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NC A T STATE UNIV LIBRARY 3 0343 03456862 Archives t n Bluford Library M r r T State UnWers.ty Greensboro, N. t. T Archives F. D. Bluford Library N. C. A T Sfate University Greensboro, N. C. 27411 tdKiOWH pp 1962 f. •■-•fl .v -.. .., ■!-_ ■=■ mmmmmmmm ' Zl PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE AGRICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL COLLEGE AT GREENSBORO ■rai Going plates in tliis woiUl. " Academic Excellence " , a program aimed at lilting the total lc el of pcrlormance and achiexe- ment ol the total A. S: T. community, was the theme . . . yes, the " battle cry " for the 1962-63 school year. All ol lis fell the sting of a " tightening-up " process, a serious and concerted etfort to develop an awareness among us that any " ordinary " per- formance and achie ement here were not enough to prepare iis for the tightening competition which we were to encoiniter on the outside. To flasscs — good weather, or foul. I ' jM We sa v imich more of the library, spent an increasing; nmnber of extra hours in tlie labora- tories, listened much more attenti ely to those ivarniiigs about increasing recjiiirenicnts of the vorld ivhich awaited us. 1 hose who got the message, and some didn ' t, saw the neon glitter of the " country club " side of college life pale to a dull grey, had fewer hours for the snack-bar. heard the blaring sounds from the " big wheel " grind to an almost sudden halt and experienced a deepening concern lor those things which really counted. Like e ery college and e ery college year. 1962-63 A. ;T. College students witnessed the usual personal problems, woes, pleasures and com- plaints. These, we learned to know, are just as normal here as they would be in a town A ' ith an identical population. For many of us. we experienced success more often, but laihne at times. We took them all in stride for the recognition of them only meant that we were maturing. I love a paiade. Better lo gixc than to receive. Mv " Roomie " and me. Fdiiiulcn D.iy — Dr. ' illaid Goslin, priiiLipal speaker, and Dr. L. C. Dowdv. lapaiKM- (lu(, 11(11 Dr. Shogo Koyana, Tokyo Women ' s (ilnisiian College, answers students questions. Conimcnrement — an impressive occasion. umm Page 20- 30 311- 41 Admi.mstr. tion Schools mtm 1 64- 79 80- 97 98-119 120 - 133 134- 147 _- 148- 176 Greeks Queens Student Life Military Life Sports Classes L i , DEDICA ON To — Mrs. Anna li. 15 num, tlormilory coun- selor lor ' ans ory Hall since 1957, this IWiS edition ol the Avantee is dedicated. This warm personality has been the well spring for inspiration, consolation. s ni- pathv and moral support lor hundreds ol oung women and )c)ung men with whom she has had association. , credit to her profession, Mrs. Bynum does her work with high efficiency, yet with the warmth of understanding, friend- ship and broad human kindness, which are important to it. The girls, ' anstory Hall and those who come to visit them, are all Number One with Mrs. Bynum and this important at- titude aims at one objective to make a home of the brick and stone which make V ' anstory. Yes, a counselor, a Irieml, a confidante, and often times a mother, this person en- joys the confidence, admiration and respect ol many and for the same reasons, the Staff of the 1963 . vantee dedicates this issue to Mrs. Anna B. Byninn. and took priile in making Vanstory H.i .Mrs. , s K. Bvnum Always had time tor students home ftB ' ? loved the campus Hfli - r i fflSB mimmiSISliS s i 1 h M w 1 ■ giii ultiiral Etoiioniics THEME The tlicme for the 1963 AYANTEE is HI I, Mil ex(C ' r|)ls taken Imni the adihtss by l)t. 1,. (. ' .. Dowdy, acting president, delivered ai the Fall Convocation. The title of the ad- was, " The Margin of Greatness. ' 4ccidemcc S ceUc ce %e M€4. m That C;hcinistrv Lab ji pp tAc cCeefr coiHmCtmeat t tucCe Zoolog): Dissecting tliat all important cat . siJ «2 . M - ' .• - ' -w t y y At bedside Homeworkl la mms The Liljrarv was. our home. Books, anil more books, in our rooms. Experiments in I ' s ihology. Students in biolog laboiatois become skilled in the studv wl uig.iniMUs ;4 cMe c mmu«€ct f. Methanital Lngineeiing — it checks out fmua msiii ' iut » i, ' a select cai tmu(tct(p a c x i i AUinnii Scholars, winners ol siholarships b the A. Sj T. General Alumni Association. r Minnie Ruffin and Lain (.ra l(l . a ixscaich leani, a part of the National Science Foinulaiion limlergiadnate Rcscaich Parlicipa- tion Program. «mCcA dcm Md Who ' s Who in American Colleges anil Universiiies t e tc0ic ia M , Busy s])ot. r3 T T 1 1 lite tcMiliuis j;c( im|)(ii r.iii( I ' utii- 1 1 mii ) !■ W hii li ' , cikci supLi isui ui (.uilldiii CmiiiiN I ' uIjIil Stlumls tluiiiij; Kilutaiitii Week. 1 111-, li jjh)si(..s .... loughl 1)1. I ' l [LI S kcs, Icll, piuk-.s.stii of iiialh(. ' nialics, C]anibiitlf;u L ' lii c ' rsiiv ill England, drew more than ordinary interest as a visiting lecturer. Si_2;ning Otii .... tj;iih. jjiiKs pLiiiluiil. lull (t ' liifc ' i. ;;cls ijiing aw. ml. ()iIris from left to right iire: Di. Darwiii I. I inner, chairman, KLiglish Department; Owen J)(ulson, How aid I iii crsity, and J. Marshall Stevenson, protessor ot English. Marih n Wilder and C.Un ia Pcaiork. at center, were commis- sioned as odiccrs in the l ' . S. Annv Nurse tlorps. liui ling tun Indn iiics Scholarship nniers intlnded; _.rady Jamiesun. center, and Winser Alexander, right. Dean Marleena makes ihe presentation. nn To the laundry, wc gi) on Sa i u id ay mornings This fine group ul hcshman were selected to partiiipato in the college ' s first Honors Progran n MK. Dr. Samuel D. Proctor, on one of his trips home, ga e inspiration to E cll Blair. Jr.. president of the Student (.ovcrnment, and Jesse Jackson. Itodi at tenter, as Dr. Dowdy looked on. « l u u 4 1 Exams. ' Miss A. X; T. Alumni " and court. I ADMINISTRATION Tlie ailiiiiiiislialion " team " of Dr. Samuel D. I ' lotlor, president, and Dr. L. CI. Dowdy, dean of instriic lion, Iiad already made an impressive reputation within and without the A. 8; T. College community. For a good year aird a hall, the tun liad tlKjught together and worked together, charting a sure and prodiKtixe course for the " good ship " . . . Sc T. The test of the team has been met during the absence of Dr. Proctor, who since January, 1962, has been serving on leave with the U. S. Peace Corps Dr. Dowdy has ke]Jt the ship on course. Dr. Dowdy explains, " Dr. Proctor, the family, the students, the public and I would all be disap])ointed if A. S; T. had not moved forward during the period. " The stall of the Avantek feels confident that it has expressed the views of .A. ; T. students, and many, many others, when it says, " A. T. has moved forward. Dr. Proctor and Dr. Dowdv. ' The Prottor-Dowd) " Team " . . . . They set a course and followed it Dr. Dowdy vas host to many Shirley Hinnant. n this case, to Dr. lienjamin Mays, president " I Morehouse C:olkge, and with him. ACADEMIC DEANS ■ ' W. - k L. H. RobiiiMiM l)(_-an 1)1 (lie School of Ediualioii and ( Sliulks • B. C. Wubl. Dean ol ihc Scliool nl Agiiiuhuie i (. Mailcena Dean of I he S( hool of Engint ' ci iiig sarfl J ( ' c. R.. .ii Dean of the Graduate School Airs. Naomi W. W ' yiiii Dean of the School of Nursing S. C. Smith Dean of the Technical Institute N Harvey R. Alexander Business Manager Glenn F. Rankin Dean of Suultnts ' ance E. Gray Ailniinislralivc Assistant to the PresiileiU William H. Gamble Director of Admissions Robert S. Beale Director of Institutional R esearch iTRATION Rev. Cleo M. McCoy Director of the Chapel S. J. Shaw Director of Evening Classes Head. Office of Freshman Studies I,le- vell n . . Wise Bursar Calvin R. Stevenson Director of The Summer School Ellis F. Corbett Director of Public Information Services Arthur F. jaikson Direcior ol ilic (iuidance (Center STUDENT SERVICES C. C. Dean I.iljrarian [.ir in li. Graebcr Diinliii (il Uuilclinns ami Cirounils w. 1. Morris irector of PI icemem Dr. Mn F. Earle Davis Iletje Physician Eiila K. ' ereen Dietician Mrs. E. Bernice Johnson Dean of Women Jimniit I. Barbel Dean ol Men STUDENT PERSONNEL I ' hiUip D. Boone Assistant Dean of Men Mrs. Ma is Briniage Assistant Dean ol Women 29 Ba fTrnTTtmnTi ' • 1 T SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE The School ol AKiidihuic hail ,i distiiut reputa- tion o ei ihe ears lor |jreparing hi h quality graduates who haM- taken outstamling positions of leadership in agriiidture and the sciences thioughoul Noitli Carolina, the nation, and ih.e world. The school has a iiuricultnn designed to [jrcnide the students with courses which lead to the Bachelor of .Science degree in Agricultural Education, Agricultinal Economics, Animal Industry. Plant Science, Agricultural Engineering. Biology, Chemistry, Home Economics, and a variety of short courses. Dairy Science p » ' ' ' - K.» y Home Economics Kloloa 1 SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING The School of Engineering, diieiteil by Dean |. M. M:iiteena, is eonslimlh ini|)in ing its sUilF. expanding its facilities, and physical phcnl to keep in pace with the increasing demands of industry and the times in which we live. Oilered aie four-year courses in Archi- tectural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Engi- neering Mathenialics, Engineering Physics, Fine Arts, Industrial Education and Business. Electrical Engineering Industrial Arts I ' hysics 34 00£)0 V tTV V r n - " r r - Mechanical Engineering Engineering Businesb Aclminisnaiion and Ecliuaiioii Fine Ai ts Electrical Engineering Archives F. D. Bluford Library N. C. A T State University Greensboro. N. C. 27411 ki SCHOOL OF EDUCATION AND GENERAL STUDIES Studies ill air science, sociology, economics, ecluca- lion. Englisli. loieigii languages, military s( iencc, music, |jhysical eiliKation, psuliology, social sciences, antl cotnses rc ' (|uiicil lor prelaw and pre-|)rolessi( iial soiial work are ollered in this .School. The School ol Edutaiioii and General Studies extends its scope ol study lo iiulude tlie luunanilies and arts to enable the student to broaden his ullui.d peispectixe. Oppoi tunities are olterecl lor preparation in teaching or in several distinit vocational and pro- lessional pursuits. Physical Edutat Music Language Laboratory fn- 3C f Expt ' iimcntal Psychology Statistics gHW::::??!!:;;;!::: J 1. - -ja « AA SCHOOL OF NURSING Established in 1953, the School of Nursing is the latest to be added u A. S; T. The program, offering the Bachelor of Scienic in musing, was designed to prepare the sliiilent to assmne high-lcxel positions in the fielil of Nursing. The fiini(iduni indudes courses necessary to niusing, as well as general eihication and the sciences, thus developing the whole student — equipped as a professional |)erson and (ontriliuting member of the coniiniuiity. Dean W ' yini and Iter stall. . . . They worked ivilh iis day and night. •»H.. .. 38 £ssi w Sterile tethniques 47 - A .Seminar Session You ' re right M TECHNICAL INSTITUTE The aim nl the Tcdiniial Instiliuc is to Irain stu- dents to be slviili ' d tiailcsiiK ' ii anil technicians who will take their phiics in iiukistiy as pioiUiceis anil contiibtn- ing citizens. The Institute provides lor training in Building Clonstruction Technology, Drafting Technol- og . Air (loiulitioning and Refrigeration Technology, Aiitomoii e Ti( himlogy. Clothing and Designing, Sec- retarial Siieiue, Elcitri al Technology and Medianical Technology. Tailoring Klei ti i(.d Teclniology Photography Building and (ionstriiction Technology , ir Conditioning and Relrigeration Leathercraf I GRADUATE SCHOOL Di. C.oic cuLiiiscls witli graduate sliulcius Gi.ulualL ' pKifJiMiiis ;in ' ollticil in ihe . lea ot leachers-eduialioii liMiliiig loward llie Master of Science Degree in tlie inllowing areas. 1. Agriuillinal Kiliu.ilion 2. Industrial Arts Edtuatinn 3. Education (Graduate Elementary, and Graduate Secondary levels) -I. Administration and Siipcrviscjr C.iaduatc regisualion time (.ladualc il.iss in visual aids Clarence McRec, I ' .diKir-in-Cihicf Luhi Ilaiiis. Seciclary dI Ayaiuee Riisiness Managers James Stroiicl anil Trevor Salmon AYANTEE STAFF The members ol the 191)3 Ayantee Staff have striven devoteilly anil imtiringly to provide a permanent recoril of those experiences we hail liere. The staff had its nsiial problems in the be- ginning — a total ol twenty persons as eager as ever to work with us, but only twelve saw the job finished. We had many decisions to make, but once the ilitterences were resohed, oin work moved forward at a hectic, and often a futile, pace to meet our deaiUines. Through our irrany efforts and limited ma- terials, we leave you with the thought that we have presented to you collected memories of a year of academic excellence here at our dear Alma Mater. Associate Editors — Marilyn V ' ilder and Elijah Thorne 44 «iSSj A i SiafT- ,(• (o ii iif: Marvin Oiitlerhiulge, Itaibara Itruce and William W ' aullaw. Stall at uoik § • L C:iui tiiu- Crutthlicld s I .ixMiit Malt— Lf f u jiij ( ; Patiiiia roitcii. iilic Siioud. MariKn Wilder, lliiah I hurnc ami Liila Harris. Dorothy Raiusc) T The news stall iiuliiilcil: [i)Iiiiriic Robinson, ailisl; Niilalie Chew. Wesley IVfoslcy and Phenie Dye. Mrs. Luicno .Marrow, . (l is(ii THE REGISTER llnilei ihc editorship oi Tonnriy CiadiHe. Tlie Rf ' ntfY .Stall worked h.ati to ])icidii(e a weekly iiewspa|jer which contained irews ol interest lo otir sliidenls. The alert re]:)orters and other writ- ers, as usi ' al. did ,in oiUstanclina; job. The coiri- poneiit copy leaders, proofreaders, typists, and stall critics labored untiringly so that the news would be printed in an entertaining, yet inform- ative, fashion. Milch lime, effort, and hard work Willi inlo the proline lion of each week ' s issue. The weekly editions of the newspaper featured informative interviews, thought provoking edi- torials, features, and good interesting news stories. The Ket istcr maintained its national ranking as one ol the top student newspapers, judged by the two accepted nation al rating agencies. Mrs. Loreno Marrow served as facultv advisor. 