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Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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■ . •i J t. jS; NC A 4 T STATE UNIV LIBRARY ?v T " ' 3 0343 0191458+ ' ■ v r- . vi ; " ; ? : i v . •Y i _ P r. -- viii- ' - ' ' • • i ' .- .--a: 1 • .v :,-.v " - f f4, J -- y »•. ;v jfi- s» ?S!0 ' : ' i r K LV ifc 3« «te. . ' y : ■- :i A PUBLISHED BY THE AGRICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL COLLEGE OF N. C. AT GREENSBORO EDITOR— LANARD M. GEDDINGS ■H FOREWORD The st.ifF of the 1966 Ayantee is proud to present this annual representing as it does our final effort at our beloved alma mater. In years to come, the day hy day activities of our col- lege days will be forgotten. Incidents of special significance, however, will remain as reminders of our years at Aggieland. We hope that this volume will in a small way indicate the services rendered by the col- lege to the community and to the nation As we go forth we pledge ourselves to carry with us, wherever we may be, the Aggie ideal of service to our fellowmen. To this end we have chosen as the theme of the yearbook: AGGIES ON THE GO, FOR LEADERSHIP, SCHOLARSHIP, AND CITIZENSHIP. Lanard M. Geddings, Editor yl DEDICATION The Staff of the 1966 Ayantee proudly and with deep apprceiation dedicates this volume of the Ayantee to Miss Marguarite E. Porter for her never-tiring willingness to help students — academically and other- wise through her advising, her exemplification of professional competence, and her devoted dedication to A T and education. Miss Porter hails from Latta, South Carolina. Her academic attain- ments are as follows: A.B. Degree — Allen University, Columbia, South Carolina; M.A. Degree — Atlanta University, Atlanta, George. She has worked on adv.inced study at Columbia University, New York, New York. Other than holding the position of Assistant Professor of English. Miss Porter has been a class advisor for the freshmen, junior, and senior classes, as well as an academic advisor to the freshman class. She is presently serving as the co- advisor to the Freshman Newsletter, " The Beanie " . To further the staffs dedication choice, we take these lines from Matthew Arnold ' s " " Rugby Chapel " " which are helpful, but still inadequate. If in the paths of the world. Stones might have wounded thy feet. Toil or dejection have tried Thy spirit, or that we saw Nothing — to us thou wast still Cheerful, and helpful, and firm! Languor is not in your heart. Weakness is not in your word. Weariness not on your brow. im IMPRESSIONS INDIVIDUALS ■ip MEDIA REFLECTIONS WHEREAS, THE AGRICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL COLLEGE OF NORTH CAROLINA HAS AS ITS PRIMARY FUNCTION THE ENHANCEMENT OF THE EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL LEVEL OF ITS STUDENTS; AND . " rak Commencement Scene Dr. W.irmiith T, Gihhs, PresidentEmentus, upon retiring as professor of social science, is presented ,i silver bowl, nn expression of appreciation from the faculty, hy Dr. Lewis C. Dowdy, president :? WHEREAS, CONSTRUCTIVE LEADERSHIP IS INDISPENSABLE TO FAVORABLY INFLUENCING OTHERS TOWARD DESIRED ENDS; AND ' Jackie Rohinson. the former baseball great, presents a silver lovmg cup to the college, commemorating the now famous sit-in movement which had its beginning at A cr T back in 1960. In the photo are Dr. Dowdy, General Little, president of the United Mens Congress, and Marsh Campbell, Vice-President. WHEREAS, QUALITY SCHOLARSHIP IS NECESSARY FOR THE ATTAINMENT OF ANY ACADEMIC GOAL; AND Mrs. Virgini.i Simmons, Nannie Kearney, and Brenda Richardson receive honors tor Academic Excellence. ALUMNI SCHOLARS, a group of high abiHty students selected ;md supported by the A Ef T College General Alumni Association. Honored for having the highest academic average among the men in their respective classes were: Vaughn Bridges, sophomore; Linwood Burney, junior; and Alton Wallace, senior. Students, at top, depart for religious retreat, and at bottom, members of the elass in Urban Sociology leave for New York City to attend the Intercollegiate Conference on Urban Affairs. Arnie Bass was one of several students who inter- rupted their schedules here for visits abroad. Bass spent six -months in Japan. WHEREAS, EFFECTIVE CITIZENSHIP IS IMPORTANT FOR MEANINGFUL LIVING IN ANY SOCIETY; The now famous " Four Freshmen, " who in 1960 started the sit in movement by eoUege students, returned to the Alma Mater on the eve of the sixth anniversary- of the movement. They are from left to right: Ezell Blair, Jr., now in New Bedford. Mass.; First Lieutenant Joseph McNeill, now combat navigator at Ellsworth AFB, S. Dakota; David Richmond, a student in Greens- boro, and Franklin, development chemist, Charlotte, N. C. N Debbie Johnson, " Miss A ii T " , digs deep n breakinc ecremonies for the new student union building, with Dr Dowdy, and Howard C. Barnhill , the attcr, national president of the A f T College General Alumni Association. NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE E. STEVENS JR., STUDENT GOVERNMENT PRESIDENT OF THE SCHOOL YEAR 1965-66, George Stevens, president of the Student Government, and Dcbra Johnson " Miss Afs-T " , present " Aggies On The Go Proclamation to Dr. Dowdy ' --si Presentation of Proclamation, a demonstration for good DO HEREBY PROCLAIM THE THEME FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR 1965-66 AS " AGGIES ON THE GO FOR LEADERSHIP, SCHOLARSHIP, AND CITIZENSHIP. " The School of Agriculture embraces the funda ' mental philosophy of the Land-Grant Institution and it accepts the obligation to provide a program of resident and off ' campus mstruction adequate to meet the needs of the people. It administers to the general needs of a rural-urban society and to the special needs of those who desire and benefit from instruction in agriculture, home economics, and the natural sciences. The objectives of the School ol Agriculture are two fold: (1) to extend the frontiers of knowledge and the professional competencies of its faculty and the academic proficiency of its students through organised instruction and research and (2) to share its resources with its clientele through organized short courses, conferences, and related activities designed to meet special needs. Tests! Tests! Tests! Tedious work. SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE S.itisfactory results 18 f Biology S « « Foods and Nutrition Dr. B. C. Wehh, Dean of the School of Agriculture. An accurate measurement in chemistr ' ; satisfactory results. Countless tests were performed daily. SCHOOL OF EXPLORERS CLUB To give students oppurtunity to apply prineiples learned m field trips and aequirc nmre seientiiie information. President: Nieholas Bright Adi ' isor: Mrs. E. D. Clark AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS To faeilitatc a meeting of the mnids of students interested in Agrieultural Economies and other allied areas of study. President: John Barrett Advisor: Dr. Howard Robinson AGRONOMY CLUB To stimulate interest in agronomy among students and to provide opportunity for a wider acquaint- ance with, and problems related to iigronomy science. Presidfnt: Johnnie Jones, III Adviior: Dr. S. J, Dunn AGRICULTURE ALPHA KAPPA MU The Alpha Kappa Mu Honor So- city, founded in 1937, 15 a na- tional organisation which promotes high scholarship, encourages sin- cere and jealous endea% ' or in all fields of knowledge and ser ' icc, cultivates a high order of personal living, and develops appreciation for scholarly endeavor in others. BIOLOGY CLUB To promote student interest in the field of biology and related sub- jects; to encourage scholarship among the members and to serve as a liason between faculty and students. President: Charles Thompson Advisor: Dr. J. A- Williams ' I FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA To develop and encourage leader- ship and scholarship among stu- dents interested in agriculture. President: Willie Randoff Advisor: Dr. A. P. Bell What was vour answer? Dr. A. F Jackson, Dean of the School of EducatKin and General Studies. SCHOOL OF EDUCATION AND GENERAL STUDIES The School of Education and General Studies extends to the students opportunities to prepare for teaching careers in the secondary schools of the State and the nation and for several other vocational and professional pursuits. The var- ious courses of study are structured so that the students may attain competence in both specialized and general areas of education. The School is comprised of seven major departments offering specialized courses of study in a variety of disciplines leading to the bachelor of science degree. The departments are: Education, Social Science and the newest addition, Pohtical Science. In addition to specific major concentrations, subjects required for completion of the pre-professional social work course is provided. A smile, and " A Thousand Years of English Pronunciation " wssmiB Reading skills development. Foreign languages. Counseling Session Statisties enable students to eollect and classify information, systematically. i1!=R T SCHOOL OF EDUCATION FORTNIGHTLY CLUB To discuss some of the literary works which have influenced the intellectual, spiritual, and cultural development of civili:;ation and to sponsor other cultural activities. Preside7it: William Adams Adt ' isor: Miss Dorothy Eller FRENCH CLUB To give students an opportunity to improve the French language out- side the classroom in activities such as, games, movies, and plays. President : Kertie McGhee Advisor: Dr. W. N. Rice srs ■ ' ■ ' - ' " -— °- - „ " " " ji MM " " iS ppiiy MiaMj m:. SSm! n W) j H jp Ifflwf i wt ' ' F - ma U m 1 flL w iil HIMIBnbb ISA- B T ' T k wt t - VH fS ' r m 1 i 1, «w Ml )» «M|y»» «P « S3 GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY To further geographic interest on the college campus. Prcsidoit: J.ick C. Blake Adiii.siir: Mr, T. A. Clark » nssA ? AND GENERAL STUDIES MUSIC EDUCATORS NATIONAL CONFERENCE To engage in activities pertinent to music education, clinics and lectures. President: Raymond English Adrisor: Mr. Howard Pcarsall STUDENT N. E. A. The local NE.A. chapter works harmoniously w-ith the national organiration in pursuing its end of constantly improving our educa- tional system. President: Gloria Panton Adi ' isor: Mrs. Ann Graves ECONOMICS CLUB The Economics Club promotes an interest in the field of economics. It also brings about a knowledge of economics as it relates to other subjects. President; George Byrd Advisor: Dr. Juanita D. Tate l£ i S yN m IP B H ■■■ 23 SCHOOL OF EDUCATION STYLUS CLUB The Stylus Cluh encourages stu- dents with creative ahihty in writ- ing to develop. The organization puhlishes a literary magasine. President: Robert W, igoner Advisors: Miss D. M. Eller and Dr. William Robinson PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS The Physical Education Majors Club serves the interests of those who pursue training in the physical education field. Advisor: Miss Barbara Dodd JUNIOR COUNSELORS Tlic Junior Counselors of Scott H.ill, all upperclassmcn, provided a needed source of assistance to stu- dents beginning their college careers. The group had its advisor, Mr. Ernest McCoy. AND GENERAL STUDIES GERMAN CLUB This ciuh IS designed to stimul.itc thc interest of those who want to further their knowledge m the German language, history, culture, and background. LAMBDA IOTA TAU This organization is designed to recognize and promote excellence in the creative study of literature. President: Winnie Lloyd Advisor: Dr. William H. Robinson PI DELTA PHI This is a society of young people devoted to the intensive study of French. They devote quite a bit of time to the culture, scientific and historical background of France and Its people. Pre.sidtrU: Barbara Batts .Advisor: Dr. Wavelyn Rice Wr The School of Engineering includes the Departments of Architectural Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Business, Fine Arts, and Industrial Education. The curricula offered includes four-year courses of study leading to the Bachelor of Science degree as well as professional courses required by the State Department of Public Instruc- tions for the teaching certificate in several fields. To keep pace with the increasing demands of industry, society, and pro- gressive education, the school is rapidly improving its staff and expand- ing its facilities and physical plant. Mechanical engineering students use team-work to get the job done. - Students at work m the Department of Industrial Arts SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Modern M.ith or reguLir Math, it ' s all Mathematics. 28 na; « J. M. Marteena, Dean of the School of Engineenng. Micro-physics class Students working at an experiment in physics. Basic EntrinccDn.: Architectural Engineering Class 29 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS To give the student experience in writing and presenting scientific papers, and the oppurtunity ti explore outside ot class, some phase-s of science- President: Rita Southall Adviior: Dr Donald Edwards SCHOOL OF 1FI1 U- ' ART CIRCLE To develop further interest in the visual arts through study and application. President ; William S. Rice Adi ' isur: Mr. LcRoy Holmes, Jr. INDUSTRIAL ARTS ASSOCIATION The purpose of the Industrial Arts Associ.ition is .1 combined effort to enrich the student knowledge ahout Industrial Arts and to keep him intormed .ihout the new methods .ind trends m Industrial Arts ,ind related areas. President: Wallace Worlc •sy Adi ' isors: Mr. G. C. G.iil and Mr. E. D. Hargrove 30 ENGINEERING 0. ELECTRICAL ENGINEER ' S ASSOCIATION An organisation which has for its purposes to develop high apprecia- tion for the profession, included an annual visit to major industrial plants of the nation as a highlight of Its program. President: Arthur EUer Advisor: Mr. Armand Richardson THE SOCIETY OF STUDENTS OF ARCHITECTURE To stimulate interest in architec- ture tor those students majoring m the field. President: Hermon Fox Adi ' isor: Mr W. A. Strcat MATHEMATICS CLUB To explore new theories to math majors through extra-class activities. President: Robert Scales Advisor: Mrs. Anita Rivers SCHOOL OF PHI BETA LAMBDA Composed of business administra- tion and business edueation majors. Its members have the advantage of obtaining hrsthand information about new developments in the field. The group sponsors .ictivities designed to provide a eloser ac- quaintance of the techniques of business. Pvesideiit: Marion E Horton Adr ' i. or: Mrs. Katie Dorsett .JL ' JrO ' J ' J Electrical engineering students check out a circuit. Fine Arts students Mech.inical and Eiectncil engineering students worked hand in hand. 32 ENGINEERING Engineering Physicists work hard and long at their work in class. This gr.iup 15 studying the basic techniques in ceramics. In Business Administration speed is of great importance, and these students are practicing just that - SPEED. PI OMEGA PI To create, encourage, promote and extend interest in scholarship. To aid in activities for civic better- ment in the school. President: Goraldine Hodges Adiisor: Mrs. Veda Stroud W - SCHOOL OF NURSING To nurse is to teach — Puhlie He.ilt The School of Nursing, established at A ?T in ly " ??, has had a brief, but note- worthy history. It has met and is meeting the challenge set for it years ago ... to prepare students for careers in nursing. Its graduates, numbering in the hundreds, are scattered throughout this nation, and are also performing in foreign countries and on the battlefronts ot the world. Don ' t miss a thing — Freshman nursing Departing ' Dear Old Nohle M m. Pediatric Nursii " Sterile " , operational definition 35 Mrs. Naomi W. Wynn Dean of the School of Nursing Work to tomorrow for career opportunities are bright F.O. BLUFORD LIBRARY ItaA T STATE UNIVERSITY GREENSBORO. N.a 27411 The School of Industries meets the growing demand for technically trained personnel in industry and teach ' ers of trade and vocational education m the secondary schools of the nation. The school was organized to offer industrial training and a background in general studies to provide both the skills and intellectual development for the productive and intelligent citizen. Cool water at last. SCHOOL OF INDUSTRIES Grind out those grade points, SLOWLY, SURLLY. Try It Now. 36 m Samuel C. Smith Dean of The School of Industries Metal Work Tmic out! For Camera Bugs 37 ,• s 3 GRADUATE SCHOOL Arts Education Mr J Neil Armstrong Dean of Graduate School The Graduate School of the Agricultural and Technical College offers a program leading to the master of science degree. Areas of concentration included in the degree program, master of science in education arc: (1) Elementary Education. (2) Secondary Education, (3) Administration and Super- vision, (4) Guidance, and ( ) Chemistry ' . High School teachers in Chemistry Modern Mathematic Ross Boone and James Pettaway perform biological research. Guidance Program Seminar in Education 39 jW DEAR A T, DEAR A T, A MONUMENT INDEED AROUND THY BASE WITH GRATEFUL HEARTS BEHOLD THY STUDENTS KNEEL. : w DR. LEWIS C PRESIDENT OF A T DOWDY It is my great pleasure tc) extend to you congratulations upon your graduation. You will now join the caravan of " Aggies " who spread their trophies not only from Dare to Cherokee, but from here to Tripoli. While your challenges will be the greatest ever faced by any generation, your op- portunity to change the character of our society and to contribute to the elevation of our civilization will be immeasurable. I predict that the history you write by your deed, which will emanate from your deep commitment and high aspiration, will prove to be the most important ever written and witnessed by the races of men. I, therefore, admonish you to keep the fires of intellectual curiosity burning so that the chain which now locks ' ifrom man the unexplored ideas may be melted to release a well-spring of new knowledge to give our civilization renewed thrust toward the realization of the " Great Society. " I know that you will carry with you the consuming " Aggie " spirit, which has al- ways given our graduates an incessant urge to continually seek the realization of a higher goal and to make a larger contribution to the realization of the American dream. 42 m BOARD OF TRUSTEES An important part of the administration team for A fei ' T IS its Board of Trustees, a tireless and dedicated group of men who give unstintingly of their talents, thought and time to the development of this institution. At center are Robert H. Frasier, Greensboro, chairman, and Dr. Dowdy. Others from left to right are: Dr. A A. Best, Greenville; Dr Otis Tillman, High Point; David W. Morehead, Greensboro; George Sockwell, Elon College; E, E. Waddell, Charlotte, vice chairman; Frontis W. Johnston, David- son; L. L. Ray, Greensboro; James Graham, Raleigh; J. Mack Hatch, Charlotte, and W, B Wicker, Greensboro. 