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Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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p V p N T E E I8B2 - 1962 LPNO -litflNT COLLEGE CENTENHIRL i r i I i[iii i|i|iipiiiiii 111 !||i||ii 3 0343 0072260U »• JbEENSBORO. no Z74I1 All 1 1 (pZ J n- BLUFORD LTBRARf IC a A T STATE UNIVERSBf ERHENSBORa NC 274U id. I •1?■■ ' ■•JJfc ■■Wt • m m • -t?: - K s L L-i -ii -•„-:..:- t " ' V • :i PROLOGUE Young people came with un- bounded hope and limitless ambi- tion . . . young people vho voiild help shape tomorrow . . . the State, the nation, and even, the world. From crowded bustling urban ,ncas, orderly suburban comnumi- lies, and (juiet larms, we came, lorming here a sort of melting pot ol persons with aried experiences and backgrounds. We were im- pressed with the newness of college lile, but vere yet to realize the gravity ol it. Thus, with concern, joy and e en homesickness, we be- came college students. We came to prepare ourselves for careers in engineering, teaching, nursing, art, science, and trades. Wc sought our goals in ditlercnt vays. .Some missed the real purposes of college and saw only the " shadows " ol a college education. Many vere lost along the way. Others invested wisely and used our vouth and energy to its luUest cajjacity . . . realizing " brain power well invested is its own reward. " .-Vdjustment came. c[uickly for some, slowly for others, but some- how we merged into the gToup and became " - ggies " , including the iiivia ol dirty " sneaks " , kilt skirts and continental pants. At ball games we cheered our Aggie teams, in victory we were happiest, in de- feat our spirits were still undaunted, lor this was the " Home of Cham- pions " . E entually. life fell into a pal tern — we took the " re(iuired " coinse in " Canteenolog) " — looked forw.nd to weekend movies — re- leased excess energy with the " twist " , " fly " , " fish " , and " conti- nental " . We were guilty of last niiiuUe (ramming for exams at I he end ol each ([uarler. We looked lorward to the pageantry and color of Homecoming, the s])ring balls and ban([uets, the excitement and |jrecision of the Aggie band and the long black robed line of de]iariing seniors. Man of us kit the need lo be- ' ■• .r •■ to return to our own circle of Iriends. and get back to the routine to w h i c h we Iiad become ac- customed. Time slipped away, almost with- out our realizino it. We did P T and retin-ned to relate thrillino experi- ences. We became more confident and realized some degree of perfec- tion in our work. With the ap- proach of graduation, all of us felt uneasy, and a bit apprehensi e. for the future loomed big ahead, but nothing vas absolutely sine. How- e er, lor our Alma Mater we would ever be certain, " to spread thy trophies, year by )ear, from Dare to Cherokee. " In victory or defeat Lines, Lines, Lines, the routine of Aggieland long, and examined the merits of - the campus organizations. Some vere attracted by the Greek life — we attended rush parties and smokers and made our choices — we pledged and anxiously awaited the day ■ivhen we v o u 1 d make " line " as people kne • we looked like AKAs. Zetas. or Omegas or w hate e r we were. Ihere were many who reaped the rewards of diligent students and o!)tained axerages which would admit us to . lpha Kappa Mii or " Who ' s Who. " We grumbled and complained about long lines, food, grades, and general college re([uiremcn ts, as mair) ' students did, but for the most part we weren ' t really serious. We loxed the problems too. .■ s we matured, the physical makeup of our college also altered, a new dining hall, post office, can- teen, women ' s dormitorx ' , and Fine .Arts louilding were added. We were e cwitnesses to historv as we wel- comed a new president, only to lose him temporarih in the ser ice to our coimtry as head ol the I eace Corps in Nigeria. Holidays were always welcomed events. But somehow we were glad : iicl , liul he made it anyway , . and giaduaud We were Cited . :.•l. ' ir-. ' ' _ ' " CONTENTS Mr. John C. McLaughlin, The " Good Teacher " fim m He spends tireless hours in the classroom Xever too biis fur students The " good teacher " must have, among other things, adequate preparation for the field in which he teaches, a burning loyahy to the profession of teaching and to the institution where he works, a keen sense of humor, the high quahty to insist upon academic excellence, and an understanding and appreciation for outh. and often times, one blind eye and one deaf ear. " Professor Mac ' has all of these cjuali- ties . . . and more. ' hile he got a late start in his profession, he has more than made up for those years he lost before coming to coUcge. He often brags, " f spent nry 25th birthday in higb sihool . . . and I wasn ' t teaching. ' " Mac " graduated from . . T. in 1931, hurried away to Cornell Univer- sity and received the master of science degree one year later. He taught at . lcorn A. M. College in Mississippi for five years and returned to his . lma .Mater in 1937 as dean of the School of . gricidture. He has remained here ever since. Rapidlv approaching retirement now. " Professor Iac ' ha ' , been happiest since 1939 when he reiin(|uished the deanship to return to the classroom and students. I5ecause he gi en geiierouslv of his lime to the students, because he has al- u.iNs demonstralcd a high support lor. and a genuine belief in. the ideals of this institiuion. and because of his un- ceasing ellorts lo develop students to their fullest ca|jacities. we are happv to dedicate the 19()2 edition of the . vantee to Mr. John C. .McLaughlin . . . the good teacher. DEDICATION ' Is " Mac " gets an assist from his chanriing wife N The theme for the 19()2 edition ot The Avantee repre- sents excerpts from a speech on the Centennial ot Land- f;ranl (olleges and universities delivered bv Dr. Samuel D. Proctor, president of the College, at the lOfil fall convocation. 7k jouul- fio4rc A . The I ' . D. lUidoid l.ibraiv Lmphasi-. was i.iitl on the hiiinaiiities in bpeiial leiliucb YJiLlmixm djdt f .. We toiled in the " salt mines " of Bkitord Library l|j ■PI " te luflfUA- jwIuxuUmO. Music and Arl Uuilding M (teifcuj tim -fctoj. iUiua . Ijiology " Wli.Us ihc i.kIi.iIiijii (ciuiil! ' " Sludciil Rcsciildl w piiB n » ' TPX • • • loiiuli Sliill — Organic Chcni Fresliman Registration — We used backs lor writing support ■IP W liat ' i I hf lieiiil? — , g Lioni Jlie, eJkcoJKA. . . Cmint Down iMii ' iiiifjs Cn ' liili ' i(. iiii ( ? . " if ' •i?- ' . ' ■ . " ■i ' ' ' it There is beautv in flowers Jb )ipwA(liuta. Mimsjl fi(jL(tallMU « « The Library — a seconil lioine Carelull ' mm tihiikcn, again! Laiulbiape dcsig] PopaldtSiCJ. . . Biolog) Lab From (:hcnli t lab )l.llll K■ to the Fine Alt ol dSJuJxtWL OmjI j dtJL. . What ' s the hili.- ! in lashions? We were " loaded " with talent (W,iidu) MJIa. .. We did a lot ol things together ' ? ■ f ? »« •r In Agiiciilcuif Economirs In AuiciniDtive Technology In tilt Language Arts In Engineering A W ' iiucr Scene Milaclv ' s luit To iiroviile the Tool ?• ' •? •» ' ; :»s ' Wt. ». c? " t JWot o|j!| OppMltM In Soil Science In Militarv Science For Phxsio Research W ' c learned alxmt ihe dance riiniiif h M liol.ii ship aid — Scars Roebuck Si Iml.nsliip uinm-rs: Mc- Arilim Newell. |acks in ille; James Kearnev and Alice Key, Iioth of TartxiKi; Frank. Faisdti. Clin Km and Alexander liawson, Bclhaven, with 1)1. B C. CI)h, .11 left. Sale l)i i iii Til ((impi ' ic on i.(|iial terms ■Wl— g J 4 r0 V w r ► n r x r, X f r I.. (... I)() V(I . .Kliiit; piciidL-nt 1 It lilkcl llic ljic;icli When Di. Samuel D. Proctor, president of tlie College, accepted a call in December, 1961, from the U.S. Peace Corps to head, lor IS-nionths, its program in Nigeria. West . frica, L. C. Dowdy, then dean of instruc- tion, was askeil to serve as acting president dining the interim. The choice of .Mr. Dowdy was a logical one lor he and the President had planneil and worked ilosciv together, in designing a step-by-slep program loi impioxenicnts at A. r T. As members of the administrative " team " , it well knoun about the campirs lommunit) tluit the two were in total agreement on the course the " good ship " of . . T. shoidd t.ike. Temporarily separated, by geography .ilone. (be " " is siill a working reality, lor it .ibeacK ])lanned its work far beyiiid Siptrmbir. l!Mi, " . the date set for the lelin n ol l)i . I ' roi lor. Two slioil .ind terse statements liom the two give lis the assurance that A. T. is " on course " . Dowdy — - ' y efforts will be directed low.ird siiciiglhening the (Jollege, inteniall ' . I ' rottor — " 1 will relurn. " ADMINISTRATION TEAM Dr. .Samuel D. Proctor, ;)ejK c» , and Mrs. Pick ten, le,i e Im Aliii.i The at ting jiresideiit and the new " first I.kK " . .Mrs ' Dowdv The Administiative Team — Dowth ami Proctor Dr. Cilenn F. Rankin Dean of Stiulcnts ADMINISTRATION Van(e E. Gray Adininisiiaiivc Assisi.iiii in the Prcsiilcnt ' ■ - ■■ 1 1.u e R. Ak- aiuUi Business Manager William H. Gamble Diicddi »[ Admissions Ita 1 5f? H r 1 wmp WM Kjk ' !2 H - H i|| i Jnll H «i Uu Mti ._JH nSkill HHlk flv . iJliflUBt S, l . ' " v JJ _..«■ j H " " • u H tt. I 3 — VM I Kh. K ' fflr " " ' " " " H M _- ' Z [Z1 1 B Hl 26 Rev. Cleo M. McCoy Director of The Chapel Ellis F. Corbett Director of Information Ser ices .S. J. Shaw Director of The E ening Classe-i Di. Robcit S. Beale Director of Itistilulional Research I.leuellyn A. Wise Mnivii Diifdcii III I hi- (.iiiil.iiut Ciiilcr W. 1. Mcini ' , Diicttiii ut PhKeinciit STUDENT SERVICES Di . !• " . Kai Ic l).i is f:.ilk!;c I ' Insi, i.iii MaiTiii B. Gr:icbci Diu-c Kit ol liinl.lin ' .mh! ( ,i i?r, i K ??■ M S ' r M JE ' ga m k .i2 ' " 1 (;. C. Oean • •;• ' j . ' «lr •:; ' •.-. »J Jiininif I. Harber Dciiii of McTi STUDENT PERSONNEL .Mr . . r.nis Briniage Assi-itaiit Dfan ui ' oinen Phillip D. l; -..iM Assistant Dean ut Men Mrs. E. licMiicc |(ilinsiiii C.I Wcnuii i I IN MEMORIAM Paul ' rmii]i |i vfll, pitifcssor of eiiCTineeiing and iliainiiaii (il ilu- Dcpai 1iik-]|| I Mii hauical KngiiK ' t ' iiiig ami ulin |)assc-(l im Oitcilici L ' 7, H)()l. was a high dioice as a |)ic)kss(ir l) hu ljIi and stiuk-nls, alike. lie had all i]| ihc (|[iahl ics ol grealness as a teadicr — diaiiialii, )(i deal, a high sense (il l(i all In ihe ColUge and llie ])ei)ple who (oiiiposed il ami a laie iimlei slaiiil- ing ol, and apjjiec iation hii, Ihe sUideiU. Those . . X. ' T. sliideiils xvho suidied at ids IVel In two eras (he laiiglit heie lor two siiiiis. l92h-l!l2S, ami more reieiilly Irom I ' J ' iK iimij his passing) will alwa s reiiieiiiher him loi these ipialiliis, anollier ex.miple ol the " good teai her. " 30 •? ' jfc: 1- .s- W- •l »if- d 4 " K a A. A v i v w % t i Dr. 15. C. Webb. Dean. Scii..,,l ,,l , gi imliuic The ,S(hoi)l ol . cr] j( ulturi ' has a cm- liiiiluni iltsiniK-il t(i pi(i iili- ihc students with ionises wliiih lead l the Bachelor ot .Siienie Degree. .Majors were otiered in: Agriitiltnral tdiiiation. - gT iiidmral Eco- nomies. . nimal lTuhis(r , Plant Science and . gi icultui.d Kngineering. Hiology, Cihemislrv. Home laonoiiiiis and a variety (il short couises. This School, over the years, has had a distinct reputation lor preparing high type graduates who ha e taken |)C)sitioiis of leadeiship in agiiculture and the sciences throughout North Ciarolina. the nation and the world. Quantitative . nalysis Biology A ' iJii ' nf )in Agriculture Economics Piiultiv Husbandry Horticulture Clothing — millinery 33 UKb |. M. M.ii ictii.i, Dciii, ScIiodI 111 KiigiiRci iiig T(i keep ). iv with the iiu leasing k- ni.miN )l indiisUA. .tiul ihc linu ' s in ' hi(h wc li c, ihf Siliiiiil ol Kngintcrint; ini- j)iii etl ils si.iil .iiui t ' |).nulf(! iis i.u ilitics .mil |ili si:,il |j|.cnl. Id liix ' ' sluiUiits 111 mctl ihc iiei-iK nl lIil ' |Ji-ii|jlr, iiiilustr , giiMi nineni. aiul the wiiinus lcilnii .i! .iiiil IrKK, ihc Sdiiiiil nl Engineer- ing iilleieil liiui- e.ii (iiuises in Aiiliilei- Met and Klecliiial Engineer- ing, Engineering Malheniatiis, Engineering Plnsits, Fine Arls, IncUistiial Ediitation anil Hiisiness. IniUisli iai Arts Media nil a I Engineering 3) W. mmmmmmmm Electrical Engineering Business Administration and Education Ph sics N. C. A :T STATE UNIVERSUI BREENSBORO. NC 27 11 Dr. L. 11. i .ol)iiiM.ii, l)(,,ii, ,s,ii,„,| ,,| lnUii.iiion and (fCiK ' Suulics Music ( eaerai Studies The .Siliiiiil (il Eiliu.iiiciii .nul (.ciu-ial Studies olk ' nd llu- siudciii npiini luTiities to piepaie loi leaihiiif; oi lot several dis- tiiKt ,nul piokssiciii.d |niiMiits. The sdiijol exleiided its siope ol sIikK to include llie himiaiiities and arts to en- able the student to bioaden his itdtiual peispettive. The Sdlool includes the lollowing fields ol stiiih: air seienie, applied sociology, ccoiioniiis. eduiaiion, l-,nL;lish, loreign Ian- gtiages. luilitai N scieiue. music , phvsical educalion, ps cholog , and the social sciences, as well as stdjjec ts lecpiirecl lor couiplelion ol the pre-l.iw .nul pie-proles- sictnal soc iai i n k c outses. J Educational Psychology mr ' wi£; ' 7. " m. ' »V- ••;, B kb Speech Laborator FdiL-ign Language Laboratory Phvs Ed 37 mr " riif program ol ihc sihcidl ol nursing at A. S.- 1 . Cliillegc has been ilcsignctl lo pre- pare the student to assiniie high-level posi- tions in the field of musing. The curric- idum iniliiiles eotuses necessary to musing as well as general ediuation an l the s(ieii es, thus pieparing the student as a whole, eipiippid .is a prolessional pcison .iiid a (onlrihiuiug nienil)er ol the om- munilv. llst.i hi ished in l!l.5, ' l. it is the newest school .mil olleis ihe B.u helor of .Sciente ilegree in musing. I ' l . rrs. Naomi Vvnn, Dean, School of Ntusing That Chart! . u.iloni Blood Pressure -J. X ursine FiindamLiitals 1 he Tcloca Club 39 S. i.. Smilli, Dt-aii. Ifiliniial Iii lilulc Wiihm ilic rcihiiital liistiiutc the sluikiit Ic.irris li (Icm1(i|) ami ulili e skills t(i lndJMie lechiiiiians in iiiaiiv aiitil liaiks. The Instilulc |)i() itles lor training in liuililint; Ciiiisiiuction, nralting, Air Cciinlitioninj; ami Rclrig- eratidii, Autoiiioiive Tc hiii)!i gy, Ciloth- ins ami Dtsiijnincr. Sccrelarial Science, Eleclronics, Mcdiaiiical Technology, Sheet Metal, Maihine SlKip. Carpentry, Auto Body Rejjair, Cabinet Making, Photogr,i|)h , I ' ainting ami Deiorating, Shoe Rep.iiiing, Masonry, and Driver Eilucatioii. Leathercraft • ; - MHHMHk 7 Tailoriiitr Shoe Repai: Electrical Technology ' Ikr Diattiiie; o v- Maboniy Machine Shop Auto Mechanics Caipeiitiv 41 Dr. G. C:. Rinal, Dcm, C.radiialt Sthnnl ij For imprnveil insliiulinn in gciiLial su ' fiuu ScAo-al GradiMli ' |)iiji;i .nils .lU ' iiIIcikI in llie area ol Ic.k licr-ciliualinn kadini; idw.nd the Master ol Science degree, . reas of stud in the (.r.iiln.ile .Sdinol iiulnde: 1. .Xgrii nil ni.d Kdiiiation 2. Indnslrial (. i Is) Kdiu.ilion 3. lidiualioii ((.laduate elementary, and (.radiiate .Secoiidar levels) . . diiiinistration and .Sn|)er ision in Kdik.iticin. The (.radnale .School litis ear loopcr- ated with the North ( .irolin.i Uepai Iment ol PuhJH Inslinilam in ihe In-Sei i(e I-dii- cation I roL;i.nn lor It.ulieis .ind (on- iltuted ilassis ill Ine-ienleis in llie St.ile. RMMm y 4 . X IT H f y p p 4 ► X X W X ;4cfcmti ee lie iiicnihi. ' is Sta ;.