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Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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I ' i NC A 4 T STATE UNIV LIBRARY 3 0343 0355127- t wim • , 1.- : C H i y.7.-- iiy.Tn?vrrn?g A nB ' i W8yg T L?L: 2« . r i -: .jii. ,M,;r.. ' ( ■■■ ' ii cl 1 1 inn X ,-• ' . dYANTEE 196} AY Ay TEE 196 5 : AYANTEE 1965 AY Ay TEE 1965 AY AX TEE 1963 AYANTEE 1965 AYANTEE 1965 AYANTEE 1965 AYANTEE 1965 AYANTEE 1965 H PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENT BODY OF THE AGRICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL COLLEGE OF NORTH CAROLINA. GREENSBORO— JAMES H. RANDALL, EDITOR •:r •! FOREWORD ■ The period extending from September through June witnesses many occurrences which have a particular effect on the college community. Though the college campus may often appear to be a little world all in itself, in reality it is a centralized re- flection upon the total world ' s actions. With the echoing sounds ringing in alert ears — the Great Society, prosperity, service, academic excellence, and racial strife, world strife, wars on poverty — the students were girding themselves with the in- tellectual equipment necessary to cope with the continually growing demands of a complex society. The collegiate year possessed many phases that take on particular importances which are expressed in intensities proportioned to the interest that a student has for a certain phase. The 196 edition of the AYANTEE works toward presenting this past year ' s phases in a manner that captures " that old Aggie spirit " which accompanies the students ' endeavors to hold aloft that prized " torch of knowledge. " The annual also works toward por- traying those phases which cannot be absolutely classed academic or highly intellectual — but phases which form a vital part of collegiate life. It is the AYANTEE staff ' s hopes that this part of 1964-65 campus lite will bring many meaningful reminiscences to the students. i«»i«»iB»ja» «(i!!»»i i»iw IMS1IIRI;?«HH!.YJP LTilTm ' T ' rj : «r V CONTENTS FOREWORD 4 DEDICATION 6 INTRODUCTION 8 ADMINISTRATION 16 SCHOOLS 26 CLASSES 38 SENIORS 50 QUEENS 82 GREEK LIFE 102 ORGANIZATIONS .114 ROTC 140 ATHLETICS ..150 STUDENT LIFE AND EVENTS 162 SENIOR DIRECTORY 179 i. ; .i.- ■ i. •if wKir «r .. _:-:i« ' DEDICATION - ' --fi 1 1 ' i li: ' if WE HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO MOVE UPWARD TO THE GREAT SOCIETY WHICH RESTS ON ABUNDANCE AND LIBERTY FOR ALL. ■.M -. IV- .1.5. IMAGINATION, INITIATIVE, AND INTEREST WILL DETERMINE WHETHER f mi. Famous Bantone George Shirley Msited the campus Nursing care WE BUILD A SOCIETY WHERE PROGRESS IS THE SERVANT OF OUR NEEDS — Daisy Hodge and Rita Southall attend Women ' s Science meet. Lost in the crowd 2 f. ' " ?-L4 ' . This can he a lonesome world OR A SOCIETY WHERE OLD VALUES AND NEW VISIONS ARE SUBMERGED BY RAPID GROWTH. Physics Research THE GREAT SOCIETY IS A PLACE WHERE In the classroom EVERY PERSON CAN FIND KNOWLEDGE TO ENRICHEN ■ imi— ■ftiyiM AND TO ENLARGE HIS TALENTS . . . Excellence in art H ■iV ' .: ;. ' (... . , ' - : ' ' .i. ' Director Pearsall and concert soloists Practical use of art talents Students come from many foreign lands Measuring up IT IS A CHALLENGE CONSTANTLY RENEWED, BECKONING US )■; I i J w 1 ) ' r.- •-•£■ ■• ' J Engineering elass Grave commitment eking that job! TOWARD A DESTINY W WHERE THE MEANING OF OUR LIVES Rewards of hard work MATCHES THE MARVELOUS PRODUCTS OF OUR LABOR. I 1 16 ?L.rc- .7 t-i mf N ff f ' " f " ! •t ■ • . ' £ ' »i j; ADMINISTRATION and STUDEHT SERVICES DR. LEWIS C. DOWDY ■ ' ' , ! THE PRESIDENT — HIS INAUGURATION Just completing his first year at the helm. Dr. Lewis C. Dowdy, president of the college, had endeared himself to the students, the faculty, the alumni and hundreds of other friends and sup- porters of the institution. Grounded in well established principles of administration through both study and experience, and with a full understanding of AiifY and its mission, Dr. Dowdy moved into his new assign- ment as a veteran. Dr. Dowdy formally assumed the office on April 3, in special inaugural ceremonies, described in a photo story as a part of this section. The 47-year old president of ASfT is a native of Eastover, S. C. He is a graduate of Allen University, holds the M.A. degree from Indiana State Teachers College and is a candidate for the doctorate degree at Indiana University. Prior to coming to A T in 1951, Dowdy had servec! in the public school system of South Carolina as a high school principal for seven years and as supervising principal for four years. At A6?T, he was first, professor of education and director of student teaching and in rapid promotions became dean of the School of Education and General Studies and later, dean of instruction. He served for 20 months, during 1961 and 1962, as acting president. .TL- ef lr BOARD OF TRUSTEES The members of the Ac?T College Board of Trustees included from left to nght: David V. Morehead. Greensboro; Dr. Otis Tillman, High Point; Dr. Andrew A. Best, Greenville; E. E. Waddell. vice chairman. Charlotte; George Sockwell, Elon College; Robert H. Frazier, chairman. Greens ' boro; Dr. Lewis C. Dowdy, president; Frontis W. Johnston, Davidson; J. S. Stewart, Durham; J. Mack Hatch, Charlotte; W. L. Reid, Kannapolis, and W. B. Wicker, Greensboro. 19 INAUGURATION Dr. Lewis Carnegie Dowdy was inaugurated as sixth president of the college in briHiant ceremonies conducted at the Charles Moore Gymnasium on Saturday morning, April 3. As Robert H. Frazier, chairman of the A6? ' T Trustee Board, draped the medallion about the shoulders of our new president, a new era for the college began. The inaugural activities included: a beautiful inaugural ball, at which all ot us were invited; a joint concert by the Choir and the Male Singers, at least two receptions, and the inaugural luncheon. It was a happy and thrilling weekend for us all. " I accept with great humility the responsibilities and the challenges . . , , " said Dr. r)o vdy Dr. Dowdy accepts the br(in:;c medallion, a symbol uf authority from Lieutenant Governor Robert W Scott ol Kouii ( ' arohna brinjjs greetings Robert H. Frazier. from the State. Lt. CJov. .Scott .idmircs the medallion as Dr. Dowdy, Mr. Fraiicr, and principal speaker. Dr. Raymond C. Gibson, p rofessor and chairman of the Department of Higher Education, Indiana University, look on. Mrs. Dowdy and daughter, Elizabeth, look on as Dr. Dowdy approaches platform. TUr-l .?v:.,.: ....-, ,.,y..,., ,,, |j || i»»=»S!iiii«teM v.B3iiifc; The Dowdys chat with Dr. Asa T. Spaulding, president of the North The president a,, r- ■■ -■-- ■ ■ - ' ■- ' : J ;.t-. Rumsey Helm?, Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company, who delivered the main address of the Student Government, makes the presentation, at the luncheon, and Mrs. Spaulding. president The President leads the dancers at the Inaugural Bi. The Dowdy family, foreground. Forty-nine close relatives came. ADMINI GLEN F. RANKIN Dean of Instruction B. C. WEBB Dean. Schoo] of Afirtculture J. M. MARTEENA Dean. School of ETi iTieering L, H. ROBINSON Dean. School of Education and General Studies i 1 M M i ffe H sT ' vjj g Hf , NAOMI W. VVYNN Dean, School 0 J ursing G. C, ROYAL Dean, Gmdliate School S- C. SMITH Dean. Technical Institute ■ .:tr,rjTi ' ' y r,- ' .- }iwv. ««b!?ff| W!) ' iJiW55?Sf ' ! 5TRATI0N HARVEY R. ALEXANDER Business Manager VANCE E. GRAY AdtnuustraUve Assistant to the President DR. JESSE MARSHALL Dean of Students WILLLAM H. GAMBLE Director of Admissions REV, CLEO M. McCOY Director of the Chapel DR. ROBERT S. BEALE Director of High School Relations 23 F. A. WILLLAMS Director of Extended Services ADMINI S. J. SHAW Director of the Freshmdn Sludies ELLIS F. CORBETT Director of Information Services W. I. MORRIS Director of Placement A. F. lACKSON Director, Educational Research and Comj-iiiter Science I.; (,. i,l;L s Acting Libraridn WILLIAM M. BELL Director of Alliletics 24 ]. NIEL ARMSTRONG Director of Summer Sc iool • i AttA;1«lMlste■fta(l1UlMcHl1 ■ tlt ' vl )TRATION MARVIN B. GRAEBER Direclor of Buildings and Grounds DR. F. E. DAVIS College Physician EULA K. VEREEN Dietitian JIMMY I. BARBER Dean of Men PHILLIP D. BOONE Assistant Dean of Men £. BERNICE JOHNSON Dean of Women 25 MAVIS BRIMAGE As istant Dean of Women I ris.«MiMT,fiam:maaEastvi95SivamH«nxssaf iil : iffAa- 1 ' :f .i .-! ' ' ' ' ' 26 W«»Ba»»l(WII«tosWAW»»!« i ■ .1 a ' ■ ' 1 1 itMl SCHOOLS 27 ' •-fzaiPi» |crKir«RgisiH» ' ' : n9t ' SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE The total agricultural outlook now stretches from the furrow to the technical laboratory and many of the involved phases are explored in our program here. Merely by looking at the name of the college one can get an idea of the emphasis placed on agriculture in its total sense. Whether taking strictly agricultural programs or pursuing majors of home economics, biology, or chemis- try, the students worked to brighten their corners in the realization that every dedicated person can find an ac- ceptable place in the Great Society. Quantitative .in.ilys Foods and nutrition Biology laboratory JfiilMiMliig - Dairy Science r : M ' ' W i ' IS Agricultural Economics 4 Ik w SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Often referred to as " those guys with the shde rules and drawing boards, " the engineering students are help- ing to fulfill a vital role in our society. With the current demand for engineers, AcJT graduates are finding eni ' ployment throughout the nation. This school encom- passes the areas of electrical, mechanical, and architec- tural engineering, mathematics, physics, business admin- istration and education, and fine arts. At the computer •r - f r :-: -r hrr:::7i -.-r: k ' yl A iff!VX ' fr ' ' ' ' V ' ' — ' • r ■■.■;. -T m IHI ■ ■■illli ' ■Ulf A -r3 THE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION AND GENERAL STUDIES The School of Education and General Studies pro- vides areas ot study leading toward degrees in the humanities, social sciences and education. This school prepares students tor teaching or for a number of other vocational and professional pursuits. Visiting lecturer John Hope Franklin talks with students. Language laboratory Music 32 iji gaBS!spa«et»i«itMmwK» —• ; i.l_ 1.1 l ' i. ...,.l,...! Reading Laboratory Psychology ' % EwiM ' n NURSING The nursing program offers the Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. It is designed to prepare students to assume responsible positions in the field ot nursing. The curriculum includes courses necessary to nursing as well as general education and the sciences, thus prepar- ing the graduate to become a competent professional person and a valuable contributor to the community. Early to wcirk New life is precious Somebody lost something! MJj in u«» 1 1 r E ' ' ' . ' ' « ii— . X. - .1 81«»iKa K«ew ' |»t««»R»ii»»hWH« r , -! .,:? :-:r Not too fast now! The l7iter ' iew V ' Oxygen tent 35 p r ■IlililililHIIIII TECHNICAL INSTITUTE The Technical Institute offers training for young men and women in various skilled trades to enable them to join industry or to become competent technicians in their respective communities. Training areas offered give the student on-the-job training that allows him to have tirst acquaintance with his proposed occupation. Driver Education Auto Mechanics 1 3ti • ' . ' :-,fm-V!i itf ni!imtivm»i mnxiuii»rif-L- ,:m( GRADUATE SCHOOL The Graduate School offers the degree, Master of Science. Field of study in which the degree may be earned include; (1) Agricultural Educa- tion, (2) Chemistry, (3) Education, (4) Industrial (Arts) Education. Areas of concentration included in the degree program. Master of Science in Education are: (1) Administration and Supervision, (2) Elemen- tary Education, (3) Guidance, (4) Secondary Education. Dr. George C. Royal, dean of the Graduate School, confers with students Elbert Pettiford and Levestcr Tuhbs 37 1 ' ' Bmmm,iitmi ' mia!!svsm swftmassn«isirmB;uiiWi: ' ?m f ' ! 38 : I, CLASSES 39 lid?« ««4i ■ ' ,? ,l-(!il-..:- i; ' ! Hy ' 4i: ' - ' i-V.-,!i ' , ' . ' i. i.-- TTl- ' FRESHMEN The freshmen in 1964 came in record numbers, all with one purpose, to secure a firm position in the aca ' demic community. They came from small towns and large cities and soon became adjusted to their new home away from home. It was a fine group. Class officers included: C scaled; Carolyn Hcdgcpcth, corrcspimdnig secretary: Josie Baldwin, recording ieerelury. Bobbie Hopkins, president. Dorothy Gray, treasurer. (Staiidmg) Timothy Bryant, iisloriaii. James Rhodes, parliamentarian, John Harrington, representative to the Student Government. ohbic Hopkins, class president Miss Freshman and attendants, Brcnda Williams, Veronica Deloatch (Miss Freshman ) , Teresa Ferguson, and Ophelia Graves. --W{ilws»Jfe1tlu iHtf. ' ' ' ' ' iHlF li ' t ' J• ' YWVl ;. ; ' Sii7l■ ;i■ SOPHOMORES " The pseudo-wise, " the sophomores are often called, but they appeared wise enough to understand the im- portance of disciplined study, one of the main purposes for which they came. The class, as a whole, contributed its share to on- ward progress of the college and is commended for it. Class officers included. Ficd Taylor, president, James Madison, represeniat iie tu the Slitdent GuvcTiitnenl. Linda Spaulding, secretary: Barbara Blackmon, treasurer: and Sarah Jones, M155 Sophomore. ickmon, I ' lee-pre-sidenl. Sandra Fred Taylor, cids. ' : president ■■■■■I ■■P ! JUNIORS Now that their third year of study had ended, the juniors cast their eyes to that coveted status of becoming seniors. With a determination flavored with proper at- titudes, success is certain to follow. Class officers included; Arnic Bass, f re. ident. Shirley jacwbs, vice f icsidfiti, Hai cv Cijrhctt, Irfusurcr, Sandra Echols, secretary, AltL-n ' Idtive to the Student Goverument, Betty Williams, representatn ' e to the Student Government and Mrs. Ruth Gore, advisor. ef resen- Arnie B.tss, ,|js j rcsuient ■jsir " r ' ■ ' y : -r »ia«a! TMiBmwt(»«w«Baiiw»»a»iiiiafrw ROSE ADAMS THOMAS ALSTON JOHN ANDERSON GLADYS ATKINSON VALERIA AVERY BETTY BALDWIN WILLIAM BARNER ARNIE BASS REGENIA BASS FRED BATTLE BARBARA BATTS MARTHA BELL ROBERT BELL RAYMOND BLAKLEY JESSIE BLANKS GEORGIA BLUE BARBARA BOLTON PRINCESS BOOTH KERMIT BOULWARE CARDRINER BOWDEN RAYMOND BREWER GEORGE BRIGHTHARP BRENDA BRITT WALTER BROWER BENJAMIN BROWN CHARLES BROWN EARNESTINE BROWN EDWIN BROWN HOLLIE BROWN JAMES BROWN ROBERT L. BROWN ROSCOE BROWN WILLIAM BROWN MINNIE BRYANT WALTER BURKE ISAAC BURNETT BENNIE BUTLER CHARLES BUTLER RICHARD BUTLER BARBARA BYERS GEORGE BYRD JAMES CALDWELL LUCIAN CARTER MARGARET CARTER CHARLES CHAMBERS PAMLYN CLAGGION KEITH CLARK PROPHET COBBS MAURICE COBLE EDDIE COLLINS WALTER COMBS FREDERICK COOK HARVEY CORBETT LAVERNE CRAWFORD liii: 43 KuraB3aij!jiaajX tC9satvWifiS-ia ifiteiffS«rilS m KQ ES Mia I 44 JOHN CREWS LINDA CUMMINGS ROSETTA CURTAIN TYLEA DALTON ANN DAVIS BENNY DAVIS HAROLD DAVIS LILLIAN DIGGS ROBERT DIGGS RUFUS DILGARD BILLY DIXON CLEVELAND DIXON MARY DOGGETT TOMMY DOUTHIT DARLENE DRUMMOND JOHNNY DUDLEY ELEANOR DUNLAP SANDRA ECHOLS ANNIE EDWARDS DAVID EDWARDS PENNY EDWARDS ARTHUR ELLER WILLIE ELLIOTT RAY ENGLISH WILLIAM ENGRUM BOBBY EVANS THOMAS HARRINGTON NELLIE FEASTER TROY FEATHERS CHARLIE FELTON GARLAND FEREBEE JOHN FERGUSON HENRY FIELDS JACKIE FLOWERS HOWARD FONTAINE MARIAN FORD JERRY FRIDAY BENJAMIN FULLWOOD JEANETTE FURGUSON FLORA GALLOWAY VERLENE GANTT DONNA GARNER BARBARA GATHERS CHARLES GAY ROLAND GEE LADINE GERALD HAZEL GILCHRIST THtWAS GILL SHIRLEY GILMER FRANKLIN COINS LOUISE GOOCHE WILLIAM GCX DE JO-ANN GOOLSBY ROBERT GORHAM L SrWa»iRS«Wt«i JS ' . MWiUvuiiiVH ■■ «,: P :- ••?! »i ' -. JAMES GRACE DONALD GRAHAM JOHN GRANGER DOROTHY GREENE WILLIAM GREENE JESSE GREENLEE WILLIAM HADLEY JERRY HAIRSTON JOHN HAIRSTON CARLE HALL JEAM HAMILTON LEE HANNAH DONALD HARMON LONNIE HARRIS LULA HARRIS VERONICA HARRIS ARIZONA HARTFIELD BRUCE HAWKINS JOHN HAYES TYRONE HENDRIX MILDRED HEWETT CLAIRISSIA HINES EARTHEL HINES QUEEN HINES GEORGE HINTON GERALDINE HODGES HAZEL HOLLOW AY JEAN HOLLOWAY RUTH HOLLOWAY BETTYE HOLLOWELL JAMES HOLLOWELL JOHN HOLMES FRANCES HOOD DORISTEEN HOWELL MARIE HOWELL JOHN HUGHLEY HILLARD HUNTER RETHA HURDLE BARBARA HYATT TARSHIA INGRAM MALINDA JACKSON LARRY JAMERSON RUTH JAMES ANNIE JOHNSON DEBRA JOHNSON EDWARD JOHNSON FEIRMON JOHNSON JULIA JOHNSON ANN JONES CAROLYN JONES CARTER JONES R. P. JONES SHIRLEY JONES CHARLES JORDAN SMI fill ! ' ■; 45 m ?