43 1 ADMINISTRATION The nucleus ot A 6? T College is the administration. Often the topic of severe criticisms by those who are unaware of the problems at hand, these men and women work long and hard for varied improvements in all of the schools and departments. They are called upon to direct the business of the college, subject to the approval ot the Board of Trustees and the President of the College. They are responsible for a growing A © T and have to please many divergent groups. Their aims and desire are identical with those ot the students, faculty, and alumni — a bigger and better A T. Glen F. R. nkin Dean oj In.stmctuin Jitssi; Marshall Dean of Students WiLLLXM H. Gamble Director of AdTtiissum Harvey R Alexander Busmi. ' . ' i.s Manager Vanxe E. Gray Administratn-e Assistant to the President Dr. L. H. Robinson Director of Research Dr. F. a. W ' illums Director of Derelopmetit Ellis F. Corbett Director of Information Services M. RVIN B. GR- EBER Director oj Buildings and Grounds Re -. Cleo M. McCoy Director oj The Chapel 45 W, I. Morris Director of Placement Services S. J. Shaw Director of Freshmiin Studies B. C. Crews Acting Librarian fjf fr; Dr. William M. Bell Director of Atliietics Mrs. Ruth M. Gore Director of Counseling and Testing Dr. Robert S. Beale Director of Comf ' uter Science 46 !W r K V i LLIAM G. GOODE 1 k Dean of Men j l i B i Mrs. Lucille Piggott Dean of omen Phillip D. Boone Assistant Dean of Men Mrs. M.wis Brimage Assistatit Dedri of Women Dr. F. E. Davis College Physictan JiMMIE I. B.ARBER Director of Housing 47 w - WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Glady? M. Atkinson Socidl Science Darlene Drummond English Nellie R. Feaster Biology Lanard M, Gcddm is Aiclutecinrdl Engineering Ldiiise J. Gaoche Tsjur.iing Jack Alexander Goode Biology William E. Goude English Stella Jean History Barbara Hyatt y ursmg Shirley P Jacobs Accuiouing Debra L. Johnson J iirsing Hattic Kitre Bu.smes.s Bducalion M.iitu ' Kitf J-foiiie Economics 48 Ora Lockley Biology Brcnda Richardson Soci(.l(.gy r rr Charles L. Richardson Mathematics Liliie Rohbins Sociology 1 yronc Ku sc Bio log V Robert Singletary Business Adynimstration Kaye Sprui Sociology PnsciUa Spruill Sociology George Stevens Physical Education Ida M. Tayliir English Charles Thompson Biology Alfred C. Waddell Sociology Alton S. Wallace Engineering Mathematics NOT PICTURED ARE: Ralpha E, Greenlee Johnnie S. Richardson Angelyn M. Wynck Winnie D. Wehh English Angelyn G. West Mu.sic £ducation 49 OUTSTANDING SEN lORS MaTTII: KiTRI:LL President oj Senior Class William Goode Editor-inChief. ' The Re ister Lanard M. Geddinc.s Editor-in-Chief. The Ayantee Brenda Richardsiin Sociology George Stevens President o] Sfndfju Goi ' erjinient Debra Johnson Miss A. T. Charles Thompson Biology Benjamin Brown Chemistry It is only natural that some members of our class would have distinguished themselves in achievement and service to the institution and their fellow students. We list here our nominations tor the high position of " Outstanding Seniors " . By their fine demonstration of intellectual vigor, Melvin Phillips Sports Charlie Felton EiigineenTig Winnie Webb Lloyd £7iglis i Charles Dudley All Around Senior broad knowledge of human nature, moral and spiritual examples and excellence in their many pur- suits, these " superlatives " have been labled for success in their future endeavors. We are happy to list those whom we consider, most deserving. OUTSTANDING SENIORS Alton Wallace Mathematics Barbara Batts Foreign Languages Rita Southall Physics WrLLiAM Sherwood Art 51 JW V Adams, Hesekiah Jr. Gastonia, N. C. Baird, Francis B. Hillshoro, N. C. Bell, Martha L. Winnabow, N. C. Bolton, Barbara E. Pittsburgh, Pa. Alston, Joann C. Washington, D. C. Barnes, William C. Robersonvillc, N. C. Blackborn, Jefferson I. High Point, N. C. Bonch, Willie Greensboro, N. C. Alston, Thomas A. Chapel Hill, N. C. B.iss, Regenia Rougemont, N. C. Bl.inks, Jesse Jr. Riegelwood, N. C. Bowden, Cardriner Goldsboro, NO. Atkinson, Gladys Walstonburg, N. C, Batts, Barbara Langley AFB, Va. Blount, Willie Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Bowden, Esther Great Falls, S, C, Avery, Valeria A. Charlotte, N. C. Baxter, Elisabeth D. Greensboro, N. C. Blue, Georgia Sanford, N. C. ' Bowcn. Donnell Roekv Mount, N. C. HE WHO KNOWS AND KNOWS THAT ... IS A . HE KNOWS . . SENIOR 52 --«S? » SENIOR CLASS OF 1966 Brewer, Raymond Morganton, N. C. Brown, Edwin Ray Now Bom, N. C. Brown. William Pantcgo, N. C. Burns. Palverna No. Wilkesboro, N. C Bntt. Brcnda J. Richmond, Va. Browcr. Ruth H. Greensboro, N. C. Brown, Freddie Vercmia Brown. Hollie S. Greensboro, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Brown. Benjamin T. Brown, Charles F. Winston-Salem, N. C. Hoffman. N. C. Brown, Robert Shannon, N. C. Brown. Robert L. Gala. , Va. Brown, William T. Greensboro. N. C. Butler. Bennie Columbus, Ga. Br ' ant. Minnie Ray Tarboro, N. C. Bulter, Charles Er " in Wilmington. N. C. Burke. Walter Thomas, Jr. Burnett, Isaac. Jr. Charleston, S. C. Roper, N. C. Byrd, George H , Jr. Byrd. James L., Jr. Gibson nlle, N. C. Greensboro. N. C. m SENIOR CLASS OF 1966 Cambell, Dannie H. Cannon, Billy Samuel Carr, Carolyn Simmons Carter, Margaret Carter, Lucian Jones Laurel Hill, N, C. Grifton, N. C- Goldshoro, N. C. Haveloek, N. C. Charlottesville, Va. Chambless, Charles W. Chew, Natalie P. Childs, Garfield Ford Cill, Joyce Ann Claggion, Pamlyn Mane Port Chester, N. Y. Washington, D C. Richmond, Va. Graham, N. C, Portsmouth, Va. Clark, Virginia Clarke, Keith W. Cohhs, Prophet Coble, Maurice P., Jr. Coles, Mary Ann Carrboro, N. C. Jamaica, N. Y. Raleigh, N.C. Wilson, N. C. Roanoke, Va. Collins, Eddie Lee Jr. Ci ' rhett, Harvey Cook, Fredrick Cox, E.irl G. Craven, Colen E. Spring Hope, N, C, Greensboro, N. C. Mt. Gilead, N. C. Ciilumbus, Ohio Greensboro, N. C. 54 mmm Curtis, Marth.i L. Dalton, Tylca M. Davis, Benny L. Davis, William F. DeShields, James C. Selma, N. C. Madison, N. C. Charlotte. N. C. Petersburg, Va. Wilmington, N. C. Diggs, Robert Dillahunt, John T, Dilligard, Rufus Dix, Wilbert D. Dixon, Billy R Mathews, Va. New Bern, N. C. Charleston, S. C. Greensboro. N. C. Willard, N. C. Dixon, Carol A. Donley, Y. Douthit, Tommy Drummond, Darlene Dudley, Charles Burlington, N. C. Charleston, S. C. Salem, N. C. Portsmouth, Va. Rocky Mount, N, C Echols, Sandra J. Edwards, Annie S. Edwards, David Edwards. Penny A. Edwards, William P. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Battlehoro, N. C. Rocky Mount, N. C. Chapel Hill. N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Elliott, Wilhc Jr. Sumter, S. C. English, Raymond Greensboro, N. C. Evans, Bobby R. Oxford, N. C. Falls, D.ivid L. Jr. Kannapolis, N. C. Farrington, Thomas A Chapel Hill, N. C. F.iulk, J.inics O. Hampton, Va. Feaster, Nellie R, Greensboro, N. C. Felton, Ch.irlie Hertford, N. C. Ferguson, John Greensboro, N. C. Fishburn, Beverly Summerville, S. C. Fleming, Henry W. Charleston, S. C. Fontaine, Howard R. Martinsville, Va. Fox, Hermon R- Grcensboro, N. C. Freeman, Charles Greensboro, N. C. Friday, Jerry L. , Gastonia, N. C. F jUer, Helen Amityville, N. Y. Fuller, James N. Greensboro, N. C. Fulton, Clay V. Kernersville, N. C. Fulton, Justiee C. Kernersville, N. C. Gallant, Frederiek Columbia, S. C. 56 SENIOR CLASS OF 1966 Galloway, Flora St. Paul, Minn. Gilchrist, Ha:el F. Red Springs, N. C. Gixidc, Jack A. Greensboro, N. C. Granger, John E. Charlotte, N. C. Garner. Donna Y. Roanoke Rapids. N. C, Gilmer, Evandcr M. Jr. Greenshoro, N. C. Goode, William E. Greensboro, N. C. Graves, Felix A, Yanceyville, N, C. Gathers, Barbara A. Charleston, S. C. Glaspic, Joyce A. Warsaw, N. C. Goolsby, Jo Ann Greensboro, N. C. Greene, Dorothy Behvia, N. C. Gay. Charles R. Fountain, N. C. Coins, Jimmie Greensboro, N. C. Gordon. Betty J. FayetteviUe, N. C, Greene, William H, Winston-Salem. N C Geddings, Lanard M. Charleston, S. C. Gooche, Louise J. Henderson, N. C. Graddy, Matthew K. Washington, N. C. Grier, Thomas E. Newton, N. C. . j yi r SENIOR CLASS OF 1966 Griffin. Eddie N. Hairston, Jerry W. Hairston. John T. Haley, Arthur Joseph Jr. Hall, Carle New York City. N Y. Walnut Cove, N. C. Pine Hall. N. C. Richmond, Va. Leland. N. C. Hampton, Dons L. Hannah, Lee Edward Harper. Jimmy B. Harris. Lula G. Hams. Mar ' L. Rixinoke. Va. Louisville, Ga. Charlotte. N. C. Petershurt;, Va. Virgilina. Va. Harris. Veronica E. Harvester, Samuel R. Hawkins, Bruce A. Haynes, John David Hill. Albert Wilson Wilke.shoro, N. C. Morganton, N. C. Valdese. N. C. Charleston, S. C. Philadelphia, Penn Hill. M.u-y L. Hines, Clairissia Hmcs, Erthel Hinton, Gcorije D. Hodges, Geraldine D PhiLiJelphia 4, Penn. Kcnhndge, V.i. Goldshoro. N. C. Raleigh. N. C. Fremont, N. C. 1 AiM k lLi s - -» Hodges, Samuel J. HoUoway. Hazel HoUovvell, Bcttyc H. Howell. James I. Holmes, John E. Greensboro, N. C. Roxhoro, N. C. Winfall, N. C. Wintall. N. C. Greensboro, N. C Hood, Frances L. Horton, Stella J. Howell, Doristine Howell. Maria T. Humphrey, Clara Tyler, Tex. Pittsboro. N. C. Tarboro, N. C. Philadelphia, Penn Grecnewood, S. C Hunter, Hillard C. Jr. Hurdle. Reatha M. Hyatt, Barbara J. Jackson, Malmda C. James, LiUie R. Kings Mountain, N C. Belvidere, N. C. Bad.n. N. C. Robersonville, N. C. Tallahassee, Fla. Jeffers, Earl R. Jeffries, Jasper B. Ill Jennings, Billy B. Johnson, Annie M. Johnson, Carolyn L. Greenstx)ro, N. C Winston-Salem, N. C. Burlington, N. C. 59 Ramseur, N. C. Portsmouth, Va. r " Mitchell, Edwcird D. Trcntdii, N.J. Miinii, Willie Salisbury, N. C. Myers, Glariee J. Saint Marys, Ga. WcCciy, Evelyn Hamptim, Va. Mitchell, Irvm J. Reidsville, N. C. MiMire, James C. Wilmint;t(in, N. C. McAdoo, Martin K. Greensboro, N. C. Mitchell, Margaret Ann Mitchell, Ma.wvell Wilminston, N. C. Ahoskie, N. C, Miinteirn, Patricia W.ishmgtnn, D. C. McAdoo. Walker L. Avondale, N. C. McCrary, Zandorcia A, McDaniel, Golden Macon, Ga. Newport News, Va. Morris, Patrici.i J.imaic.i, N, Y, McCain, George R. Sumter, S. C. McKie, Heyward Columbia, S. C. Mitchell, Robert Erie, Penn. Murray, Connie Greensboro, N. C. McCiin, Jeanie H, , Philadelphia, Pa. McKinley. Dervvt od Lumberton, N. C. 60 ?y--L. fSiit, ' - SENIOR CLASS OF 1966 Lester. Lenora Little, Addic Lloyd, Winnie W. Loekley, Ora E. Logan. Herbert Woodsd.ilc, N. C. Scotland Neck, N, C. Bolton. N. C. Christchurch, Va. Nathalie, Va, Long, Dehorah O. Loundermon, Ruhen Lowery. Luther R. Man r, Judy C. Marshburn, Edward Durham. N, C. Danville, V.i. Kernersville, N. C, Ch.irlcston, S. C. Wilmington. N. C Martin, Bristol Jr. Martin, Elvin E. Martin, Willie J. Martin, William N. Mebane. William E. Havelock, N.C. Belews Creek, N. C. Belton. S C. Leaksville, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Metz. John M. Mills, Jessie G. Miller, Leroy Millsaps, Lester Jr. Mitchell. Bernice L. Littleton, Colo. Winterville. N. C. Griffin, Ga. Stony Point, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. 61 f SENIOR CLASS OF 19( Johnson, Dehra L. Johnson, Edward Johnson, Joseph Johnson, Julia M. A. Johnson, Marolyn J. Columbia, S. C. Greensboro, N. C, Goldsboro, N. C. Philadelphia, Penn. Portsmouth, Va. Jones, Carolyn Jones, Johnnie III Jordan, Charles H. Jiiyner, Joyee D. Kay, Samuel Thoma Moyock, N. C. Trenton. N. C. Moyock, N. C. Rocky M.iunt, N, C Brooklyn, N. Y. Kennedy, Mary G. Kight, Ruby L. King, Delores Marie Kirk, Orson T. Kirk, Richard A. Kings Mountain, N C. Kinsland, Georgia Smithfield, N. C. Paterson, N. J. Goldsboro, N. C. Kittrell, Hattie Kittrell, Mattie Lee Ehiabeth Lee, Jesse J. Green Jr. Lennon, Wilbert Jamestown, N. C, Jamestown, N. C. Enfield, N. C. Salisbury, N. C. Whiteville, N. C. 62 r m McKivlt, Carolyn D. Rocky Mount, N. C. McLaughlin, William A. West Englewood, N. J McPherson, Claudettc Greensboro, N. C. Nelson, Angeline D. Roxboro, N, C. Newton, Jesse C. Ri:d Springs, N. C. Ngayu, Ohadiah K. Nairohi-Kenya, East Africa Noriega, Lula M. Corona, N. Y. Norman, Jeanette Pisgah Forest, N. C. Norris, James O. Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Okeke, Joseph N. Nigeria, West Africa Owens, Wilhcrt D. Jr. Columbia, N. C. Paldwcll. Herbert Greensboro, N. C. Parham, Larriane P. Zebulon. N. C. Parker, Linda Rocky Mount, N. C. Parker, Willie E. Stony Point, N. C. Pee, Verdell Paterson, N. J. Peace, Richard J. Greensboro, N. C. Pemberton, Ambrose III Rackingham, N. C. Pennix, Georgia M. Greensboro N. C. Peterson, George D, Wilmington, N. C. 63 Pickett, M.iry M. Rose Hill, N. C. I ' leree, Lynd.i C. Ahoskic, N.C. Poston, Jennie S. Shelby, N. C. Ransom, H.irry D. Pinehurst, N, C. Rascoe, Eugene GatesviUc, N. C. RedJ, J. Andrew Monrovi.i, Liheri.i Rice, William S. Nevvtonk, N. C. Riehardson, Brend Westhury, L. I., aM. N. Y. Robbins, Lillie M. Greenville, N. C. R(.)berson, Larry Blounts Creek, N.C RobinsDii, Andrew L. Fayetteville, N. C. Robinson, James M. Greensboro, N. C, Rogers, Morns Kittrell, N C. Roland, Annett.i M. Windson, N, C. Ross, Jesse C. Farmville, N C Russell, Moselle D, Durham, N. C. Russell, Tyrone Orangsburg, S. C. Saunders, Robert Lynchburg, Va. Schnyder, NiehoKis Greensboro, N. C. .Sehumpett, LaMaris B Columbia, S. C. M SENIOR CLASS OF 1966 Shands. Dorothy A Sharpe, Nelson L. Shaw, Dorothy J. Shipman. Willie F. Slier, Melvin Petersburg, Va. Preston, Md. Greensboro. N. C. Blandenboro. N. C. Portsmouth, Va, Simkins, William A. Singletar ' . Robert L. Smith. Hilda M Smith. John A. Smith, John A. Brooklyn, N. Y. Washington, D. C. Durham, N. C. Southport, N. C. Stonewille, N. C. Smith. Lillian L. Smith, Lynnette Smith. Miehael Smith. Robert C. Solomon, David Harrishurg, Pa. Greensboro, N. C. Hampton, Va. Brooklyn, N. Y. Greensboro, N. C. Southall, Rit.i Spruill, Kaye B. Spruill, Mar ' F. Spruill. Pnseilla Stephens, Alvin E- Portsmouth, Va. West Hempstead, L - I. Greensboro, N. C. Goldsboro, N. C. Mount Vermon, N. Y. r f SENIOR CLASS OF 1966 Stevens, George E. Stevenson, Samuel Taborn, Kathryn V. Taborn, Betty Sue Taylor, Ida M. Greensboro, N. C. Riegelwood, N. C, Durham, N. C, N. C Rocky Mount, N, C Tecle, J.mies E. Teele, Susie Vernette Thompson, Charles E. Thompson, John R. Tillery, Ernest T. Everette, N. C. Williamston, N. 0. Roeky Mount, N. C, Greensboro, N. C. Williamston. N. C. Tisdale, Gertrute E. Toney, William L. Trent. Vera V. Turner. Clinton K. Turner, Leonard S. S.ilters, S. C. Wmston-Salem. N. C. Parksley, Va. Hertb.rd, N. C. Statesville, N. C. Waddell, Alfred C. Waddell. EliMbeth W.igstaff, Hubert T. Walden, Geraldme H. Walker, Thelma M, Greensboro, N. C. Sanford, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Sanford, N. C. Greensboro, N. C Mjk im r - Wallace, Alton S Walters. Leslie B. Ward. Rosa M. Waters, Allen L. Watford. Susie A. New Bern, N.C. Buffalo. N. Y. Bethel, N. C. Greenwood, Dela. Calerain, N. C. Watlington, Virginia Watts. Willie N. Webb. Mary Ann Webber. James Weldon. Joseph E. Yanceyville, N. C. Syracuse, N. Y. Windsor, N. C. Bronx, N. Y. Raleigh. N. C. West, Angelyn W. Whaley, MeU-in Whitaker. Charles L White. Carrine White. Rutus H. Greensboro, N. C. Paterson, N. J. Garner. N. C, Jacksonville. N. C. Washington. D. C. White, Shirley Whitworth. Essie Wider. Garland Wilder. Jr.. James Wm. Williams. Allen Slier City. N. C. Hickory, N. C. Wilhamston, N. C. Method, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. 67 Williams, Charlie W. Jr. Mount Kisco, N. Y. Williams, Gene W. Warsaw, N. C. Williams, Mary Windsor, N. C. Wilson, Amencus Chester, S. C. N. Wilson, Frank Hendersonville, N. C Wilson, Jacqueline B. New Bern, N. C. Wooden, Hardy, Jr. Falland, N. C. Young, Annette Jacksonville, Fla. Yancy, Carolyn Sarasota, Fla. Skinner, Anthony Brooklyn, N. Y. SENIOR CLASS OHl ' ICERS; Rufus White, Clasf. Representutwe; Carles Dudley, Vice Presidnn. Mattic Krttidl, Prf.s.deiil. Al.m Waters, TredsiiTer, Darlenc Drummund, Glass Representative. 68 JUNIORS ABRAMS, GERELENE ADDISON, ROBERT L ADGER, JOSEPHINE ALLEN. ALICE ALLEN, JAMES D. ALLEN, JOSEPH A. ALSTON, ALBERT ALSTON, ALEXANDER ANDREWS, FELETA ANDREWS. JOSEPH W ANDREWS. LEWIS R ANDREWS, WILLIE ATKINS, CHARLES BAKER. LOIS BAILEY, THOMAS LEROY III BANNER, DIANNE BASKERVILLE, LESTER L. BASKIN. BOBBY L. BATTLE. CAROLYN BATTLE, EULA BELFIELD, CURTIS C. BELL, SUMNER BETTIS, HARRY L BLACKMON, BARBARA h£T BLACKMON, LINDA M. BOARD. GEORGE III BOONE, DOUGLAS M. BOOKER. ELBERT R . JR. BOOTHE. MARGIE BOYKINS. REGINALD D. BRADFCmD. NAPOLEON BRADSHAW. KATHLEEN BRAKE, ALFRED. JR. BRANCH. MAJOR W. BREEDEN. FRANKLIN D. BREVARD. WILLIE M. BRIGHT, DOROTHY BROWN, ARNOLD BROWN, CARDIS BROWN, CHARLES F, BROWN, ERIC S. BROWN, EMMA J. BROWN, KEITH A. BROWN, WILLIAM E. BRYANT, CURTIS M. BULLOCK, CHARLES, JR. BULLOCK, WILLIAM E. BURNEY, LINWOOD E. m BLRXS. CHARLES E. BLRRELL. STEPHEN H. BVRERS. JONATHAN CARN ' ER, SARAH L. CASH. CHARLES S. CHAMBERS, MYRON CHA TS. ALPH0N20 CHRISTL N. CHARLES E. CLARK. LEROY E. CLEMMONS. REINAL CLYBLRN, CHARLENE COCKERHAM, BERNARD S. COCKERAN, RUDOLPH CODE, ALLEN L. COFIELD, THO. L S, JR, COOPER. JOSEPHINE COX. KENNETH I CO-ART. JAMES A. CRAIG. JOHN EVERETT CRAIG. WTLLI. M J. CR. NKE. ROBERT R. CRAWFORD, WTLLI. M CREDLE, JEANIE DALTON, BRENDA DANIELS. BETTY J. DANIEL. HELEN ' . D. RBY. HAROLD J. D. UGHTRY, SYLVESTER JR. DA ' ENPORT. CLARENCE E. DAVIS. GEORGE K, DELOATCH. JESSE L. DEMPS. JAMES A. DERICKSON. CHERYL Y. DEWBERRY, WILLIAM B DEWTTT, SARAH DIGGS. GLORIA DIXON. LEVIE C DOBBINS, FLOYD L. DOWELL. R.- LPH B, DOWNING, GEORGE DUNSON, J.