| llic srali ol llic I ' ll.: Ill i[r- A Mll a k: woikf.l lillit;rinl m ihUL- f..| V ; ill luidk uliiili won III p irli;i in Mniic small u.i the atiixitics of ili Miiilcnl group (luijiii; ihc ItMil-til .ii.nlfinic mmi. As wc wnulil hf i |Hi ltd (. ' Ii.kI om sluic el prohlenis and l)lcssini;s Wjih tin- j usMiits ut academic rctjiiiixinLiiis, other inicusis outside the cail)()()k vork and a tieineni proiiiice for ou the best product within lipus (lesnc to Roal of attoinplislu short in our ohjei (i i. lenl, we nia ha e falle di l the hcst w n omissions. oi e eii o ei pla , we assure ou, were iiol eiiois ol the heart, hut in- adecpiacies o (.i uliuli we had no (.oiiirol. We hope ili; and will for.L ixe sui h einns enjo this leundins and that it will HI vears to tome as a lemimler t.l the hap iiKMiicnis which ue spent her I ' i " c arc 1)1 Olid to inesciit this, the 19(J2 Robell Codiian. rh, h)onij lir Jerome Ingiani, F.diloi -iu-Cliii j Johnsic Nelson, Secrrlaiy i f A nntcc Tomasenia (:l.i . C.hii-f T j isf •? m m:, W;. « Ifii o dE La oi ' t Staff— Seated: Wilbert Dix. Sampson lowens. Sarah Rearden. Slimdin : George Sanders. and Lorenzo (orris. ki S] ti — C-imix iR I jison. Ceorge Little, and Oucn Cakluell. Jr. .As50Ci TF Editors— R i t hai d Walker and Beltv Pierce. Typing Staff— Dorothy Ranisev and Christine Crutchfield. A IIk ' a S: I Coliegf i r i s v) fdv a Imig luiinhcr uf r.iis iHiud .IS one il .h ; k ' .i(liii« ncwsp.ipuis (p1 ils kiml, iiiiilMiiinl HI lliL- hiu- iKiita c. I ' lniiiiicd h .ni L-ltunril siall. Iicadcd l) Tuniiiiif Gadilic. I he rn s|)a[)ti |H ' i nk d ilii ' iaiii|nis idih- inunil vil[i a icadN Mi v ul ikws M y siill retained ils i aiikini; u| liisi [d.ii c iii jiulgiiit; l) I III- tiMi am-ptcd II .1 I i ri M .1 1 i a 1 i n t; at ciuiLs. riif iicwsp.ipci jlul»ll lK•{! si ' ini iiii)iiihl A i gciR-iallv on stiK-dnlr. tliaiiks in a haul wmk tuips ot tu[j leportcis x k i litis Mis. Ldicnu M.minv inni jiiiicd .is us LkhIu advisor. Tommy Gaddie. F.dihn ■in-Chief 7 " " The Cream of College News " " j-V , ' S C.ordnn Rullotk. Ui tmt niilor. checks willi Caddie, rdilor. llcj)otlfts: Charles Caller. Phenie Dvc, Donuhl Morgan, Tiin . k MiMaii. Nalhahe Clicw and . iiiiic Mae Aiideis.)ii, G Mis. Loicnu Mallow. Advisor Staff At Work ' I ' xjinio Siiifi: Aniiic Mac AinkiMni, FliLiiic l) e. Nathalie (Jk-w and Icliiia R(il ins _in. A ' ! s Moll: I-k-liiia Rof.iiison. Charles Carter. Ilka Row(HtLli, Donal.i Morgan. Car Bell and K.iin.n.t Adi ' trtising and Iiii iius Mfiua ers: Trc McMillan aiul Cla rente Richardson. m STUDENT Tile Stiicltiii (;i) einnRiu (lining the I ' .llil-lil. ' aiailcniii year rculiccl a new hii li in iis sci ins tci ilic insiitution, il-, sluilenis anil lai nily. Heailecl by vonililni and (Knaniii faik I ' . cll. ilie smnp got an i-ai l siai I nn is work and lunullud iis piogi.un wiih c-llu iency and dis]jattli. T ' he grou|i lonnd leads soiniion ' , Im niarn slndenl pioljlcnib whidi belon- a|)|Kaicd lo be- dillnnlt and. as a usidt. il luipcil to iicate an atniosphcic on tlic lampns coniUkive to bcuer college lile. W ' c were all |)ii nd ol llie services tlic Ciovcniinent rendered. atk K fll. ImwiiU-nl, A T SludeiU Guvcrnmcnt SrLur.M OoMRwitM Oi i il ms; Louise Duillc-y. sidi-laiy: Ralph liunihill. Iinnimi: Uijiie Bell. ' Miss A ir 1 ' 48 GOVERNMENT (j ss Rl I ' KI SI I I | I s, I ' I! In liiuwii, .Lii.l R..I,L.i Mill, In, w. - w 1 ill lll.iii. Rithuicl BarljLT. |.mit Fiillti. | C;oM iiiiii Chaikmkn. ., to ii«hl: Eugene Backniiiii. Rex Fonuiic. Donalil Morgan. 49 fcrt Alpha Kappa Mu The .AIjiIki Rappa Mu Honcir Sixiciy inilucled aniont; [s nK-mljci hip mt- stainliiig sliulenls who liad carncil high academic averages. A ,S.OO average was tlie In si and hasii i e(|inrenieiu and was open to those who |Hnsiied degiee pro- grams in all Iields. Baptist Student Union The Baptist Stiitlent Union is a ion- necting link lor Baptist stnilents be- tween the slndenl and his spiiitnal lile. Under the leadeiship ol I.iiiriia Itiinell, it provided an all arcjinid piogiam ol social and ieli " ioiis aili ities. The Usher Board The College Uslur lioard plaxeil an imporlani pail (jI the college (hapel. lis membeis (ame as olunleeis hdin various groups, were ikxoied lo the sei- vice and did (oinmendable jobs. • 5. 4 - - i; m ' • OVi! .- " " Sigma Rho Sigma Honor Society Sisnia Rho Siuin.i Sudcly is an honor MXicty for sO( siJL-ncf majors, h songht lo entourajjc in iis members a high ilegric ol ilr oi:on lo siholaiship in ihi ' humanilirs and inircnl six ial scienc c allairs. silli Music Educators ' National Conference This oii ani alion was (onijjoscd of musi( majors and niiiiois uiio lia f iifiiiNcd in ilie iitld ol nujsii . fi |jio iilcd prolessionai iniciesl in (lie ic-aiiiing of nuisii ami cxHiuled piofessioiiai ton- lacls lor the benelit ol iis members, f-orums. leas and nuisit apjiiei iaiion hiiins lealured ihe inesenniion ol per- sons oinsi.inding in ihe held ol miisie. Fortnightly Club Tliis oroani alion plaied high interest on literatine. Composetl mostly of those majoring in Englisli, it liad as its faenfty advisor. Miss Jean Blight, a lonnder of the organization. Engineering Association The EngiiR ' Ciing A bociatioii broiiglil together stiuleiit niajoiiiig in eiigineei- iiig liii the | iii |)i)sc ' s 111 stiimilaliiig linthei iiiteixM in llic lieici as a proles- sicin and In (lexc!( |i k-!liiusln|) among the majors in ihc lulds. VUv Association s|)onsote(l its ainnial loni to inilnsliial anil go ei mnenlal tngiiieei ing plants. Jones County Club The Jones (ioiint (Jiib. loniposeil ol students wIkj tame liDin the Cioiiiuy, was organi etl lor the pm pose ol bring- ing togethe] neighbois anil liiends lor iniiliial undeislanding and liilpl ulness. Mathematics Club The Mathematics (.hib was one ol several oigani ations set up within the Si hool III Engineering which had loi its ptnposes to bring togetlui sluderUs ol like prolessional inteiesls. lo nioli ale high appiei i.ilion lor, and achie emenl in, the held ol m.ilhem.itics. Industrial Arts Association The Induitrial Arts Association has txen (.-stablislied at A. it T. foi the- pur- pose ol stiimilating interest among those wlio major or minor in the field in the industrial and ediitational pursuits. Its |nn poses were further, to promote leadership (jualities important to profes- sionals in the field and equal to the de- mands for persons trained in tjie field. Agricultural Association One ol the oldest organizations on recoid at A. T.. the Agricultural As- sociation has maintained over the years the basic objectives that of affording a forimi ol discussion of the latest trends in modern and scientific agriculture. Trtie. the methods and procedures have changed since its organization, the As- sociation has done much to crystalize thinking amrmg those interested in scientific agriculture to their mutual benefit. Biology Club The BiologN Clid) seeks to implement the instructional program at the CioUege so as to stimulate student majois and minors in the field to higher dedication and achievement. bd The Fellowship Council TIk ' puisiiii (il lik- uiuii liiiKiu, the can iiin nil 111 ciiii - |) hciitagc. ami the luitlRriiig ol mn iibual ami spililiial [(icuvtli wiix ' bill a Ic v iil llic wliolcMimc- iibjei livo Miutjlu bv The FLllii v- hi|) (iouiuil. Olhci veu ' ihc g;rmvth cil iiidi i(liial iiimi e (lUl " es enhameil 1) S1iiu|j sIikK ami uciisliiji, the laiclul |)laiiiiiiig ol social aiiivities, and iniijlii ifingiiilion lo ihose imlivid- uals whose unselfish ser i(e loiuiib- uled lo the vellare ol ihe lollei e torn- ninnil). ' A4 r The Charlotte Club Boaslinu ol a big emolhiieiil o l siu ilenis lioiii llie " (hieeil (iil " . llie slu- deiils Iroiii Cliailolle saw ihe need loi an oigani alioii lo bind ibein i loser lo- gethei. The (ihailoiie (ilul) has now exlended ils nieni bersli i |i lo students Ironi surrmuiding aieas as well as those Inini Chailolle Catv. wg H avM- State Student Legislature ' Ihe State SludeiU I.egislaluie sei es to lauiili.ui e siiidenls, lepiesentiiif; the inajoi colleges and uiii c ' rsil ies ol N. CI., with lundaiiieulal legislali e pnueiiures. Held at llie Stale Capilol in Raleigh, bills were presented ami ailed upon; in a mo( k assenibh llie sliidenls ' ere able lo execute public al moves and increase their knowledge ol govern men la 1 pro( esses. Foreign Association The Foreign Assoriation served a iieeileil |nii|)c) e in service to the increas- iiit; luiiiiber ol foreign studenls wlio (,inie to A. , - T. C ollege this ear lor study. riie jjtirposes of the organization were lo bring together persons, not native to lliis (oiinlrv hir the nuitual sell interests ■ ind Willi .1 broader lew of helping to ireaie an ainiosphere here for the better undersianding ol those who hatl diller- ent geogr.iphieal anil culttnal baik- grounds. Young Women ' s Christian Association The ' oinig Women ' s Christian Asso- li.ition. an alhliate of the national AWC.A., lontiutied its fine jirograni of promoting high standards of Christian li ing among the oung Avomen ol the tollege tommunily. Reports indicate that the membership was increased and a progressive program was londiKteil lUiring the entire year. iwiii A : Geographic Society The Cleographic Society had tor its puiposes to promote interest in the study ol geography and the development of interest in world altairs. Its members reported a very successful ear which leatureil regular meetings of information and inspiration. 55 Y. M. C. A. riie tiiillrge ih,i|)iii [ i tv iuiiif; Mcn Chi isii.iii , ss(i( i.iliiiii IV, IS .1 iioii-, l.n imixriiu iil (il siu lU-nls. I.i(iill , ,iiul liicmK wliiili miii,i;1u In |iriini(iti ' |)i liii iplcs (il llu (liiisli,iii l.iilli llniiui;li viir-.lii|i, sci iir, slinl , and ,11 linn. Sunday School IIk- lu.iin ]iiii n sv ill llu ,Suncl.i .Siliiiiil was 111 |iiiiiii(ilr luilci i(lii;iiiiis parlii ipaliiin mi du- p.iit nl die siii dcMls. lliis oi!;,ini .iliiin s.i - ' Us iiuiii- Ijcis .111 ij|i|)iii liiiiilN liii s|)ii ni.iiii- It ' sl.iliiin .mil ( |ii cssiiiii, I lir .Siind,i .Sdiniil |il.i cil .1 ( I ini|Jiiil.iiil |).iil ni die spiiilu.d uill-liLiiii; 111 llic (.iiii]nis. N.A. A. C. P. IIk- CiilU ' nialc CliapUi nl lIu ' N,i- tinlLlI Assnl i,llinn Ini lllr d ,ini clllrn 1 nl ( inl nlcd i ' ( iipli ll.iil ,ls ils |il llllr Inl In [ilnlllnic lullll irl.llinns lllinn ;Il lis IIK llllx ' l s ill llu I nlinniinil , lllr Il.lllnll. and llu will 111. lliinnL;li ilisi iissimi ,iiul IC ' sr.Ill ll, snlllllnlls In 1 1 U ' |ilnl)l(nis nl luiiiiaii rcl.iiiniis wcu- snnnlil. 51) Veterans Association Tl e ' Li(.-i,in ANMKiation olltreil ihe ii])]) minii lor bell-L-xpit-.siiin ,uul to- opcLiliou 1)11 m.iliei ol iinportaiKc lo the vci(.r.iii suulciits ol A. , ; T. Tlie As- Mxiatioii oIlciL-d •(ociul .icli itic. ami ier fd lo iliaw clo el LogelliLi tilt iilLii and women who hail ■,ci ctl in llic ai- ioiis strvices. Agricultural Economics Club liionrniiii jjiiicctluies ami batkgioiind niaiiiial ' ) were iiiaile a ailabk- lo the iiieiiibeis ol the Agi ictiltiiial Eiononiii!, C;itib. Stiessint; the importame ol its ob- jectives ill modern agricidtuie. tiie or- ganization ei ed lo help students by olleiing individual expression and prac- tical ajjplicatioii. Art Circle rile Art Carile was composed of those students who had majored or minored in an, and ilir se who hatl an interest in llie field. Possessing a membership of above average ihis ear. the Carcle had planned to present several exhibitions ol stuileiil work. Solum Series The Siilum Series. ;ni oigani .ilion ((ini|ii)seil i]| siuik ' iiis iiiieresteil in llic sliuK (il ,ioion(iin , h.iil loi ils cibjci- ti es 111 bellei uiuleisl.Mul llie ini]ii)i- l.ince 111 llie cue ,uul |ii cite( liuii cil soil ami llie lesulliiif; .ille(ts on llie ayri- culuiial eiiinunn nl ilie naiimi, ami in slimiilaie exii a-i im ii ula -.imK ami in- leiesi in. the ii|)enini; ii|)|jiii lunilies Im ihe Miil siienlist. Dr. ,S. ). Dunn. Ava.s atU isiii 111 the group. The Canterburians Ihe (i.inlerbin i.ins aie E|)isi o|ialiaiis in the .uaileiiiit i iiiiniiLinil , hiin.iliile meinlieis i il the liiial Ep isi ii|).i I i .m Cihinih. rile ,!iroup welcomes tlii ' .illili- atiiiii ol peisons ol other l.iitlis who wish to .isso( I, tie. Dr. (.ei.ikl Eihvaiils ser ed as aihisor to the group. The Explorers I In l.xploieis. ,111 iiig.ini alion alliili- ateil willi llie l iolog Dep.ntnieiit. Ii.iil lor its |iurpose llie simK ol plant .mcl animal lile in its naiural em ironment. lis members made lielil trips anil pro- imeil N.ilii.ible speiimins lor labor. ilorv stmK. lis membership w ' .is open, not onlv to bioliig majois bin to simlenis who li.iil iiileresi in ihe w ol k ol the group. . lis I. . . (:1,11k was ail isor. The College Council rhc College Couiuil, org:ini ed nut ol M ■(e ' it lc piocuic mulual uiukr- sl;iiuling anil pKinniiig on juint pidb- lenis affecting; sliuUiil-. ami lamlty, M. ' i x ' il its |)ui |)(iM " . cuU ' .lanilingK well. rhc regular niiinlh ' meetings served as a sdinuling board if opinion lor lioiji lacullN and siudenls, de elo|)ing a l o va How ol lonnnunitation. lis dciisions were elteiti e in sinipli- l ing many ol otu problems whiih be- lore had been lonsidercd either difluiilt, or near impossible. American Institute Of Physics I he . . . " s, I. CJiapler of ilie American Insianle ol I ' hysiis, a sliideiU proles- sionai organization lor those jjinsuing iiiajots ol mniois in plusiis, had as its objective to stimulate high prolessional achievement in the field. Through .illili.ilion with the parent national organization, outstanding lec- turers and authorities in the physics held appeareil here tunler the auspices of the group. N ewman Club The Newman Cilub is one of several cbmdi (onnected organi ations which served the spiritual needs ol the stu- dent on .nnpus. It was conrposed of student members ol the Clatholic laith. tert International Relations Club 1 lie liilci RL■l,ilill Chil) IkkI liii ils nlijttliMs III ik ' Ll ij) ill ilic i.mi- pu i( miminil .1 bcllri uiukisl,iiuliii ; 111 pioblciii . Ill | rii iilc .i III! iiin liii till ' (liM usMoii 111 1 iinriii 11. 1- iiiilicirs .nul ihcii iniplic .ilimis mi 1 cl.i 1 inns ,iiul in de.itf furllier .l valene ' . ul the shiiiikint |Jiii- piillioii ' . 111 llie wmld ill wliiih we v. Gordon 1. S.idillei ser eil as ,id iMii Ici tlie group. Social Science Club The SiK Si ieiue Ciiib MHight to pro- mole inleiesl in llie social science dis- eipliiies as prolessions. 