1 omnn ( ;, Caddie, Editor-iir-Chief News Staff and Tommv Gaddv, Editor-in-Chief The staff also intliided: Helena Robeisoii, Annie Mae Anderson and C:arolyn Coviel. all typists: Johnnie Robinson, artist, and Gary P. Bclel. managing editor. Bell tlicilss Willi his reporters. E ell Blair, |i., Picsiikiil STUDENT GOVERNMENT rhi()Uf;h llic Siiulciii C.ovcrnnK ' iit A. itT. s ivc-s oiic- 1(1 .ill cil iis luileiiu. Tilt sluilciu gdvcniiiuiu was iDiuposetl of ifpiesenialives hom eadi dass — ihc (illii iai spokesmen lor their lespeclive groups, .iiul I lie popularly elected pusiiUni I ' . ill l laii. |r., a senior Sociology major. This IxhK super ises the .Stuilent . id and , cii it hiuuls nul .ippoinls arious commit- tees liimi the sludeiit body to implement its work. t. e( uli c Olhieis ol I he Sludeiu Counc d induded: . nlhon l)u lley, treasiuei ; Joy e (.lahaiu. seiielar; ; E ell Bl.ur. |i., president; and (larv Bell. iie-piesident. 48 ■ :■ £»■■ rr .■. ' j, ' ' r - Clommittee ChaiiTnen intluded: Cecil Bialtr, C laiuk- Aiiall, A ' illic Slioiul. Jnue Graham, Eustace Hanoman, Gary Bell and Thomas Brown. Attending a Student Government [eetin,E; were: Claude Airall, Dsanne Echols. Thomas Brown. Eustace Hanoinan, Mac- .Arthur Newell. Joyce Graham. Car Bell, President E ell Blair, Jr., Lily Cotton. Cecil Butler, Carl Leonard, George Little, Harold Hicks, Mildred Tallev, Winslow . lexantler, Willie Stroud. 49 The Usher Board Tliis oigani ation served on countless occasions at the many public programs conducted at the College during the year. Its members are highly recognized lor their tlevoted service. Fellowship Council The Fellowship Cotmcil, an affiliate of the College ' s Department of Religious Ldikalion. was organized for the pur- pose (il fostering Christian fellowship on tlie lampus. It ofteretl an excellent oiulel lor those students who hail taken active paits in chuidi activities in their liometowns. Sunday School The campus .Sunday School is con- dikted to lonlribute to the spiritual needs of students, to tlevefop within the sludent a mature sense of values, to .issist the student in becoming sell- direited in social anil spiritual life, to dcxelop within him a better unilerslanil- ing of the Hiljle and liiblical references, and to ilevelo| within the student a outlook on the world based on spiiilual akies. 50 Westminister Foundation This group is composed of students inspired b the Presbyterian Faith. It too is one of the many organizations desig ned to supply the spiritual needs of the campus family. IIIF Newman Club The Newman Club is one of man organizations connected with the church that serve the spiritual needs of the stu- dents on campus. The Catholic Faiih composes it ' s membership. Wesley Foundation The Methodist Faith too joins in pro- viding the college students with spiritual and insjjirational growth. 51 - -— ' - Baptist Student Union The Baptist Student Union is a youth organization [or Baptist students. It pro- vides a well-rounded program of social and religious activities and leads stu- dents into active church membership ilnciiigli christian worship and fellow- ship. Young Men ' s Christian Association The College Chapter of the Young Men ' s Christian Association is a non- denomination, lay movement of stu- (lerns, Imidty and friends which seek to piomote p rinciples of the Christian I-aiiii. This is done through service, worship, study and action. Young Women ' s Christian Association The Voimg Women ' s Christian As- sociation is composed of w-omen who liave a sincere desire to seek informa- tion for themselves concerning the highest ideals of Christian living and service. 52 Women ' s Council The Women ' s Council is an organiza- tion composed of well-iouniled intelli- gent young women, who strive to foster all of the finest qualities of womanhood. United Men ' s Congress The United Men ' s Congress endeavors to uphold leadership and sound judg- ment for all young men of our college. Woman ' s Senate The members of the " oraan■s Senate are composed of all women students of the various dormitories who formulate the rules and regulations for our worthv benefit. 53 T Jones County Club Organi c ' d in 191 I by William Hooker, the Jones C ounty Clnb has become a permanent organization, [ore than one hiniclreil stiulents from |ones C ' .oinitv have ai one time been members. " One ste]j at a time, but always forward " , the dub aspires to uphold the high stand- ards set by its founder. Tidewater Club (Composed ol students from tlie Tide- water .Area of Virginia, this club was loTUR ' d this past sihool year. Ihcir (hici | urpose to have closer s(i( {(intact among tlie students from the major communities in the Tidewater . iea. Charleston Club The Charleston Club, all of whose members are natives of (Charleston, .South Carolina, was tounded this past s(h iol year. Its primary purpose is to bring into clle(t an amiable bond between its mem- bers and students of A. kT. 54 Charlotte Club Proud of their hometown, the " Queen Citv " . it ' s graceful members are adequate representatives for the City ' s Chamber of Ciomnierce. The large number of distinguish stu- ilents from Charlotte attending the C:ol- lege demonstrated a need for this organ- Florida Club Ciomposed of students from the Siui- shine State, was organized for the piu- pose of bringing together friends and neighbors for mutual imderstanding and helpfulness. OfF-Campus Students The Off-Campus Students, organized out of necessit to procure mutual im- derstanding among the students off campus served its purpose outstandingh well. It ' s membership was ojien. not onlv to natives of Greensboro but to all stu- (lenis living otf campus. f 55 JJ 1.=5__ rfv - . 56 Foreign Students Association Tlie Foreifjn Students Association is (omposcd ol stiiilciits ulio come from Idicign hiiuls. baiuleil together for niuliial lKl|ihiliiess. Agricultural Economics Club I he Agriciihiiial KtnnoMiics Okib dates Ijaik with a history as ohi as the college itself, composed iiiainh ol majors and minors in the Field of Agrii iiltnre. It seeks 111 slimidale siientiln achieve- menl and an a|)pre( iatioii lor ad an- tages ami opportunities in Agriculture. Agricultural Association One ol the oldest organizations on i ' ' » iTord at A. . ' :T. the Agrit nlliiral As- soc iation has maint.uned o ei the ears the basis obje(ti e thai ol allording a loiiim of discussion ol the latest trends in modern and scientific agric iiliuie. Explorers Club This organization is alfiliated with the BiologA Department with a member- ship not onlv to biolog) majors but to students who have interest in the group ' s work. The grou]) ' s purpose is the sukK of phint and animal life in it ' s natinal environment. Solum Series The students that compose the mem- bership in this dub share an interest in the stud of agronomx. The desire a better understanding ol the care and protection of soil and the resulting el- fects on the agriculiiual economy of the nation, and to stimulate extra-turrictda stuth and interest in the opening op- portunities for 5oil scientist. Geographic Society The Geographic Society strives to pro- mote greater geographic interest on oia campus and to acertain ways for utiliz- ing better and stronger resoiuces for otu home region. j ' -uS , 57 3Ct Engineer ' s Association A Icature ol the program during the past year was to visit major industrial plains ill the Washington D. C. area. Formed lor the purpose ol bringing togelher men and women ol similiar in- terest in the proless on, the A. T. C:oI- lege Lngineering Association served a s enuine purpose. American Institute of Physics The . . , : 1 . Chapter ol the .American Insijiiite ol Plnsics, a student profes- sional organi ation lor those pursuing degrees in ph sics anil related areas, has as its objective to stimulate high pro- lessional achievement in the field. These students arc striving to stimulate s( liol- .iiship in their chosen field. Mathematics Club This organization aims at developing .1 broatler concept ol the study and ap- ph(ation ol mathematiis in an age re- i|iiiring e traordinar use ol the science. One ol several organizations set up within the .Sihool ol Engineering which ,is it ' s purposes to bring together siiidenis ol like prolessional interests, to nioti ale high apjirecial ion lor. i-nd aihievemeiu in. the field of mathematics. 58 .11 Undergraduate Research Participants Several ol die lop siiuleiu , in the science were a jjan ol the Undergrad- uate Research Participants Programs which were granteil at the college under grants from the National Science Foun- dation. Architectual Engineering Association The Architectual Engineering Asso- ciation is designed to stimulate interest in the fieUl oi Architecture and to pro- mote an amicable relationship between architectual majors. National Education Association The Student National Education .- s- sociation is an organization for students who are pre|jaring to enter the teaching profession. Its aims are to acquaint the ■.tiident with and de elop an apprecia- tion of this respectetl prolession. 59 Art Circle riif All Circle, a student professional organization for those who majored or inirsiied minors in Art, had for its ob- jectives the stimulation in interest and a|)preciati()ii in painting, drawing and icl.ited fields. Industrial Arts Association The Industrial Arts Association en- (Ic.ivors lo hister leadership and sound judgment as well as teihnical kiiowhow. It is especially designed for established m.ijors or mino.s in Industrial ,- rts. The e rr increasing need for qualified in- ihistrial personnel in seconilary schools, colleges, and iiulustry develops and m.iintaiirs a keen interest in the field. Music Education National Conference This society is composctl ol majors •lud minors who have accomplisluiienls ol outstanding varieties in the nuisic held. Professional interest in the teach- ing ol music and extended professional louiails lor the benefit of its members is its most lecogni etl objective. Teas, lorums, and nursic appreciation hoars kalured the presentation of persons out- standing in the field. Spanish Club This club was designed to promote an appreciation of this great language and of the people and customs of the native lands. Membership is available to anv student. ' i Ji Al- ' Fortnightly Club This student organization promotes interest in the literan, works past and present. The members achieve this b reading and discussing note worthy literature and authors. It is composed mostly of those majoring in English. Kappa Epsilon This is the professional organization of those majoring in phases of Home Economics. It is aimed to develop a farther interest in the field through encouraged research, study and applica- tion. 61 T Woman ' s Athletic Association riie Wciincns Athletic Association is :i sliuk-iit oit;,iiii atioii guiiled by women liom the iiiideigiacliiate school. The Women ' s Athletic Association offeis a lull schedule ol intiaminal activities and all leniale students ale wehomeil lef aid- less III abilities. Veteran ' s Association The Veteran ' s Association is one whiih lendeis tremendous outlet for expiessing oneself through organi ced coopeialion in those aspects of signif- icanc e to its members. Dormitory Counselors This gi(iu|) is composed of select stu- dents who ha e shown leadership and sdiol.uslnp. riieii aims are to acquaint the iiiiciniiiig Kreshmen with college life, and lo pio ide help, guidance and as- sist. inie 111 these new members of the . ggie Kamih. 62 -F Perishing Rifle Society To foster a spirit of leadersliip and cooperation among men in the Nfilitars Department and to maintain a highh efficient drill company that manifests a high degree of character, leadership, abilit . and intelligence are its priinar aims. Tlie organization possesses national tame with integrated mem bership ami is operated entirelv b students. Lettermen ' s Club This club has a goal to bring college- lettered athletes of similar high ideals of leadership, sportsmanship, and lair play together. Banned together. the have exhibited superior perfonnance in uniting to protect the extensive antl cherished position of the Aggie athletes. American Chemical Society The .American Chemical Society seeks to bring together students of like pro- fessional interest and to motivate a higher appreciation, as well as obtain a higher kiiouledge. in the field of chemistrv. 63 I L_ C. WRLKEh 11 M PAYNE Ik. VB ill - wkW9 A PEIMDERGRA5T Y BELL L CORPENING ? l F? MONROE K ViIf T HARRIS iLMlDDLEroi fQPETEPSON R. RICHARDSC M WILDER G. BROOKS I. WORLEV ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA Since its humble beginning more than half a (eiitiny ago, Alpha Kappa Alpha women, all o ' er the woild, still strive to ujihold their cherished precepts. The desire lor SERVIC:E to all mankind . . . initiated l(i young women on the canipus ol Howard llniversity. Jamiaiy Id. 1 9()H. to establish llie fnst CJreekletter organization lor Negio college women. The thirty-two sorors ol Al]-)ha Phi Clhapter (onibine their efforts in a sincere dcdic.ition to (idiivate and encourage high sdiolastic. iiillinal. ethiial and moral standards. ee J Jl ii F.BAILEY F.WHEELfR K. SMITH R.SHELTDN M.SHELTDN C.BELL VICE-PRESIDEMT E.BLAIR,JR. % P S. I A.CATLIN l ,m PAYNE SWEETHEART IP ® K.l DGERS G.PETERSON J.nURPHY W.NOTEEY ;iv, L. JONES ivr TCAUL I.CUIMER B.BOWDY RHELdS H. HICKS E. HOLIER ALPHA PHI ALPHA " First of all. Servant of all, We shall transcend all . . . Alpha Phi Alpha rraterniiy was founded at Cornell Tniversily. Ithaca, New York, on December 4. 1906. The first and oldest Negro fraternity, it has perpetuated ideals of brotherhood, manly deeds, scholarship and achievement. Alpha Phi Alpha maintains prescribed eilucational prerequisites lor membership, and encourages its members to seek diligently and honorably, intellectual superiority. Beta Epsilon has as its officers: Eugene Backmon, president; AVarren Campbell, vice-president (dean of pledgees): Harold Hicks, recording secretary; Kenneth Rogers, corresponding secretary: Jerome Murphy, treasurer; Frank Bailey, dean of probates; Lawrence Jones, chaplain; Cary Bell, reporter, and Ezeli Blair. Jr., parliamentarian. 67 —» - «-«« ZETA PHI BETA Zeia Phi Beta Sorority, the first and only iilciitificd grown in number and rovers a vast territory, sorority as sisters to a Iraternity, was founded al llowartl The Zeta Phi Beta women are dedicated to finer University on January 16, 1920. womanliood and higli religious concepts, and high In its forty-two years of existence, the sorority has scholaishi]). OFFICERS President Philistine Nesmith Corresponding Secretary Bettye J. Barr Vice President Barbara Williams Dean of Pledgees Janece Coley Secretary Ellamae Squires Treasurer Shirley Carlton 68 I Hit PHI BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY Founded at Howard Lniversily, Washington. D. C in 1914, the Phi Beta Sigma Fraiemitv is an organization of college men built upon the foundation of brotherhood, senice and scholarship. The men of Eta Chapter, here at A.iT.. were a part of the program. Members not pictured: Henn L. Goldslon. Franklin Head and Howard Ferguson. 