncan Street Durham. N, , Major: Nursing Activities: Women ' s Council. Teloca Club GEORGE. JOSEPH CLINTON 1224 Cedar Street New Bern. N. C. Maj(.)r: Social Studies Minor: History Activities: Veteran ' s Club GERALD. EDGAR VINSON 354 Dixon Street Mullins. S. C. Major: Econt mics Activities: Economics Club GILL. WALTER EDWARD JR. 711 South Harding Avenue Kai napolis. N. C. Major: Sociology Minor: Fine Arts Activities: Art Club. University Choir. Sociology Cluh. L ' nilcd Men ' s Congress GLENN. PRISCILLA E. 1467 Cherry Street. N.W Winston-Salem. N. C. Major: Home Economics Education Activities: Home Economics Association. Women ' s Council GOODLETT. BETTY JEAN Box 603. 23 Shaver Street East Spencer. N. C. Major: Business Education Minor: Secretarial Science Activities: Phi Beta Lambda. Explorer ' s Club, Register Staff. Na- tional Collegiate Association for Secretaries GORE. JULIA ANN 617 Soiuh 6ih Street Wilmington. N. C. Major: Business Administration Activities: Angel Flight. University Women ' s Council Choir. Cape Fear Club, GRAHAM. MARIAM FELICIA 1721 Hilard Avenue Conway. South Avenue Major: Accounting Minor: Business Administration Activities: Phi Beta L.imbda. B;iptisi Student Union. Geographic Society. Marching Band. Concert Band. Women ' s Council GRAHAM. SARAH ELIZABETH Route 2. Box 206 Rose Hill. N. C. MaJLJr: Nursing Activities: Baptist Student Union. Teloca Club GRANT. DENIS FASHION 102S Wilkerson St.. Apt. 6 Greensboro. N. C. Major: Nursing Activities: Charleston Club. Teloca Club. Women ' s Council, YWCA GRAVES. EDNA RUTH Route 5. Box 3XX Burlington. N. C. Major: Secretarial Science Activities: Phi Beta Lambda. Pershing Riflettes. NCSA. Women ' s Council, Explorer ' s Club, Sunday School GRAVES, RICHARD FRANKLIN 20y Kinlaw Street 1-imiberton, N. C. Major: Sociology Minor: Psychology Activities: Baptist Student Union GREENE. CARL LEE Route 1. Box 294 Oriental. N. C. Major: Accounting Mmor: Business Administration . ctiviiies: Advanced R01C " . United Men ' s Congress. Scabbard and Blade Military Society. New Bern Club GREENE. DEBORAH LAVERNE K35 Spa Road Annapolis. Maryland Major: English Activities: Jimior NCTE. Llniversil Choir GRIFFITH, CECIL H. 810 Bunche Drive Raleigh. N. C. Major: Indus(ri:il Arts GRIFFIN. E. HERBER1 IR. 3723 J Street. N. E. Washington. D. C. Major: Pre-Medicine Minor: Physical Education Activities: Groove Phi Grooce Social United Men ' s Congress. Baseball Team. Physical Education Majors ' Club. Marching Band CiRlFFIN. ERNEST 406 Fulton Street Burlington. N. C. Major: History Minor: Socitd Studies GRISSETT. LYNN JU-LEE Route 2. Box 138 Supply. N. C. Maior: Economics Activities: Economics Club. Cape Fear Club. Drill Team Fellowship. Big Brothers. Drill Team, Track Team, Air Force ROTC RBOnMNHPlip Kappa Delta Pi, Honor GUNN, GWENDOLYN 413 Hopkin Street Swainsboro, Georgia Major; Accounting Activities: Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority. Phi Beta Lambda HAIRSTON. ANTHONY DEL General Delivery Pine Hall. N. C. Major: English Activities: Who ' s Who. Junior NCTE. Society HAMILTON. LEA ETHEL 2435 Royal Drive Durham. N. C. Major: English Activities: Junior NCTE. Register Staff. Women ' s Council HANKS. STANLEY Henderson. N. C. Major: Ps cholog ' Minor: Economics Activities: WANT Service Club. Harrison Players HARDI ' . DAVID EARL Route 5. Box 63 Greenville. N. C. Major: Accounting Activities: . lpha Phi Omega Phi Beta Lambda, Affairs Committee, Phi Beta Lambda HARRELL. HAYWOOD EUGENE Route 1. Box 67-A Aulander. N. C. Major: Animal Science Minor: Biology .Activities: Pershing Rifles HARRIS. CHARLES J. 415-B Banks Street Petersburg. Virginia Major: .Architectural Engineering Activities: Veteran ' s Association, Student Architectural Society HARRIS, CLINTON C. ' ' 1536 Norris .Avenue Charlotte. N. C. Major: Economics Activities: Charlotte Club. Economics Club. United Men ' s Con- gress HARRIS. SHARON FRANCES 105-27 110th Avenue HoUis. New York Major: Social Welfare .Activities: Tri-State Club. University Council, Student Govern- ment HART. GERRY B. 805 Adams Street Suffolk, Virginia Major: Physical Education Activities: United Men ' s Congress. Tidewater Club. Physical Ed- ucation Major ' s Club HART GLEENREUS LEUAL 1305 E. Baker Street Tarboro. N. C. Major: Sociology .Activities: Big Brothers Organization. Sociology Club. United Men ' s Congress. Letterman ' s Club. Geographic Society, Un! ersit ' Council. Baseball Team HARVEY. WILLIAM McCO ' i Route 1. Box 268 Pantego. N. C. Major: Mathematics .Activities: .Army ROTC. Student NEA. Quiet Games Committee HASKINS. FRED 1308 Floyd Street Lynchburg. Virginia Nlajor; Sociology Activities: Tidewater Club. Sociology Club. United Men ' s Con- gress. Spanish Club. Geographic Society HAYES, ROLAND RANDOLPH 743 Windsor Avenue Norfolk, Virginia Major: Business Administration Activities: Phi Beta Lambda. United Men ' s Congress, Tidewater Club H.AYES, VIVIAN VERONICA 107 Taylor Street Charleston, S. C. Major: Business .Administration Activities: Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Charleston Club, Newman ' s Club, Social Administrative Helpers ' , Geographic Society HEATH, CYNTHIA .MARIA 310 Union Street Belhaven, N. C, .Major: Biology Activities: Student NEA. Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Biology Club. Administrative Helpers ' Club HEATH. WILLIA.M EARL Route 1. Box 71 Tarboro, N. C. Major: Industrial Arts Activities: Industrial Arts Association. United Men ' s Congress, Big Brothers ' Organization HENDERSON. ARTHUR A. 921 Andrews .Avenue Henderson. N. C. Major: Industrial .Arts Education Activities: Industrial .Arts .Association HESTER. LAWRENCE DEWEY P. O. Box 135 Hillsborough. N. C. Major: Mathematics Activities: Scabbard and Blade Military Society, Mathematics Club. Advanced Army ROTC, Cadet Welfare Council HICKLIN, BERNICE Route 1. Box 100 Great Falls, S. C. Major: Business Education Minor: Secretarial Science Activities: NCS.A, Phi Beta Lambda, Women ' s Council HIGGINS, ANNETTE YVONNE P. O. Box 301 Gainesville. Florida Major: Sociology Activities: Who ' s Who. Sociology Club, Pyramid Club, Florida Club, Sociology Club, Economics Club, Women ' s Council HILL, C EARL Route 2, Box 245 Scotland Neck. N. C. Major: Economics Activities: Economics Club HINTON. CHARLIE JACK. JR. 1 19 East Garner Loop Road Raleigh, N. C. Major: Industrial Technology HOLLOWAY, GARY MAC 24 Beech Street Asheville, N. C. Major: Mechanical Engineering Activities: Newman ' s Club, .ASTME HOLLOWELL, ELLA PATRICIA Star Route Box 48 Winfall. N. C. Major: Nursing Activities: Teloca Club, .Albermarle Club HOLMES, PATRICIA YVONNE Route 2, Box 57 Clinton. N. C. Major: English Activities: .Administrative Helper ' s Club. Junior NCTE, Sampson County Club, Harrison Players HOMESLEY, DENNIS GEORGE 509 Carolina .Avenue Shelby. N. C. Major: Sociology .Activities: Letterman ' s Club. Football Team. United Men ' s Con- gress HORTON. GERTRUDE JUANITA 1317 Mt. N ' ernon .Avenue Portsmouth, irginia Maior: Business .Administration .Activities: Phi Beta Lambda. Pershing Riflettes. Business and Economics SDEG. Cheering Squad HOSKINS. EDITH LORRAINE P. O. Box 4067 Wilson. N. C. Major: Business .Administration .Activities: Phi Beta Lambda. Women ' s Council. W.ANT Senice Club. Business and Economics SDEG 239 lii:! HOUSE. LEE ANDREW, JR. P. O. Box 52 Tillery. N. C. Major: Political Science Minor: AFROTC Aclivitics: Who ' s Who, Harvard-Yale-Colimibia Siimnier Scholar. Wing Comniander-.AFROTC. Alpha Kapra Mii. Sigma Rho Sigma. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Cadet (AFl Officers Cluh. Political Science Club. Arnold A t Society, Register Staff. College Coun- cil. Speakers Bureau. Honors Council. State Student Fegislature, Religious Life Committee. Student Government HOWARD. JACQUEI YN ALMETIA 1(1(11 South Tenth Street Wilmington, N. C. Major: Social Welfare Activities: Cape Fear Cluh. Women ' s Council, Sociology Cluh HUGHES, SANDRA DAYE 857 Bellevue Street Greensboro. N. C. Major: English Minor: Speech and Drama Activities: Best-Supporting Actress, Ladies Faculty Scholarship. Harrison Players. Off-Campus Club, Women ' .s Council, Admin- istrative Helpers ' . Student Government HU ICHINS. ESTEf.LA TUNAN ?M)l Ellington Court Fort Myers. Florida Major: Clothing Activities: Women ' s Council IRBY. CLAUDETTE - 11- ' ' Marnev Avenue C hiirlotle. N. C. Major: History Minor: Social Studies Activities: Charlotte Club. GUTS. Geographic Society IRWIN. HENRY GARRISON. JR. 4(17 E. Panteco Street Belhaven. N. C. Major: Mathematics Education Minor: Aerospace Studies Activities: Arnold Air Society. Digit Circle. Air Force ROTC Officers Club JAMES. DAVID C. 201 Boyetle Street Murfree.sboro. N. C. Major: Political Science Activities: Air Force ROTC ciety. Political Science Cluh JAMISON. EARNEST REGINALD «n7 B Street Martinsville. Virginia Major: Industrial Arts JENKINS. JEAN H, R1 OW P. O. Box 272 Pinetops. N. C. Major: Physical Education Minor: Health Education Activities: Women ' s Athletic Association. Physical Education Major ' s Club. March Band. Concert Band JENKINS, SAMUEL M. 815 Bruce Street Winston-Salem. N, C . Major: Economics Activities: Economics Club JOHNSON. EVANGELINE M. 506 Ramseur Street Sanford. N. C . Major: Mathematics Activities: Student NEA. Digit Circle JOHNSON. MARY LEE 1180 Addison Avenue Winston-Salem. N. C. Major: English Activities: French Club. Student NEA. Junior NCTE JOHNSON. MELVIN NORMAN 2704 Hopkins Street Savannah. Cieorgia Major: Economics Activities: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Economics Club JOHNSON. VIRG INIA DORIS 414 ' EasIwiHid Road Wilmington. N. ( . Major: Nursing Activities: Who ' s Who. Alph;i Kappa Alpha Sorority. Teloca Cluh, Women ' s Council. Student Counselor. Harrison Players Scabbard and Blades Military So- JONES. DAVID MORRIS, JR. Route 2, Bo,x 246 Scotland Neck, N. C. Major: Industrial Electronics Education Activities: WANT Service Club. Administrative Helpers ' Club JONES. WARREN JOSEPH Route 2. Box 65 ' )-B Greensboro. N. C. Major: Sociology Activities: Scabbard and Blades Military Society, Off-Campus Club, Sociology Club. I. E. Club. Officers Club. Welfare Council JONES. WINSTON CHARLES 2009 W. Madison Street Philadelphia. Pa. Major: Electrical Engineering Minor: Mathematics Activities: Electrical Engineering Association, Engineering SDEG, Track Team JORDAN, W. KENNETH 2207 Glynnwood Drive Savannah. Georgia Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Activities: Biology Club JOYCE. SHIRLEY A. 912 Salem Street Greensboro, N. C. Major: Secretarial Science Act ivities: NCAS. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Off-Campus Club. Phi Beta Lambda. Administrative Helpers ' Club JOYNER. VIVIAN EARLINE 141? B Avenue Rocky Mount, N. C. Major: English Minor: Speech Activities: Who ' s Who. Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society. Student NEA. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Pan-Hellenic Council, Women ' s Council JUDKINS, WILLIAM. JR. 1913 Oakwood Avenue Raleigh. N. C. Major: Economics Activities: Economics Cltib KEE. LEVERNON Route I. Box 166-B Conway. N. C. Major: Business Administration Activities: Economics Club KEEL. BETTYE JAYNE Route I. Box 197 Chadbourn. N. C. Major: Business Education Minor: Secretarial Science Activities: Phi Beta Lambda. Pi Omega Pi National Business Honor Society. Explorer ' s Club. Pershing Riflettes. Sunday School. Geographic Society KIMBLE. JAMES THOMAS 207 R.iy Street Greensboro. N. C. Major: Business Administrali m Activities: Marching Band, Off-Campus Club, Phi Beta Lambda KNIGHT. CLAUDE J. 309 Roosevelt Street Franklin. Virginia Major: Physical Edticatitm Activities: Physical Education Majors ' Club. Tidewater Club, Rifle Team KNIGHT. COLONIOUS Route 3. Box 281 T:irboro. N. C. Major: Biology Activities: Biology Club. Men ' s Congress. YMCA KNIGHT. VINCENT ,1|9 McDonough Street Brooklyn. N. Y. Major: Music Minor: Education Activities: MENC. University Choir. Male Singers I.ANDIS. TONY F. Route I. Box I LI Creedmoor, N. C. Major: Physical Educ:ition Minor: Health Education Activities: Physical Eilucatii n Majors ' Club. Safety Education Club 240 pww— ■yppuPT ' ' ii ' r.i ' " « i LANGI.EV. MARY ELIZABETH 1 107 Colonial Avenue Greenville. N. C. Major: Business Administration Activities: Phi Beta Lambda. Student NEA LAWSON. CHARLES LINWOOD 1222 N. 36th Street Richmond. Virginia Major: Health and Physical Education Minor: Psychology LEACH. DORETHA Route 3. Box 530 Raleigh. N. C. Major: Institutional Management Activities: Kappa Epsilon. Sunday School. Baptist Student Union, YWCA. Women ' s Council LEATH. RUTH ELLEN Route 2. Box 73 Elon College. N. C. Major: Sociology Activities: Sociology Club. Baptist Student Union. Geographic Society LEWIS. SUZETTE THERESA 334 Halsey Street Brooklyn. N. Y. Major: English Activities: Women ' s Council. Tri-Slate C liib. Junior NCTE, Har- rison Players LIGHTFOOT. LLOYD WILLIAM. JR. 406 N. Oak Street Buffalo. N. Y. Major: Business Administration Activities: NAACP. United Men ' s Congress. Newman ' s Club, Health Club, Karate Club, Phi Beta Lambda, Baseball Team LIPSCOMB, JEAN PAULETTE 5200 Quincy Avenue, 2082 Cleveland, Ohio Major: Institutional Management Activities: Student Government, Delta Sigm:i Thcla Sorority, Cheerleader. Angel Flight. Administrative Helpers ' Club. AOOP. Women ' s Council. Student Union Advisory Board LITTLE. EILEEN E. 15 Church Street Thomasville, N. C. Major: Sociology Activities: Angel Flight, Women ' s Council. Sociology Cluh. Geographic Society LITTLE. MARY JENE Route 2. Box 158-C New London. N. C. Major: Clothing Activities: Kappa Epsilon Society. Women ' s Council LILLY, SHELIA DELORES 511 Waddell Drive Albermarle, N. C. Major: Clothing Activities: Kappa Epsilon Society, Women ' s Council LONG. LEMON THOMAS Route 4. Box 181-B Louisburg. N. C. Major: Biology Activities: Biology Club LONG. NAOMI T. Route 3. Box 288 Louisburg. N. C. Major: Home Economics Education Activities: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. WCA. WANT Service Club. AOOP. A. T. Choir, Kappa Epsilon Society LOWERY. LINDA M. 613 Church Street Wilmington. N. C. M.ajor: Sociology Activitiees: Cape Fear Club. Sociology Club. Miss Army ROTC, Women ' s Council LOWRANCE, lUDY ANNE 124 North Jackson Avenue Winston-Salem, N. C. Major: Sociology LYNCH, BURNETT 1219 Fayetteville Street Durham, N. C. Major: Political Science Activities: Big Brothers Organization, United Men ' s Congress NAACP LYLES, GLORIA J. 817 S. Johnson Street Gaffney, S. C. . Major: Business Education Activities: Phi Omega Pi National Business Honor Society. Busi- ness and Economics SDEG. Pershing Riflettes, Phi Beta Lambda, AYANTEE Staff LYTLE, FRANK DOUGLAS Route 5, Box 160 Asheville, N. C. Major: Mech;inical Engineering Activities: ASTME. United Men ' s Congress McADOO. UMSTEAD MARTIN 1508 Perkins Street Greensboro. N. C. Major: Electrical Engineering Activities: Digit