10;e the researih-niinileil sludenls in ihe lields, and ici pioxide .1 loitiin lor intelligent discussion ol social issues ,ind piolileins. W. 1.. r..iil)our .iihisor to the oig.ini ation. i " " ' ! ( Lettermen ' s Club The Leltennen ' s Cluli is the varsity organi .ition lor the . . - 1 . Caillege . ggies. hiinging logethei those .ilhletes who e, lined .iisit Linking ha the lienelil ol iis niemlieis .ind the ion ol the i n I el c ol leg i ,1 te and iutrtinunal programs at the College. c? 74 vTi iT W X 0 f. x aX r v v ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY SERXICE TO ALL MANKIND . . . iln- ALPHA KAPPA LP1L SORORrr ' limndcil 1) Hi young •c}nK■ll cm llu- ,iin|uis ol llouani l ' ni ti sil , ];iiniai) III, I ' lOS. Siiue iis humble lKi;inuiiig iIr- ()llllily has groMii lull] an iuK ' i iiatiimal ori aiii alicm. IlcihiaUil ic) iulli alc and L-niouiagc lii.yh sdiohislic, (uhuial, (ihiial ami moral slanilarils, the tweiuy-eight ■- ' ol Alpha Phi Chapter strive to uphold these I liei ished precepts. Shirley Young. " Miss AKA " r ' liiiil ,,nr: hfl lu lighf: Iii bl)ie nailoy. Jeanne RiN.nil. Iklly J. Picnc. Rnlh A. C..i in, :iii(I I,anr.i Tlionias. Sriinid loir. Iifl In iiulil: Mary Payne. Rluulinc Miinroc, Luella Corijciiing. Minnie Rnfiui. Riilli liiill, |.ninie I.. Mav. Marilyn Wilder, Hcle Jenknis, his i rlev. Rnsehuil Richardson. Lorraine Thomas. Edna E. Singlelary. Yvojine Bell. l)(.iiilli lljiiis and (Aella . ' ilridge. lyi . s ' T i ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY " First of all Sei .inls ol all, f shall iraiisicml all . . . Alpha riii Alpha I ratemit was himuk-il al Caiinell I ' lii- cisiL . Iihaca. New Yink on ntifiiibcr I. I ' JOli. The hist and olcUsl Waj in Iraleinit). it has pciptlualcil itieals 111 bidilRi IkkhI, maiih ikids, siholarship ami athiexciiitiil. Alpha I ' hi A ' pha maiiUaiiis jjiesti ilxil ecliualional piciequisites lor incnibcrship, and entour- ages its members to seek diligemly and honorably, intel- lectual superiority. Beta Epsilon has as its officers: Cilarence Riihardson. president; C.eorge Grant, vice-president; Harold Hicks, recording secietary; Anthony Dudley, corresponding sec- retary aiul |tniious Brown, tieasiner. Yvonne Bell. " Miss Alplia Phi . l|)iia " The meniheis dl Beta Epsilon Chapter of The .Mpha Phi . lpha Fraternity are. first roii left In right: ' illiam Baptiste. .-Xnthony Dndlcy. Edward Miirphv. Herbert Callin. Franklin Wheeler. Ezell Blair. Harold Hicks. Nathan |iphnson. Richard Radcr, Earl C.ill. Jr. Second row. U-fl to right: Lawrence Jones. Frank Bailev. Car Bell, K.ilpli Shellon, I heoilnie Caul, C:larence Richardson, Eugene Backnion. Dennis Culnier, Kenneth Rogers. Melvin ,Shcltoii, Jack Ezzell, ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY Zcl.i I ' hi llcl.i Scii()iil . Iiiuiidril on llir i,im|)us iil Him.iid I ' nix eisii . .isliiiininn, DC, in I ' lL ' O. i (oin- pcjst-il (il wonicii wild pl.Kf hiL;li i_ni])li.isis nn Imti wom- .iiiliiHul. Iiiuli SI hc l,iislii|i, .iiiil u-lii;i " us (oiucpls. riu linci iiinjuhcKul l);n .iiul I ' liuiuk ' ls Da 1 ' ic)l;i ,ini, s]innsiii cd In iIk A. . I. VviA Aljih.i Ch.i|)lci. WLic lllc hij;lili;_;l ls iil llic scIiimjI u.n. II In S|.,iiii. " Mis ii.i Phi liii.i FinnI: C cli.i rL■lli k. .. « n ' ohl: Ddi.uliv Sp.iiii. Eslcllc . lUllN P.iikir. l.hiihi lioilnii. fhiiiir ll(i,li;e. I.illir ll.uiliiis. licltv Bavr. (.Uiicl.i MililiirMi. I ' liilli-sliiic Ncsiiiilli. M.iilii ' (lln.r, Sliirk- Cl.nll.irK ;in.l Sliiilix Sli i, kLiiul, « " aife t; W .v •; !5? PHI BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY Foumkil at Houartl Lnivii-itv. aslHnoii)ii. DC!., in HM I, the Phi Beta Sigiiia Fialciiiitv is an oig.uii alioii (il lollege men biiih upon tlie loinidaiions ol Ijiothei- hiiotl. service and ■.chulaishi]). Si2;ma men aie Kiiistantlv striving Id iipiiolcl tiic high ideals and pi ini iples ol the [•ralei iiit . I he men ol Eta Chapter, here at A. , ' - T.. weie a part ol the piogram. Shirie Stritklaiul. " Miss Phi Beta Si na " The meinliers of Eta Chapter. Phi Beta Sigma Fralernilv. arc tntled. left to liohl: Richanl Rarlicr. laiiics Hincs. Donalil McChire. Georee Sanders. Walter Vilkins. Hemian Murrell. Second rou ' . slariding. left to right: Ircd DegraReiiriedt. Ceorgc Hill, . rthiir Harris. Julius Twine. Jew Greene. Jcrrv Richarclscm and third roil-. Handing, left to right: Naclane Waugh. Clifton Headcn. Harrv Wills. McLester McKce. cb Gihhs and James Bennett m ,• ' ■4 ' ikHi DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY llci.iiisf l)i-li.i SifiiiKi Ilu ' la SoiiiiiiN is (li(li( ;ilc(l Id liit;li lulluial, inlt ' l (■( ui;il .iiul itIcaK. soiiii ' , cil . l|jli.i Mil (lli.i|ini n-iM- .ulik ' il mi])li,isis Id iIk- ixiki inm dl iliiM ' ( diK (Ills (Uii iiit; ilir i_ ' ar al A. li- T. I ' diiiiilcil al lldward I ' nivt ' isilN in l!ll. ' ' l) l cnt - IWd diiiii; woiiKii. 1 Ir- Sdidi ii has i rciw 11 iiild a nalidiial illslltUlidll Idl (dllcm.- WCIIIRII. I ' t-SK Ki ' Kiis, ■ ll Dril.l SijJMI.I llicla ' (oilicll, ( jiciImi lluH.iiil, 1 r.iih. Shiilcx Hiiiii.inl. Fujiil nnr. hfl hi iiiilil. Ri-in ' d,i liail.A, ii!;iiu,i«-,i.ii, S lvi.i Si.Iihv, IIkmi and I ' e jiy Kd t ' is, Snmiil iim li-fl In iiol,! Ij.ium- l)iiiik , laiun.l.i R.ijiiis. .S hij Uiaii, l;li al)Llli MtD.iiiakl. ,Muik Ikll. Nhuia SiJcniLi. M,ii liariics. Ann Slal.Mi. (,l..n.i I ' lMi.u ' . .mil liuinl.i S( .:i iMnuuKli. iW ipUOfflHW ' itrt. r. ' • OMEGA PSI PHI FRATERNITY Omega I ' si I ' lii I ' mlfiiiily w,l Icmnilril mi Noxcmbcr 17. Mill. ,11 Iliiu.iul I ' liixciMU. W ' .isliingldii, I). C. by 1(1111 iiK ' ii. C tilt;, II . . I,(i X ' , Ostai |. ( dopci, ami linii ' il li. |iisi. .Mil I ' si (ihaplii 111 ( )nic£;a Psi Phi Fralciiiit wa.s chailered in IIIL ' 7. .Since linu-. .Mii Psi men li.ixo worked hard .il m.iiiuainins; ihe lnur laidinal piimiples — M.inhiHid, Si liolarship. Perseverente and I ' plill. " (iheeis 111 Oniega. lung nia iiu li e. Oiii |ii e ,iiul de ()licnr f promise lo gae. We ollei inii senues d.i by day, .iiul promise to help you in e ei ' a . Long may you live, may you nexer ilie. we are proud to be men ol Omega Psi Plii. m KAPPA ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY I ' ill e.ll , :it;() .ill " idc.l " .is liiiiii, .ill " ulc.i " In iii,t;.ini. ' i- iiilncslcil iiillri;{ ' iiK-ii iiiln .1 ,i;iini|) iliii li.iil .IS lis li.isii |)iir|)iisi ' . .11 ln - (.-MK ' nl in cilui .illmi .mil siilisi_i|ii(iil ;ii IMS III lilc. Hisloiv (liKs mil (Usiniialf ciiie s]R-iili( |Hisnii .is ln ' int; llif ill ii;in.ilui nl ilu " iiliM " , liiil il dues icl.iic ill. II Uil lllrll li.illilcil liii;rlllcl .llld 1 11 i .ii li rd a snu ' .ll ll.lUlll.d Hl(lll|l 1(11 llKll .111(1 lllllU lllls IllliltUs I.IIIU ' llic " idi-.i. " Siiiir lis iiK I |)li(iii. Iili f.iis lu ' iKf. llu- " iclci " has lloiiiislK ' cl iiiio " iixint; " u.ilii , liiili is i i iH|ililiiil mi iiiany tolk-ge (aiii|niscs l(id.i . .is will .is mii own. iliimis h :i well kiKiu 11 t;rmi|i nl Nmiiii; nun. wc.iiiiii; pins in I In- slia|je 111 ,1 di.inimid. nllui.ilh i.ilibed ,is " K.i|i|i.i Mpli.i Psi 1 1 a Icriiiu . " As ihc l .i|)|i.i Alpli.i I ' si l ' r.ilriiiii ulcbi.iiis iis ■■(.(ildcii AiiniMrs.ii " , ii (miiiiuKs in iiiainl.iiii pie- sdilKil (dill aliniKil |inifiniisins Inr nunilK-isliip ciijji- bilil . .mil il ( iiiiiiniKs in i_-iu(niraj e its inciiiliris in seek (lili(;(.-iil l .111(1 liniKii .iliK aiaileillii snpfi iiii il , willi iis pin pnsu ln ' iiii; " ai hifviincnl. " ' J ' i f i li.iili.ii.i R.iiiRV, " Miss K.i|i|i.i Mpli.i ! ' • •Kim li ' ll Id ,n hl- ii:.;il S|i;iiililiiin. iiunil S|Kiiililiiitr. R.iplicl (.liixci. Ruliirl Iiiiiis. Uiiliiu Miildunv, Riiii.iid WcsliiKiu-land. Earl .Scott, Joseph liiukctt. MiMilli.m. |.iiins lii.mnc NCnis S|k1Is, (,(.(.1 0 Siiililis. (.i.iv Lililc , Munis, (nil, j: Norman Hoyle. Polemaich. ■Bsssear W M v=itrc - .- r - Mi m- _ ' - mw am»K- iyi S?? ' ALPHA PHI OMEGA FRATERNITY The Alpha Plii Omega Fialeiiiil was louiidecl De- cember It). U)2 ' ) at l.ala eile College. Easlon. Peniis I- vania. The Fiaternit has as its pui]K)ses to assemble college men in the lellonslnp ol the Sioiit O.ith ami Laws, to develop li ieiulshi|). promote service to human- it antl to hirther the treedom that is otir educational and intellet tiial heritage. 7he top jjroject promoteil this ear was the " I ' gly Man Contest " . s])onsored In tlie memlxrs ol the liater- nity to raise hinds lor the nrentally letardeil children of O ' Berrv School in Goldsboro, North Carolina. I.- J . rlcnc Stricklarul, " Miss Alpha Phi Ornc. a ' " Front row. left to riohl: George Howanl. Jasper Wingatc. Ehner Waril. and Daniel Kinnchrew. Second ro-u left to right: Boljbv Battle. Milton .-Vlgood. Rohert James, illiam Siilberrv. Harold Knipcs. C:harles Hands. Jcrrv Parks, and I.lovil Saunders. Rev. Sampson Biiie. (Scouting . d isor). ot Shovn tire: Juluis Randall. Bennv " Washington. Joseph Monroe and James Hanell. (Advisor). I «i tmiSS PRO Omega Psi I ' Delia Simn.i I lui.i l|.li.i K,i|i|).i Al|)l .. «. - BATES Alpli.i Plii Alpha I ' hi liei.i Sisfiiia 71 Kapp.i Al|)ha Psi ■B!B ■ .; H W j aft Y. ' m ' t B H ■1 ■A rt PLEDGE . «j SiS»flW5» :- - «.w»R ' .-;», trJ tdUSM ' Ivies " " - - I ' hillias AnlKiniaiii ■ ' x.: - .r- : CLUBS Pyramids -•iljliixinLn Ciescentb Lanipados 73 PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL The fjinc-itiiiis; l)(iiK loi .ill (iicck oigaii- i iitiims (III tliL ' coilc ' S c tani|)us is the Pan Hellenic Cionniil. (innsistinu of representa- tives lioni the se ni sdimiiies and hater- nities, the touiuil mulei lite leadeiship ot Riibeit .Miildiiiw , |ii isidenl, siii es In make (ireeU Iile nime wlmlesdine in the tnllege comnuniii}. Aside Irnni aitini; iin |iiiililrnis cil ccini- nion interest it pun ides, also stKi.d .({ti i ties [or its (onstituents. ' ith ea h cha|.iter represcii i cd . the Ciiuiud |iiii ides in .i ' ii.d lc- ii.iiniiit; in g() eiinnenl .nid lei;isl.iti e prmedines. In essenn ' . the lnnilii iis ol the Pan Hellenic (imnu il repieseiu the siient;th cil the Greek letter societies. Pan-Hcllcilic CJiiuuil. (( " ii;; W jini W attains. Miii lex llill, |.niRs C.ii nil, Hciiix riiincT. Gcnrsc Sliiljlis. Rctl c liarr. SIimIlx lllniianl. - innuiii Hi» lf. .iimI (.LtniiL- Saiiinkis. ■ 1 - x. j- .rv asT % %J j. 0 fj, J% aX 1 y: ► i ► X A f. i • 0 0 f 0. MISS A T TIk- tliarmins and .imacti e Diane Bell. C.ieeniboro. N. C. servcil giacionsh a the qneen ol the A.S;T. student group during the l9()l-()2 a(adeniic ear. Elected to tlie high jjost last spring. Miss Bell possessed all ol the (pialities important to the position ... a pleasing ]Jersonalit . statustjiie pliNsique. high ai.iileniic aehiexemeiit anil a high. x-r high, sense ol responsibilit). .She was an inspiration to us ,dl, .She is a nieinliei ol the . lpha Kappa .Alpha Soiority. elected to Who ' s Who In . nieriran Colleges and I ' niveisities. She maioied in ap- plied soeiologN and plans to enter giaduate school HI the l.dl cjI IIKiH. Diane is the daiightei ol Di. Willi. mi Bell, eh.iirni.m ol ilic I ' Educ.iiion Dep.nt- ineiil .end dnectoi ol .ithletics. .iiid .Nils. Bell. lo Class . l Wolk Coronation y ' •Irit ' -ft:: " «s • !►;, DIANE BELL BBti-ai ' ?»H ;?8BrJ!:r .gvSK3£ ■ttd MISS FRESHMAN llARRIi:i DAVIS •rf ' : " ' : ' ■■ " •■•! " • " »; MISS SOPHOMORE hom o tt MISS JUNIOR ROSEBl ' O RICH KI)SON y »«C-«s- ' • ' i MISS SENIOR CAROLYN C:RA EX 81 i . QUEENS M AR ' E ■Mi.y. ;. (). I C. JOYCE WILKERSON " Miss .III Force " II, KA I ' .OW 1)1 I (.11 " Mtw Sij mill mn iDI " ?• mMfms.- . • .i QUEENS LORETTA MOXTCOMERV " Mis ' , SijiiiuhiDi 1)02 " HAZEL SILXERS " M:ss Squtidron ( 0y JANEI C.OODSOX " Miss Squadron 60-1 " ■a m QUEENS HI- AIRICK BELL ' , llv S(jllil( tnll ) () BARBAKA BLLL " Mis.-) .liiny " AlK.l ' S 1 A JACKSON " M . ( ' i)iti l)ti!i A " ' i.- il :. ' W W.. V QUEENS II.ORIlNCIi McKl AIIIIN rOMASEMA CLAY " Miss CiiDip ' iiiy C " ELAINE (R AWI.EV ' Wliss Ciililpilll I) " 85 ■A QUEENS C; R()I,N [AMIS " Alit.s .liniy Biiiitl " K " Miss TeliKii " jUAMI A l.KW ' IS ' AZ vs Siiihhiiiil mill lUiiilf ' : mim :, . . v. K J A A V A %JA J. J % fjL V r X ► X X r . X WHO ' S WHO Arthur S. Maiigaroo I-aiiiiic " May r? IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES M.nA.i I,. Mnllc mOt m Dink! 1)111 liiit wim meet STUDENT LIFE Now. Iicrc ' s iIr ' (lilluiili |i,iii — Higli School Siiiioi |).i .-O- - - - .--•_ 7h Going up in tlic wcnl Prctu - kill-, and al How a vk ■ald were we 91 mm mA « tf I licisc b.ns W ' iiilci U ' diiclci 1:111(1 A letter lull ol tears ixctl emotions 92 ' ' ii ' r«.7 - r { ■BB RegisU.aiciii liiiic M.iuliintr Classes witli hours ws snJ r ■H ' . ' i vsMi ■ii Hii ms a__J 1 h.ii loiii; w.tik .uioss (.iinpiis Tell mc moil. Our Suntlay iliiiner 94 ' ' iJ - ..?:v vr Sh.iipies — lootball btaiulouts. Cambridge. Flood. .St.inl(jid and |onf5 Snow fim ' TJic fialcimili " — llie .aii£r lor ihe tun ol it 95 V _ Gill Uilk Nancy TilliiLui .iinl Lniil.i . l.i , boih ol ihc Universitv ot North Carolina and |o (e Wilkinson ol A. T., anil all ol the Air Force ROTC Angel Might. A. S. r. " ner L ' lenlcr " .ukI " heart-beat ' Tlie Pepsters ;:: " w - ' ii W • .•;, Oil 1(1 li .iiis ilk ' , Iiiili, 111,1. .iiiil ilu ' C:AA Basketball Distiid Phnulls (ioiisolatioii Ci) a loser — A. !v: 1 ' . vs. HaiiijjlDii .Swiiu . kel 97 A V ««e l ' An icnnis toilav? ■PuiH liiri " " on ,S.ihii(Im Caiclul Man: The Cullmc Ikiibcr SIk ll I ' ouicil ;i usual - Frcshnuiii RLicplion 98 -i ' ' iik •.-. » .V pr Frcilmian talent — It came b the load That T ' look — New Girls Dorm Pledgees .il W ui k ' V k siiuI I.(i1 ilic dial .1 ijfc. .i . . : AhIi m - Hem 1C|U]1I Al Allies, b.ukdKIll sl.iiuloul willi W.iniois. ill .i|)|R ii.m( c ii xi ' MI-A-I A ' . . Not ;i sU]i luillui Mc .111(1 in Hi li 1 Ir- c ' lul III ihc line — s|)iint; c|U,iilii ret;isli,ilioii lUI) -.•s.5«rfr ' Lr«.r - f " Ciantec-ii CI ' lliaiuii up cHir cnercixii " V -IMw % Th.Ll loiiff walk lUI --jmiHyirT - dj--. ' ACK EZELL I: II f I !l Jack Ezell, who seiTed in his senior year as president of the Student Government and com- niaiuler iif the |i)int Air Force and Army ROTC, is a rare t |)e nl ludent wlio docs well as both, a s( lio ' ar and " .ic ii isi. " Jatk ser e(l well as adniiiiisirainr. Ail Force ROrC; olh( cr, ser ,nil ol the Stale as a number ol the (Governor ' s (ionnnitlee For A lieuer N ' ortli C aioliiia, " fjreetei " loi campus isilors, debater, " sdher " ol problems lor siiuleius, and a giant " le ehnf lone " Inr llie A. S. I ' . onnmmit . Fuller nl these assii;mneiiis wnuld be lull lime Ini ihe .i erai;e, but Jack did them all, and lemd.nly. A small town bo from Roseboro, N. C, Jack KJxes the lie to ilic statement that youths from small schools and towns are bound lo become " lost " .It a (iillei;e .is l.irs e as A. S.