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Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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" - iV " ' -i-ii ' ' ' ' .riifti ii -r; ii ' - ■■ts z ' m - ■V, ■•T? f " PW i P » HimininiM ' lrM .V.ri ' y LIBRARV . ' . y. Archives f ' D. Bldfofd Library N. C, A T SiaU University Greensboro, N. C, 27411 r :vi ■if , ir " ' »y. •?■•■» " -?« II IPBM i presents the (A AYANT Miltim L. Miiitin Editoi ' ■ » » i K ' Foreword Time and circumstance, crisis and decision, failure and success, war and peace, cowardice and courage — these are the moldings of our lives. We wonder where and when each will be born into existence, but we cannot know these things so far beyond our limiting con- ceptions. To reminisce and re- call the memories of past joys and sorrows ore what make life a thing of realizing what perhaps lies in future undertakings. The cream of our college days is yet to be skimmed by the un- seen fates that awoit us some- where in the future. We know not how we shall be judged, but we have thrust forth our purest hand. As we finger the following pages, we see the moving forces that have made for a certain exactness in the pattern of our college lives — bittersweet happi- nesses of doss work, overwhelmed joy at the winning of a CIAA football championship, light and frivolous gaiety bn an icy, snow- filled playground or just a casual « chit-chat in the college canteen. These little things, omong countless others, ore what we remember most from our college years. •. . M S ' - " ' ' . • »« - ' T - [T- »• " i . T Hiillaiul Hall. Iidiiif iif till- iMirldV finest, freshmen women At Nursing sludeiits — (in llicir way to mcetin " s ?:.•: .■ ? " ,•? " • r ■ » ■-» ' ' ■■ ff ' " I- ' -is " ssr " IP Tliiiiisands (if viiluincs and ' « I I ' rill Jill. uldri ' t fill. I llial I k!!! A and T. . . Posing on the stairway of Cooper Hall ' Punch Time " " at Morrison Hal ss Pre»i.lriil ,,l III,. Slu.lrnl Cnuncil. Kiluaid N,- l,il|; " Miss A. T.. " Felicia Bla, k ■ 7V..ALi: I ' ' BI» •y •. ' •• ? ?f Our President. Dr. armoth T. Gibbs ' » ■ -• CONTENTS MM. I 4 Foreword 12 Dedication 15 Board of Trustees 16 Our President 18 School of Education and General Studies 20 School of Engineering 21 School of Agriculture 24 School of Nursing 26 Technical Institute 80 Dean of Men 31 Dean of Women 33 Fall 42 Foothall Roundup 52 Winter 68 Miss A T and Queens 78 Army and Air Force ROTC 90 Basketball Preview 94 Spring 96 Administrative Officials 98 Class of 1959 150 Organizations 164 Conclusion 168 Senior Directory ■Mi •Trmmr Dedicatioi MRS. CAHKYF. V. 1111,1, KKM.V A 4 i ti i ■ ' ! % ♦ •r -.?■» ' » i Mother Dcmi liter Sister ' 3P ' T-i - i A greater devolioii to all the p|piiients pertinent to a wliolesoni e iollei;e lile eon Id not lie exempli- fied more than that shown liy Mrs. Carrye V. Hill Kelh (Inrni hei- 25 years of serviee to the Ai;ri- riillmal and Teihniial College of North Carolina. She has seen the innnense growth of A. and T. in these years, wliih ' she herseli has made many of the ronli iliiilion that have made for outstand- ing recognition ol the rollege. as well as herself. Besides haying lieen the author of a texthook and several articles, Mrs. Kelly is now writing the history of A. and T. ( " ollege. To a IruK dvnamic figure in our college family, we proudly dedicate this, our nineteen hundred and fifty-nine AvxNriu: to Mrs. Carrye V. Hill Kelly, of the dcparliiu nt ol English. There is alv a s llii- cunstant (leiiiaiul uf classwurk ' I X l Alma Mater Dear A. and T., Dear A. and T. A monument indeed! Around thy base with grateful hearts Behold thy students kneel. We bless the power that gave thee birth To help us in our need. We ' ll ever strive while here on earth All loyalty to yield. CHORUS With joy, with joy, dear A. and T. Thy students turn from thee. To spread thy trophies year by year From Dare to Cherokee. Dear A. and T., Dear A. and T. The signet thou shaft be, Set by our great commonwealth Proud boaster of the free. She ' d have the record of her worth On granite not inscribed, Nay, let the children of her birth Proclaim it by their lives. Dear A. and T., Dear A. and T. Henceforth our aim shall be. By percepts wise and deeds more sure To bless the State th rough thee. The Arts of industry to wield Against an idle foe, A harvest rich from ripened fields Of what thy students sow. 14 r .•?■■•« ? »■ ■ ij» ?Sf IP Bocinl of Trustees Members from left to right are: E. E. Waddell. E. R. Merrick. George Soc kwell. Joseph M. Hunt. Dr. Warmoth T. Gibbs. President; Robert H. Fraizer. Chairman of Rnarfl: E. R. fbxlgin. ' . R. icker. Dr. Murra Davis. James A. Clraham and (I.rirx . Scott. i a5S ADMINISTRATION EENSBOBO, TO TIE CliS3 OF 1 ' 5« limes " f ereHr n. 8 tir-e. ■■ ' ' ' ' " •■■ , „!„►. at r- ' „; „„ in .M " ' ■; ' ' " iMUly C-r " •«■- _..nt atoch or trsn " , unlquo respj " . ,„ in n winner ,t,lp »n ' " r " ,rappreel.l. and ulU " ,,i„, .nJ " " ' " „„ , „„=b " ■» ' " ' m, ror ran, " ■ " " " ' ° „ .nd » " " ' ' " . " .n ,h. " ,r« r;- " ' " ' " ■ " ' i;i " ' . " °» " ' ' " " r-iis -f,.i... rn ' " » -...;,;; ;■™,r. ' c " iv u " ;« " l„r.,;r; ' c.--w.;n.J a.ta ' inr " ™J ,„ totH W " ' ,,lclp«n ' - Miss Virginia Durham Secrelai] , „. I ' rrsiilenI llego a In wM ' ' ' ) ' ■■ -- . ,j,,, j H ' r Te- ' lnf ' ° ,, „ ,„a..d ■. ' l " :: " ' ,n. ' yo " - " 1, ' ' " ! " .« ' " ' " " " " . .-. express -he ' .v,„, vou ulU ti» " Very rruly y° ' J,ii, t r aw- 1 « . weMMtn • f. Behind ever great man there i? al- ways the inspiration of an equally great woman — President and Mrs. arnioth T. Gibbs. Mrs. Lucille Piggott Slenogra iher lo llie I ' residenl Dr. Wakmotii T. Gibus President w Ufleriiii; llie student oiipm Imiities td |)repai ' e for leachiiif; or for -.evciMl distinct voi ' ational and pro- fessional pursuits, the scliool includes courses of study in ccouomics, English, music. |)hysical edu- cation and the social sciences. Dean L. C. D.iudv School of Education and Hoflgiii Hall. Iidiiii ' iif tlif Sriiipiil iif KdiKation and (Jeneral Studies ?..•■? ' • ' •y •?•■»« " Parlez-vous francais? " Mrs. In- W iliiarn- instructs her class in French. ieiieral Stiitlies Sociolog) Dr. Charles C. Haves with his class in Educational Psychology. 19 • " - School of En Dcaii (Jeialcl M. Marleena " iiieeriiig In kee ' piii; ; ii|i uilh llic pace (il llie iiicrPiisini; (l( ' inaii(l (il iii(lii li ' . society, ■. u pr(ii;r( ' s i c cdii- calinji. the M-|i(M)l (il ciiiiineeiiiiti senil lorlli uiirlhv men and vvdinen loi |U(ilessional service. This piof;raiii enaiiles peisons to major in the foUowing courses: Electrical. Mechanical and Arcliitccldral Engineeiing. P ' lifiincei inj; IMiysics, Engineerinf; Mathematics, Business Education, Fine Arts, and Industrial Education. Elect rical Kiisinccrinf!; ••■vi— ' " " 111,11 rn r-« :::::::::::: -6: I I I I ' ■ i ' ' - t .: . ' rr. -?■ »■ . ttn ■i ' l iiisi. ■ •S Kli i iiiBi ' TMw..-. ■I! ■IWI....BH If laiiaian ■n ■■ inn ram _.lllllipii«ii; I MM W! W ' v « (;heii Hall, Ileum- of ihr Schnol of Engineering M ■S KifTRPB? ■ «•: . _«. fl — ■ ■ CARVER HALL it J ■5 - ' Carver Hail, hojiic (if tlie .School of Afrriculture School of Aariciiltiire Dean CJlcnn R Rankin This School offers ]irogranis of slij(l Icailini; to ihi. ' (Irfircc oi itachclor ol Scieiii ' t ' . These courses ol lii(l . iiiihiilirii; atii ' iciiltiiie echicaliiiii. aiiiiiial iiidiistrs. lii(iloi; . ihcrnistr . anil lionic ccoiniinics arc (l sif;nc(l to i;i c riol only sciciililic. Icchiiical. and practical training in the several specialized fields. Iiiit also prox iilc for the de elo|iinent of a liroad educational and ( idtnial liacki;roinid wliicli (its the stinlent lor more varied fields (d endeavor. 22 f -.J ' • -VK u,». POULTRY Dissecting that all i7iipcirtant Cat. Certainly one must learn to distitigui li tlie dif- ferent grades of cotton or wool. 23 I l»l ■ Teliica Clu: KstMlilislifd in 1953, the scIkkiI (iI in .ini; is lesinnr(l lo |iif|iaii ' llir sliidciil lor raiecrs in luiisinf liaseil (in sduiid |irini-iples ol i;eni ' iiil edii- catiiiii witli iiitefiiiilicin ol llicsc aspcrls planni ' il for in till ' I ' lir riniluiii. The sliidi ' iils di eli)|) an inidtMslandiiii; (li |ih sical. |is (li(il(ii;i(al and social aspe ' ts ol iicallh and disease and thcii- ap- |iii( ' ation in llic solijlion id IhmIiIi | i nlilrnis. Mis. alJllli iiii. Di-aii of SiIumiI of Niiisiii! ' School of Niirsini 24 .i» it . -it ' Siltinii. U-fl Id n hl: li-. linn I ' . I, .mi-. .11. lr-. l ..r-.- li,.M,T. Mi |i. il,su,ii,l. li - Vl.iinna lunuii. Mis. Nadiiii Wynii. Miss Helen Brown. Miss Grace Hcidges. Mi ss Naiinii liitiiig. Sl(ini in!i. lejl lo rinkl: Miss .Margaret C. Warren. Miss Carrie J. House, Miss Cathrvn R. Martin. Miss Catherine Alston. r jiroper Student nurses learn early in their training thi care of ])atients. to| Leiiures. lectures, lectures ' V .. ■•■ .,r " A, 25 — tm ' iM T . C. lllllll. I)r:i] Technical Institute The aim of llic Ti ' cliiiical Institute is to liaiii skilled li-aiii ' siiieii and li-clniicians wlm will lake their ]ilac( ' s in iiidiistiv as prodneers and conlr iliiit- inj; citizens. In addilicui in die rnani|)nlati e skills, technical and iclaled j;eneial education courses are stressed Icn- all students in tlie Institute. TECIIMCM, INSTITUTE FACUTLY. I ' lrsl ,on. Irjl l , n,Ji : Mrs. B. II. Smitli. Scrr.-laiN: C. F. M.irrow. shoe re- pairing: Mrs. (;. H. (llicrr . niathernatics: M. B. Il(ill( a . auto mechanics: Natliaii E. Brown. carppntr : J. F. Daw- kins, cabinet making. Si ' cond roir: M. T. Alexanilcr. television: L. F. Wiggins, sheet metal: Isaac Barnett. driver ' s edu- cation: Mrs. H. K. Edwards. English; W. L. Hunter, radio: P. M. Faucetle. machine shop. Thin! row: R. V. Williams, welding: Clxde l)ehugule . shoe repairing and leathercraft: J. T. Norris. auto mechanics; E. 1). Hargroves. Tailoring: Lavis Richards, inasonrx ; Leon Hardy, photograph). Fourlli row: J. S. Jenkins, drawing: S. W. Fester. Jr.. refrigera- tion and air conditioning; G. L. Burge. masonr : M. E. Cousins, auto hndv repair mechanics: F. J. Parks, painting and decorating: S. C. Sniidi. Dean of Te( hincal In liliili ' . Welding Masonr Slioemaking Driver Education Sheet Metal Auto Mechanics Interior Decorating Tailoring Cabinet Making Machine Shop ■ !»• fll 1 II Tetliiiital Institute " Sluitli-iliug Pli(itiigia]jliy Mr Ciiiirlitiiiiiiiig ami liefrigeiation I ' luinliiii} ' RiuVu, aii.l TV Carpt ' tilrA Dry Cleaiiiiie J -f ; ' V.l-i.- Technitcil Institute Electrical Wiring Dean Smith and the Technical Institute Club ■H — ■■iji Dean of Men Phillip BcKine )i-an nf Men, William H. (Tamlile Gi. ' jr;;(. ' W. Huntiui A-sislaiil I lean „i l,-ii. Jiinniic I. Harher Arlliiii lluatkii :i(l Counselors i ■ ' ' g - ■ » ■• Dedii of Women l esi[leiice Counselcu s Miss Margaret L. Corbett Mrs. M rtle Neshitt M] . iiiiir Ivutli Sirnpsuii Mis s E el ii Henderson Mi . Inez Goldsmith Mrs. Annie B. Bxiiuni Mrs. Sarah King Mrs. Mildred Thnnipsctn Dean (if mnen. Miss Geneva Holmes .Assistant Dean of nnen. Mrs Ma is Briniage Is (ill ihe hui ' s of green diul gald and hronn leaves jiain l ie scenery for a Ixjiiral alihnnn dm. one l.nons thai llns is ihe end of sununer .s vacalion. 1 lie joyous reunion of cliissinales and aciiiiiiinlances iijion returning to another year of sehoolieork : the fresh- man neiceoiners, so easily detected liy their display of niifaniiliarity irith ggie life: the spirited boosters of the joothall team . . . these are espeiialh t} pit ill of " Aggieland in the Fall. " 111.- Dm r ..„ Tl„ ' C. 1. . A. ;iiain|,l..ii lii|, -TliaMksf,n iri{; DaN. ITi 32 •y •r..»?:«» r " " f Mil iwipi " " Fall-Student Life WIkiI Is Cnlleiie? CI (jillege is reaflitig. t |iing. stufl . stinK. studv! ii Culletif ' is a fonthall U-ain arnl a i aiHl. is 41 . ,, " i wt ' " ' College is " Hello. Morn. 1 Mm- m some money. ' ( ' ollri i- i (laiH ' iiii; in Coi)|i( ' i ' Hall. Archives F D Bluford Library N. C. A T State University Greensboro, N. C. 27411 College is loss of our bulldog. College is listening to Jazz at the MU XI Nit Sunflay Sessions. willi ' Ui hf ' st sill. TO 30 80 -60 -40 -20 l fer - ' p q l •1 Physical The Modern Dance Group. -Ik ' 7 . r " Tcdill. " iW ' J cil fc) 36 r. •.: •■» •i f. i ' ■• Eriuccition ■ " This kiiri ' hriidini; I ' M ' icisp has grit to go. Students, swiiiimiiig laii " U Iliu-l II .1 iiMi I lie deep water. 37 REaai g g ?l— M-g? I ' -i t Mlf ;i.t su m M g m ri fl » n " " Anotlipr edition gime tci Hf AIdiizii Sli-vcris. Kdiliiiiri-Cliief : Hayiimnd Cruinp, Asso- ciate Editor. 38 Reiiister AlliiMt Kozier. Layout Kdiloi. William Slin ard. News Editor: Spur- geon Cameron, Business Manager. Stclff . . . The " Cream of College News " is the iiiotlo held ever high as its guiding piirieiph ' li the Rcgisler Stafl. L iider the ai)le guidaiiee of its editor, Alonzo Stevens, and its faeiiltv adviser. Mis. l.oreiio Mar- row, it strives to provide coiiiph ' te (■( erage of all phases oi college ai ' ti itv. David Prii . ' . W alt-is. Sharnii Hatilier. I ' .ill Suniniers. George Waters. Maxine Zacharx . David .Singleton. Giinda Mitchner. Iris J. Patri k. Exchange Editor: Samuel Gee: Reporters: Juanila Har grove and Jean Glaise. News Editors: Organizations. Theodore Little; Fashions Barbara Burts; Sports, Edward Pitt. A - T Student Conn ipliiiinnic l!i-|iii--i-iilaliM ' : illirlmirKi Ihinison rrr.i lrnl nl llir Sliidnil ( ' .nun. 11. KduanI Ni-sMll 40 -r TIlis Ijodv of stiuleiits. heaiifd liy an elected pie ideiit. has tlie respoiisiljility of serving as the governing hody in matters pertaining to the toninion interest oi all students. It is made up of student repre- sentatives from eaih class, official spokes- men for their respective groups. The Student (louucil supervises the Stu- dent Aid and Activity Funds and appoints various committees liom the general stu- dent hodv to inipleuient its work. Junior Class Kepresentali es; .Monroe Fullfr ami James Jonc il Freshman Class Representatives: Victoria Mewarl and W allare Wortham Vice-Presirlent and SeTiior Class Re|)rpspnt- ative: Elwurtli Smith 41 .■s F T B II( rn li lluut-ll. Trail ALL r u 11 (I u |) CONFERENCE CHAMPS Dmiiii; ihe ] ' )r,i ' srlidcil car. tilt- ikivv " CIAA C1i;iiii|)-. " I Aiiisielaiul " witnessed a liaiiiier season. Not only were the Aggies undefeated in Conieienee jday, hut they also hroke a ten-year jinx hy winning our Honieconiiiig contest at the expense of the Morgan State Bears and climaxed the season hy clipping the wings of the North Caidlina ( ' .(diege Eagles 20-18. in the " Turkey Day " Classics. Hulldozing. fidlliack Lloyd Oakley and stellar end. liurnie lc( )neeii were cho i-n to the " " (Jolden Eleven " of the con- lerence being put on the (irst and second all-CIAA teams ies])ectively. As a ti ' ihute to a " great " guy, our sophoniore coach, Bert I ' iggott. was honored as " Coach-of-the-Year " hy the Pigskin Chd. of Washiuaton, D. C. r 42 9-f«.e . -. ,|--..; ' 0, r8«S8« ' lOl ,13 ■: -s ? : ? ' ' " =- ■ ' A%j ' - nj.- 4i,0m. f%- C.J. A. A. ( hatnpions 43 ' mi mmmmttm -■• ' I rri -i- m i Foothcill Scnrehotird (taklc hulls for xarda. , Josppli Taylor pc ' U Mua fur .1 liillliaiil fi. " i aril T.D. juii — Virginia Slali- L. « ■• ■•r.-r ■•] i tii ' . -_ We will miss the Senior Players. They are: Burnie Mi (Jueeii. Allen Tdcms. William Fowler. Rolierl luin . Kdwai Godbolt. Howard Smith. Sterling Smith. Edward Nesbitt. V alter ade. and Aldon L. Coefield. Gene Cambridge — He ' s a " Florida pony " ardlaw being brought dcmn bv a Vir- ginia State tackier Maryland States ' Billy " The Shadn i " ' (;rav gets caught bv Godliolt " m- " " m - - ' - ' ■ .. ' .M, - mmmm S ' KTt .• - ' .• ' -IS i -. u. tV. i : :: - ' Homecoming Activities »»•, ;r A -t. fi;- t -1 VWHHPi gfei M OiiMciiuliiiii Gridclers Fullback I14..I.A.A. Tiiiiv FdwIiT. " (hii III Amcriian ' wm ' - .hiiiH- llrn I Ml A)iicii(ari Kiid Buiiiic lyiiniiccri. All Aiiicriraii Ivul 48 ?-- " -■ ' ■■■ - ■» ' -«™a»™tfMga iaai Gridders Supeiicitives Eugene Cambridge and Joseph Taylnr. ont- standine Freshman halfbacks Bulldozing Bernard Anderson drives for yardage . ■ f ' Jf — See. our wluile familv are Aggies Future Ajij-ies With wide-eyed t ' nlliii i;iMii. Iiii;li siIkkiI M ' Mi ii froni all seslions of North Cainliiui i il (uii- (dllci;c. Tlicv thrill to the collefic iiiaichiiifi, liand in action, the loolhall team in a eonlereiK-e j;anie and leaiu how we sliid . learn and live. CerlainU. (inii-ri ran lip lii|i- (icrili ls Tile fdiid is n(,(i(| 50 t Thev came from evervwhere I can ' t see a thinsr 51 S3 52 Then winter rips across the land with her destructive winds. She lets her snow lightly coier the college grounds and returns to some youth almost forgotten. Balls of snow fly through the campus air. And men are made of snow. The students play with neier-tiring energy and moan when the day s gone. And they think not of the cold, but of warmth, a book, a class. 53 College is fun at Cliristjiias lii Student College is seition No. 2 at Daskelliall game College is Brr! It ' s cold is ]lr . uhal " s in lln- -iio»liall 54 College is the ttaiiiilh uf a Cliri.sliiiai- lueakfast Lite College is a rrowcl at a foot- ball game College is a pretty Co-ed in the snow College is — (!an I ou tell the are Freshmen ' . ' ' 55 ' I he Kicliaid li. Ilarri cm I ' luyers, whose i;emiiiu ' ly arlislii- work l)espeaks the exeelleiil tiaiiiiiii; and unusual oppoiHniili, r,Mi l,-ic,l I,n ihe diarua workshop anil hilioiatory theatre for ex|.eriui ' nlaliori In aclint;. ]ilay willing, slageciafl, and pla dliccllon. «J l ' i(luii-d aliove is scene with Alonza Stevens and M rllr I ' .rown. IVorn ihe l " )5;i lall production. A ; ; Must Fall. 56 ifc TSl Dram a tics ! I Riiluird B. Harrison IMavers 111 Directress. Sandra Masuii. Assistant llirec- tor. illiam Robinson T (ii eek Orijaiiizatioiis Deltci Sii»nici Tlietci Sorority llii ' foiiiHlcrs of ihr Delta .Sigma TluHa Smciiitv isualizccl. in I ' MH. al llouaid I iiiversity. ail organization whose aims would w soiiietliiiig iiiore serious than social aiti itv. The) longed to see developed a union of college jiiien liased on certain cardinal |irinci|jles and pledged to uphold lofty ideals. Into a hond of devotion these noble women Inought together college women of like potentialities and dedicated to the same ideals and purposes. Officers are: Ksthirlene Smith. President: licttv Alexander. Vice-President and Dean of Pledges: Flora Martin, Recording Secretary; Ardclia ruriier. Corresponding Si ' cri ' lary: Estella Ellis. Asst. Corrosponding Secretary: Yvonne Marable, Tt-easurer; Hatlie Martin. Ja(i|uelMi Ewiiigs. Chaplain; Doris Pierce. Asst. Dean of Pledges: Clara Oates. Reporter: Lily Pendarvis. Parliamentarian. Other meiiihers are: Doiothx Alston. Georgia Boykins, Carolyn Ann Bragg, Myrtle I.. Ilrouji. ,|o ce Johnson, hihel Simons. Marlha Young. Onieiia Psi IMii in the hearts of the brother of Mu P i. " Omeea Dear we are thine own. vou are constantly ringing ■■— ■■ . " , V " -mo- i ,,.. „ l- A Mu Ps. Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternitv was chartered in 192.. Mnce that tnne. Mu Psi men haxe worked hard at keeping with the Four Cardinal Principles-Manhood Scholarship " .f " ' " " , ' ' " ' ,[ ; ' ' ; ' ; „, „ -j-. ,. ,, The probation for fall quarter brought Onrega nine new loyal sons who »,11 w_ork all Omega men. Ihey are. from left to ri-ht Brothers: Bernard E. Wilson, l)a id ashington. Edward Baldwin. Evander Humphery. scott Hal- yard Roland D. Ellis. Ernest E. Sherrod. James R. Buchanan, and Mdnex H..lmes. ■ Miss Flora Martin, a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sororitx. is the chapter gueen. have her work with us. e lo e her and are happ) to Phi Beta Sij iiici Fraternity Eta Clia|]|rr (if tlie I ' lii Beta Sigma I ' ratfiriilv was estalilislied here at A. and I ' . College tluring llie Fall (Quarter of f ' M.i unilei tile su|ier i.siiiri of Dr. Savage, a faculty member at that time. I nder the leadership and hard work of Dr. .Savage and others interested in the progress of Eta Chapter, it was among the first few Chapters to be added to the roster of the Fraternity. The members are Oliver W. Camiady. President; Morris Jones. Vice-President: Decatur W. Morse. Dean of Pledgees: Theodric Harris. Recording Secretar : Willie Colclougb. Corresponding Secretary: Roger Witherspoon. Asst. Dean of Pledgees: Marion Cooper. Chaplain: Alvin Brown. Treasurer: Frank Norris. Chairman F.ducalion (!ommittee: George Bovkin. Kenneth Southerland. Garnsey Jones and Edolphus Towns. 60 Zetci Phi Betel Sorority Feeling the need of an outstanding movement, one tha ' will he in keeping with the ideals upon which the sorority was founded, the idea of " Finer Womanhood, was adopted. Some ohjeetives of the finer womanhood program are sisterK love, scholarship, and religion which have hrought women together from all parts of the I nited States and parls of Africa, wilh similar tastes and as|iirations for higher attainments. Members are: Sudie Munn. President: LaVern Massen ' iurg. Vice-President and Dean of Pledges: Josephine Lynn. Recording Secretary: Elizabeth Jordan. Corresponding Secretarv: Jean Riddick. Chaplain: Reporters. Doris Greene and Barbara Green. The members of the Zeta Alpha Chapter of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Inc.. are striving for scholarship, finer womanhood and religion. 61 " :! !iK E. MURPHY R BOGAN H.RlCHAku30N E, SMITH JR. ip4p5?r r iX 1 " Kirsl ,,( all. xnaiiU of I irsi ,,| all. M-naiiU of all. we .shall tiansc-rxl all " lnlii I ' M l,,l,.. , i ■, , ■ „ i-Tetary. 62 .. Alplui Kcippa Alpha Sorority Alpha Ka|i|ia Alpha Scimrity was founderl January 16. lODf! on the campus cif HuwarH I iiiversilv. Aliiha I ' hi Chapter of Alpha Kappa l|iha Sipriirit was fouiicled January 12. VX.Vl nn ihe campus of ihe Agricul- tural ami Te( huical College of GreenslMirn. Ndrth Carolina. Officers of . lpha Phi Chapter are: Basileus. Lucille Jones Dixon: Anti-Basileus. Beatrice Adderley: Grammateus. Minnie Powell: Anti-Grammateus. Maxine Lytch: Hodegas. Bertha Owens: Anti-Hodegas. Barbara Samuels: Epistoleus. Shirley Byrd: Anti-Epistoleus. Carrie Goodwin: Tamiochos. Margaret Alston: Philacter. S anda Gunnings: Sergeant- at-Arms. Jean Gillard: Miss A.K.A.. Barbara Burts. 63 Suiref hrarf lAFPA ACFJiA Scrollers Club 1 SJ K;i|i|ia l|ilia I ' si I ' rali-i iiit . fc.iiiiiliil lanuaiv . " . I ' M I. al Imiiaiia I lni (■i il . I ' li " .iiiiiif;l.iii. Iiidiaiia ua iinui- |inialr.l In ill. ' lali- uf Indiana. l|,ha u Cliaiilri. hn,- al A. and ! ' .. »a . f..un.lcd I Ire vinht-r :iO. 1932. Ilic ..llicer. arc: [ ' ..Irniai. Ii. Cliarlcs C. Sanders: Vice-Pideniarcli. H -rniaii L. Daniel: Keeper (if Heenrd. . David Buiu li ; Kee|)CM- cif Ex(lie(|uer. (Jeurge R. Man- ning: Stratefius. Charlie Harrisnn: l.t. .Sirategus. Howard L. Smith; Historian, Thomas F. Day: Reporter. David L. Price: Parliainenlariari. Kdward Nesliilt. 64 Xsnfh® ■ MfernH b " Mind and Boily Steady uilh a heart that ' s Ready Members are: B alphabet. lAi David Clark, dean of pledges: iBi Charles Cooper, vice-president: iCl James Chestnutt. president: iDl David Moore, recording secretar : lEl Elbert Brnadnax. corresponding secretary: iF) ann H. IcDonald. treasurer: iGl Herman Flowers, alumni secretary: iHi Charles Burns, sergeant-at-arnis; il) rhnmas Price, historian: ijl Roosevelt George, chairman of program committee: iLl Hartwell Jones: iMi Lawrence Smith, parliamentarian: iNl Norman Jarrett; lOi Tommy Martin: iPl Clyde Kelly; iQi Randolph Ta lor; Queen. Miss Maxine Sneed. - lpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternitv was founded December 16. 1925. at Lafavette College. Easton. Pennsylvania. Its purpose is " To assemble college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law. to develop friendship and promote service to humanitv. " 65 Sa Pciii Hellenic Oouiuil r The Cduiuil is composed of luo representatives anrl the president i f each Greek organization. It serves as the governing body of the respective groups. Througli it. inter-fraternal co-ttperation and harmonious relation- ships are pr inioled anmrig the (Jreeks. ' ! he Pan-Heih ' tiic (Council at A. anfl T. is a meniher of ihi ' National Pan-Hellenic Conference. It is advised l) Mr. Malccjlm .Johnson. Millon Baker. Alpha Phi Aljilia. serves as president, along with C.atli- Pymniids erine Allen. Alpha Kappa Alpha, as vice-president: Barbara Burts. Alpha kappa Alpha, as secretar : and .loseph Mitihner. Kappa Alpha Psi. as treasurer. Other niemhers are Theodore Little. Omega Psi Phi: Otha Lewis and James R. Jones. Alpha Phi lplia: Dccalur Morse. Phi Beta Sigma; Sudie Munn and Jose- phine Lmhi. eta Phi Beta: Estella Ellis. Martha Young and Ksterlene Smith. Delia Sigma Tliela: and Addie (.oic Alpha Kappa Alpha. Lciiiipodns »? ' . •? •? ' •■;? ' i ' i M Archonitins Crescents Spliinxmeii Strollers PRISCILLA LUTZ l ;.s Sojihomorp } : ...I II E E N S SUSIE HI T() Miss Pfrshing Rijle Society JACgLKL N liELL Miss Alpha Phi Alpha " " ' " " ' ■E. s BETTY HOWELL Miss ( ' .(luipauy A — R.O.T.C. NOVLET HUNTER Miss Senior (Hass QUE VERNICE liOONE Miss SciiIiIxikI (IikI ll ddc NS ANTOINETTE HAWKINS Miss C( m] in ( ' . Inny R.O.T.C. r w L i 3 J - ,. J J - i ' MINNIE POWELL Miss Junior Class LaVERNE massenberg 1 .S.S- Zeta I ' hi Beta HMHHI GLORIA CARTER Miss S(iii(! lrnn 601 ■ B LAURA BOYKIN Miss R.O.T.C. THKRKSA CIHSON Miss Si iniihiin ( ()■ QUE N8 LUTECIA TANOE Miss Liberia BARBARA BURTS Miss LK.l. JOSEPHINE LYNN Miss Phi Held Siiima ' iSffi l.II.I.IF Bovn l (,v.v Hotni ' Erkei UUE f §s0mi LKOLA ;()()I ' K1{ Miss I ' I I ' slllllllll MARGRET GADSKN Miss JdllCS (.(IUIll iNS ' JOYCE COOl ' ER Miss Art Circle f I.EOLA DICKENS Miss C.G.L.P. CoiintY in I » - 1 4 SHELBY THOMPSON Miss Technical liistitiilc ' MAXINE SINKEI) Miss -llpha I ' hi Oriw-a HELEN BERRY Miss Co-ed - . FAYE (:i,AI{K Uiss K(lj ji(l lplui I ' si MAXINE ZACHARY IZ ss ctciiin UUE m INS JEAN GLAISE Miss Company II YVONNE MARABLE .l .v Delta Siiima Thetii DORIS SIMMS Miss Army R.O.T.C. FLORA MARTIN Miss Si iiiiilroii 602 :?2S: Air WXlJil Cai ' t. Leonard TuRiviER Commander of Cadets Caf ' t. Lv ia L. Hlbbar Diietlor oj Materials Major P ' red L. Allen Professor oj Air Science Cadet Lt. Col. Wlnkred Wilso Croup Conituiinder Cor|]s Stciff COlil ' S STAI- ' F. . ' ■ " rii lil: Cailn C iiL llrriiN Join-.. Cadet li. Col. Verablp Mi-Cloud. Ca.lct ciil. liol.crl Doiiilili. Ca.lrl Ca|.l. I iiAUinay. and Cadet Cai)t. I)a id Wasliiiigton. Cviiirr I.T. C. iL. HiiHEKT DdiriiiT ( .orps ( .tminmndcr 78 1 LsT l r. ) ]] H. McElvkkn. Eilumlion and Tniinini Offin ' r: Capt. Jwii-. IImk kin. Aclinuiislnilirv Officer: M, S(.i. Calvin Wildf.k. First Si l.: Sgt. Phillip Smalls, J ' rr.sonrwl Technician: S Sgt. James Ware, EiUicniwn Technician: S Sgt. Boy u Jackson, Education Technician. Till " Mii i(iM of the Air Force R.U.T.C. is to select aiul prepaif tiideiili- to ci c a ollii-eis in tlie legiilai- and reserve coniponents of the United States Air Force and to arouse an awareness of oliligations of citizenship with respect to lioth tiie L nited States Air Force and to liieir Connlry in civilian life. f ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY. These cadets include Cadet Col. Niirman A. McDaniel, Cadet Capt. Roland I). Ellis. Cadet Capt. Evander D. Huniphrp . Cadet Ll. Col. ' in- fred A. Wilson. Cadet Lt. Col. i)avid L. Wasliiii ;ton. Cadet Capt. Edwin L. Dukes. Cadet Lt. Col. Verahle A. McCloud, Cadet Capt. Bernard E. Wilson. GROUP STAFE. The Group Staff c.nsists of Cadet Col. Norman A. McDaniel. Cadet Capt. Evander Huniphre . Cadet Lt. Col. ' infrpd A. Wilson. Cadet Capt. Bernard E. Wilson. 79 W uUsnaiL., ' T ' iPr . . J . T;«. ' ii «fiTPSssw?»v -r ' « Kst« ' «w« S LI A n I N Cadkt Ma.i. Fj.wdKTM Smith Sijtln. Ctiwtnanflri Cadm 2M l.r. LMiUi I.. I- k i;i.i. ( ' ,Mll.T 2mi I.I . ,|(lll ( !. r (iKi i: LX Flii lil ( oniniiinilrr " ( Cmiki I .i. ii.i.iwi K. Kmix t ' lniini lffllll ' i ' Ofjlif! Air Police ADET 1st Lt. GlENWOOD AlLEN Commander — Air Police Model Aircraft Clul) Mnilil iiiraft Cluli nienilier are pruvifled extra opportunitie? lo studv. and construct true models of some of the Air Forces H ing machines. Through this they ex- pect to gain a wider, more varied insight into aircraft construction. I uktCait. Km mi Ellis Cadet Cm ' t. W n li i I). Tottle Cadet Capt. E ander Himphrey Operations Officer E. ji:.tT— .. »... __ ■ I ■ ■ Tr T J Msai 602 SQUAD R.O.T.C. Cadet Capt. Bernard E. Wilson Sqiinihori Comwnniler Lcjl III rif hl: (Iadkt 2mi I i. Tiicimas A. Kei.tdn. Fliiilil Coiniimnth ' i : Cadkt 2nd Lr. Moses Oh ens. Flinlil C.oinmander; Cadet 2nd Lt. Charees I.i tiieh. ■ ' ; ) Commander: Cadet Cue. David Washington. Ailminisiniiirf Olfufi: Cadet Col. Norman A. McDaniel, Exniilni ' Offim : Cadet Col. Verable MeCloud, Executive Olj ' urr. 82 RONS 60: % ± —I R.O.T.C. Cadet Capt. Edwin L. Dikes Squadron Commander Lejl to risihl: Cadet 1st Lt. Frank Blasingame. Flig ii Commander: Cadet 1st Lt. Glenwood Allen. Provost Marshal: Cadet 2nd Lt. Edward Ford. AssI. Provost Marshal: Cadet Lt. Col. Lenwood S NDERS. Administrative Oifirer: C DET Lt. Col. Winfred Wilson. Grntip Cnmmnntler. 83 IVl I L I T A I Y CaPT. TliKllDOliK AllWIS Instructor oj Military Srirnrf 1 Lt. C(il. Ai iiiir. ' i L. Williams Professor (if Military Srience C.ww William Jokks liistniitiir tij Military Science II Tlie Arni l .( ). ' l ' .( !.. in lour veais ol riiililai liain- iifj.. |iici(lii(rs Jiiiiiiii ( )llicers wlio have tlif i|iialitie and alliiliiilfs fssnilial In llirli |irof;ressive and (■nntiiuicd developmeiit as oliict ' is of llie L idled States Ainiv. Skc. i.liso Kill: Sgt. .|oll M ioi l Asst. Instructor oj Militui) Science -tssl. Insti iictoi of Military Science Sfc. Norkis J(lll so Sgt. Willie Rilks ■isst. Military Siien,e Instructor .. ' - Isst. Instructor of Military Scicn -e 84 I E N ( E BATTLE GROl P STAFF. Sitting: Cadet Capt. Alfred Keyes. Cadet Capt. Luther Morris. Cadet Lt. Col. Scott Halyard. Staniling: Cadet Capt. Leon Mur- ray. Cadet Capt. Henry Jones. FERSHINt; KIFLE SOCIETY OFFICERS MILITARY POLICE FORCE Commanded l Cadet Capt. Leon D. Murray troitp " SS Si ' tibbtird (iiid J hide SCA1 ' .I! I!|I Wll l ' ,l, |)| ' ,. CoininarHlr,! l. Cailcl Capt. Ilant-N K. I... Rifk Tetim KIFI.K TEAM.,! I,n Ca.let Capt. Lutlier Morris. Army Drill Tecini C I)i:t C. ' Vi ' T. VonoiK II i m k k Di ill I rtfrii ( ' .inniiiiin lfr CoiiiiJany A Cadet Capt. Albert Coviel Execulive Officer Cadet ' 2 u Lt. W. Himphrey Isl Plaloon Leader Cadet Major I ' hom s A. Urown ConipariY Commander Cadet 2_ u Lt. Joseph Mikh.ner Ca det Capt. Bobbie Chavis 2nd I ' latoon Leader 3rd Platoon Leader 87 Ij Com|) my ILO.T.C. C [-)i:t IIm ' I. SiMioMji I ' l i!m;i.i E.xcrulnc O Jiici Cm)i;t Iii.tiin IIsmi! . I ' ldliliill I.VdiIri (1mii;t " Jmi I.I. I. I IK I sKI u Jnil I ' lilhnni l.ritfirt (i, l)i;i L! ii I.I . 1,1 ii l!iii;i:i; i : nl I ' lilltinll l.riiilri Caokt M.4J. Thlirm,4n a. Mi; Company Commander 1 VU 88 ir ■ ' ' • L ' • " ' ■■r: • •;■ ' • ; " .■ Cadet Capt. Harvey Long Company Commander (]om|)ciny L R.O.T.C. Cadet C pt. S ' esle D. Baldwin Exeruliie Officer t:u)ET 1st Lt. Li.tN T. Coins 1 si Platoon Leader Cadet 2 ii I.t. Mitthkw Minnicks l nd Platoon Leader (ai)ET 2.NU Lt. Cedkge Alston .) ' ■( I ' laloon Leader 89 BASKETIiALL PhEVlEW 1959 nullifiil Calviii li iii li.i iii l made C.I. A. A. llisl(.] uilli his rliaiii|iiiiri lii|i Aggie haskclhall li-aiii Himiiiig llic I iiuiiKiiiicril (!rn Mi anil Ni ilalimi ( :iiain|iiiirislii|i . tin- m-c unci c ' ar in a mu. 90 Another Visitcition ciiid Tourney Crown J(l KFH Him M.I. Team Captain ill . ltles gets two points against Virginia Union. Joe Gotten tips one — against N.C.C. Charlie Harrison jumps high to rehountl — against X.C.C. ' » - r— ,- II • in TT i1 Holtzclaw iCOOKKi tiif fm " ho " — against 5 iaiii U. PREVIEWS b-a JEl 1 1 .|i i ' lloHcll lavs one in — against J. C. Smith. FIFTY EKiHT FIFTY 92 OF THE liOllNCES OF 1 llciiiii- (Janic. Sure, we »(iii! NINE OA IES Now who saiil Ilfibeil C,ia i uulilii 93 Alt! The .sweet smell oj fresh shoots oj niss: the slow jxice oj students reluctantly fioing to elass: the wondrously beautiful sun-filled day when a young man ' s thoughts turn to lounging on the green and a young girl ' s fancy is a frilly cotton dress . . . this is " Spring- time in Aggieland. Rev. Cleo M. McCoy Dircclor oj Relii ioux Aclivilics E. I{. HllDGIN Treasurer ADMINISThATlVE i 1. IS. Cu i;i;kii l)i Hilar oj Ihlil ' inus illlil ( niunils Mks. Ella K. Vereen Dielitian 96 A. K. Jackson Uireclor oj Guidance iii.t t 1 ' m y C. R. Stevenson Director of Siininter School OFFICIALS E. F. CORBETT Director of Public Relations Advisor to Yearbook Staff Dr. F. E. Davis ColleLe Physician C. C. Dean Librarian 97 ALEXANDER. BI-.TTVE EniilisI, ALE. AM)EK. ClIAKLES Ph ysiral Ei iinilinn , LEXA nF,n. HOBE[iT Tmhrinfi ARM.STia ). t .. ,1 AMES Imlusliial Arts ARMSTRONG. RONALD C. .tiilt Mechanics ARTLS. BETT E D Suciolo y ATKINSON. FRANCES Fn-nrh AUSTIN. SI rroN S. A ii( utluiul Kducalwn LLEN. CATHERINE Elcnu ' iUary Eihicalion ALLEN. DOKI l Home Economics ALSTON. MARY Tailon ' nii BAKER. MILTON L Mii.sic BALDW IN. EDW I!D L. Pln ' ical Eifdciilinn BALDWIN. WESLEN D._ Physical F,l,irnl„m BANKS. DAVID S Social S iulics BAKEIELD. LINA 1 ' Eniilisli CIciss of 1959 Ilairuu. Fi.iiik I.. r.i:rn,«. William II. r I ' .rll. M.Mlr-lllir 1 ' .. I, llrl 1 . 1 - W l. an.lri. r.rilM . ' llrn. Catln ' riric Mrxaihlri. ( hallr Allin. Doris Ualf . .lanu-s i;.iT . H,-ll.]i M. i. {„;,TiL -T. I ' .. -1. Ilai Mixanrlrr. Robert Alston. Mary ll,al . W illiaiii U.. Jr l!.-l. Fal.ll. ' re Armstrong. James Baker, Millon Best. Prince Albert Black. Felicia Vrm lront:. Ronald C LiaMwiii. Edwanl L. Arlis Rett) lial.lwin. Wesley D. Biyelou. Hattie Blackhurn. a I lace Bijirlow. James W. Blark-itone. Edward y Atkinson. Franrf Austin. Sutton S. Banks. David S. Rarfi.l.l. I.ina P. I! I! now. FRANK L. Elcclriral Eni:.ineiTinii BARROW. WILLIAM HENRY Rejriiieration BATES. JAMES Physical Education BAl COM. GEORGE T. Archileclural EniiineerinK BEAT . W ILLLAM R.. iR.---ln,lu5lrial Arts BEST. PRLNCE ALBERT Music BIGELOW. HATTIE Sociology BIGELOW. ,IAME. W liHo Mechanics BELL. MODESTINE Nursing BENNETT. DORIS W Home Economics BERRY. HELLEN M Business Education BEST. DAISY ursinii BEST. EDDIE Music BLACK. FELICIA Biological Science BLACKBL RN. WALLACE f ec ma r nng BLACKSTONE. EDWARD Business Adminislinlion r BLACKWELL. t;ARLAND Business Aibninisiriilion BLAIR. GLORIA Applied Socwlony BOOKLR. JAMF.S W Cabinet Making BRADI.K " ). RTIirR W. Electrical Eniiineerinti BRAGG. CMlUL ' lN Aurang BROADNAUX. ELBERT Business Administration BROWN. EARNEST L Hiolos.y BROWN. II l!()l.l) Industrial Arts BO ' » D. CHARLIE liusiness Administration hOW). LILLIE Clo:hin BOYDON. EDWARD Social Studies BROWN. JAMES H... Agricultural Education BROWN. MYRTLE Elementary Education BROWN. RANSOM 4uto Mechanics BROWN. THOMAS A Mathematics BRYANT. HATTIE Horticulture Olass of 1959 liiK lufiian. .lames R. Buffalof. I-aHali ' Hum-, llarl.ara L. IIij— %. M, ( ,;i liiark Mll, (iarlanil Boyd. Chailiu linok.T. Jain.-N W. J!M -lMn. Kdwanl (liiiH li. I tavid lliitl.r. Marii.n Hurtify. .|oe I,. I ' .M.I. Iiirl.v Burn ' i. Charles Cain. Mo-.- Bradley. Arihur . Brown. Janif - H. Bragg. Carolyn Brown. M TtIe Broadnaux. Elbert Brown. Random Bmwn. Earnest L. Bmwn. Thomas A. Brown. Harold Bryant. Hattie Cameron. Spurs ' -on Carr. R-d- -ri . Cannady. Olivt-r r-nd.- Carndl. Willi.- I. Carr. hory A. (iarlr-r. Cloria HICHANAN. JAMES R History BL FFALOE. LaDALE .... Applied Sociolof y BINCH. DAVID Social Simlies BIRNEY. JOE L Refrigeration BIRNS. CHARLES Pre-Med CAMERON. SPl RGEON English CANNADY. OLIVER WENDELL Bioloiiical Science C. RR. I 0R A Business Administration Bl RTS. BARBARA L Sociolos y BLSSEY. McCRAY l i s;V BLTLER. MARION Biology BYRD. SHIRLEY Bus:ness Education CAIN. MOSES Biological Science CARR. ROBERT A Industrial Arts CARROLL. WILLIE M Radio and TV CARTER. GLORIA Applied Sociology CARVER. RrSSEL--B( , ;;io, ' c Ailminislnilion CHALMERS. MARVIN__ iv«r« E,l„ration CHAMBERS. CLYDE Masonry CHE.STM TT. JAMES Sociology CHlSLfnL JAMES Sociology CLARK. CORNELH S liiislrn ' ss iilntinislfdlinn CLAl;k. DAVID LEE Ai!.rit iilliiial Eihiidtion COEFIELD. LD()N .. J ' h sual Edumiwii CHAI ' .MA.N. V ILLL M English CHAPPLE. KENNETH Husiui ' ss Athninishtilion CHEEK. WILLLAM )...J hysual Edmulum COGGINS. SARAH Home Eronomirs COLLLNS. EDWIN.__. ,l;f (,■( »;„ Edurnlum COOPER. CHARLES Agi irnltnial Eron(tniics COOPER. MARION Hwlogy (: LD KLL. ERCELLE Sociology CIciss of 1959 Cornwall, [.intni, Covirl. ll.,-rt rrutrlitn-I.L TliMiiia- (ainniti liaiii. Prail Cliapinaii. W illiaiu ( -lialiiHTH. Mar in (Jhappli-. Kt ' iinelli ( Jiamhcrs. Clyde Cheek, William D. Covitiiiloii. 0--(ar ( . ' iirii-nri-. _ i)ri i- Cramlall. (Minnie Cuiri.-. 1 l " .- Crump. Raymond UaM-nport. Doris Clif-tnutt. Janie? Coggins. Sarah Chi lom. James Collins. Edwin - Clark. Cornelius Cooper. Charles Clark. L)a i l Ur- Cooper. Marion Cot-hf-M. Al.lon L. Cahlwrll. Ercelle OaviiJson. Carolyne L 3 i-. Lula Da is. James Davis. X illiam Da is. Johnny L. [Van. Juanita CORNWALL. LINTON Asiricutlural Economics COVIEL. LBERJ--Mechanical Engineering COVINGTON. OSCAR Mechanical Eniiineering (;i! Mi LL. BONNIE Business Administration cm MP. RWMOyU. ..Engineerinf: Physics liWIDSON. CAROLYNE Elementary Education ) . J WIES Biological Science II WIS. JOHNNY L. Mechanical Engineering CKLTCHFIELD. THO L S Radio and Television CLNNIN(;H L PEARL Elementary Education CLRRENCE. NORRIS ipplied Sociology CI RRIE. LXYSSES History DAVENPORT. DORIS Home Economics Education HWIS. ELLA ursing DAVIS. WILLIA.M Fine Arts DEAN. JUANITA Clolhins DKiCS. CATIIKKINE ■ ,,,, „■ .s-ir(W -,t ' v DIGGS. t;HACIE Hon,,- E,; nonnrs D1N(;LE. l.EOiN lUolony DOWD. EDWARD 4i pl„; Soriohiiy DOWNING. DORIS Husmrss Eduralion DOZIER. EVERETT Soih DUKES. EDWIN L....F.Irrlrirnl Eniiinferinii DUNHAM. WH.LIE Tiiiloiini, m ON. hVClhhE. .ArchiWrliii,- Kni uu ' cnnii DOUGLAS. CHARLES ln l,islrial Ails DOUTHIT. ROBERT Social Simlies DUNN. BOBBY A rkuliuial Educalion EADV. SAMUEL Eni in,;;i,if EDMONDS. ISHMAEL Mt ' rlmnlrdl E lL ilirt ' t illi EDWARD. JOHN T l isiory ELLEI! PA I! DUE Ippli,; S»r ,. o,i; v CIciss of 1959 Elliot. Bmiice Fllis. H.n anl Ffa--r(T. Paiiial Kr i iii--. Muiy Diggs. Callii ' iint ' Dixon, Lucille Diyt s. i.rarw Douglas, Cliaries Dm.