Circle. Male Singers. Electrical Engineering As- sociation McCARROLL. ARTHUR TYRONE 2525 Tanglebrook Lane Charlotte. N. C. Major: Industrial Arts Activities: Industrial Arts Club. Lctternian Club. Football Team McCLOUD, STEPHEN S. 1233 East 16th Street Winston-Salem, N. C. Major: Industrial Arts McCOY, PATRICIA E. 31 1 Wine Wine Street Hampton. Virginia Major: Sociology Minor: Social Welfare Activities: Student Government. Geographic Society So-iology Club. Tidewater Club. McCRAR ' i ' . WILLIAM A. 3300 Belhune Avenue Macon, Georgia Major: Business Administration Activities: Harrison Players. Phi Beta Lambda. United Men ' s Con- gress. Alpha Kappa Mu McKOY, CHARLES RONALD P. O. Box 75 Wagram, N. C. Major: History Minor: Social Studies Activities: Register Staff, History Club. Safety Education Cluh. GUTS, French Club, Sunday School McKOY, HENRY EDWARD Route 3. Box 274 Red Spring, N. C. Major: Political Science Minor: History Activities: Who ' s Who, Arnold Air Society, Political Science Club, United Men ' s Congress, AOOP, Student Government, Drill Team, History Club, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Pan-Hellenic Council. Student Judiciary Board McLaughlin, carla leonora 3125 Fairbrook Drive Charlotte. N. C. Major: Sociology Activities: Sociology Cluh. Women ' s Club. Richard B. Harrison Players McLEAN, gene W. 801 -A Dunbar Street Fayetteville. N. C. Major: Business Administration Activities: Pershing Rifles. Phi Beta Lambda McMASTERS. JAMES HOWARD Route 1. Box 224-C Staley. N. C. Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry McNEIL. MARSHALL 704 Cottage Street Fairmont, N. C. Major: Economics McRAE, GWENDOLYN BEATRICE 306 Monroe Avenue Hamlet. N. C. Major: English Activities: Women ' s Council. Jimior NCTE. Pershing Riflettes Council, YWCA, Drama 241 MACK. RO ' lALL MONTAQUE Box 2S6 West Point. Virginia M. ' ij ! " - History Acti itics: History Club, Newman ' s Club, Lelterman ' s Club. United Mcn Congress. Baseball Team, Air Force Drill Team MAJOR. JACQUEf N ANNETTE Charleston. S. C. Major: Ninsing Activities: Charleston Club. Teloca Club. Women ' s Council. 1WCA MASKE. BETTY J. 1 17 I-incolnton Street Rockingham. N. C. Major: History Activities: History Club. Women ' s Council. Off-Campus Club MASKE. VERONICA ANN M)5f Bainbridge Drive Winst n-Salem. N. C. Major; Accounting Activities: Who ' s Who. Phi Beta Lambda MEBANE. GRACIE LaNELL 401 West Acton Pl.icc Farmville. N. C. Major: Sociology Activities: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Usher ' s Board. Register Staff MEDDLING. YVONNE ANTOINETTE 504 Callan Street Greensboro, N. C. Major: Accoimting Minor: Business Administration Activities: Pershing Riflettes. Phi Beta Lambda MELVIN. ROBERT WINSTON Route 1, Box 11. While Oak, N. C. Major: Sociology Activities; Officer ' s Club, Advanced Council MITCHEM, RAt MND LOUIS .50.5 N. Watlersoon Street Kings Mountain, N. C. Major: Business Administration Activities: United Men ' s Congress. ROTC. Cadet Welfare ' hi Beta Lambda MOBLEY, PATRICIA LaVERNE S55 Burbank Street Greensboro, N. C. Major; Engineering Math Minor: Physics Activities: Who ' s Who, Miss A. T., ROTC, Digit Circle, Wtimen ' s C tuincii. Kappa Alpha AOOP Miss Company B-Army College Council. Alpha Sorority. Computer Club, Student Government. MALONE, GWENDOLYN INEZ XII Grace Street Wilmington, N. C. Major; Sociology Activities: Cape Fear Club. Sociology Club MOORE. EDDIE ALBERT Route }. Box 171 Hertford. N. C. Major; Dairy Manufacturing Minor; Business Administration Activities: Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. FFA. Northeastern Club. Male Singers, University Choir MOORE. ROBERT FULTON 1205 Gorrell Street Greensboro. N. C. Major: Mechanical Engineering Activities: ASTME MOREHEAD. WILLIAM McKlNLEY Route 1. Box 86 Pinehall. N. C. Major: Business Administration Minor: Accounting Activities: Phi Beta Lambda. Off-Campus Club MORGAN. HENRY LEWIS RED 1. Box 99 Hamlet. N. C. Major; Electrical Engineering Activities: Scabbard and Bhide Military Society. Electrical En- gineering Association. Marching Band Sunday School, Harrison NORTHCUTT, SHARON ANN 33 Fagg Street Asheville. N. C. Major; English Activities: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Student NEA, Women ' s Council. Junior NCTE OGLESBY. ISAIAH DEWITT P. O. Box 172 Granite Ou:irry. N. C. Major; Economics Acti ities; Economics Club. Administrative Helper ' s, Advanced ROTC, Student Union Advisory Board, Student Union Budget Committee OLDS, WILLIAM BELLAMY 212 E. 13th Street Scotland Neck, N. C. Major; Chemistry Activities: Who ' s Who. American Chemical Society, Northeast- erners ' Club, German Club ORR, LARRY LOUIS 507 N. Watterson Street Kings Mountain. N, C. Major: Accounting Activities: Who ' s Who. Advanced Army ROTC, United Men ' s Congress, Cadet Officers Club, Student Government, Distinguished Military Student PARKER. ALVIN LEE Route 3. Box 329 Mount Gilead. N. C. Major: Agronomy Activities: Agronomy Club PA1 