69 li AKKARA R AINEV Chnptrr Sirrrllirnri KAPPA ALPHA PSI The Alpha Nu Chapter is ihc thirty-sixth liuiplti of K.ipi ii Alpha Psi Fraternity. The Fraternity was foundcif on |annary 5, 1911. on the campus of Indiana IJnivcrsiiy. Hlnmiiinp;ton, to The officers incliuicti: Poleniarch Richard West nun (.hind Vice Polemarch George Lliilc Strategiis Michael Luihcr siuiu amuM}; America ' s college men the good of a fraternal, tree whose fiiiii is a ailahle to, and now eveiywhere enjoyed by, college outh — regardlcss of their color, religion, or national extraction. 1 1. Siraiegus William Davis keeper of Records . i Troy McMillan keeper of Exchequer Moses A. Wilds Historian and Reporter James R. Lemon Li2 Helen Britt. Chapter Sweetheart ALPHA PHI OMEGA The Alpha Phi Omega Fraiemiiy is a naiional service Fraternity for college and universitv men. founded in 1925 and now active on more than 300 campuses. The Fraternity has as its purposes — lo assemble college men in the fellowship of the scout oath, to develop friendship and leadership, to promote ser ice to humanity and to further the freedom that is our national, educational and intellecrual heritage. 71 OMEGA PSI PHI " Clhcfis to Omega, iimg may you live, oui Io u ami (lL- uli(. n v promise to give. We ofrcr our services day by day. and promise to lielp yoii in every way. Long may you live, mav vou never die. we are proud to be men of Omega Psi Phi. Founded at Howard University, in 1911. by four men, the OIFICERS Basileus Clarence McKee Vice Basileus Louis Bell Keeper of Records Seal James Garrett I r.ileiiiily grown into a nation. il .iild institution f )r college men. ' ♦ ' Mu Psi Chapter, of Omega Psi Phi Iralcinitv. was chartered in 1927 and siticc that time its men Ikim- einoiirageil its members to seek high tultnral. intellei tiial. ideals ami academic supcritn ity. Assistant Keeper of Records ; Seal James Bean Keeper of Finance Trevor Salmon Dean of Pledgees Jesse Jackson Editor Earl McClcnney, Jr. iS Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Because Delia Sigma IliLta Sorority is deditaleil lo liish culiuiai, iiiiLllL( lual and mural ideals, sorors of Alpha Mu Chapicr ga e added emphasis to ihe relktiioii of iliesc loiucpts during the year at A. and T. College. Founded at H i vard Lni crsitv in I ' M. ' i b iweiiiyiwo young women, the sororitv has growti into a nati »nal institution for college women. It is for Deltas today to dedicate thcmschcs tr) the unluiished work which those twenty- two college women so nobly ad anced. OFFICERS President Sylvia Dean Vice President and Dean of Pledgees Iticinda Rodgers Secretary Shirley Bell Treasurer EInora Daniel Corresponding Secretary Patricia Cockerham 73 . A .i. u ' . e ' .ic .j Alpha Phi Alphn Omega Psi Phi PRO " . PK n % %S Rap]ja Alpha Psi »J 74 BATES Zeta Phi Beta Aidinniaiis PLEDGE " WSi — Ciresiciils Phillias Sn Cillers 76 jsai CLUBS Pyramids % I.ampiKlas | t l| Ivies r » ! Sphinxmen 77 James Gariclt. a senior ekiliiial eiigitieciing major, is presulcnt. THE PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL The A. R: T. Greek Letter Organizations, are governed by the Pan-Hellenic Council. It is composed ol re|jresentati es from the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi Frater- nity, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Phi IJela Sigma Fraternity, and the Zeta Phi Beta .Sorority. Having as its |jrimary objective — the plan- ning of activities in which sorority and trater- nit members m.iy participate as a group, this governing body has done much to promote sister-brother relationships on our campus. I ' liti-Hi III nil Coiimil Mccliiig:, I.ifl In liglit: Jcny Circeii. Chailie . ndeison, Marilyn Wilder, Larry Graddy, Monroe Rudinc. Willie I ' lillcy. Earl McClenncy. I ' alricia Toucn. Lni iiida RodKers. loiiis Bell. Michael Luther. Beltye Barr. Presidenl— James Garrelt. Helma Roliinson and Daxid Dowdy. 78 Omega probates presenting " Miss A. T. " a homecoming bouquet Zeta Phi Keta-Phi Beta Sigma Luncheon. Deltas throw " rush " social. Alpha Kappa Alpha-Alpiia Phi Alpha Homecoming float. Delta Sigma Theta-Omega Psi Phi Homecoming float. Kappa Alpha Psi Queen — Homecoming parade. 79 is: ? -sarf " rsiJL 1.J5«S - MISS A. T. The attractive and winsome Miss Rosebud Richardson of Wilmington, N. C, whose warmth in ]jersonality endeared herself to all whom she met. reigned as Miss A. S: T., with the regal quality ol the queen she was. When she spoke, she had something to say and said it well. Her very carriage, even in the day-to-day college routine. ini|)iessed and iK ' sjiokc ihe luie qualities she possessed. A graduale ol the Wilmington W ' illislon High .School, Miss Ri(hards()n vas atlivc in the . . T. community. She held mendjcrsliips in the . lpha Kappa Alpha, The Student G() ernmeni. the United Soiuhern C;hristian Fellowship Koundalion and a women ' s iiiunsclor. Her hobbies included. (KHheling, reatling good books and spec ta lor sports. Long Live Miss ,A. X; I " . . . . the personaljle Miss Rosebud Rii hardson. A queen — lluough ami Ihiougli Crocheting — her hobbv . marshal al tonum-nLemcnt, witli E eil lihiir. |r.. .StiiileiU C.overn- nieiit President, and Dr. Frank Graham. Commencement speaker. Making its (k-l)ia (in our campus, the 19t)2 Coronation Ball claimed its role as a permanent e ent at the college. In the spotlight that night, Miss Rosebud Richardson, our dear and charming " Miss A. and T. " , officially assumed her re- sponsibility by haxing the crown placed on her head by our acting president. Dr. L. C). Dowdv. " Miss A. and T. " , with other queens and sponsors at her side, ami line little princesses, created an image we will long remember. With this cvrni, ihe stage was set for a weekend of gaiel .ind liiii, mn Homecoming Celebration CORONATION ' Miss A. iV T. " [lasses iincicr crossed I ' .i cs .iiiiioiiiui-d Ihc appKiadiing queens 84 sr aa Miss A. . : T. sjcts a final check Fr ' -sitltr.t Do (I places crown upon Miss A- : I .. Miss Roschiul Richardson, ihus a new queen begins her reign. Little princesses and their escorts added lustre to the occasion. 85 p JULIA KING MISS FRESHMAN V ' ' " ' ' ?S. 86 BEVERLY BROWN MISS SOPHOMORE 87 CHRISl JNE CRUTCHFIELD MISS JUNIOR ;Jri 88 SIT SANDRA EDWARDS MISS SENIOR 89 QUEENS 90 •v • ; ,. iyb Miis c crafi — ARTHUR MAE RK.t Miss Richnrd B. Hamsun P nven — CORNELIA BASE Miss Tcloca — OLI lA BARBER QUEENS Miss ROTC - lA .WW. CRAW LEV ■ Sv f-- QUEENS .:.. 1 Miss Mililan ' Police — CAKOLW dl.BLR I Miss Army Band — C.KKQl.YS (ANfFS . , j I ' ruslnn Rifle — MARY HILL QUEENS 93 in Miss Squadron 607 — BEATRICE BELL QUEENS 94 i Mi.u Cunijiinix II A . CiOTTON QUEENS K Miss Compnii C ISETIVE WILSON Miss C iinpiitiy I) DW E ECHOLS I m . 96 •v •, -.»W. »f- Miss Kappa Epstlon — ALICE KEA Miss Technical 7«i n fe — ILHELMINA EENNELL Miss Headquarters Company — GLENDA JONES QUEENS 97 Archives F. D. Bluford Library N. C. A T State University Greensboro, N. C. 27411 TZ mi ' y Annie Jjtohs Cirach Janiisun Mdiguciitc Miller Colleges Roosfvcit Rollii Milton Richards Gleniia Mills anc Minnie Ruffni Robert Newsomc Universities Ridiard Robbins WHO rre or Sahiion Mi TZ STUDENT LIFE oin us! On :i sliopping spree 102 B i(iiiry Bell, favorite spot for students " IT ' TBUBfl I ' ll it wMfctir ' • ' ' ' ' Jiulo experts A lot of glamour for one fairiily The Nelson Sisters 103 T3 A helping hand Did I hear mv name! ' (;ec! What a reliel! 104 j The man behind the mike May I give ou a handr Christmas in C ' nti H.ill 105 " Walking in the rain " " Miss Senior " . . . Homeiomintj Parade Just strolling Hand iiolding on Salmday Q " f W I got that one right Iraific man On guard 107 T Masterpieces. Smart girl. Perfect coordination. ik. ifllP 108 . ' ) ' ' • Myrna Spencer, a recent giaduate of the college, relates Peace Corps experiences to Dr. Dowdy. Pla time in Holland Bowl . --m. 109 amaiUfc TT f r ii The DecDSlas — local talent at its best. " rum hint; " .V- Wc gave sweat, tears and bload. TV session. Ill TS HOME Homecoming Game Buddy and Ella Johnson Homeiominfj; Ball " Miss Homecoming " " Miss A. T. " and court COMING TIk- (la main ol us li.icl looked lorwanl lo, ihe occasion iiiosi talkc-il about. Homecoming, l-inally it arrived. Tlie ' M ' 2 tveni was (he biggest, happiest and, as usual, the most wonderlul occasion ol the school year. The entire campus was agog in extitenieiit amid the rush ol incoming Iriends, preparations for the parade, and the gi.ini welcome lo .diimiii. The disappoiiumenl in the football loss soon disap- ' d in the reuew.d ol .u(|uaiutaiires and other pleas- ures .illelld.iiu .It such e eiils. The weekend slipped out and left us with many pleasant lueinories ol ihe gala festivities. First place float. Miss A. T. Alumni " 1962 " is crowned. W ' c losll - a disappointment we soon forgot. mmi About a ilo cii liigli abilily studcms, iiiicrcst- ed in scientific research were rewaiilcd ihai op- ]jc)rninil ihrough support ol llie National Science Koiinilation. The group was involved in basic research in loods and nutrition (chemistry), biology and physics. STUDENT RESEARCH Minnie Ruffin and Laiiy GratUly. Nalional Sticnte huiindation Undcrgratiuatc Research Participants, count radioactivity in tissues taken from rats that Iun.1 l)cen gi cn radioactive isotope. Ivy Wookdck, undergraduate research participant, working closely with a senior project being con(lucie l h Dr. Cecilc H. Edwards, jMofessor of foods and nnlvition and rcsearcli. Andrew Jackson, undergraduate research participant for the National SLJeme Founthuion. an l Linda Lyons, graduate assistant for the AEtl project, engage in a hiot heniical research project on raiiiated mite. X. ■■ r- Mr 114 THANKSGIVING DAY A bowl game within itself, tlie record books ran be thrown out the window and tlie statistics put aside. This is none other than the annua Turkey Day Classic between the Aggies and the North Carolina College Eagles. A famih affair — Head Coach Bert Piggott. the fainilv and the co eted BuU-Eaglc rropln. 115 ' ■■ ' ' . . t t %:■ I oj, I lir ,v I . Ciilk-Kf M.ii.liMiK li.iiiil Mill, II,: -llic AS: r. CoIlcKi- Sm,,|,1i„i,x ll.u.d lUillinir I he A . I. College Choir Tiifi: Stciic luiiii " M.ii;iiihi(.iil ()l)s(.ssiuii Mlddlr i- II, Ilium: Scc-ncs Iroiii " I la- (.icalcsl I.Mi Mivu " 116 Mr. ra liM d c words of iiispiraiitm m ilii prepared tor the bright opportunities. " Dr illan! Goslin speaks at annual Founders Day. The H tn»iKil)lL ' Km anfo d. right. go einor of North Carolina, commends Cadet Colonel. Alfred R. Catlin. commander of ihe Joint Army-Air Force ROTC Cadet Corps. Governor Sanford addresses an ouiiloor audience which croutlcd the Bluford Librar lawn. Andrew T. Ha it her. right, assistant press secret ar to President John F. Kennedy, was beseiged by student inquiries following his appearance at the College. Hobari Ta lor. Jr.. e ecuti c ice chairman of the President ' s Committee on Equal Eniplo ment Opportunit . who spoke at the winter conxocaiion. chats with Dr. Dowdy and ' aldo C. Falkencr, Greensboro ciiv councilman. T FRESHMAN One ol the laigLst licslimaii classes packed in Harrison ALidiliirium earl) that Moiula) morning in mid-September to receive basic iiiloniiaiidn in bcioming the " good Aggie " . . . that was the beginning ol Frtshman Orientation. Their emotions were mixed and differed widely. To many, tlie ex])erien e was tlie lieginning of the realization ol file ' s ambilion, to be a pail iil ihi- . ggie family, to trod in the footsteps of parents wlio are alumni ... to be a part of tlie A. S: T. image which had been etched in their minds by other relatives, friends and teachers. To others it was the bright .iiul pleasant beginning, of a " dream " to be college educated, of preparation for a happy and rewai cling career. At piesident ' s reception lor treshmen Alumni Schola 118 ORIENTATION Otliei ' s were aucd by tlie si c .iiul eMeiu i l A. S; T. operations, yet sensing the capacity of soon being able to become a part ol ihcni. Still others, away from home for the first time and reah ' zing that this experience woiihl be more extended than any others in the past, had momentary sieges of " home- sickness " . The extremes on both sides, the early pleasantries and problems, soon foinid a level ... a happv residt of Freshman orientation. Signs of good taste This must be an all girl ' s school £J. Hit. An .- ggie trailition — friends in all kiniK of weather New friends T 1 ! i 1- I. AJH T " Mi AIR FORCE R.O.T.C. Major Willis J. Hubert Professor of Air Science The Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps, at the Agricnhmal and Technical College, has as its aims to develop in selected college stu- dents, through a permanent program ol iirstriiction. those qualities of leadership and other attributes essential to their progressive advamemenl to ix)sitions of increasing responsibility as commissioned officers in the United .States Air Force. Cjikl Col. Wtslcv ISrown ( ' •tnnfi CotuiUiindcr ( ailit I.I. Cnl. I.ouis Bell Deputy Group Commander C,a lel Capt. .Samuel Kvan Special Project Ofjicer Cm ci Capt. Joseph McNeil Material Officer Cadel Capt. Lewcllyii Wills Inspector Cailtl Major |amcs Evans ()l e,,iliotn Ofluer mi Cadet Capt. Cato Reaves -Personnel Officer 122 II ARMY R.O.T.C. Cadet Col. Alfred Ciatlin J oil! I Coi (is Comnumdci Cadet Col. James Davis Corps Commander Cadet Lt. Col. Da is Foye Baltic ( 11011 p Cominiinder Major William Goode Professor of Military Scie7ice The program o£ instruction, as offered by the department of Military Science and Tactics, has as its objectives the production of junior officers who have the qualities and attributes essential to their progressive and continued development as officers of the Army of the United States; the laying of a foundation for intelligent citizenship within the student; the imparting to the student of a basic military knowledge of benefit to himself and to the military in the event he becomes a member thereof, and the furtherance of the program of the College. Cadet Major Ernest Simmons Executive Officer Cadet Major William Core Deputy Battle Group Commander Cadet Major Vernell Stallings Cadet Major Steven Sutton J-3 123 ARMY R.O.T.C. OFFICERS TS Cader 2nd A. (. ' adet L ' nd I,t. Theodore Fureiiian sniidv Itovster Rxrciltiti- (l llrrr Firxt riiHni,n Leader ' ;idft Captaiu Wylie Harris Cnmiiiinu 1 I ' inii niaiidrr Cad.