% s £ n ft HAROLD JORDAN JOYCE JOYNER SAMUEL KAY GEORGIA KELLY JAMES KENAN MARY KENNEDY DELORES KING JULIA KING JULIUS KING MARY KING RICHARD KIRK MATTIE KITTRELL ALBERT LAMBERT FREDERICK LANG CONRAD LATTIMORE DIANE LAUGHLIN ALVAH LAWSON GLORIA LEACH ELIZABETH LEE WILBUR LENNON LENORA LESTER ADDIE LITTLE ORA LOCKLEY HERBERT LOGAN DEBORAH LONG JIMMY LOOPER RUBEN LOUNDERMON JUDY MAJOR EDWARD MARSHBURN BRISTOL MARTIN ELVIN MARTIN WILLIAM MARTIN WILLIE MARTIN JACK MATHEWSON MARTIN McADOO WALKER McADOO HELENA McCLURE EVELYN McCOY HOWARD McCOY ZANDCmCIA McCRARY GOLDEN McDANIEL LARRY McKESSON DERWOOD McKINLEY CAROLYN Ml-KIVER WILLIAM McLaughlin LAURA McMillan EDNA MERCER ROBERT MIDDLETON JESSIE MILLS LESTER MILLSAPS BERNICE MITCHELL MARGARET MITCHELL EDWARD MITCHELL IRVIN MITCHELL 46 .cH:tfv»i rei ' i?3M, ' - -. ' MAXWELL MITCHELL WILLIE MAY MOON JO l.ETTE MOORE PAUL MOUNTAIN BASIL MURFREE GRADY MURPHY CONNIE MURR Y HATTIE NASH FLOYD NEWKIRK JESSE NEWTON " OBADIAH NGAYU JEANETTE NORMAN JOSEPH OKEKE WILBERT OWENS LORRAINE PARHAM JOSEPH PARKER WILLIE PARKER JAMES PAYNE RICHARD PEACHE LUDIA PEELE GEORGIA PENNIX MICHAEL PETTEWAY LATHEN PHILLIPS MELVIN PHILLIPS MARY PICKETT LYNDA PIERCE ALBERT PORTER JEANNIE POSTON DOROTHY POTEAT MARGARET POTTER JAMES QUICK HAYWOOD RATCHFORD BRENDA RICHARDSON JOHNNIE RICHARDSON THOMAS RIVERS LILLIE ROBBINS LARRY ROBERSON MORRIS ROGERS EUGENE ROSCOE JESSIE ROSS WILL ROSS SHIRLEY RUFFIN MOSELLE RUSSELL TYRONE RUSSELL LAJvlARIS SCHUMPERT JUDY SESSOMS NELSON SHARPE WILLIE SHIPMAN RONALD SKINNER HILDA SMITH HOWARD SMITH LYNNETTE SMITH ROBERT SMITH RONALD SMITH 47 31 mi PA I i DAVID SOLOMON RITA SOUTHALL VINCENT SPENCER KAYE SPRUILL JULIA STATON ALVIN STEPHENS GEORGE STEVENS SAMUEL STEVENSON MILDRED TALLEY KATHRYN TABORN KEITH TAPP IDA TAYLOR SUSIE TELLE CHARLES THOMPSON GERTRUDE TISDALE WILLIAM TONEY VERA TRENT CLINTON TURNER JAMES TURNER LEONARD TURNER WILLIAM TYSON ANNIE VAUGHAN ELIZABETH WADDELL GERALDINE WALKER THELMA WALKER ALTON WALLACE VIRGINIA WALLINGTON LESSIE WALTERS ROSA WARD ALLEN WATERS GERALDINE WEAVER MARY WEBB CHARLES WHITAKER ALBERT WHITE CORRINE WHITE RUFUS WHITE SHIRLEY WHITE WILLIE WHITTINGTON GARLAND WILDER JAMES W. WILDER BETTY WILLIAMS CHARLIE WILLIAMS DONALD WILLIAMS MARY WILLIAMS ALMA WILSON AMERICUS WILSON RUDOLPH WILSON FRED WOOD HARDY WOOTEN CAROLYN YANCEY ROBERT YORK 48 tL ., :-: - ' •; , s:i«?fjprEij ist i?.i wiw v JSTJI ELEMENTS OF CLASS LIFE After Sunday dinner That registration line! Register staff members off to Cliieago A serious student -,WlHlk WJP.T!!(n . , SO L ' r ; ;•.«: »» «• V ' (J :|rl SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS; Brenda Benson, president. Sue Kirkland, recording secretary; Patricia Cocker- ham, corresponding secretary: and James Petteway, trecuurer. SEJilORS 51 BRENDA BENSON BURRELL President of the Senior CIti.s.s " GERALD ROGERS £ iRmeernig JEROME MURPHY Malhemattcs i I If-: JAMES H. RANDALL Editor-in-chief of the Ayantee RONALD FRANCIS Sports RUMSEY HELMS Student Government President OUTSTAND JOHNNY THOMPSON Efifihsh --« ; 5 -: --rr ■ . ' £? STf H ALLEGRAY WILDER Miss A. and T. MARTHA LINTON T ursmg ING SENIORS BETTYE WILSON Foreign Language ALOHA PEYTON Register Stag JAMES MITCHELL Chemi trv RALPH GREENLEE Sociology JOHNNY ROBINSON An ■■iliiiiil Adams, James E. Adams, Jesse A. Addisdii, Jean Agncw, Patricia Alexander, Betty Allen, Gilbert E. Anderson, Elrita M Anderson, Fred SENIORS Anderson, Howard L. Armstrong, Felton Arrington, Jesse Atkinson, Helen R. Baker, Freddy L. Baldwin, Pryce Banks, William Bartee, Harry A. Barbour, Christine Battle, Ernestine Battle. James A. Beasley, Janet Bell. Cornelius Bell, Jeanette Bellinger, Lewis Bennett, James CLASS OF 1965 Bennett, William C. Benson, Brenda Best, Edward Bethea. Jean Blackmon, Fred Bledsoe, Sandra Jean Boone, W. Ross Bowers, Constance mmm Bowling, Anna Boyd, Willie F Brett. Helen M Bridges, Ernest, Jr Bright, Nichlas S. Brooks, Gloria Brown, Allen Brown, Herbert SENIORS Bri wn, Morris E. Brown, P.iul E. Brown, Robert Brown, Thomas Bruee, B.irbara B. Buggs, Epiest W. Bullock. .Stephen A. Burge. I ' .iul L ? ' L-r ' -•« ' ' HE Burke, Joyce Butler. Gilbert A. C.ildwell, Sara Ann Campbell. Warren Cane, James Carbon, Walter F. Carr. Blormie Carter, Gloria J. CLASS OF 1965 Caul. Theodore L. Chamber, Patricia A. Chapman, Carl Cheek, Albert C. Cherr -, Charles E. Clark, Beverly S. Cockerham, Patricia Cogdell, Larry J. Coggins, Agnes B. Cotton, Lily M. Council, Milton D. Council, Covington, Riihctt D. Cox, Bcrn.irJ Crocker, Edwin Daniels, Joan H. SENIORS Daniels, Moselle Davis, Evelyn N. Davis, Patricia Dawson, Alexander Dawson, Harold, Jr. Dickens, Floyd Dickerson, William D Diggs, Thomas ' L ' uf :-i« -i -if " Dillahunt, Norris G. Dixon, John E. Dowdy, David Do;icr, Lewis C. Dunlap, David R. Dunn, James, Jr. Dupree, Allen A. Eaglm, Cosmas D. CLASS OF 1965 Echols, Dyannc E. Edgerton, Rcnee Edwards, Kenneth E. Eley, Joyce Ellis, Jeanettc Ellison, Deborah Fontaine Ervin, Charles P., Jr. Euhanks, Lady mmtm Evcrctte, A. ScKvyn Farrow, Jerome F.iuccttc, James R. Fennell, Jerome F. Feniiell, Wilhelmma Ford, Jerry O, Foster, Franeis, Ronald E. SENIORS Franeis, Sandra P. Freeman, Caivin M Friday, Bruee Fryar, Thelnia E, Fult;. Mattic R, Gabriel, Murphy Garrett, Wilfred Gaskill, Simon L- ' it? r- ' . -i - •• Gatling, Shirley Gay, Europa F. Gayden, Alphonso L. Gaynor, Joseph Geddings, Lanard George, Martha A. Gill. Theodore Gilmer, Evander M. CLASS OF 1965 Glenn. Earle Glenn, Theodore Goolshy. Leon L. Graham. Essie M Graham, Ester Graham, James, Jr. Graham, O. E. Grainger. Willie L. Graves, Forrest Graves, Willie E. Greene, Lawrence Green, Muriel D. Greene, Betty Greenlee, Ralph Hackett, Carolyn C. Hamm, Curtis SENIORS Hardy, L.irry Hardy, Leroy, Jr. Harrington, J.unes E. Harrison, Lemuel B. Hart, Willilord Hawkins, John Hayes, Malrose E. Helms, Rumsey H., Jr. t y. ' t Henderson, Madeline Henr ' , Edward James Herring, Phillip S. Hightower, Charles R. Hill, Delano F. Hill, Esther Hill, Johnnie E. Hines, Maggie CLASS OF 1965 . Z.Z- ' - y ' : ' i: Hodge, Daisy Home, Margaret V. Howard, James J. Howard, Robert E. Howell, Milton Hubbard, George Hughes, Julia Hughes, Muriel Hughes, William R. Hunt, M.iry Hunter, George H. Hunter, N.itilon Hunter, Phyllis F. Isles, Linda D. Jaetihs, Thomas James. Ulysses SENIORS James, William N. Jeffreys, Robert Jenkins, Beulali M. Jenkins, C.irolyn Jennings, Billy B. Johnson, Edw.ird R. Johnson, Gerry D. Johnson, Ivan :,««aiE:.„... L- " ' -- -• ' ' •- " v . •«■ Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Maralyn J. Jones, Althea Jones. Dorothy A. Jones. Florence Jones, Genevieve Jones. Mary L. Jones, Odell CLASS OF 1965 m Jones, Randolph Jones, Richard Jones. William O. Jordan, Muriel Kamara, Moses R, Kanipes, Harold Kea, Alice Jean Kearney, J. Carlton Keaton. Samuel Kelley, Gerald Kelley, Miriam Kent, Reginald H, Jr. Kimbrough, Jerry King, Earnestine Kirkland, Liller S. Knight, James SENIORS Knox, Eva Lacewcll, Lillian Lamhcrth, Le.i R. Lanier, Janice Largent, Doris Larvin, Frances Lawtdii, Herman, Jr. Lea, Eva Mae ,; W " t. ! . ?: - -c -£ ■ ' Leach, Rosa L. Lemon, James Roch Lennon, Marva LeSane, Charles J. Lewis. Atlas Linney. Kerlcy H. Linton, Martha Little, MacArthur CLASS OF 1965 Little, Thaddeus C. Little, Thomas L. Love, William L. Lowery, Perry Mack, Jennifer M.ickhn, Duruthy J. Maloney, Alfred S. Martin, Edward Mason, William Mason, Edith A. Massey, John Mathis, Harvey McCain, George McClain, Arnic McCrc.i, WiUa D. McDi.n.ild, Jackie SENIORS McDowell, Willie McKoy, Evangeline McKoy, J.imes McLaurin, Willi, im McN.iir, Andrew L. Mcarcs, AValter L. Merritte, Broadys Miller, Ahr.iham, Jr. i ? :r : ' i.-i. wn Miller, Carl Mills, Hcnr ' S. Mitchell, J.imcs W. Miselle, Thomas F. Moore, Brenda Moore, James G. Moore, William L. Moore, Willie Rutus CLASS OF 1965 Morgan, Donald Morgan, Ma;ie L. Morris, Wayne L. Morton, Ma rjorie Moses, Myrtle Motley, Wesley H- Moultrie, Henr ' Mulcare, Irving M. Mumford, Alexander J. Murphey, Jerome Murphy, Gail Murphy, Thomas R. Murrell, Benjamui Napper, Leon Neal, Thomas L. Neely, Aaron SENIORS Newell, MeArthur Nixon, Sandra Norman, Rosella Oakley, Frank P. Oates, Elaine Odom, Rosebud Oglesby, Henry W, Page, Gene Pearce, Pauline Peek, Elvernon Pcele, James S. Peelc, Julius Peterson, Quessic Peteway, Jesse L. Petteway, James A. Pettiford, James L. CLASS OF 1965 Peyton, Aloha Pinnix, Inatha Pinnix, Nora Poston, John III Price, Betty R. Price, Rene T. Purnell. Louis Rabb, Gwendolyn Randall, James Ransom, Harry Rascoe, Joyce Ratchford, Haywood Reaves, WiUena H. Reed. Edith Reeves, Alfonso Richardson, Charles SENIORS Richardson, William Riddick, Dorothy M Rhodes, Nick Robinson, Johnny Robinson, LaNetta Rohinsort, Paul L. Rogers, Gerald E. Rousseau, Yvonne ' ' a«u . KrruwtajH:«)i ' iniiwai L -C! :- . - -£ Ruffin, Jacqueline Russell, Junius B., Jr. Sanders, Adrian H. Sanders, Louise E. Saunders, Sylvester Savage, Earnell M. Scales, James P. Schnyder, Nicholas CLASS OF 1965 Sharpe, Earnest C. Shaw, Richard Leon Shelton, Betty J. Sherrod, Gwendolyn J, Shoaf, Rober Short, Merritt Simmons, Janice M. Simun, Leonard J. Sloan, Juanita Smith, David R. Smith, John A. Smith, Kenneth G. Smith, Kenneth J. Sneed, Ola Southerkind, Theodore Stafford, Ralph B. SENIORS Stanfield, Rose M. Stevens, Carol Stevenson, Charles Steward, Isabella Stewart, Betty J. Stcwartf Leroy Stith, Doris Suite, Barbara A. L -C £:-sr -.£ wr. •- ' ft Summers, Edna Summerville, Arhur Taylor, Thelma Thompson, James Thompson, Johnny F. Thompson, Jonas Tinsley. Helen Tribble, Marie CLASS OF 1965 Trollinger, Thomas Tuitn-, J.imes E. Tyson, Lucien M. Tyson, Mary H. Vaughan, John H. Vaughter, Joan N. Waden, Betty J. Walker, Issac Walker, Mollic Walston, Wilhur Wardlaw, William R. Watson, Harry Kenny, Jr. Watts, Lcssie Wellman, George L. Wellman, Joyce Wells, Harold SENIORS Wheller, Frankhn E. White, Bernard T. White, R(5sa Whitley, Retha B. WhittcJ, Emerson Wiggin?, Cassandra Wilder, Allegray Wilder, James M. Wilds. Moses Williams. Betty Williams. Carlylc Williams, Elizabeth G. Williams, James L. Williams, James R. Williams, Leroy Williamson. Virginia CLASS OF 1965 Willoughby, Arthaniel [I Wilson, Bettye I Wilson, George W. i Wilson, James A., Jr. Wilson, Maxine Wilson. Reuben. Jr. Wilson, William Winslovv, James w Winston, Robert N Withers, Alice Woodlc, Frnnkic Woodson, Thomas Wright, Mary J. Young. M.iry Frances Ik At the senior banquet 78 WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES By merely casting one ' s eyes into the heavens on any given clear night, one can easily see that some stars shine a little brighter than other stars. Such is the life of stars and students. Who ' s Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges gives national recogni- tion to students who excel on their respective cam- puses. The organization serves to inspire greater effort in those who may not otherwise perform to the best of their ability, to remind students that time must be used intelligently to bring the best results from one ' s college experience, to act as a means of compensation for outstanding effort and achievement, and to act as a standard of measure- ment for students comparable to other recognized scholastic and ser ' ice organizations. Front TOW, left to right Alice Kea Mitchell, Emma L. Grandison, Yvonne Rousseau, Helen Atkinson, and Gloria Brooks. Second row: Retha B. Whitley, Bernard White, James Mitchell, Theodore Glenn, George Peterson, and Allegray Wilder. Bac row: James Kearney, William Newel!, Gloria Carter, Brenda Benson, Rumsey Helms, James Adams, and James Randall liiiilil HONOR Some dedicated students aspire to reach academic heights that surpass normal performance. This oft en takes a h ' ttle extra effort on the part of the student — extra lab sessions, the " midnight oil, " long and regular library sessions — but ripe fruit is reaped through the recognition that one gets for his efforts. Such organiza- tions as these serve to excite achievement and motivation for the total college community. PI OMEGA PI Among its members arc: Donna Garner, Lily Cotton. Bac row: Thelma Fryar, Gcraldinc Hodge. LAMBDA IOTA TAU Johnny Thompson and James KAPPA PHI NATIONAL Johnny Rohint-on and Yvonne Rousseau 80 ■WRSsssannrmsi L ' :. r ' f ; -5 -r». -i . «j GROUPS PHI DELTA PHI: front row: Among the members were Genevieve Jones, Lessie Watts, Barbara Batts, Top tow: Kathryn Taborn, Johnny Thompson, Agnes Coggins ALPHA ICAPPA MU: Front row: Included among its mem- bers were Jame= Mitchell, Gloria Brooks, Daisy Hodge. James Harrington, Baci{ row Emerson Whitted, Reginald Mitchiner BETA KAPPA CHI: Front row The organization had as it5 members: Jerome Murphy, Ulysses James, James Mit ' chell, Daisy Hodge, Bdc row: Gloria Brooks, Reginald Mitchiner 82 Ml UEEKS 83 MISS A ? T ALLEGRAY WILDER K if . ( ; N " M r ;. i ' ;-« •!» • " -iv ' ..f. MISS AEH " . . . The Charming and Personable ALLEGRAY WILDER No one has worn the crown of " Miss AiifT " more gracefully than the charming and personable Al- legray Wilder who during the 1964-6? school year maintained the title at the usual high plane. Her radiant smile, a charming personality, plus al- most limitless energy with willingness to serve, endeared her to the A£rT College family. This talented young woman, a native of Belhaven, N. C, majored in mathematics. Among her achieve- ments included election as president of the State Student National Education Association and president of Alpha Mu Chapter of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. She was a member of the Student Government, The Woman ' s Council and the Mathematics Club. Long live the Queen! Off to class y Miss AiiT exercises her musical talents as Miss Marguerite Porter looks on. Miss Ac T and court in the homecoming parade 85 MISS FRESHMAN VERONICA DELOATCHE -i1 ' »Kii, w-.s 7 1VlS!«-!lWvTC WS5»1»Hrai!; L ' t ;-:e -: -«• - V :-?• MISS SOPHOMORE SARAH JONES w em MISS JUNIOR KATHRYN TABORN L ' ;!Ht ii:-:E ' . -« -F MISS SENIOR CAROLYN JENKINS MISS HOMECOMING SANDRA HAMPTON ■ ■ •■ ' ' . tC s ;• •, _•- »i 90 QUEENS PEGGY PITTMAN Mi5S Company " C " GOLDEN McDANIEL Miss Tidewater SHIRLEY CATLING Miss Gamma Sigma Sigma CHERYL DERRICKSON Miss Armv Headquarters li 91 em QUEENS JEANETTE FERGUSON Miss Usher Board CARLA Mclaughlin Freshman Attendant to Miss A. • T. MARY PICKETT Miss Squadron 60S ESTER GRAHAM Miss Alpha Pill Omega 92 QUEENS CAROL Ts ' SEMMONS Miss Squadron 601 MILDRED HINES Miss r.w.c.A. JEANETTE BELL Miss Squadron 607 ANN CANNON Miss ? ewmar Club 93 ? mgm QUEENS REGINA BASS Miss Omega Psi Phi GWENDOLYN SHERROD M?ss Company " A " THELMA FRYAR Miss Plii Betd Sigma DAISY HODGE Miss De]tj Sioma Theta L rC ' !?:» •;».•« •; fc il ' QUEENS ELIZABETH W ' ADDELL Afiss Scabbard and Blade 4 PAMELA CLAGGION Miss Arnold Air Society MARGARET PRICE A- fiss rM C.A. CAROLYN JONES Miss S.jiudrmi 604 95 QUEENS mem ALBERTA MILLS Miss Pershmg Rifles LYNDA PIERCE Miss R.O.T.C. VIVIAN BARBER Miss ones County DIANE WALKER Miss Tri-State ■If 96 l.r •.» •) " " iv ■ QUEENS CONSTANCE BOWERS Miss Florida Club BARB. RA BRUCE Miss Tehcd BARBARA PRESSLEY Af:5S Ceoordphicdl Society RETA SHIVER Miss Comr.tJiv " B " 97 QUEENS mm mm BEVERLY CLARK Miss Air Force Bimd LORRAINE PARHAM Miss Air Force Croup 602 HELEN BRETT Miss Zeta Phi Beta DONNA GARNER Miss Squadron 602 ' .vuiinwamnMHtV 1 ? ?! ' ' :5 •; ' •• :«v WILHELMENIA LINDSAY M,s - Alfilui P ii Alpha MB - QUEENS BARBARA HYATT Miss Alpha Kappa Alpha SANDRA COX Miss Army QUEENS ISABELLA STEWARD Miss Squadron 606 JESSIE SMAW Miss Angel Flight LULA HARRIS Miss Squadron 603 LT ' T ' f ' h ' - • ..•« •; QUEENS LAMARIS SCHUMPERT Miss Air Force Drill Team PLAZEL HOLLOWAY Miss Kdp a Alpha Psi DOROTHY GREENE Miss Air Force m warn i i 103 GREEK LIFE GREEKS PanHcllcnic representatives included, seated: Martha George, Quessie Peterson, Mildred Talley, Betty Williams, Mary Webb, Retha Whitley, and Mollie Walker. Standing: John Metz, James Mitchell, William Greene, Lemuel Harrison, Eddie Miles, James Lundy, and Kenneth Edwards. ! ■ ' PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL The Pari ' Hellenic Council guides the activities of the social Greek letter organi2;ations. Serving as a cen- tralized governing body, the Council seeks to promote activities of mutual benefit to its member organization. Activities sanctioned by the Council are intended to promote deep fraternal relationships among the students. The Council worked toward these ends under the leader- ship of Lemuel Harrison as president. The officers were: Betty Williams; Ken Edwards; Mollic Walker; Lcnuicl Harrison, president, and Quessie Peterson. 104 KAPPA ALPHA PSI Alpha Nu chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, established at AEH " in 1933 by seven students whose fundamental purpose was intellectual, cultural and social achieve- ment. The chapter still continues to work toward the accomplishment of these ends. In cooperation with the current " War on Poverty " action program to help culturally and socially deprived children of the community the chapter served as " big brothers " to the less fortunates. The 1964-6? officers were as follows: Robert D. Brown, Polemarch; Moses Wilds, vice polemarch: Earl Cox, keeper of records: James Lemon, keeper of ex- chequer; Frederick Gallant, strategus; William Wilson, It. strategus; and Richard Peace, historian and reporter. The members were front row John Sluane, Henry A. Moultrie, Moses Wilds, Ollen Dupree, James R. Lemon, and Robert D. Brown; Second row: Harold Woodal, Earl Cox, William Wilson; To(i row Richard Pc.icc. Lcmud H.irnion, N.ith.inu-I Hcrrini;. and Frederick Gallant. ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA January 16, 1908 provided the setting for the found- ing of the first Greek letter organization on the campus of Howard University. Members of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority are dedi- cated to high scholastic, cultural, ethical, and moral standards. The members of the local Alpha Phi Chap- ter strive to uphold these cherished concepts. Hilda Smith served as 1964-65 president and Mrs. Gwendolyn Cherry was advisor for the group. Members incuded: Lessie Watts, Barbara Hyatt. Linda Isles, Gloria Carter, Bernice Mitchell, Hilda Smith, Donna Garner, Jesse Mills, Barbara Suite, and Gloria Brooks. 106 dwri « ,1 ; li.■ ' 1 i I : , L ' - ■!?: wwraiWI L € -:« -r rW%. ALPHA PHI ALPHA Beta Epsilon chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha was estab- lished at AeT on March 28, 1929. Alpha, the oldest of the predominantly Negro fraternities, was founded in 1906. Alphas strive to promote scholarship, render worthwhile sen. ' ice to humanity and to do manly deeds. In cooperation with the family of Greek letter or- ganizations. Alpha will further the progress of mankind and bring us nearer to the Great Society. This year ' s projects included a March of Dimes fund raising drive and the establishment of a scholarship fund for entering freshmen. Among the members were left to right: Jerome Murphy, George Peterson, Rumsey Helms. Theodore Caul, David Dowdy, Arthur Ehott. Warren Camp- bell, Amie Bagg, Wesley Motley, Morris Davis. m PHI BETA SIGMA " A past to cherish, a future to fulfill. " These words incorporate the ideals of Eta Chapter of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, as the 50th anniversary of Sigma on AS ' s campus is marked. The Sigmas proclaimed to the world their motto — " Culture for Service and Serv- ice for Humanity. " The idea is implemented through its Bigger and Better Business , Social Action, and Edu- cation programs. Sigma will continue to contribute its part towards the " Great Society " where full freedom for all becomes a treasured reality. : 4 i ' I . Among its members were: William Green, corresponding secretary. Mr. George Hill, advisor. Eddie Miles, recording secretary Ronald R. Harold Wells. Dean .f Plfd,i;ee(, .Sylvester Smith, Dean of Probate. , Arthur Harris, and Kenneth Edwards, hrcsident. Hot pictured Get vice-president. Moses Kamara and Qnincv Judkins. eed, treasurer. eorge Edwards, 108 R9! ZETA PHI BETA The Zeta Phi Beta Sorority was founded at Howard University in 1920. It is unique in that it ser ' es as a sister to a fraternity. Phi Beta Sigma. To effectively promote the lofty ideals on which it was founded, " Finer Womanhood Week " was adopted as one of Zeta ' s major programs. The Zeta Alpha chapter continues to exemphfy fine ideals and foster them throughout the community. Cardriner Bowden ser -ed as president and Mrs. Ruth Gore was advisor of the group. Members included: Mary Webb, Barbara William?, Cardriner Bowden, Retha Whitley, Carolyn Jenkins, and Mrs Ruth Gore (advisor). 109 l Ti ' mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m ALPHA PHI OMEGA Kappa Psi chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, a national service fraternity, was estaUished on the campus in 1952, is dedicated to rendering service to the A and T College community, the youth of the city of Greensboro and the nation. Alpha Phi Omega was founded De- cember 16, 1928 at Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsyl- vania. It has as its purposes to assemble college men in the fellowship of the Scout oath and law, to develop friendship and promote service to humanity and to further the freedom that is our national, educational and intellectual heritage. Among the members are lejt to rig it James Bennett, Leslie Baskerville, Eddie Collins, Har.ild K.inipes, Willie Manley, Clifton Turner, Manley Chad- wick Kneeling, James Adams, President ;-ir f :r " : ?« •v ' . GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA The AfrT chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma was organized in the fall of 1963. The purpose of the sorority is to unite women in the spirit of ser ' ice to humanity, and to develop friendship among women of all races and, creeds through working together to achieve high goals. The chapter this past year performed many sen.-ices and activities for the community. Mary Wright was president of the 1964-6 group and Mrs. Ruth Gere ser -ed as advisor. r°Wi g ' rMO CtmaR The members were: (left to right) Shirley Ruffin, Maggie Hmes, Ester Graham. Lorraine Parham, Lillian Laceweli, Lillie James, Agnes Coggins. Elaine Oates, Lillie Robbins, Helen Brett. .Annie V ' aughan. Jeanctte Bell. Stooping are Mary ' right. Mrs. Gore { adviwr I . and Shirley Gathng. HI II OMEGA PSI PHI The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, founded at Howard University in 1911, has for its cardinal principles: Man- hood, Scholarship, Perserverance and Uplift. Mu Psi chapter, now in its 37th year, has unceasingly attempted to uphold the principles for which the fraternity was founded through implementation in its varied programs. " Among the members are left to right: W. Ross Boone, James M.tchcll, nt. MacArthur Newell. Willie Glover, John Met:, Joseph Tyson lames Kearney, Wayne Woody, General T. Little. -if . J DELTA SIGMA THETA Delta Sigma Thcta, established at Washington, D. C, now entering its 52nd year, has an illustrious history upon which to reflect. Delta was founded at Howard University in 1913 by twenty-two young women dedicated to high cultural, intellectual and moral ideals. Into a bond of devotion. Alpha Mu chapter brings together college women ot Like potentialities and dedicated to the same ideals and purposes. . mong the members, front row, left to right: Lily Cotton, Regina Bass, Doris Stith. Barbara Batts, Genevieve Jones, Europa Gay, Marilyn Johnson; Top, kft to right, Carolyn Jones, Daisy Hodge, Nellie Feastcr, Bettv ' i iams, .Mlegray ' ildcr, Joan Vaughter. Rita Southall, Mary Tyson, Jean Mitchell. i fy a 114 :r-;r € ' W -= ' i« ' m ORGA?iIZAriOJiS 115 ? p; ' ?W» ' ' ' :iti f?ty ?y w«--i ' - gpy»- tr STUDENT GOVERNMENT 11 The A T College Student Government, served not only as a voice of the student body but provided a cen- tral leadership which marshalled the resources of the total college community for mutual benefit. Working in close cooperation with the school ad- ministration, new opportunities were opened and more services were provided. President Rumscy Helms holds an executive pow-wow with Nellie Feaster, vice-president. Martha George, secretary; Miss Barbara Dodd, advisor, and Retha Whitley, trea:iirer. Members of the Student Government included: seated Retha Whitley, Nellie Feaster, Martha George, Betty Williams. Allegray Wilder, Delsie Johnson, Odcssie Costen, and Miss Barbara Dodd, advisor. StaiidniK arc Rumscy Helms, Simon Gaskill, Gloria Carter, James Lemon, Patricia Lawson, Alton Wal- lace. Oliver Graham, James Madisun, Rosclla Norman, and Bobbie Hopkins. 116 : ' ' •r " •.■■ •; ta AYANTEE STAFF A lot of work and sweat and many tireless hours go into the production of a college yearbook, but with it all, if satisfaction is achieved after the job has been completed, all of the drudgery is soon forgotten. We had problems ... of every name and description, J, ME.S H. R.AND.-ML, Editor of the Ayantee Working on the layout are (left to right.) Kenneth Ed- wrads. Irving Mitchell, James Randall, and James Pettiford. ' i chiefly man made, but the Lord ' s weather took its toll in the cancellation of photo appointments. We had lots of help, too, and this served to level off the disadvantages. Your staff enjoyed the work, to a man, and we hope that our efforts measure up to your high expectations. Making that important decision are (left to nght ) Harold Seahrook, Lula Noriega, Lanard Geddings, and Eddie Miles. Busy on the typewriters .irc Willie Nell Watts (left) and Mollie Walke The staff at Vi_ ' rk THE REGISTER The A¥T College REGISTER, during the 1964-65 school year, continued its role as a valuable student publication, maintaining a highly efficient news service, presenting crisp editorials and still, earned high ranking national ratings among the nation ' s collegiate press. Its functions were conducted under the supervision of an editorial board, headed by Moses Kamara and Aloha Peyton. Mrs. Loreno Marrow served as faculty advisor. Mrs. Marrow ' s opinion is consulted by Margaret Rozell as James Wilder looks on. Editorial board member Aloha Peyton fLt)i(er is flanked by rcporte Julius Russell (leftj and Stanley Johnson. Staff members Kertie McKec, Wesley Motley, and Eula Battle heed the opinion of Moses Karaara, a mmber of the editorial board. 118 L ' ' ' r : : - ' ' « RICHARD B. HARRISON PLAYERS The Richard B. Harrison reached a new point of excellence in its production this year of " Tea House of The August Moon, " a play which found comedy during the American occupation of Okinawa, and with the earlier staging of William Inge ' s " Picnic, " a story of the intense struggle for secure position in a complex world. The group was directed by Dr. John Marshall Stevenson and the Assistant Director, Jimmy Williams. Kazue Tabani, left center, a native of Okinawa, as a consultant to " Tea House, " helps give the production rare authenticity. She chats with members of the cast and Dr. Stevenson. Members of the Richard B. Harrison Player The Cast — " Tea House of The August Moon. " r lii v» «A- ' . .-K. ' iM-m ns ' i iS m : " i n j L fiLK M. ■i ' tQi ' t ' hH 9. Usher Board Many College programs through- out the year call for the assistance of this devoted group of serving students. Vespers, lyceum programs, Jr.ima presentations — all of these would be hampered without the as- sistance of the Usher Board- President. Rene Price Ai)i ' LcRoy Holmes i): Sunday School The campus Sunday School is con- ducted to contribute to spiritual needs of students, to develop within the student a mature sense of values, to develop within him a better un- derstanding of the Bible and Biblical references, and to develop withm the student a broad outlook on the world based on spiritual values. President: James Henry Advisor: Dr. Albert Spruill Baptist Student Union This organiMtion provides an ac- tivity outlet for the Baptist students of the college. By promoting mutual activities, it seeks to serve as a link between the church and the student, and It seeks to serve the spiritual and social needs of the student. President: Moselle Russell »• Advisors: W. L. Barbour, Dr. Albert Spruill ' •r-; ' •,»€SA •.- -«.-, •;. Wesley Foundation Chiefly composed of Methodist students, this organiiation presented some attractive forums this year. Its discussions of some of the ages ' con- troversied books were long strides for a rehgious organization to take. President: Harry Bartee Adi ' isors: Rev. W. J. Brown, Miss Geneva Holmes, Mrs. Ruhy Davis Caiilerhury Club Episcopalian students find that this organuation allows them to share mutual spiritual interests in the academic community. It is close- ly affiliated with the local Episcopal- i.ui Church. Piesideiit: Reginald Kent Adi ' i, ;or: Howard Pearsall Pentecostal Fellowship This organuation sought to form a fellowship of able students em- bracing the Pentecostal faith by at- tempting to bring about an atmos- phere of fellov ' ship and love. Prcjcident: Elroy Lewis Advisors: Mrs. M. L. Evans, Willie Hunter, Mrs. L. B. Kinney J i ' £ Y. M. C. A. The college chapter of the Young Men ' s Christian Association has the potential to develop into a very im- portant student-community asset. It is a nondcnominational organisation whose purpose is to promote princi- ples of the Christian Faith through service, study, worship, and action. President Robert .Singletary Adi ' isor. Jimmy Barber Y. W . C. A. The Y.W.C.A. sought to huild a closer fellowship of women devoted to the task of realising in their lives those ideas of personal .md social living to which their christian lives commit them. The iiiemhership worked towards these ends by promoting progressive programs throughout the year. President.- Francis Garvin Advisors: Mrs. Mary T. Bowers, Mrs. Williams Biology Club By organising activities such as in- viting guest lecturers and conduct- ing local experiments, the Biology Club worked towards its end of pro- moting students ' interests in the field of biology, encouraging scholar- ship among its members, and serving ,is a liason between faculty and students. President Lillian Lacewell Advisor Dr. Williams r). i .; .- ' , New Farmers of America Students of agriculture found this organization a valuable asset. By de- % ' cloping and encouraging leadership and scholarship among students in this field, the club illustrated its pro- grams with activities working to- wards this end. President: Nathaniel Adams Advisors: A. P. Bell, C. E. Dean, Mrs. Ruth Dillard Agricultural Economics Club Economic procedures and prac- tices were made available to the members of this club. Stressing the importance of its objectives in mod ' ern agriculture, the organization served to aid students by offenng individual expression and practical application. President: James Peele Adi ' isor: Dr. Howard Robinson Agronomy Club Attempting to stimulate interest in agronomy among students and at- tempting to provide opportunities for wider acquaintances with agron- omy workers and problems related to agronomy science, this organiza- tion offered activities which exposed its members to these ideas. President: Wilbert Owens Advisors: Dr. S J. Dunn. Dr. C. A. Fountain, J. W. Grandy ' m lTSHHS ' ' it ' ' St. i HMSi 1 ' " " K J V 94i Pl|K JHi f IT ' t-j mLvf(0 imK M m ww i T T-T ir 1 B E ' ' ' ilHBl P 4[K( ' 4 H I ' yM E KmM J tK ' n ' ' -v QMUijH s L i y B . flj rj i Agricultural Aggoriation One of the oldest campus organi- sations, the Agricultural Associa- tion ' s basic objective is to .ifford a torum of discussion of the latest trends in modern .ind scientific agri- culture. Piesideiit Junis Russell Advisor. George Hill Explorers Club This organiratiiin is affiliated with the Biology Department, but it is open to the whole student body. Its purpose is to experiment, dly study plant lUid .mimal life in the n.itural environment, giving students of any major area an opportunity to apply principles learned from its activities. President Nicholas Bright Adi ' i.sor Mrs. E. D. Clark American Chemical Society The American Chemical Society seeks to bring together students of similar professional interest and to motivate a higher appreciation, as well .IS obtain a higher knowledge, in the field of chemistry. President: James Mitchell Advisor: Dr. Von Winbush hMSS " ' r -: • Eiig:ineering Association A trip to a major industrial plant is always a highlight in this organi- zation ' s yearly program. With the growing demand for engineers a dominant factor, this organization " s members are made aware of lucr.i tive job offers. President: Arthur Ellcr Advisor: Armand Richardson La Societe Des Etudianis D " Architecture The architectural engineering stu- dents banded in an effort to pro- mote amicable relationships among themselves. The " Societe " ' promotes extended interest in the field of architecture and serves as an instru- ment stimulating appreciation for all related advances. President: Major Sanders Adi ' isor: William Streat, Jr. American Society of Tool and lanufacturiug Engineers To advance scientific knowledge in tool and manufacturing engineer- ing which encompasses many phases of engineering related to manufac- turing and the means of applying such knowledge in practice and edu- cation, this organization presented sessions of instruction leading to this end. President: Reginald Mitchimer Advisors: J. M. Marteena, Hardy Liston, Jr., A. W. Williams American Institute of Physics Presenting papers on areas of physies was a method that this or- ganisation used in giving its mem- bers iippiirtunities to explore some phases of seienee not diseussed in elass, Preside7it, Ulysses James Adt ' isors: Dr. Donald Edwards, Dr. Maria Dia;, Dr, Alex.mder Gardner Mathematics Cluh The Math Club held forums in whieh new theories were introduced to Its members. The class room can provide only so much; the club sought to go further. President, Jerome Murphy Adt ' isor. Mrs. Anita Rivers , ' rt Circle Especially by competing in contest and sponsoring displays, the Art Cir- cle gave the students majoring in line arts and art education a splendid opportunity to cultivate their crea- tive interests. President: William Rice Admsora: LeRoy Holmes, J.imcs E. McCoy .