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Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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NC A » T STATE " JJl, {rSflm 3 0343 0336509$ » ' NINETEEN HUNDRED SIXTY THIS IS AN ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF THE STUDENT BODY OF THE AGRICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL COLLEGE OF NORTH CAROLINA, GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA. EDWARD W. PITT, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF. ERNEST DAVIS, COVER DESIGNER. ' M ' L " -1 IH8 IHS IBS IS! FOREWORD In the past few years our lives have been speeded up to such a pace that we are unable to take time for a lot of things. A hustle and bustle ' 1 to hurry up to live seems to be the trend. This new type of living is prevalent in all fields of work and play. The American people have pursued an escape by faster liv- ing. We have reverted to the ancient idea of using symbols to represent the many activities expressed in daily living. As a result of this chonge we use mottos symbols, emblems and trademarks to represent all aspects of religious, economic, political and social endeavors. At every turn we are confronted with symbolism, be it a religious cross in our church or a picture of Uncle Sam in our daily newspaper. In searching for a theme for our yearbook we were amazed over the fact that this recent trend of symbolism has taken it ' s toll in the many facets of life at A. T. College. In this book we have endeavored to incorporate the many symbols of our activities. Without a doubt the foremost symbol of the spirit of A. T. College is our Alma Mater, which symbolizes our love and pride for our cherished institution . . . With joy, with joy Dear A. T. our students turn from thee, to spread thy trophies year by year from Dare to Cherokee. Board of Trustees The students of A. T. College are grateful to the members of the TriLstee Board for the countless hours of thought and energy given in the cause of making our institution a better place in which to study. li e and learn. Working quietly, these able men, with a keen interest in the institution and those it ser es. have brought . . T. College to a new plane of excellence. In the group, from left to right, are: Messrs. W. B. Wicker. Sanford: H. , . Scott. Haw River: A. H. Brett. Winton: George Sockwell. Elon College: Dr. Wannoth T. Gibbs. president; Bobert H. Frazier. Greensboro, chainnan: E. E. Waddell. - lbeniarle; James . . Graham, Raleigh; W. L. Reid. Kannapolis and Dr. Murray L. Davis, High Point. Dear A. and T., Dear A. and T. A monument indeed ! Around thy lia. c with urateful hearts Behold thy students kneel. We bless the power that gave thee birth To help Us in our need. We ' ll ever strive while here on earth All loyalty to yield. Chorus With joy, with joy, dear A. and T. Thy students turn from thee. To spread thy trophies year by year From Dare To Cherokee. EDICATION Many afhievcincuts, hdiiors, and advances in tlu ' various programs and acadomic ratings have come t(i A. T. durini;- the years that we know it l)est. Tliese progressive develojinients liave come al.iout tlirougli the efforts of many jtersons, mem- bers of the Trustee Board, tlie I ' lesident, an outstanding faeulty and staff, and a fine group of serious students. Tlierc ai ' c many iiersons, who l)y efforts " ahove and ))eyond the call of duty, " to wliom we would like to dedieate this, the nineteen liundretl and sixty edition of tlie " Ayautee. " One memhei- of our faculty stands out as an exanijile of all of us wlio have done well by " Dear A. T. " Knowing him 1o he a tiiic seholar, eilueator, gentleman, and inM-ennial source of inspiration to all of us, it is with extreme piidr and gratitude thai we dedieate this, our nineteen-hundred and sixty " Ayautee " to Ficwis ( ' . Dowdv, Deau of the School of Education and (ieiieral Studies. Leil to right; Mrs. Gloria Boyd, stenographer to tlie dean, Dv. Leonard 11. liohiiison. I lead ol the Social Science Department, and Dean L. C. Dowdy in conference. Lewis C. Dowdy Dean of the School of Education and General Studies H DR. WARMOTH T. GIBBS President M ill ap pgp CIIAKl.ES UEHOSE, President, Student Council. JACQUELINE BELL, " Miss A. and T. " Oua£cA 13 .j- r ' w r [ArBs pi 14 « t mn i c a ; c , T2id t; (j ( na iM 20 CHAI TER Hiiiior Societies, Memorable Oc- casions. Religious Organizations, L xeuni . ttractions. Choir. CHAITER Miss - . T. and her court. Campus q u e e n s , Sweetheart Rail. CH. PTER . antee Staff, Register Staff, Organizations, Engineering, . g- ricultural, Social Science, Nurs- ing. CH. PTER Intramurals. Class Officers; Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior, Baseball, Track. CH. PTER The senior class of 1960, Grad- uation, Inde.x. 21 Freshman Orientation Witli ix K ' and cuthusiasiii, t ' roliiiian stu- (Ifiits wcTi ' at uiH ' t ' a jiart nf Aii ' Liii ' laml. The wliirl of activities iiirludiiiL; |ili ii-al c ' xaiiiiiiatioiis, placeiiR ' nt tests, caiiiiuis t iili ' s and otlier activities initiates eacli student tci the everyday life (if an A uie. As members of the class of ' (il adjust to their new home, many new exciting ad- -entnres are in store f(n- tlieir wonderfvd days til lie spent here. President and Mrs. Gibljs greet frosh at reception. Freshman ladies at registration. " Miss A. T. " MC ' s at Frosh Talent Show. Time out at Holland Ha V js - ' : --. Administrative Dr. GU ' Mii Rankin Adniinistrativr Assistant to the President L. A. Wise Bursar C. R. A. Cnnniniiham Registrar E. F. Corbett Director of Piihlir Relations j» — V. E. Gray Personnel Director C. E. Dean Librarian Officials Rev. Cleo M. McCoy Director of Religious Actisities E. R. Hodgin Treasurer Dr. A. F. Jackson Director of Guidance Dr. F. A. Williams Dean of The Graduate School Mrs. Eula K. ' ereen Dietitian Dr. F. E. Davis College Physician Manin B. Graeber Director of Buildings and Grounds Administrative Counselors WWham H. Gamble Dean of Men Miss Geneva Holmes Dean of Women 26 Phillip Boone Assistant Dean of Men ■I ■ I IB la Mrs. Mavis Brimage Assistant Dean of Women x l - : ;A Dormitory Life Full House at Curtis Hall. A few hands too inan -, but it ' s still a good game. " Yes, I ' m at home. " Tlie perennial Board of Education. No instructor, but everybodx ' wants to take the course. Just checking. Fall Campus Life In till ' fall we rrtuiii to our citadel of knowledge, pie- ])ared to faee many new and elndlenLjing ' situation.s, old friends with new tales and new friends with old tales. Lines at the iJursar ' s offiee, lines in the dining liall, lines in the iiilirniarv, lines in the gym, lines . . .lines . . . lines. I wonder who m roonnnate will be? AVill I make the honor roll this i|uartei-. ' Will the football team recapture the coveted CI. A. A. chamiiionsliip ? My! AIv! Mv! It ' s good to be hack. Who ' s stiuKiiii; wliat ' . i V 28 Saturda - Sliowoffs. 29 Dean William Hee School of Agriculture The ScIkkiI (if Auricult iii ' :iw;irils tlii ' drurec of Barlii ' lor of Sc-icncr to tJKisc students who satis- factorily cdiiiiilele mie of tlie four yi-ar currieuhnii (itVi ' ied. These eimrsi ' s (if study iiicludiiin ' agTicul- ture edueaticiii, animal industries, liiolo y, elieniistry, and liduie eeondUiies are desii;ued t i uivi ' nut only sc ' ientilie, teeliuii-al and |iractieal ti ' ainiui; in s|it ' cial- i .ed areas, liut the student is also uiven tlie (i]i|Hir- luiiil ' t(i attain a hmadei ' echieatimia! and c-ultural liaekiil ' dund. Carver Hall. 30 General Chemistrv. Organic Chemistry. Research. College Farm. it n iiPiiBi r ■ ■ ■ ■ ' n ' ja iS ' S ' Draii Lewis i,. Dowdv School of Education and General Studies Till ' ScIkuiI ni Kiliicatinn :niil (fciK ' ral Stuilics is a iiriit ' i ' ssiiinal traiiiiuu ' unit of the coUeg-o. The student is utTereil ii]i|i(irtuiiities fur vo- eatioiial and |ii-(ifessiiiiial imisuits iuehiding- study in Eii iish, [usie, rinsical Edueation and the Siieial Sciences. In ddinini; ' its jifo- fessiiinal resiKiiisiliility, uuiihmee of its stu- dents in tlu- seh ' ctiiin of exiu ' riences suitalile to tile pi ' onioliiiH of theii ' eihieational imrposes is included. Hodgin Hall. Sociology. ' Seminar conducted b - Dr. Leonard Robinson. Physical Education swimming class. Student Teachinn:. Cheri ' Hill School of Engineering Tlie Scliool i f ] " ]iinincrriiii; ' |iriivi(l( ' s options iTi Kloctrical, Arcliitcctural ami Mrclianical V]n- uiiicci ' iiin ' , FiiiiiimHM ' iiii;- I ' liysics, Kiii;inci ' rili,ii ' Malliciiiatics, liiisiiicss Mdiicat ioii, l ' iiir Arts anil Industi-jal KdiU ' ation. As the cxci-ini-rcasinn IcclmoloH ' ical (Icx ' clopnicnts ilcinaml nioic skilli ' d artisans, tlic School of Mn,!;iiici ' i-inu strives to idevatt ' its ofl ' erinns so as to acliii ' xc I ' or its stu- dents C ' onil)etencv in a world wliicli is ra|iicll iironi ' essinsi " . Deun Ger;ild Martenna 34 Design. Structure. Math. Dean Naomi W ' vi Tlie Si ' IkkiI (if Xiirsiim ' is (he smallest school at A. i: ' P. ( ' (illi ' ni ' . It ' s iirdurain is dcsii iu ' d to i)r( ' |iarc the students for careers in niiisin -, based (Ml sound principles. The students are exposed to lii ' allh situations and theory which hel])s to de -e|op a lictler understanding; ' of physical, ]isycholouical and social aspects. The iniiiortanci ' of selt ' -uiiderstandiny is also stres- sed, enabling the nursini; ' students to radiate (Ujt and hi ' lp acliie e sound fi ' aits physically, emotionally and spiritually. School of Nursing kt jf g Noble Hall . . . Home of the School of Nursina;. w 36 . Confidence boni of competence. Public health, a great challenge. Faith over fear. f:j r ' - Angels of mercy, but no needle, please. aasstaaammituiiiiimmiili Tile ' rcchiiical Institute is (•(iiiiposod of a wiik ' area lit ' s)K ' ciaii .( ' (l studies. Skills (leveldpcd liy students here pi ' epare tlieni for tlie d ' inands of modern day industrv. Technical Institute Tile currifuhnii cuvits: Machine Slio|i, Kleetrieal Technology, Inleiior I )eeoiatin,n ' , .Masonry, Drivers edueation, Slioeinakiui ' , Sheet Metal, t abinet Mak- ing-, Air ( Vinditiinnng and K ' efrigeration, and Tailor- ing. These varied eoiirses are (jffered in two anil four year programs. y Dean ,S. C Smith 38 ■4 Upholstering. k A V m ji Drafting. Shoe Repair. Dry Cleaning. Bocl - and Fender. elding. . uto Mechanics. Tailoring. ' ood vork. Radio -T.V. •T ' -- - ,-, r- ; m A- ifi.ii-BiT Electrical Wiring. Sign Painting. ■m . ,rv . _ ,_ Student Council ' I ' lic liiclii]jiMs (if tlir Student ( ' (lUUi ' il di ' Vote a urcat ileal iil ' time to iiiattci ' s ))er1aiiiins ; ilii-ectly III ' inilirecl ly tn tlie stuileiit. The spokesman i t ' tlie yriiiip, ( ' liarles Deliose, is a senini-, eleeteil liy pnpular iite anil as- sisted liy two rejiresentatives t ' rnm eaeli nt ' tile fiiur classes. We ai ' e indelited In these meinlieis I ' lii ' tlieii ' Undying- et ' fiirts to satis- fy the entire student Imdy. ' e must eiin- uratulate tlieiii fur a jnli well dune. Charle.s Debose President of tlic .Student Cniilitil Stiidfiit C-ouncil, left tn riglit; Wallace W ' ortham, Fred Jones, W ' e.sle - Brnwn, Thendnre Bunch, James Jones, Robert Bogan, ' ietoria Stewart, Charles Debose, Sylvia Dean, Monroe Fuller, W ' alter Johnson, Ernest Sherrod, Jack E .zell, Jerome Baker, Marvin Montgomery. 40 StvKk ' nt Jiuliciary tidinmittrc, left t(i right; James Blue, Hattie Martin, John McDonald, Theodore Bunch, Edwin Johnson, Madessa ' illoughb , Paul Parker. Student Council Officers, left to right: Theodore buiicli, ice prcbKleiit; X ' ictoria Stewart. secri.tar , al ter Johnson, treasurer; Jerome Baker, chaplain. A T Student Council 41 Cooper Hall Advisory Council Cooper Hall Advisory Council, left to right: Charles Winslow, Hezekiah McDonald, Willie Mayo, Wil- liam Witherspoon, Curtis Reeves, Theodore Little, Baxter Macon, Charlton Jenkins, Roosevelt George, Bennie Robinson, Marvin Sexton. Scott Hall Senate, left to right; Eugene Sargeant, Olander Franklin, Robert Jones, Odie Freeman, Theodore Bunch, Earlie Cooper. Scott Hall Senate I » tSV[i 42 Senior Counselors, left to right: Annie Gor- don, Loretta Smalls, Christalene Clark, Mig- gie Chappell, Rosa Galloway, Jacqueline Bell. Ernestine Lawrence, Madessa Willoughby. ■■-»T - f »«Vm. ic tn. -..;-: ' - -»»r Junior Counselors, left to right; Barbara Oak- ly, CUara Leach, Barbara West, Cora Edmond, ' iolet Lewis, Lula Tisdale, Maxine Zachar ' , Women Student Counselors Johnnie Bell, Mae Rudi Shenck. Front row: Rubye Johnson, Aletha Brown, Margaret Hawley. Sophomore Counselors, left to right: Louise Dudley, Lucy Taylor, Jeanette Kemp, Susie Hinton, Raniona Hargraves. Sitting: Lou Ella Heckstall, Mary Francis, Cornelia Merrick. - ; . ' WiilJLi It ' u • ' »- .f ' -. -- ' t. i -_■ ... _ . 