- F. A tegular lisUe on the honor Kill, be hoUls memberships in Alpha Kap|ja Mil. Alpha Phi Alpha, Who ' s Who In . ineri aii (lollcges and I ' iiixeisities .111(1 se sliideiit and s(H I lubs. I ' oi sure. |.iik did iniuh to tn.ike . . S: T. Col- lege a heller jilaie loi us .ill. k F ell. I ' lesideut ol tile A. T. Sttideirt Go ' ernment Ja k is (ited — later ii. lined imiii.iiidei cil the ' )niiit Air Forie-Aiiny Cloip ' Jack was also the lampiis " greeler " loi; r 4 ► ' $ V Jf K " W ■a FOUNDERS DAY :l) Hi. Lewis N. Finn, ilmiini. L iidcigiailualf Scicnic Eiliication Di isioii. N.ilmiial Scieiuc Foundatidn. Washington. I , C:.. dtliMicd llii- main .iildrc s at Ihu annual Found(.is U.ix oliscl ant i Dr. Pino and classmate. Dr. (.ii.ild ilianma evthange grcctin. s over two pel In lu nl llir CliemiMiv Dcpailm " The ((iiii|ik ' te (iilk ' ije trr:KUiali. ' kiinw- le ' tlm. " . ii . I ' l p ' i protfss, ;i snisf cii his[or .iiul sniiR- sL ' Ctllitii s ill ;ireas (Hilsiilr his im- iiKihaU ' |iiiilcssi(inal i;iia! wiiiih be ilc wlopctl wiihoiu iln_- |),iiiilii] pKni-ss nl Icai ii- iiii; ihc l),isi( ii( nl |iliilns(i]ili . nr lluiil(ii; , 111 sciciiic, (ir alt, nl iiuisiis. in his miildlc cais " . said l)r. Lewis N. Piiin. di- uilni, I liideigiaihi.ite .Stieiuc Kihualinii I)i- isinn. Xaliniial .Siiciuc I ' ntiiiclalinii, ] n dc- JixcK ' d tile iii.iin adthtss .it the .iiiiiual ImhiiuI- eis Da nbsen.iiitt in Nn tiiii)ei. I!H)I. The e eiil iii.iikeil the fUh eai nl llie Intiiidiiit; nl thi. ' iiisiiiulinii. The prn,i;iaiii le.iliired .ilsn tjreeliii. s Imiii niliei prnminenl eiUKa lnis, aiiiiiiiii. ineiiilieis nl ihe Board ol Triislees. l.uullx ,iiid stiidenls. I lisl l.idiis ' ol . ■ I . Mis. Ill I) l ' H.,1,,1. I;ll. wife 1)1 die I ' lesideiil, .ind Mis. (.ilillj. li.nlil. ivile of Dr. Wannotli T. (.ihhs. |)iesideiil-enieriliis, (li.ll with Mis I ale. motliel ol Mis. Proclol, follow- in ' Ihe Idiiiidcis l)a ohseivaiue. «a TORCH FOR EDUCATION A. K: T. (iollegf stlllll■nl gl.idh ;i(( c|itt(l ihcii share nl irs|»msil)ilii in iIk- " IOkIi For Eiliicaiiim M.ii.ilhdii " , wliiili i.iu siu- iltnis al Slalc su|i[)c)rte(l iiistiliilioiis larrs a burnint; Uirili Imiii the- niDUiUains lo llie sea- shore Id dramali e the hoiul elei lion wliiili woulil ha e |ir{i i(le(l luiuK loi neeilecl ini [)ro einenls at the lolki es ami iiiii el sities. Tile lloml tleuinii lailed, bill the stiuleilts who partii ipaleil leaineil " ihe haiihva " thai the , loo, tiiiist one da accept the ih.illentje lo sacridee llial ediuatioii loi all iiiii;ht be evei expamlcil. These photos were lakeii on tlie A. S; T. jointiev whiih began at Salisbms and ended in Winston-Salem. Jack Ezell. A i: 1 sliuienl ynxti tHiRnl Jjicsi ' k-nt, is peeled in Le iiistoii l) top city officials. riie sunlenls uhc» pal tiiip.tled look liours of wanii-iip diilK, b ' -H wm } W W — _.- . ( - J l Dr. C.lenn }■ . Rankin, dean of stndcnis, ihecred the runners on at East Spencer. FRESHMAN The period tlial marks the transition Ironi hie;h sthool to college is " crucial " in lives of freshman, we awake in a strange loom, arc greeted In unl.iniiliar laces, oljscixc new stinoiindings. anil embark upon an adjustment to a different routine. It was dnring this period that we be- lame auaie ol our separation fiom our families and the real begiiniing ol our independence. . . . the change Irom the adolescent to adult li ing. It was the be- ginning ol our ineparation for profitabfe and piddiK lixe lives. We listened attentively to requirements for. and rules and regulations to he fol- lowed b . first year college students; we l.imiliai i ed oursehcs with many pieces of litcialiue during orientation, .mil dili- gently lollovved our prescribed schedules with hope, ambition, initiative, and the desire to learn in our hearts. I ' nr in th.ii I Freshmen Sign up lor RO ' I ' C ,S.i " . h ' a iB Kfc S K3I ORIENTATION !■ wiiiiRis ol m In ' l.ii shi| s |;i cn Ip ilic I ■■ . j. himni Assciciaiion iiuliKicd fxiin Irfl li iiii,hl. |.inK-s l).i is, Hampluii, a.; Orson Kitk, DiiiIkmii. N, C: an(.ii C.mipbLll. ilniiii-inn, ( ; ikitiaui hite, Grefiishoio. and Rugiiiald MiiiIrir-i, Duiliam. Ill, . i Mis, Picttoi were llic hcsl ami Imskss al ih annual iLccptiDii fui fushiiun he hliiul Itails ilic blind " — ,i slciil- lU Irushiiian registration. 107 MAHi mmx: 1 » «l HOME ■ ' i Beautiful Oieds and Floats riic OiiR-jJ.! Swc ' iilicail J Ahv.ns the biyi e t, li.ippiest .nul i;encr- ally, the most woiuleiiul octasi I llie school, Hoiiic ' ioming lor I ' .Kil was jusi about tlie best Old aliimui liieuds came back to , ggie- lauil b the ihousauds to renew Irieiid- sliips. shake hands and sla|i baiks. ei|uall lot the joN to tbemsehcs and to let the " yoiniger crop " know " how wa ' did it. " The observance to ercd inticli ol three- ■ Miss A. K; I . i;ieets the honieconnnn liiKinn w COMING lull cl.i s am! ilic stiuUiils jciint-d in mi the jll.iir wilb ihc alKiiulnn uMialh lampaiit on siuh occasions. Those ol ns ho joined in Honieconiini; I ' 111 I uill long renieniher lliat one as a liuK ouisi.inilint; e ent . . . and we won ihe loot- hall uanie. A. . " v 1 " . Aggies 21) — A[ar lancl Slate Ciollege, 7. ami lealK whooped it up that night at tlie (Coliseum as Bill llogoett and His Hammond Oigan Group made meii . " Miss Maixland Stale ' brings gieetiugs Bill Doggeil at the I lannnond Oigan —the Homeeoming Ball at the CoHveum HOMECOMING A T liaiiil on I ' C.i-i ' l a (..iim- 110 - " ••-J =Lr«.:- ; ' - r THANKSGIVING Ihe BuII-Ea lc Trophv. awartied In the Coca-Cola Companv aiui ihf tiiihlcm (or ictorv wem again to the Eagles. l;uv ii irappetl There could he no greater or more thrilling wa to climax a fot»tl aIl season than with the Annual Turkev I)a CMassii between the Aggies and ilie North Carolina College Eagles, This gala e ent is a bowl game within itself, tarrving all of the drama antl glamour expecteil of the realK big game. Thousands of eves were focused upon the held, pinpointing everv pla . The spectators came from where . . . despite the rain and chillv weather that plagued the e eiu. Marching bands. Drill teams and other performers were at their le el best, and the stage was set for the Aggies, undefeated and luitied in conference play, to " pick up the marbles " , another CIAA championship. Howexer. it just wasn ' t A , - Ts da . Tbe lost 15-0. T ' ■-■ ' - rr ' : - ' -!: ' J4S. _ " Har ey keaton gains yardage for the Aggies. Ill Wmmi :u wA ' :i lU CHRIST I " i( k liu- (;mii|ius uilli liiiw-, ol linlh. ' lis llu ' sc.isdii Id he jc ll . . ilic liiiii; .lu.iiicd li(iliil,i lirc.ik was .il li.iiul. TIk ' spiiil 111 ( ilii IkkI K ' .ulicil Au«ic- i.iiiil, I lir (1(11 niildi ii liicii lic.uili- liilly (U(di :ili ' (l. Iralcinitic and sdKii i lies liad dicsM ' d llicii l.iXdiilc lic ' cs, tlu ' (■(lid dl (aidls had hiiHcrcd llii dii hdiil iIk- (am|iiis. Ai d tlu- 11 lie (diiisliiias s])iiii had ahduiided ill ihe A. , ' v T. om- muiiilv. " There ' s no |)hKC like Ikuik ' 1(11 ihe lidlidavs. .it d ) llie same Idkeii, we helieved. " llieie was iid plaie like Ai;!Jiel. 111(1 |)i idi Id iheii. " Ml 1 .R XMAS- Ndl a sliidenl was sliniiiE; All (.ill Xmas Pait • ' •iitlil.. ' -.. m.v ' MAS Plem ol liL-lp at Chii5inias time ' e (litl not target the real 1 (.a. on lor Xmas Clhri tInas Dinner — A real aflair 1- « iv;,..jfi " j aM .«« STUDENT Ua Kl Wdoils uuiks (Jii icscaich in jilnsics. awrciuc Sfihlcs and I v ' (K»l(tKk tnk with D-47 gas tlou timiiUi as Di. Cccile Edwards looks on. 114 -4 ' . .:.. x •% RESEARCH Several ol tlie top stiuleiU-. in llie sciciueb were a part ol the Llndergraihiale Rcsearih Participation Pidgranis •hich were operated at the College inicler grants Ironi the National Siience I ' oiniclation. These bright npperclassnieii. noi oiiK goi a " running start " in basic reseat cli, but weic p. lid lor the time used in it. These photos depict some ol iliose persons who were in i)hecl in jMograms stiperxised by two htisband-wile science teams. I)r. (ieorge Ro)al. cJean ol the Graduate School and Dr. Gladys Ro al, prolessor ol chemistry, .nid Dr. Gerald Edwards, chairman ol the (Chem- istry Department and Dr. (iecile Edwards, picilessor ol nutrition and research, and Di. Donald Edwards, ol the I ' lnsics Department. Miiink- Riilhii ,iihI (.ojigc- ( ,,li- tissucs ;is a |).iil nf lluii nscinh. _H r — - hiiia Spencer cipiiiliicls hci own ic-scaich pmiect lo dclciinine radiation connt in local milk. ....•• • • :::.•••:: iKoii Walker checks over tests in his reseauli with project director. l)r, Glades Rocal. 115 im Ha mm£. CONVOCATION The Oiliege ear Ic.mucd thixi- toii- vocations wliich at the begiiiiiiiig ol each quarter briiiit;lil the A. K;T. family, stii- tieiils, fafiih .mil si, ill iiiemlu ' is lii- gelhei. The prdgianis wne nl the highest inspiration tn iis all, iiuUicliiig alvva s top-notch addresses, usii.ilh h) the Pies- ident, music by the . . . T. ,S mphoii Band anil the . . , - T. Choir. The cunxoi ,iii(iii idiM, inaiiguratetl by Dr. Proctor shoriK .dier his (oniing. strti(k us all as a line i to begin another cpiarter . . . giving tis the lilt, the ho])e, and a closer look at the real point lot oiu being at . i; T. iilili " " ' ' M} The Processional . A " Bon Voyage " gift to Dr. Proctor from A S; T students, presented by Jack Ezell. ft 1)1. I ' lOt ll l SjK.ikN .11 UllC Ul lIlC llti iv •r 1..:.» J A V X A 0 f p d d w ►; :♦; X I. H f " iTmj ' m) r ' x x x r x ' taiA " R.HMii III riie .Sun " , was (onsideicil the Icip |)iinlii( tioii in ilu I ' Jiil-dl. ' sirits ol ilu- Ridi.iicl B. nanisoii Phivcrs. It was directed bv slntlcnis. DRAMA 118 -•? •;«r P Rich.inl B, HairiMin l ' la cis A scene Iiom " The Mouse Traj) " Mr. Evandcr Gilmci was alwa s behind every scene Mass makeup — near curlain tir . " ikaHnacikTcrt •: riic l.iiiR-a A. T. College M.iuhni,!; H.nul I lie A. T. Cullcgc Symphoii) Baiu MUSIC 120 -■■ " •- - ' ' i ' .. mv V ' V W.ilui 1-. C:.iils()n, li Dlifcloi of Ji(niil String bass scctitiii A prize winning photo " Right note— wrong hat " publislicd front page in many leading daily newspapers in the nation. Plioti) 1) l)a c Nicholson. Giecushoro Ditily Xcics staff photographer. M f! 121 mmi ■OTi If ' ' I hf A. , - I . C.ulliLIC (Jlnll THE CHOIR Mr-.. I ' lilriiiM |. like Vi ' i The A. S: T. College C h o i r reached a ikmv plane ot excellence duriiif; ihe ear. Directed b) Mr . I ' .iiiicia [ohn- snii Trice, vh() re])laced I louard T. I ' earsall. a a ' on stud) !ea ?. the gr()n|) this t ' ar i n 1 r o tl u ( i ' d the Madrigal Singers. This sjiecial en- semble. presented lor the hrst time in the annual sjiring concert, sang a group ot 16th century Madrigal songs. The entire chf)ir ot 3n-voices made its usual sjiring tour in the eastern states and several appear- ances in the local area. Time ' anllup for Soloists ItaH: .m m ' .- » ' ART «f Class in oils ihHA HC LYCEUM PROGRAMS 111 eiilunur llic ik cl()|iiii(ni ul iiiinest in, and a|)|)rci i.ilion liii, ilu Imr alls, A. . T, stn- ikiils WL ' ic txpusL-d III " liM.- " |itrlc)rni.Mucs ol sonic ol ihe inosi ,iiul l.isi in.iiiiin .nlisls on today ' s stage. riicsc e ]H ' rii ' iu cs. piovidcd 1) imi I, (enin Sniri, alloidi ' d us ihc ii|i|)iii I iiiiil In cnjox llic l.dinis 111 sui li well knnwii jKisiuKililifs as I.auiciKe W ' inlfis, nolci.1 bariloiif. imiiiii ,iiid opera singer; The Miuhell-Riilt Dun. cuilsi.ind- iiig ja irroii|); the iMiiiuU Bionks Daiue (.iiui]). riie Louis |ohnsiiii Daiue (;oni]).inv. The | Leon Destine II, mi, in D.iiue (ioiiip.iin, ,iiid Ihe Talley Keall D.iiue (:iiin|),in ; I)i. Willi, mi Newman and I ' .dg.ti , lden, pi, mist ,iiid iiiliiiisl, iespeeti ' el ; X ' iilm W ' .dker Ryder, pianist; The National (.i.iss Routs Opera Oimpaiu in its |)iesenlalion ol " Die Flederinaus " , ,iiid Riihard in, a .Shakes])earean ilrama |)roiluied l) The n,i eisol W,is!iin..|iin. D. ( :. Ljwiciuc Wiiikis. imicii B.iiiitiiic. letcived ucll and was well received. ,: -,..,il rC -«. v V 4 r0 J4 f 0 aX 74 4 X X r H r X r . x v x r x ■a i m: ifi! C iidiKiii aitiim - llic big spoil ill A. T. T S. 3o::sB »VI. ■•,7 ■■ „3f ; ' r- . " • . " ■ ' • , - (oaili Ikii Piggott with c)uuneil)atks Willie Feroiisun jihI Jjiiics Miiihcll. 1 liosi; biiii iiig tackles. FOOTBALL REVIEW The 19(il edititm of ihc A : T College Aggies, almost winners of the (I i li.irii[iioiis|ii| . AjIoIIrI l( llJl PIGSKIN RKVIEW A. r. Ol l nnc)ils I ' l (hi.iiiliiii . [aiines !- ' (( 21 Tennessee A. ami 1. L ' nixeisily 37 ' .VZ Shaw I ' nixeisily 20 Mai land Sialc College 7 27 Winston Sakin Slalc leaclieis College 2(1 I ' l Ioii;an Siale College 7 12 Moiiila A. and M. Univeisily . ' i2 2S X ' iiginia Slale College 27 Xoi ill Caiolina College al nniliani I , ' ! BOSTONIAN SHOES 130 Sim Bowden blasts around end r yuRs NflMI-. SluLW L ' nntiMU Coaching Staff Inch hkm Mel in Groomf . biuklitld luiul Bert Piggolt, head cuacli, and Murray Neely, line coach. illMll, I ( 13 — Aggies 131 ft Gene Cambrklge. a Floriila pony • I.l. BASKETBALL The A T College Aggies closed out the 1961-6i season with a 15-J confereiuL ' iccord anti 207. cauuH. Iiiiishiiig third in the CIAA visitation, l)iil tame sloiiiiing hack to capture the (I AA toniiianicnt tiown, H wininnt; the lomncN thaiiipiunship, lh( Aggies gained a herlh in the NCiA South (;eiitial Regional I ' lavoffs at Evaiis UI , Ind , (hopped the hist (uiiiest to K ans ille CciHege hut whipjx ' d I iiion I invtisiiv ot jatkson. letin.. in the lousolahoii irialth, I he Aggies had an aiiia ing sLoiint; letotd, the hest in the lnslni (d the spoil at Ihc College. lhe dumped in a ol l. ' 11 ' l points ill _ ' 7-gaiiies loi .III .iMiage ol ' .IU.7 pel game, while holding iju o|ijionenls to 7 ' M per game. l.e.iding peiloiuui nulndid: Henn " Hank " M.iisliail, toi.ipl.iiii, wlio stoied .m average ol IS 7 points, jiisi a lion short of Joe Howell ' s letoitl id I ' M, .iiitl selected .Vll-Tournev. holh al ihf (1 , meel .intl at F.v a nsv ille: Hugh Kv.iiis, (ot.iplain, who vvas seletled to the Kv.insville All loninev team ami VVailen DLivis Willi m.iilf the , ll-(:l, , rournainent te;iiii. II .1 lol the . ggies. tlespite the Ht.HJ (ii.itli livin was generallv [ileasetl with die tomth.itk III. lilt liv his t li.iiges. llie A,, . I. Aggies. I ' lli ' J ( h.imjiiolis Cii.uh liviii A. (tnd T. Ill 7.1 116 93 89 87 84 96 88 100 99 66 79 82 90 106 93 96 89 85 SO 100 130 69 80 82 84 1%1 RECORD Elizaheth City Teachers Fayetteville State Teachers Shaw Hatnpton St. . tigustine Johnson C. Smith Virginia State St. . iigustine ' iiginia L ' nioii Virginia State North Carolina College Winston -Salem leachers Winston -Salem Teachers Fdvetleville feather.s Johnson C. Smith Shaw I ' liiveisitv North Carolin.i College irgiiiia Cnioii Eli aheth Cit leaclieis Hampton 111)1, ll)A 1 (II RNAMEN r lohnsoii C. Smith North Carolina College CIAA 1 Ol RNAMEN T Morgan Suite Mai viand State W I nsi on Salem Teachers NC: , SOr 1 H CENIRAI, REIdclNM l ' lA ' OFFS Evansvillt, Inili.iii.i Evaiisv ille College liiiion Iniversilv l.tckstiii jumps .ig.iinst .i, I nion. Opponent 70 53 74 61 72 89 76 79 73 68 78 87 95 42 98 85 50 72 90 39 83 84 62 60 66 97 80 Aggies get CIAA Tournament iroph . The coach gets a ride following Aggies upset of Winston Rams for tourncv championship. 133 ■ ' i ' r- j- WT Hank Marshall Co-niptahi. foiu-ind Jcrij Powcli. gutnd MauiiLL- MtHai[lc , foruind Warren Da is, ctulir James Jackson, crttlti-fonraid Hugh Evans Co-capta ' m. iiard 135 K ;!