- MES EASTER, HAROLD E. EASTM.AN, RAY EBRON, EARL ELLIS, JAMES O. EVERETT. ROY L. MARRIOR, J. MES A. FARRIOR, JOYCE A. FARRIOR. MYRTLE E. FINCH, ALFRED C. FLSHER, LEROY JR. FLEETWOOD, JAMES FOSTER, NATHANIEL FULP, ROBERT JR. GADSON, JOYCE M GALLOP, SUELLA L, GARRETT, JOHN C, GARRETT, WILLIE C JR. GEORGE. YVONNE C GERALD, PEGGY E. GILBERT, CELIA D. GOOCH, JAMES J. JAMES A. GOOD GORDON. PATRICIA J. GRACEY. ADELINE P. GRADY, JERRY A. GRAEBER, CHARLES L. GRAHAM, JAMES A GRAVES, RICHARD F. GRAY. WILLIE J, GREENFIELD, DAVID GRIPPER, JOHNNY L. GRIER, MARGIE A. GUNDY, JOHN HAIRSTON, OTIS LEMUEL JR. HALL, GROVER B, HAMMONDS. LEE AUBREY HAMILTON, BILLIETTE J. HARRIS. CHARLES T. HARRIS, ERNEST H. HARRIS, HENRY R. HARRIS, LENWOOD HARRIS, LEON E. HARDY, GEORGE W. HAYES, CLARENCE J. HAYWOOD, JOHN F, HILL, DRATIN JR. HILL, JASPER JR. HILL. SARAH HILL. SHELDON L. HINES, R. JOHN HINES. MILDRED J. HODGES. CHARLES M. HOGGORD, JAMES W. HOLLOMAN. FLOYD HOLLOWAY, CLAYTON C. HOLMES. AGNES Y. HOLMES, WILLIE J, HONTLEY, CLEVELAND HORTON. FRANK HOWARD, MITTIE IRVIN, HENRY G JR. JACKSON, RICHARD B. JACOBS, CHARLES S. JAMES. FREDERICK A. JAMISON. EARNEST JETER. JACQUELINE JOHNSON. BRENDA KAYE JOHNSON. CYNTHIA JOHNSON. DELCIE JOHNSON. LUTHER JOHNSON. RAYMOND JOHNSON. SHELLY JONES. BEVERLY A. JONES, CAROL R, JONES, JAMES G. JR, JONES. LOUIS S. JONES. MANDALINE JONES, TYRON JONES. WALTER C, JOSHUA, MICHAEL EDWARD JOYNER. IRA T. JR. JUDKINS. WILLIAM JR. KEARNEY. NANNIE KEE. LEVERNON KIMBOW, MITCHELL L KLUTT2, EDWARD V. KNIGHT. CLAUDE J. KNIGHT. COLONIUS LANDERS. TONY LANIER. JESSE M. LANIER. PATRICIA P. LEACH. EDNA E. LEAK. MARY LEATH. NORMAN LEATH. RUTH E. LENTON. ROSETTA LEONARD, WINSTON S. LEVEL, LLOYD C, LEWIS, MARCUS E. JR. LITTLE, GENERAL T. LITTLEJOHN, ARTHUR C. LITTLEJOHN, DORIS T, LONG. HATTIE I. LONG, SAUNDERS M. LOWE, MARY B, LOWNES, CHARLES E, LYONS, DANIEL M, MADISON, JAMES A, JR. MALLORY, PAUL MALONE, GERALD M. MARTIN, HELEN MARTIN, GLORIA MARTIN, SANDRA MEWBORN, ARTHUR L MIDDLETON, CHARLES R. MILLS, WALTRENE MILLER, SADIE M. MITTMAN. JUDY A, MOFFITT. RICHARD D. MILLER, CLAUDE MORGAN, REATHA MOONEY, JOSEPH MOORE, JACOB MOORE, PATRICIA MOORE, REGINALD MOORE, ROBERT MOREHEAD, MARY E motley, barbara a, mullen, ronald j mullin, virginia a. musgrave, jacob a. McClelland, sarah mcconnell, barbara e. McCULLOUGH. JERRY McDonald, Howard McGEE, KERTIE McGEE, tommye e. McGEE, WILLIAM McIVER, WILLIE J. McKIE, TERESA McKOY, WILLIAM O. McLEOD, MARY L McMillan, Norwood m McNeill, george nance, william r, NEVILLE, WALTER N. NEWjyRK, OTTO A. Ill NEWTON, HORACE NUNN, MARCIA A, OATES. EARLENE O ' BRIEN, SUTTON O. ■ «ll OLINER. MARV E PALMER. LEROY R. Ill PANKA, BARBARA PANTON. GLORIA PARKER, LESLEY R PARKS, LINDA P.- TTERSON. COURTNEY M P. TTERSON. THOM. S B. PAZ. NT, D. RENNE T. PAYNE, JOHN R, PEAGLER, HELEN PEETE, HERBERT PENDER, GENEVIEVE PERKINS, V T REV. PETTEWAY, DON.- LD E. PERRY. CYDE W " PETERSON, WAYNE PHILLIPS, ISSIAH PICKENS. PALL PINCKNEY. JAMES A. POLLOCK. FLRNEY POWELL, ROBERT PURCELL, ARTHUR QUINN, P.ATTERSON .A. f ,wA C f RANDOLPH, WILLIE J RAYXES, FRANK REE ' ES, EDW. RD RHODES, M. RION N. ] RICE. LIONEL RICHARDS, . L IN RIDDICK, ALFRED D. RIDDICK, GWENERVA ROBINSON. MARY ROBINSON. THELMA L. RONEY. CLENSY R. ROSS. JULIUS MONSEL JR. ROZZELLE. MARGARET RUSSELL. EMILY L. S.AUXDERS. PEGGY SAULES. EDDIE L. SCALES. ROBERT E. SEAWRIGHT, PERRY SELLERS, RANDOLPH B. SESSOMS, CARLTON R. SHERROD. BENNIE SHERWOOD. BENNIE C. SHIPP. ROLAND -SIDBERRY, ANN C.-KROLYN SIMMONS, SANDRA E SIMPSON, GEORGE W, SMITH, ANNE E. SMITH, GEORGE SMITH, JAMES SMITH, JOHN M. SMITH. QUENTIN J. JR. SPAULDING, SANDRA E, SPEARMAN, JIMMIE C. SPEIGHT, NATHANIEL SPENCER, FREDA E SPIVEY. TOMMY B. SPRUILL. EMMA M. J SPRUILL, SANDRA D. SPRUILL. WILLIE L STAFFORD, JULIAN .STANLEY, THEODORE A. STEEPLETON, CHARLES W STREET. FLORA L. STEVENSON. FLORINE STEVv ' ART. CHARLES D. SUMMERS, MATTIE L, TATE, HARRY E. TATE, SAMUEL B. TAYLOR, FRANKLIN R. TAYLOR, FRED TEELE, BOBBY B. THOMPSON, MARGAURITE THOMPSON, ROBERT THOMPSON, SANDRA L. THORNE, JAMES D, TRENT, BARRIE TROTMAN, HAYWOOD JR. TURNER, THURMAN L. TYSON, JOSEPH VAUGHN, WILLIE H. VINES. DONALD WALDEN. YVONNE WALKER, CHAUNCY W, JR. WALKINS. JOSEPHINE WARING. CHARLES D. WASHINGTON. JESSE WASHINGTON, ROBERT L. WASHINGTON, WILLIAM M. WASHINGTON, WILLIE PEARL WATSON, GEORGE A. WESLEY, JOHN R., II WHITE, JOSEPH C. WHITE. ROY C. WHITSETT, BREXDA E- WILLIAMSON, ALTHA B WILLIAMS. BOBBY WILLIAMS. CARRIE L WILLIAMS, DONALD WILLIAMS. LOLA WILLIAMS. NETTIE M. JR. WILSON, SHERRY P, WOODS. WAYNE G. WOOLFOLK. VIRGINIA B. WORTH. JAMES WORSLEY, WALLACE B YONGUE, JOSEPH H. mk HE WHO KNOWS AND KNOWS NOT THAT HE KNOWS . . . IS A . . . JUNIOR JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS; Preston Fleming, Assistant Treasurer; William Crawford, Secretary; James Madisun, Cla,s, ' Kepresentdtwe. Roy White, President; John Wesley, Vice President, Bernard Cockerham, Class Treasurer. HE WHO KNOWS NOT AND KNOWS THAT HE KNOWS NOT IS A . . . SOPHOMORE Richard Womack President of the Sophomore Class SOPHMORE CLASS OFFICERS: (From Left to Ri ht ) Juanua Hcirton, Corresponding Secretary: Carolyn Hcdgepeth, Recording Secretary: Richard Wumack, President, Verunica Maskcs, Vice Presidcnl. Mary Langley, Historian. Standing; Dons J.ihiisi.n, Class Re sresentatiue, Sheldon Hawkins, Treasurer, :yi j_, • FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: (From Left to Right) Sandra Carltun, Secretary, Cleon Curric, Prendent. Curtis Spencer, Vice Pres. dent. Sylvia Crudup, Treasurer. Cleon Ccrrie President of the Freshman Class HE WHO KNOWS NOT AND KNOWS NOT THAT HE KNOWS NOT IS A . . . FRESHMAN 1 WE BLESS THE POWER THAT GIVE THEE BIRTH TO HELP US IN OUR NEED, WE ' LL EVER STRIVE WHILE HERE ON EARTH ALL LOYALTY TO YIELD. Seated: Jo Ann Beasley, Mrs. Costen. Curtis Spencer, Hattie Kitrell. Alton Wallace (Vice-President). George E, Stevens, Jr. (President), Raymond English, Jean Lipscumb, Jerome Masscmbcrg, Barbara Gore, Sylvia Crudup. Darlenc Drummond. Standing: Cleon Curne, Freddie Davis, Joseph Williams, Narviar Cathcart, Richard Womack, Douglas Harper. Vernun Packer. Alvera McLoften, Allen Waters, Cheryl Suher. Donald Hill. Riifus White. Frank Boyd, Roy White. George E. Stevens, Jr. President of the Student Oovernment STUDENT GOVERNMENT The Student Government during the 1965-66 aca- demic school year aided the student body diligently as it defeated the metamorphosis of the change from the quarter system to the semester system. Under the leadership of the popularly-elected George Stevens, a senior physical education major, the organization, composed ot class representatives and the President ' s Cabinet, handled its program with efficiency and dispatch. yj.iss Barbara Dobb and Capt. Donald Malloy served as Faculty Advisors to the Student Government. mm. gg s 11 m i Stevens chats with secretary Alton Wallace, Vice-President of the Studtnt Governmen Freshman Class Representatives Executive Council 83 T Lanard M. Geddings Editor-in-Chief of the Ayantee James O. Faulk, Jr. Associate Editor of the Ayantee Statf member? Barbara B.iu-. I ' -■. I ' ■l.i.i I [ummond, James Faulk and Carolyn Johnson observe a deiuoiiitratiun by Mr. E. F, Corbett, advisor to the Ayantee. THE AYANTEE STAFF The members ot the staff nf the 1966 Ayantee, under the editorship of Lanard M. Geddings, have worked hard to produce for you a yearbook which would portray in some small way the activities of the A T students during the 1965-66 academic year. With the pressures of academic requirements, especially the change from the quarter system to the semester system, the other interests outside the yearbook work, and a tremendous desire to pre duce for you the best product within our goal ot accomplishment, we may have fallen short in some of our objectives; however, we tried. Any omissions, or even over-play, we assure you, were not errors of the heart, but inadequacy over which we have no control. We hope that you will disregard any errors or omissions, and place your total concentrations upon the material we have tried to present to you. We hope you will enjoy the 1966 edition of the Ay.antee. Robert Singlctary, Lanard Geddings, and James Faulk working on a layout. 84 Oti.-i Hairstiin Jr. Phntugrapher of the Ay. ntee Irsing Mitchell. Charles Wanng, Jack Blake, and Ida Taylor look over other yearbooks for ideas. Leroy " Bobby " Palmer, and Oti Hairston Jr. review prints to go into the Ayantee. Bobby Palmer, Barbara Smith, Rufus White and Barbara Batts discuss an idea for a layout. Literar,- staff. Ida Taylor, Patricia Lamer, Carolyn McKivcr work on one write-up, while Lanard Geddmgs and Darlene Drummond proof read another. James Faulk and Lessie Walters check for misspelled words. Members of the typing staff: Carolyn Johnson. Patricia Lanier and Lessie Walters are busy getting out copy. 85 The Cream of CoMagr Nmm For years the college hulletin has been stating that the Register is the weekly publication ot the student body. The staff endeavors to keep students informed concerning the activities of the college and pnivides an opportunity tor the expression of student ideas and opinions. Well, this year ' s staff has been very dedicated. Through long hours and hard work, the Register be- came just that, an informative periodical, which depicts the students ' voices, and news of the week to come. As in the past, the staff has continued to win awards and high ranking national ratings among the nation ' s collegiate press. Congratulations are extended to the editor, William E. Goode, and his staff for a job well done! Mrs. Loreno Marrow serves as the staff ' s advisor. Willi,,m E Goridc Jr Edifor-inChiff of the Register. Eula M B.LttI; Associate Editor Richard J. Peace Btt. ;me. ,s Manager Mrs, Loreno M, Marrow Facnhs! Advisor The Kegister Staff at work. SsSMI«BI«» ' 5!«WBI111 •J., •_ Busy on the typCTtriters are Lee House, Diane Banner, and Gloria Digg Patricia Lamer, and Stanley Tohn?on look on Mrs. Marrow looks on as Eula Battle and Lee House prepare an editorial. Lee House Jr. Staff Reporter Phenie Dye points out a correction to be made. Phenie Dye. Kermit Somnier ille. Robert Anderson, and Dennis Fairley discuss art work. Gracie Mebane and Julius Russell check out Stanley Johnson. Managing Editor sires for prints. { The Richard B H.irrison PLiycrs Sccund Night ' s Cast A Scene (it Uisappmntmeiu RICHARD B. HARRISON PLAYERS A £? ' T is proud to have as its drama group the Richard B. Harrison Players. 0(ten referred to as " the Players, " the group offers its members experience in writing, stag- ing, and directing plays, as well as experience in acting. Under the direction of John Marshall Stevenson, " the Players " got off to another .successful year with then- award winning production of Lewis John Carlino ' s " The Brick ' and the Rose. " Then came Lorraine Hansberry ' s unforgettable " A Raisin In The Sun, " and the group reached a new high in excellence in its production of " The Public Eye " and " The Private Ear. " A Moment of Confusion 83 wtmmt. i. ' i. jm Lnok whose coming. MODERN DANCE GROUP The Modern Dance Group under the direction of Miss Barbara Dodd presents an opportunity for stu- dents to learn and create various types of dances. Talent and the desire to perform are the characteristics of this group. The Mode rn Dance Group participates in local and regional programs. " The Messiah " , a modern interpretation of the birth of Christ, was a favorite of faculty and students alike. Arc we on ncxt Man.- and Joseph in " The Messiah " BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Provides an activity outlet for the Baptist students of the college. By promoting mutual activities, it seeks to serve as a link between the church and the student, and it seeks to serve the spiritual and social needs of the student. President: Wilhert Owens Advisor: Rev. J. A. Cannon syw CANTERBURY CLUB Episcop.dian students find in this org,ini;ation opportunity to share mutual spiritual interests in the ac, idemic community. It is closely affiliated with The Church of the Redeemer. Pre.sidcnt : Adt ' i.sor: Howard Pearsall NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Cluh is an associa- tion of Catholic students . which seeks to implement the religious, social, and moral education of the students of those campuses. President: Lanard M. Geddings Advisor: Dr, W. N. Rice PENTECOSTAL FELLOWSHIP This organization seek; to form - fellowship of students embracing the Pentecostal faith by attempt- ing to bring about an atmosphere of Christian fellowship. President: George Saunders Advisor: Mrs. L. B. Kinney hgs r SUNDAY SCHOOL The campus Sunday School is con- ducted to contnbute to spiritual needs of students, to develop with- in the student a mature sense of values, to develop within him a better understanding of the Bible and to develop within the student a broad outlook on the world based on spiritual values. President: Larry Hardy Advisor: Dr. Albert Spruill USHER BOARD Many college programs throughout the year call for the assistance of this devoted group of students. Vespers, lyceum programs, drama presentations, all w-ere a part of the services rendered by the Usher Board. President: Martha Bell Advisor: Mr. Leroy Holmes T WESLEY FOUNDATION Is the org ini:cd educational min- istry of the Methodist church at the college. Prestdent: Bernicc Mitchell Advisor: Rev. W. T. Brown Y. M. C. A. The college chapter of the Young Men ' s Christian Association has the potential to develop into a very important student - community asset. It is a non-denominational organization, the purpose of which is to promote principles of the Christian faith through service, study, worship, and action. President; Robert Singletary Aduisor: Mr. [immie Barber Y. W. C. A. To build a fellowship ot girls de voted to the t.isk of realizing a common life and those ideals of personal and social living to which we are committed by our faith as Christians. Pre.sident: Blondell Smashum Aduisor: Mrs. P. L. Royal iJ Ji - 92 BAHAI CLUB Tci acquaint those interested in the tenets of the Bahai faith by spon- soring lectures, discussions, and informal gatherings. President: Evander Gilmer Adt ' isors : Mr. Charles George and Mr. Fereydon Jalali INTER-FAITH COUNCIL The Inter-Faith Council works toward better understanding and fellowship among the religious organizations on campus. Regular group meetings, special discussions and forums help its members under- stand their problems, personal, so- cial, and spintual hves better. President: LiUie Robbins Adiisor: Rev. Cleo M. McCoy UNITED MEN ' S CONGRESS Tu promote a better understanding of human relations among the male members of the college family. It provides a vehicle through which the men can better understand cur- rent day problems. President : General Little Advisor: Lt, Col. William Goode (Ret.) 93 WOMENS COUNCIL The aim is to develop competent leadership, encourage good scholar- ship and personal development among the young women on the campus. President: Sandra Echols Advisor: Mrs, Lucille Piggott ii . ' EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE COUNCIL OF ORGANIZATIONS This committee serves as the spear- head for the organizations on campus. This committee, com- posed of one representative from each organization on campus, tends to solve the problems for organiza- tions. Presidetit: Robert Lazenda Singletary Advisor: Mr. ffubert Gaskin ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT HELPERS A group of volunteers dedicated in helping to smooth operation during peak periods during the academic year. Pre.sident : Delcie Johnson Adiii. Dr: Mr. Hubert G;iskins OFF-CAMPUS CLUB The Off-Campus Club is composed of students who live m Grecns- hiiro and surrounding areas during the school year. This club acquaints the off-campus students with the activities on campus. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION To serve as a means of promoting good relationships with other cul- tures and broadening our lield of knowledge-socially, intellectually and spiritually through planned activities with other groups. President: Joseph Okeke Adi ' i.sor: Miss Geneva Holmes LETTERMEN CLUB The Lettermen Club is an organ- ization composed of athletes who have, by superior performance, earned the varsity monogram. They have banded together for the mutual benefit of all, and for the protection of the long and honored position of the Aggie athlete. President: Haywood Mckie Acii ' isor: Mr. Hornsby Howell 95 TIDEWATER CLUB This club provides means hy which students from the Tidewater Vir- ginia area may promote the interest and welfare of the college com munity. Most of the members come from Portsmouth, Norfolk, .ind Newport News, Virginia. President: Ronald Harris Advisor: Mrs. Eula K. Vereen TRI-STATE CLUB Students from New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania find a source for speedy .idjustment in the college community by partici- pating in this organisation which provides opportunities for develop- ing student leadership. PrestdeiH: Lenwood H.irris Advisor: Dr. R S. Bealc SAMPSON COUNTY CLUB The purp ise of the Sampson County Club is to promote a spirit of togetherness of students and to support civic activities in the best intereAs of the college. President: Vernon Packer, 111 Advisors: Mr. W. G. Wright and Miss O. N. EUer ar-- mm. CAPE FEAR CLUB To promote a better relationship between the students from the Cape Fear area. P -eside.u: Carle Hall Adnsor: Mrs, C. H. Robinson JONES COUNTY CLUB To bring together those students from the eounty for mutual under- standing and helpfulness. President: David Jones CHARLESTON CLUB To develop brotherhixid and bring the students from the Charleston area together. President: John D. Haynes Advisor- : Miss Margunte Porter CHARLOTTE CLUB Students from the " Queen City " compose this club ' s membership. They seek to provide wholesome activities for students from the Charlotte area. President: Odis Rousseau Advisor: Mr. E. C. Grier FLORIDA CLUB Natives of the " Sunshine State " employ this or,i;,i nidation as a means ot promoting friendly rela- tionship among students from the State of Florida and through mutual cooperation, to add to the total strength of the college com- munity. President: Wayne Peterson Adt ' isor: Mr, Edwin Johnson ALBEMARLE CLUB To stimulate interest among stu- dents from Northeastern North Carolina and coordinate their pro- jects as a unit of the college, this club was established in September 196 . The club ' s initial goal was the founding of a scholarship pro- gram for entering freshmen from the northeastern sectioi of the state. " This is our way of standing to be counted along with those stu- dents who wish to be involved, " is the motto President: Roy C. White Adi ' isor,s: Mrs. Gladys White and ' Dr Frank White Ur-- .: ? DURHAM PACE SETTERS Provide valuable experienees in student leadership as well as to encourage social and academic awareness among its members, all from Durham. N. C. President: Charles Evans Advisor: Mr. Noah Brown TEMPLARS Afford the opportunity for the teaching and playing of the skills of chess and to encourage social cooperation among students. President: Charles Thompson Advisor: Dr. Robinson and Mr. Brown Peterson TELOCA To stimulate interest in the pro- fessional and educational advance- ment of nursing. President: Betty Gordan Advisor: Mrs. Margaret Warren COLLEGE CHOIR V ' A ml The A 6r T College Choir The Afe T College Choir reached a new plane of excellence during the year. Almost everybody knew that it was one of the hardest working groups on campus. The hours of practice made the choir the finest the college has ever had. The group has served well, both at home and away. The A £ T College Choir was directed by Mr. Howard T. Pearsall, chairman of the Music Department. Featured Soloists ,•:■ • ' GREEKS THE PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL The Pin Hellenic Council is the governing body ot all the GREEK-LETTERED organizations on the campus. It was organ- ized tor the purpose of bnnging about a closer relationship between the GREEK-LETTERED organizations through the pursuing of a common goal and to promote academic excellence among all the students. The Council consists of the heads of al! the active GREEK- LETTERED organizations and their assistants. The 1965-66 officers of the Council are as follows: President, William Greene; Vice-President. Harvey Corbett; Secretary, Elizabeth Lee: Treasurer, James Wilder. Executive Committee of the Pan-Hellenic Council: William Greene. Pre?ident: James Wilder. Treasurer; Barbara Blackmond, Secretary-: Harvey Corbett, Vice-President. Seated are James Wild:r, Barbara Blackmond, William Greene, Barbara Hyatt, Harvey Corbett. Standing are Marcus Street, Thedreich Pigford, Arthur Haley, Jesse Mills, Richard Womack, and Robert Scales. 