LOR. VIRGINIA CAROLYN Route 2. Box 500 Roxboro. N. C. Major: English Activities: Baptist Student Union. Players PEELE. ERNEST L. 21 I Hyman Avenue Williamston. N. C. M;iji r; Business Administration Activities: Phi Beta Lambda. YMCA PENDER, CLARENCE LINWOOD Route I. Box 76-B Palmyra, N. C. Major; Agricultural Education Activities: Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. FFA. AOOP. GUTS PERKINS. WILLIAM THOMAS 797 Skipper Drive. N.W. Atlanta. Cieorgia Major: Agricultural Engineering Activities; Sund;iy School. Afro-American Club PERRY. JAMES NIMROD, JR. 717 Church Street Raleigh. N. C. Major; Business Administration Activities; M;Lrching Band, Phi Beta Lambda, Administrative Helper ' s Lampados Club PETERSON, WAYNE B. 421 McGirt Street Alachua, Florida - M;ijor: Biology Minor: Chemistry Activities; GUTS. Biology Club. Afro-American Club. Track Team PINKETT. CAROLE ANN 1901 Belcresl Drive Greensboro, N. C. Major: Business Administration Activities: Whti ' s Who. Alph;t K;ipp;i Mu Honor Society, Phi Helper ' s POWELL. M. HELEN 29 Woodhiwn Place Buffalo. N. Y. Major; Sociology Minor: History Activities: Veterans Club POWELL, NATHANIEL 2305 Peach Street Portsmouth, Virgini;L Major; Economics Activities: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, .Arnold Mr Society, Con- cert Band, Marching Band, Male Singers, United Men ' s Congress Kapp; Beta Alpha L;tmbda Sorority, Alpha Administrative LEE 242 ■PP " ■Ibm MORRISON, HELEN DELORES 115 S. Wilmington Street Raleigh. N. C. Major: English Minor: French Activities: Who ' s Who. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Junior NCTE, Women ' s Council. Register Staff. French Club MORROW, GLORI. ' JEAN 4(IS Utica Place Birmingham. Alabama Major: Sociology .V-tivities: Who ' s Who. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority MOSELV. MORRIS EDWARD, JR. P. O. Box 392 Rochelle. Georgia Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Activities: Biology Cl ub. UniteJ Men ' s Congress NEWKIRK. JAMES ARMON 2722 Stanhope Avenue Norfolk. Virginia Major: Business Administration Activities: Marching Band. United Men ' s Congress. Phi Beta Lambda. Administrative Helper ' s NA. ' CP. VMCA NEWKIRK. VALERIE REBECCA 804 S. Alston Avenue Durham. N. C. Major: Social Welfare Activities: University Choir. Baptist Student Union. ' YWCA PRATT. ONNIE ODETT 2116 Fayetteville Street Durham. N. C. Major: Nursing Activities: Teloca Club. Women ' s Council, YWCA PROCTOR. HAWTHORNE L.. II Route 5 Elizabeth City, N. C. Major: Economics Minor: Business Administration Activities: Men ' s Council. Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. Cadet Officers Club, . lbermarle Club, Economics Club, AOOP PUGH. MARIAN Route 2. Bo.x 388 Grifton. N. C. Major: English Activities: .Mpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Harrison Players RANDOLPH. WILLIE JUNIOR Route 1. Box 312 Macclesfield N. C. Major: Agricultural Education Minor: Agricultural Economics .Activities: Harrison Players. FF. . W. ' NT Service Club. AOOP R.-KTLIFF. ANNIE BEATRICE 433 East Elm Street Graham. N. C. M. ' ijor: Sociology Activities: Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority. Sociology Club. Off- Campus Club RAY. FELTON S. Route 1. Newton Grove. N. C. Major: Agricultural Education Activities: United Men ' s Congress. .Agricultural Education Club. Agronomy Club. YMC.A. Vo-Ag Teachers Association. Sampson County Club REID. JAMES ERNEST. JR. 2024 N. Cherry Street Winston-Salem. N. C. Major: Mathematics Activities: Mathematics Club. United Men ' s Congress. YMCA RHODES. JAMES WILLES Route 1. Box 194 Council. N. C. Major: Economics Activities: Economics Club. Administrative Helper ' s. Student Gov- ernment. Student Union .Advisory Board. Geographic Society. Cape Fear Club. Big Brothers. United Men ' s Congress. Sunday School. AOOP RICHARDSON. BARBARA ANN 905 A Slaughter Street Goldsboro. N. C. Major: Nursing Activities: Teloca Club. Pentecostal Fellowship RICHARDSON. BARBARA DRUMMOND 1500 N. Cleveland Avenue Winston-Salem. N. C . Major: Business Education Activities: Who ' s Who. Phi Beta Lambda. Pi Omega Pi National Business Honor Society. Off-Campus Club. NCAS RICHARDSON. SEVERIA Route 1. Box 180 Wendell. N. C. Major; Air Conditioning Refrigeration Technology Activities: Safety Education Club. Technical Institute Club. Rifle Team, Drill Team RICHMOND. FRANKLIN EARL 1901 White Street Greensboro. N. C. Major: Economics Activities: Economics Club RIDDICK. FRED T. JR. P. O. Box 95 Winfall. N. C. Major: Vo-Industrial Education Activities: Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity ROBERSON. MAZELLE 413 E. Rockspring Street Henderson. N. C. Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Activities: Biology Club ROBINSON. JAMES MARCUS 707 Law Street Greensboro. N. C. Major: History Activities: Safety Club. History Club ROBINSON. THOMAS BRUCE 741 Georgia Street Spartenburg. S. C. Major: Political Science Minor: Sociology RODGERS. ROY ALEXANDER St. Croiy. Virgin Island Christian Sted. Virgin Island Major: Agronomy Minor: General Science Activities: Agronomy Club. FFA RO AL. LEONARD EARL 715 Williams Street Clinton. N. C. Major: History Minor: Social Studies Activities: History Club. French Club. Sampson County Club RAYNER. FRANK. JR. 709 King Circle Selma. N. C. Major: Electrical Technology Minor: Vocational Education Activities: Student NE.A. Industrial Arts Association ROZZELLE, MARGARET P. O. Box 364 Stanley, N. C. Major: Architectural Engineering Activities: Society of Students of Charlotte Club RUSH. SYLVIA ELAINE 715 Elizabeth Avenue Albermarle. N. C. Major: Sociology Activities: Sociology Club. ' WC.A. University Choir. Women ' s Glee Club. Women ' s Council RUSSELL. LINDA GAIL 1600 Homewood .Avenue Durh;im. N. C. Major: English Minor; Psychology Activities: Harrison Players. School RUSSELL. ICTOR JONES 318 Lamberth Street Reidsville. N. C. Major: Political Science Activities: Cadet .Army Officer ' s Club. Scabbard and Blade Mili- tary Society. United NJen ' s Congress .Architectural Engineering. Baptist Student Union. Sunday 243 Harrison Phiyeri. BapliM SliiJciU SAUNDERS. GEORGE MATTHEW 404 N. Henry Street Eden, N. C. Major: Vocational Industrial Education Minor: Industrial Electronics Activities: WANT Ser ice Club. Pentecostal Kellowship. Interlaith Council, Big Brothers. Male Singers. United Men ' s Congress. Marching Band SEBASTIEN. HELEN LANTHE Bo 781. Charlotte Anialic St. Thomas. Virgin Island Major: Business Administr.ilion Minor: Accounting Activities; Angel Flight. Phi Beta I anibda SELLERS. IDA VYCTORIA 121) Sierra Range Florence. S. C. Major: English Activities: Student NEA. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Marching Band. Usher ' s Board. Register Staff SETZER. SAMUEL L. 521 W. Davidson Avenue Gastonia. N. C. Major: Mech:inical Engineering Activities: Advanced Army ROTC. American Society of Tools and Manufacturing Engineers. United Men ' s Congress SHANDS. INEZ ODESSA 414 Qiiarker Road Dinwiddle, Virginia Major; Accounting Activities: Phi Beta Lambda. Union. Tidewater Club SHANNON. SHIRLE ' i LEE Ro.;te I. Box 6S Elizabeth City. N. C. Major; Sociology Activities; Charm Club. Marching Band SHAW, CONSTANCE YOULETTE 904 N. Morris Street Gastonia, N. C. Major: Sociology Activities: Charlotte Club. Sociology Club. N.AACP SHAW. KENNETH E. 2106 Bothwell Street Greensboro, N. C. Major; Business Administration SHEFFIELD. HATTIE 1. Route 1. Box 503-1 Greensboro. N. C. Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Activities: Biology Club. Off-Campus C lub SIMMS. HAROLD A. 422 Ellison Street P;iterson. New Jersey M:ijor: Electrical Engineering Activities: Electrical Engineering Association SINCLAIR. ROBERT GLEN 3.15 Lincoln IDrive Fayetteville, N. C. Major: Accounting Activities: Who ' s Who. Pershing Rifles Society. Phi He ,i Lambda. Advanced Army ROTC. Counter-Insurgency Unit SLOAN. CHERYL ANN 76. ' t Dunbar Court Greensboro. N. C. Major: English Activities: Who ' s Who. Alpha K.ippa .Mph:i Sorority, Jr. NCLE. Woman ' s Council, Cheerleader, Off-Campus Club SMALLS, KENNETH BERNARD 6 Homel Place ( harlesion, S. C. M;ijor: Social Studies Activities: Afro-Anieric:iii C lub, Newman ' s ( Irb. ( h;irlcsion ( lub. United Men ' s Congress, Cieogmphic Society SMITH, EMMERSON RANDOLPH 1017 Palmer Street Portsmouth. Virginia Major: Econt mics Activities: Who ' s Who, Arnold Air Society. S :nd;iv School. Reg- ister Staff. Alph:i Phi Alpha Fratern ' ty. Advanced ROIC (Air Force 1 and M:inuf:icturing En- Alpha Kappa Alpha Army Nursing Corp Sorority. Teloca Kappa Epsilon. Sunday Alpha Sorority. Wesley tive Helpers. Phi Beta SMIIH. 1 EONARD LEVON Route 1. Box 216 Shallolte, N. C. Major: Mechanical Engineering Minor: Mathematics Activities: .American Society of Tools gineers. Cape Fear Club SMITH. OUENTIN JOSEPH. JR. 701 Kentucky Avenue Hampton. Virginia Major: Mechanic:il Engineering Minor; Engineering Mathematics Activities: American Society of Tools and Manuf.icturing En- gineers. United Men ' s Congress. Tidewater Club SMITHERMAN. BRENDA JOYCE 1221 East 23rd Street Winston-Salem. N. C. Major; Nursing Activities; Who ' s Who. C lub. Women ' s C ouncil. SOLOMON. LaVERN Route .3. Box , -.i42 Enfield. N. C. Major: Home Economics Education Activities: YWCA. Women ' s Cotincil. School SPEIGHT. VELMA JEAN Route 1. Box 142 Kinston. North Carolina Major: Accounting Activities: Who ' s Who. .Xlpha Kappa Foundation. Sunday Schtiol. Administn Lambda. Pan-Hellenic Council SPENCER. FREDA EVETT }i) Shepard Street Elizabeth City. N. C. Major; Home Economics Education Activities: Kappa Epsilon Society. Gamm;i Sigma Sigma Sorority. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Sunday School. Women ' s Council SPENCER. WILLIAM T. 627 Hillside Avenue Henderson. N. C. Major; Agricultural Economics Activities; Ecnomics Club SPRUILL. JOHN EDGAR 6(W Glover Street Greensboro. N. C. Major: Business Administration Activities: Phi Beta Lambda. Off-Campus Club STALLING. YVONNE Route 1. Box )4-A Magnolia. N. C. Major: Business Education Activities: Phi Beta Lambda. NCAS. Student NEA. Administra- tive Helpers. Cultural Affairs Committee STEELE. ANNA ODELLE Route 4. Box 19 Windsor. N. C. M;ijor; Nursing j ' Activities: Angel Flight. Teloca Club STEPHENS. WILLIAM GODFREY Route I. Box 4S Como. N. C. Major: Agriciiltura! Economics Activities: Economic Club STEVENSON. FAUSTINA Route 1. Box .342-E Riegelwood. N. C. Major; Business Eductition Activities; Phi Beta Lamfida NCAS. Off-Campus Club STOKES. VFRNA LEE 13117 W. 4th Street Greenville. N. C. Major: Socitilogy Activities: Charmetlc Club. Baptist Student Umoi. Public Affairs Committee STREET. MAROUIS DELANO 1405 E. Br;igg Street Greensboro. N. C. Major: Histtiry Activities: VVho ' s Who. Advanced Army ROTC Alpha Phi Alph;i I raternity. Sigma Rho Sigma Honor Society 244 STRICKLAND. WILLIAM E. 129 Church Street Cla.xton. Georgia Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Activities: Advanced Air Force ROTC. Alpha Phi Alpha Fra- ternity Biology Cluh, Officer ' s Cluh STROUD. CRYSTAL V ED. 1301 Stephens Street Greensboro. N. C. Major: Music Minor: Education Activities: Who ' s Who. Marching Band, Concert Band. Usher ' s Board. .Alpha Kappa .Alpha Sororitv. Women ' s Council. MENC SUBER. CHER ' iLL JO 744 Woffard Street Sparlenhurg. S. C. Major: Engineering Mathematics .Minor: Phvsics .Activities: Who ' s Who. W.ANT Service Club. Women ' s Council. Computer Club. Student Coordinating Committee of Student Union SUMPTER. HENR ' i EARL 1106 Heminawav Street Mvrtle Beach. S. C. Major: Art Education Activities: Art Circle SUTTON. AUDRE1 ' LOUISE 1190 .Addison .Avenue Winston-Salem. N. C. Major: Sociology Minor: Psychology .Activities: Who ' s Who. Women ' s Council President. .Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. .Administrative Helper ' s. College Council SUTTON. BOBS ' ! DENORD 1 190 Addison .Avenue Winston-Salem. N. C. Major: Industrial Arts .Activities: Industrial .Arts .Association. Register Staff SUTTON. SWINDELL 351 Nelson Street Mt. Olive. N. C. Major: Industrial Education Activities: Student NE.A. .ASTME SYKES. DOLLIE FAULKS 2212 Evergreen Place Portsmouth. Virginia .Major; Drafting Technology TAPP. KEITH ERWIN Route 1. Bo. 7 Cedar Grove. N. C. .Major: Electrical Engineering Minor: Mathematics Activities: Electrical Engineering Association TATL.M. JEAN CAROL-i N 1615 Lincoln Street Greensboro. N. C. Major: English .Activities: Student NE.A. Pentecostal Fellowship. University Choir. Student Union .Advisory Board. Junior NCTE. Sunday School TA ' iLOR. FR.ANKLIN ROOSEVELT Box 502 Walkertov n. N. C. .Major: .Architectural Engineering Activities: Societ of Students of .Architectural Engineering. Winston-Salem Club THORPE. MARTHA REBECCA Route 1. Box 276 Oxford. N. C. Major: .Accounting Minor: Business Administration Activities: Baptist Student Union. Council THOMAS. LILLIAN RUTH 562 Brown Street Greenwood. S. C. Major: Nursing .Activities: Teloca Club 109 Lvndon Street 109 Lyndin Street New S ' ork. New York .Major: Industrial Arts Education Activities: Tri-State Club Phi Beta Lambda. Women " ; THO.MPSON. HAROLD Route 1. Box 152 Rowland. N. C. Major: Agricultural Education Minor: Poultry Science .Activities: FF.A. -Agronomy Club. VMC.A TURNER. JANET J.ACQUELINE 2S2 Lav rence .Avenue Lawrence. Long Island. N. Y. Major: Physical Education .Activities: Physical Education Major ' s Club. Women Athletic Club. Tri-State Club. Gymnastic Club. Women ' s Inlramurals THO.MPSON. RO ' ' W ELDON P. O. Bo 505 Burlington. N. C. Major: History Activities: Letterman ' s Club. Track Team. History Club TOOTLE. GERALD H. Route 2. Box 234 Scotland Neck. N. C. Major: History Minor: Education Activities: Men ' s Congress. Arnold .Air Society. History Club. Geographic Society. Student NE.A TOTTEN. CLAYTON C. 2413 Bywood Road Greensboro. N. C. Major: Business .Administration TUCKER. LAWRENCE G. 316 Highland .Avenue Mt. ' ernon. N. Y. Major: Social Welfare Minor: Sociology TURNER. J. STANLEY ' 815 E. Bragg S ' reet Greensboro. N. C. Major: Phvsical Education Minor: Biologv Activities: Basketball Team. Off-Campi ' s Club T ' SON. CONNIE LAVERN 1115 Duke Street Greensboro. N. C. Major: Social Welfare .Activities: Off-Campi:s Club. Pentecostal Fellowship VANN. JEWEL " VONNE 509 Vann Street Goldsboro. N. C. .Major: Social Welfare .Activities: Spanish Club. Sociology Club. Geographic Society VINCENT. WILLIAM ANTHONY 1720 Huffine Mill Road Greensboro. N. C. .Major; Business .Administration Activities: Off-Campus Club. Phi Beta Lambda WADDELL. NANCv STEPHANIE 85 Arnold Street Staten Island. N. Y. .Major; Nursing Activities: Teloca Club. Newman ' s Club, Interfaith Co-jncil. .Ad- visory Board. Reeister Staff. Administrative Helpers ' Pyramid Club W.AGSTAFF. LULA MRGINIA P. O. Box 85 Leasburg. N. C. Major: Business Education .Activities: YWCA. NCAS, Women ' s Coancil, Interfaith Coancil WALKER, CHAUNCEY WARREN. JR. 612 