-t I ' nd Lt. Ilalpli Hunt s,c:,ttil I ' hitunii Cadet 2nd I.t. Uillinni Itlclie Tlilril fhitnun l.rinirr COMPANY A ( iidc ' t 2nd H. ' ineent .S|)auldint, ' lim-iitiri- tlffeir I ' ader 2nd I.t. .l.-unes t;arretl (■; ■. ( riatnm Ca.Irt I apt. Milliard V. still. inland COMPANY B Cadet 2nd Lt. Willie Skinner ifccomi Platoon Leader Cadet 2nd Lt, Arthur L. Brown Third Platoon Leader r;,(i,.i -n,l Li Lli ' Vil Siiiilh Kdirnlm Officii I irat Platoon Lcadtr cadfi riipt. Ituduey Davis VonilMiuy V Coiinnundi., liid.M JiKi Lt. Alfred S. ' llnrs liicvond Platoon Lcadtr (■;iilHt l nd Lt. ISnl.liy I ' lirluT Third Platoon Leader COMPANY C 124 d F COMPANY A ' " St.. r i » . COMPANY B t s ,i COMPANY C «: - f 125 C T5 ARMY R.O.T.C. OFFICERS Cadet 2n(l Lt. rndpt 2lirl Lt. Berkley Tntiitn I). ' vitt Matbis ETCCUlirr (Iflinr Flml riiltijiiii l.iiiihr tUiiniiinn l I ' tnumtiiulir Cndi-t " apt. Carv C.inli- COMPANY D Cadet 2nd Lt. Frfderiek Artis Second Platoon Leader radpt 2nd Lt. Dcodsta Lindsay Third I ' tiifuuii lA-nilrr " " ■? . Hcailquarteis Company f Company D a ARMY BAND MILITARY POLICE DRILL TEAM 127 AIR FORCE R.O.T.C. OFFICERS liid.l JlKl I.t. Svlv.-sli-r ,I..liiis(m Ej-rv,iltir (Iffirir r-.uht -ii ' I I.t. llaruUl Hicks ihniiiiiitratii-t; Offtcr Mi-ye (irsinl Cndri I ' ll Kali IJriiwii Flislht .1 Cijiinnaiiih r Cadft Uml I.t. .Maurice Harris I ' Ulllit B Commander SQUADRON 601 Cadet i;ml I.t. Itnland Strt ' ft.T K.irr,itiri ll lirir Cadet 2nd Lt. William .Moure . illiiillhtriHiir i)flic r Cadet -Md 1.1. l.iitlier I ' arlier rUiilil II ( ' xiiiwiniili r Cadet Jnd I.r. l! Il.illiiis r,ntimilHiUy Cadet L ' lid I.t. .llljert HiUler l-UfiUI F i ' ontniitllih r Will CriiMiiis SQUADRON 602 Cadi ' t I ' nd I.t. Tale Williams llltht Cadet 2nd Lt. William liaiitlste .1 ilmiiiistiiilire llffim- Cadet L ' nil 1.1. William Smilh riiiihl tl l-i,ii:ii:itii.lir Cailet -Jnil 1,1. ■inse .Mi ' Xaiuie rUiihl II rniiiiiniiHhr Cadel 211(1 i.t (Ills Mart:ii riitlht ' I ( ' iniiiininih r SQUADRON 305 601st SQUADRON 602nd SQUADRON 603rd SQUADRON ft lKi iff ; iJSS ' ia,... M!iiU AJM,:- ' -- r - AIR FORCE R.O.T.C. OFFICERS TF f ' adet 2nd Lf. Cadet 2nd Lt. Frank Bailt ' .v Lee Scarborough Eicecutive Officer Administrative Officer I ' adft I ' apt. James Mathis Commander Cadet 2nd Lt. Jauit ' s Whiti- Cuinmaudcr Cadet 2nd Lt. Willie Hodgers Fliaht K Commander Cadet -jnd Lt. Cliarles Ilighlower Fliuht L Commander SQUADRON 604th Cadt-t 2nd Lt. Willie Jones Executive Officer ( atlet f ' apt. Lenwood Falcon Commander SQUADRON 605th ' aili ' t L ' nil I.t. Wllllnm Bennett All mUiistrati I ' c Omcer 130 mnpppMiHapMMaMi 605th SQUADRON AIR FORCE DRILL TEAM AIR FORCE BAND w ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY SCABBARD AND BLADE SOCIETY 1 1 ' :K r Vii mmmmm ♦ A .r t.ailct Pilots I.oiiis Bell anil Will (aoom n -J lilijlu Ailmiiiisliaii e Xoii (icimniissioiied Officers Model Aircraft Club A " 1962 FOOTBALL T-r. The 1962 A. ! - T. College AGGIES All Aniericuii " Dickie " Westmoreland picks up sardagc against Tennessee A. : I. in 16-13 victory. Trojans slo|i (.oidon lur sliori gain. «» vri •, « AiinilRi lIiuc pcjiiUi as liL ' ld goal bpccialisl Malonev kicks. (». MiiUlle Linesmen " Sugar " Harl, Aggie leading scorer, breaks away 137 afttV AGGIE ALL AMERICANS Ritluiid " Dickie " W LsliiKiulaiul, sl.ii halfback and leading scdicr was s .lcctcd to ttic Pi i isiu r(.h Coirier A II- America first team. A gentleman, on and oR the playing field, West- moreland did a lot of things well. A speedy runner, a superior pass catcher, he was also a t iwer on defense. loseph Henderson, who ihis ear tinned in an ouisianding pertormance at the guard was selected to the Pinsiu ' Rcii C:oiiRiER All America .second team. Small in size, this line athlete packed tremendous wallop. lOOl ISALI. KKSl 1 9(il 12 Quanlico Marines 28 16 Tennessee Stale University 13 61 Shaw University 7 13 Norfolk State College 6 20 Maryland State College 8 32 VVinston-Salem Teachers College 6 14 Morgan State College 21 6 .; Flori la A : M University 38 32 Virginia Stale College 8 28 North Carolina College . 7 RECORD Win l.„ss Tie Conference 6 1 Overall 7 S (1 riiose Bail Bears Centers: V ' iley Harris, Joseph Flood, and Wilbur Majjp ... a tough crew. ' is? ::-:,■ Jerry Morgan gels .utlage against Morgan State. A dismal Honiecomnig Morgan 21, A. T. 14. 139 m 1962 BASKETBALL TEAM I ' ihIc.iiuI |i III t;nKl, 111(1. tlie l!Mi2-(i, ' i s(jiiail. Shetl scores against Siiiilh. Rcbomul Ini Sauiulcis agaiiisl llic Si. Augiisline ' s I ' alioiis. r .. - ; - .. a j y ji!. jVi v . " ' AS i t ' i-g ' fr « ' " " a- ' ' - ' M -« :-A- Mulcare rebounds. X ' idlcni Action Against " TC " . 1962-1963 BASKETBALL RESULTS HOMF. A.irT. ColU- i- Dpponenl 90 Eli aljclh Oity Teachers College 86 70 I%iselte ille Stale Teachers College 61 84 liisliliite 60 76 irginia Slate College 74 70 Jolinson C. Smith University 55 81 North Carolina College at Durham 64 60 Winston-Salem Stale Teachers College 68 89 Saint Augustine College 47 IIU Shaw University 77 78 Norfolk State College 71 AWAV 92 Saint Augustine College 71 76 Fayetteville State Teachers College 50 68 Shaw Universitv 63 64 Virginia State College 81 85 Johnson C. Smith University 87 68 North Carolina College at Durham 65 64 Winslon-Salem State Teachers College 71 81 Norfolk State College 66 58 Hampton Institute 54 67 Elizabeth City Teachers College 69 TOURNAMENTS Tip-Off 68 North C arolina College at Durham 69 101 Johnson C. Smith University 85 Holiday 90 North Carolina College 75 78 Johnson C. Smith University 72 ClAA 79 North Carolina College 70 70 ' irginia State C ollege 77 81 |nlMis(.ii C. Smith Lhiiversity 73 RECORD Win Loss Conference 15 5 Tournament 5 Overall 20 7 That extra effort 143 BASEBALL (::i|)l.iiii lliij h F.vaiis n-ail s f(ir Ihc allaik Cornell Gordon, leading liiltcr. m dctk 144 . i -— 1 r a — — .„£.. Baseball or football? Aggie football stars Vi]lie Beasiey, Cornell Gordon and Clifton Matthews switch to baseball gear. After winning tlie CilAA baseball championship thiee- ears in a row, 1959, I9fiO and 191)1. last ear the Aggies took a split. Losing just three pla ers, the 1963 squad appears " promising " as the season opened. Head Cloach Mel Groomes, jiist vinkeJ, ihen asked abotit the prospects [or this ear. as we pushed him for inlortiiation in rushing to press with this issue of the Av. ntee. imt ' -mt ;.i_ That ' s [he wav to hook, slide 145 TRACK Wannup Diills Often limes it takes years to build a winnei and the experience of the Aggie trark team in 19(i2 indirated tliat a consistent winner was still a lew years away. The 1962 edition, while placing in a lew niceis and in spots was never a serious threat . . . luosth. we were " also rans. " Almost everything was looking up as we piil this yearbook to bed. Many avid Aggie track fans were whispering, " Tliis roidd be the year. " The team was coadied l)y Murray Neely who doidjled as assi stant in locilI)all. Ii.i.k Ml,, .ins l.,i imI. 1S..II. Vill]r Whnr ,,n,l tic, I A iii hi mhi, gels lips Iruiii Cci.uli Mini,i i(.l Marion Hanisnn. sprint ncc 146 K l fM il.-i M 0- ' [ " r— -i-n T ' p " . - i .r ■ " — i t - ' -: ' - ' - r ' . : i ff v t SWIMMING Swimming at A. S: T.. in ils second ear in 1963 liad begun to move fonvaril. The team, coached by Fonist H. Willis, won two dual meets against Johnson C. Smith I ' niveisity. twiie; Tuskegce Institute and Morehouse Col- lege. The Aggies lost to vcteian winners Hampton Institute and Morgan State Clollege, twice and to Howard University. Russell Edmonds, diver aird dash star, emerged as CIAA champion in tlie 50- ard dash. Other outstanding perlormers included: ' alter Meares anil Kenneth Rogers, both distance swimirieis. Russell Edmonds, CIAA 50-yard dash champion, shews ijic diving forms Waller Meares leads against Howard (Top) Violent action in the Aggie-Morgan M -et (Bottom) Meares gets poolside encouragement 147 .f : • ■•T -- ' -IIM II 1 m r. ■■■»?iftKBiiu.-. FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS c;n II Hi 111 i PrcsidrnI uf lu ' .htnim Cht s Hc-ailins ihc- llt.■ hnlan class wcic: Patricia Hasljiouck, assistant secretary; Rita Soutliall. lieasiircr; C.coigc- Batiste. Jr.. ice picsidcnt; Cecil Butler, president; Lula Harris, secretary, aiici Mililrcd Tallcy, parliamentarian. Officers of the Soplionioie Class were: Alexander Dawsdii. tieasiircr; Abraham Miller, parli.lmcnt.iriaii; I.ih Cicillcni. secretary; |criMiie Mliiphv, ice president; Mac.Arlhlir .Neivcll, SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS M i Auuii k i ui I 1 150 Among the Junior Class officers were: Reginald Miiclunci. treasurer; Carl Leonard, represcniatue to Student Government: Sara Rearden, representative to College Council; Louella Corpening, vice-president; ' inser Alexander, president, and Harold Hicks, representative to Student Government- Senior Class officers included: James Garrett, vice president: Sandra Edwards. " Miss .Senior " George Little, president; Lorraine Thomas, secretar), and Louis Bell, treasurer. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Afk WiNSER ALZX. NDER President of Junior Class SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS George Little President of SenioT Class 151 I ' ll -lifh III Sluelciil Gove nunc lit Miss A. i. Ezcll Blair, Jr. Rosebud Richaiilsoii PirsiiJ ' ul Pan Hrlhnic Council Music rdiloi-in-Chirf of llir Rcgisler James Garrett Riciida Stailim.uii h Toniniic Caddie Edilor-in-Cititf Ayanlee Clarence OUTSTANDING C5i - ' fJ«.i ' ' -HRV. B|l» »y»»--t.ff -I. .Fi. ii..frt-.iii. i-i- . ■ ■ .i v.i-iiirt.-ii-ffftri ' Mi i W ' Mc- SENIORS Aiiall, Chiudc S. Allen, Einest Aiulerson, Charles Artis. Frederick Atkins, John T. Backmon, Eugene Hailcx, Bobljie |o ce Barber. Mary Olivia Barr, BcUye Jean Batilc, Bobby Baker. Beulah J. Bell. Charles Bell. Jouis M. Bell, John Bell, Theodore B. Bell, ' ll e Berryman, Maiilyii Blaii. l-. cll A. 154 ••• ' ' • Vl Jflll " I goo: SENIORS Blaiuling. James Blount, Aloii a BoUleii. John C. Boldin, Mai L. Booker. Ronald Bradley, Dorcas Bradlex, Lawrence Brame, James E. Bridgeford, Otis Bn ' sten. Eugene Brooks, John ' arren Brown, . rthur Brown, [anice Bryant. .McKinlev Burnette, Herman C. Butler. . [ar% Campbell, . lberta Campbell. Otis 155 9m J. 1 Aitt SENIORS Caiilon, Shirley Ciair, Gladys Chiisiiiic Caller, Charles Carver, Raymond L. Catlin, Alfred R. Chasten, Mozelle Cherrye, Shirlee Coley, Hilda Cooke. Krazelle Cooper, Bettyc Jean Cortin, Arthur Coviel, Carolyn Elaine Co in){lon, Mary llou.ird Covington, Peggy Jean Crawlev. Elaine Crews, Arthnr Croon, A ' ill Cross, Ernest C. 156 SENIORS Cunye, Dorothy Davis, Catherine Davis, James Davis, Ridney J. Davis, Walter Dean, Svlvia Degrafferenriech, Frederick Devane, Alicia Dill. Reidxn Dix. Wilben Dixon, Ronald K. Dixon, Terry Dixon, William Doggett, Carolyn DiuUcv, Cornelius Dye, Phenie Edmondson, James A. Edwards, John 157 SENIORS Edwards, Sandra Elliott, Mcriman Evans, Janres A. Evans, Samuels Jr. Eximi. Walter H. FauUoni, Lenwood Fislier, Cennelle Fite, Jerry Ford, Mae Gloria Ford. Patricia Foreman, Theodore Foye, David Framis, Mary Sue Fris(oM, Aliie Gainc). l.Ulie (..iruil. J. lines G.irliell, l.utlier Claxin, Ruili Ann 158 SENIORS Gibbs, Clenimcnt C;ilchrist, Lee C.ooile, Gary W. Gore, William Clrant. (ieorge E. Green, jerry Griffin, Earnie Grimsley , Bessie Gunn, Alton Hanomai , Eustace Harding, Earnest O Harris, Arthur Harris. Doniihy Harris, W ' ylie Har cv, Warren G. Head, Franklin D. Heartley. Matthew W. Hetkstall, Luetta 159 icil SENIORS lliggins. Lugene Hcmliix. Villie R. Hester, Yvonne Hill. Villie Lee Hilliard. I.ciov HiniuuU. Shiilev R. lliiiMin, ( i.iilui iiic Annetie 1 li|i|is. Lissie M. lliihius. Sidney L. Holl, I ' hiinc Audrey Hookci, Nannie Arlcan Hoover, George Ili.will, David L. Iliinl, Ralph I liinlii . I.ioMt ' l n. Iiigiani. llicnddhii (,. Ining. Robert |,ii kson. Aiidu IV Nalliaiiic 1 160 ■ " ' ' r " TT ' ifmBnriMfii ' niif riiri?i nlirin SENIORS Jackson. Mattie James. Robert C. Jamison. Grady E. Jerrigan, Leroy Johnson, Carlton Johnson, Charles Edward Johnson. Dorothy A. Johnson, Oscar lohn sdii. ' i ian Jones. Kenneth N. Jones. Lawrence Leonard Jones, ■illie Hubert Keck. C:harles L Jr. Key, Frederick Kee, Lokie Jr. Kibler. Delia Lawson. Andrew W. .awson. . rielia McKay 161 m SENIORS Lee, Ben Lee, Doiothy Liles, Haidld Alcm o Lemon, Mae Warren Lindsey, Decosta Little, Clrystal B. Logan. Amos ' erne Long, )r., Spnrgeon Mack, Natalie Madison, Novella Aldriilge Malloy, James M. Mann;., Andrew J. .M.iniis, )esse Martin, Bilh (... Martin, Margaret Ann Martin, Mart A. Matins. Deu ' iit T. Malliis, [anies F. 162 -.?; :w; r i-- . ■ — •JuwiMUJ ' .i ■ W ' , ' -- ■ ■ ••Tr- i utiiikitt tm !■! ill I SENIORS Maynard, Lola Mae Maynard, Mattie McAdoo. James Alec McClairen. Revis McKee. Clarence McXeil, Joseph A. Mellon. Thuigood Stanton Middleton. Lillian Mile , Barbara A. Mills, Glenda Montague. Marian K. Montgomery, Marvin L. ■ v Moon, Mary Mosley, Floyd Decates Nance, Carolyn f- ' 4 Neal, Randall Alvin Xesbitt. Philistine . Norfleet. Barbara 163 SENIORS Oates. Edna Outterbridge, N[ai in Overton, Melvin Lionel Matthews, Sherline Parker, Bobby E. Patterson, Robert Payne, Mary L. Pcacoik, (;loria Kean Perrv, A ilhehiienia JoAnne Pinson, Cliarley Pope, Elbert O ' Neal Price, Lawrence O. Pulley, Willie Mae Quick, King A. Radar, Richard C. Rainey, Barbara L. Raney, Perry A, R.inkin. Russell 164 ■ ' :r K ' ' ynrrr-m7y: ' T ]i r nT SENIORS Rankin. Slunoii H. Raventll, Shiilry M.nlrlla Reaves, Ciato Reiil, Harold Ciibbs Reid. Rugyc M. Rice, Arthur Mar Ri(hardsi)i). Louise Juanila Richarilson. Rosebud Riclie. Willie Richmonil, |anies A. Riddick. Robert I.. Roberson, Helnia Roberts, Mary H. Robinson, Xornian F.. Jr. Robinson, Priscilla Robinson, Wilson R. Rodgers, Lixinda M Rodgers, Kenneth L. 165 T 4 xm£ 166 SENIORS Rogers, Peggy J. Ross, Allan Royster, Sandy Ruffin, Minnie R. Salmon, Trevor Sanders, Elizabeth W. Starborongh, Brenda 1) Scott, fohn D. Sieliles. Lawrence Sellers, . lred C. Sharpe, Rudolph Shaw, (ilarence A. Shalliicr, Doris A. Simmons, Ernest Simmons, Earnest L. Simirions, Willie Sim lair. Lueller Sledge, Henjamin SENIORS Smalls, Sadie Smith. Earl Smith. Hu h Smith, Joseph Smith, Pollie Smith, Richmond Smith, ■ilbul■ Southerland. C;liailie Spauldiiig. ' incent Spruill. Wilbert Spruill. Willie J. Squires. Ella Mae Stallings. X ' eniell Stephenson. Levonia Strickland, . rlene A. Stokes. Robert Stroud, Willie Stubbs. George £ f tf 167 168 SENIORS Slimier, Rodney Sutton, Ste L ' n Sykes, C anoU Tanner, James Tate, Betlyc T:itiim, Berkley Taylor, Clyde Taylor, Edward Taylor, Riidyard Thigpcn, ' illiam il. Thomas. Herman riidnias, I, eon Thomas. Lorraine O. Thompson. Paul S. I idvvell, Pon(e Totten. Patricia Tiitker. )analh.iii Turner, Alsandio P SENIORS Tiiiiici. Hcnr L ' rgulian. Robert illiiic! . Hilton W. Walker, Sylvia ' alker, Wilson WaikiuN, Anelson Weaver, loseph P. Welborne. Freilrick WelK. Charles Westermoreland. Richard White, Albert Wilder. Marilvn Williams, Firiiest ■Williams, Jacqueline AVilliams. Lovie William . _ Uhin Williamson. Hattie Vills, Jaines H. IG9 SENIORS Wills. Lcwelly W ' iiifrale. Bessie A. Withcrspixin. Everett Wd.Kl, Ruhv W ' ooils, (ilinion Woml, |amcs Jr. ociliiic k. Ivv .Mae ' ()rley. Iris O. ' riiilu. Kamiie .S. Wright, Robert Young. Marion ' oimg. .Shirley .iy ' . n r I- .7rT»rr-- x7- Tt-T — ?rirt .rr.;. J t k Mr V .