101 Membcr arc kit. tu Mt:lu. ' Jiii,i SpuKia-, I,i,,L;aia M.L.i ' a li n n. B iiu.c MuJkII, B.nbdid iila. uio,,. n,,il.,ua Hvati, Lynettc Siuiili, LinJ.i Blackinuii, Jessie Mills, Annctta Ruland, Hattic Foster, Betty Gordon. OFFICERS President Linda BKickmon Dean of Pledgers Barbara Blackmon ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY SERVICE TO ALL MANKIND . . . the ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY was founded by 16 young women on the campus of Howard University January 16, 1908. Since its humble beginning the sorority has grown into an international organization. Dedicated to cultivate and encourage high scho- lastic, cultural, ethical and moral standards, the sorors of Alpha Phi Chapter strive to uphold these cheristed precepts. •: 102 -.- -• " ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY " First of all Sen.-ant5 of all. We shall transcend all . . . Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity was founded at Cor- nell University, Ithaca, New York on December 4, 1906. The first and oldest Negro fraternity, it has perpetuated ideals of brotherhood, manly deeds, scholar- ship and achievement. Alpha Phi Alpha maintains pre- scribed educational prerequisites for membership, and encourages its members to seek diligently and honorably, intellectual superiority. r OFFICERS President Warren Campbell Dean of Pledges Tyrone Russell Dean of Probates Arthur Haley Treasurer William Strickland Secretary Har -ey Corbett f—uZ ' Members are left to right: William Stnckland, Emmery ' Howard Wallace. 103 :s i OFFICERS President Robert Scales Vice-President Th:drick Pigford Dean of Pledges William Greene Secretary Eddie Miles Treasurer Benjamin Bmwn PHI BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY, INC. " The youth showeth the man as morning showeth the day. " The members of the ETA chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity are in total agreement with these words. The epic year 1914 produced the birth of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. During the passing of fitty years Phi B;ta Sigma developed and grew into great manhood. " Culture for service and service for humanity. " The members of the local chapter strive to uphold the cherished principles underlying their motto. . . ■. Ui.. ii , l;-l " i: . I . n. M . , 1 Ud k Rciw: Bcnj.imin Bruwn, H.ituM Wells, Billy MiUni. nil Cardriner Bowdern. Mary Webh, Mary Pitt, Betty Daniel-, Barbara W ' llliamf. ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY With fen-ent Hearts We Pray For You, Zeta Each Day. ... In harmony and stressing the ideals ot finer womanhood, scholarship and religion, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority was founded at Howard University, January 16, 1920. OFFICERS President Cardnner Bowdern Advisor Mrs. L, Gore 105 THE ALPHA PHI OMEGA NATIONAL SERVICE OFFICERS President Clint ' in K. Turner First V ' lLt ' Prt ' sident __ Tyrone A. Howell Dean of Pledges William C. Cheek The Alpha Phi Omega National Ser ' ice Fraternity was first founded at Lafayette College in Easton, Penn- sylvania on December 16, 1925. It has as its objectives and goals three cardinal principles — Leadership, Friendship and Service. Kappa F ' si Chapter which was established at the college on February 13, 1953, with 52 chartered members has promoted the cardinal prin- ciples with utmost effort in the past, the present, and will continue to make the future worthwhile on these principles. From Left to Right: Bobby B. Teclc, Recordint; Secretary; John W, Durham, Dean of Probates Eddie L Collins, Jr., Program Chairman; Clinton K. Turner, President; Tyrone A. Howell, First Vice-President; William C. Cheek. Dean of Pledges. Members frum left to right: Sandra Spruill, Ruth lames, Lilhc Rohhins, Lula Noriega and Blondis Smith GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA SORORITY Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority was born January 1, 1953 and serves to develop friendship among women of all races and creeds by working side by side to achieve the goal of " Service to Humanity " . Since its establishment on A £?■ T ' s campus, May 14, 19 " ) 9, its members have given unselfish service to the college and community. They believe that the most valuable gift in life is that of helping hands lent when they are needed most. OFFICERS President Lula Noriega Advisor -- Mrs. Ruth M. Gore 107 Back Row: Walter McLarty, Frederick Gallant. Julius Ross Jr., William M.Laurin, Ira Joyner, Jr. Front Row: Wesley Lee. Earl Cox, Fred Taylor. Not Pictured; George Spcnce, Harold Harrison, Ollcn Dupree, Harold Woodall, Richard Peace. Henry Moultrie. .1 Fifty-four years ago an " idea " was born, an " idea " to organize interested college men into a group who had as its basic purpose, achievement in education and subsequent areas of life. History does not designate one specific person as being the originator of the " idea, " but it does relate that ten men banded together and organi::ed a social fraternal group i r men and tn ni this nucleus came t!ic " idea. " Since its conception, fifty-tour years hence, the " idea " has flourished into " living " reality, which is exemplified on many college campuses today, as well as our own, through a well-known group or young men wearing pins in the shape of a diamond, officially tabbed as " Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. " OFFICERS Polemart:h __..Earl Cox Vice-Polemarcb Frederick Gallant Secretary Walter McLarty Sfralegus _ _ George Spcnce Lt. Strafegu.s .._ Harold Harrison Historian Richard Peace Treasitrer Wesley J. Lee KAPPA ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY J _ , _ T • ■ Members left to right: General Little. James .Mien, Napoleon Bradford. Willie Glover. Charles Steward. John Met;, Joseph Tyson, and Wayne Woods. Not Shown: Richard Jackson, Vaughn Bridges, Carson Jeeter and Wendolyn Dixon. OFFICERS BoiWeus - -- -.- Joseph Tyson Vice Eisiieiu General T. Little Keeper of Records and Seals James Allen Keeper of Finance Wendolyn Dixon Dean of Pledges Wayne Wood? Chaplain Willie Glover 6rJi Distnct, 2nd Vtce Di trut Re .re ' eniatwe John Met: OMEGA PSI PHI FRATERNITY The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity lives by four cardinal principles: Manhood, Scholarship. Perseverance, and Uplift. It was founded November 17, 1911 and later incorporated in 1914 at Howard University, the first chapter being Alpha Chapter. The Mu Psi Chapter here at A cr T College was founded m 1927. ' m ■■ R. 0. T. C. Squadron Commander and Queens: C 2 Lt. (J i.ig W.,Ji, tilt n Latlc. C, Cjpl. juhn Hut;hly, Marulyn Julmsuii. C, 2 Ll Wayne W ' i.Hid , Carolyn Yancey, Rogers, Mary Pickett, C Capt Charles Butler, Dphilia Graves, C Capt. Jamees Payne, Jr. AIR FORCE The United States Air Ft nee maintains a permanent Air Puree Reserve OfReers Training Corps Unit at A £? " T tor the purpose t)t condueting leadership and military training. The speeifie objective is to conduct a modern academic program keyed to the development of the professional officers. The upper division, established as the professional officers course is designed to continue the training of cadets as Juniors and Seniors, so as to provide a complete four year officers prep- aratory program. The entire Aerospace studies curriculum is patterned to produce Air Ftjrce leaders in conjunction with the student ' s major. Wing Staff Cadets: Major Ricfiard Peace, Major Charles Brown, Capt. Major Charles Gay, Major William Goode, Capt. William Hadley, Lt. Col. John Smith, Major Bohhy Evans. i 1 Lt. Raymond Swinson, Virginia Major Richard D. Santure, Professor of Aerospace Studies Cadet Lt. Col. John Smith. Assistant to Commandant ot Cadets Wing C. O. Cadet Lt. Cul. Bobby Evans Hdr ' ey Corbett, Major David Solomon, Major Calvin DeShields. Standing are; HI Arnold Air Srci ty. Lcit to Ri lit Run.ild Cldik, Eugene Feimster, Operations Officer; Raymond Swinson, Charles Gay, Executive Officer; James Payne Jr., Cuminander: George T. W.idc, Dean of Pledges; William Fulton; Emerson Smith, Information Officer; Paul Best. fvt tfttfc .;., . ,- ' : :ms. Lt. Joseph McNeill, center, returns to his Alma Mater. Lt. McNeill is one of the four freshmen who initiated the Sit-in-Movement. Newly commissioned officers, U, S. Air Force Angel Flight. Left tu Ri. ' hilcen Little, Phyllis Smith, Arlenc Minnicks, Virginia Rogers, Lilhe Robbins, Mary Pickett, Carolyn Yancey, Lula Harris, Marolvn Johnson, Uplulu Graves, Came Roberts. GiL ' Up Gjmm indcrs m JSHB :HH H f m ' ■ ' - mm-ima M . " W ■B jj pjT W .i m « " ■ M e; 1 || : ' PP ,pH M ' 1 m - ' i Kf - ' «i . . iMH wissp; . 7- 1 Flight Instruction Program oi the Air Force R.O.T.C. Program Group ( i)iniiuiiidc fii The Elmore M. Kennedy Angel Flight 113 T Lt. Col. Harold L. Lanier C G.l. Julin M. Met C Lt. Cul. Arthur E, Hawthorne C Lt. Coh Hubert Wagstaff R.O.T.C. ARMY Army R.O.T.C. Brigade Statf, Left to Riglu: C Captain Jaek Guode, C Lieutenant Colonel Tyiune Russell, C, Captain Steven BeiiiaiJ, C, Captain O- G. Gatewood. The program ot instruction, as offered by the De- partment of Military Science, has as its objectives the production of junior officers who have the quahties and attributes essential tt) their progressive and con- tinued development as officers of the Army of the Linked States; the laying of a basic military knowledge of benefit to himself and to the military service in the event he becomes a member thereof, and the furtherance of the program ot the college. 114 ? Company Ctimnianders s OHicer- nl 1st Battalion, Frtmt Row: CJ Capt Fred Woods, C Sgt. Maj. Herbert GrifEn, C Capt. George Spence (front). Back: C 2nd Lt General Little. C lst Lt, Charles Waring, C 2nd Lt. Richard Jackson, C lst. Lt. Fred James, C lst Lt. John Craig. C, 1st Lt. Alphon;a Chavis, C lst Lt. Shedrick Williams, C lst Lt. Richard King, C 1st Lt. Linwood Burney. Company Commanders € Officers of 2nd Battalion, Foreground (left to right) C Capt. Eric Teel, C Capt. Thomas Oner. Back (left to right) C lst Lt, James Magee, C lst Lt. Joseph Tyson. C 2nd Lt. James Dunson, C lst Lt. Reginald Clemmons, C lst Lt. Winston Leonard, C lst Lt. James Allen, C lst. Lt. Joseph Allen. Programs of instruction for the Army ROTC include a four year program and a two year program. The four year program consists of a two year basic course, a two year advanced course and the Advanced ROTC Summer Camp. The two year program encom ' passes a basic ROTC Summer Camp. The two year program is designated primarily for students trans- ferring from other institutions which do not offer military training. 115 - ' ' ' J -oaoc .Military Police, C lst Lt. Joe Moonty (CO.) ;■ ?S5¥?S5Hg3? S: .yliJ JSa Army R O.T.C. Band, C 2nd Lt. James Worth (CO.) .Army Drill ' I Liini. ( 7 I t Lt (;h.irli-« L). W.irinf; ((U) ) Scabbard P Blade, Kneeling: J.imcs Allen, Joseph Mooncy, Richard King, Steven Bernard, Winston Leonard. Standing: John Metz, Jack Goode, Reginald Clemmons, John Craig, Frank Williams, Hubert Wagstaff. Army R. O.T.C, Rifle Team 116 Jj.mes Dunson. Allen Gade, Fred Jame , Shedrick Williams, Joseph Allen, The Bu;h:..c:; Cl u;-. ' ..,rTn5urgcncy Unit PcFfhing Rifle?, Seated left to right: Tommy Spivey, Haywood Harrel. Brenda Johnson, Chirles D. Waring, Anitia Patterson, David Shelley, and Reuben Copeland. Standing left to right: Gene McCellan, Robert Sinclair, Edwin Brown, Horace Newton, James Gooch, Alexander Alston, Sumner Bell, Joseph Garrett, and Jacob Moore. " VjOf " IZI airi aiZI aiZ,! aiZI at i ri.j. ' ri.- ' ri.- ' r.ui r.uJ 3.i ' »i=| Bizi Biri Bi:,! ai i ■■=! -I.J ri.i ' ri.L ' si.i ' ri«- ri«- -•■ l—ai laai Ibsi I_si Kimi »l- ai l a|-| alsi alsi bisi -I.J pi.J pi.J SI.J -I.J -I.J l-r ■_■! I ■■ laai last Uai «i; l=| a 11 aisi aisi ai i pr. TiJr ■ ri.J ;;i J SI.J I- •■! I llBSI !••■■ larisi •r isi ' .1 Birt airi ai i rri ' ••■! ' ri.- ' ri.- ' r!.: ' sfi M !IP!1 !!■ ' k WITH JOY, WITH JOY, I DEAR A T, THY STUDENTS TURN FROM THEE TO SPEAD THY TROPHIES YEAR BY YEAR FROM DARE TO CHEROKEE. I - i ' - i i , 1 . ;[ 1 ft 1 i • 1 ' • ; 1 1 1 1 i } i L r g i ■ ■fl ht B J 1 1 • 1 mmu f0 «iK - — " T ■t. ,j:£-- FRESHMAN ORIENTATION Try for si:;e Bewilderment, excitement, happiness, and sadness combined describe the incoming freshmen as they begin the hectic period of orientation. The continuous flow of things to do, places to go, and people to see, seems to never terminate. The freshmen, during orientation, are introduced to campus liie. They find themselves constantly faced with the ordeal of standing in )( mg lines — to eat, to register, ■md even to pay their bills. Unconsciously, they find themselves answering to the upperclassmen ' s ory of, " Hey, Freshmen! " Although it seems as if this " crisis " never ceases, the freshmen soon see themselves as active members of the Aggie family. A Lecture T) ' pical freshman students for Aif T Getting acquainted during (jricntation week Beauty and talent all in one 121 FOUNDER ' S DAY On Founder ' s Day 1 6 . The Agriculture and Tcchn ' cal College of North Carolina celebrated the passing of another significant year filled with many achievements. The Aggie family is thankful to the many individuals and organisations who, through their generous contributions, made so many of these achievements possible. The speaker for this year ' s Founders Day v,is Dr, Morris Harrison Tynes, an A y T alumnus, who delivered the Founders Day address. Dr. Tynes is the pastor of the Monumental Bap- tist Church of Chicago, Illinois. Another historic event also took place on this day. The Ground-Breaking ceremony for the million dollar Student Union Building was held. The faculty and students both participated along with other dignitaries. Howard C. BarnhiU, President nf the .■ lurnni Association receives the Dr. Tynes spea :s at The 74th Founders Day Convocation in the Charles Alumni .Ser ' ice Award irnin C. C. Griffin. H. Moore Gymnasium. A host of distinguished guests and friends await the beginning of The Founders Day. 1 GROUND-BREAKING CEREMONIES i r Tlic Student Union Building ■A check for ONE MILLION DOLLARS " Dr. Lewis C. Dowdy speaks i r 1 i f 1 -» i ' ' ' ip ' Xjl. Ground is broken As always, there are lines 123 MISS A T A beauty among beauties . . . Miss Debora L. Johnson ot Columbia, South Carolina, a senior in nurs- ing, IS " Miss A T " for the 196 ' ' 66 academic year . . . A rare and exquisite jewel with poise and personality that gave her a title to be envied by many, equalized by • When duty calls, " Miss A T " leaves with a smile. " Miss A y T " at the annual Women ' s Weekend Luncheon. «. m ■%.•»■; m-rm T MISS SENIOR Miss Barbara Jean Hyatt reigns as Miss Senior. She has a fresh, sparkhng personality and a keen appreciation for her duty. Her warm and gentle nature makes those in her presence feel at ease. Miss Hyatt is a nursing student from Badin, North Carolina. She is a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, TELOCA Student Nurses Club, Sunday School, Student Counselor and she was Miss AKA in 1963-64. [ If-: , ■ " .■ -. ' ■.-»■ Miss Jacqueline P. Jeter is a classic example of all that is desired in a queen. As a part of her radiant personahty, she possesses the essential traits of a leader. Miss Jeter is a junior sociology major from Union, South Carohna. and is a member of the Student Counselors, Women ' s Council, Y.W.C.A., and the Sociology Club. MISS JUNIOR ■s- - MOD The radiant Miss Anita Patterson is queen of the suphomore cla. s. Her charming pcrsonahty drew admiration hom ail with whom she came in contact. She is a chemistry major from Henderson, North Carolina. Miss Patterson is Miss Sphinx Club, Miss Perishing Rifles, and an honor student. MISS SOPHOMORE 128 m ■ • -: . MISS FRESHMAN Dignity, poise, and charm contribute to the description of Miss Freshman. She is Miss KaiAiar C. Catheart and she hails trom Hillsborough. North Carolina. Miss Catheart is a sociology major and is a member of the Freshman Beanie Staff. MISS HOMECOMING The attractive Miss Patricia Dianne Monteiro was chosen by the Lettermen Club to represent A fj ' T as Miss Home- coming. She is a senior from Washington, D. C. and majoring in Physical Education. At the coronation of Miss A £ T, Miss Monteiro wa, escorted by Theodore Campbell. MIS.S HOMECOMING A htMntifnl ..pirnii m (he Hdnuconiint; Parndc - - Pat Monteiro. • L • ■ QUEENS MISS TIDEWATER CLUB Miss DoUie I. Faulks is the charming queen who reigns over the Tidewater Club. Her ma]or is Vocational Industrial Educa- tion and her hiime is Portsmouth, Virginia. MISS FLORIDA CLUB Miss Ora Lanier Driskell gra- ciously represents the Florida Cluh. She IS a sophomore. Social Welfare major, from Barttiw, Florida. Her minor is psychology. MISS OFF CAMPUS CLUB Miss Virginia A. Watlingt m is the lovely young lady who reigns over the Off-Campus Cluh. She IS a senior majoring in Business Education and her horn: is in Yanceyville, North Carolina. li--s Watlington also holds memberships in the Phi Beta Lambda the Student N.E.A. MISS OMEGA PSI PHI The position of Miss Omega Psi Phi IS held by the charming Miss Delci V. Johnson of RaLigh, North Carolina. A |unior Nursing Student, Miss Johnson is a member I ' f the Delta Sigma Thcta Sorority, the Woman ' s Counc 1, the Teloca Club, and t! ' e Administrative Helpers. 131 T QUEENS MISS WESLEY FOUNDATIOK The pusition (if M S-. NX ' cslcy |- iJaiKiti !