1 . :r - " ;... r " Won ' t ht ' Inns! ncnv. Mixed I ' liintions. Swann " rnlls nut " against N.C.C Football For the scciiihI yc.-ir in ;i low the A. iS; ' I ' , ( ' (il- U ' g ' e Fi]iitliall tram uiiclcr the iiiastcii ' ul ifuid- aiicc of ( ' oacli Bert I ' iui iitt. biduulil the naiiio of ( ' lAA ( ' liainpioiis to mir scIkkiI. W ' itli a pci-ft ' ct I ' l ' coi ' d of 7)-i) in the (•onl ' i ' ifnee aiul an oxrrall rcroi-il of i- 2 the scjiiad won respect and rct-o nilioii all on ' ci ' tlii ' coiintrv. Evidence of this appeared when the scpiad re- ceived its (irst liid to a post-season liowl. Tlie A. (S;: T. Foothall team is anothei- of the many units that fit into tlu: " wholesome nialce- up of A. ifc T. rolle,[;e. Coach Bert Piggott I _, . __-_.. ... irJt Coaching staff: Murray L. eely; Honisby Howell; Bert Pisgott. Head Coach; Melvin H. Grooms. All-Americau . . . Tonim Daw I PROS , . . Buddy Young, Bill Xunn. Luix 0 erbea. N.C.C. . . . Toss-up before the game. H ffvtlil-, ' .Pf 47 Varsity Seniors ' aiil Swanii Johiiii)- Warillaw Otis Pc-n ' Harold Canillo Charles Debose Joe Council Han ' ev Stewart Thninas Similin Leon Warren i 48 llai f keatoii scats against the Hawks. Football Scoreboard Winston-Salem vs. A. T. Mrginia State vs. A. T. FAMU vs. A. T. Cambridge snags one for long ardage against NCC. 49 I I I " Miss A. T., " Miss Jacqueline Bell; " Miss Mar lauil State, ' Miss Andrades Alexander. President ot Student Council, Charles Dcbnse addresses Hiinieconiint ' crowd. Talking o er a little football . . . President and .Mrs. Gihhs. Major Fred L. Alii Miss A. tk T. and Cxnirt. The differences between knowing and not knowing . . . energ)-. " What ' s the joke? " 51 " Now the strategy, " Coach Piggott talks it over in dressing room. A mighty httle Aggie . . . " the mascot. ' Oakle - (hi cs through the miikllc. Ji 52 .-Tsnr IS Cheerleaders Left to right: Ilka Bowditcli, Liic - Taylor, Molene Hargett, Marion Young, . " Mfreda Brown, Edna Gates. Kneeling: Delphine Brvant. JPi - Woman s Athletic Association Left to right; Jackie Wilkerson, Edna Dates, Gladys Olds, Evelyn Bennett. Row 2: Alfreda Brown, Geneva Crenshaw, Min- nie Jo Gregory, Deanna Geter. Physical Education Majors Left to right, row I: ' aleria Jones, Jackie Hunter, Alfreda Brown, Deanna Geter. Row 2: James IBennett, Jerome Patterson, Thomas Harley, William Hayes. James Twitty. Row 3: William Farrow, Harold Daniel, Joseph l isteur, James Parks, James Barbour. 53 •■ l ■ ' -• -u -i - Marching Band The Marcliiui; B;iii l, uiidrr tlir dircctidii of Mi ' . " Walter 1 " ' . Cai-lsiiii ami Mr. Hosea Taylni-, are well known for its preeision, liinli-stepphin ' , eeliufnl, hall ' -linic peii ' niinances an 1 ideal per- ,sei ' -eranee. ' i ' lie anilieiiees, ihu ' inn ' I ' dotliall sea- s(in, are tlii ' illed with the nnusual disjilay nl ' talent in I ' m iiiaticms and themes. W ' c must say that . . 1.V- T. would not he complete without its hand. Walter F. Carlson, Jr. Director kkiggigi Concert Band The Coiiccrl liaiid, spcai-lii ' julcil liy .Mr. W ' altiT K. ( ' arls(Jii and .Mr. lldsca TaxlDr, fiuictious a.s an iMi])( rtant asjicct in the musical life (if Aii ' .uielaiul. All phases of nmsie fidin classics to popular tunes an ' coveicd. .Many concerts and recitals are rendered dui ' ini;- the year to provide A.n-.n ' ies with the nlniost in musical tastes and entertainment. Hosea Taylor Assistant Band Diri itor Mil Xi Nil Tliis (iri;;iiiizati()ii is (iiiitc well known for its promotion of the Sunday evenin.u- jazz sessions with a ,i;(io(l oliji ' ctivc of attaining ' Ijcttcr undcrstandint;- of the eontein])orai-y arts. Its motto, " Be lovers of the nio(hTn arts " is indeed well ehosen. AVitli the idea of stinudatini;- nuisie, (bmee, and art in mind, A i;ieland is proud to have " Mu Xi Xu " as one of its manv organizations. Music Educators Honor Society To furthi ' r professional interests in the teaehinu of niusie in iiulilic si ' liools as well as to extend professional contacts for tlie Iienelit of its niend)ers is Ihe purposi of the : rusic Educators Xational Society. Various forums, teas and music ap])i-eciation hours are si)onsoi-ed hy this group. iJO T .1 56 ' -m-. I i ' -;!-...xvr.;i-,-».. ,.aa»i; Mai!a-xi,-..g ..w»«i ■ ' 0 - - .. Major Lawrence D. Spencer Frofissor of Military Sticiitv and Tatties Major Fred L. Allen Professor of Air Science R. O. T. C. Corps Staff. Joint Staff, left to right; Jl Matthew Minnicks. Cadet Major; J2 John Bordeaux, ( adet Major, Corp.s Com- mander; Charles Luther, Cadet Colonel; J.3 ( ' alvin H. Dixon, C adet; J4 C.eorge C. Alston, Cadet Captain. 58 «Vi Color Guard. ARMY (. ' aptiiin Harold L. Lanier MS III and I ' Instructor Caiptain Isiali C Oglesby MS 1 Instructor Till ' Afiii - li.( ). ' ! ' .( ' . ]ii-( ' sciits ;i foiif yctii- inilittti ' v triiiiiiiii;- }iri}i;-i-;iiii (Irsiuiicd to |ji-o(liii-c olfici ' is who will Itc f;iji;il)lc to tK ' i ' i ' pt foillllltliul and rcs|i ]i sibilities in tlu ' United States Army. Willi these cadets fesis the conniniiidiny ' t ' liiictions of toiiioi-row ' s Afniy. Master Sgt. Josepli Sharpe N.C.D. SFC Allison M. Webb, Jr. Asst. MSI Instructor SFC Harold L. Jordan Asst. MS III IV Instructor Sgt. Johnny Moore Asst. MS II Instructor 60 R. O. T. C. Armv Drill Team. Rifle Team. 61 Scabbard and Blade Company A 62 h- Cadet Capt. Allen T. Coins Coinpuii) ' A (jiiiiiiiiuitling Officer Cadet 1st Lt. Robert E. Warwick Conipan ' B Commanding Officer Company B Company C 1 «- »r. Cadet 2nd Lt. Tlmrston Arrington Company C Commanding Officer k. 63 AIR FORCE R.O.T.a Capt. L nian L. Huliljard Capt. James Hairston An air force ji-t makes special visit to A. T. Tlie Air R.O.T.C. ]irc|i;iics cadets to serve as c iiii|ieti ' iit ot ' ficers in tlie I ' e iular and reserve components of the ruiled Stales Ail- Force. These cadets ai ' e also trained to heconie awaic of ohlii;ations to hoth their hianch of the service and theii- coun1r . Staff Sgt. B(iyd Jackson T SKt. James J. Ware Sgt. C. R. Wilder 64 mKi Air Force Drill Team. f« ««« ' ' ' - ' i Model Air Cratt Club, left to right: William Foinille. Samuel A. Jones. Julius T. Raudall. Raphael G. Glover. Bailus McAdam. Donald B. Morris. James E. Browne. Cadet Colonel Lt. Colonel Cadet Captain Cadet Captain Cadet Major Charles A. Luther Felton A. Thomas Monroe Fuller Walter T. Johnson Joseph Green. Jr. Corps Commander Group Commander Personnel Officer Operations Officer Deputy Group Commander 65 66 1st Lt. Jerome Baker Special OHict-r 2nd Lt. John McLaughlin 2nd Lt. Kemp Talley Cj)imtiandiT Fhght A 2nd Lt. James Jenkins CADET CAPTAIN ROBERT BOGAN Squadron Coniniandor Squadron 601 Coniiiuindfr Khglit li CunuiiandLT Fliglit C JL-.A€aifl ,Jfm .-- i-L,-,,.r- i-.. .- . .._..,•_•. -7 y y- 6682 S.AIR FORCE AFROTC cadets just before that all import.uit. first flight. Air Police CADET CAPTAIN (,l 1 NWOOD ALLEN .Air Police CuiniiiandL-r 67 Cadet Captain William Bell Squadron 602 Comiiiandf-r Cadet Captain Raymond Brown Squadron fiOo Ciuiiniandcr Cadet 1st Lt. David Glover Squadron 604 Cfminiandcr Cadet 2nd Lt. Curtis Dixon Cnidr. Flight A. S(idii. 602 Cadet 2nd Lt. Cadet 2nd Lt. Calvin Martin Nathan Rogers Cnidr. Flight H. S(icln. 602 Cmdr. Flight C. Sqdn. 602 Squadron 602 68 Squadron 603 Squadron 604 69 Pan-Hellenic Council Tile I ' aii-Hcllcnic, (■(iiiiiKiscd of rcprt ' seiitativcs frmii each nt ' tlic (iicrk-lcttci ' , social orLjaiii .a- tions oil tlic camims, sci ' vcs as a c iiiti-( l ccntci ' for tlic activities of tlii ' respective lueiiiber .groups. Tlie Council, tliis year, did a coiiiiiieiidable job inid T dilTii-nlt ciicuiiistaiices, in setting ' a new set of stan(birds wbicb c()iil ributed niucli to llie i;ic) ib and (lc c ' l i]inienl of the indi Milual ni ' oups. All of Us nnisl be proud (if tbe ser iccs it rendered. 70 L_.. __ _...- _-.- :_. • i 5(f tt ;- m ■ft M Members are, from left to right: Ellis Jones, Calviii Brown, James Harbour, Earl Scott, George Man- ning, Thomas Day, Donald Edwards, George Koonce, Seth Hickerson. Kneeling: Joseph Mitchner, Presi- dent. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi is the realization of a dream which took place at Indiana University of Bloomington. Indiana, in 1911. It maintains prescribed educational prerequisites for membership eligibility; and it en- courages its members to seek diligently and honorably, academic superiority, with its fundamental pur- pose being ACHIEVEMENT. 71 OmeQci Psi Phi Fraternity " Omega Dear we are thine own ... " Mu Psi Chapter of the Omega Phi Fraternity was estabh.shed at A. T. College in 1927 and in those .3.3 years the gronp has continned to tlonrish. Its members strive to li e vip to the four cardinal principles of the Fraternit) ' : Nhmhood. Scholarship, Perser ance and Uplift. !■! r 1 included among its members are, from left to right: Ernest Sherrod. Theodore Little, Haniseur Berry, Bobby Chavious, Fred Jones, George Waters, Scott Halyard and Sidney Holmes. Miss Elouise Gore, a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, is the chapter sweetheart. 72 Delta Sigma Theta Sorority In 191.3. t vent -t vo oung women founded the Delta Sigma Theta Sororit -, an organization conceived in the spirit of sisterhood, and dedicated to maintaining high cultural, intellectual and moral standards. It is for Deltas toda - to dedicate themselves to the unfinished work which those 22 college women so nobh- ad anced. Stri -ing to preserve a calm mind with a courageous spirit. Delta resoKes to strive all the more eamest- Iv to reach this soal. Officers are: Hattie Martin, president; Estella Ellis. ice president and dean of pledgees; Ruthie Hall, recording secretar ; Edith Crowder. corresponding secretar -; Katie Fo e. assistant secretarv; Georgia Boy- kins, treasurer; Elouise Gore, financial secretar -r Flora Martin, parliamentarian; Dorothv Alson. sergean ' t- at-arms; Myrna Spencer, reporter; Clara Gates, chaplain. Other members: Xora ilhams. Kave Thomp- son. Loretta Smalls and Marv Adams. 73 Zeta Phi Beta Sorority WITH FEKXENT HEARTS WE PRAY FOR YOU. ZETA EACH DAY ... In harmony and stressing the ideals of finer womanhood, scholarsliip and reHgion, Zeta Phi Beta Sororit ' was founded at Howard University. Januarx- 16. 1920. Members are: Catherine Miller, president; Cora Edmonds, vice president and dean of pledges; Miggie Chappell, secretary; Rachel McKee, corresponding secretary; Betty Thompson, treasurer; Daisv Finch, reporter; Josephine Lynn, chaplain; Miss Zeta Phi Beta, Cora Edmond. Phi Beta Si ma Fraternity Eta ChapttT of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity was established here at A. T. College during the fall (juarter of 1915 under the supervision of Dr. Savage, a faculty member at that time. Under the leader- ship and hard work of Dr. Savage and others interested in the progress of Eta Chapter, it was among the first few Chapters to be added to the roster of Fraternities on campus. " Our cause speeds on its wav. " Members are, left to right; Roosevelt Pitt. Clarence Howell, Avant Coleman, William Marable, Clifton Headen, Willie Riddick, Claude McAllister, Richard Barbour. ( Inset — Roger Witherspoou, president. ) p " Gaiiima Sigs we ' ll always be, till tleath shall end with Thee " . . . GaiiiiiKi Sigma Sigma members are, by alphabet: (A) Clara Leaeh, president; (B) Mae H. Schenck, (C) Margaret Cadsoii, (D) Hosa New- kirk, (E) Ruby Pratt, (F) Mary Caldwell, (G) Veleria Ingram, (H) Betty Littlejdlm, (I) Mary Howard, (J) Sophie Brown, (K) Joan Gore, (Lj Aletlia Brown, treasurer; (M) Dorothy Beatty, secretary; (N) Fannie Milliard, (O) Earuestine Bush, (P) liarbara West, vice president; (Q) Miss Emma Head, queen. Gainina Sifiina Si nia Sorority Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority was born January 1, 1953 and serves to develop friend- ship among women of all races and creed.s through working side by side to achieve the goal of " Service to Humanity. " Since its establishment on A. T. ' s campus. May 14, 19.59, its menibers have given un- selfish service to the college and commimity. They believe tliat the most valuable gifts in life are those helping hands lent when they are needed most. 76 mi " Alpha Phi Omega. We are always eager " . . . Members of Kappa Psi Chapter are, by alphabet; (Al Lawrence Smith, president; (B) Norman Jarrett. secretar) ' ; (Ci Randolph Taylor, vice president; (D) V ' ann H. McDonald, treasurer; (El N. Clyde KelK-. sergeant-at-arms; ( F i Roosevelt George, chairman of program committee; (Hi Thomas Price, alumni secretan,-; (I I Joseph Monroe, historian; (J I James R. Chestnut, dean of pledges; and Miss Sophie Brown, queen. Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternit - was founded December 16. 1925 at Lafayette College. Easton, Pennsylvania. Its purpose is " To assemble college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, to develop friendship and promote service to humanity. " Kappa Psi Chapter, strives to meet its goal of achievement through service, to ' arious projects to benefit those in need. 77 Alpha Phi Alplia Fraternity, Inc, " First of all. sei-vants of all, we shall transcend all " . . . Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity was founded at Cor- nell University, Ithaca, New York on December 1, 1906. The first and oldest Negro fraternity has perpetuated ideals of brotherhood, scholarship, and achievement. The present officers are: James R. Jones, president; Joseph Green, vice president; Hintson Richardson, treasurer; Cleveland Black, corre- sponding secretary; Willie H. Rushins;, recording secretar ' ; William Stewart, parliamentarian; Edward Murphy, chaplain; and Carl E. Ikdlock, reporter. J GREEN H.RICHARDSON M. BKfKNT I R.CRA ' WFORD 78 AlpJia Kappa Alpha Sorority To cultivate and encourage high schohistic and ethical standards . . . the Alplia Kappa Alpha Sorority was founded on the campus of Howard University, January 16, 1908. The Alpha Phi Chapter was found- ed on A. T. College ' s campus, January 12, 1932. Presently, the .Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority is an international sorority comprised of 281 chapters. The present officers are: Basileus, Margaret ,A.lston; Anti-Basileus, Jean Gillard; Grammateus, Ann Whither; . nti-Grammateus, Beatrice . dderly; Tamichous, Mary .M. Hodge; Episalteus, Carrie Goodwin; Anti-Epislateus, Patricia Isles; parliamentarian, C hristalene Clark; pan-hellenic council representatives, Elizabedi Godwin, Bertha Owens. Mary Hodge. Wilhelmina Harrison; , nti-Hodegus, Barbara Samuels; Miss AK.- , Margaret Alston. Absent from picture are: Betty Kelly, Elizabeth Godwin, and EthKii Hammond. 1 ., i 79 Basketball Review Another of the athletic attractions otTered by A. T. is its higlily rated liasketball squad. Tliou.nh not successful in defending its two year old conference title the squad had a very suc- cessful season. The team ended the season with a 18-7 season record and a 15-4 Conference record. These records earned them a second place in the (M.A.A. and a nineteenth jjlace in the X.C.A.A., college division i ' ankini;s. F-ri ' " I ' f- r ' r: Kf;« r ' m - PA ' vi m ' 4 -a 80 u Al Attles All American (1959) Co-Captain Joe Cotton All American ( 1959) Co-Captain ■■ M 1 PI m ' ' l " 9 l P t M H Bl Another Coach Cal Irvin and Freshman Guard Jcrrv Powell accept second place C.I. A. A. Visitation Trophy. Aggieis rejoice alter victory over T.C. Attics and Cotton accept Winston-Salem Holiday Champ- ionship Trophy. V ?: - wl " Those cruel Aggies ' cheerleaders. - T.C. ■ ' Great Season Tlie 1959-60 A. T. Basketball Team. Coach Cal Irvin Plus this ! ! 83 They All Attk ' s scDrt-s against Elizabeth Citv. Haselrig snatches one frnni NCC. 84 i ra Height was a big factor. Marsliall scrainbles with Ward of Hampton Turner blocks Henderson ' s attempt in St. Aug. game. Went Down 85 Richard B. Harrison Players Mrs. Sandra Motz Director Undur the leadership of .Mrs. Sandra .Motz, and .Mr. Wil- liam Robinson, the Richard B. Harrison Players did much to enrich the cultural life of A. T. The IMayers jiresent three major (ilays each year. The group frequently exchanges performances with other col- leges and their dramatic groups. The Richard B. Hani- son Players of Aggieland are also members of the Inter- Collegiate Drama Association. Mr. William Robinson Assistant Director Miss Flora Martin " PUuers " President The Richard B. Harrison Players. 87 apter « Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities Tlif nieinbi ' is ol ' this iiri;anizatiiin arc (.■linsen as a result of liaviiin ' proved themselves fn lie above average in the area of iirade jioiiit averages and the far reaching realm of extra-eurrienla activities. Aside from maintaining an over-all average of " B " or above, these stu- dents have shown leadershiii abilities in other wide interests. .Mare) ' . daiiis Jerome Baker lames Blue Doris Bowman Christine Clark Charles Debose Curtis Dixon William Gavin Elwin Johnson Those Not Pictured John Cooper Roy Flood Wilhelmina E. Harrison John C, Holle Walter T. Johnson Robert .Murray Phillip Rollinson Ernest E. Sherrod h . ine Zaekerv John O. McDonald Paul Parker James Rice Nathan Rogers William Stewart Lula M, Tisdale 89 Lett to right, icjw 1: John McDonald, CiNstahnt- Clark, Anne W ' hithers, Paul Parker. Row 2: Nathan Rogers, William Ga in, (. ' nrti.s Dixon. 3 1 1 2 a JJa. Alpha Kappa Mu Honorary Society Alpha Kappa .Mu is a Xatif)iial Honor Society foiiiidi-il in 11)37. The aims of this ori;aiii atioii are to proiiKite liinh scholaiship and to enconi-aii ' c sincere endeavor in all (ields of Iciiowledne and service. The nieinliers of this organization ale outstandinn ' students in both scholastic ami leadeiship ahility. Si ma Rho Sigma . Piow 1, left to ri ht; Minnie Powell, |ackie Bell, fnanita HarRrove.s. Row 2. left to ri " lit: William .Stew- art, Pan! Reed, 90 Beta Kappa " tHtTtTtSmI Chi Members are, left to right: Curtis Dixon, Jolin McDonald, William Gavin, Chris- taline Clark, William Stewart. The piuiMisc of this s(ieiet ' is to cin ' oui-aui ' and advance seienfilic eduea- tion Ihrouuh original investigation the dissemination of seieiitilie knowledge and the stiniulatitm of high seholarslrp in pure and applied science. Honorary Society Sigma Hho Sigma is a National Honoi ' arv Society foi ' social science majors. The ontstandini nienihers of this organization strive to maintain an interest in cniicnt social science affairs and to encourage a liigh degree of devoticni to scholarshi]) in the humanities. 91 of o«RNS Mans Meetiiifx Is Culled To Applmul MemberMp uf Ihc Southom ■dc thrlr Mi Dnwd}. vrba ■ Mfws Meeting h Called To Applaud Membership Awwclition of CflUejteB BiiO S«oniliir SchooU ,o»d. their report U. Bn overftonr •udieno Ihxrmbtr 1. in AaillUirJaiii. r Uor Ifaoo IbfDU It ».TT-d(llB« Mdf Itjt, ii j, «rU». Ml L C- txwdjr duD of thi ScBonl at EAiaUMi ind Ovrwnj I. IW o»ti . o ' t,i. inlt« " j l ' . wu . MiUnutd. Tbr krr tonki. •« otbfl ,u 1 AAT Cull ' ' .1 lorU lb ma« in(rUl|niI 9- BILLETIN ' iMin™! W. T Oit « reravwl lUIr ««flrTDIu rn; ml1 «e Tlil rlur«»»» dO " UHt tw- it iK. i.( r " r D Blufnrt. (onB- Mrtii rihla lot IS COUft :v ' M, | 5- Miss A. T. and Court. Memorable Occasions F ' oiinder ' s Day. Tlif Yule Season. 92 i s hL - l ' imd L " Sitdown. " It started here. Februar 1. 1960. Then We ' ll Just Sit Doivn fi ' . ' » u ' nTAJN President Gihhs and Dr. Spencer Love. 1959 commencement speaker. 93 Religious Organizations LJJSAay •SS-SSv.- ' -i-S-SBJE-i Sunday School Earli Sunday iiKiniiiiij tlic iiiciiihi ' i ' s (if the Sunday School receive the opportunity to enrich tlicir s])iritnnl life, liy attendinu ' class- es in llodnin Hail. The ]iurijiise of this or- ganization is to develop ;i hetter uiidi ' rstand- hi ' j; of the Bihle, and to encourag ' e a lietter relinions and social life. The ]mr])ose of tlie Usher Board is to serve in duipel service and otiier programs re- (|uii ' ing tiieir presence during the school yeai ' . We must indeed give this groujj credit for the winidei ' ful services I ' enilcred wlien called upon. Usher Board Members, lett to right are. Row 1; Eliiia (. ' arlisle, Rosa Galloway, Nhiry . daiiis, Louise Dudley. Row 2; Beatrice .- dderly, . higgie C. ' happell. Modcssa Willoughby. Bertha Owens. Row . ' 5: Joe Council, Earnestine Rusli. Ueury Fenner, Barbara Jeffers, George Waters (president.) 94 L -w. -■: ■ Neicmau Club The Xewman Club is the official Catholic organization on campus. The principle purpose is to further the cause of Cath- olicism at A. T. The members of the Newman Club endeavor to promote har- mony and de elop spiritual life with their intellectual life creating a common ground for better communication between dif- ferent faiths. Baptist Student Union The B.S.U. ser -es as a connecting link for the Baptist student and spiritual life. This organization is a potent force to keep vital activities of the church in the life of the student ali e on the campus and in the communitv. Wesley Foundation For the Methodist Student the Wesley Foundation pro ides a " religious home awa - from home. " In this organization the aim is to extend and de elop religious life with the application of religious concepts and attitudes culturally, academically, soc- ialh ' and otherwise for all students. 95 y. M. a A. Thf Y.M.C.A. was touiidcd in London, England in the 16th century by George Williams. The campus Y.M.C.A. partici- pates in National, Regional and State Con- ferences and has many campus and com- munity projects. In the Fellowship of the (. ' liristian Church a desire and striving to mulerstand the will of God through wor- ship, study and action is an objective. Westminster Fellowship The Vestminster Fellowship Club works toward better understanding and fellow- ship among Presbyterian students. Regular group meetings, special discussions and Icirunis help its members understand their problems, personal, social and spiritual lives better. Bible reviews and guest speak- ers also add strength to tlie inspirational services of this group. Dedication Dedication senice . . . Rew Cleo M. Mc- Coy, Mr. and Mrs. Cliiarles Debose. « 96 Ses: enth Annual Honors ' ' Day Honorees SENIORS Mary E. Adams Frank Banks Doris C. Bowman Christalene Clark Charles Debose John O. McDonald Hattie M. Martin Doris A. Xeal William H. Stewart Felton A. Thomas JUNIORS Jerome Baker Johnnie L. Bell James F. Blue John L. Cooper Curtis E. Dixon Roy D. Flood William J. Gavin John W. Green Wilhelmina E. Harrison John C. Holley Chapin Horton Walter T. Johnson Cahin J. Martin Robert Murray. Jr. Paul E. Parker James O. Rice Nathan L. Rcdgers Philip R. RoUinson Earnest E. Sherrod Reginald K. Spence Lula Tisdale Bett - Jo Witherspoon Ma.xine Zacharv SOPHOMORES Lois . damson . nnie P. Baldwin Ralph G. Barnhill Edith D. Crowder George . . Dixon Jack Ezzell Rex C. Fortune George Gant Walter J. Harrison Cleveland Simpson ' ictoria J. Stewart Lucy - 1. Taylor Carathene Wallace Curtis " ilke son Harr J. Wills John W. Wortham TECHNICAL INSTITUTE Lessie G. . lston Mar in Brown Willie Dancey. Jr. Eddie W. Exum Robert . . Farrington Charles E. Green Emma Green William L. Knight Robert Meadow j Shepard Mcore Charles Richardson Ronald C. Bobbins James C. Smith Oliver R. Smith James L. Tanner James M. Tucker Joseph Williamson Members Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society Curtis E. Dixon William J. Ga in John C. Holley John O. McDonald Paul E. Parker James O. Rice Nathan L. Rodgers Earnest E. Sherrod William H. Stewart Lula Tisdale Who s Who in American Colleges and Lniiersities Mar ' E. . dams Jerome Baker James Blue Doris C. Bowman Christalene Clark John L. Cooper Charles Debose Curtis Dixon Roy D. Flood William J. Gavin Wilhelmina E. Harrison John C. Holley Edwin Johnson John O. McDonald Robert Murray Paul E. Parker James O. Rice Nathan L. Rodgers Philip Rollinson Earnest E. Sherrod William H. Stewart Lula M. Tisdale Maxine Zacharv 97 The Men ' s (ili ' e Clul.. iiiidei- the able (liici-tioii 111 ' Mr, lliiward I ' earsall, is truly (iiie 111 ' the mitstaudiii ' campus iirnaiii .aliiiiis. Ideal ciitertainnient is |ii(i ided f(ir tli ' student hiidy and eol- h ' Lje t ' aniilx wlien this i;r(in|) iierl ' dnus. ( ' leilil is iiidiM ' il dui ' 111 this i;l ' nu]i t ' nr their established plan nf exeellenee. Mr. Howard T. Pearsall Director Men s Glee Club 98 m Tlic A. T. Collfue Cli tidii (if M r. lliiwaiil I I ' arsail, pcrtnrnis (llT til II, i)crfi splendidly at liniiir and tfi|is away, which takes them on a ha|i|i - jaunt aliiiii; ' the Kasti ' rn Sealjoard and ntlicr pails of the Nation. Yes, tile eluiir often peit ' oriniMl to ])aeked houses. Fi-oni the initial eliapi ' l siTvice in S( ' ]itenilier to tlir linal selection at ( ' oni- mencenieut, the audience knew that it w;is in for a treat when the choir sann ' . College Choir Mr. Everett Thomas Organist 99 Halve) Lung anil lUil)y Colston get points from Jeaji Leon Destine Dancers. Modem dance interpretation by Susie Hinton and Louise Dudley. )00 i uni Svlvia Dean and Margie Graham discuss opera widi " Poru;)- and Bess. " Lyceum Attractions At the Concert by Georgia Davis, soprano— .Alfonso Evans. Ruth Streater. Miss Davis and Kelly W ' yatt, accompanist. Charles Debose greets Gloria Davey, coloratura soprana, at reception. 