♦1 Oiect %(f Alrall, Claude S., Box 4. Clareraont. Jamaica. West Indies. Agri- cultural Engineering, and Mathematics. .Agricultural Association. German Club. Sunda School, Canlerbur Club, Marching Band. S mphon% Band. Student Government. Alexander, Oscar F., 1643 Patton A enue. Charlotte, North Carolina. Electrical Engineering. .Allen, Ernest, 1407 A ' est 12th Siicct. Sanford. Florida. Applied Sociolog and Social Science. Florida Club. Crescent Club. .Alston, Barbara Jean. Route 3. Box 18. Pittsboro. North Carolina. C:iothing. Kappa Epilison Societv. Richard B. Harrison Plavers. Anderson, Charles, Route 1. Box 381. Louisburg. North Carolina. Biolog and Chemistrv. Phi Beta Sigma Inc.. Pan Hellenic CouncU, Biolog Club. Explorers Club. . rtis. Frederick Thomas. 114 West Cotton Street. Farmville. North Carolina. .Architectural Engineering and Math. R.O.T.C. Societie Of Architecture. Students N.A.. .C.P.. Engineering Assos.. Officers Club. .Atkins, John T., 212 Fowle Street. Raleigh. North Carolina. In- dustrial Arts. .Alpha Phi Alpha Fratemitv. Industrial Arts .Associa- tion. Veteran ' s .Association. Backmon, Eugene, 1815 Britlon Street. Greensboro. North Carolina. Architectural Engineering and Math. R.O.T.C Alpha Phi .Alpha Fratemitv Inc.. Kappa Phi Kappa Forensic Societv. The Societ Of Student .Architects. Student Government. College Council. Pan Hellenic Council. A.F.R.O.T.C. Officers Club. Bailev, Bobbie Joyce. 724 West 26th Street. Vinston-Salem. North Carolina. French and Sociology. Pi Delta Phi Honor Societv. Alpha kappa Alpha Sororitv. French Club. Majorette. Dance Group. V.W.C.A.. Winston-Salem Club. W.A.A. Barber. Mar Olivia, 815 Ross Avenue. Greensboro. North Carolina. Nursing and Ps cholog . Teloca Club. National Student Nurses .Association. Dance Group. Usher Broad. Barr, Betty Jean, 1402 Carolina Street. Wilson. North Carolina. Home Economics Education and General Science. Zeta Phi Beta Sororitv. Kappa Eplison Societv. Student Counselor Organization. Women Senate. Pan Hellenic Council. Battle, Bobby E., 42 Vernon Terrace. East Orange. N. J. Electrical Engineering and Nfathematics. President. Alpha Phi Omega Fra- temitv; Commander. Arnold Air Society, and Electrical Engineering .Association. Beebe, Rov D. Route I. Box 6. Fairmont. North Carolina. Music. Bell, Charles, 915 Dunbar Street. Greensboro, North Carolina. Business Education. Geography Club. Baseball team. Business Club. Bell, James R., Route 2, Box 171. Goldsboro. North Carolina. Electrical Engineering. Bell, John, 1003 South Fn ' Street, Valdosla. Georgia. Business .Administration. Political Science Club, Business Club. Baptist Student L ' nion- Bell, Theodore B., Route 1. Box 85, Clayton, North Carolina. Industrial Arts. Industrial .Arts Association. Student National Edu- cation Association (N.E..A.). Bell, Yvonne, Route I. Box 210. Jackson. North Carolina. Biolog -. .Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororitv, Who ' s Who. Biolog ' Club. Collegiate Academv North Carolina. Academv Of Science. Register ' s Staff. NSF Participant. Bennett, Clavton, Jr., Route 3. Box 153, AVadesboro, North Caro- lina. .Agricultural Education. Berry, Shirley A., 210 Grain Street. Davidson, North Carolina. Applied Sociology. Berrvman. MarilMi Hawkins. Route 5, Box 74, Sanford. N. C. Clothing. A ' AVCA. Best, John A., Route 3. Box 189. Goldsboro. North Carolina. Biolog . Blair Jr., Ezell .Alexander. 2004 South Benbo w Road. Greensboro. North Carolina. Applied -SocioIog ' and Social Studies. President of N.AACP. Core (Congress Of Racial Equalitvj. President of Student Government. Geographic Club. Political Science Club. .Alpha Phi Alpha Fratemitv. Americans for Democratic Action .ADA), NSA (National Student Association). United Southeastern Christian Fellowship Foundation fUSCFF). Blanding, James, Route 3. Box 118. Manning. South Carolina. -Architectural Engineering. Societv of Student Architects. Engineer- ing .Association. Blount, Alonzo, 1301 Grav Street. Greensboro. North Carolina. Electrical Engineering and Math. Rifle Team. Pershing Rifles Societv. Boiden, John C, 2092 East 12th Street. AVinston-Salem. North Carolina. Business Administration. NAACP. A ' MC.A. Boldin, Mary L.. IW8 Westmoreland Drive. Burlington. North Carolina. Chemistrv and Math. German Club, Marching Band. Concert Band. Moi .em Dance Group. Booker, Ronald Rollin, 2010 South Benbow Road. Greensboro. North Carolina. Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. Officer ' s Club. Pershing Rifles Honor Society. The Electrical Engineers Association. The Engineering Association. Mathematics Club. Bradley. Dorcas (., 1214 Kent Street. Durham. North Carolina. Applied Sociolog and Social Studies. Delta Sigma Theta Sorontv. N.E.A.. Fellowship Council. College Usher Board. Mu Xi Nu jazz Societv, Sociolog Club. Bradley, LawTence B., 509 North Street. Green Co e Springs, Florida. Industrial Arts. 1 he Florida Club, The Industrial Arts Association. Brame, James E., General Delivery, Henderson. N. C. Electrical [cchnical. .Air Force Drill Team. Bridgeford, Otis L.. 1018 Manly Street. Raleigh. North Carolina. Biolog and Chemistrv. Biolog Club. Bristen, J. Eugene, 401 B South Boc»ker Street. Greensboro. North Carolina. Business Administration. Brooks, John Warren, . 1)1 Gene Avenue. Charlotte. North Carolina. Ph sical Education and Social Studies. Student Government. Presi- dent of Charlotte Club, and Lampados Club. A ' arsitv Football. Intramural Basketball, and Letterman ' s Club. Brown. Arthur Lee, Route I. Box 2. Claremont, North Carolina. Social Studies and Sociology. Officers Club, Advance ROTC, and .Ann Crescent Clid). Brown. Cecil . ., Route 1. Box 7.A. Trenton, North Carolina. .Agricidtural Education. Brown. Janice, Route 1. Box 70. Evergreen. North Carolina. Applied Sociolog and .Social Studies. Baptist Student Union. Sundav School. Student NE.A, Geographic Societv. International Relatictn Club. AAVCA. and Usher Board. Brown, Julia Lee, 1513 I Heights, Greensboro. North Carolina. Business Etlucation. Brown, Leroy E., Route 2. Box 324. Covington. A ' irginia. Archi- tectural Engineering. Brown, Linwood E. Route 2. Box 25. Newbem. North Carolina. Industrial Arts. Brown. Wesley, 1320 Lincoln Street, Rinston, North Carolina. Electrical Engineering. Browne. James E., 19 Courtland .Avenue. Ashe ille, North Carolina. Biolog . Bryant. Lee .A., Route 2. Box 301. NashvUle. North Carolina. Biologv. Bryant, McKinley L., Post Office Box 131, Speed. North Carolina. Business Administration. Geographic Societv and Political Science. Bryant, Robert E., Route 2. Box 270. Kinston. North Carolina. Phvsical Education. Bullock, Curtis C, Route 1. Box 294. Macclesfield. North Carolina. -Agricultural Education. Bulter, .Man. " Curtis, II Dean Street. Greenville, South Carolina. HistoFN and French. International Relationship Club. Usher Board. Dramatic Club. Sunday School, and Explorer Club. Bundy, Samuel S., 206 W. Chilhowie Street. Johnson Citv. Tenn. Phvsical Education and Social Studies. Phvsical E lucation Majors C;lub. Geographical Societv and N.A.ACP. Burge, Greene J., 4( )8 Asheboro Street. Greensboro, North Carolina. Phvsical Etlucation. Burnette, Herman C, Route 3. Mebane. North Carolina. .Agri- cultural Education. Bynum, George W., 1832 Mar land Avenue, AVinston-Salem. North Carolina. Industrial Arts Education. Caldwell. Marv E., 1516 Kivetie Drive. High Point, North Carolina. Mathematus. Campbell, Alberta Lenere, Post Office Box 413, Rewiand, North Carolina. Biologv and Chemistrv. BioIog Club. Explorers ' Qub, Fellovsship Council. CA. NTA. and NAACP. Campbell. Edward E., 704 Ross Avenue. Greensboro. North Caro- lina. Mathematics. Campbell. Otis R.. Post Oflice Box 653. Raeford. North Carolina. Drafting Technolc)g . Band. Carlton, Shirley Temple, Post Office Box 504. Warsaw. North Carolina. Home Economics Education. Zeta Phi Beta .Sororitv. Richard B. Harrison Plavers. K.APP.A EpsUon Societv. Sunday School, and Baptist Student Union. C-arx, Gladys Christine, Route I. Box 474. Favetteville. North Carolina. English and Historv. International Relations Club. Rcg- istar Stafl . and Fortnightly Club. Carter. Charles M., 2130 Averette Street. Greensboro. North Caro- lina. Music. Carter, Charles O., 20 D Daniel Brooks Apartment. High Point. North Carolina. English and Social Studies. Register Staff. Cardan, .Marian E., 345 Railroad Street. Asheboro. North Carolina. English. Carver, Raymond L., Route 5. Box 39. Elizabeth Citv. North Carolina. Agriculture Education and Social Science. Baptist Student Union. Agricultural Association. A ' MCA. and NF.A. Chance. Dan, P. O. Box 123. Robcrsonville, North Carolina. Biolog . Chasten, Mozelle, Route 1, Box 318. Chinquapin. North Carolina. Home Economics Education. Baptist Student Union. Sundav School. Stud ent NE.A. Geographic Societv. International Relations Club. ' AVCA. and KAPPA Epsilon Society. 171 t:herrvc, Shirlee Annetta, 1419 Stebbins Avenue, Bronx 59. New York. English and French, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Richard B. Harrison Players, Florida Cluh. and Fortnightly Club. Coles, Ernest, 1004 Salem Stieel, Greensboro. North Carolina. Business Education. Coley, Hilda Earline, Route 2. Box 201. Goldsboro. N. C. Business Education. National Education Association. VWCA, Baptist Student I ' nion. and AVAA. Cooke, Frazelle, 9. ' il Eastman Street. Ciolumbia. South Carolina. Home Economics Education and General Science. Kappa Epsilon Societv. NTA. and VWCA. Cooper. Betty Jean, General Delivery. Chadbourn. North Carolina. Biologv. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Fellowship Council. Biology C;lub. and Student NEA. Corpening. Fred E., 241 Folk Street. Lenior. North Candina. Social Si ience- C:ovieI, Carolyn Elaine, :il2 East Pantego Street, Belbaven, North Carolina. Business Education. I ' ndcrgraduate Student Ciouiuil. Reg- istar Staff, and Baptist Student Inion. Codington. Mary Howard, 635 East Sharpc Street. Statesville. North Carolina. Nursing, leloca. Covington, Peggy Jean, 117 William Street. Hamlet. North Carolina. Home ' Economics Education. Delta Sigma 1 hita Sororitv. and Student Gcnernmcnt. Crawley, Elaine Clara, South Boston. Virginia. History and Social Studies. Zeta Phi Beta Sororitv. Geographic Society-Corresponding .Secretarv, Hand. Majorette. Richard B. Harrison Plavers. and Miss ROrC. Crews, Arthur Lee, Jr., 163U Rithard Street, (irecnsboro, North Carolina, Business Administration. Crooni, Will A. Jr., 1401 East Caswell Street, Kinston. North Carolina. Architectural Engineering and Mathematics, Student Architectural Societv. Officer ' s Club. Lampados Club, Etigineering Association. AFROTC. Mathematics Club, and . inold Air Society. Air Force Drill leam. Intramuel Football, and Intramuel Basketball. Ctoss. Ernest C, Route 7. Box 342. Lexington. North Carolina. Aui»mioti e Technologv. VMCA, Currye, Dorothy, 234 (3th A enue. S. W,. Hickory, N. C. Education. American Business Education Association. Daniels, Jasper, Jr., 109 North Sickels Street. Phila. 39. Pa. Electrical lechologv. Daniels, Julia M., P. O. Box 246. Badin. North Clarolina, Physical F ducation. Dargan. Thonia, ' L., I Kl ' i AVilkerson Stieet. GreenslM)ro. North Ciarolina, Biolog . Davis, Catherine, 420 North Dudley Street, Greensboro. N. C. Business Education. American Education Association and Cheerleader. Davis, James, 105 South .Secrest Street, Kinston. North Carolina. Electrical Engineering. Davis. Walter E., Hamlet. North Carolina, Mechanical Fngineering and fatlieinati(s Dawson. Mae J.. 10 t7 Duke Street, (.ueusboro. Nnrlh Caiolina, Bifilogv. Dean, Sylvia V.. 1605 -Mite Avenue. Grcensbino. N, C Business Education. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Student Council, and (College C ' ouncil. Degraffenriedt, Frederick, Jr., 1106 Moodv Street, Greensboro. North Clarolina. Drafting. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternitv. Sundav Sthool, and Industrial Arts Association Mauhing and Svinpbony Baiuls, Devane, Alicia E., Route I. liox 172. Walhuc. North Carolina. Biohfgv and Chemistr . Clollege I ' sher Board. NEA. Fellowship (JouncJl. Biologv Cilub, and Mu Pi Nu. Dill, Reuben, Jr., 510 Benson Street. Reidsville. North Clarolina. Business Education, Baptist Student Union and CIuli, Dix, Wilbert Daniel, Onlev. Virginia, Social Scieiue and HisIor . (.eographic Societv and International Relations (Auh. Dixon. Terry H.. Route 5. Box 263, Burlington. North Ciarolina. Mathematits, Mathematics Club and NA. C;P. Dixon, Ronald K.. Post Ofhce Box 73. Ocho Rios, Jamaica. est Indies, ,oolog and (;hemistrv. Foreign Students Asscjciatiou. Bi- ologv Club. ExpUners Club, and Fellowship Council. Dixon, William H., 211 Jones Street. New Bern. North Carolina, Physical Education and Social Studies. Varsity Football. President I.ettermen ' s C:lnb .iiid Physical K(bualion Majors Club. Doggett, Carolyn Beatrice, 4H2 ' i Summit . venue. (.leensboro, Nonh Carolina. Social Studies and History, (.eographic Societv. .iiul on Campus C liib. Dudley, Cornelius C:.. Route 2. Box 82. . urora. North Carolina. Electi ical Fngiiuiriug and Mathematics. Engineering . ssociaiiou- Dye, Phenie, 416 High Street. Greensboro. N. C:. Business Education. Register Stall and Fashion Editcn. Eady, .Samuel, P. O. Box 1. HalUtxud. Noilh Carolina. Mechanical Engineering. Edmonds, Russell, I0l4 Paik Plaie. Brook! n. New York. Chemistry. Edmondson, James A., 1219 Ninth Main Street, Scotland Neck. ' North Carolina. Physical Education and Biology. Physical E lncatiou Club, YMCA. Explorer ' s Club, AI-ROIC Rifle Team, and Varsity Swimming Team. Edwards, John Henry, HI, 973 Merriraac Avenue. Norfolk, Virginia. Applied Sociology and Social Studies. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and Geographic Society. Varsity Baseball. Edwards, Sandra, 1154 29th Street. Newport News. Virginia, Biology. Biology Club. Elliott, Meriman Tudkin, 512 Calloway Drive, Raleigh, North Carolina. English and French. Student NEA, and NAACP. Evans, Hubert, 67 I.efzerta Place. Brooklyn, New York. Physical Education. Evans, James A., P. O. Box 2, Palmyra, North Carolina. Electrical Engineering. E ans, Samuel Jr., 3030 Lake Drive, Durham, North Carolina. Mathematics. Mathematics Club. Student Government, United Men ' s Congress, and Oflicer ' s Club. AFROTC Rifle Team. Exum, Walter H., Route 1. Box 304. Whitakers, North Carolina. Social Studies and Historv. Cieographic Societv. Faulcon, Lenwood, Post Office Box 311, Littleton, North Carolina. Mechanical F ' ngineering and Mathematics. Arnold Air Society, Engineering .Association, Acbanccd Air Force ROTC, Air Force Association. Feaster, Shirley A., 1301 Bothwell Street, Greensboro, North Caro- lina. Business Education. Fenner, Henry, Route I. Box 135, Havclock, North Carolina. Biology. Fisher, Cennette, Route 2. Box 49. Richlands. North Carolina. Nursing. Richard B. Harrison Players, Fellowship Council. Teloca (;lub. and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Fite, Jerry M., 1313 Norris Avenue. Chailotte. North Clarolina. Engineering Physics and F ' -ugineei ing Mathematics. Omega Psi Phi Fraternitv. .American Institute- c»f Physics. C;harlotte Cliil), Math- ematics Club. Engineering Association, and Intramural Basketball, Football aiul Tennis. Ford, Mae Gloria, 403 Beal Street, Goldsboro. N. C. Business Education. .American Business Education Association. Ford, Patricia A., 511 Carolina Avenue. Winter Park. Florida. French and English. Fortniglitlv Club, Spanish Club, Mu Xi Nu, Ja7 Society, and l.e Ccrcle Fiancais. Foreman, Theodore M., Route 1. Box 15, Havelock, North Carolina. Institutional Management and Chemistry. Kappa Episol Society, Adyanced RO ' I C;, Officer ' s Cluii, Baseball Team, and Letterman ' s Club. Foye, Davie M., Route 5, Box 257. Kinston, North Caiolina. Physical Education. Francis, Mary Sue, 1218 .Avondale Aveiuie, Burlington. North Carolina. English and Social Studies. Choir and F " ortnightlv Club. Frison, Alice Moenell, 419 Madison Street. Fairmont, North Caro- Inia. Fine Arts and Historv. .Art Circle. N ' E.A. Dance Group, Mu Xi Nu Ja 7 Societv. Gaddie, Tommy G., Route I. Box 377, Hope Mills, North Carolina. Mechanical Engineering. Gadelte, Windell, Route I . Box 59. Havelock. North Carolina. Agricultural Fjigineering. Gainey, Lillie Mae, 1714 Newark Street. Fayetteville, North Caro- lina- Physical Education and Social Studies. College Choir. Physical Fdiu.iiion M.ijors Club, and Piesident, A ' omens Atldetic Association. C;all owjy, Kenneth H., I7ll) |enuings Street. Charlotte. North (Carolina. Social Science. Garrett. James F., Route 1. Box 385. Elon College. N. C, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. Omega Psi Phi. President. Pan Hellenic Cj)iuuil: A ' ice President, Senior Class; Engineering As- sociation. Officers C:lub and Army ROTC. Gartrell, Luther R., 417 .South .Swain Street. Raleigh, North Caro- lina. Electi ical F ' ngineering and Mathematics. Engineering As- sociation. Gavin, Ruth Ann, 501 Brown Street. New Bern. North Carolina. Nursing. .Alpha Kappa .Alpha Sorority. Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities. USN.A. Teloca, and Yearbook Staff. Ciayle, Inez R., I Avon Park Crese. Kingston 5. Jamaica. Home Kconomics. C;il}bs, Cileninienl Miller, Jr., 216 McNair Street, Vashington. North Carolina, CJumistrv and Mathematics. Canterbury Club. (.: . and ACS. (.iUhrisl, Lee R., 255 West 121 Street. New York 27. New York. Biology and Chemistrv. Biology Club, FVlloyvship Council, and N.VACIV C oins, Ja mes, 718 F!ast Bragg Stieet, C.reensboin, North Carolina. Biology. (.ooch, Dorothy L.. Route 4. Box (i2, Henderson. North Catolina. Biology. f.oode, Gary W., P. O, Box 187. Seaboard. North Carolina. Business Adniinistration, (noolsby, Leon F., 1121 (.ray Siieel. (.recnsboro. North Carolina. .Social St ieiii i- Ciore, William, Route I. Box 156. Bolivia. North Carolina TAgri- (Ultuie Echu.itioii and (-eneral .Science. Clollegiate NFA, Agricul- ture Association. Olluei ' s Club, and Armv ROTC. Gorham, Benjamin H., 8lU C.eige Stic-et, Farinville. Ntnth Carolina. Business .Adniinistraiion. Grant, George E., Renile 2, Box 198, Snow Hill, North Carolina. Chemistry and Mathematics. mm Grant, Minnie L., Route 2. Box 10. Fuquay Springs, North Caro- lina. Institutional Management. Green, Jem, General Deliven. TayloRville. North Carolina. Social Studies, and Histor . Phi Beta Sigma Fraternitv. Greene, Mar -, 1605 East Florida Street, Greensboro. North Caro- lina. Secretarial Science. Griffin, Ernie M., 107 North Benbow Road, Greensboro. North Carolina. Sociology and Psvcholog . Griffin, Howard E., 514 Ireland Street, Greensboro, North Carolina. Chemistr . Grimslev, ' Bessie, Route 2. Box 302 X. Apex. North Carolma. Business Education. " VCA. Student NEA. Baptist Student Union. Sunday School, and Business Club. Gunn, . lton Benjamin. 2032 East 17th Street. Winston-Salem. North Carolina. Biolog and Chemistry. Biology Club. Explorer ' s Club, Winston-Salem Club. Baseball Team, and Basketball Team Sta- tistician. Hanoman, Eustace, Georgetown, British Guiana. South America. Agriculture Technology and Agronomy. ISA. Agronomy Club. Neu-man Club, State Student Legislature, NFA, rnd Agriculture .Association. Baseball. Soccer, and Cricket. Harding, Ernest O., Pleasant Hill, North Carolina. Mathematics. Hardy, Lillie, Route 3, Box 313. Enfield. North Carolina. Business Education. Hardv, Ruby L., Route 2, Box 94. AVilmington. North Carolina. English. Harris, Arthur Maxwell, 1912 Newark Street. Favetteville. North Carolina. Music and Historv. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternitv, Music Education National Conference, Marching Band. Woodwind En- semble, and Concert Band. Harris, Dorothy Jean, 1708 Willow Road, Greensboro. North Caro- lina. . lpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Biology Club. Explorer ' s Club, and Fellowship Council. Harris, Wvlie E. Jr., 1227 East 4th Street, Charlotte. North Caro- lina. Physical Education and ROTC. Scabbard and Blade Society. Officer ' s Club, Charlotte Club, Lettersmen ' s Club, Lampados Club. YMCA, Varsity Football and Baseball. Harvell, Richard A., Box 281, Cornelius, North Carolina. Ph sical Education. Ha ey, Warren G., Route 1. Box 200. Council. North Carolina. .Agriculture Education and Science. Agriculture Association, and NFA. Hawkins, Mizell. P. O. Box 508. Winfali. North Carolina. Applied Sociologv . Hayes, johnny, 2707 Schooley Ayenue, Norfolk, Virginia. Applied Sociology. Head. Franklin Douglas, Post Office Box 620. Forest City, North Carolina. Music and History. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Student Counselor, Music Education National Conference, Marching Band and S Tnphony Band. Headen, Gregory, 306 East Main Street. Carrboro, North Carolina. Biology. Heard, Nathan, Jr., 125 Gloyer Street. Southern Pines. North Caro- lina. Mechanical Engineering. Heartley, .Matthew W. HI, Post Office Box 218. Clayton. North Carolina. Music and History. Marching and S mphony Bands. Heckstall, Luetta, Post Office Box 434. Plymouth. North Carolina Nursing. Teloca. omens Council, ami Sunday School. Heggins, Eugene Jr., Post Office Box 102. Zebulon. North Carolina. Applied Sociology ' and Applied Psychology. Veterans Club. Henderson, Joseph, 26 Vought Avenue. Freehold. N. J. Social Science. Hendrix, Willie R., Route 2. Box 224. Lexington. South Carolina. Architectural Engineering. Society of Student Architects and En- gineering Association. Herbin, Frances, 915 Martin Street. Wilmington. North Carolina. .Architectural Engineering. Hester, Yvonne, Route 3, Box 269. Oxford. North Carolina. Nursing. Teloca and Fellowship Council. Hill, William Lee, Route 1. Box 249, Pollocksville. North Carolina. Business .Admmistration. President. Jones County Club, Geographic Society, Business Qub. and VMC.A. Hilliard, Leroy, 905 Robeson Street. WUson. North Carolina. Ph si- cal Education and Biology. Ph sical Education Majors Club. NAACP. Hinnant, Shirley R., 805 Bellaire Street. Greensboro. North Carolina. English and Historv. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Fortnightly Club. Fellowship Council, and Pan-Hellenic Council. Hinson, Catherine Annette. 19(X) East Lee Street. Greensboro. North Carolina. Histc)rv and English. Student Government. Geographic Society, Mu Xi Nu Jazz Society. Richard B. Harrison Plavers. Register Staff. Fortnighth Club. Off Campus Club, and Inter- national Relations. Hipps, Lissie M., 835 Rugley Street. Greensboro. North Carolina. Fine Arts and History. . rt Circle, NEA. Dance Group, and Mu Xi Nu Jazz Societv. HoUcy, Virginia, 801 Grove Street, Favetteville, North Carolina. Physical Education. Holmes, Sidney L., 1319 Wilson Road, Norfolk. Virginia. Archi- tectural Engineering and Mathematics. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Engineering .Association, Pershing Rifles, and Drill Team. Holt, Elaine . udrey, 205 West Ciurtis Street. Mount Vernon. Ohio. Nursery School Education-Clothing. Kappa Epsilon Society, YWCA. International Relations Club, Usher Board, Richard B. Harrison Plavers. Marching Band. Symphony Band, Dance Group. Hooker, Nannie Arlean, Route 2, Box 75, Graham, North Carolina. Major: Mathematics. Minor: Chemistry. Hoover, George, Route 3, Box 4tJ2. Thomasville, North Carolina. Industrial Arts-Mathematics. Industrial Arts Association, AVC.A, VesIev Foundation. Horton, Harold, 108 Forest Street. Lenoir, North Carolina. Biology. Howell, David L., Route 4. Box 57, Salisbury, North Carolina. Mathematics. Howell, Mary J., 144 Shilos Road, Asheville, North Carolina. French. Hoyle, James E., 1616 Harrison .Avenue, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Electrical Engineering. Humphrey, Ray-mond Hilliard, 1307 Lindsay Street, Greensboro, N. C. Air Conditioning. Football, Choir, Marching Band. Hunt, Ralph, Route I, Box 196, Franklinton, North Carolina. Mathematics-Military Science. Sunday School, BSU, NAACP, NEA, Mathematics Club, Officers Club, Advanced ROTC. Marching Band, Svmphonv Band. Hunter, Lionel D., 1516 Pichard Street, Greensboro, North Carolina. Industrial Arts. Industrial .Arts Association. Ingram, Brendolvn G., 718 Washington Avenue. Hamlet. North Carolina- Home Economics Education-Clothing. National Teacher Association. Choir. Kappa Epsilon Societv. Ingram, James W., Route 3, Box 32L.A, Laurinburg. North Caro- lina. Engineering Phvsics. Innis, Robert, 615 East 168th Street, Bronx 56, New York. Irving, Robert Lee, Route 2. Box 319, Trenton, North Carolina. Pre-Med (Biologvj-Armv ROTC and Chemistry-. YMCA. Biology Club, Jones County Club. Army ROTC (advanced). Student Counselor. Jackson, . ndrew Nathaniel, 412 Owen Street. Henderson, North Carolina. Chemistrv-Mathematics. Football. Jackson, Emmett, 438 East Elm Street. Goldsboro. North Carolina. Industrial Arts Education. Jackson, Nettie Louvenia, 1308 Avalon Road. Greensboro. North Carolina. Business Education-Education. Business Education Club. James, Robert C, Route 2. Box 272, Franklin. North Carolina. Engineering Mathematics. Baptist Student Union. Mathematics Club, 4-H Club. Sunday Sch(X)l, Engineering Association. Jamison, Grady E.. Route 4, Box 492D, Charlotte. North Carolina. Engineering Phvsics-Mat hematics. .American Institute of Physics, Mathematics Club, AV ' estminster Foundation, Who ' s Who, Betta Kappa Chi. Jemigan, Leroy, Star Route. Box 63, Cofield, North Carolina. Biology-Chemistry. Biology Club. Student Counselor, Veterans As- sociation. Johnson, . rchie, 2921 Teresa Avenue, Winston-Salem, North Caro- lina. Mathematics. Johnson, Carlton, 167-24 Foch Boulevard. Jamaica 34. New- York. Biologv -Social Studies. Biology Club. Armv ROTC Band, YMCA. Johnson, Charles Edward, Jr., 1108 North Hvde Park Avenue, Durham. North Carolina. Social Science-History. International Re- lations Club. Student NE.A. Intramural Basketball, Intramural Football. YMCA. Johnson, Doris, 401 Caribou Road, .Ashevdle. North Carolina. Social Science. Johnson, Dorothy A., 808 North Pine Street, Charlotte. North Carolina. French-Historv. College Choir, AVCA, Charlotte Club, International Relations Club. Marching Band. Johnson, Oscar, 807 Best Street. Greensboro. North Carolina. Biolog . Johnson, Vivian Katrina, 912 High Street, Greensboro, N. C. Mathematics and French. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, French Honor Society, Choir, and Cheerleader. Jones. Doris, 414 Brooke Drive, New Bern, North Carolina. Business Educalit)n, Jones, Faulkner, Route I. Box 216, Manson, North Carolina. Electrical Engineering. Jones, Kenneth N., 130 North Graham Avenue, Winston-Salem. North Carolina. Fine .Arts. Art Circle, Harrison Plavers, Register Staff. AVinston-Salem Club. Jones, LawTence Leonard, Route 2. Box 287. Spring Hope, North Carolina. Applieti Sociology-Social Science. .Alpha Phi .AJpha Fra- ternitv. National Geographic Societv, Social Science Club. Ex- plorers Club. Westminister Foundation. Political Science Club. Jones, Willie Herbert, Route 3. Box 267, Red Springs. North Carolina. Electrical Engineering-Mathematics. Arnold Air Society. Electrical Engineering .Association. Keck, Charles L, Jr., 1115 Tarboro Street, Raleigh, North Carolina. Biologv-Chemistrv. Pershing RifJes Honorary ' Societv, Track Team, Biolog Club. Newman Club, ROTC Officers Club Key, Frederick D., 42 Avenue A., Freehold, New Jersev. Physical Education-Psychology ' . Leltermen ' s Club, NE1.A, Varsity Football, Varsity Track. Kibler, Delia G., 1646 Oaklawn Avenue, Charlotte, N. C. Nursery Sthool Education and Clothing. Charlotte Club and Home Eco- nomics Club. King, Leander, Route 1, Box. 545, Kinston, North Carolina. Tailoring. knight, Alfonzia, Route 1. Box 2UU. Halifax, Virginia. Agritultural Etiutalion. Lawson, Andrew V.. Jr., 2 VJ. Otis Street. Durham, North Carolina. Building Constiuttion-Mathematics. Technical Institute Club. Lawson, Arcelia McKay. P. O Box ] ' J8, Roxboio. North Caiolina. Home Economits Ediu.ilnin-Clolhing. Kappa Epsilon Society, YWCA. NAACP. NEA, Sunday School. Baptisl Student L ' nion. Mariliiug Band. Lee, Ken S., Route 2. Box 48, Emporia. Virginia. Agriculture Education and General Science. National Education Association and Agriiullural Association. Lee, Dorothy G., Route 4, Box 62. Henderson. N. C. Biology. Biology Club, NEA, Geographic Society, YWCA. and Fellowship (iouncil. Lemon, iMae Warren, 14()r Cunnnings Aveiuie. Charlotte, North Carolina. Business Education. NEA, International Relations Club, Dance (iroup. Choir. Leonard. Charles O.. !