■■ 1k-1 J by the Lharm- in Mi Bctdice Lorraine MitchcU. Grcctishuru, N. C. A senior Nursmt ni.ijor. She i a member ul the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, the Teloca Club and the Inter faith C(.iunei!. MISS E.C.C.O. The charming Miss Lynnctte Smith reigns as Miss EC. CO. She IS a senior Biology major from Greensboro, North Caro ' linj. Miss Smith is a member of the Biology Club, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Pan-Hellanic Council, and the Administrative Helper- Club. MISS ARMY R.O.TC. The attractive Miss Cynthia Rnii.s eau from Charlotte, N. C , a frohman Physical Education lliajoi, reigns a.s Miss Army R.O.TC. Miss Rousseau is aNo a nienibcr .f the Newman r ' .lnb MISS ANGEL FLIGHT Miss Carrie M. Roberts reigns as Miss Angel Flight. Miss R(jberts, who hails from Bradley, Florida, is a sophomore Political cience major. She also ho!d memberships in the Newman Club. Florida Club, and History Club. •• •.■ mf-: »:, ».. - —V -, MISS y.M.CA. Poise is the word for Miss Shirley A. Rutherford, Miss Y.M.C.A., a Freshman Nursing student. Miss Ruthcrtord is also a member of the Women ' s Council. She comes from Marion, N.C. MRS. AIR [-ORCE The dclightlul Mrs, Carolyn S. Carr, the reigning Que n uf the Air Force ROTC comes to us from Goldsboro, N.C. A senior nursing student, Mrs. Carr a member of the Teloca Club and ihe Angel Flmht. MISS TRFSTATE From the Tri-State Club we have ihe attractive Miss Delores Navie Johnson. She is a sophomore nia] .)ring in history and is from Philadelphia. Pa. Mis Johnson is a member of the College Chnir. and the Tri-State Club. MISS KAPPA ALPHA PSI The lovely young queen from the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity is none other than Miss Angelinc Nelson, a native from Roxboro. N. C. Miss Nelson is a senior majoring in history, and is a member of the Off-Campus Club. Historical Society, and the Geographical Society. QUEENS MISS ALPHA PHI ALPHA The attractive Miss Patricia Lanier is Miss Alpha Phi Alpha. Her major is English and she is a resident of Greensboro, N. C. A junior, she is a niemher uf the New- man Club, Register Staff, Yeaibouk Staff, and the Richard B. Harrison Players. MISS SCROLLER CLUB Miss Adnenne Roberts is the charming queen who reigns over the Scrollers. Her major is physical education, and her home is Jamaica, N. Y. She is a member uf the Dance Club and the Y.W.C.A. ( MISS SAMPSON COUNTY CLUB The position of Miss Sampson County is occupied by the adorable Miss Sula Brewington from Clinton, N C. She is a freshman, majoring in mathematics. 134 MISS ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Miss Kay Frances Draper, the lovely freshman nursing major from Martinsville, Va., reigns as Miss Ekctnca! Engineering. Miss Draper is a member of the Tidewater Club. Chess Club, and the TcU-ca Club. T ■PI MISS GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY The enchanting Miss Barbara D. Wills reigns as }Ai$ Geographic Society. She is a sophomore sociology major from Enfield, North Carolina. Miss Wills is a member of the Driver ' s Education Club and the Richard B. Harrison Players. MISS PHI BETA SIGMA Representing the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity is the con- serv-ative Miss Mary Webb, a senior from Windsor, North Carolina. Miss Webb is an institution management major. She IS a member ot the College Sunday School, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Pan Hellenic Council. Kappa Epsiion So- ciety, Y.W.C.A. and a student counselor. MISS ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY Miss Dorothy Green an attractive young lady from Bolvia, North Carolina .serves as Miss Arnold Air Society. Miss Green is a senior majoring in business education. She is a member of Phi Beta Lambda, Angel Flight, Sunday School and the Cape Fear Club. MISS UNITED MEN ' S CONGRESS Steeping on the throne as the queen of the United Men ' s Congress is the lovely Miss Cheryl Echols, Miss Echuls is a freshman sociology major from Niagara Falls, New York. She IS a member of the Tri State Club, 135 --KMietf MISS SCABBARD ? BLADE The enchantinp Miss Kayc Spruill is Miss Scabbard and Blade a native of Hempstead, New York. Miss Spruill is a member of the Choir, Womens " Cuuncil, Tn-Statc Club, .ind The Lyceum Committee. MISS NEWMAN CLUB The gracious queen of the Newman Club is Miss Dcidne I. Wilson- She is a Freshman Nursing; Major of Greensboro, North Carohna who i. alsu a member of the OlTCamput Club. MISS ALBEMARLE CLUB The dcHghtful Miss Mildred J. Hines, Miss Albemarle Club, hails from Elizabeth City, North Carolina. She is a Junior in Home Economics who belongs to SNEA. YWCA. and The College Sunday School. MISS ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING SOCIETY Serving as Miss Architectural Engineering is Miss Margaret - Rozselle. She is affiliated with The Society of Students of Architecture and The Charlotte Club. Miss Ro zelle is a native of Stanley. North CamliTia. 136 •j .- . •.-.-- .. QUEENS i MISS GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA A piuduct uf the Sunshine State, Miss Ruth James radiantly reigns as queen of Gamma Sigmma Sigma. Miss James is a senior EngHsh major from Tallahassee, Florida who is affihated with the Wesley Foundation, Fortnightly Cluh, and the Florida Club. MISS ALPHA PHI OMEGA The gracious Miss Palvcrna Burns is fiom Wilkcsboro, N. C. She IS a sc:nior social studies major. Miss Burns is an active member of the Sociology Cluh and Gamma Sigma Bigma. MISS ::eta phi beta The scholarly Miss Eli::abeth Lee is from Enhcld. N. C. She IS a senior homeeconomics education majur who is affiliated with the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Kappa Epislon, and the Richard B. Harrison Players. MISS CHARLESTON CLUB The attractive Miss Jacquline Major, a native from " the city by the sea " , Charleston, S. C. is a sophomore Nursing major. Miss Major is also a member of the Teloca Club, Richard B. Harrison Players, Woman ' s Council, and the Y.W.C.A. 137 wia0 QUEENS MISS PHI BETA LAMBDA The vivacious Miss Maruiyn Johnson, a native of Purtmouth, Va. rcifins as Miss Phi Beta Lambda. Miss Johnson is a Busi- ness Education major and is an active member of the Tidewater Ckib, Delta Sigma Theta Soror- ity, Angel Flight, and SNEA. MISS ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA The charming M i - s Linda Biackmon, a junior biology major, holds the title of Miss Alpha Kappa Alpha. She is a native of Greensboro, N, C. Miss Biackmon is an active member of the G)llcge Usher Board, Wesley Foundation. Off Campus Club, Explorer ' s Club, Chemical As- sociation, and the College Sunday School. MISS Y.W.C.A. Lovely Miss Lavern Solomon is Miss Y.W.C.A., and a native of Enfield, North Carohna. She IS a sophomore Home Economics Education major who is active in the Student N.E.A.. Y.W.C.A,. and Women ' s Council. MISS CAPE FEAR The enchanting Miss Margaret Mitchell who reigns Miss Cape Fear is a native of Wilmington, N, C. A senior history major. she IS also a member of the Sunday School, Historical So- ciety, and Student NEA. «? .-1 138 • ' •; • , — » CHEERLEADERS One of the most important aspects of any good school is Its display of school spirit. In this area, A cr T is not lacking due to Its excellent squad of cheerleaders. Being a cheer- leader IS not easy. Many try out each year but only a few are selected to represent the Aggies. Besides the joy and anxiety of watching the Aggies win or lose, they spend many hours practicing routines, etc. But win or lose, these true Aggies can feel satisfaction in a job well-done. At Homecommc; G.ime With the Trophies it the Carohna Classie, 196 At Basketball Games, these girls put on a good show also " Time Out " for a well-deserved rest TT FOOTBALL . The defending CIAA champs turned in their poor- est showing this year since 1956. Plagued by injuries to key players and a Hmited bench, the Aggies got off to a poor start and the effects ciirried over into mid ' season. The team started off losing to Tennessee State and it was down most of the way. Florida A £? ' M, N. C. College and Morgan State were just too much for the floundering Aggies as were the Maryl ind State Ha ' wks whi) defeated us on Homecoming. This year, however, was a success in one aspect. Many sophomores and freshmen performed superbly this year and should add great assets to the Aggie squad of next year. Melvin Phillips, drafted number six by the San Francisco 49er ' 5. The star halfback was the highest draft choice in the state of North Carolina. A bright spot in an otherwise disraal season was the naming of Elvin Bethea to the Pittsburgh Courier All Amencan Team. i ' i- m ss:j- - ' 4kft k == The AKT Coliet e Aggies Melvin Philips (30) stups J. C. Smith ' s shifty fullb.ick bchinil the line Mirvlands Leonard Clay (22) is stopped by Aggie tackle Jack Darhy (77) while Melvin Phillips (30) comes in for the assist. 1-12 =L. i IBB •■■i ■■ ' - ' ' ' wnM« MM ■■■■■■■■ ■ These men compose the A 6 T College Aggies. SCOREBOARD A.6-T, OPPONENT Tenne " ee A, if] State 12 42 .1. C. Sm.lh 20 18 Xorfolk State 27 20 Maryland State 14 26 (Homecoming) Winston-Salem State ... 30 20 Morgan State 6 31 rionda M 14 28 Virginia State n X C. College 6 7 (Carolina Classic) 1 1 1 rth Carolina ' s James Devonc is abuut tu he thiu Mi tor no gam as Aggie guard, William Sinclair (71 ) come? in for the kill! Melvin Phillips turns corner with the aid of Willie Pearson and Richard Armstrong. Aggie quarterback. John Granger (12). and Coach Howell study the homecoming situation from the sideline. i ' :i- All iiiLLiLCpUuii hy W ' lllic IVaitun, Bursting through tor the first down, Johnsun (37) is aided by Teammate Robert Edwards (63). WiliiL- V.iutib.m {M}, AyyiL ' ii.ilih.Kk blocks in vain as Mclvin Philhps (Mt), with the ball, is halted in his own backiield. Pearson . . . but no room. - .- ..•... . Granger (12) hands off to Armstrong (47) for short yardage. WiUie Pearson return?. A host - Aggies stop Florida back for no gain. 145 ' a BASKETBALL A feature attraction in Aggieland, is the A £?■ T College ' s highly rated basketball squad. Though not successful in defending its CIAA Visitation Conference title the squad had a successful season. The cagers climaxed the 196 ' )-66 season with a H-3 conference record, finishing third in the isitatii)n race. Win or lose, these hearty fellows gave the spectators an evening of thrilling excitement as they maneuvered the ball from center to basket to rack up scores and more scores. Coach Cal Irvin lu rli IiL. (- ' al liMll cojch, BciiKird B,irn , Miltcn Nucl, Njtlun PL-tt., Cjil Hubhaid. X ' ciiKm t Cli.ud. I4(i a- .- - . -.., •P » »»»W .i awMBoaa That? It Gilmer! They all look up to you. Two for Skmncr. t S.iLindcrs Anthony Skinner James Webber Dewey Wilhaiiis Willi. irii Uilmer (Jcoryc Mack 148 Saunders drives for two points against Elon College. Mack ' s Sweet Jump Shot. Good " take " by Webber. " The Eagle flies as Robert Saunders make the basket. It ' s so easy . , when Mack does it. I A.3 Wilt Ch.imbcrlain pays a visit to Moore Gym. Coach Irvin giving pointers to luturc stars. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Morgan State 75 AST " St. Augustine 62 AST 102 Faycttovillc 54 AST 88 Elisabeth City 65 AST 9J J. C. Smith 7(1 AST 75 Fayetteville 5J AST 95 St. Augustine 56 AWT 108 N. C. College 65 A ST 71 Livingstone 57 AST 79 Akron 78 AST 72 Winston-Salem 102 AST 84 J. C. Smith 75 AST 69 Morgan 71 AST 110 Shaw 54 AST 75 N. C. College 65 AST 66 Livingstone 46 . ' K S T 48 Winston-Salem 78 AST 91 Shaw 44 AST 68 Elisabeth City 69 AST 75 GATE — CITY CLASSIC Elon 54 AST 77 Western Carolina 79 AST 86 GEORGIA INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT Southern University ;. 90 AST 87 Bcthunc Cookman 109 AST 86 CIAA TOURNAMENT Howard 81 AST 66 150 X- . •■- - . •?■ T? - ' ' . T l " rl TRACK Track, unlike other sports at A T, con- tinued in Its usual role of second place all the way down to " also ran " , but our col- lege cindermen have distinguished themselves nobly this year. Answering to the call of sportfans for excitement whether it be track, high jump, shot put, hurdle or pole vault, they have turned in amayng records. Elvin Bethea, Sam Marsh and Bob Beamon, gave sparkhng performance. The Squad Gerald Fit5gerald and other W.inlipupKcnny Amus, Gerald l-it:ger.ild. Roy Thompson, Reginald Hill, and Theodore Hart. 151; Uui[h- Maiks ni luudlc SWIMMING Sufferino heavy losses in personnel from the year before, the A cr T swim team m 1966 never reached Its usual peak in performance. Caught in the middle of a rebuilding program. Head Coach Forrist Willis had promising material, but lacking in experience. There is plenty of hope for the next season. William Calluway. a veteran tankman, served a? captain Ouij-tanding m diving were Gerald Fitigerald and Bernard Hair ton These men composed the 1966 varsity, including: Lionel Johnson; left: team manager and at extreme right: Forrist Willi?, the coach. t «.-! " i ,. ' . T BASEBALL The Squad f f f ii|i ' Hc.ivy hatters from left tu nglit: Willie M Ony, A B. Ili.iiiison, James Jones and Lloyd Lightloot. The 1 966 Aggie Baseball team has high expectations this year. LInder the coaching of Mel Groomes, they are expecting to dominate the CIAA with a possible CIAA championship. With half of their veteran players returning, the 1966 Aggies should develop into a smooth working team. ». 154 : , • r r w-. -. Pepper Session - — Lluyd Lightt ' oot, Willie McCoy, David Shelling. Harold Dixun. Henry Fleming, and Carl Hubbard. Looking for the fly — James Smallwood. Behind the plate — Norwood McMillan. Outfielders — Wendell Bartcc, Fcri;u: i n, A B Willuiinv .inj Charles Grapcr. On the mound — Rudolph Thomas. James Jones and Tony Conti. 1 1 " 5 : " f ' I Lett to right: Haven Cockerham. Edward Anderson, Plato McColum, Clarence J. Hayes, Henry Faucett. Center. Kneeling: Orson Kirk, TENNIS The Afe ' T Aggies Tennis team faces a very interesting and competitive schedule this year. Strengthened, with the addition of several new men, Head Coach Andrew Williams viewed the season with optimism. . t- % 0J» £ Orson Klrl; Clarence J, Hayes Henry I ' .iueett Plat,. McCIIum 156 . • ; M •«■ ■ " ■• . ■ " KARATE , ,, ,, ,, a member ot the LInited States Karate Associatkin in the The Af T Karate-do was formed in 196 ' i through winter of 1966 and hopes to compete with other colleges the efforts of Mr. Robert Wagoner. The team became and military teams m the future. Defense against knife: James Boney and James McKoy Defense against gun: Josepli Rccvt .iinl Siiniii ' 1 Gruup shut, left tu right. Bame, Rccve,v, Boiicy, McKuy, Simmons. Standing: J. Bob Wagoner, Nikyu. 157 i ' ,» :• m The At T Marching Band THE MARCHING COLLEGE BAND The " pride and joy " of Aggieland is its famed 130-piece Marching band. Performing the best m band music and executing, with percision, some ol the most intricate maneuvers, the band has risen to become one of the ranking college musical organiwtions today. Under the directorship of Mr. Walter L. Carlson and Mr. J. J. Williams, assistant, the band can and does perform with perfection, maneuvers from the formation of the traditional A fs ' T to a satellite orbiting m space. Higli stepping Majorettes. t . « 4 . ■ .s£ mt ' s: h?JSJl£:Xi " .And on with llii- h lW. " 158 The String Section CONCERT BAND m c, » } . • X The A cr T College Concert Band The Concert Band, like its counterpart the Marching Band, is directed by Mr. Walter F. Carlson. The mam emphasis of the Band, unlike that of the Marching Band, is on heavier music more to the semi-classical category which includes slow marches and concert marches. 159 T 2nd Lt. William E. Davis, Jr. Lt. O Bronzi H. L L St:ir Mcda . 1, presents the Purple He Mrs. Wtlliam E, Davis Sr. rt Award and the IN D E Dl CATI O N We, the Student Body of THE AGRICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL COLLEGE OF NORTH CAROLINA --C of ■ Greensboro, North Carolina ■ " ; with rofound Gratitude and Sincere Respect - 2- Dedicate This page to the Memory of ' i SECOND LIEUTENANT WILLIAM E. DAVIS JR - Who graduated from A. T. College in 1964. He received his appointment in the regular army as Second Lieutenant on May 30, 1964. Second Lieutenant Davis was killed in actual combat in Vietnom on December 10, ' 965. The Purple Heart and the Bronze Star were awarded posthumously to his parents Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Davis Sr. March 10, 1966. We pay tribute to Lt. Davis for his work, both as a student ond as an officer of the Army of the United States. • ' —-A , " " ? 4 - 160 i4» i ! ' ' " i ■ «»i ' . " • WELCOME TO AGGIELAND ' 65- ' 66 Aesthetic forms m nature test, test, test y j . «» ..j X «.. " a ' • ' . " .«.,• «. Ti ■ « • ■ ' . S M Meeting people from around the globe HOME AWAY, FROM HOME Steps in Reading ISIRI llli A day in the library 163 l:..-t;...-: . tat ' S . .■ nmnient of peace Lets try this imc dh DAILY WO RK... Better living through chemistry .J - . . AND DAILY APPLICATION chopsticks Three Simple Principles, EX = 0, EY=0, EZ=0 i " - i CORNATION HOMECOMING OF ' 65 Your hand ' s aren ' t like Mother ' s The Homecoming Crowd My Girl The Kappa Swe ' ' heart It ' s Been a Hard Day ' s Night . . 167 HOLIDAYS Season ' s Greetings Kill the turkey - - m.m Turkey time IliK CELEBRITIES The Ramsey Lewis Trio An evening with DePuur An informal ehat with Mr. Jay R. Kennedy Mr, Hale Woodruff expresses his ideas 169 CAFETERIA Hey! Where is my cup? Arc kr.ui.ins iny different. ' This time, I cin have as much as I want. Nut su fast tellow C.itchiiiij up nn the latest news 1711 STUDY TIME A, B, C. D Cramming time Concentration 4 points m the making Stop Shaming Tills a til uride points f»5 WINTER WONDERLAND j -: You ' re going to get it, right beside the head Frosty, The Snowman 1 Saturday trip to the laundry Mischiet in the niakiny », 1 H m V ' urus 1 Is this a page from Seventeen? Don ' t throw it 172 You re jiving, that s my last dimel DORM LIFE What ' re you doing . . . Baby Take it oil, . . . Take it all off tvn ' V III liititiinii ' t ' ' ){ !| ' If ' iw • - T 4. i Grand stand coaches at work AROUN AND Walking in the ram 174 Take your head out of there •? • ■ - COED LIFE Two IS .1 couple, three is a crowd ITS r --T( i- s- K LAST BUT LEAST PUNCHING. .. Vs ' -Af i ' :,u ' 1 - i- m SENIOR DIRECTORY ADAMS, HEZEKIAH. JR - 2111 First Street. Bradford Heights, Gastonia, N. C. — Majur: Physical Education, — NEA, Physical Education Cub, Geographic Society, ALSTON. lOANN C, — 2212 Randolph Street, N E., Washington, D. C. — Major: Sociology: Minor: Psychology. — Sociohigy Cluh, Geographic Society, D. C. Cluh, Baptist Student Union. Sigma Rho Sigma Honor SocKty. ALSTON. THOMAS ALEXANDER — 513 Hillsborough Street, Chapel Hill, N- C. — Major: Sociology: Minor: Economics. — Sociology Club, Letterman Cluh, Geographic Society, Y.M.C.A., United Men ' s Congress, Football Team. .