101 apter Left to right; Rachel Davis, Rose Richarclson. Jacciueh ' ne Bell— Miss A. T., and Leia Cooper. Miss A T The channiiin ' ami lovely J ie(|ueliiie Bell reigns as Miss A. T. of ' Vjyj-( {). [iss P e!l hails t ' roiii .lacksoii, Xorfh Carolina. This youii.!;- .Miss, wilh a s ee( anil ))leasiii i ' personality, is a nieiiiliei ' of many eainpus or- iiuuizations, some of which arc: Aljiha l a|ii)a Alpha Soroi ' ily, Sin ' nia Rho Si.H ' ina lloncjrary Society anil Senior ( ' onnselors. We all here in . i;i;lelan(l are very proud ni ' oiii ' " .Iacl ie " and liolil lier deal ' in our lieai ' ts. 102 Hiitli McK ' in " Miss Cliann iuitl Culture " Leola Dickens " Miss Home Eckcr " QUE BiiMii r ' lM v., Vk 104 ENS X. _ j ' ' Georgia Boykins " Miss Coed " ifMft«fc%.. Elma Carlisle " Miss Teloca " 105 QUE Barbara Jcffrrs " Miss Senior " Dorothy Bruner " Miss Junior " 106 mi ENS Shirley Young " Miss Frfsliman k i Lois Adamson " Miss Sopliomortf " 107 Margaret Alston " Miss AKA " QUE 108 Beatrice Aiklerk " Miss Alplla I ' lii Al|ili; ENS Sophie Browi " Miss Alpha Phi Omega Emma Head ' Miss Ganima Sigma Sigma ' 109 QUE (yora Edmonds " Miss Zcta Plii Beta " Miggie Chappell " Miss Plii Beta Sigma " H 110 I H ENS Elizabeth Connor " Miss Delta " Elouise Gore " Miss Omega Psi Phi " ttU V. in Fa e Clark " Miss Kiippa AlpliLi Psi " QU Maxine Zachery " Miss Vfteran " I HPVI NS Charles Debose, student coiiiicil prexy, and Miss A. T. at the Sweethearts ' Balh Kings and Queens at the Sweethearts " Ball. 113 apter i -Sc r -i i L 114 WKBmm i « Being cognizant tliat each Ayantee student 1ms his own decisive idea as to wliat a yearbook should be like ... we cannot hope to satisfy every student . . . but hours, days, and months have gone into the making of this annual publication and we, the staff, have tried to show life at Aggieland in every var -ing degree, hour aftei- Imur. day after day, month after month. Baxter Macon Associate Editor Ellis F. Corbett Advisor 117 Albert Rozier Editor Mrs. Lcircno Marrow Advisor Wilhelmiiia Harrison, Juaiiita Ilargroves, Yvniim- Be Register Staff rndci- the aiilc (■(litmsliiij of Allicrt Koziur, tlie college uewspapiM ' stati ' wurki ' il uiid ' asiiiu ' ly to jiix ' seiit the students witli news I ' clatiiii; ' to llieirisclvcs and to (.■aiiipus life. Mucli time, elToi-t and hard work went into the ])roduetioii of each issue and the e(Utoi ' , proofreaders, typists, staff critics, and repoiteis labored m- tirinyly so that the news wonhl be ])resented in an cntiMtainini;, _ et infoi ' inative, fasliion. The newsijaijei-, a.nain, such as it lias during ' the ])ast several years, was awarded first place ratings by tlie Cohinibia Schohistic Press As- sociation and the Associated ( ' ollegiate I ' ress in thcii- annual coinpetitious. Much ol ' the credit I ' or these ai-coniplishiuents gdes to .Mis. I ()i-cn i .Marrow, faculty advisoi-, who has handled the job now foi- seven years. Harrison, Bellfield, Carroll, Hargroves, Bell, Smith. 118 mBmrna Register Staff. i;d«aid Pitt, Gordon Bulluck Sports and La cnit Editors Jiianita Hai j;ni t-s. Ernest Johiisoi] Fcatiues C;arl Bullock. John McDonald. Carroll Bellfield Featurts W ' ilhelmina Harrison. William Gee. James Heffner. 119 Academic Clubs Teloca Club ' I ' lir caiiiinis student nurse ()rt;;iiii .;iti(iu staiiils t ' lii ' " T ' iii|ei- Ijoxmuu ' ( ' ;ire. ' " This (U ' uanizatidu eualiles the stuch ' iit iiui ' se ti ' X|ii ' ess herself in e()nstiucti ' e thinkinu ' (in mattei ' s pei-tainint; ' to her walt ' are and pioni-i ' ss, soeially as well as |iiiit ' essi(inall . Teldca leads tii nieinliershi |i in district, State and Xatidual Stud.ent Xui ' ses Assoeiatinns J 120 Dm Veterans Association Left to right: William Stewart. Paul Reed, Joseph Green. Wriion Copeland. Theodore Bunch. William Hill. Johnnie McCarter, Thomas Howell, Ma.xine Zachery, Remona Hargra •es, W ' illiam Fennell, Er in Daniels, Rogers Bennett, James Stephens. James Dar- gan, Henr ' Joyner, David Singleton. Foreign Stndents Association Left to right, hack row; William Wanendeya, Johnny Morris. W ' essel Patten, . rtnel Henrj ' , Aston DeCosta. Mohamed Samba Fofana, L ' Overture Tulloch-Reid. Leslie Guthrie. Cen- ter row: Knella Francis, Amos Tagbe, Arthur Mangaroo, Rudyard Taylor, Osbert Ha)Ties, Jocelyn Grant, Julius Ogimti, Donald Mor- gan. Front row: Clarence Franklin, Aletha Brown. Basil Coley. Samuel L nch. Bernard Benson, Raynold Huntle ' , Jonathan Tucker, Fabian Ednian. Charm And Cnltnre Clnb Row L left to right: Mrs. Inez Goldsmith, Edith Judge. Benietha Bethea. Row 2: Cor- dia Simmons. Mildred Williams. Xora Co iel, Carrie Caldwell, Mary Covington. Row 3: Ruth Britt, Sarah Joyce, Man,- Jo Howell, Delia Hawkins. 121 Engineering Clubs ' S P Engineering Association T!n ' Kiiuincci-iiii; ' AssDciiitiini liad as its (ihjertivcs, Id dcxcld]! witliiu its iiiciiibcrs a liiu ' luT a|i|ircciali(iii fdi- the (. ' iitiiiiccriiis ' jjrdtVssidii, lliiDUuli exchange of ideas and with the cdiiiliined iHTdi-ts ju ' dnidte the |ird- fession aniong t ' ellow stndents. These ob- jectives were crownetl witli aeconiplishineut during lii:i!)-(;o. One of the latest aeadeinic aeciuisitions of A. T. College is a cha])t(M- of the American Institute of I ' hysies. This is a national or- ganization that concerns itself with the realms (if phvsics and ii ' lated areas of in- teUeclual ex]ihiraliiin. The officers of the local chapter are: ] [onrop Fuller, president ; Xdrman Jarrett, vice jn-esi- dent ; largaret Alston, secretary; and David Woods, treasurer. The faculty advisor is l)i ' . 1). A. Kdwai ' ds. American Institnte of Physics ' T ■■fe? 122 Mathematics Club Left to right, row 1: Curtis Dixon, Otha Lewis. Rudolph Petes. Rubin Hunter. Wil- lie Holmes. Row 2: Fannie Hilliard. Katy Fo e. Barbara Bell. Doris Wunnegan. Shir- lev Canada. Lenna Fennell. Christalene Clark. Business Association Left to right, row 1: Sadie Willoughby, La- Joy Horton. Ethel Smith, Susan Hall. Row 2: Jefferson Hawkins, George Manning, William Wanendeva. Curtis Reed. Industrial Arts Asssociation Front row. left to right: Reginald Thomp- son, John Atkins. Ralph Jones, Earl Park- er. Eddie Howard. George Reardon. Joseph Weaver. Second row: Clarence Moore. Roosevelt George, . llen Garrison. Bennv -Mock. Jasper Terry, Benjamin .Moore, Law- rence Bradlex ' . 123 ' I rlr ■ " ■■W miiSiitSBm Agricultural Clubs Agriculture Associatiou The Agriculture Association is composed of stu- dents who have an intense interest in that par- ticular field. A feeling of unity is developed among its members and it aids them in cooper- atively and successfully accomplishing the aims of that particular area of study. The organization aims to stimulate more interest in the scientific achievements of agriculture and develop an ap- preciation for advantages and opportunities in agriculture. The Anierican Cliemical Society This society, composed of CHiemistr) ' and asso- ciated majors, has chosen to acquaint themselves with the broader aspects of chemistry. The manifold purpose of this organization is to afford its members, especially those majoring or minoring in chemistry, an opportunity to become acfinainted with one another, to secure the in- tellectual stimulation that arises from professional association, and to secure experience in preparing and presenting technical material before audiences of chemistry enthusiasts. Home Ecouomics Associatiou The Home Eckers will become an individualized organization, according to the different fields under flome Economies. Even so, the purposes remain the same: to acquaint the students with the recent trends in Home Economics, to promote tinei womanhood, to serve as a media through which ' there will be an e.xchange of opinion and concepts between student and instructor, to promote scho- lastic achievement and to promote better student relationships. 124 ra Pledge Clubs Pyramids The pledge club for the Delta Sigma Theta Soror- ity, turned many of its members into the ranks of the mother organization, reducing its numbers, after all. the main objective of a group such as this. Ivies This is the pledge club of th.e . lpha Kappa . lpha Sororit ' and represented rne of the largest groups in die histor - of the . K.- chapter at . T. since first organized. W agreed that it was an outstanding group. Scrollers These are members of the Scroller Club, pledge group for the Kappa . lpha Psi Frateniity. " Kapps, we will be one of these davs. " Sphinx The silent face of die Sphin. is the emblem for these young members of the pledge club for the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternit ' . Several of them crossed the burning sands unto the folds of . lpha in the spring initiation. ' S ■ T ■}■ ' -• fWHTS WW 1 Educational Clubs ' igssasSsi Kappa Phi Kappa Forensic Society Tlic Kiippa I ' lii Ivjilipa is tlir ili ' liatiiii;- Irani fi-ateniity at A. cV: T. ( ' (illc c. The ])iirpose of this iir; aiiizatinii is tn stiiiiiilatc iiitcn ' st in the ai ' l (if (liscussi(iii and an upprcidatinn for formal (lisciissicms of current issues. The tcnn) it pi-oiliicc(l ill llioD-dd -was ontstanflini -. The majors in Auto feelianics l);in(led them- Tliis is wliat the Auto [iM-lianies Cluli, aimed selves into an ornanization (h ' siniied to im- for and aecomiilislied. prove tlieii- skills, api)reeiat ion and researcli in modern concepts of the trade. Auto Mechanics Club 126 ■D J Fortnightly Club Left to right: David Johnson, Brenda Scar- brough, Elouise Gore, Louise Fairchild, Fannie Peay, Curtis Dixon, Juanita Har- groves, Barbara Hardley, Rose Galloway, Ilka Bowditch, Cleveland Black. Student N, E, A, Left to right: Rosa Nevvkirk, Curtis Dixon, Elizabeth Minnix, Cleveland Black, Fannie Peay, Henry Joyner, Carthine Wallace, William Stewart. Geographic Society Left to right: Louise Fairchild, John Fosky, Jackie Bell, Cordia Sinimnns, Thomas Ho- well, Earnestine Lawrence, Marlene Dick- 127 m Tlic Imin ' iiiiticipati ' d Spring ' , delayed by tliree weeks with lieavy blankets ol ' snow, liiially arri ' ed. With if eame the iisual jnys wbicb those of ns a1 A. t T. are accuslonied. The aried nctixil ies included: haseliall, Iraek, ]iieiiics and olhi ' i ' out d.oor affairs, dances, fhe now I ' aiued " sit-down " " nioveuient, and linally . . . ( ' (.innieiicenK ' nt. »: There is no season (|nife like spi-inn ' af A. T. We shall lonu ' re mendier if. 128 m I « A , Intra Xdt I ' vrrv i; 1 jillilctc can In- varsitx ' hi these tiuK ' s of critioal cdiiiiictitidii, l)iit, a stroiii; ' Intra- dural ProL;rani lillcd this liiu oap. A lot (if cn-dit ;i cs to ( ' (lach Forrest " Willis, who (liii ' ctcd this iironiani. It wasn ' t all foi- males. The uhls ijarticiitated in swiiinnini;, liasketliall and sundry other s])orts and thanks to the Woman ' s Atliletie Association, they had a i rand time in many others. The men did the same, hut more of it. The ] ro- urani was oiicn to us all. Coach Forrest Willis Dirt ' ctdr of Intramural Activitu- (loach Grooiiics explains that fish arc a little different from people 130 mu ral Fred Jones and Eddie Mc- Clain on the Trampoline, Trophies for everyone Terrance Mells, Charles Debose got together for one also. Mills receiving of course. 131 B ase Haschall tiiattfi-Housi-, Swaiiii, Olds. Tough mound staff. " Big flatch " . . Calvin Lang. 1 jfa -jt MM im . 1 ES| eT mIb i i s %£■ ' ' } ? ' iiM4j ' ' i 1 K ' L : v I 132 ball By press time for this edition of tlie " Ayantee, " tlie A. (S: T. Baseball team ajjpeared headed for aniitlier ( ' .I.A.A. ehampionshi]), the second in a row. I oaded with veterans who knuw the name and who possessed aiiiaziui; ' pnwer at the plate, the scpiad was helped tremendously liy the addition of several ontstandimi ' fresh- men, chiefly pitcher . wIki iicrtoiiiii ' d like vet- erans. Jnr prophesy? Ahont the worst cmild luqipen to lis this season is to end u)) in a low. low, .second place in conference standinns. That, almost, cannot hajJXJen. Coach Melvin Groomes Baseball Team— the Champs. 133 Track TRACK, iiuliki ' other sjKiits ;it A. - T., coii- tiiiuod ill its usual role of sccdinl jihicc .