■ ' ;! gi;ies gel iheii i liimipidiishii) i.Kkcls BASEBALL B;iscl).ill I ;ilislhcnii rc ' |i|Hi scssiiin (iii.uh Mel CiroDiiies checks ace pitcher. Jim Bale Mel C;i cwnies, head baseball loach. with Gorilon .md Bowilen Pitchiiic; Start Power hitter SIM BOWDEN 1J7 —JiSS TRACK a i Aiicr closing out an ordinary iratk .ind held sc.ivm in I ' Hil. tlie A., 1. College Aggies had planned " doing something " .iIhuii ihc sport during the H)G2 ear. A l)nnch of prondsing freshmen, whn bnmght with them reams of clippings from Nuit hometown newspapers, were alreadv warming up when this issue of the Avantee uctil to press. Ihc program lieJiig promoted under the coaching of Murray L. Nccly. who also doubles as line coath in loothall. appears headed to bring track into its rightful place in the (ollegc sports setup. Here are a few shots ot ibe lr.i(k enlour.igc ukeu in tlie w.niiung da s ol winter as the bo)s began that long trip, aimed ai betcminj ' a track power in intenollegiate circles. ««■ ■ Richard Wilson, a toi) iiotth miler The rclav team The biggest Aggie track team in history 138 m SWIMMING The A. it T. College Aggies in 1961- f)2 splashed into the swim news by plac- ing its fnst team in histiii in coinpeti- lion. The first year team look first place honors in one dual meet, whipping luskegee Institute, but losing to Hamp- ton anil Morgan, twice each and to Moreliotise College. .Standoin perlormers intituled: Walter Mcares. captain, who let! the team scor- ing with Sii-points for the season and Russell Edmonds who scored .S2-]3oints and who also tied the CI. . 50- ard free st le record of 24.2 seconds. With the first season jitters behinil tliein. Cioach FoiTist W ' illis feels that his boys will be ready for top rung inter- (ollegi.ite competition in another year. Aggie Tankmen lII Edmonds preps for a dive Close race — .Aggies s. Morgan .State ' ' I 2j E3iBlt3t._w. - ,„- 139 K P!! I ' .isl .ulidii ■ ' 3 Illllllllll mil Km i y i . 1 Bill lU-ll. hannu,,i. Phvsual Kilin.iiioii 1)l|).ii [iiiLiii .iihI alhlciic diretUu. INTRAMURALS Vi, Volleyball .Suiminine - .,7 ' «.:i ' ' -_ " .■ ' - ■- - ik v v W X f .X Susie Hinlcjii. iicm ' I.l. Hiiitnii cil ilu- L ' . S, Ai V v :c- tf W% V WT V K V x x r x x x r A .JiSi AIR FORCE R.O.T.C m Major Villis ). Hiiberl Professor uj An Sticmc Tlic RoLnc Olliccr liaiiiing Coips lor the L ' nilid .States Air Force and tlie LInitcil Stales Army oixiipiecl the usual plate of proinineiue in the A. T. College program. . iiurease in the Ireshman eiuolinieiit (aiiseil a decided jump in the numbers in both tietaehments, creating a lew problems, but these wen ' (piickl) overcome through the eHuienty ol a well ojgaiii ed stall ol cadet olhcers. The Delaihnients had the usual successes. They sailed through amiual inspections with Hying (olors, Major William C.oode Professor of Military Seieme the laigest nimiber ol olhters ever commissioned have assumed posts on active duty and tlie drill teams were jtist as sharpe as usual. The Air Force drill unit took second plate honors in the Area B-2 Competitions, leaturing: Duke University, Ihiixersity ol North Caro liiia. North Carolina State College anil East Cartjlina (College. E%en alter losing, the unit was invited to lepresent a " no show " .Area. Cadet C;ol, jack E ell, " Mr. BMOC: " . was the joint torps comniainler. CORPS STAFF C:ailel Col. |atk E el ( ' .(iiiniui)idi-y " n Ciiih ' l Miijiir Na( I. me .iiigli, | I C.iiilcl Miijo) ]i ilinnie I lendeison, [- ilk ARMY R.O.T.C. BATTLE GROUP STAFF Cadel Ll. Col. Rex Fortune. Jr. Dt ' }nit, Cadel Lt. Col. Bobhv Ropers Cadet Major Cadet Major l , I II !!-. ' ,■ ( tli Walter Matthews, S-| lommic (..i(id , S- ' J Cadet Major Ciatiet Major Fmm Raiiie , S-S R(.l»eil !r in. S-4 AIR FORCE R.O.T.C GROUP STAFF Clailcl Major Joseph Monroe Operations Officer Cadet Major James E, Brown A d HI ill is I Id I ion Offi ce r Cadet Lt. Col. Donald Morris Comnionder ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY an honor society for the Air Force R.O.T.C. »1 i, SCABBARD AND BLADE SOCIETY an honor society for the Air Force R.O.T.C. Iniii lun " l-i I I I ll»l i mmm zmi .-i.- " ' Lr«r-- i Cadet Capi. Alphonzo Zanders Co. A Commander Cadet 2iu! Lt. Henrv Turner Hist Platoon Leade Cadet liiul Lt. R. T. Jones Stco- .d Platoon Lcnd Cadet 2nd Lt. ' iley Harris Third Platoon Leader C .i.kl Jiul l.l- Janies Hines Executive Officer ARMY R,aT.C, COMPANY A Cadei Capt. Raymond Shipley Co. B Commander COMPANY B Cadet 2m Lt. Robert Riddick First Platnnn Leodet Cadet 2nd Ll. Batenian Jones Second Platoon Leader Cadet 2nd Lt, ' ernell Siallinus Ihird Platoon Lender aliLi .iikiiLs Executive Officer mmmm mm ■■ !■ i ULuroi.-ij Co. C Cuiiniiandt ' r C:.ulci 2ik! 1,1. Cadet 2iid Lt. Catk-t l iul I.t. Culci L ' lul I.i. (ilillnn KiKiiiK. ' Atlliiii lirowii (aims l)a is Henvv l-cnncT I- ' iist PUilnnu Ixadr, Srnuul I ' hilootl Lrndri Tlin ' d I ' lalnnn I ,n h, hxfculivc OfflCt) i;;:!i COMPANY C COMPANY D Cjiltl L ' liil Li (.kU ' I L ' ikI Li, I.mI.i _,hI Ii ( ;.uicl L!ikI LI. Andrew W ' allau ' William C.iiic ,su in Siilloii (Jiarlcs Ritliardson Fii l I ' liiloon Lniiln S,,-i,iiil I ' lutuoii I.iatli i I ' lnid PliiUxiii Lniilrr Exccutivv Oliicer . Villi) klJ i i. iJiui 1 ciiu Placed number 4 in the nation ai the annual Cheir Bloisom Festival Drill Cioinjjetition-, liekl at Washington. D. C. An l-oue ROTC Drill Team Placed number two in the nation at the 19(32 annual (Cherry Blosvjm Festival and number one among Air Force units. Police Arms ROTC Band Air Force ROTC Band on d I ' f ■ ..OlbVlfl p f 1 icT d 1 („iiU I (.a| i. Jnscpll liuriKiiL- ConiiiKiiiilfi AIR FORCE 601 si SQUADRON C:acift lind Lt. Charles Leimanl lixinilivf Oflicfi Cadet 2ml Lt. LUwelvn Wills hlii lit A Coiniiiandc Cadet 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. W ' ill Ciooms George Grant rli ' ht B Coiiniuiiidfy Flight C ConDuantfer i ' ,i. r ' ' . Cadet l..i ii Cle cland sirii|is CohiiihiikI ' i C;adfi ' JtMl 1 I C.mK-I ' ui] 1,1. James L .uis Sanuiel Kxaiis I ' li ' ht G ComintuHli I Fli- ' ht H Comiiuitider R. O. T, C. 603rd SQUADRON MS Cadet 2iul Lt. Cadei 2nd Lt. Cadet Capi. Cadet 2nd Lt. Nonnan Robinson Kalo Reaves Louis Bell Herman Burnett Flight F Commander Fliglit E Commander Flight D Commander Executivt Officer 602ncl SQUADRON Cadet Cupt. Arthur Liggins Commander m Ca kr M.ijoi ' fsk Itiou n Commander SQUADRON 604 141 ' If K ( .i.lci f:.ipi. CI.Mk Chaslc-Ti Coininnmlri SQUADRON 605 C.uWi IM Lt. C;a(Ict ls[ Lt. CatUi liiul l,t. Cictil linnvn Firncst Williams CJiailes Clarter I-light J Ct)nimniiilcr Flii ht K ( ' onniiandcr f!i!:;ht L Coniinaiidcr C:a(k ' E 1st 1 I ( .i.lri Ki I I Cadcl Ki I.i Linu ' ood laiikoii linljbv lialtlc Willie Sinnnl Flight M Commander Flitrlit N CommaiuUr Flitihf O Coininnndrr itett J 4 V K X f 0 " % fj. X H r H f X r K V A 4 C 4 y V X w d V X x r x r x A A FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS MiAilhiH . ic ii ! ' .( n (.ilihs, Di.iniln kj, liiilcii.l. |;iiius I uiki, ;-• SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS sliiili ' Dc.iii, C.irv )U-II. . .■( , ,» ; S.u, ill RiM.Ini Sl,uifh:ry Miulirll, C.ii I ImhkiiiI, liillici I ' .iikcr. ■ m Jim I iu Miiiiii- lltil. 111 1,1 R..;;(.is, K cll Hl.ui. j,i,u,l, iil: Riilli V..l n. S l ia Walki- JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS SENIOR CLASS Ridl.tnl Iijii ev, prrsidcnt; Jomc Vilkinson, sccrclan ' : ClarL-ncc Richardson. Minnie Hodge. Eugene r ' CT?! Trt C U.ukrn.m. vicv-lnesidcnt . (jV V IC ILKO IS :K. ' i..A itAjAjj: E 273-« " Greensbobo GREETINGS: r„ extend congratul«i £ I am indeed --PP ' . riod l " yo.r U£e J „,, r»-rr£r3r..].».ssr.r„:,.... o£ the ne« experien _ , experiences ano .. dents here " = ' — v,,„e been 3tudeni.B r , vears that you have burning .■•tnE the four years. consumed witn » extend " . 1 that you have been co attempt to ex „ hopetul that y talents in „pie t i« to u ili Z eed " »■ ' " " " " w wiU be easy i£. »= V , frontiers oi i f 3 task " iU „r you Lsire to u i " " ,redo™ and opportunr .- the frontiers of t«e „iii inestimable P " P ' ' " ° " ' ;ul ever remember to kepy_ continued search for of man n. ig great College, „Ushments. . ' ' . ' . .. the " Agg " =P " e 17 o - e ' e «»•- ' - f,,il conixu — — , - M „iiX meet these p " - ' ™ " rr;vin. -- - ' ' • " " ' ' ruenre-i-t - " " =• warm personal regards. very truly yours, ve«14 C. Dowdy LCD d -. " ' •:Sij 1.. . V, V Richard Barber President of Senior Class Jciumc Iiigiaiii Editor-in-Chief Ayantce Diane Bell Miss A.L-T. OUTSTANDING SENIORS Jack Ezell Pre ident of Student Government Toraniie Caddie I (iilor-in-Chief of the Register Betty Pierce XuTsins. R.tlpli 11.11 iiliill. htigniccnn Cc ' Dii L- Cam. Clicini t}y Edna Siiioki.M . Sotiutu ' y OUTSTANDING SENIORS Ralph Parker. Mii-iic EngeiR Caniliriilt u, s ' or s 156 mm ■pppliplppi SENIORS 1962 Allen, James Oliver Allen. The() loie Roosevelt Alslon. Henry Clay Andrews, Lee Armsuong, Artlnn Baeole, Leroy Harrison li.ilihvin. Annie Barber. Richartl Barnes, Mar E. Bei Icin. Lillian R. Beclon. Naonri Bell, Barbara Ann Bell. |( hiniy Bell. Shirley . nn Bennelt. Evelyn Beimel I. |.niies BcMiKit. Roger Beiiy. R;inibcui D. Blas.seiiE;:ile. ' ll mcm l V... Jr. BIccImic, Kathalcc-ii liliiuiil. Aliin ii Brown. (;liai lir Biinvii, liniidiis I). Bogaiis, C.ui lis Boney. Stc i- I.. Booiic, (korgc W. licuvilni, ,Siiu 1 1. Bowdiuh, Ilka C. Brantley, Mary L. Breetk ' ii. Clliarks ,S. Brewc-r, Robert A.. |r. Brinsoii. .Alexaiuler I ' ll ill. Rulh W. Biyaiit. jean 1). Bryant, P " rederi k [. Burnettc, |ose|jli R. SENIORS 1962 l+i.i! M ' A- .w ' - SENIORS 1962 Caldwell. CJwen J. Ciarpentci. Thomas J. Ciaitcr. John Charter. Mchin E. Clicii V. Sophia Chasten. Cilaik M. (MK-stiuit. |ames F. (;hest()ii. Liic B. (ihapman. na iil (;liailcs. C.ciieva Chtrk, . nsley P. C lcnions. George E. C;ia l()ii. William H. Cioley. tstclla ' . tiooke. Fiances Cioopei. Lela M. Council, Marion V. Coward, . ilolphiis M., Jr. C;ox. Chde L.. Jr. C:c art. Walter H. A lik TJK ■ ' ■:i. SENIORS 1962 KaM.ii. M. II I, III I)., riiilhi. Ellin, III. IjIji.iii 1,. tllivill. InllllllN L. K ,lll . |. lines L ' ,, Iv i II, |u(k I, 111. II . I lldllKIS I ' diiiill. I .iiiiii.i I). Ithc. , Il:illkllll, ( )i I.iiuin licniKiii, ( )ilir Ikiiiini;, K.iljili I ' l(l (l, SlKslKI I- . {■ol.iii.i. .Ml ili.iininrd .S. Fox. |.I1IUS I.. riillciii. I ' .ili ii i.i . . (..uKdii, .M.ii.nMUi 1-.. (;:iiil, Clcoi.m- . . 1.. C, 111(11. M.ii,i;,iicl (iiur. Diaiiii.i 1). mMkh 160 • - m-k - • « r SENIORS 1962 Craven. CarcilMi Ciittenilen, )atqiielin C:rowcler. Edith D. Crump, CaratlRiie Crump. (Jiarks ' . Curreme. L. nauitl. Cabell, jr. n.n iiKiin. Ciariil l),i i-,. L.A ' erne De.iiis. (linlier G. Devaiie. Cato (... Dixon. ' era J. Drake. .Maurice D. Drake. Riidm.m I.. Dudley, ]i e I.. Dudle . . (ar L. Dunn. (.rad Dunlap. William V. Dinuiegan. Dc ri C Ead . Mar H. ? Gibbs. Eiiiil Gillespie. Gh.iiks W. Gill. Kchv.ii.l K. Gill, j.iiius. |i. Gl(i cr. ( coii L- GoclluA. D.miel D. GdoKIjv. loliii V. Giildiill. |(illli I ' . ( Glcii I.. Gi.kK. Willi.iiii O. Gictnc. . I.H ' K. Gullii ic. )iiliii W. I l.iilli. 1 iiMiiiiic ll.ill, J.mio h. 1 1. ill. I Minnie I.. II. ill. Slls.lll lI.iKliii " . I.iilie , [. H. II nil. luklic L. 1 l.ii I is. |()hii G. Hums. Willi. 111! II. SENIORS 1962 TiiMl SENIORS 1962 Harrison. Alijhi n o. Jr. Harrison. Waller ). Harrv. Brenda M. Hawkins. Delia M. Ha cs. . ntlnnette ' . Ha el. Paul L. Heatl. Emma M. Hcaden. Henrs. |r. Hentlerson. |(ihnnv L. Hcndrix. illiam Herbin. Beti Hines. James .M. Hines. Roscoe L.. Jr. Hinton. Patricia G. Hodge. Minnie P. Hodge. Russell Hogan. Jerr Hollowell. George P. Horlon. Linda C. Howell. James H. B A SENIORS 1962 I, ■u ' i , Eihvai l E. l.i,! i:;ins, Aitluir F. l.iiiiR}, W ' .iik ' I.illic. Walk! ., jr. 1,11111 , |;niR ' s I.owc, Refill. ilil IaIo, Rc.s.i 1.. Afaioii. William T. iNfadison, I.a ' ciiK ' MaKK ll- I liii aiil I ' .., |r. MaiinaiiKi, Ai lliiii S. l Iai liii, Ficdci ilk E. Mashljimi, Ficil (). l.iskr, |c)liiiin L. M.illliL-us, W ' alui I.. Maiilcv, Ku vi y. . Ianllsl) , (.us I.. Ma , laiiiiic 1.. i Uj ii( k, ( j)j iKJia A. Milki, I ' ainii ' SENIORS 1962 Hull, Jolin 1. Hiimci. Mililieil L. H)att. Riihaii Ho le. N ' ornian Ingram. |eiome | _Ilki , Helen M. |iilniMin, Samuel E. |nhnM)n. [ames C. I ' lnes. tilward L. cine!.. Samuel A. ones. Robert F. ones, O ' eveland D. Keene. [ames E. Kenion. Eildie R. King. Jatqulion Knight. . l[on ia Koome. (ililton E. Knonce. James E. I.,im|jle . Wellington Land. Willie H. MitchiiiL ' i. Gleiichi Monroe. Joseph Moore. Lewis H. MooiK, I.ce A. . [ii} 1 1 . ) ihiin C Monis, Iciilrcss MDiris, I.iii n (i Morgan. Don.ild A. Murpin, (iciiifje E. Miililiciw, Robert E. Mini,i . (.ciirtje . I. Muriell, I U ' l in. in L. .McCl.un, , foscs .MiClun, Don.ild L. .Mi( ii . Alines E. McDowell, Cleo iMcGhee. Vance .Ml I.e. in. Robert .Mi.Milhin. Douglas B. rc ■eill, James A. SENIORS 1962 r ' iWki SENIORS 1962 Mc I Mai Neal. Elizabeth ' . XeUon, G veinli i n Ntwkiik, Clifton R. Oatcs, ' ii " ginia Oliver. Mattie O. Outlaw. James M. Parker. Betty J. Parker. Doiothy Parker. ' i ian C. Parker, Ralph H. Parks. Jairies F. Patterson. Constance B. Patterson. Oliver H. Pen , Fretlerick Perry, illie S. Pigford, Thomas Pitts, Julius T. Poole, Eva Powell, Irene Im im A SENIORS 1962 SlSSdlllS, (rCl .llllilH ' St ii n. RdIki I I ' ,., |r. Sidll. (.ciiiijc A. Sd i fii, Amu- I.. Slii|)m:iii. R.imikiihI 1-.. Shiid. K ilHi I SilK, I luliii,! A. Siiiiiiis. ( .CI .ildiiK- (. ' .. Siiiiinons. Dcwiil .Sini|isiin. ( :Ii ' mI, 111(1 .Siiif;k-lMi V, I ' dii.i S. Siiiilli. Ilil l.i II. .Siiiilli, RipIhi I I ' ., |i, SlRcll. 11,11 I). II .1 |. .S|M11I. DclMil li I .. .Sl.llllcA. Mildicd I-., Sl.ilcin, Alllllr |. SlcphciisDii, ),iiiKs ). .SlcvciiMin. Rdgci W. Slcwai I, Nniu y ( ' .. 