■ TKINSON, GLADYS — Route 2, Box 100, Walstonburg. N,C. — Major: Social Studies. Minor History. — Student NEA, History Club, Sunday School, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. AVERY, VALERIA A. Major: Nursing. -- Tel Band 1850 Remount Road, Charlotte, N. C, — I Club. Sunday School, A T Marching BAIRD, FRANCLS BERNARD — Post Office Box 176, Hiil.sboro, N. C. — Major: Fine Arts: Minor: Education. — Swimming Team one year, 3 years Choir, Male Chorus, Kappa Pi, 3 years Art Circle. BARNES, WILLIAM C. — Route 1, Box 186, Robersonville, N. C. — M,ijor: Agriculture Education. — Agronomy Club. Y.M.C.A F.F.A. BASS, REGENIA — Route 2, Box 217, Rougemont, N C. — Major: Clothing. — Home Economics Club, Delta Sigma Theta, Student Counselor, Women ' s Council, Administrative Helper. BATTS, BARBARA — 1527 B 2nd Street, Langley A.F.B., Vir- ginia. — Major: Foreign Languages: Minor: English. — Newman Club. Tidewater Club, French Cluh Treasurer, Pi Delta Phi Honor Society President, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Band, Student NEA, Fortnighty Club. BAXTER, ELIZABETH D. — 1617 Lindsay Street. Greensboro, N. C. — Major: Physical Education. — A yt Marching and Con- cert Bands, Majorette, Women ' s Athletic Association, Physical Edu- cation Majors Cluh, Wesley Foundation, Off-Campus Cluh, Student NEA. BELL. MARTHA LORETTA Route 1, Box 128, Winnahow, N. C. — Major: Bu.ilogy; Minor: Psychology. — Biology Club, Student NE.A., Llsher Board, Sunday School Assistant Secretary. BLACKBURN, JEFFERSON IRVIN — 501 Ellwood Drive, High Point, N. C- — M.ijor: Mechanical Engineering. — American So- ciety of Tool and Manufacturing Engineers. BLANKS, JESSE, JR. - Route 1, Box 272, Ricgelwood, N. C. — Major: Accounting. — Phi Beta Lambda, Cape Fear Club. 716 Latta Street, Raleigh, N. C. — I Studies. — Y.M.C.A., U.M.C., Off- BLOUNT, WILLIE, JR. Major: History; Minor: So Campus Club. BLUE, GEORGIA M. — 800 Washington Avenue, Sanford, N. C. — Major; Nursing. — Tcloca Club, Sunday School. BOLTON, BARBARA ELAINE — 7122 Upl.ind Street, Pitts- burgh, Pcnn ' ylvania, - - Major: Business Education. -- S.N.E.A., Delta Sigma Theta Scjrority, Phi Beta Lambda, Women ' s Council, Tri-State Cluh. BOWDEN, CARDRINER — 105 West Elm Street, Goldsboro, N. C. — Major: Business Education. — President - Zcta Phi Beta Sorority, Phi Bet.i Lambda, Pentecostal Fellowship, Pan-Hcllcnic Council, S.N.E.A., Angel Flight, BOWDEN, ESTHER L. - 486 Richburg Road, Great Falls, S C. — Major: History. — Geographic Society, Wiuiien ' s C ouncii, " Stick. " BOWEN, DONNELL - 1100 Gold Street, Rocky Mount, N. C. — Major: Chemistry; Minor: Mathematics, — American Chemical So- ciety, College Band, Chess Club, German Club. BREWER, RAYMOND — 505 East Meeting Street, Morganton, N. C. - - Major: Architectural Engineering. — Architectural Engi- netring Club. BRITT. BRENDA JUANITA — 319 South Randolph Street, Rich- mond, Virginia -- Major: Nursing. — Teloca Club, Harrison Payers, Newman Club, Ivy Leaf Club, Women ' s Council BROWER, RUTH B. — 120 South Obermyer Street, Apartment E, Greensboro, N. C. — Major: Biology. — Biology Club, S.N.EA, BROWN, BENJAMIN T. - 117 South Cameron Avenue, Winston- Salem, N.C. — Major: Chemistry: Minor: Mathematics. — Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, American Chen R.O.T.C. ica! Society, Air Force BROWN, CHARLES F. — Route 1, B.ix 38, Hoffman, N C. — Major: Biology; Minor: Chemistry. — Biology Club, Advanced AFR.O.T.C, Officers Club, Cadet Welfare Council. Off-Campus Club, United Men ' s Congress, Sphinx Club. BROWN, EDWIN RAY — Route 2, Box 75, New Bern, N.C, — Major: Agricultural Education; Minor: Biology. — Pershing Rifle Society, Biology Club, S.N.E.A., Agricultural Association, BROWN, FREDDIE VERCINIA — 2301 McConncll Road, Greensboro, N.C. — Major: Physical Educatlim, — SNEA W.A A. BROWN, ROBERT - Route 1, Box 339, Shannon, N.C. — Major: Agricultural Education; Minor: General Science. — F.F.A. , Baptist Student Union, Agricultural Association, S.N.E.A Y.M.C.A., Agronomy Club. BROWN, ROBERT L. — U8 Calloway Street, Galax. Virginia. — Major: Electrical Engineering; Minor: Mathematics. — Electrical Engineering Association. United Men ' s Congress. Y.M.C.A., Off- Campus Club BROWN, WILLIAM M, — R-mte 1. Box 177, Pantego. N.C. — Major: Engineering Mathematics Mathematics Cluh, Advanced A.F.R.O.T.C. BROWN, WILLIAM T., JR. — 907-A Ardmore Drive, Greens- boro, N. C. -— Major: Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Association, Veteran Association, Baptist Student Union, Off-Campus Club. BRYANT, MINNIE RAY - 601 Lloyd Street, Tarboro. N. C. — Major: Institutional Management. — Art Circle Cluh. Student Counselor. Band, Kappa Episolon. Y.WC A.. Baptist Student Union. Tarboro Club BUNCH, WILLIE R - Route 1, Box 263, Pantego, N.C. — Major: Education. — Agricultural Association, F.F A. Organuation BURKE, WALTER THOMAS, JR. — 1 H.lmes Street, Charleston, S. C. — Major: Sociology. — Choir, Charleston Club Vice President. BURNETT, ISAAC, JR. — Route 1, Box 5A, Roper, N.C. — Major: Biology. Student N E.A., Biology Club, Y.M.C.A., Sun- day School, Baptist Student Union, BURNS, PALUERNA — Route 4, Box 62-A, North Wilkesboro, N. C. — Major: Social Welfare; Minor; Psychology. — Miss Alpha Phi Omega. Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Baptist Student Union, Sociology Club. BU ' TLER, BENNIE — 1302 22nd Street, Columbus, Ga. — Major: Sociology; Minor: Psychology. — Baptist Student Union, Off- Campus Club, Y.M.C.A. BUTLER, CHARLES ERVIN — 211 S. 7th Street, Wilmington, N.C. — Major: Business Administration. — Officers ' Club Vice President, Cape Fear Club, E.C.C.O., A.F.R.O.T.C, " Register " staff. Phi Beta Lambda, Sunday School, Senior Class Parliamentarian. BYRD, GEORGE H., JR. — Route 2, Box 101, Gibsonville, North Carolina. — Major: Economics. — Economics Club, American Institute of Physics, Off-Campus Cluh Treasurer. BV ' RD, JAMES L., JR. - 2021 Anthony Court, Greenshor.., N. C. — Major: Sociology. Minor: Psychology, — Sociology Club, Off Campus Cluh. CALDWELL, HERBERT ONEAL — 923 Locke Street, Salisbury. N. C. — Major: Fine .Arts — Art Circle Treasurer, Marching Band, Symphonic Band CAMPBELL, DONNIE H. Route 1, Box 30, Laurel Hill, N.C. — Majeir: Aiito Mech.inics: Minor: Body Work •« CANNON, BILLY SAMUEL — Route 2, Box 380, Grifton, N.C. — Major: Engineering. — Agronemiy Club. CARR, CAROLYN SIMMONS — 507 Hamilton Drive, Goldsboro, N. C. — Major: Nursing. — Teloca, Angel Flight. CARTER, LUCIAN JONES — 339-6J 2 Street S.W., Charle.ttes- ville, Va. — Major: Social Studies. — Student N.E.A., Geographic Seiciety, Y.M.C. A,, C.O.R.E., U.M.C., .Air Force R.O.T.C. 178 ♦4 -i -, CARTER. MARGARET — Route 1, Box MO, Havclock. N. C, — Major: Secretarial Science. — Register Staff, Wesley Foundation Treasurer and Assistant Secretary, Geographic Society, Phi Beta Lambda, Baptist Student Union. CH. MBLESS. CHARLES WALTER — 166 South Main Street. Port Chester, N. Y. — Major: Accounting: Minor: Business Ad- ministration. — Crescent. Tri-State Club. Y.M.C.A,. Wesley Foun- dation. Phi Beta Lambda. Chess Club. Basketball, Track, L ' nited Men ' s Congress, Harrison Player?, Off-Campus Club. CHEW. NATALIE P. — 3409 15th Street S.E . Washington. D. C. — Major : Business Education ; Minor : Special Education. — Register Staff. College L ' sher Board, Phi Beta Lambda, Womrns Council, Dee Cee Club. Student N.E.A. CHILDS. GARFIELD FORD, JR. — 607 Overbrook Road. Rich- mond, Va. — Major; Business Administration. CLAGGION ' . PAMLYN MARIE — 203 Bunche Blvd.. Ports- mouth. ' a. — Major: Biology: Minor: Chemistry. — Biology Club, Angel Flight. Tidewater Club. CLARK, VIRGINIA — 408 Broad Street, Carrboro, N C. — Major: Sociology. Geographical Societ ' . Sociology Cub, Y.W.C.A-. Baptist Student Union. CLARKE, KEITH WAYNE — 145-07 Femdale Ave.. Jamaica, N. Y. — Major: Physici! Education. — Basketball team. Track team. Tn-State Club. Letterman " ? Club. COBBS- PROPHET — 801 Campanella Lane, Raleigh. N. C. — Major: Business Administration. COBLE, MAURICE PREVETTE, JR. — 918 Washington Street. Wilson, N. C. — Major: Accounting: Minor: Economics, Phi Beta Lambda, Newman Club, Air Force R.O.T.C.. Y.MC.A., Off-Campus Club, U.M,C,. CORE. COLES, MARY ANN — 1601 Graycon Ave. N.W.. Roanoke, Va. — Major: Business Administration: Minor: Music. — Choir, Wom- en ' s Chorus Vice President, Phi Beta Lambda, Ayantee Secretary-, Virginia Club. COLLINS. EDDIE LEE. JR. — Route 2. Bos 345. Spring Hope. N. C. — Major: Sociology. — Alpha Phi Omega. Student N.E.A. Sigma Rho Sigma. Y.M.C.A. COOK. FKEDRICK — Route 2, Box 110. Mt. Gilead. N. C. — Major: Mathemaucs; Minor: Education. S ACM . Y.M.C A,. Math Club. CORBETT. HARVEY — Box 150 McConnell Road. Greensboro. N. C. — Major: Biology; Minor: Chemistry. Air Science. — Biology Club. Explorers Club, Air Force R.O.TiC, Officer ' s Club, Pan- Hellenic Council Vice President, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Corresponding Secretary-. COX, EARL G. — 435 N. Monroe Ave. Columbus, Ohio. — Major: History: Minor: Social Science. — Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. CRAVEN, COLEN EDWARD — 42 21 Holts Chapel Road. Greensboro. N. C. — Major: Institution Management. — Pershing Rifles Society. CURON. RALPH C. — 234 6th Ave. S.W.. Hickon.-. N. C. — Major: Physical Education. CURTIS. MARTHA LOUISE — 110 E. Preston Street. Selma. N. C. — Major: History; Minor: Social Studies. — Sunday School, Histor ' Club, Choir, Student Government. Student N.EA.. Wom- en ' s Council. DALTON. TYLEA MONTEZ - Madison, N, C. -- Major: Biology. Foundation. Student N.E.A. Route I, Box 431 -A N., — Biology Club, Wesley DAVIS. BENNY LEON — Major: French: Minor: Psychology. — Drum Major, Band. French Club. Student N.E.A.. North Carohna State Baton Champion, Dance Group, Y.M C.A. 6 Ross Court, Petersburg. ' a. DAVIS, WILLIAM FRANKLIN - — Major: Business Administration. DeSHIELDS. JAMES CALVIN — 1016 S. 2nd Street. Wilming- ton. N. C. — Major: Accounting. — Air Force RO.T.C. Cape Fear Club. Officer ' s Club. Phi Beu Lambda. DIGGS, ROBERT E. — Box 322, Mathews. V; Studies. — Tidew.-ater Club. Major: Social DILLAHUNT. JOHN T., JR. — Route 2. Box 355, New Bern. N. C- — Major: Agricultural Education. — Pershing Rifles Society-. Advanced R.O.T.C., Cadet Officer ' s Club, Student N.E.A.. Agri- cultural Association. DILLIGARD, RUFUS — 74 Bo ard Street, Charleston, S. C. — Major: Electrical Engineering: Minor: Mathematics. — EE.A.. Charleston Club. U.M.C., Y.M.C.A. DIX. WILBERT D. — R.F.D. Route 1. Box 255. — Major: Social Studies; Minor; History. — Geographic Scciety. DIXON. BILLY R. — Route 1. Box 29, Willard. N. C. — Major; English: Minor: Psychology. — Fortn:ghtly Club, Stylus C;ub, Baptist Student Union, Cape Fear Club, Student N.E.A. DIXON, CAROL A. — Route 3. Box 190, Baynes Road. Burling- ton. N. C. — Major: Nursing. — - Teloca Club. National Organisa- tion of Student Nurses. Richard B. Harnson Players. DONLEY, Y. — S2I 2 Cannon Street, Charleston. S. C. — Major: Economics: Miner: M thematics DOUITHIT. TOMMY ™ 2060 Thurmond Street. Winston-Salem. - C. — Major: Biology: Minor: Education and Chemistry. — Biology Club. Off-Campus Club. Winston-Salem Club, Student N - tional Teachers Association. Y.M.C.A. DRUMMOND. DARLENE — 405 Norcum Circle. Portsmouth, ' a. — Major: English; Minor: Spanish. — Senior Class Representa- tive. Choir. Ayantee Staff. Register Staff. Student N.E.A. Treas- urer. Seaior. Leader. Administrative Helpers Club, Fortnightly Club. Spanish Club, German Club. Tidewater Club. " Stick " . Na tional Council Teachers of English. Student Chaperone. Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. DUDLEY, CHARLES RUDOLPH — 520 Park Ave , Rocky Mount. N. C. — Major: Biology: Minor: Chemistr ' . — Senior Class Vice President. Biology Club. Coordinator of Student Activities. Student N.E.A.. Y-M.C.A., ' " Stick " . College Council. Dorm Representative for The Dean of Men ECHOLS, SANDRA JANE — 1317 Niagara Street. Niagara Falls. N. Y. — Major: Architectural Engine " ring. — Student Counselors Organisation, Women ' s Council President. Society of the Students of Architecture, G: llege Council. EDWARDS. ANNIE S. — Route I, Box 285-A. Battleboro. N. C. — Major: French. — Student National Education Association, Traffic Safety Club. Fortnightly Club. Sunday School. Baptist Stu- dent Union, French Club. EDWARDS. DAVID E. — Route 3, Box 493. Rocky Mount. N. C. — Major: Biology; Minor: Chemistr -, - — Wesley Foundation President, Student N.E.A., Explorer ' s Club. Biology Club. Albemarle Club. Sunday School. American Chemical Society. EDWARDS. PENNY ANN — 317 Lindsay Street. Chapel Hill. N.C. -- Major; Clothing: Minor: Art. — Y.W.C.A., Kappa Epislon, Baptist Student Union, Band, Student Counselor. Art Circle. EDWARDS. WTLLIAM J, — 1207 Hazel Street. Greensboro. N. C. — Major: Architectural Engineering. — Engineering Club. Y.M.C.A.. Off-Campus Club. ELLIOTT. WILLIE JR. — 7 Carver Street. Sumter, S. C. — Major: Business Administration. — Geographic Club, Baptist Student Union. Sunday School, Y.M.C.A., Phi Beta Lambda. ENGLISH. RAYMOND — 1607 Gorrell Street, Greensboro. N C. — Major; Music: Minor; Education. — Male Singers Vice-President. Music Educators National Conference President, Student Govern- ment Treasurer. Lyceu.m Committee, Band, Choir. EVANS. BOBBY — 203 Orange Street, Oxford. N.C. — Major: Math.matics. - — Cadet Captain A.F.R.O T.C.. Arnold Air Society. Mathematics Club- FALLS. DAVID LEROY JR. — 203 North Texas Road, Kanna- polis. N.C. — Major: Business Administration. — Phi Beta Lambda, Wesley Foundation ' icePresident, " Stick " FARRINGTON, THOMAS A. — Route 1, Box 74. Chapel Hill, N.C. - — Major: Electrical Engineering: Minor; Mathematics. — Electrical Engineenng Club Vice-President, U.M.C.. N.A.A.C.P. FAULK. JAMES O. — 1215 Victoria Boulevard. Hampton. Va. — Major: Architectural Engineenng. — Y.M.C.A., Army R.O.T.C.. Cadet Officers Club, Year Book Staff, National Honor Society of Scabbard and Blade ' ice-President, Society of Student of Archi- tecture, " Stick " , Tidewater Club. FEASTER, NELLIE R. — 506 South Booker Street, Greensboro, N.C. — Major: Biology; Minor; Chemistr ' . Biology Club, Off- Campus Club. Harrison Players, Delta Sigma Theta Soronty, Stu- dent Government Vice-President, Student Counselor, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and L ' nivcrsities. % t FELTON. CHARLIE C. — Route I, Box 97, Hertford, N. C, — Major: Electrical Engineering. — Electrical Engineering Club, Honor Council, Y.M.C.A., Cadet Officers Club, Albermarle Club, Student Government. United Men Congress. FERGUSON, JOHN ALFRED — 181? Curry Street, Grccn.sboro, N. C. — Ma]or: Biology; Minor: Psychology, — Biology Club, Lamp Club. FISHBURN, BEVERLY — 81 J West First North Street, Summ-r- ville, S. C. — M.ijor; Physical Education; Minor: Education. — W.A.A., PE.M.C, Student N.E. A. FONTAINE, HOWARD RANDOLPH — 908 D Street, Martins- ville. Va. — Major: Biology; Minor: Education. — Biology Club. Explorer ' s Club, Student N.E, A. FOX, HERMON F. 1714 Eastwood Avenue. Greensboro, N, C. — M;i)nr: Architectural Engineering; Minor: Mathematics. — So- ciety of Students of Architecture (President 65-66). FOX, RACHEL A. — ' i20 Street, Greensboro, N. C. — Major: Sociology. - Geographical Society, Sociolog y Club. FLEMING, HENRY W. — 1212 Davison Avenue, Charleston. S. C. — Major: Physical Education. — Baseball Team, Lcttcrmcn ' s Club, Charleston Club. P.E.M. FREEMAN, CHARLES MICHAEL 751 Jennifer Street. Greens- boro, N. C. — Ma|or Business Administration. — A T Marching Band. Phi Beta Lambda, Highlights Choir (High Point), Y.M C.A. FRID.AY, JERRY L. — ' iH West Harrison Avenue, Gastonia, N. C. — Major: Institution Management. — M.irching Band, Con- cert Band, Y.M C.A,, Sunday School. FULLER, HELEN A. — 24 Irving Street, West Amityville, N Y. — Major: Sociology; Minor: Spanish. — Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Club, Tri-State Club, C.O.R.E., Sociology Club, Newman Club, Womens Council, Y.W.C.A.. Geographic Society. FULLER. JAMES N, — 1207 Ardmore Drive, Greensboro, N. C. — Major: Biology; Minor: Chemistry. FULTON, CLAY V, — Route 2, B, x 314, Kernersvillc, N, C, — Major: Agricultural Engineering; Minor: Mathematics. — Agricul- tural Association. Agronomy Club. N FA. FULTON, JUSTICE CARL — Route 2, Box 314. Keincrsvillc, N. C. — Major: .Air-Condition and Refrigeration GALLANT, FREDERICK — 17J9 Columbia College Drive. Columbia, S. C. — Major: Econimiics. — Kappa Alpha Psi. Der- Deutsche Klub, Economic Club. GALLOWAY, FLORA - Minn. — Major: Nursing. Y.W.C.A. 829 West Central Avenue. St, Paul. ■ Tcloca Club. Baptist Student Union. GARNER, DONNA YOLAND.A - 1929 Gl..vcr Street, Roanoke Rapids. N, C, — Major: Business Education. — Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Pi Omega Pi Business Society, Angel Flight, Phi Beta Lambda, Student National Educatiein Association. GATHERS, BARBARA ANNETTE — 13 Allway Street, Charles- ton. S. C. — Major: Sociol(.igy; Minor: Social Studies. — Charles- ton Club. Geographic Society. Stjciological Club, Wesley Founda- tion, Y.W.C.A.. Student N.E.A. GAY. CHARLES RUSSELL — Route 1. Box 156, Fountain, N. Y. — Major: Engineering Mathematics. — Arnold Air Society (Ex ecu- tive Officer), Computer Club (Vice-President). M:ithematics Club GEDDINGS, LANARD MICHAEL 602 Mathis Ferry Road, Charleston, S. C. — Major: Architectural Engineering; Minor: Mathematics. — Editor-in-Chief ' 66 Ayantce, Newman Club (Presi- dent), Society of the Students of Architecture (Vice-President), Charleston Club, Fellowship Council. Art Circle, Lyceum Commit- tee, Mathematics Club, Y.M.C.A., U.M C, " Stick " , Who ' s Who in American Colleges and LIniversities. GILCKRIST. HAZEL FRANCES - Route 1, Box 154, Red Springs, N. C. — Major: Social Studies; Minor: History. — Na- tional Teachers Associatiem, Geeigraphic Society, Sunday Scheiol, Soco-Histfiry Club, Baptist Student LInion. Agricultural Association, Y.W.C.A. GILL. JOYCE PATTERSON — 511 Poplar Street. Graham. N C. — Majtir: Business Education. — Phi Beta Lambda, College Choir, Offi ' ce Campus Club. GLASPIE, JOYCE ANN — Remtc 2, Box 104, Warsaw, N. C. — Major: .Socieilogy; Minor Social Studies. COINS, JIMMIE — Route 8. Box 625, Greensbo Major: Physical Education, — Basketball Team. N.C. GOOCHE, LOUISE J. — Route 1, Box 182. Henderson, N.C. — Major: Nur.sing. — R. B. Harrison Players, Teloca Club. Angel Flight. Geographic Society, Student Nurse ' s Association, Off-Campus Club, Baptist Student Union, Who ' s Who in American Colleg s and Universities. GOODE, JACK A. - 1808 Belcrest Drive, Green.sboro, N.C. — Major: Biology. — Biology Club. Scabbard and Blade, Off-Campus Club, Army R.O.T.C.. ' SX- ' ho ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. GOODE. WILLIAM E. — 1808 Belcrest Drive. Greensboro, N.C. — Major: English. — Air Force R O.T.C., Editor of the