-;!.-, Leon Duuthit, Robert Kvans. Alfiiii--o Flr.-rwoo.I. Joliii I)„w.l. E.lwar.l Uimji, Bnl.liv DovMiinji. Diiri Eailv. Samuel Uozier. Everett Edmonds. Ishmael Huke . Edwin L. Edward, John T. Duidiam. W illie Eller. Pardue Flowers, Herman I ' ou-I KaMMund KLI.Ior. BERMCE « ,«n ' ELLIS. HOWARD Masonry ELLIS, ROLAND Pre-Meilicine ENMS. HIGH -ipplied Sociology EVANS. ALFONSO Music FLOWERS. HERMAN Ai:ricii!:ur(i! Ediicfilion FORHFS. (AVENDOLVN ISurserv ScIkkiI Education FORD. TYLER Eni lish FEASTER. I)ANIAL_-_A ' r(- (o an l Tel -vision FEGGINS. MARY Nursing FERGUSON. ALPHONSO lUisint ' .ss Ailtn nistriition FINNEY. JOHN Music FLEETWOOD. JOHN Ijusiiit ' s.s Afhninislrulion FOLSHEE. RAYMOND Industrial Arts FOWLER. WILLIAM Appl.t;! Socwloi y FO . CHARLES Business Administration VO E. C.L. nENCE..Merh„ni,„l F.n l,i,;;inf CALLOWAY. ROBERT Itulusinal Iris (;iLMORE. CHARLES l hmiliifi ' (un! Ilt ' tilin (;()OI)E. RAYMOND Physical K.lumlH.n GORE. Al)DIE-_A ome Econoinirs F.ihiialinti (;ORE. JOAN Eni li:ih COREIIAM. BENJAMIN liiisini ' s ' i F.iluidliiiit COIilJI l. JO ' lCE llii.sini-ss K.luni ' i.n, COLDSTON, DORETHA Fn-iuli CODI.ICIITI. ' . CIIAItLES I ' Insirii! Filiirnhini GOODE. CHARLES Taih.riup. GOREHAM. LILLIE Cloilunii GOREHAM. NLARJORIE Nursinii (;RACE. TRAVIS Physical F,lur,ili,ni GRAHAM. LULA Nursinii Gl! GE- LOnS S,,,7« SliHiir. ' . V, iiHH of 1959 ( ' .lillll. Kail Onuil. Oioi;;!- (.T( riir. II,, ri- (.l. ' .n, ' . Kliinia Fovf, Clarfn, f (.i,I.Ul,,n. 11,,1, ' llui i;ail„«a . U„l„rl i;...lli;:l,lK. Charl- (iiliiHirc, (.liarlr (; I.-. Cliaiio Cretan, ' . Barbara Ha kl.v. Rol...rl ' X. . . L. ' : " ' •- !--•? r i«r 1 .ooile. Ra nii ' Ti ' l Gore. Addie (nirr. Joan Gorr-bani. Bt-njamin Gorehani. Ju C.orehani. LilHe Gorehani. Marjorie T (•raliani. Lula Grange. Loui ji- — ' ■ " Hardy. Doris Hjri-t.,M. Il.,r.,il,, Hargett. Charles Hall. Eli2ab.-lh Halyard, . ' rolt Hjrrfll, Erma GRANT. E. RL Electrical Ene ineering GRANT. GEORGE History GRANT. JOHN Imluslnal Arts GRANT. TVLAS Physical Education GREENE. BARBARA Biological Science HARDY. DORIS Physical Education H MtGETT. CHARLES 4ulo Mechanics } . [!l). -COTT Chemistry GREENE. D )RIS__ Nursery School Education GREENE. EMMA Tailoring GREEN- OOD. ROOSEVELT Agricultural Education GRIER. HORACE Business Education HACKLEY. ROBERT 4ulo Mechanics HARISTON. DOROTHY- -.- pp zW Sociology HALL. ELIZABETH 4pplied Sociology HARRELL. ERMA English II AKItlS. BARBARA AVran HARRIS. RAUL Elrrlriral Engineering ll l!l!l . TIIKODORK 1 1 iiulliunl Eionninies HAItVKLL. RICH l!l)___Wiy.s»« E,luni!i„n HAWKINS. ANTI(Ji ETTE__.S «m Srienre HAWKINS. FRA K_ __«-„ „, „n,l Tele,isi„n HAWKINS. MIZKI.L litmnr ' .s iihninish(itu n HAVKS. BF.l l. H Au™ , HARIHSON. CHARLES Sociolojij HARRISON. JANICE Business E,lu,„lu,n HARTSriELI). VXCV.m. -Applied Soriolo!i.y HENDERSON. CRAWFORD Merhaniral Eni ineet iriii HILL. BARBARA Malhemalirs HILLIARD. AIJO.SON In lusi,i,il Arts HOLMES. KLI.I MI Tailorinu. HOLT. EDWARD. ,11! ;,,, W .S,„,» ,;.iy CIciss of 1959 H -r. A.Ia lliM.u.l.i.A. I ' aixl. Harris. Barl ara Harrison, Charles Harris. I ' aiii Harrison, .lanict- Harris. Tlieodorr Harlsfield, Eugene t .- ..• ••r " ' -:? i r Harv.ll. Ri.liar.l Hau kin-. Aiiliiiin llr Hawkin . Frank Hawkins. Mizrll Have., Beulah H ' -iider ' on, Crawford Hill, Barbara Hilliard, Aljoson Holmes, Elijah Holt. Edward, Jr John-on. Anr.irew John-on. Bohby J(ihn-on. Eilna Johnson. George Johnson. H ' -l.-n„. J. -..,,li HOOPER. ADA Clolhin HORTON. DOLLIE Home Economics Education HUGHES. ARBIE Radio and Television HUNT. LEON 4ulo Mechanics HUNTER. NOVELET Home Economics Education JOHNSON. ANDREW__ ?a io and Television JOHNSON. BOBBV Social Studies JOHNSON. EDNA Elementary Education HUMPHREY. EVANDER Electrical Ennineerinn HI MPHREV. WELDON Elect I leal En ineerinii HURDLE. EARLENE Clothini JAMES. JOHN Mathematics JAMES. MOSES Shoe Repair JOHNSON. GEOB.GE... Radio and Television JOHNSON. HELEN Xursmii JOHNSON. JOSEPH .XJechanical Engineering ■■I JONES. LII.LIE Chcmhtry JONES. HENRY Electrical Eniiineerini JONES. MORRIS Iwlasliial Arts JORDAN. EDWARD Mechaiiiiiil Ent infcriiiL JORDW. ELIZABETH H-awAi ' lS _ VH ,«n,« JOYCE. JOSEPH Hrir .- Masonry JOYNER. LOnS MalhemalUs JUDGE. REBECCA Nursini; JONES. WESLEY Music JORDAN. BOBBY huluslrnil Arls JORDAN. CARRIE Irislilttlidfldl Manir i ' mrul JULY. ISSAC Music KEARNEY. VELMA Nursing KEYES. ALFRED Indus rial Arts KILGORE. JACKIE Biological Science KNOX. WILLIAM Biolopy CItiss of 1959 I.akr, Kli al.eili I.ynii.. E-ldir l.cnnon--. [iarliara Lrniiaril. Laurrm Jones. Lillie Jones, Wesley Jones. Henry Jordan, Bobby Jones. Morris Jordan, Carrie I.cui-. ( !lr rlan(l l.if. Laura l,iiini . } } • LrC.ih-. Willy Killlr. Mar-hall Jortlan. E-iward July, hsac Jorfian. Elizalu ' lli Kearncv. flma Joyce. Joseph Kryt- , AHr.-fI Joyner. Louis Kiliiori-. Jackie Judge. Rebecca Knox. William Lnaii. Annie Lo e, Jefferson Lou-:. .Nallianirl Lvons. Ricliard I, KE. F,I,IZ RFTH ursery School Education I.WIB. EDDIE iiirkuttuial Eiliicalion LEE. ESCOFFERY Physical Education LEE. LALRA V«r.«nf: LeGETTE. willy History LOAX. ANNIE Music LONG. HARVEY Electrical Ena:ineerin LONG. NATHANIEL LENNON.s. liAUBARA Socioloi:y LEONARD. LA RENCE Auto Mechanics ].K l . CLEVELAND 4iirononiy LINNEY. JOE Radio and Television LITTLE. MARSHALL Business Administration LOVE. JEFFERS0N__£ e(7«.n Eniiineerins: LOWERY. JOE Electrical W ' irina. LYONS, RICHARD Physical Education L NN. WILMA_ . omc Eiiiiuintiis Edtiraliim LYTCH. I1 1![{ KA imAied Sociolofiy MAJORS. FHEI) P,e-M,;l MARTIN. MILTON ipiAied Socioloiiy MARTIN. TOMMY tppli,-d .Sof o »py M ART! N. W I M.I AM_ _ : - Mr, Eniiinrrrinn MASSENBERG. MAMIE In llimiondl . lnnai:.t ' infnl MASSEY. CLARENCE Eleciriciiy MAR HLE. ' t VONNE Eniitish MARTIN. H0WARr)__£ ,- 7 7r, Eni meninix MARTIN. MEREDITH Nurswn McALLl.STER. WALTER Ai nrlil ' dnd Ernlifuuii s McCLOLD. VERABLE History McDANIEL. NORMAN Mcchanii III Eniiinei ' iinn McKOY. IIE ' iW ' OOI) i ni iilliniil Edtiriiliiin MCLAUGHLIN ' . LENN Imo Mechanics CIciss ot 1939 L nn. W iliiia Marable, Yvonne L trli. [larliara Marliii. H i vaicl Majors. Fred Marlin, Mt-icilitli ihliTi. Ri.har.l MrK; MciNair. P arnMsl Mill.r. William McOiii-cii. Hiiinie Mililirll, Cinsian.- Medley. Mary Mil. h.ll. Han.M t . " y.. • ' . ' • r ' - ' r r-. J ' •£ ' m Martin. Milton McAIIi tr-r.Waller Martin. Tommy McCloud. Verable Martin. illiam McDaniel. Norman Massenberg. Mamie McKov. Hevwood Ma? ey. Clarence MrLaushlin. Lenn Mitchener. Raymond Monk. Herbert Monroe. Helen Mnor-. DaM f Muof ' -. Donovan Moore, h..r McLAlGHLlN. RICHARD__£ ec ric Ifiring McNAIR. ERNEST Apricullural Education McNeil. LICE ursm McQlEEN. BIRNIE Physical Education MEDLEY. NL RY Vursmg MITCHENER. RA " YMOND__ -)u o Mechanics MONK. HERBERT Physical Education MONROE. HELEN Business Education MITCHELL. CONSTANCE . ursing MITCHELL, HAROLD Biological Science MELVIN. TIH RMAN Electrical Engineering MILLER. WILLUM Industrial Arts MILLS. EVELYN Chemistry MOORE. DAVID Industrial Arts MOORE. DONOVAN Music MOORE, IVORY Maihemalics !ii MOORP:. JOSEPH Hi story MOOKK. MAJOR lulo Morhanics l()() . CVRT ---Biisiness Admiinstinlion MUNN. Sl ' DIE J,,,, ;r, Snrioloi y MURPH1. CARL -i nrulluiul Edu.alum MIRKA . CHARLES Elccnica! Enaini ' crin MYERS. CHARLES Chemislry NEAL, PEGGIE Sociology Morales. JOSE Mechanical Eniiineeiin i MORRIS. LUTHER__.-lgnc» ( ra Eriucalion MULDROW. ROBERT Hand Music NEAL. PHILBERT__ ;h,mhca,s A hn mslmlion NESRITT. EDW AR I ) I ' lnsnal K.lncalion NICHOLAS. WILLLS s,„ „, S u,lu-s NOEL. ELMNE--Honie Economics Ediiraliim ORBERT. CARL Masonry (;i iss of 1959 Moor.-. .loM-pl, Morali , JoM- Moore. Major Morris. Luilicr Mooly. Curli Muldrow, Roijt-rt Park. Geoffrey l ' err . (Ill- Park. r.,li. .Ir. I ' l.r..-. DorU t.. v.. •r. r ' - ' r ' . • • • Munn. Sudie Neal. Philbert Murphy. Carl Ne bitt. Eiiward Neal. Peggie Orbert. Carl Pinson. Hu %ard Powell. Henr Porter. William PumeU. Sponner iSm ii OVERTON. SYLVIA ursing PACE. CURTIS Social Science PALMER. WILLIAM Electronics POKE. GEOFFREY Poultry Science PARKER. RUDOLPH. JR Iwlustnal Arts PINSON. HOWARD__ ' ( m n,c and Heatins: F ' OOLE. WILLIE Biology PORTER. WILLI M Air Conilitioning anrl Rejrigera ' ion PATTERSON. MILES Physical Education P. TTERSON. TRAVIS- - ' A v.siVa Education PEOPLES. AMY Business Education PERRY. OTIS Applied Sociology PIERCE. DORIS English POWELL. HENRY Agronomy PRICE. D-AVID Elementary Education PIRNEI.L. SPOONER Mechanical Engineering liANKlN. ARTHl K. JR Socwloiiy KAV. SAMUEL L -Jpp iW Socwiofiy RAYNOR. KVERKTTE iiro Mr,hani,s RHl ' E. VERA Eleclrirnl Ensiuuvrinsi RICHARDSON. NAPOLEON Mechnniidl Eniiificrrinij. RIDDICK. JEAN Home Eronaniics Eiliiration KIlinir.K. JOHN Relrii eralion RIDDICK. ROBERT Fine Arts REAVIS. FRANK 4i,lo Mechanics REID. SHERRON Sociolo iv REIVES. WILLIE___BH.wno.v Adminislralion RIIKJILL. ROBERT Imlusnial Arts RIVERS. JOSEPH iulo Mclmntrs ROBERTS. EDWARD Aiiiiiullintil Ed lien lion ROBINSON. WILLIE Malhcmalics RODGERS. HENRY Air Cont ilionin! ami Hrjris cralion Rankin. Artliur. Jr. Reavis, Frank Ray. Sanuu-1 1.. Rfid, Sherron Rayniir. Everclte Ri ' ives, Willie Ri..l«.ll. Cluiil Saniierti. Charles •Mar.N. iiirlia Hliiic. V ' t-ra Ri liar Uon, Napulion KivtT-. Jnscph Riiliiuk. J.-an KolitTts. EilwartI .ImIii KnI.illsMtK Willi. Kl.Mirk. Knl.rrl Kod i ' is. Hfiirv Sfllar., R .l»Tt Sharp, Jiininif Sellars, Liston Sharpe. Robert Se ' ssnm -, Alice Sliaw, Horace RODWELL. CHARLIE 4„lo Mechanics RODWELL. HERIiERT Aiiricultuial Education ROGERS, SAMUEL__,- i;nrH ,™ Educalwn ROYSTER. ISAAC Rmlio and Telerision SANDERS. CHARLES Elecliical Eni ineering SELLARS. ROBERT Malhemalics SELLARS. LISTON 4ppl:ed Sociolofiy SESSOMS. ALICE I ' hysical Education SANDERS. ERNEST__£ «7nca Ens.ineerinti SANDS. BRUCE Biology SAMPSON. BESSIE Business Education SCIPIO, JACQUELINE___5ef e a m Science SEARCY. AURELIA EniiUsh SHARP. JIMMlE___. ,:; 7r» ( ™ Eniiineerinn SHARPE. ROBERT Radio and Television SHAW. HORACE Agricultural Education SIMMONS. REGINALD Chemistry SIMMS. CIKTIS Social SiiuUes. SIMONS. MABLE iiisuii SMITH. ELWORTH sv,,,,, Siudirs SMITH. ESTERI.ENE Business E liu an. ,n SMITH. MOW KI) I ' Insiral Kduralion SMITH. JESSE iaiu Mrrhamcs SMITH. STERLING PInsiral E.liuaiion SMIIII. I!(.MH:. jK. liusiness Ailminislralion SMITH. liL WGIHE Business Education SMITH. CLARENCE Mechanical Eniiineerinp SOI THKIil.ANI). KENNETH Maihemaiics SPEARMAN. RARBARA Erench SPEAS. LESTER I ' hysical K.lucanon SPEKillT. MF.I.VIN » ,. Mechanics SPEIGHT. MILTON Air, ami Rejrrj,cratiiin ciciss of m) SpftiriT. Franklin Simi link, .lames M. ' .-lr. j;nu.- Mm. K-l-ai Sininion . Kejiinalil Smith. Archif. Jr. «..• ■ • L»r ' « ' r •i -S ' -T w Southcrlalld. Kiiiiiflli initli. KHtrrlt-nt ' Spfannaii. Bariiara Smith. Howard Speas, Lester Srnilh. JesM- Speij;lit, Melvin Smith. Slt-rliiig Speight, Miltun Swindon. Miriam Tavlur. Jii-rph .SPENCER. FRANKLIN. __B(o o,ti™ Science SPl RLOCK. JAMES Social Sluilies STANFIKI.I). JOHN Bwlot ical Science STATON. JAMES 4iilo Mechanics STATON. WILLIAM 4ulo Mechanics SUTTON. JOSEPH Masonry SWINDELL. E ' IMIEL Chemistry SWINSON. MIRIAM 4i)plied Socioloify STEELE. JAMES Business Adminislralion STEER. EDGAR 4gricullurnl Economics STEVENS. ALONZO Enfilish STEW RT. H RVEY 1 ill sin ess Ailniinistration STOVER. JAMES Imluslnol Arts TANOE. LUTECIA Nursing TAYLOR. JAMES Industrial Arts TAYLOR. JOSEPH__-£ «- nVfl Ens ineerim E TERKY. NEIL MuilwmaiUs THOMI ' SON. JAMES ipplwd Sociology THREATT. JOHNSIE__-Wiviira Education TROY. ESTER Music TURNER. EUNICE Nursins. TURNER. JASPER-. . ,« 7r« ,™ Educniiou TWITTY. ROBERT I ' hysical Educuuon VINES. CHARLES hulusiriul .-{ris TOON. JAMES Physical Education TOOTLE. WILLIAM- _£ ec Kfl Eniiineering TRENT. GENE Social Studies VINES. ELEANOR Business Education WADE. WALTER Physical Education WALLACE. ELLA--lnstitutional Management WALKER. HOWARD Physical Education WARD. COLDEN Industrial Arts Ti-rry. Nt ' il Toon. James riiuinp on. Janif? Tootle. William riireatt. Jolm ie Trent, Gene ar.ll„w, Bonny :i-lnil l " ll. Rriuiir .l,l„r. lieatri.v Vi ' ii hin tnn. Daii.l Willi.-. F.iii.-I Watson. James White. James Wal-on. Roy W hit.-, Th.o.lor. ' .•y. r.«r ' «»r • • •r ' f- ' s s- Troy, Ester Vines, Eleanor Turner, Eunice Wa le. Waltrr Turner. Jasper Wallare. Ella Twilty, Robert Walker, Howard Vines. Cliaric Ward. CoMrn Whilrlira.I. Florcll Vij:j:an. 1. W llileMde. Herl..-rt ifiLiins, Jessie. Jr. V hittaker. Viclor ifiiiins. Natlianial WARDLOW. BONNY 4ulo Mechanics WASHINGTON. BENNIE Biolos;ical Science WASHINGTON. DAVID Electrical Eni;.ineerini WATSON. JAMKS . ' rchileclural Enii ineerini WATSON. ROY Business Adminislralion WHITEHEAD. FLORETHA Nursing WHITESIDE. HERBERT Tailoring WHITTAKER. VICTOR Ai ricullural Economics WEAVER. GEORGE Biology WEBBER. BEATRICE Nursing WHITE. ERNEST Agricullural Educalion WHITE. JAMES Agricultural Education WHITE. THEODORE Business WIGGAN. LLOYD Animal Hushamlry WIGGINS. JESSE. ]K.-. Business Education WIGGINS, NATHANIAL Industrial Arts W ll.KKKSOX. CIRTIS Phoioiimphy W II. 1. 1 MS. l.rilO Z0 Sorinl Si,„ ies W1LLIA I . KOIlKliT wii.i.iwis. tii t(;iii:r " ' " l ' h . iiiil Kiluiiilion WILLI WISO.N. (;LEN (K)|) WJ t ' . ■ FJ . ■ . WILSON. ' Kn n ). Electriral Eni inccrinii WILSON. WINFRED T —« « ; Archilecliiral Engineering WOOD. A.STON 4n nial Huslmmlry W OOnS. I ' .F.. NIE (Mhiu. ' l ]lakinii WORK, MARVIN Mnsonrr P ' WYNN. MAR(;iE Tailoring W ' k YOUNCBLOOD. WILLIAM g L K ilke on. Curtis llliauis. Alphnii n Williams. Thatcher Williamson, (ili tiwinx Ukiss of 1959 il-..u. r..-niar.l W 1I-..11, W infr. .1 o,..l. .loii Vi o.iils. Hi-nnie W,.rk. hiniii W Mill. M.iiui. ' ' liiiiii;;!,! I. William W illiani-. Riih.-rt W illousihliy. Madesa m WE SflAII. l.l. MAHC. H T () (; 1, T II K I! 123 Norman A. McDaniels President James B. Spirlock. Jr. f ice-l ' resiileni OFFICERS Kavmonu Crump Treasurer Sylvia Ovkrton Ei.woRTii Smiiii Serri ' lin Student Cauntil IxfjirfSi ' ntnlii ' r t ' y .. •!:. -r ' •::? •■ .•« • ' ' J ?- Oiitstciniliiiii Seniors Pearl Cunningham Most Active r I m 1 1 - . ' TIN • NovLET Hunter Scholarship I.YNWOOD SaNUERS Engineering t i Felicia Black Miss A. and T. College (lli l A. l( DiMKL Prrsidcnl Senior Class Robert Herhin Chemistry How Ri) Smith Athlete Daisy 0. Best Nursing Edward Nesbitt Student Council President Verable McCloi u Education and General Studies Outstanding Seniors are chosen by the Editor-in-Chief of the Ayantee. They are chosen on the liasis of scholarship and recommendations from the deans of their respective school, or heads of the departments they represent. Missing outstand- ing seniors are Milton T. Speight of the Technical Institute, and Thurman McCoy, Agriculture. 125 These Cdupn Hall I ).,iiriituiy Offieers are: fifiiit to liaek. Jimmie I. Earlier. George ({. Manning. Erivvin Johnson. Fred Jones. John Gihson. Oeiaulor Morse. Br ant R. Ilarrell. William Cha|inia]i Roger L. Wilherspo.Mi. WesleN D. lialclu in. and Cai nrll II Williams Cooper Hcill Dorm Officers I k lellous ||„. „|,,, hul I ' m rcadN l. i h. ' l. S-THl- I,, I,, . ■ . George Alslon. » ' ,;« , . Kniesl J,.lm-on. W lial u ini ui r for | rolilrm nnmlier lueUi? 126 Inside the t . ..»r. r ■• ' ? . ?■ -s? Junior Senior Counselors These young uomen served as assistants to the Dean of omen and her staff. They serve to guide, and assist freshman and sopho- more women students in ht ' l|.ing them become better citizens of our college connnunitv. llornis Freshmen women stud in Holland Ha Hello mother, ihinfis here at A. and T. are wonderful. 127 GRASS KdOrs OPERA Lyceum Attmctioiis (ii ' cifTii ' N HiildiT and wife. CariTicri l)i-l,a allailr csiilain mpiiic ciI lln- liiici |i., ' iiil nl rtuKicrii tlaiHT. Mr . (;,•., ITn-N llol.N-r 128 ..V " Who ' s Who First, row. lejl ii-lil: Ki.i () .il..ii. I .li al " lli II. Jonlaii. I ti-i Iciic inilli. ' ivoiiin ' larai)li-. Dctly Alexander. Mar- garet Alston. Diiris C. Bowman. Pearl t.unninghajn. Christilene Clark. Felicia Blaik. Second row. lejl lo riiihl: Elworth Smith. Veralile McCloud. James Spurloik. George Waters. SuHie Munn. Edward INesbilt. Lillie Jones. Alexander Mc- Daiiiels. Fred ' liitlo(k. Smtl HaKard. and lioherl llerliin. In Amenccin Colleges and Universities 1959. These stiRleiils wlm lli l i iif;ii i-lied themselves through superior schohtiship. leadership and other outstanding achievement represent the higher ideals of the college faniilv. 