■j ' TSraSTOsaw; : ' : .r -: - «i wm ■• .ri Teloca Club The Teloca Club functions as an important asset to the college ' s nurs- ing students. The group ' s aim is to foster interest in the local, state, and national nurse ' s activities. President: Betty Gordon Advisors: Mrs. J. Jenkins, Mrs. M. Warren, Mrs. N. Wynn Physical Eduralion Majors The ancient Greeks felt that " strong minds rested in strong bod- ies. " This attitude has yet to escape man ' s realm of thought. The P.E-M. ' s are functioning monumen- tal examples of it. They have an important position in our society in that they will teach perfecting and preserving probably man ' s most wonderful gift, his body. President: Thomas Diggs, Jr. Advisor: Miss B. J. Dodd Pep Squad This group of very enthusiastic young ladies help to spread " that old Aggie spirit " among the student body at athletic contests. With boundless vigor, their shrilling voices spearheaded many of the Aggie grid- ion and hardwood dnves of the past season. President: Phyllis Dula Advisor: Miss Barbara Dodd H Sociology Club The Sociology Club sought to pro- mote interest in the widening areas opening even wider to sociologists hy providing forums for intelligent discussion of social issues and prob- lems. Piesident; Betty Gordon Advisor: Donald Addison Fortniiihtly Cluli The Fortnightly Club is composed of students who have sincere interest in appreciating and evaluating noted literary works. The club used the " open discussion " approach in this year ' s presentational meetings. Con- centration was placed upon contem- porary literary contributions this year. Works discussed were Wil- liam Golding ' s Lord of the Flies, J. D. Salinger ' s The Catcher m t)ie Rye, George Orwell ' s J984, The Screwtape Letters under Dr. Robert Johnson ' s interpretation, Gorki ' s The Lower Depths, and Robert Frost ' s In tlie Clearing. President,- James H. Randall Adt ' i.5or: Miss Jean Bright The Stylus The Stylus encourages the devel- opment of creative writing talents by providing lab sessions and by par- ticipating in literary contests. This year ' s group reached a milestone by publishing an .inthology of its works. Members also won prizes in the col- lege ' s annual writing contests. v Pre.sident. ' James Randall Adi ' i ors Miss M. E. Porter, ' Miss Dorothy Filer, Pr. Will. Robinson B.-s, «i .- •iS ' - ■• ■ _.. Music Educators ' National Conference This society is composed of music majors and minors working toward high musical achievement. It pro- motes professional interest in the teaching of music and extends pro- fessional contacts for the benefit of its members by promoting forums and recitals. President; Robert Winston Advisors: Mr. Howard Pearsall. Jimmie Williams Geosraphic Society This group promotes geographic interest on the campus by seeking methods to improve the utiUzation of our home resources. President: Sampson Towens Adiisor T. A. Clark TrafTic Safety Club Through making the college fam- ily acutely conscious of safetj- haz- ards, this organization holds a valu- able existence. President: Jerry Kimbrough Advisor: M. L. Cousins French Cluh The French Club gives students an opportunity to improve their use of the French language in activities outside the classroom. One of this ear " s highhghts was a poetry read- ing during Language Arts Week. Pit ' .Milent Kertie McGhee Advisor Dr. W. N. Rice Stmlent N. E. A. Interest in education is found nat- on any campus, but even great- er heights can he attained through organcation. The N.E.A. chapter works harmoniously with the national organization in pursu- ing Its end of constantly improving our educational system. P e.skient Gloria Carter Adi ' i.siir Mrs. Anne Graves ,1 i [ ' ... ' A I Phi Beta Lainhda This group IS composed of busi- ness administration and business ed- ucation majors. Its members have the adv.intage of obtaining firsthand inform, ition about new developments in their field. The group sponsors .letivitics designed to provide a clos- er acquaintance of the tephniques of business. Mrs. Katie Dorsett ad- vi.sed the group. 130 :fer ! :-. -= r-i United Men ' s Congress The U.M.C. is designed to pro- mote functional leadership responsi- bilities among the campus " young men. It attempts to employ a cross sectional representation of all the College ' s men within its executive ranks. The U.M.C. sponsors at least one big yearly activity in which the whole student body is in ' ited to participate. President: James Mitchell Advisor: Jimmie Barber Women ' s Coimcil This council ' s aim is to develop competent leadership, encourage good scholarship and personal de- velopment — to serve as a clearing house for handling women ' s prob- lems. The council designs acti nties leading toward this end. President: Patricia Lawson Advisors Mrs. E. B. Johnson, Mrs. M.ivis Brimmage Men Student Counselors These young men assist the regu- lar men dormitory ' counselors by aid- ing in extending counseling services to freshmen and sophomores. One of their main duties is to assure that conditions for study are prevelant by maintaining order in the dormi- tories. President Arthur Sommervill Advisor: Jimmie Barber International Student Association The International Student Asso- ciation IS composed of students who come principally from foreign lands. This organisation serves as a means of promoting good relationships with other cultures and broadening of knowledge, socially, intellectually, and spiritually through planning ac- tivities with other groups. Presicicnt Moses Kamara Advisor: Miss Geneva Holmes Tidewater Cliih This cluh provides means hy which students from the Tidew.itcr Virginia may promote the interest and welfare of the college commu- nity. Most of the members come from the Norfolk, Portsmouth and Newport News, Virginia area. Pre.! 1 d £71 1. ' Richard King Advisors: Mrs. Eula K. Vcrecn Dr. Ch.irles Pinckney mmmmmmm Tarboro C.lul) The T.irhoro Cluh aims to develop group coopera tion and to promote better academic ,ind social relations between its members and the college community. President. James Kearney Adt ' isor. J. W. Grandy .•u :-- ' -. - -£ Cape Fear Club Chiefly composed of students from the Wilmington and the surround- ing southeastern North Carohna area, this club promotes better rela- tionships between its members and the student body at large. President: Willie Grainger Advisors: Mrs. C. H. Robinson Dr. F. E. Davis Jones County Club Following Its motto " One step at a time, but always forward, " this organization brings together the stu- dents from the county for mutual understanding and helpfulness. Preside?!!; Joyce Gadson Adiiisor. George Hill Charlotte Club Students from the " Queen City " compose this club ' s membership. They seek to provide wholesome ac- tivities for students from Charlotte area. Presidejit: Shedenck Williams Advisor: J. E. Grier J i . ii: Charleston Club Founded in 1 962 to develop broth- erhood hy bringing students from the Charleston, South Carolina area to- gether, this eluh builds close and tricndly ties among its members and the whole college community. Preiident: Lanard Geddings Advisor: Captain Cummings Winston-Salem Club This organiiation aims to instill fellowship and to provide education- al and social outlets for Afe?T Col- lege students who are citizens of Winston-Salem. ' ' ' ' ' )7i ■ ■■j . . -■ t , Tii-Slate Club Students from New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania found a source for speedy ad|ustmcnt in the college community by participating in this organisation which provides iipportunitics for developing student leadership. President Ernest Bridges AdtM.sor: Dr. R. S. Bcale Dee Cee Club This organi;ation promoted coriT panionship among students from the Distriet of Columbia and contrib- uted service to the welfare of the college community. President. Andrew Bonds Admsor: Mrs. Willie C. High ' s ' ' SS P - Floritla Club Natives of the " Sunshine State " employ this organisation as a means of promoting friendly relationships .imong students from the State of Florida and through mutual coopera- tion, to add to the total strength of the college community. President: Fiermon Johnson Advisor: Edwin Johnson wnmmmm Newman Chib The Newman Club, composed of members of the Catholic Church, is organised for the purpose of strengthening their faith, and of con- tributing to the spiritual resources and needs on the campus. President: James Ebb Advisor: Dr. W. N. Rice MARCHING BAND Walter F- Carlson Direttnr of Bands Bennie Davis Drmn Major The renowned 120 ' piece A£?T College Marching Band displayed its excellent field tactics to the tune of this year ' s theme song, " On Wisconsin. " Whether performing on the football field or participating in pa- rades, the band exhibited the finesse for which it is noted. The popular music, e.xciting marching steps, skill- ful formations — all thrilled thousands as the band made appearances at home and away. That " old Aggie spirit " was spread throughout C.I. A. A. land by the melodious horns of the marching Aggies. Director of Bands Walter F. Carlson, Jr and assist- ant director Jimmie J. Williams guided the group. The A rr College Marching Band Ks.yi.r. ' ' .ir- - ' . -vi-iinwifflB _5i. !f?» .r -==.-4- - ,Y " ' ,i1 fW W:itWW?r " M CONCERT BAND The AEsT College Concert Band provided enter- taining music for many college occasions this past year by playing the noted numbers from the repertory of popular overtures, symphonic excerpts and musical show productions. The performances on campus were graciously re- ceived by the student body. Those many hours of practice really paid off in the fine appearances that were given. The band ' s activity was highlighted by the annual snring concert. The AyT College Concert Band Flute Section Horns •;: J THE CHOIR The A. and T. College Choir continued its strides toward excellence during the past year. Expressing cheer and deep meaning through artful vocal music was one of its primary objectives which it undertook and executed nobly. In addition to the regular appear ' ances at vespers, its activities were highlighted by the Christmas Concert, the Male Singers ' Concert, the Spring Concert, and the annual tour. The choir was directed by Howard T. Pearsall, Chairman of the Music Department, and accompanied by Charles J. Blue. HOWARD T. PEARSALL, Dneaor The A. and T. College Choir 138 IBbraiiv inm :r ' r - -: ' .-« -i DANCERS CYNETTE DANCE TROUPE Under the direction of Mrs. G, W. Gwynn, the Cynette Dance Troupe presented their terpsichorean talents before many apprecia- tive audiences. One of the oldest and noblest arts, the dance appeals to many who are interested in portraying their creative exertions in this form. The 1964-65 group put in many hours of practice aiming at perfection in their performances. Display of artistic form f HO -r r f t ' r ROTC 141 ■ ' y V -r?7 ?ps- AIR FORCE R O T C The Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps at A T College aims to develop in selected cadets, through a thorough program of instruction, the qualities of lead- ership essential to progressive advancement to positions WING STAFF Seated left to right: Cadet Major Nick Rhodes, Cadet Lt. Col. Robert Jeffcrys, Cadet Lt. Col. Arnie McClain; Stand- ing left to Tight: Cadet Capt. James Peele, Cadet Major James White, Ca- det Major Theodore Glenn, Cadet Capt. Warren Campbell, Cadet Major Charles Richardson. Cadet Capt. Gil- bert Allen, and Cadet Major William Bennett. of important responsibility as commissioned officers in the United States Air Force. The drill field, the classroom, the flight classes — all serve to mold the cadet into a useful citizen prepared also to defend his country with honor. 601 GROUP STAFF Included were : Cadet Capt. O. E. Graham, Cadet Major Charles Cherry, Cadet Capt. Leroy Stewart, Cadet Capt. Bruce Bullock, and Cadet Maj. Robert Howard. 602 GROUP STAFF The 602 Group had as its officers: Ca- det Capt. Lawrence Green, Cadet Capt. Geiirge Huhhard, Cadet Capt. Harold Wells, Cadet Capt. Johnnie Bowman, and Cadet Capt. Simon Gaskill. II IJllMIIUWWftil, ' JTi.T r-j-i% «i FLIGHT INSTRUCTION PROGRAM In the group are: Instructor Spencer, Rumsey Helms, Warren Campbell, Theodore Glenn, Le- roy Stewart, lames White. Charles Richardson, and Henry Moultrie. A record fourteen pi- lots completed the program by the year end. AIR POLICE AFROTC BAND AFROTC DRILL TEAM 143 r : ' ia. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY ; i: 5 ' •; i !{ ANGEL FLIGHT Left to right: Lorraine P.irham, Gerclcne Abrams, Dorothy Shands, Jessie Mills, Beverly Clark, Carolyn Yancy, Lillie Robbins, Lula Harris, Cardriner Bowden, and Ester . " ' r s " -r •«• W %■ ' v ' LT T. ' WIWH tf " " ■fft Vnr " ' " " ■ ' ■ ' ' ' ' -U kkiAU.ii itfu.uubki. ' KiUk AUM. ■•1 vs(«jat!i- .; " f " ' " .vwt ' " » ' ' « The Raiders in aetion . . and happy landing . . . you tie the blue rubber band to the yellow knob and . . . jf i0f:}d- HI ARMY R O T C The Department of Military Science and Tactics provides a program of instruction which aims to pro- duce junior officers who have the qualities essential to their development as officers of the Army of the United States. The program aims to lay a foundation for intelli- gent citizenship within the student and to impart within the student a basic military knowledge which will bene- fit him and his country. Through receiving extensive instruction, practical training, and assuming positions of leadership as cadets, the military student is prepared to perform rewarding service to his country. 1st BATTALION STAFF Left to ri ht: Cadet 1st Lt. El- vernon Peele, Cadet Major Je- rome Murphy, and Cadet 2nd Lt. Kenneth Smith. 2nd BATTALION STAFF Left to right: Cadet Capt. N. Schnyder, Cadet Major William Wilson, Cadet 1st Lt. John John Dixon THE BUSHMEN— COUNTER- INSURGENCY UNIT This group undergoes extensive field tactics which aid in pre- paring them for new types of combat. r F • ' - ' - -i? •■■ 1 g j T -v Y -t -iw- H M PERSHING RIFLES MILITARY POLICE AROTC BAND AROTC DRILL TEAM H7 i SCABBARD AND BLADE This national society for ROTC cadets, in the advanced program, aims to develop and preserve the essential qualities of good and effi- cient officers in preparing them for active participation in the military aifairs of our country. Cadets left to nght: Chas. Stevenson, C, Ervin, L. Gay, A. Maloncy, H. Wagstaff, E. Peele. The young lady is Ann Waddell. ARMY QUEENS Among them were: Sandra Cox, Gwcn Sherrod, Lynd.i Pierce, Ann W.iddell. and Peg Pittmann. i I i " i n r ' lnr ' nan n ' mai i ii ' " i " - ' ' ' i ' ■■■ Hut, two, three, four! Cadets Maloney and Met; brief visiting general Serious moment Important inspection 149 p immmmmmmmm .r -r P : - ' %-« -i? 150 AruLErics 151 FOOTBALL 64- 65 The climb to the CIAA championship summit was long and hard, but the Aggies made it and brought the conference trophy home without losing to a single conference opponent. With good coaching and a splendid team effort flavored with boundless spirit, the top was the only place to go. Whether battling the Rattlers in the Florida sunshine or con- testing the Hawks on a hurricane field, " Onward! " was the cry. The team dropped the season ' s first two games to Fort Eustis and Tennessee State, then rolled over Johnson C. Smith, Norfolk State, Maryland State, Cornell Gordon, Aggie star quarterback, poses with some of the season ' s " loot " after the N.C.C game. He was selected tor the " Most Valuable Player " award which he holds. Gordon also re ceived a berth on the Grccmhoro Daily Ncics All- State Team, What a way to end a college playing rnrper ' " Bevo " in action Aggie end Ronald Francis hauls in a Gordon pass tor SIX points against Virginia State. This repeat- edly skillful poise distinguished Francis as one of the best ends m the C.I. A. A. The Aggies defeated the Trojans 26-6. Francis was chosen All-CIAA end. Winston-Salem State, and Morgan State before losing to Florida A. cf M. The team went on to defeat Virginia State, and the last game of the season ended in a ver ' " sweet " victory over the N. C. C. Eagles. The Homecoming victor) ' over Morgan State was one of the season ' s brightest gems. The Aggies gained top rung in the conference standings with this win over the favored Bears. This top rating was never yielded. The team hung up their uni- forms with a 6- -1 season behind them, the CIAA championship and other noteable citations. " Let us lose mu( at them! h of the This group bright lustre. appears to be quite confident as they head for the Greensboro Memorial Stadium where their uniforms will soon Identifiable are Homesly Brown (26), Elmore Flood (56) Alston (52), and Bethea (75). Clifton Matthews (24), Aggie halfback, snags a pass against Norfolk State. Cannon (55). Spartan defender, moves in for the tackle. Willie Beasley (with the ball) churns up yardage against the Trojans as Darby (77) and Matthews (24) escort him down the field. e? :-«Sfi:5a« f--: ■ ' • «■ -v!S«f.»