Register, N.C.T.E. (President), German Club, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. GOOLSBY, JO ANN — 3812 Herbin Street, Greensboro. N. C. — Major: Home Economics Education. — Off-Campus Club, Agricul- tural As.sociation, S.N.E.A. GORDON. BETTY J. — 1711 Bridges Street, Fayetteville. N. C. — Major: Nursing; Minor: Psychology. — Alpha Kappa Alpha Soror- ity (Vice-Prcsitie nt). Teloca Club (President). GRADDY. MATTHEW K. — Route 2. Box 624 Washington. N.C. — Major: Biology; Minor; Physical Education. — N.E.A., Cresent Club, Biology Club, Baptist Student Union, Sunday School, Expleirer ' s Club. GRANGER, JOHN EDWARD — 2424 Twinlicld Drive, Char- lotte, N. C. — Major: Sociology. -- Sociology Club, Y.M.CA.. Lettermen ' s Club. Football Team, Charlotte Club. GRAVES, FELIX A. — Star Route 1, Yanceyville. N C. — Major: Business Administration; Minor: Accounting. — Phi Beta Lambda. GREENE. DOROTHY — Box 239, Belivia, N.C. — Major: ness Administration. — Angel Flight, S.N.E.A., Cape Fear Club, Baptist Student Union. GREENLEE, JESSE JAMES JR. — Route 8, Box 8. Salisbury, N. C. — Major: Industrial Education. — .Arnold Air Society (Lauion Officer), Y.M.C.A., Building Construction Club. GRIER, THOMAS E. — 114 Bennett Avenue, Newton. N.C. — Major: English, — S.N.E.A, LInited Men ' s Congress, National Council of Teachers of English, Advanced R.O.T.C,, Cadet Officers Club, Fortnightly Club, Y.M.CA. GREENE, WILLIAM — 1621 North East 21,st Street, Winston- Salem, N.C. — Major: Business Administration. — Pan-Hallenic Council (President), Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Executive Com- mittee of the Council of Organizations. GRIFFIN, EDDIE NORRIS — 790 Riverside Drive, New York City, N. Y. — Major: French; Minor: Spanish. — Lampados Club, Air Force R.O.T.C, Spanish Club (President), French Club, Tri- State Club, Pi Delta Phi. HAIRSTON. JERRY W. — P.O. Box 273. Walnut Cove, N C — Major: Biology; Minor; Education Biology Club, Student N.E.A. HAIRSTON. JOHN T, — Pine Hall, N.C. — Major: Mathe- matics. — Mathematics Club, Computer Club, Student N.E.A. HALEY. ARTHUR JOSEPH, JR. — 2418 M.iplewood Ave., Richmond. Va. — Major: Biology. — Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Dean of Probates, Biology Club, Pan-Hellenic Council. HALL, CARLE — Route 2, Box 208. Leland. N.C. — Major: Biology; Minor: Education. — Biology Club, Cape Fear Club. Ad- vanced Air Force R.O.T.C, Student N.E.A., Baseball Team. HAMPTON. DORIS LORETTA — 833 Rutherford Ave,, N W., Roanoke. Va. — Major: Physical Education. — Student N.E.A., P.E.M. Club. W.A.A., Baptist Student Union. HANNAH, LEE EDWARD — 516 West Eighth Street, Louisville, Ga. — M.ijor: Business Administration. — Phi Beta Lambda, LInitcd Men ' s Congress. HARBISON, SAMUEL ROBY — Route 5, Box 682, Morganton. N. C — Major: Business Administration. — Phi Beta L.imbda, Sunday School, Geography Society, Wesley Foundation, HARRIS. LULA G. — 103 Indiana Lane. Petersburg. V». — Major: BuMncss Education. — Angel Flight (Public Relations Of- ficer). Student N.E.A., Baptist Student Union. HARRIS, MARY L. — Route 2, Box 196-A, Vngilina. Va — Major: Business Administration. — Angel Flight, Phi Beta Lambda, Freshman Registration Committee. HARRIS. VERONICA CLAIRE — Route 2, Box 269. Wilkes- boro. N, C, -- Major: Biology; Minor: Education. — Biology Club, Student N.E.A. .•■ki S! ff HAWKINS. BRUCE A. — Route 1, Box 462, Valdese, N. C. — Major: Sociology. — Sunday School, Baptist Student Union. HAYNES, JOHN DAVID — 80 Spring Street. Charleston, S.C. — Major: Business Administration; Minor: Accounting. — Charleston Club (President), Phi Beta Lambda, United Men ' s Congress, Register Staff. HILL, ALBERT WILSON — 2431 N. 17th Street, Philadelphia, Pa. — Major: Physical Education — Varsity Football, Spanish Club, Templar ' s Chess Club, Physical Education Major ' s Club, Pro- gressive Jazz; Club (President). HILL, MARY L. — 5638 Osage Ave.. Philadelphia 43, Pa. — Major: Social Studies. HINES. CLAIRISSIA — P.O. Box 162, Kenbridge. Va, — Major: Physical Education; Minor: Education. — P.E.M. Club, W.A.A., Student N.E.A., Dance Group. HINES, ERTHEL — 1307 Hamilton Drive, Goldsburo, N. C. — Major: Sociology; Minor: Psychology. — Air Force Drill Team, Spanish Club, Baseball Team. HINTON, GEORGE D. — 813 Campanella Drive. Raleigh, N, C. — Major; Building Construction, — Pershing Rifles (Adjutant). HODGES, GERALDINE DOUENA — Route 1. Box 177. Fre- mont, N. C. — Major: Business Education. — Phi Beta Lambda (Corresponding Secretary), Pi Omega Pi (Treasurer), Student N.E.A, HODGES, SAMUEL J. — 1103 Ross Avenue. Greensboro, N. C. — Major: Architectural Engineering. — Society ot Students of Architecture, Geographic Society, O tf -Campus Club, Westminster Foundation, Y.M.C.A., U.M.C. HOLLOWAY, HAZEL — Box 331, Roxboro, N. C. — Major: Business Education. — Phi Beta Lambda. SNEA, Angel Flight, Baptist Student Union, Y.W.C.A. HOLLOWELL, BETTYE — Star Route, Box 48. Winlall, N. C. — Major: Sociology; Minor: Social Studies. — Usher Board, Sociology Club, Sunday School, Albermarle Club. HOLLOWELL, JAMES I. — Star Route, Box 48. Winfall, N. C. — Major: Agricultural Engineering. — Agronomy Club, Y.M.C.A. HOOD. FRANCES LA WANDA — Route 8, Box 439, Tyler. Texas. — ■ Major: Physical Education; Minor: Education. ■ — Wom- en ' s Athletic Association, Spanish Club, Cheering Squad, Physical Education Club, Dance Group, S. N.E.A. HORTON, STELLA JEAN — General Delivery, Pittsboro. N. C. Major: History. — Canterbury Club, Student N.E.A., History Club, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. HOWELL, DORISTINE — Route 1, Box 34T. Tarboro, N. C. — Major; Institution Management. — Y.W.C.A., Agricultural As- sociation, Tarboro Club. HOWELL. MARIA THOMASINE — 3814 North 18th Street. Philadelphia 40, Pa. — Major: Business Education; Minor: Account- ing. S.N.E.A., Phi Beta Lambda, Tn-State Club, Y.W.C.A. HUNTER, HILLARD C. JR. — 105 Davidson Street, Kings Mountain, N. C. - — Major: Mechanical Engineering; Minor: Math. — - Y.W.C.A., U.M.C, Air Cadet Welfare Council. HURDLE, REATHA M. — Route 1, Box 133, Belvidere, N, C. — Major: Business Education. — S.N.E.A., Phi Beta Lambda, Sunday School, Usher Board, Albemarle Club, Women ' s Council. HYATT, BARBARA JEAN — 319 Mayo Street, Badin. N. C. — Major: Nursing. - — Teloca, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority, Miss Senior, Student Counselor, Sunday School. Pan Hellenic Council, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. JACKSON, MALINDA CAROLYN — P.O. Box 612, Roberson- ville, N. C. — Major: Mathematics. — Math Club. Sunday School, B.S.U., S.N.E.A., Y.W.C.A. JAMES LILLIE RUTH — 1226 Disston Street, Tallahassee, Fla. — Major: English; Minor: Speech and Drama. - — - Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Florida Club, Harrison Players, Wesley Founda- tion, Y.W.C.A., Register Staff. JEFFERS, EARL R. — 2605 Husband Street, Greensboro, N. C. -- Major: Institutional Management. — Off-Campus Club. JEFFRIES III, JASPER B. — 1423 E. 3rd Street, WinstonSalem, N. C. — Major: Chemistry; Minor; Mathematics. — Svyimming, Templars Chess Club. American Chemical Society, Progressive Jazi Club (Vice President). JENNINGS, BILLY BURTON — 606 Plymouth Street, Burlington, N. C. — Major: Industrial Electronics. JOHNSON, ANNIE MAE — Route 2. Box 90, Ramseur, N. C. — Major; Biology. — Biology Club, Off-Campus Club. JOHNSON, CAROLYN L. — 209 Truxton Ave., Portsmouth, Va. — Major; Socioltigy; Minor: History. — Administrative Helpers Club, Ayantee Staff, Geographic Society, Sociology Club. Tide water Club, Section Leader. JOHNSON, DEBRA LORETTA — 4920 Jones Street, Columbia, S.C. — Major; Nursing. — Miss A T, Student Government, Teloca, Alpha Kappa Mu, Student Counselor, Student Nurses Association, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. JOHNSON, EDWARD — 807 Best Street, Greensboro. N. C. — Major: Sociology. — United Men ' s Congress, Sociology Club, Richard B. Hamsun Players, Off-Campus Club, Baptist Student Union, Y.M.CA. JOHNSON, JOSEPH L. — 400 Pear Street, Goldsboro, N. C. — Major: History. — Air Force R.O.T.C, History Club, Student Counselor. JOHNSON, JULIA MARIE ANN — 1311 Fit:;water Street. Philadelphia, Pa. ■ — Major: In! tltutlon Management; Minor: Chemistry. ■ — - Kappa Epsilon Society. JOHNSON, MAROLYN JEAN — 209 Truxton Ave., Portsmouth, Va. - — - Major: Business Education. — Angel Flight, Miss Phi Beta Lambda, Tidewater Club (Vice President), Delta Sigma Theta, Miss 602nd Squardon, Cheerleader JONES, CAROLYN ELAINE — Route 1, Box 51, Moyock, N. C. — Major: English. — Delta Sigma Theta, Angel Flight, Student N.E.A. (Secretary), Niirth Carolina Teachers of English, Lambda Iota Tau (Secretary), I nter n atutnal Honor Literary Society, Administrative Helpers. JONES. JOHNNIE, III — Post OSicz Box 326, Trenton, N. C. — Major; Agronomy; Minor : Biology. — Agronomy Club ( Presi- dent), Jones County Club, Livestock Judging Team, R.OT.C. Band. Agricultural Association. JORDAN, CHARLES H. — Route 1, Box 430, Moyock, N. C. — Major; Business Administration. — Phi Beta Lambda, U.M.C. JOYNER, JOYCE DIANE — 1413 B Ave., Rocky Mount, N. C. Major: Institutional Management; Mini ir: Food and Nutrition, — Kappa Epsilon, Band, Y.M.CA., Baptist Student Union, Student Counselor. KAY, SAMUEL THOMAS — 1939 Park Place, Brooklyn 33, New York. — Major: Vocational Industrial Ed.; Minor: Electrical Technology A.F.T.O.T.C. Officers Club. KENNEDY, MARY GARNELL — 103 Carpenter St. Apt. 2, Kings Mountain, N.C - Major: Home Economics Ed.; Minor: Biology, Wesley Foundation. Y.W.C.A., Agriculture Ass., S N.E.A., W.A.A. KIGHT, RUBY L. — Box 81. Kingsland. Georgia — Major: Sociology; Minor Psychology. - — Sociology Club, Sunday School, Y.W.C ., Computer Program Club, Sec. 64-65, Pershing Rifle Queen, 63-64. KING, DELORES MARIE — 407 Bridge St. Smithfieid, N.C — Major: Sociology. — Y.W.C.A., Geographic Society, N.E.A. KIRK, ORSON TERNOIR — 41 Auburn St. Paterson, N.J. — Major: English, Physics: Minor: Math. — Letterman ' s Club, Cap- tain Tennis Team, Wesley Foundation, German Club, American Institute of Physics, Stylus Club, Fortnightly Club, Bahai Club. KIRK, ALAN RICHARD — 310 South Virginia Street, Golds- boro, N.C. — Major: Business Adm. — Phi Mu Epsilon, Phi Beta Lambda, Army R.O.T.C. Drill Team, Off-Campus Club, United Men Congress. KITTRELL, HATTIE — Route 1, Box 301, Jamestown, N, C — Major: Bus. Ed. - — Delta Sigma Theta, Sunday School, Phi Beta Lambda, Student Government, N.E.A , Women Council, Penicestal Fellowship, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. LEE, ELIZABETH — Rte. 2, Box 5-C, Enfield, N.C — Major: Ec. Education. — Vice-President Women ' s Council, Student Coun- selors, Secretary. Pas Hellinic Council, Zcta Phi Beta Sorority, Stu- dent N.E.A., R. B. Harrison Players, Administrative Helpers Club. LENNON, WILBERT — Rte. I Box 488, Whiteville, N.C. — Major: Electrical Engineering; Minor; Mathematics. — Electrical Engineering Association. LESTER, LENORA — Route 7. Box 105, Woodsdale, N. C. — Major: Institution Management. — Y.W.C.A., Agricultural Assoc. Off-Campus Club. LITTLE. ADDIE — 202 E. 12th St., Scotland Neck, N.C — Major: Nursing. — Teloca Club, Y.W.C.A., Baptist Student Union. LLOYD, WINNIE WEBB Route 1, Box 18. Bolton, N.C. — Major; English; Minor Psychology. — President Lambda Iota Tau, Fortnightly Club, Student N.E.A., Richard B. Harrison Players. LOCKLEY, ORA E. — Christ Church, Va. — Major: Biology; Minor: Education. — Biology Club, Student N.E.A., Y.W.C.A., Baptist Student Llnion, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. 181 ' i-;i LOGAN, HERBERT GENE — Rtc, 1. Bux 94 A. Nathalie, Va. — Major: Voc. Industrial Education, — Draftsmen Club (Secretary), Off-Campus Club, United Men ' s Congress, LONG, DEBORAH O. — ??E Dayton Street, Durham, N, C — Major: English, Minor: History — Junior Affiliate of the National Council ol Teachers of English, Wesley Foundation, Y.WC.A., El Espanol Club, Speakers Bureau, History Club, Fortnightly Club, Harrison Players, Register Staff. LOOPER, JIMMY B. — 3401 Griffith Street, Charlotte, N. C. — Major: Biology, Minor Education. — Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Biology Club, Y.MCA., Baseball Team LOWERY. LUTHER ROOSEVELT — Rte. 2. Bo.x 154, Kcrners- villc, N. C — Major: Biology; Minor: Chemistry — N.E.A., Biology Club. Winston-Salem Club, Explorer ' s Club. LOUNDERMON. RUBUN N. — 123 Grace St, Danville, Va. — Major; Mathematics; Minor Education, General Science. — Math Club United Men ' s Congress. MAJOR. JUDY C. — 2004 Jacksonville Avenue, Charleston, S. C — Major: Business Administration. — College Choir, Phi Beta Lambda, MARSHBURN, EDWARD L. — 701 Campbell Street, Wilming- ton, N. C, -- Major: Social Studies; Minor: History. - - Cape Fear Club, Spanish Club. Route 1, Box 13, Havelock, N. C. — MORRIS, PATRICIA Major; Economics; Minor Dance, Stylus, Tri-State CI 104-41 - Iftlth Street, Jamaica, NY. — Mathematics. — Cheerleaders, M. ' dern lb. Biology. — Biology National Education X 48. B Electric, ;lews Creek. 1 Engineers MARTIN. BRISTOL JR. Major; Health and Physical Education; Minor Club. P.E.M.. Wesley Foundation, Student Association, N A. AC. P. MARTIN. ELVIN EUGENE — Route 1. B. N. C. — Major: Electrical Engineering, Association MARTIN, WILLIE JAY — Route 4. Box 423. Belton, S. C. — Major: Horticulture. — Agriculture Association. J,M.C.A.. Baptist Student Union. MARTIN. WILLIAM N. — 416 W. Washington Street. Leaks vllle. N. C. — Major: Economics MITCHELL. MAXWELL L. — Route 2, Box 264-XX. Aloskie, N. C. — Major; English; Minor; Psychology. — Band. S.N.E.A.. Fortnightly Club. MEBANE, WILLIAM E — 1620 Dunbar Street, Greensboro, N C - Major; Physics. — A.I P. MET2, JOHN M. — 6451 S. Lafayette Street, Littleton, Colo. — Major; Biology; Minor: Chemistry. — Brigade Commander Army R.O.T.C, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Scabbard and Blade Military Society, Army Welfare Council, Biology Club. MILLER. LEROY — 117 Lake Drive, Griffin, Ga. — Major; Busi- ness Administration; Minor: Accounting. — Baseball. Lampodas Club. Phi Beta Lambda. MILLS. JESSIE GRAY — Route 1, Box 400 A, Wlnterville, N. C. — Major; Biology; Minor: Education. — Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Angel Flight, Canterbury Club. Women ' s Council. Biology Club, MILLSAPS, LESTER JR. — Route 2, Box 98, Stony Point. N. C. — Major; Industrial Arts. — Industrial Arts A.ssociation. Sunday School. MITCHELL. BERNICE L. — 1802 Eastwood Court. Greensboro, N, C, — Major; Nursing, — Teloca. Wesley Foundation. Methodist Student Movement, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Off-Campus Club MITCHELL, EDWARD D. — Rural Route 2, Box 446, Trenton. N,J, — Major: Vocational Industrial Education. — Draughtsmen Club, Tri-State Club. Alumni Association. AS. Degree, A 6? T Col lege 1965, Off-Campus Club, United Men ' s Congress. MITCHELL. IRWIN J. - 708 Wright Street. Reidsville. N. C. — Major: Electrical Engineering; Minor: Math - Electrical Engl neering Association. Baptist Student Union. Math Club. Geographic Society, United Men ' s Congress, Army Band. Y.M C A.. Honor ' s Program. " Stick " , Templars Chess Club. MITCHELL. MARGARET ANN — Route 2. Box 339, Wilming- ton, N, C. - Major: History. — S.N.E.A., Cape Fear Club, Sunday School, History Club. MITCHELL, ROBERT LEE — 862 East nh Street, Erie, Pa. — Major; Fine Arts. — S.N.E.A., Art Circle, Kappa Psi. MONTEIRO, PATRICIA — 712 - 56th Place N. E., W,»shing- ton 19, D.C. — Major: Physical Education. MOON, WILLIE MAE — 801 W, Horah Street. Salisbury, N. C. — Major; Home Economics Education. — Band Majorette, S N.E.A., Agricultural Association. Kappa Epsilon Society. MOORE, JAMES C. — Route 1. Box 75. Wilmington. N. C. — Major: Industrial Arts. — Industrial Art Association, Sunday School, Cape Fear Club, S,N,E.A. 231 Hargreawes Avei Chemistry. Wc ' t Bah. I S. C. Industrial MURRAY, CONNIE — 1911 Carlton Avenue, Grensboro, N C. Major: Biology; Minor: Chemistry. — Bicljgy Club. MYERS, GLORIA JEAN — P.O. Box 785. Saint Marys. Ga. — Major; Sociology: Minor: P.sychology. — Sociology Club, Y,W.C.A. McADOO, MARTIN K. — Route 10. Box 50, Greensboro. N. C. — Major; Business Administration. — Off-Campus. Phi Beta Lambda. McADOO. WALKER LEROY -- P.O. Box 228. Av ndale, N. C. — Major; Biology; Minor Chemistry. — Biology Club. McCain, george Randolph, jr. — 216 South Purdy street. Sumter. S. C. — Major: Fine Arts. Design. — Rifle Team. Marching Band. Art Circle. Canterbury Club. Concert Band. McCain. JEANIE HOLLOWAY — 1507 Nedro Avenue. Phil- adelphia, Pa. — Major: Mathematics — Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Marching Band, Majorette, Mathematics Club. McCOY, EVELYN — 311 Wine Stre t, Hampton, Va. - Maj.r: Social Studies; Minor: Economics. — Tidewater Club. Geographic Society. BaptLst Student Union. Y.M.C.A., S.N.E.A., Sociology Club. McCRARY, ZANDORCIA A. — 3300 Betbune Avenue. Mac. n. Ga. — Major; Industrial Arts. McDANIEL. GOLDEN — 903 ■ 48th Str et. Newport News, Va. — Major: Nursing. — Teloca Club, Tidewater Club, Woman ' s Council, McLaughlin, william a Englewood, N. J. — Major; Biology; Minor Club, Biology Club, OH Campus Club McKIE, HEYWARD - 3803 River Drive, Columbia Major: Art Letterm;n ' s Club (President), Arts Association ABT College Football Team. McKIVIER, CAROLYN DELORIS — 613 Myrtle Avenue, Rocky Mount, N.C. — Major; English. — Student N.E.A., Richard B Harrison Players, National Council of English Teachers, French Club, Yearbook Staff, " Stick " , Fortnigbty Club. McKINLEY, DERWOOD — Route 4, Box 31, Lumberton, N. C. — Major: Engineering, Mathematics. — IBM Club, Mathematics Club, Pershing Rifles Society. Army Drill Team. NELSON. ANGELINE D. — Route 2. Box 199. Roxboro. N C, — Major: History. — History Club. Oft-Campus Club. Miss Kappa Alpha Psi 1965 66. NEWTON. JESSE CHRISTOPHER - Route 3 - Box 313, R d Springs, N.C. — Major- Mathematics. — Math Club, Computer Club (Treasurer). NGAYU. OBADIAH K. — Box 252 Nyeri. Nairobi-Kenya. East Africa. — Major .