5 4 iikiUi ■- i ;- SENIORS 1962 Rane . Thomas F. Raper. Alvin Raper. Patsie Reid. Tuiloch ResnokK, Andieu-, Jr. RiiharcK, Millon Richardson, Cilarence Richardson. Henr H. Roberson, Mar% L. Robinson. Iohnn Rogers, James. Jr. Rogers, Shirley D. Roseman, Elbert ' . Roundtree, Doris Russell, " William F. Sanders. George C. Savage. Lee -M. Scales. Eugene Sellars. Helen Setzer. Wonne A Sii iikl.iiul, Shirley Suickland. Jdliiiny Suggs, Enu-sliiK- Surgeon, David, |i. Tagbe, Amos D. TlioiiKis, Edgar W. Thdinas, Laiii,i |. Tlionias. iMiH.iiicIl ThompsDii, BilK TiMlale. Lid.i M. Touens, SanipsDii M. Turner, Frank W. Twiiu, Joseph C;. V ' ini enl, Willi. mi D. X ' iiies, Earlene W ,dkcr, Richard E. WaUace, Cdoria Walhue, (ilori.i W ' .iie. [.mies (., |r. Waters, Helm, in (.. SENIORS 1962 -. «X ' :- f ;,- - t ' .f w wltkiM SENIORS 1962 Watkins. Walter W ' atkins, ' illiam White. Gweiidolvn White, M.iri.m Whitlex. Maiva L. Wilkerson, Can tis L. WilliaIn , Ridianl I... jr. Williams, Timolhv Willi, mis, Joseph T. Wilson, Ferdinand F. ' ilsr n, Rii liaril K. Winslow. Harve A ise. Barbara Woodard, Emily ' o()lev. Villiam C. Wilkinson. Joyce Xeal. Harriett Williams. E el n K, Williamson. Shirley A. Jones, Edward d Otect n Allen, Jiimrs OHmt. Rmilr I, Box 466 GafTiie . South Clarolina. Shoe Rcfjaii H.iplisi SiiuUiit riiimi. Suntlav School, antl Draniatits Club. Allen, Theodore Roose eU. ' AV, Fa eltcville Street. Durham, North C;arolin;i Ai Is ami Nfathemalits. Industrial Arts Associ- aiioTi and Wiciaiis ' (Jtd). Alston, Henry C:lay, l-(t() Clhipoia Street, Kannapolis. North Caro- lina, Plnsital Educati(}n and Social Studies. Veterans ' Club. Physical Kducation Club and Geographic Sotiet . Andrews Lee, Rox 182. Acme, North CUirolina. Business . dminis- tration. Business Assfniatjon ami Geographic Ciluh. Armstrong, Arthur O., Route 1, Box 266, Elm Citv, North (Carolina. Biolog and Cheniistr , Biolog Club and Baptist Student L ' nion. Bacote, Leroy Harrison, ll ' iO ' {Oth Sireel, Newport News, Virginia. Ilusimss Administration Student (.o ri nnutit, Business C:iul). Bap- lisi SMidciit rnion and Y M.C . . Oaldwin. Annie, Route 2. Box 27. ' . Fa eite ille. North (.antliua. Barber, Richard Earl, Route 2. Box 317, " Frenton. North Carolina. IMi si(s ;nid Matli- Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, American Institute of Ph sics. ' .M.C.A.. N.A.A.C.P.. Fellowship Council. Student Govern- ment. Scabbard - Blade. Register Staff and [ones Countv CMub. Barnes, Marv E., Route 1. Hr)x 0. Murfreesluiro. North Carolina. Bi- olog .ind Clurnisir I clt.i Sigma I beta S(»iurit . Fellousbip (idini- ul. Sunda S.bool, Bi..l..g Cluh. VAVC A., and Baptist Student rn- ion. Rccton, Lillian R., IdOK Main Street, New lUiii, Niuib fiarolina English and Mistoi . l(ninightl Cluh. Dranialus Club, and Register Stall Becton, Naomi. iDitS Maui Street. New IWin. North Cantlnia. Soci- olog and Ps (holog . V.W.Ci.A., and United Social Science C lub. Bell. Barbara Ann, Route 1. Box 254, Jackson, North Carolina. Math- ematics. Marthematics Club. Geographic .Society. Student N.E.A. and SophonK re C;lass Treasurer. Bell, Johnny, 416 North East Street. Panama. Florida. Photography. l)M rr Edui.ition Club. Photography flidj. and Projectionist. Bell, Shirley . nn, Route 1. Box S " ). Cla ton. North Carolina. Chem- istr ami Mathematics. Delta Sigma Theta Sororitv. A ' omcn ' s Ath- letic . ' Xssociatiipn. College C;r)umil, Baptist Student l ' nion. Federation (if C ' ampus Oigaui aiioiis. fibaiin and Cultuie Clid). and . merican Soiiet . Bennett. E elyn, Route ' S. Box " .7. Wadeslioid. North Caiolina. His- torv and French N.E-. ' X.. Y.W.C.A.. Sunday School. French (;lub. So- cial Science CJub. and AVestminsier Foundation. Btnnell. James H.. Route ' S, Box 57. Vadesboro, North Carolina, P nnell, Roger. 1222 Dean Street. Charlotte. North Carolina. Applied Sii(i( lug and IlisiorN. ' eteiaiis ' . sso( iaiion. I ' liitet! Social Science (ltd). .Old M C Berry, Raniseur D.. ' .27 nain|)toii Stieet. Rink fldl. South C;aiolnia. Mathemalits. Omega Psi Phi Fiaternil , Mathematics Club. C.eo- graphic Society. N.A.A.C.P.. ' .M C.A., Air Force Drill Fcam, and SMnda Sdiool BlasMng;de, Wavmond E. Jr., 1661 Rosedale Street. Washington. I) C Industnal Arts ;ui l RO I.C:, Scabbard and Blade Society. Ad- yanced R,() I ,C:. and OHuers Cihib. Bledsoe, Kathaleen, H15 Granite Street, Home Etonimiiis Education. Y. .C;.A.. N E,A., Sunda School Feat her. and Home Economics Club. Blount, Alon o. M)fl5 Gales Street. Ncnth East, Washinglon. D. C. Fl ( Ii i( .il Kngimering and Mathematics. Rille Team, Second Pla- toon leader Coinpain ■ ' , " , Arm R.O. ' F.C., Pershing Rilles Boijans, Ciurtis, Box 2:i5. Mount Gilead. North Carolina. Hit)logv and History. Geographic Society. Biology and Baptist Student l ' n- ion. Boney, Sle e Leon, R..ntr I. B . ' IS E. Wallace. North Carolina. Business Edm .it ion. Wt. North CaK.lina. Ra- Boone, George W., Route I. Bo din and 1 cle ision, Bowden, Sim H., 71. ' i Magmdia Street, Sanford. Nc rlh Carolina. I ' h sical Ed u( at ion and Sot ial Studies. Football Team, Baseball l am. tlilrtic Ciommittee, I .eltemun ' s C:lub. and Wteians " Club. Bowdiitb. Ilka Carmen, X F.igg Strc-ci. Asbeyille. North Carolina. English and lli.story. lorlniglitly Cllub. Angel Might, International Relations (ihd). Senior Ciouncil. Register Staff, and R, B. ll.urison Players. Brantley, Mary L., 2216 Norwich Lane. Brunswick. Georgia. Social Studies and Psychology. I ' nited Social Science Club. International Relations Cluh and I ' sher Board. Breeden, Charles Satero, l()4i2 Havwood Street. Red Springs, North Carolina. .Agricultural Education and C-eneral Science. Y.M.C.A.. N.E..A.. Agricuimal Association. 4-H Club, Wesley Foundation. N.AA.CP.. Male t:horus. and A wtff Staff. Brewer, Robert Alexander Jr., Monro ia. Liberia. West Africa. Poultr Husbandry and . nimal Husbandry. Recording Secretary. . lpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Secretary Solus Ceres (Agronomy Club), ice President of Foreign Students As.sociation, and Inter- national Relation.s C:lub. Brinson, Alexander, Route 1, Box 36, Magnolia. North Claroiina In- dustrial , i Is , ssoi iation and Veterans ' Assoc iaticm. Britt, Rulh W., 426 Miller Street. Goldsboro. North Carolina. Bus- iness Educaiicii. . lpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Brown. C;harles, 2411 Manhattan A enue. New York Citv 26. New York. Electrical F:ngineering and Math. Pershing Rifles. Brown. Jiinious D.. Route 4. Box 2ll8 ' ' j, Red Springs. North Caro- lin.i Agricultuial Education and (.eneral Science. Alpha Phi Alpha lrateniit , V.M C . ., Agricultural . ssoc iation. Westminster Foun- dation. N.A.. .C.P., New Farmers of . meiica Club. Male Chorus, and Av. NTi:i Staff. Bryant. Jeanne D.. S23 Srmth Seventh Sticet, Wilmington. N. C. Br .uit. Frederick Joe, KI ' i Olivia Lane, (.oldslxnci. North Carolina. , rts and Mathematics, Industrial Arts Association. Na- tional I. A. A.. M.C:.A., B.S.C. and W.P.P. Burnette, Joseph Ray, Route 2, Mebanc, North Carolina. Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. Arnold Air Societv. Caldwell, Owen J.. Route 1, Box 145. Dunn. North Carolina. Fine Alts and Art Clircle. Baptist Student rnion, and Y.M.C.A. C:hapman, David M., 1012 Lniveisitv Street, kinston. North Caro- lina. Applied ,Soci()l( gy and Psvchology. (.eographic Society, and Sue ial Science C;lub. Charles, Geneva, 900 Marsinie Stieet. Winston-Salem. North fiaro- lina. Sociology and Social Studies. Sunday .School. Usher Board. United Social Science Club. Fello vship Council, N.E..A., and Y WC.A. Carpenter, Thomas J., 127 Old Charlotte Road, Ruthcrfordton. North Carolina. Biology anil Chemistry. Biology Club. ' cterans ' Association, and N.S.F. Undergraduate Research Participant. Carter, John, Route 1, Box 234. Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina. Business Administration. Baseball, and Letterman ' s Club. Carter, Melvin C, Route 1, Box 316. Edenton. North Carolina. Re- frigeration and . ir (loud it ion ing. V eterans Association. Cihapman, David W., 1012 I ' niversity Street, Kinston. N. C. C:hasten, Clarke M., Beulahville. North Carolina. Charles, Geneya, !I00 Morsinie Street. Winston-.Salem. N. C. Chcrrye, Shirlee A., 1414 Stebbins Avenue. Bronx, New York. Chestnut. James F., 816 Mot)ile Street. Higli Point. North Carolina. Business . ilministration. Cheston, Lucy B., Route 2, Box 269. Trenton, North Carolina. Bus- im-ss Education Upsilon Beta .Alpha. Y.W ' .C.A., A ' ..A.A.. Sunday S{bool, Ba])tist Student I ' nieni. (iirls Drill Ic-am, and | ints Coun- l C;lub. Clark, Ansley P., Route 3. (.reensboro. North Carolina. Applied Soc iologv and History. Social Science CMub. Clemons, George H., 526 Water Street. Salem, iiginia. Business .Administration. Y.M.C.A.. (ilioii . Mens Clioii . .uid International Relations C;hdj. tlavion. William H., Route 2. Box 191. Roxboro. North Carolina. AgiKulluic Fdiu.ition aii l (. ncral Science. Veterans Associaticm. N ,!■ .. ., and Agi n ultural Assc»( iaiion. Coley, Estella Virginia, 410 South Gulley Street , (.oldsboro. North Carolina. Business Educaticm. B.S.U,, Y.W.C.A., and Zeta Phi Beta Sororitv. Cooke, Frances, General Deli er , Nashville. North C arolina. English and French, Ftuiuightlv Club. Dramatics C4ub. and Register Staff. C:ooper. Lela M., P. O, Box 533. Spring Hope, North Clanflina. ,So- Studies .uid Applied Soc iologv . International Relations C:luh, B.iptisI Student Union. Y.W (:, ., .Social .Science Cluh. and Suiidav School, Council, Marion Virginia, Route 6. Box 350, Cireenville, NiVrth f iarolina. Home- F ' ccuioinics Education and General Science. Y.W.C.A.. Pledgees of eta Phi Beta Sorority. Fellowship Cloiuuil. Sunday School, Ihnne Economiis Club and I lie Pitt County Club. Coward, Adolphus M. Jr., 2.307 .South Roxboro Street. Durham, North Carolina. Industrial Arts. President of Industrial .Arts .Asso- ciation, Geographic Society, and Veterans ' Club. 172 Cox, Clyde Lynwood Jr., 400 Pekoe Street, nuiliam. Noith Carolina. FLIettrical Technology. Baptist Stiulent L ' liion. Cozart, Walter H., OliO Hitlson Drive. Knoxville, Tennessee. Soci- olog and Ps chologv. Football Team. Track Team, and Letternien Club. Craven, Carolyn, 108 South Dean Street, C.reensboio. N ' orlli Caro- lina. Secretarial Science. Y.W.C.A,, Band (Majoreiie), Citv Club, and L ' sher. Crittenden, Jacqueline, 24-34 C.ilmore Stuet. Last Elmhurst, New ' ork. Sociologv and Social Studies. L ' niied Social Stience Club, Spanish Club, and Charm and Culture Club. CTowder, Edith D.. (iol Pine Street. Handet. North Carolina. Home Kmiiuiniis Kdutation. Delia Sigma I beta Surority, Kappa Delta Pi. lelidwship CouiuU. Sunda Sihool, and N.E.. ! Crump, Carathene, 220 C. North Booker Street, Clreensboro, North Ciarolina. Mathematics and Phvsics. Baptist Student I ' nion, N ' .E.A.. M.ith Club, and Sunday School. C:runip. C;harles V., 102 South Pettigrew Street. Raleigh. North Carolina, Industrial Arts, and R.O.I.Ci. Industrial . its . ssotiation, Armv Otlners Club, and Varsjtv Rifle Team. Currence, William L., 3ir. Mill Road, Charlotte. N nth Carolina. Electrical Engineering and MatheTuaiiis. Engineering .Association and Charlotte Club, Daniel, Cabell W.. 14()I (.onell Stntt, Creensboro, North Carolina. I ' .iisiiitss Administration- 1 he Intel national Relations Club. Busi- ness Assuiiation. and Maithing Band. Dj idson, Carolyn S., 217 Stockton Street, Stutes ille, North Caro- lina, Davis, LaVerne, 2;t05 Charlotte Street. Greensboro, North Carolina. English aiul French. A. and T. College Choir. Dramatics Club, ltiitniglul C:iub. Le Circle Francais, Intei national Relati jns Club, Women ' s . thletic Association, and ' , C,. , Deaus, C.irther G., 208 East George Stieet. ' ai au. North C aro- lina. Business Education, Business Club, Charm and Culture Club, ■Angel Fliglit. and Year Book Stall. DeVane, C.ato C, P. (). Box 17. Harrells. North Carolina, Business .Administration. United Business Association. Dixon, Vera Jean, Route 3, Box 190, Burlington, N. C. Secretarial Scienie. V,W,C;.A,, Baptist Student Union, Business Club. Drake, Maurice Delano, 414 Banks Street, (ireensboro, N. C. Fine .Alls and Hislor , Drake, Rodman Lawson, 129 Masondale A e . Uinhani, N, C, Social Studies and History. Vice President S.N.E.A., Uniteil Social Science Club, Y.M.C.A.. and Air Force R.O.T.C. Drill Team. Dudley, Joe Louis, Route 2. Box 82. Aurora, N. C. Business Ad- minisii.iium, President of the Vpsilon Beta Alpha, B.S.t ' ., Y.M.C..A., aiul N,. ,A,C,P, Dudley, Mary Louise, 310 Scott St.. New Bern. N. C. Sociology and Social Studies. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, President L ' sher Boartl, President SNE.A, Secretary Student Cio eminent. Secretary Fellow- ship (louncil. Baptist Student I ' nion, Vomen Dorm i tor (Coun- selors. Social Science Club. Newspaper Stall, and Marching Band. DiMin, f.rady, 2717 Rov St,. Macon. C.a. Engineeiing M.ithematics and Matliemalics, Dramatics Club. International Relations Club. M.itli Club, and Engineering Association, Dunlap, William W., P. O. Box 009, Wadesboro. N. C. Applied So( iologv and History. Social Science Club aiul Y.M.C.A. Duiuiegan, Dori.s Curtiss, Route 1. Box 83, Hillsboro, N. C. Mathe- matics. Math Club, Student NE.A, International Relations Clid , ;nid Sunday School. Eady, Mary H., 303 Pecan Street, Lumheilon. N. C, English and Histor . Baml, and Choir, Fortnightly CJub. Easun, Marian Da is, 403 Stedman Street, (ireensboro, N. C Nurs- ing, letoca Club, and National Nurses Association. Earley, Phillip. 73K Ihird Street Place. S. V., Hickory, N. C. Elec- tronics, Edman, Fabian L. Hunter, 22 Paddington I errace, Kingston, Ja- maica, B.W.I. Agronomy. Agronomy Clid). Fcireign Students Asso- c iation. Ellison, Johnnie Lee, 534 Charlotte St,. Hamlet. N. C. Electrical lechnology, ' eterans ' Association and Technical Institute Associa- tion. E ans, James Ellsworth, Route 2. Box 38, Williamston. N. C. Pre- and Applied Sociology. Y.M.C.A., Veterans ' Associaticm. Social Science CJub. and Geographic Society. Ezzell, Jack L., Route 1. Box 324. Roseboro. N. C, Pre-Medicine and C:hemistr . Alpha Phi .Alpha Fraternity, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society. Kappa Phi Kappa Forensic Society. Arnold Air Society, and Biology Clidi. President. Student Go enimcnt, ' ho■s Who. R.O. ' F.C. CCorps Commaiuler. Fanar, Thomas Jr., Route 1. Box 13. Staley. N. C. Electrical Tech. Fennell, Linnia D., Route 1, Box 262. W allace. N. C. Mathematics and HistoiN Baptist Student Inion, Math Club. Engineering Asso- ciation. Sunda Stiiool. Religious Life Coinicil. YA ' .C.,A. aiul Inter- national Relations C;lub, Ferrace, Mary Helen, Route 2, Randelman, N. C. Secretarial Science. Franklin, Olander, 322 South Mvers Street, Charlotte, N. C. Clothing. Charlotte C:iub. Freeman, Odie, (i37 Field Street. Kinsiun. N. C. Applied Socicdogy and Ps cliolog . Male (Ihoir and Social Science Club. Fleming, Ralph, Route 1, Bcjx 137, Woodleaf. N. C. Social Studies and Biolog . President International Relations Club. Social Science Club, eteians- Ciul). and Bi.)logv Club. Floyd, Sclestia Elizabeth, Route 1, Box 300, Voungsville, N. C In- stitution Management and Chemistry. Baptist Student L ' nion. In- stitution Maiuigement Club. Y. V.C..A., International Relations Club, and Home F " u)iioinics CluI). Folana, Mohammed Samba, 1 iama-Mano, Sierra Leone. West Africa. .Agronom . . gronoiii Club, .Agricultural .Association, New Farmers of America, Foreign Students .Association, and International Re- lations Club. Fox, James L., 1717 Flastwood .A e,, Burgaw. N, C. Drafting Tech- nolog . Fulton, Patricia Ann, fioo N Railioad A e . Dium. N. C. Home Economics Education and (.eiieral Siieuce, V.W.C.A,, Sunday Sch(M l. ' eslev Foinulation. FelKtwship Council, and Home Economics Ed- ucation C4ub. Gadsen, Margaret. Rciute 1. Box 24. Mays ille. N. C, Mathematics. Math Club, V. V.C..A.. Jones Ct)unt C;lub. N.E..A.. and International Fellowship (ilid . Gant. George A. L., 210. ' ) S, Beiibow Road. Greensboro. N. C. (Chemist r and Mathematics. Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Beta Kappa Chi. ScieiUilic Honor Society. .American (Chemical So- ciety. Student (.o c-rurnent Association, .Alpha Phi .Alpha Fralci- nit . Peishing Rifles Soiiet . Pan-Hellenic Council, Nalioiud Stiuhnt Assoc iati in. (.o einoi s (Committee for a Better North (Carolina, and National Science Foundation. Marching and Concert Bands. Garrett, Margaret Elizabeth, 1928 Perkins St.. Greensboro. N. C. Business Education. Dance (iroup. Ott-Campus Club, Y.W.C..A,. and Business Education Association. Geter, Deanna D., lOH South Barton Street. Martins ille. ' a. Physi- cal Education and Soc ial Studies. Student (Council. Maic hing and Concert Bands. Plusicai Kdiuaium Majcns did), and Women ' s Athletic .Associaticju, Gtbss, Emily M., 12f) Spring Street, Charleston, South Carolina. Gillespie, Charles W., Route 1. Box 210. Elizabethtown. N. C. Auto Mechanics, . utomotive ' lechnology. Automotive Technology Club, rechnica! (Club. Gill. Edward E., 924 Ross Ave., Greensboro. N. C. Biology. Alpha Phi .Alpha Fraternity and R. B. Harrison Plavers. Gill, James, Jr., 301 Hav Point, N. C. Mechanical Engineering. So- ciet of Mechanical Engineers. Engineers Association, N.A.A.C.P., and Register Stall. Glover, George. Route 1. Ellenlxiro. N. C. Electronics. Godfrey, Daniel D.. Route 1. Bov 87. Elizabeth City. N. C. Agricu- tural .Association. N E.A.. A.F.R.O. I .C. aiul .Agionomy Club. Goolsby. John W., 3HI2 Merljin St,. Greensboro. N. C. Brick Ma- soni . Gordon, John F., Route 3. Box 182, Rockingham. N. C. .Agi icultural Engineering. Scabbard aiul Blade Society, (Officers Club. Band, Y.M.C.A.. Fellowship Council, and College Council. Gore, Glenn L., Box 2. ' )4, Southport, N. C Music and History. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. M.E.N.C. Fellowship Council and Maiching and Concert Bands. Grady, William O., P. (). Box 518. Hillsboro, N. C Electrical En gineering anil Mathematics. Greene, Mae Ellen. P. (). Box 129. Bolton, N. C Business Educa- tion. Busniess Education Club. Y.W.CA.. and N ' .E.A. Guthrie, John W., 1003 North Pr or St.. Gastonia. N, C .Social Studies and HistoM, Haith. Tommy, Route 3. Box 181, Meliane, North Carolina, Hall, James E., P.O. Box 1284, Shelby. North Carolina. Hall, Jiinmie L., 509 Lincoln Street, Kinston. North Carolina. Bus- iness Admiuisiiation. (Choir, and tieographic Society. Hall, Su.san Marie. Route 1. Box 103, Rose Hill, North (Carolina. Business Ediuation Sunday School. Charm and Cidture Club. In ternatic)nal Relations Cluli. Baptist Student Union. Girls ' Drill 173 J_ft A Insilon Beta Alpha. Y.W ' .C.A., AV.A.A., Team. Duplin-Pcncier CIul , and Trallic Saft-ty Club. Harding. Lillie Maude, RuyUc I, Box 123, Pleasant Hill, North Carolina. Home Eeonomits Ediuation. Baptist Stutlcnt Union, Sun- (la Sdi.inl. eta Phi Beta Sorority, and Y.W ' .C.A. Harrcll, Eddie Lee, Route 1. Box 15. Rich Square, North Carolina. PlnsK .il Education ami Social Studies. Plusital Education Majors Club and liilr.inuii a! Profiiatu. Harris, John C, l " 2 " i (.orrill Street. Ciieensboro. North Carolina. Biologv and Chemistry. Biology Club .uid cterans " Club. Harris, William H., TZH South Marion Avenue. Ciovington. Virginia. Biology and Social .Siienies. Male Chorus, R, li. Harrison Players, Air Force R.O.r.C. Drill learn, and Track Team. Harrison, Alphonso Jr., lO Clillord Street. East Orange. New Jer- st , Inst it lit ion M.iujgcinent a u Business. Mu Zi Nu Cllub, New Jerse -Neu Voi k Club. Wtstnunster Club, and Intramural Pn giam. Harrison, Waller J., T-t) East ' SZin A enue. ])en er. Colorado. Mailuinaiiis aud Cheniisirv. Matlu-matiis Club, Anuviian (Miemual .S(Kiei . and Ad ance A.I-.R.O.I ,C. Harry, Breiida Mac, 1511 Oak Street, Wiusiou-Salem. North Claio- lina. Secretarial Science. Smulay School, Y.W.C.A. Hawkins, Delia M., Seaboard, North Carolina. Applied .Sociology and -Social Science. Y.W.C.A.. and International Relations Club. Haye.s, . nthynelte Virginia, 1214 Downing Street. High Point. NtMih Caioliua. Fine . rts aiul Histor , Y W C.A.. Charm arnt Cul tuic Cliil). and rshei Bo.iid, Hazel, Paul La reme, llHi East :ird Slieel. Winston Salem. Nfulh Carolina. Electrical Engiueernig and Malheniatits. Engineering As- sociation. R. B. Harrison Players, International Relations Club, and Bap list Sludiut I ' nion. Head, Enuna Marie, IJIO Kivett Drive, High Point, North Caro- lina. Busuiess Edutation. Angel Flight, N.E.A., YAV.C.A.. Sunday School, and Lnited Business Association. Headeii, Henry Garrett Jr., P. O. Box .581. Siler City. North Caro- lina. Auto-Mechanics. Henderson, Johnny Larry, lOlH Willow A euue, Sauford. Florida. Biological Science and Chemistry. National Honorary Society, Pershing Rilies Society. Newman C:iub. and Omega Psi Phi Fra- ternity. Herbin, Betty, Route 1, Box 215, Brown Summit, North Carolina. Clothing. lailoring Club. Hines, James Milton, lli:t West Sixth Street. Greensboro, North C;aiolma- Fllettrical Engineeiing and Mathematics. Phi Beta Sigma Fraiernit . Scabbard and Blade Societv, F-ngineei ing Association, Mathematics Club. A. and F. Hand, A. and I , Choir. Male Chorus, and R, li. Harrison Players. Hines, Ro.scoe Jr., 5l ' J North McQueen Street. Florence. South Carolina. Business Administration. Business Club, Sunday School. Geographic Society, and Physical Education Club. Hinion, Patricia Y., 12 Smith Pla a, Raleigh, North Carolina. Social Studies and Psychology. L ' .sher Board, luternational Relations t:lub and Y.W.C.A. H Mlge, Minnie P., P. O. Box Til. Sprnig Mope, North Carolina. Business Edutation. eta Phi Beta Sorority, lipsilon Beta Alpha. Baptist Student I ' nion. Sunday .School, Charm and Culture Club, and Y.W.C.A. Hodge, Russell, 142 New Slicii, Dainille, Virginia, llritk Masonry. Hogan, Jerry L., Route I. Box l!)l. Rosebom. (ulh Carolina. Busi- ness l-iUu .iiiou, llnsiness . sso( iation. Hollnwell, George P., Star Route, Wmf.dl, N(utli Ciamlina. . gii- cullural Flducation .iiid (.enei al St ieute. Agi icultiual Assoc iatnui. New Farmers of Anuina. 1 H Club, and N.A.A.C.P. Hortnn, Linda Clarol. Post Olhce Box 175, Siler C:ity. North Caro- liu.i liciuli and English, eta Phi liela Stuorily, International Relalions Club, Le Ciule I-iaiuais, and Band. Howell, James Herbert, I IKt Blueberry Lane, Greensboro. Noith Carolina. English and Ilisioiv. Cloncert C hoir, Male Chorus. Foil nightly Club, R. B. Harrison Pla ers. Y.M.Ci.A . Register Stall. . u International Relations CMub. Hoyle, Norman. Bo 12H4. Shelby, North Ciaroliua. Hunter, .Mildred Louise, 517 East Lenoir Street, Raleigh, North C.Molin.i Nuiseiv School Edui al ion. Agricultural . ssociatiou. HyatI, Itidiard, Route 2. Box . ' {. ' M. Norwood, North Carolina. Me- i hanu ai Engineering and M.ithematics. ' .M.(;.. .. Engineering As- sociation, and Baptist Student L ' nion. Ingiani, Jerome, 114(1 firativ Street, Salist)ury. North Caioliua, Fine Alls and History. Art Cirile. Regis tei Stall, Avamkf Stall. . I KO I.C Diill leam. aud Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Jenkins, Helen Marie, Route I, Box 197, Jamestown, North Caro- lina. Business Eilucation. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Johnson, Doris Louise, 410 Caribou Road. Asheville, North Caro- lina. Social Studies and Psychology. United Social Science Club» N.E.A., Filler Boar l. and Fellowship Onincil. Johnson, Samuel E., 1402 Colonial Avenue, (.rcenville. North Caro- lina. Flistor and Sociology. L ' uiled Social Science Club. Johnson, James C, Route 2, Box :IH, 1 imberlake. North Carolina. . pplied .Sociology and Social Studies. Veterans ' Assoi iation. Vice President, LIniled Social Science Club. Internal ion. il Relations Club, Sigma Rho Sigma Honor Soiici . Alpha kappa Mu Honor Societ , and Gcogra|ihic Society. Jones, Edward Lee, Route 2. Box 217. Il.ddax, uiih Carolina. BiologN and Sot ial Stieiite. Y.M.C.A,. N,A AC! ' ,, and Uiolog Club. Jones, Samuel A., 400 Souih ' .lili A eiuie. Dillon. .South Carolina. Electrical Engineering Ami M.ithematics. Engineering Association. Male Chorus, and Mt»iel Aircraft Club. J )nes, Robert T., 107 l)o er Street, Kiiislon. North Ciaiolina. Busi- ness Educaiion. .Stabljard and Blade Society, Olhcers Clul). Battle {,roU]j. Business Cliil). and Senate. Jones, Cleveland Dewey, Route I. Box 157, Merritt, North Caioliua. Physical FLducation and Social Science. Baseball Team, Physical Ed- ucation C;iuh, l.ettermen ' s Club. National Education Association, anil ' eterans ' .Association. Keene. James Edward. Route 3, Box 12H. Almskie, North Carolina. Electrical Icthnologx Baptist Student Uiiit.n. .iiui Electrical Tech- n(il(ig Ass u i.iliiui. kenifui, Eddie Roland, Ruiiie 1, Box 251. b.diama, Noith Carolina. I ' hotogi aph . Baptist Student Union king, Jac(]ulion, Route 2, Box IK I. Woodsilale, North Carolina. Social Studies and English. Inlei nat lon.d Relations Club and Fort- iiightb Club. Knight, Alfonzia, Rtmte 1. Box 2lH». Halifax. North Ciaiolina. Agii- lultural Education and General .Science. N.F-.A.. Y.M.C.A.. Agricul- tural Associatitm. 4-H Club, and N.A,. ' .C.P. koonce, Clifton E., Route 2, Box 143. Trenton. North Carolina. Industrial Arts. R.O.T.C, Jones Comity Club, Officers Club, and YM CA. koonce, James H., Route 2, Box 143, Trenton, North Carolina. Agricultural Education. N.E..A. and Agricultural Association. Lampley, Wellington H., P. O. Box 434, Lillington. North Caro- lina. FIistor and Social Science. International Relations Club, N.E.A.. and N.A.A.C.P. Land, Willie Harrison, Route 2. Box 221. Williamst. n. North Car- olina. Business , dministration and Sot Studies. ' elc ' i.nis ' Asso- ciation, (ieogiaphic Society, and Y.M.C A, Lewis, Edward Earl, (rreculield lirrace, (.leein ille, Noi th C:.iro- liiia. Engineering Mathematics, R. B. Harrison Pla ers. Malhemalits Club. Y.M.C.A.. (ieogiaphic Societv. and Band. Liggins, Arthur Thorton, 302 Srnith M.ii ion .Avenue, Clovington. Virginia. Elec li It al Engineering .md M.iiluinatics. .A.F ' .R.O. E.G., .Arnold Air Sot let v. Etlitor of the Guided Missile. Deput ' ing Commantlei — (i05th Cadet AV ' ing. College Couiu il. Olhcers (;iub. FLngineering .Association, and A ' .M,C..A. Linney, Wade F., Route I, Box T-l lliddnuK ' . North C.iioliua. Little, Waller N. Jr., 1722 llullmc Mill, t.reenshoio. , C. Alt hiteclLiral Engineering. Longs, James, 1()0( Lincoln Street, ( ■utnsboio. Ntniii CaiuMiia. Lowe, Reginald M., P. O. Bt x 255. Wanenton. Nt)ith C arolina. Lyies, Rosa 5S. ' l Morrison Street. Winston-Salem, Nttilh C aro- lina. Sntlal Studies ami l ' s tliol(tg Usher Boaril. Fellowship Coun- til. United Soi ul S( ieiue Club. N E A,. Suuda School, and ' .W-CA. Macon. William T., liOO lieiith Stieet. Cb.nlotte. Noilli C.iiolina. liKlilsIri.ii Alls Indiisliial Ails Asso, i,il mu, . h Pershing Rillcs .St.- « letv. Madison, La erne, 2111 Hunter Slurl. ( .i . nshmu, Nmili C.iiulina. English and llishuv. Diamatics Clnb. l-.ii(iiigliil (.lub, and Iriier- uailtMial Relations CJub. Maggett, Howard Henjamtn, Jr., P. O. Box 27K, Rich Squaie. Ntnth Caioliua. Social Siiuiies ami Applied Soc iolog . Gettgraphic Societv. Mangaroo. Arllun S.. Box 30, Hog Walk, Jamaica, B.W.I. Soils Science. C:iu iiilsti .md Mathematics. Icncign Student Association, . grononi (iliib and . lpha Kapp.i Mu Honor Sociel . Martin. Frederick Eugene, Roiile 2. B(.x 100, Robbins. N.nlli C.iio lina. Electiital Engineei iiig and its, Arnold Aii .S.Miet . Olliteis Clnb. and Engineering Assoeialion, Mashburn, Fred )., 110 Vvomiug Road, shc ille. N.ntli C.iiolina. pplled Sotiologv .md Sot Studies. .Si. ial Stleiite Clul), Vet- ei.ins ' (ilnlj. Getigiapliit Sot i i . .iiid ' .M,( i , 174 Maske, Johnny Laron, 401 Grant Street. Badin. North Carolina. Hisi()r and Sociology. Social Science CUih. and V.M.C.A. Matthews, Walter L., Box 61. Wagram. North Carolina. Mathe- niaiiLS. Stal)bard and Blade Society. Fellowship Council, and MC - !jult bv. Gus L.. 11)07 Orange Street. Wilmington. North Caro- liii.i railoring-Clothiiig. Newman Clnb. hn, Fannie M., 121 ' Bridges Street. Morehead Citv. N. C. lcClam, Moses. Ronle 1. Box 84. Chapel Hill. North Ciarolina. Eletlrital Fethnolog . McC:lure, Donald L.. 4L ' 4 Soloman Street. Charlotte. North Carolina. Elettrical Engineering and Mi!itar Stiente. Phi Beta Sigma Fra- ternit . Stahhard and Blade Societ . Pan-Hellenic Countil. Com- mander. Cj.mpanv 1). R.O.T.C; . SetretarN, Student Cunernnient. and Charlotte Chih. McCoy, Agnes E elyn. 618 Canal Street. Durham. North Carolina, Business Education. Geographic Sociel , Westminster Foundation. N.E.A.. Sunday School. Marching Band, and " The Vels. " AfcDowell. Cleo, Route 1. Box i S, Clarklon. North Carolina. .Au- tomotive Tethnology. Automotive TechnoIog Club and Technical Institute Association. McGhee, Vance, Route 1. Box JT. Pelbam. North Carolina. . uto Meihanics. Y.M.C.A. McHorrell. Thomas Z., 343 St. Nicholas . venue. New York 27. Neu York, Pre-mediiine and Chemistr . Lampados Club. West- minster Foundation, ami choir. McLean. Robert A., 410 Walnut St.. Sanford, North Carolina. MtMillan. Douglas B., iHS Ellis St.. Fa etteville. North Carolina. Ph sital Education. R.O.T.C and Kappa . lpha Psi Fraternity. McNeill. James A., 302 East C:anar St.. Dunn. North Carolina. Engineering Mathematiis. .Arnold . ir Societ anil Nfath Club. McTillman, Mary, 724 North Sixth St.. Siler Citv, North Carolina. Business Education. Sunda School, Y.W ' .C- .. and Csher Board. Merrick, Cornelia .Ann, 12 ' ) Seaboard Street. Lumberton. North Carolina. Zeta Phi Beta Sororit , Kappa Delta Pi Honorar Sociei . Y.W.CA.. Fellowship Council, Fortnighth Club, International Re- lations Club, and Dramatic Club. Miller, Pargie, 909 Reed Street, Kinston. North Carolina. Business Ethiiation. Business Club. ' ..A..A,., Charm and Culture Club, and Sumla School. Mitchiner, Glenda, 501 Stewart Street, Greensboro. N. C. Monroe, Joseph, Route 3, Box 243. Fairmont, North Carolina. Frenth and Mathematics. A. F. R.O.T.C. Arnold Air Society, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, .Alpha Phi Omega Fraternitv and Y i t: A Moore. Lewis Holmes, 240 Jetlrc-ss .A enue. .Ashe ille. North Caro- lina. Electrical Technology and Electronics. A ' eterans ' Association and Y.M.C.A. Moody, Lee A., 122 Laurel Street, Lumberton, North (Carolina. Mathematics and .Sociologv. Malh Club, French CJub. Air Force Drill Team antl .Arnold .Air Society. Morris, Johnny Chauncev, 9 Carey Street, Nfonro ia. Liberia. Agron- nnn AgToiioTUv Club antl N.E..A. Morris. Fentress T,, .ilS Edge Street. Elizabeth City. North Carolina. Hi( log and C hemisir . Scabbard and Blade Society, Officers Club. Biol .ig C ' lub, and Explorers Cilub. Morris, Reginald Lo e, Box 2rir», Warrenton. North Carolina. Elec- trical Wiring and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. Y.NLC.A., (hoir. Banil. and Drill Team. Morris, Lorenzo, 1217 North 8th Street. Wilmington. North Caio- lina, Ph sical Education and Ps choiog . Ph sical Education .Majors C lub and Newman Club. Morgan, Donald A., Race Course, jamaita. B.AV.I. Chemislr and Mathematics. Explorers Club. Foreign Students .Association. Public Relations Cxjmmittee. and Register Stall, Murphy, George Earl, Route 1, Box 180. Ma s ille. North Carolina. Rcfngeratiijn and Air Conditioning. Muldrow, Robert E., 1209 Morse Street. N. E , AVashington. 