« i?,.: field goal against Morgan while Gordon (11) holds, and Bcasley (4J) and Matthews (24) block the Mergan defenders. FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD A. 6? T. OPPONENT 13 Fort Eustis 28 6 Tennessee State 60 46 Johnson C. Smith 27 27 Norfolk State 13 8 Maryland State 8 50 Winson-Salem State 12 29 Morgan State 8 24 Florida A. y M. University 46 26 Virginia State 6 26 North Carolina College SUMMARY Conference games; won 6; lost 0; tied 1. All games: won 6; lost 3; tied 1. 1964 CIAA CHAMPIONS Will Gordon (11) pass to Francis (85), hand off to his fullback Beasley (43) or will he run the ball himself? This was a triple threat that Aggie opponents faced this season. The Spartans did not come ud with a solution as the Aggies defeated them. From the looks on these faces, one can assume that the Aggies have made a good play. From left to right Ck)ach Hornsby Howell, Coach Murray Neely, and head football coach Bert Piggott. Even from the sideline the going is still roueh. - - ) rws ' L -: ' ' ' -:-- ' ' ? -i »«,!W« B«tiii HW» l i« ' 1 Clifton Matthews surveys the situation in the proces.; the Norfolk State line for valuable yardage. jf penetrating Substitute quarterback Gray (9) cocks his throwing arm against the Norfolk State Spartans as his blockers give him throwing time. A. T. wen the contest 27-1? Fleet Aggie halfback Melvin Phillips (30) had chalked up a sizable Willie Beasley (43), Aggie fullback, humbles the Morgan line by j gain against the Winston-Salem State College Rams before the line- blasting through it for those hard yards. Duke of Morgan (39) scampers backer, Casey (52), keyed in on him. A. S T. won the game 50-12. in to halt the drive. This Morgan back is about to be brought down bv a hive of Aggies: Pettaway (78). McCulIough (73), Buggs (81). Brockenborough (69), Beasley ' (43). and McKie (8S) I • " " ' ■J j M ■ jj fmmemrisiss ' jiiiiiiimv BASKETBALL Some called the 1965 Aggie Basketball Team a " miracle team. " Others gave credit to Head Coach Irvin as a " magician. " This was supposed to have been a rebuilding year after last year ' s " golden team, " and what a rebuilding, too, it was! We took second place in the Georgia Invitational Tournament, won the CIAA Visitation Championship and grabbed the runner-up position in the CIAA Tournament in the process. The team ' s record of twenty wins and only six losses made shambles of pre-season predictions which gave it only an outside chance to break even. Led by Robert Saunders and Irving Mulcare, along with the clutch play of Adrian Sanders and Sylvester The 1964-65 Basketball Team. Among the mtmbLrs wtrt Kneeling lejt to n hr Kcitli i:iark. Carl Hubhard, Roger Lindsay, and Uenc age stand- ing, le t to right: Head Ciiach Cal Irving. Adrian Sanders, Sylvester Adams, Lawrence Yates, James Webber, Dewey Williams, Artthony Skinner, Bernard Farmer, Irving Mulcare, Robert Saunders, and assistant coach Hornsby Howell. Williams scores against Hampton Boards Adams, the Aggies just kept winning. Those thrilling, double victories over archrivals Winston-Salem State and Johnson C. Smith University gave the season ' s performance an extra coat of icing. The season ' s credit goes to the team effort of the players and the splendid leadership given by coaches lr ' in and Howell. W ebber — the ii.icrccption against T. C. Head Coach Cal Irvin and assistant Coach Hornsby Howell The coaches confer with two of the stars. Mulcare and Saunders 157 v ' . fit- t. jtt BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD ; AST Opponent Score 73 Hampton Institute 60 100 Fayetteville State 69 i 104 Saint Augustine ' s 75 74 Johnson C. Smith 70 90 Shaw University 66 70 Eliiabeth City 69 97 Fayetteville State 65 87 North Carohna College 68 69 Livingstone College 71 82 Winston Salem State 80 68 Saint Augustine ' s 77 84 Johnson C. Smith 79 1 77 Shaw University 75 ' 78 North Carolina College 80 92 Livingstone College 50 i| 90 Winston Salem State 75 109 Elisabeth City 95 88 Hampton Institute Georgia Invitational Tournament 77 111 Miles College 94 69 Kentucky State 62 61 Winston-Salem State Winston-Salem Holiday Festival 65 66 North Carolina College 76 91 Clark College CIAA Basketball Tournament 85 109 Shaw University 89 58 J. C. Smith University 54 87 Norfolk State 100 Saunders displays his dribbling finesse SEE THOSE AGGIES WORK! ' : ;tl ) ' ) ' tIVh V)tU: r.v ' ' WfiMCJ2 XV eWMifMftPf) ' -. .ri r f -- -- j;- »i • ■ BASEBALL The Aggies have long been a dominant power in the CIAA baseball championship race, therefore it is only logical to predict another successful year under the coaching of Mel Groomes. With the return of several veteran players and the appearance of some promising newcomers, the 1965 Aggies should develop into a smooth working team. Adequate bat strength, pitching strength, and good de- fensive iieldmg will carry the team through the wars safely. Here ' s to another championship! f f The 1965 Baseball Aggies Coach Groomes with battery ' mates: Mathewes and Wardlaw. Pepper Session ■tt:t« SWIMMING The 196 Swimming Team, coached hy Forrist H, Willis, made a strong hid for the conference title. The team lost only two regular meets, and those by very close decisions to Howard and Morgan. The Aggies had wins over Hampton (twice), Johnson C. Smith (twice), Howard, and Morgan. The team finished fourth in the C.I. A, A. Championship meet. Losing only two swimmers, Walter Meares and Bernard White, the 1966 tankmen have the potential for greatness. Composing the 1965 squad were: front row. left to right: Lemuel Johnson (manager) . George Friday, Robert Moore, and Kalford Karson; Middle: Albert White, William Calloway, Walter Meares, Bernard White. Ronald Meares, and Harold Davis; Bac row: Coach Forrist Willis, Frank Betts, Jasper Jcffcries, Robert Morehead, Melvin Phillips, and John Fudge. Walter Me.iics, Ronald Meares, Calloway, and Bett In he goes • €s ' W-- ' i ' .:-,3V i. ' »»« ' ' TRACK AND FIELD At long last there appeared at the beginning of the 196 ' ' track and a brand new enthusiasm for the sport. More aspirants reported for winter drills than ever be- fore and almost everything was looking up. Capping the prospects was Elvin Bethea, a freshman standout and the national high school champion in the shot put and discus throw. Even before this publication went to press Bethea had won first place in the shot put in his very first meet, the Eastern Invitational Track Meet at Baltimore. Murray Neely is the coach. Bethea in action The hurdles The 1965 Aggie Track Team 1GI i I 162 SrUDEHT LIFE 163 .jtifxmairtumi Ml--- T .1iiikm1 In titiitc m HMinccnmin Parade SPECTACLE Rumscy at the helm A.fe?T. student le.iders iiost Morgan student leaders at Homecoming 164 HIGHLIGHTED MANY SCHOOL EVENTS • i 1 The Sigma-Zeta float Coronation Night Smooth Saihng 165 rTyy f MM HJti|iPE- Last rites for Morgan Who said that girls are weaker? Here he the Bears «? 166 ■i ' H " ril irf niP ' r-v " -? n fcahuMn - irrrii-- Miss Alumni and court COLLEGE SPIRIT WAVERED FREELY ACROSS THE CAMPUS, ALLOWING THE STUDENTS TO EXPEND THEIR ENERGIES THROUGH ENJOYABLE WAYS. To the shopping center 167 »,i ;wf» »fi Jf . f - Boundless energy ? The A T Cheerleaders EXPRESSING THE COMPETITIVE TEMPERAMENT THROUGH TIGHTLY KNIT UNITY f ' JLl i ' :r c .»:? ' -r ' « -i ' v.. Honoring the football team The Majorettes r RAMS AGGIES I WINNER Reward after vietory over the Rams Concentration Something new Historian John Hope Frankhn talks with sluj nls Phi Beta Lambda honors LED TO THE ATTAINMENT OF MANY TREASURED HONORS. Coach Piggot presents awards to Francis and Gordon Little Elisabeth Dowdy displays snow sculpture art. r • ' «■ " ' Tt " " ; ' •. ' • ' " i ' ' . ' ' ■ Now . . . now girls A perfect Christmas tree From " Teahouse of the August Moon " Registration labors LK:r r-? -: ' ;■ .v f 175 Attcr ii victory You gotta he a football hero . . Dormitory show L UTJ« .W» ; Buffet dinner Could they be stud ang physics? 177 •»C- «-4.t11t . Religious Emphasis Week activit ' • i 1 fj P !»4 ■ 1 ■b g-f Awards received during Education Week Humorous moment ,it the United Mens Congress banquet 178 SENIOR DIRECTORY Adams, James Everett — Route 1, Box 46. Roaring River, N. C. Major — Animal Husbandry; Minor — Biology. Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. Adams, Jesse Alexander — 1503 South Benjamin Street, Anderson, S. C. Major- — Animal Husbandry. Addison, Jean I. — Route 1, Box 230, Warsaw, North Carolina. Major — Sociology; Minor — French Women ' s Athletic Association. Sociology Club. Agnew, Patricia Ann— 2020 Thurmond Street, Wmston-Salem, N. C. Major — History; Minor — Social Studies, History Society, Student N.E.A. Alexander, Yvonne — 37 Regent Street. Roxbury. Massachusetts. Major — Social Welfare, Sociology Club, Charleston Club, Geographic Society. Allen, Gilbert E.— 1420 South Haywood Street, Raleigh, N. C. Major — Electrical Engineering; Minor — Mathematics. Anderson, Elrita Morable — 1319 Bothwell Street, Greensboro. N. C. Major — Social Welfare, Sociology Club. Anderson, Fred — 6035 Nassau Road, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Major — Physical Education, Letterman ' s Club, Tri-State Club. PEM Club, Captain — Track Team Anderson, Hov ' ard L. 2419 Ha el Street, Chesapeake, Virginia. Major — Industrial Arts. Armstrong, Felton — Route 2, Box 128, Candor. North Carolina. Major — Biology; Minor — Chemistry-Education, Biology Club. Arrington, Jessee, hi — 1012 Main Creek Road, Chesapeake, Vir- ginia. Major — Fine Arts; Minor — History. Choir, Male Singers, Tidewater Club. Art Circle. Atkinson, Helen Ruth — Route 2. Box 100, Walstonburg, N C. Major — History; Minor— Social Studies. Alpha Kappa Mu Htinur Society, Honor Roll, Student National Education Association, His- tory Club, and Sunday School, Baker, Freddy L. — 146 Calloway Street, Galax, Virginia. Major — Physical Education. Physical Education Majors Club. Baldwin, Jr., Pryce — Post Office Box 82, Lake Waccamaw, N. C. Major — English; Minor — History. Choir Fortnightly Club, Cape Fear Club, SNEA. Banks, William E. Christiansburg Institute, Cambria, Virginia. Major — Sociology. Wesley Foundation, Sociology Club, Barbour, Christine F.— 2002 Newcastle Road. Greensboro, N, C. Bartee, Harry A, — 625 Asheboro Street, Greensboro, N. C. Ma- jor— Pre-Med,; Minor — Chemistry. Wesley Foundation, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Biology Club. Battle. Ernestine— 902 Pattille Street, Tarboro, N. C. Major- Chemistry; Minor — Mathematics. American Chemical Society, Ger- man Club, Tarboro Club. Battle. James A.— Post OSice Box 93, Edward, N. C. Beasley, Janet — Route 1. Box 68, Cedar Grove, N, C. Major — Nursing. Teloca Club. Bell, Cornelius — Route 1. Box 54, Oak City, N. C. Major Business Administration, Phi Beta Lambda, Y.M C.A,, Canterbury Club. Bell, Jeanette — Route 1. Box 211, Jackson, N. C. Major — Home Economics Education. Angel Flight, Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Kappa Epsilon Society, Agricultural Association, Baptist Student Union. Bellinger, Lewis John 5424 Monticello Drive, Columbia, S. C. Major— Electrical Engineering; Minor— Mathematics. United Men ' s Congress, Electrical Engineering Association, Newman Club. Cooper Hall Residential Counsel, Student Government, Marching Band. Bennett. James H. — Route 3, Box 57, Wadesboro, N. C. Major — Electrical Engineering; Minor — Mathematics. Alpha Phi Omega, Electrical Engineering Association. Blackmon, Frederick L, — 420 Boyd Street, Greensboro, N. C. Major — Industrial Education. Fellowship Council, Collegiate N,F,A,, Engineering Association, Industrial Arts Association, Off-Campus Club. Y.M.C.A.. N.A.A.CP., AFROTC Drill Team, Track Team. Bennett, William — 1003 Fauguier Street, Norfulk, Virginia. Ma- jor — Electrical Engineering. Best, Edward J, 1010 Eastside Drive, Greensboro, N. C. Bethea, Delores Jean — 312 Greene Street, Laurinburg, N. C. Major — Nursery School and Kindergarten Education. Student NEA. Boone, Wilmer R. — 105 North 6th Street, Suffolk, Virginia. Ma- jor — Biology. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Bowers. Constance — Post Office Box 641, Oviedo, Florida. Ma- jor- — Sociology; Minor-Social Studies. Sociology Club, Florida Club {Miss Florida). Bowling, Anna Maria — 64 Charles Street, Providence, R.I., Ma- jor — Nursery School Education. Bledsoe, Sandra Jean — 36 Spring Street, Greenwich, Connecticut. Major — Home Economics Education. Y.W.CA., Kappa Epsilon So- ciety, Student NEA. Boyd, Willie Frank 230 Bowling Avenue, Columbia, S. C, Elec- trical Engineering. Electrical Engineering Association, SchoUer Club, Kappa Alpha Psi. Brett, Helen M— Route 1, Box 219, Murfreesboro. N. C. Major — Home Economics Education. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Agricultural Association, Baptist Student Union, Kappa Epsilon Society. Bridges, Jr., Ernest L. — 124 Lawrence Place, Paterson, New Jersey. Major— Physical Education. Physical Education Majors Club, Tri- State Club. Bright, Nicholas Sterling — 317 West 9th Street, Washington, N. C, Major — Industrial Electronics; Minur — Art. Newman Club, Explorers Club, Brooks. Gloria Arachell — Ruute 1, Box 67. Jamesville. N, C. Major- — Foods and Nutrition; Minor — Chemistry. Who ' s Who, Women ' s Council Scholastic Award. Undergraduate Research Par- ticipant, Honor ' s Program Committee. Alpha Kappa Mu. Alpha Kappa Alpha. Brown. Allen — 576 Witherspoon Avenue, Henderson. N. C. Brown, Herbert D. — 64 Spring Street. Charleston, S. C, Major — History. Brown, Morris E. — Route 1, Box 74, Handsom, Virginia. Major — Engineering Mathematics; Minor — Mathematics. Mathematics Club, Baseball Team. Brown. Paul E, — Route 2, Box 87, Hobgood, N. C. Brown, Robert — Route 1, Box 339. Shannon, N. C. Major Agricultural Education; Minor — General Science. N.FA,. Sunday School. Baptist Student Union, Agricultural Association. Bruce, Barbara B. — 1419 Avalon Road, Greensboro, N. C. Ma- jor — Nursing; Minor — Psychology. Miss Teloca, Teloca Club, Na- tional Student Nurses Association, Ayantee Staff, Pyramid Club, Canterbury Club, Y.W.C.A., Bowling Team. 179 BuGGS, Ernest W. — 1121 •36th Street, Newport News, Virginia. Major — Sociology; President— Letterman ' s Club, Tidewater Club, Sociology Club. Foolball Team, Track Team. Bullock, Stephen A. — Route 1, Box 289. Battleboro, N. C. Ma- jor—Industrial Arts Education, Arnold Air Society, Industrial Arts Association, Advanced AFROTC. Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity, Lampados Club. Baptist Student Union, Fhght Instruction Program, Student N.E.A. BuRGE, Paul J. 408 Ashcburo Street, Greensboro, N, C. Major Social Studies; Minor — History. Burke, Joyce D.— 926 Second Street, S. W., Hickory, N. C. Major — Social Studies; Minor History. Who ' s Who, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Honors Certificate Recipient, Fellowship Coun- cil, Geographical Society, Sociology Club, Student N.E.A. BuRRELL, Brenda Benson — 1021 Prince Avenue, Woodbury Heights, New Jersey. Major — English; Minor — Applied Psychology. Who ' s Who, A y T Choir, Section Leader, President — Senior Class, Treasurer-Student Government, Spanish Club. BuTLER, Gilbert Alex — Route 1, Box 100, Liberty. N. C. Ma- jor Accounting. Phi Beta Lambda, Wesley Foundation, United Men ' s Congress, Y.M.C.A,, Off-Campus OrganiEation. Caldwell, Sara Ann — 504 Andrew Street, Greensboro, N. C. Major — Mathematics. Honor Roll, Math Club. Campbell, Warren Alexander — 1119 South 6th Street. Wilming- ton. N. C. Major — Engineering Mathematics. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Cape Fear Club. AFROTC Carlson, Walter F., Ill— 1718 Pichard Street, Greensboro, N. C. Major — Social Studies; Minor — Biological Sciences. Biology Club, Student N.E.A. Carr, Blonnie Delois — 1114 College Street, Clinton, N. C, Ma- jor — Nursing. Baptist Student Union, Student Nurses Association (Teloca). Carter, Gloria June — 455 Jackson Avenue, New Orleans. Louisi- ana. Major — Mathematics. Math Club, President- — James B. Dudley Chapter — Student N.E.A.. President — AKA Sorority, Women ' s Council. Caul, Theodore L. — 509 South Mercer Avenue, Covington. Vir- ginia. Major — Sociology; Minor — Psychology. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Sociology Club, U.M.C., NAACP, CO. R.E. Chambers, Patricia Ann — 1523 Dunbar Street, Greensboro, N. C. Major Business Education. Phi Beta Lambda, Women ' s Off-Campus Organization. Chapman, Carl — Route 2, Box 259, New Bern, N. C. Major Building Construction. Technical Institute Club. Pentacostal Fellow- ship. Cheek, Albert C. — 710 Benbow Road, Greensboro, N. C. Cherry, Charles Edward — 511 Bunche Boulevard, Portsmouth, Virginia. Major — Mechanical Engineering; Minor — Mathematics. American Society of Tool and Manufacturing Engineering, AFROTC. Clark, Beverly S.— 1507 Willow Road, Greensboro, N. C, Major — Sociology; Minor — Psychology. Angel Flight, Choir, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Newman Club. Sociology Club, Spanish Club. Cockerham, Patricia Cathlene — 1705 East Uth Street, Winston- Salem, N. C. Major — Business Education. Pentecostal Fellowship, Phi Beta Lambda, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, SNEA, Winston- Salem Club. CoGDELL, Larry J. — Route 2, Newton Grove, N. C. CoGciNS, Agnes B. — Route 1, Box 294, Windsor, N. C. Major — English; Minor — French. Pi Delta Phi National French Honor Society, Fortnightly Club, Le Cercle Fran ais, SNEA. Council, Milton Douglas— Route 1, Box 90, Bethel, N, C. Ma- jor — Business Administration. Phi Beta Lambda, Geographic Society. Council, William— Route 6. Box 350, Greenville, N. G. Major — Business Administration; Minor — Economics. Phi Beta Lambda, The Tarboro Club, Pershing Rifle Society, Register Staff. Covington, Robert D.- York. -152 West 129th Street, New York. Ne Cox. Bernard — Route I, Box 192, Newton Grove, N. C. Major — Sociology; Minor — Social Studies. Sociology Club, Newman Club, Daniels, Joan H. — Greensboro, North Carolina. Daniels, Moselle Marie— 2124 12th Street, N.E., Winston-Salem, N. C. Major — Social Studies; Minor History. S. N.E.A., Geographic Society, History Society, Sociology Club, Fellowship Council, Pente- costal Fellowship, Winston-Salem Club. Davis, Evelyn Novella — 360 West Bragg Street, Greensboro, N. C. Major — Nursery and Kindergarten Education. Davis, Patricia Yvonne — Post Office Box 88, Arapahoe, N. C. Major — History; Minor- — Social Studies. Baptist Student Union, Y.W.C.A., S.N.E.A. Dawson, Alexander — 428 Railroad Street, Belhaven. N. C. Ma- jor — -Biology. Omega Psi Phi. Dawson, Harold E. — 402 Pear Street. Goldsboro, N. C. Dickens, Jr.. Floyd — 1113 Douglas Avenue, Greenville, N. C. Major — Electrical Engineering; Minor — Mathematics. United Men ' s Congress, Engineering Association, Programers Club. Dickerson, William D.— Route 1, Box 291, Pikeville, N. C. Ma- jor — Economics; Minor — Accounting. Baseball Team. Diggs, Thomas, Jr, 3-10D Matlock Street, Paterson, New Jersey. Major — Physical Education. President — Physical Education Majors Club, 1st Vice-President — SNEA, Tri-State Club, Lettermen ' s Club, Football Team. Dillahunt, Norris G— Route 2, Box 259, New Bern, N. C. Major — Building Construction; Minor — Drafting. Building Construc- tion Club, Technical Institute Club. Dixon, John E. — 411 North Vick Street, Wilson, N. C. Major — Business Administration. Counter-Insurgency, Advanced ROTC, Of- ficers Club, Y.M.C.A., Phi Beta Lambda Fraternity, Geographic Society, United Men ' s Congress. Dowdy, David Andrew— Post Office Box 71, Eastover, South Caro- lina. Major— Biology; Minor — Chemistry. Alpha Phi Alpha Frater- nity, Biology Club, Pan-Hellenic Council, Student NEA. D02IER. Lewis C. — Route 5, Box 202, Conway, South Carolina. Major — Business Administration. Phi Beta Lambda. Dunn, James — Route 2, Kenly, N. C. Major — Agronomy; Minor — ■ Agriculture Education. Agronomy Club. Dunlap, David R. Box 65, West End, N. C. Major — Sociology. Dupree, Ollen a., Jr. — 631 Saunders Street, Clinton, N. C. Ma- jor — Physical Educati(.)n. Kappa Alpha Psi, Tennis Team. Echols, Dyanne E. — 1317 Niagara Street, Niagara Falls. New York. Major — Sociology. Miss United Men ' s Congress, Delta Sigma Theta. Edwards, Kenneth E. — 421 Tower Hill Road, Kinston, N. C. Major — Architectural Engineering; Minor — Mathematics. Honor Roll, 1st Place Fiction, English Emphasis Award, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Ayantee Staff, Pan-Hellenic Council. Architectural Asso- ciation, Fortnightly Club, Styus, Newman Club. Eley, Joyce Y.- l 1 Overbrook Road, Richmond, Va. Major — Sociology; Minor — Psychology. Wesley Foundation, Student N.E.A., Usher Board, Sociology Club. 180 -.VM ' Ellis, Jeanette— 654 Raleigh Road. Rocky Mount, N. C. Major- Chemistry; Minor — Mathematics American Chemical Society, Ger- man Club. Ellison, Fontaine Ervin, Charles P., Jr.— Route 5, Box 638, Morpanton, N. C. Major — Sociology; Minor Mititary Science. Distinguished Military Student. Scabbard and Blade Society, R.OT.C. Cadet Officers Club. Sociology Club, Welfare Council. EuBANKS, Lady E. — 148 Depew Avenue, Nyack, N. Y. Major — Nursing. Who ' s Who, Honor Roll, Wesley Foundation, Teloca Club. EvERETTE, Selwyn A- — 1925 Bate Street, Raleigh, N. C. Major — Physical Education, Wesley Foundation, Physical Education Majors Club, Student Government, Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity, Jones County Club. Farrow, Jerome L. — 3968 E. Capitol Street N.E,, Washington, D. C. Major — Economics. Faucette, James R. — Route 7, Box 308, Burlington, N. C, Major — Math. Feanell, Jerome — 814 South 6th St., Wilmington, N. C. Major — Sociology. Pershing Rifles. Fennell, Wilhelmina D.— 252 Alpine Avenue. Pittsburg 12, P. A. Major — Clothing. Miss Technical Institute, Tri-State Club, Kappa Epsilon. Ford, Jerry O. — 2107 Columbia Avenue, Lynchburg, Va. Major — Sociology; Minor — Psychology. Foster, William D. — 906 E. Church Street, Tarboro. N. C. Ma jor — Business Administra tion. Francis, Ronald E.— 524 Lee Street. Burlington, N. C. Major — Sociology. Football. Francis, Sandra P. — 738 Kelly St., Bronx. N. Y. Major— Sociology; Minor — Psychology. A and B Honor Roll, Sociology Club. Tri- State Club. Freeman, Calvin M. — Route 1, Box 136, Lake Lure, N. C. Ma- jor — Agricultural Business; Minor — Business. Agricultural Economics Club. Friday. Bruce N. — 173 Fayetteville Street, Asheville, N. C. Fryar, Thelma E. — Route 1, Box 105, McLeansville, N. C, Ma- jor — Business Education. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Pi Omega Pi Business Honorary Society. Fultz, Mattie R. — 2020 Thurmand Street, Winston-Salem, N. C. Major — Physical Education. Honor Roll, Physical Education Majors Club, Women ' s Athletic Association, Student N.E.A., Y.W.C.A. Gabriel, Murphy, Jr. — Sherrills Ford, Catawba, N. C. Major — Business Administration Garrett, Wilfred— 161 Cannon Street. Charleston. S. C. Major — Physical Education; Minor — Psychology. Physical Education Majors Club, Charleston Club. Garvin, Frances — 3 1 1 Johnson Street, Cheraw, S. C. Major — Home Economics. Y.W.C.A., Usher Board, Agricultural Association, Women ' s Council, Wesley Foundation, W.A.A. Gaskill, Simon P. — 727 Teach Street, Hampton, Virginia. Major — Sociology; Minor — Psychology. English Proficiency Citation, R.O.T.C. Summer Camp Citation of Merit. Air Force R.O.T.C, Richard B. Harrison Players, Student Government, Tidewater Club, Sociology Club, Residence Committee. Vice-President Senior Class. Catling, Shirley — Route 1, Box 191, Como, N. C. Major — Home Economics Education. Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Kappa Epsilon Society, Baptist Student Union. Gay, Europa Fortuna — 988 West Michigan Avenue, Southern Pines, N. C. Major — Business Administration. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Phi Beta Lambda Business Fraternity, Geographical Society, College Usher Board, Fellowship Council. Gayden. Alphonso Lee — 1409 Pittsburg Avenue, Winston-Salem, N. C. Major — Social Studies; Minor Mathematics. Winston-Salem Club. Advance R.O.T.C, Band, R.O.T.C. Officers Club. Gaynor, Joseph Earl — 571 Jetferson Avenue, Buffalo 4, New York. Major — Engineering Math. Math Club. Geddings, Lanard Michael— 602 Mathis Ferry Road, Charleston, S. C. Major — Architectural Engineering; Minor — Math. Student Architecture Assn., Air Force R.O.T.C, Officers Club, Newman Club, United Men ' s Congress, Math Club, Y.M.C.A., Student Government Committee, Ayantee Staff. George, Martha A. — Box 24, Sherwood. Maryland. Major — Busi- ness Administration. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Student Govern- ment. Gill, Theodore — 388 Marion Street, Union, New Jersey, Major — Social Studies; Minor — History. Wesley Foundation, Student N.E. A. Gilmer. Evander M. — 407 Stewart Street, Greensboro, N. C College Choir. Glenn. Earle Lee — 402 Bragg Street, Raleigh, N. C. Major — Mathematics, Mathematics Club. Glenn, Theodore C. — 1467 North Cherry Street, Winston-Salem, N. C Major — Industrial Arts. Honor Roll, Who ' s Who , Distin- guished AFROTC Military Student, 63-64 Honor ' s Day Citation. AFROTC Summer Camp Citation, Winston-Salem Club (President), Industrial Arts Association. AFROTC Officers ' Club. Goolsby, Leon F. — Greensboro, N. C Graham, Ester Elizabeth — Route 1, Box 15 C, Bolton, N. C. Major — Home Economics Education. Angel Flight. Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority. Kappa Epsilon Society, Agricultural Association, Cape Fear Club, Women ' s Council, Miss Alpha Phi Omega. Graham, Essie Marie— 116 West Lee Street, Clinton, N. C. Major — Business Education. Student N.E. A., Usher Board, Baptist Student Union, Women ' s Council, Phi Beta Lambda, Angel Flight, Y.W.C.A. Graham. James, Jr.— 205 West Third Street, Tabor City, N C. Major — Physical Education. Football, Y.M.C.A., Sunday School, Student N.E.A. Graham, O. E„ III— Route 2, Box 302. Aurora, N. C. Major- Mathematics. Student N.E. A.. R.O.T.C. Officer ' s Club, Mathematics Club. Grainger, Willie — 710 Kidderst Street. Wilmington, N, C. Ma- jor — Business Administration; Minor — Economics. Cape Fear Club. Graves. Forrest Arthur — Box 504, Yanceyville, N. C Major Sociology; Minor — Psychology. Sociology Club. Graves, Willie Edward — Route 5, Box 261, Burlington, N. C. Major — Mechanical Engineering; Minor — Mathematics. A.S.T.M.E., Y.M.CA., Sunday School. Green, Lawrence J.— Post O ce Box 363, Lake City, S. C. Ma- jor—Engineering Physics. American Institute of Physics. Advance Air Force R.O.T.C, Officer ' s Club. Green. Muriel D.— 11406 20th Street, St, Albans 12. New York. Major— Physical Education. Honor Roll. P.E.M. Club, W.A.A., Tri ' State Club. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Greene. Betty Joyce — 742 Ashe Street, Hendersonville, N. C. Major — Physical Education. Miss Women ' s Athletic Association, Women ' s Athletic Association, Physical Education Majors Club, College Usher Board, Student N.E.A., Y.W.C.A. Greenlee, Ralph E. — P.O. Box 12, Swannanoa, N. C, Major — Sociology. Hackett, Carolyn C. — 321 Fowle Street, Raleigh, N. C. Major — Business Education. Honor Roll. Phi Beta Lambda, Student NEA, Wesley Foundation, Symphony Band. 181 ' 1 Hamm. Curtis E.— 70 ' i Parker Street, Goldshoro, N C. Hardy, Larry, Jr,— Route 1, Box 140, Pleasant Hill. N. C Ma |or — Engineering Math, Choir. Hardy, Leroy, Jr. — Route 4, Box 29IB, Greenville, N. C. Major — Mathematics. Student NEA, Mathematics Club, United Men ' s Con- gress, A. y T. College Sunday School, Y.M.C.A. Harrington, James Edward — 716 West Willis Avenue, High Point, N. C. Major — English; Minor — History. Honor Student, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, English Empha- sis Committee Award, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Fortnightly Club, Cadet OfSccr ' s Club, United Men ' s Congress, R OT.C, Counter-Insurgency Unit, Student Counselor. Harrison, Lemuel — 1127 W. Thomas Street, Rocky Mount, N. C. Major — Mathematics. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, President of Pan- Hellenic Council, Mathematics Club, LInited Men ' s Congress, Student NEA. Hart, Williford Lewis — P. O. Box 16, Sutton Road, Rocky Mount, N. C. Major — Mathematics. Mathematics Club. Hawkin.s, John Phillip — 1432 Nicholes Street, Henderson, N. C. Major — Building Construction; Minor — Drafting. Technical institute Club. Hayes, Maerose E. — Route 7, Box ' i22, Greensboro, N. C. Major — French. French Club. Helms, Rumsey H., Jr. — P. O. Box 462, Bassett, Virginia. Major — Electrical Engineering. Distinguished Military Cadet, President of Student Government, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Henderson, Madeline F. — 202nd Street, South Orange, New Jersey. Major — Business Administration. Tn-Statc Club. Phi Beta Lambda. Henry, James E. — 413 North Fifth Street, Wilmington, N. C. Major — Mechanical Engineering. College Sunday School, Baptist Student Union, Student Government, Advanced Air Force R.O.T.C., Mechanical Engineering Association, Cape Fear Club, Religious Life Committee, American Society of Tool and Manufacturing Engineer- ing. Herring, Philip Don — Route 1, Box 112, Willard, North Carolina. Major — Building Construction; Minor — Mathematics. Student Coun- selor, Baptist Student Union, Technical Institute Club. Hightower, Charles Reginald — 507 Spaulding Street, Fayette- ville, North Carolina. Major — Music. Arnold Air Society, Music Educators National Conference, Marching Band, Symphony Band. Hill, Esther G.- jor — Social Studies -822 Tuscaloosa Street. Greensboro, N. C. Ma- Minor — History, History Club. Hill, Johnnie E. — Route 1, Box 249, Pollocksville, N. C. Major — Building Construction; Minor — Drafting. Jones County Club, Tech- nical Institute Club. HiNES, Maggie I. — 804 D Street, Martinsville, Virginia. Major — French. Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Circle de Francais, Library Service Committee. Hodge, Daisy Naomi — 2430-7th Avenue, New York City, New York. Major — Chemistry; Minor — Mathematics. Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Honor Roll, Undergraduate Student Research Participant, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Beta Kappa Chi Scienti£c Society, Ameri- can Chemical Society, German Club, College Choir, International Students Association, Women ' s Council. Horne, Margaret Viola — 1411 Dunbar Street, Greensboro, N. C. Major — Social Studies. Student N. E. A., Speaker ' s Bureau. Howard, James Jonathan, 223 Carter Street — Box 45, Madison, N. C. Major — English; Minor— History. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Fortnightly Club, A. 6? T. College Choir, Male Chorus. Howell, Milton Douglass — Route 1, Box 34?. Tarboro, N. C. Major — Agriculture Economics. Tarboro Club, Agricultural Econom- ics Club, United Men ' s Congress. Howard, Robert Edward — 617 Rosemont Avenue, Raleigh, N. C. Major — History; Minor — Social Studies. Pershing Rifles Society, Ad- vanced Air Force R.O.T.C. Officer ' s Club, French Club, United Men ' s Congress, Geographic Society, Y.M.C.A. Swimming Team, Pershing Rifles Drill Team, Hubbard, George C— 512 East End Avenue, Durham, N. C. Major — Mechanical Engineering. American Society of Tools and Manufacturing Engineering, Air Force R.O.T.C. Hughes, Julia G.— 2018 Barksdale Drive, Greensboro, N. C. Ma- jor — Mathematics. Hughes, Muriel— 712 Tuscaloosa Street, Green.sboro, N. C. Ma- jor — Social Welfare; Minor — Psychology. Newman Club, Off- Campus Club. Hughes, William R— 816 Cumberland Street. Fayctteville, N. C. Major — History. Student Government, College Choir, Register Stafl , Baseball Team. Hunt, Mary E, — 321 Montclair Avenue, Portsmouth, Virginia, Major — Secretarial Science, Angel Flight, W,A,A,, Sunday School, Phi Beta Lambda, Hunter, George W„ Jr. — 1008 East Lee Street, Greensboro, N. C, Hunter, Natilon C— 421 North Caldwell Street, Charlotte, N. C, Major — Sociology, Hunter, Phyllis F,— 703 Isler Street, Goldshoro, N, C, Major — Sociology, Sociology Club, Y,W,C,A, Isles, Linda Darnell — 330 McAdcnville Road, Belmont, N, C, Major — English, Band, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Fortnightly Club, Charlotte Club, Student NEA, Jacobs, Thomas T„ Jr, — Route 1, Box 323, Riegelwood, N, C. Major — Biology; Minor — Chemistry, Biology Club, Explorer ' s Club, James, Ulysses L, — Route 1, Box 75, Jamesville, North Carolina, Major — Engineering Physics; Minor — Engineering Mathematics, James, William — Richlands, N, C, Jeffreys, Robert L, — 1608 Murchison Road, Fayetteville, N, C, Major — Physical Education, Football, Jenkins, Beulah M, — Route 3, Box 260, Tarboro, N, C, Major — Institutional Management, Sunday School, Baptist Student Union, Student Counselor, Jenkins, Carolyn S, — 734 Julian Street, Greensboro, N, C. Ma- jor — Business Administration; Minor — Accounting, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Off-Campus Organization, Miss Senior, Jennings, Billy B, — 606 Plymouth Street, Burlington, N, C, Ma- jor — Industrial Electronics. Johnson, Edward Raymond — Clindaniel Avenue, Selbyville, Dela- ware, Major — Electrical Engineering; Minor — Mathematics, Engi- neering Club, Advanced Air Force R.O,T,C, Johnson, Joyce B, — 17 Earle Street, Hartford, Conn:cticut, Major — Nursery School and Kindergarten Education, Sunday School, S.N,E.A,, International Student Association, John,son, Jerry D, — Route 2, Box 102, Cedar Grove, N. C, Ma- jor — Physical Education, Lcttcrman ' s Club, Baseball Team, Jones, Althea — 315 West Avenue, Hamlet, N, C, Major— Social Studies; Minor — History, Jones, Dorthy Athenia — Route 2, Box 24, Pikevillc, J4. C. Major — Sociology; Minor — Psychology, Baptist Student LInion, Sun- day School, Sociology Club, Y,W,C,A, Jones, Florence E, — 924 Patterson Street, Peter.sburg, Virginia, Major — Nursing, Honor Roll, Teloca Club, Tidewater Club, Women ' s Council. Jones, Genevieve Lucille — 189 Hamilton Road. Teaneck, New Jersey. Major — English; Minor — French. Phi Delta Pi Honor French Society, Honor Roll, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Fortnightly Club, French Club, National Teachers of English, Student N.E.A. Jones, Marv L. — Gumlog Road, Apartment 1-3, Swainsboro, Geor- gia. Major — Mathematics. Mathematics Club, Register Soff, Usher Board, Student N.E.A. Jones, Odell — 2924 McConnell Road, Greensboro, N. C. Major — Sociology. Jones, Randolph — P. O. Box 343, Weldon, N. C. Major— Me chanical Engineering. Jones, Richard W. — 2001 Luteran Street, Greensboro. N. C. Jones, W ' LLIan O.