-ill tlic way (liiwii to " " also ran, " liiit iiiaii an avid Ai;i;ie fan lii-lii ' vcs that Track still has a place and promise at the college Maii ' of them ar.i;ue, " As little as we had. we still took one third place in the famed I ' eiiu- sylvaiiia I ' nix ' ei ' sity itelay ( ' aiiiival. " Coach l ert Piiisott, unaccustomed fourth, third. Ill- exi ' ii second, since he also coaches the champ- ioiishiii A.u ' uip football team. Ixdieves that next vear will he altogether different. Coach Bert Piggott Cddde and Harris at the startiiiii blocks. 1 M 134 Track team. Goode and Harris warm up hir rt ' lays. :fiii II li jii mmssBum r i JBJs. ' - ' ' ' •liif_»iiu,-r.: 135 B R.O.T.C, Ball-the Grand Marc Fun at the R.O.T.C. Ball. 136 Freshman Class Officers VTho said that the lowly freslinian should not be a ]jart of the really serious prourani of a eollege ? The Freshman Class of 1959-60 gave the answer to this. Four of its members, electritied the campus and much of the nation, when they decided to " sit- down " and request service at a previously segre- gated lunch cou)iter. Tlieir explanation? " AVe did not intend to set the world afire. We just wanted to eat lunch. " That was just one phase of an active, energetic program, generated within the ranks of the record- breaking class, operating under the leadership of larvin rontgomery. its president. ■ ■i I Marvin Montgomery President Freshman Class Officers, from left to right: Sand - Royster, Clementine Neil, W ' esle)- Brown, Mai-vin Montgomerv, Shirlev Young. 137 Sophomore Class Officers The Soi)lHniioi-o Class of 19.59-60 was not satis- fii ' il to wait. .Many of its inciulxTs, tlirousi ' li di ' iuonst rated t d ■llt, wrrc called uimhi to make profound (•oiitril)uti iiis to tlie onward i)rogress of the institution. Uudei- the alile ieadersliiji of .Tack Ezzell, dent, tile class, respoudc l to the call, giviiio- of its (■Iforts and time that A. ; T. niinlit be a lH; ' tt M- ]ilaci ' in which to live, study and learn. Sophomore Class Officers, from left to right; Victoria Stewart, Jacqueline Crittenden, Jack Ezzell, presi- dent; Wallace Worthan, Barbara Bell. 138 Junior Class Officers Tlic .lunior ( ' lass awaits its turn tn move into liic f(i|i ica(li ' rslii|i in tlie cdIIi ' l; ' ! ' (Mimniunitw The yTDUii. line of tin. ' liiU ' st tliat tlu ' colle ' c lias had, lifts this inantle from tlu sIiouKUts of tlu ' Class of IDCIt witli both humility and pride. The class mendiers have already shown, hoth desire and ability, and jiledue to those leaders who are leavinn, resolution anil determiriation to maintain the paee set h - those who have H ' OUe before. Ernest E. Sherrod President Junior Class Officers, from left to right: Jerome Baker, Paul Parker. Barbara Oakley, Earnest E. Sherrod. 139 Presidents Message To Seniors WARMOTH T. GIBBS. PlIESIOEKT E. R. HOOGIN. Business Manager CljE Agrintltural aitb Ccrhntral C0IIE3E of Jforth (Dnrolma GREENSBORO, N. C. TO THE CUSS OF 196C: Congratulations on your fast approaching graduation. For the past four years, one inajor objective has been before jtju — Graduation, and I am happy for you and with you that it is nou in sight. As you stand on the threshold of graduation and look back on your college days, I am confident icany memories will serve to endear them to you in the future. As I think back on the period, many things come to my mind wherein your leadership, your vision, and your love for the College made definite contributions to the success of your Alma ' ate . One such example is the important role you played in our gaining adrrdssion to full membership in the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. The Class of ' Z has been unique in so many ways that I cannot attempt to relate them here, but I am happy to say that I am grateful for all the honors and distinctions you have won while here. In the years ahead, I hope the Class and every member of it will continue to maintain Interest in and loyalty to the College as in the past. I wish for you success in your several undertakings in life. Sincerely yours. A),,.r .. (U Warmoth T. Gibbs PHESIDENT 141 142 Outstanding Seniors AIaky Ahams Atnii nil lire Beatiuce Aodei;i y Niirsii r Aevin Attles Sports DoKis BuwjiAX K l II cat ill I Christaleke Claiik . Mathiiiiiitics Chahles Debose . Sfiiihiif ( ' iiiiiiiil I ' ris ' iihiit Eliwix Jouxson. Bu iiiirss A(J iii ' nii i rdi ' iini Feed Joxes, Ji; President of Senior CIiisa Jdhx () . ,McL)(j. ALlJ I ' ln sicdl Seieiicc Aebekt Roziei; E ' lHor of Iti ifister William 11. Sti;wai;t Soeial Si leiiee Those students wi-yv selected 1iy the editorial staff nf tlie AYAXTKK OH the basis of aeadeiiiie and ext I ' aeui ' iieidai ' aeliieveiiieiit. Fred Jones, Jr. President Senior Class Officers TIr ' Senior Class, the ulanimir ,i;roup nf the wliole lot, had one of the most suecesst ' ul years of any group in recent history. Many " firsts " were posted liy this group. They were the first class in the 65 year history of the college to hold its conmience- nient off campus and that at the modern, Greenshoro War Memoi ' ial Coliseum. Tile grou]!, also, had its program stveandiued to a single baccalaureale cnmmciici ' ment activity. These two firsts fade iido the unimportant when one looks amund at the individual class mendjers. Everyl)ody agrees around the A. iV: T. campus that this really was an outstanding group. ; Iav success follow them. Senior Class Officers, from left to right: Theodore Little. Ethel Belle Smith. Monroe Fuller. Fred Jones, Jr., president; Mary Hodge, James Jones, Juanita Hargrove. 143 rv t " ■ t Senior ADAMS, MARY E „. Kings Mountain Home Economits Education. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Kappa Phi Delta Honorarv- SocietN-, Home Eckers Club, Sunday School, Usher Board, Junior Counsellor, Senior Monitor. ADDERLEY, BE. TRICE V _ _ Boynton Beach, Florida Xursini;. .Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Pan Hellenic Council, Teloca, Na- tional Student Nurses Association, State Student Nurses Association, Usher Board, Florida Club, Sunday School, W.A.A., Cheerleaders, Richard B. Harrison Players, ALEXANDER, VIVIAN _ Mooresville Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Chann and Culture Club, Y.W.C.A., West- minster Fellowship. . LLEN, BERN.VRD Roxboro Radio and Television. Collegiate 4H Club, Technical Institute Club. Y.. I.C.A. ALSTON, GORDEN G. _.„_ _ ___ . Littleton Biological Science. Pershing Rifle Drill Team. ALSTON. GERALDINE L Siler City Tailoring. Cheering Siiuad, W.A.A., N.A.A.C.P., Y.W.C.A., Girl ' s Drill Team. ALSTON. .MARGARET J Siler City Plnsics. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, N.E.A.. MOPAT Society. Engineer- ing Association. Sunday School, Vesle ' Foundation. Harrison Players. ALSTON. WILLIAM C _ Littleton Arihitectiiral Engineering. Y.M.C.A., Engineering Association, lutranuiral Athletics. ARRINGTON, CALVERT L _ Enfickl Agricultural Education. New Farmers of America, Agricultural Association, Y.M.C.A. ASKEW, LATTICE, JR. ______ IlarrelsNille Business Association. Scabbard and Blade Society, Officers Club, Business Association Club. -ATKINS. JOHN .. Raleigli Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Association, Y.M.C.A. -ATTLES, ALVIN.. Newark, New Jersey Plnsical Education. Basketball, Lettemien ' s Club, Physical Education Major ' s Club, Steering Committee. BAILEY, THOMAS _ Greensboro . uto Mechanics. Auto Mechanic ' s Club. BALDWIN, BILLY O Maxton Refrigeration. Technical Institute Club. BANKS. FRANK . _ Winston-Salem Ek-ctrical Engineering. BARBOUR. JAMES E Smithfield Plnsical Educ.ilion. Kappa Alpha Psi, R.O.T.C, Officer ' s Club, Scabbard and Blade. B. RRETT, ROY A Betheltown, Jamaica. West Indies Agrononi ' . Agronomy Club, Agricultural Chil . Intcrnatiuunl Relations club. Foreign Students Organization. BASS, JAMES A Hcidsvillc Engineering. .MOPAT Society. .American Instiute of Physics. BEASLEY, EARNEST ......•.:.. Fort Lauderdale. Florida Electrical ' iring and .Motor Repair. BKATTY. CATHERINE _ _ _ Greensboro Business Education. BKEBE. ROY D _ ; Whiteville .Music. Conci ' rt Band. Marching Band. M.E.N.C. Class BELCHER. ' ER A D.„ Music. MENC. .Winston-Salem Rich Squar- BELDFIELD. C. HROLL LEWIS BiologT.-. Register ' s Staff. Yearbook Staff, Usher Board, Y.M.C.A. BELL. JACY JEFFERSON Reidsvilk Biolog . Y.M.C.A. BELL. JACQUELINE Jackson Iliston.. . lpha Kappa Alpha Sororitv, Sigma Rho Sigma Honor Society, Student Counselor, Georgraphic Society . talit " Committee, " Miss A. T. " Dramatic Club. College Hospi- ROY F J and Television, Technical Institute Club. . Reidsvilk- ..Wadesbor.i BELL. Radi BENNETT. CLAYTON, JR .Agriculture Education. Agriculture Association and N.F.A. BETHE. . BERNETHA Luniberton Home Economics Education. Home Economics Club, Collegiate 4-H Club, Fellowship Council. BIGELOW. JOHN O. -_ Industrial Arts. Band. BIGELOW. JOHN Machine Shop. BLACKWELL, J. NICE H. Burlington _ ' ance - ille Nursing. Teloca, National Student Nurses Association. BLAKE, CALVERT Brown Summit _New Bern . uto Mechnics. Auto Mechanics Club. BLASINGAME. FR.ANK E Griffin. Georgia Electrical Engineering. .American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Officers Club, .Arnold .Air Societ ' . Pante go Murfreesboro Roduco Physical Education. W.A.S., Physical Education Majors Club, International Relations Club. BOOMER. CHRISTLNE Home Economics Education. Home Ecker Club. BOONE. SPURGEON L Radio- Television. Technical Institute Club. BOONE. VERNICE R BORDEAUX, JOHN C- - Ehzabetlitow n Chemistrv. Omega Psi Phi Fratemitv, .American Chemical Societv, Officers Club, Welfare Council, A.F.R.O.T.C. BOWNAN. DORIS COURTS Greensboro French. .Alpha Kappa Mu. Pi Delta Phi. College Choir. French Club, Tutorial Staff. BOYD. NETTIE GERO-NE . .- Kingstree. S. C. Tailoring. Georgraphic Society, BOYKINS. GEORGIA M.. . Garland Nursing. Teloca Club. Delta Sigma Theta. Pan Hellenic Council. BRADLEY. ARTHUR W. ._ Bruswick, Georgia Electrical Engineering. Veterans Association, Y.M.C.A., Engineering As- sociation. -A.I.E.E. BRAGG. SARAH .._ Nursing. Teloca. - Greensbo MLm iktiiiA enior HHANCHE. DORETHA DELOHIS La Grange Applit ' d Sociology. Holiln ' CIul), Y.W.C.A., Charm and Cuitnrc Club. HHAVE. ANDREW " . JR. Georgetown, S. C. Ph sical Education. Plnsical Education Club, Y.M.C.A., Dramatic Club. Geographic Society. HRIMAGE, COLUMBUS - NV-w Bern .Avito Mechanics. Auto Mechanic ' s Club, Safety Soeietv Club. BROXSOX. WILLIAM _ _ - Hamlet HROWX. AL IX. JR. _ _ _ _._. Wilmington Architectural Engineering. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. Engineering Associa- tion. - Ryden gf MLUk BROWN " , CARL S.. JR. „ Uffrigeration and Air Conditioning. BROWN, EMORY Brunswick, Georgia Ek-ctriual Engineering. American Institute of Electrical Engineers, En- gineering .Association. A.. .S.. A.F.R.O.T.C., Drill Team. BROWX. JOHN T. B., Ill Danville Business Administration. _ _ _ Bolton BROWN, GLORIA _ _ Socit)log -. .Axantee Staft. Y.W ' .C.A., Simday School. B1K)WN, K.VniLEEN High Point Business Administration. Cieographic Societ -. BROWN, MARION WILLIAM Stanle y Welding. BROWN. SAM. JR Engleton Mei.luuiic-.ll Engineering. Engineering Association, Tutorial Staff, Sundav Scliuol. Y.M.C.. . p M p. BROWN. SAMUEL Mecliauieal Engineering Pinchurst Zebulon BROWN. SOPHIE ANN. Nursing. Teloea Club. Gannna Sigma Sigma Sorority. BR1ANT. OWEN Council - ulo Mechanics. Auto Mechanics Club. Technical Institute Club. BRYANT. DELPHINE Magnolia Mom.- Economics Education. Agel Flight, Usher Board, Cheering Squad, Home Economics Club. liRYANT. NHLES TALMADGE -- Supply Clicmistry. Alpha Phi Alplia Fraternit ' . Officers Club, American Chemical .Clayton i I r i III Society, Scabbard and Blade Society. BRYANT, ROYASTINE . Auto Mechanics. Auto Mccluuiics Club. IU ' LL0C:K. C;0RD0N F ,.....- Tarboro Electrical Engineering, . jneriean Institute of Electrical Engini ' crs. En- gineering Association, N ' etcruns Association, Register Staff. BULLARD, JAMES B - - Rock Mount Radio and Television. BURNEY, ALLEN -.-- .-- Farunillc C,f;.L.P. Chill. Technical Club, Machine Shop. Class BURNEV. PATRICIA GRAY Conndl Physical Education. W.A.A., A. T. College Choir, Siinday School, Ph - sical Education Majors Club, Geographic Society. BUSH, ERNESTINE _ _ .. Columbia Nursing. Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Teloca Clnb, National Student Nurses Association, State Student Nurses Association, Usher Board. ' .A.A.. Sunda ' School. Bl ' TLER. LESLIE ALLEN. JR _ „..- __. Tampa 2. Fla. Music. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Music Educators National Confen-ncc Florida Club, Marching and Concert Band. CALDWELL. CARRIE MAE ... „.