G Street Hampton. Virginia .Major: .Architectural Engineering .Activities; Marching Band. Concert B;md. Society for Students of .Architecture. Tidev aier Club WALKER, GLORIA JEAN 442 Loach Street .Asheboro. N. C. Major; Business .Administration Activities: Geographic Society. Phi Beta Lambda WALL.ACE. HOWARD ROBERT. JR. 408 Pine Street Hamlet. N. C. Major; Pohtical Science .Activities; Alpha Phi .Alpha Fraternity. Political Science Club. Student Government. .Advanced .Air Force ROTC, Scabbard and Blades Militarv Society. Geographic Society 245 WALL, ADDIE LeVONE Route 3. Box 299 Rockingham. N. C. Major: Home Eeononiics Education Activities: Women ' s Council, Kappa Epsilon, Economics Club. AOOP WARD, BETT1 E JOYCE Route 4. Box 215-B Moimt Olive. N. C. Major: Social Welfare Activities: Women ' s Council, French Club, Sociology Club WARREN, BETTIE JEAN Route I, Box 4S0 Winterville, N. C. Major: Business Education Minor: Secretarial Science Activities: Pentecostal Fellowship. Women ' s Council. Sunday School. Student NEA. Explorer ' s Club. Phi Beta Lambda. NCAS WASHINGTON. DAVID WILTON P. O. Box . 24 Yorktown. Virginia Major: Electrical Engineering Activities: Electrical Engineering Association. Tidewater Club WEBB. PATRICIA VONNE IS74 Markone Street. N.W. Atlanta. Georgia Major: Economics Activities: GUTS. Sunday School. Economics Club. Women ' s Council WEBB. WILLIAM LOUIS Route 2. Box 46(1 Windsor. N. C. Major: Sociology WHITE. JAMES EDWARD Route 10. Box ,1 l. ' i-A C harlotle. N. C. Major: Biology Activities: Biology Club. Student NEA. NAACP. Charlotte Club WILLIAMS. CAROLYN FAYE ]}!} Atlantic Street Wilson. N. C. Major: Mathematics Activities: Digit Circle WILLIAMS, CLARA MARIE 13(13 Washington Street Washington, N. C. Major: Biology Minor: Education Activities: Biology Club, Explorer ' s Club. Society, Usher ' s Board, Student NEA WILLIAMS, ETHEL M, Route 3. Box 21)1 York, South Carolina Major: English Activities: Junior NCTE. Student NEA, Council WILLIAMS, EVELYN MARIE Route I, Box 143 .Scotland Neck, N. C, Major: Soci;tl Welfare Activities: Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority, NAACP, Geographic Society WILLIAMS, JESSIE M. 309 S, 12th Street Pinetops. N. C. Major: Secretarial Science Activities: Marchinu Band. Lambda. Student NFA WILLIAMS. JOSEPH A. 716 Bradley Avenue Tarboro, N. C. Major: Business Education Minor: Psychology Activities: Phi Beta L:imbda. American Chemical Pyramid Club, Women ' s Concert Band, NCAS, Phi Beta Fraternity III Military Society, The Chimes, United Men ' s Congress WILLIAMS, JOSEPH C, Route 5, Box 374 Kinston, N. C. Major: Physical Education Minor: Health Education Activities: Phi Beta Sigma WILLIAMS. MATTHEW. 1 1 Hedden Terr:ice Newark. New Jersey Major: Business Administration Activities: Scabbard and Blade Bushmasters WILLIAMS. NETTIE M. 1 1 16 East Lee Street Greensboro. N. C. Major: Health and Physical Education Activities: Physical Education Majors ' Club. Women ' s Athletic Association, Off-Campus Club, Student NEA, Concert Band WILLIAMS. ROY JUNIUS Box 441 Warsaw. N. C. Major: Agricultural Economics Activities: Economics Club. AOOP WILLIAMS. VELMA McCOINE Route 2. Box 191 Warrenton. N. C. Major: Secretarial Science Activities: Phi Bet;L L:imbd:i. NCAS, Women ' s Council, Sunday School WILLIAMSON, NATHANIEL HENRY 601 York Street Sanford, N. C. Major: Biology Activities: Pentecostal Fellowship. Karate Team, Interfaith Co- ordinating Council WINCHESTER. WOODROW WILSON 4407 Anderson Street Greensboro. N. C. Major: Business Administr;ition Activities: Phi Beta Lambda, Off-Campus Club WITT, JOAN FRANCES 442 Loach Street Asheboro, N. C, Major: Social Welfare Activities: Sociology Club, Geographic Society, French Club WRIGHT, DIANE 40S South I5ih Street Newark, New Jersey Major: History Activities: Tri-State Club Geographic Society ONGE, JOSEPH HENRY Route 2, Box 469 Huntersville, N. C. Major: Architectural Engineering Activities: Band, Society of Students of Architecture YOUNG, ARTHUR JAMES 714 South LSih Street Wilmington. N C. Major: Industrial Arts Activities: Veteran ' s Club. Industrial Arts Associ:ition YOUNG. DON GREGORY 481. ' ! Parrish Street Philadelphia. Pa. Major: Economics Activities: Economics Club. Tri-State Cluh YOUNGER, EDITH R. I 12 Howtird Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Major: French Activities: Pi Delta Phi Honor Society. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Women ' s Coimcil. Administrative Helpers ' Club EVANS, CONSTANTINE HICKS 142. Maplewood Drive Durham, N. C. Major: Clo ' hing Activities: Student Counselor, Women ' s Council, Kappa Epsilon, Angel Flight, Administrative Helper ' s 246 L. n •■ I fgpa mmiimif mimy in: wm •iLi.wr ::- . •-- -«•• ' - " WBWBBPBBipBPWf fP :sM;s ss3Kt P ,a d iJ I mmmm msmm mmmmi

Suggestions in the Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) collection:

Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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