— Box 176, Zebulon, N. C. Jordan, Muriel— P. O. Box 185, PowellsviUe, N. C. Kamara, Moses R. — Jaiama Nimikor, Sierra Leone, West Africa. Major — Agriculture Education: Minor — Science. Sunday School; In- ternational Students " Association; Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity; Agri- cultural As.sociation; New Farmers of America; Vice President of Student Government, 63-64; Register, Reporter and Editorial Board Member, Club Award, N.S.P.A. Journeyman ' s Award; United Men ' s Congress Leadership Award. Kanipes, Harold Dewey — Route 5, Box 418, Morganton, N. C. Major — Chemistry; Minor — Mathematics. Geographical Society; American Chemical Society; Alpha Phi Omega. Kearney. J. C. rlton — Route 1. Box 145, Tarboro, N. C. Major — Agricultural Economics. Honor Roll.; Omega Psi Phi Fraternit ' , Tarboro Club; R.O.T.C. Officers ' Club. Agricultural Economics Club; Livestock Judging Team — 1963. Keaton, Samuel M. — 805 Tenda Street, Shelby, N. C. Major — Mathematics; Minor — Physics. American Institute of Physics; Mathe- matics Club; Student N.E.A. Kellzy, Gerald O. — 132 Maple Street, Suffolk, Virginia. Kelly, Miriam Glorl — 29 Virginia . venue, Jersey City, New- Jersey. Major — Nursery School Education. Tri-State Club. Kent, Reginald H., Jr. — 2945 Normandy Road, Ardmore. Pa. Major — Music; Minor — Education. Music Educator National Con- ference; Marching Band; Symphony Band; Ensemble, Canterbury Qub. KiMBROUGH, Jerry G. — 710 North Race Street, Statesville, N. C. Major — Physical Education; Minor — Biology. Charlotte Club; Letter- man ' s Club; Student N.E A.; Biology Club; P.E.M. Club; Scrollers Club; Newman Club; AFROTC Drill Team; President of Traffic Safety Club; Student Athletic Trainer. King. E. rnestine — Route 2, Box 53, Stoneville, N. C. Major — Physical Education. Women ' s Athletic Association; Physical Educa- tion Majors Club; Baptist Student Union; Sunday School; Choir. Kirkland, Liller Sue — 306 Bynum Avenue. Rock Hill. S. C. Major — Business Education. S.N.E.A.; Phi Beta Lambda; Baptist Student Union; Senior Qass Secretary. Knight, James Ray — 726 Star Street, Rocky Mount, N. C. Major — History; Minor — Social Studies. Geographical Society. Knox, Eva — 441 North Church Street, Mooresville, N. C. Major — Business Administration. Baptist Student Union; Y.W.C.A.; Choir; W.A.A.; Sunday School; Geographical Society. Laceviell. Lilllin Ann — Route 1, Box 229-F, Riegelwood, N. C. Major — Biology; Minor — Chemistry. Honor Roll; Who ' s Who: Stu- dent N.E.A.; B.S.U.; Cape Fear Club; Dnver ' s Safety Club, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society; Biology Club, President; Gamma Sigma Sigma, Coordinating Secretary. Lamb. Laur. Elfreda — 590 Hunterdon Street. Newark, New- Jersey. Major — Biology; Minor — Education. Biology Club; S.N.E.A.; Tn-State Club: Baptist Student Union: Explorer ' s Club. Lamberth, Lea R. — 701 E. Florida Street, Greensboro. N. C. Major — Social Science; Minor — History. Student N.E.A. Lanier, Janice Marie — 410 East Main Street, Williamston. N. C. Major — Business Education. Phi Beta Lambda; Pi Omega Pi, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Band. L. rgent, Doris — 37 NX ' ater Street, . sheville, N. C. Major — Social Studies: Minor — Sociology. Geographical Society; Sociology Qub; Student N.E.A.; Vice-President Dormitory Council. L. WTON, Herman, Jr. Major — Physical Education; Minor — Social Studies. Tidewater Club; Physical Education Majors Club. Leach, Rosa L. — Route 3, Box 530, Raleigh, N. C. Major — Mathe- matics. Baptist Student Union; Sunday School; Fellowship Council; Register Staff. Lemon, James Roach — 73 West 116th Street, New York, New- York. Major — Sociology; Minor — Psychology. Sociology Club; Pan Hellenic Council; Newman Club, Student Government; Kappa .-Mpha Psi Fraternity; United Men Congress. Lennon, Marva Noreda — Route 1, Box 194, Evergreen, N. C. Major — Social Welfare. Sociological Society, Concert Band. LeS. ne, Ch. rles Thomas — Route 1, Box 10-K, Eli:abethtown, N. C. Major — Biology; Minor — Chemistry, Biology Club, Crescent Club. LiNNEY, Kerley — Route 2. Box 23, Hiddenite, N. C. Major — Business Education. Linton, Martha Jean — 1 10 Poplar Street, Asheville, N. C. Ma- jor — Nursing. Who ' s ' ho; Honor Roll; Greensboro Medical Society Scholarship Award — 1963; English Emphasis Committee Award; .Mpha Kappa Mu Honor Society; Teloca; District Student Nurses .■ s5n.; N. C. Student Nurses Assn.; National Student Nurses Assn., Inc. Little, Mac Arthur — 508 Lincoln Street. Wadesboro, N. C. Major — Sociology. Sociology Club. Little, Th.-iDDEUS Cooper — 503 Cliffside Drive, High Point, N. C. Major — Business Administration; Minor — Accounting. Phi Beta Lambda, Crescent Club; Baptist Student Union. Little, Thomas L. — 210 Wadley Street, Swainsboro, Georgia. Major — Social Studies. Band. Love, Willwm L. — 436 Moore Street, Fayetteville, N. C. Major — Business Education. Alpha Phi Omega; Y.M.C.A.; Baptist Student Union: Student N.E.A. LowERY, Perry V. Mathematics. -Route 3, Box 230, Wadesboro, N. C. Major- Lundy. James R. — Route 2, Box 3, Margarettcville, N. C. Major — Architectural Engineering. Omega Psi Phi. Mack, Jennifer Lavern — 108 Gumlog Street, Swainsboro, Georgia. Major — Social Welfare. Sociology Club; Baptist Student Union; Y.W.C.A.; Marching Band; Concert Band; Majorette. Macklin, Dorothy — 1604 Lansdown Avenue, Greensboro, N. C. Major — Business Education. Women ' s Council; Off-Campus Students. M. LONEY, Alfred S. — 821 N. Tamarind Avenue, West Palm Beach. Fla. Major — Social Welfare; Minor — Recreation Leadership. Distinguished Military Student; Florida Club; Letterman ' s Club; Scabbard and Blade; Officer ' s Club; Football; Band. Ni RTIN, Edvi-. RD — 306 Wall Street, Madison, N. C. Major — Mathematics. Mathematics Club: Marching Band: Concert Band. Mason, Edith A. — 307 Fowler Street, Carrboro. N. C. Major — Sociology. Sociology Club; Y.W.C.A. Mathis, Harvey — P. O. Emerson, N. C. Clarkton, N. C. Major — Mathematics. Mathematics Club; Junior Counselor. 183 M-vsoN, William Sherman — Route 3, Box 37, Mocksville, N. C. Major — Music; Minor — Education. Mu5ic Educator ' s National Con- ference; Band; Ensemble. Massey, John Thomas — P. O. Box 456, Wadesboro. N, C. Major- Social Studies; Minor — Sociology. McCain, Jr., George Randolph, 2 16 South Purdy Street. Sumter, S. C. Major — Fine Arts; Minor — History. Art Circle; Canterbury Club; Band; Dance Group, Rifle Team. McClain, Arnie- — 19 Neville Street, Portsmouth, Virginia. Major — Electrical Engineering; Minor-Mathematics. McCrea, Willa D.— 812 Best Street, Greensboro. N. C McDonald, Jackie G.— Route 1, Box 500. Saint Pauls, N. C Major — Agricultural Engineering: Minor — Mathematics. McDowell, Willie A, — Route 2, Box 21A, Eliiabethtown McKoY. Evangeline — 504 Callan Street, Greensboro, N. C, N. C. McKoY, James W., Jr.— 113 Chase Street, Fayettcville, N. C. Ma- jor — Sociology; Minor — Psychology. Spanish Club, Sociology Club: Newman Club. McLaurin. William — 110 E, Indian River Road, Norfolk, Virginia. Major — Business Administration; Minor — Accounting. Geographical Society; Phi Beta Lambda; Tidewater Club; Y.M.C.A.; United Men Congress; Scroller; AFROTC Drill Team. McNair, Andrew L.— 1508 E. Washington Street, Rockingham. N. C. Mears, Walter Lewis — 1803 Curry Street, Greensboro. N. C. Major — Agricultural Engineering; Minor — Mathematics. Swimming Team. Captain; All CL ' KA Outstanding Swimming 1963-64. Miller, Abraham J — 1304 Franklin Street, Anderson, S. C. Ma jor — Biology. Baptist Student Union; Sunday School; Geographical Society; Marching Band; Symphony Band. Miller, Carl— 406 Lewis Lane, Kinston. N. C. Mills, Henry S.— Route 1, Box 400-A, Winterville. N. C. Major — History; Minor — Social Studies. Canterbury Club; Student Counse- lor; Student N.E.A. Mitchell, Alice Kea — Route 2, Box 294, Tarboro, N. C. Major — Foods and Nutrition; Minor — Chemistry. Honor Roll. Who ' s Who. Delta Sigma Thcta. Undergraduate Research Project. Mitchell, James Winfield — 916 Plum Street, Durham, N. C Major—Chemistry; Minor — Mathematics. Honor Student; Who ' s Who; Alpha Kappa Mu, Vice-Pres ident; Omega Psi Phi, Basileus; United Men ' s Congress, President; Beta Kappa Chi Honor Society; Student Government; German Club; Student Chapter of American Chemical Society, Chairman. MiZELLE, Thomas F. 1017 Whitehead Street, Norfolk, Virginia. Major — Industrial Arts; Minor — Mathematics. Arnold Air Society; R.OT.C. Officers ' Club. Moore, Brenda Joyce — 203 Iron Street, Florence. New Jersey. Major — Clothing; Minor — Fine Arts. " B " Honor Roll; Tri-State Club; Kappa Pi; Register Staff; Cheerleader; Dance Group; Student Government Committee; Kappa Epsilon Society; Baptist Student Union. Moore. James C, — Route 1, Box 31A, Wilmington, N. C. Moore, William L. — 131 N, Obermeyer Street, Greensboro, N. C. Major — Architectural Engineering; Minor — Mathematics. Student Chapter American Institute of Architects. Moore, Willie Rufus, Jr. — 430 West 126th Street, Apt. 5H. New York, New York. Major — English; Minor — History. Student N.E.A.; Fortnightly Club. organ, Mazie — 111 Woodrow Avenue, Suffolk, Virginia. Major- — Business Administration. W.A.A., Geographical Society, Tidewater Club; B.S.U., Y.W.C.A.. Sunday School; Women ' s Sports Spectacu- lar. Morris, Wayne — 518 Edge Street, Elizabeth City, N. C. Morton, Mrs. Majorie — 401 Boyd Street, Greensboro, N. C. Ma- jor — French. French Club; Choir; Off-Campus Students, President. Moses, Myrtle Maxine — 6922 Rivers Avenue, Charleston Heights, S. C. Major— History. Charleston Club; Y.W.C.A.; Wesley Foun- dation. Geographical Society; W.A.A., Sunday School; Women ' s Sports Day. Motley, Wesley H., Jr.- — 641 Upper Street, Danville, Virginia. Major Economics; Minor- — Army R.O.T.C. Register Staff, Re- porter Award; Richard B. Harrison Players; Traffic Safety Club; Geographical Society; Chess Club; Economics Club; Officers Club; Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Moultrie, Henry A., 11 3704 Baring Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Major — Electrical Engineering; Minor — Mathematics. R.O.T.C, Dis- tinguished Cadet; Advance Air Force R.O.T.C: Officers Club; Air Force Drill Team; Engineering Assn.; Dormitory Council; Track Team; Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. Mulcare, Irving M.— 2370 Second Avenue, New York 35, New York. Major — Sociology. Richard B. Harrison Players; Spanish Club; Scabbard and Blade Society; Basketball. Mumford, Alexander J. — Route 1, Box 9, Selhyville, Delaware. Major — Chemistry; Minor — Mathematics. Honor Roll; German Club; Student Chapter American Chemical Society. Murphy, Gale — Box 37, Godwin, N. C. Major — Business Educa- tion. Phi Beta Lambda; Student N.E.A. Murphy, Jerome Alfred — 520 B. Dutch Avenue. Mount Holly, N. C. Major — Mathematics; Minor — Education, Military Science. Honor Roll; Distinguished Military Student; Student Government, College Council; Charlotte Club; Mathematics Club; S. N.E.A,; Beta Kappa Chi; Advanced Army R.O.T.C; Officers ' Club; Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Murphy, Thomas R. — 1504 Tuscaloosa Street, Greensboro, N. C MuRRELL, Benjamin D. — 430 West 24th Street, Wmston-Salem, N, C Major — Business Administration. Napper, Leon MiLivoR Route 2, Box 675, Greensboro, N. C. Major— Agricultural Economics. Wesley Foundation; Agricultural Economics Club; Agronomy Club; Y.M.CA. Agricultural Associa- tion: Track Team. Neal, Thomas L— Route 5, Box 2280, Reidsvillc, N. C Major— Building Construction; Minor — Drafting. Honor Roll; Technical Institute Club. Neely, Aaron Albert — Route 3, Box 25, China Grove, N. C Major — Social Science. Honor Roll; Student N.E.A.; Geographical Society; United Men ' s Congress; Student Government; Air Force Drill Team; Football, Newell, McArthur— Route 2, Box 728, Jacksonville. N. C Ma- jor — Biology. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Nixon, Sandra Patricia- — Route 1. Box 3 36, Wilmington, N. C Major— Nursing Education: Minor — Psychology, Teloca; National Student Nurses Assn.; Cape Fear Club: Baptist Student Union. Norman, Rosella — P. O. Box 172 Major— English; Minor — History. Student Government; Fortnightly Club; Student N.E.A. Oakley, Frank P. — P. O. Box 416. Spring Hope, N. C Major — Agricultural Education; Minor — General Science. Distinguished Mili- tary Student; Certificate for Leadership; N.F.A.; Scabbard and Blade; Officer ' s Club; Advance R.OT.C; R O.T C. Special Warfare Unit. Oates, Elaine — Route 1. Box 296, Iron Station. N. C. My-jor — French; Minor — Spanish. Baptist Student Union; Spanish Club; Student N.E.A.; Gamma Sigma Sigma. Odom, Rosebud ViRniNiA 105-42 Union Hall Street. Jamaica 33, New York. Major — Institution Management. Tri State Club; Agri- cultural Association; Speech Choir; Kappa Epsilon. 184 l r ' - •- « w f- Oglesby. Henry W. — 119 South Salisbury Avenue, Granite Quar- ry, N. C. Major — Sociology; Minor — Psychology. Sociological Society. Page, Gene — 2H East Drive Lakeside Apts., Wmston-Salem, N. C. Major — Physical Education. Physical Education Majors Club; Basket- ball. Pearce, Pauline- — Route 3, Box 341, Kenly, N. C. Major— Home Economics Education. Baptist Student Union; Student N.E.A. Peele, Elvernon — Route 3, Box 358. Williamston, N. C. Major — French. Minor— Spanish. French Club; El Espanol Club; R.O.T.C.; Scabbard and Blade; Officer ' s Club; Explorers Club. Peele, James Sesman — Route 3, Box 362, Williamston, N. C. Major — Agricultural Economics; Minor — Mathematics. United Men Congress; Student Resident Committee, Agricultural Economics Club, R.O.T.C. Officers ' Club. Peele, Julius McClay — Route 3, Box 362, Williamston, N. C. Major — Agricultural Economics; Minor — Mathematics. United Men ' s Congress. Student Resident Committee, Agricultural Economics Club. Peterson, Quessie L. Route 2, Box 161, Riegelwood, N. C. Ma- jor — French; Minor — English. Alpha Rappa Alpha Sorority; Pan- Hellenic Council; Ayantee Staff. Petteway, James A. — 305 Queen Street, Beaufort, N. C. Major — Biology; Minor — Chemistry. Honor Roll; Senior Class Treasurer: Junior Class Treasurer; Student Government; Student Counselor Biology, Vice President; Register Staff, Literary Editor; Stylus Club Sphinx Club. Pettiford, James L — Route 2, Box 196, Creedmoor. N. C. Major — History. Richard B. Harrison Players, President; Stylus Club, Vice President; Fortnightly Club. Petway, Jesse — P. O. Box 51, Bricks, N. C. Major — Mathematics. Math Club; Student N.E.A.; United Men ' s Congress; Sunday School; Pershing Rifles; Pershing Rifle Drill Team. Peyton, Aloha V.— P. O. Box 703, Williamston. N. C. Major- Nursery School Education. Student N.E.A.; Foreign Student Associa- tion; College Council; National Assn. of Nursery Education; Register Staff. PiNNix, Iantha L. Route 2, Gibsonville, N. C. Major — Nursing. PiNNix, Nora Lee — 406 Fulton Street, Burlington, N. C. Major — Business Education. Phi Beta Lambda, Band. PosTON, John F.. Ill— 409 Woodfin Place, Winston-Salem, N. C. Price. Betty Ruth — Route 1. Box 225, Madison, N. C. Major — Mathematics. Mathematics Club; Student N.E.A,; Women ' s Council; Corresponding Secretary of State S. N.E.A. Purnell, Louis H. — 310 West Water Street, Plymouth, N. C. Major — Biology; Minor — Chemistry. Biology Club. Rabb, Gwendolyn D. — 919 Camel Street. Wmston-Salem, N. C. Major — Social Studies; Minor — History. S.N.E A., Geographical Society, History Society, Sociology Club, Fellowship Council, Wesley Foundation, Winston-Salem Club. Randall. James H. — Box 212, Bolton, N. C. Major English; Minor — History. Editor of " 6? Ayantee, Who ' s Who, Fortnightly Club, Lambda Iota Tau, The Stylus Club, United Men ' s Congress. Ransom, Harry Durant — P. O. Box 413, Pinehurst, N. C.Major — Social Studies. State Second Vice-President Student N.E.A., Richard B. Harrison Players. Rascoe, Joyce A. — Route 1. Box 262, Windsor, N. C. Major Nursery School Education. S.N.E. A., Y.M.C.A., Sunday School, Agricultural Association, Ratchford, Haywood — 2516 Jefferson Davis, Charlotte, N C. Major — Commercial Arts. Reaves, Willena H.