(ll » Easi Gordon St i eel, Kinston. North Carolina. Electrical Engineering. Lesane. C:harks, Route 1. Box H), Elizabeth City. North Carolina. Building C;i nstiiit tion Technology. Lewis. William (;.. 45 Grail Street. Asheville. North Carolina. I-ine Arts. Lewis, Willie L., Route 1. Box 182, Littleton, Noith Carolina. Fine Arts. Liles, Harold Alonzo, Route- I, Box 27, HoUister. North Carolina. Electrical Engincciing-Mathematits. Engineering Association. Baptist Student l ' nion. Sunda Scbunl. Pershing Rilles Society, Rifle Team. Lindsay, Detosta, 208 Kitks Mill-Rom I, Oxford. Nortli Carolina. .Architectural Engineering-M.itliLnialiis. Onuga Psi Phi Fraternity, Aiivanced ROTC. OfTuers C:iidj. CORE, Ardiitettural Engineering Association. Little, Crystal B., 2U5 East Burke Street, Duiham, North Carolina. Applied Sociology-Social Studies. Richard B. Harrison Players. Sociology CMub. International Relations Club. NEA. Little, George L., 8;il) Apple Slicet, liurlington, North Carolina. Agricultural EchuatioTi, Logan, Amos Verne, Route 5. Box 114, Rulherfordton, N. C. Radio Sj Television. Lokie, Kee, Jr., Route 1. Box U36B. Conway, North Carolina. Social Studies-History. Baptist Student Union, ROTC Rifle Team, Long, Jr., Spurgeon, Route 2. Box 61. Conway, N. C. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Engineering Association. Love, Martha, 513 Amos Street. High Point. Norili (Unnlina. Foreign Language. Luca.s " , Willis R., Route I. Box 2T}A. Elm City. Norlli Carolina. Agi iciillural Education Mack, Natalie, P. O. ii(tx 71. Swit erlund. S. C. Nnising. Psychology Teloca. Mack, Vernon. R., Route I. Box 81. Hillsboro. North Carolina. History. Madison, Novella Aldridge, . ' {24 Pine Street, Rinson. N. C. Business Echication, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Choir, YWCA, Business Club. Sunday Scliool. Malli y, lames M., P. O. Box Tk McCain. N. C. Plusical Education. Mllilan Science. Scabbard . Blade. Hiohigy Club, Fellowship Council, Band, Army Rille ieam. Malloy, Jereline, Rcnile 1, Box ;(8, Rocky Point, North Caioliua. English. Manns, Andrew J., Box 95, Architectural Engineering. Mathematics. .Society of Student Aichitects. Engineei ing Association. NAACP. YMCA. Manns, Jesse, Roule I. Box 172. I.eaksyille. N. C. Mailiem.uits, Maihcniatics Club. Martin. Hilly C, 60 Baruch Drive Apt.-5B, New York 2. N. V. Applied Sociology. So( ial Science. Veteran ' s Association, Baptist Student L ' nion. Sunday School, CORE. Social Science Club. Martin, Margaret Ann, l()(f5 Lindsay Street, Greensboro. N. C. Applied Sociology, Applied Psychology, Mu Xi Nu [a z Society, Ivy Pledge Club. Intel national Relations Clulj. OfT-Cainpus Club. Martin, Mark A., 630 Lewis Street. Columbia. S. C-. Electrical Engineering. Mathematics. Vice President. I lecirit al Engineei ing ■Association, Arnold Air Society. Malhis, Dewitt T., Jr., Emerson, N. C. Applied Sociology, Militaiy Science. Advance ROTC. Fellowship Coinicil, Officer ' s Club. Audio- Visual Aids, Stiulent Clouusclor. Mathis, James F., Box 33. Teachey, North Caiolina, Au hilec tui .d Engineering. Matthews, Sherlinc, 2311 Hunter Street, Greensboro. N, C. Nursing. Psychology. Delta Sigma Theta, Teloca. Matthews, Wilbcrt, Jr., 718 West Chestnut Street, Goldsboio, N. C. Chemistry. Mauney, Pearlee A., 2820 McComb Street, Charlotte, Nortli Caro- lina. Social Science. Maynard, Lola Mae, Roule 6, Box 264, Rcidsville, N. C. Physical Education, Social Studies. Physical Education Club, Women ' s Ath- letic Association, Modern Dance Group, Cheer Leader. Maynard, Mattie L., Route 6. Box 264, Reidsville, N. C. Business Education. ABEA. Archonian Club, Cheerleader and WAA. Mayo, Leonard C, 1036 Apple Street. Burlington, North Carolina. Mechanic.d F.ngineering. McVdo i. James Alee, Box 228. Avondule. N. C. Business Admin- isii.ilioii. Aciounling. Business Club. Baseball. M(C;ain, Franklin t... 126 S. Dudley Street. Greensboro. North C..n(3Una. Biologv McCarthy, Issac A., loi North Booker Street, Apt. F.. Cireensboro. Nouh Carolina, Social Science. M(C;lairen. Reyis V., 3816 Day Avenue. Miami 33. lloiida, In- clnsirial , its, In lustrial Arts Association, Florida did). McDowell, Cieorge, 215 Orange Stieet. Charlotte. Nortli (iaiolina. PInsical Education. McDuIhe, Doris M., Route 3. Box 298. New Bern. North Carolina. , pplieil Sociolog , Mckee. Clarence W., Post Ofhce Box 453. Spencer. N. C. Applied Sociology and Applied Psychology. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Senior C Iass Oflicei. Pan Hellenic Council. Fid i tor — A antee; Ccdlcge Council, Intra-mural Football and Basketball. McKinnie, Robert E., 210 South Leslie Street, (.ohlsboio. Nditli Ciarohn.i, ludnstiial , i is Education. Ml Lean. Larese E., 406 Cole Street. Fairmont. North Caiolina. SoM.d S, irucc ' . McNeil, Joseph Alfred, 1008 South 8th Street, Wilmington. N. C, Fjigineering Physics. Mathematics i : Air Science, College Council, Student Go erumeut, American Institute of Physics, NAACP, Ad- ant ed AFROFC;. FLugineei iiig Association, Debating Feam. Mel tun. Thnrgood Stanton. Colield. N. C. Music . F nglish. Band Music ion National Conference. I- or t nightly Club. Middlettni, Lillian Joyce, 1 13 West Kornegay Street. Business FjiucLiiifPii. Alplia Ka| pa Alpha Sorority, Dean of Pledgees, Pi Omega Pi Fiaterint); Historian. Wesley loundation. and National Feline a I ion Association. Miley, Barbara A., 607 Meriner Road. Greensboro. North Caiolina. Nursing. Mills, Glenda, 1207 Aulier Si., Greensboro. N. C. French. Englisli. .Alplia K.ippa Alplia Soioiit . Le Cercle Francais. Icntnlghtly Club. Pi Delta Phi, National French H(jnor Society. .Mitchell. James N., 3200 Roanoke Ayenue. Newport News. Virginia. Ph .sical Ediu ,iiion. Montague, Marian K., OLIi) Sevier St., Greensboro. N. C. Physical Kdiicatjoii, Social Sindus, Physical Education Club. Westmiuisters lomidalion Women ' s All del i Association. Modern Dance Ciroup. Montgcunery. Marvin L.. 23(( Booker St., Greensboro, N. C. Archi- tect iiral Engineering. M.i I hematics. Soi letv of Students of Arclil- lec lure. Moim, Mary Elizabeth, 121 Cotuuul Siieel, Salislniry, N. C. Applied S iciology and Social Studies WC A, WAA. (.eographicat Society, and Baptist Stn lent F ' liion. Moore, Worth, Jr., Roule 4. Box OS, Biiilinglon. North Carolina. Soc ial S( ience. Mooring. Willie J., 707 Douglas Avenue. Greenville. North Carolina. Music. Mosley, Floyd Decates, 307 N- Wall Street. Madison. N. C. Elec- tronics. Band. Nance, Carolyn, 114 McCall St., Circenville. S. C. Mathematics. C;lieniistry. Mathematics Club, National Education Association, DaiHC ' (niuip Mu Xi Nn Ja? Society. Neal, Randall Al in, P O. Box 731, Eli abethioun. N. C. Biology. Cluniisliv, lo.iibjil, Biology Clid). Nesbitt, Philistine, 3131 Carver Rtiad. Winsloii-Salem. N. C. Home Ecoiiomiis Fjjmation K: Flxtension. President- cla Phi Beta Sorority, Kappa Fpsilon Society, Panhelleuic (: nincil. NAACP. YWCA. Student National Education .Association. Nordeet. Barbara Jean, 3017 West Gerald Avenue. Phila . Pa. Nuisery School Education. Giils RO ' I C: Drill leaiu. WAA. In lematlonal Relations Club. ,i u Nuisc ' iy .School Education Club. Gates, Edna, 2511 Hooker .V e.. C;harlotte. N. C. Business Education. Business Association. Ch.nlotte CMid), ' omen ' s Athletic Association, FY ' llovvship Cionncil. Outlerbrige, Freddy, 612 Rooseyelt Avenue, Greenville, N. C. Fine Arts. Outterbridgc, Man in, 612 Roo.sevelt Ave., Greenville, N. C. Fine Arts, Flisuiiy. Pershing RiHcs, Art Circle, Year Book Staff. Overton. Mehiii Lionel, 121 E. Church St.. Edenton, N. C. History, Music. Music ImIiu .i tors ' National Conference. NAACP, Marching , C ' Conccil Bauds, Brass F.nsembie, Page. Dorothy A.. Route 2, Box 60. Apex. North Carolina. Sec- relaiial Siieiue. Parker, Bobby E.. Roule I. Box 40. Bahama. N. C. English, History. Crescent C:luh. Forliiigluly Club. Parker, Francis S., 523 Boyce Street, Manning, South Carolina. Physical Education. ■, Parks, Jerry M., 200 Henley Street, High Point, North Carolina. Electrical Engineering. Patterson, Rolx-rt, 420 Lincoln St.. Greensboro, N. C. Mathematics. Eccmomics. Payne, Mary L., 808 Bellaire St.. Greensboro. N. C, Nursing, Psy- chology. Teloca, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Peacock, Gloria Fean, 23 W. Brooklyn St . Benson. N. C. Nursing. Psychology. Delta Sigma Iheta Scuoiity. Westminister Foundation. YWCA, Teloca, Fellowship Council, Usher Board, Christian Fellow- ship, Choir. Peebles, Horace V., 703 East Lane Street, Raleigh, North Carolina Industrial Arts Education. Peets, Rudolph, 500 South Moore Street, Sanford, North Carolina. Mathematics. Perry, UUhelmenia Joanne, 6904 Partridge St.. Norfolk, Va. So- ciology. Ps cholog . Register Staff, Baptist Student Union, Fellow- ship Council, L ' sher Board, Sunday School. Peters, Elmer R„ 4942 Hackett Drive, DaUon 18, Ohio. Mechanical Engineering. Pickering, Iriing L., South Maverick Street, Charleston, S. C. I air Husban lrv. Pinnix, . nnie C., Route 7. Box 307, Burlington, North Carohna. Home Economics. Pinson, Charlo, 33 South Grove Street, East Orange, N. J. Business Eilucation. National Education Association, Cheerleader, Ivy Leaf Interest Group. Pittiiian, Janies R., 408 Lafayette Street, Cape May, New Jersey. Silence. Pope, Elbert O ' Neal, 633 Price St., Raleigh. N. C. Applied Sociology. Histoix. Spanish Club. Powell, Jerry, 117 Church Street. Whitakers, North Carolina. Physical Education. Price, Lawrence C, Route 1, Box 402, Bassett, Va. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics. Baptist Student Union. Sunday School. nFcA. .Vrnold Air Society. Pridgen, Edna L„ Route 1. Box 23. " i, Snow Hill. N. C. Business Eiliuation. hroclor, James, Route 1, Box 187. Mill Springs. North Carolina. Physical Education. Pulley, Willie Mae, Route 1. Box 363. Spring Hope, N. C. Social Studies. English. Forlnighth Club. National Education Association. Usher Hoard, Social Science Club. Geographic Society. Quick, King A„ 521 N. 13th St.. Morehead City, N. C. History. Music Music Educators ' National Conference. Radar, Richard C, 24 Monument. . pt-lA. Brooklyn 3, N. Y. English. History. Stylus Club. Veteran ' s .Association. Fortnightly Club. Choir. Male Chorus, . lpha Phi . lpha Fraternity, Inc. Rainey, Barbara L., 1701 Marshall .Ave., Newport News. Va. .Applied Sociology. Social Studies. Geography Society. College Council, So- ciology Club. Ranev, Perry A., 712 Shepherd Rd., N V, AVashington. D. C. So- ciulo.g . Psychology. Scabbard S; Blade Society. .Advanced ROTC. Olliters C;lub. College Council. Rankin, Sharon H., 703 Clapp St.. Apt-1. Gieensboio. N. C. . insiiig. Psychology. Rankiiie, Lloyd B., 1549 Sterling Place. Biouklvn 13. New York .Agritiilttiie Economics. Ravenell, Shirley Martella, 1841 Haines St., Charlotte, N. C. .Nursing. Ps cholog . " Feloca. Charlotte Club. Reayes, Cato, P. (J. Box 284. Pittsboro, N. C. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics. Advanced .AFROTC. Vicc-Presidcnt-Cooper Hall. Electrical Engineering .Association. Officers Club. Reid, Harold Gibbs, 1009 Logan St., Greensboro, N. C. Biology, C:hcimsir . Biology Club. Reid, Rubye M., 117 N. Benbow Rd., Greensboro, N. C. Business Education. Education. Business Club. Rice, Arthur Mar, 360 W. Bragg St., Greensboro. N. C. Foods Nutrition. Chemistry. Kappa Epsilon Society, Harrison Players. Students National Flducation .Association, Off-Campus Club, Sliss eteraii. Richardson, Louise Juanita, 322 Beech St., Greensboro. N. C lluMiicss Education. Choir. Harrison Players, Sunday School. Fellow- ship Clouncil. Oli-Campus Club. Women ' s Athletic Society. Richardson, Rosebud, 807 S. 12th St , Wilmington, N. C. .Applied s.iiiologx. Psychology. .Alpha Kappa .Alpha .Sororitx. Fellowship (.Diiiuii. Student Adjustment Committee. Newman Club. Student (Counselor. Women ' s Council. " Miss .A . - I " . Riche, Willie, P. O. Box 205. Bayboro. N. C. Mathematics. Richmond, James A„ Route 2. Box 144. Cedar Grove. N. C. Chemislix. .Mathematics. .Armv Drdl Team. Pershing Rillcs Societv. Siahbaid i: Blade Society. Officers Club. Advance ROTC, United Men ' s Congress, President-Cooper Hall. Riddick, Robert L., 105 South Cherry Lane. Windsor, N. C. C;hemistr . Riiers, William A., 1217 Moody Road. Greensboro. N. C. .Ar- chitectural Engineering. Roberson, Helma, Route 1, Box 85. Blounts Crck. N C. English Delia Sigma Theta Sorority, Register Staff. Fortnightly Club. P.inHellenic Council. Student Counselor. Roberts, Mary H„ 607 Deuitt St.. Greensboro. N. C. Nursery School Education International Relations Club, Kappa Epsilon Society. Robinson, Bernard, 707 Layv Street, Greensboro, N. C. Social Science. Robinson, Norman F„ Jr„ 13 Court St., Charleston, S. C. Archi- tectural Engineering. Mathematics. Charleston Club, .Society of Students of . rchitecture. Robinson, PrisciUa, 1744 Highland .Ave., Conway. S. C. .Applied Sociology Psychology. Mu Xi Nu Jazz Society, Sociology Club, fieographic Society. Robinson, Wilson R., 112 Halifax St., Louisburg, N. C. Social Studies. History. International Relations Club, Lampados Club, National Geographic Society, Student National Education As- sociation, VMC.A, Social Science Club. Rodgers, Lucinda .M., Route 1, Box 229, Pittsboro, N. C. Chemistry. Mathematics. Sunday School. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Who ' s Who Among College Students S: University Students. .American Chemical Society. Rogers, Kenneth L„ Route 2, Graham, N. C. Physical Education. Psychology. Swimming Team .AFROTC Drill Team, .Alpha Phi .Alpha Fraternity. Ph sical Education Club, .Arnold Air Society. Rogers, Peggy j., Route 2. Box 162, Graham, N. C. Nursing, Psychologv. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Teloca. Ross, .Allan, Jr., 923 West 9th Street, Chester. Pennsylvania. .Applied Sociology and Psychology. Vice President, International Relations Club; WMC.A Intramural Football and Basketball; Traffic Safety Club; Geographic Society, and Fellowship Club. Rovster, Sandy, 464 Powell Street. Henderson. N. C. Biology. Rutfin, Miimie R., Route 3. Box 22. Tarboro. N. C. Foods S: Nutrition. Chemistn. .Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Beta Kappa Chi Scientific Honor Society, .Alpha Kappa .Alpha Sorority, .Ameri- can Chemical Society, National Science Foundation Participant. Alumni Scholar. Kappa Epsilon Society, Vho ' s Who in .American Ckilleges S; Universities. Russell, Junius B., Route 1. Box 206. Warrenton, N. C. .Agricul- tural Engineering. Salmon, Trevor .Anthony, 63 Border .Avenue, Kingston 8, Jamaica, West Indies. .Architectural Engineering and Mathematics. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Vho ' s Who In .American Universities and Colleges. Student Goyernmcnt. International Students .Association, International Relations Club. .Architectural .Association. Canterbury Club, and Engineering .Association. Sanders, Elizabeth W., 1107 S. Bloodworth St., Raleigh, N. C. Clothing. Choir. Dance Group. Women ' s .Athletic .Association, Phvsical Education Club. .Agricultural .Association, Kappa EpsUon. Sanders, Frank T., 1107 South Bloodyvorth Street, Raleigh. N. C. Chemistr . Sarden, Walter, P. O. Box 315. Lawndale, N. C. Biology. Scarborough, Brenda D., 2163 Gerald St., AVinston Salem. N. C. Music. French. Band, .Music Educators National Conference, French Club, YAVC.A. Women ' s .Athletic .Association, Sunday School, Winston-Salem Club. Pi Delta Phi Honor Society, Delta Sigma Fheta Sorority. Scott, John D., 105 Charles St., Enfield, N. C. .Agriculture Education, Science. 4-H C:lub. .AgricuUural .Association, New Farmers of .America. Sellers, .Alfred C, Rcuite 3. Box 252, Wadcsboro. N. C. Biology, Chemistry. .Advanced .AROTC. Biology Club. Shoffner, Doris .Ann, Shoffner Court. Greensboro. N. C. Institu- tional Management. Home Economics Club. Off-Campus Club. Sharpe, Rudolph A., 905 N. Ward Blvd, Wilson, N. C. Business .Administration. Mathematics. VMC.A. Mathematics Club. Fellow- ship Council. International Relations Club, Geographic Society, A ' eteran ' s .Association. Shaw, Qarence A., 518 Manhattan Ave., .Apt-35. Neyv York 27, N. Y. Business .Administration. Economics. Geographic Society, Business Club. Simmons, Earnest Lee, 301 Kitchen St., Roanoke Rapids. N. C. .Agriculture Education. General Science. New Farmers of .America, Baptist Student Union. Officer ' s Club, .Agriculture .Association. Simons, Willie R„ 435 Du.Uey St . Greensboro. N. C. Physical Education. Social Studies. Baseball. VMC.A. Explorers Club. Bap- tists Student Union. Sinclair, Lueller V., 409 Street. Greensboro. N. C. .Applied Sociology. Psychology. Choir. Iiiurnational Relations Club. Off- Campus Club. Sledge, Benjamin B., lIKi WMlie St. Roanoke Rapids. N. C. Physical Education. .Social Stuilies. VMC.A. Veteran ' s .Association. Physical Education C4ub. Sloan, Elbert S., 726 Ncuth llth Street. Wilmington, N. C. Mathe- matics. Smalls, Sadie Marian, P () Box 277. Georgetown. S. C. Nursing. Psychology, Teloca. 1-ellowship CJuincil. Delta Si,gma Theta Sorority. Smith, Earl, Jr., Route 4. Box 2n7-C. Goldsboio. N. C. Electrical Engineering. Mathematics. Baptist Student Union. Sunday School. Electrical Engineering .Association. Smith, Hugh N., Jr., 2418 New AValkertown Rd.. Winston-Salem, N. C. Drafting Technology. Smith, Joseph, Route 1. Box 36. N C. Industiial .Arts Education. Industrial .Arts .Association. Smith, PoIIie M., Route 1, Box 50. Clarkton. N. C. Business Educa- tion. National Business Education .Association. Smith, Raymond T., 525 AVilson St.. Plymouth. N. C. Industrial .Arts Education. Industrial .Arts .Association. Smith, Wilbur F„ Route 1. Box 217. .Ash, N. C. Mathematics. Chemistry. Mathematics Club, Baptists Student Union. Sneed, John H., 915 Lindsay Street, Greensboro, N. C. Chemistry. Snipes, Robert, 133 South Tarboro Road. Raleigh. N. C. .Applied Socicilc ' g - Southerland, Charlie, 353 Foraker St.. Laurinburg, X. C. Electrical Engineering. Mathematics. Electrical Engineering .Association. Spaulding, Vincent M., 2110 McConnell Rd., Greensboro, N. C. .Architectural Engineering. Kappa .Alpha Psi Fraternity, Society of Architectual Students, Pershing Rifles Society, Engineering As- sociation. ■ t Sicbles, Laiviiiicc, :i704 Phillips Axciiuc. Grciiishoio. N. C. Chemis- try and Mathematics. Beta Kappa Ch, National Scientific Honor Society. ' icc President; Alpha Kappa Mil Xational Honor Society, President: Who ' s Who In American I ' niversities and Colleges. L ' ntlergradnate Research Participant. Ciernuin Club. Alumni Scholar. Squires, Ellamae E., - ' DO ' J Jellress Blvd.. .So. Boston. Va. Home Economics Education. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. National Education .Association. Kappa Epsilon Society. Mu Xi Nii Jazz Society, Women ' s Athletic . ssoiiation. VWCA. Miss Army ROTC. Spruill, W ' ilbcrl Claude, 14111 Julian Street, Greenslioro, N, C. Apidied So(i(»log . Psychology. L ' nited Social Science Club, Off- Campus C:lul), Mauliing . - Concert Bands. Spruill, Willie J., Route 4, Box Tli, Goldslioio, N. C. . pplied Sociology, .Social Studies. Baptist Student I ' liion. Political Science Club, National Education .Association, Stallings, Verncll, Route 1, Bo. 124. Bevhiville, N. C. liidusiri.d , lts. i)ra[lilig- Pershing Rille Society. Olhcei ' s Club, Lampodas Club. . d ,llKC-d ROIC:. Inilustrial , lts Association. Stephen.son, Leyonia, ' ] ' i Bayette St., Mm fiec.soboro, , , C:. Social Studies. Sociology. National Education .-Vssociation, International Relations Club, Geographic .Society, Mu Xi Nu Jazz .Society. Steward, James, 19(l!l Double Oak Road. Charlotte. N. C. Biology. Stokes, Robert Everett, Route :l. Box 1:1:1. (,leciisville. N. C. Biology, Chemistry. S(abl ard . - Blade Society. Stroud, Willie James, .■14j Durision . e.. So.. Bham, . la. Mathe matics. Mathematics Club. .Arnold .Air Society. Physics Club, Drill Team, Social Chaiinian-Student CioyernmeiU. Stubbs, George .M„ Ullli l.ongfelloyv St., NW, Washington, D. C. Biology. Chemistry. Kappa .Alpha Psi Fraternity, Biology Club, eleian ' s Club, College Council. Sullivan, William S„ 1!I13 (;icne Stieit, .Aslieville, N. C. Electrical Engineering. Sunder, Rodney J., 27U9 Rosemary 111 . inston-S.ilem. N. C. Biology. (Jlieinistiv. Who ' s Who in . iiiei ii .iii Colleges .uid Uni- versities, B,uid, Biology Club, Sutton, Steven, Route 1. Box . ' );?:!. Kinston. N. C Business .Ad- ministration. Pershing Rille Society, Sykcs, Carroll, P. O. Box 17. .Maig,iielts ille, N. C, Business Ad- ministration. Accounting. Scahb.ird , . lil.tde Society. B,i|)tist Student I ' liion, Business Club. .Advanced .VROIC:. Tanner, James L., 100: Quiiicy St.. Greensboro. N. C. .Social Studies. Sp.uiish, Spanish Club, International Relations Club, Clcographic Society. Honor Student. Student (-oy ernment. Tanner, .Milton B., P. O. Box 2I) ' _ ' , Chatlcim. A ' iiginia. Physical Educ .itioii, Tate, Betlye F„ P. O. Box 4l;l, Meban, N. C. Nursing. Teloca. Tatuni, Berkley G., 2010 Benbow Rd., (.leensboro, N, C, .Applied Sociology, .Applied Psychology. Pc-ishing Rilles Socic-t . .AcK.uued AROIC. Taylor, Clyde A., 508 Dauglltridge St . Rocky Mount. , C;. Student Cloiinselor. t;oncert ii: Marching B.iiid. Music Educ.ilois ' National Conference. Officer ' s Club. Choir, liencb C:lub. Taylor, Edward, Route 1, Box 1(12, Shalllle, . C: . ppliicl ,So ciologv. History, YMC,A, Social Science Club, W, I, ( llgallizati I.ivc ttevillc . niinal Hus- Inteina- N. In- , C, .Social Studies. W.csh ( l.iss. ngtoii. I), ( Mph.i Wasbii.gic, K.i|»|i;i lpll.l , |.lu-d I) (; Anliilcttuial Enjj;iiic ' riTig, C, l ' li Taylor. Rmlyard W., rortaiitoiiio |.imaii,i 1 1.1 mil , ( .lirtiiisii . Iiitfinalioii;il Siinli ni Kc ' l.iiHMis Cliil). Thii;pfn. William H., HO ' J liaincs .stucl ( iiistrial Arts Eilucation Thomas, Herman E., IV O. Uox ' ,. Hrvs English c ' l- History. Haiiison Playcis, .Suiulav Silmnl. li.iplisi .Stu- dent I ' liion. I ' shcr lloaril, 1-Vlliiwslii| Cuiintil, Thomas, Leon R., Kinilv i. lio IIH. (.jinn, N C Ekdii-al Eiif inc ' cring. Matlic-iiiaiics, Eki li i( al Kiij;iiiri riiif . ssoi i a I ion . Masonic, Arnold Air Society. Thomas, Lorraine. ' tOl O 4th St . N W Fflloushi]) (iouiuil. Sccrctjis of Senmi S iioiiI , iinLn ' s Coumil- Thompson, Paul S., lOl ! iid Sim i. S Iv .Soiiolojj , Thorne, Yvonne, Iio UH. Nash illc. N. C. His[ot . Tidwell, Honte D., 1 21 James St., Kanapolis. N. C. EnKiiieerinji;. .Society of Students of .Architectural V ' etcian ' s .Vssot iatiun. Charlotte Cluh Tillery, James F., " .ID ' . ' ith Siuet. S.ilrni. . Eduiaiioii Totlen, Patricia, . ' id! Moss Si,. Reidsvillc, . C. Niiising. I ' s ( hol4ifj;y. Alpha Kappa Alpha SokhIin. Ielo a. AVDiniirs Coiiiuil. Diainatics Chib, Vtailiook Stall. Tucker, Janathan P., % Mr. S. L. Tiuker, Sntirhuya. Sierra Leone. W ' tsi . fi i(a, Kngineering Mathemali s. Math matics (iluh. Inter- national f:lnl.. New Man CInh Turner. Alsamiro, (iif:i Sunset Di , (,ic( nsln.n., C Sm Studies. Hislorv. Inteinatiunal Relations Cliih. S|i.niis!i Cinb. Stiulint National EtUuation Association. Turner, Henry A., Route 4. Hox L ' Ui. Statesville, N. C. Electrical Kngineering, Mathematics e Mechanical Engineering. Rifle Team, ollK.r ' s Clnb. Advanced AROIC:. Scabbaid " k Blade Society. I ' eisliing Rille .Society, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Tyson, Doris L., 104 North Street, High Point. N. C. Applied Sociology. Urquharl, Robert E., Box 24 Fruitland, Maryland. Physical Edu- cation, .Social Studies. F ootball, Track. Lctterman ' s Clnb. Villines, Hilton V., Route I, Box 92. Cedar Grove, N. C. Agricul- ture Education, General Science. Agriculture Association. New Farmers of America. Waddell, Portia A., 44 Walton Street, Ashcvillc. N. C. Fme Arts. AValker, Sylvia Arnetta, Route 3. Wilson, N. C. Biology, Chemistry. Biology Club. Delta Sigma 1 heta Sorority. National Educational Association. Mu Xi Nu Jazz Society, liiology Clnb. Walker, Wilson, Columbus. Ohio. Biologv. Chemistry. Biology Club. Explorers Clul), National Science toundation. l ndergraduate Participant, Collegiate Academy of the N. C. Academy of Science. Wallace, Lulher H., 125 South Dudley Street, Greensboro. N. C. Biolog . Ward, ' Golden, 2U0 Powell Street. ' Wilson, N. C. Industrial Arts Education. Washington, Henry L., 112 SoiUh Raleigh Street, Greensboro, N. C. -Applied Sociology. Watkins, Anelson, P. O. Box 621. Forest City. N. C. Business Administration. Accounting. Weaver. Joseph P., Route 4. Box 82. Lumberton, , C. Intlusiiial . i ts. Industrial Arts .Association. ' eteran ' s Association. Welborne, Fredrick L., 42 ' Boundai St.. Salisbury, N. C. Physical FjUiiation. History . Inlernalioiial Relations (;lub. Cieographic So- ciel . VMCA. Scieiue C;lub. National Educational Association. Softball. Wells, Charles A., Route 2, Box 74, Cedar Grove. N. C. Biology. Cliemistry. Biology Cilub, American Chemical .Society, YMCA. National Educational .Association, International Relations Club. 4-H Clnb. Westmoreland, Richard, 2505 Jelierson Davis Street, CJrarlotte, N. C. Physical Education. Whilaker, Clentis M., P. O. Box 721. Dunn, NfHth Carolina. English. White, Albert K., Roiile ?,. Il .x 437-A, Princess Anne. Md. Biology. Chemistry. Arnold Air Society. Biologv Club. Fellowship Council, NAACP. White, Gordon, II Nevybeiry Street. Jacksonville. N. C. Electrical Engineering. Whitle, William H., 20( ' 9 Hassell Street, Greensboro. N. C. Physical Education. Wilder, Marilyn, Route , ' . Box 18. Goldsboro, N. C. Nursing. Psychology. Alpha K.ippa Alplia Soroiity. Who ' s Vho in American Colleges Jv: Universities. leloca, W ' oniens Coniuil. I ' usidint-Junior- Senior Dormilorv. 4-H Clnb. Ve,iib ink Stall. Sundav Sibool. Fellow- ship (Council. Williams, Firnest, S. ' W-B Skc-ct Club Kd . High P.nnt. N. G. Me- chanical Engineering. Williams, Jac pieline AL, 617 Julian St.. Greensboro. N. C. Social Studies, Histoiy. Geogi.iphic Society, Oil-Campus Clid), International Relations Club. Williams, Lovie J., l:i04 East Shine Siicct. Kinston. N. C. Business Education- Williams, Mehin, Route 2. Box 7 . Rocky Point. N. C. Applied Sociology. Psychology. Mu Xi n [a z .Society. Stylus Club. March- ing Band, .Social .Science Club, IC. . NAACP. Williams. Wille E.. P () Box 442. |aniesville. C Chemistry. Williamson, Hattie B., 1011 Castle ' St., Wilmington. N. C. Home Economics Education. National Education Assoc iatioii, tlcographic .Society. Dance Group, International Relations Clul). Kappa Epsilon Soc ielv. I ' sher Board, Mu Xi Nu |a Siu ietv . OM-Ciampus Club, Woiiuiis " Athletic Association- Wills, James H., R .ute 2. Box 202. Edenton. , C, Business Ad- ministration, .Sunday School. Ilarri.son Players, Wills, Lewellyn S., Route ' }. Box $2. . Hertfcncl. N. C. Mechanical Engineering. Mathematics- Arnold .Aii Soc iel . Engiiu-et iiit; As- sociation. Advanced AFROIC. Weslev huind.idoi I earn. Air Fence Association Wingale, Hes,sie A.. Route I, lion Stadoii, , C: iH ' cinig. Wilhersoon, Everett Levun, " il7 Homeland . e,, Industrial Arts Education. Industrial Educ a i ion Association. Wesley Feiundaiion, Wilherspoon. William .A., 2()lS llih Siuci, Win ' Hisioiv l ROIC Dull F,!cc ii i( al F ngi- Duihani. N, i ' .. Indusli iai , rts oilSalem. N C). Iui(i Hon. Wood, Ruby J.. HUH F. ' .imc ' St, Biology Club. Angle Flight- Woods, C ' .linton W.. 4:iO Haipei St Cluinistry. Biology Cilnb, Woodrnll, Luther, 52K living Stiee Education. Wookock, Ivy Mae, Savannal.ini.n . I.nii.ii. 1 1 it ion. Cihemisti y. .Al]jha Kappa Mu Hoi Clii Scienlihc Honor Society. Worley, Iris, P. O. Box 187. Evergreen, N Paili. S, C- Biologv. W.isliingl.i Sot D, :, Plivsual et . Bc-t. ,-;■ Nil Kappa C. Business Education. Wright, Fannie ,S., Route " ., Box ' .A, Henderson, N. C. F.due .ilion. Ednealion. D b.iiiiig I eam, Business Glut). I ' aUic ation Assoc iation Wright, Rohea Adell, Roiit. 1 motive lechnology. Yelverton, Joe E., 1220 Norll Business National Hi II. Atkingson, N. C. Ai Center Street, (ioldsboro. N. Mathematics. Young, Marian, . . ' { RoiUh Ceuirt. Grceirsboro. North Carolina. Physical Education. Women ' s Athletic Association. Physical Edu- cation Club, Cheerleader, Danee Group. Young, Shirley, 1108 Jelierson St,, Charlotte, N. C. French. Spanish. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Spanish Club, Mu Xi Nu Jazz Society. Zanders, Alphonzo Z., 1012 Westbrook Drive. Charlotte, N. C. Mechanical Engineering. E sama Archives F. D. Bluford Library N. C. A T State University Greensboro, N. C. 27411 Archives F- D. Bluford Library N- C. A T State University Greensboro. N. C. 27411 1 wSiiir ' iSi " ' ■ ■Mfcyy- -jy. ' t l fl H ;fff!»,. . , - « Bj ,.1 ■■ -i r. - f- :-; • , ' . «« «« . t •S l- ' t ,,,,x. r4. •V ' ' 1 « ■fe.- ■- Tr-7 ■c ' x ift -

Suggestions in the Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) collection:

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