„. Mt. M.nin French. French Club, Dramatic Club, Wesley Foundation. Charm and Culture Club. Y.W.C.A.. Sunday School. CAMP. JAMES L . Hobgood Music. Music Educators National Society, French Club, N.A.A.C.P.. Y.M.C.A. CAMPBELL. ALFRED H. Greensboro Biolog . National Science Foundation Research Team. CARLISLE, ELMA DEEN Erie. Pa. Nursing. National Student Nurses Association, North Carolina Student Nurses .Associatic n. District No. 4 Student Nurses Association. Telor a Student Nurses Association, Usher Board. Woman s Athletic .Association. A antec Staff. Cheerleading, Sunda School. Mu Xi Nu Social Societ ' . Counselor. Y.W.C.A. CARTER. CHARLES M. . Music. Band, M.E.N.C. CAUTHEN. DALLAS Physical Education. Ph ' Vi irgmia. sical Education Major ' s Club. .... Durham Kannapolis CHAPPELL, MIGGIE JEAN Smithfit-ld Home Economics Education. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Pan-IIdUiiic- Council. Usher. Home Eckers Club, Coimselor. CHEEK, GRACIE MAE...._ Scagrovc Home Economics Education. Home Eckers Club, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. CHAVIS, BOBBIE Wadcsboro Business Education. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, A.F.R.O.T.C, Officer ' Club, Scabbard and Blade Socict -. ' etcran " s .Association. CLARK. CHARLIE H Wilmington Chemistry. ' eteran s Association. CL. RK, CHRISTALENE _ Dunn Mathematics, . lpha Kappa -Alpha Sororit ' , Beta Kappa Chi Societ . .Alpha Kappa Mu; American Chemical Societ -. Kappa Delta Pi. COLCLOUGH, WILLIE M. . Alcolu. S. C. Business Administration. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Westminister Foun- dation. COLEMAN. AVANT P Rocky Mount Agricultural Education. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. X.F..- .. Agriculture- Association. COLLINS, EUGENE F Edenton .Applied Sociolog -. Officer ' s Club, Scabbard and Blade. CONNOR, ELIZ. BETH .. . ..__. ... Hiuitcrsvillc Niu-sing. Delta_ Sigma Tlieta Sorority. Teloca. Y. ' .C.. .. State and N.itional Student Nurses ' Organization. COOPER, LEQUINCY. ._ ._. „ Kingstree Social Studies. Geographic Society, A.F.R.O.T.C, Drill Team. Y.M.C.A. COPELAND, JESSIE L Greensboro Nursing. Teloca Club. National Student Nurses Association, State Student Nurses . ssociation. CORNELIUS. GLENN.. .Auto Mechanics. ..M ' inston-Sale ,t »■ If 1 kkM Senior ZiiiilA ,-Warsaw COSTON, RUBY _, _ Business Education. Clioir. COUNCIL. JOE W Waterboro I ' lnsical Education. Letterman ' s Club, Football, Baseball. CONIEL, NORA J Belhaven M.ithcmatics Club. Dramatic Club. Chiinii and Cidtiu-e. Sunda - School. COWARD, FELIX Kinston .-Krcliitccturul Engineering. Y.M.C.A., Engineering Association. CUNNINGHAM, SARAH ____. Raleigh English. Y.W.C.A., Fortnightly Club. CURETON, THOMAS NATHANIEL _ _ Charlotte .Automobile Mechanics. Technical Institute Club, Auto Mechanics Club. CURRIE, FANNIE _ _„„ _ _.... Conuiicrcial Education. DALTON. JAMES B., JR _ .Machine Shop. Technical Institute Club. DANCY, WILLIE, JR Welding. R.O.T.C. Greensboro -..Walnut Co ' e -Scotland Neck l)A IS, ERNEST D. _ _ ._ Ch;irlotte Architt-ctural Engineering. Engineering Association, Y.M.C.A., Yearbook Staff. I)A IS. JOHN SIDNEY _ Meadowview Micliaiiical Enginering. Y.M.C.A., Engineering Association, Virginia Club, Dorniitor ' Coimcil. DA IS. RACHEL C _ Wadesboro I lome Economics Edvication. Home Ecker ' s Club, Y.W.C.. . DA ' i. DORIS Burlington Social Studies. DAY, THOMAS F _ Washington, D. C. PIn ' sica! Education. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Lettemren ' s Club, P. E. Majors Club, Newnnans Club, Football. DICKENS, LEOLA ...Falkland Home Economics Education. Home Eckers Club, G.C.L.P., Junior Coun- selor. DICKENS, MAMIE ...._ _ „ _ .„ _.._ Greenville Business Education. Dl.XON, CALVIN BENSON Littleton Architectural Engineering. Engineering . ssociatiou, Y ' .M.C.A.. Arnold Air Society, Simday School, Baptist Student Union. DONNELLY, VICURTIS _ Wa.shington, D. C. Secretarial Science (4 yrs.) Modern Dance Group. , DOUGLAS, JAMES E. _ _ _ _... ?_ Broadwav Agricultural Education. N.F.A., Agricultural Association, Veteran ' s Club. DHAUGHN, CLAUDE R _... Whitakcrs Mtisic. M.E.N.C., Concert Band, Marcliing Band, Brass Ensemble. DUNN, ZOLLIE _ _ .....Greensboro Brick Masonry. Class D ' RAVT IAR7FI1A Fainnount Commercial Education. DCREN, MILDRED ELAINE antee St Philadelphia. P.i. Secretarial Science (4 years). Jr.-Sr. Counselor, A - dation. Sunday School. .iff. Wesley Fouti- F SnV HORFRT Tiirfreesbnrn Music. M.E.N.C. Band. Fpw Rim nnxAi n wit i iam New York. N. Y. History. Basketball Team. Kappa .Vlpha Psi Fraternity Letterman ' s Club. FnwAPns jANiFs Badin . uto .Mechanics. - uto Mechanics Club. ELLIS. ESTELLA . ._. Bo T»ton Beach. Fl.i Sociology. ' ..- .. ., Pan Hellenic Council, Delta Sigma Theta Sororit . FRWTV RORFRT JR Chiirlntfe Tiiiloring. Cliarlotte Club. Y.M.C.A. FVFRFTT I ITY l Mathematics. Newman Club, Band. FVFRFTT WAT TACK Charlotte Electrical Engineering. Wesley Foundation. FWIVr.S JArniFTIVF HAT7ITP High Point Nursing. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Teloca. E.XCM. EDDIE W. DE . Norfolk. " a. . uto Mechanics. .Auto Mechanics Club. FAIRCHILD, LOUISE T - Elementary Education. Geographic Club. FAIRTFV RORFRT A T;i ton -Agricultural Education. .Agriculttural Association, N.E.A FATSON JOHN D Tiirkex- Radio and TeleWsion. FENNELL. WILLLAM P. Rose Hill .Agrictiltnral Education. ' eterans -Association. N7F.A.. Y.M.C.A.. Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. Agricultural Association FFRCISON T0RFN70 .St P;ui! ' s Music. Band. M.E.N.C. Band, ' eterans Association FINCH, DAISY CLEMENTINE Sims Clotliing. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Home Economics Clu b. FORD FnWARD F nreenshnrn Bioiog ' . FRANKLIN CIARFNCF ARNOLD — Jamaica, B. ' -I. Agronomy. Agronomy Clnb. .A cultural Association. International Re- lations club, Foreign Students Organization. Senior O O KKEDERICK. GENEVA ANN _____ Kraansville PInsical Education. W.A.A., P. E. Major ' s Club, Y.W.C.A. FREEMAN, LEE O ___ _ _ _ Augusta, Ga. Mrchanical Engineering. Y.M.C.A., Engineering Association. la-LLEH, DONALD C __. Fayetteville Radio and Tck isiuu. Teclinical Institute Club, Veteran ' s Club, Dramatics Club. CALLOWAY. ROSA Vanceboro Institutional Management. Home Ecker ' s Club, Uslier Bo.ard, C.G.L.P. Count) ' Club. Fellowsbip Council, Senior Monitor, Sunda ' Scbool. CAHUISOX, ALLEN B. __ _ Glen Alpine ludiLstrial Arts Education. Scabbard and Blade Society, Cadet Officers ( lub. ' etcran ' s Association. Industrial Arts Association. -Canton GIBSON, THERESA LOUISE Ap[ilicd Sociology. CILLIARD, SHIRLEY _ _ La Grange Business Education. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Pi Omega Pi. GILMORE, ILL1. M CLEVELANDO Greensboro Biologv. ' eteran " s Progressi ' e Association, Stunt Team. GLOVER, JOHN W __ Asheville Arihitcttural Engineering. En.ginceriug Association. C;01NS. ALLEN T Southern Pines Business Administration, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Scabbard and Blade Society, Student Government, Officer ' s Club, Student Council, Geographic Society, Veteran ' s Association, Basketball. GOODEN. WISTA A. _ Greensboro Secretarial Science. GOBI 1AM, DeROY Greenville Hiulogical Science. GRAIIA.M. . 1. 10RIE _ _.. : _ Red Springs C;onuncrciaI Education, Miss R.O.T.C. GRANT, ERNEST. Business Adniinistratio .Aiken, S. C. Ni ' wi Glnl). C;RANT, JOHN O _ - Macon, Ga. Electrical Engineering. C;RANT, JOSCELYN EDGERTON Jamaica. B.W.I. Agricultural Engineering. Ft)rcign Student ' s Organization. GRAY. GENEVA M _ _ __ Fayetteville Nursing. Teloca Club, National Student Nurses Association. State Student Nurses Association. C;REEN, PAUL _ Brunswick, Ga. Mechanical Engineering. C;REGOin , MINNIE J _ _ La tirau e PInsical Etlucation. W A.S., Physical Education " lajors Club. GRICE. JAMES THOMAS Choeawinity Radio and Tcle isioii. Technital Institute Club. GlilER, NELLIE DA TS Winston-Salem Business Education. Marchiu ' .; and Symphony Band. Class GRIFFIN LEONARD OSBORNE Concord Cabinet Making. Band. GRIFFIN. W ILLI. M N Longwood Agriculhiral Education. N.F.A. GROSS, PHULTON L - -Delray Beach, Fl.i. Ph sical Edncation. Football Team, Ph ' sical Education Majors Club. GVEST, PAULINE ELIZ. BETH _ Greensboro Secretarial Science. International Relations Club. GVNNINGS, W. ' tNDA PRISCILLA „ Winston-Salem English. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Yearbook Staff, Registers Staff, Band. GURG. NIOUS, JAMES H Atkinson . tlricultural Education. N.F.A. , Veteran ' s Club. HALL. Rl ' THIE. Zebulou Greensboro Nursing. Teloca, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. H. RDLEY, BARBARA . NN English. Y.W.C.A.. Fortnightly Club. H. RGROVE, JUANITA P _. Henderson English. Sigma Rho Sigma Honorar ' Society, Sunday School, Register Staff, Fortnightly Club. HARPER. WILLIAM THOMAS Battleboro Ph sical Education. Physical Education Majors Club, Y.M.C.A. HARRIS ALICE M Libert Business Education. Dance Group. HARVEY, DAVID G ...Aiken. S. C. Social Studies. N.E.A., Geographic Society, Y..M.C.A., Sunday School. HASKINS. AUGUSTUS Norfolk, Va. Industrial . rts. Officers ' Club, Scabbard and Blade Society, Industrial . rts .Association, Y.M.C.. . HATCHER, MEL ' IN D. ...Yancewille Bod ' and Fender. HAWKINS. BROW N JEFFERSON Macon, Ga. Business .Administration. Dramatics Club, Y.M.C.A., Baseball Team. HAYES. JOE A. _ History. N.E.A., Geographic Society. H.AYES, RUBY NELL _ Nursing. Teloca Club. HE.ADEN. DORSETT W. Cabinet Making. Technical Institute Club. HEDGEPETH. REGINALD Business .Administration. Dramatics Clul). - Franklintfjn -Greensboro — Goldston Enfield HICKERSON, SETH O., JR Winston-Salem Matliematics. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, American Chemical Society. HICKS. DORIS New Bern Sociolog} ' . Choir, Baptist Student Union, Geograplii cal Society, Y.M.C.A. iJ Ti Seni lor .- ' oodIand 1 1 ICKS, FANNIE _. _.. _. Clothing. HODGE, MARY MAGNOLIA _ Wendell Biisiiuss Administration. Register Staff, Sunday School, Alpha Kappa Alpha Souiet)-, Secrc-tar ' of Sophomore, Junior and Senior Classes. IIOLLOWAV, JOAN LARUE Ilallshoro .Applied Soeu)l()« . .Air Force R.O.T.C. Squadron Queen. HOLT, JOHN R ,__._ _ Grecnshoro I ' lusical Education. HOWARD, KATHERINE M,.. Kannapolis .Xpplii ' d .Sociology. Y.W.C.A., Woman ' s Association. IIOII.i:, MINNIE M .....Greensboro i:lriiK nt,ir Educaticm. International Relations Club, Geographic Society, HUXTEU, JACQUELVN _ High Point Ph sical Education. Band. Woman ' s Athletic Association, Plnsical Educa- tion .Majors Club Siuiday Scliool, JAMES, MURDIS Greensboro Nursing, Teloca Nursing Organization, N. C, District No. 4, N. C. State Nurses Association, National Student Nurses ' .Association, P Tamid Club, JEFFERS, BARBARA JEAN ■Nursing. Teloca Student Nur sociation, Lfsher Board, Greensboro Organization, N. C, Student Nurses As- JEFFRIES, WARNER B _ _ ...Graham Radio and Television. JENKINS, NATHAN, JR Pinetops Music, Music Educator ' s National Conference, Marching and Concert Band, Saxophone Quiuict. JOHX.SON, BENJAMIN LEON Raleigh ' [ ' ail ring. Technical Inst.. Basketball Team, Technical Inst, Club, Tailoring c:lul). Y.M.C.A., N.A.A.C.P. JOHNSON, CLEVELAND New Bern Dry Cleaning. Technical Institute Club, Auto Mechanic Club, Diy Clean- er ' s Club, Tailoring Club. JOHNSON, EDWIN B. TES Miami, Florida Business .Admuiistration, Student Judiciary Committee, Y ' earbook Staff, l- ' lorida Club. Dtirmitt)ry Council. ' .M.C.A. JOHNSON, JOHNNIE R ... Portsmouth, Va. Industrial Engineering, Virginia Club, Y,M,C,, .. Industrial Arts Associa- tion, N.A,A,C.P,, Veteran ' s Association. JOHNSON, LUCIAN M,.. _ Dawson, Ga, Architectural Engineering, Engineering Association, Y.M.C.A., Student N.A.A.CP., Mu . i Nu Club, JOHNSTON, ERNEST L„ JR.... - Hoanokr Rapids English, Register Stall, Y.M.C.A. JOHNSTON, RAYMOND . Greensboro Electrical Engiuei-ring. American Institute of Electrical Engineers. JONES, ELLIS _ - Smithficld Biology, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. JONES, FRED, JR. Kinston Business .Administration. Onu ' ga Psi Phi Fraternit -, Student Council, Class President, Y,M,C.A., Dormitorv Council, Dramatic Club, Class JONES. CAKNSEV M. Roanoke Rapids Busint ' ss Administration. Veteran ' s Association, Phi Beta Sigma Fratemit -. JONES. JAMES R Mount . ir,v Chemistn-. Alpha Phi .-Upha Fraternity, American Chemical Soeiet . Y.M.C.A., Student Government, Pan Helenic Council. JONES. JOSEPH. JR _ Warrenton Refrigeration and . ir Conditioning. Technical Institute Club. Y.. I.C.- . JORDON. RICHARD CLY ._ -- .Greensboro Social Studies. National Ceorgrapliic Societ -. Band. Y.M.C..