2. D. C. Business . dmini5tration. Kappa .Alpha Psi Fraternit , Pan Hellenic Council, Siiulent Government. Air Force RiHe Team, Westminster F uindation. Murray, George M., 2300 Bothwell Street, Greensboro. North Caro- lina. Applied Sociolog and Ps cholog . Murrell, Herman L., 614 AVest 4th Street. Washington. North Caro- lina. Music and History. Phi Beta Sigma Fratemitv. Nfusic Educa- tors National Ccjuference Societ . Wooilwind Ensemble, Marching aiul S mphonv Bantl. Neal, Harriett, 523 Julian Street, Greensboro. North Carolina. Neal, Elizabeth Virginia. P. O. Box 33. Butner. North Carolina. Clothing- Delta Sigma Fheta Sororilv. Register Staff. .A antfe Slaft. Clothing rajors Club. Usher Board. N.A.A.C.P., and Sunday School. Nelson, Gwendolyn. Route 2, Box 199, Roxboro, North Carolina. Home Economics Education and General Science. Zeta Phi Beta So- rorit . and Home Economics Club. Newkirk. Clifton Ray, Route 1, Box 285, Goldsboro, North Caiolina. t:lothing. Y.M.C:.A. ' Gates, Virginia. Route 1. Box 305. Shelbv, North Carolina. Business Education Baptist Student Union, Fellowship Council, Sunday Sthool. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. College Choir, and Business Club. 01i er, Madie R., 505 Jacob Street, Thomasville. North Carolina. Business .Administration. Baptist Student Union. Y.W.C..A.. Student Counselor, and Zeta Phi Beta Sororii . Outlaw, James Mehin. 217 West 5th Street. AVashington, North Carolina. Clumistrv and Mathematics, . merican Chemical So- i.iei . Parker. Bettye Jean, Route 3, Box 329. Mt. Gilead, North Carolina. Home Economics Education. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority and Marching and Concert Bands. Parker, Dorothy. Route 3. Burlington, North Carolina. Business Education. Harrison Pla ers. Y.W.C.A.. Charm and Culture Club, L ' psilon Beta .Alpha, Baptist Student Union, and AyxNTEE Staff. Parker, Vivian C rol, 305 Charles Street. LaGrange. North Caro- lina. Business Education. Frafhc .Safety Club. .Angel Flight. Business Club, and Charm and Culture Chib. Parker, Ralph H., Post Ofhce Box 159. Soulbport. N()rth Carolina. Music and History. President of The Music Educators National Conference, Omega Psi Phi Fratemitv. Marching and S mphony Bands, and AVho ' s Who. Park.s. James T., 127 Callowa Street. Galax. Airginia. Ph sical Edu- calicui and Social Studies. Scabbard and Blade Society, Pershing Rifles Society. Physical Education Club, and Army Drill Team (R.O.T.C.) Patterson, Cx nslance Butler, Route 1. Box 3. Franklinville. North Carolina. Hisior and Sociologv . International Relations Club. Patterson, Oli er H. X., 1337-.A Horn Court. Charlotte. North Caro- lina. English and Hi5tor . International Relations Club. Perr . Frederick, Route 1, Box 12. Rich Square. North Carolina. Agruukiiral Education and Science. Agricultural Association, y ' nLC;.A.. N.F..A., Male Cihoir. A wtf.f Staff, and Dramatics Club. Peery, Willie Selnion, Route 1, Box 94, Colerain. North Carolina. Auto ' Mechanics. .YM.C.A. Pierce, Betty Jean, 32ii4 Stevens Street. Savannah. Georgia. Anti- Basileus. Alpha Kappa .Alpha Sorority, Ai amee Staff. R. B, Har- rison Pla crs. Pan-Hellenic Council. Teloca Club. Fortnightly Club, esle Fonndaticjn. and N.A..A.C.P. Pigford, Thomas, Route 1. AVallace. North Carolina. Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Association. Poole, Eva, 420 Riser Street. Graham. North Carolina. Nursing. Teloca Club, and National Student Nursc-s .Association. Powell, Irene, 908 Martin Street. Greensboro. North Carolina. Sec- retarial Science. Y.AV.C..A.. Business Club, and Off-Campus Club. Raney, Thomas F., P. O. Box 502. Greenville, N. C. Electrical En- gineei ing and .Mathematics. Omega Psi Phi Fraternil , C oUege Council, and .Arnold Air Society. Raper, . hin V., P. O. Box 202, Jamestown. North C:arolina. Raper. Vernie, 202 Jamestown. N. C Biolog and Chemistry. Biologv Ciiil). Y.M.C.V-. Explorers Club. Raper. Patsy, ti24 East AVashinglon St.. High Point, N. C. Nursing. Icli ' ca (lub. and National Student Nurses .Assctciation. Reid, Tuiloch. 56 ' 2 Anderson Road. Kingston. Jamaica. B.A I. .Agronomy (soils). Agronomy Club. Foreign Students Association. International Relations Club, and .Agricultural Association. Reynolds, .Andrew Jr., 1031 Rich Avenue, Winston-Salem. N. C. BioIog . Mathematics and Chemist r . Biolog Club. International Relations Club, and Y.M.C.A. Richards, Millon. Spalding. P. O. Jamaica, B.AV.I. Chemistry and Mathematics. .American C hemical Society. Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Socieiv . Foreign Students .Association and Track Team. Richardson, Clarence A., P. O. Box 157, Tabor Citv. N. C. Business Education. .Alpha Phi .Alpha Fratemitv. College Choir. Male Chorus. eterans ' Association. Register Staff, and Y.ALC.A. Richardson, Henrv Harrell, Route 3, Box 36. Pittsboro. North Car- olina. Institutiion Mana gement. Fellowship Council and Y.M.C.A. Roberson, Mary L., 407 East Church Street. AVilUamston. N. C. So- ciology. Y.AV.C.A., United Social Science Club and International Re- lations Club. Robinson, Johnny, P. O. Box 24. Mineral Springs, N. C. Mechani- cal Engineering. Y.M.C:.. .. N..A..A.C.P.. and Sunday School. 175 J- Rodst-rs, William M., Rouli- 1 . li.. «1, I ' illslx.u.. N, C. Riiik M.i- s nii . Icthiiital Inslitutc . ssoi i.i[iun- RogiTS, Jaim-s, Jr., Route 1, Hov -1-7. Iluvg.iw, N. C. Ails, Iii( Alts -Association. ' i-Ifraiis ' . ssoiiatioii. Roijiis, .Shirley D., Iio ' ll Can Road. Miliaiic. N. C. ISusimss Kii- malioii Chaliu aiul lailtuir (luli. liiisnuss Club. Iiallu .Sakl Clul.. ami Al MEt .Slall. Rostman, Elbrrl W., Route ' .I, liox Sl ' .l. Cjiluoiil. N, C:. English an. I llislon. Cliail.ittc Cliil . Koitiiightiv Club, aiul Y.M.C.A. Rnuiilric, Doris, Rouli- li. Box ' il. Elm Citv. N. C. Tailoring, ' (.. ,. li.S.L ' .. l ailoriiig (Muh. rcthuiial Institute .Association. Russell, William F. 8ll, " i S, lianklin .St.. Whilev ille. N. C. Business .Adniinisli.ilioii, Eainp.iiios Cliih. riiited Business . ssoeiation. Sun- das Stiiool. and (.eogia| liu Soiiet , Sanders, C-eorge C. -- ' ' St.illing St., Cil.ivton. N. C. Social Stndie.s. Phi Beta Sigma Kiateinitv. .Social .Science Clulj. and . , Nlft .Stall. Savage, Lee Mathews, fillli Cooper St.. Colilshoro, N. C. .Agricultural Education and (.eiuial Science-, , gricnitural .Association, and Male Ch.uiis, Scales, Eugene, Route I. Rc-idscille. Ncutli C.iloliiia Sellars, Helen O., Will East Market. Cieensbolo, Noith Caiolina Sctzer, Ysonne, 411, " . L ' ml St. Place. S. ,. HickcuA, N. C. Social Sci- ence and Sociolog . L ' nited .Social Science Club, Rel.i- tious Club, and Charm and Cailture Club. Scott, (.eorge .4., 412 Dowd St., Durham. N. C:. Physics and Mathe- matics, .Aineiican Inslitnle of Plnsics. Scriven, Anne L., ' Jlj W ' aviu ' Strc-et. Badiii. N. C. Music and licucli Delta Sigma I beta Soiiuit . Music Echicatois National Confireiu e. Usher Board. French (lub, Malcbiug and SmiI|i1ioih Bands, Pel- ctission E nsemble. Sc-ssoms, (.eraldine, 1. ' II4 Oakwood St , lanmoul, N C . |i|)licil So- ciologc .uid Ps cholog , I uitcd Social Science Club and . ngcl Flight .Sexton. Robert Earl, Jr., Roule I. Box C. Rub Sciuaie. N, C, . uto Mcih.iniis Mi:. . Shipinaii, Uayniond E., ' S. ' ' : West Collinibus Stieet. A ' hi[c ille, N , C. Business .Administiation. R. O. 1 . C. Dlhcers Club, l ' nited Business .Association. CeogLiphical Society, and ' ,M,C,.A, Shird, Robert A., Post Ollice Box 4II ' . ' , Whiles lUe. N, C. Business Adilllliisll.ilion I psilon llela Alpha and Wi.A. .Shalhur, James Ciecil, Roule - ' , Box 14 ' . ' . (.leenslwuo, N. C. Brick Masoiii V. Sills, Thelma Arinentine, KIWI Noith Pierce Stieet. Washington. N. C . pplied Sociology ami Psychology. L ' nited Social Science Cilub, Ril.ilious Club, and Women ' s .Athletic .Association. Sims, (.eraldine Cliesion, ' Jllli Cillespie Street. Crccnsboro. N. C. Business Education, futuie le.ichcrs of .Amc-iiia. [om-s Coiinly Club, and I sliei Boaid Simmons, Dewilt, Hll. ' i Caiubiidge Street, (.reensbcuo. North Ci.uo- lin.i. .Autoinoliye I ecbuology . Aulomotiye C;liib. Simpson, Cleyeland, IIIIO Orange Stieet. Wilmington. N. C. Singletarv, Edna Earle, PosI Olliie Box 214. Keilly. N C. Applied Sociology .md Social Sludus .Mph.i kappa . lplia Sorority. Sigui.i Rho, Sigma llonoi Society, ruited Social Science Club. Fellouslii|. Council. Pan-Hellenic Council, and L ' sher Board. Smith, Hilda Henry, IDHl Lafayette .Avenue. Blookhu. New ork. Nursing Delta Sigma 1 beta Sorority. rc4oc;i Club, and N.itiou.d Stuilrlil Nuises . ssoc l.ll ion Smith, Robert Fergu.son Jr., Route -. Box 17(1, W.ii leulon, N C Aiilo Michanus, Sneed, llarbara Jean, Post (Mine Box M " ,. iiuiiu, N C. lloiiir Kio uouiics Education. [loiuc Econoiuics C ltib. Iiilei Rel.ilions C;liib. Women ' s .Atheltic .Association C:iub, Charm and Ciilluie Club. A ' .W-C.A.. Baptist Student I ' liioii. and Sunday School. Spain, Diirnlhy Lamoiir, Route 1. Box ;!2d. (.leeiu ille. N. C Busi- ness Edui.illou. cla Pill Bcl.t Sorority. Stanley, Mildred Elaine, KL ' ' I South Ceiitei Sliccl. Ml Olice. N C Business Echlcatiou. Business Club, Suiid.i School, Cb.iiiti .ind Ciil lure Cltib, and W.A, . Statnn, Annie J., Route 1 ' . Box i;lK. Halifax. , C, loods ami Nii liiiion and Cbemistiy, Di-lt,i Sigma I beta Sorority. Cheuiiial Society, Home Ei lines Club. V.W.CA.. Sunilay ,Seho..l, and R. B, Haiiison Pl.neis Stephenson. James OslMirne, ' _ ! ' . B.tyetlc- Slieel. M in fi eesboio. N, C. English and llisloic. Intel n.itiou.d Relations Club. ' eterans ' Club. Mil i Nil. Diauialies (4iib. Debating I eam, and Foituigbtly Club. Ste ense)n, Roger William, 411 E ast North Street. Riuston. N. C. Soei.ilogy ami ' Psvchologv Siieuce Club, Choir, and M.ile Chou. Stewart, Nancy Carol, Post Olliec Box ' ttii, Whilsiil. . C, .Sppliid Sociology and Sen iai Slndies So, Science Club and l)ri eis Safety Club Strickland, Shirley, Roule I. Box lllll, ( linlon, N, C, . pplie-el Soe i- ologc .iml Soe i.d Stiielies, el.i Phi 11, I ,i Soiouly, (.eejgiapbic So- ciety, and Social Si ieliei- Club Strickland, |iilinnie E., R..iit. ' I, Box 1 1 , (.oldsl N. C Biology. Sumla Seheiol, Biolog Club, WC ami . Suggs, Earnestine, Route 2. Box 249. .A eleu. N. C. Home Economics Education and Clothing. V.W.CA. Surgeeni, l)a id Jr., Route 1, Box 49b, Creeiisbiuo, N. C. Biology and ( lumisln Biology Club, and International Relations Club. Taghe, . mos Diisuka, I . N Dii c-. (Hd Krlilowu. Monroyia, Liberia. West , tiie.i. . gioiiom .inel Bot.iiu. . gvonoiii Club and Exchange Foieign Sludeul . ssoc ion Thomas, Eelgar W., . ' 11:1 Si . e, . . 27. N. V. Pie- Me.liinie. Band Thomas, Laura Jean. 1212 Noilh |aiiies Street, Coldsbulo, N. C. Mu- sic and Erencb. .Alpha Kappa .Alpha Sorority. Sunday School. I slier Board. The Music Edncatois National Conference. ' ,W,C:..A . and Maiibiug .iml S iiipli..iiy B.iiids. M.ieHarrell, .sill lie iibou Roail, (.leinsi N C Tbiuupson. Itilh. ,Slll) 1 liiimpsein Si., foiesl Cily. N C. line . ils ami llisloi . . it Circle and Veterans ' .Assoc i.ilioii. Tisdale, Lnia M. IHIIH Hadley Road, Raleigb. N, C. Eine , ils .nid Hislon. .Alpha Rappa Mu. Ceographic Siiciety. . rt Circle, BSE.. N.EA.. - iigel Might. ,iml Ay win Stall. Towens, Samp.son AL. (.i.i ' K si , s.ilisbury. N. C. Business Eciucation, Maiching ,iml Symplioin Bauds. Inteiiialic I Kelalions Club. V..M.C . .. and N . . C P Turner, Frank W., 2HI)2 Dupoiit Circle, Rielimond. a. Physical Education anei History. Basketball leant. Twilty, Joseph C, P. 6. Box 57. Cherivville. N. C:. Physical Eciuca- tion. P. E Majius Club. Ceeigiaphy Cllilli. and I c.olball I earn. Vincent, William I).. 2IIII9 B.iiks.l.ile Diive. ( .le e usboro, N. C. Math- eiii.nies .iml (.eiieial Seieuce-. Mallie mat les {4iib. Inleinational Re- I. IS (lub Nines, Earline. R.iiite :l. Box :r,:l. Bethel. N C Walker, Richard W., lillb E. Monroe St.. Salisbun. N. C. Foods and -Nutiitieui and t;lieinistr . Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, .Americ.iu C;hemital Society. Home Economics Club. A ' M.C.A.. aird .AyANili Slall. Wallace, Andrew. :illll lioss Si. Cliail..lU ' , N C. Physical Echica- lion Ollieeis (lub. 1 ' E M Club. V.M.C.V, and N.. .. .C.P. Wall.ue, (.loria AL, Route I, Box 191. Shelby. North Carolina. Ware, James J. |r., 1 ' 2III (. St.. N. E.. Washington. D. C. History and English Social Seiinee- Club, Baseball . iiiiouiicel . and l ' . S. . ir le.lee AVaters, Hernian (.., P O Box bsx, Wiiile n illi-, N. C. Elcelliial Techllology. Sunday .School. Military Police- Corps. Fellowship Couiuil. and Photography Club. Watkiiis, AValter, Route 2. Box 24-G. Sanh.rd, Florida. Elecliieal Eiigineeiing anei Mathematics. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. Persh- ing Ritie-s Sociely. F ' liginec-ring .Association, anei Olhcers Club. Waugh, Nailane, ' 21) Ridge- Stieet. Ashecille. N. C. Mechanical En- gineeiiug .iiid M.ithciii.ilie s. Phi Beta Sigma Ei.itc-rnity . Scabb.iiil .iml Bl.ide Soeiet , Society ol Mcc ll.iuic .ll Faiginec-ring, and Oiiiceis Club. White, (.wendolyn, . ' ll " . W iiislon Slieet, Creeusboio. N. C. .Secrc- Seienee. Business (lull. V.W.CA.. Band, and l ' sher Board. White, ALnian, 72: ' . e-st St.. New Bern, N, C. Clolhuig . lph.i k.ipp.i Alph.i SoHuily, Siimt.iy School, and Relations (-lull Whitley, Maiva L., 7i),s W.iiicii SI , illi.imsou. N. C. . pplieel .So- ciologc .iiid llisloM. Sigiu.i Rbei Sigma Honor Society. I ' nitc-d So- cial Seienee- Club, ami lulei iiat ioiial Relations Club. Wilkerscm, Ctntis Lee, :i Pi (.laiid A e., Blookhu. N. . Fine Arts. , il Ciiile-, , y lll Slall, .MCA. N.A.. .C,1 ' , Mu i Nil. lech liisliliile- . ssocialioii Williams, Eyehn, Roule- I, Box :1S7. Kinslou. N. C. AVilliams, Joseph, P. (). Box 2 ' i:i, Keiiaiis iUc-. N. f:. History and Social Sliidie-s. Iiiteriial ioiial Relations Club. Baptist Sliielent I ' nioii Williams, Richaid L. Jr., 19:«l C.imden Sliicl, ( li.itl.uiooga, Finn Shoe Sen icing -Oilhopediis leehnology. K,ip|..i lph.i Psi Fi.ilci iiil Williams, Timothy, ISI) ' . 1 lUhei si , Cliailoiu-. N. C. Shoe Repair. B.iplisl Sludi-nl I ' liion. Kushh-ss Club. (Ii.iilolle Club. Sunday Sili.iol, and 1 i.iik Willi.iiuson, Shiiley, Route I. Box Kill. Mi le aiisv ille. N. C. Wilson, Ei,inklin Ferdiand, ( :C l2Box HUB. le-xinglon. N. C. lii- ology and Clie-inisln. Biology Club and V.M C . Wilson. Richard K.. Posi Olliic- Box 7li4. Kaun.ipolis. N. C. Malhe- lllalles .Math (4llb. I.e-lle ruie-n ' s Club. Inle-l l I Kel.illons Club. and Chailotle- Club. I lack I e-,iiii Wingale, Bessie Aljuana, Rolili- I. lion Sl.ilmii. N. C. 1-te-iiih .iiid Ps elii.log . Fieiieh Club .iliei Sludcnt N.E . Winslow, H.iryev, Route I. Box ' 211:), Behc-dc-ie, N. C, Agriciiltin al Edue.ilion .iiid (.e-neral Siie-iue. Ve-ar Book St.ill. N.E.. .. Agricid luial .Association. V.M.C..A.. N ' ..A..A.t;.P.. and W i slc- FouKf.lation. Wise, Barbara, H ' M First .Ayeniie. HencIc-isoii ille-. N. C. Nursing. Cliili, V AV C . Niiising f:liib. ( .e-ogi .ipliie Socic-lx, and ( hoii Woodard, Einllv L., Illi M.iisliall Slue I, (.iniisl N, C. Wooley, William Clement, 721 Noiw.ilk Slieel. (.iie-n-l N. (.. Masonn ( jinsli in I lou 17G am A r t A T CT -ri- ll 4 ' 4 ' ' ■. ' % ■■ u i ' " ' I? 9 r :f ? ■4- -il-lft ' ' • I » t 1 ' ' ' JPT :

Suggestions in the Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) collection:

Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


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Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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