129 luninr OlcISS Officers These Junior Class Officers are Larry L. Fewell. Tlii ' i.iliin- Lilllr. James Jones. Joseph Mitchner. Monroe Fuller. Mary llodfje. Dohln,. Clunis. Kduard Johnson, and (leorye Waters. As we (haw closer l i tliat ijoal lo uliicli Wf all aspire, we coilgratlilaU ' mir alilc leaders loi ' llie acliie erneiits 111 oiii ' riass. May all (iiir cllorls coiil iiiiie lo lie crduiicd willi success 1(1 ciialile lis Id r " e|ilac ' llie coveted f;iadll- aliii ' i seniois. I ' lesiilrnl. Fui:ii ]i .: w Soplioiiiore Class Officers Vonrf(n«. left to rii hl: Robert Bogan. ' iilhelmina Harrison. Earnest Sherrod. Annie Efferson. and Carl Bullock. Seated is Theodore Bunch. It i,- with nuiih pride that we ?taiid at another milestone and iew tlie activities of the past two years with un- daunted spirits and greater enthusiasm, we face another year in which we a.rk for continued co-operation to crown our college years with -uccess. I ' reiidenl. Tukodore Blnch Fresh nici 11 Officers ji From Irfl In riiihl: George Gaiit. Parliamentarian: Victoria Stewart. Student Council Representative; Jack Ezzeil. Vice-President: Wallace Worthajii. Student C(juncil Representative; Louise Dudley. Secretary; and Mary Covington. As- sistant Secretary. From tliat iievef-foigettahle day in Septeiiibei- when Rex Fori line. Jr.. assumed presideiiey. the class of 1962 has soiijilil Id fjain a jiiace of proniiiienee amoiiji; the more seasoned students of A. T. Among; outstanding freshmen were Mr. Rex Fortune whose voice was heard at all tootliall games as lialftime annoiineer; Miss Kaye Thompson, atteiuhmt to Miss A. T. and Henry Mar- shall, also a freshman on the Aggie CIAA championship hasketball team. Olhci iillicers were: Jack L. Ezzeil, Jr., vice-iiiesident: Louis Dudley, secretary; Bessie Coving- ton, assistant secretary; Zenohia Oliver, treasurer; George Gant, Jr., parliainentarian, and Geraldine Ses- soms, reporter. I ' irsidrnl. Ri: I ' dini l 3lti Mtmotp The presence of Mr. H. Clinton Tavlor. who succumbed on December 2 19S8 i. vet felt l,v ,l,e P II f 1 His services were those of a devoted man beino a. A ; T f. i f , " " ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' " " College familv. place he ever worked in his profession " ' ' ' " " " ° ' ' hirty-one years: A. i T. being the onj and Sard ' K t TrmlJ D ai lti ' fCl ' " ' • ' ' ' i: ' - ' " • " ' " " College , 1925-55 , torium irespectivelvl Thee i also ' he H C t1i " % , ' r " n " ' ' ' t ' u ' " ' ' ' " " ••- ' ' ' ' ' ' " " i " - " i- and named I his honor-w ch hou e ma " ; of W her wort " ' " " ' " " ' " " ' " ' ' " Librar. -dedicated Wi iiSgwim Mixed Clioii TUIRUTE TO Always a success the mixed rlinii ajiaiii iiiinins;. Christmas Conceit. iju e(l a ear c.l li iimii.hl ' iii r( n ell . Thi »a rHiiia e l li tlic. al«a Mrs. I ' disriA Cn i cikh ' icfoinimni.s Mr. K i:ri:tt Thomas 134 MUSIC IVlAliEKS IHeiKs (ilee (]liil) lill aiiiither favorite of llie lifteneis of song, the Men ' s Gle- Club more than proved drth of the liigh praise heaped upon it b all who heard and enjoyed the renditions. The College Choir, iiiuier the ilireetioii of Mr. How- aid T. Pears-all ami Miss Portia Crawford, aeeonipaiiist, performed spjeiididiv at iioiiie ami trips away, whieh tooi tliem tliroiigii many of the eastern states. The soloists who addeii tn the already established plane of excelleiiee of the choir were as lolhivvs: Rtihy Colston and Earlene Hurdle, sopranos: Patricia Biiriiey and Iva McLean, contraltos; James Spiirlock, tenor and Richard Smith. Iiaritone. Howard T. Peaksau. Direvlor 135 - ' ! Syiiiijhojiy I niiring ni|ili(iii scaxiii. llit- liaml i-xpcilK icrulfied riKin (li i ' iMlic(l riiiisical niiiiilifis — classics as well as | n|iiilai ' ]iifcc uliicli drew ailrnir aliim and applause lidiii rniisie loxers ever vvlieie. Mi Walter h. (iailson dii ' ected the hand aloiiji ullli his assistant. Mr. Husea Taylor. Wm.i ' kfi F. Caki.son Dinrlor ydi fm McMThiiiii Once ajiaiii tlic liij;li- tr|i|)iii,i; iiii ' iiilici cil llie college riiarciiiiij; Ijaiiii pidxcil llial llic (lc.scr c ihr lille of " I ' lide ami Jov of tiie Agjiies. " Diiriiii; llic lall season, the lliiiilcil and (lelij;lilci| llic loolliall fans with their spectacular lialftinie perlorniances. vvliicii included itianv intricate dance routines and other lorniations. HOSEA Twi.oi! Assistant Diicitoi 137 sz .MOW Lint- Itu ' ii ' .s (iiu- til f iT ciowi HKi4 1 SSS MPH S .yv " s in J H v SjT ilJ hP SLj ' J 1 " ■B ■ ■ ll Oiil Mill rlii k llial Camera STUDENT " . . . A great man. a great builder . . . he gave his life fc.r A. i T. . . . the late. Dr. IVrdiiiaiul I ). lihifcnl. l§§a5a» Ml A J! Pre Rpgistialiiin — Getting read for amilher Quarter. LIFE... Swimming, who swims anxhow. ' City Students locker room — Basement of Bluford Lil rar . To classes, we go. Band puts the show on the road — off to Fl ' iiila ii »■ ■- a 1959 YEAUBOOK NOVLKT III NTKR Assoiiii c Ediliir LITERARY STAFF — lira, l,-,l l, l.illir JoiiPs. center sitting: tlii f;iiiu|] aniiin- pli -lied the nn)St difiirult jnl» in liuilding a carliiicik — writing the cut lines and all iilhri written material. Its niejnliers frdin Icll lo right are: Buliliv Stalfurd. FUvurth Smith. William iDukel Legclte. IVarl Cnn- ningham. and William (!ha]»man. KllU KI) I ' ll! ' Assoiiale Editor BkTTV ,). GiDNEY Secretary to Editor No leader can function uitlinut the ableness nf a cdmpetent helper. Gi oHGK Manning l hotoii,rapJtt ' r Mll.TOM I,. M- RTIN Editor-iit-Cliiej 11(1 mm STAFF Lli,,ii t ART STAFF: These members are from left tu right: Robert Alexaiifler. iIHe Durham. Raymond Foushee. illie Davis, and Carl Bullock. usiness Manager: David Price: Circulation Edito purgeon Cameron, and Elizabeth Minix. l.AVOLT STAFF, headed b ' , Melvin Williams: Gh.ria Blair. Bar- bara Lennons. sitting: Archie Smith. Gene Trent and Ernest Davis. TYPISTS, headed b Mildred Duren. sitting: others from left to right are: Betty Sum- mers. Leonard illiams. Carrie Goodwin. Elma Carlisle. Barbara Samuels. Gloria Brown, and Christiner Thompson. 141 Cnllej e Farm As ii |)(iilii)ii 1)1 llic Sclidiil (il Afjrii-iihiiiT llic ({illi ' ur laiiii sei ' vt ' s as a vital rrHMliiirn in llic liainiiii; of stiidciits ol af iiriiltiiic. Hfir sliiilciits can i;aiii tiiic ajid ailiial i-xpriiciiccs in all phases (il laiin rnan- aiicincnl an i umk. 2 Sehcisticiii Infiriiiciry Rcisehcill MeLVIN (ilidOMKS Coach (IP Cottdii |iitcherl a iin-liiltcr. 144 mfummmmmmmmm. Tivuk On " onr mark. r[ m ' I. ' ?? ' ,. :■ ' ■ ■ Bert Pkxott Coach 145 ■jkimm mmm: ' -nnmTniinTnTiiT-iin hEVIEW Of . ' I. I ' aiil llairi. . passes [he baton to speedster liaMimiiil ( ' , r Sports " ' Cool it coach " ! ! ! ' I ' llc li|i c.lf af airisl Noilli Carc.liiia Cnlli ' po. 146 ' r 3« ' 5n SPOMTS oure Out! FdothdII naskotl)(il IVlSfl)(ill Track ■»»■ ■ ' - ' « " " a Joseph Taylor being stopped by a host of N.C.C. tacklers. " aher W ade. a top senior center who came through as a standout offensive and de- fensive lineman. 147 These Were Speiicil IJciys in ' 58 ' 59 Foiiiuler ' s ]i y Tli«mksiii inii 148 17W Hieparing Cliristmas haskcls: tlun will In ' surjjrised. Christnicis ■•NOKL. n... ' l. M,„-l. ' First place « inflow in Christmas Deroration Con- test aniung campus urgani- zaticins. OriScHiizcitions The Letterinen ' s Club The clulj is designed to bring aljoiit a closer union jjetween college-lettered athletes of similar high ideals of leadership, man- hood, sportsmanship and fair play. The olficei ' s are Edward Nesliitt. president; Charles DeBose, vice-president; Raymond Goode. secretary; Walter Wade, treasurer. Winston Sdlem Cluh This dull is composed of students who hail from the " Twin-City. " It aspires to promote high scholarship and better relation- ships among its mendjers and the college family. Business Assniintidn Students majoring and niinoring in the vaiious phases of business have lormed lhcui clvr iiilii (ini- group. Theii ' aims are In maintain high ideals of business, and to keep abreast constantly changing develop- nirnls in llic (icld. 150 Oriicinizcitions SuiulciY Srhool The iain|)us Smulay School attenips to develop in the student a mature sense oi values for a lietter sorial and spiritual life. A better understandini; id the iiilih- and Bihlical lei ' eri ' uces is also an outstanding jiurpose. I ' idppa I ' hi happa The debating organization at the college. Kappa Piii Kappa Forensic Society, serves to stimulate both an inleiest in tlie art of formal discussion and an appreciation lor formal tliscussion of current controversial issues. Mrs. Zoe Barbee serves as advisor. Music Ediirators Natiimal Society Striving to slinndale more interest in music for those who will further train in it is an im- portant objective of the Music Educators National Society. Its officers are: Prince .Albert Best, president: Robert Eason. vice- president: . nnie Loan, secretary and Esther Trov. treasurer. 151 gy... .m. . .imiC T--. Grucniizcitiuns New York Me u .lerst Oliib L luler the leaileislii]) ol Bruce Saiuls as piesiilent; Bailiara lUiits as vii ' e-president; Barbara Wise as seeretary and George Man- ning as treasurer, this eluh sought to serve the iiilei-e l of those wlio come to A. li T. trorii tiu ' states ot New Yori and INew Jer- sey. Art Cirile The Art Circle is a student pidfessional organization for those niajming or niinoring in the Fine Arts. Its purpose is the develop- ment of further interest in ]iainling and diauing through -.IikK and application. Geoi»i(iphii Soiiety Headed hy David Harvey as president, the Geographic Soi-iet was formed for stu- dent- Intcrc-lcd in the fichj of geogiaph on oui canipii . Mciiilicis take trips to al■iou places of interest in the I nitcd States and a Uo .ittcnd movies and Iccluro on geographic niatcriah Other ollicers are: Leo Slade. vi(e-pie.-.ident; Mimiie Hovle, recording secretary: Myrtle Brown, rcprc-cnialixe: l.ina llarlield. cor- responding ccretar : I ' amnstciu I ' roident, treasiiicr-: and Willis NichoK. rcpurtci. 152 nriinnizcitinns liuluslriiil Arts Assoiiatinn lliis student organizatiuirs purpose is to iorni a closer union ainunj; the Industrial rts Student, maintain a ilose relation with the College and provide for a greater scho- lastic achievement in the Industrial Arts Delia rtnient. A| ri(iilturctl Assdcicitiim This organization intends to stimulate more interest in the scientific achievements of agriculture and develoji an appreciation loi advantages and opportunities in agri- culture. The leaders are: Ernest McNair. president: Henry Powell, vice-president: Dolly Horton, secretary and Hevwood Mc- Coy, treasurer. I 1 djH ill 153 Sii»nia Rho Sioiiwi HononirN Society Sigma Kho Sigma sought to encourage in its members a liigh degree of devotion to scholarship in the humanities. Its othcers are Elworth Smith, president: Walter Mc- -Allister, vice-president: Pearl Cunningham. secretary and James SpuilcK k. Jr.. tiea-uicr. HKUfttM BHHNVWBHaafiriwnw Oriicinizcitioiis Ameriicin ( heiniial Society All aci|iiainlaiK-e with the hroader aspects of eheiiiistiy was the main olijective of the Colh ' iie chapter of the American (Chemical Society, an alliliate of the (Central North Carolina Sc lion. iiohcrl Hcrhin cr c(l as president. Westminster Fniindiition This orj;ani alion compo cii ol lii(lcnl ol Presiiyterian faith has as its purpose lo loi- ter Christian feUovvsiiip on tiie campus. Under the leadershiji of Natlianiel C. Kelly as president and Gracie Dijif s as secretary, a more matnre sense of values wilh emphasis iin relijiion was dc idopcd aiiioni; il rnem- l,cr . i i m Wesley Fmiiuldtioii ' I ' he purpose of the orf;ani .alion was the fosterinj; of Christian fellowship anion the Methodist students on the campus. It served as an excellent media foi ' tlio e ludcnl who had taken pari in ihcii homclown clmichc . 154 ?,.•? .-v. r. - ' •::; i . • ' r Oriiciiiizcitiniis MDIVit Soriety The newest of tlie student professional organizations, the MOPAT Society ' s [jLirpose is to promote interest in physics and related fields. MUPAT is the abbreviation for Majors of Physics at A. T. Tiiese students also strive to stinnilate scholarship in their chosen field. Si ' ott H ill Seiuite The representative governins; body ot the men of Scott Hall. Its officers are: president. Carv Dixon: vice-president. Danial Single- ton; secretarv. illiam Knight: treasurer. Eddie Exuni. Student Niitiiuitil Ediiiiitional Association This organization has provided a close relationship with jjrospective teachers for pidtessional pre|)aration. The leaders are as follows: William H. Stewart, president; William H. Chaiimaii. vice-president: Yvonne Marable, secretary and Willis E. Nichols, treasurer. . M OrjicinizcitioiLS Alpha li i|i|)(i Mil Honor Society The Alplui K;i|i|);t Mil Honor Society, loiiiided in 1937. is a national organization which aspires to |)roniote liigli scholarship, encourage sincere and zealous endeavor in all fields of knowledge and service; and to culti ate a high order of personal living. I ' i Oiin ' i ti I ' i Pi Omega ' associates scholaisliip with those who excel in husiness. Among its officers are Esterlene Smith, president; Sliir- ley Byrd. secretary and Famiie Ciiiiie. ti ' eas- iirer. FreiH h Oliih s ervmg as an ap]ien(lage lo tl le collejie s de|iarlment ol Ficiich, the French (!lul] slri cs III dcNchip in ils rncriilicrs an appre- ciation ol llic l- ' rciirli language, people, and iisl )nis. iB!?.. » ii! A; • ' Ml A Oiiicinizcitions The Ne»incin Oliih This groups aim is to bring students of Catliolic faith closer together. Tlie clubs leaders are: Tvlas Grant, president: Barbara Wise, vice-president: iteria Harris, secre- tary and Klriie t Grant, treasurer. Mil Xi Nil Socicil Smiety " Be lovers of the modern arts. " this or- ganization holds high as its motto. The Soi ' iety has promoted a better understanding (it the contemporary arts: Music. Dance and Art. The officers are: Bennie P. Roliinson. |)resident: Samuel Gee. vice-president: Willy I.eGette. secretary and Alonzo Stevens, treas- urer. Auto iMeihiiiiiis Club This organization, composed of students majoring in Auto Mechanics, gives oppor- tuTiities for research, development and ap- plication of ideas in Mechanics after class hours. " Service " is the " W atch-W ord " of this dynamic organization. 157 Oracinizcitions F(irtiii litl Clul) Tlii oiiiaiii aliiin is iiiteit ' stcd in literature anil is rorii| i)se(l iiiainlv of those students majoring or niinoiin ' ; in English. David Piiee is president along with Juanila Har- grove as vice-president; Tyler Ford as secre- tary and Clarice Sherrod as treasurer. Tlie Ti Mffic Scifely Club The desire to inlcrprcl and instill id safety hahits to those on campus and in our comnnniity hecomes a reality with the mem- hers of the Traffic Safety Cluh. The leaders are LaSalle Thomas, president; William H. Chapman, vice-])resident; Robert A. Carr. secretary, and Aljosen Hilliard. treasurer. YWOA With Kmcstiiie Lawrence serving as its ])resident. this widcK -kndwn organization is dedicated to a richer and fuller knowledge id ' (Jod in oiilei- to enhance more wholesome living. Its doors ai ' e open to young women of all religious faiths. -.V 158 ()ri ciniZ(itions IMivsiccil Ediuatiim Majors (;iul) ' l ' lii (lull liiit ' (l llic iiilt ' ipst of tlio e j tii- (leiils will) puisut ' pidlessioiial tiainiiij; in " Plus. K(l. " tlii()iia;li research, study and a])plication. Raymond Goode. president for this year, as did Edward Baldwin, yire- ])resident: Alice Sessoms. secretary and Charles D. Golijjhlly. treasurer, served the oraanization well. N.A.A.C.P. Newly-c)rj;anized on the campus, the Na- tional Association for the Adyancenient of Colored People coasted along at a rather slow rate of speed. L nder the leadership of Rohei ' t Herhin as its |)resident. the organiza- tion hopes to gain nioinentuni as time pro- gresses. Vii- ;inici Clul) The aims of this ckdj include the pro- moting of amicable and social relationships between students from Virginia. Their offi- cers are: Ann Lassiter. ])resident: James Spurlock, yice-president: Annie Eyerson. secretary and Gene Trent, treasurer. nr cinizciti()iis The Alfimniue Couiit Olul) Tilt ' (lini of this dull is ti |ii(iMiiiti ' an arnicalilr lelationship hetweeii liiili-iil I Kirn Alaniaiii ' e County and fellow (■ollf ' ;ians. The leaders are: Wesley D. Baldwin, jiresi- dent; Charles Miller, vice-presideni; Martha Hunter, secretary and Worth Moore, Jr., treasurer. .limes ( (uint Oliih With a rainini; to In inj; ihe sludenls Irdni Jono (!(iinil i-loser together, the organiza- tion rlriird I)a id L. Moore, president; Kicliaiil E. Itarliei. vice-president; Rosa L. Muinlord. secretary and Clifton E. Kooncc. tieasurer. T iil(iriii Glul) This organization allows for tlic develop- riirnl and application ol the modern trends and arialioiis of tailoring. Througli the leadership of siicli jiersons as Willie Duii- liaui. president; Leroy (lolili. icc-prcsideni; Ccralilinc Alston. secrctai . anil Rohcrt Alexander, lieasurei ' , these sliidcnl aspire to licconic masters ol their -ho cii pidlcssion. 160 If! 11 II ' i! n ()rj cinizcitions F(ireijiii Stuilt ' iits Assoiiation The F.S.A. serves as a means tliioiijili whicli foreign students can expand their knowledge socially, intellectually and spiri- tually. The officers are: president. Samuel Lynch: vice-president. Novlet Hunter: secre- tary. Lutetia Tanoe; and treasurer, Bernard Benson. VA L nder the presidency of John S. Davis, the menihers of the Y.M.C.A. desires to dis- cover for themselves the highest ideals of Christian living and senice and to have a part in making these ideals operative on the campus. New FiiniRMs ol Anierirci This organization is comprised mainlv of majors in agriculture. Its cardinal princi- ples are: to stinuilate scientific achievement and an appreciation for the advantages and opportunities in agriculture. THE ENGlNEERINt; ASSOCIATION Tlie Engineering Asscxia- tion is designed to sliinulali- interest in all phases lA engineering to persons who are m that area. The leaders are as follows: Ishaniel Ed- monds, president: Edward E. Jordan, vice-president: Evander Humphrey, .seere- tar and Napoleon Fiichard- son. treasurer. VETERAN ' S ASSOCIATION Under the leadership of Caswell Powell as president, this organization affords its inenihers an opportunity for self-expression and organized (■o-o|jeralion on those Tuatters .if importance and interest li, those veteran students Ull.lrl Ihr C. 1. lilll. IIOMi: KCKKIIS The purposes of the Home I-xker ' s Cluh are: t i accpiaint the students with the recent trends in Home Economics: 1,, promolc liner woman- liood; to sc-r c as a medium ihrimgli which there will he an exchange of opinions and concepts hetwecn ihi ' stu- dents and instruiloi . Icp pio- iiiiili ' clinlaslic achievemeni anil lo |Momote lietter student relalionsliip. [[ (.lliii-rs arc I ' resiilcnI. ' .,mic l.akr: Vice-I ' rcsi- dciil. ladcssa Vilh.ughh : Si-cretar . Marv E. Adams: Treasurer. Sarah E. Coggins: Chaplain. Cora Edmund. G. C. L. F. COUNTY CLll! The G. C. L. P. County Club, all of whose nieiiilicrs are natives of one of the four big counties in Eastern North Carolina — Greene. Craven. Lennir and Pitt seeks to bring about an amiable bond among its members. It also aims to help in the adjust- ment of its mendiers to lol- lege situations. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC AS.SOCIATION This Association, com- posed of women Physical Education Majors, serve as an outstanding adjunct to the College ' s Department of I ' Insical Education. Wilhel- mina Harrison is president. The other officers are: Min- nie Gregory, vice-president: Yvonne Marble, secretary, and J(]hnsie Threat, treas- urer. TECHNICAL INSTITITE CLl I! This club purposes lo bring together at frequent inter als those student tech- nicians and tradesmen who are interested in the better- ment and promotion of good fellowship among the trades- men and technicians of the Technical Institute. Mr. Donald C. Fuller, a Radio and Television major, serves as president. Ltite News Bulletin AOOIES HOLD TWO (ilANl Two f;i;)Ml vicloiv ci ' lcluatiims ;;rct ' l( ' (l Aggie liMski ' lliall lieido ictiiiniiig after eapliiiiiig the NdAA DisliicI Playoffs held at Tuskegec Institute. Ala., and after taking third plaee in the NC.A College Division Tournament held at Evansville, Ind. Nearly 1 .()()(• fans were on hand at the laihciad leriiiiiial to greet the lellows who had defeal ' d Tiiskegee Institute. 101-1)7 and had run roughshod over Florida AiSiM University in the finals. 95-78. March 6-7. to gain a herth in the National Collegiate Athletic Association College Di ision Tournanieut. ' I ' laliic was suarled Uii a lull hour at the Creenslioro-lligh I ' oint Airport when nearly 2.()(K) fan lui ' l the Aggies on Saturday, March 11. as they returned from Evansville. with a third place rank- ing in the national tourney. ' I ' he Aggies whipped ; merican University. 87-70. in the first loinid. dropped the semifuials to Evausvill. ' C.illcgc. I l()- ' )2 and de- feated I, OS Angeh ' s Stale Col leg.-. 101-81 in the consolation match. In ai ' complishing the leats. the Aggies liroke sc-oring iccoiils in (!AA College Division Tournaments and Joe Cotton was named All America, third team. These photos depict the spirited events as the Aggies returned to Greeushoro. A ((ifKiiicring lien) returns — Coach (]al Irviii. « 164 n " VIOTOKY CELEBKATIONS G(ii)(l work. Joe Jackie ' s favorite Aggie Viildi) smiles Aggies ' No. 1 fan ll.