- . JOYNER. HENRY, JR - Greenville English. Weslev Foundation, Fortnightly Club, A.F.R.O.T.C. Veteran ' s Association. Year Book Staff, Traffic Safety Club, N.E.A. KELLEY, NATHANIEL CLYDE Moven Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Association. Alpha Phi Omega Fratemit . Westminister Foundation. KENNEDY, JAMES D.. JR._- - — Black Mountain Electrical Wiring. KING, TLLIAM DRED _ _ Kinston Music. M.E.N.C, Band. KLECKLEY, LAFR. NCE JOVCE - - Orlando. Fla. Sociolog -. Band. Florida Club, Y. " .C.. ., Geographical Club, Usher Board. KNIGHT, WILLIA.M LE ' ON. — - Tarboro Auto Mechanics. Auto Mechanic ' s Club. LANGLEY, ELMA Greenville Home Economics. Home Eckers Club, C.G.L.P. Club. LAWRENCE. ERNESTINE - Enfield Social Studies, Geographical Society, Y.W.C.A,, Student Counselor, N.E.. . LAWRENCE, ROOSEVELT - Chadbourn Agricultiual Education. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, N.F.. .. Association. Coastal Collegiate Club. LAWRENCE, ' ICTOR Winston-Salem . uto Mechanics. . uto Mechanic ' s Club. LEDBETTER. GILBERT A _ Hamlet Plnsical Education. Ph 5ical Education Majors Club. Y.M.C.. .. Geo- graphical Society-. LESTER. A TE _ „ Woodsdale Auto Mechanics. Auto Mechanic ' s Club. LEWIS, JAMES REGIN, LD - Greenville Mechanical Engineering. Band. Engineering Association. Dramatics Club. A.F.R.O.T.C. Y.M.C.A.. C.G.L.P. LITTLE. THEODORE R.. JR Wilmington. Del. Biolog -. American Chemical Society, Y.NLC.A., Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. LITTLEJOHN, BETTY ' A Shelb Nursing. Gamma Sigma Sigma, Teloca. LONG, SIMM _ Greensboro Social Studies. Alpha Phi Alpha Fratemitj-. N.E.A.. Geographical Societ -, Mu Xi Nu Societ ' . LUTHER. CHARLES A Asheboro Electrical Engineering. Baseball, Arnold . r Society, American Institute of Electrical Engineering. mmmLmim tS . P r m A£i Se nior ilM LUTHER. ISAAC E _ _ ..._ _ __ __ Greensboro Business Administration. N.A.A.C.P., Y.M.C.A., Veteran ' s Association. MeADOO, EDWARD LEE __ Greensboro Social Science. Geograpbic Society, Student N.E.A. McAllister, claude ..._ _ Dunn Plnsical Education. Plii Beta Sigma Fraternitv. Plivsical Education Maiors Ckib, Y.M.C.A. ■ ' McCARDER. JOHNNIE Maysvillc Electrical Engineering. Y.M.C.A.. Jones County Club, Veteran ' s Association, .A.I.E.E. Association. M(.CORKLE. WILLIAM ABNER _ Kannapolis Business Administration. .McCRAE. DANIEL MORGAN _ __ Rowland .Mechanical Engineering. Engineering Association, Sunday School, Y.M.C.A. .McDonald, JOIIN olden Rockingham Biology. Alpha Kappa Mu Honorary Society Beta Kappa Cbi Scientific Society. American Chemical Society, Alpha Plii Alpha Fraternity Y.M.C.A., Student Judiciar - Staff. Register ' s Staff. National Science Fonud.ition Fel- lowship. Yearbook Staff. McDUFFIES. ROBERT Chadbourn . uto Mechanics. McGUIRE, WILLIAM Fayettevilh.. Radio and Television. McLALGIlLIN, GEORGE C. Newark, N. J. Mechanical Engineering. Engineering Association, Y.M.C.A.. Band. McLAURIN. WESLEY .____ Fayetteville Radio and Television Repair. McLENDON. JAMES W Hamlet Mechanical Engineering. McNEIL, GASTON LEON... _ Red Springs Business .Administration. Business Association, Y ' earbook Staff. McNEIL. JOHNNIE EDWARD Southern Pines .Xrchitcctural Engineering. Engineering .■Association, Y.M.C.A. MACON. BA. TER J., jR Charlotte Sociology, ' . Cooper Hall .Advisory Council. Westminister Foundation, Y ' ear- book Staff. .MANNING, GEORGE R. Orange. N. J. Business Administration. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Y.M.C.. . Student Photographer, Yearbook Staff, Dramatic Chib. .MARLOW, JETIIRO... Ocean Drive. S. C. Biology. Y.M.C.A. MAHHOW, GEORGE Henderson MARTIN. FLORA ANN Sharon, Pa. Sociology. Sigma Rho Sigma, Dramatic Club, ■ ngel Flight, Yearbook Staff. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Simday Sthool. Usher Board, MARTIN, HATTIE MARIE Delray Beach, Fla. Nursing. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Pan Hellenic Council, Disciplinary Cnnnuittee Tcloea, Florida Club. MASON, LUCRESIA J Jonesvillc Business Education. N.E,. . Class MAYO, WILLIE, JR. - - - Hillsboro Agricultural Engineering. ' eteran ' s Association, . gricnltiiral Association. MELTON, YN ' ONNE Alioskio Elementary Education. Y.W.C.A., Angel Flight. MELVIN, EDWARD S., JR. - Hemingway Industrial Arts, Industrial Arts Association, ' eteran ' s Association, Choir. MILLARD, CARRIE FRANCES Fremont Social Studies. Y.W.C.A., W.A.A., Geographic Society. MILLER, CATHERINE .- High Point Business Education. Baptist Student Training Union, Senior Monitor, Pen- der and Duplin Covmties Club, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. MINNICKS, MATTHEW — - .Strong Creek Mechanical Engineering. Officer ' s Club, Engineering Association, Scabbard and Blade. MITCHELL, ALVIS - - Greensboro Engineering Mathematics. MITCHENER. JOSEPH Clayton Biological Sciences. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Dramatic Club, Officer ' s Club, Y.M.C.A.. Scabbard and Blade. MOCK, BENNY ' F .— --. High Point Industrial Arts Education. Historian for Industrial Arts . ssociation. MOORE, BILLY L - Winston-Salem Business Administration. Register Staff. MOORE, EUGENE A _ Greensboro Brick Masonry. MOORE, JOHN STEPHEN _ Grifton Electronics. C.G.L.P., Technical Institute Club. MOORE, SHEPARD S Clarkton Auto Mechanics. Technical Institute Club, Auto Mechanic ' s Club. MORGAN, HAZEL C - Rocky Mount Nursing. Teloc-a. MORRIS. JOHN HENRY , Charlotte Mechanical Engineering. MORRISON, JERRY W ' lLLARD -- New Hill Auto Mechanics, Auio Mechanic ' s Clul). MORROW, ALEXANDER L Fayettevillc Social Science. Y ' .M.C.A., N.E.A., Geographic Society, Drill Team. MORROW, MARY LOUISE _ Mebane Niusing. Teloca. National Student Nurses Association. MOSELY, THOMAS _ Columbus, Ga. Architectural Engineering. Veteran ' s Association, Engineering Association. MOULTRIE, SAMUEL Georgetown, S. C, Machine Shop. Technical Institute Club, ' cteran ' s Club. MULLEN, PERCY Elizabeth City Engineering. Se nior MURPHY. EDWARD... Charlotte .Ai ritultural Engineering. Y.M.C.A., Scabbard and Blade. Officer ' s Club, Ciiarlotte Club. ML ' RPHY, GEORGE E - _ _ Maysville Machine Shop. X ' cteran ' s Association. . EAL, DORIS ELIZABETH Greensboro English. Choir. French Club. Fortnighth- Club. NORRIS, FRANK J. _ _ - Greenville Music. Phi Beta Sigma Fratemit -, College Bands, M.E.N.C, C.G.L.P. DATES, CLARA F Faison Nursing. Delta Sigma Theta Sororit -. Teloca. State and National Student Nurses Association. Sunday School Choir. OWENS. BERTHA L Mt. Ohve N irsing. Teloca, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, National and State Student Nurses Association, Veteran ' s .Association. Uslierboard. Pan Hellenic Council, Y.W.C.A. PARKER, EUGENE Oak City Biological Science. Baptist Student Union, Y.M.C.A., 4-H Club. PEETS. RUDOLPH Sanford Engineering .Mathematics. Veteran ' s Association, Engineering Association, Y.M.C.A.. Mathematics Club, Florida Club. PENNIX, MARGARET H Greensboro Elementary Education. International Relations Club, Geographic Society. PERRY. RALPH CARNELL _ Durham Business .Administration. Dramatic Club, F.T.A., Geographic Societ ' . PIPKIN. JOHN WILLIE Pembroke Machine Shop. Technical Institute Club. PITT. EDWARD W Kinston Soeiolog . Editor. 1960 Y ' earbook; Sports Editor, Dramatics Club. ITTT. ROOSEVELT Pinetops Music. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Veteran ' s Association, M.E.N.C, Band. PORTER. JOSEPHINE Charlotte Nursing. Teloca. State and National Student Nurses Organization. POWELL, CASWELL Scotland Neck E U ' ctricai Engineering. A. I.E., Veteran ' s Association. POWELL, -MINNIE ' ...Scotland Neck .Apiilied Sociolog -. .Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororitv, Sigma Rho Sigma Honor Society. Y.W C.A. POWERS. JAMES CLARENCE ._ Williard Electrical Engineering. Y ' .M.C.A.. Baptist Student l niou. Wesle ' Fouu dation, .A.I.E.E. PRICE. THO.MAS Industrial Arts. ._ Charlotte PL ' RNELL. SPOONER A Enfield Mechanical Engiuieriug. Y ' .M.C.A.. Engineering Association. Societ -. .Amateur Radio RAGLAND, JAMES THURMOND Business .Aduiiuistration. Newman Club. IIend(. ' rson RANKIN, R I ' SSELL Greensboro Avito Mechanics. Class REANES. CURTIS FELTON Chadbourn Business Adniinistration. Arnold .Air Society, Debating Team, Guided Mis- sile Staff, Y..M.C.A., Geographical Societ -, Dormitory- Council, Coastal Collegiate Club, Yearbook Staiff. BASS, JAMES Engineering Physics. REID, LEWIS -ReidsviUf -_Kannapolis Radio and Television. ' eteran ' s Club. RICH.ARDSO.N. HER.MA.N .Greensboro Cabinet Making. Technical Institute Club. RICH.ARDSOX, HINTSON Indian Trail Electrical Engineering. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, A.I.E.E. ROBERTS, LEON ISAAC Edenton Biological Science. Pershing Rifles, National Scabbard and Blade, Cadet Officers ' Club. ROBERTS. ROBERT F Biology. Y.. I.C.A. ROBBINS. RONALD CADDY . uto Mechanics. Auto Mechanic ' s Club. ROGERS, ANN ELIZABETH English. ROGERS, VICTOR Electric Wiring. ROLAND, JOSEPH E.ARL Spindale „-Alioskje ..Greensboro ..Mcbai Industrial . rts. Industriid . rts . ssociation. ROLLINGSON, JAMES, JR -Brookhn. N. Y ' . -.Wilmington Auto Mechanics. Auto Mechanics Club, Technical Institute Club. ROUNTREE, .MARVIN _ Elm City Agricultural Education. N.F.. ., Y ' .M.C.. ., .Agricultural .Association. ROUSE, FANNIE M.AXINE . _.. StoneviUe Nurser ' School Education. Home Ecker ' s Club. ROZIER, ALBERT, JR Apopka, Fla. Electrical Engineering. Mu Xi Nu, Veteran ' s Association, Florida Club, A.I.E.E., Editor— The Register. RUSHING, WILLIE HUGH Monroe Social Studies. .Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Y.M.C.A., Sunday School. SAMUELS, BARBARA Augusta, Ga. Sociology. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Ayantee Staff, Choir, Cheering Squad, Sliss Sophomore ' 57- ' 58. SAMUELS, CHARLES Buriington Social Studies. SCALES, GLORIA Greensboro Elementary Education. Dramatic Club, Fellowship Council. SCOTT, MARY . Shclb Business Education. SCOTT, MINNIE L Fuquay Springs Institutional Management. Home Ecker ' s Club. O ( Mi i MTMMk hl kdik diMdtk Senior SEYMOUR. GWENDOLYN J High Point Nursing. TclDca. W.A.A., National Student Nurses Association, Nurses ' Clioir. SI I ARP, PAUL A Hickory .Arihitectnral Engineering. Y ' .M.C.A.. Engineering Association. SHAW, DOROTHY. . Kingston, Jamaica, B.W.I. Home Economics Education. SIIERARD, CLARICE Goldsboro English. Y.W.C.. ., Fortniglitly Club, Junior-Senior Counselor, English Club. SHERROD. JASPER, JR Villi;un.ston Business . dnnnistration. Veteran ' s Association, Scott Hall Senate, Y ' .M.C.A. SIMMONS, CORDIA Autry ille Eine Arts. Art Circle, Geograpliic Society, Y ' .W.C.A. SIMMS, SARAH Winston-Salem Biology. Y.W.C.A.. Dramatic Club, Yearbook Staff. SL.ADE. JAMES . Rocky Mount Phxsical Education. Ph sical Education Major ' s Club, Domiitorv Council, Y.M.C.A., Track Team, A.R.O.T.C. Drill Team. SMALLS, LORETTA Georgetown, S. G. Englisli. Delta Sigma Tlieta Sororit -, Y.W.C.A., W.A.A.. French Club, Fortnightly Club. S.MIIH, G, RRE A .MILDRED Greensboro Nursery School Education. Home Eckers Club. SMITH, ETHEL Nakina Secretarial Science. Sunday School. SMITH, GRANNILLE Rose Hill Shoe Repairing. Teclmical Institute Club. HAHlilS. WALTER Avden Fine . rts. SMITH, LAWRENCE ROOSEVELT Colerian Biological Science. Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity, Y.M.C.A., Baptist Students I ' nion. SMITH. MOLTON. JR. _ Morganton Business .Administration. Scabbard and Blade Society, Officer ' s Club, Ad- v.uiced R.O.T.C. SMITH. NAOMI C Rocky Point .Nursing. Teloca and National Student Nursing Association, W.. .. ., " . ' .C.A., Usher Board, Nurses Clioir, Sunda ' Scliool Choir. Sunda ' Scliool, Baptist Student Union. SMITH, RICHARD Miami, Fla. Business .