— P. O. Box 581, Morehead City, N. C. Major— Physical Education, W.A.A.. P.E.M. Club, Band. Reeves, Alfonso J.— Route 3, Box 273, Rocky Mount, Virginia. Major — Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering Association. Reid, Edith C. — Route 3, Box 148, Ahoskie. N. C. Major — Nursing. Baptist Student Union, Teloca. Rhodes, Nick, Jr. — Route 1, Box 195, Riegelwood, N. C. Major — Agricultural Economics. Certificate of Merit from School of Agri- culture. President of Officers ' Club, Vice-President of the Agricul- tural Economics Club, Cape Fear Club, Advanced AFROTC. Richardson, Charles L. — 214 Bunch Drive, Goldsboro, N. C. Major — -Mathematics. Advanced Air Force R.O.T.C. Officers ' Club, Math Club, Air Force Drill Team, Richardson, William P.. Jr. — Route 2, Box 84, Spring Hope, N. C. Major — Agricultural Education; Minor — General Science. RiDDiCK. Dorothy Mae — Route 1, Box 331, Murfreesboro, N. C. Major — Biology; Minor — Chemistry. Biology Club, Student S.N.E. A.. Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Drivers " Safety Club, BS.U, Robinson, Johnny HI Shaw Street, Greensboro, N. C. Major Fine Arts — Minor— Art Education. Honor Roll, Kappa Pi, Stylus Club. Art Circle. Robinson, Mrs. La Netta G.- N. C. Major — Nursing. -1207 Ardmore Dri Greensboro, -Route 2, Box 238, WhitesviUe, N. C. Major- Robinson, Paul L.- Physical Education, Rogers, Gerald Elwood — 525 S. Alleghany Avenue, Covington, Virginia. Major — Electrical Engineering; Minor — Mathematics. Y.M.C.A., Electrical Engineering Association. Rousseau, Yvonne — 3215 Burbank Drive, Charlotte, N. C. Ma- jor — Fine Arts. Kappa Pi Honorary Art Fraternity, Newman Club, S.N.E. A., Art Circle, Richard B. Harrison Players. Register Staff, Charlotte Club, Women ' s Council. RuFFiN. Jacqueline E —Route 1, Box 279, Windsor, N. C. Ma- jor — Nursery School Education. S.N.E. A., Agricultural Association. Russell, Junius Byron, Jr., Route 1, Box 206, Warrenton, N. C. Major — Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Association, Register, College Band. Sanders, Adrian — 2106 Benbow Road, Greensboro, N. C. Major — Mechanical Engineering; Minor — Mathematics. American Society of Tool and Manufacturing Engineers, Basketball Team, Letterman Club. Sanders, Louis — 458 W. 1 5 1st Street, New York, New York. Major — Social Studies; Minor — History. United Men ' s Congress Award, Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity, Wesley Foundation. Geo- graphical Society, History Society, SNEA, Sunday School, Student Counselor, College Choir. Saunders, Sylvester — 2206 Fitzgerald Avenue, Durham, N. C. Major — -Social Science. Senior Class Historian. Treasurer of Cooper Hall, Canterbury Club, Tidewater Club, Crescent Club, Secretary 2nd Floor Cooper Hall. Savage. Earnell M. — 310 South George Street, Goldsboro, N. G. Major — -Social Welfare; Minor — Psychology. Sociological Society, Spanish Club, Junior Council. Scales. James Paul, Jr.— R. R. 1. Box 237, Belews Creek, N. C. Major — Physical Education; Minor- — Biology, Student N.E.A., Phy- sical Education Majors Club. Schnyder, Nicholas A. — 1218 East Washington Street. Greens- boro, N. C. Major — Electrical Engineering; Minor — Mathematics. Newman Club, Electrical Engineering Association, Advanced R.O.T.C. Scott, Lenwood C. — 826 Lincoln Avenue. Aiken, S. C. Geographi- cal Society. 185 c Sharpe, Ernest Cecil— P. O. Box 748, Landis. M. C. Major- Business Administration. Y.M.C A., Phi Beta Lambda. Baseball Team, Basketball Trainer. Shaw, Richard Leon — 919 Dock Street, Wilmington, N. C. Majur-Business Administration. College Choir, Male Singers. Shelton. Betty Jean — Box 242-B, Ashland, Virginia. Major — Social Welfare. Geographical Society, Sociology Club. Sherrod, Gvi ' ENDOLYN J. — Route 1, Box 54, Fremont, N. C. Ma- jor — Business Education. Miss Company " A. " Shoaf, Rober. Jr. — 624 West 24 ' 2 Street, Wmston-Salem, N. C. Major — Business Administration. Winston Salem Club, Phi Beta Lambda. Short. Merritt, Jr, — Route 2, Box 85, Morven, N. C. Sloan. Juanita E. — 763 Dunbar Court, Greensboro, N. C. Major Secretarial Science. Theta Pi Chapter of " Phi Beta Lambda, " New- man Club. Sloan, John — 508 W. Fairley Street, Laurinburg, N. C. Major — Business Administration; Minor— Accounting. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Phi Beta Lambda. Simon, Leonard J. — 805 Vail Street, High Point, N. C. Major — Electrical Engineering. Omega Psi Phi. Simmons, Janice Marie — 415 South Georgia Avenue, Goldsboro, N, C. Major — Business Education. Newman Club, Choir, SNEA, Phi Beta Lambda, Women ' s Council. Smith, David RoNALD Route 1, Box 726. Clinton, Maryland. Major — Industrial Arts Education. Pershing Rifles, Industrial Arts Association, Dee Cee Club, Newman Club. Smith, Kenneth J. — Route 1, Box 114. Blounts Creek, North Carolina. Major — Mechanical Engineermg. American Society of Tool Manufacturing for Engineers, United Men ' s Congress, Committee member for Cooper Hall, Reporter for ASTME. Sneed, Ola Mae — Post Office Box S432, Columbia. South Carolina. Honor Roll, Teloca, North Carolina Student Nurses Association, National Student Nurses Association, Florida Club, District Student Nurses Association. Sommerville, Arthur M. — 609 Delany Drive, Raleigh, North Carolina. Major — Mathematics; Minor — Physics. Honor Roll, Ameri- can Legion Metal, Department of Army Metal, Distinguished Mili- tary Student, Math Club, Officers Club, Pershing Rifles. Counter Insurgency Unit. Representative — Student Council, Advanced ROTC, Llnitcd Men ' s Congress, f ' tudent Counselor. South erland, Theodore — Route 1, Box 221. Magnolia, North Carolina. Major — Engineering Physics. American Institute of Physics, Mathematics Club, Veterans Association. Stafford. Ralph B. — 317 South 6th Street, Wilmington. North Carolina. Major — History; Minor— Mathematics and Social Studies. Honor Roll, Y.M.C. A., Geographic Club, United Men ' s Congress, N.E A., Newman Club, Air Force Drill Team. Stanfield, Rose M. 1627 Dunbar Street, Greensboro, North Carolina. Major— Nursing; Minor— Psychology. Honor Roll, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Teloca Club, Off-Campus Club. Stevens, Carol A. — 530 Connecticut Avenue, Southern Pines, North Carolina. Major — Business Administration. Geographic So- ciety, Phi Beta Lambda Business Fraternity, Usher Board. Student- Aid Committee, Fellowship Council. Stevenson, Charles D. — Route 8. Box 181, Statesville, North Carolina. Major— Engineering Physics. Army ROTC, Scabbard and Blade Society, American Institute of Physics. Steward, Isabella — 1202 East Vance Street, Murfreesboro, North Carolina, Major — Home Economics Education. Girl ' s Service So- rority, Angel Flight, Kappa Epsilon. Stewart, Betty J. — Route 1, Box 286, New Hill, North Carolina. Major — Institutional Management. Baptist Student Union, Agricul- tural Association. Stewart, Leroy — 1719 North Liberty Street. Winston-Salem. North Carolina. Major — Mechanical Engineering; Minor - — Mathematics. Honor Roll. American Society of Tool and Manufacturing Engineers, Mechanical Engineering Association, Crescent Club, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. Y.M.C.A.. A.F.R.O.T.C. Stith. Doris Y. — 303 North Vyne Street, Rocky Mount, North Carolina- Major — Sociology; Minor — Psychology. Honor Roll, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Sociology Club, Usher Board. N.E. A.. Geo- graphic Society. Suite, Barbara A. — 11 Lexington Drive. Portsmouth, Virginia. Major — Sociology; Minor — Psychology. Honor Roll, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Summers, EDNA Route 5, Box 812, Greensboro, North Carolina. Major — English; Minor— Psychology. Fortnightly Club, Off-Campus Club. Taylor, Thelma C. — 613 East Grand Avenue. Rocky Mount. North Carolina. Major — Physical Education. Women ' s Athletic Association, Physical Education Majors Club, National Educational Association. Thomp.son, Johnny F. — 407 Fowler Street, Clinton, North Caro- lina. Major — English: Minor — French. Lambda Iota Tau National English Honor Society. Pi Delta Phi National French Honor Society. Fortnightly Club, Le Cercle Franqais. Thompson. Jones N.— 1409 " C " Avenue, Rocky Mount, North Carolina, Major — History; Minor — English. Chess Club, Swimming Team. Tinsley, Mae H. — 470 Cotton Drive, Spartanburg, South Carolina. Major — Nursing. Teloca Club, National Student Nurses Association of North Carolina. Trtbble, Marie — 2441 Caledonia Drive, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Major — Engineering Mathematics. Mathematics Club, Ge- ographic Society. S.N.E.A. Trollinger, Thomas P. — 743 Rauhut Street, Burlington, North Carolina. Major — Social Studies; Minor— History. Geographical So- ciety, Spanish Club. S.N.E.A-, A.F.R.O.T.C. Twitty. James E. — General Delivery, Warrenton. North Carolina- Major — Business Administration. Tyson, Mary H.- — 219 Hoskins Street, High Point. North Carolina. Major— Foods and Nutrition; Minor — Chemistry. American Chemical Society, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Vaughan, John H. — 623 Powell Street, Henderson, North Carolina. Major — English; Minor — History. Fortnightly Club, Baptist Student Union. Harrison Players. Vaughter. Joan N. — Route 1. Box 286, Crewe. Virginia. Major — Nursing; Minor — Psychology, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Teloca Club, Tidewater Club. Waden, Betty J. — 805 Amos Street, High Point. North Carolina. Major— Home Economics Education, Group Living Certificate, Kappa Epsilon Society, Baptist Student Union, Student N.EA. Walker, Isaac — 737 Park Avenue, Rocky Mt)unt, North Carolina. Major — Industrial Arts. Walker, Mollie — Post Office Box 366. Newport, North Carolina. Major — Nursing. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil, Who ' s Who, Ayantee Yearbook Staff, Teloca Club. Walston, Wilbur — Route 1, Box 98. Pinetops. North Carolina. Major — Mathematics. Wardlaw, William R., Jr. — 122-42 Benton Street, Saint Albans, New York. Major — Business Administration. Omega Psi Phi Fra- ternity, Baseball Team. 186 .vwM9(4inNf(ni L r 0 . -«-: ' .-;■ V Watson, Harry K., Jr. — 215 ACL Avenue, Cheraw, South Caro- lina. Watts, Lessie L. — 909 Druid Circle, Charlotte, North Carolina. Major — English; Minor — French. Pi Delta Phi, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Fortnightly Club, The Register, S.N.E.A., Le Circle Fran ais. Wellman, George L. — Route 1, Stony Point, North Carolina. Major Business Education. Wells, Harold T.— Route 2, Box 74, Ceda Grove, North Carolina. Major — Mathematics. Wells, Lucien Tyson, 1401 Benbow Rd., Greensboro, N. C. Ma- jor — Sociology. Wellman, Joyce— Route I. Stony Point, N. C. Thompson, James W. — Post Office Box 162, McDonald, North Carolina. Major — Buildmg Construction. Wheeler, Franklin E,— 712 Church Street, Wilmington, North Carolina. Major — Business Administration. Alpha Phi Alpha Fra- ternity, Harrison Players, Explorers " Club. Wilmington Club (Cape Fear). White, Bernard — 1522 Gorrell Street, Greensboro, North Caro- lina, Major — Electrical Engineering; Minor — Mathematics. Alumni Scholarship (AS T), Who ' s Who. Whites, Rosa M.— 2009 Hassell Street, Greensboro, North Caro- lina. Major — Physical Education; Minor— French. Honor Roll, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. P.E.M. Club, French Club, Off -Campus Club, WA.A., Dance Group, Choir. Whitley, Retha B. — 839 Rhodes Street, Williamston, North Caro- lina. Major — English; Minor — Psychology. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Miss Phi Beta Sigma, Student Government, Pan-Hellenic Council, Women ' s Council, Stylus Club, Fortnightly Club, Band. Whitted, Emerson — Route 1, Box 136, Castle Hayne, North Carolina. Major — Social Studies; Minor — History. Who ' s Who, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Honor Roll, Cape Fear Club, American Geographical Society, S.N.E.A. Wiggins, CAssANDRA Cofield. North Carolina. Major — Nursing. Teloca, Baptist Student Union. Wilder, Allegray — 409 Pantego Street, Belhaven, North Carolina. Major — Mathematics. Student N.E.A. (State President). Mathema- tics Club, Women ' s Ckiuncil, Student Counselor, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority (President). Wilder, James M. — 15-B Taylor Homes, Wilmington, North Caro- lina, Major— English; Minor — Speech; Drama. Harrison Players, Al- pha Phi Alpha Fraternity, The Register. Student National Education Association, Cape Fear Club, Canterbury Club. The National Asso- ciation of Speech and Dramatic Arts. Wilds, Moses A., Jr. — 455-B Race Street. Charleston, South Caro- lina. Major — Biology; Minor — Chemistry. Biology Club, United Men ' s Congress, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Student Government. Charleston Club, French Club, B.M.O.C. William, Carlyle — 49 Mercer Avenue. Wilmington, North Caro- lina. Major— Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Association, Cape Fear Club. North Carolina- Major — ille Williams, Elizabeth G. — States Clothing. Williams, James L. — 725 East Bragg Street, Greensboro, North Carolina. Major — Fine Arts; Minor — History. Omega Psi Phi Fra- ternity, Art Circle, A.F.R.O.T.C. Drill Team. Williams. James R. — Route 5, Dunn, North Carolina, Major — Industrial Arts. Williams, Leroy — Route 1, Box 63, Teachey, North Carolina. Major — Industrial Arts. Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity, Wesley Foun- dation, College Band, Speech Choir, Veteran ' s Association, Indus- trial Arts Association, M.E.N.C. Williamson, Virginia Y. Ruute 1, Box 810, McLeansville, North Carolina. Major Social Welfare; Minor — Psychology. Sociology Club, Baptist Student Union, Y.W.C.A. WiLLOUGHBY, Arthaniel — 806 Henry Street, Wadesboro. North Carolina. Major — Sociology; Minor— Psychology. Sociology Club. Wilson, Bettye B, — Route 2, Box 177, Easton. Maryland, Major — French; Minor — Spanish. Alumni Association, Student N.E.A., Pi Delta Phi Honor Society, A6fT College Women ' s Council, Le Circle Fran ais, Y.W.C.A. Wilson, George E, — Route 2, Box 62, Laurens. South Carolina. Wilson, James A., Jr. — 1638 East 21st Street, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Major — - History. Winston -Salem Club, Baseball Team. Wilson, Maxine E. — 713 Bardin Street, Clinton, North Carolina. Major — Social Welfare; Minor — Psychology. Sociology Club, Baptist Student Union, Y.W.C.A., Marching Band, Concert Band, Majorette. Wilson, Reuben, Jr. — 1314 East Leonard Street. Pcnsacola, Florida. Major — Agricultural Engineering, Florida Club, Agricultural Asso- ciation. Wilson, William T. — Route 2. Box 273, Apex. North Carolina. Major — Sociology; Minor — Counter-Insurgency, Advanced ROTC. Officers Club, Y.M.C.A., Sociology Club. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. Winslow, James N.— 214 West 148th Street, New York, New York. Major — Industrial Arts. Winston, Robert N. — 1005 East " F " Street, Butner, North Caro- lina. Major — Music; Minor — Education and Psychology. President — Music Educators National Conference, Vice-president — A T March- ing and Concert Bands, Student Counselor, Brass Ensemble, Student N.E.A. Withers, Alice Y. — Route 1, Box 67, Ruffin, North Carolina. Major History; Minor— Social Studies. Baptist Student Union, Sunday School, History Club. Wright, Mary J. — Route 2, Society Hill, South Carolina, Major — Biology; Minor — Chemistry. Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Y.W.C.A,, BioUtgy Club, Baptist Student Union, Sunday School, S.N.E.A. WooDLE. Frankie M. — 415 Greensboro Street, Asheboro, North Carolina. Major — Nursing; Minor— Psychology. Honor Roll, Harri- son Players, Teloca Club, Army Nurse Corps. Woodson. Thomas R. — 1213 Manning Street, Columbia, South Carolina. Major — Electrical Engineering. Yelverton, Joe E. 1220 North Center Street, Goldsboro. North Carolina. Major — Mathematics. Young. Mary F. — 1612 Quincy Drive, Greensboro, North Carolina, Major — Engineering Mathematics. 187 .. ' .vid ' -Si ' -Jt UTi ' lbJiii: ' " ' -- ■ -i.wL.-.v,- - r ' imnm W Tr ' ,: m - ' ' f " -=% •« i v ?-

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Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


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