-l,. Illr r,.,,ir! Ever; bod) liaj)]))? 165 L ' J— JJl ' IL 1 Conclusion Our mascot is to us in Aggieland the symbol representing the copious school spirit and the oneness of all of us. May it always be. There haye been times when all these — the bulldog, the school spirit, and the oneness — hove been shaken or broken, but to no great loss, for they have always been mended as well as before. Better yet, these breakages hove inspired an even stronger determination for us all to never, never let it reoccur. Another year — another book of memories are the things that perpetuate the spirit of Aggieland. Auloiinip ' ' Student Directory ALEXANDER. liETTI JOAN. 349 W. Moore Avenue. Mooresville. N. C. Major; English; Minor: Mathematics; Organizations: (Ilieerleader ' s .S(|uail; Women ' s Alliletie Association, I ' slier Board. Delta Sifima Theta .Sororitv. ALEXANDER. (HVRLES CLMMiNt S, 804 Holt .Street. Lexins- lon. N. ti. Major: Pliy-ical Kiliication: Minor: History; Organi- zations: IJaschall Tcani. Lcltt-rman ' s (Hub. ALEXANDER. ROHERT WARDELL. 2301 Sanders Avenue. C;liar- lotte. N. C. Major: Tailoring: Minor: Driver Education: Or- ganizations: Photo Ciuh. Tailoring Club. Charlotte Cluh. ' ear- •liook Staff. ALLEN, 1:ATHER1NE MARIE. Route 4. Box 194. Oxford, N. C. Major: Elementarv Kdueation; Minor: Social .Sludie-,; Organi- zations. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Alpiia Kaptia Mu Honor Society. Sunday .School. Pan-Hellenic (!ounciI. Sigma Rho .Sigma Honor Society. A ' iANTF.E Staff. ALLEN. DORLS. Jamaica. B. W. 1. Major: Home Economics Education; Organizations: International Relations Club. Charm and Culture Club. ALSTON. MAR EAKLINE. Route 4. Sanford. N. C. Major: Tailoring; Organizations: Tailoring Club, Tcibnical Inslitnte Club. ARMSTRONG, James Howard. Route 2. Box 12H. Candor. N. C. Major: Industrial Arts; Organization-- : Indu-trial Arts Associa- tion. ARM.STRONC. RONALD C. 28 Railroad Sired. Jacks.nnille. N. (.. Major: . nt() Meibanic : Minor: elding: Organiza- titms: Auto Mechanics Club, Technical Institute Club. ARTIS, BETTY D., Route 1, Box 2.5, Greensboro, N. C. Major: .Sociology: Minor: History: Organizations: Sociology Club. Day .Student t)rganization. ATKINSON. MAE FRANCES. .301 Law Street. Greensboro. N. C. Major: French; Minor: English; Organization: French Club. AILSTIN. SUTTON S., 314 North Pulaski Street, Baltimor,-, M,l. Major: Agricultural Education: Minor: (General Science; Organizations; N.F.A,. Y.M.C.. .. Agricultural Association. Vet- erans Association. IIAKER. MILTON L.. 607 A Street. Fayettevill.-. N. C. Major: Music: Minor: Military .Science: Organizations: Band, R.O.T.C.. M.E.N.C. . lpha Phi .Mpha Fraternity. Fellowship (Council. National Geographic .Society. BM.DWIN. EDWARD LORENZA. 12.50 New Bern Avenue. Raleigh, N, C, Major: Physical Education: Minor: Social Science; Organizations; Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Newman I dull, Ph si,al Education Majors (dub. BALDWIN, WESLEI DELANO, R..ute 2. Box 4. (.raham. N. C. Major: I ' bysical Education; Minor: Military .Science; (Organi- zations: Track. P.E.M. Club. Scabbard and Bla.le. Officers Club. . laniance (JoutUy Club, BANKS, DAVID s!. West College Street. Winnsboro, S. C. Major: Social Studies; Minor: .Sociology; Organizations; .M.C.V., (geographical Society, ' eterans Association. BARFIELD. LINA PEARL. Post Office Box 311, Benson, N, C. Maior: English; Minor: -Social .Studies; Organizations: Sunday School. Fortnighlly Club, (ieographic .Society. 11 AKRON. FRANK LAMAR. 13,33 Mt. Vernon Aveiu.e. Cohuidius. Ohio. Major: Electrical Engineering; Minor: Mathematics ; Organizations: . lpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Engineering Asso- ciation. N.A.A.C.P.. Amateur Radio Society, ' .M.C., . BARROW. WILLIAM HENKV Post Office Box 144. Baybor,,. N. C. Organizaliims: Veleraiis (dub. lecbnical Institute (dub. BATES. JAMES H.. 906 Cox Axenue. Durham. N. C. Major: Physical Education; Minor: Social Studies; Organization: Y.M.C.A. BALCOM. GEORGE THOMAS. 1029 Bi.ldle Street. New Bern. N. C Major: . rclutectural Engineering; Minor; Mathenialics. BEATY. W ILLIAM RLSSEL. JR.. 802 W est 25th Street. Winston- .Salem. N. C Major: Imlustrial .Arts; Organizations: (Concert Band. Marching Band. Industrial Arts Association, Winston- Salem Club, Traffic Safety Club. BELL. MOUDESTINE BEATRICE. P. 0. Box 704. Warsaw, N. C. Major: Nursing; (Organizations; Teloca. Stale .Student Nurse Ass iciation, Y. ' .(!.A.. .Social Conuuittee of Senior (Hass. BENNETT. DORIS WILLENE. 319 Winston Str.-ei. Greensboro. N. C. Major: Home Economics Education: Minor: (ieneral .Science; Organizations: Home Eckers (dub. .Auto Mechanics (dub. .Agricultural -Association. BERRt, HELEN MARIE. Route 1, Box 392, Trenton, N. C. Major: Business Education; Organizations: Y,W.C., .. Baptist .Student Inion. (iuidance Placenicnt Conmiittee. Forum (!om- iTiittee. Sunday School. Business Association, Miss (Joed. 1958-59. Jones Counlv Club. BE.ST. DAISY OLIVLA. 211 E, Neil Street, Gol.lshoro, N, C. Major: Nursing; Organizations: Newspaper Reporter (Registerl. Who ' s Who in .American Colleges and Lniversities. Senior Dormitory Coutiselor. Tntitornl Staff. Fellowship Council. Chair- man — L. Richardson Junior Auxiliary. Sunday School. Memb.-r — District, State, and National Sluilcnt Nurses Association. BEST EDDIE, Rounlree Apt. 812. Wilson, N. C. Major; Music; Minor: Hisior ; Organizations: Marching Band, Concert Band M.E.N.C, A.M.C.A. BEST. PRINCE ALBERT. 419 Warsaw Court, Goldsboro, N. C. Major: Music; Minor: History: Organizations: Band, Alpha Phi .Alpha Fraternity, M.E.N.C. BIGELOW. HATT IE ODELL. Route (.. Box .528. Greensboro. N. C. Major: Sociology; Minor: History; Organizations: Sociology Club. Da .Students Organization. BIGELdW. JAMES WELIWN. Star Route. Yanceyville, N. C. Major: .Auto Mr-chanics; Minor; Machine Shop; Organizations: Veterans Club, Technical Institute (.dub. Auto Mechanics Club. BLACK. FELICIA. 1114 Martin Street, Greensl)ori , N. C. Major: Biological Sciences; .Minor: (diemistry: Organizations: Usher Board, elerans .Association. A estminister Foundation. Senior Counselor. Dramatic Club. Pan-Helb-nic Council. .Alpha Kappa Al| lia Sorority. American Chemical Society. Miss A. T, 195K ,59. BLACKBIIRN, WALLACE, 827 Johnson Street, Gibson. N. C. Major: Electrical Wiring: Organizations: Driving .Safety CJJub. Y.M.C.A. BLACK.STON. EDW ARD. 1214 Wainwright Str.ei. Wilson. N. C. Major: Business Administration; Organizations; Traik Team. Business .Administration. BLACKWELL, GARLAND, Route 3, Box 1:54, Roxboro, N, C. Majcn ; Business Administration; Organizations: Baseball, Busi- ness ssoeiation. I.ettertnen ' s Club. BLAIK. Gl.dKI LFAK.MlE. P. O. Box 375. East Spencer. N. C. Major: pplie,l ociologv : Minor: .Social Studies; Organiza- tions: A.AA.C.A.. Baptist braining Lnion. .AlANTKE Staff, S.S.U BONNER. WILLIAM. JR.. Route 2. Box 231, Milledgeville, Ga. Major: Photography; Minor; Etching: Organizations: Photo Club. Technical Institute (dub. A earbook Photographer. Presi- dent—Photo (dub. BOOKER. JAAIES NEL.SON. 417 Florida Avenue. Lynchburg. Va. Alaioi ; Cabinet Making; ( Irganizations; A ' etc-rans Club. V.M.CA. BdM). CH KLIE A.. Route 1. Box 41-B. .Milton. N. C. Major: Business .Administration: (Organizations: Business Association, Y.M.C.A. BOYD. LILLIE E., Route 2, Box 95. Warrenton. N. C. Major: Clothing; Organizaitons; Hoiue Eckers (dub. B.S.I ' .. .Agricid- tural Association. Fc-llowshi(c Council. lUher Board. Fellcrnshi|i ( ' ooncil Sc-crelarv. BdAllEN. EDWARD LEW I.S. 1221 Merc-r Avenue. N.W.. Roa- noke. a. ALijor: Social Studies; Minor; History; Organiza- tions; Fcjolball Team, (ieographlcal Society. Virginia Club. Fortnightly Club. BRADLEY. ARTHLR WILLARD. Aj.t. 19 Mdntyn- Court, Brunswick, Gc-orgia. Major: Electrical Engineering: Minor: Mathematics; Organizalions; Engineering Association. eterans -Association. BRAtU;. CAROLYN ANN. 301 West 7ih Street. Washington. N. C. Major: Nursing; Organizations: Pan-Hellenic Council Flepresentativc-. Delta Sigma Thela .Sorority. Member of Teloca. Stmlenl . ursc-s " .Association. Sophomore Counselor. Member L. Richardson Junior .Auxiliary. BK(l l . . GENE ELBERT. Rout,- 1. Box 208, Stoneville, N. C. Major: Business Association: Organizations: Y.M.C.A.. Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. BROWN. EARNEST, (daremont. N. C. Major: Biology: Minor: (dieniislrv. BKOWN.flARoLD. Rout,- 3. Box 217, Littleton, N. C. Major: Industrial .Arts; Organizations: Industrial .Arts .Association. A.M.(;..A.. Traffic Safetv (dub. Veterans .Association. BROWN. JAMES HERftERT. Route 1, Box 199. Oswego, S. C. Organizations: Agricultural .Association, New Farmers of Amer- ica. A ' eterans .Association. Y.M.C.A.. N.-A..A.C.P. BROWN. MYRTLE LOUISE. P. O. Box 579, Stanley, N. C Major: Elemc-nlary Education; Minor: English: Organizations: Class (Officer. Delta .Sigma Theta Sorority, (geographic .Society. .American Cbi-mical Socic-ty. Leadership Committee. Pan-Hellenic CJouncil. Dramatics Club. BROWN. RANSOM LEROA . Route I, Box .322. Winston-Salem, N. C Major: Auto Mc-chanics; Organizations: Band. R.O.T.C Band. Winston-Salem Club. .Auto Mc-chanics (dub. BROWN. THOMAS ARTHUR. JR.. Route 2. Box 666-C. New Bern, N, C Major; Mathematics; Minor: Military Science; (Organizations: Y.M.C.A.. Officers Club, Scabbard and Blade. Pershing Rifie Sipcietv, Mathematics Club. BRYANT. HATTIE U ' .. Route 1. Box 43. Marston. N. C Major: 169 Honiruliurf-: Organization- ; Bapti--r MikUiii I lUMn. A ricuhural Ai Kn ' ialinn. BliCHA. . . JAMES K LPH, 717 Manch ster Sir.-.-t. iUon. N. C. Major: Histury ; Mimir: Sociolot;y : Drfiaiiizations: Y ' .M.C.A., Oograpliical .Society, Oiiietia P i P ' li Fratmiity, Sigma Rho Sigma Honorary Society. Hl ' FFAI.OE. L DALE ONNE. P. O. Hox 93. N. C. Major: Applitd Snri..lnuy ; Minor: Social Studir-; Organi a- lion- : Sotiolngivt SimliMit I ' nioii. (.eo iraplu al Sncifty. Mu i iNu Social Society CIuli. A amkk Staff. HUNCH. DAVIU. 122 Soutli 8tli Stre-ct, SniitiiHrld. N. C. Major: Social Sluiiit ' s; Minor: Hi- tory ; Organizations: Kappa Alpiia Psi Fraternity. Pan-Hellenic (Juuncil. INt-winan Chili, (rt-ograpliic Society. BIRNES. joe LOl is. Knute 2. Box 66A. Farmville, N. C. Major: Refrigeration ami Air C imlitioning; Organization : C.C.L.P. Clul). BURNS. CHARLES F.. P. O. Box S, Ansonyille. N. C. Major: Pre-Mfil; Minor: Chemistry; Organizations: Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity American Chemical .Society. HI RTS. BARBARA J.. W Wej.-ter Ayenue, New Rochelle. N. J. Major: Applied SiMi(»liig ; Minor: English; Organizations: Junior Counselor. Rfgistfr Staff. Ayantle Staff. Student Council Representatiye. CheerleadiT. Pan-Hellenic Council. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Miss A.K.A. BUSSEV. M CRA . SOO E. Holly Street, Rocky Mount. N. C. Major : Mu -ie : M inor : French : ( Irganization-- : (Concert anti Marching Band. .M.C.A.. Clul . Rhythm Vets Orches- tra. The Munni Clnh. Mplu Phi lplia Fraternity. Usher Board. Pro tor-Cuopei Hall. M.E.N.C. Piihli.ilv Manager. BUTLER. MARION. JR.. 1017 Willow Avenue, .Sanford. Fla. Major: Bi dogy: Min()r: (ihemislry: Organizations: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. N.A.A.C.P.. Neunian Cluh. American Chem- ical Soeiely. BIRD. SHIRLE RAE. fill Linden Street. Fairmont. N. C. Major: Business Educatiim; Organizations: Alpha Kappa Alpha, Pi Omega Pi, Studi-nt N.E.A., iiusiness Association, Athletic Associatinn. .Sunday .School. CAIN. MOSES D.. 1102 E. Lane Street, Raleigh. N. C. Major: Biological .Science; Minor: Chemistry,; Organizations: Newman Cluh. Oehating Team. CAMERON. SPI ' R(;E0N. 60 Wilher Peck Court, Greenwich, Conn. Major: tlnglisli; Minor: History; Organizations: Regis- ter .Staff. Kappa Phi Kappa Forensic .Society. Mu Xi Nu Social Society, Niwman (Juli. Fitrtnightly Cluh. earhook .Staff. CANNADY. OLIVER WADELL. Chestnut Street. Henderson. N. C. Major: Biological Science; Minor: Chemistry; Organi- zations: Sigma Rho -Sigma. American (iheinical Society, Future Teaihers of America, Pan-Hellenie ( oumil. Phi I let a Sigma Fraternity. Biohigv .Seminar. CARR. IVORI A.. Route 1. Box 2.W. Burgau. N. C. Major: Business Admini--Iralion; Organizations : Veteran Association, Y.M.C.A., (Geographical Society. Business Association, Sigma Rho Sigma Honorary Society. CARR. R(HiEKT ALLEN, 706 North Sth Street. Wilmington, N. C. Major : Industrial Arts; Organizations: Drivers Safety (;iuh. Industrial Arts Xssociation. eterans Association. Proctor- (!ooper Hall. CARROLL. WH.LIE MACK, Route 2. Box 24.i, Enheld. N. C. Maj ir: Radio and T. V.; Organization: Radio (iluh. CARTER. (GLORIA THEON. 182,S E. 1th Street. Winst.m-Salem. N. C. Major: Applied Sociolog ; Minor: Social Stu lies; Or- ganizations: Sociologist Student I nion. Ceographical S(»ciet . W inston-Saleni (iluh. Jnternatiiinul (ielalions Cluh. " 1 earlnxik Staff. CARVER, RUSSELL ElKGENE. Burkharl Avenue. Louis- ville. Ky. Major: Business Administration ; Minor: Ac -ounting; Organizations: Veterans Association. Business Assoiialion. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. Im-. CHALMERS. MARVIN. Route 2. Piltshoro. N. C. Major: Physi- cal Education; Minor: Social Studies; Organizations; Basehall. Letterman ' s (iluli. CHAMBER.S. CLYDE ELIAS, I.S23 Dunhar Stre,-|, (Greenshoro, N. (;. Major: Masonry. CHAPMW. WILLIAM HULON, U Limlherg cnuc. Creenville. S. C. Major: English; Minor: His|or ; Organi ;it ions : Dehal- ing Team. 1 . LC.A.. Stn.h-nt N.E.A. ForlnightK Cluh. Kfgister Staff, AvANTKK Staff. Traffic Safety Cluh. CHAPPLE, KENNETH T., 1410 Russell Street. Charloiie, N. C. Major : Business Administration ; Organizations; ' .M.( ' .. ., Track. Basehall, Haskeihall. Business Association. CHEEK. WILLIAM Di BOIS, East Kidgc, Ramseur. N. C. Major: Physical EducatioTi ; Minor: Social .Studies; Organ izaticms; Cymnastie Team. Physical Education Majors (!luli. CHESTNUTT. JAMES H.. Route . ' " ,. Box ,124. Clinton. N. C. Major: Sociology; Minot : Itiological .Science; Organizations: Y.M.C..A.. Student Council, l|)lia Phi Omega Fraternity, Vet- erans Association. CHLSHOLM. JAMF R(H)RICK. JR., - . Kegati Str.-et. (Greensboro. N. C. Major: Sociology Organizations: (Geographical Society, hall. Swimming. Veterans Association. CLARK. CORNELIUS F., 611 North Wilson A Minor: Social Studies; Band. Basehall. Basket- Dunn, N. C. Front Street. Oxford. Minor: (Gr-neral .S,i,-nc Choir. N.F.A.. .M.C.A. Fraternity. Agricultural Asso- Asso- N. C. ■; Or- Dean Major: Business Administration ; Organizations: Busine ciation. Veterans Association. (T.ARK, DAVID LEE. 411 W.-i Major : Agriiulutral Education ; gani ations: Male Choir. (Jdlege of Pledgees- jpha Phi Omega ciaticjn. COEFIELD. ALDON. Lk ON. 1009 Macon Stn-et. Kinston. N. C. Major : Physical Ed ui at ion: Minor: .Social Studies; Organiza- tions; Foothall, Lr-tterman s (;iuh. Physical Education Major ' s Cluh, eteran A-socjation, Co-iiaptain of Foothall Team. CO(,ClNS. SARAH RONIS. Route 1. Box 2HH, W ind-or. N. C. Major: Home Economics; Organizations: Baptist Student linion. Home Eckers Cluh. Fellowship Council, Usher Board. COLLINS. EDWIN WILBLRN, Slevensville, Va. Major; Agri- cultural Education ; Minor; (General .Scierue; Organizations: Agricultural Association, N.F.A.. Baptist Student Union — Treasurer. Sunday School. Virginia Cluh. eierans Association! CttOPFR. CHARLES, Post Office Box 14, Nashville, N. C. Major: Agrieiilhiral Economics; Organizations: Vice-President Alpha Phi Oimga Fraternity. Agriculture .Association, N.F.A., Y.M.iJ.A. COOPER. MARION. 722 Fair Street. Camden. S. C. Major: Biology : Minor: Chemistry: Organizations; Phi Beta .Sigma Fraternity, Veterans Association. COLWELL, ERCELLE. Box 2.51, Clinton. N. C. Major: Applied .Sociology; Minor: Social .Studies; Organizations; Ceographical Society, Fellowship Council, Baptist .Student Union, Sunday School Club. Ayamtke Yearhook Staff. Sociology Student Union Cluh. CORNWALL. LINTON ARLINGTON. 1 Randolph Avenue, Kingston, Jamacia BWI. Major : Agricultural Eecmomics; Minor; Mathematics; Organizations; International Relations (!luh. Foreign Students Association, Sigma Rho Sigma Hcuiorary .Society, Newman Cluh, President -International Relaticjns (Jluh. COVIEL. ALBERT RUDOLPH. 312 East Pantego Street. Bel- haven. N. C. Major: Mechanical Engineering; Minor: Mathe- matics and Military Science; Organizations: Arm R.O.T. ' . Rifle Team. Engineering Association. Scabbard and Blade. Y.M.C.A. COVIN(GTON. OSCAR D.. Route S. Burlington. N. C. Major: Mechanical Engineering: Organizations; Engineering Tu tit oral Staff. Senior Class Social Connnittee. Y.M.C.y . CRANDELL, BONNIE L., 517 Elm Strecn. Beihaven, N. C. Major: Business Administration; Minor: None; Organizations: Business Association, Traffic Safety Cluh, Y ' .M.C.A., Geographi- cal Society. CRUMP. RAYMOND LEE, 105 Grace Street. Danville. Virginia. Major: Engineering Physics; Minor: Mathematics; Organiza- tions: Kappa Phi Kappa Forensics Society. Register Staff. Treas- urer—Senior Class. Senate State Student Legislature, M.O.P.A.T. Society, Treasurer — Junior (Hass. 19.S8. Treasurer — .Senior Class. 19,i9. Debate Society, President Associate Editor ■58- ' 59 Regis- ter. Art Editor ' .57- ' .Sy. State Student Legislature — Interim Coun- cil Member. CRUTCHFIELD. THOMAS BREWER. Route 2. Box 82, Roxboro. N. C. Major: Radio and Tcdevision; Organizations; Te(4inical Institute Cluh. CUNMNGHAM, PEARL CEIT:.ST1NE. 1110 E. Market Street, (.reenshoro. N. C. Maj ' »r: EltMuentary Education; Minor: English; Organizations: Marching Band, Concert Band. Dc4»at- ing T.-am, The Register Paper Staff, The Yc-arbo..k Staff. Studc-nt N.E.A. Fellowship Council in 19.57. Officer Sophomore (!lass, I9.S6. Internaliimal Relations Clnh. Librarian. Kappa Phi Kappa Forensic .Socic-ty, Sigma Rlio Sigma Honor Societ . Forlniglith Club. Dean of Pb-d-.-es. Mpha Kappa Mu. .W.C.A.. Campus Sunday School and «as lisi.-d in Who " - Who in 19,571958. CURRENCE, NORHIS ELLIOTT, 305 M.-ssuct Street. Salisbury. N. C. Major: Soc■iolog ; Minor: Social Studies; Organizations: Band. Y.M.C.A.. (Gc-ouraphic .Soc-iety, Mu Xi Nu. CURRIE. ULYSSES. Route 2. Box 11.5, Whiteville. N. C. Major: History; Minor: English and .Social Studies; Organizations: Y.M.C.A., Kappa Phi Kappa Di-bating .Society. Geographic .Society. DAVENPORT. DORIS. Route 2. Box 69. Roper. N. C. Major; Home Ec ' . Education; Minor: (General .Siiem-e; Organizations: Home Eckers Cluh. Fellowship (louncil. Agricultural Associa- tion. Bafiiist Student I nicin. DAMDSON. CAROL ' ! N IHERSA, 2000 St. Luke- Street, Char- lotte, N. C. Major: Elementary Education; Mjnor: Social Stmli. ' s: (Organizations: College Choir. (Geograplncal Society, Ushers Club, Charlotte Club. DAVIS, JAMES DAMS, JOHNNY L., 2518 Mmrl 8th Str.-.-l. Major: Mechanical Engineering; Organizations: ciation. Engineering Association. dundms, (G rierans ssi 170 h Wis. LI LA NL. Roul.