-Vdiuinistration. Geographic Societ ' , College Choir, Male Choir. Y.M.G.A., Concert Choir, Florida Club. SMITH, ROSCOE WluUNillc .Auto Mcclianics. . ' ulo Mcchiuuc ' s Club. Tcthnical Institute Cluii SMITH, WILLIAM E Godwin Social Science, N.A.A.C.P., Register, Geographic Socii ' t , Drill Team. SMITH, WILLIE Smitlili.lil Fini ' .Arts. SNIPS. FANNIE A Shelby Mdiiir Economics Education. Home Economics Club, .Agricultural Clul). Class bXIPES, JAMES L Roxboro Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Association, Y.M.C.A. STE E. " S, CH. RLIE S.. JR Greensboro Social Science. Mixed Chorus, Male Chorus. STEW ART. HAR " EV E Richmond, a. Physical Education. Football Team, Physical Education Majors Club, Dance Group. STEWART, MLLIA. I Greensboro Sociolog . . lpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Sigma Rho Sigma Honorar Society. STILL, SAMUEL CLAY Greensboro Social Studies, . udio ' isual .Aids. Dramatics. National Geographic Society. Register Staff. STOKES. ARCHIE W Graham Machine Shop. .V.I.A. Technical Institute, Veteran ' s Club. STRONG. HENRY T Hookerton . uto .Mechanics. . uto Mechanic ' s Club. STROID. WILLIE JE.W Durham Secretarial Science. Cheerleader, W.A.A. STIRDI " ANT, LA S. LLE Badii, Auto Mechanics. Auto Mechanic ' s Club, Safety Societ ' . SIMLIN. THO.MAS Washington. D. C. Ph sical Education. Letterman ' s Club, Football Team, Physical Education Majors Club. SUMPTER, LEG.VND White%ille . gronomy. Y.M.C.. . SWANN, PAUL R Washington, D. C. Physical Education. Football Team. Baseball Team. Letterman ' s Club- Danc-e Group, Phvsical Education Majors Club. T. NNER, JAMES LEON Greensboro Electronics. Technical Institute Club. TATE. GEORGE. JR Chapel Hill Industrial . rts. T- YLOR. JOSEPH Ehzabeth City Industrial . rts. . Mount . ir " ..Manson TAYLOR, LUCY Clothing. T. YLOR, R. .NDOLPH Industrial . rts. Industrial - rts .Association, . lpha Phi Omega Fraternity, THOMAS, FELTON A Mooresxille Biological Science. Westminister Foundation, Sigma Rho Sigma. Geographi- cal Society, Track Team, Officers Club. - moId - ir Society. Cadet News- paper. THOMPSON. SHELBY JEAN Tailoring. Technical Institute Club. TILLERY. CATHERINE L History. .Angel Flight. TATTEN, SPENCER Brick Masonr -. -Goldston Tiller;. — Peham r -- Senior ' r f f TOOTLE, WILLIAM D _ _ Seotlund Neck Electrical Engineering. Engineering Association, Y.M.C.A., Advanced Air Force R.O.T.C., American InsHtute o{ Electrical Engineering, Amateur Radio Society, Baptist Student LTnion, Senior Class. TUCKER, JAMES M Masonry-. Technical Institute. rVSON, CHARLES EDWARD.. Suci:il Studies. VINES, CHARLES K .„ Business Administration. C.G.L.P. .Pleasant Hill - Asheboro - Farm ille ' MU: . ETHEL H _ „ Slieads Ferry History. Y.M.C.A., Geographic Society. WARD, JAMES HUBERT Lamidale Plnsiciil Education. R.O.T.C., Scabbard and Blade, Physical Education Majors Club, Officers ' Club. ARUL. V, JOHNNY Asheville Physical Education. Lcttcnuan Club, Plnsical Education Majors Club, Y.M.C.A., Football. WARREN, LEON ... Warsaw Physical Education. Letterman Club, Physical Education Majors Club, Var- sity Football. WARWICK, ROBERT ELLIOTT Selma Biological Science. Scabbard and Blade, Y.M.C.A., R.O.T.C. Officers ' Club, ' arsit ' Baseball Team, Basketball Team. WATERMAN, LEWIS _ Greensboro Auto Mechanics. WATERS, GEORGE A _ Dudley Biological Science. Omega Psi Phi Fratemitv, Scabbard and Blade Society, A.F.R.O.T.C., Officers ' Club. Y.M.C.A., Usher Board, Dramatics, Register ' s Staff. WEAVER, JOSEPH P Faimiount Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Association, Y.M.C.A. WIHTAKER, MARTHA ...„ Raleigh English. Fortnightly Club. W.A.A., Sunday School, Y.W.C.A. W 1 IITE, JAMES _._ Garrx viUe, La. .Applied Sociology. WHITE, MAE CATHERINE. Aslieville Biological Science. WHITES, RUFUS W. „ Greensboro Biology. WILEY, JO-ANN „ _ Elon College I ' rciich. Ahuiiancc County Organization, French Club. WILKINS, RUDOLPH Landrum Mathine Sliop. cteran ' s Club, Technical Institute Club. Y.M.C.A. W ILLIAMS, ESTER _ Wilson Nursery School Education. Dramatic Club, Ooographical Societ ' . Charm and Cultiu ' e Chib, Home Ecker ' s Club. W ILLIA.MS, NORA V . _. Shawboro French. Delta Sigma Thcta Sorority, Choir, N.E.A.. French Choir. Class -High Point W ILLIAMS, ALTER L EleLtnciil Engint ' ering. American Instihite of Electrical Engineering. WILLOLGHBY. SADIE LOUISE Greenville Business Education. VA ' .C.. ., Modem Dance Group, W.A.A. WILSOX. ISAIAH Raleigh Mechanical Engineering. College Choir, Engineering Association. WITHERS. .MARY HILDEG. RDE Pine Ha!I Sociolog ' . ' .. .. .. Sunday School, Geographical Societ ' , Y.W.C.A. WITHERSPOON, ROGER L Lenoir . pplied Sociologj-. Phi Beta Signia Fratemit ' . Pan Hellenic Council. Donn- itor - Council, Y ' .M.CA. WOOLEY, M. PERXIE. Biology. Mu Xi Xu, Register Staff, Y.M.C.A. WOOTEX. OSCAR ]AMES . . Baltimore -Clarkton Biological Science- Usher Board, Register Staff. WORTHEY. RICHARD E Greensboro Electrical Engineering. American Institute of Electrical Engineering. WRIGHT, ROSA LEIGHT Greensboro Xursery School Education. Majorette. Y.AXCEY, JULIUS_ Virgiha Auto Mechanics. Auto Mechanic ' s Club, Technical Institute Club. ZACHARY. GEXE Hertford .Agronomy. 1 1 o (f DALTON, TROY . LEX, JR Business Adnunistration. COCKERHAM, LOXME L.. JR. Business Adnunistration. HILL. VILLL M G Electrical Engineering. EVERETT. WALLACE. JR. _ Electrical Engineering. . Madison -Winston-Salem Mavsville _ Charlotte 9f :6 L S ,c»c6A, 6 Snowman had all of the dates in March. No niori ' of tliis. r.i- r - . p„ n n tttt t t w .162 Remember those bull ses- sions on the Dining Hall steps. C BOA We were prett ' smart, weren ' t we? 163 1 To the Ann ' for Some of us, teachers. 164 boiiie housewives But the " ole " " ans ' ll be back ! We ' ll become engineers ! 165 " Miss A. T. " . . . Hostess to C.I.A.A. Tournainent. Dr. Morris Tynes, Religious Emphasis Week speaker, with familv Ji ' • .mm.i ' ' ' ' .- k I S - S nibol of ictor ' and achievement. . , ,.«»- » S l »m aAe:6 eA »Ax£ 167 Seniors Not Photographed BICELOW. CHAHLIE H- Mac-hint- Shop. .Viincey ' ill GLEEN. CORNELIUS IiKlii,stri;iI Arts EdiKation. - Winston-Salcm BROWNE, CALVIN E. Applit ' d Sotiology. Thdniasx illr COINS. JAMES. Biology, . Grt ' fnsboro CHALMERS, MARVIN Piivsical Education. Pittsboro BOLDSTON, DORETHA J. French. . Greensboro CAIN, MOSES D. . liioloj icid Science Raleigh COODEN. LEON _ Air Conditioninj and Hi-frigerati(in. - Greenville CHESTNUTT. JAMES R. Sociology. ..Clinton GRADV. LEWIS E., JR. Physical Education. ..Castle Havne COPELAND, VERNON.. Biology. . Portsmouth, Va. GREENE, SPURGEON Sheet Metal. -Badin COVIEL, ALBERT R. Mechanical Engineering. Belhaven HAR EV, DAVID Social Studies. -Aiken, S. C. DANIEL, HERMAN _. Industrial Arts Edueatin . Hampton, Va. HAM ' KINS, V ' ONNE.. Sociology. . Louisburg DANIELS, ERVIN Industrial Arts Education. Longwood HALYARD, SCOTT M.. Chcniistr ' . Ehrbardt. S. C. DEHOSE, CHARLES S Greensboro HARRIS. HELEN J... Ph sical Education. Business Education. . Ro.xboro GEORGE, CHARLES R. History. Faison HARRIS. WALTER S.. l ' inc Arts. Ayden FULLER, MONROE J. Pinsics. Greensboro HAWKINS, LINWOOD E. _...Wa.shington Industrial Arts Education. 168 BnHHBHD Seniors Not Photographed HENRY. , BTNEL SAMUEL.. . gronom ' . .Jamaica, B.W.I. P, TTER . WESSEL GEORGE. Agricultural Education. . Jamaica. B. ' .I. HOLLEY. CLARENCE Architectural Engineering. . Fayetteville P. TTERSON. JEROME. Pliysical Education. . Kinston HOLMES. WILLIE M. Mathematics. Concord REID. OECORRIS L. Biology. . Selma HOWELL. JOE -. Physical Education. Philadelphia, Pa. SAMUEL. ROY L. ... Applied Sociology. .... Aberdeen HUMPHREY, WELDON EUGENE . Electrical Engineering. Jacksonville SIMMONS, REGINALD LEVI Chemistr}-. . Ahoskie JACOBS. WILLIE S Mechanical Engineering. Watha SMITH, RICHARD R. Auto Mechanic. -Tillery LASH. JAMES E. . - Mechanical Engineering. --Winston-Salem TONEY. DARMON M.. JR. Chemistry. - Greensboro LINNIN, JOEL N . Business Administration. . Burlington W. LKER. HOWARD S... Agricultural Education. Providence LLOYD. RUFUS D. Social Studies. Council WILLIAMSON. JOSEPH R. Auto Mechanics. ..Yancevville LONG, HARVEY E Electrical Engineering. . Landis WILSON. ROBERT E Mechanical Engineering. . Gastonia LITTLE, MARSHALL PRESTON.. Business Administration. Charlotte WILLOUGHBY. MADESSA LEE.. Institutional Management. Rockv Mount MULDROW, ACKNEIL MACK. JR Biology. . W ' inston-Salem WINDLE.X. MOSES . gricultural Education. . Conwav, S. C. ORMOND. JESSE. Shoe Repairing. ..Winfall 169 John Cooper presents bill in the House of Hepre- seiitatives. State Student Maivh 17, IS, 111 r,,un,l VI A. i c T. students, two senators, six rcin-eseiitatives jiiid t ' oui ' alternates making use of tlie state capital in Kaleigh, all of tlieii- knowledge of pai ' lianu ' ntary proeedure, law and polities living to get two bills, wliiell tliey felt wfvr very important, ])assed through b:itli houses of State Student Legislature. The Hills: (1) a bill to pro ide tenure for teaehers and princi]ials in Xoi ' tli Carolina and C2) a bill for the desegregation of eating facilities in I ' ublir establishments. Both bills presented b - the A. iV ' T. delegation passed in both houses of the mock legislature. These hills piesented by A. T. Were two of the thirteen to go before the legislaturi ' , which was composed of students representing twenty three college ' s in the state of North Carolina. But on the final day awards were (o be ]iresented, the A. : T. delegation proudly walked away with two of the four given out. The a ar l residted from the second bill gaining high jH ' aise and favoi- in the Senate and the House; enough to be ' ot ' d bi ' sl bill t i come befoi ' e both houses. Friincis Robinson, Albert Kozier. and Richard Punter do a bit of lobbxing with representatives from Appalachian State Teachers College. 170 i u , F if Si k 1 ' ■ ' ' UA ' f .i, jM P IL ' ' - if ..u.ih BW • - ' ■ ■ffilUfill B ■ ■ ' ] 1. B . 1 t ' - ' n % V w rai Legislature Senator Wilhelniina Harrison pre- sents a bill on Tenure in the Senate Part of the A. and T. College Dele- gation pause for a picture on the capital steps. Lyman Ferrell, President of the Senate, yields the floor to Senator Barry West of East Caro- lina College. n 171 INDEX -A - Administrative Officials _ 24, 25, 26 Aj riculture Assot-iation „ _ ____124 Agriculture, School of- _ _ .30. 31 Air Force Drill Team 65 Air Police __ ___ 67 Alpha Kappa Alpha, Miss 108 Alpha Kappa Alpha. Sorority _ 79 Alpha Kappa Mu _ ._ 90 Alpha Phi Alpha, Fraternity _ ___. 78 Alplia Phi Alpha, Miss _ _ __ 108 Alpha Phi Omega _ 77 Alpha Phi Omega, Miss ._„_ 107 .American Chemical Society .„. 124 Army Drill Team 61 Army Rifle Team _ 61 A. T., Miss _. 103, 113 Auto Mechanic Club..... __ _ 126 Ayantee Staff _ 116, 117 - B - Band, Concert _ _ 55 Band, Marcliing __ 54 Baptist Student Union _ 95 Baseball .._ _ 132, 133 Basketball Preview 80-85 Basketball Team 83 Beta Kappa Chi _ 91 Business Association. 123 - C - Charm and Culture Club .._ 121 Charm and Cultiue, Miss 104 Cheerleaders 53 Choirs 98, 99 Coaching Staff, Football 44 Co-Ed, Miss 105 Cooper Hall Advisory- Council 42 - D - Delta Sigma Theta 73 Ill Dramatics 86, 87 - E - Education and Cieneral Studies, School of 32, 33 Engineering Association 122 Engineering, School of 34, 35 . 46-52 Football .... I ' oreign Students Association _ 121 Fortnightly Club 127 Freshman Class _ _ 22 Freshmen Class Officers _ _ 137 Fresiuuan, Miss ., 107 Fresiimen Week Activities _ „ 23 Gamma Sigma Sigma, Miss . Ganmia Sigma Sigma, Sor, ... Ceograpiiie Society G - .109 .. 76 .127 H Higli School Senior Day „ .51 Homecoming 50 Home Eckers Club _ 124 Home Economics, Miss _ _ 104 liimors Day Observance _ _ 97 Industrial Arts Association . Intramurals I 123 130, 131 172 Joint Corps Staff Junior Class, Miss. Junior Class Officers . . 58 106 139 Kappa Alpha Psi, Miss... Kappa Alpha Psi, Frat. Kappa Phi Kappa .112 - 71 .126 - L - Lyceum .Mtractions . _ ...100, 101 Mathematics Club Memorable Occasions . - M - - 123 — - - 92, 93 Military Police... _ 61 Model Aircraft Club _ 65 Music Educators National Society. _ 56 Mu Xi Nil _ 56 - N - Newman Club _ 95 Nursing, School of _ 36, 37 - O - Omega Psi Phi, Frat 72 Omega Psi Phi, Miss Ill Outstanding Seniors 142 - P - Pan Hellenic Council „ J 70 Phi Beta Sigma, Frat _ _ 75 Phi Beta Sigma, Miss „. ...110 Physical Education Majors Club _ 53 Pliysics, American Institute of 122 Pledge Clubs. _ _ _ 125 President ' s Message ._ 141 - Q - Queens „ 102-112 - R - Register Staff „ 118, 119 Religious Organizations _ 94, 95, 96 R.O.T.C ._ _.. 57-69 - S - Scabbard and Blade. _ 62 Scott Hall Senate.- _ _ _ 42 Seniors _.... 144-161 Senior Class, Miss _ 106 Senior Class Officers „ _ 143 Signia Rho Sigma 91 Sophomore Class Officers _ 138 Sophomore Class, Miss 107 Student Council _ 40, 41 Student Judiciary Committee 41 Student N.E.A. _ 127 Sunday School _ _ 94 - T - Technical Institute 38, 39 Teloca Club 120 Teloca, Miss _ 105 The Tliinkcr..._ _ 88 Track _ 134, 135 Usher Board . U 94 - V - X ' eteran ' s Association ._ .121 Veteran, Miss _ _ 112 - W - V Wesley Foundation 95 Westminster Foundation 96 Who ' s Who _ 89 Woman ' s Athletic Association .. 53 Women Student Counselors .._ 43 Y.M.C.A Zeta Phi Beta, Miss Zeta Phi Beta, Sor. . - Y - 96 .110 .. 74 Autographs Autographs

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