-Xgricultural Economics; Minor: Business. — In ternational Student Association, United Men ' s Congress, Agricultural Economics Club (Reporter), Agricultural Association Club (Program Committeeman), Y.MCA., Sund.iy School, East Africa Student Union In Americas (Reporter). NORIEGA, LULA M. — lo9 Ii7 - 34th .Avenue, Coroni, N. Y. 11368. — Major: English; Minor; Psychology. — Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority (President), Fortnightly Club, Speech Chcir, Ayantee Staff. NORMAN, JEANETTE — Post Box 172, Pisgah Forest, N.C. — Major; Sociology. — College Choir, Spanish Club, Fortnightly Club. NORRIS, JAMES OAKLEY JR. — 857 Newcombc Road, Raleigh, N. C. — Major: Industruil Arts; Minor: Auto-Mechan ' cs. — In dustrial Arts Associ;ttlon, Army Drill Team, Pershing Rifles Society, Track Team, Auto-Mechanics Club, Dmxr Education Club OKEKE, JOSEPH NWORAH — 77 New MKT Road Onitsha, Nigeria, West Africa. — Major; Architectural Engineering; Minor: Mathematics. — International Students Association (President), As sociation of Students of Architecture, Newman Club. OWENS, WILBERT D. JR. — R.F.D. 1, Box 70. Columbia. N. C — Major; Agrcmumy; Minor; Chemistry. — Raptist Student Union (President). Agronomy Club (Reporter). PARHAM. LOVIAINE PAMELA — Route 2. Box 446, Zebulon, N.C. — Major: Biology; Minor; Education. — Biology Club. Angel Flight (Dean of Pledgees). Gamma Sigma Sigma. Usher Board. Student N.E.A PARKER. LINDA — 128 Halifax Road, Rocky Mt., N.C. — Major; Nursing; Minor Psychology. — Teloca, B.S.U. PARKER, WILLIE EUGENE — Route 1, Box 150-A, St. ny ' Point, N, C. — Major; Building Omstruction Technology; Minor: Drafting Technology. — Technical Institute Club, Sunday Schools, Y.MCA. PEACE, RICHARD JOSEPH — 810 Tuscaloosa Street, Greensboro, N, C. — Major: Business Administration. — Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Phi Beta Lambda Fraternity, Advanced Air Force R.O.T.C, Off-Campus Club, Officers Club, Geographic Society, Register (Business Manager), Y.MCA., Baseball Team, U M.C., Adelphi Club (Vice President). 182 PEE. VERDELL — 36 Graham Avenue, Patterson. N.J, — Major Business Education. — Phi Beta Lambda, Tri-State Club. Y.W.CA , Student X.EA. PEMBERTON, AMBROSE III — 105 S. Skipper Street. Racking- ham. X. C. — Major: Sociology. — Sociology Club. PENNIX. GEORGIA M. — 402 Hutlman Street. Greensboro. N. C. — Major: Phvsical Education. — Women ' s Athletic Association. P EM. Club. N.E.A.. Dance Group, OtT-Campus Club. . PETERSON, GEORGE DENNIS — 718 South Tenth Street. ' iImington, N. C. — Major: Electrical Engineering. — Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. PICKETT. MARY — Route 2. Bux 25. Rose Hill. N, C. — Major: Busine?? Education. — Angel Flight (Commander). S.N E.A-. Phi Beta Lambda, Penecostal Fellowship. Women ' s Council. PIERCE, LYNDA CHARLINE — Route 3, Box 109. Ahoskie, N. G. — Major: Nurser ' School Education. — Agricultural As- sv iciation Club. POSTON. JENNIE S. — Route 2. Box 150, Shelby, N. C. — Major: Sociology. — Fortnighty Club. Baptist Student L ' nion, Sociology Club, Sunday School. RANSON. HARRY DURANT — P.O. Box 413, Pinehurst, N, C. — Major: Social Studies. — Student N.E.A., Traffic Safety C!ub. REDD, J. ANDREW — Treasury Department. Monrovia. Liberia. — Major: Accounting: Minor: Business. RICE, WILLIAM S. — 407 East " D " Street. Newton. N C. — Major: Fine Arts: Minor: History. — President Art Circle, Pershing Rifles Society, RICHARDSON. BRENDA MARIA — 221 Wright Street. West- hury. Long Island, NY. — Major: Sociology: Minor: Psych- ology. — Alpha Kappa Mu (Secretary). Fortnightly Club (Treas- urer). TriState Club. Honor ' s Group. Who ' s Who in American Clolleges and Universities. ROBERSON. LARRY — Route 1, Box 85, Blounts Creek, N. C. — Major: Industrial Arts. — Industrial Arts Association, Advanced AFROTC, Student NEA, Y.M.CA ROBBINS, LILLIE M. — Route 2. Box X-14. Greenville. N. C. — Major: Sociology. — President Fellowship Council. Comptroller, Angel Flight, Gamma Sigma Sigma. Who ' s Who in American Cx :lleges and Universities- ROBINSON. ANDREW L. — 115 Ghssiple Street, Fayetteville. N. C. — Major: Biology: Minor: Chemistry. — Bio!ogv Club. S.N.E.A., Sunday School. Cape Fear Club, U.M.C. Y.M.CA, ROBINSON. JAMES MARTIN — Route I, Box 272 Teachey, N. C. — Major: Social Studies; Minor: Education. — Sunday School, Geographic, Society, S.NE.A. ROGERS, MORRIS ALEXANDER — P. O. Box 96. Kittrell. N. C. — Major: Biology: Minor: Chemistry. -— Harrison Players. Biology Club ROLAND. ANNETTA MAE — P. O. Box 484. Windson. N. C. — Major: Nursing. — Teloca, Sunday School, Wesley Foundation. World Community Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Student Nurses Association. ROSCOE, EUGENE — Route 1. Box 155, Gatesville. N. C. Major: Agricultural Education: Minor: General Science. - — Agri- cultural Association, F.F.A., S.N.E.A., Agronomy Club. ROSS, JESSE C. — Route 2, Box 7B, Farmville, N. C. — Majur: Accounting, Business Administration. RUSSELL. MOSELLE D. — 1600 Homewood Avenue. Durham. N. C. — Major: Biology. — Sunday School, Biology Club (Secre- tary), Gamma Sigma Sigma Somrity (Secretary), Baptist Student Union. RUSSELL. TYRONE — 169 ' F Atlantic Avenue, Orangeburg. S. C. — Major: Biology; Minor: Chemistry. — Officer ' s Club (President). AROTC. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. (Vice President), Biology Club. Explorers Club, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities- Box 181. Whiteville. N. C. — Phi Beta Lambda. Officer Club, SALOMON. DA TD — Route Major: Business Administration. C pe Fear Club. SAUNDERS. ROBERT WALDER — 1204 Floyd Street. Lynch- burg. Va. — Major: Histury; Minor: Economics. — Basketball Team (Capt), Spanish Club, Geographic Society, Varsity Club. SCHNYDER. NICHOLAS A. — 1218 E. Washington St.. Greens- boro, N. C. — Major: Engineering Math. — ROTC Unit (Army). Officers Club, Newman Club (Vice President), Harrison Players, Math Club, Engineering Association, OlT-Campus Club, Computer Club, Teacher ' s Assistant, CORE. SCHUMPERT. LAMARIS BLONDELL — 3610 McRae Street. Columbia, S. C. — Major: Nursing, — - Teloca Club, Angel Flight. SHARPE. NELSON LINWOOD — Box 24, Preston. Md. — Major: Industrial Arts. — Industrial Arts Association. United Men ' s Congress. SHANDS. DOROTHY ANN — 1456 Ferrdale Avenue. Peters- burg. Virginia. — Ma jor: Social Studies: Minor: History, — Waa, S.N.EA.. Angel Flight. Miss 605 Sq.. Tide Water Club. SHARPE, NELSON LINWOOD — Box 24. Preston, Md. — Major: Industnal Arts. — Industrial Arts Association, United Men ' s Congress. SHAW DOROTHY JOHNSON — 206 Avalon Rd., Apt. D. Gre nsboro, N. C. — Major: French, — Otf-Campus Club, French Club. SHIPMAN. WILLIE FRAZIER — Ruute 1. Box 741, BLndcn- boro, N. C. — Major: Agricultural Ec ni ' mics. Minor: Economics — Agricultural Economics Club. SILER. MELVIN — 1420 Parker Avenue, Portsmouth. Va. — Major: Accountant: Minor: Business Administration, SIMKINS, WILLIAM A — 742 Lafavette Avenue, Brooklyn 21, N. Y. — Major; Arch. Engineering. — Lettcrman ' s Club. Football, Track. Society ot the Svudents of Architecture. SINGLETARY. ROBERT LAZENDA — 1010 - 11 Street, N.E.. ' ashington, D. C. — Major; Business Administration; Minor: Bookkeeping. — Executive Committee of the Cx)uncil of All Organizatiuns (President). Campus Y.M.CA. (President), Phi B eta Lambda (Treasurer). Yearbook Statf. Sunday School, Baptist Stu- dent LInion. DC. Club, Religious Life Committee, Administrative Helper, Fellowship Council. " Stick " , United Men ' s Congress, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. SKINNER, ANTHONY — 139 West 123 Street. New York, N. Y. — Major: Sociology; Minor; Psychology. — Basketball, Letterman ' s Club. SMITH, HILDA MARIE — 610 East Umstead Street, Durham, N- C — Major: English. — Ivy Leaf Interest Group. Speakers Bureau, Fortnightly Club. SNEA. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Inc. (Basileus), Pan-Hellenic Council, Lambda Iota Tau Honor Society, SMITH, JOHN A. — 507 D. Caswell Avenue. Southport, N. C — Major: English. — A.F.R.O.T.C, National Council of English Teachers, Cape Fear Club. SMITH. JOHN ANDREW — R F.D Z, Box 441 Stonewille. N. C. — Major: English Math. — Math Club. Computer Cub. Off- Campus Club. SMITH. LILLIAN L — 1326 North 15th Street, Harrisb urg. Pa. — Major; Business Education. — Off -Campus Club. SMITH. LYNNETTE — 1118 Logan Street. Greensboro. N. C — Major; Biology: Minor; Chemistry. - — AKA Sorority. (Vice President) Biology. Pan -Hellenic Council. Student Government, Executive G_ mmittee of the Ck)uncil of Organizations, Miss ECCO. SMITH. MICHAEL L. — 701 Kentucky Avenue, Hampton. Va. — Major: Physical Education; Minor: History. — Baseball Team (Cap- tain). Basketball Team (Mgs), Physical Ed. Majors Club (Treas- urer). N.E.A., A.A.H.P.E.R. SMITH, ROBERT CLIFTON — 776 HonCock Street. Brooklyn. N. Y. — Major: General Science; Minor: Agricultural Education. - — YMCA. NEA, UMC FFA, NAACP. Tri-State Club, CORE. SOUTHALL. RITA JEAN — 318 Avondale Road. Portsmouth, Va. - — Major: Physics: Minor: Mathematics. — President A Cfl (Dollcge Student Section of the American Institute of Physics. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Women Student Counsel jr ' s Organization. Women ' s Council, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. SPRUILL, KAYE B. — 330 Coventry Road South, West Hemp- stead. L. I., N. Y. — Major: Sociology; Minor: Psychology. — Choir (4 yrs.) Miss Sophomore (1963-1964), Tri-State Club. (Homecoming Committee) Student Counselor, ' ho ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. SPRUILL. MARY FRANCES — 1401 Julian Street. Greensboro, N. C- — Major: Secretarial. — Phi Beta Lambda. Off-Campus Club. SPRUILL. PRISCILLA — Route 4, Box 372, Goldsboro, N. C — Major; Sociology: Minor: Social Studies. — Sociology Club, College Usher Board, (jcographic Society, Cxillege Sunday School. Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities STEPHENS. ALVIN E. 14 Amsterdam Place. Mount N ' ermon. N. Y. — Major; Accounting. STEVENS, GEORGE E. — 402 Whittington Street. Greensboro. N- C — Major: Health and Physical Education; Minor; Military Science. — Advanced Army R.O.T.C . Cadet Officer ' s Club. Cadet Welfare Council. President Student Government. Executive Com- mittee Of Keystone Organizations. Homecoming Planning Commit- tee, Public Relations Committee, Recreation and Committee of Social Life, Student Adjustment Committee, College Clouncil Research, Who ' s Who in American Colleges. L 183 STEVENSON, SAMUEL — Bux 342-E RicgcKvood, UC. — Majnr; Sociology; Minor: Psychology, — Sunday School. Baptist Student Union. TABORN, BETTY S. — 2204 Cheek Road. Durham, N. C. Major: Physical Education. — Student N.E.A.. W.A.A., Dance Group, PE.M C. TABORN, KATHRYN VANDORA — 2 204 Check Road, Durham. N. C. — Major: French; Minor: English. — Phi Delta Phi National Honor Society, Miss 601st Squadron, French Club (Secretary). Harri.son Players, Student N.E A., Speaker ' s Bureau (President). Angel Flight, Fortnightly Club, Baptist Student Union, Miss Junior. TAYLOR, IDA M. — 613 East Grand .Avenue, Rocky Mount, N, C. — Major: English. — Lambda Iota Tau, Ayantee Staff. N.ttional Ck)uncii of Teachers of English. Honor Student. Harrison Players, Who ' s Who m American Cxilleges and Universities. TELLE, JAMES E. — Post Office Box 61, Everette, N. C. — Major: Social Studies; Minor: History. — Geographical Society, Albermarle Club. TEELE, SUSIE VERNETTE — Route J, Box 301. Williamston, N.C. — Major: English. — Student N.E. A., Y.W.C.A.. Baptist Student Union. Sunday School, Register Staff. THOMPSON. CHARLES EUGENE — 1409 Avenue " c " . Rocky Mount, N.C. - Major: Biology; Minor: Chemistry. — Biology Club (President), Templars Chess Club (President), Baptist Stu- dent Union (Vice-President), Student N.E. A., Who ' s Who in American Cx}lleges and Universities. THOMPSON, JOHN R. — 1?02 Perkins Street, Greensboro, N.C. — Major: Industrial Arts. TILLERY, ERNEST THAYER — 624 Church Street, Williamston. N. C. — Major: History. — Pershing Rifles. TISDALE, GERTRUDE E. — Route 2, Box 109, Saltcrs, S. C — Major: Social Studies; Minor: Psychology. — Student N E.A , Pentecostal Fellowship, Y.W.C.A., Geographical Society. TONEY, WILLIAM — 226 West 24th Street, Winston-Salem, N. C. — Major: Music. — College Band, M.E.N.C., Sunday School, Winston-Salem Club. TRENT, VERA UNDINE — Box 143, Parkslcy, Va. Major: Social Studies; Minor History. — History Club and Student N.E. A. TURNER, CLINTON K. — Route 3, Box 254-A, Hertford, N.C. -- Major; Agricultural Education; Minor: General Science. — Stu- dent Counselor, United Men ' s Congress, Collegiate N.F.A,, Agron- omy Club, Agricultural Association, Collegiate F.F.A., U.S.C.F.F., Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity (President). TURNER. LEONARD STEVEN — 630 East Sharpe Street. Statesvillc. N.C. — Major: Industrial Arts — Sunday School. Off Campus Club, Industrial Arts Association. W.ADDELL, ALFRED COLEMAN — 1 Ui6 Tuscaloosa Street, Greensboro, N. C. — Major: Sociology; Minor: Hi.story. — Band, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. WADDELL, ELIZABETH — Route 3, Box 646, Sanford, N, C. — Major: Nursing. — Teloca, Usher Board, Wesley Foundation. WALDEN, GERALDINE H. — 307 Saunders Street, Sanford, N.C. — Major: Home Economics Educatiim; Minor: General Science. — Kappa Epsilon. WAGSTAFF, HUBERT THOMAS — 1111 Ardmore Drive, Greensboro, N. C. — Major: Mathematics; Minor: Military Science. -- National Society of Scabbard and Blade (President), Advanced Army R.O.T.C, Off-Campus Club, Bushmasters, Officers Club. Cadet Welfare Council, Mathematics Club, The Honors Program, Adelphi Club (Treasurer). WALKER, THELMA — 606 Julian Street, Greensboro, N. C. -- Major: English. — Student N.E. A., The Richard B, Harrison Players, Speech Choir. WALLACE, ALTON S. — Route 5, Box 87, New Bern. N.C. — M,ijor; Engineering; Minor: Mathematics. - - Student Government (Vice President). College Council. Advanced R.O.T.C, Cadet Ol fleers Club, Student N.E. A., Honor ' s Council, Computer Club, Alumni Scholar, United Men ' s Congress, " Stick " , Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. WALTERS, LESSIE B. — 61 Beverly Road, Buffalo, N. Y. 14208 — Major: Institutum Management; Minor: Food and Nutrition. -- Mi-ss Company " D " ( ROTC Queen), Richard B. Harri.son Players, Tri-State Club, Ayantee Staff, Agricultural Association, " Stick " , Kappa Epsilon. WARD, ROSA M. — Route 1. Box 48. Bethel. N.C. - Major: Nursing. - Teloca Club. Women ' s Council. I WATERS. ALLEN L. — Box 236 First Street, Greenwood, Del. — Major: Social Welfare; Minor: Economics. — Marching Band, Wesley Foundation, Sunday School, Traffic Safety C lub, Student Government, Y.M.C.A. WATFORD, SUSIE ANN — Star Route Box 8, Calcrain, N. C, Major: Nursing; Minor: Psychology. — Teloca, Baptist Studcnl Union. WATLINGTON. VIRGINIA — Route 1. Box 170, Yanceyville, N. C. — Major: Business Education. — Phi Beta Lambda. Miss Off -Campus. Student N. E.A., Off-Campus Club. WATTS, WILLIE NEIL — 722 Northway Street, Syracuse, NY. 13224 — Major: Social Studies; Minor: Psychology. — Delta Sigma Theta, Ayantee Staff, Baptist Student Union, Geographical Society (Vice-President and Secretary), Student N.E. A., Sociological So- ciety, Women ' s Cxnuncil, Tri-State Club. Spanish Club, History Club, Sigma Rho Sigma Honor Society. WEBB, MARY ANN — Route 2, Box 460, Windsor, N.C. — Major: Institution Management, — Sunday School, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Pan Hellenic Council, Student Counselor, Women ' s Coun- cil, Y.W.C.A. WEBBER, JAMES 660 Crotona Park South, Bronx ' i6. N. Y. — Major: Business Administration. — Lettermen ' s Club, Basketball Squad. WELDON, JOSEPH EUGENE — 614 Haywood Lane, Raleigh, N.C. — Major: Industrial Arts; Minor: Industrial Electronics. — Industrial Association, Track Team. WEST, ANGELYN GLORIA — 1927 Carlton Avenue, Greens- boro, N. C. — Major: Music. — ME. N.C, (Vice-President), March- ing and Concert Bands (Vice-President), Who ' s Who in American Cxjileges and Universities. WHALEY, MELVIN M. — 198 Summer Street, Paterson, N.J. Major: English; Minor: History. — National Newman Student Federation, Wesley Foundation, Tri-State Club, Charleston Club, Stylus Club, Fortnightly Club, Tennis Team, Track Team, Bahai Club. Student N. E.A., N.C.T.E., American Institute of Physics, Football Squad. WHITAKER. CHARLES L. — 221 Haywood Street, Garner, N. C. — Major: Biology; Minor: Chemistry. — Y.M.C.A., Biology Club, Baptist Student Union. WHITE, CORRINE — Office Box 390, Silverdale Road, Jacksonville, N. C. — Major; Histiry; Minor: Political Science. — Student N.E. A., Cape Fear Club, Wesley Foundation, Y.W.C.A., History Club. WHITE, RUFUS — 241 - 12th Street. N.E.. Washington, D. C. — Major: Engineering Physics. - American Institute of Physics, Dee Cce Club, Harrison Players, German Club, Officers Club. Advanced R.O.T.C. (Air Force), Lampodas Club, U.M.C., Ayantee Staff, " Stick. " WHITE, SHIRLEY - Route 3, Box Siler City, N. C. — Major: Physical Education. — P.E.M. Club, W.A.A. S.E., Hickory, N. C. - Y.W.C.A.. Sunday WHITWORTH. ESSIE M. — 891 F Avenue, — Major: Sociolctgy; Minor: Social Studic School, Baptist Student LInion. WILDER, GARLAND J. — 118 South Peal Street, William.ston, N, C. — Major; Business Administration. — Phi Beta Lambda. WILDER, JR , JAMES WILLIAM - - 3030 Carver Place. Method. N. C. — Major: Mathematics, — Y.M.C.A. (Secretary). Advanced Air Force R.O.T.C, Officers Club Mathematics Club, Cimputor Club. WILLIAMS, JR., CHARLIE — 12 West Street, Mount Kisco, N. Y. — Major: Sociology; Minor: Psychology. — Y.M.C.A.. Sunday School, United Men ' s Cajngress. WILLIAMS, GENE W. — Route 2. Box 175, Warsaw, N.C — Major: Fine Arts; Minor: History. — Art Circle. WILLIAMS, MARY D. — Route 4, Windsor, N.C — M,ijor; Business Education. — Phi Beta Lambda. Student N.E A., Sunday School, Baptist Student, Union, Student Counselor. WILSON, AMERICUS NATHANIEL — 119 Byrd Street, Chester, S. C — Major: Business Administration. — Phi Beta Lambda, Marching Band, Symphonic Band. WILSON, FRANK - - 2 Ridge Street, Hendersonville, N.C. — Major: Sociology; Minor; Psychology. — National Society of Scabbard and Blade (Secretary). Officer ' s Club. Junior Counselor ' s Club (Treasurer), Advanced Army ROTC. (1st Bn Executive Officer). WILSON, JACQUELINE B. — 516 Rountrie Street, New Bern, N. C. - - Major: Physical Education; Minor: Social Studies. — Y.W.C.A., W.A.A., A.A.H.P.E.R. WOOTEN. JR., HARDY D. — Box 2, Falkland, N.C. •.- Major: Engineering Math. - - Mathematics Club, Computer Club. YANCY. CAROLYN — 1754 - 25th Street. Sarasota, Fla. — Major: Home Economics Education. — Florida Club, Agricultural A.ssociation, Angel Flight (Assistant Dean of Pledgees), Student NEA, Women ' s Council (Vice-President), Kappa Epsilon, YOUNG, ANNETTE LA VERNE - 2603 Phlox Street, Jackson- ille, Fla. M.ijor: Sociology; Minor: Psychology. — Sociology Club, Florida Club. 184 . ■.- -r V ' •r:- •. — I V -:- ■.)-■■ •iV-. ' ,-,. » ' ■: • V U . • v 4 3r:; ' m% ' .ii i . .. CARVER HALL f Mi !;; ' l l ..Ji35. .- «. • ' - • M .1- y a:||, Mi -» . tfv. ? V ..- ' ■ - S!? . ' . - V r v ' r LiteW. :■» ■}: • :v •?• . ■■ «; M ;■

Suggestions in the Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) collection:

Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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