- L Box 78. (.llaylon, N. C. Major: Nur - in i ; Minor : Nursing ; Orj;anization- ; Te loca StinK-ni Nur r- " Organization. Member— District. Statf. National Siuilmt Nur-f-- ' A rsociation. Y. .C.A.. College .Sunday School. L. Kichani on Junior Auxiliarv. DAMS. 1LLL M J.. 1100 Earle Street. Apt. 80. Charlotte. N. C. Major: Fine Art: Minor: History; Extra Curricular Activities: Baseball. tJolf. Basketball. Swimming: Organization : Art Circle. Yearbook Staff. DEANS. JUAMTA. 341 S e-t Bragg Street. Greensboro. N. C. Major: Clothing: Minor: Clothing: Extra Curricular Activities: Home Ecker Club. Y.W .C.A. Dices. CATHERINE Jl ANITA. 104 Richneck RtL. Newport Ne v--. a. Major: Applied Suciology: Minor: Sncial Studies; Extra Curricular Act i i ties: Ayantkk StafE. irginian Club. Ceograpfiical Socirtv. Sociological Stu(b-nls I nion. DIGGS, GRACIE OLLIE. Route 1. Box 167. Laurinhurg. N. C. Major: Home Economic Education; Minor: Science: Extra Curricular Activities: Y.W.C.A., Fellowship Council. Home Eckers Club. estmin Ifr Foundatiim Organization. L sher Board. Senior Counselor. DINGLE. LEON. JR.. 511 We t Victory Drive. Savannah. Ga. Major: Biology; Minor: Chemistry: Extra Curricular Activities: Tennis Team; Organizations: Kappa Phi Kappa. Newman Club. LN.R.C. DOIGLAS. CHARLES ESLEY. 203 South (;riffin Street. Florence. S, C. Major: Industrial Arts; Organization : Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternitv. industrial Arts Associalion. Campu- Chapt r-N.A.A.C.P. ' DOLTHIT. ROBERT A.. 2322 Thurmond Street. Mnston-Sa!em. N. C. Major: Social Studies : Minor: Military Scienet- and Hislon ; Organization : ' i in- lon-Salem Club. National Societv of Scabbard and Blade. Officers Clui). National (Geographic Societv. Pershing Rifles. International Relations Club. Advanct-d Armv R.O.T.C. D0 D. ED ARD T.. 421 Soodland. Rocky Mount. N. C. Major: Applied Sociology; Minor: Sncial .Scit-ncf ; Extra Curricular Activities: Band. Dramatics; Organizations: Busines- Manager of Frt-shman Class 1 19531. Geographical Societv. .M.C.A. DOWNING. DORIS LEE. P. 0. Box 104. Roper. N. C. Major: Business Education; Organizations: Fellowship Council, .M.C.A,. Sundav School. DOZIER. EVEREtT, Route 2. Box 92. Santers. S. C. Major: Soils ; Minor ; Chemistry and Mathematics ; Extra Curricular Activities: Y.M.C.A.. Agriculture Association, American Chem- ical Societv. DLKES. EDWIN LEROY. 312 Catherine Creek Roa l. Ahoskie. N. C. Major: Electrical Engineering; Minor: Mathematics; Extra (iurricular Activities: Arnold . ir Societv. Amatrur Radin Sncjriv. Engineering A—oriation. Offici-r (, ' luli. Dl NHAM. WILLIE ER IN. 2013 Edison Street, Charlott.-. N. C. Major: Tailoring: Minor: Dry Cleaning; Organizations: Tailor- ing Club, Charlotte Club. Yearbook Staff. Technical Institute i ' Au i. Member of Dri er E Iucation CJub. Dl NN. BOBBY T.. Route 3. Box 44. Z.l.ulon. N. C. Major: Agri- culture; Minor: Science; Extra Curricular Activities. Intermural Sports. Agricultural Association. New Farmer nf America; Organizations: Sphinx (dub. Smith Dougla- Scholarship Club. EDMONDS. ISHMAEL JR.. 1425 We i 46 Street. Norfolk. Virginia. Major: Mechanical Engineering: Minor: Mathematics; Organi- zations: Engineering Association. irginia Club. .M.C.A. EDWARDS, John T.. 218 Franklin Street. Milrord, Delaware. Major: Hislorv: Minor: Englisli : Organization : Student Ai l Fund. Dormilorv Court. ' .M.t:.A.. N.A.A.C.i ELLER. PARDIE. 217 Church Street. Thomasville, N. C. Major: Applied Sociology; Minor: History; Extra Curricular Activities. Mu i Nu. Veterans Association; Organizations: Fort night I v Club, Band. ELLIOTT. BERMCE LEE. 1547 Waddell Street. Charlotte. N. C. Major: Nursing; Organizations: Choir. Teloca Nursing Organiza- tion. Nnrth Carolina Student Nurse Association. National .Stu- dent Nurse Association. .Sundav School. ELLIS. HOWARD L.. 1711 - llth Street. Greensboro. N. C. Major: Brick Mas»mrv : Extra Curricular Acti it : Band. ELLIS. ROLAND DELONCE. Route 1. Box 176. Maysville. N. C. Major: Pre-Medicine; Minor: (-hemi--rr : Organizations: Omega Psi Phi Fraternitv. Arnold Air Societv and elfare Council. ENNIS HLGH WESLEY. 915 Gilmer Avenue N.W.. Roanoke. irginia. Major: Applied .Sociology; Minor: .Social .Science: Extra Curricular Activities; Band; Organizations: (Geographic Societv. ' irginia Clui). EVANS. ' ALFONSO VIRGIL. 239 • 5ih Avenue S. .. Hickury. N. C. Major: Music; Minor: History; Organizations: M.E.. .C;.. Marching Band, Concert Band. ' oodwind (iroup. ' esle Foundation. FEASTER. DANIEL 1. 1521 East 7th Street. Winston-Salem. N. C. Major: Radio antl T. .: Organizations: Radio (. " lub. Technical Institute Club. FEGGIN.S. MARY E.. Route 1. Box 83. Bethel, N. C. Major: Nursing: Organization : IVIoca. National Student Nurses " .Asso- ciation. . .(1 .. Senior Student (Counselor. FER(-LSON, ALPHONSO. P. O. Box 74.3. .Si. Pauls. N. C. Major: Bu iiie - Adniini-Iration; Organizations: Business Ad- ministration (JIub. Driver Education Club. FINNEY. JOHN H.. 969 Merrimac Avenue. Norfolk 12. Virginia. Major: Music; Minor: History ; Organizations; Concert and Marching Band. Bras and ind En-emble, Student Leaflership Conference. Y.M.C.A.. Kappa Alpha P-i Fraternity. M.E.N.t ' .. irginia Club. Register Statt. Brass and ind Ensemble. Future Teachers of America. Nu Xi Nu Social . " ocety. Pan-Hellenic (! ouncil. FLEET X)0I1. JOHN W.. 211 Boyette Street. Murfreesboro. N. C. Major : Business . dniinistrati m ; Organizations : Business Or- ganization. VM.C.A.. Veteran -- Organization. FLO VERS. HERMAN F., Route 1, Box 48. Wadesbon... N. C. Major: Agricultural Education ; Minor: (General Science: Or- ganizations: Omega Fraternity. iS ' .F.A.. Agricultural Association. eterans As-ociation, .M.C.A.. American Chemical Society. FORBES. GWENDOLEN JEAN. 915 South Bloodworth Street. Raleigh. N. (J. Major: .Nur-ery School Education: Organiza- tion-: Dance (Group. Ivy Leaf Interests (iroup. Cheering .Sijuarl, Nu Xi Mu. Home lackers Club. Student Council. Nursery School. Parent—Teachers A-sociation. FORD. TILER. 6U - (Grace Street. Wilmington. N. C. Major: English ; Minor : Historv : Organizations : Choir. Band, Fort- nightlv Club. S.N.E.A.. Debating Team. Y. LC.A. FOLSHEE. RAYMOND, Route 1. Chapel HiB. N. C. Major: In- dustrial Art-: Organizations: Veterans .Association and Industrial Art- . " .o» ' iatiMn. FOWLER. WILLIAM A.. 10 Lockwood Avenue. Freehold. N. J. Major: Applied Sociologv : Minor: Social Science; Organiza- tion-: ar-ilv Football. Forlniglulv Club. Lampodes Club. FOY, CHARLES HENR ' t. 623 Oak Street. ilmington. N. C. Major: Bu-ine-s Adrnini-tration; Organization: Business Asso- ciation. FOYE. CLARENCE EDWARD. Route 3. Box 11 A. New Bern. N.C. Major: Mechanical Engineering: Minor: Math; Organi- zations: Engineering Association. eterans Association- GALLOWAY. ROBERT LEE. 706 Anderson Street. Major: In- dustrial Arts. Organizatiiin : Industrial .Arts Association. GILMORE. CHARLES LEAMS. 2412 Charlotte Street, Greensboro, N. C. Major: Plumbing and Heating. GOLDSTON. DORETHA JOAN. Route 1. Box 352-A, Asheboro. N. C. Major: Fren h; Organization: French Club. GOLIGHTLY. CHARLES DOl GLASS. 16 Judson Street. Green- ville. S. C. Major: Physical E lucation; Minor: Social Studies; Organization: Phvsical Education Majors C!lub. GOODE. CHARLES ROBERT. Route 1, Box 190. Sealmard. N. C. Major: Tailoring ; Minor: Drafting : Organizatinn-: Technical ln titute (dub. Tailoring (Jul), Driver " - Education Club. Mem- ber of Scott Hall Senate. GOODE. RAYMOND SYLVESTER. Route 2. Box 249. Kings Mountain. N. C. Major: Physical Education; Minor; Social Studies; Organizations; Track Team. Physical Education Majors Club. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternitv. GORE. ADDIE REBECCA. 575 Bainbridge Street. Brooklyn 33. N. . Major: Home Economics: Minor: General Science; Organizations: earbook Staff, l-her Boanl. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Pan-Hellenic (Jtuncil. Dormitory (Government Council. Home Ecker- (dub. New ork-New Jersey Club, International Relations Club. Agricultural Association. Fellowship Council. (GORE. JOAN ALMENIA. Post Office Box 123. Chadbourn. N. C. Major: English: Minor: French; Organizations; Choir. For(- nightlv Club. Student N.E.A. GORHAM. BENJAMIN BRAWLE ' l. 810 .S. George Street. Farm- ville. N. C. Major: Bu-ine-s Education: Organizations: Busi- ness Association. C.tG.L.P. Countv (ilub. GORHAM. JOYCE. Route 1. ii..x ' l24. Farmville, N. C. Major: Busine-s Education ; Organizations: C.(G.L.P. Club. Business A--ociation. .W .C.A.. Fellowship Counselor. Geographic .Societv. GORHAM, LILLIE .. Route 3. Box 482. Washington, N. C. Major: Clothing: Organizations: Home Eckers Club. Fellowship Council. Y.W.C.A.. G.C.L.P. Club. Sundav School. U-her Board. GORHAM. MARJORIE JANE. 700 Hyman Street. WHliamston. N. C. Major: Nur-ing; Organizations; .Senior Counselor. Teloca. State Student Nur-e Association. Sophomore Counselor. Fresh- man Dormitory President. .A ' .C..- . (GRACE. TRAMS ROOSEVELT. 1607-B Lindsay Street. Greens- boro. N. C. Major: Physical Education; Minor: Social Studies; Organizations; Physical Education Majors Club. Veterans Asso- ciation. (GRAHAM. LL LA M.. 29 Columbia Terrace. Winston-Salem. N. C. Major: Nur-ing: Organization-: ' . K .C.A.. Teloca. GRANGE. LOL IS MILLIKEN. Route 1. Box 193. Acme. N. C. Major: Social .Studie-; Minor: Hi-Iory; Organizations: Coastal Collegiate Club. Student National Educational Association. Geo- graphical Societv. GRANT. EARL. 1532 E. 17th .Street. AVin-lon-Salem, N. C. 171 _», ■ ; » ' •; . „ Major: El( ' tri - Etif:hierrin ; liniir: I ' hy ir : Oryatiizatinnn: i-tt-raiir- Assurialion. .M.C .A.. Eiit:inf(Tiii A suciatioii. GRANT. t;EOK(;E. 2K AMry Av.-nuf. Charleston. .S. C. Major: History: Mitlor; Social Sttldii ' s: Or ani ations: Hand. Vett-rans Association, (irograpliit Isocit-tv. CKANT. JOHN llWEN. Route 2. Hox IW. Sn.nv Hill. N. C. Major: ln liistrial rl-: Ori:ani .ation : Indu-trial Arl Assoria- lion. ar-itv llas.liali. Traffic Sa(cl Cliili, (..CI..! ' . County Chili. (;KAiNT. TIEA.S ANDREWS, IT.iil Davis Stn-d. Jacksonville Florida. Major: Physical Education: Minor: .Social Science; Or ianizalions: .Mplia Phi . lpha Fraternity. Newman Cluli. IN.A.A.C.P. (.KEENE. BARliARA DEliORA. 1354 Julia Street. Maypori. Florida. Major: Biological Science; Minor: Chemistry; ()r- fialii .ations: l a|itist Student I ' nion. eta Phi licla Soronlv. Dormilorv Council. Hume E kers Cluh. I.REENE. DORIS OEl ETTE. P. O. Box 12 ' J. Bullou. N. C. Major: Nursery .School Education; Organizations: Home Eckers tJuh. Agriculture . ssociation. Pan-Hellenic (jiuncil. Zeta Phi Beta Snr irilv. Nursery School. Parents Teachers .Association. Costal Collegiate Cluh. ' (;REE. V0( D. ROOSEVELT. Route 4. Box 224B. Oxh.rd, N. C. .Vlajor; . griciiltiirc Education; Organizations: .Agriculture Asso- ciation. N.F.A.. Vet. rails Association. .M.C.A.. N.A.A.C.P. {;RIER. HORACE MILLARD. 218 North Street. Belmont. N. C. iVlajor: Business Education; Organizations: Business .Association. Pi Omega Pi. Business Education National Honory Society. HACK1.E . ROBERT LEWIS. Route 7. Box . ' HT. Roanoke. ir- gina. Majoi: Nut-. Mrcliaiiics. HAIRSTON. DOROl ' in JLNE. KlIW Duk.- Street. Cre.iislimo. N. C. Major: .Applied Sociology; Minor; Social Studies; Or- ganizations: French (duh. (Geographical .Socielv. Ni ' wnian Cliih. HALL. ELlZAIiETH W.. Route 4. Box 279-A. Oxford. N. :. Major: Applieil Sociology; Minor: Social Studies; Organi a tions: Baptist Student L nion. S.S.L.. Fellowship (Council, tilinir. HALYARD. SCOTT MORRIS. JR.. Route 1. Box 1H. Erliardt. S. C. Major: Chemistry; Minor: Math. Miiilary Scii-ncc: Or. ganizations: Intramural Baskethall. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. National .Society of Scahhard and Blade. Olhiers ' Cluh. Amer- ican Chemical .Society. .Advanced Arinv R.O.T.C.. National So. cietv of Perishing Rilles. HAMiLJON. FRANK 1... P. 0. Box 41. Bayhoro. N. C. Major: Physical Eihualioii; Organizations: Varsity Basel, all. arsitv Baskethall Manager. Physiial Education Majors (Juh. Veterans Association. VM.C.A.. Lettennan ' s Cluh. HARD1. DORIS MAE. Rout e I. Box IhA. Crimeslan.l. N. C. Major: Physical Education: Minor: Social Studies; Organiza- tions: W.A.A.. C.L.C.P. County Cluh. " I.M.C.A.. Physical Edu- cation Majors Cluh. HARCETT. CHARLES A.. Route .i. Box P-. " .l. Nc« I ' .ern. N. C. Major: Auto Mcchaiiiis; Minor: Body and Fender Repair; Or- ganizations: Veterans Association, technical In-tilutc Cluh. C.L.C.P. County Cluh. HARREl.L. ERMA FRANCES. P. O. Box 2.S1. Beth. J. N. C. Major; English: Minor: Organizations; Ban.l. M.F.. .C.. F..rlniglitlv Cluh. AsHi.iati.m. HARRLS, BARBARA JEAN. Rout.- 2. iiox 20,S-A. Wilkeshor... N. C. Major: Nursing: Organizations; tji. ' erl.-a.ler. W ' .A. .. Choir. Teloca. Bajitisl Lnion. HARRIS. PAUL JEROME DEAN. 1222 T Sir.-.t N.W.. Wash- ington. 1). C;. Malor: Engiiu-eriiig : Minor: Math; Organiza- tions: Varsity Tra.k. Kappa .Alpha Psi Fral.rnilv. L.ll.rin.n ' - Cluh, A ' .M.CA.. Engin.-.-ring Assoiiation. HARRIS. THEODRIC. Box 1«I. Louishurg. N. C. Ma|..r; gri . ' ultural E.-.momi.-; Orgnaizati.uis : Plii 11. la Sigma Fral.riiitv. .M.C.A., Agrii ultural A-s.,.iatioii. N.F. . HARRISON. CHARLES A.. Kill Ea-t liytli Sir.-.i. N.w ■! ork .i. ' j. N. . Major: So.-iology; Minor: Psyclndogy; Organizations; Varsity Bask.lhall. Kappa Alpha Psi Frat.-riiilv. Letterin. ' n ' s Cluh. HARRISON. Jl UMCE ARTHERINE. R.nit.- (.. Box 2(.7. R.i.K- ville. N. C. Major: Busin.-s; Organizations: F. Ilovv- shiji Council, S.N.E.A.. Baptist Stu.l.nt 1 ni.m. .M.C. . HARTSFIELD, EL(;ENE, ,112 North Whit.- Stn-.i. Wak. ' N. C. Major; Appli.-.l S.i.iology; Minor: So.ial Stuili.s; lli- ganizations; N.F. A.. " l.M.C.A. HARVEl.L. Rl(dl RD ARNOLD. P. O. Box 281. C.irji.lius, N. C. Major: Pli si.;il Eilmalion: Minor: S... ial; Organiza- tions: Varsity llas.hall. ' I.M.C.A.. Phvsi. al Majors Cluh, Charh Cluh, (Geographical Bas. hall 1 ' . .loi. Metho.list Stu.l.-nt llnion, Intra-nuiral Sports. HAWKINS. ANTIONEITE HOPE. ' )(» J..v..- sir.-.i. W Sali-in. N. C. Major: S.i.ial S.i.-ni-.-; Minor: I ' ; Or ganizati.tns : Ban. I. Dan.-. ' (|,. ( So. . .M.(l. .. Dramatics Cluh. 1). ' hating .Soci.-ty. HAWKINS. FRANK OJJS, 1817 ' Sir..t, Cr.-.iishoro, N. C. Major: ami 1. l.v isi.,n. HAWKINS. MI ELL. P, O- Box 18. W infall. N. C. Major: Busi- ness .A.hninistration ; Organizations; College Ch.ur. Business Association. HAIES. BEll.AH HENRIETTA. Route 2. Box 17.5, Wilkeshoro, N. _;. Major: Nursing; Organizations; Ban.l, Nurses " ( " hoir, T.-lo.a Cluh. National .Student Nurses Association, Wesley Foun.lation, L. Richardson Junior .Auxiliary, Y.W.C..A., Fellow- •.lii[i ( Sun. lav -S.h.iol. IIEMIEKSON. i:R WFORD. Rout. ' 3. Box lyi-B. Oxfor.l, N. C. Engine. -ring; Organization: Tutorial Staff. HERBIN. ROBERT Rl SSEl.L. 3900 Fr..enian Mill Roa.l, tireens- h.iro, N. (.:. (Gheinistry; Minor: .Math; (.Organizations: Basehall. B. ' ta Ka|i|ia (dii Society, .American Chemical So.i. ' Iv. Sigma Rho Sigma Honor .■s.x-iety. HILL. BARBAR . R..ui. ' 1. B..x KK-B. (iolumhia, N. C. Major: M;ith. ' malics; Organizations: 1 shcr of Sun. lav .S.hool. lllll.nRD. ALJOSO.N. Rout. ' 1. Box W3. Battleh,iro. N. C. Major: Industrial Arts; Organizations: lii.lustrial .Arts .Associa- tion. I ' raHic Sah-tv Cluh. Y.M.C;.,A., Veti ' rans .Association. HOI. MAN. ELIJAH. Route 1, Box 78, Wilmington, N. C, Major: Tailoring; Organization: Tailoring (.luh. HOl.l ' . EDWARD. JR.. Rout. ' 2. B,.x 1. Princeton, N. C. Major: .So.ial; Minor: Apjili. ' d S...iol. gy ; Organizations; Vet- erans A sociati.m. Intra-miiral Sports. HOOPER. ADA .. Ihllt .S.mth H.nhow Roa.l. Creenshoro, IN. C. (dothing; Organization: Hoin. ' E.-on.imies (!luh. HoiCroN. DOLl.lE M.. Rout.- 1. Box 12. Pik. ' ville. N. C. Major; Horn. ' E. ' on.miies E.liieation; Minor: C. ' ii. ' ral .Scien. ' .-; Organi- zaiions: Honu ' E.k.-rs. L li. ' r B.iar.l. Fell.iwship Council. .Agri- . ultural Sun. lay HI CHES. ARBIE 1).. Route 1. Box 1117. Hunlh-s Mill. N. C. Major: Ra.lio ami T.devision. HINT. LEON (iW ' iN. Rout.- L Box 37. Roaring Riv.-r, N. C. Major: Auto M. ' .hanic ' : Minor: W. ' l.liiig: Organizations: Auto M. ' . ' hani.- (Juh. T.-i Institut. ' Chili. HI NTER. NOM.ET CLARIS, y W .si Av.nue. Kingston Cardims, Kingston, Jamaica, B.W.I. Major: Home Economi.-s Education; Organization-: W .slev F.iiiii.lati.m. For. ' ign .Students .Associa- li.m. Home Eckers Cluh. Senior Class . ' ssl. Sec. Inlernalional Relations dull. Agri. ultural .Association. .A antkk .■arll..ok Staff Assistant PG.litor. Foreign Visitors (Gommitte.-. HLMPHREI. FNANDER LEE. Route 2. B..x (M. Jaiksonvilh ' . N. C. Major: Engin. ' criiig; Minor: Math; Organiza- tions; Arnolii Air .So.ietv. Engin. ' ering Ass.,, iatioii. A.lvaii. ' ed Cluh. Omega Psi Phi Fral.rnilv. HI MPHRE . W. HI RDl.E. FARLENE. Rout.- 1. Box (i2. Hohhsvill. ' . N. C. Major: (!lotliiiig; Organizations: Choir, W., men ' s (ile.- (!luh. JAMES. JOHN WESLEY. R.mte 2. Box 211. Williamston. N. C. Miijor: Matli. ' inati. ' s; Minor: (General .Science. JAMES. MOSES M, COY. Route 3. Box 162. Ahoski. ' . N. C, Major: Slio.- K. -pairing. JOHNSON. ANDREW I!., 1511 Lincoln Str.-ei. Cri-enshoro. N. C. Ra.lio an. I T.-levision; Organizations: V. ' terans Assoeia- T. ' . liistilut, ' Cluh. N.A.A.C.P.. ami I ' elevisiun (lull. Ph.,1., raphv (Juh. JOHNSON. BOBB1 RA1. 315 East C.ill.g.- Slr. ' .t. Sherman. I ' . ' xas. .Social ' s; Minor: History: Organizations: I.M.C.A.. (Gi ' ogra|ilii. al S.i. Int. rnati.mal Cluh. JOHNSON, EDNA MAE, P. O. Box 402. Elon Colhg.-. N. C. Major: Elementary E.lucation; Min.,r: Social Studies; Organiza- tions: (!hoir. (Geographical Society. S.N.E..A. JOHNSON. (GEOR(GF SPENCER. ' Rout,- 1. Box 14. Ah. N. C. Ra.lio ami I ' .l.v isi.ui ; Organizations: Ra.lio ami I ' . ' l.-visiiin (Juh. 1 " . ' . lustiuit. ' Cluh. JOHNSON. HELEN JOYCE. Route 1, Box 97. Supply, N. C. Major: Nursing; Organizatoins: Y ' .W.C.A., Teloca, Delta Sigma JJi. ' ta Sundav S. ' hool. Baptist Stn.lent I ' nion. JOHNSON. JtisFPH ROOSEVELT. 7(19 2(.tli Sir. ' .-t iiisl.iii-.Salem. N. (. " . Major: Me.-hanical Engim-.-ring Millie inati.s; Organizations; Engineering .Association. iialional R.lali.ins Cluh. N.A.A.C.P.. Y.M.C.A. JONES. LILLIF M.. .508 McKinley Avenu. ' . Greenvilh Major: (ihemistrv: Minor: Mathematics; Organizations iiig Band. Ri. ' hard B. Harrison Players. Dance (Group. Kappa Al[iha .Sorority. (Glioir, American Chemical Society. V LC, .. Rr i l.Ts Staff, AviMKi: Staff, N.A.A.C.P. HINFS. IIFNR ' I IILEY. 3211 Solomon Street. (Jiarlott.-, N. C. Major: Eleetri.-al Engineering: Minor: Military Sci. ' ii.e and Math.; Organizations: Corji Slalf. Batth-gmuji Staff. P.-rshings Rili.s. OHiiers (Juh, Fngin. ' . ' ring Association, Army R.O.T.f .. iiiatcui OjH ' rators Society. JONES. MORRIS. P. O. Box 647, Freilerickshurg. Virginia. Major: lii.lustrial Arts; Organizations: Phi Beta igma Fra- leriiily. .M.C.A.. X ' i ' tcrans Association, National (.eograpliieal So. ' i. ' tv. Drivers Educati.ui Cluh. JONES. WESLEA, JR.. 1106 S. Bloodworth Sire.-t. Rahdgh. N. C. Major: Music; Minor; English: Organizations: Band. Brass Ensemhle. M.E.N.C. JORDAN, BOBBY GENE. Route 2, Box 199, Cr.enville, N. C. -.h- N.W„ Minor: Int.r. . N. C. March- Alpha 172 Major: Industrial Arts; Organization-: Kappa Alpha Psi Fra- tt ' rnitv. Imiustrial Arts Associalinn. JORDAN- CARRIE VIRGINIA. Ruui.- 2. Box 352. Hen.lerson. N. C. Major: Institutional Management: Minor: Biological Science: Organizations: Home Eckers Club. Agricultural Asso- ciation. JORL) N. ED ARD E.. 42.S W .-i Elm Street. ( N. C. Major: Mechanical Engineering; Organizations: Engineering Association. StuHent C»iuncil. Tutorial Staff. JORDAN. ELIZABETH HAWKINS. Route 2. Box 119. Norlina. N. C. Major: Nursing: Organizations: Cheerleader. Teloca Cluh. Zela Phi Beta Sorority. Pan-Hellenic Council. L. Rich- ardson Junior Auxiliary. National Student Nurses Association. Senior Dormitory Counselor. Sunday School. Bapti -t Student I nion. JOYCE. JOSEPH 0.. Route 1. Box %. alnut Cove. N. C. Major: Brick Masonry; Organizations: Veterans Association. Sunday ili(.( l. Masonr ' Cluh. JOINER. LOCIS. Route 1. Box 59. Hookerton. N. C. Major: Mathematics; Organizations: G.C.I. .P. (. " ounly Cluli. Mathe- matics Club. JTDGE, REBECCA HENRY. Route 2. Box 231. Rose Hill. N. C. Major: Nursing; Organizations: Dramatics Cl ub. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, N. C. Stale Nurses Association. National Student Nurses Association. Telnca. Charm and (Culture Club. Jl LY. ISAAC RICHARDO. 889 Ellison Drive. Rm k Mount. N. C. Major: Music; Minor: French; Organizations: Band. M.E.N.C. Pi Delta Phi Honorary So.ielv. Veterans Association. Y.M.C.A. KEARNEY. VELMA. 533 East inder Street. Henderson. N. C. Major: Nursing: Organization-: Teloca. National Student Nurses Association. Y. .C.A.. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. KE ES. ALFRED LEE. Box 257. Oriental. N. C. Major: In- du-trial Arts: Minnr: Military Science; Organizations: Arm R.O.T.C. Rifle Team. Industrial Art A sociation. .S ' abbard ami lila-le Society. Cad.-t Officer- Club. " .M.C.A.. Debating Team. K1L(;0RE. JACKIE Er(;ENE. Route 2. Box 87. Neyv Lomloii. N. C. Major: Biological Science; Minor: Sm ial Studie--: Or- ganization: Amateur Radio Operator- Society. KNOX. ILLIAM E.. 216 W e t 2nd Street, tlhester. Penn-ybania. Major: Biology; Minor: tihemistry ; Organizatitm : rnoId Air Society. Officers Clul). American Chemical Society. LAKE. ELIZABETH YVONNE. 310 Pine Street. Hamlet, N. C. Major: .Nursery Sciiool Education: Minor: Elementary Educa- tion; Organizations: Home Eckers Cluii. I sher Board. Sunday School, Baptist Student I nion. Fellowship Council. LAMB. EDDIE N.. Rout.- I. Box 28. Wallace. N. C. Major: Agri- cultural Economics; Minor: Mathematics: Organizations: Agri- cultural Association. New Farmers of Ameri a. LEE. ESCOFFREY A.. 319 South .58th Street. Phila.lelpliia. Pa. Major: Physical Education; Minor: .Social Studies; Or- ganization-: Baseball. Physical Education Major - (.dub. Y.M.C.A. LEE. LAIRA LOIS, Post Office Box 152, Burlington. N. C. Major : Nursing : Minor; English ; Organizations : .W.C.A.. I sher Board. Teloca. National Sturb-nt Nurses Association. North ( arfdina District Nurse ' s A i ociation. LE(;ETTE. willy LOIUS. jr.. 381 Macon Street. Brooklyn. N. Y. Major: History; Minor: Englisli: Organizations: . lpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Sigma Rim Sit! ma Honorary Society. Register Staff. .Ayamtee . ' tafT. Geographic Society. Mu Xi Nu .Social Society, Y.M.C.A.. Newman (dub. Pan-Hellenic »uneil. Homecoming Committee. LENNON. BARBARA BEATRICE. Route 1. B.-x :i79. W biieyjlb-. N. C Major: Sociology; Minor: Social Studies; Organization-: Women ' s Athletic -Association. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Ayamee StafT. Sociology Student ' s I ' nion. New York-New Jersey Cluh. S.S.A.. Mu Xi Nu Jazz Club. Y.W.C. . LEONARD. LA ' RENCE E RL. R.uiie 1. Box :i8. Wilmington. N. C. Major : Auto Mechanic- ; Organization- : Technical In- stitute Club. Body and Vnder (Juli. eterans Association. LEWIS. CLEVELAND W ILLIAM. Route 1, Box 213-A, Baltlebon.. N. (.!. Major: Agronomy; Minor: General Science; Organiza- tions; Track Team. New Farmers of America, .- gricultural Asso- iation. Baptist . ' student I nion. LINNEY. JOE N.. Route 1. Box 51. Hiddenite. N. C. Major: Radio and Television; Organizations: Radio an l Television Club. Technical Institute Club. LITTLE. MARSHALL PRESTON. 356 Brief Road. Charlotte. N. C. Major: Business Administration: Minor: . " ocial . ' Studies: Organizations: Charlotte Club. Business .Association Club. Y.M.C.A. LOAN. ANNIE LOCISE. 916 South Main Street. L.misburg. N. C. Major: Music: Minor: English; Organizations; Band. M.E.N.C. LONG. HARVEY EUGENE. P. 0. Box 666. Landis. N. C. Major: Electrical Engineering; Minor: Mathematics; Organizations : Engineering Association. Scabbard and Blade .Society. LONG. N. THANIEL, Route 2, Box 300. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Major: Biological Science; Minor: Social . " Science ; Organiza- tion: eteran- Assdciation. LOVE. JEFFERS(tN CHESSELY. US Vantin.- Park, Bessemer (!ity. N. C. Major: Eleeiriial Engineering. LOWER ' . COZELL. 1019 W e-t 11th Street, W inston-.Salem. N. C. Major: French : Minor: Hi-tory : Organizations; French Club. Counselor. Y.W.C.A. LOWER . JOE T.. General Deliyery. Chadwick. N. C. Major; Electrical Wiring: Organization-;: Teclinical Institute Basketball Team. Teehni al iTi-titule (;hd». LLCAS. WILLIE E.. , prmg Hope. N. C. Major: Refrigeration: Organi atiiin-: N. . .Cd .. Technical Institute (dub. Veterans Association (dub. Pliilia Pbtlge Club. Sunday School. LYONS. R ICHARD, 1U2I Pearson Street. Greensboro. N. C. Major: Physical Education; Minor: Social Studies; Organiza- tions: Physical Education Major ' s Club, Gymnastic Club. LYNN. JOSEPHINE W ILMA. Route 1. Box 38. Pittsboro. N. C. Major: Home Economic- F ducation; Minor; (General Si ' ience; Organizations: Zeta Phi iieta Sorority. Agricultural Association. Mi-- Phi Beta Sigma. Home Economics (dub. LYTCH. BARBARA M XINE. 491 Henley Street. Southern Pines. N. C. Major: . pplied Sociology; Minor: Social Science; Or- ganizations: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. , .S.L.. Wesley Fpun- dation, (_ieographi ' So ietv. S iphomore Counselor. Ayamee StafT. MAJORS. FRED, 201 Jones Street, Roxboro, N. C. Major: Pre-Med. ; Minor : Chemistry ; Organizations : Marching and Symphony Band . American Chemical . ' ocietv. MARABLE. YVONNE. 115 West Carter Street. Clinton. N. C. Major: Engli-b: Minor: French; Organization-: Yearbook Staff. Dramatic- Club. Register Staff. Delta Sigma Theta . " ororily. Student N.E.A. French (dub. Junior (!oun e|or. MARTIN. HOWARD FRANKLIN. 709 Gillispie Street, Greens- boro. N. C. Major: Electrical Engineering; Minor; Mat he- matic-. MARTIN. MEREDITH. 299 School Street. Sharon. Pa. Major: Nur-ing: ( trganization-: (,)ueen of Industrial Arts Association. Teloca. Secretary 1957-58. .Sophtunore Counselor, ReKgiou- Life (ioininittee. MARTIN. MILTON L., 60 .Stockton Place. East Oran e. N. J. Major: Applied -Sociology; Minor: English. MARTIN. TOMM ' t. Route I. Box 358, Leaks ille. N. C. Major: Electricity; Organizations; Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. MARTIN. WILLIAM JAMES. 14.S2 Wallace Street. Winston- Salem. N. C. Major: P jectrii al Engineering; Minor: Mathe- matics. MASSENBER(;. MAMIE LE ERNE, R.F.D. Box 54. Waverly, ' a. Major: Institutional Management ; Minor: Chemistry; Organizations: Home Eckers Club. Chairman of Program Com- mittee, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Dean of Pledgees. MASSEY. CLEARENCE. WILLIAM, 1102 East 2nd Street. W in-Ion-Salem. N. C. Major: Electricity: Minor: Motor Re- pair: Organization-: Newman (dub. m-ton-Salcm _-lub. Tech- nical In-titute ( dub. McAllister. W alter MILTON, 706 Ann street, W Umington, N. C. MajOr: Agricultural Economic-; Minor: General Science; Organizations: President of Fre-hman (da-- i " 55- ' 56 i . Treasurer of Student Body I ' .56- ' 58 1 . Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Sigma Rho Sigma Honorary Society, Chairman of the Student Body Eyaluation (Committee. Dramatics (dub. McCLOUD. VERABLE L., Route 2, Box 190, Mt. Airy. N. C. Major : History ; Minor : Spanish ; Organizations : Kappa Pli i Kappa Forensic Society, Arnold Air Snciely, .Sigma Rho Sigmi Honorary Society, Debating Team. Collegiate Council of the { niter! Nation-. M( DANIEL. NORMAN ALEXANDER. 603 Julia Street. Fayette- ville. N. C. Major: Me hani ' al Engineering; Organizitions: Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Engineering Association. .M.C.A-. Dormitory Council. Arnold Air Society, A. F. 605th ( adei (iroup Air In-pecior arul ( roup (Commander. Discipline C uiimittee. M.KO ' t. HA WOOD. Route 1, B..x 286, Hallsboro. N. C. Major: Agricultural Education; Minor: ( ' Fcneral Science: Organizations: New Farmers of America. .Agricultural Association, .M.C.A.. Wterans Association. McLAlt.HLIN. LENN C. 405 Law Street. Greensboro, N. C. Major: Auto Mechanics: Organizations: Y.M.C.A.. Auto Club. Technical In-titute. eteran- A " Ociatiim. McLALGHLIN. RICHARD W ILLl M. Route L Box 109. Rae- ford. N. C. Major: Electric Wiring: Organizations: Y.M-C..A.. Driving Safety Club. McNAIR. ERNEST R.. JR.. 815 West First Street. Weldon. N. C. Major: Agriculture Education: Organizations: Agricultural Asso- ciation. New Farmers of America. eterans Association. McNElL. ALICE PAIXINE. Route I. Box 264. Clayton. N. C. Major: Nursing: Organizations: Teloca. National Student Nurses Association. District Student Nurses Association. Y.W .C.A. Sun- day .School. Wesley Foundation. McOCEEN. BURNIE. Post Office Box 43. Candor. N. C. Major: Physical Education; Minor: .Social Studies: Organizations: Let- 173 ItTiiianV Jub. t ' trran-- A o ■iatio . Pliy-iial Eilucatimi C ah, Mrmber of the Track Tfani and Football Team. MEIJLEV. MARI lA ' ClNDA. SOO Ma.on Stm-t. (;nM-nsborn. N. C. Majiir; INursinp: Or ' ani ation -: Stiub-ni Nurses (!hoir. Tcioca, ' t ' . ' .C.A.. Slatr ami Di-lrirl Sruib-nl Nurses Association. Na- tional Stuilent Nurses Assnciation. MKIAIN. THTRMAN ALVKSTEK. Apt. 2S. Cape Kear Court. Ka ' ii. illi-, N. C. Major: Elerirical Engineering; Minor: Mathematics and Military Science: Organizations: Pershing Rifle .Society, Engineering Association. Scabbard and Blade. MILLER. WILLIAM F.. 2012 " K " Court Avenue. ' ins.,tn-Salem. IN. C. Major: Industrial Art; Organizations: Inilustrial Art ' s Association, Veterans Association. Y.M.C.A.. Winston-Salem Club. MILLS. E ELYN P.. Route L Box 83, Vanceboro. N. C. Major: ( Chemistry ; Minnr : Mathematics; Organizations; American !iu-niieal Sooielv. Senior Counselor. MITCHELL. CONSTANCE LORRAINE. 2029 Ansonia Street. inston-Saleni. N. C. Major: Nursing; Organizatinns: Womens Aihlrtie sM.ciation. V.W.C.A.. Teioea Club. MITCHELL. HAROLD K.. Route 2. Box 268. Ahoskie. N. C. Major : Biological Science; Minnr: lln-misiry; Organizations: American (Chemic al Society. S.N.E.A. MITCHENER. RAYMOND HOOVER. Rmif 1. Box 29: Smith field. N. C. Major: uto M.-« hanic; ( trgani alions: Auto Mi ' hanic Ciub. ' IVrhnical Insiiuitf Club. MONK. HERBERT LEE. INist Ofti.e Box i;U. Bayboro. N. C. Major: Physical Education ; Minor : Social Studies; Organiza- tions: Varsiiv Bast-ball. Lriitrnian ' - Clul). eterans Assdciaticm. MONROE. HELEN. 415 South Railroad Street. Salisbury. N. C. Major: Business Erlucation; Organizations: lUisiness Association. Fellowship (Council. Y.W.Ci.A.. Pi Omega l i Honorary Society. National Business Teailicrs Assoriation. MOORE. DAVID LEE: Route 6. Box 192. Kinston. N. C. Major: Industrial Arts; Organizations: Industrial Arts Association. Alpha Phi Omega Fralernily. Jones County (Muh. Tlie Masonry Association. MOORE. DONOVAN O ' HARA. Post Oflice Box 642. Roxhoro. N. (;. Major: Music; Minc.r: History; Organizations: Band. Omega Psi Plii Fraternity. M.E.N.C. MOORE. IVOR JAMES. Route 1. Box 282. Warsaw, N. C. Major: Mathematics; Minor: Social Science; Organization : Traffic Safely Club. MOORE. JOSEPH H.. 604 Washington Street. Washington, I . C. Major: History; Minor; History; Organizations: (Geographic .Society, Veterans Association. Y.M.C.A. MOORE. MAJOR ALEXANDER, 1215 Macon .Street. Kingston. N. ( ' .. Major: Auto Mechanics; Organizations; Aut i Mechanit (;iuh. Body Rebuilders Club. Dramatic Club. Teelinical histiliitf Club. MOOTY. CllRTIS DELANO. 12 Heard Strc.t. La(. range, Ga. Major: Business Administration; Minor: Accounting; Organi- zations: Band. AYA T ; ; Yearbook Staff, itusiness Association, Y.M.C.A. MORALES. JOSE M., 518 Cautier Benitez Street, .Santurce. Puerto Rico. Major: Mechanical EngineiTing; Minor: Mathematics; Organizations: Engineering Association. Tutorial Staff. Inlt-rnational Re-lalionship (!lub. Veterans Association. MORRIS. LLTHER JAMES. JR.. Route 1. Box 78. Murfreesboro. N. C. Major: Agricultural Education; Minor: Military Science; Organizations: Army R.O.T.( ' ... RiHe T.ani. New Farmers of America, griculturc Association. Ml LDROW. ROBERT MANSEFIELD. JH.. l6ll Sliad Miount. Winston-Sali ' in. N. C. Major: fiand Musi.; Minor: History: Organizations: Omega Psi Phi. Music Educator ' s National (ion- ference. Yearbook .Staff. Dormitory (Counselor. .Saxophone (Quar- tet, Drum Major for A. X T. Band. MLNN, SIDIE BERMCE. Rout.- 1. Box 117. White Oak. N. C. Major: A[ipli»-d Sociology ; Minor: .Social .Stuilies; Organiza- tions; Zeta Phi lieta .Sorority. Geographic .So iety. Awntkk Staff. Sophomore and Junior Counselor. S.S.ll. MURPHY. CARL T., Route 1. Box 363. Polio, ksviile. Major: Agricultural Education; Organizations: New Far Ani«-rica. Agriculture Association, Jones (juiiity (Job. Association. MLRRAY. CHARLES EDWARD. 2325 Andnrsi Str.-.-i. N C. I.Ts of tcraris Ele Ha •trical Engim-tring I. Enginerriiig Assi Mil BriiTi ' Math. talio etrrans Major: Anu-rican wick, Georgia. Majo inalics; Organizations Association. MYERS. CHARLES A.. 212 Finlcx Street. Lenoir. N ( Jieniistry ; Mitior : Mat lu-nia tics; Organizations Chemical Society. Y.M.C.A., Veterans Association. NEAL. PE(;(;iE A.. Route 6. Box 709. (Greensljoro. N. C. Major: .Sociology: Minor; History; Organizations; Sociology Clul), Day Siutbtit Organization. NEAL. PHILBERT T.. 2411 Charlotte Street. Greensboro, N. C. Major: Busitn-ss Administration; Organization: Business Asso- ciation. NESBITT. EDWARD. 834 Duk.- Stn-.i. (;.-orgri..ut.. S. C. Major: Physical Education; Minor: Social Studies; (.)rganizations ; Foot- ball Team. President of Student (Jouncil. Lettermen ' s Club, Vet- erans Ass,ociation. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. Physical Educa- tion Major ' s (lluli. NICHOLS. WILLIS E.. Box 280, Hallsboro. N. C. Major; .Social Siudit-v; Minor : History ; Organizations: Geographical Society. Student National Educatitui Association. Register Staff. .M.C.A. NOEL. ELAINE. 1019 .South Main Stre.-t. Hoxboro. N. C!. Major: Home Economics Education; Minor: CJctu-ral .Science; Organi- zations: Home Et ' kers (Mub, Agricultural Association. Interna- tional Relations Club. ORBERT, CARL WILE . 406 Shaw Street, Greensboro. N. C. Major: Masotiry ; Organizations; College Choir. Male (ihorus. Technical Insiiiut.- Club. OVERTON. SYLVIA LEA: 826 Roanoke Avenue, Elizabeth City. N. C. Major; Nursing; Organizations: Secretary. Y.W.C.A.. Dormitory Office. Register .Staff. Teloca. Dormitory Reporter, . tate and National .Student Nursing Association 11956-1957 . Vicf--President ' i .W.C.A.. Tutorial Staff, (ihairman of Junior Class Social Conunittee. District. State. National Smdenl Nurs- ing Association. Sunday School. Chairman of Planning Commit- l e of District Nursing Association, Richardson Junior Auxiliary, International Relations Club. Al|iha Kappa Alpha Sorority. PACE. (T ' RTIS VANCE. 22().i Bcnbow Roa l. (Greensboro. N. C. Major: So. ial Science; Minor : Painting and Decorating; Or- ganizations: Technical liistiiut. ' Chiii. PALMER. WILLIAM LEWIS. JR.. RED 2, Box 231. Williamsburg, Virginia. Major: Electronics; Organizations; Technical Insti- tute Club. Scott Hall Senate. Virginia Club. Cheering Squad. PARKE. (GEOFFREY ST. ELMO, 12-A (ientral Road, Half-Way Tree P O. Jamaica. B.W.I. Major; Poultry Sci.-iue; Minor: (General Scienct-; Organizations: International Relations Club. Agricultural As-ociation, Nivv Faiint-rs .)f America. PARKER. RLDOLPll. JR.. f{oute 1. Box 166.A. Oak City. N. C. Major: Industrial Art-; Minor: None; (.)rganizations: Industrial Arts Association, Y.M.C.A. PARKER. WILLIAM O.. Route 3. Box 133. Ahoskie. N. C. Major: Refrigeration; Minor: Air Comiitioning ; Organizations; Institute Cluli. .M.C.A. PATTERSON. MILES J.. 432 East Finhv .nue. Lenoir. N. C. Major: Architectural Engineering; Minor: Mathematics; Or- ganizations: Engineering Association. Veterans Association. Y.M.C.A. PATTER.SON. TRAVIS AIUGU.STA. Route 2. Box 133. Lillinglon. N. C.; Major : Physical Education; Minor: History ; Organiza- tions: Physical Education Club. A ' .M.C.A. PEOPLES. AMY. 109 S. Bridges .St.. Hamlet. N. C. Major; Busi- ness Education ; Organizations: Business Association. Junior- S.-nior Women ' s (Goverrunent Counselor. Asst. Secretary; .W.C.A. PERRA. ALONZA. R.mle 1. Crenshaw Hall. Wake Forest. N. C. Major: Pre-Medicine; Minor: (Chemistry; Organizations; Omega psi Phi Fraternity. PERR . OTIS L.. 603 Gray .Str.-et. Durham. N. C. Major: p- plieil Soci(d(»gy; Minor: Social Sci.nce; Organizations : F. olball Team. Marching Band. Lettermen ' s Club. Sphinx Ple.lge Club. PIERCE. DORIS (G.. Route 1. Box 26. Hallsboro. N. C. Major; F nglish; Minor: French; Organizations: College Choir; Women ' s i ' Avv Club. Delia Sigma Thcta Sorority. Asst. Dean of Plcdg. ' cs. Fren. h Club. PINSON. H(» ARD HAROLD. Route 9. Box 156. Winston- N. (!., Major: I ' lurubing and Healing; (Organizations; Tchnical Institute Club. POOLE. WILLIE. Apple Stre.i. (Graham, N. C. Major: Biology: Minor: Chemistry; Organi alion--: merican (Jiemical Society. Alamance (!ounty (!lub. PORTER. WILLIAM POWELL. IIFNR . R.u.t. ' 1. I ' .ox 22.3. Wliiteyille. N. C. Major: gr(»noiin ; (nneral Science; Organizations: New Farm- i-rs of America. Veterans Association, Agricultural Association. PRICE. DAVID L.. 224 N. Back River Roa l. Hampton 5. Virginia. Major: Elementary Education; Minor; So.ial Studi.-s; Organi- zations; Rvfiister Staff. Bajitist Student I iiion. F.ll..u-liip Conn lil. (Geographical Society. Sun.lay Scbo.d. Kap|ia Alpha I ' si Fraternity. National Flducational Assoiiation. Veierans Ass.n-ia- tion, Aywtkk Staff. N.A.A.C.P.. Fortnighth Club. PLRNELL. SPOONER ANTHONY, Route 1, Box 359. Enfiel.l. N. C. Major: Mechanical Engineering; Organizations: Army R.O.T.C.. Officers Club. Y.M.C.A.. Amateur Radio Operators Society. HANKIN(G. ARTHUR EDWARD. JR.. Route 1. Box 2.54. Brown Sunnnil. N. ( ' .. Major; Sociology; Minor; Taili)ritig; Organiza- tiojis: Tail(»ring ( luli. A ' .M.C.A. Technical Institute Wub. RAV SAMLEL L., 532 Midway Road. Aberdeen. N. C. Major: Applied Sociology; Minor: .Social Studies; (Organi at ion- : Vet- erans As-ociation. A .M.C.A.. (Geographical So.ielv. RADNOR EVERETTE N.. JR.. 416 E. Hillsbon. Sin.i. Alt. olive. N. C Major: Auto Mechanics; Organizations: Veterans Asso- ciation, Technical Institute Club. Auto Mechanics Club. 174 REVIS. FRANK J MK . 1 ' . ( ). Mox 373. La Grange. N. C. Major: Aulo MechariK-: Organization-: eterans Association: Auto Mechanic Club. Tirliniral Institute Club. REID. SHERRO-N HI. AIR. Route 3. Box 165. Ahoskie. N. C. Major: Sociology; Minor: Psychology-; Organizations: Marching Band. V.M.C.A. ' REIVES. WILLIE .. 412 High Street. Greensboro. N. C. Major: Busines- AHministraf ion; Organizations: V.M.C.A.. Busines - Association. RHLE. VERA JEAN, Route 1. Box 266, Georgetown. N. C. Majur: Electrical Engineering: Organizations: Engineering As- sociation, eslev Foumlatiun. RICHARDSON, NAPOLEON. Route L Box 297. Indian Trail. N. C. Major: Mechanical Engineering: Organizations: Sun- day School. Engineering Association. Charlotte Club. Wesley Foundation. .M.C.A. RIDDICK. JEAN CAROL. Ill Cherr Lane. Windsor. N. C. Major: Home Economics Education: Minor: General Science: Organizations: Home Eckers Club. Agricultural Association. Zeta Phi Beta Sori.ritv. RIDDICK. JOHN. JR.. llll South Edenton Road. Hertford. N. C. Major: Refrigeration. RIDDICK. ROBERT CARLTON. Route 6, Box 391. Raleigh. N. C. Major: Fine Art-; Minor: History; Organizations; Art Editor Vearbook Staff. Art Circle. RIDGILL. ROBERT. 1423 Harrison Avenue. instfm-Salem. N. C. Major; Industrial Arts; Organization s: Industrial Art ssoriation. ftrran As- ocialion. W inston-Salem Cluh. RIVERS. JOSEPH TYRONE. Route 1. Box 39, Capron, Va. Major: Auto Mechanic : Organization: Auto Mechanics Club. ROBERTS. ED ARD ROVSTER. Route 2. Box 166. CherrvviUe. N. C. Major: Agricultural Education : Organizations: N.F.A.. Agricultural A o(iation. ROBERTS. ILLIAM. Route 4. Shelby. N. C. Major: Industrial Arts; Organization-: Industrial Arts Association, Veterans A- - sociation. Traffic Safety Club. ROBINSON. WILLIE A.. 117 Kiddoo Street. Cutberl. Georgia. Major: Matheniatic-; Organization: Mathemalic- Club. RODGERS, HENR L.. P. O. Box 127. Chocowinity. N, C. Major: Air (Conditioning and Refrigeration; Organizations: VA1. ;.A.. Veteran- A -ociation. Technical In-titute Cluh. RODW ELL. CH RLIE McCOV. Route 1. Box 160. Macon. N. C. Major: Auto Mechanic; Organization: Auto Meriianic Cluh. RODWELL, HERBERT SHELTON. Route 2, Box 267-A. Hender- son. N. (.. Major: Agriculture Education : Minor: (ieneral Science and .Agricultural Economics: Organization : Agricul- tural -Association. Traffic Safety Club. V.M.C.A.. New Farmers of America. ROGERS. SAMIEL. Route 6. Box 145. Durham. N. C. Major: Agricultural E lucation: Minor: General Science; Organizations: Ayriculture A--ociation. New Farmer of America. ROVSTER. ISAAC. JR.. P. 0. Box 241. Oxford. N. C. Major: Radio and TeIe i-ion: Organizations; Male Chorus. Technical Institute Club. Religious Life Committee. College Mixeil Choir. Fellowship (Council. e- tmin-ter Foundation. SANDERS. CHARLES G.. 108 Watson Street. Selma. N. C. Major: Electrical Engineering; Minor: Math: Organizations: Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. Pan-Hellenic Council. SANDERS. ERNEST LENWOOD. JR., 1107 S. Bloodworth St.. Raleigh. N. C. Major: Electrical Engineering: Minor: Math; Organization-: .M.CC.A.. Engineering Association, ArnoM ir . ociety. Scott Hall Senate. Officers Club. SANDS. ' BRLCE RICHARD. 25 Trent A enue. Trenton 8. N. J. Major: Bioiog : Minor: (Chemistry; Organization-: New ork and New Jer-ev (Club. Newman Cluh. Register Staff. SAMPSON. BESSIE LEE. P. 0. Box 95. Pikeville. N. C. Major: Business Education: Organizations: V.M.C.A.. Sunday School. SCIPIO. JACQIELLNE. P. 0. Box 119. Chadbourn. N. C Major: Secretarial Science; Organizations: Business .Association. Fellow- ship Council. SEARCV. Al RELIA ARREN. Route 1. Box 20.5. Blews Creek. N. C. Major: English; Minor: French. SELLERS. ROBERT LEE. Route 1. Box 33. McLeans iIIe. N. C. Major; Matheniatic-; Minor: C-eneral Science; Organization : S.N.E.A. SELLERS. TISTON SESSOMS. ALICE DELORES. P. O. Box 11. Pow. Il- ille. N. :. Major: Physical Education ; Minor: Social Studie-; Organiza- tion : V.M.C.A.. Physical Education- Major Club. ' i .A.A. SHARPE. JIMMIE DEE. 304 North Pender Street. Wil-on. N. C. Major: Agri-ultural Engineering: Minor: Math; Organization : New Farmer- of America. Agriculture A--ociation. SHAW. HORACE VICTOR. 12 Montgomer Axenue. Kin-ton 10. Jamaica. B. .1. Major: Agricultural Education; Organizations: International Relation- Club. Fellowship Council. SIMMONS. RE(;iNALD LEVI. Route 3. Box 226. Aho kie. N. C. Major: Chemist r ; Minor: Math; Organization-: Dramatic Club. American Chemical . " society. -SIMMS. CURTIS LOITS. Route 4, ' Box 5.5. Wilson. N. C. Major: Social Studie-: Minor: Applied Sociology; Organizations: ' l.M.C.A.. Sigma Rhu Sigma Htmorary . ociety. (Geographic Society. SIMONS, MABEL LI (.dLLE. P. 0. Box 32. . PowelL%i!Ie. N. C. Major; Nursing; Organization : Teloca. Senior (Counselor. Miss Coed i " .S7- ' .T8t. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, V.W.C.A.. Stale and National Student Nur-e- --ociation. SMITH. ARCHIE CAIA IN. JR.. 1705 Oakwood Avenue. Raleigh. N. C. Major: Bu-ine - Ailmini-tration; Organizati ' ms: Bu ine-- Association. .M.C.A.. (ieographic Society. Asst. Lavout Editor of Yearbook. N.A.A.C.P. SMITH. BLANCHE L.. Route 1. Box 88, Nakina. N. C. Major: Bu-ine- Education: Organization: Sunday ScIio d. SMITH. CHARENCE LEROV. 811 Purcell St. N.W.. Winston- . ' alem. N. C Major: Mechanical Engineering: Organizations: Band. in tonSaIem Club. Ensine -rinE Association. SMITH. EL A ORTH E., 717 S. Ashe " " .N.. Green boro. N. C. Major: Social Studies; Minor: Air Science; Organizations: Marching Banrj, Choir. .Advanced .A.F.R.O.T.C.. Sigma Rhri .Sigma Honorary Society. Student Council. .Alpha Phi .Alpha Fraternity. Yearbook Staff. Intercollegiate Council, (ieograplni- Society, N.A.A.C.P.. State Student Legislative .A semblv. SMITH. ESTHERLENE. Route ]. Box 90. Nakina. N. C. Major: Bu ine-- Etiucation. SMITH. HOWARD LEE. I7(V. Munhi-on Rd.. Fa etieville. N. C. Major: Ph -ical Edu alion: Minor: Hi tor : Organization-: Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, ar-ity Football anr! Ba-ketball. Tumbling Team, SMITH. JESSE J.. General Deliver)-, Albemarle. N. C. Major: .Auto Mechanics; Organizations: A eterans .Association. Auto Mechanics Club. SMITH. STERLING, 405 Ivy St., Roxboro. N. C. Major: Physical Education; Minor: History; Organizations: Varsity Football. Letlerman ' s Cluh. Veterans Association. Physical Education Major Club. .SOLTHERLAND. KENNETH. P. 0.. Maxton. N. C. Major: Matheniatic-: Minor: (General Science; Organization : Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. .M.(;.A.. Mathematics Cluh. SPEARMEN. BVRHARA ELAINE. P. 0. Box 99. Milton. N. ' l . Major : I rench ; Minor : Hi-tor ; Organization : French (dub. Sturb-nt N.E.A.. (ieographiial Society. SPEAS. LESTER BLANCO. Route 1. Box 120. Tnbaccoville. N. C, Major: Physical Education; Minor: Social Studies; Organiza- tions: in ton-SaIem (Club. Physical Education Club. A. M.C.A. SPEIGHT. ' , MELMN DOUGLAS. Route 3. Box .3.S6. Durham. N. C. Major: Auto Mechanics: Organizations: (Choir. Autu Mechanics (Club. SPEIGHT. MILTON THOMA.S. 1835 Kentucky Ave.. Winston- Salem. N. C. .Major: Air Conditioning and Refrigeration: Minor: Painting and Decorating; Organizations: Winston-Saleni Club. eterans A sociation. A .M.C.A. . Technical Institute. .SPENCER. FR.VNKLIN D.. Box 1. Scranion. N. C. Major: Biological Science; Minor: Chemistry and Social . ' Science: Or- ganizations: Sigma Rho . igma. A ' eterans Associatiitn. (Geo- graphical . ociely. SPl BLOCK. JASIES BENJAMIN. JR.. 34 Yilmer Ave. N.E.. Roanoke. a. Major : Social Studies ; Minor : Applied . oci- ology; Organizations: Choir. Male Chorus, . " igma Rho Sigma. Lamparla (Cluh. Student (Governing Committee. STANFIELD. JOHN T.. P. O. Box 292. Roxboro. N. (C. Major: Biological Scierne: Minor: (Chemistry: Organization: American Chemical Society. STATON. JAMES HENRY. Route 1. Box 221. Pinetops. I C. Major: Auto Mechanics; Minor: Welding; Organizations: and. Auto Mechanical Club. Technical Institute Club. Veterans A ociation. .STATON. WILLIAM EARL. Route 1. Box 17.5. Hobiood. N. C. Major: Auto Mechanic-; Organization : A .M.(C.A.. A eterans Association. Male Choru-, .Auto Mechanic Club. STEELE, JAMES HAROLD. .506 Boyd Street. Greensboro. N. C. Major: Bu-iness Administration: Organizations: Business .Asso- ciation. STEER. EDGAR SAMIEL. Ben-onton. Jamaica. B.W.L Major: Agricultural Economics; Organizations: Debating Society. In- ternational Relation- (Club. Sigma Rho Sigma. A.AL(C..A.. Kappa Phi Kappa Foren-ic Debating Society. STEVENS. ALONZO. .505 Haywood Street. (Greensboro. N. (C. Major: Engii-h; Minor: Hi-tor : Organizations: Register Paper Staff. Richard B. Harri-on Players. . .N.E.A,, Mu i Nu Club. College (Choir, Male Chorus. Fortnightly Club. Rule and Regula- tion (_Comniitte. ' . STEWART. HARVEY LEE. 624 Oaic Street. Kinsion. N. C. Major: Bu-ine s Ariministration; Organizations: Geo raphical Society. A .M.C.A. . Business .As ociation. G.C.L.P.. Counties Club. . TOVER. JAMES L.. .329 Lea Avenue. Lincolnton, N. C. Major: Industrial Art : Alinor: Matheniatic-: Organization ; Industrial Arts .Association, N.A.A.C.P.. eteran Association. SLTTON. JOSEPH. JR.. Route 1. Box 394, Kinston. N. C. Major: Masonry: Organization : Masonry Club. M.P (Jorps. 175 S INDFI.I.. F.THEL. 308 Panl.-o St.. B.-lhav. n. N. C. Major: ; Minor: Math: Organization-: Math Cluh. Aint ricaii Clirniiral Scuiriv. Hefiislrr Staff, Bapti-t Slu-lfnt I nion. Kappa Phi Kappa. D.halin- So.iriv. ' i .W.C.A. SWiNS() . MIKl M LKV(K i K. 702 E. Khu St.. (,. hUhnn.. N. C. Major: Applied Sotiuluj; ; Minor: Social Simlir-: )r aTii a- tions: . V.(.;.A.. .Socioloj;y Siinh-nt I in ion. I apti!-I Simhtil I ' nion. T NOE. ErTf:TIA EVERETTE. 27 liroa.l Stn-.-t. MonroMu. Eilii-ria. i-t ( .ua-l Afrira. Major: Nursing; ( Jr ani atinn--: iiunj: OniiMr- (Jiri tian Association. Tchica National Stuilcnt N ureses As ' -ociatiiin, Ecllow-hip Councih 1 1 slier Board, Sunday .School. Eorcijin Siufh-nts l luh. International Relations Clluh. Liherian Cluh. Miss Liheria. T L(IK. .1 MES E.. 30.S Brijrht Street. GolrMioro. N. C. Major: Industrial r|s; Or :ani alions: Onie{ia Psi l hi Fraternity. N.A.A.C.P.. Indu-lrial rl- Vs-neiation. I an-H llenic Council. TAYLOR. .KtsEPH l VII). 130] Rose W nnd Street. Durham. N. C. Major : KJeeirical Engineering: ( Jr anizations: A.F.- R.O.T.C. Welfare Council. A.F.R.O.T.C. Promotion Hoar.l. A.F.R.O.T.(; Disciplinary Committee. A.F.R.O.T.C. Hnnor Com- mittee. Senior Class Cluli, Arnold Air Socirtv. Officers Cluh. EngincfTinji Association. 60ritli Air Cadet Croup. Amaleur Radio Operators Societv. TERRV NEIL ARCHIE. Route 1. Box 115, Maxton. N. C. Major: Mathematics; Minor: Soi ' ial Studies; Organizations: eteran- Associalion. Mathematics Cluh. THOMPSON, JAMES EDDIE, P. 0. Box 364. Laurinhurg. N. :. Major: Applii-d Sociology; Minor: Psychology; Organizations; Student National Education Association. THREATT, JOHNSIE LEE, P. O. Box 195. Pageland. S. C. Major; Pli sicai Education; Minor: Social Studies; Organiza- tions: Pin sjcal Education Majors Cluh. Alhleii ' sMiriation. Choir, . .i:. . TOON. JAMES ALLEN. West Vance Street. Dunn. N. C. Mai-.r: Physical ducation; Minor: Historv; Organizations: FonlhjII Team. Physical E l Major ' s Cluh. Letlermen " - Cluh. TOOTLE. VILLI M DWID. Route 2. Box 23L Scotlind N -ck. N. C. Major: Eleciri al Engineering; Minor: Pln-ics; Or- ganizations: Richard B. Harrison Players, ( adet Welfare (!oun- cil. Amaleur Radio (duh. Officer Engineering Association. TRENT. (;ENE CHASTENE. Box 45, Parksiey, Virginia. Major: Social Studiis; Minor: Hi-lory; Organizations: ' irginia (iluli. TROY. ESTER MAE. R .u!e 1, Box 223. Leiand. N. C, Map.r: Music; Minor: Hisior : Organizations: College Band. M.E.N.C!.. .W.C-. .. Baptist Student Lnion. Agricultural Association. TURNER. ELNICE ARDELIA. Box 224. Calawha. N. C. Major: Nursing; Organizations: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Wesh-y Foundalicpn. Student Evalualicin (Committee. Teloca. .W.(!.A.. Sunday Schmd. Counselor. TLRNER. JASPER E.. JR.. Route 1. Box 132. Coldstnn. N. C. Major: Agricultural Education; Minor: (icneral Science; Ur- ganizalion-: grieultural -sociali ' in. New Farmer- of America. Veterans A-nciation. . LC.A.. N.A.A.C.P. TWITTY. ROBERT EKWIN. P. O. Box 2f.7. Belmont. N. C. Major: Physical Eduiation; Minor: Military Science; Organi- zations: Officers Cluh. Varsjiy Cluh. Pliv-ical Education Major- Club. VINES. CHARLES LEO, MIH Moody Street, iireensboro. N. C. Major: Indu-trJal Art-; Organizations: Y.M.C.A.. Industrial rt- Association, N.A.A.C.P. VINES. ELEANOR RLTH, 602 South Main Street. Farm ille. N. C. Major: Bu-iness Education ; Organizations: (!.C.L.P.. Feilow-hip Council. Sunday School. Av M!,i. Staff. W.A. .. VW.C. . W DE. W ALTER E.. 22 South We-t (nh Av.nue. Delray B.ach. Fla. Major: Physical Education ; Minor: Historv; Organi- zations: arsity Foolhall. ar-iiy Track. Lelteruien ' s Cluh. Physi- cal Education Majors Chih. WALLACE. ELL I.Ol ISE. Route 3. Box Ifih. Vanc.-horo. . C. Major: ln-liUit ' (Mial Management; Minor: (General ScieM -; Organizations: Home Eckers (Jul). Agricultural Assn iation. Fellowship ;ouni-il. Usher Board. Baptist .Student I ' nion. WALKER. HOW ARD NATHANIEL. R.mte I. Box 431. Bur av . N. C. Major: Phy-ical Education; Minor: Social Studies; Society Eng N. Track Tiam. Phy-ical Education Majo Cluh. Street. Wilson, N. C. Major: In- : Industrial Arts- Association. Scott Organizatifin- Y.M.C.A. WARD, GOLDEN, 206 Powell dustrial Arts; Organizations Hall Senate Committee. WARDLOW. BONN- LAVOE. 41 Lincoln Avenue. Asheville. N. C. Major: Auto Mechanics; Organizations: Auto Mechanics Cluh. Technical Institute Cluh, Y.M.C.A. WASHINGTON. BENNIE LEE. Roosevelt Street, Badin. N. C. Major: Biological .Science; Minor: Social Studies; Organiza- tions: Alpha Phi Omega. Choir. WASHIN(;T0N. DAVID lee. 8 Dodd Street. Raleigh. N. C. Major: Electrical Engineering: Minor: Mathematics; Organi- N. C. British Mathei, West latics; pring idii-tnal Foreign Hope, N. C. rts Associa- zaiions: Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Am neering Association. Ofhcer- ( ' luh. WATSON. JAMES I).. 708 Marlin Sired. ( Ireenslioro. N. C. Major: Architectural Engineering; Minor; Mathematics ; Or- ganizations; .Scrollers Cluh. EngineiTing Association. Veteran- A— ocialioii. W ATSON. ROY N.. Route 1. Box 340. W hilakers. N. C. Major: Bu-ine-s Admini-tration; Organization-: Bu-ini ' — Association. Velr-ran " - As-ocialion. .ALC.A. WEAVER. GE()R(.E CVRLTON. P. O. Box 114. Harrell-Nille. N. C. Major: Biology; Minor: Chemistry. WEI ' .BER, BEATRICE. Route 2. Box 347, CherryviHe. N. C. Major: Nursing; Organizations: Y.W.C.A.. Teloca. District State and National Student Nur-e- Association, Wesley Foundation. L. Richard-on Memorial Junior Auxiliary. Counselor. WIIIIT:. ERNEST LEsTER. JR.. (ieneral Delivery. Davidson. N. (!. Major : Agricultural Erigi neering; Minor; (General Science and Matlicmalic-; Organizalion-; Y.M.(;.A.. New Farm- ers of America. Agricultural As-ncjalion. eterans Association. WHITE. JAMES CEoRGE. Route 1. Box 256. Windsor. N. C. Major : Agricultural Eduialion; Minor: (reneral Science: Or- i:ani ation-: N.F.A., Agrii ultural A— ociation, A ' eterans Associa- tion. WHITE. THEODORE M.. Genera! D.-lixer . Liberty. N. C. Major : Bu-ine— Admini-lration ; Organization-: V ar-it Base- ball. Bu-in- ' — A—ocialion. LeItermenV Club. WHITEHEAD. FLORETHA IVYLEE. 1408 Lincoln Street. ( Ireenshoro. N. C. Major: Nur-ing; Organization-: Student Nurse- Association, Teloca Cluh. WHITESIDE. HERBERT RAY. P. O. Box 692. Spimlale Ma [or: Tailoring; Organization: Tailoring Club. WHTTTAKER. VICTOR A.. Hampden. Jamaica I Tidies, Major: Agricuilural Econonucs; Minor ( (rganization : Inlernalional Relations Club. WI(;(;AN. LLOM) si LLIVAN. -Rest Ville " Hampdm. Jamaica. Britisli West Indies. Major: Animal Hushandr ; Minor: Bi- ology ; r)rganizations: International Relation- Cluh. Fellow -hip Council. Agricultural A-sociatinn. Sutula dent- Organization. WIGGINS. NATHANIEL. P. O. Box 132 Major; Industrial Arts; Organization-: In tion. Veterans Association. WILKERSON. CLRTIS LEE. Route I. l! .x 314. Wake PVe-t. N. C. Major: Phoiograpin : Organization-: Technical In-titute Club. Photography Cluh. .M.C.A. W II LI MS. ALPHONSO. Star Route. Box 21-A. Ldthion. N. C. Major: Social Sludie-; Minor: .Sociology ; Or :anizations : ' l .M.C.A.. Geographical .Society. Dormitory Proctor. Sunday School. Student National Education Association, WILLIAM. ROBERT WILLI VMS. THVTCHER. RED Box 15. Ri.h S.piare. N. C. Major: Pli -i«al Fdu alion: Organization : Football. W ILLI WlsoN. CLENVVOOD. P. i). Box 2L Loui-lpurg. N. C. Major: Refrigeration: Minor: Air (Conditioning. WILLOIGHBY. MADESSA LEE. 208 North Harri- Sire.-t. Rocky Mount. N. (!. Major: In-tltulioiial ManagcmenI ; Organi- zations: .Senior (.;ouns(4or. Home Eiker- (!lub. I Ishcr Board. Sunday School. Fellow-hip ( louncil. WILSON. BERNVRD ELV IN. 1517 Po Mapir: FIci trical Eii ' iiiieerinL ' ; Minor tions: Offu.-rs Cluh. Omega P-i Phi Society. Engineering ,A-sociation. W ILSON. WINFRES ALVON. Route 3. Box 251. Coyingto ' i. N. C. Major: Archilccturai Engineering; Organization-: V.F.R.(LT.( . V el fare (Council. Disciplinary ( Commiltee. Promotion (-roup. 605th Ca let Group ( iorinnander. Sipiadron Commander. Crrouii Vdjutant. A.F.R.O.T.C. Rilh- Team. Flight Arnold Vir Society. A .M.( ' .. A.. Engineering Association. Offiicr- ( Club. 4th Cadet Corp-. WINNINS. JESSE EARL. JR.. 1006 Lincoln .Street, Kinston. N. C. Major: Bu-ines-; Organizations; Business Association. Geo- gra|)hi - Societ . Veteritn- Cluh. G,(M..P. Count Club. WOOD. ASTON SILVESTER, 35 O ' Mara Road. King-ton. Ja- maica. Briti-h We-t Indie-. Major: Animal Hu-hindr : Minor: Biology ; Organizati()ns; Debating Team. Agricultural Assticia- tion. Fellowship Council. Fon-ign Sludi-nt- Organizitioii. Baptist Student I ' nion, lnlrrnati uial Relations (ibih. Sund iv Sciiool. V(K)DS. BENNIE LDW VKD. 808 Fre.lrick Street. Shelby. N. C. Major: ( lahlnetniaking : Organizations: Technical Institute Club. I )ri er- Edu alioii (!bih. WORK. MVRVLN (-RAY. 245 Bennett Street, Moore-ville. N. C. Major; Masonry ; Organizations: Masonry Cluh. Perishing Rifles. W ' t NN. MARGIE LEE. Route 6. Box 365. Monroe. N. C. Major: Tailoring; Minor : TClotliing ; Orgaiiiza tions: Tailoring Cluh, " l .W .C. v.. Baptist Siu.leiii Lnion, Usher Board. Sunday School. ' iOLNGBLOOD. WILLI M GEORGE. 2265 Gardner Street. Augusta. Georgia. Major: Business Aiimini-tration; Organiza- tions: Business .Association. .le Road. Raleigii, N. C. Mai hematic-: ( trganiza- Fraternity. Arnold Air 176 Archives F- D. Bluford Library N- C. A T S(a(e University wensboro. N. C. 27411 ' •ra 1 ' % , .. I " - .- f ' - ?t • : ' %V :.. ■ ' ■A •: • " . , V " ' ' ' N % ■ Ax " V: y f %- 3 ' t ■ ■ i. •a-

Suggestions in the Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) collection:

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